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Containing Full Grammar, with Exercises, Conversations, 
Commercial Letters, and two Vocabularies. 

Edited by J. C. O'CONNOR, Ph.Dr., M.A. 
Price One Shillingf. By Post, 1/2. 

EngUsh=Esperanto Dictionary. 

By J. C. O'CONNOR and C. F. HAYES. 

Revised and approved by Dr. Zamenhof. 
Price is. 6ci. net. By Post, is. Sd. 

Foolscap 8vo., 216 pages. 


Containing many New Words, together with a special list of 

Commercial Terms and Phrases, useful to Business Men 

who use Esperanto. 

Price, Sd. By Post, 4d. 

Esperanto= English Dictionary. 


Foolscap 8\ ()., 138 pages. 
Price, is 6d. net. By Post, is. 8d. 

A First Reader ( 

Just ' 
Published , 

Intended for those who are beginning the study of P^speranto. 

Compiled by Miss E. A. LAWRENCE, 

Price, 6d. net. By Post, 7d. 

"Review of Reviews" Office, 39. Whitefriars Street, London, E.C. 

'' The British Esperantist." 

A Monthly Gazette in English and Esperanto containing 

reading for beginners and those more advanced. 

It has an International Circulation. 

Annual Subscription, 3s., should be sent to the Hon. Sec, 

British Esperanto Association, 14, Norfolk Street, London, 





J. C. O'CONNOR, Ph. Dr., M.A- 









Tiu nova Kevuo, tute redaktata en Esperanto, estos 
pure literatura. Gi enhavos : novelojn, romanojn, 
poeziojn, komediojn, dramojn, seriozajn studojn pri 
historic, geografio, statistiko, popolmoroj, k.c, 
kronikon tre mallongan pri la cefaj mondaj 
okazintajoj, bibliografion. 

Cio politika, religia, au kio povus naski disputojn 
estos malakceptata de la Redakcio. 

D = ro. L. L. Zamenhof sola povos verki 
artikolojn pri la lingvo. 

Kosto : Ciu numero ... 6 pencoj. 
Jara abono . . 6 silingoj. 

En Anglujo oni povas jam de nun aboni ce : 











In response to numerous requests from almost 
every country in which English is spoken, we have 
much pleasure in presenting to the public this the 
first English-Esperanto Dictionary. The demands for 
such a work became so pressing that it was absolutely 
necessary to issue it as quickly as possible. Were 
it not for this urgency we would have waited until 
the larger Dictionary was ready, but the know- 
ledge that the progress of Esperanto would be 
materially checked or retarded decided us to issue 
this smaller one. The compiling of a Dictionary 
is always a difficult task, but the difficult}^ is increased 
in a very great degree when an initial and original 
work is undertaken. Such a work demands careful and 
thorough research, absolute precision, and much patient 
labour. The labour, however, has been lightened by 
the good wishes of Esperantists all the world over. Not 
from England alone, but from that Greater Britain 
beyond the seas, kindly help has been offered, and 
gratefully accepted. We have spared no pains in the 
endeavour to make this Dictionary (within its limits) 
perfect, and we hope we have succeeded. The busy 
Briton, who has not time for word-building, will find 


within the following pages every ordinary English 
word, with its Esperanto equivalent. It has been said, 
and with truth, that with a perfect knowledge of one 
or two thousand words anyone can adequately 
express oneself — conversationally — on any of the 
ordinaiy topics of everyday life, and for this reason 
we have taken special pains to select those words 
which are most in use. The student who possesses a 
knowledge of the process of word-building can from 
the material within these pages extend such material 
to an almost unlimited extent. (For an example of 
this see pages 10 — 15). 

The larger Dictionary is in course of preparation, 
though some time must necessarily elapse before its 
publication. For this the collaboration and counsel 
of the most eminent continental Esperantists have 
been secured. We shall be extremely grateful to 
those who use the present work for any suggestions 
that may render it more useful, in the event of a 
second edition being required, and also that the larger 
Dictionary may receive thebenefitof such suggestions. ''^ 
It is to the interest of all loyal Esperantists to do what 
they can in anything that may help to extend the 
scope of this marvellous language, which our revered 
master has so generously given to the world. 

* Any such suggestions may be sent to J. C. O'Connor, 
B.A. , Esperanto House, St. Stephen's Square, Bayswater, W. ; 
or to C. F. Hayes, Fairlight, 48, Swanage Road, Wandsworth, 
S. W. 


We take this opportunity of tendering our very 
sincere thanks to Dr. Zamenhof for the invahiable 
assistance he has given us during the preparation of 
this little work, as well as for his aprobita of it ; 
and at the same time we acknowledge our indebted- 
ness to M. A. Motteau (Author of the Esperanto- 
English Dictionary) for his careful revision of the 
proof sheets, and for the many useful suggestions 
which his thorough knowledge of Esperanto enabled 
him to give. 

Particular attention must be given to the fact that 
it is to the root of a word that the prefixes and suffixes 
are added. When it is stated that the final letter 
" i " indicates the infinitive, the letter "o" the noun, 
the letter "tt" the adjective, the letter "e" the adverb, 
the letter J added to form the plural, etc., the pronouns 
mi, li, vi, etc., do not interfere with the statement, 
for they are complete words ; the letters jn, I, and v 
are not roofs. The word "do" is not a noun, because 
d' is not a root. The word plej is not a plural, because 
pie is not a root. The word meti, to put, has nothing 
to do with the diminutive suffix et, because m is not 
the root 

The reader of this Dictionary will see to which 
part of speech the English word belongs, by looking at 
the ending of the Esperanto translation of the word. 

The Authors. 


ho — denotes relationship resulting from marriage : 

patro, father, ho'patro, father-in-law. 
patrino^ mother, bo'patrino, mother-in-law. 

dis' — denotes division, separation, dissemination : 

semi, to sow, dis'semi, to scatter. 
siri, to tear, dis'§iri, to tear in pieces. 

ek' — denotes an action just begun, also short duration 
of an action : 

kanti, to sing, ek'kanti, to begin to sing. 
ridi, to laugh, ek'ridi, to burst out laughing. 

ge' — denotes persons of both sexes taken together : 

inasfro, master, ge'mastroj, master and mistress. 
edzo, husband, ge'edzoj, husband and wife. 

mal' — denotes contraries, opposition of idea : 

estimi, to esteem, maVestimi, to despise. 
imrna, warm, maVvarma, cold. 
amiko, friend, mal'amiko, enemy. 

re' — denotes the repetition of an act ; it corresponds 
to the English " re," hack or again : 

doni, to give, re'doni, to give back ; iri, to go, re'iri, 

to go again. 
diri, to say, re'diri, to repeat ; veni, to come, re'veni, 

to return. 


'ad' — denotes duration or continuation of an action : 
spin, to breathe, spi/ad'o, breathing. 
paji, to fire (a gun, etc.), pafad'o, a fusilade. 

'(if — denotes a thing having a certain quality, some- 
thing made from a certain matter : 
mola, soft, mol'afo, a soft thing or substance. 
ovo, egg, ov'aj'o, omelet; bow, ox, bov'aj'o, beef. 

'<(n' — denotes an inhabitant, partisan, member of : 
Londono, London, Lmdau'ano, a Londoner. 
Kristo, Christ, Krist'an'o, a Christian. 

'ar' — denotes a collection or reunion of certain things : 
rmio, a word, rort'ar'o, a dictionaiy. 
homo, a man, hom'ar'o, mankind. 

'(■)' — inserted between 1 — 5 letters of a masculine 
name denotes a term of endearment : 
Johano, John, Jo'rj'o, Jack, Johnnie. 
Ernesto, Ernest, Erne'cj'o, Ernie. 

'ehl' — denotes possibility, something likely to happen : 
legi, to read, hg'ehl'a, legible. 
Iredi', to believe, Ired'ehVa, credible. 

Vc'— denotes an abstract quality (similar to the 
English suffix ness) : 
hana, good, honed o, goodness. 
yura, clean, jnir'ec'o, cleanliness. 

'eg' — denotes augmentation, intensity of degree : 
granda, great, grand'eg'a, enormous. 
pajilo, gun, pajil'eg'o, cannon. 


'ej — ilenotes the place specially used for or allotted to : 
dormi, to sleep, dorm'ej'o, a dormitorj^ 
lerni, to learn, lern'efo, a school. 

'em — denotes propensity, inclination, disposition : 
timi, to fear, tim'em'a, timorous. 
amo, love, am'em'a, lovable. 

'er' — denotes one of many objects of the same kind, 
the smallest fragment : 
sablo, sand, saU'er'o, a grain of sand. 
mono, money, mon'er'o, a coin. 

'estr' — denotes a chief, a leader, a ruler, the head of : 
imperio, an empire, itaperi'estr'o, an emperor, 
sipo, a ship, sip estr' o, captain (of a ship). 

'et' — denotes diminution of de2;ree : 
ridi, to laugh, rid'et'i, to smile. 
monto, a mountain, mont'et'o, a hill. 

'id' — denotes the young of, offspring, descendant : 
kato, a cat, kat'id'o, a kitten. 
Izraelo, Israel, hrael'id'o, an Israelite. 

'ig' — denotes causing to be in a certain state or 
condition : 
morti, to die, mort'ig'i, to kill (to cause to die). 
jmra, clean, pur'ig'i, to clean (to make clean). 

'ig — denotes to become, to be made to : 
ruga, red, ru§'i§'i, to become red (to blush). 
rica, rich, ric'i^'i, to become (or to grow) rich. 

'il' — denotes an instrument or tool : 
komhi, to comb, komb'il'o, a comb. 
razi, to shave, raz'il'o, a razor. 

'in — denotes feminines : 

frato, hvothQV, f rat' ill 0, sister. 
leono, lion, Jeon'in'o, lioness. 


'ind' — denotes worthiness, to be " worthy of," 

"deserving of " : 
laudi, to praise, laiid'ind'a, praiseworthy, worthy of 

estijni, to esteem, estim'ind'a, estimable, worthy of 

'ing' — denotes a holder (thing), that which is used 

for holding one object : 
cigaro, a cigar, cigar'ing'o, a cigar holder. 
kandelo, a candle, kandel'ing'o, a candlestick. 

'id' — denotes profession, trade, occupation, etc. : 
drogo, a drug, drog'ist'o, druggist. 
maro, the sea, mar'isfo, a sailor. 

'«/ — has the same force as the suffix cj, but is used 
for feminine names only. 

'uf— denotes that which contains, produces, encloses 
or bears : 
porno, apple, jiom'ufo, apple-tree ; mono, money, 

mon'uj'o, a purse. 
Anglo, Englishman, Angl'uj'o, England ; cigaro, a 
cigar, cigar ufo, a cigar-case.* 

'vl' — denotes a person or being characterised by the 
idea contained in a root-word : 
timo, fear, tim'uVo, a coward, a poltroon. 
avara, miserly, avar'nVo, a miserly person (a miser). 

mosto — this word denotes a general title of respect 

or politeness : 
rego, a king, via rega mosto, your Majesty. 
via mosto, your highness, your eminence, your 


* "Tree" may also be expressed by a7'bo, pomarho, an 
apple tree. Names of countries may also be denoted by 
lando, as Angldando, England, FrancoLando, France, Irlando, 


1 . 











Esperanto. Free Translation. 

Lern' root word. 

Lerni to learn. 

Lernadi ,, study. 

Lernegi „ cram. 

Lernigi ,, cause to learn. 

Lernigi ,, learn intuitively. 

Lerneti ,, da1)ble in learning. 

Dislerni „ learn in a desultory 


Eklerni „ begin to learn. 

Ellerni ,, learn thoroughly. 

Mallerni ,, unlearn. 

Relerni „ learn again. 

Lernanto a pupil, a learner (mas.). 

Lernantino ... a pupil, a learner (fern.). 

Lernejano a schoolboy. 

Lernejanino ... a schoolgirl. 

Gelernantoj ... pupils (mas. and fem.). 

Lernejisto a school teacher. 

Lernjestro a school master (head 


Lernantaro ... a class. 

Lernejo a school. 

Lernejeto an elementary school. 

Lernejaro an university. 

Lernulo a learned man, a savant 

Lernulino a learned woman, a "blue 



p]speranto. Free Translation. 

a] ... Lernajo knowledge. 

il Lernilo intelligence (the). 

ind ... Lerninda worth learning. 

Lerno act or action of learning. 

ebl ... Lernebla learnable. 

cc ... Lerneco learnedness. 

em ... Lernema studious. 

er ... Lernero a subject of a curriculum. 

ar ... Lernaro a curriculum. 

a Lerna learned. 

e . ... Lerne learnedly. 


.. Adjective. 

Math. . 

.. Mathematics 


.. Adverb. 


.. Medical. 


.. Anatomy, 
.. Arithmetic. 

Milit. . 

.. Military. 
.. Music. 

Bot. ... 



.. Botany. 

.. Conjunction. 

.. Feminine. 


Plur. . 

.. Noun. 

.. Plural. 

Fig. ... 

.. Figurative. 

Polit. . 

.. Politics. 


.. Geography. 
.. Grammar. 

Prep. . 
Prof. . 

. . Preposition. 
.. Profession. 

Jud. ... 

.. Interjection. 
. . Intransitive. 
.. Judicial. 

Relig. . 
Sing. S. . 
Trans. . 

.. Religion. 
.. Singular. 
.. Transitive. 

Lit. ... 
Mas. M. 

.. Literary. 
. . Masculine. 



.. Verb. 

.. Zoology. 



The attention of the reader is particularly called to 
paragraph 2, page ix., of Preface. 



/V, indefinite article, not 

// bjure, malkonlesi, f orj ui i 

Ji used in Esperanto. 

Ablative, ablativo. 

Aback, to take, surprizi. 

Able, to be, povi. 

Abaft, posla parto. 

Able (skilful), lerta. 

Abandon, fovlasi. 

Abnegation, raeraforgeso. 

Abase, humilgi.^ ^r.l ^ 
Abash, hontigi. * 

Aboard, en sipo. 

Abode, logejo. 

Abate (lower), mallevi. 

Abolish, neniigi. 

Abate (s})eod), malakceli. 

Abominable, abomena. 

Abbey, abatejo. 

^7 bomination , abom en o . 

Abbot, al)ato. 

Abound, suficegi. 

Abbreviate, mallongigi. 

Ab'iut (prep.), cii-kau. 

Abdicate, demeti la regecon. 

About (adv.), cirkaue. 

Abdomen, ventro. 

Above (prep.), super. 

Abduct, f()rral)i. 

Above (adv.), snpre. 

Abduction, forrabo. 

Above all, [precipe. 

ylbed, lite. 

Abreast, fianko ce flanko. 

Aberration, s}>iritvagado. 

Abridge, mallongigi. 

Aljet, kiinhel])i. 

Abi'idgement, resumo. 

Abhm; nialamegi. 

Abroad, eksterlande. 

Abhorrence, majarnego. 

Abrupt, subita. 

Abide, logi (resti). 

Abscess, absceso. 

Ability, lerteco. 

Abscond, sin forkasi. 

Ability, talento. 

Absent, to be, foresti. 

Abject, humilcga. 

Absence, foresto — ado 

Absolute i 

I Accuracy 

Absolute, absoluta. 

Acceptation, akcepto. 

Absolutely, abi.olute. 

Access, aliro. 

Absolution, senkulpigo. 

Accession, plimultigo. 

Absolution (from sin), sen- 

Accessory, kunhelpantx). 


Accident (chance), okazo. 

Absolve, senkulpigi. 

Accident (injury), mal- 

Absolve (from sin), senpe- 



Acclamation, aplaiidego. 

Absorb, sorbi. 

Acclimatize, alklimatigi. 

Absorption, sorbo. 

Acclivity, supreniro. 

Abstain, deteni sin. 

Accommodate, alfari. 

Abstemious, sobrema. 

Accompany, akompani. 

Abstinence, deteno. 

Accomplice, kuiikulpulo. 

Abstinent, detenenia 

Accomplish, plenurai. 

^6.s/rac^ (abridgement), re- 

Accomplished (of tilings), 



Abstract abstrakti. 

Acxomplishment, talento. 

A bstr acted, abs trak ta . 

Accoi-d (music), akordo. 

Abstruse, tre malklara. 

Accord, konsento. 

Absurd, absurda. 

According to, lau. 

Absurdity, absurdo. 

Accouchement, akuso. 

Abundance, suficego. 

Account (bill), kalkulo. 

Abuse, trouzi. 

Account, rakonto. 

Abuse, trouzo. 

Accountable, to be, respondi 

Abyss, profundegajo. 


Acacia, akacio. 

Accountant (profn.), kal- 

Academic, akademia. 


Academy, akademio. 

Account (current), konto 

Accede, konsenti. 


Accelerate, akceli. 

Accounts, Icalkularo. 

Accent (sign, mark), signo. 

Account (rendered), ra- 

Accent, akcenti. 


Accent, akcento. 

Accoutre (milit.), armi. 

Accentuate, akcentegi. 

Accrue, kreskigi. 

Accept, akcepti. 

Accumulate, amasigi. 

Acceptable, akceptebla. 

Accumulation, amaso. 

Acceptance, akcepta^o. 

Accuracy, akurateco. 

Accurate 3 Adieu 

Accurate, akurata. 

Across, traus. 

Accursed, malbena. 

Act, agi. 

Accusation, kulpigo. 

Act (statute), regulo, lego. 

Accusative, akuzativo. 

Act (drama), akto. 

Accuse, kul{)igi. 

Action, to bring an, procesi. 

Accustomed, to be, kutimi. 

Active, activa. 

Ace, aso. 

Activity, aktiveco. 

Acerbity, acideco. 

Actor, aktoro. 

Acetous, acida. 

Aclor (drama), komediisto. 

Ache, doloro. 

Actual (time), nuna. 

Achieve, pi en u mi. 

Actual, reala. 

Achievement, elfaro. 

Actuality, nuneco, realeco. 

Acid, acida. 

Actuated, incitita. 

Acid, acido. 

Acumen, sagaceco. 

Acidity, acideco. 

Acute, akra. 

Acidulous, acideta. 

Acuteness, sagaceco. 

Acknowledge, konfesi. 

Adage, proverbo. 

Acknowledge (letters, etc.), 

Adapt, alfari. 


Adaptatian, alfarado. 

Acknowledgement (letters, 

Add up, sumigi. 

etc.), avizo. 

Add together, kiinmeti. 

Acknoivledgmen t, kon f eso. 

^'Idd to, aldoni. 

Aconite, akonito. 

Addendum, aldono. 

Acorn, glano. 

Adder, kolubro. 

Acoustics, akustiko. 

Addicted, to be, kutimi. 

Acquaint, sciigi. 

Addition, aldono. 

A rquainfance, konato. 

Additional, aldona. 

Acquainted, to be, kunatigi. 

Addled, senfrukta. 

Irquiesce, konsenti. 

Address, adresi. 

Irquire, akiri. 

Adduce, prezenti. 

Acquirement, akiro. 

Adept, adepto. 

Acquisition, akirajo. 

Adequate, sufica. 

Acquit (debt), kvitanci. 

Adhere, aligi. 

Icquit (blame), senkulpigi. 

Adherent, aligulo. 

icrid, acida. 

Adhesion, aligo. 

A'^iimonious, akretema. 

Adhesive, glua. 

Arrnbat, ekvilibi'isto. 

Adieu, adiau. 




Adjacent, apuda. 
Adjective, adjektivo. 
Adjoining, apuda. 
Adjourn, prokrasti. 
Adjudge, aljiigi. 
Adjure, petegi. 
Adjust, araiigi, almezuri. 
Administer, admiDistri. 
Administration, adminis- 

Admirable, admirinda. 
Admiral, admiralo. 
Admiration, admiro. 
Admire, admiri. 
Admission, allaso. 
Admissible, permesebla. 
Admit, allasi. 
Admonish, admoiii. 
Admonition, admono. 
Adolescence, juneco. 
Adolescent, junulo. 
Adopt, alpreni. 
Adopt (child), filigi. 
Adore, adori. 
Adorn, ornami. 
Adroit, lerta. 
Adroitness, lerteco. 
Adulation, adidacio flato. 
Adult, plenkreskulo. 
Adult, plenkreska. 
Adulterate, falsi. 
Adultery, adulto. 
Adultery, to commit, adulti. 
Advance, antaueniri. 
Advancement, progreso. 
Advantage, utilo, profito. 
Advantageous, utila, profita. 

Advent, advento. 
Adverb, adverbo. 
Adversary, koiitrauulo. 
Adverse, kontraua. 
Adversity, koiitraueco. 
Advert to (to), aliuli 

Advertise, anonci. 
Advertisement, anonco. 
Advice, konsilo. 
Advise, konsili. 
Advocate, dcfendi. 
Aerial, aera. 
Aerolite, aerolito. 
Aeronaut, aerveturanto 
Afar, malproksime. 
Affable, afabla. 
Affability, afableco. 
Affair, afero. 
Affected (manner), afekta 
Affected, to be, afekti. 
Affecting (touching), 

Affection, afekteco. 
Affectioji (love), amo. 
Affectionate, aminda. 
Affectionately, aminde. 
Affinity (relationship^ 

Affiliate, aligi, anigi. 
Affiliated, to become, aligi, 

Affirm (attest), atesti. 
Affirm (assure), certigi. 
Affirmation, atesto. 
Affirmation, certigo, jeso. 
Affirmative, jesa. 

Affix n 


Affix, afikso. 

Agreement (deed), kon- 

Afflict, malgojigi. 


Affluence, riceco. 

Agreement, interkonsento. 

Affluent, ricega. 

AffHcuHure, terkulturo. 

Afford, to give, doiii. 

A giiculturist, teAkuUnvisto. 

Affimj, batigo. 

Agronomy, agronomio. 

Affright, timigi. 

Ague, febreto. 

Affront, insulto. 

Ah ! ha ! 

Afloat, flose, nage. 

Ahead, antaue. 

Afraid, timigi ta. 

Aid, helpo. 

Aft, post a par to. 

Aide-de-Carnp, adjutanto. 

After, post. 

Ail, malsani. 

Aftermath, postfojno. 

Ailment, malsano. 

Afternoon, posttagmezo. 

Aim (purpose), celo. 

Afterwards, poste. 

Air (appearance), mieno. 

Again, ree. 

Air (music), ario. 

Against, kontraii. 

Air, aerami. 

Agate, agato. 

Air (atmosphere), aero. 

Age, ago. 

Airball (toy), pilkego. 

Aged, maljuna. 

Airhalloon, aerostato. 

Agency, agenteco. 

Airhole, fenestreto. 

Agenda, memorlibro. 

Airpump, aeropompilo. 

Agent, agento. 

Aisle, flankajo. 

^Iggrandize, pligrandigi. 

Ajar, duonfermita. 

A ggrandisement, pligran - 

Akin, parenca. 


Alabaster, alabastro. 

Aggravate, plimalbonigi. 

Alacrity, rapideco. 

Aggression, atako. 

Alarm, maltrankviligi. 

Aggressm-, atakanto. 

Alarum (clock), vekho. 

Aghast, terurega. 


Agile, facilmova. 

Alas ! ho ve : 

Agitate, agiti. 

Albeit, kvankam. 

Ago, anlau. 

Album, albumo. 

Agonize, agonii. 

Albumen, albumeno. 

Agony, agonio. 

Alchemy, alhemio. 

Agree, konsenti. 

Alcohol, alkoholo. 

Agreeable, agrabla. 

Alcoholic, alkohola. 

Alcoholism 6 

) Amazement 

Alcoholism, alkoholismo. 

Almost, preskau. 

Alcove, alkovo. 

Almond, migdalo. 

Alder (tree), alno. 

Alms, almozo. 

Ale, biero. 

Almsho'use, maljunnlejo. 

Alert, vigla. 

Aloes, aloo. 

Algebra, algebro. 

Aloft, sup re. 

Alias, alie. 

Alone, sola (adj.), sole 

Alien, alilandulo. 


Alike, si mi la. 

Along with, kune kun. 

Aliment, manga] o. 

Aloof, to keep, eviti. 

Alimony, nutramouo. 

Aloud, laiite. 

Alive, viva. 

Alphabet, alfabeto. 

Alkali, alkalio. 

Alps, Alpoj. 

All (every one), ciii, 

Already, jam. 

ciuj (plur.). 

Also, ankau. 

Allay, trankviligi, kvietigi. 

Altar, altaro. 

Allege, pretend i. 

Alter, aliigi. 

Allegiaii-ce, fideleco. 

Alteration, aliigo. 

Allegory, alegorio. 

Altercation, nialpaco. 

Alleviate, dolcigi. 

Alternate, alterni. 

Alley, aleo, strateto. 

Alternative, elckteco. 

Alliance, interligo. 

Althea, alteo. 

Allocution, paroladeto. 

Although, kvankam. 

Allot, lotumi. 

Altitude, alto. 

Allotment, lotajo. 

Alto, aldo. 

Allow, permesi. 

Altogether, tute. 

Allowance (nlc), dekalkulo. 

Alum, aluno. 

Allowance (share), porcio. 

Always, ciam. 

All-powerful, ciopova. 

Amalgam, amalgam o. 

Allude, aludi. 

Amalgamate, unuigi. 

Allure, logi. 

Amalgamation, unuigo. 

Allurement, logo. 

Amanuensis, skribisto. 

Allusion, aludo. 

Amass, amasigi. 

Alluvial, akvemetita. 

Amateur, nemetiisto. 

Ally, interligi. 

Amaze, miiegigi. 

Almanac, altnanako. 

Amazed, to be, miregigi. 

Almighty, ciopova. 

Amazement, mircgo. 



Anmzing, miriga. 

Amulet, talismaiio. 

Amazon, rajdantiiio. 

Amuse, amnzi. 

Ambaftsador, ambasadoro. 

Anagram, anagramo. 

Amber, sukceno. 

Analogy, analogio. 

Ambiguous, dusenca. 

Analysis, analizo. 

Ambition, ambicio. 

Analyze, analizi. 

Ambifimis, ambicia. 

Anarchy, anarhio. 

Amble, troteti. 

Anatomy, anatomio. 

Amh'osia, ambrozio. 

Ancestors, praavoj, pra 




Anchw, ankro. 

Ambusmde, embu.sko. 

Anchorite, dezertulo. 

Ambush, embuski. 

Ancient, antikva. 

Ajnelioraie, plibonigi. 

And, kaj. 

Amend, reform i. 

Anecdote, rakonteto. 

Amends, to make, rekoiii 

Anew, ankorau, ree. 


Angel, angelo. 

America, Amerilvo. 

Angelic, angela. 

American, Amerikano. 

Anger, kolero. 

Amiability, amindeco. 

Anger, kolerigi. 

Amiable, afabla, aminda. 

Angle (corner), angnlo. 

Amicably, pace. 

Angling, fiskaj)tado. 

Amid, meze. 

Angle (fish), fiskapti. 

Amidst, meze. 

Angler, fiskaptisto 

Amity, amikeco. 

Aiigry. to be, koleri. 

Ammmiia, amoniako. 

Anguish, dolorego. 

Among, inter. 

Angular, an'jGjula. 

Amongst, inter. 

Aninuil, besto. 

Amorom, amema. 

Animate, vivigi. 

Amount, sumo. 

Animated, vivigi ta. 

Amphibious, amfibia. 

Animating, viviga. 

Amphitheatre, amfiteatro. 

Animation, viveco. 

Amphora, amforo. 

Animosity, malamikeco 

Ample, sufica. 

Aniseed, anizo. 

Amplify, grandigi. 

Anisette, anizlikvoro. 

Amplitude, amplekso. 

Ankle, maleolo. 

Amputate, detranci. 

Annals, historio. 

Annex ^ 

5 Apogee 

Annex, kniiigi. 

Anticipate, antaiividi. 

Annexation, kunigo. 

Antidote, kontrauveneno. 

Annihilate, neniigi. 

Antimony, an ti mono. 

Anniversary/, datreveno. 

Antipathy, an ti patio. 

Annotate, iioti. 

Antipodes, antipodoj. 

Announce, anonci. 

Aniiqimry, antikvisto. 

Announcement, anonco. 

Antiquated, antikva. 

Annoy, cagreni. 

Antique, antikva. 

Annoyance, cagreno, enuo. 

Antique (noun), antikvajo. 

Annual (publication), jar- 

Antiquity, antikveco. 


Antler, kornbranco. 

Annual (year]}'), ciujara. 

Anvil, amboso 

Annuity, jarpago. 

Anxiety, maltrankvileco. 

Annul, nuligi. 

Anxious, maltrankvila. 

Annular, ringforma. 

Any, ia. 

Annunciation, anunciacio. 

Anybody, iu. 

Anoint, smiri. 

Anyhow, iel. 

Anointing, smiro, ado. 

Anyone, iu. 

Anomaly, anomalio. 

Anyone's, ies. 

Anonymmis, anonima. 

Any quantity, iuui. 

Answer, respondi. 

Anything, io. 

Answer (affirmatively), jesi. 

Anywhere, ie. 

Answerable for, to be, res- 

Aorta, aoito 

pondi, pri. 

Apace, rapide. 

Ant, formiko. 

Apart, a parte. 

Antagonist, kontraiiulo. 

Apartment, cambro. 

Antarctic, antarktika. 

Apatlietic, apatia. 

Antecedents, antauajo. 

Apathy, apatio. 

Antechamber, antaiicambro. 

Ape, simio. 

Antedate, antaudatumi. 

Ape (verb), imiti. 

Antelope, antilopo. 

Aperient, laksileto. 

Anterior, antaua. 

Aperture, malfermajo. 

Anteroom, antaiicambro. 

Apex, pinto, suprapiuto. 

Anthem, an tern o, bimnego. 

Ajnary, abelejo. 

Ant-hill, formikejo. 

Apish, si mi a. 

Anthropology, antropologio. 

Apocryphal, apokrifa 

Antichrist, antikristo. 

Apogee, apogeo. 



apologise, pardonon peti. 
Apologue, apologo. 
Apology, apologio. 
Apoplexy, apopleksio. 
Apostle, apostolo. 
Apostolic, apostola. 
Apostrophe, apostrofo. 
Apostrophize, alparoli. 
ApotJiecary, apotekisto. 
Apothecary's, apoteko. 
Apotheosis, apoteozo. 
Appal, ternrigi. 
Apparatus, aparato. 
Apparel, vesto. 
Apparent, videbla. 
Apparition., apero. 
Appjaritor (beadle), pedelo 
Appeal, alvoki. 
Appear (come in sight), 

Appear, sajni. 
Appearance (aspect), vid igo, 

Appearance, to put in an, 

Appease, pacigi. 
Append, aldoiii. 
Appendage, aldonajo. 
Appendix, aldono. 
Appetising, apetitdona. 
Appetite, apetito. 
Applaud, aplaiidi. 
Applause, aplaudo — ado. 
Apple, porno. 
Apple tree, pomarbo, j)0- 

Ap>pliance, aparato. 

Application, atento. 
Apply (to put on), alraeti. 
Apply to, sin turni (al). 
Appoint (nominate), nomi. 
Appointment, elekto. 
Apportion, lotumi, dividi. 
Appraise, taksi. 
Appreciate, sati. 
Apprehend (seize), ekkapti. 
Apprehend (understand), 

App'ehension (fear), time. 
Apprentice, lernanto. 
Apprenticeship, lernado. 
A'ppmse, sciigi, informi. 
Approach, proksimigi. 
Approaching (time), bal- 

Approbation, aprobo. 
Appropriate, to be, difinita 

Appropriate (take, keep) 

Approval, aprobo. 
Appiove, aprobi. 
App'oximate (time), bal- 

Apricot, abrikoto. 
April, Aprilo. 
Apron, autaiituko. 
ylpt, kapabla. 
Aptitude, kapableco. 
Aptly, ka|»able. 
Aquatic, akva. 
Aqueduct, akvokonduko. 
Aqueous, akva. 
Arab, Arabo. 




Arable, plugebla. 
Arbitrary, arbitra. 
Arbitrate, arbitracii. 
Arbitration, arbitracio. 
Arbitrator (profn.), arbitra- 

Arbour, laiibo. 
Arc, arko. 
Arcade, arkado. 
Arch, arko. 
Arch, arkefleksi. 
Archangel, cef angel o. 
Archceology, arheologio. 
Archbishop, cefepiskopo. 
Archduke, arniduko. 
Archer, pafarkisto. 
Archipelago, Jnsularo. 
Architect, arhitekturisto. 
Architecture, arhitelvturo. 
Archives, ainivo. 
Arctic, arktika. 
Ardent, fervora. 
Ardour, fervoro. 
Arduous, laborega. 
Arena, areno. 
Areopagus, Aeropago. 
Argue, argumeiiti. 
Argument, argumento. 
Arid, seka. 
Aright, bone. 
Arise, Icvigi. 

Aristocracy^ aristokrataro. 
Aristocrat, aristokrato. 
Arithmetic, aritmetiko. 
Ark, sipego. 
Arm (milit.), armi. 
Arm (of the body), brako. ; 

Armament, arniiiaro. 
Armchair, segego. 
Armistice, interpaco. 
Armlet, cirkaubi-ako. 
Armcrials, insigno. 
Armour, armajo. 
Armourer, armilfaristo. 
Armow'y, armilejo. 
Armpit, subbrako. 
Arm^ (weapons), armiloj, 

Army (military), militis- 

Army (non - military), 

Army-corps, korpuso. 
Arnica, arniko. 
Aroma, aromo. 
Aromatic, aroma. 
Around (prep.), cirkau. 
Aroumi (adv,). cii'kaue. 
Arouse, veki. 
Arpeggio, arpego. 
Arraign, kulpigi. 
Arrange, arangi. 
Arrant, fama. 
Array (deck out), ornami. 
Arrears, in, malantaiie. 
Arrest, aresti. 
Airival, alveno. 
Arrive (on foot), alveni. 
Arrive (by vehicle), al- 

Arrogance, aroganteco. 
Arrogant, aroganta. 
Arrow, sago. 
Arsenal, armilejo. 




ArseniCy arseniko. 

Asleep, dornianta (adj.), 

Arson, brulkrimo. 

dormarite (adv.). 

Art, arto. 

As long as, tiel longe kiel. 

Artery, arterio. 

As many, tiom. 

Artful, ruza. 

As much, tiom. 

Arthritic, artritulo. 

As many as, tiom, kiom. 

Artichoke, artisoko. 

As much as, tiom, kiom. 

Article, artikojo. 

Asp, aspido. 

Article (commerce), komer- 

Asparagus, asparago. 


Aspect, vidigo. 

Articulate, elparoli. 

Aspect (phase), fazo. 

Articulation, (anat.), artiko. 

Aspen, tremolo. 

Artifice, artifiko 

Asperse, kalumiiii. 

Artificial, artefarita. 

Asphalte, as f alto. 

Artillery, artilerio. 

Asphyxia, asfiksio. 

Artisan, meliisto. 

Aspirate, elspir-i. 

Artist, artisto. 

Aspirant, aspiraiito. 

Artless, simplanima, naiva. 

Aspiration (breathing). 

Arilessness, naiveco. 

elspiro — ado. 

As, kiel. 

Aspiration (aim, intention)^ 

As — as, tiel — kiel. 


Ascend, supreniri. 

Aspire, celi. 

Ascjiusic-n ( feast of ), 

Ass, azeno. 


Assail, ataki. 

Ascension, siiprenirado. 

Assailant, atakanto. 

Ascent, supreiiiro. 

Assassin, mortiganto. 

Ascertain, certigi. 

Assault, atako. 

Ascribe, aligi al. 

Assay, provo. 

Ashamed, to he, honti. 

Assemble, kunveni, kiin- 

Ashes, cindro. 


Ashpan, cindrujo. 

Assembly, kunveno, aii-li- 

Asia, Azio 


Asiatic, Aziano. 

Assent, koiisenti, jesi. 

Aside, aparte. 

Assert, certigi. 

As if, kvazaii. 

Assess, taksi. 

Ash, ilemaiidi. 

Assessment, takso. 

Ask (beg), peti. 

Assidumi.% diligcnta. 




Jlssign, asigni. 
Assignment, asigno. 
Assimilate, similigi. 
Assist, helpi. 
Assist (at), ceesti (ce). 
Assistance, helpo. 
Assistant, hel panto. 
Assistant-master, submaj - 

Associate, kuinilo. 
Association, societo. 
Assoi't, dece kurimeti. 
Assuage, dolcigi. 
Assume, siipozi. 
Assurance, self, memfido. 
Assure, certigi. 
Assure (life, etc.), asekiui. 
Asterisk, steluto. 
Asthma, malfacila spirado. 
Astonish, mirigi. 
Astonished, to be, miri. 
Astonishing, mira. 
Astonishment, miro. 
Astound, miregi. 
Astral, astra. 
Astray, to go, erarigi. 
Astringent, kuntira. 
Astrologer, astrologiisto. 
Astrology, astrologio. 
Astronomer, astronomiisto. 
Astronomy, astronoinio. 
Astute, ruza. 
Asumier, aparte. 
Asylum, rifugejo. 
At, ce, je. 
At (house of), C8. 
At all events, kio ajn okazos. 

At any time, iam. 
Atheist, ateisto. 
Atheism, ateismo. 
Athletic, atleta. 
Athlete, atleto. 
Atlas, landkartaro. 
Atmosphere, atmosfei'o. 
Atom, atomo. 
Atomism, atomismo. 
At once, tvij. 
Atone, reboiiigi. 
Atonement, rebonigo. 
Atrocious, kruelega. 
Atrocity, kruelego. 
Atrophy, atrofio. 
Attach, alligi. 
Attachment, alligo. 
Attack, atako. 
Attack, ataki. 
Attain, atingi. 
Attain (to), trafi, atingi 

Attainment, akiro. 
Attempt, atenci. 
Attempt, atenco. 
Attendants (retinue), sek- 

Attend (on), servi. 
Attention, to call (to), 

atentigi (al). 
Attention, to pay, atenti. 
Attention, atento. 
Attentive, atenta. 
Attest (a document), sub- 

Attest, atesti. 
Attestation, atesto. 




Attic, tegmentcambro. 

Authentic, vera, verega. 

Attire, vestajo. 

Authenticate, verigi. 

Attitude, sintenado. 

Author, aiitoro. 

Attorney, advokato. 

Authorise (permit), per- 

Attract, altiri. 


Attract (entice), logi. 

Authmities (of town, etc.)^ 

Attraction, logajo. 


Attractive, caima. 

Authoi'ity, aiitoritato. 

Attribute (v.), aligi al. 

Autocrat, autokrato. 

Attribute (quality), ecu. 

A iitomatic, aiiLomata. 

Auction, aukcia vendo. 

Automobile, aiitomobilo. 

Audacious, maltimega. 

A utumn, aiituno. 

Audacity, maltimego. 

Auxiliary, helpanto (noun),. 

Audible (a<^lj-)j 'i^dcbla. 

helpa (adj.). 

Audience (interview), aiV 

Avalanche, kivango. 


Avarice, avareco. 

Audience (congregation). 

Avaricious, a vara. 


A vaunt, for de tie ci ! 

Audit, kontekzameni. 

Avenge, vengi. 

A udiforium, ausknlte j o . 

Avenue, aleo. 

Auger, borilego. 
Aught (anything), io. 

•^ ^ ' (meza kvanto. 

Augrrunt, plimultigi, pliigi- 

Averse, antipatia, kontraiia. 

August (month), Aiigusto. 

Aversion, antipatio, kon- 

August, nobla. 


Aunt, onklino. 

Avert, deturni. 

Aurt'ola, aureolo. 

Avidity, avideco. 

Au revoir, gis revido. 

Avid, avida. 

Auriferous, orhava. 

Avoid, eviti. 

Auscultate, subaiiskulti. 

Avow, konfesi. 

Auspices, aiiepicioj. 

Avowal, konfeso. 

Auspicious, favora. 

Await, atendi. 

Austere, severmora. 

Awake, veki. 

Austerely, severmore. 

Awake (intrans.), veki|;i. 

Austerity, severmoreco. 

Awaken, veki. 

Australia, Australio. 

Award, alju^i. 

Austiian, Austro. 

Aware, to be, scii. 




Away I for ! 

Badge, simbolo. 

Away, malproksime. 

Badger, melo. 

Awe, teruro, timego. 

Bag, sako. 

Awful, terura. 

Bagatelle (trifle), bagatelo. 

Awkward, mallerta, mal- 

Baggage, pakajo. 


Bail, garantiajo. 

Aiol, borileto. 

Bailiff (legal), juga perse- 

Awning, sun§irmilego. 


Awry, malrekta. 

Bait, allogajo 

Axe, hakilo. 

Bake, baki. 

Axis, akso. 

Baker, panisto, bakisto. 

Axle, akso. 

Balance (scales), pesilo. 

Axle-tree, akso. 

Balance ([)oise), balarici. 

Axiom, aksiomo. 

Balance of ajc, restajo. 

Ay (yes), jes. 

Balance-sheet, bilanco. 

Aye (always), ciam. 

Balcony, balkono. 

Azote, azoto. 

Bald, *enliara. 

Azure, lazuro. 

Baldness, senhareco. 

Bale, pakego. 

Baleful, pereiga. 


Balic, malhelpi. 

Ball (globe), globo. 

BahUe, habili. 

Ball (playing), pilko. 

Babe, infaneto. 

Ball (party), balo. 

Baboon, pa\'iano. 

Ball (bullet), kuglo. 

Bciby, infaneto. 

Ballad, balado. 

Bachelor; fraulo. 

Ballast, balasto. 

Back (of body), dorso. 

Ballet, baleto. 

Back (reverse side), posta 

Balloon, aerostato. 


Balloon (plaything), aerpil- 

Back (behind), poste. 


Backbite, kalumnii. 

Ballot, vocdoni. 

Backbone, spino. 

Balm, balzamo. 

Backslider, rekulpulo. 

Balm-mint, nieliso. 

Backward (slow), mallerta. 

BaUam, balzamo. 

Bacon, lardo. 

Balustrade, balustrMdo. 

Bad, ly, malbona, e. 

Bamboo, bambuo. 

Banana 1 

5 Battalion 

Banana, bannno. 

Bark (a tree), senseligi. 

Band (strap), ligilo. 

Barley, bordeo. 

Band (gang, troop), bando. 

Bami, feco. 

Bandage, bamla^i. 

Barn, garbejo. 

Bandit, malbonulo, rabulo. 

Barometer, baronietm. 

Bane, pereigo. 

Baron, barono. 

Baneful, pereiga. 

Barrack, soldatejo. 

Banish (exile), ekzili. 

Barrel, barelo. 

Banish (send away), 

Batrel-ffi'gan, gurdo. 


Barren, scnfrnkta. 

Bank (money), banko. 

Barrenness, senfrukteco. 

Bank (river), bordo. 

Banicade, barikado 

Bank (sand), sablajo. 

Barrier, barilo. 

Bank (note), banka bileto. 

Barrister, advokato. 

Banker, bankiero. 

Barrow, pusveturilo. 

Bankrupt, bankroto. 

Barter, intersangi. 

Bankrupt, to become, bank- 

Barytone, baritone. 


Basalt, bazalto. 

Banner, flago, standardo. 

Base, fundamento. 

Banns, edziganonco. 

Base (mean), mnlnobla. 

Banquet, festeno. 

Basely, perfide. 

Banter, moki. 

Baseless, senfundanienta. 

Baptism, bapto. 

Basement, subetago. 

Baptize, bapti. 

Baseness, perfideco. 

Bar, bari. 

Bashful, modesta. 

Barbarian, barbaro. 

Basin, pelvo. 

Barbarism, Ijarbarismo. 

Basis, fundamento. 

Barber, barbiro. 

Basket, korbo. 

Bard, bardo 

Bass (music), baso. 

Bare, nuda. 

Bastard, bastardo. 

Barefoot, n ud p led e . 

Baste, surversi. 

Bargain, marcandi. 

Bastion, bastiono. 

Barge, sargbarko. 

Bat (animal), vesperto. 

Bark (ship), barko. 

Bath, banilo. 

Bark (of dog),hundobleko, 

Bathe, bani sin. 


Baths (place), bane jo. 

Bark (of tree), selo. 

Battalion, bataliono. 




Battmj (milit.), baterio. 

Beatitude, felicegeco. 

Battle, batalo. 

Bean, koketulo. 

Battle, fight a, batali. 

Beautiful, bela. 

Baltfedore, pilkraketo. 

Beauty, beleco. 

Bauble, bagatelo. 

Beaver, kastoro. 

Bawl, kriegi 

Because, car, tial kc. 

Bay (geog.), golfeto. 

Beckon, signodoni. 

Bay (l)ark), hundobleki, 

Become, igi, farigi. 


Becoming, konvena, deca. 

Bay, to keep at, repusi. 

Bed, lito. 

Bayonet, bajoneto. 

Bed (horse), pajlajo. 

Bazaar, bazaro. 

Bed (garden), bedo. 

Be, esti. 

Bed (river), kusujo. 

Be, ahle to, [)Ovi. 

Bedding, litajo. 

Be, obliged to, devi. 

Bedroom, dormocambro. 

Be, willing to, voli. 

Bedstead, kiisejo. 

Beach, marbordo. 

Bee, abelo. 

Beacon, lumturo. 

Beehive, abelujo. 

Bead, globeto. 

Beech-tree, fa go. 

Beadle, pedelo. 

Beef, bovajo. 

Bmk, beko. 

Beer, biero. 

Beam (timber), trabo. 

Beet (root), beto. 

lieam (light), radio. 

Beetle, skarabo. 

Beam (of scales), vekto. 

Befall, okazi. 

Bean, fabo. 

Befitting, deca. 

Bear (animal), urso. 

Before (prep.), antau. 

Bmr, give birth to, naski. 

Before (adv.), antaiie. 

Bear with, suferi. 

Before (conj.), antau ol. 

Bearable, tolei'cbla. 

Beforehand, antaue. 

Beard, barbo. 

Beg (entreat), peti. 

Beardless, seiibarba . 

Beg (alms), almozon peti. 

Bearer, alpoitanto. 

Beggar, almozulo. 

Beast (animal), besto. 

Beggary, almozpeto. 

Bf-ast (brute), brnto. 

Brgin, ek, komenci. 

Beastly, bruta. 

Beginning (origin), deveno. 

Beat, bati. 

Begone ! for de tie ci ! 

Jieat (with a rod), vergi. 

Beguile (deceive), trompi. 




Beguile, amuzi. 

Behalf, parto. 

Behave, kondnti. 

Behaviour, konduto. 

Behead,, senkapigi. 

Behind (prep.), post. 

Behind (adv.), poste. 

Behold, rigardi. 

Beholder, rigardanto. 

B^'hoof, prolito. 

Being, estajo. 

Belabour, bategi. 

Belch, rukti. 

Belfry, sonorilejo. 

Belgian, Belgo. 

Belgium, Belgnjo. 

Belie, kalumnii. 

Belief, kredo. 

Believe, kredi. 

Bell, sonorilo. 

Bell (door, etc.),sonorileto 

Bell (ornament), tintil •. 

Bell ringer, sonorigisto. 

Belladonna, l)cladono. 

Belle, belulirio. 

Bellow, blekegi. 

Bellows, blovilo. 

Belly, ventro. 

Belong, apaitcni. 

Below (adv.), sube, nial- 

Below (prep.), sub. 
Belt, zono. 
Bench (seat), ])enko. 
Bench (work), stablo. 
Bench (of indges), jngis 


Bend, fleksi. 
Beneath, sub. 
Benediction, bene. 
Benefactor, bonfaristo. 
Beneficial, profita. 
Benefit, profito. 
Benevolence, bonfaro. 
Bent, kurha. 
Benumb, rigid igi. 
Bequeath, testamenti. 
Bequest, heredajo. 
Bereave (of), senigi (je). 
Berry, bero. 
Berth (sliip), kusejo. 
Beseech, petegi. 
Beset, cirkaiii. 
Beside, apud. 
Besides, krom. 
Besiege, siegi. 
Besot, bestigi. 
Besprinkle, spi'ucigi sur. 
Best (adj.), la picj bona. 
Best (adv.), la plej bone. 
Bestial, bosta. 
Bestir, one's self, sin 

movetadi, vigligi. 
Bestow, donaci. 
Bet, veti. 
Bet, veto. 
Betimes, frue. 
Betray, perfidi. 
Betroth, fiancigi. 
Betrothing, fiancigo. 
Better (adj.), pli bona. 
Better (adv.), pli bone. 
Between, inter. 
Bevel, tranci oblikve. 




Beverage, trinkajo. 

Bin, grenkesto. 

Bewail, ploregi. 

Bind, ligi. 

Bewilder, konfuzi. 

Bind (books), bindi. 

Bewitch, ensorci. 

Bind (together), kunligi. 

Bewitchment, ensorco. 

Bind (wounds), bandagi. 

Beyond, preter. 

Bind-weed, liano. 

Beyond (across), trans. 

Biography, biografio. 

Biassed, partia. 

Biology, biologio. 

Bible, Bibiio. 

Biped, diipiedulo. 

Biblicaly Biblia. 

Birch (tree), betulo. 

Bicker, disputi. 

Bird, birdo. 

Bicycle, biciklo. 

Birth, naskigo. 

Bid (good day, etc.), diri. 

Birthday, naskotago. 

Bid (at auction), plipro- 

Biscuit, biskvito. 


Bisect, bisekcii. 

Bid (order), ordoni. 

Bishop, episkopo. 

Bidding, invito. 

Bismuth, bismuto. 

Bide, atendi. 

Bit (piece), peco. 

Bifurcation, disduigo. 

Bit (horse), enbusajo. 

Big, granda. 

Bite, mordi. 

Bigamy, bigamio. 

Bitter, akra — ema. 

Bigot, fanatiknlo. 

Bitters, vermuto. 

Bigotry, fanatikeco. 

Bitumen, terpeco. 

Hilberry, mirtelo. 

Bivouac, bivako. 

Bile, galo. 

Blab, babili. 

Bilious,- gala. 

Black, nigra. 

Bill (a/c), kalkulo. 

Blackboard, nigra tabulo. 

Bill (of exchanc^e), kambio. 

Black-currant, nigra ril)o. 

Bill (beak), beko. 

Black pudding, sangokol 

Bill (posted nj)), afiso. 


Bill-poster, afisisto. 

Blackbird, merlo. 

Billhook, branchakileto. 

Blacken, nigrigi. 

Billet (note), letereto. 

Blackguard, sentaiigulo. 

Billet (wood), stipo. 

Blacking, ciro. 

Billiard-ball, globo. 

Blackish, dubenigra. 

Billiards, bilardo. 

Blacksmith, forgisto. 

Billow, ondego. 

Bladder, veziko. 

Blade 19 Boat 

Blade (grass), trunketo. 

Blossom, flori. 

Bl<ide (knife), traiicanto. 

Blot, makulo. 

Blamabk, mallaudinda. 

Blotch, skabio. 

Blame, mallaudi. 

Blotting paper, sorba 

Blanch, paligi. 


Bland, afabla. 

Bloio (stroke), bato. 

Blanket, lankovrilo. 

Blow, blovi. 

Blaspheme, blasfemi. 

Blouse, kitelo. 

Blast, blovego. 

Blow (of flowers), ekflori. 

Blaze, flamegi. 

Bludgeon, bastonego. 

Bleach, blankigi. 

Blue, blua. 

Bleat, bleki. 

Bluish, dubeblua. 

Bleed (trans.), sangeltiri. 

Blunder, erarego. 

Bleed (intraiis.), sangadi. 

Blunt, maiakra. 

Blemish, makulo. 

Blunt (mannered), mala- 

Blend, miksi. 


Bless, beni. 

Blur, malpurigi. 

Blessing, beno — ado. 

Blush, rugigi. 

Blight, velkigi. 

Bluster, fanfaroni. 

Blind, blinda. 

Boa, boao. 

Blind, window, rulkurteno. 

Boar, porkviro. 

Blindness, blind eco. 

Board (food), nutrado — 

Blind-alley, senelirejo. 


Bliss, felicegeco. 

Board (plank), tabulo. 

Blister, veziko. 

Board, logi. 

Blister (plaster), vezikigilo. 

Boarder (house), loganto. 

Blithe, gaja. 

Boarder (school), edukato. 

Bloat, sveli. 

Boarding school, edukejo. 

Block (pulley), rulbloko. 

Boarding-house, logantejo. 

Block (log), stipo. 

Boast, fanfaroni. 

Blockade, blokado. 

Boast, fanfarono. 

Blockhead, malsagulo. 

Boaster, fanfaronulo. 

Blond, blonda. 

Boat, boato. 

Blood, sango. 

Boatman, boatisto. 

Bloodshed, sangverSo — ado. 

Boat-hook, hokstango. 

Bloodvessel, sangvejno. 

Boat-race, sipkurado. 

Bloom, flori. 

Boat (rowing), remboato. 




Bobbin, bobeiio. 

Booth, budo. 

Body, korpo. 

Bootless, neprofita. 

Bog, marcego. 

Bootmaker, botisto. 

Bohemian, Bohemo. 

Booty, akirajo. 

Boil (bkiin), furunko. 

Borax, borakso. 

Boil, boli. 

Bord&r (edge), randajo. 

Boiler (saucepan), bolpoto. 

Border, to put a, borderi. 

Boiler, bolegilo. 

Bore (a hole), bori. 

Boisterous, perforta. 

Bm-e (of a gun), kalibro. 

Bold, maltima. 

Borer (tool), borilo. 

Boldness, maltimo. 

Born, to be, naskigi. 

Bolster, kapkuseno. 

Born again, renaskigi. 

Bolt, rigli. 

Borne, portita. 

Bolt, rigli lo. 

Borough, urba distrikto. 

Bomb, bombo. 

Borrow, prunte preni. 

Bombard, bombardi. 

Bosom, brusto. 

Bonbon, bombono. 

Botfiny, botaniko. 

Bond (finance), obligacio. 

Botch (spoil), malbonigi. 

Bondage, servuto. 

Both, ambau. 

Bondman, vasalo. 

Bother, enui. 

Bondservant, servutulo. 

Bottle, botelo. 

Bondsman (surety), garaii 

Bottom, fundo. 


Bottom, malsnpro. 

Bone, OS to. 

Bough, branco. 

Bonnet, capo. 

Bouillon, buljono. 

Bonny, beleta. 

Boulevard, bulvardo. 

Bonus, liberdonaco. 

Botdder, stonego. 

Booby, simplanimulo. 

Bounce, salti. 

Book, libro. 

Bound, salti. 

Book-keeper, librotenisto. 

Bound, sal to. 

Book (cop3'-book), kajero. 

Boundary, limo. 

Bookseller, libristo. 

Bounden, deviga. 

Boom, soni. 

Bountiful, mala vara. 

Booming, sonado. 

Bounty, helpa mono. 

Boon, bonfaro, gajno. 

Bouquet, bukedo. 

Boorish, maldelikata. 

Bourn, limo. 

Boot, boto. 

Bout (contest), konkurso. 


tl Bridge 

BoWy saluti. 

Bow, sal a to. 

Bow, pilfarko. 

Bow (violin), arco. 

Bow (ribbons), banto. 

Bowels, interna^o. 

Bower, laiibo. 

Bowl, pelvo. 

Box (small), skatolo. 

Box, kesto. 

Box, monei/, nionoska- 

Box (shrub), biikso. 
Box (theatre), logic. 
Box, piignebati. 
Boy, knabo. 
Brace, paro. 
Bracelet, cirkaiitiiano. 
Braces, selko. 
Bracket, table to. 
Brackish, sal eta. 
Br(iy, fanfaroni. 
Braggart, fanfaronulo. 
Brain, ccrbo. 
Brake (fern), filiko. 
Brake (for wheels), halti- 

Bran, brano. 
Branch (of tree), branco. 
Branch (of roads, etc.), 

Brand (fire), brulajo. 
Brandish, svingi. 
Brandy, brand o. 
Brasier, fajrujo. 
Brass, flava kupro. 
Brave, brava. 

Brave, bravulo. 
Brave, kontraustari al. 
Bravery, braveco. 
Bravo I brave ! 
Bra/wl, malpacego. 
Brawny, muskola. 
Bray (ass), bleki. 
Bray {to pound), pisti. 
Brazen, bronza. 
Breach, breco. 
Bread, pano. 

Bread (unleavened), maco. 
Breadth, largeco. 
Break, rom{)i. 
Break off, disrompi. 
Break, to pieces, frukasi. 
Breakfast, matenniangi. 
Bream, bramo. 
Breast, brusto. 
Breast, mamo. 
Breath, elspirajo. 
Breathe, spiri. 
Breathe (heavily), stertori. 
Breathing, s pi ra( I o . 
Breech {pi gun), sargujo. 
Breeches, pantalono. 
Breed (race), raso. 
Breeze, venteto. 
Brevity, mallongeco. 
Brew, bierfari. 
Brewer, bierfaristo. 
Brewery, bierfarejo. 
Bribe, subaceti. 
Brick, briko. 
Brick (fire), fajistono. 
Bride, novedzino. 
Bridge, ponto. 




Bridle, brido. 

Bronchitis, bronkito. 

Brief, mallouga. 

Bronchial, bronka. 

Brier, rozo sovaga. 

Brooch, broco. 

Brigade, brigade. 

Brood (fowl), kovi. 

Brigand, rabisto. 

Brook, rivereto. 

Brigandage, rabado. 

Broth, buljono. 

Bright (clear), hela. 

Broom (sweeping), bal- 

Bright, to get, heligi. 


Brighten, briligi. 

Broom (shrub), stipo. 

Brighten (polish), poluri. 

Brother, frato. 

Brightness, brilo. 

Brotherhood, frateco. 

Brilliant, brila. 

Brotherly, frata. 

Brilliant (jewel), brilianto. 

Brougham, kaleso. 

Brimful, plenpota. 

Brown, bruna. 

Brine, peklakvo. 

Brownish, dubebruna. 

Bring, alkonduki. 

Browse, sin pasti. 

Bring hack, rekonduki. 

Bruise (crush), pisti. 

Bring down (of prices). 

Bruise, kontuzi. 


Bruit, bruego. 

Bring forth (a child). 

Brush, broso. 


Brutal, hv\\l2i. 

Bring up (a child), elnutri. 

Brute, bruto. 

Brink, rando. 

Buccaneer, mar rabisto. 

Briny, sal a. 

Bucket, sitelo. 

Brisk (lively), vigla. 

Buckle, buko. 

Brisk (quick), rapida. 

Buckler, sildo. 

Briskness, rapideco. 

Buckwheat, poh'gono. 

Bristle, harego. 

Bud, burgono. 

Brittle, facilrompa. 

Budget (finance), budgeto. 

Broach, tra})iki. 

Buffalo, bubalo. 

Broad, larga. 

Buffer, stopilo. 

Brochure, brosiiro. 

Buffet, frapi. 

Broil, rosti. 

Buff^et (restaurant), bufedo 

Broker, makleristo. 

Buffoon, sercemulo. 

Broker, to act as, makleri. 

Bug, cimo. 

Brokerage, niaklero. 

Build, konstrui. 

Bromine, bromo. 

Building, a, konstruajo. 




Bulb, bulbo. 
Bulgarian, Bulgaro. 
Bulk, dikeco. 
Bulky, mnltdika. 
Bull, bovoviro. 
Bullet, kuglo. 
Bulletin, noto, karteto. 
Bullfinch, pirolo. 
Bullion (ingot), faiiilajo. 
Bullock, juna bovoviro. 
Bulwark, rernparo. 
Bump, gibeto. 
Bumper, plenglaso. 
Bun, bulko. 
Bunch (cluster), aro. 
Bundle, fasko. 
Bung, stopilo. 
Bungle, fusi. 
Buoy, nagbarelo. 
Buoyant, nagema. 
Burden, sargo. 
Burden (ref rai n ), rekan taj o. 
Burden, sargi. 
Burdensome, multepeza. 
Bureau (office), oficejo. 
Burgess, burgo. 
Burglar, domorabisto. 
Burial, enterigo. 
Buried, to be, enterigi. 
Burn (trans.), bruligi. 
Burn (intrans.), bruli. 
Burner (gas), flamingo. 
Burnish, poluri. 
Burrow, kavigi. 
Bury (something), enfosi. 
Bury (inter.), enterigi. 
Bush, arbetajo. 

Bushel, buselo. 
Buskin, duonboto. 
Business (profession), pro- 

Business (in general),. 

Business-man, aferisto. 
Bust, busto. 
Bustle, movo, — ado. 
Busj/, okupa. 
But, sed. 

But (prep.), krom. 
Butcher, bucisto. 
Butler, kelisto. 
Butt (end of gun), kapo 

de la pafilo. 
Butter, butero. 
Butterfly, papilio. 
Button (verb), butonumi. 
Button-hook, butonumilo. 
Button, butono. 
Button-hole, butontruo. 
Buy, aceti. 
By meaus of, per. 


Cab, fiakro. 

Cabal, kabalo. 

Cabbage, brasiko. 

Cabin, kajuto, cambreto. 

Cabinet (room), cambreto. 

Cabinet (ministry), kabi 

Cabinet-maker, meblisto. 
Cabinet - making, meblo- 

Cable, snurego. 




Cackle, pe[)egi. 

Camp, tendaro. 

Cacophony, nialboiisoneco. 

Campaign, mil i tiro. 

Cadence, kadenco. 

Camphor, kamforo. 

■Cadet, kadeto. 

Can (vb.), povas. 

Caf4 (coffee-house), kafejo. 

Canal, kaiialo. 

Cage, kago. 
Cajoler, delogisto. 

Canary, kanario. 

Cancel (erase), surstreki. 

Cake, kuko. 

Cancel (nullify), nuligi. 

Calcine, pulvorigi. 

Candelabrum, kandelabro. 

Calculate, kalknli. 

Candid, simplaniraa. 

Calculation, kalkulo. 

Candid, naiva. 

Caldron, kaklrono. 


Calendar, kalendaro. 


Calf, bovido. 

Candidate, aspiranto. 

Calf (of leg), tibiviando. 

Candidature, kandidateco. 

Calibre, kalibro. 

Candle, kandelo. 

Calico, kali koto. 

Candlestick, kandelingo. 

Calk, kalfatri. 

Candour, verdiremo, sin- 

Call, voki. 


Call on (visit), viziti. 

Candy, kando. 

Call (a meeting), kunvoki. 

Cane, kano. 

Call, voko. 

Cane (walking stick), bas- 

Call (visit), vizito. 


Calkr (visitor), vizitanto. 

Cane, vergi. 

Calling, profesio. 

Canine, hunda. 

Callous, kala. 

Canker, mordeti. 

Callosity, kalo. 

Cannibal, hommangulo. 

Calm, kvietigi. 

Cannon, pafilego. 

Calm, kvieta. 

Cannon (at billiards, etc.), 

Calm., trankvila. 


Calmness, kvieteco. 

Cannonade, pafilegado, 

Calumniate, kalumnii. 


Calumny, kalumnio. 

Canon, kanono. 

Camel, kamelo. 

Canopy, baldakeno. 

Camdia, kamelio. 

Cant, liipokrito. 

Camisole, kamizolo. 

Canteen, drinkejo. 

Camomile, kamoiiiilo. 

Canter, galopcti. 




Canticle, hiinno. 
Canto, veraaro. 
Canton, kantono. 
Canvas, kanvaso. 
Canvass, snbpostiili. 
Cap, capo. 

Cap (military), kepo. 
Capability, kapableco. 
Capable, kapabla. 
Capacious, vasta. 
Capacitji, enhavebleco. 
Cape, promontoro. 
Capital (city), cefurbo. 
Capital (money), kapitalo. 
Capital letter; granda litero. 
Capital (of a coliimii), 

Capitalist, kapitalisto. 
Capitulate, kapitulaci. 
Capitulation, kapitulaco. 
Capon, kapono. 
Capiice, kaprico. 
Capsize, renversigi. 
Captain (ship), sipestro. 
Captain (milit.), kapitano. 
Captive, malliberiilo. 
Captive, mallibera. 
Captivate (charm), carmegi. 
Captivity, mallibereco. 
Capture, preiio. 
Capuclie, kapuco. 
Car, caro. 

Car (of balloon), korbego. 
Carabine, karabeno. 
Carafe, karafo. 
Carat, karato. 
Caravan, karavano. 

Carbon, karbono. 

Carbuncle, karbunkolo. 

Card, karto. 

Card (playing), ludkarto. 

Card (visiting), karteto. 

Cardboard, kartono. 

Cardinal, Kardinalo. 

Cardinal (adj.), cefa. 

Care, zorgo. 

Care of, take, zorgi pri. 

Careful, zorga. 

Careless, sen zorga. 

Caress, karesi. 

Caress, kareso. 

Cargo, sargo. 

Carman, vetiirigisto. 

Carmine, karmino. 

Carnage, bucado. 

Carnation (flower), dfanto. 

Carnation (color), flavroza. 

Carnival, karnavalo. 

Carnivm'ous, viandoraan- 

Caricature, karikatiui. 

Carousal, karuselo. 

Carp, karpo. 

Carpenter, car} )e litis to. 

Carpentering, to do, car- 
pen ti. 

Carpet, tapiso. 

Carriage, veturilo. 

Carriage (railway), vagono. 

Carriage (cost), transsenda 

Carriage (of goods), trans- 

Carrion, mortintajo. 




Carrot, karoto. 

Carry, porti. 

Carry away, forporti. 

Carry back, reporti. 

Cairy off (by force), rabi, 

Ca?Ty (by vehicle), vetiirigi. 
Cart, veturigi. 
Cart, sargoveturilo. 
Carter, vetnrigisto. 
Cartilage, kartilago. 
Cartridge, kartoco. 
Cartridge-box, kartocujo. 
Cartwright, veturilfaristo. 
Carve (sculpture), skulpti. 
Carve, (cut), tranci, de- 

Cascade, kaskado. 
Case (gram.), kazo. 
Case (cover), ingo. 
Case (in court), proceso. 
Casement, kazemato. 
Cash, mono. 
Cash (ready), kontanto. 
Cashier, kasisto. 
Cask, barclo. 
Casket, skatoleto. 
Cassock, pastra vesto. 
Cast (throw), jeti. 
Cast (iron, etc.), faiidi. 
Cast (skin, etc.), sangi felon 
Cast out, eljcti. 
Cast lots, loti. 
Castaway, forjetulo. 
Castellan, kastelestro. 
Caster, radeto. 
Casting, fandajo. 

Castigate (with a rod)^ 

Cast-iron, ferfanda^o. 
Castle, kastelo. 
Castrate, kastri. 
Castration, kastro. 
Casual, okaza. 
Casually, okaze. 
Casuality, okazeco. 
Cat, kato. 

Catacombs, subteraj galerioj 
Catafalque, katafalko. 
Catalepsy, katalepsio. 
Catalogue, katalogo. 
Cataract (eyes), katarakto. 
Catarrh, kataio. 
Catch, kapti. 
Catechise, katehizi. 
Catechism, katehismo. 
Catechist, katenisto. 
Category, kategorio. 
Cater, provizi. 
Caterpillar, raiipo. 
Cathedral, katedro. 
Catholic, Katoliko. 
Catholicism, Katolicismo. 
Cattle, bestaro. 
Cattle-pen, bestejo. 
Caudal, yosta. 
Cauldron, kaldrono. 
Cauliflower, florbrasiko. 
Cause, kauzo. 
Caiise, kaiizi. 
Cause, igi. 

Cauterize, kaiiterizi. 
Caution, averti. 
Caution, singardemo. 

Cautious 2 

7 Chambermaid 

Cautious, singardema. 

Central, meza, centra. 

Cavalcade, rajdantaro. 

Centralize, alcentrigi. 

Cavalier, raj dan to. 

Centre, ceritro. 

Cavalry, kavalerio. 

Centre-bit, tiirnborilo. 

Cave, kaverno. 

Centrifugal, decentrokura.. 

Caviare, kaviaro. 

Centripetal, alcentrokura. 

Cavil, cikani. 

Century, centjaro. 

Cavity, kavo, kavajo. 

Ceremonious, ceremonia. 

Cease, cesi 

Ceremony, ceremonio. 

Cedar, cedro. 

Certain (some), kelkaj. 

Cede, cedi. 

Certain (sure), certa. 

Ceiling, plafono. 

Cefi'tainly, certe, nepre. 

Celebrate (feast), fest*. 

Certainty, certeco. 

Celebrate (solemniie . 

Certify, certigi. 


Certify, atesti. 

Celebrated, faraa. 

Certitude, certeco. 

Celerity, rapideco. 

Cessation (of hostilities). 

Celery, celerio. 


Celestial, ciela. 

Cessation, cesado. 

Celibacy, frauleco. 

Cession, cedo. 

Cell (of honey con b), cclo. 

Cetaceous, balena. 

Cdlar, kelo. 

CAa//' (ridicule), moki. 

Cellular, cela. 

Chaff', pajhestajo. 

Cement, cemento. 

Cliaffinch, fringo. 

Cemeten-y, tombejo. 

Chagrin, cagreno. 

Cense^', bonodorfumilo. 

Chain, ceno. 

Censor, cenzuristo. 

Chain of mountains, mon- 

Censorious, cenzura. 


Censure, cenzuri. 

Chair, sego. 

Censure (blame), ripro6o. 

Chairman, prezidanto. 

Census (take a), sumigi. 

Cfmise, veturileto. 

Cent, cendo. 

Chalice, kaliko. 

Centenarian, centjarulo. 

Chalk, kreto. 

Centenary, centjara festo. 

Clialky, kreteca. 

Centigramme, centigramo. 

Cltallenge, to, ekciti. al. 

Centime, centimo. 

Chamber, cambro. 

Centimeter, centi metro. 

Chambermaid, carabristino. 




Chamberlain, cambelano. 
Chameleon, kameleono. 
Chamois, camo. 
Chamois-leather, samo. 
Champagne, campano. 
Champion, probatalanto. 
Chance, hazard o. 
Chance (to happen), 

Chancel, norejo. 
Chancellor, kanceliero. 
Chandelier, histro. 
Change, sangi. 
Changeable, sangebla. 
Channel, kanalo. 
Chant, kantado. 
Chaos, naoso. 
Chaotic, iiaosa. 
Chapel, kapelo. 
Chaplain, ekleziulo. 
Chapter, caj)itro. 
Char, bruleti. 
Character, karaktero. 
Character (theatre), rolo. 
Characterize, karakteri zi . 
Charge (attack), atakegi. 
Charge (price), kosto. 
Chariot, caro. 
Charitable, bonfarada. 
Charity, bonfarado. 
Charity (alms), alraozo. 
Charlatan, carlatano. 
Charm., carmi. 
Charm, car mo. 
Charm, talismano. 
Charming, car ma. 
Charnel house, ka r n e j o. 

Chart (geog.), karto geo- 

Chase, casi. 
Chase, caso. 
Chaste, casta. 
Chasten, korekti. 
Chastise, puni. 
Chastisement, puno. 
Chastity, casteco. 
Chasuble, mesvesto. 
Chat, inter parol eti. 
Chattels, bieno. 
Chatter, babili. 
Cheap, malkara. 
Cheat, trompi. 
Cheat (trick), trompo. 
Cheat (deceiver), trom- 

Check (restrain), haltigi. 
Check, kontraumarki. 
Cheek, vango. 
Cheekbone, vangosto. 
Cheer, aplaiidegi. 
Cheer, konsoli. 
Cheerful, gaja. 
Cheeifnlness, gajeco. 
Cheer up, rekuragigi. 
Cheese, fromago. 
Chemise, cemizo. 
Chd7mst, apotekisto. 
Chemist-shop, apoteko. 
Chemistry, hemio. 
Cheque, ceko. 
Cherry, cerizo. 
Cherub, kerubo. 
Chess-pieces, sakoj. 
Chess-board, saka tabnlo. 

Chest 2 

9 Cider 

Chest of drawers^ koraodo. 

Ch iva Iry, ka v al i re c o . 

Chest (box), kcsto. 

Chocolate, cokolado. 

Chest, brusto. 

Choice, elekto. 

CJiestnut (edible), kastano. 

Choir, hoYO. 

Chevalier, kavaliro. 

Choke, sufoki. 

Chew, maci. 

Choke up, obstrukci. 

Chicane, cikaiii. 

Choler, kolero. 

Chicken, kokido. 

Cholera, Lolero. 

Chicken-house, kokoju. 

Choleric, kolera. 

Chicory, cikoiio. 

Choose, elekti. 

Chide, riproci. 

Chop, haki. 

Chief, cefo. 

Chop'doivn, dehaki. 

Chief cefa. 

Clwpper,^ liakilo. 

Chiffonier, cifoniijo. 

Ch&ral, hora. 

Chignon, hailigajo. 

Chorister^, lioristo. 

Chilblain, frostabsceso. 

Chorus, horaro. 

Child, infano. 

Chrism, sankta oleo. 

Childhood, infaneco. 

Christ, Kris to. 

Childish, infaiia. 

Christen, bapti. 

Childishness, infaiiaj o. 

Christendom, Kristnnaro. 

Chill, malvaimigi. 

Christian, Kristano. 

Chill, malvanno. 

Christian - name, Ijapto- 

Chime, sonorilado. 


Chimera, fiimero. 

Christian ity, K ri stanism o. 

Chim'MAj, kamentubo. 

Christmas, Kristnasko. 

Chimney-sweep, k a nieiitu- 

Christmas-hox, Kristiiask- 



Chin, nientono. 

Chronicle, kroniko. 

China, Hinujo, Hinlando. 

Chronology, kronologio. 

China, porcelano. 

Chrysanthemum, krizn ii- 

Chinese (man), Hino. 


Chink, tiiiti. 

Church, pregejo. 

Chink (crack), fciidajo. 

Church-yard, prege j korto. 

Chirp, pepi. 

Churl, inalgcnlilulo. 

Cinse.l, cizi. 

Churn, buterilo. 

Chisel, cizilo. 

Chum, buterfari. 

Chivalrous, kavalira. 

Cider, pom vino. 




€igar, cigaro. 

Clamour, bruego. 

Cigar-holder, cigaringo. 

Clan, gento. 

Cigarette, cigaredo. 

Clandestine, sekreta. 

Cinder, cindro. 

Clank, resoni. 

Cinnabar, ciTiabro. 

Clap, manfrapi. 

Cinnamon, ciriamo. 

Clarify, klarigi. 

Cipher, cifero. 

Clarion, milita trumpeto. 

Cipher, nulo. 

Clarionet, klarneto. 

Circle, rondo. 

Clasp (buckle), buko. 

Circlet, rondeto. 

Clasp, preno. 

Circuit, cirkauo. 

Clasp, preni. 

Circular, cirkuloro. 

Class, klaso. 

Circulate, cirkauiri. 

Class, ordigi. 

Circumference, cirkauo. 

Classify, ordigi. 

Circumlocution, ci rkaiif razo. 

Clatter, bruegado. 

Circumscribe, ci rkaiiskribi. 

Claw, ungego. 

Circumspect, singardema. 

Clay, argilo. 

Circumstance, cirkonstanco. 

Clean, purigi. 

Circus, cii'ko. 

Clean, pura. 

Cistern, akvujo. 

Clean (boots, etc.), sen- 

Citadel, fortikajo. 


Citation, citajo. 

Cleanliness, pureco. 

Cite, citi. 

Cleanse, purigi. 

Citizen, urbano. 

Clear, klara. 

Citron, citrono. 

Clear (mental), malkon- 

City, urbo. 


Civic, urba. 

Clearness, klareco. 

Civil, civila. 

Cleave (split), fendi. 

Civil (polite), gentila. 

Cleaver, fendilo. 

Civilian, nemilita. 

Cleft, fendo. 

Civility, gentileco. 

Clemency, malsevereco. 

Civilization, civilizacio. 

Clement, malsevera. 

Civilize, civilizi. 

Clergy, pastraro. 

Claim, pretend 0. 

Clergyman, pastro. 

Claimant, pretendanto. 

(7/^77j (commercial), komizo. 

Clamber, suprenrampi. 

Clerk (ecclesiastic), ekle- 

Clammy, glua. 





<Jlever, lerta. 

Cleverness, lerteco. 

Client, kliento. 

Cliff, krutajo. 

Climate, klimato. 

Climb, suprenrampi. 

Clinical, klinika. 

Clink, tinti. 

Clip (shear), toiidi. 

Clip off, detranci. 

Clipper, tondisto. 

Clique, fermita societo. 

Cloak, mantelo. 
Cloak-room, pakajejo. 
Clock, horlogo. 
Clock-maker, horlogisto. 
'Clod, bnlo — ajo. 
Close (finish), fini. 
Close, fermi. 
Closet (w.c), necescjo. 
Cloth, a, drapo. 
Cloth (material), tuko. 
Clothe, vesti. 
Clothes, vesta] 0. 
Cloud, nubo. 
Cloudy (not clear), mal- 

Clove, kariofilo. 
Clover, trifolio. 
Clown, serceraulo. 
Cloy, satigi. 
Club (thick stick), bas- 

Club (cards), trefo. 
Club (society), klubo. 
Clue, postsigno. 

Clump (tuft), tufo. 
Clumsy, mallerta. 
Cluste)' (of berries), beraro. 
Clutch, kapti, ekkaptigi. 
Clyster, klistero. 
Clyster-pipe, tiibeto. 
Coach, veturilo. 
Coach-maker, veturilfai'isto. 
Coachman, veturigisto. 
Coal, karbo. 
Coalesce, kunigi. 
Coalition, kiinigo. 
Coarse (manner), viilgara. 
Coast, marbordo. 
Coat, vesto. 
Coat of arms, blazono. 
Coat (walls, etc.), smiri. 
Coax, logi 
Cobalt, kobalto. 
Cobweb, aranea^o. 
Cock (trigger), cano. 
Cock (tap), krano. 
Cock (rooster), koko. 
Cockerel, kokido. 
Cock's comb, kresto. 
Cocoa, kakao. 
I CocMa-nut, kokoso. 
Cod, gado. 
Code, legaro. 
Codicil, kodicilo. 
Coddle, dorloti. 
Coerce, devigi. 
Coercion, devigo. 
Coffee, kafo. 
Coffee-haiise, kafejo. 
Coffee pot, kaf knico. 
Coffee tin or box, kaf u jo. 

Coffer 3 

2 Commemorate 

Coffer, kesto. 

Colonize, koloniigi. 

Coffin, cerko. 

Colonnade, kolonaro. 

Cogent, videbla. 

Colony, kolonio. 

Cognomen, aliiomo. 

Colossal, kolosa. 

Coherence, kiiiiligo. 

Color, koloro. 

Coil, rulajo. volvajo. 

Color, kolori. 

Coin, monero. 

Color (complexion), viza 

Coincide, koincidi. 


Coincident, samteni})a. 

Coloiiess, senkolora. 

Coke, koakso. 

Colt, cevalido. 

Colander, kiibrilo. 

Cohimn, kolono. 

Cold, raalvarmo. 

Comb, kombi. 

Cold in the head, nazka- 

Comb, kombi lo. 


Combat, batalo. 

Cold, catch a, malvarmumi. 

Combat, batali. 

Coldness, malvarmeco. 

Combatant, batalanto. 

Colic, koliko. 

Combine, kombi ni. 

Collaborate, kunlabori. 

Combustible, brulebla. 

CoUaboi'ation, kunlaborado. 

Comlmstion, brulado. 

Collar, kolumo. 


Collation, mangeto. 

Come (after), postveni. 

Colleague, kolego. 

Come (back), reveni. 

Colled, kolekti. 

Comedian, komedianto. 

Collection, kolekto. 

Comedy, ko medio. 

Collector (of taxes, etc.), 

Comsly, gracia, beleta. 


Comet, kometo. 

Collector (of stamps, etc.), 

Comfort, komforti. 


Comfort, komforto. 

Collective, opa. 

Comic, komikn, ridinda. 

College, kolegio. 

Coming, veno. 

Collier, kaibfosisto. 

Comma, komo. 

Colliery, karbejo. 


Collision, interfrnpo. 

Command, ordoni. 

Colon, dupunkto. 

Commandant, komandanto. 

Colonel, kolonelo. 

Commander, komandoro. 

Colonial, koloiiiaMO. 

Commaiulment, ordono. 

Colonist, koloniisto. 

Commemorate, memorigi. 

Cammence 33 Complaisance 

Commence, komenci. 
Commend, laiidi. 
Commendation, lauJo. 
Comment, komentarii. 
Commentary, ko men tario. 
Commerce, komerco. 
Commercial man, komer- 

Commission, koraisii. 
Commission, komisio. 
Commission (brokerage), 

Commission agent, makler- 

Commissioner, komisario. 
Commit, fari. 

Commit (to prison), aresti. 
Committee, komitato. 
Commodity, koraerca]o. 
Common, koniuna. 
Common (vulgar), vul- 

Commoner, malnobelo, 

Commonly, ordinare. 
Common loealth, respubliko. 
Commotion, konfuzo. 
Commune, mempensi. 
Commune, komunumo. 
Communicant, komunii- 

Communicate, komuniki. 
CommunicMive, komuni- 

Communism, komunisnio. 
Communist, komunisto. 
Community, komunumaro. 

Community of interests, 

Compact, kontrakto. 
Compact, densa. 
Companion, kunulo. 
Companion (travelling), 

Company, kompanio. 
Company (society), societo. 
Company ( theatrical ) , 

Company (military), roto. 
Company (troop), anaro. 
Comparative, korapara. 
Compare, kompari. 
Compartment, fako. 
Compartment (train), fak- 

ego, kupeo. 
Compass, kompaso. 
Compassion, korapato. 
Compassionate, to be, kora- 

Compatriot, samlandano. 
Compel, devigi. 
Compend, resumo. 
Compend, resumo. 
Compensate, kompensi. 
Compete, konkuri. 
Competent, kompetenta. 
Competition, konkurso. 
Competitor, konkuranto. 
Compile, redakti. 
Complacency, komplezo, 

Complainant, plendanto. 
Complaint, plendo. 
Complaisance, komplezo. 


Complement 34 


Compleinent, plennombro. 
Complement (gram.), kom 

Complete, pleiiigi. 
Completely, plene. 
Complex, malsimpla. 
Complexion, vizagkoloro. 
Compliant, ceda — ema. 
Complicate, malsimpligi. 
Complication, malsimpleco. 
Complicity, kunkulpeco. 
Compliment, komplimenti. 
Comply, cedi. 
Compose, verki. 
Compose (soothe), trank- 

Compose one's self, kvietigi. 
Composer, verkisto. 
Composition (music), kom- 
.. pozicio. 
Composition (mixture), kim- 

me to. 
Compositor (printer), kom- 

Compound, kunmeti. 
Comprehend, kompreni. 
Comprehensible, komprc 

Comp)-ehension, Icorapren 

Comp'ess, kunpremi. 
Compressible, kuiipremebki 
Comprise, enhavi. 
Compromise, Ivo m promi ti . 
Compvmise, kompromiso. 
Compulsion, dcvigo. 
Compunction, memriproco. 

Computation, kalkulo. 

Compute, kalkuli. 

Comrade,' kamarado. 

Concave, kaveta. 

Conceal, kasi. 

Consecutive, intersekva. 

Concede, cedi. 

Conceit, malmodesteco. 

Conceited, malmodesta. 

Conceive, gravedigi. 

Concentrate, koiicentrigi. 
j Concentric, koncentra. 
i Conception (idea), elpenso. 
I Concern, koucerni. 
I Concern (anxiety), zor- 
I gemo, malkvieto. 

Concerning, pri. 

Concert, koiicerto. 

Concession, cedo, cedemo. 

Conciliate, j)acigi. 

Conciliating, pacema. 

Concise, mallonga. 

Conclude (infer), konkludi. 

Conclude (finish), fini. 

Cmiclusion (inference), koii- 

Concord, konsento. 

Concordant, unuvoca. 

Concordat, kontrakto. 

Concourse, konkuiso. 

Concrete, konkreta. 

Concubine, kromvirino. 

Concur, konsenti. 

Concussion, skuego. 

Condemn, kondamni. 

Condemnation, kondamno. 

Condense, densigi. 




Condensed, mallonga, mal- 

Condescend, bonvoli. 
Condition, koiidico. 
Conditionally, kondice. 
Condole, simpatii, kondol- 

Condolence, kondolenco. 
Conduct, one's self, kondiiti. 
Conduct, konduki. 
Conduct, behaviour, kon- 

Conductor, kondukisto. 
Conduit, tubo. 
Cone, konuso. 
Confecti&ner, konfitisto. 
Confederate, konfederi. 
Confedefration, konfeder- 

Oo?i/dr (holy orders), ordoni 
Conference, konferenco. 
Confess, konfesi. 
Confession, konfeso. 
Confide, konfidi. 
Confidence, konfidericio. 
Conjident, konfidema. 
Confine, enfermi. 
Confirm, certigi. 
Confirm (religious), kon- 

Confirmation, certigo. 
Confiscate, konfisiki. 
Conflagration, brulado. 
Conflict, konflikto. 
Confluence, kuntluigo. 
Conform, konformi. 
Conformable, koiiforma. 

Conformity, konformeco 

Confound, konfuzegi. 

Confrh'e, kunfrato. 

Confront, kon trails tarigi. 

Confuse, konfuzi. 
I Confusion, konfuzo — ado. 
I Confute, rifuti. 
I Congeal, firmigi. 

Congestion, sangalfluo. 

Congratulate, gtatuli. 

Congratulation, gratulo. 

Congi'egate, kolekti. 

Congregation, audantaro. 

Congress, kongreso. 

Conical, konusa. 

Conjecture, konjekti. 

Conjoin, kuni. 

Conjointly, kune. 

Conjugate, koiijugacii. 

Conjunction, konjunkcio. 

Conjunction (joining), kun- 

Conjure, petegi. 

Conjure, jongli. 

Conjurer, jonglisto. 

Connect, kunigi. 

Connection, kunigo. 

Connections, parencaro. 

Connoisseur, virtuozo. 

Conquer, venki. 

Conquer 01-, venkanto. 

Conquest, venko. 

Consanguineous, samsanga. 

Conscience, konscienco. 

Conscientious, konscienca. 

Consecrate, dedici. 

Consecutive, intersekva. 




Consent, konseiifei. 
Consequence, sekvo. 
Consequently, sekve. 
Consequential, mal mod esta. 
Conserve (preserve), koii- 

Conservative, Konserva- 

Consider, pripensi, kon- 

Considerable, grandega. 
Consideration, koiisidero. 
Consign, sendi. 
Consignment, sendo. 
Consist {pi), koiisisti (el). 
Consistent, unuforma. 
Consistory, kon sistorio. 
Console, konsoli. 
Consolation, konsolo. 
Consolidate, fortigi. 
Consonant (letter), konson- 

Consonant, unuforma. 
Consort, kunulo. 
Conspicuous, videgebla. 
Conspiracy, konspiro. 
Conspire, konspiri. 
Constant, konstanta. 
Constellation, stelaro. 
Consternation, konsterno. 
Constipation, mallakso. 
Constitution, konstitucio. 
Constitutional, koustitucia. 
Constraint, devigo. 
Construct, koiistrui. 
Construction (building), 


Consul, konsulo. 
Consulate, konsulejo. 
Consult, konsiligi kun. 
Consultation, konsiligo. 
Consume, konsumi. 
Consumer, konsumanto. 
Consummate, plenigi. 
Consummation, plenigo. 
Consumption (plitliisis), 

Consumption, konsumigo. 
Contact, koiitakto. 
Contagious, komunikebla. 
Contain, enhavi. 
Contaminate, malpurigi. 
Contemn, raalestimi. 
Contemplate, rigardadi. 
Contemporary, sam tem})a. 
Contempit, malestimo. 
Contemptible, malestima. 
Contend, 'batali. 
Content, kontentigi. 
Contentedness, kontenteco. 
Contention, kontraustaro. 
Contentious, m a) pac u 1 a. 
Contentment, kontenteco. 
Contents, enhavo. 
Contest, disputi. 
Contest, disputo. 
Continence, sindetenemo. 
Continent (geog.), kon- 

Contingent (mi lit), kon- 

Contiguity, apudeco. 
Contiguous, apu da. 
Continue (to last), dauri. 



Continue (go on), daurigi. 
Contortion (of face), grini- 

Contour, koiituro. 
Contraband, kontrabando. 
Contract, koiitrakto. 
Contract, make a, kontrakti. 
Contract, kuntirigi. 
Contractor, entreprenisto. 
Contradict, kontraudiri. 
Contrariwise, kontraiie. 
Contrary, kontraua. 
Ccmtrary, on the, male, kon 

trail e. 
Contrast, kontrasti. 
Contrast, kontrasto. 
Contravention, malobeo. 
Contribution, depago. 
Contrite, peiita. 
Contrition, pento — eco. 
Contrivance, elpeiibaju. 
Contrive, elpensi. 
Control, kontroli. 
Controversy, disputado. 
Contumacious, obstincma. 
Contumacy, obstineco. 
Contumely, malestimo. 
Contuse, kontuzi. 
Convalescence, rcsaiiigo. 
Convalescent (man), resani- 

Convene, kunvoki. 
Convenience, oportnneco. 
{Jonvenieni, oportuna. 
Convent, nionafiinejo. 
Conventional, kutima. 
Converge, koiivergi. 

Conversation, konversacio. 
Converse, interparoladi. 
Converse, mala. 
Conversely, male. 
Conversion (of one's self), 

Conversion (of some one 

else), konverto. 
Convert (relig.), konverti. 
Convex, malkaveta. 
Convey, alporti. 
Convey (by vehicle), vetu- 

Conveyance, veturilo. 
Convict {m2in), kondamnulo. 
Convict, kondamnato. 
Conviction, kondamno. 
Convince, konvinki. 
Convocation, kunvoko. 
Convolution, konvolvado— 

Convolvulus, konvolvulo. 
Convoy, vetuiilaro. 
Convulse, konvulsii. 
Convulsion, kunvulsio. 
Cook, kuiri. 
Cook (man), kuiristo. 
Cookery, kuirado. 
Cool, malvarmetigi. 
Cool, malvarmeta. 
Coolness, malvaimeto. 
Coop, kagego. 
Coop, kagigi.^ 
Cooper, barelisto. 
Co-operation, kunhelpo — 

Copeck, kopeko. 

Copier 38 Counsellor 

Copier, kopiisio. 

Correctness, korekteco. 

Copious, plena, plenega. 

Cmrespond, korespondi. 

Copper (boiler), kald- 

Coirespondence, korespon- 



Copper (metal), kupro. 

Corridor, koridoio. 

Copse, arbetaro. 

Corrode, mordeti. 

Copy, kopii. 

Corrupt, putrigi. 

Copy, ekzemplero. 

Corrupt (bribe), snbacoti. 

Copybook, kajero. 

Corrupt (vicious), malvirta. 

Copy (a corrected), neto. 

Corruption, putio. 

Copyist, skribisto. 

Corsage, korsajo. 

Coquet, koketi. 

Corsair, korsaro. 

Coquetry, koketcco. 

Corse, malvivulo. 

Coquette, koketulino. 

Corset, korseto. 

Coral, koralo. 

Cortege, sekvantni-o. 

Coi'd, gnuT'o. 

Cossack, Kozako. 

Cordage, snurajo. 

Cosmopolite, kosmopolita. 

Cordial, kora. 

Cosmography, kosmografio. 

Core, interna] 0. 

Cost, kosto. 

Co-religionist, samreligiano. 

Costiveness, mallakso. 

Cork, korko. 

Costly, multekosta. 

Cork, stopi. 

Costume, kostumo. 

Coi'kscrew, korktirilo. 

Cosy, komforta. 

Corn (on foot, etc.), kalo. 

Cot, liteto. 

Corn, greno. 

Cottage, domeio. 

Corned, salita. 

Cotton (raw), kotono. 

Corner, angulo. 

Cotton (manufactured). 

Cornice, kornico. 


Corolla, kroneto. 

Cotton plant, kotoinijo. 

Coronation, kronaclo. 

Cmich, kusejo. 

Cmporal, korporalo. 

Caiigh, tusi. 

Corporal, korpa. 

Counsel, konsili. 

Coiporation, korporacio. 

Counsel, advokato. 

Corpse, malvivulo. 

Counsel, konsilo.* 

Corpulent, vastkorpa. 

Counsel, to take, konsiligi 

Correct, korekta. 


Correction, korekto. 

Counsellor, konsilanto. 




Count, kalkuli. 
Count upon, konfidi al. 
Count (title), grafo. 
Countenance, vizngo. 
Counter (token), ludmarko. 
Counteract, malhelpi. 
Counter-bas.<i, kontrabaso. 
Counterfeit, imiti. 
Counterfeit, falsi. 
Counterfeit, falsa] o. 
Countermand (an order). 

Counterpane, litkovrilo. 
Counterpart, kontrauparto. 
Counting-house, kontoro. 
Country, lando. 
Country (rural), kamparo. 
Countryman, kamparano. 
Countryman, fellow, samlan- 

Country - hou^e, kanipo - 

Country-seat, somcrlogo. 
County, graflando. 
Couple, paro. 
Couple, kunigi. 
Couplet, strofo. 
Courage, kurago. 
Courageous, to be, kuragi. 
Courier, kuriero. 
Course (race), kuro. 
Course (of lessons), kiirso. 
Course (of course), kom- 

Court (royal), kortego. 
Court (justice), jngejo. 
Court (yard), korto. 

Court, amindumi. 

Courteous, gentila. 

Courtesy, gentileco. 

Courtier, kortegulo. 

Cousin (masc), kuzo. 

Covenant, kondici. 

Covenant, interkonsento. 

Cover, kovri. 

Cover (the head), surraeti. 

Cover (roof), tegi. 

Cover, kovrilo. 

Covet, avidi. 

Covetousness, avideco. 

Covey, kovitaro. 

Cow, bo vino. 

Coward, malkuragulo. 

Cotvardice, malkurageco. 

Cowherd, bovgardisto. 

Cowshed, bo vine jo. 

Coiul, kapuco. 

Cowslip, verprimolo. 

Coxcomb, dando. 

Coy, rezerva. 

Coyness, rezerveco. 

Cozen, trompi. 

Crab, kankro. 

Crack (split), feiidi 

Crack (noise), kraki. 

Crackle, kraketi. 

Cradle, lulilo. 

Craft, ruzo. 
I Craft (vessel), sii)eto. 
I Crafty, to be, ruzi. 
i Crafty, ruza. 

I Cram (of food), super- 

Cram, plenegigi. 

Cramp 40 Crust 

Cramp (metal), krampo. 

Cnticism, kritiko. 

Crane (bird), gruo. 

CroaJc, bleki. 

'Crane, sarglevilo. 

Crockery, fajenco. 

^rape, krepo. 

Crocodile, krokodilo. 

Crater, kratero. 

Crooked, hoka, malrekta. 

■Cravat, kravato. 

Crop (harvest), rikolto. 

Crave, petegi. 

Crosier, episkopa bastono. 

Crawl, rampi. 

Cross, kruco. 

Crayon, krajono. 

Cross, krucigi. 

Crazy, freneza. 

Cross (manner), malafabla. 

Cream, kremo. 

Cross-over, transiri. 

Create, krei. 

Cross-out, streki. 

Creation, kreitajo. 

Crossing, krucigo. 

Creator, kreinto. 

Crotchet, kvarona nolo. 

Creature, estajo. 

Croup, krupo. 

Credence, kcedo. 

Crow, korniko. 

Credible, kredebla. 

Crow, bleki. 

Credit, kredito. 

Crow-bar, levi'o. 

Creditor, kreditoi'o. 

Croivd, amaso. 

Credulity, kredemo. 

Crown, kroTio. 

Creed, kredo. 

Crown, ki-oni. 

Creep, rampi. 

Croton (of head), veito. 

Creole, Kreolo. 

Crucifix, ktucifikso. 

Crest, tufo. 

Crucifixion, krucumo. 

Crevice, fendo — ajo. 

Crucify, knicumi. 

CrcK, maristaio. 

Crude, kruda. 

Cricket (insect), grilo. 

Crud, kruela. 

Crime, krimo. 

Cruelty, kruelo — eco. 

Criminal, krimuio. 

Cruet, leu jo. 

Criminally, kriminnle. 

Cruise, krozi. 

Crimson, riigega. 

Cruiser, krozSipo. 

Cripple, kripligi. 

Crumb (bread), panmolajo 

Cripple, kriplulo. 

Crumble, elfali. 

Crippled, kripla. 

Crumple, cifi. 

Crisis, krizo. 

Crupper, postajo. 

Crisp, friza. 

Ci-ush, premegi. 

Critic, kritikisto. 

Ci-ust, krusto. 

Crustaceous 41 


Crustaceous, kankrogenta. 

Cnitcli, lambastono. 

Cry (call out), krii. 

Cry (weep), plori. 

Cry out, ekkrii. 

Cry (of animals, etc.), 

Crypt, subterajo. 
Crystal, kristalo. 
Crystallise, kiistaligi. 
Cuh (of lion), leonido. 
Cube, kubo. 
Cuckoo, kukolo. 
Cucumber, kukumo. 
Cudgel, bastonego. 
Cuff, manumo. 
Cuirass, kiraso. 
Cull, kolekti. 
Cullender, kribrilo. 
Culpable, kulpa. 
Culjwif, kulpulo. 
Cultivate, kiilturi. 
Culture, kulturo. 
Cunning, nizo. 
Cunning, ruza. 
Cup, taso. 
Cupboard, sranko. 
Cupidity, avideco. 
Cupola, kiipolo. 
Curable, kui'acebla. 
Curacy, puroLo. 
Curate, vikaro. 
Curator, kiiratoro, gar- 

Curb, haltigi. 
Cure (act of curing), 


Cure (remedy), kuracilo. 
Cure (a malady), kuraci. 
Curious (inquisitive), 

Curious (strange), stranga. 
Curiosity, kuriozajo. 
Curl, buklo. 
Currant, ribo. 
Current, fluo. 
Currier, led pretigi s to. 
Curse, malbeni. 
Curt, mallonga. 
Curtail, mallongigi. 
Curtain, kurteno. 
Curve, kurbigi. 
Curve, kurbeco. 
Cushion, kuseno. 
Custard, Hanajo. 
Custom, kutinio. 
Customary, kutima. 
Customer, kliento. 
Cut (with knife), tranci. 
Cut (with scissors), tondi. 
Cut off, detranci. 
Cutaneous, haiita. 
Cute, ruza. 
Cutlass, tranci lego. 
Cutlet, kotleto. 
Cutter (blade), trancanto. 
Cutting (underground), 

Cycle, ciklo. 
Cyclone, ciklono. 
Cylinder, cilindro. 
Cymbal, cimbalo. 
Cypress, cipreso. 
Czar, Caro. 

Dab 4 

3 Deafness 

Dark (to become), mallum- 


Darken, mallumigi. 

Darkness, mallumeco. 

Dab, bateto. 

Darling, karegulo. 

Daffodil, narciso. 

Darn, fiiki. 

Dagger, ponardo. 

Darning, flikado. 

Dahlia, dalio. 

Dart, sago, pikilo. 

Daily, ciutage, ciutaga. 

Date (time), dato. 

Dainty, frandajo. 

Date (fruit), daktilo. 

Dainty, frandema. 

Date, dati. 

Dairy, laktoveiidcjo. 

Dative, dativo. 

Daisy, lekanto. 

Daub, fusi. 

Dale, valeto. 

Daubing, f u§o— ad o. 

Dally, malfrui. 

Daugliter, filino. 

Dam, bestopatrino. 

