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Full text of "English Goodwin family papers; being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut .."

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Wal t er L • G p_ odwi n 
"June 5, 1925. 


••«' f-', r'A 


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material collected in the search for 

the ancestry of 


Immigrants of 1632 

and Residents of 

Hartford, Connecticut. 

Volume IT. 

Hartford, Connecticut 



Marriage Allegations. dates. page. 

Bishop of London i597 to 1639 i 

Marriage Licenses. 

Bishop of London I555 to 1719 3 

London Facidty Office. . i545 to 1574 5 

Ely Diocesan Registry 1580 to 161 3 5 

Norfolk Archdeaconry 1586 6 

Norwich Consistory 1479 to 1696 6 

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1625 to 1633 9 

Sudbury Archdeaconry 1590 to 1595 9 

Parish Register Abstracts. 

Bedford 1563 to 1649 10 

Buckingham 1668 to 1690 1 1 

Cambridge 1558 to 1704 11 

Cheshire 1561 to 1791 20 

Devon 1561 to 1626 22 

Essex i543toi7io 23 

Gloucester 1624 to 1641 48 

Hertford i550 to 1629 48 

Huntingdon 1 562 to 1629 53 

Kent 1 564 to 1640 56 

Lincoln I57i to 1642 65 

London 1564 to 1664 65 

Middlesex 1540 to 1706 72 

Norfolk 1539 to 1800 80 

Northampton 1567 to 1660 1 16 

Nottingham 1586 to 1633 1 17 

Oxford 1 547 to 1699 118 

Rutland 1598 122 

Shropshire 1540 to 1697 122 

Somerset i599 to 1637 130 

Suffolk 1544 to 1790 131 

Surrey I549 to 1608 162 

Wilts 1614 to 1621 163 

Wills and Administrations. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1403 to 1708 164 


Bedford Archdeaconry 1625 to 1695 363 

Berkshire Archdeaconry 1550 to 1698 366 

Buckingham Archdeaconry 1 523 to 1640 376 

Cambridge Vice Chancellory 1 581 to 1628 387 

Ely Archdeaconry 1602 to 1622 389 

Ely Consistory 1541 to 1673 39° 

Ely Bishop's Registry 1564 to 1599 396 

Cardigan Archdeaconry 1695 497 

Chester Consistory 161 1 to 1647 39^ 

Cornwall Archdeaconry 1603 to 1642 408 

Devon, Exeter Archdeaconry 1618 to 1663 414 

Exeter Consistory 1592 418 

Durham Consistory 1607 419 

Essex Archdeaconry 1480 to 1636 420 

Commissary 1585 to 1598 433 

Bocking Peculiar 1646 to 1664 434 

Colchester Archdeaconry 1505 to 1649 435 

Essex and Herts. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex 1574 to 1639 452 

Commissary of London 1526 to 1640 463 

London Consistory 1556 to 1602 489 

Hereford Consistory i55i to 1699 493 


Hitchin Archdeaconry 1691 to 1692 513 

St. Albans Archdeaconry 1679 514 

Huntingdon Archdeaconry I533 to 1695 514 


Canterbury Archdeaconry 1474 to 1690 519 

Canterbury Consistory 1481 to 1701 550 

Rochester Consistory 1461 to 1624 563 

Leicester Archdeaconry 1627 to 1630 573 

Lincoln Consistory 1504 to 1684 574 

Dean and Chapter 1619 592 

Stowe Archdeaconry 1628 to 1703 592 

London Archdeaconry 1548 to 1698 594 

Commissary 1422 to 1689 596 

Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's 1536 to 1646 613 

Peculiar of the Arches 1689 to 1696 615 

Middlesex Archdeaconry 1609 616 


Norfolk Archdeaconry 


Norwich Archdeaconry 

Norwich Consistory 

Norwich Dean and Chapter 

Northampton Archdeaconry 

Peterhorough Consistory 

Oxford Archdeaconry and Consistory. . . 

Oxford and Bucks PecuHars 

Shropshire, Bridgenorth PecuHar 

Somerset. Taunton Archdeaconry 

Stafford, Litchfield and Coventry Con- 

Suffolk Archdeaconry 

Sudbury Archdeaconry 

Surrey Archdeaconry 


Lewes Archdeaconry 

Sussex, Chichester Peculiar 

Wiltshire, Dean of Sarum Peculiar 

Corsham Peculiar 

Worcester Consistory 

Warwick, Worcester Consistory 

York Consistory or Prerogative 

Ireland Prerogative 

Chancery Proceedings 

Chancery Depositions 

Court of Requests 

Chancery Bills, Ireland 

Close Rolls 

Common Pleas Rolls 

Exchequer Depositions 

Feet of Fines 

Inquisitions Post Mortem 

Lay Subsidies 

Compositions for First Fruits 

Duchy of Lancaster Papers 

Domesday Book 

Patent Rolls 

464 to 1690 
545 to 1667 
516 to 1685 
429 to 1698 
612 to 1627 
617 to 1636 


511 to 1666 

627 to 1 63 1 


547 to 1698 

538 to 1630 

447 to 1696 

408 to 1694 

499 to 1658 


543 to 1677 




552 to 1618 

563 to 1575 
557 to 1693 
597 to 1680 
533 to 1657 
5— to 1653 
567 to 1602 


569 to 1654 
6 — to 1617 

584 to 1649 
332 to 1639 
5 — to 1664 

570 to 1634 
... to 1580 


284 to 1332 









1 134 


Pipe Rolls ? 

Hundred Rolls 1275 


Church Wardens accounts 1581 

Vestry records book abstracts 1619 

Manor Rolls Homage 1616 

Manor Rolls 1604 

Essex and Herts. 

Commissary Court 1622 


Ely Diocesan Registry 161 5 

Essex Archdeaconry 1633 

Colchester Archdeaconry 1588 

Canterbury Case List 1621 

Rochester Consistory 1569 

Norfolk Archdeaconry 1587 

Norwich Consistory 1555 

Yarmouth Assembly records 1556 

Taunton Castle documents 1 569 

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1622 

Sudbury Archdeaconry 1591 

Ipswich Court Rolls 1603 

York Apprentices Enrollment 1600 

British Museum Documents 1656 

Ireland State Papers 1653 

Cambridge University, 

Matriculations and Degrees 1544 

List of persons named Ozias 


to 1276 

to 158? 
to 1632 
to 1632 
to 1638 

to 1632 

to 1616 

1 178 

to 1634 


to 1634 

1 179 


to 1605 

1 182 

to 1588 

1 182 

to 1568 

1 182 

to 1613 

1 183 

to 1596 

1 185 

to 1623 

1 189 

1 189 

to 1607 

1 190 



to ? 


to 1658 

1 191 

1 194 







1066 to I 

William the Conqueror Oct. 14, 1066 — Sept. 

William II Sept. 9, 1087 — Aug. 

Henry I Aug. 2, 1 100 — Dec. 

Stephen 1 135 — Oct. 

Henry II Oct. 25, 11 54 — July 

Richard I July 6, ii8g — April 

John April 6, 1 199 — Oct. 

Henry III Oct. 19, 1216 — Nov. 

Edward I Nov. 16, 1272 — July 

Edward II July 7, 1307 — Sept. 

Edward III Sept. 1327 — June 

Richard II Jnne 21, 1377 — Sept. 

Henry IV Sept. 29. 1399 — Mar. 

Henry V Mar. 20, 141 3 — Aug. 

Henry VI Aug. 31, 1422 — Mar. 

Edward IV Mar. 4, 1461 — April 

Edward V April 9, 1483 — June 

Richard III June 26, 1483 — Aug. 

Henry VII Aug. 22, 1485 — Apr. 

Henry VIII April 21, 1509 — Jan. 

Edward VI Jan. 28, 1547 — July 

Mary July 6, 1553— Nov. 

Elizabeth Nov. 17, 1558— Mar. 

James I Mar. 24, 1603 — Mar. 

Charles I Mar. 17, 1625 — Jan. 

Commonwealth 1649 — May 

Charles II May 29, 1660— Feb. 

James II Feb. 6, 1685— Dec. 




















William Goodwyn, tayler, De welling w^^in the p'einct of the 
Cathedral Church of the Holly and vndivided (Trinity?) of 
Norwich. Will 13 Aprill 1612; proved 5 October 1612. To 
reparation of church of Thorpe next Norwich called Bishops 
Thorpe los. To poore in said town of Thorpe 20s. To poore 
at buriall 40s. To singing mass in Cathedrall Church 20s. To 
wife Margery bed etc, hers before marriage, Jewells etc, also 
annuity of £20 to be paid in church porch of St. George Tombe- 
land by my kinsman Henry Rose of Norwich, grocer, wife not 
to claim dower and to discharge bond to Mr. Thomas Anguish 
now maior of Norwich and in that case all houses and land in 
Thorpe to her for life then to said Henry Rose etc. To my three 
sisters, Joan Bruse, Bridgett Wakefeild, and Margarett Jaxon 
40s. apece. To Robert Rose of Bungay Cordin' (sic.i.e. cord- 
wainer) 40s. To William Rose his son my god son 40s. To my 
godson the son of Richard Wakefeild of Beckles, tayler 40s. 
To eldest son of Rowland Lynsey of Norwich, blacksmith £5. To 
eldest son of Thomas Nash of Norwich, cloathworker 40s. To 
godchildren William More and William Trewe executors. Wit- 
nesses : John Brett, Robt Brett, Arthur Fayreman, Robert Kip- 
pinge, scr. 

Dean and Chapter of Norwich, Book 2 (1600-1652), 

folio 146, folio 147 in calendar and No. 16 

of file for 1612-1615). 

Thomas Gooding, cytty of Norwich, freemason. Will 16 June 
1625; proved 23 January 1627/8. To be buried in Cathedral 
church of the undivided Trynity in Norwich nere wife Elizabeth. 
To poore of the church there 6s. 8d. To wife Barbera all goods 
she brought also 20s. for ring. To neece Elizabeth Bollerd 20s. 
To godsonne Thomas Alyn los. Rest to brother Robert Gooding 
executor. Witnesses : Richard Oakes, John Burghe, Ed : 

Dean and Chapter of Norwich, Book 2 (1600-1652), 
folio 319. 





Edward Goodwine of Irchester county Northton, yeoman. 
To Katherine my now wife all she brought with her and a barn 
next Thomas Mason. To Edward my son the house next to 
Nicholas Goodwin on the South now in occupation of Edward 
Kempstead. To son John £120. To daughter Susan ii20. To 
Agnes Jackson my kinswoman 6s. 8d. To Elizabeth Houghton 
my sister I3s.4d. 

Archdeaconry of Northampton, AV. folio 360. 

Richard Goodwyne of Irchester. Will 30 October 1617; 
proved 27 November 161 7. To Anne my daughter iioo when 
16. Anne my wife to have my lands till my son Richard is 21, if 
he dies to Nicholas Goodwin my brother. My wife Anne to pay 
my mother Amy Goodwine £28. To Elizabeth and Anne Gutten 
two daughters of Nathaniel Guttens £16. Residuary Legatee and 
Executrix: Wife Anne. Overseers: Brother Nicholas Good- 
wine and Thomas Ekynes, junior. Witnesses : Talbot Whiston, 
Edward Goodwine, and Thomas Ekins, junior. 

Archdeaconry of Northampton, series 2 register M, folio 41. 

Margery Goodwind, County Northampton, widdowe. Will 21 
February 1618; proved 7 September 1619. To be buried in the 
church yard of Wick diocese. Daughter Elizabeth Lord 50s, and 
to her four children that she had by John Archer 50s. To daugh- 
ter Barnes 50s. and to Richard Barnes 50s. and to the rest of her 
children 50s. To son Frances Goodwin 50s. and to his two chil- 
dren 50s. To daughter Hobbes 50s. To Mary Goodwine my 
goddaughter los. To Thomas Goodwin younger los. To Wil- 
liam and John Goodwin sons of John Goodwine 6s.8d. each. To 
William Grene's three boyes I2d. apiece. To Gilbard and Bar- 
boro, widdo (Ken?) widd. Edmonte, widdo Jenkenson, Blunche 
Tomkenes, one peck^ of barley apiece. To Taft hald a sticke of 
barley. Residuary legatee and executor: Hendry Goodwin. 
Witnesses : John Pollard and Nicholas Gare. 

Archdeaconry of Northampton, series 2, Book P, folio 84. 

William Goodwine, Heinton. Will proved 27 January 1622/3. 
To my wife three beice and twelve sheepe also two lambes, alsc 


seven stocks of bees. To son Richard £6. To son William £5. 
To son George £5. To son Nicholas £5. Monie oweinge to 
me which T give to my wife to pay my childrens portions which 
my father Goodwine oweth £7 and my brother Thomas Goodwine 
owed £12, Richard Maur of Imley other £7, John Banden of Fin- 
mere other £3, Robert M Marton his man oweth 12s. 8d. and 
Thomas the 8s. alsoe of which money I give £21 to my four sonns 
and £9. 9s. to my wife. Leese of prior and all goods to wife 
executrix. If wife die son Richard to have lease. Childrens 
portions to be paid -20 September 1624. Overseers: Henry 
Perkins, Thomas Goodwine, and William Gibbons. Inventory 
i^-]. 8s. 5d. 

Archdeaconry of Northampton, 2d Series, Register N, 
folio 37. 

Robert Goodwin, Kettering. Will 26 Maye 1629; proved 24 
July 1629. To repair of church 3s.4d. To poor 3s. 4d. To 
Robert Goodwin the younger of Weekely, house and land. Rest 
to wife executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Lamf ord, Richard Good- 
win and George Baker. 

Archdeaconry of Northampton, ist Series, Register O. E., 
folio 161. 

Katherine Goodwin of Irchester, county Northampton, widdow. 
Will 13 September 1636; proved 17 December 1636. To Thomas 
my eldest son I2d. To Edward my son the little red cow. To 
John my son the black heifer. To Susanna my daughter the 
brindle cow. To poor of Irchester and Knoston 20s. Residuary 
legatee and executrix : daughter Susan. Witnesses : Nicol 
Mason, and Nicholas Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Northampton, Series 2, Register C, 
folio 186. 

John Berton, Oakham. Will 8 March 1610; proved 25 June 
161 1. For default of heirs to son and nephew etc., property to 
Anthony Goodwin of Egleton and to his heirs. To my brother 
Anthony Goodwin's children. Proved at Peterborough. 
Archdeaconry of Northampton, Book 8, folio 177. 



Henry Lynnell, Paulespury, Northants. Will 30 January 1566 : 
proved 24 July 1567. Witnesses: Richard Goodwyn and John 

Consistory of Peterborough (at Peterborough), Book 3, 
folio 173. 


Richard Goodwin of Swatclifif (Swalcliffe?). Will 22 Octo- 
ber 151 1 ; proved 11 January . To be buried in the body 

of the church at Swatcliff. To the mother church of Lincoln 2d. 
To our Lady in the chawncell of Shutford one sheep. To the 
rode in the chappell one sheepe. To the basyn bifor the rode 
in Swatcliff one shepe. To the bellys one stryke of malt. Two 
trentalls to be sung for my soul, one at Wroxsron and one at 
Swatcliff. To Alice my daughter £10. Residuary legatees and 
executors : Julyan my wife, and Symond my son. Overseers : 
Edward Wikham, gent, and Edward Hatwen. Witnesses : 
George Blonte, gent, scrivener, John Clerk, William Savage and 
Richard leycester. Debts owing to me. : Roger Barnesby 20s, 
Walsall Bocher of Banbury 12s. gd. 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, series I, 
Register i, folio 82. 

Thomas Goodewyn of Alkerton. Will 19 December 1530; 
proved 8 October (1531). To be buried in churchyard of Alker- 
ton. To mother church of Lincoln 2d. To the hy awter of 
Alkerton 2d. To the church of Alkerton a shepe. To the church 
of Horley a shepe. To the church of Shewyngton a stryke of 
barley. To the chapel of Wallistotte a stryke of barley. To 
chapell of Ipwell ditto. To church of Hornton ditto. To Rich- 
ard my son a cart, a plough, and two horses, a cow, a bullock, 
and 48 sheep. To Anne my daughter 24 sheep, and a cowe. To 
Henry my son six sheep, two silver spoones and a broche. To 
John my son six shepe and hyoe of been. To each of my god- 
children 4d. To grey friars of Oxford 2s.8d. To son William 
Lownde a sheep. Residue to wife Elizabeth. Executors : Son 
Henry and wife Elizabeth. Witnesses : Sir William Lownde, 


parson, Richard Ludyatte, Richard Goodwyn, with others. 
Proved before Dr. Morgan. 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register i, folio 58. 

Elyzabeth Goodyn of Alkerton, county Oxon, wydow. Will 2 
March, 35 Hen. 8 (1543/4) ; proved 16 May 1544. To be buried 
in Alkerton churchyard. Sole legatee and executor : son Rich- 
ard Goodyn. Witnesses: Thomas Tristram, Henry Goodyn, sir 
Thomas Wyllms, prest. 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register i, folio 177. 

Henry Goodwyne, priest and curate of Chakenden, county 
Oxon. Will 20 September 1545; proved 4 November 1545. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Chakenden. To my mother, my 
best long gown and 20s. To my brother Richard my russet 
jacket, my hosen, my bed with all things belonging, and 20s. To 
Rychard Watson my gostly father, my best cloake and hosen, and 
3s.4d. to sing a trentall for my soul and all Christian souls. To 

my cosyne Goodwyne, I give my chamblett. To the 

church of Chakenden I2d. To every of my godchildren 3s.4d. 

and Thomas paye but to them, and my cloke and dub- 

lett to Robert Abbott. To master a year of Stoke, a satin 
cappe. To John of Goryng my wood knyfe. Residuary legatee 
and executor : brother Rychard. Wytnesses : Mr. Richard Wat- 
son my goostley father, and Agnes Lovegay that kept me in my 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register 2, folio 107. 

John Godwyn of Ilmere, county Bucks. Will 10 July 1551 ; 
proved 14 December 1551. To be buried in churchyard of 
Ilmere. To Annes my wife, four kyne, if she marry, but two. 
To every child that I have, two beasts to be delivered at the dis- 
cretion of William Clarcke of Hadnam, Sir James Wythington, 
vicar of Ilmere, Thomas Godwyne, and Edmund Godwyne. To 
John my son £3. 13s. 4d. To William my son £4. To Edmund 
my son 5 marks. To Thomas my son £3. To Margery my 
daughter £3. To Thomas Godwyne my father my mare. To 


Roger Miller 2s. Residuary legatee and executrix : wife Annes. 
Witnesses : Sir James Wythington, vicar of Ilmere, Wylliam 
Clarcke of Hadnam, Thomas Godwyn of Ilmere, Edmunde God- 
wyn of Ilmere, Edmunde Godwyn of Ilmere, with others. 
Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register 8, folio 117. 

John Godwine of Wyllstotte, parish of Wardenton. Will 11 
August 1559; proved 29 June 1559. To be buried in the church- 
yard of Mary Mawdelyn in the touwne of Wardenton. To the 
altar 6d. To the church a sheep. To my godchildren 2d. apeece. 
To Richard my son, my ieron bounde carte. To Roger my son 
my mylons, and to Richard and Roger the part of my tyethes 
that I have at Wardenton, and my hald yard I have of William 
Collins whene my wyfe doth marrye. To Thomas Tymcocke 2d. 
Residuary legatees and executors : Agnes my wife, Richard, 
Roger, and Thomas my sons, Alys and Margaret my daughters. 
Overseers : John Hornycroft. John Ettington, and William Gar- 
nar. Witnesses : Sir Thomas Laye, priest, Thomas Goodwin, 
John Densy, and William Garnar with others. 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford Series I, 
Register 6, folio 250. 

Henry Godwine of Horleye, county Oxford, husbandman. 
Will proved 18 February 1559. To Joann Suffolke, eldest daugh- 
ter of John Sufifolke, twenty sheep, four pewter dishes, one 
brasse potte. To Henry Gable ten sheep. To John Taylor of 
Wroxton two sheep and one hive of bees. To Thomas and Elen 
Gable, son and daughter to Henry Gable, two sheep each. To 
Henry and Kinborowe Taylor a sheep each. To Henry, Mary, 
and Alice Hall, son and daughters to William Hall, a sheep each. 
The table standing in the hall with the Crowe of Irne and the 
two wedges to remain as heirlooms, if the heir makes sale of the 
house, to go, the table to Henry Goodwin, son to John Goodwin, 
the Crowe to William Taylor, the wedges to William Hall. To 
William Hall ten sheep. To John Godwin, son to me, twenty 
sheep. To Henry, son to John Goodwin, one sheep. To my two 
daughters Elizabeth Hall and Margaret Taylor to have Joan 
Suffolkes legacy in keeping till she is 18. Residue to my wife 
Elin Godwin, Jees Godwin, and Grace Goodwin. Executrix: 


Wife Elin. Overseers: William Mayes of Horneton, Wylliam 
Hall of Bourton, William Tayler of Wroxton, and Henry Gabell 
of Bloxam. Witnesses: Sir Roger Bendbowe, Wylliam Hall, 
and Thomas Pare, with others. At London £70. I3s.2d. 
Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register 8, folio 35. 

Richard Goodin of Awkerton. Will : no date ; proved 23 
March i58o( ?) To be buried in the churchyard of Awkerton. 
To the high Altar I2d. To Thomas my son my house and land 
in Awkerton, also my teams. To John my son a leron bownde 
carte and £4. To Henry my son £4. To Elynne my daughter 
£S. To Margery £5. To Elsibeth £5. To Agnes £5. My wife 
to live with my son Thomas. Executor: son Thomas. Over- 
seer : Henry Godwaye. Witnesses : William Goodman, and 
Nicholas Rusyll. 

Consistory of Oxford, Series I, Register 6, folio 316. 
(?) (Hudson says 1580. I think 1560. R. L. Steele). 

Richard Gooddwin of Bodicot, parish of Adderburye. Will 8 
July 1581; proved 23 September 1581. To Jhon Goodwin my 
son, the lease of my house on condition he does not sell it. My 
wife to live in it for life while a widow, and my daughter Jone 
Gooddine, if she need it, or to pay to my daughter yearly 6s.8d. 
To my son John a bond made between me and Thomas Cosens 
and Jerom Kenthe of Adderburye. To my son Richard a 
weeninge pigge and a table clothe. Residuary legatees and 
executrixes : Ales my wife and Jone my daughter. Overseers : 
Thomas Hall, John Wise, and Thomas (Pigge?). 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register 10, folio 52. 

Mawde Goddine of Hinton (Henton?), county Oxon. Nun- 
cupative will I Eebruary 1589/90; proved 25 February 1589/90. 
To the poor of Chinner and Hinton los. To the poor of Thame 
IDS. To her five godchildren 5s. To William Monday I3s.4d. 
To the mother of said William, and to her family 6s.8d. To 
Robert Mondaye's children I3s.4d. To Elizabeth Everton los. 
To her son in law Robert Tomson als Lambe. To the three 
children of said Robert 3s, To William Everton 6s.8d. To 


Agnes Mortimer one peticote. To Cislie Manne ditto. Her 
clothes to her daughter AHce Tomson als Lambe and Elizabeth 
Everton. Residuary legatee and executrix : neece Elizabeth 
Everton. Witnesses: Hierom Parsloe, Agnes Mortimer, good- 
wiffe Adams and goodwiiTe Warner. 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Book II ( 1 588-1 593), folio 72. 

Alice Goodwyne of Alkerton, Diocese of Oxon, widow. Nun- 
cupative will 3 December 1600; proved 23 April 1601. In 
presence of Margery Whitting of Alkerton and Elizabeth Warner 
of the same town. To her son Henry Goodwin 50s. and one 
pair of sheets. To John Goodwin her son £4 and two pair of 
sheets. To Thomas Goodwin her son, ditto. Residuary lega- 
tee and executor : son William Goodwin. Overseers : Phillip 
daulton, and Richard Goodwin of Alkerton. 

Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
vol. 14 (1599-1603), folio 96. 

(No date) Administration of goods of John Goodwin of 
Cassington, Diocese of Oxon, to his brother Henry Goodwin. 
Consistory and Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series I, 
Register 14 (1599-1603), folio 166. 

Robert Goddin of Emsham (Ensham?), county Oxon. 18 
February 1603 Administration to Margaret, relict of same. 
Archdeaconry of Oxford, Series 2, Vol. i, folio 305. 

William Goodwin of Adderbury, county Oxford. Will 23 
March 1632/3; proved 2 May 1633. To my brother Mathew 
Goodwin all my wearing cloathes. To my godson William 
Goodwin, son of said brother Mathew Goodwin, 20s. to be paid 
within three months of my decease. To each of the other chil- 
dren of my brother los. apiece. To Ann Whitbee, daughter of 
Alee Whitbee of Knoll deceased, 30s. To Margaret Edes, the 
wife of William Edes of Knowle, los. To my aforesaid godson 
William Goodwin one brasspot, one cupboard after the decease 
of my wife Margaret. Residuary legatee and executrix, wife 
Margarett. Overseers : my friends Mr. John Coles and John 
Lantin 2s.6d apiece to buy them gloves. Witnesses : Jane West, 
Sara Yeamans. Proved Chippingnorton. Inventory made i 


April 1633 amomiting to £38. los. 2d. Praysers : Henry Gard- 
ner and Richard Lynde. 

Consistory of Oxford, will filed 1633. 

John Goodwin of Rowleright (Rollright?) Magna, county 
Oxford, Clerk. Will 21 June, 18 Charles II, 1666; proved 20 
March 1666/7. To my son Nathaniel £5, To my daughter 
Wergne, my daughter Bryon, my daughter Stoaden, my daugh- 
ter Stokes I2d. apece. To my grandchild John Goodwin, ye son 
of Richard Goodwin, iio. To the poor of the parish 20s. Resi- 
due legatees and executors : my eldest sonns Samuel and Richard 
Goodwin. Witnesses : Richard Lethaceland, James Brownes. 
Proved at Oxford. Inventory made 19 March 1666/7 value 
£134. iQs.od. Rector of Roolright Witnesses: Thomas Endell, 
John Witt. Samuel and Richard Goodwin valuers. 
Consistory of Oxford, will file 1666/7. 


William Gooddin, Banbury, Oxon, cordwayner. Will 21 Sep- 
tember 1626; proved 11 May 1627. To church of Banbury I2d. 
My house vnto my three sonnes John, Rebeart and William Good- 
din, after death of Alice Goodwife(sic) my wife. To two 
daughters Ann and Ellen Gooddin £3 apeice to be paid by three 
sons in gateway of house. Wife Alee Gooddin executrix. If 
she marry house etc. to sonns. To daughter Elsabeth Williams 
IDS. and to her three children Thomas, Elsabeth and Grace 2s. 
each. Overseers : Seth Pope and Robert Humphries. Wit- 
nesses : George Beetham, Thomas Williams. Inventory, 1 1 May 
1627, (9. 3s.4d.) by Seth Pope and John Hull. 

Oxford and Bucks Peculiars file 1627. 

William Godwin, Sidenham, Oxon, husbandman. Will 15 
January, 2 Chas I; proved 24 November 1628. To William 
Keene now our minister of Sidenham los, to be paid by Chris- 
topher Baldwin or myne executor etc. To Christopher Towne's 
children viz. Robert, Christopher, Rachell, Jefifery, Agnes I2d. 
apeece. To widdowe Yorke, widdowe Andrewes, Hellen Hey- 
feyld and her daughter Joane Heyfeyld I2d apiece. To Rachell 
Towne, wife of Christopher Towne, all goods etc. in house of 
Christopher Towne to be delievered by mine overseer. To said 
Rachell I2d. Rest to said Christopher Towne, executor. Over- 


seer : neighbour Richard Hayley. Witnesses : Wm Keene, 
Xpofer Baldwyn, Robert Lyncke, Richard Hayley. 

Inventory of WilHani Godding late of Sidenham taken by John 
White and Richard Haley £7. 7s.8d. Exhibited 24 November 

Oxford and Bucks Peculiars, file 1628. 

Thomas Goodden. (Great Bourton?) Will 20 September 
1630; proved 9 November 1630. To wife on ioyne bed, on 
coverled, on payer of blankets, one wobbed, one boulster, two 
pillows and two colTers and all her childbed linen. To my foure 
daughters Marie, Elizabeth, Dorothie and Anne twentie nobles a 
peece and to everie one of them one payer of sheetes and one 
platter at 21 or marriage etc. To sonn Thomas executor, all my 
teme with theire gears, the carte, plowe and harrowes and such 
nessesarie things for husbandrie and all the maddowe beinge 
for maintenance of his teme and one half the besse and one half 
the woden vessel at end of eight yeares and then to devide the 
besse and the wooden vessell. Sonn to plowe, till, sowe and 
bring home his mother's third part as he doth his owne and then 
to half one half a yeard land. They to use my whole livinge 
together vnto end of eight yeares then to devide according to my 
will. To Supervisors 6d. apeece. Sonn Thomas executor. 
Supervisors: Thomas Darl , George Hopkins and Rychard 
Tunes. Proved at C 

A true note are I taken of the goods of Thomas Gooden 

of Great Borton whoe departed this life the 28th day of September 
in the yeare of our lord god 1630. 

Imprimis his purse and wearing aparell 2^10^ 

It. three horses, theire gears, a carte, a plowe, a payer of 

harrowes and a rowle lo^- 

It. three bease 511- 

It. the corne and peasse and hay 26"' 

It. a cocke and fine hens i^ 6^ 

It. Rogers locke and belles 3^ 

George Hopkins. not totalled. 

Jhon Den Exhibited 9 November 1630. 

Robert Crowley. 

Oxford and Bucks Peculiars, file 1630. 

Edmund Goodwyn, Dorchester, Oxon. Nuncupative will 
November 1630; proved 16 December 1630. All to wife Joane 


Goddyn. Witnesses : Margaret Cherrill, Ann Cherrill. Admin- 
istration to relict Joan. Account of Joane Goddin adminis- 
tratrix of the will of Edward Goddin late of Dorcester, Oxon, 
exhibited 12 March 1630/1 Debts paid. 

William Carter, Thomas Seyworth, Widdow Jerum, Thomas 
Benum, William Innes, Richard Larkin, William Carter. 

£9. los. 5. 

in hand £24. los. 3d. 

Oxford and Bucks peculiars, file 1630. 

Henry Goodwin, Horley. Will 2^] December 1631 ; proved 3 
August 1 63 1. To be buried in churchyard of Horley. To my 
sonn John Goodwin, my daughter Anne Seane and to my sonne 
Henry Goodwin £15 amongst them. To my daughter Elizabeth 
French one cow. Rest to my now wife Mary, executrix. Wit- 
nesses : John Clarsin (overseer), brother John Goodwin. 

An inventory of all the goodes and household stuffe of Henry 
Goodwin late of Horley in the county of Oxen, yeoman, deceased, 
praysed by John Goodwin, William Nichols and John Beach as 
f olloweth :. 

Imprimis his apparell xxx^* 

Item three kine vj^'-x^- 

Item thirtye four sheepe x"* 

Item, one hoge x''* 

Item the corne and hay xviij*^* 

Item the linnens xj^ 

Item the butter, cheese, apples, hempe xiij^* 

Item, the coffers, tables and wodern ware xx^" 

Item brasse, pewter, iron and earthenware xxx^* 

Item the bookes ij^ 

Item all the woud aboute the groundes x* 

Item one hive of bees v^* 

Item one pannell wth other implements v* 

Item f oure hennes ij^* 

Summa xxxxij^'-viij^- 
Exhibit'^ erat hoe Inven' 
apud Banburie vicesemo 
3° die Aprilis Ano Dni 1632 
p' Maria Goodwin exiem &c 
Oxford and Bucks Peculiars, file 1631. 



John Overton of Erdingley in the parish of Quatford county- 
Salop, yeoman. Will 28 June 1641 ; proved 20 November 1641. 
To Johane Corser, widow, my sister, 40s. To Francis Overton, 
my brother, 40s. To Symen Corser, my kinman, 30s. To 
Thomas Corser, my kinsman. 30s. To Sisley Corser, my kins- 
woman, 30s. To Elizabeth, wife of Richard Gravenor, 40s. To 
Richard Overton, my kinsman, 40s. and one pair of waine wheels 
iron-bound. To Francis Swalman, my sister's son, los. To the 
poor of Quatford on the day of my burial los. To Ambros 
Morris, my godson, 20s. To the four children of Simon Corser, 
my kinsman. 3s. 4d. apiece. To John Jeames, son of William 
Jeames, my cousin by marriage 3s. 4d. To Zacharie, Thomas 
and John three sons of Francis Overton, my brother, to each of 
them 3s. 4d. To Anne, wife of Richard Overton, my cousin, 5s. 
To the two children of Richard Gravenor, my kinsman, 3s. 4d. 
apiece. Executors : Symon Corser and Richard Overton, my 
two kinsmen. Witnesses: Richard Woodard (his mark), Wil- 
liam King (his mark), Thomas Nichols, clerk. 

Inventory £43-6-10. Taken 7 July 1641 by Edward Farmer, 
John Gilbert, Francis Overton. 

Peculiar of Bridgnorth. 


Johane Gooden, North Petherton, widow. Will 22 June 1549; 
proved 5 March 1549/50. My bodie to be buried in the church 
yard of North Petherton. I geve to Robert Goodyn my son xxtie 
shepe of wethers, yewes, and lambes. To John, Alexander and 
Anne the children of the said Robert, each one shepe. To said 
Robert "my platters, my potengers, one paire of shetts, a chafer, 
a cofifer and a mantell. To Phillippe Gooden a peticote of white. 
To Marie Gooden my beste gowne. To Johane and Isbell either 
of them a gowne. To the said three maidens either of them a 
shete, a knitter and a cofTer. To John Gooden the younger a 
coffer. To the maintenance of the church of Petherton 6s. To 
the Vicar xijd. Residue to John Goodyn my sonne whom I make 
my executor. Witnesses: John Rose, Vicar, John Crome and 
Ri. Yonge. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, Book i, folio 485. 


William Goodyn, Northpetherton. Will 22 Apryll 1558; 
proved 4 May 1558. To be buried in Petherton churchyard. To 
church 8d. To Cathedral church of Wells 4d. To my son John 
thelder my waste cote and best hosyer. To Hughe and George 
children of said John one cote each. To dought' Jone two shepe 
and on lambe. Resydewe to wief Jone and son John the yonger 
executors. Witnesses: sr Wyllni Bridge p'son of Durloxton, 
William Churchyll and John Stacye. Debts owinge Willm 
Howell 40s. Debts I owe. To John Thorne of Hunteworthye 
£g. 6s.8d. To my sister Alyce Noryngton £3. I2s.8d. To 
Symon Courte 6s.8d. To Mr. Gobye 10 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, Book 2 (i 557-1 558), page 160. 

Elizabeth Goodhin of Northpetherton, widow. Will 9 April 
1587; proved 20 May 1587. To be buried in churchyard of 
North-Petherton Parish St Andrewes Wells 4d. To Margaret 
Huertland my daughter 20s. fiockbed and to Alice Hansell one 
olde peticote. To Philip Huertland my daughter Margaret's son 
20s. To Jesper Bidggod one little brasse pann. Residue to son 
Richard Goodhin executor. Witnesses : Richard Bidyshood and 
overseer Richard Bidyeshood. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, Register 7 (i 587-1 588), folio 109. 

John Godding, Chreech (Creech? Somerset). Will 11 Febru- 
ary 6 James Proved 1610. To daughter Jane Cooke, 
Mafe of William Cooke, and their children. To daughter Agnys, 
wife of William Davie, and their children. Son John executor. 
Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1610. 

John Goodwin. D.D., Parson of Lawrence Lideard. (Lydeard 
St Lawrence?). Nuncupative will 3 November 1628; proved 19 
June 1629. To son John Goodwin first presentation of Parson- 
age of Lawrence Lideard aforesaid, the gift to remayne to wieff 
Anstice Goodwin and son Emanuell. To said Wife Anstice 
Goodwin at Taunton Deane, land for life, then to son Emanuell. 
Rest to wife Anstice, executrix. Witnesses : Peter Holway and 
Margaret Saunders. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, will file 1624, old no. 17. 

Richard Gooding, yeoman, of Moorland in North Petherton. 
Will 21 September 1670: proved 15 November 1671. To my 


son Richard Gooding £5. To my daughter Hannah Poole £5 
within one month after my decease. To my son James Gooding 
iio within a month after my decease. To my daughter Sarra 
DarHng los. within a month after my decease and my bed and 
the furniture my wife died in. To George DarHng the younger 
40s. at 21. To Katherine Poole 20s. Whereas I have the estate 
from Edward Court Esq. for 4 score and 19 years, if Richard 
and Thomas Gooding my sonnes shall happen so long to live I 
give and bequeath the residue of my said terme to my son Thomas 
Gooding : my son Thomas shall pay to my son Richard Gooding 
30s. per annum for life. To Richard Gooding my bed and fur- 
niture that is now in the hall etc. The residue to my son Thomas. 
Executor: my son Thomas. Witnesses: Robert Colthurst, 
Richard Gooding. 

A trew and perfitte inventory of all the goods and chattells of 
Richard Gooding the elder of Moorland, in the parish of North 
Petherton. in the County of Somersett, latly decessed taken and 
aprised by Robert Colthrust, Richard Gooding and George Good- 
ing, the 22 day of November 1671. 

£ s d 
Imprimis. His waring apparell and money in purse. 5 00 
Item. In the kitchen chamber one standing beadsteed 
and one feather bead with other things there- 
unto belonging. 
Item. In the same chamber on beadsteed more and one 

flocke bead with other things belonging. 
Item. One cheast and two coffers. 
Item. One payre of camvas shetts and other lining. 
Item. In the hall chamber on trundell beadsteed with 

one flock bead. 
Item. In the Hall one flock bead with two bolsters and 

other furniture thereunto belonging. 
Item. One side tabell and formes. 
Item. One littell cubberd. 
Item. In the kitchen two brasse potts. 
Item. Two brasse pannes. 

Item. Fouer brasse caldrons and one littell skillett. 
Item. Seaven pott of putter. 

Item. One table board, two formes and one side board. 
Item. Two brandises two iron crooks and two chares. 

10 o 



10 o 






















Item. Two butts three hoggseds, two halfe hoggseds, 

three barrells, sixe tubbes and f ouer payles. i lo o 

Item. One cheste presse, one silting tray and eight 
chesse fates. 

Item. Backen in the house. 

Item. One mare. 

Item. One packe saddell with paniers. 

Item. One Malt mill. 

Item. Wheat and beanes. 

Item. One wining sheett and three bagges. 

Item. One chattell. 

Item. One bond. 

Item. Other things forgotten and not foreprised. 

Sum total ']() 7 A. 
Robert Colthurst. 
George Gooding. 
Richard Gooding. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1671, number 61. 

Henery Gooding, gentleman, of the parish of Halse, county 
Somerset. Will 17 October 1677: proved 23 November 1677. 
To my eldest son Thomas Gooding ten pieces of gold in a greene 
purse. To my daughters Sarah and Joane Gooding ii20 each. 
To my son Humphrey Gooding £120. To my daughter Mary 
Gooding £120. To my children John and Samuel £150 each. 
What estate I die possessed of shall go to the maintenance of 
my seven children borne me by my later wife, till they are dis- 
posed of by my trustees. Executor : my son Thomas Gooding. 
Overseers and trustees : my brothers-in-law Mr. Thomas Mus- 
grove, Mr. William Knight and Mr. Thomas Clement of King- 
stone and Thomas Palmer of Stanley, senior. Witnesses. John 
Baker, Henry Sulley, John Hill, Walteer Pearee. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1677, number 57. 

Robert Gooding of Halse, weake of bodye etc. Will 20 Octo- 
ber 1680; proved 14 January 1680. To my brother Thomas 
Gooding £250. To my brother Humphry Gooding £80. To 
my brother Samuel Gooding £80. To my sister Mary Gooding 
£100. To my sister Johan Gooding £80. To be paid in each 


case at 21 years of age. To John Wyne son of William Wyne of 
Halse £50 at 21. To Nathaniel Winter, Mary Winter and Rich- 
ard Winter sons and daughter of Richard Winter and Mary 
Winter late of Halse £15 each at 21. To my sister Sarah £20 
when her husband shall make or assure any estate in lands or 
tenements in trust for her of the yearly value of £20 or upwards. 
To my cousin Richard Washer of Halse all my dwelling house 
and garden at the caster end of Fairmeadow at Northey in Halse 
now in possession of the said Richard Washer for the term of 
years I have if he live so long, if not then to Richard Washer's 
eldest son if he has a son, if no son, to his eldest daughter. To 
Katharine wife of William Wyne my black mare. To ye poor 
of Halse £30 to be placed out at interest by the overseers of the 
poor there, the interest being distributed amongst the poorest 
labouring people in the said parish. To each of my godchildren 
40s. Residue to my brother John Gooding if he lives to 21, if 
not to my brother Thomas Gooding if he lives to 21, if not then 
to my brother Humphry Gooding if he comes to 21, if not then to 
my brother Samuel Gooding. Executors : Thomas Clement of 
Kingstone, William Wyne of Halse, to act until my eldest, or if 
he die another, brother is 21. 

John Nation, John Wescomb, Robert Conder. 

Second Probate, 24 October 1691, by the oath of Samuel Good- 
ing, brother and executor, John Gooding and all the rest of the 
executors being dead. 24 October 1691. Guardianship, Samuel 
Gooding who was then 21 granted to Edmond Seaman, kinsman 
of the said minor during his minority. 

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods and 
chatties of Robert Gooding of Halse in the County of Somerset 
deceased, taken and preised ye 28 day of January by us whose 
namys are hereunder written in the yere of Our Lord God 1682. 

Imprimis. His wearing apparell. 

Item. Money in purse. 

Item. Three silver spoones. 

Item. Foure fatt oxen, 2 fatt kine, i fatt heifer 

and the hay in the house at Stoverd. 
Item. Four cows, i heifer and i reeke of mingmeat. 
Item. Thirty and one Hogge sheep. 



















































Item. Two clover reeks at Stoverd. 

Item. The barley and pease in Stoverd barn. 

Item. The corn in Yallon's barn. 

Item. The hay reek in the Home Close. 

Item. One cut of timber. 

Item. 38 ewes. 

Item. 32 weather sheep. 

Item. 3 rams. 

Item. 4 oxen and 2 steers. 

Item. I barley reek, i wheat mow with the wheat 
and barley in the home barn. 

Item. 2 fat swine. 

Item. 7 lean swine. 

Item. 6 small swine. 

Item. 2mares and i horse. 

Item. The hay reeke in the garden. 

Item. The bed and bedsteed in the parlor with the 
furniture thereof. 

Item. In the same room i cubboard, i table board 
and carpett and the clock and a form. 

Item. In the hall i table board. 

Item. 4 hogsheadsand 3 lesser barrells. 

Item. In the apple chamber i bed and bedsteed per- 
formed. 400 

Item. In the Hall chamber i truckle bedand bed- 
steed performed. 

Item. In the same i great chest. 

Item. 2 brass pans weight 33 pounds. 

Item. 2 brass pots and i skellett. 

Item. Pewter weighing 54 pounds. 

Item. 4 porringers. 

Item. 2 brass kittles. 

Item. 3 great puter dishes. 

Item. Five hundred feet and a half of boards. 

Item. For cheese. 

Item. One Malt hutch. 

Item. For bacon. 

Item. Debts. 

Item. Debts desperate. 

Item. Three plow chaines yoaks and bows. 


























Item. One paire of drags. 

Item, three sooles. 

Item. On trunke and lumber goods. 

Item. One tenement called by the name of Briers. 

Item. One tenement called Priddies. 

Item. One tenement lying at Stovort. 

Item. One tenement lying at Northie and part of 

Sidenham tenement. 1200 o o 

Item. One chattle lease for three laies called Yal- 

lons. 60 o o 

Item. Things forgotten and unprised. 5 o 







total is 2491 14 8 

John Baker junior, Symon Cridland, George Cossier, John 
Baker senior. 

A true and perfect Inventory of all and singular the goods and 
chatties of Robert Gooding of Halse in the Co. of Somerset 
deceased taken and prized the first day of December by us whose 
names are hereunder written in the year of Our Lord God 1691. 

£ s d 

Imprimis. One tenement called by the name of 

Bryers 100 o o 

Item. One tenement called by the name of Priddy's 

tenement. 100 o o 

Item. One tenement lyeing at Stoverd. 700 o o 

Item. One tenement lyeing at Northy and part of 

Sydenham's tenement. 1200 o o 

Item. One chattle lease for two leies called Yallons 50 o o 

the sum is 2150 o o 
John Kingdon, Thomas Seaman. Exhibited 12 December 1691. 
Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1680, number 50. 

Richard Goodinge. North Petherton. Will 25 June 1683: 
proved 22 July 1683. Sick. To my wife Brigett Goddinge the 
tester bedsteed with bolster etc. also 40s. to be paid in sums of 
los. each half year till paid. If my wife have brought me into 
debt or cause my executor to pay any debt which shee hath 
brought me into before my decease then she shall not be paid her 


40s. but it shall remain to my executor. To my sister Hannah 
Poole all the residue of my estate. Executrix : my sister Hannah 
Poole. Witnesses: Thomas y' Fackrell, Kathrin K Poole, 
Roger Femborow, Ann ^ Stodgell. 

A true and perfect Inventory of the goods and chatties of Rich- 
ard Gooding of Northpetherton in the County of Somersett, 
husbandman, deceased, aprised and taken by John Dibble, Roger 
Femborow, Joseph Bull, Robert Godderd the 9 July 1683. 

Imprimis. His waring apparell and money in his purse. 

Item. For corne in ground 3 akers barley and beanes. 

Item For barley in Molkin acker. 

Item. For too mares and i colt. 

Item. For i apple grindinge mill. 

Item. For one mault mill and one grindinge stone. 

Item. For one tester bedstead with the feather bed and 

the furniture thereunto belonging. 

Item. For one flock bed and one bedstead. 

Item. For one chest and one cof er, and two little boxes 

Item. For one brewinge trow and two toobs. 

Item. For one fryinge pan. 

Item. For two barells. 

Item. For one posuett and two pewter dishes. 

Item. For two shelve board. 

Item. For one hook and one hatchett, and one besgay. 

Item. For one paire of Aisle poots. 

Item. For one little boate. 

Item. For one cull of timber. 

Item. For one pack saddle, girse and Tinge. 

Item. For one heckeene saddle and bridle. 

Item. For things forgotten and out of memory. 

Sum total 24 12 II 

Seen, valued and apprized by us whose names are hereunto sub- 
scribed the day and yeare first above written. 
John Tibbie, Joseph Bull, Roger Femborow, Robert Goddard. 
Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1683, number 93. 









































Thomas Gooding, of Halse, being but weak of body . 

Will 25 October 1683 : proved 5 February 1684. To my brother 
John Gooding £5. To my brother Samuel Gooding £70 within 
half a year after my decease. To my sisters Mary and Johan 
Gooding £40 each to be paid when my executor is 21. To my 
sister Sarah Radford 20s. a yere for life. To the children of my 
aunt Mary Winter deceased £5 each at 21. To the poor of Halse 
10 bushels of wheat. To my brother Hum.phrey Gooding my 
tenement in Halse : if my brothers Humphrey or John Gooding 
shall happen to die before they are 21, then I bequeath my 
tenement to my brother Samuel Gooding he paying my legacies 
abovementioned. If Humphrey and Samuel die before 21, then 
my tenement to my brother John Gooding he to pay to my sisters 
Mary and Johan Gooding £300 each. To Richard Washer my 
kinsman all my goods in his house at my decease. Executor: 
my brother Humphrey Gooding. Overseers: William Knight, 
Thomas Clement of Kingston and William Wyne of Halse. To 
each of them 40s. Witnesses: Abraham Hancocke, David 
Parker, the mark of Plugh r Sulley. 

A true and perfect inventory of all and singular the goods, 
chatties, and credits of Thomas Gooding, late of the parish of 
Halse, deceased, taken and prized the third day of December, by 
Abraham Hancock and John Baker in the year of Our Lord God 

Imprimis. His waring apparell. 

Item. Money in purse. 

Item. Two oxen and two steers. 

Item. On More. 

Item. Two and thirty sheepe. 

Item. Wheat in mow and barne. 

Item. Barley. 

Item. Clover seed in barne. 

Item. Hay. 

Item. Thirteen pieces of gold and weights 

Item. Six gold rings and a little gold chain. 

Item. Five and twenty sliver spoones. 

Item. Eight silver spoones, on silver bole and on 

silver cup. 
Item. On silver whissell. 














































Item. On large diape table cloth, fourteen napkins, 

two pair of sheets, four pair of pillow tyes, on 

cubboard cloth and on towell. 
Item. On bill and two swords. 
Item. On bed, bolster and coverled. 
Item. Two coffers. 

Item. One coffer with the coorse lining in it. 
Item. For the Hall on table board, three forms, on 

chair, on glass cage. 
Item. In the parler on bedsted, on chair, on cubbord. 
Item. In the parlor chamber on bedsted, on little table 

l)ord, on chest, on little box, two cushions, on 

cubberd presse 
Item. Wooll. 

Item In the butlery chamber on bedsteed. 
Item. In the Kitchen chamber, four old coffers and 

on old bedsteed. on old hutch and other lumber, i o o 
Item. Three coffers in the Molt chamber and on table- 

Item. Horse tacklin and ( ) tackHn. i 

Item. On spitt. 

Item. Three guns. i 

Item. Two barrels. 

Item. On chattle lease. 800 

Item. In the kitching at Northy and old furnan and 

cheese wring. 
Item. In the Hall chamber an old bedsteed and coffer. 
Item. In the milk house chamber on bedsteed. 
Item. In the parlor chamber on hustlar, on coffer and 

other lumber. 10 o 

Item. In the parlor on bedsteed, on tableboard, chair 

and livery board. 16 o 

Item. In the custody of John Baker of Northy on 

sideboard, on chare, on puter fllaygon, on iron 

driping pan, on spitt. 
Item. In the custody of Richard Washer. 
Item. On silter. 
Item. Boards and planks. 

Sum is 994 9 5 
John Baker, 
Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1684, number 63. 
















Johane Gooding of Taunton St. James. Will 2 September 
1684; proved 6 September 1684. To be buried in churchyard of 
parish of Halse. To Mary Radford, daughter of my sister 
Sarah Radford, £5 at 21. To my three brothers Humphrey, John 
and Samuell Gooding on silver spoon apeice. To my cousen 
Elizabeth Cogan the younger of Kingston ditto. To Anne Wyne, 
daughter of William Wyne of Halse. ditto. To aunts Susanna 
Musgrave, Sarah Knight, Susann Clement Martha Speare and 
cousen Catherine Wyne one handkerchief apeice. To my aunt 
Bridgett Musgrave ditto a paire of gloves. Money due from 
my father's will and my two brothers' wills Robert Gooding and 
Thomas Gooding vnto my brother Samuell Gooding and sister 
Mary Gooding etc. To cousen Elenor Washer of Halse my parte 
o' my mother Whittles. To Susann Musgrave the younger my 
bt?t hood and scarf. To Mrs. Margret Sachell one yard of lace. To Mary Hoskins on old chang and and a sorge 
petticoate. To Margaret Knight of Kingston an old petticoat 
To Margaret Knight of Kingston an old petticoat Rest to sister 
Mary Gooding executrix Witnesses : Frances Newton, Elizeus 
Middleton, Thomas Newton. 

An Inventory of the goods and chatties of Joane Gooding, 
whoo died the second day of September 1684 taken by Thomas 
and Frances Newton. 

In money 120 : 00 : oo 

5 Siluer spoones 002 : 00 : 00 

on bible 000 : 10 : 00 

two boxes I trunck i voffer 000 : 07 : 00 

wearing apparell and od Lining 016:19:00 

139: 16: 00 
Thomas Newton, Francis Newton. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1684, no. 170. 

Mary Goodding late of Halse, but now of Ivelchurch, county 
Somerset, spinster. Will 29 January 1685/6; proved 7 January 
1686/7. ^^ t)e buryed in Halse churchyard. To cozen Kath- 
arine Wine wife of my executor all best apparell and. a pair of 
Holand sheetes & pillowties. To sister Sarah Waterman's daugh- 
ter Mary Radford all ordinary apparell. To Mrs, Elizabeth 
Falkner of Ivelchester my searge petty coate w*^^ siluer lace att 
ye tayle and best scarfe and two peces of small lace. To Mary 


Prist my whille & my ould morning gowne. To my brother 
Humphrey Goodding izo. To my brother Samuel Goodding 
i20. To my brother John Goodding £io. To cozen Mary Rad- 
ford daughter of my sister Mary Waterman £20 at 21 etc. To 
cozen Mary Winter daughter of my aunt Mary Winter £5 at 21. 
To cosen Richard Washer sonn of cozen EHanor Washer £5 at 
21. To cozen Ann Wine daughter of my executor on siluer 
spoon. To cozen Katherine Wine ditto, ditto. To Suzannah 
Musgrove one silver spoone. To Aunt Susannah Musgrove my 
bible. To Aunt Susannah Musgrove my bible. To Aunt Susan- 
nah Clement on fine hoUand sheet and paire of pillowties. To 
cozen William Wine executor £50 and rest of goods. Witnesses : 
Joseph Shute, Jas. White, John Browne. Seal (Ship) Admin- 
istration with will annexed 7 January 1686/7 to Katherine Wine 
legatee before Edward Waple, commissary. 

Achdeaconry of Taunton, will file, 1686, no. 26. 

George Gooding, Brushford, county Somerset, yeoman. Will 
proved 27 September 1698. My debts and funeral expenses to 
be discharged. To the poor of Brushford 40/- To my wife 
Agatha all that house, backside and garden lying within the 
Town of Dulverton county Somerset which was her own before I 
married her during all the estate and term I have in the same. 
My executor to pay her that £6 per anum which I formerly made 
by deed out of my messuage or tenement wherin I now dwell. 
To my wife all my houshold goods that were her own before I 
married her, the best bedstead etc. also £3 of current money of 
England. To my son George Gooding of Merebath in the county 
of Devon £50. To my grandaughter Elizabeth Burdge £20 
when she is 21. To my kindsman Thomas Gooding, son of Wil- 
liam Gooding, £3 at 21. To Abigail, daughter of the aforesaid 
William Gooding, 40s. when 21. To my son George's two sons 
John and George each 40s. Executor : my son Thomas Good- 
ing. Witnesses : James Gooding, Nicholas Gooding, the mark 
of Agnis Gooding. 
(Seal 7 stars.) 

A true and perfect Inventory of the goods and chattels of George 
Gooding, late of Brushford in the county of Somerset, deceased, 
taken and apprized the 3rd day of September 1698 by us whose 
names are hereunto subscribed as follows. 



Imprimis. His wearing apparel and money in purse. 

Item. His estate being in chattle. 

Item. Four oxen. 

Item. Four young beasts. 

Item. Five steares. 

Item. Three yearlings. 

Item. One heifer, two calves, eleven coalts. 

Item. Five cows. 

Item. Foure Labond jades. 

Item. One coalt. 

Item. One hundred and seventeen sheep. 

Item. Eight swine hoggs. 

Item. Corn in ground. 

Item. For hay. 

Item. In the Hall chamber one bed perfoomed. 

Item. One bed, one chest, one coffer and table board. 

Item. In the Entory chamber one cheist and 2 coffers. 

Item. In the kitching chamber three beds perfoomed 

with other beding. 
Item. One huch, one coffer, one vate and one trundle. 
Item. For wool in house. 
Item. Butter, cheese and tallow. 
Item. In the Hall one table bord, one cubberd, one 

Item. One dozen of puter dishes with other puter. 
Item. Twelve brass pannes. 
Item. Two kittles and two skellets. 
Item. Foure brass potts and one iron potte. 
Item. One cheesewring, one table board, two side 

bords and one settle. 
Item. Chares and joine stools 
Item. One payre of andirons and one payre of dogs 

three potthangers and crookes, one fring pann, 

one driping pann with other iron. 
Item. Seven hogsheads and nine here barrells. 
Item. Three vates with tubbs and pails. 
Item. One hand mill and two hutches. 
Item. Board and plank 
Item. One sider ring. 


























































Item. Two payer of harrows, one payre of drags, two 

soUes and other plowstufif. ^ 

Item. Saddle badges and other horse tackhng. ] 

Item. One grinding stone and two ladders. 
Item. One bedstead. 

Item. Mu shoules and other working tooles. 

Item. All the victuals on the Row. 
Item. Wood in the Coort. 
Item. One Bible with other books. 
Item. Lumber stuff and things forgotten. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, file 1698, number 2. 




Johane Woodward als Hoker, widow. Will 2 June 1547 
proved 8 July 1547 My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Doriatt. To the said church 20s. Residue to Robert Hooker my 
Sonne, he executor. Witnesses: John Woodward Wm Morse. 
Proved at Hachbeach. Inventory 38s. 

Archdeaconry of Taunton, Book i, folio 437. 


List of Goodwin Wills in the Consistory Court of Coventry 

and Lichfield, 1 538-1650. 
1538? Godwyn, William, Leek. 

1540 12 April. Goodwyne, Richrd, Leek. *folio 77b 

(1546 7 July. Godwyne, Robert, Northingfield. folio 47b) 

1558 21 Oct. Goodwyne, Ralph, Kingsley. folio 145 

1561 5 May. Goodwyn, Richard, Trentham. folio i8b 

1 561 18 April. Goodwyn, Emote, Leek. folio i6b 

1 561 18 April. Goodwyn, Richard, Kingsley. folio i6b 

1 561 18 April. Goodwyn, alias Swinscoe, Thomas, Ripton. 

folio 17 

1566 26 April. Goodwin, Edward, Caressall. folio 79 

1567 16 Oct. Goodwyn, John, Trentham. folio loob 

1567 20 Sept. Goodwyn, Robert, Cheddleton. folio 99b 

1568 19 Sept. Goodwyn, Richard, Leek. folio 109b 

1570 26 April. Goodwyn, John, Norton-in-the-Moors. 

folio 129 

1571 2 May. Godwine, John, Norton-in-the-Moors. folio 142b 


572 4 Oct. Gudwyn, Margery, Cheddleton. folio 156b. 

573 22 April. Goodwyne, Ralph, Gayton. folio 14. 

574 6 Oct. Goodwayne, Thomas, Leek. folio 33. 
1573-4 13 Jan. Goodwyn, John, Kingsley. folio 21b.) 

577 2 Oct. Godwine, James, Norton. folio 95b. 

578 7 April. Goodden, Robert, Dalbury Lees. folio i6ib. 
589 5 Nov. Goodwin, Humphrey. Horton. folio 137. 
591 22 Sept. Goodwin, Robert, Careswall. folio 3b. 

591 21 April. Goodwin, alias Hodgson, Margery, folio 146b. 

592 17 June. Goodwin, Robert, Leek. folio i8b. 

