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This Volume is for 



4t Tip Publishers' Circa/or " Office 

19 9 Xdaoi Street, .Straiwl, W.C.2 

Telephone: GBBKARD 1196 

$9tb Pear of Issue 

Bnglteb Catalogue 
of Books 






'The English Catalogue is indispensable." Athen&um. 








(k Upcott GiU & Son, I,td.), 

55-57, DRtJRY lyANB, 



THIS eighty-ninth yearly issue of THE ENGLISH CATALOGUE OF BOOKS comprises 
the titles (under authors, and subjects or titles) of works published during 1925, 
and also of some received too late for inclusion in the eighty-eighth issue. 

The main entry for each book begins with the author's surname (if known) 
in hea?y type. As an index to these " Author " records, entries are also made 
under the titles, commencing with their most important words (which usually 
indicate the subjects with which the books deal), or with the first words. Many 
other index entries are also made under subjects in order to make the CATALOGUE 
of use to persons in search of the literature of a particular topic, as well as to 
those requiring a particular book. The name or word under which the main 
entry appears is printed in italics in these index entries, thus giving a reference 
to the place where the full information about a book may be found. Main 
entries and index entries are in one alphabet. 

Writers with compound names are entered under the first part of the name, 
Eierett-Green (Evelyn) 

and accordingly must be looked for in that order. References are also made, 
however, from the last part of the name. 

The publications of learned Societies are recorded in an Appendix. 

The names and addresses of the Publishers of Great Britain and Ireland 
will be found at the end of the volume. The telegraphic and cable addresses 
and telephone numbers have been added when known. 

Following the Preface is an analysis of the books of the year 1925, showing 
in detail the number of works in each class of literature, and giving the proportions 
of new books, translations, pamphlets, and new editions. 

Every effort has been made to obtain the full particulars of the books noted. 
Special enquiries were made in every case where information was deficient ; and 
most publishers courteously responded. In the cases where entries have been 
included without prices, the fault lies with the publishers concerned. 

Hearty thanks are due to the many publishers, secretaries, librarians, authors 
and bibliographers who have assisted in making this book more correct and 
comprehensive than it would have been otherwise. 

The Editor will be glad to have particulars (author, title, size, price, publisher, 
and month of publication) of any work which may have been omitted. Information 
regarding each book should be given on a separate slip of paper or postcard. 
It should be addressed to The Editor of THE ENGLISH CATALOGUE OF BOOKS, 
*' Publishers' Circular " Office, 19, Adam Street, Strand, London, W.C.2* 

January 1926. ,v 



IN spite of economic depression, trade 
strikes and other adversities, more books 
were published during 1925 than in any 
previous year in the history of British 
book production. 

A total of 13,202 books is recorded by 
ENGLISH CATALOGUE as having been 
published during the past twelve months. 
This is an increase of 496 over the total 
for 1924, and all indications point to the 
fact that publishing is prepared for a 
steadily expanding output year by year, in 
the manner that was noticeable in the 
pre-war period. 

This increase of 496 has taken place in 
the " new books," as distinguished from 
" new editions," etc., and is shown in 
detail in the following figures for this 
year and last year: 

1924. 1925. 

New books ... 8,024 8,520 

Translations ... 321 307 

Pamphlets 1,168 1 >i5 

Total new books 9,513 
New editions ... 3,193 


Total 12,706 13,202 

This is an encouraging fact, showing as 
it does that new ventures, and the vitality 
necessary for such ventures, have been 
the feature of the year's work. 

Examining the figures in detail, we find 
that the following classes of literature 
show substantial increases: Juvenile 
literature (+ 108), Law (+ 88), Military 
and Naval (4- 74), Philology (+ 60), 
Biography (4- 55), Agriculture .and Gar- 
dening, (+ 46), and Science (4- 32). 
Smaller increases are to be noted in most 
of the other classes. There are a few 
decreases: General works ( 49), Fine 
Arts ( 44), Fiction ( 32), Philosophy 
( 29), and Poetry and Drama ( 16). 
It will be seen that there are no striking 
alterations- in the quantitative representa- 
tion of the various classes of literature. 
Perhaps the most noticeable point that 
emerges is that in a year when a general 
increase of nearly 500 is recorded, there 
has actually been a decrease in the num- 
ber of novels issued. In spite of this 
however, it will probably be -admitted that, 
with a total of 2,769, fiction is represented 
quite adequately ! (And it has to be noted 
that this decrease has taken place in 
" new editions " of fiction, and that the 
" new " fiction has even increased by 77.) 

It is impossible to compare the circu- 
lation to the public of the various classes 

of literature, because a book published in 
an edition of one hundred copies, and 
another published in an edition of ten 
thousand copies, both appear as units in 
our table. 

The following table showing the order 
in which the totals of the chief classes of 
literature appear this year and in the last 
pre-war year may serve to give a rough 
indication of the preferences of the reading 
public : 



(i) Fiction 

(i) Fiction 



(2) Juvenile 





i Technology 



) Poetry 
I Juvenile 

(6) Biography 
(7) Science 

(8) Description 
(9) Literature 

(8) Technology 
(9^ Description 


v f History 

(10) Literature 


' 1 Medicine 

(n) History 



(12) Medicine, etc 

(12) Military and 


The following totals for the years since 
1913 (the pre-war record year) are also of 
considerable interest : - 




1 1 ,.004 


Much further detailed information re- 
garding the year's publishing may b& 
gleaned from the analytical tables. It 
will be noted, for example, that the 
'* Autumn Publishing Season "" is back 
again ^ in its full vigour, whereas the old 
" Spring Publishing Season " is spread 
over the Sjpring months much more equally 
than once was the case, with a *' peak " 
in June instead of March. 

The method of enumerating the books 
published may be interesting to our 
readers. Each complete publication is 
counted as one, whether it is in one or 
more volumes. Serials that appear later 










. 8,863 



. 8,499 






. 6,606 

I j5 2 5 


. 6,750 



* 7,3 2 7 



- 8,738 









. 9,246 



. 9,513 



. 9,977 


as a collected volume are counted as an 
ordinary book on the appearance of that 
volume, so that, for example, the series 
of " Statutory Rules and Orders " issued 
by the Government, amounting to hun- 
dreds in the year, are counted as one 
item on the appearance of the annual 
collected volume. 

All Government publications do not 
these tables, because many hundreds of 
them are merely business papers that are 
not publications in the true sense at all; 
but all the important Government publi- 

cations do appear. All publications of 48 
pages or less are counted as *' pamphlets." 
It would be easy to swell the totals by 
many thousands yearly by counting all 
kinds of printed matter (such as 
ephemeral pamphlets, local government 
publications, musical texts, etc.), but the 
purpose of this table Is to represent the 
book publishing activity of the United. 
Kingdom. This must be remembered in 
comparing the figures with those of other 
countries, in some of which all such 
printed items (even single copies of news- 
papers) are counted. 






































Military and Naval 



















Medicine, Public Health, &c. 
Agriculture, Gardening 
Domestic Arts 
















I =50 


1 1.A 

Fine Arts 
Music (Works about) 
Games, Sports, &c 
Poetry and Drama 

1 80 

















I I^A 

A 34 




I 016 





A A ~'T 


Description and Travel 
General Works 










6 3 















Totals for 1924 





















Pamphlets ... 






















Total New\ 
Books / 















New Editions 















Totals ... 




























12,7 OB 

The Names, Addresses and Telephone Numbers of PUBLISHERS "are given at the end of 

the Volume. 



The names or words printed in Italic in the Index Entries are those under which the 
books will be found fully described in the main entries. 

In addition to the names of book-sizes, such as cr, 8vo., royal 8vo., &c., the sizes 
are also given whenever possible in inches, i inch 2 J centimetres, 

ABC guide pratique et alphabet! que des moyens 
de communications les plus rapides entre 
Paris. No. 2, 1925. 8vo, swd., is. net. 


ABC ot animals (The). Derny 410, nj X 8|, 
is. net NELSON, Sept. '25 

ABC of birds (An). Illus. Demy 4to, ii|x8|, 
is. net , NELSON, Sept. '25 

ABC or alphabetical railway guide. (Monthly.) 

ea. swd. as. net. (15, Fetter Lane, E.G.) 

OFFICE, Jan., etc., '25 

A. S. F., Rhode (].) 2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Aadtbihisht : a collection of poems by Yahya 
Daulatabadi of Teheran. In Persian. Sm, 
8vo, pp. 168, swd., 55. (Teheran.) 

LUZAC, Sept. '25 

Abbas Ali Baig, Sir and Lady, Afsur-ul-Mulk 
(Sir) (priv. pr.) Mar, '25 

Abbeys, James (M. R.) 53. net Sept. '25 

Abbott (H. H.) -An Essex harvest, and other 
poems. Ed. limited to 50 signed copies. 
Cr. 8vo, IDS. 6d. net. XHATTO & W., Mar. '25 

Abbott (H. H.) An Essex harvest, and other 
poems. 8vo, 8 x 5$, pp. 76, 53. net, 

CHATTO &W.,Apr. '25 

Abbott (J.) Sind : a re-interpretation of the 
Unhappy Valley. 8vo, 7s. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Abbott (Jane) Laughing last. With illus. by 
E. Cofinne Pauli. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 281, 
53. net * LIPPINCOTT, Mar. '25 

Abbott (P.) Exercises in arithmetic and men- 
suration. In 4 parts. Cr. 8vo, swd With 
answers, pt. i, is. 6d, ; pt. 2, is. 9d. pt. 3, 

' Pt. i, 

pt. 4, 

is. Qd. ; pt. 4, 2S. Without answers 
is. 4d. ; pt. 2, is. 6d. ; pt. 3, is. 6d. 
is. pd. (Modern mathematical ser.). 

LONGMANS, May '25 
Abbott (W.) An Introduction to technical 
drawing: for secondary and central schools. 
(In 3 parts.) Parts 1-2. 8vo, 8|x6f pp. 62, 63, 
ea, 2s. 6d. net BXACKIE, Apr, Aug. '25 

Abbott (Wilbur Cortez} The Expansion of 
Europe : a social and political history of the 
modern world, 1415-1789, With maps. 8vo, 
8 I X 5}, pp. 489, i6s. net.... BELL, Mar. '25 

Abdomen, Acute, Early diagnosis of, Coke (Z.) 
los. 6d. net .Sept. '25 

Abdominal and pelvic surgery, Morison (R.) 
8s. 6d. net .Oct. '25 

.Abdominal disease, Acute, Cope (Z.) iss. 6d. 
net Jan. '25 


Abdu r t-Lati"f (Sayyid) The Influence of English 
literature on Urdu literature. 8vo, 8f x 5^, 
pp. 155, lib. ed. 73. 6d. net ; student's ed" 

53. net FORSTER, GROOM, Feb. '25 

Abdullah (Achmed) Alien souls. Popular ed. 
Demy I2mo, 7x4^, pp. 286, 2S. net. 


Abdullah (Achmed)- -The Mating of the blades. 
Cheap ed. 12010, 7iX4|-, pp. 286, 23. net. 


Abdullah (Achmed) The Trail of the beast. 
Cheap ed. ismo, 7|X4^, pp. 284, 2s. net. 

Abelard (Pierre) and Heloise The Letters of 
Abelara and Helcise. Now first trans, from 
the Latin by C. K. Scott Moncrieff. Ed. limited 
to 750 numbered copies. Demy 4to, 11^x9, 
pp. 231, 42s. net; Ed. limited to 1 8 numbered 
copies, vellum, 1053. net. G. CHAPMAN, Sept. '25 
Abercrombie (Lascelles) The Idea of great 
poetry. 8vo, 7fX5$, pp. 232, 6s. net. 

M. SECKER, June '25 

Abercrombie (Patrick) and Archibald (John) 
East Kent regional planning scheme : pre- 
liminary survey. Folio, los. net. 

HODDER & S., Aug. '25 

Aberdeen (Lord and Lady) " We twa " : remin- 
iscences. 2 vols. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, 
pp. 368, 361, (set) 365. net. .COLLINS, Oct. '25 
Aberdeen (Marquess of) Tell me another. Cr. 
8vo, 7t X 5, PP. 291, 7s. 6d. net. 

E. ARNOLD, Nov. '25 
Aberdeen Line : Sea carriers, Cornford (L. C.) 

(priv. pr.) * Nov. '25 

Aberdeenshire, Christianity in, Simpson (W. D.) 

2S. 6d Apr. '25 

Abhedananda (Swami) Complete works. Part i, 
Sin. 8vo, pp. 383, los. 6d. (Madras). 

LUZAC, May '25 
Abiff, Hiram, Who was, Ward (J. S. M.) 123. 6d, 

net Sept. '25 

Ability, Study of practical, McFarlane (M.) 

75. net June '25 

Abishag, Arnoux (A.) 7s. 6d. net....Mn '25 
Able McLaughlins, Wilson (M.) as. net. , . Feb. '25 
Abnormals, Great, Hyslop (T. B.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
About (Edmund) Le Nez d'un notaire. Cr. 

8vo. 2S. 6d G. BELL, July '25 

Abrahams (Aleck) The Life and works of William 
Robinson : topographer and historian of 
North-East London. 7&X5ii Pp. 199, 255, net. 
(51, Rutland Park Mansions, Willesden Green, 

N.W.) * AUTHOR, Sept. '25 





Abrahams (H. M.) Sprinting. Cr. 8vo, 7x5, 

pp. 96, is. net. (Spalding's athletic lib.} 

ASsraStams (I.) The Glory of God : three lectures. 

8vo, 8x5^, pp. 88, 33. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 
Abrams' methods of diagnosis, etc., Ban (J., Sir) 

55. net July '25 

Abrains treatment in practice, Scott (G. L.) 55. 

net Jan. '25 

Absolution, Anglicans and, Davenport (C,) is. 

net , , June '25 

Abul Amaithal al-A*Rabi-Kitab al-Ma'thur : 

the book of words with the same sound and 

different meaning. Arabic text, with intro. 

in German. 2 plates. 8vo, pp. 108, 6s. 

Abyssinia : From Red Sea to Blue Nile, Forbes 

(R.) 255. net Oct. '25 

Abyssinia : Simen, May don (H. C.) i6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Academy, Royal, illustrated, 1925. 25. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Accidents (Street) Return (Great Britain), 1924. 

3d. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Accountancy, etc., Glossary of, Grainger (W. H.) 

53. net Feb. '25 

Accountants and Auditors (Soc. of Incorporated) 

The Incorporated Accountants* year book, 

1925. 7iX5i, pp. 742, 35. net. 

SOCIETY, Feb. 25 
Accountant's compendium, Municipal, Alba 

(F, J.) and Lamb (N. E.) Vol. 2. 155. net. 

Nov. '25 
Accountants (Institute of Chartered) Year 

book, 1925. 71 X si, pp. 1,255, swd. 2S. net. 

GEE, Jan. '25 
Accountants' Students' Society of London 

(Incorporated) Lectures and transactions, 

1924. Cr. Svo, 8 X 5f, pp. 277, 33. 6d. net. 
SOCIETY, Oct. '25 

Accounting, Paton (W. A.) i6s. net.. Apr. '25 
Accounting, Local government, in N.S.W.. 

Ramsford (W. B.) 2 is. net Sept. '25 

Accounts, Company, Coles (A.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Accounts, How to collect, by letter, Smith (C. H.) 

33. 6cl, net July '25 

Accounts, Storekeeper's, Stdey (R. L.) i8s* 6d. 

net , Sept. '25 

Ace ol blades, Stilson (C. B.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Ache (Caran d*} Causenes : exercises in French 

conversation for middle forms. 112 drawings 

by Carajx d'Ache. With a vocabulary and 

questionnaire arranged by W. H, Aastie. 

Cr. 8vo, 7iX5i pp. 154, SS..,BELL, May '25 
Acid-resisting metals, Tungay (S. J.) 6s. net, 

Feb. '25 

Acidity and alkalinity: Hydrogen ion con- 
centration, Ellis (H. A.) is. net Apr. '25 

Ackerley (J. R.) The Prisoner of war : a play in 

three acts. Cr, 8vo, 7f xs, pp. 117, 53. net ; 

swd,. 35. 6d. net ..... .CHATTO & W., Mar. '25 

Atitenwann (A- S, E.)~~~Scientinc paradoxes 

and problems and their solutions. Simulta- 
neously broadcast from 2LO. Intro, by 

C. V. $oys. 8vo, 8J X 5$-, pp. 139, 55. net. 

Acquittal, Simpson (H.) 75. 6d. net.. May '25 
Across the hill, Robinson (G. P.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Across the plains, Stevenson (R. L,) 33. 6d. 

net , , , Mar. '25 

Across the plains, Stevenson (R. L.) is. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Across the plains, etc., Stevenson (R. L,) is. 6d., 

3S, 6cL net Sept. '25 

Acting and play production, Andrews (H. L.) 

and Weirick (B.) IDS. 6d, net . . , .June '25 
Activities of Uranus and Neptune, Robbing (H, H.) 

is. 6d. net May '25 

Activities with purpose, Martin (C. A.) 4d. net. 

Oct. '25 


Acton (Harold) An Indian ass. Cr. 8vo, 
7^x5, pp. So, 55. net. DUCKWORTH, Feb. '25 

Actors : Who's who in the theatre. 253. net. 

Sept. '25 

Acts of Parliament Public General Acts, 1924. 
(Red cloth vol.) 6s. net . . H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Acts of Parliament Public General Acts, 1924 : 
table of titles, the effect of legislation, and 
index, is. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Acts of Parliament Canals (continuance of 
charging powers), 2d, ; Irish Free State land 
purchase (loan guarantee), 2d. ; Law of 
property Act (postponement), 2d. (all net). 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Acts of Parliament (Local and private) Local 
and private A.cts : Index to Acts passed in 
the 33rd Parliament, is. 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Acts of Parliament Expiring laws continuance, 

2d. ; Law of property (amend.), 2S. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Aber- 
deen harbour (rates), 2d. ; Banff Town Hall, 
6d. ; Edinburgh Chartered Accountants, 
annuity fund, 8d. ; Glasgow Corporation 
order, is. 6cl. ; Scrabster harbour, 4d. (all 
net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Ac2s of Parliament War changes (validity), id. ; 
William Preston Indemnity, id. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Acts of Parliament -Consolidated Fund (No. i, 
1925), id. ; Agricultural rates (additional 
grant), id. ; Borough Councillors (alteration 
of number), id. ; British Sugar (subsidy), 3d. ; 
Trade facilities, id. < Anglo4talian treaty 
(E. African Territories), 2d. (all net), 

H.M.S.O , Apr. '25 

Acts of Parliament Town planning (Scotland), 
6d. ; Administration of estates, is. ; Town 
planning, 6d. ; Trustees, is, (all net). 

H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Acts of Parliament Administration of justice, 
6d ; British Empire Exhibition (guarantee), 
id. ; Charitable trusts, id. ; Gold standard, 
id. (net) H.M.S.O., May '25 

Acts of Parliament Army and Air Force (annual) 
3d. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Acts of Parliament Law of property, 35. 6d. ; 
Housing, 2s. ; Settled land, 2s. ; University 
and college estates, 9$. ; Land charges, 6d. ; 
Land registration, as. ; Housing (Scotland), 
is. 6d. (all net) .H.M.S.O,, May '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Brad- 
ford Corporation (trolley vehicles), 2d. ; Wcst- 
lothian (Bathgate) water order, 23. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Acts of Parliament : Local and private Buck- 
haven and Methil Burgh order, 6d. ; Dundee 
Corporation and water and gas, is. 6d. ; 
Dumfries and Maxwelltown Bridge, is, ; 
Elizabeth Fry Refuge charities scheme, 6d. 
(all net) H.M.S.O., May 25 

Acts of Parliament Church of Scotland (pro- 
perty) and endowment), is. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and private) Advo- 
cates' Widows' Fund, 2d. ; Dundee harbour 
and Tay ferries, 4d. ; Hamilton Burgh, 8d ; 
Isle of Wight highways, 6d. ; Ministry of 
Health provis. order (Blackpool), 35. (all xvrt). 
H.M.S.O., June '25 

Acts of Parliament Northern Ireland Land, 
6d. net , , , H.M.S.O., June '25 

Acts of Parliament Poor law emergency pro- 
visions continuance (Scotland), id. ; Rent and 
mortgage interest (restrictions continuation), 
id. ; Importation of pedigree animals, id. ; 
Protection of birds, id, (all net), 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Acts of Parliament Air Force, 1925, <$s. net. 
H.M.SXX, July '25 




Acts of Parliament Factory and workshop, 1901 
(reprint), 25. ; Finance, o.d. ,* Valuation 
(Metropolis), id. ; Merchant Shipping (equiva- 
lent provisions), id. ; Performing animals 
(regulation), 2d. ; Agricultural returns, id. ; 
China Indemnity (application), id. (all net). 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Burgess 
Hill water, is. ; Imperial Institute, 6d. ; Air 
Ministry (Croydon Aerodrome extension), 4d. ; 
Aire and Calder navigation, is. ; M.O.H. 
provisional orders conf. (Keighley Water 
charges), ad. ; do., No. i, 6d. (all net). 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Forfar 
gas, 6d. ; Great Western Railway, 4d. ; 
Lloyd's, 2d. (net) ......... H.M.S.O., July '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and private) Kil- 
marnock gas and water, 4d. ; Oxford Corpn., 
43 ; Sheffield Corpn., 4d. ; Westminster 
City Council (general powers), 4d. ; Bideford 
Harbour, is. ; Kingston upon Hull Corpn., 
6d. ; N. Metropolitan electric power supply, 
is. (all net) ............ H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and private) Ministry 
of Health pro vis. order (No. 2), 6d. ; Port o"f 
London, ad. ; Provis. order (marriages), ad. ; 
S. Wales Electrical Power Distnb. Co., ad. 
(all net) ................ H.M.S.O., July '25 

Acts of Parliament Improvement of land, 
id. ; Mental efficiency, id. ; Ministers of 
religion (removal of disqualifications), id. ; 
Statutory gas companies (electricity powers), 
id. ; Theatrical employers registration, 3d. 
(all net) .............. H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Acts of Parliament Public health, is. ; Teachers' 
(superannuation), 6d. net . .H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Land 
drainage (Black Sluice), 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Colonial 
Bank, 2S. ; Manchester Ship Canal, 4d. ; 
Slough Trading Co., Ltd., 6d. ; Southern 
Railway, 23. (all net) ____ H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) London 
County Council (money), 6d. ; L. & N.E. 
Railway order, 8d. ; Glasgow Corpn. order, 
is. ; Kirkcudbright Burgh order, is. 6d. ; 
Lanarkshire County Council order, is. 6d.; 
L.C.C. (tramways and improvements), 8d. ; 
Tramways provis. orders, 6d. ; Wemyss and 
District water, 8d. ; Air Ministry (Cattewater 
Seaplane Stn.), 6d. ; French Protestant Epis- 
copal Chapel of the Savoy, 4d. ; Land drainage 
(Ouse),2d. ; Irvine Burgh order, 4d. ; Leicester 
Fire Bde., 4d. ; L.M.S. Railway (new capital), 
4d. ; Poole Harbour, 4d. ; Royal Exchange 
Assurance, 4d. ; St. Mildred Poultry churchyard 
(sale), 6d. ; S. Metropolitan Gas, 4d. ; Standard 
Life Assurance Cos., is. 6d. ; Victoria Infirmary 
of Glasgow (amend.), 4d. ; West Hartlepool 
Corpn. (trolley vehicles), 6d. ; Bradford 
Corpn., as. 6d. ; St. Mary's Church, Birming- 
ham. and General Hospital, is. ; London 
County Council (general powers), 23. 6d. ; 
Ministry of Health provis. orders, No. 3, Sd. ; 
do., No. 4, is. ; do., No. 5, is. ; do., No. 6, 
is. ; do., No. 7, is. ; do., No. 8, is. ; do., 
No. 9, is. ; do. (Water), is. 6d. (all net). 


Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) 
Stockton-on-Tees Corpn., as. 6d. ; Uckfield 
gas and electricity, as. ; Great Yarmouth 
Haven Bridge, is. 6d. ; London electricity 
(No. 2), 5s. ; L.M. & S. Railway, is. ; L.N.E. 
Railway, 2s. 6d. ; Bedwellty U.D.C,, is. 6d. ; 
Clydebank Burgh extension, is. ; Newbury 
Corpn., as. 6d. ; Nottinghamshire County 
Council (Gunthorpe Bridge), is. (all net). 

H.M.S.O,, Oct. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Bolton 
Corporation, as. ; Burnley Corpn,, 45. ; 
Rochdale Corpn., 43. ; West Ham Corpn., 
ss. ; Newport Corpn., 33. ; Leeds Corpn., 
as. ; Oldham Corpn., 73. (all net.) 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 


Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Fylde 
Water Board, is. 6d. ; Scarborough Corpora- 
tion, as. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Hoy- 
lake and West Kirby U.D.C. , as. 6d. ; Middle- 
sex County Council, as. ; Stock Conversion 
and Investment Trust, Ltd., 8d. ; Blackpool 
improvement, 33. ; Ipswich Corpn., 33. ; 
London electricity (No. i), is. 6d. ; Mans- 
field Corpn., 55. ; Bath Corpn., 6s. (all net). 
H.M.S.O., Noo. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Mersey 
Tunnel, as. 6d. ; Mid-Glamorgan water, is. 
net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Ponty- 
pridd and Rhondda water, is. 6d. ; New 
Shoreham harbour, 8d. ; Walsall Corpn., 
as. 6d. ; West Cheshire Water Bd., 23. 6d. 
(all net) H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Acts of Parliament (Local and Private) Wolver- 
hampton Corporation, 53. ; Darlington Corpn., 
is. 6d. ; Hartlepool Corpn., as. 6d. ; Notting- 
ham Corpn., as. (all net) H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Acts of the Apostles (The). With intro. and 

annotations by Madame Cecilia. Cr. Svo, 

8s. 6d. net. (Catholic Scripture -manuals.} 

BURNS, GATES, Apr. '25 

Acts of the Apostles, Brown (C., Rev.) XIII 
XXVIII. 33. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Acts of the Apostles, Knapp (C., Rev.) 43. net. 

Feb. '25 

Acts of the Apostles : In the days of the Apostles, 
Mooyaart (M.) 6s. net Aug. '25 

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England, 1815-1822. Svo, Sfxs^, pp. 158, 
8s. 6d. net P. S. KING, Oct. '25 

Ad fietam dissertatio, Selden (J.) 2os. net. Oct. '25 

Adair (A. H.). See Toye (N.) and Adair. 

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STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Adair (Ivan) The Little vision, and other songs. 
6|X5, pp. 3*, is. net. 

(Dublin) MAUNSEL & ROBERTS, Jan. '25 

Adam (Alastair Thomas) Wire drawing and the 
cold working of steel. Illus. Cr. 4 to, io x 7$, 
pp. 212, 405. net WITHERS Y, Sept. '25 

Adam (Jean M. M. P. Count de Villiers de 1' Isle). 
See Villiers de P Isle Adam. 

Adam Bede, Eliot (G.) as. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Adams (Agnes) Doddles. Illus. Fcp. Svo, 
6|X4^, pp. 199, is. 6d. net. (Children's 
pocket lib.} MILFORD, May '25 

Adams (Bob) Rude rural rhymes. 7|X5$, pp. 
220, 8s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Nov. '25 

Adams (C. W.) Examination notes on secre- 
tarial practice, Fcp. 8vo, 6fc X 4^, pp. 79, 
as. 6d, net PITMAN, Dec. '25 

Adams (Ephraim Douglass) Great Britain and 
the American Civil War. 2 vols. Illua 
Svo, 9 x 5|, pp. 319, 348 (set) 303. net. 

LONGMANS, May '25 

Adams (Frederick J.) Manual of office practice. 
Cr. 8vo, 7s. 6d. net BATSFORD, Feb. '25 

Adams (Henry Foster) The Ways of the 

mind : the study and use of psychology. Cr. 
Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 346, 8s. 6d. net. 

SCRIBNERS, Mar. '25 

Adams (Herbert) By order of the Five. Cr. 
Svo, 7^x5, pp. 256, 33. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Adams (Herbert)-The Secret of Bogey House, 
Cheaper ed. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 252, 23. 6d. 
net METHUEN, July '25 

Adams (Herbert) The Sloane Square mystery. 
Cr. Svo, 7J x 5, pp. 255, 3S- 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Aug. '25 

Adams (Joseph Quincy) -Chief pre-Shakespearean 
dramas : a selection of plays illustrating the 
history of the English drama from its origin 
down to Shakespeare. Svo, 8|X5i, PP- n%, 

2is. net * HARRAP, May '25 

B 2 




Adams (Katharine)-~The Silver tam. Illus, by 
Ada C. Williamson. Cr. 8vo, 7i><5, pp. 263. 

7s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Feb. '25 

Adams (Randolph G.) History of the foreign 
policy of the United States. 8vo, i8s. net. 

MACMILLAN, Jan. '25 

Adams (W., Capt.) Real wealth and financial 
poverty : a study of the present financial 
system as a monopoly of money, etc. Cr. 
8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 286, 7s. 6d. net. 

C. PALMER, Mar. '25 
Adam's garden, Fox (L. E.) 23. 6d. net. 

May '2$ 
Adam's rest, MilUn (S. G.) 2S. net July '25 

Adamson (J. Spencer) Retouching and finishing 
for photographers. 8vo, 8^x5$, pp. 138, 45. 
net PITMAN, Nov. '25 

Adamson (John William) An Outline of English 
education, 1760-1902. Roy. 8vo, 9ix6J, pp. 
78, 35. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 

Atiamsot! (Margot Robert)-Up the Hill of Fair- 
light Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 80, 33. 6d. net. 

SELWYN & B., Feb. '25 

Adcocfc (A. St. John) With the gilt off. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 250, 33. net. 

A. M. PHILPOT, July '25 

Adcock (A. St. John) A Book of Bohemians. 
Drawings by Fred Adlington. Roy. 8vo, 
10$- X 6|, 55. net Low, Sept. '25 

Ad-Dourra al-Fakhira, Gautier (L.) 8s. 6d. 

Nov. '25 

Addarns (Julia Cleft-). See Cleft- Addams. 

Adder, Life-story of the, Morrison (N.) 6s. net. 

Jan. '25 
Adderbury, Gepp (H. J.) 43. net Jan. '25 

Addison (Charles M., Rev.) What is mysticism ? 

Cr. 8vo, 33. MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Addison, Joseph, Courthope (W. J.) 33. 6d net. 

Additional exercises on " Shorter course in 
Pitman's shorthand *' : a series of graded 
exercises. New era ed. I2mo, 7iX4f, pp. 
40, swd. 6d. PITMAN, Sept. '25 

Adkins (F. J.) Europe's new map. Fcp. 8vo, 
6X4i, PP- 96", swd. is. net. 

N. DOUGLAS, Nov. '25 

Adlam (G. H. J.) Practical companion to 
chemistry. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 157, 2S. 6d. 
(" Science for all " ser.) . . MURRAY, Nov. '25 

Adler (Fnedrich) The Anglo-Russian report: 
a criticism of the Report of the British Trade 
Union Delegation to Russia from the point of 
view of international socialism. Demy 8vo, 
9x6, pp. 52, swd. is. net P. S. KING, July '25 

Administration of industrial enterprises, Jones 
(E. D.) 1 8s. net Dec. '25 

Administration, Personnel, Tead (0.) i8s. net. 

Admiralty Estimates : Supplementary estimate, 
1924-25. 3d. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Admiralty -Fleet orders. 3rd quarterly ed., 
1924- 3S. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Admiralty Health of the Navy : statistical 
resort, 1922. 6s, net KM.S.O., Aug. '25 

Admiralty Hydrographer of the Navy. Report 
for 1925, together with the Catalogue of 
Admiralty charts and other hydrographic 
publications, corrected to Jan. i, 1925 

. (Gratis.) j. D. POTTER, July '25 

Admiralty Lights and visual time signals, 1924 * 
list. Part i, British Islands, suppl. no. i, 
6d. ; pt. 2, North and Arctic Sea, suppl. no. I, 
is. ; pt. 3, Baltic Sea, suppl. no. i, is. : pt. 4 
Eastern side of N. and S. Atlantic Oceans' 
t>d. ; pt. 5, Mediterranean, Black and Red 
Seas, suppl. no. i, is.; pt. 6, Western side 
or S. Atlantic Ocean and E. Pacific Ocean 
suppl. no. i, is. ; pt. 7, Indian and W. Pacific 
Oceans, is. ; pt. 8, Western side of N. Atlantic 
Ocean, (Canada, etc.), suppl. no. i, 6d. ; pt. 9, 
Western side of N. Atlantic Ocean (U.S , etc ) 

22Sii n v' ?' ( ? n ? et )- H -M.S.O, Feb. '25 
dmiralty Nautical almanac, 1925 : abridged 
is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Feb. ^5 


Admiralty Nautical almanac, 1927. (Complete.) 

45. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Admiralty Navy : Appropriation account, 

1923-24. 33. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Admiralty Navy estimates, 1925 26, 9d. net ; 

Statement of First Lord of the Admiralty, 3d. 

net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Admiralty Navy list. (Monthly), ea. 45. net. 

H.M.S.O.,/fl.,etc,, '25 

Admiralty Notices to mariners, 1924 : Index. 

35. 6d. net J, D. POTTER, May '25 

Admiralty Pilot books. Africa. Part i, 1920 : 

suppl. no. 5. (Gratis.). .J. D. POTTER, Nov. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Africa. Part 2, 1922 ; 

suppl. no. 3. (Gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books, Africa. Part 3 : 

suppl. no. 8 (gratis) J. D. POTTER, Apr. '25 

Admiralty Pilot books. Arctic. Vol. i, 1918; 

suppl. no. 6. (Gratis.) J. D. POTTER Sept. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books, Arctic. Vol. 2 : 

suppl. No. 2. (Gratis.). J. D. POTTER June*2$ 
Admiralty Pilot books. Australia. Vol. i, 

1918 : suppl. no. 6. (gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Jan. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Australia. Vol. 2 : 

suppl. no. 6 (gratis) . . . . J. D. POTTER, Apr. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Australia. Vol. 3 : 

suppl. no. i. (gratis.) . . J- D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Baltic. Vol. 3, Gulf 

of Finland, Aland Islands, Aland Sea, and 

Gulf of Bothnia. 2nd ed. ros. net. 

J. D. POTTER, Nov. 25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Bay of Biscay, 1921 : 

suppl. no. 3 (gratis). J. D. POTTER, Dec. '24 
Admiralty Pilot books. Bay of Bengal, 1921 : 

suppl. no. 3 (gratis). . . J. D. POTTER, Mar. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Black Sea, 1920: 

suppl. no. 5. (Gratis.*) 

1 J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. British Columbia. Vol. 

i : suppl. no, i (gratis). 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '24 
Admiralty Pilot books. British Columbia. 

Vol. i, 1923 : suppl. no. 2. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. British Columbia. 

Vol. 2 : suppl. no. 2. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Channel. Part i ; 

suppl. no. 5. (Gratis.) . . J. D. POTTER, Aug. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Channel. Pt. 2, 

1917. suppl. no. 7. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Oct. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Channel. Part 3, 

1917 ; suppl. no. 8. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. China Sea. Vol. 2 : 

suppl. no. 8 (gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, Jan. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. China Sea, vol. 3 ; 

suppl. no. i (gratis).. J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. China Sea, Vol. 4 : 

suppl. no. i (gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, Mar. '25 
Admiralty 'Pilot books. East coast of the 

United States. Vol. 2 : suppl. no. 3. (gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, May '25 

Admiralty Pilot books. Eastern Archipelago, 

Vol. i : suppl. no. i. (gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Eastern Archipelago, 

Vol. 2, 1923 : suppl. no. 2. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Oct. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Eastern Archipelago. 

Vol. 3 : suppl. no. 3 (gratis). 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '24 
Admiralty Pilot books. Irish coast, 1922 : 

suppl. no. 3. (Gratis.) . . J. D. POTTER, Sept. '2 5 
Admiralty Pilot books. Malacca Strait, 3:924': 

suppl. no. i (Gratis.) . . J. D. POTTER, Non. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Mediterranean. Vol. 3, 

1919: suppl. no. 5. (Gratis.! 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Mediterranean, Vol. 5, 

Coasts of Libya, Egypt, Karamaaia, Cyprus, 

Syria and Palestine. 2nd ed. ios met, 

J. D. POTTER, Sept, '25 




Admiralty Pilot books. Newfoundland and 

Labrador. Vol. 2 : suppl. no. 6. (gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Jan. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. New Zealand, 1919 : 

suppl. no. 5 (gratis). . . J. D. POTTER, Mar. '25 
AdmiraltyPilot books. North Sea. Pt. i : 

suppl. no. 3 (gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, Aug. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. North Sea. Part 2 : 

suppl. no. i. (gratis.) . . J. D. POTTER, Jan. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. North Sea. Part 3. : 

suppl. No. 2. (Gratis). J. D. POTTER, June'2$ 
Admiralty Pilot books. North Sea. Part 4: 

suppl. no. 3. (Gratis.) J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Norway. Pt. i,5thed., 

1918 : suppl. no. 6. (gratis). 

J. D. POTTER, Mar. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Pacific Islands. Vol. i, 

1921 : suppl. no. 4. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Persian Gulf, 1924 : 

suppl. no. i. (gratis.) . . J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. Red Sea and Gulf 

of Aden, 1921 : suppl. no. 4. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Oct. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. St. Lawrence. Vol. i, 

1916 : suppl, no, 8 ; Vol. 2, 1916 : suppl. no. 8. 

(Gratis) J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 

Admiralty Pilot books. South America. Parti 

suppl. no. 2. (gratis.) . . H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. South America. Part 

2 : suppl. no. 7 (gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. South-East Alaska, 

1920 : suppl. no. 4, (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. South Indian. Ocean, 

1923 : suppl. no. 2. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Nov. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West Coasts of Central 

America and United States : Punta Mariato 

to Cape Flattery. 4th ed., los. net. 

J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West Coast of England: 

suppl. no. 3. (Gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, July '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West Coast of India : 

suppl. No. 5 (gratis).. . J. D. POTTER, June '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West coast of Scot- 
land. Vol. 2 : suppl. no 2. (gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West coasts of Spain 

and Portugal, 1921 : suppl. no. 3. (gratis.) 

J. D, POTTER, Jan. '25 

Admiralty Pilot books. West Indies. Vol. i, 

1923 : suppl. no. 2. (Gratis.) 

J. D. POTTER, Dec. '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West Indies, vol. 2, 

suppl. no. 4 (gratis).. J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Pilot books. West Indies, vol. 3, 

suppl. no. 3 (gratis) . . J. D. POTTER, May '25 
Admiralty Tide tables, 1926. Part I, Tidal 

predictions for standard ports of the world. 

33. 6d. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Admiralty Tide tables, 1926. Abridged ed., 

containing pt, i and pt. 2. 33. net. 

J. D. POTTER, Sept. '25 
Admiralty Wireless signals : Admiralty list. 

53. 6d. net J. D. POTTER, May '25 

Admiralty Wireless telegraphy : Admiralty 

handbook, 1925. 55. net. .HM.S.Q.June '25 
Adolescent, Open channels for the, Leonhardt 

(T. J.) 55. net May '25 

Adolphe, Constant (B.) 2S. 6d. net June '25 

Adopting of Mickie, Chaundler (C.) 23. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Adrian IV : English Pope, Almedingen (E. M.) 

xos. 6d, net Sept. '25 

Adriatica, poems, Kekassy (F.) 45. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Adrift in the Pacific, Verne (J.) is. 8d. Mar. '25 
Adrift in the Pacific, Verne (J.) is. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Advancement of science, 1925 : addresses 

delivered at the Annual Meeting of the British 

Association, for the Advancement of Science, 

Southampton, Aug., 1925. 8vo, 8|X5|-, swd. 

6s. net BRITISH Assoc., Sept. '25 


Advent and Christmas sermons, North (F. J.) 
5S. net Oct. '25 

Advent of Arthur, Hunt (E. L.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Adventure annual, Collins*. 53. net. . . Sept. '25 

Adventure Club, Fyleman (R.) 33. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Adventure land. Illus. Cr. 4 to, 10 x 7, pp. 

1 88, 53. net D. C. THOMSON, Sept. '25 

Adventure of living, Stmchey (J. St. L.) 2s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Adventure stories, Hulton's. 55. net.. Aug. '25 

Adventurer from the West, Pemberton (M. J.) 

7s. 6d. net * Apr. '25 

Adventures at Rye Town, Rawson (M. S.) 73. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Adventures in contentment, Grayson (D.) 6s. 

net Nov. '25 

Adventures in philosophy, Wordsworth (J. C.) 

153. net Nov. '25 

Adventures of a blockhead, Glyn (G. P., Sir, and 

M. H.) 7s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Adventures of a homely woman, Inch/awn (F.) 

5S. net Aug. '25 

Adventures of a scholar tramp, Muttin (G. H.) 

7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Adventures of a schoolmaster, Marcy (W. N.) 

53. net May '25 

Adventures of a spiritual tramp, James (S. B.) 

55. net June '25 

Adventures of a stowaway, Whishaw (F.) 

is. 6d. net , May '25 

Adventures of a supercargo, Becke (L.) 55. net. 

Feb. '25 
Adventures of a younger son, Trelawny (E. J.) 

is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Adventures of a younger son, Trelawny (E. J.) 

2S. net Nov. '25 

Adventures of Bonzo, Studdy (G. E.) and Jellicoe 

(G.) 6d. net Sept. '25 

Adventures of Capt, Ivan Koravitch, White- 
church (V. L.) 73, 6d. net Sept. '25 

Adventures of Dick Onslow, Kingston (W. H. G.) 

23. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Adventures of Gerard, Doyle (A. C., Sir) 5S., 

33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Adventures of Gerry, Conyers (D.) as, net. 

Sept. '25 
Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan, Moner 

(J.) 8s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Adventures of Hajji Baba, Mori&r (J.) 43. 6d., 

6s. 6d. net May '25 

Adventures of Jack Charrington, Tiddeman (L. E.) 

is. 6d. net Mar . '25 

Adventures of Jimmy Brown, Alden (W. L.) 

is. 6d July '25 

Adventures of Jimmy Dale, Packard (F. L.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Adventures of Mr. Joseph P. Cray, Oppenheim 

(E. P.) 35. 6d. net Aug.'zs 

Adventures of Mr. Pax Poodle, Mackie (L.) 

is. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Adventures of Mrs. May, Le Breton (T.) and 

Bevir (H.) 35. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Adventures of Sally, Wodehoiise (P. G.) 2S. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Adventures of the D.C.I,, Russell (C. E.) i8s. 

net Feb. '25 

Adventures of Uncle Lubin, Robinson (W. H.) 

53. net Sept. '25 

Adventures on the Western Front, 1914-15, 

Rawlinson (A.) 2 is. net Mar. '25 

Adventurous youth, Peterson (M,) 7s. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Advertisements : How adverts, are built, Farrar 

(G. P.) 153. net Nov. '25 

Advertiser's A.B.C., 1925. (29th annual issue), 

ioJX7> pp. 848, sis. net. 

T. B. BROWNE, June, '25 
Advertising, Sheldon (G. H.) 2 is. net, Sept. '25 
Advertising : Art and publicity, Jones (S. R.) 

los. 6d, net Nov. '25 

Advertising, Art in, Bradshaw (P. V.) 4s. 

net Nov. '25 




Advertising, Art of retail, 33. 6cL net . .June '25 

Advertising art (Third annual of) : from adver- 
tisements shown at the Exhibition of the Art 
Directors' Club, New York, April, 1924. 729 
illus'. Imp. 8vo, ni X 7l PP- 200, 313. 6d. net. 
STEVENS & BROWN, Mar, '25 

Advertising, How to write, Barton (H. A.) 
IGS, 6d. net Oct. '25 

Advertising, Intro, to, Brewster (A. J.) and 
Palmer (H. H.) 153. net Jan. '25 

Advertising: its use and abuse, Highatn (C., 
Sir). 2S. 6d. net May '25 

Advertising, Language of, Opdycke (J. B.) 155. 
net June '25 

Advertising, Principles of, Starch (D.) 253. net. 
% Feb. '25 

Advertising procedure, KUppner (0.) 2 is. net. 

Aug. '25 

Advertising through the press, Hunter (N.) 53. 
net Aug. '25 

Adye (John, Maj.-Gen. Sir) At the house of 

the priest. Cr. 8vo, *]\ x 5, pp. 312, 73. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Sept. '25 

Adyc (John, Maj.-Gen. Sir) Soldiers and others 
I have known. Illus., col. illus. 8vo, 9 x 5^, 
pp. 318, 155. net H. JENKINS, Feb. '25 

JEgean civilisation, Glotz (G.). i6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

^gean civilization, Lunn (H,, Sir). 55. net. 

Nov. '25 

Aerial surveying, Jones (B. M.) and Griffiths 
(J. C.) 1 6s. net June '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 919, Effect of wind tunnel inter- 
ference on a combination of air screw and 
tractor body, gd. net ; 920, Failure of a nickel 
chrome steel under repeated stresses of various 
ranges, 4d. net ; 921, Effect of a gap between 
an air screw and a tractor body ; 924, Lateral 
force and moments on Avro model, 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and me- 
moranda. 925, Improved model of optical 
indicator, is. 6d. net ; 926, Flying boat N.86, 
impact tests, 6d. net ; 927, Characteristics of 
thick aerofoils, sd. net ; 931, Friction of 
pistons and piston rings, 4d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and memo- 
randa. 929, Some experiments on a slotted 
aerofoil, is. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte, Reports and mem- 
oranda. 937, Measurements of lift, drag and 
pitching moment on the i/th scale model 
of the Bristol Fighter with airscrew running, 
is. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 939, Effect of inertia on the lateral 
motion of an aeroplane under the [gusts and 
control movements. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Aeronautics Ad- 
visory Ctte. Technical report, 1921 22. 
Vol. i, Model experiments and airscrews, 2is. 
net ; vol. 2 ? Full Scale work, strength of con- 
struction, instruments, i6s. net ; vol. 3, 
Airships, 253. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 928, Test of four thick aerofoils, 
R.A.F. 30-33, 6d. net ; 938, A Theory of the 
full scale determination of damping in roll, 
9<i. net; 940, Analysis of the pressure dis- 
tribution on a model airscrew by means of the 
vortex theory, 6d. net. .... .H.M.S.O., Mar '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Technical report, 
1922 23. Vol. i, Aerodynamics (Model and 
full scale), 2os. net ; Vol. 2, Materials, engines, 
etc., 153. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 942, The Royal Aircraft Establish- 
ment control movement recorder, Mark III, 
6d. net ; 943, Test of three aerofoils suitable 
for high speed, 6d. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 


Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 934, Wind channel tests on radiators, 
is. net ; 944, Measurement of pitching 
moments due to roll on wings of Avro 504K, 
4d. net ; 945, Lift and drag of Junker mono- 
plane, 9d. net ; 946, Theory of the design of 
aerofoils, 6d. net ; 948, Experimental investi- 
gation into the properties of certain framed 
structures having redundant bracing members 
is. 3d. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and memo- 
randa. 930, Summary of data on slotted wings 
obtained in the wind tunnel of Messrs. Handley 
Page, is. net ; 947, Interference of wind 
channel walls on the downwash angle, 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., May '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 935, Experiments to measure the 
variation, with speed and size of the forces on 
an aerofoil of thick section, is. net ; 949, 
Performance of tandem systems, 6d. net ; 
953, Experiments to verify the independence 
of the elements of an airscrew blade, *jd. net. 
H.M.S.O., May '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and memo- 
randa. 933, Forces and moments on a model 
Fairey N4 Hying boat at various angles of yaw, 
is. net ; 941, Measurement of vertical currents 
in the lowest layers of the atmosphere during 
sea-breezes, 6d. net ; 952, Further experiments 
on honeycomb radiators, is. 3d. net ; 958, 
Lift and drag of two aerofoils measured over 
360 deg. range of incidence, 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and memo- 
randa. 960 and 961, Variation of engine 
power with height, gd. net arid 6d. not. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and 
memoranda. 962, Discontinuous flow around 
the edge of a bluff obstacle, is. net. 

H.M.S.G.j/ww; '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and 

memoranda. 864, The Effects of key ways 

upon the strength and stiffness of shafts 

subjected to torsional stresses, is. 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and 
memoranda. 936, Continuous rotation balance 
for the measurement of pitching and yawing 
moments due to angular velocity of roll, (id. 
net ; 950, Reports and memoranda of the 
A.R. Ctte., published between i Apr., 1923, 
and 3ist Dec., 1924, 4d. net; 966, Full scale 
tests of different ailerons on Bristol Fighter 
aeroplane, 6d. net ...... H.M.S.O., July '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and memo- 
randa. 963, Notes on stalled Hying, 6d. net ; 
965, Pitching and yawing moments with 
sideslip on a model aeroplane with zero stagger, 
is. net ; ' 970, Report ori airworthiness of 
airships panel, 9d. net... H.M.S.O., July'z$ 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and 

memoranda. 964, Control o f a stalled aeroplane 
as affected by the use of differential ailerons, 
6d. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and 
memoranda. 955, Measurement of air How 
round an air screw, is. net ; 068, Full scale 
tests on a new slot-and-aileron lateral routrol, 

3d. net; 971, Experimental investigation 
into the properties of certain framed structures 
having redundant bracing members, 3<L net ; 
972, Full scale tests of a Bristol Fighter with 
increased rudder control, 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. ^5 

Aeronautical Research Ctte.- -Technical report, 

192324. Vol. i, Aerodynamics (model and 

full scale), gas. 6d. net ; vol. 2, Scale effect, 

materials, compasses, engines, etc., 333. 6d, aet. 

H,M.S.<X, Aug. 'as 





Aeronautical Research Ctte.Reports and 
memoranda. 932, Experiments on a model of 
a Bristol Fighter aeroplane, 2S. net; 937, 
Table 12, errata (gratis) ; 959, Method of 
improving the properties of aluminium alloy 
castings, is. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Report^ and 
memoranda. 425, Model drogue experiments, 
gd. net ; 957, Experiments on the trans- 
mission of air waves through pipes, is. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 974, Use of artificial sources of light 
as a substitute in the weathering of fabric. 
Part i. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and memo- 
randa. 975, Autorotation measurements on 
a model aeroplane with zero stagger* 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 967, Experimental study of vibra- 
tions in blades and shaft of an airscrew, gd. net. 
H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Aeronautical Research Ctte. Reports and mem- 
oranda. 973, Lateral control of a biplane 
by combined use of ailerons and varying 
leading edge slots, is. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Aeronautics Advisory Ctte. Technical report, 
1920-21. Vol. i, General questions, airships 
and model aeroplane research, 225. 6d. net ; 
Vol. 2, Full scale work, engines, airscrews 
and instruments, 225. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Aeronautics : Mastery of the air, Claxton (W, J.) 
33. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Aeschylus The Eumenides (The Furies). Trans, 
into rhyming verse by Gilbert Murray. Cr. 
8vo, 74 X 5, PP- 78, 3S. net ; swd,, as. net. 
ALLEN & U., Oct. '25 

Aeschylus, Choric songs from, Hoemle (E. S.) 
55. net Oct. '25 

^Esop Fables. Illus. by Edwin Noble. Edit. 
by Capt. Edric Vredenburg. Roy. 8vo, 9 X 6f , 
pp. 106, 33. 6d. net R. TUCK, Oct. '25 

A eso p Fables. Retold by Blanche Winder. 
With frontis. i2mo, 7x4^ pp. 256, is. 6d. 
net. (Royal ser.} WARP, LOCK, June '25 

Aether. See Ether. 

Affair of honour, McKenna (S.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. *25 
Affreightment, Contract of, Scmtton (T, E., Sir). 

33S. net Apr. '25 

"Afghan " Best Indian chutney (sweetened) : 
some Eastern vignettes. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5 PP- 

312, 7s. 6d. net H. JENKINS, June '25 

"Afghan." Wanderings of Asaf. as. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Aforsmy Indyjslde. Trans, from the Sanskrit 
into Polish by P. E. Pavolini. Sin. 8vo, 
pp. 34, swd. 33. (Warsaw.) .. LUZAC, May '25 
Afoul of destiny, Bedford-Jones (H.) 2S. net. 

Feb. '25 
Africa and Australasia : Progressive geography, 

bk. 2, Tkurston (C B.) 2s. $d Aug. '25 

Africa, Arabella in, Swettenham (F.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Mar. *25 

Africa : Atlas geographies, preparatory, Franklin 

(T*) and Griffiths (E. D.) lod. net.. Mar. '25 

Africa (East) Commission Report. 33. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Africa (East) Report on trade and commerce, 
Sept., 1924, is. 6d. net..H,M.S.O., Dec. '24 
Africa (East) Transport development and 
cotton, growing : memorandum, 3d. net, 

6 H.MLS.CX, July '25 

Africa, East, Education in. 75. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Africa* Ethnographic survey of [map], Roome 

(W. J. W.), sos /. '25 

Africa, Islam and. Dale (G. Rev.) ss. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Africa, Language families of, Werner (A.) 3- 6d. 
net Feb. '25 

Africa, N. and S. : World revealed, Ridgway (A.) 

ea. 2S. net ; is. gd May '25 

Africa, N., Picturesque. 25S. net Mar. '25 

Africa (South) Official year book of the Union 
and of Basutoland, Bechuanaland Protectorate, 
and Swaziland. No. 7, 1924, covering the 
period 1910 1924, 9^X6^, pp. 1048, 53. 
(Pretoria), GOVT. PRINTING OFFICE, Sept. '25 

Africa : South and East African year book, 1925- 
55. net J<M> '25 

Africa, South, Colvin (I. D.) 52. net.. Mar. '25 

Africa, S., Commercial directory of, Bmby's, 

1925. 175. 6d May '25 

Africa, S. : Lord De Vilhers and his times, 

Walker (E. A.) 253. net Jan. '25 

Africa, S. : people, places and problems, Dawson 

(W. H.) 1 6s. net Oct. '25 

Africa, Through wildest, Holmes (F. R.) i6s. net. 

Dec. '25 
Africa (West) Palm oil and palm kernels : 

report of Ctte. appointed to consider best 

means of securing improved and increased 

production, gd. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Africa, W., Day of harvest in fields of, Walker 

(F. D.) is. net Aug. '25 

Africa, W. : Land of the golden trade, Lang 

(J.) 53. net Mar. '25 

Africa, W., With the Prince to, Price (G. W.) 

35. 6d., 2S. 6d Oct. '25 

Africa, Wonderful, Donnithorne (F. A.) 2 is. net. 

Apr. '25 
Africa, Youth of : Black treasure, Mathews (B.) 

is. net Sept. '25 

African, East, year bk., 1925-26. sos. . .Nov. '25 

African reminiscences, My, Johnson (W. P., Ven.) 
43. net Feb. '25 

African verse, South, Centenary bk. of, Slater 

(F. C.) 6s., 33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Afsur-iil-Mulk (Sir) Sir and Lady Abbas All 
Baig : short biographical sketches. 8|X5t, 
pp. 36. (For private circulation.) 

UNWIN BROS., Mar. '25 

After-dinner stories, Beable (W. H.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Sept. 4 25 
After the verdict, Hichens (R.) 3&- 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Afterwards, Lombard (M.) 35. net ....Feb. '25 
Against the red sky, Barbor (H. R.) 3$. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Agate (James) Agate's folly: a pleasaunce. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 276, 7s. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Sept. '25 
Agate (James) Blessed are the rich: episodes 
in the life of Oliver Sheldon. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 320, 35. 6d. net. 

L. PARSONS, Sept. '25 

Agate (James) The Contemporary theatre, 1924. 
Intro, by Noel Coward. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 
314, 75. 6d. net.. CHAPMAN & HALL, May '25 

Agate's folly, Agate (J.) 73- 6d. net Sept. '25 

Age, Anatomical, and mental develop, in school 

children, Prescott (D. A.) 33. 6d. net. June '25 

Age, Middle, and old age, Williams (L.) los. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

ARC of democracy, Weston (W. H.) is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Age of machinery, Home (A. R.) 35. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Age of miracles, O'Riordan (C.) y&. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Agency, Law of, Wilsheare (A. M.) 7s. 6d. net, 

Apr. '25 

Aggs (W. H.) and Law (H. W.) The Adminstra- 
tioa of Estates Act, 1925. Roy, 8vo, swd. 4s. 

net SWEET &M.,S^M. '25 

Aggs (W. H.) and Law a (H. W,) Handbook on 
copyholds, manorial incidents, and perpetu- 
ally renewable leaseholds. Being the un- 
repealed portions of the property Acts, 1922 
and 1924 ; and the Copyhold Act, 1894, and 
rules and regulations, with intro, and full notes* 
Roy. 8vo, 9|X6, pp. 121, ss. net. 





Aggs (W, H.) and Law (H. W.) The Land 
Charges Act, 1925. Roy. 8vo, swd. 35, net. 

SWEET & M., Sept. '25 

Aggs (W. H.) and Law (H. W.) The Law of 
Property Act, 1925. Roy. 8vo, swd. 73. 6d. 
net SWEET & M., Sept. '25 

Aggs (W. H.) The National Health Insurance 
Act, 1924. Roy. 8vo, swd. 6s. net. 

SWEET & M., Dec. '24 

Aggs (W. H.) and Law (H. W.) The Settled 
Land Act, 1925. Roy 8vo, swd. 53, net. 

SWEET & M., Sept. '25 

Aggs (W. H.) and Law (H. W.) The Trustee 
Act, 1925. Ryl. 8vo, swd. 43. net. 

SWEET & MAXWELL, July '25 

Agitating, stirring and kneading machinery 
[chemical], Seymour (H.) 6s. net . . Feb. '25 

Agnew (A. T.) The Devil and the pillmaker, 
and other unusual stories and poems. 8^x5^, 
pp. 56, is. net. 
(Shrewsbury) BROWN & BRINNARD, Nov. '25 

Agnew (Ewan) The Shingling of Jupiter : 
a fantastic play for serious people, in three 
acts. Cr. 8vo, 7 J x 5, pp. 78, 3$. 6d. net. 

C. PALMER, Jan. '25 

Agra and the Taj, etc., Hand-bk. to, Havell (E. B.) 
7s. net Jan. '25 

Agricultural co-operation : in its application to 
the industry, the business, and the life of the 
farmer in the British Empire, With intrp. by 
Sir Horace Plunkett. Part i, Preliminary 
Survey ; part 2, Report of Conference held at 
Wembley, July 28-31, 1924. Ryl. 8vo, 9|-x 6J, 
pp. 262, los. 6d. net . . ROUTLEDGE, Jan. '25 

Agricultural co-operation in the Canadian West, 
Fay (C. R.) is. net Aug. '25 

Agricultural economics, Outline of, Taylor (H. C,) 
145. net Sept. '25 

Agricultural labourer, English, Fordham (M. and 
T. R.) as. 6d., is. net June '25 

Agricultural land, Tenure of, Orwin (C. S.) and 
Peel (W. R.) ss. 6d. net July '25 

Agricultural mechanics, Smith (R, H.) izs, 6d. 
net Apr. '25 

Agricultural Progress. Vol. 2, 1925. Roy, 8vo, 
swd, , 53. net BENN, Feb. '25 

Agricultural situation, Warren (G. F.) and Pearson 
(F. A.) 153. net Jan. '25 

Agricultural Wages Regulation Act, Royle (H.) 
5s. 6d Apr. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Agri- 
cultural prices : report of the Ctte. on Stabilisa- 
tion, is. 6d, net, (Economic ser., no. 2.) 

H.M.S.O., A:tay '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Agri- 
cultural statistics, 1924. (Vol. 59). Part i, 
Acreage under crops and number of live stock 
in England and Wales, is. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O,, Dec. '24 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Agri- 
cultural statistics, 1924. (Vol. 59). Part 2, 
Agricultural production of England and Wales ; 
report, gd. net H.M.S.O,, Mar. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Agri- 
cultural statistics, 1924. (Vol. 59.) Part 3, 
Prices and supplies of agricultural produce and 
requirements in England and Wales, 1924-25. 
is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Agri- 
cultural policy : report by Council of Agricul- 
ture for England, Aug., 1925. 4d. net, 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Agri- 
cultural requisites, Co-operative purchase of. 

is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Allot- 
ments Acts : report of proceedings, 1924. 

9d. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Co- 
operative marketing of agricultural produce 
in England and Wales : a survey of the present 
position, is. 6d. net. (Economic ser.) Apr. '25 
Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Dairy 
cattle : register with authenticated milk record , 
2923-24, (Vol. 8.) is. net. H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 


Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Dairy 
cows, Rationing of : report of Dept, Ctte. 
6d. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Diseases 

of animals : annual report, 1924. is. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nau. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations, 1924 : Series II. Vol. 7, no. 3, 
Herring in relation to its animate environment ; 
pt. i, Food and feeding habits, 8s. 6d. net ; 
Vol. 7, no. 4, First report on young herring in 
the Southern North Sea and English Channel : 
pt. i, Distribution and growth of larval and 
post-larval stages, 133. net. H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations. Series 2. Vol. 7, no. 6, Report 
on the English plaice investigations in the 
North Sea, 1921-23. 133. net. 

H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations. Ser. 2, vol. 7, no. 7 : The 
Salinity and water movements in the English 
Channel and Southern Bight during 1920-23. 
53. 6d. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations. Series 2, Vol. 7. No. 8 : In- 
vestigations into the age, length, and maturity 
of the herring of the Southern North Sea. 
Part i, Some observations on the scales and 
growth of the English herring. 53. net, 

H.M.S.O,, June '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations, 1925. Scries 2, Vol. 8, no. i, 
Food of the oyster. 8s, net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations, 1925. Series 2, vol. 8, No. 2, 
The Water movement of the southern North 
Sea : part i, The surface drift. 143. net. 

H.M.S.O,, June '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations, 1925. Series 2, Vol. 8, No. 3, 
The Working error of Peterson's young fish 
trawl, is. net H.M.S.O,, Sept. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Fishery 
investigations, 1925. Series 2, Vol. 8, no. 4. 
Quantitative studies on the fauna of the sea- 
bottom, no. 2 : Results of investigations in 
the southern North Sea, 1921-24. ss. net, 
H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of } Foot and 
Mouth Disease Research Ctte. ist progress 
report, is. 3d, net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of)~~-IntcUi" 
gence Dept, Report, 1921-24. 53. net, 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of)- Land 
settlement in England and Wales, 1919- 
1024. ss. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Large 
scale co-operative marketing in the U.S.A. : 
report, is, 6d. net (Economic ser. t 4). 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '35 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) River 
pollution. River pollution and fisheries. 
Fart 2 : A Non-technical report on the work 
during 1924. sd, net (per 100, i8s, net). 

H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of] Sea 
fisheries. Reports for the years 1919, 1920, 
1921, 1922, and 1923, 3$. 6d. net, 

H.M.S.O., Afr. 'as 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) Sea 

fisheries : statistical tables, 1934, ss, 6d, net, 

H.M.S.O., Jnne '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of) -Sea 
fisheries ; report, 1924, 3$, 6d. net, 

H.M.S.O., JVw. '35 

Agriculture and (Fisheries Ministry of) Seed 
Testing Congress (4th Internal.) Report. 
us. 6d. net , .*,... .H.M.S.O., July '25 

Agriculture and Fisheries (Ministry of)- Tithe, 
copyhold, inclosure, commons and certain 
other Acts : annual reports of proceediftg* 
1924. gd. net H.M.S.O., 




Agriculture and the unemployed, Wright (W.) 
and Penty (A. J.) 2.S. 6d., is. net. . . .Apr. '25 

Agriculture, British, versus foreign tributes, 
Burgess (J.) 43., 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Agriculture : Crop production and soil manage- 
ment, Cox (J. F.) 135. 6d. net. .... .Mar. '25 

Agriculture for Scotland (Board of) Agricultural 
statistics, 1923 (Vol. 12). Part 3, Prices and 
supplies of grain, live stock, etc." 33. net. 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '24. 

Agriculture for Scotland (Board of) Agri- 
cultural statistics, 1924. (Vol. 13.) Part i, 
Acreage and live stock returns. 53. 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., July '25 

Agriculture for Scotland (Board of) Agricultural 
statistics, 1924. (Vol. 13.) Pt. 2, Returns 
of produce of crops. 2S. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Agriculture for Scotland (Board of) Agricultural 
statistics, 1924. Vol. 13, pt. 3, Prices and 
supplies of grain, etc, 2S. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Agriculture for Scotland (Board of) Scottish 
Conference on Agricultural Policy : report, 
is. 6d. net H.M.S.O,, June '25 

Agriculture for Scotland (Board of) isth report, 
1924. as. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Agriculture pendant la Guerre, Laribe (M. A.) 
los, net Oct. '25 

Aguilar (Grace) Home influence. With frontis. 
Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 3 36, as. 6d. net. 

Low, Mar. '25 

Ahbou the Owl, Gee (H. L.) as. 3d Feb. '25 

Ahlberg (Hakon) Swedish architecture of the 
twentieth century, Pref. by F. R. Yerburg. 
Ed. de luxe limited to 20 copies. Folio, 1473. 
net. (Modern Architecture ser.}. 

BENN, Jan. '25 

Ahlberg (Hakon) Swedish architecture of the 
twentieth century. Pref. by F. R. Yerbury. 
Numerous plates. Folio, 13 X 9, pp. 57, 
943. 6d. net. (Modern architecture ser.) 

BENN, Mar. '25 

All mad (Habeeb) The Mysteries of sound and 
number. Abridged ed. 8vo, 8f x 5^, pp. 
101, los. 6d. net FOYLE, Mar. '25 

AhmaiS (Mabel L.) Names and their numbers. 

Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4^, pp. 72, 2S. 6d. net. 

W. RIDER, Jan. '25 
Aid to rhyme, Redfield (E. G.) los. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Aides : French words easily confused, Jones 

(A. M.) is Sept. '25 

Ailceii (Conrad)- Bring ! Bring ! Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 

pp. 267, 73. 6d. net SECKER, Apr. '25 

Aiken (Conrad) Senlin : a biography. Cr. 

8vo, 7&X5, pp. 36, 35. 6d. net. 

HOGARTH PR., July '25 
Aikenhead (Mary) The Teaching of Mary 

Aikenhead : selections from "The Life and 

work.' 1 By A Member of Her Congregation. 

i8mo, 33. net; swd., 23. net. 

LONGMANS, Apr. '25 
Ainger (Alfred) Charles Lamb. New pocket ed. 

12010, 7x4!-, pp. 203, 35. 6d. net. (English 

men of letters] MACMILLAN, July '25 

Ainsley's Nautical almanac and tide tables for 

1926. 6oth ed. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 544, 

33. net. 

(South Shields) T. L. AINSLEY, Oct. '25 
Ainu fireside stories, Uwepekere, Batchelor (J.) 

45 May '25 

Ainu place names : Pit-dwellers of Hokkaido, 

Batchelor (J.) 35. May '25 

Air, Aristocrats of the, Knight (C. W. R., Capt.) 

2is. net NOV. '25 

Air, Compressed, and its machinery, Phimmer 

(T, H.) los June '25 

Air fighting, Strategy, etc., Stewart (0., Maj.) 

6s. net Nov. '25 

Air, Mastery of the, Claxton (W. J.) 33. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Air Ministry Aero engines. B.R.2 handbook. 

3rd ed. as. net H,M.S.O., Aug. '25 


Air Ministry Air Force list. (Monthly.) ea. 
is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Air Ministry Air pilot. SuppL no 7 (Gratis.) 

H.M.S.O., M ? y>25 

Air Ministry Air Services : appropriation 
account, 1923-24. G$. net. H.M.S.O., Apr '25 

Air Ministry Copper petrol pipes and metal 
couplings, sd. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Air Ministry The Elimination of interference 
from radio receiving apparatus. 2d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Air Ministry Estimates, 1925-26. 2s. 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Air Ministry Flying training, R.A.F. Pt. 3, 
Seaplane flying, is. net . .H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Air Ministry Hand book of strength calcula- 
tions. 2is. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Air Ministry Handbook of strength calcula- 
tions. Reduced to 55. net . .H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Air Ministry Health of the R.A.F. : report, 

1923. 33. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Air Ministry Health of the R.A.F.: report, 

1924. 43. net H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Air Ministry Rigging for aircraft manual. 2S. 

net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Air Ministry The Royal Air Force as a career. 

33. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Air Ministry R.A.F. Field service pocket book, 

1924. 35. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Air Ministry Special Reserve Sqadrons, R.A.F. : 

regulations for officers and airmen, Apr., 1925. 

is. 6d. net .H.M.S.O., May '25 

Air navigation : provisional agreement between 

the U.K. and the Netherlands. 2s. net. 

H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 
Air photographs, Graphical methods of plotting 

from, War Office. 33. net Dec. '25 

Air raids on Gt. Britain, 191418, Morris (J. , 

Capt.) i6s. net Nov. '25 

Aircraft, All the world's, 1925. 425. net Aug. '25 
Airship, Rigid : design, etc., Lewitt (E. H.) 303. 

net Mar. '25 

Aitken (B. M.) The Deliverers. Cr. 8vo, 

7iX5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

G. RICHARDS, Mar. '25 
Aitken (William) An Outline of automatic 

telephony. Cr. 8vo, 7iX4|, pp. 143, 5s. net. 

BENN, Apr. '25 

Aiyar (B. R. Rajam) Rambles in Vedanta. 

Cr. 8vo, 7&X 5, pp. 936, I2S. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Dec. '25 
Aiyar (K. S.) High speed in Pitman's shorthand : 

its attainment and possibilities. Foreword by 

F. J. Hallett, With port. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 

pp. 151, 2S PITMAN, Oct. '25 

Ajanta and Bagh, My pilgrimage to, Dey (Sri 

M.C.) 2is. net May '25 

AJtaiion (Albert) L'Industrie textile en France, 

pendant la guerre. Roy. 8vo, swd. 8s. 6d. net. 
MILFORD, Jan. '25 
Alabaster lamps, Turnbull (M.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Alarm, Rhode (J.) 7s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Alas that Spring, Mordaunt (E.) 2s. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Alaska, Underwood (J. J.) 123. 6d. net . .July '25 
Alaska, Handbk. of, Greely (A. W.) 153. net, 

May '25 

Alaska man's luck, Rutxebeck (H.) 2s. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Alban (F. J.) and Lamb (Norman E.) -The 

Municipal accountant's compendium. Vol. 2. 

Foreword by William Bateson. 8vo, 155. net. 

C. KNIGHT, Nov. '25 

Al&an (F. J.) and Lamb (Norman E.) Police 

finance (including Police pensions fiaaace). 

2nd ed, rev. and enl. 8vo, 8s. net. 

C, KNIGHT, Nov. '25 

Alban (F. J.) and others Scottish local govern- 
ment finance and the law relating thereto. 

Foreword by Robert Paton. sth ed., rev. and 

eal, 8vo, 153. net * .C. KNIGHT, Nov. '25 

Altmnesi (E. Maria) A Bird in a storm. Cheap 

ed. i2mo 7iX4$ PP- 3*0, 23. net. 

COLLINS, Jan. '25 





AltJanesS (E. Maria) A Little brown mouse. 
Illus. by H. L. Bacon. Cr. 8vo, 7$- X 5, 
pp. 256, 33. 6d. net . . PARTRIDGE, Sept. '25 

AStjanesS (E. Maria) Sally in her alley. Cr. 8vo, 

7iX5, pp. 3*3> 7s. 6d. net. COLLINS, Apr. '25 
AlbanesS (E. Maria) The Shadow wife : a novel" 

Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, PP- 256, 33. 6d. net. 

S. PAUL, Oct. '25 
ASfJO (E. E. Founder d') Hephasstus ; or, 

The Soul of the machine. Fcp. 8vo, 6^x4^, 

pp. oo, 2S. 6d, net. (To-day and to-morrow.) 

K. PAUL, Sept. '25 
AStse (E. E. Fournier d')-~ The Moon-element : 

an introduction to the wonders of Selenium. 

Illus. Repr. 8vo, 9 X 5|, pp. 166, IDS. 6d. 

net UNWIN, Jan. '25 

AStse (E. E. Fournier d') Quo vadimus ? Some 

glimpses of the future. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4|-, pp. 

96, 2s. 6d. net K. PAUL, Feb. '25 

Albert (C. D.). See Gamer (E. F.) and Albert. 

Albert (Edward) Kirk o* Field : a romance. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7$ x 5, PP- 361, 3s. 6d. 

net HODDER & S., July '25 

Albert (Edward) A Short history of English 

literature. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 224, 35. net. 
HARRAP, July '25 

Albert, Alfred, P.C., Martindale (C. C.) 35. net. 

Sept. '25 
Albigensian or Catharist heresy, Holmes (E.) 

53. net Oct. '25 

Album of 101 popular marches. 4to. 53. net; 

swd., 33. net REID BROS., Sept. '25 

Alcatraz, Brand (M.) 2S. 6d. net .... Apr. '25 

Alchemy : Apologia alchymiae, Councell (R. W.) 

55. net May '25 

Alcohol and self-control, Chappie (W. A.) is. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Alcohol in medical practice, Weeks (C. C.) 

35. 6d. net July '25 

Alcohol : its action on the human organism. 

is. net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Alcohol : John Barleycorn, London (J.) 2S. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Alcott (Louisa M.) Aunt Jo's scrap bag. Cr. 

8vo, is. 6d. (Supplementary readers : girls). 

Low, Mar. '25 

Aicott (Louisa M.) Aunt Jo's scrap bag. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 151, is. 6d. net. 

Low, Aug. '25 
Alcott (Louisa M.) Jo's boys. A sequel to "Little 

men.'* Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 358, 35. 6d. 

net Low, Mar, '25 

Alcott (Louisa M.) Little men. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 

7&X5, PP- 383, 3S, 6d. net. .... Low, Mar, '25 
Alcott (Louisa M,) Little men. Cr. 8vo, as. 

(Supplementary readers : girls) . . Low, Mar. '25 
Alcott (Louisa M.) Little women ; and, Good 

wives. Illus. by H. M. Brock. Cr. 8vo, 

7f X5, PP- 2I 6, 3S. 6d. net..SEELEY, Sept. '25 
Alcott (Louisa M.) Lulu's library. Cr. 8vo, 

is. 6d. (Supplementary readers : girls). 

Low, Mar. '25 
Aldeit (W. L.) The Adventures of Jimmy Brown. 

Written by himself. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 188, is. 6d .S, Low, July '25 

Alden's Oxford guide : with notes on the district 

and rivers, key-plan of the University and 

City, folding map of Oxford, illus., and 

appendix " Old Oxford." ismo, 6| X 4f 

pp. 176, ss. net; swd. is. 6d, net 

(Oxford) ALDEN, Jan. '25 
Alderson (E. G.) Studies in Ampullaria. With 

19 plates, drawn from nature by the author. 

Demy 4to, n|x8, pp. 122, 2is. net. 

HEFFER, Apr. '25 
Aldington (Richard) A Fool i* the forest : a 

phantasmagoria, limited ed. Cr. 8vo,7|X5, 

pp. 62, 55. net ....... .ALLEN & U., Jan, '25 

Alec's mother, Larimer (N.) 73. 6d. net 

Aug. '25 
Alexander (A. S.) Tramps across watersheds, 

7t X 5i pp. 317, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Glasgow) J. SMITH, Dec. '25 


Alexander (J. H.) Elementary electrical engin- 
eering in theory and practice : a class book of 
junior and 'senior students and working 
electricians. With 182 illus., sth ed., rev. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^ X 5, pp. 220, 33. net. 

C. LOCKWOOD, May '25 

Alexander (Jerome) Colloid chemistry : an in- 
troduction, with some practical applications. 
Illus. 2nd ed., rev. and enl. 8vo, 8J X 5i, 
pp. 216, 95. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Jan. '25 

Alexander (John) The Surgery of pulmonary 
tuberculoses. Roy. 8vo, sis. net. 

KlMPTON, Oct. *25 

Alexander (Ruth) Thirst. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, 

pp. 320, 75. 6d. net ........ G. BLES, Sept. '25 

Alexander (S.) Art and the material. Cr. 8vp, 

33. net ; swd., is. 6d. net. (Manchester Univ. 

Lectures : A damson Lecture, 1925). 

LONGMAN, Oct. '25 
Alexander (W. S.). See Andrews (H.) and 

Alexander, etc. : plays, Dunsany (Lord). 55., 

1 os. 6d. net ; Alexander alone, is. net. 

Dec. '25 

Alexandra, Queen, Williamson (D.) 35. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Alexandra (Queen) : a pictorial biography, 
1844-1925. With literary accompaniment by 
Viscount Cecil of Chelwood and others. Illus. 
io| X 8, pp. 44, 253. net. 

(Anglo-Dutch Soc.) MELROSE, Dec. '25 

Alfano (Edoardo) Sicily. Illus, Cr. 8vo,7iX5, 

pp. 134, as. net ....... ...SIMPKIN, Aug. '25 

Alfgar the Dane, Crake (A. D.) 35. od, net. 

May '25 

Alfonso XIII unmasked, Ibanez (V. B.) 33. 6d. 
net ............................ Feb. '25 

Alf 's button : play, Darlington (W. A.) 35. 6d. 
net .............................. Mar. '25 

Algebra, Elem., Bowman (H. F.) Part i. 6s. 

July '25 

Algebra, Elem., Bowman (F.) Pt. i, sect, i, 
45. 6d. net ; sect. 2, 2S. 6d. net ...... Nov. '25 

Algeria : Esto Perpetua, Belhc (H.) 55, net. 

June '25 
All (Maulana M. ) Muhammad the Prophet. 

2 maps. Snx 8vo, pp. 285, 6s. .LUZAC, Feb. "25 
Alias Richard Power, Williamson (C. N. and A. M.) 

2S. net ..................... ..... Sept. '25 

Alias the Lone Wolf, Vance (L, J.) ss. net, 

Mar. '25 

Alice in Wonderland, Carroll (L.) 33. 6d. net* 

Oct. '25 

Alice's adventures in Wonderland, Carroll (L.) 
is. 6d. net ......... * .............. Feb. '25 

Alien souls, Abdullah (A.) as. net. , . . . .July '25 

Aliens Aliens naturalisation : return, 1924 

9d. net .................. H.M.S.O., Apr.'*2$ 

Aliens Statistics, 1924. 4d. net. 

Allngton (Cyril A.) Eton lyrics. Limited ed. 
30 copies. 8vo, IDS. 6d. net. 

INGLEBV, Oct. "25 

Alington (Cyril A.) and Lyttelton (George) cds. 
An Eton poetry book. Intro, by A. C, Benson. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 366, 6s. net. 

MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 
Alix of the Chateau, Price (E. C.) 33, 6d. net. 

May *25 

Alkali, etc., works 6ist annual reports by Chief 
Inspectors, 1924. is. net, 

H.M.S.O., June '25 
Alkestis, Euripides, is. 6d. net ...... Jan, '25 

AlJdbiades, Days of, Robinson (C. E,) 7$. 6d, not. 

June *35 

AIS about the railway companies of Great 
Britain and Ireland : an ABC for railway 
investors. 1925 ed. Cr. 8vo, 7* x 5, pp, 158, 
35. net .......... JOHNSON & S., Sept '35 

All fools together, Forrest (C.) 73. 6d, not. 

A ? OT. *25 

All God's chillun got wings, etc., Q'Neill (B,) 

TS. 6d. net ...... ....... . ........ Oct. '25 





All on the Irish shore, Somerville (E. (E.) and 
Ross (M.) 2S. 6d. net June '25 

All play, Mackintosh (M.) 33. net June '25 

All that I want, Bryce (R.) 75. 6d. net July '25 

All the way by water, Payne (E. S.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June '25 

All the word's aircraft, 1925. Compiled and 
ed. by C. G. Grey. Folio, 13^x8^, 423. net. 

Low, Aug. '25 

All things considered, Chesterton (G, K.) 35. 6d. 
net May '25 

All to seek, Patrick (D.) 2s. net Apr. '25 

Allain (Marcel) Juve in the dock. Trans, and 
edit, by A. R. Allinson. (The Fantomas 
detective novels.) Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 316, 
73. 6d. net S. PAUL, Oct. '25 

AlSain (Marcel) The Lord of terror. Trans, 
and edit, by A. R. Allinson. Cr. Svo, 7^ x 5, 
PP- 3i5 7s. 6d. net S. PAUL, May '25 

Allain (Marcel). See also Sowvestre (P.) and Allain, 

Allan (Archibald) Space and personality. 
9jx6, pp. 611, 2nd ed., 253. net. 

OLIVER & B., Apr. '25 

Allan (C. Wilfrid) The Makers of Cathay. 2nd 
ed. Svo, pp. 249, 73. 6d LUZAC, Feb. '25 

Allan (Luke) The Westerner. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 304, 2S. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Apr. '25 

Allan Junior Canny tales frae Aberdeen, 
is. 6d. net May '25 

Allan Quatermain, Haggard (H. R.) 23. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Allardyce (Paul) " Stops " ; or, How to punctu- 
ate : a practical handbook for writers and 
students. New and rev. ed. Cr. Svo, 7l X 5, 
pp. 91, 2S. net UNWIN, Feb. '25 

Allbutt (T., Sir) Arteriosclerosis : a summary 
view. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 116, 55. net. 

MACMILLAN, June '25 

Alleluia, Weekes (T.) 6d. net Mar. '25 

Allen (A. M.) A History of Verona. Edit, by 
Edward Armstrong. With 20 illus. and 3 
maps. Svo, 9 X sf, pp. 41 5 *5S. net. (The 
States of Italy) METHUEN, Dec. '25 

Allen (Alice E.) Little Aunt Emmie. Cr. 8vo, 
55. net LIPPINCOTT, Sept. '25 

Allen (C. R.) The Ship beautiful: a two- 
fold tale. Illus. by George Soper. 8vo, 
8|X5|-, pp. 289, 73. 6d. net. WARNE, Mar. '25 

Allen (Carleton Kemp) Oh, Mr. Leacock 
Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, Pp. 119, 3S. 6"d. net. 

LANE, May '25 

Allen (Cecil J.) My railway book : the wonder- 
ful railway engineering progress of one hundred 
years, illustrated and described for children. 
Cr. 4to, 10x7!-, pp. 192, 5s. net. 

J. F. SHAW, Aug. '25 

Allen (Cecil J.) Railway marvels : the wonder- 
ful railway engineering progress of one hundred 
years, illustrated and described for children. 
Cr. 4to, 10 X 7i, pp. 98, 2S. 6d. net. 

J. F. SHAW, Aug. '25 

Allen (Cecil J.) Railway wonders : the wonder- 
ful railway engineering progress of one hundred 
years, illustrated and described for children. 
Cr. 4to, 10 x 7|, pp. 98, 2s. 6d. net. 

J. F. SHAW, Aug. 25 

Allen (Charles) Curious observations on the 
teeth. Svo, 55. net. , (Dental reprints.) 

J. BALE, Dec. '24 

Alien (E. Fletcher, Rev.) Who's who in the 
Bible : a directory of Scriptural characters. 
Svo, 8 X 5i, pp. 201, 7s. 6d. net. 

PUTNAM, Sept. '25 

Allen (F. J.) A Guide to the study of occupation. 
8vo, i os. 6d. net MILFORD, July '25 

Allen (H. Stanley) Photo-electricity ; the libera- 
tion of electrons by light. 2nd ed., rev. With 
diags. Roy. Svo, 9X6, pp. 332, i8s. net. 
(Monographs on physics) ..LONGMANS, Oct. '25 

Allen (H. Warner) Claret. Fcp. 8vo, 6^X4^, 
pp. 44, swd. as. net ; 6d. net. UNWIN, Jan. '25 

Allen (H. Warner) The Devil that slumbers. 
Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. HAMILTON, Nov. '25 


Alien (H. Warner) The Wines of France. Repr. 
Svo, 9x5!, pp. 261, 8s. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Jan. '25 

Allen (Ida C. Bailey) Mrs. Alien on cooking, 
menus, service : 2,500 recipes. Illus. posed 
by Ida C. Bailey Allen and Jack Wilbury. 
Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 1,021, 6s. net. 

UNWIN, Apr. '25 

Allen (Mary S., Commandant) The Pioneer 
policewoman. Edit, and arranged by Julie H. 
Heyneman. Illus. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 300, 
ros. 6d. net CHATTO & W., Dec. '25 

Allen (P. S.) Erasmus's services to learning. 
10 x 6J, pp. 20, swd., is. 6d. net. (British 
Academy.) MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Allen (Percy) Comers down the wind : a play in 
one act. 7|X5, pp. 51, 23. 6d. net. 

F. GRIFFITHS, July '25 

Allen (Percy) The life that's free : a play in one 
act. 7| x 5, pp. 24, 2S. net. 

F. GRIFFITHS, July '25 

Allen (Robert, etc.) Bismuth ores. Prepared 
under the direction of the Mineral Resources 
Committee of the Imperial Institute. With 
map. Svo, 8|xsi, PP. 72, swd. 33. 6d. net. 
(Monographs on Mineral Resources). 

S. MURRAY, Feb. '25 

Allen (W. E. D.)~ Beled-Es-Siba : sketches and 
essays of travel and history. Foreword by 
Maj.-Gen. Lord Edward Gleichen. Svo, 
8&X5i, PP- 256, 8s. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Sept. '25 

Allen Adair, Mander (J.) 7s. 6d. net.. Apr. '25 

Allen's Commercial organic analysis : a treatise 
on the properties, modes of analysis, etc. Vol. 3, 
Hydrocarbons, bitumens, naphthalene and its 
derivatives, etc. 5th ed., rev. Roy. Svo, 
9&x6, pp. 742, 303. net. 

J. & A. CHURCHILL, May '25 

Allergy, asthma, etc., Duke (W. W.) 255. net. 

Sept. '25 

" AUeyniensis." See Gibbon (W. D.) 

Allison (Edgar) Snowdrops, and other verse. 
7^x5, pp. 16, is. net .. STOCKWELL, Mar. '25 

Allotment, Thomas (H. H.) gd. net Apr. '25 

Almanac, Old Moore's, 1926. id. net July '25 

Almanac, Raphael's Prophetic, 1926. 9d., is. gd. 
net Aug. '25 

Almanack, Moore's, 1926. 6d. net. .. .Oct. '25 

Almanack for 1926. By Kate Greenaway. 32mo, 
4i X 3, pp. 24, is. 6d. net. . . F. WARNE, Oct. '25 

Almanarat al Tarikyyat : a history of Egypt 

from a pagan and Christian comparative point 

of view. In Arabic. 8vo, pp. 228, 43. 6d. (Cairo) 

LUZAC, June "25 

ASmedSngen (Edith M.) The English Pope 
(Adrian IV). Foreword by Rev. C. C. Martin- 
dale. Illus. Svo, Sf x 5$, pp. 222, i os. 6d. net. 
HEATH, CRANTON, Sept. '25 

Almond (A. G.) Gowns and gossip. Illus. 
Fcp. Svo, 6|X4i, PP- 3 J swd. is. 6d. net. 

BOWES & BOWES, Apr. '25 

Along the road, Huxley (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Aloysius (Father) The Voice of the Church : a 
prayer manual from prayers contained in the 
liturgical books. iSmo, 6 x 3^, pp. 853, 
55. ; seal grain, 75. 6d. ; mor., 155. 

M. H. GILL, Dec. '25 

ASpe (E. N.) The Law of stamp duties on deeds 
and other instruments. Rev. and enl. by 
Arthur Reginald Rudall. With notes on 
practice by Herbert W. Jordan. Svo, 8| X si, 
pp. 423, 155. net JORDAN, Sept. '25 

Alpine flora, Hoffmann (J.) I2S. 6d. net. Feb. '25 

Alpine flowers and rock gardens, Wright (W. P.) 
155. net Mar. '25 

Alpine valley, poems, Pilkington (L.) 35. 6d. net, 

Jan. '25 

Alps : Nice to Evian, Ferrand (H.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Alsace-Lorraine, Wonder tales of, Henderson 
(B.) and Calvert (C.) 6s. net Dec. '25 

Altar, Alphabet of the, Wareing (E. V.) 6d. 

July '25 





Altsheler (Joseph A.) The Eyes of the woods : 
a story of the ancient wilderness. Illus. by 
D. C. Hutchison. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 327, 
35. 6d. net APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Altsheler (Joseph A.) The Great Sioux trail: 

a story of mountain and plain. Illus. by Charles 

L. Wrenn. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 349, 33. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Altsheler (Joseph A.)- The Hunters of the hills, 
isrno, 7^ X 4$, pp. 319, 2S. net. (Man and 
boy books) HODDER & S., May '25 

ASisheSer (Joseph A.) The Last of the chiefs. 
I2mo, 7iX4, pp. 315, 2S. net. (Man and 
boy books.) .HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Alisheler (Joseph A.) The Lords of the wild : 
a story of the old New York border. Illus. 
by Charles L. Wrenn, Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 308, 
35. 6d. net APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Altsheler (Joseph A.) The Masters of the peaks : 
a story of the Great North Woods. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7& x 5, pp. 321, 35. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Altsheler (Joseph A.) The Rulers of the lakes : 
a story of George and Champlain. Illus. by 
Charles L, Wrenn. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 341, 
35. 6d. net APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Altsheler (Joseph A.) The Shades of the wilder- 
ness : a story of Lee's great stand. Illus. by 
Charles Wrenn. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 324, 
3$. 6d. net. (Civil Warser.} APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Altsheler (Joseph A.) The Sun of Quebec; 
a story of a great crisis. Illus. by Charles L. 
Wrenn. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 344, 3S. 6d. net. 
APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Alturlie, Cooke (H. R.) 7s. 6d. net June '25 

Aluminium, Bauxite and, Rumbold (W. G.) 6s. 
net Apr. '25 

'Aiy Ben Abderrahman : Ben Hodeil el An- 
dalusy La Parure des cavaliers et Finsigne 
des preux. Trad, francaise, precedee d'une 
etude sur les sources des Hippiatres arabes, par 
Louis Mercier. 34 illus. Roy. Svo, pp. 511, 
sos LUZAC, Dec, '24 

Alyth, Places and place names round, MeiUe 
(J.) 93. net Sept. '25 

Amanda Lightfoot, Spinny (G.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Amaral (Afranis Do) A General consideration 
of snake poisoning, and observations on neo- 
tropical pit-vipers. (Contrib. from Harvard 
Inst. for Tropical Biology and Medicine). 4to, 
IDS. 6d. net MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Amateur criminal, Layard (G. S.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Amateur emigrant, etc., Stevenson (R. L.) 7s. 6d. 
net * . May '25 

Amateur poacher, Jefferies (R.) 6s. net. July '25 

Amazing American (The) : his mind, methods 
and ideals. By "An American.' 1 Cr, Svo, 
71 x 5i, pp. 135, 6s. net. 

WlTHERBY, Oct. *25 

Amazing guest, Watson (G.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Amazing partnership, Oppenheim (E. P.) 23. 6d. 

net * Jan. '25 

Ambassador's Mss, Lomax (W. J.) 75. 6d. net. 

July 25 
Ambassador's memoirs, Paleologue (M.) Vol. 3. 

1 8s. net , , Oct. '25 

Ambedkar (B. R.) The Evolution of provincial 
finance in British India : a study in the pro- 
vincial decentralisation of imperial finance. 
Foreword "by Edwin R, A. Seligman. 8vo 
8*X5i, PP 307, i5s. net. 

P. S. KIKTG, Aug.'zs 
Amber junk, HansH&w (M. E. and T. W.) 25. 

net Sept. '25 

Amber merchant, Webling (P.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Ambler (S. O.) The Story of Southward. With 
foreword by T. P. Stevens, Cr. Svo, 7&X5, 
pp. 96, 2S. net. (Borough History ser.). 

Low, June '25 

Ambulance Service, London. 6d. net. .Aug. '25 
America, Artist in, Armfield (M.) 155. net. 

Feb. '25 
America, C. : currency and finance, Young (J. P.) 

us. 6d. net . Mar. '25 

America, English traveller in 1785-1835, Mesick 

(J. L.) 153. net Apr. '25 

America, First voyage to, Columbus (C.) I2S. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

America, North, Discovery of before Columbus, 

Larsen (S.) I2S. net Mar. '25 

America, North : its people and resources, etc., 

Smith (J. R.) 255. net May '25 

America, N. : with shotgun and rifle in N. 

American game fields, Robinson (B. W.) 

155. net Apr. '25 

America of the fifties, Bremer (F.) us. net. 

Dec. '24 
America : Raven on the skyscraper, King 

(V. and P.) los. net Oct. '25 

America, Sketches of i8th century, De Crevecoeur 

(St. J.) i8s. net Dec. '25 

America, S. [geog.], Glover (W. J.) is, 6d. 

Aug. '25 
America, S. : In S.A. waters, Coffey (T.) 2s. 6d. 

net Apt. '25 

America, S., Wanderings in, Waterton (C.) 

2S. net Oct. '25 

America : When America was young, Paris 

(J. T.) 2is. net Oct. '25 

'America," Yacht, Thompson (W. M.) and others. 

i6s. net Aug. '25 

American, Amazing. 6s. net.. Oct. '25 

American Civil War, Gt. Britain and the, Adams 

(E. D.) 303, net May '25 

American Colonies in i8th cent., Osgood (H. L.) 

Vols. 3-4. ea. 28s, net Feb., Aug. '25 

American Constitution, Usages of the, Horwill 

(H. W.) los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

American days, Lafcadio Hearn's, Tinker (E. L.) 

i8s. net June '2$ 

American Frontier, 1763-1893, Paxson (F. L,) 

303. net May '25 

American government and politics, Beard (C. A.) 

i8s. net Apr. *25 

American history, Curious chapters in, Desmond 

(H. J.) 6s. net Jan. '25 

American history, Factors in, Pollard (A. F.) 

8s. 6d. net July '25 

American history, Recent, Shipp&e (L. B.) 15$. 

net .Apr. '25 

American Indian in Eng. literature, Bissell (B.) 

8s. 6d. net . . . . Dec. '25 

American literature : Literature of the Middle 

Western Frontier, Rusk (R. L.) 375. 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 
American nations, Latin-, Hist, of, Robertson 

(W. S.) i6s. net .... Nw. '25 

American notes, etc., Dickens (C.) is. 6d. net* 

July '25 
American people, History of, Kobbins (C. L.) 

8s. 6d. net July '25 

American people, Short hist, of, Caldwell (R, G. 

Vol. i, las. 6d. net Oct. '25 

American prisoner, PhillpoUs (E.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Americana, 1925, Mencken (H. L.) 73, 6<L 

net Nov. '25 

Americanism : a world menace, Golyer (W. T.) 

2S. 6d. net , mar. '25 

Americanism and Catholicism, Kinsman (F. J.) 

93. net Jan. *25 

Americans, Meek, Beach (J. W.) 78* 6d. net, 

June '35 
Americans, Some contemporary, Boynton (P. H.) 

73. 6d. net ..,..."... June '25 

Americans, Strenuous, Dibble (R. F.) 12$, 6cL 

net Feb. '25 

Americas [Geog.], Morris (W. F.) is. 6d. 

Jw%6 *25 

Americas : Geography, Parry (R. E.). Bk. 2. 

33. 6d. net Sept. '35 

Ames (Edward S.) The New orthodoxy, und 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7s. 6d. net, 

CAMS. UNIV. PR,, May '25 





Ames (Joseph B.) The Man from Painted Post. 
Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 286, 73. 6d. net. 


Ames (Joseph B.) Shoe-bar Stratton. Cr. 
Svo, 7jx5, pp. 287, 73. 6d. net. 

"Amicable Angler." See Clifford (W G.) 

2S. 6d. net May '25 

Amid the strife, Hookham (A. E.) is. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Ammonites, Type, Buckman (S.S.) Vol. 4. nos. 
net Apr. '25 

Amos (Percy A.) Processes of flour manufac- 
ture. New ed., rev. by Jas. Grant. With 
121 illus. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 323, 95. net. 
(Longman's Technical Handicraft ser.). 

LONGMANS, Nov. '25 

Amour masque, Vaudoyer (J. L.) 2S. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Amphibians : romance, Wright (S. F.) 7s. 6d. 
net . Nov. '25 

Ampullaria, Studies in, Ald-erson (E. G.) 2 is. 
net Apr. '25 

Amulet of Tarv, Kensett (P. F.) 6s. net. . Oct. '25 

Amundsen (Roald, Capt.) My Polar flight. 

With 45 illus. and 2 charts. Roy. Svo, g|x 6 

pp. 300, 2 is. net HUTCHINSON, Nov. '25 

Amusement organisers' handbk., Fete and, 

Henry (W.) 2s. net May '25 

Amusements of Khan Kharuda, Dunsany (Lord). 

is. net Dec. '25 

Amusettes de Phistorie, Normand (C.) 25. net. 

Oct. '25 
Amusing reminiscences, Masters (J. N.) as. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Anaemia, Pernicious and aplastic, Shsard (A.) 

7s. net Jan. '25 

Anaesthetics, Chat on, Hirsch (C. T. W.) as. 6d. 

net . Feb. '25 

Analecta, St. Clair (R.) as. net July '25 

Analysis, Commercial organic, Allen's. Vol. 3. 

303. net May '25 

Analysis, Organic chemical, Thorpe (J. F.) and 

Whiteley (M. A.) gs. net Mar. '25 

Analysis, Qualitative and volumetric, Campbell 

(F. H.) 6s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Analysis, Qualitative organic, Staudinger (H.) 

6s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Analysis, Quantitative, Theory of, Bassett (H.) 

153. net Feb. '25 

Analysis, Volumetric, New reduction methods, 

Knecht (E.) and Hibbert (E.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Anatomy, Clinical, Hand-atlas of, Eycleshytner 

(A. C.) and Jones (T.) 503. net Sept. '25 

Anatomy, Companion to manuals of practical, 

Jamieson (E. B,) 8s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Anatomy, Constructive, Bridgman (G. B.) 

155. net Sept. '25 

Anatomy, Evolution of, Singer (C.) 123. 6d. 

net , Sept. '25 

Anatomy, Manual of, Buchanan's. 353. net. 

May '25 
Anatomy of negation, Saltus (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Anatomy of the rat, Hunt (H. R.) 6s. net. 

Apr. J 25 
Anatomy, Short history of, Hunter (R, H.) 2S. 

net . June '25 

Anatomy, Surface, Elements of, Thompson 

(I M.) SB. 6d, net Sept. '25 

Ancient fires, Wylie (I. A. R.) 35. 6d. net, 

July '25 
Ancient highway, Curwood (J. 0.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Aug. J 25 
Ancient Allan, Haggard (H. R., Sir), as. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Ancient alphabet. By T. L. P. 7| X 4}, 

pp. 60. 

(i, Cardigan Rd., Richmond) AUTHOR, Dec. '2 5 
Ancient history, Cambridge. Vol. 3, Assyrian 

Empire. 353. net,. Dec. '25 

Ancient warriors of the N. Pacific, Harrison (C.) 

155. net Apr. '25 


Ancliff (Charles) How to write a waltz. Svo, 
S|X5$, PP- 39> swd. is, 6d. net. 

FOYLE, June '25 

And it was so, Graham (W.) 2S. net . . . .July '25 

And obey ? Dunsterville (L. C.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

And the villages thereof, Boas (M. E.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Andersen (Hans C.) Fairy stories. Illus. by 
Mabel Lucie Attwell. Edit, by Capt. Edric 
Vredenburg. Roy. Svo, 9X5!, pp. 108, ss. 6d. 
net R. TUCK, Oct. '25 

Andersen (Hans C.) Fairy tales. Cr. Svo, 35. 6d. 
net. (" Herriot lib."} COLLINS, Aug. '25 

Andersen (Hans Christian) Fairy tales and 
stories. With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 
128, is. 6d. net Low, Apr. '25 

Andersen (Hans C.) Fairy tales. Illus. by Anne 
Anderson. Demy 4to, 11^X9, pp. 159, los. 6d. 
net COLLINS, Sept. '25 

Andersen (Hans C.) Fairy tales. Illus. by Monro 
S. rr. Roy. Svo, 8^x6, pp. 317, 53. net. 

HARRAP, Sept. '25 

Andersen (Hans C.) and Grimm (Bros.) Tales 
from Hans Christian Andersen and the 
Brothers Grimm. Illus. by Honor C. Appleton 
and others. Fcp. Svo, 6 X 4^, pp. 240, 
2S. net ; School ed., is. 9d. (" Teaching 
of English " ser.) NELSON, May '25 

Andersen (Johannes C.) Maori tales. Illus. 
Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 2S. 3d. net. 

WHITCOMBE & T., Jan. '25 

Anderson (Arthur Henry) Bognor and its 
neighbourhood : from Arundel to Bosham, 
including Chichester and Selsey. With street 
plan of Bognor, and illus. I2mo, 7^ x 4f, 
pp. 92, is. net. (Homeland handbooks.) 

HOMELAND Assoc., Apr. '25 

Anderson (Arthur Henry) Kingsbridge,Salcombe 
and the Kingsbridge Estuary. With plans of 
the towns and illus. from photos., etc. i2mo. 
7iX4|, pp. 68, is. net. (Homeland hand- 
books) HOMELAND Assoc., July '25 

Anderson (C. J.) and others Visiting the teacher 
at work. Cr. Svo, 7s. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Anderson (Frederick Irving) The Notorious 
Sophie Lang. Cr. Svo, 7l X 5, pp. 318, 
75. 6d. net HEINEMANN, Mar. '25 

Anderson (G, Graham) The Call for Protection : 
in the interest of the consumer. I2mo, 7 X 4f , 
pp. 62, swd., is. 6d. net, . .P. S. KING, Mar- '25 

Anderson "(J- G.) Cave deposit at Sha Kuo 
Tun, PalcBontologia Sinica. 125. 6d. Mar. '25 

Anderson (Robert Gordon) For love of a sinner : 
a tale with William for hero. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, 
pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net ..HUTCHINSON, Feb. '25 

Anderson (Sherwood) A Story teller's story. Svo, 
8| x 5^, pp. 448, I2S. 6d. net. J. CAPE, June '25 

Andes (Louis Edgar) Vegetable fats and oils : 
their practical preparation, purification, 
properties, adulteration and examination. 
4th rev. and enl. English ed. by H. B. Stocks. 
With 104 illus. Svo, 81 X 5l, PP- 421, 153. 
net SCOTT, GREENWOOD, Jan. '25 

Andorra : novel, Sandy (I.) 73. 6d. net. Mar. '25 

Andrae (Walter) ed. Coloured ceramics from 
Ashur, and earlier ancient Assyrian wall 
paintings. Folio, 843. net, ROUTLEDGE, Mar. '25 

Andrew Bride of Paris, Harrison (H. S.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Andrews (Ewart S.)~ The Strength of materials : 
a text-book for engineers and architects. With 
illus., tables, and worked examples. 2nd ed., 
rev., Svo, Sfxsi, PP* 6l8 X 3^ 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, May '25 

Andrews (Harry) and Alexander (W. S.)-~The 
Secret of athletic training. With 49 iHus. 
Cr. Svo, 7l x 5, PP- 164, 6s. net. 

METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Andrews (Harry Lee) and Weirick (Bruce) 

Acting and play production : a manual for 

classes, dramatic clubs, and little theatres. 

Illus. Svo, 8 x 5j, pp. 3<>4 ios. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, June '25 




Andrews (M.) Jack o* Winnats : a tale of old 
Castleton. Cr. 8vo, 7| X sj, pp. 312, 73. 6d. 

net J. HEYWOOD, Oct. '25 

Andrews' folly, Btndloss (H.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Andrew's folly, Bindloss (H.) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Anecdotes : After-dinner stories, Beable (W. H.) 

2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Aneirm, Book of, Evans (J. G.) (sub.) . . Aug. '25 
Anesthesia, Local, Posner (J. J.) i8s, net. Feb. '25 
Anesthesia, Local, Teclinic of, Hertzler (A. E.) 

255. net Apr. '25 

Angel Esquire, Wallace (E.) 2s. net.. May '25 
Angel Pig, Barnard (M. C.) as. 6d. net . . Apr. '25 
Angela and I. By " L. de G." of " Punch." 
ismo, 7 X 4 1, pp. 240, 33. 6d. net. 

CHATTO & W., Oct. '25 

Angelita (Sister Mary)- Starshine and candle- 
light. [Poems,] 7f xsj, pp. in, 55. net. 

APPLETON, Nov. '25 

Angell (Norman) Foreign policy and our daily 
bread, Cr. 8vo, 7$"X5, pp. 202, 23, 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Oct. '25 

Angel! (Norman) Human nature and the peace 

problem. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 171, 2s. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Oct. '25 

Angels* journey, poems, Shorey (L.) is. sd. net. 

June '25 
Angels : Pagan Bible, Outline (K. S.) los. 

Oct. '25 

Angels' visits, Adair (I.) as. net Feb. '25 

Angkor the magnificent, Candee (H. C.) 2os. net. 

Oct. '25 

Angle (Bernard John) My sporting memories. 
With 54 illus. Demy 8vo, 9x6, pp. 256, 

xos. 6d. net R. HOLDEN, July '25 

Angler, Complete, Walton (I.) 125. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Angler, Compleat, Walton (I.) and Cotton (C.) 

is. 6d. net July '25 

Angler, Complete, Walton (I.) and Cotton (C.) 

2is. net June '25 

Anglers, Fellowship of, Hutchinson (H, G.) 

jos. 6d. net May "25 

Anglers, Haunts and tips for : Fresh water, 

and sea. ea. is. net J&n. '25 

Anglican revival, Brilioth (Y., Rev.) i6s. net. 

Mar. '25 
Anglicanism, Historic basis of, Clayton (J.) 6s. 

net Mar. '2 5 

Anglicans and absolution, Davenport (C.) is. 

net , June '25 

Angling : Divers ways to tackle trout, Taverner 

(E.) 55. net May '25 

Angling, Holiday, Clifford (W. G.) as, 6d. net. 

May '25 

Angling in New Zealand, Rollett (F. C.) 4$. net. 

Jan. '25 

Angling, Letters to young sportsmen on hunting 
and, MacKillop (J.) and Hutchinson (H. G.) 

35. 6d. net mar. '25 

Angling, Priced cata. of books on, Wilson- 

Browne (A. E.) as. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Angling : Science of fly fishing for trout, Shaw 

(F. G.) 2is. net May '25 

Angling. See also Fishing. 
Anglo-American year book, 2925. Joint edit. : 
H. R. Amory, B. M. Gardner. With frontis. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 588, 153. net 

May '25 
Anglo-Catholicism, Kaye-Smith (S.) 75, 6d. 

net .,.., Noi} *25 

Anglo-Catholicism at the cross roads, Moss (C. B., 

Rev) is. net Nov. '25 

Anglo-Irish family, Vicissitudes of an, Bagenal 

(P. H.) 2is. net Feb. '25 

Anglo- Russian report, Adler (F.) is. net. 

July '25 

Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Girton College, Hailing- 
worth (E. J.) and O'Reilly (M. M.) 43. net. 

Dec, '25 

Anglo-Saxon, Translation of, Blows (S.) 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 


Anglo-Saxon unity, Brooke-Cunningham (C. A.) 

los. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Angola (Portuguese West Africa) Report on 
economic situation, is. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Angus (Marion) The Tinker's road, and other 
verses. 6x4!, pp. 54, ss. net. 

Go WANS & G., Feb. '25 

Angus (S., Rev.) The Mystery-religions and 
Christianity : a study in the religious back- 
ground of early Christianity. 8vo, 9X5^, pp. 

373, 155. net MURRAY, Feb. '25 

Animal breeding, Winters (L. M.) 135. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Animal classification and distribution, Reid 

(D. M.) 6s. net . . , June '25 

Animal doctor, Everybody's, M annexing (R.) 

is. net Apr. '25 

Animal genetics, Crew (F. A. E.) 153. net. 

May '25 
Animal ingenuity, Marvels of, Ealand (C. A.) 

43. net Sept. '25 

Animal land. Tales from, is. net,,. . .Sept. '25 
Animal life in field and garden, Fabre (J, H. ) 

73. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Animal parasites, Kaupp (B. F.) rss. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Animals, ABC of. is. net Sept. '25 

Asiimals (Diseases of) Reports of proceedings 
in Northern Ireland, with returns of exports 
and imports of animals, 1922 and 1923. is, 

net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Animals (Experiments on living) Return, 1924. 

is. net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Animals of ancient Egypt, Paton (D.) 313. 6d. 

net June '25 

Animals : Our Zoo and its babies, W&sidl 

(W. P.) 43. 6d. net Jan, '25 

Animals, Tell-me-why stories about, Claudy 

(C. H.) 35. 6d. net May '25 

Animals that work, Hope (A. R.) ss. 6d. net. 

Ann Veronica ; and Boon, Wells (H. G.) 2 is. 

net * Dec. '25 

Anna Nugent, Clarke (I. C.) 2s. net.. May '25 
Anna of the Five Towns, Bennett (A.) 33. 6cl. 

net Apr. '25 

Anna the adventuress, Oppenhcim (E. P.) ss. 6d. 

net May '25 

Annals, Enniits (Q.) (Stcuart.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Oa. '25 
Annan, Parish of, Bibliography of, Miller (F.) 

5S. net . Atti',* '25 

Anna's, Boyle (C. N.) 73. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Anne awakens, Grant (C.) 7s, 6d. net. . Apr, '25 
Anne Chichcster, Romanes (Mrs. G, J.) 73. 6d, 

net 4 . . Oct. "25 

Anne Morrison, Crompton (R.) 7s, 6d, act, 

Jan. '25 

Anne of Avoixlea, Montgomery (L. M.) 33, 6d. not. 

July '25 
Anne of Green Gables, Montgomery (L. M.) 

3s. 6d. net jWy '25 

Anne of the island, Montgomery (L. M.) 33. 6d. 

net ,...,.. Aug. *2$ 

Annett (Edward Aldridge) Psychology for Bible 

teachers. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4t PP- 255, 55. not 

(Life and religion w.) . . SCRXUNBRS, Jun '25 

Annihilation, Ostrander (I.) as. net. . , July '25 

Alining, Mary, heroine of Lyuio Regis, Forte 

(H. A.) is. net ....... , $ e pt< '35 

Annual County Courts practice, 1925, 8vo> 

35s. net SWEET & M.,*Apr. '25 

Annual register (The) : a review of public vents 
at home and abroad, 1924. Edit, by M. 
Epstein. New ser. 8vo, 9 X sj, pp. 187, 

3os. net LONGMANS* May *s 

AnnunzSo (Gabriele d*} The Dead City. English 
trans, by G. Mantellini. With port. Cr. 8vo, 
71 X si, pp. 96, 35, 6d, net. (Etconom Dm* 

ser. of plays) BRBNTANOS, Ja, ^5 

Anofs (Countess d')~The White cat. Newly 
illus. by Alexina Ogilvie. Roy. 8vo 8i X 6f, 
PP 57? 3S. 6d net. 

CHELSEA, PUBG. Co,, Dec. 'as 





Anonymity, Forster (E. M.) as. net.. Dec. '25 
Another man's wife, Scott (Lady A.) J$. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Another scandal, Hamilton (C.) 33. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Another way of love, Cook (M. G.) 33. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Another what to draw and how to draw it. 
Roy. 4to, 7i X 10, pp. 78, 33. 6d. net. 


Anson (Elizabeth and Florence) eds. Mary 
Hamilton, afterwards Mrs. John Dickenson 
at Court and at home, from letters and 
diaries, 1756-1816. Edit, by her Great- 
Grand Daughters. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 354, 

i6s. net ....... MURRAY, May '25 

Anson (Harold) A Practical faith. Pref. by 
the Rev. H. R. L. Sheppard. Cr. 8vo, *j\ x 5, 

pp, 158, 35. 6d. net ALLEN & U., Oct. '25 

Alison (Lord) A Voyage round the world in 
the years 1740-4. Abridged, etc., by J. C. 
Allen. Cr. 8\o, swd. is. gd. (Class books 

of English liter.} LONGMANS, May '25 

Anstejf (F.) The Last load : stories and essays. 
xamo, 7 X 4|, pp, 219, 53, net. 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 
Answers annual, 1926. Illus. 8vo, 8| x 6|, 

pp. 288, 6s. net "ANSWERS " Sept. '25 

Antarctic : Argonauts of the South, Hurley (F.) 

2is. net Oct. '25 

A.nte-Nicene exegesis of the Gospels, Smith 

(H,, Rev.) Vol. i. 73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Anthocyanin pigments of plants, Onslow (M. W.) 

2is. net June '25 

Anthology of prose and verse, Dobson (A.) 

35. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Anthology of the best poetry (An). 8vo, 8x5, 

pp. 246, 53. net Low, Sept. '25 

Anthony (Irvin) Down to the sea in ships. 
Roy. 8vo, 2os. net... .BATSFORD, Sept. '25 
Anthony (Joseph) The Golden village. Cr. 
8vo, 7&X5* PP- 3i8, 73. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, Mar. '25 

Anthony (Wilder) Men of mystery. Cr. 8vo, 
7* x 5, pp. 284, 35. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Oct. '25 
Anthony and Anna, Ervine (St. J* G.) 35. 6d. 

net July '25 

Anthony Dare's progress, Marshall (A.) 7s. 6d. 

net , , . May '25 

Antilles, Hist, des Colonies anglaises, 164960, 

Watts (A. P.) los. net May '25 

Antimony ores, Halse (E.) 55. net Feb. '25 

Antiphonals Sarisburiense. Introduction. Part 2. 
(Plainsong and Mediaeval Music Soc.) FoL, 
15 xu, pp. 70, 423. net. 

QUARITCH, Aug. '25 

Antram (C. E. P., Rev.) The Garrisoned soul : 
Meditations on 'peace, perfect peace,' Fcp. 
8vo, 6|- x 4i, pp. 76, is. 6d. net, 

J. CLARKE, Mar. '25 
Ants, British, Donisthorpe (H. St. J. K.) 2 is. 

net Apr. '25 

Anyhouse : play, Jease (F. T.) 55. net. Mar. '25 
Anything but the truth, Wdls (C.) ?s. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Anzac, Story of, Bean (C. E. W.) 2 8s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Ao Naga Tribe of Assam, Smith (W. C.) 21$. net. 

May *25 
Apes, Mentality of, Kohler (W,) i6s. net. 

Jan. '25 
Aphides, British, Davidson (J.) zas. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Aphraates and the Jews, Gavin (F.) 6s 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Aphrodite Aculeata, Fofdham (M. G. C.) 53. 

net Oct. '25 

Apocrypha: Pistte Sophia. (Trs, by Horner.) 

t6s, net Jan. '25 

Apologia alchymiae, Councell (R, W) 5s. net. 

May '25 

Apology, Cibber (C.) 363. net Aug. '25 

Apostle of the marshes. Brown (J. T.) as, 6d. 
net , Sept. '25 


Apostles' Creed, Lewis (F. W.) 2S. 6d. net, 

Mar, '25 
Apostle's Creed, Mac Donald (A., Rt. Rev.) 

los. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Apostles : Knights of a Great Prince, Stevenson 

(J. S., Rev.) IDS. 6d. net Oct. '25 

App (Frank) Farm economics. 8vo, I2S. 6d. 

net. (Farm manuals.} . . LIPPINCOTT, Jan. '25 

"Applan Way" The Riddle of the earth. 

Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 265, IDS. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN &H.,/im^'25 

AppSeton (J. L. T., Junr.) Bacterial infection: 

with special reference to dental practice. Illus., 

5 col. plates. Svo, gf x 6, pp. 474, 283. net. 

KIMPTON, Dec. '25 

Appleton (R. B.). See Rouse (W. H. D.) and 

Apple ton. 

AppSeton (W. A.) Trade unions: their past, 
present, and future. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 195, 
33. 6d. net. (Westminster lib.). 

P. ALLAN, Mar. '25 

Appleyard (W.) Au revoir not good-bye : 
remarkable experiences of a City Magistrate 
and ex- Lord Mayor. Foreword by Rev. Frank 
Ballard, Illus. Cr, Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 159, 35. 6d. 

net HUTCHINSON, Aug. "25 

Applin (Arthur) The Beautiful Miss Barry. Cr. 
Svo, 7iX5, pp. 318, 75. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, June '25 

Applin (Arthur) Desire of the desert : a romance 

of Egypt. Cr. Svo, 7$ x 5, pp. 308, 75. 6d. net. 

J. JLONG, Feb. '25 

AppSlii (Arthur) -The Secret sister. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 320, ss. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 
April days, Yates (G. V.) 2s. 6d. net ..Feb. '25 

April's sowing, Rees (R.) as. net Jan. '25 

Apuleius (Lucius) The Golden asse. Trans. 

out of Latin by William Adlington, 1566. 

Repr., i2mo> 7x4^, pp. 251, 33. 6d. net; Ithr. 

6s. net. (Abbey classics). .SIMPKIN, Jan. '25 

Aquarium book, Boulenger (E. G.) los. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Aquinas, Thomas, St. : papers, Whitacre (A.) and 

others. 53. net Feb. '25 

Aquinas, Thomas, Saint. See also Thomas 

Aquinas, Saint. 

Arabella in Africa, Swettenham (F.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Arabia, Vanished cities of, Erskine (Mrs. S.) 

255. net Jan. '25 

Arabia, With Lawrence in, Thomas (L.) 2 is. 

net June '25 

Arabian inscriptions, Two South, Margoliouth 

(D. S.) 2S. net June '25 

Arabian nights. Edit, by Kate D. Wiggin and 

Nora A. Smith. New ed. Roy. Svo, 153. net. 

T, W. LAURIE, Oct. '25 

Arabian nights. Stories from the Arabian 
nights. Retold by Rose Yeatman Woolf. 
Illus. by Harry G, Theaker. Edit, by Capt. 
Ednc Vredenburg. Roy. Svo, 9x6$, pp. 108, 

33, 6d. net R. TUCK, Oct. '25 

Arabic, Colloquial, Grammar at, Driver (G. R.) 

i2S. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Arabic-English dictionary, Pocket, Elites (E. A.) 

7s. 6d. , Apr. '25 

Arabic the language of Christ, Marriott tR, A., 

Maj.) 2S. net Mar. '25 

Arabic vocabulary, Hillelson (S.) ias. 6d. Nov. '25 
Arabs at home, Harrison (P. W.) 153. net. 

Sept. '25 

Arbeau (Thoinot) Orchesography : a treatise in 
the form of a dialogue, whereby all manner of 
persons may easily acquire and practise the 
honourable exercise of dancing. Now first 
translated from the original edition published 
at Langres, 1588 ; by Cyril W. Beaumont. 
Pref, by Peter Warlock. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 174, 

253. net C. W. BEAUMONT, Apr. '25 

Arber (Agnes) Monocotyledons ; a morpho- 
logical study. With frontis. and 160 figs. 
Roy. Svo, lo J x 7, pp. 274, 2 is. net, (Cam- 
bridge botanical havulbks.} 

CAMS, UNIV. PR., Sept. '25 





Arbitration security and reduction of armaments, 
League of Nations, is. $d. net .... Jan. '25 

Arbitration Tribunal (Mixed) Recueil des de- 
cisions, Nos. 43-44. H.M.S.O., Dec.'z* 
Arbitration Tribunal (Mixed) Recueil des de- 
cisions, 45-48, Dec., 1924 Mar., '25. i6s. 

net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Arbitration Tribunal (Mixed) Recueil des 
decisions. Nos. 49 52, Apr. July, 1925. 

1 6s. net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Arbitration Tribunal (Mixed) Recueil des 
decisions. No. 48 bis. Tables du Tome 4. 
(Gratis to subscribers.) 45. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Archaeology and Anthropology (Annals of). 
Vol. u, Nos. 3-4, ea. 6s. net; Vol. 12, Nos. 
1-2, 1915. Roy. Svo, swd. 125. net, 

HODDER & S., Feb., etc. '25 

Archer (John Clark) Mystical elements in 

Mohammed. Cr. 4to, 10 X 7ir, Pp. 87, 7S. net. 

(Yale Oriental ser.} MILFORD, Dec. '25 

Archer (William) William Archer as a rational- 
ist : a collection of his heterodox writings. 
Edit, with a critical notice by J. M. Robertson. 
8fX5f pp.273 ..WATTS Nov. '25 
Archer (William). See also Powers (H. H.) and 

Archibald (John), See Abercroinbie (P.) and 

Architect , Law relating to the, Brice (A. H. M.) 

jos. net Feb. '25 

Architects' and builders' pocket price book, 

Span's, 1925- 5s. net Jan. '25 

Architects of London, Lesser known, Burford (J. ) 

and Harvey (J. D. M.) 155. net Nov. '25 

Architectural construction, Voss (W. C.) Vol. i . 

loos, net July '25 

Architectural details, Espouy (H. d'). Vol. 2. 

65s Feb. '25 

Architectural practice and procedure, Turner 

(H. H.) X5S. net May '25 

Architecture, Brooks (A, M.) 5s. net . . Feb. '25 
Architecture, Jackson (T. G., Sir) 253. net. 

Oct. '25 
Architecture, Anglo Saxon : Arts in early England, 

vol. 2, Brown (G. B.) sos. net July '25 

Architecture, Classic, Form and design, in, 

Stratton (A.) 283. net June '25 

Architecture, Early domestic, of Connecticut, 

Kelly (J. F.) 635. net Feb. '25 

Architecture, Gothic, Intro, to study of, Parker 

(J. H,) 6s, 6d. net Aug. '25 

Architecture, Laymen and the new, Robertson 

(M.) Sept. '25 

Architecture of Spain, Lesser known, Yerbury 

(F. R.) 1 8s. net May *5 

Architecture, Prelude to, Newton (W. G.) 35, 6d. 

net May' 25 

Architecture, Romanesque, in Italy, Ricci (C,) 

42S. net Dec. '25 

Architecture : Small home, Brinckloe (W. D.) 

I2S. 6d. net , . . Feb. '25 

Architecture : Spanish details, BottOmley (W. L.) 

7os. net Feb. '25 

Architecture, Swedish, of 2oth cent., Ahlberg (H.) 

1473. net Jan. '25 

Architecture, Swedish, of soth century, Amber g 

(H.) 945. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Architecture, Touchstone of, Blomfield (R,, Sir). 

7s. 6d. net May '25 

Archives. British, and sources for hist, of World 

war, Hall (H.) x6s. net July '25 

Arctic, Hunting and adventure in the, Nmisen 

(F.) 155, net May '25 

Arctic, With seaplane and sledge in, Binney (G.) 

2is. net Nov. '25 

Arcy (Charles F. I)'). See D'Arcy. 

Ardath, Corelli (M.) 35. 6d. net May '25 

Arden (Clive) Enticement. Popular ed. Cr, 
8vo 7J X 5, pp. 384, 33; 6d. net. 

L. PARSONS, Apr. '25 

Arden (Clive) Enticement. Special film edit. 
Cr. Svo, 7jx 5, pp. 252, 2S. 6d. net, 

NEWNES, Qd. 25 


Ardeit (Joan) A Childhood. Pref. by Gilbert 
Murray. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 1*2, swd. is. net. 
BOWES & BOWES, Dec. '24 
Arden mystery, Harvey (M.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Arendzen (J. P.) What becomes of the dead ? 
A study in eschatology. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 
pp. 287, 6s. net SANDS, May '25 

Argentine Republic Financial, commercial and 

economic conditions, Sep., 1924. j?s. net. 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Argentine, Work and play in the, Macnic (J.) 

jos. 6d. net May '25 

Argonauts of the South, Hurley (F.) 2 is. net. 

Oct. '25 

Argonauts, Voyage of the, Bacon (J. R.) 6s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Arguments and emblems, Kendon (F,) 53. net. 

Nov. '25 
Argyll, Western, Myth, tradition and story from, 

Grant (K. W.) xos. 6cl. net Aug. '25 

Ariel, Maurois (A.) ics. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Aristocrats of the air, Knight (C. W. R., Capt.) 

2is. net Nov. '25 

Aristophanes : his plays and influence, Lord 

(L. E.) SB. net Sept. '25 

Aristotelianism, Stocks (J. L.) 53. net. 

Sept. '25 
Aristotle De Republics. Libri VIII. Ex re- 

censione Irnnianuelis Bekkeri. Svo, 73. 6d. 

net MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Aristotle Works : Ethica Nicomachea. Trans. 

into English by W. D. Ross. Svo, 9 X 5}, 

73. 6d. net; swd., Gs. net. MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Aristotle Works. Translated into English under 

the editorship of W. D. Ross. Vol. 9, Ethica 

Nicomachea, by W. D. Ross ; Magna moralia, 

by St. George t Stock; Ethica Eudemia de 

virtutibus et vitiis, by J. Solomon. Svo, 

8* x 5$, I5S. net MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Arithmetic, Dwell (C. V.) and Fawdry (R. C.) 

2S. 6d July '25 

Arithmetic, Dwell (C. V.) and Fawdry (R. C.) 

Pt. i, icd. ; pt. 2, is. 2d Sept. '25 

Arithmetic, algebra and geometry, Common 

sense, Potter (F, F.) and Rogers (J. W.) 5$. 

Jan. '25 
Arithmetic and mensuration. Exercises in 

Abbott (P.) With answers, pt i, is. 6d. ; pt. a, 

is. 9d. ; pt. 3, is. yd. ; pt 4, 2$. ; Without 

answers, pt. i, is. <jd. ; pt. 2, is. 6cl, ; pt 3, 

is. 6d. ; pt. 4, is, 9d May '25 

Arithmetic, Common sense, Potter (F. F.) Book 

5a. is, 3d Dec. '24 

Arithmetic for middle forms, Marxials (F. M.) 

and Barber (N. K.) 3R. 6d. net OcL '25 

Arithmetic for S. African schools, Longman's* 

Stand 1-2, ea. is. 3d. ; stand. 3-4, ea. is, M. ; 

answers, 1-4, ea. 6d July '25 

Arithmetic, Individual, Washburne (C. W.) 

Bk, i, is. net ; bk. 2, is. 6tt net tor. '25 

Arithmetic of pharmacy, Snow (C. M.) 6s. 6d* 

net SfM *a 

Arithmetic, Principles of, Hartoood (P. J.) 

2S. 6d Apr. '25 

Arithmetic, Pupil's class bk. of, Lay (E. J. S.) 

Bk. 5. is. 6d., is. 3d. Ffb. '25 

Arithmetic, Pupils 1 class bk. of, Lay (R. J. S,), 

Teacher's bk. 5. $s. 6d. May '25 

Arithmetic, Pupils' class-bk. of, Lay (E. J. S,) 

Bk. 6. is. 6d., is. 3d Sept. "25 

Arithmetic, Puzzle, Elem,, Barnard (G. C.) 

35. 6d. net j without solutions, is. <>d. ut. 

Sept. *%5 
Arithmetic, Puzzle papers in, Boon (K. C.) 

is. 6d. net Sept. *25 

Arithmetic, Rural, Deakin (R.) and Humphreys 

(P. J.) 2s.;2s.6d vet. '85 

Arithmetic, Test papers in, Donkin (A. E.) 

as, 6d. net June *5 

Arithmetic text bk., Individual, Wtishburm 

(C. W.) is. net July '25 

Arithmetic text bk., Washb^rne, Individual; 

Key as-, ..Aug. *%$ 





Arithmetics, Edina, Guest (G.) Bk, i. gd. net. 

July '25 
Arithmetics, Edma, Guest (G.) Bk. 2, 6d. net. 

June '25 
Arithmetics, " Edina," Guest (G.) Bk. 3. 

7d. net Mar. '25 

Arithmetics, Edina. Book 4, 7d. net . . Feb. '25 
Arithmetics, New graded, Smith (W.) Bk. 3. 

8d., 6d May '25 

Arithmetics, Phillippine, Poblador (H.) and 

Osias (C,) Teacher's manual, grades 1-2. 

55. net ^f. '25 

Arkell Reginald). See Thorndike (R.) and Arkell. 
Aden (Michael) May Fair. Cr. 8vo, 8 x 5$, pp. 

320, 7s. 6d. net COLLINS, June '25 

Arleii (Michael) Tales : These charming people ; 

May Fair. 8vo, 7f X 5^, pp. 266, pp. 328, 

Ithr., complete in box, 255. net. 

COLLINS, Nov. '25 
Armaments, Reduction of, Wheeler- Bennett 

(]. W.) los. net Oct. '25 

Armaments year "book : general and statistical 

information. 9! x 6|, pp. 843, 175. 6d. net. 

(League of Nations) . . CONSTABLE, Jan. '25 
Armature winding, D.C., Wollison (L.) 73. 6d. 

net May "25 

Armfield (Maxwell) An Artist in America. With 

8 illus. in col. and 16 other illus. by the author. 

Roy. 8vo, 8 1 X 6|, pp. 130, 153. net. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Armiiage (Albert B., Capt) Cadet to Commo- 
dore, Foreword by Viscount Inchcape. With 

port. 8vo, 8| x 5f, pp. 320, IDS, 6d. net. 

CASSELL, Sept. '25 
Armitag (Harold) Jane Green, the Lake-land 

heroine. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 80, as. 6d. 

net SIMPKIN, Aug. '25 

Armour and weapons in Middle Ages, Ashdown 

(C. H.) 7S. 6d. net July '25 

Armour sales, Record of, 1881-1924, Cripps-Day 

(F. H.) 1055. net Oct. '25 

Arms of Apperley, Quatit (B.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Arms of Phaedra, Worth (N.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. *25 
Arms of the Sun, Mills (Lady D.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Armstrong (A. E.) Spark and I : a story told 

by a cat. Demy i2mo, 7 x 5, pp. 96, is. net. 

BLACKIE, July '25 

Armstrong (Anthony) When Nile was young: 

a romance of the eighteenth Egyptian dynasty. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7jX4|, pp. 304, 2s. net. 

Armstrong (Anthony) Wine of death : a tale 

of the lost long ago. Cr. 8vo, 7ix 5, pp. 288, 

75. 6d. net S. PAUL, Mar. '25 

Armstrong (Frances) Her own way. i2rao, 

7 x 4ib PP- 266, is. 6d. net. (Boys' and girls' 

Ub.} COLLINS, July '25 

Armstrong (Harold) Turkey in travail : the 

birth of a new nation. With 8 illus. and 2 

maps. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5i, pp. 292, 8s. 6d. net, 

LANE, Mar. '25 
Armstrong (L. E.) and MaungHn (P.) Burmese 

phonetic reader. Cr. 8vo, 43, 6d. net. London 

phonetic readers) HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

Armstrong (Martin) The Goat and Compasses. 

Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 256, 73. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, Apr. '2$ 

Army, British : Book of the thin red line, New- 
bolt (H., Sir). 53. net Oct. '25 

Army, British, Record of battles, 1914 18, 

James (E. A.) 55. net Sept. '25 

Army, British. See also under War Office ; and 

under names of individual Regiments. 
Army list. See under War Office. 
Arndt (K.) A Summary of physical chemistry. 

Trans, from the 4th German ed., by W. H. 

Patterson. Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4j, pp. 98, 33. 6d. 

net ....... METHUEN, June '25 

Arnim (Countess von) Love. By the author 

of " Elizabeth and her German garden." 

8vo, 8 J X si, pp. 408, 7s. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 


Arnim (Countess von) Vera. By the author of 
" Elizabeth and her German garden.'* Popular 
ed. 8vo, 8|X5|, pp. 367, 33. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 

Arnold (A. V.) (Mrs. J. O. Arnold) Garth. Fcp, 
8vo, 6 1- x 4j, pp. 282, is. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Sept* '25 

Arnold (Hugh) Stained glass of the Middle 
Ages in England and France. Painted by 
Lawrence B. Saint. 8vo, 9x5!-, pp. 283, 
I2S. 6d. net BLACK. Oct. "25 

Arnold (Lilian) The Sinner that repented. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 302, 73. 6d. net 


Arnold (Matthew) Essays in criticism. First 

and Second ser. 2 vols. i2mo, 7x4!-, pp. 

393, 34i, ea. 33. 6d. net ; Ithr. 53. net. 

MACMILLAN, Jan. '25 
Arnold (Matthew) Poems. Selected and edit. 

by B. L. K. Henderson. i2mo, 6 x 4^, 

pp. 254, is. 6d. net. (Kings treasuries of 

literature) DENT, Feb. '25 

Arnold (Matthew) Poetry: selections. Edit 

by Ralph E. C. Houghton. Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4^, 

pp. 221, 23. (Methuen's English classics.) 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 
Arnold (Matthew) Sohrab and Rustum ; The 

Scholar Gipsy; Thyrsis. Edit, by G. E. 

Hollingworth. I2mo, 7 x 4f, pp. 72, swd. 

is. 6d UNIV. TUTORIAL PR., Jan. '25 

Arnold (Matthew) : Sohrab and Rustum, etc. 

Notes on, Ellis (F. G.) is. 6d. net. .Jan. '25 
Arnold, Matthew, Paul (H. W.) 35. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Arnold (Thomas W., Sir) Survivals of Sasanian 

and Manichaean art in Persian painting. Roy. 

8vo, IDS. 6d. net MILFORD, Dec. '24 

Arnot of Africa, Grahame (N. B. M.) is. net. 

Sept. '25 
ArnoMX (Alexandre) Abishag. Trans, by Joyce 

Davis. Pref. by G. K. Chesterton. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 286, 73. 6d. net 

Around the world in eighty days, Verne (J.) 

33. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Around the world in New York, Bercovici (K.) 

i2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Arresting disclosures, Bolton (J. A.) 23. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Arrowsmiih (Eva) -Two idiots abroad : a diary. 

7&x 5> PP' 48> 23. net . . . .STOCKWELL, June '25 
Art and counterfeit, Bulley (M. H.) 153. net. 

Nov. '25 
Art and publicity, Jones (S, R.) los. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Art and the material, Alexander (S.) 33., is. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Art and the unconscious, Thorburn (J. M.) 

los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Art, Appreciation of, Neuhaus (E.) 153, net, 

Jan. '25 

Art : Barbizon House, 1925. 2is, net Dec. "25 
Art, Chinese, Fry (R.) and others. 253. net. 

Mar. *25 
Art chinois, Documents de F, Riviere (H.) and 

others. 405 Nov. '25 

Art, Early Christian, Dalton (O, M.) 1053. ,net 

Oct. '25 

Art, Emotion in, Phillips (C.) 153. net. May '25 
Art galleries, London, Lure of the, Milton (A.) 

53. net Nov. '25 

Art : Hours in the National Gallery, Dick (S.) 

33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Art in advertising, Bradshaw (P. V.) 423. net. 

Nov. '25 
Art in home economics, Clark (M. E.) and others. 

53. net Dec. '25 

Art, Indian, at Brit. Emp. ExMb., 1924, Heath 

(L.) 253, net May '25 

Art, Indian, Bibliography of, Coomaraswamy 

(A. K.) 123. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Art, Indian, Influences of, Strzygowski (J.) and 

others. 253. net Jan. '25 

Art, My life in, Stanislavsky (C.) 303. net. 

Sept. '25 





Art of Greece, Gardner (F. A.) IDS. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Art of retail advertising. 10 x 8|, pp. 64, 33. 6d, 

net *' THE IRONMONGER," June '25 

Art of worldly wisdom, Gmcian (B.) 33. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Art, Old Masters and modern, Holmes (C., Sir). 

253, net Dec, '25 

Art, Oriental, Vignier (C.) 1265 Dec. '25 

Art, Oriental, Year book of, 1924 25. 1053, 

net July '25 

Art, Personalities in, Cortissoz (R.) 153, net. 

Nov. '25 
Art, Philosophy of, Collingwood (R. D.) 2S. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Art prices current, 1922 1923 : a record of sale 

prices during the season at Christie's. Edit. 

by H, G. T, Cannons. 8^x5!, PP- 523, 425. 

net ART TRADE PR., May '25 

Art prices current, 1923-24. Edit, by H. G. T. 

Cannons. Vol. 3, New ser., 8fx5|, pp. 515, 

428. net ART TRADE PR., Sept* '25 

Art production, Economic laws of, Smith (H. L., 

Sir). 6s. net , Dec* *24 

Art, Relation in, Blake (V.) i8s July '25 

Art, Retrogression in, Cook (E. W.) Part 2. 

153. net Dec. '24 

Art (Royal College of) Prospectus, 1925-26. 

6d. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Art : Stories of an expert, Williamson (G. C.) 

255. net Oct. '25 

Art students, Practical hints for, Lasar (C. A.) 

6s. net Feb. '25 

Art student's vade-mecum, Davenport (C.) 43. 

net Jan. '25 

Art studies : Medieval, Renaissance and modem. 

Edit, by Members of the Departments of 

Fine Arts at Harvard, etc. 2 vols. 4to, 

swd., ea. i6s. net MILPORD, May '25 

Art, Tolstoy on, Maude (A.) 173. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Art treasures in Soviet Russia, Conway (M., Sir). 

i6s. net Apr. '25 

Art, Year's, 1925. 8s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Arteriosclerosis, Allbutt (T., Sir) 53. net. 

June '25 
Arthasastra, Kautilya. Vols. i -2, ea. 205. 

Feb. '25 
Arthasastra of Kautilya. By J. Jolly and R. 

Schmidt. New ed. Vol. 2. Sanskrit text, 

with notes and commentary. 8vo, 93., ros. 

(Punjab Sanskrit sev.}. 

Arthropoda, Studies in, Hanson (H. J.) Vol. 2. 

i$s. net May '25 

Arthur (T. S.) Home heroines. With frontis, 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 220, 2s. 6d. net. 

Low, June '25 

Arthur (T. S,)Life's crosses and how to meet 
them. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 226, 2S. 6d. net. 

Low, July '25 

Arthur and others in Cornwall, King (B.) 55. net. 

Dsc. '25 
Arthur, King, Stories of, Winder (B.) 6s. net. 

Aug. '25 

Arthurian legend in literatures of Spanish 

Peninsula, MntmstltfW.J.) Oct. '35 

Arthurian romances : Sir Gawain and the Green 

Knight. 7s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Artillery, Field, Elements of, Babcock (L, E.) 

3is. 6d. net , Oct. '25 

Artisan in Elizabethan literature, Camp (C. W.) 

I2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Artist in America, Armfield (M.) 155. net. 

Feb. '25 
Artists, French, of the igth century, Gibson (F.) 

I5S. net Nov. '25 

Arts in early England, Brown (G. B.) Vol. 2, 

Anglo Saxon, architecture. 305. mt..July '25 

Aryavarta, Heart of, Ronaldshay (Earl of). 14 s. 

net Apr. '25 

As a shadow grows, Rose (F. H.) 7s 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

As at the first, Hutton (J. A., Rev.) 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 


As I see it, " Philemon." 33. 6d. net.. . Oct. '25 

As men sow, Brymer (R,) 33. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 

As other men are, Votes (D.) 75. 6d. net. 

May '25 

As we forgive them, Le Queux (W.) pd. net 

Feb. '25 

Asbjortiseti and Moe Norwegian fairy tales. 
Trans, by H. & J. Gade. Cr. Svo, us. net. 
(Scandinavian Classics).. .MILFORD, Dec. '24 

Ascending life, Roberts (R., Rev.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Ascent of man by means of natural selection, 
Machin (A.) 73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Ascetic works, Basil (St.) 125. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Ash (Edward C.) Dogs and how to know them. 
Illus. by over 90 photos,, and by wash draw- 
ings by Agnes Locke. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 88, 
as. 6d. net . ...EPWORTH PR., Dec. '25 

Ash (Edwin L.) Facts about artificial sunlight : 
light, helper of mankind, handmaid of life, 
healer of the sick. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 62, 
as. 6d. net MILLS & B., June '25 

Ash (Edwin L.) Facts about stammering, 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 64, 2S. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Oct. '25 

Ash (Fenton.) The Black opal : a romance of 
thrilling adventure. Illus. 8vo, 8 x 5^, pp. 320* 
as. 6d. net SHAW', June '25 

Ash (Fenton) -Cadets of the Dolphin. Illus, 
8vo, 8x5^, pp. 320, as. 6d. net. 

SHAW, June '25 

Ash, Canndl (C.) 7s, 6d. net %. '25 

Ashanti Colonial report, 1923-34. is. 6<L net. 
H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Ashbridge (N.) See B&ngay (R. 0.) and Ash- 

Ashby (Lucy E.) and Earp (Kate Atlierton L.) 
The Coming of baby, with foreword by Sir 
James Cantlie. Fop. 8vo, 6| x 4$, pp. 92, 
2S. net SCIENTIFIC PR., May '25 

Ashtj^ (Thomas) Turner's visions of Rome. 
Demy 4to, n|x9, pp. 32, los. 6d. net. 


Ashdown (Charles H.) -Armour and weapons in, 
the Middle Ages. Demy xamo, 7 x 4 J, pp. 220, 
7s. 6d. net HARRAP, July '25 

Ashes of desire, Wynne (P.) 7$, Oct. not Sept. '25 

Ashes of roses, Hope (F) 7s. 6d. net. . Sept. '25 

Ashley (Doris)- -Fairy stories from France, 
Illus. by Mabel Lucie Attwcll. Edit, by Capt. 
Edric Vredenburg. Roy, 8vo, f)X<>|, pp. 103, 
33. 6d. net R/TUCK, Oct. '25 

Asfiley (Doris) and others. Storios of Royal 
children from English history. Illus. "by 
John H. Bacon, Howard Da vie and others. 
Edit, by Capt. Edric Vredcnburg. Koy. fivo, 
9X61, pp. 104, 35. 6d. net.. . H. TUCK, Oct. '25 

Ashlty (William, Sir) The Christian outlook': 
being the sermons of an economist. Cr. 
8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 105, 4s. fid. net, 

LONGMANS, Afar, '3$ 

Ashmole, Elias, Humphreys (A. L.) .... Sept, '25 

Ashmore (Lady) Songs of tlu Snlway, and 
other verses. Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 94, s, 6ti 
net , . HODDER & S., Oct. *25 

Ashmoriands, Boggs (W*) ;s. 6d. net. Mar, *$$ 

Ashton (T<xldy) Toddy Ashton's Lancashire 

annual. Edit, "by Allen CLirke, 8| x s| f 
pp. 128, is. net. 

(Blackpool) T. ASHTON, />f. f as 
Ashxir, Coloured ceramics from, Awtrac (W) 

84$. net , , , , A/An '25 

Ashworth (Robert) -Limited liability companies : 
a guide to promoters, directors, investors, 
secretaries and accountants. Kvo, iX5j, 
pp. 459, los. fid. net . . PITMAN May '35 

Asia, Piggolt (E.) and Fiach (R. J.) {feoffj 
3S, 6d f , , . XM ^25 

Asia, Thotms (J.) (Explorer geog,) as, od, 

July ^25 

Asia, Central : Through Khiva to golden Swa- 
arkand, Christ^ (E, R,) sis, net.,6V/tf. *S5 

Asia, la the heart of, Etherto* (P. T) ife net. 

Orf, '25 





Asia, Peoples of, Buxton (L. H. D.) 125, 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Asia : Picture geography, pt. i. 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Asia : World revealed, Ridgway (A.) 2S. net. ; 

is. pd , May '25 

Asiatic Society of Japan Transactions. 2nd 

ser,, vol. i, 1923-24. 8vo, pp. 99, 75. 

K. PAUL, July '25 

Asiatiques, Etudes. 505., 455 ,. Nov. '25 

Asie Anterieure, Inscriptions de 1*, Speleers (L.) 

zos Nov. '25 

Askew (Alice and Claude} The Dream daughter. 

Cheap ed. 8vo, 8^x5^, pp. 125, swd. gd. 

net WARD, LOCK, Feb. '25 

Askew (Alice and Claude) Helen of the moor. 

Cheap ed. 8vo, 8^x5$, pp. 126, swd. gd. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 

Asleep (Alice and Claude) The Stolen lady. 

Cheap ed. Svo, SJxsfc, pp. 126, swd. 9d. net. 
WARD, LOCK, Jan. '25 

Asoka, Bhandarkar (D. R.) 123. 6d. net. June '25 
Asoka text and glossary, Woolner A. C.) i8s. 

net Mar. '25 

Asquith (Cynthia) The Flying carpet. Cr. 4to, 

joj x 7|, pp. 200, 6s. net. 

PARTRIDGE, Sept. '25 
Asquitfi (Cynthia) Martin's adventure. With 

frontis. Svo, 8| x 5|, pp. 256, 53. net. 

PARTRIDGE, Dec. '25 

Asquith (Cyril). See Chalmers (D.) and Asquith. 
Asquith (Herbert H.). See Oxford and Asquith 

(Earl of). 
Asqtiith (Margot, Countess of Oxford and Asquith) 

Places and persons. Illus. Svo, 9x5!, 

pp. 288, 2is. net . .T. BUTTERWORTH, May '25 
Assam, Ao Naga Tribe of, Smith (W. C.) 21 s. 

net , May '25 

Assault of Heaven, ValenUnov (A. A.) ss. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Assurance companies Return, Part i and 2 : 

Statements of assurance business under the 

Assurance Companies' Act, 1909. sos. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 
Assyrian Empire, Cambridge ancient history, 

vol. 3. 35s. net Dec. '25 

Assyrians, Chemistry of ancient, Thompson 

(R. C.) 255 July '25 

Assyriology, Rise and progress of, Budge (A. E.W., 

Sir). 253. net ,,,,.,.. Nov. '25 

Aston (F. W.)- The Structural units of the 

material universe. (7th Earl Grey Memorial 

Lecture). Svo, swd. is. net, 

MILFORD, May '25 
Aston (George, Maj.-Gen., Sir) Memories of a 

Marine : an ampbibiography. Cheaper ed. 

Roy. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 314, 6s. net. 

MURRAY, Feb. '25 
Aston (George, Sir)~~The Problem of defence: 

reminiscences and deductions. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, 

pp. 1 80, 38. 6d, net. (Westminster Kb,). 

P. ALLAN, July '25 
Astor (Lord) Temperance and politics. Cr. 

8vo, 7$ x 5, pp. 31, 6d. net. (New Way 

ser.) " DAILY NEWS," Oct. '25 

Astrology, Hall (S. E.) is. 6d. net May '25 

Astrology : Geodetic equivalents, Sepliarial. 35. 

net ...,,.. Aug. '25 

Astrology, Principles of, Carter (C. E. 0.) 53. 

net . , , . . , June '25 

Astronomer at large, Thornton (A. G.) 33, 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Astronomer Royal for Scotland 35th annual 

report, 1925. 6d. net.. H.M.S.O., July '25 
Astronomical epnemerics, Raphael's, 1926. is, 

net , . . . Aug. '25 

Astronomical physics, Stratton (F. J. M.) 123, 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Astronomy, New revelations in, P&rkes (W. H.) 

ss. net . * .Moor. '25 

Astronomy, Practical, Hosmer (G. L.) 133. 6d. 

net ...,... .,.,.,,... Apr. '25 

Astronomy. See also Greenwich Observatory. 
At Aboukir and Acre, Henty (G. A.) 3$. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 


At Prior Park, Dobson (A.) 2S. net .... July '25 

At starting price, Gould (N.) gd. net ..Oct. '25 

At the Blue Moon again, Lewis (D. B. W.) ss. 
net Dec. '25 

At the captain's table, Davy (C. W.) 6s. net. 

May '25 

At the fair, Yates (L. E.). s$d. net . . May '25 

At the Gate of Samaria, Locke (W. J.) 33. 6d. 
net July '25 

At the house of the priest, Adye (J., Sir) 73, 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

At the mercy of Tiberius, Wilson (A. J. E.) 
is. net Apr. '25 

At the Villa Rose, Mason (A. E. W.) 35. 6d., 53, 
net Sept. '2$ 

At the world's mercy, Trent (P.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. T 25 

Athens (British School at) Annual, No. 25, 
Sessions, 1921- 22 ; 1922 23. Roy. Svo, 
845. net MACMILLAN, Feb. '25 

Atfierley-ilopes (L. A.) Loo king back: reminis- 
cences of a political career. Illus. Svo, 9x5!, 
pp. 221, I2S. 6d. net WITHERS Y, Oct. '25 

Atherton (Gertrude) The Crystal cup. Cr. Svo, 
75. 6d. net MURRAY, Aug. '25 

Atherton (Gertrude) Dormant fires. Cheaper 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7f X 5, pp. 308, 35. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Apr. '25 

Atherion (Mary) Fallen houses. Cr. Svo, 
7lX5 PP- 298, 73. 6d. net. (*' First novel" 
lib.) UNWIN, June '25 

'* Athletic Mews " Cricket annual, 1925. Edit, 
by Evan Sharpe. iSmo, 5f x sf, pp. 192, 
swd., 6d. net . . * t ATHLETIC NEWS," Apr, '25 

Athletic training, Secret of, Andrews (H.) and 
Alexander (W. S.) 6s. net Nov. '25 

Athletics, Webster (F. A. M.) 6s. net.. Mar. '25 

Athletics, College, Kennedy (C. W.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Athletics for women and girls, Lynn, (S. C. E.) 
2S. 6d. net July '25 

Athletics, Greek, Wright (F. A.) 43. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Athletics : Track and field, Jones (T. E.) 6s. 
net , Mar. *25 

Atkey (Bertram) Smiler Bunn, byewayman. 
Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7i X si, pp. 128, swd., 
is. net NEWNES, Oct. '25 

Atlcey (Bertram)' Winnie O'Wynn and the dark 
horses: a novel. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 
73. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, Aug. '25 

AtkSn (Harry)' The Erection of engineering 
structures and plant : a handbook for engineers, 
erectors, foreman and students. Svo, 8f x 5^-, 
pp. 210, 95. 6d. net. (Directly-useful technical 
ser.) CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 

Atkins (Frederick A.) The Durable satisfac- 
tions of life. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 152, 33. 6d. 
net NISBET, Sept. '25 

Atkins (J. B.). See lonides (C.) and Atkins. 

Atkinson (Eleanor) Greyfriars Bobby. With 
frontis. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 296, 45. 6d. net. 
HARPERS, Aug. '25 

Atkinson (Ernest M.) Everyday practical psy- 
chology. Foreword by W, Tudor Jones. 
i2mo, 7^X4!, pp. 85, 2S. net. 

L. N. FOWLER, Feb. '25 

Atkinson (Katharine) The Mallorys : a novel. 
Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. (First 
novel lib.} NASH & G., Feb. '25 

Atkinson (Katharine) Men, money and markets : 
A brief study of present-day economics. Cr. 
Svo, 7|X5, pp. 94, 2S. 6d. net 

HURST & B., July '25 

Atlantis and lost Lemuria, Scott-Elliot "(W.) 
TS. 6d. net , Oct. '25 

Atlantis in America, Spence (L,) xos. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Atlas, Cambridge modem history. 405. net. 

Mar. '25 

Atlas, Chambers of Commerce, Philip (G.) and 
Sheldrake (T. S.) 73$. $& 5. 6d. net. 

Apr. *25 
Atlas, Commercial, of the world, PUman's. 

55. net , , . . . Jan. *25 

c 2 





Atlas, Empire, Pupil's, Birkett (W. S.) and 

Lewis (G. G.) is. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Atlas, Favourite. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Atlas geographies, preparatory : Africa, Franklin 

(T.) and Griffiths (E. D.) rod. net. .Mar. '25 
Atlas guide to Brit. Empire, etc., British Empire 

Universities*, IDS. net Feb. '25 

Atlas, Missionary, Beach (H. P.) and Fahs (C. H.) 

42S, net Mar. '25 

Atlas, Multum in parvo. 35. 6d. net . . July '25 

Atlas, Nelson's Universal hand- 6s. net. 

June '25 
Atlas, Newnes' Handy pocket. 2S, 6d. net. 

Oct '25 

Atlas, New era. is. net Feb. '25 

Atlas, Oxford economic, Bartholomew (J. G.) 

6s. net Apr. '25 

AtSas postage stamp album (The) : including 

spaces for all the most recent stamp -issuing 

countries. Roy. 8vo, 8 X 6, pp. 105, is. 6d. 

net ; swd. is. net * .S. GIBBONS, Dec. '24 

Atlas, Touring, of Great Britain and Ireland. 