Daughter-in-laiv, bofilino. 

Dam, akvostopilo, digo. 

Daunt, tiraigi. 

Damage, difekti. 

Dauntless, sentima. 

Damuge, difektajo. 

Dawn, tagigo. 

Damask, damasko. 

Day, tago. 

Dame, siiijoriiio, patrino. 

Day (a, per), laiitage. 

Damn, kondamiii. 

Day (befoie yesterday), 

Damp, malseka 


Damsel, fraulino. 

Daybreak, tagigo. 

Dance, danci. 

Daybook, taglibro. 

Dancing (the art of), dan- 

Daydream, revo. 


Day laborer, taglaboristo. 

Dandle, luleti. 

Daze, duonesvenigi. 

Dandy, dando. 

Dazzle, blindigi. 

Dane, Dano. 

Deacon, diakono. 

Dandelion, luontodo. 

Dead (lifeless), senviva. 

Danger, dangero. 

Deadly, pereiga. 

Dangle, pendeti. 

Deadliouse, mortintejo. 

Dare, kuragi. 

Deaf, surd a. 

Daring, kuraga, maltima. 

Deafen, surdigi. 

Dark (colour), malpala. 

Deaf mute, surdamutulo. 

Dark, malluma. 

Deafness, surdeco. 

Deal 43 Deem 

Deal (sell), komerci. 

Decided, decida. 

Deal out, disdoni. 

Decimal, decimal o. 

Dealer, komercisto. 

Decipher-, decifri. 

Dean, fakultestro. 

Decisive, dccidiga. 

Dear, kara. 

Deck (adorn), ornami. 

Dear (person), karulo. 

Deck (ship), ferdeko. 

Dear (price), multekosta. 

Declaim, deklami. 

Dearth, seneco. 

Declaration, deklaracio. 

Death, morto. 

Declaration (of love), ames- 

Deathless, senmorta. 


Debar, eksigi. 

Declare, sciigi, anonci. 

Debase, malnobligi. 

Declension, deklinacio. 

Debate, disputo. 

Decline, ekfinigo. 

Debauch, dibocigi. 

Decline (health), eknial- 

Debauch, diboco. 


DeUlitij, malforteco. 

Decline (refuse), rifuzi. 

Debit, debito. 

Decline (grammar), dek- 

Deb-is, rubo — ajo. 


Debt, to get into, suldigi. 

Decline (in price), mal- 

Debt, suido. 


Debtm; suldanto. 

Declivity, deklivo. 

Debnt, komenco. 

Decompose, dismeti. 

Decadence, kadukeco. 

Decorate, ornami. 

Decalogue, dekalogo. 

Decorator, ornamisto. 

Decant, transversi. 

Decorum, dececo. 

Decanter, karafo. 

Decorous, bonmora. 

Decapitate, seokapigi. 

Decoy, trompi, delogi. 

Decay, kadukeco. 

Decoy, ka})tiIo. 

Decaying, kaduka. 

Decrease, malkreski. 

Decease (v.), morti. 

Decree, dekrcto. 

Deceit, artifiko — eco. 

Dedicate, dedici. 

Deceive, trompi. 

Dedication, dedico. 

Deceived, to be, trompigi. 

Deduce, depreni. 

December, Decembro. 

Deduct, depreni. 

Decent, deca. 

Deduction, depreno. 

Deception, trompo. 

Deed, faro. 

Decide, decidi. 

Deem,, pensi. 

Deep 44 Demure 

Deep (sound), basa. 

Deep, profunda. 

Deer, cervo. 

Deface, forigi, surstreki. 

Defame, kalumnii. 

Defeat, veiiki. 

Defeat (n.), malvenko — 

Delegate, delegi. 
Delegate, delegito. 
Delegation, delegacio. 
Delibe^-ate, prikonsiligi. 
Delibei^ation, prikonsiligo. 
Delicacy, frandajo. 
Delicate, delikata. 

Defect, d i f ekto — aj o. 
Defend, defendi. 
Defer, prokrasti. 
Deference, respektego. 
Deficiency, deficito. 
Defile (n.), intermonto. 
Defile (soil), malpurigi. 
Define, difini. 
Definite, difinita. 
Definitive, d e fi n i ci va . 
Deform, malbonformigi. 
Deformed, malbelforma. 
Defraud, trompi. 
Defray, eli)agi. 
Defunct, mortinto. 
Defy, kontraiistari. 
Degenerate, degeneii. 
Degrade, degradi. 
Degree, grado. 
Deign, bonvoli. 
Deism, diismo. 
Deist, diisto. 
Deity, dia^o. 
Deject, seidfuragi. 
Dejection, nialgojeco. 
Delay (trans.), prokrusti. 
Delay (intrans.), nialfriii, 

Delay, prokrasto. 

Delightful, rava, carmeg; 

Delinquent, kulpulo. 

Delirium, deliro. 

Deliver (save), savi. 

Deliver (liberate), libe- 

Deliver (goods), liveri. 

Delivery (cbildbirtli), 


Dell, valeto. 

Delude, trompi. 

Deluge, superakvego. 

Delusion, trompo. 

Demagogue, demagogo. 
j Demand, postulo. 
I Demean, humiii. 
I Demeanour, konduto. 
I Demesne, bieno — ajo. 
I Demise, morto. 

Democrat, demokrato. 

Democracy, demokrataro. 

Demolish, detruegi. 

Demon, demono. 

Demoniac, demon iako. 
j Demonstrate, pruvi. 
I Demonstrative, montra. 
I Demoralized, to become, 
I malkuragigi. 
! Demur, sanceligi. 
i Demure, modesta. 




Den (animals, etc.), 

Denial, neo. 
Deniable, neigebla. 
Denote, montri. 
Denounce, denunci. 
Dense, densa. 
Density, deiisoco. 
Dental, denta. 
Dentist, dentisto. 
Denude, senkovrigi. 
Denunciation, den unco — 

Deny, nei. 
Depart, foriri. 
Depart (life), morti. 
Department, fako, departe- 

Departure, foriro. 
Depend, dependi. 
Depmdence, depend eco. 
Depict, jDriskribi. 
Deplwe, bedauregi. 
Deponent, atestanto. 
Depopulate, senhomigi. 
Depopulated, senhonui. 
Deportment, konduto. 
Depose (give evidence), 

Depose, eksigi, detroni. 
Deposit, enmcti. 
Depot, tunejo. 
Deprave, malvirtigi. 
Depravity, malvirto. 
Depreciate, maltaksigi. 
Depredation, rabado. 
Depi'ess, malleveti. 

I Deprivation, senigo. 
Depth, prof undo — ajo. 
Depute, deputi. 
Deputy, deputato. 
Derail, elreligi. 
Derange, malordigi. 
Deride, moki, mokegi. 
Derive, deveni. 
Derivation, devenigado. 
Descend, malsupreniri. 
Descendant, ido, posteulo. 
Desa'ibe, priskribi. 
Desecration, malpiegajo. 
Deseii, forlasi. 
Desert (place), dezerto. 
Deserter, forkurinto. 
Deserve, meriti. 
Design (draw), desegni. 
Design (intend), intenci. 
Design (intention), intenco. 
Designate, montri, nomi. 
Designing, rnza. 
Desire, deziri. 
Desist, cesi, cosigi. 
Desk, skribtablo. 
Desolate, ruiin'gi. 
Despair, malesperi. 
Despatch, ekspedi. 
Desperate, furioza. 
DesjiicaUe, malnobla. 
Despise, malestimi. 
Despond, malesperi. 
Despot, tirano. 
Despotism, tiraneco. 
Dessert, deserto. 
Destine, for, difini (por). 
Destiny, sorto. 




Destitute, malricega. 
Destroy, detrui. 
Destruction, detruo. 
Detach, apartigi. 
Detachment (milit.), tac- 

Detail, detalo. 
Details (minutes), detaleto. 
Detain, malhelpi, deteni. 
Detect, eltrovi. 
Deter, malhelpi. 
Deteriorate, difekti. 
Determine, decidi. 
Detefrmination, deci<leco. 
Determined, decida. 
Detest, malami. 
Dethrone, detroni. 
Detonation, eksplodbruo. 
Detract, kalumnii. 
Detriment, malprofito, 

Detrimental, malhelpa. 
Devastate, dezeitigi, ruin- 

Develope, vastigi. 
Development, vastigo. 
Deviate, malrektigi. 
Deviation, malrektigo. 
Device, devizo. 
Devil, diablo. 
JDevine, diveni. 
Devious, malrekta. 
Devise (invent), elpensi. 
Devoid, senenhava. 
Devote one's self, sin doni 
jDevoted, sin dona. 
Devotion, sindono. 

Devotee, religiulo. 
Devout, religia. 
Devour, mangegi. 
Dew, roso. 
Dexterity, lerteco. 
Diadem, diademo. 
Diagonal, diagonalo. 
Diagram, diagram o. 
Died, ciferplato. 
Dialect, dialekto. 
Dialogue, dialogo. 
Diameter, diamctro. 
Diamond, diamante. 
Diairhcea, lakso. 
Dice, liidkuboj. 
Dictate, dikti. 
Dictation, diktato. 
Dictator, diktatoro. 
Dictionary, vortaro. 
Die, morti. 
Die, presilo. 
Diet, dieto. 
Differ, diferenci. 
Difference (dispute), mal 

Difficulty, malfacilcco. 
Diffusion, vastigo. 
Dig, fosi. 
Digest, digesti. 
Digit, fingro, cifero. 
Dignify, indigL 
Dignitary, rangulo. 
Dignity, indeco. 
Dignity (rank), ran go. 
Dilapidate, ruinigi. 
Dilate, plilargigi. 
Dilatm-y, prokrastema. 




Diligence, diligeiito. 
Diligent, diligenta. 
Dim, dubeluma. 
Diminish (length), mallon- 

Diminish (price), rabati. 

Diminutive, malgranda — 

Din, bruegado. 
Dine (midday), meztag- 

Dine (evening), vesper- 

Dining-room, mangocam- 

Dining-room (pubb'c), res- 

Dinner-service, mangilaro. 
Dip, trempi. 

Dip (in water), subakvigi. 
Diphthong, diftongo. 
Diploma, diplomo. 
Diplomacy, diplomatic. 
Diphtheria, difterio. 
Dire, teriira. 
Direct (govern), direkti. 
Direct (command), ordoni. 
Direct (straight), rekta. 
Directly (time), tuj. 
Directly, rekte. 
Director, direktoro. 
Directo7'y, adresaro. 
Dirge, funebra kanto. 
Dirt (soil), malpurigi. 
Dirt, malpuiajo. 
Dirt (mud), koto. 
Dirtin£ss, malpureco. 

Dirty, malpura. 
Disable, kripli. 
Disadvantage, malutilo. 
Disagree, malkonsenti. 
Disagi'eement, malkonsento. 
Disappear, malaperi. 
Disappoint, malkontentigi 
Disappointment, malkon- 

Disapprove, raalaprobi. 
Disarm, senarmigi. 
Disarray, konfuzego. 
Disairange, malordigi. 
Disaster, malfelicego. 
Disastrous, ruiniga. 
Disavow, malkonfesi. 
Disband, disigi. 
Disbelieve, malkredi. 
Disburse, elspezi. 
Disbursement, elspezo. 
Disc, disko. 

Discard, forigi, forjeti. 
Discern, distingi. 
Discernment, sagaceco. 
Discharge, cligi. 
Discharge (dismiss), eksigi. 
Discharge (a debt), elpagi. 
Disciple, aliganto. 
Discipline, discipline. 
Disclaim, malkonfesi. 
Disclose, malkasi. 
Discolour, senkolorigi. 
Discomfit, malvenkigi. 
Discompose, malkvietigi. 
Disconcert, konfuzi. 
Disconnect, disigi. 
Disconsolate, cagrenega. 

Discontented 48 


Discontented, malkoiitenta. 
Discontinuance^ interrompo. 
Discoi'd, malpaco. 
Discord (music), mala- 

Discordant, malpaca, mala- 

Discount, diskonto. 
Discourage, senkuragii^i. 
Discouragement, senkura- 

Discourse, parolado. 
Discourteous, malgentila. 
Discover, eltrovi. 
Discovery, eltrovo. 
Discredit, senkreditigi. 
Discreet, diskreta. 
Discretion, singardemo, dis- 

Discriminate, distingi. 
Discursive, tro skribema. 
Discuss, diskuti. 
Discussion, diskutado. 
Disdain, malsati. 
Disease, malsano — ego. 
Disembark, elslpigi. 
Disengage, liberigi. 
Disentangle, liberigi. 
Disfavour, malfavoro. 
Disgrace, mallionori. 
Disguise, alivesti. 
Disgust, naiizi. 
Dish, plado. 
Dishcloth, telertuko. 
Dishearten, malkuragigi. 
Dishonest, malhonesta. 
Dishoneshj, mal honesteco. 

Dishonour, mallionori. 
Dishonourable, raalhonora. 
Disillusion, elrevigo. 
Disinfect, dezinfekti. 
Disinterested, msdprofitemsi. 
Disjoin, disligi. 
Disjoint, clartikigi. . 
Disjunction, disigo. 
Dislike, malsati, malameti. 
Dislike, an ti patio. 
Dislocate, elartikigi. 
Dislocate (to take to pieces), 

Dislocation, elartikigo. 
Dislodge, transloki. 
Disloyal, malfidcla. 
Disloyalty, malfidelo. 
Dismal, funebra. 
Dismay, konsterni. 
Dismember, senmembrfgi. 
Dismiss, forsendi, eksigi. 
Dismount, elseligi. 
Disobey, malobei. 
Disobliging, neservema. 
Disoi'der, malordo, senor- 

Disorderly, malordema. 
Dism-ganise, malorganizi. 
Disown, forlasi, nei. 
Disparity, ncegaleco. 
Dispatch, depeso. 
Dispel, peli, forpeli. 
Dispeu sary, k n ra c i 1 e j o. 
Dispense (to give out), dis- 

Disperse, dispeli. 
Display, vidajo, montrajo. 




Display (show, pomp)> 

Disrespect, malrespekto. 


Dissuade, malkonsili. 

Displace, transloki. 

Distaff, Spinilo. 

Displease, malplaci. 

Distance, interspace. 

Displeasure, malplaco. 

Distant, malproksiraa. 

Disport, ludi. 

Distaste, tedo, nauzo. 

Dispose, disponi. 

Distend, plilargigi, svelo. 

Disposable, disponebla. 

Distil, distili. 

Disposition, inklino. 

Distinct (clear), klara. 

Dispraise, mallaiidi. 

Distinct, neta, klara. 

Disproof, refuto. 

Distinctive, distingiga. 

Disprove, refuti. 

Distinguish, distingi. 

Dispute, dispute. 

Distort, tordigi. 

Dispute (quarrel), malpaci. 

Distoi'tion (grimace), grim- 

Disputations, disputa. 


Disqualify, malkapabligi. 

Distract, distri. 

Disquiet, maltrankviligi. 

Distraction, distreco. 

Disrespectful, nerespekta. 

Distress, cagrenigi. 

Disappointment, kontraii- 

Distress, mizerigo. 


Distribute (scatter), dissuti. 

Dissatisfied, malkontenta. 

Distribute (to share), dis- 

Dissect, dissekcii. 


Dissection, dissekcio. 

District, kvartalo. 

Dissemble, hipokriti, kasi. 

Distrust, malfidi. 

Disseminate, dissemi. 

Distrust, malfido. 

Dissent, malkoiisenti. 

Distrustful, malfidema. 

Dissenter, alireligiulo. 

Disturb, interrompi. 

Dissertation, disertacio. 

Disturbance, tumulto. 

Dissimilar, malsama. 

Disunite, disigi. 

Dissimulate, kasi. 

Disunion, disigo. 

Dissimulation, kasemo. 

Ditch, defluilo. 

Dissipate, malspari. 

Ditto, sama, idemo. 

Dissipation, malsparo. 

Ditty, kanteto. 

Dissolute, diboca. 

Dive, subakvigi. 

Dissolution, solvo. 

Diver (bird), kolimbo. 

Dissolve, solvi. 

Diverge, malkonvergi. 

Disrespect, malrespekti. 

Divers (various), di versa. 




Diverse^ di versa. 

Diversity, diverseco. 

Divert, amuzi. 

Divest, senvestigi. 

Divide, dividi. 

Dividend (finance), rento. 

Dividend (arith.), dividato. 

Divider, dividanto. 

Divine, dia. 

Divinity, dieco. 

Divine service, Diservo. 

Division, divido. 

Division (arith.), dividado. 

Divisoi; dividonto. 

Divoixe (judicial), eksed- 

Divmxe (judicial), eksed- 

Divaixed, to be, eksedzigi. 
Divulge, konigi. 
Dizziness, kapturiio. 
Do, fari. 

Do away with, to, forigi. 
Docile, obea. 
Docility, obeemo. 
Dock, sipejo. 
Docket, karteto, bileto. 
Doctor, Doktoro. 
Doctor (raed.), kuracisto 
Doctrine, dogmaro. 
Document, dokumento. 
Doff, demeti. 
Dog, hundo. 
Dogged, obstina. 
Doghouse, hundodomcto 
Dog kennel, hundejo. 
Dogma, dogmo. 

Dole, disdoni. 
Doleful, funebra. 
Doll, pupo. 
Dollar, dolaro. 
Dolphin, delfeno. 
Dolt, malsagulo. 
Domain, bieno. 
Dome, kupolo. 
Domestic, hejma. 
Domestic, servisto — ino. 
Domicile, logejo. 
Dominant, potenca. 
Domination, potenco. 
Dominion, regeco. 
Dominion, regno. 
Domino, domeno. 
Donation, donaco, ofer- 

Donkey, azeno. 
Donor, donanto. 
Doo7n, kondamno, sorto. 
Door, pordo. 
Door mrtain, pordo kur- 

Doorkeeper, |)ordisto. 
Dormant, ekdorraa. 
Dormer-window, fenestrcto. 
Dormitory, dorm e jo. 
Dorsal, dorsa. 
Dose, dozo. 
Dot, punkto. 
Dote, amegi. 
Double, duobligi. 
Doubt, dubi. 
Doubter, dubanto. 
Doubtful, duba. 
Doubtlessly, sendube. 




Douche^ duso. 

Dough, knedajo. 

Dove, kolombo. 

Dovecot, kolombejo. 

Down, lanugo. 

Downs, sablaj montetoj. 

Downfall, falego. 

Dowry, doto. 

Downwards, malsupre. 

Doze, dormeti. 

Dozen, dekduo. 

Draft (bill of exchange), 

Di'ag, treni, tiri. 
Dragon, drako. 
Dragonfly, libelo. 
Dragoon, dragon o. 
Drake, anaso. 
Drama, dranio. 
Dramatical, drama. 
Dramatise, diamautoro. 
Drape, drapiri. 
Draper, drapvendisto. 
Drastic, drastika. 
Draught-board, dama 

Draughts (pieces), damoj. 
Draughtsman, desegnisto. 
Draw (water from well), 

Draw (pull), tiri. 
Draw after (load, etc.), 

Draiv (near), proksimigi. 
Draw (lots), loti. 
Drarv (together), kuntiri. 
Draiver, tirkesto. 

Di'awers (garment), kal- 

Drawing (lots), lotado. 
Dray, Sargveturilo. 
Dread, timi, timegi. 
Dread, teruro, timo. 
Dreadful, terurega. 
Dream, songi. 
Dreary, malgaja. 
Dredge, skrapi. 
Dredger, skrapi lego. 
Dregs, feco. 
Drench, akvumi. 
Dress (clothe), vesti. 
Dress (wound), bandagi. 
Dressing case, necesujo. 
Dress coat, fi-ako. 
Dressing gown, negliga 

Dressmaker, kudristino. 
Dressing room, tualetejo, 

Drill, bori. 
Drill (tool), borilo. 
Drill (military), ekzerco. 
Drink, triid^i. 
Drink (to excess), drinki. 
Drink, trinkajo. 
Drinkable, triidcebla. 
Drip, guteti. 

Drive away (expel), forpeli. 
Drive (in carriage), veturi. 
Jhive back (repel), repeli, 

Drivel (to slaver), kraceti. 
Driver (car, etc.), veturisto. 
Droll, ridinda, serca. 




Droll&ry, serco — ado. 
Dromedary, unugiba ka- 

Drone, burdo. 
Droop (pine), malfortigi. 
Drop, guto. 
Dropsy, akvosvelo, 
Dross, metala saiimo. 
Drought, senpluveco. 
Drove (cattle), bestaro. 

Drown, droiii. 
Drown (trans.), dronigi. 
Drowsy, dorma. 
Drub (beat), bati. 
Drudge, laboregi. 
Drug, drogo. 
Druggist, drogisto. 
Drum, tamburo. 
Di-um, of ear, orel tamburo 
Drunkard, drinkulo. 
Drunkenness, ebrieco. 
Dry, seka. 
Dry up, sekigi. 
Dry, one's self, sin sekigi. 
Dry land, firmajo. 
Dryness, sekeco. 
Dual, duobla, dualo. 
Dualism, dualismo. 
Dubious, duba. 
Ducat, diikato. 
Duchess, dukino. 
Duchy, duklando. 
Duck, anasino. 
Ducking, tremjtado. 
Dud, tubo. 
Ductile, etendebla. 

Dude, dando. 

Duel, duelo. 

Duet, dueto. 

Duke, duko. 

Dukedom (duchy), duk- 

Dull (unpolished), mal- 

- brila. 

Dull (sombre), malhela, 

Dull (stupid), malklera. 

Dull (blunt), malakra. 

Dumb, muta. 

Dumbness, mnteco. 

Dumb show, pantomimo. 

Dunce, malklerulo. 

Dung, sterko. 

Dungheap, sterkajo. 

Dungeon, malliberejo. 

Dupe, trompi. 

Duplicate, duobligi. 

Duplicity, trompemo. 

Durable, fortika. 

Duration, dauro. 

Duiing, dum. 

Dusky, malhela. 

Dust, polvo. 

Dust, grain of, polvero. 

Duster, visilo. 

Dustman, kotisto. 

Dutchman, Holandano. 

Duty, devo. 

Duty (import), imposto. 

Dutiful, respektema. 

Dwarf, malgrandegulo. 

Dwell, logi, restadi. 

Dioelling, logejo. 




Dwindle^ malgrandigi. 
Dije^ kolorigi. 
Dye, kolorigi lo. 
I)yei\ kolorigisto. 
Dying, to he, ekmorti. 
Dying (person), mortanto. 
Dyke, digo. 
Dynamics, dinamiko. 
Dynamism, dinamismo. 
Dynamite, dinamito. 
Dynasty, dinastio. 
Dysentery, disenterio. 
Dyspepsia, dispepsio. 


Each (adj.), cia. 
Each (pronoun), ciu. 
Eager, avida. 
Eagle, agio. 
Ear, orelo. 
Ear (of corn), spiko. 
Earl, grafo. 
Earldom, graflando. 
Early (adv.), frue. 
Early (adj.), friia. 
Earn, perlabori. 
Earnest, diligenta. 
Earnestly, forte, fervore. 
Earnestness, seiiozeco. 
Earring, orelringo. 
Earth, tero. 
Earth enware, f aj en co. 
Earthly, monda, tera. 
Earthquake, tertremo. 
Ease, komforto. 

Ease, at, sengene. 

East, oriento. 

Easter, Pasko. 

Easterly, orienta. 

Easy, facila. 

Eat, mangi. 

Eatable, mangcbla. 

?1aves, defluilo. 

Ebb (and flow), forfluo 

(kaj alfluo). 
Ebony, ebono. 
Ehriety, ebrieco. 
Ebullition, bolado. 
Eccentric, stranga. 
Ecclesiastic, ekleziulo. 
Ecclesiastical, eklezia. 
Echo, eJio. 
Eclipse, mallumigo. 
Ecliptic, ekliptiko. 
Eclogue, ekiogo. 
Economical, gparema. 
Economics, ekonomio. 
Economise, s[)ari. 
Economist, ekonomiisto. 
Economy, sparemo. 
Ecstacy, ravo. 
Eczema, ekzemo. 
Eddy, turnigadi. 
Eddy, akvoturnigo. 
Eden, Edeno. 
Edge, rando. 

Edge (of tools), trancrando. 
Edible, mangebla. 
Edict, ordono. 
Edifice, konstruajo. 
Edify, edifi. 
Edit, eldoni, redakti. 



Edition^ eldono. 
Editw, eldonisto. 
Educate, eduki. 
Educated, klera. 
Education (given), edu- 

Education (received), edu- 

Educator-, edukisto. 
Eel^ aiigilo. 
Efface, snrstreki. 
EJ/ect (result), eiiko. 
Effect (impression), efekto. 
Effect, efektivigi. 
Effective, efektiva. 
Effectively, efektive. 
Effectual, efektiva. 
Effervesce, saumadi. 
Effete, konsumita, nialforta. 
Efficacious, efika. 
Efficacy, efikeco. 
Effigy, figuro. 
Efflorescence, florado. 
Effluvium, malbonodoro. 
Efflux, defiuado. 
Effort, peno. 
Effrontery, senhonteco. 
Effulgent, radiluma. 
Egg, ovo. 

Egg-shaped, ovoforma. 
Egoism, egoismo. 
Egoist, egoisto. 
Egress, eliro. 
Egyptian, Egipto. 
Eh ! he ! 

Eider-down, lanugo. 
Eider-duck, molanaso. 

Eight, ok. 

Either, au. 

Ejaculation, ekkrio. 

EJject, el]eti. 

Elaborate, prilabori 

Elastic, elasta. 

Elastic, elasta] o. 

Elasticity, elasteco. 

Elbow, kubuto. 

Elder (tree), sambuko. 

Elder, pliaga. 

Eldest (first born), unua- 

Elect (choose), elekti. 
Elect (by ballot), baloti. 
Election, elekto. 
Elector, elektanto. 
Electric, elektra. 
Electricity, elektro. 
Electrify, elektrigi. 
Elegance, eleganteco. 
Elegant, eleganta. 
Elegy, elegio. 
Element, elemento. 
Elementary, elementa. 
Elephant, elefanto. 
Elevate, altigi. 
Elevation (height), altajo. 
Elf, koboldo, feino. 
Elicit, eltiri. 
Elide, elizii. 
Eligible, elektebla. 
Eligibility, elekteljjeco. 
Eliminate, elnieti. 
Elision, elizio. 
Elite, eminentularo. 
Ell, ulno. 




Ellipse, elipso. 

Emissary, emisario, repre- 

Elm, ulmo. 


Elocution, parolscienco. 

Emit, ellasi. 

Eloquence, elokventeco. 

Emmet, formiko. 

Eloquent, elokventa. 

Emolument, salajro. 

Elope, forkuri. 

Emotion, kortuseco. 

Else, alie. 

Empero)', imperiestio. 

Elsewhere, aliloke. 

Emphatic, patosa, akcen- 

Elude, lerte eviti. 


Emaciated, malgrasega. 

Emphasis, patoso, akcen- 

Emanate, deveni. 


Emancipate, liberigi. 

Emphasise, akceiitegi. 

Embalm, balzamumi. 

Empire, imperio. 

Embankment, surbordo 

Employ (use), uzi. 


Employ (hire), dungi. 

Embark, ensipigi. 

Employment, ofico. 

Embarrass, embarasi. 

Empower, rajtigi. 

Embarrassment, embaraso. 

Empress, imperiestrino. 

Embellish, beligi, ornami. 

Empty, malplenigi. 

Embers, brulajo. 

Empty, mal plena. 

Emblem, emblemo. 

Empty (unoccupied), neo- 

Embolden, kuragigi. 


Embossment, reliefo. 

Emulate, superemi. 

Embrace, cirkaupreni. 

Emulation, superemo. 

Embroider, brodi. 

Enable, ebligi. 

Emh'ijo, embrio. 

Enact, reguli. 

Embryology, embriologio. 

Enactment, regulo. 

Emerald, smeraldo. 

Enamel, emajlo. 

Emergency, ekokazo. 

Enamel, emajli. 

Emetic, vomilo. 

Enamoured, eniamiginta. 

Emigi'ant, elmigranto. 

Encase, enkasigi. 

Emigrate, elmigri. 

Enclmnt, ravi. 

Emigration, elmigrado, 

EncJiantment, ensorco. 


Enclose, enfermi. 

Eminence, alta^o. 

Enclosed (herewith), tie ci 

Eminence (title), Mosto. 


Eminent, emineiita. 

Encompass, cirkaui. 




Encore, bis. 
Encounter, lenkonti. 
Encourage, kuragigi. 
Encyclopedia, enciklopedio. 
Encroach, trudi. 
End, fini. 
End, fino. 

Endearment, kareso. 
Endeavour, peni. 
Endeavour, peno. 
Endless, eterna. 
Endovj, doti. 

Endure (continue), dauri. 
Endure (tolerate), toleri. 
Endure (suffer), suferi. 
Enema, klisterilo. 
Enemy, malamiko. 
Energetic, energia. 
Energy, energio. 
Enervate, malfortigi. 
Enfranchise, afranki, 

Engage, servigi, dungi. 
Engage (to occupy), okupi. 
Engagement (promise), 

Engagement (milit.), ekba- 

Engine, masino. 

Anglujo, Anglo- 

English, Angla. 
Englishman, Anglo. 
Engrave, gravuri. 
Engraver, gravuristo. 
Engraving, gravurajo. 

Engross (fully occup}'), 

Enhale, enspiri. 
Enigma, enigmo. 
Enjoin, ordoni. 
Enjoy, gui.^ 
Enlarge, pligrandigi. 
Enlighten, klerigi. 
Enlist, varbi. 
Enlistment, vai-bo. 
Enliven, gajigi. 
Enmity, malamikeco. 
Ennoble, nobeligi. 
Enormous, grandega. 
Enough, sufice. 
Enquire, informigi. 
Enquiry, informigo. 
Enrage, furiozigi. 
Enrapture, ravi. 
Enrich, ricigi. 
Enrichment, ricigo. - 
Enrol, varbi. 

Ensign-hear er,si2in^di.Y(\hio. 
Enslave, sklavigi. 
Ensue, sekvi. 
Entangle, impliki. 
Enter, eniri, enveni. 
Enterjjrise, entrepreno. 
Entertain, regali. 
Entertain (amuse), amuzi. 
Entertain (consider), kon- 

Enthusiasm, entuziasnio. 
Enthusiast, entuziasmulo. 
Enthusiastic^ entuziasma. 
Entice, allogi. 
Entire, tuta. 




Entirely, tute. 
Entitle (to name), titoli. 
Entomb, entombigi. 
Entomology, entomologio. 
Entr'acte, interakto. 
Entrails, internajo. 
Entrance, eniro. 
Entrance, carmi. 
Entreat, petegi. 
Entreaty, petego. 
Entry, eniro. 
Entwine, kunplekti. 
Enumerate, denombri. 
Enunciate, eldiri. 
Envelop, envolvi. 
Envelope, koverto. 
Envenom, veneni. 
Enviable, enviinda. 
Envious, enviema. 
Environs, ci rk auaj o. 
Envoy, sendito. 
Envy, envii. 
Epaulet, epoleto. 
E]i)her)ieral, mallonga, 

Epic, epopea. 
Epic, epopeo. 
Epicure, epikuristo. 
Ejndernic, epidemio. 
Epidermis, epidemio. 
Ep>igram, epigramo. 
Epilepsy, epilepsio. 
Epileptic, epilepsia 
Epileptic (person), epilep- 

Epiloffiie, epilogo. 
Epiphany, Epifanio. 

Episcopacy y episkopeco. 
Episode, epizodo. 
EJpistle, letero. 
Epistolary, letera. 
K'pitaph, epitafo. 
Epithet, epiteto. 
Epitome, resumo. 
Epitomise, mallongigi . 
Epoch, epoko. 
Equable, egala. 
Equal, egala. 
Equality, egaleco. 
Equalise, egaligi. 
Equally, egale. 
Equation, ekvacio. 
Equator, ekvatoro. 
Equilibrium, ekvilibro. 
Equinox, tagnoktegaleco. 
Equipment (mi lit.), armi- 

Equitable, justa. 
Equity, justeco. 
Equivalent, ekvivalenta. 
Equivocal, dusenca. 
Era, tempokalknlo. 
Eradicate, elradikigi. 
Erase, snrstreki. 
Eraser, skrapileto. 
Erasure, surstiekajo. 
Ere, atitaii (ol). 
Erect, starigi. 
Erect, vertikala. 
Erection, konstruo. 
Ermine (animal), ermeno. 
Ermine (fur), ermenfelo. 
Erotic, erotika. 
Err, erari. 




JErrand, komisio. 
Erratic, erara. 
Erratum, eraro. 
Erroneous, erara. 
Error, eraro. 
Eructation, riikto. 
Eiiidite (person), instruit- 

ulo, klerulo. 
Eruption, ekzantemo. 
Eruption, volcanic, elsputo, 

Erysipelas, erisipelo. 
Escape, forkuri. 
Escarpment, knitegajo. 
Eschew, eviti. 
Escmi, gardistaro. 
Escaii, gardi. 
Escutcheon, blazon o. 
Especial, special;'.. 
Especially, precipe. 
Espouse, edzigi. 
Espouse (adopt), alpreni. 
Espy, vidi, ekvidi. 
Essay (trial), provo. 
Essay, provi. 
Essence, esenco. 
Essence (oil), oleo. 
Essential, esenca. 
Establish, fondi. 
Estate, bieno. 
Esteem, estinii. 
Estimable, estiminda. 
Estimate (apj)i-aise), taksi. 
Estimate, estinii. 
Estimate, apypyraisement, talc- 

Estimation, estimado. 

Estrange, forigi. 
Estuary, estuario. 
Eternal, eterna. 
Eternity, eterneco. 
Ether, etero. 
Ethereal, etera. . 
Ethical, etika. 
Ethnography, etnografio. 
Ethology, etologio. 
Etiology, etiologio. 
Etiquette, etiketo. 
Etymology, vortodeveno. 
Eucharist, Eiikaristo. 
Eulogize, laudegi. 
Eulogy, laudego. 
Euphonic, bonsona. 
Euphonious, belsona. 
Europe, Eiiropo. 
European, Eiiropano. 
Evacuate, malplenigi. 
Evade, eviti. 
Evangelical, evangelia. 
Evaporate, vaporigi. 
Evaporation, vapor i go. 
Evasion, forkuro. 
Evasion, ai-tifiko. 
Eve, antautago. 
Eve, evening, vespero. 
^2'e?i (number), parnombro 
Even, ec. 

Even (level), ebena. 
Even, to make, ebenigi. 
Evening, vespero. 
Evening party, vesper- 

Event, okazo. 
Eventful, okazplena. 




Ever, ciaui. 

Evei' (whoever, etc.), ajn 

(kill ajn). 
Everlasting, eterna. 
Evermore, for, je eterne. 
Every, ciu. 
Every kind of, cia. 
Evei'y manner, ciel. 
Everyone, ciu. 
Everyone's, cies. 
Every reason, foi\ cial. 
Everything, cio. 
Evefiijivay, ciel. 
Everpohere, cie. 
Evidence, evidenteco. 
Evident, evideiita. 
Evidently, evidente. 
Evil, malbono, peko. 
Evil, malbona, peka. 
Evil doing, malbonfaradp. 
Evoke, elvoki. 
Evolution, evolucio. 
Eijve, safino. 
Ewer, krucego. 
Exact, postnli. 
Exact (precise), preciza. 
Exact, gusta. 
Exact, accurate, akurata. 
Exactness, akurateco. 
Exaggerate, trograndigi. 
Exaggeration, trograndigo. 
Exalt, laudegi. 
Examination, ekzameno. 
Examine, ekzameni. 
Example, ekzem})lo. 
Exasperate, koleregigi 
Excavate, kaviyi 

Excavate, kavigi, fosi. 
Excavator, terfosisto. 
Exceed, superi. 
Excel, superi. 
Excellence, boneco. 
Excellency, Ekscelenco. 

Excellent, bonega. 
Except, kroni. 
Except, escepti. 
Exception, escepto. 
Excess, malmodereco 
Excessive, troa. 
Excessively, troe. 
Exchange, intersaugi. 
Exchange, The, borso. 
Excise officer, oficisto. 
Excite, eksciti. 
Excitement, ekscitego. 
Exclaim, ekkrii. 
Exclamation, point of, 

signo ekkria. 
Exclude, eksigi. 
Exclusion, eksigcco. 
Exclusive, ekskluziva. 
Excommunicate, eksko- 

Excw'iation, d ef rotaj o. 
Excrement, ekskremento. 
Excrescence, elkreskajo. 
Excruciate, turmentegi. 
Exculpate, senkulpigi. 
Excursion, ekskurso. 
Excusable, pardon ebk\. 
E'xcuse, pardoni, senkulpigi. 
Execi'ahle, abomena. 
Execrate, nialbeuegi. 




Execute (to do), fari. 

Expel, elpeli. 

Execute, ekzekuti. 

Expend, elspezi. 

Executioner, ekzekutisto. 

Expenditure, elspezad o. 

Executive, reeantaro. 

Expense, elspezo. 

Exemplar, ekzemplero. 

Expensive, multekosta. 

Exemplary, ekzempla. 

Experience, sperto. 

Exemplify, ekzempligi. 

Experience, senti. 

Exempt, liberigi. 

Experienced, sperta. 

Exempt, libera. 

Experiment, eksperimenti. 

Exercise, ekzerci. 

Experiment, eksperimento 

Exercise, ekzerco. 

Expert, lerta. 

Exercise-hook, kajcro. 

Expert, an, kompetentulo. 

Exhale, odori. 

Expiate, el])agi. 

Exhaust, konsumi. 

Expiation, elpago. 

Exhaustion, konsiimiteco. 

Expiration (of time), tem- 

Exhibit, elmontr-i. 


Exhibition, ekspozicio. 

Expire (to die), morti. 

Exhmi, admoni. 

Expire (breathe out), 

Exhume, elterigi. 


Exigence, postulo — eco. 

Explain, klarigi. 

Exigent, postula. 

Explanation, klarigo. 

Exile, ekzili. 

Explication, klarigo. 

Exist, ekzisti. 

Explicit, klara. 

Existence, ekzista^o. 

Explode, eksplodi. 

Exit, eliro. 

Exploit, heroajo. 

Exonerate, ])ravigi. 

Exploit, ekspluati. 

Exoi'bitant, su pennezura. 

Explore, esplori. 

Exotic, alilanda. 

Explorer, es )loristo. 

Expanse, etendeco. 

Ex.plosion, e csplodo. 

Expand, ctendi. 

Export, eksteren sendi. 

Expect, atendi. 

Expose, montri. 

EJxpectation, atendo. 

Exposition, ekspozicio. 

Expectoi-ate, kraci. 

Expostulate, rezonegi. 

Expedite, ekspedi. 

Expound, klarigi. 

Expedition {mi\\i.), militiro. 

Express, esprimi. 

Expeditious, rapidega. 

Express-train, rapida 

Expeditiously, rapid e. 





Expression, esprinio. 

Eyeh'ow, brovo. 

Exp-essly, speciale. 

Eyeglasses, lorno. 

Expulsion, elpelo. 

Eyelash, okiilharo. 

Expunge, elstreki. 

Eyelid, palpebro. 

Exquisite, rava. 

Extant, ekzistanta. 

Extempore, senprepara. 


Extend, eteiidi. 

Extension, etendo. 

Extensive, vasta. 

Fable, fablo. 

Exterior, eksterajo. 

Fah'ic (stiift), teksajo. 

Exterminate, eksteinii. 

Fabric, I'abriko. 

External, ekstera. 

Fabricate, fabriki. 

Extinct, estingita. 

Fabrication, fabrikado. 

Extinguish, estingi. 

Fabulist, fablisto. 

Extirpate, elradikigi. 

Fabulous, fabla. 

Extol, laudegi. 

Facade, antaua flanko. 

Extort, eltiregi. 

Face, vizago. 

Extra, ekstra. 

Facet, faceto. 

Extract, ekstrakti, eltin". 

Facetious, serca. 

Extract, ekstrakto, eltiro — 

Facilitate, faciligi. 


Facility, facileco. 

Extraction (lineage), dev- 

Facsimile, faksimilo. 


Fact, fakto. 

Extraordinary, eksterorda. 

Fact, in (adv.), ja. 

Extravagance, malsparo. 

Faction, sekto. 

Extravagant, malsparema. 

Factious, malpaca. 

Extreme, ekstrema. 

Factm' (agent), faktoro. 

Extremely, treege. 

Factory, fabrikejo. 

Extremity, ekstremajo. 

Faculty, fakultato. 

Extncate, liberigi. 

Faculty, kapablo. 

Exubei'ant, plenega. 

Fade, velki. 

Exude, giiteti, malsorbigi, 

Fading, velkanto. 


Fag, laboregi. 

Exult, gojegi. 

Fagot, brancaro. 

Exultation, go j ego. 

Fail, manki. 

Eye, okulo. 

Fail, malprosperi. 




Fail (bankruptcy), bank- 

Failure, malprospero. 
Flailing (fault), kulpo. 
Faint, sveni. 
Faint (swoon), sveno. 
Faiiit hearted, timema. 
Fair (market), foiro. 
Fai7 (complexion), blonda. 
Fair, just a. 
Fair wpy, neto. 
Fairly, juste. 
Fairy, feino. 
Faith, fido. 
Faithful, fidela. 
Falcon, falko. 
Fall, fali. 
Fall, falo. 
Fall (in price), malpli- 

Fall off, away, defali. 
Fall out (disagree), mal- 

Fall (in ruins), ruinigi. 
Fallacy, sofismo. 
Fallow, senkulturega. 
False, ifalsa. 
Falsehood, mensogo. 
Falsify, falsi. 
Falsification, falsado. 
Falsifier, falsinto. 
Fame, famo. 
Familiar, kutima. 
Familiarize, kutimigi. 
Familiarity, kntimeto. 
Family, familio. 
Famine, malsatego. 

Famishing, to be, malsategi. 
Famished, malsatega. 
Famous, fama. 
Fan, ventumi. 
F'an, ventumilo. 
Fanatic, fanatikulo. 
F'anatical, fanatika. 
F'anaticism, fanatikeco. 
F'anciful, imaga. 
Fancy, imagi. 

Fanfaronade, fanfaronade. 
Fang, kojna dento. 
Fantastical, strangega. 
Fantasy, fantazic 
Far, malproksima. 
Far off (adv.), malprok- 

Farce, serco. 

Fare, bill of, mangokarto. 
Farewell, adiaii. 
F'aim, far mi. 
Far?n, farmo. 
Farinliouse, farmodomo. 
Farmer, farma raastro. 
Farrier, forgisto. 
Fascinate, ensorci. 
Fascination, ensorco. 
Fashion (to form), formi. 
Fashion (manner), ma 

Fashion (dress), fasono. 
Fashion, in such a, tiel. 
Fast, fasti. 
Fast, fas to. 
Fast, to make, alligi. 
I F\ist, rapida. 
Fast-day, fasta tago. 




Fasten, alligi. 
Fastidious^ malsatema. 
Fasting^ fasti nte. 
Fat^ grasa. 
Fatal, fatala. 
Fatalism, fatalismo. 
Fatality, fatalo. 
Fatally, fatale. 
Fate, sorto. 
Father, patro. 
Fa t her I and, patr olan d o . 
Father-in-law, bopatro. 
Fatherhood, patreco. 
Fatherly, patra. 
Fathom, sondi. 
Fathom-line, sondilo. 
Fatigue, lacigi. 
Fatigue, laceco. 
Fatigued, laca. 
Fatiguing, laciga. 
Fatten, grasigi. 
Faucet, krano. 
Fault (error), eraro. 
Fault, kulpo. 
Faulty, mankhava. 
Favour, favori. 
Favour, favoro. 
'Favourable, favora. 
Fatvn, cervido. 
Fawn-coloured, br u n r u ga . 
Fay, feo (m.), feino (f.). 
Fealty, fideleco. 
Fear, tirai. 
Fear, timo. 
Feasible, farebla. 
Feast, regal i. 
Feast (meal), regalo. 

Feast (holiday), festeno. 
Feast, festeni. 
Feat, heroajo. 
Feather, plumo. 
Feather-duster, pi umbalailo. 
Feature (trait), trajto. 
Febrile, febra. 
February, Februaro. 
Fecundate, fruktigi. 
Federal, fed era. 
Federation (act), federo. 
Federation (state), federa- 

Federative, fed era. 
Fee, pagi. 
Feeble, malforta. 
Feebleness, malforteco. 
Feed, iiutri. 
Feel (touch), palpi. 
Feel, senti. 
Feeling, sento. 
Feeling, palpo. 
Feel one's way, palpeti. 
Feign, sajnigi. 
Feint, sajnigo. 
Felicity, feliceco. 
Fell, faligi. 

Fellow, a good, karulo. 
/ elloiv- citizen, samurbano. 
Felly (felloe), radrondo. 
Felon, krimulo. 
Felt, felto. 
Femcde, virino, ino. 
Feminine, virinseksa, ina. 
Feminism, feminismo, in- 

Fen, marcejo. 




Fence^ skermi. 

Fiancde, fiancino. 

Fencing, skermo. 

Fiasco, fiasko. 

Fence, palisaro. 

Fibre, fibro. 

Fend, defendi. 

Fickle, sangebla. 

Fender, fajrgardo. 

Fictitious, ifiktiva. 

Fennel, fenkolo. 

Fiddle, vioiono. 

Ferment, fermenti 

Fiddler, violonisto. 

Ferment (disturbance), 

Fidelity, fideleco. 


Fidget, movadigi. 

Fern, fiUko. 

Fie ! fi ! 

Ferocious, kruelega. 

Field, kampo. 

Ferocity, kraelego, kruele- 

Fierce, kruelega. 


Fiery, fervorega. 

Ferret, casputoro. 

Fife, fifro. 

Ferry, prami. 

Fig, figo. 

Ferry-boat, pramo. 

Fight, batali. 

Fertile, fruktodona. 

Figure ^represent), figuri. 
Figure (cipher), cifero. 

Fertilize, fruktigi. 

Fervency, fervoreco. 

Figure (image), figuro. 

Fervent, fervora. 

Filament, fibr-o. 

Fervour, fervoro. 

Filch, steli. 

Festal, festa. 

File, fajh'. 

Fester, ulcerigi. 

File (tool), fajlilo. 

Festival, festo. 

File (newspapers), legajo. 

Festoon, festono. 

Filial, filia. 

Fetch, alporti. 

Filiation, genealogio. 

Fetich, fetico. 

Filigree, filigrano. 

Fetichism, feticismo. 

Fill, plenigi. 

Fetid, malbonodora. 

Fillet, lumbajo. 

Fetter, kateno. 

Filly, cevalidino. 

Feud, malpacego. 

Film, membrano, seleto. 

Feudal, feudala. 

Filter, filtrilo. 

Feudality, feiidaleco. 

Filth, malpurajo. 

Fever, febro. 

Filthy, malpurega. 

Feverish, febra. 

Fin, nagilo. 

Few, kelkaj, malmultaj. 

Final, tina. 

Fiancd, fianco. 

Finally, fine. 




Finance, financo. 

Fish-hook, fishoko. 

Financial, financa. 

Fishing, fiskaptado. 

Financier, financisto. 

Fishing-line, hokfadeno. 

Find, trovi. 

Fish-market, fisvendejo. 

Fine, delikata. 

Fishmonger, fisvendisto. 

Fine (penalty), mona 

Fissure, fendeto. 


Fist, pugno. 

Fine arts, belartoj. 

Fit (i Iness), atako. 

Finery, ornamajo. 

Fit f 01', to he, taiigi. 

Finger, fiiigro. 

Fitly, alkonvena. 

Finish, fini. 

Five, kvin. 

Fir, abio. 

Fix, fiksi. 

Fire, fajro. 

Fixed, fiksa. 

Fire, to set on, ekflamigi. 

Fixity, fikseco. 

Fire-dog, kamenstableto. 

Flabby, mola. 

Fire-engine, brulpumpilo. 

Flag, standard 0. 

Firing (guns, etc.), pafado. 

Flag (navy), flago. 

Fireman (stoker), hejtisto. 

Flagon, botelego. 

Fireplace, kameno. 

Flagstone, §tonplato. 

Fireside, hejmo. 

Flagrant, flagrante. 

Firewoi'Jcs, fajrajo, art- 

Flail, drasilo. 


Flake, negero, floko. 

Firm (fast), firma. 

Flambeau, torco. 

Firm (strong), fortika. 

Flame, flami. 

Firm (comm.), firmo. 

Flame, flamo. 

Firmness, fortikeco. 

Flank, flanko. 

Firmament, cielo. 

Flannel, flanelo. 

First, unua. 

Flap, klapo. 

Firstly, unue. 

Flare, brilego. 

Firtree, pinarbo. 

Flash (lightning), fulmo. 

Fisc, fisko. 

Flash (of wit), spritajo. 

Fiscal, fiska. 

Idask, boteleto. 

Fvih, fiso. 

Flat, plata. 

Fish, fiskapti. 

Flat (music), duontono 

Fisher, fiskapti sto. 


Fishery, fiskaptado, fiskap- 

Flatten, platigi. 


Flatter, flati. 




Flatterer, flatulo. 

Flattering, flatema. 

Flavour, gusto. 

Flaw, difekto. 

Flax, lino. 

Flay, senhaiitigi. 

Flea, pulo. 

Flee, flugi. 

Fleece, §aflano. 

Fleecy, laneca. 

Fleet (quick), rapid a. 

Fleet, siparo. 

Flesh (meat), viando. 

Flesh, karno. 

Flexibility, fleksebleco. 

Flexible, fleksebla. 

Flexion, flekso. 

Flicker, 1 u insane el i. 

Flight, forkuro. 

Flight (birds), fiugado. 

Fling, jeti. 

Flint (mineral), siliko. 

Flippant, babila. 

Flirt, amindumeti, koketi. 

Flirt, koketulino. 

Flirtation, koketeco. 

Flit, flirti. 

Float (intrans.), nagi. 

Float (trans.), flosi. 

Flock (congregation), zor 

Flock, aro. 
Flog, skurgi. 
Flood, superakvego. 
Floor, planko. 
Floor (storey), etago. 
Florid, rugega. 

Flmin, fioreno. 
Florist, floristo. 
Flotilla, sipareto. 
Flour, faruuo. 
Flourish (brandish)^ syingi 
Flow, flui. 

Flow (of blood), sangverso. 
Flow away, deflui. 
Flower, flori. 
Flower-bed, florbedo. 
Flower-garden, florejo. 
Fluctuate, sanceligi. 
j Flue, kamentubo. 
Fluent, elokventa, fiuanta: 
Fluid, fluajo. 
Fluid, flua. 
Flute, fluto. 
Flutter, fiugeti, flirti. 
Flux, alfluo. 
Fly, flugi. 
Fly, muso. 
Fly away, forflugi. 
Foal, cevalido — iuo. 
Foam, saumi. 
Foam, saiirao — ajo. 
Foam (sea), marsaiimo. 
Focus, fokuso. 
Fodder, furago. 
Fcetid, malbonodora. 
Foe, kontrauulo, nialamiko. 
Fog, nebulo. 
Foil (weapon), rapiro, 

Fold, faldi. 
Fold (sheep), safejo. 
Folding-screen, ventosir- 





Foliage, foliaro. 

Fm-eboding, antausento. 

Follow, sckvi. 

Forehead, frunto. 

Following, the, sekvanta. 

Foreign, alilando. 

Follows, that loliich, jena. 

Foreigner, alilandulo. 

Folly, malspriteco. 

Foi'eman, submajstro. 

Fond, ama. 

Foremost, unua. 

Foment, vivigi. 

Forenoon, antautagmezo. 

Fondle, dorloti. 

Forepart (ship), aiitaii- 

Fondness, ameco. 


Font, baptakvujo. 

Forerunner, antauulo. 

Food, nutrajo. 

Fm-esee, antaiividi. 

Fool, simplanimulo. 

Foresight, antauzorgo. 

Foolish, malsaga. 

Forest, arbaro. 

Foolishness, malsageco. 

Foi'etell, antaudiri. 

Foot, piedo. 

Forethought, antauzorgo. 

Foot (measure), futo. 

Forewarn, averti. 

Foot, on, piedire. 

Forge, forgi. 

Foot-bridge, piedponto. 

Fo)'ge, forge jo. 

Footman, lakeo. 

Forget, forgesi. 

Footpath, trotuaro. 

Forgetful, forgesa. 

Footprint, piedsigno. 

Forgetfulness, forgeseco. 

Foot-soldier, infanteriano. 

Fm-get-me-not, miozoto. 

Footway, piedvojo. 

Forgive, pardoni. 

Fop, dando. 

Forgiveness, pardon o. 

For, car. 

Fork, forko. 

For (on account of), pro. 

Form (to fashion), alformi. 

For, por. 

Form (shape), formo. 

Forage, furago. 

Formal, ceremonia. 

Forbear, toleri. 

Fornmtion, formo. 

Forbearance, tolero. 

Former (the), tin. 

Forbearing, tolerema. 

Formerly, iam, antaiie. 

Forbid, malpermesi. 

Formidable, ti meginda. 

Force, devigi. 

Formulate, formal i. 

Forcible, devigebla. 

Formulary, protokolo. 

Ford, transirejo. 

Formula, formulo. 

Fore, antaua. 

Forsake, forlasi. 

Foi-earm, antaubrako. 

Fort, fortikajeto. 





ForUfy (mi lit.), fortikigi. 

Frankly, sincere. 

Fortify, fortigi. 

Frankness, sincereco. 

Fortitude, kurageco. 

Frantic, furioza. 

Fortnight, du semajnoj. 

Fraternal, frata. 

Foi'tress, fortikajo. 

Fraternity, frateco. 

Fm-tune, riceco. 

Fraternize, fi'atigi. 

Forward ! antauen ! 

Fraud, trompo. 

Fonvard (in advance), 

Fraudulent, trompa. 


Fray, batalo. 

Forward, ekspedi, sendi. 

Freckle, lentugo. 

Fossil, elfosatajo. 

Free, libera. 

Foster, nutri. 

Free (gratis), senpage. 

Foster child, siicinfano. 

Freedom, libereco. 

Foul, malpiira. 

Freemason, framasono. 

Foulard, silktiiko. 

Freeze, glaciigi. 

Found, fondi. 

Freight (load), sargi. 

Foundation, fondo, fondajo. 

Frenchman, Franco. 

Founder (ship), sipperei. 

Frenzy, frenezeco. 

Foundry, fandejo. 

Frequent, ofta. 

Fountain, fontano. 

Frequent, vizitadi 

Four, kvar. 

Frequency, ofteco. 

Fowl (domestic), kortbirdo. 

Fresco, fresko. 

Fox, vulpo. 

Fresh, fresa. 

Fraction, partumo. 

Fret, malkvietigi. 

Fractwe, ronipo. 

Friar, monano. 

Fragile, facilrompa. 

Friction, frotado. 

Fragment, fragmeiito. 

Friend, amiko. 

fragrance, bonodoreco. 

Friendly, amika. 

Frail, kaduka. 

Friendship, am i keco. 

Frame, enkadrigi. 

Frigate, fregato. 

Frame, kadro. 

Fright, timo. 

Framewm-k, traba^o. 

Frighten, timigi. 

Franc, franko. 

Frightful, terura. 

France, Francujo, Franc- 

Frigid, glaciiga. 


Fringe, f ran go. 

Frank, sincera. 

Frisk, salteti. 

Frank (letters), afranki. 

Fritter, fritajo. 




Frivolity, vanetco. 

Funeral, enterigiro. 

Frivolous, malserioza. 

Funereal, funebra. 

Fnz (curl), frizi. 

Funnel, funelo. 

Frock-coat, frako. 

Funny, ridinda. 

Frog, rano. 

Fur, felo. 

Frolic, petoleco. 

Ftirious, furioza. 

Frolicsome, petoleraa. 

Furnace, forno, fornego. 

Front, antaua flanko. 

Furnish (provide), provizi. 

Frontier, landlimo. 

Furnish (a house), mebli. 

Frost, frosto. 

Furniture, meblaro. 

Froth, saumo. 

Furniture (piece of), meblo. 

Frotvard, malvirta. 

Furrier, felisto. 

Frown, sulkigi. 

Fwrow (wrinkle), sulko. 

Fructify, fruktodoni. 

Furrow, tersulko. 

Frugal, sparema. 

Further, plie. 

Fruit, frukto. 

Further, plimalproksima. 

Fndtery, fruktejo. 

Fury, furiozo. 

Fruitful, fruktopoita. 

Fury (mythol.) furio. 

Fruit-garden, fruktejo. 

Fuse, fandi. 

Fruitless, vana. 

Fusilade, pafado. 

Fruitlessly, vane. 

Fusion, fandigo. 

Frustrate, malhelpi. 

Fustian, fusteno. 

Fry, friti. 

Futile, vana. 

Fry (spawn), frajo. 

Future, estonta. 

Fi-ying-pan, pato, fritilo. 

Futurity, estonteco. 

Fuel, brulajo. 


Fugitive, forkuranto. 

Fugue (mus.), fugo. 


Fulfil, plenum i. 

Full, plena. 

Gadfly, tabano. 

Full-aged, plenaga. 

Gaff, hokstango. 

Fume, fumo. 

Gag, silentigi, busumi. 

Fun, sercado. 

Gaiety, gajeco. 

Function, funkcio. 

Gain, gajni. 

Functionary, oficisto. 

Gain (of a watch), trora- 

Fundamental, fnndamenta 


Fundholder. rentulo 

Gainsay, kontraiidiri. 

Gait 7 


Gait, irado. 

Garlic, ajlo. 

Gaiter, gamaso. 

Garment, vesto. 

Gale, ventego, blovado. 

Garner, provizi. 

Gall, galo. 

Garnish, orriami. 

Gall-nut, gajlo. 

Garniture, garniture. 

Gallant, amisto. 

Garret, subtegmento. 

Gallant^ gentila. 

Garrison, garnizono. 

Gallant, brava. 

Garrote, cirkaiiligi. 

Gallery, galerio. 

Garter, strumpligilo. 

Galley, remsipego. 

Gas, gaso. 

Gallicism, galicismo. 

Gaseous, gasa. 

Gallop, galopi. 

Gash, trancadi. 

Gallows, pendigilo. 

Gasometer, gasometro. 

Galvanism, galvanisrao. 

Gasp, spiregi. 

Gambol, salteti. 

Gastric, stomaka. 

Game (play), ludo. 

Gate, pordego. 

Game, Sasa^o. 

Gather, kolekti. 

Game-bag, casajujo. 

Gather together, kolekti. 

Gamekeeper, casgardisto. 

Gathering, kolekto. 

Gamut, gamo. 

Gaudy, luksema. 

Gander, anserviro. 

Gauge, meziiri. 

Gang, ban do. 

Gaunt, malgrasa. 

Ganglion, ganglio. 

Gauntlet, f organ to. 

Gangrene, gangrerio. 

Gauze, gazo. 

Gaol, malliberejo. 

Gawky, mallerta. 

Gaoler, gardisto. 

Gay, 'to be, gaji. 

Gap, breco. 

Gay, gaja. 

Gap, manko. 

Gaze, rigardegi. 

Gape, oscedegi. 

Gazelle, gazelo. 

Garb, vesto. 

Gazette, gaze to. 

Garden, gardeno. 

Gear (machinery), ilaro. 

Gardener, gardenisto. 

Gehenna, Geheno. 

Gardenia, gardenio. 

Gelatine, gelateno. 

(ra?-^«7imf7, gard enl aborado. 

Gem, brilianto, genio. 

Gargle, gargari. 

Gendarme, |;endarmo. 

Gargle, gargarajo. 

Gender, sekso. 

Garland, girlando. 

Genealogy, genealogio. 




Genen-al, generala. 
General (milit.), generalo. 
Generate, produkti, naski. 
Generation, generacio. 
Generosity, malavareco. 
Genei'ous, malavara. 
Genial, bonvol.i. 
Genitive, genitive. 
Genius, genio. 
Genteel, gentila. 
Gentle, dolca. 
Gentleman, sinjoro. 
Gently, dolce. 
Genuflect, geimfieksi. 
Genuine, vera. 
Genus, gen to. 
Geography, geografio. 
Geology, geologio. 
Geometry, geometrio. 
Geranium, geranio. 
Germ, gernio. 
German, Gerniano. 
German (adj.), Gennana. 
Germinate, germi. 
Gerund, gerundio. 
Gesture, gesto. 
Get (receive), ricevi. 
Get (procure), havigi. 
Get (with infinitive), igi, 

Get dirty, malpurigi. 
Get ready, pretigi, pretigi. 
Ghastly, palega. 
Gherkin, kukumeto. 
Ghost, fantomo. 
Giant, grand egnlo. 
Gibbet, pendigilo. 

Gibbons, giba. 

Gibe, moki. 

Giddiness, kapturno. 

Giddy, to make, kapturnigi. 

Gift, donaco. 

Gift, to make a, donaci. 

Gifted, talenta. 

Gild, orumi. 

Gill (fish), branko. 

Gilliflow&r, levkojo. 

Gimlet, borileto. 

Gin, gino. 

Ginger, zingibro. 

Gingefi'bread. mielkuko. 

Gipsy, nomadulo. 

Giraffe, girafo. 

Gird, zoni. 

Girdle, zono. 

Girl, knabino. 

Give, doni. 

Give back, redoni. 

Give up, forlasi. 

Give evidence, atesti. 

Give notice, sciigi. 

Glacier, glaciejo. 

Glail, goja. 

Gladden, gojigi. 

Glnde, maldensejo. 

Gladiatoi', gladiatoro. 

Glance, ekrigardi. 

Gland, glando. 

Glare, brilego. 

Glass (substance), vitro. 

Glass (vessel), glaso. 

Glass, pane of, vitrajo. 

Glass-case, vitromeblo. 

Glass, looking, spegulo. 

Glass-works 7 

2 Goblin 

Glass-works, vitrofarejo. 

Glue, glui. 

Glassy, vitreca. 

Glut, sato. 

Glaucous (colour), mar- 

Glut, satigi. 


Glutinous, gluanta 

Glaze, vitrumi. 

Glutted, satega. 

Glaze (pottery), glaznri. 

Glutton, mangegulo. 

Glaze (ice cakes, etc.), 

Gluttonous, mangegema. 


Gluttony, raangegemo. 

Glaze (polish), poluri. 

Glycerine, gliceriuo. 

Glazier, vitra^jisto. 

Gnash, grinci. 

Gleam, lumeti. 

G7iat, kulo. 

Gleam, lumeto. 

Gnato, mordeti. 

Glean, postrikolti. 

Gnome, gnomo. 

Glee, §ojo. 

Go, iri. 

Glen, valeto. 

Go along, vojiri. 

Glide, gliti. 

Go astray, erari, vagadi. 

Glimmer, lumeto. 

Go away, foriri. 

Glimpse, videto, ekvido. 

Go back, reiri. 

Glisten, brili. 

Go before, antaiiiri. 

Glitter, brilegi. 

Go beyond, traspasi, pre- 

Globe, globo. 


Globe (earth), terglobo. 

Go in, eniri. 

Globular, globa. 

Go out, eliri. 

Globule, globeto. 

Go out (of a light), estiii- 

Gloom, mallumo. 

gigi, elbruti. 

Gloom (sadness), malgajo. 

Go over, transiri. 

Gloomy (sad), malgaja. 

Go through, trairi. 

Gloomy, malluma. 

Go down (ship), sipperei. 

Glorify, glori. 

Go on foot, piediri. 

Glorious, glora. 

Go on a jnlgrimage, pil- 

Glory, gloro. 


Gloss, poluri. 

Goad, instigilo. 

Glove, ganto. 

Goal (aim), celo. 

Glow, brili. 

Goat, kapro. 

Glow-worm, lampiro. 

Goatherd, kapristo. 

Glucose, glikozo. 

Goblet, pokalo. 

Gliie, gluo. 

Goblin, koboldo. 



Ood, Dio. 

Godfather^ bajjtopatro. 
Godhead, Diajo. 
Godless, malpia. 
Godliness, sankteco. 
Godly, sankta. 
Gold, oro. 
Golden, ora. 
Goldfinch, kardelo. 
Goldsmith, orajisto. 
Goloche, galoso. 
Goiulola, goiulolo. 
Good, bona. 
Good, to do, bonfari. 
Good (welfare), bonstato. 
Good-for-nothing, sentaii- 

Good-bye, adiaii. 
Goodness, boneco. 
Goods (effects), posedajo. 
Goods (merchandise), 

Goods train, by, malrapidire. 
Goose, ansero. 
Goose, anserino. 
Gooseberry, groso. 
Gm-ge, valego. 
Goi-ge, supersatigi. 
Gorgeous, belega. 
Goshawk, akcipitro. 
Gosling, anserido. 
Gospel, Evangelio. 
Gossip, babilajo. 
Gourd, kiikurbo. 
Gourmand, mangegulo. 
Gout, podagro. 
Govern, regi. 

Government, registaro. 
Governess, guvernistino. 
Governor, reganto. 
Goiun, robo. 
Grace, gracio. 
Graceful, gracia. 
Giuciffus, gracia. 
Gradation, gradeco. 
Grade (rank), rango. 
Gradual, grada. 
Gradually, grade. 
Graduate, gradigi. 
Graduation, gradigo. 
Graft, inokuli. 
Grain of corn, grenero. 
Grain of dust, polvero. 
Grammar, gramatiko. 
Gramme, gramo. 
Granary, grenejo. 
Grand, belega. 
Grandfather, avo. 
Grandson, nepo. 
Granite, gran i to. 
Gi'ant, permesi. 
Grape, vinbero. 
Grapeshot, kugletajo. 
Graphite, grafito. 
Gi'apnel, ankreto. 
Grapple, ekkapti. 
Grasp, premi. 
CrrcLSS, herbo. 
Grass-plot, herbejo. 
Gi'asshopper, akrido. 
Grate, fajrujo. 
Gi'ate, raspi, froti. 
Grateful, dankema. 
Grater, raspilo. 




Gratification, kotitentigo. 
Grating, krado. 
Grating noise, akra sono. 
Gratis, senpage. 
Gratitude, dankeco. 
Gratuitous, senpaga. 
Gratuitously, senpage. 
Gratuitij (tip), trinkmono. 
Grave, tombo. 
Grave, grava. 
Gravel, stonetajo. 
Graver, gravurilo. 
Gravity, graveco. 
Gravy, suko. 
Gi'ay, griza. 

Graze{n\h slightly), tuseti. 
Graze cattle, pasti. 
Grazing-ground, paste jo. 
Grease, graso. 
Grease, smiri. 
Great, granda. 
Greatcoat, pal to. 
Great-grandfather, praavo. 
Greatness, grandeco. 
Greedy (eager), avida. 
Greedy, marigegema. 
G^'een, verda. 
Green (village), komunejo. 
Gi'eenhouse, varmejo. 
Greenish, diibe verda. 
Greek, Greko. 
Greet, saluti. 
Grenade, greiiado. 
Grenadier, grenadisto. 
Grey, griza. 

Greyhound, leporhundo. 
Gridiron, kradrostilo. 

Grief, malgojo. 

Grievance, plendkauzo. 

Grieve, malgoji. 

Grieve (trans.), malgojigi. 

Grimace, grimace. 

Grime, malpureco. 

Grin, grimaci. 

Grind, pisti. 

Grind the teeth, grinci. 

Grind (corn), miieli. 

Grip, premego. 

Grit, sablego. 

Groan, gemi. 

Groats, grio. 

Grocer, spicisto. 

Groin, ingveno. 

Groom, cevalisto. 

Groove, kavo, radsigno 

Grope, palpeti. 

Gross (in manner), mal- 

Grotesque, groteska. 
Grotto, groto. 
Ground, tero. 
Ground-fioor, teretago. 
Group, grupo. 
Group, gnipigi. 
Grouse, tetro. 
Grove, arbetaro. 
Grow, kreski. 
Groio (become), — igi. 
Grow young, junigi. 
Growl, bleki, blekadi. 
Groivth, kresko. 
Gruh (insect), tervermeto. 
Grudge, malameco. 
Gruff, ma]e:entila. 

Grumble 75 Hallow 

Grumble, riprocegi. 

Gutter-spout, defiiiilo. 

Gh-unf, bleki. 

Gymnast, gimnastikisto. 

Guarantee, garantio. 

Gymnasium, gimnastikejo. 

Guarantee, gaiantii. 

Gypsum, gipso. 

Guard, gaTtli. 

Gyrate, turnigi. 

Guard (mil it.), gvardio. 

Guardian, gardaiito, zor- 



Gudgeon, gobio. 

Guess, diveni. 

Ha ! ha ! 

Guest, gasto. 

Haberdasher, fadenisto. 

Guide, gvidi. 

Habit, kutimo. 

Guide, gvidi sto. 

Habit, vesto. 

Guile, artifiko. 

Habit of, to he in the, 

Guileless, senartifika. 


Guillotine, gilotino. 

Habitation, logejo. 

Guilt, kulpo. 

Habitual, kutima. 

Guilty, to he, kulpigi. 

Habituate, kutimigi. 

Guinea, gineo. 

Hack, haki. 

Guilar, sjitaro. 

Hack (horse), cevaleto. 

Gulf, golfo. 

Hackney-coach, fiakro. 

Gull, trompi. 

Hag, malbehiliiio. 

Gullet, faringo, ezofago. 

Haggard, sovaga. 

Gully, valeto. 

Haggle, marcandi. 

Gulp, engluti. 

Hail, hajli. 

Gum, gumo. 

Hail, hajlo. 

Gum, gumi. 

Hailstone, hajlcro. 

Gun, pafilo. 

Hair, haro. 

Gun (canijon), pafilego. 

Hair, head of, hararo. 

Gun-carriage, subpafilego. 

Hairdresser, frizisto. 

Gunpowder, pulvo. 

Hairy, haraja. 

Gunsmith, armilfaristo. 

Halberd, halebardo. 

Gunnery, pafilado. 

Halcyon, alciono. 

Gush, spruci. 

Hale, Sana. 

Gust, ekventego. 

Half, diiono. 

Gut, intestotubo. 

Hall, vestiblo. 

Gutter, defluilo. 

Hallmv, sanktigi. 



Hall-porter i pordisto. 
Halludnation, halucinacio. 
Halt, halti.- 
Halting -place, haltejo. 
Halter, kolbrido. 
Halves, hy, duone. 
Ham, sinko. 
Hamlet, vilageto. 
Hammer, martelo. 
Hammer, martel u mi . 
Hammock, pendlito. 
Hamper, koibo. 
Hamper, malhelpi. 
Hamstring, subgenuo. 
Hand, mano. 

Hand-harrow, pu^veturilo. 
Handcuff, mankateno. 
Handful, plenmano. 
Handicraft, manfarado. 
Handkerchief, naztuko. 
Handle, manpreni. 
Handle, tenilo. 
Handmade, manfarita. 
Handshake, manpremo. 
Handsome, bela. 
Handy, lerta, oportuna 

(of things). 
Hang (in trans ), pendi. 
Hang up, pendigi. 
Hanker, deziregi. 
Hansom, kal)rioleto. 
Hap, okazi. 
Hapless, malfelica. 
Haply, eble. 
Happen, okazi. 
Happiness, felico. 
Happy, felica. 

Harangue, parolado. 
Harass, enuigi, lacigi. 
Harass (niilit.), atakadi. 
Harbinger, antauiilo. 
Harbour, haveno. 
Hard, malmola. 
Hard (difficult), malfacila. 
Hard (severe), severega. 
Harden (to make hard), 

malmoligi, hardi. 
Harden (to become hardy), 

Hardly, apenau. 
Hardness, malmoleco. 
Hardwareman, kuirilven- 

Hardy, hardita. 
Hark I auskultu. 
Hare, leporo. 
Huirbrained, sencerba. 
Harem, haremo. 
Haricot-bean, fazeolo. 
Harlequin, arlekeno. 
Harm, malutili. 
Harm, malutilo. 
Harmonica, harmoniko. 
Harmonious, harmonia. 
Harmonize, harnioniigi. 
Harmony, harmonio. 
Harness, jungi. 
Harness, jungajo. 
Harp, harpo. 
Harpoon, harpuno. 
Harpy, harpio. 
Harrier, leporhundo. 
Harroio (to rake), erpi. 
Harrovj, erpilo. 



Harsh (rough), maldolca. 
Harsh (severe), severega. 
Harsh (of voice), raiika. 
Hartf cervo. 
Harvest (crop), rikolto. 
Harvest-time, rikolto. 
Hash, viandmiks.ijo. 
Hasp, alkroci. 
Hassock, kuseno. 
Haste, rapid ceo. 
Hasten, rapid i. 
Hasten (trans.), rapidigi. 
Hasty, rapid a. 
Hat, capelo. 
Hatch, elseligi. 
Hatchet, hakilo. 
Hate, maiami. 
Hateful, makiminda. 
Hatred, malamo. 
Haughty, aroganta. 
Haunch, kokso. 
Haunt, vizitadi. 
Hautboy, hobojo. 
Have, havi. 
Haven, haveno. 
Havoc, ruinigo. 
Hawk, akcipitro. 
Hawk (for sale), kolporti. 
Hawthorn, kratago. 
Hay, fojno. 
Hay loft, fojnejo 
Hazard, hazard i. 
Hazard, hazardo. 
Hazardous, hazai'da. 
Haze, nebnleto. 
Hazel-nut, avelo. 
He, li. 

Head, kapo. 
Headache, kapdoloro. 
Head-dress (coif^iire), kap- 

Headland, promontoro. 
Headlong, senpripensa, e. 
Headstrong, obstina. 
Heal, kuraci. 
Health, sano. 
Health, toast a, toast i. 
Healthy, sana. 
Heap, amaso. 
Heap up, amasigi. 
Hear, audi. 
Hearken, auskulti. 
Hearse, cerkveturilo. 
Heart, koro. 
Heart (cards), kero. 
Heart, by, parkere. 
Heart, to learn by, parkeri. 
Hearth, fajrujo, hejmo. 
Heartrending, korsiranta. 
Heartsease, violo. 
Hearty, korega. 
Heat, hejti. 
Heat, varmeco. 
Heath, stepo, erikejo. 
Heather (plant), eriko. 
Heathen, idolano. 
Heathenism, idolservo. 
Heaven, cielo. 
Heaviness, multepezeco. 
Heavy, peza. 

Hebdomadary, ci u s e m a j n a. 
Hebraism, Hebreisuio. 
Hebrew, Hebreo. 
Hectare, hektaro. 

Hectogramme 7 

8 Hexagon 

Hectogramme, hektogramo. 

Her, sin. 

Hectolitre, hektolitro. 

Her (possessive), sia. 

Hedge, plektobarilo. 

Hers, sia. 

Hedgehog, erinaco. 

Herald, heroldo. 

Heed, atenti. 

Heraldic, heraldika. 

Heedful, atenta. 

Heraldry (science), heral- 

Heedless, senatenta. 


Heel, kalkano. 

Heraldry, blazono. 

Heel (of shoe, etc.), 

Herb, herbo. 


Herbalist, herbovendisto. 

Heifer, bovidino. 

Herbivorous, herboman- 

Height, alteco, altajo. 


Heinous, kruelega. 

Herd, brutaro. 

Heir, heredanto. 

Herdsman, pastisto. 

Heliotrope, bcliotropo. 

Here, tie ci, ci tie. 

Helix, sraubego. 

Here are, jen estas. 

Hell, infero. 

Here is, jen estas. 

Hellenism, Heleiiismo. 

Hereafter, de nun. 

Hellish, infera. 

Hereat, ci tie. 

Helm, direktilo. 

Hereditary, hereda. 

Helmet, kasko. 

Heresy, herezo. 

Helmsman, direktilisto. 

Heretic, herezuio. 

Help, helpi. 

Heretical, hereza. 

Helpful, helpema. 

Hereivith, tie ci aldonita. 

Helpmate, kunhelpaiito. 

Heritage, heredo. 

Hem, borderi. 

Hermit, ermito. 

Hem, bordero. 

Hernia, hernio. 

Hemisphere, duonsfero. 

Hero, heroo. 

Hemorrhage, sangado. 

Heroic, heroa. 

Hemorrhoids, hemorojdo. 

Heroine, heroino. 

Hemp, kanabo. 

Heroism., heroeco. 

Hen (fowl), kokino. 

Heron, ardeo. 

Henbane, hiskiamo. 

Herring, haringo. 

Hence, de nun. 

Hesitate, sanceb'gi. 

Henceforth, de nun. 

Hesitation, sanceiigo. 

Hepatic, hepata. 

Hew, dehaki. 

Heptagon, sepangulo. 

Hexagon, sesangulo. 

Hexameter 7 

9 Home 

Hexameter, heksanietro. 

Hireling, salajnilo. 

Hiatus, manko. 

His,\m, sia. 

Hiccough, singulto. 

Hiss, sibli. 

Hidden, kasita. 

Historian, historiskribanto. 

Hide, kasi. 

Histoi'y, historio. 

Hide (skin), haiito. 

History, natural, natur- 

Hideous, malbelega. 


Hiding-place, kasejo. 

Hit, frapi. 

Hierarchy, hierartio. 

Hit against, ektasegi. 

Hieroglyphic, hieroglifo. 

Hitch, malhelpajo. 

High, alta. 

Hive, abelujo. 

Highlander, niontano. 

Ho ! ho ! 

Highness (title), mosto. 

Hoard, amaso. 

High-tide, alfluo. 

Hoarfrost, prujno. 

Highway, vojo. 

Hoarse, rauka. 

Highwayman, rabisto. 

Hoarseness, raukigo. 

Hill, monteto. 

Hoax, mistifiki. 

Hillock, altajeto. 

Hobble, lamiri. 

Hilt, tenilo. 

Hobby, amuzajo. 

Him, liii. 

Hoe, sarki. 

Himself, sin mem. 

Hoe, sarkilo. 

Hind, cervino. 

Hog, porkviro. 

Hinder, post a. 

Hoist, suprenlevi. 

Hinder, malhelpi. 

Hold, teni. 

Hinderance, ma helpo. 

Hold one's tongue, silentigi. 

Hindermost, lasta. 

Hole, truo. 

Hindoo, Hindo. 

Hole, to make a, truigi. 

Hindrance, malhelpo. 

Holiday (feast), festo. 

Hindu, Hindo. 

Holiday, libertempo. 

Hinge, carniro. 

Holiness, sankteco. 

Hint, proponeti. 

Holla, ho I he! 

Hip, kokso. 

Hollow, kava. 

Hippodrome, hipodromo. 

Hollow, kavigi. 

Hippopotamus, hipo- 

Holly, ilekso. 


Holy, sankta. 

Hire, dungi. 

Homage, riverenco. 

Hire, cost of, salajro. 

Home, hejmo. 




Home, at, hejme. 
Homoeopathy, homeopatio. 
Homicide, hommortigo. 
Homonym, samnoma. 
Honest, honesta. 
Honesty, honesteco. 
Honey, niielo. 
Honeycomb, mieltavolo. 
Honeysuckle, lonicero. 
Honour, honori. 
Honour, honoio. 
Honour ableness, honorin- 

Hood, kapuco. 
Hoof, hufo. 
Hook, hoko. 
Hoop, ringego. 
Hoot (of owl), pepegi, 

Hope, espero. 
Hope, esperi. 
Hops, plant, lupolo. 
Hmizon, horizon to. 
Horizontal, horizontala. 
Horn, korno. 

Hoi'n (hunting), caskorno. 
Horoscope, horoskopo. 
Horrible, teruriga. 
Hmrid, terura. 
Hmror, teriiro. 
Hars d'ceuvres, filmangajoj. 
Horse, cevalo. 
Horsemanship, rajdarto. 
Horse-o'adish, kreno. 
Horseshoe, hufferajo. 
Hoi'ticuUure, gardenkul- 


Hose, strum pajo. 

Hose, ledtubo. 

Hosier, strumpvendisto. 

Hospitable, gastama. 

Hospital, malsanulejo, 

Hospitality, gastamo. 
Host, mastro. 
Host, Hostio. 
Hostage, garantiulo. 
Hostile, kontraua, malam- 

Hot, varmega. 
Hot air stove, hejtaparato. 
Hothouse, varmejo. 
Hotel, hotelo. 
Hound, hundo. 
Hour, horo. 
House, domo. 
House, to keep, mastrumi. 
Housekeeping, mastra^o. 
Housewife, mastrino. 
Hovel, kajuto, terdometo. 
Hover, flirtegi. 
How, kiel. 
How (what manner), 

How many, kiom da. 
How much, kiom da. 
However, tamen. 
Howsoever', tamen. 
Howl, hundblekegi. 
Howitzer, bombardilo. 
Hub (of wheel), radcentro. 
Hubbub, bniado. 
Huddle, kunproksimigi. 
Hue (colour), nuanco. 




Hug, cirkauprenegi. 

Hurt, maluiili. 

Huge, grandega. 

Hurtful, malutila. 

Hum, kanteti. 

Husband, edzo. 

Hum, zumi. 

Husbandman, terkultur- 

Human, homa. 


Humane, human a. 

Hush, silentigi. 

Humanity, humaneco. 

Hv^k, selo. 

Humanity (mankind), 

Hussar, husaro. 


Hustle, pusegi. 

Humble, humih. 

Hut, budo. 

Humble, humiligi. 

Hutch, kesto.' 

Humble, to be, humiligi. 

Hyacinth, hiacinto. 

Humerus, humero. 

Hydra, ]\U]vo. 

Humid, nialseka. 

Hydrogen, hidrogeno. 

Humidify, malsekeco. 

Hydropathy, akvokuraco. 

Humiliate, humiligi. 

Hydrophobia, hidrofobio. 

Humility, humileco. 

Hydrostatic, hidrosta- 

Humming-bird, kolibro. 


Humoi-ous, humora. 

Hyena, hieno. 

Humour, humoro. 

Hygrometer, h igiv > me tro . 

Hump, gibo. 

Hygro7nefry, higrometrio. 

Hunchback, gibulo. 

Hymn, himno. 

Hunger, malsato. 

Hyperbole, hiperbolo. 

Hungry, malsata. 

Hyphen, streketo. 

Hungry, to be, malsati. 

Hypnotic, hipnota. 

Hundred, 100, cent. 

Hypnotism, hipnotismo. 

Hundredweight, centfunto. 

Hypnotize, hipnotigi. 

Hunt, casi. 

Hypochondria, hipohon- 

Hunting-lodge, casdo- 



Hypocrisy, hipokriteco. 

Hurdle, brancbarileto. 

Hypocrite, hipokritulo. 

Hurl, aljeti. 

Hypocritical, hipokrita. 

Hurrah, hiira. 

Hypothesis, hipotezo. 

Hurricane, uragano. 

Hypotenuse, hipotenuzo. 

Hurry, rapidi. 

Hyssop, hisopo. 

Hurry (trans.), rapidigi. 

Hi/ste7'ical, histeria. 

Hurt (to wound), vundi. 

Hysterics, histerio. 




/, mi. 

ibis, ibiso. 

/ce, glacio. 

Ice, an, glaciajo. 

Lxberg, glacierego, glaci- 

Icicle, pendglacio. 

Icelander, Islandano. 

Idea, ideo. 

Ideal, idealo. 

Identical, identa. 

Identify, i d e n tigi . 

Idiocy, idioteco. 

Idiom (a peculiar expres- 
sion), idiotismo. 

Idiom (general sense), 

Idiot, idiotulo. 

Idle, senokupa. 

Idleness, senokupeco. 

Idol, idolo. 

Idolatry, idolservado. 

Idolize, araegi, adori. 

//; se. 

If/nis fatuus, erarliimo. 

Ignite, ekbruligi. 

Ignoble, malnobla. 

Ignominy, malnobleco. 

Ignorance, nescio. 

Ignorant of, to be, nescii. 

Ignoi'ant, malklera. 

Ignore, neobservi. 

///, malbono. 

///, malbone. 

///, to be, vimisani. 

Ill-kred, nialedukita. 
Illegal, mallega. 
Illegible, nelegebla. 
Illegitimate, nelaulega. 
Illegitimate, malrajtu. 
Illiberal, avara. 
Illicit, malpermesita. 
, Illiterate, malklera. 
Illness, malsano. 
Illogical, mallogika. 
Illude, iluzii. 
Illuminate, ilumini. 
Illumination, ilumi ii;ido. 
Illusion, iliizio. 
Illustrate, ilustri. 
Illustrated, ilustrita. 
Illusiration, i 1 ustia j o. 
Illustrious, fama. 
Image, figuro. 
Imaginary, fantazia. 
Imagination, f a n tazio. 
Imagine, imagi. 
Imbecile, malspiitulo. 
Imbibe, sorbiari. 
Imbue, penetri, mspiri. 
Iraitate, imiti. 
Imitation, imito. 
Immaculate, sennuikula. 
Immaterial, negrava. 
Immature, riematnra. 
Immediate, tiija. 
Immediately, tuj. 
Immense, vasta. 
Immense (size), grandcga. 
Imme)'ge, trempi. 
Immerse, siibakvigi. 
Immigrate, e \ \ m i g jm" . 




Immigrant, eiimigranto. 
Imminent^ minaca. 
Immxibiliti/, senmoveco. 
Immoderate, maltnodera. 
Immodest, nemodesta. 
Immolate, oferbuci. 
Immoral, malboiimora. 
Immorality, raalboiimoreco. 
Immmial, senmorta. 
Immortalitji, senmorteco. 
Immovable, seninova, ne- 

Immutable, nesangebla. 
Imp, (liableto. 
Impair, difekti. 
Impart, komuniki, sciigi. 
Impartial, senpartia. 
Impartiality, senpartieco. 
Impatience, malpacienco. 
Impatient, malpacieiica. 
Impassive, kvietega, stoika. 
Impeach, kulpigi, denunci. 
Impedinunt, baro. 
Impel, antaueii pusi. 
Impend, minaci. 
Impenetrable, nepenetrebla. 
Imperative, ordona. 
Impei'fect, neperfekta. 
Imperfection, difektajo. 
Imperial, iniperia. 
Imperishable, nepereema. 
Impermeable, nepenetrebla . 
Impersonal, iiepersona. 
Impertinent, raalrespek'ta. 
Imperturbable, stoika. 
Impetuous, vivega. 
Impetus, antauenpuso. 

Impiety, malpieco. 
Impious, malpia. 
Implacable, vengema. 
Implant, enradiki. 
Implement, ilo. 
Implicate, impliki. 
Implied, neespriniita. 
Implore, petegi. 
Impolite, malgentila. 
Irnpolitic, nesagema. 
Import, enporti. 
Impoi'tance, graveco. 
Important, grava. 
Importunate, trudema. 
Importune, triidi, trudigi. 
Impose (put on), trudi. 
Impose on, trompi. 
Impossible, neebla. 
Impost, iraposto. 
Impostor, trom panto. 
Impotence, neel)leco. 
Impoverish, mahicigi. 
Impracticable, n ef arebla. 
Impregnable, fortika. 
Imp-ess, impresi. 
Impi'ess (print), presi. 
Impression (printing), 

Impression, impreso. 
Impressionable, impresebla. 
Impressive, impresa. 
Imprison, malliberigi. 
Imp'obable, neversajtta, 
Imp'oper, nedeca. 
Improp'iety, nedececo. 
I Impromptu, senprepara. 
I Improve, plibonigi. 


Improvement 84 


Improvement, plibonigo. 
Improvident, malsparema. 
Improvise, iin pro vizi. 
Imprudent, nesingardema. 
Impudent, seiihonta. 
Impulse, puso. 
Impure, malpnra. 
Impurity, malpureco. 
Impute, alkalkuli. 
In, en. 

In front, antaue. 
In place of, to put, ansta- 

In that manner, tiamaniere. 

Inabiliti/, neebleco. 

Inaccessible, neatir.gebla. 

Inaccurate, neakurata. 

Inaction, seriokupo. 

Inactive, senokupa. 

Inadvertence, malatenteco. 

Inane, malplena. 

Inanimate, seiiviva. 

Inappreciable, netaksebla. 

Inapp-opriate, nedeca. 

In as much as, tial ke. 

Inattention, neatenteco. 

Inaudible, neaudeb! n . 

Inauspicious, nefavora. 

Incalculable, nekallculebla. 

Incapable, nekapabla. 

Jncajmcity, nokapableco. 

Incarnate, korpigi. 

Incarnation, korpigo. 

Incendiary, brulkrimnlo. 

Incense, bonod or funic. 

Incense, furiozigi. 

Incest, sangadulto. 

Incentive, kauzo. 
Inch, colo. 
Incident, okazajo. 
Incision, tranco. 
Incite, instigi, inciti. 
Inclination, inklino. 
Incline, inklini. 
Incline (slope), deklivo. 
Include, enhavi. 
Incoherent, sensenca. 
Income, rento. 
Incommode, gem. 
Incomparable, nekom- 

Incompatible, nekunigebla. 
Incompetent, nekom- 

Incomplete, neplena. 
Incomprehensible, nekoiii- 

Inconceivable, neimagebln . 




Inconsolable, nckonsolebln. 
Inconstant, sangema. 
Incontestable, nedisputebla. 
Inconvenient, maloportuna. 
Incorporeal, spirita. 
Incorrect, malkorekta. 
Incorrigible, plimalobea,. 

Incorrupt, honesta. 
IncmrujMbkj neputrebla. 
Incorrupt ion, senputreco. 
Increase (grow), kreskigi. 
Increase, plinmltigi. 
Incredible, nekredebla. 




Incredulms, nekredemu. 

Incriminate, kiilpigi. 

Inculcate, enradiki. 

Incurable, neresanigebla. 

Indebtedness, suldeco. 

Indecent, maldeca. 

Indecision, nedecideco. 

Indeed, do, efektive, ja. 

Indefatigable, senlaca. 

Indefinite, nedifinita. 

Indemnify, kompensi. 

Indemniii/, kompenso. 

Independence, sendepende- 

Independent, sendependa. 

Indeterminate, n edifi ni ta. 

Index (names), iiomaro. 

Index, tabelo. 

India-rubber, kaucuko. 

Indicate, raontri. 

Indicative (gram.), indika- 

Indict, knlpigi. 

Indifferent, iiiditerenta. 

hidigenous, enlanda. 

Indigent, raalrica. 

Indigestible, nedigestebla. 

Indigestion, malbona diges- 

Indignant, to be, indigni. 

Indirect (through an inter- 
mediary), pera. 

Indrrectly (through an in- 
termediary), ))ere. 

Indirect (devious), mal- 

Indiscreet, maldiskreta. 

Indispensable, necesega. 
Indisposed (ill), malsaneta. 
Indisposition, malsaneto. 
Indisputable, nedisputebla. 
Indissoluble, nesolvebla. 
Indistinct, malklara. 
Individual, individuo. 
Individual, individim. 
Indivisible, nedividebla. 
Indolent, senenergia. 
Indomitable, nedresebla. 
Indorse, dorseskribi. 
Indubitable, neduba. 
Induce, decidigi, alkonduki. 
Indidge, indulgi. 
Indulge (one's self), indul- 

Indulgence, indulge. 
Industrious, diligenta. 
Industry (business), indus 

Inebriate, ebrii. 
Ineffectual, van a. 
Ineligible, neelektebla. 
Inert, senmova. 
Inertia, inercio. 
Inestimable, netaksebla. 
Inevitable, neevitebla. 
Inexact, malgusta. 
Inexhaustible, nekonsume- 

Inexpedient, nenecesii, 


Inexperience, malsperteco. 

Inexplicable, neklarigebla. 

j Inexpressible, neesprimebhi. 

i //i/?x/ricaZ>/«,nemalplektel>la. 



In order that 

Infallible, neerarebla. 

Inform, inforiui. 

IihfallihilUy, neei are uleco. 

Infm-m, sciigi. 

Infallibly, neerareble. 

Informed, to Se, sciigi. 

Infamous, malglora, mal- 

Infrequent, malofta. 


Infuze, infiizi. 

Infamy, malgloro, mal- 

Ingenious, sagaca. 


Ingenuity, lertcco. 

TnfancA/, infaneco. 

Ingenuous, iiai\-a. 

Infant, infaneto. 

Ingot, fandajo. 

Infantile, infana. 

Ingratitude, sendaiikeco. 

Infantry, infaiitcrio. 

Ingredient, elementajo. 

Infatuation, delogiteco. 

Ingress, enigo. 

Infect, infekti. 

Inhabit, logi. 

Infelicity, malfeliceco. 

Inhale, enspiri. 

Infer, impliki. 

Inherit, heredi. 

Inferior, an, siibulo. 

Inheritance, h ered a] o. 

Inferio)', rnalsupera. 

Inhuman, nehumana. 

inferimity, malsupereco. 

Iniquity, malboneco, mal- 

Infernal, infera. 


Infidelity, malfideleco. 

Initial (letter), ceflitero. 

Infinite, senlima. 

Initiate, iniciati. 

2/i/m/u'e (gTam.),infimtivo. 

Initiatw, iniciatoro. 

Infinity, multego. 

Inject, ensprucigi. 

Infirm, maiforta. 

Injection (medical ),k] istero 

Infirmary, malsanulejo. 

Injurious, difektiga. 

Infirmity, rualforteco. 

Injury, difektajo. 

Inflame, flamigi. 

Injury (wound), vuiido. 

Inflammable, bruligema. 

Injustice, maljusteco. 

Inflammation, brulumo. 

Ink, inko. 

Inflate, sveligi. 

Inkstand, etc., inkujo. 

Inflect, fleksi. 

Inmate, loganto. 

Inflexible, nefleksebla, 

Inn, gastejo. 

rigid a. 

Innocence, senkulpeco. 

Inflict, punon doni. 

Innocent, senkulpa. 

Influence, influi. 

Innumerable, nekalkulebla 

Influence, influo. 

In order to, y,ov. 

J'ifluenza, gripo. 

In order that, por ke. 

Inoculate t 

7 Instrument 

Inoculate, iiiokuli. 

Insolent, insultema. 

Inodorous, senodora. 

Insoluble, nesolveblu. 

Inoffensive, neofendenia. 

Insolvent, nepagokai)ubla. 

Inoppaiiune, negiistatempa. 

Insomnia, sendormo. 

Inquest, enketo. 

Insomuch, tial ke. 

Inquietude, maltrankvileco. 

Inspect, ekzameni. 

Inquire, demandi. 

Inspector, inspektoro. 

Inquirjj, demando. 

Inspiration, inspiro. 

Inquisition, inkvizicio. 

Inspiration (breath), en- 

Inquisitive, sciama. 


Inquisitm; iiikvizitoro. 

Inspire, enspiri. 

Inroad, ekokupo. 

Inspire, inspiri. 

Insaluhious, malsaniga. 

Instalment, partpago. 

Insane, freiiezii. 

Install, logigi. 

Insanity, frenezeco. 

Instance, ekzemplodoni. 

Insatiable, nesa t igebla. 

Instance, ekzeraplo. 

Inscribe, enskribi. 

Instant, momento. 

Insaiption, snrski-ibo. 

Instant, in an, moTneute. 

Inscrutable, nesercebla. 

Instantaneous, subita. 

Insect, insekto. 

Instead of, anstataii. 

Insecure, dangera. 

Instead of, to put, anstataui. 

Insensible, sensenta. 

Instep, piedartiko. 

Insert, ennieti. 

Instigate, instigi. 

Insert (print), enpresi. 

Instill, infuzi. 

Insertion, enpresajo. 

Instinct, instiidvto. 

Inseparable, sendisiga. 

Institute, fondi. 

Inside, interne. 

Institute, institute. 

Inside out, returnite. 

Institution, institncio. 

Insidious, insida. 

Instinct, instrui. 

Insight, elsciado. 

Instmction, instrnkcio. 

Insign ijicant, sensigni f a. 

Instmction (teaching), 

Insincere, nesincera. 


Insinuate, pi-oponeti. 

Instructive, instrua. 

Insipid, sengusta. 

Instnictor, instruisto. 

Insist, insist!. 


Insnare, allogi, kapti. 

Instrument (wind), blov- 

Insolrriety, malsobreco. 



88 Interrogatory 

Instrument (string), kord 

Instrument (tool), ilo. 
Insuhm^dination, ribeleto— 

Insufferable, nesiiferebla. 
Insufficient, nesufica. 
Insular, insula. 
Insulate, soligi, izoli. 
Insult, insulti. 
Insurance, asekuro. 
Insure, asekuri. 
Insurgent, ribelanto. 
Insurrection, ribelo. 
Insusceptible, sensenteraa. 
Intact, sendifekta. 
Integer, tutcifero. 
Integral (math.), integrala. 
Integrity, rekteco. 
Intellect, inteligenteco. 
Intelligence, inteligenteco. 
Intelligence (news), sciigo. 
Intelligent, inteligenta. 
Intemperance, malsobreco. 
Intemperate, malsobra. 
Intend, intenci. 
Intense, ega. 
Intensity, egeco. 
Intent, celo. 
Intention, intenco. 
Intentional, intenca. 
Inter, enterigi. 
Intercalate, intermeti. 
Intercede, propeti. 
Intercept, interkapti. 
Intercession, propeto. 
Intercesso)', propetulo. 

Intercourse, interrilato. 
Interdict, malpermesi. 
Interest, procento. 
Interest, interesi. 
Interest one's self in, intere- 

i sigi J6- 

I Iideresting, interesa. 
i Interfere, sin intermeti. 
Interior, interno. 
Interjection, interjekcio. 
Interline, interliiiii. 
Interloper, trudulo. 
Interlude, interakto. 
Intermeddle, enmiksigi. 
Intermediate, intera, inter- 

Interment, interigo. 
Interminable, senfina. 
Intermission, intermito. 
Intermit, i n te r m i ti . 
Intermittent, iritermita. 
Internal, interna. 
Internallij, interne. 
International, in ternacia. 
Internationalist, Internaci- 

International ity, interna- 

Interpose, intermeti. 
Interprete, traduki. 
Interpreter, tradukisto. 
Interrogate, demandi. 
Interrogation, denotes, cu. 
Interrogation, note ofy 

signo denianda. 
Interrogatory, demanda. 

Interregnum 89 Ironmonger 

Interregnum, interregno. 
Interrupt, interrompi. 
Intersect, intersekcii. 
Interval (space), interspace. 
Interval (time), inlertempo. 
Intervene, sin interraeti. 
Intervention, intermeto. 
Interview, intervidigo. 
Intenveave, kunplekti. 
Intestate, sentestamenta. 
Intestine, internajo. 
Intimacy, intimeco. 
Intimate, intima, intimulo. 
Intimate, sciigi. 
Intimation, sciigo. 
Intimidate, timigi. 
Into, en (with accusative). 
Intotevahle, netolerebla. 
Intolerant, netolerema. 
Intoxicate, ebriigi. 
Intoxicated, ebria. 
Intoxication, ebrieco. 
Intradahle, nedresebla. 
In transitive, ii e tr a n si t i v a . 
Intrepid, kuragega. 
Intricate, malsimpla. 
Intrigue, intrigi. 
Intrinsic, vera. 
Introduce, prezenti, enkon- 

Introduction, enkonduko. 
Introduction (preface), 

Intruder, trudulo. 
Intrusion, trudo. 
Intrust, komisii. 
Inundate, superakvi. 