592 29 May. Goodwin, Thomas, Dulbury. Adm. folio 17. 

593 14 Nov. Goodwin, John, Chedulton. folio 93. 
593 16 Oct. Goodwin, Richard, Derby. Adm. folio 90. 
1593 7 June. Goodwin, Richard, Leek. folio 86.) 
1594-5. Gooden. John. Barchurch. Adm. folio 125.) 
601 30 June. Goodwin, Robert, Findern. folio 61. 
601 31 Dec. Goodwin, William the elder, Atherstone. 

folio 72b. 
602-3 22 March. Goodwin, Margaret, Ellaston. 

Adm. folio 16. 

605 19 July. Goodwin, George, Hope. folio 174b. 

606 II Nov. Godwin alias Swinscoe, John, Castle Gresley. 

folio 20b. 
606-7 16 March. Goodwin, alias Swinscoe, John, Repton. 

Adm. folio 213b. 
608-9 I Feb. Goodwine, Thomas. Norton-in-the-]\Ioors. 

folio 68. 
609 2 June. Goodwin, Ralph. Leek. folio 80. 

609 12 May. Goodwin, Richard, Leek. folio yy. 
609-10 27 Feb. Goodwin, Anthony. Barrow-on-Trent. 

folio 104. 

610 II July. Goodwin, Thomas, Tissington. folio 121b. 
610 15 June. Goodwin. William. Leek. folio 119. 
612 19 Sept. Goodwin. Henry, Stone. folio 211. 
613-14 18 March. Goodwin, George. Alsterfield. folio 64. 
613-14 17 Feb. Goodwin, Katharin, Horton. folio 55b. 
615 21 July. Goodwin, John, Abbots Bromley. folio 120. 
615 20 Sept. Goodwin, Edward, Mapleton. folio 138b. 

615 23 Sept. Goodwin, Richard, Trentham. folio 140. 

616 15 Nov. Goodwin, Agnes, Cheddleton. Adm. folio 196. 


(1616 7 Oct. Goodwin, Mary, Norton-in-the-Moors. 

Adm. folio 191. 

1619 16 April. Godwin, Mary, Tatenhill. Adm. folio 5. 
1619-20 9 Feb. Goodwin, Thomas, Tatenhill. Adm. folio 40I). 

1620 5 May. Goodwin, Thomas, Drayton Basset. folio 56. 

1 62 1 I May. Goodwin, John, Alton. Adm. folio 97. 
1621-2 II March. Goodwin. Thomas, Rector of Kirklangley. 

Adm. folio 135b. 

1624 18 Sept. Goodwin, John, Leek. folio 254b. 

1624 19 July. Goodwin, Samuel, Leigh. Adm. folio 247b. 

1626 23 May. Goodwin, Francis, Osmaston. folio i8b. 

1627 2 Nov. Goodwin, George, Wirksworth. x\dm. folio 79. 

1628 22 May. Goodwin, Thirkell, Tatenhill. 
1629. Godwin, Joyce. 

1631 I April. Godwin. Richard. Leek. 

1630-1 28 Jan. Goodwin, Anne, Leek. Adm. 

1630-1 15 Feb. Goodwin, Anthony, Tissington. 

1631 I April. Godwin, Thomas, Dilhorne. 

Richard Gooddeen of Hanchurch, parish of Trentham. Will 4 
July 1560. To Maude my wife and Rychard my sonne, during 
the terme the said Maude do lyve unto ye end of ye said lease, the 
house which I have by lease. After my wife's decease it shall 
remain to my son Richard, my son shall enter upon half the house 
on the day of his marriage paying half the line. Residue of my 
goods, half to my wife and half to my children to wytte, John, 
Rychard, Mare, Thomas, Ellyn and Jone. Wife and son Rychard 
executors. Overseers : William Asteberry and John Gooddeen. 
W'itnesses : William Astebery, John Gooddeen, Robert Walklate, 
and Rafife Wylleshurst. Inventory 14 April 1561. ii2. 6s. 8d. 
John Goodwen one of prysers. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, file 1560. 

Rye Goodwyn. Will 3 November 1560. No act. To be 
buried at Kynneseley near unto my fader. To my br.oder Wil- 
liam Goodwyn and my broder John Goodwyn and my 

sister Margaret shall have part with him. To John Crykyton 
his wife and two children each a sheep. To William Bernytt 
and his wife and five children each a sheep. To Thomas Hillins' 
four sons each 4d. To William Barlow's son 2d. To William 


Moores my godson a sheep. (List of debts and debtors). Exec- 
utors : William Goodwyn and John my brothers, and Edward 
Goodwyn overseer. Witnesses : Raff Sutton, Rychard Morris. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, file 1560. 

Thomas Goodwyn als Swinscoe. Will 26 December 1560. To 
be buried at Reppenden. To Jonne daughter of Jeffery Raydford 
£4. To my four sons 3s.4d. apeyce. To my daughter Elsabeth 
6s.8d. Residue to be divided into three parts, wife to have one 
part, the other two parts to my four children. Executors: my 
eldest son John and my wife Annys. To Sir Rector of (B)reyl 
Isbe 3s.4d. Witnesses: John Keyldaell, Rayfif Fyssher, John 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, file 1560. 

Emott Goodewyn of (B)radnot in the parish of Leke. Will 
28 April 1560. One third of my bedding to Margery my daugh- 
ter, after I am brought home. The rest of my goods to my three 
childerne, that is to say, Robert Helyn and Margery equally. 
Executors: my two sons Robert and Richard Gudwyn. Wit- 
nesses: Sir Richard Hulme. clerk, John Feny. Inventory 28 
April 1566. £19. 3s.4d. One or valuers is John Gudwyn. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, file 1566. 

Edward Goodwin of Weston Cunye in the parishe of Cavers- 
well. Will 2 September 1565: (No Act.) Sick in body. To 
be buried in the parish church of Caverswell. The third part of 
my goods I bequeath to Elizabeth my wife except my smiths tools 
which I give to my sons Richard and Raffe. I will that Rychard 
teache Raffe his occupation and Raffe to have the stidye without 
exception. To my three sons at London, John, William and 
Edward, each 40s. To Richard, Raffe, Robert, Chryster, John 
and Jonne all my other goods except that Jonne to have 40s. 
besides her child part. All the goods to reste with my wife. All 
my corn to go to Elizabeth my wife to keep my children with. I 
give one close which I toke lately of Thomas Ames called the 
Over endes to Elizabeth my wife for life, so that Richard have 
the part (the lease) after her decease. To my youngest son 
John a ewe sheep more than his part. To John Foxe's two sons 
each a hog sheep. To John Goodwin, Thomas'son a hog sheep. 
To my wife my silver spoon. To my servant Ales a hog sheep. 
Executors : Elizabeth my wife and Thomas Pyot of Kingeley. 


Inventory i33-3-8 made i8 November 1565 by Thomas Wode of 

the meare, John Wode of Addarly grene, Thomas Lines of 

Kechane and Richard Fournyough of Roughcote. (Given in 


Endorsed 26 April 1 566. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

John Goodwyn of Trentham in the parish of Hanchurch. 
Will 13 February 1566-7; proved 16 October 1567. To Eliza- 
beth my wife one third part of my goods the other two parts to 
my two children Ales and Ellin. My will is that Thomas Whit- 
hurst of Hunsworth shall have the goods of my two daughters 
for ten years. Whereas I commited and obligation to the hands 
of Margaret Hassall to be kept, my will is that the same shall be 
received of her and committed to William Hasles of Hanchurch 
to be kept to the above uses. Thomas Whithurst shall find of 
his own cost my children aforesaid in meat, drink etc. To Mar- 
garet Wanclett a heififer. To Robert Wanclet her father my best 
coat. Executors : Elizabeth my wife and Rycard Goodwin of 
Hanchurch. (To Sysley my servant a lambe.) Overseer: Wil- 
liam Hassles. Witnesses : Roger Renoldes, Curate, Raphe Ben- 
son of Trenth, Thomas Whithurst, William Hasles with others 

Inventory £28-0-4. Taken 20 February 1566 by Hughe Rowley, 
Thomas Callier, Rye. Wyllat and Thomas Machon. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Margery Gudwyne, Cheddleton, widow, late wife of Robert 
Gudwyne. Will 4 January 1 571-2: proved 4 October 1572. To 
be buried in the churchyard of Cheddleton near my husband. To 
John my son a calf, sheets, coverlet. To Raffe my son ye best 
cow etc. A widdow sheet. To my son-in-law John Sheratt 7s. 
which he hath in his hands. To my daughter Elsabeth £6. To 
my daughter Agnes a shepe. To my son-in-law John Sheratt los. 
which he oweth me. After all my debts and funeral expenses 
are discharged, I leave the residue between Robert my son and 
Elsabeth my daughter. Executors : William Fynney of the 
Fynney lond and Raffe my son. Supervisors : John Sheratt my 
son-in-law and Robert Fernehalghe. Witnesses : Thoms M5f ord 
ye clerk, John Hery, James Mayott, Edmund Helue. 


Debts owing to testator: — to William Fynney, maryner, 20s. 
To Richard Heath of Rudyerd 12s. To Richard Baydeyewodd 
the elder 6s. To William Hessuls the elder 7s. To Robert 
Wythington 3s 8d. To Peter Edge 3s 2d. 

Inventory £17-17-0 taken 2 September 1674 by William Fynney, 
John Momford, John Hethe. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

I, Rafe Goodwyne of Gayton, being sick. Will 24 August 
1572: proved 22 April 1573. Imprimis: To Ales Goodyne my 
wife my house and all my goods as long as she lives. After her 
decease I bequeath my house and lands with the appurtenances 
with all goods and cattle moveable and unmovable unto my two 
sons Thomas Goodwyne and Rafe Goodwyne to have joyntly 
together paying unto my son William Goodwyne ii4, for his 
chyldes parte — one halfe to be paid within two years of the date 
hereof, the other halfe within a year after. If Thomas and Rafe 
my sons do not agree then all my goods to be equally divided by 
my sons Thomas and William. Executor: Alice my wife and 
Rafe Asten of -bursone. Overseers : my loving neighbours 
Robart Asten and William Asten. Witnesses : George Granger, 
curate, Robart Asten the younger, iohn Goodwyne. 
Inventory taken by Robart Asten, Roger Sherat and iohn Cooke 
(14?) April 1572. £9-13-4. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Godwyn, Ralf, Gayton. 22 April 1572. Will proved by Allice 
his relict power reserved to Ralf Aston the other executor. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 7, folio 14. 

Goodwin, Thomas, Kingsley. 13 January 1573. Will proved 
by John Barnett and William Barnett executors. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 7, folio 21b. 

Godwyn, Thomas, Leek. 6 October 1574. Will proved by 
Margaret his relict and Richard his son executors. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 7, folio 33. 

Godwyn, James, Norton. 2 October 1577. Will proved by Ann 
his relict. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 7, folio 95b. 


Goodwyn, Johan, Norton le Mores. Caveat as to Administra- 
tion of the goods of Johan Goodwyn late of Norton-le-Mores. 
Henry Murrall of Stoke upon Trent to be cited. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 7, folio 220. 

Robert Goodden, Dalbury Lees. Will 3 April 1578: proved 
7 April 1578. To my wife and son Henry Goodden the whole 
lease and all my tithe and interest of this my house and tenement 
and after their decease to remain to my son Thomas Goodden. 
To my daughter Esabell Goodden 20 marks and a bed worth 40s. 
To my parish church I2d. To the poor of my parish 6d. To my 
son John los. and to his children either of them an ewe hogge. 
To John Jourday, yonger 1 2d. To my son Thoms a red heififer. 
Residue to my wife and son Henry Goodden equally. Executors : 
my wife and my sons Henry and Thomas. Supervisors : my son 
John. Witnesses : Sir Thomas Bury, clerk, and John Blond. 
Inventory taken 6 April ( — ) by William Begge, Robert 

Barghe, John Blond and Edward Bothome. Total £37-18-10. 
The testator owes to Margaret Forster 3s. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Robert Goodwine of Dr(oon?)wood, in the parish of Leeke. 
Will 8 May 1592; proved 17 June 1592. To be buried in the 
churchyard of Chedulton. My debts and funeral expenses to be 
paid out of my whole estate. The rest of my goods to Margaret 
my wife and my four sons — John Hughe, Roger and William, to 
be divided as followeth, the third part to Margaret my wife and 
the rest to equally divided among my four sons. Executrix ; my 
wife Margaret. Overseer ; my brother Rafife Goodwyne. Debts 
owing to me — Elizabeth Tunkenson £6-12-0. Roger Tunken- 
son £2-6-0. Arthur Bucley £2-5-0. James Fynney los. John 
Goodwine 20s. John Sutton and his wife 6s 8d. Roger Ferin- 
kaughe 23s 4d. Rafife Wallester I2d. James Clowes 8s. John 
Porter and his wife 3s. Witnesses ; John Bentley, John Bridg- 
wood, John Goodwine, Rafife Goodwyne. 

Inventory £30-12-6. Taken 31 May, 34 Elizabeth, by William 
Rede, Thomas Malkyne, John Bentley, John Bosley, John Good- 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 


Thomas Godvvine, Norton-in-le-Moores. Sick in body. Will 
( — ) proved i February 1608/9 by Mary Godwine, power being 
reserved to John Godwine, the other executor. I give and 
bequeath to Mary my wife and to John Godwine my son (my 
debts being paid and funeral expenses discharged) all my goods. 
Executors: John Godwine my(ne?) father and Mary Godwine 
my wife. Overseers : my cousin William Keelinge of Bem'sley 
and Hugh Sherat the younger of the bancke end : to each of 
them 3s. 4d. Witnesses : John Whenlock, clerk, William Keel- 
inge and Hugh Sherratt. 

Inventory i47-7-4 taken 14 January 1608 by William Keelinge, 
Hugh Sherratt and William Sherratt. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Richard Goodwyne of Leeke, Stafford, husbandman. In good 
and perfect remembrance. Will 5 November 1608: proved 12 
May 1609. To my brother John Goodwynne xiid. To every 
one of my brother John's children that shall be living vid. To my 
brother William Goodwynne xs. To my brother Robert Good- 
wynne his wife xiid. and to every of her children vid. To my 
godson Raphe Bentylie xiid. To god-daughter Ann Bradburie 
xiid. To my son John all kinds of husbandry ware — one great 
pan, one cupboard and one meal ark. To my daughter Elizabeth 
ten shillings. To my daughter Alice Greenhaulghe ten shillings. 
To Ellen my wife half of all my messuages, grounds, yards and 
gardens during the terme that I have if she live so long sole and 
unmarried. If she marry, she is to have one third part of the 
lands etc. and not any part of the yards, barns or messuage. The 
rest of my messuage, barns etc. I bequeath to John Goodwynne 
my son. To Ellen my wife whether she marry or not xxs. 
Executor: my son John Goodwynne. Supervisor: Thomas 
Jolley. Witnesses : Thomas Jolley, Richard Bagnould and Wil- 
liam Jolley with other. 

Inventory taken 14 April 1609 by Thomas Jolley of Leeke, John 
Jadrell, bailiff and William Plant of the Lowe. £61-7-4. 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Rauffe Goodwyn of Mixten Grange in the parish of Leeke 
county Stafford, weaver. Will 25 April 1604: proved 2 June 
1609. Debts either in law or conscience to be paid. To Eliza- 
beth Sherratt, wife of William Sherratt of Newbolte county 


Chester, my sister I2d. To Agnes Sherratt my sister I2d. To 
the poor of the parish of ChedaUon 3/4. The residue after 
my debts and funeral expenses are paid I give to my wife 
Agnes Goodwin. Executrix: my said wife Agnes. Supervisor: 
Edward Alcocke brother to my said wife. Witnesses : James 
Whetalls, John Rothwell, John Huhne. Before Master Wood, 
Curate of Chedleton. 

Inventory of the goods of Rauffe Godwyn of Rownall, deceased, 
taken i June 1609 by Styven Goumlacke, Edward Alcocke and 
Thomas Benteley. 

Imprimis. One cow, price 

Item. One swine, price 

Item. Brass and pewter, price 

Item. One cubbord, price 

Item. Beding, sheetes, pillow beares and naperie, ware 

with other linen cloth, price 
Item. Nyne slipings of hempen yarne, price 
Item. One paire of bidstocke? and fore coferes, price 
Item. Two pow weavers lomnes and gares thereto 

belonging, price 
Item. Benckes lomnes and all other tryne ware, price 
Item. Two broches with all other irne ware, price 
Item. Saxe and winnos sheets, price 
Item. Baken at the Rowle, price 
Item. Stowes and quishings, price 
Item. Apparell and monie in his purse, price 
Item. Worthinge, price 
Dettes oweing unto me Raufife Goodwyn without bil. 

Imprimis William Sherrat of Newbolte. 
William Momford of Shedalton. 
Styven Coumlache. 

Thomas Momford, sonne of the said William. 
Richard Whithall of Mixtone Grange. 
John leese of Rownall. 
Thomas Oulsname of barisford. 
John Tarner of ye same. 
Barthoolomew Cordon of Ixtones 
Raufife bagnald of Hewalegrange. 






















































John Smith of the same. 

WilHam Smith of the same. 

Wilham Momford of the bancke, senior. 

Widow Fairefaid of Gunsall. 

William Telier of Fernehill. 

James Whithall in Bill 

Richard Whithall of Mixton Grange 

Thomas Oulsman of Barford. 

Sum total. 53 134 
Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

William Goodwyne. Will 3 June 1610; proved 15 June 1610. 
To be buried in the parish church of Leeke. To John Goodwine 
of Leeke, my cousin 40s. To William Goodwyne, my cousin 40s. 
To Raphe Goodwyne, brother to the said William, 40s. To John 
Goodwyne, brother to the said William, 40s. To Richard Good- 
wyne brother to the said William 20s. To Margaret Goodwyne my 
cousin at Green 20s and my bed. To John Goodwyne my brother 
6d. To Richard Goodwyne son of the said John 6d. To Doro- 
thie Clyffe los. To EUene Edge 2d. My debts, legacies and 
funeral expenses paid, I give the residue of my goods to John 
Ashenhurst of Revich. Executor; John Ashenhurst. Over- 
seer ; John Horslie. Witnesses : Raphe Whiston, John Horsley. 
John Goodwine of Leek owes the testator 40s. William Good- 
wyne 40s. No inventory. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Edward Goodwin, Mapleton, county Derby. Will 24 July 
1615 : proved 2 September 161 5. To Katherine now my wife my 
messuage, lands and arable land for the terme of years I hold 
them. To my two brethren Anthony Goodwin and Humphrey 
Goodwin each I2d. To each child of my said brethren 3s.4d. 
To poor householders of Mapleton 6d. each. To my godson 
Edward Tateham heifer enling. Executrix: my wife Kath- 
erine. Overseers : William Henshawe and John Wheeldon, my 
friend. No witnesses. 

Inventory £128-6-8 taken by Wheeldon, George Key, Thomas 
Bennet, Henry Swinscot 6 July 161 5. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 


Richard Goodwyne, the elder, Handchurch, county Stafford, 
husbandman. Will i September 1615: proved 23 September 

161 5. To my eldest son Laurence Goodwyne I2d. in the name 
of his childs part of all my goods and chattels. To my son Rich- 
ard Goodwyne 20s. &c. To Christabell Palmer my eldest daugh- 
ter 1 2d. for her childs part. To Mary Powsen my daughter 40s. 
&c. To Anne Bromfeld my daughter £3. &c. To Isabell Good- 
wyn my daughter ii6 &c. Alee Goodwyne my daughter £16 &c. 
To Isabell and Alice daughter two flaxen sheets. To Thomas 
Goodwyne my son Thomas his son £4. To my son William all 
the residue of my estate, he to have the messuage where I now 
dwell. Executor: Son William. Overseers: my cosen John 
Whithurst and my cosen Hugh Asburys. Witnesses: Peter 
Whiston, Hugh Asburye. 

Testator owes to Thomas Cowope of Charlton £10. To Richard 
Goodwyne his son £8. To James Fox 20s. To Isabell Good- 
wyne £6. 

Inventory of goods of Richard Goodwyne of Handchurch parish 
of Trentham, county Stafford, £99-13-0. Taken 20 September 
161 5 by John Whithurst, Thomas CoUyer, Hugh Asburye of the 
same, husbandman. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Godwin, Mary, Norton-in-le-Moors, deceased. 8 October 

1 616. Administration granted to Hugh Sherratt father of 
deceased to the use of John Godwin son of deceased during his 
minority. The guardianship and education of John Godwin 
aforesaid during his minority entrusted to Hugh Sherratt and 
Elizabeth Fithion wife of Thomas Fithion. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 12, folio 191. 

Ralph Goodwyne of Hampstall Rydware (Hamstall Rid- 
ware?), county Stafford, yeoman. Will 5 April 1637: proved 2 
September 1637. To be buried in the churchyard of Hampstall 
Rydware as near to Hugh Halles gravestons as may be. To 
Francis my eldest son, my old bay mare and a table etc. To 
William my second son my brass pot. To Jane my eldest daugh- 
ter the cupboard in the house, table, kettle, etc. and £5 being 
part of a sum of money due from Thomas Waldren of Goustrie 
in the parish of Sandwich in ye county of Chester, yeoman. To 















Margaret my youngest daughter 50s. to be paid out of the debt 
of Thomas Waldren being in all £10. To Nicholas Arnold and 
Richard Salt whom I make executors the lease of my living to be 
disposed for the use and behoofe of my children, Richard, Henry, 
Ralph and Edward for the setting of their apprentices and for 
maintenance till they be apprenticed. If it happen that Mr. 
George Wooton live after my children are set forth as appren- 
tices, I will that my living be divided amongest all my children. 
To William Goodwin a pair of wayne-wheels. To Joyce Good- 
win my wife 20/- Witnesses : William Creswell, Minister, 
Nicholas Arnold, Richard Salt, William Goodwin, Jane Goodwin. 
Debts owing by me : 

To William Jordan 
To Robert Sherwood 
To Richard Goodwin of Yoxall. 
To Mr. Biddulph pf Yoxall 

18 13 8 
Inventory £9-15-6. Taken 28 April 1637 l^Y Edward Hall and 
William Alsopp. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Raph Goodwyn of Whiston in the parish of Kinsley county 
Stafiford husbandman. Will 12 July 1639: proved 5 March 
1639/40. To Richard Morris of Oldridge and his son 40s. and 
to each brother and sister he hath 20s. to be paid 6 months after 
my wife's decease. To the three youngest children of William 
Boswell of Allen each iio to paid after the decease of my wife. 
£9 of this William Boswell their father oweth unto me. To the 
three children of my brother John Goodwin, deceased, each 20s. 
after the decease of my wife. To the two children of my brother 
Thomas deceased besides the £4 which their mother oweth me 
which my mind is the children should have 20s. apiece. To the 
four children of my cousin John Goodwin of Denson each 20s. 
To Elsabeth Goodwin of Denson 20s. To Elsabeth Copstacke of 
Waterfall 20s. To John Copestack's children of Waterfall each 
20s. To Ann Beardmore daughter of William Beardmore 20s. 
to buy her a Bible, and a joyned bed in my house at Eaues. To 
William Goodwin his five children each 20s. To George Good- 


wyn of the Lees two pair of plow irons etc. To William Beard- 
more the loose boards in the house and at Eaues. To Richard 
Morris of Oldridge the table and I will that the £10 which John 
Barret of Whiston yeoman owes me be given, the yearly profit 
of it I3s.4d., to the poor of Kinsley at the direction of Mr. John 
Ford gentleman, John Thirnbery, yeoman, John Brunley, yeoman, 
Richard Morris, yeoman, William Goodwin, yeoman, William 
Bradshaw, yeoman, John Bradshaw of the Hallisis, yeoman and 
Rowland Brmit, yeoman. Executors : My wife Ales and my 
kinsman Richard Morris of Oldreidge. Witness : John Tayler. 
Inventory £125-16-8. Taken by John Goodwyne, John Brund- 
ley and William Bradshaw, 27 September 1639. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Henrie Overton. ( — )., Will 12 April 1585: proved ( — ) 
To be buried in the churchyard of Haneley. To Lienor my wife 
my lease of indenture of my house which I dwell in. If my 
wife die before the lease expires then to Henry Robyns my wife's 
son is to have it with all the lands belonging to it, paying yearly 
to his sister Dorothy Robyns 6s. To my three daughters Mar- 
gerie, Elizabeth and Margaret each £g to be paid three months 
after my decease. My wife's son Henry Robyns shall have one 
land of strycksedyng of grounde in every one of the lease fields 
of Hymley, he to build a lean-to to the barn-end. To Joyce 
Robyns my wife's daughter 13s 4d. To Dorothy my wife's 
daughter 20. To John Robyns my wife's son two ewes &c. To 
George Robyns son of Henry Robyns a lambe. To Richard 
Atchurch a lambe. George Atchurch owes me 5s. I forgive him 
it. Executrixes : Elnor my wife and Margerie my daughter. 
Witnesses: William Wollaston, George Lyllyat, Humfry Pyrris, 
William Pursell. 
Owing to me, John Jeven 5s. 2d. William Ketley I4d. &c. 

Inventory (no date.) by George Lydat, Richard Smyth and 
William Pursell. £35-15-7. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Yates alias Overton, John, Ichington Longa. 4 July 1588. 
Will proved by William Overton, executor. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 8, folio 19b. 


Laurence Overton, Long Icchington, county Warwick, hus- 
bandman. Will lo November 1582: proved 8 December 1592. 
To John Overton my son £4. To Edward my son 50s. To Amye 
my eldest daughter 50s. To Joane my daughter 50s. at the day 
of their marriages. To Elizabeth my wife and Roger my eldest 
son the lease of my house, after my wife's decease, my son to 
have it. Executors: Elizabeth my wife and Roger my son. 
Witnesses : John Turner, Thoms Corbet, Thomas Hursell. 
Inventory £29-8-10. Taken 29 November 1592 by Thomas 
Gryffryn, gentleman, Thomas Corbett, Thomas Hurste, Anthony 
Kempe, John Turner, clerk, 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield. 

Overton, Richard, Leeke. 24 March 1594. Administration 
granted to Agnes his relict. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 9, folio 128b. 

Overton, Thomas, deceased, Saint Michael's, Coventry. 11 
February 1596. Will proved by William Stiff e, executor. (The 
will is missing.) 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 9, folio 172b. 

Overton, John, Harburburie, deceased. 11 August 1612. 
Administration granted to Alice his relict during the minority of 
Thomas Overton son of deceased. Mother to be guardian to 
her son. 

Consistory of Coventry and Lichfield, Act Book 11, folio 205b. 

Henrie Sewall of St. Michaels Coventrie, alderman, aged 
fourscore of thereabouts. Will i September 1624; proved 18 
April 1628. To wife rent charge of in. 8s. od. out of certain 
lands in Anstey, Warwick, now in tenure of Elizabeth Throck- 
morton, widdowe. To wife all lands in Coventry and in Corley 
and Cownden and in Radford Counden in Wockenf eild and Stoke 
in the county of said Citty of Coventry to said Margaret my wife 
for life.To eldest sonn Henry Sewall all lands, tenements and 
hereditaments in Hamlett of Radford in county of City of 
Coventry and in Counden in Vockenfeild in ditto and in Counden 
in county of Warwick and all my lands tenements and heredita- 
ments in Dog lane in (the tenure of) Richard Baldwyne (said) 


messuage or tenement and gardens etc in Muchparcke Streete in 
Coventrie (in) the tenure of Henrie Critchlowe, draper, and all 
those messuages or tenements etc in occupation of John Harbert, 
William Heyard, Richard Hayes, Walter Wiggens all these tene- 
ments in Litleparke Street in occupation of Mr. Henry Daven- 
port Thornton, Katherin West, all after decease of 

Margaret my wife upon trust and confidence that he will answer 
it before the Lord att the daie of Judgment that he do with all 
humilitie acknowledge his former ofifences against Margaret his 
mother before my (over) seers to her content and afterwards to 
continue obedient I give and bequeath to said Henry my sonne a 
tenement and garden in Hey lane in said citie of Coventrie in 
tenure of Bryan Conygrave after decease of said Margaret my 
wife to said Henry and his heirs and for want of said heirs . . . 
To younger son Richard Sewall after deceased of Margaret my 
wife land and tenements etc in Corley, county Warwick, which 
I lately purchased of Stephen Hales, Esq. with the Wyndell there- 
unto now standing and a tenement and certain lands in Corley 
lately purchased of Richard Patchett and those lands in Corley 
lately purchased of Martyn Whandcock and also certain lands in 

Corley which 1 purchased of Thomas Rycklyn of ( ) 

and also certain lands purchased of Thomas Barr, also one 
messuage in Smythfore streete in tenure of John Jefiford, barber, 
and also certeyn stables called the Sixtree in Coventry x x x x. 
To daughter Anne now wife of Anthony Powes messuage and 
tenement in Corley now in occupation of me the said (Henry 
Sewell) lately purchased of Danyell Oxenbridge and also my 
close of pasture (called) Tillers Church, and ground thereto 
adioyning called Fanfeild Reve lately purchased of Thomas 
Patchett and also close called Byrch Walls lately purchased of 
George Holbeach and Walter Holbeach and also two tenements 

in Barlee lane in Coventrie one in tenure of Washington, 

also messuage or tenement etc in tenure of one William Han- 
cocke in the High Streete (and also) one messuage or tenement 
in the suburb of the Cittie of Coventrie in tenure of Job Lynden 
and messuage in Littleparke Streete in tenure of Roger Byrd and 
one tenement in Cofford gate in a street there called Callyce in 
tenure of Joyce Hobson, widow, and late in occupation of Law- 
rence Armson and one close at the lower end of 

Butchers, all after decease of wife Margaret. To younger 


daughter Margaret now wife of Abraham Randall all those tene- 
ments without Newgate in the . . . tenure of 

Edward Coles and parcel of ground belonging to certain houses 
there lately purchased of John Home of Stoke, gent, in tenure 
of Frances Robinson lying to the quarrie Close by the said 
Francis and all my close called Barons f eild and one close in tenure 
of John Wilkinson and two closes in tenure of William Pywell 
and Thomas Pywell and one quarterne of arable land in Stoke 

in the county of (Stafford) now in occupation of ( ) and 

messuage and garden in Narlie Lane in Cittie of (Coventry) 
where (I) now dwell and all other (in Barlie) lane in occupa- 
tion of Roger Dudley, James Knif, William Miller, 

Edward Malpas Johane Newladd widdow, William Cumberledge 
and Edward Bissaker and also one tenement in Earle Streete in 
occupation of John Wright and one garden in occupation of Mr. 
Richard Clark and also one shop next to the Draperie Dore in 
Barlie lane neere to my dwelling howse x x x x Bishops 
Palace in occupation of me the testator which I lately purchased 

of Barkely and Joane his wife and a garden and orchard 

etc. lately purchased of Doctor in Phisick which at the 

time of the pvirchase was only a garden and now in tenure of 
Randell Cleaver, Clarke and parte of the garden in tenure of 
Thomas Hobson and also two tenements etc. in Darbie lane in 
occupation of Widdow Wootten and Widdow Hinsman and one 

tenement and the occupation of x x x x widdow xx 

and one garden in occupation of John Hill and two buildings 

now used for stables and a garden in occupation of 

after decease of wife Margaret etc. Wife Margaret to pay to 
my children Henry, Richard, Ann and Margaret £20 a year each 
etc. at four payments of £5 each, x x x x in occupation of 
William x x and one other messuage or tenement and garden 
etc. in occupation of Richard ffaulkner in Cooke streete in the 
Cittie of Coventry one in occupation of Talpe Mellowes and the 
other in occupation of Henry Netto ( ?) and two other tenements 

and gardens after decease of wife Margaret To myne 

haileys and Constables of Civentry £20 for poore children in 
aprons of Kersey. 

Consistory of Lichfield & Coventry, will file 1628. 

William Sewall, Conndon, Warwick, yeoman. Will 19 June 


1630; proved 4 July 1630. House where I dwell with gardens, 
backsides, lands etc. to eldest son John Sewall with remainder 
to second sonn William Sewall and third sonn Josias Sewall and 
right heirs. Goods etc. to three sons and daughter Jane Berry, 
wife of John Berry, all executors. Overseers : Raph Bowne of 
Cowndon, gent, and Richard Treene of Renley in the county of 
the City of Coventry gent. Witnesses : Robert Menkes, Robert 
Turner, Richard Sinclair. Inventory £4. is. id. by John Hikl 
and John Sowtune. 

Consistory of Lichfield and Coventry, will file 1630. 


Robert Goodyng of Orf ord. Will 5 October 1447 : Proof not 
given. To high altar of Tunstable. Executors (and residuary 
legatees) John and William Goodyng. Supervisor: John Say- 
mer, Rector of church of Orford. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book i, folio 71. 

Agnes, relict of John Godyng, once my man of Boxford (?). 
Will 20 November 1448; proved 13 February 1448. To be 
buried in churchyard of St. Mary at Boxford. To Isabelle Fen 
my sister To Agnes Fen, and Alice Fen. To Anne Dyer, To 
John Tyler(?) To John Fen, junior. Executor: Thomas 
Fencer (?) — Capell. and Thomas Fen of Ciston. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book i, folio 197. 

Richard Goodyng of Woodbridge. Will. Feast of St. Martin 
the Bishop 1455; proved 18 January 1455. To be buried in 
churchyard of Woodbridge. Prayers for my soul and of Matilde 
and Johane my wives. To Matilda my wife 20 li and my silver 
cup. To son John Godyng xx li, iiij s. To daughter Margerie 
V li, iiij s. To John Bryd v li, iiijs. and Cristopher Bryd my 
son xiiis. iiijd. Executors : son John Godyng and John Bryd of 
Woodbridge aforesaid. Proved at Ipswich. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book i, folio 106. 

Robert Goodewyne of Rushmere. Will 6 March 1457 ; proved 
12 May 1458. To wife Christian. To daughter Alice. To 
daughter Agnes Goodewyne. To Thomas Elyms, John Elmys, 


Christopher Elmys, and Robert Elmys. Executors: Robert 
Bryd, and William Dikeman. 

Archdeaconry of Sutfolk, Book 2, folio 15. 

John Goodwyn of Bawdessey (Bawdsey?). Will 2 February 
1458; proved 25 February 1458. To wife Johanns. To James 
Blakeman To each of my "confiliorum et confiliarum" Proved 
at Woodbridge. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, foHo 10. 

Johanna Goodwyn of Bawdesey. Will 22 May 1459; proved 
5 June 1459. To son William. To daughter Margar. To son 
Richard and son Benedict. To James Blakeman. To every 
"confiliorum and confilierum". To Matilda Skoot and Agnes 
Koo. William Bedon my son, and Benedict and John Boo my 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 22. 

Robert Goodwyn of Framlingham. Will 16 December 1461 ; 
proved 2 October (no date). To wife Johan. To son Reginald 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 120. 

Henry Goodwyn of Wilbeygh (Wilby?). Will 14 August 
1470; proved 5 September 1470. To wife Katherin. Execu- 
tors : William Goodwyn and Thomas Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book -2. folio 252. 

Richard Goodwyn of Melton. Will 10 February 1471 ; proved 
2 March 1471. To brother Robert Goodwyn. To my mother 
Margar Marryott. Executors : William Thurston and John 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 210. 

Robert Godyng of Tatyngston (Tattmgstone?). Will 11 July 
1472; proved 24 July 1472. Executors: John Goodyn and 
Richard Godyng. Supervisor : Father Roger Godyng. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 232. 

Agnes Goodwyn of Beccles. Will 1 1 September 1475 ; proved 
14 December 1475. I give freely to John Goodwyn my husband 


( mee) one close in Beccles containing 8 acres. (Refers 

to contract made With said John Goodwyn.) Executors: The 
said John Goodyn and Thomas Bakeman of Harleston. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 311. 

Rog-er Goodyng of Ikyn (Iken?). Will 7 April 1476; proved 
26 October 1476. To daughter Elinor my place at Ikyn upon a 
condition that a trentall be done for me. To daughters Marget 
and Aneys los. each, and I wyl Eleynore pay Magaret and Annys 
years more oft' ye place, and I wil yt Tomays mi sone have mi 
place at Orfford, and I wil yt he schal do a trental. Thomas 
Goodyng my son, and Robert Gesnow of Ufforth. 
(A lost will.) 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 296. 

Alice Goodwyn als Wryght of Lowystoft. Will 16 October 
1478; proved 14 November 1478. Son Robert and Thomas 
Dowe of Beecles, executors. Daughter Katherine. Supervisor : 
William Parker of Lowystoft. Prayer for soul of Thomas Good- 
wyn, lately my husband. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 346. 

Robert Goodyng of Tunstall. Will 29 April 1489; proved 9 
May 1489. To be buried in churchyard of Tunstall. To Alice 
my wife and mother of my son William, he to have lands etc. To 
daughter Agnes Goodyng 4 li. Executors : brother John Good- 
yng, son William Goodyng, and wife Alice. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 3, folio 81. 

Thomas Goddynge of Carleton Colvyll. Will 22 January 
1490; proved 16 April 1491. To be buried in churchyard of 
St. Peter in Carleton. To wife Mawte my freehold tenement 
etc. for term of life. To daughter Agnes 2 acres of land in 
Cysleham field, and to daughter Katherin land in Geldeham field. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 3, folio 155. 

Reginald Goodyng of Wykham Margaret (Wickham Mar- 
ket?). Will I January 1501 ; proved 22 February 1501. To be 
buried in churchyard there. To church of Blaxhall. My 
mother shall have my wife's best russett gowne. To brother 


Matthew my black doublett. To each of my sisters, one yard of 
Holland. Rest to the disposition of William Goodwin, my 
father, and William Valentyn of Campessey. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio 64. 

Thomas Goodyng of Iken. Will 24 August 1500; proved 10 
November 1503. To wife Isabell, executrix. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio no. 

William Goodwyn of Laxfield. Will 16 September 1503; 
proved 21 October 1504. To be buried in churchyard of Laxfield. 
To High Altar for tythes 3s.4d. Gild of Our Lady in said towji 
6s.8d. For trentall of masses los. Grossyerd Abbey to the nuns 
there 20s. Residue to disposition of Sir Thomas Cowall, vicar 
of Abbeston, to do and dispose according to the most pleasure of 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio 160. 

William Goodyng of Woodbrigge. Will 15 May 1510; proved 
17 June 1 510. To be buried in churchyard of Woodbrigge. To 
wife Johan. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 5, folio 128. 

Mawt Goodwyng of Tunstable (Tunstall?), sometime wife of 
William Goodyng of same town, widow. Will 2 August 1510; 
proved 21 October 15 10. All household stuff to be divided 
betwixt my children, son and daughters. Executors : John Lacy, 
and John Flete. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 5, folio 166. 

Alys Goodyng of Walberswick, widow. Will i March 1509; 
proved 28 November 15 10. To daughter Agnes Goodwin, and 
daughter Alys Norton, wife of John Norton, and daughter 
Marion Goodyng. Prayers for souls of Robert Goodwin and 
Alice his wife. Executor: John Norton of Walberswick. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 5, folio 172. 

William Goodynge of Blaxhall. Will 14 August 1513; proved 
16 September 151 3. To be buried in churchyard of St. Peters 
in Blaxhall. To daughter Johan. To every of my godchildren. 
Son Matthew Goodwin and John Flette, executors. Sir Thomas 
Harrison, parson of Blaxhall, supervisor. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 7, folio 13. 


Robert Goodwyn of Hacheston, next Parham. Will 3 Novem- 
ber 1520; proved 13 November 1520. To be buried in church- 
yard of All Hallows, Hacherston. To daughters Margerye, and 
Margaret, at marriage 40s. To my two daughters that be mar- 
ried each 6s. 8d. To William Goodwyn, he shall have my best 
dobelett etc. Executors : wife Elyanor and Robert Woodroff. 
William Goodwyn one of witnesses. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 6, folio 54, also 85. 

Robert Goodwyn of Soterton (Sotherton?). Will 28 April 
1518; proved 31 July 1522; To wife Margaret. To each of 
my god-children. To John Lese at his marriage. To Alice 
Bryan my servant at marriage. Executors: Peter Barker, and 
John Hoxon. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 8, folio 233. 

Margaret Goodwyn of Stoyrton. Will 11 December 1524; 
proved 15 December 1524. Buried in churchyard of St. Andrew 
the Apostle. To high altar of church of St. Andrew for tithes 
negligently forgotten, etc. I2d. To reparacion of same church 
2od. To church of Wangforth I2d. To goddaughter Barbara 
Tutway. To godson Robert Leyse. To son John Lese. Brother 
Thomas Barker and son John Lese, executors. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 9, folio 39. 

John Goodwyn of the Heth, of Thorp. Will 25 March 1520; 
proved 20 January 1524. To be buried in churchyard of St. 
Andrew, Alderyngham. To high altar of said church for tithes 
I2d. To said church 6s.8d. if buried in church, but ifnot then 
3s.4d. for reparation. To wife Margaret, house and land during 
term of her life, except piece of land called Hotersland. To 
neice (nyste) Elizabeth Blyth. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 9, folio 42. 

Thomas Goodwyn of St. Laurence parish, Ipswich. Will 24 
July 1526; proved 16 August 1526. Buried in South side of 
churchyard of said parish, there is my daughter lieth buried. To 
poor people at my burying day, to every poor body a half penny 
loaf. Wyne to as many as shall come to the dole as far forth 
as the wine that I have appointed to my executor will extend, 


and yf this said wyne can not suffice, the said poor people they 
to be served with beer. To my father. To my brother John, 
sister Margaret, to brother in law. Edmunde Leche. To Richard 
Younge. To wife's mother. To each one of my children at 
lawful age. To wife Anne. 

Archdeaconry of Suflfolk, Book 6 (9?), foHo 157. 

Margaret Gooddyng of Woodbrygge, widow. Will 17 March 
1530; proved 26 April 1531. To son Geofifrey Porter, tenement 
I bought of John Clerk. To Agnes Porter, wife of John Porter, 
and to Anne Porter, wife of Geofifrey Porter. To Alice, daugh- 
ter of John Porter, and to Margaret daughter of Geoffrey Porter, 
and Margaret, daughter of John Porter. To the daughter of old 
John Porter. My six silver spoones to the daughters of my sons, 
so that the daughter of old John shall have two spoones and the 
other four daughters of John and Geofifrey, each of them one. 
To sister Agnes Wasse of Snape, and Robert and Edmund Wasse. 
To sister Isabel. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 10, folio 180. 

Roger Goodynge of Tadyston. Will 17 March 1530; proved 
4 May 1 53 1. To son John Goodynge, house, and all my lands 
in Tadyston and Stretton, he paying his three brothers Edmund, 
Gregory and William at 22. To wife Johanne. 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 10, foho 179. 

John Goodwyn of Reydon next Southwolde. Will Tuesday 
next after St. Barnabe, 6 Edw. VI ; proved i October 1552. To 
daughter Katherin Granewe 3s.4d. To Godson Andrew Granewe 
5s.8d. To five other of my daughters' sons each 3s.4d. Exec- 
utor : William Browne of Reydon. Supervisor : John Pecke of 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 16, foHo 358. 

Richard Goodwyn of Kyrkeley. Will 20 December 1558; 
proved 19 April 1559. To son George Goodwyn, my house in 
Kyrkeley where I dwell. To daughter Katherin Goodwin, and 
my brother John Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 19, folio 73. 

John Goodwyn of St. Andrew, Ilketshall. Will 16 July 1563; 
proved 3 March 1563. To daughter Elizabeth Goodwyn at 


marriage. To son Jeffery. To brother William Goodwin's chil- 
dren. To Elizabeth Gallope, base child of brother Robert. God- 
daughter Ann Goodwin dwelling in Horndon. To Nephews 
Robert Goodwin of Topescroft, and Richard Goodwin of 
(W?)ynton. Wife Margaret. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 20, folio 598. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Fresyngfelde (Fressingfield?). Will 16 
December, 2 Eliz ; proved 26 May 1564. To daughter Jone 
Goodwyn and Mary Goodwyn, linen which was my wife's. To 
son Thomas. To son John lands in Wyttyngham and Mettfelde. 
To sons Richard, Amos, Danyell, and Matthathyas. To daugh- 
ter Mary. To brother John Goodwyn. Executors : son John, 
and brother John. 

(See will of Robert Goodwyn of Metfield 1545, probably his 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 21, folio 10. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Beccles, the elder. Will 24 April 1554; 
proved 19 June 1564. To wife Jelian all my lands and house in 
Beccles, Yugate, and Barsam for life, and to bring up my chil- 
dren. To son Thomas my house in Ballygate Street after decease 
of wife, and all my working tools at 21. To son Symon house in 
Yugate. To son Henry five acres meadow in Barsham. Brother 
Borde, supervisor. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 21, folio 4. 

John Goodwyn of Fressingfield, yeoman. Will 20 March 1570 ; 
proved 7 March 1571. To wife Margaret tenement and lands in 
Wittingham, Mendham, Metfield and Withersdale. To son 
Robert at 30. To all my children (five), child in wife's womb. 
To son Thomas, to daughter Agnes at 21 or day of marriage. 
To son James. To daughter Margaret. Brothers in law James 
Alldower and Robert Owles. 
(Refers to will of father in law Robert Godbolde) 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 23, folio 365. 

Edmunde Goodwin of Holbrooke. Will 9 February 1570; 
proved 3 April 1572. To brother Gregorie's children. To John 
Goodwin, Daniel Goodwin, William Goodwin. To Gregorie's 
children the younger. To Thomas Ellese's children, Leatise 
Ingram, and Gilbert Wade. To wife Anne. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 24, folio 14. 


Gregory Goodwyn of Shotley. Will 28 April 1572; proved 18 
June 1572. To son Gregory at (16?). To wife Joane and her 
son Thomas Browne at 21. To daughters, Martha Goodwyn, 
Mary Goodwyn, and Joane Goodwyn at 21 or day of marriage. 
To son Thomas. To Agnes Ellis and Joane Besant. Executors : 
wife Joane and John Pode. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 24, folio (83?). 

John Goodden of Kirton, yeoman. Will 5 December, 18 
Elizabeth proved 26 January 1577. To eldest son John and his 
daughter Agnes Goodden at day of marriage or 18. To wife 
Olyve. To Christian Harlyn. To son Robert. Executors: 
Brother Thomas Goodden and Robert Spinke. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 26, folio 333. 

Alexander Goodwyn of Tattingston. Will 22 March 1577; 
proved 17 May 1578. To son Henry Goodwyn and his children 
(his daughter Prudence and son Richard). To son Thomas 
Godwyn of Blithburgh, and William Goodwyn. To daughter 
Katherine Goodwyn. To my eldest son Richard Goodwyn. To 
George Goodwyn, son of Richard. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 22 (27?), folio 24. 

William Goodwyn of Stowmarket. Will 12 May 1577; proved 
25 September 1578. To son Thomas, all my lands in Stow- 
market, paying to my son Robert 15 li, and to my daughter 
Johane 10 H. Wife Anne. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 27, folio 71. 

JNIargaret Goodwin of East Bergholte, widow. Will 2 Sep- 
tember 1579; proved i October 1579. To son Roger Goodwin 
IDS., and son Richard Goodwin 20s. To daughter Alice, wife of 
Arthur Grene 20s.. and their three children. Executrix : Daugh- 
ter Johan Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 27, folio 282. 

John Goodinge of Kirton. Will 11 November 1580; proved 9 
February 1580. To son John at 21. To son Thomas at 21. To 
daughter Agnes at 21, also the sum of £3. 6s. 8d. which was given 
him by the last will and testament of her late grandfather John 


Goodyn. Executrix: wife Margaret. Brother Robert Good- 
inge, Supervisor. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 28, folio 225. 

Robert Goodwyn of Cyston? Will 23 April 1582; proved 18 
December 1582. John Goodwyn of Cyston, my brother's eldest 
son, my house in Cyston at 21. My sister in law John Goddyn's 
wife that was shall have the profit thereof till he come to age of 
21, then to his brother Thomas Goddyn if he die before 21. If 
they both die, then to their sister Agnes Goddyn. My sister in 
law John Goddyn's wife, and her husband to lay unto my execu- 
tor good bond with sufficient securities for performance of rrlfy 
brother's will. 
(This brother's will 1580 and his father's 1577.) 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 29, folio 186. 

Richard Goddin of Orford, mariner. Will 2 February, 2^ 
year Elizabeth; proved 26 February 1564. To Alice Goddin, 
daughter of brother Nicholas. To wife Anne. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 30, folio 254. 

William Goodwyn of Ipswich, saylor. Will 27 January 1587; 
proved 30 January 1587. Nuncupative. Everything to wife 
Elizabeth. Witnesses : Christopher Goodwyn, Raph Goodwyn, 
Peter Talbot, and Margaret Goodwin, widow, with others. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 31, foHo 472. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Earlestonham (Earl Soham?), yeoman. 
Will 3 February 1592; proved 5 April 1593. Nuncupative. To 
eldest daughter Helen, and daughters, Elizabeth, Margaret, and 
Anne. To wife Alice. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 34, folio 569. 

Robert Goodwyn of Framlingham at the Castle, yeoman. Will 
20 November 1592; proved 16 October 1593. To wife Kath- 
erine lands, etc. in Framlyngham and Parham. To son Thomas 
the elder. To youngest son Thomas. To eldest son Henry. To 
daughter Dorothy. To daughters Elizabeth Goodwin, and 
Rebecca Goodwin. To godson Robert Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 34, folio 407. 


Henry Good wine of Cheston. Will 28 September 1597; 
proved 14 October 1597. To wife Elizabeth, house and lands at 
Tanningston for life. To sons Thomas and James. To daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Goodwin. To Thomas Goodwin, son of Henry 
Goodwin, deceased, and to Henry Goodwin, son of Henry Good- 
win, deceased, and Anne Goodwan, widow of Henry Goodwin, 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 36, folio 405. 

Margaret Goodwin of Rendlesham, wife of William Goodwin 
the elder of Rendlesham. Will 8 April 1596; proved 17 July 
1598. (according to agreement at marriage) To brother in law 
Stephen Woodgate. To sons, John Lane the elder and John Lane 
the younger. To daughters Julian Mowlton, Elizabeth Shi , 

Mary Chapman, and Faith Barker. To son by law Richard 
Barker. To George Goodwin my husband's brother. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 37, folio 147. 

Thomas Goodwin of Waybred, blacksmith. Nuncupative will 

5 April 1600; proved 9 June 1600. To two eldest sons John 
and Thomas, tooles and implements of his shop. To daughter 
Mary Godwin at 21. To youngest son Zachery Goodwin. To 
wife Christian. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 38, folio 100. 

Thomas Goodinge of Cransford. Will 30 July 1602; proved 

6 October 1602. To Margaret Cordie wife of John Crosse of 
Framlingham 20s. To Thomas Chamber son of John Chamber 
of Dunwich 20s. To Phillippe his sister 20s. To Vastie Cordie 
wife of Thomas Gooche los. To Mary Hoxsonne of Denas- 
towne 20s. To Elizabeth Cordie los. To Mary and Margery 
Crowe my sister's daughters 20s. apiece. To Prudence, daughter 
of Margery Bemment, my wife's sister's daughter, 20s. To 
Robert Bemment of Stradbrooke 20s, and Katherine Bemment 
his sister 20s. Executors : Reynold Hesey and Thomas Man- 
shipp of Baddingham. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 39, folio 114. 

Richard Goodwyn of Chedeston, yeoman. Will 21 May 1604; 
proved 2 June 1604. To sons Richard, William, and Thomas, 


and Robert Gooclwyn. To daughters, Mary, Anne, Elizabeth, 
Margaret and Helen Goodwin. Wife Sibil (Her will 1627) To 
brother in law, Thomas Potter. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 40, folio 25. 

Symeon Gooding of Ipswich, pewterer. Will 27 December 
1605 ; proved 30 January 1605. To wife Sibill, houses and lands 
in Ipswich. To daughter Johane. To daughter Johane Mann- 
yng and her son Thomas Mannyng, my grandchild. To son in 
law Thomas Mannyng. To son Simeon Gooding at 24. To my 
two sisters, Anne wife of Richard Norman, and Ruth wife of 
Henry Rose. Executors : George Reymond and George Philips. 
My old friend John Darby of Bramford, supervisor. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 40, foHo 277. 

Henry Goodwin of Kirton. Will 20 October 1605; proved 8 
April 1606. To wife Anne all, and she to be executrix. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 41, folio 177. 

William Goodwyn of Hallis worth, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 9 
June 1608; proved 21 September 1608. To Henry Keble my 
son in law messuage which I purchased of Nicholas Pryme during 
the mynoritye of Thomas Goodwin my belchild, said Henry Keble 
paying to Thomas Goodwin £3. To said Thomas Goodwin my 
belchild all land and tenements when 21. (Thomas Goodwin is 
not yet 14). If he die a minor then to Francis Goodwin his 
brother when 21. To said Francis Goodwyn my belchild iioo. 
If Francis Goodwyn depart this life then to Thomas Goodwyn 
his brother at 21. To Bridget Goodwyn my belchild £40 at 21. 
To Richard Potter my belchild £5 at 21. To Thomas and Mar- 
garet Veysie my belchildren £5 at 21. Thomas Potter and 
Francis Veysey, executors that they be kind to my sonn's chil- 
dren, my brother Robert Goodwyn and Stephen Browne, over- 
seers. Witnesses : Robert Goodwin, Steven Browne, Henry 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber, 42, no. 106. 

Joane Gooding of Taddeston, widow. Will 16 September, 
7 James; proved 9 February 1609. To son Thomas at 21. To 
daughter Elizabeth Gooding. Friend Roger Wade of Toddeston, 
gentleman, executor. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 42 (2nd part) folio 268. 


John Goodwyne of Yoxford. Nuncupative will 14 March 
1 610 proved 8 June 161 1. (Probate Act in Miscellaneous Book 
says i8th.) All to wife Margaret Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 44, folio 53. 

27 June 161 1. Mathew Goodwin of Westerfilde. Adminis- 
tration of goods of to relict John. 

(note of suit Salter V. Goodwyn). 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book No. i (1610-1612). 

24 July 161 1 Edmund Goodwin of Woodbridge. Adminis- 
tration of goods to relict Ann. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book No. i (1610-1612). 

Margaret Goodwyn of Yoxforth, widow. Will 23 April 10 
James I; proved 20 May 1612. To son Robert Goodwyn. To 
son Henry Goodwyn. To daughter Margaret Thorne and her 
five children. To daughter Elizabeth (N?)eave. To daughter 
Alice Goodwyn. Daughters Margaret Thorne and Alice Good- 
wyn to be executrixes. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 45, folio 15. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Wayebread, blacksmith. Nuncupative 
will 20 March 1611 ; proved 5 Aprill 1612. To brother Zachary 
Goodwyn. To sister Mary Goodwyn. To uncle Matthew Good- 
wyn. To Kinswoman Godbould. To wife Temperance. 

To son Robert Goodwyn, house and shop at age of 25. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 45, folio 17. 

7 November 161 2. Peter Gooding of Pakefilde. Administra- 
tion of goods to relict Mary. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book No. i (1610-1612). 

Margaret Gooden of Tatingston (Tattinstone?), widow. Will 
II January; proved 20 January 1613. To sons William and 
Isaack at 21, and daughter Jane, these to be paid by son Gregory. 
To sons John and Thomas and daughter Sarah at 21, these to be 
paid by son in law Thomas Sorrell. To son Gregory. To son 
in law Thomas Sorrell. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 46, folio 182. 

Gregory Goodwin of Taddingston (Tattingstone?), yeoman 
(not a date on either Will or Probate Act) 1613. To son 


Gregory at 21. To sons William, Isacke, John and Thomas. To 
daughter Jane at 21, and daughter Sarah at 21. To son in law 
Thomas Sorrell and Margaret my daughter. To grandchildren 
Thomas and John Sorrell. To wife Margaret. 

Archdeaconry of SuflFolk, Book 46, folio 282. 

22 January 1613/14. Marte Gooddinge of Tathingston (Tat- 
tingstone?). Administration with will annexed of goods etc 
to Sonne Gregory. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, No. i^ (1613). 

3 February 161 6/7. Thomas Goodwin of Chedeston. Admin- 
istration of goods etc. to relict Alice. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2 (1616). 

John Gooding of St. Andrews, Ilketshall. Nuncupative will 
(no date) ; proved 22 November 161 7. Everything to wife 
Christian during life, then to daughter Marie. Witness : Wil- 
liam Gooding, clarke. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 50, folio 180. 

2 July 1 619. John Gooddinge of Holbrook. Administration 
of goods etc to son John Gooddinge. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4 (1618-9) (2nd part), 
folio II (or 8). 

9 November 1619. John Gooddinge of Freston. Administra- 
tion of goods etc. to widow Margaret. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4 (1618-19), part 2, 
folio 18. 

Alexander Goodwine of Theberton, husbandman. Will 17 
March 1618; proved 19 February 1620. To wife Cicely. To 
son Robert. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 53, folio 244. 

4 October 1622. Administration of goods of John Goodding 
late of Ipswich, to Anne his relict. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book (5?). folio 16. 

12 January 1622/3. Administration of goods of Thomas 
Gooddinge, late of Gret Bealings, to Jane his relict. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book (5?), foho 23. 


15 February 1622/3. Pro abne Gooddinge de Blithburghe. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk. Act Book (5?), folio 25. 


Thomas Goodinge of Triston, gent. Will 11 August 1624; 
proved 14 October 1624. To wife Aviary. To daughter Mary at 
day of marriage. To sister Ursula Goodinge. To daughter 
Dorothy at day of marriage. To brother Samuel Summers, 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk (unbound volume). 55 (1624). 

Richard Gooding late of Snape. deceased. Administration 29 
November 1625 to relict Jane. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Annotation Book No. 7 (1625), 

(Misplaced in Archdeaconry of Norwich Registry at 

Norwich), folio 26. 

Christopher Gooddinge, late of Est Bergholt, deceased. 
Administration 16 March 1625/6 to son John Gooddinge. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk Annotation Book No. 7 (1625), 
(Misplaced in xA.rchdeaconry of Norwich Registry at 
Norwich), folio 37. 

Elizabeth Gooding of Wherstead. widow. Will 10 March 
1625; proved 22 April 1626. To kinswoman Mary Lyton. To 
daughter in law Anne Kemp and her children Thomas and Anne 
Kemp. To daughters in law, Ann and Elizabeth Gooding. To 
son in law Stephen Gooding. To godson Richard Gooding. To 
neice Joanne Russell and her two daughters Elizabeth and Ann. 
To neice Elizabeth Reaton. To nephews Robert Halle and 
Bartholomew Halle, and Thomas Halle. To brother Robert 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 57. folio 19. 

Matthias Goodwyne of Southwould, anchorsmith. Will 25 
June 1627; proved i September 1627. To wife Margaret. To 
sons Matthias and John. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 58, folio 59. 