35. net May '25 

Atlas, World missionary. 423. net ....Mar. '25 

Aimaiaiivaviveka ; or, Bauddhadhikara : a 
refutation of Buddhistic metaphysics. By 
Udayanacarya. Fasc. 5. (Sanskrit text.) 
8vo, swd., is. gd. . (Calcutta) LUZAC, Sept. '25 

Atmospheric pollution, Meteorological Office, 
nth report, 1924-25. 53. 6d. net .. Dec. '25 

Atom, Story of the, Shearcroft (W. F. F.) 33. 6d. 
2S. 6d. net , Feb. '2 s ) 

Atomic constitution, Spectra and, Bohr (N.) 
73. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Atonement, Smith (H. M., Rev.) jas. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Atonement, White (D.) 3d. Sept. '25 

Atonement : Our salvation, Raven (C. E., Rev.) 

43. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Attainment, Cosens (D.) 75. 6d. net. ...Oct. '25 

Aiilee (Clement R.) and Robson (William A.) 

The Town Councillor. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4, 

pp. 127, 33. net ; swd. is. 6d. net. 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., Apr. '25 
Attributes of God, Famell (L. R.) 123. 6d. net. 

Nov '25 
Attwell (Mabel Lucie) -Firelight tales. Demy 

4to, 10 Jx 8|, pp. 40, 2S. net. 

PARTRIDGE, July '25 
Alfwell (Mabel Lucie) Going-to-bed tales. Demy 

4to, io^x 8J, pp. 40, 2S. net, 

PARTRIDGE, July '25 
AitweH (Mabel Lucie) The Lucie Attwell 

Children's book. Cr* 4to, xolxSi, 53, net. 

PARTRIDGE, July '25 

Attwell (Mabel Lucie) -Twilight tales. Demy 

4to, ioix 8J, pp. 40, as. net. 

PARTRIDGE, July '2$ 
Au revoir not good-bye, Appleyard (W.) 33. 6d. 

net , . Aug. '25 

Aubert (Louis) The Reconstruction of Europe. 

8vo, los. 6d. net. (Institute of Politics publi- 
cations) MILFORD, June '25 

Aubrey Vernon, Knight (A. L.) is. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Aubrey-Willis (Mabel) Flower of vengeance. 

Cr. 8vo, 74- x 5, pp. 303, 7s, 6d. net. 

JARROLDS, Feb. '25 
Aucassin and Nicolette, Housman (L.) 55, 

2 is. net Oct.'st$ 

Auchterderran, Fife : parish history, Houston 

(A. McN.) sis. net Jan. '25 

Auction bridge, Hints on, Hingley (S. H., Lt.-CoL) 

3S. net sept '*5 

Auction bridge made clear, Foster (A. E M ) 

23. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Auction bridge play and problems Foster 

(A. E. M.) 33. 6d. net '..Oct. '25 

Auction bridge simplified, Macbeth (J. C. H.) 

6s. net M ay 25 

Auction, Modern, Bergholt (E,) 73. 6d. net. 

Jan '25 
Auctor (Audax). See Audax Auctor. 


" Audax Auctor" A Millionaire's romance, 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, PP- 229, 6s. net 


Auditing, Bell (W. H.) 2 is. net May '25 

Auditing, KoMer (E. L.) and Pettengill (P. W.) 
255. net Mar. '25 

Audrey at school, Nash (F. O. H.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Auerbaeft (Felix) Modern magnetics. Trans* 
by H. C. Booth. With 167 diags. 8vo, 
9 x 5|, pp. 314, 153. net . . METHUEN, Nov. '2$ 

Augustan history : Scriptores historiae Augustae. 
Vol. 2 (Loeb). los. net July '25 

Augustine (Saint) A Daily thought from St. 
Augustine. i8mo, 2S. 6d. net. SANDS, May '25 

Augustine, St., on the Psalms, Readings from, 
Rickaby (J.) 6s. net Apr. '25 

Augustine, St., on the spirit and the letter, 
Simpson (W. J. S., Rev.) Sept. '25 

Auld Reekie, Dear, Inglts (F. C.) [Edinburgh] 
is. net Apr.'&s 

Ault (Norrnan) ed. Elizabethan lyrics from the 
original texts. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 552, 
i os. 6d. net LONGMANS, Nov. '25 

Aulton (Margaret) Fair Touraine : stories and 
legends of the 'Loire. Illus. with 90 facsim. 
reproductions of drawings and copper-plate 
engravings by the author. Folio, 12 X 10, 
pp. 200, 35s. net LANE, June '25 

Aujtoit (Margaret) Fair Touraine. Special ed., 
limited to 100 copies. Folio, 2103. net. 

LANE, May '25 

Aunt Jo's scrap bag, Alcott (L. M.) is. 6d. net. 

MM*, Aug. '25 

Aunt's will, Stone (A.) 43. net. ...*... June '25 

Aurangzib, History of, Sarkar (J.) Vol. 5, 
93. net Apr. '25 

Austen (Jane)- Lady Susan. Written about 
1805. First published in 1871. Now re- 
printed from the manuscript. 12x110, 7^X4}, 
pp. 196, 7s. 6d. net ; limited ed., 2is net. 

MILFORD, June '25 

Austen (Jane) Letters. Selected, with intro. 
by R. Brimley Johnson. Cr. 8vo, 7l X 5i 
pp. 198, 6s. net LANE, Dec. '25 

Austen (Jane) Sanditon: fragment of a novel 
written January March, 1817. Now first 
printed from the manuscript. Cr. 8vo, 7| X5, 
pp. 218, 75. 6d. net. Ed. limited to 250 copies 
on hand-made paper, sis, net. 

MILFORD, Feb. *25 

Austen (Jane) Sense and sensibility. Fcp. 
8vo, 6i X 4i, pp. 335, Hlir. 35. 6d, net. (Nelson's 
classics) NELSON, Sept. '25 

Austen (John) illus. 'Everyman, and other plays* 
153. net Sept '25 

Austen-Leigh (E. C.)List of English clubs, 
1925. 75, 6cLjiet * .... Jan. '25 

Austin (Mary) The Land of journeys* ending* 
Illus. by John E, Jackson. 8vo, 8i X si 
pp. 473, 155, net. ...... . ALLEN Be u., Oct. \5 

Austin (Mary) A Small town man. 8vo, 7s. 

net , , .HARPER> Apr. '25 

Austin (Phyllis) Toby : a novel. Cr. Svo, 

71*5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 


Austin (R. S.). See Harrison (A. M.) and Austin. 
Austin Twelve, Book of the, Garbutt (B.) 55. 

net July '25 

Australasia . Historical reograohy of Brit. 

Dominions, vol. 6, Rogers (J* D.), 7S 6d. net. 

Feb. *%5 
Australasia : World revealed, Ridgway (A.) 2?. 

net ; is. 9d ...*.,......, may *25 

Australia, Lang (W. H.) 5s, net. . , . , Mar* *5 
Australia, Across unknown, Terry (M.) i ss, net^ 

Nov. f S5 
Australia : Big game in Australia [cricket]* 

Samuels (C) is. net Mar. *5 

Australia, Early explorers in, Lee (L) sis. net. 

Apf. '25 
Australia in its physiog, and economic aspects^ 

Tayl&r (G.) 45. net ...**..,..... D$c, '55 
Australia : Knockiag about, Peirce (A, B.) X4S 

net D*fc *4 




Australia Report on economic and commercial 

situation. June, 1925. 25. net. 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 
Australia, Taxation in, Mills (S.) iss. net. 

May '25 
Australia, Western : history, Battye (J. S.) 

253. net Feb. '25 

Australian aboriginal, Basedow (H.) 355. net. 

Oct. >25 
Australian Constitution, Law of, Kerr (D.) 

42S. net Juty '25 

Australian constitutional developments, Sweet- 

man (E.) 255. net July '25 

Australian land settlement, History of, Roberts 

(S. H.) sis. net June '25 

Australian totemism, Roheim (G.) 355. net. 

June '25 

Australians, Hullo, Hicks (S.) 55. net. Sept. '25 
Austria Report on commercial and financial 

conditions, to Aug., 1925. is. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 
Austria and its economic existence, Basch (A.) 

and Dvoracek (J.) 2S. 6d. net. , . . . .Oc2. '25 
Austria in dissolution, Burian (S., Count). 255. 

net Jan '25 

Austria : Osterreichische Regierirng und Ver- 

waltung im Weltkriege, Redlich (J.) I2S. 6d. 

net July '25 

Austrian revolution, Bauer (0.) xos. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Authority and obedience, etc., Garbett (C., Bp.) 

8d. net June '25 

Authors, Hours with English, Campagnac (E. T.) 

Book 4. 2S. sd Feb. '25 

Authors, Lectures to living, Lacon. js. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Authors, Story lives of igth. century, Johnson 

(R. B.) 45. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Authorship : What editors and publishers want, 

1925. 35. 6d, net Mar. '25 

Autobiography, Baxter (R.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Autobiography of a blackguard, Paton (R.) 

2S. 6d. net May '25 

Autobiography of a crook, Dear den (R. L.) 

35, 6d, net M ar . "25 

Autobiography of a crook, Lucas (N.) 55. net. 

Jan. '25 
Autoclaves and high pressure work, Goodwin (H.) 

6s. net , June '25 

Autocrat, Bell (P.) 75. 6d. net May '25 

Automobile Association touring map of England 

and Wales (The). Twelve miles to an inch. 

8vo, 8&xs, 6s. 6d. net, 

Automobile engines, Judge (A. W.) 43. net. 

Jan. '25 
Auto-suggestion, Conscious, Coue (E,) and Orion 

(J. L.) 2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Auto-suggestion, M. Coue and, Noble (Lady) 

is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Autumn, St. Reymont (L.) 75. 6d. net . .Aug. '25 
Autumn crocuses, Sedgwick (A. D.) 7s. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Autumn nre : play, Murray (T. C.) 35. 6d. net, 

Nov. '25 

Autumn sowing, Benson (E. F.) as. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Auvergnc (Edmund B. d 1 ) The Bread of depend- 
ence, Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 318, 73. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, Feb. '25 
Ativergit (Edmund B. d') No choice. Cr. 

8vo, 7j x 5, PP 254, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, July '25 
Auzas (Auguste)- Les Poetes francais du 19 

siecle, 1800-1885 : etude prosodique et 

litteraire. Cr, 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 315, 45. net. 

MlLFORD, Sept. *25 

Avalanche, Cooper (C. R.) 7s. 6d. net. *F#b* '25 

Avalanche, Poole (E,) 75. 6d. net. .... Jan, '25 

Avalon (Arthur) ed. and trans. -Greatness of 

Shiva. (Mahimnastava of Pushpadanta.) 

With the Sanskrit commentary of Jagannatha 

Chakravarti. Trans, with commentary, 2nd 

ed. 8vo pp. 50, swd., 33 LWAC, Oct. '35 


Avalon (Arthur) The Serpent power : the Shat- 

Chakra-Nirupana and Paduka-Panchaka. 

Trans, from the Sanskrit, with intro. and 

commentary. 2nd rev. ed. 9 illus., 8 col. illus. 

Roy. 8vo, pp. 354, 303 LUZAC, Dec. '24 

Avarne (Dorothy) A Country calendar. 7&X5, 

pp. 15, is. net STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Aventures de Cougourdan, Mouton (E.) 7d. 

Feb. '25 
Average, General, and York-Antwerp rules, 

Bissclop (W. R.) 53. net Apr. '25 

Averlll (Mary) Japanese flower arrangement 

applied to Western needs. 4th ed. Roy. 

8vo, los. 6d. net LANE, Sept. '25 

Avery (Harold) Between two schools. Illus, 

Cr. 8vo, 7| x si, pp. 446, 35. 6d. net. (Gold 

star ser.} NELSON, July '25 

Avery (Harold) ^A Choice of chums. Illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7f X5, pp. 335, 35. net. (Blue bird 

ser.) , NELSON, July '25 

Avery (Harold)-Tlie Dormitory flag. Illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5^, pp. 443, 2S. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Apr. '25 
Avary (Harold) The Prefects' patrol. Cr. 8vo, 

7^x5, pp. 284, as, 6d. net. (Schoolboy ser.) 

NrSBET, Feb. '25 

Avery (Harold) Thumbs up. Cr. 8vo, 7 X 5, 

pp. 284, 75. 6d. net NISBET, Mar. '25 

Aviation (Civil) Annual report of progress, 

1924-25. as. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Aviation : Poetry of flight : anthology, Murray 

(S. W.) 7s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Aviation. See also under Aeronautics; Air 

Ministry, etc. 
Avon : Shakespeare's country, Showell (C.) 5S. 

net Oct. '2511 

Awsby (Edith) Three school friends. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x 5, pp. 127, is. 6d. net. 

Low, Feb. *25 
Axe age : British prehistory, Kendnck (T. D.) 

6s. net Oct. '25 

Axe is laid, Mackworth (J.) 75. 6d. net. Mar. '25 
Axel, Villiers de 1' Isle Adam (J. M. M. P., 

Count de). 633. net May '25 

Axioms of business, Casson (H. N.) 53. net. 

Feb. '25 
Aygalliers (A. Wautier d') Ruysbroeck the 

admirable. Authorised trans, by Fred Roth- 
well. Roy. 8vo, 9 X 6J, pp. 370, I2S. 6d. net. 

DFNT, Oct. '25 
Ayleston Manor and Church, Dare (M. P.) 55. 

net Jan. '25 

Ayliffe (Ella Loveless-). See Loveless-Ayliffe. 
Ayres (Ruby M.) Castles in Spain : the chronicles 

of an April month. Cheap ed. 12010, 7| X4^, 

pp. 306, 2s, 6d. net CASSELL, Aug. '25 

Ayros (Ruby M.) The Long lane to happiness. 

Cheap ed. 12010, 7^X4^, pp. 252, as. net. 

HODDER & S. , Mar. '25 
Ayres (Ruby M.) The Marriage handicap. Cr, 

8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 351, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. *af 
Ayres (Ruby M.) Our Avenue, and other storiee 

Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7& x 5, pp. 254, as. 6d. net 

PEARSON, Apr. '2, 

Ayres (Ruby M,} Overheard. Cheap ed. 

ism.0, 7i X 4&, pp. 288, as. net 

HODDER & S., July '25 
Ay res" Cricket companion, 1925. Edit. W. R. 

Weir. i8mo, 7^ x 4, PP* 232, is. 

F. H. AYRES, Apr. '25 
Ayres* Lawn tennis almanack and tournament 

guide, 1925. Edit, by A. Wallis Myers. (i8th 

year.) Cr. 8vo, 7x5, pp. 546, as. 6d. net. 

F. H, AYRES, Mar. '25 
Ayscough (Florence) A Chinese mirror: re* 

flections of the reality behind appearance. 

With drawings by Lucille Douglass. Roy. 

8vo, 9! x 6&, pp. 464, 2 is. net. J. CAPE, Nov. '25 
Ayscough (John) The Story of Oscar : a novel. 

Cr. 8vo, 7j x 5, PP- 3^o, 73, 6d. net. 


Ayyar (P. V. J,) South Indian customs. Sm. 
Svo, pp. 181, 6s. 6d. (Madras). 

LUZAC, May '25 





Azimuth tables, Companion to, Goodwin (H. B.) 

73. 6cL net - Aug. '25 

Azrael, poems, Welsh (R. GO 6s. net. .Apr. '25 

Bab ballads, Gilbert (W. S.) and, More Bab 

ballads, ea, 33. 6d., 53. net Dec. '25 

Bab of the backwoods, Gregory (J.) 73. 6d. net. 

July '5 
Babbitt (Harold E.) Sewerage and sewage 

treatment. Roy. 8vo, 253. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Apr. '25 
Babbling April, Greene (G.) 43. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Babcock (Leslie E.) Elements of field artillery. 

Roy. 8vo, 315. 6d. net. .MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Babel, Cournos (J.) 35. 6d, net Mar. '25 

Babies, Daniel (F.) 2 vols., ea. 35. 6d., 2S. net. 

July '25 

Babies, Thompson (A. G. G.) is. net.. .Nov. '25 
Babies' Hospital, Vincent Square : What shall 

the title be ? Flower (N.) 73. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Babington (Percy L.) Browning and Calverley ; 

or, Poem and parod,, : an elucidation. Ed, 

limited to 250 numbered copies. Cr. 8vo. 

7& x 5, pp. 24, 53. net . . J. CATLE, Sept. '25 
Bafsfik (Heinz) Galvanizing : a theoretical and 

practical treatise on the subject for the use of 

works managers, students and others. Trans. 

by Chas. T. C. Salter. 8vo, 9 x 5!, pp. 176, 

I2S. 6d. net SPON, Dec. '25 

Baby, Annual for, Strang (Mrs. H.) 4S. 6d., 

33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Baby Bunting's big play book, Marsh-Lambert 

(H. G. C.) 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Baby Bunting's book of games, Marsh-Lambert 

(H. G. C.) is. 6d. net July '25 

Baby Bunting's book of toys, Marsh-Lambert 

(H. G. C.) is. 6d. net July '25 

Baby, Coming of, Ashby (L. E.) and Earp 

(K. A. L.) 2S. net May '25 

Babylonian dynasty, First, Letters of, Driver 

(G. R.) 153. net Feb. '25 

Babylonian life and history, Budge (E. A. W., 

Sir), xos. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Each (E.) and Wheeler (C. E.) Chronic disease : 

a working hypothesis. Cr. 8vo, 7|- X 5, pp. 162, 

73. 6d. net H. K. LEWIS, June '25 

Bach, J. S., Fugitive notes on cantatas and 

motets, Whittaker (W. G.) 123. 6d. net. Feb. '25 
Bach, J. S. : " 48 " Bach's Wohltemperirtes 

clavier, Fuller-Maitland (J. A.) is. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Bach, J. S., Keyboard suites of, Fuller-Maitland 

(J. A.) is. 6d. net , . . Mar. '25 

Bach, Magdalena, Little chronicle of. 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 
Bach maun (Alberto) An Encyclopedia of the 

violin. Intro, by Eugene Ysaye. Trans. 

by Frederick H. Martens. Edit, by Albert 

E. Wier. Illus. 8vo, 8|X5|, pp. 486, sis. 

net APPLETON, May '25 

Bachmaitn (Robert)~The Hand of a thousand 

rings, and other Chinese stories. Cr. 8vo, 

7|X5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. 

Back to morality, Slater (T., Rev.) 53. net. 

Nov. '25 
Back to the honey-pot, Barcynska (Countess) 

73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Backfunrow, Eaton (G. D.) 75. 6d. net. .June '25 
Background of English literature, Grierson 

(H. J. C.) 7s. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Backsliders, Jepson (E.) 7s. 6d. net . . Oct. '25 
Backwater in Lakeland, Hinchliffe (I.) as. 6d. 

net . Mar. '25 

Backwoods boy, Sword (J., jun.) 35. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Bacon (Francis, Lord) New Atlantis ; with 

More (T., Sir) Utopia. 75. 6d. net.../w. '35 
Bacon (Francis, Lord) Twenty of Bacon's 

essays. Edit., with intro. and notes, by 

Francis Storr. New impr. Fcp, 8vo, 6|X4|, 

pp. 91, 2S. (English school-classics.) 

LONGMANS, Oct. '25 


Bacon, Francis, Church (R. W.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Bacon (Frank)-Lightnin' : After the play of the 
same name by Wmchell Smith and Frank Bacon 
Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 252, 35. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, July '25 

Bacon (Janet Ruth) The Voyage of the Argo- 
nauts. With 6 illus. and 3 maps. Cr. 8vo, 
7l X 5, pp. 195, 6s. net . . METHUEN, Jan. '25 

Bacon (Leonard) Male and female created He 
them. Cr. 8vo, 6s. net . . HARPERS, Feb. '25 

Bacon (Reginald H. } Admiral Sir) The Jutland 
scandal. With 42 diag. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, 
PP- 175, 5s. net ---- HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

Bacon (Reginald H., Admiral Sir) A Naval 
scrap-book. First part, 1877-1900. With 24 
illus. Roy. 8vo, 9ix6, pp. 286, 243. net. 


Bacow (Roger S. )- -Commercial arbitrations as 
governed by the law of England. Intro, by 
Sir W. Peter Rylands. 8vo, 9x5!, pjp. 235, 
8s. 6d. net ............ H. JENKINS, Sept. '25 

Bacon and hams, Nicholls (G. J.) 53, net. 

July '25 

Bacteria in relation to man, Broadhurst (J.) 
i2s. 6d. net ...................... Feb. '2 5 

Bacterial infection, Applelon (J. L. T.) 28s. 
net .............................. Dec. '25 

Bacteriology, Browning, (C. H.) 23. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Bacteriology for dental students, Wyatt (R. B. HO 
6s. 6d. net . ..................... May '25 

Bacteriology, Handbk. of, Bigger (J. W.) I2S. 6cL 
net ..... . ...................... Jan. '25 

Bacteriology, Intro, to practical, Mackie (T. JO 
and McCartney (J. E.) 8s. 6cl net.. Jan. '25 

Bacteriology of food, Dukes (C.) 73. 6d, net. 

Mar. '25 

Bad boy Bonzo, Studdy (G. E.) and Jcllicoe (G.) 
6d. net .......................... Sept. '25 

Bad little Billie Bear, Marsh-Lambert (Mrs. 
H. G, CO is. net ................ Oct. '25 

Bad start, Gould (NO 9d. net ........ Sept, '25 

BadayS : the odes of Sheikh Muslihud-Din 
Sa' di Shirazi. Edit, and trans, by Sir Lucas 
W. King. Intro, by R. A. Nicholson. 8 vo, 
pp. 203, swd. 6s ............ , LUZAC, Ffb *25 

Badasji : the odes of Sheikh MuslihiuM)in Sa'd, 
Shirayi. Edit, by Sir Lucas W. King. Intro, 
by T. Eram. Pcisian text. 158. 

LUZAC, Dec. '25 

Badcock (E. J,, Rev,) Reviews and studies, 
Biblical and doctrinal. 8vo, 9x5$, pp. 184, 

, pp. 184, 
, Feb. '25 

7s. 6d. net ............ LONGMANS 

Baden-Powell (Robert, Sir) The Wolf Cub's 
handbook. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 234, 
33. 6d. net ; swd. as. net , . PEARSON, Feb. ^25 

Bader (Clarisse) Women in ancient India : 

Moral and literary studies. 8vo, 8|X5|-, pp. 

356, Jos, 6d. net, (Trubner's Oriental s$r,) t 

K. PAUL, Nov. "25 
Badge of the scarlet poppy, Jackson (L. E.) 

is. 6d. net ... ....... .............. Fab. '35 

Badger, Life story of a, Tre&tirlhtn (J. C.) 6s* 

net ... ..... . ........ ........... Sept. '25 

Badminton, Mack (G. S, BO s. 6d, net, 

Oct. 'as 
Baedeker (Karl)- Northern Germany, excluding 

the Rhineland : handbook for travellers, 

i7th rev. ed. Demy x8mo, 6x4, pp. 454, 15$. 

net ............... .....,,. .UNWIN, July *25 

Batrleln (Henry) -Here are dragons : a novel, 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 317, 7S. 6d. net. 

L. PARSONS, Mar. *25 

Bacrleln (Henry)- Mariposa. Popular od. Or* 
8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 318, 33. 6d, net, 

L. PARSONS, Apr, *25 

Baets (M. de, Canon) -The Hymn of life. Tram. 
by Alex. G. McDougalL BJx6J, pp. 141, 
33. 6d. net . . , ....... BURNS, OATES, F#&. *s 

Bagdad : Nature at the desert's edge* Hingston 
(R. W. GO iss. net ..... ....... Apr. 'as 





Bagenal (Philip H) - Vicissitudes of an Anglo- 
Irish family, 1530 1800 : a story of Irish 
romance and tragedy. Illus. Roy. Svo, 
ioJX7f, Pp. 191, sis, net. 

C. INGLEBY, Feb. '25 

Bagot (Richard) The Italian Lakes. Painted 
by Ella Du Cane. 8vo, 84 x 5^, pp. 208, 
7s. 6d. net. (Black's Popular sir. of colour 
bks.) BLACK, June '25 

Ball a m as Colonial report, 1924. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Bahr (Hermann) Expressionism. Trans, by 

R. T. Gnbble. Cr. 8vo, 7f x 5, pp. 122, 6s. net. 

F. HENDERSON, June '25 

Baikie (James) Egyptian papyri and papyrus- 
hunting. With 32 illus., 4 in col. by Constance 
N. Bailde. 8vo, 8| x si, pp. 324, los. 6d. 
net R.T.S., Oct. '25 

Baildon (W. Paley) Baildon and the Baildons. 
Book 3, part 14, 12 X 8^ (subscribers only), 
los. 6d. net ....LUND HUMPHRIES, Dec. '25 

Baildon and the Baildons, Baildon (W. P.) 
Bk. 3, pt. 14, los. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Bailey (Charles W.) -The Professor on the golf 

links : some sidelights on golf from modern 

science. Cr. 8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 91, as. 6d. net. 

S. BIRCH, Aug. '25 

Bailey (Elliot) Mr. Benson's business. Cr. 
8vo, 74 X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

G BLES, Sept. '25 

BaSSey (H. C.) - The Golden Fleece. Cr. 8vo, 
74 x 5, pp. 248, 73. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 

BaiSey (H. C.) -Knight at arms. Cheap ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7* X 5, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Aug. '25 

Bailey (H. C.) Mr. Fortune's trials. Cr. Svo, 

74 x 5, pp. 256, 73. 6d. net.. .METHUEN, May '25 

BaSSey (Hiram P.) Shanghaied out of 'Frisco 

in the 'nineties. With frontis. by J. Spurling, 

4 drawings, and 2 photos. Svo, 9 x 54, pp. 187, 

73. 6cl. net HEATH, CRANTON, Oct. '25 

Bailey (John) ed. Shorter BoswelL 35, 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Bailey (L. H.) The Gardener : brief directions for 
the growing of the common fruits, vegetables 
and llowers in the garden and about the house. 
Illus. Cr. Svo, 74 x 5, pp. 272, 8s. 6d. net. 


Bailey (T. Grahame) Grammar of the Shina 

(Sina) language. Sf x 5 J, pp. 285, las. 6d. net. 

ROYAL ASIATIC Soc., Mar. '25 

Bailey (Temple) The Dim lantern. Cheap ed. 

I2ino, 7^x44, pp. 286, as. net. 

HURST & B., June 1 2^ 

Bailey (Temple) Glory of youth. Cheap ed. 
lamo, 7i x 44> pp. 285, as* net. 

HURST & B., Apr. '25 

Bailey (Temple) Peacock feathers. Cr. 8vo, 
74><5 pp. 285, 75. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Feb. '25 

Bailey (Temple) The Trumpeter swan. Cheap 
ed. laxno, 7^x44, pp. 288, as. net. 

HURST & B., July '25 

Baily's Hunting directory, 1925-1926 : with 
diary and hunt maps. Svo, 84x54, los. 6d. 

net VINTON, Nov. '25 

Bain (A. Watson) ed. -Easy English prose for 
repetition. Fcp, 8vo, 6{X4$, pp. 64, is. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

lain (A. Watson) ed, French poetry for begin- 
ners. Svo, is, 6d. net. . .MACMILLAN, JYov. 25 
BaJnbridg and Meimes' Essentials of physiology. 
5th ed. Edit, and rev. by C. Lovatt Evans. 
Illus. Svo, 9 X 54, pp. 516, 143. net. 

LONGMANS, Oct. '25 
Ba!its (Cuthbert) The Down train. Cr. 8vo, 

7 1 X5, pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. .ARNOLD, Mar. '35 
Bairns* budget (The). Illus. 8vo, 74 x 5$, 
pp. 120, jcs. 6d. net . . BLACKIK, Apr. '25 

BaScer (A. E.)~ *How to understand philosophy : 
from Socrates to Bergson, xarno, 7 x 44, 
pp. 189, 26. 6d. net. (People's lib.) 

HODBER & S., Oct. '25 


Baker (A. E.) A Shakespeare dictionary. 

Part 5, Hamlet. loj X 7f, swd., 45. 6d, net. 

(Public Library, Taunton) AUTHOR, Apr. '25 

Baker (Amy J.) The Crepe de chine wife. 

Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 74x5, pp. 318, as. net. 

L. JONG, July '25 

Baker (Amy J.) Late roses. Cr. Svo, 74 x 5, 

pp. 318, 73. 6d. net J. LONG, Mar. '25 

Baker (Amy J.)- The Slim outline. Cr. Svo, 

74 X 5, Pp. 3i8, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, July '55 
Balcer (Barbara) The Joyful way. Illus. by 

Dorothy Adamson. 12 mo, 7| x 4^, pp. 31, 

is. net MOWBRAY, Sept. '25 

Baker (C. H. Collins) Pieter de Hooch. 12 col. 

plates. Roy. 4to, i2j X 10, pp. 10, 55. net. 

(Masters of painting.} .. .."STUDIO," Nov. '25 
Balcer (Dwight C.) T'ai Shan : an account of 

the Sacred Eastern Peak of China. Illus. 

Svo, pp. 245, IDS. ; gs. 

Baker (Gerald L.) Blackheath : the story of the 

Royal Hundred. Illus. by author. Pref. by 

J. E. G. de Montmorency. 8vo, as. 6d. net. 

(14, Royal Parade, Blackheath.) 

MORDEN Soc., Sept. '25 
Balcer (H. F.) Principles of geometry. Vol. 4, 

Higher geometry : being illustrations of the 

utility of the consideration of higher space, 

especially of four and five dimensions. Roy. 

Svo, 9X6, pp. 266, 155. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Sept. '25 
Baker (Karle W.) Texas flag primer. Cr. Svo, 

25. 6d. net HARRAP, July '25 

Baker (Margaret) The Little girl who curtsied 
to the owl. With pictures by Mary Baker. 
8vo, 9 x 5r], 35. 6d. net. .T. W. LAURIE, Oct. '25 

Baker (Newton D.) Progress and the [U.S.] 
Constitution. 7! x s, pp. 94, 6s. net. 

SCRIBNERS, Dec. '25 

Balcer (Olaf) Thunder boy. Cr. Svo, 74 x 5, 
pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

T. BUTTERWORTH, Sept. '25 

Baker (P. J. Noel) The Geneva Protocol for the 
pacific settlement of international disputes, 
Roy, Svo, 8|X5f, pp. 240, 93, net. 

P. S, KING, Feb. '25 

Baker (T.) Land and engineering surveying : 
for students and practical use. 24th ed., by 
G. L. Leston. With illus. and litho plates. 
Cr. Svo, 74x5, pp. 264, 33. 6d. net 

C. LOCKWOOD, May '25 

Baker (W. King) In the heart of Canada. Roy, 
Svo, 9i X 6i, pp. 205, I2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, Oct. '25 

Baker (W. M.) and Bourne (A. A.)- A School 
geometry on " new sequence " lines. i2mo, 

gt X 4 J 2 PP- I 55 J 4S. 6d. ; Books 1-5, 43. ; 
ooks 1-3, as. 6d BELL, Oct. '25 

Baker's cart, Bullett (G.) 7s. 6d. net . . Sept. '25 

Baldwin (Bird T.) and Stecher (Lorle I.) The 
Psychology of the pre-school child. Cr. Svo, 
7f X 5, 8s. 6d. net. . ..APPLETON, Mar. '25 

Baldwin (F. G. C.) The History of the telephone 
in the United Kingdom. Foreword by Frank 
Gill. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 754, 42s. 
net CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 

Baldwin (Margaret) Rose Yuan of Ming-0 : 
a tale of Cathay, Illus. Svo, 8 x sj, pp. 256, 
33. 6d. net R.T.S., Sept. '25 

Baldwin (Mary) Heart's delight. Illus. Cr. 
Svo, 74 x 5, pp. 127, as. 6d. net ; bds. s is. 6d. 
net. (Childermote lib.) ..FAITH PR., Oct. '25 

Baldwin (May) The School in the wilds. Illus. 
by Nina K. Brisley. Cr. Svo, 7^x si, pp. 320, 
3$, 6d. net CHAMBERS, Oct. '25 

Baldwin (Oliver) Six prisons and two revolu- 
tions : adventures in Trans-Caucasia and 
Anatolia, 19201921. Illus. Svo, 9X5f, pp. 
271, i2s. 6d. net HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Baldwin (Stanley, Rt, Hon.) -Peace and good- 
will in industry : three speeches, March, 1925. 
Fcp. Svo, 6| x 4!, pp. 79, is. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Apr. '25 





ialfe (Kathleen M.) ed. Thoughts of St, John of 

the Cross for every day. Pref. by the Very 

Rev. Bede Jarrett. 5$ X 4j, pp. 31, 2s. 6d. net. 

BURNS, O., Jan. '25 

BaSfosir (Lady Frances) A Memoir of Lord 

Balfour of Burleigh, K.T. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 

9i X 5fj PP* 228, i2S. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 
Balfour, Francis, of Basutoland, Montgomery 

(Bp.) is. 6d. net .................. Oct. '25 

BaSfour (Melville)--The Blackbird. Cr. 8vo, 

7l X 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
Balfour of Burleigh, Lord, Life of, Balfour 

(Lady F.) 123. 6d. net ............ May '25 

Balfour-Browne (F.) Concerning the habits of 

insects. Cr. 8vo, 7$- X 5, pp. 179, 6s. net. 
CAMS. UNIV. PR., July '2 
Balfour-fWelvIlIe (E, W. M.)-~The Growth of the 

Constitution. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 160, 33. 6d. 

net. (Westminster hb,)..P. ALLAN, Dec. '25 
Balkans, My wanderings in the, Heathcote (D.) 

2is. net .......................... May '25 

Balkans, Two vagabonds in the, Gordon (J. and 

C.) I2S. 6d. net .................. Jan. '25 

Ball (Wilfrid)Sussex. Painted by Wilfrid 

Ball. 8vo, 8&X5&, pp. 209, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Black's popular ser. of col. books). 

BLACK, Apr. '25 
Ballad of Reading Gaol, Wilde (O.) sis., 423. 

net ................ , ........... Oct. '25 

Ballad of the White Horse, Chesterton (G. K.) 

35. 6d. net ......... . .............. Apr. '25 

Ballade upon a wedding, Suckling (J., Sir) 2S. 

net ...................... . ..... May '25 

Ballads : a selection, Sidgwick (F.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Ballads, Border, Bliss (D. P.) 123. 6d, net. 

Oct. '25 
Ballads, Scottish, Tales from, Grierson (E. W.) 

35. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Baaiantyn* (Ebenezer S. W.) ed. A "Classic" 

English anthology. First series. Fcp. 8vo, 

6& X 4i, pp. 1 1 8, 2S. net ..J. BALE, Nov. '25 
Bailantyne (R. M.)~~ The Coral Island. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 312, ss. 6d. net. 

(Black's Boys 1 lib.) .......... BLACK, Sept. '25 

Bagfantyne (R. M.) The Young fur traders : a 

tale of the Far North. Illus. by M. MacKinlay. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 280, zs. net. (Lib. of 

famous books) .......... BLACKIE, Feb. '25 

Baliard (Fred)- Concrete for house, farm and 

estate. 3rd ed., rev. and enl. Illus. 8vo, 

8f X5$, pp. 114, 75. 6d. net. 

LOCKWOOD, Sept. '25 
Baliard (Philip Boswood) The Changing school. 

Cr. 8vo, 7&x 5, pp. 346, 6s. net. 

HODDER & S,. May '25 
Bailengtr (William L.) Diseases of the nose, 

throat and ear : medical and surgical. Rev. 

by Howard C. Ballenger. 5th ed. Illus. with 

551 engravings and 32 plates. Roy. 8vo 

9$ * 6> pp. 1080, 42S. net. 

H. KIMPTON, Nov. '25 
Ballistic tables for rifles, Hodsock, Jone$(P. W.) 

xos. 6d. net ... ................... Feb. '25 

Balme (Harold)- What is happening in China. 

i2mo, 7 x 4f, pp. 23, swd,, 2d. net. 

Balmer (Edwin) . See MacHargtW. ) and Balmer. 
Balochi colloquial dictionary, English-, Gilberton 

(G. W., Maj.) and Ghano Khan. 325. 

Sept. '25 

Baltic, Beyond the, Scott (A. McC.) 125. 6d. net, 

Get, '25 
Baltic States, New, Rutter (O.) 155. net. June '25 

Baltic, Timber and mercantile map of, Philip's, 
3os., 355. net ......... . ...... .... June '25 

Balzac (Honore de) -The Physiology of marriage; 
or, Meditations of an eclectic philosopher on 
happiness and unhappiness in marriage. With 
a trans, and an intro. by Francis Macnarnara. 
Ed. limited to 1,000 numbered copies. Cr. 
4to, iQ&X7i, PP. 359, 3os. net 

CASANOVA Soc., Feb. '25 


Bamisar (P. Gordon) Report of mining cases 
decided by the Railway and Canal Commission 
Court under the Mines (Working facilities 
and support) Act, 1923. 10 x 6^, pp. 177, 
26s " COLLIERY GUARDIAN," May '25 

Bamboo grove, poems, Graves (C.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Bancroft (Squire) Empty chairs. With frontis, 
8vo, 8^x5 1, pp. 263, ios. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Mar. '25 

Bandello Tragical tales. The complete novels 
trans, by Geoffrey Fenton (anno 1567). With 
intro. by R. L. Douglas, modernised and edit, 
with a glossary by Hugh Harris. 8|x 5f, pp. 
571, i2s. 6d. net ROUTLEDGE, Sept* '25 

Banerjea (Surendranath, Sir) A Nation in 
making : the reminiscences of fifty years of 
public life. With frontis. 8vo, 9 X 5|, pp. 435, 
i6s. net . MILFORD, July '25 

Bangay (R. D.) and Ashbridge (N.)- Wireless 

valve receivers and circuits in principle and 

practice. 8vo, 8% X 5^, pp. 124, 2s. 6d. net. 

" WIRELESS WORLD," Mar. '25 

Bank and public holidays throughout the world, 

1925. 7i X4f, pp. 93. (32, Lombard St., E.C.3). 


Bank directors, Duties of, Major (F. L.) ios. 6d. 
net Oct. '25 

Banker as a lender, Sfeele (F. E.) 53. net. 

Dec. '25 

Bankers* tests, Stead (F. R.) ios. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Banking administration, English, Sykes (J.) 
2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Banking and currency, Sykes (E.) 55. net. 

Dec. '25 

Banking Company, Northern : historical sketch, 
Bill (E. D.) 2is. net Apr. '25 

Banking in America, Present position of, Gregory 
(T. E.) 2s. net , May '25 

Banking, Investment, Nash (B. D.) ios. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Banking methods, English, Minty (L. Le M.). 
153. net Mar* '25 

Bankruptcy Committee Report, 102425, 4d. 
net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Bankruptcy 42nd general annual report, 1924. 
33. net H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Bankruptcy, Law of, Williams (R. L. V., Sir) 
505. net Apr. '25 

Banks (Elizabeth) -School for John and Mary ; 
a stoiy of caste in England. Cheap ed. Cr. 
Svo, 7 1- x 5, pp. 320, 2S. 6d, net. 

PUTNAM, Oct, '25 

Banks {Louis Albert, Rev,)- Christ's soul- 
searching parables : evangelistic sermons on 
the Parables of Jesus. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5 pp. 
1 87, 6s. net. * REVELL, Oo, '25 

Bannerman (Helen) The Story of Little Black 
Sambo. Illus. Roy. 8vo, gj X 7, pp. 58, 
2S. 6d. net CHATTO & W,, Sept. *&$ 

Bannerman (Heury Campbell-, Sir). See Camp- 
bell- Bannerman, 

Banning (George Hugh) In Mexican waters. 
Illus. Koy. 8vo, 9^x6, pp. 208, i8s. net. 

M. HOPKINSON, Apr. '25 

Banning (Margaret Culkin) A Handmaid of the 
Lord: a novel. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp, 287, 
7s. 6d. net HURST & B, Aug. '25 

Banzai, Paris ( J.) 7s. 6d. net. , Dec. '25 

Baptism, Midaleton (R., Rev.) 23. 6d. net. 

Jan, ^5 

Baptism and the early Church, Rogers (C, F,, 
Rev.) 6d. net Jwu '25 

Baptist handbook for 1925 Edit, and published 
under the direction of the Council of the Baptist 
Union of Great Britain and Ireland With 
frontis. 8vo, 9 x 5$, pp. 336, 53, net. 


Baptist Mission in Shantung, etc. : Fifty years 
in China, Burt (E, W.) ss. net Mar. *as 

Baptiste Larocque, Wallace (P, A. W.) 6s. nat. 

Sept. **5 

Baptists : Burden of the Pharisees* TS, 60. net. 




Bar Final, All you need for the, Brooks (G). 

5s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Btrbacloes Colonial report, 1924-25. gd. net, 
H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Barbara in Brittany, Gillie (A. E.) is. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Barbara in charge, Fraser (M. E.) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '2 
Barbara's stormy wooing, Clay (B. M.) 25. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Barbarian lover, Pedler (M.) 23 Jan. *25 

Barbeau (Marius) and Sapir (Edward) Folk 
songs of French Canada. Roy, Svo, i8s. 6d. 
net MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Barbed wire, Car/me (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Barber (N. K.). See Marzials (F. M.) and Barber. 

Barber (T. G.) Hucknall Torkard Church : its 
history and Byron associations. Foreword by 
J. C. Squire. 8$- X s, pp. 71, is. net. 
(Hucknall Torkard Vicarage, Notts.) 

AUTHOR, Nov. '25 

Barbizon House, 1924 : an illustrated record. 
Roy. 4to, 12^x9, 2is. net. 


Barbizon House, 1925 : an. illustrated record. 
41 plates. 12^ X 9, 2is. net. 
(8, Henrietta St., W.i.) D. CROAL THOMSON, 

Dec. '25 

Barbor (H. R.) Against the red sky: silhou- 
ettes of revolution. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7lx 5, 
pp. 280, 35. 6d. net..H. DOUGLAS, Oct. '25 

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D.D. Illus. 7th ed., rev. 8vo, 8^x5^, 
pp. 691, 73. 6d. net..HoDDER & S., Sept. '25 

Barbour (R. W.) Thoughts from the writings 
of R. W. Barbour. sth impr. i8rno, 23. 6d. 
net .BLACKWOOD, June '25 

Barbour (Ralph H.) Hold 'em, Wyndham ! 
Cr. 8vo, 6s. net APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Barbry, Rideout (H. M.) 7s. 6d. net.. . June '25 

Barca boy, Fox (S. M.) 7s. 6d. net May '2$ 

Barchester novels, Twllope (A.) 6 vols. (set), 

453. net Nov. '25 

Barchester Towers, Trollope (A.) 2S. net. 

Feb. '25 

Barclay (Charles W., Rev.) -A History of the 
Barclay Family: with full pedigree from 
1066 to 1924. Illus. (In 2 vols.) Vol. i. 
Impl. 8vo, 11^x8, pp. 156 (set) 633. net. 

ST. CATHERINE PR., Jan. '25 

Barclay (V. C.) Jungle wisdom : a book for 

Cubmasters. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 94, 

2S. net (Glasgow) J. BROWN, Dec. '25 

Barclay Family, History of the, Barclay (C. W.) 

633. net Jan. '25 

Barcroft (Joseph) 'The Respiratory function 
of the blood. Part i, Lessons from high 
altitudes. Roy. 8vo, 10 x 6, pp. 219, 12S. 6d. 

net CAMS. UNIV. PR., Nov. "25 

Barcynska (Countess) -Back to the honey-pot: 
a story of the Stage. Cr. 8vo, 7lx $, pp. 287, 

75. 6d. net HURST & B., Oct. '25 

Barcynska (Countess) Hand painted. Cr. 8vo, 
7|X5, pp. 287, 73. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., May '25 

Barcynska (Countess) Tesh a : a plaything of 

destiny. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7$ x 5, 

pp. 222, 3$, Gd net . . HURST <Sc B., Jan. '25 

Barcynska (Countess) We women i Popular 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7jX5 PP ; *% 3g. 6d. net 

HURST & B., Feb. '25 

Bardelys the Magnificent, Sabatini (R.) is. net. 

May '25 
Bards of the Gael and Gall, Sigerson (G.) IDS. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Bare souls, Bradford (G,) las. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

BarfieliS (Owen) The Silver trumpet. 8vo, 
8| X 6J, pp. 142, 7S. 6d. net. 

FABER & G. Nov. '25 

Barge of haunted lives, Tyson (]. A.) 3$. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 


BariatinsScy (Princess Anatole Marie) Character 

as revealed by handwriting. 2nd ed. Cr. 

8vo, 7jx 5, pp. 124, 2S. 6d. net. 

Baring (Maurice) -Cat's cradle. Illus. by 

Daphne Baring. Svo, 8^x5$, pp. 734, 153. 

net HEINEMANN, Oct. '25 

Baring (Maurice) Collected poems. 8vo, S x s|> 

Pp- 367, IO . S ' 6d. net . . HEINEMANN, Apr. '25 
Baring (Maurice) Dead letters. Uniform ed. Svo, 

8 i X si, pp. 220, 6s. net. 

HEINEMANN, Sept. '25 
Baring (Maurice) Diminutive dramas. 8vo, 

Sixsi, pp. 191, 55. net. 

HEiNEMAN"]sr, May '25 
Baring (Maurice) Half a minute's silence, and 

other stories. Svo, 8 x 5 1, pp. 214, 8s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Feb. '25 

Baring (Maurice) ed. The Oxford book of 

Russian verse. Fcp. Svo, 6fX4, pp. 251, 

8s. 6d. net j India paper, los. net. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 
Baring (Maurice) Translations ancient and 

modern, with originals. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 

78, 6s. net HEINEMANN, July '25 

Baring (Maurice) Translations, ancient and 

modern : with originals. Ed. limited to 125 

numbered copies. Roy. Svo, 8|X6, pp. 91, 

handmade p., 2is. net. . . HEINEMANN, July '25 
Baring, Maurice, Bibliography of ist eds. of, 

Chaundy (L.) 6s net Aug '25 

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strange events. New ed. 2 vols. 7j X si, 
pp. 414, 395, ea. 7s. 6d. net . . LANE, Dec. '25 

Baring-Gould (Sabine) Further reminiscences, 
1864-1894. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9 X 5 1, pp. 303, 
i6s. net LANE, Feb. '25 

Barker (A. T.) ed. Index to the Mahatma 
letters to A. P. Sinnett. From the Mahatmas 
M. and K. H. Svo, swd., is. 6d. net. 

UN WIN, Apr. *25 

Barker (Alfred E.) University Ideals : Presiden- 
tial address to the Yorkshire Natural Science 
Association 1924-25 j [and] Genetics and wool 
production : an address, gf X 6, pp. 60, 55. net. 
(Univ. of Leeds) Author, June '25 
Barker (Anthony Raine) The Fairyland ex- 
press : a book of woodcuts for children 
between the ages of three and eighty-three. 
Roy. Svo, 81 X 6J, 55. net.. LANE, "Dec. '25 
Barker (Cicely Mary) Flower fairies of the 
summer, Illus. 121110, 5|X4|, is. 6d. net. 
BLACKIE, Apr . '25 
Barker (Harley Granville-). See Gfanville- 


Barkworth's last year, Mowbray (J.) as. net. 

Sept. '25 

Barlas (John E.) (" Evelyn Douglas ") Selec- 
tions from Poems. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5^, pp. 64, 

53. net E. MATHEWS, Nov. '25 

Barlow (T. D.) Albert Durer : his life and work : 
a lecture delivered to the Print Collectors' Club, 
1922. With notes on watermarks, and 
chronological list of his woodcuts and en- 
gravings, and illustrations of his work. Cr. 
4to, iox7ir, PP- 4Q> 6s. net. 

Barman (Christian) The Danger to St. Paul's. 
Cr, Svo, 7! X 5, pp. 159, 4S. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, May '25 
Barnaby Rudge, Dickens (C.) 6s. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Barnard, Lady Anne, at the Cape, Fairbridge (D.) 

303. net Jan. *25 

Barnard (Francis Pierrepont) ed. Edward IV's 
French expedition of 1475, the leaders and 
their badges: being MS. 2.M.i6., College of 
Arms. Roy. Svo, 91x8, pp. 177, sis. net. 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Barnard (G. C.) An Elementary puzzle arith- 
metic. Teachers' ed., with solutions. Cr. 
8vo, 71 X 5, pp. 80, 38. 6d. net ; without 
solutions, pp. 52, is. gd, net. 

ALLEN & U., Sept, '25 





Barnard (H. dive) A Geography of common 
things. 23 illus. isrno, y x 4f, pp. 127, 

2S. 6d BLACK, Sept. '25 

Barnard (H. dive) Outlines of physical geo- 
graphy. 3rd edit., containing 93 illus., maps 
and diagrams. Repr. Cr. Svo, 7f X 5, pp. 164, 

35. 6d. net BLACK, Dec. '25 

Barnard (J. E.) and Welch (Frank V.). Practical 
photo-micrography. 2nd ed., rev. 8vo, 
HX 5i PP- 328, 1 8s. net . .E. ARNOLD, Nov. '25 
Barnard (Marjorie C.) " Angel Pig" : a school 
story for girls. Illus. Cr. Svo, 71 X 5, pp. 
224, 2S. 6d. net. (Blue star ser.) 

NELSON, Apr. '25 

Barnard (Marjorie C.) The Secret brotherhood : 

a story for young readers. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 192, as. net. (White star ser,} 

NELSON, Apr. '25 

Barnard (Winifred E.) and Spriggs (Elsie Helena) 

Tales to tell to little children. With 60 illus. 

by Elsie Anna Wood. Foreword by Basil 

Matthews. Cr. Svo. 7S- X 5, pp. 126, as. 6d. net. 

N.S.S.U., May '25 

Barnefield (George). See Carpenter (E.) and 


Barnes (Emma J.) A Needle and thread. With 

frontis. Cr. Svo, 7$- x 5, pp. 215, ss. 6d. net. 

Low, June '25 

Barnes (Harry E.). See Merriam (C. E.) and 


Barnes (James M.) A Guide to good golf; 
With illus. Svo, 8&X5f, pp. 151, 6s. 6dL net. 

LANE, Oct. '25 

Barnes (W. Emery, Rev.) Early Christians at 
prayer, 1-400 A.D. With a chapter on early 
prayers for the departed. i8mo, 6 x 3f, 

pp. 192, 33. 6d. net METHUEN, Dec. '24 

Barnes (William) Twenty poems in common 
English. Intro, by John Drinkwater. ismo, 
7 X 4$> PP 45? 2S. 6d. net. (Little igth century 

classics) .. BLACKWELL, Mar,, Aug. '25 

Barnes-Grundy (Mabel)- The Great husband 
hunt. Cheap ed, i2mo, 7j X 4^, pp. 286, 

2S. net HUTCHINSON, May '25 

Barnes-Grundy (Mabel) The Mating of Marcus. 
Popular eel. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 303, 35, 6d. 

net HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

Barnes-Grundy (Mabel) Patricia plays a part. 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 7j x 4], pp. 284, 2s. net. 


Barnes-Grundy (Mabel) The Third Miss Wen- 
derby. Cheap ed. i2mo, 7j x 4$-, pp. 250, 

as. net HUTCHINSON, Apr. '25 

Barnes-Grwndy (Mabel) Two in a tent and 
Jane. Cheap ed, i2nio, 7^ x 4|> pp. 245, 

2s. net HUTCHINSON, Apr. '25 

Barnes-Grundy (Mabel) An Undressed heroine. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7| x 4|, pp, 286, 2s. net. 


Baraies-Grundy (Mabel) The Vacillations of 
Hazel. Cheap ed. ismo, 7| x 4$, pp. 256, 

2S. net HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

Barraett (P. A.) The Little book of health and 
courtesy: for boys and girls. iSmo, 6|X4, 

pp. 24, swd., 6d. net LONGMANS, Nov. '25 

Barraett (T. RatcMe) Border byways and 
Lothian lore. With 16 illus. Cr. Svo, 7f X5, 
pp. 220, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Edinburgh) R. GRANT, May '25 

Barney of Biffin's, Bruce (M.) July '25 

Barsioiiw (A. J.) VondeL With intro. by 

Edward J. Bok, Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 241, 

7s. 6d. net. (Great Hollanders.) 

SCRIBNERS, Apr. '25 

Barns (J. H.) Estimating for builders, 8vo, 
8X5|, pp. 174, 6s. net. 

" THE BUILDER," Sept. '25 
Baroda Central Library Descriptive catalogue 
of MSS. in the Central Library, Baroda. Com- 
piled by G. K. Shrigondekar and K S. R. 
Siromain. Vol. I, Vedic. Svo, pp. 292, I2S. 
(Gaekwad*$ Oriental ser.) 

Barometer manual for use of seamen, Meteoro- 
logical Office, is. 6d. net July '25 


Baron (David) The History of Israel : its 
spiritual significance : a series of connected 
expositions. Svo, 8 x 5 $, pp. 318, 6s. net, 

MORGAN & S., Oct. '25 

Baron of Diamond Tail, Ogden (G. W.) 2s. net. 

May '25 

Barr (James, Sir) ed. Abrams' methods of 
diagnosis and treatment. Illus. Svo, 9X5!-, 
pp. 154, 53. net ...... HEINEMANN, July '25 

Barr (Robert) The Speculations of John Steele. 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 7j X 4^, pp. 262, 2S. net. 

COLLINS, July '25 
Barren ground, Glasgow (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Barres (Jean-Baptiste) Memoirs of a Napoleonic 
officer. Edit, with an intro. by his grandson 
Maurice Barres. Trans, by Bernard Miall. 
Roy. Svo, Sfxsf, pp. 316, I2S. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Feb. '25 

Barrett (E. Boyd) The New psychology : 
how it aids and interests. 8Jxs|, pp. 367, 
i2S. 6d. net ...... HARDING & MORE, Sept. '25 

Barrett (Jack) The Premier cross-word puzzle 
book. Twelve new cross word puzzles, ist 
and 2nd series. Svo, 7|X6|, pp. 36, ea. is. 
net ..... . .............. F. WARNE, Feb. '25 

Barrett (R. R. Gordon-). Sec Gordon- Barrett. 
Barrett (Richmond Brooks) Rapture. Cr. 8vo ? 
, pp. 310, 7s. 6cl. net . .J. CAPE, Jan. '25 

Barrett (William, Sir) The Religion of health : 
an examination of Christian Science, Com- 
pleted by Rosa M. Barrett. With port. Cr. 
Svo, 7|xs, pp. 158, 35. 6d, net. 

DENT, Nov. '25 
Barrett (William Alex.) English Church com- 

posers. With extra chapters by Gilbert H. 

Beard. With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. i<)7, 

2S. 6d. net .................. S. Low, Aug. '25 

Barrie (James M., Sir) Better dead. Repr. 

Cr. Svo, 7jX5, pp. 153, 3S. 6d. net. 

ALLEN &U., Feb. '25 
BarrSe (James M., Sir)- Peter Pan and Wendy. 

Cheap ed. 121110, 7^x4^, pp. 317, 2s, net 

Ho ODER & S., Feb. '25 
Barriers Peter Pan and Wendy ; retold, Byron 

(M.) 55., 2S. 6tl net .............. Sept. '25 

Barrier in the Passos, Thwaytes (L.) 7s. 6d. 

net ....... . ..................... . Oct. *25 

Barnere, Basin (R.) 2S. 61. net. . .. . .July '25 

Barrington (E.)- The Divine lady : a romance 

of Nelson and Emma Hamilton, Cr. Bvo, 

7$- X 5> PP- 4^4 7s. 6d, net. .HARKA.P, Mar. '25 
Barrington scandal, Re-ul (E.) 73. 6d. not. 

May '25 
Barrow (Kathleen M.)~ The Singing heart, 

Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7|X 5, pp. 284, 3*?. net. 

A. M. PIHLPOT, Aug. '25 
Barrow (Percy James) The Man who went 

back. Cr. Svo, 71 X 5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, /'V6. '25 
Barrows (David P.). See Sail (K. M.) and 

Barry (Ian) Speculation in economics (without 

prejudice). Roy. 8vo, <}X6, pp. x66, 7S. 6d. 

net . . ...... . ..... WILLIAMS & N, June '25 

Barry (Philip) You and- 1; a comedy In three 

acts. Intro, by George P. Baker, lUus,, Svo, 

8x5$-, pp. 187, 6s. net. (Long plays of the 47 

Workshop) ........ , .BEENTANOS, Peb* '25 

Barry and Budd, Silvers (E. R.) 6s, net. 

Nw, '55 
iartltold (W.) A History of the study of the 

East, in Europe and Russia : lectures. 3rd 

ed. (la Russian.) Svo, pp. 324, swd. 6s. 

(Leningrad.) . ---- . ---- ...... LTOAC, OA *as 

Bartholomew (J. G.) The Oxford economic 

atlas. Intro, by L. W. Lyde. 6th ed., rev. 

by John Bartholomew. Demy 4 to, nj X 9, 

pp. 76, 6s. net.. ....... .MXLFORO, Apr. '35 

Bartholomew's Handy reference atlas of London* 

5th ed., rev. and en!. 8vo 9x5!, pp. 86, 6s. 

net ........... , J. BARTHOLOMEW, July '25 

** Bartli!iiis ** Great security* Cr. Svo, 7ix$, 

pp. 334* TS. 6d. net .... CASSKLL, $*ft *5 
Bartlett (F. C.) Sec Myers (C. S.) and Bartlett. 




Bartlett (J. Vernon, Rev.) Early Church 

history : a sketch of its first four centuries. 

Rev. ed. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 256. 33. 6d. 

net R. T. S., Nov. '25 

Bartlett (Vernon) The Brighter side of European 

chaos : a journalist's scrapbook. Foreword by 

Sir Philip Gibbs. 8vo, 9 x 5$-, pp. 223, zos. 6d. 

net HEATH, CRANTON, Sept. '25 

BartSey (John) In memory of our immortal 

brave : a speech before the Presbyterian 

Assoc., Dublin, joth Nov., 1924 (Armistice 

Eve). Svo, 8 X s, pp. 16, swd. 2S. net. 

SIMPKIN, Feb. '25 
Bartolozzi, Zoffany, etc., John (C. H. S.) 53. 

net Dec. '24 

Barton (Bruce) The Man nobody knows. 

With intro. by the Hon. and Rev. James 

Adderley. Cr. Svo, 7iX4^, pp. 192, 35. 6cL net. 

CONSTABLE, Aug. '25 

Barton (D unbar Plunket, Sir) Bernadotte, 

Prince and King, 1810-1844. Illus. Svo, 

9 x 5i ? PP* 260, I2S. net . . . .MURRAY, Dec. '25 
Barton (E. A.) Essentials of infant feeding. 

Cr. Svo, 7& X 5, pp. 88, 33. 6d. net. 

H. K. LEWIS, Mar. '25 
Barton, Dame Elizabeth, McKee (J. R., Rev.) 

2S. net Oct. '25 

Barton (Howard Allan) How to write adver- 
tising. Illus. Svo, 8|-X5f, pp. 293, IDS 6d. 

net LIPPINCOTT, Oct. '25 

Barton (William E.) -The Life of Abraham 

Lincoln. 2 vols. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9ix6J, 

PP- 535; PP- 5*6, (set) 363. net. 

ARROWSMITH, Sept. '25 
BarweSS (William H.) The Spirit return of Mr. 

Hacking. 7|XS, pp. 49, swd. 

(Manchester) Two WORLDS PUBG. Co., Sept. '25 
Baseless fabric, Simpson (H.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Bascfi (A.) and Dvoracek (J.) Austria and its 

economic existence. Cr. Svo, swd., 2S. 6d, 

net. (10, Clifford's Inn, Fleet St.) 

A. W. BOARD, Oct. '25 
Basedow (Herbert) The Australian Aboriginal. 

With 146 illus. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 442, 355. net 

F. W. PREECE ; SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 

Bashford (H. H.)~~The Happy ghost, and other 

stories. Cr. Svo, 71-X5, pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Oct. '25 

Basil (Saint) Ascetic works. Trans, into English 

with intro. and notes, by W. K. L. Clarke. 

Svo, 8 J ]X5|, pp. 362, I2S. 6d. net. (Trans. 

of Christian literature. Ser. i, Greek texts.} 

S.P.C.K., Sept. '25 

Baslteomfi (C. G. H., Rev.) Order for Evening 

Prayer. Cr. Svo, 7l X 5, pp. 127, 23. net. 

Baskerville (Mrs. George) The Flame tree, and 

other folk-lore stones from Uganda. With 

illus. by Mrs. E. G. Morris. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, 

pp. 121, 2S. net SHELDON PR., July '25 

Basket making, Practical, James (G. W.) los. 

net Mar. '25 

Basketry, Lang (Mrs. E.) 153. net... Apr. '25 
Basketry, Practical, Gill (A. A.) 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 
Baskin (Janet) -Artificial flower-making : a 

practical craft for domestic science classes, 

girls' schools, women's institutes, etc. Illus. 

Roy. Svo, 8J- X 6J, pp. 160, 8s. 6d. net. 

PITMAN, Jan. "25 
Basques and their country, Ormond (P. S.) 

2s. 6d. net May '25 

Bassett (Henry) The Theory of quantitative 

analysis and its practical application, Roy 

Svo, 9x5!, pp. 318, 153. net. 

ROUTLEHGE, Feb. '25 
Basis (Praphiillachandra) - Indo-Aryan polity : 

the economic and political condition of India 

as depicted in the Rig Veda, and ed., rev. 

and enl. Svo, 8| X s| pp. 156, 7s. 6d. net. 
P. S. KING, Nov. '25 
Basntoland Colonial report, 1924. od. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 
Bat, Life of the Derennts (C.) 6s. net. Mar, '25 


Bat- Wing, RoJimer (S.) zs. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Bataillon (Lionel). See Febvre (L.) and Bataillon. 

BatcSfeeSder (Roger) Secrets. Adapted from the 
play by Rudolf Besier and May Edginton. 
Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 1 86, 2S. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Jan. '25 

Batchelor (J.) The Pit-dwellers of Hokkaido 
and Ainu place-names considered. Svo, 
8f x 6, 35. K. PAUL, May '25 

Batciielor (J.) Uwepekere or Ainu fireside 
stories, as told by one of themselves. Trans, 
by J. Batchelor," text and trans, in parallel 
columns and notes, swd., 7|-X5, 45. 

K. PAUL, May '25 

Batciielor (Margaret) A Little Rhodesian. lEus. 
Fcp. Svo, 6 x 4i, pp. 238, is. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Batematt (G. C.) Aids to modern language 
teaching, organisation and method in schools. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 68, 2S. 6d. net. 


Bateman (G. C.) Phonetics without symbols : 
French phonetics for schools. Second ed. 
i2mo, 7 J x 4f- , pp. 50, swd. 6d. net. 

HEFFER, Jan. '25 

Batemasra (H. M.) Colonels. Intro, by Harry 
Graham. Roy. 4to, X2xgf, pp. 72, ios. 6d. 
net METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Bateson (J. K.) Moorland mysteries. With 20 
illus. from photos, by C. W. Bateson. Svo, 
8-}X5, pp. 199, ios. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 

Battera (H. Mortimer) Nature from the high- 
ways. Illus. Cr, Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 312, 
73. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Nov. '25 

Battenburg (Marie, Princess of) (Princess Mane 
ZM Erbach-Schonberg) Reminiscences. With 
portr. Svo, 9 x s|, pp. 395, i6s. net. 

ALLEN & U., Nov. '25 

Battersea, Story of, Woolmer (E. A.) 2s. net. 

Dec. '24 

Battle of life, Dickens (C.) (in Pitman's short- 
hand). 2S Sept. '25 

Battle to the weak, Vaugkan (H.) 75. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Battles by sea, Chatterton (E. K.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Battles with giant fish, Hedges (F. A. M.) ios. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Battling Barker, Soutar (A.) 2S. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Battling Malone, Hemon (L.) 75. 6d. net. 

Seft. '25 

Battye (J. S.) Western Australia : a history 
from its discovery to the inauguration of the 
Commonwealth. With frontis. 8vo, 9^x5^, 
pp. 480, 253. net MILPORD, Feb. '25 

Baudot (Dom). See Leduc (Dom) and Baudot. 

Baier (Otto) The Austrian revolution. Trans. 
by H. J. Stenning, Svo, 8fX5|> pp. 288, 
ios. 6d. net PARSONS, Apr. *25 

Bay man n (Emile)La Fosse aux lions. iSmo, 
as. 6d. net. (Collection, Nelson.) 

NELSON, Aug. '25 

Banmer (Sybil) An Introduction to Rabin- 
dranath Tagore's mysticism. Fcp. Svo, 6& X 4i, 
pp. 41, is. 6d. net ; swd., is. net. (Heart 
and life booklets) . . H. R. ALLENSON, June '25 

Baumgartner (W. J.) Laboratory manual of 
the foetal pig. Cr. Svo, 45. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Bauxite and aluminium, Rwnbold (W. G.) 6s. 
net Apr. '25 

Bavaria, Elizabeth Charlotte of Letters of 
Madame. 2 vols., ea. iSs. net Feb. '25 

Bavin (W. D.)~~The International lessons: 
pocket notes for 1926. 321110, 5iXst.PP- 
150, 2S. sd. net ; interleaved 2S. 9d. net ; limp, 
is. od. net N.S.S.U., Sept. '25 

Bax (Clifford) Inland far : a book of thoughts 
and impressions. Illus. Svo, 8 X si, pp. 
332, ios. 6cl. net HEINEMANN, Sept. '25 

Baxendale (A. S.) Britain's coming crash ; 
letters to my son on currency. Cr. Svo, 7|-x 5, 
pp. 253, 53. net C. PALMER, Feb. *25 





(A. S.) Currency: an indictment. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 195, 6s. net. 

C. PALMER, "Dec. '25 

Baxter (George Owen) Free Range tanning : 
a western story. Cheap ed. i2mo, 7^x4$-, 
pp. 319, as. net ...... HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

Baxter (George Owen) King Charlie. Cr. 8vo, 
7i X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '23 

Baxter (Richard) Autobiography. Being the 
Religuise Baxterianae, abridged from the 
folio (1696), with intro., appendices and notes, 
by J. M. Lloyd Thomas. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 
7fX5, pp. 349, 73. 6d. net .. DENT, Oct. '25 

Baxter (Richard) Chapters from a Christian 
directory of Richard Baxter: a summary of 
practical theology and cases of conscience. 
Selected by Jeannette Tawney. With pref. 
by the Right Rev. Charles Gore. Cr. 8vo, 
7| X 5, pp. 192, 6s. net .... BELL, Mar. '25 

Baxter, Richard, Puritan and mystic, Ladell 
(A. R.) 55. net ................... .Jan. '25 

Bayer (F. J.) Book of the Popes. 4to, swd., 
7s. 6cl. net ............ METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Baylin (J. R.) Foreign loan obligations of 
China : a compendium of secured external 
loan obligations as are provided with regular 
amortisation tables. Sm. 4to, pp. 103, bds., 
i2S. (Tientsin.) ............ LUZAC, Oct. '25 

Bayiiss (W. M., Sir) The Nature of enzyme 

action, sth ed., rev. Roy. 8yo, 9$- X 6, 

pp. 208, 93. net. (Monographs on biochemistry.} 

LONGMANS, May '25 

Baynes (Norman H.) The Byzantine Empire. 
I2mo, 7x4^, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. (Home 
university lib.} ........ WILLIAMS &N,, Dec. '25 

Basal getie (Leon) Henry Thoreau, bachelor 
of nature. Trans, by Van Wyck Brooks. 
8vo, 9 x 5f, pp. 361, las. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, Sept. '25 

Bazett (L. M.) Impressions from the unseen. 
Intro, by Sir William F. Barrett. 8vo, 8 x 5^, 
pp. 122, 53. net. ....... BLACKWELL, May '25 

Bazin (Rene) La Barriere. i8mo, 2s. 6d. net. 

(Collection Nelson} ....... . NELSON, July '25 

Be merry, Hophinson (A. W.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
BeaMe (William Henry) After-dinner stories; 

with some practical hints on short speeches. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 96, 25. 6cl. net. 

HEATH, CRANTON, Sept. '25 
Beable (William Henry) Behind the counter: 

a practical guide for shop assistants. Cr. 

8vo, 7iX5, pp. 102, 35. 6d. net. 

SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 
Beable (William Henry) ed. Epitaphs ; grave- 

yard humour and eulogy. Cr. 8vo, 7| x s, 

pp. 256, 6s. net .......". ..SIMPKIN, Sept*'z$ 

Beable (William Henry) On the road : a book 
of experience and advice. Foreword by Fred 
Coysh. Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 125, 55. net. 

SIMPKIN, Sept. '25 

Beach (Harlan P.) and Fahs (Charles H.) ed. 
World missionary atlas : containing a direc- 
tory of missionary societies, classified sum- 
maries of statistics, etc. Maps by John 
Bartholomew. Folio I4fxio|, pp. 251, 428. 
net .......... EDIN. HOUSE PR., Mar. '25 

Beach (Mrs. Hicks) Blackmarston. Cr. 8vo, 
7^x5, pp. 371, 75. 6d. net. 

CONSTABLE, Jan. '25 

Beach (Joseph W.)- Meek Americans, and other 
European trifles. Cr. 8vo, IDS. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR,, Apr. '25 

Beach (Joseph W.) Meek Americans. Cheap 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 73. 6d. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., June '25 

Beach (Lucy E.) Child life in Westminster : a 
report on an inquiry. 7&X5J, pp. 115, swd. 
25. net. (26, Gordon St., W.C.i) 


Beach (Rex) Big brother, and other stories. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7& x 5, pp. 319, 35. 6d. 


HODDER & S., Mar. '25 


Beacti (Rex) Big b'rother. Cheap ed. I2mo, 
7X4, pp. 192, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., June '25 

Beach-Webb (H.) The Honourable fool. Cr. 
8vo, 7$ X 5, PP. 320, 75. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, July '25 
Beale (John F.). See Thresh (J. C.) and Beale. 

Beaie (Nora St. John) Mustard and cress. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 319, 35. 6d. 
net L. PARSONS, Apr. '25 

Bean (C. E. W.) The Story of Anzac, from 
May 4, 1915, to the evacuation of the Gallipoli 
Peninsula. (Vol. 2 of the Official history 
of Australia in the War of 1914-1918.) 8| X 6, 
pp. 993, 283. net ANGUS & R., Jan. '25 

Bean (W. J.) -Trees and shrubs hardy in the 
British Isles. Illus. 2 vols. 4th ed., rev. 
Roy. 8vo, 9X6, pp. 704, 744, 635. net. 

MURRAY, Feb. '25 

Beano's adventures, Wood (L.) gd. net Aug. '25 

Bear-leaders, Rawson (D.) 73. 6d. net.. Oct. *25 

Beard (Charles A.) American government and 
politics. 8vo, i8s. net. .MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Beard (Dan) Do it yourself. 8vo, IDS. 6d. net. 
(Woodcraft ser.) . . LIPPINCOTT, Oct. '25 

Beardsley (Wilfred A.) Infinitive constructions 
in old Spanish. 8vo, i6s. 6d. net. (Studies in 
romance, philology, etc.} . . MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Beardsley period, Burdett (0.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Bearman (Ethel C.) Further translations from 

and into French : a guide to French unseen 

translation and composition. Fcp. 8vo,6| x 4 J, 

pp. 95, is. gd, (Dent's modern language ser}. 

DENT, Apr. '25 

Bearman (Ethel G.) Key to " Translations from 
and into French," and to " Further transla- 
tions from and into French." Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 
pp. 95, 2S. 6d. (Dent's Modern language ser.) 

DENT, Sept. '25 

Bears, Stories about, Gash (L.) is, 3d,, is. 6d. net. 

May, July '25 

Bears : with and without sore heads. By A 
Lover of Animals. 7i X4f, pp. 16, is. net. 

STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Beasiey (C. G.) Local geography : a guide, with 
sources of information. Demy. 8vo, 8&X5}, 
pp. 24, is. 6d. net, swd. is. net. 

MURBY, Mar., July '25 

Beasts, men and gods, Ossendowski (F.) 7$. 6cl. 
net , Mar. '25 

Beating the favourite, Gould (N.) as. net July '25 

Baatson (F. C., Maj.-Gcn.) Wellington : the 
crossing of the Gaves and the Battle of Orthez. 
Illus. 8vo, 9X5!, PP. 288, 2is. net, 


Beattie (J. Martin) and Dickson (W. E. Carnegie) 
A Textbook of pathology. 2 vols. Vol. x, 
General pathology ; Vol. 2, Special pathology. 
Illus. 3rd ed., rev. Roy, 8vo, 10 X 6J 
ea. 253. net ; also complete, 423. net. 

HEINEMANN, Apr. '25 

Btauchamp (Barony of)- Speeches delivered by 
Counsel before the Ctte. for Privileges ana 
Judgment. 35. net .... H,M.S,G, Mat. '$5 

Beaufort, Lady Margaret, Routh (E. M. G.) 
6s. 6d. net , , Jan. *25 

Beauman (A. B., Br. Lt.-Col.) Common mistakes 
in the solution of tactical problems. 8|X5i: 
pp. 38, 2S* 6d. net ....... .H, REES, Nav, 25 

Beaumont (Albert) The Hero : a theory of 
tragedy. Cr. 8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 144, 43* 6<L net. 
ROUTLEPGB, June *25 

Beaumont (Francis) and Fletcher (John) The 
Knight of the Burnmg Pestle. Bait, by John 

Hampden, i8mo swd, is. 

(Plain text plays). 

BLAGKXB, may '25 

Beaumont (G. E) and Dodds (E. C.) -Recent 
advances in medicine : clinical, laboratory, 
therapeutic, and ed. with 40 illus, 8vo t 
8|X5|, pp. 380, xos. 6d. net. 

J. & A, CHURCHILL, July *5 

Beaurieu, 0. G, de, et son eleve de k Nature, 
Legouis (E.) 2s. net .............. Nov. '35 




Beautiful and damned, Fitzgerald (F. S.) zs. 

Beautiful Miss Barry, Applin (A.) 75. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Beauty, Frumusan (J.) 73. 6d. net. . . Oct. '25 
Beauty and the pig, Horn (K.) 73. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Beauty in quiet places : poems, Little (J. H. V.) 

is. 6d. net ........... . .......... Sept. '25 

Beauty, Women and, Webb-Johnson (C.) 53. 

net ............................ Mar. '25 

Because of Holy Ones, Duffy (P. J. O'C.) is, 6d. 

net ............................ Apr. '25 

Beehuattaland Protectorate Colonial report, 

1924-25- 9&* net ...... H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Beck (Carl) The Crippled hand and arm. Roy. 

8vo, 303. net ..... , . . LIPPINCOTT, Mar. '25 
Beck (L. Adams) The Treasure of Ho : a 

romance. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 296, 73. 6d. 

net ..... ................. COLLINS, May '25 

Becke (Louis) The Adventures of a supercargo. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 285, 55. net. 

UN WIN, Feb. '25 
Becke (Louis) Yorke the adventurer, and other 

stories. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 254, 53. net, 

UN WIN, Jan. '25 
Becker, the counterfeiter, Hill (G. F.) Pt. i. 

I2S. net ........................ Jan. '25 

Beckford (Peter)-Thoughts on hunting, Intro. 

by Charles Richardson. i2mo, 7 X 4|, 

pp. 255, lambskin, 6s. net (Abbey classics). 

SIMPKIN, Mar. '25 

Becque (Henry) Les Corbeaux. i8mo, 2S. 

(Modern language, texts.) , .HARRAP, Oct. '25 
Bed of roses, George (W. L.) 2s. May '25 
Bed rock, Bethea (J.) 73. 6d. net .... Sept. '25 
Bed- time stories. Illus. Cr. 4 to, 10 x 7i, 

pp. 127,35. .. " DAILY NEWS," Sept. '25 
Bedilow (Bruce) The Golden milestone. Cr. 

8vo, 7$x 5, pp. 316, 73, 6d. net. 

CASSELL, May '25 
Bedford (H. Louisa) The Deerhurst girls; or, 

A Triple alliance. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7|- X 5^, 

pp. 248, as. 6d. net ...... NELSON, Apr. '25 

Bedford (H. Louise) The Other one. Cr. 8vo, 

is. 6d. net. ('* Silver Lion " lib.) 

COLLINS, Aug. '25 
Bedford (Herbert) Robert Schumann : his life 

and work. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7l X 5, 

pp. 282, 75. 6d. net. (Masters of music). 

K. PAUL, Oct. '25 
Bedford- Jones (H.) Afoul of destiny. Cheap ed. 

i2mo, 7i x 4!, pp. 278, 2S. net. 

HXJRST & B., Feb. '25 
Bedford- Jones (H.) Far horizons. Cr. 8vo, 

71 X 5, pp. 287, 73. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Oct. '25 
Bedford-Jones (H.) Loot ! A novel Cheap 

ed. i2mo, 7iX4&, pp. 285, 25. net. 

HURST & B., Feb. '25 
Bedford- Jones (H.) The Star woman. Cr. 8vo, 

7&X5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., June '25 
Bedford- Jones (H.) The Wilderness trail. Cheap 

ed. i2mo, 7j x 4j, pp. 250, 2s. net. 

HURST & B., Mar. '25 
Bedford Row mystery, Fletcher (J. S,) 73. 6d. 

net ............................ May '25 

Bedford School, History of, Sargeaunt (J.) 

153. net ................ , ....... Apr. '25 

Bedouin justice, Kennett (A.) 73, 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Beeb (William) Jungle days. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 

9 X 6i, pp. 207, los. 6d. net. 

PUTNAM, Oct. '25 
Beechen, vigil, poems, Day-Lewis (C.) as, 6d, 

net . . ........ . ................... Oct. '25 

Seeching (C. L. T.)- Goods of the grocer and 

provision, dealer. 3rd ed., rev. f with pref. by 

Viscount Leverhulme. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 

192, 4$. net. 

Batching (C. L, T.) Salesmanship for the grocer 

and provision dealer. Cr. 8vo 71* X 5, pp. 146, 

35. net . . . . INST. OF CERT, GROCERS, July '25 


Beekeeping do's and dont's, Edwardes (T.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Beekeeping: Spirit of the hive, Sharp (D. L.) 

7s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Beekeeping up to date, Flowe (A. B.) is, 6d. 

net , Apr. *%,$ 

Beer (M.) The Life and teaching of Karl Marx. 

Trans, by T. C. Partington and H. J. Stenning, 

and rev. by the author. i2mo, 7jX4f, pp. 

I 59> 3s. 6d. net L. PARSONS, June '25 

Beer (M.) Social struggles and modern socialism. 

Trans, by H. J. Stenning. Rev. by the author. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 224, 6s. net. 

L. PARSONS, Nov. '25 
Beer (M.) Social struggles and thought, 1750- 

1860. Trans, by H. J. Stenning, and rev. by 

the author. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 218, 6s. net. 

L. PARSONS, June '25 

Beer&ohm (Max) -Observations. Illus. Demy 

4to, ii|x8|, 255. net .. HEINEMANN, Oc2. '25 
Bees, butterflies and moths, Some other. Mace 

(H.) 43. 6d. net July '25 

Bees, wasps and ants, flail (C. A.) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Beeston (L. J.) Every night about half-past 

eight, and other stories. Cheap ed. i2mo, 

7iX4i, pp. 288, as. net. 

Beethoven, Bekker (P.) IDS. 6d. net.. . Nov. '25 

Beethoven : I, Pianoforte sonatas, Milne (A. F.) 
is. 6d. net Mar, '25 

BeeiOfi (Mrs.) Cold sweets : jellies, creams, 
fruit dishes, cold puddings, and ices: 350 
recipes. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 128, 2S. 6d. 
net WARD, LOCK, May '25 

Btetori (Mrs.) Hors d'oeuvres and savouries ; 
including cheese and egg dishes, sandwiches, 
salads and dressings. 350 recipes. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f x 5, pp. 128, 23. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Sept. '25 

Beeton (Mrs.) Puddings and pies: tarts, 
souffles, omelets and fritters : 350 recipes. 
illus. Cr. 8vo, 7$ x 5, pp. 128, 23. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, May '25 

Beeton (Mrs.) Sauces and soups ; including 
sauces for fish, meat, vegetables and puddings, 
also broths and thick and clear soups. Over 
300 recipes. Illus. Cr, 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 128, 
2S. 6d. net , . WARD, LOCK, Sept. '25 

Before Adam, London (J.) gd. net. . . July '25 

Before the dawn, Kagawa (T.) 75. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Before the storm, Ouroussoff (Princess). 33. 6d. 
net Nov. '25 

Begbie (Harold) J. H. Taylor ; or, The Inside 
of a week. With port Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 
107, 2S. 6d. net MILLS & B., Mar. '25 

Begfeie (Harold) A London girl. Rev. and enl. 
with a new pref. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 192, 
2S. 6d. net MILLS & B., July '25 

Beggar on horseback : play, Kaufman (G. S.) and 
Connelly (M.) 55., 2$. 6d. net May '25 

Beggars of life, Ttdly (J.) 6s. net Mar. '25 

Behaviour, Peculiarities of, Stekel (W.) sos, net. 

May *25 

Behaviourism, Watson (J. B.) 12$. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Behind the counter, Beable (W. H,) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Belbltz (J. H,, Rev.) What I believe and why 
I believe it. X2Hio, 7$ x 4l pp. 171, as. 6d. 
net. A. R. MOWBRAY, Feb. '25 

Beisiegel (M. K. A,) Notes on Stevenson's 
"Treasure Island.'* i2mo, 7X4|, pp. 93, 
swd. is. 6d. net. (Normal tutorial ser.) 
(E. Dulwich.) NORMAL PR,, Aug. '25 

Bekassy (Ferenc) Adriatica, and other poems. 
Pref. by F. L. Lucas. Cr. 8vo, 7f X si, pp. 68, 
43. 6d. net HOGARTH PR., Apr, '25 

Bekker (Paul) Beethoven. Trans, and adapted 
from the German by M. M. Bozraan. Roy. 
8vo, 9X6, pp. 401, IDS. 6d. net. (Dent's 
Internal lib. of books on music,). 

.DENT, Nov. '25 





BsSben (May) Moon and mist. [Poems] Intro, 
by J. Nankivell. ismo, 23. 6d. net. 

(Bournemouth), W. MATE, May '25 

BeSfoen (May) The Night wind, and other poems. 
7l X 4f, pp. 67, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Bournemouth) W. MATE, Nov. '25 

Beled-Es-Siba, Allen (W. E, D.) 8s. 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 

Belfast and Ulster Directory for 1925. (Vol. 45.) 
Sfxsf, pp. i, 880. 


Belgian public finance, Restoration of, Janssen 
(A. E.) is. net Oct. '25 

Belgique, Ravitaillement de la, Henry (A ) 
8s. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Belgium, Joyous entry into brighter, Brown 
(A. J.) as. 6d. net May '25 

Belgium : Reign of Leopold II, Boulger (D. C.) 
42S. net Feb. '25 

Belgium Report on economic and financial 
conditions, with an annexe on the economic 
situation in the Grand Duchy of Luxemburg, 
Dec., 1924. 35. 6d. net . . H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Belgium, Seven days in, Harvey (J. W.) is., 
6d. net May '25 

SeSgrave (M. Dorothy) and Hart (Hilda) 
Indian fairy tales and legends. Hlus. by Harry 
G. Theater. Edit, by Capt. E. Vredenburg. 
Roy, 8vo, 9X6$, pp. 104, 35. 6d. net. 

R. TUCK, Oct. '25 

Belief, Mystery of, Whitkam (A, R.) 35. 6d. 
net Jan. '25 

Believe, What I, BeiUtz (J. H., Rev.) ss. 6d. 
net Feb. '25 

Believe, What I, Russdl (B.) ;>s. 6d. net. Mar. '25 

BeSl (Aubrey F. G.) Francisco Sanchez el 
Brocense. i8mo, 73. 6d. net. (Hispanic 
notes and monographs).. M.IL'FQ'RV, Mar. '25 
Bell (Aubrey F. G.)- Juan Gines de Sepulveda. 
i8mo, 5$. net. (Hispanic notes and mono- 
graphs) MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Bell (Aubrey F. G.) Luis de Leon : a study of 
the Spanish Renaissance. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 
9X5|, pp. 394, 30S. net. , MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Ball (Aubrey F. G.) ed.The Oxford book of 
Portuguese verse : Xllth century-XXth cen- 
tury. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4j, pp. 360, 8s. 
HiLFQ-RD,Aug. '25 

Bell (Aubrey F. G.) trans. Lyrics, Vicente (G.) 

July '25 

[Bel! (Charles C., Rev.) The Work of an evange- 
" list. Cr. 8vo, 7$X5 pp. 160, ss. 6d. net. 
MQWBRAY, July '25 

el (G. K. A.) and Robertson (W. L.) eds. 
The Church of England and the Free Churches : 
proceedings of joint conferences held at 

Lambeth Palace, 1921-25. i2mo, 7| x 4l 

pp. 103, 2s. 6d. net MILFORD, ATot>. '25 

eli (H. I. and C. C.J Welsh _ poems of_the 

twentieth century. In English verse. With 
an historical and critical essay on Welsh poetry, 
by H. I. Bell. 8vo, 9^x sf, pp. 149, 5s. net. 
(Wrexham), HUGHES, Apr. '25 
Self (J, Carleton) ed. Contributions to educa- 
tion. Vol. i. 8vo, 75. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, Dec. '24 

Bell (J. J.) The Braw Bailie. With frontis. 
Cr. 8vo, 7& X 6, pp. 272, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. CASTLE, Oct. '25 
Bell (J. J.) The Invisible net. Cr. 8vo, 71 X 5, 

PEARSON, Apr. '25 
Bell (J. J.)" Whither thou goest Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 71 x 4i, pp. 254, ss. net. 

J. LONG, Jan. '25 

Bel! (James, Rev.) -The Garments of God, and 
other sermons. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 192, 

53. net J. CLARKE, Oct. '25 

JBell (Kenneth) and Morgan (Gladys M.) The 
Great historians ; an. anthology of British 
history arranged in chronological order. 8vo, 
, pp. 364, 7s, 6d. net ; school ed., 5s. 

CHRISTOPHERS, Jan., Mar. '25 


Bell (M. G, Kennedy) A Garden timepiece. 

Illus. 8vo, 8|X5l, pp. 223, 7s. 6d. net. 

Bell, Moberly, and his times, Kitchin (F. H.) 

las. 6d. net Feb. '25 

BeO (Pearl) The Autocrat. Cr. 8vo, 

7| X 5, pp. 284, 73. 6d. net. 

Beil (R. S. Warren) Jim Mortimer. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5j PP- ^78, ss. 6d. net. (Black's Novel 

lib.) BLACK, Apr. '25 

Bell (R. S. Warren) The Mystery of Markham. 

With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 246, ss. 6d. 

net. (Black's Boys' lib.) BLACK, Sept. '25 

Bell (R. S. Warren) Tales of Greyhouse. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 302, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Black's Boys' lib.) BLACK, Sept. '25 

Bel! (William H.) Auditing. Cases and 

questions by John A, Powelson. Roy. 8vo, 

9|x6, pp. 534, 2 is. net PITMAN, May '25 

Bellamy (R. L.) Starchy Archie : the story 
of a first term. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 221, 
33. 6d. net J. CASTLE, Oct. '25 

Bellarmio (Robert, Cardinal) The Mind's ascent 
to God, by a ladder of created things. Done 
into English from the Latin by Monialis. 
Pref. by Rev. P. N. Waggett. 8vo, 8| x sj, 
pp. 249, 73. 6d. net, . . .MOWBRAYS, July '25 

Bellay, Joachim de, Platonism of, Merrill (R. V.) 

7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Bellehelen Mine, Bower (B. M.) 73. 6d. net. 

May *25 
Belfer&y (J. R.) Monetary stability. 8vo 

8|xsJ, pp. 190, 75. 6d, net. 

MACMILLAN, Sept. '25 
BeSSoc (Hilaire) The Cruise of the " Nona.' 1 

8vo, 9 x 5 J, pp. 361, 153. net. 

Belloc (Hilaire) Esto Perpetua : Algerian studies 

and impressions. Illus. Repr. 8vo, 8X5^, 

pp. 199, 55. net DUCKWORTH, June '25 

Belloc (Hilaire)^ First and last. I 7 cp. 8vo, 

J X 4i PP. 3*7, 3S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, SepL '25 
Belloc (Hilaire) The French Revolution. New 

ed. 8vo, 8x5, pp. 256, 53. net. 

WILLIAMS & N., Oct. '25 
Belloc (Hilaire)' Hills and the sea. New ed. 

Fcp. 8vo, 7 X 4i, pp. 288, 3s. Cd. net, 

METHUEN, May '25 
Eelloc (Hilaire) A History of England. Vol. i. 

Pagan England ; Catholic England ; j , The 

Dark ages, "B.C. 55 to A.D. 1066. With 9 maps. 

8vo, 9 x si, pp. 385, 153. net. 

METHXJEN, May '35 
Belloc (Hilaire)- Miniatures of French history. 

With froatis. 8vo, 8 X sJ, pp. uga, 73. 6d. 

net .,,.., NELSON, Oct. '25 

Belloe jHilaire) Mr. Petre : a novel. With si 

drawings by G. K. Chesterton. Cr. 8vo, 7 j X 5, 

pp. 310, 7s. 6d. net. . , ARROWSMITH, May *25 
Belloc (Hilaire) On. Repr* Fcap. 8vo, 7x4$, 

pp. 214, ss. 6d. net .,*... METHUEN, Sept. '25 
Belloe (Hilaire) On nothing and kindred sub- 
jects. New eel. Fcp, 8vo, 7 x 4|, pp. 382- 

35. 6d. net METIHJRN, May *5 

Blloc (Hilaire)- On something. Ropr. 121110,, 

7 x 4|, pp. 284, ss. 6cL net. .METHUEN, Sept. *as 
Belloc (Hilaire) [Poems.] 8vo, 8J X si, pp. 30, 

swd., 6d. net. (Augustan books of tttoderx 

poetry) BENN, July '25 

BeJIoc (Hilaire) Pongo and the bull Cr, 8vo 

7lxs, pp. 288, as, 6d. act, , J. LONG, F&K *25 
Belloc (Hilaire) This and that and the other. 

Repr. x2mQ 7X4ib PP* 95* $s, 6d. net* 

METHUEN, 6>W, *5 
Bellot (Hugh H L,) Analysis of Footed 

" Private international Jaw." 8vo, swd, $& 6d. 

net SWEET & M., Apr. '25 

Bellof (Hugh H. L.) -Gray's Inn and Lincoln's 

Inn. With 14 drawings by James Williams, 

1 8 from photos and plans. x8xao> 6X3i 

pp. 231, OB. net. (Little guides.) 






Bellows (J.) New dictionary of the French and 

English languages. Cr. 8vo, morocco, 153. 

net LONGMANS. Feb. '25 

Bells of Paludale, Slater (W.) 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Bells of the old church tower, Moir (A. L.) 23. 

net Sept. '25 

Bell's Stages in bookland, Moorhouse (E.) Bk. 3. 

is. lod May '25 

Belmont (Perry) National isolation an illusion. 

Svo, 1 8s. net PUTNAM, July '25 

Belmont Mounted Scouts, Hurst (J.) as. net. 

Sept. '25 

Beloved pawn, Titus (H.) 2S. net Apr. '25 

Beloved vagabond, Locke (W.J.) Aug.* 25 
Beloved woman, N orris (K.) 25. net.. May '25 
Ben and Kit, Drewsen (M. E.) is. 3&...Mar. "25 
Benavente, Jacinto, Starkie (W.) los, 6d. net. 

/#. '25 

Bench and the dock, Kingston (C.) 125. 6d. net 

Dec. '25 

Bending of a twig, Coke (D.) as. 6d. net. May '25 
Benedict (Saint) The Rule of Saint Benedict. 

Trans, with an intro. by Cardinal Gasquet. 

With port. Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4f , pp. 158, 53. net. 

(Mediaeval lib.) CHATTO & W., May '25 

Benedictus qui venit, Roche (W.) 2S., is. net. 

Oct. '25 
Benet (Stephen Vincent)- Jean Huguenot. Cr. 

Svo, 7iX5, pp. 300, 7s. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 
Bengal, Early hist, of, Majumdar (R. C.) is. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Bengal, Early history of, Monahan, (F. J.) 153. 

net Jan. '25 

Eenger (Berenger) and Morrah (Herbert A.) 

Highways and hedges : painted by B. B. 

described by H. A. M. i2mo, 7i X 4!, pp. 

160, 53. net BLACK, Mar. '25 

Benham (F. C.). See Mills (R. C.) and Benham. 
Benjamin (Arthur) Sonatina for violin and 

piano. 4to, swd. 6s. net . . MILFORD, Aug. '25 
Eenn (Ernest J. P.) Prosperity and politics. 

I2mo, 7 X 4 1, pp. 95, swd. is. net. 

JARROLDS, Feb. '25 
Benn (Ernest, Sir) The Confessions of a 

capitalist. Roy, Svo, 9$ x 6|, pp. 287, rSs. 

net HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Benn, John, and the Progressive Movement, 

Gardiner (A, G.) 255. net Feb. '25 

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7&X5, pp. 284, 73. 6d, net. UNWIN, Jan. '25 

Bennett (A. H.) The Return of the Ortons. 
Cr. Svo, 74- x 5, pp. 318, 6s, net. 

SANDS, Apr. '25 

Bennett (Alfred Gordon) -The Forest of fear. 
Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 2S. 6d. 
net UNWIN, July "25 

Bennett (Arnold) Anna of the Five Towns. 
Cheaper ed. ismo, 7 x 4$, pp. 254, 35, 6d. 
net ......,.. METHUEN, Apr. '25 

Bennett (Amold)-~Burled aUve. Cheaper ed. 
Fcp. 8vo, 7 X 4j, pp. 192, 33. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Mar. '25 

Bennett (Amold)-The Card : a story of ad- 
venture in the Five Towns. Cheaper ed* 
Fcp, Svo, 7 x 4!, pp. 256, 35. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Mar. '25 

Bennett (Arnold) The Clayhanger Family. 
I, Clayhanger ; II, Hilda Lessways ; III, 
These twain. Cr. Svo, 7fxs, pp. 1,302, 
i os, 6d. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Bennett (Arnold)- The Clayhanger family, i, 
Clayhanger ; 2, Hilda Lessways ; 3, These 
twain. Ed, limited to 200 numbered and 
signed copies, Cr. Svo, 7fxs, pp. 1,312, 
India p., 215. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Bennett ^Arnold) -Cupid and commonsense : 
a play in four acts. Repr. Cr. Bvo, 7|X5i, 
pp. 148, 5S. net j swd. as. 6cL net. 

CHATTO & W., June '25 

B0n nett( Arnold) A Great man ; a frolic. Cheap 
ed. top. Svo, 7 x 4i pp. 248, 33, 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Apr. '25 


Bennett (Arnold) How to make the best of life. 
Svo, 8 X 5|, pp 319, 35. 6d. net. 

HODDER < S., Sept. '25 

Bennett (Arnold) Leonora : a novel. Cheap 
ed. i2mo, 7x5!, pp. 159, swd. is, net. 

NEWNES, A ug. '25 

Bennett (Arnold) and others My religion. 
Together with replies from many eminent 
divines and others, ismo, 7| x 4f, pp. 140, 
2S. 6d. net ; swd., as. net. 


Bennett (Arnold) The Old Wives' tale. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 624, 53. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

Bennett (Arnold) The Regent: a Five Towns 
story of adventure in London. Cheaper ed. 
Fcp. Svo, 7 x 4i, pp. 254, 33. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Mar. *z$ 

Bennett (Arnold) Riceyman Steps : a novel. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7f X5, pp. 325, 33. 6d. 

net CASSELL, Jan. '25 

Bennett (Arnold) -Teresa of Watling Street. 

Cheaper ed. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 208, 35. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Bennett (Arnold) Whom God hath joined. Cheap 
ed. Fcp. Svo, 7x4^, pp. 285, 33. 6d. net. 

MEJTHUEN, Apr. '25 

Bennett, Arnold, Bennett (Mrs. A.) 75. 6d. net. 

Feb. J 25 

Bennett (Mrs. Arnold) Arnold Bennett. Illus. 
Cr. Svo, 7&x 5, pp. 126, 73. 6d. net. 

A. M. PHILPOT, Feb. '25 

Bennett (E. K.) ed. Passages from German 
authors for unseen translation. Cr. 8vo, 
7ixs, pp. 123, 5s... CAMS. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 

Bennett (F. S. M,) The Nature of a Cathedral, 
ismo, 7 1 X 4|, pp. 92, swd. 23. net. 

(Chester) PHILLIPSON & G., Jan. '25 
Bennett (J. W. Wheeler-). See Wheeler- Bennett. 

Bennett (Mark, Lieut.) " Tack ship!" Cr. 
Svo, 7^x5, pp. 303, 75. 6d. net. 

E. ARNOLD, Oct. '25 

Bennett (P. R.) A Compact rhyming dic- 
tionary. 32mo, 4J x 3, pp. 224, rs. net. 
(Miniature reference lib.) 

ROUTLEDGE, Mar. '25 

Bennett (Rolf) The Quest of " The Laughing 
Girl." Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7$ x 5, pp. 310, 
2S. 6d. net G. BLES, Sept. '25 

Bennett ^ (S. Barlow) A Manual of technical 
plumbing and sanitary science. 4th ed., 
rev. and enl. Roy. Svo, 20 X 61, pp. 285^ 
93. 6d. net BATSFORD, Nov. '25 

Bennett (T. Izod) The Stomach and upper 
alimentary canal in health and disease, Svo. 
2 is. net HEINEMANN, May '25 

Bennett (Tom A.) See Youngson (P.) and Bennett. 

Bennetts (H. J. T., Rev.) ed. Devotions to the 

Holy Spirit. Fcp. Svo, 6|X4J, pp. 88, 2S. 6d. 

net FAITH PR., Oct. '25 

Bennetts (H. J. T., Rev.) The Swineherd's 

revenge : a story of the days of S. Wulfstaa 

the Good Bishop of Worcester, Illus. Cr. 

Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 128, 2S. 6d. net j bds., is. 6d. 

net FAITH PR., Oct. '25 

Ben ohV( Pierre) The Lady of Lebanon. Trans. 

from' the French by Frances Keyzer. Cr. 

8vo,*7&X5, pp. 312, 73, 6d. net. 

H, JENKINS, Dec. '25 
Ben's adventure, Cooke (A. O.) 6s. net. Sept. '25 

Benson (Arthur C.)~ A, C, Benson : a little anth- 
ology. Compiled by A. Patterson Webb. 
Fcp, Svo, 5|X4, pp. 160, is. 6d. net. (Choice 
books) HARRAP, QcL '25 

Benson (Arthur C.) Edward Fitzgerald. i2mo, 
7 X 4| pp. 216, 33. 6d. net. Re-issue. (Sngksh 
men of letters.) MACMILLAN, July '25 

Benson (Arthur C.) -The House of Menerdus. 
Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 372, 7s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Mar. '25 

Benson (Arthur C.) The House of quiet : an 
autobiography. Repr. Svo, 8 x 5|, pp. 251, 
55. net MURRAY, Dec. '25 





Benson (Arthur C.) A Thought for every day. 
Selected from the works of A. C. Benson, by 
M. A. Staaton, Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4j, pp. 152, 

33. 6d. net MURRAY, Dec. '25 

Bens!! (Arthur C.) The Thread of gold. Repr. 
Svo, 8$ X 5 1, pp. 231, 5S. net. 

MURRAY, Dec. '25 

Benson, Arthur Christopher : as seen by some 
friends, 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 186, 8s. 6d. net. 

BELL, Oct. '25 
Benson (Claude E.) Miles Ritson. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 320, 75. 6d. net Low, May '25 

Benson (E. F.) An Autumn sowing. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7& x 5, PP- 343, 2S. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Mar. '25 

Benson (E. F.) Colin : a novel. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 302, as. 6d. net. 


Benson (E. F.) Colin II : a novel. Cr, 8vo, 7&x 5, 
pp. 286, 7s. 6d. net . . HUTCHINSON, Aug. '25 
Benson (E. F.) Mammon & Co., Cheap ed, 
isrno, 7iX4|, pp. 316, 25. net 

COLLINS, Feb. '25 

Benson (E. F.) Miss Mapp. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 
7$ x 5> PP* 28 8, 2S. 6d, net. 


Benson (E. F.) Mother. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, 
PP- 3i5> EOS. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Benson (E. F.) The Oakleyites. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7ixs, pp. 318, as. 6d. net 

HODDER & S., Aug. '25 

Benson (E. F.)< Queen Lucia. Cheap ed. 
J2mo, 7J X 4i, pp. 304, 2S. net. 


ienson (E. F.) Rex. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 
319, 7s. 6d. net.. . .HODDER & S., Mar. '25 
Benson (E. F.) Scarlet and hyssop. Cheap ed. 
ismo, 7iX4i pp. 248, 2S. net. 

COLLINS, Jan* '25 

Benson (E. F.) Visible and invisible. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 288, 2S. 6d, net. 


Benson (Edna A.) Instructions in divine heal- 
ing. Authorized English ed. Fcp. 8vo, 6& X 4 J, 
pp. 89, 2S. net. 

(Chichester), SCIENCE OF THOUGHT PR., Jan. '25 
Benson (Edna A.) The Power of faith. i8mo, 

swd. is, 6d. net FOWLER, Sept. '25 

Benson (Frank W.). 12 plates. Intro, by 
Malcolm. C. Salaman. Cr. 4to, 10x12, pp. 7, 
55. net. (Modern masters of etching.) 

" STUDIO," Sept. '25 

Benson (Stella) The Little world. 8vo, 8^x5^, 
pp. 301, 8s. 6d. net .... MACMILLAN, Sept '25 
Benson (Stella)- This is the end. Repr* Cr. 
8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 249, 6s. net. 

MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

Bensusan (S. L.)- Some German spas : a holiday 
record. 2nd ed. Demy 8vo, 8|X5&, pp. 160, 

8s, net N. DOUGLAS, July '25 

Bentham (Howard). See K "carton (R.) and 


Bentinck (Lady Norah) The Ring of straw : 

a novel. Cr, 8vo, 7&X 5, pp. 312, 7s, 6d. net 

HURST & B., Aug. '25 

Beniley (E. C,) -Trent's last case. Cheap ed. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4J, pp. 377, is. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Feb. '25 

Btniley (Edmund Clerihew) Biography for 
beginners : a collection of miscellaneous 
examples for the use of upper forms. With 
40 diagrams by G. K. Chesterton. Repr 
Cn 4to, ioX7|, 6s. net. 

T. W. LAURIE, Oct. '25 
Bentley, Richard, Jebb (R. C.) 35, 6d. net. 

July *25 
Beowulf, Finn episode in, Williams (R. A.) los. 

net Dec. '24 

Bepin (Chandra Pal) Sree Krishna. Sm. 8vo, 
pp. 182, bds., 33. 6d. 

(Madras) LUZAC, Apr. '25 

Birard (S. J.) and Waters (E. Q.) The Elements 

of machine design. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9! X 6|, 

PP. 333> ios. net . BLACKIE, Apr. '25 


Beraod (Henri) Lazare. Trans, by Mrs. Harold 

Sandwith. Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net. 


Bercovici (Konrad) Around the world in New 

York. Illus. by Norman Borchardt. Roy. 

8vo, 9! x 6, pp. 424, I2S. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, Jan. '25 

Bercovlci (Konrad) Between earth and sky. 
Cr. Svo, 7l X 5, pp. 317, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, June '25 

Beresford (J. D.) An Imperfect mother. Cheap 
ed. i2ino, 7^ x 4^, pp. 289, as. net 

COLLINS, Mar. '25 

Beresford (J. D.) Love's pilgrim. Cheap ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 284, 2S. 6d, net 

COLLINS, June '25 

Beresford (J. D.) The Monkey-puzzle. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 302, 73. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Mar. '25 

Beresford (John) The Godfather of Downing 
Street : Sir George Downing, 1623-1684, an 
essay in biography. Illus. Svo, 9 x sf, 
pp. 318, 153. net 

Beresford (Leslie) (" Pan ") The Venus girl. 
Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 318, 73. 6d. net. 

J, LONG, Jan. '25 

Beresford Hopes, Book of the, Law (H. W. and I.) 
I2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Berger (William F.) The Sunday school teacher 
as a soul-winner, Cr. Svo, 53. net. 

OLIPHANTS, Oct. "25 

Bergholf {Ernest) Bergholt's Modern auction : 

its bidding and principles, including a complete 

account of the American conventional doubles. 

Illus, Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 370, 7s. 6d net. 


Bergson's philosophy, Ethical implications of, 
Gait (U. B.) 73. 6d, net Aug. '25 

Berkeley (Comyns) Gynaecology for nurses 
and gynaecological nursing. 4th ed. with 
additional illus. by Dr. G. M, Depuy. Cr. 
Svo, 7^x5, pp. 376, 73. 6d. net 

Berkeley (Reginald) The White chateau. i2mo y 
7ir X 4ib PP 79> swd., is. net. 

WILLIAMS & N., Nov. '25 
Berkshire, Victora, history of. Vol. 4. 638. net. 

Apr. '25 
Eerkwood (E. A.) Cross and Crescent : a tale of 

an Egyptian revolt, Cn Svo, 71" X 5, pp. 286, 

7s 6d. net MILLS & B., Feb. '25 

Berlin, Irving, Story of, Woollcott (A.) los. 6d. 

net , May '25 

Berman (Louis) The Personal equation. Illus, 
Svo, 8|x si-, pp. 319, 8s. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U,, Nov. '25 
Bermuda. i8mo, 75. 6d. net, (Rider's guides.) 

ALLEN, Sept. '25 
Bermy da Colonial report. 1923. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 
Bernadotte, Prince and King, Barton (D. P., Sir). 

i2s net , Dec. '25 

Bernard (L. L.) Instinct ; a study la social 

psychology. 8vo 81 X 5f, pp. 560, iss. net, 

ALLEN & U., Oct. *25 

Bernstein (Herman) Celebrities of our time, 
Illus. Roy. Svo, 9! X 6, pp. 319, i8s, net. 


BerHdge (Jesse) The Tudor Rose ; a tale. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d, net. 

MVIROSB, Feb. *^5 

BerHdge (William A.) and others^jrarchasing 
power of the consumer : a statistical indesc. 
Svo, 8|X5i> PP 344, sos. net 

A, W. SHAW, Oct. '25 

Bertareili (L. V.) Southern Italy; including 

Rome, Sicily, and Sardinia. Edit, by Fiadlay 

Muirhead. 76 maps and plans. Fcp. 8vo 

61 X 4j, pp. 603, X5S. net. (Blue mid}* 

MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

Berthon (H. E.) French grammar, Cr, 8vo f 
7l X 5, pp. 1 88, 93. 6d (Dmt's M$ffn 
language ser.) . , . DENT, Spt. '25 





(Ferdinand) Legs Parsons : a story 

of up-country Africa. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 

7s. 6d. net .............. HARRAP, Feb. '25 

Besasit (Annie) and Leadbeater (C. W.) Thought 

forms. Illus. Repr. Roy. Svo, 10x6, 

pp. 84, I2S. 6d. net. 

Besant (Walter, Sir) Westminster. New irnpr. 

With an etching by Francis S. Walker, and 

130 ilhas. by William Patten and others, 8vo, 

9 X 5i> PP- 3^2, 7s. 6d. net. 

CHATTO & W., Apr. '25 
Beside the bonnie briar bush, MacLaren (I.) 

33. 6d. net ........................ Feb. '25 

Best (Anna) Madge's victory. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 

7l X 5, PP- 256, 2S. 6d. net. (Every girl's 

golden hb.} ............ PILGRIM PR., Feb. '25 

Best (Anna) School rivals. With frontis. Cr. 

Svo, 7^x5, pp. 158, is. 6d. net, ^rls' home 

lib.} .................. PILGRIM PR,, Sept. '25 

Best Indian chutney : Eastern vignettes, 

"Afghan," 7s. 6d. net .......... June'zs 

Best of both worlds: play, Ewer (W.) 35. 6d. 

net .............................. Nov. '25 

fl * Bestway '* cookery gift book, Illus. Roy. 

Svo, 9x7, pp. 160, 43. 6d. net. 

"Bestway" Third cross-word puzzle book. 

Folio, 12X9^, pp. 16, swd. 6d. net, 

" BEST WAY," Feb. '25 
Eetfiea (Jack) Bed rock. Cr. Svo, 7$- x 5, 

pp. 319, 73. 6d. net ---- HODDER & S., Sept. '25 
Betrothed, Manzoni (A.) 25. 6d. net ____ July '25 
Belt (Henry) Johannes Scotus Erigena : a study 

in mediaeval philosophy. Svo, 8x5^, pp. 212, 

i os. net ........ CAMS. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Better dead, Barrie (J. M., Sir) 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Betts (George H.). See Turner (E. M.) and 

Betty Bruce, Ramsay (M. G.) 2s, 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Betty plays up, Chapman (D.) 55. net. .Aug. '25 
Betty, the ugly duckling, Pocock (D. A.) 33. 6d. 

net ............................ July '25 

Between earth and sky, Bercovici (K.) 75. 6d. 

net ............................ June '25 

Between the days, MacNichol (S.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Between the old world and the new, Willcocks 

(M. P.) I2S. 6d. net ....... . ---- ..June '25 

Between two schools, Avery (H.) 35. 6dL net. 

July '25 
Between two terms, Talbot (E.) 55. net. 

Aug. '25 
Bevan (Tom) Dick Dale, the Colonial Scout. 

Illus. Cr. Svo, 7 x 5, pp. 326, as. 6d. net. 

PARTRIDGE, Sept. '25 

Bevan (Tom) The Heroic imposter. Illus. 

Cr. Svo, 7|- X 5, pp. 288, 35. 6d. net. 

Low, Sept. '25 
Be van (Tom) Rivals of the Fourth. With 

4 illus. in col. and black and white by A. S, 

Waye. 8vo, 8 X si, pp. 224, 25. 6d. net. 

(New boys' lib.) .......... CASSELL, Sept. '25 

Bevan (Tom) The Ship that was eaten. Cr. 

8vo, 7I-X5, pp. 227, 33. 6d. net. 

J, CASTLE, Oct. '25 
Bevasi (Torn) Sea-dogs all ; a tale of forest 

and sea. Illus. Cr. Svo, 7fX5, pp. 320, 

as. 6d. net .... ---- . ..... NELSON, July '25 

Bevan (Tom) Young Lion-Heart, i2mo, 7x4!, 

pp. 319, is, 6d. net. (Boys' and girls' lib.) 
COLLINS, July '25 

Beverley (Thomas De). Sec De BevwUy. 
Bevir (Harold). See Le Breton (T.) and Bevir. 
Bern (J. W.) Plant forms and their evolution 

in South Africa. With map and illus. in the 

text. Svo, 8JX5I, PP 211, I2S. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, Jan. '2$ 
Style (M. Henri) (Stendhal) The Life of Henri 

Brulard. Trans, from the French by Catherine 

Alison Phillips. Intro, by Harry C. Block. 

Svo, 81 X5i, PP. 374, 98- net. 

J, CAPS, Sept. '25 


Beyond the Baltic, Scott (A. McC.) iss. 6d. net 

0<fc '25 

Beyond the Great Thirst-Land, Cliirgmn (A. M.) 
2s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Beyond the outposts, Hendryx (J. B.) 23. net. 

July *25 

Beyond the shadow, Sutherland (J.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Beyond the stars, Hamilton (T. , Rev.) 35. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Beyond the utmost purple rim, Powell (E. A.) 
1 8s. net Sept. '25 

Beza (M.) Doda. Trans, from the Roumanian 
by Lucy Byng. Cr. Svo, 7i*5 PP- *55> 5s. 
net , G. BLES, Oct. '25 

Bhamdarkar (D. R.) Asoka. (The Carmichael 
Lectures, 1925.) Svo, I2S. 6d. net. (Calcutta 
Univ. pubns.) LONGMANS, June '25 

Bhasa Fancharatram. Sanskrit text. Edit, 
with intro., English trans., notes, etc., by 
W. G. Urdhwareshe. i2rno, pp. 142, limp, 
6s net LUZAC, July '25 

Bliasa Svapnavasavadattam ; or, The Visioa 
of Vasavadatta. With stanzas attributed to 
Bhasa in various anthologies, etc. Sanskrit 
text, with an intro., English trans., exegetical, 
critical, grammatical, mythological and his- 
torical notes by Lakshman Sarup. Svo, 

315 pp., IOS. 6d PROBSTHAIN, NOV. ? 25 

Bhatiacharyya (Benoy tosh) The Indian Budd- 
hist iconograph3 r : mainly based on the 
Sadhanamata and other cognate Tantric texts 
of rituals. Roy. Svo, 555. net. 

MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Bianco (Margery Williams) Poor Cecco : the 
wonderful story of a wonderful wooden dog. 
Illus, by Arthur Rackham. Cr, 4 to, io X 7|, 
pp. 175* 7s. 6d. net CHATTO & W., Oct. '25 

Bibesco (Elizabeth) The Whole story. Cr. 
Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 303, 75. 6d. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Bl&iena (Jean-Galli de)~ -The Fairy-doll (La 
Poupee). Trans, from the French by H. B. V. 
With intro. by Shane Leslie. Ed. limited to 
1,000 numbered copies. Roy. Svo, 9x6, 
pp. 173, 2 is. net. .CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 

Bible and the Kingdom, Wager (C. E.) 2s. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Bible as missionary handbook, Lapham (H. A.) 
45. 6d. net ... * Oct. '25 

Bible books, Talks on, Nevtil (E. M.) 2s. net. 

Mar . "25 

Bible, Commentary on, Henry (M.) 633. net. 

Oct. '25 

Bible : Concordance, Cruden (A.) 6s. net. Mar. '25 

Bible The English Bible from 1525 to 1611 : 
15 pictorial postcards. iSrno, sfxsl, is. 
net MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Bible : Getting the gold out of the word of God, 
Torrey (R. A., Rev.) is. 6d. net June '25 

Bible heroes. Illus, with 24 reproductions in 
col. from the water col. paintings by Arthur 
Dixon and Arthur Twidle. Cr. 4 to, 10 X 7$-, 
6s. net R. T. S., Sept. '25 

Bible The Holy Bible. Repr., according to the 
Authorised Version, 1611. 4 vols. Vol. i, 
Genesis to Ruth. Roy, 4to, 12^x8, pp. 332, 
set i2os. net NONESUCH PR., May '25 

Bible Society (British and Foreign) i2oth 
Report, 1923-24. SfcxsJ-, pp. 636, swd. is. 
net SOCIETY, Sept. '25 

Bible The Speaker's Bible. Edit, by the Rev. 
James Hastings and B. A. Clark, The Book 
of Job; Psalms I. Cr. 4 to, 10 X 7fc PP- 3^6, 
IDS. 6d. net 


Bible The Speaker's Bible. Edit, by the Rev. 
James Hastings ; assisted by B, A, Clark, 
Psalms II. Roy. Svo, to x 7j, pp. 396, IDS. 6d. 
net. (Aberdeen), " SPEAKER'S BIBLE " OFFICE, 

June '25 

Bible, How to enjoy the, Deane (A. C.) 2S. 6d. 
net Feb. '25 

Bible in Spain, Borrow (G,) ss. 6d. net Sept. '25 




Bible jewels, Newton (R., Rev.) as. net. Oct. '25 
Bible, Local colour of the, Budden (C. W.) and 

Hastings (E.) Vol. 3. 8s. net May '25 

Bible, Mystery-teaching of the, Grove (D. E ) 

as. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Bible, New psychology and the, Povah (J. W.) 

is. net Feb. '25 

Bible, Poetry from the, MacVeagh (L.) 35. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Bible promises, Newton (R., Rev.) 2S. net. 

Oct. '25 

Bible readers, Nelson's Graded. Bk. i, is. 6d. ; 
bk. 2, is. gd. ; bk. 3, 2S. ; bk. 4, as. 6d. ; 

bk. 5, 33. ; bk. 6, 33. 6d Sept. '25 

Bible readings, 1,000 new, Marsh (F. E.) 6s. 

net Sept. '25 

Bible readings, One thousand, Wetzel (D. J., Rev.) 

4S. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Bible, Revolt from the, Hortoji (R. F., Rev.) 

6d. net Apr. '25 

Bible, Scientist's belief in the, Kelly (H, A.) 

33. 6d. net July '25 

Bible snap-shots, W$M$ (A. R.) 6s. net. 

May '25 
Bible stories for young folk, Crowlesmith (J., Rev.) 

is. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Bible, Stories from the, Winder (B.) is. 6d. net. 

June "25 
Bible stories : Mother of Iscariot, etc., May 

(W, J.) 35. 6d. net July '25 

Bible studies, Outline, Frost (H. W., Rev.) 8s. 

net Mar. '25 

Bible tales, Best (N. T.) 5 Hurst (N.) 6s. net. 

Orf. '25 
Bible talks to boys, Cuthbertson (D.) as. net. 

Oct. '25 
Bible : the peerless book, Torrey (R. A., Rev.) 

is. 6d. net June '25 

Bible, Tindale and earlier trans of, Guppy (H.) 

is. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Bible to-day, Appeal of the, Mark (T.) 33. 6d. net, 

Sept. '25 

Bible, Welsh, Legality of the, Evans (A. 0.) 

May '25 
Bible, Who's who in the, Allen (E. F., Rev.) 

?s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Bible women, Famous, Sell (H. T.) 33., 

Apr. '25 
Bible, Women of the, Buchanan (I. R.) 45. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Bible wonders, Newton (R., Rev.) SB. net, 

Oct. '25 
Bibles, Exhibit of, Glasgow Univ. lib. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Biblical lexicography, contribution to, Eitan (L) 
los. 6d, net Jan. '25 

Bibliographical Society of America Papers. 

Vol. 16, Part 2, 1922 ; Vol. 17, Part i, 1923 ; 

Vol. 1 7, Part 2, 1923. Roy. 8vo, swd., ea, xos. 

net CAMB. UNIV. PR., May '25 

Bibliography : Angling, Priced cata, of books on, 

Wilsons-Browne (A. E.) 2S. 6d. net . . Feb. '25 
Bibliography; Annan. Parish of, Miller (F.) 

5S. net Aug. '25 

Bibliography: Baring, Maurice, Chaundy (L.) 

6s. net Aug. '25 

Bibliography : Botany : Catalogue of books in 

Lib. of Linnean Soc. 253. net Nov. "25 

Bibliography : Butler, Samuel, Hppe, (A. J.) 

2 is. net July '25 

Bibliography : Byron, Lord, BibUog. catalogue, 

First Edition Club. 305. ........ Jan, '25 

Bibliography : Cary, John, Fordham (H. G., Sir). 

iqs. 6d. net Aug. '2$ 

Bibliography : Chemistry, Literature of, Mason 

(F. A.) as. net . * , Jan* '25 

Bibliography : Corrosion of metals., Van Patten 

(N.) 2os. net * May '25 

Bibliography : English catalogue of books, 1924. 

155. net ... Jan. '25 

Bibliography: English language and liter., 

1925, Paues (A. C.) 6s. net Dec* '35 

Bibliography : Geology, Local, Dames (A. M.) 

is. net . May '25 

Bibliography : Hungarian books, Piklcr (B.) 

and Braun (R.) 125. 6d. net ........ Sept. '25 

Bibliography : Indian art, Coomamswamy (A. K.) 

I2S. 6d .................... ..... Nov. '25 

Bibliography : Johnson, Samuel, Courtney(\V. P.) 

and Smith (D. N.) 393. net ........ May '25 

Bibliography : Lancashire printed bks., Wigan 

Public libraries. 55. net ....... ... May '25 

Bibliography: Lawrence, D. H., McDonald 

(E. D.) 2is. net .................. Aug. '25 

Bibliography : Middle Temple library, Suppl. 

to Catalogue. los. net ............ Oct. '25 

Bibliography : Modern authors, StonMl (C. A. 

and H. W.) 2nd ser. i8s. net ...... Oct. '25 

Bibliography : Painting, Muhammadan, Pro- 

visional bibliog. 2S. 6d ........... July '25 

Bibliography : Scientific and technical books, 

British Science GuOd. iss. 6d. net. June '25 
Bibliography : Scientific papers, Cata. of, 

Royal Society, 1884-1900, vol. 19, T Z. 

1 68s., 20os. net .................. Apr. '25 

Bibliography : Shakespeare : Cata. of books, etc., 

at S.'s birthplace, Wellstood (F, C.) is. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Bibliography : Shelley library, Wise (T. J.) 

(Priv. pr.) ...................... Jan. '25 

Bibliography : Sierra Leone, Luke (H. C.) 

8s. 6d. net ...................... Sept. '25 

Bibliography, Spanish, Kelly (J. F,) IQS. 6cl. 

net ..... . ...................... Mar. '25 

Bibliography: Wells, H. G., Wells (G. H.) 25. 

net ............. . .............. June '25 

Bibliography: Whita,ker*$ Cumulative book list, 

1924. xos. net ..... ...., ....... Jan. '25 

Bibliography : Whifaker's Cumulative book list, 

1925. (sub) 2os. net ...... Jan., etc., '55 

Bickereteth (M. Cyril) The Gospel of an artist and 

physician : brief studies and notes for medita- 
tion on S. Luke. Cr. 8vo, 7|-x 5, pp. 119, 33. 6ct. 
net ...... . ........... MOWBRAYS, Nov. '25 

BIckersteth (M. Cyril) Letters to a godson. 
First series : How to read the Old Testament 
in the light of the new. 4th and rev. ed. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4i, PP- 3^3, 3S. net. 

Mown RAY, June 25 

BlekSe^ (Francis) ed. An English letter book. 
Roy. 8vo, 9x5^, pp. 244, ios. 6d. net. 

G. CHAPMAN, Mar. '25 

BickS0y (Francis) cd. True dialogues of the 
dead. Cr. Svo, 7;| x 5, 6s. net ; Ed. limited to 
200 copies. Cr. 8vo, ma. (xl. net. 

GUY CHAPMAN, Mar. '35 

BIckley (W. G.)- Engineering 1 applications of 
mathematics : a collection of worked and uu- 
worked examples for second and third year 
engineering students, xgmo, 7|'X4|, pp. 106, 
5s. net .................. PITMAN, At ay '25 

Bidcnill (E. J.) In defence of Christian prayer : 

a consideration of some of the intellectual 

difficulties that surround petition. Cr. Svo, 

7^x5, pp. 128, 33. 6d. net ; swd. jzs. (id. net. 

LONGMANS, May '35 

Blcknell (E. J., Rev,) -A Theological introduction 
to the Thirty-Nine Articles of the Church of 
England, and ed., rev. Svo, q x 5^ pp* 588, 
153. net ........ * ..... LONGMANS, Sept. '35 

BScknell (E. J.) and others. Psychology and 
the Church. Intro, by the Lord Bishop of 
Southwark. Svo, 8|X5|, pp. 310, I2S. Sd. 
net ............. ,.,... MACMrtLAN, Oct. '35 

Biddtr's Locus standi reports, 1924, Vol. i, 
pt. 2. 8vo, ios. 6d. net. 

BUTTEEWORTH & Co., Mar, '25 

ESilefor<l with its surroundings, xoth ed, 
Cr. 8vo 7i x 5, pp. So, swd,, is, net 

HQMBLANO Assoc,, Juty '25 
Biercs (Ambrose) -Ten, tales. Intro, "by A. J. A* 

Symons. Roy. 8vo 9 X s|, pp. 15 2* 155, net. 


Bierley, Pari&h of St. John, Hist, of, Stiles (W.) 

35. 6d, net ........... . ...... .... Jan. "35 

Elfir^adt (Edward Hale) The Great betrayal : 

a survey of the Near East problem. Fore 

word by Edward Capps, Illus. Svc^ 

pp, 361, iss. net 





Big book for boys, Strang (H.) 2s. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Big book for children, Strang (Mrs. H.) 2S. 6d. 

net May '25 

Big book for girls, Strang (Mrs. H.) 2S. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Big book for times, Strang (Mrs. H.) us. 6d. 

net May '25 

Big brother, Beach (R.) 33. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Big brother, Beach (R.) 2S. net June '25 

Big game and big life, Dowsett (J. M.) 2 is. net. 

Dec. '25 
Big game hunting in Himalayas and Tibet, 

Burrard (G., Maj.) 255. net Sept. '25 

Big game in Australia [cricket], Samuels (C.) 

is. net Mar. '25 

Big heart, Brandon (J. G.) 25. 6d. net.. .July '25 
Big House of Inver, Somewille (E. CE.) and Ross 

(M.) 73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Big man of Bonne Chance, Rousseau (V,) 23. net. 

Sept. '25 

Big Mark, JoJiannsen (A. M.) is. net . . Feb. '25 
Big strong man, Edwards (C.) ss. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Big surprise (The) : a book for tinies. Illus. 

Roy. 8vo, 8| x 6|, 35. net. 

MlDDLETON, Sept. '25 

Blgelow (Poultney) Seventy summers. 2 vols. 
With irontis. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. 348, 300 (set), 
323. net E. ARNOLD, Oct. '25 

Bigger (Joseph W.) Handbook of bacteriology : 
tor students and practitioners of medicine. 
Illus. 8vo, 8x5^, pp. 429, i2s. 6d. net. 

BAILLIERE, Jan. '25 

BSgFiam (Clive, Hon.) The Chief Ministers of 
England, 920-1720. Illus, Cheaper ed. 
Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 432, los. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Nov. '25 

Bignor, Sussex, Roman villa at, Wmbolt (S. E.) 
is. net Aug. '25 

Bijou dictionary of English synonyms and 
antonyms. Edit, by G. Elgie Christy. 32mo, 
3|X2|, pp. 756, as. net WARNE, Feb. '25 

Bilby (Julian W.) -Nanook of the North. With 
29 photos. 8vo, 9 X 5 1, pp. 319, 153. net. 

ARROWS MITH, Sept. '25 

Bilharzia, Cawston (F. G.) ss. 6d. net. Feb. '25 

BUharaasis, Schistosomiasis vel, Sharp (C. C. K.) 
75. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Bill the conqueror, Wodehouse (P. G.) 35. 6d. 
net July '25 

Billi Butt and the Beano, Wood (L.) is. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Billiards, All about, Peall (A. F.) 55. net. Feb. '25 

Billiards book, Everybody 's, Mactnillan (A. D.) 
73. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Billiards, Dainty, Reece (T.) 23. net . . Feb. '25 

Billiards, Thirty years of, Hoppc (W.) las. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Billington (H. Carlyle) Records of the rocks ; 
or, the Young geologist. lamo, 7i X 4|, 
pp. 175, 2S. net A. WHEATON, July '25 

Billroth (Theodor) Medical sciences in the 
German universities. Trans, from the German. 
Roy, 8vo, 153. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Bill's book, Hole (D., Rev.) as., is. net. .Oct. '25 

Bills of Parliament Administration of Estates 
(consolidation), as. net. t .H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Ellis of Parliament Irish Free State land pur- 
chase (loan guarantee), 2d. ; M. of Health 
pro vis. order (Keighley water), 2d. ; Importa- 
tion of pedigree animals, ad. ; Universities 
and college estates, is. ; Glasgow Corporation 
order, is. ; War charges (validity), aa. ; Ad- 
vertisements, regulation, 3d. ; Ancient monu- 
ments preservation order, 3d. ; Church of 
Scotland (property and endowments), is. ; 
Land registration (consolidation), 45. ; Dum- 
fries and Maxwelltown bridge order, pd. ; 
Land charges (consolidation), 6d. (all net). 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Balis of Parliament Settled land (consolidation), 
as, ; Trustee (consolidation), is. ; Property 
(consolidation), 3$. 6d. ; Consolidation Bills 
(reports), gs, (all net) , . . , H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 


Bills of Parliament Chartered associations (pro- 
tection of names and uniforms), id. ; Bliz. 
Fry Refuge, 3d. ; Trade Union (political fund), 
3d. ; Merchant shipping (intemat. labour 
conventions), 3d. ; Town planning, 6d. ; 
Housing, 2S. 6d. ; Local authorities (enabling), 
ad. ; Dramatic and musical performers* 
protection, id. ; Performing animals (No. 2), 
2d. ; Summary jurisdiction (separation and 
maintenance), id. ; Town planning (Scotland), 
6d. ; Housing (Scotland) as. ; Workmen's 
compensation, 2d. ; Sale of food and drugs, 
id. ; Bona fide travellers, id. ; Protection 
of birds, id. (all net) H.M S.O., Feb. '25 

Bills of Parliament China indemnity (applica- 
tion), id. ; British sugar (subsidy), 3d, ; 
Ministry of Health pro vis. orders (Blackpool), 
_2S. (all net) H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Bills of Parliament Fire Brigade pensions, 6d. ; 
Gaming machines (Scotland), id. ; Forestry, 
id. ; Trade facilities amend., id. net. 

H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Bills of Parliament William Preston indemnity, 
id. ; Anglo-Italian treaty (E. African Terri- 
tories), ad. ; Statutory gas companies (elec- 
tricity supply powers), id. ; Valuation 
(Metropolis), id. ; Imperial Institute, 3d. ; 
Agricultural rates (additional grant), id. (all 
net) H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Bills of Parliament Wireless telegraphy and 
signalling, 3d. ; Buckhaven and Methil Burgh 
order, 4d. ; Administration of justice, 9d. ; 
Parliament (qualficatiqn of Peeresses) id. ; 
Supreme Court of Judicature (consolidation), 
as. 6d. ; Dundee Corpn. water and gas order, 
9d. ; Marriages provis. order, id. ; Co-part- 
nership, 2d. ; Rabbits and rooks, id. ; Borough 
Councillors (alteration of numbers), id. ; 
Poor law emergency provisions continuance 
(Scotland), id. ; Public health (Scotland) 
amend., id. ; Agricultural returns, id. ; Rep- 
resentation of the people, 2d. ; Bastardy, id. ; 
Guardianship of infants, 3d. ; Former enemy 
aliens (disabilities removal), id. ; Wm. Preston 
indemnity, id. (all net) ..H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Bills of Parliament Dundee Corporation and 
water and gas, gd. ; War charges (validity), 
id. ; Offices regulation, 3d. ; Theatrical 
employers registration, 3d. ; Licensing Act 
amend., 2d. ; Roman Catnolic relief, 2d. ; 
Roads improvement, ad. ; Brit. Empire 
Exhibition (guarantee), id. ; Therapeutic 
substances, sd. ; Borough Councillors (altera- 
tion of number), id. ; Adoption of children, 
id. ; Rural cottages, 4d. ; Motor races, id. ; 
Criminal justice, 9d. ; Air Ministry (Croydon 
Aerodrome extension), ad. (all net.) 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Balls of Parliament Performing animals, ad. ; 
Protection of birds, id. ; Therapeutic sub- 
stances, 3d. ; Law agents (Scotland), ad. ; 
Circuit Courts and criminal procedure (Scot- 
land), 2d. ; Army and Air Force (annual), 
4d. ; Town planning, 6d. ; do. (Scotland), 
6d. ; Licensing Act amend. (No. 2), id. ; Pro- 
tection of animals, id. ; Hamilton Burgh 
order, 4d. ; Housing, ss. 6d. ; do. (Scotland), 
2S. ; Advertisements regulation, 2d. ; Land 
charges (consolidation), 6d. ; Greenwich 
Hospital (disused burial ground), id. (all net.) 
H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Bills of Parliament Sandwich Port and Haven, 
is. ; British sugar (subsidy), 3d. ; Govern- 
ment of India (Civil Services), id. ; Coal 
mines (minimum wage), id. ; Local authorities 
(contracts), ad. ; Mental deficiency (amend.), 
id, ; Leasehold enfranchisement, id. ; Minis- 
ters of Religion (removal of disqualification), 
id. ; Improvement of laud (amend.), id. ; 
Charitable trusts (amend.), id. ; Trade 
facilities, id. ; Consolidated Fund (No. i), 
id. ; Bd. of Education scheme (Winchester, 
Christ's Hospital School Foundation), id. 
Employment of disabled ex-service men, ad.; 






Teachers (superannuation), 6d. ; Merchant 

shipping (equivalent provisions), id. (all net.) 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Bills of Parliament Summer time, id. ; Public 
health, gd. ; Rent and mortgage interest (re- 
striction continuance), id. ; Moneylenders, 
id. ; Administration of justice, gd. ; Northern 
Ireland Lands, 6d. ; Legitimacy, 3<L ; Agri- 
cultural rates (additional grant), id. ; Rating, 
id. ; Advertisements regulation, id. ; Mer- 
chant shipping (equivalent provisions), id,; 
Rent and mortgage interest (to consolidate), 
9d. ; Judicial proceedings (regulation of 
reports), id. ; Dogs protection, id. ; Nursing 
homes (registration), sd. ; Allotments, 3d. ; 
Rating of machinery, id. ; Road improve- 
ments (blind corners)", 2d. ; Housing (amend.), 
6d. (all net) H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Bills of Parliament Vinegar, id. ; Valuation 
(Metropolis), id. ; Hours of employment 
(48 hours), sd, ; Merchandise Marks Acts 
amend., 2d. ; Education (employment of 
young persons), id. ; Hours of industrial 
employment, 4d. ; Registration of under- 
takers, sd. (all net) H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Balls of Parliament Administration of estates 
(consolidation), is, ; Universities and College 
estates, 96. ; Settled land (consolidation), as. 
Blasphemy laws amend., id. ; Home Comities 
(music and dancing) licensing, 3d. ; Adoption 
of children (No. 2), 2d. ; State management 
(liquor trade), abolition, id, ; China indemnity 
(application), id. ; Agricultural wages, id. ; 
Land drainage (Black Sluice), sd. ; Trustee 
(consolidation), is. ; Land registration (con- 
solidation), 2S. ; Open spaces, id. ; Valuation 
(Metropolis), sd. ; Northern Ireland land, 
6cl. ; Law of property (consolidation), 35. 6d. ; 
Seeds Act amend., id. ; Births and deaths 
registration, sd. (all net). .H.M.S.O.,Xr. '25 

Bills of Parliament Imperial Institute, sd. ; 
Agricultural returns, id. ; Importation of 
pedigree animals, id. ; Guardianship of 
infants, t sd, ; Summary jurisdiction (separation 
and maintenance), id. ; Former enemy aliens 
(disabilities removal), id. ; Charitable trusts, 
id. ; Air Ministry (Croydon Aerodrome ex- 
tension), sd. ; Licensing (Wales), id. ; Criminal 
law, 6d. ; Gold standard, id. (all net.) 

HM.S.O.,Apr. '25 

Bills of Parliament Renewal of leases, ad. ; 
Sporting rights (rating), id. ; Mining industry 
(welfare fund), id. ; Abolition of capital 
punishment, sd. (net) H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Bills of Parliament Forfar gas order, sd. ; Pier 
and harbour provis. orders (No. i), is. ; Pre- 
vention of unemployment, ad. ,* Church of 
Scotland (property and endowment), is. ; 
W. Hartlepool Corpn. (trolley vehicles), ad. ; 
Circuit courts and criminal procedure (Scot- 
land), sd. ; Annual holiday, 2d. ; Highways 
(building lines), sd. ; Legitimacy, sd. ; Finance 
6d. (all net) H.M.S.O., May '25 

Bills of Parliament Poor law emergency pro- 
visions continuance (Scotland), id. ; Kilmar- 
nock gas and water, ad. ; Mental deficiency 
(amend.), id. ; Unoccupied houses, ad. ; 
Tithe, 4d. (all aet) .H.M.S.O., May '25 

Bills of Parliament Public houses improvement 
2d. ; Allotments (Scotland), id. ; Tramways 
provis. orders (Liverpool, etc.), sd. (all net) 

. f -, ,. H.M.S.O., May '35 

Bills of Parliament Representation of the 
people (1918) amend., ad. ; Building materials 
(charges and supply), ad. ; Wild birds pro- 
tection, 4d. ; Rating and valuation, is. 6d. ; 

""""Mr'r-*"-o \* w 5/*t7 ****OMXI,., J.U* , VVIUOWS, OIJ 

and old age contributory pensions, 9d. Kil- 
marnock gas and water, ad.; Advocates* 
Widows* Fund, id. ; Blind persons, id. ; 
Lead^paint (poisoning), ad. ; China Indemnity 
{application), id. ; Gold standard, id. ; Trusts 


and combines, sd. ; Rent and mortgage 
interest (restriction continuation), id. ; (all 
net) H.M.S.O., May '25 

Bills of Parliament Statutory gas companies 
(electricity supply powers), id. ; Land drain- 
age (Black Sluice) provis. order, 3d. ; Salford 
provis. order, id. net . . H.M.S.O., May '25 

Bills of Parliament Air Ministry (Cattewater 
Seaplane Station), 3d., Education (Scotland, 
Superannuation), 3d. net. .H.M.S.O., June '25 

Bills of Parliament Ministry of Health provis. 
orders, No. 6 (Beckenham, etc.), 6d. ; do., 
No. 7 (Birstall, etc.), 6d. ; do., No. 8 (Ardwick- 
le-Street, etc.), gd. ; do., No. 9 (Abmgdon 
Hospital, etc.), 6d. ; Married women (torts), 
id. ; Land drainage (Ouse), id. ; Motor races, 
id. ; Leicester Fire Brigade, ad. (all net). 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Bills of Parliament Roads improvement, 3d ; 

Fire Brigade pensions, 6d. ; Public health, is. ; 

Finance, od. : Unemployment, 3d. (all net) 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Bills of Parliament -Small shopkeepers (re- 
storation of liberty), id. ; Wcmyss and district 
water order, 6d. ; Law Agents (Scotland), sd. ; 
Finance (as amended), 6d. ; National Library 
of Scotland, 3d. ; Illegal trawling (Scotland), 
id. ; Glasgow Corporation order, 6d. ; Wire- 
less telegraphy (explanation), id. ; Honours 
(prevention of abuses), id. ; (all net). 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Bills of Parliament Improvement of land, id. ; 
Ministers of religion (removal of disqualifica- 
tion), id. ; Education (Scotland), id. ; Allot- 
ments, 3d. ; Dramatic and musical performers' 
protection, id. ; Greenwich Hospital (disused 
burial ground), id. ; Rent restrictions (Scot- 
land), sd. ; Public works loans, id. ; Judicial 
proceedings (regulation of reports), id. ; 
Coastguard, id. ; Teachers' (superannuation). 
6d. (all net) H.M.S.O., July '25 

Bills of Parliament Public places (order), id. ; 
Diseases of animals, id. ; Motor vehicles 
compulsory insurance, id. ; Kirkcudbright 
Burgh order, yd. ; Seeds Act amend., id. ; 
Summer time, id. ; Wireless telegraphy (ex- 

Elanation), id. ; Public works loans, id. ; 
upreme Court of Judicature (consolidation), 
as. 6dL ; Government of India (Civil Services), 
2d. ; Honours (prevention of abuses), id. ; 
Authors* (law of libel) protection, id, ; Isle 
of Man (customs), 3d. ; Merchandise marks 
(imported agricultural produce), sd. ; Ministry 
of Health provisional orders (No. 4), 6d. ; 
(No. 5), 6d. ; do. (No. 6), 6d. ; do, (No, 7), 
6d. ; do. (No. 8), 6d. ; do, (No. 9), 6d. ; do. 
(Water), cjd. (all net). .. . .H.M.S.O., July '25 

Bills of Parliament Sandwich Port and Haven, 
is. ; Dangerous drugs, 2<L ; Widows, orphans 
and old age contributing pensions, is. ; Coast 
Guard, id. ; Education (Scotland) super- 
annuation, 3d. ; Isle of Man (customs), 3d, ; 
Telegraph (money), id. ; Air Ministry (Catte- 
water Seaplane Stan.), d. ; L.N, Rly. order, 
4tl. : Lanarkshire C.C. order, od. ; Diseases 
of animals, id. ; Sheriff Courts and Legal 
Officers (Scotland), sd, ; Chartered associa- 
tions (names and uniforms), id* j Married 
women (torts), id. ; Irvine Burgh order* 3d, 
(all net) H.M.S.O., July''a$ 

Bills of Parliament Unemployment insurance, 
3d. ; Victoria Infirmary of Glasgow* $d. ; 
Consolidated Fund (appropriation), od. ; Roads 
and streets in police burghs (Scotland), id. ; 
Expiring laws, ad, ; Housing of miners, ad. ; 
Workmen's compensation (consolidation), is. 
(all net) H.M.S.O., A u%* **s 

Bills of ParliamentPublic health (Scotland) 
amend,, id. ; Ministry of Health provis. 
orders (Bournemouth, etc.), id. ; Expiring 
laws, 2<L ; Merchandise marks, d. ; Tirade 
unions (restoration of liberty), id. : Circuit 
Courts and criminal procedure (Scotland), 
3d. (all net) ....H.M.SX),, Nw. *&S 





Bills of Parliament Coroners, 6d, ; Workmen's 
compensation (as amended), is. ; Prevention 
of corruption (foreign payments), id. ; Criminal 
justice, gd. ; Rating and valuation, is, 6d. ; 
Ireland (confirmation of agreement), 2d. ; 
Moneylenders, 3d. ; Roads and streets in 
Police Burghs (Scotland), id. ; Safeguarding 
of industries (customs duties), sd. (all net.) 
H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Bills of Parliament -Judicial proceedings (regu- 
lation of reports), id. ; Weights and measures, 
2d. ; Mining industry (welfare fund), id. ; 
Leith harbour and docks, 6d. ; Petroleum, 
3d. ; Criminal justice, gd. ; Tithe, 6d. ; Camp- 
beltown harbour and gas, sd. (all net). 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Bills of Parliament Municipal Corporations 
(amend.), id. ; Police pensions, id. ; Con- 
solidated Fund (appropriation), id. ; Baldovan 
Inst. for Treatment and Educ. of Defectives, 
6d. ; Mines (working facilities and support), 
id. ; Public health (smoke, etc., abatement), 
ad. ; Aberdeen Corpn. order, 6d. ; Safeguarding 
of industries (customs duties), zd. ; Land 
settlement (facilities), 2d. ; Workmen's com- 
pensation, is. ; Parliamentary elections 
(Orkney and Zetland), id. ; Petroleum, sd. 
(all net) H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

BiHy and Bunny book. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 8x 6, 

pp. 125, 2S. 6d. net J. LENG, Sept. '25 

Billy, and other stories, Seton (E. T.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

BSnah (B. S,) Industrial Palestine : recent 
undertakings and further possibilities. Si x 5$, 

pp. 66, is. net W. SPEAIGHT, Jtui. '25 

Bmdles on the rocks, Jenkins (H.) as. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Bindley (T. H., Rev.) Inspiration. iSmo, 

swd. sd. (Papers in modem churchmanship.} 

LONGMANS, Sept. '25 

Eindloss (Harold) Andrew's folly. Cheap ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, July '25 

Bmdloss (Harold) Andrew's folly. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7&X 5, pp. 310, 35. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 

BimdJoss (Harold) The Broken net, Cr. Svo, 
7|X5> pp. 256, 7s. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Aug. '25 

Blndloss (Harold) A Debt of honour. Cr. Svo, 
71 X 5, pp. 313, 73. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Jan. '25 

Bindioss (Harold) -The Dust of conflict. Cheap 
ed. Svo, S^xsl', pp. 128, swd. gd. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 

Bind! oss (Harold) The Lute player. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 315, 35. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, June '25 

Bindloss (Harold) The Wilderness patrol. Cheap 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7|-X5, pp. 256, as. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, May '25 
Biiidon Parva, Birmingham (G. A.) 6s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Binkley (Robert C.). See Graham (M. W.) and 

Binney (George) With seaplane and sledge 
in the Arctic. Pref. by W. J. SoUas. Roy. 
Svo, 9$ X 6, pp. 287, 2is. net. 


Binitie (Alexander R., Sir) Rainfall reservoirs 
and water supply. Founded upon the Chad- 
wick Trust Lectures delivered by him at the 
Institution, of Civil Engineers in February, 
1912, 2nd imp. Roy. Svo, 9x5$, pp. 169, 
93. net CONSTABLE, Mar. '25 

Binns (Ottwell) A Gipsy of the North. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 312, 33. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Sept. '25 

Blnits (Ottwell) Java Jack. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 
pp. 303, 7s. 6d. net . .WARD, LOCK, Feb. '25 

Binns (Ottwell) The Law of the hills. Cr. 
Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 308, 73. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Sept. '25 


Binns (Ottwell) The Trail of adventure. Cr. 
Svo, 7&X5, pp. 256, ss. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Apr. '25 

Binns (Ottwell) -Where the Aurora names. 

Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7|- x 5, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, July '25 

Binns (Rev. Canon) Swahili-English dictionary : 
being Dr. Krapi's original Swahili- English 
dictionary revised and enlarged. Sfxsf, 
pp. 308, 7s. 6d. net S.P.C.K., Feb. '25 

Bisiyosi (Laurence) The Followers of William 
Blake : Edward Calvert, Samuel Palmer, 
George Richmond, and their circle. Illus. 
Folio, 13x10, pp. 39, 423. net. 


Bin you (Laurence) Little poems from the 
Japanese. Rendered into English verse. 
7i X 4}, pp. 13, 53. net. 

(Leeds) SWAN PR., Mar. '25 

Binyon (Laurence) The Sirens : an ode. Ed. 

limited to 5 copies on vellum and 200 copies 

on Kelmscott hand-made paper numbered. 

Roy. Svo, i2j x 7l, PP- 38, 3 is. 6d. net. 

STANTON PR,, Dec. '24 

Binyon (Laurence)-The Sirens; an ode. Roy. 
8vo, 9^x6|-, pp. 46, 55. net. 


Biography, Essays in, Dobree (B.) iss. 6d.*net. 

Nov. '25 

Biography for beginners, Bentley (E. C.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Biography, Miniature : Tallemant des Reaux, 
Gosse (E., Sir), 2S. net Feb. '25 

Biological chemistry, Lab. manual, Folin (O.) 
i2S. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Biology, Geddes (P.) and Thomson (J. A.) 25. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Biology and advancement of man : Prometheus, 
Jennings (H. S.) 2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Biology : Early science in Oxford, vol. 3, 
Gunther (R. T.) 423. net Oct. '25 

Biology, Text-bk. of, Smallwood (W, M.) i6s. 
net Feb. '25 

Birch (Frank) Mountebanks : a play in three 
acts. Cr. Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 176, 55. net; 
swd., 35. 6d. net . . . .CHATTO & W., May '25 

Birch (J. Weedon) The Koodoo patrol. With 
frontis, Cr. Svo, 7|x6, pp. 160, is. 6d. net. 
(Boys' home lib.). .PILGRIM PR., Sept. '25 

Birch (J. Weedon) The Kraal of mystery. 
With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 192, 2S. net. 
(Every boy's lib.) PILGRIM PR., Sept. '25 

Birchenough (C.) History of elementary educa- 
tion in England and Wales from 1800 to the 
present day. 2nd ed. Cr. Svo, pp. 522, 6s. 6d. 

Bird (G. W.) Examples in machine design: 
containing many typical designs illustrating 
standard engineering practice suitable for 
students taking this subject for an engineering 
degree examination, Impl. 4to, 8|-xiii, 
pp. 79, 6s. net PITMAN, May '25 

Bird (J. Malcolm) " Margery '* the medium. 
Illus, Svo, 8x5^, pp. 530, i6s. net, 

J. HAMILTON, Oct. '25 

Bird (Richard) Touch and go, and other school 
stories. Illus. by Thomas Henry. Cr. Svo, 
7f X5i PP 2 55> 5 s - net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Bird (Richard) Trouble at Wyndham. Illus. by 
Frank Gillett. Cr, Svo, 7|X5i, pp. 320, 6s. 
net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Bird (W. D., Maj.-Gen. Sir) An Account of the 
battle of Liao-Yang. With questions and 10 
maps for examination purposes. Svo, S^xs^, 
pp. 74, swd. 33. 6d. net. .GALE & P., Aug. '25 

Bird (W. D., Maj.-Gen. Sir) The Direction of 
war : a study and illustration of strategy, 
2 ad ed., rev. and enl. Roy. Svo, 9! X 6, 
pp. 363, 2is. net. (Cambridge naval and 
military ser.) CAMB. UNIV. PR., July '25 

Bird book for children, Foyl&*s+ 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Bird in a storm, Albanesi (E. M.) 2s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Bird in hand, Gould (N.) gd. net Sept. '25 





Bird islands of Peru, Murphy (R. C.) 155. net. 

Mar. '25 

Bird-song, Morns (S.) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Birds, ABC of. is. net Sept. '25 

Birds, Book about, Turner (E. L.) and Gurney 

(R.) 35. 6d., 2S. net Sept. '25 

Birds, British, Thorburn (A.) i6Ss. net. 

Mar. '25 
Birds, British, Thorburn (A.) Vols. 1-2. ea. i6s. 

net Apr., Oct. '25 

Birds, British, Pocket bk. of, K carton (R.) and 

Bentham (H.) 6s. net Dec. '25 

Birds, British, Woodcuts of, Daglish (E. F.) 

255. net Sept. '25 

Birds : Cage Birds annual, 1925. is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Birds, In praise of, Raven (C. E., Rev.) 145. net. 

June '25 
Birds of an Indian garden, Fletcher (T. B.) 

iSs. net Jan. '25 

Birds of an Indian village, Dewar (D.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Birds of Ceylon, Familiar, Kersliaw (C.) 73. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Birds of Cley, Norfolk, Pashley (H. N.) 73. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Birds of Japan and Brit. Isles, Comparative 

handlist, Hachisuka (M. U.) los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Birds, Orkney, How to know the, Omond (J.) 

May '25 
Birds : Secrets of the eagle, etc., Gilbert (H. A.) 

and Brook (A.) los. net Dec. '25 

Birds : Two ornithologists on Lower Danube, 

Swann (H, K.) 53. net Oct. '25 

Birkenhead Priory and Mersey Ferry, Stewart- 
Brown (R,) Attg. '25 

Biikvtt (W. S.) and Lewis (G. G.) The Pupil's 
Empire atlas : for use by the comparative 
method, Roy. 4to, xzfe x 9f, pp. 48, swd. 
is. 6d. net EVANS BROS., Jan. '25 

Birmingham (George A.) Bindon Parva. With 
frontis. Cr. Svo, 7$- X 5, pp. 256, 6s. net. 

MILLS & B., Jan. '25 

Birmingham (George A.) The Gun-runners. 
Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 316, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Birmingham (George A.) Inisheeny. Cheap ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 232, as. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Birmingham (George A.) King Tommy. Cheap 
ed. isnio, 7j x 4$, pp. 320, as. net. 

HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

Birmingham (George A.) The Search party. 

Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7j x 5, pp. 310, as. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, May '25 

Birmingham (George A.) Send for Dr. O'Grady. 

Cheap ed. ismo, 7J x 4i, pp. 285, 25. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Birmingham (George A,)- Spanish gold. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 189, is. 6d. (Methuen's 
modern classics) METHUEN, July '25 

Birmingham (George A.) A Wayfarer in 

Hungary. With 16 illus. and map. Cr. Svo, 

ta 7|X5, pp. 226, 8s. 6d. net. METHUEN, July '25 
Birmingham Diocesan kalendar for 1925. i2mo, 

7i x 4l, pp. 188, 2s. net. 

(Birmingham) MIDLAND EDUC. Co., Mar. '25 
Birnstingl (H. J,) Sir John Soane. With 35 

illus. Irom Photographs by F. R. Yerbury. 

Cr. 4to, ioi X 7i, pp. 30, los. 6d. net. 

(Masters of architecture.) BENN, Apr. '25 

Birth control. Ethics of. Mar chant (J., Sir) 

2S. 6d. net , June '25 

Birth control exposed, Sutherland (H. G.) 6s. 

net June '25 

Birth control : First five thousand. Stapes (M. C.) 

23. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Birth control : Male infibulation, Dingwall (E. J.) 

IDS. 6d. net July '25 

Birth control, Men, marriage and, Jackson 

(H. L.) is. net Sept. '25 

Birth control, Morality of, Rout (E. A.) 55. net. 