Inure, kutimigi. 
Inutility, senutilo. 
Invade, enpenetri. 
Invalid, nula. 
Invalid, malsanetulo. 
Invalidate, nuligi. 
Invaluable, netaksebla. 
Invariable, n esangebla. 
Invasion, ekokui)ado. 
Invent, elpensi. 
Invention, elpenso. 
Inventory, katalogo. 
Invert, intersangi. 
Invest (money), procent- 

Investigate, esplori. 
Inveterate, enradikita. 
Invigorate, vivigi. 
Invincible, nevenkel )la. 
Invisible, nevidebla. 
Invitation, invito. 
Invite, inviti. 
Invoice, fakturo. 
Invoke, alvoki. 
Involuntary, senvola. 
Iodine, jodo. 
Irascible, ekkolerema. 
Ire, kolero. 
Lis (anat.), iriso. 
Iris (bot.), irido. 
Irishman, Irian dan o. 
Irksome, peniga, enuiga. 
Iron, fero. 

Iron (linen, etc.), gladi. 
Iron, an, gladilo. 
Irimer (fem.), gladistino. 
Ironmonger, patvendisto. 




Irony, ironio. 
Irradiafe, radii. 
Irregular, neregula. 
Irreligious, malpia. 
Iireparable, neriparebla. 
Irrepressible, nehaltigebla. 
Irresolute, sanceliga, iiede- 

Irreverence, malriverenco. 
IrritaUe, incitebla. 
Irritate, inciti. 
Is, estas. 
Island, insulo. 
Islander, insulano. 
Isle, insulo. 
Isolate, izoli. 
Isi'aelite, Izraelido. 
Issue, eld on i. 
Issue (offspring), idaro. 
Issue, elflui. 
Isthmus, terkolo. 
It, gi, gin. 
Italian, Italo. 
Italic (writing), kursiva. 
Itch, Juki. 
Itching, juko. 
Item, ero. 
Iteration, ripetado. 
Itinerant, vojaganta. 
Ivory, elefantosto. 
Ivy, hedero. 

Jabber, babili. 

Jack, roasting, turnrostilo. 

Jackass, azenviro. 
Jackal, sakalo. 
Jacket, jako, laketo. 
Jade (tire), lacigadi. 
Jaded, laca. 
Jagged, denta. 
Jaguar, jaguaro. 
Jail, malliberejo. 
Jailer, gardisto. 
Jam, fruktajo. 
January, Januaro. 
Japan (polish), laki. 
Japan, Japanujo. 
Japanese, Japano. 
Jar, botelego. 
Jasmine, jasmeiio. 
Jaundice, flavmalsano. 
Javelin, jetponardo. 
Javj, makzelo. 
Jaivbone, makzelosto. 
Jay, garolo. 
Jealousy, jaluzo. 
Jeer, mokadi. 
Jelly, gelateno. 
Jeopardy, dangero. 
Jerk, ekskuo. 
Jersey (garment), tiikoto. 
Jessamine, jasnieno. 
Jest, serci 
Jest, Serco. 
Jesuit, Jozuito. 
Jesus, Jesuo. 
Jetsam, fuko. 
Jetty, digo. 
Jew, Hebreo. 
Jewel, juvelo. 
Jewel-box, iuveluio. 

Jeweller 91 Keen 

Jewellei', juvelisto. 

Judge, jugi. 

Jewess, Hebreino. 

Judge (legal), jugisto. 

Jilt, kokfttulino. 

Judge, juganto. 

Jingle, tinti. 

Judgment (legal), jugo. 

Job, tasketo. 

Judicial, jnga. 

Jocl'cy^ raj (lis to. 

Judicious, prudenta. 

Jocose, Sercema. 

Jug, kruco. 

Jocular, sercenia. 

Juggle, ^ongli. 

Join, kunigi. 

Juggler, jonglisto. 

Join hands, manplekti. 

Jugglery, jonglado. 

Jain together, kunigi. 

Juice, suko. 

Join with, kunigi. 

Juicy, suka. 

Joiner, lignajisto. 

July. Julio. 

Jointly, kune. 

Jumble, miksi. 

Joint (anatomy), artiko. 

Jump, salti. 

Joint (carpentering), kuni- 

Junction, kunigo. 


June, Junio. 

Joist, trabo. 

Junior, neplenaga. 

Joke, serci. 

Jurm; jurinto. 

Jolbj, gajega. 

Jury, jngantaro. 

JoU, ekskui. 

Juryman, jurinto. 

Jostle, pusegi. 

Just (time), jus. 

Jot, jo to. 

Just (fair), justa. 

Journal (book keeping). 

Justice, justeco. 


Justice (correctnes.s), 

Journal (a paper), jurnalo. 


Journey (by cur, etc.), 

Justify, pravigi. 


Justly, juste. 

Journey (travel), vojagi. 

Juvenile, juna. 

Journey, vojago. 

Juxtaposition, apudmeto. 

Journeyman, taglaboristo. 

Jovial, gojega. 


Joivl, busego. 

Joy, gojo. ^ 

Kaleidoscope, kalejdoskopo. 

Joyous, goja. 

Kangaroo, didelfo. 

Jubilant, gojega. 

Keei, kilo. 

Jubilee, jubilee. 

Keen (sharp), akra 




Keep, teni, gardi. 

Kiss, kisi. 

Keep silence, silentigi. 

Kitchen, kuirejo. 

Keeper, gardanto. 

Kitchen- garden, legonia 

Keepsake, memora^o. 


Keg, bareleto. 

Kitchen -gardener, legom- 

Kennel, himdejo. 


Kernel, kerno. 

Kitchen-jack, turnrostilo. 

Kettle, bolilo. 

Kitchen utensils, kuirilaro. 

Key, slosilo. 

Kite (bird), milvo. 

Key (of piano, etc.), 

Kite (toy), flugludilo. 


Knack, lerteco. 

Keyboard, klavaro. 

Knacker, defelisto. 

Keystone, cefstono. 

Knapsack, tornistro. 

Kick, piedfrapo. 

Knave, fripono. 

Kid, kaprido. 

Knave (cards), lakeo. 

Kidnap, forsteli. 

Knavery, friponeco. 

Kidney, reno. 

Knead, knedi. 

Kill, raortigi. 

Kneading-trough, kn ed u jo. 

Kill (animals), buci. 

Knee, genuo. 

Kilogramme, kilogramo. 

Kneecap, genuosto.* 

Kilolitre, kilolitre. 

Kneel, genufleksi. 

Kilometre, kilonietro. 

Knell, mortsonorado, fune- 

Kin, parenceco. 

bra sonorado. 

Kind (si)ecies), speco. 

Knife, trancilo. 

Kind, bona. 

Knife-blade, trancanto. 

Kindle, ekbruligi. 

Knight, kavaliro. 

Kindness, boneco. 

Knit, triki, trikoti. 

Kindred, parencaro. 

Knitting-needle, triki lo. 

King, rego. 

Knob, bntono. 

Kingdom, regolando, reg- 

Knock, frapi. 


Knock down, disjeti, dejeti. 

Kingfisher, alciono. 

Knot, ligtubero. 

Kingly (adj.), rega. 

Knot (bow), banto. 

Kingly (adv.), rege. 

Knot (in wood), lignotn- 

King's evil, skrofolo. 


Kinsfolk, parencaro. 

Knout, skurgo. 

Kinsman, parenco. 

Know, scii. 




Knoiv (to be acquainted 

with), koni. 
Knuckle, artiko. 
Kopeck, kopeko. 
Kfjran, Korano. 

Label, surskribeto. 

Lahorioits, laborema. 

Lahovatoi'ij, laborejo. 

Labour, laboro. 

Labour, labori. 

Labour, manual, mjuilaboro. 

Labourer, laboristo. 

Labyrinth, labiiinto. 

Lac (lacquer), lako. 

Lace, laci. 

Lace, pasamento. 

Lmcc (of shoe, etc.), luco. 

Lacerate, disSiri. 

Lack, bezono. 

Lachr, lacquer, ]al<i. 

Lackey, lacquey, lakeo. 

Laconic, lakona. 

Laconism, lakouismo. 

Lad, kiuibo, jniiulo. 

Laddei', stupetaro. 

La/ie, sargi. 

Ladinf/, bill of, garantiilii 

Lading, sargo — ado. 
La/ly, sinjorino, nobelino. 
Jaiij, malakccli. 
Laical, nereligia. 
Lair, nestego. 
Laity, iierehgiuloj. 

Lake, lago. 
Lamb, safido. 
Lame, to be, lami. 
Lament, bedaiiri. 
Lamentable, bedaiirinda. 
Lamp, lamj)o. 
Lampoan, satiro. 
Lamprey, petroniizo. 
Lance, lanco. 
Lancet, lance to. 
Land (goods), elsipigi. 
Lajui (a country), lando. 
Land (of persons), elsipigi. 
Land (soil), tero. 
Landgrave, landgrafo. 
Landing (place), platajo. 
Landlmd, bienulo, laniUin 

Landmark, terlimstono. 
Landscape, pejzago. 
Landslip, terdisfalo. 
Lane, strateto. 
LAinguage, lingvo. 
Language (speech), ling- 

Languid, malfortika. 
Languish, malfortigi. 
Lank, maldika. 
Lantern, lanterno. 
Lap, leki, lekiimi. 
Lapis lazuli, lapis lazuro. 
Lapse (of time), manko,. 

Larceny, stelo. 
LMrch, lariko. 
Lard, porkograso. 
Larder, manga je jo. 



Leap year 

Large, granda. 
JLargely, graiidege. 
Lad:, alaiido. 
Larva, larvo. 
Lari/nx, laiingo. 
Ijiscivioas, volujjtema. 
Ijash (to tie), alligi. 
Lash (to whip), skurgi. 
Lmss, juniilino. 
Lassitude, lacigo. 
Lasso, kaptosiiuro. 
Last (continue), daiiri. 
Last, lasta. 

LMst but one, aritaulasta. 
LMtch, pordrisorto, fermilo. 
Late, malfrua. 
Late, to he, malfrui. 
Late (deceased), mortinto 
Lxiteli/, antau ne longe. 
Latcne^s, nialfrueco. 
Latent, kasita. 
Lateral, flanka. 
Lath, paliseto. 
Lathe, torriilo. 
Lather, sapumi. 
Lather, sapumajo, Saiimajo. 
Latin, Latina, 
Latter, lasta, tiu ci. 
Lattice, palisplektajo. 
Laud, laiidi. 
Laudable, laiidebla. 
Laudation, laiidego. 
Laugh, ridi. 
Laughable, r i d i n d a. 
Laughter, ridado. 
Laundress, lavistino. 
Laundry, lavejo. 

Laurel, lauro. 

Lava, lafo. 

Lavish, malspara. 

Law, a, regido, lego. 

Lavj, the, legoscienco. 

Lacw/uI, rajta. 

Lawn, herbejo. 

LmwsuU, proceso. 

Lawyer, legisto. 

Lax, laksa. 

LAixative, laksilo. 

Lay (song), kanto. 

Lay (trans, v.), meti. 

Lay (eggs), demeti (ovojn) 

L.ay bare, senigi. 

Lay hold of, ekkapti. 

Lay open, malkovii. 

Lay waste, ruinigi. 

Layer (stratum), tavolo. 

Layman, nereligiulo. 

Laziness, mallaboreco. 

Lazy, mallaborema. 

Lead, konduki. 

Ijcad (metal), plumbo. 

L.eaii astray, deturni. 

Lead away, dekonduki. 

Leaf{tme), folio. 

L^eaf, folio. 

L^eague (union), ligo. 

Leaguer, ligano. 

L.eak, guteti. 

Lean, klini. 

Lean, mal^rasa. 

Lean, to grow, malgrasigi. 

Ljeap, salti. 

Leapfoncard, antaiiensalti. 

Leap year, superjaro. 


95 Letter of advice 

Learv, lerni. 

Learn (news, etc.), sciigi. 
Learn (thoroughly), ellerni. 
Learned (man), kleiiilo, 

Lease, lukrontakto. 
Leash, ligilo. 
L.east, i"nal]>lcj,- 
Least, at, ahnenau. 
L.eather, ledo. 
Leave, lasi. 
Leave (bequeath), testa- 

L.eave (depart), deiri. 
L.eave off, cesi. 
Leaven, fermentilo. 

Leavings (food), raangres- 

Lecture, parol ado. 

Leech, hirndo. 

Leer, flan ken rigardi. 

Lees, feco. 

L^t'ft, oil the, maldekstre 

Leg (limb), kruro. 

Leg (of a fowl, etc.), 

Leg of mutton, saffemuro. 

Legacy, heredajo. 

Legal, lega. 

Legation (place), senditejo. 

Lrgation, senditaro. 

Legend, legendo. 

Legible, legebla. 

Legion, legio. 

Legislate, legdoni. 

Lrgislative, legiganta. 

Legislator, legfara>ito. 

Legitimate, rajta. 
Ljegitimate, latilega. 
Leisure, libertempo. 
Lemon, citrono. 
L^emonade, limonado. 
Lemon tree, citronarbo. 
Lend, prunti, pruntedoni. 
L^ender, pruntanto. 
Ljength, longeco. 
Length, in, laiilonge. 
Lengthen, plilongigi. 
Leniency, malsevereco. 
Lenient, maLsevera. 
Lent (40 days before 

Easter), granda fasto. 
Lentil, lento. 
Leo^mrd, leopardo. 
Leper, leprulo. 
Lejyrosy, lepro. 
Leprous, lepra. 
Less, malpli. 
Lessee, luanto. 
Lessen, plimalgrandigi. 
L.esson, leciono. 
Lxssm', luiganto. (house, etc.), luigi. 
Let (before an infinitive), 

[jCt doivn, raallevi. 
Letlmrgy, letargio. 
Letter, capital, granda 

Letter (alphabet), litero. 
Ljetter (epistle), letero. 
Letter (registered), reko- 

mendita letero. 
Letter of advice, ricevavizo. 

Letter of exchangv- 96 


Letter of exchange, kambio. 

Lieutenant, leutenanto. 

Letter-box, posta kesto, 

Life, vivo. 


Lifeguard, korpogardisto. 

Letter - carrier (postman), 

Lifelong, dumviva. 


Lifetime, dumvivo. 

Letter-case, leterujo. 

Lift, levi. 

Lettuce, latuko. 

Lift up, altlevi. 

Lev£;Z (instrument), nivelilo. 

Lift, homlevilo. 

Level, nivela. 

Ligament, tendeno. 

Level (flat), ebena. 

Ligature, bandagilo. 

Lever, levilo. 

Light, lumi. 

Levity, malseriozo. 

Light, lumo, lumeco. 

Lewd, malcasta. 

Light (weight), malpeza. 

Lexicon, leksikono. 

Lighten, malpezigi. 

Liable, responda. 

Lightning, fulmo. 

Liability, respondeco. 

Ligh tning-conductor, f ulmo- 

Liar, mensogulo. 


Libation, oferverSo. 

Lighthouse, lumturo. 

Libel, kalumnii. 

Like, ameti. 

Liberal (generous), mala 

lAke, simila. 


Like (adv.), tiel 

Liberate, liberigi. 

Likelihood, versajno. 

Libertine, malcastulo. 

Likeness (similarity), simi- 

Liberty, libereco. 


Librarian, bibliotekisto. 

Likeness (portrait), por- 

Library, biblioteko. 


Libretto, libreto. 

Likely (adj.), ebla, versa] iia. 

License, permeso. 

Likely {ndv.), eble, versajno. 

Licentiate, licencato. 

IJkeivise, simile. 

Licentious, malbonmorii. 

Lilac, siringo. 

Lichen, liken o. 

Lilac (colour), siriiigkolora 

Lick (lap), leki. 

IMy, lilio. 

Lie (rest on), kusi. 

Limb, membro. 

Lie down, kusigi. 

Ume, kalko. 

Lie, mensogo. 

Lime tree, tilio. 

Lien, garantiajo. 

Limestone, kalkstono. 

Lieu (in lieu of), anstatau. 

Li?nit, limigi. 




Limit, limo. 
Limp, lami, lameti. 
Limpid, klarega. 
Linden, tilio. 
Lifie, linio. 
Line, siibstofi. 
Linen, tolo. 

Li7i£n (the washing), tolajo. 
Linen, hahy, vestajeto. 
Linen-room, tolajejo. 
Linger, prokrastigi. 
Lining, substofo. 
Link (of chain), cenero. 
Link, torco. 
Lint, carpio. 
Lion, leono. 
Lip, lipo. 
Liquefy, fluidigi. 
Liquid, fiuida. 
Liquid, fluidajo. 
Liquidate, likvidi. 
Liquidation, likvido. 
Liquidator, likvidanto. 
Liquor, likvoro. 
Liqux)iice, glicirizo. 
Lisp, lispi. 
List, registro. 
List of names, nomaro. 
List (index), tabelo. 
Listen, auskulti. 
Listless, senvigla. 
Litany, litanio. 
Literal, laulitera. 
Literally, lauliteie. 
Literary, literatura. 
Literateur, literaturisto. 
Literature, literature. 

Lithe, aktiva. 

Lithograph, litografi. 

Lithographer, litografisto. 

Lithography, litografarto. 

Litigation, procesado. 

Litigious, procesema. 

Litre, litro. 

Litter (animals), kuesjo. 

Litter, pajla^o. 

Little, a, iom. 

Little (not much, not 

many), malmulte. 
Little (small), malgranda. 
Littleness, malgrandeco. 
Liftoi'al, marbordo. 
Liturgy, liturgio. 
Live, vivi. 
Live (dwell), logi. 
Live, long ! vivu ! 
Licely, vigla. 
Liver, hepato. 
Livery, livreo, uniformo. 
Living, viva. 
Lizard, lacerto. 
Lo ! jcn. 
Load, sargi. 
Load (weapon), sargi. 
Load, sargo. 
Loadstone, magneto. 
Loaf, bulkego. 
Loan, prunto. 
Loathe, malamegi. 
Loathsome, nauziza. 
Lobby, vestiblo. 
Lobster, omaro. 
Local, loka. 
Locality, loko. 





Loch, I a go. 
Lock, slosi. 
Lock, seruro. 
Lock (hair), buklo. 
Lock (of canal, etc.), kluzo. 
Lockjaw, tetario. 
Locomotive, lokomotivo. 
Locksmith, seruristo. 
I^oclge (small house), 

L^odge (dwell), logi. 
Ljodger, luanto. 
Lodgings, logejo. 
T^oft (corn), grenejo. 
Loftiness ( character ), 

Lofty, altega. 
Log, stipo. 

Logarithm, logaritmo. 
Logic, logiko. 
Logogriph, logogrifo. 
Loins, lumboj. 
Loiter, vagi. 
Lone, lonely, sola. 
Loneliness, soleco. 
Long, longa. 
Long for, sopiri pri. 
L^ongitude, longo 
Long time, longatempe. 
Long while, longaternpe. 
L^ook, mieno, vizago. 
Look at, rigardi. 
Look for, serci. 
Looking-glass, spegulo. 
Look- out (man), observisto. 
Loom, teksilo. 
Jjoop (of ribbons), banto. 

Loose, ellasa. 
Loosen, ellasi. 
Lop, cirkauhaki. 
L^ord, the, la Sinjoro. 
Lord's Supper, Sankta 

Lordly, nobla. 
Lose, perdi. 

Lose, at play, malgajni. 
Lose time (of a watch, etc.), 

Lose one's self, perdigi. 
Lose one's ivay, voj perdi. 
Loss, perdo. 
Ljot (destiny), sorto. 
Lot, lotajo. 
Lots, to cast, loti. 
Lottery, loterio. 
Loud, lauta. 
Loudly, laute. 
Loudness, laiiteco. 
Lough, lago. 
Lounger, vagulo. 
Louse, pediko. 
Love, ami. 

Jjove, to make, amindumi. 
Lover, amanto, amisto. 
Low (cry of a cow), bleki. 
Low (sound), basa. 
Low (not loud), mallauta. 
Low (not high), malalta. 
Lower, mallevi. 
Lower price, rabati. 
Lowly, humila. 
LoivUness, humileco. 
Loyal, fidela. 
Loyalty, fideleco. 




Lozenge (geom.), lozango. 
Lozenge, pastel o. 
Lucid, klara. 
Lucky sanco, bonsanco. 
Lucky, saiica, boiisanca. 
Lucrative, profita. 
Ludicrous, ridinda. 
Luggage, pakajo. 
Lukewarm, varmeta. 
Lull, kvietigi. 
Lullaby, lulkanto. 
Luminary, lumigilo. 
Luminous, lumiga. 
Lump, bulo. 
Lunacy, lunatikeco. 
Lunar, luna. 
Lunatic, lunatikulo. 
Lunch, tagraezomango. 
Lung, pulrao. 
Lurch, sanceligi. 
Lure, trompi, logi. 
Lund, malhela. 
Lurk, sin kasi (insideme). 
Luscious, bongusta. 
Lust, avideco. 
Lustre (lam[)), lustro. 
Lustre, brilo. 
L\isty, fortega. 
Lute, liiito. 
Lutheran, luterano. 
Luxury, lukso. 
Luxurims, luksa. 
Lyceum, liceo. 
Lye, lesivo. 
Lymph, limfo. 
Lynx, linko. 
Lyre, liro. 


Macadam, makadamo. 
Macaroni, makaronio. 
Machine, masino. 
Machine, sewing, stebilo. 
Machinery, radaro, masi- 

Machinist, masinisto. 
Mad, freneza. 
Madam, sinjorino. 
Madden, frenezigi. 
Madly, IVeneze. 
Madness, frenezeco. 
Madrigal, madrigalo. 
Magazine, revuo, gazetc. 
Magazine (store-house), 

Maggot, akaro. 
Magic, magio. 
Magician, magiisto. 
Magisterial, majstrata. 
Magistrate, magistrate. 
Magnanimous, grandanima. 
Magnet, magneto. 
Magnetise, magnetizi. 
Magnetism, magnetismo. 
Magnificent, belega. 
Magnify, pligrandigi. 
Magnitude, grand eco. 
Magpie, pigo. 
Mahogany, mahagono. 
Mahomet, Mahometo. 
Malwmetan, Mahometano. 
Maid, fraiilino. 
Maiden, virgub'no. 

II 2 




Maidenly, virga. 

Malignant, malicema. 

Maid-servant, servistino. 

Malleable, eteiidebla. 

Mail, posto. 

Mallet, martelego. 

Mail (armour), maso. 

Mallow, malvo. 

Maim, vundegi. 

Malt, bierliordeo, hordeo 

Mainly, cefe. 


Maintain, subteni. 

Maltreat, bati. 

Maintain (assert), pretendi. 

Mama, patrineto. 

Maintenance, subtenado. 

Mammal, mamsucbesto. 

Maize, maizo. 

Man, homo. 

Majestic, majesta. 

Man (male), viro. 

Majesty, majesto. 

Manage, administri. 

Major (milit.), majoro. 

Management, ad m i n i stra( 1 o. 

Major (mus.), dura. 

Manager, administranto. 

Majority (age), })lenago. 

Mandate, skribordono,. 

Majority, plimulto 


Make, fari. 

Mandarin, Mandarino. 

Make glad, gojigi. 

Mane, kolhararo. 

Make good, rebonigi. 

Manganese, mangano. 

Make hade, rapidigi. 

Mange, bestjuko — skabio. 

Make holy, sanktigi. 

Mange?', mangujo. 

Make known, sciigi. 

Mangle (to maim), sen- 

Make longer, plilongigi 


Make an obeisance, river- 

Manhood, viieco. 


Mania, maiiio. 

Make public, publilcigi. 

Maniac, frenezulo. 

Make stronger-, plifortigi. 

Manifest, elmontri. 

Make younger, plijunigi. 

Manifest, evidenta. 

Malachite, malakito. 

Manifest, klara. 

Malady, malsano. 

Manifesto, manifesto. 

Malcontent, mixlkonientulo. 

Manifold, multenoml)ra. 

Male, viro. 

Manikin, kvazaiihomo. 

Malediction, malbeno. 

Mankind, homaro. 

Malefactor, krimulo. 

Manly, vira. 

Malevolence, malbonvolo. 

Manliness, vireco. 

Malicious, malica. 

Manna, manao. 

Malign, kalumnii. 

Manner, matiiero. 




Manner J in this, tiamaniere. 
Manner, in that, tiel. 
Mannered, bonmora 
Manners, moroj. 
Manometer, manometro. 
Mansion, domego. 
Alanslaughter, mortbato. 
Mantle, mantelo. 
Manual, mana. 
Manual, lernolibro. 
Manufactory, fabrikejo. 
Manufacture, fabriki. 
Manufacture, fabiiko. 
Manure, sterko. 
Manuscript, manuskripto. 
Many, multo. 
Many, multaj. 
Many of, multe da. 
Many, how, kiom. 
Many, so, tiom. 
Map, karto, geografikarto. 
Mar, difekti, malbonfor- 

Maraud, rabeti. 
Marble, marmoro. 
March (month), Mario. 
March, raarsi. 
March, marsado. 
Marchioness, markizino. 
Mare, cevalino. 
Margin, margeno. 
Marguerite (daisy), lekaii- 

Marigold, kalendulo. 
Marine, mara. 
Marine, marsoldato. 

Mariner, maristo. 
Marionette, marioneto. 
Maritime, mara. 
3fark (sign), signo. 
Mark, marko. 
Market, vendejo. 
Marl, kalkargilo. 
Manrudade, f r uk taj o . 
Marmot, marmoto. 
Marquis, Markizo. 
Marriage (state), edzeco. 
Marriage (ceremony^ 

edzigo, edzinigo. 
MarriageaUe, edzigebla. 
Married, to get, edzi(in)gi. 
Marry a man, edzigi. 
Marry a woman, edzinigi. 
Marry (unite), geedzigi. 
Marry, geedzigi. 
Marsh, marco. 
Marshal, marsalo. 
Marsh mallow, alteo. 
Mart, vendejo. 
Martial, militama — ema. 
Marten, mustelo. 
Martingale, kapdetenilo. 
Martyr, turmentito. 
Martyr, suferanto. 
Martyrdom, turmento. 
Martyrdom, sufero. 
Marvel, miri. 
Marvel, mirindajo. 
Marvellous, mirinda. 
Masculine, vira. 
Masculine, virseksa. 
Mash, miksajo. 
Masher, dan do. 
Mask, masko. 




Mask, maski. 
Mason, masonisto. 
Masquercuie, maskitaro. 
Mass, meso. 
Mass, amaso. 
Massacre, elmortigi. 
Massacre, bucado. 
Massive, masiva. 
Mast, masto. 

Master (of house), mastro. 
Master (teacher),instruisto. 
Master (of profession), 

Mr., sinjoro. 
Masterpiece, cef verko. 
Mastic, mastiko. 
Masticate, maci. 
Mastication, macado. 
Mastiff, korthundo. 
Mat, mato. 

Match, alumeto, egaligi. 
Match-box, alumetujo. 
Match, kompari, egaligi. 
Matchless, nekomparebla. 
Matchmaker, alumctisto. 
Match (marriage), svatisto, 
Mate, Sipoficiro. 
Mate, kunulo. 
Material (cloth), stofo. 
Material, materialo. 
Materialism, materialismo, 
Materialist, materialisto. 
Maternal, patrina. 
Maternity, patrineco. 
Mathematician, matemati 

Matrimony, geedzeco. 

Matrix, utero. 

Matron, patrino. 

Matron, potronino, estrino. 

Matter, stofo. 

Matter, materialo. 

Matter, (pus), puso. 

Mattock, pikfosilo. 

Mattress, matraco. 

Mature, matura. 
j Mature, maturigi — igi. 
I Maturity, matureco, 
I Maul, bategi. 

Maxillary, makzela. 

Maxim, prove rbo. 

Maximum, maksimumo. 

May (month), Majo. 

May-hug, majskarabo. 

Mayhap, eble. 

Mayor, urbestro. 

Maze, labirinto. 

Mazurka, mazurko. 

Me, (al) mi, min. 

Meadow, herbejo. 

Meagre (poor), malrica. 

Mtcil (flour), faruno. 

Meal, mango. 


Mean (paltry), malgranda- 

Mean (stingy), trospara. 

Mean, signifi. 

Meaning, signifo. 

Meaning (of a word), senco 

Means of, by, per. 

Means, by no, neniel. 

Measles, morbilo. 

Measure, mezuri. 




Measure (quantity),mezuro 
Measure, mezurilo. 
Measure (time, mus.),taktc) 
Measurement, mezurajo — 

Meat, viando. 
Mechanic, metiisto. 
Mechanic (engineer), melia- 

Mechanism, metanismo. 
Mechanics, mehaniko. 
Mechanical, mehanika. 
Medal, medalo. 
Medallion, medaliono. 
Meddle, enmiksigi. 
Medi(Eval, mezepoka. 
Mediate, peri. 
Mediate, pera. 
Mediatoi', pernio. 
Medical, medicina. 
Medicament, knracilo. 
Medicinal, medicina. 
Medicine, kuracilo. 
Medicine (art), medicino. 
Mediocre, malboncta. 
Meditate, mediti. 
Meditation, mcdito. 
Mediterranean, Mezomaro. 
Medium (spiritualism), 

Medium, meza. 
Meek, humilega. 
Meet, renkonti. 
Meeting, renkonto. 
Meeting (of club, etc.), 

Meeting-place, kunvenejo. 

Melancholy, melankolio. 
Melancholy, melankolia. 
Mellow, matura. 
Melodious, melodia. 
Melody, melodio. 
Melodrama, melodramo. 
Melon, melono. 
Melt, fluidigi. 
Member (limb), membro. 
Member (of club), klubano. 
Membrane, membrano. 
Memento, memorajo. 
Memorable, memorinda, 
Memm-andum, noto. 
Memmial, memorajo. 
Memory, memoro. 
Menace, minaci. 
Menacing, minaca. 
Menagery, bestejo. 
Mend, fieki. 
Mendacity, mensogeco. 
Mendicant, almozulo. 
Menial, servulo. 
Menses, monatajo. 
Mental, spirita. 
Mention, citi, nomi. 
Menu, mangokarto. 
Mercantile, komerca. 
Mercenary, dungato. 
Mercenary, subaceteblu. 
Merchandise, komercajo. 
Merchant, negocisto. 
Merciful, kompata — em a. 
Mercury, hidrai'go. 
Mercy, kompato — eco. 
Mere, nura. 
Merely, nure. 




Meridian, meridiaiio. 

Midwife, akusistino. 

Merino, merinoslano. 

Mien, mieno. 

Merit, merito. 

Might, potenco. 

Alerit, meriti. 

Mighty, potenca. 

Merniaid, sireno. 

Mignonette, resedo. 

Merriment, gajeco. 

Migrate, migri. 

Merry, gaja. 

Milch, laktodona. 

Mesh, niaso. 

Mild, dolca. 

Mess, kunmangi. 

Mildew, si mo. 

Message, depeso. 

Mildness, dolceco. 

Messenger, sendito. 

Mile, mejlo. 

Messiah, Savon to, Mesio. 

Militant, milita. 

Messmate, kunmanganto. 

Military, milita 

Metal, metal 0. 

Military man, militi.-to. 

Metallic, metala. 

Militia, mili tan tare. 

Metallurgy, metalurgio. 

Milk, melki. 

Metaphor, metaforo. 

Milk, lakto. 

Mete, dividi, disdoni. 

Mill, mueliio. 

Meteoi', meteoro. 

Mill-house, muelejo. 

Meteorology, meteorologio. 

Miller, muelisto. 

Meter, mezarilo. 

Millenium, miljaro. 

Method, metodo. 

Millet, milio. 

Metre, metro. 

Milligram, miligramo. 

Metric, metra. 

Millimeter, milimetro. 

Metropolis, cefurbo. 

Milliner, capelistino. 

Mettle, fervoro, kui'ago 

Millinery, galanterio. 

Mew, katbleki. 

Million, miliono. 

Miasma, miasmo. 

Milt, laktumo. 

Mica, glimo. 

Mimic, imiti. 

Microbe, mikrobo. ' 

Mince, haketi. 

Microscope, mikroskopo. 

Mind (heed), atenti. 

Midday, tagmezo. 

Mind (a patient), flegi. 

Middle, centro. 

Mind, spirito. 

Middle, meza. 

Mind (see after), zorgi. 

Midnight, noktomezo. 

Mindful, zorga. 

Midsummer, duonjaro, 

Mine, mia, mian. 


Mine (pit), mino. 




Mine, subfosi. 
Miller, ministo. 
Mineral, mineralo. 
Minei'alogy, mineralogio. 
Mingle, miksi. 
Miniature, miniaturo. 
Minimum, minimumo. 
Minister (religious), pasti'o 
Minister (polit.), miiiistro. 
Ministry, ministraro. 
Minor (age), nepleriaga. 
Minor (mus.), molo 

Minority (age), neplenago 
Minmity, malplimulto. 
Minstrel, bardo, kantisto. 
Mint, men to. 
Minute, meiiueto. 
Minuet (time), minuto. 
Minute (note), noto. 
Minute, malgrandega. 
Minutiae, detaleto. 
Miracle, miraklo. 
Miraculous, mirakla. 
Mire, slimo, koto. 
^Mirror, spegulo. 
Mirth, gajeco, kun — 
Miry, slimhava. 
Misapply, eraralmeti. 
Misapprehend, malkom- 

Misapprehension, malkom- ' 

Misanthrope, homevitirio ' 
Misbehave, malbonkonduti. 
Miscarry, malsukcesi. 

Miscellaneous, miksita, 

di versa. 
Mischunce, malfelico. 
Mischief, malboneco, mal- 

Mischievous, malbonema. 
Misconception, malkom- 

preno — eco. 
Miscreant, malbonulo. 
Misdeed, malbonfaro. 
Misdemeanour, krimeto. 
Mis&r*, avarulo. 
Miserable, malgaja. 
Miserly, avara. 
Misery, mi zero. 
Misfortune, malfelico. 
Misinterpretation, konti'aii- 

Misgiving, dubo. 
Mishap, malfelico. 
Misinfoi'm, malsciigi. 
Mislay, erarigi, negustmeti, 

Mislead, erarigi. 
Mislead (deceive), trompi. 
Misplaced, negiistloka. 
Misprint, preseraro. 
Miss, manki. 
Miss, Fraiilino. 
Missile, jetarmilo. 
Missing, manka. 
Mission, misio. 
Missionary, misiisto. 
Mist, nebuleto. 
Mistake, eraro. 




Mistaken, to he, trompigi. 
Mistletoe, visko. 
Mistress (house), mastrino. 
Mistress (lover), amantino. 
Mistress (school), instruis- 

Mistrust, malfido. 
Mistrust, siispekti. 
Misty, nebuleta. 
Misunderstand, malkom- 

Misuse, maluzi, malbonuzi. 
Mite, akaro. • 

Mite (coin), monereto. 
Mitre, mitro. 
Mitigate, moderigi. - 
Mix, miksi. 
Mixture, miksajo. 
Moan, gemi. 
Moat, fosajo. 
Moh, amaso. 
Mobile, movebla. 
Mobilize, mobilizi. 
Mock, moki. 
Mockery, moko — eco. 
Mode, modo. 
Model, modelo. 
Model, modeli. 
Moderate, mod era. 
Moderate, moderigi. 
Moderation, modertco. 
Modern, moderna. 
Modest, modesta. 
Modesty, modesteco. 
Modify, sangi. 
Modulate, moduli. 
Modulation, modulado. 

Moiety, duono. 
Moist, malseketa. 
Moisten, malseketigi. 
Moisture, malseketajo. 
Molasses, mielsiropo. 
Molar, vanga dento. 
Mole (animal), talpo. 
Molest, turmenti, lacigi. 
Mollify, moderigi. 
Mollusk, molusko. 
Moment (time), momento. 
Momentous, gravega. 
Monarch, monarho. 
Monarchy, monarfiejo. 
Monastery, monaliejo, 
Monday, Lundo. 
Monetary, mona. 
Money, mono. 
Money-order, postman dato. 
Mongrel, liibrida. 
Monitor, avertulo, aver- 

Monk, monaho. 
Monkey, simio. 
Monograph, monografo. 
Monogram,, monogramo. 
Monologue, monologo. 
Monomania, monomanio. 
Monopolise, monopoligi. 
Monopoly, monopolo. 
Monosyllable, unusilabo. 
Monotonous (of form)^ 

Monotonous (of tone), 

Monster, monstro. 
Monstrous, monstra. 




Month, monato. 

Monthly (adj.), cinmonata. 

Monument, monumento. 

Mood, modo. 

Moody, silentema. 

Moon, luno. 

Moonlight, lunbr-ilo. 

Moor, stepo. 

Moor (a ship, etc.), alligi 

per snurego. 
Moot, disputebla. 
Mope, malgojigi. 
Moral, morala. 
Moi'alityy moraleco. 
Morals, etiko, moro. 
Morass, marcejo — ajo. 
M&i'hid, malsana. 
Mordant, morda. 
Ma)-e (than), pli (ol). 
More, plu. 
More, the — the mm-e, jn 

pli— des pli. 
Moreover, plie. 
Morgue, mortulejo. 
Moribund, mortanto. 
Morning, niateno. 
Morocco (leather), maro- 

Mooose, malgaja. 
Moroseness, malgajeco. 
Morrow, morgaiitago. 
Morsel, peceto. 
Mortal (subject to death), 

Mortal (deadly), raortiga. 
Mortal, a, mortonta — o. 
Mortality (effect), mortado. 

Mortality (state), morteco. 
Mortar, a, pistujo 
Mortar (milit.),bombardilo 
Mmiar (building), mortei< >. 
Moi'tgage, hipoteko. 
Mar tiji cation, hurniligo. 
Mm-tijication, gangrene. 
Mortify, gangreni. 
Mortify, hnmiligi. 
Mosaic, mozaiko. 
Mosquito, kulo. 
Moss, musko. 
Most, plej. 
Mostly, pleje. 
Moth, tiup 
Mother, patrino. 
Motion move. 
Motionless, seaiiiova. 
Motive, kauzo. 
Motive, moviga. 
Motor, movilo, motoro. 
Motto, devizo. 
Mould, modelilo. 
Mould (soil), tero. 
Mouldy, si ma. 
Mouldy, to get, §imigi. 
Moult, sangi plumojn. 
Moult (birds), san^i 

Mound, remparo, digo. 
Mount, supreniri. 
Mount, monteto. 
Mountain, monto. 
Mountaineer, montano. 
Mountainous, monta. 
Mountain-range, montaro. 
Mountebank, Jonglisto. 




Afourrif malgoji, ploregi. 

Mulct (fine), mona puno, 

Mournful, funebra. 


Mourning (dress), funebra 

Mule, mulo. 


Muleteer, mulisto. 

Mouse, muso. 

Mulish, obstina. 

Mouse, shrew, soriko. 

Multiple, multoblo. 

Mouse-trap, miiskaptilo. 

Multiplicand, multigato. 

Moustache, lipharoj. 

Multiplication, mul tigado. 

Mouth, buso. 

Multiplied, multigita. 

Mouth (of river), enfiiio. 

Multiplier, multiganto. 

Movable, movebla. 

Multiply (trans.), multigi. 

Move, raovi. 

Multiply i\i\tv3,\\ii.),m.\x\t\g\. 

Move (furniture), traiis- 

Mumble, murmuri. 


Mummy, mumo. 

Move in (dwelling), enlogi 

Munch, maci. 

Moveout{diWQ\\mg) ellogigi . 

Mundane, monda. 

Move (feelings), kortusi. 

Municipal, urjja. 

Moved (to be), kortusigi. 

Munificence, malavareco. 

Movement, movado. 

Mu7iificent, malavara. 

Mou^, falci. 

Murder, mortigi. 

Much, multe da. 

Murder, mortigo. 

Much, multa. 

Murderer, mortiganto. 

Much, so, tiom. 

Murky, malhela, malluma. 

Much, how, kiom da. 

Murmur, murmuri. 

Much, too, tro multe. 

Muscat wine, muskatvino. 

Mucus, muko. 

Muscle, muskolo. 

Mud, slirao, koto. 

Muscular, muskola. 

Muddle (of liquors), mal- 

Muse, muzo. 


Muse, revi. 

Muddle (bungle), fusi. 

Museum, muzeo. 


Mushroom, fungo. 

Muddle (bungle), konfuzo. 

Music, muziko. 

Mudguard, kotsirmilo. 

Musical, muzika. 

Muf, mufo. 

Musician, muzikisto. 

Muffle, envolvi. 

Music (to play), muziki. 

Mug, pokaleto, poteto. 

Muskrat, miogalo. 

Mulberry, moruso. 

Musket, pafilo. 




Muslin, muslino. 

Mussel, mitulo. 


Must (verb), d(3vas. 

Must, mosto. 

Nadir, nadiro. 

Mustard, musfcardo. 

Nail{oi finger, etc.), ungo. 

Mustard plant, sinapo. 

Nail, najli. 

Mustard - jjlaster, sinapa 

Naive, naiva. 


Naked, nuda. 

Muster, kunvenigi. 

Name, nomi. 

Musty, malfresa. 

Name, Christian, bapto- 

Mutation, sangado. 


Mute, muta. 

Namely, nome. 

Mute, mutulo. 

Nam/'sake, samnomnlo. 

Mutilate, vundegi. 

Nankeen, nankeno. 

Mutinous, ribela. 

Nap (doze), dormeti. 

Mutiny, ribelo. 

Nape, nuko. 

Mutter, murmuri. 

Napkin, bustuko. 

Mutton, Safajo. 

Narcissus, narciso. 

Mutton, leg of, waftemiiro. 

Narcotic, narkotiko. 

Mutual, reciproka. 

Narrate, rakonti. 

Mutually, reciproke. 

Narrative, rakonto. 

Muzzle (ioY a dog), busumo. 

Narrow, mallarga. 

Muzzle, busiimi. 

Narrowly, mallarge. 

My, mia, mi an. 

Narrowness, mallargeco. 

My optic, miopa, miopema. 

Nasal, naza. 

Myopy, miopeco. 

Nasty, malagrabla. 

Myosotis, miozoto. 

Natation, n agar to. 

Myriad, miriado. 

Nation, nacio. 

Myriametre, miriametro. 

National, nacia. 

Myrrh, mirho. 

Nationality, nacieco. 

Myrtle, mirto. 

Native, landano, enhindulo. 

Mysterious, mistera. 

Native, enlanda. 

Mystery, mistero. 

Native-land, |)atrujo. 

Mystify, mistifiki. 

Nativity, naskigo. 

Mystification, mistifiko. 

Natural (music), naturo. 

Myth, mi to. 

Natural, natura. 

Mythology, mitologio. 

Naiuralism, naturalismo. 

Naturalist 110 Network 

Naturalist, naturalisto. 

Necromancer, nekroman- 

Naturally, nature. 

cisto, sorcisto. 

Naturally (of course), 

Nectar, nektaro. 


Need, bezoni. 

Naturalness, naturaleco. 

Need, malriceco. 

Nature, naturo. 

Needful, bezona, necesa. 

Naught, nulo. 

Needle, kudrilo. 

Naughty, malbona. 

Needy, malrica. 

Nausea, nauzo. 

Negation, neado. 

Nauseate, nauzi. 

Negative, nea. 

Nauseous, nauza. 

Neglect, ne zorgi pri. 

Nautical, si pa. 

Neglected, nezorgita. 

Naval, si pa. 

Neglectful, senzorga. 

Nave (church), navo. 

Negligent, malatenta. 

Nam (wheel), aksingo. 

Negligence, malatento. 

Navigable, sipirebla. 

Negotiate, negoci. 

Navigate, mar ve burl. 

Negotiation, negocado. 

Navigation, marveturado. 

Negro, nigrulo. 

Navy, siparo. 

Neigh, cevalbleki. 

Navvy, terfosisto. 

Neighbour, najbaro. 

Nay, ne. 

Neighbourhood, cirkaiiajo. 

Near, proksima. 

Neighbouring, samlima. 

Near by, apud. 

Neither, nek. 

Nearly, preskau. 

Neo-Latin, novlatina. 

Nearness, proksimeco. 

Neologism, neologismo. 

Neat, pura, deca. 

Nephew, nevo. 

Neatness, pureco, dececo. 

Nepotism, nepotismo. 

Nebulous, nebula. 

Nerve, nervo. 

Necessary, necesa. 

Nervous, nerva. 

Necessity, neceseco. 

Nervousness, nerveco. 

Neck, kolo. 

Nest, nesto. 

N'eck (of vase), nazeto. 

Nestle, kusigeti. 

Neck (of land), terkolo. 

Nestling, birdido. 

Neckcloth, koltuko. 

Net, reto. 

Necklace, cirkaiikolo. 

Netting, retajo. 

Necktie, kravato. 

Nettle, urtiko. 

Necrology, nekrologio. 

Netwoi'k, retake. 




I^euralgia, neuralgic. 
Neuter^ neutra. 
JVeiUral, neutnila. 
Neutrality, iieiitraleco. 
Never, neniam. 
Nevertheless, tamen. 
New, nova. 
Xews, sciigo, nova]0. 
Xcwspaper, jurnalo. 
^ew Years Day, novjar- 

Next, sekvanta. 
Next (near), plejproksima. 
Nibble, mordeti. 
Nice, agrabla. 
Niche, nico. 
Nick (notch), tranceti. 
Nickel, nikelo. 
Nicknamey moknomo. 
Nicotine, nikotino. 
Niece, nevino. 
Niggard, avarulo. 
Nigh, proksima. 
Nigh (time), baldaua. 
Night, nokto. 
Nightly, nokta. 
Night, by, nokte. 
Nightingale, n a j ti n galo. 
Night-watch, nokta patrolo 
Nightmare, terursongo. 
Nimble, vigla. 
Nimbus, glorkrono. 
Nine, nati^. 

Ninny, simplanimulo. 
Nip, pinci. 
Nippers, prenileto. 
Nitre, salpetro. 
Nobility, nobelaro. 

Noble, nobla. 

Nobleman, nobclo. 

Nobleness, nobleco. 

Nobody, neniu. 

Nocturnal, nokta. 

Nocuous, pereiga. 

Nod (beckon), signodoni. 

No, ne. 

N^o one, neniu. 

Noise, bruo. 

Noisome, nauza, malbono- 

Noisy (of children), petola. 
Nomad, migranto. 
Nomadic, migranta. 
Nom-de-ylume, pseud o- 

Nomenclature, nomaro. 
Nominal, nominala. 
Nominative, nominativo. 
Nonchalance, apatio. 
Nonconfoi'mist, nekonform- 

Nondescript, nepriskriba. 
N^one, neniom. 
Nonentity, neestajo. 
Nonsense, sensencajo, 

Non-success, malprospero. 
N'ook, anguleto. 
Noon, tagmezo. 
Noose, ligotubero. 
Nor, nek. 
Normal, normala. 
North, nordo. 
Noi'therly, nor da. 
Northern, norda. 
Nose, nazo. 




Nosebag^ mangujo. 
Nosegay, bukedo. 
Nostril, naztruo. 
Not, ne. 

Notable, fama, grava. 
Notary, notario. 
Note, iioti, rimarki. 
Note (music), noto. 
Note (letter), letereto. 
Notebook, notlibreto. 
Note of exclamation, 

signo ekkria. 
Note of interrogation, 

signo demand a. 
Nothing, nenio. 
Notice, rimarki. 
Notice (public), surskribo. 
Notice, avizo. 
Notification, sciigo. 
Notify, sciigi. 
Notion, ekkono. 
Notoriety, konateco. 
Notorious, malglora. 
Notivithstanding, tamen 
Nought, nulo. 
Nought, nenio. 
Noun, substantive. 
Nourish, nutri. 
Nourishing, nutra. 
Nourishment, nutra] o. 
Novel (romance), romano. 
Novelty, novajo. 
November, Novembro. 
Novice, novulo. 
Noviceship, noviceco. 
Novitiate, provtempo. 
Novitiate (place), novicejo. 

Now, nun. 

Noivadays, nuntempe. 

Noichere, nenic. 

Noxious, malutila, vencna. 

Nozzle, nazeto. 

Nude, nuda. 

Niidify, nudeco. 

Null, nuliga. 

Nullify, nuligi. 

Numb, rigidigi. 

Numbness, rigideco. 

Number (quantity), nom- 

Number, nuraero. 
Numeral, numero. 
Numerical, nombra. 
Numerous, mult-i. 
Numerously, muitege. 
Nun, mdnanino 
Nuncio, nuncio.^ 
Nunnery, monaliinejo. 
Nuptial edziga. 
Nurse (a child), varti. 
Nurse, nutristino. 
Nurse, flegistino. 
Nurse (hospital), malsanu- 

Nurse (wet), sucigistiuo. 
Nurseling, sucirifano. 
Nursemaid, vartistino, 

Nursery (horticulture), 

plantejo, florkulturejo. 
Nursery, infancambro. 
Nurture, el nutri. 
Nut, nukso. 
Nut (of a screw), sraubingo. 




Nutmeg, muskato. 

Oblige (render service). 

Nutriment, nut laj o. 

fari komplezon. 

Nutritious, nutra. 

Obliged, to be, devi. 

Nymph, nimfo. 

Obliging, servema. 

Oblique, oblikva. 

Obliquity, oblikveco. 


Obliterate, surstreki. 

Oblivion, forgeso. 

Oaf, idiotulo. 

Oblivious, forgesa. 

Oak, kverko. 

Oblong, longforma. 

Oakum, stupo. 

Obnoxious, ofendega. 

Oar, lemilo. 

Obscene, malbonmora, mal- 

Oasis, oazo. 


Oath (legal), jiiro. 

Obscure, mallumigi. 

Oath (curse), blasfemo. 

Obscure, malhela. 

Oatmeal, grio. 

Obscurity, senlumeco, mal- 

Obduracy, obstineco. 


Obdurate, obstina. 

Obsequies, enter igiro. 

Obedience, obeo. 

Observance (rite), cere- 

Obedient, obea. 

monio — ado. 

Obeisance, riverenco. 

Observant, observema. 

Obelisk, obelisko. 

Observation, observo— ado. 

Obese, grasega. 

Observatory, observatorio. 

Obesity, vastkorpeco. 

Observe (make a remark), 

Obey, obei. 


Obituary, nekrologio. 

Observe (see), vidi. 

Object (end, aim), celo. 

Obsolete, troantikva. 

Object, kontrauparoli. 

Obstacle, baro, kontraiiajo. 

Object, objekto. 

Obstinacy, obstineco. 

Objection, kontrauparolo. 

Obstinate, to be, obstini. 

Objectionable, riprocebla- 

Obstinate, obstina. 


Obstruct, obstrukci. 

Objective (purpose), celo. 

Obstruction, baro, obstruk- 

Oblation, ofero. 


Obligation, devo. 

Obtain, ricevi, atingi. 

Obligatory, deviga. 

Obtrude, trudi. 

Oblige (compel), devigi. 

Obtrusion, trudo — eco. 

Obtrusive IH Olive-shaped 

Obtrusive, trudema. 

Offence, peketo, ofendo. 

Obtuse, malakra, malin- 

Offend, ofendi. 


Offender, ofendanto. 

Obverse, autaua flanko. 

Offensive, of end a. 

Obviate, malhelpi. 

Offer (propose), propono. 

Obvious, videbla, evidenta. 

Offer (present), prezenti. 

Occasion, okazo 

Offer (sacrifice), oferi. 

Occasional, okaza. 

Offering, oferdono, of era] o. 

Occult, kasata. 

Offertory, mona kolektado. 

Occupant, okupanto, lo- 

Office (divine), Diservo. 


Office (function), ofico. 

Occupation, okupo. 

Office, p'inting, presejo. 

Occupy, okupi. 

Office, oficejo. 

Occupied ivith, to be, oka- 

Office, post, posta oficejo. 

pigi pri. 

Officer (military), oficiro. 

Occur, okazi. 

Officer, non-commissionedy 

Occurrence, okazo. 


Ocean, oceano. 

Official, oficisto. 

Oceania, Oceanio. 

Official, oficiala. 

Ochre, okro. 

Officiate, agi. 

Octave, oktavo. 

Officious, agama. 

October, Oktobro. 

Offspring, ido, idaro. 

Ocular, okula. 

Often, ofte. 

Ocularly, okule. 

Oh ! ho ! 

Oculist, okulisto. 

Oil, oleo. 

Odd (peculiar), stranga. 

Oilcloth, vakstolo. 

Odd (number), nepara. 

Ointment, smirajo. 

Oddly, strange. 

Old (not new), malnova. 

Ode, odo. 

Old (aged), maljuna. 

Odious, malaminda. 

Old, to grow, maljunigi. 

Odium, malamo. 

Old, to make, maljunigi. 

Odour, odoro. 

Old age, maljuneco. 

Odorous, odora. 

Olden (time), antikva. 

Of, de. 

Oldness, malnoveco. 

Of (after noun of measure, 

Oligarchy, oligarkio. 

etc.), da. 

Olive, olivo. 

Off, he I foriru ! 

Olive-shaped, olivforma. 

Olive tree 115 Or 

Olive tree, olivarbo. 

Opera-house, operejo. 

Omelet, ovajo. 

Operate (surgery), operacii. 

Omen, antausigno. 

Operate, funkcii. 

Ominous, gravega. 

Opefi'atic, opera. 

Omission, formetado. 

Operation, operacio. 

Omit, formeti, forigi. 

Operative, metiisto. 

Omnibus, omnibuso. 

Operative, agebla. 

Omnijjotent, 6iopova. 

Operetta, opereto. 

Omnipresence, cieesto. 

Opinion, to he of an, opinii. 

Omniscient, cioscia. 

Opium, opio. 

On, sur. 

Opponent, kontrauu. 

Once, foje, unu fojon. 

Opportune, gustatempa. 

Once upon a time, iam. 

Opportunity, okaz'^ 

One, imu. 

Oppose, kontraiimeti, kori- 

One day (sometime), iam. 


One-eyed, unuokula. 

Opposed to, to he, kontrau- 

Oneness, unueco. 


Onion, bulbo. 

Opposite (in opposition), 

Only, nur. 


Onset, atako. 

Opposite facing), kontraiie. 

Ontology, ontologio. 

Opposition, kontraumeto — 

Onward, antaue, n. 


Onyx, onikso. 

Oppress, subpremi. 

Ooze, traguteti. 

Oppressor^ tirano, subprem- 

Opal, opalo. 


Opaque, maldiafana. 

Opprohrium, malnobleco, 

Open, malfermi. 


Open, to throw, malfermegi. 

Optics, optiko. 

Open (candid), nekasema. 

Optical, optika. 

Open (uncork, etc.), mal- 

Optician, optikisto. 


Optimism, optimismo. 

Open (of flowers), ekflori. 

Optimist, optimisto. 

Open- hearted, malkovra- 

Option, elekto — a^o, 


Opulence, riceco. 

Openly, nekaseme, tutkora. 

Opulent, rica. 

Opera, opero. 

Opisculum, libreto, brosuro. 

Opera-glass, lorneto. 

Or, ail. 




Oracle, orakolo. 
Oral, voca, parola. 
Orange, oraiigo. 
Orange (colour), orang 

Orangery, oraiigerio. 
Oration, parolado. 
Orator, oratoro, parolisto. 
Oratory (chapel), pregejeto. 
Oratory, elokventeco. 
Orchwd, fruktarbejo. 
Orchestra, orkestro. 
Ordain, ordeni. 
Ordeal, provo, ekzameno. 
Order, to 'put in, ordigi. 
Order (goods), mendi. 
Order (command), ordoni. 
Orders (instructions), in- 

Order (for goods), mendo. 
Order (postal), mandato. 
Order (a decoration), 

Order (arrangement), ordo. 
Orderly, orda. 
Orderly (military), servo- 

Ordinance, ordono. 
Ordinary, kutima, ordinara. 
Ordnance, artilerio. 
Ore, minajo. 
Organ (music), orgeno. 
Organ, organo. 
Organic, organa. 
Organism, organiamo. 
Organize, organizi. 
Organization, oi'ganizo. 

Orient, oriento. 
Oriental, orienta. 
Orifice, truo, buso. 
Origin, deveno. 
Original, originala. 
Originate, devenigi — igi. 
Ornament, ornamo. 
Ornament, ornami. 
Ornaments (jewellery, etc.), 

Ornamentation, ornamajo. 
Ornithology, ornitologio. 
Orphan, orfo — ino. 
Orphanage, orfejo. 
Orthodox, ortodoksa. 
Orthography, ortografio. 
Ortolan, hortulano. 
Oscillate, vibri, balancigi. 
Osier, saliko. 
Ossify, ostigi. 
Ostensible, videbla. 
Ostentation, fanfaronada, 

Ostentatious, trud pompa. 
Ostracism, ostracismo. 
Ostrich, struto. 
Other, alia. 

Otherwise, alie, cetere. 
Otter, lutro. 
Ought (should), devus 

Ounce, unco. 
Our, ours, nia. 
Oust, forpeli. 
Out (prep.), ekster. 
Out (prefix), el. 
Outbid, plioferi, superoferi. 




Outcast, ekzilo, elpelito. 

Overlook (inspect), viziti, 

Outcome, elveno. 

ekzameni, esplori. 

Outer, ekstera. 

Overlook (excuse), senkul- 

Outermost, plejekstera. 

pigi, pardoni. 

Outfit, vestaro. 

Overlook, malatenti, malin- 

Outlaw, forpeli. 


Outlaiv, elpelito. 

Overplus, pretera^o, plimul- 

Outlay, elspezo. 


Outlet, eliro. 

Overpower, venki, submeti. 

Outline, skizo, konturo. 

Overrun, enpenetri. 

Outlive, postvivi. 

Overseer, obser visto, o fi cisto. 

Outpost, antauposteno. 

Overstep, transpasi. 

Outrage, insultegi, per- 

Overtake, atingi. 


Overthrow, renversi. 

Outrage, perforto. 

Overture (music), uverturo. 

Outright, tute. 

Oveiiure (proposal), pro- 

Outset, komenco. 


Outskirts, cirkauajo. 

Overturn, renversi. 

Outside, ekstere. 

Overiveening, tromemfida. 

Outstanding (unpaid), ne- 

Overwhelm, premegi. 


Owe, suldi. 

Oval, ovala. 

Owl, strigo, gufo. 

Ovary, ovujo. 

Own, propra. 

Ovation, laiidado. 

(^z(;/i (possess), posedi, havi. 

Oven, forno. 

Owner (of property, etc.), 

Over (above), super. 


Overall, surtuto. 

Ox, bovo. 

Overbearing, autokrata, 

Oxide, oksido. 


Oxygen, oksigeno. 

Overcast, malklara, luiba. 

Oyster, ostro. 

Overcharge, supertakso. 

Overcoat, supervesto. 

Overcome, venki. 


Overflow, superflni. 

Overhaul (examine), ek- 

Pa, patreto, pacjo. 


Face, paSi. 

Overhead, supre. 

Pace (step), paso. 




Pacific, pacema. 

Pair, kunigi. 

Pacificalhj, pace, paceme. 

Pair, paro. 

Pacification, pacigo. 

Palace, palaco. 

Pacify, trankviligi, pacigi. 

Palanquin, palankeno. 

Pachydermatous, dikhauta. 

Palate, palato. 

Pack, paki. 

Palatable, bongusta. 

Pack up, enpaki. 

Pale, to become, paligi. 

Pack (hounds), hundaro. 

Pale, pala. 

Package, pakado, pakajo. 

Paleness, paleco. 

Packer, pakisto. 

Paleography, paleografio. 

Packet, pako— ajo. 

Paleontology, paleontologio. 

Packet-boat, kuriersipo. 

Paletot, pal to. 

Pack-saddle, sargselo. 

Paling, palisaro — ajo. 

Pad, vati. 

Palisade, palisaro — ajo. 

Padding, vato — ajo. 

Pall, supersati. 

Paddle (to row), remeti. 

Pall, cerkokovrilo. 

Paddock, kampeto. 

Palliasse, pajla matraco. 

Padlock, pen da seruro. 

Pallid, palega. 

Pagan, idolano. 

Pallet, paletro. 

Page-hoy, pagio, lakeeto. 

Palm (of hand), manplato. 

Page, pago. 

Palm, palmobranco. 

Pageant, vida^o, parado. 

Palm-tree, palmarbo. 

Pagoda, pagodo. 

Palpable, palpebla. 

Pail, sitelo. 

Palpitate, korbati, palpiti. 

Pain, dolori. 

Palpitation, korbato — ado. 

Painful, dolora. 

Palsy, paralizeto. 

Painless, sendolora. 

Paltry, triviala. 

Paint, pentri, kolori. 

Pamper, dorloti. 

Paint, kolorilo, kolorigilo. 

Pamphlet, pamficto. 

Paint (rouge), rugilo. 

Pan, tervazo. 

Painter (artist), pentristo. 

Pane, vitrajo. 

Painter (workman), kolori- 

Panegyric, laudado. . 


Panegyrist, laudegisto. 

Painting (art), pentrarto. 

Panel, enkadrajo. 

Painting, pentrado. 

Pang, doloro. 

Painting (picture), pen- 

Panic, teruro. 


Pannier, korbego. 




Pansy^ violo. 

Panty spiregi. 

Pantaloons, [lantalono. 

Pantheism, panteismo. 

Pantheist, panteisto. 

Panther, panteio. 

Pantomime, pantomimo. 

Pantry, manga^ejo. 

Pap, kaco. 

Papa, patreto, pacjo. 

Papal, papa. 

Paper, papero. 

Paper-hanger, paperko- 
vristo, tapetisto. 

Paper-maker, paperisto. 

Paper-manujadoi'y, paper- 
fare jo. 

Paper-mill, paperfarejo. 

Paper-shop, ^urnalvendejo 

Papyrus, papiruso. 

Parable, komi)aia30. 

Parabola, parabola. 

Parade, paradi. 

Parade (place), proraenejo. 

Parade, vidajo, luksajo. 

Paradise, paradi zo. 

Paradox, paradokso. 

Paragon, perfektmodelo, 

Paragraph, paragrafo. 

Parallel, paralela. 

Paralyze, paralizi. 

Paralysis, paralizo — ado. 

Paralytic, paralizito — ulo. 

Paramount, superega. 

Paramour, krcm vi ro — i no. 

Parapet, randmuro. 

Paraphrase, parafrazo. 
Parasite, parazito. 
Parasitic, parazita. 
Parasol, sunombrelo. 
Parboil, duonboli. 
Parcel, pako, pakajo. 
Parcel out, dispecigi, dividi. 
Parcels-office, pakaj e j o . 
Parcel-post, posta paketo. 
Parch, sekigi. 
Parchment, pergameno. 
Pardon, pardoni, senkul- 

Pardon, pardono. 
Pardonable, pardonebla. 
Pare, seli. 

Parenthesis, parentezo. 
Parents, gepatroj. 
Parentage, naskigo, de\ eno. 
Parental, gepatra. 
Paling, selo — ajo. 
Parish, parolio. 
Parishioner, parohan o. 
Parish-p-iesf, parohestro. 
Parity, egalcco. 
Park, parko. 
Parley, paroladi. 
Parliament, house of, parla- 

Parliainentary, parlameii ta. 
Parlour, parolejo. 
Parochial, parcha. 
Parody, parodio. 
Parole, parolo je la honoro. 
Paroxysm, freiiezo, trene- 

Parricide, patroniortiginto. 

Parroquet 120 


Parroquet, papageto. 
Parrot, papago. 
Parry, lerte eviti, skermi. 
Parsimony, parcimonio. 
Parsley, petroselo. 
Parsnip, pastinako. 
Parson, pastro. 
Parsonage, pastra domo. 
Part, parto, porcio. 
Part, on 7ny part, mia- 

Part, to depart, foriri. 
Part, to separate, disigi, 

Partake, jjartopreni. 
Parterre, fl orbed o. 
Parterre (theatre), partero. 
Partial, partia. 
Partiality, partieco. 
Participant, partoprenanto 
Participate, partopreni. 
Participle, participo. 
Particle, pecero, pecereto. 
Particular, speciala. 
Partisan, partiano. 
Partition, dividi. 
Partition, divido, partitnro. 
Partition-wall, maldika 

Partly, parte. 
Partner, partoprenanto, 

Partridge, perdriko. 
Party, partio. 
Parvenu, elsaltulo. 
Pass (intrans.), pasi. 
Pass (trans.), pasigi. 

Pass, to let, preterlasi. 
Pass by, preteriri. 
Pass on, preterpasi. 
Pass over, across, transpasi. 
Pass through, trapasi. 
Pass (passport), pasporto. 
Passable, nebona. 
Passage (a wa}'), aleo. 
Passage, trairejo. 
Passage (voyage), vojiro, 

Passenger, vojaganto. 
Passer-by, pasanto. 
Passion, manio, pasio. 
Passion, kolera, kolerega, 

Passionate, pasia, kolerema. 
Passive, pasiva. 
Passport, pasi;orto. 
Password, signaldiro. 
Past, estinta. 
Past, estinteco. 
Paste, pasto. 
Pasteboard, kartono. 
Pastel, pastelo. 
Pastille, pastelo. 
Pastime, amnzajo. 
Pastor, pastro. 
Pastoral, kampa. 
Pastry, pasteco. 
Pastry-shop, kukejo. 
Pasture, herbejo, paste jo. 
Pasturage, })astajo, pastejo. 
Pat, frapeti. 
Patch, fliki. 
Patchwoi'k, fl i kaj . 
Patella, genuosto. 

Patent 1 

21 Pedagogue 

Patent, patento. 

Paw, piedego. 

Patentee, patentito. 

Paw'Ti (chess), soMato. 

Paternal, patra. 

Pawn, garantiajo. 

Paternity, patreco. 

Pawnbroker, pruntisto. 

Path, vojo, vojeto. 

Paionbroker's, pruntoficejo. 

Pathetic, kortusaiita. 

Paiun-office, pruntoficejo. 

Pathology, patologio. 

Pay, pagi. 

Pathos, patoso. 

Pay (military), soldo. 

Patience, pacienco. 

Pay (in full), el pagi. 

Patient, pacienca. 

Payable, pagebla. 

Patient, a, malsanulo — ino. 

Payment (wages, etc.), 

Patois, provinca lingvajo. 


Patriarch, pal riaiko. 

Pea, pizo. 

Patrimony, hereda pro- 

Peace, paco. 


Peace, to make, pacigi. 

Patriot, patrioto. 

Peaceable, pacema. 

Patriotism, patriotismo. 

Peaceably, pace. 

Patrol, patrolo. 

Peaceful, pacema. 

Patrol (night), nokta 

Peacefully, pace. 


Peach, persiko. 

Patron, proktektanto, 

Peacock, pavo. 

patron 0. 

Peak, pinto, pintajo. 

Patronage, protekto. 

Peak (of cap, etc.), sir- 

Patronize, favori, protekti. 


Patron saint, patrona 

Peal (of bells), sonorilaro. 


Pear, piro. 

Patrons (clients), klientaro. 

Pear-tree, pirarbo. 

Patter, guteti. 

Pearl, jjerlo. 

Pattern, patrono, modelo. 

Pearl, mother of, perlamoto. 

Paunch, ventro. 

Peasant, vilagano, kam- 

Pauper, malriciilo, almo 



Peat, torfo. 

Pause, paiizo. 

Pebble, marstono, stoneto. 

Pave, pavimi. 

Peccadillo, peketo. 

Pavement, })avimo. 

Peculiar, stranga. 

Paving-stone, pavimero. 

Pecuniary, mona. 

Pavilimi, tendo, paviliono 

Pedagogue, pedagogo 

Pedagogy 122 Pepper-caster 

Pedagogy, pedagogic. 

Penal, puna. 

Pedal, pedalo. 

Penal servitude, punlaboro. 

Pedant, pedanto. 

Penalty, puno, monpuno. 

Peddler, kolportisto. 

Penance, to do, pentofari. 

Peddle, kolporti. 

Penance, puno. 

Pedestal, piedestalo. 

Penchant, inklino — emo. 

Pedestrian, piediranto. 

Pencil (lead), krajono. 

Pedigi'ee^ deveno, genea- 

Pencil (slate), grifelo. 


Pendant, pendajo. 

Pediment, fruntajo. 

Pendulum, pendolo. 

Peel (fruit, etc.), selo. 

Penetrate, penetri. 

Peel, senseligi. 

Penetrable, penetrebla. 

Peep, rigardeti. 

Penetration, akra sen to. 

Peer, nobelo. 

Penholder, plumingo. 

Peer, esplori, serci. 

Peninsula, duoninsulo. 

Peerage, nobelaro. 

Penitence, pento. 

Peerless, Senegal a, nekoin- 

Penitent, a, konfesanto. 


Penitent, penta. 

Peevish, malafabla, cagrena. 

Penitentiary, pentfaiejo. 

Peevishness, malafableco. 

Penknife, trancileto. 

Peg (a hook), krocilo, ligna 

Pennant, flageto. 


Penny, penco. 

Peg, stopileto. 

Penniless, senmona. 

Pelerine, manteleto. 

Pension, pensio. 

Pelf, mono. 

Pensioner, pensiulo. 

Pelican, pelikano. 

Pensive, pensa, pensenia. 

Pelisse, pelto. 

Pentagon, kvinangulo. 

Pellet, kugleto, buleto. 

Pentecost, pentekosto. 

Pellicle, membraneto. 

Penultimate, antaulasta. 

Pell-mell, intermiksita, e. 

Penurious, avara. 

Pellucid, diafana. 

Penury, malriceco. 

Pelt, felo. 

Peony, peonio. 

Pen, plumo. 

People, popolo, homoj. 

Pen (to enclose), barcirkaiii. 

Peopled, homhava. 


Pepper, pi pro. 

Pen (sheep fold), safe jo. 

Pepper-box, piprujo. 

Pen-mime, pseudonomo. 

Pepper-caster, piprujo. 

Perad venture 123 Perseverance 

Peradventure, eble, hazarde. 
Perambulate, promeni, 

Perambulator, iiifanve 

Pei'ceive (to see), ekvidi. 
Perceive, senti. 
Percentage, procento. 
Perceptible, palpebla, sen- 

Perception (by sight), vido, 

Perception, sento. 
Perch (for birds, etc.), 

Pei'ch (Hsh), perko. 
Peirolate, traguti. 
Perdition, ruinego, perdego. 
Peremptory, absoluta. 
Perennial, persista. 
Perfect, perfektigi. 
Perfect, perfekta. 
Perfection, perfekteco. 
Perfidious, perfida. 
Perfidy, perfido, perfideco. 
Perfm'ate, tiabori, trapiki. 
Perfoi-m (to do), efektivigi, 

Perform (fulfil), plenumi. 
Pel former, faraiito. 
Pel fume, parfnmi. 
Perfume, parfumo, odoro. 
Perfumer, parfiimisto. 
Perfumery (m ami factor}), 

Perhaps, eble. 
Perigee, perigeo. 

Peril, dangero. 

Perimeter', perimetro, cir- 

Period, periodo. 
Periodic — al, perioda. 
Periodicity, periodeco. 
Penphrase, cirkaiifrazo. 
Periphery, cirkauo, peri- 

Perish, perei. 
Perishable, pereema. 
Peristyle, peristilo. 
Peritoneum, peri ton eo. 
Periwig, peruko. 
Periwinkle (plant), vinko. 
Perjury, jurrompo. 
Permanent, konstanta, 

Permeable, penetrebla. 
Permission, permeso. 
Permissive, permesa. 
Permit, permesi. 
Permutation, intersango. 
Pernicious, pereiga. 
Perpendicular, perpendikii- 

Perpetrate, el fari. 
Perpetual, eterna. 
Perpetuate, daiiiigi. 
Perplex, konf uzi, cagrenegi. 
Perplexity, konfuzeco, 

Perron, perono. 
Perruquier, perukisto. 
Persecute, persekuti. 
Persecution^ persckutado. 
Perseverance, persisto. 

Persevere 124 Philately 

Persevere, persisti. 

Pester, enui, turmenteti. 

Persist, persisti. 

Pestiferous, pesta. 

Persistance, persisto — ado. 

Pestilence, pesto. 

Persistent, persista. 

Pestilential, pesta, pestiga. 

Persistency, persisteco. 

Pestle, pistilo. 

Person, person 0. 

Pet, dorloti. 

Personage, persono. 

Petal, florfolieto. 

Personal, persona. 

Petard, petard o. 

Personality, personeco. 

Petition, petegi. 

Personate, reprezenti. 

Petition, petskribo. 

Personate, personigi, imiti. 

Petrify, stonigi. 

Personification, personigo. 

Petroleum, petrolo. 

Perspective, petspektivo. 

Petticoat, subjupo. 

Perspicuous, sagaca. 

Pettish, malgentila. 

Perspicacity, sagaceco. 

Petty, malgranda. 

Perspiration, svito. 

Petulance, petoleco. 

Perspire, sviti. 

Petulant, petola. 

Persuade, konvinki. 

Peio, pregbenko. 

Persuasive, konvinka. 

Petvter, stano. 

Pert, malrespekta. 

Phantom, apero, fantomo. 

Pertinacious, trndpeta. 

Pharmacist, farmaciisto. 

Pertinacity, obstineco, per- 

Pharmacy (place), farma- 


ciejo, apoteko. 

Perturb, konfuzi, turmen- 

Pharmacy (scieMce)^ far- 



Perturbation, tiirmentado. 

Pharos, lumturo. 

Peruke, peruko. 

Pharynx, faringo. 

Perusal, legado. 

Phase, fazo. 

Peruse, legadi, ellegi. 

Pheasant, fazano. 

Pervade, penetri. 

Pheasantry, fazanejo. 

Perverse, obstina, kontraua. 

Phenomenon, fenomeno. 

Pervert, malkonverti, mal- 

Phial, boteleto. 


Philanthropist, filantropo. 

Perversion, malkonverto, 

P'hilanthropy, filantro{)eco. 

malverigo, malverigo. 

Philatelic, filatela. 

Pervious, penetrebla. 

Philatelist, filatelisto. 

Pest, pesto. 

Philately, filatelo. 

Philologist 1 

25 Pillar 

Philologist^ filolqgiisto. 

Picquet (cards), pikedo. 

Philology, filologio. 

Pictorial, iliistrita. 

Philosopher, filozofo. 

Picture, pentrajo. 

Philosophise, filozofii. 

Picturesque, pentrinda. 

Philosophy, filozofio. 

Pie, p'cisteco. 

Phlegm, flegmo, muko. 

Piebald, multkolora. 

Phlegmatic, flegma. 

Piece (to patch), fliki. 

Phcenix, fenikso. 

Piece, peco. 

Phonetic, fonetika. 

Piecemeal, peco post peco. 

Phonograph, fonografo. 

Pier (pillar), pontkolono. 

Phospho7'us, fosforo. 

Pier (landing place), ensip- 

Photograph, fotografajo. 


Photogi-apher, fotografisto. 

Pierce, trabori, penetri. 

Photography, fotografarto. 

Piety, pieco. 

Phrase, frazero. 

Pig, porko. 

Phraseology, frazeologio. 

Pigeon, kolombo. 

Phthisis, ftizo. 

Pigeon-hole (for papers,. 

Phthisical, ftiza. 

etc.), faketaro. 

Physic, kuracilo. 

Pigeon-house, kolombejo. 

Physical, fizika. 

Pigmy, pigmeo. 

Physician, fizikisto, kura- 

Pike (fish), ezoko. 


Pike (tool), pikilego. 

Physics, naturscienco, 

Pike (weapon), ponardego. 


Pile up, amasigi. 

Physiognomy, fizionomio. 

Pile (logs), stiparo. 

Physiology, fiziologio. 

Pile (support), paliso^ 

Piano, fortepiano. 


Piaster, piastre. 

Pile (heap), amaso — ajo. 

Pick (clioose), elekti. 

Pile (electric), elektra pilo. 

Pick (impleroent), pik- 

Piles, hemorojdo. 


Pilfer, Steleti. 

Pickaxe, pikfosilo. 

Pilferer, stelisto. 

Picket (military), ])ikedo. 

Pilgrim, pilgrimanto. 

Pickle (to salt), pekli. 

Pilgrimage, pilgrimo — adi >. 

Pickle (liquid), peklakvo 

Pill, pilolo. 

Pickpocket, fripono. 

Pillage, rabegi — ado 

Picnic, kampfesteno. 

Pillar, kolono. 

Pillory 12 

6 Plaint 

Fillm-y, punejo. 

Pistol, palileto. 

Pillow, kapkuseno. 

Piston, pisto. 

Pillow-case, kusentego. 

Pit (well, etc.), puto, 

Pilot, piloto, gvido. 

fosajo, kavo. 

Pimjjle, akiio. 

Pi/ (theatre), partero. 

Pin, pinglo. 

Pitch (to smear with). 

Pince-nez, iiazumo. 


Pincers, prenilo. 

Fitch, peco. 

Pinch, pinci. 

Pitch (of ships), subakvigi. 

Pinch (of snuff, etc.), 

Pitcher, kruco. 


Pitchfork, forkego. 

/'me (languish), konsumigi. 

Piteous, korapatinda. 

Pine away (plants, etc.), 

Pitfall, enfalujo. 


Fiih, suko. 

Pining, sopiranta. 

Pitiable, kompatinda. 

Pineapple, ananaso. 

Pitiful, kompatinda. 

Pine tree, pinarbo. 

Pitiless, senkompata. 

Pinion (feather), plumajo, 

Pity, kompati, bedauri. 


Pity, it is a, estas domago. 

Pillion (to bind), ligi. 

Pivot, akso. 

Fink (flower), dianto. 

Placable, kvietebla, kvie- 

Pink (color), rozkolora. 


Pinnacle, pinto, supro. 

Placard, afiso, kartego. 

Pioneer, pioniro. 

Place (to put), meti. 

Pious, pia. 

Place, loko. 

Pip (disease in birds). 

Place, a public, placo. 


Place of abode, restadejo. 

Pip (of fruit), grajno. 

Placid, kvieta. 

P^ipe (tube), tubo, tubeto. 

Plagiarist, verkostelisto. 

Pipe (for tobacco), pipo. 

Plague, pesto — ego. 

Piquancy, pikeco. 

Plague - stricken (person), 

Piquant, pika. 


Pique, ofendi. 

Plain, malbela. 

Piracy, marrabo, — ado. 

Plain, senornama. 

Firate, marrabisto. 

Plainly, simple, klare. 

Piscina, nagejo. 

Plainness, simpleco. 

Pistil Cbotany), pistilo. 

Plaint, plendo. 




Plaintive, plenda. 

Plaything, ludilo. 

Flait (with straw), pajlop- 

Playtime, liidtempo. 


Plead, procesi, proparoladi. 

Flait, plekti. 

Pleasant, placa. 

Flait, plekta^o. 

Pleasant (manner), dolcega. 

Plait (hair), harligo. 

Please, placi. 

Flan, i)lano. 

Please, if you, se vi bou- 

Flan (geometrical), plato. 

volas, se places al vi. 

Flane, raboti. 

Pleasure, to give, placi. 

Flane (tool), rabotilo. 

Pleasure, with, plezure. 

Flanet, planedo. 

Plebeian, malnobelo. 

Flank, tabulo. 

Pledge, garantiajo. 

Flant, planti. 

Plenitude, pleneco. 

Flant, kreskajo. 

Plenteous, suficega. 

Plantation, pi ante jo. 

Plenty, sufica, suficelga. 

Plaster, plastro, gipso. 

Pleonasm, pleonasmo. 

Plastron, brustosirmilo. 

Pliable, fleksebla. 

Plate, stanurai. 

Pliant, fleksebla. 

Plate, telero. 

Pliantness, fleksebleco. 

Plate (stereotype), klisa- 

Fliers, prenilo — eto. 

jaro, klisajo. 

Plod on, diligenti^i. 

Plateau, plata^o. 

Plot, konspiri, intrigi. 

Plat/m-m, platajo, estrado. 

Plot (league), intrigo, 

Platinum, plateno. 


Platitude, plateco. 

Plot (of land), terpeco. 

Platter, pladego. 

Plough, plugi. 

Plaudit, aplaudego. 

Plough, plugilo. 

Plausible, versajna, apro- 

Ploughshare, plugfero. 


Pluck (fowl), plumtiregi, 

Play (a game), liuli. 


Play (piano, etc.), ludi. 

Pluck (courage), kurago. 

Play about, ludeti, petoli. 

Plug, Stopilego. 

Play (joke), serci. 

Plum, pruno. 

Flay (theatrical), teatrajo. 

Plumage, plumaro, plu- 

Player, ludanto. 


Playful, petola. 

Plumbago, grafito. 

Playhouse (theatre), teatro. 

Plumber, plumbisto. 




Flume, plumfasko. 

Plummet, sondilo. 

Plump, dika. 

Plumpness, dikeco. 

Plunder, rabadi. 

Plunge, subakvigi. 

Plural, multenombro. 

Plush, pluso. 

Poach, casosteli. 

Poach (eggs, etc.), boleti. 

Poacher, casostelisto. 

Pocket, poso. 

Pod, selo. 

Poem, poemo. 

Poesy, poezio. 

Poet, poeto. 

Poetize, versi. 

Poetry, poezio, poeziajo. 

Poetry, a piece of, versajo. 

Poignant, dolorega. 

Point, punk to. 

Point (cards), poento. 

Point (tip of), pinto. 

Point (to uharpen), pintigi. 

Point out, montri, signali. 

Points (railway), relforko. 

Poise, balanci, ekvilibri. 

Poison, veneno. 

Poisonous, venena. 

Poke the fire, inciti la 

Poker, fajrincitilo. 
Polar, polusa. 
Pole (wooden), stango. 
Pole (shaft of car), timono. 
Pole (geography), poluso. 
Polecat, putoro. 

Polemic, disputo, polemiko.. 
Police, police. 
Policeman, policano. 
Polish, poluri. 
Polish (substance), polur- 

Polished (msinnevs), gentila. 
Polite, gentila. 
Politic, saga. 
Political, politika. 
Politician, politikisto. 
Politics, politiko. 
Poll (vote), vocdoni, 

Poll (of head), verto. 
Pollen, florsemo. 
Pollute, malpurigi. 
Poltroon, timulo — egulo. 
Poltroonery, timeco — egeco> 
Polygon, multangulo. 
Polyp, polipo. 
Polypus, polipo. 
Polytechnic, politekniko, a- 
Pomade, pomado. 
Pomatum, pomado. 
Pomegranate, pomgranato^ 
Pompous, pompa. 
Pond, lageto. 
Ponder, pripensi, reveti. 
Ponderous, multepeza. 
Poniard, [lonardo. 
Ponti-ff, cefpastro. 
Pontoon, boatoponto. 
Pony, cevaleto. 
Poodle, pndelo. 
Pool, marclageto. 
Pooj), posta parto. 




Pooi\ malrica. 
Pope, papo. 
Poplar, poplo — arbo. 
Poppy, papavo. 
Poppy-coloured, punca. 
Populace, popolo — amaso. 
Popular, populara. 
Population, logantaro. 
Populous, popola. 
Porcelain, porcelano. 
Porch, vestiblo. 
Porcupine, histriko. 
Pore, trueto. 
Pork, porkajo. 
Porous, trueta. 
Porphyry, porfiro. 
Porpoise, fokseno. 
Poi-t (harbour), haveno. 
Portable, portebla. 
Poiiend, antaiisciigi. 
Pmier (doorkeeper), por- 

Paiier, portisto. 
Pmi/olio, paperujo. 
Pmiion (allot), dividi. 
Portion, porcio, parto, doto. 
Portmanteau, valizo, vest- 

Portrait, portreto. 
Portraiture (art), pentrarto. 
Position (place), loko. 
Position, sitiiacio. 
Positive, pozitiva. 
Possess, posedi. 
Possessive, poseda. 
Possessor, ])o.sedanto. 
Possible, to render, ebligi. 

Possible, ebla. 
Possibility, ebleco. 
Possibly, eble. 
Post (military), posteno 
Post (wooden pole), stango, 

Post (position), ofico. 
Post (letters, etc.), posto. 
Postal, posta. 
Postcard, postkarto. 
Postman, postisto, leteristo. 
Post-office, posta oficejo.' 
Poster (placard), afiso, 

Poste-restante, postrestante. 
Posterior, posta, malantau. 
Posterity, idaro, posteularo. 
Postillion, kondukisto. 
Postscript, postskribajo. 
Postulate, petado. 
Posture, tenigo. 
Pot, poto. 
Potash, potaso. 
Potato, terpomo. 
Potency, potenco. 
Potent, potenca. 
Potential, potencebla, 

Potter, potisto. 
Pottery (art), potfarado. 
Pottery, a, pot fare jo. 
Pouch, saketo. 
Poultice, kataplasmo. 
Poultry, kortbirdaro. 
Poultry-yard, kortbirdejo. 
Pound (grind), pisti. 
Pound (money), livro. 





Found (weight), fiinto. 
Pour out (liquids), versi. 
Four out, suti. 
Font, kolereti. 
Foverty, malriceco. 
Powder (hair, etc.), piidri. 
Powder (gun), pulvo. 
Powder, pulvro, pudro. 
Power, povo, poteiico. 
Power (of attorney), kon- 

Powerful, multepova. 
Powerless, senpotenca. 
Practical, praktika. 
Practice (custom), kutimo. 
Practice, praktiko, kutimo, 

PracHse, praktiki. 
Prairie, herbejo. 
Praise, laiidi. 
Prank, petoleco — a]o. 
Prate, babili. 
Prattle, babili. 
Pray (religious), pregi. 
Pray (to request), peti. 
Prayer, prego. 
Prayer-hook, pre^libro. 
Preach, prediki. 
Preacher, predikisto. 
Preaching, pr ed i kad o . 
Preamble, antailparolo. 
Prebendary, kanoniko. 
Precarious, duba, necerta. 
Precaution, antaiizorgo, 

I^recede, antaiiiri. 
Precedencey atitaueco. 

Precedent, antauajo. 
Precento)', kantoro. 
Precept, ordono. 
Preceptoi', guvernisto. 
Precinct, limo. 
Precious, multekosta. 
Precipice, krutegajo. 
Precipitancy, trorapideco. 
Precipitate, trorapida. 
Precipitation, trorapideco. 
I^recise, preciza. 
Precisely, guste. 
Precision, precizeco, akur- 

Preclude, eksigi, malhelpi. 
Precocious, frumatura. 
Precocity, frumaturo — eco. 
Precursor, antaiiulo. 
Predatory, rabadega. 
Predecessor, antauulo. 
Predestination, sortdifino. 
Predetermination, antaii- 

Predict, antatidiri,. profet- 

Prediction, antaiidiro. 
Predisposition, inklino. 
Predominate, superregi. 
Preface, antauparolo. 
Prefect, prefekto. 
IWefer, preferi. 
Preferable, preferinda. 
Preferably, prefere. 
Preference, prefero. 
Prefix, prefikso. 
Pregnancy, graved eco. 
Pregnant, graved a. 




Prehension^ preno. 
Frehistoi'ic, pratenipa. 
Prejudice, antaujugo. 
Prejudge, antaujugi. 
Preiudicial. malutila. 

•elate, episkopo, cef — . 
PrelimiTiary . antaiiaf ero, 

Prelude, antauludajo. 
Preirmture, antautempa. 
Preiiieditate, pripensi. 
Premeditation, pripensado. 
Premier, cefa, unua. 
Premises, propreco — ajo. 
Premium, at a, premie. 
Premium (reward), premio. 
Premoniiorij, antausciiga. 
Pre-occupation, priokupado. 
Prepare, prepari, pretigi. 
Preparation, prepare — ado. 
Prepay, antaiipagi, afranki. 
Preponderance, superrego. 
Preposition, prepozicio. 
Presage, antausigno. 
Presbyter, pastro. 
Presbytery, pastrejo. 
Prescribe, ordoni. 
Prescription (med.), recepto. 
Presence, apudesto, ceesto. 
Present, to be, ceesti, apud- 

Present, to make a, donaci. 
Present, prezenti. 
Present (gift), donaco. 
Present (time), nuntempa, 

Present, at, mine. 

Presentative, donaco, pre- 

Presentiment, antausento. 
Presently, tnj. 
Preserve (jam, etc.), kon- 

Preserve, antaugardi. 
Preservation, antauzorgo. 
Preservative, antaugardo — 

Preside, prezidi. 
President, prezidanto. 
Press (squeeze), premi. 
Press (machine), premilo. 
Press (newspapers), gazet- 

Press forward, antauiri. 
Press-gang, varbigistaro. 
Pressure, premo — ado. 
Pressing (urgent), nepro- 

krastebla, urga. 
Presumably, supozeble. 
Presume, supozi. 

Presumptuous, tromemfida. 
Pi'etence. preteksto. 
Pretend {to c\R^m), pretendi. 
Pretend, preteksti. 
Pretend (to feign), sajnigi. 
Pretentious, afektema. 
Preternatural, supernatura, 

Pretext, preteksto. 
Pretty, beleta. 
Prevail, superi. 
Prevalent, generala, rega. 




Prevaricate, malverigi. 

Prison, maliiberejo. 

Prevent, malhelpi, eksigi. 

Prisoner, malliberulo. 

Previous, antaiia. 

Prisoner of war, militka}>- 

Prey, kaptajo. 


Price, prezo, kosto. 

Private, privata. 

Price — current, prezaro. 

Privateer, marrabisto. 

Priceless (valuable), sen- 

Privation, senigo. 

preza, netaksebla. 

Privilege, privilegio. 

Price lists, prezaro. 

Privily, sekrete. 

Prick, piki. 

Prize, premio. 

Prick, pikilo. 

Prize, sati. 

Prickly, pika. 

Probable, kredinda — ebla. 

Pride, mallmmileco, 

Probability, kredebleco^ 


kredindeco, igebleco. 

Priest, pastro. 

Probation, provtempo. 

Priesthood, pastreco. 

Probationer, novico. 

Prim, afekta, preciza. 

Probe, soridi, esplori. 

Primary, elementa, urrna. 

Probity, honesteco. 

Primeval, primitiva. 

Problem, problemo. 

Primitive, primitiva, origi- 

Proboscis, rostro. 


Proceed, procedi. 

Primrose, primolo. 

Proceedings (law), proceso 

Prince, regido, priiico. 

— ado. 

Princij)al, estro, cefo. 

Proceeding, procedo. 

Principal, precipa. 

Procession, procesio. 

Principality, princlando. 

Process, procedo, rimedo. 

Principle, principo. 

Proclaim, proklami. 

Print, presi. 

Procrastinate, prokrasti. 

Print (picture), gravurajo. 

Procure, havigi. 

Printer, presisto, presla- 

Procuration, konfidatisto 


Prodigal, malspara. 

Printed matter, presajo. 

Prodigality, malsparemo. 

Printing-p-ess, presilo. 

Prodigious, mireginda. 

Prioi- (title), cefabato. 

Prodigy, miregindajo. 

Prior, antaiia. 

Produce, produkti. 

Priority, antaueco. 

Produce, produktajo. 

Prism, prismo. 

Product, produktajo. 




Production^ produkto. 

Productive, fruktoporta. 

Proem, antaudramo, antaii- 

Profanation, malpiegajo. 

Profane, malpia. 

Profanity, malpieco. 

Profess, aiionci, profesi. 

Profession (occupation), 

Professor, profesoro. 

Proffer, pro})oni, prezenti. 

Proficient, kompetenta. 

Profile, profilo. 

Profit, profito, gajrio. 

Profitable, profita. 

Proiigate, diboculo. 

Profound (deep), profunda. 


Profundity, profundeco 

Profuse, suficega, super- 

Progeny, ido, idaro. 

Prognostic, antaiisigno. 

Programme, programo. 

Progress, progreso. 

Progression, progresado. 

Prohibit, nialpermesi. 

Prohibiti&n, mal})ermeso. 

Project (protrude), elstari. 

Project, projekto. 

Projectile, jetajo, pafajo. 

Proletarian, proletaria, o. 

Prolific, multinfana, fruk- 

Prolix, trolonga. 

Prologue, antaiiskri baj o, 

Prolong, plilongigi. 
Promenade, promeni. 
Promenade (act), promen- 

Promenade (place), pro- 
men e jo. 
Prominent, eminenta, ri- 

Promiscuous, miksa, kon- 

Promise, promesi. 
Promontoi'y, promontoro. 
Promote (advance), an- 

Promoter, iniciatoro. 
Prompt (quick), rapida. 
Prompter, memorigisto. 
Promptitude, rapid eco. 
Promptly, rapide, tuj. 
Promulgate, publikigi. 
Promxdgation, publikigado, 

ProTie (inclined to),inklina, 

Prone (downward), teren- 

Proneness, emo, inkliuo. 
Prong, forkego. 
Pronominal, pronoma. 
Pronoun, pronomo. 
Pronounce, elparoli. 
Pronunciation, elparolado. 
Proof (for press), pres- 

Proof, pruvo, provo. 


134 Provocation 

Prop, subtenajo, subteno. 
Propaganda, propagando. 
Propagandism, propagan- 

Propagate, propaganda 
Propel, antaueii pusi, 

Propensity, emo, inklino 
Proper (exact), gusta. 
Proper, konvena. 
Property, propreco, pose- 

Prophecy, profetajo. 
Prophesy, profet^i. 
Prophet, profeto. 
Propinquity, proksimeco. 
Propitiate, favorigi, trank- 

Propitious, favora. 
Proportional, proporcia. 
Proposal, propono. 
Propose, proponi. 
Proposition, propono. 
Proposition (gram.), pro- 

Proprietor', posedanto. 
Propi'iety, konveneco. 
Pro rata, proporcie. 
Prorogue, prokrasti. 
Prosaic, proza. 
Proscribe, ekzili. 
Prose, prozo, prosajo. 
Prosecute, persekuti. 
Proselyte, prozelito. 
Prospect, vida^o. 
Prospective, antauvida, 


Prospectus, prospekto. 

Prosper, prosper!. 

Prosperity, prospereco. 

Prosperous, prospera. 

Prostrate (one's self),teren- 

Prosy, teda. 

Protect, protekti. 

Protection, protekto. 

Protects; protektanto, 

Protectorate, protektorat(». 

Protdgd, protektato. 

Protest, protesti. 

Protestation, protestado. 

Protestant, protestanto. 

Protocol, protokolo. 

Protrude, els tar i. 

Protuberance, svelajo. 

Proud, to he, fierigi. 

Proud, fiera, vanta. 

Prove, pruvi, konstati. 

Provender, bestnutrajo. 

Proverb, proverbo. . 

Provide, provizi. 

Provided that, se nur. 

Providence, antauzorgo, 

Provident, zorgema, 


Province, provinco. 

Provincial, provincano. 

Provision, provizajo, man- 
ga] o- 

Provisionul, provizora. 

Provocation, incitego 

— ado. 




Frovoke, incitegi. 

Pull out, eltiri. 

Frow, antaiia parto. 

Pull together, kuntiri. 

Frowess, valoreco, kura- 

Pullet, kokidino. 


Pulley, lulbloko. 

Frowl, vagi. 

Pulmonary, pal ma. 

Froximate, proksima, 

Pulmonic person, ftizulo. 


Pulp, mola^o. 

Froximity, proksimeco, 

Pulpit, tribune, prediksego. 


Pulsation, pulsbatado. 

Froxij, anstataiiulo. 

Pulse, pulso. 

Prudence, singardemo. 

Pulverize, pulvorigi. 

Frudent, singardema, 

Pump, pumpi. 


Pump, pumpilo. 

Frune, cirkaiihaki. 

Pumice-stone, pumiko. 

Frune, seka pruno. 

Pumpkin, kukurbo. 

Fnining shears, branco- 

Pimch (drink), punco. 


Punch and Judy, pulcinelo. 

Prussian, a, Pruso. 

Punctilious, precizema. 

Frussic acid, ciana acido. 

Punctual, giistatem})a, 

Fry, serci, rigardeti. 


Psalm, psalm 0. 

Punctuality, akurateco. 

Psalmody, psalmokantado. 

Punctuate, interpiinkcii. 

Psalter, psalmaro. 

Punctuation, interpunkcio. 

Pseudonym, pseiidonomo. 

Puncture, tra})iki. 

Psychology, psikologio. 

Pungent, pika, morda. 

Puberty, virigo. 

Punish, puni. 

Fublic, publika. 

Punishment, puno — ado. 

Fublican, drinkejraastro. 

Puny, malgranda, malfoit- 

Public-house, drinkejo. 


Publicity, publikigo, pub- 

Pupil (scholar), lernanto. 


Pupil (of eye), pupilo. 

Publisli, publikigi, eldoni. 

Puppet, pupo, marioneto. 

Puerile, infana. 

Puppy, hundido. 

Puff, blovi. 

Purchase, aceti. 

Puff up, plenblovi. 

P^ire (clean), pura. 

Puq-dog, mopseto. 

Pure (morals), virta. 

Pull, tiri. 

Pur^e, pistajo. 




Purgative, laksilo, laksigilo 
Purgatory, purgatorio. 
Purge, laksigi. 
Purify, purigi. 
Puritan, Puritano. 
Purity, pureco. 
Purloin, Steli. 
Purple, purpura. 
Purpose, cell, intenci. 
Purpose (end, aim), celo. 
Purr, bleketi, murmureti. 
Purse, monujo. 
Pursue, forpeladi, pos- 

Purveyor, liveranto. 
Pus, puso — ajo. 
Push, piiSi. 

Push through, trapusi. 
Pusillanimous, timema. 
Pustule, piistiilo. 
Put, meti. 
Put aside, apartigi. 
Put on airs, afekti. 
Put away, formeti, forigi. 
Put down, demeti. 
Put instead of, anstataiiigi. 
Put in order, reguligi, 

Put right, rektigi. 
Put up with, suferi, toleri. 
Putrefaction, putrajo. 
Putrescence, \mtro — eco. 
Putrify, putrigi. 
Putty, mastiko. 
Puzzle, enigmo. 
Pyramid, piiamido. 
Python, serpentego, pitono. 


Quack (duck), anasbleki. 
Quack, carlatano. 
Quackery, carlatanismo. 
Quadrangle, kvarangulajo. 
Quad.rant, kvadranto. 
Quadrate, kvadrato. 
Quadrate, kvadrata. 
Quadratic, kvadrata. 
Quadrature, kvadrato. 
Quadrille, kvadrilo. 
Quadruped, kvarpieda. 
Quadruple, kvarobla. 
Quaff, glutegi. 
Quaggy, marca. 
Quagmire, marcejo. 
Quail (bird), koturno. 
Quail, trerai. 
Quaint, stranga. 
Quake, tremi — egi. 
Qualification, eco, kvaliteco. 
Qualify, kvalitigi, ecigi. 
Quality, eco, kvalito. 
Qualm, konscidubo. 
Quandary, embaraso. 
Quantity, kvanto. 
Quarrel, malpaco. 
Quarrel, malpaci. 
Quarry, stone jo. 
Quarter (J), kvai-ono. 
Quarter (district), kvartalo. 
Quarterly, trimonata. 
Quartern, kvarono, kvaro- 

Quartet, kvarteto. 




Quartz, kvarco. 

Quip, sarkasrao. 

Quash (repress), premegi. 

Quit, lasi. 

Quash (annul), senigi, 

Quit, kvita. 


Quite, tute. 

Quaver, trilo. 

Quittance, kvitanco. 

Quxiy, surbordo, bordmar- 

Quiver, sagujo. 


Quoin, kojno. 

Queen, regino. 

Quoit, disko, luddisko. 

Queer, stranga. 

Quorum, kvorumo. 

Quell, trankviligi. 

Qu^ta, parto, porcio. 