Sibilla Goodwyn of Cheston (Chediston?) widow. Will 16 
May 1627; proved 22 September 1627. To sons Richard Good- 


wyn, William Goodwyn, and Robert Goodwyn. To daughter 
Elizabeth Goodwyn (weakness of wit, disability of body, and 
other infirmities). To sons in law, Henry Duller and my daugh- 
ter his wife, and Thomas Crane. To daughter Mary Smith. To 
brother Thomas Potter of Cheston. To kinsman Richard Potter 
of Cheston. 
(widow of Richard Goodwyn whose will 1604). 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 58, folio 40. 

Margerie Goodwinge of St. Margaret's parish, Ipswich. Will 
31 July 1630; proved 24 September 1630. To son John Gooding 
of Hadlie. To my daughters. To son William Gooding Exec- 
utor, he to pay unto Alice Beard, wife of Robert Beard. 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 59 (1629-30), folio 229. 

Robert Gooding of Ipswich. Will 21 July 1630; proved 24 
September 1630. To daughter Kebella Humphrey, wife of 
Henry Humphrey, tenements in St. Margaret's Ipswich. To son 
Edmund Gooding all my books of Physick and Surgery, my shop, 
etc. and instruments of Surgery. To sais son Edward and son 
John. Wife Margaret. 
(This should be Rebecca probably.) 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 59 (1629-30), folio 231. 

Robert Goodwyn of Fressingfiield, yeoman. Will 6 January 
1630; proved 24 February 1630. To wife Marian. To sons 
John, James, and Robert. To daughter Firth, and daughter 
Anne, wife of William Smith. 

(1630; Robert Goodwyn Senior, was buried 8 ffebruary, Fresing- 
field. P. R.) 

Archdeaconry of Sufifolk, Book 59 (1629-30), folio 377. 

Edward Gooding of Ipswich, Sufifolk, gentleman. Will 20 
February 1630, proved 9 or 29 March 163 1. To my wife Aby- 
gall for life my houses in Ipswich, all household stufif and all debts 
due to me from her father Henry Gouldingham freelie to her 
heires and assigns. To John Gooding my brother all my houses 
in Ipswich immediately after the death of Abigail my wife and to 
him also £50 within two months after my decease. To Rebecca 
Humfifry my sister and her husband £50. To Mr. Turnbull 
minister of St. Margarets parish 50s. To the poor of St. Mar- 


garets 50s. To my godson Jonathan Largeworth son of Jonathan 
Largeworth of Harwich £5 to be paid to the father immediately 
after my decease he to pay it to his son at 21. To my godson 
Wilham May son of WilHam May of Harwich 40s. ditto. To 
John Laud, leutenant of Langure new fort, my great seald gold 
ringe. Residue to wife Abygall, Henry Humfry my brother in 
law they executors. Witnesses : Mr. William Thorne, William 
Searles and Robert Lord. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle 1631, No. 166. 

Lsaac Goddin of Holbrook, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 20 March 
1630; proved i April 1631. To poor of Holbrook los. To 
daughter Mary £40 at 21. To the childe my wife is now with, if 
a son my copyhold tenement in Holbrook with houses, lands, 
pastures etc. at 21. If a daughter £40 at 21. If a son more to 
my daughter Mary £40 at 21. If a daughter tenement to be sold 
and money equally divided between the two daughters. If no 
child of his issue then to wife Mary and her heyres. Mary my 
wife executrix. John Wickes to be supervisor. Witnesses : 
Nathaniel Hedge, John Brothist. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle 1631, no. 207. 

Fayth Goodwin of Fressingfield, singlewoman. Will 6 March 
1631 : proved 22 March or May 163 1-2, To my mother iio of 
that £40 which is in my brother John's hands to be paide unto her 
by him within half a yeare after my decease. To my brother 
Robert Goodwin £10 more of that £40. To my brother John £5 
of that £40. To my brother James Goodwin £5 of that £40. To 
my sister Mary wife of Robert Swattman or Smalman £5 To my 
sister Anne wife of William Smith £5 To my brother Robert the 
bed which my father gave me by his will. To my brother James 
his wife the table there that is mine. To goodwife Foxe of 
Aloffield, cloke etc. To Joseph Goodwin's wife petticoat To 
Elizabeth Hazell the servant of my brother John a petticoat. 
Each of my sisters Mary and Anne sheets. Brother Robert sole 
executor. Witnesses: James Pale, mark of Sarah Goodwin, 
Joshua Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle for 1631 ; No. 60 or 74. 
1 63 1, ffaith Goodwyn was buried March 8, Fressingfield Parish 


John Goodwin of Walberswick, singleman. Will 28 July 1631 ; 
proved 20 February 1632/3. To Katherine Goodwin my moother 
and to her heires for ever all and singular my messuages houses 
lands tenements etc. But my will and mynde is that the heirs or 
assigns of my said ^Mother shall pay or cause to be paid out of 
my said dues to William Barton or Barber the sonne of Richard 
Barton or Barber of Southwold £3. To the said Katherine Good- 
wil all my goods and chattels, she sole executrix. Witnesses : 
Thomas Burford, Wm Nunnes, Augustus Warde. Administra- 
tion to Katherine Goodwine. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Will filed 1632, no. 52. 

Francis Goodwin of Shadingfield, spinster. Will 23 May 

1632; proved To son Thomas. To Elizabeth Boston 

of Shadingfield. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Original wills (1632), No. 53. 

Anthony Gooding of Framlingham at Castle, senior. Will 2 
July 1634; proved 6 June 1637. To son Robert. To wife. 
To son Francis (not 21) To son Anthony. To son Nathaniel 
(not 21) To daughters Elizabeth and Mary. To brother John 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1637), no. 61. 

Henry Goodwyn of Ipswich, ships carpenter. Will 23 March 
1624; proved 13 March 1637. To wife Ann. To mother in law 
Emma Goodwin, widow. To only son John Goodwin, mariner. 
To only daughter Margaret Goodwine. Witnessed by Joseph 
Downing (with the scribe). 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1637), No. 52. 

William Gooddens of Southwell, baker. Will 18 February 
1635/6; proved 25 September 1638. Elizabeth my wife sole 
executrix. Wife to pay debtes and distribute 20s. a year for 
five years to the poor of the said town. To her all my movable 
goods, monies in hand or out of hand. Witnesses : ffrancis 
Barbor, Elisabeth Yonges, Nicholas Coldworth, Scriptor. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Will filed 1638, No. 70. 

William Goodwin of Hallisworth, glover. Will 30 October 
1636; proved (29?) December 1638. To wife Mary, my mes- 


suage etc. in which I dwell in Hallisworth for life. To son John 
Goodwin at 21. To daughter Anne Goodwin. Thomas Good- 
wyn a witness. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1638), No. 79, 
2nd File. 

John Goodinge of Wherstead, gent. Will 12 January 1639/40 
proved 12 February 1639/40. To poor of Wherstead where I 
now dwell and poor of , Stoke next Ipswich, and St. Peters in 
Ipswich To my Reverend friend and pastor Mr. Samuel Same- 
ways, Rector of Wherstead. To brother Stephen Goodinge. To 
brother in law John Wright. To sister Anne Kempe, widow. 
Rest to devise of father Robert Goodinge, deceased. To daugh- 
ter Katherine Gooding at 19. To my kinsfolk Edmund Leagny, 
Stephen Leagny, and John Leagny, and the surviving executor 
of will of Edmund Leagny, deceased. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills, 1639, no. 61. 

George Goodinge of Grundisburgh, gent. Will 17 April 1637; 
proved 5 September 1640. To son George my manor of Ded- 
nash als Doones als Falkenham Dodnes, and all my messuage, 
tenements, etc. in F. and Kirton. To wife Alice. To two young- 
est daughters Debora and Lidda. To daughters Elizabeth, Mary 
and Martha, lands etc in Clofton and Melton. To sons Tobias 
and Thomas messuage etc. in Great Dealings, Suffolk. To sons 
John, James, and Samuel, and daughter Dorcas, lands in Great 
Haston and Burgh. To cousin Richard Nitingale of Ipswich. 
To brothers in law, Thomas and Tobias Blosse. Stephen Dow 
inge a witness. (Signature Goodwin) 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills 1640, No. 73. 

William Goodwine of Nisham ? or Gisham ?, locksmith. Will 
15 October 1641 ; proved 6 November 1641. To wife Dorothy 
To daughter Dorothy (by said D. T.) at 21. To daughter Mary 
(by sd D. T.) To daughter Susan, to daughter Thamar(?), 
wife of Thomas Girlinge, to daughter Mary wife of John Bonde, 
and daughter Martha, wife of Thomas. To son James at 21. 
To daughters, Jane Goodwine at 21, Elizabeth, ditto, Margaret, 
ditto and Anne Goodwin at 21. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1641), No. (39?). 


John Goodinge of Framlingham, yeoman. Will 3 January 
1641/2; proved 6 June 1642. To son Thomas. To wife Tem- 
perance. To my two daughters, Sarah and Susan (under one 
and twenty). To brother in law, George Shearinge. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1642), No. 54. 

William Gooden of Cookely. Will 24 July 1647 ("o ofifered 
date of proof). To wife Alice all stock of cattle and implements 
of husbandry etc. To nephew Robert Gooden of Cheston los. 
To my two sons in law William Gibbins and James Clough 20s. 
apiece. To Samuel Manning, minister of Cookely los. Wit- 
nesses : Samuel Manning, and Robert Mills. Seal — crest a 
unicorn's head. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1647), No. 53. 

Thomas Goodinge of Framlingham ad Castrum, butcher. Will 
10 June 1647; proved 16 January 1647/8. Codicil 19 June 1647 
To son John. To mother Temperance Goodinge. Uncle George 
Sheringe of Kenton, and John Capon the elder of Framlingham, 
grocer, executors. To my two sisters Sarah and Susan Good- 
inge, If Susan marry with one Hamond Doughtie, widower. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1647), No. 54. 
(a possible connection of Doughty and Goodwin) 

Cicely Goodwine of Ipswich, widow. Nuncupative will 26 
March 1649; proved 21 May 1649. To daughter Margaret 
Goodwine, late wife of Nathaniel Goodwine deceased. To grand- 
children, Anne Goodwine and Cicely Goodwine at 21 or day of 
marriage, John Goodwin an apprentice with William Bugby, 
Elizabeth Benham, wife of John Benham. To Henry Robinson 
the elder of Ipswich, executor. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills, 1649, "O- 24. 

(Cicely was widow of John Goodwin late of Portsmouth who 
owned real estate in St. Clements, Ipswich. His only daughter 
Margaret married Nathaniel Goodwin of Bradwell, Essex, had 
sons John and Nathaniel.) 

Nicholas Goodinge of Coddenham, husbandman. Will 27 
November 1643; proved 8 May 1652. To son Nicholas my mes- 
suage where I dwell in Coddenham, he to pay to my eldest son 


Thomas 20 li payable in five years etc. at or in the house or place 
where the Court for the Manor of Crowfield cum Bocking" have 
been vsually holden and kept. To daughter Abigail Ford, wife 
of Robert Ford, their sons Samuel Ford and Robert Ford. To 
daughter Mary Rodwell, wife of John Rodwell. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk (1650-60), 2nd Bundle, no. 43. 

Gregory Gooding of Wherstead. Will 19 February 1655. No 
proof given. To my two brothers John and Nicholas Gooding 
tenement and lands etc. in Tottingstone. To said brothers John 
and Michaell. To niece Sara Legate. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book Larkin (68?), folio 205. 

George Goodwyn of East (Earl?) Stonham, Phisician. Will 
15 February 1693-4, proved 13 April 1696. To niece Elizabeth 
Cuthbert. To Robert Cuthbert the younger. To William Mor- 
gan. To Sarah Bolter, wife of William Bolter, and their son 
William Bolter. To George Speere. To Mary Speere. To 
John Speere the elder brother. To the wife of Robert Greene. 
To Phebe Speere wife of George Playford. To Mr Thomas 
Artie of Ipswich. To Mary Hart of Needham, wife of William 
Hart, and their second daughter Sarah Hart. To Sarah Ward. 
To Elizabeth relict of Philip Warren of Colchester and others. 
Executors, Robert Cuthbert elder and Robert Cuthbert the 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book Candler (1694-8), i 178. 

Nicholas Allen of Walbeswick. Administration 9 December 
161 7 to John Golde and Richard Ferme, executors of will of 
Ozee Allen, relict and executrix of said Nicholas Allen, which 
Ozea died before taking executorship, revoking administration 
of said Nicholas intestate to brother Humfrey Allen. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 3 (1617), folio 52. 

William Barlowe, Southolde. Administration 23 June 1618 
to relict Margerie. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 4 (1618), foHo i. 

Lucy Bayles of Wilby, spinster. Will 1639. To father 
Thomas Bayles. To brother John Bayles and sister Bayles his 
wife Mr. B. our preacher (Balles?). Sisters, Katherine, Mag- 
dalen, and Elizabeth Bayles. Brother Thomas Bayles. Chris- 


topher Bayles, senior. Cousin Elizabeth Bayles. Robert Bayles, 
son of John Bayles. Audrie Bayles daughter of John Bayles. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, original wills (1639), no. 15, file i. 

John Botwright of Blyforde. Will 18 June 1610 proved 20 
July 1610. To Phineas Botwrighte my brother. To Osea Bot- 
wright my kinswoman. To Margaret Botwright my sister. To 
Dorothy Bucches my goddaughter at 21. To Robert Coppin my 
kinsman. To Tobias Coppin. To children of Robert Browne. 
To children of Thomas Forde. To two daughters of George 
Parker of Blythingborne. To Priscilla Botwright. To Thomas 
Stele. To widow Barker. Phineas to pay to Osea Botwright 
20s. per annum till Dorothy Byckcs is 21. To Osea Botwright 
one of my swine. Tobias Coppin. Blyford, and Osea Bot- 
wright my kinswoman executors. Overseers : George Parker 
kinsman. Witnesses : John Bellamy, Robert Thorold, Reynould 
Barker, John ffylde. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 43, folio 218. 

John Chercheman of Bredfield. Will 5 August 1461 ; proved 
24 August 1461. To be buried in the church of St. Andrew of 
Bredfeld. Legacies to said church. To Agnes Malster my 
daughter 6s.8d. To Matilda Cobbe 40s. Residuary legatees and 
executors (Helewyse?) Heloise my wife and William Church- 
man my son. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 2, folio 61. 

Margarett Cherchman of Bredfeld. Will 18 October 1505; 
proved 25 October 1505. To be buried in the churchyard of 
St. Andrew in Bredfeld. William my son to have my place in 
Melton for the sum of 20 marks. Robert my son to have my 
tenement in Bredfeld with the appurtenances. I wall have a 
priest the space of half a year in the church of Melton for the 
sowle of Thomas Palmer my husband and for the sowles that he 
was bownde to par for. A priest to syng for me and my f rendys 
onn hoole yere in the cherch of Bredfeld and if John Basse leve 
and be a prest he to have that service at Cannbebrygge. Resid- 
uary legatees and executors : Robert Halyfaxe of Melton and 
William Smalhede of Ufford. Witnesses: Willm Basse, Vicar 
of Beedfeld, John Bobett, Willm Palmer, Robt Palmer. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 4, folio 215. 


William Churchman of Boulge. county Suffolk, laborer. Nun- 
cupative will 31 January 1560/1 ; proved 24 September 1560 
(sic). To be buried in the churchyard of Boulge. Christover 
Merrell of Boulge to sell all his moval^le goods. Edmond Wythe 
of Hasketon juxta Woodbredge to bring up Anne Churchman 
his daughter until the age of 14 years. Said Edmond to have 
one half of the money coming of his movable goods and the 
other half to Anne Churchman his daughter, her part to be 20s. 
better than Edmonde Wythes her grandfather. If said Anne died, 
her part to go to Christofer Bray testator's godson, saving 20s. 
to be paid to testator's mother. Said Edmonde Wythe to become 
bound to Christopher Alyrrell and Thomas Carre, the elder, for 
payment of sums bequeathed to said Anne Churchman. Exec- 
utor : Xpof er Alyrrell. Witnesses : Syr Richarde Donatson, 
Thomas Carre. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 20, folio 122. 

Robert Churchman of Shotlye, county Suffolk, husbandman. 
Will 16 February 1567; proved 6 September 1568. To be buried 
in the churchyard of Shotlye. To Master John Cornewalis a 
seame of wheate. To John my youngest son my danske chest. 
To Robert my son 20s. Residuary legatees : Mistres Corne- 
w^alis, Thomas Somer and William Kente, they to see my three 
children, Gregorye, Richard and John until they be able to help 
themselves. Witness : John Cockeson, curate. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 22, folio 24. 

Nicholas Churchman of Mondden. Will 31 August 1580; 
proved 3 January 1 580/1. To be buried in the churchyard of 
Mondden. To my son William £4. To Anne Churchman daugh- 
ter of said William 20s. at age of 21 years. To Fraunces my 
son £4. To John my son £4. To his unborn child 20s. at his 
age of 21 years in default to remain to Johane, Agnes, Robert and 
Nicholas my children. To Johane my daughter £5 at age of 21 
years. To Agnes my daughter £5 similarly. To Robert my son 
£5 similarly. To Nicholas my son £5 at same age. Various 
household utensils to each of said children. To my son Wil- 
liam's wife and to my son John's wife one pillow apiece. To 
Robert and Nicholas my children all my part of wheat I have 
with John Pearson lying at Henrie Barrickes. Residuary lega- 


tees : William, Fraunces and John my sons. Executors : Willm 
Morse of Moneden to whom 50s. Witnesses : Robte Wilkenson, 
John Smalledge, Richarde Burrowe. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 28, folio 198. 

Fraunces Churchman of Chasfield, county Suffolk, Nuncu- 
pative will 15 April 1589; proved 25 June 1589. Sole legatee: 
Margaret his wife, she to pay his debts and bring him to the 
ground honestly. Witnesses : Henrie Thorne, John Thorne, 
Joane Cotwin. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 32, folio 428. 

Francis Coe, Southoulde. Administration 14 February 161 7/18 
to relict John Coe. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 1617, folio 64. 

Thomas Greene of Southoulde. Administration 12 January 
161 7/1 8 to sons Thomas Greene and Beniamin Greene. Bond 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 3 (1617), folio 57. 

Nathaniel Hooker, Kessinglande. Administration 16 March 
1623/4 to relict Ann. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 6 (1623), folio 26. 

Robert Lennhert of Tadingston (Tattingstone?), husbandman. 
Will 9 June 1630; proved 9 May 1631. To eldest son Robert 
Lennhert tenement etc. after the decease of Elizabeth my wife, 
she to have it for life. Robert to pay to William Lennhert my 
son £5, and to eldest daughter Mary. To daughter Jane within 
three years of my decease. To daughter Anne at 21. To young- 
est daughter Sarah. To Ellen Bedall my wife's daughter 20s. 
To Elizabeth my wife's daughter 20s. Wife executrix. Wit- 
nesses : Gregorie Gooddin and Augustine Sheen, Edmond Wither 
I ordain and make Gregorie Gooden of Tadington supervisor. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Bundle 1631, no. 159. 

Robert Parker of the parish of St. Matthews, Ipswich, joiner. 
Will 23 November i6oi(sic). Nuncupative. Sole legatee: 
Elizabeth his wife. Witnesses : Thomas Hasler, scrivenor, 


Francis Gooding, William Pumfret. John Spynney. 6 July 1600 
(sic) Commission was issued to John Pomfret alias Parker son 
of the deceased, to administer etc. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, will file 1602-3, folio 151. 

Roger Sawer one of the Portmen of Orforde, Suffolk. Will 
22 March 1579; proved 15 April 1580. To my brother John 
Sawer, my tenement that he dwelleth in, he to pay to John 
Andrews of Great Yarmouth £30 in consideration of a legacy 
bequeathed by the will of John Sawer my father, deceased, unto 
my sister Mary now the wife of the said Andrews. If my brother 
is not content then the house &c. to remain to my son Edward and 
his heirs and my executors to pay the £30. To Bridget my wife 
myn lease in Reidon Marches &c, all sheep &c. Executors to pay 
to Symon Mawe of Rendlesham, Suffolk, gentleman, half of all 
such sums of money as I and my brother William Goodwin of 
Woodbridge stand bound to the said Symon and to Air Hawes 
of Sutton the moitie of what I and William Goodwin owe to him. 
To Edward my son my lands and tenements in Orforde Sudborne, 
Marlesforde. To Edward my son £40 at 21. To my kinsman 
John Sawer 33/4. To James and Humphrey Warren 33/4. To 
my nephew William Goodwin 40/-. To my nephew John Good- 
win 33/4. To my uncle Christopher Sawer 40/-. To Alyce 
Bacon's children of Little Glenham that be married 20/- each, 
those unmarried 10/- each. Aly executors shall pay to Thomas 
Richmond £5. My wife shall enter into a bond to William 
Goodwin of Woodbridge and John Sawer my brother to prove 
my will, if she refuse then my son John Sawer and William Good- 
win shall prove my will. 

To Bridget Lofflin daughter of my sister Margaret Lofflin my 
heskar of two years. To Anne Sawer daughter of John Sawer 
my brother, one other heskar. To poor of Orforde iio. Exec- 
utors my wife or else John Sawer my brother and William Good- 
win. Supervisor William Harborde. Witnesses Thomas Rich- 
mond, Anthonie Bull. Willm Goltie, and Thomas Agas. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Book 28, folio 21. 

Susan Scott, Pakefeld. Administration i August 1618 to 

Marie Gooddinge (wife of Goodding) sister of deceased. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 4 (1617), folio 16. 


Lucy Seaman late of Little Linstead, deceased. Administration 
9 April 1625 to next of kin John Gooddinge and Robert Meene. 
Archdeaconry of Suffolk Annotation Book No. 7 (1625), 
(Misplaced in Archdeaconry of Norwich Registry at 
Norwich), folio 3. 

Johan Smythe of Cratfielde, widow. Will 25 June 161 1, 
proved 7 August 1611. To daughter Margery wife of Gregory 
Hubberd of Cratfielde. To friend Gregorye Smythe of Crat- 
field. To Christian Hyer, my daughter, wife of John Hyer. 
Rest of money between my two daughters and Marye Goodyn my 
grandchild. To Marye Goodyn, my grandchild, daughter of 
Hellen Goodyn and Robert her husband. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 44, folio 83. 

Robert Norman als Turner of East Bergholt, yeoman. Will 
9 February, 7 James I ; 1610. "Whereas one John Goodwyn 
late of East Bergholt, clothier, deceased, and his heirs stand 
bound in an obligation with a penalty of £80". 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 43, folio 282. 

Henrie Wegham thelder, Hacheston, Suffolk, tanner. Will i 
Aprill 1611 ; proved 23 September 161 1. Wife Beatrys to enjoy 
houses in Hacheston purchased of Roger Rose thelder and have 
for her life then house to son Thomas for life, the northe end 
new sett upp with clary chimney and little yard after wyfes 
decease to my son Henrie. Rest to son Thomas, son Henrie 
paying to my daughter Alice Wigham, wife of Francis Wellett, 
40s. Wife executrix. Witness : Michael Ritches. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Liber 44 (1611), folio 161. 

William Woodgate, Loestoft. Administration i November 
1622 to relict Elizabeth. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 5, folio 19. 

John Woodwarde. Administration 14 November 1610 with 
will annexed to Nicholas Woodwarde his father during the 
minority of John, Mary, Martha and Anne Woodward, children 
of deceased. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book i, folio 16. 


William Woodwarde of Butlie. Administration 12 May 1612 
to Anne his relict. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book i, folio 56. 

William Woodwarde, Framlingham. Administration i June 
1612 to Alice his relict. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book i, folio 58. 

John Woodwarde, Blifords. Administration 10 January 
1619/20 to relict Priscilla. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 4 (i 618-9), 
(part i), folio 24. 

Thomas Woodward, Yoxford. Administration 28 August 
1622 to relict Anne. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Act Book 5 (1622). folio 13. 


Latin. Robert Godyn of Bury St. Edmunds. Will 1408, no 
act. Being at Bury. On the day (martis) next after the feast 
of St. Luke the evangelist 1408. To the high altar of St. James 
6s.8d. To chapel of said church xijd. To chapel of St. Mary in 
said church xijd. To the clerk of the parish iiijd. To Roger 
Lenton chaplain 3s. 4d. The residue to be at the disposal of my 
executors ; Roger Lenton and Alice my wife. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book i, folio 119. 

Latin. John Godyng of Bury St. Edmunds of sound mind. 
Will die Martis next after the Feast of St. Barnabus 1416. No 
act. First my soul etc. To High altar of St. Mary in Bury 2s. 
To celebrate a trentall of Gregory for my soul los. To the 
brother of Babbewell to celebrate for my soul and all christian 
souls I3s.4d. To Matilda my wife my tenement for her life, this 
to be sold after her death and the money to be distributed, first 
to Margaret and Agnes my daughters when of age, 10 marcs, 
each 5 marcs. If my wife is in need, the property to be sold in 
her lifetime my daughters to have their share. To my wife my 
domestic utensils. Residue to my executors to be sold for my 
soul and the souls of my benefactor and of all the faithful 


departed. Executors : my wife and Walter Gardener and John 
Nichele, Smyth, to each of them 3s.4d. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book i, foHo 117. 

Latin. John Goodwyn of Bury St. Edmunds. Will 6 April 
1441. No act. Make my will in this manner. My soul etc. 
To the High Altar of St. James Bury for tithes and oblations 
forgotten xs. To Eline my wife my household goods and all 
other chattels belonging to me and 10 marcs of money. The 
residue of my goods, chattels, land and tenements after my debts 
and other expenses about my funeral are paid. One portion for 
my wife. Another to my wife at her own proper disposal. 
Executors : Eline my wife and William Coots the latter to have 
6s. 8d. Supervisor: Henry Dunston, merchant. Nothing to be 
done without his knowledge and assent. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book i, folio 251. 

Latin. Thomas Godyng of Groton. Will 20 January 1454; 
proved 5 July 1454. To High Altar 6s.8d. To High Altar of 
Mildyng xijd. I would have brother William Biry of Sudbury 
to celebrate for a year on Feast days in church of Groton. To 
John Whytyng 20s. To Margery my daughter 20s. To my wife 
6s.8d. To my (filiola) in Lavenham 3s.4d. To Thomas Whyt- 
yng 2od. To Margery Whytyng 2od. To every son of John 
Whytyng one sheep. To Thomas Osmond a sheep. To Mar- 
gery my daughter a jar etc. To John Whytyng my tenement 
called Ernnotts to him and his heirs. I would have one trentall 
for my soul and for Emme my wife. Alexander Emmott and 
Clare his wife for 10 years 4od. a year. Residue of my goods to 
William Hyll, Thomas Hersent and John Whytyng. Witnesses : 
Richard Godyng, John Payn, Tho Coleman. Proved at Boxf ord. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 2, folio 169. 

Latin Richard Godewyne of Great Thornham. Will 3 May 
1457, proved 18 May 1457. To Beatrix my wife all my lands 
and tenements, chattels and utensils for life, these to be sold after 
her decease, 5 marcs to the church. My executors, my wife, 
John Terald and William Dorrant. 

Proved at Wetheryngset 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, book 2, Baldwyne, folio 220. 


Latin. William Goodewyn of Burwell. Will 18 November 
1463, proved 9 March 1463. Of sound mind. To be buried in 
the churchyard of St. Marys in the same. To the high altar of 
same 2od. For glazing a window of the said church 6s.8d. To 
my wife Olive all my domestic utensils and I leave her my tene- 
ment for life on condition that Thomas my son shall have ease- 
ment in selario and in erreo when it shall be necessary. To 
Margareta my nepos(neice or grandaughter?) my tenement in 
Newnham Fordre. Wife and son Thomas executors. Proved 
by son, power reserved to widow. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, book 2, Baldwyne, folio 310. 

Latin. John Godyng of Wetherysfeld diocese Norwich. Will 
12 September 1467 or 1468 proved 2 January or March 1468. 
To be distributed to the poor on the day of my burial 3s.4d. To 
Johan my wife all my utensils. Residue to my wife and John 
Barker of Wetherysfeld to pay my debts and funeral expenses etc. 
The above two my executors. No witnesses. Proved at Haver- 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book 2, Baldwyne, folio 418. 

Latin. William Goodwyn of Burwell. Will 20 November 1471, 
proved 4 January 147 1. To be buried in the church yard of 
St. Andrew of Burwell. To the high altar for tithes forgotten 
6d. To repairs of the said church 4 bush, ordei. To Thomas 
Goodwn my brother i bush, ordei. To John ditto. To Alis my 
sister ditto. I will that the reversion of 20 acres of arrable land 
which Nicholas at Hyll my uncle gave me in his last will after 
the decease of Johan my mother remain to Margery my wife and 
my boys(peuris) for ever Residue to my wife for her main- 
tenance and to bring up my sons and I make her executrix. 

No witnesses. Proved at Kentford. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book 2, Baldwyne, folio 488. 

In English. John Goodwyn. Will 17 May 1475 proved last 
day of April 1477. My body to be buried in the churchyard of 
Melford. I will that my moder have my hows. If ye places be 
sold I will that John Myn son schall have it aford a nodr man 
To Vrsula on potte of 4 galons. I geffe Goodwyn on potte of 
3 gallons and yer to I sett my scale. Proved at Melford. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, Hervey, folio 74. 


Thomas Goodwyn of Mendylsham. Will 25 November 1474; 
(another copy reads 1464) proved 14 November 1474. To High 
altar 3s.4d. To guild of HolyTrinity 6s.8d. To guild of Blessed 
Mary 3s.4d. To a priest to celebrate the church of Mendylsham 
for me and my friends and benefactors 9 marks. To order of 
friars etc. To Margery my wife all my domestic utensils, 8 cows 
of the best and 12 ewes and my tenement called Benserys for her 
life, after her decease I will that it be sold by my executors and 
divided between my daughters Johan and Katharine. To my 
wife also 2 closes and one paightle and 3^ roods part of the 
tenement Mygill and Aldrythe for life also a close called Bodneys 
croft to her and her heirs, wood to be brought for my wife by 
Robert my son and by William my son, she is also to have a 
share of the apples, etc. If Robert dispute the settlement, then 
close with pightell and three roods pertaining and a parcell of 
lands late Bartholomew Goodwyns shall be sold by my executor 
and be divided amongst my daughters. William my son shall 
have a close called Wodelles, one called Parkers, one called 
Shynglerys, one called Benslyes. To Johan Baxter my daughter 
6s.8d. To Rose Chypperon my daughter 6s.8d. To Nicholas 
son of John Baret a combe of wheat. To Johan daughter of 
Robert Goodwyn one combe of barley. To Johan daughter of 
said John Baxter one combe of wheate. Robert my son shal 
pay to my wife annually 6s.8d., and William my son shall pay her 
IDS. Robert shall pay to each of his sisters Johan and Catherine 
at marriageable age 5 marks and William the like sum. Margery 
my wife and William my son executors. John Illyan supervisor. 
Witnesses: Tho. Saham, Wm Baret, Rob. Saham. Proved at 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Book 3, folio 121. 

William Goodwyn of Wallefeld. Will 10 February 1477; 
proved 3 March 1477. To the high altar xijd. fabrice(be)land 
companibus I3s.4d. To seven poor men 7d. Residue of my 
goods to be disposed for the health of my soul. Executrix : my 
wife Rose. Richard Wareyn of the same supervisor. Wit- 
nesses : Ri : DurboU of same, Wm Baker, Rob. Gawkedon of 
Neddyng. Proved at Brkston. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, folio 182. 


Robert Goodwyn of Mendelysham. Will 7 Augvist 1490; 
proved 21 March 1490. Being in good memory and in myne 
hole mynd etc. My Body to be buryed in the cherche yeerd of 
Mendelysham. To the Cathedral church of Norwyche viijd. 
To High Autyr of Mendelysham xijd. To Fryers of Babwell 
6s.8d. To Fryers Austyners of Thelford 6s.8d. I will have on 
able pryste synging in the cherche of Mendelysham for the helthes 
of my soull and for all my good friends sowles by the space of 
on yeer. To the new stepyll of Mendelysham 3s. 4d. To on 
newe legende to the use of the cherche of Baketon 3s.4d. To 
Jone my wife my tenement in towne of Mendelysham withall 
lands longing therto as well the herytage land as the vycympyll 
with all profits for life after her decease to my son Thomas on 
condition that he does not trouble, make no clayme the said 
tenements during her life. To Jone my daughter 40s. at 24. To 
Alys my daughter 40s. at 24. To Margery my daughter 20s. at 
24. My tenement called Styngs in Baketon to be sold, the money 
to pay my debts and to perform my will. Residue of my goods 
to be at the disposal of my executors, Jone my wyfife, William 
Goodwyn my brother and Nicholas Reynbird of Baketon. Wit- 
nesses : Wm Becham, Wm Larsener, John Martyn. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 3, folio 458. 

William Goodewyn of Mendelsham. Will 12 April 1505; 
proved 18 March 1506. Beinge in good minde and hole memory 
ordain. To altar of church of Mendelsham 6s.8d. To altar of 
church of Cottonn 3s.4d. (other bequests to church of Mendel- 
sham) A prest to sing for my soul and my fadyr and moder 
souls in Church of Mendelsham for ten years. To the gyld of 
Cotton X marc on condition that a priest sing for ye brethren and 
sisters for five years or six. To Grey friars of Ipswich for a 
trentall los. To White F'riars of same los. To Black Friars of 
Downing los. To Anprotines in Ord is. To eche of my god- 
chyldren 6s. To John Helkys a cowe. which I will increase to 
my said godchildren. To every godchild beside xijd. To every 
godchild of my moders 6d. To Allys Goodewyn 3s.4d. with the 
xijd of the first gifte. To Symond Laacy son of Jone Lacy a 
cowe. To Elyse Grene to ye sone of Rose INIysyster I3s.4d. to 
be in his father's hands. All my lands and tenements to be sold. 


My executors John Halke (another copy reads Halle) of Men- 
delsham and Richard Retyll of the same town, and Edward Reue 
of (Thowte) supervisor. Proved at Mendelsham. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 4, folio 75. 

Thomas Goodewyn of Mendelsham. Will the Saturday next 
before Halwenesday 15 10; proved 14 January 15 10. Item he 
assynys to the high auter of Mendlesham for tythes 2od. To 
Xpryn his wyfe two peeces of land callyd Bemonds as long as 
she keepeth her a weddowe, if she marry, then John Goodewyne 
to have the lande, to him and his assigns. All his other goods to 
his executors to dispose for the health of his soul and of his 
friends souls. Executors : John Whytyng and Thomas Greene. 
Witness : John Martyn. Proved at Batisdale. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 4, folio 79. 

Robert Goodynche of Burgwell In the Dyocys of Norwiche 
w^inne the Countye of Cambredg 1515 Kal Decembre, probated 

16 December 1515. Also I gef to my sone William 

Goodynche a comb of whete and v combs of Barle. Also 

I gefe to my godson John Goodynche a bushell of whete and 

bushell of malte. Also I gefe to ech (other?) of my 

children besyde a bushell of Barle. Also I gefe to William 

my sone a bulloke and ii shepe. Also I gefe to Kateryn my 

wyfe my caart and plowe w*^ al my hors and stuff my hows- 
hold stuff w* all my othere goods, she to pay my debts yV^ Also 
I geve to ye forsayd Kateryn and to hir assyneis for eu"" on 
achare of land lyeng in Northfeld w^ in the lordshepp of Burgh- 
well that she kepe or doo to be kepyd my mynde day ones In the 
yere yerly in the church aforseid. Executours Kateryn Good- 
ynche and William Perre. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 5, Boner, folio 163b. 
From J. J. Muskett. 

John Godyng of Boxted, county Suffolk. Will 12 May 1508. 
no act. To repairs of the gylde of Boxted church 6s.8d. To 
Alys my wife my tenement that I dwell upon during her life and 
after her departing I will that yt shall remayne unto John my 
son and my great hoche and my best coverlet, and if John depart 
of his life I will that then it shall be sold for to do for me and 


her and my fnTids. To Alys my daughter and to Floronse my 
daughter and John my son each a cowe and a brasse pott. To 
Jone my daughter a cowe and a sheppe and a lambe. Residue of 
my goods to be at the disposal of Alys my wyffe and Richard 
Frost, my brother in lawe. whom I make executors. Witnesses : 
Sir John Coppyng, and William Pa}-n of the same town. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury. Book 5. folio 188. 

John Goodwyn of Soham.. Cambridge. Will 14 October 1524; 
proved 2 December 1524. Be>Tig of hole m}Tide. Stone for 
highways etc. To John my son a bullocke and a calf, price los, 
a mare and a colte. price 7s. an ewe and a lambe. he to have 
them at 16 years of age. To Henry my serv^ant a hekfourth of 
two yere age and upwarde. To Agnes my wife my tenement 
with the croft with all my land free and copy, the terme of her 
lyfe, after her decease I will that John my son have it. If my 
son die. then after my wife's decease the tenement to be sold and 
the money to be doon for me and my wife and our friends. To 
Agnes my wife all my moveables and unmoveables. yf she sit my 
son John in the Coppys. If she will not then my moveable goods 
to be at the discretion of John Peche. my brother in law. whom 
I make my executor, and Agnes my wife. Witnesses: ^\'nl 
Fyshe. Andrew Gloster. Proved in the porch at Soham. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 4, folio 130. 

Thomas Goodd\Tige of Burgatte in the Dioces of Xorwece. 
Fyfte daye of October 1551 in the fyfte yere of K\Tige Edward 
)-* syxt. probated iii flfeb. 1551. My SowU to AUmyghty Jhus my 
maker, sauyor and Redemer and to \-* blyssed vyrgyn o'^ lady 
Se}Tit Mary hys mother and to all the holy copany heven. To 
Margery my wyf my tente in Burgate y* she now dwell in dur- 
ynge her naturall lifF. My fathers howse y^ he dwellyth in onh' 
excepte for the terme of ye liffe of my father and mother iii^* to 
be payd by my seyd wyff yo my father by vi' viii*^ in ye yere. 
Wyllm my son shall haue my teiit in Burgate after decesse of 
hys mother to hym and hys heyers for eu"". 

Yff Wyllm my son dye w^hout yssue I wyll y* Margaret my 
dowghter shall have >t to her when she comyth to the age of xxi 
yeres. I wyll that Thomas my sone and Margarite my dought* 
shall haue e\"ther of them x^ when they come to the age of xxi 


yeres. Yf all my chylderne dye wHioiit issue I will that George 
my brother haue my land and tents in Burgate. Resydwe to 
IMargerye my wyflf toward bryngynge vp of my chylderne whom 
I ordeyne my excutryce and George Sterlynge my brother in lawe. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 19, folio 71. 
J. J. Muskett. 

James Gooddynge of Wykeham skeyth yeoman. 12 June 1556. 
Godson James Canon. Other Canons named and IMerkaunt but 
no Goodings. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book 21, More folio 16. 
J. J. Muskett. 

7 July 1 561. probate 18 Nov. 1561 John Gudwyn of Mendill- 
sham in the countie of Suffe. To Margaret my wife tenement 
wherin I dwell w^hall the lands therto belonging during her life 
naturall. to the bringinge vp of my childryn: Said tenement and 
lands to remayne to Rychard my sonn ; and for want of eirs of 
his body lawfully begotten to remayne to Georg my sonn. To 
James my sonne all suche right and tytle as I haue or may haue 
to tenement in Stowe by gifte of my mother, and to his heirs for 
ever. X^^ to be payd to my doughters equally. Executors Mar- 
garet my wife and Rychard my sone and James my sonne. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, liber Baker, folio 85. 
J. J. Muskett. 

1566, 25 Marche, probate 1567, 3 May. John Goodynche of 
Burwell in the countie of Cambridg waterman. My goods to 
Elizabeth my wife. To her howse and lande. She to be sole 
executrix. Tf Thomas ffookes cannot give her such assurance 
as is lawfuU then he shall paye vnto Elizabeth my said wife all 
such summes of money as he hath receyved of me for purchase 
of said howse. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, liber Arnold, folio 374. 
J. J. Muskett. 

17 Apryll 1573. Edmunde Goodwyn of great ffakenham in 
the county of Suffolk, husbandman. To Goodwyn Goodwyn 
my sohe houses, lands & tenements, and to his heyres for ever. 
To every one of said Goodwynes children one ewe shepe. To 



I III of Margaret Spurgions children one ewe shepi; a peace. To i 

Ellyn Barlestons children one ewe a peace. Ellen Barleston my ' 

daughter to be sole executrix. Probate ii May 1573. \ 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Large, folio 152. | 

XXIIII daie of June 1578. John Goodwhine of Sohame in I 

the countie of Cambridge, husbandman. Marion my wife shall '] 

have occupacion of my house, as also all my lands during the \ 

naturall lyf e of Marrian my wyf e : remayndor to Richarde my ] 

Sonne and to his heires for ever. To Richearde my sonne V^ j 

when he cometh to the age of XXIIII yeres. To eyther of my \ 

daughters, that is to sale, Margarett and Elisabeth VP^ &c when | 

XXIIII yeres of age or at the daye of there mareage which ever \ 

shall first happen. To Katherine Mackworth my syster iii' j 

iiii'^. Residue to Marion my wyf e : she whole executrix. To | 

Elizabeth fifrestone & Marie fifrestone eyther of them V. Pro- j 

bate 2 Oct'" 1578 Juramenti executris &c. ' 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Wroo, folio 409. l 



John Goodinge, Boxstead, SufTolk. Will 2 August 1579; ! 

proved 13 August 1580. To my eldest son Thomas my houses i 

and my lande in town of Boxstead and elswhere and also my \ 
fattes and vesselles with the stocke belonging to them. My son 

Thomas to have the rest of my goods except I give to my daugh- \ 

ter Browne 20s. To my daughter Brownes' children los. to be i 

divided among them at day of marriage. To my daughter i 

Browne a brasse pott that hath long legges and a peace of clothe ! 

that was my weifes backe of her gowne. Rest of my goods to | 

my executor. Son Thomas executor. Witnesses: Thomas j 

Paine, Richard Baxter. 1 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Browne, folio 221. j 


Margaret Goodwine of Okenleye, county Suffolk. Will 11 ,' 

December 1574; proved 20 April 1587. In good helthe and per- i 

feet remembrance. To my sonne George Goolwyne and the 1 

heirs of his body etc. me tenements, lands etc. in Okenly on con- j 

dition that George pay to James Goodwine my sonne 20s. per \ 

annum for life, if George does not pay this then my close called ! 

Sylens and Cauffes pightell shall be given to my son James Good- \ 

wine. If my son George die without issue then tenements left \ 


to him to go to my son James. If James die without issue then 
property to go to my three daughters Joane Goodwine, Margarett 
Goodwine and Marye Goodwine, to he evenhe divided. My son 
George shall pay at such daies and times as is specified in my 
late husband John Goodwines his will £10, i.e. to Christian 
Raignes als Deye, to Joane Goodwine, Margaret Goodwine and 
Marye Goodwine each 50s. (Christian is also daughter of John 
Goodwin). Executors: James Goodwine and George Goodwine 
my sonnes. Witnesses : John Cadman, Wm Collyne, Tho : 
Prettie, Tho London. Proved at Thwaite by George Goodwine, 
James being dead. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Bright, folio 274. 

Marrion Goodwyne, Soham, Cambridge, widow. Will 13 
June, 35 Elizabeth, proved 30 June 1593. To son Richard Good- 
win four mares etc. To John Wrench son of Elizabeth my 
daughter one bullocke at 21. To Anne Wrench daughter of said 
Elizabeth at 21. To William, John, and Anne Palmer children of 
Margaret Pallmer my daughter at 21. To John Goodwyne and 
Robert Goodwne sons of Richard Goodwyne my sone, a bullock 
each at 21. To John Pallmer my son in law. To Mary Wante 
my god daughter. To John Bridge my servant. Executor: son 
Richard. Witnesses : Robert Peche gent, William Peche, 
Edward Cropley of Thornestreet. mark of Marrion Goodwyne. 
Inventory £59. os. 6d. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Bacon, folio 422. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Boxted, county Suffolk, tanner. Will 8 
March 1594; proved 6 May 1594. To wife Elizabeth my two 
howses, one where Francis Baxter now dwells, the one I dwell 
in with yarde etc. in Boxted for her life, then to Thomas Goodwin 
my son the one where Baxter dwells except certain parts of the 
premises. The house where I dwell to my two daughters Alice 
and Dorothie for their lives then to my son Thomas. To my two 
daughters Grace and Johane £6 each. Provision as to times of 
payment. To my daughter Johane Gamlyn 20s. To Thomas 
Gamlyn my godson 2s. at 24. Provision if Thomas refuse to 
carry out will. Wife, executrix. Supervisors : neighbours 
John Payne and Francis Payne. Witnesses : Robert Asterley, 
Michaell Langham, marke of Thomas Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Bacon, folio 582. 



Latin. May 1596. loth day. On the same day and year | 

administration of the estate of the late James Goodyn who hved i 

at Okely was granted. Deceased's reHct Katharine took oath to ^ 

administer the estate well, etc. i 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administrations and Marriage i 

Licences, Book No. i, folio 219. ; 

Katharin Goodwin of Wyverstone, Suffolk, widow. Will 8 ] 

May 1596; proved 23 May 1597. To my daughter ]\Iary £30 at j 

24, this money to remain in the hands of my brother Thomas ! 

Houell als Smith till my daughter is 24, he to pay to my daugh- I 

ter 50s. per annum. If Mary die without issue the £30 to go to \ 

Unica Howell als Smyth one of the daughters of my said brother j 

Thomas. Provided that if my said brother and Robert Dowe my \ 

nephew can within four years purchase a house and grounds with • 

the money aboue written, they shall buy it for my daughter. j 

Residue of my goods as brasse, pewter, lynnen, bedds and bed- i 

dinge I give to Mary my daughter. Executor: Robert Dowe, ; 

he to have xijd I 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Blomefeilde, folio 216. \ 

William Goodwin of Stoke nexte Neyland, county Suffolk, hus- 
bandman. Will 27 October 30 Elizabeth 1597; proved 15 i 
November 1597. To be buried in parish Church of Neyland. || 
To Elizabeth Baker (another copy reads Baken), my tenements l 
in Colchester, in the parish of St. Buttalls in Mardelen Street for \ 
life and after her death I give them to my sister's daughters to 
be sold by Christopher Cleare father of those daughters and : 
the money equally divided among them. Item to said Elizabeth ' 
Baker or Baken 53 shillings, one heifer or one bullock being in the j 
hands of Thomas Cool, or Cooe, gent, of Boxford. To Elyn j 
Baker two coffers and some household effects. Elizabeth Baker ' 
and Mather Belhar, Executors. Not signed. Witnesses : James •• 
Baker, and George Maye. ' t 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Blomefield, folio 97 or 323, i 

1595-97- I 

Thomas Goodwine of Mellies, county Suffolk, yeoman. Will | 

12 July, 40 Elizabeth: proved 19 or 29 March 1598. In good "? 

and perfect remembrance. To the poor of Mellies and Burgate I 


over and above the dole at my funeral, to each of the towns los. 
To Margaret Garblesham my sister two bushels of wheat in token 
of my good will. To Elizabeth Oke. Joane Oke, and Dorothie 
Oke children of John Oke of Burgate by his first wife each 20s. 
To Thomas and William Goodwyn my sonnes their heires and 
assigns at 21 or day of marriage — lands and tenements — out of 
these are to be paid the 60s. above. To Elizabeth Goodwyn my 
wife all lands, tenements etc. which I late purchased of George 
Burroughe and all the 3 acres of land late Trippes lying in Bur- 
roughes for her life (one ^ acre of land in the close called 
Settlinges late Lynges onely excepted) on condition that she keep 
the house and buildings in good repair. To my son Edmund 
Goodwin and his heirs and assigns for ever my acre late Tripps 
and the lands and tenements I late bought of Mr. George Bur- 
roughe (the said Y2 acre excepted). He to enter immediately 
after my wife's decease. To wife my bed etc. fetherbed, six 
silver spoones, one pott lipped with silver, the great joyned chest 
in the parlour etc. I will that my horse mill and all things 
belonging to my longe framed table-forms, benche shall remain 
in my tenement where I dwell for ever. To my sonne Edmund 
Goodwin the posted bedsteade etc. Also my sorrell mare with 
her foale and two milch kine. To William Goodwyne my sonne 
posted bedstead and furniture, a great chest and one that some- 
tymes wa's Burroughes and one littell cof er called my owne cof er, 
my littell square table, bullock, nag etc. To my son Francis 
Goodwyn one posted bedsteade, a little cofer at the beddes feete 
in the parler, two milch kyne and a yearling bullock. To wife 
ten of my best milch kyne out of those not given to son Edmund. 
To my son Edmund a wrighting obligatory I have of Mr. Hum- 
phrey Fowler, parson of Burgate and all such money as he owes 
me and also the writinge obligatory 1 have of Francis Robtsone 
my brother in law — but my son not to take of Francis Rortsone 
above £6. To my daughter Margery Goodwin the £43. 13s. 
being the money which William Morris and John Morries, John 
Yestas and Henry Yestas owe me by two several bonds to be 
paid to me if I live or els to the saide Margery her heirs etc. To 
my daughter Elizabeth £40 in thre monthes next after my decease. 
To Elizabeth and Thomas Goodwyn the sonnes of my son 
Thomas each a calf. To James Chase, Thomas Chase, and Wil- 
liam Chase, children of Thomas Chase each a calfe. To Mar- 


gery and Elizabeth my daughters my two newe coverletts. The 
residue of my goodes, corne upon the ground, haye etc — when 
debts are paid I give to my wife Ehzabeth towards the bringing 
up of my thre youngest children. Wife to have the occupation 
of all lands now in my ocupation (my summer lande, close called 
Tuftes and my lands and tenements herein given to my son Wil- 
liam and Frances and the river close only excepted) att the 
feast of All Saints next after my decease (conditions). To my 
son William Goodwine my close called the tenement Hilles and 
one acre in Trippes grove etc. To my son Francis Goodwin my 
close called Tuftes, the littell medow which I late purchased of 
Mr. Reue of Thrandeston, to him and his heirs for ever. To 
my son Jasper Goodwine, close called littell Settlings which I 
late purchased of Mr Lan Lynge to enter the same at Hallomas. 
To my daughter Anne and her heirs etc. my meadow called Set- 
lings at feast of All Saints next after my decease. To my daugh- 
ter Rachel Goodwin my close called Mellmounte which I lately 
purchased of Mr. Lynge to her heires etc., provided that if Jasper 
my son depart this life without issue before he is 21, my exec- 
utrix to sell the close given to Jasper to Edmund Goodwin my 
son and heirs for £40 which £40 shall be equally parted among the 
rest of my children then liveing begotten of the said Elizabeth 
my wife. If Edmund will not give the £40 then to be sold to 
any one etc. If my daughters Anne and Rachel die before 21, 
property to be sold and my son Edmund shall have the first offer, 
and the money etc. Wife to become bound in £100 not to claim 
dower. If my wife will not be bound etc. all legacies to her to 
be void. Whereas I am bound as surety for Humphrey Fowler 
of Burgate, Gierke, I have for my indemnifying an estate in fee 
in divers inclosures of lands and pastures of the said Humphrey 
Fowler, I give all my rights etc, to my executors. To Proudence 
Chase my daughter £20 out of my estate left to Thomas Goodwin 
my son. I give to my son Thomas Goodwin all my lands and 
hereditaments in Burgate and Wortham now in the occupation of 
the said Thomas Goodwin and also my Rover Close. My execu- 
tors: Robert Holte of Ingham, Clarke, and Robert Randall of 
Pulham Markett in Norfolk, to each los. I make Thomas 
Thrower of Suddon, supervisor, to him los. Witnesses: Ri. 
Peake, Andrew Bardwell and me John Rewe. Memorandum 
that Thomas Goodwin did surrender all his lands of Burgate and 


S. Johns into the hands of the Lords there by the hands of Ri 
Peake in the presence of Andrewe Bardwell. Administratioi 
granted to EHzabeth his reh'ct, Rob. Holte and Rob. Randal 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Whitney, foHo 103. 

Simon Goodwin of Bury St. Edmunds. Will i8th August 
1599; proved August 1601. I, Symond Godden (sic) of Bur] 
St. Edmonds. Item to the child that my wife is now with £^ a1 
the age of 21. Item to my brother Robert Godden of Harwicb 
by the hands of Mr. John Cipper provided if the said child dif 
before it cometh to the age of 21 years, the said sum to be divided 
among the children of my sister then living by my brother Robert 
or his heirs and assigns. Item to said sister Bridget xP lawfull 
money. Item to my brother my sister's husband's clothing etc. 
Item to brother Robert half a crown. Item all the rest of my 
estate, goods, money, etc. ^ I give and bequeath unto my 

wife she to pay all my debts and bring my body decently to the 
ground. Item to Master John Gipper, I will he pay to Mr 
Walker i6s.4d. Witnesses : Thomas Kent, and John Hippes. 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury, file 1600-05, no 33, 
Book Coppinge, folio 41. 

John Goodwyn of Cambridge, prynter. Will 9 January 1617; 
proved 9 June 161 8. Being somewhat sickly of bodie but ol 
sownd and perfytt mynde etc. Body to the earth from which it 
came. My liowse in Barnewell near Cambridge with ye three 
shoppes to my loving uncle William Hill of Westowe (another 
copy reads Westone), county Suffolk, clerk. He to pay certain 
legacies. To my eldest sister Marie £20. To my youngest sister 
Elizabeth £10. To Elizabeth Legge daughter to my uncle Can- 
trell Legge £5. To my Avnte Mvmford £$. To Anne Hill 
daughter of my uncle John Hill £5 at 20. To Marie Hill ditto, 
ditto. My uncle William Hill executor. Witnesses : John Hill, 
the mark of John Daller, Proved at Westowe. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Gibson, folio 43, 
file 1618-19, no. 47. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Burgate, county Suffolk, yeoman Will 
I November 1618; proved 15 December 1618. Item to William 


Goodwyn my son my messuage where I now dwell and all to it 
belonging which was my fathers it lying on the west side of the 
commons called Mushold Green after the decease of Joane, my 
wife Joane to hold all lands and tenements until Henry Goodwyn 
my son is 2^. Item to Thomas my son I give the messuage and 
tenement and land where Arthur Smyth now dwells containing 
2 acres, all lands in Mortimers Rents, and close called Brooks 
which I lately purchased of Mr. Peachell when 27 years of age. 
Item to Elizabeth Goodwyn my daughter the sum of £20 to be 
paid by Joane my wife one year after my decease. Wife Joane 
all household effects and sole executrix. Witnesses : William 
Barber, and Arthur Smyth, and John Kane. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Gibson, folio 363. 

William Goddinge of Ketton, county Suffolk, labourer. Will 
II May 1623; proved 16 June 1623. To daughter Margaret 20s. 
tliat is in Thomas Wyett's hands. To daughter Bridgett, daugh- 
ter Elizabeth, daughter Margarett. To my son Thomas God- 
dinge twelve pence. To grandchild Thomas Hemsted my little 
oulde chest. To Edward Hempsted wearing apparel. To Robert 
Seago, my son in law, my leather britches. To Edward Hemp- 
sted, my son in law, executor. Witnes : Marke Sheldrake. 
Proved at Bury St. Edmunds. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Harrold, folio 585. 

Thomas Gooddinge, Sapiston. Administration 2 April 1630. to 
relict Margaret. Inventory ii6. I4s.8d. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Admon. Act Book 3 (1630-52), 

folio I. 

20 Jan 1629, probate 11 Oct 1630. Elizabeth Goodinge of 
fifiningham in the countie of Suffe. widdowe, To Edmund Good- 
dinge my Sonne, great chest nowe at Robert Rushes my sonne in 
law. To Elizabeth Goodinge my grandchild, daughter of 
Edmund Gooddinge my sonne. To Margery Rushe my daughter 
one truncke chest being at Robert Rushes my sonne in law. To 
Elizabeth Kersey my daughter. To Rachaell Portte and Judith 
Portte my grandchildren. Bond of £20 to sonne Edmund. To 
Robert Rush, Jasper Rush and Edward Rush my grandchilden. 


Avis Turner my grandchild, Executor, my welbeloved sonne 
Jasper Goodinge. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book "Corner," folio 8i. 
J. J. Muskett. 

April 14, 1642. Ewen Goodwin, clerk, late of Gedding. 
Administration granted to Anthony Smyth, chief creditor. Inven- 
tory £53, 13s, 4d. 

On the 23d of the same month administration of estate of 
aforesaid Ewin Goodwyn, clerk, of Gedding deceased, was 
granted to Edward Bach and Marie his wife, legal sister of the 
deceased. She takes oath in person of the aforesaid Edward 
Bach (privilege of administration of the same estate previously 
granted by authority of this court to Anthony Smyth is hereby 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Admon. Act Book 3 (1630-52), 

folio 93. 
J. J. Muskett. 

April 16, 1662. Estate of Marie Gooding, widow, late of 
Bury St. Edmunds. Administration granted to George Knapp, 
a nephew, and Thomas Keble, a nephew, sons respectively of 
Beatrice Knapp and Elizabeth Keble, own sisters of the said 
deceased. 408, 13, 08. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio 27b. 

November 16, 1664. Estate of Richard Gooding late of New- 
markett. His relict Marie Gooding was granted administration 
to administer the estate honestly, etc 07, 19, 00 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, /Administration Book 4, folio 62. 

July 2, 1668, Estate of James Goodwyn late of Newmarkett 
Christopher Kent chief creditor. 11, 7, 4. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio 95. 

March 24, 1669, Estate of William Goodwin late of Laken- 
heath, county Suffolk. Administration granted to Christopher 
Goodwin, his son, etc. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Administration Book 4, folio no. 
J. J. Muskett. 


John Goodwin of Sudbury, county of Suffolk, goldsmith. 
Will 20 February 1673 proved 8 April 1678. Item to Isaac Good- 
win my son one shilling after my decease, Item to Elizabeth 
Goodwin my daughter one shilling after my decease. To John 
Goodwin my son £10 when 21 years. Item to John Baker my 
grandchild one shilling, and Elizabeth Baker another grandchild 
one shilling, all payable on demand after my decease. Item to 
wife Margery all the rest of my estate and whom I make sole 
executrix. Witnesses John Jones and Eabo Jones. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Brydon, folio 17, 
filed will no. 63. 

George Goodwyn of Bildeston county Suffolk, woolcomber. 
14 Nov. 1679, probate 29 April 1680. To Mary my wife my 
copyhold tenement I now dwell in for the term of her life with 
remainder to my two children equally. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, vol. 63 "Brydon," folio 537. 
J. J. Muskett. 