May '25 


Birth control, Sexual health and, Rout (E. A.) 
is. net Mar. '25 

Birth of Arthur, Buckley (R. R.) and Boughton 
(R.) is. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Birth of fashion (The) : a modern ode. Fcp. 8vo, 
6i X 4, pp. 16, swd. is. net. 

CAYME PR., May '25 

Birthright, Stribling (T. S.) 7s, 6d. net. 

May '25 

Birtwistle (George) The Principles of thermo- 
dynamics. Svo, 8| X 5, pp. I73> 7S. 6d. 
net CAMS. UNIV. PR., Apr. '25 

Biscce (C, E. Tyndale) Kashmir in sunlight and 
shade. Intro, by Major-Gen. L. C. Dunster- 
ville. 2nd and cheaper ed. Illus. Svo, 
8Jxsi, pp. 3i5, 6s. net. 


Bishop (Carlton T.) Structural drafting and 
the design of details. 2nd cd., rev. 4 to, 
253. net CHAPMAN & HALL, May '25 

Bisfiop (Phyllis M.) ed. The English story in 
verse. With frontis. Fcp. Svo, 6^X4}, pp. 
288, 2S. net ; school ed. is. Qd. (" Teaching of 
English " ser.) NELSON, May '25 

Bishop out of residence, WJiitecHurch (V. L.) 
2S. 6d. net July '25 

Bismuth ores, Allen (R.) 33. 6d. net . . Feb. '25 

Bissclop (W. R..) General average and the 
York- An twerp rules, 1924. ended. Roy. Svo, 
swd. 55. net P. S. KING, Apr. '25 

Blsseli (Benjamin) The American Indian in 
English literature of the eighteenth century. 
With frontis. 8yo, 9 X sf, pp. 239, 8s. 6d. 
net. (Yale studies %n English). 

MILFORD, Dec. '25 

Bit of blue stone, Gray (M.) as. net. . . Jan. '25 

Bitha's wonderful year, Tynan (K.) as. 6d. 

net May '25 

Bithell (Jethro) and Dunstan (A. C.) A German 
course for science students, Cr, Svo, 7iX5, 

pp. 178, 55 METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Bitter brew : verse, Rice (C. T.) 7s- <5d. net. 

July '25 
Bituminous substances, Spidmann (P. E.) 158. 

net Jan. '25 

Black (C. Stewart) Peter Mciklejolm : a tale of 

old Glasgow. Cr. Svo, 7-i>'5, pp. 250, 6s. net. 

T. W. LATTRIK, July *25 

BSacic (Harman) Outlines of travel. 2 vols. 
Vol. i, Eastward around the world ; vol. 2, 
Westward around the world. 111 us. Cr. 4 to, 
joj X 7|, pp. 314, 270, ea, 15$. not. 

SIMPKIN, Jan. '25 

Black (Jane) The Children's cross word puzzle 
book. Svo, 7|X6|, pp. 62, 2S. net 

HODDER & S,, Sept. '25 

Black (Stephen) The Golden calf ; a story of 

the diamond fields, Cr. Hvo, 7| v : 5, pp. 318, 

75. 6d. net , , T. W. LAURIF, Oct. '35 

Black (William) Oliver Goldsmith, New pocket 
ed. i2ino, 7X4!, pp. 171, ss. 6d. iwtt. English 

men of letters) MACMIU-AN, July '25 

Black of Over Abington, Note <u Family of 

(priv. pr.) . .... /I />f, "25 

Black ace, Carlton (G.) 39. fid. net Oct. '25 

Black arrow, Stevenson (K. L.) is. od. net. 

July '25 

Black arrow, Stevenson (R. L.) as. net. .Apr, '25 
Black arrow, Stevenson (R. L.) 4S. act 

May 'us 
Black arrow, Stevenson (R. L.) 7s. fid. net 

Jan, '25 
Black arrow, Stevenson (R L,) is* CkL net, 

Sept, J 55 

Black Beauty, Sewell (A.) ss, net . . . .Mar. '25 
Black Buttes, Mulford (C. E,) 35. 6d, net. 

Feb. '25 

Black cargo, Marquand (J.) 7s. 6d. net. Ma>y *35 
Black cat, Tracy (L,) 79. 6d. net , . . .Au%. '35 
Black company, Ferguson (W B. M.) 7<i. fttL net. 

Sept. *25 

Black diamonds, Jokai (M.) ss, net. . * . Fb *s5 
Black gang, McNeiU (C.) 2S. net . , Jan. *5 
Black gold, Morton (G.) 73. 6d. net. ,M@y '25 




Black harvest, Wylie (I. A. R.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Black Horse Pit, Rhys (E.) 75. 6d. net. .Dec. '25 
Black laughter, Powys (L.) 6s. net. Jan. '25 
Black opal, Ash (F.) 23. 6d. net .... June '25 
Black powder Dan, Chisholm (A. M.) 7s. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Black Star's campaign., McCulley (J.) 73. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Black swans, Skinner (M. L.) 73. 6d. net. 

July '25 
t..Sept. '25 

Black treasure, Mathews (B.) is. net. 

Black turret, Wynnton (P.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Blackbird, Balfour (M.) 7s. 6d. net.. 0^. '25 

Blackheath : story of Royal Hundred, Baker 
(G. L.) 23. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Blaekie's Boys' annual. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9^ x 7, 
pp. 288, 53. net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

BSackie's Children's annual. Illus. Demy 4 to, 
ii x 8, pp. 200, 53. net.. . BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Blackie's Girls' annual. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 10 X 7, 
pp. 184, 55. net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Bfacfcie's Little ones' annual. Illus. Roy. Svo, 
10 x 7j, pp. 136, 33. 6d. net. 

BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Blacklead Island, Walmsley (E.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Blaekman (Philip) Hebrew self-taught : a 
manual of conversation. 32010, 5 x sf, 
pp. 130, 2S. net R. MAZIN, June '25 

Blackmarston, Beach (Mrs. H.) 73. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

BSackmore (R. D.) Lorna Doone. Cr. Svo, 
ea. is. 6d. (Supplementary readers : boys ; 
ditto, girls) Low, Mar '25 

Blackmore (R. D.) Lorna Doone. Cr. Svo, 
7&X5, PP- *79> is. 6d. net Low, Aug. '25 

Blackmore (R. D.) Lorna Doone. Illus, Repr. 
i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 687, 23. 6d. net. 

Low, Sept. '25 

Blackmor (Simon Augustine) Spiritism : facts 
and frauds. Intro, by the Right Rev. Joseph 
Schrembs. Svo, 8^x5^, pp. 535, 153. net. 

BURNS, GATES, May '25 

Blackpool, Lytham, St. Anne's, Fleetwood and 
the Fylde : guide With map, street plan of 
Blackpool, and illus. Fcp, 8vo, 6&X4$, pp. 
128, 2S. net R. HAYES, May '25 

Black's Guide to Devonshire. Part i, South- 
West. By J. E. Morris. With 4 illus. and 7 
maps and plans. i2mo, 6fX4|, pp. 128, 
23. 6d. net BLACK, Feb. '25 

Black's Guide to Paris : alphabetically arranged. 
Edit, by Charles Mathon. Illus. Fcp. Svo, 
6f x 4^ PP- I10 > 2S - 6d. net. .BLACK, July '25 

Black's Illustrated history note-books. Book i, 
From, earliest times to 1066, by G. H. Reed. 
Roy. Svo, swd. 6d. . ....... BLACK, Mat. '25 

Blacks and pitches [colours], Langton (H. M.) 
153. net July '25 

Blackshirt, Graeme (B.) 33. 6d. net ..June. '25 

Blackwell, Elizabeth, Tabor (M. E.) 6d. 

May '25 

* * Blair/* Oxford ways : a description of under- 
graduate life. Cr. Svo, 7|xs, pp. So, 2S. 6d. 
net B. BLACKWELL, Sept. '25 

BlaSsdeJI (Allen H.) and Estep (Thomas G.) 
Problems in thermo-dynamics and steam power 
plant engineering. Svo, swd. 6s. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 

Blake (Buchanan, Rev.) The Meaning of suffer- 
ing m human life. Cr. Svo, 7fxs, pp. 174, 
33. 6cL net A, GARDNER, Jan. '25 

Blake (Ernest). See Hendy (E. W.) 

Blake (Ernest G.) Damp walls : with a chapter 
on condensation and notes on waterproof 
building construction. With 70 illus., 2nd ed., 
rev. arid enl. Cr. 8vo, 74x5, pp. 270, 8s. 6d. 
net. (Lockwood's manuals). 

LOCKWOOD, July *25 

Blake (Ernest G.V Enemies of timber : dry 
rot and the death-watch beetle. With 22 illus. 
8vo, 8} X5|, pp. 24, iss. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 


Blake (Ernest C.) Roof coverings : their 
manufacture and application. With 144 
illus. Svo, Sf x 5$, pp. 276, los. 6d. net. 
CHAPMAN & HALL, June '25 

BlakS (Frank R.) A Grammar of the Tagalog 
language. Roy. Svo, iSs. net. (American 
Oriental ser. t vol. i) MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Blake (George) The Wild men. Cr. Svo, 7^x 5, 
PP- 3i9 7s. 6d. net... G. RICHARDS, Jan. '25 

Blake (Gladys) The Mysterious tutor. With 

frontis. Cr. Svo, 7f X 5i, pp. 260, 6s. net. 

APPLETQN, Apr. '25 

Blak (Vernon) Relation in art: a suggested 
scheme of art criticism, with which is incor- 
porated a sketch of a hypothetic philosophy 
of relation. Demy Svo, 9x6, pp. 326, iSs. 
MILFORD, July '25 

BSak (Vernon) The Way to sketch : notes 
on the essentials of landscape sketching, 
particular reference being made to the use 
of water-colour. Roy. Svo, 8| x 6|, pp. 121, 
75. 6d. net MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Blake (W.H.) Brown waters, and other sketches ; 
together with a fragment and yarns. Intro, 
by Vincent Massey, Cr. Svo, 7JX5, pp. 263, 
7s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Aug. '25 

Blake (W. J.) British history, 1547-1603. 
Fcp. Svo, 6|X4j, pp. i So, 2S. (Special periods 
of history.) BELL, Aug. '25 

Blake (William) For the sexes : the Gates of 
Paradise. iSmo, 153. net; Limited ed., 
50 copies, 843. net. F. HOLLYER, Sept. '25 

Blake (William) [Poems.] Svo, 8| x 5$, pp. 31, 
swd., 6d. net. (Augustan books of English 
poetry.) BENN, Oct. '25 

BSake (William) Songs of innocence and of 
experience : shewing the two contrary states 
of the human soul. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 97, 
2S. 6d. net NEW CHURCH PR., May '25 

Blake (William)- Writings. Edit, by Geoffrey 
Heynes. 3 vols. With frontis. Ed. limited 
to 1,500 copies. Cr. 4to, n X7|, pp. 384, 403, 
438, 1175. 6d. net. .NONESUCH PR., July '25 

Blake, William, Short (E. H.) 55. net. . Oct. '25 

Blake, William, Swinburne (A. C.) 45., 6s. net. 

A ug. '25 

Blake, William, Followers of, Binyon (L.) 425. 
net Oct. '25 

Blake, William, in this world, Bruce (H.) 125. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Blake, William, Paintings of, Figgis (D.) 1265. 
net Nov. '25 

Blakeborough (J. Fairfax-). See Fairfax- Blake- 

Blaker (Richard) Oh, the brave music ! Cr. 
Svo, 7|-X5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Aug. '25 

Blance (J. E.) Manet. Trans, by F. C. de 
Surnichrast, with 40 illus. Roy. Svo, 7f X 6, 
pp. 64, 55. net. (Masters of Modem Art). 

LANE, July '25 

Biaiiciiard (Raoul) Les Forces hydro-elec- 
triques pendant la Guerre. Roy. Svo, swd. 
6s. net. (Histoire economique ct socials de la 
Guerre Mondiale : serie Francaise.) 

MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Blanchette : comedie, Brieux (E,) 2S. 3d. Feb. '25 

BlafcfS (William Parlby) Money talks ! With 
port. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 71, 2s. 6d. net. 

SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 

Blatchford (Robert) English prose and how to 
write it. i2mo, 7X4i, pp. 79, 2S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Aug. '25 

BIaatsky (H. P.) Letters to A. P. Sinnett, and 
other miscellaneous letters. Trans, and com- 
piled with an intro. by A. T. Barker. With 
port. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. 420, 2is. net. 

UNWIN, Feb. '25 

BSaatsky (H. P.) and others The Theosophical 
Society: first fifty years. i8mo, swd. 6d. 
net . . THEOSOPHICAL PUBG. Hss., June '25 

BI@aekI@$ (Horace) -Ladies fair and frail : 
sketches of the demi-monde during the i8th 
century. With 16 illus. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, 
pp. 33*8; 7s. 6d. net J. LANE, Sept. '25 





Bleak House, Dickens (C.) 2 vols., ea. is. 6d. 

net July '25 

Bleke, the butler, Le Queux (W.) 2S. net. 

Jan. '25 

Blencowe (Ann) Receipt book, A.D. 1694. Ed. 
limited to 650 copies numbered. 8vo, 8 x s, 
pp. 83, IDS. 6d. net . . G. CHAPMAN, Sept. '25 
Blessed are the rich, Agate (J.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Bllgh (W. G.) The Practical design of irrigation 
works. 2nd ed., rev. and enl. Cr. 4 to, 10 x 7|, 

pp. 477, 263. net CONSTABLE, May '25 

Blind in industry, Purse (B.) 45 Mar. '25 

Blind man's eyes, MacHarg (W.) and B aimer 

(E.) 35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Blind Raftery and his wife Hilaria, Byrne (D.) 

, 5s. net Mar. '25 

Blind (Welfare of the) 5th annual report of 
Advisory Ctte., 1923-24. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Blinds down, Vachell (H. A.) as. net.. May '25 

Blinkers, Vachell (H. A.) as. 6d. net . . Aug. '25 

Blinkeyes, Sandys (0.) 7s. 6d. net ..Sept. '25 

Bliss (Douglas P.) ed. Border ballads. Selected 

and decorated with woodcuts by Douglas 

Percy Bliss. Foreword by Herbert J. C, 

Grierson. Roy. 8vo, 10 X 6, pp. 126, I2S. 6d. 

net MILFORD, Oct. '2$ 

Bliss (Gilbert A.) Calculus of variations. Cr. 
8vo, IDS. net. (Cams mathematical mono- 
graphs.). .OPEN COURT PUBG. Co., Apr. '25 
Blobbs at the seaside, Parker (B.) 6s. net. 

Nov. '25 

Block diagrams, Lobsck (A. K.) 225. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Blockade and sea power, Parmelee (M.) 153. net. 

Aug. '25 

B!om (Eric) Stepchildren of music. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f X5, pp. 302, 6s. net. 

G. T. FOULIS, Jan. '25 

Blomfield (Reginald, Sir)- The Touchstone of 
architecture. 8vo, 8 x 5|, pp. 253, 7s. 6d. 

net MILFORD, May '25 

Blondel, Maurice, philosophy of action, Gilbert 

(K.) 45. 6d. net May '25 

Blood : its examination, etc., Gulland (G. L.) and 

Goodall (A.) 253. net Feb. '25 

Blood, Respiratory function of the, Barcroft 

(J,) Pt, i. Nov. '25 

Bloom (Ursula) The Driving of destiny : a 

novel. Cr. 8vo, 7\ x 5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 


Bloom (Ursula) Vagabond harvest. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. 

Blossoms by the wayside : poems, Humphreys 

(M. D.) is. net . Mar. '25 

Blowing weather, Mclntyre (J. T.) 33. 6d. net 

May '25 

Blows (S. ) Translation of Anglo-Saxon : ex- 
tracts (i to 10 and 14 to 20) from Sweet's 
*' Reader " ; for L.L.A. Examination in 
English Honours, with vocabularies in the 
order of the text. Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 176, 6s. 
Blue and green mat of Abdul Hassan, Wilcox 

(C, G.) 2S. net Mar. '25 

Blue bird, Maeterlinck (M.) is. 6d May '25 

Blue cap, Gould (N.) gd, net Mar. '25 

Blue circle, Jordan (E.) 3S. 6d. net. . . Mar. '25 
Blue diamond, Haynes (A.) 73. 6d. net . .Apr. '25 
Blue hand, Wallace (E.) 73. 6d. net.. . June '25 
Blue Lion, essays, Lynd(R.) Aug. '25 
Blue Moons, Newcomm (G. B.) 73, 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Blue ribbon, Gould (N.) 9d. net June '25 

Blue Steppes, Shelley (G.) 123. 6d. net, 

Nov. "25 

Blue tiger, Caldwell (H. R.) 155. net..0c*. '25 
Blue veil, Montgomery (F.) 33. 6d. net. .Mar. '25 

Bluff stakes, Cronin (B.) 2s. net May '25 

Blundeli (F. 0.) Old Catholic Lancashire. 
With foreword by M. E. Francis. Vol. i. 
Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 208, 53. ne.t, 

BURNS, GATES, July '25 


Blundeli (Mrs. Francis). See Francis (M. E.). 

BIundeH (J. H.) Toddington : its annals and 
people. Illus. 4to, (sub.) 8s. 6d. net. 
(Post Office, Toddington, Beds.) 

MRS. A. A. ASHLEY, Oct. '25 

Blundeli (Peter) The Little brown baby. Cr. 
8vo, 7-1 X5i, pp. 316, 73. 6d. net. 

LANE, May '25 

Blunden (Edmund) Masks of time: a 'new 
collection of poems, principally meditative. 
Ed. limited to 310 copies numbered. 8vo, 
9X5t, PP. 74,253. net. 

C. W. BEAUMONT, Apr. 25 

BSundsn (Edmund) [Poems.] 8vo, 8 x s|, 
pp. 30, swd., 6d. net. (Augustan Books of 
Modern Poetry) BENN, July '25 

Blunden (Edmund) ed. Shelley and Keats: 
as they struck their contemporaries. Notes 
partly from manuscript sources. Ed. limited 
to 300 numbered copies on hand-made paper, 
Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 106, 2 is. net 

C. W. BEAUMONT, Sept. '25 

Blunt (A. W. F.) The Epistle of Paul to the 
Galatians. In the Revised Version. With 
intro. and commentary. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 5, pp. 141, 33. 6d. net. (Clarendon 
Bible) MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Blunt (A. W. F.) See also Hamilton (M. A.) and 

Blunt (Reginald) cd. The Crown and Anchor : 
a Chelsea quarto. Demy 4to, 11$- x 9, pp. 120* 
55. net .CHELSEA PUBG. Co., Dec. '25 

Blyth (E. J.) See Walsh (J. M.) and Blyth. 

Blyth (P. G.) School and scouting. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 68, 2S. 6d. net. 

HEFFER, May '25 

Blyion (Enid) The Enid Blyton book of bunnies. 
Illus. Cr. 4to, 10 X 7i, pp. 132, 3S. 6d. net. 

NEWNES, Oct. '25 

Blyton (Enid) Silver and gold. Illus. by Lewis 

Baumer. i2mo, 7 x 4f, pp. 71, 33. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Apr. '25 

Boas (Guy) Tennyson and Browning : con- 
trasted by Guy Boas, With port. Fcp, 8vo, 
6&X4&, pp. 254, 2s. net; school ed., is. $d. 
(" Teaching of English " scr.) 

NELSON, May '25 

Boas (Guy) Traffic and theatre rhymes. Illus. 
by Gabriel Pippet. 8vo, 8| x 6f, pp. 76, 

35. 6d. net , METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Boaz (Maud Elizabeth)^ And the villages thereof, 
Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 184, 33. t>d, net. 

MORGAN & SCOTT, July '25 
Bob Quested's troop, Ear court (Capt.) as. net. 

Sept, '25 

Bobbed hair. By twenty authors. Cr. 8vo 

7f x 5, pp. 363, 7s. 6<1. net. .PUTNAM, May *ss 

Boboio Missal, Wilmart (A.) and others, (sub.) 

Jan. '25 

Bobby Bear's annual, 1925. By Kitsie Bridges 
(" Aunt Kitsie ") Pictures by Dora McLaren. 
Folio 6xio, pp. 64, swd., is. net. 

" DAILY HERALD/' Nov. '25 
Bob's heroine, Butler (M. M.) is. 6d. net, 

Sept. '25 

Sodding (P. O., Rev.) Studies in Santal medicine 
and connected folklore. Pt. i, The Santals and 
disease. 8vo, los. (Memoirs of Asiatic Sac. 
of Bengal] ............... .LUZAC, Sept. '25 

Bod (Wilhelm) Sandro Botticelli. Trans, 
by F. Renfield and F. L, Rudston Brown. 
With 08 illus. Cr. 4to, ioj X 7, pp. 195, 

3is, 6d, net METHUEN, Sept* '25 

Boddsen (C. A.) Studies in mid- Victorian 
Imperialism, Roy, 8vo, 9|x6|, pp. 226, 

los. 6d. net .CONSTABLE, Apr. '25 

Bodies and souls, Desmond (S.) 3$. 6d* net. 

Mar. '35 

Bodington (Oliver E.) -The Romance churches 
of France : a manual of French ecclesiastical 
architecture in the twelfth century for the 
student and the traveller. With photos, by 
the author. Roy. 8vo* 9X5!, pp. 62 xSs, 
net . , G. RICHARDS, ]WM '25 





BoiJdnS (G. B.) Pieface to the Manuale tipo- 
grafico of 1 8 1 8. Now first trans, into Eng- 
lish, with an intro. by H, V. Marrot. Ed. 
limited to 300 copies. Roy. Svo, 8| x 6, 
pp. 67, 153. net E. MATHEWS, Feb. '25 

Body and soul, Dearmer (P.) 6s. net. .Mar. '25 

Body in the blue room, Williams (S.) 25. net. 

June '25 

Body, Yourself and your, Grmfell (W. T.) 
75. 6d. net , Apr, '25 

Boerner (Fred). See Kolmer (J. A.) and Boerner. 

Bugatslcy (Karl H. von) Golden treasury. Re- 
issue. Cr. 8vo, 2S. 6d. net..WARNE, Feb. '25 

Boggs (Winifred) Ashmorlands. Cr. 8\o, 7| x 5, 
pp. 312, 7s. 6d, net H. JENKINS, May. 25 

Bognor and its neighbourhood, Anderson (A. H.) 
is. net , Apr. '25 

Bohemia, taverns, etc., Tales of, Scott (S.) iSs. 
net Sept. '25 

Bohemian philosopher at Oxford in ijrth cent., 
Young (R. F.) 2S. net July '25 

Bohemians, Book of, Adcock (St. J.) 53. net. 

Sept. '25 

BohSfl (Hermann) Electrical photometry and 
illumination : light and its distribution, pho- 
tometric apparatus, and illuminating engin- 
eering. 2nd ed., rev. and enl. With 320 ill us. 
and 59 tables. Svo, 9x6, pp. 443, 253. net. 
GRIFFIN, Nov. '25 

Bohr (Niels) The Theory of spectra and atomic 
constitution : three essays. 2nd ed. Svo, 
Si X 5$, pp. 148, 7s. 6d. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Feb. '25 

Bolgey (Maurice)' The Science of colours and 
the art of the painter. Trans, by J. B. Hewitt. 
Svo, 9 x 5f, pp. 137, 75. 6d. net. 

BALE, Oct. '25 

Boilermaking, Morrison (K.) 35. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Boilers, Steam, Munro (R. D.) and Ness (G.) 
los. 6d. net May '25 

Bojer (Johan) A Pilgrimage. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, 
pp. 2*56, 6s, net. UNWIN, Mar. '25 

Bojer (Johan) La Puissance du Mensonge 

Roman. i8mo,2s. (CollectwnNelson) 

NELSON, May '25 

Bok (Edward W.)- Twice thirty: some short 
and simple annals of the road. With Port. 
Roy. Svo, 9|x6|, pp. 547, i8s. net. 

SCRIBNERS, Feb. '25 

BoSden (Albert D.) God's better thing : essays 
of concern and conviction. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, 
pp. 224, 33. 6d. net Low, May '25 

Boleyn, Anne, Life of, Sergeaunt (P. W.) 7s. 6d. 
net Aug. '25 

Bolgar (Edwin A.) and others Business letters 
for dictation. New era ed. (English) 12:010, 
7iX4f, pp. 279, 33. 6d. net; key to above 
35. 6d. net PITMAN, May '25 

BoUand (William Craddock) A Manual of Year 
Book studies. Roy. Svo, 9^ x 5f, pp. 182, 
I2S. 6d. net. (Cambridge studies m English 
legal history] CAMS. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 

BoSland (William C.) ed. Year-Books of Edward 
II. Vol. 17, 8 Edward II., A.D. 1314-1315. 
10^x8, 533. 6d. net. 

(Selden Soc.) QUARITCH, June '25 

Boiling (Cunlifte L.) Commercial management : 
a handbook of modern business practice. 
Svo, 8i X 5$, pp. 436, los. <5d. net. 

PITMAH, Dec. '25 

Boiling (George Melville) The External evidence 
for interpolation in Homer. Roy. Svo, 9&X6, 
pp. 271, 2 is. net MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Bolton (John A.) Arresting disclosures : a 
report of the strange findings in undergarments 
washed with soap and water and popularly 
supposed to be clean. Illus. 8f x 5 1, pp. 90, 
as, 6d. net, 

(Leicester) SPENCER & GREENOUGH, Mar. '25 

Bombay, Labour and housing in, Hurst (A. R. B.) 
los. 6d. net .July '25 

Bonadvtnture (St.) Life of St. Francis of Assissi. 
Edit, by Cardinal Manning* 9th ed. Cr. 
Svo, as. 6d. net BURNS, OATES, Feb. '25 


Sonar (Andrew A., Rev.) Memoir and Remains 
of the Rev. Robert Murray M'Cheyne. New 
ed. with appendices, facsim. of writings, and 
port. Svo, 8| x si, pp. 657, 7s. 6d. net. 

OLIPHANTS, Oct. '25 
Boncoeur affair, Wickham (H.) 73. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Bond (Cyril) For she loved much. [Poems.] 
7l x 5) PP- 3-j ss. net ____ STOCKWELL, Mar. '25 

Bond (J. R.} Farm implements and machinery. 
Foreword by Sir John Russell. Cheap ed. 
Roy. Svo, 9 X 6 1, pp. 298, iSs. 6d. net. 

BENN, Sept. '25 

Bond (Otto F.) The Sounds of French: an 
elementary phonetic manual. Svo, 8 X 5^, 
pp. 70, 6s. 3d. net.. CAMS. UNIV. PR., Dec. '25 
Bond (R. Warwick) The Pedlar : a narrative 
poem. Part 2. ismo, 7jX4|, pp. 249, 7s. 6d. 
net ................... BLACKWELL, Jan. '25 

Bond (W. N.) An introduction to mud motion. 
Cr. Svo, 7 x 5, pp. 94, 6s. net. 

E, ARNOLD, May '25 

Bond values tables, Serial. 753. net.. Apr. '25 
Bonds of Egypt, Rushden (P.) 7s. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Bondswomen: tragedy. Dillon (A.) 23. 6d. 
net ............................ Nov. '25 

Bone (Gertrude) This old man. With frontis. 
by Muirhead Bone. Cr, Svo, 7fx si, pp. 136, 
6s. net .... .......... MACMILLAN, May '25 

Bom (James) The London perambulator. With 
pictures by Muirhead Bone. Cr. 4to, 10^ x 7|, 
pp. 184, I2S. 6d, net ........ J, CAFE, Oct. '25 

Bone products and manures, Lambert (T.) los. 6d. 
net ......................... ... Feb. '25 

Bonemi (Ivanoe) From Socialism to Fascism : 
a study of contemporary Italy. Trans, by 
John Murray. Svo, 8| X si-, pp. 164, 75. 6d. 
net .......... .... M. HOPKINSON, Dec. '24. 

Bones, Wallace (E.) 23. 6d. net ...... Apr. '25 

Bones in London, Wallace (E.) 25. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Bonn (Moritz J.) The Crisis of European 
democracy. Svo, 6s. net. (Inst. of Politics 
pubns.) .... .............. MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Bonney (Samuel R.). See Field (S.) and Bonney. 

Bonnier (Gaston) British flora. Trans, and 

adapted from the French by Ethel Mellor. 

With 2,300 text figures. i2mo, 7iX4i> PP- 

349, 73. 6d. net ............ DENT, Sept. '25 

BonsaSJ (Joseph, Rev.) The Sparrows and the 
owl, and other stories. Cr. Svo, 7l X 5, pp. 130, 
2S. 6d. net ...... , ..... ALLENSON, Sept. '25 

Bonus (Arthur Rivers) Where Hannibal passed. 
With 12 illus. and a map. Cr. Svo, 7f X 5, 
pp. 96, 73. 6d. net ........ METHUEN, Sept. '25 

Boiizo book, Studdy (G. E.) 2s. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 

Bonzo's country holiday, Studdy (G. E.) and 

Jellicoe (G.) 6d. net .............. Sept. '25 

Bonzo's seaside holiday, Studdy (G. E.) and 
Jellicoe (G.) 6d. net .............. Sept. '25 

Book-collecting : Unpubhshable memoirs, Rosen- 
bach (A. S. W.) 53. net ............ Mar. '25 

Book-keeping and accounts, Principles and 
practice, Vickery (B. G.) iss. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Book-keeping chart, Quickest, Scott (B.) as. net. 

Sept. '25 

Book-keeping, Course in, Holland (R. W.) 43. 
net .............................. Oct. '25 

Book-keeping, Double-entry, Padoli (L.) 7s. 6d. 
net .............................. Jan. '25 

Book-keeping, Farm, Foster (L. F.) 152. net. 


Book-keeping for commercial students : Key to, 

McKechnie (J.) and Scoular (T. D.) 2is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Book-keeping, Modern methods of, Epps (R. H.) 

45. net .......................... Oct. '25 

Book-keeping, Rational, McKechnie (],) 45. ; 

Key, 2is .......... . .............. ATow. '25 

Book list, Whitaker's Cumulative, 1924. ios. 

net ............................ 7. '25 

Book list, Whitaker's Cumulative, 1925. (sub.) 

2os. net ............... . ...... Jan., etc., '25 





Book of Bohemians, Adcock (St. J.) 55. net. 

Sept. '25 
Book of crowns and cottages, Coffin (R. P. T.) 

us, 6d. net Dec. '25 

Bu&Ic of fun (The) : jokes and riddles. Cr. Svo, 

7i X 5, pp. 208, 2S. 6d. net 

J. HAMILTON, Oct. '25 
Book of great days (The) : celebrations for special 

occasions. With music and illus. Ryl. 4to, 

I2f X 10, pp. 32, swd., ss. 6d. net. 

EVANS BROS., July '25 
Book of many motors (A). Folio, 13 x 10, pp. 12, 

2S. net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Book of myths, Cruse (A.) 73. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 
Book of prayers for the Girl Guides of the Church 

(A.). Pref. by the Lord Bishop of Oxford. 

32mo, 4^x3, pp. 160, swd. is. net. 

MOWBRAY, May, Sept. '25 

Book of songs, Mathew (F.) 33. 6d. net June '25 
Book of the blue sea, Newbolt (H., Sir). 53. net. 

Oct. '25 
Book of the happy warrior, Newbolt (H., Sir) 

2S. 6d . June '25 

Book of the happy warrior, Newbolt (H., Sir) 53. 

net Nov. '25 

Book of the long trail, Newbolt (H., Sir). 53. net. 

Oct. '25 
Book of the thin red line, Newbolt (H., Sir). 

53. net Oct. '25 

Book of vagrom men and vagrant thoughts, 

Story (A. T.) 33. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Book selection, Theory of, McColvin (L. R.) 

7s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Bookbinding, Italian art of, Toldo (V. de) 73. 6d. 

net July '25 

Bookplate : Nothing, Craig (E. G.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Books and theatres, Cmig (E. G.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Books, Best, World's library of, Whitten (W.) 

Vol. i. J2S. 6d., 1 6s. net Jan. '25 

Books, Choice of, etc., Harrison (F.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Books, English catalogue of, 1924. 153. net. 

Jan. '25 
Books, Hungarian, Pikler (B.) and Braun (R.) 

las. 6d. net. ..,.....,. Sept. '25 

Books, On, Sheridan (M,) is. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Books, Price of, Unwin (S.) 6d. net . . Feb. '25 
Books : Reading girl, Keniahan (C.) 55. net. 

June '25 
Books, World's library of best, Whitten (W.). 

Vol. 2, i2S. 6d. net May '25 

Bookselling, Cambridge, Gray (G. J,) is. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Boomer (Lucius M.) Hotel management : 

principles and practice. Roy. Svo, 2 is. net, 

HARPERS, Sept, '25 

Boon (F. C.) Puzzle papers in arithmetic. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 64, is. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Sept. '25 

Boone, Daniel, White (S. E.) as. net . .June '25 
Boost of the Golden Snail, MacClure (V.) 33. 6d. 

net . May '25 

Boot-mending for the amateur, Lane (S. H.) 

gd, net Oct. '25 

Baoth (Mrs. Bramwell) Friendship with Jesus. 

7|X5ipp. 171, ss. 

Booth (Mrs. Bramwell) -Likeness to God. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5> PP, 152. ss. 6d. net. 

Booth (Eva Gore-). See Gore- Booth. 
Booth (" General ") Extracts from General 

Booth's Journal, 1921-22* Arranged by 

H, L. Taylor. 7|X5i, pp. 211, as. 6d. net. 

Booth (J. B.) The Show shop. Cr. Svo, 7ix 5, 

PP- 295, 7s. 6d. net , . . .G. RICHARDS, Mar. '25 
Bootfifey (Guy) Doctor Nikola, Cheap ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Apr. '25 

Boots : play, Hideout (R.) as. net Oct. '25 

Bo-Peep's bumper book. Illus. Cr. 4to, 9 J x 7|> 

pp. 166, 33. 6d. net , .CASSELL, Sept. '25 


Borchardt (Von L.) Statuen und statuettes 

von Konigen und Privatleuten. Teil 2. 

Impl. 4to, 14x10, pp. 197 and 272, illus., 

swd. 505. net QUARITCH, Aug. '25 

Bor chart! (W. G.) and Perrott (A. D,, Rev,)- 

A First trigonometry. lamo, 7iX4f, pp. 154, 

ss. 6d BELL, &lay '25 

Bofcfiardt (W. G.) and Perrott ( A. D., Rev.) 

A Shorter geometry. Cr. Svo, 7iX5, pp. 278 

43. ; in 2 parts, ca. as. 6d. . . BELL, July '25 
Bordeaux (Paule Henry) The Circe of the deserts. 

With a frontis. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 252, xsss. 6d. 

net HURST & B.,July '25 

Border! (Lucille) The Candlestick makers. Cr. 

Svo, 7^X5, pp. 336, 73. 6d. net. 

Borden (Mary) Jericho Sancls : a novel. 

Cr. Svo, 7i-X5, pp. 318, 7s, 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Oct. '25 
Border ballads, Bliss (D. P.) ias. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Border by-ways and Lothian lore, Barnett (T. R.) 

7s. 6d. net May '25 

Border line : from Solway Firth to North "Sea, 

Mack (J. L.) 423. net Dec. '24 

Border Regiment in the Gt. War, Wylly (H. C.) 

(priv. pr.) Apr. '25 

Borderland : problems of insanity, Uyslop (T. B.) 

73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Borderlands of economics, Mukerjee (R.) ias. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Bordeyx (Jeanne) Eleoiiora Duse : The story 

of her life. With 26 illus. Roy. Svo, 9! X 6, 

pp. 308, 2is. net HUTCIIINSON, Jan. '25 

Bordology, Brskine (R., Hon.) is. net. 

Mar. '25 
BorcSiam (F. W.) The Crystal pointers. Cr. 

Svo, jl X 5t, pp. 272, 53. net, 

EPWORTH PR,, Sept. '25 
Borne on the wings of fancy, Melville (K.) 

73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Borneo, Folk-lore of, Hcnslowe (L.) is, Cd. net. 

June '25 
Borrie (Stanley). See Jordan (H. W.) and Borriu. 

Borrow (George) The Bible in Spain. Fcp. 
Svo, 6|X4t, PP- 575* Ithr. ;>s. 6d. net. 
(Nelson* s classics) .NKLSON, Sept. '25 

Borrow (George) The Romany Rye, Fcp. 
Svo, 6| X4i, pp. 480, Hhr. 33. 6tl. net* (Nelson's 
classics) NELSON, Sept. 'as 

Borrow (George) Wild Wales. Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4!, 

pp. 572, Ithr. 3S, 6d. net, (Nfhintfs classics.) 

NELSON, Sept. *2S 

Bosambo of the River, Wallace (15.) is. 6(L 
net , At>r.*z$ 

Bosanquet (IIelen)-~Frt % e trade and peace, hi the 
nineteenth century. (Publications de 1'Institut 
Nobel Norvegien, Tome VI.) io|xH, pp. 
160, i os. 6d. net. .... .WILLIAMS & N. Feb. '25 

Boscawen (Arthur Griffith-, Sir), See Grif/ith- 

BosweSI (James) -Boswell's note book, 3:776- 
1777 " recording particulars of Johnson's early 
life communicated by him and othors iu tliose 
years. Fcp. Svo, 6| x 4 J, 35. 6cl. nt'.t. (Oxford 
miscellany) MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Boswell (James) The Journal of a tour to the 
Hebrides witn Samuel Johnson, LL.D. Fcp. 
Svo, 6|X4i, PP' 377i xs. 6d. net. (Nd$tm*$ 
classics) . , . , NELSON, Feb. *&s 

Boswell (James) The Life of Samuel Johnson. 
(Boswell's Joliason). Abridged and arranged 
by Archibald Marshall. With port. Cr. 8vo, 
> pp. 383, Ss, 6d. net.. .COLLINS, Mar, '25 

(James) The Life of Samuel Johnson, 
Abridged and newly edit zsmo, 7x4!, 
pp. 512 ss. 6d. nt k t. (Lid. of st&ndtird liwa,} 

HUTCHIN8ON, Sept* *25 

B swell (James) The Life of Samuel Johnson. 

Edit, with notes by Arnold Glover. Intro* 
by Austin Dobson* Illus. by Herbert Kaiiton 
and many ports. 3 vols. 8vo 8X5| pp. 
498, 472, 474 (Set), ass. 6d. net, CENT, Qd. ^25 





Boswell (James) A Shorter Boswell. Edit. 
with an intro., by John Bailey. With frontis. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6X4j, pp. 256, 2S. net; school ed., 
is. gd. (" Teaching of English " ser.) 

NELSON, May '25 

Boswell (James) A Shorter Boswell. Edit, by 
John Bailey, i Smo, Ithr. 33. 6d. net. (English 
ser.) NELSON, Sept, '25 

Botanic Gardens (Royal), Edinburgh List of 

seeds collected, 1924. 2s. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 
Botanic Garden (Royal), Edinburgh Notes. 

Nov., 1924, 8s. 6d. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Botanic Gardens (Royal), Edinburgh Notes. 

No. 71, June, 1925. 45. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 
Botanical Conference (Imperial) London, 1924 

Report of proceedings. Edit, by F. T. Brooks. 

Roy. 8vo, 155. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Feb. '25 
Botany (Annals of) : Vol. 39, no. 154, Apr., 1925. 

Roy. 8vo, swd. 155. net. . . MILFORD, May '25 
Botany : Catalogue of books in Lib. of Linnean 

Soc. 255. net Nov. '2511 

Botany, Class bk. of, Stenhouse (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Botany, General, Holman (R. M.) and Robbing 

(W. W.) 2os. net Jan. '25 

Botany, Handbk. of practical, Strasburger (E.) 

I2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Botany, Methods of descriptive systematic, 

Hitchcock (A. S.) 123. 6d. net .... Oct. '25 

Botany, Pharmaceutical. 55. net May '25 

Botany : Trees and Flowers of Eng. and Wales, 

Jameson (H. G.) 35. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Botryllus, Herdman (E. C.) 43. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Botticelli, Sandro, Bode (W.) 315. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Botticelli, Sandro, Yashiro (Y.) 15 155. net. 

Nov. '25 
Botting (C. G.). See Hrtlard (A. E., Rev.) and 


Bottled in bond, Hughes (G.) 2s. net. .Mar. '25 
Bottome (Phyllis) and Thompson (Dorothy) 

The Depths of prosperity. Cr. 8vo, 7|-X5, 

PP- 3i3, 7s. 6d. net COLLINS, Jan. '25 

Bottome (Willard B.) and Smart (William F.) - 

The Stenographic expert for Isaac Pitman 

shorthand. New and enl. ed. 8vo, 7s. 6d. 

net PITMAN, Apr. '25 

BottomSey (Gordon) Poems of thirty years. 

With port. Roy. 8vo, 9X7, pp. 201, sis. net ; 

Special ed., signed by the author, limited to 75 

numbered copies for sale, 425. net. 

CONSTABLE, Feb. '25 
Bottomley (Samuel) The Gold standard : its 

relation to business, labour and world peace : 

the second message from " Mars." Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 96, swd., 53. net. 

SIMPKIN, July '25 
Bottomley (William L.) Spanish details. Folio. 

7os. net BATSFQRD, Feb. '25 

Boughton (Rutland). See Buckley (R. R.) 

and Boughton. 
Boulenger (E. G.) The Aquarium book. Illus. 

by L. R. Brightwell. 8vo, 9 X 5|, pp. 208, 

IDS. 6d. net.. DUCKWORTH, Nov. '25 

ButstSn (X. Marcel) The Conduct of the 

kitchen : how to keep a good table for sixteen 

shillings a week. 7| x 5|, pp. 66, 33. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Nov. '25 

Boulestfn (X, Marcel) A Second helping; or, 

More dishes for English homes, Frontis by 

]. E. Laboureur. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. i6S, 6s. 

net HEINEMANN, Feb. '25 

Boolger (Demetrius C.) The Reign of Leopold 

II., King of the Belgians and Founder of the 

Congo State. 1865-1909. (Forming Part 111 

of the " History of Belgium **) 2 vols. 9x5!, 

pp. 268* 287, 42S. net. 

(xo-ix, Fetter Lane, E.C.4.) 

ARDENNE PUBG., Feb. '25 


Boultwood (Harriett) Hero's story : the auto- 
biography of a Newfoundland dog. With 
frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 128, is. 6d. net. 

Low, June '25 

Bounds (Edward M., Rev.) The Essentials of 
prayer. Edit, by Homer W. Hodge. With 
port. Cr. Svo, 74- X 5, pp. 143, 55. net 

F. H. REVELL, May '25 
Bounty of Sweden. Yeats (W. B.) iss. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Bouquet (A. C., Rev.) The Christian religion 

and its competitors to-day : the Hulsean 

Lectures, 1924 5, delivered before the Univ. 

of Cambridge. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 171, 6s. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., May '25 

Bouquet of love, Curne (G. G.) 23. net. 

Sept. '25 

Bourcart (E.) Insecticides, fungicides, and 
weed killers : a practical manual on the 
diseases of plants and their remedies, etc. 
Trans, from the French and adapted to British 
standards and practice. 2nd English ed., 
rev. and enl. by Thomas R. Burton. With 
84 tables and 13 illus. Svo, 8$- x 5^, pp. 443, 
155. net ...... SCOTT, GREENWOOD, Nov. '25 

Boiirchler (Basil Graham, Rev.) Without fear 

or favour : a number of frankly-expressed 

essays. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 189, 55. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Apr. '25 

Bourn (Mary) The Geese fly South. Cr. 8vo, 

7i x 5, pp. 258, 75. 6d. net. . GAY & H., May '25 

Bourne (A. A.). See Baker (W, M.) and Bourne. 

Bourne (Aleck \V.) Synopsis of midwifery and 

gynaecology. 3rd ed., rev. and enl. With 

illus. diag. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 444, 205. net. 

(Bristol), J. WRIGHT, May '25 

Bourne (F. W.) The King's son ; or, A memoir 

of Billy Bray. Compiled largely from his own 

Memoranda. New and rev. ed. (4ist). Fcp. 

Svo, 6f X4jr, pp. 158, is. 6d. net. 

H. HOOKS, July '25 

Bourne (Gilbert C.)* A Text book of oarsman- 
ship ; with an essay on muscular action in 
rowing. Fcp, 4to, 8x6|-, pp. 392, i8s. 6d. 
net .................... MILFORD, July '25 

Bourne (Lawrence R.) Coppernob Buckland. 

Illus. Roy. 8vo, 8|x6J, pp. 156, as. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Boiisfield (Paul) Sex and civilization. Svo, 

, pp. 302, los. 6d. net. K. PAUL, Jan. '25 
Bowden (Witt) Industrial society in England 
towards the end of the eighteenth century. 
Svo, 8f X 5l, PP. 357, I5S. net. 

MACMILLAN, Mar. '2 5 

Bowen (Frank C.) The King's Navy. With 47 

illus. Roy. Svo, 8|x6|, pp. 260, 75. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, July '25 

Bo west (Frank C.) The Sea : its history and 
romance. Vol. i. Illus. Demy 4to, nfyxg, 
pp. 316, 153. net 

HALTON & T. SMITH, Apr. '25 

Bowen (Frank C.) The Sea : its romance and 

history. Vol. 2. n^ X 9, pp. 290, 155. net. 


Bowen (John T.) Dairy engineering. Svo, 

8s. 6d. net. (Agricultural engineering ser.} 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 

Bowen (Marjorie) Five people. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 

pp. 310, 75. 6d. net... WARD, LOCK, Apr. '25 

Bowen (Marjorie) The Leopard and the lily : 

a tale of early Brittany. Popular ed. Demy 

iSrno, 6x4, pp. 380, is. 6d. net. 

NELSON, July '25 

Bowen (Marjorie) The Presence and the power : 
a story of three generations. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. 320, 33. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, June '25 

Bowen (Marjorie) A Soldier from Virginia : a 
story of George Washington. Fcp, Svo, 
6&X4J, pp. 288, is. 6d. net . .NELSON, Feb. '25 
Bowen (Marjorie) The Sword decides ! A 
chronicle of a Queen in the Dark Ages, founded 
on the story of Giovanna of Naples. Fcap Svo, 
6$> x 4$, pp. 372, is. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Apr. '25 




Bowen- Rowlands (Ernest) In Court and out of 
Court : some personal recollections. With 
frontis. and n illus. Roy. 8vo, g| x 6, pp. 319, 
1 8s. net HUTCHINSON, Mar. '25 

Bower (B. M.) The Bellehelen Mine. Cr. Svo, 
7iX5j pp. 319, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 

Bower (B. M.) Desert brew. Cr. Svo, 7} x 5, 
pp. 312, 73. 6d. net HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Bower (B. M.) The Eagle's wing: a story of 
the Colorado. Cheap ed. lamo, 7iX4& 
pp. 319, 2S. net. . . HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Bower (B. M.) The Voice at Johnny water. 
Cheap ed. 12010, 7^x4^, pp. 312, 2S. net. 
HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Bower (F. O.) Plants and man : essays re- 
lating to the botany of ordinary lite. Illus. 
Svo, 8| x 5|, pp. 377, I4S. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Bower (Marian) East Anglian neighbours. Svo, 
9 X 5l, pp. 190, 8s. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., J'uly '25 

Bower book of simple poems, Littlewood (L. and 
U.) 6s. net Aug. '25 

Bowes (Joseph) The Fur-hunters, in Australian 
wilds. Illus, by D. C. Eyles. Cr. Svo, 
7fX5> PP 280, 6s. net. .MILFORD, May '25 

Eowkar (G. H.) How to keep a house-dog : 
a practical guide to his housing, feeding, 
grooming, exercising, and general manage- 
ment ; with hints on whelping, the rearing 
of puppies, etc. Foreword by Charles R. 
Johns. i2mo, 7| X 4f , pp. 32, 6d, net. 

Bowl of red roses, Hardinge (H, C. M.) 7s. 6d. 
net Mar. "25 

Bowman (Effie M.) The Book of infant crafts : 
a scheme of handwork for infants and juniors, 
based upon nature study, observation lessons, 
scenes in other lands, and everyday experi- 
ences. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9! x 7j, pp. 142, 
6s. net E. J. ARNOLD, Jan. '25 

Bowman (F. L.) Craftsmen and merchants : 
the outlines of economic history for young 
people. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 160, as. 6d. 
BLACK, Oct. '25 

Bowman (Herman F.) Elementary algebra. 
Part i. With diags. Cr. Svo, 7$-X5, 648 pp., 
6s LONGMANS, July '25 

Bowman (Herman F.) Elementary algebra. 
With diags. Cr. Svo, 7 x 5, Part i, section 
i, 4S.6d. net ; Part 2, section 2, as. 6d net. 
LONGMANS, Nov. '25 

Bowman (Leona F.) Problems in home 
economics teaching. Svo, 7s. 6d. net. (Home 
economics ser.) ..... XAMB. UNIV. PR., Aug. '25 

Bowman (Louise M.) Dream tapestries. Cr. 
8yo, 6s. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Boxing, Art of, O'Neil (J.) as. net Mar. '25 

Boxing : Roar of the crowd, Corbstt (J. J.) 
los. 6d. net , , May '25 

Boy and his future, Kicciardi (N.) 43. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Boy Baronet, Butler (M. M.) 2S. 6d. net ..Aug. '25 

Boy in green, Gould (N.) pd. net May '25 

Boy Kings, Reed (M. B.) as. 6d Feb. '25 

Boy orchid-hunters, Rowe (J. G.) 53. net. 

Jidv 7 2 

Boy Scout knot book (The). Illus. Rewritten 
and rev. by J. Gibson. i2mo, 7x4!, pp. 76, 
swd. is. net J. BROWN, Feb. '25 

Boy Scouts' Craig Kennedy, Reeve (A. B.) 53. 

net Nov. '25 

Boy Scouts' diary, Brown's, 1926. is. net. Aug.*2$ 

Boy Scouts' year book. Edit, by Franklin K. 
Mathiews. Published for the Boy Scouts of 
America. Illus. Cr. 4to loj x 7$, pp. 248, 

7s. 6d. net * . * AFPLETON, 0$, '25 

Boy who broke the idol's head, Dumbarton (A.) 
2S, 6d. net May '25 

Boyajian (Zabelle C.) Gilgamesh ; a dream of 
the eternal quest. Illus. by the author. Intro, 
by Sir E. A. Wallis Budge. Illus. Roy. 4to, 
I2& x 10, pp, no, 423. net. 

G. JONES, Feb. '25 


Boyd (Eric Forbes) The House of Whipple- 
staff : a novel. Cr. Svo, 7$ x 5, pp. 320, 
73. 6d. net HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

Boyd (Ernest) Portraits, real and imaginary : 
being memories and impressions of friends arid 
contemporaries, etc. Svo, 8x5f, pp. 265, 
los. 6d. net J. CAPE, May '25 

Boyd (Ernest) Studies from ten literatures. 
Roy. Svo, 9x6, pp. 341, ias. 6d. net, 

SCRIBNERS, Apr. '25 

Boyd (James) Drums. Cr. Svo, 7|-X5, pp. 
498, 75. 6d. net UNWIN," S^. '25 

Boyd (Thomas) The Dark cloud. Cr. Svo, 
7l X 5, pp. 284, 7s. 6d. net. .UNWIN, May '25 

Boyd (Thomas Stirling) The Web : a play in 
three acts. Cr. Svo, 7|- x 5, pp. 131, 38. 6d. 
net. (British Drama League lib. of modem 
British drama.} BLACKWRLL, May '25 

Boyhood, Problems of, Johnson (F. W.) 6s. 3d. 
net Feb. '25 

Boyle (C. Nina) Anna's, Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 
350, 7s. 6d. net , . ALLEN & U,, Feb. '25 

Boyle (Douglas J.) When all is well ; or, The 
Flower of Ainstey. [Play.] 7&XS, pp. 44, 
swd. is. net. 

(Scarborough) D. BOYLE, Apr. '25 

Boyntori (Percy H.)- Some contemporary 

Americans. Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7s. 6d. net 

CAMB, UNIV. PR., June '25 

Boy's ambition, Pickering (A. N.) 2S. Yxl. net. 

Nov. '25 

Boys' annual, Blackie's. 53. net Sept. '25 

Boy's annual, British. 53. net .Aug. '25 

Boys, Big book for, Strung (H.) as. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Boy's book of prose, Watson (W. H. L,) 6s. net. 

Dec. '24 
Boys" budget (The). Illus. Roy. Svo, 8|x6^, 

pp. 128, 2S. net BLACKIE, Apr. '25 

Boys : manual for workers, Finnemore (D. L.) 

53. net May '25 

Boys of Ringing Rock Goodyear (R. A. H.) 

55. net A ug. '25 

Boys of the " Puffin," Westerwan (P. F.) 2S. net. 

Au$, '25 
Boys of the Valley School, Goodyear (R. A, H.) 

33. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Boys of Willoughby School, Richardson (R.) 

is. 6d. net Feb* '25 

Boy's open-air bk,, Every, Hopkins (R. T.j 

6s. net Sept. '25 

Boy's Own Annual (The). Illus. Demy 4 to, 
ii X 8|, pp. 792, I2S. t>d. net. 

R.T.S., Sept. '25 

Boys" own book of fairy talcs and verses, Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 128, is. 6d. net. 

JLow, Apr. *25 
Boys, Talks to, Mee (A.) ss. 6cl. net. .Sept. '25 

Boys, Warne's Pleasure bk for, Gordon (W. J.) 

ss* 6d. net * July '3$ 

Boys* wireless annual (Thf). Kdit. by Michael 

Egaix. Illus, Cr. 4to, 10 X 7|, pp. 89, 35. 6d. 

net , NEWNKS/^VJM. "25 

Braby's Commercial directory of South Africa 

and Rhodesia ; including also S.W. Africa, 

Delagoa Bay and Beira, x 925, Cr. 4to, 9! x 7|, 

pp, 712, 175. 6"d, net. 

(93, Chancery Lane) A, C, BRABY; 

REEVES, May 'a 5 
Braby's Natal directory ; including 2ulufaml, 

Griqualand East, and Poudoland ; with which 

is incorporated Davis' Natal directory, 1925. 

Svo, 3os. net SXMFKW, Feb. " *SJ5 

Braby's Orange Free State directory : including 

Basutoland, and trades directories of KimbcrUsy 

and Aliwal North, 1924, 8vo, 258. net. 

SIMPIUN, Fttti, *5 
BraccifortI (Francesco). See Millhouse and 

Bracelet, Edwards (C. M.) as. net Mar. *25 

Bracey (Henry Gordon) William the Conqueror 

and his fool Berdic : a play in three acts, 

71" X 5, pp. 128, 53. net . . STOCKWELL, Jww '25 






Bracey (Robert) Eighteenth century studies, 
and other papers. Foreword by the Bishop of 
Clifton. Or. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 152, 53. net. 

BLACKWELL, Feb. '25 

Bracken (Grace H.) English grammar exercises 
for middle forms. iSmo, swd., is. 

METHUEN, July '25 

Bracken (Grace H.) The Teaching of English in 
secondary schools for girls. With ch. on the 
Teaching of French in French schools, by Mile. 
Bergeron. Intro, by George Sampson. Cr, 
8vo, 7f X5, pp. 270, 6s. net. 

UNIV. LONDON PR., Feb. '25 
Bradby (G. F.) Ginger & Co. Cheap ed. Fcp. 
8vo, 6| X 4^, pp. 169, 2S. net. 

HEINEMANN, Mar. '25 

Bradfey (G. F.) The Lady of the Manor. Cr. 
8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 315, 75. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., fan. '25 

Bradfey (Violet) The Capel cousins. Illus. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6f X4|, pp. 260, is. 6d. net, 

MILFORD, June '25 

Bradford (E. E., Rev.) The Tree of knowledge. 
Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 119, 33. 6d. net. 

K. PAUL, Jan., May '25 

Bradford (Gamaliel) Bare souls. Illus. Svo, 
9 x 5|, pp. 354, i2S. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, Jan. '25 

Bradford (Gamaliel) Wives. With illus. Roy. 
8vo, 9x6, pp. 312, I2S. 6d. net. 

HARPER, Oct. '25 

Bradley (A. G.) In praise of North Wales. 
With 1 6 illus. and a map. 8vo, 9 X 5|-, pp. 

279, I2S. 6d. net METHUEN, Sept. '25 

Bradley (A. W.) Won by pluck. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 
7^X5, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. (Every girl's 

golden lib.} PILGRIM PR., Feb. '2$ 

Bradley (H. Dennis) Towards the stars. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 347, 2S. 6d. net. 

T. W. LAURIE, Nov. '25 

Bradley (H. Dennis) The Wisdom of the gods. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 439 7s. 6d. net. 

T. W. LAURIE, Nov. '25 

Bradley (Rosa M.) A Posy of flowers. [Poems. [ 

7|X5, pp. 15, is. net..SxocKWELL, Sept. '25 

Bradomin, Marquis de, Pleasant memoirs of the, 

Valle-Inclan (R. del) 153. net .. July '25 

Bradshaw (J. G.) Geometry for beginners : 

as far as the theorem of Pythagoras. With 

diag. Cr. 8vo, 7ixs, pp. 107, 2s. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, Sept. '25 

Bradshaw (Percy V.) Art in advertising: a 
study of British and American pictorial pub- 
licity. Illus. 12 X 10, pp. 512, 42S. net. 
(Forest Hill, S.E.) PRESS ART SCHOOL, 

Nov. '25 

Bradshaw (T. E. J.) and Phillips (G. G.) Latin 
prose. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 142, 33. 6d. 

LONGMANS, Feb. '25 

BradsSiaw (T. E. J.) and t Phillips (G. G.) 
Selected passages for precis writing for use in 
schools. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 191, 33. 6d. 

BELL, Feb. '25 

Bradshaw (T. E. J.) and Phillips (G. G.) 
.Selections from Ovid. i8mo, 23.. 

BLACKIE, May '25 

Bradshaw's general railway and steam navigation 
guide. (Monthly.) ea. swd. 23. net. Con- 
tinental guide. (Monthly.) In 2 pts., ea. 
3s. 6d. net. . . .BLACKLOCK & Co., Jan. etc. '25 
Brady (Cyrus Townsend) The Island of hope. 
Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 318, 23. 6d. net. 
JARROLDS, June '25 

Bragg (William H., Sir, and W. L.)~X-rays and 
crystal structure, sth ed., rev, and enl. Svo, 

8x5^, pp. 336,215. net BELL, Apr. '25 

Bragg (William H, Sir) Concerning the nature of 
things: six lectures delivered at the Royal 
Institution. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 244, 7s. 6d. 

net .BELL, Jan. '25 

Braham (Ernest G.) The Problem of the self 
and immortality : an estimate and criticism 
of the subject from Descartes to Kant. Svo, 
S|X5|, pp .220, 7s. 6d. net. 

EPWORTH PR., July '25 

Brahminism and Buddhism : Yoga, Fuller 
(J. F. C.) 6s. net ................ May '25 

Brailsford (Henry N.) Socialism, for to-day. 
7J- X 5, pp. 142, 2S. 6d. net. 

I.L.P. PUBN. DEPT., Dec. '25 
Brain (Philip) Sylvan Kensington : a photo- 
graphic review of Kensington Gardens. 
Foreword by Emma Palmer. 14x11^. 

PALMER PUBG. Co., Jan. '25 

Brain : a journal of neurology. Eait by Gordon 

Holmes. Vol. 48, Part 2. Roy. 8vo, swd., 

6s. net .............. MACMILLAN, Aug. '25 

Brain : More light, Cameron (S.) 33. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Brain : Tabular anatomo -comparative cerebri, 
Kappers (C. U. A.) 20 net ...... Mar. '25 

Brain tests, Saunders (J. M.) and Putnam 
(G. P.) 5 s. net .................. May '25 

Brains, Limited, McKishnie (A. P.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Braith waite (Esther) Molly. Illus. Svo, 8x5$, 

pp. 252, 2S. 6d. net ..J. F. SHAW, June '25 

Braithwaite (William S.) ed. The Book of 

Restoration verse. With notes. i2mo. 

7iX4t, pp. 880, los. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, June '25 

Bra me (Charlotte M.) A Dark marriage morn. 

Cheap ed. ismo, 7 x 4$, pp. 274, as. net. 


Brame (Charlotte M.) His wife's judgment. 
Cheap ed. Svo, 8% x 5$, pp. 134, swd., is. 
net .................... PEARSON, Apr. '25 

Brame (Charlotte M.) Lady Wyverne's ring. 

Cheap ed. 8vo, 8&xs|-, pp. 104, swd. is. net. 

PEARSON, May '25 

Brame (Charlotte M.) The Perils of beauty. 

Cheap eel. Svo, 8^x5$, pp. 150, swd. is. net. 

PEARSON, May '25 

Brame (Charlotte M.) A Thorn in her heart. 

Cheap ed. 8vo, 8|-X5i PP- 150, swd. is. net. 

PEARSON, June '25 

Brand (Max) Alcatraz. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 
7ixs, pp. 331, 2S. 6d. net. .. PUTNAM, Apr. '25 
Brand (Max) Clung. Ch 

. Cheap ed. i2mo, , 

pp. 318, 2S. net ........ HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Brand (Max) The Guide to happiness. Cheap 
ed. i2mo, 7iX4&, pp. 315, 2s. net. 

HODDER & S., June '25 

Brand (Max) Gun gentlemen. Cheap ed* i smo, 
7iX4$-, pp. 320, 2s. net. HODDER &S., Feb. '25 
Brand (Max) The Seventh man. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 336, 2s. 6d. net. 

PUTNAM, Apr. '25 

Brand (Neville) The Courtyard. Cr. Svo, 7f x 5 , 
pp. 318, 75. 6d. net ---- '. . . . . .LANE, Jan. '25 

Brand of siltuce, White (F. M.) gd. net. Feb. '25 
Brand of the beast, Lewis (M.) 7s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Brandane (John) The Glen is mine ; and, The 

Lifting : two plays of the Hebrides. Cr. 8vo, 

7|-X5, pp. 236, 6s. net . .CONSTABLE, Sept. '25 

Brandane (John) My Lady of Aros. Popular 

ed. Demy i8mo, 6x4, pp. 284, is. 6d. net. 

NELSON, July '25 

Brandon (Charles) The Mystery of King's 
Everard. Cheap ed. issmo, 7x4!-, pp. 312, 
2S. net .............. H. JENKINS, Feb. '25 

Brandon (Charlotte) The Vestibule, and other 
poems. Svo, 7f X sf, pp. 46, 23. 6d. net. 

BLACKWELL, Mar. '25 

Brandon (John G.) The Big heart., Cheap ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7&X 5, pp. 356, as. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, July "25 

Brandon (John G.) Young love. Cr. Svo, 
7$ X 5, pp. 255, 3S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Sept* '25 

Brandreih (Charles A.) A Fenland mystery. 
Cr, Svo, 7& X 5, pp. 312, 7s. 6d. net. 

JARROLDS, May '25 

Branson (E. C.)~- Farm life abroad. Cr. 8vo, 
93. net . ............. MILFORD, Jan. '2$ 

Brass commandments, Seltzer (C. A.) 2s. net. 

Feb. '25 

Brass repousse, Gawfhorp (T. G. and W. E.) 
2S, 6d. net ............. > , ..... Nov. '25 




Brant) (Adolphe Armand) The Child in art and 
nature. 2nd ed., rev. and enl., with additional 
illus. Demy 4 to, u Jx 8}, pp. 224, i8s. net. 
BATSFORD, June '25 

Braun (Robert). See Pikler (B.) and Braun. 
Brave deeds by brave men, Jones (C. S.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Brave earth, Sheppard (A. T.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Braw Bailie, Bell (J. J.) 7s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Bray (Denys, Sir) The Original order of William 
Shakespeare's Sonnets. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, 

pp. 144, 55. net METHUEN, Sept. '25 

Braybrooke (Patrick) -Considerations on Sir 

Edmund Gosse. Intro, by Gilbert Frankau. 

With frontis. 8vo, 8| x 5$, pp. 162, 75. 6d. net. 

DRANE, Aug. '25 

Brazil (Angela) My own schooldays. With a 
port, and other illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5|, pp. 320, 

6s. net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Brazil after a century of independence, James 

(H. G.) 173. net June. '25 

Brazil Economic and financial conditions, 

Sept., 1924. as. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Bread of deceit, Lowndes (Mrs. B.) ?s. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Bread of dependence, Auvergtie (E. B. d') 73. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Bread of wickedness, Rogers (G.) 7s. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Breakers on the sand, Graham (W.) as. net. 

May, '25 
Breaking point, Rineliart (M. R.) 33. 6d, net. 

June '25 
Brearley (Mary) Marsh fires. Cr* Svo, 7^x5, 

pp. 316, 73. 6d. net UNWIN, Feb. '25 

Breath, Control of the, Dodds (G.) and Lickley 

(J. D.) 6s. net ^ Aug. '25 

Breath of a rose : verse, Julian (W. S.) is. net, 

July '25 
Breath of life, Tucktrman (A.) 23, 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Brefener (Percy James) (Christian Lys)~~Mr. 
Quixley of the Gate House. Illus. by Harold 
Pifiard. Repr. Cr. Svo, 7ixs, pp. 300, 

23. 6d. net F. WARNS, May '25 

Breck (J.) and Rogers (M. R.) The Pierporit 
Morgan Wing : a handbook. (Metropolitan 
Museum of Art, New York.) 8vo, 8|X5|, 
PP- 395> 9$. net j swd. 4S. 6d. net. 

QUARITCH, Aug. *^5 

Breckin ridge (S. P.) Family welfare work in a 
Metropolitan community. Roy. Svo, 223. Cd. 
net. (Social Serv^ce ser.) 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Feb. '25 
Breckland : Plant life on E. Anglian heaths, 

Farrow (E. P.) 7s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Breckland wilds, In, Clark (W. G.) ics. 6d, 

net Dec. '25 

Bred In the bush, Gould (N.) 9d. net, . May ^25 
Breeding, Animal, Winters (L. M.) 133. 6d. net, 

Mar. '25 

Bremer (Fredrika) America of the fifties : 
letters. Selected and edit, by Adolph B. 
Benson. Cr. Svo, us. net. (Scandinavian 

classics) .MILPORD, Dec. "24 

11 Brenda "The Children of Windystreet. Illus. 
8vo, 8 x 5 J, pp. 288, as. 6d. net. 

J. F. SHAW, June '25 

" Brenda" The Earl's granddaughter. With 
frontis. 8vo, 8x5$, pp. 416, as. 6d. net. 

f. F. SHAW, Aug. '25 
V. B.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Jan. *25 

Brandon (J. A.) The Age of Chaucer. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5| Pp. So, ss. 6d, net 

BLACKIE, June "25 

Brandon (J. A.) The Building of the modem 
world. Book 3, The Expansion of Europe, 
With maps and illus. ismo, 7^x4^, pp, 199, 

as. 6d E. ARNOLD, Feb. *25 

Brendoii (J. A.) The Building of the modern 
world. Book 4, Since 1789. With maps 
and illus. i2rao, 7jX4t, pp. 224, ss. 6d. 
E. ARNOLD, Oct. '25 

Brenda entertains, Cox (A. 


Brendon (J. A.) How the Greeks saved Europe. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X sj, pp. So, is. sd. (Rambles 
through history] BLACKIE, Oct. '25 

Brenn (George J.) Voices. Cr. 8vo, 7i-X5, pp, 
312, 7s. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Feb. '25 

Breaming (L. H.) The Butterfly of Paris. Cr. 
Svo, 7&X5, PP- 314, 7s. 6d. net. 

CAS SELL, Jan. '25 

Brent (Charles Henry)- Understanding : an 
interpretation of the Universal Christian 
Conference on Life and Work, held in Stock- 
holm, August 15-30, 1925. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 
pp, 70, swd. ss. net. .. .LONGMANS, Dec. '25 

Brent (S. E.)-~The Causeway of Capital and 
Labour : comprising universal minimum wages 
for every worker based on the cost of living, 
etc. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 119, 55. net, 

P. S. KING, Mar. '25 

Brent-Dyer (Elinor M.)The School at the 
Chalet. Illus. by Nina K. Brislcy. Cr. Svo, 
7|X5i pp. 335, 3S. 6d. net. 

CHAMBERS, Oct. '25 

Brssitano (F. F.) Fairy tales from Brcntano. 
Told into English by Kate FreUigrath Kroeken 
Pictured by F. Carruthers Gould. 8vo ? 8J X 5 1 
pp. 326, 7s, 6d. net UNWIN, Sept. '25 

Biwefot* (F. S., Lt.-Col.) Colin the Scout. 
Illus. by Cyril Holloway. Svo, 7|xsi, 
pp. 256, 53. net BLACKIE, 0^. '25 

Brereton (F. S., Lt.-Col.) A Sturdy young- 
Canadian. Illus. by Charles M. Sheldon. 
Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 360, 3$. 6cl. net. 

BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Brereton (F. S., Lt.-Col, ) Under the Chinese 
Dragon : a tale of Mongolia. Illus. by Charles 
M. Sheldon. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 363, 33. 6d. 
net BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Bretfierton (C. H.) -The Real Ireland, Cr. 
Svo, 7| X 5, PP. 197, 5s. net. . . BLACK, Mar. '25 

Brethren, Haggard (H. R,, Sir), as. 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 

Brethren of the compass, Walsh (J. M.) and 
Blyth (E. J.) 7s. 6d, net Mar. '25 

Bretons at home, Gosthng (F. M.) 75. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Brett (Jesse, Rev.) Via Mystica : a devotional 
treatise on the life of prayer, based upon the 
Song of Songs. With port. 8v<>, S| x 5$, 
pp. ^13, 8s. 6d. net S.P.C.K., Apr, '35 

Brewer (John M.) and others Mental measure- 
ment in educational and vocational guidance, 
Svo, swd. 2S. 6d. net, (Harvard bulletins m 
education) MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Brewers* almanack and wine and spirit trade 
annual for 1925. (32nd year,) 9|X(>J, pp. 
326, 53, net. 

(Brewers' Soc.) REVIEW PR., Feb. '&$ 

Brewery companies, Manual of British and 
Foreign, 1924. ros. 6ct net Sept. 'es 

Brewster (Arthur Judson) and Palmer (Herbert 
Hall) Introduction to advertising. Svo, 
8 i x 5j, pp. 3s, iss. net 

A. W. SHAW, Jan. *z$ 

Brewster (G. W.) Commonscnse of the calculus. 
Cr, Svo, 7} x 5, pp. 80, as. net, 

MILFORD, Mar* '25 

Briary-bush, Ddl (F.) 35. 6d. net May '25 

Brfce (A. H, M.) The Law relating to the 
architect. Sfxsf, pp. 188, IDS. net 

STEVENS, J>V6. '25 

Bricc (Beatrix) . See Pultenty (W. Sir) and Brice. 

Brickwork, Hist, of English, Lloyd (N,) 453. 
net Dec. *ss 

Bridge builders, Swan (A. S.) ss. 6<t. net. July "25 

Bridge club, Fottteton, Tuite (H,) ss, 6d. net. 

Oct. '35 

Bridge tactics. Modem, Foster (R. F.) rs, 6d. 
net Del, '35 

Bridges (Robert) New verse written in 1931 ; 

with the other poems of that year and a few 

earlier pieces, Cr. 8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 98, 6s, net. 

MILFORD, Dec. f $$ 

BrMges (Robert) [Poems.] Bvo, S| X 5f 
pp. 30, swd., 6d. net. (Augustan froofas of 
modern poetry) ...,,...,..,.. BENN, July '25 




Bridges (Roy) Dead men's gold, 121110, 
pp. 276, 2s. net. (Man and Boy books). 

HODDER & S., May '25 

Bridges (Roy) Green butterflies. Cheap ed. 
ismo, 7^X4!, pp. 286, 2S. net, 

HuTCHiNsoisr, May '25 

Bridges (T. C.) The Book of invention, illus. 
in col. and black and white. Svo, 8f X 5f, 
pp. 287, 73. 6d. net HARRAP, Oct. '25 

Bridges (T. C.) The City of no escape. Illus. 
Svo, 8 x 5 1, pp. 220, 33. 6d. net. 

NEWNES, Sept. '25 

Bridges (T. C.) Criminal yarns. Cr. Svo, 7jX5, 
pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. .HUTCHINSON, Apr. '25 

Bridges (T. C.) The River riders : an exciting 
lumberjack story. With frontis. Svo, 8x5^, 
pp. 288, 33. 6d. net WARNE, Aug. '25 

Bridges (Victor) A Handful of verses. 6-|X4j, 
pp. 25, 2S. net MILLS & B., Jan. '25 

Bridges (Victor) The Man from nowhere. Cheap 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. 246, 25. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Apr. '25 

Bridges (Victor) The Red Lodge : a mystery 
of Campden Hill. Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 
74 X 5, pp. 284, 33. 6d. net. MILLS & B., Jan. '25 

Bridges, Reinforced concrete, Scott (W. L.) 
42S. net Mar. '25 

Bridgman (George B,) Constructive anatomy. 

Illus. Roy. Svo, ioj X 7, pp. 216, 153. net. 

LANE, Sept. '25 

Bridle (Augustus) Hansen : a novel of Canadian- 

ization. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 376, 8s. 6d. net. 


BrierSey (J.) (" J.B.")-~ The Life of the soul. 
Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7f x 5, pp. 296, 35. 6d. 
net J. CLARKE, Oct. '25 

Brierley (J.) (" J,B.") Religion and experience. 
Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7-| x 5, pp. 318, 33. 6d. 
net J. CLARKE, Apr. '25 

Brieux (Eugene) Blanchette : comedie en trois 
actes. Edit, by Hugh A. Smith and Helen M. 
Langer. i2mo, 7 x 4$, pp. 145, as. 3d. 
(Modern language ser.} . . D. C. HEATH, Feb. '25 

Brig " Audacious," Cole (A.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Briggs (Frederick J.) The Coming of the New 

Testament. Cr. Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 192, 33. 6d. net. 

EPWORTH PR., Sept. '25 

Briggs (Martin S.) A Short history of the "building 
crafts. Illus. by the author. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, 
pp. 312, 8s. 6d. net MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Briggs (William) and Bryan (G. H.) Matricu- 
lation mechanics, 5th ed. Cr. Svo, pp. 354, 
5s UNIV. TUTORIAL PR., Sept. '25 

Bright Islands, Colum (P.) us. 6d. net. .Dec, '25 

Bright, John, Life of, Trevelyan (G. M.) 7s. 6d. 
net July '25 

Bright & Sons' " ABC *' descriptive priced 
catalogue of the world's postage stamps. 
Part 2, Europe and Colonies. Illus. Fcp. Svo, 
6fX4i, PP- 674, 3S. net. 

BRIGHT & SON, May '25 

Brighter side of European chaos, Bartlett (V.) 
IDS. 6d. net , Sept. '25 

Brighteyes merry book. Roy. Svo, 35. 6d. net. 
J. COKER, Sept. '25 

Bright-of-eye, Keown (A. G.) 43. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Brightinan (Edgar S.) Immortality in post- 
Kantian idealism. (Ingersoll Lecture, 1925). 
Cr. Svo, 4S. 6d. net MILFORD, May '25 

Brilioth (Yngve, Rev.) The Anglican revival : 
studies in the Oxford Movement. Pref. by 
the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of Gloucester. 
Roy. Svo, 9 X sf, pp. 373, i6s. net 

LONGMANS, Mar. '25 

BriHat-Savarin (J. A.) The Physiology of 
taste ; or, Meditations on transcendental gas- 
tronomy. Intro, by Arthur Machen ; and 
designs by Andrew Johnson. Ed, limited to 
750 numbered copies. Demy 4to, ni x 7|, 
pp. 346, 4-23* net P. DAVIES, Not). '25 

Brimmer (F. E.) -Camps, log cabins, lodges 
and clubhouses. Svo, 8s. 6<L net. 

APPLETON, Apr. '25 


Brinckfoe (William D.) The Small home : how 

to plan and build it. Roy. Svo, 123. 6d. net. 

BATSFORD, Feb. '25 

Bring ! Bring I Aiken (C.) 73. 6d, net. 

Apr. '25 

Brinton (Percival R.) A Clue to life and other 
sermons. 7|X4f, pp. 128, 2s. net. 

(Colchester.) BENHAM, May '25 

Brinton (Selwyn)- The Golden Age of the Medici 
(Cosimo, Hero, Lorenzo de* Medici), 1434- 
1494. With 33 illus. Svo, 9x5!-, pp. 250, 
153. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Brinton (Selwyn} Venice past and present. 
Text by Selwyn Brinton. Illus. Folio, 
nx8J, pp. 194, xos. 6d. net; swd. 7s. 6d. 
net " STUDIO," May, '25 

Brise (Evelyn Ruggles-, Sir). See Ruggles-Brise. 

Bristol, Bath and Malmesbury [Cathedrals, etc. ] 

Home (G.) and Foord (E.) as. 6d. net. Sept. '25 
Britain and Egypt, Symons (M. T.) 73. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Britain and her Commonwealth, Gould (F. J.) 

is. net Jan. '25 

Britain beautiful, Hutchinson (W.) Vol. 3. 2 is. 

net Sept. '25 

Britain is governed, How, Rosenberg (K.) 23. 6d. t 

is. net May '25 

Britain, Mediaeval, K err (C.) Grip-fast history 

bks., bk. 2. 2S Aug. '25 

Britain, Roman, Last age of, Foord (E.) 153. net* 

Aug. '25 
Britain through the ages : an outline of British 

history from 55 B.C. Cr. Svo, 7|- X 5, pp. 128,, 

is. 3d. (Nisbet's " Through the ages " ser.) 

NlSBET, Oct. '25 

Britain under the Stuarts, Mulley (J. T.) 6d. 

Aug. '25 
Britain's coming crash, Baxendale (A. S.) 53. 

net Feb. '25 

Britain's Tut-Ankh-Amen, Falconer (J. P. E.) is. 

net Feb. '25 

British Association Advancement of science, 

1925. 6s. net Sept. '25 

British boy's annual. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9|x6|, 

prx 232, 55. net CASSELL, Aug. '25 

British chemicals : their manufacturers and uses. 

Being the official directory of the Association 

of British chemical manufacturers, 1925." 

Roy. Svo, 10 X 7i, pp. 260, los. 6d. net. 

BENN, Apr, '25 
British Columbia, Game trails in, Williams 

(A. B.) Sept. '25 

British Columbia, Oriental missions in, Ward 

(N. L.) and Hellaby (H, A.) 35. net. 

Dec. '25 
British Commonwealth and its unsolved problems, 

Maclnnes (C. M.) 53. net May '25 

British Commonwealth, Class bk. of the, Innes 

(A. D.) I2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

British Commonwealth, Military geography of, 

Salt (A. E. W ) los. net Mar. '25 

British cricket score book (The). (30 innings.) 

Cr. Svo, 71 x 4f, is. net. 

STRAKERS, May '25 
British Empire, Builders of the, Williamson 

(J. A.) 33. 6d. net Dec. '25 

British Empire : colonial geography, Demangeon 

(A.) 7s. 6d. net June, Nov. '25 

British Empire, Encyclopedia of the. 635. net. 

Apr. '25 
British Empire Exhibition, 1924 : Examples of 

Indian art, Heath (L.) 253. net May '25 

British Empire Exhibition, 1925. Official guide. 

Edit, by G. C. Lawrence. Illus. Svo, S^xsib 

pp. 128, swd. is. net. 

FLEETWAY PR., LTD., June '25 
British Empire Exhibition, Wembley, 1924 

The Pavilion of H.M. Government : a brief 

record of Official participation in the B.E.E. 

Illus., njx 8J, 73. . .H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 
British Empire : Expansion of England, Seeley 

(J. R., Sir) 33. 6d. net Mar. '25 

British Empire, Navy League map of, Phihp's, 

353. net / '25 




British Empire, poems, Cowen (H.) 43. net. 

Mar. '25 

British Empire, short hist, of, JDodd (A. F.) 6s. 
net ............................ Apr- * 2 5 

British Empire through the ages, Hill (W.) 
is, 6d ........................... Oct. '25 

British Empire Universities' up-to-date atlas 
guide to the British Commonwealth of Nations 
and foreign countries : historical development, 
physical features, natural resources, trade, 
and international relations. Edit, by George 
Philip. 136 maps, 7fxsl, pp. 215, ios. net. 
SYNDICATE PUBG. Co., Feb. '25 

British Expeditionary Force, Operations of, 
1914, Moore (W.) as. 6d. net ...... Oct. '25 

British girl's annual. Illus. Roy. Svo, g$xo$, 
pp. 232, 55. net .......... CASSELL, Aug. '25 

British history, Anthology of : Great historians, 
Bell (K.) and Morgan (G. M.) ?s. 6d. net. 
v Mar. '25 

British history, Critical moments in, Rait (R. S.) 
35 6d. net ...................... J un2 ' 2 5 

British history : Great historians, Bell (K.) and 
Morgan (G. M.) 5s ................. I an < ' 2 5 

Btitish history, 1509-1563, Smith (G. B.) as. 

Mar. 25 

British history, 1547-1603, Blake (W. J.) as. 

Aug. '23 

British hotels: licensed, residential and hydro- 
pathic. Intro, foreword by Lord Montague of 
Beaulieu. Special articles by Charles G. 
Harper, H. Beresford Stevens and Edward J. 

Burrow, ismo, 7iX4f> PP- *9 6 6(i - net ; 

E. J. BURROW, Mar. '25 
BritisSi Imperial calendar and Civil Service 

list, 1925. 5s. net ...... H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

British islands : Touring atlas. 3$- act May '25 
British Isles, Parry (R. E.) Geography, bk. i, 

3 s ......................... - Apr- 2 5 

British Isles: Geography through map reading. 

ad ............................ dpr. '25 

British- Israel theory criticised, Simmonds (A., 

Rev.) 6d. net .................. ^<f '25 

British Museum Annual report, 1024. gd. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jzi/y '25 

British Museum Catalogue of the Greek and 

Etruscan vases. Vol. i, Part L, Prehistoric 

Aegean pottery ; By E. J. Forsdyke. 16 

plates, IOJX7& PP- 272, 45S. net. 

British Museum Cuneiform texts from Cap- 

padocian tablets in the British Museum. 

Part III. By Sydney Smith. Folio, x^xS-f, 

I 5 s. net .............. MILFORD, Nov. '25 

British Museum. See also APPENDIX. 

British people, CasscWs History of. 1055. net. 

British prehistory : Axe age, Kendnck (T, D.) 
gs ne t .................. ... ..... Oct. 25 

British Science GuildA Catalogue of British 
scientific and technical books, covering every 
branch of science and technology: classified 
and indexed. New ed., rev. and enl, 8vo y 
9 x 5i, pp. 5", J 2S. 6d, net. 

British year book of international law, 1935, The 
6th year) Roy. Svo, 1 6s. net, 

MILFORD, July '25 

Britt (Albert) Boys' own. book of frontiersmen. 
Cr Svo, 7s. 6d. net ..... MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Srittai* (C. E.) and Vowles (Alfred) The Lonia 
Poone country : illus. by C. E. B, ; notes by 
A V. Roy. Svo, 9 x 6|*, s. 6d. net. 

Low, May '25 

Brittaint (F.) Saint Radcguml, Patroness of 
Jesus College, Cambridge. With frontis. Cr. 
Svo, 7l X 5f PP- 9# 3*- 6d. net 

BOWES & BOWES, June '25 

Brittany (Blue guide), Muirhead (P.) and 

Monmarche (M.) 7s, 6d. net ..... .^ May '25 

Broad (C. D.) The Mind and its place in nature. 
(Internal. lib. of psychology, philosophy, etc. 
684 )j6 > 

. Mar. '25 

.Broad highway, Famol (J.) as. . 


Broad stairway, Carman (D.) 73. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Broadbent (Ellinor Lucy) Under the Italian 
Alps. With a geographical essay by Marion I. 
Newbigin. With 13 illus. and a map. Cr. 
Svo, 7fX5, pp. 263, 8s. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, June '25 

Broadbetit (Henry) Leviora. 7i*5, PP- 52, 
as. net. 

(Eton College.) SPOTTISWOODE, B., Sept. '25 
Broadcast, MachworlH (J.) 7s. 6d. not.. Oct. '25 
Broadcast mystery, Lc Queux (W.) 73. 6d. net. 

Dec. '24 

Broadcast mystery, Le Qucux (W.) 33. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Broadcasting time-table, etc., Grierson (R.) 

2S. 6d. net June '25 

BroadSiurst Jean) Bacteria in, relation to man. 
Svo, i2S. 6d. net. (Nursing manuals). 


Broadsworde (Walter) Junius Brutus : a play. 
7|x 5i PP. 102, 73. 6d. net. 

Broadway, Twenty years of, Cohan (G. M.) 

I2S. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Brocense, Francisco Sanchez el, Bell (A. F. G.) 

7s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Brock (A. Clutton-). See Glutton- Brock. 

Brock (Frederick) This reproach. Cr. Svo, 

7^x5, pp. 318, 75. 6cl. net. LEGO, Oct. '25 

Brocktious (Albert) Notsukes. Trans, by 

M. F. Watty. Edit, by B. G. Stillmau. Illus. 

Roy. Svo, 9 X 6J, pp. 193, 125. 6d. net. 

ALLEN &U./w/y'25 
Brocklehurst (H. J.). See Fleming (A, P. M.) 

and Brocklehurst. 
Brocks (Graham) All you need for the Bar 

Final. Svo, swd. 53. 6d. net. 

SWEET & M., Sept. '25 
Brockwett (Matirice W.). Sec Konody (P. G.) 

and Brockwell. 
Brodhuist (J. Pcnderel-). See Pcnderel-Brod- 

Broglio (Maurice de) X-rays. Trans, by J. R. 

Clarke. With 7 plates and 39 cliags. Svo, 

9x5!, pp. 218, i2s. 6d. net METHUEN, Sept. '25 
Broke (Lord Willoughby de). See Willuughby 

de Broke (Lord). 
Broken bread for daily use, Hopkins (E. H M Rev,) 

28. 6d. to 55. net Nov. '35 

Broken down, Gould (N.) gd. act. . . Mar. '25 

Broken lights, Davics (H. G.) 75, 6d. net. 

July '25 

Broken net, Bindloss (H,) 7s. 6d. net* ,Aug, '25 
Broken road, Mason (A. E. W,) 35, 6<1. net, 

Mtir. '25 
Broken ties, Tagore (R,) 7$. fid. net Oat. '25 

Bronchi, lungs, etc., Diseases of, Lord (P, T.) 
36s. net Oct. '25 

Branson- Howard (George) -The Devil's chaplain. 

Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 2*SS, as, <ul, imt 

S. PAWL, *1/ay '25 

Bronsted (J.) -Early English ornninrnt : pro- 
Norman ornamental art in England. Prel 
by Reginald A. Smith. Trans, from the Punish 
by Albany F. Major. io|X7,L pp. 352, 
2 is, net HACHETTE, June '25 

Eronle (Charlotte)- The Twelve adventurers, and 
other stories. Ed. limited to 3,00-0 copies. 
Roy. 8vo, 8|x6|, pp* 224, ios* 6d. net, 

H ODDER & S,, CM '35 

Brontes, Story of the, Wright (J, C,) ,w. not. 

Stpt. '25 

Bronze collar, Frederick (J.) 7s. 6d. not. 

March *25 

Bronzes, Ancient, Restoration of, Fink (C, G.) 
and Eldndge (C. H.) as, Gd. net .... A ?, '35 

Broodbank (A. J. P.). See Ctof^ (A. d) and 

Brook (Arthur). See GiZfotf (H, A,) aM Brook 

Brooice (Rupert) [ Poems,] Svo, 8J X s|, 
pp. 27, swd., Sd. net. (Augusttm boofat of 
modern poetry) BENN, July *25 





(Stopford A.) English literature from 
A.D, 670 to A.D. 1832. With a chapter on 
literature since 1832, by George Sampson. 
Pocket ed. i2mo, 7^x4*, pp. 255, 33. 6d. 
MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 

Brooke (Stopford A.) On ten plays of Shake- 
speare. Repr. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 317, 73. 6d. 
net CONSTABLE, Jan. '25 

Brooke (Stopford A.) Ten more plays of Shake- 
speare. Repr. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 319, 75. 6d. 
net CONSTABLE, Jan, '25 

Brooke-Cunningham (C. A.) Anglo-Saxon unity, 
and other essays. Svo, 9 x sf , pp. 320, los. 6d. 
net SELWYN & B., Aug. '25 

Brooke's Treatise on the office and practice 
of a Notary of England ; with a collection of 
precedents. 8th ed., by James Cranstoun. 
8|x6, pp. 522, 305. net .. STEVENS, June '25 

Brookiiigs (Robert S.) Industrial ownership : 
its economic and social significance. Cr. Svo, 
53. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Brooks (Alfred Mansfield) Architecture. Intro. 

by Sir Reginald Blomfield. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 

pp. 211, 53. net. (Our debt to Greece and Rome) 

HARRAP, Feb. '25 

Brooks (C. E. P.) The Evolution of climate. 
Pref. by G. C. Simpson. 2nd ed. Svo, 81X5$, 
pp. 181, 8s. 6d. net BENN, Mar. '25 

Brooks (Charles Franklin) and others Why the 
weather ? Illus. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 326, 
8s. 6d. net ....CHAPMAN & HALL, Apr. '25 

Brooks- Bryce Anglo-American prize essays, 
1925. Intro, by Henry Van Dyke. Cr. Svo, 
7| X si, as. net HEINEMANN, Sept. '25 

Broom (C. M.) Songs from Severnside. 7$xsi, 
pp. 16, is. net STOCKWELL, Sept. '25 

Broomhall's Corn trade year book: a reference 
book for gram merchants and millers. Sf x sf, 
pp. 135, i2s. 6d. net. 

" CORN TRADE NEWS," Apr. '25 

Broomsticks, tales, De La Mare (W.) tos. 6d. 
net Nov. '25 

Broster (D. K.) The Flight of the heron. Cr. Svo, 

7^x5, pp. 408, 7s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Oct. '25 
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(A. L.) is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Brother of girls, Grier (S. C.) 75. 6d. net.0o5. '25 

Brotherhood, Growth of, Dakin (A.) 2S 6d. net" 

July '25 
Brotherhood, World, India, America and, 

Sunderland (]. T.) 6s Mar. '25 

Brotherhood, World, Lesson-stories on, Hayes 

(E. H.) is Dec. '24, Mar. '25 

Brougli (Frederick)- The Treasure of the Red 
Peak : a tale of the Cordillera. Frontis. by 
Ernest Prater. Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 160, as. 6d. 
net SHELDON PR., Sept. '25 

Brougham (Eleanor) ed. Varia : a miscellany 

of verse and prose, ancient and modern. 

Annotated. Svo, 8x5^, pp. 299, 8s, 6d. net. 


Broughton (Herbert M.) Reminders on the new 
property statutes. 81xsi, pp. 82, 33. net. 

" LAW TIMES," Sept. '25 

Broughion (U. H. R.) The Dress of the First 
Regiment of Life Guards in three centuries. 
80 plates. 13 X io|, pp. 47, i68s. net 


Brousson (Jean, Jacques) Anatole France him- 
self : a Boswellian record by his Secretary. 
Trans, by John Pollock. With port. Svo, 
8Jx6, pp. 300, los. 6d. net. 


Brower (Harriettc) Story-lives of master 
musicians. Illus. Svo, 8J X 5$, pp. 292, 
7s. 6d. net HARRAP, Sept. '25 

Brown (A. Bellamy)~-A Tale of East and West, 
and three Eastern sketches. Cr. Svo, 71*5, 
pp. 43, 25. net STOCKWELL, July '25 

Brown (A. Douglas, Rev.) A Call to advance, 
and other addresses, mno, 7x4!, pp. 100, 
2S. 6d. net ; swd f is. 6d, net. 

KINGSGATE PR., Aug. '25 


Brown (A. Douglas, Rev.) The Great Harvester, 

and other addresses. Foreword by the Rev. 

J. Stuart Holden. With port. Popular ed. 

i2mo, 7i x 4 f , pp. 120, swd. is. net. 

S. MARTIN, Oct. '25 
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7i X 5, pp. 138, as. 6d. net . .R.T.S., Oct. '25 
Brown (A. Samler and G. Gordon) eds. South 

and East African year bk, 1925 53. net. 

Jan. '25 
Brown (Alfred J.) A Joyous entry into brighter 

Belgium. Illus. Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7fX5, 

pp. 128, 2S. 6d. net SIMPKIN, May '25 

Brown (Alfred Kemp) Sacraments : a Quaker 
view, 8vo, 8$ x 5$, pp. 35, is. net ; swd 
6d. net FRIENDS' BOOKSHOP, Mar. '25 

Brown (Alice) Charles Lamb : a play. Cr. Svo, 
6s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Brown (C. L. M.) Rhymes'of the R.A.F. lamo, 
7 x 4$, pp, 48, swd., 2S. net. 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 

Brown (Charles, Rev.) The Acts of the Apostles, 
XIII XXVIII. Cr. Svo, 71 X 5, pp. 224, 
33. 6d. net. (Devotional commentary.} 

R. T. S,, Apr. '25 

Brown (E. T.) The Beginner's poultry book. 
With diags. and illus. i2mo, 7^x4!, pp. i8r, 
swct. is. 6d. net. 

" BOY'S OWN PAPER " June '25 

Brown (E. T.) Your few acres ; how to manage 
them for profitable production. Illus. Svo, 
S| x 5$, pp. 268, los. 6cl. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Aug. '25 

Brown (Edward T.) The Book of the Triumph : 
for owners and prospective purchasers of 
Triumph motor-cycles and combinations. 
Illus. Cr Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 122, 23. net. 
(Motor-cyclist's lib.} PITMAN, Oct. '25 

Brown (Edward T.) The Complete motor- 
cyclist : how to buy, maintain and run a motor- 
cycle. Illus. Fcap. Svo, 6| X 4i, pp. 255, 
6s. net HODDER & S., May '25 

Brown (Edward T.) Motoring for the owner- 
driver. With 29 diags. i2mo, 7&X4f, pp. 
152, 2S. net CASSELL, May '25 

Brown (Edward T.) The Owner-diiver's hand- 
book : how to drive and look after your car. 
Illus. and diag. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 
33. 6d. net WARD, LOCK, Apr. '25 

Brown (G. Baldwin) The Arts in early England. 
Vol. 2, Anglo Saxon architecture. New ed., 
recast and enl. Demy Svo, 9x6, pp. 540, 
3os. net MURRAY, July '25 

Brown (G. Baldwin) Rembrandt : a study 
of his life and work. Illus. Svo, 8x5^, 
pp. 353, los. net DUCKWORTH, May '25 

Brown (Haydn) Modern medical methods. 
Cr. Svo, 7|xs, pp. i99 5s. net. 

MELROSE, June '25 

Brown (Horatio F.). See Tyndale (W.) and 

Brown (Irving) Leconte de Lisle : a study 
of the man and his poetry. Svo, 123. 6d. net. 
(Studies in romance, philology, etc.). 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 

Brown (J. Macmillan) The Riddle of the 
Pacific. Illus. Repr. Cr. 4to, loj X 6J, 
pp. 324, 305. net UNWIN, Feb. '25 

Brown (J. Tom) The Apostle of the marshes : 
the story of Shomolekae. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 
7l X 5, pp. IOQ, 2S. 6d. net, 

R.T.S., Sept. '25 

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blunders. Fcp. Svo, 6|X4i, pp. 221, swd. 
is. 6d. net GAY & H., June '25 

Brown (T. R. Rudmose-). See Rudmose- Brown f 

Brown (W. Campbell) The Freedom of the 
teacher. Cr. Svo, 71 x 5, pp. 160, 33. 6d. 

SELWYN & B , Mar. '25 

Brown (W. Campbell) General introductory 

reader: the world's work. PCD, Svo, 6|X4j, 

pp. 88, is. net. (Elemen. science primers.) 

SELWYN & B., Sept. '25 






Brown (W. Henry) Pathfinders : brief records 
of seventy-four adventurers, in clearing the 
way for free pu"blic opinion, whose names are 
inscribed on the Reformers' Memorial, Kensal 
Green, London, n X 8$, pp. 47, is. net. 
(Manchester.) Co- OPERATIVE UNION, May '25 
Brown (W. J.) Jeremy Taylor. Cr. Svo, 7fX5> 
pp. 2 32, 6s. net. (Enghsh theologians.} 

S.P.C.K., Sept. '25 

Brown (W. Sorley) T. W. H. Crosland : A 
Scottish appreciation. 7|X5i, pp. 57, ss. net. 
(25, Channel St., Galashiels.) AUTHOR, Apr. '25 
Brown (William) and Thomson (Godfrey H.) 
The Essentials of mental measurement. 
3rd ed., rev. Roy. 8vo, 9* x 6, pp. 234, 173. 6d. 
net. (Cambridge psychological hb.) 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 
Brown rabbit, Whifaker (B. M.) zd.,..Mar. '25 
Brown waters, Blake (W, H.) 73. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Brown wife or white ? Campbell (R.) 75. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Browne (A. D.) Tables and charts for the use 
of engineers and others giving values of X. 
Roy. Svo, 10 x 6|, pp. 12, is. 6d. net. 

HEFFER, Oct. '25 

Browne (A. E. Wilson-). See Wilson- Browne. 

Browne (A. W.) -How to draw for the papers : 

a guide for the young artist. Illus. by the 

author. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 128, ss. 6d. net. 

PEARSON, Mar. '25 

Browne (E. L.) ed. Some Latin essentials : 
for the common entrance examination. Cr. 
Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 1 60, ss. 6d. 

LONGMANS, May '25 

Browne (F. Balfour-). See Balf our- Browne. 
Browne (Frances) Granny's wonderful chair. 
With illus. ia line arid colour by " Decies." 
Roy. 8vo, 10 x 6J, pp. 228, 55. net. 

G. T. FOULIS, May '25 

Browne (Frances) Granny's wonderful chair 
and its tales of fairy times. With 4 illus. 
in col. by Chas. Folkard. Svo, 8x5!, PP- 207, 
35. 6d. net. (Black's boys' and girls' lio.) 

BLACK, Oct. '25 

Browne (Francis Gore-, Sir). See Gore-Browne, 
Browne (G. St. J. Orde, Ma j.) The Vanishing 
tribes of Kenya : the manners and customs of 
the primitive and interesting tribes dwelling on 
the vast Southern slopes of Mount Kenya, and 
their native methods of life. Illus. and z maps. 
8vo, 9x5!, pp. 284, sis. net. 


Browne (K. R. G.) Following Ann. Cr. Svo, 

7i><5, pp. 314, CASSELL, Apr. '25 

Brtrwne (K. R. G.) A Lady from the South. 

Cr. Svo, 7lX5, pp. 318, 75. 6d. net. 

CASSBLL. Oct. '25 

Browne {K. R. G.) These London nights. Cr k 
ftvo, 7|X5, pp. 220, 35. 6d. not 

UNWIND Aug. '25 

Browne (Robert Gore-). See Gore- Browne. 
Browne, Thomas, Sir, Oosse (E.) $s. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Brownie, Le Feuvre (A.) 2S. 6d ... May '25 

Brownies an Switzerland, Cadby (C.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Browning (Carl H.) Bacteriology- i2mo, 
7i X 44, pp. 356, 2S, 6d. net (Home university 

lib.} . WILLIAMS & N. May '25 

Browning (Carl H.) ed. Imxminochemical 
studies. 8vo Sfxsi, PP- 53> *6s. net 

CONSTABLE, A ug. '25 

Browning (Elizabeth B. ) Poetical works. 
Series 2, 6i X 4ib PP* 474> 4S. net. 

COLLINS, Nov. '25 

Browning (K.) An Epitome of the ** Science 

of the emotions," Cr. Svo, swd. is, 6d, net. 


Browning (Robert) Hctor Igrxotus; Fra Lippo 

Lippi ; Andrea del Sarto. Ed, limited to 360 

copies numbered. Cr. 4to, lof X7| pp. 39, 

175. 6d. net . .GOLDEN COCKEREL PR., May '25 

Browning arid Calverley, BMnj^on (P. L.) 

55. net Sept. '25 


Browning, Robert, Chesterton (G. K.) 35. fid. 

net July '25 

Browning, Robert, poet and philosopher, Sim 

(F. M.) IDS. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Browning, Tennyson and, Boas (G.) ss. net ; 

is. 9d May '25 

Browning, Tennyson and. 35. 6d. net. . .Sept. '25 
Browning's " Ring and the book " as connected 

narrative, Haddow (A.) 33. 6d. net.. Dec. '24 
Brown's Boy Scouts' diary and note book, 1926. 

32mo, 5x3!, pp. 246, is. net. 

(Glasgow.) J. BROWN, Aug. '25 
Brown's Nautical alrnanack, harbour and dock 

guide and daily tide tables for 1926. Edit. 

by James R. Brown, assisted by H. B. Good- 
win. 8vo, 8 x 5i, pp. 720, 33. net. 

(Glasgow) J. BROWN, Sept. '25 
Bruce (Charles) Lame Fehx : a book for boys. 

Illus. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 211, as. 6d. net. 

Low, July '25 
Bruce (Charles) A Night in a snowstorm, and 

other stories. With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 

pp. 127, is. 6d. net Low, Sept. '25 

Bruce (Charles) Twyford Hall ; or, Rosa's 

Christmas party. With frontis. Cr, Svo, 

7l X 5j PP- 131* is. 6d. net Low, Apr. '25 

Bruce (Dorita Fairlie) That boarding school 

girl. Illus. Roy. Svo, 8ix6J, pp. 160, 

2S. 6d. net MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Bruce (Harold) William Blake in this world. 

Illus. Svo, 84- X 5$, pp. 240, I2S. 6cl. net. 

J. CAPE, Sept. '25 
Bruce (J. Percy) The Humarmess of Chu Hsi : 

a paper read before the China Society, Jan., 

1925. Roy. Svo, swd., ss. LTJZAC, Apr. '25 
Bruce (Kate Mary) Clipped wings. Popular 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7i X5, pp. 3*9> 3s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Apr. '25 
Bruce (Marjory) Barney of Biffin's : a seventy 

years-ago story. Illus. by Edward Osmond. 

Fcp. Svo, 6| x 5, pp. 125, is. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, July '25 
Bruce (Marjory) Maro the lion-keeper*; a tale 

of ancient Rome. Illus. by Stephen Reid. 

Fcp. Svo, 6|X4|> pp. 128, is. 6cl. net. 

HARRAP, July '25 
Bruce (Mary Grant) The Houses oi the Eagle. 

Illus. Cr. Svo, 7 x 5, pp. 247, 4. net. 

VVARII, LOCK, Aug. '25 

Bruce (W. S., Rev.) The Psychology of Chris- 
tian life and behaviour, and ed. 8vo, 8| x 5 J F 

PP. 343, 7S- 6d. net . . 1 . & T. CLARK, Sept. '25 
Bruce the troop dog, Dimtnock (F. H.j 38. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Bruiser's election : farce, Schofifld (S.) is. not. 

Nov. 'ss 
Brulard, Henri, Life of, BeyU (M. JFI.) os. net, 

$?pt. '25 
Brunei (State of) Colonial report, 1923. is. 

net H.M.S.O., JPeb. *a5 

Brwnei' Colonial report, 1024. is. net. 

H.M.S.O,, AUK '25 
Bruno (John Favata) Rosruini's contributions 

to ethical philosophy. Roy, 8vo, swd. 5s. net. 

(Archives of philosophy,), .MILFORD, Auf.'zs 
Bruseniiorff (Aage) The Chauc.or tradition. 

Illus. Roy, 8vo, 94 X 6 pp. 510, xOa. net. 

MILFORD, Z>. '25 
Brute, James (JO ss, 6d. net ..,... .Judy '25 

Brute, Newton (W. B.) 73. 6d. wet Feb. '25 

Btutm (F. A.) -A Short history of Manchester 

and Salford. Ilhis. 8vo 81 X si. PP* 3^6, 

7s. 6d. net SHERRATT & H., /*>& *% 

Bryan (G. H.). See Briggs (W,) and Bryan, 
Bryan (George)' The Imp in the pickle- jar and 

the magic saucepan : Fairy Tales. Illus, Cr. 

8vo 7|X 5, pp, 128, is, 6d. net. Low, Aug. '25 
Bryan (George^-Nowlierc and elsewhere; a 

nonsense story in prose and verse. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo 7|X5 pp. 128, is. 6d. net. 

Low, Feb. '35 
Bryan (Robert J. jun.) An Outline of Chinese 

civil law. $vo, pp. 93, 6s. 






Bryan Bequest : .catalogue, Victoria and Albert 

Museum, 25. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Bryans (E. A.) Thorns : the joyful mystery of 

pain. Cr. Svo, 43. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, Oct. '25 
Bryant (M.) Mrs. Fuller. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, 

pp. 288, 73. 6d. net HURST & B., Apr. '25 

Bryant (Marguerite) and McAnally (G. H.)- The 

Chronicles of a great Prince. Cr. Svo, 7iX5, 

pp. 320j 73. 6d. net . . . .DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 
Bryc$ (James) The Double journey. Cr. Svo, 

7i x 5, pp. 312, 75. 6d. net. 

LANE, Sept. '25 
Bryee (Ronald) All that I want. Cr. Svo, 

7i X 5> PP- 288, 7s. 64. net. HURST & B., July '25 
Brydw (W. W.) The Spirit of Jesus in St. 

Paul : a study in the soul of St. Paul based 

upon the Corinthian letters. Intro, by 

Rev. W. Manson. Foreword by Rev. J. E. 

McFadyen. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 256, 6s. net. 

J. CLARKE, Oct. '25 

"Bryher" Picture geography. Pt. i, Asia 

33. 6d. net May '25 

" Bryfier." West. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 1915 

43. 6d. net J. CAPJS, Feb. '25 

Brymer (Robert) As men sow. Cr. 6vo, 7i-X5, 

pp. 320, 33. 6d. net SIMPKIN, Sept. '25 

Brynttr (Robert) Captives of impulse. Cr. Svo. 

7^x5, pp. 340, TS. 6d. net. . .SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 
Bubble and squeak: humorous stories selected 

from " Ttus Tatler " and re-told. Cr. Svo, 

7|X5, pp. 192, 2S. 6d. net. 

SPHERE & TATLER, Oct. '25 
Busbies annual, 1926. Illus. Roy. 4to, 

I2& X 9^, pp. 101, 35. 6d. net. 

AMALGAMATED PR., S,ept. '25 
Buccaneers, Daring deeds of great, Davidson 

(N. J.) 5$. net , Sept. '25 

Buccaneers of Boya, Westerman (P. F.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Buchiui (James Walter) ed. A History of 

Peeblesshire. Illus. (3i 3 vols.) Vol. I. Svo, 

9 x 5f, pp. 510. (Subscribers only), 2$s. net. 

(Glasgow) JACKSON, WYLIE, July '25 
Bueftati {James Walter) ed, A History of 

Peeblesshiro. (In 3 vols.) Illus, Vol. 2. 

8vo, 9x5!, pp. 570 (Subscriber^ only) 253. net. 

JACKSON, WYLIE, Sept. '25 

ittrtan (John) A Book of escapes and hurraed 

journeys, filus, Fcp. Svo, 6^X4!, pp. 208, 

2S. net ; school ed. is. 6d. (" Teaching of 

English " ser.) , NELSON, May '25 

Buete (John) A Book of escapes and hurried 

journeys. Cr. Svo, 7|-X5, pp. 304, 2S. net. 

(Edinburgh lib,) NELSON, Sept. '25 

Buchan (John) Greenmantle. Popular ed. Cr. 

Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 311, 33. 6d. net. 

HODPER & S f , Feb. '25 
Buchan (John) The Half-hearted. Popular ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 317, 38. 6d. net. 

HODDER &S,, Feb. '25 
Buch^rt (John) The History of the Royal Scots 

Fusiliers (1678-1918). With pref. by H.R.H. 

the Prince of Wales. ,IUus. Roy. Svo, 9$ x 5$, 

pp. 518, 155. net NELSON, Sept. '25 

Buchftn (John) Huntingtower. Popular ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 318, 33. 6d. net. 

HOOPER & S.,Apr.'st5 
Bn&fian (John) John Macnab. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 

PP- 320, 7s. 6d, net.. . HODDES & S., July '25 
Buchaft (John] The Last secrets : the final 

mysteries 01 exploration. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, 

PP- 303, 2S. net, (Edinburgh lib.) 

NELSON, Sept. '25 
ppcftait (John) The Man and the book: Sir 

Walter Scott. With frontis. Fcp. Svo, 6f X 4*, 

pp. 213, 2s. net ; school ed, is. gd. ("Teaching 

of English ** ser.) NELSON, May '25 

Buchan (Jofen)-Man and the book: Scott 

i8mo, ifhr. as, 64. aet t (English ser.), 

NELSON, Sept. '25 
S ycli an (John) Midwinter: certain traveller? 

in old England. Popular ejt Cr. Svo, 7iX 5, 

pp, 311, 3$, 6$. net . , HODDER & S., Jan. '25 


Buchan (John) Midwiater: certain travellers 
in Old England. Fcp. Svo, 6|X4i, pp. 285, 
is. 6d. net NELSON, Sept. '25 

Buettan (John) Midwinter. With frontis. Fcp. 
Svo, 6* x 4 J, pp. 255, 2S. net ; school ed. is. gd. 
(" Teaching of English " sep.). 

NELSON, May '25 

Bpfcfeats (John) Midwinter. Uniform pocket 
ed. iSmo, Ithr. 6s. net. NELSON, Sept. '25 

J&HChaa (John) Midwinter. i8mo, Ithr. 35. 6d. 
net. (English ser.) NELSON, Sept. '25 

Biiciiat3 (John) Midwinter : certain travellers 
in old England. Uniform ed. Fcp. Svo, 6| x 4 J 
pp. 362, 43. 6d. net NELSON, Stpt. '25 

Eiscftan (John) ^The Moon endureth : tales and 
fancies. Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7iX 5, pp. 281, 
35. 6d. net , . . . HOPDER & S., Jan. '25 

Buchan (John) The Path of the King. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 74-X5, pp. 318, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER &S., Feb. '25 

Bisciian (John) Path of the King. iSmo, Ithr. 
35. 6d. net. (English ser.) . .NELSON, Sept. '25 

Bfichanan (Isabella Reid) The Women of the 

Bible. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 119, 45. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Oct. '25 

Bucftaaan's Manual of anatomy : including em- 
bryology. 5th ed. Ed. by E. Barclay- 
Smith, and others. With 810 illus., mostly in 
col. Svo, S^-xsl, pp. 1710, 355. net. 


P-Iiclwynaii's Text-book of forensic medicine and 

toxicology. <9th ed., rev. and enl. by John 

E. W. MacFall. Svo, 9 X 5f , pp. 460, 155. net. 

E. & S. LIVINGSTONE, Oct. '25 

Buche, La, France (A.) is. 6d. net July '25 

J&pdc (Katherine M.) The Wayland-Dietrich 
saga: the saga of Dietrich of Bern and his 
companions, preceded by that of Wayland- 
Smith : their deeds in the 4th and 5th Cen- 
turies A.D., as told from the loth to the isth 
centuries. Collected, set in order, and retold 
in verse in the sotfc century. Illus. by Eliza- 
beth Goodman. Part i, The Song of Way- 
land. Vols. 2-4. Roy. Svo, 9X7, pp. 428, ea. 
2 is. net ........ A. MAYHEW, Jan., Sept. '25 

Blick (Normaft S.) The Development of the 
organisation of AAglo-American trade, 1800-50. 
Svo, us. 6d. net MILFORD, July '25 

BucfceSI (A. C-> Rev.) Instructions in the Faith 
in preparation for Confirmation and First 
Communion. Cr. Svo, swd. is. net. 


flpcfcbVhajQ (H. M.) The Heart of the City. 

i8mo, 5i-X 4, pp. 24, swd. 6cL net. (Lunch- 
time rambles in old London.) 

HOMELAND Assoc., Aug. '25 
Buckinghamshire, Place-names of, Mawer (A.) 

and Stenton (F .M.) i8s. net July '25 

Buckland (W. W.) A Manual of Roman private 

law. Svo, 9 X 5 1, pp. 460, 1 6s. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 
BiicWey (F. R.) Joan of the ranch. Cr. Svo, 

7f X5, pp. 305, 73. 6d. net.. .G. BLES, Jan, '25 
'Buckley (R. R.) and Boughton (Rutland) The 

Birth of Arthur. $vo swd., is. 6d. net. 

W. REEVES, 0$. '25 
Bsiclctey (Robert J.) Sir Edward Elgar. IJlus. 

Repr. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 107, 35. 6d. net. 

{Living masters of music) LANE, May '25 

Biiekmftn (S. S.) Type Ammonites. Illus. 

from photos by J. W. Tutcher and the author. 

Vol. 4. Plates. 10^x7, pp. 67, i los. 

Bucknel! (Edward) Linden Lea. Cr. 8vo,7| X 5 , 

pp. 288, 73. 6d. net . .WILLIAMS & N., Jan. '25 

HucknUI (C. E. R.) Sea-shells of New Zealand. 
Illus. 4to, 9 X7> p ^ , 

WHITCOMBE &T., Jan '25 
B^ickrose (J f E.) A Knight among ladies. Cheap 
ed. I2mo, 7|X4i, pp. 3*9, 2S. net. 

HODDEN & S n May '35 

B^ckf^se (J- B.) Susan in charge. Populai ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7& X 5, PP- 3*3, 2S. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 





Buckskin Pete, Hales (A. G.) 75, 6d. net. 

May '25 
BudtSen (Charles W.) and Hastings (Edward, 

Rev.) The Local colour of the Bible. Vol. 3, 

Matthew-Revelation. 8vo, 8| x 5|, pp. 367, 

8s. net . . (Edinburgh) T. T. CLARK, May '25 
Boddha-Mimansa ; or, The Buddha and his 

relation to the religion of the Vedas. 2nd ed. 

Roy. 8vo, swd. 8s. 4d. net. 

THACKERj Mar. '25 
Buddha, Some sayings of the, Woodward (F. L.) 

53. net Oct. '25 

Buddhism : Lotus de la Bonne Loi, Burnouf 

(M, E.) 4os Mar. '25 

Buddhist birth stories, Davids (T. W. Rhys). 

7s. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Buddhist iconography, Indian, Bhattacliaryya 

(B.) 555. net Feb. '25 

Buddhist stories, Woodward (F. L.) ss. net. 

May '25 
Buddhistic metaphysics : Atmatattvaviveka. 

Fasc. 5. is. gd Sept. '25 

Buddock against London, Gordon (J.) 73. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Butids (M. E.) Mrs. Macdonald's hobby. 7fX5, 

pp, 112, 23. 6d. net. . . .STOCKWELL, May '25 
Bude and its Borderland, Cresswell (B. F.) is. 

net Mar. '25 

Budge (E. A. Wallis, Sir) Babylonian life and 

history, snd ed., re-written and enl. With 

ii plates and 22 illus. in the text. Svo, 8| x 5$, 

pp. 318, ics. 6d. net R. T. S., Oct. '25 

Budge (E. A. Wallis) Egypt. Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4 J, 

pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. (Home university lib.) 

WILLIAMS & N., Mar. '25 

Budge (E. A. Wallis., Sir) The Egyptian 

Heaven and Hell. Repr. 3 vols. in i. 9x6, 

pp. 240, 1 8s. net M. HOPKINSON, Dec. '25 

ludge (E. A. Wallis, Sir) The Mummy : a 
handbook of Egyptian funerary archeology. 

2nd ed., rev. and enl. Roy. 8vo, 9$- x 

453. net .... CAMS. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 
Budge (E. A. Wallis, Sir) The Rise and progress 

of Assyriology, With 32 plates. Svo, 9 x 5$, 

pp. 341, 253. net .. M. HOPKINSON, Nov. '25 
Budge and Betty books, Protheroe (E.) ea. 

6d. net June '2 5 

Buffalo Bill, Chief of Scouts, Willson (W.) 

is. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Builders, Estimating for, Barns (J. H.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Builders of the Empire, Williamson (J. A.) 

33. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Builders' pocket bk., Span's Practical. 8s. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Builders' price book, Laxton's and Lockwood's, 

1925. 7S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Building crafts, Short hist, of, Briggs (M. S.) 

8s. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Building mathematics, Gibbs (R. W. M.) Pt. i. 

is, 3d Feb. '25 

Building mathematics, Gibbs (R. W. M.) 4$. 

Oct. '25 
Building of the modern world, Brendan (J, A.) 

Bk. 3, Expansion of Europe. 2s. 6d, Feb. '25 
Building of the modern world, Brendan ( f. A.) 

Bk. 4. 2S. 6d Oct. '25 

Building practice, Gerrard (L. A.) 35, 6d, net. 

Feb. '25 

Building practice, Modern, Harvey (W.) 55, net. 

June '25 
Building : Success to the house that you build, 

Daniel (H. M., Com.) as. 6d. net .. Nov. '25 
Buildings, Conservation of: Preservation of 

St. Paul's, etc., Harvey (W.) los. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Bukh (Niels)' Primary gymnastics : the basis 

of rational physical development. Trans. 

from the 2nd Danish ed. by F. Braae Hansen 

and F. de H. Bevington. Illus. Cr. Svo, 

7$ X 5, pp. 1 60, 6s. net. .METHVEN, July '25 
Bulb gardening, M&cSelf (A. J.) 6s. net. 

Od. "25 

Bulbs, Culture of, Cotter (J. L., Sir) los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 


(E. C.) The Girl from Down Under: 
a story of love and racing. Cheap ed. i2mo, 
7i X 4i PP- 280, as. net. 


BuSey (E. C.) Half her kingdom : a racing story. 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 7^x4^, pp. 277, as. net. 


Bulfin (William) Rambles in Eirinn. Part 2. 
Illus. and maps. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5f, pp. 265, 
2S. 6d. net .......... M H. GILL, May '25 

Bulitzer baby case, Sword (]., sen.) 75. 6d. 
net ............................ Mar. '25 

Bu9 (Paul B.) How to meditate. i8mo, swd., 
2d. net .............. S.P.C.K., July '25 

Bulldogs, and all about them, Cooper (H. St. J.) 
8s. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Bull-fight, Spanish, Dowsett (J. M.) 3d. net. 

Sept. '25 

BulSett (Gerald) The Baker's cart, and other 
tales. Cr. 8vo, 7* X 5, pp, 313, 75. 6d. net. 

LANE, Sept. '25 

Bullett (Gerald) Students' notes to an Anthology 
of modern verse. Fcp. Svo, 6f x^i, pp. 48 

N, Feb. 

is ....................... METIIXJEN, 

. '25 

BuISey (Margaret H.) -Art and counterfeit. 
With 1 88 illus. Demy 4to, n| x 9, pp. 117, 
153. net ................ METHUEN, Nov. '25 

BuSIIvani (Cecil H.) Naomi the modern. Cr. 

Svo, 7 x 5, PP- 318, 73. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, July '25 
BuHlvant (Cecil H.) The Rose of Algiers. Cr. 

Svo, 7ix 5, pp. 318, 7s. 6d. net. LONG, Jan. '25 
Bulls and blunders, Humour of, Brown (M.) 

is. 6d. net ..................... . June '25 

Bullwhack Joe, Townshend (R. B,) 73. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Bumbledinky, Thomson (A. A.) as* 6d, net. 

July* 25 
Bumper book for boys (The). Fcp. 4to, 8^x6|, 

pp. 192, 2S. 6d. net ........... NELSON, July '25 

Bumper book for children (The). Fcp. 4 to, 

8x6i, PP. 128, as. 6d. net. NELSON, July '25 
Bumper book for girls (The). Fcp. 4to, 8$x6$, 

pp. 192, 2S. 6d. net ........ NELSON, July*%5 

Bumper story book (The). Illus. Roy. Svo, 

9i x 7j, as. 6d. net ---- COLLINS, May '25 
Buwtsury (H. M.) and Davidson (A.)- The 

Industrial applications of coal tar products. 

Cr. 4 to, 10 X 7i, pp, 296, 42S. net. 

BENN, Sept. '35 
Bunch of carnations : verse, KHckmann (1?!) 

6d. net ........... . ......... . . , .Aug. *25 

Buncher (Walter) Donald O'Dare. Cr. Svo, 
71 x 5, pp. 293, 7s. 6d. net, .OUSELEY, Jan. '25 
Bundle or myrrh, Nepean (E.) 7s, 6d. net. 

June '2^5 

Bungalows and small country houses. Folio, 
*3 X 9, pp, 72, swd., as. 6d. net, 

"THE ARCHITECT," Sept. '25 
Bunker (J. W. M.) and Turner (Clair .) 
Personal hygiene for nurses. Svo, 9$, net, 

KIMPTON, Feb. '25 
Bunker at the fifth, Dods (M.) 33. 6d, net. 

Bunker Bean, Wilson (H. L.) as, 6d. net* 

June *25 
Bunnies, Book of, Blyton (E.) 33, 6d, net. 

Oct. '25 

Bunting (P. H.) and Bade (H, A f ) Gold Coast 
plant diseases. 21 plates. 8| X 6, pp. 124. 

Bunting (W. L.) Where geography and history 
meet. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 121, &$. net, 

DENT, Apr* '95 

Bunty of the blackbirds, Chaundler (C.) 33. 6d. 
net ....... ---- . ................ Oct. f 25 

Bunyan (John) Dramatic illustrations from 
the second part of the '* Pilgrim's progress. 1 ' 
Arranged in the year 1877 by Mrs. Geo. 
Macdonald. Cr. 6vo swd. 2$. net,, 

MlLFORD. '&&* *25 

Butiyan (John) The Pilgrim's Progress. With 

froatis, Cr. 8vo 7fx 5, pp. 190, as. net 

,. Apr. '25 




Bunyan (John) The Pilgrim's Progress. With 
illus. by Ambrose Dudley. Svo, 8x5^-, pp. 
288, 2S. 6d. net J. F. SHAW, Aug. '25 

Bunyan, John, Froude (J. A.) 35. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Bunyard (Edward A.) A Handbook of hardy 
fruits more commonly grown in Great Britain*: 
stone and bush fruits, nuts, etc. Cr. Svo, 
7i X5, PP- 258, los. 6d. net. MURRAY, July '25 

Burden, Jeffery (J. E.) 35. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Burden of the Pharisees (A) : the present-day 
Baptist mode challenged as un-scriptural and 
non-apostolic. By a Scottish Presbyterian. 
Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 240, 7s. 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Bordett (Henry, Sir) ed. How to become a nurse: 

the nursing profession ; how and where to 

train. Rev. and brought up to date by E. 

Margaret Fox. i2mo, 7 x 4f, pp. 358, 33. net. 


Basrdett (Osbert) The Beardsley period : an 
essay in perspective. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 314, 
75. 6d. net LANE, Feb. '25 

Burdett's Hospitals and charities, 1925 : the 

year book of philanthropy and the hospital 

annual. Founded by Sir Henry Burdett. 

(35th year) 8vo, 8JX5&, PP- 1099, 175. 6d. 


Bureau (Paul) Towards moral bankruptcy. 
Intro, by Mary Scharlieb. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 
562, 1 6s. net CONSTABLE, June '25 

Burford (James) and Harvey (J. D, M.) Some 
lesser known architecture of London, 70 
plates. Cr. 4to, 10x7^, pp. 23, 155. net. 

BENN, Nov. '25 

Burgess (Joseph) British agriculture versus 
foreign tributes. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 238, 45. 
net ; swd. 23. 6d. net . . F. JOHNSON, July '25 

Burgsn (G. B.) Fleurette of Four Corners. 
Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. 


Burgfn (G. B.) The Lord of Little Langton : 
a modern romance. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 285, 
75, 6d. net HUTCHINSON, July '25 

Burgln (G. B.) Some more memoirs. With 9 
illus. Roy. Svo, 9^X6, pp. 319, iSs. net. 


Burgled heart, Leroux (G.) 75. 6d. net. Nov. '25 

Syrian (Stephen, Count) Austria in dissolution, 
personal recollections, Trans, by Brian Lunn. 
Roy. 8vo, 9JX5i, pp. 455, sss. net. 

BENN, Jan. '25 

Buried alive, Bennett (A.) 33. 6d. net.. Mar. '25 

Buried rubies, Jepson (E.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Burke (Beinard, Sir, and Ashworth, P.) A Genea- 
logical and heraldic history of the Peerage and 
Baronetage, the Privy Council and Knightage, 
1925. Edit, by Alfred T. Butler. Ssrd ed. 
Roy. Svo, ioi X 7, pp. 2844, 1055. net. 

BURKE PUBG. Co., Dec. '24 

Burk (Bernard, Sir) A Genealogical and 
heraldic history of the landed gentry. Roy. 
Svo, io| x 6|, pp. 2,071, 95s. net. 

BURKE PUBG. Co., May '25 

Burke (Edmund) -Selections from his political 
writings and speeches. Edit, by Sir Henry 
Newbolt. Fcp. Svo, 6fc X 4i PP- 476, is. 6d. 
net. (Nelson's classics) NELSON, Apr. '25 

Burke, Edmund, Morley (J., Visct.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Burke (Thomas) The London spy : a book of 
town travels. Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 
pp. 318, 35. 6d. net. . .T. BUTTERWORTH, Oct. '25 

Burke (Thomas) Nights in town. Cheap ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7f X 5, pp. 287, as. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Feb. '25 

Burke (Thomas) The Wind and the rain: 
a DOOK of confessions. Ed. limited to 100 
numbered and signed copies. Roy. Svo, 9$ x 6, 
pp. 288, 42$. net. . , .T. BUTTERWORTH, Dec. '25 

Burke*s Company tables, 1925 : a ten years' 
summary of the balance-sheets of the leading 
public companies. (Vol. 5) Folio 11x8^, 
pp. 178, i os. net . , WINTHORPE PR,, May '25 


Burkitt (F. C.) The Religion of the Manichees, 
Donnellan lectures for 1924. Illus. Cr. Svo, 
7iX5, pp. 138, 6s. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Jan. '25 

Burkitt (M. C.) Prehistory : a study of early 
cultures in Europe and the Mediterranean 
Basin. With a short pref . by FAbbe H. Breuil. 
2nd ed., rev. Roy. Svo, 10 x 6|, pp. 464, 355. 
net CAMS. UNIV. PR. Feb. '25 

Burland (J. B. Harris-). See H 'arris- Burland. 

Burlelgh (Constance) Etiquette up-to-date. Cr. 

Svo, 7^x5, pp. 252, 33. 6d. net. 

T. W. LAURIE, Jan. '25 
Burlton (Charles H. B.) Old friends with new 

faces: poems. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 79, 

35. 6d. net SELWYN & B., Mar. '25 

Burma, Hist, of, Harvey (G. E.) 2 is. net. 

Oct. '25 
Burma, Vegetation of, Stamp (L. D.) us. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Burmese phonetic reader, Armstrong (L. E.) 

and Maunglin (P.) 43. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Burn (A. E., Rev.) The Council of Nicaea : 

a memorial for its sixteenth centenary. Cr. 

Svo, 7iX5, pp. 1 60, 35. 6d. net. 

S.P.C.K., July '25 
Burn (John H.) ed. Pulpit preparation : a 

series of sermons by various divines for Sundays 

and Holy Days throughout the ecclesiastical 

year. Vol. i, Advent to Trinity Sunday. 

Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 280, 6s. net. 

Burne-Jones (Edward, Sir) Letters to Kate. 

Intro, note by W. Graham Robertson. Illus. 

Roy. Svo, 8 x 6|, pp. 46, xos. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 
Burnett (Frances Hodgson) Little Lord 

Fauntleroy. Illus. by C. E. Brock. Svo, 

8|X5f, pp. 316, los. 6d. net..WARNE, Oct. '25 
Burnett (I. Compton) Pastors and masters : a 

study. Cr. Svo, 7& X 5, pp. 126, 35. 6d. net. 

Burney, Fanny, Morley (E. J.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Burnham (Clara Louise) Jewel : a chapter 

in her life. Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, 

PP- 336, 3S. 6d. net CONSTABLE, Apr. '25 

Burnham, Bucks : historical sketch, Williams 

(W. H.) 2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Burning bush : Presbyterian Church, Fleming 

(J. R., Rev.) 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Burning flame, Grant (E.) 73. 6d. net ..July '25 

Burnouf (M. E.) Le Lotus de la Bonne Loi. 
Traduit du Sanscrit, accompagne d'un com- 
mentaire et de 21 memoires relatifs au Budd- 
hisme. Nouvelle ed., avec une pref. de S. 
Levi, Tome I, Traduction et notes ; Torne 2, 
Appendice (Memoires annexes), n in. x 7|, 
swd. 4os K. PAUL, Mar. '25 

Burns (A. E.) Peggy in demand. Cr. Svo, 
7i X 5, PP. 283, 33. 6d. net. 

G. T. FOULIS, Dec. '24 

Burns (C. Delisle) Industry and civilisation 
Svo, 8| X 5 1, pp. 278, los. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Mar, '25 

Burns (C. Delisle) The Philosophy of labour. 
Cr. Svo, 7& X 5, pp. 126, 35. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Sept, '25 

Burns (James) Illustrations for preachers and 
teachers : taken from literature, poetry and 
art. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 254, 6s. net. 

J. CLARKE, Oct. '25 

Burns (Robert) Songs, Selected by A. E. 

Coppard. With wood engravings by Mabel M 

Annesley. Ed. limited to 450 numbered 

copies. Roy. Svo, 9x6, pp. 128, i6s. net. 


Burns ClubScottish tongue, Craigie (W. A.) and 
others. 6s. net Feb. '25 

Burns Country, Dougall (C. S.) 5$. net. 

June '25 

Burns, Robert, SHairp (J. C.) 35. 6d. net. July '25 

Burns, Robert : a play, DrinkwaUr (J.) ss* 6d. 
net Oct. '25 




Bititis, Robert, Scottish poems of, Wilson (J., 
Sir). 73. 6d. net .................. Feb. '25 

Burnt bridges, Lane (T.) 7s. 6d. net.. .Feb. '25 

Biifrage (A. Harccmrt) The Idol of Saint 
Moncreeth : a school story. Illus. Cr. Svo, 
7f X sib PP- 31 9r 5s. net ---- NELSON, July '25 

Barrage (A. H.) Poor dear Esme. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5 PP- 24/7 2S. 6d. net. .NEW&ES, 0c2. '25 
UturrariS (G., Ma J.)- Big gam'e* hunting in the 

Himalayas and Tibet. With sections by Col. 

A^ G. Arbtrihnot, W. B. Cotton, etc. 111ns. 

Roy. 8vo, 9ifX6J, pp. 320, 255. net. 

H. JENKINS, Sept. '25 
Biirrtfrd (Gerald) The Tiger of Tibet. Cr. 8vo, 

71 X 5, PP. 312, 73. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Jan, '25 
Burroughs (Edgar Rice) The Land that time 

forgot. Cr. 8vo, 7&X 5, pp. 285, 7s. 6cL net. 

METHUEN, May '25 
Burroughs (Edgar Rice) The Mucker Cheaper 

ed, Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 207* fis< 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Mar. '25 
BiftTngfi$ (Edgar Rice) Pellucidar . Cheap ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5> y pp. 253, as. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 
Burroughs (Edgar Rice) Tarzan and the ant- 

men. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 256, 33. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Mar. '25 
Burroughs (Edgar Rice) Tarzan and the golden 

lion. Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 251, 

2S. 6d. net ........... . METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Burroughs (Stephen) Memoirs of the notorious 

Stephen Burroughs. With pref. by Robert 

Frost, Roy. 8vo, g^ x 6, pp. 381, 125. 6d. 

net * .......... *...-.... J. CAPE, Jan. '25 

Biirrowes (A. R.,Brig.-Gen.) -The ist Battalion, 

the Faugh-a-Ballaghs in the Great War. 

Illus,, maps, iox7|, pp. 138, 8s. 6d net. 

GALE & P., 4r. '25 

Burrows (H. L.). See Wood (L. S.) and Burrows. 
Bufftfwfc (Harold) Pitfalls of surgery, snd ed., 

rev. 8vo, 9x5$, pp. 535, 123. 6d. net. 

BAtLLIERE, Sept. '25 

Bftrf (Cyril) The Young delinquent. Illus. 

Cr. Svo, 9X5!, pp. 663, 173. 6d net. 

UNIV. OP LoNr/oN PR., July '25 
feurt (E. W.)~#ifty years in China : the story 

of the Baptist Mission in Shantung, Shansi, 

and Shensi, 1875-1925. Illus. Cr. Svo, 

7i X 5, pp. t27, as. net. .CAREY PR,, Mar. '25 
Burr (Katherine Newlin) Snow*blind. Cheap 

ed. tamo, 7jX4^, pp. 246, as. net. 

Burt (Strutbers) The Diary of & dude-wrangler. 

With frontis, Svo, 8|X5ib PP* 34i *2S. 6d. 

net ........ 4 ... - ---- * SCRIBNERS, Jan. '25 

Burt (Struthers) The Scarlet hunter. Ct. 8vo, 

7iX5,f>p. 3i8, 73. 6d*net. 

HODDER & S., >&. '25 

Burton (Alfred, Rev.J-'-Hints on elocution for the 
clergy. Cr. 8vo> swxL is. net. 


Burton (Edwin H.) London streets and 
Catholic memories. Cr. Svo, 7f x 5, pp, 180, 
5s. net ........ **.,. BURNS, GATES, May '2$ 

Burton (Robert)^Button the aftatomist : ex- 
tracts from the " Asaatomy of melancholy ** 
chosen to Interest the psychologist in every 
man. Edit, by G, C. F, Mead and Rupert C 
Gift Pref. by W. H, B. Rouse* iamo, 
7x4$, pp. 287, 5$. net..METJHJN, Pcb.^s 

iHrt's Swedish-English dictionary, and English- 
Swedish dictionary. New ed*, rev. and enL 
itoo, 6s. net ......... L. B, HiLL y Feb. '25 

Bprtt (Edwin Arthur) The Metaphysical founda- 
tions of modern physical science i a historical 
and critical essay. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 359. us. 
net. (Internat. lib* of psychology, philosophy, 

^etc.} .................. K. PAUt, Apr. '25 

Eusch (Marie) and Pick (Otto) trans* Selected 
Czech tales. i8mo, 6X3!, pp. 270, ss. net. 
(World's classics) ...... 4 . MitFORD, Attg* ^25 

Bushrangers, Pwger (C. J.) IDS. 6d net. May *25 
Business, Axioms of, Cas$on (H. N.) 5s. ftet. 


Business cases and problems, Marshall (L. C.) 

and others. 155. net /Zy '25 

Business cycle, Social aspects of the, Thomas 

(D. S.) los. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Business cycles, Social consequences of, Hexter 

(M. B.) 153. net May '25 

Business English, Practical, Mason (W. L.) 

gs. net Oct. '25 

Business forecasting, Problem of, Persons (W. H.) 

and others. i6s. net Mar. '25 

Business, Human factor in, Ronvntree (B, S.) 

43. 6d., 23. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Business letters for dictation, Bolger (E. A.) and 

others. 35. 6d. net ; key 33. 6d. net. May '25 
Business letters, How to write, Powell (J. A.) 

73. 6d. net Nov. y %5 

Business : Making money happily, Casson (H. N.) 

2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Business man's guide, Pitman's. 6s, net, Jan, '25 
Business power through psychology, Swift 

(E. J.) i2s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Business prospects year book, 1925, Edited by 
B, Willson Lloyd and A. P. Barnett. (igth 
year). Svo, 8| X si, pp. 165, 7s. 6d. net. 


Business relations, Psychology in, Snow (A. J.), 
2os. net . * . * . . 4 Oct. '25 

Busk (E. TOA Pioneer in flight. With a short 
memoir of H, A. Busk, by Mary Busk. Illus. 
8vo, 8i X 5}, pp. 179, 7s. 6cL net. 

MURRAY, Deo. '25 

But did he ? Hunt ( J. B,} 73. 6d. net. July '25 

Butcher (C. H.)~-*A Pocket encyclopaedia of 
popular science : sonic scientific things worth 
knowing. i8mo, 6xs|, pp. 92, is. net. 

W, FOULSMAM, Oct. "25 

Buietier (H. L. M.) My lane, and other poems. 
74-xsi-, pp. 16, is. rict. .STOCKWELL> June '35 

Botcher (J. Williams) -The Work of the Sunday 
school. Cr. 8vo, 7t X 5, pp. 56, is. net. 

RPWORTII PR*, Mar. *25 

Bute (Earl of, 3rd) : Prime Minister and his* son, 
Worthy (Hon. Mrs, E. S.) i6s. net. .May '25 

Butler (C. H.) Points for patrol leaders aftd 
rovers. 2nd ser. Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 64, swd. 
6d. net PEARSON, July '25 

Butler (Charles H.} A Twelve mil<3 phantasy ; 
ail epic of the " Berengaria." 10^x74, 
pp. 1 6, 28. 6d. net * . * - PUTNAMS, Sipt* '25 

BufSer (F. W., Rev.) -Christianity aud history. 
Cr. Svo, 7lX5, pp. 159, 5s. net. 

S,P.C.K. r Ftfft- '25 

Butler (Geoffrey, Sir) A Handbook to the 
League of Nations : brought clown to the cud 
of the Fifth Assembly. With an explanation 
of the Protocol. Intro, by Viscount Cecil of 
Chclwood* and ed., rev. aad enl, Svo, 9X5!, 
PP- 255, xoa. 6d. net . . - LOHGMANS, May ^25 

Butler, Henry Montagu, Butler ( J. R. M,) ia. 6d. 
net ....*,., Oct. '25 

Sutler (J. R. M.) -Henry Montagu Butler, 
Master of Trinity College, Cambritlge, 1886- 
1918 : a memoir. With some poems and three 
addresses. With Sillus. Svo, Q x 5Lpp- 319, 
12S. 6d. net LONGMANS, Oct. '25 

Butler (Maude M.)~~Bob's heroine. With frontis. 

Cr, Svo, 7^x5, pp. 159, m. 6d, net 

LoW| Sept. *25 
BiitSer (Maude M.I The Boy Baronet ; or, Cecil. 

With frontis. Cr. ttvo^ 7|X5, pp. 254, a, 6d, 

net .. * ...,............ Low, ^4 f* '25 

BiitSsr (Maude M*) Midnight pluck; or, The 

Ghost of Reader's Wood. With froatta. Cr. 

Svo, 7| x 5, pp. xfts, is. 6d. net, .Low, 2^&, r a5 
Butler (Nicholas Murray)- The Faith of a 

Liberal i essays and addresses o political 

principles and public policies. Cr. 8vo 

7|X5|, pp. 383, los, 6d. net 

SCRISNBIW, Jan. "25 
Butler (Samuel) Erewhon revisited. Stirtwa* 

bury ed., vol. 16. Ed. limited to 750 aumbered 

sets, Roy. Svo, 9X6, pp. 96 t tc nfet. 





Butler (Samuel) Shrewsbury Works ed. Edited 
by Henry Festing Jones and A. T. Bartholomew. 
(In 20 vols.) Vols. lo-ii, The Life and letters 
of Dr. Samuel Butler. By Samuel Butler. 
9 x 6|, pp. 498, 496, ea. sis. net. 

J. CAPE, Jan.. '25 
all flesh. Shrews- 

BiiiSer (Samuel) The Way of 
bury ed., vol. 17. Ed. limited to 750 num- 
bered sets. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 446, 2 is. net. 
J. CAPE, Nov. '25 
Butler, Samuel, Bibliography of, Hoppe (A. J.) 

2is. net July '25 

Butler (William F. T.) Gleanings from Irish 

history. With 9 maps and a pedigree. 8vo, 

9 X 5& PP- 351, 1 2S, 6d. net. LONGMANS, Nov.'2$ 

Butt (G. Baseden) Modern psychism. Cr. Svo, 

7&X5, PP. 326, 73. 6d. net. 

C. PALMER, Apr. '25 
Butter and cheese, Thomson (G. S.) 43. net. 

July '25 
Butter and cheese-making, Lord (L. J.) IDS. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Butterflies, British, Natural history of, Prokawk 

(F. W.) 1263. net Jan. '25 

Butterflies of Ceylon, Ormiston (W.) 303. net. 

Sept. '25 

Butterfly of Paris, Banning (L. H.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Butterworth (E. M.). See Lyde (L. W.) and 


Butterworth (Hezekiah) The Wampum belt ; 
or, " The Fairest page of history " : a tale of 
William Penn's treaty with the Indians. 
With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 284, 35. 6d. 

net APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Butierwortfi (James) Byways in boyland : pages 
from a down-town parson's notebook. Cr. 
8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 158, 33. net. 

EPWORTH PR., May '25 

Butterworth 's Rating appeals, 1913-1925. 2 
vols. 8vo, 5 os. net. 

BUTTERWORTH & Co., July '25 
Butter-worth's Twentieth century statutes, 
1924. 8vo, 22S. 6d. net. 

BUTTERWORTH & Co., May '25 
Butterwortli's Workmen's compensation cases. 
Vol. 17, 1924. 8vo, 173. 6d. net. 

BUTTERWORTH & Co., May '25 
Buxton (E. M. Wilmot-). See Wilmot-Buxion. 
Buxton (L. H. Dudley) The Peoples of Asia. 
Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9|-"x 6, pp. 285, ias. 6d, net. 

(History of civilisation) K. PAUL, Oct. '25 

Buxton (Leland) Count Blitski's daughter. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 271, 7s. 6d. net. 


Buxton (Thomas Fowell. Sir) Memoirs. Edit. 
by Charles Buxton. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 320, 

2S. net. (Everyman- '$ hb.) DENT, Oct. "25 

By airplane towards the North Pole, Mittelholzer 

(W.) los. 6d. net Oct. '25 

By car to India, Letth (F. A. C. F., Maj.) 7s. 6d. 

net July '25 

By honour bound, Marchant (B.) 53. net. 

July '25 
By mail and messenger, Comyn-Platt (T., Sir). 

zos. 6d. net July '25 

By order of the Five, Adams (H.) 33. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
By right of capture, Nelson (M.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

By right of sex, Marchmont (A. W.) 2S. net. 

Apr. '25 
By the stepping stones, Hawkes (S.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
By the wayside : verse, Grundy (R.) is. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Bytes (Lilian, S.) A Flower alphabet for children. 

71 X 5, pp. 32, is. 6d. net. .STOCKWELL, Aug. '25 

Byrde (Elsie) ed. and trans. The Polish fairy 

book. Illus. iu col. by Livia Kadar. Repr. 

8vo, 8| X 5j, pp. 231, 6s. net. 

UNWIN, Sept, '25 

Byrne (Dona) Blind Raftery and his wife, 
Hilaria. Svo, 8& X 5i, pp. 128, 5s. net. 

Low, Mar. '25 


Byrne (Donn) An Untitied story. Svo, 8J x 5^, 
pp. 1 60, 53. net Low, Sept. '25 

Byrne (M. St. Clare) Elizabethan life in town 
and country. With 11 illus. Cr. Svo, 7l X 5, 
pp. 304, 73. 6d. net METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Byron (Lord) Cain, Act 3, from " Where is Thy 
Brother Abel ? " Trans, into iambrics by 
Henri Nicolas De Villiers. Cr. Svo, 7|-X5, 
pp. 8, swd. 2S. net BJLACKWELL, July *25 

Byron, Lord : Bibliographical catalogue, First 

Edition Club. 305. net Jan. '25 

Byron, Lord, Nichol (J.) 35. 6d. net July '25 

Byron, Lord, Leigh Hunt and the " Liberal," 
Pickering (L. P.) 75. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Byron, Lord, Political career of, Raymond (D. D.) 
i2s. 6d. net July '25 

Byron, Mclnnis (E. W.) (Newdigate poem) 2s. 
net July '25 

Byron : Pilgrim of eternity, Drinkwater (J.) 
1 8s. net Oct. '25 

Byron (May) J. M. Barne's Peter Pan and 

Wendy : retold for little people with approval 

of the author. Pictures by Mabel Lucie 

Attwell. Svo, 8x5-3r, pp. 133, 23. 6d. net. 

HQDDER & S., Sept. '25 

Byron (May) J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan and 
Wendy : retold for boys and girls with the 
approval of the author. Pictures by Mabel 
Lucie Attwell. Roy. Svo, 8 X 6|, pp. 128, 
55. net HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

By water (Hector C.) The Great Pacific war : 

a history of the American-Japanese campaign 

of 1931 33. Svo, 8 X 5^, pp. 325, los. 6d. net. 

CONSTABLE, July '25 

Byways in boyland, Butterworth (J.) 35. net. 

May '25 

Byzantine Empire, Baynes (N. H.) as. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Byzantine Empire, Hist, of, Diehl (C.) us. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Byzantine musical instruments, Farmer (H. G.) 
2S. 6d. net June '25 

C.M.B. examination questions. See Mid-wives 
Board (Central). 

aO.P.E.C. See Christian Politics, etc. (Con- 
ference on). 

C.0.'s Cameos. By C.CX of the " Evening 

Standard." 12010, 7x4!, pp. 214, 35, 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Au%. '25 

C/o Thomas Varzy, Esq., Valmer (L.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Ca ma pris comme ca ! Ruffer (C.) gs, net. 

Feb. '25 

abeSS (James Branch) The Cords of vanity. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5i, PP- 348, 73. 6d. net. 

LANE, Nov. '25 

Cabell (James Branch) Figures of earth : a 
comedy of appearances. Illus. and decorations 
by Frank C. Pape. Roy. Svo, 9! X 61, pp. 
274, sis. net LANE, Oct. '25 

Cats! (A. Mildred) and French (Francesca L.) 
Dispatches from North- West Kansu. With 
illus. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 82, is. net. 

R.T.S., May '25 

Cable (Boyd) -Labour and profits. i2mo, 7} x 4f, 
pp. 96, swd. is. net JARROLDS, Feb. '25 

Catsle (George W.) The Flower of the Chapde- 
laines. Cneap ed. i2rno, ?i X 4^, pp. 262, 
2s. net COLLINS, July '25 

acaveias (Jereraias) The Siege of Vienna by 
the Turks in 1683. Trans, into Greek from 
an Italian work published anonymously in. the 
year of the siege. Edit, from an unpublished 
manuscript in the British Museum dated 
Bucharest, 1686. With intro., text, English 
trans., notes and glossary, by F. H. Marshall. 
Svo, 8i X 5fc, pp. 208, los. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Dec. '25 

Catlbf (Carine) The Brownies in Switzerland : 
a children's winter sport holiday. Illus. with 
24 photos, by Will Cadby. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 
pp, 126, as. 6d. net MILLS & B., Nov. '25 




ill and Carine) Switzerland in Winter. 
Illus. with 24. photos. I2mo, 7 X 4^, pp. 125, 
45. net MILLS & B., Dec. '25 

Cacfdick (David W.) Commercial do's and 

don'ts. i2mo, 7 X 4^, pp. 64, 23. 6d. net, 

METHUEN, Mar. '25 

Caddick (David W.) Political principles and 
motives : a treatise for legislators aad electors. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 109, 35. 6d. net, 

METHUEN, Apr. '25 

Cadet to Commodore, Armitage (A. B., Capt.) 
los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Cadets of the Dolphin, Ash (F.) as. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Cadger's creel, Douglas (G., Sir). 75. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Oadoux (A. T., Rev.) The Gospel that Jesus 
preached and the Gospel for to-day. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 5? PP 2 48, 6s. 6d. net. 

ALLEN- & UNWIN, July '25 

Gadoux (Cecil John) The Early Church and the 
world : a history of the Christian attitude 
to pagan society and the State down to the 
time of Constantinus. Demy 8vo, 9x6, 
pp. 728, 2 is. net T. & T. CLARK, July '25 

Cady (Francis E.) and Dates (Henry B.) eds. 
Illuminating' engineering. Prepared by a 
staff of specialists. Roy. 8vo, 253. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 

Caesar (C. Julius) Commentaries on the Civil 
War. Edit, by Charles E. Moberly. New 
illus. ed. Cr. 8vo. Complete, 53. ; Books i 2, 
33. j Book 3, 33 MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Caesar in Britain, stories, Panttn (W. E. P.) 
2S . . July '25 

Caesarean section, Spencer (H. R.) 6s. net. 

Dec. '25 

Caesars, Women of the, Ferrers (G.) 155. net. 

Oct. '25 

Cage Birds annual for 1925. Coloured frontis. 
and other illus. by H. Norman. Edit, by 
E. R. W. Lincoln. 8vo, 8|xsi, PP- *44 
swd. is. 6d. net . . " CAGE BIRDS," Jan. '25 

Calm (Lester R.) The Modern practice of tooth 
extraction. Cr. 8vo, 8s. net. 

MACMiLLANr, Apr. '25 

Caid, Noel (L.) 73. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Gale (Norman Macleod, Rev.) The Vintage : 
studies in the fruit of the spirit. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, PP- *52, as. 6d. net...R.T.S., Feb. '25 

Cain, Byron (Lord) (in iambics, by De Villiers) 
2s. net July '25 

Caine (William) The Glutton's mirror. Illus. 
by himself. Demy 4to, u X 8|, pp. 88, 
75. 6d. net UNWINT, Nov. '25 

Cairngorm Hills, Gordon (S.) 155. net. .//y '25 

Cairo : how to see it, Khoori (A. R.) 45. Dec. '24. 

Calculations, Rapid, Russell (A. H.) 3$. Sept. '25 

Calculus, Applied, Thomas (R. G.) i6s. net. 

May '25 

Calculus, Commonsense of the, Brewster (G. W,) 
2S. net Mar. '25 

Calculus of variations, Bliss (G. A.) xos. net* 

Apr. '25 

Calder (F. L.) The Calder cookery book. lamo, 
7iX4$, pp. 131, 2S. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, Aug. '25 

Calderon de la Barca (P.) La Cena de Baltasar, 

i8mo, swd. is. 6d. (Cambridge plain texts.} 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Jan, '25 

Calderon de la Barca (Pedro) Life's a dream. 
Trans, for the English stage by Frank Birch 
and J. B. Trench. With a stage plan and 2 
illus. by E. Le Bas. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 86, 
swd. as, 6d. net .... HEFFER, Feb. '25 

Caldwell (Harry R.)~-BIue tiger. latro. by Roy 
Chapman Andrews. Illus. 8vo, 8f X 5& 
pp. 256, 155. net .... DUCKWORTH, Oct. '25 

Calawel! (Peter S.) Gas and oil engines : running 
and maintenance, Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 125, 
35. 6d. net. (Practical manuals for practical 
men.} CONSTABLE, Sept. '25 

Caidweil (Robert G.) Short history of the 
American people. Vol. i, 1492-1860. 8vo, 
12S. 6d. net . . PUTNAM, Oct. '25 


Caleb (T.) Pithy Lent and festival sermons. 

Fcp. 8vo, 6^X4^, pp. 128, 2S. 6d. net. 

Calendar: Calculations with years and months 

in Peruvian Quipus, Nordenskiold (E.) 53. net. 

Nov. '25 
Call-box mystery, Ironside (J.) ss. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Call of honour, Saxby (A.) 23. 6d. net . .Sept. '25 
Call of the child, Dingwall-Fordyce (A.) as. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Call to advance, addresses, Brown (A. D., Rev.) 

as. 6d,, is. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Callaghan (John W.). See Martin (G. M.) and 

Callinicus : Chemical warfare, Haldane (J. B. S.) 

as. 6d. net Jan. '25 

a9lwell (J. M.) Dorothy Arden : a story of 

England and France two hundred years ago. 

Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7i x si, pp. 349, 2S. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Apr. '25 

Calthrop (Dion Clayton) The Hundred to one 

chance. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 320, 75. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 

althrop (Dion Clayton)- Music hall nights. 

With 22 illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| X sJ, pp. 157, 

6s. net LANE, Oct. '25 

Ca9throp (Dion Clayton) Rose - coloured 

spectacles. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 

PP- 255, 35. 6d. net MILLS & B., May '25 

Caiftirop (Dion Clayton) St. Quin. Cr. 8vo, 

7l x 5, PP- 299, as. 6d. net. (Black's Novel 

lib.) BLACK, Apr. '25 

Calverley, Browning and, Babington (P. L.) 