Quench (extinguish), 

Quotation, cito. 


Quote, citi. 

Quench (thirst), kvietigi. 

Quoth, (liras, diris. 

Querulous, malkontenta. 

QuoUent, dividrezultato. 

Query, demando. 

QiLery, cu 1 


Quest, serco. 

A V 

Quest, informigo. 

Puibbi, Rabbin, rabeno. 

Question, demando 

Rabbit, kuniklo. 

Question, demandi. 

Rabble, kanajlaro. 

Question (doubt), dubi. 

Rabid, rabia. 

Questionable, duba. 

Rabies, rabio. 

Quibble, cikani. 

Raccoon, prociono. 

Quick (adj.), rapida. 

Race (species), raso. 

Quick (adv.), rapide. 

Race, to run a, fari kurson. 

Quick (living), viva. 

Racecourse, hipodromo. 

Quicken, vivigi. 

Rack, hay, fojnujo. 

Quicken, rapidigi. 

Racket (noise), bruego. 

Quicksilver, h i d rar go . 

Racy, sprita. 

Quiescence, ripozo, kvie — 

Radiant, radihuna. 


Radiate, radii — i-i. 

Quiet, kvieta. 

Radical (grammar), radiko. 

Quiet, kvietigi. 

Radical, Kadikalo. 

Quietude, trankvileco. 

Radicalism, radikalisra o. 

Quill, plumo. 

Radish, horse, rafano. 

Quilt, litkovrilo. 

Radish, rafaneto. 

Quintal, centfunto. 

Radius, radio. 




Raffle, ludloto. 

Raft, floso. 

Rafter, tegmenttrabo. 

Rag^ cifono. 

Rag-picker, cifonisto. 

Ragamuffin, bubo. 

Rage, to be in a, koleregi. 

Rage, kolerego. 

Ragged, cifona. 

Ragout, spica^o. 

Rail (to scoff), moki. 

Rail off, bari. 

Rail (railway), relo. 

Raillery, mokado. 

Railroad, fervojo. 

Railway, fervojo. 

Railway Station, stacidomo. 

Raiment, vesta] o. 

Rain, jjluvo. 

Rainbow, cielarko. 

Raise, levi, plialtigi. 

Raise up, altlevi. 

Raisin, sekvinbero. 

Rake, rasti. 

Rake (implement), rastilo. 

Rake (a profligate), dibo- 

culo, raalcastulo. 
Rally (gather together), 

Rally (to banter), moki. 
Ram, safoviro. 
Ram (a gun), stopi. 
Ramble, vagi. 
Ramble (in speech), paroli 

Rampart,, murego. 
Rancid, ranca. 

Rancour, malameco. 
Random,, at, hazarde. 
Range (put in order), 

Rank (a row), vico. 
Rank (dignity), rango. 
Ransom, reaceto. 
Ransom, reaceti. 
Rant, paroli sensence. 
Ranunculus, ranunkolo. 
Rap, frapeti. 
Rap, frapo, frapeto. 
Rapacious, rabema. 
Rapacity, rabemeco. 
Rape, forrabo. 
Rapid, rapida. 
Rapidity, rapid eco. 
Rapidly, rapide. 
Rapier, rapiro. 
Rapine, rabo. 
Rapt, rava, entuziasma. . 
Rapture, ravo, entuziasmo. 
Rare (seldom), malofta. 
Rare (curious), kurioza. 
Rare, antikva. 
Rarely, malofte. 
Rareness, malofteco. 
Rarity, malofteco. 
Rarity (dainty), frandajo. 
Rascal, kanajlo. 
Rase, disjeti. 
Rash, hazard a. 
Rashness, hazardeco. 
Rasp, raspi. 
Rasp (a tool), raspilo. 
Raspberry, frambo. 
Rat, rato. 




Rate, procento. 

Readily, volonte. 

Rate of, at the, po. 

Reading, legado. 

Rate (estimate), taksi. 

Ready, preta. 

Rather, plivole. 

Ready money, kontanto. 

Ratify, aprobi. 

Real, vera, reala. 

Ratio, proporcio. 

Reality, realeco. 

Ration, porcio. 

Reality, in, vere, efektive. 

Rational, racionala. 

Really, vere, efektive. 

Rationalism, racioiialismo. 

Realise (finan.), efektivigi. 

Rationalist, racionalisto. 

Realise (comprehend), 

Rattle (a toy), kraketilo. 


Rattlesnake, sonserpento. 

Realm, regolando, reg- 

Raucous, rauka. 


Ravage (lay waste), rninigi. 

Ream (paper), rismo. 

Rave, deliri, paioli sen- 

Re-animate, revivigi. 


Re-arrange, rearangi. 

Ravel, maltordi. 

Re- ascend, resupreniri. 

Raven, korvo. 

Re-assure, rekuragigi. 

Ravenous, englutema. 

Reap, rikolti. 

Ravine, interniontalo. 

Rear (bring up), elnutri. 

Ravishing (delightful), 

Rear (hinder part), postu 



Raw (chilly), fresa, frosta. 

Rear-guard, postgvardio. 

Raw (uncooked), nekuir- 

Reason (faculty), racio. 


Reason (cause), katizo. 

Raw (without skin), sen- 

Reason, rezoni. 


Reason, for some, ial. 

Raw material, kruda. 

Reason, f&\- any, ial. 

Ray (of light), radio. 

Reasonable, rezoiia. 

Razoi', razilo. 

Reasoning, rezonado. 

Re, again (prefix), re. 

Rebate — ment, rabato. 

Reach to, atingi. 

Rebel, ribelanto. 

Read, kontraubatali— agi. 

Rebel, ribeli. 

Read, legi. 

Rebellion, ribelo — ado. 

Reader, leganto. 

Rebellious, ribela. 

Reader (for press), pres- 

Rebound, resalti. 


Rebuff, malprospero. 




Rebuke, riproco. 

Rebut, refuti. 

Recall to mind, raemorigi. 

Recall (to dismiss), eksigi. 

Recant, malkonfesi. 

Recapitulate, resumi, ri[)eti. 

Recede, raalproksimigi. 

Receipt, kvitinco. 

Receipts, enspezoj. 

Receive, licevi. 

Receiver (of taxes), kolek- 

Receiver (recipient), 

adresato, ricevanto. 
Recent, riova. 
Recently, antaii ne longe. 
Reception, ricevo. 
Recess (vacation), liber 

Recipe (medical), recepto. 
Recipient (of income), 

Recipvcal, reciproka. 
Reciprocity, reciprokeco. 
Recital, rakonto. 
Recitation, deklamo — ado. 
Recite, deklami. 
Reckless, senzorga. 
Reckon, kalkuli. 
Reckoner (book), kalknili 

Reckoning, kalkulo. 
Reclaim (land), eltiri. 
Reclaim, redemandi. 
Recline, kusi, apogi. 
Recluse, ermito. 
Recognition, rekono. 

Recognize, rekoni. 

Recoil (of gun, etc.), 

Recollect, memori. 
Recommend, rekomendi. 
Recommendation, reko- 

Recompense, rekompenci. 
Reconcile, pacigi. 
]leconciled, to be, pacigi. 
Reconciliation, pacigo. 
Reconsider, rekonsideri. 
Recopy, rekopii. 
Record, registri, raporti. 
Recount (relate), rakonti. 
Recourse, to have, alknri. 
Recover (find), retrovi. 
Recover (to get well), 

Recreant, timulo. 
Recreate, rekrei. 
Recreation, ludtempo. 
Recrimination, kontrau- 

Recruit (health), resani, 

Recruit, varhi. 
Recruit, varbito, rekruto. 
Recruiting, varbo — ado. 
Rectangle, rektangulo. 
Rectify (make right), 

Rectify (purify), purigi. 
Rectitude, rekteco, honest- 

Rector, pastro, parohestro. 

Rectory HI Regard 

Bectat'y, pastiejo, pastra 

Refinery, rafinejo. 


Reflect (light), rebrili. 

Recumbent, kusa. 

Reflect (consider), pripensi. 

Recur, reokazi. 

Reflect (reproach), riproci. 

Recurrence, reokazo. 

Reflection (oiWgYit), rebrilo. 

Red, ruga. 

Reflection (thought), pri- 

Redbreast, ruggorgo. 


Redden, rugigi — igi. 

Reflectoi', rebrililo. 

Reddish, duberuga. 

Reflection (censure), cen- 

Redeem, reaceti, elaceti. 

zuro, mallaudo. 

Redeemer, Elacetinto. 

Reflux, forfluo. 

Redemption, elaceto. 

Refold, refaldi. 

Redness, rugeco. 

Eefm-m, reformi, plibonigi. 

Redouble, duobligi. 

Reformation, reformo, pli- 

Redoubt (fortification), 



Reformafwy, reformejo, 

Redoubtable, timinda. 


Redress (amend), rebonigi, 

Refract 01- If, ribela. 


Refrain (song), rekantajo. 

Reduce (to powder), pisti. 

Refresh, refresigi. 

Reduce (dissolve), solvi. 

Refreshment (food), refres- 

Reduce, malpliigi. 


Redundance, suficego. 

Refreshment-room, bufedo, 

Redundant, suficega. 


Reed, kano. 

Refuge, to take, rifugi. 

Reef (rocks), rifo. 

Refuge, a, rifugejo. 

Red (stagger), sanceligi. 

Refund, repagi, redoni. 

Re-enter, reeniri. 

Refusal, rifuzo. 

Re-establish, reigi. 

Refuse, rifuzi. 

Refection, mangeto. 

Refuse (rubbish), forjetajo, 

Refectory, mange jo. 


Refei- to, turni sin. 

Refutation, refuto. 

Referring to, rilate al. 

Refute, refuti. 

Refine, rafini. 

Regain, rericevi. 

Refined (manners), bon- 

Regal, rega. 

maniera, gentila. 

Regale, regali. 

Refiner, rafinisto. 

Regard (to look at), rigardi. 




Regardful (careful), zorga. 

Rejoin, rekunigi. 

Regarding, pri. 

Rejoinder, respondo. 

Regards (respects), respek- 

Rejuvenate, pli j unigi . 


Rekindle, rebruligi. 

Regatta, sipkurado. 

Relapse, refalo. 

Regency, regeco. 

Relate, rakonti. 

Regenerate, refari, renaski. 

Related (to become), paren- 

Regeneration, renasko. 


Regent, reganto. 

Relation (business), rilato. 

Regicide, regmortigiiito. 

Relation (mutual), inter- 

Regiment, regimento. 


Region, I'egiono. 

Relation (a relative), par- 

Register (luggage, etc.), 



Relationship, parenceco. 

Register, registri. 

Relatively to, rilate — al 

Register (book), registro- 

Relax, malpliigi. 


Relax (speed), malakceli. 

Registrar, registristo. 

Relay (horses), cevalsango. 

Registration, registrado. 

Release, liberigi. 

Regret, bedauri. 

Relegate, apartigi. 

Regrettable, bedauri nda. 

Relent, dolcigi, kvietigi. 

Regular, regula. 

Reliable, konfidinda. 

Regulate, reguligi. 

Reliance, konfido. 

Regulation, regulo. 

Relic (sacred), sankta 

Rehearse, ripeti. 


Reign, regi. 

Relic, memorigo. 

Reimburse, repagi. 

Relict (widow), vidvino. 

Rein, kondnkilo. 

Relief (assistance), helpo. 

Rein in, moderigi. 

Relief (raised out), relief o. 

Reindeer, iiorda cervo 

Relieve, helpi. 

Reinforce, plifortigi. 

Religion, leligio. 

Reinstate, reenmeti — igi. 

Religious, religia. 

Reiterate, ripeti, ripetadi. 

Relinquish, forlasi. 

Reject, rifuzi. 

Relish, gui, sati. 

Rejection, rifuzo. 

Relish (zest), gusto. 

Rejoice, goji. 

Reluctance, malbonvolo — 

Rejoin (to reply), respondi. 





Reluctant^ malbonvola — 

liely, konfidi. 
Remain, resti. 
Remuindei', remains, restaj o. 
Remains (food), mangres- 

Remake, refari. 
ReiTiand, reenmeti. 
Remark, rimarki. 
Remarkable, rimarkinda. 
Remedy (medical), kura- 

RemMy, riraedo. 
Remember, memori. 
Remind, memorigi. 
Reminder, memorigo. 
Remiss, senzorga. 
Remission, i emeto, pardon i. 
Remit, remeti, sendi. 
Remnant, restajo. 
Remodel, refoimi. 
Remonstrance, averto, kon- 

Remonstrate, averti, kon- 

Remorse, memriproco. 
Remote, malproksima. 
Remotely, malproksime. 
Remove, transloki, forinovi. 
Remunerate, rekompenci. 
Remunerative, gajniga, 

Rend, dissiri. 
Render, redoni. 
Render possible, ebligi. 
Render aservice, fari servon. 

Rendezvous, kunvenejo. 
Rending, dissiro. 
Renew, renovigi. 
Renewal, renovigo. 
Renewable, renovigebla. 
Renounce, forlasi, malpre- 

Renovate, renovigi. 
Renovation, renovigo. 
Renown, famo. 
Rmt (payment), depago, 

Rent, dissiro, dissirajo. 
Renunciation, forlaso, 

Repair, ripari. 
Reparation, riparo. 
Repartee, respoiidajo. 
Repast, mangado. 
Repay, repagi. 
Repeal, nub'gi. 
liepealable, nuHgebla. 
Repeat, ripeti. 
Repel, repeH, repusi. 
Hepent, penti. 
Repentance, pen to — ado. 
Repetition, ripetado. 
Repiece, fliki. 
Repine, plendi, murmuri. 
Replace-, anstataui. 
Replant, replanti. 
Replenish, replenigi. 
Replete, plena, sat a. 
RepUtiim, pleneco, sateco. 
Reply, respond i. 
Report, raporti. 
Report, famo, raporto. 




Report (official), protokolo. 
Bep&ii (of gun, etc.), 

Repose, ripozo. 
Repose, ripozi. 
Repository, tenejo. 
Repi^ehend, riproci. 
Reprehensible, riproci nda. 
Rep-esent, reprezenti. 
Representation, reprezeii- 

Repesentative, reprezen- 

Rep-ess, haltigi, subpremi. 
Repression, subpremo— ado. 
Repressive, subprema. 
Reprieve, pardoni. 
Reprimand, riproci, mal- 

Reprimand, riproco, mal- 

Reprisals, revengo. 
Reproach, riproco. 
Reproachful, riproca. 
Reprobate, malaprobi 

Reproduce, re prod ukti . 
Reproduction, kopiajo, 

Reproof, riproco. • 
Reprove, malaprobi, riproci. 
Reptile, rampajo. 
Republic, respubliko. 
Republican, respublikano. 
Repudiate, nei. 
Repugnance, antipatio — 


Repugnant, antipatia. 
Repulse, repusi, repeli. 
Repulsive, malbelega. 
Reputable, estimebla, 

Reputation, famo, sato,. 

Request, peti. 
Require, postuli, bezoni. 
Requirement, postulo^ 

bezono, neceseco. 
Requisite, necesa, bezona. 
Requisition, rekvizicio. 
Requite, rekorapenci. 
Rescind, eksigi, neniigi, 
Resciie, savi. 
Research, esploro, esplor- 

Resemblance, simileco. 
Resemble, simili. 
Resent, sentegi. 
Resentment, kolero. 
Reserve, rezervi. 
Reserved (in speech), 

Reservoir, ak vu j o, akvu j ego. 
Reside, logi, restadi. 
Residence, ioge jo, restadejo. 
Resident, logaiito. 
Residue, restajo. 
Resign, eksigi. 
Resign ones self, submetigi. 
Resignation, rezignacio. 
Resignation (giving up)^ 

Resin, rezino, kolofono. 
Resin-wood, keno. 




Besinous, rezina. 

Restitution, redonado. 

Resist, kontraubatali, kon- 

Restless, restive, maltran- 



Re-sole (boots, etc ), replan- 

Restoration, redoneco, 



Resolute, decida. 

Restorative, fortigilo, refor- 

Resolution, decideco. 


Resolve, decidi. 

Restore (give back), redoni. 

Resonant, res on a. 

Restore, refari, ripari. 

Resort, kunvenejo. 

Restrain^ haltigi, deteni. 

Resound, resoni. 

Restrict, malvastigi, mal- 

Resource, rimed o. 


Respect, respekti. 

Result, rezulti. 

Respect, respekto. 

Result, sekvo, rezultato. 

Respectable, respektinda. 

Resume (continue), daurigi. 

Respectful, respekta. 

Resumd (precis), resumo. 

Respecting (concerning), 

Resurrection, revivigo — igo. 


Retail, to sell by, detale 

Respirable, spirebla. 


Respiration, spirado. 

Retail, by, pomalgrande, 

Respire, spiri. 


Resplendent, to become. 

Retail (trade), detala. 


Retailer, revendisto. 

RespoTid, respondi. 

Retain, gardi, teni. 

Response, respond o. 

Retainer, vasalo. 

Responsible fm; to be. 

Retaliate, revengi. 

garantii, respondi pri. 

Retaliation, revengo. 

Responsible, responda. 

Retard, prokrasti, mal- 

Responsibility, respondeco. 


Resuscitate, revivigi. 

Retardation, prokrasto, 

Rest (pause), pauzo. 


Rest (remainder), restajo. 

Retentive, persista,premore- 

Rest (quietude), kvieteco, 



Retina, retino. 

Rest (lean on), apogi. 

Retinue, sekvantaro. 

Rest one's self, ripozi, kusi. 

Retire, reeniri. 

Restaurant, restoracio. 

Retirement, kvieteco. 




Retort, respond!, reparoli. 
Retort (chem. vessel) 

Retouch (revise), korekti. 
Retrace, reveni, repasi. 
Retract, malkonfesi. 
Retreat (place), rifugejo. 
Retreat, foriri, remarsi. 
Retribution, repago. 
Retrieve, trovi, gajni, re — , 
Retrograde, malprogresi. 
Retrospect, retrospekto. 
Return (give back\ redoni, 
Return (comeback), reveni, 
Return, to make a, raporti, 
Return (report), raporto. 
Return, in, reciproke. 
Reunion, rekunigo. 
Re-unite, rekunigi. 
Reveal, malkasi. 
Revel, festenego. 
Revenge, revengo. 
Revenue, rento, enspezo. 
Revere, respektegi. 
Reverence, to make a, 

Reverence, respektegi. 
Reverence (salutation), 

Reverie, revado. 
Reverse, renver-si. 
Reverse (a loss), malpros- 

Reverse side, posta flanko. 
Revert, reveni. 
Review (journal), revuo. 

Review (milit.), parado. 
Revile, mallaiidegi. 
Revise, korekti, ekzameni. 
Revival, revivigo. 
Revive, revivigi. 
Revocable, nuligebla. 
Revocation, nuligo. 
Revoke, nuligi. 
Revolt, ribelo. 
Revolution, revolucio. 
Revolve, turnigi, pivoLi. 
Revulsion, an ti patio. 
Reward, premio, rekom- 

Rhapsodist, rapsodiisto. 
Rhapsody, rapsodio. 
Rhetoric, parolarto, re- 

Rhetorical, elokventa, re- 

Rheumatic, reiimatisma. 
Rheumatism, reiiraatismo. 
Rhinoceros, rinocero. 
Rhomb, rombo. 
Rhombus, rombo. 
Rhibarb, rabarbo. 
Rhyme, rimi. 
Rhythm, ritmo. 
Rib, ripo. 

Ribald, malcasta, diboca. 
Ribaldry, diboco — ajo. 
Ribbon, rubando. 
Rice, rizo. 

Rich, to grow, ricigi. 
Rich, rica. 
Riches, riceco. 
Rid, malembarasi, liberigi. 

Riddle 147 Roast 

Riddle (sieve), kribrilo. 

Ringleader, instigulo, insti- 

Riddle, enigmo, logogrifo. 


Ride, rajdi. 

Ringlet, bnklo, harleto. 

Ridge, supro, pinto. 

Ringworm, favo. 

Ridge (agricul.), sulko. 

Rinse, laveti, gargari. 

Ridicule, moki. 

Riot, tumulto, ribelo. 

Ridiculous, ridinda. 

Riotous, tumulta, ribela. 

Riding-master, cevalestro, 

Rip, siri. 


Ripe, matura. 

Riding-sch ool, ra j de j o. 

Ripen (intrans.), maturigi. 

Rife, generala. 

Ripple, ondeto. 

Rif-raff, fo^etajo. 

Rise (ascent), alta^o. 

Rifle, pafilo. 

Rise (origin), deveno. 

Rifle (plunder), rabi. 

Rise (in price), plikarigo. 

Rift, fen do. 

Rise (get up), levigi. 

Rig, snurarmi. 

Risible, ridinda. 

Rigging, snurarmilaro. 

Risibility, ridindeco. 

Right, dekstra. 

Rising (revolt), ribelo. 

Right (justice), rajto. 

Risk, riski. 

Right (straight), rekta. 

Rite, cereraoniaro. 

Right (correct), prava. 

Rival, konkuri. 

RighteoiLs, justa, pia. 

Rival, konkuranto. 

Rightful, rajta. 

Rivalry, konkuro — eco. 

Righilg, rajte, prave, ju.^te. 

River, rivero. 

Rigid, rigitla, severa 

Rivulet, rivereto. 

Rigid (exact), preciza. 

Roach, pioto. 

Rigidity, rigid eco. 

Road, vojo, strato. 

Rigidly, severe. 

Road-labourer, stratlabor- 

Rigour, severeco. 


Jligorous, severa, severega. 

Roadstead, Todo. 

RUl, rivereto. 

Roam, vagi. 

Rim, rando. 

Roar (of wind), mugi. 

Rime, prujjio. 

Roar (of animals), blek- 

Rind, selo, Selajo. 


Ring (intrans.), sonori. 

Roar (cry out), kriegi. 

Ring, ringo. 

Roast, rosti. 

Ring (a circle), rondo. 

Roast (meat), rostajo. 




Rob, steli, rabi. 

Roman, Roma. 

Robber, stelisto, rabisto. 

Romance (a novel), romano. 

Robbery, rabado. 

Romance (music), romanco. 

Robe, vesti, robi. 

Romantic, sentimentala. 

Robe, robo. 

Romp, ludegi. 

Robing-room, vestejo, rob- 

Romp, bubino, petolulo. 


Rood (crucifix), krucifikso, 

Robust, fortika. 


Robustness, fortikeco. 

Roof, tegmento. 

Rock, stonego. 

Roofing (material), teg- 

Rock (to move to and fro), 



Rook, frugilego. 

Rock (reef), rifo. 

Room, cambro. 

Rocking, lulado. 

Room (space), spaco. 

Rocket, raketo. 

Roomy, vasta. 

Rock-oil, petrolo. 

Roost, stangigi. 

Rocky, stonegplena. 

Rooster, koko. 

Rod (switch), vergo. 

Root, to take, enradiki. 

Rod (for stairs, etc.), 

Root-word, radikvorto. 

metal vergo. 

Root (of trees, etc.), raddi:o. 

Rod (fishing), hokfadeno. 

Root up, elradiki. 

Roebuck, kapreolo. 

Rope, snurego. 

Rogue, fripono. 

Rosary, rozario. 

Roguish, fripona. 

Rose, rozo. 

Role (play), rolo. 

Rosebush, rozarbeto. 

Roll (paper, etc.), kunvol- 

Rose-coloured, rozkolora. 


Rosette, banto. 

Roll, ruli. 

Rosemary, rosraareno. 

Roll one's self, ruligi. 

Rosewood, palisandro. 

Roll (bread), bulko. 

Rosin, kolofono. 

i?o^/(of drum), tamburado. 

Rostrtim, tribuno. 

Roll (a list), registro. 

Rosy, roza, ruga. 

Roller (caster), radeto. 

Rot, putri, putrigi. 

Rolling (of ships), raarru 

Rotate, turnigi. 


Rotation, turnigado. 

Roll-book, registrolibro. 

Rotation, in, laii vico. 

Roman, a, Romano. 


Rottenness 149 Run against 

Rottenness, puireco, putro 

— ajo. 
Rotunda, rotondo. 
Rouble, rablo. 
Rough (surface), malglata, 

Rough (nigged), stonplena. 
itawp'/i (manner), malafabla. 
Rough, in the, krude. 
Rough draft, malneto. 
Roughen, malglatigi. 
Roughness, malglateco. 
Round, rondigi. 
Round, to turn, turni, 

Round (form), ronda, 

rond forma. 
Round (of ladder), stupeto. 
Round (sentry), patrolo. 
Rouse, eksciti. 
Roiise (waken), veki — igi. 
Bout, malvenkego. 
Route, vojo. 
lioutine, kutimo. 
Rove, vagi. 
Row ' (noise), bruego, 

Row (line, rank), vico. 
Row (boat), remi. 
Roijal, rega. 
Royalty, rf'geco. 
Rah, froti — adi. 
Rubbish, rubo, forjetajo. 
Rubric, rubriko. 
Ruby, rubeno. 
Ruby-color, ruga. 
Rudder, direktilo. 

Rude, malgentila. 

Rudeness, malrespekto. 

Ruddiness, rugeco. 

Ruddy, ruga. 

Rudiment (embryo), em- 

Rudiment (elements), 


Rue (botan.), ruto. 

Rue (to grieve), bedaiiregi. 

Ruff, krispo. 

Ruffian, malbonulo. 

Ruffle (agitate), malkvie- 

Rug, tapiseto. 

Rugged, stonplena, mal- 

Ruin (remains), resta^o, 

Ruin, ruino, ruinoj. 

Ruin, ruinigi. 

Ruinous, ruina. 

Rule (to govern), regi. 

Rule, or ruler, liniilo. 

Rule (to regulate), reguligi. 

Rule, recrlo. 

Ruler, regnestro. 

Rum, rumo. 

Rumble, bruegadi. 

Ruminate (to chew the 
cud), remacadi. 

Ruminate, pripensi. 

Rumour, famo. 

Rumple, cifi. 

Run, kuri. 

Run (flow), flui. 

Run against, ektusegi. 

Run away 



Run away, forkuii. 

Hun to, alkiiri. 

Bun off rails, elreligi. 

Bunaivay, forkuranto. 

Bung (of ladder), stupeto. 

Bupture, rompo. 

Bupture (med.), hernio. 

Bural, kampa. 

Buse, ruzo. 

Bush, jeti sin sur, kuregi. 

Bush, junko. 

Busset, flavruga. 

Bussia, Eusujo. 

Bussian, Ruso. 

Bust, rusti, rustigi. 

Bust, rustajo. 

But, radkavo, radsigiio. 

Buthless, kruelega. 

Bye, sekalo. 

Sabbath, dimanco. 
Sable (animal), zibelo. 
Sabot, ligna suo. 
Sabre, hakglavo, sabro. 
Sacerdotal, pastra. 
Sack, sake. 
Sack (pillage), rabadi. 
Sackcloth, stofego. 
Sacrament, sakramento. 
Sacred, sankta. 
Sacredness, sankteco. 
Sacrifice, oferi. 
Sacrilege, malpiajo. 
Sad, malgoja. 
Sadden, malgojigi. 

Saddle, selo. 
Sadness, malgojeco. 
Safe (money), moiikesto. 
Safe, sendangera. 
Safety, sendangereco. 
Saffron, safrano. 
Sagacious, sagaca. 
Sagacity, sagaceco. 
Sage, saga. 

Sage (botany), salvio. 
Sail (of a ship), velo. 
Sail, surnagi. 
Sailing-ship, velsipo. 
Sailo)', maristo. 
Sails, velaro. 
Sainfoin, sanfojno. 
Saint, sanktulo. 
Saintly, sankta. 
Sake of, for the, pro. 
Salad, salato. 
Salamander, salamandro. 
Salary, salajro. 
Sale, vendo. 
Saleable, vendebla. 
Salesman, vendisto. 
Saline, sala. 
Saliva, kracajo. 
Sally (of wit), spritaj^. 
Salmon, salmo. 
Saloon, salono 
Salt, salo. 
Salt-cellar, sal u jo. 
Salt-meat, peklajo. 
Saltp)etre, salpetro. 
Salubrious, saniga. 
Salutation, saluto. 




Salutary, sanplena. 

Salute, saliiti. 

Salvage, savado. 

Salvation, savo. 

Salve, smirajo. 

Salver, pladeto. 

Same, sama. 

Same time, at the, sam- 

Sameness, saraeco. 
Sample, specimeno. 
Sanctify, sanktigi. 
Sanction, sankcii. 
Sanctity, sankteco. 
Sanctuary, sanktejo. 
Sand, sablo. 

Sand, a grain of, sablero. 
Sandbank, sablajo. 
Sandal, pantotleto. 
Sandwich, viaiida bulko. 
San£,, racia. 

Sanguinary, sangavida. 
Sanguine, esperplena. 
Sanhedrim, sinedrio. 
Sanitary, higiena. 
Sanity, racieco. 
Sanscrit, Sanskrito. 
Sap, siiko. 

Sap (undermine), subfosi. 
Sapling, juna arbo. 
Sapphire, safiro. 
Sarcasm, sarkasrao. 
Sarcastic, sarkasma. 
Sardine, sardelo. 
Sardinian, Sardo. 
Sarsaparilla, srailako. 
Sash, zono. 

Satan, Satano. 
Satanic, satana, d labia. 
Satchel, saketo. 
Sate, sati. 

Satellite, sekvulo, sekvanto. 
Satiate, satigi. 
Satiety, sato. 
Satin, atlaso. 
Satire, satiro. 
Satisfaction, kontentigo. 
Satisfactory, kontentiga. 
Satisfied, to be, kontentigi. 
Satisfied, kontenta. 
Satisfy, kontentigi. 
Satisfy (hunger), satigi. 
Satrap, satrapo. 
Saturate, saturi. 
Saturday, Sabato. 
Sauce, saiico. 
Saucer, subtaso, telereto. 
Saucepan, kaserolo. 
Saucy, insultema, petola. 
Saunter, malrapidiri. 
Sausage, kolbaseto. 
Sausage, German, kolbaso. 
Savage, sova^a. 
Savage, a, sovagulo. 
Savant, scienculo. 
Save (prep.), krom. 
Save (rescue), savi. 
Save (economise), spari. 
Saveloy, kolbaseto. 
Saving, sparema. 
Saviour, Savinto. 
Savour, gusto. 
Savoury, bongusta. 
Saiv, segi. 




Saw, segilo. 

Scarlet, skarlato. 

Saw (saying), proverbo, 

Scatter, disjeti, dissemi. 


Scene, scenejo. 

Sawdust, segajo. 

Scene (painted), sceno. 

Sawyer, segisto. 

Scenery, pejzago. 

Say, diri. 

Scent, odoro. 

Saying, a, proverbo, diro. 

Scent, flari. 

Scab, skabio. 

Sceptic, skeptikulo. 

Scabbard, glavingo. 

Sceptical, skeptika. 

Scaffold, esafodo. 

Sceptre, sceptro. 

Scaffold (for building). 

Schedule, katalogo. 


Scheme, projekto. 

Scald, brogi. 

Schism, disigo. 

Scale (music), skalo 

Schismatic, disiginta. 

Scale (of fish), skvamo. 

Scholar, lernanto. 

Scale of charges, tarifo. 

Scholarship, klereco. 

Scale, surrampi. 

Scholastic, skolastika. 

Scales, pesilo. 

School, lernejo. 

Scamp, kanajlo. 

Schoolfellow, kunlernanto. 

Scan, elekzameni. 

Schoolmaster, lernejestro, 

Scandal skandalo. 


Scandalise, skandali. 

Science, scienco. 

Scandinavian, Skandinavo. 

Scientific, scienca. 

Scantling, b'gnajo, trabe- 

Scintillate, brileti. 


Scissors, tondilo. 

Scanty, malsuficega. 

Scoff, moki. 

Scapegoat, propekulo. 

Scold, riprocegi. 

Scapula, skapolo. 

Scoop, kulerego. 

Scar, cikatro. 

Scorbutic, skorbuta. 

Scarabaeus, skarabo. 

Scorch, bruleti. 

Scarce, malsufica. 

Score, dudeko. 

Scarcely, apenau. 

Scorn, malestimo. 

Scarcity, malsufico. 

Scorpion, skorpio. 

Scare, timigi. 

Scotchman, Skoto. 

Scarecrow, timigilo. 

Scoundrel, kanajlo. 

Scarf, skarpo. 

Scmir, frotlavi. 

Scmiatina, skarlatino. 

Scourge, skurgi. 




^cout, antatimarsanto, 

Scurvy, skorbuto. 

antati rajdanto. 

Scuttle, coal, karbujo — eto. 

Scowl, sulkegigi. 

Scythe, falcilo. 

Scramble up, suprenrampi. 

Sea, maro. 

Scrap, peceto. 

Seafaring, mara. 

Scrape, skrapi. 

Sea-gull, mevo. 

Scrapings, skrapajo. 

Sea-horse {vTdXvw^), rosmaro. 

Scratch, grati. 

Seal, sigeli. 

Scratch, grata] o. 

Seal, sigelo — ilo. 

Scratch (claw), ungograti. 

Seal (animal), foko. 

Scream, kriegi. 

Sealing-wax, sigelvakso. 

Screen, sirmilo. 

Seam, kunkudro. 

Screw, sratibo. 

Seaman, maris to, marano. 

Screw, sraubi. 

Seamanship, marveturarto. 

Screw-driver, sraubturnilo. 

Seamstress, kudristino. 

Scribble, malbonskribi. 

Sear, kaiiterizi, bruligi. 

Scribe, skribisto. 

Search, serci. 

Scripture, Sankta Skribo. 

Search-warrant, traserco. 

Scrofula, skrofolo. 

Seaside, marbordo. 

Scroll, rulpapero. 

Seashore, marbordo. 

Scrub, frotlavi. 

Season (food, etc.), spici. 

Scruple, konsciencdubo. 

Season, sezono. 

Scrupulous, koiiscienca. 

Seasonable, gnstatempa. 

Scrutinize, esplori, sercadi. 

Seasoning, spicajo. 

Scrutiny, sercado. 

Seaworthy, marirebla, mar- 

Scuffle, interpiiso. 


Scull (oar), remilo. 

Seat, sego. 

Scullery, lavejo, potlavejo. 

Seat, sidigi. 

Sculptor, skulptisto. 

Seated, to be, sidi. 

Sculpture (artj, skulptarto. 

Sebaceous, sebeca. 

Sculpture (statuary), skulp- 

Seclusion, soleco. 


Second (order), dua. 

Sculpture (to carve), skulpti. 

Secorui (time), sekundo. 

Scum, saiimo. 

Second offence, rekulpo. 

Scurf, favo. 

Secondary school, duagrada 

Scurrilous, maldeca, mal- 



Secrecy, sekreteco, kaseco. 




Secret, sekreta. 
Secretary, sekretario. 
Secrete, kasi. 
Sect, sekto. 
Sectarian, sektano. 
Section (group), sekcio. 
Section (portion), par to. 
Secular, monda. 
Secure, sendangera. 
Security, sendangereco. 
Security (guarantee), garan 

Sedan-chair, portilo. 
Sedate, serioza. 
Sedentary, hejmsida. 
Sediment, feco. 
Sedition, ribelo. 
Seduce, delogi. 
See, vidi. 
See again, re vidi. 
See after, zorgi pri. 
See to, zorgi pri. 
See one a self, sin vidi. 
Seesaw, balancilo. 
Seed, semo. 
Seedling, kreskajo. 
Seek, serci. 
Seem, sajni. 

Seeming, sajna, versajna. 
Seemly, deca. 
Seer, profeto. 
Seethe, boli. 
Seize, ekkapti. 
Seldom, malofte. 
Select, elekti. 
Selection, elektaro. 
Self, or selves, mem. 

Self-conceit, tromemfido. 
Self-denial, memforgeso. 
Self-esteem, memestimo. 
Self-evident, klarega. 
Self-reproach, memriproco. 
Self-taught, memlerniiita. 
Self-willed, obstina. 
Selfish, egoista. 
Selfishness, egoismo. 
Sell, vendi. 
Selvage, stofrando. 
Semaphore, semaforo, sig- 

Semblance, sajneco. 
Semibreve, plena noto. 
Semicircle, duonrondo. 
Semicolon, punktokomo. 
Semiyiarist, semiriariano. 
Seminary, seminario. 
Semolina, tritikajo. 
Senate, senato. 
Senate-house, senate jo, 

Senator, senatano.- 
Send, sendi. 
Send away, forsendi. 
Send back, resendi. 
Senile, maljuna. 
Senility, maljuneco. 
Senim', plenaga, pliaga. 
Sensation, sentado. 
Sensational, sensacia. 
Sense, sento. 
Sense (meaning), senco. 
Senseless, sensenta. 
Senseless (unmeaning), 


Sensibility 155 Sewing-machine 

Sensibility, sentemo. 
Sensible (feelings), sentebla. 
Sensible, saga. 
Sensitive, sentema. 
Sensual, voluptema. 
Sensuality, volupteco. 
Sentence- (gram.), frazo. 
Sentence (jurlgment), jugo. 
Sentence, jugi, kondamni. 
Sentient, sentema. 
Sentiment (feeling), sento. 
Sentiment, opinio. 
Sentimental, sentimentala. 
Sentinel, gardostaranto. 
Sentry, gardostaranto. 
Sentry-box, budeto. 
Separate, apartigi, disigi. 
Separate, aparta. 
Separate, malkunigi, disigi. 
Separately, malkune. 
Separation, disigo. 
September, Septembro. 
Sepulchre, tombego. 
Sequel, sekvo, sekveco. 
Seraph, serafo. 
Sere, velkinta. 
Serenade, serenado. 
Serene, trankvila. 
Serenity, tratdvvileco. 
Serf, servutulo. 
Sergeant, sergento. 
Series, serio. 
Serious, serioza. 
Seriousness, seriozeco. 
Sermon, prediko. 
Serpent, serpento. 
Serum, sernmo. 

Servant, servisto — ino. 

Serve, servi. 

Serve fo7', taiigi. 

Service, servo. 

Service, table, mangilaro. 

Service, Divine, Diservo. 

Serviceable, servema. 

Serviette, bustuko. 

Servile, sklava. 

Servility, sklavemo. 

Servitude, sklaveco. 

Session, kunsido. 

Set apart, apartigi. 

Set free, liberigi. 

»S'6'^ out, foriri. 

Set (a bone, etc.), enartik- 

Set fire to, ekbruligi. 
Set in order, ordigi. 
aS'^^ (of the sun), subiri. 
Set on edge, agaci. 
Settle, logigi. 
Settle an account, elpagi. 
Settle, decidi. 
Seven, sep. 

Seventh (music), septimo. 
Seventeen, dek-sep. 
Seventy, sepdek. 
Sever, disigi. 
Several, diversa. 
Several, multaj. 
Severally, diverse. 
Severe, severa. 
Severity, severeco. 
Stiv, kudri. 
Stwer, defluilego. 
I Sewing machine, stebilo. 




SeXj sekso. 

Sexton,BQTv\%to de pregejo. 
Sexual, seksa. 
Shabby (worn out), eluzita. 
Shabby, malnobla. 
Shackles, malhelpoj, baroj, 

Shade (screen), lumsii- 

SJiade, ombra^o. 
Shade (tint), nuanco. 
Shade, nuanci. 
Shadow, ombro. 
Shadowy, nimera. 
Shaft (of vehicle), timono. 
Shaggy, harplena. 
Shake, sanceli. 
Shake (jolt), skui. 
Shake (tremble), tremi. 
Shaking (jolting), skuo. 
Shake hands, manprenii. 
Shallow, malprofunda. 
Sham, sajnigi. 
Sham, sajnigo. 
Shambles, bucejo. 
Shame, honto. 
Shame, hontigi. 
Shameful, hontinda. 
Shameless, senhonta. 
Slmnk, tibio. 
Shape, formo. 
Shape, formi. 
Share, dividi. 
Share (finance), akcio. 
Share, parto, porcio. 
Share, jjartopreni. 
Shark, sarko. 

Sharp (music), duontono 

SJiaip (edge), akra. 
Sharp (sour), acid a. 
Sharpen, akrigi. 
Sharper (cheat), stelisto. 
Shatter, frakasi. 
Shave, razi. 
Shavings, rabotajo. 
Shawl, salo. 
She, si. 
Sheaf, garbo. 
Shear, tondi. 
Shears, tondilo. 
Sheath, in go. 
Shed, budo. 
Shed tears, plori. 
Sheep, safo. 
Sheepish, embarasita. 
Sheepfold, safe jo. 
Sheet, drapo. 
Shelf, breto. 
Shell, §elo. 
Shell, senseligi. 
SJiell, bomb, bombo, kng 

Shelter (to screen), sirmi. 
Shelter (refuge), rifugejo. 
Shelve (slope), deklivo. 
Shepherd, pastisto. 
Shield, sildo. 
Shield, sildi, sirmi. 
Shift (garment), cemizo. 
Shift, movi, transport!. 
Shilling, silingo. 
Shin, tibio. 
Shine, brili. 




Shingle, sindo — eto. 

Shining, briJa. 

Ship, sipo. 

Ship, ensipigi. 

ShipiDveck, sippereo. 

Shipwright, sipf.iristo. 

Shire, graflando. 

Shirk, eviti. 

Shirt, cemizo. 

Shiver, tremeti. 

Shoal, fiSaro. 

Shock, frapo. 

Shocking, terura 

Shoe, suo. 

Shoes, boots, etc., piedvesto. 

Shoot (tree), branceto. 

Shoot (to bud), germi. 

Shoot (a gun), pafi. 

Shoot (to kill), mortpafi. 

Shop, butiko. 

Shore, marbordo. 

Shore up, subteiii. 

Short, mallonga. 

Shoi'ten, malloiigigi. 

Shoiily, frue. 

Shojisighted, miopa. 

Shortsightedness, miopeco. 

Shot, pafo. 

Should, devus. 

Shoulder, sultro. 

Shoulder-blade, skapolo. 

Shout, kriegi. 

Shove, pusi. 

Shovel, soveli. 

Shovel, soveli lo. 

Show, montri. 

Shoiv, parado. 

Show in, enigi. 
Shoiu goods, elmeti. 
Shower, pluveto. 
Shower-bath, pluvbano. 
Showy, luksa. 
Shred, peco, dispeco. 
Shrewd, sagaca. 
Shreivdness, sagacecc 
Shriek, kriegi. 
Shriek (of the wind). 

Shrill, sibla. 
Shrink, malpliigi. 
Shrivel up, sulkigi. 
Shrimp, markankreto. 
Shroud, mortkitelo. 
Shroud, kasi, protekti. 
Shrub, arbeto. 
Shrug, altigi. 
Shudder, tremeti. 
Shuffle (cards), miksi, en- 

miksi — igi. 
Shuffle (prevaricate), 

Shun, eviti. 
Shut, fermi. 
Shutter, window, fenestra 

Shuttle, naveto. 
Sht/, timeta, hontema. 
Shyness, timeteco, honteco 
Si (music), B. 
Si (flat), Bes. 
Sibilant, sibla, sibla sono. 
Sick (ill), malsana. 
Sick, voniema. 
Sicken, malsanigi. 



Since then 

Sickle, rikoltilo. 

Sickly, malsanema. 

Side, fianko. 

Sideboard, telermeblo. 

Side face, profilo. 

Siege, si ego. 

Sieve, kribrilo. 

Sift, kribri. 

Sigh, ekgemi. 

Sigh after — m^for, sopii'i j)ri 

Sight, vido. 

Sight (view), vidajo. 

Sign, sigiii — igi. 

Sign, signo. 

Sign (a document, etc.), 

Signboard, e 1 pe n da] o . 
Sign-manual, subskribo — 

Sign (notice-board), sur- 

Signpost, signa fosto. 
Signal, signalo. 
Signal, signali. 
Signal (milit.), signaldiro. 
Signature, subskribo. 
Signet, sigelilo. 
Significant, signifa. 
Signification, signifo. 
Signify (to mean), signifi. 
Signify (to matter), esti 

Signify (to make known), 

Silence, silento. 
Silence, silentigi. 
Silence, to keep, silentigi. 

Silent, silenta. 
Silent, to he, silenti. 
Silent, to become, silentigi. 
Silex, siliko. 
Silhouette, profilo. 
Silk, silko. 
Silkiuorm, silkvermo. 
Silken, silka. 
Silky, silkeca. 
Sill, sojlo. 
Silliness, malsageco. 
Silly, naivega. 
Silver, argento. 
Silver plate, argenti. 
Silver-fir, pinio. 
Similar, simila. 
Similarity, simileco. 
Similitucle, komparajo 
Simile, simileco. 
Simmer, boleti. 
Simper, naivegrideti. 
Simjjle, simpla. 
Simple (foolish), naivega. 
Simpleton, naivegulo. 
Simpleness, simpleco. 
Simplicity, simpleco. 
Simplify, simpligi. 
Simply (adv.), simple, nur. 
Simultaneous, samtempa. 
Sin, peko. 
Sin, peki. 
Sinapis, sinapo. 
Sinapiism, sinapa kata- 

Since (conjunction), tial 

ke, car. 
Since then, de tin tempo. 




Since (adv.), antaii ne 

Sixteen, dek-ses. 


Sixty, sesdek. 

Sincere^ sine era. 

Size, grand eco. 

Sincerity, sincereco. 

Size (of a book), formate. 

Siiipxure, senlaborofico. 

Size, glue to. 

Sinew, tendeno. 

Skale, gliti. 

Sinful, pekema. 

Skates, glitiloj. 

Sing, kanti. 

Skein, fadenaro. 

Singing (the art), kantarto. 

Skeleton, skeleto. 

Single (alone), sola. 

Sketch, skizi. 

Single, unuobla. 

Sketch, skizo. 

Singe, bruleti, fiameti. 

Skewer, tra^^ikileto. 

Singular (gram.), ununom- 

Skid, malakcelo. 


Skiff] boateto. 

Singular, stranga. 

Skilful, lerta. 

Sinciput, verto. 

Skill, lerteco. 

Sinister, funebra. 

Skilled, lerta. 

Sink, stonlavujo. 

Skim, sensaumigi. 

Sink, maltlosi, igi. 

Skimmer, saumkulero. 

Sinner, pekulo. 

Skin, hatito. 

Sinovia (iinat.), sinovio. 

Skin (animal), felo. 

Sip, trinketi. 

Skill, senfeligi 

Siphon, si f one. 

Skinner, felisto. 

Sir, sinjoro. 

Skip, salteti. 

Sire, patro. 

Skirmish, bataleto. 

Sire, mosto. 

Skirt, jupo. 

Sii'en, sireno. 

Skittles, kegloj. 

Sister, fratino. 

Skulk, kasigi. 

Sister-in-law, bofratino. 

Skull, kranio. 

Sit, sidi. 

Sky, cielo. 

Sit on eggs, sursidi. 

Skylight, fenestreto. 

Site, sido, situacio. 

Slack, malstreca. 

Sitting (of assembly), 

Slacken (speed), malakceli. 


Slacken (loose), malstreci. 

Situation, situacio, sido. 

Slag, metala saumo. 

Situation (post), oficio. 

Slake, sensoifigi. 

Six, ses. 

Slander, kalumnii. 




Slang, vulgaresprimo. 

Slanting, oblikva. 

Slap in the face, survango. 

Slash, trancadi, trancegi. 

Slate, ardezo. 

Slater, tegmetitisto. 

iS'/a^es(ro< •fing),tegmenta3o. 

Slaughter {simmiih).h\ic'ddi. 

Slaughter, mortigi. 

Slaughter-house, bacejo. 

Slave, sklavo. 

Slavery, sklaveco. 

Slavish, skkiva. 

Slavishness, sklavemo. 

^lay, mortigi. 

Sled, sledge, glitveturilo. 

Sleek, glata. 

Sleep, dormi. 

Sleet, hajlnego. 

Sleeve, maniko. 

Sleigh, glitveturilo 

Slender, maldika. 

Slender (graceful), gracia. 

Slice, trancajo. 

Slide, glitojo. 

Slide, gliti. 

Slight, maldika. 

Slip, faleti. 

Slip, let, preterlasi. 

Slipper, pantoflo. 

Slippery, gL\ta. 

Slim, gi'acia. 

Slime, slimo. 

Slimy, slim a. . 

Sling (stones), stonjetilo. 

Slit, fendo. 

Sloe, prunelo. 

Slop, verseti. 

Slope, deklivo. 

Slope (cut out), eltraiici. 

Sloth, mallaboremo. 

Slothful, mallaborema. 

Slough, slime jo. 

Sloven, negligulo. 

Sloiu, malrapida. 

Sloivness, malrapideco. 

Slug, limako. 

Sluggard, mallaborulo. 

Slumber, dormeti. 

Slut, negligulino. 

Sly, ruza, kasem;i. 

Small, malgrandii. 

Smallness, malgraudeco. 

Small-pox, variolo. 

Smart (to suffer), doloreti. 

Smrmrt, eleganta. 

Smash, disromi)i. 

Smear, smiri. 

Smell (trans.), flari. 

Smell (intrans.), odori. 

Smell, odoro. 

Smell (sense), flaro— ado. 

Smelt, fandi. 

Smile, rideti). 

Smile, rideti. 

Smite, frapi. 

Smithy, forge jo. 

Smock, kitelo. 

Smoke, fumi. 

Smoke, fumo. 

Smoke (fish, etc.), fumaji. 

Smoker, fumamanto. 

Smooth, glata. 

Smooth (level), ebena. 




Smother, sufoki. 

Smoulder, bruleti. 

Smuggle, kontrabandi. 

Smut, nigrigi, makuli. 

Snail, limako. 

Snake, serpenteto. 

.S't?^;;; (noise), kraki. 

Snap, ataketi. 

Snappish, atakema. 

Snare, kaptilo. 

Snatch, ekpreni. 

Sneak, ram pi. 

Sneer, liHmoki. 

Sneeze, terni. 

Sniff, eiiflari. 

Snij}, tondeti. 

Snivel, ploreti. 

Snai'e, ronki. 

Snort, ekronki. 

Snout, nazego. 

Snoio, negi. 

Snow, II ego. 

Snovjfiake, negero. 

Snuff, flartabako. 

Snuffle, nazparoli. 

Snug, komforta. 

So (adv.), tie), tiamaniere. 

So, tia. 

So many, much, tiom da. 

Soak, trempi. 

Soap, sapo. 

Soap, sapumi. 

Soar, alte fliigi. 

Sob, ploregi. 

Sober, sobra. 

Sober (serious), serioza. 

Sobriety^ sobreco. 

Sobriquet, moknorao. 

Sociable, societania. 

Social, sociala. 

Socialism, socialism o. 

Socialist, socialisto. 

Society, societo. 

Sock, strum peto. 

Socket, ingo, tubeto. 

Sod, bulo. 

Soda, sodo. 

Sofa, sofo. 

Soft, mola. 

Soft (mannered), dolca. 

Soft (not loud), mallaiita. 

Soften, moligi. 

Softly, mallaute. 

Softly, kviete. 

Softness, moleco. 

Soil, tero. 

Soil, malpurigi. 

Soiled, malpura. 

Soiree, vesperkunveno. 

Sojourn, resti. 

Sol (music), G. 

Solace, komforti. 

Solar, sunn. 

Solder, luti. 

Soldier, soldato. 

Sole, sola. 

Sole (fish), soleo. 

Sole (of the foot), plando. 

Sole (of boot, etc.), 

Solecism, solicismo. 
Solely, sole. 
Solemn, solena. 
Solemnity, soleno. 





Solemnize, solenigi. 

Sometime, iam. 

Solfa, notkanti. 

Sometimes, kelkfoje. 

Solfeggio, notkanto. 

Sometimes — sometimes, jen 

Solicit, i)etegi. 

— jen. 

Solicitor, advokato. 

Some ivay, iel. 

Solicitous, petega, zorga. 

Someu'hat, iom. 

Solicitude, zorgeco. 

Somewhere, ie. 

Solid, fortika. 

Son, filo. 

Solid, a, malfluido. 

Son-in-law, bofilo. 

Solidarity, solidaieco. 

Sonata, sonato. 

Solidity, fortikeco. 

Song, kanto. 

Solidify, malfluidigi. 

Songster, kantisto. 

Soliloquy, monologo. 

Sonnet, soneto. 

Solitary, sola. 

Sonorous, sonora. 

Solitude, soleco. 

Soon, baldau. 

Solnhle, solvebla. 

Soon (early), fruo. 

Solubility, solvebleco. 

Soot, fidgo. 

Solution, solvo. 

Soothe, kvietigi. 

Solvable, solvebla. 

Soj^, trempajo. 

Solvable (payable), pago 

Sophism, sofismo. 


Soprano, soprano. 

Solvability {siolvency), pago- 

Sorb, sorpo. 


Sorcerer, sorcisto. 

Solvability, solvebleco. 

Sorcery, sorcarto. 

Solve, soivi. 

Sordid, malpnrega! 

Solvency, pagokapableco. 

Sore, ulcere to. 

Solvent, pagokapablo. 

Sorrel, okzalo. 

Sombre, malhela. 

Sorrow, malgojo. 

Sombre (mariner), malgaja. 

Sorry, malgoja — eta. 

Some, kelkaj. 

Sort, speco. 

Some (indef.), ia. 

Sort, dece kunmeti, dis- 

Someone, in. 


Somebody, in. 

Sot, drinkulo. 

Somebody's, ies. 

Soul, animo. 

Somehow, iel. 

Sound (try depth), sondi. 

Some (quantity), iom. 

Sound (noise), sono. 

Something, io. 

Sound, Jioni. 


163 Spendthrift 

Sound (traus.), sonigi. 

Sound health, sana. 

Soup, supo. 

Sour, acida. 

Sou?- (manner), malgaja. 

Sourbout, fermentita bni- 

Source, fonto. 
Source (origin), deveiio. 
Souse, trempegi. 
South, Sudo. 
Southern, Suda. 
Southerhj, suda. 
Sovereign (pound), livro. 
Sovereign, regnestn*. 
Sovereignty, regeco. 
Sow, porkino. 
Suiv, semi. 
Space, space. 
Space (time), daiiro. 
Spacious, vasta. 
Spade, fosilo. 

Spade (at cards), piko. 

Spain, Hispanujo. 

Spangle, briletajo. 

Spanish-Jly, kantarido. 

Spare (ex-tra), ekstra. 

Spare, indulgi. 

Sparing, to be, spari. 

Sparing (saving), sparema 

Spark, fajrero. 

Sparkle, brili. 

Sparrow, pasero. 

Sparroiv-haiuk, akcipitro. 

Sparse, maldensa. 

Spasm, spasmo. 

Spatter, sprucigi (sur). 

I Spawn, fissemo. 
Speak, parol i. 
Speak through the nose, naz- 

Speaker, parolanto. 
Spear, lanco. 
Special, speciala. 
Specialise, specialigi. 
Specialist, specialisto. 
Speciality, specialo— eco. 
Specie, monero. 
Species, speco. 
Specimen, modelo. 
Specious, versa jna. 
Speck, makuleto. 
Spectacle (a sight), vidajo. 
Spectacles, okulvitroj. 
Spectator, rigardanto. 
Spectre, fantomo. 
Spectnmi, spektro. 
Speculate, spekulacii. 
Speculation, spekulacio. 
Speculative, spekulativa. 
Speculate (theorise), teori- 

Speculative (theoretic), 

Speculum, spegulo. 

Speech, parolado. 

Speechless, muta. 

Speed, rapido. 

Speed, rapidigi. 

Speedy, rapid ;i. 
t Spell, silabi. 
i Spell, cai'mc . 

Spend, elspezi. 
I Spendthrift, malsparulo. 




Sphere, sfero. 
Spherical, sfera. 
Sphinx, sfinkso. 
Spice, spico. 
Spider, araneo. 
Spider's web, araneajo. 
Spike, najlego. 
Spile, ligna najlo. 
Spill (liquid), disversi. 
Spill (corn, etc.), dissuti. 
Spin, spini. 
Spinage, spinaco. 
Spinal, spina. 
Spindle, akso. 
Spine, spino. 

Spinning-wheel, radspinilo. 
Spinning-top, turnludilo. 
Spinster, spinistino (fraxi- 

Spiral, helikforma. 
Spire, pregeja turo, sonori- 

Spirit (soul), spirito. 
Spirit (energy), energio. 
Spirit (ghost), fantomo. 
Spirit, alkoholo. 
Spiritual, spirita. 
Spiritualism, spiritualismo. 
Spiritualist, spiritualisto. 
Spirituous, alkohola. 
Spit, kraci. 
Spit (spike), trapiko. 
Spite, malamo. 
Spite of, in, spite. 
Sjnteful, vengema. 
Spittle, kracajo. 
Spittoon, kracnjo. 

Splash, spruci. 

Splash (with the hands), 

Spleen, lieno. 
Spleen (ill-humour) 

Splendid, belega. 
Splendour, belegeco. 
Splice, kunigi. 
Splinter, fendpeceto. 
Split, fendi. 
Spoil, difekti. 
Spoil, malbonigi. 
Spoil (l)ooty), akiro. 
Spoke (of wheel), radio. 
Spokesman, parolanto. 
Spoliation, ruinigo. 
Sponge, spongo. 
Sponsor, baptopatro — ino. 
Spontaneous, propramova. 
Spoon, kulero. 
Spoonfid, plenkulero. 
Sport (joke), serci. 
Spo7't, sporto. 
Sportsman, sportisto. 
Sjjot (place), loko. 
Spot (stain), niakulo. 
Spotless, senmakula. 
Spouse, edzo — ino. 
Spout, spruci. 
Sprain, elartikigi. 
Sprawl, sterni. 
Spray (sprinkle), surversi, 

sprucigi sur. 
Sp-ead (news), disvastigi. 
Spread (extend), etendi. 
Sprig, vergeto, bianceto. 







Sprightly, sprita, viva. 
Spi'igh tliness, vi v eco. 
Spring, salti. 
Spring (season), prin- 

Spring (of watch, etc.), 

Springy, elasta. 
Sprinkle, sprucigi siir. 
Sprinkler, sprucigilo. 
Sprite, feino, koboldo. 
Sprout (bud), elkreski. 
Spue, vomi. 
Spume, saumo. 
Spur, sprono. 
Spurious, falsa. 
Spurn, eljeti. 
Spurt, elspruci. 
Spy, spioni. 
Spy, ekvidi, esplori. 
Spyglass, vidilo. 
Squabble, malpaceti. 
Squad, tacmento, roto. 
Squadron (mi lit.), skadro. 
Squadron (naval), eskadro. 
Squall, krieti. 
Squall (wind), ventego. 
S'pmnder, malspari. 
Square, kvadrato. 
Square (tool), rektangulilo. 
Square (adj.), kvadrata. 
Square (make square), 

Square (math.), kvarobligi. 
Squash, premegi. 
S(^uaf, dikkorpa. 
Squeak, bleketi. 

Squeamish, precizema. 
Squeeze, pre mi. 
Squib, raketo. 
Squint, strabi. 
Squint-eyed, straba. 
Squirt, elsprucigilo. 
Squirt, elspruci. 
Squiirel, sciuro. 
Stab, vundi, pikegi. 
Stable, ce vale jo. 
Stable (firm), fortika. 
Stability, fortikeco. 
Stack (straw), garbaro. 
Stadium, stadio. 
Staff {pole), stango. 
Staff, of officers, stabo. 
Stajf (managers), estraro. 
Staff, flag, flagstango. 
Stag, cervo. 
Stag-beetle, cerva skara- 

Stage, estrado. 
Stage (theatre), scenejo. 
Stagger, sanceligi. 
Stagnant, senmova. 
Stagnation, senmoveco. 
Staid, deca, kvieta. 
Stain, makuli. 
Stain, makulo. 
Stair, stupo. 

Staircase (stairs), Stuparo. 
Stake, paliso, fosto. 
Stake (wager), veto. 
Stalactite, stalaktito. 
Stalagmite, stalagmito. 
I Stale, malfresa. 
1 Stalk (plant), trnnketo. 




Stall (at market, etc.), 

Stall (for beast), stalo. 

Stallion, cevalviro. 

Stamen (bot.), paliseto. 

Stamin, stamino. 

Stammer^ balbuti. 

Stamp (to mark), stampi. 

Sto.m]^ (brand), stampa^o. 

Sta7np, postage, postmarks. 

Stamp with foot, piedfra- 

Stamper (marker), stamp- 

Stanch (firm), firraa, for- 

Stanch (trusty), fidela, fer- 

Stanchion, subteno. 

Stand, stari. 

Stand, piedestalo. 

Stand (trans.), starigi. 

Standard (flag), stand- 

Standard (model), modelo. 

Stanza, strofo. 

Staple, komuna. 

Star, stelo*. 

Starboard, dekstro. 

Starch, amelo. 

Stare, rigardegi. 

Stark, rigida, tuta. 

Stark (adv.), tute. 

Starling, sturno. 

Start (with fear), ektremi. 

Start, ekiri. 

Startle, ektremi. 

Starve, malnutri. 

State (social condition), 

State (condition), stato. 
State, Stato. 
State (subject of a), Stat- 

State, esprimi, diri. 
Statement (report), raporto. 
Statesman, politikisto. 
Station (of life), situacio, 

Station, railway, stacidomo. 
Stationary, senmova. 
Stationary, senprogresa. 
Stationer, papervendisto. 
Stationery, paperajo. 
Statistics, statistiko. 
Statue, statuo. 
Stature, kresko. 
Statute, regulo. 
Statutes, regular 0. 
Stave, in, krevi. 
Stay (to remain), resti. 
Stay (to stop), haltigi. 
Stay (a support), subteno. 
Steadfast, konstanta. 
Steady, nesancelebla. 
Steak, steko, bifstcko. 
Steal, stcli. 

Stealth, by, kase, sekiete. 
Stealthy, kasa, sekreta. 
Steam, vaporo. 
Steamboat, vaporsipo. 
Steam-engine, vapormasino. 
Steed, cevalo. 
Steel, stalo. 




Steelyard, pesilo, pe^ 

Steep, kruta. 
Steef, trerapi. 
Steeple, pregeja tui o. 
Steer, juna bovviro. 
Steer, direkti. 
Steerage, antauparto. 
Steersman, diiektilisto. 
Stem, tninketo. 
Stem of a pipe, pipa tubo. 
Stem (of ship), antauparto. 
Stench, malbonodoro. 
Stenographer, stenografisto. 
Stenography, stenografio. 
Stejy, Stnpo. 
Step, pasi. 
Step by step, paso post paso, 

paso pase. 
Step (relationship), duon. 
Stepfather, duonpatro. 
Steppe, stepo. 
Stereotype, stereotipo. 
Stereotype plate, k 1 i sa j o. 
Stereometry, stereoraetrio. 
Sterile, senfrukta. 
Sterility, senfrnkteco. 
Sterling, vera. 
Stern (of ship), posta parto. 
Stern, severega. 
Stertorous, stertora. 
Stew, boleti. 
Steivard (of ship), sipin- 

Steward, intendanto. 
Stick, bastono. 
Stick, ghii. 

Stick hills, afisi. 

Sticky, gluauta. 

Stiff', rigida. 

Stiff neck, koldoloro. 

Stifle, sufoki. 

Stigma (bot.), rostreto. 

Stigimi, velkeco, m;d- 

Stigmata, vundpostsigno\ 
Stigmatise, kahimnii, mal- 

Still (distilb'ng), distililo. 
Still (calm), trankvila. 
Still (adv.), tamen. 
Still, senn\ova. 
Stilts, iriloj. 
Stimulant, stimuli lo. 
Stimulate, stimuli. 
Sting, piki. 
Sting, pikilo. 
Stingy, avara, trospara. 
Stink, malbonodori. 
Stint, limigi. 
Stipend, salajro. 
.Siipulate, kondicigi. 
Stir, movi. 

Stir up, eksciti, inciti. 
Stir (the fire), inciti. 
Stirrup, piedingo. 
Stitch, stebi. 
Stock, provizo. 
Stock (of a wheel), aksingo. 
Stockholder, rentulo. 
Stocking, strum po. 
Stoical, stoika. 
Stokei; hejtisto. 
Stomach, stomako. 




Stomachic, storaaka. 

Stone, stono. 

Stone (of fruit), grajno. 

Sto7ie to death, stonmortigi 

Stool, skabelo. 

Stoop, kurbigi. 

Stop (trans.), haltigi. 

Stop (at a place), resti. 

Stop (halt), halti. 

Stop, full, punkto. 

Stop (pause), pauzo. 

Stoppage, obstrukco. 

Stopper, stopilo. 

Store (supply), provizo. 

Stoi'e, magazeno. 

Storehouse, ten e jo. 

Stork, cikonio. 

Storm, ventego. 

Storm, ataki. 

Story (tale), fabelo, 


Story (floor), etago. 

Stout, dika. 

Stout (beer), nigra biero. 

Stoutness, dikeco. 

Stove, forno. 

Strabism, strabeco. 

Straight, rekta. 

Straightforwardness, sin 

Straightway, tuje. 
Strain, streci. 
Strain (filter), kribri. 
Strain after, celi. 
Strainer, kribri lo. 
Strait (geog.), markolo. 
Strait (narrow), mallarga. 

Strait (difficulty), embara- 

Straiten, mallargigi. 
Strand, marbordo. 
Strand (of rope, etc.), 

Strange, stranga. 
Stranger, freindulo, mal- 

Strangeness, strangeco. 
Strangle, sufoki. 
Strap, rimeno. 
Stratagem, ruzo. 
Strategy, militarto. 
Stratify, tavoli. 
Stratum,, tavolo. 
Straw, pajlo. 
Strawberry, frago. 
Stray, erarigi. 
Streak, streko. 
Stream, rivereto. 
Street, strato. 
Strength, forteco. 
Strengthen, plifortigi. 
Strenuous, energia. 
Stress, forto, premo — eco. 
Stretch, streci. 
Stretcher, portilo. 
Strew, disjeti. 
Strict, severa. 
Stride, pasegi. 
Strident, sibla sono. 
Strife, malpaco, disputo. 
Strike, frapi. 

Strike (of workmen), striki. 
Strike (coins), presi, mono- 

strike up singing I6d SuDordinate 

Strike up singing, ekkanti. 
Strike out (writing), sur- 

Striking, surpiiza, tusanta, 

String, snureto. 
Stringent, severa. 
Strip, strio. 
Strip off, setiigi je. 
Stripe, streko. 
Strive, penadi. 
Stroke, strio. 
Stroke (a blow), bato. 
Stroke (to touch), karesi, 

Stroll, promeni. 
Strong, forta. 
Stronghold, f o iti ka] o. 
Strophe, strofo. 
Structure, strukturo. 
Struggle, barakti. 
Strut, paradi. 
Strut (a stay), siibtenajo. 
Strychnine, striknino. 
Stubborn, obstinega. 
Stubbornness, obstiiiegeco. 
Stucco, stukajo. 
Stud, biitono. 
Student, studento. 
Studio, studcambro. 
Studious, lernema. 
Study, lerni, studi. 
'S'/»# (material), stofo. 
Stuff, plenigi. 
Stumble, faleti. 
Stump, trimkrestajo. 
Stun, duonesveni<zi. 

Stupefy, mals pri ti gi . 
Stupefaction, mirego. 
Stupendous, mireginda. 
Stupid, malsprita. 
Stupidity, tnalspriteco. 
Stupor, letargio. 
Sturdy, harda. 
Sturgeon, .?turgo, huzo. 
Stutter, balbuti. 
Stye (pig), porkejo. 
Style, stilo. 

Style (fashion), fasono. 
Stylish, stila. 
Subaltern, subulo. 
Subcutaneous, subhauta. 
Subdivide, redividi. 
Subdue, submeti, venki. 
Subject (gram.), subjekto. 
Subject, legato, regnano. 
Subject, objekto. 
Subject (lit.), temo. 
Subject, submeti, subigi. 
Subjection, regateco, sub 

Subjugate, submeti. 
Subjunctive (gram.), relata 

Sublime, altega, belega. 
Submarine, submara. 
Submarine vessel, sub 

Submerge, subakvi. 
Submission, submetigo. 
Submissive, humila. 
Submit (yield), cedi. 
Submit, submetigi. 
Subordinate, subulo. 

Subordinate 1 

70 Sultan 

Snhordinate, suba. 

Succour, helpi. 

Suborn, siibaceti. 

Succulent, Ijongu&ta. 

Subpcena, asigrio. 

Succumb, subfali. 

Subscribe (to a newspaper, 

Such a, tia. 

etc.), aboni. 

Suck, suci. 

Subscribe (sign), subskribi. 

Sucldng-pig, porkido. 

Subscribe (money), mono- 

SucJde, marnniitri. 


Suction, sucado. 

Subscription, monoferado. 

Sudden, subita. 

Subscription, abono. 

Sue, procesi. 

Subsequent, sekva. 

Suet, graso. 

Subside, mallevi. 

Suffer (endure), suferi. 

Subsidy, helpa mono. 

Suffer (tolerate), toleii. 

Substance, substanco. 

Suffering, sufero. 

Substantial, fortika. 

Suffice, snfici. 

Substantiate, pruvi. 

Sufficiency, snficeco. 

Substantive, snbstantivo. 

Sufficient, sufica. 

Substitute, anstataiii. 

Suffix, sufikso. 

Subterfuge, artifiko. 

Suffocate, sufoki 

Subterranean, snbtei'a. 

Suffrage (vote), vocdono. 

Subterraneous, subtera. 

Sugar, sukero. 

Subtile, maldika. 

Sugar basin, sukerujo. 

Subtle, rnza. 

Suggest, proponi, inspiri. 

Subtract, elpreni. 

Suicidt', memmortigo. 

Subtraction, elpreno. 

Suicide, to commit, sin 

Suburbs, cirkauurbo. 


Subvention, helpa mono. 

Suit, konveni. 

Subversive, detruanta. 

Suitable, konvena, taiiga. 

Succeed (order), postveni, 

Suite, sekvantaro. 


Suitor (lover), amanto. 

Succeed, sukcesi. 

Suitor, plendulo. 

Success, snkceso. 

Sulk, kolereti. 

Successful, sukcesa. 

Sullen, malgaja. 

Succession, in, vice. 

Sully, malpurigi. 

Successive, intersekva. 

Sulphur, sulfuro 

Successor, posteulo. 

Sidphuric acid, vitriolo. 

Succinct, mallonga. 

Sultan, sultano. 




Sultry^ varmega. 

ISum, sumo. 

Sum, sumi. 

Sum up, resumi. 

Summarise, resumi. 

Summary, resume. 

Summary, mallouga. 

Summer, somero. 

Summerhonse, laiibo. 

Summit, supro. 

Summon, asigui, citi. 

Summon (a meeting), kun- 

Summons, citato. 

Sumptuous, luksa. 

Sun, suno. 

Sunbeam, suurjidio. 

Sunday, dimanco. 

Sundry, di versa. 

Sunjloioer, sunfloro. 

Sunshade, sunoml)relo. 

Sunstroke, sunfrapo. 

Sup, noktomangi. 

Superb, belega. 

Superficial, supra] a. 

Superficies, supra] <>. 

Superfluity, superfluo. 

Superfluous, superfiua. 

Superhuman, siiperhoma. 

Superintend, observi, zorgi 

Superior, sujiera 

Superior', a, super ulo. 

Superiority, supereco. 

Superlative (gram.), super- 
Supernatural, supcrnatura. 

Supernumerary, ekstrul o . 
Superscription, surskribo. 
Supersede, anstataui. 
Superstition, superstico. 
Superstitious, superstica. 
Supervise, observi. 
Supper, noktomaugo. 
Supplant, anstataui, uzurpi. 
Supple, fleksebla. 
Supplement, aldono. 
Supplement, aldoni. 
Supplementary, aki on a. 
Supplicate, petegi. 
Supply, provizi. 
Support, subteni. 
Support (prop), subportilo. 
Supporter, partiano. 
Suppose, supozi, konjekti. 
Suppress, subpremi. 
Supremacy, superegeco. 
Supreme, superega, ccfa. 
Surcharge, supertakso. 
Sure, certa. 
Surely, certe, nepre. 
Surety, garantiajo. 
Surety, to be, garantii. 
Surf, saiimo, mar — 
Surface, suprajo. 
Surfeit, supei'sati. 
Surge, ondego. 
Surgeon, hirurgiisto. 
Surgery, hirurgio. 
Surly, malgaja. 
Surmise, konjekti. 
Surmount, venki. 
Surname, alnomo. 
Surpass, superi. 


172 Symphony 

Surprise, surpr i zi . 
Surrender, kapitulaci. 
Surreptitious, kasa. 
Survey (land), termezuri. 
Survey, vidadi, elvidi. 
Surveyor, termezuristo. 
Survive, postvivi. 
Susceptible, sentebla — ema. 
Susceptibility, scntemo. 
Suspect, suspekti. 
Suspend, pendigi. 
Suspense (uncertainty), 

Suspicion, suspekto. 
Suspicious, suspektema. 
Sustain, subteiii. 
Sustenance, nutrajo. 
Swaddle, vindi. 
Swaddling clothes, vindo- 

Swagger, fanfaroni. 
Swallow (bird), hirundo. 
Swallow, gluti. 
Swamp, marcejo. 
Swan, cigno. 
Sward, her be jo. 
Swarm, — aro. 
Swarm of bees, abelaro 
Swarthy, nigravizaga, dube 

— nigra. 
Swathe, envolvi, vindi. 
Sway (swing), balanci. 
Swear (jud.), juri. 
Swear, blasfemi. 
Sweat, sviti. 

Sweater (garment), trikoto 
Swede, a, Svedo. 

Sweep, balai. 
Sweepings, balaajo. 
Sweet (mannered), dolca. 
Sweet, a, sukerajo. 
Sweet, malacida. 
Sweetbriar, rozo sovaga. 
Sweetheart (m.), amanto, 

Sweetmeat, sukerajo. 
Sivell, sveli. 
Swelling, svelo. 
Swerve, malrektigi. 
Swift, rapida. 
Swiftness, rapideco. 
Swill, glutegi, drinkegi. 
Swim, nagi. 
Swimming, nagarto. 
Swimming (in head), kap- 

Swindle, steli. 
Swindler, stelisto. 
Svnne, porko. 
Swing, balanci. 
Swing, a, balancilo. 
Swiss, a, Sviso. ' 
Switch, vergo. 
Swivel, turrdvruco, 
Sivoon, sveni. 
Sword, glavo. 
Syllable, silabo. 
Syllogism, silogismo. 
Symbol, simbolo. 
Symmetry, simetrio. 
Sympathetic, simpatia. 
Sympathise, simpatii. 
Sympathy, simpatio. 
Symphony, simfonio. 



'3 Tamper 

Symptom^ simptomo. 

Taint, difekti. 

Synagogue, siiiagogo. 

Take, preni. 

Syncope, sveno. 

Take away, forpreni. 

Syndicate, sindikato. 

Take away (by force), rabi. 

Synod, sinodo. 

Take care ! atentu ! 

Synonym, sinonimo, 


Take care of, zorgi pri. 


Take care (of a child), 

Synonymous, sinonima, 



Take from, depreni. 

Synopsis, resumo, sinop- 

Take notice of, observi. 


Take off (undress), senves- 

Syntax, sintakso. 

tigi, senvestigi. 

Synthesis, sintezo. 

Take jjart, partoprcni. 

Syphilis, sifiliso. 

Take place (happen), okazi. 

Syringe, ensprucigi. 

Take refuge, rifugi. 

Syrup, siropo. 

Take snvff flari tabakon. 

System, sistemu. 

Take supper, noktomangi. 


Taking (attractive), cai- 


meta, beleta. 
Tale, rakonto, fabelo. 

Tabernacle, sanktejo, tendo. 

Talent, talento 

Table, tal)lo. 

'Talented, leita, klera. 

Talk (index), tabelo 

Talisman, talismano. 

Table cloth, tablotuko 

Talk, paroli. 

Table requisites, tel 


2'alk foolishly, paroli ser. 



Tacit, neesprimita, silenta. 

Tall, granda. 

Taciturn, silentema. 

Tallow, sebo. 

'Jack, najleto. 

Tally, egali, kunegali. 

Tad; najleti. 

Talmud, Talmud o. 

'Tackle (apparatus), il 


Talon, ungego. 

Tact, delikateco. 

TamSy nialiiovagigi, kire 

Tactics, taktiko. 


Tadpole, ranido. 

Tame, malsovaga. 

Taffeta, tafto. 

Tamely, kviete. 

Tail, vosto. 

Tamper, intrigi, ermiksigi 

Tailor, tajloro. 





Tan, taui. 

Taste, gustumi. 

Tan, tanilo. 

Taste, gusto. 

Tan (the skin), brunigi. 

Tasty (palatable), bon- 

Tangent, tangento. 


Tangible, palpebla. 

Tatter, cifonajo. 

Tangle (entangle), enmik- 

Tattle, babilajo. babilado. 


Tattoo, tatui. 

Tank, akvujo. 

Taunt, sarkasmo. 

Tankard, pokalo, kaliko. 

Taut, streca. 

Tanner, tanisto. 

Tautology, ripetado, tauto 

Tannin, tanino. 


Tantamount to, egalvalora 

Tavern, drinkejo. 


Taw, felpreparadi. 

Tap, bateti, frapeti. 

Tawdry, falsluksa. 

Tap, krano. 

'Tawny, diibcfiava. 

Tape, kotonmbando. 

Tax, taksi. 

Tape worm, solitero. 

Tax, takso, iraposto. 

Taper^ kandeleto. 

Tea, teo. ^ 

Taper, maldikigi. 

Tea canister, ten jo. 

Tapestry, to hang with. 

Tea caddy, ten jo. 


Tea plant, tearbeto. 

Tapestry, tapeto. 

Teapot, tekruco. 

Tar, gudri. 

Teach, instrui. 

Tar, giidro. 

Teacher, instruisto. 

Tardy, malfrua, malrapida. 

Teaching, instruo — ado. 

Target, celtabulo. 

Tear, siri. 

Tariff, tarifo. 

Tear in pieces, dispecigi, 

Tarnish, malheb"go, 


Tarnish, mallieligi. 

i Tear (a rent), desirajo. 

Tarry, raalfnii. 

Tear, larmo. 

Tarry (to stay in a place) 

Tease, inciteti, tedi. 


Teat, mampinto. 

Tart (pastry), tor to. 

Technical, teknika. 

Tart, acida. 

Tedious, teda. 

Task, tasko. 

Tediousness, tedeco. 

Taskwork, tasklaboro. 

Teem, suficegi. 

Tassel, drappendajo. 

2'eeth, dentoj. 




Telegram, telegram o. 

Tender (affectionate), 

Telegraph, telegrafi. 


Telegraph (instrument), 

Tenderness, ameco. 


Tendon, tendeno. 

Telegraphic, tclegrafa. 

Tenement, logejo, aparta- 

Telegraphist, telegrafisto. 


Telegraphy, telegrafo. 

Tenet, dogmo, kredo. 

Telephone, telefoni. 

Tenor, tenoro. 

Telephonic, telefona. 

Tension, streco. 

Telescope, teleskopo. 

Tent, tendo. 

Tell (to relate), rakonti. 

Tentative, prova. 

Tell, diri. 

Tepid, varmeta. 

Temerity, bravegeco. 

Term (time), templimo. 

Temper, karakteio, hiimro. 

Term (expression), tef- 

Temperance, sobreco. 


Temperate, sobra. 

Termagant, kriegulino. 

Temperate, mod era. 

Terminate, fini. 

Temperature, temperaturo. 

Terminology, terminaro. 

Tempest, Nentego, uragano. 

Termite, termito. 

'Temple (forehead), tenipio. 

Terrace, teraso. 

Temple (edifice), templo. 

Terrestrial, tera. 

Temporral, monda. 

Terrible, terrific, terura. 

Temporary, kelkatempa, 

Terrify, timegigi. 


Territoi-y, teritorio. 

Tmp&rize, prokrasti. 

Terror, teruro. 

Tempt, tenti. 

Terrorise, terurigi. 

Temptation, tento— ado. 

Test, provi. 

Tempter, tentanto. 

Testament, testamento. 

Ten, dek. 

Testatm-, testamentanto. 

Tenacity, persisteco. 

Testify, atesti. 

Tenant, luanto. 

Testimonial, atesto, reko- 

Tench, tinko. 


Tendency, erao, inklino. 

Testy, kolerema. 

Tender (to become), 

Tetanus, tetano. 


Tether, ligilo. 

Tender (offer), proponi, 

Text, teksto. 


Textile, teksa. 

Textual V 

'6 Thought 

Textual^ lauteksta. 

Therefore, tial. 

Texture, teksajo. 

Thermometer, termometr(;. 

Thaler, talero. 

Thesis, tezo. 

Than, ol. 

They, ili. 

Thank, danki. 

Thick, dika. 

Thankfully, danke. 

Thick (dense), densa. 

Thankfulness, dankeco. 

Thicket, arbetajo, arl)etaro. 

Thankless, sendanka. 

Thickness, dikeco. 

Thanks, dankon. 

Thickset, dikkorpa. 

That, tio. 

Thickskinned, dikhauta. 

That (demon, adj.), tiu. 

Thief, stelisto. 

That (rel. pron.), kiu. 

Thieve, steli. 

That (conjn.), ke. 

Thievish, stelema. 

fliatch, pajla tegmento. 

Thigh, ferauro. 

Thaw, degeli. 

Thigh hone, femurosto. 

Thaw, degelado. 

Thimble, fingringo. 

The, la. 

Thin (slender), maldik:i- 

The moi'e . . . the more, 

Thine, cia, via. 

ju pli . . . des pli. 

Thing (matter), afero. 

Theatre, teatro. 

Thing, some, io. 

Theatrical, teatra. 

Thing, any, io. 

Theft, stelo. 

Think, pensi. 

Their, theirs, ilia, sia. 

Thinker, pensulo. 

lliem, ilin. 

Think over, pripensi. 

Theme, temo. 

Thirst, soifo. 

Then, tiani. 

Thirsty, to he, soifi. 

Then (after that), poste. 

This, tio ci. 

Then (therefore), do. 

This (demon, pron.), tin ci. 

Theologian, teologisto. 

Thistle, kardo. 

Theology, teologio. 

Thong, ledrimeno. 

Them-em, teoremo. 

Thorax, brustkesto. 

Theory, teorio. 

Thorn, dorno. 

21ie(,retic, teoria. 

Thorough, plenega. 

Therapeutics, kuracarto. 

Thoroughfare, trairejo. 

There (adverb), tie. 

Thou, ci, vi. 

IViere is, jen estas, estas. 

Though, kvankam. 

There are, jen estas, estas. 

Thought, penso, pensado. 




Thoughtful, pripensa. 
Thoughtless, seiipripensa. 
Thraldom, servuto. 
Thrash, drasi, bategi. 
Thready fadeno. 
Threadbare, eliiza, eluzita. 
Threat, minaco. 
Threatening, minaca. 
Three, tri. 
Threshold, sojlo. 
Thrift, spareco. 
Thrifty, sparenia. 
Thrill, vibri, eksciti. 
Thrive, prosperi. 
Throat, gorgo. 
Throb, bati, palpiti. 
Throbbing, bato — ado, 

Throe, agonio. 
Throne, trono. 
Throng (crowd), amaso. 
Throttle, sufoki. 
'Through, tra. 
Throw, jeti. 
Throio across, transjeti. 
Throw out, eljeti. 
Thrush, turdo. 
Thrust, pusegi, enpusi. 
Thund), dika fingro. 
Thump, frapegi, bategi. 
Thunder, tondri. 
Thunderstruck, fulmofrapa. 
Thursday, jaudo. 
Thus, tiel, tiamaniere. 
Thwart, malhelpi. 
Thy, cia, via. 

Thynie, timiano. 

Tibia, tibio. 

Tick, bateti, frapeti. 

Ticket, bileto. 

Tickle, tikli. 

Ticklish, tiklosenteraa. 

Tidal, marmova. 

Tide, iucoming, alfluo 

Tide, receding, forfluo. 

Tidings, sciigo. 

Tidiness, malnegligeco. 

Tidy, malnegliga. 

Tie, ligi. 

Tie together (unite), kunb'gi 

Tie (cravat), kravato. 

Tier (row), vico. 

Tier (string, etc.), ligilo. 

Tiger, tigro. 

Tight, prema, troprema. 

Tile, tegmenta briko. 

Till (money-box), monujo 

Till, until, gis. 
Till (cultivate), kulturi. 
Tillage, kulturajo, terkul- 

Tiller (of boat), direktilo. 
Tilt, klini — igi, duonlevi. 
Tilt (an awning), kovrilego. 
Timber, ligno, ligna]o. 
Time, tempo. 
Timely, gustatempa. 
Timepiece, horlogo. 
Timid, timema. 
Timidity, timeco. 
Timoi'ous, timema. 
Tin, stani. 





Tin, stano. 

Tinder, fajrfungo. 

Tinfoil, hidrargajo. 

Tinge, koloretigi. 

Tingle, vibreti, son^ti. 

Tinkle, tinti. 

Tint, koloretigi. 

Tiny, malgrandeta. 

Tip, pinto. 

Tip (gratuity), triiikniono. 

Tippet, manteleto. 

Tipple, drinki. 

Tippler, drinkemulo. 

Tipsy, ebria. 

Tirade, denuncado, mal- 

Tire, lacigi. 

Tire (bore), tedi, eiiui. 
Tired, laca. 

Tiresome, teda, enua. 

Tissue, teksajo. 

Tithe (a tenth part), 

Tithing, dekoneco. 

Title, titolo. 

Titmouse, paruo. 

Titter, rideti, ekrideti. 

To, al. 

Toad, bufo. 

Toast (a health), toasto. 

Tobacco, tabako. 

Tobacco box, tabakujo, 

Tobacco p)ouch, tabakujo. 

Tobacco shopf tabakbutiko. 

Toboggan, gli tveturilo. 

Tocsin, tumultsonorilo. 

To-day, hodiau. 
2'oe,^great, piedfingrego. 
Toe, piedfingro. 
Together, kune. 
Toil, laboro, penado. 
Toilet, tualeto. 
Toilsome, labora. 
Token, signo. 
Tolerable, tolerebla. 
Tolerably, tolereble. 
Tolerance, toleration, toler- 

eco, toleremo. 
Tolerant, tolera — ema 
Tolerate, toleri. 
Toll, takso, depago. 
Toll (bell), sonoradi. 
Tomato, tomato. 

Tomb, tombo. 

Tom cat, katviro. 

Tome, vohmio. 

To-morrow, morgau. 

To-morrow, the day after, 

Tone (music), tono. 

Tongs, prenilo. 

Tongs, fire, fajrprenilo. 

Tongue, lango. 

Tonic, fortigilo. 

Tonic accent, tonakcento. 

Tonnage, enhavebleco. 

Tonsure, tonsure. 

Too (much), tro. 

Tool, ilo. 

I'ooth, dento. 

Toothless, sendenta. 

Top (summit), supro. 

Top (peak), pinto. 

Top 17 

9 Tradesman 

Top (of head), verto. 

Touch up (improve), 

Topaz^ topazo. 


Topic, subjekto. 

Touch, palpo. 

Topmost, pi ej supra. 

Touchiness, ofendsenteco. 

Topography, topografio. 

Touching, tusanta. 

Topple, fali. 

Touching (emotion), kor- 

Topsy-turvy, to turn, ren- 



Touchy, ofendsentema. 

Topsy-turvy, renversita— 

Tough, malniola. 


Tour, vojago. 

Toqiie, capo. 

Tourism, turismo. 

Torch, torco. 

Tourist, turisto. 

Tm-eador, toreadoro. 

Touring club, turing klubo 

Torment, turmenti. 

Tow, posttreni. 

Torment, turmento — ado. 

Tow, btupo. 

Torpedo, torpedo. 

Toward, al. 

Torpedo boat, torpedboato. 

Towel, visilo. 

Tmpid, sensenta. 

Toioer, turo. 

Torpidity, sensenteco. 

Towing-vessel, trensipo. 

Torpor, serisento. 

Town, nrbo. 

Torrent, torento. 

Township, urbeto. 

Torrid, varmega. 

Toy, liidilo. 

Toj'sion, tordo. 

Trace (plan), desegni. 

Torso, torso. 

Trace, postsigno. 

Tortoise, testudo. 

Track (path), vojo, vojeto. 

Tortuous, torda. 

Tract (of land), regiono. 

Torture, turmentego. 

Tract (pamphlet), traklato. 

Toi'ture, turmentegi. 

Traction, tiro — ado. 

Tory, konservativulo. 

Trade, negoci, komerci. 

Toss, skui. 

Trade (business, etc.). 

Toss (throw), Jeti. 

negoco, komerco. 

Total, tuto, a. 

Trade (profession, etc.), 

Totality, tuteco. 


Totter, sanceli. 

IWade, free, libera inter- 

Touch, tusi. 


Touch (feel), palpi. 

Tradesman, butikisto. 

Touch lightly, tuseti. 


N 2 




Tradition, tradicio. 
Traduce, mallaudegi. 
Traffic (commerce, etc.), 

negoco, komerco. 
Tragedian, tragediisto. 
Tragedy, tragedio. 
Tragic, tragical, tragedia. 
Trail (to draw along), 

Train, instrui, dresi. 
Train (railway), vagonaro. 
Train (retinue), sekvant- 

Train (of carriages), 

Train (of a dress), trenajo. 
Train (to drag), treni. 
Trait, trajto. 
Traitor, perfidulo. 
Traitorous, perfida. 
Tramcar, tramveturilo. 
Tramway, tramvojo. 
Trammel, malhelpi, em- 

Tram}?, vagisto. 
Trample, trabati per la 

Trance, katalepsio, svena- 

Tranquil, trankvila. 
Tranquilise, trankviligi. 
Tranquility, trankvileco. 
Transaction, in terkonsen I o. 
Transerihe, transskribi. 
Transfer, transloki, trans- 
Transfigure, aliformigi. 

Transfix, trabori, trapiki. 
Transform,2i\\ioYxmg\ — igo. 
Transformed, to he, aliform- 

Transformation, aliformigo. 
IVansfuse, trans versi. 
Transgress, peki, ofendi. 
Transgression, ofendo, 

Transgressor', ofendanto, 

Transit, pasado. 
Transition, transiro. 
Transitory, rapid a. 
Translate, traduki. 
Translation, tradiiko. 
Translator, tradukisto. 
Transmarine, transmara. 
Transmission, transigo. 
Transmit, transigi. 
Transmitter, transiganto. 
Transmute, aliformigi. 
Transparent, travidebla, 

Transparency, diafaneco. 
Transpire, konigi, okazi. 
I'ransjjlant, transloki. 
Transpoii (to delight), 

Transpoii (by vehicle), 

Transport, transporti. 
Transportation, transport- 
Transpose, transloki. 
Transverse, laiilarga, dia- 




Trinity, the 

Trap (snare), kaptilo, 

Trap, kapti. 
Trapdom\ plankpordo. 
Trapezium, trapezo. 
Trash (rubbish), for^etajo. 
Travail, nasklaboro, iiask- 

Travel (by car), veturi. 
Travel, vojiri, vojagi 
Traveller, vojaganto. 
Traverse, trapasi, train*. 
Travesty, maska^o. 
Tray, pleto. 

Treacherous, perfida— ema. 
Treachery, perfideco. 
Treacle, mielsiropo. 
Tread, premi, subpremi, 

marsi, pasi. 
Treadle, pedalo. 
Treason, perfido. 
Treasure, trezoro. 
Treasurer, kasisto. 
Treat (to feast), regali. 
Trm/ (medicinally), kuraci. 
Treat (to discuss), trakti. 
Treatise, truktato. 
Treatment (medical », kura- 

Treaty, kontrakto, traktajo. 
Tree, arbo. 
Trefoil, trifolio. 
Trellis, palisplektajo. 
Tremble, tremi. 
Trembling, tremo — ado. 
Tremendous, grandega. 
Tremoi', trenieto, skueto. 

Tremulous, trema, skueta. 
Trench, fosa^o. 
Trenchant, akra. 
Trencher, lignotelero. 
Trepidation, tremeco, 

Trespass, transpaso, of endo. 
Tress (hair), harligo. 
Tress, plektajo. 
Trestle (bench), stablo. 
Trial (an attempt), provo — 

ajo — ado. 
Triangle, triangulo. 
Tribe, gen to. 
Tribulation, doloro, mal- 

gojo, suferado. 
Tribunal (place), jugejo. 
Tribunal (judges), jugist- 

Tributary, depaganta. 
Tribute, depago. 
Trice, in a, momente. 
Trick, friponi. 
Trick, malbonfarajo. 
Trick (at cards), preno. 
Trickle, guteti. 
Tri-coloured, tiikolora. 
Tricycle, triciklo. 
Trident, tridento. 
Triennial, trijara. 
Trifle, bagatelo, trivialajo. 
Trifling, triviala. 
Trigger, tirilo. 
Trigonometry, trigono- 

Crill (mus.), trili. 
Crinity, the, Triunuo. 




Trinket, juvelo — eto. 
Trio, trio. 
Trip, faleti. 
Trip, vojago — eto. 
Tripe, tripo. 
Triple, triobla. 
Tripcd, tripiedo. 
Trisyllable, trisilabo. 
Trite, komuna, eluzita. 
Triturate, pisli. 
Triumph, triumfi. 
Triumphal, triumfa. 
Trivial, triviala. 
Triviality, trivialajo. 
Trombone, trombono. 
Troop (people), bando, 

Trooper, rajdistarano. 
Trophy, venksigno. 
Tropics, tropiko. 
Tropical, tropika. 
Trot, troti. 
Trot, troto — ado. 
Trouble, konfuzi, cagreni. 
Troublesome, malfacila. 
Trough, trogo. 
Trousers, pantaloiio. 
Trousseau, vestaro. 
Trout, truto. 
Trowel, trulo. 
Truant, kusemulo, forkur- 

Truce, interpaco. 
Truck, manveturilo. 
Tmculent, kruelega. 
True, vera. 
Truffle, trufo. 

IVuly, vere. 
Trump (cards), atuto. 
Trumpery, cif3i]o senvalora. 
Trumpet, trumpetadi. 
Trumpet, trumpeto. 
Trumpeter, trumpetisto. 
Timnk (animal or insect), 

Trunk (tree), trunko. 
2'runk (box), kesto, vojag- 

T-unk (of body), torso. 
Truss (bandage), bandago. 
Truss (a pack), paka^o, 

T7'ust, konfidi. 
Trustful, konfidema. 
Trustwmihy, fidinda. 
Trusty, fidinda. 
Truth, vero — eco. 
Truthful, verema. 
Truth, in, vere. 
Try (attempt), peni. 
Try (test), provi. 
Tsar, Caro. 
Tub, kuvo — eto. 
Tube, tubo. 
Tuber, tubero. 
Tubercle (med.), tuberkulo. 
Tuberosity, tubero. 
Tubular, tubforma. 
Tuck up, alfaldi. 
Tuesday, mardo 
Tuft, tiifo. 
Tuft (hair), hartnfo. 
Tug, posttreni. 
Tug-boat, trensipo. 




Tulip, tulipo. 
Tulle, tulo. 
Tumble, elrenversi. 
Tumbler, glaso. 
Tumh'el, sargovetarilo. 
Tumour, svelabsceso. 
Tumult, tumulto. 
Tumultuous, tumulta. 
Tun, barelego. 
Tune, agordi. 
Tuneful, belsoiia. 
Tunic, jako. 

Tuning-fm'h, tonfoi'keto. 
Tunnel, subtervojo. 
Turban, turbaiio. 
Turbid, sb'ma. 
Turbot, rombfiso. 
Turbulent, tumulta. 
Tureen, supujo. 

Turf, torfo. 

Turk, Turko. 

Turkey, Turku jo. 

Turkey (bird), meleagro. 

Turmoil, bruego, tumulto. 

2 urn, turni. 

Turn (on a lathe),torni. 

Turn, vico. 

Turner, tornisto. 

Turnip, napO. 

Turnscrew, sraiibturnilo. 

Turnspit, turnrostilo. 

Turnstile, turnkruco. 

Turpentine, terebinto. 

Turpitude, hontindajo. 

Turquoise, turkiso. 

Turret, tureto. 

Turtle-dove, turto. 

Tusk, dentego. 

Tutm', guvernisto. 

Twain, du. 

Tweezers, })renileto. 

Tioelve, dekdu. 

Twig, branceto. 

Twilight, vespera kre- 

Tioin, dunaskito. 
Twine, §nureto. 
Twinkle, brileti. 
Twist, tordi. 
Twitter, pepi. 
Two, du. 

Tympanum, oreltamburo. 
Type (model), modelo. 
Type, tipo, preslitero. 
Typhoid (fever), tifa febro. 
Typhus, tifo. 
Typical, modela. 
Typographist, preslabori>t o. 
Typography, tipografio. 
Tyrannical, tirana — ema. 
Tyranny, tiraneco. 
Tyrant, tirano. 
Tyro, novico. 


Ubiquity, cieesto. 

Udder, mamo. 

Ugliness, malbeleco. 

Ugly, malbela. 

Ukase, ukazo. 

Ulcer, ulcero. 

Ulterioi', posta, nekonata. 

Ultimate, lasta, ultimata. 

Ultimately 184 


Ultimately, laste, ultimate. 
Ultimatum, ultimatumo. 
Ultramarine, ultramarino. 
Umbra, ombro. 
Umbrage, ombrajo. 
Umbrella, ombre lo. 
Umpire, juganto — isto. 
Unaccountable, n eklarigebla. 
Unadorned, senornama. 
Unadvisedly, malprndente. 
Unadulterated, nefalsita, 

Unaffected, neafekta, naiva, 

Unalloyed, nemiksita. 
Unalterable, nesangebla. 
Unanimity, unuanimeco. 
Unanimous, unuvoca, 

Unanimously, iinuvoce, 

Unassuming, neafektema, 

Unavailing, malutila. 
Unawares, senatente. 
Unbar, malbari, malfermi. 
Unbearable, netolerebla. 
Unbecoming, malkonvena. 
Unbelief, malkredeco. 
Unbeliever, malkredulo. 
Unbend (relax), distri, 

amuzi, cedi. 
Unbending (resolute), 

decidega, neceda. 
Unbiased, senpartia. 
Unblushing (shameless), 


Unbosom (to disclose), 

Unbound (of books, etc.), 

Unbounded, senlima. 
Unbridle, senbridigi. 
Unh'oken, senintermaiika. 
Unburden (reveal, tell), 

Unbutton, debutonumi. 
Unceremonious, sencere- 

Uncertain, iiecerta. 
Unchain, elcenigi. 
Unchangeable, nesangebla. 
Uncivil, malgentila. 
Uncivilized, necivilizita. 
Uncle, onklo. 
Unclean, malpura. 
Uncleanness, malpureco. 
Uncomfortable, to make . geni . 
Uncommon, nekomuna. 
Uncommunicative, nekomu- 

nikema, silen tenia. 
Unconcerned, nezorgema. 
Unconditional, nekondica, 

Unconnected, nekunigita. 
Unconscious, nekonscia. 
Uncork, malstopi. 
Uncorrupted (phys.), nepu- 

Uncorrupted (moral), 

Uncouth, malgentila. 
Uncover, malkovri. 
Unction, smira^c 




Undimis, grasa. 
Uncultimted, senkultura. 
Undaunted, neintimigita. 
Under (prep.), sub. 
Unde7' (adv.), sube. 
Underbred (rude), vulgara. 
Undergo, suferi. 
Underground, subtera. 
Underhand, sekreta, kase- 

Underlie, subtavoli, sub- 

Underline, substreki. 
Undfrmaster, submajstro. 
Undermine (to dig), sub- 

Undermost (adv.), la plej 

Underneath (prep.), sub. 
Underneath (adv.), sube. 
Underrate, malestimi. 
Underscore, substreki. 
Understand, kompreni. 
Understanding, intelekto. 
Understanding, to have an, 

interkonsenti pri. 
UnderfaJce, entrepreni. 
Undertaking, entrepreno. 
Underwrite, garantii. 
Undesigned, seiivola, senin- 

Undignijied, malinda. 
Uiulisciplined, malobeema. 
Undo, malfari. 
Undo (the hair), malligi. 
Undress (one's self), mal- 

vesti, senvestigi. 