Anne Goodwyn of Wetheringsett in the county of Suffolk, 
spinster. 20 — 1691 probated 7 Sept. 1693. Messuage in Brock- 
ford and lands to trustees. To be buried in the chancel of Little 
Stonham amongst my relatives. To my kinsman Mr Thomas 
Yaxlee of Thrandeston Gent, but if dead then to Margaret Yaxlee 
widow his mother. My kinsman Mr Nicholas Rookwood some- 
time servant to Lord Huntingtower, lent money to my brother 
in law Mr Acton. To my sister Dorothy Acton. Her daughter 
Mary Acton. Robert Jacques and Barnabie Gibson junior exec- 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury book Boldero folio 212. 

She was daughter of Ambrose Goodwyn and Grand daughter 
to Thomas Goodwyn of Little Stonham Esq. whose will P. C. C. 
39 Lee, was proved in London 1638. 

J. J. Muskett. 

Jheromie Browne of Sudbury, county Suffolk, yeoman. 26 
July, 43 Elizabeth 1603 (1601?) Probate 13 April 1602. To 
Emm my wife. Ozias Merrells my wife's sonne; Alice and 
Loare my wifes daughters. Wife's the other sonnes, Edward, 
Stephen and John. Elizabeth Howard my syster. To Anne 


Browne my daughter and her heirs for ever my tenement in Sud- 
bury. To her when 14 one hundred pounds also my plate &c. 
Poor of St Peters parish, Sudbury. Wife executrix. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Copping, folio 98. 
J. J. Muskett. 

William Colman of Bury St Edmunds, Gent. 5 Sept. 1694, 
codicil 30 Sept. 1694, probate 4 Nov. 1694. Capital messuage 
and lands in Stanton, Bardwell &c. county Suffolk to Mr. Henry 
Goodwin of Bury St. Edmunds on trusts for my brother ffrancis 
Muriell Colman &c. for payment of annuity. Said brother to 
continue his seven years apprenticeship with his master. To 
John, natural son of Marisco Winter, daughter of Robt Winter 
of Bury St Edmunds, taylor. If my brother die iioo to this 
John. To my aunt Mrs Elizabeth Heron: her daughter Eliza- 
beth. Codicil 30 Sept. 1694. To my cosines William Heron, 
Richard Elfiad and his wife Judith and William Coe, and his 
sisters Mrs French and Mrs Bickerstaffe. Cosine Mt Arthur 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Boldero, folio 439. 
J. J. Muskett. 

"/Vgnes Goodwin" a witness to the nuncupative will of Alice 
Corbett, St. Gregories, Sudburie. 1579. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Browne, folio 48. 

18 Tany 1630. Probate 10 October 1631. John ffrenche of 
Stradishull in the countie of Suffolk, clerke. To be buried in 
the chauncell of Stradishull. To Margaret my wife my two 
houses and grounds =14 acres in Stradishull for the tearme of 
her naturall life. To her other closes in Stradishull one contain- 
ing 17 acres: also tenement called Jermyns purchased of my 
brother George ffrench for life. Vnto Cristofer Goodyn of 
Stradishull, grocer, reversion of said houses and lands, to him 
and his heirs forever. Goods to wife for life, and after her 
decease equallie to Nicholas ffenton, Barbaric ffrend, Elizabeth 
Goodwyn and to godchildren which are children of my kindred. 
Wife and Christopher Goodyn to be executors. 

Elizabeth Goodyn and Richard Goodyn witnesses 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Colman, folio 66. 


6 Oct 1625 John Inman of Bury St Edmonds merchant. For 
the advancement of the children of Richard Mountnye of London, 
merchant, my sonne in lawe by marriage with Rebecca my late 
daughter iio5 to be equally parted at their age of one and 
twentye yeares. Vnto George Boldero my wives eldest sonne 
£3 ; Thomas Boldero one other of her sonnes ; Elizabeth Mor- 
fewe wife of Thomas Morfew and daughter of my said wife 
each £3. To Richard Goodinge of Kings Lynne, M^chant, my 
brother, my graven silver tankard which was mine before mar- 
riage with my now wife. To Thomas Goodinge his eldest sonne, 
Richard Goodinge his younger sonne and Katherine Goodinge his 
daughter. Vnto Tryphosa Clarke widdow and to Alice Osborne 
widdow my wives sisters, ringes. Residue to Margarett my well 
beloved wife. She to be executrix. James ffayercliffe a witness. 

Probate 29 Oct 1625 to Margaret the relict 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Pearle, folio 318. 

Alice Kynge, Ipswich, Suffolk, widow. Will 2 December, 3rd 
Edward 6th; proved 18 August 1589. To Thomas Pooridge 
and Joane his wife. To Katherine Hunte, Alice Hunte, and Ann 
Hunte, daughters of Thomas Porridges wife. Witnesses : Raffe 
Goodwyne, Willni Weste, Tho. Gosse. Memorandum 18 August 
1589. Philip Newton of Ipswich alleged that he had received 
the will of Alice Kynge formerly of Ipswich and wished it to be 
entered among the wills in Court at Sudbury which we have 
done. George Pleasance in the absence of Mr. Thomas Pead, 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Goddard, folio 213. 

John Lawrence, Minister and Vicar of Exminge (Exning?), 
Will 2 March 1598; proved 24 March 1598. To Sir John 
Cotton of Landward the donation and advowson of my Living of 
Exminge which was first granted by the Deane, Mr. Goodwin, 
and chapter of Christ Church in Canterbury to one Francis Pure- 
fie and the said Francis by assignation did pass itt over to one 
Gabriell Corn well who sett it over to me by assignation. 40s. to 
be distributed in bread on day of my burial. To Susan my 
daughter my house in Exming wherein widow Carter dwelleth 
on consideration that she and heirs pay yearly to the poore of 
Exminge on the feast of All Saints 5s. Also to her my lease of 


5 acres dispersed in the fields of Exming which I bought of Sir 
John Cotton. To Francis Lawrence my sonne my house in Bur- 
well where Smyth dwells. Also my copyhold in Ashwell. 

To Elizabeth Blewett my sister i'j. To James Blewett her son 
£6 at 21. To the daughters of said Elizabeth nowe living 20s. 
each. To Edward Lorance my brother 40s. To Nathaniel Law- 
rence son of the said Edward los. To Francis my sonne my little 
cracked silver spoon. To Susan my wife, Susan my daughter, 
and Frances my son the residue of Property which Sir John 
Cotton bought of William Fabian of Exming. To John Norrish 
minister of Ashley all my bookes, he to preach at my burial, 5s. 
Executors : Leonard Stanton of Landward and Susan my wife. 
Witnesses: John Cheney, John Laurence, Hen: Westhrope, 
Oliver Bridgman, and Thomas Ganion. Proved at Bury 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Whitney, folio 107. 

Margery Morninges, Badwell Ashe, county Suffolk, late wife 
of John Morninges, yeoman, deceased. Will 28 May 1598; 
proved 21 August 1598. 

"To Richard Goodwin my servant 5s." 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Book Whitney, folio 44. 



1499 Goodwyn, Stevyn, Totyng Garveney, county Surrey 

29 Mathewe 

1535 Rychard, buried Great Bokeham 129 Heats 

1536 John, als Sander, Hethe parish, Egham 

county Surrey 186 Heats 

1579 John, als Sander, Egham, county Surrey, 

yeoman will file 

1598 John, prisoner in Kings Bench prison, 

late of Westminster, gent. will file 

1598 Gidwyn, Magdalen, Cranlie, Surrey 186 Herringman 

1602 Goodwyne, Edward senior, Dorkyng, county Surrey 

388 Herringman 

1603 Goodwyn als Saunders, Henrie, Egham 

389 Herringman 


1611 , John late of St. Saviours Southwark 

156 Berry 

1620 Goodwine, John, buried in St. Nicholas, Golldeforde 

226 Peter 

1638 Goodwin, als Saunders, Henery, Egham 489 Farmer 

Stevyn Goodwyn of Totyng Graveney, county Surrey. Will 
12 April 1490 (?I497) 12 Henry 7: proved 22 June 1499. To 
be buried in churchyard of Totyng Graveney. To the High 
Altar I2d. To mother church of Winchester 4d. My gret brace 
pott to be sold to the most valor and the money given to my chil- 
dren. To Elizabeth my daughter a brass pott after wife's 
decease. Residue to Anne my wife. Executors : Thomas Good- 
wyn, my wife, and John Holt. Overseer: Thomas Lee of 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Mathewe, folio 29. 

Rychard Goodwyn. Will: no date; proved 16 November 
1535- To be buried churchyard of Great Bokeham. To the 
high Altar and the Sacrament 4d. To mother church of Win- 
chester 4d. To Johan, my mayden, a brasse pott and a cawdron. 
To John Gudwyn my son a brasse pott. To Margarett my daugh- 
ter a pewter platter To Johan Styfifyn a candlestick. To 
Kateren Symond 2 pewter dyshes. To Margaret Gardner a 
pewter platter. To Church of St Nicholas of Great Buckham 
37s. that Edward Lusted doth owe me Executors : Richard 
Manne and John Gardner. No witnesses. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Heats, foHo 129. 

John Goodwyn, otherwise John Sander, of the Hethe within 
the parish of Egham, county Surrey. Will 20 September 1536; 
proved 13 December 1536. To be buried in St. John's church- 
yard in Egham. To High Altar 8d. To Rood Light 2d. To 
Our Lady Light 2d. T Xpen Lane i6s. To Julian my daugh- 
ter 20s. Residue of my goods to Johan my wife and John my son, 
executors. Overseer: Sir John Cardray, vicar of Egham. 
Whereas I have by deed 28 May, 18 Hen. 8. enfeoffed Robert 
Sander by deed, John at Wike, Richard Reynold, the younger, of 
my lands in Surrey to the use of my heirs, my wife to have them 
until my son John is 21 also to have a house in Hithe called Gouers 


until she dies. If my son John dies without heirs then to Julian 
my daughter. Witnesses: John Atwicke, John Knowells, Rich- 
ard Witt, and John Webbe. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Heats, folio i86. 

John Goodwyn allias Sander of Hive in the parish of Egham, 
Surrye, yeoman. Will 30 December, 22 Eliz; proved 2 Feb- 
ruary 1579/80. To be buried in Egham churchyard. To eldyst 
son Thomas, lands in Stanes, and Egham, to him and his heirs. 
Remainder to rest of my children. To sonn Harrye and sonn 
Jeamese £40 each. To my dowghter Margaret and daughter 
EUyne £15 each. To poore mens box of Egham 2s6d., and to 
Cellyton Havehe I2d. Rest to Thomas, executor. Overseers: 
John Hawoode, vicker of Chobham. Witnesses : Harrye Fawxe, 
Wyllym Kytchyn, Robert Sander. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, will file 1579. 

Anno Dni 1598. The xxixth daye of Aprill In the xltye yere 
of the Queenes matyes Raigne that nowe ys. Md. that the Daye 
and yere aboue said John Goodwyn, Late of Westmynster in the 
Countye of Middlesex, gent, and prisoner In her matyes prison 
Called the Kinges Benche in Sowthwarke in the Countye of 
Surrye beinge sicke of Body and yet of perfect mynd and mem- 
orye did geve and bequeathe vnto Mawdelyn his wyfe his leasse 
with all Comodyties and apptenances thereon to belonginge (wch 
he the said John and his assignes then held Inioyned from by 
and vnder her matyes) of For and Conteninge the landes, houses, 
buildings and other the appurtenances therein conteyned lyinge in 
Hampshire. In witness that this ys true we his then Fellowe 
prisoners haue hervnto Sett of hondes the viijth daye of Maye 
in the yeres abouesaid. 

William Bassett, 

John Markham, 

William Smyth of London, Salter. 
Granted ult. November 1598 to relict Magdalen (with will 
ennexed) of goods of said John Goodwyn, deceased. 
Archdeaconry of Surrey, will file 1598. 

Magdalen Gidwyn of Cranlie, county Surrey, mayden. Nun- 
cupative will 18 October 1597; proved 31 August 1598. All 


between my father Andrew and my brothers, Anthonie, George, 
and John, and my sister Mary. Witnesses : wife of John Win- 
chester, Thomas Frauncis, Agnes Dare. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey 1 595-1608, Book Herringman, 
folio 188. 

Edward Goodwyne, the elder, of Dorkyng, county Surrey. 
Nunc. Will 14 March 1602-3; proved 21 March 1602/3. To be 
buried in Dorking parish Church. Freehold land to his son 
Jasper Goodwyne and his goods in England. To his daughter 
Elizabeth iio per annum for life. To his son Richard £20 per 
annum for life. To William Palmer a copse late in strife 
between William Palmer and him the said Edward Goodwyne. 
To old father Heather 20s per annum. To Henry Ryall 20s. per 
annum, iio to the poor at direction of Mr. Richman, vicar of 
Dorking. To Michael Gunner 20s. per annum. To the six 
daughters of his daughter Elizabeth Payne £20 apiece when 25. 
Residuary legatee and executor: Jasper his son. Witnesses: 
Stephen Richman, William Henn the elder, Nicholas Fynche the 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1 595-1608, Book Herringman, 
folio 368. 

Henry Goodwyn als Saunders. Will 29 July 1603; proved 
4 October 1603. To my son John all my lands when 21. To my 
son Robert £100 when 21. To daughter Mary £100 when 21. To 
Randolph Gay his cottage for 31 years at id a year. Brother 
Richard £5. To Uncle James 20s. To Aunt Margaret 20s. 
To Alice Felt los. To William Brakes son of my cosen Henrie 
Brakes 4s. Overseers: Uncle Henrie Goodwyn als Saunders. 
Brother William Goodwyn als Saunders. Executrix: wife 
Suzanne. Witnesses: Robert Goodwyn als Saunders, Edward 
Lenolde. Henrye Goodwyn als Saunders, Henrie Ars, Henry 
Brakes, Richard Sawnders. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1595- 1608, Book Herringman, 
folio 389. 

John Goodwyn late of St. Saviour's, Southwark, tapster. Nun- 
cupative will proved 8 April 1611. Goods between wife and 


children. Executrix : Margaret his wife. Witnesses : John 

Ablyn, Agnes Hall, wife of Robert Hall, and William Brackstone. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1608-1614, Book Berry, folio 156. 

John Goodwine. Will 4 November 1620, proved 29 March 
162 1. My body to be buried in ye churchyard of ye parish of 
St. Nicolas in Golldeford. To my son John Goodwyne my house 
and land being in the parish of St. Necklas in Golldeford which 
he shall inioye at ye dale of his marriage or at 19, but if he die 
ayeres, then the above named house and lands shall remain to my 
wife during her life and after to be equally devided between my 
two daughters, my daughter Ann and my daughter Sarah, and 
their heirs. To John my son £120 at marriage or 19. To my 
daughter Saray £110 at marriage or 20, if she die before 20 yeres 
be expired and be not married and John shall survive, then they 
ye above named £110 shall be parted between John my son and 
my daughter An. To my daughter An £10. To Thomas Smith 
ye son of my daughter Ane £5. To John Smith ye son of my 
daughter An £3. To my siester Dibell £8 to be paid her 30s. by 
the yere if she long live. To her daughter los. To her son 
William Dibell 6s.8d. To my sister Washford 20s. To Saraw 
Washford 2s.6d. To Marie Washford £3. To brother John 
Hartes three children 20s., los to eyther to be paid to them at 
the age of 21 yeres. To my cousene Thomas Holone 20s. to be 
paid them three months after my decease. To my brother Hol- 
lands youngest sonne 2s.6d. To John Wells ye son of William 
Mylles and to John Wheler ye son of Henry Wheler and to John 
Remmant ye son of Richard Remmant is apiece to whom I was 
a speciall witness of their baptism. To the poor of St. Nicholas 
20s. To John Berrie ye elder and John Wine and George Halson 
30s. to eyther of them los. Residuary legatee and executrix 
Allyse my wife. Overseers : John Willson and Mr Robert Peers, 
to whom £5, to Mr Willson £4 and Mr Peers 20s. Witnesses 
John Willson and Robert Purse. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Peter, folio 226. 

Henery Goodwin alias Saunders of Egham. Will proved 5 
November 1638. To my eldest son Henery Goodwin als Saun- 
ders 5s. To my son John 5s. To my son Francis 5s. To my 


son William 5s. To my son Nathaniel los. To my daughter 
Elizabeth 5s. To my son Nathaniel the lease of the house where 
I now dwell after wife's decease. Residuary legatee and execu- 
trix : wife Joane. Witnesses : Richard Wikes, Robert Saunders, 
Henery Knowles. 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, 1631-38, Book Farmer, folio 489. 

Nathaniel Goodwin als Sanders, Egham, Surrey. 9 Novem- 
ber 1658 administration of goods of to Anne Goodwin als Sanders 
and John Burnett guardians of Ursula Goodwin als Sanders 
minor daughter and principal legatee in will. 
Probate Act Book 1658. 

John Lamberd of Dorkinge, county Surrey, collier. Nuncu- 
pative will 16 May, 6 James I; proved last day of May 1608. 
My son William Lamberd to pay to Margery Goodwin of Dork- 
ing, county Surrey, widow, iy at the dwelling place of Jasper 
Goodwin in Dorkinge in satisfaction of a bond made by me and 
my son Edward Lamberd to her husband Myles Goodwin 
deceased in the presence of William Simons of Dorking, butcher. 
To my son William Lamberd 30s. which my son Owen Lamberd 
owes unto me, also 20s. Mathew Cooke owes me, also two little 
woods one of John Steere of Ockley Court and the other of Robert 
Swan of Capell parish. Rest to my Margaret my wife and at 
her decease to my executor my son William. No witnesses. 
Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Herringman (1595-1608), 
folio 639. 

John Venables of Lambeth Marshe, county Surrey, yeoman. 
Will I October 1608; proved 21 October 1608. My messuage in 
Lambeth Marsh held from Thomas Tisdaile of London, haber- 
dasher to Richard Potter, son of Richard Potter of Warrington, 
county Lancaster, yeoman, after the decease of Marie my wife 
and after his decease the remainder to Cornelius Steele the son 
of James Steele, citizen and marchantaylor of London. Residu- 
ary legatee and executrix: wife Marie. Witnesses: Lancelot 
Grymshawe, servant unto Thomas Blathwait, scrivener, James 
Feele. Proved by John Williamson husband of Catherine, 
deceased sister of said deceased, during minority of Richard, 
Elizabeth, Alice, and Isabell, children of John and Catherine Wil- 

Archdeaconry of Surrey, Book Berry (1608-14), folio 25. 



John Goodwin als Saunders, Egham, Surrey, baskettmaker. 
Will 25 May 1667; proved 22 October 1668. To now wife Bar- 
bara messuage wherein I dwell in the Hithe in parish of Egham 
as long as a widdowe, and after wife's decease or marriage to 
son Richard Goodwin als Saunders, paying to my four children 
Henry, John, William, and Suzan Goodwin als Saunders £3 a 
pece. Rest to wife Barbera executrix. Witnesses : Mary Rump- 
ton, John Billinghurst. 

Commissary of Surrey, will file for 1668. 


Wyllm Godwyn of Jevyngton, county Sussex. Will 7 June 
1543; To Church of Jevington 3s.4d. To Katherine Whyman 
3s.4d. To my sunts children in Longley parish of Westham 
3s. 4d. each. Residuary legatee and executor : Robert Why- 
man of Jevington and Nicholas Sherwyn. Witnesses : m. Hen 
mellers curat, John Sherwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. i, folio 21. 

9 October 1540. (Name of testator omitted in the abstract. 
F. F. S.) To Hye Awter of Rype for tithes 4d. To Phylyppe 
Wellen my daughter 20s. To Thomas Wellen my goodson two 
ewes. To Alys my wife two parts of my goods and to Besse 
my daughter the third part George to be my overseers. Resid- 
uary legatees and executrixes : Wife and daughter Besse. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Mallys parson of Rype, George Weller and 
Nycolas Arosmyth. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. i^ folio 29. 

Edward Goodwyn senior of East Grinsted, county Sussex. 
Will 25 May 1548; proved 12 June 1550. To each child of Joan 
Dyne my daughter 2od. To each child of my son William 
Goodwyne 2od. To John Good wyll (sic) my son 4 marks yearly 
for 10 years. To Elizabeth Payne my daughter 20s. To Mar- 
garet my wife residue of goods Executor : son Edward Good- 
wyn. Overseers Willm Goodwin my son, and Thomas Saxpes. 
Witnesses : John Byshe, Edward Haselden, James Baldwyn, 
Edward Langrige, Thos. Dufifyld, John Cripps, Henry Allen. 
Lands called Haywards and Steckewell for life of widow, croft 


called Pulters and then to Edward my son. To son John Good- 
win a tenement called IMartens adjoining burgage of Thomas 
Saxpes. To Margaret my wife £40. To son Edward a field 
called Paynes field, my son William to release it to him. £69. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 2, folio 7. 

John Goodwyne of New Shorham. Will 28 October 1547; 
proved 29 October 1554. To Jane my daughter lands in New 
Shorham and to Matthew her husband failing her heirs to my four 
sons Edward, John, Richard, and Mathew and Jane to bring up 
and keep my younger children their brothers and sisters. My 
daughter Alice 40s. when married. To daughter Jone ditto. 
Residuary legatees and executors : Matthew my son in law and 
Jane his wife. Witnesses : John Avery, John Braydon, Ric 
Gierke and John Ryng. Proved by Jane Goodwin the executrix. 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 3, folio 129. 

Richard Goodwyn otherwise Roper, of Estden (East Dean?). 
Will 28 July 1556; proved 6 October 1556. To the high Altar 
of Estden an altar cloth. To daughter Agnes my daughter 20 
sheep. To Isabell my daughter 10 wethers. To Edward my son 
10 wethers and house at Asten. To Richard Marden that dwell- 
eth with me 20 sheep. Residue to my two sons Richard and 
Walter. Executors : Thomas Conye and Walter Holwoodd. 
Witnesses : John Frenche, Robarte Gollyngham, and Patryk 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 3, folio 194. 

Martin Goodwinn of Crowherst, county Sussex. Will 10 Jan- 
uary 1572; proved i February 1572/3. To poorsmens box 3s.4d. 
To my brother and sister 47/- To Richard Twytt my best hose. 
To William Brighting my best dublet. To Richard Hamond my 
best nether stock. To Uncle Weeks my best hat. To Aunt 
Weeks a sheet clothe. To Winter my jerkin. To Simon Barnes 
an old jerkin. To John Glarke my sword. To Brother Arthur 
my dagger. To John Inkwell my shoes. A cap and hat to 
Barnse's children. To Father in law 13s. To Robert Mershall 
hose. To John Stear two sheets. To John Avery my boots and 
to Anthony e Bryghtenes my brydle. To Ann Yelding, Agnes 


Eston and Marten Colleg my godchildren 3s.4d. To Elizabeth 
Ducks a band. To sister Dennis a feather bed. To Thomas 
Relphe my bow and arrow. To l^rother Arthers three children, 
James, Marten and Alice a cowe. To sister Ellen, brother 
George, and sister Annis a cow. To father in law's three chil- 
dren, Alice, Agnes and Johm and to Mare Taylor and Thomas 
Soell 5s. each. To Mother Caple 3s. To Mother Wodsell 2s. 
To John Hunt 2d. To John Salmon xijd. Residuary legatee 
and executor : Uncle Edward Weeks. No witnesses. 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 5, folio 262. 

James Goodwyne of the parish of Crowherst, county Sussex. 
Will 17 April 1570; proved (blank) To be buried in church- 
yard of Crowherst besides my father and mother. To poor of 
Crowherst 6d To sons Martyn and George £6. I3s.4d. apiece 
when 21. To three daughters Alys, Helen, and Dennis i6.13s.4d. 
when 20 years old. To Arthur College a branded heifer of three 
years. Residuary legatee and executrix : Alice my wife. Wit- 
nesses : written by me William Ridley minister of Crowherst, 
John Relfe, Thomas Yeldinge, Arthur College and James 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 6, folio 107. 

Edward Goodwyn of Estdene. Will i May 1577; proved 10 
June 1577. To poor men's box I2d. To Water Goodwyne my 
brother my wearing geare. To Margaret my wife my house and 
lands at Alfriston for 14 years after my decease and when 
Margret my daughter comes to 14 years my wife shall pay 40s. 
towards the childs f rninge. Residuary legatees and executrixes : 
Margret my wife and Margret my daughter. Overseers : Water 
Homewood and Richard Goodwyne. Witnesses : Alexander 
Foster, Richard Homewoode, Water Homewoode, William Gurre, 
Robert a Brooke and Henry Homewoode 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 56. 

Thomas Goodwins of Ancient town of Rye, county Sussex, 
fisherman Will 17 December 1577; proved 9 May 1578. To 
cosen Fraunces Symson a bedsted when she is married and 20s. 
and my executors to have the bringing up of her until married or 
put out to service. To Elizabeth Summer, my servant, nets 


ready for the sea with the ropes. To Robert son of WilHam 
Burdet a silver spoon. To Wilham Harman, son of WilHam 
Harman, a silver tothpicker. To John Lovers a shot net. Resid- 
uary legatee and executor : Marian my wife. Overseers : Wm 
Burdit and Richard Forth. Witnesses : Roger Michell and 
Richard Forth. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 108. 

John Goddins of Haylsham, county Sussex, husbandman. 
Will 14 November 1581 ; proved 23 December 1581. To daugh- 
ter Mary Goodwin my house in Hailsham when 21. To godson 
John Swan I3s.4d. To goddaughter Johane Fowler los. To 
father Richard Goddins 26s.8d yearly for life To brother Robert 
Swaine 20s. To Constance Treglas 20s. If my daughter Mary 
die my wife to pay to my uncle Robert Goddins daughter los. 
and to my uncle Edward Goddin's three daughters los. each. 
Residuary legatee and executrix : Wife Emlyn. Overseers : 
father Richard Goddin and Robert Swaine. Witnesses : Thomas 
Shepard, John Rutland, and John Hollibone. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 231. 

Alice Gooddin of Bedingham, county Sussex, widow. Will 
30 October 1581 ; proved 26 April 1582. To son John Goodden 
a cupboard. To Joan Goodden my daughter i3.6s.8d. To 
Elizabeth Goodden my daughter i3.6s.8d. To Alexander Shoe- 
smythes children I2d. each To Agnes Goodden daughter of 
Thomas Goodden I2d. Residuary legatee and executor : Son 
George Goodden. Overseers: William Alse and John Inskipp. 
Witnesses: Richard Heale and Richard Taylor scriptor. 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 7, folio 249. 

John Goodwen, Chittinglighe (Chiddingly?), Sussex. Will 5 
June 1589; proved 3 July 1589. To Marke Bastian and Willyam 
Bastian the two sonnes of my daughter Joane los, viz. 5s. apiece. 
To son Stephen Goodwen £^ in hands of Stephen French of the 
streame and also working tooles. Rest of goods to wife Johan 
for life, then to son Stephen Goodwen executor. Overseer : 
Stephen Frenche of the streame. Witnesses : Wyllyni Chamber, 
William Storkey. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, Register A 9, folio 301. 


Thomas Goodwyne, Wytheham (Withyham?). Will 28 Jan- 
uarye, 33 Elizabeth proved 17 March 1589/90. To be buried in 
Wytheham churchyard. To sonn John Goodwyne £6. I3s.4d. at 
21. To sonn William Goodwyne ditto. To daughter Joane 
Goodwyne 40s. at 20 or marriage. To daughter Marye Good- 
wyne ditto. To daughter Elizabeth Goodwyn ditto. To daugh- 
ter Briggett Goodwyn ditto. Rest to wif Julian executrix. 
Overseers : John Turnor and Richard Pymmell my brothers in 
lawe. Witnesses : Thomas Turnor, John Bugges, John Baldwin. 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, Register 9, folio 351. 

Richard Goodwyne of Eastbourne. Will 21 April 1599; 
proved 15 September 1599. To poor of same parish 2s. To 
daughter Joane los. Residuary legatee and executor: son John. 
Overseers : Richard Edwards and Robert IMabbe. Witnesses : 
Thomas Water, John Russell thelder. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 10, folio 213. 

Richard Goodden of Hove, county Sussex. Will 18 June 1606; 
proved 9 September 1606. To wife £120 and the lease I have of 
Mr. Frenche in Bexhill that I had by her and the beast she rides. 
To brother John Gooddens children as follows : To William 
Goodden £3. 6s.8d. To Jereme Gooden i3.6s.8d. To John 
Gooden i3.6s.8d. To Elizabeth Gooden £20, Mercy Gooden 
f3.6s.8d. To brother William Gooden 6s.8d. To his daughter 
Elizabeth Gooden 20s. To Jeames Gooden's daughters : Eliza- 
beth Gooden £3. 6s.8d., Dorothy Gooden i3.6s.8d., Agnes Gooden 
i3.6s.8d. and their brother John Gooden i3.6s.8d. To James 
my brother their father the money he owes me. To Marten 
Gooden my brother i20. To his son William Gooddin iio. To 
Elizabeth Goodden i3.6s.8d. To Joane Goodden i3.6s.8d. To 
Mercy Goodden i3.6s.8d. if any of my said brother Marten's die 
Sister Baker los. and to her daughter Alice Baker iio. and her 
daughter Mary Baker i^, James Baker her son £$. To brother 
in law Richard Shet I2d. To sister Shett 20s. her children Ellen 
Shett 40s., Elizabeth Shett 40s., William Shett 40s., Joane Shett 
40S., John Shett 40s. To Servant John Tanner a lamb. To 
Udall Strods 20s. To Robert Strods los. To Thomas Strods 
los., William Strods los., Agnes Strods los. To Tysehersts 
widow 20s. To Thomas Wilfords children, Thomas los, Suzan 


IDS, Residuary legatee and executor: Brother John Goodden. i 

Overseers : John Elvered and John Baker 5s. each. Witnesses : j 

John Gilmore, Clarke, John Elvered and James Goodden. | 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 12, folio 169. : 

Joane Gooddyn of Bexhill, county Sussex, widow. Will 30 j 
December 1609; proved 16 January 1609-10. To William | 
Tiseherst 40s. To Robert son of John Barber and his daughter | 
40S. apiece. To John Barber and his wife los. each. To Alice j 
Baker 40s. To IMargaret Newen a petticoat. To Sara Baker a j 
tablecloth. To other children of John Baker, his son John Baker \ 
and Samuel Baker, and Susan Baker and Ayde Baker 20 marks, j 
To John Baker their father 5s. To William Franckwells wife of | 
Worthing my best gown. To John Morrises wife a gown. To \ 
Phillip Sharpe and his wife. To Thomas Wilfords son the ^ 
elder which he had by his first wife £5. and to his sister Susan] 
Wilford 20 nobles. To Thomas Strood and his children £15. To : 
William Strood a bed. To James son of James Goodden 5s. i 
To Bartholomew Barnes child my godson los. To Samuel ; 
Wood 5s. To Mary Everden 4s. To Ann Reve 5s. To Isaacki 
Cluston 5s. To Edward Barber's child 2S. To poor of Bexhill; 
20s. Residuary legatee and executor : Cosen Udall Strood of \ 
Bexhill. Overseers: John Baker the elder and John Barbar. 
Witnesses : John Saxpes, Richard Allard, and Robert Saxeby. | 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 12, folio 399. i 

John Goodwin of Hove, yeoman. Will 10 August i6ii;| 
proved 25 September 1611. To the poor los. To the Church| 
3S.4d. To my wife Alice £14 a year for life and one seame of] 
wheat, one of oats. To William Goodwin my son £100 lent toi 
Richard Crouche of Hove and i6o, six months after decease of j 
my wife. To Jeremye Goodwin my son £60 and £60 six monthsj 
after decease of my wife. To John Goodwine my son £60 whenj 
21 and £60 one year after my wife's decease. To Elizabeth! 
Jones one ewe. To Mary Baker one lamb. Residuary legatee; 
and Executor : Thomas Longly my son-in-law. Supervisors :i 
Brothers William and James Goodwin. Witnesses: John] 
Weston and William Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 13, folio 168. | 


Nicholas Goodwin of Radmell (Rodmell?), county Sussex. 
Will: no date proved i6 May 1617. To the poor widows of 
Radmell 5s. To each godchild who bears my name 2s.6d. and to 
the rest who do not 2s. each. To George Adams my wive's son 
one laced pillowbere and his mothers silver ringe. To Anne 
Goodwin daughter of my brother Henry a dozen whyte trenchers 
and 40s. To Mary Goodwin daughter of my brother Henry 
20s. besides her own stock. To Thomas Goodwin brother to 
aforesaid two 20s. besides his own £4. os. 2d. To brother 
Thomas Goodwin 40s. Residuary legatees and executors : 
Brother Richard Goodwin and nephew Samuel Buckall. Wit- 
nesses : Anthony Mattocke, Weaker Mattocke, John Thorpe and 
Thomas Marshall. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 16, folio 27. 

Walter Goodden of Wartling, county Sussex. Will 17 March 
1618; proved 26 May 1618. To Elizabeth my wife 40s. a year 
for life. To John Gooden my son £5. To daughter Bridget 
Whyte £10. To my daughter's daughter Bridget Whyte £iy 
when 18 or married. Residuary legatee and executor : George 
Whyte. Overseers : Robert Barnett and Mathew Whyte. Wit- 
nesses : Richard Cox and Isack Moyse. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 16, folio 163. 

James Goodwin of Hove, county Sussex, yeoman. Will 23 
October 1624; proved 9 March 1624/5. To poor of Hove 2od. 
To my son John Goodwin the bay mare. To my daughter Eliza- 
beth Goodwin £6. i3s.4d. To my daughter Dorothy Goodwin 
£5. To my daughter Anne Goodwin £5. My three daughters 
to make a generall release to Thomas Longleye executor of the 
last will of my brother John Goodwin of all legacies given them 
l)y my brother Richard Goodwin. Residuary legatee and exec- 
utrix : Margaret my wife. Overseers : Thomas Longley and 
Richard Wooddall. Witnesses : Thomas Longley, Richard 
Wooddall and Richard Vernon. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 18, folio 202. 

John Goodwin of Old Shorham who died 19 February 1625, 
shipwright. Nuncupative will proved 20 March 1625/6. I 
surrender in hands of Thomas Kellsey and William Allan cus- 


ternary tenants to the King of his manor of Old Shorham my 
land called Esterfield and William Allan's to the use of my wife 
Annis Goodwin. To fields called William Allan's to go to my 
eldest son William Goodwin and Esterfield to my son John Good- 
win. Executrix : wife. Witnesses : John Fowkes minister of 
old Shoreham, Thomas Fisher, Michaell Masters and James 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 19, folio 93. 

Margarett Goodwin, Hove, county Sussex, widow. Will 7 
August, 6 Charles L; proved 24 January 1630/31. To widow 
Banks. To my son (John) Goodwin £5. To grandchild Mar- 
garet daughter of said son John Goodwin. To grandchild Rich- 
ard son of said John Goodwin. To my daughter Elizabeth wife 
of Thomas Berwicke. To James Berwicke son of ditto. If 
children of ditto die to my son John and my daughter Anne. To 
Anne ( ? daughter of testatrix) wife of William Goodwine. To 
Elizabeth daughter of ditto. To Richard son of ditto. Rest to 
daughter Anne Goodwine executrix. Overseers and witnesses 
also : Robert James and Thomas Egleston. Proved by executrix 
Anne fil nut. 

Archdeconry of Lewes, Reg. A. 21, folio 74. 

Robert Goodwin of Rie. Administration of goods of to relict 
Jone Goodwin. £3. 17s. od. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, Act Book B. i, folio 79. 

Catherine Goddin als Wyatt deceased. i September 1642 
administration to husband Robert Goddin, clerk. Bonds of said 
Robert Goddin of Ifield, clerk and Edmund Snatt of Souhtover, 
clerk in £100. 

Archdeaconry of Lewes, B. 7, folio 291. 

William Gooden of Haylsham, county Sussex, inholder. Will 
26 December 1676; proved 12 March 1677-8. To my daughter 
Ann, which I had by my first wife £10, when 21. To my son 
William Gooden £20 when 21. To my two daughters Mary and 

Lidia £15. Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife (not 

named) Witnesses: John Wenham and Thomas Fuller. 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 34, folio 330. 


Richard Phillips of Hooe, county Sussex, husbandman. Will 
31 October 1614; proved 12 January 1614/15. To Richard Phil- 
lips my son iio when 16. To Joane Phillips my daughter £10 
when 18. Residuary legatee and executrix: Mildered my wife. 
Overseers : William Nashe and Thomas Hart of Hooe. To 
Katherine Daye, widow I2d. Witnesses : James Goodwin, Wil- 
liam Eglestone, John Acocke, junior, and John Gillmor, scriptor. 
Archdeaconry of Lewes, A. 14, folio 280. 


John Goodwyne of Rygmer (Ringmer, Sussex?), Diocese of 
Chichester, peculiar of Canterbury. Will 11 October 1559; no 
proof. Jone my wife to have my land for life except the house 
my brother Robert Goodwyne dwelleth in, and then at her 
decease to my eldest son John Goodwyn he paying to his other 
two brothers William and Thomas £10 each. To Elizabeth my 
daughter £5. To Frances my daughter £5. To Elinor my 
daughter £5. Residuary legatee and executrix: Jone my wife. 
Overseers : Edwarde Browne of Sowthold, John Lyvinge and 
Richard Tester of Rygmer. Witnesses: Robert Goodwynne, 
John Binges, and Nicholas Luckes Inventory £65. los. 8d. 
Chichester, Archbishops Peculiar, Vol. II, folio 16. 


John Gooddyn deceased late of Sherborne. Administration 
13 November 1587 of goods of, to Elenore Goodyn his relict. 
Peculiar of Dean of Sarum, Book 4. 

Lienor Goodyn, Sherborne, widow. Will 28 December 1587; 
proved 26 January 1587. To daughter Jone. To daughter Alice 
the younger. To daughter Alice the elder. To Lienor Morlyce 
one kercher. To Elinor Wayre a partlett. Residue to Thomas 
my son executor. Witnesses : Francis Scarlett, vicar, Robert 
Chetnoll and James Toogood. 

Peculiar of Dean of Sarum, Book 5. 



Phillip Champion, Corsham, Wilts, yeoman. Will 4 Septem- 
ber 1633: (No date). To my daughter Jane, wife of Thomas 
Goodwin £20 which he borrowed of me. Also to my nephew 
William Goodwin, son of Thomas Goodwin, £40. Also to my 
nephew Thomas Goodwin, son of Thomas Goodwin £4. To 
Ann the daughter of Thomas Goodwin £10. To Jane the 
daughter of Thomas Goodwin £10. To Philip son of Thomas 
Goodwin £10. IDS to church of Corsham. los to poor of 
Corsham. Executrix my wife. Overseers Simon Crocker, the 
minister of our parish and John Hancock of Lippeath. Wit- 
nesses Simon Crocker, writer and John Hancock. 

Peculiar of Corsham, Register no. i, page 132. 


John Goodwyn of Pershore in the diocese of Worcester. Will 
27 June 1552; proved 2 September 1552. Sick in body. My 
body to be buried in the churchyard of Saint Andrew in Per- 
shore. To the poor men's box 4d. To my mother £3. To my 
chylde that my wyfTe gothe with if God spare it lyffe all my shop 
stuff and tolls belonging to my occupation of smythes craft except 
my third vice, a fore homb(hamer?) a hand hambre, a shewyng 
hambre. a pere of tounges, a buttres and a paire of pynsons the 
which I gave to William Bentley my prentyse and the said Wil- 
liam to be lousyd of his covenants. Item I give to my brother 
Robert Goodwyn 8/- and seven peces of tymber to be leyde at 
my mother's house in Pershore the which I boroyd of my seyd 
brother. I owe to William West one pece of tymber of 18 fote 
long and 7 ynche brode. Item I owe to Robert Grene of besse- 
sard 2/- To the two daughters of the said Robert Grene 6 lbs. 
of wole. To my two god-children Thomas Lokear and Robert 
Forrest every one I2d. The residue of my goods unbequeathed 
I give to Margaret my wiffe whom make my sole executrix. 
Overseers : My unckles John Benteley of Wyke and Henry Hunt 
of Evesham and for theyr peynes I give every of them 2od. Wit- 
nesses : John Phyllips, John Bruer, Robert Grene and others. 
Inventory of the goods of John Goodwyn taken 24 August and 
in the 6th year of our Sovereign Lord Edward vi, by the grace 


of God of England, Fraunce and Ireland, King, Defender of the 

Feythe and in erthe supreme hede of the Church of England and 

also of Ireland, prysed by Richard Fayre, John Phyllyp and 

Thomas Lokear as hereafter foloyth. 

i s d 

Imprimis. All the apparrell belonging to his bodie. 300 

Item. Four beddys with all that belongythe to them. 400 

Item. Four cofifers with sheets, towels and all other 

apreware. 33 o 
Item. A table borde, 2 trestels, a form a cobborde and 

seven cosshens. 13 4 

Item. Brass and pewter. 20 o 
Item. Frying panne, a gridiron, to pere of pott hooks 

with lynkes, a fyre shovel, a axe and a hatchet. 3 4 

Item. Two kyne, a mare and 5 pyggs. 53 4 

Item. Wood at the wod pyle. 40 o 

Item. In heye. 2 o 
Item. Two onsylds (anvils) ? with hombrs, vyces, 

tounges and all other toolls belonging to 

smythes crafte. 700 

Sum total 22 5 8 
Consistory of Worcester. 

William Goodwyne of Weeke in the parish of Parsher, county 
Worcester yeoman, being sick in body. Will 1618: proved 12 
September 1618. To the town of Weeke one suflicient comly 
beare to be provided in all points at ye charge of myne execu- 
tors to continue for the use of the town of Weeke. To the poor 
to be distributed to them at the discretion of my exectrix. To 
John Goodwyne my sonne £16 when he is 21 or at the decease of 
Elynor my wife or at the day of marriage of Elynor my wife, 
which shall happen first. To Margery Goodwyne my daughter 
£16 when she is 21 etc. To William Goodwyne my son ii6 when 
he is 21 etc. To Thomas Goodwyne my son ii6 when he is 21 
etc. To Edward Goodwyne my son £16 when he is 21 etc. To 
Abigail my daughter £\6 when she is 21 etc. To Elynor Good- 
wyne my wife and to her heirs the close or arable ground or 
pasture, commonly called Hill Croft Crest which I lately pur- 
chased of one Thomas Browne gentleman with appurtenances. 


If my wife before the £i6 bequeathed to John Goodwyne be 
due take the reversion of my Hving for him the aforesaid John 
that then the said legacy to him be not paid. Residue to my wife, 
she executrix. Overseers : my friends Richard Jorden and 
Henry Hatton. Witnesses : Richard Jorden, WiUiam Fulwell. 
Inventory £299-17-5. 

Inventory of the goods chattells and cattails of William Godwin 
alias Clarke of Wicke-juxta-Parshore. county Worcester, yeo- 
man, deceased. Taken 30 July 161 8 by William Fulwell, Richard 
Jordan, Fulke Bentley and William Edwards alias Davies. 

i s d 
Imprimis all his wearing apparel. 11 13 4 

Item. The hall tabell board, forms, bench and wains- 
cot, one chayer and Cobberd. 26 8 
Item. In the White Chamber next unto the garden one 

joined bed and cubberd. 13 4 

Item. In the Chamber next the street one joined bed, 

one truckle bed, one press, one round table and 

2 coffers. 48 o 

Item. In the buttery 6 barrels, one (saiue?) and one 

shelfe. 15 6 

Itme. In the chamber over the Hall one besteed, 3 

coffers one tubbard, one barrel and shelve. 10 o 

Item. In the upper chamber, next the street, woll and 

wollen yearne. 21 4 

Item. Hemp and flax. 10 o 

Item. Two coffers and i trunk 5 o 

Item. In the next upper chamber next the garden one 

bedsteed with other implements. 6 8 

Item. Two feather beds and 3 flock beds 6 boulsters 

and 7 pillows. 3 16 8 

Item. Four coverlets, one carpet and 3 pair of blankets 

ant 6 cussans. 40 o 

Item. Two canvasses. 2 o 

Item. Five flaxen sheets, 6 paier of hempton sheets, 2 

paier of hardin sheets, 6 holland pillowbeares 

and 5 other pillowbeares, 9 table clothes, i 

dozen and a half of table napkins and 6 hand 

towels. 6 II I 



Item. One winowing sheet, 2 ash cloathes. i 6 

Item. In the kichin, 3 brass potts, 4 kettles and 2 
posuetts, I furness, 2 spits, i paier of andirons 
I paier of cobberts, i iron peale, i warming pan 
I paier of wafer irons, i fire shovel, i paier of 
tongues and i brass pan. 594 

Item. Pewter of all sorts. 33 4 

Item. One mault mill and cesterne in the boultinge 
• house, skeele tubbs coules and all other coupery 

Item. One grid iron, i frying pan, i chafing dish ? 

Item. One beise bacon butter etc. 

Item. Dish and trenchen. 

Item. Bottes etc. (much damaged.) 

Item. Thirteen ( — ) 

Item. Five hoggs, 2 sheep, i goat, beaer. 

Consistory of Worcester, File 1618, no. 85. 


Henry Ou'ton, Norton Merrell (Moreton Morrell, Warwick- 
shire?). Administration 18 July 1563 to John Ou'ton. 

Consistory of Worcester, Vol. 6, part i ( ) folio 64. 

John Ou'ton, Mourton Merell, County Worcester (Moreton 
Morrell, Warwickshire?). Administration 15 March 1575/6 to 
son Robert Cockerell. Inventory 3 May £14. 8s. 8d. 

Consistory of Worcester, Vol. 6, part i ( ), folio 95. 


Briand Goodwyne of Barton Joice, county Nottingham, hus- 
bandman. Will 20 January 1558; proved 19 April 1559. To 
be buried in the church, giving to the high altar for tithes for- 
gotten xijd. All my goods to be divided into two parts. One 
half to Elizabeth my loving wife, the other half to be divided 
amongst my children and beers by her discretion. Wife to have 
my farme so long as she kepeth herself widowe. If she marry, 
then John Goodwyne my son shall have my ferme when he is at 
the age of 16 years yf my master and landlord and my wife do 


thinke him able and mete to occupye yt, yf not they to appoynt 
any other of my children which they shall thinke most ablest and 
he to have it. The rest of my goods to Elizabeth Goodwyne my 
wife, she executrix and I desire my master and landlord and 
Master Brian Stapleton to be overseers. Witnesses : John Mar- 
bury, vicar of Barton, George High Huffyngton, William Fox, 
John Jackson. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 15(3), folio 378. 

William Goodwyn, St. Peters Nottingham. Will 12 March 
1563; proved 27 April 1564. In the name of God Amen. Body 
to be buried in parish church of St. Peters Nottingham. To 
use of said church for my grave 6s.8d. Wife Johane, executrix., 
to her the house in Brydelsmyth Gate which Nicholas Gonson 
of Nottingham hathe for his rent payn ()e, and also the lease 
of my house which I dwell in in Brydelsmythe Gate. Witnesses : 
John Standley, Richard Lylys, George Tynker, and Richard 
Thomlingson. Administration granted to Johane his relict and 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 17, folio 338. 

Thomas Goodwaynne of Draxe. Will 17 February 1575 J 
proved 30 April 1577. In the name of God Amen. After debts 
paid the residue to Elizabeth Goodwaynne my wife and Richard 
Goodwaynne my son, executors. Witnesses: George Hem- 
broughe, William Jackson, and Robert Siddall withe Adam Pear- 
son and son Edward Pearson. Administration was granted to 
Elizabeth Goodwaynne, executrix. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 21, folio 43. 

George Goodwen of Bingham, Nottingham, husbandman. 
Will 20 January 1579; proved 13 October 1580. To be buried 
in the parish church of Bingham. To Gabriel Goodwen my son 
in full satisfaction of his childs porcon los. To John Goodwen 
my son ditto, ditto, los. To Margaret Beale my daughter full 
contention of her childs portion los. To William Beane my son 
in law one half an acre of wheatland and and same during four 
years. To Isabell my daughter wife of William Beane £6. I3s.4d. 
to be paid at the discretion of my supervisors. To Phillippe my 
daughter £6. I3s.4d. I will that Elizabeth and Phillippe my 


daughters shall remain with Margerie my wife and Robert and 
Bryan my sonnes. Robert my son shall have the occupation of 
two ox gangs of land, meadow and pasture belonging to my 
farme reserving for the use of the same two ox gangs half an 
acre of wheatlande, half an acre of barley and one half an acre 
of pease to the use of William Beane. Robert and Bryan my 
sons shall not have anything to do with any goods in the house, 
during the life of Margery my wife. Wife to have use of rest 
of my farme to the behoof e to herself and my son Bryan during 
her widowhood. If my wife die before the end of my lease, then 
the farme shall go to my sons Robert and Bryan. If either of 
my sons marry before the end of the lease — the married one shall 
departe from the farm. Residue to my wife and my two sons, 
they to be executors. Supervisors : Jefferye Jeines and William 
Marreley. Witnesses : Jefiferye Jeines, Thomas Johnson, hus- 
bandman. William Moreley, John Richemond, John Hawley, 
curate. Administration to the relict. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 21, folio 491. 

Roger Goodwayne of Burnestone, within the parish of Scaw- 
bie. Will 9 February 1583; proved 23 November 1584. To 
Janet Goodwayne my wife the house that I dwell in for life. 
To Ellys Goodwyne my youngest daughter stocke under a yere 
old To Agnes Goodwayne my daughter one Almerie. To Agnes 
and Jane Goodwayne my daughters one leare which standeth at 
the tone end belonging to the Queenes Ma'tie. All the residue 
to my daughters Agnes, Jane, Margaret and Ellis Goodwayne 
and make them my executors. Witnesses : Robert Johnsone, 
William Dayell Christopher Chapman, John Dickerson at the 
well, William Lawsone, John Hunt. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 22, folio 606. 

In the name of God Amen. Robert Goodwyne in the countie 
of Nottingham, bachelor. Will 30 August 1583; proved 18 
December 1584. I being sicke in bodie to be buried in Bing- 
ham ( ?) church yard. To Elizabeth Goodwyn my sister £3. 
6s.8d. and all my part of household stufif after the decease of 
Margerie Goodwyne my mother. I will also that William Beane 
my brother in law shall have in everie field of Byng' halfe a aker 
of land during the terme and lease of George Goodwyne my 


father deceased, his lease. To WilHam Beane also one paire of 
hose of a stagge skyne. To Gabriel Goodwyne his children four 
sheep. To Elizabeth Goodwyne my sister aforesaid one ewe. 
To Agnes Bayle one lambe. To Gabriel my brother one paire 
of russet hose. All the rest of my goods my will is that Margerie 
Goodwyne my mother shall dispose and bestow them at her dis- 
cretion. My mother, executrix. Witnesses : Geffrey Jennys and 
Richard ]\Iabilthorpe. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 20, folio 217, 
or Book 22, folio 717. 

Margaret Goodwyne of Kirkebye, county Nottingham, widow. 
Will 14 December 1582; proved 28 April 1586. To son Thomas 
Goodwyne best fether bed, best bolster, second brasse pott and 
one syluer spoone. To IMargaret Smythe my daughter xijd. To 
Isabel Lewis my daughter xijd. To Marie Heathercote my 
daughter xijd. To Edward sonne of Thomas Goodwyne one 
ewe lambe. To Thomas Smythe, Frances Smythe, Elizabeth 
Smythe, Elline Smythe, Agnes Smythe and Bennet Smythe, sons 
and daughters of Thomas Smythe each a lambe. To Gregorye 
Smythe son of the said Thomas Smythe one yearlinge calfe which 
shall be kept at the abode of Edward Goodwyne till it be a cowe. 
To Christopher Levis, Edward Levis, and John Levis sons of 
Edward Levis, each of them one ewe lambe. To Elizabeth 
Heathcote, daughter of Henry Heathcote, a lamb. To Margerie 
Godwine daughter of Edward Goodwine a lamb. To poor of 
Kirkbie 6s.8d. To every of my god children 2d. Executor: 
son Edward. Supervisors: Rowland Dand and Francis Chap- 
man. Witnesses : Francis Chapman, clarke, Lawrence Newton 
Robert Eyre. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 23, folio 209. 

Bryan Goodwin of Bingham, county Nottingham, yeoman. 
Will 8 January 1618; proved 22 April 1619. To George Good- 
win my son half of all my interest in one close called Boulmer 
Close and iio in money in full satisfaction of his child's portion. 
To W^illiam Coalts my son in law iio in full satisfaction of my 
daughter Jane's child's parte. To Anne Goodwin my daughter 
four score pounds of good and lawful money. To John Rich- 
ardson £5 when 24, if he die before 21, then the £5 to the children 


of George Goodwin. To Jane daug-hter of George Goodwin a 
heififer. To Mary, Thomas, Elizabeth and Ann the children of 
the said George Goodwin four score ewes and lambs. To the 
poor of Bingham 20s. To the church of Bingham los. at the 
disposing of Mr. Porter, George Francke, Robert Summer and 
Bryan Richman. To Mr. Porter los. To George Francke los. 
To Robert Sommer los. To Bryan Richman los. I make Mar- 
gery my wife and Elizabeth Goodwin my daughter executrixes. 
Overseers : Mr. Porter and George Francke. Witnesses George 
Francke, Robert Sommer, and Bryan Richman. 

Consistory or Prerogative of York, Book 35, folio 345. 

14 June 1690 was proved the will of Thomas Gooden late of 
Pendlebury, county Lancaster. Administration to son Richard 
Gooden and John Cheaveley, executors. 

Consistory of York, Act Book 1675-1705, page 231. 

27 February 1693 was proved the will of John Goodwin gentle- 
man, late of the city of London Administration to Thomas 
Hesketh, armiger, sole executor. 

Consistory of York, Act Book 1675- 1705, page 306. 

William Tophan, Grissington (Grassington?), in county York, 
yeoman. Will 16 April 1640; proved 27 November 1641. To 
be buried in Lynton parish church. To William Tophan, eldest 
son of Robert Tophan my son deceased, messuage or tenement 
and all lands in Grissington finding meate drinke close and lodg- 
ing fit for her degree and calling to Genet my wife, my son 
Steaven and daughter Elizabeth to have profit of said lands for 
ten years for educating my son Robert's children viz Willys, 
Robart, Thomas and Isabell and Genet. If daughter Elizabeth 
marry again she to have no profitt of said land but only the third 
part of one marke of Antiente Rente belonging to house where 
I dwell containing one half an oxgang for her life. To grand- 
child Willya Tophan husbandry geare, he sufifering it to be used 
at the house as need shall require. To every child I am grand- 
father to, a sheepe except those in this house. To sons Thomas 
Tophan and Henry Tophan all such money as they doe owe. 
Also I doe give vnto one schoole xxxx shilling to be set forward 
by my executors and the parson of the parish of Linton and the 

19881 ?5A 


churchwardens of the same within the towneship of Grissinge 
aforesaid for ever and not elsewhere. Rest of goods in two 
parts, one part to said Robert, Thomas, Essabel and Genet 
Tophan children of son Robert etc., other part to Thomas Tophan, 
Henry and Steven Tophan. To Elizabeth Tophan daughter of 
son Richard Tophan deceased £4 at 21 on condition she shall not 
molest executors concerning the will of Richard Tophan her \ 
father or the will of John Tophan his brother or the will of 
Anthony Tophan their grandfather etc. Executors to sett for- 
ward the legacies to five children of son Robert Tophan deceased 
till they are 21. Executors: sonns Thomas, Henry and Steven 
and Willym son of Robert Tophan. To poore of Grissingham 
20s. To making a bridge at Holebeckhead beneath the tower 
end 3s. 4d. To making of one brege at Scawe Foot 2s. 6d. if the 
neighbors do agree to make the same. To mending of the way 
betwixt West close and Richard Roberts close at the middle 
3s. 4d. Crop of corne and hey in house or upon the field to be 
spent in the house. My wife, son Steven and daughter Eliza- 
beth and her children to have crop before mentioned. My son 
Steaven or any of son Robert's children joined in the bill or bond 
to have same etc. Wife Genet to be content with meate etc. Son 
Henry to have two bushels for four years viz : one of skilley and 
one of barley. To William Topham son of Robert Tophan a 
bed etc. Witnesses : John Pearte, Wm Weste. 

Consistory of York, file will November 1641. 

John Goodwyn. W'ill 12 January 1540; proved 29 March 
1 541. To be buried in "Sancte marie kirke erthe at Scard- 
burghe" To Katherin Gierke a net. To Jennet Person a mat- 
tress. To Gregorie Conyers a son of Richard Conyers a pair of 
beads of corall. To Isabell Conyers a belt. To mr Richard 
Paporthe 2s. Residuary legatees and executors : sons William 
and Richard and daughter Isabell. Supervisors and governance 
of my three children, John Harwode, Richarde Demande and 
Nicholas Johnson. Witnesses : sir Richarde Paporth my curate, 
John Harwoode, John Hoster. 

Prerogative Court of York, Register 11, folio 511. 

Richard Goodwine of Kerkebie in Ashefield, county Lincoln. 
Will 7 April 1557; proved no date given. In nomine Dei, Amen. 


To be buried within the chancel of Kirkbie aforesaid. All right 
and interest on my ferm unto Margret my wifife so longe as she 
kepes a widow and if she chance to marie, I will that Thomas my 
Sonne shall have the full right and interest of it. To the right 
worshipfuU Sir George Perpointe my landlord my grey ambling 
horse for to be good not unto my wiff and my children as hath 
bene afifore. To Thomas my sonne two kie, two ewes, two lambs, 
besides his parte. To Christopher, INIargret, Edward, Isabell and 
Marye my children each a heifer calf, a year old, and 
and two ewes and two lambs besydes their childs partes. 
Prerogative of York, Register 15, iii folio 225. 

Johan Goodwine, town of Nottingham, parish of St. Maries 
widow. Will 19 March 1586. To son Henrie Goodwine. To 
son Marke Goodwine. To daughters Johan Pendleton, Margerie 
Grundien, Ales Watsonne. To Burton Goodwine. To Edward 
Goodwine my son. William Goodwine my late husband. 
Prerogative of York, Book 23, folio 391. 

Ambrose Goodwin, Barnistone, deceased. Nuncupative will — 
day of July 1619; proved 4 May 1620. In hearing of John 
Robinson of Silphom, Mathew White and Marion Aggatson. To 
sonn Leonard Goodwin his smith shope with toules and furniture. 
Rest to wife Anne executrix. Witnesses as aforesaid, John 
Robinson Mathew White and Marion Aggatson and others. 
Prerogative Court of York, Register 36, folio 10. 

Mathew Goodwin late of Scarborough, diocese of York, 
deceased. Administration of goods of, 5 October 1620, to Mar- 
gery Godwin, widow and relict of deceased. 

Prerogative Court of York, Admon Act Book Dickering, 
1608-1617, no foHos. 