55. net Sept. '25 

Galvert (A. F.) The Grand Stewards and Red 

Apron Lodges. 8vo, 123. 6d. net. 

Calvert (C.). See Henderson (B.) and Calvert. 

Galvert (G. A. F.} Old engraved lists of Masonic 
Lodges. Roy. 8vo, los. 6d. net. 

Calvert of Allobar, Simpson (R.) 7$. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Calvert's Mechanics' almanack for 1925. Edit, 
by Frank Nasmith and Frederick Foul ton, 
Fcp. 8vo, 6 1 X 4 1, pp. roo, swd., 6cl. net. 

J. HEYWOOD, Jan. '25 

Calvocoressi (M. D.)- Musical taste and how 
to form it. Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4i, pp. 98, 2S, 6d, 

net MILFORD, June '25 

Cambodia : Angkor the uag!iificcn.t f Candee 
(H. C.) 2os. net Oct. '25 

Cambray (Philip G.) Politics retold, 1880-1924, 
Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 201, 33. 6d. net (West" 
minster lib.) * l\ ALLAN, Dtc. '25 

Cambria's fair daughter, Nepean (E.) as. 6d net, 

June '25 

Cambridge ancient history (The), Edit, "by 
J. B. Bury and others. Vol. 3, The Assyrian 
Empire. Roy. 8vo, 9! x 6|, pp. 847, 35. 
net CAMS. UNIV. FR,, Dec. *s5 

Cambridge and C. Lamb, Wherry (G.) 55. net. 

May *25 

Cambridge book of prose and verse, Sampson 
(G.) los. 6d. net Dee, *4 

Cambridge bookselling, Gray (G. J.) is, 6cl, 
net Sept* *s5 

Cambridge modern history atlas (The). Edit. 
by Sir A. W. Ward, Sir G. W. Prothero, Sir 
Stanley Leathes, assisted by E. A. Bemans. 
2nd ed., rev. Roy. 8vo, 9)- X 6J, pp. 349, 
4os. net ....... .CAMS, UNIV. PR., Mar. '25 

Cambridge, Town of : history, Gray (A.) xos, 6cl, 
net , Nov. *5 

Cambridge University Calendar for the year 

1925-1926. Cr, 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 891, 153. net. 

^ CAMS. UNIV. PR,, Nov. *25 

Cambridge University - Examination, papers, 
Dec., 1924 to Mar., 1925. 114, Mathematical and 
mechanical sciences, 25* net ; 115, Classics and 
theolo^gy, as. net ; 116, Modern Ianptas, law 
and history, 2$. net ; 117, Natural and moral 
sciences, 23. net.. CAMB. UNIV; PR,, &$. *5 





Cambridge University Papers set in Mathe- 
matical Tripos, Part i, 1913-17. Repr. 8vo, 
pp. 32, 35. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Cambridge University Papers set in. the Mechani- 
cal Sciences Tnpos, 1920 1924. Roy. 8vo, 
swd. 5S. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Aug. '25 

Cambridge University Register of the members 
of the Senate and the electoral roll, 1925-26. 
Svo, swd., is. net. .CAMB. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Cambridge University Student's handbook to 
the University and Colleges of Cambridge. 
24th ed., rev. to June 30, 1925. Cr. Svo, 
7i x 5, pp. 688, 75. 6d. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Aug. '25 

Cambridge University Supplementary ordi- 
nances, to end of Easter term, 1925. Svo, 
as. 6d. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Cambridge University, Mediaeval Hostels of, 
Stokes (H. P., Rev.) los. net Feb. '25 

Cambridge University Press A Manual of style : 
together with specimens of type used at the 
University Press. Cr. Svo, 155. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., July '25 

Cameos of English history, Elliott (H. B.), Bk. 4, 
is. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Camera lenses, Lockett (A.) 23. 6d. net. Feb. '25 

Cameron (A. T.) ed. Directory of Retreat houses, 
is. net Apr . '25 

Cameron (Charlotte) Mexico in revolution : 
an account of an English woman's experiences 
and adventures, with a description of the 
people, etc. Illus. Svo, 8| x 5$, pp. 278, 
2is. net SEELEY, SERVICE, Jan. '25 

Cameron (D. Y., Sir). Intro, by Malcolm C. 
Salaman. 12 plates. Folio, 10 x 12 J, pp. 10, 
55. net. (Modern masters of etching.} 

" STUDIO," Oct. '25 

Cameron (Isabel) Helen Rose and cmld welfare 
in Elgin. 3rd ed., enl. With frontis. Svo, 
8$X5i, PP- 32, is. net. 

(Elgin) T. D. DAVIDSON, Oct. '25 

Cameron (Isabel) More about the doctor. 
i2rno, 7i X 4|, pp. 78, is. net. 

(Elgin) T. D. DAVIDSON, Oct. '25 

Cameron (Margaret) Johndover. Cr. Svo, 
7iX5, pp. 352, 7S. 


Cameron (Samuel J.) A Manual of gynaecology : 
for students and practitioners. Illus. 3rd ed., 
rev. Roy. Svo, 9^ x 6, pp. 671, 253. net. 
E. ARNOLD, Mar. '25 

Cameron (Sidney) More light : a simple account 
of how the brain works. With port. Cr. Svo, 
7|X5, pp. 91, 35. 6d. net. 

WILLIAMS & N., June '25 

Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), Short hist., 
Wylly (H. C.) Feb. '25 

Cameroons (British) Colonial report, 1924. 
2s. gd. net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Cameroons, Through British, Migeod (F. W. H.) 
255. net Jwie '25 

Camilla in a caravan, Kilpatnck (F. A.) 7s. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Camilla : Latin reading bk., Reed (ML.) 2S. July '25 

Camp (Charles W,) The Artisan in Elizabethan 
literature. Svo, I2S. 6cl, net. (Studies in 
English and comparative literature.} 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 

Camp fire yarns, More, Lane (M. S.) 35. 6d. 
net Dec. '25 

Camp of Call, Morton (J.) 23 Apr. '25 

Campagnac (E. T.) Education : in its relation 
to the common purposes of humanity. Svo, 
8x5, pp. 178, 53. net PITMAN, Nov. '25 

Gampagnac (E. T.) ed. Hours with English 
authors. Book 4, by H. S. Kermode. Cr. Svo, 
2s. 3d. .,.*..,, PITMAN, Feb. '25 

Campaigners grave and gay, Thornton (L. H.) 
7$. 6d. net Sept, '25 

Campbell (Argyll). See Hill (L.) and Campbell. 

Campbell (C* J.) The Children of Aries. Deco- 
rated with woodcuts by W. G, Raffe. Roy. 
8vo, 9x7, pp. 40, 6s. net. 

BLACKWELL, June '25 


CamptsetS (C. Mac Fie) and others, eds. Problems 
of personality : studies presented to Dr. 
Morton Prince, pioneer in American psycho- 
pathology. With port. Svo, 9x5!-, pp. 450, 
iSs net. (Internet, hb. of psychology, philo- 
sophy, etc.} K. PAUL, May '25 

Campbell (Duncan, Maj. Sir) ed. Records of 
Clan Campbell in the military service of the 
Honourable East India Company, 1600-1858. 
Svo, i2s. 6d. net .... LONGMAN, July '25 

Campbell (F. H.) Elementary qualitative and 

volumetric analysis. Cr. Svo, 6s. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

Campbell (R. W., Capt.) A Prairie parson. 

Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 260 pp. 23. 6d. 

net CHAMBERS, July '25 

Camptoell (Reginald) Brown wife or white ? 

a tale of love, alcohol and elephants. Cr. 

Svo, 7$- x 5, pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Sept. '25 
Campbell (W. Hume, Rev.) The Life of Christ 

and afterwards. i2mo, 7|X4f, pp. 131, swd. 

is. 8d, 

Campbell- Baitnerman (Henry, Sir) Early letters 

to his sister Louisa, 1850 -51. Chosen by the 

Rt. Hon. Lord Pentland. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!-, 

pp. 267, 153. net UNWIN, May '25 

Campbell, Clan, in military service of E. India 

Co., Campbell (D., Maj. Sir). I2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Campbells of Kinloch, Login (E. D ) 7s. 6d. 

net Dec. '24 

Camping out, Miller (W. H.) zos. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Camps, log cabins, etc., Brimmer (F. E.) 8s. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Canada Economic resources of Canada, is. 6d. 

net. (Ministry of Agric. and Fisheries.) 

H.M.S.O., July '25 
Canada, Folk songs of French, Barbeau (M.) and 

Sapir (E.) 1 8s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Canada, In the heart of, Baker (W. K.) iss. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Canada : Peeps at history, Home (B.) 2S. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Canada to-day, 1925 : the annual reference book 

on Canada, its progress, prosperity and 

opportunities. 9th issue. Edit, by Robert 

J. Arnott. Roy. Svo, 9fX7, pp. 212, 2S. 6d. 

net CANADA NEWSPAPER Co., Aug. '25 

Canadian Rockies, Trail life in the, Mitchell 

(B. W.) las. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Canary Islands, Ancient inhabitants of the, 

Hooton (E. A.) 67s, 6d. net Aug. '25 

Canary, Yorkshire, House (C. A.) 2S. net. 

Jan. '25 
Can by (Henry Seidel) Definitions : essays in 

contemporary criticism. 2 vols. Cr. Svo, 

7^x5, pp. 304, 308, ea. 75. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, July '25 
Cancer and remedial diet, Reinheimer (H,) 25. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Cancer and the public, Childe (C, P.) IDS. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Cancer, Conquest of, Wright (H. W. S.) 2S. 6d. 

net May. '25 

Cancer, Drugs the main cause of, Mackenzie (F.) 

55. net May '25 

Cancer facts, New, Masters (D.) 25. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Cancer : post-graduate lectures, Pater son (H. J,) 

vol. 2, i2S. 6d. net May '25 

Cancer surgery, Encouragements in, Turner 

(G. G.) 7s. 6d. net June '25 

Cancers, Tumors, and, Gilford (H.) 423. net. 

Apr. '25 
Candee (H. Churchill) Angkor the magnificent ; 

the wonder city of ancient Cambodia. With 

79 illus. from photos, and a map. Roy. Svo, 

9x6, pp. 323, 2os. net. .WITHERS Y, Oct. '25 
Candle and crib, Put-don (K F.) is. 6d. net. 

Dec. '24 

Candlelight Attic, Hallack (C,) ss. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 





Gaudier (Edmund) The Dinosaur's egg. Cr. 

Svo, 7fcx 5, pp. 318, 7s. 6d. net. 

W. BLACKWOOD, Sept. '25 
Candles of Katara, Grimshaw (B.) 73. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Candlestick makers, Borden (L.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Candlestick with, seven branches, (M.) 

73. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Candy (Hugh C. H.). See Luff (A. P.) and 

Candy, stories, Hutten (Baroness von) 7s. 6d. 

net May '25 

Canine distemper, Sewell (L.) 45. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Cannasi (Joanna) Wild berry wine. Cr. Svo, 

7\ x 5 PP- 3*2, 7s. 6d. net. .UNWIN, Mar. '25 
Cannell (Charles) Ash. Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 285, 

73. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

Canning, Foreign policy of, Temperley (H.) 253. 

net May '25 

Canning wonder, Machen (A.) 423. net. . Oct. '25 

Cannons (Harry G. T.) ed. Art prices current, 

1923-24. Sept. '25 

Caiuif tales frae Aberdeen. Compiled by Allan 

Junior. Illus. by Gregor MacGregor. Roy. 

Svo, 9 X 6, pp. 36, is. 6d. net. 

Canoeing, sailing and motor boating, Miller 

(W. H.) los. 6dL net Mar. '25 

Canon Makepeace, Gilbert (B.) 73. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Cant (R. McKean) Youth pours out its life. 

7|X4|, pp. 28. is. net..BuMPus, May '25 
Cantate Domino. Svo, 35. 6d. net . . BENN, July '2 5 

Canterbury, Archbishop of, Letter to, Knox 

to (E, A., Rev., Rev.) 3d. net Jan. '25 

Canterbury Cathedral, Caroe (W. D.) 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

CantSSe (James, Sir) ed. 'First aid illustrated 
in colours, Cr. 8vo, swd. 6d. net. 

BALE, June '25 

Canton (William) [Poems] Svo, 8|X5J, pp. 
31, swd., fid. net. (Augustan boohs of modern 
poetry] BENN, Nov. '25 

Cape (C, Phillips, Rev.) Prisoners released : 
the redemption of a criminal tribe. Fore- 
word by Robert F. Horton. i2ino, 7j x 4$, 
pp. 143, swd. is. net, 

WESLEYAN METH. MISY. Soc., Feb. '25 

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net Feb. '25 

Cape of Good Hope, Lady Anne Barnard at the, 
Fawbridge. (D.) 303. net .Jan. '25 

Cape of Good Hope Observatory Cape astro- 
graphic zones. Vol. 8, Catalogue of rectangu- 
lar co-ordinates and diameters of star-images, 
Zone 48 deg. nos. Bet .. H.M.S.O., July '2$ 

Cape of Good Hope Observatory Cape Obser- 
vatory annals. Vol. 8, part 7 ; Occultations 
of stars by the Moon, 1907 to 1922. 6s. net. 
H.M.S.O., 7*^*25 

Cape of Good Hope Observatory Cape Observa- 
tory annals. Vol. 13, pt. i ; Proper motions 
of stars contained in the Cape Fundamental 
catalogue of 1846 stars for the Equinox 1900. 
353. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Capek (Karel) Krakatit. Trans, by Lawrence 
Hyde. Cr. 8vo 7i X 5, pp. 416, 73. 6d. net. 
G. BLES, Nov. '25 

Capek (Karel) Letters from England. Trans. 
by Paul Selver. Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 192, 
73. 6d. net .G. BLES, Mar. '25 

Capek (Karel) -Letters from England. Re* 
issue. Cr. 8vo, Ithr. los. 6d. net. 

G. BLES, Aug. '25 
Capcl cousins, Bmdby (V.) is. 6d. net. June '25 

Capes (Bernard) The Skeleton key. Cheap ed. 
iSmo, 6 i X 4, pp* 286, swd. 9d. net. 

COLUNS, July '25 

Capes* (Bernard) 'Where England sets her feet. 
Cheap ed. ismo, 7^x4}, pp. 362, gs. net. 
COLLINS, Feb. "25 


Gaphilos (M.) Hopes and expectations : some 
sonnets, etc. 7! X 4-|, pp. 15, 2S. 6d. 
(Highgate Village, N.6) WOOLRIDGE, Nov. '25 
Capital, What is, Jones (H. A.) zs. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Capitalism, Case for, Withers (H.) j&s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Capitalism to freedom, From, Parkinson (H. W.) 
i2s. 6d. net ................. ... May '25 

Capitalism, Waste of. is. 6d. net ---- Mar. '25 

Capitalist enterprise and social progress, Dobb 
(M.) I2S. 6d. net ................ July '25 

Caporn (A. Cecil) Selected cases illustrating the 
law of contracts. Part I, The Principles of 
contract. By A. Cecil Caporn. Part II, 
Special commercial contracts. By A. Cecil 
Caporn and Francis M. Caporn. 4th ed. 
8|x6J, pp. 1,061, 253. net. .STEVENS, Sept. '25 
Cappy Ricks retires, Kyne (P, B.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Cappy Ricks retires, Kyne (P. B.) 2s. net. 

Mar. '25 

Captain Crash, Goodchild (G.) is. net., Apr. '25 

Captain Fly-by-Night, McCulley (J.) 35. 6d. 

net ............................ Oct. '25 

Captain January, Richards (L. E.) as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Captain Nancy, Moore (D.) is. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Captain of Croxton, Pools (M.) as. nci..Sept. '25 
Captain of Irregulars, Hayens (H.) as. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Captains all, Jacobs (W. W.) ss. July '25 
Captains and Kings, M&urois (A.) 53. net. 

Fab, *25 
Captives of impulse, Brymer (R.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Captured cruiser, Hyne (C. J. C.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Captures, Galsworthy (J.) ss* net. * t .Jun '2 5 

Captures, Galsworthy (J.) 53., 75. 6d. net. . Dec. '25 

Car buyer's annual : Buying a car ? Henslowe 

(L.), 1925, is. 6cl. net .............. May '25 

Caravan, Galsworthy (J.) 75. 6d. net..M^r. '23 
Caravan, Galsworthy (J.) xos. 6d. net. Apr. '25 
Caravan, Galsworthy (J.) 423. net. ...June '25 

Caravan, Galsworthy (J.) 135. 6d. net,. .July '25 
Caravans by night, Hervcy (H.) 75. 6(1. net. 

May '25 

Carbery (A. D., Lt. -Col.) The New Zealand 
medical service in the Great War, 1914-19x8. 
Based on official documents. Illus. and maps. 
Demy 8vo, 9ix61, pp. 547, 248, net. 

WHITCOMB & T,, July '25 

Carburetters and carburation, Judge (A. W.) 
43. net ...... ..... ............... Mar. '25 

Carburettor handbk., Knolt (E. W.) los. 6<L 
net ____ . ........ * .............. Mar. '25 

Card, Bennett (A.) 33. 6d. net ........ Mar. '25 

Card and conjuring tricks, Foulshaw's. %%. net. 

Oct. '25 

Card fortune telling, Plait (C.) 28, net, .Oct. '25 
Card games up-to-date, Roberts (C.) as. net, 

Oct, '35 

Cardiff year book, 1925. 8|x 5 J, pp. 326, 2 is. net. 
(5, Exchange Chambers, Cardiff.) OFFICE, Sept. '25 
Cardinal (Jane) -Swift adventure. Cr. Svo,, 

KN & U., June '25 
Care of Thomas Varzy, Esq., V aimer (L.) 75. 6d. 
net .... ............ . . ...... .... Sept. '25 

Career, Choosing the right, Toland (E. D.) 555. 

net .................... , ....... Aug. *25 

Career of Beauty Darling, Wyllarde (D.) 2S. 6U. 

net ........ 1 .......... ......... July '25 

Career, Personality and, Keith (J. C. W,) is. net. 

Apr. '35 
ar0tr$ for boys : the prospects, duties and 

salaries of various careers, xSmo, 6X3!, 

pp. 124, is. net ....... W. FoutsHAM, Oct. '25 

Careers for girls. i8mo, 6x3!, pp. 124, is. net. 

W, FOULSKAM, Oct, *5 

Oartw (Henry) The Vampires of the Andes, 

Cr. Svo, 7j x 5, pp. so, 7s. 6d. net. 




Carew of the Fourth, Martin (P.) 53. net. 

July '25 
aref (F. S.) and Proudman (J.) The Elements 

of mechanics. With diags. 8vo, &f x s|, 

pp. 324, 8s. 6d. net. (Longmans 3 Modern 

mathematical ser.) LONGMANS, Apr. '2$ 

Carey (Walter ^., Rt. Rev.} -The Church of 

England revisited. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 53, 

is. net A. R, MOWBRAY, Feb. '25 

arfrs (Elizabeth) Barbed wire. Cr. 8vo, 

7i x 5, pp. 318, 73. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., M&r. '25 
Carfrae (Elizabeth) Through troubled waters. 

Cr. 8vo, 71 X 5, pp. 286, 73. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Sept. '25 

Carillon of Scarpa, Klickmann (F.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Carfyapltaka (The). In Sanskrit. Edit, with 

intro. in English by Bimola Charan Law. 

Roy. Svo, pp. 52, swd., 2S. 

(Lahore) LUZAC, Apr. '25 
Carlefon (S.)- The Forest runner. Cr. Svo, 

71" X 5> PP- 268, 7s. 6d. net. 

MELRO&E, Mar. '25 
Carting (John R.) The Doomed city. Cheap ed. 

Svo, 8^x5^, pp. 126, swd. gd. net* 

WARD, LOCK, Feb. '25 

Carlisle (J. 0.) See Hamilton (D. E.) and Carlisle. 
Carlisle Diocesan calendar, clergy list, and 

church almanack, 1925. i2mo, 7^x4!, pp. 

187, swd. 2S. net. (Carlisle.) 

C. THURNAM, Jan. '25 
Carlisle Grammar School : memorial register, 

Rout] edge (G. B.) 7s. 6d. net - Mar. '25 

Garlton (G.) The Black ace. Illus. Cr. 8yo, 

7i X 5, PP- 33> 3 s * 6d* ne ^- (Premier 

rewards) * * . . JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Carlylft (Anthony) A Gamble with hearts. Cheap 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 246, 2s. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., /we } 25 
Carlyle (Anthony) The Law of Nemesis. Popular 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7i-X5, pp. 248, 33. 6d. net. 

MILLS &B., Feb. '25 
CSarlyS (Anthony) The Orchard gate. Cheap 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 241, 2S. 6d. net. 

MILLS &B,,/wz } 25 
Oarlyle (Anthony) White magic. Popular ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7j X 5, pp. 284, 35. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Oct. '25 
Carlyle (Thomas) Carlyle's Essay on Sit Walter 

Scott, Edit, with intro. and notes, by Arnold 

Smith. Cr. Svo, 7f X sJ, pp. 127, is. 6d. 

DENT, Apr. '25 
CarSySe (Thomas) Sartor resartus, Fcp. Svo, 

6* X 4i, pp. 276, is. 6d. net. (Nelsons 

classics] NELSON, Apr. '25 

Carlyle on Cromwell and others, Wilson (D. A.) 

158- net * July '25 

Carlyle, Thomas, Nichol (J.) 3s. 6d,net July '25 
Carman (Dulce) The Broad stairway. Cr. Svo, 

7&X 5) PP- 285, 73. 6d. net. OUSELEY, Jan. '25 
Carmel, Prophet of, Life and times of, Magennis 

(P. E. Rev.) 123. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Carmichael (E. Arnold). See Greenfield (J. G.) 

and Carmichael. 
Carmichael (E. M.) The House of delusion. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 295, 7s. 6d. net 

MELROSE, May "25 
Carnarvon, Earl of (4th), Life of, Hardinge (A., 

Sir). 636. net Sept. '25 

Carnations and pinks, Fletcher (F. J.) Market 

nursery work, v. 4, as. 6tl. net Feb. "25 

Oariltgfo (David) -History of munitions supply 

in Canada, 1914-18. Svo, i8s. net. 

LONGMANS, Jan. '25 
Caret (W. Douglas) Canterbury Cathedral. 

Repr. from a lecture in the Chapter House, 

July, 1925. With a reproduction of Thomas 

Johnson's picture of the Choir in 1657. Svo, 

SJ X 5j, pp. 1 6, swd., 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Nov. '25 

" Caroline '* Feeding Peter. QS. net., Feb. *%5 
Carolinian, Sabatini (R.) 7s. 6d. net . . Jan. '25 
Carols. 10 i x 8, pp. 43, ios. 6d. net. 

A. MORING, Nov. '25 


Carols, Choice of, Marie Louise (Princess}. 

2s. 6d. net ....... . ............... -Nov. "25 

Carpenter (Edward) and Barnefield (George) 

The Psychology of the poet Shelley. Cr. Svo, 

7iX5, pp. 127, 4S. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Jan. '25 
Carptnfar (Frederic Ives) ed. English lyric 

poetry, 1500-1700, With an intro. isrno, 

7 X 4$, pp. 341, 23. 6<L net. (Casket lib.) 

BLACKIE, May '25 
Carpenter (Joseph E.) ed. Freedom and truth : 

modern views of Unitarian Christianity, 

Essays by Sydney H. Mellone, George R. 

Dodson, and others. With intro. Svo, 8f X 

pp. 358, 6s. net ____ LINDSEY PR., June '25 
Carpenter (Leonard) Mechanical mixing 

machinery: (Chemical engineering lib* y 2nd 

ser.) Cr/Svo, 7^x4!, pp. 138, 6s. net. 

BENN, Feb. '25 
Carpenter (Mrs.) Some notable officers of the 

Salvation Army. Intro. Sketch of Com- 

missioner T. H. Howard by the General. 

8|X5|, pp. 168, 35. 6d. net, 

Carpenter (Rhys) The Greeks in Spain. iSmo, 

73. 6d. net. (Bryn Mawr notes and mono- 

graphs] .... .......... LONGMAN-S, May '25 

Carpenter, William Boyd : Life and letters, 

Major (H. D. A.) i6s. net .......... Oct. '25 

Carpus, Traumatic injuries of, Speed (K.) 2 is. 

net ...................... . ....... Od.'*s 

arr (Harvey A.) Psychology. Cr. Svo, ios. 6d. 

net .....< ....... . ---- LONGMANS, Oct. '25 

arr (John, Rev.) Truly a lover: some re- 

flections on St. Teresa of Lisieux. Cr. Svo, 

ss. 6d. net .......... . . ---- SANDS, June '25 

Carr (Kent) The White hawk ; or, Matched 

against Alva. Illus. by J. R. Burgess. Cr. 

Svo, 71 x 5, PP- 352, 43. net. 

CHAMBERS, Sept. '25 
CSarr (R. C.) and Lister (George A.) eds.The 

Mountains of Snowdoma : in history, ^ the 

sciences, literature and sport. With 58 illus. 

and dia. Roy. Svo, 9X6, pp. 425, 253. net. 

LANE, Aug. '25 

Carr-SayntSers (A. M.) Population. With 

frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. x*2> 23. 6d. net. 

(World's manuals) ....... MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Carra (Carlo) Giotto, With 192 reproductions 

in collotype. Cr. 4to, n X 7l pp. *c>2 255. 

net .... ..... ..... A. ZWEMMER, Mar.^ '25 

Carriage of goods fry sea : Hague Rules explained, 

Cole (S. D.) 6s. net .............. Oct. '25 

Carriage of goods by sea, Law relating to, Garsia 

(M.) 33. net .................... Sept. '25 

Carriage of goods hy sea, Temperley (R.) 43., 

53. net ..... ............. Feb., Sept. '25 

Carrick (Jane) Pamela Begum. Cr. Svo, 

71- X 5, PP- 3i6, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODPER & S., Mar. '25 
Carrier (E. H.) Historical geography of England 

and Wales (South Britain). Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, 

pp. 292, 53. net ...... ALLEN & U., Sept. '25 

Carriers, Law of, Macnamara (W. H.) 4os. net. 

Jan. *25 
Carroll (John S., Rev.) The Motherhood of God, 

and other sermons. Svo, SxsJ, pp. 31 5 

73. 6d. net .......... HODDER & S., Oct. "25 

CarroSS (Lewis) Alice in Wonderland. Pictured 
by Mabel Lucie Attwell. Roy. Svo, 9x6!, 
pp. loS, 35. 6d. net ...... R, TUCK, Oct. '25 

Carroll (Lewis) Alice's adventures in Wonder- 
land. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, PP- *59> 
is. 6d. net ............. . ---- Low, Feb. '25 

Carroll, Lewis : Some rare Cairo]liana,W$/ww$ 
(S.H.) ( .................. Feb. '25 

Carrots, Molesworih (Mrs.) sd., ?d. net. June '25 

Carruthers (John) The Virgin wife. Cr. Svo. 

7iX5, pp. 336, 7s, 6d. net.. .J. CAPE, Mar. '25 
Carry a high ideal, Currie (G. G.) #s. net. 

Sept. *25 
Carry on, Jeeves ! Wodehouse (P. G.) ss. 6d. 

net ... ......................... Oct. '25 

Cars of to-day, " Times." as. net . . Mar. "25 





arse (Adam) The History of orchestration. 

With 66 musical illustrations. 8vo, 9x5!, 

pp. 362, I2S. 6d. net. (Internal, lib. of music.) 

K. PAUL, May '25 

Carson (H. W.) ed. Modern operative surgery. 
2 vols. With 735 figures. Roy. 8vo, 9tx6, 
PP- 798, 796 (set) 633. net. CASSELL, Jan. '25 

CarsweSI (Donald) ed. Trial of Ronald True. 
With port. 8vo, 9 X 5^, pp. 307, xos. 6d. net. 
(Notable British trials) W. HODGE, Oct. '25 

Carter (Charles E. 0.) The Principles of as- 
trology ; theoretical and applied. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX5, pp. 200, 53. net, 

Carter (Doro) Mimes, exercises and dances, 
for Little children. Music by Edgar Moy. 
Demy 4to, u x 8|, pp. 22, 35. 6d. net. 

J. SAVILLE, Oct. '25 

Oarter (E. H.) ed. The New past, and other 
essays on the development of civilisation. By 
J. H. Breasted, H. J. Fleure, and others. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 191, 55. net. 

BLACKWELL, Jan. '25 
Carter (E, H.). See Marten (C. H. K.) and Carter. 

Carter (G. E. L.) The Stone Age in Kashmir. 
8vo, pp. 7, swcl., is. 6d. (Memoirs of Archaeol. 
Survey of Kashmir) LUZAC, July '25 

Carter (H. C.) Human relations in the light of 

Christ. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 140, swd. 2s. net. 

HEFFER, June '25 

Carter (Herbert R.) Modern flax, hemp, and 
jute spinning and twisting : a practical hand- 
book. 2nd rev., ed. With 96 illus. 8vo, 
9x5!, pp. 256, 153. net. 


Carter (Huntly) The New spirit in the European 
theatre, 19141924 : a comparative study of 
the changes effected by the War and Revolu- 
tion. Illus. Cr. 4to, 10 X 7i, pp. 292, 253. 
net BENN, Nov. '25 

Carter (Roger N.) The Students guide to 
executorship accounts, srd ed. 7&xs, 
pp. 254, 75. 6d. net GEE, Apr. '25 

Carter (Thomas F.) The Invention of printing 
in China and its spread westward. Roy. 
8vo, 373. 6d. net MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Carter (W. 0.) Little bk. of fables from La 
Fontaine, as. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Carter (William F.) ed. - The Records of King 
Edward's School, Birmingham. Vol. I, the 
"Miscellany" volume. With an intro. 
10 X 7, pp. 167, 35s. net. 

(DuGDALE Soc.) MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Cartland (Barbara) Jig-saw. Cr. 8vo, 7j X 5, 
pp. 284, 73. 6d. net. . . , DUCKWORTH, Mar, *25 

Cartooning, Practical, Farrow (W.) 35, 6d. net, 

Apr. '25 

Cartwright (Fairfax L., Rt. Hon. Sir) -The 

Mystic rose from, the garden of the King ; a 

fragment of the Vision of Sheikh Haji Ibrahim 

of Kerbela, 8vo, 8x5^, pp. 216, 75. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Oct. '25 

Cartwright, Thomas, and Elizabethan Puritan- 
ism, Pearson (A. F, S.) 253. net ..May '25 

Cartwright Gardens murder, Fletcher (J. S.) 
7S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Carver (Thomas Nixon)- The Economy of human 
energy. (Citizens 1 lib. of economics, etc. New 
ser.) Cr. 8vo, 7|xs, pp. 303, los. 6d. net. 
MACMILLAN, Feb. '25 

Cary (D. F.) -Colour mixing and paint work : 
a practical manual for painters, sign-writers, 
artists, artists' colourmen, etc. Cr. 8vo 
7iX5> PP- 80, as. 6d. net. 

C. LGCKWOOD, Apr. '25 

Cary, Henry F. : Translator of Dante, King 
(R. W.) 2is. net Sept. '25 

Cary, John, engraver, etc. : bibliography, 
Fordham (H. G., Sir), xos.,. ,4 Kg. '25 

Casani (Santos) The Four steps of the simplified 
French tango. 321*10, 5! x 4!, pp. 16, 
swd., is. net. ....,.." DAILY NEWS/' Oct. '25 


Casanowa de Seingalt (Jacques) Casanova's 

escape from the Leads. Being his own 

account as trans, with an intro. by Arthur 

Machen. Cr. 8vo, 7fX5, pp. 191, 73. 6d. net. 

CASANOVA Soc., June '25 

Case (Adelaide T.) Liberal Christianity and 
religious education. Cr. 8vo, 93. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Case (John) The Strength of materials : the 
theory of stress calculations for engineers. 
Roy. 8vo, 9-^x6, pp. 566, 303. net. 

E, ARNOLD, Oct. '25 

Case (John Francis) Tom of Peace Valley. 
7t x 5i PP- 232, 5s. net 

LIPPINCOTT, Sept. '25 

Case for the Central Powers, Mrmtgelas (M., 
Count) IDS. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Case of Miss Elliott, Orczy (Baroness) 2S. 6d., 
35. 6d. net. . . Aug. '25 

Cash (W. Wilson) The Moslem world in revolu- 
tion. Illus. Cr. 8\o, 7^x5, pp. 160, swd. as. 
net S.P.G., Apr. '25 

Cask, Crofts (F. W.) gd. net Apr. '25 

Cassau (Theodor) The Consumers' co-operative 
movement in Germany. Trans, from the 
German by J. F. Mills. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 

217, 7s. 6d. net UNWIN, Oct. '25 

Casse! (Gustav) Fundamental thoughts in 

economics. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 159, 6s. net. 

UNWIN, Oct. '25 

Cassell's Children's annual. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 

IG& x 7l, pp. 182, 55. net.. CASSELL, Sept. '25 

CJassefS's Cross word puzzle book : containing 

twenty-six new and original puzzles. Roy. 

8vo, 8x 6$, pp. 55, 2S. net . . CASSELL, Feb. '25 

Cassell's History of the British people. 7 vols. 

Illus. zof x 8J, 1055. net. 

WAVERLEY BOOK Co., Dec. '25 
Cassell's Pocket English dictionary, Edmunds 

(E. W.) 35. 6d. not Aug. '25 

CasserSy (Gordon, Lt, -Col.) -Dwellers in the 
jungle. Illus. by Warwick Reynolds. 8vo, 
Si x 5f, pp. 255, 5S. net, 

WARD, LOCK, Sept. '25 

Cassie (R. L.) The Gangrel muse. 7$ x 5, 
pp. 65. 

Dec. '25 

Casson (Herbert N.) The Axioms of business. 
3rd ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 150, 58. net. 

Casson (Herbert N.)- Making money happily ; a 
new definition of business efficiency. With 
port. lamo, 7iX4f, pp. 59, 23. 6d. net, 

Casson (Herbert N.) Thirty great lives. Cr. 
8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 1 86, 58. not. 

" EFFICIENCY MAG./' May "25 
Casson (Herbert N.) -Twelve tips on success and 
happiness, Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 131, 53. net. 

Cast-iron, Kouell (J.) 53, net* . * May *25 

Castaways, Collingwood (H,) is* 6cL net* 

May '25 
Castaways, Jacobs (W. W.) 35. 6cl. net. 

Juty '25 

CastI (Agnes and Egerton) The Grip of life. 
Cheap ed. igmo, 7X4!, pp. 3555, 2s. net. 

MURHAY, Jun& *25 

CastI0(Agnes and Egerton) Love gilds the scene. 
Cheap ed. I2mo 7^X44, pp. 3x2, 2s. net. 

MURRAY, June '25 

Castle (Agnes and Egerton)' Wroth. Cheap ed, 
ismo, 7X4|, pp. 336, as, net, 

MURRAY, June "25 
Castle Dune, Qldmeadow (K. L.) is, net. Oct. *a 5 

Castle to let, Reynolds (Mrs. B.) as. 6d, net. 

May *%6 

Castlercagh, Foreign policy of, Webster (C. K.) 
25S. net ..,..,....*.....,,.. Jan. *2 

Castles and walled towns of England, 
(A.) los. 6d, net $ 

Castles of England and Wales, Ma 
(E. J*) 253, net ...,..., Oct. f 2 





Castles of Spain, Ayres (R. M.) as. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Casual commentary, Macautoy (R.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Cat, Diseases of the, Kirk (H.) ios. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Cat, the dog and the dormouse, Hall (A.) 6s. 

net ............................ Oct. '25 

Catechism, Church, O'Meara (A. G.) is. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Catechism, New, of Wesley an Methodist Ch., 

Lesson helps on, Hunter (C. F.) 2S. 6d., 2S. 

net .............................. j u iy 25 

Cathay, Makers of, Allan (C. W.) 7s. 6d. 

Feb. '25 
Caiheart (Countess of) The Woman tempted. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 318, 35. 6d. 

net ........................ LONG, Oct. '25 

Cathedral, Nature of a, Bennett (F. S. M.) 23. 

net .............................. J a n. '25 

Cathedrals, abbeys, etc. : Bristol, Bath and 

Malmesbury, Home (G.) and Foord (E.) as. 6d. 

net ............................ Sept. '25 

Cathedrals, abbeys, etc. : Oxford, Headlam (C.) 

2S. 6d. net ........................ July '25 

Cathedrals, abbeys, etc. : Westminster Abbey, 

etc., Home (B.) ss. 6d. net. ......... Aug. '25 

Cathedrals, abbeys, etc. : Winchester and 

Salisbury, Foord (E.) 23. 6d. net ____ Aug. '25 
Cathedrals, abbeys, etc. : Worcester, Malvern 

and Birmingham, Penderel-Brodlmrst (J.) 

2S. 6d. net ...................... Sept. '25 

Cathedrals and churches : Chester, etc., Home 

(B.) 2S. 6d. net ................ May '25 

Cathedrals and churches : Exeter, etc ; Glou- 

cester, etc. ; Wells, etc., Foord (E.) ea. 

as. 6d. net .................... May '25 

Cathedrals and churches: St. David's Llandaff, 

etc., Foord (E,) 2S, 6d. net ........ June '25 

Cathedrals and churches : St. Paul's, Chancellor 

(E. B.) 2S. 6d. net .............. Jwie '25 

Cathedrals, Lure of English, Goatling (F. M.) 

Northern. 53. net ................ May '25 

Gather (K. D.). See Jordan (D. S.) and Gather. 
Gather (Willa) The Professor's house, 

pp. 275, 73. 6d. net ---- HEINEMANN, Nov. '25 
Catherine (Saint, of Siena) Sayings of the sera- 

phic virgin, S. Catherine of Siena : arranged 

for every day in the year. By A Gleaner 

mid God's Saints. Intro, by Abbot Ford. 

5fx 5%, PP- i45 ss. 6d. net 0. BURNS, Jan, '25 
Catherine the Great, Courtship of, Sergeant (P. W.) 

I2S. 6d. net .................... Sept. '25 

Catholic Church, World's debt to the, Walsh 

(J. J.) 6s, net .................. Apr. '25 

Catholic directory, ecclesiastical register and 

almanack, 1925, Cr. 8vo, 7$- x 5, pp. 864, 

as. 6d. net .......... BURNS, ()ATES, Dec. '24 

Catholic Lancashire, Old, Blundell (F, 0.) Vol. i. 

53. net .......................... July '25 

Catholic memories, London streets and, Burton 

(E. H.) 53. net .................. May, '25 

Catholic reaction in France, Gwynn (D.) 7s. 6d. 

net .............................. Jan. '25 

Catholic who's who and year book, 1925. Pref. 

by G. K. Chesterton. (iSth year.) Cr, 8vo, 

7i X 4|, pp. 666, 55. net, 

BURNS, GATES, Dec. '24 
Catholicism, Americanism, and, Kinsman (F. J.) 

93, net .......................... Jan. '25 

Catholicism, Mysticism and, StutJieU (H. E. M.) 

I2s. 6d. net .............. . ....... Mar, '25 

Catriona, Stevenson (R. L.) 73. 6d. net,. .Jan. '25 
Catriona, Stevenson (R. L.) 2S. net ---- Jan. '25 

Catriona, Stevenson (R. L.) 2S., 43. net. Apr. 25 
Catriona, Stevenson (R. L.) 33. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 
Cat's cradle, Baring (M.) 152. net... .Oct. '25 

Cat's eye, Freeman (R. A.) as. net ..... Mar. '25 

11 Cats " Not by Louis Wain. Repr. Cr. 8vo, 

7f X5i, PP. 123, as. 6d. net 

DUCKWORTH, Feb. '25 
Cattle breeding: proceedings of the Scottish 

Cattle Breeding Conference. Edit, by G. T. 

Finlay. 8vo, 125. 6d. net. 

GURNEY & 0., May '25 


Cattle ranches : My life on the range, Clay ( J.) 
ios. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Cattledrive in Connaught, poems, Clarke (A.) 
5s. net Nov. '25 

Catullus Poems. Done into English verse 

by Hugh Macnaughten. i2mo 7x4$, pp. 

165, 53. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 

Catullus, From, Symons (A.) 2 is. net. . . Mar. '25 
Caucasian folk- tales, Dirr (A.) 53. net. Feb. '25 
Cauldron, Sarawak (Ranee of) 73. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Cauldron of Europe, Spender (H.) 153. net. 

Oct. '25 
Causeries : French conversation, Ache. (C. d*) 

35 May '25 

Causeway of Capital and Labour, Brent (S. E.) 

5s. net Mar. '25 

CautSey (C. Holmes) Paul Malsis. Cr, 8vo. 

7&*5, PP. 285, 7s. 6d. net. 

SELWYN & B., Jan. '25 

Cavalier of Navarre, Stilson (C. B.) 75. 6d. net. 

Sept. *25 
Cavaher spirit and life of R. Lovelace, Hartmann 

(C. H.) 73. 6d. net June '25 

Cave (E. H. P.). See Kohnstam (G. L. S.) and 

Cave (Sydney, Rev.) The Doctrine of the Person 

of Christ. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 259, 53. net. 

(Studies in theology ser.) DUCKWORTH, Aug. '25 
Caven (R. M.) Quantitative chemical analysis 

and inorganic preparations. (In 2 parts.) Pt. 

2, Volumetric analysis, etc. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 

pp. 218, 55 BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Caves of treasure, Norton (R.) 23. net. 

May "25 

Cavling (Viggo) The Collective spirit : an idealis- 
tic theory of evolution. Trans, from the 

Danish by W. Worster. Cr. 8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 

245, 75. 6d. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Cavour, Early life and letters, Whyte (A. J.) 153. 

net Mar. '25 

Cawstosi (F. Gordon)" Bilharzia " : a paper for 

the practitioner. Cr. 8vo, 2s. 6d. net. 

BALE, Feb. "25 
Caxton, William, Plomer (H. R.) 43. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Cay (Newell). See Flowerdew (Herbert). 
Cayman Islands (Jamaica) Colonial report, 

1923. sd. net H.M.S.O., Dec, '24 

Cayman Islands (Jamaica) Colonial report, 

1924. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Cazotie (Jacques) The Devil in love. From the 

French, With 6 engravings on copper by J. E. 
Laboureur. Ed. limited to 320 numbered 
copies. 8vo, 9x5$, pp. 97, 2is. net; Ed. 
limited to 75 copies, signed by artist, 423. net. 

Cecil (Algernon) A Dreamer in Christendom ; 
or, What you will. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 308, 
75, 6d. net BELL, Oct. '25 

Cecil (Algernon) The World we live in. Cr. 8vo, 
7^x5, pp. 288, 73, 6d. net. 


Cecil (Henry) ed. The Fourfold challenge of 
to-day : a record of the proceedings of the 
Sheffield Regional Copec Conference, Oct., 
1924. Ed. for the Sheffield Copec Continua- 
tion Committee. Intro, by the Rt. Rev. the 
Lord Bishop of Manchester. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 
pp. 199, swd. 2S. 6d. net. 


Cecil (Russell L.) Colds : cause, treatment and 
prevention. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 121, 45. 6d. 
net APPLETON, June '25 

Celebrations : Book of great days. as. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Celebrities of our time, Bernstein (H.) i8s. net. 

Apr. '25 

Celebrity Zoo (The). First visit. Some desultory 
rhymes and caricatures. By " Mac." 9fX7j, 
2 is. net.. (Dublin.) BROWN & NOLAN, Aug. '25 

Celia, Trent (P.) is. net Apr. '25 

Ceil in development and heredity, Wilson (E. B.) 
363. net Mar. '25 





Cellulose oster -varnishes, Sproxton (F.) 155. net. 

July '25 

C^t. Cynic's cyclopaedia. 35. 6d, net.. .Oct. '25 

Celtic wonder tales, Young (E.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Cena de Baltasar, Calderon . is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Cena TrimalcMonis, etc., Petromus. (ed. by 
Sedgwick.) 43. 6d. net - ^^- '25 

Census of England and Wales, 1921 Dependency, 
orphanhood, and fertility. 305. net. 
r H.M.S.O., May '25 

f*0n&US of England and Wales, 1921 General 
tables : comprising population, housing, in- 
stitutions, ages, and marital conditions, educa- 
tion, birthplace and nationality, Welsh 
language. 135. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Oewsus of England and Wales, 1921 Index of 
names of places. 3 r s. net. H.M.S.O. , Dec. '24 

Census of England and Wales, 1921 Industry 
tables. 473. 6d, net. .. .H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Census of England and Wales, 1921 Isle of Man. 
2S. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Census of England and Wales, 1921 Work- 
places. 1 6s. net H.M.S.O., July'2% 

" Centurion." Men whose fathers were men. 
55. July '25 

Ceppi (Marc) Easy exercises in French prose. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6f X4, PP. 128, is. 6d. 

r BELL, July '25 

Ceramic wares of China, Later, Hobson (R. L.) 

1055., 1575. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Ceramics from Ashur, Coloured, Andme (W.) 

8 4 s. net My. '25 

Cerdd Dafod, Morris-Jones (].) xss. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25, 

Cerebro-spinal fluid, Greenfield, (J. G.) and 
Carmichael (E. A.) xs. net. ........ May '25 

Certain comments, Wedmore (F., Sir) 45. 6d. 

net - July t 'z$ 

^Cervantes de Saavedra (Miguel de) La Gitaiiilla. 
Abridged and edit., etc., by E. Allison Peers. 
i8mo, swd. is. 6d. net. (Spanish ser.). 

BLACKIE, Feb. '25 
Cevennes, Travels with a donkey ia the, Stevenson 

(R. L.) is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Cevenaes, Travels with a donkey ia the, Stevenson 

(R. L.) 33. 6d. net Mar, '25 

Cevennes, Travels with a donkey in the, Steven- 
son (R. L.) is. 3d Sept. '25 

'/D0ytoH (Archaeological Survey of) Memoirs. 
Vol. i. Edit, by A. M. Hocart 77 plates, 
and plans. 4to, 133. 6d. (Colombo). 

LUZAC, Mar. '25 

Ceylon coins, etc., Codrington (H. W.) 13$. 6d. 

Nov. '25 
Ceylon Colonial report, 1923- 5$- net. 

H,M,aO., May '25 
Ceylon Railway, Perera (G. F.) MS. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Ceylon: "Times of Ceylon" green book, 1925. 

ass - July **s 

Ceylon, Wild, Spittel (R. L.) iss. -6d. net, 

July '25 

Cezanne, Klingsor (T. L.) 55. net .... Feb. '35 
Gbablani (H. L.) ladiaa currency and exchange, 

8vo, 75. 6d. net MILFORC, June '25 

Chadwick, Edwin, Sir, Marston (M) 4& 6d, net 

Apr, '25 
Chain of life, Osbofn (L. P.) xos. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Chair, How to take the, Rigg (J.) as. fid. net. 

Jem. '25 
Chairman's pilot and chart, Parish (M. F.) 6s, 

net Nw, *z$ 

Chairmanship : How to conduct meetings, is, 

net * Afar, 'as 

Chairmanship : How to conduct a meeting, 

Mgg (JO as. net ,..*... 04, >5 

Chairmanship : How to take the chair, Rtgg 

(J.) ss. net Qct *25 

Chaitanya 'Movement [India ], Kennedy (M. T.) 

6s. net * - M*r. *25 

Chalice in the Church, Webster (C. A.) 33. net* 

Jan. *25 


Challenge, Gould (N.) 75. fid. net Jan. '25 

Challenge, Sutherland (J.) 7s. 6d. net. Sept. '25 
Challenge of Asia, Rice (S.) 7s. fid. net. Feb. '25 
Chalmers (Dalzell) and Asquith (Hon. Cyril) 

Outlines of constitutional law. $rd ed. 8vo. 

1 23. 6d. net SWEET & M., Sept. '25 

toalmws (Helena) -The Art of make-up: for 

the stage, the screen, and social use. Illus. by 

the author. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5> PP- *$9, 6s. net. 

APPLETON, May *25 

Chalmers, James, his autobiog. and letters, 

Lwett (R.) 33. fid. net Sept. '25 

0halmers (Patrick R.) Green days and blue 

days. New ed. izmo, 7 x 4^, pp. 187, 

55. net METHUEN, May '25 

Chalmers (Patrick R.) A Peck o } maut. i2mo, 

7 x 4&, pp. 142, 53. net.. METHUEN, May '25 
Chawrbertain (George Agnew)- The Great Van 

Suttart mystery. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 319, 

75. fid. net PUTNAM, Oct. '25 

Chamberlain (George Agnew) The Lantern on 

the plough. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 307, 7s. fid. 

net MILLS & B., Feb. '25 

GSiamlierSayiie (C. H,) A Devon idyll, and two 

plays. 7^x5, pp. 62, 2S. fid. net, 

STOCKWELL, l*eb. 25 
ChamherSiti {Frederick) The Wit and wisdom 

of Queen Bess, ismo, 7 X 4i, PP- I4i> 5S. 

nt LANE, Orf. '25 

Chambers (Arthur, Rev.) Our life after death ; 

or, The Teaching of the Bible concerning the 

unseen world. Rev. ed., with Appendix. 

I2mo, 7 X4&, pp. 272, as. 6d. net ; swd. is. 6d. 

net GAY & H. , June *25 

hambtrs (Arthur, Rev.) Our self after death. 

Rev. ed. 121110, 7iX4f, pp. 176, ss. 6d. net; 

swd. is. 6d. net GAY & H., June '25 

Chambers (E. Whitman) The fighting red- 
head : a novel. Cr. 8vo, 7l x 5, pp. 283, 

73. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, July '25 

Chambers (Edmund K.) ed. English pastorals. 

With an intro. tamo, 7 X 4t, PP- 3^8, 2S. 6d. 

net. (Casket lib.) BLACKIE, May '25 

Qhambers (Edmund K.) Shakespeare : a 

survey. Cr, 8vo, 7|X5> PP- 333> 7S. 6d. net. 

SlDGWICK & J M Oct. '25 

Chambers (Oswald) Shade of his hand ; talks 

on the Book of Eceiesiastes. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, 
pp. 161, 2S. 3d. net. 

(Oxtoul) ALDEN & Co., Jem, '25 
'Chambers (Robert) Traditions of Keiinburgh. 

Illus. by James Riddel. Demy 8vo, <)X6, 
pp. 396, 5s. net CHAMBERS, July '25 

Chambers (Robert W.) Eris. Chap ed. 121110, 
7iX4-|, pp. 320, as. net. 

HOLDER & S., May 'as 

Champs (Robert W.) The Girl in golden rags. 
Cr, 8vo, 7jX5 pp. 3i ^ ^ not. 

CASSELL, May '25 

Chambers (Robert W.} The Talkers. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. .UNWIN, Jan. 'as 

diattlbefS's Eucyclopxdia : a dictionary of 
universal knowledge. New ed. Edit, by 
David Patrick and William Gcddic. Vol. 6, 
Hume to Mandie. Imp,8vo,xi X 7iPP-* J 78, 
2os. net; f mor., 35B, net. 

CHAMBERS, May "25 

Chas^fcers's Encyclopwdia ; a dictionary of 
universal knowledge. New ctl. Edit, by 
David jpatnck and William Guddie. Vol. 6 
Hume to Manche. Impi. vo xr X 7i 
pp. 878, i mor., 359. net. CHAMBERS, /#* '25 

Dhampleit (Jessie) Martha the medium, Cr. 
8vo 7|X5, pp, -556, 3&. 6d. net. 

* W, JEMKINS, W. '25 

Ofiampfeti de Crespigny (Claude, Sir^Forty 
jmars of a sportsman's life. With % additional 

ch. covering the pwiod 1910-1924. With o 
illus. New and rev. d. Roy. Svo, 9 X 5f 
pp. 310, 2Jcs. net. . - * *MILJ;S & B., ^n '25 
OhaMpion amxual, -1926 Illus. Roy. 8vo, 
9l X 7fe PP- ^24, fs. met, 

iAjS4fcOAATE PR,, Sf^ 5 

Champlaia, Samuel ,de, FteIy (R,) 49* wL net. 






Champlin cyclopedia for young folks, New, 
MacVeagh (L.) las. 6d. net Sept. '25 

l?anc (E. W.) Principles of mercantile law. 
and ed., by Thomas Ottaway. Roy. 8vo, 
9x6, pp. 574, i2s. 6d. net. PITMAN, Jan. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford) Literary diversions. 
8vo, 8X5f, pp. 1 88, 73, 6d. net. 

DULAU, Oct. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford) The Lives of the 
Rakes. Vol. 3. Col. Charteris and the Duke 
of Wharton. Illus. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 251, 
IDS. 6d. net P. ALLAN, Feb. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford) The Lives of the 
Rakes. Vol. 4, The Hell Fire Club. Illus. 
Roy. 8vo, 9 X 5!, pp. 264, los. 6d. net. 

P. ALLAN, Mar. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford)" Old Q " and Barry- 
more. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 250, los. 6d. 
net. (Lives of the rakes.} . . P. ALLAN, Oct. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford) The Pleasure haunts 
of London during four centuries. Illus. 8vo, 
9X 5t> PP- 476, 2is. net. CONSTABLE, Oct. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford) The Regency rakes. 
(The Lives of the Rakes, vol. VI.) Roy. 8vo, 
9x6, pp. 243, los. 6d. net. .P. ALLAN, Dec. '25 

Chancellor (E. Beresford) St. Paul's Cathedral. 
With chapters on old St. Paul's and on monu- 
ments to famous soldiers and sailors by other 
writers, Southwark Cathedral and notable City 
churches by Edward Foord. Illus. Fcp. 8vo, 
6JX4i, pp. 191, 23. 6d. net. (Cathedrals, 
abbeys and famous churches) . . DENT, June '25 

Chancellor : comedy, Maxim (G.) as. 6d. July '25 

Chandler (J. A. C.) ed. The Genesis and birth 
of the Federal Constitution. 8vo, us. net. 
MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

'Chandler (John E.). See Cox (H.) and Chandler. 

(Chandlery (P. J.) Pilgrim-walks in Rome : a 
guide to the holy places in the City and its 
vicinity. Pref. by Rev. John Gerard. 4th ed. 
lamo, 71 X 4i> PP- 540, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Roehampton), MANRESA PR., Mar. '25 

'Chang (W. S.) Hegel's ethical teaching * its 
development, significance and limitations. 
Svo, pp. 147, 6s. 6d. 

(Shanghai) LUZAC, S&pt. '25 

Changeful Earth, Cole (G. A. J.) as. 6d. June '25 

Changes and chances of a soldier's life, May (E. S., 
Sir) sis. net May '25 

Changing order, Ingram (K.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Channel Islands, What to see in, Home fG.) 
as. 6d. net - Mm. '25 

tifiaimiiig (Edward) A History of the United 
States. Vol. 6. Svo, aos. net. 

MACMILLAN, Sept. '25 

Uhanning-Reistwrt (E. M.) History of the ist 
0.C.L.I., 1914. Compiled from, official records 
arid other sources. 9$ x 6, pp. 43. 

(Cambridge.) WHITEHEAD & SON, Apr. '25 

Chan-noil (E. M.) 1 The Perfect Miss Coverdale. 

Illus. Svo, 8 X si, PP- 255, 3S. 6d. net. 

NlSBET, Oct. 7 25 

Chantar! di Lancellotto <Li). Edit, with intro., 

etc., by E. T. Griffiths. Cr. 8vo., 7s. 6d. net. 
MILFORD, N&v. '24 

Ghawties, Deep sea, Shtty (F.) 155. net. Feb. '25 
Qiaos and a creed, Pwceman (J.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
D&apbook (The) : a yearly miscellany. No. 40, 

Ckiapk - - , . . . _ 

net . M&,y '25 

Cfcapntan (Dora} Betty plays up. Illus. by 

Joyce L. Brisley. Svo, 8j x 54, pp. 256, 55. net. 

PARTRIDGE, Aug. '25 

Shspmara .(George) [Flays.] Edit, with an 
introduction and notes by William Lyon 
Phelps. Fcap. 8vo, 6| X 4!, pp. 4/5, 3S. &&< 
net. (Mermaid ser.) UNWIN, Oct. *25 

Map m an (Michael Andrew, !Rev.> The Mass of 

the Cross. Intro, by the Very Rev. Fr, Bade 

Janrctt. Fcix 8vo, 6|x 4^, pp. 1*09, ss. 6d, net. 

BLACKWELL, Feb. '25 


Ghapmait (Sylvia M.) March wind. [Poems.] 

71 X 5j, pp. 20, is. 6d. net, STQCKWELL, Sept. '25 
Cfiappeil (Jennie) Gladwyn, Cr. 8vo, is. iod. 

(Supplementary readers : girls) . . Low, Mar. '25 
CftappelS (Jennie) A Goat-boy Baronet; or, 

Cyril, the landless laird. With frontis. Cr. 

Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 158, is. 6d. net. .Low, Apr. '25 
Chappell (Jennie). See also Waterworth (E, M.) 

and Chappell. 
Chappie (James H. G.) A Rebel's vision splendid. 

With portr. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 174, 53. net. 

DANIEL, Mar. '25 

Cfsappfe (W. A.) Alcohol and self-control; 

or, Leaves from a doctor's diary. i2mo, 

7lX4, pp. 115, swd. is. 6d. net. 

R. J. JAMES, Aug. '25 
Character, Smiles (S.) 6s. net ...... Mar. '25 

Character analysis, Practical numerology and ; 

Sander (C. G.) 3$. 6d. net .......... Sept. '25 

Character as revealed by handwriting, Bariatinsky 

(Princess), as. 6d. net .......... Sept. '25 

Character, Dawn of, in mind of child, Mumford 

(E. E. R.) SB. net ................ Nov. '25 

Character, Eating and : Bordology, Erskine 

(R., Hon.). is. net .............. Mar. '25 

Character, Formative factors in, Martin (H.) 

6s. net ............ . ............ . Sept. '25 

Character, Philosophy of, Pierce (E,) 2os, net. 

Jan. '25 
Character, Physique and, Kretscbmer (E,) 155. 

net ............................ Mar. '25 

Characters of women. Pope (A.) 35. 6d. net. 

Jan, '25 
Charities of London, Low's Handblc, 1925, 

is. 6d. net ...................... Apr. '25 

Charities, Royal guide to, Fry (H.) as. net. 

Sept. '25 
Cfsarity Commissioners for England and Wales. 

72 Report, 1924. sd. net. 

H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Charles I : Royal martyr, Co%t (C. W.) 103, 6d. 
net ............................ Jan. '25 

diaries (Pierre) Prayer for all times. Irans. 

by Maud Monahan from " Le Priere de toutes 

les heures." Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 179, 53. net. 

SANDS, Aug. '25 

Dliartes (R. H., Rev.) Gambling and betting; 
their origin and their relation to morality 
and religion. Cr. 8vo, 7$- x 5, pp. 101, is. 6d. 
net . ............. T. & T. CLARK, Dec. '24 

Charles Lamb ; a play, Bro&n (A.) 6s. 6d. net. 

Apr, *25 
Charlie Brown and I, Levi (R.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Charm of a village: Sedgeford, Ingl&by (H.) 
2S. 6d. net ...................... Jan. '25 

Charnieuse, Tfourston (E. T.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Charmian : chaufCfiusfi, Fox (A. W.) 35. 6d. net 

Sept. '25 

Charrnoirth Grange, Groves (J. P.) as. 6d. net. 

Apr. ^25 

Charms -of the Consular career, Villiers (H. M.) 
I2S. Sd. net .................... Mar. '25 

Gharawood Forest, Dare (M, P.) 55. net . . Sept. '25 

%rriwe (Madame de} Foiar tales |>y 

Trans. *by S. M. S. Illus. Svo, 9X5!, 

pp. 295, I2S. net ........ CONSTABLE, Dec. '25 

Charterhouse, London, Hope (W. St. J., Sir) 

253. net ........................ June '25 

Qiarteris, Colonel : Lives of the rakes, Chancellor 

(*E. B.) Vol. 3. los. 6<l, net ...... Feto* '35 

kartells (Eran, Hon.)' William Augustus 0.uke 

of Cumberland a^d the Seven Years War. 

Illus. Royal 8vo, 9|x6, pp. 342, 2 is. net 
HUXCHINSON, July" '25 
Otiarteris mystery, Fielding (A.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Charterparties, Contract of affreightment, 

.Scnttton (T. E., Sir). 333. net ---- Apr. '25 

CJfearlers, David : engineer, doctor, and mssiom- 
ary, 18641894, From materiEl compiled by 
Victoria T. Coats. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 
7fxsi, pp. 192, 53. net ...... BLACK, Feb. "25 




Charters and bills of lading, law of, Cole (S. D.) 

45. net Nov. '25 

Chartist Movement, Hovell (M.) 6s. net. .Apr. '25 

hase (George Henry) and Post (Chandler 

Rathfon) A History of sculpture. Illus. 

Roy. 8vo, Si X 5-|, pp. 592, i6s. net. (Fine 

arts ser.} HARPER, Feb. '25 

Chase, Panter-Downes (M.) 73. 6d. net. .Mar. 25 
Chase of the " Linda Belle," Footner (H.) 2s. 

net Mar. '25 

Chasing and racing, Cox (H.) 6s. net.. Sept. '25 
Chaste wife, Swinnerton (F.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Chateaubriand at the crossways, Spring (H. P.) 

i2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Chateaubriand, etc. : Studies of childhood, 

Gambler-Parry (M.) I2S. 6d. net ..Sept. '25 
" Chateds " Spoken in jest. 23. 6d, net. 

Apr. '25 
Chater Collections : pictures relating to China, 

etc., Orange (J.) 1475. net Apr. '25 

Chats with the children, Ward (J. W. G., Rev.) 

as. net May '25 

Chatterbox. Illus. Cr. 4to, 10$ x 7l, pp. 320, 

73. 6d. net ; bds., 53. net. 

Chatterbox News-box. Illus. Cr. 4to, 10 x 7&, 

pp. 100, 23. net GARDNER, DARTON, Oct. '25 

Chattel-ton (E. Keble) Battles by sea. Illus. 

8vo, 8xsf, pp. 285, 7s. 6d. net. 

SIDGWICK & J., Oct. '25 
Chatterton (E. Keble) Whalers and whaling: 

the story of the whaling ships up to the present 

day. Illus. 8vo, gx 5}, pp. 248, 123. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Oct. '25 

Chatterton (G. G.) A Shaggy world. Cr. 8vo, 

7x 5, pp. 318, 75. 6d. net. . , J. LONG, June '25 
Chatwyn (Alys) A Prairie schoolgirl. Illus. 

8vo, 8X5i PP- 256, 5S. net. 

EPWORTH PR., July '25 
Chaucer, Age of, Brendon (J. A.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Chaucer criticism, 500 years of, Spurgeon (C. F. E.) 

5os. net Oct. '25 

Chaucer, Geoffrey, Ward (A. W.) 35. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Chaucer tradition, Brusendorff (A.) i6s. net. 

Dec. '25 

Chaucer's nuns, essays, Madeleva (Sister M.) 
6s. net Mar. '25 

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Illus. by T. Peddie. Cr. 8vo, 7& x 5, pp. 102, 
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NlSBET, Oct. *25 

Chawndy (Leslie) ed. A Bibliography of the 
first editions of the works of Maurice Baring. 
With poems by Maurice Baring, and an intro. 
note on Maurice Baring by Desmond MacCarthy 
8vo,74X5iPP-48, ., DULAU, Aug. "25 

Ctoasse's Advice to a Mother : on the manage- 
ment of her children and on the treatment of 
some of their illnesses and accidents. i9th 
authorised ed., rev. by G. T. Wrench. i2mo, 
7lX4$, pp. 360, 2S 6d, net. 

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Golden Age. Cr. 8vo, 7l X 5* PP* 79, SS. 6d. 
net CAME. UNIV. PR,, Dec. '25 

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July '25 

Ohaesman (Evelyn) Everyday doings of insects, 
Illus* 8vo, 8 X si, PP- 245, 7. 6d. net. 

HARRJU% Feb. '25 

Chehov (Anton). See Chekhov, and Tchskhov. 


Cheikho (L.) Les Poetes Arabes Chretiens apres 
P Islam. Part 2, Penode Omayyade. In 
Arabic. 8vo, swd., 35. 6d. 

(Beyrouth) LUZAC, Oct. '25 

CfiekliOV (Anton) Letters on the short story, 
the drama, and other literary topics. Selected 
and edit, by Louis S. Fried land. 8vo, 9 x 6, 
pp. 358, I2S. 6d. net G. BLES, Oct. '25 

Chekhov. See also Tchekhov. 

Chelsea buns, Coward (N.) as. 6d, net. 

May '25 
Chelsea : Crown and Anchor, Blunt (R.) 53. net. 

Dec. '25 
Chelsea, poems, Chft (S. J.) 33. net. Sept. '25 

Chelsea, Story of, Stuart (G. B.) 23. net, Dec. '24 

Chemical colouring of metals, Field (S.) and 

Bonney (S. R.) los. 6d. net Feb '25 

Chemical engineering : Acid-resisting metals, 

Tungay (S. J.) 6s. net Feb. '25 

Chemical engineering: Agitating, stirring and 

kneading machinery, Seymour (H.) 6s. net. 

Feb. '25 
Chemical Engineering and chemical catalogue. 

(Annual.) 8vo, 2is. net; (annual subs.) 155. 

net. (m, Fleet St., E.C.40 

Chemical engineering : Autoclaves and high 

pressure work, Goodwin (H.) 6s. net. 

J f une '25 
Chemical engineering : Distillation principles, 

Elliott (C.) 6s. net Feb. '25 

Chemical engineering ; Dust hazard in industry, 

Gibbs (W. E.) 6s. net _ Feb. '25 

Chemical engineering : Mixing machinery, 

Carpenter (L.) 6s. net Feb. '25 

Chemical manufacturers* directory of England, 

Wales and Scotland, with some of the firms 

in Ireland, 1925. 57th ed. 8vo, 8| x 5}, 

pp. 225, 43. 6d. net. . , .SIMPKIN, Mar. '25 
Chemical plant, Design of, Weyman (G.) 6s, net. 

Oct. '25 
Chemical relationships in mineral king* lorn, 

Putnam (P. C.) 153. net Mar. '25 

Chemical symbols, formula), etc., Wettings 

(A, W.) 33. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Chemical synonyms and trade names, Gardner 

(W.) sos. net ; companion, 75. 6d. net. 

June *25 
Chemical warfare : Cailinicus, Haldawe (J, B. S.) 

2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Chemicals, British, 1925. los. 6d. net. .Apr. '25 
Chemistry, Biological, Folin (0.) xss. 61. net, 

Nov. '25, 
Chemistry by micro-methods, Grey (E. C.) 

49. 6d. net * , Jan. '25 

Chemistry, Class-bk, of, JJonington (G. C.). Pt. * 

35. ......,.., May '25. 

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Jan. f -2$ 
Chemistry, Elem., Holmyard (E. J.) 58. net, 

July "25 
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and Candy (H. C. H.) Vol. x. us. nt. 

Sept. '35 
Chemistry, Industrial and manufacturing, Martin' 

(G.) and others. Part 2, Inorganic, Vol. 2. 

s8s. net ...*..*.,.... Mar, ^s- 

Chemistry in service of man, JFindlay (A.) 6s 

net . . . + , , .,.,.. .Jan. *2j 

Chemistry, Inorganic, Friend (J* N.) Vol. 3, 

pt, i, Alkaline earth metals, sos* net. 

May *5 
Chemistry, Inorganic, Elem,, Hodge$ (F, W.) 

35. 6d Oa, ^ 

Chemistry, Inorganic, Modem, Afell&r (J. W.) 

las. 6d. net Apr. *25 

Chemistry, Inorganic, Partington (J. K.) 25$* 

net Feb. '25 

Chemistry, Intro., Rogers (W. D.) 25. 6d. 

Sept. 'a 5 
Chemistry, Intro, college, Holmes (H, M) 143*. 

net , ,.2Vw. *5 

Chemistry, Literature of, Mason (F. A.) ss net, 

Jan. ^ 




Chemistry of ancient Assyrians, Thompson 

(R. C.) 255 July '25 

Chemistry of power plant, Miles (W. M.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Chemistry of the home and daily life, Shepherd 

(E.) is. net Sept. '25 

Chemistry, Organic, Intro, to, Lowy (A.) and 

Harrow (B.) 153. net Jan, '25 

Chemistry, Organic, Laboratory manual of, 

Fisher (H. L.) us. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Chemistry papers set in the natural Science Tripos. 

Part i. Cr. 8vo, swd. is. 6d. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., July '25 
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Apr. '25 
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net Jan. '25 

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7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

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35. 6d. net June '25 

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155. net Nov. '25 

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(G. H. J.) 2S. 6d Nov. '25 

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Aug. '25 
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35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

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los. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Chemistry to the time of Dalton, Holmyard 

(E, J.) as. 6d. net Apr. '25 

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ment, Labour Office (Internat.) is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Chemists' year book, 1925. Edit, by F. W. 

Atack and L. Whmyates. American data in 

collaboration with Francis M. Turner. Fcp. 

8vo, 6x4, pp. 1194, 2is. net. 

SHERRATT & H., Apr. '25 
Chen (C. P.). See Tao (W. T.) and Chen. 

Cheri-Bibi, Leroux (G.) 2s. net July '25 

Chenngton (Paul T.). See Winternitz (R.) and 

Cheriton Otter Hounds, Records of, Rogers 

(W. H.) 1 6s. net Oct. '25 

Cheshire (G. C.) Modern law of real property. 

8vo, 353. net . . BUTTERWORTH & Co., Oct. '25 
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Mar. '25 
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Mar. '25 
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Helms (H.) I2S. 6d. net June '25 

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White (J. H.) 53., 6s. net Mar. '25 

Chess step by step, Marshall (F. J.) and Macbeth 

(J. C. H.) I2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Chesser (Elizabeth Sloan) ed. Health and 

psychology of the child. Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, 

pp. 302, 73. 6d. net..HEiNEMANN, Apr. '25 
Chester, Manchester and Liverpool, Home 

(B.) [Cathedrals] 2S. 6d. net.. . .May '25 
Chesterfield and his critics, Coxon (R.) 123. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

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Fcp. 8vo, 7 x 4i, pp. 220, 33. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, May '25 
Chesterton (G. K.) The Ballad of the White 

Horse. Repr. ismo, 7 x 44, pp. 202, 33. 6d. 

net METHUEN, Apr. '25 

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7 x 4i, pp. 224, 33. 6d. net . , METHUEN, June '25 
Chesterton (G. K.) The Everlasting man. 8vo, 

9 X 5|, pp. 324, I2S. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
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I2mo, 7x4!, pp. 248, 33. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, May '25 

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METHUEN, Apr. '25 


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pp. 31, swd., 6d. net. (Augustan books of 
modern poetry] BENN, Oct. '25 

Chesterton (G. K.) Robert Browning. Re-issue, 
I2mo, 7x44, pp. 208, 35. 6d. net. (English 
men of letters) MACMILLAN, July '25 

Chesterton (Gilbert K.) The Superstitions o 
the sceptic. With a correspondence between 
the author and Mr. G. G. Coulton. Cr. 8vo, 
74 x 5> PP- 56, swd. is. 6d. net. (J. D. K, 
Club booklets) ....HEFFER, Mar. '25 

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CASSELL, June '25 

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METHUEN, May "25 

Chesterton (G. K.) The Victorian Age in liter- 
ature. With port. New ed. Cr. 8vo, 74 X 5^, 
pp. 256, 55. net ...... WILLIAMS & N., Oct. '25 

CheiraSley (Abel) Herbert French, poete anglais, 
1865 1923 : notice sur sa vie et se deuvres. 
Cr. 8vo, swd. is. net MILFORD, May '25 

Chevre de M. Sequin, etc., Daudet (A.) is. net. 

June '25 

Cheyne (G. C.). See Leete (F. A.) and Cheyne. 

Cheyne (William Watson, Sir) Lister and his 
achievement : the First Lister Memorial 
Lecture, delivered at the Royal College of 
Surgeons of England, May i4th, 1925. 
With port. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. T42, 7s. 6d. net. 
LONGMANS, May '25 

Chiang (Moulin) A Study in Chinese principles 
of education. 8vo, pp. 201, swd., 53. 

(Shanghai) LUZAC, Oct. '25 

Chicago University Abstracts of theses. Science 
series. Vol. i, Submitted to the Faculties 
of the Graduate Schools of the Univ. of Chicago 
for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, 
June, 1 922- June, 1923 ; with abstracts of 
some theses submitted at an earlier date. 
Roy. 8vo, 9! x 6, pp. 512, 155. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Dec. '25 

Chicago University biographical sketches, Good- 
speed (T. W.) Vol. 2. 155. net Apr. '25 

Chicago University Great University memorials. 
153. net May '25 

Chicago University, Story of, Goodspeed (T. W.) 
IDS. net Mar. '25 

Chiehester (John Jay) The Porcelain mask. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 312, 73. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Sept. '25 

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hicks" own annual, 1926. Illus. Folio, 14! X ioi, 

pp. 101, 33. 6d. net. 

Chicot calling, Howard (K.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Chien de Brisquet, etc., Nodier (C.) is. net. 

June '25 
OhlgneSI (Arthur Kent) An Outpost in Papua. 

Pref. by the Rt. Rev. St. Clair G. Donaldson. 

Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 382, 33. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, May '25 
CftSSct (Harold) Thomas Hardy. With port. 

I2mo, 6| X 4^, pp. 128, as. net. (Writers 

of the day.) NISBET, Jan. '25 

Child (Richard Washburn) Fresh waters, and 

other stories. Cr. 8vo, 7l X 5i, pp. 304, 7s. 6d. 

net HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

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net Feb. '25 

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net Dec. '25 

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73. 6d. net Aug. '25 

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pp. 16, 6d. net S.P.C.K., Oct. '25 

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Oct. '25 
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55. net Nov. '25 

Child, Emotional life of the, Eng (H.) sis. net 

Sept. '25 





Child enthroned, sermons, Kelsall ( J. E.) 53. net. 

Aug. '25 
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(E. S.) 73. 6d. net Apr. '25 

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June '25 
Child life in Westminster, Beach (L. F.) 2S. net. 

Sept. '25 

Child-lore, Herbert (Mrs. S,) 6s, net . . Mar. '25 
Ciillit Nurse badge for Girl Guides: how to 

Child of storm, .. 

June '25 
Child of the caravan, Green (E. M.) 2S, 6d., 

is. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Child of the frontier, Levinger (E. E.) 2s. net. 

Mar. '25 
Child, Pre-school, Mental growth of, Gesell 

(A.) 155. net Oct .'25 

Child. Pre-school, Psychology of the, Baldwin 
(B. T.) and Stecher (L, I.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Child saving and child training, Vajkal (]. E.) 

is. net Sept. '25 

Child, Sensitive, Patch (K. W.) ss. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Child training, Psychology for, Weeks ^(A., D.) 
Child verses from " Punch.' 

7s. 6d. net June '25 

hild verses from " Punch." Drawings by 

Phyllis Chase. Cr. 8vo, 7i-X5, pp. 63, ss. 6d. 

net J. SAVILLE, Oct. '25 

Child welfare in Elgin, Helin Rose and, Cameron 

(L) is, net Oct. '25 

Child woman, Fitomwrice (E.) is. net . . May '25 

Childe (Charles P.) Cancer and the public : 
the educational aspect of the cancer problem. 
Roy. 8vo, 9 X 5|, pp. 275. *os. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Mar. '25 

Child (V. Gordon) The Dawn ot European 
civilisation. Roy. 8vo, o. J X 6, pp. 344, 
i6s. net. (History of civilisation). 

K. PAUL, July '25 

Ghllto-Pftifiberton (William S.) The Earl Bishop : 
the life of Frederick Hervey, Bishop of Derry, 
Earl of Bristol 2 vols., 45 ill us., Roy. 8vo, 
9^X6, pp. 340, 337 ; (set) 428. net. 

HURST & B., Jan. '25 
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Childhood and youth, Studies of, Gambler- Parry 

(M.) X2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Childhood, Health in, Elliot (R, H.) and others. 

2S. 6d. net , July '25 

Childhood, Healthy, Weston (M. E.) 4S. net. 

July "25 

Childhood's fears, Morton (G. F.) 7$. 6d. net, 

June '25 
Children, AnmuU for, Strang (Mrs. H.) 6s. 6d., 

5$. net Sept. '25 

Children, Big book for, Strang (Mrs. H,) 2S. 6d. 

net . . May '25 

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net Apr. '25 

Children, Charm of teaching, Robb (W.) as. 6d. 

net ^ Oct. '35 

Children ; Chamss&'s Advice to a mother, 

as. 6d, net , Mar. '25 

Children, Crippled, Care and cure of, Girdlestone 

(G. R.) 6d. net S*#. '25 

Children, Diseases of, G&odliarl (J. F., Sir). 288. 

aet Oct. '25 

Children, Diseases of, Htttchinson (R.) dxs. net. 

.Man '25 
ChiJdxeu : Employment and welfare of juveniles, 

King (O. B.) 6s. net May '25 

Children ; Everyday psychology in the nursery. 

is. net . . . , Oet t '25 

Children, Gallery of, Milne (A. A.) jss, 6d. 

net ,. Orf. '25 

Children in the other life, Our, Giles (C., Rev.) 

9d July '23 

Children ; Infant feeding, Barton (E. A.) 35. 6cL 

net Mar, '25 

Children, New, Radice (S.) as. net. . . Mar, '25 


Children, Of, Daniel (F.) 2S., 33. 6d. net. 

Nov., Dec. '25 
Children of Anes, Campbell (C. J.) 6s. net. 

Jwftg '25 
Children of Dickens, Crothen (S. McC.) xos. 6d. 

net Nov. '25 

Children of field and forest. 8vo, is. 6d. net. 

( <( Peeps " ser.) BLACK, Nov. '25 

Children of mountain and plain. 8vo, is. 6d. net. 

( <{ P^s " ser.) BLA.CK, Nov. '25 

Children of other days, Rutley (C. M.) Bks. 1-3 : 

teacher's handbk. 33. net July '25 

Children of other days, Teacher's handbk. to, 

Rutley (C. M.) (Bks. 4-6.) ss. net. . .Apr. '25 
Children of the Alps, Spyri (J.) 6s. net . . Oct. '25 
Children of the night, Maxwell (W. B.) 7s. 6d. 

net May '25 

CtilSeirein of the snow and ice. By Uncle Robert. 

10 illus., 2 in col. Cr. 8vp, 7| X sir, pp. 48, 

is. 6d. net. (Peeps for little people}. 

BLACK, Mar. '25 
Children of the sunshine. By Uncle Robert. 

10 illus., 2 in col. Cr. 8vo, 7i x si, PP- 48, 
is. 6d. net. (Peeps for little people}. 

BLACK, mar. '25 
Children of Trafalgar Square, Wilson (T. W.) 

2S. 6d. net 5^. '25 

Children of Windystreet, " Brenda " ss. 6d. net. 

JlMC^AuR. '25 

Children, Royal, Stories of, Ashley (D.) 38. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Children, Supreme art of bringing up, Hopkinson 

(M. R.) ss. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Children: Training the toddler, Cleveland (E.) 

8s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Children, Warne's Pleasure book for. ss. 6d. net. 

July *25 

Children's annual, Blackie's, ss. net.. 5^. '25 
Children's annual, Gflss^'s. 55. net.. S^. '25 
Children's annual, Collins 7 . 53. not . . Sept. '25 
Children's annual, Partridge's, ss. net. 

//y '25 
Children's book, Attwell (M. L.) 55. net, 

Jwly '25 

Children's book, P<?fo (G.) 43. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 
Oliildreii's Branch (Home Office) 3^1 report, 

1924-25, Qd. net H.M.SO., Aug. '3$ 

Children's cross word puzzles. Cr. 8vo, 4! X 6, 

pp. 32, swd. 6d. net. .DUGDALK <& D., Afar. '25 
Children's diseases, Diagnosis of, Peer (E.) 35^- 

net Apr. '25 

Children's encyclopedia: Edit, by Arthur 

Mee. Rev. cd. 10 vols. Illus., col illus, 

9 1 x 7, 2238. net. 

Children's feet, Saving the, S&uell (C. W,) is, 

net , Sept- '25 

OhfltrMTft Friend (The). Vol. 65. Illus. Roy. 

8vo, 9l x 7l as. 6d. act, 

Children's friend (The), lllus, Roy. 8vo, 

9|X7l, pp. 16, 6d. net..,S.P.C,K., Oct.'zs 
Children's funny sayings, Knox (D. B.) 3^. <>d. 

net May '25 

Children's nerves, Safegtiarding, W^afe^ (J. J,) 

and Footo, (J. A.) 98. net Mar. *as 

Children's Punch (The). Edit by M. T. Bryan. 

11 J X 8 1, pp. 98, 7s. 6d. net* 

Children's stories, Cmts (M. A.) is, 6tl. net, 

iVcw, *5 

Children's teacher (The). lilus. Roy. 8vo t 

o|X7i, pp. if>, 6d. nc*t....S.P,C.K., Orf, '25 

Children* treasury of pictures ami atone*. 

loixH, pp t 160, as. 6d. net.. NELSON, A 1 "^* *25 

Child's book of pirate, Kodgers {E, M.) and Marks 

(W.) 33. 6d, net ...Oct, '25 

Chil<!*s education, Beginning the, Lynch (E. F.) 

75, 6d, net Apr. 'as 

Child's Own Auuual (The). 92iid anuujil vol. 
ROT. 8vo, 10x71, pp. 96, 23. net. 

N.S.S.U., S^. '5 

Ciiild's songs of the sea, Tuffley (G* M,) xs. aet. 






Chile Industrial and economic situation, Sept., 

1924. 33. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Chile: la South American waters, Co/fey (T.) 

2s 6d. net Apr, '25 

Chilman (Eric). See Edgar (M. G.) and Chilman. 
Chilterns, Through the, to the Fens, Home (G.) 

2S. 6d. net June '25 

Cbilton (H. Herman) -The Ways of June. Cr. 
8vo ? 7i x 5, PP. 3*8, 73. 6d. net. 

ARNOLD, Oct. '25 
Chimpanzee : My friend Toto, Kearton (R.) 

53. net Sept. '25 

China and Europe, Reichwein (A.) 125, 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
China and the West, Soothill (W. E.) IDS. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

China, Fifty years in, Burt (E, W.) 23. net. 

Mar. '25 
China, Financial reconstruction of, Padoux (G.) 

4s. 6d Nov. '25 

China, Foreign loan, obligations of, Baylin (J. R.) 

i2S Oct. '25 

China, Geological map of, General : Peking- 
Tsinan sheet, 6s. 6d. ; Explanation, 43. net. 

Dec. '25 
China: In the land of the Laughing Buddha, 

Close (U.) 173. 6d. net Jan. '25 

China, Jurisdiction in, Pergament (M. J.) 2s. 6d. 

Oct. '25 

China Labour conditions in China. 2s. 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., June '25 

China List of treaties, etc., between Gt. Britain 
and China, 1842 1922, including international 

treaties, etc. 25. net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

China: Makers of Cathay, Allan (C. W.) 7s. 6d. 

Feb. '25 
China, Mass education movement in, Yen 

(Y. C, J,) is. 6d Sept. '25 

China, Pictures : Chater Collections, Orange (J.) 

9473. net Apr. '25 

China, Quest for God in, O'Neill (F. W. S., Rev.) 

73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

China, Recent events in, Hodgkin (H. T.) 2d. 

net Oct. '25 

China Report on commercial, industrial and 
economic situation, June, 1925 ; with report 
on trade of Dairen. as. net. 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 
China, Science and education in, Twiss (G. R,) 

7s. 6d Sept, '25 

China, Soul of, Miln (L. J.) 75. 6d. net. 

May '25 
China, What is happening in, Balme (H.) 2d. 

net July '25 

China year book, 1925-6. Edit, by H. G. W. 
Woodhead. 8vo, Sfxsf, pp. 1,379, 42S. net. 

SlMPKIN, Aug. '25 

China's fight for tariff autonomy, Fox (C. J.) 

35 Oct. '25 

China's new nationalism, MacNair (H. F.) 

73. 6d Nov. '25 

China's unsecured indebtedness, Consolidation of, 

Padoux (G.) 45. 6d Oct. '25 

Chine, Associations en, Maybon (P. B.) 6s. 

July '25 
Chine, Langue nationale en, Movements de la, 

Fu Liu. 2S July '25 

Chinese abroad, Mac Nair (H. F.) 8s. 6d. 

July '25 
Chinese art, Fry (R.) and others. 255. net. 

Mar. '25 
Chinese art : Documents de 1'art chinois, 

Riviere (H.) and others. 403 Nov. '25 

Chinese civil law, Bryan (R. J,) 6s. , . Sept. '25 
Chinese coins, Common, Watson (J. G.) as. 6d, 

net /., '25 

Chinese education, Tsai (Yuan-pin), as. 

July '25 

Chinese jade, Tanner (P. de) 120$. .'. July '25 
Chinese- Japanese characters, Beginners' diction- 
ary of, Mose-Innes (A.) 243, , Jan, '25 

Chinese junks, etc., Donnelly (I. A.) i8s. 

Jan. '25 

Chinese magic. Tales of, Wright (C. H.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 


Chinese mirror, Ayscough (F.) 2 is. net. Nov. '25 
Chinese, Physical growth amongst the, Shiroho- 

goroff (S. M.) 1 8s Nw. '25 

Chinese sculpture, Siren (0.) 2945., 2313. net. 

Apr. '25 
Chinese stories : Inconstancy of Madam Chuang, 

Howett (E. B.) IDS. 6d. net Dec. '24 

Chinese, World conception of the, Forke (A.) 

1 6s. May '25 

Chinois, Tons du, Fu Liu. 73 July '25 

Chinoise, Crise nationaliste, Wai (Dr.) 35. 

Oct. '25 
Chinon of England, Famous historic of, Middleton 

(C.) 253. net Feb., Dec. '25 

Chwoy (A. F. J.) -The Lure of the East. 7|-x 5, 

pp. 78, 2S. 6d. net. . . , . . STOCKWELL, June '25 

Chip and the block, Delafield (E. M.) 7s. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

ChlpperfieSsi (Robert Orr)The Doom dealer, 
Cr. 8vo, 7|xs, pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Jan. '25 

Chipperfield (Robert Orr) The Handwriting on 

the wall. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. 

HURST &. B., June '25 

ChSpperfSeld (Robert) The Man who convicted 
himself. Cheap ed. i2mo, 74 X 4|, pp. 286, 

2S. net HURST & B., Jan. '25 

Chirgwin (A. M.) Beyond the Great Thirst-Land. 
Illus. Cr. 8vo, pp. 152, bds. as. 6d. net. 

Ohiro! (Valentine) The Occident and the Orient. 
Lectures on the Harris Foundation, 1924. 
Cr. 8vo, 7f x 5, pp. 240, los. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Jan. '25 
Ghirel (Valentine, Sir) and othersThe Re- 
awakening of the Orient, and other addresses. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 178, los. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, July '25 

Chiropodists, Lectures to, Lake (N. C.) los. net, 

Apr. '25 

Chiropody, Practical, Runting (E, G. V.) 53. net. 

July '25 

Cfitsila-CaOtfllserg (L.) Der Osirisname " Roi " : 
ein Osirisname in der Bibel. (In German.) 
8vo, pp. 23, swd. is. 6d. (Leningrad.) 

LXTZAC, Sept. '25 

Ghlsholm (A. M.) Black powder Dan. Cr. 
8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 319, 7s, 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. *25 

Gflisholm (A. M.) The Land of big rivers : a 
story of the North West. Cr. Svo, 7 x 5, 
pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net . .HODDER & S., July '25 
Ohishoim (Archibald) Labour's Magna Charta: 
a critical study of the Labour clauses of the 
Peace Treaty and of the draft conventions and 
recommendations of the Washington Inter- 
national Labour Conference. 2nd ed., Re- 
issue with new pref. Svo, 8-i X 5|, pp. 204, 

35. 6d. aet LONGMANS, Mar. '25 

OhishoSm (George G.) Handbook of commercial 
geography. New ed., rev. With maps and 
diags. Svo, 8| x 5$, pp. 841, s5s. net 

LONGMANS, Mar. "25 

ChStiick (V. L. O.) Thomas Chandler Haliburton 
(" Sam Slick*'). Svo, 2 is. net. (Studies in 
English and comparative literature}. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 
Chitty's Statutes of practical utility, 1924. Roy. 

Svo, 1 6s. net SWEET & M., Apr. '25 

Choice of books, etc., Harrison (F.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Choice of chums, A very (H.; 35. net. . . July '25 
Choice of songs, Kipling (R.) as. net . . May '25 
Chopin : child and lad, Uminska (Z.) and 

Kennedy (H. E.) 5?. net Oct. '25 

Chopin, Frederic: Nightingale, Stmchey (M.) 

75. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Chopping bee, Victonn (M.) ?s. 6d. aet. 

Sept* '25 
Choral songs, Oxford, ea. $d., 4d. or sd. 

Jan. '25 
Caoric songs from Aeschylus, Hoernle (E. S.) 

5s. aet Oct. '25 

Chris in Canada, Clarke (G. F.) 35. 6d. net, 

Sept. '25 





Christ and the changing world, Noble (W. J.) 
is. net May '25 

Dhnst, Child. 6d. net , Oct. '25 

3hrist : Hero of heroes, Higham (M. M.) 35. net. 

Aug. '25 

:hrist in His brethren, Plus (R., Rev.) 6s. net. 

June '25 
:hrist in His Church, Temple (W., Bp.) 35. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Bfirisf in you. Repr. Fcp. 8yo, 6| X 4^, pp. 
224, ss. 6d. net. (Deeper issues ser.} 

J. M. W ATKINS, Dec. '25 

Dhrist, Life of, Gough (A. W., Rev.) is. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
:hrist, Life of, Hunting (H. B.) 35. 6d. net, 

Nov. '25 
Christ, Life of, and afterwards, Campbell (W. H., 

Rev.) is. 8d Oct, '25 

Christ, Life of : When Jesus was here among 

men, Roberts (J.) ss. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Christ, Lovely but lonely, Hancer (R. H.) 33. 6d. 

net Nov. '25 

Christ : Master and his friends, Wilson (H, A.) 

53. net Sept. '25 

Christ, Mind of, Jenks (D.) 45. 6d. net. May '25 

Christ : Our great example, Vilhers (E.) 33. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Christ : Our High Priest in Heaven, Perowne 

(T. T.) is. 6d. net July '25 

Christ, Person of, Doctrine of the. Cave (S., Rev,) 

53. net Aug. '25 

Christ, St. Paul's life of, Griffith (G. 0., Rev.) 

73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Christ, Wonderful life of, Stretton (H.) 33. 6d. 

net May '25 

Chnstabel, Latham (Mrs. A, G.) as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Christendom, Dreamer in, Cecil (A.) 75. 6d. 

net , Nov. '25 

Christendom, Out place in. 2S. net Jan. '25 

Christendom, Road to, Jacka (H. T.) 2S. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

feristian (E. B. V.)- Solicitors : an outline of 
their history. 8 x 5|, pp. 169, 55. net. 

STEVENS, Nov. '25 

eSiristian (Gilbert A.)-~Safety fust for school and 

home. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 128, 2s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Christian and war, Pell (A.) is. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 

Christian apologetic, Reason in, Hodgson (L., 

Rev.) 55. net Jan. '25 

Christian art, Early, Dalton (0. M.) 1055. net. 

Oct. '25 
Christian : Can a man be a C. to-day ? Poteat 

(W. L,) 7s. net July '25 

Christian Church, Modernism and the, Woodlock 

(F.) 33. 6d., as. 6d. net June '25 

Christian Church, World task of the. 2s. 6d. 

net . , Feb. '25 

Christian doctrine of the Godhead, Ganie (A. E,, 

Rev.) 1 6s. net Oct. '25 

Christian faith, New psychology and, Spurr (F. C.) 

6s. net * ... Sept. '25 

Christian, Glory-. 2s. 6d., 33. 6d. net. . June '25 
Christian gospel of the Fatherhood of God, Shaw 

(J. M.) 6s. net Jan. '25 

Christian life, More psychology and the, Pym 

(T. W,) 4S. as. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Christian life, Psychology of, Bruce (W. S., 

Rev.) 7s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Christian, liturgy, Jewish background of, Oesterley 

(W. O. E.) 14$, net Sept. '25 

Christian Irving, Principles of, Smith (G. B.) los. 

net . Jan. '25 

Christian missions and Oriental civilisations, 

Price (M. T.) ids Feb. '25 

Christian monasticism, Hannah (I. C.) los. 6d. 

net * June '25 

Christian movement in, Japan, Korea and 

Formosa : a year book of Christian work, 

(23rd issue.) 8vo, pp. 829, los. 

K. PAUL, Oct. '25 
Christian optimist, Colville (J,, Rev.) $s. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 


Christian outlook, Ashley (W., Sir). 43. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Christian Politics, Economics and Citizenship 
(Conference on) C.O.P.E.C. Commission re- 
ports. Vol. i, The Nature of God and His 
purpose for the world, pp. 190, 45. net. ; Vol. 2, 
Education, pp. 248, 43. net ; Vol. 3, The Home, 
pp. 178, 43. net ; Vol. 4, The Relation of the 
sexes, pp. 232, 45. net ; Vol. 5, Leisure, pp. 130, 
33. net ; Vol. 6, The Treatment of crime, pp. 
108, 35. net ; Vol. 7, International relations, 
pp. 146, 33. net ; Vol. 8, Christianity and war, 
pp. 119, 33. net ; Vol. 9, Industry and property, 
pp. 236, 43. net ; Vol. 10, Politics and citizen- 
ship, pp. 130, 33. net; Vol. u, The Social 
function of the Church, pp. 278, 43. net ; 
Vol. 12, Historical illustrations of the social 
effect of Christianity, pp. 183, 33. net. Reprs. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, LONGMANS, Apr. '25 

Christian Politics, Economics and Citizenship 
(Conference on) C.O.P.E.C. Commission re- 
ports. Greatly abridged. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 
Industry and property, pp. 16 ; The Nature 
of God and His purpose for the world, pp. 20 ; 
Politics and citizenship, pp. 16 ; The Social 
function of the Church, pp. 16 ; The Treat- 
ment of crime, pp. 12 ; Christianity and war, 
pp. 1 6 ; The Home, pp. 16 ; The Relation of 
the sexes, pp. 16; International relations, 
pp. 1 6 ; Education, pp. 16. Swd., ea. 6cl. net* 
SIMPKIN, July '25 

Christian politics, etc. (Sheffield Conference on)- 
Fourfold challenge of to-day, Cecil (H.) as. 6d. 
net May '25 

Christian religion and its competitors, Bouquet 
(A. C., Rev.) 6s. net May '25 

Christian salvation, Cross (G.) iss. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Christian Science, Introduction to the study of, 
is. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Christian science : Religion of health, Barrett (W., 
Sir), 35. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Christian social duty, Lee (J.) 53. net. Mar. '25 

Christian, Two duties of a, Dearmer (P., Rev.). 
45. net July '25 

CSirSstiasi view of gambling (The). i8ino, 
swd., 2d. net S.P.C.K., July '25 

Christian, Why I am a, Crane (F., Rev.) 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 

Christian, World arid the, Shippard (W. J. L.) 
6d. net Apr. '25 

Christian World Pulpit (The) : Sunday reading 
for Christian families. Vol. 106, July to Dec. 

1924. Demy 4 to, n x 8J, pp. 316, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. CLARKE, Jan. '25 

Christian World Pulpit (The) : Sunday reading 
for Christian families. VoL 107, Jan- to June, 

1925. Demy 4to, ii|x8J, pp. 312,73. 6d. net. 

J. CLARKE, July '25 
Christianity and history, Butter (F. W,, Rev.) 

53. net Feb. '25 

Christianity and the race problem, Oldham 

(J. H.) as. 6d. net June '25 

Christianity and the Roman Government, Hardy 

(E. G.) 53, net May '25 

Christianity and world-problems, Orchard (W. E. 

Rev.) 6s. net Apr. '25 

Christianity, Antecedents of. Rose (C. P. G.) xss. 

net May '25 

Christianity, Approach to, Selwyn (E. G.) 103. 6d. 

net Sept. f 25 

Christianity : Church of the spirit, Peabody (F. G.) 

7s, 6d. net May '25 

Christianity : Cost of a new world, Ma&Unmn 

(K.) 2S. 6cl. net l>e,c. *%5 

Christianity : Facing facts, Wood (F. P.) is. 

net F<?k '35 

Christianity, Foundations of, Kautsky (K.) x6s. 

net t Junt'z$ 

Christianity in Abcrdeenshire, Origins of, Simpson 

(W. D.) ss. 6d " Apr, *%S 

Christianity in politics, Pox (H. W,, Rev.) 

5$. net OcL * 25 

Christianity, Liberal, and religious education, 

Ca$e (A. T.) 9s. net Apr. '25 





Christianity : Message of Christ to India, Wann 

(A. B., Rev.) 53. net June '25 

Christianity, Mystery-religions and, Angus (S.) 

153. net Feb. '25 

Christianity, Nestorian : Luminous religion, 

Couling (Mrs. C. E.) is. net Mar. '25 

Christianity : Our bounden duty, Spiller (L.) 6d. 

net June '25 

Christianity, Primitive, Henderson (A., Rev.) 35. 

net June '25 

Christianity : Short hist, of our religion, Somervell 

(D. C.) 55 /ww^'25 

Christians of to-day, Pemberton (E. V.) 33. 6d., 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Christians of to-day, Letters to young, Travers 

(H.) is. net Mar. '25 

Christie (Agatha) The Murder on the Links. 

Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 319, 33. 6d. net. 

LANE, June '25 

Christie (Agatha) The Road of dreams. Cr. 8vo, 

7l><5j Pp. in, 5S. net G. BLES, Jan. '25 

Christie (Arthur C.) Rontgen diagnosis and 

therapy. 8vo, 253. net. . LIPPINCOTT, Apr. '25 
Christie (Ella R.) Through Khiva to golden 

Samarkand : a woman's adventurous journey 

alone through the deserts of Central Asia to 

the heart of Turkestan. With 55 illus. and 

a map. 8vo, 8fX5$-, pp. 280, 2is. net. 

SBBLEY, Sept. '25 
Christie (May) The Forbidden love : a novel. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7iX4|-, pp. 315, 2s. net. 

HODDER & S,, June '25 
Christie (May) The Girl who dared : a novel. 

Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 315, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Christie (Robert Stuart) Gay application ; other- 
wise, The Second book of Sarah : a novel. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 272, 7s. 6d. net. 

UN WIN, May '25 
Christie (Robert Stuart) Young experience; 

otherwise The First book of Sarah : a novel. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Jan. '25 
Christina Alberta's father, Wells (H. G.) 7s. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Christmas anthology (A). 8vo, Sfxsl-, pp. 30, 
swd., 6d. net, (Augustan books of English 
poetry) BENN, Nov. '25 

Christmas booklets. The Robin ; The Rabbit ; 

The Stoat or ermine ; The Fox. i2mo, 7x4!, 

ea. 6d. net MILFORD, Dec. '25 

Christmas books, Dickens (C.) 75. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Christmas stories, Dickens (C.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Christmas with Grandma Elsie, Finley (M.) 

2S. 6d. net June '25 

Chnstology : Foundations of faith, II., Orchard 

(W. E., Rev.) 55. net Mar. '25 

Christopher (Melesina Seton) Life's little laughs. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 152, 53. 6d net. 

LONGMANS, Apr. '25 
Christopher Parkins, R.N., Dearden (R. L.) 

35, 6d. net Sept. '25 

Christ's revelation of God, Temple (W.) is. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Christ's soul-searching parables, Banks (L. A., 

Rev.) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Chnstus Vcritas, Temple (W., Bp.) los. net. 

Aug. '25 
Christy (E. V. A.) The Rule of the road. Cr. 

8vo, 5 J x 4 J, as. net VINTON, Nov. '25 

Chronicle wireless guide. Illus. by circuit and 

wiring diagrams and photos. New (2nd) ed. 

8vo, 8J X 5j, pp. 104, swd. 6d. net. 

Chronicles of a Great Prince, Bryant (M.) and 

McAnnally (G. H.) 7s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Chronicles of Avonlea, Montgomery (L. M.) 

33. 6d. net July '25 

Chronicles of the garden, King (Mrs. F.) 123. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Chronicles of the Imp, Farnol (J.) 2S. 

Mar. '25 


Chrysanthemum [tale], Gillies (Mrs. R.) is. 6d. 
net . Dec, '25 

Chrysanthemums, Sanders (T. W.) 7d. net. 

May *25 

Chu Hsi, Humanness of, Bruce (J. P.) 23. 

Apr. '25 

Chuiiti (George Hayter, Sir) The Memorial 
Chapel of the Leys School, Cambridge : its 
structure, windows, carvings and memorials. 
Compiled on the Fiftieth Anniversary (1925) 
of the foundation of the School (1875). Roy. 
8vo, Sf x 7, pp. 117, 55. net. 

JENKINS, July '25 

Chummy book (The) : for boys and girls. Edit. 

by Edwin Chisholm. iojx8, pp. 287, 53. net. 

NELSON, Nov. '25 

Chumnos (Georgios)-Old Testament legends: 
from a Greek poem on Genesis and Exodus 
by Georgios Chumnos. Edit, with Intro., 
Metrical trans., notes and glossary, from a 
manuscript in the British Museum, by F. H. 
Marshall. Illus. Svo, 8x5$, pp. 148, 75. 6d. 
net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Mar. '25 

Chums, 1925. Illus. Demy 4to, 12^x9, pp. 
836, I2S. net CASSELL, Aug. "25 

Chums of Meriton, Herrod (W.) 23. net. 

Sept. '25 

Chun Yut, Weston (C.) 2s. net .Aug. '25 

Church (A. H.) Introduction to the plant-life 
of the Oxford District. II., The Annual 
succession (Jan.-June). Roy. Svo, swd. 33. 6d. 
net. (Botanical memoirs). MILFORD, May '25 

Church (R. W.) Edmund Spencer. Re-issue. 
Fcp. 8vo, 7X4^, pp. 188, 33. 6d. net. (English 
men of letters] MACMILLAN, July '25 

Church (R. W.) Francis Bacon. New pocket 

ed. I2mo, 7 X 4^, pp. 239, 33. 6d. net. (English 

men of letters] MACMILLAN, July '25 

Church and Chapel : what each may learn from 

the other. By One who has Served Both. 

i2mo, 7iX4|, pp. 62, swd. is. net. 

S.P.C.K., Feb. '25 
Church and community recreation, Wegener 

(A. B.) los. net Apr. '25 

Church and State, Problem of, Reade (H. W. V.) 

rs. net Nov. '25 

Church and the Bible, Talk about the. is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Church architecture : House of God, Short (E. H.) 

305. net Dec. '25 

Church Assembly, First five years of the. is. 

net May '25 

Church building, Crany (R. A.) 383. net. 

Feb. '25 
Church directory and almanack, 1925. (25th 

year.) Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 784, swd. 6s. 6d. 

net J. HART, Jan. '25 

Church, Early, and the world, Cadoux (C. J.) 

2is. net July'z$ 

Church, English child's book of the, Dark (S.) 

53. net May '25 

hyrch Estate Commissioners 74th report, 

1924-25. id, net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Church history, Early, Bartlet (J. V., Rev.) 

33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Church in Wales, Directory and year book, 1925, 

2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Church life, Group spirit in, Slater (E. T.) 23, 6d. 

net Nov. '25 

Church, Mediaeval, History of, Deanesly (M.) 

7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Church music : English church composers, 

Barrett (W. A.) as. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Church, Nation and the, Pollock (B., Bp. ot 

Norwich). 53. net Oct. '25 

Church of England and the Free Churches : 

proceedings of joint conferences, Bell (G. K. A.) 

and Robertson (W. L.) as. 6d. net . .Nov. '25 
Church of England revisited, Carey (W. J., Rt. 

Rev.) is. net Feb. '25 

Church of England, Unity of the, Lang (C. G., 

Rev.) 2d Juntas 

Church of Scotland : Fasti Ecclesiae Scoticanae, 

Scott (H.) Vol. 5, 3os. net Apr. '25 





Church of the Fathers, Pullan (L., Rev.) 6s. 

net Oct. *25 

Church of the living God, Harvey (]., Rev.) 6d. 

net July '25 

Church of the Spirit, Peabody (F. G.) ?s. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Church, Psychology and the, Bicknett (E. J.) 

and others, 123. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Church Pulpit year book, 1925 : a complete 
set of outlines for the Sundays of the year, 
with occasional notes and outlines for Saints' 
days, men's services and special occasions. 
i2mo, 7i X 4$, pp. 296, 33. 6d. net. 

J. HART, Jan. '25 

Church recollections, 72 years', Denison (H. P.) 
6s. net Oct. '25 

hyrch Temporalities in Wales Accounts, 1924. 
2d. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Church Temporalities in Wales loth report, 
1924. 3d. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Church unity : One body and the one spirit, 
Lacey (T, A.) 6s. net Apr. '25 

Church unity, Problems of, Lawrie (W.) g&. net, 

Jan. '25 

Church vestments, Wallis (J. E. W.) 2d. net. 

July '25 

Church : What is the church 1 King (G. L., 
Rev.) 33. 6d, net Feb. '25 

Churches, City, Tabor (M. E.) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Churches, Confusion of the, Mackenzie (K,, Rev.) 
los. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Churches, English, Protection for our. 2s. 6d. 
net Dec. '25 

Churches, How to look at old, Stowell (H. S.) 
55, net Feb. '25 

Churches of France, Romance, Bodington (O. E.) 
i8s. net June '25 

Churches, Roman, Wanderings through ancient, 
liQwiani (R.) 325. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Churchill (Robert) How to shoot : some lessons 
in the science of shot-gun shooting. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 86, 55. net G* BLES, Aug. '25 

Churchill (Stella) Nursing in the home : in- 
cluding first aid in common emergencies, Fcp. 
8vo, 6| x 4j, pp. 197, as. 6d. net. (Modern 
health books) * FABER & G., Oct. '25 

Churchill, Winston : Economic consequences of 
Mr. Churchill, Keyn&s (J. M.) is. net. July '25 

Churchill : comedy, Rubinstein (H. F.) and 
Talbot (A. J.) 53., 35. 6d. net July '25 

Church's debt to heretics, Jones (R. M.) 6s. net. 

May '25 

Cifegm (Colley) An Apology for the life of 
Colley Gibber, comedian and late patentee of 
the Theatre Royal, written by himself. 2 vols. 
Ed. limited to 450 numbered copies. Roy. 
8vo, iojx6|-, pp. 172, 165, set 365. net. 


Cicely Frome, Merchant (B.) is. lod. 

Mar* '25 

Metro (M. T.) De finibus bonorum et malorurn. 
Libri I, II. Edit, by J. S. Reid. 8vo, 9x5!, 
pp. 247, i6s. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., July '25 

CSc0r0 Select letters. With historical intros,, 
notes and appendices. A new ed. based 
upon that of Watson, rev. and annotated 
by W. W. How. Vol. x, Text, Cr. 8vo 
6s. net MILFORD, June '25 

$ieza de Leon. {Pedro de) The War of Las 
Salinas. Trans, with intro. by Sir Clements 
Markham. 9x6, pp. 328, 253. net, 

(Hakluyt Soc.) QUAKITCH, Mar. '25 

Cinder buggy, Garrett (G.) ?s. 6d. net July *25 

Cinderella: play, Nesbit (B,) 6d. mt.Qa. '25 

Cinema in education, Maf chant (J,, Sir). 75, 6d 
net Apr, *5 

Cinematography : Picture theatre electrical 
equipment, etc., Johnson (R. V,) 155, net, 

Sept. *25 

Circe of the deserts, Bordeaux (P. H*) zas. 6d. 
net J^iy *%$ 

Circus life. My, Lloyd (J.) 53. net July '25 


Cisin (Harry G.) Practical electrical engineering 
direct currents. 8vo, 73. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, May '25 

Citadel, Husband (J.) 75. 6d. net May '25 

Citadel of freedom : Constitution, Leigh (R.) 

zos. net Mar. "25 

Cities, Medieval, Pirenne (H.) us. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Cities, Soul of, Crawford and Balcarres (Earl of). 

is. net May '25 

City Churches, Tabor (M. E.) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
City of no escape, Bridges (T. C.) 33. 6cl. net. 

Sept. '25 

City of peril, Stringer (A.) 33, 6d, net. .Jan. '25 
Civic sociology, Ross (E. A.) 73. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Civics, Mukerjee JR.) 53. net Dec. '25 

Civil Contingencies Fund Copy of accounts, 

1923-24. 3d. net H.M.S.O., Dec, '24 

Civil Engineers (Institution of) Deterioration of 
structures in sea-water. 5th (interim) report. 

_ 35. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Ciii List PensionsList of all pensions granted ? 

1924-25. id. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Civil Research (Ctte. of) Treasury minute, 
June 13, 1925, appointing a ctte. of Civil 

Research, id. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Civil Service Commission Army entrance group 
of exams., June, 1925, Extracts from reports 
and tables of results, is. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Civil Service Commission 'Examination papers. 
Accountant offices in R.A.F., Sept., 1925, is. 

a net H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Civil Service Commission Examination papers. 

Army entrance, etc., Nov., 1924. ss. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Civil Service Commission Examination papers. 
Clerical classes (men), July, 1925, 6d, net. 

H.M.S.O., 2v"oi.-'5 

CivSI Service Commission Examination papers. 
Customs : Assistant Preventive Officer, Apr,, 
1925, is. net ; Post Office : Postmaster 
(provincial), etc., 6d. net. H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Civs! Service CommissionExamination papers. 
Fishery Bd. for Scotland, Fishery Officer, 
Nov., 1924, is. 3d. net; Mines Dept, sub- 
inspectors of mines and quarries, etc., Oct., 
1924, 2S. net ...... H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Civil Service Commission -Examination papers. 
Foreign Office, Code and Cypher School, 
junior assistant, July, 1925. is. 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Civil Service Commission Examination papers : 
LC.S. probationers, 1925, ss. net, 

H.M.S.q., Nov, *&5 

Civil Service CommissionExamination papers. 
Inland Revenue, Assist. Inspector of Taxes; 
Health Ministry, Junior Assist, Auditor, 
July, 1925. 33. 6d net. , ,H.M,8X),, OcL '25 

Civil Service Commission Examination papers. 
Mines Dept. : Junior Inspector, July, 1925. 
2S. net ; Administrative group of competitions, 
Summer, 1925. ss. net HJVLS.O., Nov. '25 

Civil Service Commission- Examination papers : 
Post Office, Assistant Engineer, Nov., 1*124 , 
2s, net ^ H.M.S.O., Mar. '35 

Civil Service Commission -Examination papers, 
Post Office : female sorting clerk, Feb., 1925, 
is. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Civil Service Commission Examination papers* 
Post Office : Inspector in En&dbaering ftcpt., 
Jan., 1925. ss. net..*.,K.M.S*0., Apr, '25 

Civil Service CommissionExam, papers. Post 
Office : male sorter, and male sorting clerk 
and telegraphist, is* net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Civil Service Commission -Examination papers,, 
Post Office, male assist, supt, of traffic, London 
Telephone Service, etc,, is. od. net, 

H.M.S.O., $#. *5 

Service Commission Examination papers, 
R. A.F. : aircraft apprentice, Apr. . 1 025* is* 6d 
net H,M.S.O,,/Jy'35 





Civil Service Commission Indian Civil Service, 

Competitive exam,, Jan., 1925 : regulations, 

question papers, and table of marks. 55. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Civil Service Commission 6gtli report, 1924. 
2s. 6d. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Civil Service (Indian) Pamphlet of examina- 
tions of probationers. 53. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

lSS Services Appropriation accounts, 1923-24. 
jos. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Civil Services Estimates : supplementary, 
1924-25, is. net H.M.S.O., Peb. '25 

Civil Services Estimates : supplementary, 
^ 1924-25. 2d. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Civil Services Estimates, 1925-26 : supplemen- 
tary estimate, 3d. net .. H.M.S.O., July '25 

iv!S Services Estimates, 1925 26. 145. net. 
H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

SvSI Services Estimates, 1925-26. Class i, 
Public works and buildings, is. 6d. net ; 
Class 4, Education, science and art, is. 6d. 
net ; Class 5, Foreign and Colonial services, 
is. .3d. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Civil Services Estimates, 1925-26. Class 3, 
Law and justice, 2S. net; Class 7, Health, 
labour and insurance, is., $d. net ; . Unclassi- 
fied services, 40!. net . . H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Civil Services Estimates, 1925 26. Class 2, 
, Salaries and expenses of Civil Departments, 
4S 6d. net : Revenue Departments, 2S. net. 
H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Civil. Services Estimates, 1925-26. Class 6, 
Pensions and miscellaneous, is. 6d, net. 

HM.$.Q,>Mar. '25 

Civile conversation, Guazzo(S.) 455. net. May '25 

Civilization and climate, Huntington (E.) 233. 
net Feb. '25 

Civilisation, Brief history of, Hoyland (J. S.) 
35. 6d., 75. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Civilization, Dawn of European, CMde (V. G.) 
i6s. net July '25 

Civilisation, Industry and, Burns (C. D.) los. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Civilisation : New past, Carter (E. H.) ss. net. 

Jan. '25 

Claim number one, Ogden (G. W.) 2S. net. 

Apr. '25 

Clamp (H. M. E.) Desert sand : a novel Cr. 
8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 287, 7s. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Sept. '25 

Clamp (H. M. E.)~~Man alone. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 
pp. 319, 75. 6d. net. . . . HURST & B., Feb. '25 

Clans, Scottish, and their tartans. 33. 6d. net. 

June *25 

Claptiam Antiquarian Society Catalogue of an 
exhibition illustrating Clapham past and 
present. 7| X 5, pp. 8, 6d. net. 
(51, Cavendish Rd., S.W.4) 

J. H. BURGESS, Mar. '25 

Claret, Allen (H. W.) 2S., 6d. net Jan. '25 

Clark (A. C.) and Broodbank (A. J. P.) A Second 
year of French, iamo, 7i X 4$, pp. 250, 45. 6d. 
net PITMAN, Nov. '25 

Clark (Barrett H.) How to produce amateur 
plays : a practical manual. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 5, pp.*i58, 53. net HARRAP, Feb. '25 

Clark (Barrett H.)~ A Study of the modern 
drama : a handbook for the study and apprecia- 
tion of the best plays, European, English and 
American, of the last half century. 8vo, 
8iX si, pp. 539, APPLETON, Mar. '25 

Clark (Catherine) Heart of a lark. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX5, pp. 285, 7s. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Mar. '25 

CSark (Charles H. ) -Practical methods in micros- 
copy. 5th ed. Rev. andenl. Cr. 8vo, los. 6d. 

net HARRAP, May '25 

Clarlc (Cumberland)-England's fight against 
Communism and its relation, to the industrial 
crisis. With irontis. 8vo, SfxsJ, pp. 64, 

as. net CLARK, Sept. '25 

Clark (Ellery H,) Daughters of Eve, Cr, 8vo, 

7* X 5, pp. 287, 7s. 6d. net. 
/ i*w 


Clark (Fred E.) Readings in marketing. 8vo, 
1 6s. net .............. MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Clark (G. F. Scotson-). See Scotson-Clark. 

Clark (G. N.). See Weaver (F. W.) and Clark. 

Clark (M.) The Elements of commerce for 

beginners. Cr. 8vo, 7 A- X 5, pp. 128, as. 6d. 

LONGMANS, July '25 

lark (Marion E.) and others Art in "home 
economics. 8vo, 8^ x 5f, pp. 76, 55. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Dec. '25 

Clark (Norman) An Introduction to Kant's 

philosophy. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 317, los. 6d. 

net .................. METHUEN, June '25 

Clark (Raymund M.) The Treasure of All 

Mubarrak. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 


Clark (W. G.) In Breckland wilds. With an 
appreciation by H. J. Massingham. 8|-x6|, 
pp. 208, los. 6d. net . . . . R. SCOTT, Dec. '25 

Clarke (Allen) Windmill land stories. 

pp. 314, 7s. 6d. net. 

PALATINE BOOK Co., Jan. '25 
Clarke (Amy K.) aad others Three one-act 

plays. ................ May '25 

Clarke (Austin) The Cattledrive in Connaught, 

and other poems. 8vo, 8x5, pp. 64, 5s. net. 

ALLEN & U., Nov. '25 

Clarke (G. F.) Chris in Canada. Illus. by W. E. 

Wightman. i2mo, 7iX4f, pp. 224, 35. 6d. 

net ..... . .............. BLACKJE, Sept. '25 

Claikt (G. Frederick) The Magic road. Cr. 8vo, 

7l X 5, pp. 272, 7s. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., June '25 
Clarke (H. Lowther) and Weech (W. N.) -A 

History of Sedbergh School, 1525 1925. 

8vo, 9x6, pp. 292, IDS. net. 

(Sedbergh, Yorks.) JACKSON & SON, Aug. '25 

Clarke (Ida Clyde) Uncle Sam needs a wife, 
Intro, by Rebecca West. Frontis. by Frank 
Godwin. Illus. by Ethel Boston. 8vo, 8x si, 
pp. 293, 7s. 6d. net ........ S. PAUL, Oct. '25 

Clarke (Isabel C.) -Anna Nugent: a novel. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7| x 4$, pp. 352, 25. net. 


Clarke (Isabel C.) It happened in Rome. Cr. 
8vo, 7J X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net 


Clarke (Isabel C.) The Potter's House. Cheap 
ed. I2mo, 7|X4f, pp. 316, 28. net. 


Clarke (Isabel C.) Ursula Finch. Cheap ed. 
i2mo, 7|X4j, pp. 310, 2S. net. 


Clarke (Isabel C.) -The Villa by the sea. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 334, 7s. 6d. net. 


Clarke (Isabel C.) Young Cymbeline : a novel. 
Cheap ed. ismo, 7iX4$, PP* 3*2, as. net. 

Clarke (Isabelle H.). See Pay en-Payne (De V.) 

and Clarke, 

Clarke (J. F. M.) The Mystery of life : medita- 
tions of a lay-mind. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 287, 
i2S. 6d. net .............. J. CAPE, Oct. '25 

Clarke (Jean C. C.) The Three mothers and other 
tales in verse : grave and gay. 74 x 5, pp. 79, 
45. net ................ STOCKWELL, June '25 

Clarke (John) An Eastern romance. Cr. 8vo, 
as. 6d. net .......... STOCKWELL, Feb. "25 

Clarke (John J.) Outlines of central government 
including the judicial system of England. 
2nd ed., rev. and enl. I2mo, 7j X 4}, pp. 208, 
2S. 6d. net .............. PITMAN, July '25 

Clarke (Laurence) Millions of money. Cr. 
8vo, 7j X 5, PP- 314, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., July '25 

Clarke (Laurence) The Sport of fate. Cr. 
8vo, 71 x 5, PP- 3*9 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

Class control, "Justice" system of, Pood 
(J. H.) 35. 6d. net ................ Oct. '25 

assic English anthology, Ballantyne (E. S. W.) 



ist ser. as. net 

>. '25 





Classical AssociationProceedings, April, 1925. 
(Volume 22.) With rules and lists of members. 
8vo, 8| X 5$, pp. 240, 4S- 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Dec. '25 

Classical dictionary, Smith (W., Sir). 2 is. net. 

Apr. '25 

Classical philology, Haward studies in. Vol. 25. 
6s. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Classical studies, Mackail (J. W.) 75. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Classical studies, Testimony of nations to, Kenyan 
(F. G., Sir) is. net Jan. '25 

Classical studies, Year's work in, 1923-24. 
33. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Classics, Gods of the, Mackenzie (D. A.) 25. 6d. 
net June '25 

Classics, Influence on English literature, Gold- 
mark (R. I.) i6s. net Mar. '25 

SaiiS^ (C. H.) Tell-me-why stories about 
animals. With 4 illus, by Thomas Wrenn. 
8vo, 8x5$, pp. 303, 33. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, May '25 

Claudy (C. H.) Tell-me-why stories about 
great discoveries. Illus. in col. by Thomas 
Wrenn. 8vo, 8x5$, pp. 277, 3s. 6d. net. 
HARRAP, May '25 

dSaxton (WiUiam J.) The Mastery of the air. 
Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 272, 35. 6d. net. 

BLACKIE, Aug. '25 

Clay (Bertha M.)-~ Barbara's stormy wooing. 
Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7ix 5, pp. 245, 2S. 6d. net. 
(Sandnngham lib.) R. HAYES, Oct. '25 

lay (Bertha M.) Norah Anstey's marriage. 

Cheap ed. 8vo, 8$x 5 J, pp. 122, swd. is. net, 

PEARSON, July '25 

Iay (Enid) -Sonnets and verses. 9 x 6|, pp. 
35, 155. net. .GOLDEN COCKERELL PR., Aug. '25 

Clay (John) My life on the range, gi x 6J, 
pp. 366, los. 6d. net. 

(Edinburgh) DOUGLAS & FOULIS, Jan. '25 

Clay, F&nn (E. A. H.) 6s. net May '25 

Sayj8en (Arthur W.) Cloud studies. 2nd ed., 

rev. Illus. 8vo, 8J x 5|, pp. 215, 155. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Clayhanger family, Bennett (A.) ios. 6d., 2 is. net. 

Oct. '25 

Clayton (Joseph) The Historic basis of Anglican- 
ism : a short survey of the foundations of the 
Anglican Communion. Intro, by the Very 
Rev. Fr. Bede Jarrett. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 220, 
6s. net SANDS, Mar. '25 

Clearing Office -5th annual report, is. 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Cltft-AdcSams (Julia) A Woman always knows, 
Cr, 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 316, 7s. 6d. net. 

HURST & B,, Nov. '25 
Clem, Maxwell (E.) 7s. 6d. net ...... Jan. '25 

Clergy directory and parish guide (The) : an 

alphabetical list of the clergy of the Church 

of England, 1925-26. Cr. Svo, 7| X 4 1, 

pp. 824, 6s. net J. S. PHILLIPS, May '25 

Clerical directory, Crockford's, 1925. 42$. net. 

Apr. '25 
Clerk and the planter, poems, Humphrey (M.) 

33. 6d. net . May '25 

Sffgts (Sophia) Matilda. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 

477, 7s. 6d. net . ,T. BUTTERWGRTH, June '25 
Cleveland (Elizabeth) Training the toddler. 

Cr. 8vo, 8s. 6d. net. LIPPINCOTT, Sept. '25 
Cleveland, Grover, man and statesman, McElr&y 

(R.) sis. net Oct. '25 

Clevely Sahib, Hayms (H.) as. 6cL net. 

July '25 
Clicking of Cuthbert, Wofahouse (P. G.) 3$. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Clifford (Hugh, Sir) Malayan monochromes. 

Repr. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 318, ys. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Nov. '25 

Clifford (W. G.) ("Amicable Angler ") HoEday 

angling : mainly for roach. Fcp. 8vo, 6}X4$, 

pp. 121, 2S. 6d, net G. BLES, May '25 

Clifford (Mrs. W. K,)~Mrs, Keith's crime. New 

and rev. ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 313, 73. 6d. 

net NASH & G., Feb. *%$ 


Clifi (Sidney J.) Chelsea, and other poems. 

7|X5i PP- 80, 33. net. STOCKWELL, Sept. '25 
CIifton*Shelion (A., Maj.) Lyrics and verse 

for the camp fire. i2mo, 7j X 4l> PP- 32, 

gd. net (Glasgow) J. BROWN, Feb. '25 

Clifton-Shelton (A.) The Nursery alphabet. 

Illus. by Grace Clifton-Shelton. Demy 4to, 

n| x 8 J, is. net NELSON, Sept. '25 

Chmate, Ward (R. De C.) ios. 6d. net. June '25 
Climate, Civilization and, Huntington (E.) 

235. net Feb. '25 

Climate, Evolution of, Brooks (C. E. P.) 8s. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Climax of the ages, Pearson (A.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. "25 
Cling of the clay, Hayes (M.) 73. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Clintons and others, Marshall (A.) 2s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Clinton's quest, Westerman (P. F.) 35, 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Clio, Myers (L. H.) 75. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Clio and the Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte, 
France (A.) 2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Clipped wings, Bruce (K. M.) 33. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Clipper of the clouds, Verne (J.) is. 8d. 

Mar. '25 

Cluck almanack for 1926 (The Original). In the 
Yorkshire dialect. Founded by John Hartley, 
Written by Walter Hampson. Cr. 8vo. 
7^X5, pp. 112, swd. 6d. net. 

(Idle, Bradford) WATMOUGHS, Oct. '25 

Clockmakers, North Country, Reid (C. L.) 35. 6d. 
net Nov. '25 

Clockmaking : past and present, Gordon (G. F. C.) 
i6s. net Jan. '25 

Cloistered Virtue, Eustace (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

June '25 

!opSter (Glover H.) Method* in surgery. 8vo, 
145. net KIMPTON, Sept. '25 

Close (Evelyne) When aloes bloom. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 312, 73. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Apr. '25 

Close (Upton) -In the land of the Laughing 
Buddha : the adventures of an American 
barbarian in China. Illus. 8vo, <) X 6, 
pp. 383, 173. 6d. net PUTNAM, Jan. '25 

Close finish, Fraser (J. C.) as. net Feb. '25 

Close of day, poems, Fairbairn (R. M.) is. net. 

Feb. '25 

Close Rolls (Calendar of) -Richard II. Vol. 5, 
1392-1396. 553. net. (Record Office). 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Closed all night, Morand (P.) 75. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Closed door, Pmga (M.) [play]. 3$. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Closet of beauty (The). By N. H. 73rxs|, pp. 
32, 2S. 6d. net. 
(Fair Oak, Hants) A. W. MATHEWS, Sept. '25 

Clothier (Ethel M.)- Household costing. Hvo, 
swd. 2s. net PITMAN, Mar. '25 

Cloud cuckoo land, Mitchison (N.) 7$. Cxi. net. 

Nov. *35 

Cloud studies, Claydcn (A. W.) iss. net. Oct. '25 

Clough (E. Smith-). See Smith-dough. 

Clough (W. T.) and Duustau (E. A.)-~Iietneutary 
experimental science. Part i General, Physics, 
mechanics, heat, by W. T. Clough, Rev, and 
enl. ed. Illus. Cr. 8vo 7|X5, pp 184, 35. 
(Methuen*s junior school books). 

METHXJEN, Feb. ^25 

Ctough (W. T.) and Dunstan (E. A.) Elemen- 
tary experimental science, Pt, 2, Chemistry ; 
by E. A. Dunstaa. Jiius. Rev, and enl. ed, 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 127, 2&. 6d, (Metkutn's 
junior school books}. ...... .METHUEN, Feb* '25 

Clover (Reginald C.) Ancient Egypt ; outline of 
history, from the earliest ages to Dynasty xxx. 
Illus. 12010, 7j X 4 1, |>p. 64, is. 6d. net ; 
swd., is. net SHELDON PR,, July '25 

Clover, Red, Breeding of, Williams (R. D,) 
3S. 6d. net. ,..,,... .June *5 




CSOW (W. M., Rev.) The Five portraits of Jesus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 271, 6s. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
Clown, Disher (M. W.) 33. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Clowns and pantomimes, Disher (M. W.) 423. 
net Sept. '25 

Clubfoot the avenger, Williams (V.) 2S. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Clubs, English, List of, 1925. ys. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Clue in the air, Ostrander (I.) 2s. net. . . May '25 

Clue to life, sermons, Brinton (P. R.) 2S. net. 

May '25 
Clues, Racker (A. T.) is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Clung, Brand (M.) 25. net Oct. '25 

Glutton- Brock (A.) Essays on life. Intro, by 
J. L. Hammond. i2mo, 7x4!, pp. 192, 6s. 

net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Coach and sedan. Repr. from the ed. of 1636. 
Ed. limited to 625 numbered copies. Roy. 
8vo, 9&x6f, 7s. 6d. net; ed. limited to 75 
copies, 9fX7, vellum, 253. net. (Haslewood 
books.) F. ETCHELS & H. MACDONALD, Apr. '25 
Goad (N. E.)- The Dominion (N.Z.) Civics. 
Illus, 8vo, 7|-X4|, 33. 6d. net. 

WHITCOMBE &T., Jan. '25 
Coal and civilisation, Jeffrey (E. C.) los. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Coal and iron, Margne (W.) is. net. . .July '25 
Coal industry, Shurick (A. T.) IDS, 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Coal industry, Capitalist combination in, 

Williams (D. J.) 6s. net Dec. '24 

Coal into oils, Conversion of, Fischer (F.) 365. 

net May '25 

oai Mining Industry Dispute, 1925 Report 
by Court of Inquiry. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Coal mining, Modern practice of, Redmayne 
(R. A. S., Sir) 2 vols., ea. los. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Coal, Other story of, Jones (T. J. P.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

oaS tables, 1924 : statistical tables relating to 
production, consumption and imports and 
exports in Brit. Empire and principal foreign 
countries in recent years, is. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Coal tar products, Industrial applications of, 
Bunbury (H. M.) and Davidson (A.) 425. nt. 

Sept. '25 
Coal trade, Future of the, George (G.) is. net. 

May '25 

Coal. See also under Fuel Research Board. 
Coast of folly, Dawson (C.) 2s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

oaten (Arthur W.) ed. Famous horses of the 
British turf. Vol. 2, 1925, An illustrated 
review of racing in Great Britain in 1924. Ed. 
limited to 1,000 numbered copies. Roy. 4to, 
i2 X 10, pp. 125, 303. net. .NASH & G., Apr. '25 
oates (J. R., Rev.) What Presbyterians think : 
a review of the Xllth Council of the Alliance 
of the Reformed Churches holding the Presby- 
terian system, 1925. 9! X 3$, pp. 35, is. net. 
*' WESTERN MAIL," Aug. '25 
Goats (M. A.) -Children's stories. 7i x 5, 

pp. 23, is. 6d. net STOCKWELL, Nov. '25 

Goats (M. A.)- Molly the flower girl. 6^x5, 
pp. 44, 2S. 6d. 

(Bristol.) HORSESHOE PUBG. Co., July '25 

Coats (Victoria T.) David Charters, engineer, 

doctor and missionary. 53 net .... Feb. '25 

Gotsto (Chester Francis) Mr. Mofiatt. Cr. Svo, 

7i X 5, PP. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Nov. '25 

Cobb (Elijah), 1768-1848 : a Cape Cod skipper. 
Foreword by Ralph D. Paine. With frontis. 
8vo, 8J: X 5$-, pp. 121, 73. net. 

MILFQRD, Dec. '25 

Cobii (Thomas) Joanna sets to work. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 220, 7s. 6d, net. 

S. PAUL, May '25 


Cobbttt (William) Rural rides. Fcp. Svo, 
6i x 4^, pp. 570, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's 
Classics] NELSON, July '25 

Cobbett, William, Life of, Cole (G. D. H.) 135. 
net Jan. '25 

Cobbler's shop, Forrest (C.) (play.) is. net. 

Jan. '25 

Cobbler's wax, Thomas (F. W.) 33. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Cobweb, Tuttle (M.) 73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Coeltraw (Charles B.) The Secrets of a showman. 
Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 456, 253. net. 

HEINEHANN, Oct. '25 

CocSiran (J. A.) A School history of science. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 144, 2S. 6d. net. 

E. ARNOLD, July '25 

Cochrane (William A.). See Wilson (P. D.) and 

Cock Hall boggart, Ormerod (F.) as. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Cock of the walk, Putting (J. K.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Goekburn (John) Tenement : a novel of Glasgow 
life. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 
W. BLACKWOOD, Apr. '25 

Cocker (J., Rev.) The Date boy of Baghdad: 
thirty-five story talks to young people. Fore- 
word by Sir Robert Stout. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 

pp. 238, 53. net ALLENSON, Sept. '25 

(F. A.) Studies in St. Paul, ismo, 

fj pp. 63, swd. gd. net. 


Cocking (Walter Cyril) The Calculations for 
steel frame structures designed to comply 
with the requirements of the L.C.C. (General 
Powers) Act, 1909. With notes on the appli- 
cation of theory to practical design. 2nd rev. 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 316, los. 6d. net. 
(Broadway engineering handbks.) 


Cockle (Ernest) Cases and statutes of the law of 
evidence. 4th ed., by S. L. Phipson. Svo, 
1 8s. 6d. net SWEET & M., Apr. '25 

Cockran (William Bourke) In the name of 
liberty : selected addresses. With portrait. 
Roy. Svo, 9i x 6J, pp. 419, 2is. net. 

PUTNAMS, Dec. '25 

Cocktails, Harry's ABC of mixing. 2S. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Coeieau (Jean)- The Grand Ecart. Trans, from 
the French by Lewis Galantiere. Cr. Svo, 
7$ x 5, pp. 155, 53. net PUTNAM'S, Dec. '25 

Cocfeau (Jean) Thomas the imposter : a story, 
Trans, from the French, with an intro. by 
Lewis Galantiere. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5> PP- l66 
53. net APPLETON, Mar. '25 

Cofifl (Mortimer A,) Electric wiring diagrams 
for motor vehicles. 2nd ed., rev. Roy. Svo, 
10 X 6|, pp. 155, 33. 6d. net. .SPON, Mar. '25 

Codd (Mortimer A.) Electrical ignition for 
internal combustion engines. 2nd ed. New 
impr, I2mo, 7i X 4|, pp. 172, is. 6d. net. 

SPON, Feb. '25 

Code of the storm-coast, Pitt (C.) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Coded limericks, Dickson (S. B.) 53. net. Oct. '25 

Codrington (H. W.) Ceylon coins and currency 
With 7 plates. (Memoirs of Colombo Museum.) 
Sm folio, pp. 290, swd., 135. 6d. 

(Colombo) LUZAC, Nov. '25 

Coe (Fanny E,) Stories to read and to tell : for 
little ones of nine and ten. Illus. by Eileen 
Robinson. Cr. Svo, 7|X5i, pp. 192, 4$. 6d. 
net. (Story-teller's ser.)... HARRAP, Jan. '25 

Coffey (Thomas) In South American waters : 
O'Higgins and the freedom of Chile. Illus. 
Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 72, as. 6d. net. 

M. H. GILL, Apr. '25 

CoffSgilier (C.) Colours and varnishes. Trans, 
from the French by A. Harvey. With 31 
illus. and diags. Svo, 8| x 5$, pp. 267, 
I2s. 6d. net SCOTT, GREENWOOD, Mar. '25 

Coffin (Robert P. Tristram) Book of crowns 
and cottages. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9! X 7i 
pp. 196, us. 6d. net MILFORD, Dec. '25 





Off man {Ramon} The Child's story of the 
human race. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9^x7, pp. 
478, las. 6d. net J. CAPE, Oct. '25 

Cohan (George M.) Twenty years of Broad- 
way, and the years it took to get there : the 
true story of a trouper's life from the cradle 
to the " closed shop." Illus. 8vo, 8| X 5$, 
pp. 272, I2S. 6d. net.. ..HARPERS, Apr, '25 

often (Gustave) Le Livre de conduite du 
Regisseur et le Compte des Depenses pour le 
Mystere de la Passion, joue a Monsen 1501 : 
Roy. 8vo, swd., 285. net, (Pubns. de la Faculte 
des Lettres de L'Unii)*, Strasbourg) . 

MILFORD, July '25 

Cohen (Israel) The Journal of a Jewish traveller. 
With 31 ilhis. and a map. 8vo, gxsf, pp. 304, 
153* net LAKE, Feb. '25 

Cohen (Julius B.) and Ruston (Arthur G.) 
Smoke : a study of town air. New enl. ed. 
Demy Svo, 8| X 5 J, pp. 120, 8s. 6d. net. 

E. ARNOLD, July '25 

ohen (Louis) Napoleonic anecdotes/ With 
port. Svo, 8 x s, pp. 320, 125. 6d. net. 
R. HOLDEN, Nov. '&5 

Cohen (Octavus Roy) Sunclouds. Cr. Svo, 
7&X5, pp. 3i9 7s. 6d. net... 

HODDER & S., May '25 

Coins : Becker the counterfeiter, Hill (G. F.) 
Pt. i. i2S. net Jan. '25 

Coins, Ceylon, Codrington (H. W.) 135. 6d. 

Nov. '25 

Coins, Chinese, Common, Watson (J. G.) as. 6d. 

Jan. '25 

Coins, Greek, Weber collection, Power (L.) 
Vol. 2. 638. net Jan. '25 

Coins, Sasanian, Paruck (F. D. J,) ioos, Jan. *25 

Colt (Charles Wheeler) The Royal martyr. 
Illus. 8vo, 9 x 5f, pp. 446, IDS. 6d. net. 

SELWYN & B., /a* '25 

Coke (Desmond) The Bending of a twig. With 
frontis. Cr. Svo, 7$ x 5, pp. 350, 25. 6d. net. 
(Boy's new lib.) MILFORD, May '25 

Ooke (Desmond) -The House prefect. With 
frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 311, 2$. 6d. net, 
(Boy's new lib.) MILFORD, May '25 

Coke (Percival H.)What you will: verse. 
9x7, pp, 24. is. net 

(Leeds.) SWAN PR., Sept. '25 

Coke (Richard) The Heart of the Middle East. 
Illus. 8vo, gx 5 1, pp. 320, 1 8s. net. 

T. BtmrimwoRTH, May '25 

Coke (Zachary)-The Early diagnosis of the acute 
abdomen. 3rd ed. 8vo, IDS. 6d. net. 

' MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Colcord (Joanna Ci) ed. Roll and go : songs 
of American sailonnen. Illus, Key. 8vo, 
9l x 6J, pp. 142, sis. net. 

1 t ' * HEATH, CR ANTON, Septl *2S 

Cold sweets, Eceton (Mjts.) 35. 6d. net. May *&s 

Colds:' cause, treatment, etc., Cecil (R L.) 
48. 6d. net .'.June '25 

Coldstream Guards, Early history of the, Dairies 
'(G.) -28s. net ,p e b. '25 

C$I (Alan) The Brig " Audacious.*' With 
frontis, i2mo, 7x4!, pp. 223, is. 6cL net. 
(Lib. for boys and gw/$.). .BLAGKIE, Sept. '25 

I (G. D. H.) The Life of William Cobbett 
With a chapter on " Rural rides, Jt by the late 
F. E. Green. With port. 8vo, 9x6, pp, 4,68, 
13$, net, ...,*... COLLINS, Ja^. '25 

tI (G. D. H.) Robert Owen, With femtk 
8vo 3% 9X5i pp. 267, 158. net. (Curiosities in 
poktocs} BENN, Apr. *25 

Hofe (G. D. H.) A Short history of the British 
working class movement, 1789^1925* ,Vol. i. 
1789-1848. 8vo, 8|X5i PP. 192, 6s net 

AWLEN 4 U, Dec. '25 

ole (G. D. H. and Margaret) The Death of a 
millionaire. Cr, SVQ, 7|X;5, pp. 364, 73, 6d. 

^ act , COLLIKS, Utof* *25 

CoSt (GrenvUk A. J.) The CbanfftM Earth: 
an introduction to the recprd of the rocls* 
Repr, i2mp, 7X4i pp. 235, ss. 6d. 
&bU books in natural 


01 (Grenville A. J.) and Hallissy (T.) Hand- 
book of the geology of Ireland. Pref, by John 
W. Evans. Roy. Svo, 10x7, pp. 90, 8s. 6d. 
net T. MURBY, Mar. '25 

Col* (M. D.) Those who destroy. Cr. Svo, 
71 x 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 


le (Sanford D.) The Hague Rules explained" : 
being the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, 1924,, 
with intro., notes and appendices. 2nd. ed., 
rev. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 160, 6s. net. 

E, WILSON, Oct. '25 

!e (Sanford D.) The Law of charters and bills 
of lading shortly explained. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 
pp. 142, 43. net E. WILSON, Nov. '25 

le (Sophie) Fate knocks at the door. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 288, 35. 6d, net, 

MILLS & B,, Oct. '25 

6!@ (Sophie) The 1 Lure of London Town. 
(London vignettes.) With 4 illus. Cr. Svo, 
7|X5, pp. 158, 55. net. MILLS & B. S^. '25 

Cole (Sophie) Mirage House. Cr. 8vo, ?k x 5, 
pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net MILLS & B., Sept. '25 

C8 (Sophie) Money isn't everything. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo 7i x 5, pp. 282, 39. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Mar. '35 

f (Sophie )-Othet people's secrets. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7& X 5, pp. 283, 35. 6d. net 

Mitts & B., Apr. '25 

Colt (Sophie) Passing footsteps. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. -188, 33. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Jan. '25 
Cole (Sophie) The Toy maker. Cr. Svo, 7fr x 5, 

PP- 255, 73, 6d net MILLS & B., Apr. '25 

Coleridge (Bernard Lord) This for remembrance 
With port. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 281, 153, net. 

UNWIN, Jan. '25 

Coltritfto (Bernard Lord)- This for remembrance. 
With port. 2nd imp., Svo, 9 x 5f > pp. 281, 155. 

net UNWIN, May '525 

Coleridge (Hartley) Essays on parties in poetry 
and on the character of Hamlet. Intro, by 
John Drinkwater. i2mo, 7 x 44, pp. 60, 
as. 6d. net. (Little i$th century classics). 

BLACKWELL, Mar. '25 

Coleriilga (Samuel Taylor) Poetry and prose. 
With essays by Hazlitt, Jeffrey, De Quiucey, 
Carlyle and others. Intro, and Notes by 
H. W. Garrod, With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7$X5, 

pp. 204, 3. (kl. uet MILPORD, AUK. ' 25 

Coleridge at Highgate, Watson (L. E,) xos. 6d. 

net I , Nw. '25 

Coleridgej Samuel Taylor, Tfottl (H. D,) 35. 6d. 

net , ..*,.... /wly '25 

Coleridge, Wordsworth and. 3$. 6d, net, Stpt* '25 
Coltridgt (Stephea, Hon.)- Digressions. Cr 
pp. I5> 5. i^t. 

Mitts & B., Oct. "2$ 
(Stephen, Hon.) Quiet hours in 
Poets' Corner. With frontis. Cr, Bvo, 7|x 5, 
pp. 131, 4S, net ..*,. MILLS & li> June '35 

Coies (Arthur) Company accounts : a complete 

practical manual for the use of officials in 
limited companies and advanced students* 
Pref. by Charles Cornins. 3rd rev, arid en'l. etl, 
8vo 8|X5|, pp. 440, 73, 6d. net. 

PITMAN, Stpt. '25 

Col*t (K. Adlard) -In broken water : the adven- 
tures of a six-tonner through Holland an<i 
among the Frisian and Danish Islands, With 
frontfe, and 3 illus. by L. M. Coles, together 
with 25 other illus. and a sketch charts, Svo, 
&lX5ib PP* 182, 8s. 6d. net, 


Colt's Fun doctor: the funniest book in the 

world, xst and and ser, Cr, Svo, ?i x 5, pp. 

512, ea, 3$, 6d. net . . . WARNE, Feb. ^25 

Colette, Noroc (T. de) ?s, 6d. net. .... *Apr. '25 

COlin, Bmsm (E, F.) as. 6d. net Jan. *s 

Colin II, Bmsom 05. F.) 7$. 6ct net .>Av$* *as 

Colin the Swiit, 'Btereto* (F. S.) 55. net* Od. 'as 

Csimdal (Hany) They want their wages : a 

novel. Cr. Svo, 7ix 5, pp. $ao, 7*. W, net. 

FABER & G., Nov. '25 





Collapse of Christianity, sermons, Miller (J., Rev.) 

2S. net Aug. '25 

Collard (Lorna K.) The Uncharted coast: 

poems. Pref. "by Walter De La Mare. 7iX5f, 

pp. 39, 2S. 6d. net. (Leeds.) SWAN PR., Jan. '25 

Collected meditations, Randolph (B. W,, Rev.) 

5S. net Oct. '25 

Collecting, Lure of amateur, Dexter (G. B.) 

los. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Collective spirit, Cavling (V.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Collectivist economics, Smith (J. H.) 8s. 6d. 

net July '25 

College and State, Wilson (W.) Mar. '2 5 
College Entrance Exam. Board, Marking system 

of, Hopkins (L. T.) 2S. 6d. net June '25 

ulStr (Frank H.) A State trading adventure. 
8vo, 9x5!, pp. 372, I2S. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '25 

ColSett (Henry) Little Gidding and its 
founder : an account of the religious community 
established by Nicholas Ferrar in the seven- 
teeth century. 4 illus. Or. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 64, 

is. net S.P.C.K., July '25 

Collett (T. W.) Consuela of Raffell, and other 
poems. 8^x5^, t>p. So, 2s. 6d. net. 

(Leeds), SWAN PR., May' 25 
Colliery year book and coal trades directory, 
1925. (3rd year.) 8f xsf, pp. 984, 2is. net. 

L. GASSIER, Apr. '25 

Callings (George) A Practical treatise on hand- 
railing : to which is added a treatise on stair- 
building. With plates and diags. 7th imp. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 132, 33. 6d. net. 

LOCKWOOD, Feb. '25 

Ceilings (George) Roof carpentry : practical 
lessons in the framing of wood roofs. Illus. 
with diags. 6th imp. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 160, 

as. 6d. net C. LOCKWOOD, Feb. '25 

8SSngwooJ (Harry) The Castaways. , Fcp. 
8vo, 6|X4i, pp. 320, is. 6d. net. (Boy's 

pocket lib.) MILFORD, May '25 

Collingwood (Harry) In search of El Dorado. 
Illus. Repr. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 35. 6d. 

net Low, Apr. *25 

Collingwood (Harry). See also Lancaster (P.) 

and Collingwood. 

ColllngwooiS (R. G.) Outlines of a philosophy of 
art. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 104, 2S. 6d. net. 

(W orld's manuals) MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Collingwood (W. G.) Lake District history. 
8x5$, pp. 183, 5s. net. 

JKendal.) T, WILSON, June '25 
Collins (Dale) The Haven : a chronicle. Cr. 
8vo, 7^X5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN,, Sept. '25 

Collins (Dale) Ordeal : a novel. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 310, 33. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Apr. '25 

Collins (E. Treacher) and Mayou (M. Stephen) 
Pathology and bacteriology of the eye. Roy. 

8vo, 42S, net HEINEMANN, May '25 

Collins (Frank Lakeman) Reversions and life 
interests. 9 x si PP- 85, 6s. net. 

C. & E. LAYTON, Oct. '25 

Collins (Gilbert) Extreme Oriental mixture. 

With 20 illlus. and a map. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 

280, los. 6d. net METHUEN, June '25 

Collins (Gilbert) The Starkenden quest. Cr. 
8vo, 7&X5, pp. 316, 7s. 6d. n'et. 

DUCKWORTH, Jan. '25 
Collins (H. P.) Modern poetry, Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, 

pp, 224, 6s. net 1 J. CAPE, Oct. '25 

Collins (Mary) Colour blindness : with a com- 
parison of different methods of testing colour 
blindness. Intro, by James Drever. (Inter" 
not. lib. of Psychology, Philosophy^ etc.) 8vo, 
iX5f pp. 269, MS. 6d. net. 

K. PAUL, May '25 

Collins (Vamum L.)~President Witherspoon: 
a biography. 2 vols, Roy, 8vo, 35s. net. 

MILFORD, June '25 

CoHins (WUkie) The Moonstone: a romance. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4i, pp. 457, *s. 6d, net. 
(Nelson's classics) NELSON, Feb. '25 


Collins (Wilkie) The Moonstone : a romance. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 500, ss. 6d. net. {Standard 

fiction lib.) HARRAP, Feb. '25 

Collins (Wilkie) The Woman in white. Cheap 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 377, as. 6d. net. 

(Sandringham lib.) R. HAYES, Oct. '25 

Collins* Adventure annual : stories and articles 

by Dr. Arthur, Browning, etc. Illus., in coL 

illus. Roy. 8vo, 9x7, 53. net. 

COLLINS, Sept. '25 
Collins* Children's annual. Illus. Demy 4to, 

ixfcx 8f, pp. 184, 55. net. . .COLLINS, Sept. '25 
CoSSins 9 Cross-word dictionary : 30,000 words. 

Illus. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4i, pp. 288, 7d. net. 

COLLINS, Apr. '25 
Collins" Fairy folks' annual. Illus. Cr. 4to, 

io|x8|, pp. 160, 55. net... COLLINS, Sept. '25 
Collins* Painting annual. Illus. Demy 4to, 

ii J x 8|, 55. net COLLINS, Sept. '25 

Collins Schoolboys' annual. Ilius. Roy. 8vo, 

9x7, pp. 256, 55. net COLLINS, Sept. '25 

Collins 1 Schoolgirls* annual. Illus. Cr. 4to, 

io|X7f, pp. 255, 5s. net. . .COLLINS, Sept. '25 
Collinson (T. H.) Religion is true. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 71, 3s. net. 

C. W. DANIEL Co., Feb. '25 
CoS9i (J. S. ) Bernard Shaw. Cr. 8vo, 7f X5 

pp. 192, 5s. net J. CAPE, June '25 

Collisions on land, Law of, Roberts (R. 0.) and 

Gibb (A. D.) 155. net Apr. '25 

Coliotil (C.) (Carlo Lorenzini) Pinocchio i t the 

story of a puppet. Illus. in col. by Maria L. 

Kirk. Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 234, 4. 6d. net. 

LJPPINCOTT, Sept. '25 
Colloid chemistry, Alexander (J.) 95. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 ' 
Colloid chemistry, Elem., Hatschek (E,) 75. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Colloid chemistry, Foundations of, Hatschek 

(E.) 1 8s. net 'Mar. '25 

Colloids, Physics and chemistry of, Hatschek 

(E.) 75. 6d. net , Oct. '25 

Collins (J. B.) ed. Sixty indoor games for 

Scouts. i2mo, 6 x 4!, pp. 44 swd., 6d net. 

J. BROWN, Apr. '25 

Cblman (Edna M.) Seventy-five years of White 

House gossip : From Washington to Lincoln. 

Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9^X6$, pp. 346, 2 is. net. 

T. W. LAURIE, Sept. '25 
Colmr (Joyce) Rosemary to the rescue. Illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 320, 33. 6d. net. (Premier 

rewards) JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Colombia Commercial and economic situation. 

May, 1925. as. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Colombia, land of miracles, Miles (B.) i8s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Colonels, Bateman (H. M.) los. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Colonial Office list, 1925 : historical and statistical 

information respecting the Oversea Dominions 

and Colonial Dependencies of Great Britain, 

etc. With maps. 8vo, 8f X5&, pp. 904, 35s. 

net WATERLOW, May '25 

Colonial Survey Ctte.Report, 1914-1923- 

2S. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Colophons of the Iliad and Odyssey, Margoliouth 

(D. S.) is. net , " Nov. '25 

Colorado : Down the Grand Canyon, Freeman 

(L. R.) 253. net Jan. '25 

Colour, Art of, Jacob (M.) 305, net Sept. '25 

Coloui blindness, Collins (M.) iss. 6d. net. 

May *2 5 

Colour, Form and, Phittipps (L. M.) los. netj < 

Mar. '25 
Colour, Menace of [racial], Gregory (J. W.) 

I2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Colour mixing and paint work, Cary (D. F.) 

25. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Colour prints of Hiroshige, Strange (E. F.) 

633., 1055. net Aug. '25 

Colouring of metals, Chemical, Field (S.) and 

Bonney (S. R.) los. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Colours and varnishes, Coffignier (C.) I2S. 6d. 

net '. '..- Mar. '25 





Colours, Science of, and painting-, Eoigey (M.) 
7s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

BepSiyn (Betty) Goose feathers. 7^x5, 
pp. 55, 2S. 6d. net STOCKWELL, Apr. '25 

Colston, Edward : suppl. to " Life and work," 
Wilkins (H. J.) as. net Oct. '25 

oltSiprst (Ida) Familiar flowering trees in 
India. Cr. 8vo, 93. net . . THACKER, Jan. '25 

dltim (Padraic) The Bright islands. Illus. by 
Juliette May Fraser. (Tales and legends of 
Hawaii. Vol. 2.) Roy. 8vo, gl X 6J, pp. 247, 
us. 6d. net MILFORD, Dec. '25 

Columbia University : Teachers' College : 
Educational year bk., 1924. 123. 6d. net. 