Undulate, ondolinii. 
Undulating, ondolinia. 
Undulation, ondolinio. 
Unearthly, supernatura. 
Uneasiness, maltrankvileco. 
Uneasy, maltrankvila. 
Unemployed, senokupa. 
Unendurable, iiesuferebla. 
Unequal, neegala. 
Unerring, neerara, certa. 
Uneven, neebena, mal- 

Unexpected, neatendita. 
Unexpectedly, neatcndite. 
Unexpressed, neesprimita. 
Unfair (dishonest), mal- 

honesta, raalrajta. 
Unfaithful, malfidela. 
Unfasten, malligi. 
Unfavourable, malfavora. 
Unfeeling, sensenta. 
Unfeigned, sincera. 
Un filial, nefila. 
Unfold (open), malfaldi, 

Unfold (disclose), mal- 

kovri, malkasi. 
Unfold (relate, tell), rakon- 

Unfoi'eseen, neantaiividita. 
Unfmiunate, malfelica. 
Unfrequently, malofte. 
Unfruitful, senfrukta. 
Unfurl, malfaldi, malvolvi. 
Unfuiiiish, senmebligi. 
Ungainly, mallerta. 
Ungodly, malpia. 




Ungrateful, nedanka, 

Unguent, smirajo. 
Unhandy, mallerta. 
Unhappy, malfelica. 
Unhappiness, malfeliceco. 
Unhealthy, malsaiia. 
Unheeded, nezorgita. 
Unhook, malkroci. 
Unhurt, sendifekta. 
Unicorn, unukornulo. 
Unification, unuigo. 
Uniform (dress), uni- 

Uniform, unuforma. 
Uniformity, simileco, unu- 

Unify, unuigi. 
Uninhabited, senhoma. 
Union, unuigo, kiinigo. 
Unique, sola, senegala. 
Unison, in (miis.), agorde. 
Unit, uriuo. 
Unite, unuigi, kunigi. 
Universal, universala. 
Universe, luiiverso. 
Univei'sity, universitato. 
Unjust, maljusta. 
Unknown, nekonata — 

Unlawful, malpermesita, 

Unless, esceptinte ke. 
Unlikely, neversajna. 
Unlimited, senlima. 
Unload, sensargi. 
Unman, malkuragigi. 

Unmask, senmaskigi. 
Unnatural, kontraiina- 

Unnerve, malkuragigi. 
Unoccupied, neokupata, 

Unpack, elpaki. 
Unpardonable, nepardon- 

Unpleasant, malplaca. 
Unpolished (surface), mal- 

Unpretending, neafektema, 

Unprincipled, malhonesta, 

Unproductive, senfrukta. 
Unpublished, neeldonita. 
Unquiet, malkvieta. 
Unravel, maltordi. 
Unrecognisable, nerekon- 

Unremitting, sencesa. 
Unreserved, nerezerva. 
Unrestrained, nedetena, 

Unroll, malruli, malfaldi. 
Unroof, maltegmenti. 
Unruffled, trankvila, nemal- 

Unruly, malgentila. 
Unsaddle, senseligi. 
Unsafe, dangerhava. 
Unsalable, nevendebla. 
Unseal, sensigeligi. 
Unsearchable, nesercebla. 
Unseemly, malkonvena. 




Unsettle (disturb), malor- 

Unwise, malsaga. 

digi, konfuzi. 

Unwittingly, senintenca. 

Unshaken, firma, nesance- 

Unwonted, nekutima. 


Unworthy, malinda. 

Unsightly, malbelega. 

Unyoke, maljimgi. 

Unskilful, mallerta. 

Up (adv.), supre. 

Unsociableness, nesocietamo 

Uph-aid, mallatldi, 

— emo. 


Unspotted (stainless), sen- 

Uphill (fig.), malfacila. 


Uphill, to go, supreniri. 

Unstable, sangenia. 

Uphold, subteni. 
Upholsterer, meblisto, 

Untamed, sovaga. 

Untidy (dress), negliga. 


Untie, malligl. 

Uplift, altlevi. 

Until, gis. 

Upon (prep.), sur. 

Untimely, antaiitempa, 

Upper (adj.), plisupra. 


Uppermost (adj.), la plej 

Untiring, senlaciga. 


Untoward, kontrauu. 

Upright (erect), vertikala. 

Unto (prep.), al. 


Untrammeled, libera. 

Up'ight (honest), honesta. 

Untrue, nialvera. 

Upiight (post), fosto. 

Unused, neuzita. 

Up'ightly, rekte, honeste. 

Unusual, neordinara, mal- 

Up'ightness, rekteco, 



Unvarnished (i)Wm),sim\^]ii, 

Uproar, bruego, tumulto. 


Uproot, elradikigi. 

Unveil, malkovri. 

UjJset, renversi, renvers- 

Unwary, malsingardema. 


Unwavering, nesanceliga. 

Upshot, rezultato. 

Unvjell, malsana. 

Upside down, reriversite. 

Unwholesome, malsana. 

Upstairs, supre. 


Upstart, elsaltulo. 

Unwieldy, multepeza. 

Up to (until), gis. 


Up to now, gis nun. 

Unioillingly, koiitraiivole. 

Urban, \\v\n\. 


Urbane, gentila. 




Urchin, bubo. 

Urge, urgi.- 


Urgent, urga. 

Urine, uririo. 

Vacancy, malpleiiajo. 

Urinal, urinejo. 

Vacant, neokiipata. 

Urn, urno. 

Vacate, forlasi. 

Us, nin. 

Vacation, libertempo. 

Usage, uzo — ado. 

Vaccinate, inokuli. 

Use, uzi. 

Vacillate, sanceligi. 

^s« (employment), uzo. 

Vacillating, sanceiiga. 

Use (custom), kutimo. 

Vacuous, mal plena. 

Use, to he of, utili. 

Vacuum; mal plena] o. 

Use up (wear out), eluzi. 

Vagabond, sentaugulo 

Useful, utila. 


Useless, senutila. 

Vagary, kaprico. 

Uselessness, senutileco. 

Vagrant, vagisto. 

Usher (school), submajstro. 

Vague, malpreciza. 

Usher (beadle), pedelo. 

Vain (fruitless), vana. 

Usual, ordinara, kutima. 

Vain (conceited), vanta. 

Usually, kutime. 

Vain, in, vane. 

Usufruct, guado. 

Vainly, vane. 

Usurer, procentegisto. 

Vale, valeto. 

Usurp, uzurpi. 

Valet, lakeo, servisto. 

Us urpation, u zurpo — ado. 

Valiant, brava. 

Usurper, uzurpulo. 

Valid, lega. 

Usury, procentego. 

Valise, valizo. 

Utensil, uzajo, ilo, ujo. 

Valley, valo. 

Utilise, utiligi. 

Valorous, brava. 

Utility, utilo — eco. 

Valour, braveco. 

Utmost, ekstrema. 

Valse, valso. 

Utojna, utopio. 

Value (appraise), taksi. 

Utopian, Utopia. 

Value (esteem), sati. 

Utter, ekparoli. 

Value, valoro. 

Utterance, ekparolo. 

Valuable, multekosta. 

Utterly, tute. 

Valuation, takso, taksado. 

Uttermost, ekstrema, la 

Valueless, senvalora. 


Valve, klapo. 




Van, veturilego. 

Van (of army), antatigvar- 

Vane, ventoflago. 

Vanguard, antaugvardio. 

Vanilla, vanilo. 

Vanish, neniigi. 

Vanity, vaneco. 

Vanquish, venki. 

Vanquisher, venkanto. 

Vapid, sengusta. 

Vaporisation, vaporigo. 

Vapmise, vaporigi. 

Vapour, vaporo. 

Vapour-hath (place), svit- 

Vapourous, vapora. 

Variable, sangebla. 

Variance, to set at, mal- 

Variation, di verseco, sango. 

Varicose vein, vejnego. 

Variegate, multkolorigi. 

Variegated, multkolora. 

Varietji, di verseco. 

Variola, variolo. 

Various, di versa. 

Varnish, laki. 

Varnish, 1 ako — aj o. 

Vary, diversi. 

Vase, vazo. 

Vaseline, vazelino. 

Vassal, vasalo. 

Vassalage, vasaleco. 

Vast, vasta. 
, Vat, kuvego. 
^ Vault (leap), salti. 

Vault, arkajo. 

Vaunt, fanfaroiii. 

Veal, bovidviando, bovid- 

Veer, turni, igi. 
Vegetable, legomo. 
Vegetable - garden, legoma 

Vegetate, vegeti. 
Vegetation, kreskajado. 
Vehemence, perforteco 
Vehement, perforta 
Vehicle, veturilo. 
Veil (for face), vualo. 
Veil, vuali, kovri. 
Veil (conceal), kasi. 
Vein, vejno. 
Veined, vejtia. 
Vellum, veleno. 
Velocipede, velocipedo 
Velocity, rapideco. 
Velvet, veliiro. 
Venal, acetebla. 
Vend, vendi. 
Venerable, respektinda. 
Venerable (aged), maljuiia. 
Venerate, respektegi. 
Veneration, resjiektego. 
Vengeance, vengo. 
Venial, pardonebla. 
Venison, casajo. 
Venom, verieiio. 
Venomous, venena. 
Vent, ellaso. 
Vent-hole, ellastruo. 
Ventilate, ventoli. 
Ventilator, ventolilo. 

Ventriloquist 190 Vicissitude 

Fentriloquist, ventroparo- 

Vertebral, vertebra. 


Vertex, supro, pinto. 

Venture, riski. 

Vertical, vertikala. 

Venture, risko. 

Vertigo, kapturno. 

Venturous, riska. 

Very, tre. 

Veracious, verema. 

Vesicle, veziketo. 

Veracity, vereco. 

Vespers, Vespera Diservo. 

Verandah, balkono. 

Vessel (ship), sipo, boato. 

Verb, verbo. 

Vessel, vazo, ujo. 

Verbal, parola. 

Vest, vesto, jaketo. 

Verbena, verbeno. 

Vestibule, vestiblo. 

Verbatim (adv.), luuvorte. 

Vestige, postsigno. 

Verbiage, Ijabilajo. 

Vestment, vestajo. 

Verbose, parolegema. 

Vestry, pregejocambro. 

Verbosity, parolegeco. 

Veteran, malnovulo. 

Verdant, verdanta. 

Veterinary surgeon, besto- 

Verdict, jugo. 


Verdigris, verdigro. 

Veto, vetoo, malpermeso. 

Verdure, verdajo. 

Vex, cagreni. 

Verger, pedelo. 

Vexation, cagreno. 

Verify, verigi, ekzameni. 

Viaduct, vojponto. 

Verily, vere. 

Vial, boteleto. 

Veritable, vera. 

Viands, viando, manga] o. 

Verity, vereco. 

Vibrant, raultesona. 

Vermicelli, vermicelo. 

Vibrate, vibri. 

Vermifuge, kontrattver- 

Viburnum, viburno. 


Vicar, parofiestro. 

Vermilion, cinabro. 

Vicarage, parofiestrejo. 

Vermin, insektoj. 

Vice, malvirto. 

Vermouth, verrauto. 

Vice (screw press), preni- 

Verse, verso. 


Verses, to make, versi. 

Viceroy, vicrego. 

Versed (learned), klera. 

Vice versd, kontraue, male. 

Versifier, versisto. 

Vicinity, proksimeco, naj- 

Version, traduko. 


Verst, ^■ersto. 

Vicious, malvirta. 

Verteh'a, vertebro. 

Vicissitude, sortovico. 




Victim, suferanto. 
Victimise^ suferigi. 
Victor, venkanto. 
Victorious, venkinta. 
Victory, veiiko. 
Victuals, mangajo. pro- 

Vie, konkuri. 
View, vidi. 

Vigil (watch), viglo, gardo. 
Vigilant, vigla. 
Vignette, vinjeto. 
Vigorous, f Ortega. 
Vigour, fortegeco. 
Vile, mahiobla. 
Vileness, hontindajo. 
Villa, domo, kampodo- 

Village, vilago. 
Villager, vilagano. 
Villain, kanajlo. 
Villainous, malbonega. 
Vindicate, pravigi. 
Vindication, pravigeco. 
Vindictive, vengema. 
Vine, viiiberiijo — arbo. 
Vine-culture, vinberkiil 

Vinegar, vinagro. 
Vinery, vinberejo. 
Vine-branch, vinberbranco 
Vine-stock, vinbertrunko. 
Vineyard, vinberejo. 
Vintage, vinrikolto. 
Vintner, vinvendisto. 
Violate, malrespekti. 
Violation, malrespekto. 

Violence, perforto. 
Violent, perforta. 
Violet, violo. 
Violet-coloi\ violkoloro. 
Violin, violono. 
Violinist, violonisto. 
Violoncello, violoncelo. 
Violoncellist, violoncelisto. 
Viper, vipero. 
Virago (fig.), drakino. 
Virgin, virgulino. 
Virginal, virga. 
Virginity, virgeco. 
Virgin, The Blessed, La 
Sankta Virgulino, Dipa- 
Vhikj vira. 
Virility, vireco. 
Virtue, virto. 
Virtuous, virta. 

Virtuoso, virtuozo. 

Virulent, venena, mal- 

Virus, veneno. 

Visage, vizago. 

Vis avis, kontraiiulo. 

Viscera, internajo. 

Viscuffus, gluanta. 

Visible, videbla. 

Visibly, videble. 

Vision (sense), vido. 

Vision (apparition), 


Visit, viziti. 

Visiting-card, vizitkarto. 

Visitor, vizitanto. 

J'isor, viziero. 





Visual, vida. 

Voluntary, Vs^aemvola) pro- 

Vital, vivema. 


Vital, necesega. 

Volunteer, memvolulo. 

Vitality, vivemo. 

Voluptuous, voluptema. 

Vitiate, difekti. 

Voluptuousness, volupteco. 

Vitreous, vitreca. 

Vomit, vomi. 

Vitrify, vitrigi.. 

Vomiting, vomado. 

Vitriol, vitriolo. 

Vomitory, vomilo. 

Vivacity, viveco. 

Voi^acious, englutema. 

Vivid (color), hela. 

Voracity, engluteco. 

Vivifying, viviga. 

Vortex, turnakvo, turni 

Vixen, vulpino. 


Viz, norae, tio estas, t.e. 

Vote, vocdoni, baloti. 

Vizier, veziro. 

Vouch, garantii, atesti. 

Vocabulary, vortareto. 

Voucher, garantio, garanti- 

Vocal, voca. 

anto, atesto. 

Vocalist, kantisto. 

Vow, dedici, promesi. 

Vocation, profesio, inklino, 

Vow (religious), religia 



Voice, voco. 

Voivel, vokala. 

Voice (vote), vocdono. 

Voyage, vojago, vojiro. 

Void (empty), malplena. 

Vulgar, vulgara. 

Void (null), nuliga. 

Vulgarise, vulgar/gi. 

Void (emptiness), mal- 

Vulgarity, vulgareco. 


Vulgate, Latin a Biblio. * 

Volatile (fickle), flirtema. 

Vulnerable, vundebla. 

Volatilise, vaporigi. 

Vulture, vulturo. 

Vol-aurvent, pasteco. 

Volcano, vulkano. 


Volcanic, vulkana. 

Volley (gun firing), pa- 

Wobble, sanceli — igi. 


Wadding, vato, vatajo. 

Voluble, babilema, fluant- 

Waddle, balancigi, sance- 



Volume (book), volumo. 

Wade, akvotrairi. 

Volume (size), dikeco. 

Wafer, oblato. 

Voluminous, multdika. 

Waft, flugporti. 




J^^ag, serculo. 

Wage (make, carry on), 

Wager, veto. 
Wages, salajro. 
Waggish, serea 
Waggon (cart), Sargvetu- 

Waggon (of train), vagono. 
Waggoner, veturigisto, 

Wail, ])loregi, gemegi. 
Wain, sargvetnrilo. 
Waist, talio. 
Waistcoat, vesto. 
Wait, atendi. 
Wait on (serve), servi. 
Waiter, kelnero. 
Waive (abandon), forlasi. 
Wal:e, veki. 

Wake of ship, sippostsigno. 
Waking time (reveille), 

veki go. 
Walk, marsi, prom en i. 
JValk (path), aleo. 
Walking stick, bastono. 
Wall, niiiro. 
Wallet, sako, tornistro. 
Wallow, ruligi, enslimigi. 
Walnut, juglando. 
Walnis, rosmaro. 
Waltz, valso. 
J Fan, pal a, palega. 
Wand, vergo, vergego. 
Wander, erari, vagi. 
Wander (be delirious), 




Wandering, nomad;!, 

Wane, ekfinigi. 
Wanness, paleco. 
Want, seneco, mizerego. 
Want (need, ' require), 

Wanton, malica. 
War, milito — ado. 
Warble, pepi. 
Warbler, pepulo, silvio. 
Ward (guard), gardi, pri- 

Ward (turn aside), dekli- 

nigi, evitigi. 
Ward{siipeTson), zorgatulo. 
Ward (care), gardeco, zor- 

Ward (district), kvartalo. 
Ward off, deturni. 
War del', gardanto. 
Wardrobe, vestotenejo. 
Warehouse, provizejo. 

Wares (merchandise), 

Warfare, batalado.^ 
Warlike, militama. 
Warm, varmigi. 
Warm, varma. 
Warm (zealous), fervora. 
irarm bath, varmbano. 
Warm up, revarmigi. 
Warmth, varmeco. 
Warn, averti 





IVarning, aver to. 
Warp (twist), tordi. 
Warrant (money), man- 

dato, monmandato. 
Warrant (justify), pravigi. 
Warrant (assure), certigi. 
Warrantable, pravigebla. 
Warren, kuniklejo. 
Warrior, militisto. 
Wart, veruko. 
Wary, atenta, singardema. 
Wash, lavi. 

Wash one's self, sin lavi. 
Washerwoman, lavistino. 
Wash-hoiise, lavejo. 
Washstand, lavtablo. 
Wasp, vespo. 
Wasp's nest, vespejo. 
Wasjnsh, malgentila, ekko- 

^(xs^e(squander), malspari. 
Waste (grow thin), kon- 

sumigi, malgrasigi. 
Waste (rubbish), forjetajo, 

Waste (untilled), senkul- 

Wasteful, ma] spare m a. 
Watch, observi, spioni. 
Watch (guard), gardi. 
Watch (timepiece), poshor- 

Watch (a look out), obser- 

Watchful, atentema, zor 

gema, vigla. 
^^atchman, obse r v i s to. 

Watchword, signaldiro. 

Water, akvo. 

Water (plants, etc.), sur- 

Watery, akva. 
Water-closet, necesejo. 
Water-colour, i\\ivoi^Qntv3i.]o. 
Waterfall, akvofalo. 
Water-spout, trombo. 
Water-tank, akvujo. 
Watering-pot, versilo. 
Waterproof, nepenetrebla. 
Wave, on do. 
Wave, agiti, svingeti. 
Wavelet, ondeto. 
Waver, sanceligi, sanceli. 
Wax (bees), vakso. 
Wax (shoemaker's), peco. 
Wax, sealing, sigel vakso. 
Wax candle, vakskandelo. 
Way (road), vojo. 
Way (sea), mairodo. 
Way (manner), kutimo, 

Way, Milky, lakta vojo. 
Way, in that, tiel, tiama- 

Way out (exit), eliro. 
Wayfarer, vojiranto. 
Waylay, inside ataki. 
Wayward, memvola. 
We, ni. 

Weak, malforta. 
Weak (to become), malfor- 

Weaken, malfortigi. 
Weakness, malforteco. 




JVeal, feliceco. 
JFealth^ riceco. 
IFealthy, ricega. 
Wean{2L child), debnistigi. 
IFean (alienate), forigi, 

JFeapon, batalilo. 
IFear (use as clothes), porti. 
JFear away (decay by use), 

JFear aivay (to decline) 

Weariness, enuo, laceco. 
Wearisome, enua, enuiga.. 
Weary, to, enui. 
JFeary, laca, enua. 
Weather, vetero. 
WeatJier, to, kontraustari. 
Weathercock, ventoflago. 
Weave, teksi, plekti. 
Weaver, teksisto, plektisto. 
Web (tissue), teksajo. 
Weii (cf. marry), edzigi. 
Wedding (cf. marry), 

Wedge, kojno. 
Wedlock, edzeco. 
Wednesday, merkredo. 
Weed, malbonherbo. 
Weed, sarki. 
Weeding hook, sarkilo. 
Week, semajno. 
Weekly (adj.), semajna, 

Weep, plori. 
Weft, teksajo. 
Weigh, pezi 

Weigh (trans.), pesi. 

Weigh (ponder), pripensi. 

Weight, pezo. 

JFeight, pezilo. 

Weight (importance), 

Weighty, peza. 
Weigh-bridge, pesi lego. 
Weir, akvostopilo. 
Welcome, to, bonveni, bon- 

Welcome, bonveno. 
Welcome I bonvenu ! 
Welcome, bonvena. 
Weld, kunforgi. 
IFelfare, bonstato. 
Well, nu. 
Well (pit), puto. 
Well, to be, sani. 
Well (adv.), bone. 
Well - mannered, bon 

Well-nigh, preskau. 
Well-spring, fonto, akvo- 

Well-tvishing, bonvola 

Welter, enslimigi. 
Wen, tubero. 
Wench, knabulino. 
West, okcidento. 
Westerly, okcidenta. 
Wet, malsekigi. 
Wet, malseka. 
Whale, baleno. 
Whalebone, balenosto. 




JFharf, ensipigejo. 

fFhip, vipo. 

}Fhat, luhat a? kia ? 

Whip, riding, vipeto. 

fFhat ? kio, kion 1 

Whir, turnigadi. 

Whatever, kia ajn. 

Whirl, turnigadi. 

Whatsoever, kia ajn. 

Whirlpool, turnakvo. 

Wheat, tritiko. 

Whirlivind, turnovento. 

Wheedle, karesi, delogi. 

Whisk, fojnbalao. 

Wheedling, karesa, deloga 

Whiskers, vangharoj. 

Wheedler, delogisto. 

Whisper, mallaiite paroladi. 

Wheel (turn), turnigL 


Wheel, rado. 

Whisper, murmuro. 

Wheelbarrow, pusveturilo. 

Whistle (of wind), sibli. 

Wheelwork, radaro. 

Whistle, fajfilo. 

Wheelmight, radfaristo. 

Whistle, fajfi. 

Whelp, ido, hundido, bes- 

Whist, visto. 


Whit, porcieto. 

JFhen, kiam. 

White, blanka. 

Whenever, kiam ajn. 

White of egg, albnmeno. 

Where, kie. 

Whiten, blankigi. 

Wherefoi-e, tial 

Whiting, merlango. 

JFJierever, kie ajn. 

Whitish, dubeblanka. 

Wherry, barketo. 

Whither, kie, kien, al kie. 

Whet, akrigi. 

Whizz, sibli. 

Whether, cu. 

Who, kiu. 

Whey, selakto. 

Whoever, kiu ajn. 

Which (rel. pron.), kin, 

Whole, tuta. 


Whole, into. 

Which, kio, kion, kiu. 

Wholesale, pogrande. 


Wholesome, saniga. 

Whiff, subitventeto. 

Whom, kiun. 

While, dum. 

Whooping cough, kokluso. 

Whim, kaprico. 

Whosoever, kiu ajn. 

Whimper, ploreti. 

Whose, kies. 

Whimsical, kaprica 

Why, kial. 

JFhine, ploreti, blekcti. 

Wick, meuo — ajo. 

Whinny, cevalbleketo. 

Wicked, malviita, nial 

JPliip, vipi 


wickedness 197 Withdraw 

IVickednesSj malviiteco, 

Wind up (watch, etc ), 



Wicket, pordeto. 

Winding sheet, moi'ttuko, 

Wicker, salikajo. 


Wide, larga. 

Windlass, turnilo. 

Widen, plilargigi. 

Windoiv, fenestro. 

Widow, vidvino. 

Window blind, rulkurtcno. 

Widoioer, vidvo. 

IVindpipe, trafieo. 

Widowhood, vidveco. 

Windy, venta. 

Width, largeco. 

Win£, vino. 

Width, in, \iimvge. 

Wine growing, vinkultuio. 

Wield, manpreiii, man- 

Wine Tnaking, vin farad o. 


PFine merchant, vi n vendisto. 

Wife, edzino. 

Wing, flugilo. 

Wig, peruko. 

Wink, palpebrurai. 

Wild, sovaga. 

Winning (pleasing), carma, 

Wilderness, dezorto. 


Wile, ruzo. 

Winnow, ventoli. 

JVilful, obstina. 

Winter, travintri. 

Will, to make, testaraenti. 

Winter, vintro. 

Will (bequeath), testa 

Wintry, vintia. 


Wipe, visi. 

Will, testamento. 

IFire, metal fadeno. 

Will-o'-tJie-wisp, erarlurao. 

Wisdom, sago, sageco. 

J Filling, to be, voli. 

Wise, saga, sagenia. 

Willingly, volonte 

Wish, tvant, deziri, voli. 

Willow, saliko. 

Wish, volo, deziro. 

Willy-nilly, vole-nevole. 

Wistful, pensanta. 

Wily, ruza. 

JFit, sprito. 

Win, gajni. 

J Fit, spritulo. 

Wince, ektiemi. 

Witch, sorcistino. 

Winch, turnilo. 

Witchcraft, sorco— arto. 

Wind (air), vento. 

With, kun, per, je, de. 

IFind (coil), viiidi. 

JFith reference to, rilate al 

Wind (twist), tordi. 

JFith regard to, rilate al. 

Winii (on spool), 

JFith respect to, rilate al. 


JFithdraw, eligi. 




IVilhdrawal, reenpaso. 

Wither, velki, sensukigi. 

Withhold, fortiri. 

jnthin, en, interne (adv.). 

IFifhout, sen. 

JVithstand, kontraiistari, 

Witness, atesti. 
Witness, atestanto. 
Witness, eye, okulvidantp. 
Wiiiicism, spritajo. 
Wittiness, spriteco. 
Witty, sprita, spritema. 
Wizard, sorcisto. 
JVoe, ve. 

Woful, cagrenega, malgoja. 
Wolf, lupo. 
Woman, virino. 
Womb, utero. 
Wonder, miri. 
Wonder, rairego, miro. 
Wonder, a, mirindajo. 
Wonderful, mi ri nda — ega. 
Wonted, kutima. 
Woo, amindumi. 
Wood (material), ligno. 
Wood, arbarcto. 
Woodcock, skolopo. 
Woodcutter, arbohakisto. 
Wood flooring ( parq u e tr y ) , 

Woodhoase, lignejo. 
Woodpecker, pego. 
Wooer, amis to, amindu- 

Woof, teksa^o. 
JFool, lano 

Woollen stuff, lanajOjdrapo. 

Woolly, laneca. 

Word (spoken), parolo. 

JVord (written), vorto. 

Wordiness, babilaj o . 

Worrlfor word, lauvorte. 

Work, labori. 

Work (physical), laboro — 

Work (literary), verko. 
Worker, laboristo. 
IVorkcr (literary), verkisto 
Workman, laboristo, meti- 

Works (place), fabrikejo. 
Wwkhox, necesujo. 
Working day, simpla tago. 
Wwkshop, mctiejo, labor 

Workmanlike, lerta. 
JVorknianship, metiistartc 
World, mondo. 
Worldly, monda. 
Worm, vermo. 
Worm-shaped, vermoforma 
Wor'niwood, absinto. 
Woi'n-atd, eluzita. 
Worry (vex), inciteti, 

Worry (importune), trua 

Worry, enuo, cagreno. 
Worse (adj.), plimalbona. 
Worse (adv.), plimalbone. 
Worship, adori. 
Woi'ship, adoro — ado. 
Worst (adj.), plejmalbona. 




IVorst (adv.), plejmalbone. 
Wcnsted^ malveiikita. 
Wort, mosto. 
Worth, to he, valori. 
Worth (value), valoro. 
Worth (esteem), indo*. 
Wmihless (morals), mal- 

Worthless, senvalora. 
Worthy (of), inda (je). 
Wound, vundi. 
Wrack, fuko. 

Wrangle, disputi, malpaci. 
Wrangle, disputado, mal- 

Wrap, faldi, kovri. 
Wrapper, kovrilo. 
Wrath, kolerego. 
Wratliful, kolei egn. 
Wreath, garlando. M' 
Wreathe, plekti, girlandi. 
Wreck (ship), sippereo. 
Wreckage, derompajo. 
Wren, regolo. 
Wrench, ektiregi. 
Wrest, tiregi. 
Wrestle, barakti. 
Wrcstlef}', baraktisto. 
Wretch, malbonulo, 

Wretched, mizera. 
Wriggle, tordi, tordeti. 
Wring (twist), tordi, 

Wring (the hand), premi. 
J I Winkle, sulkigi. 
JTrinkle (facial), sulko. 

Wrist, maiiradiko. 
Write, skribi. 
Writer (author), verkisto. 
Writer, skribisto. 
Writing, skribajo. 
Writing-table, skribotablo. 
Wrong, malpraveco. 
Wrong, malprava. 
Wrongfully, m al ra j te. 
Wrongly, malrajte, mal- 

Wroth, kolerega. 
Wry, torda. 

Yacht, sipeto. 

Yard, korto. 

Yard (of ship), velstango. 

Yarn, lanfadenajo. 

Yawn, oscedi. 

Yawn, oscedo — ado. 

Ye, vi. 

Yea, jes, vera. 

Year, jaro. 

Yearly, ciujara. 

Yearn, deziregi. 

Yearning, dezirego — ado. 

Yeast, paiifermentilo. 

Yell, kriegi. 

Yell, kriego. 

Yellow, flava. 

Yellowish, dubetlava. 

Yelp, hundbleki. 

Yeoman (faimer). farraisto. 

Yes, jes. 

Yes, truly 



Yes, truly, jes, vere. 
Yesterday, hieraii. 
Yesterday, the day before, 

Yet, tarn en. 
Yet (adv.), ankorau. 
Yew, taksuso. 
Yield (surrender), kapitn- 

laci, cedi. 
Yield (produce), produk- 

Yoke, jugo. 
Yolk of egg, ovoflavo. 
Yonder, tie, tien 
You, vi, vin. 
Young, juna. 
Young (offspring), ido, 

Young lady (unmarried), 

Young man (unmarried), 

Younger, plijuna. 
Youngest, la plej juna 
Youngster, junulo— inc. 
Your, yours, via, 
Youlh, junulo. 

Youtk (collectively), junu- 

Youth (state of), juneco. 
Youthful, juna. 
Youthfulness, juneco. 
Yule, kristnasko. 

Zany, sercemulo. 
Zeal, fervoro. 
Zealot, fervorulo. 
Zealous, fervora. 
Zebra, zebro. 
Zenith, zenito. 
Zephyr, venteto. 
Zero, nulo. 
Zest, gusto. 
Zigzag, zigzago. 
Zinc, zinko. 
Zinc-ivorker, zinkisto. 
Zodiac, zodiako. 
Zone, terzono. 
Zoology, zoologio. 
Zoophyte, zoofito. 
Zouave, zuavo. 


The larger English- Esperanto Dictionary, to tvhich 
reference is made in the Authors^ Preface to this volume, 
and for ivhich Continental Experts have kindly promised 
collaboration and counsel, is being prepared by Mr. Joseph 
Rhodes, President, and Mr. John Ellis, the Hon. Sec. of' 
Hie Esperanto Society at Keighley, Yorkshire. Due notice 
will be given of the pnhlication of this uwk. 

W. & J. MACKAV & CO.. LTD. 

Kun Respektega Dankemo Al nia Komuna Althonorinda 
Majstro Doktoro L. Zamenhof 




Diplomito de la S. P. P. Esperanto, 
Tradukinto dela Ventego, Siklinigas por Venki, k.t.p. 







All rights reserved 








This work is an attempt to provide for English- 
speaking students a fuller Esperanto English Dictionary 
than Mr. R. H. Geoghegan's excellent little handbook, 
or even Dr. Zamenhof's Universal a Vortaro could 
possibly offer within their limited compass. Based 
necessarily upon the Universala Vortaro with the help 
of the Plena Vortaro (Russian-Esperanto) and embody- 
ing to a large extent many of the excellent features of 
M. de Beaufront's Dictionifiaire Esperanto- Francois, the 
present work will, it is hoped, greatly assist the learner 
in the proper use and formation of derivative words, — 
wherein the auxiliary International Language is so 
copious — and will guide him in the selection of the 
form best suited to express his meaning. 

The compiler has done his work conscientiously and 
well, and what he has accomplished entitles him to 
the gratitude of all who are now studying and pro- 
pagating Esperanto, or who will hereafter approach it 
through the medium of the English language. 

The work contains, in addition to the root-words 
upon which Dr. Zamenhof, our common master, so 
ingeniously founded his system, many of their deriva- 
tives. But, indeed, such is the wealth of the language, 
made available to all by the use of affixes (each of 
which will be found in its due alphabetic place) that 
the book might easily have been made more bulky. 

For instance, the word akurata, accurate, might be 
reinforced by the following : akurat^, accurately ; 


It preface to first edition 

akurateco, accuracy, etc. And out of the single root 
Sana, healthy, about fifty words may be formed. 

Attention is called to the following points : — 

(1) The part of the word in thicker type is the root- 
idea, to which the proper grammatical ending has to 
be added. 

(2) Words preceded by an asterisk {*) do not need 
any termination; they are primary words and are 
complete in themselves. However, they adopt a term- 
ination, like other root-words, and can be made, when 
required, nouns, adjectives, verbs, or adverts, by adding 
to them one of terminations, o, n, i, e. Ex. : antau, 
before ; ancatia, previous ; antatie, previously. 

(3) In the formation of compound words, two or 
more roots or elements may be joined together, and 
a grammatical termination added. To assist easy 
articulation, the grammatical ending of the mediate 
word may be left between ; thus : poStkarto, or 
po§tokarto, post-card. If the words are used separately, 
then one of them must, of course, be an adjective: 
poSta karto. 

The Dictionary might also have been easily swollen 
by the inclusion of many more extraneous words 
which, in slightly altered spelling, have already be- 
come quite international. Such words are to be 
treated like teatro, theatre ; centro, centre. Ex. : 
teatra, theatrical; centra, central, etc., etc. 

May the new work do much to assist the English- 
speaking peoples to appreciate more and more fully 
the value of the new means of international com- 
munication in which they are now beginning to 
manifest an interest ! 


Diplomito de S.p.p. E. 
Vice-President of the British Esperanto Association. 
President of the Esperanto Society, Keighley. 


This Second Edition of the Esperanto-English Diction- 
ary has been carefully revised and enlarged, and, with 
a view to its improvement, many works, published 
since the First Edition was issued, have, at great cost 
of time and labour, been consulted and compared. 

Amongst others must be specially mentioned 
Fondamenta Krestomatio, Dictionnaire Esperanto- Francis, 
Vocahulaire Frangais-Esperanto, Esperanto-Svensk Ordbok, 
and Vocahulario Esperanto-Espanol. 

For the many valuable hints and indispensable helps 
derived from the above sources, the compiler begs to 
tender his heart-felt thanks to the following devoted 
champions of, and workers in, our cause ; Dr. Louis 
Zainenhof, Messrs. Louis de Beaufront, Th. Cart, Merck- 
ens and P. Berthelot (France) ; P. Ahlberg (Sweden), 
and S^^ Lnglada arid Fillanueva (Spain). 

Also to all true friends of the Esperantist idea who 
have generously proffered their disinterested help. 

Any further suggestions or advice that might contri- 
bute to the perfecting of future Editions, if required, 
and make the Dictionary more and more useful and 
acceptable to our great English-speaking communities, 
will be duly weighed and considered, and may be for- 
warded to the publishers. 

While engaged in the preparation of this edition the 
author was seized with a painfvl disease, and before he 
had completed the revision of his proofs Mr. Motteau 
passed away. With a plucky devotion to the catise of 
Esperanto^ which he had so much at heart, Mr. Motteau 
struggled hard to complete his task, but it was not to be. 
The last proofs have been revised by one of the author's 


It is of the utmost importance that particular attention be 
paid to the root-meaning of each word. 

The first thing to be ascertained when you meet a word in 
this dictionary is what termination is given to it (whether 
-a, -o, or -i). 

The ending aC"';-,'^ 'bri'^'lj-t'™! = 

The ending -o 
The ending -i 

kara, dear. 

substantival: domo, house. 
verbal : vid-i, to see. 

{A ) From an adjective root (bela, fine, beautiful) you can form 
a noun (beleco, beauty), verbs (beliyi, to embellish), 
(beli^z, to become fine), an adverb (bale, finely), etc. 

(0) From a, substantive root (patro, father), you can form (patra, 
paternal), (patre, paternally), also patrmo, mother), 
patrtTia, maternal), patrtTif, maternally). 

(/) From a verbal root (arm», to arm) you can form (armtVo, 
weapon), (armi7e/o, arsenal), (armo^o, armour), (anntY- 
fariatOf gunsmith), etc. 



represents the 





repetition of 




object, objec- 

the root. 













(in) to. 




legal term. 
























1 medical term. 





































nat. hist, natural 






\ nautical, 
/ navy. 


active verb. 


V. n. 

neuter verb. 



The Figures in parentheses found in a few instances in the 
dictionary refer to the following explanatory notes. 

(1) The suffix -ad-. Remember that this suffix represents 
habitual practice and not momentaneous action. For instance 
if we wish to express the faculties of thought, will, touch, 
heaHng, smelling, tasting, feeling, etc., we may say pe7?s|ad!o, 
yo/|ad|o, palp\a,d\o, aUd\&&\o, ^ar|ad|o, grwsfjad|o, seMijadlo, etc., 
but for an isolated act of such faculties, pens\o, vol\o, palp\o, 
aUd\o, flar\o, gust\o, sent\o, etc. 

La el\pens\o de Esperant\o tre 
helpios la hom\a\n pro- 

La verk\a.d.\o de tiu ci lo)ig\a 
verk\o mi\n midl\e lac\ig\as. 

The invention of Esperanto will 
greatly help human progress 
(general sense). 

The composition of this long 
work much fatigues me. 

*»* Sometimes art-o is used as a suffix instead of adjo. 
Ex. : </anc|ad|o, or rfnncJartlo(the art of dancing) ; kant\'&.6\o, or 
^O7?(|art|o (the art of singing), etc. 

(2) The suffixes -ec- and -aj- must be carefully distinguished, 
-ec- (suffix) shows the abstract quality or state of the root 

idea : — amik\o, friend ; amik\ec\o, friendship ; piir\a, clean, 
pure; pur\ec\o, purity, cleanliness. 

-a]- (suffix) expresses concrete result, what is made of, or out 
of, the root meaning : kret<k\i, to grow ; kresk\af]\o, a growth, a 
plant ; ramp\i, to crawl ; ramp\dJ]\o, a reptile, a creeping thing ; 
hov\o, ox ; 6ot'|a5[o, beef. 

(3) Difierence between de and da. 

The preposition de expresses possession, use, source, and 
also determines the complement of the passive (if it be the 
doer). Ex. : La plum\o de jMari\o ; glasp de it"7i|o, wineglass ; 
de ti\o ci mipensas ke . . ., from this / think that, etc. 

The preposition da must be used (instead of de) when a noun 
or adverb of measure, weight, or quantity precedes the com- 
plement, the latter being naturally in the nominative. Ex. : 
glas\o da akv\o, glass of water ; mank\o da ttmp\o, want of time ; 


mi acel\is dek\du\o\n da. fork\oj, I bought a dozen forks ; don\u al 
li tas\o\n da te^o, give him a cup o/tea ; cu vi havas tas\o\n de teo, 
have you a tea-cup ? 

(4) A qualifying word does not in Esperanto take the ad- 
jective ending (in -a) unless the said word clearly refers to a 
noun or pronoun duly expressed in the sentence ; in the con- 
trary case the adverbial ending -e is used. Ex. : La veter\o 
est\as varm\si hodiait, the weather is warm to-day ; est\as tre 
varm\e hodiaU, (it) is very warm to-day. 

(5) Example showing difference between -ig and -ig : Paul\o 
kaj Mari\o edz\ig\is hierau ; la episkop\o edz\ig\is ili\n, Paul and 
Mary M^ere married yesterday ; the bishop married them. 

(6) Do not confound the meanings of -ebl- and -ind-. 

-ebl- is the suffix of possibility, something not unlikely to be. 
-ind- has the meaning of 'worthy of.' 

*^* Difference between -ebl- and -ind- : /t-rec^jeblja, that may 
be believed ; kred\ind\a, worthy of belief, reliable. 

(7) The prefix mal is not to be confounded with a mere 
negation ; it means the exact contrary of the stem to which it 
is prefixed. 

(8) The accusative -n is not only affixed to direct objects 
(whether nouns or pronouns) but also to all adjectives and 
determinative words referring to such direct objects ; even ad- 
verbs assume the -n when indicating motion toivards. just as 
nouns do in the same case. Ex. : 3Ii vidas la hona\n. paf7^o\D., 
I see the good father ; la patrino amas r7|n, the mother loves 
you ; li ne/iavis sia\n paJilo\n., he had not his gun ; cu vi vidas 
tiuj\n grizajn birdoj\n? do you see those grey birds? kiu\n vi 
renkontiH ? whom did you meet ? 3Ii iras tie\n, I go there ; kie\n 
li iras ? whither does he go ? marsu antaue'n ! march forward ! 

*^* When in doubt whether a verb requires a direct or an 
indirect object, the accusative -n may be used without any 
preposition. Ex. : obeu al viapatro, or obeii via\a 2>atro\n, obey 
your father. 

-a, adjective ending. Ex. : 
kara, palro, dear father. 

abat-o, abbot (of a monas- 

abel-o, bee. 

aberacio, aberration (astr. 
and phys.). 

abi-o, fir ; — mv, fir planta- 

Abisen-a, Abyssinian (adj.); 



—0, an Abyssinian ; — tz/o, 

— lando, Abyssinia, 
abism-o, abyss, en — igi, to 

sink, to be swallowed 

abiturient-o, graduate fully 

qualified to leave the 

ablativ-o, ablative (gramm.) 
abnegaci-^?, abnegation, 
abomen-o, abomination, 
abon-i, to subscribe to; 

— 0, subscription, 
abort-*', to miscarry ; — o, 

abrikot-o, apricot ; — vjo, 

apricot- tree. 
abrotan-o, southernwood (a 

abrupt-a, (adj.) abrupt, 
absces-o, abscess, 
absint-o, absinthium, worm- 
wood, absinthe, 
absolut-a, absolute, 
absolutism-o, absolutism, 
absolv-?", to absolve, 
absorb-?", to absorb, to 

•» abstemi-(7, abstemious, 
abstinenc-o, abstinence, 
abstrakt-ft, abstract (adj.). 
absurd-rt, absurd {adj.). 
acer-o, maple (tree or wood), 
acid- a, acid (adj.) ; — o, an 

yC^ a6et-z, to buy; sub — i, to 


-ad-, suffix showing dura- 
tion : pafo, shot ; paf — o, 
discharge of musketry, 

adekvat-(i, (adj.) adequate. 

adept-o, an adept. 

*adiaii, adieu, farewell ; 
— a, (adj.) of farewell. 

adjektiv-o, adjective. 

adjutant-o, adjutant. 

administr-i, to administer, 
to manage. 

administraci-o, staff, per- 
sonnel of an establish- 

admir-e, to admire. 

admiral-o, admiral. 

admiralitat-o, admiralty. 

admon-i, to exhort. 

adopt-i, to adopt (a child). 

ador-*, to worship, to adore ; 
— anto, worshipper. 

adres-*, to address; — o, 
address ; — aro, direc- 
tory, address - book ; 
— ato, person to whom 
one sends, addressee. 

adult-?, to commit adultery. 

Advent-o, Advent {relig.). 

adverb-o, adverb. 

advokat 0, counsellor, bar- 
rister, advocate. 

aer-o, air (atmosphere) ; 
— a, aerial. 

aerolit-o, aerolite. 

aerometr-o, aerometer, air- 



aerostat-0, aerostat, air- 
balloon ; — isto, aeronaut. 

aerum-i, to air, to ventilate. 

afabl-fl, affable ; mul — a, 

afekci-o, an affection ; — a, 
affective (phil.). 

afekt-i, to be affected, lack- 

afer-o, affair, thing, cause, 
object in view. 

afiks-o, affix. 

afi§-(?, placard, handbill. 

aforism-o, aphorism. 

afrank-i, to frank (letters). 

Afiik-a,{adj.) African; — o, 
Africa; — ano, an Afri- 

aft-o, thrush (aphtha). 

afust-o, gun-carriage. 

ag-^, to act (intrans.) ; — o, 
action, act ; — ema, 

agac-i, to set on edge (of 
teeth) ; — o, annoyance. 

agap-6), agape, love-feast. 

agarik-o, mushroom, agari- 

agat-o, agate. 

agend-o, agenda. 

agent-o, agent. 

agit-i, to agitate; — ado, 

agl-o, eagle; re^a — o, royal 

aglutin-i, to agglutinate 
{V. a.). 

agom-o, agony. 

agord-i, to tune (mus.). 

agrabl-a, agreeable. 

agraf-o, clasp, buckle 

agronomi-o, agronomy. 

a^-o, age ; matur — a, of 
mature age. 

a^i-o, agio. 

agiot-i, to gamble in stocks, 
bills ; — isto, stock- 
jobber, etc. 

ajl-o, garlic. 

*ajn, ever : kiu, who ; km — , 

aj-, made from, or posses- 
sing the quality of : mola^ 
soft; mol — 0, the soft 
part of a thing; pentri, 
to paint; pentr — o, a 
picture (2). 

akaci-o, acacia. 

akademi-o, academy; —ano, 

akant-o, acanthus. 

akapar-z, to corner, to 

akar-o, tiny insect, mite, 

akcel-i, to hasten ; mal — i, 
to slow, to slacken. 

akcent-o, accent (tonic), 

akcept-e, to accept, to re- 
ceive, to welcome. 

akci-o, share (finance). 

akcidento, accident ; — ajo, 



occurrence ; — a, acci- 

akcipitr-o, hawk, goshawk. 

akciz-c, excise. 

akir-z, to acquire ; — o, 
spoil, booty, acquire- 

aklam-^, to acclaim. 

akn-o, pimple. 

akolit-o, acolyte. 

akomod-i, to accommodate, 
to accept, to fit. 

akompan-i, to accompany. 

sikonii-o, aconite. 

akord-o, chord (harmon.). 

akr-a, sharp, acute, shrill. 

akrid-o, grasshopper. 

aks-o, axis, axle. 

aksel-o, armpit ; axil (bot). 

aksiom-o, axiom. 

akt-o, act (theatre) ; deed ; 
— isto, actuary. 

aktiv-a, active. 

aktor-o, actor (theatre). 

akurat-a, exact, accurate, 

akustik-o, acoustics. 

aku§-i, to deliver a wo- 
man; — isto, accoucheur; 
— istino, midwife. 

akut-a, acute (disease). 

akuzativ-c, accusative. 

aikv-o, water ; — a, aquatic ; 
— oJwnduko, aqueduct. 

akvafort-o, aquafortis; 
— isto, etcher with aqua- 

akvarel-o, water -colour 

akvari-o, aquarium. 

akvilegi-o, columbine. 

*al, to, towards, al vi, to 
you; — iri, to go to- 
wards ; — lasi, to admit, 
to allow; — jporti, to 
bring (carrying) ; — doni, 
to add; — veni, to ar- 

al-o, awl. 

alabastr-o, alabaster. 

alarm-o, alarm; — % to 

alaud-o, lark (a bird). 

albinos- 0, — a, albinos. 

album-o, album. 

albmnen-o, albumen. 

albuminuri-o, . Bright's 

alcion-o, halcyon. 

ald-o, alto (voice). 

ale-o, walk, path (of a gar- 
den, etc.). 

alegori-o, allegory. 

alfabet-o, alphabet. 

alfenid-o, Britannia metal. 

algo-;, algae. 

algebr-o, algebra. 

Algeri-o, Algeria. 

Alger-o, Algiers (town) ; 
— lando, Algeria; — anOy 
an Algerian. 

aliiemi-o, alchemy; — isto, 

ali-a, other ; also the latter 



of two ; — aj, others ; 
— igi, to change, to 
alter; — formigo, trans- 

aline-o, paragraph, period, 

aligator-o, aligator. 

alk-o, elk (animal). 

alkali- 0, alkali. 

alkohol-o, alcohol ; — a, 
alcoholic ; — igi, to alco- 
holize ; — ulo, man in a 
morbid state through 
abuse of alcohol. 

alkov-r), alcove, recess. 

almanako, almanac. 

^almenau, at least. 

almoz-^, alms; — ulo, beg- 

aln-o, alder (tree). 

alo-o, aloe juice, aloes. 

alopati-o, allopathy. 

Alp-o/', the Alps; —a, al- 
pine ; — aifho, dweller in 
the Alps. 

aipak-o, alpaca. 

alt-a, high; — ajo, height, 
elevated spot. 

altar-o, altar. 

alte-o, marshmallow ; — a 
rozo, hollyhock. 

altern-z, to alternate. 

alternativ-o, an alternative. 

alud-i, to allude to. 

alumet-f;, match, lucifer, etc. 

alumini-o, aluminium. 

alun-o, alum. 

aliivi r;, alluvium ; — a, al 

am-?', to love ; — eti, to like 

en — igi, to fall in love 

— isto, lover, sweetheart 

— inda, amiable, 
amalgam-o, amalgam, 
amas-o, crowd, throng. 
^ambati, both, 
ambici-o, ambition ; — a, 

ambl-o, amble. 
ambos-o, anvil, 
ambr-o, ambergris. 
ambrozi-o, ambrosia. 
ambulanc-o, ambulance, 
amel-o, starch. 
Amerik-o, America ; — a, 

American (adj.) ; — ano, 

an American, 
ametist-o, amethyst. 
amfibi-ft, amphibious. 
amfiteatr-o, amphitheatre. 
amfor-o, amphora, 
amiant-o, amianthus. 
amik-o, friend ; — eco, f riend- 

amindum-i, to play the 

gallant, to make love, 
amnesti-o, amnesty, pardon, 
amoniak-o, ammonia. 
amorf-ri, amorphous. 
amortiz-^, to liquidate, to 
I pay off by instalments. 
ampleks-o, dimension, ex- 
I tent. 

I amput-i,- to amputate. 



amulet-0, amulet, 
amuz-/, to amuse. 
-an- suffix siguifying mem- 
ber of, partisan of, etc. ; 

subject, citizen 

Christ ; Krist- 

—0, a 
Christian; — aro, troop, 

anagal-o, pimpernel. 

anagram 0, anagram. 

anakronism-o, anachron- 

analiz-2, to analyse. 

analogi-o, analogy. 

ananas-o, pineapple. 

anapest-a, anapestic (poe- 
try) ; — 0, anapest 

anariii-o, anarchy ; — isfo, 
an anarchist. 

anariiism-o, anarchism. 

anas-o, duck ; mol — o, eider, 

anatem-o, anathem, ban. 

anatomi-o, anatomy, 

anfiov-o, anchovy. 

And-qj, the Andes. 

anekdot-o, anecdote. 

aneks-i, to annex ; — o, an- 

anemon-o, anemone. 

angelik-o, angelica (bat.). 

angil-o, eel. 

Angl-a. English (adj.) ; — <?, 
an Englishman ; — iiju, 
— olamlo, England. 

anglicism o, anglicism. 

angul-o. angle, corner ; tri 
— 0, triangle ; rekt — o, 

angel-(?, angel ; cef — o, arch- 

angin-o, quinsy, angina. 

anilen-o, aniline. 

anim-o, soul ; hon — a, kind- 

aniz-o, anise, aniseed; 
— likvoro, aniseed cor- 
dial, anisette. 

*ankaii, also. 

ankiloz-o, anchylosis. 

■^ankorau, yet, still, as yet. 

ankr-t;, anchor. 

anobi-o, anobium, death- 

anomali-o, anomaly. 

anonc-e, to announce, to 
give notice, etc. ; — o, 

anonim a, anonymous. 

ans-o, latch, clinch, end of 

anser-o, goose. 

■'^anstatati, instead of; an- 
statau mi, instead of me ; 
— i, to be in place of ; 
— i(ji, to be substituted 

ant-, present participle 
active : ami, to love ; 
am — a, loving ; am — e, 
by loving (adv.). 

antagonism-o, antagonism. 



antagonist-0, antagonist. 

antarkt-<i, antarctic. 

"^antaii, before ; — a, pre- 
vious ; — e, formerly, 
before ; — enirado, for- 
ward movement ; — iri, 
to precede ; — ol iri, be- 
fore going (antau ol re- 
fers to time) ; — ulo, fore- 
runner ; — zoi'go, fore- 

anten-o, antenna ; feeler of 

antikrist-o, Antichrist. 

antikv-a, antique, ancient ; 
— ajo, old things ; — isfo, 

antilopo, antelope (animal). 

antimon-o, antimony. 

antipati-o, antipathy. 

antipod-o;, antipodes. 

antiseps-(i, antiseptic (adj.); 
— ajo, antiseptic (noun). 

antologi-o, anthology. 

antracit-o, anthracite. 

antraks-o, anthrax. 

antropologi-o, anthropo- 

Anunciaci-o, Annunciation 
(religious festival). 

aort-o, aorta. 

apanat-o, apanage. 

aparat-o, apparatus. 

apart-a, separate, special ; 
— e, separately ; — ajo, 
adoption, choice, devia- 


apartament-o,suite of rooms 

aparten-i, to belong. 

apati-o, apathy ; — a, apa- 

apelaci-o, legal appeal ; — i, 
to appeal (legally). 

■'^apenau, hardly ; scarce- 

Apenin-o/, the Apennines. 

ape^-^, to appear; mal — i, 
to disappear ; — o, — ajo, 

apetit-o, appetite. 

api-o, celery. 

aplaud i, to applaud. 

aplomb-o, assurance, self- 

apog-i, to lean (upon) ; to 
rest (upon). 

apoge 0, apogee. 

apokalips-o, apocalypse. 

apokrif-a, apocryphal. 

apology?, apologue. 

apologi-c, apology, vindica- 
tion of. 

apopleksi-o, apoplexy. 

apostat-o, an apostate ; — a 
(adj.) ; — eco, apostacy ; 
— ulo, apostate. 

apostaz-^, to apostatise 

apostol-o, apostle ; — a, 

apostrof-o, apostrophe 


apotek-(), chemist's shop. 

apoteoz-o, apotheosis. 



apozici-0, apposition 

apr-o, wild boar. 

April-o, April; — a, of 

aprob-i, to approve. 

apsid-o, apse, apsis. 

*apud, near to, close by, at 
hand ; — a, contiguous ; 
—esti^ to be near, present; 
— rmto, apposition. 

ar-o, are (100 sq. metres). 

-ar-o, suffix of collection : 
arbo, tree; arh — o, forest; 
arh — eto, a wood; arh — 
isto, forester ; §tupo, step, 
degree, rung ; stup — o, 
staircase ; vorto, word ; 
vort — 0, dictionary ; va- 
gono, railway carriage ; 
vagon — o, train. 

Arab-a, Arabic, Arabian 
{adj.) ; — 0, an Arab ; 
— ujo, — lando, Arabia. 

arabesk-o, arabesque, 

arak-o, arrack. 

arane-o, spider. 

aran^-i, to arrange. 

arb-o, tree; — eto^ shrub, 
small tree; — etaro, grove, 
shrubbery; — etajo^ bush, 
thicket ; fi-ukt — o, fruit- 
tree ; frukt — ejo, orchard ; 
— hakisto, woodcutter. 

arbalestr-o, cross-bow, bow; 
— isto, crossbowman, 

arbitr-a, arbitrary. 

arbitraci-c, arbitration, 
arbitrament, umpirage : 
juganto, jugisto — a, um- 
pire, referee, arbitrator: 
ju^i — e, to arbitrate, to 
act as umpire. 

SLit-Oj bow, fiddlestick. 

arde-o, heron. 

ardez-o, slate. 

ardi-o, burn (met.), ardour. 

areometr-o, areometer. 

aren-o, arena, list, cock-pit. 

areopag-o, areopagus. 

arest-i, to arrest; — o, ar- 
rest, taking into custody. 

argent-o, silver (the metal). 

argil-o, clay. 

argon-o, argon. 

argument-i, to argue ; — o, 

Argus-o, Argus (mythol.). 

arheologi-o, archeology. 

arhipelag-o, archipelago. 

ar!iitektur-o, architecture ; 
— isto, architect. 

ariiitrav-o, architrave 

ariiiv-o, archives. 

ari-o, air, tune (music), not 
the atmospheric air. 

ariergard-(), rearguard. 

aristokrat-o, aristocrat ; 
— a, aristocratic. 

aristolok-o, aristolokio s}^- 

aristoloki-o, aristolochv 




aritmetik f^ aritlinietic. 
ark-o, arc (geom.); - ajo, 

vault ; paf — o, Ijow 

(weapon) ; — efleksi, to 

bend, to arch. 
arkad-(?, arcade, 
arkt-a, arctic, 
arleken-o, harlequin. 
ann-2, to arm ; — ilo, 

weapon ; — ilejo, arsenal ; 

armajOj armour ; — ilfar- 

isfo, gunsmith ; — ilfar- 

ado, manufacture of 

arme-o, army. 
Armeni-a, Armenian (adj.); 

— 0, Armenia ; — ano, an 

arnik-o, arnica. 
arog-i, al si, to arrogate to 

arogant-fl, arrogant, 
arom-o, aroma, fragrance, 
aromat-a, aromatic. 
arorut-o, arrowroot. 
arpeg-o, arpeggio, 
arsenik-o, arsenic, 
art-o, art ; — a, of art ; hel 

— oj, fine-arts (1). 
artemizi-o, wormwood, 

mug wort, 
arteri-o, artery (anat.). 
artez-a, (adj.), artesian ; 

— a puto, artesian 

artifik-o, cunning, craft, 

stratagem ; sen — a, 

straightforward, u\h 


artik-(^ joint ; el — igiy to 
sprain, to dislocate ; 
en — igi, to set, to reset 

artikol-o, article (gram., 
etc.), not goods. 

artileri-o, artillery. 

artist-o, artist. 

artiSok-o, articlioke. 

artrit-o, arthritis (med.). 

— as, present tense termin- 
ation of verbs : esti, to 
be ; mi estas, I am ; Hi 
estas, they are ; la libroj 
estas . . ., the books 
are . . . 

a.s-0, ace (at cards). 

asafetid-(9, assafoetida. 

asbest-c, asbestos. 

asekur-i, to insure (with a 

asesor-o, assistant judge or 

asfalt 0, asphalt. 

asfiksi-o, asphyxia. 

asign-?', to assign. 

asist-i, to assist, to help; 
— anto, an assistant (not 
in the French sense of 
being present). 

askarid-o, ascaris (intestin- 
al worm). 

asket-ft (adj.), ascetic; — o, 
an ascetic. 

asketicism-o, asceticism. 




asklepiado, asclepiad 
(verse) ; also asclepias 

asoci-o, association ; — i, to 
associate ; — into, associ- 
ate, partner, etc. 

asonanc-o, assonance. 

asparag-o, asparagus. 

asperg-i, to sprinkle ; — o, 
aspersion ; —ilo, holy 
water sprinkle. 

aspid-o, asp, aspic. 

aspirant-o, pre tender, claim- 
ant, suitor. 

astm-o, asthma. 

astr-o/', stars, heavenly 
bodies; — oplena, starry; 
— olumo, starlight. 

astrolog-o, astrologer. 

astrologi-o, astrology. 

astronomi-o, astronomy. 

— at-, passive present par- 
ticiple : fari, to make, to 
do ; far — a, being made 
or done (which is being 
made or done at the 

atak-i, to attack; — anto, 

aggressor ; — e 


charge (the enemy) ; — o, 
an attack. 

atavism-o, atavism. 

ateism-o, atheism. 

ateist-o, atheist; — a, athe- 

atenc-'i, to attempt; — o, 

atend /, to wait for ; to 
expect, to wait. 

Atene-o, Athenean. 

atent-tt, attentive; — i, to 
attend to ; to pay atten- 
tion to ; — 0, attention ; 
— eco, the state of being 
attentive sen — e, una- 

atest-i, to certify, to attest; 
— anfo, a witness ; — o, 

ating-z, to attain, to reach. 

Atlantik-ft Oceano, Atlantic 

atlas-o, satin. 

atlet-(?, athlete. 

atmosfer-o, atmosphere. 

atom-o, atom. 

atoni-o, atony. 

atributo, attribute. 

atripl-o, orach, goosefoot, 

atrofi-o, atrophy. 

atut-o, trump (at cards). 

*au, or, either, aU . . . ail, 
either ... or. 

afid-i, to hear ; —ado, 
hearing (sense). 

atidienc-o, audience, recep- 

auditori-o, audience, audi- 
tory, assembly (people) ; 

August-o, August. 

atikci-o, auction ; — isto, an 




aiireol-o, halo of glory 

atlrikul-f?, auricula. 

Auror-(9, Aurora. 

auskult-i, to listen. 

Aiistrali-o, Australia ; — a, 
Australian (adj.) ; — ano, 
an Australian. 

atispici-q/", auspices. 

afltentik-a, authentic. 

atitobiografi-o, autobio- 

atitodidakt-o, self-taught 

atltografi-o, autography. 

atitokrat-o, autocrat; — a, 

autokrati-o, autocracy. 

automat-6), automaton. 

atitomobil-o, automobile. 

atitonomi-c, autonomy. 

aUtor-o, author. 

autoritat-o, authority. 

atitun-o, autumn. 

av-o, grandfather. 

avangard-o, vanguard, van 


avar-a, avaricious ; — ulo, 
a miser ; — i, to be spar- 
ing of (accus.). 

avel-o, hazel- nut, filbert. 

aven-o, oats. 

aventur-o, adventure. 

avert-i, to warn, to 

avid-a, eager for; — i, to 
thirst for, to covet; — eco, 

aviz-o, notice; —i, to inform. 

azar-o, asarum, asarabaca 

azen-o, ass, donkey 

azil-o, asylum. 

Azi-o, Asia; — a, Asiatic 
(adj.); — ano, an Asia- 

azot-o, azote, nitrogen ; 
— acido, nitric acid. 

azur-o, the azure (skies). 


babil-i, to chatter, to babble. 

babord-o, larboard, port. 

bagatel-o, trifle, trifling 

bajonet-o, bayonet. 

bak-i, to bake. 

bakteri-o;", bacteria (mi- 

bal-o, ball, dance. 

bala-^, to sweep; — o/o, 

balad-o, ballad. 
balanc-i, to swing (adiv.) ; 

— igi, to swing (neut.) 
balast-o, ballast, 
balbut-i, to stammer, to 

baldaken-o, canopy. 




*baldati, soon; — a, next, 
soon to be. 

balen-(7, whale ; — osto, 

balet-o, ballet. 

balistik-o, ballistics (artil.). 

balkon-o, balcony. 

balon-o, balloon. 

balot-e, to vote by ballot. 

BaXt-a Mar-o, Baltic Sea. 

balustrad-o, balustrade. 

balzam-o, balsam. 

balzamen-o, balsamine. 

bambu-o, bamboo. 

ban-i, to bathe (trans.); 
— igi, to bathe (neut.) ; 
vapor — 0, vapour-bath ; 
— lando, watering - sta- 
tion ; — ejo, bathing- 
establishment ; — ilo, 
tub or bath (to bathe 

banan-o, banana. 

band-o, band, gang. 

banda^-o, bandage. 

banderol-o, strip of paper- 
wrapper, streamer. 

bandit-o, bandit. 

bank-o, bank (financ). 

bankier-o, banker. 

bankrot-i, to fail in busi- 
ness, to become bank- 

bant 0, bow (of ribbon). 

bapt-f, to christen, to bap- 
tize ; — opatro, god- 
father ; — ofilo^ godson ; 

— Oy christening; — ano, 

bar-i, to bar to obstruct; 
— 0, bar ; — ajo, — ilo, bar- 
rier; plekt — ilo, hurdle, 
hedge ; kreskaj — i/o, 

barak-o, barrack. 

barakt-i, to struggle, to 
kick about, to wrestle. 

barb-o, beard. 

barbar-o, barbarian; —a, 

barbarism-o, barbarism. 

barbir-o, barber, hair- 

bar6-o, beetroot soup (Rus- 

barel-o, barrel, keg, cask; 
— isto, cooper. 

bari-o, barium. 

barikad-o, barricade. 

bariton-o, baritone (man). 

bark-o, bark (boat). 

barometr-o, barometer. 

baron-o, baron. 

bas-o, bass (voice). 

basen-o, reservoir, basin, 

bask-o, coat-tail, skirt. 

bast-o, inner part of the 
bark of trees. 

bastard-^?, bastard, illegiti- 
mate child. 

bastion-o, bastion. 

baston-(?, stick; — eto, small 




bat-t, to beat ; — i§o, a 

scuffle ; — 0, a blow (with 

the fist). 
batal-t, to fight ; — o, a 

battle ; — eto, skirmish ; 

ek — 0, engagement ; 

— ilo, weapon ; — ilejo, 

armoury, arsenal. 
batalion-o, battalion. 
batat-o, sweet potato. 
bateri-o, battery. 
batist-o, cambric, lawn. 
Bavar-a, Bavarian {adj.) ; 

— 0, SL Bavarian ; — ujo, 

— lando, Bavaria, 
baz-o (chem.), base, basis, 
bazalt-o, basalt, 
bazar-o, bazaar, market. 
bazilik-(9, basilica, 
bazilisk-o, cockatrice. 
bed-o, garden-bed. 
bedaur-^, to regret, to 

lament ; — inde, unfor- 
beduen-o, bedouin, 
bek-o, beak ; — ajo, beakful. 
bel-a, fine, beautiful; — igi, 

toenibellish, toraakefine; 

— i^i, to become fine, to 

improve in looks ; — ulo, 

a beau ; — ulino, a belle ; 

— soneco, melodiousness. 
beladon-o, belladonna, 
beletristik-o, belles-lettres. 
Belg-a, Belgian ; — vjo, 

— lando, Belgium ; — o, 

a Belgian. 

ben-i, to bless; mal — i, to 
curse ; — o, blessing. 

benefice, benefice. 

benk-o, form (to sit on); 
— eto, footstool. 

benzin-o, benzine. 

benzol-o, benzola. 

ber-^, berry (of plant) ; 
vin — 0, grapes ; vin — aro, 
bunch of grapes. 

Berber-o, a Berber; — vjo, 

beril-o, beryl. 

berili-o, beryllium. 

best-o, animal, beast; sovaga 
— 0, wild beast. 

bet-o, beet, beetroot. 

betul-o, birch (tree). 

bezon-i, to want; — a, 
wanted; sen — a, not re- 
quired ; — 0, need, re- 
quirement; — igi,to make 
urgent ; — igi, to be 
urgent; — ega, urgent. 

Bibli-o, Bible. 

bibliografi-o, bibliography. 

bibliotek-o, library. 

bicikl-o, bicycle ; — isto, 

bien-o, landed estate ; land 

bier-o, beer. 

biftek-o, beefsteak. 

bifstek-o, beefsteak. 

bigami-o, bigamy. 

bigot-^, -iilo, a l>igot ; — a, 
bigoted ; — eco, bigotry. 




bil-0, bilet 0, note, ticket ; 

hank — o, banknote, 
bilanc-o, balance-sheet, 
bilard-o, billiards, 
bilion-o, billion, 
bind-/, to bind (books), 
binokl-o, binocular, opera 

biografi-o, biography, 
biologi-o, biology, 
bird-c, bird; — eto, little 

bird ; — ido, young bird ; 

— nesto^ bird's nest, 
biret-o, biretta. 
*bis, once more, 
biskvit-o, biscuit, 
bismut-o, bismuth, 
bistr-o, bistre (colour), 
bisturi-o, bistoury (surg.). 
bitum-c, bitumen, 
bivak-o, bivouac, 
blank-a, white ; — o, white, 

as a colour ; — ajo, a 

white spot, stain, mark ; 

— eto, page left blank ; 

ov — 0, white of ogg. 
blasfem-i, to blaspheme, 
blat-o, weevil, wood louse, 
blazon-o, blazonry, her- 
aldry ; — silclo, coat of 

blek-i, to baa, to neigh, to 

bellow, to grunt, etc. 

(Speaking of the cry of 

blend-o, blende, zinc 


blind-a, blind ; — ulo^ a 
blind man. 

blok-o, block ; — ado, block- 
ade ; ■ — adi, to blockade. 

blond-a, fair, blonde (of 

blov-z, to blow; for — i, to 
blow away; — ado, the 
blowing (of the wind). 

blu-fl, blue ; — o, blue, as a 
colour ; duhe — a, bluish. 

bluz-o, blouse. 

bo-, prefix of relation- 
ship through marriage ; 
— patro, father-in-law ; 
— -Jilino, daughter-in-law; 
—frato, brother-in-law ; 
— patrino, mother-in-law. 

boa-o, boa. 

boat-o, boat, bark; — isto, 

boben-o, bobbin, reel, spool. 

Bohem-fl^, Bohemian (adj.) ; 
— 0, a. Bohemian; — ujo, 
— lando, Bohemia. 

boj-z, to bark (like dogs). 

bojkot-i to boycot; — o, 
boy cot (noun). 

boks-i, to box ; — isto, prize- 
fighter, pugilist 

bol-i, to boil. 

Boliv-a (adj.), Bolivian ; 
— 0, a Bolivian ; — ujo, 

bomb-o, bomb, shell. 

bombard-?', to shell, to bom- 
bard (a town). 




bombon-o, bonbon, a 


bon-a, good; — ega, excel- 
lent ; — anima, good- 
natured ; — fari, to do 
good ; — intenca, well- 
meaning; — Jcora, kind- 
hearted ; — eco, good- 
ness; — e, well, good {adv. ). 

bor-i, to bore; — ilo, auger; 
— ileto, gimlet. 

boraks-o, borax. 

bord-o, bank (of rivers, 
etc.), shore. 

border-z, to hem ; — o, bor- 
der of any sort. 

bors-o. Exchange, Bourse. 

bosk-o, grove, bosky. 

boston-o, boston (card 

hot-o, boot; — eto, half- 
boot; — isto, bootmaker. 

botanik-o, botany ; — isto, 

botel-o, bottle. 

bov-o, ox ; — ino, cow ; 
— oviro, bull ; — eto, small 
ox; — ido, calf; — idino, 
heifer ; — ajo, beef ; — id- 
ajo, veal. 

bovl-o, wine-cup (the 

brak-o, arm (of the body) ; 
sub — 0, armpit. 

brakiur-o, crab. 

bram-o, bream (iish). 

braman-o, brahman. 

bran-o, bran (of grain). 

hi&nt-o, branch, bough ; 
— ajo, fagot; — aro, the 
branches together; — eto, 
small bough. 

brand-o, brandy ; —faristo, 
distiller; —farado, dis- 
tillation of brandy ; 
— farejo, distillery. 

brank-o, gills (fish). 

brankard-o, a litter (to 

bras-z, to brace (naut.). 

brasik-o, cabbage ; flora — o, 

brav-a, brave ; — e ! bravo ! 
— ulo, a brave man ; 
— ega, rash ; — egeco, 
rashness, temerity. 

bre6-o, breach (in a wall). 

bret-o, shelf, bracket. 

Breton-« (adj.), Breton; — o, 
a Breton;— wyo,Brittany. 

brev-o, breve ; papal brief. 

brevier-o, breviary 

brid-o, bridle; sen—igi, to 

brigad-(), brigade (milit.). 

brik-o, brick, tile ; tegmenta- 
— 0, tile for a roof. 

bril-i, to shine ; — egi, to be 
resplendent ; — eti, to 
glow ; — ajeto, gold dust, 

briliant-o, a brilliant. 

Brit-a, British {adj.) ; — o, 
a Briton ; — ujo, — lando, 




Bri tain ; G^'ci nda — vjo, 
Qranda — lando, ( I r e a t 

bro6-o, broach. 

brod-i, to embroider. 

brog-i, to scald. 

brokant-i, to deal in second- 
hand goods, to haggle ; 
— isto, a dealer in second- 
hand goods, etc. 

brom-o, bromine. 

bronk-o, bronchial vessel. 

bronkit-o, bronchitis. 

bronz-o, bronze. 

bros-o, brush ; — i, to brush. 

brosiir-o, pamphlet. 

brov-o, eyebrow. 

hra-i, to make a noise; 
— ego, great noise; — eto, 
rustling, murmuring, 
like water, leaves, etc. 

brul-i, to burn, to be in 
flames; — eti, to brood, 
to sit on eggs, ek — igi, to 
light ; — mmdo, a burn ; 
— umo, inflammation. 

brun-a, brown; —igi, to 
make brown ; dube — a, 

brust-o,breast, chest, bosom. 

brut-o, brute, animal ; — o/, 
cattle, sheep ; — aro, 
flock or herd. 

brutt-e (adv.), gross, gross 

bubo, ragamuflin, rude boy; 
a lad. 

bubal-o, bufi", buff'alo. 

bufi-i, to slaughter; — ejo, 
slaughter-house ; — isto 

bud-o, booth, small shop 
— eto, sentry-box, shed. 

budget-o, budget. 

buf-o, toad. 

bufed-o, buff"et. 

bufr-o, buffer (rail. carr.). 

buk-o, buckle (metal). 

buked-o, bouquet, nosegay 

bukl-6?, ringlet, curl, lock 
(of hair). 

buks-o, box {bot. ), boxwood. 

bul-o, ball, clod (of earth) ; 
— eto, pellet. 

bulb-o, onion, bulb. 

Bulgar-a, Bulgarian {adj.); 
— 0, Si Bulgarian ; — ujo, 
— lando, Bulgaria. 

buljon-o, broth. 

bulk-o, roll of white bread ; 
— viand — o, sandwich. 

bulvard-o, boulevard. 

bun-o, a bun. 

burd-o, humble-bee. 

bur^-o, a civilian, also a 
burgess; — aro, the body 
of burgesses ; — eco, free- 
dom of a city. 

burgon-o, bud, young shoot. 

burlesk-a (adj.), burlesque; 
— q/o, a burlesque (piece). 

bumus-6), biu-noose. 

busprit-o, bowsprit. 

bu§-o, mouth; — e^o, muzzle, 



snout, month of big 
animals ; — umo, a muz- 
zle for a dog, a nose- 
band ; — tnJco, napkin, 

buSel-o, bushel. 

bust-o, bust. 

buter-o, butter. 

: butik-o, shop, warehouse, 

buton-o, button ; — umi, 

to l>utton ; 7aal — iwii, 

to unbutton ; — truo, 

butor-o, bittern, 
buz-o, buzzard. 

car-o, czar. 

ced-i, to yield, to cease re- 
sistance ; to unbend ; to 
grant, to give up, to part 

cedr-6», cedar. 

cejan-o, cornflower. 

Cek-o, Czech. 

cel-i, to aim, to intend, to 
purpose; — o, aim, goal, 
end ; — tahulo, target ; 
sen — a, aimless. 

celeri-o, celery. 

cembr-o, cembra pine, 
Swiss pine. 

cement-o, cement, lute, 
builders' clay; — i, to 

cend-o, cent (a coin). 

"^cent, hundred ; — estro, 
centurion ; — jaro, cent- 
ury; p7'o — 0, percentage, 
interest ; pro — ego, usury ; 
pro — egisto, usurer. 

centezimal-a, centesimal. 

centigram-y, centigram. 

centilitr-o centilitre. 

centim-o, centime (100th 
part of a franc). 

centimetr-o, centimetre. 

centr-o, centre. 

centraliz-i, to centralize ; 
— aclo, centralization. 

centrifoli-o, centrifolia. 

cenzuT-o, censure; — i, to 
censure ; — isto^ censor. 

cerb-o, brain. 

cercedul-o, teal. 

ceremoni-o, ceremony; sen 
— e, unceremoniously. 

cerezin-o, ceresene. 

ceri-o, cerium. 

cert-i7, certain, sure; —e, 
certainly; — igi, to cer- 
tify, to vouch, to affirm. 

cerv-o, stag ; — ino, hind ; 
— ido, fawn ; norda — o, 

cetera, the remaining, 
other ; la — aj, the others ; 
— e, besides, further- 
more, and again. 




cezi-0, caesium. 

*ci (thou, thee), diri 'ci,' 

to ' thou ' and * thee.' 
cianacid-o, "iPrussic 
cianaa acid-o,j acid. 
cibet-o, civet; — hito, civet 

cidoni-o, quince, 
cidr-o, cider, 
cifer-o, cipher, numerical 

figure ; — plato, dial, face 

of a clock, 
cigan-o, gipsy, 
cigar-o, cigar; — ingo, cigar 

mouthpiece; — ujo, cigar 

box; — ejo, cigar depdt. 
cigared-o, cigarette, 
cign-o, swan, 
cikad-o, cicada (large 

green grasshopper not 

cikatr-6>, scar, cicatrice, 
cikl-o, cycle ; — isto, cyc- 
list ; — z, to cycle, 
ciklon-o, cyclone, 
ciklop-o, cyclop, 
cikoni-o, stork, 
cikori-o, succory, endive, 
cikum-o, common brown 

cikut-o, hemlock, 
cilindr-o, cylinder. 

cim-o, bug (insect). 

cimbal-o, cymbal. 

cinabr-o, cinnabar. 

cinam-o, cinnamon. 

cindr-o, ash, cinder; also 
ashes (mortal remains). 

cinik-a, cynical; — ulo, a 

cipres-o, cypress. 

civ-o, blacking (for boots). 

cirk-o, circus. 

cirkel-o, compass (inst. 

cirkonstanc-o, circum- 

cirkul-e, to circulate. 

cirkuler-o, a circular (noun). 

cirkumfleks-a (adj.), cir- 
cumflex ; — 0, a circum- 
flex accent. 

cistern-o, cistern. 

cit-i, to quote. 

citadel-o, citadel. 

citat-o, citation, quotation. 

citr-o, zither, lyre. 

citron-o, lemon; — ujo, 

civil-a, civil (opp. to milit. 
and ecclesiastical). 

civiliz-i, to civilize. 

civilizaci-o, civilization. 

col-o, inch (measure). 


6agren-i, to grieve, to vex ; 6am-o, chamois (animal). 
— igi, to fret, tobevexed. i fiambelan-o, chamberlain. 



6ambr-o, room, chamber ; 
antau — o, .*inte-room. 

campan-o, champagne wine. 

ta.n-0, cock (of a gun, etc.). 

cap-o, cap, bonnet. 

capel-o, man's hat, lady's 

6apitr-o, chapter (books). 

*6ar, because, since, 
(argumt.) for (conj.). 

c3i>T 0, chariot, car ; — eto, 

carlatan-o, quack, mounte- 

tsLTcm-a, charming, delight- 
ful ; — 0, charm ; — i, to 
charm, to delight, to 

tsiimi-o, hinge. 

6arpent-i, to do carpenter- 
ing ; kun — i, to as- 
semble together by car- 
pentering ; — isto, a 

6arpi-o, lint. 

cas-i, to hunt (venery) ; 
— ajo, game ; — koimo, 

cast-<x, chaste ; mal — a, 
dissolute ; mal — i, to 
lead a dissolute life ; 
mal — igi, to debauch, 
to corrupt. 

*6e, at, in, with : — m, at 
our house ; — via patro, 
at your father's house ; 
— V pordoy at the door. 

— esti, to be present at] 
— esto, presence at. 

6ef , chief, head, principal ; 
— urho, chief town, capi- 
tal ; — episJcopo, arch- 
bishop ; — angelo, arch- 
angel ; — i, to head, to 
command ; — a, princi- 
pal (adj.). 

cek-o, cheque ; — o strekita, 

crossed cheque. 
I cel-o, cell (nat. hist.), also 
in honeycombs. 

cemiz-o, shirt, chemise. 

cen-o, chain ; — ero, link of 
a chain. 

Seriz 0, cherry ; — ujo, 

cerk-o, coffin. 

cerp-i, to draw (water) ; 
el — i, to select. 

tes-i, to leave off, to cease 
(neuter) ; — igi, to cause 
anything to . cease ; sen 
— a, continuous, inces- 

6eval-o, horse; — ino, 
mare ; — o viro, stallion ; 
— eto, small horse, 
pony ; — ido, foal, colt ; 
— idino, filly ; — ejo, 
stable ; — estro, horse- 
man ; — ajo, horseflesh. 

devron-o, chevron (arch, and 

*ti, the nearest ; tiu, that ; 
tiu ci, this ; tie, there ; 




He c% here; tien^ thither; 

tien ci, hither; ci tiea^ 

*6ia, each (each kind of) ; 

every (every kind of). 
*ciam, always, ever; — a, 

everlasting (adj.). 
*cie, everywhere ; — a, 

ubiquitous, omnipresent 

*6iel, in every way (in- 

6iel-o, heaven.^ sky; — arko, 
rainbow; Cieliro, Ascen- 

*cies, everybody's. 

cif-^, to crumple, to ruffle. 

cifon-o, rag ; — ajo, tat- 
tered things, rags ; 
— isto, rag picker, rag 

6ikan-t, to chicane, to 

3ma, addicted 

to wrangle about trifles. 

*6io, all (sing.), everything; 
— pova, almighty. 

*6irkau, round, about ; 
— ajo, environs, neigh- 
bourhood ; — e, round 
a])out (adv.) ; — i, to 
surround, to encircle ; 
— 0, circuit ; — ma no, 

bracelet; — Tcolo, collar, 
parure ; — preni, to em- 
brace; — skribi, to cir- 

6irp-t, to chirp, to twitter. 

*tiu, each, every, all (sing. ) ; 
— ;, all (pi); —toga, 
daily {adj.) ; —tage, 
daily (adv.); — monaia, 
monthly (adj.); — monate, 
monthly (adv.); — jaraj 
yearly, annual ; — jare, 
yearly (adv.). 

tiz-i, to chisel; — ilo, a 

-6j-, after the first (2-5) 
letters of a man's name, 
used as an endearing 
diminutive : Mihaelo, 
Michael; Milcjo, Mike; 
patro, father ; pacjo^ little 
father, papa. 

6okolad-o, chocolate. 

*6u, sign of interrogation : 
vi parolas, you speak ; 
— vi parolas? Do you 
speak 1 

*^* Cu is also used in in- 
direct query : — vi venos, 
— vi i\e venos, whether 
you (will) come, whether 
you (will) not come. 

*da is used instead 
de (of) after words 

of I 

ex- I 


pressingmeasnre, weight, 
(quantity definite or iiide- 



finite. Ex. : taso da teo, 
cup of tea ; funto da 
viarido, pound of meat; 
dekduo daforkoj, a dozen 
forks; kelke da pomoj, 
a few apples; multe da 
knahoj, many boys (3). 

daktil-o, date (fruit). 

dali-o, dahlia. 

Dalmat-a (adj.), Dalmatian; 
— 0, a Dalmatian ; — ujo, 

damq;, draughts (game) ; 
— a tabulo, draught- 

damask-o, damask. 

damcerv-o, deer. 

Dan-a, Danish (adj.) ; — o, a 
Dane ; — ujo ; — lando, 

danc-i, to dance ; — ado, 
dancing ; — arto, the art 
of dancing; — o, a dance. 

dand-6>, dandy; — i, to 
play the dandy. 

danger-o, danger; sen — a, 
safe from danger. 

dank-i, to thank; mi estas 
tre — a, I am very thank- 
ful ; sen — a, thankless ; 
ne — a, ungrateful ; ne 
— eina, ingrate, never 
thankful ; — eco, thank- 

Dardanel-o/, Dardanelles. 

dat-o, date ; — umi, to date; 
— reveno, anniversary. 

dativ-o, dative. 

datur-o, datura (thorn 

datir-i, to continue, to last 
(neut.) ; — igi^ to con- 
tinue something, to go on 
with something ; — igo, 
continuation of some- 
thing; — 0, duration. 

*de, of, by, since, from 
(marks the genitive, ab- 
lative, possessive, start- 
ing point, use) : la libro — ■ 
Petro, the book of Peter, 
Peter's book; H estas 
laitdata-^-ciuj, she is 
praised by all ; — tiu 
tempo, since (or from) 
that time ; — sahato gis 
mardo, from Saturday 
until Tuesday; taso 
— teo, tea-cup (3). 

debat-o, debate. 

debet-o, debit ; — konto, 
debtor account. 

debit-o, debit (opp. to 
credit); ready sale. 

dec-i, to be ])roper, decent, 
fit, suitable : — as, it is 
right, it is proper, etc. 

Decembr-o, December. 

decid-z, to decide, to re- 
solve ; — eco, decision ; 
— igi, to bring about a 
decision ; —iga, deci- 

decilitr-o, decilitre. 




decimetr-0, decimetre. 

deSifr-i, to decipher, to un- 

dedifi-t, to dedicate; — o, 

defend-t, to defend, to 

deficit-o, deficit. 

definitiv-a, definitive. 

degeH, to thaw (neut.) ; 
— igi, to cause to thaw, 
to thaw something ; 
— ado, a thaw ; — ajo, 
anything that is thaw- 
ing, water, snow, etc. 

degener-i, to degenerate. 

degrad-i, to degrade, to 
deprive of rank. 

deism-o, deism. 

dejor-i, to be on duty, as 
an attendant. 

*dek, ten; — a, tenth. 

dekadenc-o, decadence. 

dekagram-o, decagram. 

dekalitr-o, decalitre. 

dekametr-o, decametre (10 

dekan-o, dean (of faculty). 

deklam-i, to declaim, to 
recite; — o, recitation. 

deklaraci 0, declaration. 

deklin-i, to decline, to fall 

deklinaci-o, declension 

dekliv 0, declivity, slope ; 
— o, sloping. 


dekoraci-o, decoration, or- 

dekret-o, decree; — i, to 

dekstr-a, right (opp. to 

deleg-i, to delegate; — ito, 
delegate, deputy, proxy. 

delegaci-o, delegation. 

delfen-o, dolphin (animal). 

delikat-a, delicate, nice, 
dainty; mal — a, rough, 
rude, unmannerly. 

delir-i, to be delirious. 

delt-o, delta. 

demagog-o, a demagogue. 

demand-i, to ask, to query. 

demokrat-o, democrat; — a, 

demokrati-o, democracy. 

demon-o, demon. 

demons trativ-o, demon- 
strative (gram.) ; — a, 
demonstrative (adj.). 

denar-o, denarius (an old 
coin); la — o de I'vidvino, 
the widow's mite. 

dens-f/, dense, thick; — iyi, 
to condense ; mal — a, 
thinly spread ; mal — igi, 
to become thinly 

dent-(^, tooth ; — a, notched, 
dental, dented ; sen — a, 
toothless, not indented ; 
sen — igi, to break tlie 
teeth of a saw or other 



such object; tri — o, tri- 

denunc-^, to denounce. 

departement-o, department 
(administr. ). 

depend-i, to depend. 

depe§-(?, despatch. 

deput-'^, to depute; — ato, 
— ito, deputy. 

*des . . . pli . . . the more . . . 
the more : ju pli mi legas 
despli mi lernas, the more 
I read, the more I learn, 
ju pli oni skribos en Es- 
peranto, despli gifaciligos, 
the more one writes in 
Esperanto, the easier it 

desegn-e, to draw, to design. 

desert-o, dessert. 

despot-o, despot. 

despotism-o, despotism. 

destiIl-^, to destine; antau 
— i, to predestine. 

detal-o, detail ; — a, de- 
tailed, circumstantial ; 
— i, to give details of ; 
— e, by retail. 

dete^min-^, to determine. 

detru-z, to destroy; — egi, 
to demolish. 

dev-^, must, to have to; 
— igi, to feel compelled ; 
— igi, to compel ; — ige, 
compulsorily; — o, duty. 

deven-o, origin ; — ajoj, de- \ 

rivatives. | 


deviz-o, emblem, motto. 

dezert-o, desert; —a, waste, 
deserted; — ulo, an- 

dezinfekt-^, to disinfect ; 
— 0, disinfection. 

dezir-i, to wish, to desire ; 
— egi, to desire ardently, 
to be very anxious to ; 
mi — as al vi honan tagon, 
I wish you good day. 

Di-o, God; — a, divine; 
— eco, divine nature; 
— igi, to deify; — servo, 
divine service ; — ino, 
goddess; — o volu! may 
God, would to God ! 

diabet-o, diabetes ; — a, 

diabl-o, devil. 

diadem-o, diadem. 

diafan-a, transparent; 
— eco, transparency; 
— igi, to become trans- 

diafragm-o, diaphragm. 

diagnostik-o, diagnos- 

diagnoz-i, to diagnose; — o, 

diagonal-o, diagonal ; — a 
linio, diagonal line. 

diakon-o, deacon. 

dialekt-o, dialect. 

dialektik-o, dialectics. 

dialog-o, dialogue. 

diamant-o, diamond. 



diametr-<?, diameter. | dilet-i, to delight in ; 

diaiit-6>, pink, dianthus. \ — anio, dilettante, ama- 
diapazon-{?, pitch, dia- ' teur. 

pason. : diligent-a, diligent, atten- 

tive ; — 0, diligence ; 

dibot-ij to be a debauchee ; 
— igi, to debauch, to 
corrupt; — o, debauch, 

didaktik-a, didactic, 

didelf-o, kangaroo, didel- 
phis (zoolog.). 

diet-o, diet (medic). 

difekt-i, to damage, to 
spoil, to vitiate. 

diferenc-?, to differ, to be 
different from; — igi, to 
distinguish, to make dis- 

difin-z, to define, to intend, 
to give the meaning, etc.; 
— i por, to destine for. 

difteri-o, diphtheria. 

difterit-o, diphtheritis. 

diftong-o, diphthong. 

dig-o, dike, dam. 

digest-i, to digest; — ado, 

dik-a, big, thick, corpulent; 
mal — a, thin, slender, 
lean ; — eco, bulk, thick- 

ness; mal — ega, 

lank; — korpa, 

dikt-i, to dictate; 

—ojo, dictation, 
diktator-o, dictator 
dilem-o, dilemma. 


— ado, 

mal — 0, negligence. 

dimanc-o, Sunday. 

diminutiv-o, diminutive 

dinamik-o, dynamics. 

dinamism-^, dynamism. 

dinamit-o, dynamite. 

dinamometr-o, dynamo- 

dinasti-o, dynasty. 

diplom-o, diploma. 

diplomat-o, diplomatist. 

diplomati-o, diplomacy. 

dir-i, to say (to tell); antail 
— i, to foretell, to pre- 
dict ; kontraU — i, to con- 
tradict; — 0, a sajnng; 
el — 0, dictum, statement, 

direkci-o, management 
(manager's office), body 
of directors. 

direkt-i, to direct, to in- 
struct; — 0, the direction 
(to be followed); — ado, 
management of any- 
thing ; — ilo, helm ; — il- 
isto, pilot, helmsman. 

direktor-o, director. 

direktori-o, directory. 

dis-, separating affix : 
— hari, to obstruct ; 




— hati, to knock down; 
— doni, to distribute ; 
— igi, to separate (active) ; 
— igi, to separate (mutu- 
ally) ; — i^o, schism, dis- 


—tgo, —tro, 

separation ; — jeti, to 
throw; — jefi, to throw 
about ; — pelit to dis- 
perse persons or things ; 
— porfi, to carry here 
and there; — premi, to 
crush to pieces; — rompo, 
disruption ; — salti, to 
break in splinters ; 
semi, to sow; — semi, 
to scatter, to dissemin- 
ate; — seiidi, to send 
left ; — siri, 
to tear to 
sutL to shoot 

right or 

— pecigi, 
pieces ; 

out solids ; — vastigi, to 

spread (news), to dis- 
seminate ; — vendi, to 

sell largely; — versi, to 

spill, to pour out liquids; 

— volvo, devolution, 
discipline, discipline, 
disenteri-o, dysentery, 
disertaci-o, dissertation, 
disk-o, disc. 
diskont-o, discount ; — i, 

to discount. 
diskret-a, discreet; — eco, 

diskut?', to discuss; — rhld, 

debatable, disputable. | dog-o, bull-dog, 

dispepsi-o, dyspepsia ; — a, 

dispon-i, to dispose (not to 

disput-i, to dispute; — o, 
quarrel, altercation. 

distil-t, to distil ; — ejo, 
distillery; — ilo, alembic, 
still; — isto, distiller. 

disting-i, to distinguish ; 
— igi, to distinguish one- 
self, to become famous ; 
— iga, distinctive. 

ditiramb-o, dithyramb. 

distr-e, to take away the 
attention ; — o, the act 
of taking away the at- 
tention ; — ajo, want of 
attention ; — eco, state 
of inattention ; — ita, 

distrikt-o, district. 

divan-o, divan. 

diven-i, to guess.. 

divers-a, diverse, varied. 

divid-^, to partake, to 
share ; — ado, division 
(arithm.) ; ne — ita, un- 
divided ; 715 — ehla, in- 

dividend-o, dividend. 

divizi-o, division (milit.). 

*do, therefore, consequent- 
ly, then (argumentative). 

docent-f?, tutor (in a uni- 




dogm-0, dogma ; — o, dog- 

do|-o, doge. 

doktor-fl, doctor. 

doktrin-o, doctrine. 

dokument-o, document. 

dolar-o, dollar. 

dolt-a, sweet; — ema, 
— ega, pleasant (in man- 
ner); — igi, to sweeten, 
to assuage. 

dolor-i, to cause pain 
(trans.); — o, pain, ache, 
grief, sorrow. 

dom-o, house; — eto^ cot- 
tage, small house; — ano, 
one belonging to the 
house ; — e, at home ; iri 
— en, to go home. 

domat-o, pity (i.e. regret- 
table affair) ; estas — o, 
it is a pity. 

domen-o, domino. 

don-i, to give ; sin — a, 
self-sacrificing, devoted ; 
al — i, to add ; el — isio, 
publisher, editor; el — i, 
to publish, to edit ; dis- 
— i, to distribute. 

donac-i, to make a gift; 
— 0, a present, a gift. 

dorlot-i, to coddle, to 
pamper, to fondle. 

dorm-i, to sleep; — eti, to 
doze; — efo, a nap; 
— egi, to sleep heavily; 
—ema, fond of sleep; 

mal — ema, wakeful; mal 
— i, to watch, to sit up ; 
ek—i, to fall asleep ; 
— ocambro, bedroom ; 
— igi, to lull to sleep. 

dom-o, thorn. 

dors-o, back (the). 

dot-i,to endow; — o, dower, 

doz-o, dose (med.). 

dragon-^), dragoon. 

drak-o, dragon. 

drakm-o, drachma. 

drakon-a, draconic, dra- 

dram-o, drama; — a, drama- 
tic ; — aiitoro, dramatic 
author, playwright. 

dramaturgi-o, dramaturgy. 

drap-o, cloth. 

drapir-t, to drape. 

drast-a, drastic. 

dra§-z, to thrash (corn); 
— ilo, flail. 

drelik-(?, drilling, heavy 
cotton, twilled goods. 

dres-i, to train (for some- 
thing) ; to adjust, to 
dress, etc. 

driad-o, driad. 

drink-?', to drink to excess; 
— ema, addicted to 
drink ; — anto, drinker ; 
— ulo, drunkard ; — ejo, 
drink-shop ; — ejmastro, 
keeper of a drinking 
bar, or tap-room. 



drog-0, drug ; — isto, drug- 

dromedar-o, dromedary. 

dron-i, to get drowned ; 
— igi, to drown (i.e. to 
cause to drown). 

druid-o, druid. 

■^du, two ; dua, second ; 
— e, secondly; — o, — eio, 
duet (also a two at cards); 
— ono, half (noun); — ona, 
half (adj.) ; — 02)e, two 
together; — obla, double; 
— opa, double (collective- 
ly); — ohligi, to double ; 
— onpafro, stepfather (i.e. 

dub-t, to doubt; — o, doubt; 
sen — a, undoubted ; ne 
— e, sen — c, without 
doubt, no doubt. 

duel-i, to fight a duel ; — o, 
a duel ; — isto, duelist. 

dvik-o, duke. 

dukat-o, ducat. 

*dum, during, whilst, while; 
— e, meanwhile, mean- 

dung-i, to hire (men, etc.); 
— ato, hired man. 

duplikat-o, duplicate. 

dur-o, douro (Spanish coin). 

du§-o, douche, shower- 


-e, mark of the derivative 
adverb ; bona, good ; — e, 
well ; granda, great, 
large ; —e, greatly, 
largely; sincera, sincere; 
— e, sincerely (4). 

eben-a, even; — ajo, a 
plain; — igi, to make 

-ebl-, shows possibility : 
hredi, to believe ; kred- 
— a, credible ; kred — e, 
possibly, likely; travidi, 
to see through ; travid- 
— a, transparent ; fleksi, 
to bend ; fleks — a, flex- 

ible ; — e, perhaps ; 
— eco, possibility ; — igi, 
to enable (6). 

ehon-o, ebony. 

ebri-a,inebriate, intoxicated 
(also figuratively); — eco, 
inebriety ; — igi, to in- 
toxicate; — igij to get 
intoxicated ; — ulo, an 
intoxicated man. 

ec-, suffixof abstractquality- 
(good or bad) ; beta, fine, 
beautiful; bel — o, beauty; 
virino, woman ; virin 
— 0, womanliness; amiko, 
friend, amik — o, friend- 




ship ; granda, great, 
large ; grand — o, size, 
dimension (2). 

ec-o, a distinctive mark or 

■*ec, even (adv.). 

Eden-o, Eden. 

edif-i, to edify. 

edikt-o, edict. 

eduk-f, to bring 
educate ; — ato, 
— ado, education 
— iteco, education re- 
ceived ; — isto, educator. 

edz-o, married man ; — ino, 
wife ; doktoro, doctor, 
doJdor — ino, doctor's 
wife ; lavistino, washer- 
woman, laundress ; lav- 
istin — 0, laundress's 
husband ; — igo, wed- 
ding ; — eco, matrimony; 

up, to 
pupil ; 
given ; 

— tgi, to get 
(man) ; — inigi, to get 
married (woman); — igi, 
to marry a couple. 

efekt-o, effect ; fari -on, to 
produce an effect. 

efektiv-a, effective, real, 
actual ; — ajo, reality, re- 
alization ; — e, indeed, 
effectively ; — igi, to give 
effect, to realise; — igi, 
to be effected, to be 

efemer-a, ephemeral. 

efik-i, to have effect, to act ; 

married eglog-o, eklog-o, eclogue. 