Peter Goodwin, Warsopp, Notts. Administration of goods of 
II December 1620 to Ann Goodwin. 

Prerogative Court of York, Admon Act Book, Retford, 
1608-1624, no folio. 

Richard Goodwine of Scawer, county York, husbandman. 
Will 31 July 1626. To daughter Elizabeth £5. To Elizabeth 


Maye, daughter of Robert Maye, I2d. To Richard Hull, son of 
Henrie Hall, I2d. To wife Margaret care of daughter Eliza- 
beth. Witnesses : Samuel Moore, Thomas Home. 

Prerogative Court of York, Register 39, folio 86. 

Nathaniell Goodwin, Remston (Rempston?), county Notting- 
ham, blacksmyth. Will 20 Aprill 1629; proved 4 January 1629. 
To be buried in Remston church by late wiffe. To poore of 
Remston 6s. 8d. To my sister Joane Judson 40s. To kinswoman 
Margrett Harris 20s. To Phillipp Horriman £5, my wife's best 
gowne, sheetes, a heffer to make her a cowe called motherlike. 
To Nathanyell Heone my apprentice all my other iron and iron 
worke both at this fihoppe and my shoppe at Loughborrowe and 
residue to my syster Alice Sutton, executrix. Overseer : Anthony 
Maur, minister of gods word. Witnesses : John Maior, Gabriell 

Prerogative Court of York, Register 40, folio 449. 

James Eggleston of Settrington, county York. In the name 
of God Amen the xvjth day of November Anno dni 161 2. I 
James Eggleston of Settrington wthin the Countie of Yorke, 
yeoman, sicke in bodie yett of p'fect mynde and memorie praised 
be Almightie God do make this my last will and testamt in manner 
and forme following. First I give my soule to almightie god and 
my bodie to be buried in the churchyard of Settrington aforesaid. 
Itm. I do give eu'y poore widdowe in the towne of Settrington 
ijd a peece. Itm. I do giue to my sonne John Egleston that pt 
of my house wherein I nowe dwell wch is in the occupacon of 
Rowland Colbye togeather wth the buildings and garth egresse 
and regresse as it is nowe occupied and devided. Itm. I do giue 
the other pt wherein I dwell my self wth the buildings garth and 
dovehouse as it is nowe devided vnto my sonne James Eggleston. 
Itm. I do giue all the errable land togeather wthall the pasture 
and comon thereto belonging vnto my said sonnes James Egle- 
stone and John Eglestone equallie to be devided betwene them 
and to theire heires for eu'. Itm. I do give to my sonne Bygod 
Egleston vj^' by legacie. Itm. I do give to my daughter Doro- 
thie Eggleston vj^' by legacie. Itm. I do give to my daughter Jane 
Egleston vj" by legacie. Itm. I do give to my daughter Eliza- 
beth Egleston vj^' by legacie. Itm. My will and in regard I haue 


.q-iven half of my land to my sonne John Egleston that he shall 
pay vnto my daughter Margrett Eggleston the some of vj^^ when 
shee shall come to lawfull aige. Itm. My will is and in regard 
I haue given the other halfe of my land to my sonne James Egle- 
ston he shall pay to my daughter Alice the some of vj^' when shee 
sliall come to lawfull aige. All wch legacies of vj^' aforesaid my 
intent and meaning is shall bee vnto eu'y one of them in full 
contentmt and satisfacion of their seu'all childres pte and porcons 
Itm. I do give to my brother Ralf Harker his fower children 
eu'ye one of them one ewe. Itm I do appoint my brother Ralfe 
Harker sup'visor of this my will. The residue of all my goodes 
whatsouer my debts paid and fun'all expences discharged I do 
give and bequeath vnto James and John my children whome I 
do make executors of this my last will and testamt. And I do 
give the tuicon of my children to my wief Julian all those wch are 
in mynoritie. Witnesses hereof Mathew Faram, Roland Coulbie, 
1'homas Bell Ralfe Harker, Robert Helme. Et eisdem die et 
Aimo (1613) dens decamus cert de p'bacone hmor testi p 
testes Noiatos iuratos &c. Commisaq fuit ado honor euisdq 
defunct Juliane eius relict (ad solu opus et) su execut in deo 
testo noiat in minori elate existen prius iurat &c Saluo iure 

Prerogative of York, Liber 32, folio 328. 

Ann Topham widow late wife of Mathew Topham of Newhall, 
county York, deceased. (A fragment) Will undated; proved 
December 1636. (Cannot find the act.) Executor my father 
lliomas Bosvile of Newhall Esq. To my sister Ellen Royston 
£S- To my niece Ellen Royston ... To my brother Pollards 
younger children ... To my cozen John Hume and his wife 

■ • • To Harrison 20s. To my cozen Thomas Ser . . . 

To Barnard Goodwin 5s. To William Oxley . . . Residue 
to my father Thomas . . . Witnesses : John Hume (rest torn 

Prerogative of York, December 1636 File no. 52. 

Matthew Topham of Newhall (parish Otley) (a fragment) 
Will 21 September 1636; proved 5 December 1636. Anne shall 
be with cli. . . . To Samuel ... To Lady Topham £10. 
To Mr. Dickonson . . To Thomas Boswell Esq. and Anne his 


wife my ... To Mr. White . . . and that Mr. Birchall 
. To n;iy sister Roulston 40s. To Mr. Poole £3-6-8. To 
Matthew sonne of Lady Topham my gray suite. To Christofer 
Topham, merchant, £3. To Edward Gillott his wife . . to 
Mathew Gillott her sonne £3. To my cozen Mary Scrlby £3. 
To Xpofer Geldert, merchant, 40s. To Joanney Malton 20s. 
To Eden Frost 20s. To Mary Parker, my wives servant, £4. To 
Thomas Harrison of Woodhall 20s. To Ursular Carr 20s. To 
Anne Dynnes, servant to Lady Topham, 20s. To Mary novv^ ser- 
vant to Lady Topham los. To Bosugll Thornebury, sonne to 
Willm Thornebury, 40s. To my cozen William Faireweather 
whome I ordayne Executor. . . Residue to my loving brother 
Sanuell Topham. . . , and governed by Mr. Alderman Hoyle. 
Witnesses : Willm Lee, Jer. Waddington, George Peacocke, 
Willm Oxeley, Marie Parkin, Mre. Topham and Mr. Fairwether. 
Prerogative of York, December 1636, File no. 53. 


I April 1597, Captain William Goodwyn Esq. To Catherine 
my wife and sole executrix all my lands. To my Lyfetennte 
Ellice Lloyd all money due to me to pay my debts and £20-0-0 
to himself. To John Brewster my enceynt £5-0-0. To Ursula 
Thorpe my Ostes £5-0-0. To my cosen Francis Goodwyn my 
Spanish rapier. To Frascis Fuller my sword. To Richard 
Shirry a pair of hose. To my friend Mr. Lister two pair hose. 
To John Barrowe £3-0-0. To my Oste Mr. Thorpe my doublett. 
Overseers my Lyfetennte Mr. Elliot of Dublin, merchant Wit- 
nesses Mathew Lister, Elis Lloyd. 

Proved 7 May 1597. Wm. Goodwin. 

Prerogative Court of Ireland, filed will. 

William Goodwin. Will 5 May 1652; proved 16 August 1654. 
I have left my wife Julian Goodwin my executrix and Mary 
Goodwin my daughter heir. It. wife heir to £40 which she is to 
demand of Mr. William Davies living at Ludlow at ye Swan in 
Shruppshire in England. To daughter Mary a plate cupp to be 
demanded of Quarter Master Brady belonging to Major Ottaway 
of horse. I bequeath George Venables my comrades my best suit 
etc. Fifth give to George Goodwin, taylor, my brother living in 


Shruppshire in Ludlow for bond of £40 to give to wife. Wit- 
nesses : William Chambers, Edniond Fowler, John Locke, cor- 
porall of Foote. Proved by relict Julian Goodwin at Dublin. 
Prerogative Court of Ireland, Book 4 (1632-1654), 
folio 440. 

Francis Adams. Will 15 October 1680; proved 3 February 
1680/1. To wife Prudence lands purchased of Mr. Hitchcocke 
according to deed perfected by Dr. Robert Wood bearing date 21 
December 1669. To said wife all goods to leave among children 
etc. and £150 a year to be deducted for debts. To daughter Eliza- 
beth and son Frances £100 etc. To my Aunt Sharpe 40s. a year 
as in another writing, also £20 ditto. To my brother Adams his 
wife and her mother 20s. pieces of gold. To my sister Martha 
Randolph ditto. To son Frances and daughter Elizabeth 20 
marks yearly out of estate. To son Randolph als Randall and 
heirs male all estate not disposed of and in default to said son 
Frances, then to brother John Adams and heirs, then to kinsman 
Richard Adams ditto, then to kinsman John Adams ditto, then 
to kinsman Charles Adams etc. etc. To my daughters Mary and 
Elizabeth 2000 marks more if sons die without heirs males or 
else whole estate etc. If daughter Mary die before she is married 
or 21, then to daughter (sic — unfinished) Administration with 
will annexed of Francis Adams of Boandstone, county West- 
meath, to widow Prudence Adams. 

Prerogative Court of Ireland, will book ii 
(1671-1682— A.H.), folio 113. 

John Dowling, Inchequire, county Kildare, gent. Will 20 
January 1676; proved 21 October 1676. To be inteered neere 
grand father in St. Cavans church in parish of Cloonenagh in 
Oueens County. Wife Kathren Dowling executrix of all goods 
and brother Morthaugh Dowling overseer. To Mr. Mathew 
Archbold 4s. To my uncle Thady Dowling 30s. To Mr. Car- 
roll of Doonard 7s.6d. Desire wife to gett a stone from Kil- 
kennie to lay over my body. Witnesses : Mary Brancher, James 
Coghlane, and Thady Dowling. 

Prerogative Court of Ireland, Will Book 11 
(1672-1681),— A.H.), folio 81. 





































Joan Goodwyn, wife of John Goodwyn, London. 
John Goodwyn and Alice his wife and John Sen- 
dell, Co. Norfolk. 

William Goodwyn of Riseden, Northamptonshire, 
and John Halle. 

Cristofer Goodwyn and Jane his wife and John 
Cockett, Co. Suffolk. 

Wylliam Goodwyn son of John Goodwyn, tene- 
ments in All Halow, Barkyng, city of London. 
Edward Goodwyn and Hugh Goodwyn (no Co. 

Thomas Goodwyn and Joan his wife and John 
Trusse, Co. Suffolk. 

Robert Goodwyn, gentleman, and Walter Cope, 
lands in Portbury, Somersetshire. 
Raynold Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of William 
Hares, Co. Suffolk. 

John Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Robert Hol- 
dych, Co. Norfolk. 

John Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of John ( ?) 
(very faded) ? 

Thomas Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Thomas 
Lolls, Co. Lincoln. 

John Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Henry 
Lamme, Co. Norfolk. 

Thomas Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Mary 
IMyles, Beds. 

William Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Walter 
Rede, Somersetshire. 

Rowland Goodman, mentioned in suit of John 
Stacye, London. 

Robert Goodwyn, mentioned in suit of Harry Toly, 

John Goodwyn, of Mundam, mentioned in suit of 
Henry Brande, Norfolk. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, 1533- 1538. 


1533-38. Orators John Goodwyn and Alice his wife. Whereas 
one Margaret Botynaunt sometime wife of Robert Sendell, 
mother to the said Ahce was seased of a messuage called Brians 
tenement and 20 acres of land in Roklonds, county Norfolk, after 
whose death the premises ought to descend to Alice as daughter 
of and heir of Margaret. Divers evidences are in the hands of 
one John Sendell who takes the profits. Sendell says he is him- 
self seised of the property, and in any case Margaret has a son 
living named John Botynaunt who would be heir. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 800. 

1533-38. William Goodwyn of Riseden. Northamptonshire, 
husbandman — one John Halle of the same town, gentleman in 
27 year of the present Reign (Henry VI H) destroyed two of 
your orator's cattle worth £30 and refuses to make recompense — 
Complainant has no writing acknowledging the same and cannot 
obtain payment. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 801. 

Christopher Goodwyn and Jane his wife, one of the daughters 
of John Cokett of Suffolk, Esq, deceased — The said John was 
seised of the Manor of Hopton and Evetsall and other property 

and therof enfeoffed Sir Robert Ratcliffe, Knight ( ), 

Sussex, Sir Richard Walden, Knight, John Harby, Esq, John 
Crofts, William Brampton, William Spence and divers others 
to the use of John Cokett and of his heirs. After John Cokett's 

death one Edward Cokett, son, ( ) and died about the 

year of ( ) Henry VHI, twenty years past. Your orator 

Jane has been paid only £50 of the iioo. (damaged). 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 802, I533"38- 

Orator, William Goodwyn, son and heir and executor of the 
will of John Goodwyn of London, mariner, and free of the craft 
of Woodmongers, lately deceased. Whereas John Goodwyn 
about 26 August, 19 Henry VHI, in consideration of the long 
and good service your orator had done to his father in his appren- 
ticeship and long time since. John gave to his son William a 
lease of three tenements called the Pye Rents pertaining to the 
Chauntery of All Hallows, Barking within the City of London. 
In his last will John says his son to keep an obit for him, which 


he does keep, but one John Onley, being Juge in the Counter of 
Bredstret London and kinsman to Johanne Goodwyn, widow, late 
the wife of the said John and step-mother to your orator for the 
favour thet John Onley doth bear to Johanne by reason hereof 
that he would not marry the said John Goodwyn my father till 
he had paid for her the sum of £50, whereof a great portion was 
due to the said John Onley for which he entered an action of 
trespass against your orator for holding the three tenements. 
John Onley meeting your orator in Whitef riars, London, rebuked 
him calling him false knave &c, moreover Johanne has got into 
her possesseion my father's goods to the value of 300 marks, yet 
would make no recompense to your orator for his child's part, 
so like a step-mother most unnatural intendenth utterly to undo 
your orator. Prays writ of certiori. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 803, 1533-38. 

Orator, Robert Houlte of Bylley Longe in the County of Not- 
tingham, yeoman. Whereas one William Gudwyn of Notting- 
ham, flechr and late of the Sheriffs of the said town, before 
whom then beinge sherifif by force of a plaint entered by Edmind 
Eylston against Mihill Reddes the said Edmond recovered certain 
sums of money. Mihill was arrested till payment should be 
made — your complainant with others became bound for the 
money, the money being recovered Houlte paid it over, but the 
receipt was not signed and William Gudwyn has taken action 
against Houlte. Goodwyn says he has not served or caused to 
be served plaints against Houlte nor has he put him to great 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1233, 1547-51. 

Orator John Wyskard, John Whytmay, Lucye his wife, Rich- 
ard Calybut, Kateryne his wife, John Wymbysshe, Mary his wife 
and Robert Chapman and Elizabeth his wife — . Whereas one 
William Curteys late of Nekton, county Norfolk, deceased, was 
seised with other manors and messuages of a messuage with 
appurtenances and 300 acres of land in East Dereham county 
Norfolk and 200 acres of land meadow &c. in Shernyng and 200 
acres in Beerton and Kempton county Norfolk and in a messuage 
called Anthonys with appurtenances and 300 acres of land in 
Nekton and the Manor of Moller with appurtenances 1000 acres 


of land &c. in East Dereham county Norfolk and being so seised 
died. By whose death the property came to the next heirs of 
William Curteys i.e. to John Wyskard as son and heir to Mar- 
garet one of the daughters of the said William Curteys, and to 
the said Lucy, Kateryne, Mary and Elizabeth as sisters of Mar- 
garet and daughters of William Curteys. So it is that the 
evidences, writings &c. are come into the possession of Sir Roger 

Townsend, knight, Elizabeth late the wife of Robert ( ) 

Thomas Hogan, esq, Thomas Mullyng, gentleman, Edmond 
Goodwyn, gentleman, Johanne Hawke late the wife of Gyles 
Hawke, deceased, William Hawke, yeoman, and Paule Mason, 
yeoman, by which evidences certain sure conveyances have been 
made i.e. Thomas Hogan lands in East Dereham and Skernyng 
and Thomas Palmer and Thomas Mullyng the lands and tene- 
ments in East Dereham and Edmund Goodwyn, Johanne Hawke 
and William Hawke have wrongfully entered into the lands and 
tenements in Nekton. 

Answer of Sir Roger Townsend. 

In consideration of a marriage between Richard Townsend, 
esq, cosen and heir apparent of the said Sir Roger and Katherine 
daughter of Sir Humphrey Browne, knight, now wife of the said 
Richard, did enfeoff of the premises in Beeston and Kempston 
amongst other Manors of John Shelton, knight, to the use of 
Richard Townsend and Katherine his wife and their heirs 
male &c. 

Answer of Edmond Goodwyn, gentleman. 

Edmond Goodwyn says that one Robert Goodwyn late of Nek- 
ton in the county aforesaid, deceased father to the said Edmond 

( ) was seised of a messuage and croft containing one 

parcel of these lands. Robert Goodwyn being so seised by his 

deed dated ( ) 2-] year of our late sovereign Henry VHI, 

enfeoffed the said defendants Christopher Goodwyn, to have and 
to hold the said messuage and tenements with appurtenences to 
Christopher Goodwyn, Robert Rust, (damaged). 

Immediately after the enfeoffment the property was trans- 
ferred to the defendants and they have peaceably enjoyed the 
same for thirteen years. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1277, 1547-51, 


Orator, Robert Warren and Mary his wife — Whereas one 
Henry Godwin of Alueley, county Essex, was lawfully seised of 
one messuage, one orchard, and garden in Alueley and being so 
seised died, after whose death the premises descended to Agnes 
Gudwyne and Elizabeth Goodwine as two daughters and one heir 
of the said Henry. They entered upon the premises but Eliza- 
beth died and with issue Agnes succeeded to the whole estate, 
she married Peter Richardson by force where Peter and Agnes 
were seised of the premises, and about fourteen years past for 
divers sums of money paid to them by the steward and John" 
Martine, granted it to Robert Warner but certain evidences are 
in the hands of Richard Payne who refuses to surrender them. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1282, 1547-51. 

Margery Goodwyn of Framlingham, was daughter of John 
Saye deceased. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1277, 1553-55. 

Orator, Robert Brushfield. Whereas Thomas Paynter your 
orators grandfather — to whom Robert Brushfield is heir, owns 
twenty acres in Monyashe, county Derby, on whose death they 
descended to Johan Paynter daughter and heir — she married Wil- 
liam Brushfield. by virtue of which William and Johan became 
seised of the premises and had issue your orator to whom the 
property descended — Your orator having confidence in Rich- 
ard (Co?)tes, Robert Cotes, and Thomas Goodwyn was content 
for them to occupy the property. (bad condition). 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1332, 1553-55. 

Orator, William Buknam bought five years ago of Robert 
Barker, certain wares for £60 for the payment of which £60 
and also for £6 interest of a year, your orator then being a minor, 
together with Thomas Goodwyn and Robert Kyng bound them- 
sevles jointly to pay the principal his mother repaid, but £6 per 
annum interest has been paid for four years but at Easter, i^ 
and 2"*^ years of Philip and Mary your orator at Ipswich oflFered 
Robert Barker i20. his business having decayed. Barker then 
sued Goodwyn who is like to be condemned to pay i8o. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1334, 1553-55- 


Richard Cattlyn, John Hyxson, John Sarieant, John Foster 
and the most part of the inhabitants of Aylton (Elton) county 
Huntingdon — . Whereas about a hundred years ago, divers 
godly persons were named, we do not know, gave certain lands 
and tenements i.e one tenement six cottages and six acres of 
land meadow and pasture in Aylton to certain persons and their 
heirs to these uses, i'''^ to let the same for the ease of the town 
and to discharge the power of contribution to the King, the rest 
to repayr the parish church and maintain the poor and nedye 
people and to help and set forth soldiers as they should be recom- 
mended, this was carried out for some time, but now one Robert 
Sapcotts of Elton, esq, has got a lease of eight acres of all the 
premises of one John Goodwyn and three other of the new 
feoffees against the will of most of the inhabitants of the said 
town. Master Sapcottes hath gotten the writings into his 
hands &c. 

Answer of Robert Sapcotes, Esq. 

He says Robert Goodwyn of Elton, husbandman, Robert Ives, 
Peter Abythorne, Robert Hamlyn, Edward Sands, and William 
Hamlyn the younger of Elton where (were?) seased of such 
lands as to hold for four score years. The indenture of the lease 
was openly read in the presence of Nicholas Burton, John Greg- 
orie, William Sherman, William Nelson, William Hamlyn, senior, 
John Ives, Sir William Cleypole, William Royse, Robert Page, 
Robert Bette, John Saunders, John Sherman &c. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1340, 1553-55. 

(1554?) Symon Doble of Bishops Lydyard, Somerset, hus- 
bandman. Whereas our late sovereign King Edward VI was 
seised of the Manor of Bishops Lydyard — one Thomas Clarke 
Esq, surveyor of the manor for £20 paid to our late sovereign, 
let to your orator a messuage and half a yarde land &c, to hold 
to him and his wife and their eldest child, but one William Good- 
wyn then and yet being steward of the manor has refused to 
admit your orator. The said William Goodwyn and one William 
Browne, gentleman about 22 January in the present i'"^ year of 
Queen Mary enter and expel your orator from the premises, and 
has brought an action of perpose? against him. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1347, i^^ Mary. 


Your poor suppliant Margery Goodwyn widow, late wife of 
William Goodwyn deceased daughter and one of the heirs of 
John Saye late of Framlingham county Suffolk, deceased, and 
Johane Colles cosyn and one of the next heirs of the said John 
Saye. Whereas John Saye was seised in one messuage and tene- 
ment and three acres of land in Framlingham and of one other 
messuage and one acre of meadowe, the said (same?) descended 
and ought to descend to your suppliants, i.e. to Margery Goodwyn 
daughter of deceased and Johane Colles cosin i.e daughter of 
one Colles late wife of ( ) Colles deceased, another daugh- 
ter of John Saye. One John Cowles of the same town has 
obtained power. Robert Cowles said that John Saye enfeoffed 
him of the property. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1352, 1553-55. 

Orator, Valentyne Goodwyne and Margaret his wife, one of 
the daughters of John Myller of Thorneham, county Norfolk, 
deceased. John was seised of a messuage &c in Tychewell, 
county Norfolk of the yearly rent or value of £8, he bequeathed 
these to Agnes wife of the said John Myller so that she kept 
herself unmarried, and after her decease or marriage, premises 
to go to Margaret one of the said orators and gave to Margaret 
all the evidences, Agnes entered into the premises holding them 
with remainder to Margaret &c, afterwards Agnes -married John 
Baskerfield at Thornham, by which the premises ought to come 
to the said Margaret. John Myller also bequeathed iiOQ to the 
said Margaret, also 400 ewes and 100 wethers, to be taken out 
of his sheep at Brancaster. He ordained executors, Agnes his 
wife, Roger Thatcher and John Wynde. Supervisor Thomas 
Payne of Castle Acre. Payne to take sufficient money to the 
bringing up of Margaret. Afterwards John ]\Iyller of Thorn- 
ham died about five years past, after whose death and after 
Agnes had remarried Thomas Payne entered into the premises. 
The £100 was paid to him and the 500 sheep handed over to him 
&c. writings, evidences to the use of Margaret, afterwards she 
married Valentyne Goodwyne, she has asked for the money &c. 
but has not received it. Payne replies that the charge is untrue. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1352. 


Valentine Goodwyn and Margaret his wife apparently of Bran- 
caster. Margaret was daughter of John Myller, deceased of 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55- 

Orator, William Goodwyn. Whereas one John Thurkell was 
lawfully season of a tenement and certain lands called Baylys 
and of one close called Slade croft in the town and parish of 
Bocking, county Essex, and by his deed indented did give and 
assure the said close, parcel of the premises called Slade croft to 
one John Gierke and to his heirs reserving 2/- rent to the said 
John Thurkell and to his heirs for ever out of the said close. The 
said Gierke was lawfully seased of the said property and John 
Thurkell of the rent of 2/-. This descended by right to Thomas 
Thurkell brother and heir to John Thurkell — . John Thurkell 
granted the premises to James Dundabend who granted it to your 
orator. But Glement Gierke having the said deed with holds the 
rent from your orator. 

Early Ghancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55- 

Orator, Rafife Goodwyn — Wheras Andrew Sylyerde and 
Mary his wife, William Drury and others were seased to the use 
of the said Andrewe and Mary and their heirs of one messuage 
called the Newe Place and loo acres of land — in Ipswich and 
in Stoke next Ipswich and they by deed the date of which is 
unknown to your orator, granted the said messuage to Ghris- 
topher Haward and Thomas Haward for certain years yet 
enduring paying to the said Andrew and the others £6 — by force 
of which Ghristopher and Thomas have entered into the premises, 
Thomas died and Ghristopher is also dead having made your 
orator executor. The indenture has come into the possession of 
Richard Fulmerton, ask for its return. 

Early Ghancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353, 1553-55- 

Orator, Valentine Godwyne and Margaret his wife — . That 

whereas the ( ) late disolved Abbey ( ) in the county 

of Huntingdon was seased in right of the late Monastery of the 
Manor of Brancaster ( ) and in Brancaster county Nor- 
folk, the late Abbot granted the said manor with appurtenances 


to ( ) of Norfolk, now deceased, father of the said Mar- 
garet your orator for divers years yet enduring by reason of 
which to the said John Myller — he granted this and other prop- 
erty to John Wynde, on condition that your orator should have 
goying, feadde and kepte till she should be i8, 400 ewes in the 
ewe flock and 100 wethers in the wether flock paying for every 
100, 20/- yearly. John Wynde made his will, leaving to Mar- 
garet now one of your orators going within the field of Bran- 
caster for 500 sheep. He made Robert Wynd and Richard 
Robyns his executors, but they keep the indenture and refuse to 
be bound by it. 

Robert Wynde's answer. 

The property belonged to the Abbot of Ramsey and the late 
Abbot granted it to John Wynd, he denied the claim of Margaret. 
Replication of Valentine Goodwyn and Margaret his wife they 
deny that the grant made by the Abbot of Ramsey to John Myller 
was unexpired when the suffered lease was made to John Wynde. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1353. 1553-55- 

Orator, William Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife late the wife 
of John Peirce. Whereas the said John Peirce a little before his 
death did give all his moveable goods and being worth 100 markes 
more to John Peirce his son, the son to pay the said Elizabeth 
40/- per annum — The father John Peirce died about 16 years 
since, this was paid after the marriage of Elizabeth with the 
present husband but John Peirce of his covetus and gredye mynde 
witholds it. 

Answer of John Peirce. 

( ) Wyngfylde, knight, deceased was seased of a cer- 
tain messuage in Framlingham, county Suffolk called Ramsolls, 

he sold this to ( ) father to the said defendants and to his 

heirs According to his father's will he paid to Elizaneth 40/- 
per annum which he paid till 1553 — He claims this was in lieu 
of dower which she has also obtained from the estate, hence he 
will not pay. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1354, 1553-55- 

Orator Richard Goodwyn, administration of the goods of 
Edward Goodwyn his father Edward Goodwyn was seised of 


divers goods to the value of £13-6-8. 10 stone of wool value 
40/-. 6 quarters of malt value 40/ 3 kyne value 26/8. 2 horses 
value £3. 2 wenung calves 13/4. 40 sheep value £4-6-8. Edward 
Goodwyn died intestate at Horton county Stafford, the goods 
have come into the possession of John Turner the elder and John 
Turner the yunger and Edward Fynny who wrongfully detain 


The father of Richard Goodwyn is named John Goodwyn and 
is still alive. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1355, 1553-55- 

Orator, James Raynborowghe of Ipswich, clothier. Whereas 
one Matthewe Goodwyne of Ipswich about one year and a half 
now last past bargayned and sold to one Thomas Raynborowghe, 
brother to your said orator, three packes of wool for the sum of 
£12 to be paid to the said Matthewe on a certain day now past 
of which the said Thomas Raynborowghe paid to the said Mat- 
thewe Goodwyne £6 and after that the said Matthewe caused the 
said Thomas Raynborowghe to be arrested in the said towne of 
Ipswich for the non-payment of the other £6. After that the said 
Thomas found surety in the said town of Ipswich one John Cray- 
ford who took upon him that the said Thomas Raynborowghe 
should appear and answer to the said suite. After that the said 
Thomas Raynborowghe departed out of the town of Ipswich and 
remaineth in places unknown either to your said orator or to the 
said Matthewe Goodwyne and hath no goods or chattels suffi- 
cient to discharge the debt of £6 wherefore the said Matthewe 
Goodwyne and the said John Crayford whom the said Matthewe 
Matthewe (correct) doth specially favour considering and imag- 
ining between them how to discharge the said Crayford and to 
burden your said orator with the payment of the £6 the said 
Matthewe Goodwyne hath now caused your orator to be arrested 
upon a playnte of debt of £6 affirmed against him by the said 
Matthewe Goodwyne now depending in the Court of Ipswich 
before the bailiff there, which playnte Matthewe Goodwyne hath 
declared against your orator untruly saying that he sold half the 
wool to the said Thomas Raynborowghe for £6 and half to your 
orator for £6, whereas he sold no goods whatever to your orator 


who owes nothing to Matthewe Goodwyne. Your orator offered . 
by wager of lawe to try the case but at the time given your orator 
was "veryly syckly and weke" and not able to travel about for the i 
bringing up of so many witnesses as were necessary, but if your . 
orator had been in perfect health he could scarcely have found ' 
within the town of Ipswich any person who durst have sworne j 
on the behalf e of your said orator against the said Mathew Good- j 
wyne being a man for his power and authority within the said 
town not only much feared but given to malice and revenge 1 
against such as he conceveth any matter of displeasure. For as ( 
much as your orator is a very poor younge man and not able to 
stand in the defence of the said suite against the said pleyntiffe 
in the said Court of Ipswich. He prays the King and Queen to 
grant a writ of certion? for the case to be tried in the High 
Court of Chancery at Westminster and to grant a writ of sub- i 
poena requiring the said Mathew Goodwyne to appear there etc. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1377. 

Your orator, Richard Rede, knight. Whereas the late- Abbot 
of Chersey, county Surrey, was lawfully seased in his own 
demesne and as of fee as Abbot of the said Monastery of the 
rectory and parsonage in the said town. The Abbot with the 1 
consent of the convent of the said Monastery by deed dated 14 
June, 6 Henry VIII, did let the said rectory and parsonage to j 
one (faded) and Anne Gierke, widow, for certain years they | 
yeelding and paying therefore to the said Abbot ? 4d, by force 
of which the said John Tutchyner and Anne Gierke became 
possessed of it. The interest which they had in the property 
your orator now has by good and lawful conveyance. It now is 
in the Queen's hands by reason of the suppression of the monas- 
tery but so it is that one William Goodwyn late of Barmesey 
county Surrey, gentleman, being surveyor unto the Queen's 
Majesty on the 21 May, first year of the Queen, let the property 
to your orator he to pay £g-6-8. This he paid to William Good- 
wyn but before it was paid over it pleased Almighty God to call 
the said William Goodwyn out of this world, by reason of which 
your orator has been compelled to repay the same £9-6-8 to the 
use of the Queen's Majesty. Since the death of the said William 
Goodwyn, one Elleyn Goodwyn late his wife as executrix of the 
will of her late husband did not only enter into all lands and 
tenements of the said William but also take into her hands the 


custody of his goods and chattels being of a very good and sub- 
stantial value and very able to satisfy and paye both your orator 
the said £9-6-8 and also all other William Goodwyn's creditors. 
Which said Elleyn your said orator divers and sundry times after 
a very gentle and peaceable manner hath desired to see him repaid 
the said £9-6-8, yet that to do the said Elleyn hath always denyed. 
As your orator hath no specialitie of the said William Goodwyn 
by writing acknowledging the receipt, he has no remedy, and 

prays etc. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1378. 

Orator, Robert Braythwaite one of the Queen's Majestys 
Groomes of her Graces Chamber — . That wheras King Henry 
VIII by letters patent dated 12 September, 20 of his reign, grant 
and to farm let to your orator the tithe corne &c. in the town and 
fields of the Bury of Luston county Herts for twenty one years 
and he remained in possession till one John Goodwen and John 
Daye his man by commandment of said John Goodwen of 
( ?), well and malice hath entered the property and dam- 
aged ditches &c. 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1405, 1556-58. 

Valentyn Goodwyn and Margaret his wife daughter of John 
Myller deceased. Whereas the Bishop of Norwich was seised of 
the Manor of Thornham with hunting, hawking, fishing, and 
fowling — and the Rectory he granted a lease of the premises of 
John Myller for fifty years, John Myller of the good will he bare 
to John Yong and John Smith did jointly put them in the same 
lease without any payment or reward. 

(deed mutilated). 

Answer of Thomas Cutts. 

He being not a man of such great substance or with so many 
friends of the complainant, but he had done no injury to com- 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1429, 1556-58. 

John Goodwyn of ( )scombe, county Somerset, clothier, 

and Alice his wife ( ) by the testament and last will of 

John Yarberry late of (Bruton?) in said county, clothier, 
deceased, except the will of John Yarbery his father, about 21 


May 1 55 1 last past (damaged). John Tucker owed to the estate 
£57-9/-, afterward the said John Tucker at Bruton after whose 
decease administration of his goods was granted to Mary late 
wife of the said John Tucker by force of which the said Mary 
took upon her the administration of the goods of John Yarbery. 
Now Mary married John Mounteney, your orators have several 
times asked for the said ^57-9/- which they refuse to pay. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1430. 

Orator, William Goodwyn of Adesley Grene, Staffordshire — . 
One Thomas Whytmore of (Garhill?) in same county — in the 
time of the last Reverend Father in God, Stephen, late Bishop of 
Wynchester, brought a bill of complaint against your orator, 
alleging that Edmund Whytmore father of the said Thomas 

Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1430. 

Orator, Roger Jackson. Whereas one Richard Wuersdale did 

of late ( ) in i and 2 years of our Eord and Lady, Philip 

and Mary, exhibit a bill of complaint declaring that wheras one 
Agnes Wyersdale was seised of a messuage ten acres of land and 
acre of pasture in Crawson, county Leicester, and a messuage 

and croft nine acres in B( ) and being so seised took to 

husband one William Goodwyn who was seised of the premises 
in right of his wife and the said William and Agnes had issue 
one John Goodwyn who died without issue, afterwards Agnes 
died and William Goodwyn her husband survived and held the 
property which ought to descend to your orator as cousin and 
next heir to Agnes, that is the son of William Wyersdale, son 
of Richard Wyersdale of Denton, brother of William Wyersdale 
of Belver, father to the said Agnes. Richard Wyersdale of 
Brisby county Lincoln, husbandman, moved the said Richard 
Wyersdale against your orator, and has purchased his rights &c. 
Early Chancery Proceedings, Bundle 1443. 1556-58. 


Plaintiff William Barkenham. Defendants Timothy Fitzallen, 
John Fairweather and others. Fraud etc. Lands etc. in parishes 
of St. Mary and St. Augustine in Ipswich, county Suffolk, of 
which Robert Goodinge was seised etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings Elizabeth, B, bundle 10, no. 9. 


Plaintiff Edward Blewhaysett. Defendants Jermyne Good- 
wyne and Sir Henry Woodhouse. Contract. Manor of Pawling 
etc., county Norfolk, of which the defendant Woodhouse was 
seised for years who demised a messuage called Pawling Grange 
to the other defenadnt. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 4, no. 4. 

The town of Bury St. Edmunds by Robert Golding, esqre, 
Robert Mawe, Anthony Payne, Henry Collings, William Coke, 
Roger Barber, Thomas Dounday, Richard Walker, Thomas Good- 
riche, senr., Thomas Rocket, Thomas Hammond, Robert Sparke, 
Francis Moundford, Edward Francys and William Faircloughe 
als Faircliffe, governor of the Free Grammar School of King 
Edward VI in Bury St. Edmunds. Defendants Edward Gooding 

als Goodwyn, Robert Knappe, Stratton, widow, John 

Merreles, Thomas Sewyer, and William Dawes. Bill to quiet 
possession. The chantry of Kirketon als Shotley with appur- 
tenances and lands and tenements called Hanslett, Stirpe, Houles, 
Crowes, Tenements and Cokes situate in Kirketon als vShotley 
and in Chelympton als Chelmson in county Suffolk to the said 
chantry some time belonging etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 14, no. 25. 

Plaintiff Owyn Biggs. Defendants Robert Dickman and Alice 
Goodwin. Personal matters. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 28, no. 45. 

Plaintiffs Fythche and John Goodwin, churchwardens and 
Richard Wyndell and others, overseers of the parish of Bocking. 
Defendant John Robinson, Humfrey Smythe and William 
Smythe. Bill to recover a legacy to charitable uses, the sum of 
£400 bequeathed by Joan Smyth, widow, to be invested for pro- 
ducing a yearly fund for the relief of the poor of Bocking, county 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, B, bundle 29, no. 44. 

Plaintiff Leonard Crosse. Defendant Gerrard Errington, 
Nicholas Errington, William Godden and Robert Owen. Claim 
by purchase lands within the mannor of Wells, county Somerset, 
sometime parcel of the possessions of the dissolved house of the 
Priory and Convent of St. John Baptist in Wells now the estate 
of defendants Errington. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, C, bundle 3, no. 34. 


Plaintiffs Richard Collyns, Henry and John Collyns. Defend- j 
ants Richard Boghurst and Ernie his wife, and John Moncke. j 
Bill to establish title by purchase. Lands in Wrotham, county j 
Kent, sometime the estate of John Goodwyn an idiot and pur- ' 
chased of his heirs by the plaintiffs' father. , 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, C, bundle 17, no. 39. 


Plaintiff Thomas Freeman. Defendants Thomas Goodwin and j 

Thomas Grace. To be relieved against a bond. Lands in Stat- j 

folde, county Beds, the inheritance of plaintiff sown by him with ] 

barley and the crop sold to defendants. i 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 2, no. 53. ) 

Plaintiff Richard Francklyn. Defendant John Marshe. Deeds, j 

Land in Barnett, county Herts, conveyed to plaintiff and his late | 

father. Bill states that the Manors of Barnett and East Barnett j 

were granted by King Edward VL to John Goodwyn and John j 

Maynard. j 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 3, no. 57. | 


Plaintiff John Fancer. Defendant Richard Goodwyn. Per- 'j 

sonal matters. { 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 5, no. 27. j 


Plaintiffs Henrv Farrant and lohan his wife. Defendant Anne j 
Stumpe. Claim by lease a messuage, grist water mill and land 

within the manor of Thrale, county Devon, granted to John ) 

Truslowe by Thomas Goodwyn, gent, on a lease for lives the ; 

reversion thereof being afterwards in Paul Stumpe and Anne j 

his wife. j 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, F, bundle 9 no. 50. j 

Plaintiff John Goodwinge. Defendant William Allen, Personal 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. i. j 


Plaintiff William Garnett. Defendants Thomas Goodwyn and ; 

his wife. Personal matters. ■ \ 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. 19. | 


Plaintiff John Godwyn. Defendants William Godwyn and 
Edward Harrys. To quiet plaintiff in possession. Messuage 
and land in Stanley in the parish of Chippenham, county Wilts., 
held of Sir Edward Baynton, knight, of his manor of Stanley 
for the lives of plaintiff's father. Plaintiff and defendant. 
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. 35. 

Plaintiff Anthony Godwyn. Defendants Thomas Whytinge 
and John Lawden. To be relieved against claims of debt. 
Lands in Chelvey, county Somerset, the inheritance of Elizabeth 
Hales, widow, which plaintiff had purchased on behalf of John 
Lewis, deceased. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G. bundle 3, no. 14. 

Plaintiff Cicely Goodwyn widow. Defendant John Smith. 
Answer only. Appears to relate to land held of the manors of 
Bar wicks and Scotneys and freehold lands adjoyning claimed by 
Cicely Goodwyn. No parish or county mentioned. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 3, no. 15. 

PlaintiiT Rol)ert Goodwyn. Defendants John Masy and Wil- 
liam Horte and others. To obtain compensation for plaintiff's 
services in procuting a charter. Bill states that plaintiff was 
employed by defendants to obtain a confirmation of the rights 
and privileges of the town of Wrington which, before the disso- 
lution of the Monastery of Glastonbury, was part of the posses- 
sions of the said abbey and had then a market and fair as stated 
in the bill and that he obtained the Queen's charter accordingly 
which concerned as well other towns and parishes as the town 
and parish of Wryngton viz. the towns and parishes of Weston 
and Ditchett, county Somerset, Sturmynster county Dorset, and 
Martyn, county Wilts., all which were also parcell of the posses- 
sions of the said monastery of Glastonbury, before its dissolution. 
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 3, no. 39. 

Plaintiff Anthony Godwyn. Defendants Dorothy Maye and 

Margaret Godwin. Deeds. A messuage in Wells, County 

Somerset, and other estates (where is not specified) conveyed 

to plaintiff by his late brother Richard Godwin as an indemnity. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 4, no. 52. 


Plaintiff Christopher Goodwin, messenger of the Court of { 
Wards and Liveries — . Defendant Thomas Skynner, esq., and 

Edward Bakon. To be quieted in the possession of an office. ' 

The stewardship or keeping of the Courts of the Manors of i 

Lavenham als Lauham, county Suffolk, and Castle Camps and I 

Foulmer, county Cambs., granted to plaintiff by Thomas Skynner, 1 
late Lord Mayor of London, deceased, father of defendant. 

Skynner, lord of said manor. I 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 5, no. 15. ' 

Plaintiff Anthony Godwyn. Defendants Thomas Kenne, esq., ! 

and another. Personal matters. ] 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 5, no. 42. I 

Plaintiffs Henry, Robert, Thomas and Haggas Greene, j 
Defendant Theodor Goodwyn. Bill to redeem an Inn in New- ' 
market, county Cambs. called the Swan and ten acres of land ; 
in the fields of Ditton mortgaged by Richard Greene, deceased, ' 
father of plaintiffs to Thomas Farkes for the delivery of certain : 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 5, no. 44. ; 

Plaintiff' Richard Goodwyn. Defendants Humfrey Goodwyn 
and Henry Harry son. To support a marriage settlement. Two '■ 
messuages in Monyashe and Hourdelowe, county Derby, and 
divers lands thereto belonging which on the marriage of William ' 
Goodwyn and Margaret the daughter of John Harryson were j 
conveyed to trustees to divers uses. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 5, no. 49. ' 

Plaintiff William Goodwyn. Defendants John and William ' 

Harryson. For production of a deed of settlement. Divers { 

messuages and tenements in Monyashe and Hourdelowe, county \ 

Derby settled by plaintiff's father Humphrey on plaintiff's mar- | 

riage. I 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 6, no. 36. ' 

Plaintiff Christopher Goodwin. Defendant Elizabeth Fisher, 
widow. Personal matters. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 6, no. 41. 


Plaintiff Robert Gould. Defendant Thomas Buckenham. To 
protect plaintiff's title by lease certain marsh ground in Oxford, 
county Suffolk, demised to plaintiff by George Goodyng. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 7, no. 19. 

Plaintiff William Greene, esq. Defendants John Sledd senr, 
John Sledd junr. Claim under an assignment of lease. The 
rectory or parsonage of Great Milton, county Oxon, demised by 
Thomas Godwin DD. prebendary of the said rectory or par- 
sonage to the Earl of Pembroke which said lease was confirmed 
by the Bishop of Lincoln patron and ordinary of the said rectory 
or prebendary and also by the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. 
Title deduced through several mesne assignments. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 7, no. 44. 

Plaintiffs Thomas Goodwyn als Clarke and Anne his wife, 
Robert Bowyer and Alice his wife, John Cox and Susan his wife 
and Andrew Richards and Isabell his wife. Defendants John 
Smalle, Robert Hunt and Richard Ayloffe. Claim by descent in 
coparcenary. Bill of revivor and supplement a messuage and 
garden in Parshore, county Worcester, formerly conveyed by 
George Desseley to Richard Bell and Anne his wife grandfather 
and grandmother of the plaintiffs wives. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 8, no. 61. 

Plaintiff Thomas Goodinge. Defendant Sir Nicholas Bacon, 
knight, Richard Gooche and Robert Kett. To establish certain 
rights appertaining to the Manor of Freston, county Suffolk, the 
inheritance of plaintiff' who claims in respect thereof a way 
through a wood called Assendowne to a wood called Freston 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 10, no. 39. 

Plaintiff Nicholas Godynge als Reynolds of Otrye St. Mary 
Devon. Defendant Thomas Reymonde of Wythercombe Raleigh, 
county Devon and Julian his wife. To complete conveyance by 
lease to plaintiff pursuant to agreement. Capital tenement Man- 
sion house barton and farm called Pyestocke (where situated is 
not mentioned) the inheritance of defendants. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 11, no. 19. 


Plaintiff Sir John Goodwin, Knight. Defendants Sir William 
Pelham, Knight, Dame Dorothy his wife and Robert Dormer, 
Esq. To ascertain metes and bounds divers parcels of lands in 
two fields of Bechendenin parish of Waddesden, County Bucks, 
the inheritance of plaintiff and adjoining the lands of defendants. 
Chancery Procedings, EHzabeth, G, bundle ii, no. 56. 

Plaintiff Theodore Goodwin. Defendant Julian Barber widow. 
To support plaintiff's title by purchase, messuages and land in 
North Tuddenham. county Norfolk, sometimes the estate of 
Thomas Blackwell, Esqr. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 12, no. 41. 

Plaintiff Matthew Goodyng. Defendant John Dameson. To 
obtain admittance- to copyholds land in Westerfield, county Suf- 
folk, late the estate of Edward Goodyng plantiff's father and held 
of defendant as of his manor of Westerfeld. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 13, no. 3. 

Plaintiff Valentyn Goodwyn. Defendant Christopher Good- 
wyn. Personal matters. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 13, no. 28. 

Plaintiff Anthony Goodden. Defendants John Harrison and 
Johan Goodden. Claim by devise, messuage and land in Hart- 
ington. county Derby, held of the manor of Hartington by Rich- 
ard Godden, deceased, the testator. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 14, no. 17. 

Plaintiff Sir John Goodwin, Knight. Defendants Lodowick 
Greville Esq., Nicholas Lane and Thomas Trussell. To protect 
plaintiff's title l)y purchase a third part of the manor of Cranwell 
and divers other lands and tenements in the parishes of Wad- 
disdon and Alisbury, county Bucks, purchased by plaintiff of 
defendant Grevill. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 14, no. 30. 

Plaintiff Richard Goodwyn. Defendant Thomas Lewes. Per- 
sonal matters. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 14, no. 54. 


Plaintiff George Goodyngf. Defendant William Semycroft. 
For performance of contract for purchase. Lands in Melton, 
county Suffolk, agreed to be sold by plaintiff to defendant. 
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 15, no. 3. 

Plaintiff Andrew Godwyn. Defendant Andrew Baker. Per- 
sonal matters. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 15, no. 36. 

Plaintiff John Hippesley, Esqr. Defendants John Boyer, 
Anthony Godwin and others. Claims under sundry special deeds. 
Lands in the several parishes of Bridgewater, North Petherton 
and Chewton in county Somerset sometime the estate of Henry 
Northinge and by him settled and assured for the payment of an 
; annuity to his wife and for several other uses and afterwards 
purchased by plaintiff's father. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, H, bundle 11, no. 41. 

Plaintiff Elizabeth Hudson, widow, administratrix of Thomas 

Hudson. Defendants Edward Alford, Bartholomew Goodwyn 

j and Thomas Pope. For payment of a debt. Ralphe Hill being 

I seised in fee of the lands in Sheener, Abinger and Wotton, 

county Surrey conveyed same to defendant Alford in trust for 

; payment of his debts. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, H, bundle 13, no. 15. 

j: Plaintiffs John and William Harrison. Defendants William 
I Goodwyn and Bryan Slater. Re deeds. Lands in the parish of 
1 Hartington, county Derby, the inheritance of plaintiffs. 
I Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, H, bundle 14, no. 28. 

Plaintiffs Nicholas Hare and Hugh Hare, Esqre. Defendant 
John Goodwyn. To obtain admittance to copyhold lands and 
tenements in Smytherton held of the manor of Shropham, county 
Norfolk, which were surrendered to the use of plaintiffs by 

Stephen Gall, the defendant, Godwin being steward to 

Wenn, lord of said manor. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, H, bundle 18, no. 45. 

Plaintiff John Holdiche. Defendants Sampson Michell and 
William Goodwyn. Re deeds in support of plaintiff's right of 


common. Plaintif being seised in fee of the manor of Rand- 
worth claims a right to depasture 700 sheep on certain waste lands 
in Randworth and Pausef orth, county Norfolk. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, H, bundle 23, no. 9. 

Plaintif Richard Lee, Esqr. Defendants Sir John Goodwyn, 
knight and Edmond Hogan. To recover deed of assignment. 
The manor or farm of Hocknorton als Hoganorton the parsonage 
or rectory of Hocknorton, county Oxon, held under a lease from 
the Bishop of Oxon by the name of Robert Kinge, Abbot of Tame 
and Commendatory of the late monastery of our Lady the Virgin 
of Ossney, county Oxford and the convent of the same 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, L, bundle 5, no. 58. 

Plaintiff Christopher Lewes. Defendant John Goodwin. Per- 
sonal matters. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, L, bundle 9, no. 46. 

Plaintif Robert Mulforde. Defendants Thomas Mulford and 
Edward Goodwyn. Claim as heir by special custom. A mes- 
suage or mansion house and certain copyhold lands holden of the 
manor of Mylton in the parish of Dorking, county Surrey, late 
the estate of Hugh Mulford and Alice his wife, to which plaintiff 
claims to be entitled as youngest son of said Hugh according to 
custom of said manor which manor was formerly parcel of the 
possessions of the dissolved priory of Sheene. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, M, bundle 3, no. 14. 

Plaintifs Richard and Thomas Mowse. Defendants Theodore 
Goodwin and others. To recover title deeds. The scite of the 
mannor of Stoneham and a wood called Derehey in county Suffolk 
granted to plaintiffs temp. Edward VL by Sir John Jerningham, 
knight, lord of said manor. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, Al, bundle 1 1, no. 40. 

Plaintiffs William Peter and Anne his wife. Defendants 
William Sty ward and John Goodwyn, senior. To obtain admit- 
tance to copyholds. Lands holden of defendant, Styward, Lord of 
the manor of Wellburne als Welsburne Stywards, county Norfolk 
and surrendered out of court to use of plaintiffs by Thomas 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, P, bundle 9, no. 24. 



Plaintiff Roben Roblet. Defendants Jeffrey \\'ent and Robert 
Goodwin. Qaim as heir to a purchaser tenement called Oxks 
and divers lands in Foxall holden of the manor of T\-rrell Hall in 
coimty Suffolk purchased by Robert Roblett plaintiff's father, 
deceased, who took the conveyance in the names of John Went 
and Stephen Goodwin as trustees. 

Chancers- Proceeding's. Elizabeth, R. bundle 11. no. ^. 

Plaintiff' Walter Taylor ~ ' ' :s Thomas and Nicholas 
Godden. Discover}- as to :/ . . iefendants claim of a rent 

charge affecting the plaintiff's purchase and to compel them to 
bring a deed granting the same into court. Messuage and lands 
in Chart next Sutton \'alence, coimty Kent, purchased by plain- 
tiff after the decease of Thomas ^Nlassall who ordered his estates 
to be sold to pay his debts. 

Chancer}" Proceedings. E.iziLc.:.. T. bundle 9. no. 52. 

1572 Plaintiff 7 ' -^ 

W3m and wife Oa; 
suages and lands in Lxjwestof te, cour/ 
Chancers- Prcct: i'::^';. E!:z£':e:'; 

•-i; Go<2Ki- 
:r.. Mes- 


customarv- tenure ^: . : - : t : . ^ : - 
ulent means. Pla: - 

late Duke of Xor: . 

of the Duke's manor of Was: 
purchased of the Duke the :'- : 
whereby the plaintiff's est::, 
from said manor of S. W. De: 
tiffs to attom him as ' : ^ 
they had lost their es. . 

Chancerv Proceedings, Elizabeth 

;. . .;::i.r 23. no. 34. 

: Swane, Richard 

^ im Goodwyn. 

:le in fee by 

: - \--\ r v y fraud- 

Cipy of vJour: roUtothe 

lands in Ranworth parcel 

ntj- Xorfolk. Defendant 

----- -f said manor 

and severed 

: :" - -r :. T \ ""- I'n plain- 

■ discovered 

-c only tenants at 

S, bundle 20, no. 54. 

14 June 1578. To the Right Honourable Sir Nicholas Bacon, 
Knight. Lorde Keeper of the Greate Scale of England. Bill of 
Complaynt of Christopher Goodwyn of Ipswich in the connty of 
Suffolk, merchant, above seven years past your said orator on 


trust did delyver one Olyver Fyssher of the City of London, 
yronmonger, deceased, late husbande to Elizabeth Fissher, nowe 
widowe, one obligation made and delivered to your said orator by 
one Valentyn Goodwyn of Thornehend in the county of Norfolk, 
merchaunte, the said Valentyn standeth bound to your said orator 
for £500 your said orator would upon redelivery of the said bond 
pay to one Robert Goodwyn brother to your said orator or to the 
said Olyver Fyssher, to use of the said Robert £26 which your 
said orator did then owe to the said Robert Goodwyn. Sithence 
one Thomas Starkye, Skynner and Alderman of London did make 
attachment in London of the said £26 in the hands of your orator 
certain somes owing" to the said Thomas Starkye by the said 
Robert Goodwyn and the said Thomas hath recovered the said 
£26. Now sithence the death of the said Olyver the said obli- 
gacion is come unto the hands of the said Elizabeth Fysher and 
although the said some of £26 is so recovered and that your said 
orator's brother is very well pleased that the said obligacion 
shoulde be delyvered to your said orator and your said orator at 
dyvers tymes hath gently requyred the said obligacion etc. etc. 
yet the said Elizabeth rather of a froward and perverse mind than 
any just cause doth deny your said orator etc. etc. With answer 
of said Elizal)eth Fyssher. widow. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 6, no. 41. 

18 May 1579. To Rt. Honorable Sir Thomas Bromley, Knight, 
Lord Chancellor of England. Bill of Complaint of Valentyn 
Goodwyn, gent., by obligation dated 7 November, 5 Elizabeth, for 
determination of certain actions etc. between your said orator 
and one Christopher Goodwyn brother to your orator became 
bound to said Christopher in £500 with condition for the perfor- 
mance of the award of John Rivers, grocer, Edward Hewar, 
draper, Thomas Atkinson scrivener, city of London, soe that it 
were made and given up in writing under the handes and scales 
of the said arbitrators before the first of December next following 
and awarded that your orator should pay to the said Christopher 
£146. 13s. 8d. at the dwelling house of one Raff father of your 
orator and said Christopher, in Ipswich in county Suffolk and said 
Christopher doubted of the assurance he had of payment of the 
said somme and would take no benefit of the said bond of £500 
the said arbitrators did awarde that your orator should deliver up 


one recognisance or statute made according to the statute of the 
23rd Henry VIII and become bound to the said Christopher in 
£210 etc. your said orator hath both paid the said somme of £146. 
13s. 8d. and also hath dehvered the said bond of £210 yett the said 
Christopher refuseth to dehver the said writing obHgation and 
hath of late commenced a suite on the said bond of £500 etc. 
With answer of Christopher Godwyne and the replicacion of 
Valentyne Goodwyne. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 13, no. 28. 

1586. Plaintiff Thomas Woode administrator of Robert 
Woode Junior, the Plaintiff's late brother. Defendants Gregory 
Goodwyn and Daniell Goodwyn. For accounts of rent etc. of 
certain lands and tenements called Hores and Mellers, in Mose, 
county Essex, holden of the manor of Mose by the said Robert 
Wood by descent from his father. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, W, bundle 20, no. 22. 

1588. Plaintiff" Samuel Smyth. Defendant Christopher God- 
wine. To protect title by purchase and praying commission to 
examine witnesses. Capital messuage in Ipswich, county Suffolk. 
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, S, bundle 12, no. i. 

1588. Plaintiffs Thomas Stayner and wife. Defendants 
Humphrey Sackford and William Smith, George Goodwyn and 
Robert Myles. To complete purchase messuages and lands in 
the parishes of Bradfield, Melton, Woodbridge and Haskcton 
Vowlye, county Suffolk. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, S, bundle 16, no. 41. 

20 November 1589. To Right Honorable Sir Christopher Hat- 
ton, K.G. Lord Chancellor. Bill of Complaint of Richard Good- 
wyn that about fourteen years last past a marriage concluded be- 
tween William Goodwyn sonne and heire apparent of Humfrey 
Goodwyn nowe deceased and Margaret daughter of John Hary- 
son consideration of £200 paid by said Harryson to said William 
and Humfrey for advancement of said Margaret and her children 
said Humfrey conveyed two tenements in Monyashe and Plourde- 
lowe in county Derbie and other lands to Henry Sheldon and 
William Harryson for use of Humfrey for life and then to said 
William and Margaret (duly did) levyed a fine to Thomas Hydde 


and Thomas W^oodcocke. Issue two daughters (of WilHam and 
Margaret) viz. EHzabeth and Anne yet lyvnig. Said Margaret 
deceased, said William marryed another wyfe viz. Elizabeth 
daughter of Anthony Hyde father of said Thomas Hide by 
whome he hath yssue now a sonne by reason whereof the said 
Thomas Hide confederating with one Humfrey Goodwyn and 
Henry Haryson now tenants or occupyers of the premises seeking 
to avoyde the conveyance to the said Henry Sheldon and the said 
William Harryson to the disinherison of the said two daughters 
in tyme to come but for the advancement of the said Elizabeth 
the no we wief of the said William and hath gotten by casual or 
other means the wrytings etc. out of the hands of your said 
orator whoe had the same in trust for the said twoe daughters to 
and for whose use and the said Margaret your orator gave his 
word etc. and doe utterlie refuse to returne said writings etc. 
With answers of Henry Harrison and of Humfrey Goodwyn. 
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 3, no. 49. 

1591. Plaintiff John Sledd. Defendant John Sledd. To 
protect a lease. The rectory of Melton with appurtenances 
county Oxford, demised by Thomas Goodwyn to the Earl of 
Pembroke and by him assigned to plaintiff for remainder of his 
term. The said Goodwyn after assigned the reversion to defend- 
ant who disputes the lease made to the Earl. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, S, bundle 20, no. 17. 

1594 Plaintiffs Thomas Waterhouse and Mary his wife and 
William Tresham and the daughter of Valentine Pigott, Esqr, 
deceased and George Goodwyn clerk, parson of Lowghton. 
Defendants George Pigott, Thomas Tresham, George Amisley, 
Edmund Pigott, Mathew, Robert, Francis and Clement Pigott. 
Claim by descent in coparcenary. The manor of Lowghton and 
the advowson of the parish church of Lowghton and divers lands 
and tenement in Lowghton, county Bucks, late the estate of the 
said Valentine Pigott. The bill also states a dispute respecting 
the presentation of the plaintiff Goodwin to the said church. 
Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, W, bundle 6, no. 51. 