July '25 

0!nmlJUS (Christopher)- The Journal of his 
first voyage to America. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, 
pp. 259, i2S. 6d. net JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Columbus : poem, Ensor (R. C. K.) 53. net. 

May '25 

CoSvcr (Alice Ross) The Dear pretender. Cr. 
8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 317, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Apr, '25 

Colville (James, Rev.) The Christian optimist. 
I2rno, 7 X 4.J, pp. 188, 33. 6d. net. 

" T '> HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Colville (Kathleen) Mr. Marionette. With 

drawings by Albert Rutherston. Roy. Svo, 

8i X 6ijr, pp. 73, 53. net ; Ed. limited to 50 

numbered copies, signed by artist, zos. 6d. net. 

CHATTO & W., Sept. '25 

Coiviti (Ian D.) South Africa. 12 col. drawings 
by G. S. Smith and J. S. Skelton. Roy. 8vo, 
8 X 5}, pp. 342, 5S. net. (Romance of Empire 
ser.) JACK, Mar. '25 

Colvin (Sidney) John Keats. New pocket ed. 
i2mo, 7X4|, pp. 252, ss 6d. net. (English 
men of letters] MACMILLAN, July '25 

CoSviif (Sidney) Walter Savage Landor. New 
pocket ed. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 237, ss. 6d. net. 
(English men of letters). . . MACMILLAN, July '25 

Colder (Muriel) The Surprises ot' a King. Cr, 
8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 157, 35. 6d. net. 

OUSELEY, Mar. '25 

Syer (W. T.) Americanism : a world menace. 
Pref. by Tom Maim. Cheap ed. 12 mo 
7i x 4 1, pp. 176, swd. 2S. 6d. net. 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., Mar. '25 

Combustion and atmosphere and relation to 
disease, Sinclair (W. V.) as. net June '25 

Combustion, Theory and practice of, Lister (J. E.) 
and Harris (C. H.) 6s. net June '25 

Come-back, Crawford (M. D. C.) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Come unto Me. Cr. Svo, swd., 6d. net. 

FAITH PR., Apr, '25 

Comedies, Congreve (W.) as. net Sept. '2$ 

Comedy of the man who married a dumb wife, 
France (A.) as. net Mar. '25 

Comedy royal in four acts, Phillpotts (E.) 2 is. 
net ..... Feb. '25 

Comely lass, Moult (T.) 33. 6d. net. .Apr. '25 

Comers down the wind : play, Allen (P.) as. 6d. 

net July '25 

Comfort for all, Marshall (F.) as. net. .Sept. '25 

Comic characters, English, Priestley (J, B.) 

7S. 6d Apr. '25 

Comic characters, English, Priestley (J. B.) sis. 

net May '25 

Comic muse, Squire (J. C.) 6s., 8s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Comic spirit in restoration drama, Perry (H. T. E.) 

9s. net June '25 

Corning of Bill, Wodehouse (P. G.) 2S. 6d. net, 

OcL *25 
Coining of the Moon : verse, Liddell (E. M.) 

6s. net .Sept. '25 

Coming : play, Lawson (McE.) is. net . *Nou. '25 
Commandments ; King's highway, Newton (R 

Rev.) 2S, net ..,.,. Oct. '25 

Commandments of men, Moore (W. H.) 6s, 6d. 

net ...... * Nov. '25 

Commentaries, Caesar (Edit, by Moberley.) 

55, ; in 2 pts., ea. 35 Sept. '25 


Commerce and business, Copland (D. B.) is. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Commerce, Elements of, Clark (M.) 2S. 6d. 

July '25 

Commerce, Geography of, Rutter (W. P.) 53. net. 

Aug. '25 
Commerce, International, and economic theory, 

Geale (R. G.) 6s. net July '25 

Commerce of U.S., Hist, of, Day (C.) 8s. 6d. 

net May '25 

Commercial arbitrations, Bacon (R. S.) 8s. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Commercial atlas of the world, Pitman's 55. net 

Jan. '25 

Commercial credit risks, Swain (A. H.) 53. net. 

July '25 
Commercial do's and dont's, Caddick (D. W.) 

2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Commercial geography, Handbk. of, Chisholm 

(G. G.) 253. net , Mar. '25 

Commercial law, Intro, to, Tillyard (F.) and 

Potter (H.) los. 6d. net June '25 

Commercial management, Boiling (C. L.) IDS. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Commercial side of literature, Joseph (M.) 73. 6d 

net July '25 

Commercial tomato culture. 8vo, 8J x sj, 

pp. 48, 2S. 6d. net BENN, Oct. '25 

Commercial Traveller My litterary adventures. 

35. 6d. net , May '25 

Commercial treaties, etc., between Great Britain 

and foreign powers : handbook. $rd ed., 1925. 

(Foreign Office) H.M.S.O,, Feb. '25 

Commercial year-book of the Soviet Union, 

1925. Compiled and edit, by Louis Segal 

and A. A. Santalov. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 452, 

6s. net ALLEN & U., Mar. '25 

Committee procedure, Lambourn (E. 0.) as. 

net Dec, '25 

Commodity market- terms, Maughan (C.) xos. 6d, 

net Nov. *2 

Co mm on examination for entrance to public 
schools, Repr. of selected papers, November, 
I9i6-June, 1925. 8vo, 8 X 5^, pp. 386, 4s. 6d. 
net (Winchester) WARREN, Nov. '25 

Common reader, Woolf (V.) 123. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Common reader, Woolf (V.) 73. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Common-sense and the Muses, Graham (IX) iss. 
net Apr. '25 

Commons (House of). See under Parliament. 

Communications, Imperial, Some aspects of 
Wakety (A. V. T.) 95. net Jan, '25 

Communion addresses by representative 
preachers, North (F. J.) 53. net. , . . . Apr. '35 

Communion, Faculty of, Lyttelton (E.) 43. 6d, 
net May '25 

Communion, Holy, Mitchell (A.) is. net Jan, "25 

Communion, Holy, an essential part of Atone- 
ment, Peacock (A, B,) 33. 6d. net. . . Apr, '25 
Communion of life, Fry (J. M.) is. 6d. net, 

Feb. '25 
Communion ; Our Passover, Jefferson (S., Rev.) 

3s. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Communion with Jesus, Roseveare (Canon), 

as. net , , Feb. '25 

Conam unions, Our; sermons, Passmore (T. H., 

Rev,). 33. 6d, net , Mar* '25 

Communism, England *s fight against, Clark 

(C.) as. not Sept. '25 

Communist movement, $h$well (A.) is. net. 

Oct. '25 
Companies Acts, 19081917, Hewwwnt (D. G.) 

los. net , Jan. '35 

Companies, Joint stock, Gore-Browm (F., Sir) 

175. 6<L net Qct, '25 

Companies, Joint stock, Secretary *$ manual, 

H&ydon, (T. E.) and Garnsey (G., Sir) 7s. 6d. 

net . * * % Aug, *25 

Companies, Limited liability, Ashworih (R.) 

IQS. 6d. net , May *5 

Companies of London, Gilds and, Unmin (G.) 

159. net . , * June '25 





Companies, Private, Palmer (F. B., Sir), is. 6d. 

_ net Feb. '25 

Companies, Private limited, French law, Pelkrin 

(P.) 55, net / M ^ d 25 

Companies, Statutory, Sutchffe (R. J.) 75, 6d. 

ne * <4r. '25 

mpanses 34th general annual report, 1924. 

{Board of Trade.) is. net. .H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 
tSompastlora annual (The) : interesting stories, 

articles and pictures for "boys and girls. Cr. 

4to, 10 X 7i, pp. 388, 5s. net. . . R.T.S., Sept. '25 
Company accounts, Cotes (A.) 75. 6d. net. 

Company law and practice, Jordan (H. *W.) 
and Borrie (S.) 7s. 6d. net May '25 

Company law, Questions and answers on, 
Fortune (C. W.) and Matheson (D. R.) 5 s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Company tables, Burke' s } 1925. los. net. 

May '25 

Compleat angler, Walton (I.) and Cotton (C.) 
is. 6d. net July '25 

itiplet course in English grammar and com- 
position for Senior classes, ismo, 7| x 4f, 
pp. 200, is. gd. net ..OLIVER & B., Feb. '25 

oiwplete guide to military map reading. 
Numerous exercises. Illus. 7th ed., rev. and 
enl. i2mo, 7 x 4f, pp. 142, 35. 6d. net. 

GALE & P., Sept. '25 

Composers, Contemporary British, Holbrooke (J.) 
i5s. net May '25 

Composers, Early Tudor, Flood (W. H. G.) 6s. 
net Apr. '25 

Composers, English church, Barrett (W. A.) 2S. 6d. 
net Aug. '25 

Composers, Story lives of great, Reed (E. M. G.) 
Vol. i. 2S. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Composition, Class bk. of, Evans's. Standards 
5> 6, 7. 3d June '25 

Composition, New course of, Cruse (A.) is, 6d. 
net July '25 

Composition, Progressive, Perry (F. M.) 53. 
net Mar . '25 

Composition : Sentences and thinking, Foerster 
(N.) and Steadman (J. M.) 6s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Compositor should know, What a, Slater (W. H.) 
Pt. 3, 4S. 6d. net - Dec. '25 

Compressed air and its machinery, Plummer 
(T. H.) IGS June '25 

Compromises of litigation, etc,, Law relating to, 
Edwards (W. R.) and Watmough (F. C.) 
173. 6d. net Apr. '25 

OHBpton (J.) ed. Open sesame : a collection of 
poems and rhymes for children. Cr. 8vo, 
Complete, 25. ; 3 parts, limp, ea. lod. ; 3 parts, 
swd., ea. 8d METHUEN, July, Sep. '25 

Gomptoit (J,) ed. The Queen's treasures book of 
verse. With frontis. i2mo, 7^X4!, pp. 208, 
35, 6d. net BELL, Oct. '25 

Comjiton (J.) A Systematic course of precis- 
writing. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 174, 2S. 6d. 

HARRAP, Apr. '25 

Compton-Rfokott (Arthur) A Primer of English 
literature. Illus. Fcp. 8vo, 6 x 4^, pp. 
208, is. gd. (Teaching of English ser.} 

NELSON, June '35 

Compton-Rickett (Arthur) A Primer of English 
literature. i8mo, 6|X4i, pp. 208, 25. net. 
(Nelson's English ser,) ... .NELSON, July '25 

omstock (Harriet T.) Joyce of the North woods. 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 71X4&, pp. 319, 23. net. 

HODDER &S.,May'25 

Comsiodc (Harriet T.) Smothered fires. Cr. 
8vo, 7^X5, pp. 306, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDEJR & S., May '25 

Gemygt-PIait (T., Sir) By mail and messenger. 
Demy 8vo, 9x6, pp. 296, los. 6d. net. 

CONSTABLE, July '25 

oncannon (Mrs. Thomas) Defenders of the 
ford ; pages from the annals of the boys of 
Ireland from the earliest ages down to 1798. 
Cr, 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 296, 6s. net. 

M. H. GILL, Apr . '25 


Concept of control, Elk-us (S. A.) 23. net, 

Aug. '25 
Concerning right and wrong, Whilechurch (V. L,, 

Rev.) is. net Sept. '25 

Concise guide, Hayes (E. H.) Jan. to March, 

1925: Junior, gd. ; Primary, $d...Nov. '24 
Concise guide, Hayes (E. H.) Primary, junior, 

and intermediate : 4th quarter, ea. gd. net. 

Aus. '25 
Concise guide to Junior and Internat. Lessons, 

1926, Hayes (E. H.), 45. 6d., 35. 6d. net ; do., 

Jan. -Mar., gd. net; Primary, Jan.-Mar., 

9d. net ; Intermediate, Jan.- Mar., gd. net. 

Nov. '25 
Concordance to Old and New Testaments, 

Cmden (A.) 6s. net Mar. '25 

Concrete beams, Reinforced, in bending and 

shear, Faber (0.) gs. net Jan. '25 

Concrete bridges, Reinforced, Scott (W. L.) 

42S. net Mar. '25 

Concrete for house, farm and estate, Battard 

(F.) 73. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Concrete making machinery, Twelvetrees (W. N ) 

8s. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Concrete : plain and reinforced. Taylor (F. W.) 

and others. Vol. i. 403. net Aug. '25 

Concrete, Reinforced, Elem. guide to, Lakem&n 

(A.) 2S. net Sept. '25 

Concrete, Reinforced, in practice, Scott (A. A. H.) 

8s. 6d. net July '25 

Concrete, Reinforced, Tables for floors and 

roofs, Morgan (R. T.) los. 6d. net. Feb. '25 
Concrete year book, 1925 : a handbook, directory, 

and catalogue for the concrete industry. 

Edit, by O. Faber and H. L. Childe. 8|xs|, 

pp. 412, 35. net. .CONCRETE PUBNS., Feb. '25 
Condensing plant, Steam, Sim (J.) i8s. 6d. net. 

Gondlif f e ( J. B.) -A Short history of New Zealand. 
I2mo, 7X4|, pp. 255, 2S. gd. net. 

SIMPKIN, June '25 
Conduct of life, Croce (B.) 73. 6d, net. May '25 

Conference of the birds, Masani (R. P.) 6s. net. 

J&n. '25 
Confession for children, Thoughts and prayers 

about 6d. net Sept. '25 

Confession, Spirit of, Passmore (T. H., Rev.) 

2S. 6d. net Q c t. '25 

Confessions of a candidate, Gray (F.) 6s. net. 

July '25 
Confessions of a capitalist, Benn (E., Sir). i8s. 

net Sept. '25 

Confidence man, ErsMne (L. Y.) 7$. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Confirmation, After, Joynt (R. C.) 25. net. 

Feb. '25 
Confirmation book, Wilson (A. J., Rev.) is. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Confirmation, Instructions in the Faith, Buckell 

(A. C., Rev.) is. net Mar. '25 

Conflict, Leslie (Mrs. H.) 23. net Mar. '25 

Conflict : comedy, Malleson (M.) 55., 35. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Conflicting passions, Cummings (W.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. *25 
Conformal representation, Lowent (L.) 75. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Confucius Sayings. Trans, by Leonard A. 
Lyall. 2nd ed., rev. Roy. 8vo, 9^X6, 
pp. 126, 73. 6d. net. .. LONGMANS, Oct. '25 

Confusion of the Churches, Mackenzie (K., Rev,) 
los. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Conger (George Perrigo) A Course in philosophy. 

Roy. 8vo, 8|x6, pp. 615, 158. net 

BELL, May '25 
Congested Districts Board for Ireland, Micks 

(W. L.) 153. net May '25 

Congo and its people, Glennie (R.) is., 2S. net. 

Tutltff *2 ^ 

Congo, French, Life in, Vassal (G. M.) 128. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Congregational Church, Work and adminis. of. 

a, James (T. T.) 33. 6d. net Nov. '25 





Congregational Churches of Staffordshire, 
Matthews (A. G ) Jan. '25 

Congregational year book, 1925 : containing the 
Proceedings of the Congregational Union of 
England and Wales fot 1924, general statistics 
of the denomination and other miscellaneous 
information. Illus. 8vo, 8| X 5 fa pp. 624, 
73. 6d. net ; swd. 6s. net. 


Con grove (William) Comedies. Edit, with 

intro. and notes, by Bonamy Dobree. i8mo, 

6X3!, pp. 472, 2S. net. (World's classics.) 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 

ongreve (William) Semele : an opera. With 
the alterations adopted by Handel. As per- 
formed at the New Theatre, Cambridge, 
February, 1925. Fcp. 8vo, 6 x 4j, pp. 47, 
swd. is. net . . CAMS. UNIV. PR., Feb. '25 

Conjuring : Magic in the making, Mulholland (].) 
and Smith (M. M.) 6s. net Mar. '25 

Conjuring : New and easy magic, Hunter (N.) 
2S. net Sept. '25 

Conjuring, Secrets of modern, Walker (H. & A.) 
2S. net Nov. '25 

nnan (J. C.) -Electrical estimating for in- 
dustrial lighting installations. 8vo, 8X5$, 
pp. 214, las. 6d. net SPON, Oct '25 

Connaught Rangers, Jourdain (H. F. N.) and 
Fraser (E.) 6os. net Jan, '25 

Connell (Noireys). See Q'Riordan (C.). 

Connelly (Marc). See Kaufman (G. S.) and 

ConnoIiS (F. E.) Obedience : a story of a dead 
man's will. Cr. 8vo, 7iX5 pp. 3*4, 7s. 6d. 
net NASH & G,, Jan. '25 

Connolly (Thomas J.) Handbook on the Work- 
men's Compensation Acts, 1906-1923. 9x6, 
pp. 794, 253. net , W. HODGE, Mar. '25 

Connor (Ralph) The Gaspards of Pine Croft : a 
romance of the Windermere. Cheap ed. i2tno, 
7|X4i pp. 350, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Connor (S. L,, Rev.)- Old wine and new wine- 
skins. Foreword by Rev. Hugh Martin. Cr. 
8vo, 7fX5, pp. 282, 6s. net. 

OUSELEY, Apr. '25 

Conquest (Joan) and Lally (Gwen) The Street 
of many arches. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 4$-, 
pp. 312, 2S. 6d. net CASSELL, May '25 

Conrad (Joseph) The Rover. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 3*7, 3. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Feb. '25 

Conrad (Joseph) Suspense. Intro, by Richard 
Curie, With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7f xsi, pp.3i3> 
73. 6d. net DENT, Sept. 25 

Conrad (Joseph) Tales of hearsay. With pref, 
by R. B. Cunningharne Graham. 8vo, 8 x si, 
pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net . . , . Jan. '25 

Conrad (Joseph) Works. Medallion ed. 20 vol., 
8| x s|, 2ios. . .GRESHAM PUBG, Co. Dec. '25 

Conrard (Harrison) Peggy of Lone Peak. Cr. 
8vo, 7t x 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Oct, '25 

Conscience and Christ, Rashdall (H.) 33. 6d, net. 

Feb. '25 

Conservative rnind (The). By a Gentleman 
with a Duster. Popular ed., with new pref, 
Cr, 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 157, 2S. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Dec. '25 

Consider the child, $aton (M.) 48. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Consoiidatd Fund Abstract account, 1923-24. 
3d. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Constable (H. J.) From ploughboy to Premier : 
a new life of Right Hon. William Ferguson, 
Massey, P.C Illus. xamo, 7^X4!, pp. 79, 
35. 6d. net J. M. SAVAGE, May '25 

Constable, John, the painter, Lucas (E. V.) 
633. net Dec. '24 

Constabulary (Scotland) 67th report, 1924. 3d, 
net .H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Constant (Benjamin) Adolphe. Trans, by J. 
Lewis May. With frontis* xamo, 7X4| t pp. 
153, 2S. 6d. net. (Internet, lib.). 

S, PAUL, June '25 


Constantino (King, of Greece) A King's private 

letters : letters written by King Constantme 

of Greece to Paola Princess of Saxe- Weimar 

during the years 1912 to 1923. Pref. by 

Adm. Mark Kerr. With frontis. 8vo, 8f x 5|, 

pp. 205, los. 6d. net NASH & G., Mar. '25 

Constantinople, Things seen in, Goodrich- Freer 

(A.) 35. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Constitution, American, Usages of the, Horwill 

(H. W.) los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Constitution, Australian, Law of, Kerr (D.) 

42$. net July '25 

Constitution, British : How Britain is 

governed, Rosenberg (K.) as. 6d., is. net. 

May '25 
Constitution : Citadel of freedom, Leigh (R.) 

los. net Mar. '25 

Constitution, Federal, Chandler (J. A. C.) us, 

net Apr. '25 

Constitution, Growth of the, Balfour-Melville 

(E. W. M.) 35. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Constitution, Historical principles of the, Pick- 
thorn (K.) 35. 6d. net July '25 

Constitution of the Irish Free State, McNeil 

(J, G. S.) 123. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Constitution, Some historical principles of the, 

Picklhorn (K.) 33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Constitution [U.S.], Progress and the, Baker 

(N. D.) 55. net Dec. '25 

Constitutional developments, Australian, Sweet- 
man (E.) 255, net July '25 

Constitutional history, English, Brief survey, 

Hall (D. G. E.) 53. net Sept. '25 

Constitutional history, English, Medley (D. J.) 

2is. net July *25 

Constitutional law, Chalmers (D.) and Asquith 

(C.) i2S. 6d, net Sept. '2$ 

Constitutional law and legal history, Garsia 

(M.) 45. net Sept. '25 

Constitutional law, British, Emden (C. S.) 

73. 6d. net , June '25 

Constitutional year book, 1925 (The). (39th 

issue,) 8vo, 8| X s|, pp. 444, swd. as. net. 


Assoc., Feb. '25 

Consuela of Raffeli, poems, Cottett (T. W.) as. 6d. 

net May '25 

Consular career, Charms of the, Villiers (H. M.) 

I2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Consumer, Education of the, Harap (H.) 93. net, 

Apr. '25 
Consumer, Purchasing power of, Berrictge (W, A.) 

2os. net , Oct. "25 

Consumers' co-operative movement in Germany, 

Cassau (T.) 73. 6d. net .Oct. '25 

Consumers* co-operative societies, Gide (C.) 

8s, 6d. net May '25 

Contemplation, Art of, Lull (R.) 33. 6d net. 

Jan. '25 

Content, Majolier (C.) 75. 6d. net July '25 

Contentions with God, Qlsvanger (I.) is. fxi met. 

May. '25 

Contes choisis, Maupassant (G. de) as. Feb. '25 
Contract Act, Indian, Pollock (F., Sir) and Mulla 

(D. F.) 383. net Dec. '24 

Contractors and workmen's liens, Weston (C. H.) 

los. net July '25 

Contracts, Law of, Pease and Landon's, if>s. 

net , July '25 

Contracts, Law of, Selected cases, Caporn (A. C.) 

255. net ,.....,... 5^i. *25 

Control (Board of) nth annual report, 1924, 

las. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Control, Concept of, Elkm (S. A.) as. net. 

Aug. f ss 

Conundrums, Book of, Robertson (G.) as. net. 

Mar. '25 
Convents of Gt, Britain and Ireland, Steel* 

(F. M,) 73. Jan. '25 

Conversion, Christian and non-Christian, 

Underwood (A. C., Rev.) los. 6d. net, Feb. '25 
Conveyancing, Elements of, Deane (H. C.) 

and Spurliag (C.) i7s, 6d. net spt. f 5 

Conveyancing, Lectures on, Formoy (K. R.) 

3s 6d. net ... . . . Dec. '25 




Conveyancing, New, Underhill (A., Sir). 373. 6d. 

net July, Nov. '25 

nw@y (Martin, Sir) Art treasures in Soviet 

Russia. Illus. 8vo, 9 x sf, pp. 292, i6s. 

net E. ARNOLD, Apr. '25 

Conway (Martin, Sir) The Elevation of poster 

art : an appreciation. Folio, 8 x 9 J, 2S. 6d. 

net EYRE & S., June '25 

Conwell (Russell H.) The Romantic rise of a 

great American, With port. Cr. 8vo, 7fxs, 

pp. 237, 6s. net HARPER, Dec. '24 

Cony I art (F. A.) Dingle Bank : the home of the 

Croppers. With a family tree and illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7ix 5, pp. 66, 35. 6d. net. 

HEFFER, July '2-5 
Conyars (Dorothea) The Adventures of Gerry. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7|X4|, pp. 287, 2S. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 
tiyers (Dorothea) Sandy and others. Cr. 8vo, 

7l X 5, pp. 255, 7s. 6d. net. .MILLS & B., May '25 
fc (Alice Isabel) His beloved : a talk to 

women young and old. With frontis. Fcp. 

8vo, 6^x4, pp. 62, is. net...R.T.S., June '25 
CooSc (Arthur Bernard)~~Zeus : a study in 

ancient religion. Vol. 2, Zeus God of the dark 

sky (Thunder and Lightning). Part i, Text 

and notes ; Part 2, Appendixes and index. 

Roy. 8vo, 10 X 6|, pp. 902, 542, (set) i68s. 

net CAMS. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Cook (E. T.) Gardening for beginners : a 

handbook to the garden. 8th ed., rev. 8vo, 

9 X 5l, pp. 626, i6s. net. 

Cook (E. T.) Trees and shrubs for English 

gardens. 2nd ed., rev. ,Illus. 8vq, 9x5$. 

pp. 514, I2S. 6d. net "("Country Life" lib.) 

" COUNTRY LIFE," Jan. '25 

Cook (E. Wake) Retrogression in art and the 

suicide of the Royal Academy. Part 2, The 

Coming Renaissance : with an outline of a 
' new philosophy of life and of art. Illus. 

Roy. 8vo, 9! X 6, pp. 247, iss. net. 

c (Edward, Sir) The Life of Florence 

Nightingale. Abridged and rev. by Rosalind 

Nash. With port. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 416, 

155. net . . MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

ooSc (George Cram) The Spring: a play. 

8vo, 7|- x st, pp. 109, 4s. net. (Contemporary 

American dramatists). ...,, BENN, Apr. '25 
ook (Harvey H.) Far flung: a New Zealand 

story. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 318, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, Oct. '25 

Cook (James, Capt.) Voyages of discovery. 

Edit, by John Barrow. With 4 illus. in col. by 

John Williamson. Cr. 8vo, 7fX5i, pp. 4-25, 

as. 6d. net BLACK, Sept. '25 

k (Marjorie Grant) Another way of love. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 320, 33. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, June '25 

nok (Philippa) In a shallow cup. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5> PP- 3 5 6 3s. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 
Cook (W. Heady, Rev.) The Sunday schools 

of to-day, and how to make them effective : 

a study circle book on matter, method, and 

organisation. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 145* 

35. 6d. net : swd. 2S. 6d. net. 

S.P.C.K., Mar. '25 

Cook and the captain bold, Mason (A.) 6s. net. 

Jan. '25 
Cook book, Healthy life, Daniel (F.) is. net. 

Apr. '25 

Cook bk. , Stage favourites', Craig (E.) 35. 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 

Cook, Practical, Whirling (L.) 2S. 6d. net. Nov. '25 
Cook (A. H., Rev,) The Early history of 

Mapledurham. Vol. 7. Roy- 8vo, 9^x6*, 

pp. 224, 12S, 6d, net ; (set), 753, net. 

MILFORP, Apr. '25 
Cooke (Alice M.) A Study in izih century 

religious revival and reform. Roy. 8vo, swd., 

is. 6d. net. (Manchester Press publications. 

Repr, from the Bulletin of J. Rylands Library.) 
LONGMANS, May '25 


(Arthur O.) Ben's adventure. Illus. by 
Leo Bates. 8vo, 7|X 5|, pp. 319, 6s. net. 

BLACKIE, Sept. '25 
Cookft (H. Robswood) Alturlie. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, 

pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net HODDER & S., June '25 

00k (Joseph B.) -A Nurses' handbk. of 

obstetrics. loth ed., by C. E. Gray and P. F. 

Williams. 8vo, 153. net. (Nursing Manuals), 


Cooke (Rupert Croft-). See Croft-Cooke. 

ks (W. Bourne) The Curse of Amaris. Illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7l X 5, pp. 325, 3s. 6d. net. (Premier 

rewards] JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

0Sce (W. Bourne) Grey Wizard. Illus. Cr. 

8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 288, 33. 6d. net. 

Low, Sept. '25 
Gopfce (W. Bourne) Smugglers all ! With 4 

illus. in col. and black and white by H. M. 

Brock. 8vo, 8 x 5^, pp. 223, 2s. 6d. net. 

(New boys* lib,) CASSELL, Sept. '25 

Cookery. By Two Cookery Teachers. Cr. 8vo, 

swd. 6d. net. (Concise ser. of practical house- 
craft] LONGMANS, Mar. "25 

Cookery annual, 1925. Edit, by C. Herman 

Senn. 7i x 5, pp. 96, swd. is. 6d. net. 

FOOD & COOKERY PUBL. Co., Jan. '25 
Cookery book, Calder (F. L.) 23. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Cookery book, " Good Housekeeping," Jack 

(F. B.) 2s. 6d. net .Mar. '25 

Cookery book, Hindlip, (M,, Lady). 53. net. 

May '25 

Cookery book, Mother's. 4d. net May '25 

Cookery bk., Young wife's, Evelyn (M.) 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Cookery: Conduct of the kitchen, Boulestin 

(X. M.) 33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Cookery : Favourite recipes of famous women, 

Stratton (F.) 35. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Cookery for busy lives, National Health Society's. 

is. net Jan. '25 

Cookery, Gentle art of, Leyel (Mrs. C. F.) and 

Hartley (0.) 7s. 6d. net May '25 

Cookery gift book, " Bestway." 45. 6d. net. 

Sept, '25 

Cookery, Good, Francillon (Mrs. F. J.) 6s. net. 

Jan. '25 
Cookery : Hors d'ceuvres and savouries, Beeton 

(Mrs.) 23. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Cookery, International, Weldon's. 43., 3s. net. 

Dec. '24 
Cookery, Invalid : everyday meals for invalids, 

Tremel (M.) 2S. 6d. net Apr, '25 

Cookery, Kitchenette, Scotson-Clark (G. F.) 

2S. 6d. net .Jan. '25 

Cookery : One hundred breakfast and supper 

dishes, is. net Oct. '25 

Cookery : Reducing menus, Tipton (E. S.) 

35, 6d. net June '25 

Cookery : Sauces and soups, Beeton (Mrs.) 

23, 6d. net Sept. '25 

Cookery, Warne's New model. 75. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 

Cooking, Mrs. Allen on, Allen (I. C. B.) 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 
Cooley (William Forbes)- The Individual. Roy. 

8vo, swd. 6s. 6d. net. (Archives of philosophy.) 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 

0o!idge (Dane) Rimrock Jones. Cheap ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5r PP- 252, as. 6d, net. 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 
Ooolidge (Dane) Shadow Mountain. Cheap ed, 

Cr. 8vo, 7i'x 5, pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, S#jW. '25 

Goomaraswamy (Ananda T.) Bibliography of 

Indian, art: classified under the divisions of 

spulpture, painting, textiles, and minor arts. 

8vo, i2S. 6d. net LUZAC, Nov. '25 

Coombe St. Mary's, Diver ("M..) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Goopftr (A. Heaton) and Palmer (William T.) 

The English Lakes : painted by A. H. C. ; 

described by W. T. P. ' 8vo, 8|-X5i, PP. 204, 

73. 6d. net. (Black's Popular series of colour 

books) , BLACK, Apr. ^25 





(Courtney Ryley) The Avalanche. Cr. 
8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 283, 73. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Feb. '25 

Gtsoper (Courtney Ryley) The Far frontier. 
Popular ed. Demy i2mo, 7x4^-, pp. 282, 2S. 
net HURST & B., July '25 

Cooper (Courtney Ryley) The Jungle behind 
bars. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 74 X 5, pp. 319, 
2S. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Sept. '25 

Cooper (Courtney Ryley) Lions V tigers 
V everything. Illus. 8vo, 84x54, pp. 
280, 75. 6d. net J. CAPE, Oct. '25 

Cooper (Courtenay Ryley) The White desert- 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 7^ x 44> pp. 287, 2S. net- 
HURST & B., Apr. '25 

OOpcr (Edward H.) The Monk wins. Cheap 
ed. i8mo, 6^X4, pp. 280, swd. gd. net. 

COLLINS, July '25 

oopf (Eugenia R. A.) The Histology of the 
more important human endocrine organs at 
various ages. 8vo, I2S. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Sept, '25 

Cooper (Henry St. John) Bulldogs and all about 
them. A new ed., rev. by F. Barrett Fowler. 
Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 2-18, 8s. 6d. net. 
JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Cooper (Henry St. John) The Fortunes of Sally 
Luck. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 

Low, Oct. '25 

Cooper (James Fennimore) The Deerslayer. 
Sq. 8vo, los. 6d. net. . . .SCRIBNERS, Nov. '25 

Cooper (James Femmoie) -The Last of the 
Mohicans. Cr. 8vo, 7ix 5, pp. 379, as. 6d. net. 
(Standard fiction lib.) . . HARRAP, June '25 

Cooper (James Fenimore) Pathfinder. Cr. 8vo, 
Ithr., 6s. 6d. net. (Prize lib.) 

MACMILLAN, June '25 

Cooper (James Fenimore) Pioneer. Cr. 8vo, Ithr., 
6s. 6d. net. (Prize Ub.) MACMILLAN, June '25 

Cooper (James Fenimore)- -The Two Admirals. 
Illus. New ed. Cr. 8vo, 74x5, pp. 423, 
33. 6d, net Low, Apr. '25 

Cooper (Lettice U.) The Lighted room. Cr. 
8vo, 74 x 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & $., Mar, '25 

Co-operation, Agricultural, in the Canadian West, 
Fay (C. R.) is. net Aug. '25 

Co-operation at home and abroad, Fay (C. R.) 
155. net Aug. '25 

Co-operation, Internat. wholesale, Hedberg (A.) 
2S. net Dec. '25 

C"0peratife Congress (Annual) The Fifty- 
Seventh Annual Congress, Southport, 1925. 
84 X si, pp. 715, 33. net. 


Dec. '25 

Co-operative movement, Consumers*, in Ger- 
many, Cassau (T.) TS. 6d, net , ... Oct. '2$ 

Co-operative movement in Italy, Lloyd (E. A.) 
43. 6d. net June "25 

Co-operative societies, Consumers', Gide (C.) 
8s. 6d. net , . May '25 

Co-operative store-keeping, Elliott (S, R.) is. 
net Nov. '25 

Coote (Colin R.) Italian town and country life. 
With 12 illus. Cr, 8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 262, 73. 6d. 
net METHUEM, July '25 

Cope (Zachary) Clinical researches in acute 
abdominal disease. 8vo, 12$. 6d. net. (faledical 
publications.) MILFORD, Jan, '25 

Copec. See Christian Politics, etc. (Confer- 
ence on.) 

Gopeland (Melvin Thomas) -Principles of mer- 
chandising. 8vo, 84x54, pp. 382, 2is. net. 
A. W. SHAW, Jan. '25 

Copeland (Royal S.) -The Health book. 8vo, 
81X54, pp. 43** ios. 6d. net, 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Jan. '25 

Copland (D. B.) Commerce and business. Roy. 
8vo, swd. is. 6d. net. (Univ. of Melbourne 
pubns.) MACMILLAN, Oct* '25 

Gog) partS (A. E.) Fishmonger's fiddle : tales. 
Cr. 8vo, 71 X 5, pp. 320, 75. 6d. net. 

J, CAFE, June '25 


Copper, Crump (N. E.) los. 6d. net ..Oct. '25 
Copper, Story of, Davis (W.) 123. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Coppernob Buckland, Bourne (L. R.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Coppleston (Bennet) Jitny and the boys. 

Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 311, 3?. 6d. 

net MURRAY, Mar. '25 

CopflSestosie (Bennet) The Last of the Grerx- 

villes. Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 314, 

I 33. 6d. net MURRAY, Mar.^ '25 

Copplesfone (Bennet) The Lost naval papers. 

Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 301, 3$. 6d. 

net MURRAY, Mar. '25 

Gopplestone (Bennet) Madame Gilbert's 

cannibal. Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, 

PP- 3*3 3s. 6d. net ....MURRAY, Mar. '25 
Copplestone (Bennet). See also Kitchin (F. Har- 

Copy, 1924 : stories, plays, poems, essays. Cr. 

8vo, 73. 6d. net MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Copy, 1925 : stories, plays, poems and essavs. 

Selected by Blanche Colton Williams, Dorothy 

Brewster, and others. Intro, by Donald 

Lemen Clark. Cr. 8vo, 7 Jr x 5, pp. 350, 

7s. 6d. net APPLKTON, June '25 

Copy shop, Hungerford (H.) 7s. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Copyholds, etc., Handbk. on, Aggs (W. H.) and 

Law (H. W.) 53. net Nov. '25 

Coral, Mackenzie (C.) 75. 6d. net Mar, '25 

Coral Island, Ballantyne (R, M.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Coral Queen, Grimshaw (B.) is. net.. May. '25 

Corbeaux, Les, Becque (H.) 2S Oct. '25 

Gorbett (James J.) The Roar of the crowd : 
the true tale of the rise and fall of a champion. 
Foreword by Robert G. Anderson. Illus. 
8vo, 8 X si, pp. 343, los. 6d. net. 

PUTNAM, May '25 

Corbett (John S.) Glamorgan : papers and 
notes on the Lordship and its members. 
Edit, by D. R. Paterson, with a memoir. 
8fxs&, pp. 287, 2is. net. (Nat. Museum of 
Wales, Cardiff,) 


Gorbin (T. W.) The Romance of lighthouses 

and lifeboats. With 42 illus. and diags. 8vo, 

8 X 5$, pp. 312, 6s. net. .SuttLKY, Oct, '25 

Cordage and cables, Stopford (P. J.) 48, 6d, net, 

July '25 

Cordtor (Frederick) Ferencz (Francois) Liszt. 

With frontis. Cr, 8vo, 7|X5, pip. 182, 7$. 6d. 

net. (Masters of music.) . .K. PAUL, Oct. '25 

Gorder (R. E.) Tales told to the magistrate, 

Cr, 8vo, 7 J X 5, pp. 285, 35. 6d. net. 

MSLROSE, May '25 
Cords of vanity, Cabell (J, B.) 73. 6d. net.' 

Nov. '25 
Corduroy, Mitchell (R. C.) 2S. net * * . Jan, '25 

GoreSSI (Maxie)--Ardath : the story of a dead 
self. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7j X 5, pp. 608^ 

33. 6d. net METHUEN, May '25 

Coreili (Marie)- Innocent : her fancy and his 
fact. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 438, 

35. 6d. net .METHUEN, May '25 

Corel H (Marie)' The Life everlasting : a reality 
of romance. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, 

pp. 442, 33. 6d. net METHUEN, Mar. '25 

Cor si Si (Marie)- -Open confession : to a man from 

a woman. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 210, 7$, 6d. net. 


Gorelli (Marie)- The Treasure of Heaven : a 
romance of riches* With frontis. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 570, 35. 6d. net. 

CONSTABLE, Feb. *25 
Corirma, " Mta." 75. 6d, net. ......... Sept. '25 

Coriath, Gospel at, Roberts (R.) 8s. net. 

Apr, '25 

Coriolanus, Shakespeare (W.) is. gd.,.Aug.*35 
Coriolanus, Shakespeare (W.) (Junes.) is. net. 

June *S5 

Coriolanus, Shakespeare (W.) (Payne,) 2S. ass. 4d. 

Aug. '25 





Corker^ (Daniel) The Hidden Ireland : a study 

of Gaelic Munster in the i8th century. Demy 

8vo, 8f X5|> pp. 326, I2S. 6d. net. 

M. H. GILL, Apr. '25 
Corkey (Ethel) Mollie's good intentions. Illus. 

by Gordon Browne, i2mo, 7^ x 4^, pp. 170, 

2S. 6d. net. (Garland hb.) . . . . R. T, S., July '25 
Corkran (Alice) Meg's friend. Illus. by Gordon 

Browne. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 288, 2S. 6d. net. 
BLACKIE, Oct. '25 

Corn trade year book, Broomhall's. 123. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Cornford (L. Cope) The Sea carriers, 1825- 

1925 : the Aberdeen Line, Pref. by Visct, 

Burnham. 9x6, pp. 83 (privately printed). 


Cornisli (Vaughan)-Strategical atlas of the 

oceans. 4to, swd., 53. net. 

Cornish (W. H.) ed. Bygone England : an 

anthology. With frontis. i2mo, 7iX4f, pp. 

256, 33. 6d. net. (Harrap lib.) HARRAP, Oct. '25 
Cornish characters, etc., Baring-Gould (S.) 

2 vols. ea. 7s. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Cornish Downs : They green stones, Dawson- 

Scott (C. A.) 73. 6d Jan. '25 

Cornish granite, Courtney (Lord). 6s. net. Apr. '25 
Cornwall, England's Riviera : a guide to the 

charm, lure, industry and residential advan- 
tages of the Duchy of Cornwall. Cr. 8vo, 

7^x5, pp. 112, 2s. 

HOMELAND Assoc., LTD., July '25 
Cornwall : painted and described, Nicholls (G. F.) 

and Mitton (G. E.) 75. 6d net .... Apr. '25 
Cornwall, Unknown, Vulliamy (C. E.) 155, net. 

Aug. '25 

Cornwall : Victoria history of Counties of Eng- 
land. Pt. 5, los. 6d. net ; pt. 8, 123. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Coron (Hannah) Ten years hence ? Cr. 8vo, 

7&X5, PP- 255, 73. 6d. net. 

OUSELEY, Feb. '25 
Corot (Jean-Bap tiste Canaille), ^1796-1 875. With 

8 plates in col. Foreword by John Norris. 

Roy. 4to, I2|r x 10, 53. net. (Portfolios of 

great masters.) 

Corpus vasorum antiquorum. France : Musee 

de Louvre ; by E. Pettier, Folio, 175. 6d. net. 

(Union Academique Internationale). 

MILFORD, May "25 
Corpus vasorum antiquorum. Great Britain. 

Fasc. i, British Museum, Fasc. i. By A. H. 

Smith. Plates. 13x10, pp, 37, 123. 6d. 

net BRITISH MUSEUM, July '25 

Corrance (Nora) Rabbit breeding do's and 

don'ts. 121110, 7x4$, pp. 62, 2S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Aug. '25 
Correlations, How to calculate, Thomson (G. H.) 

2S. net Apr. '25 

Correspondence, Roosevelt (T.) and Lodge (H. C.) 

42S. net May '25 

Correspondence, Russell (Lord John). Later, 

1840-78. 325, net Oct. '25 

Corrigan's way, Snell (E.) 2S. 6d, net. . .July '25 
Corroding gold, Swan (A, S.) 2S. 6d. net July '25 
Corrosion of metals, Bibliography of, Van Patten 

(N.) 2os. net , May '25 

Corry (Robert Eric) The Promise, and other 

poems. Cr. 8vo, pp. 37, 2S, 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Oct. '25 
Cortissoz (Royal) Personalities in art. Illus. 

8vo, 8|X5l, PP- 454 I 5 S - aet. 

SCRIBNER, Nov. '25 
Cosens (Dorothy) Attainment. Cr. 8vo, 7ixs, 

pp. 280, 73. 6d. net. .WILLIAMS & N., Oct. '25 
Cost accounts, James (E. W.) 2S. net. .Mar. '25 
Cost of a new world, Maclennan (K.) as. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

osld!o (Joseph C.) The Shorthand speed class : 

hints on training for speed in Pitman's Short- 
hand. New era ed. i2mo, 7|X4|, pp. 30, 

swd, 6d PITMAN, may '25 

Costing, Primer of, Ryall (R. J. H.) ss. net. 

Aug. '25 


Coston (Edward P.) A Graduated, course in 
strength and elasticity of materials. With 
219 diagrams. 2 vols. Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 268, 
448, ea. los. 6d. net. (Broadway engineering 

handbks.} SCOTT, GREENWOOD, July '25 

Costume, English, Kelly (M, E.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Costume, Historic, Kelly (F. M.) and Schwabe 

(R.) 255. net Sept. '25 

Cotswold village : Memories of home. 33. net. 

Jan. '25 
Cotswolds, Long barrows of the, Crawford 

(0. G. S.) 255. net Sept. '25 

Cottage on the fells, Siacpoole (H. de V.) ss. net. 

Jan. '25 

Cotter (J. L., Sir.) The Culture of bulbs, bulbous 

plants and tubers made plain. With frontis. 

and 68 illus. 8vo, 9 X si, pp. 192, los. 6d. net. 


Cotton (Catherine) Experience. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 287, 2S. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Mar. '25 

Cotton (Charles). See Walton (I.) and Cotton. 
Cotton Broker, Owen (J.) 35. 6d. net. .Mar. '25 
Cotton, Heritage, Crawford (M. D. C.) sis. net. 

June '25 

Cotton industry, Crisis in the. Vol. 3. Sept. '25 
Cotton spinning, Students', Nasmith (J.) 153. 

net , Apr. '25 

Cotton technology : Shirley Inst. Memoirs, vol. 3, 

Apr. '25 
Cotton trade directory, SMnnefs, 1925-26. 255. 

net Oct. '25 

Cotton year book, 1925. Twentieth year of issue. 

6|X4|, pp. 636, 73. 6d., net. (2oth year.) 

(Manchester) MARSDEN, Mar. '25 

Cottonwood Gulch, Mulford (C. E.) 7s. 6d, 

net Apr. '25 

Couch (Arthur T. Quiller-, Sir). See Quitter-Couch, 

Coue (Emile) and Orton (J. Louis) Conscious 
auto-suggestion. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, 
pp. 207, 2S. 6d. net UNWIN, Oct. '25 

Coue and auto-suggestion, Noble (Lady) is. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Couievain (Pierre de) L'lle Inconnue. Fcp. 
8vo, 6| X 4i, pp. 477, as. 6d. net. 

NELSON, Feb. '25 

Couling (Mrs. C. E.) The Luminous religion : 
a study of Nestarian Christianity in China, 
with a translation of the inscriptions upon the 
Nestorian Tablet. Cr. 8vo, 7$- X5, pp. 63, 
swd. is. net CAREY PR., Mar.'zs 

Coulias (H. W.) Theory of structures : a 
text-book covering the syllabuses of the 
B.Sc., A.M.Inst.C.E., A.M.LMech.E., and 
A. M.I. Struct. E. examinations. 8vo, 8|X5|, 
pp. 351, 155. net. (Engineering degree ser.). 
PITMAN, Nov. '25 

Coulter (E. L.) The Wise old elephant : forty 
story talks to boys and girls. Cr. 8vo, 7 X 5, 
pp. 202, 33. 6d. net. HODPER & S., Sept. '25 

CouSton (G. G.) The Medieval village, Illus. 
8vo. 9f X 5|, pp. 635, 255. net. (Cambridge 
studies in medieval life and thought.) 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Cou9ton (G. G.) Roman Catholic histoiy. Roy. 
8vo, 9x6, pp. 15, swd. 6d. net. 

SlMPKIN, Aug. *25 

CounceH (R. W.) Apologia alchymiae : a re- 
statement of alchemy. Ed. limited to 500 
copies. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 100, 53. net. 

J. M. WATKINS, May '25 

Councillor, Town, Attlee (C. R,) and Robson 
(W. A,) 33., is. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Councillors of Falconhoe, White (F. M.) 35. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Count BKtski's daughter, Buxton (L.) 7s. 6d. 
net May '25 

Countess de Chamy, Dumas (A ) 2S. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Countries and divisions of countries as dis- 
tinguished in the trade and navigation accounts 
of the United Kingdom : list. i8s. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 






Countries of the mind, Murry (J. M.) 33. 6d. 
net ............................ Oct. '25 

Country calendar, Avame (D.) is. net . .Feb. '25 

Country child's alphabet, Farjeon (E.) ss., is. 6d. 

net ............................ Dec. '24 

Country Councillor, Samuels (H.) 2S. 6d., is. net, 

July '25 
Country flower-seller, poems, Follett (F. V.) 

6s. net .......................... Mar, '25 

Country gentleman, English, Lytton (N.) i8s. 

net ............................ July '25 

Country homespun, Marriage (C.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct, '25 
Country house life, English, Nevtll (R.) izs. 6d. 

net ............................ Aug. '25 

Country Life Conference (6th National) Rural 

home proceedings, St. Louis, Mo., 1923. Roy. 

8vo, los, net ..... CAMS. UNIV. PR., Jan. '25 
Country-side, Tales of the. is. net ---- Sept. '25 

Countryside notes, Horwood (A. R.) 33. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Country that I love, Marie (Queen) of Roumania. 
155. net ........................ Apr. '25 

Country year, Hooley (T.) ss. 6d. net. May '25 

County Court practice made easy ; or, Debt 
collection simplified. By a Solicitor. 5th 
rev. ed. ismo, 7iX4f, pp. 170, 43. net. 

E. WILSON, Jan. '25 

County Courts practice, Annual, 1925. 353. net 

Apr. '25 

Copland (R.) The Quebec Act. 8vo, los. 6d. 
net ....... ............. MILFORD, July "25 

Cournos (John) Babel. Popular ed, Cr. 8vo, 
d. net, 

HEINEMANN, Mar, '25 
Cotirnos (John) Sport of gods : a play in three 

acts, with prologue and epilogue. 8vo, 

7|X5|-, pp. 100, swd., 33. 6d. net. (Contem- 

porary British dramatists) ---- BENN, Nov. '25 
Cournos (John). See also O'Brien (E. J.) and 

Court and the cottage, Marshall (E.) is. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Court, In, and out of Court, Bowen- Rowlands (E.) 

i8s. net ......... ........ . ...... Mar. '25 

Court of inquiry, tales, Richmond (G. S.) 22. 6d. 

net .............................. Jan. '25 

Court of International Justice and American 

participation, Hudson (M. 0.) 173, net. 

Mar. '25 
Couiihope (W. J.) Joseph Addison. New 

pocket ed. 12010, 7x4!-, pp. 203, 33. 6d. net. 

(English men of letters). . .MACMILLAN, July '25 
Courtney (Lord, of Penwith) Cornish granite : 

extracts from writings and speeches. Intro. 

by Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch. With port. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 207, 6s. net. 

L, PARSONS, Apr. '25 
Courtney (W. L.) The Passing hour. With 18 

Ulus. Roy. 8vo, g^x 6, pp. 288, 185. net. 

Courtney (William Prideaux) and Smith (David 

Nichol) A Bibliography of Samuel Johnson. 

A reissue of the ed. of 1915, illus. with facsims. 

Ed. limited to 350 copies. Roy. 8vo, 9jX6, 

pp. 194, 3os. net ........ . .MILFORD, May '25 

Courts and countries after the war, Eulalia 

(Infanta of Spain) 2is. net ..... ... Sept. '25 

Courtship of Morrice Buckler, Mason (A. E. W.) 

35. 6d. net .................. , ..... Aug. '25 

Courtship of Morrice Buckler, Mason (A. E. W.) 

53. net . . ...... . ............ . ---- July '25 

Courtyard, Brand (N.) 75. 6d. net ---- Jan. '25 

Cousen (A.). See Hodkin (F. W.) and Cousen. 
Cousin Christopher, Francis (M. E.) 7$, 6d net. 

July '25 

Cousin PhiUis, Gashell (E. C.) 35. 6d, 5$. net. 

t. t N 

Cousin Sara, Mulholland (R.) 
Cousins in camp, Wtison (T, W.) 

ov. '25 

45. net. July '25 
. 6d, 


Covert : novel, MacCarthy (J. B.) 


Sept. r 25 
73. 6a. net. 
July '25 


owan (James) Maori folk tales of the Port- 

Hills (N.Z.). Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, is. gd. 

net ............ WHITCOMBE & T., Jan. '25 

Cowaril (Noel) Chelsea buns ; by Hernia 

Whittlebot. Intro, by Gaspard Pustontin. 

Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 45, 2S. 6d. net. 

Coward (Noel) Fallen angels : a comedy in 

three acts. 8vo, 7i X 5$, pp. 88, 53. net ; 

swd., 33. 6d. net. (Contemporary British 

dramatists) ................ BENN, Apr. '25 

Coward (Noel) Hay fever : a light comedy in 

three acts. 8vo, 7|-X 5f, pp. 108, 53. net ; swd. 

35. 6d. net. (Contemporary British dramatists). 

BENN, June '25 

Coward (Noel) Three plays : The Rat trap ; The 

Vortex ; Fallen angels. With the author's 

reply to his critics. With port. 8vo, 9x5^. 

pp. 290, IDS. 6d. net ......... BENN, June '25 

Coward (Noel) The Vortex ; a play. 8vo, 

7l X 5i PP. 106, 53. net; swd. 33. 6d. net. 

(Contemporary British dramatists.) 

BENN, Dec. '24 
Cowboy, Drifting, James (W.) xas. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Cowfeoy patrol (The). 4to, 35, 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Aug. '25 
Cowdroy (Joan A.) A King of space. Cr, 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 
Cowen (H. C.) The " Investor's Chronicle " 

rubber share chart. Folio. Mounted, 23. 6d. 

net; unmounted, is. net. 

Cowen (Hewson)- The British Empire, New 

York, and other poems. 7^x5, pp. 77, 43. 

net ................... STOCKWELL, Mar. '25 

Cowley (Ramsey) The Mystery maid : the 

sequel to a strange sin. By Ramsey Cowley. 

7lxsi, pp. 224, 2S, 6d, net. 

EPWORTH PR., Apr. '25 
Cowling (George H.) A Preface to Shakespeare. 

With 8 illus. Cr, 8vo, 7fX5, pp. 172, 53. net. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Cowper (E. E.) The Girl from the North- West. 

Illus. by H. Coller. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5|, pp. 310, 

6s. net .................. BLACKIE, Sept. '25 

Cowper (E. E.) Hunted, and the hunter. Frontis. 

by Stanley L. Wood. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 126. 

2S. net .......... SHELDON PR., Sept. *%$ 

Cowper (E. E.) Witch of the wilds : a story 

of adventxire in the northern snows. Illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5 1, pp. 312, 35. 6d. net. (Gold 

star ser.) , ....... ........ NELSON, July '25 

wpir (Wiiliam)--[Poems.] i8mo, India p. 

Ithr., 6s. net. (Nelson's po&ts.) 

NELSON, Sept. *2S 
Cowper (William) [Poems,] Intro, by John 

Bailey. Fcp. 8vo 6| x 4j, pp. 4", is. 6cL net. 

(Nelson's poets.) ...,., NELSON, Sept. ^25 
eowptr (Wiuiam) [Poems.) With iutro. by 

John Bailey. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4j pp. 411, Ithr. 

35, 6d. net. (Nekon*$ pods.) ^sfKLSON, Sept. 7 25 
owper (William) The Unpublished and un- 

collected letters. Edit, by Thomas Wright, 

8vo, 9x5!, pp, 94, los. 6d. net. 

C. J. FARNCOMBE, June '25 
Cowper, William, Smith (G.) 33. 6d, net. July '25 

Cox (A. B.) Breada entertains. Cr. 8vo, 7JX5, 
pp, 312, 75. 6d. net ---- H. JENKINS, Jan. '25 

Cox (A. B.) The Family witch : an essay in 
absurdity. Cr. 8vo 7| X 5, pp. 312, 7s. 6d. net. 

H. jENK!N$ r NOV. *25 

Cox (A. B.) Jugged journalism. With 32 illus. 
by George Borrow. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 280, 

7s. 6d. net . , . ....... H, JENKINS, June '25 

Cox, David, Roe (F. G.) 5s. net ...... Dec. '24 

Cox, David : Water-colours of Turner, Cox, 
etc., Opp& (A. P.) 42S. net ........ Apr. *%5 

Cox (Edwm Marioaj The Poems of Sappho. 
With historical and critical notes, translations, 
and a bibliography. Cheap ed. Roy. 8vo, 
9 X 6J pp. 154, i os. 6d. net 

WILLIAMS & N., Man '25 




0x (G. W., Sir) Tales of the gods and heroes. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6|- X 4|, pp. 286, is. 6d. net. 
(Nelson's classics] NELSON, Feb. '25 

ox (Harding) Chasing and racing: some 
sporting reminiscences. With port. Cr. 8vo, 
7$ X 5, pp. 296, 6s. net LANE, Sept. '25 

ox (Harding, Maj.) Dogs and I. With frontis. 
and 73 illus. Repr. 8vo, 8|X5|, pp. 318, 
7s. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

ox (Harold) and Chandler (John E.) The House 
of Longman [Longmans, Green & Co., pub- 
lishers] : with a record of their bicentenary 
celebrations, 1724 1924. Illus., 8vo, 8f X5J, 
pp. 95, [Printed for private circulation]. 

LONGMANS, May '25 

ox (J. Charles) Lincolnshire. Rev. by A. 
Hamilton Thompson. With 28 illus., 2 maps 
and 2 plans. 2nd ed., rev. i8mo, 6| x sf, 
pp. 380, 6s. net. (Little guides.} 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

ox (John H.) ed. Folk lore of the South. 
Collected under the auspices of the West 
Virginia Folk-Lore Society. Roy. 8vo. 253. 
net MILFORD, Mar. '25 

ox (Joseph F.) Crop production and soil 
management. Roy. 8vo, 135. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 

<0X (P. W. L.) Curriculum-adjustment in the 
secondary school. Cr. 8vo, 95. net. (Educa- 
tional guides) LIPPINCOTT, Apr. '25 

oxon (Roger) Chesterfield and his critics- 
8vo, 8f x 5$, pp. 340, I2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, Mar. '25 

Cox's Potteries annual and year book, 1925. 
Edit, by R. W. Ship. (3rd year.) 7^X5, pp. 
195, swd., is. 6d. net. 


Mar. '25 

oxweIS (C. Fillingham) A Kingdom of hate : 

a romantic satire. Cr. 8vo, swd. 43. 6d. net. 

DANIEL, Mar. '25 

oyfeee (Eden) -The Little Frenchman. Illus. 
by K. J. Fricero. 32mo, 5x3, pp. 94, is. net. 
(Dumpy books for children.) 

CHATTO & W., Aug. '25 

rabtree (J. H.)~ A Practical guide to nature 
study : by woodland, field, pond and shore. 
Illus. 8vo, 8f x 5|, pp. 190, 7s. 6d. net. 

JARROLDS, Jan. '25 

Crackerbox philosophers in American humor, 
Tandy (J.) 128. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Cracknel! (A. G.) and Perrott (G. F.)The New 

Matriculation geometry. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 

313, 45. 6d UNIV. TUTORIAL PR., Sept. '25 

Cradle of the deep, Treves (F., Sir) los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Crater (T. W., Rev.) Lenten studies in the 

Prophet Jeremiah : a series of addresses from 

Ash Wednesday to Easter. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4|, 

pp. 96, 2S. 6d. net .... SKEFFINGTON, Feb. '25 
Craft, Small, Design and construction of, Stmth 

(R. M.) I2S. 6d. net June '25 

Craftsmen and merchants, Bowman (F. L.) 

2S. 6d Oct. '25 

raib (W. G.) Florae Siamensis enumeratio ; 

a list of the plants known from Siam, with 

records of their occurrence. Part i. 8vo, 

pp. 198, swd. iss. (Siam Soc.). 

LUZAC, Aug. '25 
-Craig (Edward Gordon) Books and theatres. 

Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9^x6, pp. 172, 75. 6d. net. 

DENT, Oct. '25 
Craig (Edward Gordon) Nothing; or, The 

Bookplate. With a handlist by E. Carrick. 

Roy. 8vo, 10 x 6, pp. 35, 73. 6d. net. 

CHATTO & W., Oct. '25 
Craig (Elizabeth) -The Stage favourites' cook 

book. Repr. Cr. 410, iox7|-, pp. 234, 

35. 6cl. net HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Craig (Hamilton) A Hazard at Hansard. 

7|X4t> PP* 34, 2S. net . . STOCKWELL, Sept. '25 
Craig (J. A.) ed. Thoughts day by day : wit and 

wisdom lor every day of the year. Fcp. 

8vo, 61 x 4, pp. 78, is. net H. JENKINS, Dec. '25 


Craig Kennedy, Boy Scouts', Reeve (A. B.) 53. 
net Nov. '25 

Craig! (W. A.) and others The Scottish tongue : 

lectures on the vernacular language of Lowland 

Scotland, delivered to the Members of the 

Vernacular Circle of the Burns Club of London. 

8vo, 8J X sj, pp. 163, 6s. net. 

CASSELL, Feb. '25 
Craigie (W. A.). See also Gosse (E., Sir) and 

raik (Mrs.) (Dinah Maria Mulock) John Halifax, 

gentleman. Cr. 8yo, 7^X5, pp. 448, 2S. 6d. 

net (Standard fiction lib.) .. HARRAP, Apr. '25 
Craik (Mrs.) John Halifax, gentleman. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 528, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Masterpiece lib.) COLLINS, Sept. '25 

Craik (Mrs.) Little lame Prince. Abridged. 

Cr. 8yo, swd. sd. net ; limp 7d. net. (Children's 

classics ' intermediate.) MACMILLAN, June '25 
Crain (N. L.) Julia: the story of a model. 

iSmo, swd. is. 6d. net DRANE, June*2$ 

rake (A. D., Rev.) Alfgar the Dane ; or, The 

Second chronicle of Aescendune : a tale of the 

days of Edmund Ironside. Repr. Cr. 8vo r 

7fX5>PP- 254, 35. 6d, net. LONGMANS, May '25 
Cram (Mildred) The Tide. Cr. 8vo, ? x 5, 

pp. 318, 75. 6d. net J. CAPE, Mar. '25 

Crati (Marion) ed. The Garden register. Roy. 

8vo, si X 6f , pp. 231, 5S. net. 

H. JENKINS, May 25 
Crae (Marion) Garden talks. With drawings 

and plans by Christopher Smithells. Cr. 8vo, 

7f * 5, pp. 191, 55. net METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Crane (Frank, Rev.) Why I am a Christian. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|xsi, pp. 330, 6s. net. 

LANE, Apr. '25 
Crane (Nathalia) The Janitor's boy, and other 

poems. With port. 8vo, 8|X5f, pp. 94, 

55. net LANE, June '25 

Crane (Stephen) The Red badge of courage. 

Pref. by Joseph Conrad. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 

7|X5 PP- 206, 35. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Apr. '25 
Cranes and hoists, Design of, Wilda (H.) 6s. 

net Dec. '24 

Cranford, Gaskell (E. C.) 8s. 6d. net . . Mar. '25 
Cranford, Gaskett (E. C.) 33. 6d. net... Oct. '25 

Crany (Ralph A.) Church building. 3rd ed. 

Roy. 8vo, 385. net BATSFORD, Feb. '25 

Craske (J. C. B.) Enchantments of yesterday, 

[Poems.] 7i~ x 5 1, pp. 43, 3s. 6d.. net. 

E. MACDONALD, Sept. 25 
Crater : novel, Gore-Browne (R.) 75, 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Crauford (Lane) The Idle hours of a victorious 

invalid. 8vo, 9 x 5^, pp. 255, IDS. 6d. net. 
CHAPMAN & HALL, Nov. '25 
Craven. Village in, Riley (W.) I2S. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Crawford (M. D. C.) -The Come-back. Cr. 8vo, 

71 x 5, pp. 315, 3s. 6d. net.. .G. BLES, Oct. '25 
Crawford (M. D. C.) -The Heritage of cotton : 

the fibre of two worlds and many ages. Illus. 

Roy. 8vo, 9&X6, pp. 264, sis, net. 

PUTNAM, June '2 5 
Crawford (Maude) Kirstie-to-me. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, PP- 320, 7s. 6d net. 

H. JENKINS, May '25 
Crawford (0. G. S.) The Long barrows of the 

Cotswolds : a description of long barrows, 

stone circles, and other Megalithic remains in 

the Cotswolds and the Welsh Marshes. Illus. 

ioiX7|, pp. 261, 255. net. 

(Gloucester), J. BELLOWS, Sept. '25 
Crawford and Balcarres (Earl of) The Soul of 

cities. Roy. 8vo, swd., is. net. (Manchester 

Press publications. Repr. from the Bulletin 

of J. Rylands Library.).. LONGMANS, May '35 
Creation, Science and, D'Arcy (C. F., Most Rev.) 

35. 6d. net / Feb- '25 

Creative work of Jesus, Ltomont (D,, Rev.) 6s. 

net Apr. '*5 





Crebillot! (Claude Prosper, fils) The Opportuni- 
ties of a night. Trans, "by Eric Sutton from 
" La Nuit et le moment." Intro, by Aldous 
Huxley. Eel. limited to 1,000 numbered 
copies. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 218, ais. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 
Credit, How to grant, Gretg (C.) 35, 6d. net. 

Mar, '25 

Credit risks, Commercial, Swain (A. H.) 53. net, 

July '25 
Cree (Malcolm M.). See MacMwmy (C. D.) 

and Cree. 

Creigitton (H. Jerrnain) Principles and applica- 
tions of electro-chemistry. Vol. i. Roy. 8vo, 

2os. net CHAPMAN & HALL, Jan. '25 

reighton (Louise) Heroes of French history. 
Edited for school use by John C. Allen. Illus. 
by Henry J. Ford. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 158, 
as. 6d. (Longman's Class-books of English 

hter.) LONGMANS, June '25 

Crepe <le chine wife, Baker (A. J.) as. net. 

July '25 
Crescent Moon, Young (F. B.) as. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Crespigny (Claude Champion de, Sir). See 

Champion de Crespigny (Claude, Sir). 
Cresswell (Beatrix F.) Bude and its Border- 
land. With street plan and illus. 121110, 
7i x 4!, pp. 80, is. net. (Homeland hand- 
books] HOMELAND Assoc., Mar. '25 

CressweU (Nicholas) Journal, 1774-1777. With 

port. Roy. 8vo, 9^ X 6J, pp. 299, 155. net. 

J . CAPE, Mar, '25 

Creswell (K. A. C.) The Origin of the plan of 
the Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem. Diags. 
4to, swd., pp. 30, 4S. (Bnt. Sch. of Archaeol. 

in Jerusalem) LUZAC, Mar, '25 

Crete, Minoan, 'Early Nilotic, etc., relations with, 

Evans (A., Sir). 33. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Crew (F, A. E.) Animal genetics ; an introduc- 
tion to the science of animal breeding. 8vo, 
9x5!-, pp. 440, 153. net. (Biological mono- 
graphs and manuals.) . . OLIVER & B., May '25 
Crichfon (F. E.) Little wizard of White Cloud 
Hill. Cr. 8vo, 2S. 3d, (Continuous story 
readers, grade 2.) ........ ..ARNOLD, Feb. '25 

Crichton (F. E.) Peep-in-the World. Illus. by 
Harry Rountree. Repr. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 

264, 35. 6d. net E, ARNOLD, Feb. '25 

Cricket and how to play it, Jessop (G.) 2S. 6d. 

net Jun& '25 

Cricket annual, '* Athletic News," 1925. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Cricket [anthology], Looker (S. J.) 33. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Cricket : Big game in Australia, Samuels (C.) 

is. net Mar* '25 

Cricket companion, Ayres' t 1925. IB... Apr, '25 
Cricket ; Gilligaa's men, Noble (M. A.) 155. net. 

June '25 
Cricket, How to play, Shirley (W., Lt.-Col.) is. 

net May '25 

Cricket, Kent County, History of. as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Cricket memories, Rtttter (E.) 6s. net. .May '25 
Cricket : My reminiscences, Woods (S. M. J.) 

6s. net Sept. '25 

Cricket, New Zealand, Statistics, etc., Peakc 

(J. F.) July '25 

Cricket : Parkin again, Parkin (C,) as. 6d. net, 

June *25 
Cricket personalities, Cower (H. D. G. L.) 53. 

net Oct. '25 

Cricket score bk., British, is, net. , . . May *25 
Cricket scores and biographies, M.C.C. Vol. 

15. 2is. net , > Od. '25 

Cricket, Somerset County, Custard (F. J. C.) 

is. net June '25 

Cricket, Test : England v. Australia, Sparks 
(W. P. H.) Suppl., 1924-25. is, 6d. net. 

June *2$ 
Cricketer, More compleat, Knight (D. J.) 5$. 

net Dec. '25 

Cricketers' annual, Wisden (J.), 1925, 53. net. 

Feb. '35 


Cricket's prime : history before the days oi 
Hambledon. By H. *P.-T. 7^x5, pp. 52^ 
swd.; is. 6d. net. 

(Nottingham) C. H. RICHARDS, Sept. '25 

Crime and insanity, Darhng (Lord) 33. 6d, as. 6d. 
net Apr, '25 

Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard, France (A.) 33. 

Feb. '25 

Crime in India, Edwardcs (G. M.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '23 

Crime of the electric torch, Peel (H. J.) 2S. 6d. 
net Nov. '25 

Crime : Youug delinquent, Burt (C.) 173. 6d. 
net Jttly '25, 

Crimes and criminals, Famous, Stevens (G. L. 
McC.) 5s. net Sept. '25- 

Crimes, Celebrated, Dilnot (G.) 123. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Criminal, Thomson (B., Sir) i6s. net.. Nov. '25. 

Criminal appeal (Scotland)- -Report of Ctte- 

appointed by Secretary for Scotland. 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Criminal Investigation, Dept, of : adventures of 
the D.C.I., Russell (C. E.) i8a. net . . Feb. '25 

Criminal law in Flanders, Adminis. of, Letts 
(M.) Feb. '23. 

Criminal yarns, Bridges (T. C.) 75. 6d. net. 

Apr. '2$. 

Criminals : Dramatic days at the Old Bailey, 
Kingston (C.) 55. net Sept. '25 

Criminals : Human side of crook and convict 
life, Scott (S.) i8s. net Jan. '23 

Criminology, Sutherland (E. H.) 159. net. 

Jan. '25 

Crimson blotter, Ostrander (I.) as. net. 

May '25 

Crimson glow, Igglesden (C.) 43. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Crimson West, Philip (A.) 73. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 

Cripple, Story of the, Watson (F.) 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Crippled children, care and cure of, Giraieslone 
(G. R.) 6d. net Sept. '25 

Crippled hand and arm, Beck (C,) 308. net. 

Mar. '25 

Cripps-Day (Francis Henry) A Record of 
armour sales, 1881-1924. Illus. Folio, 
13X10, pp. 395, io5s. not..G. BKLL, Oct. '25 

Crisis in the cotton industry : report of the pro- 
ceedings of the Provisional Emergency Cotton 
Committee, October 9, 1923, to August i, 1934. 
Vol. 3, Sf X6, pp. 326. 

SHKRRATT & HUGHES, Sept. '25. 

Criss-cross, Methley (V. M.) ss. 6cl. net. Feb. '25 

Critical moments in British history, Rait (R. S.) 
3s. 6d. net June '25 

Criticism and revelation, Studies iu, Smith (T. J.) 
5s. net A<u&. '25 

Crpce (Benedette)- The Conduct of life. Author- 
ised trans, by Arthur Livingston. Cr. Bvo* 
7 1 x 5 i pp. 340, 75. 6d. net. .HARRAP^ May '25 

Crockett (Rutherford) -A Gay lover. Cr. 8vo >( 
7i x 5, pp. 316, 7s. 6d. net. .COLLINS, Dec, ^25, 

Crockett (S. R.) The Grey man. Cr. 8vo 
3$. 6d. net. (Add phi lib.) . . UNWIN. Sept. '35 

Crockett (S. R.) -The Grey man. Cheap cd. 
Cr. SVG, 7 1 X 5, pp. 368, 2S. 6d. net. 

UN WIN, Sept. '25 

Crockett (S. R.) The Lilac suubounet. Cheap 
ed. Cr. 8vo 7|X5, pp. 384, as. 6d. net. 

UN WIN, July '25 

Crockett (S. R.) Talcs from Sir Walter Scott : 
Waverley and Ivanhoe. Retold by S. K. 
Crockett to Sweetheart, Sir Toady Lion and 
others. With frontis, Cr. 8vo, 7f x 5, pp. 256^ 
as. 6d. net BLACK, Sept. '25 

Crockford's Clerical directory for 1925 : a statisti- 
cal book of reference for facts relating to the* 
clergy and the Church. (55th issue.) Roy. 
8vo, xox6f, pp. 2116, 423. net. 

MILPORD, Apt. '25 

rols (Helen Reid) Humpty Dumpty's little 
son. Illus. ssmo, 5 x 3, pp* 95, is. net. 
(Dumpy boohs for children.) 

CHATTO & W,, Aug. *as> 




Crofi-Cooke (Rupert) Songs south of the Line. 

Svo, swd. 33. net. (222, Goldhawk Rd. } W.) 

LINCOLN TORRE y, Aug. '25 

rofts (Freeman Wills) The Cask. Cheap ed. 

iSmo, 6 x 4, pp. 365, swd. $d. net. 

COLLINS, Apr. '25 

Crofts (Freeman Wills) The Groote Park murder. 

Cheap cd. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 299, 23. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Jan. '25 

Crofts (Freeman Wills) Inspector French's 
greatest case. Cr. Svo, 7 1 X 5, pp. 316, 73. 6d. 

net COLLINS, Mar. '25 

Croindene (Arthur De). See De Croindene. 
Croker (B. M.) Married or single. Popular ed. 
Demy i8mo, 6x4, pp. 380, is. 6d. net. 

July '25 

roker (B. M.) Miss Balmame's past. Cheap 
ed. I2mo, 7^x4^, pp. 284, 2S. net. 

COLLINS, June '25 

roker (B. M.) A Rolling stone. Fcp, Svo, 

6|rX4i, pp. 382, is. 6d. net.. .NELSON, Apr. '25 

roly (Elizabeth) -The Lure of the New Forest. 

With 15 illus. and a map. Cr. Svo, 7|-X5, 

pp. 190, 55. net MILLS & B., Apr. '25 

Croly (Elizabeth) Round about Monte Carlo. 
With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 158, 53. 

net MILLS & B., Oct. '25 

Crome yellow, Huxley (A.) 33. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Crontpton (Richmal) Anne Morrison. Cr. Svo, 

74 X 5, pp. 343, 73. 6d. net. JARROLDS, Jan. '25 

4*roniptO!i (Richmal) The Innermost room. 

Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7&X 5, pp. 286, as. 6d. net. 

MELROSE, Oct. '25 

romptoo (Richmal) Still William. Illus. by 
Thomas Henry. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 252, 

2S. 6d. net NEWNES, Apr. '25 

Croraptors (Richmal) The Wildings. Cr. Svo, 
7i X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., July '25 
Cromwell, Oliver, Dakers (A.) 45. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

ronin (Bernard) Bluff stakes. Cheap ed. 
I2mo, 7^x4^, pp. 318, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S,, May '25 

Cronk (H. Leslie) An Introduction to school 
medicine. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 246, 73. 6d. 

net H. K. LEWIS, Feb. '25 

Crook and convict life, Human side of, Scott (S.) 

iSs. net Jan. '25 

Crooked trail, Hocking (S. K.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Crooks, confessions, Lucas (N.) ias. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Crop production and soil management, Cox 

(J. F.) 133. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Crop-production in India, Howard (A.) los. 6d. 

net Dec. '24 

Crop production, poisoned food, etc., Hepburn (J.) 

7s. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Croppers : Dmgle Bank, Conybeare (F. A.) 

33. 6d. net July '25 

Crops, Farm, Paterson (W. G. R.) 503. net. 

J^{,ne '25 

Crosfield (Arthur, Sir) Reminiscences of Ken- 
wood and the Northern Heights. Illus. Cr. 
4to, 10 X 7i, PP. 32, 5s. net. 

** COUNTRY LIFE," Mar. '25 

ros!anS (T. W. H.) (" Angus McNeill ") Tho 

Egregious English. New ed. Cr. Svo, 7iX5 

pp. 200, ss. net S. PAUL, July '25 

rosiand (T. W. H.) Little people : an alphabet. 
Pictures by Henry Mayer. 32mo, 5 x 3, pp. 91, 
is. net. (Dumpy books for children.} 

CHATTO & W., Aug. *25 

Croslattd (T. W. H.) The Lord of creation. 
With an appreciation by Henry Savage. 
New ed. Cr. Svo, 7$ X5, pp. 208, 55. net. 

S. PAUL, July '25 

Crosland (T. W. H.) Pop goes the weasel. 

Cheaper ed. Svo, Sf x 5 1, PP- 240, 53. net. 

FORTUNE & M., Dec. '24 

Crosland (T. W. H.) The Unspeakable Scot. 

Repr. Cr. Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 200, 53. net. 

S. PAUL, Sept. '25 


Crosland, T. W. H. : appreciation, Brown 
(W. S.) as. net Apr.'zs 

Cross (George) Christian salvation. Cr. Svo, 
1 23. 6d. net CAMS. UNIV. PR., July '25 

Cross (Harold H. U.) Electric lighting for 
cycles and motor cycles : the construction, 
maintenance and repair of ** dry " battery, 
etc. 50 illus. New ed. xamo, 7X4f, pp. 
132, 35. 6d. net SPON, Jan. '25 

Cross (Harold H. U.) Electro-therapy and ionic 
medication : a technical and clinical com- 
pendium expressly written to meet the needs 
of general practice. With 155 illus. Svo, 
8xsi, PP. 265, los. 6d. net. 

C. GRIFFIN, June '25 

Gross (Thompson) The Isle of forgotten people. 
With 4 illus. in col. and black and white by 
John De Walton. Svo, 8 x 5, pp. 221, as. 6d. 
net. (New boys' lib.} .... CASSELL, Sept, '25 

ross (Wilbur L.) Life and times of Laurence 
Sterne. 2 vols. New ed. Roy. Svo, 315. 6d. 
net MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Cross (Zora) Daughters of Seven Mile : the 
love story of an Australian woman. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 33. 6d. net. 

HUTCHINSON, July '2 5 

Cross (Zora) The Lute-girl of Rainyvale : a 
story of North Queensland. Cr. Svo, 71 X 5, 
pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. . . .HUTCHINSON, May '25 

Cross and crescent : tale, Berkwood (E. A.) 
73. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Cross lode, Fraser (E. D.) 73. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 

Cross of Jeremiah, Robinson (H. W.) 23. 6d. net. 

Nov; '25 
Cross, Problem of the, Storr (V. F.) 43. net. 

Dec. '24 
Cross-pull, Evarts (H. G.) as. net Feb. '25 

Cross, Tragedy of the, Dean (F. R.) 25. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Cross-word bk., International. 23. 6d. net. 

Aug. '2* 
Cross-word dictionary, Collins'. 7d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Cross-word disc puzzle, " Daily Mail." is. net. 

Mar. '25 
Cross-word guide, Dutton (J. G.) 2S. net. 

Feb. '25 

Cross word parties : 20 different packets, 
Lettered A to T. is. net 

" DAILY NEWS/* Oct. '25 
Cross-word pocket pad, " Nophag." is. nt. 

Jan. '25 

Cross word pocket puzzle book ; 16 puzzles and 
solutions. iSmo, 5fX4|, pp. 34; swd. 6d. 

net DUGDALE & DAVISOX, Jan. '25 

Cross-word puzzle bk., " Bestway " Third. 

6d. net Feb. '25 

Cross word puzzle bk., Cassell's as. . . Feb. '25 
Cross word puzzle bk., Children's, Black (J.) 

as. net Sept. '25 

Cross word puzzle bk., French, Mitts (H. E.) 53. 

net Sept. '25 

Cross-word puzzle bk., Paragon, ist ser. 25. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Cross word puzzle bk., Premier, Barrett (J.) ist 

and 2nd ser., ea. is. net Feb. '25 

Cross-word puzzle bk., Second shilling, is. net. 

Feb. '25 
Cross-word puzzle book, Third. 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Cross word puzzle bk., Fourth. 33. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Cross word puzzle bk., Putnam's. 55. net. 

Mar. '25 
Cross word puzzle bk., Putnam's Junior. 53. 

net Mar. '25 

Crossword puzzle bk., Educational, Speer (R. K.) 
and McGaugny (J. R.) 2S. 6d. net . June '25 
Cross word puzzle bk., Wells (C.) 53. net. 

Mar. '25 

Cross-word puzzle solver, " Daily News." 
ss. 6d. net Feb. '25 





Cross word puzzles, Blank forms for, " Daily 

Mail" 6d. net .................. Jan. '25 

Cross word puzzles, British, McCarty (W.) 

ist series. 2S. 6d. net ............ Dec. '24 

Cross word puzzles, Children '$. 6d. net. .Mar. '25 
Cross-word puzzles, " Evening News." %s. net. 

Feb. '25 
Cross-word puzzles, Layng (C.) ist book. 33. 6d. 

net .............................. Jan. '25 

Cross word puzzles, Junior, L&yng (C.) 35. 6d. 

net .............................. Mar. '25 

Cross-word puzzles : Noah's word animals, 

McCarty (W.) 25. net ............ Apr. '25 

Cross-words in rhyme for those of riper years. By 

"Torquemada." i8mo, swd. 

Cross words solutions, Quickway key for. is. 

net ............................ Mar. '25 

Cross (R, B., Lt.-Col.) A Short history of the 

Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infan- 

try, 17411922. Sjxsl, PP- 47, is. 3d. net. 

GALE & P., Apr. '25 

Crossett (Harry S,) Operative gynaecology, 

Ryl. 8vo, 3rd, ed. 523. 6d. net. 

KIMPTON, July '25 
(Maude) and King (Charles) The 

Forbidden hour. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 312, 

73. 6d. net ............ H. JENKINS, Feb. '25 

Crossman (Mary L.) Spring's return, and other 

verse. 7lX5, pp. 30, 2$. net. 

Crothers (Samuel McChord) The Children of 

Dickens. Sq. 8vo, los. 6d. net. 

SCRIBNERS, Dec. *25 

Crowd, Le Bon (G.) 35, 6d* net ...... May '25 

Crowder (William) Dwellers of the sea and 

shore. Drawings and photos, by the author. 

8vo, 8 x si, pp. 316, 7S. 6d. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 
Crowds of Lourdes, Huysmans (]. K.) 73. 6d. 

net ............... .... ........... Feb. '25 

Crowlesmlth (J., Rev.)- 'Bible stories for young 

folk : tales from the Old and New Testaments 

retold, Illus. by H. S. Greig. Cr. 8vo, 

7&X5, PP* *44 * s - 6d. net. 

Crown and Anchor, Blunt (R.) 53, net. .Dec. '25 
Crown Lands (Commissioners of)- xosrd leport, 

1924-25. 3S. net ...... H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Crown swindle, Eades (M. L.) 75. 6d. net. Oct. "25 
Crown's Nominee account, 1924. 23. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mav '25 
Crowther (A. H.) Short French plays. Cr. 8vo, 

swd., is. 6d .......... .MILLS & B., Sept. '25 

Croyiand (William) The Strength of the hills. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 316, 75. 6d. net, 

NASH & G., Oct. '25 

Crucible, 'Jlftfmty (S.) 7s. 6d, net ..... May '25 
Crucian (Alexander) A Concordance to the Old 

and New Testament ; or, A Dictionary and 

alphabetical index to the Bible. Edit, by 

the Rev. C. S. Carey. 8vo, 8J x 5$, pp. 576, 

6s. net ................ ROUTLEDGE, Mar. '25 

Cruise of the " Midge,'* Scott (M.) as. net 

Feb. '25 
Cruise of the Midge, Scott (M.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Cruise of the (t Nona," Belloc (H.) 153. ixet. 

May *25 

Cruisers [novel], Weston (G.) 7s. 6d. net, Aug. '23 
Crummer (Leroy) Clinical features of heart 

disease. 8vo, 125. 6d. net. .KIMPTON, Sept. "25 
rump (Geoffrey H.) A Guide to the study of 

Shakespeare's plays. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4j, pp. 

203, is. 6d ............. HARRAP, Apr. '25 

rump (N. E.) -Copper : a survey of the sources, 

methods of manufacture, nature of its uses, 

and conditions of the trade. 8vo, 9x5^, 

pp. 254, los. 6d. net ---- . . .W. RIDER, Oct. '25 
Crusaders, Paterson (A,) 73. 6d. net.,JF>&. '25 
Crusaders, Scudders (E. S.) 58. net ____ Oct. '25 
Cruse (A.) A New course of composition : "based 

on the study of English masters of style. 

Cr. 8vo, 7 J x 5, pp. 120, is. 6d. net, 

MILFORD, Jnly '25 


Grose (Amy) The Book of myths. Illus. in 

col. and black and white, 8vo, <8f x s| ? 

pp. 287, 73. 6d. net HARRAP, Oct. '25 

Crusoe annual, 1925. Illus. Roy. 8vo, gx6|, 

pp. 532, 55. net NEWNES, Sept. '25 

Crussell (E. H.) Jobbing work for the car- 
penter, builder, and handy man. 2nd ed. 

Roy. 8vo, i2s. 6d. net, .BATSFORD, Feb. '25 
Crystal casket, Matthemnan (S.) is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Crystal cup, Atherton (G.) 7s. 6d, net. . .Aug. '25 
Crystal pointers, B or eh am (F, W.) 53. net. 

Sept. '25 
Crystal receivers and circuits, Risdou (P. J.) 

is. net Apr. "25 

Crystal sea, poems, Emmons (E.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Crystal set, Adaptable, Harris (P. W.) is. 6d. 

net June '25 

Crystal structure, X-rays and; Bragg (W. H., 

Sir, and W. L.) sis. net Apr. '25 

Cubs, My picture bk. ot, Pope (J.) is. 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 
Cubwood, Lewis (W. R. S.) 7s. 6cl. net. 

Jan. *25 
Cuchulainn, Gray (T.) I2S. 6d, net....5^. '25 

Cuckoo, Goldring (D.) 7s. 6d. net S^. '25 

CuSliertson (William Smith) --International 

economic policies : a survey of the economics 

of diplomacy. 8vo, 8} x s|-, pp. 595, 155. 

net APPLETON, AUK. '25 

Cullen (William) Uncle Archie : his nights with 

a nephew. 7|-X5, pp. 195, 35. 6d. net. 

Go WANS & GRAY, Nov. '25 
CuIIiford's Commercial ship repairing and 

estimating. 4to, 253. net ..J, SMITH, Oct. '25 
Oullis (C. E.) Matrices and determinoids, 

(Univ. of Calcutta Readership Lectures, 

Vol. 3, pt. i.) Ryl. 8vo, pp. 702, 633. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Dec. '25 
Cullison (Irene Margaret) ed. Mother Goose 

finger plays. Illus. Cr. 4to, io|x8|, pp. 32, 

2S. 6d, , HARRAP, Apr. '24 

Culloden papers, More, Warmnd (D.) Vol. 2. 

2 is. net A ug. '2 5 

CuIIum (Ridg\vell)- -The Devil's keg : the story 

of the Foss River Ranch. Cheap ed. 8vo 

7i x si PP- l6 > swc ^- IS - ne ^ 

NEWNES, Apr. '25 

Cilllum (Ridgwell) The Golden woman. Cheap 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7x5, pp. 192, swd. is. net. 

NKWNLS, June '25 

ulluati (Ridgwcll) Tlie Law-breakers, Cheap- 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7x5^, pp. i<>2, swd. is. net. 

NKWNKH, Sept. '25 

0ullym (Ridgwell) -The Law of the gun* Popular 
ed. Cr, 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 192, swdl is, net. 

NEWNES, July '25 

Outturn (Riclgwell) The Riddle of Three- Way 
Creek. Cr. SVG, 7}X5, pp. 316, 73. 6d net. 

C. PALMER, Jan. '25 

Ouiltim (Ridgwell) ^The Saint of the speedway. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo 7i x 5, pp. 310, as, 6d, 

net C. PALMER, Apr, '5 

uiium (Ridgwell)- The Sherifi of Dyke Hole. 

Cheap ed, i2ino, 7 X si, pp. 192, swd. is. net. 

NEWNES, Aug. '25 

Cultxire in Greece, Primitive, Rose (H. J ,) 7s. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Cumfeerbatch (E. P.) and Robinson (C. A.)~ 
Treatment or gonococal infection "by diathermy. 
Cr. 8vo, 75. 6d. net. (Medical books). 

HEINEMANN, Apr, '25 
Cumberland, Duke of, and Seven Years War, 

Charteris (E.) 21$, net .July '25 

Cumberland dialect reciter, Waniner (F.) is 

net Apr. '25 

Gumberworth (C. J.)- The Way to the uplands; 
fifty tonic talks. Cr. 8vo 7|X5 pp. xxo, 

as. 6d. net EPWORTK PR., July '45 

Ciimfitg (Margaret) Young Christian : a play. 
Roy. 8vo, swd. is. net, . FAITH PR,, Aug, *^5 
iimralnf (David) The Divine purpose of salva- 
tion, ismo, 7x4!, pp. 148, as. 6d. net. 

MORGAN & S., May '25 





Ctimmlsigs (William) Conflicting passions. Cr. 
Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 314, 75. 6d. net. 

WILLIAMS & N., Oct. '25 
Cunard (Nancy) ParaUax. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 24, 

3s. 6d, net HOGARTH PR., Apr. '25 

Cundal! (Frank) Jamaica's part in the Great 

War, 1914-18. 10X71, pp. i55 ios. 6d. net. 


Cyndaii (H. M.) Bygone Richmond. With 46 

illus. Cr. 4to, iojx7|, pp. 116, ios. 6d. net. 

LANE, Jan. '25 

Cundall (L. B.) and Landman (T.) Wales : an 
economic geography. With 52 illus. Cr. 
Svo, 7^x5, pp. 364, 6s. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, July *25 

Cuneiform texts from Cappadocian tablets, 

British Museum. Part 3. 155. net ..Nov. '25 
Cunningham (Brysson) Port administration and 

operation : a review of systems of manage- 
ment in vogue in various countries. 8vo, 

8| X si, pp. 189, 135. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, May '25 
Cunningham (C. A. Brooke-). See Brooke- 

Cunningham (Eugene) The Trail to Apacaz. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 220, 2S. 6d. 

net UNWIN, Sept. '25 

Cunningham (G. Watts) Problems of philosophy: 

an introductory survey. With foreword by 

Viscount Haldane. Svo, 8x5^, pp. 475, 

8s. 6d. net. (Modern thinkers' lib.} 

HARRAP, Aug. '25 
Cunningham (H. E.) Text book of logic. Cr. 

8vo, ios. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Cunnington (B. Howard) Some annals of the 

Borough of Devizes : extracts from the 

archives of the Corporation of Devizes, 1555 

to 1791. iox6|, pp, 267, 2is. net. 

(Devizes) SIMPSON, Aug. '25 
Cunynghanie (Francis) Collected poems. 9x6, 

PP* 42, 3S. 6d. net , . E. MACDONALD, Dec. '25 
Cupid and commonsense : play, Bennett (A.) 

53., 35. 6d. net , June '25 

Cupid in many moods, Hamilton (C.) 2s. net. 

Feb. '25 

Cure of souls, Sinclair (M.) 33. 6d. net.. .Jan. '25 
Curia Regis Rolls ; Richard I. and John. Vol. 2, 

1201 3, 363. net. (Record Office). 

H.M.S.O., May '25 
Curious survivals, Williamson (G. C.) I2S. 6d. 

net .. Feb. '25 

Curie (J. H.) The Shadow-show. Cheaper ed. 

Cr, 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 289, 23. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, May '25 
CurSewis (Jean) Verse writing for beginners. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, PP- 62, is. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 
Currency : an indictment, Baxendale (A. S.) 

6s. net Dec. '25 

Currency and banking, Russian, 1914-24, 

Katzenellenbaum (S. S.) 93. net Jan. '25 

Currency and exchange, Indian, Chdbl&ni 

(H. L.) 7s. 6d. net June '25 

Currency and finance, C. American, Young (J. P.) 

us. 6d. net .Mar. '25 

Currency: Britain's coming crash, Baxendale 

(A. S.) 53. net Feb. '25 

Currency, Interest standard of, Dick (E.) ios. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Currency problems and policy of Soviet Union, 

Yurovsky (L. H.) 73. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Currency: Return to gold, Gregory (T. E.) 

33. 6d,, as. 6d. net June '25 

Cufrey (Qaudine)--The Little mermaid: an 

opera in six scenes. Freely adapted from the 

fairy tale of Hans Andersen. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 

pp. 64, swd. 53. net E. MATHEWS, July '25 

Curriculum-adjustment in the secondary school, 

Cox (P. W. L.) 95. net Apr. '25 

Currie (George Graham) A Bouquet of Love. 

32mo, 23. net. (Currie gift books). 

DANIEL, Sept. '25 
CurrSe (George Graham) Carry a high ideal. 

32mo, as. net. (Curne gift bks.). 

DANIEL, Sept. '25 


CiirrSe (George Graham) Hornets in hollyhocks. 
32mo, 2S. 6d, net. (Currie gift bks.). 

DANIEL, Sept. '25 

Currie (George Graham) Lily and the angel. 
32mo, 2S. net. (Curne gift bks.}. 

DANIEL, Sept. '25 

Csirrie (George Graham) Poems with a punch. 
32mo, 2S. net. (Carrie gift bks.). 

DANIEL, Sept. '25 

CurrSe (George Graham) A Sheaf of sonnets. 
32mo, 2S. 6d. net. (Currie gift bks.). 

DANIEL, Sept. '25 

Currle (George Graham) Woman in her infinite 
variety ; or, The Art of love-making in 
America. 8vo, 8^x5^, pp. 380, 53. net. 

DANIEL, May '25 

Currie (S.) Amusing puzzles for everybody. 
I2mo, 7i X 4|, pp. 64, swd., gd. net. 

A. ROGERS, Feb. '25 

Currier (Andrew F.) How to keep well; or 
The preservation of health and the recognition 
of disease. Roy. 8vo, 9 X sf, pp. 716, 2is. 

net T. W. LAURIE, Feb. '25 

Curse of Amaris, Cooks (W. B.) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Curties (H., Lt.-Col.) Love and the law. Cr. 
8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 317, 7s. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Feb. "25 
Curtis (F. J.). See Mackay (D.) and Curtis. 

Curtis (Mayne) The Fifth asset. Popular ed. 

Cr. Svo, 71- X 5, pp. 320, 2S. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Apr. '25 
Curtis (Robert C.) The Fundamentals of live 

stock judging and selection. 3rd ed., rev. 

8vo, 153. net KIMPTON, Sept. '25 

Curtis (Wmterton C.) and Guthrie (Mary J.) 
Laboratory directions in general zoology. 
Svo, swd,, 73. 6d. net, 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 

Cur wood (James Oliver) The Ancient highway. 
Cr. Svo, 7x 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Aug. '25 

Curwood (James Oliver) The Last frontier. 
Cheap ed. lamo, 7|X4|-, pp. 316, 25. net. 
HODDER & S., May '25 

Curzon (Marquis, of Kedleston) British Govern- 
ment in India : the story of the Viceroys and 
Government Houses. 2 vols. Illus. Demy 
4to, n|x8f, pp. 279, 278 (set) 633. net ; ed. 
de luxe, 1475. net CASSELL, June '25 

Ciishmg (Harvey) The Life of Sir William 
Osier. 2 vols. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9ix6, pp. 
701, 740, 373. 6d. net MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Gushing (S. H.) See Huntington (E.) and 

Cushny (Arthur R.) -The Action and uses in 
medicine of digitalis and its allies. With illus. 
Roy. Svo, 9X6, pp. 315, 1 8s. net. 

LONGMANS, Feb. '25 

Cusling (S. W.). See Huntington (E.) and 

Customs and Excise (Commissioners of) i6th 
report, 1924-25. 35. net. H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Customs : Curious survivals, Williamson (G. C.) 
I2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Customs formalities (Simplification of) : inter- 
national convention, Geneva, Nov., 1923. 
6d. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Customs of mankind, EicliUr (L.) xas. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Customs, South Indian, Ayyar (P. V. J.) 6s. 6d. 

May '25 

Customs tariffs of the world, Kelly's, 1925. 363. 
net May '25 

Cut and come again, Oakeshott (R.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Cutforth (A. E.) Foreign exchange : treatment 
of fluctuating currencies in the accounts of 
English companies. Svo, 8| x 5$, pp. i73 
ios. 6d. net GEE, Oct. '25 

Cuthbertson (David) Bible talks to boys. 
Fcp. Svo, 6|X4i PP 90, 2S. net. 

ALLENSON, Oct. '25 





Cuthbertson (David) Neil Urie, smuggler and 
student : an historical romance. Cr. 8vo, 
8& X 6, pp. 200, 6s. net. 

MENZIES & Co., Apr. '25 

CytSer (D. Ward) Evolution, heredity and 
variation. Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 148, 43. net. 


Cutten (George Barton) Mind : its origin and 
goal. 8vo, 8$- X si, pp. 227, us. 6d, net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '25 

nits' Holiday apartments guide : clean, com- 
fortable, homely accommodation for people 
of moderate means. Compiled and edit, by 
G. H. Cutts. 8vo, 8& x 5!, pp. 68, swd., 

is. net E. J. LARBY, Mav '25 

Cycles, Electric lighting for, Cross (H. H. U.) 

33. 6d. net .Jan. '25 

Cycling: Kuklos annual, 1925. is. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Oyelist Scout (The). By " Gilwheel." Illus. 
and useful hints and games for the cyclist, 
ismo, 7l x 4f, pp. 53, is. 6d. net. (Boy 

Scout's lib.) GALE & P.*i May '25 

Cyclists, Tips for, Stance? (G. H.) is. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Cyclopedia for young folks, New Champlm, 

MacVeagh (L.) xas. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Cymbeline, Shakespeare (W.) (Horsley). is. 4d. 

Sept. '25 
Cyme's breviary, Solly (J. R.) 2s. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Cynic's cyclopaedia (The). By Celt, ismo, 
7X4$, pp. 173, 35. 6d. net. 

Cystoseopy, Operative, Ryall (E. C.) 7os. net. 

Sept. '25 

2ak (Ambrose) The Future of Protestantism : 
with special reference to South-Eastern Europe. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 127, 45. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., June '25 
Czech tales, Selected, Busch (M.) and Pick (0.) 

2s. net . Aug. '25 

Czechoslovakia Industrial and economic situa- 
tion, March. 1925. is. 6d. net. 


Czechoslovakia, Wayfarer in, Kobson (E. I.) 
L 7s. 6d. net ^ July '25 

D Company ; and, Black 'ell : plays, J\fall$$on 
(M.) 2S. net May '25 

D. (R. H.)Path through the wood, etc. as. 6d. 
net Sept, '25 

Dabbs (Albert C.) Round about London Stone. 
32010, 5|-X4| ? pp. 24, swd. 6d. net. (Lunch- 
time rambles in old London.) 

HOMELAND Assoc., Oct. '25 

D'Ache (Caran). See Ache (Caran d'). 

Dade (H. A.) See Bunting (P. H.) and Dade. 

Daffodil mystery, Wallace (E.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June '25 

DagSIsfc (E. Fitch) Woodcuts of British birds, 
With descriptions by the artist. Demy 4 to, 
nix8f, pp. 165, 255. net... BENN, Sept. '25 

Dahl (Kai R.) -The "Teddy" expedition 
among the ice floes of Greenland. Trans, by 
Grace Isabel Colbron. Illus, 8vo, 8% X 5|, 
pp. 305, los. 6d. net, .... .APFLETON, Nov. '25 

Dai Nihon, Martyr (G.) IDS. 6d. net . . Nov. '25 

" Daily Herald '* : Miracle of Fleet St., Lansbury 

(G.) as. net Feb. '25 

Daily life in Tudor times, Plunkd (L L.). 

is. 2d Feb. '25 

Daily light birthday book (The), 32xno, 2S. 6d. 

netj Lambs., 35. 6d. net; Ant y 43. 6d. net. 

BAGSTER, July '25 

" Dally Wtall " Blank forms for cross word 

puzzles, X2mo, 6| x 5, swd. 6d. net, 

" DAILY MAIL/* Jan. '25 
" Daily Mali" Cross-word disc puzzle. Box 

is. net " DAILY MAIL," Mar. '25 

11 daily Mail " Income tax guide, 1925- 26. 

8vo, 8 x 5|, pp. 48, swd. is. net. 

** DAILY MAIL,** July '25 


se Dally Niews "' Cross-word puzzle solver. 8vo, 

Q x 4, 2s. 6d. net. " DAILY NEWS," Feb. '25 
44 Daily Mews " Football annual, 1925-6. Illus. 

iSmo, 5^X4, pp. 128, swd. 4d. net. 

" DAILY NEWS," Aug. '25 
Daily strength for daily needs, Tileston (M. W.) 

6s. net Feb. '25 

Daily thought from St. Augustine, ss. 6d, net. 

May '25 
Daily walk : devotions, Wimborne (C., Lady). 

8s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Dannon, Watson (E, L. G.) 73. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Dairy analysis, Laboratory bk. of, Richmond 

(H. D.) 5s. net Jan. '25 

Dairy engineering, Bowen (J, T.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Dakers (Andrew) Oliver Cromwell, 1599-1658. 

With port. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 205, 45. 6d. 

net. (Roadmaker ser.} . . L. PARSONS, Mar. '25 
Dakin (Arthur) The Growth of Brotherhood. 

I2mo, 7|X4|, pp. 137, 2S. 6cl, net. 

DaScin (Florence) -Simplified nursing. 8vo, 

i2s. 6d. net LIPPINCOTT, Sept. '25 

D'Albe (E. E. Fournier). See Albe (E. E. 

Fournier d'). 
Dalcroze eurythmics : Importance of being 

rhythmic, Pennington (J.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Dale (Darley). See SteeU (Franccsca M.) 
Dale (Godfrey, Rev.) Islam and Africa : an 

introduction to the study of Islam for African 

Christians. Cr. 8vo, 7j X 5, pp. 149, 2S. 6d. 

net S.P.C.K., Mar. '25 

Dale (T. C., Rev.) The Descendants of Robert 

Richardson, who died 1705, of Great Wood- 
house. 7i x 5, pp. 20, swd. 2s. net. 

Da!l (Ian)- Noah's wife. With decorations by 

Doris Palmer. 8vo, 8 X 5i, pp. 57, 33. 6d, net. 

BLACKWELL, Oct. *25 

Dalmatia, TyndaU (W.) and Brown (H. F.) 

75. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Dalton (Basil) Double-pack Patience : selected 

fames with diagrams and solutions. Fcp. 
vo, 6|X4j, pp. 120, swd. ()d. net. 

G. RICHARDS, Jan. '25 

DaSton (Hugh) Some aspects of the inequality 
of incomes in modern communities, ana 
impr,, with a new appendix on " The Measure- 
ment of the inequality of incomes." 8vp 
9><5f> PP* 388, IDS. 6d. net, (Studies in 
economics and political science,} 

KOUTLKDGU, Sept. *25 

Dalfon (O. M.) East Christian art : a survey 
of the monuments. Illus. Demy 4 to, n f x 81, 

pp. 412, 1055. net , . MJLPORO, Oct. '25 

Dalton English course, EtiJcs (J.) Bk. x, 8d. 

Apr. '25 

Dalton, English course, Ketdes (J.) Bk, 4. 9<i. 

Oct. '25 

Daly (Lilian)~The Philosophy of righteousness : 
some considerations for parents and other 
teachers of religion, Cr, ovo, 7JX5, pp. 120, 

2S. net , . DENT, Nov. '25 

Damascus Gate, Raymond (E,) 38, 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Dame aux camelias, Dumas (A,, son) 6s. net. 

Aug. '25 

Dame Durden, Rita. s. 6d, * Oct. *%$ 

Damned : the intimate story of a girt Anony- 
mous. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 320, 

2s 6d. net S. PAUL, June '23 

Damp walls, J&lak& (E. G.) 8s. 6d. net. July '35 
Dana (Marvin) The Mystery of the third parrot, 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp, 318, 75. 6d. net 

HODDER & S., May *5 

Dana (R. H,) Two years before the mast* 

Illus. by W. E. Wigfall. Cr. 8vo, 7X5 t 

pp. 221, 2S. net. (Lib. o/" famous books*) 

BLACKIE, Sept, '25 

Dana (R, H.)- Two years before the coaat 
With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 304, as. net. 
(Red lion lib.) COLLINS, Sept. '23 





Dance, Folk, tradition, Gardiner (R.) is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Dance of words, Mawev (I.) los. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Dancer's cat, Nicholson (C. A.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Dancers, Don'ts for, Karsinova. 2S., is. net Oct. '25 
Dancing, Art of, Smith (K.) ss. net. . . Nov. '25 
Dancing, Ball-room, Rumsey (H. St. J.) 33. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Dancing do's and don'ts, Gaskell (E.) 2S. 6d. 

net Nov. '25 

Dancing, Foulsham's Modern, Stewart (M.) 

2S. net Oct. '25 

Dancing girl, Leroux (G.) 75. 6d. net . . Jan. '25 

Dancing on ice, Law (E.) 53. net Jan. '25 

Dancing: Orchesography, Arbeau (T.) 255. net. 

Apr. '25 
Dancing Star, Ruck (B.) 2s. net Jan. '25 

Dane (Clemence) Naboth's vineyard : a stage 
piece. 8vo, 8x5$-, pp. 98, 6s. net. 

HEINEMANN, Oct. '25 

Danger spot in Europe, Donald (R., Sir). 33, 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Dangerous stable, Gould (N.) gd. net . .Sept. '25 

Daniei (Florence) Food remedies : facts about 
foods and their medicinal uses. Repr. ismo, 
7i X 4f, pp. So, swd. is. net. 

C. W. DANIEL, Apr. '25 

Daniel (Florence) The Healthy life cook book. 
Repr. I2mo, 7j X 4f, pp. 112, is. net. 

C. W. DANIEL, Apr. '25 

DanieS (Florence) Of babies. 2 vols. Vol. i. 
The Expectant mother ; vol. 2, The Nursing 
mother. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 88, 80; ea. 
35. 6d. net ; swd. 2S. net. 

C. W. DANIEL, July '25 

Daniel (Florence) Of children, Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 
pp. 91, 35. 6d. net; swd. 2S. net. 

C. W. DANIEL, Dec. '25 

Daniel (Florence) What to eat and how much. 

I2mo, 7i x 4|, pp. 76, 2S. net ; swd., is. net. 

C. W. DANIEL, Dec. '25 

Daniel (H. M., Commdr.) Success to the house 
that you build. 8x5!, pp. 65, ss. 6d. net, 
(16, Fulham Rd., S.W.s) MACRAE GALLERY, 

Nov. '25 

Daniel (Hawthorne) Ships of the seven seas. 
With intro, by Franklin D. Roosevelt. Draw- 
ings by Francis J. Rigney. Roy. 8vo, 9& x 6 J, 

pp. 339, 153. net HEINEMANN, Sept. '25 

Daniel (Samuel) A Defence of rhyme, 1603 ; 
[and] Observations in the art of English 
poesie, by Thomas Campion, 1602. Cr. 8vo, 
7^ X si, pp. 54,; (Bodley 

Head quartos.) LANE, July '25 

Daniels (G. W.) Refrigeration in the chemical 
industry. With 35 illus., 14 tables, and 
x 151, los. net. 
SIMPKIN, May '25 

tn 3 
o, 8^ 

appendix. 8vo, 8^x5!, PP- I 5 I > los^net. 

D'Annunzio (Gabriele). See Annunzw 

(Gabriele d'). 
Danny's partner, Rogers (W. A.) 35. Gd. net. 

Sept. '25 
Dante Alighieri Dante's wonderful dream. Told 

for young people. Transcribed from the trans. 

of H. W. Longfellow and H. J. Carey by 

Caroline M. Dyott. 8vo, 2S. 6d. net. 

R. SCOTT, Oct. '25 
Danube, Two ornithologists on lower, Swann 

(H. K.) ss. net Oct. '25 

Daphne Bruno, Raymond (E.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Daphne grows down, Spiers (H.) and Reed (L.) 

73. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Dapple grey, Gould (N.) gd. net Oct. '25 

D'Arcy (Charles F., Most Rev.) Science and 

creation ; the Christian interpretation. i2mo, 

7 X 4|, pp. 132, ss. 6d. net. (Liverpool 

Diocesan Board of Divinity Publications.) 

LONGMANS, Feb. '25 

Dare (Alan) Out of the desert. Cr. 8vo, 
, pp. 311, 7s, 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Aug. '25 


Dare (M. Paul) Aylestoa Manor and Church : a 
history of the Parish of Ayleston, Leicester- 
shire. 8 x sj, pp. 84, 55. net. 

(Leicester) E. BACKUS, Jan. '25 

Dare (M. Paul) Charnwood Forest, and its 
environs. 7|X5i Pp. 135, 5s. net. 

(Leicester) E. BACKUS, Sept. '25 

Dare-all Jack and the cousins, Wynne (M.) 
ss. 6d. net July '25 

Dare to be wise, Vanbrugh (V.) 6s. net . . Nov. '25 

Daring deeds of great buccaneers, Davidson 
(N. J.) 53. net Sept. '25 

Dark (Sidney) The English child's book of the 
Church. Cr. 4 to, 10^x7^, PP- 1*2, 53. net. 
Soc. OF SS. PETER & PAUL, May '25 

Dark chapter, Rath (E. J.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Dark cloud, Boyd (T.) 75. 6d. net. .... .May '25 

Dark eyes of London, Wallace (E.) ss. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Dark flower, Vance (L. J.) 75. 6d. net. .May '25 

Dark gods, Mills (Lady D.) 7s. 6d. net. Mar. '25 

Dark marriage morn, Brame (C. M.) 2s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Darkening sea : poems, Low (B. R. C.) 45. 6d. 
net June '25 

Darkness and stars : poems, Newman (I. H.) 2s. 
net Sept. '25 

Darling (Arthur B.) Political changes in Massa- 
chusetts, 1824-1848 : a study of Liberal 
movements in politics. 8vo, 9X6, pp. 404, 
1 8s. net. (Yale historical pubns.} 

MILFORD, Dec. '25 

Darling (Malcolm Lyall) The Punjab peasant in 
prosperity and debt. Foreword by Sir Edward 
Maclagan. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 322, 143. 
net MILFORD, May '25 

Darling (Rt. Hon. Lord) Crime and insanity ; 
murder and its punishment ; musings on 
murder. Foreword by the Rt. Hon. Lord 
Moriis. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 37, 
33. 6d. net ; swd. 2S. 6d. net. 

J. A. ALLEN, Apr. '25 

Darlington (W. A.) Alf's button : an extrava- 
ganza, in three acts. i2mo, 7 x 4^, pp. 127, 
35. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 

Darlington (W. A.) Literature in the theatre, 
and other essays. 8vo, 8 x 5 J, pp. 219, 125. 6d. 
net CHAPMAN & HALL, Sept.'zs 

Darfow (T. H.) Life and letters of William 
Robertson Nicoll. Illus. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 
491, xos. 6d. net . . HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Darmady (E. S. and J.) An Island comedy. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Darnley, Shaw (Lord of Dunfermhne) 7s. 6d. 
net July '25 

Darthula, Nicholson (E. M.) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Darwell (Maude L.) and Tuffley (Grace M.) 
Plays in rhyme for little ones ; adapted from 
traditional fairy tales. Adaptation, sugges- 
tions for production, etc., by M. L. D. ; 
versification by G. M. T. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 
87, 2S. 6d. net. (Kings-way ser.}. 

EVANS BROS., May '25 

Darwin (Bernard) The Golf courses of Great 
Britain. Illus. New and rev. ed. Roy. 8vo, 
9i X 6 I PP- 287, I2S. 6d. net. 

J. CAPE, June '25 

Darwin (Charles) On the origin of species by 
means of natural selection ; or, The preserva- 
tion of favoured races in the struggle for life. 
8vo, 8f x 5|, pp. 203, swd. is. 6d. net. 

WATTS, July '25 

Dataller (Roger) From a pitman's note book. 
Cr. 8vo, 7fX5, pp. 271, 6s. net. 

J. CAPE, Mar. '25 
(J., Rev.) 

Date boy of Baghdad, Cocker (J , 

Sept. '25 

Dates (Henry B.). See Cody (F. E.) and Dates. 

Dafhavamsa (The) : a history of the Tooth-relic 
of the Buddha. Edit, and trans, by Bimala 
Charan Law. Sanskrit text with English 
trans. 8vo, 7s. 6d. (Punjab Sanskrit ser.) 
(Lahore) LUZAC, Apr. '25 





(Alphonse) La Chevre de M. Sequin ; 
Les Vieux ; Le Secret de Maitre Cornille ; La 
Mule du Pape. i8mo, swd. is. net. 

MILFORD, June '25 

Dautfet (Alphonse) Lettres de mon moulin. 
Edit, by H. C. Bradby and E. V. Rieu. 121110, 
7x4^-, pp. 142, 3S. (Oxford modern French 

ser.) MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Daughter of Adam, Harris (C.) is. 6d. net, 

Feb. *25 

Daughter of Astrea, Qpperiheim (E. P.) 25. net. 

Jan. '25 
Daughter of the dawn, Parsons (M. R.) 2S. 6d. 

net , F5. '25 

Daughter of the ranges, Marchant (B.) as. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Daughter of the snows, London (J.) as. net. 

Apr. '25 
Daughter of the sun, Gregory (J.) as. net. 

May '25 

Daughter of Venice, De Witte (Y.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Daughters of Eve, Clark (E. H.) 7s. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Daughters of Ishmael, Kauffmann (R. W.) as. 

net ]une '25 

Daughters of Seven Mile, Cross (Z.) 35. 6d. net. 

/^y '25 
Daughters of the Dominion, Marchant (B.) 

33. 6d. net Oci5. '25 

Duumier: man and artist, Sadleir (M.) 633. 

net MM: '25 

D'Auvergne (Edmund B.). See Auvergne 

(Edmund B. d') 

av*npoii (Christopher) Anglicans and absolu- 
tion. 8vo, swd. is. net. (York Books}. 

Soc. OF SS. PKTER & PAUL, June '25 
Davenport (Cyril) The Art student's vade- 
mecum. With 4 plates and 9 illus. in the 
text. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4i PP- *3^ 4s. net. 

METHUEN, Jan. '25 

Davtnport (Emma) Vain ambition. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 217, 2s. 6d. net. 

Low, June '25 

Davenport (S, F.) Immanence and Incarnation : 
the Nornsian Prize Essay in the University of 
Cambridge, 1924. Foreword by F. R. Tennant. 
8vo, 9x5^, pp. 3Q5, *os. 6d. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Apr. '25 
David Copperfield, Dickens (C.) 7<L, 9d. net. 

June "25 
David goes voyaging, Putnam (D. B.) 55. net. 

Dec* '25 
David Harum, Westcott (E. N.) as. 6d. net. 

May *25 

Davids (T, W. Rhys) trans. Buddhist birth- 
stories (Jataka tales) : the commentarial in- 
troduction entitled Nidana-Katha, the Story 
of the lineage. Trans, from Prof. V. Fatisboll's 
ed. of the Pali text. New and rev. ed. by 
Mrs. Rhys Davids. Cr. 8vo, 7i x 4| ? pp. 268, 
75. 6d. net. (Broadway translations) 


Davids (T. W. Rhys) and Stede (W.) eds.Pali- 

English dictionary. Pt. 8, Y Vish. 4to, swd. 

i$s. 6d. (Pali Text Soc.). . . LTJZAC, Jan. '25 

Davidson (A.). See Bunbury (H. M.) and 


Davidson (A. M.) The Golden youth ; lyrics. 
By A. M. Davidson. 9 x 7J, pp. 8, is. net. 

(Edinburgh) PORPOISE PR., Sept. '25 
Davidson (Asher) The Hebrew quest for God. 
lamo, 7tX4f, pp. 128, swd. is. 6d. net. 

Davidson (D.)~Talks on the Great Pyramid. 
No. i, The Science of the Pyramid's revelation ; 
No. 2, The Oibit of Messianic civilisation : 
the solar year and the Messianic year. lof x 7j> 
swd. ea, 6d. net. 

(47, Park Sq., Leeds) AUTHOR, Mar, '25 
Davidson (Gladys) Water folk at the zoo: a 

book of the Acjuarium. With 23 iUus. by 
Frederick C Dickinson. Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, 
pp. 128, s METKUBN, Dec* '24 


Davidson (H. B.) The Guides make good. 
Frontis. by W. H. Birch. 8vo, 8x5, pp. 252, 
33. 6d. net SHELDON PR., Sept. '25 

Davidson (H. B.) Peggy's school pack. Frontis. 
by Savile Lumley. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, PP- 123, 
as. net SHELDON PR., Sept. '25 

Davidson (Hugh C.)-~The Culture of pot-plants 

in rooms, greenhouses, and frames. New and 
cheapened, i2mo, 7jX4f,pp. 162,23. 
(Lockwood's manuals.) 

C. LOCKWOOD, Sept, '25 

Davidson (Hugh C.)~Vegetable culture: a 
practical manual. New and cheape^ ed. 
12010, 7iX4|, pp. 152, as, 6d. net.' (Lockwood's 
manuals.) C. LOCKWOOD, Sept. '25 

Davidson (J.) A List of British aphides-; 
including notes on their synonymy, their 
recorded distribution and food plants m 
Britain and a food-plant index. 8vo, S 
pp. 188, i2S. 6d. net. (RothamsUd 
graphs on agricultural science.) 

LONGMANS, Sept. '25 

Davidson (John) [Poems.] 8vo, 8| x si, PP- a 1 * 
swd., 6d, net, (Augustan books of modern 
poetry) BENN, Oct. '25 

Davidson (Norman J.)-~Daring deeds of great 
buccaneers. Illus. 8vo, 8X5f, Pp. 237, 
55. net SEELEY, kept. '25 

Davidson (Norman J.) Moflfat of Africa : a 
zealous missionary and a brave pioneer 
Illus, 8vo, 8x st, pp., 59, is. net. 

SEELEY, Sept. '25 

Davidson" (Randall Thomas, Most Rev. and 
Rt. Hon.) Occasions : sermons and addresses 
delivered on days of interest in the life of 
Church or nation. 8vo, 7j X 5!, pp. 133, 
55. net MOWBRAY, Dec, J 25 

Davies (A. Emil) The Story of the London 
County Council. Intro, by Herbert Morrison. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4i, TP- 95, 2S. 6d. net; swd. 
is. net LABOUR PUBG. Co., Feb. '25 

DavSes (A. Morley) Local geology : a guide to 
sources of information. 8vo, 8|X5|r, pp. 16, 
swd. is. net MURBY, Man '25 

Davies (D. E. Hart-). See Hart- Davies. 

Davies (Davicl, Rev.) Reminiscences of my, 
.country and people. With frontis. Cr. 8vo 
7^X5, pp. 299, los. 6d, net 

SIMPKIN, Sept. '25 

Davies (E. drivers)- The Picture book of trainsj, 
ships, motors and aeroplanes. Pictured by 
Ellis Silas. Impl. 4to, 8|x n, pp. 96, 43. 6<L 
net HARRAP, Aug. '25 

Davies (G.) The Early history of the Colds tream 
Guards. Illus. Cr. 4to, icj X 6J, pp, igS, 
283. net MILFORD, feb. *i25 

Davies (H. Whitridge), See Meakins (J, C.) and 

Davies (Helen G.)~ Broken lights. Cr. 8vo ? 
7ix 5, pp. 318, 7s. 6d. net, . J. LONG, July '25 

Davits (N. de G.) The Tomb of two sculptors 
at Thebes. (Robb de Pcyster Tytus Memorial 
ser., vol. 4. Metrop, Museum of Art, N.Y.) 
12 col. plates, 19 others. Folio, bds., 132$. 6d. 
net QXJARITCH, Now. *5 

DavSes (Randall) The Railway centenary : a 
retrospect. iofx8J, pp. 49, 3s. 6d. net 
(26, Pancras Rd., N.W.) L.N.E.R., July '25 

Davies (T, Edmund) Woodland breezes : poems. 
7|X5, pp. 68. 

(Carmarthen) W. SPWERELL, Apr. *ss 

Davies (Trevor H,, Rev.) The Inner circle: 
studies in the associates of Jesus. 8vo, 8J x s|> 
pp. 3*5 8s. 6d. net . . HODDER & S,, Jem, '25 

Davies (W. H.)~Later days, Cr. 8vo, 7! x 5> 
pp. 223, 6s. net J. CAPE^ Qd. '25 

Davies (W. H,) Later days. Ed. limited to 125 
numbered and signed copies. Cr. 8vo 7| X si, 
pp. 222, ITS. 6d. net J. CAFE, Qct* *S3 

Daviet (W. H,) [Poems]. 8vo, 8|X5fc PP 3* 
swd., 6d. net. (Augustan book$ of modern 
podry) BENN, N w. '25 

Davies (W, H.) A Poet's alphabet. 8vo 
7l X 5jb PP. 63, 35. 6d. net* . J. CAFE, Nov. '35 





Davles (W. J. A.) Rugby football. IIlus. 

Svo, Sfxsi, pp. 254, IDS. 6d. net. 

WEBSTER'S PUBGS., Sept. '25 
Da Vinci, Leonardo, Mechanical investigations of, 

Hart (I. B.) i6s. net Mar. '25 

Davis (Beale) One Way Street. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, 
pp. 286, 73. 6d. net S. PAUL, July '25 

Dais (Elmer) The Keys of the city : a story. 
Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 256, 7s. 6d. net 

METHUEN, Sept. '25 

Davis (Elmer) The Professor among the ladies. 
Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 285, 7s. 6d. net 

METHUEN, Apr. '25 

Davis (H. W, C.) The Study of history : an 
inaugural lecture delivered before the tlniv, 
of Oxford, Nov. 4, 1925. Svo, 8| x 5f, 

p>p. 20, swd., as. net MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Davis (Rushworth Kennard) >Peleus and Thetis. 
Cr. Svo, 7f X 5, pp. 30, swd. 2S. 6d, net. 

BLACKWELL, Dec. '24 

Davis (Walter) A Collection of stirring and 

inspiring poems, 7iX5|:, pp. 44, as. 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Sept. '25 

Davis (Watson) The Story of copper. Illus. 
Svo, 8 x 5|, pp. 405, I2S. 6d. net. 

T. W. LAURIE, Apr. '25 

Davy (C* W.) -At the captain's table. Cr. Svo, 

7&X5 pp. 208, 6s. net. . . . SIMPKIN, May '25 

Dawbarn (C. Y. C.) The Social contract. Svo, 

swd. is. net LONGMANS, May '25 

Daw (Carlton) Desperate love. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7iX5, pp. 316, 33. 6d. net 

WARD, LOCK, June '25 

Dawe (Carlton) Love, the conqueror. Cr. Svo, 
7* x 5> PP- 3 20 > 7s. 6d, net. 

WARD, LOCK, July '25 

Dawt (Carlton) The Temptation of Selma,. 
Popular cd. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 304, 33. 6d. 

net WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 

Daw (Carlton) Virginia. Cheap ed. Cr, Svo, 
7\ X 5> PP- 3*1, 3S. 6d. net, 

WARD, LOCK, Dec. '24 

Dawe (Carlton) The Way of a maid. Cr. Svo, 
7&X5, pp. 249, 7S. 6d. net 

WARD, LOCK, Feb. '25 

Dawn (The) : an evangelical magazine. Edit, 
by D. M. Panton. Vol. i, April, 1924 to 
March, 1925. Svo, 73. 6d. net, 

THYNNE & J., Apr. '25 
Dawn breaking red, MiJner (A.) 75. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Dawn fulfilled, Nicholson (C. A.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. *25 
Dawn of Day (The). Vol. for 1924. Svo, 9^x7^, 

pp. 192, is. 6d. net S.P.C.K., Jan. '25 

Dawn of reckoning, Hilton (J.) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Dawn O'Hara, Ferber (E.) 7s. 6d. net. Aug. '25 

Dawsora (Coningsby) The Coast of folly. Cheap 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 284, as. 6d. net 


Dawson (Coningsby) The Garden without walls : 

a novel. Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7^ X 5, pp. 316, 

2S. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, July '25 

Dawson (Coningsby) Last Chance River. Cheap 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7& X 5, pp. 288, 25. 6d. net. 

Dawson (Coningsby) The Road to Avalon. 

Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 288, as. 6d. net. 


Dawson (Coningsby) Slaves of freedom. Cheap 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7&x 5, pp. 296, as. 6d. net. 

Dawson (Coningsby) The Vanishing point. 

Popular ed, Cr, Svo, 7&X5, pp. 288, as. 6d. 

net HtnrcniNsoN, July '25 

Dawson (Joseph, Rev.) Peter Mackenzie : his 

life and labours. Popular ed. With port, 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 206, 2S. net. 

EPWORTH PR., Mar. '25 
Dawson (Marshall) ed. Prayer that prevails. 

Cr. Svo, 9s. net MACMJLLAN, Apr. '25 

Dawson (Miles M.) The Ethics of Socrates. 

Svo, i2s, 6d, net , PUTNAM, Mar. '25 


Dawson (Samuel A.) Freedom of the Press. 

Cr. Svo, 75. 6d. net MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Dawson (William Harbutt) South Africa: 

people, places and problems. With 35 illus 

Svo, 8|X5|-, pp. 460, 1 6s. net. 

LONGHAttSy Oct. *25 

Dawson-Scott (C. A.)They green stones; or, 
The Cornish Downs, Cr. Svo, 7f x 5, pp. 290, 
73. 6d. net HEINEMANN, Jan. '25 

Dawson-Scott (C. A.) The Vampire : a book 
of Cornish and other stories. 7| X 5i, pp. 280^ 
7s. 6d. net HOLDEN, Nov. '25 

Dawson-Scott (C. A.) and Rhys (Ernest) eds. 
Old and new love stories. (Twenty-seven.) 
Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 319, 73. 6d. net 

HOLDEN, Oct. '25 

Day (Clive) History of commerce of the United 
States. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5 J, pp. 400, Ss. 6d. net. 
LONGMANS, May '25 
Day (Francis H. Cripps-). See Cripps~Day. 

Day (George E.) Productive swine husbandry. 
4th ed., rev. Svo, zas. 6d. net. (Farm 
manuals) LIPPINCOTT, Feb. '25 

Day (Sarah J.) Wayfarers and wings : poems. 
Svo, 93. net PUTNAM, Jan. '2$ 

Day (William and Alfred J.) The Racehorse 
in training. Foreword by the Earl of Coventry. 
With col. frontis. and 16 plates. Roy. Svo, 
9&X6I-, pp. 232, 2is. net . . CASSELL, Aug. '25 

Day-Lewis (Cecil) Beechen vigil, and other 
poems. Roy. Svo, 9$- x 6J, pp. 32, swd.,, 
as. 6d. net ^FORTUNE PR., Oct. '25 

Day of atonement, Goldtng (L.) 7s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Day of harvest in fields of W. Africa, Walker 
(F. D.) is. net Aug. '25 

Day of reckoning, Stout (E. A.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Day (Johr) Who killed Lord Henry RoUe- 
stone ? Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7|- X 5, pp. 312, 
23. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Feb. '25 

JDay's-end, poems, Williams (E.) 33. net. 

Mar. '25 

Days I knew, Langtry (L.) 245, net . . May '25 

Days of auld lang syne, MacLaren (I.) 35. 6d- 
net Sept. '25 

Days of probation, Gerard (L.) as. 6d. aet 

June *25 

Days off in Dixie, Rutledge (A.) los. 6d, net. 

Nov. '25 

Day's play, Milne (A. A.) 7s. 6d. net. .Aug." 25 

De finibus, Cictro. (Edit, by Reid.) Lib. I, II. 
i6s. net July '25 

De profundis, Wilde (O.) 2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

De rerum natura, Lucretius (Loeb.) IDS. net. 

Jan. '25 

Dead City, Annunzio (G. d') [play]. 35, 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Dead letters, Baring (M.) 6s. net Sept. '2*; 

Dead man's dower, Kyle (S.) 7s. 6d. net A ug. '25 

Dead meii's gold, Bridges (R.) 2S. net. May '25 

Dead right, Lee (J.) 73. 6d. net . . Jan. '25 

Dead, True dialogues of the, Bickley (F.) 6s. , 
los. 6d. net .' Mar. '25 

Dead, What becomes of the, Arendzen (J. P.) 
6s. net . . : may '25 

Deadly nightshade, Peterson (M.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

DeafeSn (Ralph) Southward ho ! With the 
Prince in Africa and South America. Pref . ,by 
H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. With 46 illus. 
from photographs by the author. Svo, 9x5!, 
pp. 324, /ios. 6d. net.. ..METHUEN, Dec. '25 

Deakin (Rupert) and Humphreys (P. J.) A Rural 
arithmetic : including household accounts, 
Post Office regulations and income tax pay- 
ments, sth ed., rev. Cr. Svo, 7&x 5, PP- 218, 
2S. ; with answers, as. 6cl . . MILLS & B., Oct. '25 

Deal with the Devil, Phillpotts (E.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Dean - (Frederick Rothwell) The Tragedy of 
the Cross : a meditation, ismo, 7 X $%, 
pp. 112, as. 6d. net. .SKEFFINGTON, Feb. 25 





Dean (Anthony C.) How to enjoy the Bible. 

ismOj 7x4^, pp. 188, 2S. 6d. net. (People's 

lib.} HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Dean (Anthony C.) Various verses, igmo, 

7 X 4l> PP- 92, 3S. 6d. net. .METHUEN, Nov. '25 
Deaite (H. C.) and Spurling (Cuthbert) Elements 

of conveyancing. 4th ed., hy W. L. Blease. 

Svo, 175. 6d. net SWEET & M., Sept. '25 

Deasie (Peter) The Victors, With frontis. Cr. 

8vo, 7fX4J, pp. 124, 35. 6d. net. 

DeanesSy (M.) A History of the Mediaeval 

Church, 590-1500. With 2 maps. Cr. Svo, 

7i x 5j PP* 288, 7s. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Nov. '25 
Dear Auld Reekie [Edinburgh], Inglis (F. C.) 

is. net Apr. '25 

Dear ducks, Doyle (L.) 7s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Dear Lady Bountiful, Tynan (K.) 73. 6d. net- 

July '25 

Dear pretender, Colver (A, R.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Dear traitor, March (J.) 7S. 6d. net. . . .July '25 

Dearborn (Ned Harland) An Introduction to 
teaching. Cr, Svo, 7|X5, pp. 353, 6s, net. 

APPLETON, May '25 

Dearborn (Walter F.) and others A Series of 
form board arid performance tests of intel- 
ligence. Roy. Svo, swd, 33. 6d. net. (Harvard 
monographs in education.} MILFORD, June '25 

Dearborn (Walter F.) and others Standard 

education tests in the elementary training 

schools of Missouri. Roy. Svo, swd. 25. 6d. 

net. (Harvard monographs in education.} 

MILFORD, June '25 

Dearden (Harold) -The Science of happiness. 
Svo, 9X5!, pp. 352, IQS. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Dec. '25 

Deafdcn (R. L.)- The Autobiography of a 
crook. From material supplied by Netley 
Lucas. Repr. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 254, 
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(Black's Boys' Ub.) BLACK, Sept. '25 

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Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 226, 2s. 6d. net. 

MQWBR\YS, Aug. '25 

Oearmer (Percy) -Body and soul : an enquiry 
into the effect of religion upon health, with a 
description of Christian works of healing from 
the New Testament to the present day. New 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 442, 6s. net. 

MOWBRAYS. Mar. '25 

Dearmer (Percy) The Lord's Prayer and the 
Sacraments : for the use of enquirers and 
teachers. Vol. V. Of Lessons on the Way. 
Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 179, 48. net. 

HEFFERS, Dec. '25 

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Christian * for enquirers and teachers. (*' Les- 
sons on the way/* vol. 4.) Cr. Svo, 7lX5, 
pp. 184, 45. net .HKFFER, July '25 

Death duties : Acts relating to estate, legacy, 
etc., duties, Hanson (A.) 355. net .... Apr, '25 

Death duties, Social significance of, Stamp (J., 
Sir) 5$. net Nov. *25 

Death Duty Acts (British), 1796-1924. (Inland 
Revenue.) 173. 6d. net. B.M.S.CX, Jan. '25 

Death, Life after, Marchaivt (J., Sir) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Death, Life after, man's experiences of 
truth of, Jebb (R, H.) 25, 6d. net July '25 

Death, Man's survival after, TwcedaU (C. L.) 
zos. 6d. net . . Aug. '25 

Death of a millionaire, Cole (G, D. H. and M.) 
75. 6d. net , . Mar. '25 

Death of Christopher Marlowe, Rotson (J, L.) 
7s, 6d. net May '2,5 

Death of Socrates, Housman (L.) 5$. net. 

Oct. '25 


Debate between Folly and Cupid, Lobe (L.) 
255. net Oct. '25 

De BeverSey (Thomas) The Youth of Sir Arthur, 
The Quest of Sangraele, and Other Poems. 
7fX5i, pp. 94, 5s. net. 

E. MACDONALD, Sept. '25 

De Brath (Stanley) Psychical research science 
and religion. With 8 illus. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, 
pp. 231, 7s. 6d. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Debrett's Heraldry Illus. with 400 armorial 
engravings. Edit, by Arthur G. M. Hesilrige. 
8vo, 8Jx sj, pp. 249, 3S. 6d. net. 

DEAN, May '25 

Deceit's House of Commons and the Judioul 
Bench, 1925, Illus. armorial engravings. 
Edit, by Arthur G. M. Hesilrige, Svo, 8i X 5 1, 
pp. 580, 2os. net DEAN, Feb. '25 

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Companionage, 1925. Illus. with 1,800 
armorial bearings. Edit, by Arthur G. M. 
Hesilrige. Roy. Svo, 10 X 6, pp. 3316, 753. 
net DEAN & SON, Dec. *z.\ 

Debreft's Peerage and titles of courtesy, 1925. 
Edit by Arthur G. M. Hesilrige. Library ed. 
Roy Svo, 10 X 6J, pp. 1088, 355. net. 

DEAN, Jan. '25 
De Broke (Richard G. Vcrney, Lord Willoughby). 

See Willoughby De Broke. 

Debt, Robinson (G. P.) 2S. 6d. net... Mar. '25 
Debt collecting : County Court practice made 

easy. 43. net Jan. '25 

Debt (National) Return. 2d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Debt (National) -Return, to 1924-25. *id. net. 
H.M.S.O., Sept. '35 

Debt (National) Savings banks and friendly 
societies : Accounts, 1922. od. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Debt (National)- Savings banks and trioudly 
societies : account to Nov., 192^. is, net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 
Debt (National) "Sinking funds : account, 1924 

1925, sel. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Debt of "honour, Bindloss (H.) 7S. od. net. 

Jan. '25 

D Burgh (Digby Hussy) - Western. Thugs; 
or, Ireland and the English speaking world. 
Cr. 8vo, 7ixs, pp. 160, 6s, net. 

DRANK, June '25 

Debussy and Ravel, Shera (F. H.) is. 6d. net, 

Mar. '25 
Debussy, Claude Achille, Lichich (Mrs. F.) 

3$, 6cl. net May '25 

Decameron, Nw* Vol. 4. 79. tnl. net. 

Afar. *25 
Deccan, History of the, GribbU (J. D. B.) Vol. 2. 

2is Feb. '25 

De Champlain, Samuel, FlenUy (R.) 45, 6d, net. 

Apr. *25 

Deck (Northcotc) 'Mouutiiig up with wings : 
the unrealised possibilities of the life of simple 
faith. With frontis. 120x0, 7|X4l PP- 3^54f 

3s. net .PICKERING & L, July '25 

Declension. By " A Gentleman with a Duster." 
Cr. Svo, 7|X5 pp. I57 5. net. 

MILLS & B, t June '3$ 
Decoration, English rooms and their, Havwara 

(C. H.) SR. net. Vol. 2 nee. '25 

Decoration, Principles of, flatten (R. G.) xos. 6cl. 

net * Apr. *25 

Decorative art, "Studio" year bk. of, 1925. 

xos. 6d., 75. 6d. net * Mar* *25 

Decorator's and renovator's assistant (The) : 

rules and instructions for mixing, preparing, 

etc, i sth ed., rev. and onl. ismo, 7| x 4l 

pp. 164, as. 6d. net. (Lockwood's manuals)* 

C. LOCKWOOD, July *aj 

00 Crcosir (St. John) Sketches of eighteenth 

century America. Edit, by Henri L. Bourdin 

and others. Roy. Svo, 9^ x 6, pp. 352, i8s. net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '35 

Crolndcne (Arthur) ed. The Flower of 
friendship. 32 mo, sjxsl, pp. 28, swd. 6d, 
net. (Friendship booklets*) , . SIMPKIN, Oct. ^25 




De roSiidene (Arthur) ed. The Fragrance of 
friendship. 32mo, 5^X3*, pp. 29, swd. 6d. 
net. (Friendship booklets.) . .SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 
De Croindesie (Arthur) ed. Friends and friend- 
ship. 321110, 5^x si, pp. 28, swd. 6d. net. 

(Friendship booklets.) SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 

De Croindene (Arthur) ed. The Garden of 

friendship, and other poems. 32010, 5|-X3|-, 

pp. 29, swd. 6d. net. (Friendship booklets.) 

SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 

Decroly class, Hamaide (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Deedes, Brook, Archdeacon, Montgomery (Rt. 

Rev. Bp.) is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Deeds of daring. Illus. Cr. 4to, 10 x ?, 33. net. 
J. F. SHAW, July '25 
Deep currents, Fielding (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Deep sea, Young (F. B.) 2S. net Mar. '25 

Deep sea chanties, Shay (F.) 153. net . . Feb. '25 
Deep sea hunters in the frozen seas, Venill (A. H.) 

2S. net May '25 

Deeping (Warwick) Sorrell and Son. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 400, 7s. 6d. net . . CASSELL, Aug. '25 

Deer, Red, Story of a, Fortescue (J. W.) 2 is. net. 

Oct. '25 
Deerhurst girls, Bedford (H. L.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Deerslayer, Cooper (J. F.) IDS. 6d. net. .Nov. '25 
Defeated victory, Sembat (M.) 43. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Defence of rhyme, Daniel (S.), etc. 33. net. 

July '25 

Defence, Problem of, Aston (G., Sir) 35. 6d. net. 

Jwty '25 
Defenders of the ford [Ireland], Concannon (Mrs. 

T.) 6s. net Apr. '25 

Definitions : essays, Canby (H. S.) 2 vols., ea. 

73. 6d. net July '25 

Defoe (Daniel) The Life and strange surprising 
adventures of Robinson Crusoe of York, 
manner ; The Farther adventures of Robinson 
Crusoe, being the second and. last part of his 
life ; Serious reflections during the life and 
surprising adventures of Robinson Crusoe, 
with his vision of the angclick world. Intro, 
by Charles Whibley. 3 vols. Roy. Svo, 
9i X 6i> (set) 635. net. . .CONSTABLE, Dec. '25 
Defoe (Daniel) Moll Flanders, With biog. note 
and special intro. by W. H. Da vies. i2mo, 
7 x 4i, pp. 320, Ithr. 6s. net. (Abbey classics). 
SIMPKIN, Dec, '24 

Defoe (Daniel) Robinson Crusoe of York, 
Mariner. Edit, and slightly abridged by C. H. 
Irwin. Illus. by Stanley L. Wood. Cr. Svo, 
7|X5, pp. 278, 2S. 6d. net. 

" BOY'S OWN PAPER," July '25 
Defoe, Daniel, Minto (W.) 35. 6d. net. .July '25 
De Friez (Grace) The Green-eyed lady. Cr. 
8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

DeSiara (Richard) The Pipers of the market 
place. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 350, 
2S. 6d. net. ...... .T. BUTTERWORTH, May "25 

Dehan (Richard)- The Villa of the peacock, 

and other stories. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5, pp. 320, 35. 6d. net HEINEMANN, July '25 

Dejeaits (Elizabeth) -The Tiger's coat. Popular 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 3*9, as. 6d. net. 


Dekker (Thomas) Foure birds of Noahs Arke. 

Edit, by F, P. Wilson. i2mo, 7x4, pp. 302, 

75. 6d. "net BLACKWELL, Jan. '25 

Delafield (E, M.)~~The Chip and the block. Cr. 
Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net, 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Dalafield (E. M.) Humbug. Cheap ed. Cr. 
8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 288, 2S. 6d. net. 


DelafieJd (E. M,) The Optimist. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 286, 2S. 6d. net. 


D La WSare (Walter) Broomsticks, and other 
tales. With designs by Bold. 8vo, 8J x si, 
pp. 386, los. 6d. net.... CONST ABLE, Nov. '25 


D@ La Mare (Walter) Dubbuldideery. Folio, 
swd. 2S. net. (Oxford solo songs.) 

MiLFORDj Feb. '25 

De La Mare (Walter) Miss Jemima. Illus. by 
Alec Buckels. Roy. Svo, 8l-x6f, pp. 36, 
is. 6d. net .............. BLACKWELL, Oct. '25 

De La Mare (Walter) The Three MuUa-Mulgars. 
With illus. by J. A. Shepherd. Ed. limited 
to 250 numbered and signed copies. Roy. 
Svo, 9X6, pp. 284, 423. net. 

SELWYN & B., Dec. '24 

De La Mare (Walter) Two tales : i, The Green 
room ; 2, The Connoisseur. Ed. limited to 
234 signed and numbered copies. Roy. Svo, 
9i X 5f, pp. 128, 425. net. 

" BOOKMAN'S JOURNAL," Sept. '25 
Delamotte (F.) A Primer of the art of illumina- 
tion : for the use of beginners. 2nd ed., en 
Additional plates by Mary S. Mackenzie. 
Svo, 8x6i, pp. 44, 6s. net. 

C. LOCKWOOD, Sept. '25 

Delano (Edith Barnard) The Way of all earth. 
Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 316, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

Delaporie (L.) Mesopotamia : the Babylonian 

and Assyrian civilization. Roy. 8yo, 9$- X 6, 

Pp. 387* 1 6s. net. (History of civilization.) 

K. PAUL, Sept. '25 

De Lisle, Leconte, Brown (I.) 123. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Deliverers, Aitken (B. M.) 73. 6d. net. .Mar. '25 

Dell (Ethel M.) The Lamp in the desert. Cheap 

ed. ismo, 7lX4i, pp. 352, 2S. net. 

Dell (Ethel M.) The Obstacle race. Popular ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 304, 2S. 6d. net. 

CASSELL, July '25 
DeS! (Ethel M.)- The Passer-by, and other 

stories. Cr. Svo, 7 X 5, pp. 287, 73. 6d. net. 


Dell (Ethel M.) Rosa Mundi and other stories. 

Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7| x 4! , pp. 316, 2s. 6d. 

net .................... CASSELL, Feb. '25 

Deli (Ethel M.) Tetherstones. Popular ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7$- x 5, pp. 320, 35. 6d. net 

Dell (Floyd) The Briary-bush : a novel. Popular 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7iX5, pp. 435, 33. 6"d. net. 

Dell (Floyd) This mad ideal. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, 

pp. 297, TS. 6d. net ........ LANE, June '25 

Del Rflar (Eugene) Man the master. Cr. Svo,. 

7i X 5, PP. 254, 4s. 6d. net. 

L. N. FOWLER, June '25 
Delmayne's adventures, Marchant (B.) is. 6d. 

net ............................ July '25 

Delmont (Joseph) Wild animals on the films. 

Trans, from the German by G. M. GHmour. 

Cr. Svo, 7|X 5, pp. 222, 6s. net. 

METHUEN, Nov. '25 
Demangeon (Albert) The British Empire : 

a study in colonial geography. Trans, by 

Ernest F. Row. Svo, SJxsJ, pp. 299, 7s. 6d. 

net .............. HARRAP, June, Nov. '25 

Democracy, Age of, Weston (W. H.) is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Democracy, Crisis of European, Bonn (M. J.) 

6s, net ............... . .......... Aug. '25 

Democracy, Moral standards of, Wright (H. W.) 

75. 6d. net ...................... Aug. 25 

Demon wins, Gould (N.) 9d. net ...... July '25 

Denison (Henry Phipps) Seventy- two years* 
church recollections. Illus. Cr. Svo, 

pp. 190, 6s, net .......... R. SCOTT, Oct. '2 

Denmark 'Economic situation, Jan., 1925. 

is. 6d, net .............. H.M.S.O., June '25 

Denmark year book, 1925. Cr. Svo, 6s. net. 

J. SMITH, Oct. 1 '2 5 
Dennis (C. P. L.) trans. A Prothalamion for 

Peleus and Thetis. 7j x 5, pp. 18, is. 3d. 

net ................ BURNS, GATES, Nov. '25 

Dennis (Geoffrey) Harvest in Poland. Cr. 8vo, 

7iX5, pp. 307, 7s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Feb. '25 




Dennis (R. N.) Notes on Sussex ornithology : 

extracts from Diaries. Limited ed, Svo, 

swd. 55. net ............ WITHERS Y, Aug. '25 

Dennison (Dorothy) Rumours in the Fourth 

Form. Illus. by Arthur Twidle. Cr. Svo, 

7i x 5, pp. 160, 2s. net ---- R .T. S., ^r. '25 
Dental disease, Lamarck-Darwinism and, Starr 

(0.) 3 is. net ...................... JF06. '25 

Dental metallurgy, Hodgen (]. D.) i6s. net. 

4r. '25 
Dentistry: Bacteriology for dental students, 

Wyatt (R. B. H.) 6s. 6d. net ...... May '25 

Dentistry, Preventative, Fanes (A. C.) iss. 6d. 

net ............................ July '25 

Dentistry: Tooth extraction, Cakn (L. R.) 8s. 

net ............................ ^^. '25 

Dentist's own book, Kelts (C. E.) 37s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Denys the dreamer, Tynan (K,) as. net. 

Fs&. '25 
Depths of prosperity, Boltomc (P.) and Thompson 

(D,) 7s. 6d. net .................. Jan. '25 

De Quineey (Thomas) On murder as a fine art. 

Fcp., 6|X4i, pp. 170, 2S. 6d. net. (Pilgrim's 

books) .................. P. ALLAN, July '25 

De Quineey, Thomas, Masson (D.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Derby porcelain, Old, Hurlbutt (F.) i8s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Derelicts, Locke (W. J.) 35. 6d. net ---- Aug. '25 

Derennes (Charles) The Life of the bat. With 

frontis. from a wood block by E. Fitch Daglish. 

Svo, si x si, pp. 153, 6s. net. 


Dermatology, Walker (N., Sir) sos, net. 

Jan. '25 

Derry of Dunn's House, Jttdd (A.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

'Descartes (Rene) The Geometry of Rene Des- 
cartes. Trans, from the French and Latin by 
David Eugene Smith and Marcia L. Latham. 
With a facsimile of the ist ed., 1637. 9! x 7, 
pp. 259, 173. 6d. net. 

OPEN COURT PUBG. Co., Nov. '25 
De Selincourt (Edward). See Selincourt (E. de). 

Desert brew, Bower (B. M.) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Desert Cain, Rhodes (K.) as. net. . , . . .Oct. '25 
Desert dreamers, Rhodes (K.) 2S. net. May '25 
Desert justice, Rhodes (K.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Desert lovers, Rhodes (K.) ^s. 6d. net. .Jan. '25 
Desert of dreams, Everard (Mrs. F.) ss. net. 

Oct. '25 
Desert sand, Clamp (H. M. E,} 75. 6d net. 

*. '25 

Desert Valley, Gregory (JO 2s. net .... JF>#, '25 
Desert's price, Reiine (W. M.) as. net. Oti. '25 

Design in modern life and industry ; the year* 

book of the design and industries Association, 

1924-25. Intro, by John Gloag. Demy 4 to, 

u|x8, pp. 148, 155. net... . .BBNN, May '25 
Desire, Meldrum (R.) 7s. 6d. net ....Oct. '25 
Desire, Silberrad (U. L.) as, 6d net ---- Feb. '25 
Desire of the desert, Applin (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

Ftb. '25 
Desire of the moth : poems, Hamilton (W, H.) 

35. 6d. net ... ...... , . . . . ........ Sept. '25 

Desmond (Humphrey J.) Curious chapters 

in American history. 7fX5|, pp. 264, 6s. 

net ...................... HERDER, Jan. '25 

Desmond (Shaw) Bodies and souls. Cheap ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7j X 5, pp, 319, 35* 6d. net, 

DUCKWORTH, Mar. '25 
Desmond (Shaw)- The Isle of ghosts. Cr. Svo* 

74 X 5, pp. 319* 7S. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Mar. '25 
Oesmond (Shaw) Passion, Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 

33. 6d. net ........ DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 

Desolate splendour, Sadleir (M.) 35. 6cu net. 

Feb. '25 
Despard (Leslie) The Mystery of the tower 

room. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 318, 7s, 6d. net. 
H ODDER & S,, Feb. '25 


Despard (Noel) The Tyranny of virtue. Cr. 

Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 302, 6s. net. 

N. F. WILLIS, Apr. '25 

Desperate battle, Sillans (J.) 7s. 6d. net Oct. '25 
Desperate love, Dawe (C.) 35. 6d. net. . June '25 
D'Espouy (H.). See Espouy (H. d'), 
D'Esterre (Neville). See Esterre (N. d') 

Destiny, Hughes (R.) 73. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Destot (Etienne) Injuries of the wrist : a radio- 
logical study. Trans, by F. R. B, Atkinson. 

Svo, 9X5!, pp. 176, 1 8s. net . .BENN, June '25 
Detective, Private, Memoirs of a, Marshall (H.) 

I2S. 6d. net . . May '25 

Detroit word recognition test, Oglesby (E. F.) 

35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Deutero-Isaiah, Levy (R.) 53. net Dec. '25 

Deutselt (Babettc) Honey out of the rock : 

poems. Cr. Svo, 55. net. .APPLETON, Oct. '25 
Deiitsches exemeren, Tindall (S.) 53. . .Aug. '25 
Development Commission 15 th report, 1024-25. 

33. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Development Fund Accounts, 1923-24. 3d. 

net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Devereux (E. H,) Poems> of imagination. Cr. 

Svo, 7| X 5 1, pp. 121, 53. net. 

SIMPKIN, Sept. '25 
Devereux (James Raymond) Eating to banish 

disease and to save civilisation. Cr. Svo, 

7i x 5> PP- 146, 6s. net. . .C. W. DANIEL, Nov.'ss 
Deviations of Diana, Mitchell (H.) 38. net, 

Au& '25 
De Vibe (J. C.) Out for gold : a novel Popular 

ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 315, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S, June '25 

Devil among the skins, Goodwin (E.) is. net. 

May *25 
Devil and the Kaiser, poems, Dormer (D,) 

as. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Devil and the pillmaker, Agnew (A. T.) is. net. 

Nov. '25 

Devil Dare, Ollivant (A.) 33. 6d. net. .Mar. '25 
Devil in love, Cazottc (J.) 2is., 42$. net. .May *5 
Devil that slumbers, Allen (H. W.) 73. 6d. net. 

Nov. *5 
De Villiers, Lord, and his times, Walker (E. A,) 

253. net ; - Ja,n. '25 

Devil's chaplain, Branson- Howard (G.) as. 6d. 

net Rfay '25 

Devil's keg, Culhtm (R,) is, net Apr. '25 

De Viseher (Charles)--- -The Stabilisation of 

Europe. Cr. 8vo, los. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., Jan. *25 
Devizes, Annals of Borough of, Cttnitingtott 

(B, H.) 2is. net A u%. '25 

Devon idyll, etc., GluHribcrlayne (C. H.) as. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Devonshire, Black's Guide to. Part i, South- 

West. 2S. 6d. net .,,..#>&. *25 

Devonshire cream : comedy, Phillpotts (K.) $s. 

as. 6d. net Apr. *25 

Devotions to the Holy Spirit^ ttennetis (H. J. T.) 

2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Devout life, Francis cle Sales (St.) 55,, 7& 6<l. 

net , DM. '24 

Dew (E. N., Rev.) cd. Index to Registers of 

the Diocese of Hereford, 1275-1535' iof x6| 

pp, 96 (sub.) 

(Hereford) WILSON & PHILLIPS, Nov. '25 
Dew (Harold R.) Malignant disease of the 

testicle. Roy. Svo, 2 is. net. . . LEWIS, $ej>t. '25 
Dawar (Douglas) -Birds of an Indian village. 

and ed. Cr, 8vo, 6s. net.. .MILFOKD, Oct. '25 
Dftwar (George A. B*) Nature: the supreme 

problem. Cr. Svo, 7! X 5, pp. 223* 7*. o'd. 

net CHELSEA PUBG. Co., Die. *25 

De Wattevilit (H,) VVaziristan, 1919-1920. 

Illus, 8vo 8|X5i, pp. 258, IDS. t>d. net 

(Campaigns and their lessons.) 