— 0, the act ; — eco, effica- 
ciousness ; — atajo, the 
effect produced. 

-eg-, shows intensity : 
varma, warm ; vai-in — a, 
hot; pordo, door; pord 
— 0, gate, portal; bona, 
good ; bon — a, excellent; 
grcmda, great, large ; 
grand — a, huge; pafilo, 
gun ; pafil — o, cannon, 
big gun. 

egal-a, equal ; — eco, equal- 
ity ; — pezo, equilibrium, 
equipoise ; — ulo, an 
equal ; egali, to equal ; 
— igi, to equalize. 

Egid-o, ^gis (mytholog.). 

Egipt-a, Egyptian {adj.) ; 
— 0, an Egyptian; — ujo, 
— lando, Egypt, 

eglefin-c, haddock. 

egotism, selfish- 
egotist ; 



^ selfish. 

eh--o, echo. 

-ej-, shows place allotted 
to : kuiri, to cook ; kuir 
— 0, kitchen ; pregi, to 
pray ; pi'e§ — o, house 
of prayer, church or 
chapel ; lerni, to learn ; 
lem — 0, school ; cevalo, 
horse ; ceval — o, stable. 

ek-, shows 





short duration : kanti, 
to sing ; — kanti, to start 
singing ; brili, to shine ; 
— hrili, to flash ; ridi, 
to langh; — ridi, to 
burst out laughing ; krii, 
to cry ; — krii, to ex- 
claim, to cry out ; 
— tu§egi, to run agaiust. 

eklektik-a, eclectic ; — o, 

eklekticism-o, eclecticism. 

eklezi-o, the church (not 
the building). 

ekliptik-o, ecliptic. 

ekonom-o, superintendent. 

ekonomi-o, economy; 
— isto, economist; — ema, 
addicted to economy. 

eks- (ex), who has been, 
formerly; — kolonelo, 
ex-colonel; — igi, to re- 
move, to discharge from 
an employment ; — igi, 
to resign a position ; 
— edzigo, a divorce. 

Ekscelenc-o, Excellency 

ekscentr-o, excentric; — eco, 

eksces-o, extravagance, 

ekscit-i, to excite, to move 

eksklusiv-a, exclusive. 

ekskomunik f, to excom- 

ekskrement-o, excrement. 

ekskurs-o, excursion. 

ekspansi-o, expansion ; — a, 

eksped-i, to expedite, to 

eksperiment-t, to experi- 

ekspertiz-o, survey (by ex- 

eksplod-i, to explode; — igi, 
to cause explosion, to 
explode something. 

ekspluat-i, to work out, to 
improve, to work some- 
thing for profit. 

eksport-i, to export; — o, 

ekspozici-o, exposition, ex- 

ekspres-fl^, express (adj.). 

ekstaz-o, estacy. 

ekstemporal-o, extempori- 

*ekster, outside, external, 
outer : — e, outwardly ; 
— 0, the outside; — ajo, 
the exterior arrange- 
ment ; — ordinara, ex- 
traordinary ; — en sendi, 
to export. 

eksterm-i, to exterminate, 
to crush out. 

ekstr-a, extra. 

ekstrakt-o, extract (tioun). 

ekstrem-a, extreme. 

ekvaci-o, equation. 




ekvator-0 equator. 

ek vilibr-o, equilibrium; 
—isto, equilibrist. 

ekvilibrism-o, equilibrium, 

ekvivalent-o, equivalent 

ekvivok-a, equivocal (adj.) ; 
— 0, — eco, equivocation. 

ekzamen-i, to test, to ex- 

ekzantem-o, exanthem 
(med.), (eruption). 

ekzegez-o, exegesis. 

ekzekut-2, to put to death, 
to execute. 

ekzem-o, eczema. 

ekzempl-o, example. 

ekzempler-o, copy (of a 

ekzerc-z, to exercise; — o, 

ekzil-?", to banish, to exile. 

ekzist-i, to exist; — ajo, a 
being of any sort. 

*el, out of, from among; 
extraction, issue ; iri, 
to go ; — m, to go 
out; jeiij to throw; 
— jeti, to throw out; 
venij to come ; — veni, 
to come from, to result 
from ; Jiui, to flow ; 
—fluij to flow from; 
tiri, to draw ; — tiri, 
to extract from; — igi, 
to retire from, to with- 

draw; — turni§ema, 
knowing how to set 
about things ; —aceti, to 
buy ;—ace/m/o, Redeemer. 

*el as a prefix also has a 
meaning of thorough- 
ness, completion : lerni, 
to learn ; —lerni, to study, 
to master thoroughly ; 
laboii, to work ; — labori, 
to achieve, to work out 
thoroughly ; pensi, to 
think; — pensi, to in- 
vent; sendi, to send; 
— sendi, to export ; 
— sendo, export. 

elast-rt, elastic. 

elefant-o, elephant; — osto, 

elegant-a, elegant. 

elegi-o, elegy. 

elekt-i, to choose. 

elektr-(>, electricity ; — a, 
electric ; — eco, state of 
electricity; — igi, to elec- 

elektrofor-o, electrophor- 

elektroliz-o, electrolysis. 

elektromotor-{), electro- 

elektroteknik-o, electro- 

elektroterapi-o, electro- 
I element-(), element. 

elevator-o, lift, elevator. 




elf-0, an elf. 

eliksir-o, elixii-. 

elipso, ellipsis. 

Elize-o, Elysium. 

elizi-i, to elide; — o, elision. 

elokvent-a, eloquent; —eco^ 

-em-, propensity, disposi- 
tion : halili^ to chatter ; 
habil — a, loquacious, 
kred% to believe ; kred — a; 
credulous; — o, tendency. 

emajl-o, enamel; — a, of 
enamel ; — i, to enamel. 

emancip-i, to emancipate; 
— 0, emancipation. 

embaras-o, encumbrance, 
hindrance ; — i, to hin- 
der, to be in the way. 

emberiz-o, bunting (bird), 

emblem-o, symbol, emblem. 

embrazur-o, embrasure. 

embri-o, embryo 

embriologi-o, embryology 

embusk-o, ambush. 

emerit-o, emeritus. 

emfaz-o, emphasis. 

emigraci-o, emigration. 

Eminenc-o, Eminence 

eminent-a, eminent; —ulo^ 
eminent personage; 
— ularo, the elite. 

empiri-a, empirical. 

empirism-(?, empirism. 

*eii, in, into; used as 

prefix in many words : 
iri, to go ; — m, to go 
in, to enter; meti, to 
put; — meti, to enclose, 
to put in; presi, to print; 
— presi, to print in, to 
insert; havi, to have; 
— havi, to have in, to 
contain ; — havo, con- 


to set 


(a bone). 

enciklopedi-o, encyclopedia. 

endivi-o, endive. 

energi-o, energy ; sen — a 

engraul-^?, northern an- 

enigm-o, enigma, puzzle. 

enket o, inquest. 

entomologi-o, entomology. 

entrepren-i, to under- 

entuziasm-o, enthusiasm ; 
— a, enthusiastic; — igi 
to enrapture, to cause 

enu-i, to feel dull, to be 
wearied ; — o, weariness ; 
— iga, tedious, weari- 
some ; — igi, to weary 
others, to be tedious, 

envi-i, to envy. 

eparhi-o, diocese. 

epidemi-o, epidemy. 

epiderm-o, epidermis. 

Epifani-o, Epiphany. 



epigraf-o, epigraph. 

epikurism-o, epicurism. 

epikurist^, an epicure. 

epilepsi-o, epilepsy. 

epilog-o, epilogue. 

episkop-o, bishop; tef — o, 
archibishop; — e)o^ 
bishop's palace ; — eco^ 

epistol-o, epistle. 

epitaf-o, epitaph. 

epitet-o, epithet. 

epitom-o, epitome. 

epizod-o, episode. 

epizooti-6), murrain. 

epok-f, epoch, period. 

epolet-o, epaulet, shoulder- 

epope-o, epopee. 

epos-o, epic (poem) ; —a, 
epic {adj.); — isto, epic- 

-er-, unit of whole; sahlo, 
sand ; sahl — o, grain of 
sand ; fajro, fire ; fajr — o, 
spark ; mono^ money ; 
mon — 0, coin; hajlo, hail; 
liajl — 0, hail-stone. 

erar-2, to err; — o, error, 
mistake ; — lumo^ will o' 
the wisp ; ignis fatuus. 

erik-o, heather ; — ejo, 

erinac-o, hedgehog. 

erizipel-o, erysipelas. 

ermen-o, ermine ; — felo, 
ermine (fur) 

ermit-o, hermit. 

erotik-«, erotic. 

erp-z", to harrow (the 
ground) ; — ilo, a harrow. 

enipci-o, volcanic erup- 

escept-z, to except; — o, 

esenc-o, essence (philo- 

eskadr-t>, squadron {naval). 

eskadron-o, squadron 

eskarp-o, escarpment. 

Eskim-o, Esquimo. 

eskort-o, escort. 

esper-i, to hope ; — o, hope ; 
mal — % to despair. 

esplor-i, to explore, to scru- 
tinize, to look through ; 
to investigate ; — ema, 
fond of scrutinizing ; 
— isto, an explorer ; — o, 
scrutiny ; — emo, in- 

esprim-z, to express by 
word, or sign. 

est-2, to be; — ajo, a being: 
— ado, existence; — ant 
eco, the present; — int 
eco, the past; — onteco, 
the future. 

establ-t, to establish; — o, 

estetik-a, esthetic {adj.). 

estim-i, to esteem; — inda, 
estimable ; mal — % to 




despise ; — o, esteem ; 
mal—o, contempt ; —egi, 
to think highly of. 

esting-i, to extinguish ; 
— igi, to die out ; — igo, 
extinction undergone. 

-estr-, chief, leader, head; 
§ipo, ship; §ip — o, cap- 
tain ; regrw, state ; regn 
— 0, head of the state ; 
regimento, regiment ; 
regiment — o, head of 
the regiment ; lernejo, 
school; lernej — o, school- 
master; — aro, the staff; 
the chiefs as a body. 

estr-o, a chief; — ino, a 

estrad-o, rostrum, plat- 

e§afod-o, scaffold (for execu- 

-et-, diminutive ; knabo, 
boy; knah — o, little boy; 
knabino, girl ; knabin 
— 0, little girl ; varma, 
warm ; varm — a, tepid ; 
rido, laughter ; rid — o, 
smile ; rid — i, to smile. 

et-a, little, small (adj.). 

eta^-o, story (of a house) ; 
inter — o, entresol. 

etat-o, social standing, 

etend-i, to extend ; — o, ex- 

tension ; — ebla, duc- 
eter-o, ether, 
etern-a, eternal ; — eco, 

eternity ; je — e, for ever, 

for eternity, 
etik-o, ethics, 
etiket-o, etiquette. 
etimologi-o, etymology. 
etiologi-o, etiology. 
Etiop-a {adj.), Ethiopian ; 

— 0, an Ethiopian; — ujo, 

etnografi-o, ethnography, 
etnologi-o, ethnology. 
eudiometr-o, eudiometer. 
eudiometri-o, eudiometry. 
eufemism-o, euphemism. 
Eukaristi-o, Eucharist. 
Etimenid-o;, Eumenides 

etinuk-o, eunuch. 
Etirop-fl^, European (adj.) ; 

— ano, a European ; — o, 

evangeli-o, gospel, evangel, 
eventual-e, contingently ; 

— a, contingent upon 

evident-a, evident ; — eco, 

evit -^, to avoid, 
evoluci-o, evolution, 
ezofag-o, oesophagus. 
ezok-o, pike (a fish). 




fab-0, bean. 

fabel-o, story, (made up) 

fabl-o, fable; — isto, fabu- 

fabrik-o, factory ; — anto, 
maker ; — ado, manu- 
facture, making ; — a, of 
the factory. 

facet-o, facet; — i, to make 

facil-a, easy ; — mova, 
active, nimble. 

faden-o, thread; metal — o, 
wire ; silka — o, silk- 

faeton-(?, phaeton. 

fag-o, beech, beech-tree. 

fajenc-o, earthenware ; — a, 
made of earthenware. 

fajf-i, to whistle; — ilo, a 

fajl-i, to file ; — ilo, a 

fajr 0, fire ; — ero, spark. 

fak-o, compartment, section, 
division, shelf ; la firmo 
liavas kvar — ojn, the 
firm has four depart- 
ments, etc. 

fakir-o, fakir. 

faksimil-o, facsimile. 

fakt-o, fact. 

faktor^>, printer's overseer, 
or foreman. 

faktori-o, factory, depot, 
business agency. 

faktur-o, invoice, bill of 

fakultat-o, faculty (of medi- 
cine, law, etc.). 

fal-i, to fall ; — o, fall ; 
en — i, to fall into; 
— eti, to stumble, to 
falter, etc. 

falang-o, phalanx. 

falbal-o, furbelow. 

fdlt-i, to mow ; — ado, 
mowing ; — ilo, scythe ; 
— masino, a mowing 

fald-z, to fold; mal — i, to 
unfold ; — i al, to tuck up. 

falk-o, falcon. 

fals-i, to falsify, adulterate, 
debase, forge ; — ujo, 
falsification, adultera- 
tion, a forgery; — ado, 
forgery (state) ; — info, 
a forger, a falsifier ; 
— luksa, tawdry. 

falt-o, wrinkle (forehead). 

fam-o, noise, public rumour. 

famili-o, family ; — a, fam- 
iliar, of the family. 

familiar-a, familiar ; — eco, 

fanatik-a, fanatical; — eco, 
fanaticism ; - vh, a 




fand-i, to smelt, {act.); 
— ig% to melt (neut.); 
— ejo, a foundry ; — ajo, 
an ingot; kun — igo, 
union by fusion. 

fanfar-o, fanfare, flourish 
of trumpets. 

fanfaron-i, to boast. 

fantazi-o, fancy, imagina- 

fasad-o, fa9ade, front of 

fasfiin-o, fascine, hurdle, 

fask-(?, bundle, truse (of 

hay, straw, etc.). 
fason-o, shape, cut (of coat, 
1 etc.). 

! fast-o, fast (abstinence) ; 
I granda — o, Lent. 
I fatal-«, fatal • — o, fate. 

fantom-o, spectre, ghost. 

far-i, to make, to do ; to | destinj 

render, to give (pleas- | fatalism-o, fatalism. 

ure) ; — o, act, doing; | fatik-o, jaw, opening, orifice 

— igi, to be done, to be- 
come, to take place ; 
— igo, an occurrence, an 
event; al — i, to adapt; 
al — 0, adaptation ; el — i, 
to achieve. 

Fara-o, Pharaoh ; — o, title 
applied to ancient rulers 
of Egypt. 

fara-o, faro (card game). 

farael-o, pintado, guinea- 

faring-o, pharynx, throat. 

farize-(?, pharisee. 

farm-i, to farm, to take on 
lease, etc. 

farmaci-o, pharmacy (the 
art) ; — isto, a chemist. 

fars-o, farce. 

health ; — Oj state of 

farun-£>, flour. 


to be in good or bad 

faun-o, fawn. 

fav-o, ringworm, of the 

scalp ; — rt, suflerin 

from ringworm of 

scalp; — ulo, one that 

suffers from it. 
favor-a, favourable, pra 

pitious ; — 0, favour ; 

nial — 0, disgrace. 
faz-o, phase (astron.). 
fazan-o, pheasant ; — ejo, 

fazeol-o, haricot bean. 
febr-o, fever; — a, feverish; 

— ulo, one suffering from 

Februar-o, February. 
fet-o, dregs, lees. 
feder-i, to federate; — o, 

federation ; — a, federal. 
federaci-o, federation. 
federal-n, federal. 
federalism-o, federalism. 




fein-0, fairy (/.), (the root | 
being }e); fco^s, male fay. i 

fel-o,hide (skin of animals); I 
de — isto, a skinner; — 
porparadi, to tan, to 
dress white leather for 

felifi-rt, happy ; — o, happi- 
ness ; — ega, blessed, 
most happy; — eco, st&te 

mal — i, to open; — o, 

closing; mal — <?, opening. 

ferment-i, to ferment; 

— ilo, leaven, yeast, 
fervor-o, zeal, fervour, 
fes-o, fez (cap). 
fest-i, to celebrate, to enter- 
tain ; — 0, celebration, 
festen-i, to banquet, to 
feast; — o, banquet, 
of happiness ; — ego, | feston-o, festoon, 
blessedness ; — egeco, \ fetic-o, fetish, 
state of bliss ; — ulo, a feiid-a, feudal ; — o, feudal 

happy man ; — egulo, a 

blessed one. 
felieton-o, feuilleton. 
felp-o, velveteen. 
felt-o, felt (material). 
feminism-o, feminism, 
feminist-o, feminist, 
femur-^^, thigh ; — osto, 

fen-o, Swiss warm south 

fend-?, to split ; — o, slit, 

crevice, chink; — eto, a 

fissure, a crack, 
fenestr-o, window. 
fenikopter-(), flamingo, 
feniks-o, phoenix. 
fenkol-o, fennel. 
fenomen-o, phenomenon, 
fer-o, iron ; — a, made of 

iron ; rojo, wa}' ; — vojo, 

ferdek-o, deck (of a ship). 
ferm-i, to close, to shut ; 


feudal-a, feudal. 

*fi ! fie ! 

fiakr-o, hackney-coach, cab. 

fian6-o, betrothed (m.) ; 
— igo, betrothal; — ino, 
betrothed (/.). 

fiask-o, fiasco. 

fibr-o, fibre. 

fibrin-o, fibrine (chem.). 

fid-i, to rely upon ; — ebla^ 
reliable ; inem — o, self- 
reliance; mem — a, self- 
reliant ; — ema, confid- 

fidel-a, faithful. 

fier-a, proud, haughty. 

fig-o, fig; — yjo, fig-tree. 

figur-?', to represent ; — o, 
natural image ; — njo, 
image by painting, draw- 
ing, sculpture, etc. 

fiks-i, to fix ; — (I, station- 
ary; — ita, fixed; — eco, 




fixity ; — ado^ fixing, 
— ilo, fixator (instru- 

fiktiv-a, fictitious. 

fil-o, son; — igi, to adopt; 
ho — 0, son-in-law ; duon 
— 0, stepson ; ho — ino, 

filantrop-o, philanthropist ; 
— eco, philanthropy. 

filantropi-o, philanthropy. 

filharmoni-o, philharmony; 
— a, philharmonic. 

filatel-o, philately ; — a, 
philatelic; — isto^ phila- 

fili-o, branch house, branch 
affiliated to. 

filigran-o, filigree. 

filik-o, fern ; — ejo, fern 

filistr-o, philistine, vul- 

filokser-o, phylloxera. 

filologi-o, philology ; — isto^ 

filozof-o, philosopher; — i, 
to philosophize. 

filozofi-o, philosophy. 

filtr-ij to filter; — ilo^ a 

fin-i, to finish, to end 
{active) ; — igi, to end 
{neut.); — o, ending, end. 

final-o, finale. 

finano-o, finance; — a, finan- 
cial ; — isto, financier. 

fingr-o, finger; dika — o, 
thumb; montra — o, fore- 
finger; longa — o, middle- 
finger ; ringa — o, ring- 
finger ; malgranda — o, 
little finger ; — ingo, 

Finland-a, Finnish {adj.); 
— ano, a Finlander; 
— 0, Finland. 

Finn-o, a Finn; — a, 
Finnish ; — ujo, — lando, 

Firenz-o, Florence. 

firm-fl^, firm, strong; — ajo, 
solid earth, dry ground. 

firm-o, commercial house, 

fisk-o, fisc, public treasury. 

fistul-o, fistula. 

fi§-o, fish ; — isto, pisci- 
fisherman ; 
amateur fisherman, ang- 
ler ; — vendejo, fish-mar- 
ket ; — vendisto, fish- 
monger ; — hoko, fish- 
hook ; — oleo, fish oil ; 
— aro, shoal of fishes. 

fizik-o, physics ; — a, physi- 

fiziologi-o, physiology. 

fizionomi-o, physiognomy, 

fjord-o, fjord, fiord. 

flag-o, marine flag, banner. 

flam-o, flame ; — a, in 
flames ; — ^, to be burn- 




fa9ade ; iri la 

to step on one 

— en ! make 

per — 0, on one 
— ajo, wing of a 

ing, to be flaring ; ek — ^, 
to begin to burn ; — eco^ 
ardour ; — igi^ to en- 
flame ; — i§i, to ignite, 
— igema, inflammable. 

Flamand-a (adj.), Flemish ; 
— 0, a Fleming; — ujo, 

flan-o, custard, flawn, pan- 

flanel-o, flannel. 

flank-o, side ; antaua — o, 
— on, 
way ! 

flar-i, to smell, to scent; 
— tahako, snuff. 

flat-^, to flatter ; — ema, 
addicted to flattery ; 
— ulo, a flatterer. 

flav-a, yellow ; — ruga, 

fleg-t, to nurse the sick. 

flegm-o, phlegm ; — a, 

fleks-f, to bend, to bow ; 
— 0, bending {noun) ; 
■ — ehla, flexible. 

fleksi-o, flexion. 

flik-i, to patch up, to mend. 

flirt-i, to flit about, to 
flutter, to flirt. 

flok-o, flake (of snow, etc.). 

flor-i, to flower, to bloom ; 

— 0, flower ; — eto, 
floweret, little flower ; 
— ado, efflorescence, 
flowering season ; — isto, 
florist ; ek — i, to blow 
into flower; — ejo, flower 
garden ; — ujo, flower 
vase ; — vazo, vase of 

floren-o, florin. 

flos-o, raft; — ^, to float 

flu-i, to flow ; — 0, current ; 
— a, fluid ; — ajo, a fluid 
(scienc.) ; al—o, high 
water ; for — o, low water; 
en — 0, mouth of river ; 
kun — igo, confluent; de 
— ilo, trench, culvert, 
gutter ; de — ilego, sewer. 

flug-i, to fly (birds) ; for — i, 
to fly away ; ^lo, wing, 
pinion ; al—i, to fly to- 
wards ; — ijorti, to waft. 

fluid-a, liquid {adj.)] — ajo, 
liquid {noun) ; — igi, to 
liquefy ; — igi, to be- 
come liquid. 

fluor-o, fluorine. 

flut-o, flute. 

foir-o, fair (market). 

foj-o, (occasion, time): — e, 
once, one day {indefinite)] 
unu — e, once, on a cer- 
tain time {definite); unua 
— e or unuan — on, 
first time ; ia — e, at 




-0, founding, cre- 

times {indefinite) ; Jcclka 
— e, sometimes ; muUa 
— e, many times; ciu 
— e kiam or ciun — on 
kiam, whenever. 

fojn-o, hay. 

fok-o, seal, sea-dog. 

foken-o, porpoise. 

fokus-o, focus. 

fold-i, to fold (bookbind- 

foli-o, leaf; — ego, folio; 
tri — Of clover, trefoil. 

foment-i, to foment (med.) ; 
— 0, fomentation. 

fond-i, to found, to estab- 
lish ; 
ating. establishing. 

fonetik-a, phonetic {adj-)- 

fonograf-o, phonograph. 

fonometr-o, phonometer 

font-o, spring (of water). 

fontan-o, fountain. 

fontanel-o, fontanel. 

*for, away from : — de tie 
ci, fripono ! get thee 
hence, rascal ! — iri, to 
go away ; — poiii, to 
carry away ; — igi, to 
omit, to do away with ; 
— if/i, to withdraw ; 
— preni, to take away ; 
— kuri, to run away ; 
— permesi, to grant leave 
of absence. 

forfikul-(J, earwig. 

forges-i, to forget; — o, 

forgetfulness ; — ema^ 
forgetful ; — emo, in- 
clination to forget. 

foTg-i, to forge at the anvil : 
kun — i, to weld; — isto, 

fork-o, fork; — etc, small 
fork ; — ego, pitchfork. 

form-o, shape; — i, to shape, 
to give a shape; — igi, 
to take shape ; — a, relat- 
ing to the shape ; pir — a, 
pear-shaped ; rond — a, 
round shaped ; fis — a, 
in the shape of a fish ; 
bel — a, finely shaped ; 
re — i, to reform ; ali 
— igi, to transform ; 
— ado, formation. 

formaci-o, formation (geol). 

formal-fl^, formal ; — ajo, 

format-o, size, shape (of a 

formik-o, ant; — ejo, ant- 

formul-o, formula; — i, to 
draw up in due form ; 
— aro, formulary. 

forn-o, stove, oven, furnace. 

fort -61, strong; — o, 
strength, force ; ^^(Sr — o, 
violence ; per — i, to do 
^^olence, to force. 

fortepian-o, pianoforte. 

fortik-a, solid, robust ; 
— igi, to strengthen, to 




consolidate; — ajo, for- 
forum-o, forum, 
fos-i, to dig, to delve ; 

— ilo, spade; svb — % to 

fosfor-o, phosphorus, 
fost-o, post, stake, 
fotograf-i, to photograph ; 

— ado, photography; 

— ajo, Si. photograph ; 

— isto, a photographer, 
frag-o, strawberry ; — ujo, 

strawberry plant. 
fragment-o, fragment, 
fraj-o, spawn, 
frak-o, evening dress 

frakas-i, to break to pieces, 

to shatter. 
frakci-o, fraction ; — a, 

fraksen-o, ash, ash-tree, 
framason-o, freemason; 

- — aro, freemasonry. 
framb-f>, raspberry ; — ujo, 

raspberry cane. 
Franc-a, French {adj.) ; 

— 0, a Frenchman ; 

— ujo, — laTido, France, 
frand-i, to be fond of 

sweets ; — ema, fond of 

sweets ; — ajo, sweets, 

dainties, delicacies; 

— eco, daintiness, state 

of what is delicate, 


frangol-o, black alder. 

fran|-o, fringe. 

frank-o, frank (silver 

frap-e, to knock; — o, a 
knock ; — ado, knock- 
ing ; — anta, striking, 

frat-o, brother ; — ino, 
sister ; — a, fraternal ; 
— eco, fraternity ; — igi, 
to fraternize ; duon — o, 

fraul-o, single man, bache- 
lor; — ino. Miss, single 
woman, young lady ; 
— eco, celibacy. 

fraz-o, phrase, sentence. 

fregat-o, frigate. 

fremd-a, foreign {adj.) ; 
— ulo, foreigner ; — o 
lando, foreign country. 

frenez-fl^, mad {adj.); — ulo, 
madman ; — eco, mad- 
ness ; — ajo, an act of 
madness; — if/i, to 
grow mad ; — igi, to 

fresk-o, fresco. 

fre§-a, fresh (recent): 
— eco, novelty ; re — igi, 
to freshen, to renew. 

Frigi-o, Phrygia. 

fring-o, chaffinch. 

fringel-f>, canary bird. 

fripon-o, rogue, knave, 
clieat ; — i, to act as a 




rogue, knave, cheat, to 

fris-o, frieze (cloth) ; also 
arch (archit). 

frit-*, to fry; — ajo, fried 

frivol-fl^, frivolous. 

friz-i, to curl (hair). 

fromat-o, cheese ; — ejo, 
cheese dairy. 

front-(?, front (of an army). 

fronton-o, fronton. 

frost-o, frost ; — a, frosty ; 
— i, to freeze (act); 
— i^i, to freeze (neuL): 
trem — o, cold fit, feverish 

frot-i, to rub ; de — i, to 
take away by rubbing; 
de — ajo, scratch, excoria- 
tion ; — lavi, to scour. 

*fru-e, early; — a, early 
(adj.) ; mal — a, coming 
late ; mal — eco, tardiness; 
nml — i, to be late; mal 
— i§i to be belated ; 
mal — i(j% to delay ; 
— matura, ripening 
early, precocious. 

frugileg-o, rook ; — ejo, 

frukt-o, fruit ; — igi, to 
fertilize ; — i§i, to grow 
fertile ; — odona, fruit 
giving ; — oporto, fertil- 
ity ; sen — a, fruitless, 
barren; sen — eco, barren- 

ness ; — ejo, fruit-gar- 
den; — arbejo, orchard; 
— otenejo, fruit-store; 
— ohutiko, fruiterer's 
shop ; — ajo, jam, etc. 

fmnt-o, forehead ; — ajo, 

ftiz-o, phthisis, consump- 

fug-o, fugue (mus.). 

fuk-o, wrack, fucus, sea- 

fuksin-o, fuchsine. 

fulard-o, silk handkerchief. 

fulg-o, soot. 

fulm-o, lightning; — otondro, 
thunderstorm ; — o sen 
tondra, heat lightning. 

fum-z, to smoke (a pipe, a 
cigar, etc.); — igi, to 
smoke (intr.) ; la kameno 
— igas, the chimney 

fund-o, bottom. 

fundament-o, foundation. 

funebr-o, mourning ; — a, 

funel-o, funnel. 

fung-o, mushroom ; — ejo, 

funkci 0, functions ; — i, 
to act, to operate, to 

funt-o, pound (weight). 

fura^-o, forage. 

Twii-o, fury (mythol.). 

furioz-fl, furious, raging ; 




—i, to be in a rage ; — o, 
rage, fury ; — eco, state 
of fury. 

furor-o, furore. 

furunk-o, a boil. 

fusten-o, fustian. 
fu§-^, to bungle, to 

fut-o, foot (measure), 
fuzilier-o, fusileer. 


gabi-o, gabion (mil.). 

gad-o, cod, stockfish. 

gaj-o^, gay, merry; —eco, 
mirth, gaiety ; mal — a, 
morose ; mal—i, to grow 
morose; — igi, to en- 
liven ; — i, to be merry. 

gajl-o, gall-nut, oak-apple. 

gajn-i, to gain ; mal — i, to 

gal-o, bile, gall. 

galant-o, snowdrop (flower). 

galanteri-o, articles of mil- 
linery, toilet requisites. 

galantin-^, galantine (cook- 

galen-o, galena (sulphurate 
of lead). 

galer-o, galley (ship). 

galeri-o, gallery. 

galicism-o, gallicism. 

galium-o, gallium. 

Gal\-ujo,Gsiu[ (the country); 
— a, Gallic. 

galon-o, galoon, gold-lace. 

galop-i, to gallop; — e, at 
a gallop, 
-0, galosh. 

galvan-fl^, galvanic; — igi, 
to galvanize. 

galvanism-o, galvanism. 

gam-o, gamut, musical scale. 

gama§-o, gaiter. 

gangli-o, ganglion (med.). 

gangren-o, gangrene. 

gant-o, glove. 

garanti-i, to warrant, to 
guarantee; — ajo, pledge, 
forfeit; — ulo, hostage. 

garb-o, sheaf ; —ejo, a barn. 

garcini-o, garcinia {hot). 

gard-i, to watch over; 
— anto, one who watches; 
— isto, warder, keeper, 
guard ; — ostaranto, sen- 
tinel, sentry ; antail — i, to 
preserve ; sin — ema, care- 
ful, watchful, prudent ; 
sin—emo, circumspection. 

gardeni-o, gardenia. 

gargar-i, to rinse, to gargle. 

garn-i, to trim, to garnish ; 
— ajo, trimmings. 

garnitur-o, garniture, fit- 





garol-0, jay. 

ga.s-0, gas ; — a, of gas ; 
— ometro, gasmeter ; 

—forma, in the form of 

gast-o, guest; — i, to be a 
guest at ; — amo, hospi- 
tality; — ado, stay as a 
guest; — ama, hospitable. 

gastronomi-o, gastronomy. 

gavot-o, gavotte. 

gaz-o, gauze. 

gazel-o, gazelle. 

gazet-o, gazette ; — aro, the 

ge-, persons of both sexes 
together : patro, father; 
— patroj, parents ; mas- 
tro, master ; — mastroj, 
the master and mistress; 
edzo, husband ; —edzqj, 
married pair ; — sinjoroj, 
Ml", and Mrs. 

gehen-o, gehenna. 

gelaten-o, gelatine. 

gem-o, a gem. 

gencian-o. gentian. 

genealogi-o, genealogy. 

generaci-(9, generation (de- 

general-o, general (milit. 

Genez-o, Genesis. 

geni-o, body of military 
engineers; genius; genie. 

genitiv-o, genitive. 

Geno-o, Genoa 

genot-o, genet (little animal 
of the weasel kind), 

gent-o, tribe ; sam — ulo, one 
of the same tribe. 

genu-o, knee ; —flekso, 
genuflexion; —fleksi, to 

geodezi-o, geodesy. 

geognozi-o, geognosy. 

geografi-(9, geography. 

geologi-o, geology. 

geometri-o, geometry. 

gerani-o, geranium. 

German-a, German (adj.); 
— 0, a German ; — ujo, 
— lando, Germany. 

gerundi-o, gerundive. 

gest-o, gesture. 

gi6et-o, wicket, turnstile, 
ticket-office window. 

SiS-o, gig. 

gigant-o, giant ; — a, gigan- 

gild-o, guild. 

gilotin-o, guillotine. 

gimnastik-a, gymnastic ; 
— ^jo, gymnasium (phy- 
sical training). 

gimnazi-o, gymnasium (col- 
lege of learning). 

gine-o, guinea (coin). 

gipso, plaster, gypsum. 

girfalk-o, gerfalcon. 

girland-o, garland, wreath. 

gitar 0, guitar. 

glace-a, glac^. 




glaci-0, ice ; — ajo, ice, (con- 
fection) ; — teneJD, ice- 
house; — igij to turn 
into ice ; — vendisto, ice- 
dealer ; — umi, to polish 
like glass or ice; — ejo, 
heap of ice in moun- 

glad-i, to iron (linen) ; 
— ilo, an iron. 

gladiator-o, gladiator. 

glan-o, acorn. 

glando, gland. 

glas-o, tumbler, drinking- 

brate ; Dio estas — a, God 
is glorious ; — o, glory ; 
inal — 0, infamy, ignom- 
iny ; mal — e, ignomini- 

glos-o, gloss; — aro, glos- 

glvL-i, to stick ; al — icji^ to 
stick to ; kun — igi, to 
stick together; — o, 

glut-i, to swallow, to gobble 
down; en — i, to swallow 
up, to gulp down. 

gnom-o, gnome (elf). 

gnomon-o, gnomon (ast.). 

glat-a, even, smooth ; mal 

— a, uneven, rough, ! gobi-o, gudgeon. 

rugged ; mal — ajo, rough- \ golet-o, schooner 

ness, rugosity, uneven- 

glsiv-o, sword, 
glazur-o, varnish, 
glicerin-o, glycerine, 
gliciriz-fl, liquorice, 
glikoz-o, glucose, 
glim-o, mica. 

gliptotek-o, statuary mu- 
glit-i, to glide, to slide, to 

slip ; —iga, slippery ; 

— nmii to skate ; — ilo, 

a skate ; — ejo, a slide ; 

— veturilo, a sledge, 
glob-o, globe; — a, globular; 


-eto, globule. 

globus-6», globe (geog.). 
glor-i, to glorify, to celc- 

golf-o, a bay ; — eto, 
bay (geogr.). 

gondol-o, gondola. 

gonore-o, gonorrhea. 

gorg-o, throat. 

goril-o, gorilla. 

got-a, gothic ; — o, gothic 
style (noun). 

graci-a, graceful (of propor- 
tion) ; — eco, grace of 
make; mal — a, ungrace- 
ful, awkwardly made. 

grad-o, degree; — eco, gra- 
dation ; — e, gradually ; 
— igo, graduation. 

graf-o, earl, count ; — ino, 
countess ; — lando, terri- 
tory under a count or 




grafit 0, graphite (lead for 

grajn-o, grain, pip, stone (of 

grak-i, to croak (ravens, 

gram-o, gram (weight). 

gramatik-o, grammar ; — a, 

gran-o, a grain, a particle. 

granat-o, pomegranate; 
— ujo, pomegranate tree. 

grand-a, great, large ; — igi, 
to enlarge ; pU — igi, to 
grow larger; — igi, to 
grow in size ; — egulo, a 
giant ; mal — egulo, a 
dwarf; pli — igo, the act 
of enlarging ; pli — igo, 
the act of growing; — eco, 
greatness; — anima, mag- 
nanimous ; mal — ajo, a 
trifle ; po — e, wholesale. 

grandioz-a, magnificent, 

granit-o, granite. 

gras-o, fat (noun) ; — a, fat 
(adj.); — igi, to fatten 
(ad.) ; — igi, to get fat ; 
— ega, obese, stout; mat 
—a, lean, thin; mal — eco, 
leanness ; mal — i^i, to 
grow thin ; m^l — ega, 
emaciated, fleshless. 

grat-2, to rub, to scratch. 

gratifikaci-o, gratuity. 

gratul-i, to congratulate ; 

— 0, congratulation ; 
— ado, congratulations, 
rejoicings, etc. 

grav-a, important, serious. 

graved-a, enceinte, preg- 
nant; — i^i, to conceive. 

gravur-i, to engrave; — ilo, 
graving tool, graver ; 
— isto, engraver; — o, act 
of engraving; — ajo, an 

Grek-a, Greek, Grecian 
(adj.); — 0, a Greek; 
— ujo, — lando, Greece. 

gren-o, corn ; — ejo, corn- 
loft, granary ; — 7ijo, box 
or chest for keeping corn. 

grenad-o, grenade (milit.). 

Grenland-o, Greenland; 
— ano, Greenlander. 

gri-o, gruel, oatmeal, 

grifel-o, slate-pencil, stylus. 

gril-o, cricket (insect). 

grimac-o, grimace ; — i, to 
make faces. 

grimp-z, to creep up, to 
climb up. 

grinc-i, to grate; — igi la 
dentojn, to grind one's 

grip-o, influenza. 

griz-a, grey; — barba, grey- 

giog-o, grog. 

gros-o, gooseberry; — ujo, 
gooseberry bush. 




gio^-0, groschen. 

grot-o, grotto. 

grotesk-a, grotesque. 

gra-o, crane (bird). 

grum-o, groom. 

griiinbl-z, to grumble. 

gnmt-i, to grunt. 

grup-o, group. 

gruz-o, slack, fine gravel. 

guan-6), guano. 

guberni-o, government (in 
the sense of province). 

gudr-o, tar ; — i, to tar. 

guf-o, large kind of owl. 

gulden-o, gulden (coin). 

gum-o, gum (material). 

gumgut-o, gum-drop, ju- 

gurd-o, barrel-organ. 

gust-<9, taste; hon — a, sa- 
voury ; — umi, to taste ; 
— umado, the sense of 
taste, tasting. 

gut-z, to drip ; — o, a drop ; 
— eto, a tiny drop; 
— ado, act of dropping, 
falling by drops ; el — i, 
to fall drop by drop, to 

gutaperk-o, guttapercha. 

guvern-z, to educate pri- 
vately; — istino, a pri- 
vate governess. 

gvardi-o, the guard (body 
of troops). 

gvid-i, to guide; — anto, one 
acting as guide ; —isto, 
professional guide. 


garden-o, garden ; — lahor- 
ado, gardening ; — kulr 
turo, horticulture. 

gem-i, to groan ; ek — i, to 
sigh ; — egi, to wail. 

gen-i, to hinder, to incom- 
mode; sin — i, to take 
personal trouble; sen — a, 
unceremonious, easy- 

^endarm-o, gendarme. 

^eneral-fl^, general (adj.), 

^ common to all. 

Genev-o, Geneva. 

^entil-a, civil, courteous ; 
— eco, civility, polite 
attention, courtesy ; — e, 
civilly, politely, courte- 
j ^erm-o, germ ; — i, to bud, 
I to sprout. 

I *^, it ; f/in (accusative) ; 
I gia, its, its own. 
I ^h-o, hump, bump, hunch ; 
— a, hunchbacked ; 
— ulo, a hunchback. 
iin-o, gin (spirit). 
^nece-o, gynecium, harem. 




giro, endorsement; — i, to 
endorse; — unto, endor- 
ser ; — ato, endorsee ; 
— banko, transfer bank. 

^iraf-o, giraffe. 

*gis, till, until, as far as, 
down to, up to. 

givT-o, hoar-frost. 

^oj-o, joy; —a, joyful, 

joyous ; — i, to rejoice ; 

— igi, to gladden, to 

cause joy. 
gVL-i, to enjoy, to rejoice in. 
gust-a, just, exact; — eco, 

exactness, accuracy; 

gustatempa, opportune. 

*lia! ah! ha! 

Haban-o, Havanah. 

Hades-o, Hades. 

hajduk-(9, Hungarian foot- 

hajl-o, hail (noun); — as, 
it hails. 

hak-i, to hack, to chop with 
a hatchet; — ilo, axe, 
hatchet; tra — i, to cut 
through with an axe or 

hal-o, covered market-place. 

haladz-o, bad exhalation ; 
— i, to give bad smells ; 
en — igi, to suffer from j 
inhaling bad smells ; j 
en — ita, asphyxiated. j 

halebard-o, halberd. | 

halt-i, to stop ; — igi, to j 
cause to stop ; — o, a 
halt ; — ado, a long halt ; | 
— u ! stop ! — igilo, a | 
break (to stop machines, 
vehicles) ; sen — a, with- ! 

out a break, without 
stopping (adj.), continu- 

halter-o, dumb-bell; insect- 

halucinaci-o, hallucination. 

, , ' > hammock. 
namok-o, j 

hamstr-o, hamster. 

hans-a, hanseatic. 

har-o, hair; okul—qj, the 
eyelashes; lip — oj, 
moustaches ; vang — oj, 
whiskers; kol — qj, mane 
(of animals) ; — aja, 
hairy, hirsute; — plena, 
shaggy ; sen — a, bald ; 
sen — ulo, bald man ; —ego, 
bristle ; — ligo, plait of 
hair, tress. 

haradri-o, plover. 

ha^d-^, to harden ; — ita, 

harem-o, harem. 

haring-o, herring. 




harmoni-0, harmony. 

harmonik-o, harmouica, ac- 

harmonium-o, harmonium. 

harp-o, harp. 

harpi-o, harpy. 

harpun-o, harpoon. 

hatibiz-o, howitzer 

ha\lt-o, hide, skin. 

hav-?, to have ; — o, pro- 
perty, possession; — igi, 
to provide, to procure ; 
en — i, to contain, to en- 
close within itself, etc. ; 
senen — a, empty; en — o, 

haven-(7, port, harbour, 

hazard-o, hazard. 

*lie ! hey ! halloa ! 

Hebre-a. Hebrew, hebraic, 
Jewish (adj.) ; — o, Jew, 
or Hebrew. 

hebreism-o, Hebraism. 

hebreist-o, hebraist. 

heder-o, ivy. 

hejm-o,home; — a, of home, 
homely, homelike; — e, 
at home; mi iras — en, 
I am going home {ace. 
of motion towards), 

hejt-f, to heat (a stove, 
etc. ) ; — ado, heating ; 
— isto, stoker. 

hekatomb-o, hecatomb. 

heksametr-o, hexameter. 

hektar-(?, hectare (super- 
ficial measure). 

hektograf-o, hectograph. 

hektogram-o, hectogram 
(100 grams). 

hektolitr-o, hectolitre (100 

hektometr-o, hectometre 
(100 metres). 

hel-a, clear, bright, lumin- 
ous ; mat— a, dark ; —i^i, 
to get clearer (speaking 
of light) ; la cielo — i^as, 
the sky is gettingclearcr. 

helebor-o, hellebore, night- 

helenism-o, hellenism. 

helenist-o, hellenist. 

helik-o, edible snail. 

heliotrop-{?, heliotrope. 

helium-o, helium. 

help-2, to help, to aid, to 
assist; — o, help, aid ; 
— anto, an assistant, a 
help; — a, helpful; 
— ema, obliging ; mal — i, 
to hinder, to prevent 
doing; mal — o, hin- 

hemikrani-o, neuralgic 

hemorojd-o, the piles, he- 

hepat-o, liver; — a, of the 
liver, hepatic. 

heraldik-o, heraldry (sc.). 

herb-t>, grass, herb; — oman- 




ganta, herbivorous; — ejo, 
meadow, grass field. 

herbari-o, herbarium. 

hered-i, to inherit ; — anto, 
heir; — o, heritage, in- 

herez-o, heresy. 

hermafrodit-o, hermaphro- 
dite ; — a, of double 

hermetik-«, air-tight. 

herni-o, hernia, rupture. 

heio-o, hero; — ajo, heroic 
deed ; — eco, heroism ; 
— ino, heroine. 

herold-o, herald. 

heterogen-a, heterogeneous. 

hetman-o, Cossack com- 

hiacint-o, hyacinth. 

hidr-o, hydra. 

hidrarg-o, mercury. 

hidraulik-o, hydraulics. 

hidrofobi-o, hydrophobia. 

hidrogen-o, hydrogen. 

hidrometri-o, hydrometry. 

hidropati-o, hydropathy. 

hidrops-o, dropsy. 

hidrostatik-(), hydrostatics. 

hidroterapi-o, hydrothera- 

hidroskop-o, hydroscope. 

hien-o, hyena. 

hierariii-o, hierarchy. 

*liieratl, yesterday ; antail 
— , the day before yes- 

hieroglif-o, hieroglyph. 

higien-o, hygiene. 

himn-o, hymn. 

Hind-a (adj.), Indian ; — o, 
a Hindoo, or Hindu ; 
— ujo, India, Hindus- 

hiperbol-o, hyperbole. 

hipnot-a, hipnotic ; — eco, 
hypnotic state ; — igi, to 

hipodrom-o, hippodrome. 

hipoiiondri-o, hypochon- 
dria ; — a, hypochon- 
driac (adj.). 

hipokrit-*, to pretend ; to 
play the hypocrite ; — a, 
hypocritical ; — ulo, a 
hypocrite ; a dissembler. 

hipopotam-o, hippopota- 

hipotek-o, mortgage (bond). 

hipotenuz-o, hypothenuse. 

hipotez-o, hypothesis. 

hirt-a, scrubby, bristly. 

hirud-o, leech. 

hirund-o, swallow (bird). 

hiskiam-o, henbane. 

hisop-o, hyssop. 

Hispan-a, Spanish ; — o, 
Spaniard ; — ujo, — lando, 

histerik-o, hysteria, hys- 
terics; — a, hysterical. 

Mstori-<?, history; — sJcrib- 
anto, historian. 

histrik-{?, porcupine. 




histrion-o, buffoon, clown. 

*lio ! oh ! ho ! 

hoboj-o, oboe, hautboy ; 

— isto, oboist, hautboyist. 

*hodiau, to-day ; — a, of 
to-day , — matene, this 

hok-o, hook ;pord — o, door- 
hinge ; Jis — 0, fish-hook. 

Holand-a, Dutch (adj.) ; 
— ano, Dutchman ; — o, 

homo, human being ; 
—aro, mankind ; — a, 
human (adj.) ; sen — a, 
unpeopled ; kvazau — o, 
scarecrow ; — amulo, phil- 

homeopati-o, homeopathy. 

homogen-a, homogeneous. 

homologi-a, homologous. 

homonim-tt, homonymous. 

honest-a, honest ; mal — eco, 
dishonesty ; mal — ajo, 
dishonest act ; mal — a, 

honor-i, to honour; — o, 
honour ; — a, touching 
honour ; — ebla, that 
may be honoured; 
— inda, honourable, 
worthy of honour; mul 
— i, to dishonour; mal 
— a, dishonourable ; pro 
mia — 0, upon my 
honour ; sen — a, dis- 

honorari-o, honorarium, 
hont-i, to be ashamed; — o, 

shame; — a, of shame; 

— inda, deserving 

shame ; — iyi, to put 

to shame ; to shame ; 

— iga, shameful ; — antttj 

feeling ashamed ; sen — a, 

barefaced, shameless ; 

— emo, bashfulness; 

—ema, bashful ; —indajOj 

hor-o, hour, 
horde-o, barley. 
horizont-o, horizon, 
horizontal-ti, horizontal, 
horlog-o, clock ; pos — o, 

watch; — isto, clockniaker. 
horoskop-o, horoscope, 
hortensi-o, hortensia. 
hortulan-o, ortolan, 
hospital-o, hospital, 
hosti-o, host (consecrated 

hotel-o, hotel, 
ho ve ! alas ! 
hxib-o, hide of land ; — ulo, 

the owner of same, 
huf-o, hoof. 
hulul-o, howlct. 
hum-o, humus, garden 

human-a, humane, 
humanism-o, humanism, 
humanist-o, humanist, 
humer-o, humerus (anaf.). 
humil-a, humble ; — ct/a 




vile, low, cringing ; mal 
— a, arrogant, proud, 

huinor-o, humour, temper; 
—ajo, witty saying, 
humorous trait; — isto, 
a humorist. 

hund-<9, dog ; — ino, bitch ; 

— oviro, male dog; — eto, 

small dog; — ido, puppy; 

— ejo, kennel ; — isto, 

hupup-o, hoopoo (bird). 
■'^hura ! hurrah ! 
huz-o, large sturgeon. 
huzar-o, hussar. 


iiameleon-o, chameleon, 
haos-o, chaos. 

Haron-o, Charon (mythol.). 
iiemi-o, chemistr}^ ; — isto, 

himer-o, chimera. 
Hin-ft, Chinese (adj.) ; — o, 

a Chinese; — iijo,—la7ido, 


hirurg-o, surgeon. 

hirurgi-o, surgery (science). 

holer-o, cholera. 

hor-o, choir (voices); — ejo, 
the place where choris- 
ters sit; — isto, choris- 

horal-o, chorale (music). 

-i, ending of infinitive; 
Icanti, to sing. 

■^ia, whatever, any kind of. 

■^ial, for any reason or 

*iam, once upon a time 
(ever), as in : se — mi 
venos, if ever I come 
(fut.); se li — parolos, if 
ever he speaks (fut.). 

ihis-o, ibis. 

-id , young of, descendant, 
issue : Izraelo, Israel ; 

Izrael — o, Israelite ; hovo, 
ox ; hov — 0, calf ; koko, 
cock ; kok — o, chicken ; 
kok — eto, a chick ; cevalo, 
horse; ceval — o, colt, foal; 
tafo, sheep ; iaf — o, lamb. 

ide-o, idea, opinion ; sam 
— ano, one sharing our 

ideal-o, ideal (noun); —a, 
ideal (adj.). 

idealism-o, idealism. 

idealist-o, idealist. 




ident-(?, identical ; — igi^ 
to identify. 

ideografi-o, ideography. 

idili-o, idyl. 

idiom-o, idiom. 

idiot-o, idiot (noun). 


idol-o, idol. 

*ie, somewhere, anywhere. 

*iel, in any way. 

■*ies, somebody's. 

-ig-, to cause, to make : 
mmio, death ; mart — i, 
to kill, to cause death ; 
b'uli, to burn; brul — i, 
to set on fire ; pura, 
clean ; pur — i, to clean, 
to cleanse; veni, to come; 
ven — i, to cause to come ; 
scii, to know; sci — i, to 
make known, to apprize, 
to inform ; kredi, to be- 
lieve; Jcred — i, to cause 
to believe ; mn — o, the 
compelling to come (5). 

ig-e, to make (used alone): 
tiu ci hezono — as sin tre 
forte sentij this want 
makes itself very strong- 
ly felt; — u Hn veni at nia 
danco, make her come to 
our dance ; al — i al, to 
intend for ; en — i en, to 
cause to go in, to enter ; 
el — i el, to turn out of ; 
eks — i, to dismiss ; in- 
tern — i, to sink into, to 

inculcate ; Jcun — i bin, 
to unite with. 

ignam-o, yam (bot), 

ignoT-i, to ignore, to cut 

-i^-, to become, to be made, 
to get, etc. : pala, pale ; 
pal—i, to grow pale; 
maljuna, old ; maljun 
— i, to get old; fluida, 
liquid ; fluid — i, to be- 
come liquid ; rica, rich ; 
ric — i, to gro^v rich ; la 
suno lev — as, the sun 
rises; nia Jens — o, our 
bed-time ; la glacio fluid 
— as, the ice is thawing; 
eks — i, to resign ; la 
fluid — de V glacio, the 
thawing of the ice ; al — e, 
to adhere; al — ulo, an 
adherent (5). 

iiitiokol-o, isinglass, 

-11- (the tool or instru- 
ment) : haki, to hack, 
to hew ; hak — o, an axe, 
a hatchet ; konihi, to 
comb; komb — o, a comb; 
kudri, to sow; kudr — o, 
a needle ; pafi, to shoot; 
paf — 0, a gun ; tranci, to 
cut; tranc — o, a knife; 
bon^ — 0, good way, good 
medium; — a/ro, set of 

ileks-o, holly, ilex, holm- 




*ili, they ; ilia, their, 
theirs ; ilin, them. 

ilumin-i, to illuminate. 

iluminaci-(?, illumination. 

ilustr -^, to illustrate ; 
— ajo, illustration. 

iluzi-o, illusion, delusion. 

imag-i, to imagine, to fancy. 

imit-i, to imitate. 

imperativ-o, imperative 

imperfekt-o, imperfect 

imperii?, empire (state) ; 
— a, imperial ; — estro, 
emperor; — estrino, em- 

imperial-o, roof, outside of 
a vehicle. 

imperialism-o, imperialism; 
— isto, imperialist. 

implik-i, to implicate, to 

impon-i, to impose (neuter). 

import-i, to import. 

impost-^, tax, imposition. 

impotent-a, impotent 

impres-o, influence, impres- 
sion felt. 

impresario, impresario. 

improviz-z, to improvise; 
— 0, improvisation. 

impuls-o, impulse 

-in- (shows the feminine) : 
patro, father; — ino, 
mother; frato, brother; 

— ino J sister; cevalo, 
horse; — ino, mare; 
vivo, a man ; — ino, a 
woman; sinjoro, Sir, 
Mr., gentleman; — ino. 
Madam, Mrs., lady. 

in-o, a female ; — a, femin- 
ine (adj.). 

inatiguraci-o, inauguration. 

incit-^, to incite, to pro- 

-ind- (shows worth, merit): 
kredi, to believe ; kred 
— a, worthy of credit; 
laitdi, to praise; laud — a, 
worthy of praise ; me- 
mori, to remember; 
memoi' — a, memorable ; 
honoro, honour ; honor 
— a, honourable ; honor 
— eco, honourableness ; 
ridi, to laugh ; lid — a, 
laughable (6). 

in.d-0, merit, value, worth. 

Indian-c?, American Indian. 

indien-o, chintz. 

indiferent-a, indifferent, 
unconcerned, callous. 

indig-o, indigo. 

indign-i, to be indignant. 

indigen-o, native, aborigine. 

indikati v-o, indicative 

indium-o, indium. 

individu-o, individual. 

indukci-(>, induction (met.), 
and (electr.). 




indulg-i, to spare, to be 
indulgent to ; — o, leni- 

indulgenc-o, indulgence 
(Catholic religion). 

industri-o, industry, busi- 
ness; — a, belonging to 
trade, industry, manu- 
factures, etc. ; — isto, 
trader, manufacturer. 

inerci-o, inertia. 

infan-o, child ; — a, childish; 
— eco, infancy ; — aro, 
children as a whole ; 
— ajo, childish act, or 

infanteri-{), infantry. 

infekt-i, to infect ; — a, in- 
fectious ; — ado, infec- 

infer-o, hell, inferno ; — a, 
infernal, hellish. 

infinitiv-o, infinitive 

influ-f, to influence; — o, 

inform-z, to give informa- 
tion ; — igi, to take in- 
formation, to inquire 
about ; — o, informa- 

infuz-i, to infuse; — o, in- 
fusion ; — ajo, the bever- 
age made by infusion. 

-ing- (shows holder) : kan- 
a candle ; kandel 
?, candlestick ; jplumo, 

pen ; plum — o, pen- 
holder ; Jingro, finger ; 
Jingi- — 0, thimble. 

ingven-o, groin. 

ingenieT-o, engineer. 

iniciat-i, to initiate, to 
begin something. 

iniciativ-o, introductory 

ink-o, ink; — ujo, ink- 
I stand. 

inklin-r^, inclined to; — o, 
tendency, inclination ; 
— igi, to predispose to; 
— igi, to incline to. 

inkognit-o, incognito. 

inkub-o, incubus, night- 

inkvizici-o, inquisition. 

inkvizitor-o, inquisitor. 

inokul-i, to inoculate. 

insekt-o, insect. 

insid-i, to ensnare, to put 
snares, to insidiate ; — o, 
snare, ambush. 

insign-o, insignia, coat of 

insist-i, to insist. 

insolvent-a, insolvent. 

inspekt-i, to inspect; — isto, 

inspektor-o, inspector. 

inspir-?', to inspire, to sug- 

instal-^, to install ; — o, 

instanc-o, instance. 




instig^, to instigate; — o, 

instinkt-o, instinct ; — «, 
of instinct. 

instituci-o, institution. 

institut-o, institute. 

instm-t, to teach ; — «, 
that belongs to tuition ; 
— ado^ teaching, tuition ; 
— iteco, learned ness, state 
of the learned ; — anto^ 
occasional teacher; 
— isto, teacher by pro- 

instmkci-o, directions 
given as to certain 
things to be done. 

instrument-o, instrument; 
hlov — 0, wind instru- 
ment ; kord — o, string 

insul-o, island, isle ; — arw, 
islander ; — aro^ group 
of islands, archipelago. 

insult-^, to insult, by using 
bad language. 

-int- {past participle active); 
doni, to give; don — a, hav- 
ing given ; don—e, after 
having given (adv.). 

integral-a, integral (ma- 

intelekt-o, intellect ; — a, 
intellectual; — ulo, a man 
of intellect. 

inteligent-a, intelligent ; 
— Of intellect; — eco, 

quality of the intelligent 
man ; intelligence. 

intenc-t, to intend ; — o, 
intent ; — a, intended, 
purposed; bon — a, well- 
meaning ; ek — i, to decide 
upon, to project; sen — e, 

intendant-o, superinten- 

■^inter, between, among ; 
— ligo, alliance; — regno, 
interregnum ; — linio, 
space between lines ; 
— spaco, interval of dis- 
tance; — tempo, interval 
of time; — nacia, inter- 
national ; — sekva, suc- 

interdikt-o, interdict. 

interes-i, to interest ; — a, 
interesting ; — o, in- 
terest ; — i^i, to take an 
interest in. 

interjekci-o, interjection. 

intermit-i, to occur inter 

intern-a, internal, inward ; 
— e, inwardly; — o, in- 
side (noun) ; — ajo, that 
which is inside ; — igi, 
to push in, to drive in, 
to inculcate; — igi, to 
get into, to sink in ; 
el — e, from inside. 

interpelaci-6>, interpella 
tion ; — i, to interpellate. 



interpret-?', to interpret. 

interpunkci-o, punctuation. 

intest-o, intestine. 

intim-a, intimate {adj.) ; 
— eco, intimacy ; — ulo, 
intimate friend. 

intrig-z, to intrigue, to 
plot ; — 0, intrigue, plot; 
— ema, fond of in- 
trigues, and plots ; — ulo, 
plotter, trimmer. 

invalid-o, invalid (noun) ; 
— a, invalid (adj.). 

inventar-o, inventory, 

inversi-o, inversion. 

investitur-o, investiture. 

invit-f, to invite. 

*io, something ; doni — n, 
to give something. 

*iom, somewhat, a little ; 
— da vino, a little wine ; 
— dafloi'oj, a few flowers; 
— eto, the least of ; — ete, 
to some extent. 

ir-i, to go; de — i, to go 
away from ; foi' — «, to 
go away, to depart; 
— igi, to propel; eh — t, 
to start, to set out ; sar 
— i, to mount up, to 
ascend upon ; en — i, to 
enter ; deen — i, to retire; 
el — i, to go out; jrreter 
— ?, to pass by ; tra — i, 
to go through; tra — ejo, 
a path through; sub — i, 

to set (the sun, moon, 
etc.) ; — iloj^ stilts ; re — 2, 
to go back, to refer back. 

irld-6>, iris (hot.). 

iridium-o, iridium. 

iris-o, iris (anat.). 

Irland-o, Ireland ; — a, 
Irish (adj.); — aiw, 

ironi-o, irony ; — a, ironical. 

-is (ending of past tense) : 
doni, to give; 7ni donis, 
I gave, I have given, 
I did give, I was giving; 
la hirdoj kantis, the birds 

Islam-o, Islam. 

Island-o, Iceland ; — a, 
Icelandic ; — ano, Ice- 

-ist- (profession, trade, con- 
stant occupation); hoto, 
boot ; hot — 0, bootmaker ; 
kuraci, to heal, to attend 
the sick professionally; 
kurac — o, doctor, medical 
man ; steli, to steal ; 
M — 0, thief ; laii, to 
wash; lav — ino, washer- 
woman ; pordo, door ; 
pord — 0, doorkeeper, 

istm-o, isthmus. 

-it- {past participle passive) ; 
porti, to carry ; port — a, 
carried, having been 




Italflf-, Italian {adj.); — o, 

an Italian; — vjo, — lando, 

*iu-, somebody, some one ; 

cu vi vidas — n ? Do you 

see any one ? 

izolf, to isolate; 
of isolating; — 
of isolation. 

Izrael-o, Israel ; 

— 0, act 

eco, state 

— ido, 

-j- (plural sign) : floi'o, 
flower; flmvj, flowers; 
bela, fine; beta flow, 
fine flower; helaj floroj, 
fine flowers ; kelkaj 
homqj, a few men. 

*ja, in fact, indeed, assur- 

jaguar-o, jaguar. 

jaiit-o, yacht. 

jak-o, round jacket. 

■'^jam, already, as yet; jam 
. . . ne, no longer, not 
now; si — ne ploras, she 
does not cry now, she 
no longer cries. Also : 
si ne ])loras plu, as ne . . . 
plu, means no longer. 

jamb-o, iambus. 

janifiar-o, janizary. 

Januar-f?, January. 

Japon-ft, Japanese (adj.) ; 
— 0, Japanese (noun) ; 
— ujo, — lando, Japan. 

jar-o, year; cent — o, cen- 
tury; mil — 0, millenium; 
— libro, annual (book) ; 
Hu — a, annual, yearly 

(adj.); super — o, leap- 
year; en la nuna — o, in 
the present year. 

jard-o, a yard (3 feet). 

jasmen-o, jessamine, jas- 

*je, a linking preposition 
without any exact mean- 
ing, but used occasion- 
ally when in doubt 
about what other pre- 
position to use. Li 
ridas — mia eraro, he 
laughs at my mistake, 
or, Li ridas mian eraron. 

*jen, behold ; jen estas^ 
here is, here are ; jen . . . 
jen, now . . . now, or 
sometimes, ... at other 
times ; jeno, that which 
follows ; jena, subse- 
quent ; jene, as follows ; 
— Hal, for that reason. 

■'^jes, yes ; jesa, affirma- 
tive; diri jes, to say 
yes; jesi, to answer 

Jesu-o, Jesus ; — o-Kristo, 




Jesus Christ ; — a, of 
Jesus (adj.). 

jezuit-o, Jesuit. 

jod-o, iodine. 

*ju pli . . . des pli, the 
more . . . the more. 

jubile-o, jubilee. 

Jud-a, (adj.) Jewish ; — o, 
a Jew; — ujo, Judea, 

Judaism-o, Judaism. 

juft-o, Russian leather, 
Muscovy hides. 

jug-o, yoke. 

jugland-o, nut, walnut. 

jug-i, to judge ; — o, judg- 
ment; — antOj acting as 
judge ; — isto, a judge 
(profession) ; — antaro, 
a jury ; — istaro, a court 
of judges; — ejo, justice 
room, law-court; al — i, 
to adjudicate ; antau — o, 

juk-i, to itch ; — o, itching. 

Juli-o, July. 

jun-a, young, juvenile ; 
— eco, time of youth; 

— nlo, 3'outh, young 
man; — ulinOj maiden; 
— ularo, young people 
in a body ; ne — a, no 
longer young; mal — a, 
old; mal — ulo, old man; 
mal — igi, to get old. 

jung-z, to harness; — ajo, 

Juni-o, June. 

juniper-o, juniper. 

junk-o, reed. 

junkr-c), Prussian lordling; 
signo — o, cornet, ensign. 

jup-o, skirt; sub — o, petti- 

jurist-o, jurist. 

just-a, just, upright; — eco, 
righteousness ; — w/o, 
righteous man; mal — a 
unjust, iniquitous; mal 
—eco, iniquity, injustice; 
mal — ajo, iniquitous act, 
injustice done. 

jut-o, jute. 

juvel-o, jewel ; — isio ; 
jeweller; — aro, set of 
jewels, parure. 

jak-o, morning-coat. 

jaket-o, jacket. 

jaluz-<z, jealous; — o, jeal- 
ousy ; — eco, state of 
jealousy ; — ema, in- 
clined to jealousy. 

jargon-o, jargon, lingo. 

jatid-o, Thursday. 

jet-i, to throw, to cast, to 
fling ; ek — i, to begin to 
throw; en — i, to cast 
into; sur — i, to throw 




upon ; kun — i, to throw 
together; de — t, to throw- 
down ; dis — i, to de- 
molish ; el — i, to spurn ; 
re — i, to throw back, to 
reflect (light). 

joke-o, jockey. 

jongH to juggle; — isto, 
a juggler ; —o, jugglery, 

legerdemain ; — ado, the 
art of legerdemain. 

3ur-i, to swear; je — i, to 
conjure, to conspire ; 
— inta, sworn. 

jurnal-o, newspaper, jour- 

■^jus, just (adv.) ; mi—vldis 
siuy I have just seen her. 

k. c, abbreviation of kaj 
ceteraj, and the rest. 

k. s., abbreviation of kaj 
similaj, and others 

k. sekv., abbreviation of 
kaj sekvantaj, and follow- 

k. t. p., abbreviation of kaj 
tiel plu; and so forth, etc. 

kab-o, cape, promontory. 

kabal-o, Cabala ; — ajo, 
cabalistic act or words. 

kaban-o, cabin, hovel, hut. 

kabinet-o, cabinet, closet. 

kabl-o, cable; tren—o, 
hawser, painter (naut.). 

kabriolet-o, cabriolet, cab. 

ksit-o, batter, pap for in- 

kadavr-o, corpse, carcass. 

kadenc-o, cadence. 

kadet-o, cadet (milit.). 

kadmi-o, cadmium. 

kadr-o, frame ; en — igi, to 
frame (pictures). 

kaduk-a, decayed, decrepit; 
— eco, decay. 

kaf-o, coffee; — ejo, a 
cafe ; — arho, coffee- 
tree ; — kribco, coffee-pot; 
— ujo, coffee-box. 

Kafr-o, Kafhr. 

kaftan-o, kaftan. 

kag-o, cage. 

kahel-o, paving tile 

*kaj, and. 

kaj-o, quay, wharf, jetty. 

kajer-6>, copybook, paper- 
book, No. or part of a 
work; — eto, book of 

kajut-o, cabin, hut. 

kaka-o, cocoa. 

kakatu-o, cockatoo. 

kakt-o, cactus. 

kal-o, corn (on feet), hard 
corn; — a, callous. 




kalci-0, calcium. 

kaldron-o, cauldron, cal- 
dron, kettle, boiler. 

kalejdoskop-o, kaleido- 

kalendar-{?, calendar. 

kalendr-i, to calender, to 
mangle ; — ilo, a mangle. 

kalendul-o, marigold. 

kale§-o, carriage. 

kalfatr-?, to calk. 

kali-o, potass (calium). 

kalibr-o, calibre. 

kalif-o, caliph ; — regnOj 
dominion of the caliph. 

kalik-(7, cup, chalice, bowl. 

kalikot-o, calico. 

kalk-o, lime ; — stvno, lime- 

kalkan-o, heel (of the foot); 

kalkanum-o, heel of boot, 
etc. ; also clog, patten. 

kalkul-i, to calculate, to 
reckon ; — o, account, 
bill to pay ; — ado, cal- 
culation ; al — i, to put to 
the account; Jcun — ^, to 
reckon with other items; 
el — i, to leave out of the 
account ; ne — ehla, in- 
calculable ; — isto, ac- 

kalomel-o, calomel. 

kalson-o, pair of drawers, 

kalumni-i, to slander, to 

kamarad-o, comrade. 

kambi-o, bill of exchange. 

kame-o, cameo. 

kamel-o, camel. 

kameli-o, camelia. 

kamen-o, fire-place, fire- 
grate ; — tubo, flue ; 
— tubistOj chimney- 

kamer-o, box-room. 

kamerling-o, camerlingo. 

kamfor-o, camphor. 


kamlot-o, camlet. 

kamomil-o, camomile. 

kamp-o, field; —nro, country 
(as opposed to town) ; 
— ara, of the country, 
country like, 

kan-o, rush, reed. 

kanab-o, hemp ; — ejo, 
hemp-field; —semo, hemp 

kanaben-(?, linnet. 

Kanad -0, Canada ; — a 
(adj.), Canadian; — ano, 
a Canadian. 

kanajl-o, scoundrel; — aro, 
rabble, rascaldom. 

kanal-o, canal. 

kanaliz-i, to canalise; — ado, 

kanap-o, sofa, couch. 

kanari-o, canary, canary 

kanastr-y, canister (tobac- 




kancelari-0, chancellor's 
house, or office. 

kancelier 0, chancellor. 

kand-o, candy, sugar- 

kandel-o, candle; — ingo, 
candlestick; vales —o, wax- 

kandelabr-o, candelabrum. 

kandidat-o, candidate. 

kanel-i, to chamfer; —o, 
— ajo, groove, fluting, 

kanibal-o, cannibal. 

kanibalism-o, cannibalism. 

kankr-o, craw-fish, cray- 

kanon-o, canon (church 

kanonik-6>, canon (church 

kant-^, to sing; — adi, to 
keep singing; — o, a 
song, a chant; — ado, 
singing (the art); re 
— ajo, burden, refrain ; 
— eti, to hum a tune ; 
pi'i — i, to celebrate in 

kantarid-o, cantharis {pi. 

kantat-o, cantata. 

kantin-o, canteen. 

kanton-o, canton. 

kantor-o, chanter, pre- 

kanul-o, canula. 

kanvas-o, canvas (tapestry). 

kap-o, head (of the 

kapabl-a, capable, able 
— 0, the power to do 
— eco, the ability to do 
mal — ulo, an incapable 
man, a man of no capa- 

kapel-o, chapel. 

kaper-i, to seize as a prize ; 
^ip — i, to capture a ship. 

kapital-o, capital (money) ; 
— isto, capitalist. 

kapitan-o, captain (milit.). 

kapitel-o, capital (archit.). 

kapitol-o, capitol. 

kapitulac-i, to capitulate. 

kapon-o, capon. 

kapor-o, caper-bush ; —ero 

kaporal-o, corporal (drill 

kapot-o, capote, hooded 

kapr-o, goat; — mo, she- 
goat ; — viro, he-goat ; 
— eto, small goat; — ido, 
a kid ; — ajo, goat flesh; 
—idajo, kid flesh ; — isto, 

kapreol-o, roebuck; — ino, 
roe; — ido, the kid of 
the roe. 

kapric-o, caprice, whim ; 
— a, capricious; — i, to 
have whims. 




Kaprikorn-0, Capricorn. 

kaprimulg-o, goat-sucker 

kapriol-o, capriole. 

kapsik-o, capsicum. 

kapstan-o, capstan. 

kapsul-(?, cap (fire-arms), 

kapt-f, to catch ; eh — ^, to 
seize ; — ito, captive, 
prisoner ; — iteco, capti- 
vity ; milit — ito^ prisoner 
of war; — ilo, snare to 

kapucen-o, capuchin friar. 

kapuc-o, hood, cowl. 

kar-a, dear, prized; — eco, 
dearness, high price ; 
— ulOy one held dear ; 
mal — a, cheap ; mal 
— eco, cheapness ; ;pli 
— i§o, rise in price. 

karaben-o, carabine. 

karaf-o, decanter. 

karakter-c, temper, 

humour, disposition. 

karakteriz-^, to characterise. 

karambol-i, to cannon 

karamel-^, caramel. 

karas-o, crucian (fish). 

karat-o, carat. 

karavan-o, caravan. 

karb-o, charcoal ; ter — o, 

karbol-o, carbolic {noun) ; 
— a acido, carbolic acid 


karbonad-0, carbonade, 
chop, cutlet. 

karbuDkol-o, carbuncle. 

karcer-o, prison, gaol, car- 
eer (detention in school, 

kard-o, thistle. 

kardel-o, goldfinch. 

kardinal-{?, cardinal. 

kare-o, a square (of). 

kares-i, to caress; ■ — a, 
caressing ; — ema, fond 
of caressing. 

karier-o, career. 

karik-o, sedge, rush. 

karikatur-j, to caricature. 

kariofil-o, clove. 

kariol-(?, cariole, carry-all. 

kannezin-(?, crimson. 

karmin-o, carmine. 

karn-o, flesh; tibi — o, calf 
of the leg ; dent — o, gums 

karaaval-o, carnival. 

karo-o, diamonds (at cards). 

karob-o, carob-bean ; — vjo, 

karot-o, carrot. 

karp-o, carp. 

karpat-o;', Carpathians. 

karpen-o, horn-beam, yoke- 
elm ; — ejo, yoke-elm 
plantation ; — aleo, yoke- 
elm avenue ; — lauho, 
yoke-elm arch, arbour. 

kart-o, card; — cfo, visiting 
card; lud — oj (or simply 




— oj), playing - cards ; 

lud — aro, pack of cards ; 

— geografia^ map. 
kartav-i, to speak thick 

(as many Parisians do), 
kartel-o, cartel, 
kartilag-o, cartilage, gristle, 
kartoc-o, cartridge ; — ujo, 

cartridge pouch ; — fa- 

briko, catridge factory, 
kartografi-o, cartography, 
karton-o, pasteboard. 
kartuS-o, cartouche, scroll, 

tablet, medallion, 
karusel-o, carousal, tourna- 
kas-o, till, money-box, etc. ; 

— isto, cashier; en — igi, 

to encase, to pocket 

kasaci-o, cassation ; — i, to 

quash, to annul. 
kaserol-(7, saucepan. 
kask-c>, helmet, 
kaskad-o, cascade. 
kasket-6), cap (boy's) or 

kast-o, caste, 
kastel-o, castle ; — mastro, 

lord of a manor, 
kastor-o, beaver. 
kastr-2, to emasculate, to 

ka§-i,tohide; — ema, liking 

to conceal, dissembling ; 

— eino, inclination to 

hide, dissimulation ; ne 

— ema, frank, open, un- 
reserved; — ate, in sec- 
ret ; — ejo, hiding-place ; 
— eco, secrecy ; igi, to 
skulk; mal — i, to dis- 

ka§tan-(?, chestnut; — 2ijo, 
chestnut-tree ; — kolora, 
nut-brown, auburn. 

kat-o, cat ; — ino, she- cat ; 
— eto, small cat; — ido, 
kitten ; — idino, she- 
kitten ; — ineto, small 
female cat. 

katafalk-o, catafalque. 

katakomb-o, catacomb. 

katalepsi-o, catalepsy. 

katalog-o, catalogue. 

kataplasm-o, plaster. 

katar-(?, catarrh. 

katarakt-o, cataract (of the 

katastr-o, register of land 

katastrof-o, catastrophe. 

katedr-a, cathedral (adj.) ; 
— a pregejo, cathedral 
church ; — o, seat of 

kategori-o, category. 

katehism-o, catechism. 

katen-^7, fetters. 

katetiko, cathetics, 

katolik-^i, Catholic. 

katiin-o, cotton cloth 

kauci-o, caution, caution 
money (Scotch law). 




ka\l6iik-o, indiarubber, 

kaiir-i, to cower, to squat. 
ka\ite^iz-^, to cauterize, 
kauz-i, to cause ; — o, 

kav-o, cavity, hollow, hole, 

pit ; — ajo, hollow part ; 

— a;fl,hollow {adj. ) : — igi, 

to excatvate ; rod — o, 

kavaleri-o, cavalry ; — ano, 

cavalryman, horse- 
kavalir-o, knight, 
kavalkad-o, cavalcade, 
kavern-o, den, cavern, 
kaviar-o, caviare, 
kaz-o, case {gram.). 
kaze-o, curd cheese, curds, 
kazein-o, caseine. 
kazemat-o, casemate. 
kazern-o, barracks. 
*ke, conjunction ' that.' 
kegl-o, skittle; — aro^ set 

of skittles. 
kel-o, cellar ; — isto^ cellar- 

ist, cellarman ; butler, 
kelk-e, some, a few; post 

Jcelka temjQO, in a little 

while; — aj amikoj, a 
. few friends; or, — e da 

amikoj (3). 
kelner-o, restaurant or cafe 

ken-o, very resinous 


E 65 

kep-o, a peaked cap (French 

kepr-o, huckaback, twill. 

ker-o, hearts (at cards). 

kern-o, kernel (fruit-stone). 

kerub-o, cherub. 

kest-o, chest, coffer ; tir — o, 

kestrel-o, kestrel. 

*kia, what kind of, what 
sort of. 

*kial, why, wherefore. 

*kiam, when ; tuj kiam, as 
soon as (lit, immedi- 
ately when). 

■*'"kie, where ; — n, whither. 

■^kiel, how, as : — ehle plej 
bone, as well as pos- 

■^kies, whose : — libra estas 
tin ci? whose book is this^ 
La patrino — infano est- 
as mortinfa, the mother 
whose child is dead. 

kil-o, keel (of a boat). 

kilogram-o, kilogram. 

kilolitr-o, kilolitre. 

kilometr-6>, kilometre. 

Kimr-a {adj.\ Welsh ; — o, 
Welshman; — i/;'o, Wales. 

kinematograf-o, cinemato- 

kinin-o, quinine. 

*kio, what (thing); — n 
vi faras? what are you 

*kiom, how much, as much 



as; — a {adj.), what in 
fjuantity ; — Iwstas Ho? 
how much does this costi 
— vi scias, as far (much) 
as y^u know; — li povos, 
as much as he can. 


kiras-(?, cuirass, armour ; 
— ulo, cuirassier ; testwla- 
— 0, tortoise-shell. 

kirl-i, to wisk (eggs) ; — ilo, 
a wisk. 

kir§-(}, kirschwasser. 

kis-e, to kiss; — o, a kiss; 
— ado, a long kiss; — eto, 
a little kiss ; — ema, 
fond of kissing. 

kitel-o, gabardine, work- 
man's blouse. 

*kiu, who, which, that 
(subj.) ; — n, whom, 
which, that (object) ; — -7, 
plur. (subj.) —jn, pi. 
(obj.); la hoiiw — parolas, 
the man who speaks ; 
la libro — n vi legas, the 
book which you read. 

klaft-o, a Russian measure. 

klak-i, to clap, to flap, to 
rattle, to clatter; — 0, 
rattle, clatter, etc. ; — ilo, 
a rattle. 

klap-o, plug, valve. 

klar fi, clear, distinct; —ecOj 
clearness : mal — a, ob- 
scure, dark; ne—a, want- 
ing in clearness ; — ir/i, 

to make clear, to explain ; 
— igo, explanation ; ~ig- 
ebla, that may be ex- 
plained ; ne — igebla, in- 
explicable; — iffi, to be- 
come clear ; mal — ajo, 

klarnet-6>, clarinet. 

klas-o, class, category. 

klasi^-i, to classify ; — 0, 

klasik-a, classic ; — ulo, 
partisan of the classics. 

klav-{?, key of a piano, 
organ, etc. ; — aro, key- 

klemat-o, clematis. 

kler-ft, enlightened, well- 
informed ; — ulo, a well- 
informed man; mal — a, 

ignorant ; 



quality of the kleriilo; 

— igi, to enlighten ; — igi, 

to become enlightened. 
klerik-a, clerical ; — ulo, a 

klient-o, client, 
klimat-o, climate ; al — igi, 

to acclimatize. 
klin-i, to incline, to bend, 

to cause to lean (trans.) ; 

igi, to bend, etc. (neut.) ; 

de — igi, to deviate from, 
kling-o, blade (of a knife, 

klinik-«, clinical, 
klister 0, clyster. 




kliS-i, to stereotype; — ajo^ 
stereotyped plate. 

kloak-o, cloaca, drainage, 
sewer system. 

klopod-i, to take trouble 
for anything; to take 
steps towards an end in 
view ; to undertake the 
initiative work, etc.; — o, 
proceeding, initial steps; 
— igi, to cause to under- 
take such trouble. 

klor-o, chlorine. 

kloroz-o, chlorosis (med.). 

klo§-o, bell (not a ringing 
bell), bell-shaped object. 

klub-o, club, circle, group. 

kluk-i,to cluck (hens). 

kluz-o, sluice, lock (stream). 

knab-o, boy ; — ino, girl. 

knar-2, to creak, to grate. 

kned-i, to knead. 

knut-o, knout. 

koaks-o, coke. 

koalici-o, coalition. 

kobalt-o, cobalt. 

kobold-o, goblin, hobgoblin, 

kocenil-o, cochineal. 

kod-o, code. 

kodeks-o, codex. 

kodicil-o, codicil. 

koeficient-o, coefficient. 

kofr-o, coffer, travelling 

koincid-i, to coincide. 

kojn-o, wedge. 

"kok-o, cock ; — inn, hen ; 
— etu, cockerel ; — ido, 
chicken ; — ineto, small 
hen; — ideto, chick; 
— ejo, fowl-house, roost. 

kokard-o, cockade. 

kokcinel-o, ladybird. 

koket-a, coquettish ; — eco^ 
coquetry ; — iilino, co- 

koklu§-o, whooping-cough. 

kokon-(?, cocoon. 

kokos-o, cocoa, cocoa-nut. 

koks-o, hip; meti la man- 
ojn al la — oj, to put 
one's arms akimbo. 

kol-o, neck ; cirkau — o, col- 
lar (panire) ; — haroj, 
mane ; — tuko, fichu, 

kolbas-o, sausage ; — eto, 
small sausage ; sango 
— 0, black-pudding. 

koleg-o, colleague, comrade. 

kolegi-^, college. 

kolekt -^, to gather, to col- 
lect ; — 0, collection, re- 
union, gathering; — isto,- 
tax-gatherer ; — igi, to 
gather together, to as- 
semble; — anfo, collector 
of curios. 

kolektiv-a, collective ; — e, 

koler-i, to get angry ; 
— igi, to make angry : 
—a, angry; — o, anger; 




— ema, easily angered ; 
ek — emo, irascibility. 

kolerik-a, choleric; — wZo, 
choleric man. 

kolibr-o, humming-bird. 

kolik-o, colic. 

kolimb-o, diver (bird). 

kolizi-o, collision. 

kolofon-o, lilack rosin 

kolomb-o, pigeon, dove ; 
— ejo, pigeon-house, 

kolon-o, column, pillar ; 
— aro, colonnade. 

kolonel-o, colonel. 

koloni-o, colony ; — ano, 

kolor-o, colour, natural 
colour; — i, to -colour; 
— ilo, paint, colour (to 
colour with) ; — igi, to 
assume colour; — igi, to 
colour, to paint; — igo, 
colouring ; — igisto, a 
colourist; roz — a, pink 

•koloratur-o, colorature 

kolos-o, colossus; — a, co- 

kolport-e, to hawk about; 
— isto, hawker. 

kolubr-o, adder. 

kolum-o, shirt-collar, 

kolz-o, rape, rape-seed, 

kom-o, comma. 

komand-f, to command 
(milit. and navy); — o, 
command, order. 

komandit-o, "commandite." 
— Company in which the 
acting partners are respon- 
sible without limit, but the 
sleeping partners only to 
the extent of their shares. 

komandor-0, commander 
(of an Order). 

komb-i, to comb; — ilo 
a comb. 

kombill-^, to combine. 

komedi-o, comedy ; — isto, 
comic actor; — anto, an 

komenc-i, to begin (trans.); 
— i^i, to commence 
(neuter) ; en la — o, in 
the beginning, at first. 

komentari-o, commentary. 

komerc-i, to trade ; —isto, 
trader; — ajo, merchan- 
dise, goods ; — 0, trade, 

komet-o, comet. 

komfort-o, comfort ; — e, 

komik-a, comic, droll ; 
— ulo, a comic; — eco, 

komisi-i, to entrust with, 
to order to; — o, man- 
date, charge undertaken ; 
— isto, agent doing busi- 
ness on commission 




komisar-0, commissary. 

komitat-o, committee. 

komiz-o, assistant (shop or 
office), clerk, employe. 

komod-<?, chest of draw- 

kompakt-a, compact, solid, 

kompani-o, company (busi- 
ness or other concern). 

kompar-z, to compare ; 
— ajo, similitude. 

komparativ-o, comparative 

kompas-o, mariner's com- 

kompat-z, to pity; — o, 
pity, compassion ; — a, 
compassionate, merciful; 
— ema, of a feeling 

kompendi-o, compendium. 

kompens-z, to compensate ; 
— 0, compensation ; perdo 
— 0, compensation for 
losses, damages. 

kompetent-a, competent, 
qualified {adj.). 

kompil-z, to compile; — o, 

kompleks-a, complex. 

komplement-o, object, com- 
plement (gram.). 

komplet-o, a suit (of 

komplez-o, kindness, oblig- 

komplik-z, to complicate; 
— ajo, complication. 

kompliment-z, to compli- 
ment; — 0, compliment. 

komplot-o, plot, complot. 

kompost-z, to compose 
(printing) ; — isto, com- 

kompot-o. compote. 

kompozici-o, composition 

kompren-z, to understand; 
— igi, to make under- 
stand ; recipvke — igi, to 
understand one another; 
— ajo, conception of an 
idea ; — eti, to half 
understand ; mal — i^o, 
misunderstanding ; — 
eble, of course, naturally. 

kompres-o, compress 

kompromis-o, compromise. 

kompromit-?', to jeopardise, 
to implicate. 

komun-a, common to sev- 
eral ; — eco, community ; 
— umo, a parish, a com- 
mune ; — ema, sociable. 

komuni-z", to communicate, 
to give the sacrament ; 
— 0, act of giving the 
sacrament ; — igi, to 
receive the sacrament ; 
— igo, the act of receiv 
ing the sacrament. 

komunik-i, to communi- 




cate (something to some- 
body); — 0, communica- 
tion; — a/0, the thing 
communicated ; — i§i, 
kun, to put oneself into 
communication with ; 
— i^o, action of being 
in communication about 
something of mutual 
interest; inter — i, to ex- 
change communications ; 
inter—igi, {neuter). 

komunism-o, communism. 

komunist-o, communist. 

kon-i, to know, to be 
acquainted with ; — o, 
with ; — igi; to cause to 
know; — ato, an acquaint- 
ance (person) ; — ateco, 
notoriety; — igi, to make 
one acquainted with an- 
other ; — igi hm, to get 
acquainted with ; ek — ^, 
to begin to know ; re — i, 
to recognise ; ne — ata, 
ulterior ; ne — ato, an un- 
known person. 

koncentr-a, concentric 
(adj.) ; — igi, to concen- 
trate (ad.). 

koncept-o, concept (phil.). 

koncern-z', to concern, to 
relate to. 

koncert-r?, concert. 

koncesi-o, concession. 

kondamn-i, to condemn ; 

— ito, a condemned per- 

kondid o, condition, stipu- 
lation ; — i, to stipulate. 

kondicional-o, conditional 

kondolenc-e, to condole 
with; — 0, condolence. 

kondor-o, condor. 

konduk-i, to conduct, to 
lead ; — anto, conductor ; 
al — i, to bring (not 
carrying) ; de — i, to lead 
away ; for — i, to lead far 
away; kun — i, to lead 
away together ; en — i, 
to bring in, to introduce; 
en — 0, preface, introduc- 
tion ; — ilo, rein. 

konduktor-o, kondukist-o, 
conductor (professional). 

kondut-^, to behave; — o, 
behaviour; bon — o, good 
behaviour; bon — a, well- 

konfeder-^, to confederate. 

konfederaci-o, confedera- 

konfekci-o, making of 
clothes, tailoring, out- 

fitting, etc. 



konfes-?", to confess, to 
avow; — 0, avowal ; con 
fession; — anto, a peni- 
tent; — prenanto, a priest, 




confessor ; mal — i, to re- 
tract or disavow. 

konfid-i, to trust; — ema, 
confiding ; mal — i, to 
distrust; ni plene — as 
al vi car ri estas sin dona, 
we fully trust you be- 
cause you are devoted ; 
— atesfo, power of at- 
torney; — afo, he who has 
power of attorney. 

konfidenci-ft, confidential. 

konfirm-i, to confirm, to 
assure ; — o, confirma- 
tion, assurance. 

konfirmaci-o, confirmation 
(by a bishop). 

konfisk-i, to confiscate. 

konfit-i, to preserve, to 
pickle ; — ajo, jam or 
preserves ; — isto, con- 
fectioner, jam - maker, 

konflikt-o, conflict. 

konform-a, conform j — igi, 
to conform ; — eco, con- 
formity; esH — a al, to 
be in accordance with. 

konfuz-?', to confound, to 
confuse; — o, confusion; 
— a, troubled, confused; 
— if/i, to get confused, 
embarrassed; —eco, state 
of being confused. 

konglomerat-o, conglom- 
eration (grol.). 

kongregaci-o, congregation. 

kongres 0, congress. 
kongru i, to congrii e (math.); 

— anta,coT]gr\ieni{math.). 
konifer 0, conifer, 
konjak-r), cognac, 
konjekt-i, to conjecture, 
konjugaci-i, to conjugate, 
konjunkci-o, conjunction. 
konk-o, shell, shells; — ajOy 

konkav-a, concave. 
konklud-^, to conclude ; 

— 0, conclusion, 
konkret a, concrete. 
konkur-^, to compete ; — o, 

competition ; — anto, 

konkurs-o, competition (act 
of placing one's name 
among competitors for a 
prize, an appointment, 

konsci-i, to be conscious; 
re — igi, to recover con- 
sciousness ; sen — a, un- 

konscienc-o, conscience ; 
— a, conscientious ; 
— duho, qualm, scruple. 

konsekvenc-o, consequence; 
— a, consequent. 

konsent-o, consent, assent; 
— i, to consent, to agree; 

— a, in agreement; — e, 
by consent ; — ema, con- 
descending; mal—o, 
dissent; eW^—i, to agree 




mutually; — igi, to make 
a mutual arrangement. 

konserv-t, to conserve, to 
preserve, to keep; 
— anto, a preserver 
(occasional) ; — isto, a 
guardian, keeper, pre- 
server ; — ajokulvitroj, 
preservers (spectacles) ; 
— 0, retention, preserva- 

konservativ-a, conserva- 
tive (adj.) ; — ulo, a con- 
servative {politics). 

konservatori-o, conserva- 

konsider-i, to consider ; 
— 0, act of considering. 

konsil-i, to advise ; — o, 
advice, counsel ; — igi 
kun, to consult with ; 
— i^o, consultation, de- 
liberation ; popol — igo, 
popular assembly, diet; 
religia — igo, a council. 

konsist-i {el), to consist. 

konsistori-o, consistory. 

konsoH, to console, to 
comfort ; — a, consoling ; 
ne — ehla, disconsolate. 

konsonant-o, consonant 

konspir-z, to conspire. 

konstant-a, constant; 
— eco, constancy. 

konstat-i, to declare, to 
verify, to attest. 

konstelaci-o, constellation, 

konstern-i, to dismay, to 
amaze, to dishearten ; 
— 0, amazement, con 

konstituci-o, constitution. 

konstru-^, to erect, to 
build, to construct ; — o, 
act of constructing ; 
— ajo, a construction ; 
— Ua, built, constructed. 

konsul-6>, consul ; — ejo, 

konsum-i, to consume, to 
exhaust ; — o, consum- 
mation ; — ado^ exhaus- 
tion ; — iteco, state of 
exhaustion ; — anto, a 
consumer; — igi, to get 
exhausted ; — igo, com- 

kont-o, account (boohkeep- 

kontakt-o, contact. 

koatant-o, ready-money, 
cash down. 

kontent-a, satisfied ; — igi, 
to satisfy ; — e, con- 
tentedly ; — eco, satisfac- 
tion ; — igo, act of giving 
satisfaction; — iga, satis- 
fying, satisfactory ; — igi, 
to become satisfied. 

kontinent-o, continent. 

kontingent-o, contingent. 

kontor-o, counting-house ; 




branch establishment of 
a bank, etc. ; govern- 
ment agency abroad, 
etc. ; office (business). 

kontraband-o, smuggling. 

kontrabas-o, base- viol. 

kont^akt-^, to contract ; 
— 0, contract ; — anto, a 
party to any contract. 

kontrapunkt-o, counter- 

kontrast-o, contrast. 

*kontraii, against, towards, 
facing, over against, 
opposite to (never ' by 
the side of); — e, on the 
contrary, opposite to, 
facing {adv.); — a, con- 
trary, adverse to ; — ajo, 
— igo, impediment; 
— stari al, to be opposed 
to ; — meti, to oppose ; 
— batali, to resist; — diri, 
to contradict ; — diro, 
contradiction ; — paroli, 
to object; — veneno, 
antidote ; — vole, against 
one's will ; — ulo, oppon- 
ent, vis-^-vis. 

kontribuci-o, contribution 

kontrol-t, to control. 

kontur-o, outline, contour. 

kontuz-2, to bruise; — o, 

konus-(>, cone; — a, conical. 

konval-o, lily of the valley. 


konveksd, convex. 

konven-i, to suit; to be 
proper ; — a, fitting, 
suitable, decent ; — eco, 
fitness; mal — a, un- 

konvenci-o, convention. 

konverg-z, to converge ; 
ma/ — i, to diverge. 

konversaci-o, conversation. 

konvert-i, to convert ; — o, 
conversion of others ; 
— i§o, conversion of one- 

konvink-i, to convince; to 
persuade; — a, convinc- 
ing, persuasive ; — igi, 
to get convinced. 

konvolvul-o, convolvulus. 

konvulsi-o, convulsion; 
— a, convulsive. 

kopek-o, kopeck. 

kopi-i, to copy ; — o, a 
copy ; — isto, copyist ; 
re — ^, to copy over 

kor-o, heart ; — a, hearty, 
from the heart ; ban — a, 
kind-hearted ; bon — eco, 
kind-heartedness ; — ius- 
anta, affecting, touching, 
pathetic; — tuseco, emo- 
tion; — tv^igi, to become 

koral-(9 coral. 

Koran-o, Koran. 

korb-c, basket. 




kord-0, chord (of music). 

kordon-o, cordon {mil.). 

korekt-^, to correct, to rec- 
tify ; — 0, — ado, act of 
correcting; — a, correct; 
— eco, correctness ; — ajo, 
the correction made ; 
— istOy a corrector ; — igi, 
to become correct, to 

korelativ-fl^, correlative. 

korespond-i, to correspond; 
— 0, —ado, correspond- 
ence; — anto, corres- 

koridor-o, corridor, a pas- 

korife-o, coryphaeus, chorus 

kork-o, cork ; — tirilo, cork- 

korn-o, horn ; cas — o, hunt- 
ing horn. 

korne-o, cornea. 

kornet-o, cornet; — isio, 
cornet player. 

kornic-o, cornice. 

kornik-o, jackdaw. 

korp-o, body ; — a, bodily 
{adj.) ; — i§i, to take a 
body, to become incar- 
nate ; — igo, incarnation ; 
— ogardisto, life -guards- 
man; vast — a, corpulent ; 
vast — eco, corpulency. 

korporaci-o, corporation. 

korpus-(;, corps (army). 

kors-o, corso. 

korsaj-o, bodice, body of 

korsar-o, corsair, pirate, 
korset-o, corset (stays). 
kort-o, courtyard ; — ego, 

court of a king, etc. ; 

— ega, of the court ; 

— egulo, courtier. 
korv-o, crow, raven. 
korvet-o, sloop of war; 

French navy corvette, 
kosm-o, cosmos. 
kosmetik-o, cosmetics 

kosmogoni-o, cosmogony. 
kosmografi-o, cosmography, 
kosmologi-o, cosmology. 
kosmopolit-a, cosmo- 
kost-i, to cost; —0, cost; 

multe — a, of high price, 

kostum-o, costume, 
kot-o, mud ; — a, muddy ; 

— isto, scavenger. 
kotiz-i, to pay a certain 

amount individually for 

a common purpose, to 

assess oneself; — ajo, a 

common payment, 
kotlet-o, cutlet. 
koton-o, cotton; — eca, 

downy, cottony ; — ujo 

kotiirn-(^, quail (bird). 
kov-i, to brood; — ado, 




act of brooding; — ajo, 
a brood ; — itaro, the 
whole hatched chickens. 

kovert-o, envelope (letters). 

kovr-e, to cover ; — ilo^ 
cover, the thing used to 
cover with; mal — i, to 
uncover, to unveil, to 

Kosak-o, Cossack. 

krab-o, crab (zool.). 

krabr-o, hornet. 

krafi-i, to spit ; — ajo, sal- 
iva ; — ujo, spittoon. 

krad-o, grate. 

krajon 0, pencil. 

kra^-i, to crack, to clap, to 
clack ; — igi^ to cause to 
crack, etc. ; — eti^ to 
crackle, to crepitate, to 
gabble ; — etado, crack- 
ling, crepitation ; — etilo^ 
a rattle. 

kraken-o, cracknel (pastry). 

kramp-o, fulcrum, prop, 
click, etc. 

kran-o, tap. 

krani-o, cranium. 

kratag-o, hawthorn. 

krater-o, crater. 

kravat-o, cravat. 

kre-^ to create ; — o, crea- 
tion (creating) ; — into^ 
the creator (having 
created); — ito^B. created 
being; — itaro, the 
created universe ; — it- 

ajo, a thing created, 

kred-i, to believe ; — igi 
to make believe ; — ebla, 
credible, likely ; — iiida, 
worthy of belief ; —ema, 
credulous ; — emo, cred- 
ulity; — ajo, belief, the 
thing believed; — o, 
creed ; mal — eco, unbe- 

kredit-o, credit ; sen — igi, 
to discredit. 

kreditor-o, creditor. 

krejcer-o, kreutzer. 

krem-o, cream ; — ujo, 

kren-o, wild horse-radish. 

kreol-o, creole. 

kreozot-o, creosote. 

krep-o, crape. 

krepusk-o, twilight ; — igas, 
twilight is coming. 

kres-o, cress. 

kresk-i, to grow ; —o, —ado, 
growth, also stature ; 
plen—a, adult; lei — a, 
of fine size, growth ; 
alta — a, tall grown; 
— ajo, plant, any sort of 
gi-owth ; — ajaro, the 
flora; sur — o, excres 
cence ; ek — i, to bud ; 
al — i, to grow to. 

kresp-(>, pancake. 

krest-^>, crest, cock's comb, 
or tuft of birds, etc. 




krestomati-(?, anthology of 
literary models. 

kreto, chalk. 

kreten-o, a cretin. 

krev-i, to burst; — igi, to 
burst something, to cause 
bursting; — iga malvar- 
mOj very severe cold 

kri-e, to cry; — o, a cry; 
et — 0, a little cry ; ek — i, 
to exclaim ; — eti, to 
gabble, to brawl : —egi, 
to howl ; —ema, addicted 
to crying; — egulino, a 

kribr-i, to sift; — ilo, a 

krim-o, crime ; — ulo, a 

kriminal-a, criminal 

kring-0, biscuit in shape of 
a ring. 

kripl-fl^, crippled (adj.) ; 
— ulo, a cripple; — igi, 
to cripple. 

kript-o, crypt. 

krisp-o, mesentery ; also 
frill (on clothes, etc.). 