1594 Plaintiffs Robert Storrye, Robert Bennett, Phill'ipp 
Goodman, and John W'ythie surviving lessees in trust for the 
parish of Wyvelscombe, county Somerset. Defendants Dame 


Winifred Bande, widow, William Bande, Hugh Hyll and 
Thomas Savidge. To protect title by lease. Gillet Borne late 
Bishop of Bath and Wells being seised in fee in right of his 
bishoprick of the manor and burrough of Wivelscombc, county 
Somerset, demised to the churchwardens of the said parish and 
others certain stands or stalls in the market there and divers 
proffits thereto belonging for a long term of years : but the said 
bishop being deprived of the bishoprick his successor Thomas 
Goodwyn afterwards elected bishop made a lease thereof for a 
great number of years to the Crown and the said term was by 
letters patent granted to Sir George Bande, Knight, deceased and 
Dame Winifred his widow and the other defendants dispute the 
plaintitTs title. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, W, bundle 12, no. 38. 

1595. Plaintiff Sir John Savage. Defendants Richard Bate- 
man, Humphrey Goodwyn, John Harrison, John Fearnes, Roger 
Wordle and Nicholas Wheldowe. To establish plaintiff's title in 
fee and for relief as to defendants claim of common pasture. A 
piece of waste ground containing 3000 acres called Warneford 
pastures adjoining plaintiffs lands in Warneford, county Stafford 
and to Dane Head. Defendants claim in their answer right of 
common and pasture as customary tenants of the Queen's Manor 
or Lordship of Hartington, county Derby, parcel of the tutleary 
parcel of the Duchy of Lancaster. 

Chancery Proceedings Elizabeth, S, bundle 13, no. 18. 

1599. Plaintiff Edward Swinnerton. Defendants John Bar- 
nett and John Goodwin. To complete contract of purchase, 
messuage and land in Kinesley, county of Stafford. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, S, bundle 11, no. 5. 

1599. Plaintiff Stephen Woodgate. Defendants John Good- 
wyn, Edward Clarke and Anne Howe, widow. Claim by devise. 
A messuage and lands in Esbergholte or East Bergholt, county 
Suffolk, late of Stephen Woodgate deceased plaintiff's father who 
devised the same to him in fee. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, W, bundle 21, no. 55. 

I June 1601. To Right Honorable Sir Thomas Egerton, 
Knight, Lorde Keeper of the Create Scales. Bill of Complaint 


of Anthony Godwin of Wokey. county Somerset, gent. That 
about twenty years sithence your orator became debtor for one 
Richard Godwin late of Welles in said county, esquire, now 
deceased, your orator's brother to divers persons in £300. Said 
Richard being visited with sickness at Welles was moved to pro- 
vide what he could for security of your orator and being possessed 
of a messuage and lands in Welles and also diners goods, chat- 
tells etc, to the value of £200 did in his sickness, your orator then 
being at London, make a deede of gifte to your orator in con- 
sideration of said debts etc. and also possessed of lands in Wells 
of cleare yearly value of £30 per anum and by order of this 
court was adjudged to pay to one Thomas Gawen £400 which he 
owed sold to one Thomas Jenkyns, gent, and Alyce his wife all 
lands etc. which he the said Richard and your orator ought to 
have from William Godyn, gent, their father, certain parcels 
excepted for use of your said orator in consideration of such debts 
your orator had paid etc. etc. and dyed intestate having the afore- 
said goodes etc. etc. in his property. But now the said messuage, 
lands, goods etc. etc. have come into the hands of Margaret 
Godwin, widow, late the wife of the said Richard and one 
Dorothye Maye widow, mother of the said Margaret, sometymes 
the wyfe of one Robert Maye, Esquire, deceased, with the writ- 
inges etc. With the answers of Dorothie Maye and Margaret 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 4, no. 52. 

7 February 1601. To Right Honorable Sir Thomas Egerton, 
Knight, Lord Keeper of the Great Scale. Bill of Complaynt of 
John Godwyn of Stanley, county Wiltes, husbandman. Whereas 
Edward Baynton, Esqre, afterwards knight and since deceased 
about 14 Elizabeth for good consideration grant to William God- 
wyn your orator's father and to your orator his eldest sonne and 
to William Godwyn your orator's brother by Coppie of Court 
Roll of the mannor of Stanley a messuage and tenement and cer- 
tain lands in Stanley in parish of Chippenham for terme of their 
lives successively and said William entered and then dyed and 
your said orator by vertue of said graunte and custome became 
possessed etc. But now the said William your orator's brother 
being in remaynder greedily thirsting to have the same attempted 
by money to corrupt Sir Henry Baynton Knt, Lord of the Manor, 


to joyne in a supposed forfeiture which said Sir Henry refused 
and now said William doth now labour to prove that your orator 
about ten years past did leave the said tenement to one Phillipp 
Payne and that thereby the said terme became f orf eyted and hath 
joined with one Edward Harris etc. etc. With answer of William 
Godwyn and Edward Harris. 

Chancery Proceedings, Elizabeth, G, bundle 2, no. 55. 

Date illegible. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of 
Momiashe in county Darby yeoman twelve years last past seised 
of a barne and parcel of land in Momiashe called Bourne End, 
at that tyme great occasion to use money contracted with William 
Inglesant of Momiashe, husbandman, deceased, did make a bar- 
gain with said William in respect of part of said land with condi- 
cion of repayment in twenty years and said William entered into 
said barne and parcell of land and also enjoyed remainder of 
said land. But now since the decease of said William the said 
land descended to Hughe Inglesand as sonne and heire who now 
claims the whole etc. With answer of the defendant. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 63. 

To Rt. Hon. etc. John, Lord Bishopp of Lyncoln, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaynt of Thomas Goodwyn of Moniash, 
county Derby yeoman that twenty yeares since sised of a farme 
and lands in (torn) called Bourne End and having occa- 
sion for money had some speech with one William Englesant of 
Moniash, husbandman, for purchase of part of the said lands with 
condition of repayment within twenty years Said Englesant 
since deceased and descended to Hugh Englesant his sonne and 
heire and (who?) entered said lands and not only said part as is 
conteyned in the deed of agreement but also remainder of said 
lands paying no rents etc. and refuseth to accept money for repay- 
ment and recovery as in said deeds is expressed and your orator 
having noe evidences etc. etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 17, no. 78. 

Date torn off. The second answer of William Goodwin 
defendant to John Harrison plaintiff. Whereas by the report of 
Mr. Doctor Legge one of Masters of this Court, 19 May last, 
that this defendant should answer whether he the defendant did 


promise plaintiff that the issue which should be lawfully begotten 
between the defendant and Margaret the plaintiff's daughter in 
consideration of the marriage should inherit lands mentioned in 
the said bill that should descend to him from Humfrey Goodwin 
his father and that this defendant should answer to the conveyance 
of secret estates to persons unknown to the plaintiff with purpose 
to disinherit his two daughters had by said Margaret and this 
defendant's careless and dissolute education of his daughter Anne. 
Albeit that the first point in former answer appeareth to be suffi- 
ciently answered and the said two other points are not materiall, 
yet to satisfy the Court the defendant saith that defendant about 
the time of his marriage with the said Margaret did not promise 
etc. etc. and he saith that it is since the said marriage celebrated 
some thirty-five years and he saith that he hath conveyed the said 
land so as his issue male may inherit before his issue female to the 
said estates but one lease of his defendant's said land in Hurd- 
low and Momarsh in county Derby unto one Humfrey Goodwin 
and Henry Harrison for twenty-one years towards the payment 
of marriage portion of one Elizabeth one of the daughters of this 
defendant by the said Margaret whom one Thomas Needham 
by the plaintiff's practice did secretly take away and marry with- 
out this defendant's privity. And defendant saith he hath care- 
fully brought up Anne in said report married as well as his other 
children and not to be termed an idiott etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, H, bundle 31, no. 50. 

June 3, 1603. Complaint of Jone Edwardes of Christ church 
Norwich, widow, that one William Goodwin of the said city was 
indebted some iio which she asked payment — but the said Wil- 
liam Goodwin having a badd and corrupt meaning to defraud 
your oratrix confederated in practice with one Thomas Twaytis, 
dark and William Pawling (as appears by a book of reckonings) 
6 June 1603. Answer of William Goodwin. Demurrer of 
Thomas Thwaytis and William Pawlings. That he owes £6 and 
subscribed his name in the book for that amount. The complain- 
ant did for certain yeares past did use the trade of brewer and 
the said Goodwin did have beer to about £6 and she afterwards 
delivered six barrels of beer for which he was to pay 50s. and 
she urged one quarter of faggot wood for which he was to pay 
5s. and the defendant has delivered at several times in money 


and other values in that is to say at one time £5 in money and at 
another time £3 in money and at another time 40s. in money 
and another time delivered 100 faggot wood for 20s. whereof 
the said complainant paid to the defendant the sum of £4 or £5 
the said complainant being indebted to the defendant for ferrage 
of her, her servants and goods for the space of eight years over 
a ferry which he holds by lease from the Dean and Chapter of 
Norwich and about the ist of December, 44 Elizabeth referred 
to the arbitrations of one Thomas Thwaytis and one Thomas 
Pawlinges who acknowledge acting as arbitrators and one being 
discontented with their award they persuade them to continue 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford V, 83. 

4 June 1603. Plaintiff Edward Goodinge of Ipswich, county 
Suffolk gent. In November, 43 Elizabeth, with one Robert 
Rymner the elder of Ipswich, merchant, and became bound in 
£200 for payment of £100 to Richard Brook of Nacton, Suffolk, 
Esquire. Lymner promised to deliver certain broadcloth then 
in the custody of one Coleby a sherman. Plaintiff had to pay the 
£105. Robert Lymner senior and the younger conspire to 
become bankrupt. Answer of Robert Lymner — denies the con- 
federacy with his son and generally denies. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 94. 

25 June 1604. To Right Hon. Sir Thomas Egerton, Knight. 
Bill of Complaint of Margaret Goodwin, widdow of Richard 
Goodwin late of Wills, county Somerset, Esqre. deceased, that 
said Richard before marriage in consideration of £300 given in 
marriage by Robert May of Charterhouse Hidon in said county, 
Esqre, deceased, suppliant's father promised to make an estate of 
his said lands etc. in Wells to some of complainants friends in 
trust for said complainant for her jointure and the said Richard 
then in possession of 9 acres of meadow in occupation of Wil- 
liam Bowerman of Wells Esqr and 8 acres arrable and other 
lands in occupation of one Hayward and one Androwe Alvard, 
Thomas Sayard, lying on the way from Welles to Wookey and 
other lands late in the occupation of one Christopher Pawlet, 
Richard Corfield, Walter Marchant, William Bathe, Robert Nor- 
ton, one Gallington, William Austin, clarke, Robert Sheppard, 


Agnes Kinge, widow, Johane Lane, wedowe, Richard Alvard, 
Richard Godwin the elder of Wells, gent, Richard Tanner, David 
Tryon of Wookeye, Agnes Haggatts, widow Alvard, John Aishe, 
and the said Richard Godwin, Robert Hort, and one Woornall, the 
said William Bowerman, William Godway, Symon Chariton, 
Edmond Brangwell, Richard Corfield, all of which said premises 
in the parish of St. Cuthberts in Welles, county Somerset, and the 
said Richard being married to your said complainant about 18 
Elizabeth by an indenture dated 20 August in trust for the per- 
formance of said contract reposed in Christopher Kenn, esquire, 
John Woolfe, Dr. in Phisicke, both deceased, and John May 
brother to complainant granted the said lands in trust for com- 
plainant and the said indenture was delivered to the said John 
Man. Now the said Richard Godwin and the said Kenn and 
Woolfe being deceased the said John May ref useth to convey the 
said premises to complainant etc. etc. With answer of John May 
of Charterhouse 14 February 1604. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 4, no. 24. 

25 June 1604. To Right Hon Sir Thomas Egerton, Knight. 
Bill of Complaint of Anthony Godwin of Wookey, county Somer- 
set, gent, that about 10 February a year last past purchased for 
the lives joi William, Thomas and Robert Godwin complainants 
sonnes messuage or inne in the Hugh Streete in Welles in county 
Somerset called the Starre wherewith there has beene a way 
leading out of Chamberline Street there unto or neere the back- 
side of the said inne with a gatehouse and a wall there and a 
garden adjoyning one John Jorden there, parchment maker, now 
pretendenth tytle to the same and your orator for quietness hath 
offered to recompense the said Jorden for his supposed title yet 
who by plotting with one John Wookey of Welles, innkeeper, 
covenanted with one Abraham Kinge of Welles, gent, that the 
said Kinge should buye the said way ground and garden for one 
year which was accomplished and the said Jorden afterwards 
intreated your orator to compound with him for his title which 
your orator was willing to do to avoid suits of lawe and it was 
agreed between the said Jordan and Katherine his wife and the 
said complainant this 2nd June that your orator should enjoy 
the said way and gatehouse etc. etc. for twenty one yeares from 
exceping of the said King's lease without any hindrances from 



said King or any other and in consideration thereof the said 
Jordan should use the same to lay his parchment to dry etc. and 
that your orator should pay to the assignees of the said Jordan 
iio and for performance that Edward Huysh of Welles, Notary 
Public, should become bound and that a lease should be made. 
Said Huysh complainants son in law. Said lease to be left in 
hands of Thomas Barron, Mayor of Welles, yet upon draft of 
said agreement being read to said Jorden and the said Huysh 
expressing his willingness to become bound for payment of said 
iio the said Jorden at the instigation of said Wookey refused to 
performe said agreement and hath made secret estate to the said 
Wookey etc. etc. With answer of John Jorden, Katherin his 
wife and John Wookie defendants. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle ii, no. 66. 

17 April 1605. Plaintiff Arthur Hall of London, esquire. 
That becoming about twelve years past bound in one recognizance 
of £2500 to John Ballett late of London, gouldsmith, deceased, 
conditions being contained in two paire of indentures Valentine 
Saunders and Owyn Wood in the right of Joan his wife and as 
executors of said John Ballett have gotten judgment on said 
recognizanse against your orator on the Eve of Saint Michaell 
the Archangell last past did extend the moytie of the mannors 
lands, tenements, etc, possessed by your orator in county Lincoln. 
Since the said recognizance acknowledged your orator did lease 
to one John Shee of Grantham for divers years to come and 
not ended fourescore acres of lande, medowe and pastures in 
Harraby, county Lincoln, yielding fi8 per annum and your 
orator did lease to one Raffe Butler 16 acres of pasture for divers 
years at £4. I3s.4d. per annum and one year and a half past he 
also did lease to Dorothy Harrison, widow, 26 acres of pasture for 
a yearly rent of £8 also in the 2nd year of H. M. reign he did 
lease to Thomas Passam 20 acres of pasture at i6.13s.4d. per 
annum and also about three yeares ago he did lease Simond 
Goodwin one tenement with appurtenances being in Grantham, 
county Lincoln, at £7 per annum also Robert Symson did hold 
9 acres of land at £3. 6s.8d. per annum— one John Cherrington 
leased 7 acres at £3. 5s.8d. per annum and William Wells leased 
4 acres at £1. i3s.8d. per annum. All which lease holders were 
evicted and your orator has no remedy of his one half years rent 


due because the evictions took place one day before the rent fell 
due which they now deny owing. Demurrer of Symon Goodwyn. 
Pleads uncertainty and insufficiency. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford, bundle 33, no. 79. 

29 April 1605. To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere. Bill of 
Complaint of Edward Goodwin of Dorking, county Surrey, gent, 
brother and guardian of Richard Goodwin on behalf of said 
Richard. That Edward Goodwin late of Dorking, gent, your 
orator's late father deceased was seised of a copyhold messuage 
in Milton in the parish of Dorking holden of the Mannor of 
Milton and so seised permitted one William Hill of Dorking in 
said county, yeoman, to inhabit same from year to yeare under 
some small rent. Your orator's father died about two years 
since and said messuage descended to said Richard youngest son 
of said Edward according to custome of said mannor. Now 
said Hill refuses to give up possession pretending to have a lease 
for years unexpired and offering to pay rent but not of half the 
vaule etc. yett hath permitted the said messuage etc. to grown 
ruinous and had committed great waste and cutt down tymber 
trees etc. With answer of defendant, 2 May 1605, mentions 
William Ratclifif gent, lord of the Mannor of Milton. Lease 
granted in consideration of a bond of £40. Replicacon of Com- 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 8. 

29 October 1605. Complaint of Danyell Howse, vicar of 
Melton All Sants, Norfolk, is lawfuly seized of the vicarage and 
glebe lands etc. for twelve years past and had all the evidences 
and writinges untill about Michaelmas twelvemonths. At the 
request of one Gyles Awstin of Melton aforesaid and John Good- 
wyn of Norwich, scrivener, who said they intended to purchase 
other lands three tenements in Melton adjoining plaintiff's tene- 
ments and requested to peruse his evidences which he allowed 
them, then they requested your orator to lend them 5000 pieces to 
help them the easier to bound about the lands which he did and 
having gotten into their custody they refuse to deliver them 
knowing the orator hath no remedy at common law and your 
orator doth not know certain dates. And also by an agreement 
between said Awstin and your orator said Awstim was to have 


18 acres of land belonging to the vicarage. Awstin sent him 
some corn no price agreed. Goodwin caused him to be arrested 
in Norwich. Awstin being a man of great wealth knowing your 
orator was a very poor man. Bond. Engrossment. Answers of 
Giles Awstin and John Goodwin They have free land together. 
Chancery Proceedings, James I, M (H?), bundle 6, no. 93. 

12 November 1605. Answers of Thomas Norris, gentleman, 
and Petronell Hastinges, defendants. To the Bill of Complaint 
of one Anthony Goodwyn, gentleman, complainant. True that 

complainant with one Leonard became bound 

in £40 for payment of i 18 father to this defend- 
ants and the said Hugh Norris defendant's father about March 

last was seven yeares dyed intestate and shortly after 

did take letters of administration of his said deceased father his 
goods etc. etc. True that his said father in his lifetime did deliver 
said obligacion to Abraham Kinge mentioned in said bill denyeth 
tliat the money due was paid to his said father in his life time to 
defendants knowledge said Kinge delivered said obligacion to the 

said Petronell Hastinges being this defendant's 

sister to be delivered to this defendant who accordingly delivered 
same to defendant. True that said obligacion was not sett down 
in inventory exhibited for that the said bond was not then in 
defendant's possession nor in three years after but after delivery 
defendant demanded payment who replied that he thought same 
was sattisfied and that he had a release etc. and then request for- 
bearance of any suyte etc. etc. yet although many times requested 
complainant did never show any dischardge or proof of payment 
or give any other sattisfaccon. Defendant Hastings answers to 
same effect mentions one William Bowreman in Welles, Esqre. 
deceased, denies that the said complainant at house of the said 
Bowreman paid said £18 to her father Hugh Norris, their said 
father of Kinne to complainant did forbeare to presse com- 
plainant for payment Defendant only wishes to recover payment 
of due debt etc, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 44. 

23 January 1605. Plaintiffs Walter Nurse of Weston under 
Pennyarde, county of Hereford, gent, and John Nurse his son 
administrators of all the goodes chattells etc. of Charles Nurse 


deceased brother of the orator Walter Nurse. About thirty two 
years since one John Stafford, esquire, deceased being seised of 
land, errable meadows and pasture containing about 200 acres in 
Mydleton als Mylton, Keynes, county Bucks, did lease the same 
for sixty years to said Charles Nurse the exact terme or date your 
orators cannot sett forth without sight of the indenture which is 
in the possesion of persons after named. About eighteen years 
past Charles Nurse being in possession of the said lands etc. died 
intestate being possessed of other property of value of £300. The 
administration of whose estate was committed to the widow Mar- 
garet Nurse now also deceased who entered into possession. 
Upon whose death the administration was granted to your orators 
who became entitled to all writings indented and to enter into all 
property devised thereby which they did. Whereupon one 
Thomas Woodalls and Richard Goodwyn of Mydleton als Milton 
having by some casual meanes gotten into their custody the said 
writings did wrongfully enter into the farmehouse and lands etc. 
etc. and evicted your said orators and have practised with Sir 
William Stafford, knight, (the owner) to get a new and colorable 
estate therein delivering the said writing to Sir William Stafford 
or undertakes to do so, etc. Answer of Richard Goodwin This 
defendant lent Thomas Woodsall the other defendant i2oo upon 
security of the farm in question — never dealt with the plaintiffs — 
does not know them etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford, bundle 6, no. 27. 

15 November 1607. Plaintiff Sir Edward Coke of Godwicke 
in county of Norfolk, knight. Being life tenant of certain lands 
etc. as freehold called Halhowse tenements in Wherestead in the 
said county of Suffolk of which he can grant a lease of twenty 
one years subject only to the accustomed rents of the Manor of 
Bromehall, county Suffolk. In the first year of James in October 
Sir Edward Coke agreed to grant a lease to John Gooding and 
Richard Gooding of Wherested, gentlemen, of the said tenement 
and landes for the terme of eleaven yeares from the feast of St 
Michaell the Archangel next following for a fyne of fifty poundes 
to be paid in hand by Richard Gooding and John Gooding and 
the yearly rent of £5 which is only the accustomed rent for the 
said messuage. Sir Edward Coke seals and delivers to the Good- 
wins his parte of the indenture. The Goodwins having got pos- 


session of the tenements and lands which were really worth £20 
a year and having gotten into their handes divers deedes etc. and 
hy ensealed indenture having acknowledged the receipt of the 
£50 which had not been paid they refuse to pay that £50 or 
to seal the indenture. Plaintiflf seeks redress and damages. 
Answers of Richard Gooding and John Gooding. Robert Aylmer 
servant to the complainant. Deny making any covenants, state 
they have lived for ten or sixteen years and they have dwelt in 
the same tenement and still do so paying £5 to plaintiff per annum 

as formerly agreed. Last February one — Withe son of 

Richard Withe of Brockdish, county Norfolk and shewed him a 
sealed writing stating it was a lease. Mr. Clement Coock's Sir 
Edwarde's heir, not being in the lease they refused to sign the 
counterpart. They pray to be dismissed and their costs paid. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 15, no. 51. 

23 November 1609 Complaint of James Wardrop the elder and 
Robert Mason, gent, and James Wardrop the younger that James 
Wardrop senior, March 4, James I. borrowed of Richard Good- 
win, butcher, £30 and above personal security in a £60 bond. 
Money paid but bond not given up. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, W, bundle 23, no. 9. 

7 April 1610. To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere. Bill of 
Complaint of Francis Goodwin of Wooburn, county Bucks, 
knight, having occasion to provide himself with apparell hath pur- 
chased stuff for same in London and the country one Admindab 
Cowper of London, taylor, pretends that your orator owes him 
£16 for a tustavata gowne made and delivered to your orator's 
daughter, your orator requested proof of same which said 
Cowper delayed to do yett now hath commenced a suite against 
your orator. Prays that said Cowper may discover when and 
how he bought said stuffe and delivered said gowne etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 59. 

19 November 1610. To Rt. Hon Thomas Lord Ellesmere, 
Lord Chancellor etc. Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of 
Tadington, county Derby, yeoman that John Owtram late of 
Tadington, yeoman, was possessed of a lease for years yet endur- 



ing from Robert Eyre of Hyslowe in said county, esqre. of one 
messuage and farme and divers lands etc. in Tadington and soe 
possessed about April 1598 it was agreed that complainant should 
have the said messuage etc. during the terme of eighteen years if 
complainant should so long live paying yearly rent of ii8 and 
that said Owtram should pay all out rents and rents reserved with 
provision that if the said Owtram desired to dwell therein then 
complainant should leave at expiration of a yeare or two years 
notice and your orator paid said Owtram £4. 2s. 2d. for a fyne 
for all the tythes corne etc. etc. upon said messuage for a term of 
twenty yeares the said Owtram to repay same roteably if he 
should dwell therein and further if said Owtram should desire 
to sell his whole interest then your orator should have the same 
and further it was agreed that complainant should pay for the 
said Owtram to one William Foxelowe the sum of £y. 8s. od. at 
a certain date then to come and should defaulte the same out of 
said rent, all said agreements sealed and delivered your orator 
found the said messuage etc. much overrated and it was then 
agreed that your orator should leave the said tithe and should 
have the said messuage during all the terme the said John had 
and that 30s. a yeare should be abated out of said rent and the 
said messuage etc. except the said tithes were then granted to com- 
plainant and your orator believing he had a good estate in same 
for seventeen or eighteen years at least your orator was at great 
costs to make the same more profitable and hath taken other lands 
at Bruchfield adjoining of purpose to spare the said lands and to 
bring them into better condition being now of much better value. 
But now one Raffe Orme and Henry Booth perceiving that com- 
plainant hath bettered said lands have persuaded the said Owtram 
to make some conveyance to them and hath made divers entries 
and secret estates etc. to defraud your orator etc. etc. Answer 
of John Owtram one of defendants at Dronfield 11 January, 8 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 6, no. 44. 

Undated. 161 1 ? To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere, Lord 
Chancellor etc Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn. That 
about six years past there was an agreement made between com- 
plainant and Christopher Blackwall and Robert Blackwall, sonne 
of said Christopher, that the said Robert should take to wief 


Anne Goodwyn daughter of complainant thereof and in consider- 
ation complainant should pay to said Christopher and Robert £40 
and that the said Christopher and Robert should convey that 
capitall messuage or tenement one cottage three barnes two 
gardens two yards or crofts 20 acres arable land or meadow with 
all appurtenances pastures feedings etc. etc. in the towns of 
Tudington and Prestcliff, county Derby, now or late in occupa- 
tion of said Christopher to the use of said Robert and Anne for 
their lives and to their heirs male at the death of survivor in 
default to the heirs female and indentures of said agreement 
were sealed and delivered and your orator paid the said £40 and 
did find the said Robert and Anne and their servants with meate, 
drincke and lodging for one whole yeare after said marriage and 
did manvire plowe and sowe the said lands with corne and did 
harvest same at complainant's own costes of at least £40 and the 
said Robert and Ane after said marriage had issue one onely 
daughter Alice yet alive and after the said Anne dyed without 
other issue after whose death the said Robert Blackwall and 
Richard Buxton whose daughter the said Robert hath since mar- 
ried have gotten into their hands both parts of the said indenture 
and combyning with the said Christopher intend to convey the 
said messuage etc. to other uses so that the said Alice shall not 
have the said messuage etc. after the death of said Robert and 
refuse to make any assurance to the said Alice etc. With 
answers of Robert Blackwall and Richard Buxton defendants at 
Bakewell 18 January, 9 James. Denies any such agreement or 
that they have possession of both parts of indentures as alledged. 
Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 6, no. 59. 

8 June 161 1 Plaintiff John Wookey of Wells in county Som- 
erset, inholder. Whereas one Richard Goodwyn late of Wells 
in the county of Somerset, esquire, deceased, was possessed for — 
yeares past for divers years to come and unexpired of divers 
messuages lands and tenements lying in the parish of St. Cuth- 
berts in Wells and about — yeares past did grant unto John 
Bridges of Meere, county Wilts, gent, all the said premises with 
the indenture agreeing to pay John Bridges his heires etc. £100 
at the limit of his lease Goodwin's son Benjamin entered into 
possession and two years ago being in great need of money came 
to your orator and entreated him to buy certain tenements and 


parcells of ground in and about Wells being part contained in the 
said mortgage but distrusting the validity of the title of Benjamin 
at first did refuse, but Benjamin waxing importunate and vowing 
earnestlie that the premises were free of all encumbrances your 
orator did pay £32 and Benjamin Goodwin granted under a deed 
—day of — year of James I two acres of meadow in a close called 
Lyme Rell close and a plot of ground without the same close 
whereupon sometyme stood a lyme kell and a tenement or cottage 
lying in Wells and one voyd plot of ground lying in one other 
street called Beggars street in Wells and three yards of meadow 
lying in Polsham meed to hold for divers years to come. But 
John Bridges to whom the premises were mortgaged being de- 
ceased and John Bridge the son being likewise deceased the 
assignment in mortgage being come to one Arthur Crew and 
other executors of John the son and the said premises forfeited 
before Benjamin made the estate into your orator hands which 
he well knew, and said Benjamin did confederate with one 
Bartholomew Coxe of Wells, gent, an attorney of H. M. Courts 
of Common Pleas at Westminster to buy the residue of the lands 
contained in said mortgage and get the writings into their hands 
etc. etc. Answer of Bartholomew Coxe January 14, 1612. In 
September past Goodwyn did deliver a deed and parcell of a 
messuage in Chamberlaine street in Wells and certaine land with 
the original indenture made by the master and burgesses of Wells. 
Charges plaintiff with conspiring to have writings made dated 
before this defendants writings therefore he repudiates all lia- 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M, bundle 21, no. 145. 

28 October 1611. Answere of Siban Pigott the defendant to 
the Bill of Sir Francis Goodwine, knight, complainant True that 
defendant is now and his ancestors were for many years possessed 
of the manor farme or graynge house of Collwicke and divers 
closes thereto belonging and believeth it true that the said Sir 
Frauncis is seised of the three coppices named Hame Greene 
Copice, Slashers Copice and the Copice nexte the Lady Pellames 
Woods as parcel of the Manor of Haddesdon. Further defend- 
ant saith there hath byn tyme out of mynde a common waye for 
the inhabitants of Hame and Wotton and all other townes and 
villages lying on the Southwest side of the saide woods to goe 


into the woods of the complainant by ye pownde of the said Sir 
Francis adioyning to Hame Greene and soe by the close of one 
Robert Becks adioyning his house and through the woods of the 
said Sir Francis through Eyhope woods into ye nether parte of 
Oringe Hill neere Binoll lane bridge and soe to Buckinghame and 
Winstowe being anneyent, markett townes and all other townes 
on the W. and N. W. partes and likewise for all men having 
occasion to travayle from Dodershall, East Claydon or Bottle 
Claydbn on the North part to goe to the city of Oxford or to 
Hame or Wootton and other townes on the West or South 
West syde of the said woodes and when the said woodes were 
encopised there were gates placed and left unlocked for the 
said passage and the said Francis and owners of the said woodes 
did never use the way by Eytrappe Woods but eyther to Ham- 
greene or through this defendant's groundes and placed gates 
for that purpose and defendant hath made gates for the purpose 
of using the said wayes and can make proofe thereof by witnesses 
and the said defendant further saith that his predecessors were 
never denied any passage until about thirty (30) yeares since 
when there was some varyance between the said Robert Pigott 
defendant's grandfather and Sir John Goodwine complainant's 
father yet defendant's said grandfather Mr. Francis Pigott de- 
fendant's father and the said defendant have used the said ways 
without contradiction by the said Sir John and complainant untill 
this yeare and now the complainant hath placed greate chaynes 
and lockes to the said gates and greate hedges and great ditches 
across the said ways to the great damage of the said defendant 
and others and if complainant hath sufifered any harme by the 
pulling up of said hedges etc. etc. it hath not been the will of 
defendant if he might otherwise have his lawful passage etc. 
prays to be dismissed etc Replicacon of complainant, says that de- 
fendant and others have only used said passage on sufifrance and 
not of right. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 6, no. 75. 

26 November 161 1. To Rt Hon Thomas Lord Ellesmere, Lord 
Chancellor. Bill of Complaynt of William Goodwin D.D. 
and Deane of the Cathedrall Church of Christe in Oxon of the 
foundacion of Henry VHI and the Chapter of the same churche. 


Your orator seised of the Rectory of Little Compton in County 
of Gloucester and Glebe lands in Little Compton of tithes etc. 
Whereas Sir Robert Cotton of Little Compton, knt, and Dame 
Elizabeth his wife in right of the said Elizabeth is seised in the 
Mannor of Little Compton and having by casuall meanes got the 
deeds etc of the said rectorie and deprived your orator of the 
greatest part of the profitts etc. and have lately built a lodge and 
banks in said mannor for breeding etc. of cowyes to the greate 
damage to your orator and the inhabitants of Little Compton. 
Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G. bundle 17, no. 80. 

25 January 1612 Plaintiff Phillip Amptyll of the parish of 
St. Gyles in the Fields, county Middlesex, yeoman, sues Margarie 
Goodwyne wife of Morgan Goodwyn of Faversham, county 
Kent, for legacies due under will of John Gibbons her late hus- 
band of Whitstable, Kent, deceased, due to the orator's wife 
(sister of John Gibbons) now deceased, of £4 and also a legacy 
of wearing apparel and 40s. to the brother Nicholas Gibbons. 
The widow being sole executrix took everything and remarried. 
Chancery Proceedings, James I, A, bundle 50, no. 135. 

16 November 161 3. To Right Hon. Thomas Lord Ellesmere. 
Bill of Complaint of John Gooddinge of Lynkynhorne, county 
Cornwall, husbandman, that John Dyngle of Linkinhorne, yeo- 
man, about 26 Elizabeth was seised of two closes of land called 
Halewill and the orchard Parkes in the said parish and by lease 
granted the same to Richard Goodinge deceased, complainant's 
father for twenty one yeares from The Annunciation, 1591 at 
yearly rent of los. and the said Richard entered and about 
twelve years since died possessed thereof and the said estate etc. 
ought to come to your orator for the residew of said termes and 
your orator entered and about December i James, demised the 
same to John Landrye of Linkenhorne, husbandman, for seven 
years at same rent of los. which the said Landry promised to pay 
to the said Dyngle and your orator agreed to become bound in 
i20 for quiet possession etc. and your orator delivered a bond to 
that effect as he believed. Now the said Landry combyning with 
one John Budge of Lynken home procured the said bond to be 
drawn for all the said terme of yeares remaining and having 


gotten the originall lease hath continewed in said premises and 
refuseth to pay the said rent to said Dingle and threatenes to sue 
your orator upon the said bond and further the said Budge about 
7 years past bought four heiffers of Complainant and now re- 
fuseth to pay for same etc. With answers of John Landry and 
John Budge 17 January, 11 James, at Linkenhorne. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 3, no. 52. 

10 November 1614. To Right Honorable Thomas Lord Elles- 
mere, Lord Chancellor. Bill of Complaint of Burton Goodwin 
of Nottingham in county and towne of Nottingham, yeoman, in 
June, 8 James, agreed between Anthony Kinnersley of Loxley in 
county Stafford, esquire, and Francis Kynnersley son and heir 
apparent of said Anthony of one part and your suppliant of the 
other part in consideration of £140 grant a lease in towne of 
Uttoxeter etc. etc. Much mutilated and decayed. With answers 
of defendants. 

Chancery Proceedings, James L G, bundle 17, no. 7. 

24 January 1614 Plaintiff Thomas Goodwin of Elstree, 
Herts and Katheryn his wife, William Hewst, citizen and merch- 
ant taylor, of London and Mary his wife and Debora Catesbye. 
That Thomas Catesby of Whiston, North Hants, esquire, de- 
ceased father of oratrixes Katheryn, Marie and Debora was in 
his life time seised of various manors of £1500. Having tender 
care towards said Katheryn Marie and Grace, Debora and 
Elizabeth made his will finding his body weak he entered into 
a bond to pay £100 to Elizabeth his eldest daughter since deceased 
and £100 each to the said oratrixes Katheryn Marie and Debora 
and the said Grace, expressly charged his son and heir George 
Catesby to see these legacies discharged. George deferred all 
payments for twenty seven years. Answer of Sir William Lane, 
knight, 2y April 161 5 About twenty seven years agoe said 
Thomas Catesby having many younger children among the rest 
the said three daughters died making no will. He has made all 
good meanes to get the said charges out of the personal estate 
which also came to said George his son and heir. Lane is willing 
to go to law and did so acquaint Mr Serjeant Yelverton since 
one of H. M. Justices being uncle to the said plaintiffs and Mr. 
Thomas Paget then of the Middle Temple being of counsel with 


this defendant and persons well, known to Thomas Catesby and 
*all parties and he remembers said George Catesby had no lands 
descended in fee simple whereby said bond could be levied his 
said father conveying and settling the said lands to George in his 
lifetime. Does not know what became of the bond whether it was 
consumed or worn away but has often seriously moved George 
Catesby to extend his love. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 19, no. 35. 

24 November 161 5. Plaintiff Richard Coke als Carrowe of 
Tuddenham in the county of Norfolk, yeoman, sonne of the said 
Richard. In May 161 3 were indebted to Theodore Goodwyn, 
gent, the sum of £70 and gave a bond of ii20 as security to be 
paid at three several dayes iio, £40, sio, and £20. Plaintiff has 
paid £10. £40, and £12. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 4, no. 14. 

29 January 161 5. Priscilla Goodwine an infant within age 
by Marke Motte a gardian that whereas John Goodwine late of 
Bocking, county Essex, clothier, was lawfully seized of two 
messuages or tenements of the yearly value of £20 or upward 
situate in Bockinge af oresayd and of the same ten years ago died 
seised which tenements came rightfully to Priscilla Goodwyn and 
two others her sisters as heirs of said John Goodwine, the eldest 
of whom was sometime since married to one Robert Worley of 
Bockinge a yeoman and since that shee and the other are dead 
without heyers of her body begotten so all the said property 
ought to descend to the oratrix yet the said Robert Worley 
brother in lawe of your oratrix having in the tender yeares of 
your oratrix having married her sister and by whom or other 
casual nieanes gotten into his handes the charters, writings etc. 
etc. concerning the said property knowing your oratrix cannot 
for want of said charters etc. make title nor defend her right or 
interest and hath entered into the said property and withholds it 

from your oratrix and whereas one Philemon Pilgrim 

of Bocking, yeoman, did sometimes since the recognizance of 
which is unknown to your oratrix unto one William Wade late 
of Ridgwell in Essex, yeoman, uncle of your oratrix acknowl- 
edged a recognizance for the well payment of £80 unto the said 
William Wade in trust for the use and behoof of your oratrix 


and of her sisters since this acknowledgement the said Wil- 
liam Wade is dead but before his decease made a will in writyng 
made the said Alice sole executrix who administered the goods 
and chattells of the said William Wade and since married Phillip 

Wrettam, Cambridge, in county of Cambridge, cartour, 

all the deedes of William Wade or in his handes have come into 
the possession of Phillip Wrettam and his wife amongst others 
the recognizance now of right belonging to your oratrix. Phil- 
lip Wrettam and his wife combining with Worley endeavour to 
withould from your oratrix do try to suppress and defraud her 
of all benefit although the oratrix has divers tymes asked Worley 
to allow her enjoyment of the lands etc. and to give up the deedes 
which each and every one of them refuse to do which lands to 
the disinheritance of your oratrix being an infant of tender years 

and if speedy redress be not given Robert 

Worley married Mary Goodwin in 12 James he says John Good- 
wine died possessed of goods etc. etc. of great value. He died 
intestate. His wife Johan takes out letters of administration but 
some friendes of the daughters induced her to revoke the same 
to the end that Philemon Pilgrim of Bockinge, clothier, should 
administer and in consideration he was to give securitie to pay 
thirty pounds a year to each of the said three daughters at the 
several ages of 21 yeares or dale of marriage which should first 
happen so they did not marry before their ages of 18 years. If 
anyone dies the rest to have her share and whoever had the bring- 
ing up of the said children Pilgrim would allow £3 per annum 
per child. Then Philemon Pilgrim administered and had all the 
goodes of John Goodwine and Philemon Pilgrim in the 4th 
year of James entered into a recognizance to William Wade of 
Ridgewell, a man chosen as trustee to the children being their 
uncle, etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 60. 

2.2 February 1615. To Right Honorable Thomas Lord Elles- 
mere Lord Chancellor etc. Bill of Complaint of Richard Barker 
of Stoke next Naylond, county Sufifolk, yeoman, executor of one 
Richard Barker of Warmingford, county Essex, yeoman, 
deceased, father of the said complainant. Has paid the debts of 
the said Richard to the full value of goods etc. left by said Rich- 
ard and which came to complainant. Dyvers dealings between 


the said Richard and one Philip Barker of Naylond, county Suf- 
folk, yeoman, and the said Richard became bound as suretie for 
said Philip and said Philip to said Richard to save him harmless 
etc. etc all or great part paid in lifetime of the said Richard and 
the residue compounded by the said complainant with said Philip. 
Said Richard about 20 Elizabeth, became bound to one William 
Goodwyn of Woodbridge Hasketon, county Suffolk, gent, in £120 
only in trust or for no good cause or consideration the said bond 
being long since satisfied and delivered up to be cancelled but 
being uncancelled either by the means of Faith Barker, widow of 
the said Richard and daughter in lawe of the said Goodwin or 
some other meanes has come to the hands of the said Goodwyne. 
Now the said William Goodwyn and Phillip Barker knowing that 
complainant cannot make direct proof of any payment by the said 
Richard now labor to recover the value from your orator in 
respect of his said father's goods etc. etc. and have commenced 
suite at Common Lawe etc. etc. upon obligacon of £40 dated 30 
October, 8 James, and upon the said pretended bond of ii20 and 
upon one other bond of £40 to one Edward Spencer gent, of the 
debt of the said Richard on which the said Phillip stood bound 
as suretie for the said Richard. Said Spencer hath delivered a 
release to the said complainant and hath offered the same release 
to the said Phillip which the said Phillip refuseth and also to 
deliver the said bond. Prays to be relieved etc. etc. not knowing 
the conditions of the said bond etc. etc. Replicacion of com- 
plainant. Answer of Phillip Barker one of defendants, 10 April 
1 616. Answer of William Goodinge, gent, one of the defendants 
at Woodbridge 10 April, 14 James that about 25 October, 22 
Elizabeth he lent to said Richard £60 who became bound in £120 
for payment in 1581 no part paid neither the bond at any time 
delivered to said Richard said debt forborne for that the said 
Richard had married Faith Barker one of the daughters in lawe 
to the said defendant and by entreaty of Margaret wife of the 
defendant mother of the said Faith and the said Richard also 
being much troubled and sued by others for his debts. Hath now 
commenced a suite for that the said complainant hath obtained the 
possession of the goodes of the said Richard more than sufficient 
to pay his debts, etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James T. B, bundle 16, no. 75. 


14 November 1616. Complaint of one John Woodgate Est 
Bergholt Suffolk, clothier, that William Holloway late of Este- 
berg-holt, deceased, was seized in fee of "Consuallo" in Tendring, 
county Essex, and by his last will devised the said lands to his 
sonn William Holloway and to his daughter Mary £120 at 20 or 
marriage out of the said lands and the said William Holloway the 
father did make his wife Elizabeth executrix and died, after 
which Elizabeth took to husband one John Goodwin of Estberg- 
holt, clothier, and orator taking to wife said Mary divided the 
£120 but said John Goodwyn refused except orator entered into 
bond of £240 to repay or else when Mary was 21 make assualls 
of "Consuallo" to Williams Holloway the son, Mary being under 
age and unable to make said assurance, Orator and wife always 
willing to make assurance, while William Holloway the son was 
living or to his heirs since his death though not strictly in law 
bound to do but John Goodwyn refuses to deliver bond etc. 25 
October 161 7. Answer of John Goodwin, Woodgate and wife 
neglected to make the assurance though William Holloway the 
son lived three years after Mary was of age and now his sisters 
and co-heirs are being defeated of inheritance. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, W, bundle 24, no. 61. 

15 May 161 7 To the Right Honourable Sir Francis Bacon, 
Knight, Lord Keeper of the Great Seal of England. William 
Goodwyne of Grays Inn, county Middlesex gent, complains that 
whereas one, Margaret Betts late of London, widov/, deceased, 
having one son and three daughters unmarried did about three 
years last past, in consideration of a marriage to be solemnized 
between the said William Goodwyne and Margaret her daughter, 
promise to give unto the said William Goodwyne the sum of £300, 
viz £100 at the time of the marriage and the residue in one month 
after the decease of the said Margaret the mother ; and the said 
Margaret Betts did accordingly pay the said £100, and did after- 
wards i.e. in October 161 5 make her last Will and Testament in 
which she bequeathed to the said William Goodwyne £100 to be 
paid within six months of the death of the said Margaret ; and 
did also bequeath to the first daughter that the said William 
should have, being called by the name of Anne, £50; when she 
should attain the age of 14; and further appointed that the 


executors of the said will should within the space of four years 
after the testator's death, convey certain premises worth £600 
to her son Edmund Betts, to be held by him and his lawful 
issue or in default of such issue, to remain to her three daughters 
and their heirs forever, and did bequeath to Elizabeth, another 
of her daughters, £120; and did constitute as executrix to her 
Will one Bridgett Hall, and devised that if the said executrix, 
then a widow, should marry again before she should have duly 
performed the contents of the said will, she should, before her 
marriage, become bound in the sum of £1500 to one Sir Edmund 
Garisell Knt. and one Gregory Garisell Esq. with condition that 
the said Bridgett and her intended husband should duly perform 
the same, and on the refusal of the said executrix to be bound 
in said sum, the annuity accrueing to her as Executrix to cease 
and one of her, the testator's, children to be made executor or 
executrix in her stead. And afterwards the said Margaret Betts, 
thetestator died leaving goods and chattels to the value of £2000: 
and said Bridget took possession and being indebted to your 
orator in £300 beguiled your orator into signing a deed of release 
of said debt and promised your orator to bequeath him more than 
the said £300. Then, your orator under age, sealed such a release 
conditionally. Yet after the said Bridgett hath married with one 
Edmond Newgate, said Bridget and Edmond refused to satisfie 
complainant or to pay the said legacies, etc. 

The joint and several answers of Edmund Newgate and Bridg- 
ett his wife defendants to the Bill of Complaint of Wm. Good- 
wyn, gent. 

The said defendants while acknowledging the truth of other 
things set forth in the said Bill of Complaint, do deny that the 
said Margaret Betts deceased did leave behind her goods and 
chattels to the value of £2000 and that they have in any way 
attempted to defraud the said William Goodwyn and others of 
their legacies etc. They do say that the said bill is untrue and 
insufficient in this and other points and are willing to prove the 
same as the honourable Court shall award, and pray to be dis- 
missed, etc. Dated 15 March 161 7. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 9, no. 13. 

25 June 1 61 7. Humfrey Churchman of Hopton Wafers, 
county Salop, yeoman. Complainant. Showth that whereas one 


Richard Hide late of Hopton Wafers gent., and nowe deceased, 
was in his Hfe time seized etc. of one messuage or tenement and 
40 acres of land etc. in Hopton Wafers and then and forty years 
before in the occupacon of Edward Churchman your orator's 
father of Ongland (?) in consideration of the good service there- 
tofore done vnto the said Richard Hide as also in consideracion 
of a greate sume of money then payde by your orator unto the 
said Richard Hide and other considerations did by his deede 
execute with liverie and seisin, demise and lett vnto your orator 
and his assigns all that the said messuage etc. for tearme of the 
life of the longest liver of them at the yearlie rente of thirty 
shillinges etc. But now so it is that about three yeares paste the 
said Richard Hide being so seized of the reversion of the premises 
died thereof so seized. After his decease the reversion descended 
to Humf rey Hide gent, sonne and heire of the said Richard Hide, 
deceased. By force of which descent the said Humfrey Hide is 
so seized of the said messuage etc. And your orator having by 
some causuall meanes loste the said lease which the saide Hum- 
frey Hide and one Thomas Kinersley gent, by some causuall 
meanes have gotten into theire handes, custodie and possession, 
together with divers other deeds and writings . . . have made 
divers entries uppon your orator's possession and the said Hum- 
frey hath made some lease unto the said Thomas Kynnersley etc. 
And for as much as your orator payed valuable consideration for 
the said estate and therefore thinks that in all equity he should 
enjoy the same against the said Humphrey Hide being heire and 
against the said lease made by said Humfrey Hide to said 
Thomas Kynnersley and requests the court to issue a writ of 
subpoena directing the said Humfrey Hide and Thomas Kynner- 
sley to appear and give cause why they should not deliver up 
into your orator the said lease and other writings and to show 
uppon what title they purpose to avoid your orator's said lease. 
7 July 161 7 The answer of Thomas Kynnersley gent, one of 
the defendants to Bill of Complaint of Humfrey Churchman, 
Complainant. Admits that Humfrey Hide did by indenture 
demise and grant the said messuage lands etc. unto him, this 
defendant, for the some of five pounds by virtue of which lease 
the defendant entered and belives that he was lawfully possessed 
of the said messuage etc. etc. Denies that he has in his posses- 
sion the deeds, writings, etc. etc. which are mentioned by the 


complainant and which are mentioned by the complainant and 
which he alleges are in possession of the defendants, etc. etc. etc. 

The Answer of Humf rey Hide, gent., to the above bill of com- 
plaint of Humfrey Churchman, complainant. 

The replicacon of Humfrey Churchman, complainant, to the 
Answer of Humfrey Hide, gent, and Thomas Kinnersley, defend- 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 19, no. 5. 

21 November 1617. Complaint of John Woodgate of Estberg- 
holte als East Darfeld, county Suffolk, clothier. Whereas 
William Holloway late of Estbergholt, clothier, deceased, was 
seized of his freehold for terms of his own life of divers lands 
known as Casuells Sett situate Tendringe, county Essex, the re- 
version of same after death of said William to Sara now the 
wife of Daniell Woodgate. Did make his last will about nine 
years last past and did devise unto W illiam Holloway his sonne, 
by Elizabeth his second wife, and to the heirs of the said William 
and his heirs for ever and did bequeath unto your oratrix Mary 
the some of ii20 to be paid at her age of 20 or marriage — Mary 
conveying all her right or interest in casuells for behoof of the 
said William Holloway and the said William Woodgate the father 
did ordain Elizabeth his late wife (now the wife of John Good- 
win) his sole executrix who proved the will of etc. etc. and short 
tyme after tooke to husband John Goodwin of Est Bergholte, 
clothier, who thus possessed himself of all goods chattells etc. 
refused to pay the legacy of £120 etc. etc. Answer of John 
Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife — guardians of their children 
Elizabeth, Anne, Susan and Mary half sisters and coheirs of 
William Holloway the son. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, W, bundle 30, no. i. 

15 June 1618. To Lord Bishop of Lincolne. Bill of Com- 
plaint of William Goodwin of Graies Inne, County Middlesex, 
gentleman. Refers to the same matter as in G. 1/65. Said 
Roger then being 70 years of age. Answer of Richard Good- 
win at Buxton, county Derby, 22 September, 16 James. Richard 
Goodwin brother to the said Roger. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle i, no. 7. 


10 May 1619. To Rt. Hon. Lord Verulam, Lord Chancellor. 
Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of Taddington in county 
Derby, executor of will of Roger Goodwyn late of Hurdleborne 
in said county deceased. About eight years past communication 
between Humfrey Goodwyn of Hurdlow and said Roger of one 
parte and Sir George Fulwood of Midleton in said county, knight, 
and Francis Fulwood of Midleton brother of said Sir George 
Goodwyn (sic) of the other parte re marriage between said Hum- 
frey Goodwin and Joiste Fulwood sister of said Sir George. Said 
Humfrey worth i6oo at least said Joyce an ancient mayde past 
childebearing of the age of 50 or thereabouts and only iioo for 
her porcon said Sir George and Francis refused their consent 
but after further communication said marriage was arranged etc. 
Said Humhfrey had other children at the time of William sonne 
of said Humphrey, George Goodwyn another son. With answer 
of George Goodwyn and replicacion of Richard Goodwin. 
Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 13, no. 36. 

16 October 1619. To Francis Lord Verulam, Lord Chancellor. 
Bill of Complaint of one George Goodwyn of Harley, county 
Derby, yeoman, about three years past tooke to wyfe one Anne 
Barber who at that time had dyvers somes owing to her in hands 
of dyvers persons somme of them yett unknown to your orator 
as said Anne deceased before revealing them neither had shee any 
securitie etc. and on her death bed could not remember the par- 
ticulars but among the rest one Nicholas Cresswell of Fourth 
in said county borrowed several somes of your orator's late wife 
etc. etc. in presence of witnesses your orator knoweth not etc. etc. 
Said Creswell her neighbour and kinsman etc. etc. (signed at 
bottom. W. Goodwyn) Answer of Nicholas Cresswell deny- 
ing that he had any moneys. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 5. 

22 November 1619. Complaint of John Cicell of Beudley, 
county Worcester, yeoman, that whereas about July, 16 James 
one John Hardwick late of Bewdley aforesaid, yeoman, now 
deceased, did cause several actions to be brought against one 
Burton Goodwin of Ribsford in said county, yeoman, for debts 
and about 11 August, 16 James I, did come to trial in courte of 


said town before William Key, gent, bailiff of said towne and 
Humfrey Brookesbie, gent, deputy recorder thereof and your 
orator was then foreman of the jury and bringing in verdict at 12 
of the clock aforesaid bailiff having received the same discharged 
your orator and the jury who came noe more that day, and in find- 
ing of which verdicts in behalf of plaintiff Hardwick your orator 
did demeane himself justly nor ever had any dealings with 
plaintiff or defendant nor did receive one penny or any bribe 
of said Hardiwck whereupon said Burton being much displeased 
on account of the verdict against your orator and Humfrey 
Brookesby, Matthew Brookesby, Esqre, brother of said Hum- 
frey Brookesby, John Hardwick, plaintiff and John Carpenter 
one of jurors supposing them to have acted corruptly did about 
I of October, 16 did exhibit an informacon before H. M. Coun- 
cell established in the Marches of Walles in the name of Marma- 
duke Lloyd, esquire, his M's attorney attending same councell 
against said Mathew Brookesbie, Humphrey Brookesbie, John 
Hardwick, your orator and John Carpenter supposing certain 
offences at the said trial your orator as foreman with said (sic) 
Payton and Rowes and rest of jury did sincerely deliver up their 
verdict, which matter being before H. M. Councell about June 
last, XVHI the year, it pleased councell without any hearing to 
order said five defendants to pay to said Goodwin £4 apiece in 
full payment of £20 because of false statements of said Good- 
win and also of Thomas Hayward, Humfrey Payton and John 
Bowes, and said five defendants did enter into bond of £40 for 
payment of £20, and whereas each were to pay £4 apiece yet 
said Burton Goodwin, Thomas Hayward, Humfrey Payton, and 
John Bowes did plot with one Richard Badam, gent, to write 
said bond so that said Matthew Brookesbie, Humfrey Brookes- 
bie, your orator and John Hardwick should pay which was not 
the intent of the councell, and your orator tendered said Burton 
Goodwin etc. £4 which they utterly refused to accept. 19 Feb- 
ruary 1619 Answer of Burton Goodwin that said parties com- 
bined to weary him with suites and excessive charges and are 
worthy of severe punishment etc. and councel recommend a 
mediation for both parties and one Mr. Bryan Crowther a grave 
and ancient member of councell examined case and said they 
gave proof of said offences etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 2j, no. 30. 


9 October 1620. Complaint of Humphrey Goodwin, Raw- 
marshe, county Yorke that Richard Cudworth of Bargh, parish 
of Darton, county Yorke, yeoman, about 21 June 161 3 pretending 
to be the whole owner of one cottage in Rawmarsh aforesaid. 
Said land then in tenure of one William Jackson, husbandman, 
and one Little Pingle in Rawmarshe etc. etc. in occupation of the 
said Humphrey except lease made to one Anthony Goodwyn your 
orator's sonne for twenty one years etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 18, no. 21. 

30 January 1620. William Read of Bockinge, Essex, grocer, 
complains that John Goodwin late of Bockinge, clothier, about 
eighteen yeares since died intestate leaving Mary, Elizabeth, Pris- 
cilla. P. Pilgrims sold to Read for valuable consideration on 
April 5, 14 year of James, the messuage in Bockinge called West- 
woode before the sale was completed William Read hearing of 
the recognizance given by Pilgrim had made fearing that this 
as well would be charged as well as other land of said Pilgrim 
thereto so they agreed that £50 of the purchase money should 
remain in William Read's hands. The care of the inheritance 
of the three sisters was decided by M. Barron Brumley about 
9 May, 16 year of James, that the money received on recog- 
nizance should be divided in three. Two parts to go to Priscilla 
Goodwin absolutely. Worley to have the 3rd part, then Priscilla 
and Worley promise P. Wrettam and his wife to agree in some 
way that to sue William Read and others who purchased lands of 
the said Pilgrim from which suit he prays relief. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, R, bundle 10, no. 33. 

7 February 1620. Plaintiff John Pearse of Southmolton in 
county Devon, gent. Robert Sherland of Southmolton in said 
county, merchant, being seized of messuages, closes, land pastures 
etc. etc. called Southaller in Southmolton in said county, dies 
owing monies to one Phillipp Greenslade and one James Webbe 
and others by bond and to the children of one Thomas Sherland 
his brother for legacies amounting to £100 or thereabouts. Robert 
Sherland mortgages certain lands to one John Pearce to discharge 
some of these debts viz. the Weddledowne, the Quarry Park, the 
New Park and Stoniball and some others upon which the said 
plaintiff could raise sufficient to compensate him for any money 


disbursed in the payment of Shetland's debts. Thus believing 
the leases to be good ones Pearse did by money and giving 
security and his own credit. But immediately after this arrange- 
ment said Shetland fell into some new bargains and new agree- 
ments with one Henry Goodwine of Torrington in county Devon, 
which two, understanding or presuming that the said agreement 
made with your said orator was then void he did try to eject 
your said orator and so put him to the loss of all his said dis- 
bursements and within one year of making the said lease to your 
orator the said Robert Sherland then granted the said Henry 
Goodwine a lease for many years. Henry Goodwine then enters 
into possession and brings action of trespass against said John 
Pearse out of reason and in conscience knowing well the true 
relation of Sherland and Pearse. Robert Sherland has now left 
the country and cannot be found. Goodwin having paid no 
consideration for his said lease having taken it only to annoy and 
injure the said orator he prays relief. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, P, bundle 26, no. 15. 

28 April 1 62 1. Complaint of Joseph Hancocke of Farley, 
Chamerlaine, South Hants, clerke. John Goodwin late Farleigh, 
deceased, entered in surety for one Nicholas Bacon of Launston 
in said county to one Thomas Simons of Winton for £40 — 
Goodwin's wife or widow wanted the bond returned (her name 
was Jane) her brother John Earlsman — Earlsman says he has 
paid to John Pettis all charges. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, H, bundle 11, no. 60. 