De Wint: Water-colours of Turner, C03C, etc.* 

Qppe (A. P.) 425. net... v ... Apr.'*$ 

D@ Witt (M. E.) Euphon English in America, 

Edit, by Walter Ripman. Cr. Svo, 7jX5 pp* 

194, 25. 6d. (Modem Languafp $*r.). 

, Apr. '25 





Oe Witt (Mme. Guizot)An Only sister. With 
frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7i><4i, pp. 233, 2S. 6d. net. 

Low, June '25 

m Witt (Ysabel) A Daughter of Venice. 

Sundial ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 288, 75. 6d. net. 

J. HAMILTON, Oct. '25 

Oexfer (George Blake) The Lure of amateur 
collecting. Illus. Svo, 8^x5!-, PP- 203, 

los. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

Baxter (Walter). The England of Dickens. 
Illus. 8vo, 9 X 5$, pp. 320, 153. net. 

C. PALMER, Apr. '25 

Hey (Sri Mukul Chandra) My pilgrimages to 

Ajanta and Bagh. Intro, by Laurence Binyon. 

Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9ix6|, pp. 245, 2is. net. 


Diabetic life, Lawrence (R. D.) 73. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Diagnostic methods, Laboratory, Kolmer (J. A.) 
and Boerner (F.) IDS. 6d. net .... Mar. '25 
Dialogues, Lucian. (Select.) 33. 6d. net. 

May *25 
Dialogues, Plato. (Tr. by Jowett) 843., 1265. 

net Apr. '25 

Dialogues in limbo, Santayana (G.) los. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Diamond (C.) Why Socialism cannot come and 
remain. 8vo, 8X5i, PP- *<H swd. 6d. net. 

SIMPKIN, May '25 
Diamond thieves, Stringer (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Diamond trail in Brit. Guiana, On the, Richard- 
son (G.) 75. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Diary, Lieven (Princess) 125. 6d. net . .Sept. '25 
Diary, Moore (T.) (selection) 6s, net. ,June '25 
Diary, Pepys (S.) Schooled, as. 6d.. .Feb. '25 

Diary, Turner (T.) 45. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Diary, Yeoman (M.) is. net July '25 

Diary of a dude-wrangler, Burt (S.) 123. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Diary of a pilgrimage, Jerome (J. K.) 35. 6d. 

net June '25 

Diary of a young lady of fashion, 1764-65, 

Knox (C.) 73. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Dibble (R. F.) Strenuous Americans. Illus. 
8vo, 9X5!, pp. 370, I2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, Feb. '25 

Dibdtit (E. Rimbault) Sir Henry Raeburu. 
Illus. I2iuo, 7X4i, pp. 175, 55, net. (British 

artists.) P. ALLAN, Dec. '25 

Dicey (Albert yenn) Memorials : being chiefly 
letters and diaries. Edit, by Robert S. Rait. 
With portrait. 8vo, 8f xs|, pp. 314, 125. 6d. 

net MACMILLAN, Jan, '25 

Dick (C. H., Rev.)- Highways and byways in 
Galloway and Carrick. With illus. by Hugh 
Thomson, i2mo, 7 X 4$, pp. 568, 6s. aet; 

Ithr. 73. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 

Dick (Ernst) The Interest standard of currency : 
an attempt. 8vo, 8| X sf, pp. 286, los. 6d. 

net ALLEN & U., Oct. '25 

0ick (Stewart) Hours in the National Gallery. 
Intro, by Sir Charles Holmes. With 16 illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 144* 3S. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Nov. '25 

Dick Dale, Sevan (T.) 2s. 6d. net Sept. '23 

Dick Munday, Harrison (H.) 2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 
Dick Onslow, Kingston (W. H. G.) 2&. net. 

Aug. '25 
Dick Onslow, Kingston (W. H. G.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Dickens (Charles) American notes ; and, Master 
Humphrey's clock. Fcp. 8vo, 6& X 4i 
pp. 387, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's classics.) 

NELSON, July '25 

Dickens (Charles) Barnaby Rudge. Cr. 8vo, 
Ithr., 6s. 6d. net (Pnze lib.) 

MACMILLAN, June '25 

Dickens (Charles) The Battle of life. Printed 
in the intermediate stage of Pitman's Short- 
hand. New era ed, Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4i 

pp. 120, 2S PITMAN, Sept. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Bleak House. 2 vols. Fcp. 
8vo* 6$ x ,4i, pp. 473, 468, ea. is. 6d. net. 
(Nelson's classics) NELSON, July '25 


Dickens (Charles) Christmas books. Cr. 8vo, 
Ithr. 75. 6d. net .. MACMILLAN, July '25 

Dickens (Charles) Christmas stories. Fcap Svo, 
6 X 4|, pp. 610, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's 
classics.) NELSON, Sept. '25 

Dickens (Charles) David Copperfield. Abridged. 
Cr. 8vo, swd. 7d. net ; limp gd. net. (Children's 
classics : senior.) MACMILLAN, June "25 

Dickens (Charles) Little Dorrit. 2 vols. Fcp. 
8vo, 6|"X4i> pp. 470, 437, ea. is. 6d. net. 
(Nelson's classics) NELSON, Apr. '25 

Dickens (Charles) The Mystery of Edwin Drood ; 
and, Pictures from Italy. Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4^, 
pp. 1 88, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's classics.) 

NELSON Sept. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Old Curiosity Shop. Cr. 8vo, 
Ithr., 6s. 6d. net. (Prize lib.} 

MACMILLAN, June '25 

Dickens (Charles) The Old Curiosity Shop. 

iSmo, 6 x s|, pp. 570, 2S. net. (World's classics) 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Oliver Twist. Cr. 8vo, Ithr., 
6s. 6d. net. (Prize lib.) MACMILLAN, June '25 

Dickens (Charles) Our mutual friend. 2 vols. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6|- X 4^, pp. 454, ea. is. 6d. net. 
(Nelson's cl-assics) NELSON, Feb. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Pickwick papers. Abridged 
and edit, by Douglas G. Crawford. 32010, 
5f X 4i PP- 384, 2S. (Macmillan pocket 
classics) MACMILLAN, Sept. '25 

Dickens (Charles) The Pickwick papers ; A 
Tale of two cities. Illus. Svo, 7ixs|-, pp. 
253, 2S. ("A. L." Welcome readers; Con- 
tinuous stones by famous writers). 

E. J. ARNOLD, May '25 

Dickens (Charles) Reprinted pieces ; and, The 
lazy tour of two idle apprentices. With illus. 
With intro. and notes by Charles Dickens the 
younger. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 438, 45. 6d. net; 
Ithr. 6s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Sketches by " Boz." Fcp. 
Svo, 6| X 4|, pp. 508, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's 
classics) NELSON, Feb. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Stories from the Christmas 
numbers of " Household Words " and " All 
the year round,' 1 1852 1867. Edit, with 
intro. and notes, by Charles Dickens, the 
younger. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 646, 
43. 6d. net ; Ithr. 6s. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Dickens (Charles) Stories of children from 
Dickens. By his Grand-Daughter and others. 
Intro, by Percy Fitzgerald. Illus. by Harold 
Copping. Edit, by Capt. Edric Vredenburg. 
Roy. Svo, 9 x 6|, pp. 108, 35. 6d. net. 

R. TUCK, Oct. '25 

Dickens (Charles) A Tale of two cities. Cr. 
Svo, 7^X5, pp. 351, 2S. 6d. net. (Standard 
fiction lib.) HARRAP, Feb. '25 

Dickens (Charles) A Tale of two cities. With 
1 6 col. illus. by Rowland Wheelwright. Roy. 
Svo, 9 X 6|, pp. 363, los. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, Nov. '25 

Dickens (Charles)- Tales from Dickens. Illus. 
by P. Hudson. Printed in the advanced stage 
of Pitman's Shorthand. New era ed. Fcp. 
8vo, 6|X4, pp. 156, 2S. 6d. net. 

PITMAN, July '25 

Dickens (Charles) The Uncommercial traveller ; 
and, A Child's history of England. Illus. by 
Marcus Stone. A repr. of the ed. corrected by 
the author in 1867 68, with intro. and notes 
by Charles Dickens the younger. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX5, PP- 69 8 4 s * 6d. net ; Ithr. 6s. 6d. net. 
MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Dickens (Charles)- The Uncommercial traveller. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4^, pp. 378, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's 
classics) NELSON, Apr. '25 

Dickens, Charles, Chesterton (G. K.) 35. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Dickens, Charles, Ward (A. W.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Dickens, Charles, and other Victorians, Quitter- 
Couch (A. T., Sir) los. 6d. net. .... Mar. '25 





Dickens, Children of, Crothers (S. McC.) IDS. 6d. 

net Nov. '25 

Dickens Country, Kitton (F, G.) 53, net. June '25 
Dickens, England of, Dexter (W.) 153. net. 

Apr. '25 
Dickens, Immortal, Gissing (G.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 

Dickens (F.) See Dodds (E. C.) and Dickens. 
Dickes, William, Colour prints of, Docker (A.) 

423. net Dec. '24 

Dickinson (Emily) Complete poems. Intro, 
by Martha Dickinson Bianchi. With port. 
8vo, 8| X 5|, pp. 344. 2 is. net. 

M. SECKER, Mar. '25 

Dickinson (George) English papier-mache : its 
origin, development and decline. Illus. 8vo, 
8fX5|, pp. 151, 2is. net. 

COURIER PR., Nov. '25 

Dickinson (Thomas H.) Playwrights o the new 
American theatre. Cr. 8vo, los. 6d. net, 

MACMILLAN, July '25 
Oickson (George) Peter Rae. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, 

pp. 96, 32. 6d. net ALLEN & U., Nov. '25 

Dickson (S. B.) Coded limencUs. Accompanied 

ly The Gold-bug, by Edgar Allan Poe. 8vo, 

si X 8|, pp, 125, 55. net . . JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Dickson (W. E. Carnegie). See Seattle (J. M.) 

and Dickson, 
Dictator, Expert, Saphicr (C, J.) and Smith 

(T, J.) 5S. net Apr. '25 

Didcot (John J.), See Webb (H. A,) and Didcot. 
Diehi (Charles) History of the Byzantine 
Empire, Roy, 8vo, us. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Apr. '25 
Diesel and oil engineering handbk,, Rosbloom (J.) 

253. net Mar. '25 

Diesel engines, etc,, Questions and answers, 

Lamb (J.) 53. net . , Apr. '25 

Diet and good health, Semple (D.) is. 6cl. net. 

Apr. '25 
Diet Dry diet cure, OldfieU (J.) 53. net. 

Mar. '25 

Diffidence, Eyton (J.) 7s. 6d. net,..., Jan. '25 

Dageofi (Aurelian)- The Novels of Fielding. With 

frontis. Roy. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 271, los, 6d. net 

ROUTLEDGE, Feb. '25 

Dlghton (Adair) Moralisings of a medico : a 
mixed medley of many memories of medical 
student days in Edinburgh. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 

pp. 174, 2S. 6cl. net E. STEP, June '25 

Digitalis, Action and uses of, Cushny (A. R.) 

i8s, net , Fttb, '25 

Digressions, Coleridge (S., Hon.) 53. net. .Oct. '25 

Dilke, Charles W,, Sir, Short life of, Gwynn 

(S.) and Tuckwell (G. M.) (abridged). 55. net. 

Mar. '25 

Billon (Arthur) The Bondswomen : a tragedy. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 68, ss. 6cl, net. 

E. MATHEWS, Nov.* '25 

IMJnot (George) -Celebrated crimes. With 
frontis. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 256, 129. 6d net. 

S. PAUL, May '25 

Dim lantern, Bailey (T.) as. net... ..June's 5 
Dirableby's, Douthwaife (L, C.) 33. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Diminishing returns, Law of, Spill-man (W. J.) 

and Lang (E.) 7S. 6d. net. July '25 

Diminutive dramas, Baring (M.) 55. net, 

May '25 
Dimity Hall, Saunders (M. B.) 73, 6d. net. 

Ju'y *5 

Dimmock (F, Haydn) Bruce the troop dog. 
With 8 illus. by T. A. Chaplin. 8vo, 8^x5^, 

pp. 224, 35. 6d. net .PKAKSON, Sept, '25 

Dimimock (F. Haydn) Just a line : letters to a 
Scout. i2mo, 7jX4|, pp. 80, swd. is. net. 

PEARSON, May '25 

Dimock (Edwin) Monsieur and madame ; 
verses. Drawings by L. M. Glackeas. Roy. 

8vo 6s. net HARPERS, Mar. *as 

Dingle Bank, Conybmn (F. A.) 35* 6d, net* 

Jnly '35 

Ptngwai! (Eric John) Male iufibulation. With 
frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 152, xos. 6d. net. 

E, July '25 


(A.) The Call of the child. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 95, 2 s. 6d. net. (Black's 

Medical ser.) ............ BLACK, Dec. '25 

Dining and wining. By "The Diner Out.'* 

Fcp. 8vo, 6 1 X 4i, pp. 1 1 8, 2S. 6d. net. 

G. BLES, Dec. '25 

Dinner Club, McNeile (C.) 2S. net ..... Mar. '25 
Dinoflagellates of Northern Seas, Lebour (M. V.) 

I2S. 6d. net ...................... Nov. '25 

Dinosaur's egg, Candler (E.) 73. 6d. net Sept. '25 
Dio's Roman history. With an EngHsh trans. 

by Earnest Cary, on the basis of the version 

of Herbert Baldwin Foster. (In 9 vols.} 

Vol. 7. Fcap. 8vo, 6fX4|, pp. 455, 

(Loeb classical lib.} .... HEINEMANN, Jan. '2$ 
Diplomacy : Internat. economic policies,. 

Culbertson (W. S.) 153. net ........ Aug. '25 

Diplomatic relations of Gt. Britain and the 

U.S., Mowat (R. B.) i6s. net ........ Oct. '25, 

Directions to servants, Swift (J.) i8s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Directors, Directory of, 1925. 255. net. 

May '25 
Directory and year book of the Church in Wales* 

1925 (The). 3vo, 8|X5|, pp. 529, swd. 2S. 6d. 

net ...................... LEWIS, Jan. '25, 

Directory of directors for 1925. By Thomas 

Skinner. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, ^p. 1664, 25s, net. 

T. SKINNER, &lay '25, 

Directory of insurance brokers', with list of 

claims assessors in the principal towns, 1925. 

121x10, 7|X4|, pp. 124, 45, net. 

Directory of Retreat Houses and other places. 

of retreat. Edit, by A. T, Cameron. i2mo> 

7i x 4f pp. 64, swd., is, net. 

FAITH PR., Apr, '25 
Directory of shipowners, shipbuilders, and marine- 

engineers, 1925. Compiled under the direction 

of the Editor of " Shipbuilding and Shipping 

Record." (23rd year.) 8vo, 8J x 5^, pp. 780^ 

2os. net ..DIRECTORY PUBC. Co., Feb. '25 
Directory of women teachers, 1925 : a directory 

of the women engaged in the work of secondary 

education. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 674, 25$. net, 

DRANK & SONS, July '2$ 

Dirr (Aiolf) cd. and trans, Caucasian folk-tales. 

Selected and trans, from the originals. Trans. 

into English by Lucy Menzies. Cr. 8vo^ 

7i X 5, pp. 320, 5S. net ---- DENT, Feb. '25 
Discoveries, Great, Tell-me-why stories about,, 

CUmdy (C, H.) 33. 6cl, net .... ____ May '25 
Discovery of Kate, Haverfield (E. L.) 5s." net. 

July '25, 
Discovery of the future, Wells (H, G.) 2S. 6<L 

net ..... ---- . ...... ...... ...... , . Oct. ' 2 5 

Discussions on travel, art and life, Sitwell (0.) 

15S. net ................... ..... Apr. "25 

Disease, Chronic, Bach (E.) and Wheeler (C. E.) 

7s, 6d. net ............. . ........ June *2$ 

Disease, Combustion and atmosphere and* 

Sinclair (W. V*) ss. net ,,,,...... June '23' 

Disease, Conquest of, Masters (IX) 8s, 6d. net* 

Sept. '25 
*.) los, 6d. 

Disease, Resistance to, Merrall (H.) 
net .... ...... . ......... ........ Mar. '25 

Diseases, children's, Diagnosis of, Peer (E,) 353. 
net . . ---- ..... ..... ",.,,...,..,.. ,Apr. '25 

Diseases, Infections, Acute, RoUcsfan (J. D.) 
i2S. 6d. net . ..... ..... ..... ..... .Jan. '25 

Diseases of children, Goodhart ( J. E, Sir) 28s, net, 

Oct. '25 

Diseases of children, HutcMnson (R*) ars. net, 

Diseases of dogs (The) : their causes, symptoms* 
auid treatment ; to which arc added instruc- 
tions in cases of injury and poisoning. Rev. 
and <enl. "by Alexander C. Piesse. With some 
notes on the general management of dogs, by 
J. Maxtec. 6th ed., rev. xsmo, 7iX4, pp. 
1 68, swd,, as. net ..... " BAZAAR,'* Man ^25 

Diseases of nose, throat and ear, RalUnger (W, L.> 
428. net . ..... ..... ..... ..,,..,, Nw. *5 

Disenchantment, Philosophy of, Satt^s (E.) 
73. dd. net ..,..*..,*...... t *...,. Oct. *S5 




Disher (M. Willson) Clown. Popular ed. Cr. 

Svo, ?% x 5, PP. 3*3, 3S. 6d. net. 

L. PARSONS, Apr. '25 
Dishor (M. Willson) Clowns and pantomimes. 

Illus. Cr. 4to, ioi x 7f, pp. 364, 423. net. 

CONSTABLE, Sept. '25 

Disher-^-detective, Scott (W.) 7s. 6d. net. May '25 
Disraeli (Benjamin) Ixion in Heaven. Decorated 

by John Austen. Cr. 8vo, 7fX5|, pp. 76, 

73. 6d. net J. CAPE, Oct. '25 

Disraeli (Benjamin) Sybil; or, Ihe Two 

nations. Fcp. 8vo, 6 X 4j, pp. 511, is. 6d. 

net. (Nelson's classics) . . NELSON, July '25 
Disraeli and Gladstone, Somervell (D. C.) 

I2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Disraeli: the alien patriot, Raymond (E. T.) 

i8s. net Oct. '25 

Distant Land (A). By M. E. J. Cr. Svo, 7*x 5, 

pp. 63, 2S. 6d. net C. W. DANIEL, Aug. '25 

Distemper, Canine, Sewell (L.) 43. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Distillation in practice, Elliott (C.) 6s. net. 

June '25 

Distillation, Industrial, Hausbrand (E.) 2 is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Distillation, Low temperature, North (S. H.) and 

Garbe (J. B.) 153. net Mar. '25 

Distillation principles, Elliott (C.) 6s. net. 

Feb. '25 
District and Parish Councils, Wightwick (H. W.) 

155. net June. '25 

DItchfield (P. H.) London's West End. With 

drawings in pencil and pen and ink by Joseph 

Pike. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 315, i6s. net. 

J. CAPE, Dec. '25 
Diver (Maud) Coombe St. Mary's. Cr. Svo, 

7$ x 5 PP- 5 IO 7 s - 6d- net. 

W. BLACKWOOD, Sept. '25 
Diver (Maud) Lonely furrow. Cheaper ed. 

Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 511, 33. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, June '25 
Divigations of a doctor, James (A.) 6s. net. 

Dec. '24 
Divine lady, Barrington (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Divine society, Peck (W. G.) 6s. net Sept. '25 

Divine vocation in human life, Robertson (J. A., 

Rev.) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Dixie, Days off in, Rutledge (A.) los. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Dixon (D.) The Sun's message : verse. 7& X 5 

pp. 14, is. net STOCKWELL, Apr. '25 

Dixott (G. C.) From Melbourne to Moscow. 

Illus. Svo, 8f x 5^, pp. 320, 1 6s. net. 

G. BLES, May '25 
Dixon (Walter E.) A Manual of pharmacology. 

6th ed., rev. Svo, 8f X5$, pp. 490, i8s. net. 

E. ARNOLD, Aug. '25 

dixoit (William Hepworth) The Match industry : 

its origin and development. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 

7ix 5> PP* *6o 3 s - Bet. (Common commodities 

and industries] PITMAN, Feb. '25 

DSxow (William Scarth) Fox hunting in the 

twentieth century. Demy 8vo, 9X6, pp. 332, 

2is. net HURST & B., July '25 

Dsxon (William Scarth) The Influence of racing 

and the thoroughbred horse on light horse 

breeding. Illus. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 259, i6s. 

net HURST & B., May '25 

Djaja Semadi, Kats (J.) 33. 6d Nov. '25 

Do it yourself, Beard (D.) los. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 
Doi)&> (Maurice)- Capitalist enterprise and social 

progress. Svo, 9x5^, pp. 419, 123. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, July '25 

Dobe (M. W,). See James (W. H.) and Dobe. 
DobeH (Eva) Snap-shots of travel. Photos 
by Sybil Lambert. 7| X 5, pp. 35, as. 6d. net. 
E. MACDONALD, Oct. '25 

Dobree (Bonamy) Histriophone : a dialogue on 
dramatic diction. Demy Svo, 9x6, pp. 42, 
35. 6d. net. (Hogarth essays), 

HOGARTH PR., July '25 

Ooferee (Bonamy)- Essays in biography, 1680- 
1726. 8vo, 9 x 5|, pp f 374, I2S. 6d. net. 

MILFORD ,Nov. '25 


Dobree (Bonamy) Timotheus : the future of 

the theatre. Fcp. Svo, 6 X 4i, pp. 77, 2S. 6d. 

net . . (To-day and to-morrow.} K. PAUL, Oct. '25 
Dobson (A. Mary R.) Mount Sinai : a modem 

pilgrimage. Pref. by Rend el Harris. Illns. 

Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 156, 6s. net. 

METHUEN, Oct. '25 
Dobson (Austin) An Anthology of prose and 

verse. With a foreword by Edmund Gosse. 

With port. Cr. 8vo, 7^ X 5, pp. 194, 33. 6d. 

net MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Dobs?! (Austin) At Prior Park, and other 

papers. Illus. iSmo, 6x3!, pp. 317, 2S. net. 

(World's classics) MILFORD, July '25 

Dobson (Austin) Henry Fielding. New pocket 

ed. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 220, 33. 6d. net. 

(English men of letters.). .MACMILLAN, July '25 
Dobson (Austin) A Paladin of philanthropy, 

and other papers. iSmo, 6 x 3! , pp. 371, 2S. net. 

(World's classics) MILFORD, July '2,5 

Dobson (Austin) Selected poems. Rev. and 

enl. ed. with frontis. iSmo, 6x4, pp. 259, 

2S. net. (World's classics) . .MILFORD, Jan. '25 
Docker (Alfred) The Colour prints of William 

Dickes. Ed. limited to 350 copies numbere^i 

and signed. Cr. 4to, io| X 7^, pp. 60, 425. 

net COURIER PR., Dec. '24 

Doctor, Stacpoole (H. de V.) gd. net.. .July '25 
Dr. Appleby's daughters, Whipple (A.) is. 6d. 

net July '25 

Doctor Doolittle's circus, Lofting (H.) 7s. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Doctor, Home. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Stevenson (R. L.) (in 

Pitman's shorthand) as., is. 6d Aug. '25 

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, etc., Stevenson (R. L.) 

2S. net Oct. '25 

Dr. Jolliffe's boys, Hough (L.) as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Doctor Knock, Romains (J.) 53., 35. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Doctor Nikola, Boothby (G.) as. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Doctor Nye of North Ostable, Lincoln (]. C.) 

35. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Doctor of the future : Pygmalion, Wilson 

(R. M.) as. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Doctor Ricardo, Garrett W.). 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. 25 

Doctor S.O.S., Thayer (L.) 73. 6d. net. .July '25 
Doctor's diary (A) ; by a Harley Street Doctor. 

Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 253, 5s. net. 

HUTCHINSON, June y z$ 
Doctrine of grace, Jauncey (E.) 143. net. 

May '25 

Doda, Beza (M.) 55. net Oct. '25 

Dodd (Agnes F.) A Short history of the British 

Empire. Illus. Svo, 7|X5|-, pp. 286, 6s. net. 

DENT, Apr. '25 

Dodtf (Catherine) The Farthing spinster: a 

tale of five generations. Cr. 8vo, 7lX5, 

pp. 307, 7s. 6d. net JARROLDS, Mar. '25 

Doddles, Adams (A.) is. 6d. net May '25 

10 odds (Andrew) Poppies in the corn : verses 

in Lothian Scots. 7jx 5, pp. 45, is. net. 

GOWANS & G., Jan. '25 
Do das (E. C.) and Dickens (F.) The Chemical 

and physiological properties of the internal 

secretions. 8vo, 8| x sJ, pp. 228, 8s. 6d. net. 

(Oxford medical publications.) 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 
Dodds (E. C.). See also Beaumont (G. E.) and 

Dodds (George) and Licldey (James D.) Control 

of the breath. Roy. 8vo, 6s. net. 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 
Dodds (Ruth) Hind Horn ; and, Alice Brand. 

[Plays for children.] 7i X 5, pp. 32, swd. is. net. 

(6 1. Quay Side, Newcastle) 

M, S. DODDS, Mar. '25 
Dodgson (Campbell) French etching fromMeryoa 

to Lepere : a lecture delivered to the Print 

Collectors' Club, 1922. Illus. Cr. 4to, 10 X 7i- 

pp. 27, 55. net. 




Ufflds (Marcus) The Bunker at the fifth. Cr. 8vo, 

P- I86 > 3S ' 6d - ne ,Vr K 

W. HODGE, June '25 
Parliamentary companion for 1925. 
(93rd year.) 321010, 5 X s|, pp. 507, 7s. 6d. net. 

DOD, Jan. '25 

Poll's Peerage, 1925. (85 th year). i8mo, 

5 X sf , pp. 401, 73, 6d. net . . " DOD," Dec. '24 

Dodwell (Henry ) A Sketch of the history of 

India from 1858 to 1918. With maps. Cr. 

8vo, 7j X 5, pp. 338> 6s. net. 

LONGMANS, June '25 
Dog, American hunting, Miller (W. H,) los. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Dog and inaa, Sloan (A.) and Farquhar (A.). 

7s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Dog book, Little (G. W.). i6s. net . . Mar. '25 
Dog breeding, Pedigree, Lucas (]., Capt.) 6s. 

net May '25 

Dog breeding, Pedigree, Lucas (J., Capt.) ?s. 6d, 

net Nov. '25 

Dog days, Rutter (O.) 53., los. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 
Dog, Heart of a, Terhune (A. P.) ios, 6d. net, 

Sept. '25 
Do'g, House-, How to keep a, Bowker (G. H.) 

6d. net Mar. '25 

"Dog-mind (The) and its human characteristics. 
By "Viva," 7*xsl, pp. 188. 

TORQUAY PUBG. Co., Apr. '25 
Dog stories : Story of Jack, Lytle (H.) 55. net. 

Oct. '25 

Dog-watch meetings, Stewart (A.) as. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Dog welfare : a helpful book on dog ailments. 
Edited by a Veterinary Surgeon. Foreword 
by Sir Robert Gower. isrno, 7j X 4f, pp. 32, 
6d. net. 

' Dogs and how to know them, Ash (E. C.) as. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Dogs and I, Cox (H., Maj.) 75. 6d. net. .Jan. '25 
Dogs ; Canine distemper, Sewell (L.) 45. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Dogs, Diseases of. 25. net Mar. '25 

Dogs portfolio, Sturdy (G. E.) Fifth. 33. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Dogs portfolio, Stitddy (G. E.) Sixth, 33. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Doing and dreaming, Garrett (E.) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Doiags of Raffles Haw, Doyle (A. C., Sir), as. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Dollie takes charge, Scott-Hopper (Q,) as. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Dolly dialogues, Hope (A.) 35. 6d. net. . . July '25 

Dolomites, Faure (G.) 7S. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem, Creswell (K. A. C.) 

43 Marias 

Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, Richmond (11. T.) 

i26s. net * * .June '25 

Domestic handicrafts, Murray (M, H.) 45. net. 

Mar. '25 
Domestic problem, Mt7s (E.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. *25 
Dominican Order in England, Formoy (B. E, R.) 

6s. net Apr. '25 

Dominican Republic and Hay ti -Economic, 
financial and commercial conditions, 1924. 

as. net H.M.S.O., Feb. '35 

Dominion, Presland (J.) (novel.) 73. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Dominion (N. Z.) Civics, Coa^ (N. E.) 3$. 6d. net. 

(Charles W.)- Things seen in 
Switzerland in winter. Illus. 6 X 4$, pp. 157, 

3$, 6d. net *. SBEI.BY, S. Sep. *25 

Domville-Kfe (W.) ed. 'Encyclopedia of the 

British Empire. 6ss. net Apr. '25 

Don Juan : play, Flecker (J. E.) 6s. net. 

IV w, '25 

Don Luis, Savage (J.) 75. 6d. net. , . Jan, '25 
Don Q's love story, Prichard (K and H.) as. 6d. 

net Oct. *25 

Donald O'Dare, Buncher (W.) 73, 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 


Donald (Robert, Sir) A Danger spot in Europe, 

and its government by the League of Nations. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 166, 33. 6d. net. 

L. PARSONS, Mar. '25 
DsiiiaSd (William) Landlordism versus the 

Liberal Party. 8vo, 55. net. 

(57, St. Vincent St., Glasgow) J. SMITH & SON, 

Nov. '25 

Doncaster, Phillips (E.) is. net Mar. '25 

Dontlo (Mathurin) The Pie and the tart. 

Cr. 8vo, swd. 2S. net. (Modern plays.) 

APPLETON, Oct. '25 
Dondo (Mathurin) Two blind men and a donkey. 

Cr. 8vo, swd. 2S. net. (Modern plays.) 

APPLETON, Oct. '25 
Hdiiiiigton (G. C.) A Class-book of chemistry. 

Part 5, Organic chemistry ; by T. M. Lowry, 

and P. C. Austin. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 184, 35. 

MACMiLtAN, May '25 

OonSstSiorp (H. St. J. K.) British ants. 8vo, 

2is. net ROUTLEDGE, Apr. '25 

Doiikira (A. E.)- Test papers in arithmetic : for 

the use of candidates preparing for School 

Certificate, Matriculation and similar ex- 
aminations. 8vo, 8J- X 5|, pp. 123, 2S. 6d. 

net .". PITMAN, June '25 

Donna Juana, Hewitt (E.) 55. net June '25 

Donne (Marie de) The Flowere booke. Cr. 4to, 

ioj X 7l, PP- 44, 58. nt. 

(Exeter) WIIEATON, Dec. '25 
Donnelly (I. A.) Chinese junks and other native 

craft. 31 illus. (5 coL). Hvo, io}X7j, pp. 

141, i8s. . , K. PAUL, Jan. '25 

Donnifhorne (Fred A,) -Wonderful Africa : 

7,000 miles travel in South aud South Central 

Africa. With frontis. in coL, and 72 illus. 

Roy. 8vo, 9! x 6, pp. 302, 2is. net. 

Donoghue (Stephen) "Just my story.*' With 

frontis. and 22 illus. Repr. 8vo, 8| X s|, 

pp. 287, 2S. 6d. net.. HUTCHINSON, Apr. '25 
Donovan (Marcus)- Sacramentals. Foreword by 

Arnold Pin chard. Cr, 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 201, 6s. 

net Soc. OP SS. PETER & PAUL, May '25 

Don'ts, St&cey (C. H.) as. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Don 'ts for motorists * a guide for those who 

can drive as well as for those who can't. 

i8mo, 5l X sf, pp. 24, is. net. 

W. FOULS HAM, Feb. '25 

Doom dealer, Chipperficld (R. 0.) 73. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Doomed city, Carting (J. R.) qd. net . . Feb. '25 

Doris, Johnson (I).) 7s. 6d. net , May '25 

Dorling (Taprell, Comrn.J (" Taffrail ")*~-^ea 

venturers of Britain. Illus. by Cecil King, R.I. 

8vo, 8x5!, pp. 336, 8s. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Dec. '25 
Dormant fires, Atherton (G.) 33, 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Dormer (Dent) -The Devil and the Kaiser, with 

other poems, grave and humorous. 7|X5, 

pp. 24, as. 6d. net STOCKWFLL, Feb. '25 

Dormitory Hag, Avery (H.) 2S, 6d. uct. .Apr. '35 
Dorothy Arden, Callwdl (J. M.) as. 6d, net. 

Apr, *25 

Dorothy's little tubs, White (J.) is. 6d, net. 

July *25 
Dorp dentists, Watkins (F.) 72. 6d. net. 

Sept. *2S 
Dorr (Rheta Childe) A Woman of fifty. 8vo 

B X si, pp. 457, i as. 6d. net 

FUNK & W., Dec. '24 
Dorrien (Horace Smith-, Gen, Sir) See $m$h* 


Dostoevsky, GUe (A.) 6s net* Spt. '25 

Dot and Carrie, HorraUn (J. F.) and Bathe (H, O.) 

Bk. 3. is, net . may *35 

DothI (W. P.)- -The Undiscovered country : 

where the dead arc not dead but alive. Cr. 8vo, 

7t X 5, pp. 1 10, as. 6d, act. J, CLARKE, Apr, f 5 
Double cross, Thomas (A, E,) ss. 6d. net* 

May *^5 
Double disappearance, Winsfanley (L) 78. 6dL 

net Sept. '25 

Double florin, Rhode (].) as. 6d, net , . Sept. '25 





Double journey, Bryce (J.) 75. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Double life of Mr. Alfred Burton, Oppenheim 
(E. P.) 2s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Double thumb, Grierson (F. D.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Bengali (Charles S.) The Burns Country. 
3rd ed., 16 illus. from photos. I2mo, 7 x 4^, 
PP- 350, 5S. net. (Pilgrimage ser.) 

BLACK, June '25 

" Doughty Deeds " : R. Graham of Gartmore, 
Graham (R. B. C.) los. 6d. net May '25 

Douglas (Albert) Memories of mummers and 
the Old Standard Theatre. 7^x5, pp. 138, 
as. 6d. net "ERA," Feb. '25 

Douglas (Lord Alfred) The Duke of Berwick, 
and other rhymes. Cr. 8vo, 7f X4|, pp. no, 
53. net SECKER, Oct. '25 

Douglas (Lord Alfred) In Excelsis. Ed. limited 
to 100 special signed and numbered copies. 
Roy. 8vo, 8|- X 6, pp. 45, 2 is. net. 

SECKER, Dec. '24 

Ooyglas (C. E., Rev.) and Nicholson (Sydney H.) 
The Saviour of the World : a devotion on 
the Passion. The words arranged by the Rev. 
C. E. D. ; set to music for treble, tenor, and 
baritone solos, choir and organ (with a part for 
a reader) by S. H. N. Roy. 8vo, 10 x 7, pp. 
1 02, swd. 2S. 6d. net FAITH PR., May *25 

Douglas (Charles Noel) ed. Forty thousand 
quotations, prose and poetical : choice ex- 
tracts on history, science, philosophy, religion, 
literature, etc. 8vo, 8^x5^, pp. 2008, 2is. 
net HARRAP, May '25 

Douglas (Evelyn). See Barlas (John E.) 

Douglas (George, Sir) ed. A Cadger's creel : 
the book of the Robert Louis Stevenson Club 
Bazaar. Illus., col. frontis. Cr. 8vo, ?f X sJ, 
pp. 192, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Edinburgh) WM. BROWN, Dec. '25 

Douglas (Hugh A.) Venice on foot : with the 
itinerary of the Grand Canal and several direct 
routes to useful places. With 75 illus. and 
ii maps. 2nd ed., rev. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, 
pp. 290, I2S, 6d. net .... METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Douglas (J. A., Rev.) The Lamp of the three- 
fold vow. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7 X 5, pp. 126, 
2S. 6d. net ; bds., is. 6d. net. (CMldermote 
lib.} FAITH PR., Oct. '25 

Douglas (Norman) D. H. Lawrence and Maurice 
Magnus : a plea for better manners. 7f x 5 J, 
pp. 54, swd. 53. 

(C.o. T. Cook & Son, Florence), 

AUTHOR, May '25 

Douglas (Norman) Experiments. 8vo, 9x5!, 
pp. 273, I2S. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Oct. '25 

Douglas (Paul H.) Wages and the family, 
8vo, 155. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., July '25 

Douglas (Stephen A.). See Lincoln (Abraham) 
and Douglas. 

Douglas [motor-cycle], Book of the, Knott (E. W.) 
2S. net Oct. '25 

Douthwaite (L. C.) Dimbleby's : a novel. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7-| X 5, PP- 320, 33. 6d. 
net L. PARSONS, Apr. '25 

Douthwaitc (L. C.) The Luck of St. Boniface. 
With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 286, 23. 6d. 
net JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Dove (Castleden) Lowanna : an Australian 
school story. Illus. by J. Dewar Mills. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 256, 35. 6d. net. .MILFORD, May '25 

Doves' nest, Mansfield (K.) 55. net . . May '25 

Dowtien (Edward) Robert Southey. New 
pocket ed. ismo, 7 X 4^, pp. 213, 35. 6d. net. 
(English mm of letters.} . .MACMILLAN, July '25 

Dowden (J. W.) The Principle of early active 
movement in treating fractures of the upper 
extremity. 4to, i6s. net. 

GTJRNEY & J., Dec. *24 

Dower House mystery, Wentworth (P.) 7s. 6d. 
net Apr. '25 

Dowiisig (R. N.) Sugar beet from field to factory. 
Foreword by Sir Daniel Hall. 8vo, 8|X5i 
pp. 72, swd. 2S. 6d. net .... BENN, Apt. '25 


Down river, Vahey (J. H.) 73. 6d. net. 

Aug. *25 
Down the Grand Canyon, Freeman (L. R.) 

253. net Jan. '25 

Down to the sea in ships, Anthony (I.) 205. net. 

Sept. '25 

Down train, Baines (C.) 73. 6dL net.. Mar. '25 

Downes (Mollie Panter-). See Panter-Downes. 

Dowraes (Robert P.) Mind and its culture. 

3rd ed. Cr. 8vo, 7$- x 5, pp. 228, 23. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, June '25 

Downing (Elliot R.) Teaching science in the 
schools. Cr. 8vo, xos. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Sept. '25 
Downing, George, Sir : Godfather of Downing 

St., Beresford (J.) 155. net May '25 

Downside [School] and the War, Graham (L.) 

Dec. '25 

Dowseti (J. Morewood) Big game and big 
life. Foreword by R. B. Cunninghame Graham. 
With 174 illus. and map. Roy. 8vo, 9|x 


pp. 254, 2is. net BALE, 


Dowsett (J. Morewood) The Spanish bull- 
fight. Roy. 8vo, 9|-x6, pp. n, swd. 3d. net. 
BALE, Sept. '25 

DowsSey (W. G.) Travelling men. With frontis. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 256, 53. net. 

SIMPKIN, Dec. '25 

Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) Adventures of Gerard. 
Thin paper ed. ismo, 7^ x 4^, pp. 316, 
35. 6d. net; Ithr., 53. net . . MURRAY, Sept. '25 

Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) The Doings of Raffles 

Haw. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7f X4|, pp. 256, 

2S. 6d. net .............. CASSELL, Aug. '25 

Doyle (Arthur) Exile. Cr. 8vo, swd. 2S. net. 

(Short plays.) .......... APPLETON, Oct. '25 

Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) The Hound of the Basker- 

villes. Thin paper ed. ismo, 7 x 4&, pp. 

315, 33. 6d. net ; Ithr., 53. net. MURRAY, Sept. '25 
Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) The Lost world. Popular 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 160, swd. is. net. 

NEWNES, July '25 
Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) Micah Clarke. Thin paper 

ed, i2mo, 7 x 4^, pp. 410, 35. 6d. net; Ithr., 

53. net ................ MURRAY, Sept. '25 

Doyle (Arthur Conan, Sir) Psychic experiences. 

i2mo, 7^ x 4|, swd., o!d. net. 

PUTNAM'S, Dec. '25 
Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) The Refugees. Thin p. 

ed. i2mo, 7i x 4&, pp. 390, 35. 6d. net ; 

Ithr., 53. net .......... MURRAY, Sept. '25 

DoySe (A. Conan, Sir) The Sign of Four. Thin 

papered. i2mo, 7x4!-, pp. 291, 35. 6d. net. 

Ithr., 53. net .............. MURRAY, Sept. '25 

Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) The Sign of four.* Printed 

in the advanced stage of Pitman's Shorthand. 

New era ed. Fcp. 8vo, 6^X4^, pp. 170, 2s. 

PITMAN, Dec. '25 

Doyle (Arthur Conan, Sir) Sir Nigel. Cheap ed. 

I2mo, 7 X 4$, pp. 252, is. net. 

Doyle (A. Conan, Sir) A Study in scarlet. Cheap 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 255, 23. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, May '25 
DoySe (A. Conan, Sir) The Tragedy of the 

Korosko. Thin p. ed. I2mo, 7| x 4}, pp. 263, 

35. 6d. net ; Ithr,, 55. net. MURRAY, Sept. '25 
Doyle (Arthur) It's time something happened. 

Cr. 8vo, swd. 25. net ---- APPLETON, Mar. '25 
Doyle (John) The Marmosite's miscellany. 

8vo, 9x6, pp. 23, 3S. net. 

HOGARTH PR., Dec. '25 
Doyle (Lynn) Dear ducks, and other " Bally- 

gulhon " stories. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 284, 

73. 6d. net .......... DUCKWORTH, Oct. '25 

DoySe (Lynn) Lobster salad. Popular ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 320, 33. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Apr. '25 
Doyle, William, Father : spiritual study, 

O'Rahilly (A.) 153, net ............ Oct. '25 

Doyle's Rock, stories, Strong (L. A. G.) 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 
D'Qyiey (Elizabeth) ed. English essays. Intro. 

by Kobert Lynn. 12010, 7i x 4| pp. 239, 

2s. 6d ................. E. ARNOLD, May '25 





Drag, Pelley (W. D.) ?s. 6d. net..,. July '25 

Drag (Harry Sinclair) Following the grass. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 287, 7s. 6d. net. 


Drag (Harry Sinclair) Smoke of the .45. 

Cheap ed. ismo, 7| x 4^, pp. 276, 23. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Dragoman, Everard (Mrs. F.) 23. net . . Jan. '25 

Dragon's teeth, Hood (A.) 73. 6d. net. . . Mar. '25 

Drake, Francis, Sir ; Voyages of, HMuyt (R.) 

is. gd June '25 

Dra&ce (Henry Burgess) The Remedy. Cr. 8vo, 

7l X 5, pp. 318, 75. 6d. net. .]. LONG, Mar. '25 
Drama, British : historical survey, Nicoll (A.) 

I2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Drama, Conversations on contemporary, Hamilton 

(C.) 93. net Apr. '25 

Drama : Elizabethan playwrights, Schelling 

(F. E.) i2s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Drama, Elizabethan, Sidelights on, Sykes (H. D.) 

I2S. 6d, net Dec. '24 

Drama, History of early i8th century, Nicoll 

(A.) i8s. net Jan. '25 

Drama League (British) Players' guide. 2s. 6d. 

net July '25 

Drama, Modern, Study of the, Clark (B. H.) 

153. net Mar. '2 

Dramas, Pre-Shakespearean, Adams (J. Q.) 

2is. net May '25 

Dramatic days at the Old Bailey, Kingston (C.) 

53. net Sept. '25 

Dramatic diction : Histriophone, Dobree (B.) 

33. 6d. net July '25 

Dramatic sequels, Hankin (St. J.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Dramatic theory in Spain, Chaytor (H. J,) 

35. 6d, net Dec. '25 

Dramatic values, Montague (C. E.) 73. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Dramatic works, Hauptmann (G.) Vol. 8. 

los. 6d. net May '25 

Dramatic works, Shakespeare (W.) 6 vols. 

ea. is, 6d,, 33. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Dramatist : comedy, Reynolds (F.) is. net. 

Nov. '25 
Dramatists, British, excluding Shakespeare : 

25 plays, Matthews (B.) and Lieder (P. R.) 

153. net . Aug. '25 

Draughtsmanship : Structural drafting, Bishop 

(C. T.) 25$. net May '25 

Draw nigh to God, Hart (G. W.) 2S. net. Mar. '25 
Drawing : Another what to draw and how to 

draw it. 3$. 6d. net May '25 

Drawing, Fashion, etc. : Practical graphic figures, 

Lutz (E. G.) 8s. 6d. net May '25 

Drawing: How to draw for the papers, Browne 

(A. W.) 2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Drawing in lead pencil, Salw&y (J.) 12$. 6d. net, 

Dec. '25 
Drawing, Technical, Abbott (W.) Pts. 12, ea, 

2S. 6d. net Apr.> Aug. '25 

Drawing : With brush and pencil, Robson (F.) 

5 books, ea, 6d. net Jan. '25 

Drawings, Mallet (B. R.) ist ser. 53. net. 

July '35 
Draytoit (Michael) Endimion and Phoebe : 

Ideas Latmus. Edit, by J. William Habel 

Roy. 8vo. 9x7, pp. 7o 7s. 6d. net. 

Draytorj (Michael)-Nimphidia : The Court of 

Fayrie. Newly printed from the folio of 1627. 

8vo, 7f Xsf, pp. 38, 4$. 6d. net ; swd, 2S. 6d. 

net, BLACKWELL, Jan. '23 

Dreads and besetting fears, Williams (T. A.) 

TS. 6d. net . , ,. Oct. '25 

Dream, Wells (H. G.) 33. 6d. net July '35 

Dream daughter. Askew (A. and C.) 90. net. 

P*b. '35 

Dream detective, Rohmw (S.) ss. net. .Feb. *5 
Dream tapestries, Bowman (L. M.) 6s, net. 

Apr, *25 
Dream that happened, Edginton (M.) 6s. net. 

Nov. '25 
Dreamer, Spero (L.) 35. 6d, net Apt. '25 


Dreamer : E. A. Poe, Stanard (M. N.) 153. net. 

Nov. '25 

Dreamer in Christendom, Cecil (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Dreaming spires, Patrick (D.) as. net. July '25 
Dreams and the interpretation of them. By a 

Physician. Cr. 8vo, 7^ X 5, pp. 120, 35. 6d. net. 

C. PALMER, June '25 

Dreams : their history and significance. Demy 

8vo, 9X6, pp. 72, swd. 6d. net. 

CASSELL, July '25 
Dress, Success through, Forester (Hon. Mrs. C. W.) 

53. net .......................... May '25 

Dress : Well-dressed woman's do's and dont's, 

Vallee (E.) 2s. 6d. net ............ May '25 

Dressier (Marie) Marie Dressier in the Life 

story of an ugly duckling : an autobiographical 

fragment in seven parts. Illus. 8vo, 8 x 5$, 

pp. 246, i6s. net ---- HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 
Drew (H. T. B., Lt.)- The War effort of New 

Zealand. Illus. 8vo, 8fxs|-, 8s. net. 

WHITCOMBE & T., Jan. '25 
Draw (Mary) St. DeinioPs Hawaraen : Mr. 

Gladstone's library. Cr. 8vo, 6d. net. 

MILFORD, June '25 
Drew (Vcrnon) Mind the healer : a psychologi- 

cal study. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp. 208, 45. 6d. net. 

L. N. FOWLER, Sept. '25 

Drewscn (M. E.) -Ben and Kit ; a tale of two 

London waifs, sth eel, 7^x5^, pp. 104, 

is. 3d ............. PICKERING & L, Mar. '25 

Onesch (Hans) The Crisis in psychology. Cr. 

8vo, us. 6d. net ........ MILFORD, June '25 

Driftwood, Sadoine (Baroness) 7s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Drink question (The) : can it be solved ? Ex- 

tracts from the debates in the House of Lords, 

June, July, 1924. Roy. 8vo, 9fx6, pp. 52, 

swd. 6d. net .......... LONGMANS, Apr. '25 

Drinks long and short, Toye (N.) and Adair (A. H.) 

2s, 6d. net ........................ July '25 

Drinks, Summer, etc., Ley el (Mrs. C. F.) is. 6d. 

net . . .......................... . .Aug. '25 

DrinScwatsr (John) Collected plays. 2 vols. 

8vo, 8f x 5|, pp. 362, 332, ea. 8s, 6d. net ; 

ed. limited to 200 numbered copies, hand-made 

p., (set) 635. net. .SJDGWICK & J., Sept. '25 
DnnScwater (John) The Muse in council. 8vo, 

8J- x 5 1 pp. 255, 7s. 6d. net, 

SIDGWICK & J., Mar. '25 
Drink water (John) The Pilgrim of eternity : 

Byrona conflict. Illus. Roy. 8vo, o|x6 

pp. 432, 1 8s. net.. , . . . .HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
Dnnkwater (John) [Poems J 8vo, 8JX5i, pp. 

30, swd., 6d. net. (Augustan hooks of modern 

poetry} ...... ..... . ---- .... BKNN, Nov. '25 

Drinkwater (John) -Robert Burns : a play, 

Cr. 8vo, 7|xs, pp. 93, 3$. 6d, net. 

SIDGWICK & J., Oct. '25 
Drinkwater (John) ed.- Essays by divers hands 

vol. 5, Literature (Roy. Soc. of) 78. not. 

Aug. '25 
Driver (G. R.J A Grammar of the colloquial 

Arabic of Syria and Palestine. Roy, Svo. 

pp. 268, ijss. 6d. net . . PROBSTKAIK. Aug. '25 
Driver (G. R.) -Letters of the first Babylonian 

dynasty. (Oxford ed$. of Cuneiform texts : 

the H. WeU'Blunddl Collection, Vol 3.) 4 to, 

swd. zss. net ...... ...... MILFORD, />6. '23 

Driving of Destiny, Bloom (U.) 7S. 6d net. 

Oct. '25 
Drops from the ocean : poems. By ** Perce." 

7?X5i, pp. 20, is. net..StocKWELt, JUM, *25 
Drsr (F. J,, Bng.-Capt)- Marine engineering 

repairs : including adjustments and mainten* 

aace. Svo, Sixsi, PP- 3 47 9 s * ^^* n * 5t; ' 

Drugs the main cause of cancer, Machensie (F.) 

55. net .... ...... . . ............. May *25 

Drums, Boyd (J.) 75. 6d. net. ...... .$#*, *25 

Drums of war, Siacpool (H. de V,) as* 6d. net. 

uly *^s 


Ornry Lane prologue and epilogue, 1747 
Cr, 4 to, i of X 7i, pp. i4i 39- w - ne *' 

, Jan. '25 





Dry diet cure, Oldfield (J.) 53. net ..... Mar. '25 
Dryden (John) MacFlecknoe (1682). Ed. 

limited to 500 copies. Roy. 8vo, 9^x7, pp. 

28, swd. 43. 6d. net ........ MILFORD, J&n. '25 

Dryden (John) [Poems.] Intro, by J. St. Loe 

Strachey. With frontis. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4j, 

pp. 363, is. 6d. net. (Nelson's poets.) 

NELSON, Sept. '25 
Dryden (John) [Poems.] i8mo, India p., 

Ithr., 6s. net. (Nelson's poets.) 

NELSON, Sept. '25 
Dryden (John) [Poems.] With intro. by J. 

St. Loe Strachey. Fcp. 8vo, 6^X4^, pp. 363, 

Ithr. 35. 6d. net. (Nelson's poets.) 

NELSON, Sept. '25 
Dryden (John) Poetry and prose. With essays 

by Congreve, Johnson, Scott, and others. 

Intro, and notes by David Nichol Smith. With 

port. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 220, 33. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, June '25 
Dryden, John, Saintsbury (G.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Dryden, John, character of, Lubbock (A.) as. 6d. 

net .......................... July '25 

Dubbuldideery : song, De La Mare (W.) 2s. 

net ... ......... . ............... Feb. '25 

Dublin and Wicklow : Flaming wheel, Whitty 

(St. J.) 53. net .................. Mar. '25 

Dublin fragments, Peter (A.) xos. 6d. net. Dec. '25 
Dy9in University Calendar, 1925-26. Cr, 8vo, 

4S. net .............. LONGMANS, Oct. '25 

Ducdame, Powys (J. C.) 7s. 6d. net. ..4 ug. '25 
Ducks, Natural hist, of, Phillips (J. C.) Vol. 3. 

2ios. net ...................... Sept. '25 

Ducks, show and utility, House (C. A.) 2s. 6d. 

net ...... ...................... June '25 

Duel an JC (Mary) (A. Mary F. Robinson) The 

Life of Racine. With port. 8vo, 9x5!, 

pp. 256, IDS. 6d. net ........ UNWIN, Oct. '25 

Dudcney (Mrs. Henry) 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 

The Finger-post. Cheap 
X 5, pp. 310, 2S. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, June '25 
Dudeney (Mrs. Henry) The Next move. Cr. 
8vo, 7iX5, pp. 332, 7s. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Jan. '25 

Dyder (George H.) Some account of the lives 
of the minor saints and festivals in the New 
Calendar of "the Church of England. 7| X 4f, 
pp. 99, is. net. 

(Stanborough Pk., Watford) AUTHOR, 

Nov. '25 

Duenna : comic opera, Shendctn (R. B.) 2 is., 
523. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Duff (J. Wight) A Literary history of Rome : 
from the origins to the close of the Golden 
Age. Repr. 8vo, Q X si, PP. 7u, ais, net. 
(Lib. of literary hist.) ...... UNWIN, May '25 

Duff (J. Wight). See Norwood (G.) and Duff. 
Duffy (P. J. O'Connor) Because of Holy Ones. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5|, pp. 54, swd. is. 6d. net. 

M. H. GILL, Apr. '25 

Duffy (P. J. O'Connor)- Strings for a harp : 

tales of Ardhoon, 7&X5, Pp. 171, ss, 6d. net. 

BURNS, GATES, Feb. '25 

Duke (William W.) Allergy, asthma, hay fever, 
urticaria and allied manifestations of reaction. 
Roy. 8vo, 255. net .... KIMPTON, Sept. '25 

Duke (Winifred) The Laird. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, 
pp. 318, 7s. 6d. net .......... J. LONG, Mar. '25 

13 nk (Winifred) Scotland's heir. 7ir X Si, 
. 360, 7s. 6d. net ____ CHAMBERS, Nov. '25 
Duke of Berwick, rhymes, Douglas (Lord A.) 

pp. 360, 7s. 6d. net ____ CHAMBERS, Nov. 

uke of Berwick, rhymes, Douglas (Lord 

5s. net .......................... Oct. '25 

Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry: Hist, of 

ist. D.C.L.L, Channing-Renton (E. M.) Apr. '25 
Dukes (Ashley) -The Man with a load of mis- 

chief : a comedy in three acts. Theatre ed. 

i2ino, 7iX4f, pp. 90, is. 6d, net. (Con- 

temporary British dramatists.). .BONN, Aug. '25 
Dukes (Cuthbert) The Bacteriology of food, 

With 25 illus. Roy. 8vo, 9 X 5 i, PP- * 9, 7s. 6d. 

net ...... .......... H. K, LEWIS, Mar. '25 

Dumas (Alexandre) The Countess de Charny. 

Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 435, 2S. 6d. net. (Sand- 

ringham lib.) .......... R. HAYES, Mar. '25 


Dumas (Alexandre) Marguerite de Valois. Cr. 
8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 489, 25. 6d. net. (SandringJutm 
lib.) HAYES, Mar. '25 

Dumas (Alexandra, son) La Dame aux camelias. 
Edit, with intro. and notes by H. A. Smith 
and R. B. Micheli. Cr. 8vo, 6s. net. (Oxford 
French ser.) MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Dumbarton (Alfred) The Boy who broke the 
idol's head. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 175, 
2s. 6d. net EPWORTK PR., May '25 

Dumbartonshire, Irving (J.) Pt. 3. aos. net. 

Feb. '25 

Duinbleton (J. E.) The Construction of weUs 
and bore-holes for water supply, and the 
elements of the analysis and purification of 
water. 8vo, 8^X5^, pp. 134, 253. net. 

C. LOCKWOOD, Mar. '25 

Dn Spoilt (J.) The Elements of chess. 8vo, 
8^x5^, pp. 168, 7s. 6d. net.. BELL, Mar. '25 

Dumps, Hope (A. R.) is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Dumpy books, Peart (M. A.) ea. is, net. 

Sept. '25 

Duncan (David). See Spencer (H.) and Duncan. 

Duncan (John, Rev.) Rich gleanings after the 
vintage from. "Rabbi" Duncan: Evangel- 
istic sermons, etc. Edit, by James S. Sinclair. 
8vo, 53. net THYNNE & J., Feb. '25 

Duncan (Prof.) How to spell correctly: in- 
cluding a short improvement course for poor 
spellers. i8mo, 6x3}, pp. 92, is. net. 

W. FOULSHAM, Oct. '25 

Dune!! (H.) British wire-drawing and wire- 
working machinery. Foreword by Sir W. 
Peter Rylands. Demy 4 to, uj X 7f, pp. 
204, 2 is. net. (Engineer ser.) 

CONSTABLE, Sept. '25 

Diinkeriey (Roderic) The Unwritten Gospel : 
ana and agrapha of Jesus. 8vo, 8|X5f, pp. 
207, 8s. 6d. net ALLEN & U., May '25 

Dll3i3op (Knight) Old and new viewpoints in 
psychology. Cr. 8vo, los. 6d. net. 

KIMPTON, Sept. '25 

Dunlop Guide to Great Britain. 2nd ed. 7i-X5, 
pp. 963, 53. net E. J. BURROW, Aug. '25 

Dunlop pictorial road plans : On the road. Vols. 
1-5, ea. 6d, net Jan., Oct. '25 

Dunn (Detective) The Red Mill mystery. Cr. 
8vo, 7 X 5, pp. 252, 75. 6d. net. 

S. PAUL, Aug. '25 

Dunn (J. Allan) The Isle of drums. Cheap ed. 
I2mo, 7J X 4&, pp. 278, 2S. net. 

HURST & B., July '25 

Dunn (J. Allan) Sanctuary Island : a novel of 
the South Seas. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 282, 
73. 6d. net HURST & B., Feb. '25 

Dunnage (James A.) The Modern Shylock, 
Foreword by F. Herbert Stead. I2mo, 7 x 4|, 
pp. 1 6, swd., is. net E. J. LARBY, Nov. '25 

Dunnage (James A.) Shipping terms and 
phrases : an up-to-date list of terms, phrases 
and abbreviations used by importers, etc. 
Foreword by Geo. B. Lissenden. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 102, 2S. 6d. net.. .PITMAN, June '25 

Dunney (Joseph A., Rev.) The Mass. 8vo, 
75. 6d. net SANDS, May '25 

Dunning (James) The Roman road to Port- 
slade. 8vo, 9 X 5|, pp. i77> 7s. 6d. net. 

HATCHARDS, Apr. '25 

Dunning (William A.) History of political 
theories : recent times, Merrtam (C. E.) and 
Barnes (H. E.) 175. net Feb. '25 

Dunsany (Lord) Alexander ; and three small 
plays. Repr. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. I55> 5$. 
net ; edition limited to 250 numbered copies, 
los. 6d. net ; " Alexander )J separate, swd., 
is. net PUTNAM'S, Dec. '25 

Dunsaity (Lord) The Amusements of Khan 
Kharuda. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, swd., is. net. 

PUTNAM'S, Dec. '25 

D unsaity (Lord)-The Evil kettle. Cr, 8 vo, 7i X 5, 

swd., is. net PUTNAM'S, Dec. '25 

Dunsany (Lord) Kve plays. Repr. Cr. 8vo, 

7l x 5, pp. no, 55. net . . PUTNAM, Feb. '25 

Dunsany (Lord) The Old King's tale. Cr. 8vo, 

7l x 5, swd., is. net .... PUTNAM'S, Dec. '25 





H unsung (Lord) Plays of gods and men : the 
Tents of the Arabs ; The Laughter of the 
gods ; The Queen's enemies ; A Night at an 
inn. 8vo, 8f X 5i PP- 207, 55. net. 

PUTNAM, Oct. '25 

Dunstan (A. C.). See Bithell (J.) and Dunstan. 
Dunstan (E. A.). See Clough (W. T.) and 


Dtiitstasi (Ralph) A Cyclopaedic dictionary of 
music. 4th ed., enl. and rev. 8vo, 8f X sf, 

pp. 642, 255. net K. PAUL, July '25 

Dynsterviiie (L. C., Maj.-Gen.) And obey? 
Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

ARNOLD, Mar. '25 
Durable satisfactions of life, Atkins (F, A.) 

33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

DurandeB (Pierre) Passepartout. Edit, by 
E. J. A. Groves. Fcp. 8vo, 6$-X4|, PP- 64, 
swd,, 7d, (Methuen's short French texts). 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Durell (C. V.) and Fawdry (R. C.) Arithmetic. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|-X 5, pp. 190, as. 6d. BELL, July '25 
DureSi (C. V.) and Fawdry (R. C.) Arithmetic. 
Cr, 8vo, Part, i, lod. ; part 2, is. 2d. 

BELL, Sept. '25 
dorelS (C. V.) Elementary geometry. Cr. 

8vo, 7^X5, pp. 312, 4. 6d BELL, July '25 

DiarelS (C. V.) Elementary geometry. Part 3. 

Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 88, 2S...BELL, Sept. '25 

Dur81 (C. V.) A School mechanics. Cr. 8vo, 

7^X5, Parts i~2 complete, pp. 365, 6s.; 

Part 2, pp. 167, 33. ; Part 3, pp. 161, 35. 

BELL, Sept. '2$ 
Durer, Albert : life and work, Barlow (T. D) 

6s, net July '25 

Durham (David) The Pearl-headed pin. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., OcL *25 

Durham (M. Edith )~~ The Serajevo crime. 8vo, 
SJxsf, pp. 208, 75. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Nov. '25 

Durham Diocesan calendar and clergy list, 
1925. (5 3rd year.) Edit, by the Rev. H. D, 
Hughes. i2mo, 7t X 4}, pp. 306, swd. as, 6d. 

net SIMPKIN, Feb. '25 

Durrani (Bernard C. ) Sonnets to the memory of 
William Shakespeare. 7X4^-, pp. 75, ss. 6d. 

net MERTON PR., Sept. '25 

Durrani (C, S.) A Link between Flemish mystics 
and English martyrs. Pref. by Cardinal 
Bourne. Illus, 8vo, 8jxs, pp. 472, 158. 

net BURNS, GATES, May '25 

Durrani (Robert E.)-Liberia : a report. 9fx6, 
pp. 71, 33. 6d. net. 

Duse, Eleonora, Bordeux (J,) sis. net. .Jan. '25 

Dust hazard in industry, Gibbs (W. E.) 6s* 

net Feb. '25 

Dust of conflict, Bindloss (H.) 9d. net. Mar. '25 

Du Taillls (Jean) Motor touring in Morocco : 
Dunlop guide. Illus, Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 282, 

55. net BURROW, Feb. '25 

Dutch doll's ditties, Moore (C. A.) is. net. 

Aug. '25 

Dution (Charles J.) The Shadow on the glass. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 256, 7s. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, May 9 25 

Dutton (J, G.) ed.-~" Cioss-word " guide ; 
25,000 clues. Compiled for the " Daily News." 
i8mo, si X 4, pp. 220, as, net. 

DAILY NEWS, Feb. '25 
Duty, Smiles (S.) 6s. net Mar. '25 

Duty, Our bounden, Spitter (L.) 6d. net. 

June *25 
Dvoracek (J.). See Bosch (A.) and Dvoracek. 

Dwellers in the jungle, Casserly (G.) 53. net. 

Sept. '25 
Dwellers of the sea and shore, Crowder (W,) 

7s. 6d. net ,...... Sept. '25 

Dyfeoska (Roman) Outlines of Polish history : 

Lectures delivered at King's College,University 

of London. 8vo 6| x 5f pp. 283, 75. 6d, net. 

ALLEN & U., Jan. '25 


Dyer (Elinor M. Brent-). See Brent- Dyer. 
Dyer (L. H.) English Ido dictionary. 9x5!, 
pp. 404, los. net. 

INTERNAT. LANGUAGE (loo) Soc. Apr. '25 

Dyesfuffs Corporation (British) Papers relative 

to the liquidation of the Government interests. 

4d. net H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

(W.) Mushroom culture : the cultivation 
of mushrooms in glass houses, frames, sheds, 
and outside. Illus. i2mo, 7i X 4i, pp. 88, 

swd. is. net LOCKWOOD PR., Mar. '25 

Dyke (W.) The Science and practice of manuring: 

For amateur, market and professional growers, 

orchardists, etc. Intro, by J. Wright. Rev. 

and enl, ed. x 21x10, 7$ X 4j, pp. 157, as. net. 

LOCKWOOD PR., Mar. '25 

Dynamic psychology, Moore (T. V.) 155. net. 

Jan. '25 

Dynamo, Hawkins (C. C.) Vol. 3. 303. net. 

July '25 

Dynasty, Hardy (B.) 73, 6d. net Sept. '25 

Dyott (Caroline M.) -Dante's wonderful dream, 

Dante. 2S. 6d, net Oct. '25 

Dyspepsia, Lectures on, Hutchison (R.) 55. net. 

May '25 

Each in his own way ; plays, Pirandello (L.) 
los. 6d. net Mar. '25 

EatiiS (John) The Dalton English course. 

Book i, for Standard 3, or pupils of about nine 

years of age. I2mo, 7iX4|, pp. 131, swd, 8d. 

E. J, ARNOLD, Apr. '25 

Eadcs (John) The Dalton English course for 

individual and class work. Book 4, For 

Standard VI, or pupils of about twelve 

years of age. ismo, 7iX4f, pp. 146, swd. 9d. 

E, J. ARNOLD, Oct. '25 

Elides (M. L.)~- The Crown swindle. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX5, pp. 309, 7s. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Oct. '25 

Kagan (Alberta Stedman) The Sweetened cup, 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 318, 75. 6d. net. 

NASH & G., May '25 

Eagar (W. McG.) and Secreta* (H. A.) Un- 
employment among boys. Intro, by the Right 
Hon. H. A. L. Fisher. Cr. 8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 176, 
as. 6d. net DENT, Apr* '25 

Eagl (Albert)- A Practical treatise on Fourier's 
theorem and harmonic analysis for physicists 
ami engineers. With diags. 8vo, Bj x 54, 
pp. 102, gs. net LONGMANS, &ep f , "25 

Eagle, Secrets of the, Gilbert (H. A.) and Brook 
(A.) los. net Dec. "25 

Eagle's wing, Bower (B, M.) as. net . . Oct. '25 

Ealand (C. A,)- The Marvels of animal ingenuity : 
the curious habits and homes of many animals, 
birds and insects. Illus. 8vo, 8x5!, pp. 252, 
43. net SEELKV, Sept. '25 

Eames-Erskine case, Fielding (A.) ss. 6cl. net. 

Feb. '25 

Earl (Ethel S,) Under the cedar. [Poems,] 
7 x 4|, pp. 44, 2s. bd, net. 

ROUTLEDGK, Jan. *25 

Earl Bishop ; F. Hervey, CkHde*Pemb*rton (W.S.) 
423. net .,...,.,,.......,.*,, Jan, '25 

Earl's granddaughter, " Brtnda." s. 6d. net. 

Aw* *ss 

Early hours, Pickthall (M.) 39. 6d. net. .July *25 

Early poems and stories, Yeats (W. B,) los, od. 

net , , 6>j>/. '25 

Earp (Kate A. L.). See Asbby (L. E.) and Earp, 
Earth-bound, Macardle (D.) 3$. 6d. net. 

Jan. *25 

Earth, Face of the, Sutss (E,) Vol. 5. JSK, net. 

/'V&. '35 
Earth, Surface-history of the, Joly (J.) 8s. 6d, 

net ....,.., Oct. *25 

Easements, Law of. Gale (C. J.) 35$. net. 

Apr. *s 

Easoti'i Index-diary : a step to each month, for 
the year 1926. 3mo, 5x3$, swd. 3d* net. 

(Dublin), BASON, $*M. '35 

East African nights, verses, ElUott-Lym (S. C.) 

2S. 6d. net . . . , *,.........,. Apr* *5 





East African year book, 1925-26 : handbook 

and directory for Kenya Colony and Pro- 
tectorate, Uganda Protectorate, Tanganyika 

Territory, and Zanzibar. 9$ x 6J, pp. 717, 

2os " EAST AFRICAN STANDARD,*' Nov. '25 

East Anglia, Holidays in. is. net Mar. '25 

East Anglia, Through, Home (G.) as. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

East Anglian neighbours, Bower (M.) 8s. 6d. net. 

July '25 
East in the " Golden Cain," Westerman (P. F.) 

55. net Sept. '25 

East India Co., Calendar of Court-Minutes, etc., 

1664 67, Sainsbury (E. B.) 2is. net. 

Feb. '25 
East, Middle, Flying visit to, Hoare (S., Sir). 

35. 6d. net Aug. '25 

East, Middle, Heart of the, Coke (R.). i8s. net. 

May, '25 
East, Middle, Wanderings in the, Sloan (A.) 

i8s. net May '25 

East, Near: Great betrayal, Bierstadt (E. H.) 

153. net Feb. '25 

East of the setting sun, McCutcheon (G. B.) 

75. 6d. net Apr. '25 

East : Reawakening of the Orient, Chirol (V., 

Sir) and others. los. 6d. net July '25 

East, Shadow of the gloomy, Ossendowski (F. A.) 

73. 6d. net Jan. '25 

East, Study of the, Hist, of, Barthold (W.) 6s. 

Oct. '25 
East : Where strange gods call, Hervey (H.) 

jos. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Eastern question, Marriott (J. A. R.) 8s. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Eastern romance, Clarke (J.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Eastman (Max) Since Lenin died. Cr. 8vo, 

7i X 5 PP- I 5 8 > 4 s - net J swd., 2S. 6d. net 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., May '25 

Easy steps in English spelling. Step i, for 

Standard in ; Step 2, for Standard IV and 

V ; Step 3, for Standard VI and VII. i8mo, 

6 X 4f, pp. 52, 72, 80, ea. 6d. 

A. WHEATON (Exeter), Sept. '25 
Eat, What shall we, Fulcher (E.) 53. net Dec. '25 
Eat, What to, Daniel (F,) 23., is. net. .Dec, '25 
Eating to banish disease, etc., Devereux (J. R.) 

6s. net Nov. '25 

Eaton (Evelyn) The Encircling mist. Cr. 8vo, 

7i!rX5, pp. 140, 33. 6d. net. 

SELWYN &B.,JFW?. '25 
Eaton (G. D.) Backfurrow. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, 

pp. 338, 7s. 6d. net . , PUTNAM, June '25 
Eaton (Mary) Consider the child : for students 

in training, Cr. 8vo, 7$- X 5, pp. 264, 43. 6d. 

net LONGMANS, Oct. '25 

Eaton (Mary) The Faith for children : from 

seven to fourteen. Fcap. 8vo, 6| x 4J, pp. 

208, 2S. 6d. net SANDS, Sept. '25 

Eaton (Robert) The Sanctuary of strength : 

short chapters on the spiritual life. Pref. by 

the Bishop of Plymouth. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 

295, 6s. net SANDS, Apr. '25 

E&erSeln (Harold D.) Manors and historic 

homes of the Hudson Valley. Roy. 8vo, 453. 

net LIPPINCOTT, Jan. '25 

Ecclesiastes and early Greek wisdom literature, 

Ranston (H.) 6s. net Apr. '25 

Ecclesiastes, Book of : Shade of his hand, Cham- 
bers (0.) 2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Ecclesiastical Commissioners (England) 77th 

report. 6d. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Ecclesiastical Dilapidations Measure, 1923, 

Handbk. on, Wigram (H. J.) as. net. 

June '25 
Echoes from " The Morning Watch," Struthers 

(J. P., Rev.) 33. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Echoes of Exmoor ; a record of the discussions 

and doings of the Men-of-Exmoor Club under 

the eye of a spectator. Third ser. Illus. 

i2mo, 7|X4f pp. 113, 2s. net. 

SIMPKIN, May '25 
Echoes of song, Macdonald (A.) 35. 6d, net. 

July '25 


EckersSef (P. P., Capt.) -All about your wireless 

set. Foreword by J. C. W. Reith, Cr. 8vo, 

7& x 5, pp. 247, 33. 6d. net. (Broadcast lib.) 
HODDER & S., May '25 

Eclipse, Mais (S. P. B.) 73. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Eclipses de Soleil et de Lune, Cata. des, Hoang 

(P.) 7S. 6d Aug. '25 

Economic atlas, Oxford, Bartholomew (J. G.) 

6s. net Apr. '25 

Economic Ctte. (Imperial) Report on marketing 

and preparing for market, of food stuffs 

produced in overseas parts of the Empire. 

ist report, General. 9d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 
Economic conditions in India, Pillai (P. P.) 

I2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Economic consequences of Mr. Churchill, Keynes 

(J. M.) is. net July '25 

Economic doctrines of Karl Marx, Kautsky (K.) 

53. net Sept. '25 

Economic geography, Jones (W. D.) and Whittle- 

sey (D. S.) Vol. i. 253. net June '25 

Economic history : Craftsmen and merchants, 

Bowman (F. L.) 2S. 6d Oct. '25 

Economic history of England Short, Waters 

(C. M.) 73. 6d. net ; pt. 2, 43. net Oct. '25 

Economic history of Russia, Mavor (J.) 363. net. 

Sept. '25 
Economic hist, of the U.S., Van Metre (T. W.} 

los. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Economic policies, Internal, Culbertson (W. S.) 

155. net Aug. '25 

Economics, Borderlands of, Mukerjee (R.) 

I2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Economics, Collectivist, Smith (J. H.) 8s. 6d. 

net July '25 

Economics, Elements of, Thomas (S. E.) los. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Economics, Fundamental thoughts in, Cassel 

(G.) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Economics, Groundwork of, Johnston (J.) as. 6d. 

net July '25 

Economics, Groundwork of, Mackenzie (R.) 

5s. net July '25 

Economics, Groundwork of, Mukerjee (R.) 

6s. net Nov. '25 

Economics : Men, money and markets, Atkinson 

(K.) 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Economics of gold standard, Jack (D. T.) 33, 

net Sept. '25 

Economics of road transport, Fenelon (K. G.)* 

los. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Economics of social problems, Silverman (H. A.) 

53. 6d Aug. '25 

Economics, Speculation in, Barry (I.) 7s. 6d. 

net June '25 

Economics, Worker looks at, Starr (M.) 2S. 6d., 

is. net Sept. '25 

Economy of human energy, Carver (T. N.) 

IDS. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Edef maun (Richard) Text book of meat hygiene. 

5th rev. ed. by John R. Mohley and Adolph 

Eichhorn, Roy. 8vo, 255. net. 

CHURCHILL, Apr. '25 
EtJon (Thomas Watts) and Holland (Eardley) 

A Manual of midwifery. 6th ed., rev., with 

7 plates and 393 illus. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 716, 

2is. net .CHURCHILL, May '25 

Eden, Garden of, Moore (B.) as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Edgar (M. G.) and Chilman (Eric) eds. A 

Treasury of verse : poems of to-day and 

yesterday. I2mo, 7! X 4f> PP- 210, 33. 6d. 

net, (Harrap Ub.} ; 2S. 6d. (Modern English 

ser. ) HARRAP, July '25 

Edgar (Morton) The Great Pyramid: its 

spiritual symbolism ; its scientific features ; 

[and] its time features. 8 X 5&- 

(Glasgow) BONE & HULLEY, Apr. '25 
Edge worth (F. Y,) Papers relating to political 

economy. 3 vols. Cr. 4to, 10 x 6|, pp. 452, 

497, 296, (set) 505. net . . MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 
Edginton (May) The Dream that happened. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 256, 6s. net. 






Edginton (May) Oh ! James ! The story on 
which is founded the musical comedy, " No, 
no, Nanette." Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, PP- 187, 

as. 6d. net NEWNES, June '25 

Edgintun (May) The Weight carriers. Cheap ed. 
ismo, 7| x 4|, pp. 242, as. net. 

COLLINS, July '25 

" Edina " Arithmetics. Book 4. i2rno, 7iX4|, 
pp. 48, swd. 7d. net. 

W. & A. K. JOHNSTON, Feb. '25 
Edina arithmetics, Guest (G.). Bk. 2 3 6d. net. 

June '25 
Edinburgh almanack, Oliver & Boyd's, 1925, 

153. net Jan. '25 

Edinburgh and the Scott Country with Mr. 

Fairfield, Tearle (C.) 35. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Edinburgh: Dear Auld Reekie, Inglis (F. C,) 

is. net Apr. '25 

Edinburgh miscellany, Gray (W. F.) 7s. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Edinburgh : Our Square, Macdonald (J. E.) is. 

net , May '25 

Edinburgh streets, Romance of the, Steuart 

(M. D.) 73. 6d. net May '25 

Edinburgh, Things seen in, Grierson (E.) 33. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Edinburgh, Traditions of, Chambers (R.) 55. net. 

July* 2$ 

Editing, Newspaper, Hyde (G. M.) los. 6d. net, 

Nov. '25 

Edmonds (J. E., Bng.-Gen.) ed. History of the 
Great War : based on official documents by 
direction of the Historical Section of the Com- 
mittee of Imperial Defence. Military opera- 
tions, France and Belgium, 1914. Maps and 
sketches compiled by Major A. F. Becke. 
Vols. 1-2, 8vo, 9X5^, pp. 571, 576, ea. 
i2s. 6d. net ; maps, 128. 6d. net and 53. 6d. net 
MACMILLAN, Feb., May '25 
Edmunds (Paul) illus. - 100 nursery rhymes 
illustrated. Arrangement and drawings by 
Paul Edmonds. 8vo, 7| X 5^, pp. 63, is. 6d. 

net PITMAN, Apt. '25 

Edmonds (Paul) Practice in staff notation : 
being the exercises from "The Elements of 
staff notation," Roy. 8vo o|X7|, pp. 35, 

as. 6d. net PITMAN, I* ^.'25 

Edmondson (Isabel) The Road of remembrance. 
With port. 8vo, 8x5!, pp, 94, 2S. 6d. net. 
MORGAN & SCOTT, Apr* '25 
Edmitrtds (E. W.) Cassell's Pocket English 
dictionary. Indexed. 321110, Ithr. 33. 6d. net. 
CASSELL, Aug. '25 
Education, Campagnac (E. T.) 53. net, 

Nov. *25 

Education, Adult, Spiritual values in, Ycaxlee 
(B. A.) Vol. i, ros, 6d. net ; vol. 2, 153. net. 

Nov. '25 

Bducation : Anatomical age and mental develop- 
ment, Prescott (D. A.) 3$. 6d. net June '25 

Education and psychology, statistical tables in, 
Holzinger (K. J.) ys. 6d net ...... July '25 

Education as the psychologist sees it, PiUsbury 

(W. B.) 7s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Education (Board of) Certificate examination 
for teachers in clem, schools, 1926 : syllabus. 

3d. net H.M.S.O., July '*$ 

Edueatioti (Board of) -Certified special schools, 

recognised institutions for the training of blind 

and other defective students, and nursery 

schools in England and Wales : list, is. net. 

H.M.S.CX, May '25 

Education (Board of) Circulars. 884, Place 
and use of graphs in mathematical teaching. 

3d. net , , . H.M.S.CX, Sept. '25 

Education (Board of ) Exam, papers. Certificate 
exam, for teachers in elementary schools, 

1924. 6d, net H.M*S,(X, July '25 

Education (Board of)- Examinations in Art, 
and the Principles of teaching and school 
management, 1925. is. 6d. net. 

H.M.&0., Nov. '55 

Education (Board of)- Examinations, Prelim. 

exam, for the Certificate; papers, Dec,, 1924, 

. M. net H.M.S.O,, Fd>. '25 


Education (Board of) Final examination of 
students in training colleges : syllabus for 1927. 
3d. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Education (Board of) Health of the school 
child : annual report, 1924. is. 9d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Education (Board of) Holiday courses on the 
Continent for instruction in modern languages, 
etc., 1925. 4d. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Education (Board of) Leather, Manufacture 

of : report on instruction in England. 4d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Education (Board of) Maintenance allowance 

awards at secondary schools, etc., 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Education (Board of) Memo, on planning and 
equipment of a gymnasium for a secondary- 
school, ad. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Education (Board of) Physical training for 
schools : syllabus, 1919. (Repr., 1925.) 2S. 6d, 
net ; swd., is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Education (Board of)~~Public education statis- 
tics, 1921-22, England and Wales, 73. 6d. 
net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Education (Board of) Public education statistics 

for England and Wales, 1922 23. 7s. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Education (Board of) 'Report of enquiry into 
conditions affecting the teaching of science ia 
secondary schools for boys in England. 3d. 
net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Education (Board of)- Report, 102324. 33. 
net H.M.S.CX, July '25 

Education (Board of) Salaries of teachers : 
award and recommendations made by Viscount 
Burnham, Apr., 1925. 3d, net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Education (Board of) Salaries of teachers : 
recommendations appended to award of Visct. 
Burnham, June, 1925. id. net. 

HM.S.Q.July '25 

Education (Board of) Science scholarship ex- 
aminations, etc. : cxarninatiou papers, 1924. 
is. sd. net H.M.S.O., mar. '25 

Education (Board of)- Science scholarships exami- 
nation, 1926 : syllabus, 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Apr. '35 
Education (Board of) SeeowUirv schools and 

preparatory schools in, England recognised as 

efficient : List, 1923-24. 5S. net. 

H.M.S.CX, Mar. '35 
Education (Board of) -Structural engineering: 

report on technical instruction, ad. net. 

H.M.S.O., SeM. '25 
Education (Board of) Teaching of arithmetic 

in elementary schools. 3<1. net. 

* H.M.S.O.,Xi#. '25 
Education (Board of) Teaching of English in 

England. (Cloth ed.) 2S. 6d! net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 
Education (Board of) Technical schools and 

schools of art ; List, 1922- 2 3, 4$, net. 

H'.M.S.G., Apr. '25 
Education (Board of)-- -Training of teachers for 

public elementary schools ; report of JDcpt. 

Ctte. 3. 6d. net .... H.M.S.O., May '35 

Education (Board of) Vocation courses In 

England arxd Wales, 1925, fid. net. 

H.M.S.O., Apr. 'as 
Education, child's, Beginning the, Lynch (E. F.) 

TS. 6d. not .*.... ...,*.,.... Apr* '25 

Education, Chinese principles of, Chiang (M.) 

SS , Oct. *2S 

Education, Chinese, Tsai ( Yuan-pei) as. July *25 
Education, Contributions to Bell (J, C.) Vol. x* 

75. 6d, net ... ..,.....,... D&c. *24 

Education : Decroly class, Hamaide (A.) 

75. 6d. net * June *5 

Education. Elementary, in Eng. and Wales, Hist* 

of, Birckmongh (C,) 6s. 6d. ...... No. '25 

Education, English, 1760-1902, Adamm (J. W.) 

33. net. . . , * . . . . Oct. 'as 

Education ; Experimental practice in city and 

country school, Pratt (C.) 7$. 6d. iwt,*June *5 





Education, Foundations of, Findlay (J. J.) 
VoL i, 8s. 6d. net June '25 

Education, Graphic methods in, Williams (J. H.) 
7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Education in China, 1924, Tao (W. T.) and 
Chen (C. P.) ss Sept. '25 

Education in East Africa : a study of East, 
Central, and South Africa by the Second 
African Education Commission under the 
auspices of the Phelps-Stokes Fund, in co- 
operation with the International Education 
Board. Report prepared by Thomas Jesse 
Jones. Roy. Svo, 10 x 7|, pp. 444, 75. 6d. net. 

Education : Intelligence and training of school 
children in Massachusetts, Shaw (E.) and 
Lincoln (E. A.) 23. 6d. net June '25 

Education : Marking system of College Entrance 
Exam. Bd., Hopkins (L. T.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Education, Mass, movement in China, Yen 
(Y. C. J.) is. 6d Sept. '25 

Education, Nationalism and, since 1739, Reiswr. 
(E. H.) I2S. net Apr. "25 

Education (Scotland) Day schools : general 
reports, 1924. is. 6d. net. .H.M.S.O., June '25 

Education (Scotland) 52rd annual report by 
the Accountant in Edinburgh, is. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Education (Scotland) Leaving certificate exam. : 
papers, 1925. is. 9d. net. . .H.M.S.O., July '25 

Education (Scotland) Lists of education author- 
ities, etc., Oct., 1925. is. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Education (Scotland) Planning and fitting up 
of schools : recommendations to be followed. 
6d. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Education (Scotland) Report of the Ctte. of the 
Council, 1924 25, gd. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Education (Scotland) Reports, etc., issued in 
1923-24. 133. 6d. net . .H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Education (Scotland) Return showing (i) Grant 
earning day schools, etc. ; and (2) Continua- 
tion classes, etc., 1923-24. is. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Education (Scotland) Training of teachers : 

report, statistics, etc., 1922 24. is. od. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Education, Social problems and, Groves (E. R.) 
i2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Education, Technical, Millis (C. T.) 6s. net. 

Nov. '25 

Education tests, Standard, in Missouri, Dearborn 
(W. F.) and others. 23. 6d. net June '25 

Education (Wales) Directory, 1925 : education 
in Wales. 53. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Education (Wales) Intermediate education. Re- 
port, 1924. 6d. net , H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Education (Wales) Loan collections available 
for schools and colleges : guide, sd. net. 

Education (Wales) Public education : statistics 
for 1921-22, 6s. net . . . .H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Education (Wales) Secondary schools : direc- 
tory, 1925 H.M.S.O., May '25 

Education, Workers', in Eng. and U.S., Hodges 
(M. T.) I2S. 6d. net June '25 

Educational advancement abroad. With an 
intro. essay by F. J. C. Hearnshaw. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 5, pp. 199, 55. net HARRAP, July '25 

Educational Evangelism, Myers (A. J. W.) 
2s. 6d, net June '25 

Educational heresies, Wright (B, D.) 55. net. 

July '2$ 

Educational measurement, Statistical method 
in, OHs (A. S.). 8s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Educational psychology, Fox (C.) zos. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Educational psychology : Instinct, intelligence 
and character, Thomson (G, H.) los. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Educational psychology, Lab. studies in, Turner 
(E. M.) and Betts (G. H.) ss. net. .Mar. '25 


Educational year book of the International 

Institute of Teachers College, Columbia 

University, 1924. By I. L. Kandel. Cr. 8vo, 

I2S. 6d. "net ....,.".. MACMILLAN, July '25 
Edward, Prince of Wales : King in the making, 

Parkhurst (G.) los. 6d. net May '25 

Edward, Prince of Wales : Southward ho ! 

Deakin (R.) IDS. 6d. net Dec. *25 

Edward, Prince of Wales : Sport in India, 

Ellison (B. C.) 323. net Apr. '25 

Edward, Prince of Wales : Sport in India, 

Ellison (B. C.) 1053. net June '25 

Edward, Prince of Wales : With the Prince to 

W. Africa, Price (G. W.) 23. 6d Oct. '25 

Edward II, Yearbooks of, Bolland (W. C.) VoL 17. 

523. 6d. net June '25 

Edward IV's French expedition of 1475, Barnard 

(F. P.) 2is. net Aug.'2$ 

Edward VI, Portraits of, Surry (L. R. N.) 53. 

net Jan. '25 

Edward VII, Life of, Lee (S., Sir) VoL i. 

313. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Edward VII, Reign of. 53. net Sept. '25 

Edward and I and Mrs. Honeybun, Horn (K.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Edwardes (Alice) Runes, and other poems. 

Limited ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 49 3s. i*et. 

CHELSEA PUBG. Co., Apr. '25 

Edwardes (S. M.) Crime in India. Roy. 8vo, 

9i x 5l PP- I 77> 8s, 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Edwardes (Tickner) Bee-keeping do's and dont's. 
isnio, 7x4^, pp. 64, ss. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, July '25 

Edwards (C. M.) The Bracelet. Illus. by Freda 
Marston. i2mo, 7j X 4f, pp. 168, 23., 

2S. 6d. net S.P.G., Mar. '25 

Edwards (Charman) " Big strong man ! " 
Repr. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, PP- 3*8, s. 6d. net. 

Low, Feb. '25 

Edwards (Charman) Windfeilow. Cr. Svo, 
7iX5> pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, June *25 

Edwards (F. L.) James, First Earl Stanhope, 
1673-1721, and British foreign policy. Cr. 
8vo, 7* X 5, PP- 87, 3S. net 

W. GANDY, Dec. 25 

Edwards (F. W.) and James (S. P.) British 
mosquitoes and their control. With 4 figs. 
Svo, 8^X5|, pp. 28, swd. 6d. net. (British 
Museum (Natural History) Economic ser.) 

BRITISH MUSEUM (N. H.), Nov. '25 

Edwards (George F.) Old time Paris : a plain 

guide to its chief survivals. With 17 illus. 

2nd ed., rev. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 158, 55. net. 

METHUEN, May '25 

Edwards (George Wharton) illus. Paris. 425. 

net June '25 

Edwards (Herbert H.) The Principles of com- 
pound interest : in their practical application 
to annuities, redeemable securities, etc. Svo, 
8&X51, pp. 136, 53. net PITMAN, May '25 

Edwards (Owen M.) Wales. With a chapter on 
Modern Wales by Prof. Edward Edwards. 
Illus. New ed. Cr. Svo, 8 X 5 J, pp. 45 5 > 7s. 6d. 
net UNWIN, Jan. '25 

Edwards (Ralph). See Macquoid (P.) and 

Edwards (William) The Early history of the 
North Riding, n^ X 9^, pp. 283, los. 6d. 
net A. BROWN & SONS, Feb. '25 

Edwards (William) Notes on European history. 

Vol. i, The Break-up of the Roman Empire 

to 1494. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 645, *os. 6d. net. 


Edwards (William) and Watmough (Frank C.) 
The Law relating to compromises of litiga- 
tion, disputes and differences. 8vo, 175. 6d. 
net SWEET & M., Apr. '25 

Edwin Drood, etc., Dickens (C.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Efficiency, White (J., Rt. Rev.) 6d. net. 

June *25 






Efros (Israel) Philosophical terms in the Moreh 

Netmkim. Roy. 8vo, 123. 6d. net. (Con- 

tnbutions to Oriental history and philology.}. 

MILFORD, Jan. *25 
Egan (Maurice Francis) Recollections of a happy 

life. Intro, by Henry Van Dyke. Illus. 

8vo, 8f X5f, pp. 385, i6s. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Apr. '25 
Egan (Michael) ed.~ Boys 1 wireless annual. 

35. 6d. net Nov. '25 

igtotrt (H. M.) 'Eric of the strong heart. Cr. 

Svo, 7iX5, pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. LONG. Oct. '25 
Egbert (H. M.) Mrs. Aladdm. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5; 

pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net J. LONG, July '25 

Egbert (H. M.) The Sea demons. Cr. 8vo, 

7&X5, pp. 254, 75. 6d. net... LONG, Jan. '25 
Egg production, Sex-linkage for, Punnett (R. C.) 

is. net ja, n , / 5 

Egypt, Budge (E. A. W.) 3 s. 6d. net. .Mar. '25 

Egypt, Powers (H. H.) los. net Jan, '25 

, Ancient, Maeterlinck (M.) 35. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
t? Ancient, outline of history, Clover (R. C.) 

is. 6d., is. net July '25 

Egypt and the Sudan. Handbooks. 8 x 5-^, 

pp. 56, swd., sd. net. (Unionist workers' 


Jan. '25 
Egypt, Animals of ancient, Paton (D.) 315. 6d. 

net j une 25 

Egypt, Britain and, Symons (M. T.) 75. 6d. 

net .. Apr. '25 

Egypt, History of ; Almanarat al Tarikyyat. 

45. 6d. . . , , June '25 

Egypt; History of the Pharaohs, Weigall (A.) 

Vol. i, 2is. net June '25 

Egjfpt Report on the economic and financial 

situation, June, 1925. 2s. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 
Egypt: Tombs of the Courtiers, etc., Petrie 

(W. F., Sir). 255. net July '25 

Egypt under Roman rule, Hist, of, Milne (J, G.) 

I2S. net & C . '24 

Egypt under the Egyptians, Barns (M.) uzs. 6d. 

net F^, 25 

Egypt, Wayfarer in, Quibell (A. A.) 75. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Egyptian Heaven and Hell, Budge (E. A. W., Sir), 

i8s. net > C . '25 

Egyptian papyri, BaiUe (J.) ics. 6d. net. 

Oct. *25 
Egyptian poems, Ancient, Sharptey (C. E.) 

3S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Egyptian religion and ethics, Read (F. W*) 

4S. 6d. net N OVt *$ 

Egyptians, Tombeaux, Scenes de la vie privee, 

Montet (P.) 35 s. net Mar, '25 

Egyptology ; Tombs of two sculptors at Thebes, 

Dames (JSL de GO 1328, 6d. net Nov. '25 

Eiciiier (Lillian) The Customs of mankind. 

Illus. from photographs and from drawings by 

PhilHps Ward. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. 773> las. 6d. 

_. ne * .HEINEMANN, Jan. '<>> 

Eight short stories, Robinson (L.) as. 6<L net. 

Apr. '25 
1825-1925 = century of progress, McCabe (J.) 

_, 5|- net , , jv<w. '25 

Eighteenth century seaman, Kelly ($,) i6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Eighteenth century studies, etc., Bracey (R ) 

5s, net JFV0. '25 

EtSconokosinisis ; or, The dressing of images; 

an entertainment for Lady-Dayes. Fcp. 4to 

8| X 7, pp. 7o ss. net. Limited hand col ed. 

jos. 6d. net CAYME PR., July '25 

Einstein theory, Gu^enUimer (S. H.) xos. 6d. 

net * * . . . June *25 

Eltan (Israel)-A Contribution to Biblical lexi- 
cography, Roy. 8vo, los. 6d. net. (Con- 
tributions to Oriental hi$tory and philology}. 
_, _ MILFORD, Jan. '25 

El Dorado : play, Pe&cey (H.) 35. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Elder (Josephine) The Scholarship girl. Illus. 

by Rosa C. Petherick. Cr. 8vo, J\ x 5, pp. 

206, 35. 6d. net ........ CHAMBERS, S<#2. '25 

Elder sister, Swinnerton (F.) 75. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Eldest : play, Ferber (E.) as. net ..... Oc. '25 

Eldridge (C. H.). See Fink (C. G.) and Eldndge. 

Electric cables and networks, Theory of, Russell 

(A.) 24s. net .................... Aug. '25 

Electric lighting and power distrfb., May cock 

(W. P.) Vol. 2. los. 6d. net ........ Jan. '25 

Electric lighting for cycles, etc., Cross (H. H. U.) 

33. 6d. net .................... . . Jan, '25 

Electric vehicles, Marshall (C. W.) 93. 6d* net. 

June '25 
Electric wiring diagrams for motor vehicles, 

Codd (M. A.) ss. 6d. net .......... Mar. '25 

Electrical engineering, Elem., Alexander (J. H.) 

3S. net .......................... May '25 

Electrical engineering, Hazelhne (L. A.) 

305. net ...................... Feb. '25 

Electrical engineering, Practical, D,C., Cisin 

(H. G.) 7s. 6d. net .............. May '25 

Electrical engineering problems, Hyperbolic 

functions, Kennelby (A. E.) los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Electrical engineering trades, " Electncian "" 

Directory. 255. net .............. May '25 

Electrical engineers' data books. Vol. i, Lighting, 

traction and power distribution. Compiled. 

and collated by D, V. Onslow. Cr. 8vo. 

7JX5 PP- 738, i5s. net ---- BENH, Sept.'z$ 
Electrical engineers' data books. Vol. 2, Manxi- 

facture, design, and laboratory work. Compiled 

and collated by D. V. Onslow. Cr. Svo, 

, pp. 489, iss. net ---- BENN, Sept. '25 
Electrical engineers* data books. Vol. 3, Radio 
engineering. With special sections on tele- 
graphy and telephony. Compiled and collated. 
by J. H. Reyner. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 477, 
i5s. net ................ BENN, Sept.'a$ 

EliCtrScal Engineers (Institution of) -Roll of 
honour : names of Members who gave their 

lives for a great cause, 1914-1919. Ports. 
16 x 10$, pp. 345 and plates, 423. net. 


Electrical equipment, Picture theatre, Tohnsou 

(R. V.} iss. net ................ $ e pt t '25 

Electrical estimating, Connan (J. C.) 12$. 6d. 

net .............................. Oct. '25 

Electrical ignition for internal combustion 

engines, Codd (M. A.) is. 6d. net . . Feb. '25 
Electrical photometry and illumination, Bohle 

(H.) ................. ...Nov. '25 

Electrical pocket book, " Mechanical World,*' 

1925. is. 6d. net ................ Feb. '25 

Electrical pocket bk., Practical Engineer, 1925. 

as. 6d., 3S. net ....... ........... , . Dec. '34 

Electrical power and national progress Quieley 

(H,) 8s. 6d. net .................. Nov. '25 

Electrical precipitation, Lodge (0., Sir) ^s, 6d.^ 

as. 6d. net ........................ Aug. '25 

Electrical supply undertakings Return of 

authorized undertakings in Gt. Britain, at 

Dec. 1933- 10$. net ...... H.M.S.O., Jan. '35 

Electrical transmission lines. Overhead, Painton 

(E. T.) sis. net ........ ...,,.... .Mar. '25 

Electrical undertakings, Manual of, 1924-25* 

35S, net ............... , ....... . Nov. ^5 

** Electrician " Annual tables of electricity, 

undertakings, 1925. sSth cd. Roy. 4to 

2f X 9f, pp. 173, ios, net ---- BENN, May '25 
" EiictrScitn f> Directory and haudbk. of the 

electrical eu^neering and allied trades. (The 

Blue book.) 43rd ed. Roy* 8vo, 9^x5!, pp. 

i4i3 25s* net ---- . ......... BENN, May ^25 

Electrician's handbk. Mining, Pokes ( L, ) i os. 6d . 

net ......................... . . A ug. *25 

Electricians* pocket bk., Practical) 1925 35. net. 

Jan* '25 
Electricity and magnetism, Mathematical thaory 

of, J turns (J. H.) sis. net ........ Dec. *2S 

Electricity and magnetism, Modern school, 

Shackel (R, GO 33. 6d ...... ..... May '25 





Electricity and structure of matter, Southerns 

(L.) 2S. 6d. net May '25 

Electricity as a messenger, Gibson (C. R.) is. 3d. 

Apr. '25 
Eltctaicity Commissioners 5th annual report, 

1924-25. 2S. 6d. net H.M.S.Q., Nov. '25 

Electricity for everybody, Matthews (R. B.) 

7s. 6d. net Dec. '24 

Electricity : High tension line practice, Pannell 

(E. V.) 22S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Electricity, Medical, for nurses, Wigg (H.) 6s. 

net Mar. '25 

Electricity, Photo-, Allen (H. S.) i8s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Electricity, Questions and answers in magnetism 

and, White (W. J.) as. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Electricity, Readable school, Saunders (V. T.) 

2S. 6d Aug. '25 

Electricity, Story of, Shearcroft (W. F. F.) 35. 6d., 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Electricity supply, ig20--23 : return of engineering 

and financial statistics relating to authorised 

undertakings in Gt. Britain, for local authority 

undertakings and company undertakings. 

(Ministry of Transport.) 155. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 
Electricity, Technical, Junior, Hutchinson (R. W.) 

4S. 6d Jan. '25 

Electricity, Treatise on, Pidduck (F. B.) 2 is. 

net June '25 

Electricity undertaking, Stewart (C. L. E.) 6s. 

net Feb. '25 

Electricity undertakings, " Electrician " Annual, 

1925. los. net May '25 

Electro-chemistry, Creighton (H. J.) Vol. i 

2os. net Jan. '25 

Electrochemistry, Theoretical and applied, 

Thompson (M. DeK.) 2os. net Apr. '25 

Electromagnetic theory, Heaviside (0.) 1053. 

net Mar. '25 

Electro-therapy and ionic medication, Cross 

(H. H. U.) los. 6d. net June '25 

Elegies, Ovid. 125. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Elementarie, Mulcaster's. los. 6d. net. ..Oct. '23 
Elements, Periodic classif. and atomic struc- 
tures of the, Smith (J. D. M.) 6d. net. Feb. '25 

Elephant, Herbert (A.) 2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

ESty (Charles) Gardening for the twentieth 

century. Illus. Repr. 8vo, 8| x 5^, pp. 270, 

7s. 6d. net MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Elgar, Edward, Sir, Buckley (R. J.) 35. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Eigee (Harriet W.) Poems from Blackamore. 

7l X 5> PP- 64, 35. 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, June '25 

Eiias (E. A.) Elias's Pocket dictionary : Arabic- 
English. 8vo, pp. 533, 7s. 6d. (Cairo). 

LUZAC, Apr. '25 
Elias (Edith L.) Elsie Lockhart, Third Form 

girl. Illus. by J. Finnemore. 8vo, 8 x si, 

PP 255, 33. 6d. net R. T. S., Mar. '25 

Ellas (Edith L.) The Old treasure house : a 

story for boys and girls. Illus. by Molly 

Benatar. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5j, pp. 272, 35. 6d. 

net CHAMBERS, Oct. '25 

Elias (Frank) Out of the straight ; or, The 

Motor mysteries of Belton School. Illus. by 

A. S. Waye. 8vo, 8 X s, pp. 248, 35. 6d. net. 

R.T.S., Aug. '25 

Eliason (E. L.) First aid in emergencies. i8mo, 

7s. 6d. net LIPPINCOTT, Apr. '25 

Eliasoii (E. L.) and others. Fractures of the 

humerus, radius and ulna. Roy. 8vo, 

(Surgical monographs.) APPLETON, Oct. '25 

Elijah (James W.) Principles and technique 

of teaching in elementary schools. Cr. 8vo, 

7&X5, pp. 537, los. 6d. net. 

WHITCOMBE &T,, July '25 
EiSoi (Charles William) The Ninetieth birthday 

of Charles William Eliot : proceedings in 

Sanders Theatre and the Yard, March 20, 1924. 

Roy. 8vo, los. 6d. net MILFORD, May '25 

Eliot (Ethel Cook)- The Little Black Coal. 

Illus. by R. Emmett Owen. i8mo, 6x5, 

pp. 95, is. 6d. net ...... HARRAP, Aug. '25 


Eliot (George) Adam Bede. Cr. 8yo, 7^x5, 
pp. 490, 2S. 6d. net. (Standard fiction lib.). 
HARRAP, Apr. '25 

Eliot (George) The Mill on the Floss. Repr. 
Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 383, 2S. 6d. net. (San- 
dringham lib.) R. HAYES, Feb. '25 

Elisha : Prophet of grace, Stewart (A., Rev.) 
55. net Sept. '25 

Elizabeth (Mother) Restoration to the Sacred 
Heart. Enl. ed. 7| X 5j, pp. 99. 
(94, Redclifie Gdns., S.W.) 

Oct. '25 

Elizabeth-Charlotte of Bavaria The Letters 
of Madame : the correspondence of Elizabeth- 
Charlotte of Bavaria, Princess Palatine, 
Duchess of Orleans, called " Madame " at 
the Court of King Louis XIV. Trans, and 
edit, by Gertrude S. Stevenson. Illus. 2 vols. 
Vol. i, 1661-1708 ; Vol. 2, 1709-1722. 8vo, 
8f X 5f, pp. 288, 307, ea. 185. net. 


Elizabeth, Queen, Walsingham and the policy 
of, Read fc.) 635. net Dec. '25 

Elizabeth, Queen : Wit and wisdom of Queen 
Bess, Chamberlin (F.) 53. net Oct. '25 

Elizabethan episcopal adminis., Kennedy 
(W. P. M.) 635. net Apr. '25 

Elizabethan life in town and country, Byrne 
(M. St. C.) TS. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Elizabethan literature, Artisan in, Camp (C. W.) 
i2s. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Elizabethan lyrics, Ault (N.) los. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Elizabethan playwrights, Schilling (F. E.), 
I2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Elkos (Saville A.) The Concept of control. 
Roy. 8vo, swd., 2S. net. (Archives of philo- 
sophy) MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Ellaay (C. G.) Rome. With 38 iUus. by B. C 
Boulter, and from photos., and a map. 2nd ed., 
rev. i8mo, 6 x sf, pp. 312, 55. net. (Little 
guides) METHUEN, Dec. '24 

Elliot (R. H., Lt.-Col.) and othersHealth in 
childhood : five lectures delivered at the 
Institute of Hygiene. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 104, 
2S. 6d. net BELL, July '25 

ESSiot (W. G.) In my anecdotage. Illus. 8vo, 
8| X 5f, pp. 287, I2S. 6d. net. 

P. ALLAN, July '25 
Elliot (W. Scott-). See Scott-Elliot. 
Elliott (C.) Distillation principles. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 4f> PP. * 66, 6s. net. (Chemical en- 
gineering lib., 2nd ser.) BENN, Feb. '25 

Elliott (C.) Distillation in practice. Cr. 8vo, 
7f X 5, pp. 1 88, 6s. net. Chemical Engineering 

lib.) BENN, June '25 

Elliott (H. B.) ed. Cameos of English history, 
Bk. 4, A.D. 1783 to present day. With 3 illus. 
I2mo, 7|X4f, pp. 153, is. 6d. net. 

(Exeter), A. WHEATON, Mar. '25 
Elliott (M. K. and M. S.) Preliminary history of 
England. 2nd ed. Cr. 8vo, pp. 334, 3. 6d. 

Elliott (Maud Howe) Three generations. With 
illus. 8vo, 8| x sf, pp. 428, 1 6s. net. 

LANE, Feb. '25 

Elliott (Sydney R.) Co-operative store-keeping : 
eighty years of constructive revolution. Intro, 
by Margaret Llewelyn Davies. Fcp 8vo, 
6i X 4i, PP- 96, is. net. 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., Now. '25 

Elliott on the Workman's Compensation Acts. 

8th ed., by M. Berryman. Roy. 8vo, 425. net. 

SWEET & M., July '25 

Elliott-Lynn (Sophie C.) East Atrican nights, 
and other verses. i8mo, 25. 6d. net. 

R. SCOTT, Apr. '25 
Ellis (Amabel Williams-). (See Williams- Ellis). 

EillS (F. G.) Notes on Matthew Arnold's Sohrab 
and Rustum, The Scholar-Gipsy, and Thyrsis. 
i2mo, 7 x 4i, PP- 40, swd. , is. 6d. net. (Normal 
tutorial ser.) NORMAL PR., Jan. '25 





Ellis (G. S. M.) The Poor student and the 
University : a report on the scholarship system, 
with particular reference to awards made by 
local education authorities. Foreword by 
Viscount Haldane of Cloan. Roy. 8vo, 9&X6, 
pp. 72, swd. 2S. 6d. net. 

LABOUR PUBG, Co., Oct. '25 
Ellis (G. U.) -Every man's desire. Cr. 8vo, 
7i x 5, PP- 320, 75. 6d. net. 


Ellis (Harold) A Light on the path : a scheme 
of Bible readings for boys. Part i, Advent 
to Septuagesima. 6| x 4, pp. 48, is. net. 

MOWBRAY, Dec. '25 

Ellis (Havelock) Sonnets, with folk songs from 
the Spanish. Ed. limited to 500 copies. Roy. 
8vo, 9X6, pp. 97, I2S. 6d, net. 

El Sis (Mrs. Havelock) The Mine of dreams : 
selected short stories. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, pp, 254, 
23. 6d. net. (Black's Novel lib.} 

BLACK, Sept. '25 

Ellis (Henry A.) An Explanation of hydrogen 

ion concentration : the capillator method for 

the determination of acidity and alkalinity 

in general practice. Cr. 8vo, swd., is. net. 

LEWIS, Apr. '25 

Ellis (Stewart M.) Mainly Victorian, With 

16 illus. Roy. 8vo, 9^x6, pp. 402, sis. net. 

HincHiNsow, Mar. '25 

Ellison (Bernard C.) - H.R.H. the Prince of 
Wales's sport in India. Edit, by Sir H. Perry 
Robinson. Intro, by the Earl of Cromer. 
Cr. 4to, ioj x 74, pp. 317, 323. net. 

HEINEMANN, Apr* '25 

Ellison (Bernard C.) H. R. H. The Prince of 
Wales's sport in India. Ed. de luxe, limited 
to 100 copies. 4to, 1053. net. 

HEINEMANN, June '25 

Ell wood (Charles A.) The Psychology of human 
society : an introduction to sociological 
theory, 8vo, 8J X si, pp. 513, los. 6d. net. 
APFLETON, Nov. '25 

Elnovia, Fdber (G.) 73. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Elocution and gesture, Hasluck (A.) as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Elocution, Easy steps in, Warwick (A. S.) is, gd. 

net July '25 

Elocution for the clergy, Hints on, Burton (A., 

Rev.) is. net Mar. '25 

Ellington (H.) The Reel House of Seville. 
Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7l X 5j, pp. 335, 5$. net. 

NELSON, July '25 

llsberg (Charles A.) Tumours of the spinal 
cord and the symptoms of irritation and com- 
pression of the spinal cord and nerve roots. 

Roy. 8vo SQS. net LEWIS, Apr. '25 

Elsie and the Raymonds, FMey (M.) as. 6d, 

net . Aug. '25 

Elsie at Viamede, Fmley (M.) ss. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Elsie Lockhart, Elias (E. L.) 35. 6d. net. Mar. *25 
Elsie yachting with the Raymonds, Finl&y (M.) 

as. 6d. net June '25 

Elsie's friends at Woodburn, Finley (M.) as. 6d. 

net * . . . . June '25 

Elsie's girlhood, Finley (M.) 2$. 6d. net. June '25 
Elsie's vacation, Pinky (M.) as. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Clson (John M.) The Scarlet sash : a romance of 
the old Niagara Frontier. With froatis* 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 320, 75. 6d. net, 

DENT, Oct. '35 

Elson (Robert)- Maxa : episodes in a woman's 
life. Cheap ed. Cr. $vo, 7^x5, pp. 320, 

2s. 6d. net t HUTCHINSON, May '25 

Glion (Robert) -Morry : a novel. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 286, as, 6d. net. 


Elton (Godfrey) The Testament of Dominic 
Burleigh. [Novel.] Cr. 8vo 7| X 5, pp. 159, 

5S. net AWLEN & U. Dec, >5 

Elton (Godfrey) Years of peace; poems, 
Limited ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 47, 39. 6d. net, 
Signed ed., 6s., net . . . .ALLEN & U., May '35 


Elton (Oliver) ed. Essays and studies, English 

Assoc. Vol. ii. 73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Elusive Pimpernel, Orczy (Baroness) 23. net. 

Apr. '25 

Elves of the alphabet, Pocock (D, A.) as. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Owes (Hervey) ed. Thoughts on music : a 

calendar. Cr, 8vo, 7f X 5, pp. 224, 6s. net. 


Elwyn (M. A.)~~The Wolf, and other stories. 

7i X 5, pp. 72, 2S. 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Ely (Mary R.) Knowledge of God in Johannine 
thought. Cr. 8vo, 6s. net. 

MACMILLAN, June '25 
Ely Diocesan calendar and clergy list, 1925. 

i2mo, 7i X 4|, pp. 233, swd., 2S. 6d. net. 

(Ely) G "" "" . ~ " ' , 

Embroidery in Spain, Weaving and, Stapley 

ily) G. H. TYNDALL, Feb. '25 

(M.) 303. net Feb. '25 

Emcy (Mary) Woman's place in life, Cr. 8vo, 
74- X 5, pp. 160, 33. 6d. net. 

ALLENSON, Oct. '25 

Emden (Cecil S.) Principles of British constitu- 
tional law : a short study of the functions and 
mutual relations of the Executive, the Legisla- 
ture, and the Judiciary. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 

pp. 241, 73. 6d. net METHUEN, June '25 

Emerson, Ralph Waldo, Biog. oi, Snider (D. J.) 
5s. net Feb. '25 

Emery (Frederic B.) -The Violinist's dictionary. 
New ed., enl. Cr, 8vo, 6s. net ; swd., 43. 6d. 
net W. REEVES, Oct. '25 

Emery (J. Imnan) The Luck of Udaipur ; 
a romance of old Devon, Hinclostan and the 
fringe of the blue Pacific. Cr. 8vo, 74 X 5, 
pp. 324, 73. 6d. net JARROLBS, Jan. '25 

Emily climbs, Montgomery (L. M.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Emily of New Moon, Montgomery (L M.) as. 
net Mar. '2 1 

Emily's choice, Frane (M. J.) 2S. 6d. net May '25 

Emmanuel (S, M.)- My wonder world ; a nature 

lover's paradise. 8| x 7, pp. 266, 7s. 6d. net. 

HEFFKR, Dec. '25 

Emmett (W. H.) The Marxian economic baud- 
book and glossary. With numerous corrections, 
explanations and emendations of the English 
version of Vol. x of " Capital," for the use of 
advanced students and beginners. 8vo, 
8 1 X 5 1, pp. 350, I2S. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U. Mar. '25 

Emmotis (Elisc) The Crystal soa, and other 
poems. 7|X5|, pp. 112, js. 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Sept. '25 

Emotion in art, Phillips (C,) 155, net. .May '25 
Emotion, Psychology of, MacCurdy (J, T.) 253. 

net Jan. '25 

Emotional life of the child, Eng (H.) 2 is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Emotions, Science of the : Epitome, Browning 

(K.) is. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Empedocles* psychological doctrine, Vewzi (W.) 

55. net Xg, '25 

Emperor Jones ; play, Q'Neill (E,) 38., 2s. 

net Sept. '25 

Empir annual for boys (The). Vol. 17. Illus. 
Cr. 4to, ioX7|, PP. 256, 53. net. 

R.T.S., Sept* *2$ 

Etwpfr annual for girls (The). Vol. 17. Illus. 
Cr. 4to, 10 x 7^, pp. 256, 5$. net. 

R.T.S., Sept. '35 

Empire at war, Lucas (C., Sir). Vol. 4, 28s. net. 

Mar, *25 
Empire, Builders of the, Williamson (J. A.) 

33. 6a. net j)ec, '5 

Empir commercial guide and Empire year book. 
Edit, by Wm. C. Hart-Saxby. 8vo 9 x 5|, 
pp, 428, 2is net, 


Empire cruise, 0' "Connor (V. C. S.) x6s. net* 





Empire municipal directory and year book for 

1925-26. (43rd year). Roy. 8vo, 9^x7, 

pp. 336, los. 6d. net. 

SANITARY PUBG. Co., May '25 
Empire Review (The). Vol. 41. Roy 8vo, 

73. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Aug. '25 

Empty chairs, Bancroft (S.) IDS. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Empty sack, King (B.) 23. net Apr. '25 

Empyema thoracis, Treatment of, Graham (E, A.) 

los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Enchanted Christmas tree : play, Wilde (P.) 

33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Enchanted wood, Newbolt (F. , Sir) 73. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Enchanters of men, Mayne (E. C.) 155. net. 

Sept. '25 
Enchantments of yesterday : poems, Craske 

(J. C. B.) 33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Encircling mist, Eaton (E.) 35. 6d, net, 

Feb. '25 
Encyclopaedia, Chambers' $. Vol. 6. 203., 353. 

net May '25 

Encyclopaedia medica. Vol. 13. Tularaemia to 

Zinc. Supplement. 2nd ed. Roy. 8vo, 

iox6&, pp. 679, 305. net. (Edinburgh.) 

W. GREEN, Feb. '25 
Encyclopaedia of Islam. Fasc. A, pt. 29. Roy. 

8vo, pp. 64, swd. 53 LUZAC, Feb. '25 

Encyclopaedia of Islam (The). Edit, by M. T. 

Houtsma and others. Fas. B, Sahnun- 

Samaritane. Svo, swd., 55 LUZAC, July '25 

Encyclopaedia of Islam. Fasc. C., Samantans- 

Sarudj, 53. ; Samaritan literature, by M. 

Gaster (suppl.) LUZAC, Dec. '25 

Encyclopedia of the British Empire. Edit, by 

C. W. Dornyille-Fife. 3 vols. 9! x 7f, 

633. net .. (Bristol) RANKIN BROS., Apr. '25 
End of the House of Alard, Kaye-Smith (S.) 

35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

End of the House of Alard, Kaye-Smith (S.) 

43. 6d. net July '25 

Enders (Elizabeth Crump) Temple bells and 

silver sails. Illus. 8vo, 8|X5&, pp. 351, 

los. 6d. net APPLETON, Nov. '25 

Endimion and Phoebe, Dray ton (M.) 73. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Endocrine organs, Human, Cooper (E. R. A.) 

I2S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Enemies of women, Ibanez (V. B.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Energy, Economy of human, Carver (T. N.) 

los. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Energy, Joule and the study of, Wood (A.) 

is. 6d Mar. '25 

Eng (Helga) Experimental investigations into 

the emotional life of the child. Roy. 8vo, 

2 is. net. (Medical publications.} 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 
Engineering applications of mathematics, Bickley 

(W. G.) 52. net May '25 

Engineering feats, Williams (A.) los. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Engineering formulae, Reed's Mathematical 

tables and. 2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Engineering geology, Ries (H.) and Watson (T. L.) 

253. net Apr. '25 

Engineering, Hist, of, Fleming (A. P. M.) and 

Brocklehurst (H, J.) iss. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Engineering mathematics, G^bbs (R. W. M.) 

43 Feb. '25 

Engineering science, First course in, Haler (P. J.) 

and Stuart (R. H.) 35. 6d ^,'25 

Engineering, Steam, Operating engineers* 

catechism of, Gornston (M. H.) 125. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Engineering structures and plant, Erection of, 

Atkin (H.) 95. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Engineering student, Laboratory experiments 

for the. Threlfall ?H.) Pt. r. 6s. net. Oct. '25 
Engineering terms, French and English dictionary 

of, Kettridge (J. O.) 505. net May '25 

Engineers and chemists ; status and employ- 
ment, Labour Office (Internat.) is. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 


Engineers, Table and charts of X^, Browne 

(A. D.) is. 6d. net Oct. 25 

Engineer's year-book, 1925, Kempe (H. R.) 

and Smith (W. H.) 303. net Apr. '25 

Engines, Gas and oil, Caldwell (P. S.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Engines of the human body, Keith (A., Sir) 

I2S. 6d. net * May '25 

England (Paul) Fifty favourite operas : a 

popular account intended as an aid to dramatic 

and musical appreciation. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 

9x6, pp. 606, i2s. 6d. net. . . H ARRAP, Oct. '25 
England and the British Commonwealth, History 

of, Larson (L. M.) 253. net Sept. '25 

England and Wales, Hist, geography of, Carrier 

(E. H.) 53. net Sept. '25 

England and Wales, Touring map of, Automobile 

Assoc. 6s. 6d. net May '25 

England, Bygone : anthology, Cornish (W. H.) 

33. 6d. net , Oct. '25 

England, Economic hist, of, Short, Waters 

(C. M.) 73. 6d. net ; pt. 2, 43. net Oct. '25 

England, Expansion of, Seeley (J. R., Sir) 35. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

England, isth century, Prejudice and promise 

in, Kingsford (C. L.) 155. net June '25 

England, History of, Belloc (H.) Vol. i, 153. net. 

May '25 
England, History of everyday things in, 1066- 

1799, Quennell (M. and C. H. B.) i6s. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

England, History of everyday things in, Quennell 

(M. and C. H. B.) 2nd pt., 8s. 6d. net. 

June '25 
England, History of, Examination, Marcy (W. N.) 

43. net June '2$ 

England, History of, Pieliminary, Elliott (M. K. 

and M. S.) 33. 6d Jan. '25 

England, Industrial society in, i8th century,. 

Bowden (W.). 153. net Mar. '25 

England, Italian landscape in i8th century, 

Manwawng (E. W.) 143. net June '25 

England, Letters from, Capek (K.) 75, 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

England, Letters from, Capek (K.) los. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

England, Medieval, Smith (A. G.) 6s. net. June '25 
England : Mighty heart, Margrie (W.) 33. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

England, N.E. Counties, Holidays in. is. net. 

Mar. '25 
England of Dickens, Dexter (W.) 153. net. 

Apr. '25 
England on the eve of the industrial revolution, 

Moffit (L. W.) I2S. 6d. net Apr. '25 

England, Pleasant land of. 35. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 
England, Rural, Rebuilding of, Fordham (M.) 

33. net Sept. '25 

England, Shakespeare's, Life in, Wilson (J. D.) 

53 Jan. '25 

England to-day. By an Overseas Briton. i2mo^ 

7iX4f, pp. 32, swd. is. net. 

(Torquay), " TORQUAY TIMES," Apr, '25 
England, Travel in, in I7th century, Parkes 

(J.) 2is. net June '25 

England under the early Tudors, 1485-1529, 

Williams (C. H.) 95. 6d. net Mar. '25 

England's garden island [Isle of Wight], Har- 
grove (E. C.) 23. net July '25, 

England's green and pleasant land. Cr. Svo, 

7l X 5, pp. 256, 6s. net J. CAPE, Oct. '25, 

England's Helicon. Reprinted from the ed. of 

i, 600, with additional poems from the ed. of 

1614. Edition limited to 900 numbered 

copies. Roy. 8vo, 9^X6f, pp. 266. Ed. 

limited to 900 numbered copies, 2 is. net ; ed. 

limited to 50 numbered copies, 423. net. 
(Haslewood books). 

English, Appreciation of, Morrison (L. A.) 

as. net Oct. '25 

English Association Essays and studies by 

Members of the English Association. Vol. n. 

Collected by Oliver Elton. Svo, 73. 6d. net, 
MILFORD, Oct. '25 





English Association The Year's work in English 

studies. Vol. 4, 1923. Edit, by Sir Sidney 

Lee and F. S. Boas. 8vo, 75. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '24 
English. Business, Mason (W. L.) 95. net. 

Oct. '25 
English catalogue of books, 1924 : giving in one 

alphabet, under author and title, the size, 

price, month of publication, and publisher 

of books issued in the United Kingdom. 

(88th year.) Roy. 8vo, iox6|, pp. 422, 153. 


English class books, Nisbet's, Jones (M.). Bk. 3, 

8d Sept. '25 

English comic characters, Priestley (]. B.) 7s. 6d. Apr. '25 

English composition, etc., Practical papers on, 

Skerry (G. E.) 33. net Apr. '25 

English constitutional history, Brief survey, Hall 

(D. G. E.) 53. net Sept. '25 

English constitutional history, Medley (D. J.) 

2is. net July '25 

English, Constructive, Treble (H. A.) Teacher's 

bk. 3. as. 6d. net Aug. '25 

English country gentleman, Lytton (N.) i8s. net. 

July '25 
English country house life, Nevill (R.) iss. 6d. 

net Aug.'zs 

English course, Dalton, Eades (J.) Bk. i, 8d. 

Apr. '25 

English course, Dalton, Eades (J.) Bk. 4. 9d. 

Oct. '25 
English diction exercises, Moss (M. J.) Pt. i. 

8d. net Sept. '25 

English dictionary, Cassell's Pocket, Edmunds 

(E. W.) 33. 6d. net Aug. '25 

English dictionary : Cross-word diet., Collins'. 

7d. net Apr. '25 

English dictionary, Everybody's pocket, Johnson 

(S, C.) is. net Jan. '25 

English dictionary, New universal graphic. 55. 

net Apr. '25 

English dictionary, Newnes* Pronouncing. 7d. 

net Feb. '25 

English, dictionary, Pocket Oxford, Fowler 

(F. G. and H. W.) 75. 6d. net Dec. '24 

English dictionary, Popular, Gray (A.) and 

Mowl (F, M.) 6d. net Apr. '25 

English dictionary, Routledge*$ New. 55. net, 

Jan. *25 

English dictionary, Standard, is. net. Feb. '25 
English dictionary, War ne?$ Popular pronouncing. 

is, 6d. net May '25 

English, Egregious, Crosland (T. W. H.) 53. net. 

July '25 
English, Euphon, in America, De Witt (M. E.) 

2S, 6d . Apr. "25 

English, extracts and exercises, Intermediate, 

Pritchard (F. H.) as. 6d Feb. '25 

English fairy book, Rhys (E.) 6s. net, .Sept. '25 
English for the English, Sampson (G.) 2$. 6d. 

net June '25 

English grammar and composition, Complete 

eourse in. is. gd. net Feb. *25 

English grammar and compos., Junior, Marsh (L.) 

and Goodman (G. N.) Pt. i. %$>, 3d. ..Aug. '25 
English grammar, composition, etc., Pink (M. A.) 

and Thomas (S. E.) 8s. 6d. net Jan. '25 

English grammar exercises, Bracken (G. H.} is. 

July '25 
English grammar, One- term, Wilson (P. M.) 

is. 3d ........... May *&% 

English grammar : Our living langiiage, Grattan 

(J. H. G.) and Gurrey (P.) 35. 6d. . . June '25 

English grammar, Preparatory, Morgan (J. R.) 

2S July '25 

English history, cameos of, Elliott (H. B.). Bk. 4. 

is. 6d, net Mar. '25 

English history notes, Gibbs (W. J. R.) 45. 6d. 

Sept. *25 
English history, Pupil's class bk. of, Lay (E. J, S, j 

55 Jan. *25 

English history, Tales from, Watson (W. H. L.) 

Pt. i. 6s. net Dec. '25 


English household life, Old, Jekyll (G.) 2 is. net. 

July '25 
English Lakes : painted and described, Cooper 

(A. H.) and Palmer (W.T.) Apr. '25 
English language and literature, Bibliography of, 

Panes (A. C.) 1925. 6s. net Dec. '25 

English language : Everyday word-traps, Herd 

(H.) 2S. net Oct. '25 

English language : Words and idioms, Smith 

(L. P.) 73. 6d. net May '25 

English literature, Brooke (S. A.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. '2$ 
English literature, First bk. in, Thomson (C. L.) 

Pt. 6. 43. net Sept. '25 

English literature, Influence of the Classics, 

Goldmark (R. I.) n6s. net Mar. '25 

English literature : Modern English writers, 

Williams (H.) i6s. net Jan. '25 

English literature, Primer of, Compton-Rickett 

(A.) is. 9d June '25 

English literature, Primer of, Compton-Rickett 

(A.) 23. net , . July '25 

English literature, Short hist, of, Albert (E.) 

3S July '25 

English literature : Studies in Victorian litera- 
ture, Williams (S. T.) I2S. 6d. net.. Jan. '25 
English manual for business, W internets (R.) and 

Cherington (P. T.) 6s. net Jan. '25 

English : Matriculation model answers. 38. 

June '25 
English, Modern, Jagger (J. H.) 55. net. 

June '25 
English, Modern colloquial, Wyld (H. C.) QS. 

net . May '25 

English of to-day, Webb (W. T.) 35, 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 
English, Old. See Old English. 

English phonetics, Outline of, Jones (D.) 7$. 6d. 

net July '25 

English phrases : Origins and meanings of popular 

phrases, Hargrave (B.) 73. 6d. net.. Sept. '25 
English practice, Higher course of, Morgan (R. B.) 

and Lattimer (R. B.) 3$. 6d Sept. '25 

English prose and how to write it, Blatchford (R.) 

23. 6d. net Aug. '25 

English prose for repetition, Easy, Bain {A. W.) 

is Feb. *25 

English prose : Pen and ink, Pocock (G. N.) 

as, 6d. net Feb. '25 

English prose, Principles of, Tarpley (G. L.) 

is. 6d ...,.,.. Apr. '25 

English Romayne lyfe, Munday (A.) 38., 23. 6d. 

net . * Jan. '25 

English rural life in i8th cent., Gaunt (W.) 

iss. net Sept. '25 

English series, " New Guide." Bairns' book, 

iod., 7d. net ; Bk. i, iod,, 7d. net ; bk. 2, lid., 

8d. net June '25 

English series, ** New Guide." Bk. 3, is., od. net ; 

bk. 4, is. id., iod. net July '25 

English spelling, Easy steps in. Steps 1-3, 

ea. 6d * Sept. '25 

English story in verse, Bishop (P. M.) 2S, net ; 

is, gd * May '25 

English studies, Year's work in, English Assoc. 

Vol. 4, 1923. 7S 6d. net Dec. '24 

English subjects, Notemakiiig in, Somervett 

(D. C.) is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

English syllable, Sargeaunt (W. D.) is. 6d. net. 

Jan, '25 
English tales in verse, Hwford (C, H.) ss. 6d. 

net May '25 

English, Teaching, Klapper (P.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Apr. *25 
English, Teaching of, Education (Bd. of) as. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

English, Teaching of, in India, Wyatt (H.) 3$. 

net * . . . , . Apr. '25 

English, Teaching of, in secondary schools for 

girls, Brack&n (G. H.) 6s. net Feb. '25 

English, Teaching, Self-help methods of, WM< 

firth (J. H.}. 75. 6d. net Ma*. *^5 

English, Use and abuse of, Massm (R.) is, 6d. 

net Jan. '25 





English vocabulary : Putnam's Word book. IDS. 
net Mar. '25 

English, Watch your : common errors, Herd (H.) 
25. net * Mar. '25 

English way : art of writing, Henderson (B. L. K.) 
5s. net Mar. '25 

English wayfaring life in Middle Ages, Jussemnd 
(J. J.) 123. 6d. net May '25 

English words, Thesaurus of, Roget (P. M.) 
73. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Englishmen, Great, of i6th century, Lee (S., Sir). 
33. 6d. net July '25 

Ennios (Quintus) Annals. Edit, by Ethel 

Mary Steuart. 8vo, 8x5^, pp. 258, J$. 6d. net. 

CAME. UNIV. PR., Oct. '25 

Enock (C. Reginald) Mexico : its ancient and 
modern civilisation, history and political 
conditions, topography and natural resources, 
industries and general development. Intro, 
by Martin Hume. With a map and 75 illus. 
Rep. ^ 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 398. 155. net. (South 
American ser.) UN WIN, May '25 

Enock (C. R.) The Remedy, the logic of the 
cosmos, the law of life : the ultimate prin- 
ciples of political-economic order. Cr. 8vo, 
7i X 5, pp. 44, 2S. 6d. net. 

SIMP KIN, Mar. '25 

Citejyire inside for things you want to know. 
Arranged alphabetically. Edit, and brought 
up to date by Charles Platt. iSmo, 6x3!, 
pp. 185, is. net W. FOULSHAM, Nov. '25 

Ensign of the i9th Foot, Retth (C.) ?s. 6d. 
net Feb. '25 

JEnsor (R. C. K.) Columbus : a historical poem. 
8vo, 8|X5f, pp. 80, 53. net..SECKER, May '25 

Enterprising fairy, verse, Tattersfield (E.) 2S. 
net Nov. '25 

Enticement, Arden (C.) 35. 6d. net . .Apr. '25 

Enticement, Arden (C.) 2S. 6d. net . . . .Oct. '25 

Entomological Conference (2nd Imperial) Re- 
port, June, 1925. gd. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Entomology, General textbk. of, Imms (A. D.) 
365. net Mar. '25 

Entropy as a tangible conception, Wheeler 
(S. G.) 6s. net June '25 

Entwisile (William J.) The Arthurian legend 
in the literatures of the Spanish Peninsula. 
8vo, 8 x 5^, pp. 279, 73. 6d. net. 

DENT, Oct. '25 

Environment, Health and, Hill (L.) and Camp- 
bell (A.) i2S. 6d. net June '25 

Enzyme action, Nature of, Bayliss (W. M., Sir). 
gs. net May '25 

Epigrams, Martial, (Trs. by Francis and Tatum). 
73. 6d. net Dec. '24 

Episcopal administration, Elizabethan, Kennedy 
(W. P. M.) 635. net Apr. '25 

Episodes, " Rita." 33. net Mar. '25 

Epistles, Plato. Thirteen epistles. (Post.) 53. 

net Oct. '25 

Epitaphs, Beable (W. H.) 6s. net Sept. '25 

Epitaphs, Somerset, MacMillan (A. S.) ist series. 
2S. net Dec. '24 

Ipps (Reginald H.) Modern methods of book- 
keeping : a practical course for students. 
8vo, 8j X si, pp. 342, 42. net. 

PITMAN, Oct. '25 

Cpsteln (Isidore) The " Responsa " of Rabbi 
Solomon Ben Ardreth of Barcelona (1235 
1310) as a source of the history of Spain. 8vo, 
73. 6d, net ROUTLBDGE, Jan. '25 

CpstiSn (Jacob). 35 plates. Cr. 4to, 10 x^i, 
pp. 32, 8s. 6d. net. (Contemporary British 
artists) BENN, Feb. '25 

Equity, Snell's Principles of. 303. net. .Sept. '25 

Erasmus's services to learning, Allen (P, S.) 

is. 6d. net . , Nov. '25 

Erewhon revisited, Butler (S.) 2 is. net. 

Nov, '25 

Eric Brighteyes, Haggard (H. R., Sir) zs. 6d. net 

June '25 

Eric of the strong heart, Egbert (H. M.) 7s. 6d. 
net , Oct. '25 


Eric Sinclair's luck, Romney (A. B.) zs, net. 

Sept. '25 
Erigena, Johannes Scotus, Bett (H.) los. net. 

Nov. '25 
Eris, Chambers (R. W.) 2s. net May '25 

Ern Scar, Southward (E.) 73. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 
Ernie (Lord)- The Land and its people : chapters 

in rural life and history. 8vo, 9x5$, pp. 267, 

los. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, June '25 

Erskine (Laurie York) The Confidence man. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 311, 73. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Feb. '25 
ErsSdne (Laurie Yorke) Renfrew of the Royal 

Mounted. Cheap ed. i2mo, 7^ x 4!, pp. 320, 

23. net HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Erskine (Laurie York) The River trail : romance 

of the Royal Mounted. Cheap ed. i2mo, 

7i X 4$, pp. 320, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
Ersklne (Laurie York) Valor of the range. Cr. 

8vo, 7|X5, pp. 290, 73. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Oct. '25 
Erskine (Mrs. Monteith) Sex at choice. Intro. 

by James M. Erskine. 8vo, 9 x 5|> pp. 154, 

73. 6d. net CHRISTOPHERS, Apr. '25 

Erskine (R., Hon.) Bordology: the science of 

determining character according to what a man 

eats and drinks. iSrno, swd. is. net. 

Erskine (Mrs. Steuart) The Vanished cities of 

Arabia. Illus. by Major Ben ton Fletcher. 

8vo, 9$- x 6, pp. 324, 253. net. 

HUTCHINSON-, Jan. '25 
Ertz (Susan) Madame Claire. Popular ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 310, 33. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Feb. '25 
Ervine (St. John G.) Anthony and Anna : a 

comedy in three acts. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 92, 

3s. 6d. net ALLEN & U., July '25 

Ervine (St. John) Charles Stewart Parneli. 

With port. 8vo, 8| X 5|, pp. 341, 125. 6d. net. 

(Curiosities of politics] BENN, June '25 

Escape agents, Hyne (C. J. C.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Escapes and hurried journeys, Book of, Buchan 

(J.); is. 6d May '25 

Escapes and hurried journeys, Book of, Buchan 

(J.) 2S. net Sept. '25 

Eskimo, Tales of the, Munn (H. T., Capt.) 

33. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Esmonde (T. H. Grattan, Sir) Hunting memories 

of many lands. Illus. from photographs by 

the author. Enl. and rev. ed. Cr. 8vo, 

7|X5i, PP- 276, 7s. 6d. net. 

UN WIN, Sept. '25 
Espalier, Warner (S. T.) 53. net May '25 

Espouy (H. d') Architectural details ; mediaeval 
and Renaissance. (French text.) Portfolio, 
13 x i8J, 653 J. TIRANTI, Feb. '25 

Esquimaux : Nanook of the North, Bilby (J. W.) 
153 net Sept. '25 

Essanco radio log book (The). Demy 4to, 

6|X9, 23. net. (i^b, High Road, Kilburn.) 


Essays, Bacon (F., Lord) Twenty essays (Store). 
2S Oct. '25 

Essays, Goldsmith (0.) (Selected by Sleight.) 
35. 6d. , 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Essays, Harrison (F.) Selected. 33. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Essays, Hazlitt (W.) (selected), is. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Essays, Hazlitt (W.) Twenty selected. 33. 6d. 

Aug. '25 

Essays, Ker (W. P.) Collected. 253. net. 

Nov. '25 

Essays and adventures of a Labour M.P., Wedge- 
wood (J. C.) 33. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Essays and essayists, Newbolt (H., Sir) 33. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Essays and sketches, Shorter (L. A. H.) 23. 6d. 
net Nov. '25 

Essays and sketches, Narrative, Treble (H. A.) 
and Vallins (G. H.) 2s. 6d Apr. '25 





Essays and soliloquies, Unamuno (M. de). 8s. 6d. 
net Dec. '25 

Essays and studies, English Assoc. Vol. u. 

75. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Essays by divers hands, Literature (Roy. Soc. of) 

Vol. 5. 7s. net Aug. '25 

Essays, English, D'Oyky (E.) ss. 6d..*May '25 

Essays, English, Lobban (J. H.) 2s. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Essays, English, Selected modern. 23. net. 

Feb. '25 
Essays, Historical, Macaulay (T. B., Lord). 

is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Essays, How to write. 23. net . .July '25 

Essays in biography, Dobree (B.) 123. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Essays in criticism, Arnold (M.) ist and 2nd 

ser., ea. ss. 6d., 53. net Jan. '25 

Essays in homespun, Brown (A. J.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Essays in the art of writing, Stevenson (R. L.) 

35. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Essays in the art of writing, Stevenson (R. L.) 

is. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Essays literary and critical, Stevenson (R. L.) 

73. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Essays of travel, Stevenson (R. L.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Essays of travel, Stevenson (R. L.) is. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Essays on life, Glutton- Brock (A.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Essays on parties in poetry, etc., Coleridge (H.) 

2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Essays, Selected, Swift (J.) Vol. i . i8s. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Essex County Farmers 1 Union year book and 
annual report, 1925. Edit, by John B. Gill. 
8| X s|, pp. 399, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Corn Exchange, Chelmsford) OFFICE, 

Afar. '25 

Essex Hall year book, 1925. Edit, by Sydney H. 
Mellone. 7| x 5, pp. 143, 25. net. 

BRIT. & FOR. UNITARIAN Soc., Jan. '25 
Essex harvest, poems, Abbott (H. H.) ss., 

los. 6d. net Mar. Apr. '25 

Essex, Unknown, Maxwell (D.) 155. net. 

June '25 
Estate, legacy, etc., duties, Acts relating to, 

Hanson (A.) 355. net Apr. '25 

Estates, Administration of, Act, 1925, A%gs 

(W, H.) and Law (H. W.) 4s. net,, Sept. '25 

Estep (Thomas G,). See Blaisdell (A, H,) and 


Esterre (Neville d')- Music and its creators, 
Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 212, 6s. net. 

ALLEN & U., Nov. '25 
Estimating for builders, Barns (J. H.) OS. uet. 

Sept. '25 
Esto Perpetua, Belloc (H.) 55. net .... June '25 

EsiracSe (C.) ed. Etoffes de soie du Japon. 38 
plates in coL With intro. in. French, Portfolio, 

455. ....... LUZAC, July '25 

Etching, Art of, Lumsden (E. $.) 2 is. net. 

Mar. '25 

Etching : Benson (P. W.) 12 plates, ss. net. 

Sept. '25 

Etching, British School of, Hardie (M.) 55. net. 

July '25 

Etching, Drawing for zinc, Maiasek (R.) 79. net. 

July '25 

Etching : Forain (J. L.) 55. net. ... .May '25 
Etching, French, Dodgson (C.) ss. net. 

July *5 
Etching, Manual of, Plowman (G. T.) 75, 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Etching: Short (F., Sir) ss. net June '25 

Etchings: Anders Zorn. .... F^?d. '25 
Etchings, Cameron (D. Y., Sir) (Salaman). ss. net. 

Oct. '25 
Etchings, Hassam (C.) Catalogue, 6$s* net. 

May '25 

Eternal optimist, Gautrey (R. M.} 2S. 6d. net, 

Oct. '25 


Eternal two, Oemler (M. C.) 7s. 6d net. 

Mar. '25 
Ether and reality, Lodge (0., Sir) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Ether : Mysterious ocean of aether, Gibson 

(C. R.) is. sd Oct. '25 

Etheric double, etc., Powell (A. E., Maj.) 75. 6d. 

net Nov. *z$ 

Etheringion (A. J.) The Scout's reciter. i8mo> 

5 1 X 4i PP 44 swd. 6d. net. 

(Glasgow) J. BROWN, Feb. '25 
EtSiertom (P. T., Lt.-Col.) In the heart of Asia. 

8vo, 9x5!, pp. 317, i6s. net. 

CONSTABLE, Oct. '25 
Ethica Nicomachea, Aristotle. (Trans, by Ross.) 

73. 6d., 6s. net Nov. '25 

Ethica Nicomachea, etc., Aristotle. Works, 

vol. 9 (Ross and others). 153. net. . .Nov. '25 
Ethical philosophy, Rosmini's contributions to, 

Bruno (J. F.) 55. net Aug. '25 

Ethical teaching, Hegel's, Chang (W. S.) 6s. 6d. 

Sept. '25 

Ethical thought, Greek, Qakeley (H. D.) SH. net. 

May '25 

Ethics, Talley (C.) 6s. net (M '25 

Ethics : Conscience and Christ, Rashdall (H.) 

35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Ethics of India, Hopkins (E, W.) 143. net. 

Dec. '24 

Ethics of Socrates, Dawson (M. M.) 128. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Ethics of the Gospel, Spencer (F. A. M.) 7s. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Ethics : origin and develop., Kropotkin (Prince.) 

i2S. 6d. net July '25 

Ethics, Spinoza's, Hoffding (H.) 7s. net. 

Mar. '25 
Ethnographic study of Africa [map], Room 

(W. J. W.) 3 os Ja. '25 

Etiquette for all, Terry (E,) ss. uet Oct. '25 

Etiquette for gentlemen : a guide to the obser- 
vances of good society. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 

124, swd. 6d. net .... . . WARD, LOCK, May '25 

Etiquette for ladies : a guide to the observances 

of good society. Cr, 8vo, 7l X 5, pp. 124, swd. 

6d. net WARD, LOCK, May '25 

Etiquette up-to-date, BwUigh (C.) 33. 6d. net. 

Jan. *25 

Etoffes de soie du Japon, Estrade (C.) 458. net. 

July '25 
Eton lyrics, Alington (C. A.) xos. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Eton poetry book, Alington (C.) and Lyttelton 

(G.) 6s. net Mar. *5 

Etudes Asiatiques publiees a 1 'occasion du vin^t* 

cinquieme anniversaire de 1'Ecole Franchise 

d'Extreme Orient par ses menibrus et ses 

collaborateurs, 59 plates. 2 vols, 8vo, swd. 

5os. 453. ... LUZAC ; K. PAUL, Nov. ^25 

Eucharist, Key to doctrine of, Vonier (A.) 6s. 

net June '25 

Euialia (H.R.H. the Infanta, of Spain) Courts 

and countries after the war. With frontis. and 

23 illus. Roy. 8vo, 9^x6, pp. 287, 2is, net. 

HUTCHIN&ON, $pt, *25 

Eumenides, Aeschylus (trs. by Murray.) 39., 2s, 

net ....,*. * Oct* '35 

Eumorfopoulos Collection of Pottery, Catalogue, 

Hobson (R. L.) Vol. x. 3158, net. , . *S6pt. *ss 
Euphon English in America, D<* Witt (M. E.) 

2S. 6d Apr. *S5 

E urlpidts Alkestis. Adapted and arranged, etc. 

by Elsie Fogerty. Repr. Cr. 8vo, swd, is, 6d 

net ....,,....,*.. ALLEN, Jan. '25 

Euripides Helen. Trans, by J. T. Sheppaxd, 

Cr. 8vo, swd., 2s, net. 

CAMB. UKIV, PR., Apr, *25 
Europe, Across, with Satanella, Sheridan (C.) 

153, net ...,.... Mar. '25 

Europe : Case for the Central Powers, Montgelas 

(M., Count), xos. 6d. net Feb. *5 

Europe, Cauldron of, Spmder (H.) iss. net. 

Oct. '25 
Europe, Central, New governments of, Gfahatn 

(M. W.) sis, net Apr. '25 





Europe, Central : Return of the Kings. los. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Europe, China, and, Reichwein (A.) 123. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Europe, Danger spot in, Donald (R., Sir). 35. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Europe, Economic geography of, Smith (D. H.) 

4S. 6d June '25 

Europe, Expansion of, Abbott (W. C.) i6s. net. 

Mar. '25 
Europe : Expansion of : Building of modern 

world, bk. 3, Brendon (J. A.) 2s. 6d. 

Feb. '25 
Europe : High lights of geography, Jordan (D. S.) 

and Gather (K. D.) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Europe, History of : From feudalism to despotism, 

Williamson (H. L.) 33. net Dec. '25 

Europe, How to save, Malynski (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Europe, Ideals and realities in, Wrong (M.) 

as. 6d net Mar. '25 

Europe in the i7th century, Ogg (D.) i8s. net. 

Feb. '25 

Europe overseas, Williamson (J. A.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Europe, Pacification of, Fisher (H. A. L.) 6d. 

net June '25 

Europe, Picturesque, Hutchinson (W.) Vol. i. 

2is. net Sept. '25 

Europe, Rebuilding, Rouse (R.) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Europe, Rebuilding, Rouse (R.) 45. net July '25 
Europe, Reconstruction of, Aubert (L.) los. 6d. 

net June '25 

Europe, Satchel guide to, Rolfe (W J.) 2 is. net. 

May '25 
Europe : Seeds of war, Lockhart (D.) 6s. 6d. 

net May '25 

Europe, Stabilization of, De Vischer (C.) los. net. 

Jan. '25 
Europe, Stanford's Compendium. Vol. 2. 153. 

net Jan. '25 

European chaos, Brighter side of, Bartlett (V.) 

los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

European diplomacy : From Dawes to Locarno, 

Glasgow (G.) 7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

European governments, Greater, Lowell (A. L.) 

8s. 6d. net Dec. '25 

European history, Movements in, Lawrence 

(D. H.) 8s. 6d. net May '25 

European history, Notes on, Edwards (W.) 

IDS. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Europe's new map, Adkins (F. J.) is. net. 

Nov. '25 
Eurythmics : Importance of being rhythmic, 

Pennington (J.). 7s. 6d. net .... Mar. '25 
Eustace (Alice) Cloistered virtue. Cr. 8vo, 

7jx 5 PP- 3*8, 7s. 6d. net. . J. LONG, June '25 
Eustace (R.) The Hidden treasures of Egypt : 

a romance. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 384, 73. 6d. 

net SIMPKIN, Nov. '25 

Evangelical humanism, Hough (L. H.) 43. net. 

July '25 

Evangelicalism, Howden (J. R., Rev.) 6s. net. 

May '25 
Evangelicalism, Scriptural, Titterton (C. H.) 

and Neill (C.) 53. net Mar. '25 

Evangelist, Work of an, Bell (C. C., Rev.) 

33. 6d. net July '25 

Evans (Albert Owen) A Memorandum on the 

legality of the Welsh Bible and the Welsh 

version of the Book of Common Prayer. 

Prepared for the Hon. Mr. Justice Sankey. 

7iX5, PP- 176 .. (Cardiff) W. LEWIS, May '25 
Evans (Arthur, Sir) The Early Nilotic, Libyan 

and Egyptian relations with Minoan Crete. 

(Huxley memorial lecture, 1925.) io|X7i> 

pp. 30, swd., 35. 6d. net. 

B. QUARITCH, Dec. '25 
Evans (Arthur, Sir) The Ring of Nestor: a 

glimpse into the Minoan after-world ; and a 

sepulchral treasure of gold signet rings and 

bead-seals from Thisbe, Boeotia. Illus. Imp. 
8vo, iiX7|-, pp. 76, I2S. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, July '2 5 


Evans (Austin P.) An Episode in the struggle 
for religious freedom : the Sectaries of 
Nuremburg, 1524 1528. Cr. 8vo, I2S. 6d. 
net MILFORD, Jan. '2$ 

Evans (B. E., Rev.) The Story of Milton Malzor. 

Roy. 8vo, Sfxsf, pp. 318, 153. net. 

Evans (B. Ifor) William Morris and his poetry. 

With port. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 156, 23. net. 

(Poetry and life ser.) . . HARRAP, Jan. '25 

Evans (C. Lovatt) Recent advances in phy- 
siology. With 69 illus. 8vo, 8|X5|-, pp. 
376, los. 6d. net. .J. & A. CHURCHILL, Oct. '25 

Evans (D. Tecwyn) The Book of Jonah. Cr. 

8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 56, is. net. J. CLARKE, Oct. '25 

Evans (Frederic). See Gordon (G. V.) and 


Evans (Herbert Arthur) ed. English masques. 

With an Intro. i2mo, 7X4^, pp. 309, 2S. 

BLACKIE, Apr. '25 

Evans (Howel) The Sixth Commandment. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 368, 7s. 6d. net . 

JARROLDS, Apr. '25 

Evans (J. Gwenogvryn) ed. The Book of 
Aneirin. Reproduced and edited. io^X7|> 
pp. 247. (Subscribers only.) (Early Welsh 

texts.) (PwUheli.) AUTHOR, Aug. '25 

Evans (J. Roland) The Stone bell. With 
frontis. Cr. Svo, 7^X4!, pp. 122, is 6d. net. 

Evans (Joan) Life in mediaeval France. Demy 
8vo, 9x6, pp. 236, 155. net. MILFORD, July '25 
Evans (W. H.) Spiritualism : a philosophy of Jife 
3rd ed. 7iX5, pp. 94, swd. is. net. 
(Manchester) Two WORLDS PUBG. Co., Sept. *25 
Evans's Class book of composition : for Standards 
V, VI, and VII. I2mo, 7^x4!, pp. 33, 3d. 

(Redditch) T. EVANS, June "25 
Evans's Entrance examinations for scholarships. 
Latest (1925) examinations. I2rno, 7iX4f, 
pp. 76, swd. 7^d. net. 

(Redditch), T. EVANS, Aug. '25 
Evans's Illustrated object lessons. Book 3, 
i2mo > 7|X4f, pp. 114, swd. 8d. 

(Redditch) T. EVANS, June '25 
Evarts (Hal G.) The Cross-pull. Cheap ed. 
i2mo, 7|X4|, pp. 316, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 
Eve and the Elders, Graham (W.). 23. net. 

Mar. *25 
Eve mistaken, Moberly (L. G.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Eve of Venus, Ibbett (W. J.) 53. net .... Jan. '25 

Evelyn (Mary) The Young wife's cookery book. 

I2mo, 7| X 4f , pp. 96, swd. 6d. net. 

" Evening Mews " Cross-word puzzles (The) 

Roy. Svo, 7f X 6J, pp. 63, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 
Evenings in Erin : poems, Keogh (P.) Vol. i, 

is. net May '25 

EverarcS (Mrs. Frances) The Desert of dreams. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7iX4&, pp. 286, 2s. net. 

Everard (Mrs. Frances) The Dragoman. Cheap 

ed. xarno, 7i x 4i, pp. 286, 23. net. 

Everard (Mrs. Frances) Under Eastern stars. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7 x 4%, pp. 304, as. net. 


Everest, Fight for, 1924, Norton (E. F., Lt.-Col.) 

255. net Nov. '25 

Everett, Edward, orator and statesman, 

Frothingham (P. R.) 313. 6d. net.. Oof. '25 
Everett-Green (Evelyn) Inchfallen. With 

frontis. Cr. Svo, 7|xs, pp. 252, 23. 6d. nets 

(Lily ser.) WARD, LOCK, June '25 

Everett-Green (Evelyn) Maud Melville's 

marriage. Illus. Cr. Svo, 7^x5^, pp. 324, 

2S. 6d. net NELSON, Apr. '25 

Everett-Green (Evelyn) The Tragedy of trifles. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, PP- 256, 7s. 6d. net. 

S. PAUL, Apr. '25 





Evmtt-Gretn (Evelyn) Winning the victory. 
Ilius. Cr. 8vo, 7|x si, pp. 355, as. 6d. net. 

NELSON, July '25 
Everlasting man, Chesterton (G. K.) 123. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Everlasting whisper, Gregory (J.) 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Everlasting whisper, Gregory (J.) 2S. net. 