Krist-o, Christ; — ano, 
a christian; — ana, 
christian (adj.) ; — nasJco, 

kristal-o, crystal ; — igi, to 
crystallize ; — igi, to be- 
come crystallized ; — ig- 

ebla, that may be cry- 

kristianism-o, christianism, 

kriteri-o, criterion. 

kritik-i, to criticize; —anto, 
one that criticizes; —istOj 
a critic. 

kriz-o, crisis. 

krizalid-o, chrysalis. 

krizantem-o, chrysanthe- 

krog-e, to hook ; al—i, to 
suspend to ; al — igi, to 
get hooked ; kun — i, to 
hook together ; — ilo, 

krokodil-o, crocodile. 

■^krom, except; — tie, ex- 
cepting that ; — virino, 
mistress, paramour. 

krom-o, chrome, chromium 

kron-o, crown ; — eto, cor- 
olla (hot); — i, to crown; 
flor — 0, crown or wreath 
of flowers. 

kronik 0, chronicle. 

kronologio, chronology. 

kronometr-o, chronometer. 

krop-o, crop (birds). 

kroz -^, to cruise ; — isto, 

knic-o, cross ; — a militiro, 
crusade ; — isto, crus- 
ader ; — igi, to lay across, 
to cross; —igi, to cross 




each other, athwart; 
— i^o, crossing. 

kmcifiks-o, crucifix. 

krucum-i, to crucify ; — o, 

kru6-o, jug ; kaf^o, coffee- 
pot; te—o, tea-pot. 

krud-a, raw, crude, un- 

kruel-a, cruel ; — ega, fero- 

krup-o, croup (medic). 

kmr-o, leg. 

kmst-o, crust. 

krut-a, steep; — eco, steep- 
ness; — ajo, steep (noun); 
—ega, cragged ; —egajo, 

ksilofon-o, xylophone 

ksilograf-z, to xylograph; 
—ado, xylography ; —isto, 

kub-o, cube. 

kubut-o, elbow. 

kudr-i, to sew ; — ado, sew- 
ing [noun); hun — i,to sew 
together ; kun — o, seam ; 
— ilo, needle ; — ilego, 
bradawl, awl; —ejo, sew- 
ing workroom ; — istino, 

kuf-o, woman's cap. 

kugl-o, bullet (gun); — ego, 
cannon ball; — etajo, shot 
(for gun). 

kuir-e, to cook {ad.) ; —ejo. 

kitchen ; — istino, cook 

kuk-o, cake ; — ajo, pastry. 

kukol-o, cuckoo. 

kukum-o, cucumber. 

kukurb-o, pumpkin. 

kul-o, gnat. 

kuler-o, spoon. 

kulis-o, side scene, theatre 

kulminaci-o, culmination ; 
— i, to culminate. 

kulp-a, guilty (ac?;.); — ulo, 
the guilty party, the 
culprit ; kun — ulo, an 
accomplice; — o, fault; 
konfesi la — on, to plead 
guilty ; — igi, to accuse, 
to declare guilty ; —igito, 
accused (subst.); — igi, to 
become guilty. 

kult-o, cult. 

kultur-o, culture; — a, cul- 

kumin-o, cumin. 

*kun, with (never in the 
sense of instrument) ; 
— igi, to couple, unite, 
join; — igi, to become 
coupled, united, joined ; 
— igo, union, junction, 
copulation ; — meti, to 
form a whole of several 
parts ; — metitaj wrtoj, 
compound words; —meto, 
— metado, action of com- 
pounding; — meteco, the 




manner by which a thing 
has ])een composed or 
made; — ligi, to tie to- 
gether ; — preni, to take 
with oneself; — veni, to 
come together, to as- 
semble ; — laborij to col- 
laborate ; — vojiranto, a 
fellow-traveller ; — milit- 
anto, comrade-in-arms ; 
— kaptito, fellow-prisoner ; 
— uloj, associates ; — e, 
jointly; mal — e, separ- 
ately; — e — ; at the 
same time, together with ; 
— tiri, to pull together. 

kunikl-o, rabbit. 

kup-o, cupping glass. 

kupe-o, coupe, compart- 
ment in carriage. 

kupol-o, cupola, dome. 

kupon-o, coupon 

kupr-o, brass; —a, of brass; 
— i, to cover with brass ; 
flava — 0, latten, brass 

kur-i, to run ; al — i, to run 
to, to have recourse to; 
for — i, to run away; to 
fly away; for — anto, a 
fugitive ; — isto, runner ; 
trans — into, deserter. 

kurac-i, to treat the sick; 
— ado, treatment ; — ilo, 
remedy ; — isto, doctor, 
medical man. 

kura^-a, courageous; — o, 

courage ; — i, to dare, 
to have the courage of ; 
—igi, to encourage ; —igi, 
to become courageous ; 
— e I courage ! — ulo, a 
courageous man ; sen — a, 
discouraged, dispirited ; 
— eco, prowess, bravery ; 
sen — eco, prostration, de- 
jection ; mal — a, coward- 
ly; mal — 0, cowardice; 
sen — igi, to discourage ; 
sen — igi, to get discour- 
aged ; mal — igi, to cow 
down ; mal — igi, to grow 
cowardly; sen — igo, the 
act of becoming discour- 
aged ; sen — eco, the state 
of being discouraged ; 
mal — ulo, a coward ; re 
—igi, to take heart again ; 
— ega, intrepid ; — ego, 

kurant-a (monato), instant. 

kurator-o, curator, trustee. 

kurb-o, curve; — a, curved; 
— eco, curvature ; — igi, 
to bend, to curve ; — igi, 
to get curved ; — igo, the 
act of bending. 

kuri-o, curia, papal court. 

kurier-o, mail, despatch ; 
— isto, courier ; — sipo, 

kurioz-a, uncommon; —ajo, 
a curiosity. 

kurjer-(>, courier. 




kurs-0, course (lessons). 

kursiv-(?, cursiv^e {adj.). 

kurtag-(^, brokerage. 

kurten-o, curtain ; lit — y, 
bed-curtain ; pordo — o, 
door-curtain ; rul — o, 
rolling-blind ; flank — o, 

kusen-o, cushion ; lit — o, 
bolster; kap—o, pillovr; 
— ego, eiderdown bed. 

ku§-i, to be lying down, to 
be situated ; — ejo, couch, 
bed; — ujo, bed of a 
river ; —emulo, sluggard, 
idler, one fond of his 
bed; suh—i, to lie un- 
der; — igi, to get into 

kutim-i, to get used to ; 
— 0, habit; — a, usual, 
accustomed ; —igi, to ac- 
custom ; mal — i, to get 
unused to ; — e, usually. 

kutr-o, cutter (imv.). 

kuv-o, tub, vat, copper ; 
ban—o, bathing tub; —efo, 
small vat or tub. 

kuz-o, cousin (m.); — ino, 
cousin (/.). 

kvadrant-o, quadrant. 

kvadrat-o, square (noun) ; 
— a, square (adj.). 

kvadratur-o, quadrature. 

kvadrig-o, quadrige (four 
horses abreast). 

kvadril (>, quadrille. 

kvaker-o, quakcr. 

kvalifik-2, to qualify. 

kvalit-o, quality. 

*kvankam, although 

kvant-o, quantity. 

*kvar, four ; — a, fourth ; 
— igi, to divide into four 
parts ; — ohla, quadruple 
(adj.); — ohligi, to make 
four times larger; — ob- 
ligi, to grow four times 
larger ; — ono, fourth 
part; kvarope, four to- 
gether (adv.); — foje, four 
times (adv.). 

kvaranten-o, quarantine. 

kvarc-f?, quartz. 

kvart-o, fourth (mus.). 

kvartal-o, quarter of a 
town, section. 

kvartet-o, quartetto, quar- 

kvast-o, tuft, tassel, knot. 

*kvazau, as if, as it were. 

kver-i, to coo. 

kverk-o, oak. 

kvestor-o, quaestor. 

kvidprokv-o, quid pro quo. 

kviet-a, calm, peaceful, 
quiet ; — igi, to calm, to 
tame, to appease, to as- 
suage ; — igisto, a tamer 
(of animals); — i(Ji, to 
get calm, to be molified, 
to bo appeased; — eco 
calm, quietude, serenity ; 




mal — a, agitated, turbu- 
lent, quarrelsome; inal 
— ecOf restlessness ; tur- 
bulence; mal — i, to get 
uncontrollable, to rage. 
*kvm, five ; — a, fifth ; 
— ohla, fivefold (adj.) ; 
— obligi, to make five 
times as large ; — oUigi, 
to get five times larger ; 

—ono, a fifth part ; —ope, 

five together (adv.) ; 

— foje, five times (adv.) 
kvint-o, fifth (mus.). 
kvintesenc-o, quintessence, 
kvit-a, quit. 
kvitanc-i, to give a receipt ; 

— 0, receipt. 
kvocient-o, quotient. 
kvodlibet-(?, quodlibet. 

*r for la, after preposi- 
tions, de, je, ce, and in 
certain other cases (es- 
pecially in poetry). 

*la, definite article (tJie). 

labirint 6», labyrinth, maze. 

labor-i, to work, to labour ; 
—0, work, labour ; —eina, 
working, fond of work ; 
laziness ; — anto, one 
working; — isto, working 
for a livelihood ; man—o, 
manual labour ; el — i, to 
elaborate ; el — ajo, work 
produced (not literary 
nor musical) ; pi — i, to 
cultivate certain work ; 
per — i, to acquire by 
one's labour; hin — i, to 
collaborate ; tag— isto, day 
labourer ; pun — o, penal 
servitude; — ejo, work- 

shop, workroom; lu—isto, 
hired labourer. 

lac-a, tired, fatigued ; —igi, 
to tire; — iga, tiring; 
— igo, the act of tiring 
others; — igi, to get 
tired; — igo, the state 
of growing tired; — eco, 
state of fatigue ; sen — a, 
sen — iga, indefatigable. 

lacert-o, lizard. 

l&t-o, string, gin, springe ; 
— i, to lace. 

lad-o, tin, tin-plate. 

laf-o, lava. 

lag-o, lake ; — eto, pond. 

lagun-o, lagoon. 

laik-o, layman ; — a, lay 

lak-o, varnish ; — i, to var- 

lake-o, lackey. 

lakon-a, laconic 




lakonism-0, laconism. 

laks-o, diarrhoea ; — ilo, 
purgative ; — igi, to 

lakt-o, milk; — umo, milt, 
melt, soft roe. 

lam-a, lame; — ulo, lame 
man ; —igi, to lame some 
one ; — igi, to become 
lame , — hastono, crutch ; 
— ^, to walk lame. 

lam-o, llama. 

lama-o, lama. 

lamaism-o, lamaism. 

lamp-6>, lamp. 

lampir-o, glow-worm. 

lano, wool ; — ecu, woolly ; 
— a, of wool ; saf — o, 
fleece ; —kovrilo, blanket. 

lanc-o, spear, lance. 

lancet-o, lancet. 

land 0, country ; ban— o, 
bathing station ; en — a, 
indigenous, native ; en 
— ulo, a native ; sam 
— ulo, a compatriot ; 
ali — a, exotic; ali — ulo, 
foreigner ; ali—o, foreign 

lang-o, tongue (organ). 

langust 0, spiny lobster. 

lani-o, shrike (bird). 

lantan-o, lantana (boL). 

lantern 0, lantern. 

lanug-o, down, tender hair ; 
— a, downy. 

lap-o, bur. 

lapiso, lapis (or lapis lazuli); 
lunar caustic. 

lar-o, sea-gull. 

lard-o, lard ; — i, to lard. 

lar|-a, wide; — o, width, 
breadth ; — o, latitude 
(geog.) ; — eco, width; 
opp. to length ; pli—igij 
to widen; hu — e, trans- 
versely ; laU — a, trans- 
versal ; mal—a, narrow ; 
mal — eco, narrowness; 
mal — igi, to become nar- 
row; j?/w« a/— z'^i, to grow 
narrower ; plimal—igi, to 
make narrower. 

larik-o, larch. 

laring-o, larynx. 

lann-o, tear (of the eye). 

larv-o, larva (grub). 

las-a", to leave, to let go, 
etc.; al — i, to admit; 
al — eUa, admissible; 
el — i, to let go ; de — i, 
to allow to leave; sur — e, 
to let go on . . . ; en — i, 
to let enter, to let go in; 
tra — i, to let go through ; 
preter — i, to allow to pass 
on ; for — i, to vacate, to 
abandon ; nefor — ebla, 
indispensable; el—o, 

last-a, last ; anlafi — a, last 
but one. 

lat 0, lath, batten. 

latin rt, latin {adj.); — a 





lingvo, latin language j 
— ajo, latin Avriting. 

latinism-o, latinism. 

latrin-o, latrine, cesspool, 


latun-o, latten. 

*lafl, according to; in ac- 
cordance with ; — vole, at 
will ; — longe, in length. 

latib-o, arbour, green 

latid-*, to praise, to laud ; 
— 0, — ado, praise ; ek — i, 
to begin praising ; — egi, 
to exalt; mal — i, to 

launteniso, lawn-tennis. 

laur-o, laurel. 

la\ireat-o, laureate. 

\atit-e, aloud, loudly ; — a, 
distinct, clearly heard ; 
7nal — a, indistinct, low 
toned, muffled ; mal — e, 
in a low voice. 

lav-i, to wash ; sin — i, to 
wash oneself; cjo, wash- 
house, laundry; — istino, 
laundress ; — njo, wash- 
ing-stand, lavatory ; 
— vazo, basin for washing; 

lavang-o, avalanche. 

lavend-o, lavender. 

lazur-o, azure ; — a ^tono, 
lapis lazuli. 

lecion-o, lesson ; doni leci- 
onon, to give a lesson. 

led-o, leather; — pretigisto, 
tanner ; — rimeno, a 

leg-i, to read ; ek — i, to be- 
gin to read ; — o, — ado, 
reading; tra — i, to read 
through ; — anto, reader; 
— isto, public reader. 

legat-o, legacy. 

legend-o, legend. 

legi-o, legion. 

legitim-i, to legitimize ; 
— a, lawful ; — ado, le- 

legom-o, vegetable ; — a 
gardeno, vegetable garden . 

legumin-o, legume; — ajo, 

leg-o, law ; — o scienco, 
science of law ; — igi, to 

lek-i, to lick. 

lekant-o, marguerite; — eio, 

lekci-o, lecture. 

leksikon-o, lexicon. 

lektor-o, lecturer. 

lent-o, lentil. 

lentug-o, freckle. 

leon-o, lion. 

leontod 0, dandelion. 

leopard-o, leopard. 

lepor-o, hare. 

lepr-(>, leprosy ; — ulo, a 




lern-e, to learn; — antOf 
pupil, apprentice ; — ejo, 
school ; imm — ito, self- 
taught man; —olihro, 
handbook, instruction 
manuel ; — i parkere, to 
learn by heart ; tra — i, 
to learn through ; el — i, 
to study ; Jcun — anio, 

lert-a, clever, dexterous, 
etc. ; — eco, cleverness, 
smartness ; — ulo, clever 
man ; mal — a, awkward, 
not clever; — igi, to 
make clever; — igi, to 
become clever ; — ega, 
of consummate ability. 

lesiv-o, wholesale washing 
of clothes. 

letargi-o, lethargy. 

leter-o, letter, epistle ; 
— isto, postman. 

leuk-o, league (old itinerary 

leutenant-o, lieutenant ; 
sub — 0, under-licutenant, 

lev-/, to lift, to raise ; — ilo, 
lever ; hom — ilo, lift ; 
sargo — ilo, hoist or lift 
for goods; plad—ilo, lift 
for plates, dishes, etc. ; 
re — ?', to raise again, to 
put upright what had 
fallen ; — uji, to rise, to 
get up, also speaking of 

the sun, moon, and stars; 
re — igi, to get up from 
being down; — igo, the 
getting up; mal — i, to 
lower ; mal^o, lowering; 
mal — igi, to bend down, 
to sink; mal — igo, the 
act of sinking down, 

levid-o, levite. 

levkoj-o, gilliflower, wall- 

*li, he, him ; lia, his ; lin, 
him (accus,). 

lian-o, bindweed. 

libel-o, dragon-fly. 

liber-a, free, exempt ; — eco, 
liberty, freedom ; mal 
— a, captive, not free, 
caught ; mal — eco, de- 
privation of freedom, 
captivity ; mal — ulo, a 
captive, a prisoner ; mal 
— ejo, a prison; — igi, 
to free, to deliver, to 
exempt; — igi, to get 
free, to become ex- 
empted; — a loko, a 
vacant place ; — igo, 
— igo, exemption. 

liberal-a, liberal ; — eco, 
liberality ; — ulo, liberal 

liberalism-o, liberalism. 

libi-o, book; — eto, pam- 
phlet, small book ; 
— otenado, book-keeping; 




— otenisto, book-keeper ; 
— ejo, bookseller's shop; 
— isto, bookseller. 

lice-o, lyceum (French col- 

licenciat-o, licenciate. 

lien-o, spleen. 

lig-i, to tie; — o, alliance, 
league, tie; — ano, lea- 
guer, member of a league 
or alliance ; — ilo, a tie, 
that which ties or binds ; 
— ajo, bundle ; al — i, to 
tie up, to attach ; al 
— igita, attached, tied up ; 
al — igiteco, attachment, 
etc. ; intei' — i, to bind 
together; inter — o, con- 
nection, mutual alliance; 
kim — i, to tie together. 

lign-o, wood (the substance) 
timber ; — isto, timber- 
merchant ; dealer in 
wood; — ajisto, joiner; 
— aro, heap of wood, 
wood stack. 

ligVLT-o, greenfinch. 

liken- 0, lichen ; also herpes, 

likvid-i, to liquidate ; — o, 
liquidation; — anto, 

likvor-o, liqueur — isto, 
liqueur maker, or dealer. 

lili-r>, lily. 

lim-o, limit, boundary ; 
— igl, to limit; sen — a, 

unlimited, boundless ; 
sam — a, adjacent; 

— tempo, term, time when 

limak-o, snail (not edible). 

limf-o, lymph ; — a, lym- 

limonad-o, lemonade ; — isto, 
one who makes and sells 

lin-o, flax. 

linari-o, red linnet. 

linc-^, to lynch. 

lingv-o, language ; — ajo, 
speech (the faculty). 

lingvistik-o, linguistics. 

lini-o, line; — ilo, a ruler 
(to trace lines). 

link-o, lynx. 

lip-o, lip ; — haroj, mous- 

lir-o, lyre. 

lirik-o, a lyric (poetry) , 
— isto, a lyric poet ; — a, 
lyric (adj.). 

lit-o, bed (in a house) ; 
— ajo, bedding, bed-fur- 
niture ; — kowilo, coun ter- 

litani-o, litany. 

litargir-o, litharge. 

liter-o, letter (alphabet). 

literatur-(>, literature ; — a, 
literary ; — isto, writer. 

liti-o, lithium. 

litograf-f, to lithograph ; 
— a, lithographic ; — isto, 




lithographer; — adoj 
lithography; — e/o, 
lithograph printing esta- 

litologi-o, lithology. 

litotrici-o, lithotrity. 

litotripsi-o, lithotripsy. 

Litov-a (adj.), Lithuanian ; 
— 0, a Lithuanian ; — ujoj 

litr-o, litre ; deci — o, deci- 
litre; M/o — 0, hectolitre. 

liturgi-o, liturgy. 

liut-(9, lute. 

liver- z, to deliver, to supply ; 
— anto, a provider, a 
tradesman, a supplier ; 
— 0, — ajo, delivery. 

livr-o, pound (sterling). 

livre-o, livery. 

lod-o, half-ounce. 

log-i, to allure ; de — f, to 
entice, to seduce by 
allurements ; fo7' — i, to 
entice away by allure- 
ments ; al — 1, to attract, 
by allurement ; de — isto, 

logaritm-o, logarithm. 

logik-o, logic (noun); — a, 

logogrif-ci, logogriph, 

log-i, to dwell, to inhabit, 
to lodge; — ado, domi- 
cile ; — ejo, dwelling 
place ; — anio, inhabi- 

tant ; kun — (into, follow 
lodger; — igi, to place 
any one in an abode; 
— igi, to settle in a 
dwelling place. 

loti-c, box (at a theatre) ; 

lojal-a, loyal; —eco, loy- 

lojt-o, lote (fish). 

lok-o, place, spot; — a, 
local; — i, to place; dis 
— i, to place in various 
places; trans— i, to dis- 
place, to transfer; trans 
— i§i, to move from one 
place to another, to 
transfer oneself; gust — a, 
in its proper place, in 
the right place ; negust 
— a, displaced, not in the 
right place ; ali — e, else- 
where ; ia— e, anywhere. 

lokomobil-o, locomotive 
engine for agricultural 

lokomotiv-o, locomotive 
engine on rails. 

lol-o, tares. 

long-a, long; — o, length; 
— eco, the quality of 
being long ; laii — e, 
lengthwise ; — igi, to 
lengthen ; pli — igi, to 
make longer ; — igo. 
action of lengthening 
— igi, to grow long ; pli 




— i^i, to grow longer; 
— i^o, act of growing 
long ; pli — i^o, act of 
growing longer ; mal 
— igi, to shorten, to 
curtail; Tnal — i^i, to be 
shortened, to get cur- 
tailed ; mal — tgo, the act 
of shortening ; mal — igo, 
abbreviation undergone ; 
mal — e, briefly ; antau ne 
— 6, not long ag -» ; lau — e, 
in length. 

lonicer-o, honeysuckle. 

lorn-o, telescope, spy-glass ; 
— eto, opera-glass. 

lot-^, to draw lots ; — umi, 
to allot. 

loteri-o, lottery ; — a bileto, 
lottery ticket. 

lozang-o, lozenge (blazon. 
and geom.). 

lu-^, to hire; — anto, tenant; 
— igi, to let; — iganto, 
landlord, owner ; — ebla, 
to let, to be let. 

lucern-o, lucern. 

lud-i, to play; — o, game, 
action of amusing one- 
self; action, play of an 
actor, of a musician, etc. ; 
— anto, player ; — ema, 
addicted to play, gam- 

luks-o, luxury; — a, sump- 
tuous ; — i, to live sump- 

lul i, to lull to sleep ; t'Zo, 

lum-i, to shine ; — o, light ; 
mal — 0, darkness ; — a, 
luminous ; mal — a, dark, 
tenebrous ; —eco, quality 
of being luminous ; sen 
— eco, obscurity ; ek—i, 
to begin to shine ; — eti, 
to cast a feeble light; 
— igi al, to give light 
to ; — igilo, a luminary ; 
— ingo, candlestick, flam- 
beau, link ; — turo, light- 
house ; radi — a, radiant ; 
mal — igi, to cause dark- 
ness ; mal — i^i, to grow 
dark ; mal — i^o, eclipse ; 
— Sirmilo, screen. 

lumb-o, loins, lumbal re- 
gions ; — ajo, loin of 
beef, etc. 

lun-o, moon; — a, lun- 

lunatik-o, lunatic. 

lund-o, Monday. 

lup-o, wolf; — ino, she- 

lupen-o, lupin (boL). 

lupol-o, hop (plant). 

lustr-o, lustre, chande- 

IvLt-i, to solder; al — i, to 
solder to ; kun — i, to 
solder together. 

luteran-o, lutheran. 

lutr-o, otter. 





mac-o, unleavened bread. 
msit-o, to masticate ; — ado, 

madon-o, madonna. 
Madrid-o, Madrid ; — ano, 

Mad rile no. 
magazen-o, warehouse, 

magi-o, magic ; — a, magic 

(adj.) ; — isto, magician, 
magistr 0, magister, M.A., 

magistrat-o, magistrate, 
magna t-o, magnate, 

magnet-o, magnet; — i, to 

rub or touch with 

magnetism-o, magnetism ; 
—a, magnetic. 

magnetiz-i, to magnetize ; 
— anto, magnetizer 

(occasional) ; — isto, a 
professional magnetizer; 
— ato, the person magne- 

magnezi-o, magnesium. 

magnoli 0, magnolia. 

mahagon-o, mahogany. 

mahometan-o, mahometan. 

maiz 6>, maize. 

Maj-o, May. 

majest-fl, majestic ; — o, 

majolik-o, majolica. 

major-o, major (milit.). 

majstr-(?, master of his art, 
profession ; — eco, qual- 
ity of master; sub — o, 
foreman, usher. 

makadam-o, macadam; — i, 
to macadamize. 

makaron-o, macaroon. 

makaroDi o, macaroni. 

makler-2, to do the business 
of a broker; — a, of a 
broker; —isto, broker; 
— ajo, brokerage. 

makrocefal-o, spermaceti 

makrop-o, kangaroo. 
a maksim-(), maxim. 

maksimum-o, maximum. 

makul-o, spot, stain ; — i, 
to soil, to stain ; sen — a, 
spotless, immaculate ; 
foiigi — ojn, to ta,ke away 
the spots ; sen—igi, to 
render spotless. 

makulatur-o, printer's 

waste sheet. 

makzel-o, jaw ; — a, max- 

*mal-, shows the opposites ; 
bona, good ; — bmia, bad, 
wicked, evil ; estimi, to 
esteem ; — estimi, to de- 
spise ; — a, contrary ; 
— e, contrarily, on the 
contrary ; — bonvole, re- 



luctantly ; — facila^ diffi- 
cult, abstruse ; — sup- 
reniri, to descend ; 
— rapidire, by goods 

Malaj-o, Malay. 

malakit-o, malachite. 

malari-o, malaria. 

maleol-o, ankle. 

■^malgraii, in spite of. 

malic-a, malicious ; — o, 
malice; — eco, state of 
the malicious. 

malt-o, malt. 

malv-o, mallow (hot.) ; — a, 
— kolora, mauve (adj.). 

malvarmum-i, to catch 
cold ; — 0, a cold. 

mam-o, breast ; — pinto, 
teat, nipple. 

mamut-o, mammoth. 

man-o, hand ; — a, manual, 
of the hand; — laboro, 
manual labour ; —farita, 
hand -made ; — radiko, 
wrist; — plato, palm of 
the hand; plen—o, hand- 
ful ; — premo, hand- 

mana-o, manna. 

mandaren-o, mandarin. 

mandat-o, money -order 

mandolin-o, mandolin. 

mandragor-o, mandrake. 

maaego-o, riding-school. 

mangan-o, manganese. 

mang t, to eat ; — egi, to 
eat to excess; — egema, 
gormandising ; — egemo, 
gluttony; — egulo, gor- 
mandizer; — 0, eating; 
— ado, repast ; — ajo, 
food ; — ejo, refectory ; 
— ujo, msLnger [—ocamhro, 
dining-room ; — eti, to 
take a slight repast; — eto, 
light repast; maten — i, 
to breakfast; maten — o, 
breakfast ; tag — o, mid- 
day meal ; vespe7' — i, to 
dine (at night) ; vesper 
— 0, late dinner ; Qiokto 
— i, to take supper; 
nokto — 0, su})per; — rest- 
ajo, the table leavings; 
— ilaro, table utensils, 
dinner service, etc. 

mani-o, mania ; — ulo, 

manier-o, manner, way ; 
tia — e, in this way. 

manifest-o, manifesto. 

manik-o, sleeve. 

manipul-i, to manipulate; 
— ado, manipulation. 

mank-i, to be wanting; —o, 
want, absence of some- 
thing; semWer — a, which 
has no flaw or miss, 
continuous ; seninter — e, 
without intermission, 

manometr-o, manometer. 



manovr (^1, maiKcuvrc (mili 
tary or naval). 

mansard-o, garret, attic. 

mantel-o, mantle, cloak. 

mantil-o, mantilla. 

manufaktur-o, manufac- 
ture ; — isto, maker. 

manmn-o, cufF, wristband. 

manuskript-o, manuscript. 

mar-o, sea ; — a, apud — a, of 
the sea ; —isto, seaman ; 
— istaro, the navy (the 
men) ; — kolo, strait ; 
— veturo, travelling by 
sea, sea-passage ; —tauga, 
seaworthy ; — soldato, a 
marine ; — stoneto, a 

marasm-o, marasmus (med.), 

marcipan-o, marchpane. 

marfi-o, marsh, swamp; —a, 
marshy, swampy; —ejo, 
swamp, bog. 

marfiand-?', to bargain. 

mard-o, Tuesday. 

margaren-o, margarine. 

margen-o, margin. 

marin-i, to marinate, cure, 
souse and preserve ; 
— ajo, preserves in vine- 
gar, etc. 

marionet-o, marionette. 

mark-o, mark ; posta — o, 
postage stamp ; — i, to 

markez 0, marquee. 


markiz 0, marquis. 

markot-o, layer (branch 
attached to a plant laid 
in the groniid until it 
takes root) ; —i, to mul- 
tiply by layers. 

marli-o, catgut. 

marmelad-o, marmeladc. 

marmor-o, marble. 

marmot 0, marmot. 

maroken-o, morocco. 

maron-o, edible chestnut. 

Mars-o, Mars (the god). 

marg-f, to march, walk on 
foot; — 0, — ado, march 
{subst.); lord — e]o, quay; 
ek — i, to begin walking. 

mar§al-o, marshal. 

Mart-o, March (the month). 

martel-o, hammer; —iimi, 
to hammer. 

martingal-(?, martingale. 

martir-o, martyr ; — eco, 

m&s-o, mass (large agglom- 

masa^-o, massage ; — t, to 
massage ; — isto, masseur. 

masiv-a, massive; — o, solid 
mass, group. 

mask-o, mask ; sen — igi, to 

mason-/, to do mason's 
work ; — isto, mason. 

mast-o, mast. 

mastik-o, mastic. 

mastodon-fj, mastodon. 




mastr-0, (master of a house); 
host, etc. ; — ino, mis- 
tress (of a house) ; host- 
ess, etc.; ge — qj, master 
and mistress — ajo, 
household ; — umi, to 
manage the household ; 
— umado, household 


ma§-o, mesh (of a net). 

ma§in-o, machine ; —isto, 

mat-o, mat, matting. 

matador-o, matador. 

matematik-a, mathemati- 
cal ; — isto, mathema- 

maten-o, morning. 

materi-o, matter ; — a, ma- 
terial (adj.). 

material-o, material (noun). 

materialism-o, materialism. 

materialist-o, materialist. 

matrac-(?, mattress. 

matric-o, matrix, mould, 

matrikul-o, matriculation. 

matronin-o, matron. 

matur-a, ripe ; — eco, ripe- 
ness ; — igi, to ripen 
(active) ; —igi, to ripen 

Matir-o, Moor;— ti, Moorish. 

mauzole-o, mausoleum. 

mazurk-o, mazurka. 

mebl-o, piece of furniture ; 
— i, to furnish (house) ; 

sen — igi, to take away 
the furniture ; — isto, 
cabinet-maker ; — aro, 
complete set of furni- 
ture ; sen — igi, to un- 

mec-o, wick, 

medal-o medal. 

medalion-o, medallion. 

medicin-o, medicine (the 
science) ; — isto, physi- 

medikament-o, a medi- 

medit-^■, to meditate. 

medium-o, medium (spirit- 

meduz-(?, jellyfish, medusa. 

mehanik-o, mechanics ; 
— isto, mechanician. 

meLanism-o, mechanism. 

mejl-o, mile. 

Meksik-o, Mexico ; — ano, 
a Mexican. 

mel-o, badger. 

melankoli-o, melancholia ; 
—a (adj.), melancholy. 

melas-(9, molasses. 

meleagr-o, turkey (genus) ; 
— ino, turkey-hen. 

melis-o, garden-mint, balm- 

melk-i, to milk. 

melodi-o, melody ; — a, 

melodram 0, melodrama ; 
— a, melodramatic. 




melon-0, melon ; ahvo — (?, 

melope-o, melopjcia ; the 
art of melodizing. 

meloplast-o, meloplasty 
(chir.) ; also musical 

*mem, self, selves ; vi venu 
— , come yourself ; §i 
parolos — , she herself 
will speak ; respondu 
li — , let him answer 
himself ; de sia alveno — , 
from his very arrival; 
ce I'pordo — , at the very 
door; — stara, indepen- 
dent; — stareco indepen- 

membr-o, member, limb 
(also figuratively) ; dik 
— a, strong - limbed ; 
— aro, the whole of the 

membran-o, membrane ; 
— eto, skim of milk. 

memor-i, to remember ; 
— 0, remembrance; —ajo, 
token ; — a, of memory ; 
— ebla, that may be 
remembered ; — inda, 
worthy of being remem- 
bered : re — o, a thing 
remembered ; re — igi, 
to recall to some one a 
thing forgotten ; re — i^i, 
to remember something 
that had been forgotten ; 


re — igo, act of recalling 
to some one a thing for- 
gotten ; re — i^o, act of 
remembering something 

mend-^, to give an order 
(to a manufacturer, etc.); 
— 0, an order; — anfo, 
he who gives the order ; 
— ilo, an order form. 

mensog-i, to tell untruths, 
to lie ; — 0, untruth ; 
— a, lying ; — ema, ad- 
dicted to lying; — emo, 
habit of telling untruths ; 
— anto, a liar ; — into, 
one who has lied ; — ulo, 
an habitual liar. 

menstmaci-o, menstruation. 

ment-o, mint. 

menton-o, chin. 

mentor-o, mentor. 

menu-o, menu. 

menuet 0, a minuet (dance). 

meridian-^, meridian. 

merinos- 0, merino ; — lano, 
merino wool ; — a stofo, 
merino stuff (cloth). 

merit-2, to deserve; — o, 

meriz-o, \Aild cherry, roaz- 
ard, small black cherry. 

merkred-o, Wednesday. 

merl-o, blackbird. 

merlang-o, whiting (fish). 

mes-o, Mass (church office) ; 
fari meson, to say mass. 




Mesi-0, Messiah. 

mespil-o, medlar. 

mestizo, half - breed, 
(Spanish or American 

met-i, to put, to place ; 
sur — ^, to put on ; sur 
— u vian capelon, put 
on your hat ; en — i, to 
insert, to put in ; el — i, 
to exhibit, to put in 
sight; al — i, to apply 
to, to put to ; al — i la 
manon al sia brusto, to 
put one's hand on one's 
breast; al — o, the ap- 
plying ; de — i, to take 
off ; de^u vian mantelon, 
take off your cloak or 
mantle; dis — i, to dis- 
perse, to disarrange ; 
kun — i, to assemble, 
to compose ; kun — eco, 
composition, arrange- 
ment of certain things ; 
kun — ita, compound ; 
tra—i, to thread ; to 
push through ; re — i, to 
put back; inter — o, in- 

metafizik-o, metaphysics. 

metafor-o, metaphor. 

metal 0, metal; — a, metal- 
lic ; — fosisto, miner. 

metalurgi-o, metallurgy. 

metamorfoz-o, metamor- 

meteor- 0, meteor. 

meteorologi-o, meteorol- 

meti-o, handicraft ; — ejo, 
workshop; ne — isto, an 

metod-o, method. 

metr-o, metre : deci — o, 
decimetre ; centi — o, 
centimetre ; hekto — o, 
hectometre ; kilo — o, 
kilometre ; — ft, metric. 

metrik-o, metrification, 
metrics; — <z, metric. 

metropol-o, metropolis. 

mev-o, sea-gull, sea-mew. 

mez-o, midst, middle ; — a, 
middle ; — e, middling, 
moderately; tag — c, mid- 
day; nokto— 0, midnight ; 
— aj cenfjaroj, mediaeval 
ages ; — onombro, aver- 
age number ; ■ — e de, in 
the midst of ; — ej)oko, 
mediaeval times. 

mezalianc-o, mesalliance. 

mezur-i, to measure; — o, 
measure ; — ilo, some- 
thing to measure with ; 
al — i, to adjust; sam — a, 
of the same size, dimen- 
sion, height, etc. ; sam 
— igi, to make of same 

*mi, I, me; min, me (ace); 
mia, my, mine. 

miasm-o, miasma. 




lnia\i-^, to mew (cats). 

miel-o, honey ; — kuko, 

mien-o, air, appearance (of 
the face), mien. 

migdal-o, almond ; — ujOy 

migr-i, to travel far and 
wide ; en — anto, immi- 
grant ; el — anto, emi- 
grant ; — aiitejo, refuge 
for travellers. 

mikrob-o, microbe. 

mikrometr-o, micrometer. 

mikroskop-o, microscope ; 
— a, microscopical. 

miks-i, to mix ; — o, — ado^ 
the act of mixing; — cyo, 
the things mixed : al — «, 
to mix with ; hin — i, 
to mix together; en — i, 
to mix in ; en — i§i, to 
mix itself (oneself) with, 
to meddle with; inter — i, 
to muddle things; en 
— i§i pr% to tamper with. 

*mil, thousand ; — o, thou- 
sand as a measure 
(noun) ; — jaro, mil- 
lenium, millenary. 

milemetr-^, millimetre. 

mili-o, millet. 

miliard-o, milliard. 

milicio, militia. 

*milion-r?, million. 

milit /, to rii;ht; — o, war; 
— a, of war, military ; 

— tro, a campaign; 
— isto, military man, 
professional soldier; 
— anto, he who is fight- 
ing ; — istaro, army ; 
— estro. army chief ; 
— kapito, prisoner of 
war; al — i, to conquer 
by arms. 

milv-o, kite (bird). 

mimik-o, mimicry ; — isto. 

a mimic. 

mimoz 0, mimosa. 

min-o, mine (coal, silver, 
gold, etc.); — a, belong- 
ing to a mine ; — ejo, 
the excavation made to 
draw from the earth, etc. 

minaret-o, minaret. 

mineral-^, mineral (noun): 
— a, mineral (adj.). 

mineralogi-o, mineralogy ; 
— a, mineralogic ; — isto, 

minac-z, to threaten; — o, 
threat; — a, threatening. 

mini-o, minium (red lead), 

miniaturo, miniature. 

minimum-o, minimum. 

ministr-o, minister; — ajo, 
office, function ; — ejo, 
office of the minister 
(locale) ; — aro, the body 
of the ministers, the 
ministry, the govern- 




minus-0, deficit (minus). 

minut-o, minute (time). 

miogal-o, musk-rat. 

miop-a, short-sighted ; 
— ulo, short-sighted 
man ; — eco, short- 

miozot-o, myosotis. 

mir-i, to be astonished, to 
wonder ; — o, astonish- 
ment ; — iga, astonish- 
ing ; — igi, to astonish ; 
— inda, wonderful ; — in- 
dajo, wonder; — indajisto, 
wonder-maker ; — egi, 
to wonder at ; — ego, 
great astonishment ; 
— egigi, to strike with 
wonder ; — egiga, as- 
tounding ; — egindajo, 

mirabel-o, mirabelle (j)lum). 

mirakl-o, miracle ; — a, 

mirh-o, myrrh. 

miriad-o, myriad. 

miriametr-o, rayriametre. 

minnekofag-c, great ant- 

mirmeleono, ant-lion (in- 

mirt-o, myrtle. 

mirtel-o, bilberry, whortle- 

misal-o, missal. 

misio, mission ; — istu, 

mister-o, mystery. 

mistifik-i, to mystify ; — o, 

mistik-o, a mystic; — a, 
mystic (adj.). 

misticism-6>, mysticism. 

mit-6>, myth. 

mitologio, mythology. 

mitr-o, mitre. 

mitul-o, mussel. 

mizer-o, misery; — a, 
wretched ; — ido, wretch, 
poverty stricken man. 

mobiliz-i, to mobilise ; — o, 

mod-o, mode (fashion), 
mood (gram.). 

model-o, model; — i, to 
model ; — ilo, mould ; 
— isto, modeller. 

moder-a, moderate, tem- 
perate ; — eco, modera- 
tion ; — z^«, to moderate, 
to temper ; — igi, to 
get moderate, to restrain 
oneself ; mal — a, exces- 
sive, immoderate. 

modem-6^, modern. 

modest-a, modest ; — eco, 
modesty; ma?— a, boast- 
ful; mal— eco, boastful- 
ness, arrogance. 

modul-z, to modulate. 

modulaci-o, modulation, 

mok-^, to mock ; — o, 
— ado, mockery ; — ajo, 
act of mockery in words 




or deed ; — ohirdo, mock- 

mol-a, soft ; — igi, to 
soften ; — icji, to get 
soft ; — i§o, the state 
of getting soft; — eco^ 
indolence, softness; 
— ega, flabby, flimsy ; 
mal — a, hard; mal — ig% 
to harden, to make hard; 
mal — igi, to grow hard, 
to coagulate; mal — i§o, 
coagulation; — anaso, 
eiderdown ; — ajo the 
soft part. 

molekul-o, molecule. 

molibden-o, molybdenum. 

molusk-o, mollusc. 

moment-o, moment. 

mono, money; — a, pe- 
cuniary ; — ofero, pecuni- 
ary sacrifices ; — oferado, 
subscription in money; 
— vjo, purse ; — ero, coin ; 
— helpo, subvention, sup- 

monaii-o, m (i 1 1 k ; — ejo, 
monastery ; — eco^ mon- 

monarii-(?, or monark-r), 
monarch ; — ajo, mon- 
archy (the state); — isto, 

monat-o, month ; ciu — «, 
monthly; — ajo, menses. 

mond-(?, world ; — a, of the 
world, also mundane. 

moned-o, jackdaw. 

monitor-o, monitor. 

monogram-(?, monogram. 

monokl-o, monocle (eye- 

monolog-o, soliloquy, 

monopol-o, monopoly. 

monstr-o, monster ; — a, 

mont-o, mountain ; — eto, 
hill ; — arOj chain of 
mountains; — ana, 
mountaineer ; inte7- — o, 
defile, ravine. 

montr-z, to show ; — o, in- 
dication ; el — i, to show 
signs of; — ilqj, hands 
of clock, etc. 

monument-o, monu- 


mor-q;', manners, morals ; 
hon — qjf good morals, 
morality, decency. 

moral-fl, moral (adj.); — eco, 
morality; — ajo, a moral, 
a morality ; ne — a, im- 

morbil-o, measles. 

mor6el-o, moriiel-o, moral, 
moril (mushroom), 
edible fungus. 

mord-i, to bite; — o, a bite; 
— a, biting; — emay 
inclined to bite; — eti, 

pug-dog, young 




to gnaw; — eto, a small 
bite, a gnawing. 

morfin-o, morphine. 

*morgau, to-morrow; post 
— , the day after to- 

mort-i, to die; — anto^ a 
dying man; — into, the 
deceased ; — o, death, 
decease; — a, mortal, of 
death ; — ema, liable to 
die ; — ado, mortality 
in a given time ; — eco, 
liability to death ; sen — 
a, ne — ema, immortal ; 
sen — eco, immortality ; 
— igi, to die out; —igi, 
to kill, to cause death ; 
— iga, deadly ; — igo, 
murder; — iganto, mur- 
derer ; mem — igo, sui- 
cide; mem — igi, to com- 
mit suicide; mem — iginto, 
a suicide (person); 
— intajo, carrion. 

morter-o, mortar (building). 

moru-o, cod-fish. 

morus-o, mulberry ; — ujo, 

mosk-o, musk. 

moske-o, mosque. 

moskit-f?, mosquito. 

most 0, unfermented wine, 

mo§t 0, general title of 
politeness ; Viit rega 
Mosio, Your Majesty ; 

Via generala MoMo^ 
General ; Via episkapa 
Mosto, My Lord Bishop; 
Via MoMo, Your Hon- 
our, Your Worship, etc. 

mot-o, motto, device. 

motacel-(?, wagtail (bird). 

motiv-o, motive, ground 
for doing. 

motor 0, motor. 

mov-i, to move, to put in 
motion; — o, movement, 
motion; — ado, the 
power of motion; — ebla, 
mobile ; sen — a, motion- 
less ; sen — eco, immo- 
bility; sen — z^i, to render 
motionless; — ema, in- 
clined to move, restless, 
active; for — i, to move 
. . . away, to turn away 
{act.); — ilo, motor. 
— forto, motive forces 
propra — ^,spontaneously. 

mozaik-o, mosaic, mosaic 

mucid-fl, niucid, mouldy, 
musty ; — eco, mucidity, 

muel-i, to grind (corn) ; 
— ilo, mill (the machine); 
— ejo, mill (the build- 
ing) ; — isto, miller. 

muf-o, muff. 

mut-2, to roar (wind, waves, 





— 0, a 

; —igi 

— igado, 

muk-o, glair, mucus. 

mul-o, mule; — inOj (/.); 
— istn, muleteer. 

mult-o, -a, -e, much, many, 
numerous; ~o da^ or 
— e da pano, 
bread ; — aj 
many children ; 
large number ; 
infinite number 
to multiply ; 
multiplication ; — igi, to 
be multiplied; — iganfo, 
multiplier; — igato, mul- 
tiplicand ; pli — igi, to 
become more multiplied ; 
la pli — 0, the most part, 
the majority ; la malpli 
— 0, the minority ; mal \ 
— igi, to lessen the quan- i 
tity, to make it little. 

mumi-o, mummy. 

munici-o, munition. 

mur-o, wall; — ego, thick 

munnur-e, to murmur, to 

grumble; — o, murmur; 
— eti, to murmur softly. 

mus-o, mouse. 

musk-o, moss. 

muskat-o, nutmeg. 

musked-c^, musket. 

muskol-o, muscle. 

muslin-o, muslin ; mul — o, 
mull muslin. 

mustard-o, mustard ; — ujo, 
mustard-pot, or cruet. 

mustel-o, martin, sable. 

mug-o, a fly (insect). 

mut-a, mute, dumb; — ulo, 
dumb man ; — igi, to 
become dumb ; — igi, 
to make dumb ; — eco, 
dumbness ; surda — ulo, 
deaf and dumb man. 

muz-o, muse. 
muze-o, museum. 

— e, to 
, — anto, 

muzik-o, music ; 
have music 
musician (occasional) ; 
— isto, professional musi- 


-n, marks the direct object 
or accusative, also the 
direction or movement 
towards a place : li 
amas sian landon, he 

n&ci-o, nation ; — a, nation- 
al ; — eco, nationality ; 
infer — a, international ; 
inter — eco, internation- 

loves his country ; ni nadir-o, nadir (astron.). 
iras BristoloUf we go to naft-o, naphtha. 
Bristol. (8) I nat-i, to swim ; — ado, 




swimming ; — ada, nata- 
tory; for — iy to flee by 

naiv-a, artless, ingenuous ; 
— eco, artlessness ; — ajo, 
ingenuous act ; — ega, 

najbar-o, neighbour; — a, 
neighbouring, near(ac?;.) ; 
— eco, vicinity (the situ- 
ation) ; — ajo, the en- 
virons, the neighbour- 
hood (the places). 

najl-o, nail (metal). 

najtingal-o, nightingale. 

nanken-o, nankeen. 

nap-o, turnip. 

narcis-o, daffodil, narcissus. 

narkot-a, narcotic. 

nask-i, to give birth to, to 
bring forth ; — a, birth ; 
— igi, to be born ; — igo, 
given birth (the coming 
to life) ; Krist — o, Christ- 
mas; du — ito, twin. 

natur-o, nature ; — a, natur- 
al ; super — a, superna- 
tural; — scienco, natural 
history; — zs/o, naturalist, 

■^nau, nine ; — a, ninth 
(adj.); — ono, the ninth 

natiz-i, to sicken, to naus- 
seate; — o, nausea; tio 
ci — as al mi, this makes 
me sick ; mi sentas — on, 
I feel sick. 

naz-o, nose; — a, nasal; 
— umo, pince-nez, eye- 
glass, puiigi la — on, to 
blow one's nose ; — tuJco, 
handkerchief ; — eto, 
spout (of a vase). 

■*ne, no, not ; — i, to deny; 
— igehla, that may be 
denied ; Tie . . . plu, no 
further, no longer. 

nebul-o, fog, mist; — a, 
^oggy, misty ; —eco, 
fogginess, mistiness; — i, 
to be foggy ; — as, it is 
^^Sgy^ misty ; —ego, 
haze, white fog; — ega, 

neces-ft, necessary ; — o, 
necessity, want : — eco, 
quality, character of 
what is necessary — ujo, 
dressing case, work box; 
— ejo, water-closet; — ega, 

ne^-o, snow ; —i, to snow ; 
— as, it snows. 

negli^-o, deshabill6, undress, 

negoc-o, business, transac- 
tion ; fari — on kun iu, 
to do business with any 

negr-o, negro. 

■'^nek, neither, nor ; — ... 
— , neither ... nor. 

nekrologi-o, necrology ; 
— a, necrologic. 




nektarc, nectar. 

*neni-o, nothing ; — igi, to 
destroy completely, to 
reduce to nothing ; — i^i, 
to vanish ; — igo, the 
reducing to nothing ; 
— i^o, vanishing. 

*nenia, none, not any. 

denial, for no reason. 

*neniam, never. 

*nenie, nowhere. 

*neniel, by no means, not 
at all, in no way. 

*nenies, nobody's no 

*neniom, nothing at all. 

^neniu, nobody, no one. 

neologism-o, neologism. 

uep-(?, grandson ; ge — o/, 
the grandchildren of a 
grandfather; — mc, 
grandaughter ; pra — o, 

nepotism-o, nepotism. 

nepr-f, unfailingly ; — eco, 

nerv-o, nerve ; — a, nervous ; 
— aro, the nervous 
system ; — doJoro, neu- 

nest-o, nest, den, lair, bur- 
row ; konstm — i — on, to 
build one's nest; — o de 
urso, bear's den or lair. 

net-o, clean copy ; mal — o, 
rough copy, scribble. 

neiiralgi-o, neuralgia. 

netitr-fl, neuter {adj.) ; — a 
verbOj neuter verb ; — a 
seJcso, neuter gender. 

netitral-a, neutral (adj.) ; 
— ulo, neutral (twuti). 

nev-o, nephew ; — ino, 
niece ; ge — oj, nephew 
and niece ; pra — o, grand- 

*ni, we, us ; nia, our, ours ; 
ni7i, us (ace). 

nic-o, niche. 

nigr-a, black; — o, black 
(the colour) ; — eco, 
blackness ; — igi, to 
blacken; — igi, to be- 
come black ; — abha, 

nikel-o, nickel. 

nikotin-o, nicotine. 

niks-o, nixie, nix, water 

nimb-o, nimbus, halo. 

nimf-o, nymph. 

niobi-o, niobium. 

mvel-o, level ; — ilo, level 

niz-o, sparrow-hawk. 

-nj-, after the (1-5) first 
letters of a feminine 
noun used as an en- 
dearing diminutive : 
Mario, Mary ; Manjo, 
Polly, little Mary ; patr- 
ino, mother ; panjo, little 
mother, darling mother. 

nobel-o, nobleman ; mal — o. 




commoner ; — eco^ no- 
bility (quality of noble- 
man) ; — aro^ the whole 
nobility; — igi^ to raise 
to the peerage ; — ulo^ a 

nobl-ft, noble ; — eco^ no- 
bility, nobleness (of what 
is above common things); 
— igi^ to ennoble. 

nokt-o, night; — a, noc- 
turnal, of night; — e, at 
night, during the night ; 
— igo^ the approach of 
night, twilight ; — igas^ 
night is coming; — omezo^ 

noktu-o, moth, night moth. 

nom-o, name ; — % to name; 
— e, namely ; — festo^ 
patron saint's day ; sam- 
— nlo^ homonym ; mm- 
— ft, homonymous; aZ — o, 
nickname ; al — z, to nick- 
name ; a estas — ata, she 
is called. 

nomad-a, nomad (adj.) ; 
— 0, nomad (noun) ; — ulo, 
a gipsy. 

nombr-o, number (quan- 
tity) ; — a, of number ; 
unu — 0, singular (noun) ; 
multe — 0, plural (noun) ; 
granda — e, in large 

nominal-o, nominal. 

nominalism-o, nominalism. 

nominativ-o, nominative. 

nord-o, north ; — a, north- 
ern ; — e, towards the 
north, in the north. 

norm-o, rule, type, stand- 
ard ; — a, normal ; kon- 
traii — 0, abnormal. 

normal-ft, regular. 

Norveg-ft, Norwegian (adj.); 
— ujo, — lando, Norway ; 
— ano, a Norwegian. 

nostalgi-o, homesickness. 

not-^, to note, to quote; 
— 0, a note. 

notari-o, notary. 

nov-a, new (novel, fresh) ; 
— eco, novelty, newness ; 
— ajo, a new thing ; 
— igi, to renew ; re — igi, 
to become renewed ; 
re — igo, renovation ; re 
— i^o, renovation under- 
gone ; re — iga, renovat- 
ing; re — iganto, renova- 
tor ; re — igehla, that may 
be renewed ; mal — a, 
ancient ; mal — eco, an- 
cientness; mal — ajo, old 
things ; — latina, neo- 
latin ; — ulo, a novice. 

novel-o, novel ; — isto, 

Novembr-o, November. 

novic-o, novice ; — eco, 

*nu ! Well ! 

nuanc-o, shade, hue, tint; 




— ij to shade, to tint; 

— igiy to get shaded, 

tinted, etc. 
nvib-Oj cloud, skies ; — a, 

cloudy, of the clouds; 

fari — cm vizagon, to 

assume a gloomy face ; 

— ego, large white cloud, 
nud-a, nude, naked, 
nuk-o, nape of the neck, 
nuks-o, nut (of any kind), 
nul-o, zero, naught; — igi, 

to cancel, to annul; 

— igo, cancelling, 
numer-o, number (No.), 
numeral-o, a numeral. 

numismatik-o, numisma- 
^nun, now ; — a, present ; 

— a {monato), instant ; 

— ecOj the present state ; 

— ajo, something at 

present occurring ; — e, 

at present, 
nunci-^?, nuncio. 
■'^nur, only, but (meaning 

nutr-i, to feed, to nourish ; 

— ado, act of feeding ; 

— ajo, the food provided; 

mam — i, to suckle. 

-0-, shows the noun or 
substantive : homo, man 
(in general) ; akvo, 
water; libro, book. 

oaz-o, oasis. 

ohe-z, to obey ; — o ; obed- 
ience; — a, obedient, of 
obedience ; mal — i, to 
disobey ; mal — o, dis- 

obelisk-o, obelisk. 

objekt-(?, object, thing, 
matter (in question). 

obj ektiv-o, objective 

-obi-, shows multiple 
numerals : du, two ; du 

— a, double; du — igi, to 

oblat-6>, wafer. 
I obligaci-o, bond (finance). 
I oblikv-a, oblique, slanting. 

obol-o, obolus, obole. 

observ-z, to observe ; — o ; 
— ado, observation, 

watching ; — ema, in- 
clined to watch, observe ; 
— emx), habit of obser- 
vation ; — anto, one 
who watches, observes ; 
— isfo, an observer, a 
watcher (professional). 

observatori-(?, observatory. 

obstin-fl, obstinate ; — i, to 




be obstinate, — c, action 
of the obstinate ; — eco, 

obstrukc-o, obstruction ; 
— ^, to obstruct. 

ocean-o, ocean. 

Oceani-o, Oceania. 

od-o, ode. 

odor-i, to smell (of some- 
thing) ; — 0, odour ; hon 
— 0, perfume ; hon — i, to 
exhale a pleasant per- 
fume ; malhon — o, bad 
smell ; malhon — i, to have 
a bad smell. 

ofend-z, to offend ; — o, 
offence ; — a, offensive ; 
— antOy offender; — into, 
one who has offended. 

ofer-z, to sacrifice ; — o, 
sacrifice ; — ema^ ad- 
dicted to sacrifice ; 
— emo, inclination to 
sacrifice ; mon — o, money 
gift; mon — ado, subscrip- 
tion ; ;pli — i, to outbid. 

ofic-o, functions, employ- 
ment ; — isto, employe, 
officer ; — ejo, office, 
(place, building), bureau. 

oficial-a, official; — igi, to 
make official. 

oficir-o, officer (land or sea 

oft-e, often ; — a, frequent ; 
inat — a, rare; mat — eco, 
rarity; — igi, to render 

frequent ; — i§i, to be- 
come frequent; mal — igi, 
to make rare; mal — i§i, 
to become rare ; pli — igi, 
to make more frequent ; 
'pli — i§i, to become more 
frequent ; mal — ajo, a 
rare thing ; plej — e, 

ogiv-o, ogee, ogive. 

ojstr-o, gadfly. 

*ok, eight ; — a, eighth ; 
— ono, the eighth part 

okaz-'i, to occur; to take 
place ; — o, occurrence, 
occasion, case ; — a, acci- 
dental ; —e, accidentally; 
se — e f avians ke . . ., if 
perchance it happened 
that . . . 

okcident-f?, west ; —a, 

okr-o, ochre. 

okshoft-o, hogshead. 

oksid-o, oxide ; — i, to 

oksigen-o, oxygen. 

oksikok-o, cranberry. 

oktant-o, octant. 

oktav-o, octave (music). 

Oktobr-o, October. 

okul-o, eye ; 

of the 

eye, ocular; —g, ocularly, 
— isto, oculist; — haroj-, 
eye-lashes ; — vitroj, 




okup-i, to occupy; ek—i^ 
to take possession ; — o, 
— ado^ occupation (of 
time) ; ek — o, occupation 
(taking possession^ ; 
— ata, busy (present) ; 
— ita, that has been 
occupied ; sen — a, idle ; 
sen — 0, idleness; n£ — ato, 

okzal-o, sorrel. 

*ol, than (in comparison). 

ole-o, oil; — a, of oil; 
— eca, oily ; ^fabriko, 
oil-manufactory ; — istOj 
oil-maker ; — ujo, oil- 
cruet, oil-bottle ; — i, 
to oil; sankt — o, sacred 
oil; sankt — i, to anoint 
with sacred oil. 

oleandr-o, oleander. 

oligariii-o, oligarchy. 

Olimpo, Olympus. 

oliv-o, olive; — ujo, olive 
tree ; — forma, olive 

omar-o, lobster. 

ombr-o, shade, shadow. 

ombrel-o, umbrella; sun — o, 
parasol, sunshade. 

omnibus-o, omnibus. 

-on-, shows fractional num- 
bers: kvar, four; kvar — o, 
a quarter, a fourth part. 

ond-o, wave; — ego, billow 
(sea) ; — olinia, Avav3^ 

onglet-o, bookbinder's 

guard ; — libro, guard- 

■'"oni, one, they, people 
{indefinite pronomC). 

oniks-o, onyx. 

oiikl-<?, uncle ; — inx), aunt ; 
ge — oj, uncle and aunt 

onobrik-o, sainfoin. 

-ont-, shows participle fu- 
ture active ; fari, to do, 
to make ; far — a, having 
to do, to make. 

ontologi-o, ontology. 

-op-, shows numeral collec- 
tives : du, two ; du — a, 
by two; kvar — e, by 
fours, four together ; 
— a, collective {adj.). 

opal-a, opal. 

oper-o, opera. 

operaci-o, operation; — i, 
to operate, to perform 
an operation. 

opi-o, opium. 

opini-i, to opine ; — o, 

oportun-a, handy, easy of 
use ; — 0, commodity ; 
— eco, state of being 
handy, easy of use ; pro 
— 0, for the handv use 

opozici-o, opposition; — i, 
to oppose ; sen — o, un- 

optativ 0, optative {gram.). 




optik-0, optics ; — a, optic ; 
— isto, optician. 

optimism-o, optimism. 

optimist-o, optimist. 

OY-o, gold (metal) ; — a, 
golden, of gold; — ajo, 
object made of gold ; 
— ajisto, goldsmith; — i, 
to gild ; — iitofo, cloth of 
gold, brocade. 

orakol-o, oracle. 

orangutang-o, orang-ou- 

oran^-o, orange ; — ujo ; 
— arbo, orange-tree. 

oran^eri-o, hot-house. 

orator-o, orator. 

oratori-o, oratory, oratori- 
um, oratorio. 

ord-o, order; — a, orderly, 
in order; — igi, to put 
in order; — igo, putting 
in order; bon — a, in 
proper order ; mal — a, 
disarranged, in disorder; 
mal — igi, to disarrange ; 
mal — igo, the disarrang- 
ing; sen — eco, state of 
disorder ; — ema, of 
orderly habits ; mal 
— ema, of disorderly 
habits, without order. 

orden-o, order of knight- 

ordinar-a, ordinary ; ne — a; 
ekster — a, extraord i 1 1 - 

ordon-t, to order, to bid, to 
prescribe ; — o, order, 
bidding, prescription. 

ovel-o, ear ; — ringo, ear- 

oif-o, orphan; — ino, or- 
phan girl; — a, orphaned ; 
— eco, orphan liood ; — ejo^ 

organ-o, organ. 

organism-o, organism. 

organiz-*, to organize ; — o, 
— ado, organization ; 
re — i, to reorganize. 

orgasm-o, immoderate ex- 
citement (med.). 

orgen-o, organ (mus.). 

ovgi-o, orgy, revel, carouse. 

orient-o. East ; — a, eastern. 

origin-o, origin ; — a, orig- 

original-o, original (jioun) ; 
— a, original. 

oriol-o, oriole, loriot (bird). 

orkestr-o, orchestra. 

orkide-o, orchid. 

ornam-i, to adorn, to de- 
corate; — igi, to adorn 
oneself ; — o, ornamenta- 
tion ; — ajo, adornment 
(what adorns) ; — isto, 

omat-o, clerical robes, 

ornitologi-o, ornithology. 

orografi-o, orography. 

ortodoks-a, orthodox. 




ortografi-0, orthography. 

ortopedi-o, orthopedics. 

-OS, mark of the future ; 
ami, to love ; mi amoSj 
I shall love. 

osced-^, to gape, to yawn ; 
—0, gaping, yawning. 

osifrag-o, osprey, fish- 

osmi-o, osmium. 

ost-o, bone ; — i§i, to get 
ossified ; — igo, ossifica- 

ostr-o, oyster ; — ujo, oyster 

ostracism-o, ostracism, 
-ot-, shows participle future 

passive ; jugi, to judge ; 

ju§ — a, that will be 

judged, that is to be 

ov-o, egg; — ajo, omelet; 

— hlanko, white of egg ; 

—flavo, yoke of egg; 

— fat-ma, egg shaped ; 

— ujo, ovary, 
ovaci-o, ovation. 
oval-o, oval (noun); — a, 

oval, (adj.). 
ozon-o, ozone. 

pac-o, peace ; — a, of peace ; ! man ; inter — o, truce, 
— ema, of peaceable dis- ] armistice, 
position, inclined to \ pacienc-o, patience ; — a. 

peace ; — ulo ; — emulo ; \ 

peaceful man, man of i 

peace ; — e, in peace, ! 

peacefully ; — igi^ to | 

pacify, to reconcile ; 

— i^i, to make peace, to pa6j-o, papa. 

be reconciled ; mal—o, j pa5ul-o, patchouli. 

discord, quarrel; ?7z«/ — ^, ! paf-2, to shoot; —isto, 

to disagree, to quarrel ; i marksman ; — ilo, gun ; 

patient, of patience ; 
— ulo, patient man ; 
havi — on, to have 
patience ; — e I patience ! 
be quiet 1 

m^l — igi, to embroil, to ! 
cause discord ; mal j 
— ema, of a quarrelsome i 
disposition ; mal — ulo ; ' 
mal — eniulo, quarrelsome • 

— ilego, cannon ; — arko, 
bow (weapon) ; — arkisto, 
bowman, archer; — o, a 
shot ; — ado, musektry 




pag-i, to pay; — o, pay- 
ment ; — a, of payment ; 
— ota, payable; — e, by 
paying; sen — a, gratui- 
tous ; sen — e, gratis ; 
el — i, to fully discharge 
a debt; de — o, tribute; 
— okapabla, solvent. 

pagod-o, pagoda. 

pa^-o, page (of a book). 

pagi-o, page boy. 

pajl-o, straw, thatch; — a, 

of straw 


thatched roof. 

pak-*, to pack; — ado, 
packing ; — o, packet, 
parcel ; — eto, small 
parcel; —ajo, luggage; 
en — i, to put into a 
parcel ; — anto, one who 
packs up ; — isto, packer. 

pal-a, pale (adj.) ; — igi, 
to make pale; — i^i, to 
grow pale; — eco, pale- 
ness ; — ega, wan, pallid ; 
— egigi, to grow pallid ; 
— egeco, pallidness. 

palac-o, palace; — a, pala- 

paladi-o, palladium. 

palinur-o, rock lobster. 

palanken-o, palanquin. 

palat-o, palate ; — a, of the 

paleografi-o, paleography. 

paleontologi-o, paleonto- 

paletr-o, palette (of artist), 
palis-o, stake; — aro, palis- 
ade ; — etOj stamen (bot.). 
palisandr-i?, rosewood, 
palm-o, palm tree ; 

— obranco, palm. 
palp-i, to feel about, palp ; 

— ado, the sense of 

touch; — e, by feeling 

about (in the dark) ; 

— ebla, palpable, 
palpebr-o, eyelid; — a, of 

the eyelids; — umi, to 

palt-o, greatcoat, 
pamflet-o, pamphlet, 
pan-o, bread; — isto, baker; 

— farado, baking ; 

— komerco, bread-selling; 

— butiko, baker's shop ; 

— fermentilo, yeast. 
panegir-a, (adj.) panegyric ; 

— 0, panegyric (noun) ; 

— ulo, flatterer. 
panel-o, panel, wainscot, 
panik-o, a panic, 
panikl-o, panicle (bot). 
panj-o, mamma, 
panoram-o, panorama, 
pantalon-o, trousers, pair 

of trousers, 
panteism-o, pantheism, 
panteist-o, pantheist, 
panter-o, panther, 
pantofl-o, slipper, 
pantomim-o, pantomime, 
pap-o, pope. 




papag-o, parrot. 

papav-o, poppy. 

paper-o, paper; — a, of 
paper ; — iijo, pocket- 
book ; — faristOf paper- 
maker ; — isto, stationer ; 
— far ado, paper-making; 
— Jcomerco, paper trade; 
— butiko, stationary, 

stationer's shop ; — ruloy 
a scroll. 

papili-o, butterfly. 

papirus-o, papyrus. 

par-o, pair, brace, couple; 
— a, even (number), 
similar; — Twmbro, even 
number; ne — a, odd. 

para-<9, Servian coin, etc. 

parabol-o, parabola (mathe- 

parad-i, to parade, to show 
off; — 0, military review. 

paradigm-o, paradigm. 

paradiz-o, paradise. 

paiadoks-o, paradox. 

paraf-o, flourish, paraph. 

parafin-o, paraflin. 

parafraz-o, paraphrase. 

paragraf-o, paragraph. 

paralel-a (adj.), parallel ; 
— e kiin, parallel with. 

paralelogram-o, parallelo- 

paraliz-i, to paralyze ; — o, 
paralysis; — ito, paraly- 

parapet-y, parapet. 

parazit-o, parasite ; — a, 

parcel-o, lot of land. 

parcimoni-o, parsimony ; 
— a, parsimonious; — e, 

pardon-i, to forgive; — o, 
forgiveness ; ne — ebla, 
unpardonable ; — ebleco, 
state of what can be for- 
given ; — u I excuse me ! 

parenc-<3, relative (noun) ; 
— a, related to; — aro, 
the relatives as a body ; 
— eco, relationship ; —igi, 
to make relatives ; — igi, 
to become relatives. 

parentez-o, parenthesis. 

parfiim-{?, perfume; — i, to 
impregnate with per- 
fume; — isto, perfumer; 
— far ado, perfume-mak- 
ing ; — butiko, perfumer's 

parget-o, floor, flooring. 

park-o, park, pen for sheep, 

parker-^, by heart, from 
memory, by rote. 

parlament-o, parliament ; 
— ano, member of parlia- 
ment ; — a, belonging, 
relating to parliament. 

parodi-o, parody. 

parot-o, parish ; — estro, 
vicar ; — ano, parishioner. 

paroksism-o, paroxysm. 




parol-i, to speak; — o, 
word spoken ; — anto, 
the one speaking ; — isto, 
an orator ; — ado^ speech, 
discourse; el — ^, to pro- 
nounce, to articulate ; 
el — ado, pronoun ciation ; 
inter — i, to converse ; 
inter — o, conversation ; 
inter — anto, interlocutor ; 
kontraH — ^, to object ; 
antaii — o, preface ; — ejo, 
parlour ; ventro — isto, 
ventriloquist ; al — o, 
message, address ; al 
— adi, to parley ; pri — i, 
— adi, to refer ; pro — adi, 
to plead. 

part-o, part, share; — op-eni, 
to participate, to take 
part; — oprenanto, parti- 
cipator, sharer ; — ojjreno, 
participation; — isto, co- 
partner ; — umo, fraction 

parter-o, pit (theatre). 

parti-o, party; — a, of 
party, partial ; — ceo, 
partiality ; sen — a, im- 
partial ; sen — eco, im- 
partiality ; — ano, a 
parti zan. 

particip-o, participle. 

partikul-o, particle (gram.). 

partitur 0, score (mus.). 

paru-o, titmouse, tomtit. 

pas-j, to pass (neuter) : la 

tempo — as, time passes; 
— anto, passer-by; — igi, 
to pass (ad.), to carry 
over, to transmit ; tra — -i, 
to cross, to traverse; 
trans — i, to pass beyond. 

pasa^er-o, passenger. 

pasament-o, lace-work, 
trimming; — i, to lace 
(clothes, furniture) ; 

— isto, lacemaker. 

paser-o, sparrow, 

Pasi-o, (the) Passion. 

pasi-o, passion (not suffer- 
ing); — a, of passion, 
passionate ; — e, with 
passion, passionately. 

pasiv-a, passive. 

Pask-o, Easter. 

paskvil-o, libellous writing. 

pasport-o, passport. 

past-o, paste. 

pastel-o, lozenge, pastille. 

pastec-o, pie, tart; — eto, 
small tart or pie. 

pastinak-o, parsnip. 

pastoral-o, pastoral play or 

pastr-o, pastor, priest, 
clergyman ; — aro, the 
clergy ; — ara, clerical ; 
— eco, sacerdotal cha- 

pag-z, to step, to make 
steps ; — 0, step ; — ado, 
gait, way of stepping ; 
al — i, to approach, to 




step near ; en — t, to step 
in ; trans — i, to go be- 
yond bounds, to trans- 
gress, to violate; — egi^ 
to stride ; — ego, stride ; 
— post — 0, step by step. 

pa§t-i, to feed (a flock) ; 
sin — i, to feed, i.e. to 
graze, to feed upon ; 
— ejOj pasture-land ; 

— isto, shepherd. 

pa§tel-o, pastel crayon ; 
— isto, crayon or pastel 

pat-o, frying-pan. 

patent-o, patent ; — ulOy 

patologi-o, pathology. 

patos-o, pathos; — a, pa- 
thetic, passionate. 

patr-o, father; fonda — o, 
founder of a family ; 
— ino, mother ; ge — oj, 
parents ; — a, paternal ; 
— eco, fatherhood ; 
— ineco, motherhood ; 
— ujo, fatherland ; — uja, 
belonging to the father- 
land ; sam — ujano, a 
fellow-countryman ; jpra 
— oj, ancestors, fore- 

patriark-o, patriarch. 

patrici-o, patrician ; — a, 
patrician {adj.). 

patriot-o, patriot. 

patriotism-o, patriotism. 

patrol-o,- patrol. 

patron-o, patron. 

patiz-o, pause ; — i, to make 
a pause. 

pav-(?, peacock ; — ino, pea- 

pavian-o, baboon. 

pavilon-o, pavilion. 

pavim-o, pavement ; — i, to 
pave ; — ero, a brick or 
tile of the pavement. 

pean-o, pean (shout of 

pec-o, bit, morsel, piece; 
unu — a, all in one piece ; 
divers — a, made of vari- 
ous pieces ; dis — igi, to 
undo, to take or tear to 

pefi-o, pitch. 

pedagog-o, pedagogue. 

pedagogi-6>, pedagogy. 

pedal-o, pedal. 

pedant-o, pedant ; — ino, 
pedant (female). 

pedel-o, beadle, apparitor. 

pedik-o, louse. 

peg-o, woodpecker. 

pejzag-c, landscape. 

pek-i, to sin; — o, 
— ulo, sinner; — i 
lead to sin. 

Pekin-o, Peking. 

pekl-?, to pickle; 
viando, salt meat. 

pel-f, to turn away, to chase 
from ; for — i, to frighten 

sm ; 

i to 





away ; el — i, to expel ; 
el — 0, expulsion; el—iio, 
an expelled one. 

pelerin-o, tippet, pelerine, 

pelikan-o, pelican. 

pelt-o, pelisse; — isto, fur- 
rier; — farado, peltry. 

pelv-o, basin. 

pen-z, to try to, to endeav- 
our to; — Oj effort; 
— ado, long endeavour; 
— a ; — ema, pains- 

penc-o, penny. 

pend-i, to hang (neuter) ; 
— igi, to become pendant, 
hanging; — igi, to hang 
somebody or something ; 
— igo, the hanging ; mem 
— igo, hanging of self; 
— iginda, deserving 
hanging; de — i, to de- 
pend; de — eco, state of 
dependence ; sende — eco, 
independence ; — glacio, 
icicle ; el — ajo, sign- 

pendol-o, pendulum. 

penetr-i, to penetrate ; 
— 0, penetration ; — ehla, 
that may be penetrated ; 
ne — ehleco, impenetrable- 
ness ; — i§i, to be pene- 

penik-(?, brush, hair-pencil. 

pens-i, to think; — o, a 

thought, an idea ; — ado, 
the faculty of thinking ; 
eJc — i, to take into one's 
head; pri — i, to reflect, 
to ponder, to consider ; 
el — i, to invent; el — o, 

pensi-o, pension ; — ulo, 

pent-^, to repent; — o, re- 
pentance ; — fari, to do 

pentametr-o, pentameter. 

Pentekost-o, Whitsuntide, 

pentr-?, to paint; — ado, 
painting (art) ; — ajo, 
picture; — isto, painter. 

peoni-o, peony. 

pep-^, to chirp ; to pip, to 
twitter, to pule ; — ado, 
chirping, puling, twitter. 

pepsin-o, pepsine. 

pepton-o, peptone ; — a, 

■^per, by, per, by means of, 
through; — a, indirect, 
mediate ; — e, mediately, 
indirectly; sen — a, im- 
mediate, direct; sen — e, 
in a direct way ; — i, to 
intervene, to interpose ; 
— 0, aid, medium ; — ilo, 
a medium, or means of. 

percept-z, to perceive 
(phil.) ; — 0, perception; 
— ehla, perceptible. 



per6-o, small kind of perch, 

perd-i, to lose ; — ic/i, to be 
lost, to disappear; — o, 
loss, deprivation. 

perdrik-o, partridge. 

pere-i, to perish; — igi, to 
cause to perish; — o, 
ruin, perishing; — ema, 
perishable ; — iga, that 
causes to perish. 

perfekt-a, perfect ; — eco, 
perfection ; — igi, to 
perfect; — igi, to be- 
come perfect ; — igo, im- 
provement caused; — igo, 
improvement under- 
gone ; — ebla, perfect- 
ible; ne — a, imperfect; 
ne — eco, imperfection. 

perfekt-o, perfect (gram.). 

perfid-z, to betray; — o, 
betrayal ; — a, treacher- 
ous ; — eco, treachery ; 
— ajo, treacherous deed; 
— ulo, traitor. 

pergamen-o, parchment. 

periferi-o, periphery. 

perige-o, perigee. 

perimetT-o, perimeter. 

period-c, period ; — a, peri- 
odic ; — eco, periodicity. 

peristil-o, peristyle. 

peritone-o, peritoneum. 

perk-o, perch (fish). 

perl-o, pearl. 

perlamot-o, mother of pearl. 

permes-i, to allow, to per- 
mit ; — 0, permission, 
leave ; mat — i, to forbid ; 
mal — 0, prohibition ; mal 
— a, prohibitive ; — ebla, 
allowable ; permissible ; 
ne — ebla, not permis- 
sible; for — 0, leave to 
go ; peii for — on, to take 

peron-o, steps before a 
house, perron. 

perpendikular-a, perpendi- 

persekut-i, to prosecute, to 
persecute ; — o ; — ado, 
suit or action at law, 
also persecution. 

persik-o, peach ; — vjo, 

persist-i, to persevere, to 
persist ; — o, persever- 
ance, persistance ; — a, 
persevering, persisting ; 
— eco, quality of per 

person-o, person (indivi- 
dual) ; — a, of a person ; 
— igo, personification ; 
— e, personally. 

perspektiv-o, perspective. 

Peru-o, Peru; — a (adj.) 
Peruvian ; — ana, a 

peruk-o, peruke, periwig. 

pes-i, to weigh a thing; 
— 0, the whole of the 




things weighed ; — ilo, 
the scales, the weighing 
peset-o, Spanish coin 


pesimism-o, pessimism. 

pesimist-o, pessimist. 

pest-o, plague. 

pet-i, to ask, to request; 
— 0, asking, request ; 
— egij to beg instantly; 
— sJcribo, petition ; p-o 
— anto, intercessor ; mi 
petas, I beg, (if you 

petard-o, petard. 

petol-i, to be saucy, petu- 
lant, to behave as a 
ragamuffin ; — a, mis- 
chievous, perverse, un- 
ruly, waggish ; — eco, 
mischievousness, unruli- 
ness ; — uJo, scape-grace. 

petrol-o, petroleum. 

petromiz-o, lamprey. 

petrosel-o, parsley. 

pez-i, to weigh, to have a 
certain weight ; — o, the 
weight of anything ; 
— ilo, the weight (the 
mass to weigh with); 
— a, heavy ; inulte — a, 
of great weight ; egal — o, 
equilibrium ; pli — i, to 
be heavier ; pli — o, over- 
weight ; — 0, South 
American dollar. 


pfenig-o, pfenning. 

pi-fl, pious, religious ; — eco, 
piety; — ulo, a pious 
man; mal — a, impious; 
mal — eco, impiety. 

piastr-o, piastre (coin). 

pice-o, fir-tree. 

pied-o, foot; — iri, to go 
on foot; — iranto, foot- 
passenger, pedestrian ; 
— ira, pedestrian {adj.) ; 
— ire, on foot; nud — a, 
barefooted ; — a signo, 
footstep mark ; 
— frapadi, to stamp 
one's feet ; — frapado, 
stamping of feet ; — vesto, 
foot covering, shoe or 
boot; — ingo, stirrup. 

piedestal-o, pedestal. 

pietism-o, pietism. 

pietist-o, pietist. 

pig-o, magpie. 

pigme-c*, pigmy. 

pigment-o, pigment. 

pik-i, to prick, to sting ; 
— 0, spades (at cards); 
— a, pricking, piquant; 
— ema, inclined to be 
piquant ; — ilo, sting (of 
insects, bees, etc.); 
stimulus (fig.) : tra — i, to 
pierce through ; tra — a, 
which pierces through ; 
fosilo, pick-axe. 

piked-o, picket ; piquet 



pilastr-0, pilaster. 
pilgrim-?, to go on a pil- 

grimage ; — 



pilk-(?, ball (for playing); 
— raketo, battledore. 

pilol-o, pill. 

pilot-{?, pilot. 

pin-o, pine (wood). 

pin6-i, to pinch ; — o, pinch- 

pingl-o, pin ; — o par haraj, 
har — 0, hairpin. 

pini-(7, fir. 

pint-o, pinnacle; summit; 
top (of a tree); — a, 
pointed ; — igi, to make 
pointed, to bring to a 
pointed end. 

pio6-o, pick-axe. 

pionir-o, pioneer. 

pip-o, pipe; — a tuho, pipe 

pipr-(?, pepper; — i, to 
pepper ; — ujo, pepper- 
cruet, or box. 

pips-o, pip (bird's disease). 

pir-o, pear ; — ujo, — arho, 

piramid-o pyramid. 

pirat-o, pirate. 

Tiiene-oj, Pyrenees. 

pirit-o, pyrites (gravel).- 

pirol-o, bullfinch. 

piroteknik-o, pyrotechnics ; 
—isto, pyrotechnist. 

pirozo, pyrosis (med.). 

pist-i, to pound, to crush ; 

— ilo, pestle. 
pistak-o, pistachio, pis- 
pistel-o, pistil {flower). 
pistol-o, pistol. 
piSt-o, piston (mech.) ; 

sucker of a pump, etc. 
piton-(?, a python, 
piz-o, pea. 

pizang-o, plantain (pizang). 
plac-o, public open space, 

public square, etc. 
pla6-z, to please; — a, 

pleasing, pleasant. 
plad-o, dish ; also course at 

dinner; — eto, saucer, 
plafon-o, ceiling, 
plagiat-o, plagiarism ; — isto, 

plan-(?, plan, scheme, draft. 
pland-o, sole of the foot; 

sole ; al — o, inner sole of 

a shoe or boot, 
planed-o, planet, 
planimetr-o, planimeter. 
planimetri-o, planimetry. 
plank-o, floor, flooring ; 

— froHsto, floor-rubber, 
plant-i, to plant ; — o, 

— ado, planting ; — ejo, 

plantation (place). 
plantag-o, j)lantain. 
plastik-o, plastic art; — a, 

plastr-(?, plaster, 
plat-a, flat, plane (adj.) ; 



— 0, a plane (geom.) ; 
— ajo, flat surface ; — eco, 
flatness; platitude; — e, 
flatly (adv.) ; sur la — a 
flanko, on the flat side ; 
— igi, to flatten, to make 
flat ; — igi, to become 
flat; — igo, the making 
flat ; igo, flattening 
undergone ; lada —o, tin 
plate or plaque. 

platan-o, plane tree. 

plate-o, spoonbill (bird). 

platen-c, platinum. 

plaud-^, to splash water 
with the hand, or any 

plebej-o, plebeian (noun) ; 
— a, plebeian (adj.). 

pled-o, plea ; — i, to plead ; 
— ado, counsel's address, 

*plej, most, the most; la 
plej hela el ciiij, the finest 
of all ; vi agis plej sage, 
farante Hon, you acted 
most wisely by doing 
this (or that) ; mal — , 
least, the least; — e, 
most, most often (adv.) ; 
si pleje donis, she gave 
most; pleje mi forgesas 
he, most frequently I 
forget that . . . ; mal — e, 
least (adv.); li mal — e 
donis, he gave least; 
m^l — e vi vidos he . . ., 

very seldom you will sec 
that . . , 

plekt-^, to weave, to plait, 
to interweave, etc. ; hrn 
— i, to weave together; 
inter — i, to intertwine, 
to interweave, etc. ; 
— harilo, hurdle fence ; 
— ajo, the things inter- 

plen-fl^, full, complete ; 
— eco, plenitude; — ega, 
overfull; — igi, to fill 
up, to complete ; — igi, 
to get completed, to get 



to fulfil, to 

accomplish ; — umigi, to 
get accomplished, ful- 
filled ; — aga, of age ; 
— ago, full age ; Me 
— e, fully ; — ege, super- 

plend-«, to complain; — o, 

pleonasm-r?, pleonasm. 

plet-o, tray, waiter, etc. 

pleuresi-o, pleures3\ 

pleuronekt-o, dab, flat-fish, 

plezur-o, pleasure ; — e, or 
kun — 0, with pleasure. 

■^pli, more; — kaj — , more 
and more ; -r—au mal — , 
more or less ; multe — , 
much more; — e, more- 
over, more and more ; 
mal — e, less and less ; 




— altigij to elevate, to 
make higher ; — beligi, 
to embellish; — grandigi, 
to enlarge ; — 7jmlto, the 
greatest part ; — foi'e, 
further on. 

plik-o, plica (med.). 

plomb-o, sealing-lead ; — i, 
to seal with lead. 

plor-i, to shed tears; — eti, 
to whimper; — egij to 

plot-o, roach (fish). 

■^plu, further, farther, more, 
beyond ; mi ne faros unu 
paSon plu, I shall not go 
one step farther; — a, 
which follows subse- 
quently ; — e, subse- 
quently ; n« . . . plu, no 

plug-/, to plough ; — ilo, a 

plum-o, feather, also pen ; 
— a, of a feather, 
feathery ; — ingo, pen- 
holder ; sen — igi, to 
pluck the feathers, sen 
— if/i, to moult, lose one's 
feathers ; — ajo, pinion ; 
— pill'o, shuttlecock. 

plumb-o, lead ; — i, to lead, 
to cover with lead. 

pluskvamperfekt-o, pluper- 
fect (gram.). 

plu§-(?, plush. 

plutokrati-o, plutocracy. 


pluv-o, rain ; — i, to rain ; 
— ego, downpour, heavy 
shower ; — Sh-milo, um- 

pluvi-o, plover (bird). 

pneumatik-o, pneumatics, 

*po, at the rate of, in the 
proportion of : Mi pagis 
ciun el Hi po 2 silingoj, I 
paid each of them at 
the rate of 2 shillings. 
Se mi skribos po 3 pagoj 
ciutage, If I write at the 
rate of 3 pages daily ; 
poduone, by half ; 
— grande, wholesale ; 
— detale, wholesale. 

podagr-o, gout (disease). 

podi-(?, podium (arch.). 

poem-o, poem. 

poent-o, point (at cards) ; 

poet-o, poet. 

poetik-o, poetics. 

poezi-o, poetry. 
i pokal-o, cup, goblet. 
I Pol-a, Polish ; ~o,ii Pole ; 
I — iijo, Poland. 
' polemik-^, polemics ; — i, 
to wage a polemic. 

polic-o, police ; — isto, officer 
of police; — estro, chief 
of police ; — ano, police- 

polifon^, polyphonic. 

poligami-o, polygamy. 



poliglot-0, polyglot, lin- 

poligon-o, buckwheat, 

poliklinik-o, polyclinics. 

polip-o, polypus. 

polis-(), insurance policy. 

politeism-o, polytheism. 

politeknik-o, a polytechnic, 
polytechnics ; — a lernejo, 
polytechnic school. 

politik-o, politics ; — a, 
politic; — isto, politician. 

polk-o, polka. 

poluci-o, pollution. 

polur-o, polish ; — i, to 

polus-o, pole (north or 

polv-o, dust; — ero, atom 
of dust. 

pom-o, apple ; — ujo, — arbo, 
apple-tree ; ter — o, po- 

pomad-o, pomatum. 

pomolog-o, pomology. 

pomp-o, splendour, pomp; 
— a, pompous, magni- 

ponard-o, poniard, dagger; 
— ego, pike, spear. 

pont-o, bridge ; — eto, foot- 

pontifik-o, pontiff, ponti- 
fex; — a, pontifical. 

ponton-o, pontoon. 

pop-o, pope (in the Greek 


popl-o, poplar. 

poplit-o, ham, hock, hough, 

popol-o, people; — amaso, 
populace, mob; — amas- 
ulo, a plebeian, a com- 

popular-a, popular, known 
of all classes. 

*por, in order to, for the 
benefit of, for (such and 
such purpose). 

por-o, pore ; — a, porous ; 
— eco, porosity. 

porcelaii-(?, porcelain, 


porci-o, portion, share. 

pord-o, door; — ego, gate, 
very large door, coach- 
house door ; — isto, door, 
or gate-keeper; — hoko, 

pore-o, leek. 

porfir-o, porphyry. 

pork-o, hog, pig ; — ino, 
sow; — o-viro, male hog 
or boar; — ido, sucking 

port-^, to carry, to bear; 
— 0, — ado, carriage, car- 
rying (the act) ; al — i, 
to bring, to convey (car- 
rying) ; al — 0, bringing 
(act) ; for — i, to carry 
away ; dis — i, to carry 
here and there ; dis—-igi, 
to spread oneself here 



and there; el—i, to 
bear, to endure; el — ebla^ 
endurable ; flug — i, to 
waft; neel — e5/a, unendur- 
able ; trans — i, to trans- 
port (carry) ; trans — o, 
transit; re — i, to carry 
a thing to the place 
where it was before ; 
— ajOj burden, weight 
carried ; — ilo, stretcher; 
— antOy one who carries ; 
— isto, a bearer by trade ; 
en — i, to import. 

portal-o, portal. 

portepe-o, sword belt. 

porter-o, porter (beer). 

portik-o, portico. 

portret-6>, portrait. 

Portugal-a (adj.), Portu- 
guese ; — 0, a Portuguese ; 
— ujo, Portugal. 

posed-i, to possess; — o, 
possession; — a, posses- 
sive; — a pronomo, pos- 
sessive pronoun ; — anio, 


*post, after, by (prep.); 
— a, subsequent ; — e, 
afterwards ; — o, the 
back, the posterior part ; 
— ajo, rear (of buildings, 
etc.) ; — eulo, a descend- 
ant, a successor; — eularo, 

posten-o, military station, 

guard-house ; antau — o, 

postul-i, to require; — o, 
requirement ; — ebla, 
exigible; — ebleco, exig- 
ibleness, exigibility. 

j?o^-o, pocket ; — hoi'lo^o, 

po§t-o, post (letters, etc.); 
— e,hy post ; — a, postal; 
— a kesto, letter-box ; 
— a marko, — marko, 
postage stamp ; — a 
oficejo, post-office ; — a 
mandato, money-order; 
— a karto, post-card ; 
— a stampo, postmark ; 
— a qficisto, post-official ; 
— isto, postman ; — estro, 
post-master ; — paketo, 
parcel post. 

pot-o, pot; — isto, potter; 
— farejo, pottery (place); 
— farado, pottery (the 
art) ; — apeco, potsherd. 

potas-o, potash. 

potenc-a, powerful ; — o, 
power, potency ; — i, to 
dominate ; — ulo, a 
powerful man. 

pov-i. to be able (can) ; 
—0, might, cio — a, al- 
mighty ; — iga, poten- 

poz-i, to poze ; — o, posture. 

pozitiv-a, positive. 

pozitivism-o, positivism. 




pozitivist-0, positivist. 

pra-, rear; — nepo, great 
grandson ; — avo, great 
grandfather ; — nevo, 
grandnephew ; — patroj, 

pragmatik-a, pragmatic. 

praktik-o, practice ; — a, 
practical ; — e, practi- 
cally ; — i, to practice. 

pram-o, ferry-boat. 

prav-a, right {adj.) ; viestas 
prava, you are right; 
— eco, the quality of 
being in the right ; — igi, 
to prove one right, to 
justify; — ado, justifica- 

prebend-o, prebend. 

precip-g, chiefly ; — a, prin- 

preciz-a, precise ; — eco, 
precision ; — igi, to state 
precisely ; — igi, to be- 
come cl ear; — e, precisely. 

predik-i, to preach; — o ; 
— ado, preaching; — anto, 
an occasional preacher; 
— isto, a preacher (pro- 

prefekt-o, prefect; sub — o, 
sub prefect. 

prefer-i, to prefer; — o, 
preference; — inda, pre- 
ferable ; — indeco, prefer- 
ableness; — e, preferab- 
ly, rather. 

prefiks-<?, prefix. 

pre^-i, to pray ; — o, a 
prayer ; sonigi al — o, to 
ring for prayer; — ejo, 
church or chapel (build- 
ing) ; — ejeto, small chap- 
el, oratory. 

prelat-(?, prelate. 

prelud-o, prelude. 

prem-4 to press, to squeeze ; 
— 0, pressure ; — egi, to 
crush by pressure ; dis- 
— i, to crush with dis- 
ruption of parts; al — i, 
to press against ; sub — i, 
to oppress, crush under ; 
kun — i, to compress ; 
kun — ebla, compressible ; 
kun — ebleco, compressi- 
bility ; — a, tight. 

premi-o, premium, prize, 

premis-o, premiss. 

pren-i, to take ; — o, taking 
(act); — i sur.sin, to un- 
dertake, to take charge ; 
de — i, to take from ; /<??' 
— i, to take off; kun — i, 
to carry away; — eto, a 
pinch ; — ilo, pincers, 
— ileto, small pincers; 
fajro — ilo, tongs; — i in- 
decan mienon, to assume 
an air of dignity ; al — i, 
to adopt; ek — i, to take 
hold of ; el — i, to snatch, 
take out. 




prepar-2*, to prepare; — o\ 
— adOy preparation ; — i 
siUj to get ready; — a, 
of preparation; — a?//rt, 
preparatory ; sen — a, im- 

pvepost-o, provost ; — ejo, 
provost's office {Imildg.). 

prepozici-o, preposition. 

prepuci-o, prepuce. 

prerogativ-o, prerogative. 

pres-i, to print ; — o, — ado^ 
printing; — a, of print- 
ing ; — into, printer ; 
— ejo, printing-office. 

presbiter-o, presbyter; 
— aro, presbytery. 

presbiterian-o, presbyter- 

presbiterianism-o, presby- 

*preskati, almost. 

pret a, ready; — ig% to 
make ready ; — i^i, to 
get ready ; — eco, readi- 

pretekst-o, pretext; — i, to 
pretend, to sham, to 

pretend-z, to pretend ; — o, 

*preter, (beyond) ;* — iVi, 
to go beyond ; — pasi^ to 
pass {or go) further ; — 
lasi^ to let pass, to allow 
to escape, to miss catch- 
ing up. 


preterit-o, preterite (gram.). 

prez-o, price; —aro, price 
lists;/^5a — o, fixed price; 
TTwdera — o, moderate 

prezent-z, to present, to 
offer, to represent; —o, 
— ado, presentation, re- 
presentation, (theatr.). 

prezid-?', to preside ; — o, 
presidence; — anto, pre- 

*pri, concerning, respect- 
ing, as to, about, of ; 
paroli pi libroj, to speak 
of books (about). 

prim-o, soprano, first part 

primadonin-o, prima don- 

primol-o, primrose. 

primitiv-fl, primitive. 

princ-o, prince (sovereign) ; 

-mo, princess 


young pnnce; —lando, 
principality ; — idino, 
young princess, 
princip-o, principle, 
printemp-o, spring (season); 

— a, of spring, 
prior-o, prior. 

prism-o, prism; — oforma^ 
prismatic ; tra — igi, to 
polarize (light). 
I privat-a, private, 
privilegi-o, privilege. 
! *pro, because of, on account 



of, ill place of, on behalf 
of, for. 

problem-o, problem. 

proced-t, to proceed ; — o, 
process, proceeding. 

procedur-o, procedure. 

procent-o, interest (percent- 
age); —ego, usury; — 
egisto, usurer. 

proces-o, lawsuit; — i, to 
bring an action against, 
to be a party in a law- 
suit; — a, of a lawsuit; 
— eirmb, fond of law- 

procesi-o, procession. 

produkt-i, to produce ; — o, 
— ado, production ; — ajo, 
produce, product; re — i, 
to reproduce. 

profan-i, to profane; — o, 
— ado, profanation. 

profesi-o, profession, occu- 
pation; — a {adj.), pro- 
fessional; — isto, a pro- 
fessional {noun). 

profesor-o, professor; — a, 
professorial; — eco, pro- 

profet-o, prophet ; — i, to 

profil-o, profile ; duon — o, 
three-quarter faced por- 

profilaktik-a, prophylactic 

profit-i, to profit, to benefit; 

— 0, profit; — ema, fond 


of gain ; ne — ema, disin- 
terested ; pro la — o de, 
for the benefit of; mal 
— 0, loss, detriment. 

profund-a, deep ; — o, 
depth ; — eco, profund- 
ity ; — igi, to search in- 
to; — e^a;o, chasm, abyss. 

prognoz-o, prognosis ; — i, 
to make a prognosis 

program-o, programme. 

progres-i, to progress ; — o, 
a progress; — ado, pro- 
gress (in general) ; — ema, 
a friend of progress. 

projekci-o, projection ; — i, 
to project {geom.). 

projekt-*, to project; — o, 

proklam-z, to proclaim ; 
— 0, proclamation. 

prokrast-2, to delay ; — o, 
procrastination ; — ehla, 
which may be deferred ; 
ne — ehla, not to be de- 

proksim-fl, near {adj.); — eco, 
proximity ; — e de, near ; 
— e, ii.Q2iY {adv.) ; mal—e, 
far oflf; — igi, to bring 
near; mal— igi, to dis- 
tance ; al — igi, to ap- 
proach; — ulo, our neigh- 
bour ; — ^ima, approxi- 
mate ; — ume, approxi- 



prokur-e, procuration ; — 
isto, procurator, attor- 

prokuror-o, procurator, 

proletari-o, proletarian ; 
— a, proletarian (adj.), 

prolog-o, prologue. 

promen-z, to promenade, to 
walk ; — igi, to take out 
for a walk; — o, — ado, 
walking exercise; — ejo, 
place for promenading; 
— anto, promenader. 

promes-z, to promise; — o, 

promoci-o, promotion; — i, 
to promote. 

promontor-o, promontory, 
cape, headland. 

pronom-o, pronoun ; — a, 

propagand-o, propaganda. 

propon-i, to propose, to 
offer; — o, proposal, offer. 

proporci-6>, proportion; — a, 

propozici-o, proposition 
(gram.\ sentence, state- 

propr-a, own (one's own) 
(adj.); mal—a, belong- 
ing to others; — eco, 
propriety ; — ajo, what 
is possessed ; — igi al si, 
to appropriate to oneself. 

proskripci-o, proscription. 

prospekt-o, prospectus. 

prosper-e, to succeed to, to 
have success ; prosperis 
al mi irovi, it was my 
fortune to find; I suc- 
ceeded in finding; — o, 
success ; mal — o, failure. 

prostit-i, to prostitute ; 
— ado, prostitution ; sin 
— i, to be a prostitute. 

protagonist-o, protagonist. 

protekt-i, to protect; — o, 
protection; — anto, pro- 
tector ; — ato, protege. 

protest-«, to protest; — o, 
protest; — anto, protest- 

protestant-o, a protestant; 
— a, protestant (adj.). 

protestantism-^?, protest- 

protokol-o, report, authen- 
tic minute in writing 
made immediately on 
the spot. 

protoplasm-o, protoplasm. 

prototip-o, prototype. 

protuberanc-o, protuber- 
ance (anut.). 

prov-i, to try, to attempt 
to; — 0, trial, endeavour, 

proverb-o, proverb ; — a, 

provinc-o, province. 

provincialism-o, provincial- 




proviz-2, to provide; — o, 
provision ; — oj, provi- 
sions ; — ejo, room where 
provisions are kept. 

provizor-ci, provisional. 

provos-o, provost. 

proz-o, prose; — a, prosaic. 

prozelit-o, proselyte. 

prozelitism-o, proselytism. 

prozodi-o, prosody. 

prudent-ft, reasonable ; — o, 
reason ; — eco, the qual- 
ity of a reasonable man ; 
sen — a, deprived of rea- 
son ; mal — a, foolish (not 
mad) ; — igi, to render 
reasonable ; — igi, to be- 
come reasonable. 

prujn-o, white frost. 

prun-o, plum ; — vjo, —arho, 

pnmel-o, sloe ; — ujo, sloe- 

prunt-^, on loan (adv.) ; — i, 
to lend ; — o, loan ; 
— a7ito, an occasional 
lender ; — isio, a money- 
lender; — e preni, to 

Prus-a {adj.), Prussian; — o, 
a Prussian ; — ujo, — lando, 

prusblu-ft (adj.), Prussian 
blue; — (noun), Prus- 
sian blue. 

pniv-t, to prove; — o, 

psalm-^, psalm ; — aro, 
psalter ; — isto, psalmist. 

pseiidonim-fl, pseudonym. 

psik-ft, psychical, psychic. 

psikiatri-o, psychiatry 


psikolog-o, psychologist. 

psikologio, psychology. 

publicist-^?, publicist. 

publik-(), public (the) ; —a, 
public (adj.) ; — igi, to 

pudel-(?, spaniel. 

puding-o, pudding. 

pudr-o, hair-powder, etc. ; 
riz — 0, rice-powder; — i; 
to powder, 

puf-o, puff; — igi, to pufl' 
out (trans.) ; — i^i, to puff 
out (neut.). 

pugn-o, fist. 

pul-o, flea. 

pul6mel-o, punch, punchi- 

pulm-o, lung ; —a, pulmon- 

puls-o, pulse ; — halo, pul- 

pulv-o, gunpowder. 

pulvor-o, dust; — igi, to 
reduce to dust, to pul- 

pumik-c, pumice-stone. 

pump-i, to pump; — ilo, a 

pun-i, to punish, to chast- 
ise ; — 0, punishment. 




chastisement ; mona — o, 
a fine. 

punc-c^, crimson-red (noun); 
— a, crimson-red (adj.). 

pund-o, punch. 

piinkt-o, point, full stop; 
du — 0, colon ; — o de- 
manda, note of interro- 
gation; — ekkria, note 
of exclamation ; — o komo, 

punt-o, lace ; point lace. 

pup-o, doll. 

pupil-o, pupil (the apple of 
the eye). 

pupitr-o, desk, writing- 

pur-«, clean, pure; — eco, 
cleanliness, purity; —igi, 
to clean, to purify ; — igi 
to become clean, to get 
purified ; mal — a, un- 
clean, dirty ; mal — eco, 
uncleanness, dirtiness ; 
mal — ajo, foul thing, 
dirty act; mal — igi, to 
soil, to dirty; m>al — i^i, 

to dirty oneself, to get 
soiled ; el — ajo, excre- 

Purgatori-o, Purgatory. 

puriten-o, puritan (noun). 
— a, puritan (adj.). 

puritanism-o, puritan- 


purpur-o, purple (noun) ; 
— a, purple (adj.). 

pus-o, pus (corrupt matter). 

pustul-o, pustule. 

pug-^, to push ; — o, a push ; 
re — i, to repulse, to push 
back; tra — i, to push 
through, to force through ; 
inter — o, a m^lee, con- 
fused scuffle. 

put-o, a well. 

putor-o, polecat. 

putr-i, to rot to be in a 
state of putrefaction ; 
— 0, — ado, state of putre- 
faction ; — ajo, rotten 
things, anything in pu- 
trefaction ; — i^i, to get 


rabarb-o, rhubarb. I — isto, robber, brigand ; 

rab-i, to pillage, to seize for — o, rape. 

and carry by force ; to j rabat-i, to abate, to deduct 
rob, to plunder ; — ado, I to take off; — o, discount, 
pillage, brigandage ; j deduction. 



raben-(?, rabbi. 

rabi-o, rabies, rabid- 
ness; — a, mad, rav- 

rabot-t, to plain; — ilo, a 
plane ; — ajo, shavings 
(of wood). 

raci-o, sense, rationality 
(only applied to words or 
deeds); — a, rational. 

racionalism-o, rationalism. 

rad-o, wheel; — spinilo, 
spinning-wheel; — kavo, 

radi-o, ray (of light), spoke 
of wheel, radius of cir- 
cumference; — i, to radi- 
ate, to shine. 

radik-o, root ; — a, radical ; 
en — i, to root, to incul- 
cate deeply; — vmio, — 0, 
root-word; — parto, the 

radikal-a, radical (adj.) ; 

radikalism-o, radicalism. 

radium-o, radium. 

rafan-o, horse-radish; — eto, 

rafin-i, to refine ; — ejo, 
sugar refinery ; — isto, 

T&yo, ray, skate (fish). 

rajd-i, to ride; — antOj a 
rider occasionally; — isto, 

rajt-o, right to something ; | 

— «, rightly, properly; 
— igi, to give right to 
some one; — igo, power 
to act for another, power 
of attorney. 

raket-o, fusee, rocket. 

rakont-^, to relate, to tell ; 
— 0, narrative; mir — o, 
fairy tale. 

ral-o, crake, rail (bird). 

ramp-i, to creep, to climb; 
sur — i, to creep upon, to 
climb upon; —ajo, rep- 
tile; for — i, to creep or 
climb hastily away. 

ran-o, frog. 

ranc-a, rancid. 

rand-o, edge, border; — ajo^ 
all the part on the edge 
or border. 

rang-o, rank, grade, dignity; 
grand — a, alt — a, of 
high rank or grade ; 
grand — ulo, alt — ido, dig- 
nitary, man of high 

ranunkol-o, ranunculus. 

rap-o, long-radish. 

rapid-a, rapid, quick, 
prompt; — i, to hasten 
{neut.); — igi, to hasten 
(trans.)', — eco, rapidity, 
quickness, promptitude ; 
— aga, expeditive; — ega, 
one that goes full speed; 
mat — a, slow; maC—ecOy 
slowness ; tro — a, hur- 




ried; tro — eco^ too great 
a hurry ; — ire, at 
full speed, by express; 
mal — ire, per slow train. 

rapir-o, foil (fencing). 

raport-i, to report; — o, a 
report; — anto, reporter. 

rapsod-o, rhapsodist 

rapsodi-(?, rhapsody. 

ras-o, race. 

rasp-i, to rasp, to grate ; 
— ilo, grater. 

rast-i, to rake ; — ilo, a 

rastidl-o, music-pen (for 

rat-o, rat. 

rauk-a, hoarse; — eco, 
hoarseness ; — igi, to 
make hoarse, to cause 
I hoarseness ; — i^i, to get 
I hoarse ; — i^o, hoarse- 
ness suffered. 

ratip-o, caterpillar; si/^a — o, 

rav-2, to enrapture, to 
exalt; — a, enchanting, 

raz -^, to shave; — ilo, razor. 

re-, again, anew, back : re- 
donu al mi la libron kiun 
mi pimntis al vi, return 
me the book which I 
lent you ; refaru vian 
ekzercon, do your exer- 
cise over again; — paroli, 
to reply ; — diri, to re- 


ply ; — doni, to give 
back; —jeti, to reject, to 
throw back ; — salti, to 
rebound ; —juni§i, to 
grow young again; ree, 
anew {adv.). 

reakci-o, reaction ; — ido, 

real-a, real; — eco, reality. 

real-(?, Spanish coin, 

realism-o, realism. 

realist-o, realist. 

rebus-o, rebus. 

recenz-i, to revise ; — o. 
recension ; revision ; 
— anto, reviser. 

recept-o, doctor's prescrip- 
tion, receipt, recipe. 

reciprok-a, reciprocal, mu- 
tual ; — eco, reciprocity ; 
— e, reciprocally. 

recitativ-o, recitative. 

redakci-o, editorship, edi- 
torial department. 

redakt-i, to edit ; — o, 
— ado, editor's duties ; 
— anto, editor. 

redaktor-o, sub-editor; cef 
— 0, chief editor. 

redingot-o, frock-coat. 

redukci-o, reduction; — i, 
to reduce. 

redut-o, redoubt (fortif.). 

ref-o, reef (of sail). 

referat-o, report on refer- 



references, reference. 

referendari-o, referee. 

refleksiv-a, {adj.), reflexive. 

reflekt-^, to reflect; — o, 
reflection ; — a, reflex, 

reformaci-o, reformation. 

refut-e, to refute. 

reg-f, to govern, to rule, to 
reign; super — % to pre- 
dominate ; — anto, re- 
gent ; — ato, subject ; 
— istaro, the ministry, 
or political government 
of the state ; — ado, 
governing, rule (ac- 

regal-i, to treat, to feast 
(some one); — o, a treat 
(eating and drinking) ; 
— a, pertaining to a 

regatt-o, regatta. 

regeneraci-o, regeneration. 

regi-o, state monopoly. 

regiment-o, regiment. 

region-o, region, countr3\ 

registr-f, to register; — o, 
register, list ; — olihro, 
book in which registra- 
tion is entered ; — ado, 
registration of title. 

reglement-o, regulation. 

regn-o, State; — estro, head 
of the State ; — a, of the 
State ; — ano, a citizen 
of a republican State, a 

subject of a monarchical 

regol-o, wren. 

regres-o, regress, regres- 

regul-o, rule (to be followed 
in conduct, study, etc.); 
— aro, body of rules; 
— a, regular, conform to 
rule ; — igi, to regulate ; 
—eco, regularity. 

re^-o, king; — ido, crown 
prince ; regno — a, king- 
dom ; — i, to be king, to 
reign ; — eco, kingship ; 
demeti la — econ, to abdi- 
cate; la Tri — oj, Twelfth 

region-o, system of govern- 
ment, regimen. 

regisoro, stage-manager. 