30 April 1621. To Rt. Hon Francis Viscount St. Albans, Lord 
Verulam. Bill of Complaint of James Godwin of Bishoppes 
Waltham, county Southampton, carpenter. That four years since 
borrowed of Francis Soppe £4. ids. and agreed to enter into bond 
for payment about three months after but by practise between 
said Soppe and one John Tennys, scrivener, in Bishoppes Wal- 
tham made a bond in penall some of iio for payment of £5 14s. 
od. and the said Soppe did after put the said bond in suite 
whereupon one Anthonie Clifford bought the said bond for 
£6. los.od. without the privity of complainant and said Clifford 
came to complainant and demanded for security that complainant 
should convey his part of the messuage of George Sheriff in 


Bishops Waltham then in occupation of complainant for ninety 
nine years with right of recovery on payment of said £6. lis. od. 
and said Clifford entered into a bond of £13 with complainant 
for monies owing to Mrs. Richards for clothes bought in London 
now the said Clifford refuseth to redeliver said lease and bond 
etc. With answer of Francis Sopp, John Tyms and Anthonie 
CHfford defendants 5 May 1621. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 10, no. 30. 

20 June 1621. Plaintiffs, William Earle of Pembroke, Lord 
Chamberlaine to your Majesty and the Lady Mary Countess of 
Pembroke his wife, Thomas Earle of Arundell and his wife the 
Lady Countess of Arundell and Henry Lord Rythen and his 
wife the Lady Elizabeth. The Earl of Shrewsbury father of the 
said ladies (deceased) being possessed of certain tenement lands 
etc. in Chilmerton, in county Derby, now or lately in the tenancy 
of one Richard Goodwyn and also of other lands etc. called 
Flagge, in county Derby, now or lately in the holding of Hugh 
Sheldon and of another messuage etc. also in Flagge now or 
lately in the occupation of Ann Redferne, widdow, which lands 
etc. at the death of the Earl of Shrewsbury descended to the said 
ladies and they entered into possession — but Goodwin, Sheldon 
and Redferne having somehow gotten the deeds in their hands by 
which the plaintiffs title would be clear they pray relief and 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, P, bundle 6, no. 64. 

21 November 1621 To the Lord Bishoppe of Lincoln. The 
Bill of Complaint of one Henry Goodwin of Orsett, county 
Essex, husbandman. Mentions John Silvester Henry and Wil- 
liam Hunt or Hart, Henry Devenish etc. etc. John Goodwin 
father of complainant. Reference to a previous bill. Very 
decayed and incomplete and torn. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 9, no. 55. 

20 February 1621. To Rt. Hon. John, Lord Bishoppe of 
Lincolne, Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Godwyn of 
Linsinton in county Southampton gent, your said orator's father 
in his life tyme was surveyour to the late Queene Elizabeth etc. 
and did make dyvers bookes of surveys etc. for which he was to 


have recompence £200 and possessed of suche bookes and having 
two sonnes, your orator and one Anthony Goodwyn, and other 
great estate died so possessed and likewise seised of one messuage 
in Lyminton and of dyvers bonds etc. died intestate, your orator 
being his nexte heir and administrator but then being in London 
and not knowing of his death one Thomas Cassell, John Smith, 
John Long, Richard Belfrye, Agnes Butler, widow, Agnes 
Butler her daughter, now wief of one James Bulkley, William 
Knight combyned etc. to get the said booke of surveye and all 
the personall estate of said Anthonye and Brake entered said 
messuage and did take and carrye awaye the said booke writings 
goods etc. and your orator understanding of the death of his said 
brother repay red from London to Lyminton and entered said 
messuage as heire and found nothing there etc. etc. and after 
taking administration intreated the said Cassell etc. etc. Bill 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 16, no. 39. 

17 May 1622. Henry Goodwin of London, gent. — that whereas 
Sir Frauncis Howard of Sayes in county Surrey, knight, being 
about to marry Jane Mounson, daughter of Sir William Moun- 
son, knight, it was agreed on the feast of St. Michael in the nth 
year of James, Sir Fraunces Howard agreed to marry Jane 
Mounson according to the lawes ecclesiastical and Sir William 
Mounson agreed to surrender to Sir Francis Howard a grante 
he had from Charles, Earl of Nottingham, Lord High Admiral of 
Admiral Lieutenant or Captain General of his Majesties forces 
serving on the narrow seas also to endeavour to obtain a grant 
of that office to Sir Francis Howard for his life. Your orator 
did serve Sir Francis Howard as his clarke through the suite 
and was present when Sir William Mounson instructed his coun- 
cill to draw up the patent to the said effect. No wages are 
allowed for a clarke in the grant only for a retinue although 
there will be much writing of packetts and letters. So Henry 
Goodwin advised Sir Francis to obtain a decree that 8d. per diem 
for a clarke might be inserted in his grante — shewing there was 
a precedent Sir Richard Leveson had two clerkes with fees and 
wages — Sir Frauncis caused such claim to be allowed in the 
grante or said he would. Henry Goodwin goes down for Sir 
Francis Howard with the patent to Roiston where the King now 


is — for signature — to attend on Sir Thomas Lake one of the 
clerkes of the Signett and after signature Sir Francis Howard 
makes his father in law his deputy then Henry Goodwyn did 
serve him, Sir Willaim Mounson, who was told of the agree- 
ment as to the said 8d. per diem which Monson acknowledged. 
Henry Goodwyn writes many packetts and letters by direction of 
Sir William Mounson and as his servant in the house and con- 
ducted law suite etc. for the space of seven years. Sir William 
Monson hath not given one penny wages nor entertainment for 
serving him as a clarke. Neither did Sir Francis Howard give 
him any reward for his travails. Howard agrees to give up his 
office to Sir H. Marvin and offered Henry Goodwyn three years 
purchase of 8d. per diem being £12. 3s. 4d. per annum — and gave 
Henry Goodwin a bill for £35 and for £12 more which Sir 
Francis had received of the wages which £48 Sir Francis after- 
wards paid and promised as a gentleman to pay all arrears, which 
he does not doe. Henry Goodwin finds Sir Francis Howard has 
received £18. So Henry Goodwin goes to his lodging in Black- 
friars who denies receipt. At last Sir Francis denyes ever owing 
it to him. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 13, no. 25. 

November 20th, 1622. Complaint of one John Allenne of one 
John Goodwyn pretended he owed £18. i2s.od. by bond bound 
to one Richard Bowyer and Rowland Dentree and the said John 
Godwin, Rowland Daintree, and William Horsley arbitrators, 
lease in the parish of Milwich, county StaflFord. Engrossment, 
Bond and answer of William Goodwin. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, A, bundle 9, no. 5. 

24 January 1622. To Right Honorable John, Lord Bishoppe 
of Lincolne, Lord Keeper of the Create Scale of England, Com- 
playnt of Thomas Goodwyn, citizen and farrier, of London and 
executor of the will of Daniel Moorton late of St. Mary Mag- 
dalen at Bermondsey in county Surrey, Lether dresser. Said 
Moorton about 16 James being journeyman to one Gilbert Wal- 
pole of the said parish, lether dresser, was persuaded by the said 
Walpole to leave his trade and undertake a voyage to the East 
Indies in a shipp called The Charles of London. Said Walpcle 
supposing him to be the heire apparent of Henery (Goodwin?), 


sithence deceased, of certain lands etc. in Cambridge and unde 
the pretence of furnishing the said Daniell with necessaries for 
the said voyage etc. drew him into a bond of iioo 17 December, 
16 James, for payment of £50 in twelve days after the arrival of 
the said shipp and 13 January, 16 James, sealed a lease of all the 
lands, messuages etc. etc. reverting to the said Daniell on decease 
of said Henry Goodwyn his grandfather for two years at rent 
of a peppercorne and then the said Walpole did altogether neglect 
the said furnishing etc. or except some small thinges to the 
valewe of 40s. at most. Your orator, neerest kinsman to said 
Daniel, who being at Groves and ready to depart, sent to London 
to your orator etc. etc. and your said orator furnished him with 
apparell etc. and said Daniell of his own accord 16 February, 16 
James, made his last will and made your orator his executor 
giving the said Gilbert Walpole the some of £5 in consideration 
of the sum he had disbursed and required the said Gilbert to 
deliver up all deeds etc. etc. and about 19 James said Daniell 
died and your orator proved his will and offered the said £5. 
But now the said Gilbert hath opened a suite of law upon said 
bond, etc. With answer of defendant, ^ 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 14, no. 22. 

February 1622. To Right Honorable and Reverend Father 
in God John. Lord Bishopp of Lyncolne, Lord Keeper. Bill of 
Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of Newe Buckenham. county 
Norfolk, hatter, and Anne his wife that thirty two years years 
since John Kettleborough. Augustine Perry and Robert Simonds 
borrowed from Thomas Browne late of Disse in said county, 
yeoman, your oratrix late husband £60 etc. etc. With answer 
of Thomas Taylor one of the defendants devises and denies any 
right of complainants in said tenement in Disse as joynture of 
the said complainants through death of the said Thomas Browne 
etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 12, no. 30. 

6 February 1622. To Right Hon. and Reverend. John, Lord 
Bishopp of Lincoln. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwynne 
of Rushmeane, county Suffolk, yeoman, that about eight or nine 
yeares since one William IMerryman sometimes of Carlton in said 
county, husbandman perswaded your orator to give him one of. 


your orator's daughters in marriage with above f 100 for her por- 
con and after the estate of the said Merryman being greatly 
decayed and he being much indebted to your orator, your orator 
for good and reasonable consideration had conveyed to him goods 
of the said Merryman to the valewe of £50 and out of the said 
goods etc. etc. discharged a writ of execution brought by one 
James Sellinge of Carlton against said Merriman for the somme 
of £12 and after discharged writt of Phillip Hayward of Carlton 
for ij and your said orator afterwards satisfied the widow 
Chapman and one Thomas Carter of Carlton and others all poor 
creditors of the said Merriman to the value of above £40 and 
further your orator hath provided for his said son in lawe and 
daughter and their two children and yett now William Cantram 
of Lowestofife, gent. Robert Battaly of Hallsworth, gent, and 
others creditors of said Merriman combining together procured 
Edward Hunne of St. Margarets and Robert Mellinge of Somer- 
lyton, gent, and John Layinge of Ipswich commissioners to pro- 
ceed in Bankruptcy against said Merriman with the intent also 
to ruin your orator and to procure to themselves the said goods 
etc. With answer of Robert Bettells, gent, and William Cant- 
ram, gent, at Hallsworth 28 April, 21 James. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 5, no. 47. 

17 May 1623. Complaint of Thomas Clarke of Ashborne, 
county Derby, plaisterer. that whereas one Thomas Cockayn of 
Ashborne, county Derby, esquire did by indenture i May. 8 
James I, demise unto Isabell Jeake als Fisher late of Ashborne, 
widow, deceased, croft in Ashborne called Schoole House Croft 
then in the occupation of one Isabell for three score years of 
said Thomas Cockayn if he should so long live. And whereas 
the said Isabell Jeake did by her deed 3 January, 8 James I, 
assign unto Thomas Goodwin her son aforesaid croft, to have 
after her death for term then unexpired. Now said Thomas 
Goodwin of Southwark in county Surrey, butcher, after death of 
the said Isabel Jeake did by deed, 5 July 1622, sell to your orator 
said lease. Now said Thomas Goodwin of Southwark and one 
Thomas Goodwin of Ashborne in the parishe aforesaid and 

■ (sic) his wife have devised means to defraud your 

orator of the said close and yet to enforce your orator by suite 
to pay for the same said Thomas Goodwin and wife pretend to 


have some interest in the same and to exclude your said orator 
saying Thomas Goodwin of Southwarke had no interest in the 
same to convey. Now said Thomas Goodwin and his wife have 
no interest except what they have obtained from Thomas Good- 
win of Southwark and the said Thomas Goodwin of Southwark 
knowing that your orator hath lost that assurance made unto 
him said he will make over his interest to some other person and 
hath within six months last prosecuted suit against your orator 
etc. Bond and engrossment. Together with answers of the 
said Thomas Goodwin of Ashborne and Margarie his wife. 
That at the time said Isabel Jeake being in speech of marriage 
with one Richard Harrison then of Bradborne, county Derby, 
yeoman, and intended that if said marriage had gone on the croft 
ought to be only Isabel Jeake's for life, shee, said Isabel Jeake, 
did assign over said crofte to her son Thomas Goodwine of 
Southwarke without any money and without the privitie of said 
Thomas Goodwyn of Southwarke, he then living in Southwarke 
which is no myles from Ashborne where said Isabel Jeake his 
mother then was. And said assignment was delivered in trust 
to one Roger Riley of Okeover wood houses in county of Staf- 
ford, yeoman, to be safelie kept by him which was not known to 
said Thomas Goodwin of Southwarke for many years after. 
And when same was known to him and for that £6 was to be paid 
to one John Clarke of Codnor by said Isabel Jeake for debt of 
said Thomas Goodwin of Southwarke and for that his said 
mother was grown poore he did give directions to said Riley to 
give assignment to said Isabell Jeake and did write to said Riley 
signifying his consent that his mother should have said assign- 
ment back to be cancelled and she should dispose of said croft 
at her pleasure and said Isable Jeake for natural love to Margarie 
Goodwyn being her only daughter as also and in consideration 
that said Margerie Goodwin should pay for her several debts 
which she said defendant before her marriage with Thomas 
Goodwin of Ashburne and after same also, did pay, she Isabel 
Jeake did i6 February, 15 James I, assign over said croft etc 
and said Thomas and Margerie Goodwin have ever since their 
marriage occupied the same. Sworn at Ashborne 14 June 21 
James I. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, C, bundle 22, no. 61. 


18 November 1623. To Right Honorable and Reverend Father 
in God, John, Lord Bishop of Lincolne. Bill of Margaret Good- 
win, widowe, late wief of William Goodwin of Grayes Inne, 
county Middlesex, Esqr., Edmond Newgate and Bridget his wife 
executrix of the will of Margaret Betts, widowe, mother of the 
said Margaret Goodwin. That upon a marriage between the 
said Margaret and the said William Goodwin an agreement was 
made about October, 12 James, between the said Margaret Betts 
and one Roger Goodwin of Hordlow, county Derby, gent, uncle 
to the said William and who had no children that if the said 
Margaret Betts would give iioo with her said daughter and if 
her said daughter survived the said William that then the said 
Roger would pay the said Margaret Goodwyn the sum of iioo 
within six months after the decease of the said William and after 
the said Margaret Betts paid to the said William the severall 
somes of £40 and £60 so agreed and that about three years since 
the said Roger being possessed of a good estate made his will and 
knowing he was to pay said iioo in case the said Margaret out- 
lived her said husband gave no other legacy to the said Margaret 
or to her said husband and made one Richard Goodwyn of Hord- 
low, county Derby, his executor and albeit your oratrix hath 
given notice of the death of the said William and demanded the 
said sum of £100 yett doth the said Richard refuse to pay the 
said £100 albeit he hath assetts sufficient of the goods etc, of the 
said Roger pretending that the said William had given a release. 
Complainant believes that the said Roger made a deed securing 
the said £100 to complainant but if so same is come into the hands 
of said Richard etc. etc. With answer of Richard Goodwyn 
defendant at Buxton, county Derby, 16 January, 21 James. 

Chancery Proceedings, James T, G, bundle i, no. 65. 

18 November 1623 Plaintiff Richard Goodwin of Sherrington, 
Gloucester, yeoman. About eighteen years ago one George 
Danvers then of Blisworth, Northampton, gent, seized of fee 
simple of land in Upton, county Warwick called Dugerswell side 
etc. etc. and by lease 20 November, 4 James I to Thomas Tisdall, 
esquire and said Tisdale made a will about thirteen years ago — 
widow Maude executrix now deceased eight years ago. The 


widow made Rowland Searchfield D.D. and William Postocke, 
gent, executors leased at 26 October, 14 James I to said orator 
and John Barton of Alkerton, Oxon, husbandman, and John 
Meakes and James Whitley of this place, husbandman. Meekes 
and Witley has possession of indenture. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M, bundle 87, no. 44. 

22 November 1623. Plaintiff, Hodges Goodwyn of Bridg- 
water in county Somerset, gent. George Goodwyn of Axbridge, 
county Somerset, gent, plaintiff's younger brother three years 
last past seized one messuage and about 30 acres of land in 
Towerhead in the parish of Banwell in said county Somerset 
which he wished plaintiff to buy alledging it was worth £500. 
Plaintiff being young and unmarried and brotherly agreed to 
purchase by convenient payments amounting to i6oo — £200 in 
a short time the residue at said plaintiff's convenience. Plain- 
tiff paid the said £200 and £20 extra, then finding the tenement 
very ruinous and meane had to expend at least £40 on repairs. 
Resting on the defendant's honesty now the conveyance had 
passed to him. George intending to settle himself by marriage 
and needing a good round sum of money sought to sell the said 
tenement etc. etc. for a good sum and yet keep plaintiff's money 
in hand. George to pay plaintiff nine score pounds and then to 
make the best bargain he could for himself. Having sold the 
said lands etc. etc. for a good sum to one Edward Crosland. 
Defendant states that he sold the said property for much less 
than agreed — £600 — so he refuses to pay anything at all but he 
keeps it for the damage he has received. And being bound with 
the said plaintiff in a bond for £40 to one — Hinley for the pay- 
ment of £20 which George has paid out of said plaintiff's money 
to Hurley and obtained a letter of attorney from Hurley to sue 
the said plaintiff upon his bond and arrested plaintiff for which 
said plaintiff prays release etc. etc. Answer of George Good- 
win, gent. 26 November 1628. 

Chancery Proceedings James I. M, bundle 23, no. 28. 

9 February 1623 Plaintiff, Richard Goodwyne of New Buck- 
ingham, Norfolk, hatter. Thirty two years since John Kettel- 
boroughe, Augustine Perry and Robert Symons did borow and 
hire of one Thomas Browne late of Dis, Norfolk, yeoman, your 


orator's wifes' late husband and did borow £60 and entered into 
a bond of £60. Defendant agreed to pay Elizabeth Browne, 
mother of Thomas Browne deceased, £6 per annum for the use 
of £60 and at death of EHzabeth Browne they were to pay £63 to 
Thomas Browne who died leaving the bond in the hands of the 
said Elizabeth who reserved it and received this £6 until two 
years before her death which occured about fourteen years ago. 
Orator's wife Ann Brown, widow of Thomas Brown, next of 
kin to Elizabeth the bond will apply to as administratrix of goods 
of Thomas Brown. Elizabeth Browne delivered the bond to 
Margery Neane of New Buckingham, widow, mother of Ann. 
Elizabeth Antill, aunt to your orator, did deliver about eleven 
years since into the hands of Anne Gostlinge plaintifif's sister a 
sum of money to be distributed among her kindred £10 of which 
to plaintiff which she refuses to pay. Plaintiff is also defrauded 
of an orchard the property of his wife's late husband by Thomas 
Taylor, John Tythall and Isaac Taylor of Great Yarmouth of 
the value of £4 per annum. Having no relief at common lawe 
prays relief. The answer of Thomas Brown. A general denial. 
Engrossment. The answer of Anne Goslinge. Says the other 
defendants alone are liable and that the said action is one of 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M (G?), bundle 28, 
no. 55-56. 

10 February 1623 Complaint of Mathewe Bate of Butter- 
leigh, county Derby, gent, and Robert Bate of Little Chester, 
Derby, gent that about November, 17 James I at a conference 
between your orator and one Francis Goodwyne of the town of 
Derby, glover, was had concerning a marriage to be had between 
Francis Goodwyn the younger, son of said Francis the elder, and 
Sara Bate your orator's daughter and if your orator would 
promise to give in marriage portion £200 the said Francis the 
father would convey to the said Francis the son as much lands as 
cost him £1000 and which should be worth £50 per annum. 
Plaintiff paid £100 part of dowry but Francis Goodwyne had 
not made any such assurance and the two Francis's seeking how 
they could wrest the £100 have commenced a suit. Francis 
Goodwin the elder being elected one of the town Bayliffs of 
Derby. Edward Bayleys Town Gierke. Judgement was ob- 


tained against plaintiff in Derby Court and he and Robert Bate 
had to give security and now the two Goodwyns and William 
Devonport threaten to commence suit at common la we The mar- 
riage was celebrated in January, 17 James I. Engrossment 
Bond. Answers of Francis Goodwin the elder, Francis Good- 
win the younger and William Devonport defendants. There was 
no such promise but a deed is prepared and are ready to execute, 
but not conditional at all. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, Mitford, bundle 28, no. 8. 

22 April 1624. Richard Godwine of the Middle Temple, gent, 
that whereas by special appointment of Arden Waserer late of 
Clapham, county Bedford, esquire, deceased and James Waserer 
esqre son and heir apparent of Arden Waserer, all those pastures 
and woodes groundes with their appurtenances called .... 
Stallinge containing by estimacon 26 acres situate in the parish 
of Clapham aforesaid now in the occupation of your orator were 
lawfully conveyed unto Valentine Saunders of London esquire, 
Edward Newport of Pelham in county of Herts, esquire, Chris- 
topher Thoresbye of Bockinge in Essex, esquire and William 
Thoresbye gent, son of Christopher are trustees for James 
Waserer who might not only enjoy the rents etc. but dispose of 
the inheritance at his will and pleasure and Valentine Saunders 
Edward Newport Christopher and William Thoresbye as trustees 
for James Waserer who was in need of divers sommes of money 
for the payment of his debts did offer to sell them to your orator. 
The trustees promised to convey property to Richard Goodwine 
and James Waserer by writing under his hand before divers 
credible witnesses dated ffowerteenth day of January last did 
promise to cause the trustees to convey etc. discharged of all the 
joyntures of Dame Rebecca Sekeford, widdow, late wife of Sir 
Henry Sekeford, deceased, and of all other incumbrances giving 
present possession at Lady day following — Richard Goodwine 
paying to James Waserer £60 upon one month nest after the 
making the assurance and to free James Waserer of a debt of 
£40 and upwards due to Richard Goodwine. Therefore a deed 
was made to bear date 20 March last between the trustees and 
Elizabeth Waserer the mother and James Waserer upon payment 
of £100 to James Waserer the pastures etc. were to be Richard 


Goodwins for ever. James Waserer and his mother Elizabeth 
sign an indenture penned and perused by their council and agreed 

to by Richard Goodwine. But the trustees refuse to join 

the sale or to seal the indentures. Richard Goodwin paid £55 to 
James Waserer parte of the iioo. etc.etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, 8, — ? 

ult May 1624. To Right Hon. John, Lord Bishopp of Lin- 
colrie. The Bill of Complaint of one James Goodwyn of 
Woodbridge, county Suffolk, gent, and one William Curtys of 
Rendham in said county, yeoman. That one Thomas Thurston 
of Rendham in said county, deceased seised of dyvers lands etc. in 
Rendham held of the feoffees in trust to the Rt. Hon. Thomas, 
Duke of Norfolk, since deceased as of his Mannor of Burnes in 
Rendham or of Sibton in Sibton, county Suffolk at rent of 2id. 
per annum and other lands there as appears by the Court Towlls 
dating from 8 Edward IV to 31 Henry VHI and so seised the 
said Thurston 21 June, 29 Elizabeth sold the said lands etc. etc. 
to George Gibbs then citizen and fishmonger of London, since 

deceased, and the same are since come to one Gibbs 

who now holdeth the same and the said Thurston also sould other 
lands parcells of the same to Thomas Browne and the same after 
by conveyance came to John Thurston, son of said Thomas, or 
to John Thurston his sonne who after 16 James sould the same 
to your orator James Goodwyn, except two closes which after 
descendeth to Richard Thurston, elder son and heire of said 
Thomas, who sould the same to William Browne of Rendham and 
at a Court holden apporcionment of the rents of the said lands 
was made. Now one Israeli Frere having purchased the said 
mannor and to make a gayne for himselfe endeavoureth to 
recover the whole rent from your orator. Mentions Alice Thur- 
ston relict of said Thomas and Mr. Scrivener now owner of the 
Manor of Sibton and the said Israeli Fryer by combynacion with 
the said John Thurston the elder and the said Gibbs and hath 
caused one William Hardinge his bailiff to distrayn upon your 
orator's cattle etc. the said Harding bailiff also Thomas Foster 
Esqr, Thomas Albury, Henery Gerard, Roger Pencil, William 
Baker and William Harris feoffees of the said manor to the use 
of said Fryer striping the whole rent and averages from your 


orator also raises a question of right of way from said lands 
etc. etc. With answere of Israeli Frere, gent, and William 
Harding two of the defendants, 2 June 1634. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 2, no. 56. 

8 June 1624. Action by Hodges Goodwyne of Axbridge, 
Somerset, against his brother George, (See vide Mitford 23/8 
1623 November 22 in these notes) George Bickombe, James 
Jefifery, Robert Evans, Andrewe Westover, George Gleson, James 
Gleson, Adrian Bower gent, Margaret Doddington widowe. 
Answer of George Goodwyne. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, M, bundle 30, no. 39. 

18 June 1624. To Right Hon. etc. John, Lord Bishop of Lin- 
coln. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwine of Ewerbye, 
county Lincoln, gent, using his art of surveying and measuring 
land gained yearly i8o for maintenance of self, wife and family. 
Entreated by Sir Sebastian Harvie Knt to enter his service, sur- 
vey lands, receive rents etc. in counties Saloppe, Staffs., Wiltesse, 
Lincoln and Notts leased messuage in Ewerbie for twenty one 
years at rent of £28. i8s. improved said messuage without 
accompt, received £25 and £100, used own occasions, no sattis- 
faccion, gave bonds. Said Sir Sebastian never demanded. 18 
James Sir Sebastian died intestate. Relict desired orator to 
travell with her to London and elsewhere and to manage estate. 
Since married Sir Thomas Hinton, Knt. No sattisfaccon or 
recompense. Now put bonds in sute etc. Answer of Sir Thomas 
Hinton, Knt and Dame Mary his wife, 26 June 1624. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 9, no. 8. 

15 October 1624. To Right Honorable and Reverend Father 
in God John, Bishopp of Lyncolne, Lord Keeper. Bill of Com- 
plaint of Richard Goodwyn of New Buckenham, county Norfolk, 
hatter, and Anne his wife. That one Margery Neave late of 
New Buckenham your orator's mother about seven years since 
dyed and by will nuncupative freely gave your orators all such 
debts then due to her and all her personall estate without any 
lymitation etc. Now one John Kendall, the younger, of New 
Buckenham did owe about 100 markes to said Margery for cer- 


tain ground bought and payed your orators for some tyme after 
for the use of the sayed monies. But fearing the weakness of 
the said Kendales estate and desiring the sayd monies or better 
security and joyning with one WilHam Verdon late of New 
Buckenham, brother in lawe to the said Kendall, and pretends a 
former will to one Jonas Verdon, deceased brother to the said 
William, which if true the said acte would be voyd etc. and by 
witholding the sayd moneys sayd Kendall and said Verdon cause 
your orators much misery in theire ould age etc. etc. and they 
pray your Lordshipps for release etc. etc. With the answer of 
William Verdon, gent, and the said John Kendall the younger, 
defendants. Believe that what the said Margery died possessed 
of, she did give to her said daughter Anne, that said Kendall 
bought three acres of land for £75 and paid £25 to the said 
Margery and other £50 to be paid to the said William Verdon 
and Jonas Verdon his brother, then a merchant of London, now 
deceased, sonnes to the naturall brother of the said Margerie and 
gentleman of good estate etc. and that the said money was to 
be used for the better provision of said Anne and her children 
only by reason of her husband's ways etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, G, bundle 12, no. 34. 

19 October 1624. Plaintiffs Robert Bodkin of Henley vppon 
Thames in the county of Oxon, yeoman, and Robert Reade of 
Caversham in the same county, husbandman. Some three years 
past William Goodinge of Henley induced Robert Bodkin to take 
up his former trade of malster promising to lend him £20 and sell 
him goods to the further value of £10 to enable him the better 
to forward the business. Believing these promises the plaintiff 
did enter upon the said trade, called on Godding for the £20 
and £10 worth of credit and was bound with Robert Read by one 
obligation of the penaltie of £60 to ensure the repayment of the 
£30 and interest. A deed was made and sealed and delivered to 
Gooding but he refused utterly to pay to either plaintiff the £20 
or £10 worth of goods which was to the great discredit and loss 
of Robert Bodkin he being a young man and having but a small 
stock on his lande and refuses to deliver up the bond — prays for 

Chancery Proceedings, James I, B, bundle 2, no. 59. 



Answer of plaintiff John Beales to the complaint of Ewin 
Goodwyn, Anthony Smith and John Page defendants. Robert 
Page did enfeoff his son William Page in the lands in said bill. 
That Robert Page in his life time did convey said premises to 
Phillip Page, father of John Page or to Margaret wife of said 
Ewin Goodwyn. This orator traverseth etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 92, no. 9. 

Replicacon of Mathewe Bismer complainant to answere of 
William Goodwyn defendant Saith in all as he in his said bill 
hath said etc. except one meadow in Kingsley denyeth etc. or that 
said defendant now holdeth said messuage for thirty four yeares 
last past by the demise or lease of Sir Phillippe Draycott Knt, 
deceased, made to same defendant for life or that the revercon 
doth belong to said John Draycott as cosen and next heir unto 
said Sir Phillippe. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 133 no. 46. 

The Replicacion of John Bridges, complainant to answer of 
Dorothie Male and Margaret Goodwin, two of the defendants. 
Complainant sayeth that he will iustifie his said bill etc. to be 
true and not conceived by any sinister or foreign procurement etc. 
Further that the said Richard Goodwyn was lawfully seised of 
the said messuage etc. vnto the said John Bridges deceased the 
complainant's father conveyed and did continue in possession 
solely by the sufferance of the said John Bridges yett in lawe 
was well and truely conveyed for the considerations mentioned 
and from the said John the father derived and come to your 
orator as executor of his said father. True that complainant did 
deliuer the said originall lease and assignment to the said Richard 
Goodwyn but it was only at the earnest request of said Goodwyn 
with entent that he miglit show the same to his mother in lawe 
Dorothie Maie one of the defendants and upon his promise that 
the said Dorothie would allow him some good procon towards 
redemption of the premises and did promise to redeliver the said 
lease etc. or to give sattisfaction for said lease and albeit com- 
plainant was willing to accept some pecuniary recompense and 


hath often demanded said deeds yett hath often been refused. 
Prayeth that said lands may be produced and deteyned in court 
and hath good cause for his said Bill. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Huberd, B, bundle 146, 

no. 28. 

The Replicacion of John Bridges, complainant to the Answere 
of John Maye one of the defendants. Complainant for replica- 
con sayeth and averreth yt his bill of complaint in euery article 
is true and yt the said Richard Goodwyn did for the consideration 
in the said bill alledged assigne over his estate in the said mes- 
suage etc. in the said bill menconed and further that the said 
messuadge was at the tyme of the said assignment made to the 
said John Bridges, father of complainant, in the lawful possession 
of the said Richard Goodwin and that complainant at the time 
of exhibiting his said bill was and is executor to the said John 
Bridges the father and further that upon the request of the said 
Richard Goodwin the sonner to enduce the said complainant 
alledged that his mother in lawe Dorothie Male one of the 
defendants imediately upon view of the said originall lease and 
assignment would disburse money for the redemption thereof 
out of the hands of complainant which the said Richard did 
promise to procure but did never effect and complainant for 
that purpose only delivered the said deeds to the said Richard 
without that, that the said messuage was in the possession of anie 
other then the said Richard or in mortgage at the tyme of said 
assignment to the said Richard or intend to convey any estate 
or that complainant did receive any recompense for redeliuery 
etc in the said answer is alledges and without that that any other 
matter etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Huberd, B, bundle 149, 

no. 12 

Complaint of John Baxter of the borough of Derby, gent, in 
the county of Derby and John Lord of Boylson in said county, 
executors of the will of Anne Burton, widow, against Burton 
Goodwyn, tanner, and Thomas Hill of the town of Nottingham. 
Concerning certain burgages messuages lands and tenements in 
Nottingham once Robert Burton's late one of the alderman of 


Nottingham deceased which descended to one Edward Goodwyn 
grocer of Nottingham as husband of said Burton's sole daughter 
and heiress Margaret an annuity or dower to the widow Anne 
Burton still remaining upon said tenements which said Edward 
Goodwin whith his mother Johanne about 19 years ago did agree 
to commute for £5 per annum to be paid out of their own lands 
etc. to be paid at the feaste of St Michaell Tharchangel and the 
annuycion of the blessed Virgin Mary in the southe porche of 
the parish churche of St. Peter in Nottingham which has been 
done for the space of 12 years when Edward Goodwin made a 
conveyance of the lands whence the £5 annuity was derived to 
some persons unknown. Johanne Goodwyn the mother and 
Margaret the wife died and about 10 years ago the said Edward 
Goodwyn died and the lands etc. descended to Burton Goodwyn 
son and heir of said Edward (he being within age) his guardians 
paid the annuity till about 6 years ago. About 18 months ago 
said Anne Burton made her will leaving the arrears to the plain- 
tiffs, her executors for certain purposes and shortly afterwards 
died. In October last Burton Goodwyn came into full age of 21. 
Burton Goodw^yn of Nottingham tanner and one Thomas Hill of 
the same town, vintner, have entered into possession of the lands 
etc. and possess the deeds of annuity and the plaintiffs know not 
where they be whether in chest locked or bag sealed and refuse 
to pay therefore etc. 

2 (James?) I. January 19th Answer of Burton Goodwyn to 
the supposed executors of the will of Anne Burton. The claim is 
unfounded to wrongfully vexe and molest a younge begynner in 
the worlde and a man not in case to waste that little foundacon 
which he hath asserts that Anne Burton released her right of 

2 (James?) I. 19th January Answer of Thomas Hill. That 
the annuity was determined by said Edward's death etc. 

Replicacion of said plaintiffs. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 158, no. 109. 

The Replicacon of Anne Buckland, widdow, complainant to the 
joynt and seuerall answers of Arine Goodwyne, widow, John 
Wood, Richard Poole, William Homer Samuell Newangton and 
Goddard Newington defendants. Said complainant for replica- 
con sayeth as shee before in her said bill of complaint hath said 


and doth and will averre iustifie maintaine and prove her said 
bill and every matter and thing therein conteyned be good iust 
true certaine and sufficient in the lawe to be answered vnto and 
that the answeres of the said defendants are very uncertaine 
untrue and insufficient in the lawe to be replyed unto for many 
apparent faults and ymperfecons therein conteyned. Without 
that, that any other matter or thing in the said defendants 
answres contained materiall or effectuall in the lawe to be replyed 
unto and not herein sufficiently replyed unto confessed avoyded 
traversed or denied is true all which matters this replyant is ready 
to averr and prove etc.etc.etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 164, no. 26. 

No date. Robert Churchman of London, merchantailor, com- 
plainant in a suit against one George Nichols and Nicholas 
Gladwin both of the parish of Coxall, county Essex, clothiers, 
defendants to obtain a judgment for damages claimed by said 
complainant for the misuse of premises rented to the defendants 
(in Coxall) by the said complainant. Requests the court to issue 
a writ of subpoena commanding the said defendants to appear 
and answer the charge etc. 

Tho. Brome. 
Writ only. No answer. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 26, no. ii. 

No date. Complainant, John Churchman of Reculver, county 
Kent, yeoman, shows that whereas Elizabeth Quested, then wid- 
dowe and now ye wife of William Watts about six years since 
did live in a farme consisting of a messuage, malthouse, landes 
etc. in the parish of St. Michaels Aswade in ye island of Thanet 
in the county of Kent and that the said Elizabeth did importune 
your orator to come and live with her in her said farme, and to 
bee helpful and out of the love and affection which your orator did 
bear the said Elizabeth, said orator did live in the said farme 
with ye said Elizabeth for ye space of four yeares etc and the said 
Elizabeth did promise to marry your said orator whereupon your 
orator having goods and chattels and household stuflFs and imple- 
ments of husbandry etc. to the value of 5oli. your orator did bring 
them all to the said bowse and did deliver them into the posses- 
sion of the said Elizabeth The said Elizabeth presently married 
one William Watts of in the county of Kent, ^oman, and 


orator now seeks to recover damages, claiming wages due to him 
and the recovery of said goods and chattels etc. The joint and 
severall answers of William Watts and Elizabeth his wife defend- 
ants to the bill of complaint. Denies that complainant was help- 
full to the said Elizabeth on the farm etc.etc. Deny debts for 
wages etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 75, no. 22. 

The joynt and severall answers of Sir Samuell Saltonstall, 
knight, Wye Saltonstall and Alexander Wye, gent, defendants 
to the bill of Complaint of Ozias Churchman, complainant. The 
said Sir Samuell Saltonstall for himselfe saith that he married 
with Elizabeth the daughter and heire of William Wye of Tarl- 
ston, couhty Gloycester, councellor at lawe, late of Lincolns Inn, 
deceased, and that the said William was seized in fee of and in 
the moyte of the tithes in the bill menconed and died seized 
thereof and that the said Elizabeth after his death held the said 
moyte etc. and at her death this defendant held the same, the 
right thereof as tenant being for the term of his natural life, the 
reversion belonging to the said Wye Saltonstall his eldest sonne, 
and Sonne and heire of the said Elizabeth. Albeit he saith that 
it is true there was a will pretended to be made by the said Wil- 
liam Wye disposing thereof to Charls Wye in the bill named, and 
the said Alexander Wye saith that the said Charles Wye was his 
brother and died long since a bachelor without issue and that 
Anthony Wye was his eldest brother and heire to whom etc.etc. 
Defendant also says that it is true he contracted and concluded 
for the consideracon named in the bill, to grant, bargaine and sell 
the moyty of the said tythes vnto the complainant as alleged. 
And the defendants, Sir Samuell Saltonstall and Wye Sal- 
tonstall saye that there is not any statute, judgment, recognizance, 
estate charge or incumbrances in being made or had by or against 
them to their knowledge etc. etc. And this defendant Alexander 
Wye saith that he hath scene a ded indented dated 4 August in 
the four and fortieth yeare of Oueene Elizabeth made between 
Nicholas Overbury, Esq. and the said Anthony Wye this defend- 
ants brother of the one parte and Sir Samuell Saltonstall and 
Elizabeth his wife deceased of the other parte etc. etc. 

Jo : Sotherton. 
Bill of Complaint missing. Answer to bill of complaint as above. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 62, no. 4. 


undated. Bill of Complaint of John Godwyn of Tylehurst, 
county Berks, labourer, sonn and heire of John Godwyn late of 
Tylehurst deceased. Your said orator's grandfather John God- 
wyn seised of 4 acres of arrable in tything of Norcott in said 
parish and other lands etc. borrowed of one William Godwyn 
of Kentwood farme in said tything, yeoman £8. and said John 
demised said lands to said William etc. and John Godwyn your 
orator's late father said William before his death leased said 
lands to one Thomas Godwyn of Tylehurst his nephew and heire 
and yet though said lands should descend to your orator the said 
Thomas combyning with one Edward Newbery and Anne his 
wife who are now in possession of said premises and hath made 
dyvers secret conveyances of said lands etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 3, no. '54. 

The Replicacon of John Gibson, complainant to the answer of 
Thomas Godwyn, gent, and John Drefifeld, gent, defendants. 
True that Edward Rookewood, Esqre. and Nicholas Rookewood 
his Sonne and others did make a lease of said premises to Thomas 
Johnson and others as specified in said answer but only in trust 
for use of William Dodd and that rent of same was payd to said 
Dodd and after to his executors and that said premises coming 
into the hands of Sir Frauncys Jones was made unto the sayd 
John Blenerhassett, Knt. and said defendant and Henrie Blener- 
hassett, gent, in trust for William Webb, defendant doth not 
declare by whom said consideration was paid unto the said Sir 
Frauncys Jones but believes that said William Webbe did pay 
same. True that complainant mortgaged two messuages to said 
defendant Duffyld for £80 but complainant never received more 
than £40 and that other £40 was appoynted to be payd to said 
Thomas Goodwyn which said Dyfifyld afirmed bee had paid yett 
which said Goodwyn forth denye etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 27, no. 11. 

Answere of Christopher Dawe one of the defendants to the 
bill of complaint of Thomas Godwin, complainant. Bill exhib- 
ited to hinder defendant to recover his just debts from said God- 
wine. Believe it is true that said John (Dawe?) and Thomas 
Dewe his sonne were seised of dyvers messuages as declared. 
Denies any knowledge of any such bargaine recognisances etc. to 
Males and Dalbott or any other conveyance as pretended did not 



know that said John and Thomas acknowledged more than one ] 
such statute, February, 16 James to Anne Littlebury for £400 and \ 
doth not know particulars and believe same to be sattisfied does '. 
not know of any assynment to said Price believes lands conveyed j 
to defendant were not lyable to any such statute believes some | 
part of said lands were conveyed to one Anthony Stratford who l 
conveyed same to defendant writings in hands of complainant ' 
and that defendant sold his said lands to complainant under value | 
and that complainant failing payment and defendant owing I 
dyvers somes this defendant was thrown into prison at suite of j 
one Aderne and one Wright and defendant now hath his bond in | 
suite against said Godwine, prays to be dismissed. I 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 57. j 

The replicacon of Henrie Goldsmith, Esq. to the answer of j 
Theodor Goodwin, Esqr. defendant. That said bill of complaint 
is sufficient etc. but that the answer of defendant is uncertaine 
and insufficient in the lawe etc but all advantage of excepcione I 
etc. for replicacion. Will averr justifye and maintaine his said ' 
bill to be just true etc. and further doth denie all and everie 
thing conteyned in said answere and further that the agreement : 
made by the said Right Worshippful Mr. Doctor Hunte was \ 
in full satisfaccion of all and everie matter and thing and in ; 
controvfersie then depending between the defendant and the said i 
Robert Bulliver and that the complainant (sic) did perswade ■ 
this Repliant to goe on with the bargaine with the said Billmer i 
and that complainant (sic) did frustrate dyvers purchases | 
intended and this repliant did offer said defendant £50 on the j 
said 16 October as is alleged and that there is no other matter 
etc. etc. I 

Chancery Proceedings. Charles I, G. bundle 55, no. 17. 

The Replicacon of Thomas Goodwyn. complainant, to the ' 
Answer of Sir Thomas Hinton and Dame Mary his wife, defend- ^ 
ants. That said bill is such as ought to be and will justeffye ; 
mayinteyne and prove same in all things etc. to be right and ; 
trew in such sort, manner and forme as they are therein sett i 
forth and that the answere of defendants is altogether iniust, ] 
untrue and insufficient etc. to be replyed to benefit of excepcions < 
etc. this replyant saveth sayeth that all things and matters etc. ; 


in said Bill as he hath already said and without that any other 
matter or thing in the said defendants is materiall or effectuall 
to be replyed to and will be ready to averr and prove etc.etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 6. 

The Replicacon of John Goodinge and Henry Tatley, com- 
plainants to the answere of James Powell, defendant. Will main- 
taine their bill etc. and defendant's answeare is ymperfect etc. 
Defendant taking advantage of the clarks mistaking the yeare 
when repliants sould said wares amounting to £46. 4s. od. to the 
said Edward Bayliff on 11 January 1634 instead of January 

1633 the said Bayliffe tooke his voyage from the City of Bristoll 
out of England to sea in March 1633 before the Annunciation in 

1634 and in May was arrived at the Citty of Angore in the 
Trecera Islands as a letter dated June sheweth and said Bayliffe 
hath not since returned and the said goods could not have been 
sould in January 1634 and is also confessed that the said Bay- 
liffe appoynted defendant to pay these repliants the said some 
acknowledged to be due 25 July 1634 by a bill of said Bayliffe 
and that through the said mistake replyants should not be delayed 
etc. etc. Defendant alledgeth he hath noe goodes money etc. etc. 
to satisfy the said debt yet the defendant hath received divers 
parcells of merchandise from the said Bayliffe to pay the said 
debt to the value of £98. 17s. 2d. which he hath paid to other 
creditors as he defendant alledgeth yet hath left these replyants 
unsatissfied etc. and defendant pretendeth that he hath paid to 
Mr. Francis Rowe, Mr. John Rowe, David Woodroffe and Jona- 
than Scott and others out of the said £98. 17s. 2d. and hath 
nothing left belonging to said Bayliffe yet alledgeth said moneys 
were not due untill November 1634 yet said replyants debt was 
due in Julye etc. etc. All which the said replyants will be ready 
to prove and maintaine etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 58, no. 23. 

The replicacon of Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, complainant 
to the answere of Charles Yeomans defendant. Said complainant 
for replicacon saith that he doth and will averre justifie and 
maintaine and proved his said bill and every matter and thing 
therein contained and to be true certain and sufficient to be 
answered etc. etc. and that the answer is for the most parte verie 


untrue uncertain and insufficient to be replied to for manie 
apparent defects and imperfecons without that there is any 
matter or things in the said answere of the defendants contained 
materiall or effectual! to replie to etc. and is readie to averre and 
prove his said bill etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 58, no. 3. 

The replicacon of Elizabeth Godwin, widow and other com- 
plainants to the answer of Robert Godwin, Joseph Godwin, 
Edward Strode, Henry Bull and Thomas Muttlebury, defendants. 
Will maintaine and prove their said bill and all and every matter 
and things therein conteyned to be true certeyne and sufficient 
in lawe to be answerred etc. etc. and that the answers of said 
complainants (sic) and either of them are very uncertaine and 
insufficient to be replied unto for manie defects and imperfecons 
etc. etc. Benefit and advantage whereof being now and at all 
times reserved and further without that any other matter or 
thing in said answer not replied to are materiall or efifectuall 
etc. etc. and are ready to prove and maintaine said bill, etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 18. 

The repliacon of Mary Goodwin, complainant, to the answere 
of William Pinson, gent, defendant. Will avere, justifie, and 
maintaine and prove her said bill and all and every matter and 
thing therein conteyned to be just true certayne and sufficient 
in the lawe to be answered unto and that the answers of the 
defendant is in the most materiall parts thereof very uncer- 
taine untrue and insufficient for replyant to reply to and farther 
sayeth that without that any other matter or things in said 
defendant's answere conteyned in materiall or effectuall and 
all therein is hereby well and sufficiently replied to and is ready 
to avere and prove her said bill. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 72. 

The replicacon of Sir Fraunces Goodwin, knight, complainant 
to the answere of John Croke and William Stevens, defendants. 
Saith in all and euerye matter and thinge as in the said bill he 
hath alreadie said and doth and will averr and mayntayne his 
said bill and all and every matter etc. etc. as in the same is sett 
forth etc. etc. With that this replyant will averr and prove 


that the Manner of Ham which the defendants pretend to lye 
in Ham in the bill and answere and mencioned doth not lye in 
Ham aforesaid. But the Mannor howse and the demeasne lands 
and farmes of the tennants of the said Manor doth lye in the 
parish of Wootton saving only that some small closes thereof 
extend into the village called Ham which is in the parish of 
Woddesdon neere the replyants woods mencioned and that 
uppon those closes some small cottages have been built and 
tennants thereof have putt their cattell upon the waste called 
Ham Greene adjoyning said woods, said woods not uncoppized 
and open and replyants tennants had taken their cattle there 
which they had noe right to do. Alsoe that defendants nor anie 
other inhabitants of Ham have putt anye sheepe or cattle upon 
said woods in the s^id parish of Woddesden lying neere reply- 
ants said woods and have impounded replyants tennants cattle 
in their said woods and without that that anie other matter is 
materiall etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6i, no. 97. 

The replicacon of Thomas Godden and Elizabeth his wife, 
complainants to the answere of Mathew Treasor, defendant. 
Sayde in all and everything as they have before said and further 
will averr and mayntayne the same and euery clause article and 
thing therein conteyned to be good iust and true as by the said 
bill is sett forth and declared and said complainant, Elizabeth, 
further sayeth that the said writing or letter of attorney by her 
sealed and deliuered unto the said defendant was not reade nor 
the contents truely revealed unto her at or before such tyme as 
shee sealed same but was drawn thereto by the perswaysons of 
the defendant under the pretence that the same tended greatly 
to her benefitt for if complainant had known true contents and 
of the £1000 bond therein conteyned shee would have utterly 
refused to scale same without also that the said bill is exhibited 
by the practice of the other complainant Thomas but that when 
said complainant Elizabeth understood that shee had bound her- 
self in iioo to defendants she earnestly entreated her said 
husband to call the defendant in question touching the premises 
etc. and without that any other matter is materiall etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6i, no. loi. 


The replicacon of James Godden, complainant, to the joynt 
and seueral answeres of Thomas Godden and Mary his wife 
and John Godden, defendants. Saith that in all matters and 
thing's as hee hath formerly said and will averr justify etc. the 
same etc. to be good true and sufficient to be answered unto 
notwithstanding anie exception hereunto taken by the said 
defendants or anie of them by theire said answere to the con- 
trary and that the said answeres are and euery of them in all and 
every the matters and thinges very uncerteyne untrue and insuf- 
ficient etc. etc. Nevertheless all advantage etc. nowe and at 
all times saved. Saith that the said seuerall somes of money 
menconed for which complainant stood engaged with the defend- 
ants was disbursed out of this complainant's owene personal 
monies and the the said some of £40 was alsoe payed as is sett 
forth and ought to be reimbursed to complainant and that it is 
well known to defendant Thomas and Mary that the monies 
complainant stood engaged to the said Bewley this said complain- 
ant did not reserve one penny thereof to his owne use and for 
the repayment thereof they did desire this said replyant to 
become bound and this said replyant ought to be disengaged and 
that this said replyant did leave the said some of iioo in the 
hands of the said Thomas and Mary for such uses as is menconed 
and did not request them to pay out of the said monies to the 
said Adgoe the said some of £12 and that the said bonds are 
discharged and ought to be delivered upp etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 106. 

The reioynder of Phellippe Baker, defendant, to the replicacon 
of Thomas Godwyn, complainant. That replicacon is untrue etc. 
benefit of excepcion to the uncerteynties etc. saved etc. Sayeth 
that in all things so in his answere he hath sayed and that the 
replicacion in all materiall points is most false and untrue without 
that, that the said bond menconed was sealed and deliuered by 
complainant to defendant for any other purpose than is expressed 
and complainant confesseth that same was to remayne to defend- 
ant for his security while complainant did travell etc. to obtain 
a lycence to make a lease of the lands specified unto this defend- 
ant which said lycence complainant could not obtain neither did 
this defendant enter and enioy the said lands. Agreement made 
but lands leased to Richard Taylor and Lewes Shere were to 


be excepted from said lease and that the six acres land menconed 
were granted to the said Walter Baker by poll only and com- 
position was made between complainant and said Walter Baker 
and this defendant, that defendant should have said six acres 
demised to him amongst the residue of said complainant's lands 
part of said six acres sold to said Harry Copnor and other part to 
James Taylor, complainant never performed his said agreement 
yet desired your orator to returne him his said bond whereby your 
orator would have had noe security whatever for his moneys 
so paid to obtain his said lease etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 148. 

The replicacon of Sir Fraunces Goodwin. Knight, complainant, 
to the Answere of John Becke thelder, defendant. Doth and will 
averre and mayntayne said bill etc. as is sett forth and declared 
and will averee and proved that the right of common in the 
woods of replyant did and of right belong only to replyants 
tennants of the Mannor of Woddesdon and that the defendants 
and others inhabitants within have never had anie right of 
common therein or belong to anie person in respect of lands 
bought of Alban Pigott, Esqr or that the said way called 
Cortneys way is stopped by agreement between said Pigott and 
replyant and that anie cattle placed there and that anie open 
and unclosed common lands is not a tenth part of replyants 
lands. Denies anie agreement made that if he would sell out 
30 acres he would recompense his said tennants in some other 
way and that defendant's tennants are remote and far away from 
said lands except one Robert Becke and that there is noe con- 
venient passage etc. etc. Without that there is any matter of 
thing materiall etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 149. 

The replicacion of Hodges Godwin, complainant, to the 
answere of George Godwin, defendant. Saith that in all and 
every matter etc. as he hath already said and doth and will averr 
and justify his said bill and every clause and thing therein etc. 
to be trewe just and sufficient etc. etc. and that the said answere 
is imperfect and insufficient and further will prove that after 
the said defendant had failed to pay this replyant the some of 
£180 according to the second agreement menconed hee was soe 


farr from challenging any freedom or acquittabl thereof as in 
said answere he untruly pretendeth so that hee the said defend- 
ant did at severall tymes offer unto this defendant (sic) newe 
termes viz. att one tyme he offered this defendant (sic) to pay 
all the said some of ii8o in one yeare soe as this complainant 
would accept his owne bond and at another tyme to pay £60 in 
hand and £10 yearly for nine yeares following which he earnestly 
entreated this complainant to accept and this complainant refused 
and defendant desired complainant to have patience untill he had 
sold said lands or married a wife when hee would pay com- 
plainant said ii8o yett defendant hath both sold said lands and 
married and yet refuseth to pay complainant. Complainant 
denyeth any agreement to mortgage his lands to defendant and 
pay certain monies at the death of one Thomas Raynes. That 
complainant hath paid deare enough in foregoing £40 of the 
originall debt beside costs and charges and loss in bargaine of 
his lands sold to one Crosseman and is ready to prove his said 
bill etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 62, no. 82. 

The replicacon of Edward Goodwine, complainant, to the 
joynte and seuerall answers of Anthonie Haward, James Har- 
ward, John Dericke, gent, and Richard Collier, defendants. Will 
niaytayne and averr all matters and allegations in said bill sett 
forth to be good just and true etc. and that the answeres of 
defendants and every of them are very untrue and uncertaine 
and insufficient etc. to be replyed to etc. Benefit of exception 
etc. saved. Saith that said defendants by practice amongst them 
about the tyme menconed did cause the defendant Anthonie 
Harwood to make love to Agnes Burchell als Ingram and to 
promise her marriage which the said Anthonie Harward did 
accordingly and for noe consideration did stripp the said Agnes 
of her plate, money and a greate parte of her other goodes etc. 
and obtained a deede of gifts from her of all the resedewe of 
her goodes and not excepting her wearing apparell and devided 
same amongst themselves and the said Anthonie renounced to 
marry with her and for the reside we of her goodes which shee 
and Richard Burchall her son sould to this complainant and 
remained in replyant's possession after her death replyant having 
married her grandchild, daughter of said Richard, the said 


defendants have caused an accon to be brought against this 
replyant and recorded in the name of said Anthonie but for 
their own use with damages and without that the said Agnes 
did borowe of said Anthonie anie somes of money or was 
indebted to him more than £3. los. and without that that anie other 
matter or thing is materiall etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 62, no. 108. 

The replicacon of Jasper Goodinge, complainant, to the answere 
of Timothie Damont, defendant. That his bill exhibited against 
defendant in this court is very certeyne and sufficient in the lawe 
to be answered unto and will mayntayne and avere all and will 
the matters and things in his said bill conteyned to be iust and 
true that the said answer is for the most part very vmcertaine 
untrue and insufficient in the lawe to be replied unto for diuers 
very manifest and sufficient causes etc. The advantage of excep- 
tion etc. nowe and at all times saved etc. and that in all and 
euerie matter and thing as he before in his said bill hath said 
without that that any other matter or thing in the said defend- 
ant's answere is materiall and efifectuall to be replied to and here 
in not sufficiently confessed and avoyded, traversed or denyed in 
true all which matters this complainant is ready to aver etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6^, no. 47. 

The Replicacon of John Godwyn, complainant, to the answer 
of Richard Godwyn and others, defendants Saving to himself 
now and about all times hereafter all manner of advantage and 
benefitt of excepcon to the manifold uncertainties, insufficiencies, 
and other ymperfections in the answers of said defendants etc. 
sayeth that he will maynteyne and proue his said bill and said 
and euery the matters and things therein conteyned to be true, 
certeyne and sufficient in the lawe to be answered unto by the 
defendant in such manner as by the said bill is truely sett forth 
and averred and that the said answers are very insufficient, uncer- 
tain and untrue and without that that any other matter or thing 
in the said answer is materiall and effectual to be replyed unto 
and not in this replicacon confessed etc etc and is ready to aver 
and prove his said bill etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. i. 


RepHcacon of Lettice Godwyn, wydow, complainant to the 
answer of Thomas Godwyn, Doctor of Lawes, defendant. Sav- 
ing to herself all advantage of excepcon to the incertenty and 
insufficiency of the said defendant's answer for replicacon saith 
as she hath before by her said bill of complaint said and doth and 
will averre justifie and maynteyne her said bill and all and euery 
thing clause and article therein conteyned to be good just and 
true in such Manner and forme as in and by the same is truly 
set forth and declared and that the answer of the defendant is 
untrue insufficient in the lawe to be replyed to for dyvers ymper- 
fecons therein conteyned without that that any other matter or 
thing in the said defendants answer conteyned materiall and 
effectuall to be replyed to and not herein sufficiently replyed unto 
is true all which matters replyant is ready to averr and prove 
etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. 28. 

The plea and demurrer of Richard Stofarde, gent, defendant 
to the bill of review of John Goodinge als Reynoldes, complain- 
ant Defendant by protestacion not acknowledging nor confess- 
ing anie the matters in the bill alledges for review and reversall 
of the said decree to be true etc. But maintaining the proceed- 
ings in the said cause to be iust and true and according to the 
course of the High Court etc. saieth that hee is and was at making 
of said decree administrator of George Stoforde etc. and that 
complainant was served with a writ of execucion theretofore 
before the said bill exhibited and required to performe the same 
and hath not done it or putt in security to answeare this defend- 
ant his costs etc. Claymes that by rules and orders of the Court 
bill ought not to be admitted to reviewe. Complainant labours 
to reverse decree in respect of the said farme, previous case in 
which this defendant was complainant and decree given by Sir 
Edward Salter, Knt. one of the IMasters that mayne profitts ought 
not to be deducted etc and that lease to Juson was but a mort- 
gage and this defendant redeemed the same and this defendant 
is counselled that said matters should not be re-examined againe 
and complainant pretendeth a conveyance made by him to one 
William Drake and pretendeth disabilitie to performe said decree. 
Defendant is assured that this is not any waies materiall and doth 
demurre in lawe etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. gi. 


The replicacon of Edward Goddin, complainant, to the joynt 
answeares of John Whiffin and James Goddin, defendants. For 
replicacion sayeth that in all matters and thinges as in and by 
his said bill he hath already said and that hee doth and will averr 
etc. and that the answers of the said defendants are very uncer- 
tain and utterly insufficient to be replyed to for manifest defects 
and imperf ecions therein. Neverthelesse the advantage and bene- 
fitt of excepcion to the uncertainties etc. thereof nowe and here- 
after saved and reserved and for further replicacion saith that 
the said £40 borrowed from the defendant Whiffin and for which 
this replyant stood bound with Anthony Goddin and said James 
Goddin was taken up at interest by said Anthony for his owne 
personal occassions and this defendant and James Goddin were 
only sureties and said Anthony promised to secure and save your 
orator harmless and that it was not the proper debt of your 
orator but of said Anthony and denieth that he did at anie time 
promise to saue the said James Goddin or become bond to that 
purpose etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 16. 