Mar. '25 

Evwshed (Basil O.) Rustic rhymes and rumina- 
tions. 7i X 5, pp. 16, is. net. 

STOCKWELL, Dec. '25 

Eversleigh (E. G.) The Rose of Beam. Cr. 
8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. 

S. PAUL, May '25 

Every boy's open-air bk., Hopkins (R. T.) 6s. 
net . Sept. '25 

Every girl's annual : stories of school, adventure 
and sport. Vol. 4. Illus., col. illus. Roy. 
8vo, ioX7, pp. 259, 53. net. 

PILGRIM PR., Sept. '35 
" Every hour " diary, 1926. Demy 4 to, n|x 8|, 

as. 6d. net (Dublin.) EASON, Sept. '25 

Every inch a sailor, Stables (G.) as. 6d. net. 

July *25 

Every man's desire, Ellis (G. U.) 7s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Every night about half-past eight, Beeston 
(L. J.) 23. net June '25 

Everybody's geographical dictionary : a pocket 
gazetteer of the world arranged alphabetic- 
ally. i8mo, sfxsi, pp. 130, is. net. 

W. FOULSHAM, Feb. '25 

Everyday psychology in the nursery, xsmo, 
7|X4i pp. 52, is. net. 


Everyday things in England, History of, Quennell 
(M. and C. H. B.) i6s. 6d. net Apr, '25 

Everyday things in England, History of, Quennell 
(M. and C. H. B.), and pt, 8s. 6d. net June'zs 

Everyday ; with which is incorporated " Sunday." 
Vol. 53- Hlus. Cr. 4to, iox7i, pp. 286, 
5. net GARDNER, DARTON, Oct. '25 

Everyday word-traps, Herd (H.) 25. net Oct. '25 

Evtryfand : for boys and girls. Edit, by W. E. 
Cule. Cr. 4to, 10x7!, pp. 200, 33. 6d. net. 

CAREY PR., Sept. '25 

Everyman, and other plays. Decorated by John 

Austen. Roy. 8vo, xox6, pp. 214, 155. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Sept. "25 

Every man calendar (The). Roy. 8vo, io{ x 6, 

is. net (Cheltenham) BANKS, Au%* '25 

Eve's garden, Fox (L. E.) 2S, 6d, net.. Dec. '25 
Evidence, Law of, Cockle (E,) 185. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Evidence, Law of, Stephen (J. F., Sir) 6s. net. 

Nov. '25 
Evidence, Law of, in Scotland, Lewis (W. J.) 

25s. net Sept. '25 

Evil kettle, Dunsany (Lord), is. net ..Dec. '25 

" Evoe." See Knox (E. V.) 

Evolution, ABC of, McCabe (J.) is. 6d. net. 

Tulv *25 

Evolution and genetics, Morgan (T. H.) 95. 

n^t , jVow. '25 

Evolution, Bankruptcy of, Morton (H. C., Rev.) 

2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Evolution : Collective spirit, Coaling (V.) 

TS. 6d. net 0<& '25 

Evolution, Concerning, Thomson (J. A.) us. 6d. 

net ......... J^fy '25 

Evolution, Dogma of, More (L. T.) i6s. net. 
^ Feb. '25 

Evolution explained, Parsons (J. L) 73, 6d 

^" net * Mar. '25 

Evolution, heredity and variation, Cutler (D. W.) 

43, net ...,....,.., July '25 

Evolution in the light of modern knowledge: 

a collective work. 8vo, 8fX5|, pp. 544, sis. BLACKIE, Aug. '25 

Evolution : Is evolution true ? Price (G. McC.) 

and McCabe (J.) as. 6d. f is. net . . Sept. '35 
Evolution : Living organisms, Goodrich (E. S.) 

6s. net Jan. ^25 


Evolution of man, Haeckel (E.) Vol. i. 2s. 6d. 

net ............................ July '25 

Evolution of man : individual and social, Lund 

(P.) 6d. net ...................... June "25 

Evolution, Organic, Williams (J. E.). In search 

of reality, i. ?s. 6d. net .......... Nov. '25 

Evolution, Phantom of organic, Price (G. McC,) 

6s. net .......................... Jan. '25 

Evolution, Physico-chemical, Gwye (C. E.) 6s, 

net ............. . ........... ..... Feb. '25 

Ewart (John S.) The Roots and causes of the 

Wars, 1914-1918. 2 vols. 8vo, 9x53, pp. 

712, 537, 42S, net ---- HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 
Ewer (Monica) The Best of both worlds : play. 

7i X 5, PP- 72, ss. 6d. net. (Plays for the people.} 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., Nov. '25 

Ewing (William) J. E. H. Thomson, D.D., 

scholar and missionary in the Holy Land. 

Foreword by Maj.-Gen. Sir David Bruce. 

Illus. 8vo, 8 X si, pp. 308, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Ex-gentleman, Nash (T.) 73. 6d. net ..Apr. '25 
Examinations, Common, for entrance to public 

schools. 45. 6d. net ....... . ........ Nov. '25 

Examinations : Marking system, Hopkins (L. T.) 

2S. 6d, net ... .................. . June '25 

Examinations, New type, Paterson (D. G.) 

35. 6d. net ................ , ..... July '25 

Examinations, Scholarship and entrance, Guide 

to, Kemp (A.) ss. . , ............ Feb. '25 

Exchange, Foreign, Cutforth (A. E.) ics. 6d. 

net ............................ Oct. '25 

Exchange, Foreign, and bills, Spalding (W, P.") 

75. 6d. net ..... ................. Oct. '25 

Exchange, Foreign ; investor's point of view, 

Lever (E. H.) 8s. 6d. net .......... Oct. '25 

Exchange, Foreign, market, Miller (H. F. R.) 
, 8s. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Exchange, Foreign, Primer of, Spalding (W. F.) 

3S. 6d. net ....................... Oct. '25 

Executorship accounts, Student's guide to, 

Carter (R. N.) 75. 6d. net .......... Apr. '25 

Executorship law and accounts, Ranking (D, F. 

de FHoste) and others. 153. net .. Dec. '24. 
Exeter, Anglo-Norman Custumal of, Schopp 

(J. W.) 55. net .................. Apr. '25 

Exeter, Truro and the West, Foora (E.) 

[Cathedrals], as. 6d. net .......... May "25 

Exhibitions and the arts of display, Weaver 

(L., Sir) sos. net ....... * ........ Mar. "25 

Exile : play, Doyle (A.) ss. net ...... Oct. '25 

Exmoor, Echoes of. 3rd ser. 2s. net.. May '25 
Expansion of England, Steley (]. H., Sir) 3$* 6dL 

net ......................... ... Man '25 

Expansion of Europe, Abbott (W. C.) i6s. net. 

Afar, '25 

Expansionists of 1812, Pratt (J, W.) 8s. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Expectancy, Eyton (J*) 35. 6d. net ..... Oct. '25 

Experience, Cotton (C.) as. 6d. nct..A/ar. '25 
Experiments, Douglas (N,) xas. 6d. uet,,0d, '35 
Exploration : Last secrets, Buchan (],) 23, net. 

5>>t '25 
Explosives '49th annual report of H.M, Inspectors 

1924. is. net ......... . . .H.M.S.O,My '25 

Exaofltorf Times (The). Founded by James 

Hastings. Edit, by A. W. Hastings and Rev. 

E, Hastings. Vol. 36. Roy. 8vo, <jf x 7|, 

pp. 576, 128. net.,T. & T. CLARK, Sept. '25 
Expression, Intelligence in, Vivante (L.) zos. 6d. 

net ...... ---- ...... ...... ,.,... Jan. *s 

Expressionism, Bahr (H.) 6s, net . . . ./n^*5 

Extreme Oriental mixture, Collins (G.) xos. 6d. 

net . ..... ....... . ........... .June '25 

EycltsSiymtr (A. C.) and Jones (Tom)- Hand- 

atlas of clinical anatomy. 4to, sos, net. 

KIMPTON, Sept,, '25 
Eye cases, Nursing of, Kingham (L.) is, net. 

May *25 
Eye for an eye, Le Qnmx (W.) gd, net. 

Eye of Pharaah, Thorne (G,) 33, 6d. net. 
Eye. Pathology and bacteriology of, Collins 
(&. T.) and Mayou (M* S.) 4s t rwt, 

May '25 





Eye, Routine exam, of, Lang (B.) 6s. net. 

Feb. '25 
Eye, Surgery of the, Tor ok (E.) and Grout (G. H.) 

303, net . May '25 

Eyes of the woods, AHsheler (J. A.) 33. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Eyes of the world, Wright (H. B.) 2S. net, 

Feb. * 25 
Eyesight : School vision, Ken (J.) 55. net. 

Mar. '25 

EySes (Leonora) The Hare of Heaven. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^ X 5, pp. 320, 35. 6d. net. 

MELROSE, Apr. '25 

Ey ton (John) Diffidence : a novel. Cr. 8vo, 
7fX5> PP. 294, 7s. 6d. net. 


Eyton (John) Expectancy : a novel. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 319, 33, 6d. net. 


Eyton (John) Jungle-born : a romance. Frontis 
in col. by Lionel Edwards. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 35. 6d. net. 

ARROWSMITH, Sept. '25 

*' Ezbaran " The Sengta and Sern. 7|-X5i, 
pp. 228, 73. 6d. net .... STOCKWELL, July, '25 

Fabr (Beryl) and Hamilton (Cosmo) A Sense of 
humour. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7l x 5, pp. 286, 
35. 6d. net HURST & B., Mar. '25 

Fabcr (Geoffrey) Elnovia : an entertainment 

for novel readers. Illus. by George Morrow. 

8i x si, PP. 304, ?s. 6d. net. 

FABER & GWYER, Dec. '25 
Faber (Oscar) Reinforced concrete beams in 

bending and shear : theory and tests in 

support. 9J X 6J, pp. 161, 95. net. 

Fabian Society, History of, Pease (E. R.) 6s. 

net Apr. '25 

Fable of the bees, Mandeville (B.) 425. net. 

Jan. 25 
Fables, Aesop. (Retold by Winder.) is. 6d. 

net Jane '25 

Fables, Aesop. 35. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Fables, La Fontaine (J. de) More fables : 

Marsh. 6s. net Oct. '25 

Fables from La Fontaine , Little bk. of. (Carter). 

2S. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Fabre (Jean Henri) Animal life in field and 

garden. Trans, by Florence Constable Bicknell 

and Kate Murray. Illus. by 16 engravings 

on wood by E. Fitch Daglish. Roy. 8vo, 

8|x6, pp. 318, 73. 6d. net. 

Fabre (J. H.) Farm friends and foes : talks 

about the creatures useful to agriculture. 

Trans, by Bernard Miall. Illus. Svo, 9x5!* 

pp. 312, 153. net UNWIN, Sept. '25 

Fabrics Co-ordinating Research Ctte. ist report. 

is. gd. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Fabulae heroicae : Latin reader, Purdie (E.) 

23. 6d Sept. '25 

Face cards, Wells (C.) 75. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Face in the night, Wallace (E.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Face of the Earth, Suess (E.) VoL 5. 155. net. 

Feb. '25 

Face : play, Gibbes (F. G.) 6s. net. . . Jan. '25 
Faces of the living dead, Stead (E. W.) is. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

fachiri (Alexander P.) The Permanent Court 

of International Justice : it's constitution, 

procedure and work. 8vo, 153. net. 

MILFORD, July '25 
Facing facts : truths of Christianity, Wood 

(F. P.) is. net Feb. '25 

Factories and workshops Annual report of 

Chief Inspector, 1924. 2s. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 
Facts and ideas, Gibbs (P., Sir) los. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Fact* of our faith (The) : addresses delivered at 

the Royal Albert Hall, Dec. 2nd, 1924, by 

Rear-Adml. Sir Harry H. Stileman and others. 

7i X 5, pp. 60, is. net. MARSHALL BROS., Jan. '25 


Facts of the living dead, Stead (E. W.) is. 6d. 
net Oct. '25 

Fans (Charles H.). See Beach (H. P.) and Fahs, 

Fair (Alice) In praise of Italy. Hand tinted 

Italian art p. covers, 5^x4$, pp. 30, is. net. 

L. B. HILL, Aug. '25 

Fair Touraine, AuUon (M.) 2ios. net. .May '25 
Fair winds and foul, Perry (F.) los. 6d. net. 

Aug. *25 
FairbaSrn (R. Mills) Close of day, and other 

poems. 7j x 5, pp. 15, is. net. 

STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 
Fair-bank (Janet A.) The Smiths. Cr. 8vo, 

7|x 5, pp. 400, 75. 6d. net. 

ARROWSMITH, Sept. '25 
Fafrbridge (Dorothea) Lady Anne Barnard at 

the Cape of Good Hope, 1797 1802. Illus. 

by sketches made by Lady Anne Barnard, 

8vo, 9lX5|, pp. 356, 3os. net. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 
Fairfax-BlakeborongSi (J.) Mai ton memories and 

I'Anson triumphs : the sporting history of 

Malton from earliest times, together with the 

lives and times of the Scotts, I'Ansons, and 

other trainers, jockeys, and gentlemen riders. 

Intro, by Arthur B. Portman. Roy. 8vo, 

ioX6J, pp. 344, 2is. net. 

(West Norwood), TRUELOVE & BRAY, May '25 

Fairfax-Blakeborough (J.) Sporting days and 
sporting stories of turf and chase. Intro, by 
Sir Alfred E. Pease. 19 iUus. Cr. 4to, 10 J x 6j, 
pp. 356, 253. net . . P. ALLAN, Sept. '25 

Fairies and friends, Fyleman (R.) 33. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

Fairies at work and at play, Hodson (G.) 33. 6d. 
net June '25 

Fatness (Michael) The Gathering of Brother 
Hilarius. Re-issue. Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4\ t 
pp. 199, ant. Ithr., 53. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 

FairlfiSS (Michael) The Grey Brethren and other 

fragments in prose and verse. Re-issue. 

Fcp. Svo, 6f x 4^, pp. 157, ant. Ithr,, 53. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 

Falrless (Michael) The Roadmender. Illus. by 
E. W. Waite. Roy. Svo, 8$ x 6J, pp. 129, 
antique Ithr., boxed, iss. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 

Fairloss (Michael) The Roadmender. Re-issue. 
Svo, antique boxed, 125. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 

Fairiey (Helen M.) A Heritage of dust. Cheap 
ed. i2mo, 7iX4&, pp. 281, 2s. net. 


FairSey (Helen M.) The Justice of the White 

Sahib. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 287, 75. 6d. net. 


Falrley (John A.) Lauriston Castle : the estate 
and its owners. Illus. Ed. limited to 350 
numbered and signed copies on hand-made p. 
Roy. 8vo, 9|x6j, pp. 227, 2is. net. 

OLIVER & B., Oct. '25 

Fairplay's annual summary of British shipping 
finance. 8f X sf, pp. 434, ios. 6d. net. 
(51, Palmerston House, E.C.2) " FAIRPLAY," 

Apr. '25 

Fairweather (William, Rev.) Jesus and the 

Greeks ; or, Early Christianity in the tideway 

of Hellenism. 8vo, 9 X 5$, pp. 423, 123. net. 

T. & T. CLARK, Dec. '24 

Fairy book, English, Rhys (E.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fairy book, Goldenrod, Singleton (E.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Fairy book, Hungarian, Pogany (N.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Fairy book, Irish, Graves (A. P.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Fairy book, Italian, MacDonell (A.) 6s. net. 

Sept. *25 
Fairy book, Polish, Byrde (E.) 6s. net. 

Stpt. '25 

Fairy book, Scottish, Grierson (E. W.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 





Fairy book, Welsh, Thomas (W. J.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fairy-doll, BiUma (J. G. de) 2is. net Oct. '25 

Fairy folks' annual, Collins'. 55. net . .Sept. '25 
Fairy stories, Andersen (H. C.) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Fairy stories, Grimm (Bros.) 35. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Fairy stories from France, Ashley (D.) 33. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Fairy tales, Andersen (H ) 35. 6d. net. . ,Aug, '25 
Fairy tales, Andersen (H. C.) 55. net. .Sept. '25 
Fairy tales, Andersen (H. C.) (illus. by Anderson.) 

IDS. 6d Sept. '25 

Fairy tales, Buntano (F. F.) (Kroeker). 73. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Fairy tales, Girls 1 own book of. is. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Fairy tales, Greek : Golden porch, Hutchinson 

(W. M. L.) TS. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Fairy tales, Grimm (Bros.) is. 6d. net. Mar. '25 
Fairy tales, Grimm (Bros,) 35. 6d. met.. Aug. '25 
Fairy tales, Grimm (Bros.) (illus. by Rackham). 

2is. net * Dec. '25 

Fai?3f tales. Illus. in col. and black-and-white 

by Chris. G. Temple. Cr. 4 to, 10 x 7$, 33. net. 

J, F. SHAW, July '25 

Faky tales, Indian, Eelgrave (M. D.) and Hart 
(H.) 33. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Fairy tales, Norwegian, Asbjornsen and Moe. 
iis. net . Dec. '24 

Fairy tales, Old (Illus. by Govey.) 35. 6d. 

July '25 

Fairy tales, Old. 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Fairy tales, Science of, Hartland (E. S.) 6s. net. 

Fairy tales, Scottish, Button (B.) is, 6d. 6 net, 

Nov. '25 
Fairy tales and stories, Andersen (H. C,) is, 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Fairy tales and verses, Boys' own book of, 

is. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Fairyland express, Barker (A. R.) 55. net. Dec.^s 

Faith, Facts of our. is. net Jan. '25 

Faith for children, Eaton (M.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Faith, Foundations of, Orchard (W. E., Rev.) 2, 

ChristologicaL ss. net , Mar. '25 

Faith healing, Shipsey (M. B.) 2S. net. 

Jan. '25 
Faith, Industry of, Waggett (P. N.) 53. net. 

Mar. '25 
Faith, Non-rational character of, Thomas (E, E., 

Rev,) 6s. net Oct. '25 

Faith of a Liberal, Sutler (N. M.) xos, 6d. net. 

Jan, '25 
Faith of a modern churchman, Gla$&brook 

(M. G., Rev.) ss. net Deo. '25 

Faith of the Forerunner, Parnswortk (A. J.) 

Nov. '25 
Faith, Power of, Benson (E. A.) is. 6d, net. 

Sept. '25 
Faith, Practical, Anson (H.) 35. 6d. net, ,0ct. '25 

Faith, Reasonable. 73. 6d. net May '25 

Faith, Returning tide of, Talbot (N. S,, Kev.) 
33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Faithful! {Theodore J.) The King's prerogative, 
aixd other undelivered addresses on the new 
socialism. With foreword on. Stabilisation 
by Frederick Soddy. i^mo, 7i x 4|, pp. 68, 
swd, is. net C. W. DANIEL, mar. '25 

Faithfully Jenny Dove, Farjeon (E.) 7$. 6d. net, 

July *#5 

Falconer (J. P. E.) Britain's Tut-Ankh-Amen. 
81 X si, pp. 8, is. net. 
(34, Upper Montague St. ,W.j.) AUTHOR, Fe6.*25 

Falconer (Robert, Sir) The United States as 
a neighbour : from the Canadian point of 
view. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5* pp. 267, 75. 6d, net. 
CAMB. UNIV. PR., Dec* '25 

Falcon's eyrie, H^te (A. G.) 7s. 6d. net Sept. *z$ 

FaHc (Henry C.) Operating room procedure for 
nurses, etc, Cr. 8vo, los. 6d. net. 

PUTHAMS, Sept. *25 


Falkland Islands Colonial report, 1923. od. net 

H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Fallen angels : comedy, Coward (N.) 53., 33. 6d, 

net Apr. '25 

Fallen houses, Atherton(H.) 73. 6d,net. June'z* 
Falling leaves, Vane (S.) 55., 33. 6d. net. 

False position, Reynolds (Mrs. B.) as. net. 

Fame, Keating (M.) 75. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Familiar studies of men and books, Stevenson 

(R. L.) is. 6d., 33. 6d., 73. 6d. net. Feb.-Sept.'zs 
Family in the making, Hall (R, O.) 35. 6d 

as. net / M / y 35 

Family welfare work, Breckinridgt (S. P.) 225. 6d 

net p e b. '25 

Family witch, Co^ (A. B.) 73. 6d. net. .Nov. '25 
Family's Jane, Afass3 (A.) is. 6d. net. 
June '25 

Famous historic of Chinon of England, MiddUton 

(C.) 253. net %?&. '25 

Famous tragedy of the Queen of Cornwall, Hardy, 

(T.) 6s. net Nov. '25 

Fanatic : drama, Golsworthy (A.) 55. . . Mar. '25 

Fancharatram, Bhasa. 6s July '25 

Fancies versus fads, Chesterton (G. K.) 33. 6d. 

net May '25 

Fancy work, Weldon's Practical guide to. 33. 6d., 

is. 6d. net Dec, '24 

Fane (Lenox) Legation Street. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 

pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net..T. BUTTERWORTH, Oct. '25 
Fanshaw (Maurice) Reconstruction : five years 

of work by the League of Nations. Cr. 8vo, 

7} x 5, pp. 336, 5$. net. 

AIXEN & U., Sept. '25 

Far flung, Cook (H. H.) 73. 6d. net... Oct. '25 
Far from the limelight, Page (G.) as. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Far frontier, Cooper (C. R,) as. net July '25 

Far harbours, Hutchinson (H.) 153. net. 

JJec, '25 

Far horizons, Bedford-Jones (H.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Farce of the worthy Master Pierre Pateliu, 

Jagendorf (M.) 23. net Mar. '25 

Farces, Garnck (D.) Three farces. 7s. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Farjugton (Joseph) The Farington diary. Edit, 

by James Greig. Vol. 5, Jan. 9th, 1808 to 

Dec. aist, iSoq. With frontis. and 13 iilus. 

Roy, 8vo, 9J x 6, pp. 359, ais. net 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Farington diary, Farington (J.) Vol. 5. 2 is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Paris (John T.)- When America was young. 

8vo, 2 is. net HARPERS, Oct. '35 

Farjeon (B. L.) The Nine of hearts. Cheap ed, 

i2mo, 7iX4i pp. si8, is. net. 

R. HAYES, Apr. '25 
Farjeon (Eleanor)-The Country child's alphabet, 

Drawings by William Michael Kothemstein, 

Roy. 8vo, 8jx6i, bds. as, net; swd, is. 6d. 

net ,..,.. POETRY BOOKSHOP, Dec, '24 

Farjeon (Eleanor) Faithfully Jenny Dove, and 

other tales. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 272, 7s, 6d 

net - CQLUNS, July "25 

Ftrfeoa (Eleanor) Martin Pippin in the apple 

orchard, Illus. by C. E. Brock. Roy. Svo 

9X7, pp. 396, suede, ass, net. 

COLLINS, JN"ov '25 

Farjeon (EleanorJMighty men. Pictures by- 
Hugh Chestennaru Book 52, From Beowulf 

to Harold. Cr. Svo, 7$ x si pp. 125, is. 8d. 


rarjtoit (Eleanor) Son^s from "Punch" for 

children : set to rausic by Eleanor Farjeon + 

Impl. Svo, ii x 8|, pp. 28, ss. 6d. net, 

J. SAVILLK, Apr. '25 
rarlton (Eleanor) Tom Cobble, lllus, by M. 

Dobson. Roy. Svo, 8^x61, pp. 43* is. 6d. 

net BLACKWBLL, Oct. '25 

Farjeon (Eleanor) -The Town child's alphabet. 

Designs by David Jones. Roy, &vo, 8| X 6|, 

bds. ds. net; swd. is. 6d. net. 






Farjeon (J. Jefferson) Uninvited guests. Cr. 

8vo, 71 x 5, pp. 362, 7s. 6d. net. 

BRENTANOS, July '25 
Farley (W. J.) The Progress of prophecy: 

a study of hebrew prophecy in its historical 

development. Cr. 8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 338, 6s. net. 
R.T.S., Mar. '25 

Farm book, My, Herbert (C.) 33. net . .June '25 
Farm book-keeping, Foster (L. F.) 155. net. 

Sept. '25 
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June '25 

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Sept. '25 
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1 8s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

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Jan. '25 
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153. net Nov. '25 

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and adventure before the mast in the 'nineties. 

Illus. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. 259, IDS. 6d. net. 

WITHERS Y, Oct. '25 
farmer (Henry George) The Arabian influence 

on musical theory. 8vo, swd. 2S. 6d. net. 
H. REEVES, Feb. '25 
Farmer (Henry George) Byzantine musical j 

instruments in the 9th century. 8vo, swd. " 

2S. 6d. net H. REEVES, June '25 

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(A. E.) 8s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

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(F. W.) 43. net Jan. '25 

Farmers* Mutual fire insurance in U.S., Valgreen 

(V. N.) 95. 6d. net Feb. '25 

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2S. 6d. net Mar,. '25 

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Edit, by Cleveland Fyfe. 8i X 5|, 

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N.F.U., Mar. '25 

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is. net NELSON, Sept. '25 

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is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Farncombe (Frank E.). See Hadfield (R. L.) 
and Farncombe, 

Farnell (Lewis Richard) -The Attributes of God. 
(Gilford Lectures delivered in the University 
of St. Andrews, 1924-25.) 8vo, 9X5!, PP 
293, I2S. 6d. net MILFORD, Nov. '25 

FarnSiant (Dwight T.) and others Profitable 
science in industry. 8vo, 155. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Farnoi (Jeffery) The Broad highway. Cr, 8vo, 
2S. (Supplementary Readers, Boys.) 

Low, Mar. '25 

Farnoi ( Jeffery) Chronicles of the Imp. Cr. 8vo, 
2S. (Supplementary Readers, Girls.) 

Low, Mar. '25 

Farnoi (Jeffery) The Loring mystery. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX 5, PP. 34# 7s. 6d. net Low, Feb. '25 

Farnoi (Jeffery) Sir John Dering : a romantic 
comedy. Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo, 7! X 5, 
pp. 378, 43. net Low, Mar. '25 

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runner ; or, John the Baptist in Machaerus : 
a poem. 7! x 5, pp. 46.. .FOLK PR., Nov. '25 

Farquhar (A.). See Sloan (A.) and Farquhar. 

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built. 8vo, 8| X 5i, pp. 306, 155. net. 

APPLETON, Nov. '25 

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255. net LONGMANS, Mar. '25 


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LONGMANS, Sept. '25 

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man of fortune. Authorised trans, from 
the French by Leo Ongley. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 
pp. 413, 75. 6d. net. .T. BUTTERWORTH, Oct. '25 
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Anglian heaths : observational and experi- 
mental studies of the vegetation of Breck- 
land. Cr. 4to, lof x 7$, pp. 118, 75. 6d. net. 
CAMS. UNIV. PR,, Mar. '25 
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Illus. Cr. 4to, 10 x 7^, pp. 100, 33. 6d. net. 
HURST & B., Apr. '25 
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Mar. '25 
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net Dec. '24 

Fast lady, Howard (K.) 73. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Fasti Ecclesias Scoticanae, Scott (H.). Vol. 5, 

305. net Apr. '25 

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Fate knocks at the door, Cole (S.) 33. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Fate of Osmond Brett, Hutchinson (H.) 2s, net. 

Feb. '25 
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June '25 

Father Time stories, Stevenson (J. G.) 2S. 6d. 
net July '25 

Father Tuck's annual. Illus. Cr. 4to, io x 7|, 

pp. 143, 53. net R. TUCK, Sept. '25 

Fats, Leathes (J. B.) and Raper (H. S.) 123. 6d. 

net June '25 

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net Jan. '25 

Fattest head in the Fifth, Hadath (G.) 55. net. 

Oct. '25 
Faugh-a-Ballaghs, ist Battalion, in the Gt. War, 

Burrowes (A. R., Brig.-Gen.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Fayre (Gabriel) The Dolomites. Illus. Roy. 

8vo, 8|x6|, pp. 144, 7s. 6d. net. (Picture 

gmdss) MEDICI Soc., Dec. '25 

Faust, Goethe (J. W. von) (Anster) 425. net. 

Nov. *25 

Faustine, Rita. 2S. net Feb. "25 

Faustus, Doctor John, History of the damnable 

life and deserved death of. 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
FavoiarSie atlas. Roy. 8vo, 9! X7J, pp. 16, swd. 

6d. net WARD, LOCK, Feb. '25 

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(M. C. F.) 55. net Apr. '25 

Fawcett (Millicent Garrett) What I remember. 

Illus. Rep. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. 272, i2s. 6d, net. 

UNWIN, Jan, '25 

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Cr. 8vo, 7ix 5, pp. in, 2S. 4d. (Bell's Natural 

science ser.) BELL, Apr . '25 

Fawdry (R. C.). See also Dwell (C. V.) and 

Fay (C. R.) Agricultural co-operation in the 

Canadian West. 8vo, Six si, pp. 35, swd. is. 

net P. S. KING, Aug. '25 

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a description and analysis. 3rd ed., rev. 8vo, 
8f x s|, pp. 497, 155. net. .P. S. KING, Aug. '25 

Fay (Mrs. Eliza) Original letters from India, 
1779-1815. With intro. and terminal notes 
by E. M. Forster. 8vo, 9 X s, pp. 288, 155. 
net HOGARTH PR., May '25 

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from the French with a pref . by Louis Golding. 
Cr. 8vo, 7fX5, pp. 304, 73. 6d. net. 

JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

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Fearless voyager, Ryan (B. M,) 2S. net. 

Apr. '25 

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Lessons, 1926. Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4i, pp. 126, 
swd. 2S. 6d. net N. S. S. U., Oct. '25 





" Featftei-ed World": year book for 1925. 
Edit, by R. and O. Comyns-Lewer, assisted 
by leading specialists. i4th year. 8vo, 
8i X sj, pp. 511, 2S. net. 


Featherstone (B. K.). See Garsia (M.) and 

Fef&vre (Lucien) and Bataillon (Lionel) A Geo- 
graphical introduction to history. Roy. 8vo, 
9l X 6, pp. 414, 1 6s. net. History of civili- 
sation) K. PAUL, Mar. '25 

Federal Constitution, Chandler (J. A. C.) us. 
net . Apr. '25 

Federal Reserve system, Formative period of 
the, Harding (W. P. G.) lys. net. . . .Dec, '25 

Feed the brute ! Swift (M.) 2S. 6d. net. .May '25 

Feeding, Gospel of, Mallett (R.) is. net. 

Feb. '25 

Feeding Peter. By Caroline. Cr. 8vo, 93. net. 

Feer (E.) The Diagnosis of children's diseases. 
8vo, 353. net LIPPINCOTT, Apr. '25 

Feet, Children's, Saving the, Sewell (C. W.) 
is. net Sept. '25 

Feet of clay, Tuttle (M.) 2s. net May '25 

Felix annual (The) : picture stories of the famous 

film cat. Cr. 4to, 10 X 7&, pp. 95, 2s. 6d. net. 

" DAILY SKETCH," July '25 

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Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. in, 33. 6d. net. (World's 
manuals) MILFORD, Oct. '25 

Fellowes (Edmund H.) Orlando Gibbons : a 
short account of his life and work. With 
port 8vo, 8 X si, pp. 117, 75. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, May '25 

Fellowship hymn-book (The). With notes on 

the hymns and tunes. i2mo, 5f X4|, C. D. 

Edition, is. 6d. net ; C. H. Edition, is. 9d. net. 


Fellowship hymn-book (The). i8mo, 5^x4!, 
is. id. net SWARTHMORE PR., Sept. '25 

Fellowship of anglers, Hutchinson (H, G.) los. 6d, 
net May '25 

Fellowship of the frog, Wallace (E.) 75. 6d. 

Jan. '25 

Femme francais, Scho&ll (F. L.) los. net. 

Jan. '25 

Fen Country, Marlowe (C.) iss. 6d. net. Nov. '25 

Fenelon (K. G.) The Economics of road trans- 
port. Roy. 8vo, 8| x 5^, pp. 256, IDS. 6d. 
net ALLEN & U., Feb. '25 

Fenland mystery, Brandreth (C. A.) 7s. 6d. 

net May '25 

Fenn (E, A. Humphery)- Clay. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 

pp. 283, 6s. net BALE, May '25 

Finn (B. A. Humphery) "That which shall 

follow " : talks to boys. Cr. 8vo, is. net. 

BALE, Feb. '25 
Fenn (G. Manville) Will of the mill i2mo, 

7x4$, pp. 1 86, is. 6d. net. (Boys 1 and 

girls' lib.) COLLINS, Feb. '25 

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laughed. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 251, 73. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Aug. '25 

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(Short plays) .APPLETON, Oct. '25 

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7&X5, pp. 366, 3S. 6d. net 

Ferenczy (Arpad) Kunala : an Indiaxi fantasy. 

Foreword by C. A. Hewavitarne. Cr. 8vo, 

7|X 5, pp. 255, 75. 6d. net, . . J. CAPE, May '25 
Ferguson (D. F.) See Piggott (H. E.) and 

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7t X 5, pp. 319, 7s. 6d. net LANE, May '25 

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8vo, 7iX5, pp. 75, 55, net. 

A. MILROSE, 0c*. '25 
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Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 64, 2s. 6d. net 

MERTON PR., May '25 


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Cr. 8vo, 7|"X5, pp. 312, 75. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Sept.'zs 

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the *' Weekly Magazine " and the eds. of 1773 
and 1779. 9x6, pp. 107, 9S. net. 

PORPOISE PR., June '25 
Fermentation, Micro-organisms and, Jorgensen 

(A.) 305. net May '25 

Fernande, Maxwell (W B.) 73. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 

Fernandez (Leandro H.) Philippine history 
stories. Cr. 8vo, 2S. 6d. net. (Social studies 
ser.) HARRAP, June '25 

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des Alpes. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 8Jx6J, pp. 154, 
75. 6d. net. (Picture guides.) 

MEDICI Soc., Dec. '25 

Ferrar (Nicholas) : Little Gidding and its lounder, 
Collett (H.) is. net July '25 

Ferrero (Guglielmo) The Women ot the 
Caesars. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9ix6|, pp. 347, 
15$. net PUTNAM, Oct. '25 

Fete and amusement organisers' handbk., Henry 
(W.) 2S. net May '25 

Fettered, Trent (P.) 35. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Fiction, Writing of, WHarton (E.) 73. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 

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Field (Samuel) and Bonney (Samuel R.) The 
Chemical colouring of metals and allied pro- 
cesses. 8vo, 9 X 5$, los. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Feb. '25 

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tax simplified. 8th ed., 1925-6. i2mo, 
7lX4f, pp. 98, swd. is. 6d. net. 

SIMFKIN, July '25 

Fieldhouse (Arthur E, Ewart)- The Student's 
complete phonographic shorthand exercises : 
examination guide and speed tests illustrating 
the principles and practice of the art as set 
forth in the textbooks. New era eel. Cr. 8vo, 
7i X 5, pp. 208, 33 PITMAN, Aug. '25 

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7iX 5, pp. 315, 7s. 6d. net. . . COLLINS, Sept. '25 

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pp. 346, 73. 6d. net COLLINS, Jan. "25 

Fielding (A.) The Eames-Erskine case : a detec- 
tive novel. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 
283, 2S. 6d. net .COLLINS, Feb. '25 

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don'ts. ismo, 7x4!, pp. 92, ss. 6d. net 

METHUEN, Mar, *S5 

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Illus. hy Rowland Wheelwright. 10 X 7, 
pp. 728, 255, net HARRAP, Nov. *25 

Fielding (Henry)-The History of the adven- 
tures 01 Joseph Andrews and his friend Mr. 
Abraham Adams. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 
7f X 5, pp. 312, 2S. 6d. net. HARRAP, July *2S 

Fielding (Henry) Tom Thumb the Great. 
Edit., with intro. and note oo. production, 
by John Hampden. i2rno, 7|X4|, pp. 88, 
as, net. (Garrick playbooks.) 


Fielding, Henry, Dobson (A.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Fielding, Novels of, Digeon (A.) los. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Fielding (William J,) Health and self-mastery 
through psycho-analysis and auto-suggestion. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 224^ 7s. 6d. net. 

J. HAMILTON, Nov* *25 

Fields of Sleej)^ Vivian (E. C.) 2s. net. ,Jan t '25 

Kery Cross, Romance of the, Ingram (K.) is. 6d. 
net Dec. *4 

Fiery particles, Montague (C. E.) 33. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Fife (Charles W. Domvilie-). See DomviUe-Fife. 

Fife (George)~Honour. Cr. 8vo, 7iX4|, pp. 
256, 6s. net .,.,...,,. CONSTABLE, 4|. *5 

Fife (James, 2nd Lord) Lord Fife ana Ms 
factor : the correspondence of James, second 
Lord File, 1729-1809. Edit, by Alistadbt 
and Henrietta Tayler. 8f X si, pp. 290, 
2is. net. .HEINEMANN, Nov* ^25 





Fife, History of, Wilkie (J.) 2 is. net.. Dec. '24 
FifleSd (Lionel R.) Minor surgery. With 273 

illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 441, iss. 6d. net. 

H. K. LEWIS, May '25 
Fifteen men, Slade (G.) 55. net ...... Aug. '25 

Fifteen years, Smoljar (P.) is. net. . ..Oct. '25 

Fifth asset, Curtis (M.) 2S. 6d. net.. . Apr. '25 
Fifty thousand miles of sun, Liddell (R. S,} 

los. 6d. net ...................... Aug. '25 

Fifty years of sport, Miller (E. D.) 2 is. net. 

July '25 
Fig leaf, Horn (K.) 73. 6d. net ...... Jan. '25 

Figgis (Darrell) The Paintings of William Blake. 
100 plates. n& x 9, pp. 132, 1265. net. 

BENN, Nov. '25 

Fight for man, Gough (A. W., Rev. Preb.) 35. 6d. 
net ............................ Dec. '24 

Fight for the child, White (F. M.) 73. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Fighting Rationalist, Margrie (W.) 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fighting redhead, Chambers (E. W.) 7s. 6d. 
net ............................ July '25 

Fighting shepherdess, Lockhart (C.) 23. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fighting the air spies, Sword (J., jun.) 53. net. 

July '25 

Fighting the world, Karolyi (M., Count) 2 is. 
net ............................ Jan. '25 

Fights for freedom, Soutter (F. W.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Figs from thistles, Welby (T. E.) 53. net. Apr. '25 
Figures of earth : comedy, Cabell (J. B.) 2 is. 
net .............................. Oct. '25 

Figures, Practical graphic, Lutz (E. G.) 8s. 6d. 
net ............................ May '25 

Fiji Colonial report, 1924. is. 3d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 
Fiji Islands : Journal of Wm. Lockerby (sub.) 

July '25 

FSSene (A. Lincoln) A Merchant's horizon. In 
collaboration with Burton Kilne. 8vo, 8^x5^, 
pp. 272, xos. 6d. net ...... PITMAN, Dec. '24 

Filene (Edward A.) The Way out : a business- 
man looks at the world. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, 
pp. 254, 7s. 6cl. net ---- ROUTLEDGE, Mar. '25 

Filia Maris, Kosher (C. H.) 55. net ---- Sept. '25 

Filibusters, Hyne (C. J. C.) 25. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Film of fear, Fredericks (A.) is. net. . .Apr. '25 

Finance accounts of the United Kingdom, 

1924-25. 2S. net ........ H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Finance, Belgian public, Restoration of, Janssen 

(A. E.) is. net .................. Oct. '25 

Finance in British India, Provincial, Ambedkar 

(B. R.) 155. net ................ Aug. '25 

Finance, National : Revolution by reason, 

Strachey ( J.) 75. 6d. net ............ Dec. '25 

Finance of government, Hills (J. W.) and Morison 

(D. C.) 35. 6d. net .............. July '25 

Finance : Real wealth and financial poverty, 

Adams (W., Capt.) 7s. 6d. net ---- Mar. '25 
Finance, Scottish local government, Alban 

(F. J.) and others. 153. net ........ Nov. '25 

Financial crisis of France, Peel (G.) los. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Financial development in modern India, Vajtt 

(C. N.) 2is. net ................ Feb. '25 

Financial reconstruction in England, 1815-22, 

Acworth (A. W.) 8s. 6d. net ........ Oct. '25 

Financial statement, 1925-26. 3d. net. 



Financial Times Income tax guide, 1925. 8vo, 
8*X5l, pp. 47, swd. is. net, 

Financial Times, July '25 

Finch (Robert JO- See Piggott (H.) and Finch. 
Finch (William Coles)~-~In Kentish pilgrim land : 
its ancient roads and shrines. Illus, 8vo, 
8iX5l, pp. 326, IDS. 6d. net. 

* 3*> Ff 


Finck (Henry T.) Food and flavour: a f as- 
tronomic guide to health and good living. 
8vo, 8&X5i> PP- 622, I2S. 6d. net. 

HARPER, Oct. '25 


Find the clock, Keeler (H. S.) 7s. 6d. net 

June '25 

FIndlay (Alexander) Chemistry in the service 

of man. With 4 plates and 26 diags. 3rd ed., 

rev. and enl. Cr. 8vo, 7^- x 5, pp. 320, 6s. net. 

LONGMANS, Jan. '25 

Findlay (J. Alexander) Jesus in the First Gospel. 
Cr. 8vo, 7fxs, pp. 317, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Findlay (J. J.) The Foundations of education, 
a survey of principles and projects. Vol. i, 
The Aims and organisation of education. 
8vo, 8 x 5 1, pp. 286, 8s. 6d. net. 

UNIV. OF LONDON PR., June *25 

FindSay (William G.) Gold and spices, and other 

Sunday morning talks to children. Cr. 8vo, 

7|x 5, pp. 80, 2S. net. EPWORTH PR., Aug. '25 

Finger (Charles J.) Bushrangers. Illus. witi 

woodcuts by Paul Honore. Roy, 8vo, 

pp. 232, los. 6d. net ........ HARRAP, May '25 

Finger (Charles J.) Highwaymen : a book 
of gallant rogues. Illus. from wood blocks by 
Paul Honore. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 270, 
los. 6d. net ................ HARRAP, Apr. "25 

Finger (Charles J.) Tales from silver lands. 
Woodcuts by Paul Honore. Roy. 8vo, g| X 7|, 
pp. 237, 8s/6d. net ---- HEINEMANN, Feb. '25 

Finger-post, Dudeney (Mrs. H.) 2s. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Finger writes, Terry (E. N.) 7s. 6d. net. . Jaw*. '25 

Fink (C. G.) and Eldridge (C. H.) The Restora- 

tion of ancient bronzes and other alloys 

(Met. Museum of Art, New York.) 8vo, 

9^X6, pp. 53, swd. 2s. 6d. net. 

QUARITCH, Aug. *i25 

Finland!- -Economic, financial and industrial 
conditions, March, 1925. 2S. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Finland, Industry and trade of. i8s. . .Sept. '25 
Finlay (G. T.) ed. Cattle breeding. 128. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Finiey (Martha) (Farquharson) Christmas with 
Grandma Elsie. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 
7l X 5, pp. 317, 2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, June '25 

Finiey (Martha) (Farquharson) Elsie and the 
Raymonds. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 
pp. 324, 2s. 6d. net ---- ROUTLEDGE, Aug. '2$ 

Finiey (Martha) Farquharson) Elsie at Viamede. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 294, 2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, July '25 

Finiey (Martha) (Farquharson) Elsie yachting 
with the Raymonds. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 
7|X5, pp. 284, 2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, June '25 

Finley (Martha) (Farquharson) Elsie's friends 
at Woodburn. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, 
pp. 334, 2S. 6d. net .. ROUTLEDGE, June '25 
Finiey (Martha) (Farquharson) -Elsie's girl- 
hood. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 
320, 2S. 6d. net ...... ROUTLEDGE, June '25 

Finiey (Martha) (Farquharson) Elsie's vacation 
and after events : With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 
7^X5, pp. 296, 2S. 6d. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, June '25 

Finn episode in Beowulf, Williams (R. A.) xos. 
net ............................ Dec. '24 

Finnemore (D. L.) Boys ! A complete manual 
for workers among boys. Foreword by John 
Oxenham. Cr. 8vo, 7ix 5, pp. 383, 55. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 
Fire Brigade, London. 6s. net ........ Apr. '25 

Fire in the flint, White (W. F.) 75, 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Fire mountain, Springer (N.) 33. 6d. net. July '25 

Fire mountain, Springer (N.) 2S. 6d. net July '25 

Firebaugh (W. C.) The Inns of the Middle 

Ages. Limited to 900 copies. Roy. 8vo f 

1 8s. net .......... G. RICHARDS, Feb. '25 

Firelight tales, Attwell (M. L.) as. net July '25 
Firkins (Oscar W.) William Dean Howells: 
a study. Roy. 8vo, 205. net. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 

First (Edith) Verses for children. 7i X 5$, 
pp. 16, is. net ...... STOCKWELL, Apr. '23 





First aid illus. in colours, Cantlie (J,, Sir). 6d. 

net . June '25 

First aid irx emergencies, Eliason (E. L.) 73. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

First aid to the hungry, Montgomery (E.) is. net. 

Aug. '25 
First and last, Belloc (H.) 33. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 

First Edition Club Bibliographical catalogue 
of first editions, proof copies and manuscripts 
of books by Lord Ryron : exhibited at the 
Fourth Exhibition, Jan., 1925. Ed. limited to 
500 copies. Cr. 4to, lox 7|, pp. 115, 305. net. 

First five thousand, Stopes (M. C.) 2S, 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

First five years of the Church Assembly, 1920 to 

1925 (The). By a Member of the First House 

of Laity. With a pref. note by the Archbishop 

of York, ismo, 7iX4f, pp. 64, swd. is, net. 

S.P.C.K., MM '25 

First man in the Moon, etc., Wells (H. G.) 2is. 
net Mar. '25 

First stone, Peterson (M.) 33. 6d. net . . Mar. '25 

Firth (J. B.) Highways and byways in Not- 
tinghamshire, Illus. by Frederick L. Griggs. 
I2mo, 7 x 4%, pp. 446, 6s. net ; Ithr. 73. 6d. 
net MACMILLAN, Jan. '25 

Firth (Violet M.) The Psychology of the servant 
problem : a study in social relationships. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 96, 33. 6d. net. 

C. W. DANIEL, July '25 

Firth (Violet M.) The Soya bean : an appeal to 
humanitarians. 7 x 4|, pp. 55, is, net. 

DANIEL, Dec. '25 

Fischtr (Albert)- Tissue culture. Roy. 8vo, 
2is. net HEINEMANN, May '25 

Fischer l (Franz) The Conversion of coal into 
oils. Authorised English trans. Edit, with a 
foreword and notes by R. Lessing. Roy. 8vo, 
ioX7t, PP- 28 4> 3$s. net BENN, May '25 

Fish, Battles with giant, Hedges (F. A. M.) 
los. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Fish, Big, Adventures with, Wood (W.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fish, Handling and transport of, Food Investi- 
gation Bd., Special reports, 25. qd. net. 

Oct. '25 

Flshensleii (Margaret) House heating : a general 
discussion of the relative merits ot coal, coke, 
gas, electricity, etc. With 57 cliags. and other 
figs. Cr. 4to, 10 X 7|, pp. 296, 253. net. 

WlTHERBY, Apr. '25 

Fisher (Daisy) Lavender ladies : a comedy in 

three acts, Cr. 8vo, 7|X 5, pp. 04, 33. 6d. net. 

ALLEN & U., Oct. '25 

Fisher (H. A. L,, Rt. Hon.)~The Pacification 
of Europe. (Basil Hicks Lecture, 1925.) 
9 X 5f, pp. 27, 6d. net. 

(Sheffield) J. W. NORTHEND, June, '25 

Fisher (H. Cecil) The Great day : a play. 

7&X5, pp. 28, is. net. (Plays for the people.) 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., Nov. '25 

Fisher (Harry L.) Laboratory manual of 

organic chemistry. 2nd ed. 8vo, us, 6d. net, 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Jan. '25 

Fisher (R. A.) Statistical methods for research 

workers. Demy 8vo, 9x6, pp. 248, 155. net. 

OLIVER & BOYD, July '35 

Fisheries, English Lake District, Watson (J.) 

los. 6d. net June '25 

Fisheries (Sea and Inland) of Northern Ireland : 
report for 1922 and 1923. o.d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 
Fisheries. See also under Agriculture and 

Fisheries (Ministry of). 
Fishery Board for Scotland 43rd annual report, 

1924. H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Fishery Board for Scotland 43rd annual report 

sea fisheries : statistical tables, 1924. 7s. net. 

H.M.S.O., June <t$ 

FSshtry Board for Scotland^-Salmon fisheries, 
1924, No. 3, Salmon investigation in Scotland, 
1922 : II. Salmon of the River Dee. 53. net. 
H Ji.S.CX, Jan. '25 


Fishery Board for Scotland Salmon fisheries, 

1925. No. i, Report on a collection of sea 

trout scales from the River Hope and the Loch 

Hope in Sutherland. 33. net. 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '25 

Fishery Board for Scotland Scientific investiga- 
tions, 1925. No. i, Aircraft experiments for 

locating herring shoals in Scottish waters, 1924. 

2S. 6d. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Fishes, Jordan (D. S.) 305. net May '25 

Fishes of the British Isles, Jenkins (J. T,) 125. 6d. 

net July '25 

Fishes, Tales of, Grey (Z.) 35. 6d. net. .July '25 
Fishing. Hittchinson (H. G.) 2 vols. 

Jan. '25 
Fishing, Boy's bk. of hunting and, Miller (W. H.) 

los. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Fishing, Float-, Phillips (E.) 43., 2S. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Fishing, Going. 53. net May '25 

Fishing : its cause, treatment and cure, Shering- 

ham (H. T.). 53. net Mar. '25 

Fishmg. See also Angling. 

Fishmonger's tiddle, Coppard (A. E.) 73. 6d. 

net June '25 

Fisiologia aplicada, Ritchie (J. W.) 55. net. 

Jan. '25 
Fiske, William : life and corres., White (H. S.) 

313. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Fitcheii (W, H.)~~Nelson and his Captains. 

Repr. Cr. 8vo, 6s. net ..MURRAY, Feb. '25 
Fitchott (W. H,, Rev.) Wesley and his century, 

Repr. 8vo, los. 6d. net MURRAY, Mar. '25 

Fitzgerald, Edward, Benson (A. C.) 38. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Fitzgerald (F. Scott) The Beautiful and damned. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7i X 4l, pp. 386, 2S. net. 

COLLINS, July '25 

Fitzgerald (F. Scott) Flappers and philosophers. 

Cheap ed. 12010, 7^x4^, pp. 277, 2s. net. 

COLLINS, June '25 
Fitzgerald (R.)The Way of transgressors. 

Cr. 8vo, swd, is. 6d. net DRAKE, June '25 

Fitzmaiiricc (Eva) The Child woman. Cr. 8vo 
7|x 5, pp. 16, is. net. , . .MERTON PR., May '25 

Fstzray (Almeric, Sir)- Memoirs. 2 vols. With 
32 illus. Roy, 8vo, 9^x6, pp. 424, 436, 423. 
net HUTCHINSON, Aug. '25 

Five knots, White (F. M.) 9d. net.. . . . Mar. '25 
Five of them, Wilson (T. W.) 2S, 6d. net. Sept. '25 
Five of us -and Madeline, Nesbit (E.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 

Five people, Botven (M.) 7s. 6d. net ../I $f. '25 
Fixing the stoof oop, M&rson (B.) 4$, (id. net. 

Dec. '25 

Flap, badges and arms of the British Dominions 
beyond the seas : Southern Rhodesia. 33. 

net H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Flame in the South, Hansard (L,) 73. 6d, net. 

Jan. '25 
Flame of love, Rowlands (E. A.) 9d. net. 

Jan. *25 
Flame tree, Baskerville (Mrs. G.) as. net. 

July '25 

Flaming sword, Gibhs (G.) ss* net .... May '25 
Flaming wheel, WUtty (St. J.) 53. net. 

Mar. '35 

Flanders and Hainault, Holland (C.) 7$, 6d, net. 

Oct. '25 
Flanders, Count of (Louis de Male), Letter to, 

Wilkinson (B.) is. net . * May '35 

Flappers and philosophers, Fitzgerald (F. S.) 

2S. net * ... .June '25 

Flappy Jack's day, Wood (L.) gd. net ,.Aug. f &$ 

Flafati (Dorota) * Pong Ho : stories. Cheap dd 

Z2ino, 7|X4t, pp. 286, 28. net 

FJatt (C. A.) Poultry keeping do's and dont's. 

i2ino 7X4| pp. 62, as. 6d. net. 

METHUKN, May '25 
Rauberl (Gustave.) The Legend ol Saint TnHaa 

the Hospitaller. Trans, by M. 0. Honey. 

i8mo, 6JX4, pp. 51, is. 6d. net. (Bilingual 

ser.) .HAREAF, Jan. '555 





Flax, hemp and jute spinning, Carter (H. R.) 
153. net Aug. '25 

Flax Seed and Flax Growing (Ctte. on) Interim 
report to Board of Trade. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Flecker (James Elroy) Don Juan : a play in 
three acts. Pref, "by Helle Flecker. Cr. 8vo, 
7i X 5, pp. 174, 6s. net. .HEINEMANN, Nov. '25 

Flecker (James Elroy) Forty-two poems ; and, 
the Grecians. 8vo, 8x5^, pp. 148, 6s. net, 

DENT, Jan. '25 

Flecker (O. J.) A School chemistry. 2nd ed., 
rev. Cr. 8vo, 71- X 5, pp. 248, 35. 6d. net. 
MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Fleet, British Battle, With the, SchouUs (G. von). 
245. net Sept. '25 

Fleming (A. P. M.) and Brocklehurst (H. J.)-~ 
A History of engineering. With frontis. 8vo, 
9X5^, pp. 320, I2S. 6d. net. . BLACK, Oct. '25 

Fleming (Elizabeth M.) Joseph up-to-date. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 320, 6s. net. 

DRAKE, Feb. '25 

Fleming (Hugh) Poems. i8mo, 2s. 6d. net. 

Fleming (J. A.) Mercury-arc rectifiers and 
mercury- vapour lamps. Cr. 8vo, 7|- X 5, 
pp. 108, 6s. net PITMAN, Aug. '25 

Fleming (J. R., Rev.) The Burning bush: 

the story of the Presbyterian Church in all 

lands, told mainly for young people. 2nd 

rev. ed.* Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 204, 2s. 6d. net. 

T, &T. CLARK, July '25 

Fleming (W. M.) -Where eagles build. Cr. 8vo, 

7i x 5: PP- 286 > 7 s - 6d ' net - 

7 * PF MILLS &B.,S^. '25 

Flemming (Louis A.) ed. Putnam's Word book, 
los. net Mar. '25 

FSeitSey (Ralph) Samuel de Champlain, Founder 
of New France. Cr. 8vo, 43. 6d. net. (Cana- 
dian men of action) MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Fletcher (F. J.) Market nursery work: the 
cultivation of crops for market. 6 vols. Vol. i, 
Glasshouses and the propagation of plants- 
vol. 2, Special glasshouse cro^s ; vol. 3, Roses 
for market ; vol. 4, Carnations and pinks ; 
vol. 5, Orchard fruit tree culture; Vol. 6, 
Decorative plants, trees and shrubs. Cheap ed. 
8vo, 8* X si, ea., swd., 23. 6d. net. 

BENN, Feb. '25 

Fletcher (George) ed.^Ireland. With maps, 
diags. and illus. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 296, 
swd. 45. 6d. CAME. UNIV. PR., July '25 

Fletcher (George) The Life and career of Dr. 
William Palmer, of Rugeley ; together with a 
full account of the murder of John P. Cook, and 
a short account of his trial in May, 1856. Illus. 

8vo, 9X5L PP- r 99> I2S * 6d - ? et - ,, , 
UN WIN, May '25 

Fletcher (Hanslip)Changing London : a book 
of sketches. With an appreciation by Frank 
Rutter. Repr. from the Sunday Times. Folio, 
15 x 10, 53. net CASSBLL, Dec. '24 

Fletcher (J. S.) The Bedford Row mystery. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net 

HODDER &S.,Ma/25 

Fletcher (J. S.)- The Cartwright Gardens 

murder. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 282, 73. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Feb. '25 

Fletcher (J. S.) The Great Brighton mystery. 

Cr. 8vo, 7* X s PP. 3*7, jp- 6d - ne > A . , 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Fletcher (J. S.) The Kang-He vase. Cheap ed. 
i2ino, 7iX4i, pp. 296,23. net 

COLLINS, Apr, '25 

Fletcher (J. S.) The Life and work of St. 
Wilfrid of Ripon, Apostle of Sussex : a lecture. 
8i X 5 1, pp. 63, swd. is. 6d. net. 

(Chichester) E. H. THOMPSON, May '25 
Fletcher (J, S.) The Mill of many windows. 
Cr. 8vo, 71 X 5, PP- 328, 7*. 6d. net 

COLLINS, Sept. '25 

Fletcher (J. S.J The Mysterious Chinaman. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5> PP- 3*2, 2S. 6d. 
net H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 


Fletcher (J. S.} The Reformation in northern 
England ; six lectures. 8vo, 8| X sf, PP- 

192, 7s. 6d. net ALLEN & U., July '25 

Fletcher (J. S.) The Root of all evil. Cheap ed, 
ismo, 74 X 4i, PP- 320, as. net 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 
Fletcher (J. S.) Sea fog. Cr. 8vo, ;J x 5, pp. 311, 

73. 6d. net H. JENKINS, May '25 

Fletcher (J. S.) The Secret of the Barbican, and 
other stories. Cheap ed. I2mo, 7iX4l PP- 

320, 2S. net HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Fletcher (John). See Beaumont (F.) and Hetcher. 
Fletcher (John Gould)--Parables. With wood- 
cut frontis. by John J. A. Murphy. Cr. 8vo, 

7|x 5, pp. 155, 6s. net K. PAUL, Oct. '25 

Fletcher (T. Bainbridge) Birds of an Indian 

garden. 4to, i8s. net THACKER, Jan. '25 

Fleurette of Four Corners, Burgin (G. B.) 75. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

Fleuron (The) : a journal of typography. Edit, 
by Oliver Simon. No. 4. Demy 4to, ufc X 8% f 

pp. 172, 2 is. net " THE FLEURON " July '25 

Flexner (Abraham) Medical education. Roy. 

Svo, los. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Flight, Hine (M.) [novel]. 35. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Flight of the eagle, O'Grady (S.) 35. 6d. net. June*2$ 
Flight of the heron, Broster (D. K.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Oc '25 

Flint (Leon Nelson)-~The ^ Conscience of the 
newspaper : a case book in the principles and 
problems of journalism. Svo, 8 X 5$, pp. 480, 

i2S. 6d. net APPLETON, June '25 

Float-fishing, Phillips (E.) ^s,, 23. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Floating home, lonides (C.) and Atkins (J. B.) 

6s. net May '25 

Floating island, Verne (J.) 2s Mar. '25 

Floating island, Verne (].) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Flockmaster of Poison Creek, Ogden (G. W.) 

33. 6d. net May '25 

Flood (William H. Grattan) Early Tudor com- 
posers : biographical sketches of 32 musicians 
and composers of the period 1485 *555- Pref. 
by Sir W. Henry Hadow. 8vo, 7|xsir PP- 
121, 6s. net. (Oxford musical essays). 

MILFORD, Apr. '25 
Flora, Alpine, Hoffmann (J.) 125. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Flora, British. Bounier (G.) 7s. 6d, net Sept. '25 
Florae Siamensis enumeratio, Craib (W. G,) 

Pt. i. I2S -4. '25 

Florence and N. Tuscany, Button (E.) 7 s. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Florentine Republic, Last, Roth (C.) 2 is. net. 

Oct. '25 

Florian (A. R.) Junior Latin test papers. i8mo, 
6X4, pp. 55, swd., is . . RIVINGTONS, July'25 
Florlan (A. R.) Senior Latin test papers. 
i8mo, 6X4, PP- 64, swd., is. 

Flour manufacture, Amos (P. A.) gs. net. 

Nw. '25 

Flour milling industry, Organisation and man- 
agement in, Pearson (E. L.) I2S. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Flow (A. B.) Bee-keeping up-to-date. Fore- 
word by W. Herrod-Hempsall. 8 illus. i2mo, 
7iX4l, PP. 120, is. 6d. net. .CASSELL, Apr. '25 
Flower (Herbert H.) The Rhyme of the fourth 
wise man : carols, hymns, and other poems. 
71 x 5 pp. 127. 

(Bristol) HORSESHOE PXJBG. Co., July '25 

Flower (Newman) What shall the title be ? [The 

Hospital for Babies, Vincent Sq.] lUus. by 

Charles Grave. 9^x6%, pp. 108, 75. 6d. net. 

CASSELL, May '25 

Flower alphabet for children, Byles (L. S.) 

is. 6d. net - ***$( 

Flower arrangement, Japanese, Avenll (M.) 

ios. 6d. net Sept. 25 

Flower fairies of the summer, Barker (C. M.) 
is, 6d. net ^ 5 





Flower garden, Sanders (T, W.) 
Flower in rain, Short (L. G.) 

los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
7s. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
Flower making, Artificial, Baskin (J.) 8s, 6d. 

net ............................ Jan. '25 

Flower of friendship, De Croindene (A,) 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Flower of the Chapdelaines, Cable (G. W.) 28. 

net ............................ July '25 

Flower o' the heather, Mackenna (R. W.) 35 6d. 

net ............ ... ............. May '25 

Flower of vengeance, Aubrey-Willis (M.) 73. 6d. 

net .............................. Feb. '25 

Flowordew (Herbert) (Nowell Cay) The Pre- 

sumptioa of Stanley Hay, M.P. Repr. Cr. 

8vo, 7&X5, PP- 286, 2S. 6d. net. 

P. WARNE, May '25 

Flowere booke, Donne (M. de). 53. net . . Dec. '25 
Flowering plants and ferns, Diet, of, Willis (J. C.) 

sos. net ........................ June '25 

Flowering plants, Classification of, Rendle (A. B.) 

Vol. 2. 305. net .................... Dec. '25 

Flowering trees and shrubs, MaoSelf. (A. J,) 

6s. net ........................ Jan. '25 

Flowering trees in India, Colthurst (I.) 93. net. 

Jan. '25 
Flowers, Wild, Plait (W.) is. net ____ Mar. '25 

Flowings, Russell (P.) is. 6d. net. . . . .June* '35 
Fluid motion, Intro, to, Bond (W. 3NT.) 6s. net. 

May '25 
Flying carpet, Asquith (C.) 6s. net . . . .Sept. '25 

Flying emerald, Lewis (E.) 7s. 6d. net Oct. '25 
Flying Inn, ChffsUrton (G. K,) 35. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Fiying Osip : stories of New Russia, By 

Seifulina, Shishkov, Kasatkin, Kolosov, 

Pikiyak, Semenov, Ivanov, Zozulya, Arose v. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 318, 73. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, June '25 
Flying : Pioneer in flight, Bush (E. T.) 75. 6d. 

net ......................... ... Dec. '25 

" Flying Scotsman * (The) : the world's most 

famous express, Illus. i2mo, 7j x 4!, pp. 

129, is. net * . LONDON & N.B. RLY., July '25 
Flying scout, Hurst (J.) is. 6d. net.. Sept. '25 
Foa (Eugene) -Little Robinson Crusoe of Paris. 

Told from the French by Julia Olcott. 8vo. 

6s. net. (Stories alt children love.} 

LXVPINCOTT, Sept, '25 
Foarstsr (Norman) and Steadrnan (J. M,, jr.) 

Sentences and thinking : a handbook of 

composition and revision. Rev. by G. C. 

Bateman. Cr. 8vo, 7JX5, pp. 327, 6s. 6d. net. 

CONSTABLE, Feb. '25 

Pokes (Lionel)- Mining electrician's handbook 

for students, electricians, engineers, and 

colliery officials. With 230 illus. and examples, 

general regulations and memorandum, rev. 

ed. Bvo, 8fx si, pp. 431, los. 6d. net. 

(wigan.) T. WALL, Aug* '25 
Folin (Otto) Laboratory manual of biological 

chemistry. With supplement 8vo, 8|X5f, 

pp. 319, las. 6d. net ---- APPI-BTON, Nov. '25 
Folk of Furry Farm, Purdon (K, F.) 33. 6d. 

net ---- . .................... ... Nov. '25 

Folk rhymes of the Gt. War, Rivers (M. K.) 

2S. 6d. net .... ............... ... July '25 

Folklore, Jewish: Contentions with God, 

Qlsvanger (L) is. 6d. net ............ May, *25 

Folk-lore of Borneo, H&nslowe (L.) is. 6d. net. 

Folk lore of the South [N. America], Cox (J. H.) 

255. net ...... ................ . . Mar, '25 

Folfc song and dance, smd ed. i2mo, 7i X 4|, 

pp. 25, swd n 6d, net. . . . .FOLK PR,, Av& *Z5 
Folk-songs, Negro, On the trail of, Scarborough 

(DO i6s, net. .......... . ........ Nov. '25 

Folk songs of French Canada, Barbeau (M.) and 

Sapir (E.) ............ Apr. *z$ 

Folk-tales, Caucasian, Dirr (A,) ss. net. Feb. '25 
Folk tales from many lands, G&sk (L.) ss. net 

t s 

FoUkestone, Roman, WMolt (S. E.) 8s. &L net. 

Aug. '25 


FoIIstt (F. V.) Country flower-seller, and other 
poems. Cr. 8vo, 7f x 4|, pp. 66, 6s. net. 

CONSTABLE, Mar. '25 

Following Ann, Browne (K. R. G.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Following the grass, Drago (H. S.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Following the way : devotional studies in mystical 
religion. By the author of " The Way.'' Cr, 
8vo, 7iX5, pp. 172, ss. net. 


Folly and Cupid, Debate between, Labe (L.) 

25$. net .......................... Or. '25 

Folwell (A. P.) Water-supply engineering. 3rd 

ed., rewritten. Roy. 8vo, 2os. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Jan. '25 
F0ns (Alfred C.) Preventative dentistry for 

dental students. 8vo, 123. 6d. net. 

KIMPTON, July '25 
Fontaine (Arthur) L'Industrie francaise pen- 

dant la Guerre. Roy. 8vo, swd., 145. net. 

(Histoire economise et sociale de, la Guerre 

Mondiale: serie Francaise.} 

IWILFORD, Mar, '25 
Food and flavor, Pinck (H. T.) ias. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Food and health, Plimmer (R. H. A, and V, G.) 

33. 6d., 2S. net .................. Aug. '25 

Food and the family, Mottram (V. H.) $s. net. 

Afay '25 

Food, Bacteriology of, Dukes (C.) 73. 6d. net. 
w Matt. '25 

Food facts for every day, WincMl (F. E.) 43. 
_ ^ .................. ........... to*. '25 

Food : Foreign policy and our daily bread, 

Angdl (N.) 2S. 6d. net ............ Oct. '25 

Food in war-time : Controle du ravitaillcmcnt 

de la population civile, Pinot (P.) 8s, 6d. net, 

Oct. '25 
Food Investigation Board Report, 1923. 33. 

net . ................... H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Food Investigation Board- Special reports. 8 ? 

Measurement of humidity in closed spaces, 

2S. net ................ H.M.S.O., MOD, '25 

Food Investigation BoardsSpecial reports. 20, 

The Problems of apple transport overseas, 

9d. net ................ H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Food Investigation Board Special reports. 21, 

The " gas " content and ventilation of re- 

frigerated holds carrying apples, is. vl net. 


Food Investigation Board* Special reports 22, 
Brown heart in Australian apple shipments. 

is. 3d. net .............. H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Food Investigation Board Special reports. 23, 
Functional diseases of apples in. cold storage. 

is. net .................. H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Food Investigation Board Special reports. 24, 

Experiments on leakage of carbon dioxide gas 

from " unv^ntilated ** holds of ships, 9<L net. 

H.M.S.O., Ato. '25 

Food Investigation Board Special reports. 35, 
Handling and transport of fish. get. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Food of the gods, etc., WeUs (H. G.) 213. et 


Food Prices (Royal Commission on) ist report, 

with minutes of evidence. Vol. x, 3$. Cd, net ; 

vol. 2, aos. net ....... ... H.M.S.O., May '25 

Food Prices (Royal Commission on)" ist report, 

Vol. 3, Appendices. 155. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 
food Prices (Royal Commission on)^ Minutes of 

evidence. Dec. ist, etc., ea. day, is. 6d, 

net .................. .. H.M.S.O., >* **4 

Food remedies, Daniel (F.) is, net..^^f. '25 
Food rings* Britain's, Wilkins (H. T.) is, net. 

Dc. '5 
Food, ScieatijGlc preservation of, Rectw (T. M.) 

z os. net ............ . ..... , ..... Feb* *25 

Food supply of New England, Gilbert (A. W.) 

9$. net .**... ........... . ..... . . Apr, *5 

Food values, McKillop (M.) 33. 6<L net. 

May *25 





Food : What shall we eat ? Fulcker (E.) 53. net. 

Dec. '25 
Food : What to eat, Daniel (F.) 25., is. net. 

Dec. '25 
Food : Why your food costs more. is. net. 

May '25 

Foolcs (Edwin G.) Plain and ornamental letter- 
ing : a practical guide to ticket and show- 
card writing, sign writing, and other forms of 
decorative lettering. Roy. 8vo, 9&x6|r, pp. 

87, 33, 6d. net PITMAN, June '25 

Fool i' the forest, Aldington (R.) 55. net. 

Jan. '25 
Fool : play, Pollock (C.) 35. 6d., as. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fools and philosophers, Priestley (J. B.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '25 
Fools* delight, King (P. J.) 7s. 6d. net. May '25 

Fool's hell, Forbes (R.) 23. 6d. net May '2^ 

Foord (Edward) Exeter, Truro and the West- 

Illus. I2mo, 7x4^, pp. 191, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Cathedrals j abbeys and famous churches.) 

DENT, May '25 

Foord (Edward) Gloucester, Tewkeshury and 

district. i2ino, 6f X4, pp. 192, 2s. 6d. net. 

(Cathedrals, abbeys and famous churches.) 

DENT, May '25 

Foord (Edward) The Last age of Roman Britain. 

Illus. 8vo, 8JX5|, pp. 294, 155. net. 

HARRAP, ^ti*. '25 
Foord (Edward) St.David's Llandafi and Brecon. 

Illus. Fcp. 8vo, 6f X4|, pp. 189, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Cathedrals, abbeys and famous churches). 

DENT, June '25 
Foord (Edward) Wells, Glastonbury, and Cleeve. 

Illus. i2mo, 6|-X4|, pp. 192, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Cathedrals , abbeys and famous churches.) 

DENT, May '25 

Foord (Edward) Winchester and Salisbury 

Illus. I2mo, 6fX4^, pp. 192, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Cathedrals , abbeys and famous churches.) 

DENT, Aug. '25 
Foord (Edward). See also Home (Gordon) and 

Foot and Mouth Disease (Dept. Ctte.) Report 

on outbreak, 1923-24. is. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Football annual, " Daily News," 1925-6, 4d. net 

Aug. '25 
Football, Association, annual, Carnages, 1925-26 

is. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Football, Rugby, Davies (W. J. A.) los. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Football, Rugby, Smith (R. C.) 53. net. .Dec. '25 
Football, Rugby, Tosswill (L. R., Maj.) 25. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Football, Rugby, almanack, Wisden (J.) 1925- 

26. 53. net Sept. '25 

Football, Rugby, First steps to, Gibbon (W. D.) 

45. net Dec. '25 

Football, Rugby, for public schools, Rayner 

(R. M.) 33. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Football : the Rugby Union game, Marshall 

(F.) I2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Foot* (John A.) A Concise treatise on private 

international law. 5th ed., by H. H. L. 

BeHot, Roy. 8vo, 353. net. 

SWEET & M., Apr. '25 
Foote (John A.). See also Walsh (J. J.) and 

Footnar (Hulbert)-- The Chase of the "Linda 

Belle." Cheap ed. i2mo, 7i*4i PP* 320, 

2S. net HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

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pp. 300, 73. 6d. net COLLINS, Jan. '25 

Footner (Hulbert) Ramshackle House. Special 

film ed. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 316, 

2s. 6d. net COLLINS, Apr. '25 

Footner (Hulbert) Roger Manion's girl. Cheap 

ed, I2mo, 7iX4, pp. 320, 2s. net. 

HODDER &S., Oct. '25 
Footner (Hulbert) The Shanty sled. Cr. 

Svo, 7|X5, PP. 317, 7s. 6d. net 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 


Footner (Hulbert) The Under dogs. Cr. 8vo, 
7$ X 5 PP- 3 I 3 7s. 6d. net. .COLLINS, Dec. '25 

Footner (Hulbert) The Wild bird. Cheap ed. 
i2mo, 7i x 4f, pp. 317, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

" Footslogger." Short account of Russo-Jap- 
anese War. 55. net Feb. '25 

For another's sake, Moberly (L. G.) 33. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

For her only, Garvice (C.) 2S. net .... Oct. '25 

For love of a sinner, Anderson (R. G.) 75. 6d. 
net Feb. '25 

For men only. By a Physician. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, 
pp. 127, 33. 6d. net C. PALMER, Apr. '25 

For she loved much, Bond (C.) 2S. net. .Mar. '25 

For the good of the school, Pocock (D. A.) 2s. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

For the luncheon interval, Milne (A. A.) is. 6d, 
net Apr. '25 

For the sexes, Blake (W.) 153. , 845. net. Sept. '25 

Forain (J. L.). Intro, by Malcolm C. Salaman. 
12 plates. Folio, 10 x 12^, 53. net. (Modern 
masters of etching) " STUDIO," May '25 

Forbes, A. P., Bishop, Mowat (J. D., Rev.) is. 
net Dec. '25 

Forbes (F. A.) The Grip-fast history books. 
Bk. 4. Cr. 8vo, ss. 6d. . . LONGMANS, June '25 

Forbes (F. A.)- A Short life of Pope Pius the 
Tenth. 7&X4f, pp. 100, is. net. 

BURNS, GATES, Nov. '25 

Forbes (Rosita) Fool's hell. Popular ed. Cr. 
8vo, 7^X5, pp. 320, 2S. 6d. net. 


Forbes (Rosita) From Red Sea to Blue Nile : 
Abyssinian adventures. With map and 61 
illus. from photos. Roy. 8vo, 9^ X 6|, pp. 380, 
255. net CASSELL, Oct. '25 

Forbes (Rosita) If the gods laugh. Cr. 8vo, 
7|x 5, pp. 320, 75. 6d. net. 


Forbes-Robertson (Frances). See Harrod (Mrs.) 

Forbes- Robertson (Johnston, Sir) A Player 
under three reigns. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 9 X 5|> 
pp. 292, 2is. net UNWIN, Mar. '25 

Forim-Hobertson (Johnston, Sir) A Player under 
three reigns. Illus. 2nd imp. 8vo, 9x5!, 
pp. 292, 2 is. net UNWIN, May '25 

Forbidden hour, Crossley (M.) and King (C.) 
7s. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Forbidden love, Christie (M.) as. net,. June '25 

Forces of the spirit, Lenwood (F.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Ford (Ford Madox) (Ford Madox Hueffer) The 
Marsden case : a romance. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX5, pp. 345, 5s. net. DUCKWORTH, Oct. '25 

Ford (Ford Madox) No more parades : a novel. 
Cr. 8vo, 7ixs, pp. 319, 7s. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Sept. '25 

Ford (Harry E.) Modern Provencal philology 
and morphology. 8vo, swd., IDS. net. (Studies 
in romance, philology and literature.) 

MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Ford (Henry J.) Representative government. 
8vo, 8$ x 5 J, pp. 326, I2S. 6d. net. 

PITMAN, Mar. '25 

Forde (H. A.) Mary Aiming. The heroine of 
Lyme Regis. Cr. 8vo, swd. is. net. 


Fordham (Herbert G., Sir) John Gary, en- 
graver, map, chart and print-seller and globe- 
maker, 1754 to 1835 : a bibliography. With 
an intro. and biographical notes. Roy. 8vo, 
9x7, pp. 173, ios. 6d. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Aug. '25 

rordhatn (M. G. C.) Aphrodite Aculeata. 
(Liverpool Marine Biology Committee. Mems. 
on typical British marine plants and animals.) 
Roy. 8vo, 55. net.. , .HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Fordham (Montague) The Rebuilding of rural 

Fordham v ~- -__ ,. -_ 

agricultural labourer, 1300 1925. 

7i X 4|, pp. 63, as. 6d. net ; swd. is. net. 

LABOUR PUBG. Co., June '25 





Fordyce (A. Dingwall-). See Dingwall-Fordyce. 
Foreign exchange and bills, Spalding (W. F.) 

7s. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Foreign exchange : investor's point of view, 

Lever (E. H.) 8s. 6d. net .......... Oct. '25 

Foreign exchange market, Miller (H. F. R.) 

8s. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Foreign exchange, Primer of, Spalding (W. F.) 

33. 6d. net ...................... Oct. '25 

Foreign Office list and diplomatic and consular 

year book, 1925, The. Edit, for Godfrey 

E. P. Hertslet by members of the Staff of the 

Foreign Office, (98th publication.) 8vo, 

H X 54, pp. 555, 253. net. 

HARRISON & SONS, Feb. '25 
Foreign policy and our daily bread, Angell 

(N.) 2S. 6d. net .................. Oct. '25 

Foreign policy, Idealism and, Ramsay (A. A. W.) 

2is. net ....................... . Oct. '25 

Foreign policy of Canning, Temperley (H.) 255. 

net ............................ May '25 

Foreign policy of Castlereagh, Webster (C. K.) 

253. net .......................... Jan. '25 

Foreign policy of the U.S., History of, Adams 

(R. C.) 1 8s. net .................. Jan. '25 

Foreign policy, Stanhope and British, Edwards 

(F. L.) 33. net .................. Dec. '25 

Foreign trade and exchange, Johnes (T.) 8s, 6d. 

net ............................ Nov. '25 

Forensic medicine, Buchanan's Text-bk. of. 
153. net ........................ Oct. '25 

Forensic medicine, Littlejohn (H.) 153. net. 

Apr. '25 

Forensic medicine, Smith (S.) 2 is. net. . . Feb. '25 
Forest of fear, Bennett (A. G.) 2S. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Forest runner, Carleton (S.) 75. 6d. net. 

Forester (C. S.) Josephine, Napoleon's Empress, 
With 13 illus. 8vo, 9 X sJ, pp. 254, los. 6d, 

net ................... * METHUBN, Sept. '25 

Forester (Hon. Mrs. C. W.) Success through 

dress. 8vo, 8 J X 5$, pp. 183, 53. net. 
F*" DUCKWORTH, May "25 

ForestSer (J. C. N.) Gardens : a note-book of 
plans and sketches. Trans, from the French 
by Helen Morgenthau Fox. Folio, isjxio, 
pp. 247, 523. 6d. net. . . .SCRIBNERS, Jan. '25 

Forestry Commission Bulletin no. 6. The 
Phomopsis disease of conifers, is. 6d net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. *25 

Forestry Commissioners- 5th annual report, 
1923-24. is. net ---- H.M.S.O., June '25 

Forestry, Manual of, Schlich (W., Sir). Vol. 3. 
2os, net .................... .... Feb. '25 

Forge, Hall (R.) 35. 6d. net ........ Mar. '25 

ForSce (A.) The World conception of the Chinese 
their astronomical, cosmological and physico- 
philosophical speculations. Cr. 8vo, pp. 314, 
i6s. (Praosthai,n*s Oriental ser.) 


Form and colour, Phillipps (L. M.) los. net. 

Mar. *25 

Ftormoy (Beryl E. R.) The Dominican Order 
in England before the Reformation. Cr, 8vo, 
8 x 5 PP- *7*>, ^ s - net. (Studies in Church 
history) .................. S.P.C.K., Apr. '25 

Formoy (Ronald R.) Lectures on the practice 
of conveyancing under the 1925 Acts. 8|x sj, 
pp. 72. 33, 6d. net , , . . SHAW & SONS, Dec. '25 

Porrar (L.) Catalogue of the collection of Greek 

coins formed by the late Sir Hermann Weber, 

M.D. Vol. 2, Text, and portfolio of 101 

plates. 4to, xo|x8, pp. 580, bds. 635. net. 

SPINK & SONS, Jan. '25 

Forrest (Charles) " All fools together " : a 
bucolic history. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp, 320, 
73. 6d. net . * . ....... , . . . COLLINS, Nov. '25 

Forrest (Charles) The Cobbler's shop. 6x4, 
pp, 44, swd. is. net (Repertory plays*) 

GOWANS & G., Jan. '25 

Forrest (Charles) The Stolen horse : a play in 
four acts. Vol. 30. 8vo 7* x s$> pp. 98, 5$, 
net ; swd. 33. 6d net. (Contemp, British 
Dramatists.) ---- ..... ...... ,BENN, Sept. *%5 


Forrest (H. E.) The Old houses of Stratford- 
upon-Avon. With 37 illus. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, 
pp. 192, 75. 6d. net METHUEN, Aug. '25 

Forrest (H. E.) The Old houses of Stratford- 
upon-Avon. Ed. de luxe limited to 250 copies. 
Roy. 8vo, 2is. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Forrest (James) The Basis of the golf swing. 
Illus. with 92 photos. 8vo, 8| X 5$, pp. 78, 
6s. net T. MURBY, Nov. '25 

Forster (E. M.) Anonymity : an inquiry. 8vo, 
8x5$, 2S. net HOGARTH PR., Dec. '25 

Fort (Joseph B.) See Green (F. C.) and Fort. 

Fortescue (J. W., Hon.) The Story of a red- 
deer. Illus. by G. D. Armour. Roy. 8vo, 
9ix6&, PP. 154, 2is. net 


Fortascne (John, Hon.) Wellington. Portrait 

and maps. 8vo, 9X5!, pp. 261, los. 6d. net. 

WILLIAMS, & N., Oct. '25 

Fortescue-Brickdale (J. M.) See Groves (E. W. H.) 

and Fortescue-Brickdale. 
Fortune (G. William) and Matheson (D. R.) 
Questions and answers on company law. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 183, 53. net. 

PITMAN, Jan. '25 
Fortune telling, Card, Plait (C.) ss. net. 

Oct. '25 

Fortune telling, Tea-cup, Foukham's. 25. net. 

Oct. '25 

Fortunes of Billy, Grant (P.) 6s. net ..Oct. '25 
Fortunes of Humphrey Dawn, Stllick (G. G.) 

33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Fortunes of Sally Luck, Cooper (H. St. J.) 7S. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Fortunes of the Braithwaits, Tyrrell (M. L.) 

35. 6d. net Apr, '25 

Fortune's yellow, Schaeffer (E. S.) 7s. 6d net. 

Sept. '25 
Forty years in newspaperdom, McRae (M. A.) 

153. net Apr. '25 

Forty years of a sportsman's life, Champion de 

Crespigny ^C., Sir) 2is. net Mar, '25 

Forty years of it, Whitlock (B.) los. 6d. net, 

Nov. '25 

Fosca (Francois) Renoir. Trans, by Hubert 
Wellington. With 40 illus. Roy. 8vo, 8x6, 
pp. 64, 53, net. (Masters of modern art.) 

LANE, Feb. '25 

Fosse aux Lions, Baumann (E.) 2S. 6d. act. 

Aug. '25 

Foster (A. E. Manning) Auction bridge made 
clear. With an ABC of the game and the 
complete code of new and revised laws (1924), 
and a section on " Contract bridge.** Pcap* 
8vo, 6 1 X 4j, pp. 199, 2S. 6d. net. 

NASH & G., Oct. '25 

Fosttr (A. E. Manning) -Auction bridge play 
and problems. i2mo, 7X4|, pp. 158, 3$. 6d, 

net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

Foster (George C.) The Oldest profession. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

SELWYN & B., Oct. '25 

Fosttr (Harry L.) A Gringo in Manana-Land. 
Illus. from pnotos. by the author. 8vo, 
8|X si, pp. 371, ias. 6d. net . . LANE, Jan. *25 
Foster (Leonard F.) -Prtaciples and practice of 
farm book-keeping : a text-book for agricultural 
students. 8vo, 8|X5i, pp. 484, 153. net. 

GEE, Sept. '25 

Foster (R. F.) -Foster's modern bridge tactics ; 
illustrated with 200 examples from actual 
play. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp* 387, 7$. 6d. net, 

LANE, Oct. *s 

Foster (R, F.) -Twenty-point Mah Jong. With 
the American standard code of laws for all 
forms of the game, Illus. 8vo, 8x5, pp. 169, 
75. 6d. net ....*, LANE, Feb *5 

Fosttr (V. Le Neve) Exercises iu geometry. 

Part i. Cr. 8vo, i\ X 5, pp. 77, 2$. 

BELL, Sept. '25 
Fostsr (V. Le Neve)- Exercises in geometry : 

answers. Cr. 8vo, 9d *.BJBLL, Sept. 'AS 

Foster (V. Le Neve) Plans and elevations, Roy. 

8vo 8|X6J, pp. 66, is. 6d...G. BELL, Feb* '35 





Fstr (William, Sir) The English Factories in 
India, 1665-1667. 8vo, i8s. net. 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Fothtrgill (W. E.) A Handbook for midwives 

and maternity nurses. With 67 illus. in text, 

5th ed., rev. 8vo, 8f xs|-, pp. 290, 155. net. 

(Edinburgh) W. GREEN, Oct. '25 

Foillke (William Dudley) A Random record of 

travel during fifty years. 8vo, 125. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Foulsham's Card and conjuring tricks. With 
102 illus. Cr. 8vo, 7|- X 5, pp. 156, 2S. net. 

FOULSHAMS, Oct. '25 

Foulsham's Humorous recitations and stories. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 155, 2S. net. 

FOULSHAM, Oct. '25 
Foulsham's Letter writer, Vasey (G.) 2S. net. 

Oct. '25 
Foulsham's Modern dancing, Stewart (M.) 2S. 

net Oct. '25 

Foulsham's Party games and amusements for 
young and old. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 154, 2S. 

net FOULSHAM, Oct. '25 

Foulsham's Speeches and toasts for all occasions : 
how to make them, how to deliver them, with 
numerous examples. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 156, 

2S. net FOULSHAM, Oct. '25 

Foulsham's Tea-cup fortune telling. Alphabeti- 
cally arranged by Minetta. Intro, by Sepharial. 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 155, 2S. net. 

FOULSHAM, Oct. '25 
Foundations of faith, Of chard (W. E., Rev.) 2 

Christological. 55. net Mar. '25 

Foundations of method, Kilpatrick (W. H.) 

8s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Four corners of the world, Mason (A. E. W.) 

2S. net Mar. '25 

Four feathers, Mason (A. E. W.) 35. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Four little mischiefs, Mulholland (R.) 2S. net. 

Apr. *25 
Four past four, Vickers (R.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Nov. *25 
Four tales by Zelide, Charnere (Mme. de) 123. 

net Dec. '25 

Foure birds of Noahs Arke, Dekker (T.) 7s. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Fourfold challenge of to-day, Cecil (H.) 2S. 6d. 

net May '25 

Fourneau (Ernest) Organic medicaments and 
their preparation. Authorised trans, by W. A. 
Silvester. Pref. to the French ed. by Emile 
Roux, and to the English ed. by George Barger. 
22 illus. 8vo, 9& X 6, pp. 272, I5s. net. 

CHURCHILL, Jan. '25 
Fournier's theorem and harmonic analysis, 

Eagle (A.) 93. net Sept. '25 

Fourscore, Small (S. H.) 7s. 6d. net . .June '25 
Fourth cross-word puzzle book (The). Roy. 
8vo, 7fx6i, pp. 59, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Fourth Evangelist, Nolloth (C. F.) xos. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Fourth Norwood, Pinkerton (R. E.) 73, 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Fowler (F. G. and H. W.) eds. The Pocket 
Oxford dictionary of Current English. Fcp, 
8vo* 6| X 4, pp. 1016, I Ithr., 73. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '24 

Fowler (Thomas) John Locke. New pocket ed. 
I2mo, 7 X 4j, pp. 213, 3S- 6d. net. (English 

men of letters.) MACMILLAN, July '25 

FOX (Alice Wilson) Charmian ; chaufieuse. 
Cr. 8vo, 7J X 5, pp. 256, 33. 6d. net. 

SHELDON PR., Sept. '25 

Fox (C. J.) China's fight for tariff autonomy at 
the Washington Conference. 8vo, pp. 81, 

swd. 33. (Tientsin.) LUZAC, Oct. '25 

Fox (Charles) Educational psychology: its 
problems and methods. 8vo, 8| X si, PP* 394, 
los. 6d. net. (International lib, of psychology, 

philosophy, etc.) K. PAUL, Nov. '25 

Fox (Dixon R.) Herbert Levi Osgood ; an 
American scholar. Cr, 8vo> 7s. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 


Fox (George) Short journals and Itinerary 
journals. In commemoration of the ter- 
centenary of his birth (1624-1924) ; now first 
published for Friends' Historical Assoc. Edit, 
by Norman Penney. Intro, by T. Edmund 
Harvey. Roy. 8vo, g| x 6|, pp. 439, 155. net. 
CAME. UNIV. PR., May '25 

Fox, George, New appreciations of, Harris (J. R.) 
6s. net May '25 

Fox (H. W., Rev.) Christianity in politics. 

Pref. by the Rev. H. R. L. Sheppard. Cr. 

8vo, 71*5, PP- I 58, 5s. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 
Fox (L. E.) Adam's garden : the cultivation of 

vegetables, etc. Cr. 8vo, swd. as. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, May '25 
F0X (L. E.) Eve's garden : the cultivation of 

carnations, chrysanthemums, etc. Pref. note 

by J. Fraser. I2mo, 7iX4f, pp. 104, as. 6d. 

net LONGMANS, Dec. '25 

Fox (Rachel P.) Joanna Southcott's place in 

history. 8 x 5-J, pp. 32, is. 

(Plymouth) J. H. KEYS, July '25 
FOX (Ralph) People of the Steppes. Illus. 

8vo, 8 X 5i, pp. 254, 8s. 6d. net. 

CONSTABLE, Aug. '25 
Fox (S. M.) A Barca boy : a story of Venice. 

Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 307, 73. 6d. net, 

Fox-Smith (C.) Ship Alley : more Sailor Town 

days. With 6 illus. by Phil. W. Smith, Cr. 

8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 207, 6s. net. 

METHUEN, Jan. '25 
Fox-hunter, Recollections of a, " Scrutator.'* 

I2S. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Fox hunting in 2oth cent., Dixon (W. S.) 2 is. 

net July '25 

Fox-hunting : Sport of our ancestors, Wtlloughby 

de Broke (Lord). 145. net Sept. '25 

Fox, Hunting the, Wrtloughby De Broke (R. G. V., 

Lord). 143. net Oct. '25 

Fox hunting. With Lord Pigskin. IHus. Demy 
4to, 11x9, pp. 32, 35. 6d. net. SIMPKIN, Apr. '25 

Foylfi's Bird book for children in story and song. 

Words by Kay Foster; music by Charles 

Ancliffe. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 27, swd., 6d. 

net FOYLE, Sept. '25 

Fractures and dislocations, Wilson (P. D.) and 

Cochrane (W. A.) 45s. net Mar. '25 

Fractures of the humerus, etc., Eliason (E. L.) 

2is. net Oct. '25 

Fractures of upper extremity, Movement in 

treating, Dowden (J. W.) i6s. net.. Dec. '24 

Fragments, 1926. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, is. 6d. net. 
SIMPKIN, Oct. '25 

Fragments of auld lang syne, Russell (Mrs. F.) 
i8s. net Apr. '25 

Fragoletta, Rita. gd. net Feb. '25 

Fragrance of friendship, De Croindene (A.) 
6d. net Oct. '25 

Fragrant minute for every day, Stitch (W.) 
is. net Feb., Oct. '25 

Frailty, Wadsley (0.) 2s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Framley Parsonage, Trollope (A.) is. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Franc (Maud Jean) Emily's choice : an Austra- 
lian tale. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 
360, 2S. 6d. net Low, May '25 

Franc (Maud Jean) Minnie's mission. With 

frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7|xs, pp. 298, 23. 6d. net. 

Low, Mar. '25 

Franc (Maud Jean) Vermont Vale. With 
frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, pp. 394, as. 6d. net. 

Low, June '25 

FraitCft (Anatole) La Buche : the first part of 
" Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard." Adapted 
for use of schools by V. F. Boyson. Cr. 8vo, 
is. 6d. net MILFORD, July '25 

^/France (Anatole) Clio and the Chateau de 
vaux-le-Vicomte. Trans, by Winifred Stephens. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 271, 2S. 6d. net. 

LANE, Mar. '25 





France (Anatole) The Comedy of the man who 
married a dumb wife : in two acts. The 
English acting version by Ashley Dukes. 
ismo, 7| X 4!, pp. 60, swd. as. net. 

LANE, Mar. '25 

Franc8(Anatole) Le Crime de Sylvestre Bonnard. 
Authorised ed. Abridged and edit, by J. L. 
Borgerhoff. I2mo, 7iX4-|, pp. 211, 3 s - 

(Heath's Modern language ser.}. 

, D. C. HEATH, Feb. '25 

France (Anatole) The Latin genius. Trans, by 
Wilfrid S. Jackson. Popular ed. 7l X A 
pp. 317, 2s. 6d. net .......... LANE, Nov. '25 

France (Anatole) The Life of Joan of Arc. 
Trans, by Winifred Stephens. 3 vols. Cheap 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 286, 309, 256 (com- 
plete), 73. 6d. net ............ LANE, May '25 

France (Anatole) Little sea dogs, and other 
tales of childhood. Trans, by Alfred Allin- 
son and J. Lewis May. Illus. in col. and 
black and white by Marcia Lane Foster. 
Roy. 8vo, 8|X6$, pp. 161, 7s. 6d. net. 

<* LANE, Oct. '25 

France (Anatole) -Monsieur Bergeret in Paris. 
A trans, by B, Drillien. Cr. 8vo, 7i><S 
pp. 292, as. 6d. net ........ LANE, Jun&*z$ 

France (Anatole) A Mummer's tale. A trans. 
by Charles E. Roche. Cr, 8vo, 7l X 5, PP- 248, 
2S, 6d. net ................ LANE, Sept. '25 

France (Anatole)- On life and letters. Trans. 

by Bernard Miall. Third and fourth series. 

Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 397, 359, ea. as. 6d. net, 

LANE, Apr. '25 

France (Anatole) One can but try (Au Petit 
Bonheur) : a comedy in one act. English 
acting version by Ashley Dukes. 12010, 
7i X 7f, pp. 52, swd. as. net , . LANE, Mar. '25 

France (Anatole) Penguin Island. Trans, by 
A. W. Evans. With illus. and decorations by 
Frank C. Pape. Roy. 8vo, 9! X 6, pp. 365, 
i6s. net .................. LANE, Sept. '25 

Franc (Anatole) Le Petit Pierre. Edit., 

with intro. and notes by Isabella H. Clarke. 

Cr, 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 182, 23. 6d. net. 

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France (Anatole) The Seven wives of Blue- 

beard, and other marvellous tales. Trans. 

by D. B. Stewart. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 223, 

23 6d. net ............... LANE, Mar. '25 

France, Anatole, himself, Brousson (J. J.) 

los. 6d. net .................... June '25 

France (C. R.)-~ Island sea-lions. SJxsi, pp. 170, 

3S. 6d. net. (Bloemfontein : A. C. White) 

France and the French, Huddleston (S.) xos. 6d. 

net ......... . .......... .......... Nov. '25 

France, Catholic reaction in, Gwynn (D.) 73. 6d. 

net ........... , ................ Jan. '25 

France, Financial crisis of, Peel (G.) los. Sd. net. 

Oct. *25 
France : Industrie francaise pendant la Guerre, 

Fontaine (A.) 145. net ..... , ..... Mar. '25 
France, Mediaeval, life in, Evans (J.) 153. net 

July *25 
France, Motor rambles through, Rimington 

(F. C.) 153. net ... ............. Mar. '25 

France, Motoring in, Gordon- Barrett (R. R.) 

6s. net ..... . ...... . ....... ...... Nov. '25 

Franc Report on economic and industrial 

conditions, to July, 1925. 53. net. 

H.M.S.O., Ite.25 

France, Zigzags in, Lucas (E. V.) 6s, net Sept* '25 
Francesca at Hinterwaid, Spyri (J.) 33. net. 

Oct. *2$ 

Franclllon (Mrs. F. J. )- Good cookery : simplified 
and adapted to modern needs. (Gloucester 
Training College book.) 3rd ed., rev. Cr. 
8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 512. 6s. net. 

(Gloucester.) MINCHIN & G., Jan. '25 

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7ixs, pp. 272, 75. 6d, net,.UtrwiN, July '25 

Frauds (M. E.) (Mrs. Francis BlundeU) and 
Blundell (Agnes) Golden SaHy. Cr* Svo, 

7|X5 pp. 286, 6s. net , ... SANDS, Mar, '25 


Francis (M. E.) Napoleon of the looms. Cr. 

8vo, 7|X5, pp. 254, 6s. net. 

Francis (St.) of Assisi The Little flowers of the 

Glorious Messer St. Francis and of his friars. 

Done into English, with notes, by W. Hey- 

wood, Intro, by A, G. Ferrers Howell. New 

ed. Fcp. 8vo, 6f x 4J, pp. 310, 33. 6d, net. 

METHUEN, Dec. '24 

Francis (St.) of Assisi Little flowers. Trans. 

from the Italian by T. W. Arnold, with a Note 

by Guido Biagi. Illus. Svo, 8$- X 5^, pp. 350, 

95. net CHATTO & W., Jan. '25 

Francis (St.) of Assisi The Little flowers ; 

and, The Life of Brother Giles. Rendered 

into English verse by James Rhoades. i8mo, 

6 X 3 J, pp. 344, as. net. (World's classics.) 

MILFORD, July '25 
Francis (St.) of Assisi, Stoddart (A. M.) 33. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Francis, St., of Assisi, Wtlmot- Bttxton (E. M.) 

35. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Francis, St., of Assisi, Life of, Bonadventure 

(St.) as. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Francis (St.) of Assisi, Message of, Mackay 

(H. F. B.) 45. 6d. net Dec. '24 

Francis, St., of Assisi, Wilmot-Buxton (E. M.) 

as. net Oct. '25 

Francis de Sales (Saint)- Introduction to the 

devout life. i8mo, 53. net ; Ithr, 73, 6d. net. 

(Orchard books) BURNS, GATES, Dec* '24 

Frankau (Gilbert) Life and Erica : a romance. 

Cr. Svo, 7jx 5, pp. 378, 7s. 6d. net. 

Frank (Ernst) Ocular therapeutics. Roy. 

Svo, i6s. net , . . . KIMPTON, Sept. '25 

Franklin (Thomas) and Griffiths (E. D.) -The 

Atlas geographies, preparatory : North 

America. Roy. 8vo, 9fX7i, pp. 32, lod. net. 

W. & A. K. JOHNSTON, Mar, '25 

Fraser (Edward) and Gibbons (John) eds.~ 

Soldier and sailor words and phrases : in- 
cluding slang of the trenches and the Air 

Force, etc. Illus. Svo, 8| X 5|, pp. 380, 

i Ithr., I2S, 6d. net..RouTLEDGE, Apr. '25 
Fraser (Edward). See also Jourdain (H. F. N.) 

and Fraser. 
Fraser (Edward D.) Cross lode. Cr. Svo, 

7|X5, pp. 319, 73. 6d. net. J, CASTLE, Oct. '25 
Fraser (J. A. Lo vat) -Politicians on a pedestal. 

7i x 5, pp. 67, as. net. 

(Bristol) HORSESHOE PUBG. Co., July, '25 
Fraser (J. Crawford) -A Close finish. Cheap ed. 

ismo, 7|X4|, pp. 318, as. net. 

Fraser (J. Crawford)- Picking winners : a novel. 

Cr. 8vo, 7 1 x 5, pp. 326, 7$. 6d. net. 

HURST & B,, Mar. '25 
Fraser (M. E.) Barbara in charge. Illus. by 

Albert Morrow. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 235, as. 6d. 

net , R.T.S., /i*ly '25 

Fraser (Ronald) -Landscape with figures. Cr. 

Svo, 7| x 5i, pp. 285, 7s. 6d, net. 

UNWIN, May '25 
Fraser's Law of libel and slander. 6th ed. Svo, 

35$, net BUTTERWORTH & Co,, Feb. '25 

Fraulein Else, Schnitzler (A.) 53. net,.iVw, '35 
Frederldc (John) The Bronze collar : a romance 

of Spanish California, Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 343, 

75. 6d. net .....,..,.*. PUTNAM, Mw. *as 
Frtdaricks (Arnold) The Film of fear. Cheap 

ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. ^20. is. net, 

R. HAYES, Apr, '25 

Free lovers, Kauffman (R,W.) 7s 6d. net. May *5 
Free Range Lanmng, Baxter (G. 0.) as. net, 

Jan. '25 
Free thought in England in i$th century. Some 

phases of, Oxford and Asquith (Earl of). 

is. 6d. net .....**. Aitg, 'a 5 

Free trade and peace in X9th cent, Bosanquit 

(H.) IDS. .,..,.... ...Fib. 5 

Free trade : From, A. Smith to P. Saowda f 

Hurst (F. W.) 2S. 6d, net. , July '25 

Freedom and truth; Unitarian Christianity, 

Cwrpmter (J. E.) 6s, net June '25 





Freedom of the Press, Dawson (S. A.) 7s. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Freedom, Principles of, MacSwiney (T.) is. net. 

Aug. *25 
Freeman (John) The Grove, and other poems. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 114, 53. net. 

SELWYN & B., Jan. '25 
Freeman (John) The Grove, and other poems. 

(Ed. limited to 100 signed copies) 8vo, 2 is. 

net SELWYN & B,, Mar. '25 

Freeman (John) [Poems.] 8vo, 8|x 5$, pp. 31, 

swd. 6d. net. (Augustan books of modern 

poetry.) BENNS Oct. '25 

Freeman (John) Prince Absalom. Roy. 8vo, 

9 x 6|, pp. 56, 53. net MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

Freeman (Lewis R.) Down the Grand Canyon. 

Illus. 8vo, 9x5^, pp. 381, 253. net. 

HEINEMANN, Jan. '25 
Freeman (R. Austin) The Cat's eye. Cheap ed. 

I2mo, 7iX4|, pp. 316, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 
Freeman (R. Austin) The Puzzle lock. Cr. 

8vo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., June '25 
Freeman (R. Austin) The Shadow of the wolf. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
Freeman (R. M.) Steady and strong. Cr. 8yo, 

7&X5, PP- 360, 2S. 6d". net. (Boy's new lib.) 

MILFORD, May '25 

Freemasonry, Emblematic, Watie (A. E.) 125 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

Freemasonry, Magic of, Powell (A. E., Maj.) 

73. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Freemasonry : Royal Arch Degree, Ward(J.SM.) 

SB. net Apr. '25 

Freemasonry. See also Masonic. 

Freer (A. Goodrich). See Goodrich-Freer. 

Freer-Smith (Hamilton P., Com. Sir) Recollec- 
tions ancient and modern. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 
71 X 5, PP. 103, 3S. 6d. net. 


French (Fiancesca L.). See Cable (A. M.) and 

French, Herbert, poete anglais, Chevalley (A.) 
is. net May '25 

French book, Mackay (D.) and Curtis (F. J.) 
First, ss. ; Second, 33. 6d Feb. '25 

French, Certificate, Joce (J. B. D.) 2S. net. 

Mar. '25 
French Club, Rules of order for the, Stewart (C.) 

2S. net Aug. '25 

French commercial corresp., Ritchie (R. L. G.) 

and Roe (F. C.) Pt, i, 43. 6d. ; pt. 2, is. 6d. ; 

complete, 6s Nov. '25 

French composition, New course of, Kastner 

(L. E.) and Marks (J.) Bk. 3. 6s Oat. '25 

French composition, Up-to-date, Green (F. C.) 

and Fort (J. B.) 25 July '25 

French conversation : Causeries, Ache (C. d') 33. 

May '25 
French cross word puzzle bk., Mitts (H. E.) 

5s. not Sept. '25 

French dictionary, English and, Wessely (J. E.) 

33. net ...Jan. '25 

French dictionary, New, Bellows (J.) 153. net. 

Feb. '25 
French free composition, Certificate, Grace (S. W.) 

Vocabs. and summaries, is. 6d .Oct. '25 

French, Further steps in, Ripman (W.) " B " 

version. 2S. gd. Feb. '25 

French, Further translations from and into, 

Bearman (E. C.) is. gd Apr. '25 

French grammar, Berthon (H. E.) 2S. 6d. 

Sept. '25 
French grammar, Common-sense, King (W. H.) 

as, 6d. net Mar. '25 

French grammar, Kennedy (M.) 33. 6d., 2S. 6d. 

Aug. '25 
French grammar, Kennedy (M.) Pt. 3. as, 

Sept* '25 

French history, Heroes of, Creighton (L.) 25. 6d. 

June '25 


French history, Stories from, Price (E. C.) 2S. 6d. 

Apr. '25 
French history, Stories from, Price (E. C.) 33. 6d. 

net June '25 

French history, Miniatures of, Belloc (H.) 75. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

French idioms and proverbs, Pay en-Payne (I.) 

43. 6d. net Dec. '24 

French literature, Brief hist, of, Wilson (N. S.) 

33. 6d. net Aug., '25 

French literature, Contemporary, Lalou (R,) 

i8s. net May '25 

French literature, Outline hist, of, Schwarz 

(H. S.) 6s. net Feb. '25 

French : Pas a pas, Spencer (R. A.) 2S. 

Mav '25 
French phonetics : Phonetics without symbols, 

Bateman (G. C.) 6d. net Jan. '25 

French phrases: What to say, Stitt (J. C.) 

23. net June '25 

French plays, Short, Crowther (A. H.) is. 6d. 

Sept. '25 

French poems of to-day : anthology, Payen- 
Payne (De V.) and Clarke (I. H.) 33. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
French poetry for beginners, Bain (A. W.) is. 6d. 

net Nov. '25 

French pronunciation, Manual of, Johnson (A. E.) 

33. 6d., 2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

French prose, Easy exercises in, Ceppi (M,) 

is. 6d July *25 

French Revolution, Belloc (H.) 53. net..0e. '25 
French Revolution, Pioneers of the, Roustan (M.) 

I2S. 6d. net Nov. '25 

French, School grammar of present-day, Mansion 

(J. E.) 43. 6d. net Nov. '25 

French, Second year, Clark (A. C.) and Broad- 
bank (A. J. P.) 43. 6d. net Nov. '25 

French self-taught, Tourists' is. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
French short stories, Rudmose- Brown (T. R.) 

35. 6d, net Mar. '25 

French, Sounds of, Bond (0. F.) 6s. 3d. net. 

Dec. *25 
French, Translations from and into : Key. 

Bearman (E. C.) 2S. 6d Sept. '25 

French unseens : Lamps new and old, Perkins 

(B. M. N.) is. 6d Aug. '25 

French vocabulary, Murray (M. W.) and Leatz 

(E.) 8d Dec. '25 

French words easily confused : Aides, Jones 

(A. M.) is Sept. '25 

Frere (Walter H,) ed. A Liturgical Psalter. 

Arranged for use in the Services of the Church. 

7f x sf, pp. 155, 6s. net. .MOWBRAY, Nov. '25 

Fresh waters, stories, Child (R. W.) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Fretwork tools, British made, " Hobbies," 1926. 

9d. net Sept. '25 

Freud (Sigmund) Collected papers. Vol. 3, 
Case histories. Authorised trans, by Alix and 
James Strachey. Roy. 8vo, iox6|, pp. 605, 
303. net. (Internal, psycho-analytical lib.). 

HOGARTH PR., May "25 

Freud (Sigmund) Collected papers. Vol. 4. 

Authorised trans, under the supervision of 

Joan Riviere. Roy. 8vo, 9fx6, pp. 508, 

2 is. net. (Internal, psycho-analytical lib.) 

HOGARTH PR., Dec. '25 

Friel (Arthur 0.) The Pathless trail. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 319, 7s. 6d. net.. . MELROSE,^? . '25 
Friend (J. Newton) ed. A Text-book of inorganic 
chemistry. Vol. 3, part i : The Alkaline 
earth metals ; by May Sybil Burr. With 
frontis. and illus. Roy. 8vo, 9x6, pp. 372, 

2os. net C. GRIFFIN, May '25 

Friend (Oscar J.) The Round-up. Cr. 8vo, 

7iX5 pp. 316, 73. 6d. net..UNWiN, Jan.'zs 

Friendly road, Grayson (D.) 6s. net.. Nov. '25 

Friendly Societies Building societies : statistical 

summary, 1915-1924. 2d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Friendly Societies Registered provident societies 
in Great Britain : general summary, 1921 22. 
3d. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 





Friendly Societies Registered provident societies 
in Gt. Britain : general summary, 1922 ' 
23. 4d. net H.M.S.O., July 25 

Friendly Societies Registry Guide book of the 
Registry of Friendly Societies and the Office 
of the Industrial Assurance Commissioner. 
Rev. to July, 1925. 2S. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Friendly Societies. Reports of Chief Registrar, 
1922. Part A, Statistical and other informa- 
tion, 33. net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Friendly Societies Report of Chief Registrar, 
1924. Pt, i, General, od. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Friend ly Societies Report of Chief Registrar, 
1924. Part 2, Appendix, Sect, i, England, 
Durham, Northumberland, Yorkshire, 2S. 6d. 
net ; sect. 7, Wales, is. 6d. net ; sect. 8, 
Scotland, is. sd. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Friendly Societies- Report of Chief Registrar, 
1924. Part 2, Appendix. Sect. 2, Cheshire, 
Cumberland, etc., as. 6d. net ; Sect. 3, Derby- 
shire, etc. , 35. 6d. net ; Sect. 4, Bedfordshire, 
etc., 2S. net ; Sect. 5, Essex, etc., 35. net ; 
Sect. 6, Cornwall, etc., 2s. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Friendly Societies Report of Chief Registrar, 
1924. Part 4, Trade unions. 45. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Friendly Societies (Registry of) Report, 1924. 
Pt. 5, Building societies. 55. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Friendly Societies Statistical summaries, 1914- 
23. 6d. net H.M.S.O., July '25 

Friends and friendship, De Crowdene (A.) 
6d. net Oct. '25 

Friendship with Jesus, Booth (Mrs. B.) 3$. 6d. 
net Mttr. '25 

Fringe of London, Maxwell (G. S.) 7s. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Frisian Islands ; In broken water, Coles (K. A.) 
8s, 6d. net * May '25 

Froding (Gustav) Guitar and concertina : a 
century of poems. Trans, in the original 
metres by C. D. Locock. 8vo, 8 x 5$, pp. 175, 
5$. net ALLEN & U., Apr. '25 

Frotiawk (F. W.) Natural history of British 
butterflies : a complete original, descriptive 
account of the life-history of every species 
occurring in the British Islands, together with 
their habits, time of appearance, aad localities. 
Illus. with 60 full-pages in col, and 4 in black 
and white. 2 vols. Folio, 15x10, pp. 223, 
214 (set) 1265. net HUTCHWSON, Jan. '25 

From a pitman's notebook, Dataller (R.) 6s. net, 

Mar. "25 

From Adam Smith to Philip Snowden : free 
trade, Hunt (F. W.) as. 6d. net .July '25 

From Bethlehem to Calvary, Williams (J. E. H.) 
2S. net , . Apr, '25 

From Catullus, Symons (A.) 2 is. net . . May, '25 

From Dawes to Locarno, Glasgow (G.) 7S. 6d. 
net * Nov. '25 

From dusk to dawn : sonnets, Marion (J.) 
2S, 6d, net , July '25 

From fag to hero, Protheroe (E.) 55. net July '25 

From fag to monitor, Home (A.) 2$* 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

From far away lands. Illus. in colour and black 
and white by F. J. Sherman. Roy. 8vo, 
10 X 7J, $s. net . . J. F. SHAW, June '25 

From feudalism to despotism, Williamson 
(H. L.) ss. net * .... Dec. '25 

From friend to friend kalendar, 1926, 321x10* 
4| X si, is. 6d. net ; Ithr., 3$. 6d. net. 

SIMPKIN, Sept* *25 
From groves of palm, Woolf (B. S.) ss. net. 

Aug. *25 
From hall-boy to house-steward, Lanceley (W.) 

IDS. 6d. net Oct. *5 

From memory's storehouse, Smith (E. T.) 6s. 

net .... Sept. *5 

From ploughboy to Premier : W. F. Massey, 
Constable (H. J.) 3$. 6d. net ...... May *5 


From Pole to Pole, Lyde (L. W.) and Butter- 
worth (E. M.) 2S, 6d. net June '25 

From President to prison, Ossendowski (F.) 
xos. 6d. net July '25 

From Red Sea to Blue Nile, Forbes (R.) 255. net 

Oct. '25 

From Socialism to Fascism, Bonomi (I.) 73. 6d. 
net . Dec* '24 

From the other side, Miller (J. H. D.) 33. 6d. 
net Oct. '25 

Frontier law, McConnell (W. J.) 35. 6d. net. 

Dec. '24 

Frontiersmen, Boys' own bk. of, Britt (A.) 
7s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

FrontSnus (Sextus Julius) The Stratagems ; 
and, The Aqueducts of Rome. With an 
English trans, by Charles E. Bennett. The 
trans, of the Aqueducts being 1 a revision of 
that of Clemens Herschel. Edit, by Mary B. 
McElwain. With frontis. Fcp. SVG, 6| X 4^,, 
pp. 524, los. net. (Loeb classical lib.) 

HEINEMANN, July '25 

Frost (Henry W., Rev.) Outline Bible" studies : 
what the Bible teaches on 337 topics, Cr. 
8vo, 7|X5, pp. 352, 8s. net. 


Frothitigttam (Paul R.) Edward Everett, 
orator and statesman. 8vo, 313. 6d, net, 

CONSTABLE, Oct. '25 

FrothSngtiam (Thomas G.) The Naval history of 
the War : stress of sea power, 1915-16. 8vo, 
i8s. net MILFORD, June '25 

Fronde (James Anthony) John Bunyan. New 
pocket ed. 12010, 7 x 4*, pp. 192, 35. 
(English men of letters.) . .MACMILLAN, July '25 

Froude (James Anthony) English seamen in 
the sixteenth century, ismo, 7i X 4 j, pp, 255^ 
33. 6d. net. (Harrap lib.) HARRAP, Oct '25 

Froude (James Anthony) -Short studies on great 
subjects. First ser. i8mo, 6X3!, pp. 471, 
2S, net. (World's classics.). .MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Fruit, Bush, culture, Morton (J. W.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Fruit farming, Hooper (C, H,). 6s. net Mar. '25 

Fruit growing do's and clon'ts, Turnbull (J.) 
ds. 6d. net , . Apr. '25 

Fruit-growing, Practical, Morion (J. W.) IDS. 6cl. 
net Oct. *25 

Fruit of the family tree, Wiggam (A. E.) 15$. 
net June "25 

Fruit tree culture, Orchard, Fletcher (F. J.) 
Market nursery work, v 5. ss, 6d, net. 

Feb. '25 

Fruitfulness, Zola (E.) 55, net . . . .Mar. '25 

Fruits, Hardy, Bunyard (E. A.) los. 6d. net, 

July '25 

Fruits, Profitable small, Thomas (H. H.) ol. 
net Apr. '25 

Frumiisaw (Jean) -Beauty ; how to regain and 
retain : aesthetic treatment for race regene ra- 
tion, Trans, from the French by Elaine A. 
Wood. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 136, 7. 6d. net. 

BALE, Oct. '25 

Frustration, Presland (J.) 7$. 6d, net*. Sept. '25 

Fry, Elizabeth, Tabor (M. E.) 6d. net. May '25 

Fry (Herbert)- Royal guide to the principal 
London and other charities. 6ist new and 
rev. ed* lanxo, 7i x 4}, pp. 383, as. net 

CHURCHMAN PUBG. Co., S&pt. '25 

Fry (Isabel) A Key to language : a method of 

grammatical analysis by means of graphic 

symbols. Cr, 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 138, :*s. 6<I. net. 

SIDGWICK & J,, t)rf. *25 

Fry (J. M.) Communion of life, Repr. Cr. 
8v0, swd. is. 6d. net. ALLBN, Feb. '25 

Fry (Louise S.JA Glimpse of Fairyland. Illus. 
by Winefred V. Barker. Roy. Svo, 10 x 7i 
pp. 126, 33. 6d. net . . HOTCHINSQN, Sept. '25 

Fry (Roger) and othersChinese art : an intro- 
ductory review of painting, ceramics, textiles, 
bronzes, sculpture, jade, etc. Hates, Fo, 
*?i X 9| pp. 70, 25$. net. (Burlington MMA* 
jfitwt monographs) BATSFORB, Mar, *2$ 





Fryer (Alfred C.) Wooden monumental effigies 
in England and Wales, 2 is. net. 

E. STOCK, Mar. '25 

Fryer (Douglas) Vocational self-guidance : 
planning your life work, Intro, by Harry 
D. Kitson. Contributed chapters upon the 
business professions by leading specialists of 
New York City, and the business professions 
for women by Lorine Pruette. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, 
pp. 403, I2S. 6d. net .... LIPPINCOTT, Feb. "25 

Fuchs (Ernil) With pencil, brush, and chisel : 
the life of an artist. With 150 illus. Cr. 4. to, 
ii J X 8, pp. 272, sis. 6d. net PUTNAM, Sept. '25 

Fuclnl (Renato)~~Novelle e poesie. Edit, by 
Henry Fursl. i8mo, 7s. 6d. net. (Chicago 
Italian ser.) CAMB. UNIV. PR., Dec. '24 

Fuel economy and smoke prevention, Kershaw 
(J. B. C.) " i6s. net Aug. '25 

Fuel Research Board Carbonisation plant of 
Midland Coal Products, Ltd., Netherfield, 
Nottingham : report of test by Director of 
Fuel Research, pd. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

FiseS Research Board Fuel for motor transport. 
3rd memo. , Power alcohol from tuber and root 
crops in Gt. Britain, gd. net. 

H.M.S.O., Mar, '25 

Fuel Research Board Physical and chemical 
survey of the national coal resources. No. 4, 
The Lancashire coal field : the Ravine seam, 
pt. i. is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

FiS Research Board Physical and chemical 
survey of the national coal resources. No. 5, 
The Lancashire coalfield, the Smith Seam, 
is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Fuel Research Board Report, 1924. is. 6d. 
net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Fuel Research Board Technical papers, 10, 
Carbonisation, of coal in continuous vertical 
retorts : S. Wales gas coal. is. net 

H.M.S.O., Dec. '24 

Fuel Research BoardTechnical papers, n, 

The Microstructure of a coal seam. 45. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., May '25 

Fuel Research Board Technical papers. 12, 
The Heating of rooms : a comparison of the 
costs of different methods on the basis of 
warmth comfort, is. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 

Fuel Research Board Technical papers. 13, 
The Domestic grate, gd. net. 

H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

FateS Research Board Technical papers, 14, 
The Enrichment of coal gas by the injection 
of oil into the retorts during carbonisation. 
is. od. net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Fugitives, Kirby (E.) 35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Fuji from Hampstead Heath, Komai (G.) 73. 6d. 
net Dec. '25 

Fulani grammar, Levth-Ross (S.) IDS. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Fulcher (Cicely) Monica. Demy 121110, 7x5, 
pp. 96, is. net , . BLACKIE, July '25 

Fulcher (Edith) What shall we eat ? Cr. 8vo, 
7lXS, PP- 352, 


Fulfilment, Hepburn (E. N.) 7s. 6d. net. May '25 

Fu Liu Etude experimentale sur les Tons du 
Chinois. Plates. iox6| pp. 121, swd. 7s. 
K. PAUL, July '25 

Fu LSiiLes Mouvements de la langue nationale 
en Chine. 8vo, 10 x 6, pp. 56, swd. 2S. 

K. PAUL, July '25 

Fuller (J. F. C., Col.) British Light Infantry in 
the eighteenth century. With 8 illus. 8vo, 
9><5l> pp. 255, iQS. 6d. net. 


Fuller (J. F. C., Col.) Sir John Moore's system 

of training. With 10 allus. 8vo, 9 X 5$, 

pp. 255, IQS, &- net HUTCHINSON, Apr. '25 

Fuller (T- F- C.) Yoga ; a study of the mythical 

philosophy of the Brahmins and Buddhists. 

With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 140, 6s. net. 

W, RIDER, May '25 


Fuller-Maitland (J. A.) The "48" Bach 58 
Wohltemperirtes clavier. 2 vote. i8mo 
swd. ea. is. 6d. net. (Musical pilgrim}. 

MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Fuller-Maitland (J. A.) The Keyboard suites 
of J. S. Bach. iSmo, swd. is. 6d. net. (Musical 
pilgrim] MILFORD, Mar. '25 

FuHerton (Mary E.) The People of the timber 

belt. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 280, 7s. 6d. net 

A. M. PHILPOT, Apr. '25 
FuISertost (W. Y.) The One and the many : in 

three Isaiah chapters. Fcp. 8vo, 61 x 4j> 

pp. 126, as. 6d. net. 

Fulton (Charles H.) and others Heat treating : 

its principles and applications. Demy 4to, 

i if X 8$, pp. 93, 143. net. 

PENTON PUBG. Co., Feb. '25 
Fulton, Robert, and the submarine, Parsons 

(W. B.) 233. net Apr. '25 

Fun and frolic, Mackintosh (M.) 35. net July '25 

Fun, Booh of. 2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Fun doctor, Cole's, ist and 2nd ser., ea. 33. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Fungi as food and in medicine. Grieve (M.) and 

Oswald (E.) is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Fungi, Plant disease, Stevens (F. L.) 2 is. net. 

Oct. '35 
Fungus world, Romance of the, Rolfe (R. T. and 

F. W.) i2s. 6d. net Apr. '25 

Fur country, Verne (J.) 33. 6d. net . . Mar. '25 

Fur-hunters, Bowes (J.) 6s. net ...... May '25 

Furnishing and decorating do's and don'ts, Vanie 
(M.) as. 6d June '25 

Furnishing and hardware, Haigh (A.) 45. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Fwniss (Harry) The Two Pins Club. Written 
and illustrated by Harry Furmss. 8vo, 
8 X si, pp. 275, 1 6s. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Apr. '25 

Furniture, English, Diet, of, Macquoid (P.) 
and Edwards (R.) Vol. 2. 1055. net. Oct. '25 

Furniture, English, of historic periods, Glossary 
of, Fender el- Brodhurst (J.) and Layton (E, J.) 
6s. net Apr. '25 

Furniture, etc. : English rooms and their decora- 
tion, Hayward (C. H.) 2 vols. ea. 53. net. 

July, Dec. '25 
' (E.) 3os, net. 

Furniture, Old French, Maillard ; 

Dec. '25 
Furniture, Time, taste and, Gloag (J.) 123. 6d. 

net June '25 

Further adventures of Captain Kettle, Hyne 

(C. J. C.) as. 6d. net June '25 

Further chronicles of Avonlea, Montgomery 

(L. M.) 33. 6d. net July '25 

Further experiences of an Irish R.M., Somermlle 

(E. CE.) and Ross (M.) as. 6d. net . . Feb. '25 
Further reminiscences, Baring-Gould (S.) i6s. 

net Feb. '25 

Fury, Goulding (E.) as. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Futility, Gerbardi (W.) 35. 6d. net. . . Sept. '25 

Future, Low (A. M.) 55. net June '25 

Future, Young (F. E. M.) 7s. 6d. net. .Oct. '25 
Future, Discovery of the, Wells (H. G.) 25. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Future life : Our hfe after death, Chambers 

(A., Rev.) as. 6d., is. 6d. net June '25 

Future life: Our self after death, Chambers 

(A, Rev.) as, 6d., is. 6d. net June *25 

Future life, Problem of the, McNeile (A. H., 

Rev.) 35. 6d. net June '25 

Future life : What becomes of the dead ? 

Arendzen, (J. P.) 6s. net May '25 

Future : Quo vadimus ? Albe (E. E. F. d') 

as. 6d. net . , Feb. '25 

Fyleman (Rose) The Adventure Club. With 

ro illus. by A. H. Watson. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, 

pp. 92, 33. 6d. net METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Ffteman (Rose) Fairies and friends. lamo, 

7 x 4^, pp. 64, 35. 6d. net. .METHUEN, Nov. '25 
Fyson (Geoffrey) Island lights : poems. Cr. 

8vo, 7l X 5, PP. 40, 38. 6d. net. 

E. MATHEWS, Nov. '25 





Gabriel Samara, Oppenheim (E. P.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Gadgll (D. R.) The Industrial evolution of 
India in recent times. Cr. 8vo, 73. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Apr. '25 
Gaelic law, Macauhffe (M. J.) 73. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Gahan (Beresford H. T., Rev.) -Wandenngs of 
a wayfarer. 7| x 5|, pp. 103, 53. net. 

E. MACDONALD, Dec. '25 
Gainsborough, Thomas, Stokes (H.) 53. net. 

Dec. '25 

Gainsford (William D.) Extracts from a " Com- 
mon place book," kept from 1860 to 1925. 
io|x6^, pp. 251, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Horncastle) W. K. MORTON, Aug. '25 
Gait (Una Bernard) The Ethical implications 
of Bergson's philosophy. Roy. 8 vo, swd. , 73. 6d. 
net. (Archives of philosophy.} 

MILFORD, Aug. '25 
Galatians, Epistle of Paul to the, Blunt (A. W. F.) 

33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Gale (Charles J.) A Treatise on the law of ease- 
ments, roth ed., by W. J. Byrne. Roy. 8vo, 

353. net SWEET & M., Apr, '25 

Gale (Norman) Verse in bloom. 7|X5|-, pp. 
164. Author (Old Bitton, Rugby), 6s. net. 

(Old Bitton, Rugby) AUTHOR, Feb. '25 
Gal (Zona) Mr. Pitt : a play. Cr. 8vo, 6s. 

net APPLETON, Apr. '25 

Galilee, Hilltops in, Speakman (H.) los. net. 

Aug. '25 
Galleon's gold, Sneddon (R. W.) 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Gallery of children, Milne (A. A.) 123. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

GalSIchat! (Walter M.) The Critical age of woman. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 160, 6s. net. 

Galloway and Carnck, Highways and byways 

in, Dtck (C. H.) 6s., 73. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Galsworthy ( John) Captures. Cheap ed. i2mo, 
7X4f, pp. 3*4 23. net HEINEMANN, June '25 
Galswcsrthf (John) Captures. Uniformed. i2mo, 
7X4|, pp. 314, 53. net ; Ithr. 73. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Dec. '25 

Galsworthy (John) Caravan : the assembled 

tales, Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 960, 7s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Mar. '25 

Galsworthy (John) Caravan : assembled tales. 

Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 960, Ithr., los. 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, Apr. '25 

Galsworthy (John) Caravan : the assembled 
tales. With port. Ed. limited to 250 num- 
bered and signed copies. 8vo, 8 x 5*, 
pp. 960, Ithr., 423. net. .HEINEMANN, June '25 
Galsworthy (John)-Caravan : assembled tales 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 960, antique Ithr. 135. 6d. 

net HEINEMANN, July '25 

Galsworthy (John) -Plays. Sixth series: The 

Forest; Old English; The Show. Cr, 8vo, 

7x5, pp. 105, 7s. net. DUCKWORTH, ^#.'25 

Galsworthy (John) The Show : a drama in three 

acts. Cr. 8vo, 7x5, pp. 105, 33. net; swd. 

23. 6d. net DUCKWORTH, July '25 

Galsworthy (John) Tatterdemalion. Cheap ed. 
i2mo, 7 x 4f, pp. 316, as. net. 

HEINEMANN, June '25 

Galsworthy (John) Works. Manaton ed. Vols 
2-3, Plays. 9ix6J, pp. 458, 342. 

HEINEMANN, Jan. '25 

iialt (John) A Rich man, and other stories, 
Edit, with intro., by William Roughead 
Bins. 8vo, 8 X 5^, pp. 282, 73. 6d. net. 

T. N. FOULIS, Oct, '25 
Galvanizing, Bablik (H.) 123. 6d. net . . Dec. '25 

Gamage's Association football annual, 1925-26 
Edit, by H. R. McDonald, (isth year ) Illus* 
Fcp. 8vo, 6|-X4, pp. 543, swd. is. 6d. net. 

CAXTON PR., Aug. '25 

Gamage's Hockey annual and club guide, 1925- 
26. (For men and women.) Compiled and 
edit, by E. A. C. Thomson. iSmo, 6^X4 
pp. 186, swd. is. net CAXTON PR., Sept. '25 


Gambia Colonial report, 1924. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., July '25 

Gambler-Parry (Mark) Studies of child-hood 
and youth : leaves from the lives of Chateau- 
briand, Lamartine and George Sand, 1768-1822. 
Illus. 8vo, 9x5^-, pp. 284, i2S. 6d. net. 

HEATH, CRANTON, Sept. '25 

Gamble with hearts, Carlyle (A.) 2s. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Gamblers, Woodward (E.) 33. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 

Gambling and betting, Charles (R. H., Rev.) 
is. 6d. net Dec. '24 

Gambling, Christian view of. 2d. net. . July '25 

Game, Powell (S. W.) 7s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Game and the candle, Hocking (J.) 23. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Game of liberty, Oppenheim (E. P. as. 6d. net. 

July '25 

Game pie : anthology of shooting, Parker (E.) Oct. '25 

Game trails in Brit. Columbia, Williams (A. B.) 
2is. net Sept. '25 

Game : With shotgun and rifle in N. American 
game fields, Robinson (B. W.) 153. net. 

Apr. '25 

Gamer (E. F.) and Albert (C. D.) Machine 
design : questions and problems. Roy. 8vo, 
73. 6d. net CHAPMAN & HALL, Jan. '25 

Games for Scouts, Mackenzie (A. W. N.) as. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Games, Indoor, for Scouts, Colly ns (J. B.) 6d 
net , Apr. '25 

Games, Party, Foulsham's. as. net. . . .Oct. '25 

Gamon (Richard B.) The Strange thirteen. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 365, 6s, net. 

DRANK, Sept. 'as 
Gangrel rnuse, Cassie (R. L.) Dec. '25 

Gann (Thomas) Mystery cities : exploration 
and adventure in Lubaantun. Illus. 8vo, 
9X5f, pp. 252, 2is. net. DUCKWORTH, Dec. '25 

"Gaiipai" (M. L. A. Gompertz) Hanlek : a 
romance of modern Central Asia. Popular ed. 
121110, 7x4!-, pp. 352, as. net 

BLACKWOOD, Mar. '25 

"Ganpat" Snow rubies. By " Ganpat " 
(M. L. A. Gompertz). Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. 343, 
73. 6d. net W. BLACKWO"OD, Sept. '25 

Garbe (J. B.). See North (S. H.) and Garbe. 

Garbdtt (Cyril) (Bishop of Southwark) Authority 
and obedience ; and Reservation : two ad- 
dresses, delivered at the Synod of Clergy held 
in Southwark Cathedral on May i2th and I3th, 
1925. i2ino, 7|X4|, pp. 62, swd. 8d. net. 

S.P.C.K., June '25 

Garbutt (Burgess) The Book of the Austin 
Twelve : a complete guide for owner-drivers 
and prospective purchasers. With special 
articles by Richard Twclvetrees, and thumb- 
nail sketches by H. M. Bateman. Svo, 8 J x 5 J, 
pp. 204, 53. net PITMAN, July '25 

Garcia (Andres J. R. V.) Marlborough's Spanish 
dictionary : English-Spanish and Spanish- 
English. Svo, 8f x 5|-, pp. 322, 73. 6cl. net. 

Garda, Lago di, Waters (H. L.) 6s. net. 

Apr. '25 

Garden anthology : Old-world pleasaunce, Rohde 
(E. S.) 53. net Sept. '25 

Garden, Chronicles of the, King (Mrs. F ) iss. 6d, 
net Apr. '25 

Garden craftsmanship in yew and box, Lloyd 
(N.) 153. net Sept. '25 

Garden, Flower, Sanders (T. W.) los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Garden frame, Thomas (H. H.) and Garner (G.) 
9d. net Apr. '25 

Garden improvement, Henslow (T. G. W.) 15$. 
net Jan. '25 

Garden, Making of a, Read (D. H. M.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar, '25 

Garden of Allah, Hichens (R.) as. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Garden of delight, Riley (W.) as. net. Mar. '25 

Garden of Eden, Moore (B.) as. 6d Sept. '25 




Garden of Paradise, Weigall (A.) 2S. 


Garden of friendship, De Croindene (A.) 6d. 
net ............................ Oct. '25 

Garden of God, Stacpoole (H. de V.) 35. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Garden of healing, Williams (M.) 75. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Garden of Mary-Mary, Roe (A. S.) as. 6d. net. 

July '25 
S. 6d. net. 

Af&y '25 
Garden receipts, Quin (C. W.) as. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Garden register, Cran (M.) 55. net ---- May '25 

Garden talks, Cran (M.) 55. net ........ Nov. '25 

Garden timepiece, Bell (M. G. K.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mflr. '25 
Garden without walls, Dawson (C.) as. 6d. net. 

/Zy '25 
Gardener, Bailey (L. H.) 8s. 6d. net.. .May '25 

Gardener's calendar, Henslowe (T. G. W.) as. 6d. 

net ............................ Apr. '25 

Gardening : Adam's garden, Fox (L. E.) as. 6d. 

net ............................ May '25 

Gardening : Alpine flowers and rock gardens, 

Wright (W. P.) 153. net .......... Mar. '25 

Gardening annual, Popular, 1925. 23. net. 

Feb. '25 
Gardening book, Beginner's, Thomas (H. H.) 

9d. net .......................... Apr . '25 

Gardening: Culture of pot-plants, Davidson 

(H. C.) as. 6d. net .............. Sept. '25 

Gardening, Flower: Eve's garden, Fox (L. E.) 

23. 6d. net ...................... Dec. '25 

Gardening : Flowering trees and shrubs, MacSelf 

(A. J.) 6s. net .................. Jan. '25 

Gardening for beginners, Cook (E. T.) i6s. net. 

July '25 
Gardening for the aoth century, Eley (C.) 7s. 6d. 

net .............................. Oct. '25 

Gardening : Kitchen garden and allotment, 

Sanders (T. W.) is. 6d. net ...... May '25 

Gardening : Market nursery work, Fletcher 

(F. J.) 6 vols. ea. 23. 6d. net ...... Feb. '25 

Gardening, Rock, Irving (W.) as. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Gardening, Rock, in New Zealand, Tannock (D.) 

45. net .......................... Jan. '25 

Gardening : Sutton's Amateur's guide, 1925. 

is. net .......................... Dec. '24 

Gardening : Vegetable and fruit growing, 
(R.) is. net ............ Apr. '25 

Gardening : Your few acres, Brown (E. T.) 

IDS. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Gardens, Enchantment of, Wilson (M. G. W.) 

45. 6d. net May '25 

Gardens, English, Tipping (H. A.) 633. net. 

Sept. '25 

Gardens, Houses and, Lutyens (E., Sir) 633. net. 

May '25 
Gardens in America, Beautiful, Shelton (L.) 

42S. net Feb. '25 

Gardens, Italian, of the Renaissance, Shepherd 

(J. C.) and Jellicoe (G. A.) 1055. net. .Sept. '25 
Gardens of Italy, Old, Le Blond (Mrs. A.) 55. 

net ". Feb. '25 

Gardens : Pageant ot the year, Underdown 

(E.) (verse.) is. net Mar. '25 

Gardens : plans and sketches, Forestier (J. C. N.) 

52S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Gardens, Songs of the, Warlock (P.) 2 is. net. 

July '25 
Gardens, Spanish and Portuguese, Nichols 

(R. S.) 363. net Sept. '25 

Gardiner (A. G.) John Benn and the Pro- 
gressive Movement. Illus. Roy. 8vo, 10X6, 
pp. 536, 253. net ...BENN, Feb. '25 

Gardiner (E. Norman) Olympia : its history and 
remains. Illus. Roy. 8vo, io$X7|, pp. 336, 
5os. net MILFORD, Nov. '25 

Gardiner (J. Stanley) ed. The Natural history 
of Wicken Fen. Part 2. 8vo, 8$ X 5 J, pp. 106, 
swd. 6s. net. 

(Cambridge) BOWES & BOWES, June '25 


Gardiner (Rolf) The English folk dance tradi- 
tion : an essay. 9^ x 6, pp. 32. 
(152, Abbey House, Victoria Street, S.W.i) 

AUTHOR, Sept. '25 
Gardner (Ernest A.)- The Art of Greece. Illus. 

8| X 6, pp. 62, zos. 6d, net. 

" STUDIO," Dec. '25 
Gardner (Ernest A.) -Six Greek sculptors. Repr. 

Svo, 8 x 5|, pp. 276, IDS. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Jan. '25 
Gardner (William) Chemical synonyms and 

trade names : a dictionary and commercial 

handbook, 2nd ed., enl. Roy. 8vo, 10x6, 

PP- 33> 3QS- net ; companion to above, pp. 56, 

73. 6d. net C. LOCKWOOD, June '25 

Garescfie (Edward F.) The Training of writers. 

Cr. Svo, 43. 6d. net . . MACMILLAN, Feb. '25 
Garfield, James A., Life and letters, Smith (T. C.) 

55S- net Dec. '25 

Garland for Jesus, poems, Jackson (W. H.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Garland of sonnets, Matthews (J. E.) is. net. 

Sept. '25 
Garment workers, Women's, Levine (L.) sos. 

net May '25 

Garments of God, sermons, Bell (J., Rev.) 53. 

net Oct. '25 

Garner (George) Vegetable growing. Illus. 

Cr. Svo, 7 x 5, pp. 73, 23. 6d. net. 

Garner (George). See also Thomas (H. H.) and 

Garner (James Wilford) Recent developments 

in international law. (Tagore Law Lectures, 

1922.) Roy. Svo, 9$ x 6, pp. 852, 308. net. 

LONGMANS, Nov. "25 

Garaett (David) The Sailor's return. Frontis. 

by Ray Garnett. Cr. Svo, 7jxs, pp. 169, 

6s. net ; Ed. limited to 160 numbered copies 

signed by author and artist, 2 is. net, buckram. 

CHATTO & W., Sept. '25 

Garnsey (Gilbert, Sir). See Hay don (T. E.) and 

Garratt (Evelyn R.) The Radiant City ; an 

allegory. Pref. by the Rev. Prebendary Fox. 

Illus. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 204, 33. net. 

SIMPKIN, May '25 
Garretl (Edward) Doing and dreaming. Cr. 

Svo, 7^x5, pp. 224, as. 6d. net. 

Low, July '25 
Garrett (Garet) The Cinder buggy. Cr. Svo, 

7|X5, PP- 3 IO > 7 s - 6d. net. 

HEINEMANN, July '25 
Garret! (William) Doctor Ricardo. Cr. Svo, 

7&X5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

Garrlclc (David) Three farces : The Lying 

valet ; A Peep behind the curtain ; Bon Ton. 

i8mo, 7s. 6d. net MILFORD, July '25 

Garrisoned soul, Antram (C. E. P., Rev.) is. 6d. 

net Mar. '25 

GarsSa (Marston) Constitutional law and legal 

history in a nutshell. 2nd ed. Svo, swd. 43. 

net SWEET & M., Sept '25 

GarsSa (Marston) Law relating to carriage of 

goods by sea in a nutshell. 2nd ed. Svo, 

swd. 35. net SWEET & M., Sept. '25 

Garsia (Marston) The Law relating to real 

property and conveyancing in a nutshell. 

2nd ed. Svo, swd. 55. 6d. net. 

SWEET & M., Sept. '25 
Garsia (Marston) and Featherstone (B. K.) Law 

relating to master and servant in a nutshell. 

Svo, swd. 2S. 6d. net.. .SWEET & M., Apr. '25 
Garstin (Crosbie) High noon. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, 

PP- 337 7s 6d. net. .HEINEMANN, May '25 

Garth, Arnold (A. V.) is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Garvey (Mary) Mary Aloysia Hardey, Religious 

of the Sacred Heart, 1809-1886. Intro, by 

Rev. Thomas J. Campbell. Pref. to 2nd ed. 

by Paul L. Blakely. Svo, 8} X 5!, pp. 421, 

i6s. net LONGMANS, Nov. '25 

Garvice (Charles) For her only. Popular ed. 

i2mo, 7|X4j, pp. 320, 2S. net. 

LONG, Oct. '25 





snrSe (Charles) He loves me, he loves me not. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 254, as. 6d. 

net ...................... UNWIN, Apr . '25 

Garwio (Charles) Stella's fortune. Popular ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 3*6, 23. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Apr. '25 
Garwlee (Charles) Two maids and a man. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7$ X 5, pp. 3*4, 2s. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Sept. '25 

fie (Alfred E., Rev.) The Christian doctrine 

of the Godhead ; or, The Apostolic benedic- 

tion as the Christian creed. 8vo, 9x5!, pp. 

512, i6s. net .......... HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Game (Alfred E., Rev.) The God man craves : 

a comparative study of some non-Christian 

conceptions of God. i2mo, 7 1 X 4t> Pp. 64, 

swd. is. net. 

Garvie (Alfred E., Rev.) The Way and the 

witness : sermons and addresses on the wider 

outlook and functions of the Church of to-day. 

Cr. 8vo, 7 1 X 5, PP- 214, 3S. 6d. net. 

N.F.C.C., Mar. '25 
Gary, Elbert H., Life of, Tarbell (I. M.) 123. 6d; 

net .......................... Nov. '25 

Gas and oil engines, Caldwell (P. S.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Gas and water, Law of, Michael and Wills'. 

Vol. 2. 555. net .................. July '25 

Gas undertakings, Organiz. and administ. of, 

Upton (E.) 5S. net ............... Feb. '25 

Has Undertakings (Gt. Britain) Return, 1924. 

Pt. i, Particulars relating to the manufacture 

and supply of gas. 55. net. 

H.M.S.O., July ^ 


Gases, Dynamical theory of, Jeans (J. H.) 305. 
net ................... . ........ Nov. '25 

Gask (Lilian) Folk tales from many lands : 
retold. Illus. by Willy Pogany. 8vo, 8J x si, 
pp. 261, 53. net ............ HARRAP, June '25 

GasSc (Lilian) Stories about bears. Illus., i2mo, 
6x4!, PP- I28 IS - 3 d ..... HARRAP, May '25 

Haste (Lilian) Stories about bears. With frontis. 
i8mo, 6 x 5, pp. 128, is. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, July '25 

GaskeO (Mrs. E. C.) Cousin Phillis. Uniform 
thin p. ed. Cr. 8vo, Ithr. 55. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Gaslcel! (E. C.) Cousin Phillis, and other tales. 
Knutsford ed. i2mo, 7 X 4&, pp. 7^7, 3s. 6d. 
net ; Ithr., 53. net ........ MURRAY, Nov. '25 

Gaskell (E. C.)~ Cranford. Illus. by Hugh 
Thomson. Cr. 8vo, Ithr. 8s, 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 

Gaskei! (Mrs. E, C.) Cranford, and other tales. 
Knutsford ed. i2mo, 7x4$-, pp. 584, 33. 6d. 
net ............ . ..... MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Gasket! (Mrs. E. C.) Lady Ludlow. Uniform 
thin p. ed. Cr. 8vo, Ithr. 53. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Gaskeil (Mrs. E. C.) Mary Barton, and other 
tales. Knutsford ed. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 582, 
35. 6d. net ................ MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Gask!! (E. C.) My Lady Ludlow, and other 

tales. Knutsford ed. lamo, 7 x 4$, pp. 548, 

35. 6d. net ; Ithr., 55. net . . MURRAY, Nov. '25 

Gaskdl (Mrs. E. C.) North and South. Knuts- 

ford ed, i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 551, 33. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Gaskefi (Mrs. E, C.) Ruth. Uniform thin 
p. ed. Cr. 8vo, Ithr., 53, net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 

daskell (E. C.) Ruth, and other tales, etc. 
Knutsford ed. I2mo, 7 x 4$, pp. 588, 38. 6d. 
net; Ithr., 55. net ...... MURRAY, Nov. '25 

Gaskeil (E. C.) Sylvia's lovers, etc. Knutsford 
ed. I2mo, 7 x 4$, pp. 575, 35. 6d. net ; 
Ithr., 53. net ............ MURRAY, Nov. '25 

daskel! (Mrs. E. C.) Sylvia's lovers. Uniform 
thin p. ed. Cr. 8vo, Ithr. 53. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 


(Mrs. E. C.)- Wives and daughters. 
Knutsford ed. ismo, 7x4$, pp. 791, 33. 6d. 

net MURRAY, Oct. '25 

Gaskell (Mrs. E. C.)~ Works. Knutsford ed. 
Mary Barton ; Cranford, and other tales ; 
North and South ; Wives and daughters. 
Cr. 8vo, thin p., Ithr., ea. 55. net. 

MURRAY, Oct. '25 

GaskeSI (Ethel) Dancing do's and dont's. 
I2mo, 7 x 4$, pp. 64, 2S. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Gaskell (G. A.) Genesis interpreted through 
undermeanings disclosed by the language of 
symbolism found in all inspired Scriptures. 
Chapters I to IX. Cr, 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 125, 

35. 6d. net C. W. DANIEL, Feb. '25 

GaskeSI (Margaret) The Story of Jane. 7^x5, 

pp. 48, 2S. 6d. net STOCKWELL,!^. '25 

Gaspards of Pine Croft, Connor (R.) 2s. net. 

Feb. '25 
Gastronomy : Physiology of taste, Brillat- 

Sav&nn (J. A.) 423. net Nov. '25 

Gate of pearl, Leader (G. C.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Gates (Barrington) Poems. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, 

pp. 112, 53. net .... HOGARTH PR., Nov. '25 

Gates of dawn, Watkinson (W. L., Rev.) 2s. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Gates of morning, Stacpoole (H. de V.) 73. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Gates of the forest, Westell (W. P.) 55. net. 

Sept. '25 

Gates of the strong, Harding (N.) 73. 6d. net, 

July '25 
Gateway of happiness, Glass (J.) 35. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Gathering of Brother Hilarius, F airless (M.) 

5S. net Sept. '25 

Gauges at a glance, Taylor (T.) 73. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Gaunt (Mary) The Uncounted cost. Cr. 8vo, 
7$-xs, pp. 256, 23. 6d. net. (Black's Novel 
lib.) BLACK, Sept. '25 - 

Gaunt (W.) English rural life in the eighteenth 
century. Foreword by C. Reginald Grundy. 
15 plates in col. and doubletone, 18 illus, 
in the text. Folio, i2| x 10, pp. 43, 153. net. 
(Connoisseur ser. of books for collectors.) 

" CONNOISSEUR," Sept. "25 

Gaunt stranger, Wallace (E.) 73. 6d. net. July '25 

Gautier (L.)~ Ad-Dourra al-Fakhira la Perle 

Precieuse de Ghazali. Texte arabe, avec une 

trad, francaise. 8vo, pp. 200, swd., 8s. 6d. 

(Leipzig) LUZAC, Nov. '25 

Gatitier (Theophile) Mdlle. de Maupin. Adapted 

by G. F. Monkshood and Ernest Tristan. 

Cheap ed. i2mo, 7x4$-, pp. 315, 2S. net. 

COLLINS, Mar. '25 

Gautrey (R. Moffat) The Eternal optimist. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 157, 2S. 6d. net. 

EPWORTH PR,, Oct. '25 

Gavin (Frank) Aphraates and the Jews, Roy, 
8vo, swd. 6s. 6d, net. (Contributions to 
Oriental hist, and philology.) MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Gavit (John Palmer) "Opium." 8vo, 9x5!-, 
pp. 320, I2S. 6d. net ROUTLEDGE, Octf. '25 

Gawihorp (T. G. and W. E.) -A Manual of 
practical instruction in the art of brass re- 
pousse for amateurs. 5th ed., rev. and enl. 
With additional illus. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 92, 
2S. 6d. net BATSFORD, Nov. '25 

Gay (John) Poems. Intro, by Francis Bickley. 
i2mo, 7x4!-, pp. 256, lambskin 6 s ;. net. 

(Abbey classics.) SIMPKIN, Mar. '25 

Gay application, Christie (R. S.) 73. 6d. net, 

May *25 

Gay City : guide to Paris, Phillips (A.) 53. net. 

July '25 
Gay gambols, Kennedy (A. E.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Gay intrigue, Kahane (J.) 75. 6d. net. . fan. '25 
Gay lover, Crockett (R.) 73. 6d. net. , . . Dec. '25 
Gay spark, Summers (J.) 2S. net Oct. '25 





Gaze (Harold) The Merry piper ; or, The Magical 

trip of the Sugar Bowl Ship. Illus. Roy, 8vo , 

8f X6|, pp. 255, 7s. 6d. net. 

LONGMANS, Sept. '25 

Gazetteer : Everybody's geographical diction- 
ary, is. net Feb. '25 

Gsalfi (R. G.) International commerce and 

economic theory : a plea for investigation. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 171, 6s. net. 

P. S. KING, July '25 
Gearort (Patrick, Rev.) Scruples : words of 

consolation, and ed. Appreciation by J. B. 

Magennis. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 144, 25. 6d. 

net SIMPKIN, Dec. '25 

Geary (Frank) Land tenure and unemployment. 

Pref. by A. S. Comyns Carr. 8vo, 9x5!, 

pp. 256, los. 6d. net... ALLEN & U., June '25 
Gebharat (G. F.) Steam power plant engineer- 
ing. Roy. 8vo, 303. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 
Gsddes (Patrick) and Thomson (J. Arthur) 

Biology. Fcp. 8vo, 6fX4i, pp. 254, 2S. 6d. 

net. (Home university lib.) 

WILLIAMS & N., Mar, '25 
Geden (A. S.), Rev. ed. and trans. Select 

passages illustrating Mithraism. Cr. Svo, 

7lX5, pp. 93, 55. net .. S.P.C.K., Feb. '25 
Gee (H. Leslie) Stories of Ahbou the Owl. 

Cr. Svo, 2S. 3d. (Continuous story readers.) 

ARNOLD, Feb. '25 

Geer (Walter) Napoleon and Josephine ; the 

rise of the Empire. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9! x 6^, 

pp. 417, 303. net BRENTANOS, Apr. '25 

Geer (Walter) Napoleon and Marie-Louise : the 

fall of the Empire. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9|x6J, 

pp. 357, 2 is. net BRANTANOS, Oct. '25 

GeerSng (Thomas) Our Sussex Parish. Intro. 

by Arthur Beckett. With 16 illus. Cr. Svo, 

7fX5, PP. 271, 8s. 6d. net. 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 
Geerligs (H. C. Prinsen) Cane sugar and its 

manufacture. 2nd rev. ed. Roy. Svo, 10 x 7, 

pp. 352, 2os. net N. RODGER, Jan. '25 

Geese Fly South, Bourn (M.) 73. 6d. net. May '25 
Geldwesen im Kriege, Popovics (A, von) zos. 6d. 

net Feb. '2$ 

Gellibraitd (Edward) Travelling do's and don'ts. 

i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 60, 2S. 6d. net, 

METHUEN, May '25 
Gem (S. Harvey, Rev.) Do we value our 

Sunday. Cr. 8vo, swd. 2d. . .ALLENSON, Oct. '25 
Genealogical and heraldic hist, of landed gentry, 

Burke (B., Sir) 953, net May '25 

Genealogists (Society of) Catalogue of the 

parish registers in the possession of the Society, 

1924. 8|x5|, pp. 64, 

(5, Bloomsbury Sq., W.C.I.) SOCIETY, May '25 
General geological map of China : Peking- 

Tsinan sheet (Scale i ; 1,000,000), 6s. 6d. ; 

Explanation to above, by H. C. T'An, 43. 

LUZAC, Dec. '25 
General's past : play, Graves (C.) is. net. 