Rejn-o, Rhine. 

rejs-{?, reis (coin). 

reklam-o, advertising. 

rekommend-z, to commend 
(persons or things); — o, 

rekompenc-i, to reward ; 
— 0, reward. 

rekord-rv, record. 

rekrement-o, dross, spume 
(brewers' grain). 

rekrut-o, recruit ; — igo, 
recruiting; Icolekfado de 
— oj, conscription. 

rekt-rt, straight, direct, un- 
deviating ; — e, straight- 




forwardly, directly ; 
— eco, rectitude, up- 
rightness; — igi, to 
straighten; inal — a, de- 
viating, not straight ; 
mal — igi, to deviate ; 
mal — igOj deviation (act); 
mal — eco, state of devia- 
tion ; — a komplemento, 
direct object {gram.). 

rektor-o, rector ; — eco^ 
rectorate; — ejo^ rectory. 

rekviem-o, requiem. 

rekvizici-o, requisition 

rekvizit-o, requisite. 

rel-o, rail. 

relativ-ft, relative {gram.). 

relief-o, relief, relievo ; 
— ig% to emboss, to 
work in relief. 

religi-o, religion; — a, re- 
ligious ; — ulo, religious 

rem-2, to row ; — ilo^ oar. 

rembur-i, to stuff (chairs, 
etc.); — 0, — ado, act of 
stuffing, padding ; — a^o, 
result of the padding. 

remiz-o, coach-house, lock- 
up, garage. 

remont-i, to supply cavalry 
horses ; — o, remount, 
supply to cavalry. 

iempar-o, bulwark. 

remter-o, refectory (mon- 
astery, etc.). 

ren-o, kidney; — a, renal. 

rendevu-o, rendezvous. 

renegat-o, — a, renegade. 

renesanc-o, renaissance. 

renkont-i, to meet; — o, 
meeting ; iri al la — o de^ 
to go to meet ; — i§% to 
meet together. 

renovig-o, renovation. 

rent-o, income ; — ulo, one 
who lives on his in- 
come, independent man; 
— umo, interest of 
money ; dumviva — o, 
— umo, life annuity. 

renvers-i, to upset; — igi, 
to get upset; el — ^, to 

repertuar-o, repertory, 
stock of . . ., list of . . . 

reprezent-i, to represent. 

reputaci-o, reputation. 

reskript-o, rescript. 

respekt-i, to respect; — o, 
respect ; — a, respectful 
— inda, respectable 
— iiideco, respectability 
— egi, to venerate; — ego, 
veneration, reverence. 

respektiv-f, respectively ; 
— a, respective. 

respond-z, to respond, to 
answer; — i pi, to be 
responsible for ; — o, 
response, answer ; — a, 
answering to, for, etc. ; 
la voiio — aal . . . estas . . .. 




the word answering to... 
is ... ; vi estas — a pri tio 
ci, you are answerable 
for this ; — eco, response, 
responsibility, la tuta 
— eco ; nenia — eco. 

respublik-o, republic; — a, 

rest-^■, to remain ; — 0, 
remainder; — ajo, what 
remains ; la — ajo de mia 
kuko, the remainder of 
my cake ; — ado, the act 
of remaining, staying, 

restoraci-o, restaurant; 
— estro, restaurant- 

resum-^, to sum up; — 0, 

ret-o, net, netting. 

retin-o, retina. 

retor-o, rhetor. 

retorik-o, rhetoric. 

retort-(9, retort (chem.). 

retroaktiv-a, retroactive. 

retrospektiv-o^, retrospec- 

retlmatism-^?, rheumatism; 
— ulo, one suffering from 

rev-i, to dream (awake), 
to fancy ; el — igi, dis 
— igij to get disen- 
chanted, to lose one's 
illusions; — eti, to 

revent-o, revenge. 

revizi-o, revision; — i, to 
revise; — isto, reviser. 

revoluci-o, revolution; 
— ulo, revolutionary 

revolver-o, revolver. 

revu-o, review (journal). 

rezed-o, mignonette. 

rezeiv-i, to reserve; — 0, 
act of keeping in re- 
serve ; — ajo, what is 
kept in reserve. 

rezign-z, to 



rezignaci-o, resignation. 

rezin-o, rezin. 

rezoluci-o, resolution. 

rezon-^, to reason ; — ado, 

rezlllt-^, to have for result ; 
— ato, result. 

rib-o, currant; — ujo, cui'- 
rant bush; blankaj — qj, 
white currants. 

ribel-?, to rebel; — 0, re- 
bellion ; — igi, 
to rebellion 

ricev-i, to receive, to ob- 
tain ; to get, to derive ; 
— 0, reception, obtain- 

ricin-o, castor-oil plant. 

rit-a, rich; —-eco, wealth 
— i^i, to grow rich 
— i^o, the getting rich 

to incite 
; — anto, 




— igi, to enrich ; — igo^ 
the act of enriching ; 
mal — a, poor; mal — igi, 
to impo\ erish ; mal — igi, 
to get poor; — ulo, a 
rich man ; mal — ulo, a 
poor man ; mal — ulejo, 
shelter for the poor, re- 
fuge ; mal — eco, poverty. 
rid-i, to laugh ; — <?, laugh- 
ter ; — eti, to smile ; 
— eto, smile; — egi, to 
guffaw ; — inda, laugh- 
able ; — inde. risibly ; 
— indajo, ridiculous 
— indeco, risi- 


lif-o, reef, breaker. 

rifug-z, to take refuge ; — o, 
refuge ; — ej-o, asylum, 

rifuz-i, to refuse; — o, re- 

rigard-i, to look ; — o, look ; 
ek — i, to cast a look; 
tra — i, to look right 
through ; — adi, to con- 
template; ek — 0, a glance. 

rigid-a, stiff, rigid ; — eco, 
stiffness, rigidity. 

ng\-i, to bolt ; — ilo, bolt. 

rigor-a, rigorous ; — eco, 

rikan-^, to grin, to sneer; 
— 0, — ado, a grin, a 

rikolt-z, to gather, to reap ; 
I 1 

— Of harvest; il — o, 
sickle ; ban — a jaro, a 
fertile year. 

rilat-i, to relate, to be re- 
lated to ; — 0, relation ; 
inter — o, to have mutual 
relation ; — e al, in re- 
gard to; concerning; in 
respect of. 

rim-o, rhyme ; — i, to 

rimark-i, to remark; — o, 
remark ; — ifida, remark- 

rimed-o, means, way out of. 

rimen-o, strap, thong. 

rimes-i, to remit (funds) ; 
— 0, remittance. 

ring-o, ring ; — ego, hoop. 

rinocer-o, rhinoceros. 

rip-o, rib. 

ripar-i, to repair, to mend 
(trans.) ; — o, — ajo, 
amend, reparation, mend- 

ripet-i, to repeat ; — o, 
— ado, repetition. 

ripoz-i, to repose, to rest ; 
— 0, — ado, rest, repose ; 
— igi, to cause to rest. 

riproft-i, to reproach; — o, 
reproach ; — inda, de- 
serving reproach ; ne 
— inda, irreproachable. 

risk-i, to risk ; — o, risk ; 
sen — a, without risk 
(adj.), sure, safe. 



rism-0, a ream (of paper), 
risort-o, spring (mach.). 
lit-o, rite, ritual; — libro, 

a ritual, 
ritm-o, rhythm, 
river-o, river, stream ; 

— eto, brook, rivulet ; 

— ego, huge river, 
riverenc-o, reverence ; — i, 

to make an obeisance, 
riz-o, rice. 
rob-o, robe, gown, 
rod-o, roadstead (sea), 
rodium 0, rhodium, 
rojalism-o, royalism. 
rojalist-o, royalist. 
rok-o, rock. 
rokoko, rococo, debased 

style of art. 
rol-o, role, part in a 

roman-o, novel (a). 
romanc-o, ballad, song. 
romantik-o, romanticism ; 

— a, romantic ; — ulo, 

romb-o, rhomb ; —Jiso, a 

romp-i, to break ; — o, rup- 
ture; dis — i, to part by 

rond-o, circle ; — a, round ; 

— eco, roundness ; — igi, 

to make round. 
ronk-i, to snore ; — o, 

snoring (noun). 
Tos-Oj dew. 

rosmar-o, walrus. 

rosmaren-o, rosemary. 

rost-i, to roast; — a/o, roast- 
meat ; pan — ajo, toasted 

rostbef-o, roastbeef. 

rostr-o, trunk (of an ele- 
phant, of insects); — eto, 
stigma (bot.). 

rot-o, company (milit.). 

rotond-o, rotunda. 

roz-o, rose (flower) ; —Moro, 
pink {noun), — Mora, or 
— a, pink {adj.), — o, 
sova§a, hip, eglantine ; 
altea — o, hollyhock. 

rozari-o, rosary. 

rub-o, rubbish (from de- 

ruband-o, ribbon. 

ruben-o, ruby. 

mbidi-o, rubidium. 

rubl-o, rouble, ruble. 

rubrik-o, rubric, head- 

rubus-o, blackberry. 

ru^-a, red ; — o, red {noun), 
— igi, to make red ; — igi, 
to blush ; — eco, redness ; 
— ajo, red marks, reddish 
spots ; duhe — a, reddish ; 
sin — igi, to use rouge on 
one's face. 

ruin-(?/', ruins ; — a, in 
ruins ; — igi, to cause 
ruin of anything; — igo, 
the act of ruining; 




— i0, to fall into ruins ; 
— i^o, the act of falling 
into ruins. 

rak.t-i, to eructate ; — o, 

rul-i, to roll, to cause to 
roll : — i barelon, to roll 
a barrel; — o, roll, roller ; 
— ado, act of rolling; 
— i§i, to roll on itself 
(like a wheel, a ball, 
etc.) ; — iganta Mono 
musJcon ne kolekfas, a roll- 
ing stone gathers no 
moss ; de — ^, to distance 
from one point to an- 
other by rolling; kun — i, 
to roll together : mi 
kun — as cigaredon, I 
am rolling a cigarette ; 
— kurfeno, roller blind. 

rulad-o, roulade (mus.). 

rum-o, rum. 

Ruman-a (adj. ), Roumanian; 
— 0, a Roumanian ; — ujo, 
— lando, Roumania. 

Rus-a, Russian (adj.) ; — o, 
a Russian ; — iijo, — lando, 
Russia ; —ujano, mem- 
ber of the Russian 

rust-i, to rust; — o, — ado, 
rusting ; — ajo, rust ; 
— igi, to get rusted; 
— i§o, the getting rusted. 

ru§-o, ruche, ruching. 

rat-Oj rue (bot.). 

ratemum-o, ruthenium. 

rutin-o, routine; — a, rou- 
tinary ; — ulo, routine 

nz-a, cunning ; — i, to use 
cunning ; — o, cunning, 
ruse, stratagem ; — ulo^ 
a cunning man. 


sabat-o, Saturday. 

sabelik-o, savoy cabbage. 

sabl-o, sand; — ejo, sand- 
pit; — eto, small sand; 
— eca, sandy; — i, to 
sand, to cover with sand ; 
— ero, grain of sand ; 
— ajo, sandbank. 

sabr-(9, sabre; — i, — abati, 
to sabre. 


safir-o, sapphire. 
safran-<7, saffron. 
sagac-«, sagacious; — ecOj 

sag-o, arrow; — wjo, quiver. 
a&gVL-o, sago, 
sa^-a, wise ; — o, sense, 

wisdom : la — o eterna, 

the eternal wisdom ; 

— eco, quallity of the 



wise; — ulo, a wise man ; 
a sage; — igi, to make 
wise ; — ^^^, to become 
wise ; mal — a, foolish, 
silly; mal — eco, foolish- 
ness; mal — ulo, a fool; 
mal — ajo, folly (not mad- 

saik'O, sack; — eto, bag, 
small sack. 

sakr-o, sacrum, sacral bone. 

sakrament-o, sacrament. 

sakrilegi-<9, sacrilege. 

sakristi-o, sacristy; — ano, 

Saks-a, (adj.), Saxon ; —o, 
a Saxon ; — ujo, — laTido, 

sal-o, salt; — a, salt (adj.); 
— ^, to salt; — igi, to 
salify ; — igebla, salifi- 
able; — ujo, salt-cellar. 

salajr-o, salary, wages, pay. 

salamandr-o, salamander. 

salamoniak-o, sal ammo- 

salat-o, salad. 

sald-o, balance of account; 
— i, to settle an account. 

salik-o, willow; — ejo, wil- 
low plantation ; — ajo, 

salikari-6i, willow-herb. 

saliv-o, saliva. 

salm-o, salmon. 

salon-o, saloon, drawing- 
room, reception room. 

salpetr-o, saltpetre. 

salt-i, to jump ; — o, r, 
jump, a leap ; — egi, to 
caper, to frisk, to skip ; 
— ego, a bound ; el — ulo, 
a parvenu. 

salut-t, to salute ; — o, salu- 
tation, salute. 

salv-o, saho, volley, dis- 

salvi-o, sage (plant). 

sam-a, same ; — tempe, at 
the same time (adv.) ; 
idcano, partisan, follower, 
sympathiser ; mal — eco, 

samari-o, samarium. 

sumbuk-o, elder (tree). 

samovar-o, samovar (Rus- 
sian tea-urn). 

san-ft, healthy, in good 
health; — o, health (in 
a general sense) ; — eco, 
state of good health; 
— i, to enjoy good 
health; — iga, health giv- 
ing; mal — a, ill ; mal — o, 
illness ; mal — eco, state 
of illness ; mal — em^t, 
sickly ; mal — ulo, a 
patient; mal — ulisto, 
sick nurse (professional) ; 
mal — ulejo, hospital, in- 
firmary ; re — igi, to cure ; 
re — igi, to get cured; 
re — igo, convalescence ; 
re — iganto, convalescent ; 




— adulto, in- 

remal — o, relapse; remal 
— i(jo, relapse experienc- 
ed ; re — igehla^ curable ; 
nere — igehla, incurable. 

sandal-o, sandal wood. 

sandr-<), perch, pike. 

sang-o, blood ; — a, of 
blood, sanguineous; 
— adoj hemorrbage; 
— verso^ effusion of blood ; 
— ellaso, bleeding {norni), 
blood letting ; perdi — o??, 
— adi, to bleed ; — adi el 
la nazo, to bleed from the 
nose ; — ema, bleeding 
easily ; 
nary ; 

sangvin-a, sanguine ; — ulo, 
sanguine person. 

sankci-o, sanction ; — i, to 

sankt-«, holy, sacred; — eco, 
holiness, sacredness; 
— igi, to sanctify ; — iyi, 
to be sanctified; — ejo, 
sanctuary, temple; — ulo, 
a saint; — akvvjo, holy 
water basin. 

sanskrit-o, Sanscrit. 

santal-o, sandal- wood. 

sap-o, soap ; — eca, soapy. 

Sard-a (adj'), Sardinian ; 

— 0, a Sardinian ; —njo, 


sardel-o, ^ ■,. 

,. ' sardine. 
sardm-(?, j 


sark-^', to weed. 

sarkasm-o, sarcasm ; — a, 

sarkofag-o, sarcophagus. 

sat-a, satiated ; — igi^ to 
satiate ; mat — a, hungry, 
mal — 0, hunger; mal — % 
to hunger; gis — e, till 
satiety (is reached). 

Satan-o, Satan. 

satir-o, satire. 

satirus-o, a satyr. 

satrap-o, satrap. 

satur-i, to saturate, 

satic-o, sauce. 

sav-i, to save ; — anto, 
saviour (who saves) ; 
— into, saviour (who has 
saved) ; — o, salvation. 

scen-o, scene, stage (tlie- 

sceptr-o, sceptre. 

sci-i, to know {verb) ; — o, 

— ado, exact knowledge 

of certain things; sen 

la — de, unknown to ; 

— igi, to advise, to give 

notice ; — igo, advice, 

notice, information ; 

— iiji, to learn, to be 

apprised of something ; 

antafi — igi, to let it be 

known beforehand ; ne 

— ato, something un- 

j known ; — ama, studious; 

I ne — i, to be ignorant of. 




scienc-0, science ; — ulo, 

sciur-(?, squirrel. 

^se, if, whether. If in 
indirect query, cu must 
be used : Dim al mi, 
cu via fratino venos, Tell 
me whether (1) your 
sister will come. 

seb-o, tallow ; — a, of 
tallow ; — i, to tallow ; 
— eca, sebaceous. 

■*^sed, but. 

seg-i, to saw ; — ilo, a saw. 

segment-o, segment. 

se^-o, chair; — ego, arm- 
chair, brak — o, armchair. 

sek-a, dry ; — eco, dryness ; 
— igi, to dry, to drain ; 
— igi, to dry up, to waste 
away ; mal — a, wet 
(adj.) ; mal — eco, wet 
(noun) ; mal — igi, to get 

sekal-6>, rye. 

sekc-^, to dissect; — o, 
— ado, dissection ; — anto, 

sekci-o, section (part of 

sekret-o, secret (noun) ; 
— a, secret, clandestine ; 
— igi, to secrete, to 
make secret, to keep 

sekretari-o, secretary ; 

— eco, secretaryship ; 

ejo — , the office (place) 
of a secretary. 

seks-o, sex; — a, sexual. 

sekst-o, a sixth {mus.). 

sekt-o, sect. 

sektor-o, sector (geom.). 

sekulariz-i, to secularize; 
— 0, secularization. 

sekund-o, second (of time). 

sekundant-o, second (in a 

sekv-i, to follow; — anta, 
following, which follows; 
— antaro, the suite, the 
cortege; — o, the con- 
sequence ; — e, conse- 
quently ; inter — e, con- 

sel-o, saddle; — i, to saddle; 
sen — igi, to unsaddle. 

selakt-o, whey. 

selen-o, selenum. 

sem-^, to sow ; 


— ado, sowing time ; 
dis — i, dis — adi, dissem- 
inate; — ilo, corndrill 
for sowing wheat. 

semafor-o, semaphore. 

semajn-o, week ; ciu — a, 
weekly (adj.); ciu — e, 
weekly (adv.). 

semid-o, semite ; — a, 

seminari-o, seminary ; 

— an/), seminarist. 

*sen-, without ; — riska, 
sure, safe; — honta, 




shameless ; — igi je, to 
strip of, to deprive of; 
— maskigi, to unmask ; 
— kajpigi, to behead ; 
— vestigi, to undress ; 
— Idborulo, idle man ; 
— taUgulo, good for no- 
thing fellow ; — atente, 
unawares ; — eco, penury. 

senat-o, senate ; — ano, 

senc-o, sense, meaning 
(never applied to per- 
sons); sen — a, meaning- 
less; sen — ajo, nonsense. 

send-^, to send ; — o, send- 
ing (noun) ; — ajo, the 
things sent; — ito, an 
envoy, a special messen- 
ger; dis — i, to send 
right and left. 

sensaci-(>, sensation ; —a, 

sent-i, to feel, to experi- 
ence ; — 0, feeling ; 
— ema, sensitive ; — ama, 
sensual; — ebla, sensible; 
— emo, sensibility; akre 
— a, acutely sensitive ; 
antau — i, to have a pre- 
sentiment of. 

sentenc-<?, sentence (jud,^- 

sentimental-a, sentimen- 

*sep-, seven ; — a, seventh : 
— ono, seventh part. 

sepi-o, cuttle-fish. 

Septembr-o, September. 

septet-o, septett (mus.). 

seraf-o, seraph. 

serajl-o, seraglio. 

Serb-a (adj.), Servian ; — o, 
a Servian ; — ujo, — lando, 

seit-ij to seek, to look for. 

seren-a, serene, fair, un- 
ruffled; — eco, serenity. 

serenad-o, serenade. 

sergent-o, sergeant. 

seri-o, series. 

serioz-a, serious ; — eco, 

serpent-o, serpent ; son — o, 

senir-o, lock; — isto, lock- 

serv-i, to serve; — o, 
service ; fari — on^ to 
do a service; — isto^ 
servant ; — ema^ ser- 
viceable ; — emo, ser- 
viceableness, usefulness ; 
— emulo, fawner, go-be- 
tween, an officious man ; 
Di — divine service ; 
Di — anto, servant of God. 

servic-o, courses (at table). 

servut-(7, servitude; — ulo, 
a serf. 

*ses-, six; — a, sixth; 
— ono, sixth part. 

sever-a, severe ; — eco, 
severity ; mal — a, too 




indulgent ; mal — i, to 
be too indulgent ; — ege, 
very strictly. 

aevrag-o, starlet sturgeon. 

sezon-o, season. 

sfer-o, sphere. 

sfinks-<9, sphinx. 

sfinkter-o, sphincter {tin at.) 

*si, self (oneself) ; sia, his, 
her, hers, its, its own 
(when the possessor is 
the subject of the claused 

Siberi-o, Siberia ; — a (adj.), 
Siberian ; — ano, a 

sibl-i, to hiss, to whistle 
(as the wind). 

sid-z, to be sitting, to sit, 
to be perched ; — igi, to 
cause to sit ; — igi, to sit 
down ; — ejo, seat, place 
where one sits ; kun — o, 
sitting, stance. 

sie^-i, to besiege; — o, a 
siege ; — antqj, the, 
besiegers ; — atoj, the 

sifilis-o, syphilis. 

sifon-o, syphon. 

sigel-i, to seal ; — ilo, seal ; 
sen — igi, to unseal ; 
vaJcs — 0, sealing-wax. 

sign-o, sign, mark ; — i, to 
mark ; post — o, trace, 
track, footsteps, vestige ; 
pied — 0, footprint. 

signal-o, signal ; — diro, 

signif-z, to signify; — o, 
signification; sen — a, in- 

silaib-o, syllable; — i, l-o 

silent-i, to be silent; — i 
pri, to be silent about; 
— 0, silence ; — a, silent ; 
— igi, to quiet, to cause 
to be silent ; — igi, to 
become silent. 

silf-o, carrion-beetle, black- 


silici-0, silicium. 

silik-o, flint, silex. 

silk-o, silk ; — a, of silk ; 

— eca, silky, silken ; 

— a raupo, silk- worm, 
silogism-o, syllogism, 
siluet-o, silhouette. 
silur-o, silurus (fish), shad, 
silvi-o, warbler (bird), 

simbol-o, symbol. 
simbolik-^, symbolics. 
simetri-o, symmetry; — a, 

simfoni-o, symphony, 
simi-o, ape, monkey ; — a. 

simil-a, similar, like ; — eco, 

resemblance, similarity ; 

— i, to resemble ; ■ — igi, 

to assimilate; — i§i, to 

become like. 




simpati-0, sympathy ; — a, 
sympathetic; — i, to 

simpl-a, simple, single, 
mere ; — eco, singleness ; 
— ig% to simplify ; — i§i, 
to become simple ; 
pli — igi, to simplify 
more; pli — i§% to be- 
come simpler; pli — i§o, 
the getting simpler ; 
— anima, ingenuous ; 
mal — a, compound ; 

mal — igi, to complicate; 
— animulo, a simpleton. 

simptom-o, symptom. 

sinagog-o, synagogue. 

sinap-{?, mustard plant, 

sincer-a, sincere, open ; 
— eco, sincerity, open- 

sindik-o, syndic. 

sindikat-o, syndicate. 

sindon-a, devoted ; — o, 
— eco, devotion. 

sinedri-o, sanhedrim. 

singardem-a, cautious ; — o, 

singult-i, to hiccup; — o, 

sinjor-o, Mr., sir, gentle- 
man ; — ino, Mrs., 
Madam, lady ; la Sinjwo, 
the Lord (God). 

sinkop-o, syncope. 

sinod-o, synod. 

sinonim-o, synonym. 

sinoptik-a, synoptic, synop- 
tical ; — ulo, synoptist. 

sinovi-a, synovial (anat). 

sintaks-o, syntax. 

sintez-o, synthesis ; — a, 

siren-o, siren (myth.), mer- 

Siri-a, Syrian (adj.); — o, 
Syria ; — <ino, a Syrian. 

siring-o, lilac. 

sirop-o, syrup. 

sistem-o, system. 

sitel-o, pail. 

situaci-o, situation, posi- 

skahel-o, stool, footstool. 

skaben-c, alderman, juror. 

skabi-o, itch, scab, etc. 

skadr-o, squadron (army). 

skal-o, scale; la—o de via 
karfo, the scale of your 
map; la — o de lia voco, 
the scale of his voice. 

skalp-o, scalp. 

skandal-o, scandal ; — i, to 

skandi-o, scandium. 

skandinav-a', Scandinavian. 

skapol-o, shoulder blade, 

skarab-(?, beetle. 

skarifik-i, to scarify, to 
cup : — 0, cupping ; — ilo, 

skarlat-o, scarlet. 




skarlatin-0, scarlatina. 

skarp-o, scarf. 

skat-o, skating-rink. 

skatol-o, small box or case. 

skelet-o, skeleton. 

skem-o, schema ; — a, 
schematic; — i, to sche- 

skeptik-a, sceptical (adj.); 
— eco, scepticism. 

skerm-i, to fence; — o, 
fencing ;profesoro de — o, 
fencing master. 

skerz-o, scherzo. 

skism-o, schism ; — a, schis- 

skiz-i, to sketch; — o, 

sklav-o, slave ; — a, of 
slave, servile ; — ema, 
cringing, slavish ; — emo, 
servility ; — eco, slavery ; 
— igi, to reduce to 

skolastik-a, scholastic 


skolop-o, woodcock. 

skolopendr-o, centipede. 

skombr-o, mackerel. 

skorbut-(?, scurv3\ 

skori-o, scoria, dross, slag. 

skorpi-o, scorpion. 

skorzones-o, black salsify. 

Skot-a, Scottish ; — o, a 
Scot, a Scotchman ; 
— laTido, Scotland. 

skrap-i, to scrape, to 

scratch ; — ^/o, eraser, 
scraper, etc. ; ungo — i, 
to scratch with the 
finger-nails; — o, — ado, 
erasure, scratching (the 
act) ; de — ajo, the part 
scraped off, or scratched. 

skrib-i, to write ; — o, writ- 
ing (what is written); 
la sankta — o, holy writ; 
— ado, the art of writ- 
ing ; hel — ado, calli- 
graphy ; — a, in writing 
{adj.); — e, in writing 
{adv.) ; — isto, a scribe, a 
copyist, etc. ; de — i, to 
extract, to copy from ; 
trans — i, to transcribe, 
al — i, to ascribe; en — i, 
to inscribe, to write in ; 
en — 0, inscription in ; 
sur — i, to write on ; 
sur — 0, placard, bill 
stuck on ; sur — eto, label, 
ticket; suh — 4, to sub- 
scribe ; sub — 0, subscrip- 
tion ; pi — i, to describe ; 
pri — 0, description. 

skrofol-o, scrofula. 

skrupul-o, scruple ; — a, 

sku-^, to shake; — o, a 
shake ; — i§i, to shake, 
to be shaken ; ne — ehlo, 
that cannot be shaken. 

skulpt-^, to sculpture, to 
carve ; — ado, sculpture 




(art) ; — ajo, sculpture 
(the work done); — ^, 
sculptural ; — isto, 

sculptor ; — ilo, chisel 
of sculptor. 

skun-o, schooner. 

skur^-<7, whip, knout ; — z, 
to scourge. 

skvam-{?, scales (of fish). 

Slav-(i, Slavonic, Slavic 
{adj.) ; — 0, a Slav. 

smerald-o, emerald. 

smilak-o, sarsaparilla. 

smirg-o, emery ; — i, to rub 
or polish with emery ; 
— a papero, emery- 

sobr-a, sober ; — eco, 
sobriety ; mal — a, in- 
temperate ; mal — ecOj in- 
temperance ; mal — igi, 
to be intemperate. 

social-a, social (not sociable). 

socialism-o, socialism. 

socialist-o, socialist. 

societ-o, society; ^a, of 
society ; — ema, sociable. 

sod-o, soda. 

sof-o, sofa. 

sofism-o, sophism. 

soif-i, to be thirsty; to 
thirst ; — o, thirst ; sen 
— igi, to quench the 
thirst ; sen — iga, which 
quenches the thirst. 

sojl-6>, threshold. 

sokl-o, socle, plinth. 

sol-o, solo (mils.); — isto, 

sol-a, sole, alone ; — e, 
solely; — eco, seclusion. 

sold-o, military pay. 

soldat-o, soldier, pawn (in 
chess); — ejo, barrack; 
m^r — 0, a marine. 

sole-o, sole (fish). 

solecism-o, solecism. 

solen-a, solemn ; — o, solem- 
nity, solemn festival ; 
— igi, to solemnize. 

solid-a, solid, sedate, ster- 
ling, respectable; — eco, 
solidity, soundness, re- 

solidar-a, conjointly liable 

soliter-0, tape-worm. 

solv-i, to solve, to resolve ; 
la vaporo — ita en pluvo, 
vapour resolved into 
rain ; la problemo estas 
— ita, the problem is 
solved; —o, solution; 
— eUa, that may be 
solved, soluble; — ebleco, 
solubility; ne — ebla, in- 
solvable; — igi, to be 
solved, or dissolved. 

somer-o, summer; — a, of 
summer; — e, in summer. 

somnambul-o, somnambu- 

somnambulism-o, somnam- 




son-^, to resound, to give 
a sound ; — igi, to cause 
to sound ; — o, sound ; 
— a, sonorous ; muUe — a, 
that has much sound ; 
re — a, sending back the 
sound; re — i, to send 
back sound ; hon — a, bel 
— a, harmonious, melodi- 

sonat-o, sonata. 

sond-^, to sound, to fathom. 

sonet-o, sonnet (poem). 

son^-o, dream (during 
sleep) ; — i, to dream 
(during sleep). 

sonor-e, to ring, to produce 
a sound by prolonged 
musical vibrations ; — ilo, 
bell; — ileto, small bell; 
— igi, to ring a bell, etc. ; 
sonorigu al la servisiino, 
ring for the servant- 
maid ; — igisto, b e 1 1- 

sopir-^, to sigh for : li sopiras 
je sia perdita feliceco, 
he sighs after his lost 
happiness ; — o, — ado, a 
sigh for, a regret, a de- 
sire ; — anto, a wooer. 

sopran-o, soprano. 

sorb-i, to absorb, to suck 
up ; — igi, to imbibe ; 
— igi, to become imbued; 
— igo, action of imbib- 
ing ; —i'jo, act of getting 

imbued ; — a paperOy 
blotting paper. 

soit-i, to practise witch- 
craft ; — 0, witchcraft ; 
— a, of witchcraft; en 
— i, to bewitch ; en — o, 
hewitGhmg{noun} ; — isto, 
sorcerer; — arto, sorcery. 

sorik-o, shrew-mouse. 

sorp-o, sorb ; —ujo, sorb or 

sort-o, fate, destiny. 

sortiment-o, assortment. 

sovag-ft, wild ; — ulo, 
savage (man) ; — eco, 
savagery ; mal — a, tame. 

spac-o, space (not duration); 
en — i, to contain within 
its bounds ; inter — o, dis- 
tance between places. 

spad-o, spada, flat broad- 

spalir-o, espalier. 

spasm-o, spasm. 

spat-o, spa (min.) ; spavin. 

spec-(?, species ; unu — a, of 
a single species or kind ; 
diversa — a, of varied 
kinds ; — ajaro, assort- 

special-a, special; — ajo, 

specifik-i, to specify; — a, 
specific; — o, specification. 

specifikaci-o, specification 
(patents, etc.); ■ — i, to 
specify (patents, etc.). 



specimen-0, specimen, 

spektr-c/, spectre. 

spegul-o, mirror, looking- 

spektakl-o, sight, view, 
stage representation. 

spekulaci-o, speculation ; 
— i, to speculate. 

spekulativ-a, speculative. 

sperm-o, sperm, semen, 

spermacet-o, spermaceti. 

spert-a, experienced ; — o, 

spez-o, clearing (of funds) ; 
el — 0, disbursement, ex- 
penditure ; el — i, to 
to spend, to disburse ; en 
— 0, receipt (the funds 
received) ; en — i, to re- 
ceive funds. 

spic-o, spice; — a, spiced, 
tasty ; — i, to season. 

spik-o, ear (of corn). 

spil-i, to tap, to broach 
(casks) ; to spill, to shed ; 
— ilo, spigot. 

spin-o, spine (dorsal). 

spinac-o, spinach. 

spion-o, spy; — i, to 


spir-i, to breathe ; — o, 
— ado, the breathing ; 
— ada, respiratory ; en 
— i, to breathe in ; — egi, 
to pant for breath ; el 

— ajo, the breath ; — ehla, 

spiral-o, spiral (noun) ; — a, 
spiral (adj.) ; — ajo, 
volute, scroll. 

spirit-o, spirit; — a, spirit- 
ual, intellectual. 

spiritism-o, spiritism. 

spiritualism-o, spiritualism. 

spiritus-o, alcoholic spirit. 

spit-^, in spite of ; spite cio, 
in spite of everything. 

splen-o, spleen. 

split-o, splint, splinter ; — i, 
to split. 

sponde-o, spondee (pros.). 

spong-o, sponge. 

sporad-a, sporadic. 

sport-o, sport; — a, sport- 
ing; — ulOy sportsman. 

sprit-a, witty; — eco, wit; 
— ajo, witticism ; — ulo, 
a wit (man) ; mal — a, 
stupid ; mal — ajo, stupid 
act or saying ; nial — ulo, 
a stupid fellow; mal — eco, 
state of silliness or 

spron-o, spur. 

sprot-o, sprat. 

sput-i, to spit (blood or 
glair) ; — o de sango, 
spitting of blood. 

stab-o, staff (the), army 

stabl-o, bench, easel, loom, 
frame, etc. 




staci-0, station (railways, 
omnibuses, boats, etc.) ; 
— domo, railway-station. 

stadi-o, stadium. 

stal-o, rude shed (made of 

stalagmit-o, stalagmite. 

stalaktit-o, stalactite. 

stamen-o, stamen, stamina 
(hot.) ; stamin, tammy 

stamp-o, stamp - mark, 
official stamp; — i, to 
stamp, to mark officially. 

stan-o, tin, pewter ; — i, to 

stanc-o, stanza. 

standard-o, flag, standard ; 
— isto^ flag-bearer. 

stang-(?, pole (wood). 

stapeli-o, fritillary {genus), 

stapl-o, pile, heap ; — ero, 
staple, commodity. 

star-^, to stand ; el — % to 
jut out ; , — igi, to raise, 
to put, or set upright; 
— igi, to get up ; kontrail 
— i, to stand against, 
to oppose ; kontrail — a, 
opposition ; mem — a, self- 
reliant, independent. 

stard-o, bustard (bird). 

stat-o, state of being; bon 
— a, in good condition. 

statik-o, statics ; — a, static 

statist-o, statist. 

statistik-o, statistics, 

statu-o, statue. 

statur-{?, physique, stature, 

stearin-o, stearin {chem.). 

steb-i, to stitch; — o, — ado, 
stitching; — ilo, sewing- 

stel-o, star ; — aro, con- 

stenografii-o, shorthand. 

step-o, waste land, moor, 

stereoskop-o, stereoscope. 

sterotip-o, stereotype. 

sterk-(?, dung, manure ; — i, 
to manure (the ground). 

sterled-o, sterlet (fish). 

sterling-a funt-o, pound 

stem-z, to stretch or sprawl 
on one surface; Hi — is 
la malsanulon sur la lito, 
they stretched the 
patient on the bed. 

stertor-i, to make a raucous 

steven-o, stern, stern-post. 

stil-o, style. 

stilistik-o, stylistics; — a, 
stylistic {adj.). 

stimul-z, to stimulate. 

stip-o, broom (shrub). 

stipendi-o, stipend. 

stof-o, Russian mea- 




stoik-0, — ulo, a stoic ; — a 
{adj.\ stoic. 

stol-o, stole (eccles. vest- 

stomak-o, stomach ; — a, 

stopl-o, stubble (agric). 

strsib'i, to squint; — a, 
squinting ; — ulo, a 
squinting man ; — eco, 
squinting (noun). 

strang-a, strange, peculiar; 
— eco, strangeness, pecu- 
liarity ; — ajo, strange 
demeanour, etc. 

strat-o, street; — eto, by- 
street, lane, alley. 

strategi-o, strategy; — isto, 

stret-i, to stretch, to ex- 
tend with force ; to wind 
up (clock or watch). 

strek-i, to streak, to stripe ; 
— 0, a streak, a stripe, a 
traced line ; sub — i, to 

stri-o, wide streak, or stripe. 

strig-o, owl ; paser — o, 

strigl-i, to currycomb ; 
— ilo, currycomb. 

strik-o, strike (of work- 

striknin-o, strychnine. 

strof-o, strophe. 

stronci-o, strontium. 

stmktur-o, structure, build. 

-Oy ado, 
— anfo, 

fry, to 

strut-6>, ostrich. 

stud-i, to study ; - 
—ajo, study ; 

student-o, student. 

stuf-i, to stew, to 

stuk-z, to stucco, to plaster; 
— 0, — ajo, stucco. 

stump-o, stump, trunk, 
fag end. 

stup-o, tow. 

sturg-o, sturgeon. 

stum-o, starling. 

*sub, under ; — e, beneath ; 
— en, going beneath 
(motion) ; — kusi, to be 
lying under; — meti, to 
subdue, to put under; 
— forgi, to shoe a horse ; 
— faso, a saucer. 

subaltern-d, subaltern 
(adj.); — ulo, subaltern 

subit-fl, sudden; — e, sud- 

subjekt-o, subject (of verb). 

subj ekti v-a, subjective 
(adj.); — eco, subject- 

subjunktiv-o, subjunctive 

sublimate, sublimate. 

subretin-o, abigail, sou- 

substanc-o, substance. 

substantiv-o, substantive. 




subtil-a, subtle ; —eco, sub- 

subvenci-o, subvention. 

suc-i, to suck; — o, ■ — ado^ 
suction ; — igi, to pene- 
trate by suction ; — ilo, 
sucker , — ajo, spot made 
by sucking. 

sud-o, south; — a, southern; 
— ulo, southerner. 

sufer-i, to suffer, to bear, 
to endure; — o, suffer- 
ing {noun) ; — ebla^ bear- 

sufid-a, sufficient ; — i, to 
suffice ; — «, enough 
sufficiently ; — ega, a- 

sufiks-o, suffix. 

suflor-o, prompter ; — i, to 

STifok-i, to suffocate, to 
smother ; — o, suffoca- 
tion inflicted ; — a, suffo- 
cating ; — ig% to suffo- 
cate (neuter); — i§o, suffo- 
cation undergone. 

sufragan-o, suffragan. 

sugest-f, to suggest; — o, 
suggestion ; — a, sug- 

suk-o, sap (of plants) ; — a, 
juicy, succulent; —plena, 
full of sap, vigorous ; 
sen — igi, to dry up, to 
perish, to lose sap. 

sukcen-o, amber. 

sukces-i, to have succesa, 
to prosper ; — o, success. 

suker-o, sugar; —i, to 
sugar ; — ujo, sugar 
basin ; — farado, sugai' 
making ; — faristo, sugar- 
maker; —farejo, sugar- 

sulfur-o, sulphur; — acido, 
sulphuric acid. 

sulk-o, furrow, wrinkle ; 
— eto, small furrow, 
small wrinkle; — igi, to 
wrinkle, to frown ; — igi, 
to get wrinkled, to be- 
come frowning ; to 
shrivel up. 

sultan-o, sultan. 

sum-o, sum ; 

to make 

up the amount ; re — i, to 
resume ; re — o, resume. 

sun-o, sun; —floro, sun- 

sup-o, soup; — ujo, soup- 

*super, above; — i, to 
surpass, to exceed ; 
— mezvra, excessive ; 
— natura, supernatural ; 
— ruzi, to surpass in 
cunning ; — regi, to sur- 
pass in domination ; 
— satigi, to gorge ; — dkvi, 
to inundate ; akvego, 
deluge ; — jino, super- 
fluousness; — Jlua, super- 

fluous ; — rego, prepon- 




derance ; — a, superior 
{adj.); — oferi, to outbid. 

superlativ-o, superlative 

supersti6-o, superstition ; 
— a, of superstition, 
superstitious ; — ulo, 
superstitious man. 

supoz-i, to suppose; — o, 

supr-g, above ; — a, upper, 
above {adj.) ; — e, being 
above, up ; de — e, from 
above; — en, the place 
above (to which one 
goes) ; mal — a, from be- 
low, below; mal — e, be- 
low, from below ; {adv. ) ; 
de mal — e, coming from 
below ; mal — en, the 
place below (to which 
one goes) ; — o, the sum- 
mit, the top part; mal 
— 0, the lower part ; 
— ajo, surface; — aja, of 
the surface, superficial ; 
— aje, superficially ; mat 
— eniri, to descend (from 
a carriage). 

on, upon; metu la 
robon — la tablon, put the 
dress on the table ; 
— rampi, to climb ; 
— bordo, a quay, wharf; 
— versi, to water, to 
spray. [Do not confound 
sur with super.] 

i *sur, 

surd-a, deaf ; — ulo, a deaf 
man ; — eco, deafness ; 
— Ormuta, deaf and dumb 
{adj.) ; — a-mutulo, deaf 
and dumb man ; — igi, 
to deafen; — i§i, to be- 
come deaf; — igo, the 
act of becoming deaf. 

surogat-o, surrogate. 

surplisc, surplice. 

surpriz-z, to surprise; — o, 
surprise; — e, by sur 
prise, with surprise. 

surtut-o, overcoat. 

suspekt-i, to suspect; — o, 
suspicion; — a, suspect; 
— ema, suspicious. 

sutan-o, soutane, cassock. 

suveran-o, sovereign; — a, 
sovereign {adj.) ; — eco, 

svarm-i, to swarm with, 
to be alive with ; — o, a 
swarm ; — ado, a throng. 

svat-i, to intermeddle in 
matchmaking, to act 
as a marriage-broker ; 
— isto, matrimonial 

sved-a, Swedish {adj.) ; — o, 
a Swede ; — njo, — lando, 

sven-i, to swoon. 

sving-i, to swing. 

Svis-rt, Swiss {adj.) ; — o, 
a Swiss ; —ujo, — lando, 




§af-o, sheep ; — ino, ewe ; 
— o-viro, ram ; — eto^ 
small sheep ; — ido, 
lamb ; — idefo, tiny 
lamb ; — ajo, mutton ; 
— idajOj lamb (meat). 

§ah-(?, shah. 

Sajn-i, to seem, to appear ; 
— a, seeming (adj.), ap- 
parent ; — 0, appearance, 
seeming (noun) ; sub — o, 
under the appearance ; 
— e, seemingly ; — igi, 
to feign, to pretend ; 
— iga, pretended, 
feigned ; ver — o, likeli- 
hood ; never — a, un- 

§ak-(>/', chess ; — a tabulo, or 
— tabulo, chess-board. 

§akal-o, jackal. 

§akr-i, to chaffer, to haggle; 
— isto, haggler, an old- 
clothes' man, huckster. 

§akt-o, shaft, pit (mines). 

§al-o, shawl. 

§alm-o, shawm, stalk of 
corn, straw, pipe, reed. 

Salupo, sloop, gunboat. 

§am-o, shammy (leather), 
— kolora, chamois col- 

§anc-o, luck, chance. 

§ancel-t', to cause to vacil- 

late, to shake, to cause 
to hesitate; — igi, to 
hesitate, to oscillate ; 
— i^o, hesitation, oscilla- 
tion ; — iga, hesitating, 
undecided, oscillating. 

§aIlg-^, to change, to alter 
(active) ; — o, change, 
alteration ; inter — i, to 
exchange; inter — o, ex- 
change, barter ; — igi, to 
change, to be altered ; 
— ema, fond of change ; 
— iga, changeable. 

§ankr-o, chancre, canker ; 
— a, cankerous, cankered. 

§arad-c», charade. 

§arg-i, to load (a gun, etc.). 

§arg-2, to place a burden 
on ; — 0, burden, load ; 
— ego, heavy load ; — a, 
heavy, burdensome; sen 
— igi, to unload ; — 
veturilo, dr<ay, dray-cart. 

§ark-o, shark. 

§at-z, to prize, to like ; 
mal — i, to disdain, not 
to appreciate ; — inda, 

§aum-o, froth, foam ; — i, 
to foam, to be frothy. 

§el-o, shell, peel, bark ; sen 
— igij to shell, to peel, 




§elak-o, shellac. 

§elk-o, brace (for trousers, 

Sem-o, Shem ; — ido, Se- 
mite ; — ida, Semitic. 

§enopraz-c>, chives, bladed 

§erc-?', to joke, to pun, etc.; 
— 0, joke, fun, etc.; — w/o, 
a wag. 

ger-o;*, shears ; dock or ship 

*6i-, she, her ; — a, her, hers 
(poss.) ] — 71 {accusative) 

§ild-o, shield. 

giling-o, shilling. 

§im-2, to get mouldy, rancid. 

§ind-o, shingle. 

§ink-(?, ham. 

§ip-(?, ship, boat, vessel ; 
— a, naval, of the fleet; 
— aro, the navy, the 
fleet ; — etaro, flotilla ; 
— irebla, navigable; 
— postsigno, wake of a 

Sir-?', to tear; — o, tearing 
(noun) ; de — i, to part : 
by tearing; de — o, act 
of parting by tearing; 
de — ajo, a tear (in a gar- 
ment); de — igij to be 
torn from ; de — iyo, the 

» being torn from ; dis — e, 
to tear to pieces ; dis — o, 
the tearing to pieces ; 

dis — i^i, to be torn to 
pieces ; dis — igo, the be- 
ing torn to pieces ; el — i, 
to uproot, to extract; 
kor — anta, heartrending. 

§inn-i, to shield, to shelter, 
to screen ; — ilo^ screen ; 
— iletOj peak of a cap, 
vizor ; vent — ilo, large 
folding screen ; fajro 
— ilo, fire screen ; lamp 
— ilo, lamp shade. 

§lim-o, slime, mud ; — Jmva, 
muddy, slimy ; — ejo, 

Slos-i, to lock ; — ilo, key ; 
— ilosto, clavicle, collar- 

§mac-z, to smack, to kiss 
loudly ; — o, a loud kiss. 

Smir-t, to anoint, to rub 
with ointment ; — o, 
unction, anointing ; 

— ajo, ointment. 

gnur-o, string ; — ego, cable, 
rope; — eto, twine, thin 
string; — armi, to rig; 
sen — igi, to unrig. 

§ose-o, embankment, with 
wide roadway, large 

8ov-e, to push a thing; 
al — i, to push towards ; 
sur — i, to push upon ; 
en — i, to push into. 

fiovel-7, to shovel ; — ilo, a 




§ovinism-o, chauvinism. 

govinist-o, chauvinist. 

Spar-i, to spare, to be 
thrifty; mal — ^, to be 
a spendthrift ; — ema, 
thrifty; mal — ema, pro- 

§pic-o, Pomeranian dog, 

Spin-i, to spin; — ajo, dis- 
taff ; — ilo, spindle ; rad 
— ilo, spinning wheel ; 
— antino, a spinne^' 
(occasional); — istino, a 
spinner {or spinster). 

Spruc-^, to spurt, to spout. 

to gush; 


forth (noun) ; — igi sur, 

to splash or spurt upon ; 

— igilo, holy water 

brush ; en — igi, to 

syringe ; en — igilo, a 

syringe ; el — i, to 

§raiik-6), cupboard; sankfa 

— 0, tabernacle (of the 

§rapnel-(7, shrapnel. 
§ratib-o, screw ; — i, to 

§tal-o, steel. 
§tat-6>, state ; Unuigitaj 

Statqj, United States. 
§tel-i, to steal ; — isto, 

thief ; sin en — i, to enter 

like a thief. 

Stip-o, block of wood; 
— aro, pile of logs. 

^tof-o, tissue, material, 
stuff; — ego, sackcloth ; 
— rando, salvage. 

§ton-o, stone ; — ego, rock ; 
— eto, flint, pebble ; 
— hava, — plena, stony, 
very stony. 

gtop-i, to stop up, to ob- 
struct, to cork; — ilo, 
plug, stopper, pad. 

strump-o, stocking ; — eto, 
sock ; — ligilo, garter. 

§tup-o, step, round (of a 
ladder) ; — aro, stair- 
case, ladder. 

§u-o, shoe ; sin sen — igi, to 
take off one's shoes. 

§uld-i, to owe, to be in- 
debted ; — 0, debt ; 
— anto, debtor ; — igi, 
to make one indebted ; 
— atesfo, promissory note. 

§ultr-o, shoulder. 

§ut-2, to shoot (sand, rub- 
bish, mould, stones, etc.); 
dis — i, to spill solids 

Uvel-i, to swell, to get 
swollen ; — o, swelling, 
tumour, etc. 

§vit-i, to perspire, to sweat ; 
— 0, perspiration, sweat; 
banejo, vapour baths 



e., abbreviation for tio 
estaSj that is. 
l;abak-o, tobacco ; — ejo, 
tobacco plantation ; 

— vendejoj vendejo de — o, 
place where tobacco is 
sold ; — tenejo, tenejo 
de — 0, tobacconist's shop 
(wholesale) ; — butiko, 
retail tobacconist's shop ; 
— ujo, box for tobacco, 
snuff-box ; kanastro, to- 
bacco jar ; — saketo, 
— poso, tobacco pouch. 

taban-o, ox-fly, gadfly. 

tabel-o, table, list, state- 
ment, index. 

tabl-o, table (piece of fur- 

tabul-o, plank ; — eto, small 

taburet-o, tabouret, tabret. 

tacment-^?, squad (milit.). 

taft-o, taffeta. 

tag-o, day ; — igi, to dawn, 
to begin to be daylight ; 
simpla — 0, week-day ; 
— labmisto, day labour- 
er; hu — e, by the day, 
per 24 hours; ciu — e, 
daily (adv.) ; plen—o, a 
full day of 24 hours ; 
— noktegaleco, equinox. 

tajlor-o, tailor. 

taks-^, to estimate, to rate, 
to value ; — o, valuation; 
— aro, tariff, price-list. 

taksus-o, yew (tree). 

takt-o, bar (mus.). 

taktik-o, tactics 


talar-o, talar, (eccles. gown 

or robe). 
talent-o, talent ; — a, 

talented ; — e, with 

taler-o, thaler. 
tali-o,w^aist; hon — a, lei — ft, 

finely shaped, with 

shapely waist, 
talisman-o, talisman, 
talimn-o, tsallium. 
talmud-o, talmud. 
talp-o, mole (animal) . 
tamarind-o, tamarind, 
tambur-o, drum; — ?, to 

beat the drum ; — ado, 

drum beating, 
tamburin-o, tambourine. 
*tamen, however, never- 
theless, yet. 
tamtam-o, tom-tom, gong, 
tan-z, to tan ; — isto, tanner, 
tandem-o, tandem, 
tangent-^?, tangent, 
tanin-o, tannin, 
tantal-o, tantalum, tanta- 





tantium-o, percentage com- 
mission upon agreed 

tapet-o, tapestry ; — i, to 
hang with tapestry. 

tapi§-o, carpet; i?- — o, tem- 
porary carpet. 

tar-o, tare (weight allow- 
ance) ; sen — a, nett 
weight ; kun — a, gross, 
gross weight {adjec- 

tarantel-o, tarantella 

tarantul-o, tarantula 

tarif-o, tariff. 

tarok-o, taroc (card game). 

tartar-o, wine cask deposit. 

tas-o, cup ; sub — o, saucer. 

task-o, task. 

Tatar-« (adj.), Tataric; — o, 
a Tatar, or Tartar; 
— ujo, — lando, Tartary. 

tatu-i, to tatoo ; — ajo, 

tatig-i, to be fit (for) ; sen 
— ulo, good-for-nothing 
wretch ; — eco, fitness. 

tatiz-i, to tease (wool), to 
maul about. 

tavol-o, layer : — i, to ar- 
range in layers; — eto, 
thin layer; — eti, to 
arrange in thin layers. 

te-Oj tea ; — arbo, tea plant ; 
— hruco, teapot; — ma§- 
inOj tea-urn, samovar ; 

— ujo, tea-caddy ; — ejoj 
tea plantation. 

teatr-c;, theatre ; — a, 

ted-i, to be tedious ; — a, 
tedious ; — eco, tedious- 

teg-i, to cover entirely ; 
— 0, a cover for furni- 
ture, etc. 

tegment-o, roof ; — ajo, 

tegol-o, roofing tile. 

teism-o, theism. 

teist-o, theist. 

teknik-o, technics ; tech- 
nique (mus.). 

teks-i, to weave ; — isto, 
weaver ; — ajo, tissue, 
web, woof. 

tekst-o, text; — a, lail — a, 
textual ; — e, lau — e, 

telefon-o, telephone. 

telegraf-o, telegraph. 

teler-o, plate ; — meblo, 
sideboard ; — tuko, dish- 

teleskop-o, telescope. 

telur-o, tellurium. 

tem-o, subject for discus- 
sion or development, 
musical theme. 

temp-o, time ; kelka — a, 

temporary ; linn — o, term, 

period agreed; sani — e. 

j at the same time; sam 




— a, contemporary ; nun I 
— a, present; aniau — a, 
premature; inter — o, in- 
terval ; gusta — e, oppor- 
tunely ; ^usta — a, oppor- 
tune; havi — an po?; to 
have time for. 

temperament-o, tempera- 

temperatur-o, temperature. 

tempi-{), temple (anat.). 

templ-(7, temple (building). 

ten-i, to keep, to hold ; 
— ilo, handle ; — ejo, 
depot, warehouse ; lihro 
— adOi book-keeping ; 
lihi'o — isto, book-keeper ; 
sub — i, to sustain, to up- 
hold ; sub — 0, support; 
sub — ajo, prop ; de — i, 
to detain ; de — i sin, to 
contain oneself ; de — a, 
de — enia, abstemious, 
continent ; de — o, de 
— emo, abstemiousness, 
continence ; en — i, to 
include ; en— a, inclu- 
sive ; en — e, inclusive- 


tend-0, tent; — aro, en- 
campment under tents. 

tenden-o, tendon. 

tendenc-o, tendency. 

tendr-o, tender (locomo- 

teni-c;, tapeworm. 

tenor-o, tenor. 


tent ?', to tempt ; — o, temp- 
tation ; —anto, tempter. 

teologio, theology. 

teorem-o, theorem. 

teori-o, theory ; — a, theo- 

tei'O, earth ; — a, earthly, 
of earth ; en — igi, to 
bury, to inter ; en — igo, 
l>urial ; — kolo, isthmus ; 
—porno, potato ; planta 
— 0, vegetable mould. 

terapetitik-o, therapeutics. 

terapi-(^, cherapy. 

tersiS-o, terrace. 

terc-o, tercet-^, trio (miis.). 

terebint 0, turpentine. 

teritori-o, territory; — a, 

termin-o, term, definition 
expressed by means of 
one or more words ; 
— aro, terminology. 

termit-6>, termite. 

termometr-o, thermometer. 

tem-i, to sneeze; — o, 
sneezing (noun). 

teiur-o, terror, fright, hor- 
ror; — a, terrible, fright- 
ful, awful ; — igi, to 
render terrible ; — igi, 
to become terrible, 

testament-z, to bequeath 
by will ; — o, a will. 

testik-o, testicle. 

testud-o, tortoise ; kii-aso 
de — 0, tortoise-shell. 




tetan-0, tetanus ; — a, of 

tetr-o, grouse. 

tetra-o, hazel-hen. 

tez-o, thesis. 

*tia, such, such a kind : 
donu gin al mi tian, kia gi 
estas, give it to me such 
as it is. 

*tial, therefore, accord- 
ingly, for that reason : 
li neniam volis sekvi mian 
konsilon, Hal mi forlasis 
lin, he never would fol- 
low my advice, therefore 
I forsook him; — ke, 
since (argumentative). 

*tiam, then, at that time ; 
— a, of that time, of 
then ; — ulo, a man of 
that time, a man living 

tiar-<?, tiara. 

tibi-o, tibia ; — karno, calf 
of the leg. 

*tie, there, yonder; — a 
(adj.), yonder, over there ; 
— ulo, a man from 
yonder; — ci, here, 
ci — a, of here; ci — ulo, 
a man of here. 

*"tiel, thus, in that way; 
like that, so much so ; 
its correlative in com- 
parison of equality is 
kiel : li estas — forta, kiel 
vi, he is as strong as you 

(are) ; — . . .ke,BO much 
so that; li kriis — , ke li 
raUkigis fyro tio, he cried 
so much that he grew 
hoarse through it. 

tif-6>, typhus. 

tigr-o, tiger ; — ino, tigress. 

tik-o, tick, ticking (cloth). 

tikl-t, to tickle ; — o, tick- 
ling; — osentema, ticklish. 

tili-o, linden, lime-tree. 

tim-i, to fear, to be afraid 
of ; — 0, fear ; — inda, 
to be feared ; — ema, 
timid, easily frightened ; 
— emo, timidity, timid 
disposition ; — ulo, a 
coward ; mal — o, bold- 
ness ; mal — ulo, a bold 
man ; mul — ema, bold ; 
mal— ego, audacity; rml 
— egulo, an audacious 
man; sen — e, fearlessly; 
sen — fl, fearless; sen — eco, 
self-possession; — igi, to 
frighten ; —igilo, scare- 

timian-o, thyme. 

timon-o, pole, shaft (of a 

tin-o, coop, wine-vat ; 
— isto, cooper, cellarman. 

tindr-o, tinder, touchwood. 

tine-o, moth. 

tink-o, tench. 

tinktur-<?, tincture ; — i, to 
dye, to tinge. 




tint 2, to jingle, to clink, 
to chink : 7ni somrigis la 
sonorilon, vi sonoretigis la 
sonorileton, kaj li — igis 
siajn — ilojn, I rang the 
(church) bell, you rang 
the little bell (house), 
and he jingled his 
hawk's bells ; — ilo, tiny- 
round bell. 

*tio, that (pron.) indef. 
absolute, Ho, kio ; Hon, 
kio : that which ; Ho, kio 
placos al vi, placos al mi, 
or, kio placos al vi. Ho 
placos al mi, that which 
will please you will 
please me. Prenu Hon, kio 
estas sur la tahlo. Take 
that which is on the 
table. Tion, kion : Vi 
p'enos Hon, kion vi deziros, 
or, kion vi deziros, Hon vi 
p'enos, you will take 
what you please. 

*tiom, as much, so much; 
as many, so many ; the 
correlative is kiom. Li 
— laboris, kiom vi, he 
worked as much as you ; 
donu al mi — da akvo, kiom 
da vino, give me as much 
water as wine; — da 
homoj, so many men. 

tip-o, type. 

tipografl-o, typography. 

tir-i, to draw, to pull ; — o, 

traction ; al — i, to draw, 
to attract towards ; 
al — igi, to be drawn 
towards ; sur — i, to draw 
on, to stretch on; mi 
sur — as g ant on sur mian 
manon, I draw (stretch) 
a glove on my hand ; 
kun — i, to contract, to 
pull together; kun — igi, 
to get contracted ; for — i, 
to take away by trac- 
tion ; re — i, to draw 
backwards ; el — ^, to 
extract from ; km'k — ilo, 
cork-screw ; buton — ilo, 
button-hook ; el — ajo, 
cut from paper, etc. 

tiran-o, tyrant ; — eco, 

Titan-o, Titan. 

titani-o, titanium. 

titol-o, title ; — i, to entitle. 

*tiu, that one ; tiuj, those ; 
tiu ci, or ci, tiu this one ; 
Huj ci, or ci Huj, these: 
— estas pli bona, prenu 
gin, that one is better, 
take it ; ai vi vidas — n 
knabon ? do you see that 
boy 1 — j ci knabinoj estas 
pli altaj ol — j, these girls 
are taller than those. 

— , hiu ; — 71, kiu ; — , 
kiun, — n, kiun, — , kiu 
deziras felican devas . . . 
or, kiu deziras felicon, 




— devas, be who desires 
happiness, must ; alportu 
— 7?, kiu esfas apud vi, 
bring that one, which is 
near you ; — , kuin vi 
vidas, the one which you 
see ; li p'enu —jn, kiiijn 
li volos, let him take 
those which he will 

tizan-o, decoction, tisane. 

toast-o, toast. 

tog-o, toga. 

tol-o, linen-cloth ; — ajo, 

toler-i, to tolei'ate ; — o, 
tolerance ; —a, of toler- 
ance ; — ema, tolerant ; 
— ehla, tolerable ; ne 
— ebla, intolerable. 

tom-o, tome, volume. 

tomat-(?, tomato. 

tomb-o, tomb, grave; en 
—igi, to entomb. 

uombak-o, tombac, alloy of 
copper and zinc. 

tombol-o, tombola (lottery). 

ton-o, tone {mus.). 

tond-i, to shear ; — o, shear- 
ing ; — isto, shearer (pro- 
fessional); — ilo, scissors, 
shears ; — masino, shear- 
ing machine. 

tondr-i, to thunder; — o, 
thunder ; fulmo — o, 


tonsur-o, tonsure. 

topaz 0, topaz. 

topografi-o, topogiapliy. 

toit-o, torch. 

tord-i, to twist ; — o, twist- 
ing, wringing (noun) ; 
— a, crooked ; — eco, 

toreador-o, toreador. 

torent-o, torrent. 

torf-o, peat, turf. 

toil 0, thorium. 

tom-i, to turn with a lathe; 
— isto, turner. 

tornistr-o, knapsack. 

torped-(?, torpedo. 

torso, torso. 

tort-(7, tart, fruit-pie. 

■^tra, through, across ; — e, 
right through ; — m, to 
traverse, to go through ; 
— piki, to pierce through 
and through ; — irejo, a 

trab-o, beam (wood) ; — eto, 
cross-beam; —a/o, timber- 
work, framework; — aro, 
raft of wood. 

tradici-o, tradition. 

traduk-i, to translate ; — o, 
— ado, translation ; — isto, 
translator ; — anto, the 
one translating then ; 
— iiifo, he who has trans- 

traf-i, to reach, to attain 
the goal ; — o, the act 
of reaching the aim ; 




il — i, to miss one's 

tragedi-o, tragedy; — </, tra- 
gical ; — isto, tragedian. 

tra!ke-o, trachea, wind-pipe. 

trajn-{>, artillery train. 

trajt-o, feature, lineament, 

trakt-i, to treat of (a sub- 
ject, a matter) ; pi — i, 
to touch upon. 

traktat-o, treatise, essay ; 

tram-o, tram ; —vajo, tram- 
way ; — veturilo, tram- 
car; — caro, tram-truck. 

tranfi-i, to cut, to sever; 
— 0, the act of cutting, 
severing; — ajo, a cut, a 
slice, etc. ; — ilo, a knife ; 
— ilego, big knife, cut- 
lass ; — ilefo, penknife ; 
al — i, to cut to required 
size and form ; al— isto, 
a cutter ; —ado, pro- 
longed cutting, acute 
colic ; — rando, the sharp 
edge of any cutting tool 
or knife. 

trsmte-o, trench (inilit.), en- 
trenchment lines. 

trankvil-a, calm, tranquil, 
easy in mind ; — a, calm, 
tranquility (in general) ; 
— eco, state of calmness ; 
Dial— a, uneasy, restless ; 
mal — 0, uneasiness, rest- 

lessness; mal—eco^ state 
of uneasiness ; — iiji, to 
tranquillise, to calm ; 
— igi, to get calm, to 
become easy in mind ; 
mal — igi, to make un- 
easy; mal— igi, to be 
uneasy, to fret. 

^trans, across; —a, from 
the other side; — e, 
across (adv.) ; — en, 
across (where one goes) ; 
— porti, to transfer ; 
— loki, to displace ; 
—migri, to emigrate ; 
— logigi, to transplant, 
to move somebody to 
another residence ; — iri, 
to cross over ; — kirgi, 
to tranship ; —jeti, to 
throw across, to throw 
over; — skrihi, to tran- 
scribe; — igi, to trans- 
mit ; — fluganta hirdo, 
bird of passage ; ne 
— irehla, impassable. 

transcend-a, transcend- 

trapez-o, trapezium. 

trat-^, to draw (a bill) ; 
— ante, the drawer of, 
— ato, the drawer. 

travesti-o, travesty. 

■*tre, very, much ; mi ire 
amas Un, I like him 
much ; — ege, extremely. 

tref-o, clubs (at cards). 



trem-i, to tremble ; — o, ] 
— ado, trembling, shak- 1 
ing ; ek — i, to wince, to 
begin to quake ; — eti, to 
shudder; — frosto, cold, 
tremor, feverisbness. 

tremol-o, aspen (tree). 

tremp-i, to dip, in a liquid, 
to immerse ; — o, immer- 

tren-i, to crawl, to drag 
oneself along; — igi, to 
crawl, to drag along ; 
— ajo, tail, train (of 
dress, etc.) ; post — i, to 
tug; — sipo, tugboat. 

trezor-o, treasure. 

■^tri, three ; — o, trio ; — a, 
third ; — ono, third part ; 
— obla, triple ; — dento, 
trident; — piedo, tripod ; 
— imo, trinity ; — folio, 
clover, trefoil ; — angulo, 
triangle ; — angula, tri- 

tribun-o, rostrum, gallery. 

tribunal-o, tribunal. 

tribut-o, tribute. 

tricikl-o, tricycle. 

trifoli-o, trefoil, clover. 

trigonometri-o, trigonome- 

trik-i, to knit ; — ilo, knitt- 
ing needle; — antino, a 
knitting woman. 

trikot-o, piece of knitting, 
knitted work. 

tril-o, trill {mm.), 

trink-2, to drink; — e/o, 
watering pond, horse 
pond ; — igi, to water 
animals, to give to 

trip-q;, tripe. 

tritik-o, wheat. 

triumf-o, triumph ; — a, 
triumphal ; — e, trium- 
phally ; — i, to triumph. 

trivial-a, trivial ; — eco, 

■*^tro, too, too much ; — a, 
excessive; — e, in ex- 
cess {adv.) ; — rapida, 
hurried ; — fidema, too 
sanguine (of success, etc.); 
— memfida, presumptu- 
ous, self-confident; 
— grandigi, to exagger- 
ate ; — grandigo, exag- 
geration ; — uzi, to abuse 
of, to use with excess ; 
— uzo, excessive use. 

trofe-o, trophy. 

tiog-o, trough, manger. 

troke-o, trochee {pn'os.). 

tromb-o, water-spout. 

trombon-o, trombone. 

tromp-i, to deceive; — o, 
deceit ; — anto, deceiver ; 
— igi, to be mistaken. 

tron-o, throne. 

trop-o, trope. 

tropik-o, tropic; — a, trop- 




trot-r, to trot; — o, trotting 

trotuar-o, pavement, side- 

trov-i, to find ; — igi, to be 
found, to find oneself, to 
be situated; — ajo, a 
find ; el — i, to discover . 
el — 0, discovery ; bon — i, 
to think proper to. 

tru-o, hole ; buton — o, 
buttonhole ; n^iz — o, 

nostril ; — eto^ pore (of 
the skin). 

trud-z, to impose, to force 
upon ; — ema, importun- 
ate, insisting in trying 
to force upon ; al — i, to 
impose, to insist upon 
making one take ; — peti, 
to importune, to worry. 

tvaf-o, truflfle. 

trul-o, trowel. 

tmmp-o, large horn. 

trumpet-o, trumpet ; — i, 
to blow the trumpet ; 
— isto, trumpeter. 

tmnk-o, trunk (of a tree) ; 
— efo, stem (of a plant, 

trup-o, company of actors. 

tnit-6>, trout. 

tualet-o, toilet; — ejo, dress- 

tub-o, tube, pipe, flue ; pipa 
— 0, stem of a pipe ; — eto, 
faucet, small pipe or tube. 

tuber-o, bulb, knot (in 
trees) ; ligno — o, a knot 
in wood. 

tuberkul-o, tubercle, tuber- 

tuberkuloz-o, tuberculosis. 

tuf-o, tuft. 

*tiij, at once, immediately; 
— a, immediate. 

tuk-o, piece of linen ; (ablo 
— 0, table-cloth ; Jcol — o, 
fichu, neckerchief ; bus 
— 0, serviette; tualet — o, 
towel ; naz — o, handker- 
chief ; anfail — o, apron. 

tul-o, tulle. 

tulip-o, tulip. 

tumult-o, tumult ; — a, 

tunel-o, tunnel. 

tunik-o, tunic. 

tup-o, a top (toy). 

tur-o, tower; cef — o, dun- 
geon; — eto, turret. 

turb-o, periwinkle (small 

turban-o, turban. 

turbin-o, turbine. 

turd-o, thrush. 

turism-o, tourism 

turist-o, tourist. 

Turk-a, Turkish {(ulj.)', — o, 
a Turk ; — wjo, lando, 

turkis-o, turquoise. 

turment-?, to torment ; — o, 




tum-i, to turn ; sin — i, to 
turn oneself; — i§i, to 
revolve as on a pivot, 
or axis ; el — igi, to get 
through, to extricate 
oneself ; el — igo, subter- 
fuge ; el — igema, able 
to extricate himself ; 
^raub — ilo, screw-driver; 
— kruco, turnstile; 
— aJcvo, vortex. 

turnir-o, tournament. 

turt-(7, dove ; — ino, female 

tus-t, to cough; — 0, 

tu§-^, to touch ; — anta, 
touching ; Jcor — anta, 
moving (emotional) ; 
kw—eco, emotion ; kor 
— igi, to be moved ; — eti, 
to touch lightly; inkr — 
igi, to touch one an- 

tut-a, entire, total, intact; 
— eco, total, whole {noun); 
— 0, the whole ; — e, 
quite, entirely. 

-u, shows the imperative- 
mood : Amu vian pat- 
ron, love your father ; 
si venu, let her come ; mi 
volas ke vi venu, I wish 
that you come (i.e. I 
wish you to come). 

-uj-j suffix of bearing, etc., 
containing: p-urw, plum; 
]}run—o, p 1 u m tree; 
A nglo, Englishman; 
Angl — 0, England ; 
sukero, sugar ; suke?- — o, 

uj-o, a receptacle (noun). 

ukaz-o, ukase (of the Czar). 

-ul-, sufhx showing the per- 
son characterised by the 
root- word : bela, fine ; 

bel — 0, a beau ; bel — ivo, 
a belle; sankta, holy, 
sainted ; sankt — o, a 
saint ; rica, rich ; ric — o, 
a rich man ; malrica, 
poor ; malric — o, poor 

ulan-o, uhlan. 

ulcer-o, ulcer. 

uleks-o, furze, gorse, whin. 

ulm-o, elm. 

uln 0, ell (measure). 

ultimatum-o, ul ti m atum . 

ultramar-a (adj.), uUi;i- 
marine (colour). 

um-, suflfix not much used, 
wliich \\keje among pre- 
])(»sitions, has not any 
definite meaning as an 




affix : kolo, neck ; kol—o, 
collar ; kruc — o, cross ; 
kruc — i, to crucify. 

umbilik-o, navel; — asnurOy 
umbilical cord. 

unc-Oj ounce. 

\mg-o, nail (of finger) ; 
— ego, claw, talon. 

uniform-o, uniform, cos- 

univers-o, universe ; — a, 
of the universe. 

aniversal-^, universal. 

universitat-o, university ; 
— a, of university ; — ano, 
one belonging to a uni- 

*uini, one; — a, first, 
initial ; — e, firstly, first ; 
— 0, unit ; La — o de longo, 
de suprajo, de amplekso, de 
pezo, the unit of length, 
surface, volume, weight ; 
— eco, uniqueness, unity ; 
la dogmo de V — eco de Dio, 
the dogma of the unity 
of God; also union: — 
la plej intima — eco, the 
most intimate union ; j 
— eco donas foiiecon, \ 
union gives strength ; j 
— igi, to unite : IJanimo, 
estas—igita bin la korpo, 
the soul is united to the 

w body ; La — igifaj ^tatc^ 

V Amerikaj, the United 
States of America; 

— igita familio, a united 
family ; — igi also means 
to unify, to make one; 
igi, to unite together, to 
be combined ; not in the 
sense of marriage which 
is edzigi; — igo, union, 
unification that one 
operates ; — igo, union, 
or unification under- 
gone ; — ohla, single, 
simple, not multiple ; 
— voce, unanimously, 
with one voice; — fo^-ma, 
uniform (adj.); — seksa, 
unisexual; tri — o, 
Trinity ; — i^o -posta 
universala, universal 
postal union. 

upup-o, hoopoo. 

ur-o, ure-ox. 

uragan-o, hurricane. 

uran-o, uranium. 

urh'O, town, city; — a, 
urban, of town ; cef — o, 
capital, chief city ; anfail 
— 0, suburb. 

urg-i, to be urgent or press- 
ing ; — a, — anta, ur- 

urin-i, to make Mater ; — o, 
urine ; — a, urinous ; 
~ejo, urinal ; — hibo, 
urethra ; — ajo, urea. 

urjadnik-f), Cossack sub- 

urno, urn. 




urogal-6», heath-cock, sort 
of grouse. 

urs-o, bear (animal) ; — inOy 

urtik-o, nettle. 

-us, is the termination of 
the conditional : tio7i ci 
mi far — , se mi jpov — , 
this I would do, if I 

utQX-o, womb; — a, of the 
womb, uterine. 

util-rt, useful ; — o, advan- 
tage, interest; la lingvo 
internacia celas la — on 
de Vhomxiro,, the inter- 
national lanojuaoje aims 
at the advantage of man- 
kind ; — eco, usefulness ; 
— i, to be of use ; 7nal 
— i, to be noxious; mal 

— a, noxious, prejudicial; 
sen — a, useless; mal — o, 
inconvenience; sen — eco, 
uselessness; sen — ajo, 
useless thing. 

utopi-o, Utopia ; — isto, 

uvertur-6>, overture (mus.). 

uz-i, to use, to employ; 
— Of — ado, use, employ ; 
fari — on el, to make use 
of ; mi faros — on el la 
okazo, I shall take this 
opportunity ; — ajo, uten- 
sil ; tro — i, to abuse ; 
tiv — 0, abuse, excess in 
anything; el — ita, worn 
out by excessive use. 

uzurp-i, to usurp ; —o, 
usurpation; — ulo, 

vad-^, to wade. 

vafl-o, waffle. 

vag-i, to roam, to wander 

about ; — isto, tramp, 

vagabond, vagrant. 
vagon-o, railway carriage; 

— aro, train. 
vak-^, to be vacant ; — anta, 

open, vacant, void ; 

— antajo, vacancy, 
vakcini-^?, whortleberry, 


vaks-o, wax ; — tolo, oil- 
cloth ; sigel — o, sealing- 

val-o, a valley; — eto, a 

valerian-o, valerian (bot.). 

valiz-o, portmanteau, valise. 

valor-i, to be worth ; — o, 

yals-i, to waltz ; — o, a 
waltz --anio, waltz- 




valut 0, value, standard 

vampir-o, vampire. 

van-a, vain, fruitless ; — e, 
in vain ; — eco, vanity, 

vanadi-o, vanadium. 

vandal-6>, vandal ; — eco, 

vandalism-^?, vandalism. 

vanel-o, lapwing, peewit. 

vang-o, cheek ; — haroj, 
whiskers ; posta — o, but- 

vanil-{?, vanilla. 

Ysmt-a, futile, empty of 
value ; si havas la guston 
de V — aj aferqj, she is 
fond of frivolous things ; 
— eco, frivolity, futility ; 
—ajo, futile thing, frivol- 
ous act. 

vapor-o, vapour, steam ; 
— a, vaporous; — igi, to 
vaporize; — i§i, to be- 
come vaporous ; — igo, 
vaporization; — §ipOj 

varb-f, to enlist, to recruit ; 
— 0, ado, enlistment, re- 
cruiting ; — ito, a recruit. 

variaci-o, variation. 

variant-o, variant. 

variol-o, small-pox, variola ; 
— ulo, one suffering from 
small-pox. ; 

varm-a, warm ; — o, , 

warmth, heat ; — eco, 
state of warmth ; — igi, 
to warm ; — igi, to get 
warm, to warm oneself ; 
mal — a, cold ; mal — o, 
cold (noun), coldness ; 
mal — eco, cold state ; 
mal — igi, to cool some- 
thing, etc. ; mul — igi, to 
get cold; m/il — umi, to 
catch cold ; mul — umo, 
a cold ; — ejo, a hot- 
house ; — ega, hot, burn- 
ing ; —egigi, to grow 
burning hot ; — egeco, 
state of what is burning 
hot ; — eta, cool. 

vart-i, to nurse (a child); 
— islino, nurse for chil- 

vasal-o, vassal ; — eco, vas- 

vast-a, vast, spacious, ex- 
tensive; — eco, vastness, 
extent ; — igi, to spread, 
to make vast ; — igo, ex- 
tension that one gives ; 
— igo, action of expand- 
ing; — e, spaciously, ex- 
tensively ; mal — a, of 
small extent; mal — eco, 
small extent; mal — igi, 
to limit the size ; plimal 
— igi, to make more 
limited in extent; mal 
— igo, the act of making 
limited in size ; mal — i^o, 




the becoming limited in 
size or area ; plimal — igo, 
the making more limited 
in extent ; plimal — igo, 
the becoming more 
limited in size, area, 
extent ; plimal — iga, re- 

VB,t-o, wadding ; — i, to 
pad, to wad. 

7atikan-o, Vatican. 

vaz-o, vase ; lav — o, basin 
(for ablutions). 

vazelin-o, vaseline, 

*ve ! woe ! (ho ve I alas !). 

veget-i, to vegetate ; — ado, 
vegetation; — ajOy vege- 
table (noun) ; — aja, 
vegetable (adj.); — iga, 

vegetar-rt (adj.), vegetarian ; 
— isto, a vegetarian. 

vegetarism-o, vegetarian- 

vejn-o, vein; — a, veinous, 
veined, venous, venal ; 
— i, to vein ; — eto, small 

vek-i, to awake, to cause 
to awake from sleep ; 
— 0, act of waking some 
one; — igi, to awake; 
— i§o, awakening; 
— horlogOj alarum 


vekt-o, beam (between 
scales) for weighing. 

vel-o, boat sail. 

velen-o, vellum. 

velk-2, to fade, to fade 

velociped-o, velocipede. 

velur-o, velvet. 

ven-i, to come ; — o, the 
coming; de — i, to come 
from, to derive from, to 
be the result of ; de — o, 
origin ; de — a, original ; 
de — igi, to make derive 
from, to cause to come 
from ; de — igado, deri- 
vation ; vorto de — igita, 
a derivative word; el — i, 
to come out of, to pro- 
ceed from ; el — o, the 
fact of coming out of, 
etc. ; al — i, to arrive ; 
al — 0, arrival; en — i, to 
come into ; kun — i, to 
assemble together; kun 
— 0, assemblage, meeting 
together ; vesperkun — o, 
evening reunion; interkun 
— 0, rendezvous ; senre 
— 0, without return. 

vend-i, to sell ; — o, — ado, 
sale ; — ebla, saleable ; 
ns — ebla, unsaleable; 
— isto, vendor, trades- 
man ; re — i, to sell again ; 
re — isto, second-hand 
dealer ; detala — isto, re- 




taller; publika — o, sale 
by auction ; jpograinde 
— isto, wholesale dealer. 

vendred-o, Friday. 

venen-o, venom, poison, 
virus ; — a, venomous, 
poisonous ; — i, to poison. 

vener-a, venereal. 

veng-i, to avenge ; — u min, 
avenge me ; li — os sin al 
vi, he will avenge him- 
self on you ; — ema^ vin- 
dictive, vengeful ; — emo, 
propensity to take re- 
venge ; — ebla, that may 
be avenged ; — inda, that 
deserves vengeance. 

venk-i, to vanquish, to 
conquer, to overcome ; 
— 0, victory ; — anto, 
victor, conqueror; — into, 
one that has conquered ; 
— signo, trophy. 

vent-o, wind ; — ego, tem- 
pest, huvricane ;turno — o, 
whirlwind ; — o favora, 
fair wind ; — as, it is 
windy; — umi, to ven- 
tilate, to use a fan; 
— umilo, fan ; — oflago, 
weathercock, vane ; — efo, 
a breeze. 

ventol-z, to air, to ventilate, 
by draughts ; — ilo, ven- 

ventr-o, belly, abdomen ; 
— a, abdominal ; dik — a, 

big-bellied ; — oparolisto, 

ver-a, true ; — o, truth : 
— eco, truthfulness ; — e, 
truly ; — sajno, likeli- 
hood ; — sajna, likely ; 
— ema, veracious ; ne 
— sajna, — e, unlikely. 

verand-o, veranda. 

verb-o, verb. 

verben-o, verbena, vervain. 

verd-a, green ; — o, green 
(the colour) ; — ajo, 
verdure ; — i, to be ver- 
dant ; — anta {adj.), 
verdant; — igi, to grow 
green ; duhe — a, greenish. 

verdigr-o, verdigris. 

verdikt-o, verdict. 

verg-o, birch, rod; — ajo, 
small branches ; — i, to 
birch, to cane ; — eto, a 
sprig, a small rod. 

verk-i, to compose (literary 
or musical work); — o, 
work {liter, or mus.) ; 
— ado, composition (the 
act) {liter, ovmus.)', — isto, 
composer or writer (pro- 
fessional) ; — anto, one 
in the act of composing ; 
— into, the composer of 
any such work finished. 

verm-o, worm ; — eto, small 
worm ; — forma, worm- 
like ; — etforma, ver- 
micular; kontraii- a, ver- 




mifuge ; kontrait — a}o, 
vermifuge (noun). 

vermi6el-o, vermicelli. 

vermut-<?, vermouth. 

veis-o, verse; — ajOy piece 
of verse ; — i, to write 
verse, to versify; — istOj 

verst-o, verst (Russian 

ver§-e, to pour; dis — i, to 
spill ; sur — i, to water ; 
— ilOj watering can ; 
ofer — 0, libation. 

vert-o, sinciput, forepart of 
the head. 

vertag-o, terrier, badger- 

vertebr-o, vertebra ; — a, 
— hava, vertebrate (adj.). 

vertikal-a, vertical. 

vertrag-o, greyhound. 

veruk-o, wart. 

vesp-(?, wasp; — ejo, wasp's 

vesper-^?, evening ; — e, je 
V — 0, in the evening 
during the evening, at 
eventide ; — a, of the 

vespert-o, bat (animal). 

vest-i, to dress, to clothe ; 
— 0, coat ; —ado, act of 
dressing ; sen — igi, to 
undress ; sen—i^i, to 
undress oneself; mi — as 
la ^iedojn, I put on boots 

or shoes; mi sen — igas 
la piedojn, I take off my 
boots or shoes ; — ejo, 
vestiary ; — otenejo, ward- 
robe; — ajo, clothing. 

vestibl-(?, vestibule. 

ve§t-o, vest, waistcoat. 

vet-i, to bet ; — a, of i 
bet; — 0, bet; — e, emu- ■ 
lously ; — batali, to com- 

veter-o, weather; — a, of 
the weather ; la — o estas 
beta hodiail, or estas bele 
hodiail, the weather is 
fine to-day, or it is fine 

veteran-o, veteran. 

veterinar-a, veterinary. 

vetur-i, to go anywhere 
by means of a vehicle 
(carriage, rail, boat, 
etc.) ; — ilo, carriage or 
ordinary vehicle ; pus 
— ilo, wheelbarrow ; 
glit — ilo, sledge ; — ilaro, 
a train of waggons, 
etc. ; — igi, to cart, to 
drive ; — igisto, coach- 
man, driver; tra — i, to 
go through by carriage, 
rail, boat, etc.; ek — i, to 
start (by carriage, rail, 
boat, etc.) ; man — ilo, a 

vezik-o, bladder ; — eto, 




vezir-0, vizier. 
*vi, you, thou, thee; vta, 
your, yours, thy, thine. 
viadukt-<), viaduct. 
viand-<?, viand, edible flesh ; 
^ — manSanta, carnivor- 


vibr-z, to vibrate; — ado, 

viburn-o, viburnum, guel- 

vic-o, rank, line, turn; — e, 
in turn ; lau — o, in turn ; 
— prezidanto, vice-presi- 

vici-o, vetch (vicia). 

vid-i, to see; — o, sight, 
view; — ado, sense of 
sight ; — ilo, a spy -glass ; 
— ajo, things seen; ek — i, 
to perceive ; — igi, to be 
seen, to be noticed; 
— i^o, aspect; bon — iga, 
bel — i^a, of fine, beauti- 
ful aspect, seemly ; 
— ebla, visible ; — eble, 
visibly ; ne — ebla, in- 
visible ; ne — ebleco, in- 
visibleness; — inda, 
worth seeing; — indajo, 
thing worth seeing (curi- 
osity); antail — i, to fore- 
see ; anta'Q — o, foresight ; 
inter — i^o, interview ; 
ce — e, ce — a, at sight. 

vidv-o, widower ; — ino, a 
widow ; — eco, widow- 


hood ; — a, man or 
woman in a state of 
widowhood (adj.). 

vigl-a, alert, wakeful, 
nimble; — igi, to make 
alert, nimble, etc. 

vikari-(7, curate. 

vikun-6>, vicuna ; — lano, 
vicuna wool. 

vil-o, hairiness. 

vil&^-o, village ; — ana, 

vill-o, a villa. 

vin-o, wine; — bero, grapes; 
— berejo, vineyard ; ber- 
ujo, vine ; — berkulturo, 
culture of the vine ; ber- 
kuUuristo, vine-grower ; 
sek — bero, dry grapes, 
raisins; — vendisto, — isto, 
wine merchant; —far ado, 
wine making. 

vinagr-o, vinegar. 

vind-i, to swaddle ; — a, 
swaddling cloth. 

vinjet-o, vignette. 

vink-o, periwinkle (ever- 
green creeper). 

vinkt-i, to rivet; — o, 
clinch, rivet. 

vintr-o, winter; — a, of 
winter, wintry, winterly; 
tra — i, to hibernate. 

viol-o, violet ; — koloro, 
violet {noun) the colour ; 
— kolora, — a, violet 




violon-0, violin ; — istOy 

violondel-o, violoncello ; 
— istOf violoncello 


vip-o, whip; — i, to whip. 

viper-o, viper. 

vir-o, man (male) ; — ino, 
woman ; — igo, puberty ; 
— igi, to become a man ; 
— inigi, to attain woman- 

virg-a, virginal (adj.); 
— eco, virginity ; — ulo, 
virginal man ; — ulino, 
a virgin ; mal — igi, to 

virt-o, virtue; — a, of vir- 
tue, virtuous ; mal — o, 
vice; mal — a, vicious, of 

virtuoz-o, virtuoso; — eco, 

visk-o, mistletoe. 

viski-o, whisky. 

vist-o, whist. 

vi§-7', to wipe; de — i, to 
wipe with ; — ilo, towel, 
piece of linen to wipe 
with ; man — ilo, hand- 

vitr-o, glass (material) ; — i, 
to glaze ; — igi, to 
vitrify ; okul — o/, spec- 

vitriol-o, vitriol. 

viv-i, to live; — o, life; 

of life, alive, lively; 
dum — a, for life, life 
(adj. ) ; mal — a, dead 
(adj.), gis — i, to live to, 
till ; post — i, to sur- 
vive ; tra — i, to live 
through; dum — a rento, 
dum — a rentumo, life an- 

viz-i, to rise, to sign, 
countersign a passport, 
etc.; — 0, vise. 

viza^-o, face, visage 

vizi-o, a vision. 

vizier-o, vizor (of a helmet). 

vizit-«, to visit, to go and 
see; — adi, to frequent; 
— 0, visit; — an^o, visitor. 

vot-o, voice, vote ; — a, 
vocal, of the voice ; lailt 
— a, loud of voice ; 
— doni, to vote; — don- 
ado, act of voting 
— done, by voting. 

voj-o, way, road ; — eto, 
path ; — iri, to go 
journeying, to journey 
along; — iranto, the one 
who journeys. 

■i, to travel; — o, 
voyage, travel, journey ; 
— a, of voyage ; — anto, 
the traveller on his way; 
— eiTia, having a taste 
for voyages ; — eTUO, 
taste for travelling ; — 
isto, commercial traveller. 




/ojevod-0, wayvode (Scla- 
vonic commaiKier or 

vok-i, to call; — o, a call, 
a summons; al — i, to 

- call to oneself; al — o, 
a call towards oneself; 
el — i, to excite ; kun — i, 
to convene, to convoke; 
kun — 0, convocation. 

vokal-o, vowel. 

vokativ-o, vocative (gram.). 

vokt-o, bailiff, warden. 

vol-ij to will, to be willing ; 
— 0, will ; — ado, faculty 
of will ; sen — a, involun- 
tary ; sen — e, involun- 
tarily ; mem — a, volun- 
tary ; m^dhon — a, reluc- 
tant ; mem — ulo, volun- 
teer; m/il — a, compelled; 
kontraU — «, against one's 
will {adv.); lau — e, at 
will, at one's option ; 
lau — a, optional ; lail 
— eco, option. 

volfram-o, wolfram. 

volont-€, willingly ; — a, 
done willingly. 

volum-o, volume (book). 

volupt-o, volupty; — ema, 
— ama, voluptuous. 

volv-t, to roll something 
round another thing ; 
mal — i, to unroll ; en — i, 
to envelop; }:un — *, to 
roll together ; dis — o, 

vom-i, to vomit ; — o, 
— ado, vomiting; — ilo, 
vomitive {noun). 

vort-{?, word ; — a, of word ; 
— oro, dictionary ; radik 
— 0, radiko, root word, 
root ; — farado, word- 
formation ; per malmultaj 
— oj, in a few words ; 
per unu — o, in one word ; 
la — 0, the Word. 

vost-o, tail ; — a, caudal ; 
— hava, -with a tail. 

VTial-^, veil; — ^, to 

vulgar-a, vulgar, common; 
— igi, to vulgarise. 

viilkan-<?, volcano ; — a, 

vulp-o, fox; — ino, female 

vultur-o, vulture. 

vund-i, to wound ; — o, 
wound; — ehla, vulner- 
able; hrvl — 0, a burn, 


zebr-o, zebra; — ino^ female zelat-o, zealot, fanatic, 
zebra. zenit-o, zenith. 




zibel-0, sable-martin; — mo, 

zigzag-o, zigzag. 

zingibr-o, ginger. 

zink-o, zinc; — i, to cover 
with zinc; — isfo, zinc- 

zirkon-o, zircon. 

zirkoni-o, zirconium. 

zizel-o, zizel. 

zoark-o, blenny. 

zodiak-o, zodiac. 

zon-o, girdle, belt; — i, to 
gird on. 

zoologo-o, zoology. 

zoTg-i, to care for, to be 
anxious about, to be 
mindful of ; — anto, 
guardian; — aio, ward; 
— itaro, spiritual flock ; 
— a, careful, mindful ; 
sen — a, neglectful, care- 
less ; antaU — o, precau- 
tion, forethought. 

zoster-o, sea- wrack, sea- 

zuav-o, zouave. 

zum-i, to hum, to buzz 
(like flies). 

Printed by T. and A. Constable, Printers to His Majesty 
at the Edinburgh University Press