May '25 
Genesis interpreted through undermeanings, 

GasMl (G. A.) 35. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Genesis, Stories of, Kennett (R. H., Rev.) sd. 

Sept. '25 
Genetics, Animal, Crew (F. A. E.) 153. net. 

May '25 
Genetics, Evolution and, Morgan (T. H.) 95. 

net * Nov. '25 

Genetics, Experiments in, Hurst (C. C.) 503. 

net , Aug. '25 

Genetics in plant and animal improvement, 

Jones (D. F.) 203. net Mar. '25 

Geneva Protocol, Baker (P. J. N.) 93. net. 

Feb. '25 
Geneva Protocol of 1924, Williams (J. F., Sir) 

is. net Jan. '25 

Gennadius (Joannes) Dr. Johnson and Homer. 

8&X5&, pp. 39.. PRIVATELY PRINTED, Jan. '25 
Gentleman adventurer, Keith (M.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Gentleman Solomon, Hawkwood (A.) 2s. net. 

Mar. '25 


"Gentleman with a Duster" Declension. 55. 

net ... June '25 

" Gentleman with a Duster.*' Great world. 

7s. 6d. net Sept. '25 

" Gentleman With a Duster " Seven ages. 

2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Gentlemen of France, Weyman (S.) 25. *6d. net. 

July '25 

Gentlest art, Lucas (E. V.) 73. 6d. net. Nov. '25 
Geodesy and surveying, Catalogue of Collections, 

Science Museum, is. 3d. net Apr. '25 

Geodetic equivalents : astrology, Sepharial. 35. 

net Aug. '25 

Geoffrey (Eva R.) The Wind in the garden, 

and two other plays. 7| X 5, pp. 24, swd., 

is. net STOCKWELL, Nov. '25 

Geographical dictionary, Everybody's, is. net. 

Feb. '25 
Geographical introduction to history, Febvre 

(L.) and Bataillon (L.) i6s. net . . Mar. '25 
Geographies, Atlas, preparatory : Africa, Frank- 
lin (T.) and Griffiths (E. D.) lod. net. 

Mar. '25 
Geography, Parry (R. E.), Bk. i, British Isles. 

3s Apr, '25 

Geography, Strabo. Vol. 3. (Loeb.) los. net. 

Jan. '25 
Geography and history meet, Where, Bunting 

(W. L.) 2S. net Apr. '25 

Geography, Business, Huntingdon (E.) and 

Cusling (S. W.) 8s. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Geography, Commercial, Handbk. of, Chisholm 

(G. G.) 253. net Mar. '25 

Geography, Economic, Jones (W. D.) and 

Whittlesey (D. S.) Vol. i. 253. net..Jn '25 
Geography : From Pole to Pole, Lyde (L. W.) and 

Butterworth (E. M.) 2S. 6d June '25 

Geography, High lights of : Europe, Jordan 

(D. S.) and Gather (K. D.) 6s. net . .Oct. '25 
Geography, Historical, of British Dominions, 

Rogers (J. D.). Vol. 6, Australasia. 75. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Geography, Human, Principles of, Huntingdon 

(E.) and Cushing (S. H.) 153. net..-F<^. '25 
Geography, Local, Beasley (C. G.) is., is. 6d. net. 

Mar., July '25 
Geography, Military, of British Commonwealth, 

Salt (A. E. W.) los. net Mar. '25 

Geography of commerce, Rutter (W. P.) 53. net. 

Aug. '25 
Geography of common things, Barnard (H. C.) 

23. 6d Sept. '25 

Geography of the ancient world (The) : a select 

list of wall maps useful for classical teaching 

in schools. 6d. net. (Advisory Leaflet No. 2.) 

MILFORD, July '25 

Geography, Physical, Outlines of, Barnard 

(H. C.) 33. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Geography, Physical, Readable, Muirhead 

(J.A. O.) 2S.4d Jan.*25 

Geography, Picture. Pt. i, Asia. 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Geography, Progressive, Thurston (C. B.) Bk. i, 

Home region, 23. 3d Apr. '25 

Geography, Progressive, Thurston (C. B.) Bk. 2, 

Africa and Australasia. 23. 3d Aug. '25 

Geography : scientific study of human settlement, 

Parry (R. E.) Bk. 2. 33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Geography through map reading: the British 
Isles. Cr. Svo, swd., 9d. . .MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Geograptiy through map reading. No. 2, 
Europe. Cr. Svo, swd. gd. 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Geology of 
N. London : explanation of i in. sheet 256 
England, is. 6d. net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) -The Geology 
of the country around Birmingham. (Ex- 
planation of sheet 168.) 43. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Geology of 
the country around Marlborough : explanation 
of i in. sheet 266 England. 2s. 6d. net. 
H.M.S.O., May '25 





Geological Survey (Great Britain) Geology of 
the country around Wem. 35. net. 

H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

eioglcai Survey (Great Britain) List of 
memoirs, maps, sections, etc., to June 30, 
1925. is. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Memoirs, 
Great Britain: palaeontology. Vol. 2, pt. 5, 
Fossil plants of the carboniferous rocks of 
Great Britain. 203. net. .H.M.S.O., Feb. '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Mineral re- 
sources of Great Britain. Special reports. 
Vol. 30, Copper ores of the Midlands, Wales, 
the Lake District, and the Isle of Man. 2S. 
net H.M.S.O., Aug. 25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Special re- 
ports on the mineral resources of Gt. Britain. 
Vol. 8, Iron ores : Haematites of W. Cumber- 
land, Lancashire and the Lake District. 55. 
net H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Special re- 
ports on mineral resources of Great Britain. 
Vol. 29, Iron ores: bedded ores of England 
and Wales : petrography and chemistry. 35. 
net H.M.S.O., May '25 

Geological Survey (Great Britain) Summary of 
progress, 1924. 2S. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Geological Survey (Scotland) Ayrshire coal- 
fields : economic geology. Area i, Dairy, 
Saltcoats, Kinwinning and Kilmaurs. 23. 6d. 
net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Geological Survey (Scotland) Economic geology 
of the Ayrshire coalfields. Area 2, Kilmarnock 
basin. 33. net H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Geological Survey (Scotland) Geology of Glas- 
gow District. 73. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Geological Survey (Scotland) Geology of the 
country round Golspie, Sutherlandshire. (Expl. 

of i in. sheet 103). 33. 6d. net, 

H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 
Geological Survey (Scotland) The Geology of 

Stala, lona and Western Mull. 35. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov.'zs 
Geological Survey (Scotland) Mull, Loch Aline, 

and Oban : Pre-Tertiary geology. 45. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Geology: Changeful Earth, Cole (G. A. J.) 

2S. 6d June '25 

Geology, Engineering, Ries (H.) and Watson 

(T. L.) 253. net Apr. '25 

Geology, Intro, to historical, Miller (W. J.) 

I3S. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Geology, Local : sources of information, Davies 

(A. M T ) is. net Mar. '25 

Geology of Ireland, Cole (G. A. J.) and Hallissy 

(T.) 8s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Geology of Yorkshire, Kendall (P. F.) and Wroot 

(H. E.) 173. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Geology, Physical, Intro, to, Miller (W. J.) 

133. 6d. net May '25 

Geology : Records of the rocks, Billington (H. C.) 

2S. net Julv '25 

Geology: Somaliland, Fossils and rocks from, 

Huntenan Museum. 425. net .Apr. '25 

Geology : Surface-hist. of Earth, Joly (J.) 8s. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Geology, Text-bit, of, Park (J.) 305. net Sept. '25 
Geology, Useful aspects of, Shand (S. J.) 7s. 6d. 

net Feb. '25 

Geometry, Descartes (R.) 175. 6d. net. Nov. '25 

Geometry, Analytical, of conic sections, etc., 

Grieve (A. B.) 95 Sept. '25 

Geometry, Elem., Durell (C. V.) 45. 6d. 

July '25 
Geometry, Elementary, Dwell (C. V.) Pt. 3. 

2S Sept. '25 

Geometry, Exercises in, Foster (V. Le N.) Pt. i. 

2S ; Answers, gd. . Sept. '25 

Geometry for beginners, Bradshaw (J. G.) 2S. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Geometry, New Matriculation, Cracknell (A. G.) 

and Perrott (G. F.) 45. 6d Sept. '25 


Geometry, Principles of, Baker (H. F.) Vol. 4. 
I5S. net Sept. '25 

Geometry, School, on " new sequence " lines, 
Baker (W. M.) and Bourne (A. A.) 45. 6d. ; 
bks. 1-5, 45. ; bks. 1-3, as. 6d Oct. '25 

Geometry, Shorter, Borchardt (W. G.) and 
Perrott (A. D., Rev.) 43. ; in 2 parts, ea. 
2S. 6d July '25 

Geometry, Shorter school, Hall (H. S.) and 
Stevens (F. H.). Key to Pt. i, by Lock- 
wood, 43 Feb. '25 

Geometry, Shorter school, Hall and Stevens. 
Key to Pt. 2. 43 Sept. '25 

Geometry, Shorter school, Hall and Stevens : 
Key, Lockwood (E. H.) 73. 6d Oct. '25 

George (D. J.) Dictation tests on the gramma- 
logues and contractions of Pitman's Short- 
hand. New era ed. i2mo, 7j x 4!, pp. 40, 
swd., is PITMAN, Feb. '25 

George (Glen) The Future of the coal trade, and 
the alternatives to nationalisation. 8vo, 8f x 5$, 
pp. 59, swd. is. net SIMPKIN, May '25 

George (M. Dorothy) (Mrs. Eric George) London 
life in the i8th century. Illus. Roy. 8yo, 
9fx6, pp. 464, 2 is. net. (History of civilisa- 
tion.} K. PAUL, Mar. '25 

George (W. L.) A Bed of roses. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i x 5, pp. 388, as. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, May '25 

George (W. L.) The Making of an Englishman. 
Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, *j\ x 5, pp. 412, as. 6d. 
net J. LONG, Nov. '25 

George (W. L.) One of the guilty. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|-X5, pp. 256, 2s. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & H., May '25 

George (W. L.) The Story of woman. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 256, 5S. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 

George and the Crown, Kaye-Smith (S.) 73. 6d. 
net Apr. '25 

George, St., Guild of. is. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Georgia*! stories, 1925. Cr. 8vo, 7|xs, pp. 314, 
73. 6d. net CHAPMAN & HALL, Mar. '25 

Gepp (Henry J.) Adderbuiy. [Oxfordshire.] 
71 x 5, pp. 104, 4S. net. 

(Banbury) " GUARDIAN," Jan. '25 

Gerard! (Louise) Days of probation. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7 X 5, pp. 251, as. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., June '25 

GerariS (Louise) Jungle love : a tropical 
tangle. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp.259, 
2S. 6d. net MILLS B., Jan. '25 

Gerard (Louise) Life's shadow show. Cheap 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|xs, pp. 242, as. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Aug. '25 

Gerard (Louise) The Mystery of " Golden 
Lotus" Cheap ed. i2mo, 7^x4$, pp. 316, 
2s. net MILLS & B., Mar. '25 

Gerard (Louise) The Shadow of the palm. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 256, 73. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Sept. '25 

Gerard (Louise) A Spanish vendetta. Cheap ed. 
lamo, 7| x 4$, pp. 248, as. net. 

MILLS & B,, Mar. '25 

Gerard (Louise) The Witch-child : a romance 
of the swamp. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 
pp. 252, 2s. 6d. net MILLS & B., July '25 

Gerard (Morice) The Grey Friar. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 316, 3$. 6d. net. 

HOLDEN, June '25 

Gerhardi (William) Futility : a novel on Russian 
themes. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 256, 
33. 6d. net. . . R. COBDEN-SANDERSON, Sept., '25 

Geritardi (William) The Polyglots : a novel. 
Cr. 8vo, 71 X 5, pp. 382, 73. 6d, net, 


Gerntains (Victor Wallace) ("A Rifleman") 

The Truth about Kitchener : to which is 

appended a letter from General von Luden- 

dorff. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 356, 8s. 6<t net. 

LANE, May '25 

German (G. A.) A Notebook of Ordnance Sur- 
vey map reading, with exercises. 4to, swd. 
is. 9d ARNOLD, Oct. '25 





German air raids on Gt. Britain, JM orris (J., 

Capt.) i6s. net Nov. '25 

German authors, Passages from, for unseen 

trans., Bennett (E. K.) 55 Oct. '25 

German composition, Ivens (J. P.) as. 6d, 

Apr. '25 
German course for science students, Bithell (J.) 

and Dunstan (A. C.) 55 JV5. '25 

German dictionary, Collins', Hayem (K. C.) 

as. net July '25 

German dictionary, School, Lepper (J, H.) 

33, 6d. net Oct. '25 

German language : Deutsches exerzieren, Tindall 

(S.) 55 Aug. '25 

German people, History of the, Janssen (J.) 

Index vol. i8s. net ...Mar. '25 

German spas, Some, Bensusan (S. L.) 8s. net. 

7ty '25 
German translation and compo., Picton (A.) 

4S. net July '25 

Germany, Gooc/z (G. P.) 155. net Mar. '25 

Germany and France, Relations with : Idealism 

and foreign policy, Ramsay (A. A. W.) 2 is. 

net Oct. '25 

Germany in transition, Kraus (H.) los. net. 

/n. '25 
Germany : Life in the Occupied Area, Tynan (K.) 

i8s. net Feb. '25 

Germany, Northern, Baedeker (K.) 153. net. 

/Zy '25 

ermany Note presented to the German Govern- 
ment by the British, French, Italian, Japanese 

and Belgian Ambassadors at Berlin, June, 1925. 

9d. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Germany Papers respecting the proposals for 

a pact of security, Feb., 1925. is. net. 

H.M.S.O., June '25 
Germany Report on economic and financial 

conditions. 53. net H.M.S.O., Nov. '25 

Gerould (Gordon Hall) A Midsummer mystery. 
Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 265, 6s. net. 

APPLETON, May "25 

Gerould (Katharine Fullerton) Valiant dust. 
Cr. Svo, 7$- X 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net 

HARRAP, Feb. '25 

Gwrard (L. Allen) Building practice : an 
introduction to the organisation of building 
businesses. 8vo, 8 x si, pp. 104, 33. 6d. net. 
(Manuals of building science}. 

BLACKIE, Feb. '25 

Gerry (Henry L.) A Test of high-school chemis- 
try. 8vo, swd. 35. 6d. net. (Harvard bul- 
letins in education.} .... MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Gertier, Mark. 12010, 6JX4f, 35. 6d. net. 
(British artists of to-day, No. i.) 

" THE FLEURON," Oct. '25 

Gesamtkatalog der Wiegendrucke. (Complete 
catalogue of all known Incunabula.) Compiled 
by the Commission appointed by the Prussian 
Board of Education. (In 12 vols.) Vol. i. 
4to, laixioi, pp. 682, 6ys. 6d. net. 

QtJARITCH, Oct. '25 

Gaseli (Arnold) The Mental growth of the pre- 
school child. Svo, 153. net. MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

Gest (John M.) The Old yellow book : source of 
Browning's " The Ring and the book." A 
new trans., with explanatory notes. 9ix6, 
pp. 614, 353 A. F. BIRD, June '25 

Get well, keep well, J ' enness-Miller (A.) 2s. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Getting a laugh, essays, Grandgent (C. H.) los. 
net Dec. '24 

Getting the gold out of the word of God, Torrey 
(R. A., Rev.) is. 6d. net June '25 

QhosBi (Rakhaldas) A Treatise on materia 
medica and therapeutics : including pharmacy, 
dispensing, pharmacology and administration 
of drugs. loth ed., by Birendra Nath Ghosh. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 730, los. 6d. net. 

H. K, LEWIS, May '25 

Ghost and vampire tales of China, Willoughby- 
Meade (G.) as. July '25 

Ghost of Exlea Priory, Haverfidd (E. L.) as. 6d. 
net Juty '25 


Ghost stories : Warning to the curious, James 
(M. R.) 53. net ........ .... ...... Oct. '25 

Ghostland, O'Donnell (E.) 6s. net ...... Oct. '25 

Ghosts, Ibsen (H.) 33. 6d. net ...... Jan. '25 

Giant masquerade, Ray nor (F. C., Rev.) 6s. net, 

Nov. '25 
Gibb (Andrew D.). See Roberts (R. O.) and 


Gibfses (Frances G.) (Mrs. O. L. Keith) The Face : 
a play in three acts. Cr. Svo, 6s. net. 

BRENT AN os, Jan. '25 
Gibbon (A. M.). See Sidnell (L. M.) and Gibbon. 

(Bruce) A Treasury of twenty songs for 
little singers. Words by'Marjorie Wilson and 
others. Music by Bruce Gibbon. Cr. 4to, 
10 X 7^, pp. 47, 35. 6d. net. . .HARRAP, May '25 
Gibbon (Edward) Decline and fall of the Roman 
Empire. Selections, by H. G. Rawlinson and 
W. N. U. Dunlop. Cr.'Svo, 6s. net. 

LONGMANS, July '25 
Gibbon, Edward, M orison (J. C.) 33. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Gibbon, Robertson (J. M.) 33. 6d., as. net. 

Sept. '25 

Gibfoow (W. D.) (" AUeyniensis ") First steps 
to Rugby football. With 56 iHus. and 13 
diags. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 128, 43. net. 

MILLS & B., Dec. '25 
Gibbons (John). See Fraser (E.) and Gibbons. 

Gibbons (Orlando) Hymns for tunes : for 
singing in churches in the year of his ter- 
centenary, 1925. Edit, and arranged by 
C. Thalben-Ball and Wm. H. Draper. Svo, 
swd. is. 6d. net. CAMS. UNIV. PR., June '25 

CaiSsbOils (Orlando) Hymns for tunes. Words 

only. Svo, swd., 3d. net. 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., June '25 
Gibbons (Orlando) Magnificat and Nunc Dimit- 

tis. Roy. Svo, swd. 6d. net. (Tudor church 

music.} ............. ... MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Gibbons (Orlando) O Lord, in Thy wrath 

rebuke me not. Roy. Svo, swd. 4d. net. 

(Tudor church music.}. .MILFORD, Mar. '25 
Gibbons (Orlando) Te Deum, Benedictus, Mag- 

nificat, and Nunc Dimittis of the Short 

Service. Roy. Svo, swd. is. 6d. net. (Tudor 

church music.} ........ ..MILFORD, Mar.*&5 

Gib&ons (Orlando) [Works] Vol. 4. Folio, 305. 

net. (Tudor church music} 

MILFORD, May '25 
Gibbons, Orlando : life and work, Fellowes 

(E. H.) 7s. 6d. net .............. May '25 

Gibbons (Stanley) Priced catalogue of stamps 

of foreign countries, 1925. Part II. 29 th 

ed. I2mo, 7|X4f, pp. 1,150, xos. net. 

S. GIBBONS, Feb. '25 
Gibbons (Stanley) Priced catalogue of stamps 

of the whole world (1926). Cr. Svo, 7^X5. 

Part i, British Enpire, pp. 512, 6s. 6d. net; 

Part 2, Foreign countries, pp. 1,168, los. net. 

Complete, pp. 1,680, l6s. 6d. net. 

S. GIBBONS, Oct. '25 
Gibbs (A. Hamilton) Soundings : a novel. Cr. 

Svo, 7|X5, pp. 284, 7s. 6d. net. 

Gsbbs (Anthony) Little Peter Vacuum: a novel. 

Cr. Svo, 7& x 5, PP- 287, 75. 6d. net. 

Gib&s (George) The Flaming sword. Cheap ed. 

ismo, 7iX4$, pp. 320, 2s. net. 

HODDER &S., May '25 
Gibbs (George) Hero tales of our Navy: pike 

and cutlass. IJlus. 3rd. ed., enl. Svo, 8x5^, 

pp. 303, 93. net ........ LIPPINCOTT, Nov. '25 

Gibbs (George) How to stay married. Cr. Svo, 

7^x5, pp. 248, 6s. net . . APPLETON, May '25 
Glbbs (George) The Love of Monsieur. Cr. 

Svo, 7i x 5, PP. 294, 6s. net. 

APPLETON, Feb. '23 
Qibbs (George) Mad marriage, Cr. Svo, 7ix 5, 

pp. 367, 75. 6d. net ...... APPLETON, Oct. '25 

GSbbs (George) The Secret witness. Cheap 

ed. i2mo, 7|X4i, pp. 316, 23. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 




dg)i3$ (Philip, Sir) Facts and ideas : short 
studies of life and literature. New ed. Roy, 
8vo, 9 X 5%, pp. 332, IDS. 6d. net. 


Qibbs (Philip, Sir) Knowledge is power : a 
guide to personal culture. New imp. 8vo, 
8f X5|, pp. 344, los. 6d. net. 


Gibbs (Philip, Sir) The Middle of the road. 

Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 350, 33. 6d. net. 


GilsiJS (Philip, Sir) The Street of adventure. 
Cheap ed. ramo, 7x4^, pp. 320, 2s. net. 

HEINEMANN, June '25 

Gilbibs (Philip, Sir) Unchanging quest : a novel. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 
Gibbs (R. W. M.) Building mathematics. Part I. 

Cr, 8vo, swd. is. 3d BLACKIE, Feb. '25 

CaMs (R. W. M.) Building mathematics. i2mo, 

7 x 4 j, pp. 216, 43 BLACKIE, Oct. '25 

GStJlJS (R. W. M.) Engineering mathematics. 

larno, 7 x 4f, pp. 216, 43.. .BLACKIE, Feb. '25 

Gibbs (W. J, R.) English history notes : from 

the earliest times to the outbreak of the Great 

War. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 243, 45. 6d. 

CAME. UNIV. PR., Sept. '25 
GSbftS (William E.) The Dust hazard in in- 
dustry. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 4f, pp. 168, 6s. net. 
(Chemical engineering lib., 2nd ser.) 

BENN, Feb. '25 
Gibbs of Fenton, Devon, Hunsdon (Lord). 

42S. net Dec. '25 

Gibraltar Colonial report, 1924. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 
Gibraltar as a fortress : Impeachment, Lewington 

(W. J.) 55. net May '25 

Gibson (Charles R.) Electricity as a messenger. 
With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 63, is. 3d, 

(Rambles in science] BLACKIE, Apr, '25 

GiDSOit (Charles R.) The Mysterious ocean of 
sether. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7 x s|, pp. 80, 
is. 3d. (Rambles in science.} BLACKIE, Oct. '25 
Gibson (Charles R.) Scientific amusements and 
experiments : interesting and amusing experi- 
ments, illusions, etc. With 116 illus. 8vo, 
8x5^, pp. 216, 55. net. . . SEELEY, Sept. '25 
Gibson (Charles R.) Telephones and gramo- 
phones. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7 X 5, pp. 80, is. 3d. 

(Rambles in science) BLACKIE, July '25 

Gibson (Charles R.) Wireless. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 

7i*5i> PP- So, is. 3d. (Rambles in science.) 

BLACKIE, Oct. '25 

Gibson (Frank) Six French artists of the nine- 
teentn century. Illus. by photographic repro- 
ductions. Demy 4to, n| x 8|, pp, 80, 155. 

net R. SCOTT, Nov. '25 

Gibson (J.) Boy Scout knot bk. is, net. 

Feb. '25 

Gibson (John C.) Life and letters of P. Hately 
Waddell, D.D, : with extracts from his works. 
8vo, p x 5|, pp. 426, i2s. 6d. net. 

(Glasgow) JACKSON, WYLIE & Co., Apr. '25 

GStsson (Strickland) English printing, 1700- 

1925: anote. i8mo,6X3f,pp.i6,swd.2S.6d. 

net DULAU, Aug. '25 

Gibson (Wilfrid) I heard a sailor. Cr. 8vo, 
43. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Nov. '25 

GSdsSSngs (Franklin H.)- The Scientific study of 
human society. Cr. 8vo, 95. net, 

MlLFORD, Oct. '25 

GilS (Andre) Dostoevsky. Trans, from the 
French. Intro, by Arnold Bennett. 8vo, 
8xsi, PP- 223, 6s. net DENT, Sept. '25 

Glde (Charles) Consumers' co-operative societies. 
8vo, 8f X5& pp. 263, 8s. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, May '25 

Gilford (Ward, C.) Real estate advertising. 
$ X 5i, PP- 107, 173. net. 

MACMILLAN, Dec. '25 

Gift, poems, Hardy (E. H.) is. net .... Dec. '25 

Gilbert (Arthur W.) ed. The Food supply of New 
England. 8vo, 95. net . .MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Gilbert (Bernard) Canon Makepeace. Cr. Svo, 
7i X 5, PP. 306, 73. 6d. net. 

C. PALMER, June '25 

Gilbert (George) The Ranch woman : a Western 
story. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 286, 73. 6d. net. 

MELROSE, Sept. '25 

Gilbert (H. A.) and Brook (Arthur) The Secrets 
of the eagle, and of other rare birds. With 
36 photographs. Roy. Svo, 9X6|, pp. 196, 
los. net ARROWSMITH, Dec. '25 

Gilbert (Henry) The Book of pirates. Illus. 

by Stephen Reid. Svo, 8f X sf, pp. 319, 55. net. 

HARRAP, May '25 

Gilfeert (Katherine) Maurice Blondel's philo- 
sophy of action. Svo, swd., 43. 6d. net. 
(Umv. of N. Carolina studies in philosophy.) 
MILFORD, May '25 

Gilbert (Lady). See Mulholland (Rosa). 

Gilbert (W. S.)~ The Bab ballads. Illus. by the 
author. i2mo, 7x4^, pp. 196, 33. 6d. net; 
Ithr. 53. net. (Pocket classics.) 

MACMILLAN, Dec. '25 

Gilbert (W. S.) More Bab ballads. Illus. by the 
author. I2mo, 7x4^-, pp. 204, 33. 6d. net; 
Ithr. 55. net. (Pocket classics.) 

MACMILLAN, Dec. '25 

Gilbert and Elkce Islands Colonial report, 1923- 
24, 6d. net H.M.S.O., June '25 

Gilbert Boon, Vasey (C. J.) 7s. 6d. net. Apr. '25 

Gilbertosi (G. W., Maj.) and Ghano Khan 
Enghsh-Balochi colloquial dictionary. 2 vols. 
8&X5i PP- 884, 32S. 


GiSbertson (A, H.) The " Shorthand manual " 
reading and dictation exercises. Specially 
compiled and adapted for use with " Pitman's 
Shorthand manual," counted for dictation. 
New era ed. Cr. Svo, 7ixs, pp. 44, swd. 9d. 
PITMAN, Sept. "25 

Gilehrist (R. N.) Wages and profit sharing. 

Svo, I2S. 6d. net. (Calcutta Umv. pubns.) 

LONGMANS, July '25 

GMa, Irons (I.) 7s. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Gildersley's tenderfoot, Leighton (R.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Gilds and Companies of London, Unwin (G.) 
155. net ... * June '25 

Giles (A. M.) Mechanics in daily life : forces 
and their application. Part i. Fcp. Svo, 
6&X4i, pp. 96, is. net, (Element, science 
primers.) SELWYN & B., Sept. '25 

Giles (Chauncey, Rev.) Our children in the other 
life. Fcp. Svo, 6f X4, pp. 76, 9$. 

NEW CHURCH PR., LTD., July '25 

Giles (J. T.) Giles Recitation score card ; also t 
Manual of directions, by J. T. Giles. 4to, 
swd. is. 6d. net HARRAP, Aug. '25 

Gilford (Hastings) Tumors and cancers : a 
biological study. Intro, by Sir Frederick 
Keeble. Roy. Svo, 10 X 6|, pp. 717, 423. 
net SELWYN & B., Apr. '25 

Gilgamesh, Boyajian (Z. C.) 423. net.. Feb. '25 

Giii (Anna A.) Practical basketry. Drawings 
by the author. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 167, 6s. 
net S. PAUL, Apr. '25 

Giii (Conrad) The Rise of the Irish linen indus- 
try. Illus. Svo, 9ixs|, pp. 371, i6s. net. 
MILFORD, Mar. '25 

Gillespie (Inez) Peter Darrol ; or, The Jockey's 
cap. 7|X5, pp. 48, 23, 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

GiJSfitt (James B.) Six years with the Texas 
Rangers, 1875-1881. Edit, with intro. by 
M. M. Quaife. Illus, Roy, 8vo, 9I-X6J, 
pp. 275, i8s. net MILFORD, Dec. '25 

Gillie (A. E.) Barbara in Brittany. 12010, 
7 X 4L PP- 192, is. 6d. net. (Boys' and girls" 
lib.) COLLINS, July '25 

Gillie (E. A,) A Girl among girls. Illus. Svo, 
Sixsi, pp. 256, 2S. 6d, net. 

J. F. SHAW, July '25 

Gillies (Mrs. Robert) Chrysanthemum. [Tale.] 
Illus. by Mrs. F. L, Canfield. 7 X n, is. 6d. 
net * . CHINA INLAND MISSION, Dec. '25 

Gilligan's men, Noble (M. A.) 153. net. . June *25 





Gil man (Lawrence) Edward Macdowell : a 
study. Repr. Cr. 8vo, 73. 6d. net. 

LANE, Sept. '25 

GHmour (Margaret) and Orr (Jack) Trying 
Toby and the Punch and Judy Show. Told in 
words by M. G. ; told in pictures by J. O. 
Fcp. 8vo, 6|X4|, is. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, June '25 

dilpfn (Eva M.) A Nativity : drawn from the 
old French Noels and with appropriate music. 
Arranged for acting by children. 8f X 7, 

pp. 75, 6s. net CONSTABLE, Dec, '25 

Gilson (Charles, Capt.) Red Lynx. larao, 
7 x 4$, pp. 312, is. 6d. net. (Boys' and girls" 

lib.) COLLINS, July '25 

Gilson (Charles, Capt.) Red Lynx. Illus. by 
Archibald Webb. 8vo, 8x5^, pp. 312, 35. 6d. 

net COLLINS, Sept. '25 

Gilt on the gingerbread (The) : a human docu- 
ment. With foreword by W. L. George. 8vo, 
7f x 5|, pp. 239, 6s. net, 

WILLIAMS & N., Oct. '25 
" Gil wheel " Cyclist Scout, is. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Gines de Sepulveda, Juan, Bell (A. F. G.) 53. 

net Mar. '25 

Ginger & Co., Bradby (G. F.) as. net.. Mar. '25 
Gingerich (S. F.) Essays in the romantic poets 

8vo, los. net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Ginn (A. E. F.) A Short history of the Post 
Office from earliest times. 7|X4f, pp. 15, 
swd. 6d. net . . " PHILATELIC MAG/* May '25 

Giotto, Carra (C.) 255. net Mar. '25 

Gipsy of the North, Bums (O.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Girardin (Jules) Recits de la vie Reelle. Edit. 
by E. J. A. Groves. Fcp. 8vo, 6J- X 4i, 
pp. 62, swd., 7d. (Short French texts.) 

METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Girstiestdfie (G. R.) The Care and cure of crippled 

children : the scheme of the Central Committee 

for the Care of Cripples. 8vo, 8$X5, pp. 55, 

swd. 6d. net.. (Bristol) J. WRIGHT, Sept. '25 

Girl among girls, Gillie (E. A.) 2s. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Girl and her ways, Le Feuvre (A.) 5s. net. 

Aug. '25 
Girl from Down Under, Suley (E. C.) 25. net. 

Oct. '25 

Girl from the Bush, Haverfield (E. L.) 23. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Girl from the North-West, Camper (E. E.) 6s. 

net Sept. '25 

Girl Guide book of plays (The). By various 
authors. Second series. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 

143, 2S. 6d. net GARDNER, DARTON, Jan. '25 

Girl Guide knot book (The). Illus. i2mo, 
7iX4f, pp. 78, swd. is. net. 

J. BROWN, Feb. '25 

fairS Guide's book (The) : a book for girls of all 
sizes and all ages. Edit, by M. C. Carey. 
3rd vol. Cr. 4to, ioX7i, PP- Z 9 2 > 6 s - net. 

PEARSON, Sept. '25 
Girl guides : Child Nurse badge. 4d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Girl Guides of St. Ursula's, Rowe (Mrs. J. G.) 

2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Girl Guides' own diary and note book, 1926. 

32mo, 5 X si, pp. 220, is. net. (Glasgow.) 

J. BROWN, Aug. '25 

Girl Guides' pocket size patrol roll and sub- 
scription book. 48mo, sf X4|, swd., 3d. net. 
(Glasgow) J. BROWN, Oct. '25 
Girl in golden rags, Chambers (R. W.) 7s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Girl in the mask, Mackenzie (D. W.) 75. 6d, net. 

July '25 
Girl in the mirror, Jordan (E.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Girl of the eighteenth century, Pollard (E. F.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Girl or boy, North (J.) ?s. 6d. net July '25 

Girl who dared, Christie (M.) 75. 6d. net. Oct. '25 

Girl who wouldn't make friends, Oxenham (E. J.) 

2S. 6d. net Apr. '25 


Girl with no name, Merrel (C.) as. net. Apr. '25 

Girl's annual, Blackie's. 53. net Sept. '25 

Girl's annual, British. 53. net Aug. '25 

Girls, Annual for, Strong (Mrs. H.) 6s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Girls at the cottage, Warden (F.) 33. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Girls, Big book for, Strang (Mrs. H.) as. 6d. net. 

May '25 
Girl's book of verse, LytteUon (M.) 6s. net. 

Sept. '23 
Girls' budget (The). Illus. Roy. 8vo, 8| x 6f , 

pp. 128, 2S. net BLACKIE, Apr. '25 

Girl's ideal, Mulholland (R.) 43. net.. May '25 
Girls of Ashburnham College, Herbert (C.) as. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Girls of Banshee Castle, Mulholland (R.) 

43. net July '25 

Girls of Old Grange School, Wynne (M.) 55. 

net Aug. '25 

Girls of the Abbey School, Oxenham (E. J.) 

is. 6d. net July '25 

Girls of the Abbey School, Oxenham (E. J.) 

35. 6d. net . . . ." Sept. '25 

Girls of the Rookery School, Talboi (E.) 35. 6d. 

net July '25 

Girl's Own Annual (The). Edit, by Flora Klick - 

mann. Illus. Demy 4 to, nix8$> pp. 704* 

I2S. 6d. net R.T.S., Sept. '25 

Girls' own book of fairy tales and verses. Illus. 

Cr. vo, 7|X5, pp. 128, is. 6d. net. 

Low, Mar. '25 
Girls : Reading girl, Kernahan (C.) 55. net. 

June '25 
Girls' school yearbook (public schools), 1925-26. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 767, 75. 6d. net. 

H. F. W. DEANE, Oc2. '25 

Girls' stories, HuHon's. 55. net Aug. '3$ 

Girls, Talks to, Mee (A.) as. 6d. net.. Sept. '25 
Girls, Warne's Pleasure bk. for, Gordon (W. J.) 

2s. 6d. net July '25 

Girton College, Anglo-Saxon cemetery at, 

Hollingworth (E. J.) and O'Reilly (M. M.) 

43. net Dec. '25 

Gissing (George) The Immortal Dickens. With 
port, of Charles Dickens. 8vo, 8x5, pp. 253, 
6s. net C. PALMER, Sept. '25 

Gitanilla, Cervantes. (Abridged by Peers.) 
is. 6d. net Feb, '25 

Gladioli, MacSelf (A. J.) 6s. net. .... .May '25 

Gladstone, Disraeli and, Somervell (D. C.) 

I2S. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Gladstone's Library: St. Deniol's Hawarden, 

Drew (M.) 6d. net June '25 

Gladwyn, Chappell (J.) is. icd Mar. '25 

Glaisfer (John, jun.) Legal medicine for members 

of the legal profession and police forces. Illus. 

Cr. 8vo, 7$ x 5, pp. 158, 5$> net. 

(Glasgow) A. STENHOUSE, Mar. '25 
Glamorgan, Corbett (J. S.) 2 is. net Sept. '25 

Glamour : essays on the theatre, Young (S.) 
8s. 6d. net May '25 

aiaiiiSIe (Ernest) The Yellow-maned lion : 
the story of Ngonyama. Illus. 8vo, 8JX5&, 
pp. 210, 35. 6d. net J. CAPE, Oct. '25 

QSase&rcmk (M. G., Rev.) -The Problem of suffer- 
ing and evil. i8mo, swd. 3d. (Papers in 
modern churchmanship.) LONGMANS, Sept. '25 

Glasgow (Ellen) Barren ground. Cr. 8vo, 
7i X 5, PP. 448, 7s. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, June 25 

Glasgow (Ellen) One man in his time. Cheaper 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X 5, pp. 320, 35. 6d. net. 

MURRAY, Apr. '25 

Glasgow (George) From Dawes to Locarno : 
a critical record of an important achievement 
in European diplomacy, 1924-1925. Fore- 
word by the Rt. Hon. J. Ramsay MacDonald. 
8vo, 9 X 5 1, pp. 202, 7s. 6d. net. 

BENN, Nov. '25 

Glasgow District, Geology of, Geological Survey 
(Scotland). 75. 6d. net Nov. 'as 





dl&sguw University Library Catalogue of an 
exhibition of Bibles : in commemoration of 
the Four-hundredth anniversary of the publi- 
cation of Tindale's First Printed New Testa- 
ment, 1525. Pref. sketch and notes by George 
Milligan. 9x6, pp 54, 6d. net. 


CSIasier (J. Bruce) The Meaning of socialism. 
Intro, by J. A. Hobson. 7^x5, pp. 188, is. 
net LL.P. PUBG. DEPT., May '25 

Glaspeli (Susan) The Glory of the conquered. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 327, 75. 6d. net. 

JARRQLDS, May '25 
iass (James) The Gateway of Happiness. 

7 14X5, PP- 127, 3 s - 6d. n et. 

CiSass (Montague) Y 'understand. Cr. 8vo, 

7 \ x 5, pp. 323,75. 6d. net. HEINEMANN, Sept. '25 
Glass, Old, and how to collect it, Lewis (J, S.) 

1 8s. net Sept. '25 

Glass technology, Hodkin (F. W.) and Cousen 

(A.) 42S. net Jan. '25 

Glasshouse crops, Special, Fletcher (F. J.) Market 

nursery work, v. 2. as. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Glasshouses, Fletcher (F. J.) Market nursery 

work, vol. i. 2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Glastonbury : historic guide, M arson (C. L., 

Rev.) is. 6d. net June '25 

lazeijroolc (Ethel) Lyrics of life and thought. 

8vo, 8x5$, PP- 61, 35. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Nov. '25 
Glaztferook (M. G,, Rev.) The Faith of a 

modern churchman. 2nd ed,, rev. and enl. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 146, 53, net. (Modern 

Churchman's hb.} MURRAY, Dec. '25 

Glee maiden, Rowbotham (J. F.) 6s. net . . Oct. '25 

8en (Rowan) The Playground of the rich. 

Cr. 8vo, 7$ x 5, pp. 324, 7s. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, Feb. '25 
Glen is mine : plays, Brandane (J.) 6s. net, 

Sept. '25 
Giennie (Robert) The Congo and its people : 

a handbook. Illus, I2mo, 7j x 4|, pp. 89, 

2S. net; swd. ..CAREY PR., June '25 
Glenshee : Tales of a Highland parish, Miller 

[T. D.) Sept. '25 

Glimerick book, Witherspoon (S. J. A.) 33. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Glimpse of Fairyland, Fry (L. S.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Csfoag (John) Time, taste and furniture. Illus. 

by drawings, by E. J. Warne and from photos. 

Roy. 8vo, 9X6J, pp. 330, 125. 6d. net. 

G. RICHARDS, June '25 
Sory-Christian (The). By an Unknown Christian. 

i2mo, 7iX4|, pp. 133, 33. 6d. net; swd. 

2S. 6d. net MARSHALL BROS., June '25 

Glory of God, Abrahams (I.) 35. 6d. net. 'Aug. '25 

Glory of Lois, Shaw (F. H.) 75. 6d. net. Oct. '25 
Glory of the conquered, Glaspell (S.) 73. 6d, net. 

May '25 
Glory of youth, Bailey (T.) 2S. net Apr. '25 

S0iz (Gustave) The vEgean civilization. With 
87 illus., 3 maps in the text, and 4 plates. 
Roy. 8vo, 9fx6, pp. 438, i6s. net. (History 
of ciwltsation.) K. PAUL, Oct. '25 

Gloucester, Tewkesbury and district, Foord (E.) 
[Cathedrals.] 2s. 6d. net May '25 

Glover (Cedric Howard) The Term's music. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&x 5, pp. 184, 4S. 6d. net. (Musician's 
bookshelf.) K. PAUL, Mar. '25 

Glover (Halcott) Wat Tyler, and other plays. 
Cr. 8vo, 7 x 5, pp. 341, 73. 6d. net. 

K. PAUL, Oct. '25 

Glover (T. R., Rev) Paul of Tarsus. 8vo, 
5&, PP' 2< ^, 9 s - net - 

Glover (W. J.) ed. South America. With 
illus., maps and exercises. i2mo, 7j X 4f, 
pp. 128, is. 6d. (Cassell's "New" geography 
ser,) CASSELL, Aug. '25 


Gluck (Heinrich) Die Indischen miniaturen des 
Haemzae Romanes im Oesterreichischen 
Museum fur Kunst und Industrie in Wien 
und in Anderen Sammlungen. Intro by 
Josef Strzygowski. With 40 plates, 10 col. 
plates, and illus. Folio, 14X9, pp. 155, 3005. 
(25, Museum St., W.C.i.) 

E. GOLDSTON, July '25 

Gluck (Sinclair) The Green blot. Cr. 8vo y 
7i x 5> PP- 285, 73. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., July '25 

Qioek (Sinclair) Thieves* honour. Popular ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 35. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., July '25 

Gluck (Sinclair) The White streak. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 320, 35. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Mar. '25 
Glutton's mirror, Caine (W.) 75. 6d. net. 

Nov. '23 

GSvn (Elinor) His hour. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 
7l X 5, pp. 312, 2S. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Apr. '25 
GSvn (Elinor) The Philosophy of love. 121110, 

7x4$, pp. 94, 2S. net NEWNES, Oct. '25 

Glyn (Elinor) The Reason why. Cheap ed. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 3*8, 23. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Mar. '25 

Giyn (Elinor) Six days. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, PP. 317, 3S. 6d. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Aug. '25 

GSyn (Elinor) This passion called love. Cr. 
8vo, 7^x5, pp. 223, 55. net. 

DUCKWORTH, Oct. '25 

GSyn (Elinor) The Vicissitudes of Evangeline. 
Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 286, 33. 6d. 

net DUCKWORTH, Oct. '25 

Glyn (Gervas P., Sir, and Margaret H.) The 
Adventures of a blockhead and his family, 
with other sketches and stories. 7f xs^, pp. 
123, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Southwood Lane, Highgate) 

HERMIT PR., Feb. '25 

Giyn (Gervas P., Sir, and Margaret H.) Poems 
and song translations. 8x5$, pp. 181, 7s. 6d. 

net (Highgate) HERMIT PR., May '25 

Gnosticism : the coming apostacy, Ponton 

(D. M.) 6d. net Sept. '25 

Goadfey (Kenneth, Sir) Diseases of the gums and 

oral mucous membrane. Roy. 8vo, 423. net. 

(Medical publications] . . . .MILFORD, Feb. '25 

GoariJ (William P.) Isaiah : an outline study. 

7i x 5> PP- 56, is. net. 

COVENANT PUBG, Co., June "25 
Goat and Compasses, Armstrong (M.) 75. 6d. 

net Apr. '25 

Goat-boy Baronet, Chappell (J.) is. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Golifsieaw (Arthur, Count) The Golden flower. 

8vp, 7s. 6d. net PUTNAM, Sept. *25 

Goblin island, Oxenham (E, J.) is. 6d. net. 

July '25 
God and intelligence in modern philosophy, 

Sheen (F. J.) 153. net Oct. '25 

God and Mammon, Hocking (J.) 23. 6d. net. 

June '25 

God and the child, Hill (R., Rev.) 33. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
God and Tony Hewitt, Kinross (A.) 7s, 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

God, Attributes of, Farnell (L. R.) I2S. 6d. net. 

Nov. '25 
God, Fatherhood of, Christian gospel of, Shaw 

(J. M.) 6s. net Jan. '25 

God, Hebrew quest for, Davidson (A.) is. 6d. 

net June '25 

God, Knowledge of, in Johannine thought, Ely 

(M. R.) .June '25 

God, Likeness to, Booth (Mrs. B.) 23. 6d. net, 

Aug. '25 

God, Living, Storr (V. F.) 55. net Mar. '25 

God man craves, Garvie (A. E., Rev.) is, net. 

Feb. '*5 

God, Modern conception of. is. net . . Jem. '25 
God or gorilla, McCann (A. W.) 175. 6d. net, 

Oct. '25 




God, \Vliy we believe in : Lectures in Hyde Pk., 
Rogers (C. F.) 25, net Sept. "25 

GodcSaril (Fanny) Newquay (Cornwall) with 
its surroundings, including the Vale of Lan- 
herne and Perranzabuloe : a handbook for 
visitors and residents. With town plan and 
illus. i2mo, 7iX4f, pp. 88, is. net. (Home- 
land handbooks.) HOMELAND Assoc., Mar. '25 

Gddafd (Richard E.) Obsession: a novel. 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 286, 73. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Apr. '25 

GmSdari! (T. N.) The Handbook of Sierra 
Leone. Compiled and published by authority 
of the Government of Sierra Leone. Illus. 
8vo, 9x5!, pp. 351, los. 6d. net. 

G. RICHARDS, Mar. '25 

Godfather of Downing Street, Beresford (J.) 
155. net May '25 

Godfrey (William, Rev.) The Young apostle: 
conferences for church students. 7fX5|, pp. 
195, 53. net BURNS, GATES, Jan. '25 

Godhead, Christian doctrine of, Garvie (A, E., 
Rev.) i6s. net Oct. '25 

Gods and heroes, Tales of the, Cox (G. W., Sir), 
is. 6d, net Feb. '25 

God's better things, Bdden (A, D.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 

God's Holy Prophets, Hollis (G.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Gods of the Classics, Mackenzie (D. A.) zs, 6d. 
net June '25 

Goethe (J. W. von.) Faust. From the German 
by John Anster. Illus. by Harry Clarke. Ed. 
limited to 2,000 copies for England and America, 
signed and numbered by the artist. Cr. 4to, 
iofx 8J, pp. 254, 425. net . . HARRAP, Nov. '25 

Goethe, Scott and, Macintosh (W., Rev.) 6s. 
net Feb. '25 

Going fishing : letters to a brother angler. With 
frontis. 8vo, 7jxsJ, pp. 223, 53. net. 


Going-to-bed tales, Attwell (M. L.) 2s. net. 

July '25 

Gold and silver, Hall marks on los. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Gold and spices, Findlay (W. G.) 2s. net. 

Aug. *25 

Gold Ooast Colonial report, 1923-24. 23. 3d. 
net H.M.S.O., Sept. '25 

Gold Coast (Northern Territories) Colonial re- 
port, 1923-24. 9d. net .. H.M.S.O.,D#?. '24 

Gold diggers, Rowe (R.) is. 6d. net... Sept. '25 

Gold of the sunset, Sleath (F.) 2S. net. .July '25 

Gold, Return to, Gregory (T. E.) 33. 6d., 2S. 6d. 
net June '25 

Gold ship, Holmes (F. M.) 23. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Gold standard, Bottomley (S.) 53. net . . July '25 

Gold standard, Economics of, Jack (D. T.) 
3s. net Sept. '25 

Gold whip, Gould (N.) gd. net Mar, '25 

Goldberg (L. Chisda-). See Chisda-Goldberg. 

Golden age, Thorn (I.) is. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Golden annual for girls (The) : the all-story 
annual, 1926. Roy. 8vo, 9} X 6|, pp. 168, 
43. 6d. net AMALGAMATED PR., Sept. '25 

Golden arrow, Tickle (B. M.) 43. net . . Apr. '25 

Golden arrow, Webb (M.) 33. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Golden asse, Apuleius (L.) 35. 6d., 6s. net. 

Jan. '25 

Golden book of children's verse, Jones (F.) 2S. 6d. 
net June '25 

Golden book of narrative verse, Jones (F.) 
2S. 3d . Feb. '25 

Golden calf, Black (S.) ?s. 6d. net Oct. '25 

Golden dawn. Moore (D.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Golden-Eyes, Jepson (S.) 32. 6d. net. Mar. '25 

Golden Fleece, Bailey (H. C.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Golden flower, Gobineau (A., Count). 73. 6d. 
net Sept. '25 

Golden galleons of Caribbee, Grahame (G. H.) 
7s. 6d. net May '25 

Golden hammer, Marshall (A. W.) 2s. net. 

June '25 


Golden keys, essays. Lee (V.) 6s. net. .Mar. "25 

Golden milestone," Beddow (B.) /s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Golden passports, Lee (A.) as. 6d. net . .June '25 

Golden porch, Hutchinson (\V. M. L.) 7S. 6d. 
net Nov. "25 

Golden road, Montgomery (L. M.) 33. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Golden rose, White (F. M.) gd. net... Jan. '25 

Golden Sally, Francis (M. E.) and BlundeU (Agnes) 
6s. net Mar. '25 

Golden shaft, stories, Merrin (R.) ss. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Golden treasury, Bogatsky (H. K. van) 2s. 6d. 
net Mar. '25 

Golden treasury, Palgrave (F. T.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Golden treasury of Irish verse, Robinson (L.) 
75. 6d., los. net Mar. '25 

Golden village, Anthony (J.) 75, 6d. net. Mar. '25 

Golden web, Oppenhe'im (E. P.) 33. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Golden woman, Cullmn (R.) is. net . .June '25 

Golden youth : lyrics, Davidson (A. M.) is. net. 

Sept. '25 

Goldenrod fairy bk., Singleton (E.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Golding (Harry) ed. The Wonder book of 
railways. With 12 col. plates and nearly 300 
illus. 1 2th ed., rev. Cr. 4to, 10 x 7|, pp. 256, 
6s. net WARD, LOCK, July '25 

GoSffiitg (Harry) ed.-The Wonder book of then 
and now. With 12 col. plates and upwards 
of 300 illus. Cr. 4to, io X ?, pp. 256, 6s. 
net WARD, LOCK, Oct. '25 

GoSdisig (Louis) Day of atonement. Cr. 8vo, 
7iX5, pp. 298, 7s. 6d. net. 

CHATTO & W., May '25 

GoSding (Louis) Sicilian noon. Cr. 8vo, 7^X3, 
pp. 283, 73. 6d, net.. CHATTO & W., Dec. '25 

Goloiitgham (A. H.) The Design and construc- 
tion of oil engines : also full directions for 
testing, installing, operating, repairing in- 
cluding descriptions of various American 
and European types. 5th ed., in 2 parts. 
Part i, Modern high compression engines. 
Cr. 8vo, 71 x 5, pp. 272, los. 6d. net. 

SPON, Dec. '25 

Goldman (Emma) My disillusionment in Russia. 
Intro, by Rebecca West. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, 
pp. 291, 6s. net ....C. W. DANIEL, Oct. '25 

ofdmark (Ruth I.) Studies in the influence of 
the Classics on English literature. 8vo, 
us. 6d. net. (Studies in English and compar~ 
tive literature.) MILFORD, Mar. '25 

laoidring (Douglas) Cuckoo : a comedy of adjust- 
ments. Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 269, 73. 6d. net. 
CHAPMAN & HALL, Sept. '25 

GoSdrStig (Douglas) Gone abroad : a story of 
travel, chiefly in Italy and the Balearic Isles. 
Illus. 8vo, 9X5^, pp. 262, i2S. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, Feb. '25 

Goldsmith (Elizabeth E.) Life symbols as re- 
lated to sex symbolism : a brief study into 
the origin and significance of certain symbols 
which have been found in ail civilisations, such 
as the Cross, etc. Roy. 8vo, g| x 6J, pp. 483, 
373. 6d. net PUTNAM, Jan. '25 

Goldsmith (Oliver) Essays. Selected by A. H. 
Sleight. i2mo, 7ix4|pp. 240. (Harrap lib.\ 
33. 6d. net ; (Modern English ser. School ea.) 
2s. 6d. net HARRAP, July '25 

Goldsmith (Oliver) Poems and essays. Selected 
and edit, by Athelstan Ridgway. 12010, 
6X4i, PP- I 9 I IS - 6cU net. (Kings treasuries 
of literature.) DENT, Feb. '25 

Goldsmith, Oliver, Black (W.) 33. 6d. net. 

July *25 

Goldsmith (Sophie L.) Wonder clock plays: 
adapted for children from Howard Pyle's " The 
Wonder Clock." Roy. 8vo, 7s. 6d. net. 

HARPERS, Apr. '25 
Golf. Best of, Helme (E. E.) 2s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 





Golf courses of Gt. Britain, Darwin (B.) 123. 6d. 
net .... .......................... June '25 

Golf : decisions by theRules of the Golf Committee 
of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club, St. Andrews, 
1909-1924. With index. Demy 8vo, 9^X5!, 
pp. 165, 6s. net. (St. Andrews.) 

W. C. HENDERSON, Sept. '25 

Golf, Foundations of, Smith (J. S. K.) and 
WeasteU (B. S.) 53. net .......... Nov. '25 

Golf from two sides, Wethered (R. and J.) 6s. 
net ............................ May '25 

Golf, Guide to good, Barnes (J. M.) 6s. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Golf : Professor on the golf links, Bailey (C. W.) 
2S. 6d. net ...................... Aug. '25 

Golf swing, Basis of the, Forrest (J.) 6s. net. 

Nov. '25 

Golfers, Don'ts for, Green (S.) 23., is. net Sept. '25 

r's handbook (The). Issued yearly. Illus. 
i8mo, 5^X4^, pp. 1283, 73. 6d. net. 

" GOLFER'S HANDBOOK.*' Pel). '25 
Golfers* treasures, Ito (Cho.) 2 is. net . .Nov. '25 

Golsworthy (Arnold) The Fanatic : a drama in 
verse. 7x4!, pp. 83, 53. 

E. HUGHES & Co., Mar. '25 
Gompers (Samuel) Seventy years of life and 
labour : an autobiography. Illus. 2 vols. 
8vo, 9x5!, pp. 593, 649 (set) 423. net. 

HURST & B., Oct. '25 
Gompertz (M. L. A.). See " Ganpat" 
Gone abroad, Goldring (D.) 123. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Gonococal infection, Treatment of, Cumberbatch 
(E. P.) and Robinson (C. A.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Gooch (G, P,) Germany. With intro. by the 
Rt. Hon. H. A. L. Fisher. (The Modern World: 
a survey of historical forces. Vol. 2). 8vo, 
Sfxsi, PP. 372, 155. net .. BENN, Mar. '25 
Good deeds of Bonzo, Studdy (G. E.) and Jellicoe 
(G.) 6d. net .................... Sept. '25 

*' Good Housekeeping '* cookery bk., Jack (F. B.) 
23. 6d. net ........................ Mar. '25 

Good references, Rath (E. J.) 75, 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Good Shepherd (The). Illus. Roy. 8vo, gf X 7i, 
pp. 16, 6d. net .......... S.P.C.K., Oct. '25 

Good stories from Oxford and Cambridge, Henr&y 
(T. S.) 55. net .................. May '25 

Goodall (Alexander). See Gulland (G. L.) and 


laoodchild (George) Captain Crash. Cheap ed, 
Cr. 8vo, 7j x 5, pp. 250, swd. is. net. 

R. HAYES, Apr. '25 

Goodchiid (George) Hurricane Tex. Cr. 8vo, 
7i X 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Apr. '25 

Goodehild (George) The Man who wasn't. 

Popular ed. i2ino, 7iX4|, pp. 312, ss. net. 

H. JENKINS, Feb. '25 

Godc8il!d (George) The Woollen monkey. Cr. 
8vo, 7&X5, pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net. 

J. LONG, Feb. '25 

ISoodSiart (James Frederic, Sir) The Diseases 

of children. 12 th ed. Edit, by George 

Frederick Still. With 68 illus. 8vo, 9X5!, 

pp, 982, 285. net. . J. & A. CHURCHILL, Oct. '25 

Goodly heritage, Moberly (L. G.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Goodman (Arthur W.) and Hutton (William H.) 
eds. The Statutes governing the Cathedral 
Church of Winchester, given by King Charles I. 
4to, i2s. 6d, net ...... .... MIX-FORD, May *25 

Goodman (G. N.). See Marsh (Lewis) and 


Goodman (Kenneth Sawyer) and Hecht (Ben) 
The Wonder hat, and other one-act plays. 
Cr. 8vo, 6s. net .......... APPLE-TON, Aug. '25 

Goodman (Paul) Moses Montefiore. Cr. Svo, 
73. 6d. net ............ ROUTLEDGE, May '25 

Goodrich (Edwin S.) Living organisms: an 
account of their origin and evolution. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, PP- 204, 6s. net. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 


GdOdrlch-Fretr (A.) Things seen in Constanti- 
nople. With illus. i8mo, 6X4^, pp. 158, 

33. 6d. net SEELEY, Sept. '25 

Goodsall (Robert H.) Home building. Illus. 
Cr, Svo, 7&X5, pp. 146, 55. net. 

CROSS & J., Oct. '25 

Goodspeed (Edgar J.) The Making of the English 
New Testament. Cr. 8vo, 7s. 6d. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Apr. '25 

Goodspeed (Edgar J.) -The New Testament : an 
American translation. i8mo, swd. 53. net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Feb. '25 

Goodspeed (Edgar J.) Things seen and heard. 
Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 235, los. net. 

CAME. UNIV. PR., Nov. '25 

Goodspeed (Thomas W.) The Story of the 

University of Chicago, 1890-1925. Cr. 8vo, 

los. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Mar. '25 

Goodspeed (Thomas W.) The University of 
Chicago biographical sketches. Vol. 2. Svo, 

155. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Apr. '25 

Goodwin (Ernest) The Devil among the skins : 
play. 7x5, pp. 28, swd. is. net. 

Goodwin (Ernest) Stiletto. Cheap ed. Cr. Svo, 
7i X 5, pp. 316, 2s. 6d. net. 

COLLINS, June '25 

Goodwin (H. B.) A Companion to the azimuth 
tables. Svo, 8$- X 5$, pp. 124, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Glasgow) J. BROWN, Aug. '25 
Goodwin (Harold) Autoclaves and high pressure 
work. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7iX4, pp. 166, 6s. 
net. (Chemical engineering lib.}. 

BENN, June '25 

Goodwin (John) Helen of London. Cheap ed. 
I2mo, 7i x 4|, pp. 320, 2S. net. 

H. JENKINS, Jan. '25 

Goodwin (John) Mafalda. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, 
pp. 319, 73. 6d. net .... HODDER & S., Aug. '25 

Goodwin (John C.) Queer fish. With port, 
Roy. Svo, 9& X 6, pp. 307, i8s. net. 


Goodyear (R. A. H.) The Boys of Ringing Rock. 
Illus. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5%, PP- 256, 53. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Aug* '25 

Goodyear (R. A. H.) Boys of the Valley School. 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 256, 33. 6d. net. 

J. CASTLE, Oct. *5 

Goodyear (R. A. H.) The Greenway heathens : 

a public school story. With frontis. i2mo, 

7 x 4i, pp. 287, is. 6d. net. (Haversack lib.) 

NISBET, Apr. '25 

Goodyear (R. A. H.) Jack o' Langsett : a 
public school story. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| X $| 
pp. 364, 33. net. (Blue bird ser.) 

NELSON, July '25 

Goodyear (R. A. H.) The School's best man. 
Illus. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 320, 33. 
(Premier rewards) JARROLDS, Oct. '25 

Goodyear (R. A. H.) Three Joskins at St. Jude's. 
With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7|- X 5, pp. 254, 
2S. 6d. net. (Black's Boys' hb.) 

BLACK, Sept. f z$ 

GooBd (Marshall N.) The Ship of destiny. 
Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 322, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 
Goose feathers, Colquhoun (B.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Gordon (G. B.) 'Examples of Maya pottery in 
the Museum [Philadelphia Univ.] and other 
collections. (In 4 parts.) Pt. i, 25 plates, 
23 in col., Roy. folio, 21x16 (portfolio), 
2465. net . . QUARITCH, Sept. '25 

Gordon (G. F. C.J^-Clpckmaking : past and 
present. With which is incorporated the more 
important portions of " Clocks, watches and 
bells," by the late Lord Grimthorpe, relating 
to turret clocks and gravity escapements. 
Illus. Svo, 8f xsi, pp. 240, i6s. net. 


Gordon (G. V.)*and Evans (Frederic) A Concise 

guide to map projections. With explanatory 

notes. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 16, swd. is. 6d, net. 

HEFFER, Aug. '25 





Gftrdoit (George) Medium Aevum and the Middle 
Age. Svo, 2S. 6d. net. (S.P.E. tract). 

MILFORD, May '25 

Gordon (Helen Cameron) Love's island. 7^X5, 
pp. 298, 55. net. 

(Wembley Exhibition) CYPRUS PAVILION,, 

July '25 
(Home, Sir) That Test Match: a tale 

for boys and old boys. Svo, 8^X5^, pp. 183, 

25. 6d. net .......... DUCKWORTH, Feb. '25 

Garden (Jan) Buddock against London : a 

romance. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 315, 75. 6d. net 

W. BLACKWOOD, Oct. '25 

Gcirdort (Jan and Cora) Two vagabonds in the 

Balkans. With illus. in col. and black and 

white by the authors. Roy. 8vo, 10 x 6|, 

pp. 246, I2S. 6d. net ........ LANE, Jan. '25 

6rsf@st (Jan and Cora J.) Two vagabonds in 

Languedoc : a portrait group in prose. Illus. 

by the authors. Roy, Svo, 9! X6J, pp. 254, 

I2S. 6d. net .................. LANE, Sept. '25 

Gordon (Jean) The Twins of Ulfs tribe: a 

story of long ago ; and, The Story of Oswald 
- the Saxon boy, by Fred Austin. Illus. by 

D. Newsome. Fcp. Svo, 6f X5, pp. 40, swd. 

5d. net. (" New Guide " readers, Grade II.) 

(Birmingham.) . . DAVIS & MOUGHTON, Jan. '25 
Gordon (Seton) -The Cairngorm Hills of Scotland. 

Demy Svo, 9X6, pp. 232, 155. net. 

C ASS ELL, July '25 
Gordon (W. J.) W&rna's Efficient reckoner. 

7s. 6d. net ...................... Mar. '25 

Gordon (W. J.) ed. "Warne's pleasure bk. for 

boys. Illus, 4 col. illus. Roy. Svo, 9X6^, 

as. 6d. net ................ WAR.NE, July '25 

Gordon (W. J.) ed. Warne's Pleasure bk. for 

girls. Illus, 4 col. illus. Roy, 8vo, gX6f, 

2S. 6d. net ................ WARNE, July '25 

Gordon- Barrett (R. R.) Motoring in France. 

With 30 illus. and 7 maps and plans. Fcp. 

8vo, 6| x 4j, pp. 223, 6s, net . . METHUEN, 

Nov. '25 

Gordon Blake, Lane (R. W.) 73. 6d. net.. June '25 
Gordon of the lost lagoon, Watson (R.) 75. 6d. 

net ---- ... ..................... Mar. '25 

ore- Booth (Eva) The Shepherd of Eternity, 

and other poems. Cr. Svo, 45. net. 

LONGMANS, Mar. '25 
re- Browne (Francis, Sir) Handbook on the 

formation, management and winding-up of 

joint stock companies. s6th ed. by T. E. 

Haydon and Herbert W. Jordan. Roy. Svo, 

9fx6, pp. 851, 175. 6d. net. 

JORDAN, Oct. '25 
drc- Browne (Robert) The Crater: a novel. 

Cr, Svo, 7l x 5, pp. 308, 75. 6d, net. 

COLLINS, Dec. '25 
Gorall (Lord) In the night. Cheap ed Cr. 

Svo, 7 ^ X 5, pp. 250, 2S 6d net. 

UNWIN, Oct. '25 
dorei! (Lord) The Spirit of happiness. 8vo, 

8f X 5f, pp. 138, 73. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Apr. "25 
Gorges (Arthur, Sir) The Olympian catastrophe. 

Intro, by Randall Davies. Cr. 4to, ioX7&, 

pp. 68, 55. net .......... CAYME PR., July '25 

doraston (Michael H.) The Operating engineers' 

catechism of steam engineering. Cr, Svo, 

I2S. 6d. net .............. HARRAP, May '25 

Gospel and the modern mind, Matthews (W. R.) 

73. 6d. net ...................... June '25 

Gospel at Corinth, Roberts (R.) 8s. net. Apr. '25 
Gospel, Ethics ot the, Spencer (F. A. M.) 73. 6d. 

net .............................. Sept. '25 

Gospel, Heart of the, Moyley (J. K., Rev.) 53. 

net ............................ Mar. '25 

Gospel of an artist and physician, Bickersteth 

(C.) 35. 6d. net .................. Nov. '25 

Gospel of love : Narada Bhakti Sutras. Text 

and trans. i6mo, pp, 34, swd. is. (Indian 

renaissance lib.) ............ LUZAC, Mar. '25 

GospeE of Philip the Evangelist. Parts 1-2. 

9l X 7l> PP- 47, 2S. 6d. 

(46, Anerley Station Road, 

P. B, BEDDOW, Nov. '25 


Gospel of the Hereafter, Smyth (P., Archd.) 

3S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Gospel that Jesus preached, Cadonx (A. T., Rev.) 

6s. 6d. net July 25 

Gospels, Ante-Nicene exegesis of the, SmUh 

(H., Rev.) Vol. i. Oct. '25 

$8 (Edmund, Sir) Silhouettes. Cr. 8vo, 
71 X 5 1, pp. 423, 8s. 6d. net. 

HEINEMAN-N, Sept. *25 

Gosse (Edmund, Sir) and Craigie (W. A.) eds, 
Oxford book of Scandinavian verse, i7th- 
aoth century. Cr. Svo, 8s.; India p., 

i os. net MILFORD, Oct. '25 

CaOSS (Edmund) Sir Thomas Browne Re- 
issue, ismo, 7X4i, pp. 224, 3 s. 6d. net. 
(English men of letters.) MACMILLAN, July '2* 
Goss (Edmund, Sir) Tallemant des Reaux ; 
or, The Art of miniature biography. (ZahharoS 
lecture, 1925.) Svo, swd. as. net. 

MILFORD, Feb. '25 

Gosse (Edmund, Sir) Tallemant des Reaux; 
or, The Art of miniature biography. (Zaharofi 
lecture, 1925.) 9x6, pp. 24, swd. 23. net. 

MILFORD, Mar. '25 

osse (Edmund) Thomas Gray. New pocket ed. 
12010, 7 x 4, pp. 243, 35. 6d. net. (English 

men of letters.) MACMILLAN, July '25 

Gosse, Edmund, Sir, Considerations on, Bray- 

brooke (P.) 73. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Gossip (Arthur John) In Christ's stead : the 
Warrack Lectures on Preaching, 1925. Cr 
Svo, 7^X5, pp. 247, 5s. net. 

HODDER & S.. Sept. '25 

GostSIng (Francis M.)~ The Bretons at home. 
Intro, by Anatole Le Braz. With 12 illus 
Repr. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net 

METHUEN. May *2 ( 5 

GoslIIng (Francis M.) The Lure of English 
Cathedrals: Northern. With 8 illus. from 
photos, by W. A. Gosthng. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5 

pp. 185, 55. net MILLS & B., Mav '25 

Gotch (J. Alfred) Old English houses. With 
7 plans and 48 illus. 8vo> 9x5!, pp. 229, 

1 6s. net METHUEN, Oct. '25 

ougt! (A. W., Rev. PrebeEdary)The Fierht 
for man. Svo, 9 x si, pp. 95, 3S. 6d. net. 

Googh {A. W., Rev.) The Life of Christ. With 
frpntis. Fcp. Svo, 6* x 4, pp. 245, is. 6d. net. 
(Church teaching for young people.) 

NISBET, Feb "25 

Gould (F. T,) Thomas Paine, 17371809, With 
?!?S I* 8vo 7* X 5> PP- 192, 4S. 6d. net. 
(Roadmaker $er.) .... L. PARSONS, Mar. '25 
Gould (Frederick J.) Britain and her Common- 
wealth : concise view, or syllabus, of history 
from earliest times to 1914 and after 8vo 
8^x5$, PP- 62, swd. is. net WATTS, Jan. '%* 
Gould (Nat) At starting price. Cheap ed 
Svo, 8^X51, pp. 126, swd. 9d. net. 

J. LONG. Oct. '2S 

Gould (Nat) A Bad start. Cheap ed. 8vo 

7i x 5i> PP- I 26, swd., gd. net. J 

J. LONG, Sept '05 

Gould (Nat) Beating the favourite. Cheap ed 
xamo, 7i x 4 J, pp. 254, 2s. net. 

J. LONG, July '25 

Gould (Nat) A Bird in hand. Cheap ed Svo 

8-frx 5f, pp. 126, swd. Qd. net LONG, Sept. '2*5 

Gould (Nat) Blue cap. Cheap ed. Svo, sf x 5* 

pp. 124, swd., 9d. net . . R. HOLDEN, May 'i 

GouSfl (Nat) The Blue ribbon. Demy *8vo 

Sixsi, pp. 128, swd. gd. net. ' 

J. LONG, June '2*? 

Gould (Nat) The Boy in green. Cheap ed 
Svo, 8|X 5i, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Qowld (Nat) Bred in the bush. Cheap ed 
Svo, 8i X 5^, pp. 128, swd., 9d. net 

R. HOLDEN, May '2*5 

(Nat) Broken down. Cheap ed. 8vo 
, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. ' 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 
Gould (Nat) The Challenge. Cr. 8vo, 7|xs 
pp. 254* 7s. 6d. net LONG, Jan. '25 





Gould (Nat) A Dangerous stable. Cheap ed. 
Svo, 8 x 5i, pp. 126, swd., gd. net. 

J. LONG, Sept. '25 

Gould (Nat) The Dapple grey. Cheap ed. 
8vo } 8X5|, pp. 126, swd. gd. net. 

J. LONG, Oct. '25 

Gn!d (Nat) The Demon wins. Cheap ed. 
8vo, 8xsi, pp. 126, swd. gd. net. 

J. LONG, July '25 

Gould (Nat) The Gold whip. Cheap ed., Svo, 
8&X5&, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 

Gould (Nat) In low water. Cheap ed., 8vo, 
Six si, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 

Gould (Nat) In Royal colours. Cheap ed. 
8vo, 8fc X 5%, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Giild (Nat) King of the rangers. Cheap ed. 
8vo, 8| x 5|, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Goisld (Nat) A Long shot. Demy 8vo, SJxsJ, 
pp. 128, swd. gd. net J. LONG, June '25 

Gould (Nat) A Near thing. (Formerly entitled 
"Life's web.") Cheap ed., 8vo, 8X5, 
pp. 127, swd., gd. net. . R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 

Gould (Nat) One of a rnob. Cheap ed. 8vo, 
8$X5f, pp. 125, swd. gd. net. 

J. LONG, Oct. '25 

Gould (Nat) The Outcast. Cheap ed. Svo, 
si X 51, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) A Racecourse tragedy. Cheap ed. 
Svo, 8|- x 5l, pp. 126, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) A Racing sinner. Cheap ed., Svo, 
Sjfcxsfc, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 

Goyfd (Nat) The Rajah's Racer. Cheap ed,, 
Svo, S^xsi, pp. 128, swd,, gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 

Gould (Nat) Raymond's ride. Cheap ed. Svo, 
8& X 5i, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) Riding to orders. Cr. Svo, 7* x 5, 
pp. 254, 7s. 6d. net J. LONG, July '25 

Gould (Nat) The Runaways. Cheap ed. Svo, 
Six 5l, pp. 126, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) The Second string. Cheap ed. 
Svo, 8i X 5i, pp. 128, swd. gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) Settling day. Cheap ed. Svo, 
Si X 5&, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) The Silken rein. Cheap ed. 8vo, 
six si, pp. 124, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) Sporting sketches : recollections 
and reflections on a variety of subjects con- 
nected with sport, horses and horsemen. 8vo, 
8&X5i, pp. is*8, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) A Stable mystery. Cheap ed. 
Svo, 8| x 5i, pp. 127, swd., gd. net. 

R, HOLDEN, May '25 

Goisld (Nat) The Story of Black Bess. Cheap 
ed. Svo, Si- X si, pp. 125, swd., gd. net 

R. HOLDEN, May '25 

Gould (Nat) The Three wagers. Cheap ed., 
Svo, 8|X5|-, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 

Gould (Nat) Warned off. Cheap ed., Svo, 
Six 5|-, pp. 128, swd., gd. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Mar. '25 
Gould (Sabine Baring-). See Banng-Gould. 

Goulding (Edmund) Fury : a novel. Cheap ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 286, 2S. 6d. net. 

Goremment and politics, American, Beard (C. A.) 

i8s. net Apr. '25 

Government, Central, Outlines of, Clarke (J. J.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 


Government Departments Trading accounts and 

balance sheets of commercial services, 192 3-24 

43. net H.M.S.O., Apr. '25 

Government, Finance of, Hills (J. W.) and 

Morison (D. C.) 33. 6d. net July '25 

Government House, Perrin (A.) 73. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Government of Gt. Britain, Hogan (A. E.) and 

Powell (I. G.) 43. 6d Nov. '25 

Government, Representative, Ford (H. J.) 

I2S, 6d. net Mar. '25 

Government to industry, Relation of, Requa 

(M. L.) 8s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Government. See also under Parliament. 
Governments, Greater European, Lowell (A. L.) 

8s. 6d. net Dec. '25 

Governments of C. Europe, New, Graham 

(M. W.) and Binkley (R. C.) 2 is. net. Apr. '25 
Governors, Oppenheim (E, P.) gd. net. .Jan. '25 

Gowar (H. D. G. Leveson) Cricket personalities. 

Cr. Svo, 7i*5, PP- 190, 5S. net. 

WILLIAMS & N., Oct. '25 
Gowing (Sidney) Jim Ruft : the chronicles 

of an uphill fight. Cr. 8\o, 7i x 5, pp. 256, 

73. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Apr. '25 

Gowing (Sidney Floyd) Sea lavender, Cr. Svo, 

7i X 5, pp. 317, 75. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., July '25 
Gowns and gossip, Almond (A. G.) is. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 
Grab-und denksteine des Mittleren Reichs, 

Lange (H. O.) and Schafer (H.) Teil 3. 343. 

net Oct. '25 

Grace (Harvey) The Organ works of Khcin- 

berger. 82 X 5 2, pp. 141, 5s. net. 

NOVELLO, Oct. '25 
Grace (Stanley W.) The Certificate French 

free composition : vocabularies and summaries 

only. Pupil's ed. Fcap. Svo, 6| X 4^, pp. 56, 

is. 6d MILLS & B., Oct. '25 

Grace and personality, Oman (J.) gs. net July '25 
Grace, Doctrine of, Jauncey (E.) 143. net. 

May '25 
G facial! (Balthasar) The Art of worldly wisdom. 

Trans, from the Spanish by Joseph Jacobs. 

Repr. Fcp. Svo, 6j X 4, pp. 273, 33. 6d. net. 

(Golden treasury ser.) . . HACMILLAN, Jan. '25 
Graduated tests in Pitman's shorthand : a series 

of revisionary exercises designed to test the 

student's knowledge of the system. Fcp. 

Svo, 6| x 4 J, swd. 8d PITMAN, Jan. '25 

Graeme (Bruce) Blackshirt. Cr. Svo, 7^x5 

PP- 253, 33. 6d. net UNWIN, June 25 

Grafted stock, Stuart (M. J.) 73. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Graf tons, Marshall (A.) 2S. 6d. net... Apr. '25 

Graham (Alan) Who killed Gerald Cruden ? 
Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. 256, 35. 6d. net. 

H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 

Graham (David) Common-sense and the Muses. 
Svo, 9 x sj, pp. 360, 153. net. 

W. BLACKWOOD, Apr. '25 

Graham (Eleanor) -The Night adventures of 

Alexis. Illus. by Winifred Langlands. 10 X 7j, 

pp. 44, 73. 6d. net . , FABER & GWYER, Nov. '25 

Graham jEvarts A.) Some fundamental con- 
siderations in the treatment of empyerna 
thoracis. Roy. Svo, los. 6d. net. 

KIMFTON, Sept. '25 

Graham (Harry) The Last of the Biffins. With 
frontis. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 270, 7s. 6d. net. 
METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Graham (Hugh) The Early Irish monastic 
schools : a study of Ireland's contribution to 
early medieval culture. 12010, 7|X4|, pp. 
222, 5S. net TALBOT PR., Mar. 25 

Graham (James) Sparks from an anvil 7^x5, 
pp. 1 6, is. net STOCKWELL, May '25 

Graham (James). See also Hooper (F.) and 

Graham (John W.) The Quaker ministry. 
(Swarthmore lecture, 1925.) Cr. Svo, 7jX5, 
pp. 88, 2S. 6d. net ; swd., is. 6d. net. 





Ctraham (Lucius) ed. Downside and the War, 
1914-1919 : list of Old Gregorians who served 
in H.M. Forces during the War, together with 
memoirs of those killed in action or who 
died on active service. 10 x 7f, pp. 244. 
(Stratton-on-the-Fosse, Bath) 


Graham (Malbone W., Jun.) and Binkley (Robert 
C.) New governments of Central Europe. 
With 6 charts. Svo, 8$X5i> pp. 695, 2is. 
net. (American political science ser.} 

PITMAN, Apr. '25 

Gratiam (R. B. Cunninghame) The ipane. 
With frontis. I2mo, 7 x 4^, pp. 188, 33. 6d. net ; 
Ithr. 33. 6d. net. (Cabinet lib.) UNWIN, July '25 

raiiam (R. B. Cunninghame) Robert Graham 
of Gartmore (" Doughty Deeds "), poet and 
politician, 1 735-1797, drawn from his letter- 
books and correspondence. 8vo, 9 x 5$-, pp. 
221, ios. 6d. net HEINEMANN, May '25 

Graham, Robert, of Gartmore, Graham (R. B. C.) 
ios. 6d. net May '25 

farattani (Stephen) London nights : studies and 
sketches of London at night. Illus. Roy. 
Svo, 9^ X 6, pp. 288, I2S. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Nov. '25 

GraSiam (Stephen) Russia in division. Svo, 
8xs|, pp. 303, 75. 6d. net. 


Graham (Winifred.) And it was so. Popular 
ed. Demy i2mo, 7x4^-, pp. 286, 2S. net. 

Graham (Winifred) Breakers on the sand. 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 7iX4|, pp. 288, 2s. net. 

Graham (Winifred) Eve and the Elders. Cheap 
ed. i2ino, 7^x4^, pp. 286, 2S. net 


Graham (Winifred) John Edgar's angels. 

Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 288, 2S. net. 


Graham (Winifred) Sealed women. Cheap ed. 
i2mo, 7jX4|, pp. 288, 2s. net. 


raliam (Gordon Hill) The Golden galleons of 

Caribbee. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 

QraSiame (Kenneth) The Wind in the willows. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 192, is. 6d. (Methuen*s 
Modern classics.) METHUEN, May '25 

Graham (Nigel B. M.)Arnot of Africa: a 
fearless pioneer, a zealous missionary and a 
true knight of the Cross. Illus. Cr. Svo, 
7fX5i, pp. 59, is. net. .. SEELEY, Sept. '25 

Grainger (Wilfred H.) Glossary of accountancy, 
commercial, and legal terms. 6f X4j, pp. 82. 
55. net GEE, Feb. '25 

Grammar, English, One- term, Wilson (P. M.) 
is. sd. May '25 

Grammar, English, Preparatory, Morgan (J. R.) 
2S July '2 5 

Grammar of function, Junior outline, Palser 
(E. M.) and Lewis (R. T.) is Apr. '25 

Grammar of function, Falser (E. M.) and Lewis 
(R. T.) is. 6d Mar. '25 

Gramophone, Learning to listen [to music] by 
means of the, Scholes (P. A.) 33. net. .Apr. '25 

Gramophone record, Second bk. of the, Scholes 
(P. A.) 4S. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Grand Cham's diamond, Monkhouse (A.) (play.) 
is. net Jan. '25 

Grand Duke's finances, Heller (F.) 75. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Grand Ecart, Cocteau (J.) 53. net Dec. '25 

Grand Stewards and Red Apron Lodges, Calvert 
(A. F.) I2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Grande, Constance, Grande (J.) 153. net. 

Apr '25 

Grande (Julian) Constance Grande : war cor- 
respondent, traveller, Alpinist, and imperialist. 
By her Husband. Illus. Svo, 9 X 5^, pp. 342, 
153. net CHAPMAN & HALL, Apr. '25 

Grandgeni (Charles H.) Getting a laugh, and 
other essays. 8vo, ios. net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '24 

Granger (Henry F.). See Grant (]. R.) 
Grannie's little girl. Swan (A. S.) is. net. Oct. '25 
Granny's fairyland, Le Feuvre (A.) is. net. 

Sept. '25 

Granny's wonderful chair, Browne (F.) 55. net. 

May '25 
Granny's wonderful chair, Browne (F.) 33. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Grant (Catherine) Anne awakens. Cr. Svo, 

7i-x 5, pp. 237, 75. 6d. net. .MELROSE, Apr. '25 
Grant (Douglas) Two-gun Sie. Cheap ed. 

ismo, 7iX4i, pp. 286, 2S. net. 

HURST & B., July '25 
rant (Evelyn) The Burning flame. Cr. Svo, 

7&X5, pp. 318, 75. 6d. net. J. LONG, July '25 
Grant (G. Forsyth) The Hero of Crampton 

School. With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5 , pp. 176, 

is. 6d. net Low, Feb. '25 

Grant, General, In the days of my father, 

Grant (J. R.) and Granger (H. F.) iss. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 
Grant (Jesse R.) and Granger (Henry F.} 

In the days of my father General Grant. 

With frontis. Svo, Sfxsf, pp. 341, 123. 6d. 

net HARPER, Oct. '25 

tafanfc (K. W.) Myth, tradition and story from 

Western Argyll. ioX7|, pp. 112, ios. 6d. 

net OBAN TIMES PR. T Aug. '25 

Grant (Pamela) The Fortunes of Billy. Illus. 

by Rosa C. Petherick. 8vo, 8&X5&, pp. 314, 

6s. net COLLINS, Oct. '25 

Grant (William) Speech training for Scottish 

students. Cr. Svo, 55. net. 

CAMS. Uxiv. PR., Sept. "25 
Granta, Motley moments from the. 33. net. 

Jan. '25 
Granille- Barker (Harley) From Henry 5 to 

Hamlet. (The Annual Shakespeare Lecture 

1925.) Roy. Svo, swd. is. net. 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 
Graphic figures, Practical, Luis (E. G.) 8s. 6d. 

net May '25 

Graphic methods in education, Williams (J. H.) 

7s. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Grass spinster, Lowts (C. C.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Grattan (J, H. G.) and Gurrey (P.) Our living 

language : a new guide to English grammar. 

Fcp. 8vo, 6&X4, pp. 323, 35 6d. (" Teaching 

of English " ser.) NELSON, June '25 

Graves (Alfred Perceval) The Irish fairy book. 

Illus. by George Denham. Repr. Svo, 8x 5$, 

pp. 320, 6s. net UNWIN, Sept. '25 

Graves (Arnold F.) Healthy, wealthy and 

wise. Cr. Svo, 7x 5, pp. 219, 6s. net. 

METHUEN, Aug. '25 
raves (Charles) The Bamboo grove, and other 

poems, Cr. 8vo, 7fX5j, pp. 96, 33. 6d. net. 
J. CAPE, May '25 
Graies (Clotilde) The General's past : play. 

7x5, pp. 40, is. net. 

Cranes (Robert) Contemporary techniques of 

poetry : a political analogy. Demy Svo, 

9x6, pp. 48, swd. 33. 6d. net. (Hogarth 

essays) HOGARTH PR., July '25 

Graves (Robert) John Kemp's wager : a ballad 

opera. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 90, 35. 6d. net 

(British Drama League lib, of modern British 

drama.} BLACKWELL, May '25 

C3ra$ (Robert) John Kemp's wager: a ballad 

opera. Ed. limited to 100 copies numbered 

and signed by author. Svo, 8x5, pp. 90, 

hand-made paper ios. 6d. net. (British Drama 

League lib. of modern British drama.) 

BLACKWELL, June '25 
Graves (Robert) My head ! My head ! Being 

the history of Elisha and the Shunarnite 

Women ; with the history of Moses as Elisha 

related it, and her questions put to him. 

Cr. Svo, 7l X 4f , pp. 141 1 5s. net. 

M. SECKER, June '25 
raves (Robert) [Poems] Svo, 8|X5i, pp. 3* 

swd., 6d. net. (Augustan books of modern 

poetry) BENN, Nov. '25 





(Robert) Poetic unreason, and other 
studies. Cr. 8vo, 71*5, PP- 286 * 6s - net - 

C. PALMER, Feb. '25 

raves (Robert) Welshman's hose. Roy. 8vo, 
i, pp. 71, I2S. 6d. net. 

" THE FLEURON," Sept. '25 
(William W.) The Relations of shoulder 
blade types to problems of mental and physical 
adaptability. (Henderson Trust Lectures, 
No. 4.) Roy. 8vo, swd., 6d. net. 

GURNEY & J., Oct. '25 

Graves!! (J.) Surgical treatment of pulmonary 
and pleural tuberculosis. 8vo, xos. 6d. net. 

BALE, May '25 
Graveyard monuments, Art of, Industrial Art 

(Brit Inst. of). 6d. net July '25 

Gray (A.) and Mowl (F. M.) eds. Popular dic- 
tionary. iSmo, swd., 6d. net. 

ray (Alexander) Poems. 8fx7j, pp. 8, is. 

net (Edm.), PORPOISE PR., Apr. '25 

Gray (Alexander Hill)- Sixty years ago: wan- 
derings of a Stonyhurst boy in many lands. 
Illus. 8vo, 9X5^, pp. 316, 153. net. 

MURRAY, May '25 

Gray (Arthur) A Synopsis of gynaecology. Cr 
8vo, 7^X5, pp. 360, IDS. 6d. net 

E. ARNOLD, May '25 

Gray (Arthur) The Town of Cambridge : a 
history. 10 X 6$-, pp. 214, los. 6d. net. 

HEFFER, Nov. '25 

ray (Frank) The Confessions of a candidate. 
Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 1 86, 6s. net. 

M. HOPKINSON July '25 

Gray (George Buchanan) Sacrifice in the Old 
Testament : its theory and practice. 8vo, 
9X5f, pp. 450, i6s. net..MiLFORp, Dec. '25 
Gray (George J.) Cambridge bookselling and the 
oldest bookshop in the United Kingdom. With 
frontis. Fcp. 8vo, 6| X 4^, pp. 37, swd., is. 6d. 

net BOWES & BOWES, Sept. '25 

Gray (Louisa M.) Little Miss Wardlaw. Illus. 
Cr. 8vo, 7| x si, pp. 445, 23. 6d. net. 

NELSON, July '25 

Gray (Maxwell) A Bit of blue stone, and other 
stories. Cheap ed. ismo, 7|X 4^, pp. 286, 2S. 

net HUTCHINSON, Jan. '25 

ray (Terence) Cuchulainn : an epic-drama 
of the Gael. Illus. 8vo, 8$ X 5$, pp. 357, 

I2S. 6d. net HEFFER, Sept. '25 

Gray (Thomas) Letters. Selected with Intro, 
by John Beresford. i8mo, 6x3!, pp. 417, 
2S. net, (World's classics.) 

MILFORD, Sept. '25 

Gray (Thomas) Ode on a distant prospect of 
Eton College (1747). Ed. limited to 500 copies. 
Folio, 13-! X 8i, pp. 1 6, swd. 33. 6d. net. 

MILFORD, Jan. '25 
Gray, Thomas, Gosse (E.) 35. 6d. net. 

July '25 

ray (W. Forbes) An Edinburgh miscellany: 
chapters mainly in the social and literary 
history of the City. With 18 illus. Cr. 8vo, 
7fX5, pp. 262, 7s. 6d. net. 

(Edinburgh), R. GRANT, June '25 
Gray-Smith (Olive) Short poems. 7^x5, pp. 

48, 2S. 6d. net STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Gray's Inn and Lincoln's Inn, Bellot (H. H. L 4 ) 

6s. net Aug. '25 

Graysan (David) Adventures in contentment, 
Fcp. 8vo, 6fX4|, pp. 256, antique, 
(Melrose's " Pockd " ser.) MELROSE, Nov. '25 
Grayson (Dayid) The Friendly road ; new 
adventures in contentment. Fcp. 8vo, 6f X 4J, 
pp. 256, antique, 6s. net. (Melrose's pocket 

ser.) MELROSE, Nov. '25 

Great abnormals, Hyslop (T. B.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Great attachment, Lewis (M.) 35. 6d. net, 

AJ\y *<>e 

Great awakening, Oppenheim (E. P.) 23. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Great betrayal: Near East, Bierstadt (E. H.) 

I5S. net j&V&. 25 

Great bluff, Hill (H.) 75. 6d. net .... Mar. '25 


Great book for boys, Strang (H.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Great book for children, Strang (Mrs. H.) is. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Great book for girls, Strang (Mrs. H.) is. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Great Brighton mystery, Fletcher (J. S.) 75. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Great Britain, Dunlop guide to. 53. net. 

Aug. '25 
Great Britain, Michelin Guide to. 55. net. 

Apr. '25 
Great Britain and the U.S., Diplomatic relations 

of, Mowat (R. B.) i6s. net Oct. '25 

Great Britain, Road atlas-guide, Philip's. 35. 6d. 

net July '25 

Great day : play, Fisher (H. C.) is. net. Nov. '25 

Great Down, Bath : Britain's Tut-Ankh-Amen, 

Falconer (J. P. E.) is. net Feb. '25 

Great Harvester, addresses, Brown (A. D., Rev. 

is. net Oct. '25 

Great historians, Bell (K.) and Morgan (G. M.) 

5S Jan. '25 

Great historians : anthology, Bell (K.) and 

Morgan (G. M.) 75. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Great house in the park (The). By the author 

of "The House in Charles Street." Cr. 8vo, 

7i x 5, pp. 317, 7s. 6d. net, 

BRENTANOS, Dec. '25 
Great husband hunt, Barnes-Grundy (M.) as. 

net May '25 

Great law, Mac Huisdean (W. H. F.)..SS. net. 

Feb. '25 
Great man, Bennett (A.) 33. 6d. net . . Apr. '25 

Great mystery of inheritance, Symonds (C. M.) 

2S. net Nov. '25 

Great Pacific war, Bywater (H. C.) los. 6d. net. 

July '25 
Great Pandolfo, Locke (W. J.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Great Pilot and his lessons, Newton (R., Rev.) 

2S. net Oct. '25 

Great security, ** Bartimeus." 7s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Great Sioux trail, Altsheler (J. A.) 35. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Great University memorials : with a reference to 
the plans for the development of the University 
of Chicago. Folio, 155. net, 

CAMB. UNIV. PR., May '25 
Great Van Suttart mystery, Chamberlain (G. A.) 

73. 6d. net , Oct. '25 

Great Western Rail way engines : names, numbers, 
types and classes. i2ino, 7i x 4|, pp. 47, 
swd., is. net. 

GT. WESTERN RLY, MAG., Apr. '25 

Great world (The). By A Gentleman with a 

Duster. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

MILLS & B., Sept. '25 

Greatest adventure : life of Jesus, Wilson (D. F.) 

2S. 6d. net Mar. '25 

Greatest of these, Jones (J. D., Rev.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 
Greatest of these, Knight (A. E.) Jan. '25 

Greatness of Shiva, Avalon (A.) 33 Oct. '25 

Greaves (W. G.) Round the year : chats on 
nature in her varying moods. Illus. i2mo ? 
7iX4f, pp. 188, 2s. net. 

(Exeter), A. WHEATEN, May '25 
Greece and Rome, Writers of, Norwood (G.) and 
Duff (J. W.) 4s. 6d., 7s. 6d. net .... July '25 
Greece, Art of, Gardner (E, A.) los. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Greece, Pageant of, Livingstone (R. W.) (abridged.) 

2S. 6d. net June '25 

Greece, Primitive culture in, Rose (H. J.) 73. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Greece, Social life in, Mahaffy (J. P.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Greece, Vision of, Willoughby (V.) 633. net. 

Oct. '25 

Greek accentuation, Ancient, Postgate (J. P,) 
53. net , . Sept. '25 





Greek and Roman biography, etc. : Classical 
dictionary, Smith (W., Sir.) 2 is. net. 

Apr. '25 
Greek athletics, Wright (F. A.) 43. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 
Greek coins, Weber collection, Forrer (L.) Vol. 2, 

633. net Jan. '25 

Greek-English lexicon, Lidddl (H. G.) and 
Scott (R.) (843. net) Pt. i, los. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 

Greek ethical thought, Oakdcy (H. D.) 53. net. 

May '25 
Greek garland of amorous trifles, Ibbett (W. J.) 

2S. 6d. net July '25 

Greek point of view, Hutton (M.) 75. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Greek religion, Five stages of, Murray (G.) 

los. 6d. net . July '25 

Greek religion, Hist, of, Nilsson (M. P.) 123. 6d. 

net June '25 

Greek social life, Wright (F. A.) 55. net. Apr. '25 
Greeks, Ancient, Book of the, Mills (D.) gs. 

net Sept. '25 

Greeks : How the Greeks saved Europe, Brendan 

(J. A.) is. 3 <i Oct. '25 

Greeks in Spain, Carpenter (R.) 7s. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Greely (A. W., Maj.~Gen.)Handbk. of Alaska : 
its resources, products, and attractions in 1924. 
3rd ed., rev., illus. 8vo, 8|X5f, pp. 343, *5S. 

net SCRIBNERS, May '25 

Careen (Alice Stopford) History of the Irish 
State to 1014. Roy. Svo, 9x5!, pp. 449. 

I2S. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Mar. '25 

Green (Alice Stopford) The Making of Ireland 
and its undoing, 1200-1600. Svo, 9x5!, 

pp. 597, isjs. net MACMILLAN, Jan. '25 

reeis (E. M.) The Child of the caravan ; or, 
The boy musician. Illus. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, 
pp. 128, 2S. 6d. net ; bds., is. 6d. net. (Childer- 

mote lib.} FAITH PR., Oct. '25 

Green (Evelyn Everett-). See Everett-Green. 
Green (Fitzhugh) Midshipmen all. 7ixsi, PP- 

272, 6s. net APPLETON, Nov. '&$ 

Green (Frank) Nooks and corners in old London : 
short rambles in literary and historical byways. 
Illus. by Walter E. Spradbery and Fred 
Baragwanath. S&xsi, PP- 64, is. net. 


Green (Frederick C.) and Fort (Joseph B.) An 
Up-to-date French composition. Cr. Svo, 

2S MILFORD, July '25 

Green (G. W. C.)-~The Story of Wandsworth 
and Putney. Cr. Svo, 7i x 5, pp. 96, as. net. 

(Borough history ser.) Low, Apr. '25 

Green (Sandy) Don'ts for golfers. 321110, 

is. net ; Ithr. 2S. net GAY & H., Sept. '25 

Green (W. C., Rev.) ed. and trans.- Translations 
from the Icelandic: select passages intro- 
ductory to Icelandic literature. With frontis. 
Fcp. Svo, 6|- X 4f, pp. 284, 53. net. (Medieval 

lib.) CHATTO & W., Dec. '24 

Green apple harvest, Kaye-Smith (S.) 4 s - 6( *- 

net Juty '25 

Green archer, Wallace (E.) 23. net. . . Feb. '25 
Green archer, Wallace (E.) 3S. 6d. net. .Oct '25 

Green blot, Gluck (S.) 7*. 6d. net July '25 

Green butterflies, Bridges (R.) 25. net. May *25 
Green days and blue days, Chalmers (P. R.) 

5S. net May '25 

Green dragon, Lynch (P.) is. 6d. net. .Nov. '25 
Green egg, and other stories. By A. and M. H. 
7x8, pp. 36, 2S. 6d. net. 

(Gillingham, Dorset) COMPTON PR., Feb. '25 
Green-eyed lady, De Fries (G.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Green fiddler, Kalkar (G.) ss. 6d. net. Oct. '25 
Green islands in glittering seas, Puxley (W. L.) 

I2S. 6d. net Feb. '25 

Green jackdaw, MacManus (M. J.) 25. 6d. net. 

Dec. '25 
Green, Jane, the Lake-land heroine, Armitage 

(H.) Aug. '25 

Green minor, Walpole (H.) ss. 6d. ss. net. 

Mar. '25 


Green ray, Thompson (V.) 75. 6d. net. .July '25 

Green stone, Mac Gmth (H.) 73. 6d. net. July '25 

Greenaway (Kate) Almanack for 1926. is. 6d. 
net Oct. "25 

Greene (Alice Clayton) His Grace. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7l x 5, pp. 288, 33. 6d. net. 

MELROSE, Apr. '25 

Greene (Graham) Babbling April. Cr. Svo, 
7fX5i PP- 40,4s. 


Greenery Street, Mackail (D.) 75. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Greenfield (J. Godwin) and Carrnichael (E. 
Arnold) The Cerebro-spinal fluid in clinical 
diagnosis. Svo, iss. net. 

M ACHILLAS, May '25 

Greenhouses. See Glasshouses. 

Greenland, "Teddy" expedition, Dahl (K. E.) 
los. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Greenleaf Theatre elements, Smedley (C.) i, 
Action ; 2, Speech, ea. 6s. net Mar. '25 

Greenmantle, Buchan (J.) 3s. 6d. net.. Feb. '25 

Greenway heathens, Goodyear (R. A. H.) is. 6d. 
net Apr. '25 

Green-well's Glory case, Hutchinson (H.) 2S. net. 

July '25 

Greenwicls Hospital Statement of estimated 

income and expenditure, 1925-26. sd. net. 

H.M.S.O., Aug. '25 

Greenwich Hospital and Travers Foundation 
Accounts, 1923-24. ad. net 

H.M.S.O., Mar. '25 

Green wich Observatory Astronomical, magneti- 
cal and meteorological observations, 1923. 
325. 6d. net H.M.S.O., Aug. ^25 

Greenwich Observatory Astromical results, 1923 
133. 6d. net H.M.S.O., July r 2$ 

rcestwicSi Observatory First Greenwich cata- 
losrae of stars for 1925. 2os. net. 

H.M.S.O., Jan. '25 

Greenwich Observatory Magnetical and meteoro- 
logical observations, 1923. us. net. 

H.M.S.O., JwZy'25 

Greenwich Observatory Observations of stellar 
parallex, 1913-24. 245. net. 

H.M.S.O., Nov. J 25 

Greenwich Observatory Photo-heliographic re- 
sults, 1923. 7S. 6d. net . . H.M.S.O., July '25 

Greenwich Observatory. See also Cape of 
Good Hope Observatory. 

Greenwood, Newbolt (H., Sir). 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Greenwood (W.) A Text-book of wireless tele- 
graphy and telephony. Cr. Svo, 7^ X 5, 
pp. 273, 5s. 6d. UNIV. TUTORIAL PR., Mav *25 

Greenwood, Newbolt (H. Sir) ss. net; is. 9d, 

May *25 

Gregg Shorthand note book. No. i. 8vo> 
8* X 5*1 4d GREGGS, Oct. '25 

Gregor (Elmer Russell) Jim Mason, scout. 
With frontis. Cr. Svo, 7i><5, Pp. 282, 35. 6d. 
net APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Gregor (Elmer Russell) The Medicine buffalo. 
With trontis. Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 270, 6s. net. 

Gregor (Elmer Russell) The White Wolf. 
Frontis. by D. C. Hutchinson. Cr. Svo. 
7f X 5, pp. 274, ss. 6d. net. .APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Gregory (Edward W.) The Art and craft of 
home-making : with an appendix of house- 
hold recipes. 2nd ed., with additional chapters,, 
thoroughly revised, illus,, col. illus. Roy. 8vo> 
8|x6|,pp. 240, T.MuRBY,M&?. f 25 

Gregory (J. W.) The Menace of colour: a 

study of the difficulties due to the association 

of white and coloured races. With illus. and 

maps. Svo, 8| X 5*, pp. 264, iss, 6d. aet. 


Gregory (Jackson) Bab of the backwoods : 
a romance of the Californian wilderness. 
Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, PP- 319, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., July '25 

Gregory (Jackson) Daughter of the Sun : a tale 
of adventure. Cheap ed. I2mo, 7x4!-, pp 
308, as. net HODDER & S., May '25 






Gregory (Jackson) The Desert Valley. Cheap 
ed. I2mo, 7iX4|, pp. 320, ss. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Gregory (Jackson) The Everlasting whisper: 
a tale of the California wilderness. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 320, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Gregory (Jackson) The Everlasting whisper : 
a tale of the California wilderness. Cheap 
ed. i2mo, 7|X4i, PP- 320, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 
Gregory (Jackson) The Wilderness trail. Cheap 

ed. i2mo, 7i X 4i, pp. 320, 2S. net. 

, * , 

Gregory (Olive) The Spice of life. Cr. Svo, 
7l X 5, pp. 314, 7s. 6d. net.. LANE, Feb. '25 
Gregory (T. B.) The Present position of banking 
in America. Svo, swd. 2S. net. 

MILFORD, May '25 

Gregory (T. E.) The Return to gold. Cr. Svo, 
7^x5, pp. 60, 33. 6d. net ; swd. 2S. 6d. net. 

PENN, June '25 

Greig (Cuthbert) How to grant credit. Cr. 
Svo, 7|X5, pp. 100, 33. 6d. net. 

PITMAN, Mar. '25 
Grenada Colonial report, 1924. 6d. net. 

H.M.S.O., Oct. '25 

Grenfell (Wilfred Tbomason) The Story of a 
Labrador doctor. Illus. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 
300, 33. 6d. net ...... HODDER & S., May '25 

Grenfell (Wilfred T.) Yourself and your body. 
Illus. with drawings by the author. Cr. Svo, 
7*xs, PP. 317, TS. 6d net. 

HODDER & S., Apr. '25 

Grenvll (William) The Man from the desert, 
and other stories. Popular ed. I2mo, 7 J X 4 f, 
pp. 312, 23. net ...... H. JENKINS, Mar. '25 

Grenvilles, Book of the, Newbolt (H., Sir) 
55. net .......................... Oct. '25 

Gresham. Thomas, Sir, Salter (R. F.) 43. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Greta's domain, MarcJmnt (B.) 2S. net . . Sept. '2 5 
Grew (David) The Mare of Pandora. Cr. 8vo, 
7&X5, pp. 317, 7s- 6d. net 

HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Grew (Sydney) The First book of the player 
pianist. 7! X 5, PP- 152, 5s. net. 


Grew (Sydney) Makers of music : the story of 

singers and instrumentalists. Illus. Svo, 

8 X 5 i, pp. 365, 6s. net . . G. T. FOULIS, May '25 

Grew (Sydney) Masters of music. Illus. Cr, 

Svo, 7l X 5, PP- 334, 6s. net. 

G. T. FOULIS, Dec. '24 
Grey (C. G.) ed. All the world's aircraft, 1925. 

425. net ....... . .................. Aug. '25 

Grey (Douglas) The Tracking of K.K. : a 

detective story. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 286, 

TS, 6d. net ........... SKEFFINGTQN, Oct. '25 

Grey (Egerton Charles) Practical chemistry by 

micro-methods. Illus. Svo, Sfxsl, pp. 134, 

45. 6d. net .............. HEFFER, Jan, '25 

Grey (Miller) Moss from the mill wheel. Cheap 

ed. Cr. Svo, swd. is. net.. WATTS, June '2 5 
Grey (Pamela). See Tennant (S.) and Grey. 

drey (Viscount of Fallodon) Twenty-five years, 
1892-1916. Illus. 2 vols, Roy. Svo, iox6J, 
pp. 372, 341 (set) 42S. net HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Grey (Wallace) The School over the way, 
Frontis. by P. Walford. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, 
pp. 92, is. 6d. net.. SHELDON PR., Sept, '25 

Grey (Zane) The Man of the forest. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, Tt x 5, pp. 319, 35. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 

Grey (Zane) The Mysterious rider. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 320, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

drey (Zane) Tales of fishes. Illus. from photo- 
graphs by the author. Ch c ed. Cr. Svo, 
7| X 5, PP- 320, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S. f July '25 

I3rey (Zane) Tales of lonely trails. With illus. 
from photos. Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 71 X 5, 
pp. 320, 33, 6d. net ---- HODDER & S., June '25 


drey (Zane) Tales of Southern rivers. Illus. 
Svo, 8 x 5|, pp. 259, 153. net. 

HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

Grey (Zane) The Thundering herd. Cr. Svo, 
7i X 5, pp. 323, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

Grey (Zane) To the last man. Cheap ed. 
i2mo, 7|X4-|, pp. 319, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

drey (Zane) To the last man. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7^X5, pp. 319, 33. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Feb. '25 

Grey (Zane) Wanderer of the wasteland. 
Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 362, 33. 6d. 
net HODDER & S., Jan. '25 

Carey (Zane) Wanderer of the wasteland. Cheap 
ed. i2mo, 7jX4|-, pp, 362, 2S. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Grey (Zane) The Young pitcher. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7i-X4|, pp. 254, 2S. net. 

J. LONG, May '25 

Grey brethren, Fairless (M.) 55. net Sept. '25 

Grey Friar, Gerard (M.) 33. 6d. net June '25 

Grey man, Crockett (S. R.) 33. 6d. net. Sept. '25 
Grey man, Crockett (S. R.) 2S. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 
Grey terror, Landon (H.) 73. 6d. net . . Feb. '25 
Grey Wizard, Cooke (W. B.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Greyfriars Bobby, Atkinson (E.) 45. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 

Greyfriars holiday annual, 1926. Illus. Svo, 
S| X 6f, pp. 360, 6s. net. 


Gnbtsle (George Dunning) The Translation of 

Nathaniel Bendersnap : a triptych. Svo, 

8&X5I, pp. 83, swd., 35. 6d. net; 53. net. 

(Contemporary British dramatists.) 

BENN, Feb. '25 

Gribblo (J. D. B.) A History of the Deccan. 
Vol. 2. Edit, and finished by Mrs. M. Pendle- 
bury. Illus. Roy. Svo, pp. 276, 2 is. 

LUZAC, Feb. '25 

drier (Sydney C.)~-A Brother of girls : some 
experiences of Major William Barnes. Cr. 
Svo, 7^x5, pp. 375, 7S. 6d. net. 

W. BLACKWOOD, Oct. '25 

driers!! (E,) Things seen in Edinburgh. With 
58 illus. iSrno, 6x4^, pp. 158, 35. 6d. net. 

SEELEY, Sept. '25 

dnersoit (Elizabeth W,) The Scottish fairy 
book. Illus. by Morris Meredith Williams. 
Repr. Svo, S^xsl, pp. 320, 6s. net. 

UN WIN, Sept. '25 

Grierson (Elizabeth W.)- Tales from Scottish 
ballads. With 4 illus. in col. by Allan Stewart. 
New ed, Svo, 7^x5^, pp. 333, ss 6d. net. 

BLACK, Oct. '25 

GrSerson (Francis D.) The Double thumb. 
Popular ed. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, PP- 3*9 3s. 6d. 
net HODDER & S., May '25 

driersn (Francis D.) The Lost pearl Cr. 
Svo, 7i-X5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Grierson (Francis D.) Secret judges. Cr. Svo, 
7iX5, PP. 320, 7s. 

HODDER & S., Mar. '25 

rlersoit (H. J. C.) The Background of English 

literature, and other collected essays and 

addresses. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, PP- 298, 7s. 6d. net. 

CHATTO & W,, Dec. '25 

Grierson (Ronald) ed. The Broadcasting time- 
table and reception log. 4th ed., June, 1925* 
Folio, 8 X 13, pp. 32, swd. as. 6d. net. 

CHAPMAN & HALL, June '25 
Griewe (A. Barrie) Analytical geometry of 
conic sections and elementary solid figures, 
Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 343i 9- (Bell's Mathe- 
matical ser.) BELL, Sept. '25 

Grieve (M.) and Oswald (E.) ~ Fungi as food and 
in medicine : with mention of the fungi 
injurious to cultivated plants and timber, 
7|x 5, pp. So, swd. is. 6d. net. 
(Whins Cottage, Chalfont St. Peter), 

M, GRIEVE, Sept. '25 





Griffin (H. L., Maj.} -An Official in British New 

Guinea : with earlier reminiscences of Harrow 

and the Royal Artillery. With illus. and map. 

Svo, Sfxsl, pp. 264, I5S. net. 

C. PALMER, May '25 
Griffin (H. W.) A New gospel for industry : an 

alternative to Sir Alfred Mond's employment 

scheme. Cr. Svo, 7fX5, pp. 48, is. net. 

SIMPKIN, July '25 
Griffith (Gwilym O., Rev.) St. Paul's life of 

Christ. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 288, ys. 6d. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

Griffith (R. C.) and White (J. H.) Modern 

chess openings. Completely rev. by R. C. 

Griffith and M. E. Goldstein. Specially 

compiled for match and tournament players. 

4th ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|X4f, pp. 228, 55. net; 

interleaved 6s. net. . .ROLLINGS, Mar. '25 
Griffith- Boscawen (Arthur, Right Hon. Sir) 

Memories. Roy. Svo, 9 x 5|, pp. 288, los. 6d. 

net MURRAY, Mar. '25 

Griffiths (E. D.). See Frankhn (T.) and Griffiths. 
Griffiths (J. C., Maj.). See Jones (B. M.) and 

Griffiths (Maurice) Yachting on a small income. 

With frontis. and 21 illus. Cr. 8vo, 7f X 5, 

pp. 160, 45. 6d. net..HuTCHiNSON, May '25 
Griffiths (R. Prys) The Railways Act, 1921 : 

a survey of the work of the Railway Rates 

Tribunal, i2mo, 7jX4|-, pp. 75, 2S. 6d. net. 

PITMAN, Sept. '25 

firtggs (Sydney R., Rev.) The Mystic flock; 

a study in the interior life. Pref. by the 

Rt. Rev. Walter Carey. Cr. 8vo, 7& X 5, 

pp. 132, 33. 6d. net. 

Grimald, Nicholas, Life and poems of, Merrill 

(L. R.) 2os. net Oct. '25 

Grimes (M.) Urban milk supply. 9fX7i, pp. 

80, is. net (Cork), GUY, Aug. '25 

Grimm (Bros.) Fairy stories. Illus. by Mabel 

Lucie Attwell. Edit, by Capt. Edric Vreden- 

burg. Roy. 8vo, gx6f, pp. 108, 35. 6d. net. 

R. TUCK, Oct. '25 

Grimm (Bros.) Fairy tales. With frontis. 

Cr. 8vo, 7iX5, pp. 126, is. 6d. net. 

Low, Mar. '25 
Grimm (Bros.) Fairy tales. Cr. 8vo, 33. 6d. 

net. ("Herriot" lib.) COLLINS, Aug. '25 

Grimm (Bros.) Fairy tales. Illus. by Arthur 

Rackham. Cr. 4to, ioJX7 pp. 341, 2is. net. 
HEINEMANN, Dec .'25 

Grfmsditclt (Herbert B.) Character and en- 
vironment in the novels of Thomas Hardy. 

Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 189, 6s. net. 

WITHERS Y, Nov. '25 
Grimsiiaw (Beatrice) The Candles of Katara. 

Cr. 8vo, 7j X 5, pp. 284, 73. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Apr. '25 
Grimsliaw (Beatrice) The Coral Queen. Cr. 

8vo, 7x5, pp. 128, swd. is. net. 

NEWNES, Mar. '25 
GrSrasliaw (Beatrice) Queen Vaiti. Cheap ed. 

8vo, 7ixsi, pp. 128, swd. is. net. 

NEWNES, Sept. '25 
Gringo in Manana-land, Foster (H. L.) 123. 6d. 

net Jan. '25 

GriiineSI (George B.) and Sheldon (Charles) eds. 

Hunting and conservation. 8vo, 233. net. 

MILFORD, June '25 
Grinstead, West, and our Sussex forefathers, 

Hernaman (I.) 2S. 6d. net Jan. '25 

Grip-fast history books, Forbes (F. A.) Bk. 4, 

2S. 6d June '25 

Grip fast history books. Book 4, Teacher's 

book. Cr. 8vo, 45. . .LONGMANS, Sept. '25 
Grip of life, Castle (A. and E.) as. net . . June '25 
.Grobo, Meyerstein {E. H. W.) 7s. 6d. net. 

Mar. '25 
Grocer and provision dealer, Goods of the, 

BeecHmg (C. L. T.) 45. net July '25 

Grocer, Salesmanship for the, Beeching (C. L. T.) 

35. net , July '25 

<Groote Park mmrder, Crofts (F, W.) ss. 6d. net. 

Jan. *25 


Grotius, Hugo, Life and works, KnigU (W. S. M.) 

IDS. 6d. net ........ . ....... .... Sept. '25 

Groli is Society Problems of peace and war; 

transactions of the Grotius Society, vol. 10. 

Svo, 75. 6d. net ...... SWEET & M., July '25 

Group spirit in church life, SlaUr (E. T.) 2S. 6d. 

net .................. . ......... Nov. '25 

Grout (Gerald H.). See Torok (E.) and Grout. 
Grov (Daisy E.)~-The Mystery-teaching of 

the Bible. Foreword bv E. L. "Gardnei. Cr. 

Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 128, 2~s. 6d. net. 

Grove, poems, Freeman (J.) 2 is. net Mar. "25 
Grove, poems, Freeman (J.) 53. net ____ Jan. '25 

Gr00s (Ernest W. Hey)- A Synopsis of surgery. 
Illus. 7th ed., rev. Cr. Svo, 7$ X 5, pp. 679, 

173. 6d. net ..(Bristol) J. WRIGHT, June '25 

(Ernest W. Hey) and Fortescue-Brickdale 
(J. H.) Text-book for nurses : anatomy, 
physiology, surgery and medicine. The 
medical section rev.'by J. A. Nixon. 3rd. ed., 
rev. Svo, 9x5!-, pp. 675, 203. net. 

MILFORD, Apr. '25 

Groves (Ernest R.) Social problems and educa- 
tion. Svo, I2S. 6d. net. LONGMANS, Oat. '25 

Groves (J. Percy) Charmouth Grange : a tale 
of the 1 7th century. Cheaper ed. Cr. Svo, 
7& x 5> PP* 244, 2S. 6d. net.. Low, Apr. '25 

Growth, Effects of inanition and malnutrition on, 
Jackson (C. M.) 303. net ..... . ____ Apr. '25 

Grubb (Edward) The Light of Me : hymns of 
faith and consolation. B x s|, pp. 29, swd., 
is. net ---- FRIENDS* BOOK SHOP, Oct. '25 

Grubb (Edward) Quaker thought and history : 
a volume of essays. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, pp. 190, 
53. net ........ . . SWARTHMORE PR., Apr. "25 

Grundy (Mabel Barnes-). See Barnes- Grundy. 

Grundy (Roger)--By the wayside ; verse. i8mo, 
swd., is. 6d. net ...... ....DRANE, Apr. '25 

Guarantee Pact, Proposed, Molteno (P. A.) 
3d. net .......................... Aug '25 

Guards Division, History of the, Headlam (C.) 
36s. net .......................... Dec. '24 

Gtiazzo (Steeven) The Civile conversation. The 
First three books trans, by George Pettie, 1581, 
and the fourth by Barth Young, 1586. With 
intro. by Sir Edward Sullivan. 2 vols. Ed, 
limited to 1,025 copies. Svo, 8&x6, pp. 341, 
220, 453. net. (Tudor translations, 2nd ser.}. 

Gudrid the Fair, Hewlett (M.) 2S. 6d. net. Feb. '25 

GiiefiaSSa (Philip) Napoleon and Palestine. Fore- 
word by Israel Zangwill ; and an Afterword 
by the Rt. Hon. David Lloyd George. Fcap. 
Svo, 6|- X 4^, pp. 63, swd.*, is. net. 

ALLEN & U., Sept. '25 

Guermantes way, Proust (M.) 2 vols., ea. 73. 6d. 
net ............................ Sept. '25 

Guest (George) The "Edina" arithmetic. 
Bk. i. Demy Svo, 8^X5!-, pp. 32, gd. net. 

W. & A, K. JOHNSTON, July T 25 
Guest (George) " Edina " arithmetics. Bk. 2, 
I2mo, 7^X4!, pp. 32, swd. 6d. net. 

W. & A. K. JOHNSTON, June '25 
Guest (George) " Edina " arithmetics. Book 3. 
i2mo, 7^x4!, pp. 48, swd , 7d. net. 

W, <&A. K.JOHNSTON, Mar. J 2S 
Gy@st (George) Secrets of the sea. i2mo, 7 J x 4f 
pp. 96, swd. pd. net. (Peoples and place** 
Bk. 5, Intermediate.} 

W. & A. K. JOHNSTON, Oct. '25 
Guest (George) White folk and other folk. 
I2mo, 7^x4!, pp. 96, swd. gd. net. (Peoples 
and places. Bk 4.) 

W. & A. K. JOHNSTON, Oct. '25 
Guests and memories, Taylor (U.) 123. 6d. net. 

Jan. '25 

Goggeilheimer (Samuel H.) The Einstein theory: 
explained and analysed. Cr. Svo, 7|X5, pp. 
338, los. 6d. net ........ MACMILLAN, June*2$ 

Guiana (British) Colonial report, 1924. oxL net. 
H.M.S.O., Oct. '35 

Guiana, British, On the diamond trail in, 
Richardson (G.) 73. 6d. net ......... Oct. '25 





Guidance from beyond, More, Wmgfield (K.) 

55. net Dec. '25 

Guide to happiness, Brand (M.) 2S. net. 

June '25 

Guides make good, Davidson (H. B.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Guides of North Cliff, Owsley (S, B.) 33. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 
Guidherts of Moat Brae, Lockhart (W. S.) 33. 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Guild of St. George (The). 8vo, 8$X5&, pp. 63, 

swd. is. 6d. net ALLEN & U., Jan. '25 

Gmrlande de poesias, Spencer (P. A.) is. gd. 

Jan, '25 
Guitar and concertina : poems, Frod^ng (G.) 

53. net Apr. '25 

GliSSan (M. A.) Theory and practice of nursing. 

2nd ed., rev. 8vo, 8| x 5^, pp. 250, 9s. net. 

H. K. LEWIS, July '25 

GuIIand (G. Lovell) and Goodall (Alexander) 
The Blood : a guide to its examination and to 
the diagnosis and treatment of its diseases. 
With 29 text illus. and 16 col. plates. 3rd. ed., 
rev. Roy. 8vo, 10 x 6, pp. 440, 255. net. 

W. GREEN, Feb. '25 

Gullick (M. E.) Teddy's year with the fairies. 
Illus, by Charles Robinson, Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, 
pp. 176, 2S. 6d. net. (Garland lib.) 

R.T.S., July '25 
Gulliver's travels, Sitift (].j 6d. s 8d. net, 

June '25 
Gulliver's travels, Swift (J.) 633. net ..Dec. '25 

Gully (H. J.) Income tax : rules and regula- 
tions for the current income tax year, 1925-26. 
8vo, 8 x 5 1, pp. 20, swd., 9d. net. 


Gums, Diseases of the, Goadby (K., Sir). 425. 
net . Feb. '25 

Gun fanner, Perkins (K.) 75. 6d. net. .Sept. '25 

Gun gentlemen, Brand (M.). 2S. net ..Feb. '25 

Gun-runners, Birmingham (G, A.) 75. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Gun tt (Mrs, Aeneas) The Little Black Princess 
of the Never-Never. Repr. 8vo, 8^x5$, 
pp. 115, 6s. net. 


Gunn (Edwin) How to heat your house. Cr. 
8vo, 7$ x 5, pp. 96, 2S. 6d. net. 


Gunn (J. Alexander) Social progress. Roy. 
8vo, swd., is. 6d. net. (Univ. of Melbourne 
Pubns.) MACMILLAN, Oct. '25 

Gunnison (Lynn) Moran of Saddle Butte. 
Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 288, 7s. 6d. net. 


Guns, gunners and others, O'Callaghan (D., Sir) 
155. net , Mar. '25 

Guiiter (Archibald C.) Mr. Potter of Texas. 
Cheap ed. i8mo, 6| x 4, pr>, 255, swd., gd. 
net COLLINS, July '25 

Qunifter (R. TO Early science in Oxford. 
Vol. 3, pt. i, Biological sciences, pt. 2, Bio- 
logical collections. 8| X 5f, pp. 576, (sub- 
scribers only), 42S. net. 

(Oxford) AUTHOR, Oct. '25 

Gunther (R. T.) Early science in Oxford. Vol. 
4, The Philosophical Society. 8| x sf , pp. 266 
(sub.) (Oxford) AUTHOR, June '25 

Gunther (R. T.) Historic instruments for the 
advancement of science. i8mo, 2s. 6d. net. 
MILFORD, June '25 

Guppy (Henry) William Tradale and the earlier 
translators of the Bible into English. With i 
facsims. (Repr. from " Bulletin of the John 
Rylands Library,") Cr. 4to, io& X 6|, pp. 50, 
swd., is. 6d. net LONGMANS, Nov. '25 

Gurd (Fraser B.) Infection, immunity and in- 
flammation. Roy. 8vo, 255. net. 

KIMPTON, Feb. *25 

Gurney (Robert). See Turner (E. L.) and 

Gurrey (P.). See Grattan (J, H. G.) and Gurrey. 

Gasman (Pierre) Mural decorations of Pompeii. 
4to, 505. net BATSFORD, Apr. '25 


Gustard (F. J. C.) ed. Somerset County Cricket r 
facts and figures from 1891 to 1924. i2mo, 
7iX4f> PP- 64, swd. is. net. (Taunton.) 

BARNICOTT & P., June '25 

Gtsthe (Carl E.) Pueblo pottery making. 4to, 
1 8s. 6d. net MILFORD, Aug. '25 

Guthrie (John)- Ten designs for "The Two 
gentlemen of Verona." Foreword by Gordon 
Bottomley. 15$ x uf, 21 s. net. 

(Bognor) PEAR TREE PR., Nov. '25 

Guthrie (K. S.) The Modernised restored 
Mithraic mysteries : a poetic drama of interior 
initiation. Stencilled in typewriting. 8vo, 
pp. 175, 175. 6d LUZAC, Oct. '25 

Guthrie (K. S.) The Pagan Bible ; or Angels 
ancient and modern : an anthology on the 
soul and its helpers. Sm. 8vo, pp. 143, xos. 

LUZAC, Oct. '25 

Guthrie (K. S.) Proclus's life, work and hymns. 
Master-key ed. Svo, pp. 309, 255. 

LUZAC, Oct. '25 

Guthrie (Mary J.). See Curtiss (W. C.) and 

Gutzkow, Woman in life and work of, Schinnerer 
(O. P.) xos. 6d. net Jan. 25 

Guy, Pa tin, and medical profession in Paris, 
Packard (F. R.) i8s. net June '25 

Guye (C. E.) Physico-chemical evolution. Trans, 
by J. R. Clarke. With 4 diag. Cr. Svo, 7| X 5, 
pp. 184, 6s. net METHUEN, Feb. '25 

Gwiyif (S.) My journey down the Tigris : a 
raft-voyage through dead kingdoms. Trans, 
by Joseph McCabe. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9x5$, 
pp. 251, i2S. 6d net UNWIN, Mar. '25 

Gwen-Amyia, Le Lttt (D.) 75. 6d. net . .June '25 

Gwyneth of the Welsh hills, Nepean (E.) 2^. 6d. 

May '25 

Gwynn (Denis) The Catholic reaction in France. 
Cr. 8vo, 7s. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Jan. '25 

Gwynn (Denis) The Catholic reaction in France. 
Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, pp. 200, 7s. 6d. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Gwynn (Stephen) and Tuckwell (Gertrude M.VA 
Short life of Sir Charles W, Duke, Bart., P.C. r 
etc. Abridged from the larger work, and edit, 
by Gertrude M. Tuckwell, With port, and 
illus. Workers ed. 8vo, 8|X5|, pp. 444, 
53. net STUDENTS' BOOKSHOPS, Mar. '25 

Gwyttn (Stephen) The Student's history of 
Ireland. Cr. 8vo, 7^ X 5, pp. 322, 5s. net. 

LONGMANS, Nov. '25 
Gymnastics, Primary, Bukh (N.) 6s. net. 

July '25 

Gymnastics, Universal home, Hanbo (M.) is, net. 

Aug. '25 

Gynaecological and obstetrical monographs. 
Appendix, 1925. Roy. Svo, iss. 6d. net. 

APPLETON, Aug. '25 

Gynaecology, Solomons (B.) iss. net Oct. '25 

Gynaecology for nurses, Berkeley (C.) 7s. 6d. net 

Mar. '25 
Gynaecology, Manual of, Cameron (S. J,) 253. 

net Mar. '25 

Gynaecology, Operative, Crossen (H. S,) 525, 6d* 

net July '25 

Gynaecology, Practice of, Jettelt (H.) 255. net. 

Mar. '25 
Gynaecology, Synopsis of, Gray (A.) xos. 6d. 

net May '25- 

Gytha's message, Leslie (E,) 25. net Sept. '25 

H. Meditations of a profane man, 6s, net. 

Oct. '25 

Habberton (John) Helen's babies. Illus. Author's, 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 258, 23. net. 

ROUTLEDGE, Jttfy *25 

Haehlsuka (Masu U.) A Comparative handlist 
of the birds of Japan and the British Isles, 
Roy. 8vo, i os. 6d, net. 

CAMS. UNIV. PR., Mar. '25 
HacScett (Francis) -That nice young couple* 
Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 379, 73. 6d, net. 

J. CAPE, May '25 





fladath (Gunby) The Fattest head in the Fifth : 
a public school story. With frontis. Cr. 
8vo, 7fxsi, PP- 319/52. net. 

HODDER & S., Oct. '25 

fladath (Gunby) The New House at Oldborough. 
i2mo, 7i x 4i, pp. 319, as. net. (.Van ad 
6oy &GO&S) HODDER & S., July '25 

HaddOW (Alexander) comp. Browning's " Ring 
and the Book " as a connected narrative. 
Compiled from the poem. i2mo, 7 x 4$, pp. 
218, 35. 6d. net BLACKIE, Dec. '24 

tiadcSow (Alexander) On the teaching of poetry. 
i2mo, 7x4!, pp. 114, as. 6d. net. 

BLACKIE, Dec. '25 

Hadfield (Robert, Sir) Metallurgy and its in- 
fluence on modern progress. 10 x 6|, pp 189. 
(Oxford) O.U. JUN, SCIENTIFIC CLUB, Feb. '25 

Hadfleld (Robert L.) and Farncombe (Frank E.) 
Ruled by radio. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^ x 5, 
pp. 256, 2S. 6d. net....H. JENKINS, Nov. '25 

HadSey (H. E.) Everyday physics. (In sections) 
Section i, Fundamental principles ; Sections 
2 4, Sound, heat and light ; Section 5, Mag- 
netism and electricity. Illus. Cr. 8vo, as. 6d. 
net M ACMILLAN, Nov. '25 

Haeckel (Ernst) The Evolution of man. Vol. 
i, Human embryology or ontogeny. Trans. 
from the 5th enl. ed., by Joseph McCabe. 
8vo, 8|X5f, pp. 378, 2S. 6d. net. 

WATTS, July '25 

Haemoptysis in pulmonary tuberculosis, Jaguerod 
(M.) 55. net July '25 

Haemorrhoids, Morley (A. S.) 6s. net.. . Feb. '25 

Mageti (M. S.)- The Lily and the cedar, and other 

words to thoughtful men. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, 

pp. 124, 2S. 6d. net SKEFFINGTON, Oct. '52 

Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Allan Quatermain. Cr. 

8vo, 7iX 5, pp. 312, 23, 6d. net 

HARRAP, Feb. '25 
Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) The Ancient Allan. 

Popular ed. i2mo, 7JX4|-, pp. 312, 23. 6d. 

net CASSELL, Mar. '25 

Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) The Brethren. Cheap 

ed. I2mo, 7iX4&, pp. 302, 2s. 6d. net. 

CASSELL, Sept. '25 
Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Child of storm 

(Mameena). Cheap ed. i2mo, 7iX4i Pp. 

311, 2S. 6d. net . .^. CASSELL, June'zs 

Haggard (H. Rider) -Eric Brighteyes. Cr. 8vo, 

7ix 5, pp. 319, 2S. 6d. net . . HARRAP, June '25 
Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Heu-Heu; or, The 

Monster. Popular ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^ X 5, 

pp. 286, 35. 6d. net. .HUTCHINSON, Mar. '25 

Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Marie. Cheap ed. 

i2mo, 7j x 4!, pp. 312, 2S. 6d. net. 

CASSELL, Sept. '25 
Haggard (H. Rider) Montezuina's daughter. 

Cr. 8vo, 7i X 5, pp. 355, 2S. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, Feb. '25 
Haggard (H. Rider) Nada the Lily. Cheap ed. 

Cr. 8vo, 7$x 5, pp. 288, 2S. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, June '25 
Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Queen of the Dawn : 

a love tale of old Egypt. Cr. 8vo, 7x 5, pp. 

287, 7s. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, Apr. '25 

Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Queen Sheba's ring. 

Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 319, as. 6d. net. (Nash's 

Great novel lib.) NASH & G., Apr. '25 

Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) Wisdom's daughter. 

Cheap ed. 121110, 7j x 4$, pp. 302, 2s, net. 


Haggard (H. Rider, Sir) The Witch's head. 

Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 352, 2S. 6d. net. 

PEARSON, Oct. '25 

Hague Rules explained, Cole (S. D.) 6s. net. 

Oct. '25 

Haidas : Ancient warriors of the N. Pacific, 
Harrison (C.) 155. net Apr. '25 

Haigh (A.) Furnishing and hardware : a text- 
book for co-operative salesmen. 8 x sf, 
pp. 221. 45. 6d. net. 


Mar. '25 


Haigh (E.) Religion and natural science. Cr. 

8vo, 7f x 5, pp. 182, 45. 6d. net ; swd., 3 S 

Hail and farewell, Moore (G.) 843. net. 

Feb. '25 

Haines (C, M.) Shakespeare in France : criticism, 
Voltaire to Victor Hugo. Roy. 8vo, 8fx6|, 
pp. 178, los. 6d. net. (Shakespeare survey)* 

MILFORD, May '25 

Hair of the dog, WUtelaw (D.) 75. 6d. net. 

June '25 

Hajji Baba in England, Morier (J.) 23. net. 

June '25 

Hajji Baba of Ispahan, Morier (J.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Hajji Baba of Ispahan, Morier (J.) 43. 6d.j 
6s. 6d. net May "25 

Hakluyt (Richard) Voyages of Sir Francis Drake 
and Sir Humfrey Gilbert : taken from " The 
Principal navigations, voyages, traffics and 
discoveries." With intro., notes, and glossary 
by T. H. Allen. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 156, 
is. 9d. (Longman's Class-books of English 
liter.} LONGMAN'S, June '25 

Hal Hungerford, Hutchinson (J. R.) 23., 23. 6d, 
net Oct. '25 

Haldane (J. B. S.) Callinicus : a defence of 
chemical warfare. Fcp. 8vo, 6| x 4j, pp* 92, 
2S. 6d. net K. PAUL, Jan. '25 

Hal (Edward E.) The Hale Literary readers. 
Books i to 3, Cr. 8vo, ea. as. 6d. net. 

HARRAP, June '25 

Malar (P. J.) and Stuart (R. H.) A First coarse 
in engineering science. 3rd ed. Cr. 8vo, 
pp. 209, 33. 6d. UNIV. TUTORIAL PR., Aug. '25 

Hales (A. G.) Buckskin Pete. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5 
pp. 317, 7s. 6d. net.. HODDER & S., May *25 

Hales (A. G.) The Falcon's eyrie : a romance of 
North Waies. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, PP- 320, 7s. 6d. 

net HODDER & S., Sept. '25 

Hales (A. G.) M'Glusky the peacemaker. Cheap 
ed. i2mo, 7|x 4|-, pp. 315, ss. net. 

HODDER & S., May '25 

Hales (A. G.) M'Glusky the reformer. Cheap 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^X5, pp. 249, 2S. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, May '25 

Hales (A. G.) The Mystery of Wo Sing. Popular 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 318, 2s. net. 

J. LONG, July '25 

Hales (A. G.)The Watcher on the tower. Cheap 
ed. Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 252, 2S. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, May '25 

Hales (C. L.)- The Wooden heads. Illus. by 

E. S. Farmer. Cr. 8vo, 7^x5, pp. 285, 53. net. 


Hales (William P.) The Vulgar tongue. 7|X4l 

pp. 31, 2S. net STOCKWELL, Sept. '25 

HalevS (Jehudah) Selected poems Trans. 

into English by Nina Salaman. Cr. 8vo, 

I2S. 6d. net ROUTLEDGE, Jan. '25 

Half a dozen girls, Ray (A. C.) 2S. 6d. net. 

June, Aug. '25 

Half-a-rninute's silence, Baring (M.) 8s. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 

Half-caste, Horn (H.) 2S. net July '25 

Half-hearted, Buchan (J.) 33. 6d. net. .Feb. '25 
Half her kingdom, Buley (E. C.) 23. net. May '25 
Half -loaf : comedy, Mackenzie (A. M.) 6s. net. 

May '25 
Haliburton, Thomas Chandler, Chtttick (V. L. p.) 

2is. net Jan. "25 

Halifax (Viscount) Reunion and the Roman 

Primacy : an appeal to members of the English 

Church Union. 8vo, 8 x s|, pp. 40, swd. is. 

net A. R. MOWBRAY, Oct. '25 

Hall (Alice) The Cat, the dog and the dormouse, 

and other stories. Illus. by Warwick Reynolds, 

8vo, SJxsf, pp. 192, 6s. net. 

BLACKIK, Oct. '25 
Hall (Amanda) The Heart's justice. Cr. 8vo, 

7^X5, PP- 3i6, 7s. 6d. net..S. PAUL, June '2$ 





Mall (Anthony) The Vehicle laws. Vol. i, 
Registration, licensing and taxation of road 
vehicles. 8| X 5f, pp. 240, 8s. net. 

(Shrewsbury) W. B. WALKER, Sept. '25 

Hall (Charles A., Rev.) Bees, wasps and ants. 
19 illus., 4 in col. Cr. Svo, 7f x si, pp. 96, 
2S. 6d. net. (Peeps at nature] . .BLACK, July '25 

Half (Charles A., Rev.) The Open book of nature: 
an introduction to nature-study. Illus. 3rd 
edition. 8vo, 8^x5$, pp. 256, 6s. net. 

BLACK, Mar. '25 

Hall (Charles Albert) The Lordship of Jesus, 
and other essays. Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 128, 
2S. 6d. net NEW CHURCH PR., Feb. '25 

HatS (D. G. E.) A Brief survey of English con- 
stitutional history. Intro, by F. J. C. Hearn- 
shaw. Cr. 8vo, 7|x 5, pp. 270, 53. net. 

HARRAP, Sept. '25 

Haii (H. S.) and Stevens (F. H.) Shorter 
school geometry : Key to Ft. i ; by E. H. 
Lockwood. Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 76, 4s. 

MACMILLAN, Feb. '25 

Hall (Hubert) British archives and the sources 

for the history of the World War. Roy. Svo, 

10 X 6|, pp. 484, 1 6s. net. (Economic and 

social hist, of the World War: British ser.} 

MILFORD, July '25 

Hall (R. O.) A Family in the making. Cr. Svo, 
7|x 5, pp. 1 1 6, 33. 6d. net ; swd. 2S, net. 

Hall (Radclyffe) -The Forge. Popular ed. 
Cr. Svo, 7&X5, pp. 319, 33. 6d. net. 


Hall (Radclyffe) A Saturday life. Cr. Svo, 
7&X5, PP- 3 2 > 7 s - 6d. net. 


Hall (S. Elizabeth) Astrology, the link between 
two worlds : suggestions concerning the origin 
and significance of star-lore. i2mo, 7iX4f, 
pp. 63, swd. is. 6d. net. 

J. M. WATKINS, May '25 

Ball and Stevens' Shorter school geometry : 
Key to Part 2. By E. H. Lockwood. Cr. 
Svo, 45. MACMILLAN, Sept. '25 

Hall and Stevens : Shorter school geometry : 
Key, Lockwood (E. H.) 7s. 6d Oct. '25 

Hall-Price (W.) St. Philip : tutor and Saint. 
Cr. Svo, 33. 6d. net SANDS, May '25 

Hall marks on gold and silver articles (The)* 
By D. T. W. Illus. Roy. Svo, 9^ X 7, pp. x 3$' 
los. 6d. net DENT, Feb. '25 

Haliack (Cecily) Candlelight Attic : seven true 
stories of the supernatural, heard from those 
to whom they happened, and recounted with 
their permission in honour of the Seven Joys 
of our Blessed Lady. i2mo, 7i X 4&, pp. 127, 
35. 6d. net ...... ..BURNS, GATES, Apr. '25 

HalHssy (T.). See Cole (G. A. J.) and Hallissy. 

Hallows (R, W.) Wireless faults and how to 

find them, I2mo, 7i X 4f, pp. 67, is. 6d. net. 

RADIO PR., Apr. '25 

Hallsworth (J.) The Legal minimum. Fcp, 

Svo, 6|X4, pp, 95, 2S. 6d. net ; swd. is. net. 

LABOUR PUBG. Co, , May '25 

Halsd (Edward) Antimony ores. With map. 
Prepared under the direction of the Mineral 
Resources Committee of the Imperial Institute. 
Svo, 8^x5$, pp. 112, swd. 53. net. (Mono- 
graphs on mineral resources) MURRAY,, JF eb. '25 

Halt in the garden, Hilly er (R.) 35. 6d. net. 

Sept. '25 

Halvany (Aatonia). See Kellor (F.) and 

Ham (T. E.) Pat and his problems : a novel. 
Cr. Svo, 7^x5, pp. 176, 33. 6d. net. 

STOCKWELL, Feb. '25 

Hamaide (Amerlie) The Decroly class : a con- 
tribution to elementary education. Pref. by 
Ed. Claparede. Trans, from the French by 
Jean Lee Hunt. Illus. Cr. Svo, 7^X5, 
$>P- 348, 7s. 6d, net DENT, June '25 


Hambly (W. D.) The History of tattooing and 
its significance. With some account of other 
forms of corporal marking. Illus., map. 
Svo, 9x5!, pp. 346, 255. net. 

WlTHERBY, Oct. '25 

Hamby (William H.) The Seventh hunch: a 
novel. Cr, Svo, 7$ x 5, pp. 288, 73. 6d. net. 

HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Hareier (William, H., Sir) and Hutt (C. W.) - 

A Manual of hygiene. With 94 illus. Svo, 

9 x 5f, pp. 833, 305. net . .METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Hamilton (Alice) Industrial poisons in the 

United States. Roy. 8vo, 213. net. 

MACMILLAN, June '25 

Hamilton (Ann) A Jewelled screen, ismo, 
7 x 4$, pp. 39, 2S. 6d. net. (Life and colour 

ser.) J. CAPE, June '25 

Hamilton (Christine D.) Eight plays for chil- 
dren. 7| X 5i, pp. 86, 2S. 6d. net. 

E. MACDQNALD, Nov. '25 
Hamilton (Clayton) Conversations on con- 
temporary drama. Cr. 8vo, gs. net. 

MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Hamilton (Cosmo) Another scandal. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7^ x 5, pp. 288, 33. 6d. net. 

HURST & B., Apr. '25 

Hamilton (Cosmo) Cupid in many moods. 
Cheap ed. i2mo, 7^X4!, pp. 255, 2S. net. 

HURST & B., Feb. '25 

Hamilton (Cosmo) Four plays : The New poor ; 
Scandal ; The Silver fox ; The Mother woman. 
Cr. Svo, 7fX5, pp. 356, 75. 6d. net. 


Hamilton (Cosmo) Mrs. Skeffington. Popular 
ed. Cr. Svo, 7&X 5, pp. 251, 33. 6d. net, 

HURST & B., Sept. '25 
Hamilton (Cosmo). See also Fab&r (B.) and 


Hamilton (D. E.) and Carlisle (J. 0.) Latin 

reader for secondary schools. Cr. 8vo, 33. 6d, 

HARRAP, Sept. '25 

Hamilton (Lord Ernest) Tales of the troubles. 
Svo, 8&X 5|, pp. 360, 73. 6d. net. 

UNWIN, Apr. '25 

Hamilton (G. V.) An Introduction to objective 
psychopathology. Roy. Svo, 2 is. net. 

KIMPTON, Oct. '25 
Hamilton, Mary, at Court and at home, Anson 

(E. and F.) i6s. net May '25 

Hamilton (Mary Agnes) Mary Macarthur : a 
biographical sketch. With portrait. Cr. Svo,, 
7i X 5, pp. 220, 33. 6d. net. 

L. PARSONS, Dec. '25 

Hamilton (Mary Agnes) and Blunt (A. W. F.) 
An Outline of ancient history to A.D. 180. 
Illus. Cr. Svo, 7j X 5, pp. 250, 33. net. 

MILFORD, Dec. '24 

Hamilton (Pamela) Out of the strong. Cr. 
Svo, 7^x5, pp. 284, 7s. 6d. net. 

R. HOLDEN, Jan. '25 

Hamilton (Patrick) Monday morning. Cr. 8vo 
7i X 5, pp. 320, 7s. 6d. net, CONST ABLE, /wfy '25 

Hamilton (Thomas, Rev.) Beyond the stars ; 
or, Heavens : its inhabitants, occupations 
and life. 4th ed. Cr. Svo, 7i X 5, pp. 270, 
35. 6d. net T. & T. CLARK, Apr. '25 

Hamilton (Vereker Monteith) Things that hap- 

red. Illus. with reproductions of paintings 
the author. Roy. Svo, 9X5!, pp. 288, 
i6s. net , E. ARNOLD, Mar. '25 

Hamilton (W. H.) The Desire of the moth ; 
poems. Cr. Svo, 7|x 5, pp. 77, 33. 6d. net. 

SELWYN & B., Sept. '25 

Hamilton (W. H.) John Masefield; a popular 
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5s. net PITMAN, Jan. *5 

Hamlet, Shakespeare (W.) (Swan ed,) is. gd. 
net May '25 

Hamlet, Shakespeare (W.) (Payne.) 28., 2S. 4<i. 

Sept. *25 




(S. S.)Industrial leadership. Fore- 
word by Rt. Hon. Stanley Baldwin. 8vo, 
9 X sf, pp. 248, TS. 6d. net. SIMPKIN, Nov. '25 
Hammond (E. J.) See Welson (J. B.) and 


Hammond (J. L.) and (Barbara) The Rise of 
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net METHUEN, Nov. '25 

Hammond (John) Reproduction in the rabbit. 
With foreword and chapter on the formation 
of the Corpus Luteum, by F. H. A. Marshall. 
Svo, 9x5!, PP. 235> I5s. net. (Biological 
monographs and manuals.). 

OLIVER & B., Nov. '25 

Hammond (John Maximilian) A Living 
witness : letters, 1914-1917. Ilius. 8vo, 
8 I X 5$, pp. 203, 45. 6d. net. 

MORGAN & S., June '25 

Hammonde (Daphne) Starry messages. [Poems.] 
6 X5i pp. 37, 2S. 6d. net. 

A. MORING, Nov. '25 

Hampden (Mrs. Hobart-). See Hobart-Hampden. 

Hampneti (Guy) Wireless entertainment : a 

guide to what you hear. Roy. 8vo, 8fx6, 

pp. 72, swd. is. net . . W. FOULSHAM, Dec. '25 

Hampshire's glorious wilderness: New Forest, 

Tweedie (G. R.) 73. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Hampstead, Ramble in old, Row (P.) 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Hampton (Lord) Scouting sketches : an apology, 
a prologue, and ten effusions in praise of the 
game. With a foreword by the Chief Scout. 
Cr. 8vo, 7&X5, pp. 236, 53. net. 

PEARSON, July '25 

Hamsun (Knut) Segelfoss Town. 2 vols. 
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Hancer (Robert Henry) The Lovely but lonely 
Christ. Cr. Svo, 7 X 5, pp. 128, 35. 6d. net. 
DRANE, Nov. '25 
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Mar. '25 
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June '25 

Hand, Infections of the, Kanavd (A. B.) 253. net. 

Sept. '25 
Hand of a thousand rings, Bachmann (R.) 

7s. 6d. net Aug. '25 

Hand of God, verse, Harper (H. S.) is. 6d. net. 

Aug. '25 
Hand of peril, Stringer (A.) 35. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Hand on the web, Salwey (R, E.) 6s. net. 

Feb. '25 

Hand painted, Barcynska (Countess) 75. 6d. net. 

May '25 

Handbook of the Morris car (The) : care and 
management of Morris cars. Illus. Svo, 

8xsJ, pp. 128, 25. net ILIFFE, Mar. '25 

Handbook to the technical and art schools and 
colleges of the United Kingdom. Compiled 
from official in formation. With an index to 
courses of instruction ; 2nd ed., rev. and enl. 
8vo, Six 51, PP. 174, 6s. net. 

Handcraft in wood and metal, Hooper (J.) and 

Shirley (A. J.) los. 6d. net Nov. '25 

Handful of verses, Bridges (V.) as. net. 

Jan. '25 

Handicrafts annual : the amateur woodworker's 
handbook and guide. Roy. Svo, 9fx6f, 
pp. 340, swd. is. net. 

Handley Cross, Surtees (R. S.) 2S. 6d. net. 

Feb. '25 
Handmaid of the Lord, Banning (M. C.) 75. 6d. 

net Aug. '25 

Handrailing, Callings (G.) 33. 6d. net. Feb. '25 
Handwriting, Character as revealed by, Bariatin- 

sky (Princess). 25. 6d. net Sept. '25 

Handwriting on the wall, Chipperfield (R. O.) 

73. 6d. net June '25 

Handwriting, Psychology of, Saudek (R.) I2S. 6d. 
net ><*. '25 

Handy book of synonyms of words in general 

use : containing nearly 35,000 words. 32 mo, 

4ix 3 Pp. *52j is. net. LXPPINCOTT, Feb. '25 
Hang, Penn-Smith (F.) 6s. net ..... . June '25 

Hangingstone Farm, Jerrold (I.) 35. 6d. net. 

Apr. "25 
Hankin (St. John) Dramatic sequels. Cr. Svo, 

7f X5, pp. is, 73. 6d. net.. . ..SECKER, Oct. '25 
Hanko (Martin) Universal home gymnastics: 

twelve exercises without apparatus. Roy. 

Svo, 9x6, pp. 16, swd. is. net. 

SIMPKIN, Aug. '25 
Hann (Mrs. A. C. Osborn) Rhoda the rebel. 

Illus. Cr. Svo, 7|-X5, pp. 160, 2S. net. 

R. T. S., Mar. '25 
Bann (Mrs. A. C. Osbom) -Smiler, a Girl Guide : 

a tale of camp, comradeship and courage. With 

frontis. Cr. Svo, 7j X 5, pp. 242, 2S, 6d. 

net. (Black's Girls' fab.) BLACK, Sept. '25 

Hannah (Ian C.) Christian monasticism : a great 

force in history. Svo, 8 X sf , pp. 270, los. 6d. 

net ALLEN & U., June '25 

Haranay (James Ballantyne) The Rise, decline 

and fall of the Roman religion. Illus. 8vo 

8fX5f, PP- 271, 15s. net. 


May '25 
Hannibal crosses the Alps, Torr (C.) 33. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Hannibal passed, Where, Bonus (A. R.) 75. 6d. 

net Sept. '25 

Hannover (Emil) Pottery and porcelain : a 

handbook for collectors. Trans, from the 

Danish. Edit, by Bernard Rackham. 3 vols. 

10$ X 6f , . Vol. r, 255. net ; vol. 2, x8s. net ; 

vol. 3, 255. net BENN, Feb. '25 

H anoer (King of) Letters to Viscount Strang- 

ford, G.C.B. : now in possession of his grand- 
daughter, Mrs. Frank Russell. With an 

historical note by E. M. Cox, and an intro. by 

Charles Whibley. Two port. Svo, 9x5!, 

pp. 265, los. 6d. net. WILLIAMS & N., Jan. "25 
Mansard (Luke) The Flame in the South : a 

novel. Cr. 8vo, 7| X 5, pp. 285, 73. 6d. net. 


H arisen (H. J.) Studies in arthropoda, II. Roy. 

Svo, swd. 153. net ...... CONSTABLE, May '25 

Hansen, Bridle (A.) 8s. 6d. net ...... May '25 

Hanshew (Mary E. and Thomas W.) The Amber 

junk. Cheap ed. i2mo, 7|X4$, pp. 287, 

2S. net HUTCHINSON, Sept. *25 

Hanshew (Mary E. and Thomas W.) The House 

of the seven keys. Cr. Svo, 7| x 5, PP- 284, 

7s. 6d. net HUTCHINSON, Sept. '25 

Hanson (Alfred) The Acts relating to estate, 

legacy and succession duties (death duties). 

7th ed., by F. H. L. Errington. Roy. Svo, 355. 

net SWEET & M., Apr. '25 

Happiness, Lure of, Loosmore (W. C.) 6s. net. 

July '25 
Happiness, Science of, Dearden (H.) zos. 6d. 

net Dec. '25 

Happiness, Spirit of, Gorell (Lord), 75. 6d. net. 

Apr. '25 

Happy anchorage, Lawson (R. N.) 7s. 6d. net. 

June '25 
Happy children stories, Vale (A. L.) Nos. 1-2. 

ea. 6d Aug. '25 

Happy days, Vale (A. L.) 6d Sept. '25 

Happy days picture book. With 3 col. plates. 

Cr. 4to, 10 X 7|, is. 6d. net. 

WARD, LOCK, Mar. '25 
Happy dragon, Thatcher (A.) and Hogarth 

(C. J.) 6s. net Mar. '25 

Happy failure, Solano (S.) 75. 6d. net. . . Oct. '25 
Happy f&aul-y t Swinnerton (F.) 33. Mar. '25 
Happy ghost, Bashford (H. H.) 75. 6d. net. 

Oct. '25 

Happy Hawkins again, Wason (R. A.) 2S. net. 

Apr. '25 

Happy hours. Demy 4to, n x 8|, is. 

PARTRIDGE, July '25 

Happy stories for tiny folk, Strung (Mrs. H.) 

6dL net Sept. '25 




Happy Warrior, Book of the, Newbolt (H., Sir) 

2S. 6d June '25 

Happf Xmas annual (The) : stories, pictures, 
rhymes and jokes for the kiddies. Cr. 4to, 
io x 7j, pp. 96, 2S. 6d. net. 

ISarap (Henry) The Education of the consumer. 

Cr. 8vo, gs". net MACMILLAN, Apr. '25 

Harcourt (Captain) Bob Quested's troop : a 
tale of prairie scouts. With frontis. Cr. 8vo, 
7|X5, PP- *9*> 2S. net. (Every boy's hb.) 

PILGRIM PR., Sept. '25 

Hard lying: E. Mediterranean, 1914-19, 

WeUon (L. B., Capt.) los. 6d. net. Oct. '25 

Hardey, Mary Aloysia, Garvey (M.) i6s. net. 

Nov. '25 
Hardie, J. Keir : biography, Stewart (W.) 35, 6d. 

net Oct. '25 

Hardie (Martin) The British school of etching : 
a lecture delivered to the Print Collectors' Club 
1921. Foreword by Sir Frank Short. Illus. 
Cr. 4to, 10x7^, pp. 33, 55. net. 


Harding (Newman) The Gates of the strong: 

a novel. Cr. 8vo, 7| x 5, pp. 320, 73. 6d. net. 


Harding (Stan) The Underworld of state. 
Intro, by Bertrand Russell. With frontis. 
Cr. 8vo, 7|X5, pp. 256, 6s. net. 

ALLEN U., Oct. '25