Replicacion of Thomas Kitchen, Gierke, complainant to joint 
and several answers of George Goodwyn, Robert Tovill and John 
Harte, defendants. All and every matter in said bill of complain- 
ant sayth to be just and true notwithstanding upon request of said 
Hugh Lorde and other of the chiefest inhabitants of the said town 
of Groundesbroughe was content at this complainant's own charge 
to being (bring?) down a commission into the countrey for end- 
ing of the said sute. And before the execution of said commis- 
sion said High Lorde and the defendants did request this com- 
plainant that some good end might be made and no more money 
spent at lawe and this complainant yielded and defendants did 
agree to pay said £40 and costs and said defendants combine and 
make a purse out of the poores money for such intent as in the 
bill alledged and that forbearance of this money promised by 
defendants hath caused this complainant to pay interest and 
resigne fellowshop in Trinitie CoUedge, Cambridge, and said 
defendants caused this complainant to be arrested without that 
etc. this complainant is not content with his proper duties of the 
Church which are in said towne belonging unto him etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 27, no. 106. 


Replicacon of Francis Langly, complainant, to the answer of 
Richard Goodwin and others, defendants. Avers his bill to be 
true and defendants answers to be uncertain etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, L, bundle 65, no. 9. 

Replicacion of Samuel Moody to answere of Thomas Good- 
wyn, Thomas Webb and John Tillot, gents, defendants. Men- 
tions bill and further demurs any of them were engaged with said 
Leonard Tillott in bill mentioned and if such engagements, denys 
defendants were free as to lands jointly purchased and at time of 
decease of said Leonard Tillot, lands and other estate were ample 
to satisfy in last will and testament of Leonard Tillott. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, M, bundle 79, no. 103. 

The Replicacon of Robert Otringham and Elizabeth his wife, 
complainants, to the ioynt and seuerall answers of John Good- 
win, gent, and Margaret his wife, defendants. The said reply- 
ants for replicacon say and euery of theire replies sayth in all 
and every master thing and things as they before in their said 
bill have said and doe and will averre maintaine iustifie and prove 
their said bill of complaint and all and euery the matters claimes 
articles and allegacons thereto conteyned to be iust certaine true 
and sufificient in the lawe to be answered unto by the said defend- 
ants and further say and euery of them saith that the answeres 
of the said defendants in so much as is materiall to be replyed unto 
by those replyants are very vmtrue uncertaine and insufficient in 
the lawe to be plied unto by these replyants for many manifest 
imperfecons therein appearinge the benefit and advantage of 
excepcons whereunto now and att all tymes being to these reply- 
ants saved and reserved. Without that that any other matter 
materiall or effectuall in the lawe for these replyants to reply 
unto and not herin and hereby sufficiently replyed unto confessed 
and avoided traversed or denied is true all which matters these 
replyants are and will be ready to averr and prove etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Robinson, O, bundle 15, 

no. 4. 

The replicacion of John Parham, complainant to the answere 
of Edward Goodwin and Stephen Shortred, defendants. All 
advantages of excepcon to the untruthes incertainties and other 


imperfecons of the said defendants answeares now and at all 
tymes hereafter being saved and reserved vnto this replyant. 
Hee this replyant for replicacon saith as in his said bill of com- 
plaint hee hath already said and sett forth and this replyant 
further replyeth and saith that hee doth and will averr iustifye 
and maintaine his said bill of complaint in all and every matter 
and thinge therein contayned to be true certayne and sufficient 
in the lawe to be answered vnto in such manner and forme as 
in the said bill of complaint is now truely sett forth and declared 
and hopeth to make good proofe thereof to this Honorable Court 
in such manner as this Court shall awarde and therefore prayeth 
etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle 99. no. 28. 

Replicacon of Richard Stoford, gent, to answer of John 
Goodinge als Reynolls, defendant. Affirms his bill to be true. 
Rejoinder of John Goodinge als Reynols to the above replicacion 
of Richard Stoford, affirms his answer to be true. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, S, bundle 120, no. 13. 

May 1619 The Demurrer and plea of Humfrey Goodwyn 
one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Richard Good- 
wyn, complainant. Not confessing nor acknowledging anything 
in the said bill alledged materiall and that matters in said bill 
are determinable in comon lawe for which causes etc. defendant 
doth demur. Further sayeth that this defendant and George 
Goodwyn another defendant in Easter terme, 1618 did exhibit 
their bill against complainant and sought to be relieved con- 
searning the said promise of £500 menconed and complainant 
answered and it was ordered that said suite should be heard and 
taken at comon lawe and in a suite at King's Bench the then 
complainants did declare that one Roger Goodwin did promise 
£500 to said defendant after his the said Rogers decease upon 
condition that he would marrie his nowe wife which promise 
the then defendant did denye and judgement was found for this 
defendant then complainant for £500 and I3i. 13s. 46. costs and 
execucon was taken and now complainant hath brought his writ 
of error upp and exhibited his bill etc. prays to be dismissed. At 
Momarsh 22 May, 17 James. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 63, no. 100. 


23 October 1620. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Ellesmere, Lord 
Chancellor etc. Bill of complaint of Theodore Goodwyn of the 
Cittye of Norwich Esqre. that one Henrye Tilnye of Easthed- 
denham, county Norfolk, gent, seised of a messuage called 
Nether Howse als Reades and one messuage called the newe 
brickehouse als Martyns and dyvers lands, etc. in Eastheddenham, 
Bernham, Bickerston and elsewhere and said Tilnye borrowed 
diuers somes of money from your orator and promised your 
orator to enter into seuerall bondes for his debts to the valewe 
of £500 and for security became bound to your orator in £2000 
dated 24 April, 5 James, and hath promised to discharge your 
orator of the said bonds and your orator entreated said Tilnye 
to clear all matters and it was agreed that if your orator should 
disburse £10000 that said Tilnye should grant your orator a 
yearly rent or annuytie of £90 out of said lands etc. and certain 
indentures were made November, 7 James yett hath said Tilnye 
broken his agreement and not saved your orator harmless yet 
to defraude your orator of his monies and to lay said bonds upon 
your orator hath made some secret conveyance of said lands 
either in trust to Agnes his wiffe or to his sonne and heire now 
non age or to some other such use etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 63, no. 107. 

19 November 1621. George Churchman of Watsham, county 
Kent, complainant, showeth that whereas George Wenham late 
whilst he lived of Battell in the county of Sussex, yeoman, was 
seized etc. of a certain messuage and lands in Wilsham and 
being so seized the 30 day of December 161 7 made his last will 
and testament in writing and thereby devised the said messuage 
and lands vnto Dionis his wife for terme of her life and after 
her death to your orator and to Thomas Gosling and Elizabeth 
Gosling, the children of his sister Gosling of Witsham and to 
their heirs, and he further willed that your orator and the said 
Thomas and Elizabeth Gosling should pay or cause to be paid 
out of the said lands to Oliver ffidge 20 shillings unto his 
Brother Gosling, as before was menconed. To Katherine 
Mosden and Lewis Mosden 40s. apeece. To Ann Mosden 40s. 
To Oliver ffidge the younger and Dorothy ffidge 40s. a yeere, 
and the said wife Dionas was made executrix of his will, and 


shortly after having made same, the said George Wenham died 
at Battell aforesaid, after which the said Dionas his wife entered 
into the said premises etc. The said Dionas died shortly after 
and by vertue of the said demise named above, your orator and 
Thomas and Elizabeth Gosling entered into possession of the 
said premises, and have paid all the legacies etc. aforesaid. But 
now one Robert Addames of ffayrley, county Sussex, being 
cosen and next heire unto the said George Wenham having got- 
ten into his custody all the writings concerning the said lands, 
seeks to enter into possession etc. refusing to give unto orator 
the said writings etc. Complainant requests the Court to issue 
a writ of subpoena directing the said Robert Addams to appear 
and show cause etc. etc. 

H. Jordan 
No answer. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 30, no. i. 

25 November 1623. To Rt. Hon. Rt. Rev father in God, John. 
Lord Bishopp of Lincolne. Lord Keeper, etc. Bill of complaint 
of Thomas Godwyn of Noke, county Hereford, carpenter that 
.William Grobb of Weston in said county, yeoman, about 17 

James, borrowed of one John ap David of in county 

Radnor, yeoman, who did usually lend money at interest the 
some of £6 and with your orator as surety the said Grubb became 
bound to said ap David in £12 and the said Grubb having 
receaved the £6 and ymployed same was unable to repay the 
same at the tyme lymited and intreated the said ap David to 
forbeare and accept interest and being content to do so after 
a short tyme was paid said £6 and interest and your orator 
understanding that said debt was paid entreated the said ap 
David and Grubb to give up the said bond to be cancelled and 
the said ap David confessing that he was sattisfied of said debt 
except a small trifie of los. agreed to give up said bond to your 
orator soe soone as he could find the same. But now the said 
ap David hath entred said bond in suite against your orator and 
doth vyolently prosecute your orator and yett doth forbeare 
against said Grubb etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 62, no. 97. 


30 January 1623. To Right Honorable and Right Reverend 
Father in God, John, Lord Bishopp of Lincolne, Lord Keeper 
etc. Bill of Complaint of Humphrey Goodwyn of Rawmarshe 
in the county of Yorke that Richarde Cudworthe of Barghe in 
the parish of Darton in said county, yeoman, about the 21 June 
1623 (sic) pretending that he was the sole owner and seazed 
in a cottage or a tenement free of all incumbrances etc. situate 
in Rawmarsh called Stockeland then in occupation of William 
Jackson, husbandman, and one Little Pingle in Rawmarsh neare 
a field called Peasehill and the moytie of a close called Potter- 
dike in the parish of Rawmarsh etc. etc. in occupation of the 
said Humphrey except for cheife rents not then due and one 
lease parcell thereof made to Anthony Goodwyn your orator's 
Sonne for twenty one years and by an indenture of same date 
for £22 granted the same to your orator with the proviso of 
redemption for £4 on 24 June, one Thousand sixe hundred and 
foureteen (sci) then the said indenture to be made voyde etc. 
etc. and further that if said some was not paid that then your 
orator should within one moneth after said date pay 40s. in full 
sattisfaccon and absolute bargaine and sale of the said premises 
and the said £22 was not repayed and your said orator paid the 
said 40s. since which time the said Cudworth and one John Elly- 
son als Cudworth his supposed sonne have given forth that your 
orator cannot hold said tenements lands etc. etc. longer than the 
life of the said Richard and that an estate was made to the said 
Ellison and doe detayne the evidences from your orator etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 171. 

9 May 1624. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry 
etc. Bill of Complaint of John Gooding als Reynolds in ye 
county of Devon, yeoman, that about July, 8 Charles was seised 
in a fourth part of a moyty in the messuage of Barton Farm in 
county Devon purchased joyntly with George Stoford late of 
Ottery St. Mary in said county Devon, Esqre. deceased of one 
Hillinge and the said Stoford in his life time by deed dated 22 
August, 22 James for £220 granted to one Richard Mallacke a 
fowerth part of the said messuage from i September 1625 for 
300 years with condition of redemption for £238 upon said ist 
September which said some was never payed and said Mallack 
became possessed of the said fowerth part and was willing to 


sell the same and treated with your orator for the same and it 
was agreed that your orator should have the same and your 
orator then desired to have the lease to take advice of counsell 
as to the validity of said lease which said Mallacke refused to 
allow but only by one Mr. Putt a neighbour of the said Mallacke 
and the said Putt did affirme to the title of the said Mallacke 
and drewe upp a writing purporting to be an assignment to one 
Edward Vinton named by your orator in trust and your orator 
did give security with one William Drake for payment and for 
said Mr. Drake's counter security did mortgage his said moyty 
with condition to be voyd if he were saved harmless etc. and 
your orator took counsell as to said assignment and it was 
declared that nothing passed to said Vinton whereupon your 
orator desired said Mallacke to make a better assurance thereof 
which said Mallacke promised to do. But now said Mallacke 
^hath commenced a suite at lawe upon the said bond albeit noe 
money is yet due of purpose that your orator's counter security 
may be forfeited and seeketh to have the penalty for same etc. 
etc. With answer of Richard Mallacke, defendant 7 June. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 28, no. 37. 

27 May 1624. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Godwyne D.D. one 
of the Cannons of the Cathedral Church of Hereford, Morgan 
Godwyn, brother of said Thomas and Thomas Swyfte of Good- 
rich, clerke, that John Dewe late of in county Hereford, 

gent, and Thomas Dewe his sonne were or one of them seized in 
dyvers messuages in the Mannor of Goodrich, Milton Worms- 
lowe and of dyvers messuages etc. in the forest of Deane in 
county Gloucester and the said John desiring to match his said 
Sonne Thomas did about seven or eight years since enter into 
treaty with one Mrs. Littleburie or some such like name and did 
enter into a bond for some great some and same was assigned 
to one Richard Price and about three years since said Dewe 
conveyed to one Christopher Dewe and his heires, brother of 
said John, all or most part of said messuage etc. in Hunsam in 
Mannor of Goodrich and other lands to one Males and Talbott 
and about Christmas twelve moneth and have entered into other 
bonds etc. unknown to your orators and said Christopher being 
privy did offer to sell the said lands to your orator Thomas 


Godwyn and prevayled upon your orator to buy same affirming 
that there were any recognisances estates or incumbrances on 
said lands and Michaelmas last a bargain was concluded and 
your orator Thomas employed said Morgan Godwyn and Swyfte 
in assuring said lands to your orator and your orator also did 
bargain for other lands of the said John not assured to said 
Christopher and same were by the said John Dewes, Rose his 
wife, Thomas and Christopher unto your orator. But now after 
great somes being paid the said Price by combynation with the 
said John and Christopher and others to seek to exclude your 
said orator of his bargaine of said lands with interest to defraud 
your orator of the somes so paid etc. With answer of Richard 
Price one of the defendants, 28 May, 1629. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 57. 

12 June 1624. To Right Hon. and Rt. Rev. Father in God, 
John, Lord Bishop of Lyncolne, Lord Keeper etc. Bill of com- 
plaint of Jasper Goodinge of Framlingham in county Suffolk, 
mercer, that about December, 20 James, he did for £1480 pur- 
chase of one George Spalding of Framlingham, yeoman, diuers 
messuages etc. etc. in Framlingham and Parham in said county 
of the yearly value of £80 part freehold and part coppiehold of 
the Rt. Hon. Thomas, Earle of Sufifolk as of his Mannor of 
Framlingham ad Catra in said County and did also buy of the 
said Spalding certain bedding etc. in the said messuage etc. But 
now the said George Spalding and Marie his wife, John Pigeon 
and William Mease, gentleman, brothers in law of said George 
combyning to defraude your orator of the said premises did 
before the passing of the said assurances to your orator make 
diuers secret entries into the said premises and passed secret 
estates to use of said Mary after the death of her said husband, 
and to diuerse other persons unknown and have gotten unto 
their hands all the deeds etc. to the great preiudice of your orator, 
and have by secret means conveyed the said goods etc. out of 
said messuage, to places unknown to your orator etc. With 
answers of John Pigeon, gent, William Mease, gent, Mary 
Spalding, wife of George Spalding, three of the defendants 30 
September 1624. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 19, no. 66. 


9 July 1624 Complaint of Robert Mason of Kings Lynn, 
county Norfolk, mariner, that about two years sithence your 
orator being then master of good ship belonging in port of 
Kings Lynn called the Tryall communication had between your 
orator and Daniell Gooding of same town, merchant, concerning 
voyage your orator intended making in Denmark with said ship 
to Dantsicke and agreed that your orator with next fair wind 
should transport for said Daniel Gooding from said port of 
Kings Lynn to said port of Dantsicke anie parcells of lambe- 
skines, cowyskines, sheapesleather etc. which said Daniel Good- 
ing should send abroad, he being also to go along and that your 
orator should likewise return from Dantsicke to Kings Lynn 
and to bring such other parcells of tarre, pitch, etc. of said 
Gooding and said Daniel Gooding to pay your orator £95 whereof 
£50 in hand upon his return and residue within three months, 
and did bind each other by covenants and your orator did per- 
form his parte to Dantscike where he landed and delivered up 
on shore safe said Daniel Gooding and his goods and did return 
with said comodyties of said Daniel Gooding to Kings Lynn and 
set Daniel Gooding and goods safe on shore. And your orator 
demanding of said Daniel Gooding said £50 and also thirteen 
dollars of silver money at rate of 4s. 4d. a dollar due to your 
orator as shippmaster accounts to customs at Dantsicke which 
said thirteen dollars said Daniel Gooding had received by way of 
discount upon custom due etc. and promised your orator to pay 
him the same. The said Daniel Gooding paid your orator said 
£50 and out of the residue of said fraightage remaining payable 
at three months end said Daniel Gooding demanded abatement 
of £3 and wished your orator to deal with his parte owners of 
shipp etc. which he promised to try to do. And your orator 
received £3 of said Daniel Gooding and delivered him a bill 
providing that if his said owners would not abate said Daniel 
Gooding would not sue him, and said owners refused and your 
orator hath asked said Daniel Gooding for his bill. But said 
Daniel Gooding refuseth etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, M, bundle 3, no. 26. 

12 February 1624. To Right Reverend father in God, John, 
Bishop of Lyncoln, Lord Keeper, etc. Bill of Complaint of 


Jeremie Goodwyn of Wartlinge in county Sussex, mercer, not 
able to manage his affairs of trade etc. bothe at home and abroade 
did intertain one Robert Rolfe as his servant and apprentice and 
he intrusted Rolfe with his wares and to keepe his shoppe etc. 

But nowe said Rolfe taking advantage of your orator's often j: 

absence etc. combyned with one Danyell Seivier of Wartling | 
aforesaid, husbandman, and Margaret his wife and Thomas Tye 
of same, tayler and Reioyce his wife, John Baker and Edward 

Brooke both of same, husbandmen, to defraude your orator and j 

to convey away certain of his wares and moneys etc. to their own j 

use etc. to the valewe of £60 or 100 marks or thereabout and have I 

so secretly disposed of same that your orator cannot tell where ' 
said goods are and the said Rolfe did embessell somes amounting 

to £14. 15s. and did hide same in a stack of hay as your orator | 

is informed then said Brooke being priuy to the same by which j 

practices your orator hath lost a greater part of his estate etc. ' 

With answer of Daniell Sivier and Margaret his wife, Thomas ! 

Tye, Reioyce his wife, John Baker and Edward Brooke, defend- I 

ants. \ 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 10, no. 3. 

26 May 1625. To Rt. Hon. and Rt. Rev. Father in God, John, \ 
Lord Bishop of Lincolne, Lord Keeper, etc. Bill of Complaint 
of Elizabeth Goodwyn, widow, and Johane Lomas, widowe, late 

wiffe of Thomas Lomas late of Longnor, county Stafford, yonian, i 

deceased, in behalfe of said Joane Lomas and Anne Lomas an ; 

infante of tender age by the said John Lomas (sic) her guardian j 

one and one half yeares old, only daughter and heir of said j 

Thomas deceased and of your oratrix Johanne that the said i 

Johane being the only daughter of your oratrix Elizabeth and j 

about three years since being the relict of one John Ryley, yeo- j 

man, deceased and worth in good estate about £650 one Robert ! 

Lomas of Needham Grange, county Derbie, the elder, yeoman, ] 

having noe yssue and being much indebted and desirous to leave j 

his lands to said Thomas his nephewe and to have some state ! 

himself for life if said Thomas should marrie. He the said j 

Robert the elder and Robert the younger his nephew and brother j 

of said Thomas became suitor to your oratrix Elizabeth that said I 

Thomas should marry your oratrix Johanne and in consideration { 

of the said Johane her estate the said Robert the elder should • 

surrender his said coppiehould lands to the use of the said Thomas ' 


with Other covenants etc. agreed between the said EHzabeth and 
Johane and the said Robert thelder, Robert the younger and 
Thomas and Edward Lomas and other friends etc. during the 
Hfe of said Robert the elder and Anne his wife and said Robert 
Lomas became bound to your oratrix Elizabeth in iiooo and said 
marriage took place and the said Thomas had yssue the said 
Anne and during his said marriage disposed of your said oratrix 
johane hir estate or the greater part thereof to said Robert the 
elder Robert the younger or Edward Lomas or some of them and 
your orators have often entreated said Robert to performe his 
said covenants and the said Robert the elder and Robert the 
younger and Edward doe still delay to performe same and now 
clayme dyvers debts alledged to be due to them by said Thomas 
albeit they have wasted your orators estate etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 30. 

I June 1625. To Rt. Hon and Rt. Rev Father in God John, 
Lord Bishop of Lincoln, Lord Keeper. Bill of complaint of 
William Godwyn of Tottnes, county Devon, husbandman. That 
about midsomer last was twelvemonth was arrestion within the 
jurisdiction of the borough of Totnes at the suite of John Pope 
of said town and said Pope recovered judgement against your 
orator to recover £5 and your orator was laide in prison for a 
longe time in misery etc. and after procured his enlardgement and 
said Pope with Llenry Reynolds and Toby Reynolds of said 
towne did violently enter into the house of your orator pretend- 
ing that said Pope had an execution and were appointed bayliffs 
and seized all the goods and chattels of your orator well worth 
iio and amongst the said goods, divers deeds, specialties etc. 
one bond of £30 wherein one Edward Roll, gent, stood bound to 
your orator and albeit your orator hath often entreated said Pope 
to return! said papers etc. yet he doth still refuse whereby your 
orator is defrauded and is unable to bring his action against said 
Roll. Prays for a writ to discover what deeds etc. said Pope 
and Reynolds have taken. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 34, no. 6. 

16 June 1625. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventrie, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of complaint of William Goodwyn of the 
parish of St. Gyles without Cripplegate London, gent, that Francis 


Noone late of Martlesham in county Suffolk, gent, and Dorothie 
his wife being as he affirmed seised of the Mannor of Martlesham 
als Martlesham Hall and of the advowson of the parish church 
there did about a yeare since in consideration of £1700 whereof 
your orator paid £700 and secured him to pay other iiooo after 
the death of Marie Moswell of Bramf ord in said county, widdow, 
grant said mannor and appurtenances in Martlesham Kesgrave, 
Bealinges Magna, Bealinges Parva, Ramesholt, Trinitie St. Marie, 
Trinitie St. Martins and Foxall in said county and all other lands 
of the said Noone and also the said advowson etc. to use of your 
orator and did affirm that said lands etc. etc. were cleare of all 
titles charges etc. etc. But now your orator is assured that the 
said Noone hath only an estate for life therein with reversion 
to his eldest sonne and dyvers others and combining with one 
Edward Rigges, clerke, deceased William Seely and his wife 
executrix of the said Rigges and Edward Voyce, dark, to defraud 
your orator hath made dyvers secret estates of said lands and of 
the said advowson and hath suffered dyvers judgements to incum- 
ber said lands etc. etc. so that your orator is likely to be deprived 
of said mannor and lose his said moneys etc. etc. With answer 
of Edward Voyce, clarke, one of the defendants 17 November 
1625. Mentions Jane Seely in her widdowhood. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 33, no. 6. 

10 November 1625. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Robert Godwyn of 
Thurlebeare, county Somerset, clerk, administrator of the goods 
etc of Grace Dobbyn, deceased, her sister (sic) late wife of 
Richard Dobbyn of North Petherton in said County, husbandman, 
and John Devenish of Bridgewater in said County, clerke. That 
Robert Godwyn late of Martock in said county your orator 
Robert's father about twenty six years since then sensed of lands 
and goods etc. to valewe of £2000 etc did make his last will and 
bequeathed to said Grace Dobyn his daughter the some of i8o 
and Barbar his wife, mother of your orator, executrix and shortly 
after at Martocke died and said Barbara proved said will and 
put out said monies and also about 9 Maie, 21 James, communi- 
cation was had between Johan Dobbyn, mother of said Richard 
and the said Richard and one Gregorie Ball of North Petherton, 
Master of Arts, who had married said Barbara and the said 


Grace touching a marriage between the said Richard and Grace 
and it was agreed that whereas the said Joane was possessed for 
life of one tenement and 40 acres of land in North Petherton, cop- 
piehold of the Manor of Hampe and Adscombe in said county- 
should in consideration of said marriage and of a greate some to 
her paid promised which said Gregorie Ball as a friend in trust 
for the said Grace at the next court surrender the moiety of said 
tenement etc. to use of said Richard who had an estate in rever- 
sion etc. for his life and after is she live the said one halfe to 
said Grace and also that said Richard and Grace should enjoy 
seven closes of land etc. in Womanstone in said county containing 
14 acres held by grant of Sir Robert Wroth, Knt and said Rich- 
ard did agree to assure to said Grace for her life lands to value of 
iio per annum and after said marriage said Richard had paid 
or did assure to be paid to said Grace for her porcon ii45 and 
your orator trusting to the promise of said Jone and Richard did 
become bound to said Richard in £20 for payment of iio. But 
now that said Richard and Joane have become possessed of the 
porcon of said Grace did refuse to surrender the said moytie of 
land etc. or to allow said Richard and Grace to enjoy said seven 
closes and said Joane continued to possess same and said Grace 
took such a conceipt thereof that after a greate and languishing 
sickness and having noe issue she the said Grace died having at 
the time divers bonds etc. remaining while she was unmarried 
etc. among others one of £20 of your orators John Devenish and 
other bonds of Gregorie Ball George Standerd, George Brains and 
others which said Richard combyning with said Joane hath gotten 
into his hands and intendeth to make benefitt of said bonds etc. 
Answer of Richard Dobyn one of the defendants 14 Nov. 1625. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 35, no. 54. 

19 November 1625 Answer of Thomas Goodwyn, Esqr, 
defendant to exception taken to his former answer to complain- 
ant of Henry Blenerhasset, etc. Rents of manor etc. by Edward 
and Nicholas Rookewood etc. Sir Francis Jones etc. Sir John 
Blenerhasset, etc. John Gilson etc. William Webbe. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 122, no. 34. 

24 November 1625. Complaint of Thomas Knight of Eve- 
sham, county Worcester, that about February last being 22 James 
I. was seised of messuage etc. lands etc. in Great Hampton and 


Little Hampton, county Worcester, of £40 yearly value and your 
orator being much indebted resolved to make sale, one Anthony 
Goodwyn of Dorrington, county Gloucester, pretended wished to 
deale for said purchase and viewing said messuage etc. did agree 
to purchase on conditions viz : That said Anthony Goodwyn 
should pay £615 i.e. £5 on i May last, £10 more at time of assur- 
ance, £200 on 29 September last past and £200 3 Maye 1626 and 
residue on 29 September 1626 and your orator to convey to him 
said premises and to grant to him one furnace of lead, one yowl- 
inge stone, one malt mill and certain tablets and contract con- 
cluded about 28 February last, 22 James I. and said orator to 
his great charges did not only remove divers goods then remain- 
ing in the said messuage to another town far distant from Great 
Hampton and did sell away cattle etc. Said Anthony Goodwyn 
expresslie said unto your orator that he would not pay said sums 
pretending purchase was too dear and refuseth to make any 
recompense etc. Bond and engrossment. Demurrer and answer 
of Anthony Goodwyn That since supposed agreement com- 
plainant hath sold away said lands and prayeth to be dismissed 
from the said charges wrongfully sustained etc. Certain articles 
written by one Byddle and this defendant always told said com- 
plainant he would not make any conclusion of the said bargain 
without the advice of one George Bonner, counsellor and about 
24 June last to the said George Bonner four evidences or titles 
etc. and the said complainant having gotten into his hands said 
articles from the said William Byddle etc. this defendant did 
refuse by advice of counsel to proceed any further etc. etc. This 
defence taken at Alcester, county Warwick. 19 January, i 
Chas. I. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 3, no. 13. 

10 February 1625 Complainant Phillip Berry of Brockford, 
county Suffolk, blacksmyth and Francis his wife. Whereas 
Roger Goodwyn late of Pulham St. Marye. county Norfolk, gent, 
father of said Francis by will 10 April, 5 James I. gave to 
Marye his wife all lands etc, in Pulham St. Marye and Pulham 
Magdalen, Thelton, Osmondeston als Scole, Trende and Dickie- 
borough in said county Norfolk during widowhood etc. and 
further gave to his four younger sons John, Roger Danyell and 
Pretyman iioo each at 24 (which Roger died in the life time 


of his father) and to his four daughters Anne, Mary, Elizabeth 
and Francis iioo at 21, if wife did not pay etc. then his eldest 
son Thomas Goodwyn should pay. Thomas to have £30 a yeare 
till he should be 21 etc. untill he came to the age of 30 years 
then she is to make it up to £35. Roger Goodwyn died 10 James 
seised of lands etc. to yearly value of £170 or thereabout and a 
personal estate of £300. On this the wife became administratrix 
(Roger Goodwyn having appointed no executors) took the profits 
and chattells and in four yeares educated her children. Nine 
years later Thomas Goodwyn the son soliciting his mother to 
turn over his father's estate to himself promising to pay the 
debts and legacies. This she does in a deed dated January ist, 
14 James and made over everything to Thomas Goodwyn for a 
rent charge of 20 markes per annum during her life and one 
other for £11. 13s. 4d. if she should enjoy certain copyholds in 
Thelton. The oratrix being now 23 applied for her legacy which 
her brother refuses to pay. Relief prayed. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 102, no. 62. 

12 February 1625. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwin of 
SwafTham, county Norfolk, cartwright, eldest sonne and admin- 
istrator of the goods of Seffra Goodwin late of East Walton in 
said county, widow, deceased. That the said Seffera Goodwin 
being possessed in her own right of dyvers horses, cowes, sheepe, 
corne, graine etc. in the fields of East Walton and other townes 
in said county and linnen and woollen and other household stuffe 
and dyvers debts etc. amounting to £120 and upwards about 
Michas 1644 died soe possessed intestate and letters of adminis- 
tration were granted to your orator 2y October 1644 by Clere 
Talbott, Doctor of Lawes in the Diocese of Norwich and your 
orator ought to be thereof possessed. But one Roger Forest of 
Walton, gent, William Kedwin of Great Massingham, John 
Platefote, James Overman of Walton, husbandman, John Good- 
win of Walton, cartwright, Francis Goodwin of Sparham by 
Norton, cartwright, and Thomas Ward of Sparham, yeoman, 
and Anne his wife persons trusted by said Seffra with the 
keeping of dyvers specialties to have received the money and 
deliuered up the bonds or taken other security on their own 
names and being indebted themselves to the said Sefifera do now 
deny and refuse payment of the said somes and debts to your 


orator and by combynacon to defraud your orator hath converted 
a greate parte of the said estate of cattle, etc to their own uses. 
Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I. G, bundle 14, no. 55. 

27 June 1626. To Sir Thomas Coventry, Knt, Lord Keeper, 
etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyne of Newe Lymington, 
county Southampton, Knt. Three years since Walter Longe then 
Esqre, now Knt. was indebted to Clara Studley, widdow, for 
£90 for arrearages of a certain rent charge out of his lands to 
be paid to said Clara and your orator had done business for said 
Clara in respect of same and had laid out money for her and had 
married one Anne Mawditt a verie nere kinswoman of said Clara 
and to pay to other kinswomen of said Clara £4.0 and retayne 
residue of said £90 said Clara by licence of attorney and repayred 
to said Longe for said money and said Sir Walter Longe at 
appointment of your orator payd one Edward Sadler iio and 
did become bound by your orator in £160 for residue etc. but 
about two years since one Danyell Helmes als Elmes in name 
of said Clara did come to your orator demanded to see said 
bond etc. and did snatch said bond and ryde away with same 
etc. and your orator was dyrected by said Clara to recover said 
bond etc. Andswer of Daniell Helmes als Elmes clerk 15 June 
1632. Said Clara Studley was defendant's wives Aunte and com- 
plainant took said bond in his name contrary to hir will, and 
said Clara in June 1624 made hir will and made one John Helmes 
als Elmes this defendant's son, an enfant, executor etc. Said 
Sir Walter Long sealed other bond in this defendants name etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 3, no. 41. 

22 November 1626 To Rt Hon Sir Thomas Coventrie, Knt. 
Lord Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Jasper Goodinge of Fram- 
lingham, county Suffolk, yeoman, that William Port late of 
Harleston, county Norfolk, brewer about Aprill, 2 Charles did 
contract with one Timothie Damont of Harleston, apothecary, 
to sowe certeyne lands of said Port to halves with barley and 
pease the said Port to provide the seed and be at the charge of 
plowing etc. and should take halfe the said corne and the said 
Damont the other halfe and said Port did about same time sowe 
20 acres of land in Radnall and Mandham in said county 


Norfolk with barley worth about 40s. per acre and 20 acres 
with pease after 20s. per acre etc, and about six weeks after 
the said Port for a certeyne some paid by your orator the full 
value of the said corne did sell his nioytie to your orator and 
your orator did acquaint said Damont etc. with the said bar- 
gaine and when said corne became rype your orator repaired 
with workmen to cutt down same but said Damont with intent 
to defraude your orator did forbidd your orator to meddle with 
same but did sett workmen to cutt down same and did carry 
away all the said corne to his own use and refuseth to allow 
your orator the said corne which he has so bought etc. With 
answer of Timothie Damont, defendant, 19 January, 2 Charles 
at Harleston, says Porte had monies of him and did not discharge 
his debts etc, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 29, no. 7. 

7 May 1627. Complainants Francis Higgenbotham of Long- 
nor, county Stafford, gent, and Joane his wife and Anne Lomas 
infant about 3 years old, daughter of said Joane Higgenbotham 
by said Francis Higgenbotham. That whereas Sir John Harpur, 
knight, deceased seised of one messuage etc. in Longnor and 
one cottage in Tafield head by indenture i February, 15 Jas. I. 
did grant John Ryleye deceased for eighty years (if said John 
Ryley and said suppliant Joane Higgenbotham and Joane Rogers 
als Ryley should so long live). By virtue whereof said John 
Ryley entered into possession and about eight years since (died 
?) intestate and administration granted to your suppliant Joane 
Higgenbotham and said Joane Higgenbotham took possession. 
Your suppliants Joane and Francis Higgenbotham ought to take 
rents of said messuage for eighty years determinable upon death 
of said Joane Higgenbotham and Joane Ryley als Rogers who 
are not livinge and whereas Thomas Lomas former husband of 
your said suppliant Joane Higgenbotham was seised of messuage 
etc. in parish of Hartington, county Derby and of Alstonfield, 
county Stafford, and one cottage in Crowdicote in Manor of 
Hartington late in tenure of Margarett Wheldon, widowe, and 
close called Nicho Flatt and said Thomas Lomas having issue by 
said wife your suppliant Joane Higgenbotham, Anne Lomas, 
said Thomas Lomas died and said messuage etc. descended to 
Anne Lomas being the only child of the said Thomas Lomas, 


and at a court 12 December last, suppliants Francis and Joane 
Higgenbotham made her guardians. But George Goodwin of 
Longnor, yeoman, William Goodwin of the Wheeldon trees, 
county Derby, yeoman, Elizabeth Goodwin, widow, Jane Good- 
win, Humphrey Goodwin, Richard Swindell. John Bosley, and 
Joane Cooke, got into their possession original leases and say 
your suppliants have no right in said lands etc. and have taken 
away the child Anne Lomas being 3 years old etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 65, no. 2. 

10 October 1627. Complaint of George Walsham of Gfingley, 
county Nottingham, gent, and Grace his wife sole sister and heirs 
of William Kettle late citizen and clothworker of London 
deceased. That whereas said William Kettle being seized of one 
messuage etc. in New Fishstreete London in parish St. Magnes 
commonly called Holie Lambe did, aboute thirteen years since, 
by indenture lease the same to one Francis Goodwin, citizen and 
fishmonger of London, for thirty one years for £10 yearly agree- 
ing to repair and sett up the messuage one story higher. And 
said William Kettle about last day of June 161 7 died and said 
messuage came to Grace and your orators have received of said 
Goodwin, John Greenehill, their tenants or servants for said 
Goodwin yearly rent of iio only to Annunciation 1625 so rent 
for two years due at midsumer last past i20 etc. Now said 
Francis Goodwin and one John Greenehill of Harrow on Hill, 
county Middlesex, tanner, and Richard Greenehill, citizen and 
fishmonger of London, said Goodwin pretends he did long since 
transfer his interest in the same to said John Greenehill, but said 
John Greenehill says he has no interest but that said Richard 
Greenhill ought to pay who is poore and is but servant to John 
Greenehill his brother and the said lease is mislaid etc. etc. 18 
October 1627 answers of said Francys Goodwyn seeks to give 
color to his case. 19 October 1627. Answer of John Greenehill. 
9 November (sic) 1627. Answer of Richard Greenehill says does 
not know whether said William Kettle was seised of said mes- 
suage but believeth he did lease in 13 November, 10 Jas. L to 
John Greenehill this defendants brother who by deed 23 July, 
II Jas. L did assign his interest to this defendant. True it is 
rent not paid but defendant conceiveth that he ought not to and 
upon his removal out of house left certain goods etc. besides 
20 nobles due to him etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle 82, no. 59. 


24 January 1627. Complaint of Henry Blenerhasset of Lin- 
colnes Inne, county Middlesex, esquire, against one Thomas 
Goodwyne, esquire, of Little Stoneham, Sufifolk, defendant. 
That whereas Edward Rockewoode of Ewstone, county Suffolk, 
esquire, was seised of the mannors of Ewstone alias Cockefield 
Hall, little Hall and little Fakenham in the said county and of 
the mansion house of Ewston Hall and with all appurtenances 
etc. etc. that the said Edward Rockewood, Nicholas Rockewoode 
of Ewston, esquire, sonne and heire of the said Edward, John 
Fuller, John Mann of Ewstone aforesaid, feoffees in trust to the 
said Edward, who did the 14 January, 2 James I. let the same 
to Johnson, Roger Allanson, Humphrey Handford and 
Hugh Hamersley, citizens of London, the aforesaid Ewston, 
little Fakenham, greater Fakenham, Barnehams, and Tusyfoards 
of the value of £500 per annum who assigned same to said Sir 
Frauncis Jonas, knight, citizen and alderman of London, who 
the first December 17 James assigned the same for £1200 (£400 
paid) to Sir John Blennerhassett, knight, one of the Barons of 
the Exchequer of Ireland (though since deceased) and Thomas 
Goodwin of Little Stonham, Suffolk, esquire, and your orator the 
son and heir of the said late Sir John Blenerhasett at which 
time sixteen years ago still unezpired and now eight (eight) years 
remain (Now the profits were to be divided) The counterpart 
indenture was left with the said Goodwin who was the more 
trusted but who now endeavours to defraud your orator of the 
residue. 13th February 1627. The answer of the said Thomas 
Goodwin. A general denial. Mentions one William Webbe. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 16, no, 43. 

30 January 1627 Bill of Complaint of John Bussell of Ched- 
sey, county Somersett, about four yeares since one John Goodinge 
then of Chedsey aforesaid, now deceased, upon some difference 
then between Christian wife of said John Goodinge and your 
orator's wife etc. etc. did induce your orator to be bound in a 
bill to pay £20 etc. on condition said orator should at all tymes 
save harmless the said John Goodinge and wife Christian from 
all former suits brought against them in Ecclesiastical Court of 
Wells etc. and your orator did lett 2 acres to said John Good- 
ing for five years etc. Said John Goodinge about Lamas last 
dyed etc. etc. Plea of Christian Goodinge widow etc. and John 
Bussell of Chedsey, yeoman. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, B, bundle 94, no. 35. 


6 February 1627. Henry Bastard of Create Dunham in county 
Norfolk, gent, complains that his greate uncle Richard Bastard 
of Greate Dunham, gent, being seized of messuage and lands 
within the townes fieldes and privitie of Great Dunham, Little 
Dunham, Estlexham, Westlexham, Kempston and Grymston in 
said county of Norfolk with deeds, charters, evidences, coppies 
of Court Rolles, rentales surveyes, terrars and of the escripted 
etc. concerning those messuages and lands which are now de- 
scended to your orator and heires and all deeds etc. of right 
belonging to him he complains that Elizabeth Bastard the widow 
of Richard Bastard deceased did during her widowhood (about 
twelve years) did employ one Vincent Goodwyn of Cley juxta 
Mare, clerke, who married Elizabeth Cutler a neere kinswoman 
of her the said Elizabeth Bastard, in her worldly busyness and 
affairs particularly in proving and keeping of the said deeds etc. 
Elizabeth Bastard died about two years since and Vincent Good- 
wyn took upon him to be executor of Elizabeth Bastard and got 
into his hands all or a great part of the deedes charters etc. before 
mentioned. After decease of Elizabeth Bastard your orator's 
father was heir. Henry Bastard deceased now who demandest 
of Vincent Goodwyn who gave up some which Henry Bastard 
imagined to be all. But Vincent Goodwin still retains deeds and 
property, of this Henry Bastard complains. Answered, denial, 
claim for costs. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, B, bundle 95, no. 21. 

28 October 1628. Complaint of Jeffrey Burwell of Grays Inn, 
county Middlesex, gent, against James Goodwyn, gent, defendant. 
That whereas Jeffery Pittman late of Woodbridge, county Suf- 
folk, esquire, deceased did purchase lands of the manors of Mel- 
ton cum Ufford and Kingston, county Suffolk, now seized of the 
Dean and Chapter of Elye to whom are due certain fines and said 
Dean and Chapter and one James Goodwin of Woodbridge afore- 
said one of the clerks of George Evelin, esquire one of the six 
Clerks in Chancery did agree not to take more than one years 
profitts whereby Jeffery Pittman gave a greater price and built 
a house and devised them to your orator by will who wishing to 
be admitted to said manors finds James Goodwin and the Dean 
and Chapter extortionate.' Answer of James Goodwin 10 
November 1628. Grandfather Pitman. Court held 28 March 


last. Jeffery Pittman senior died May before. William Pitt- 
man brother of Jeffery and Katheryn his wife. WiUiam Warren, 
Thomas Bolton, gent, and William Starke and Margaret his 
wife previous tenants. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 93, no. 57. 

John Godden Jur. 18 November 1628 Marie Godden Jur. 21 
November 1628. The joynt and seuerall answeares of John 
Godden and Mary his wife two of the defendants to the Bill of 
Complaint of William Sweeting and Susan his wife, John Blinck- 
arne and Dorothy his wife and Elizabeth Williams complainants. 
Defendants saving and reserving to themselves etc. etc. all 
advantages etc. etc. for answer to so much thereof as them these 
defendants concerneth or lyeth in their knowledge. Say that 
they certainly knoweth not that the said Susan, Dorothie and 
Elizabeth were or are daughters or coheires to one John Pearse 
or to Johane the wife of the said John in said bill named and also 
know not that William Bourne named and alledged to be the 
grandfather of the said Susan, Dorothie and Elizabeth was seised 
in the said messuages in the said bill specified or that being so 
seised made his will in such manner as in the said bill is alledged 
or that he had yssue William Bourne and Johane his daughter or 
that the said William the son had yssue four sonnes or that the 
said messuage etc being of the nature or tenure of Gravelkind in 
the county Kent descended to the said four sonnes. But said 
defendant Mary for herself believeth that John Beare, gent, 
defendant's late husband was seised in two messuages etc. in 
Milton and Gravesend in said county Kent in the East streete 
there and in one messuage in East Mailing or Ditton in the said 
county called the Beare and that the said John Beare so seised by 
will about 21 October, 21 James devised to this defendant Mary 
all his messuage etc. in Milton and East Mailing and Ditton for 
lyfe with remaynders and other provisos as by the said will doth 
appeare and about eight years after said John Beare dyed and 
after and untill her intermarriage with defendant John Godden 
this defendant did take the rents and that ever since said mar- 
riage both defendants say that they have received said rents in 
right of said Mary and disclaymneth any other interest in any 
other messuage menconed in said bill and that defendant John is 
a stranger to any other matter in said bill contayned. Deny to 


their knowledge that the messuage in occupation of said Nicholas 
Barker or James Morris or any other messuage have been par- 
cell of the said messuage called the Sunne as is suggested. Deny 
that they have gotten any deeds and concerning the said messuage 
etc. or belonging to complainants. Without that that any other 
matter etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, S, bundle 129, no. 149. 

1628? The Replicacon of William Sweetinge and Susan his 
wife, John Blinckarne and Dorothie his wife and Elizabeth Wil- 
liams, widdowe, to the joynt and seuerall answers of John Good- 
win and Mary his wife, Edward Beare, Richard Beare, Nicholas 
Barker, Thomas Taylor, Nicholas Swanne, James Morris, Eliza- 
beth Coachman, widdowe and Henry Osborne defendants. Said 
complainants say in all things as they have before sett forth and 
alledged in their bill and doe and will ever averre and prove the 
same to be true in euerye parte therof and they marvaile that the 
said defendant John Beare should by his answeare clayme the 
house called the Blacke Anchor in Gravesend in county Kent by 
conveyance to hym from Richard Bourne. Whereas they find 
by the will of Richard Bourne that the said house called the 
Blacke Anchor was by will given unto Richard Blithe his heires 
etc. upon condicon the said Richard should pay to severall per- 
sons i6o and these complainants say that defendants answeares 
in many particular thinges therein conteyned are very uncer- 
tayne and insufficient in the lawe to be replied to and without that 
that any matter or thinge in the answeares of the said defendants 
or any of them conteyned materiall to them replyed unto and not 
before answered denyed etc. etc. is true all which matters etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings Charles I, S, bundle 128, no. 40. 

25 November 1628. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Baron of AUesborough, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of John 
Goodwin of Mendlesham, county Suffolk, and Sara his waeff. 
That Edmund Jennor father of said Sara in his lief tyme seised 
of one messuage etc. in Groundesborough Culpho, Great Berl- 
ings, Playford in said county and other lands in said townes etc. 
of yearly value of i6o and personall estate etc. and in his last 
will devises said messuage etc. to Ann his wieff upon trust untill 
his youngest sonne Edmund came to 21. Then at the death of 
his said father 7 years of age and gave to your said oratriic £50 


at 1 8 and to Martha one other daughter £50 at 18, and having 
yssue by a former wife two sonnes and three daughters devised 
to every of said three daughters £100 apiece at 18 and made said 
Ann his executrix about 15 years since dead said Sara then about 
9. Said Martha is since dead before 18 or married. The said 
Anne did intermarry with one Jeremy Biggs also deceased. Said 
Sarah married said John Godwyn about seven years past and hath 
often intreated for said legacy etc. etc. With answer of Anne 
Biggs, defendant. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 7, no. 4. 

27 January 1628. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodinge als (Reynolls) 
of Ottery St. Mary, county Devon, yeoman, seised of a fourth 

part of messuage or farme etc of (fifemtrey als ) in 

said county one Richard Stoford of Ottery St. Mary, gentleman 

gotten into his possession divers deeds etc. and hath 

without any right hath converted the yssues and profits 

of said fourth part etc. and having said deeds your orator cannot 

make any proofe of tytle ec. etc. hath become bound to 

which your orator partly for debt of said Stoford and partly 
for debt of your orator and your orator hath given bound in 
counterpart to said Stoford and your orator hath paid said debts 
etc. and there being some suite touching said messuage and lands 
of Venetery als ffenetery into which said Stoford hath unlawfully 
entred now doth refuse to deliver upp said counterbonds etc. 
albeit your orator hath truely sattisfied all his said debts etc. 
With answer of Richard Stoford defendant to bill of complaint 
of John Goodinge als Reynolls, 11 May 1627 Much torn etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 25, no. 3. 

(1628?) The replicacion of John Goodinge, complainant to 
the answere of Richard Stoford, gent, defendant. Said bill con- 
taining only six or seven sheets of paper and touching only three 
charged in fewe words those that the defendant having no tytle 
in the fourth part of the farme of Fenebury and lands menconed 
hath entered and disseised the complainant. Secondly that 
defendant having gotten into his hands divers deeds etc. by which 
complainants tytle is manifest and approved. Thirdly that said 
Stoford having divers counterbonds made by this complainant 


for Slicing (saving"?) him harmless wherein defendant stood 
bound with replyant and said monies being satisfied and bonds 
taken upp defendant was never damnified yett did threaten to 
putt said counterbonds in suite against your orator out of his ill 
afifection to complainant being his mother's brother and hath putt 
in an answer conteyning forty sheets of paper tedious and imper- 
tinent discourse etc. Replyant hath put in all the deeds etc. in 
his possession to this Court and which defendant hath obteyned 
and for which your complainant did not complain but for other 
deeds etc. concerning the premises defendant pretendeth that 
there was only one bond to William Chaplin, gent, of fioo for 
payment of £52 yet maketh no mencion of other bonds this com- 
plainant entered into and of counterbonds for securitie as suretie 
and will maintaine and prove his said bill etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 155. 

I February 1628 To Right Hon. Francis, Lord Verulam. 
Bill of Complaint of Thomas Adams, yeoman and Francis Hunt, 
yeoman. That John Helliar of Okingham, county Berks, yeoman 
about nine years since became indebted to Thomas Adams com- 
plainant in £20 and for security conveyed one messuage etc. in 
Wokingham, county Berks on mortgage only with condition of 
recovery on payment and about the same time the said Adams 
borrowed of John Goodwyn of Yately in county Southampton, 
yeoman, £20 for twelve months and for payment both complain- 
ants entered into a bond of £40 said Hunt being suretie and for 
his security said Adams ofifered to make over the said mortgage 
to said Hunt but the said Hunt caused the said mortgage to be 
handed over to said Goodwyn who had married Florence his 
mother and after the said John Hilliar or his heire for him paid 
the said Goodwyn the said £20 and the said Goodwyn then deliv- 
ered the said assurance and did often promise to deliver the said 
bond to your orators but did not so doe before his death who by 
his will made Margerie Goodwin his wife and Dorothy his daugh- 
ter executrixes, said Dorothy now wife of John Feild, — and 
died and said Margerie and Dorothy proved said will yett know- 
ing the said £20 to be paid the said Margerie and Dorothy and 
John Feild threaten to put the said bill in suite against your 
orators. Said John Goodwyn about 20 December, 34 Elizabeth 
married the said Florence Hunt, widow of Thomas Hunt, of 


Wokingham, yeoman deceased father of complainant who dyed 
intestate leaving four children William Hunt, the elder, deceased, 
Francis, William the younger, and Anne Hunt said Thomas 
desired said Florence to distribute £io apiece to his said children 
but before said somes paid the said John Goodwyn by his mar- 
riage got possession of the goods etc. of the said Thomas Hunt 
and hath refused to pay said somes. Further your orator Hunt 
hath trusted the said Goodwyn to receive the rents etc. of divers 
messuages etc. in Wokingham yet the said Goodwyn never paid 
or accompted to your orator for said rents and since his death 
three years since the said Margerie and Dorothy hath refused to 
make any satisfacconn to your orator etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, A, bundle ii, no. 25. 

12 February 1628. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of James Goodwin of Petistice, 
county Suffolk, gent, and Johan his wyef one of the daughters 
of John Cooke late of Marlesf ord in said county deceased. That 
said Cooke at time of his death having only three daughters 
Katheryne the wyef of Edmonde Dawe, gent, Johan one of your 
orators and Elizabeth the wyfe of Thomas Cuttinge and having 
a good estate and a purpose to devide same among his said daugh- 
ters about 26 February last made his will and bequeathed to said 
Katherine messuage he dwelt in with appurtenances etc. in 
Marlesford and Little Clemham. except a close called Aldonaes, 
being of the value of £60 per annum and your oratrix messuage 
in occupation (of?) Margarett Reade, widdowe, and lands etc. 
in Marlesford, Ashe and Hachston except one fferme lately pur- 
chased of one Garrard in Marlesford and also dyvers parcels of 
land in said parish lately purchased of Tovell nere howse late 
Salverstons and also lands purchased of Robert Tymer in occu- 
pation of said Thomas Cuttinge and Richard Coppinge, land in 
close of Mr. Henry Ewen then in occupation of your orator's 
father and one other house and certeyn lands to value of £38 
per annum and to the said Elizabeth other messuage and lands 
etc. to value of £30 per annum and also to your oratrix £300 to 
be paid by said Katherine out of said lands and made the said 
Cuttinge his executor. Whereby he had i6oo and goods etc. to 
make his wife's porcon equal and rest of his estate equally between 
his said daughters and shortly after called his said daughters and 


their husbands together and charged them that they should 
agree quietly etc. and soon after dyed. But now said Edmund 
Dawe and Katherine and said Thomas Cutting and Elizabeth give 
out that they are co-heirs with your oratrix in the said parcells 
of land so devised to your oratrix and that they will enter etc. 
that if any mistake was made it was in the writing of said will 
and that your oratrix was to have the porcon devised to said 
Katherine etc. Do utterly refuse to release said parcells of land 
to your oratrix as by said will was intended. With answer of 
Edmund Dove one of the defendants 15 June 15 Chas. N. B. 
Dawe and Dowe in Bill, Dove in answer. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 54, no. 50. 

March 17, 1628 Answer of Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, to 
the complaint of John Duke, esquire and Parnell his wife. Sir 
Thomas Rowe owner of Clopton Hall, Kingshall, Brendhall, 
Wastilies and Basses and of other lands etc. Marriage portion 
of Lady Rowe. William Cage, esquire and Sir John Rowse the 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, D, bundle 54, no. 47. 

1629 Plaintiff Barnaby Bryan of the towne of Northampton, 
knight and dame Mary his wife executrix of dame Mary Farmer, 
widdow, her mother with Sir Thomas Wyneman knight, com- 
plains of Arthur Goodwyn and his wife Jane of Winchington, 
county Buckes, esquire by insubstantial claims and threats bind- 
ing the carryinge out the will and challenges Arthur Goodwyn 
to prove his claim. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 116, no. 56. 

27 April 1629 To Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper. The Bill of Complaint of one William Goodwin 
of the parish of St. Clement Danes in the Strand, county Middle- 
sex, merchante taylor. That your orator and one Edmund Greg- 

orie of county Oxford, gent, and one Israeli Freer, 

gent, att the entreaty of one Edward Allcocke of Rampton, 
county Cambridge, esquire lent to the said Allcocke divers somes 
etc. and who for security gave by waye of mortgage severall par- 
cells of land in Rampton and said mortgage became forfeited for 
non payment and said Edmund Gregorie's securitie who had lent 


most of the monies was held to be insufficient etc. and the said 
Israeli Freers not being very good in respect of dyvers incum- 
brances etc. and the said Gregory brought suite for more and 
better security ymploying one Gyles Gregory his eldest sonne etc. 
etc. who tooke the said assurance in his owne name and the said 
Gyles having yssue a sonne aged about twoe yeares an infant 
shortly afterwards dyed so seised and the said premises so mort- 
gaged descended to the said infant although they should have 
been mortgaged to said Edmund who was like to lose the said 
lands and his money being £2500 and the said Edmund procured 
your said orator and the said Freer to joyne with him to procure 
a private act of Parliament to have the said Manner of Rampton 
and the said lands secured to him the said Gregory, your orator 
and the said Freer for the payment of the said monies etc. etc. 
to be sould to pay the said debts and the residue to the said AU- 
cocke etc. and your said orator having already an estate in the 
said Mannor and a recognisance of one Sir Humphrey Tufton 
for £1200 for the payment of £600 had noe need for any further 
security but at the earnest entreaty of the said Gregory and his 
promise to the better secure your said orator was content to 
joyne with him and the said Frier and in the Parliament held, 
21 James, it was enacted that the said Mannor etc. should be 
sould for £5000 at least to satisfie the creditors etc. etc. and if 
not sould by the said Allcocke within three moneths then cer- 
teyne gentlemen nominated vix. Sir Thomas Fanshaw, knight, 
Frauncis Conesbye. esquire, and William Cobb, gent, should sell 
the same and untill sold receive the said rents etc. etc. and pay 
interest for the said debts. But the said premises not being sold 
and your orator receiving not the interest as enacted possession 
being held by the said Allcocke who took the profitts etc. etc. 
your orator and said Gregorie and said Frier were counselled to 
exhibit their bill etc. etc. and your orator layed out great somes 
on said suyte and the said Freer and Edmund Gregory and also 
Roger Gregorye and Edmund Gregorye the younger promised to 
repay their shares etc. and your orator procured a decree that 
said premises should be sould to one Sir John Leman for £5000. 
But now albeit said Gregory hath gotten sattisfaction for his 
said debt by your orator's meanes and the said Freer hath paid 
his share of said charges yet do the said Edmund, the elder, 
Roger and Edmund Gregory the younger, utterly refuse to pay 


anie share of the great charges your orator hath been att or to 
give anie satisfaction for his greate losses of time and business 
etc. etc. With answers of Edmund Gregory the elder, Edmund 
Gregory the younger and Roger Gregory defendants, 29 April 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 51, no. 14. 

II May 1629. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Baron 
of Alesborough, Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of James 
Goodwyn, gent, one of the clarkes of George Evelyn Esqr one of 
the six Clarkes of the High Court of Chancery. That having a 
Sonne named William whom he was desirous of apprenticing 
about May last was two yeares was made acquainted with one 
Daniell Dobbins of the cittie of London, marchant adventurer 
who wanted a servant and was aboute to goe abroade to Russia 
with broade cloathes etc. and said Dobbins was content to take 
your orator's sonne as servant with him for seven yeares for 
some of £40 and would furnish him with apparell etc. which your 
orator did doe and, 23 June 1626, indentures were drawn up and 
after about Midsummer two yeares since said Dobbins and your 
orator's sonne William departed for Russia and your orator 
desired said Dobbins not to trust your orator's said sonne until 
he had shewn his fidelity and did therefore give no bond for 
his said son. But after arrivall at Colmogroe in Russia said 
Dobbins departed thence to Muscoe and continued there eight 
months leaving your orator's son at Colmogro aforesaid whereby 
your orator's son was putt to many hardships and charges etc. 
and your orator sheweth that said Dobl^ns on his return de- 
manded accompt of his said son which he was unable to do by 
reason of said chardges and caused his sone to be grievously 
beaten etc. and turned him out of his service etc. and now doth 
demand of your orator greate somes of money for compensation 
which he alleges for damages sustained through your orator's 
son's neglect and inability to accompt for all monies so received in 
Russia etc. With answer of Daniel Dobbyns, marchant, defend- 
ant, 19 May 1629. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 23, no. 64. 

1629? Replicacon of James Goodwin, gent, to the answers of 
Daniell Dobbins, defendant That there was no such agreement 


between defendant and this replyant, that defendant should take 
William Goodwyn named in his answere into Russia and that if 
he was not fit to undertake his employment that the defendant 
would not on his return to England entertain the said William 
Goodwin, this Replyant's sonne, but release him etc. this replyant 
satisfying- all such charges etc. and denies that said replyant's son 
did ymploy himself to idle company etc. as is aledged, further 
sayeth that his sonne was twice robbed at Colmegro during his 
abode there as is truely stated in said bill etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 54. 

2 June 1629. To Right Hon. Francis, Lord Verulam. Bill of 
Complaint of Pryscilla Goodwyne of Brancktrie, county Essex, 
singelwoman, that John Goodwin late of Bocking, county Essex, 
clothier, deceased was in his life time seised of in fee male or 
in fee tayle generall of one messuage etc now in possession of 
one Fortune Fenner, widow, situate in Bockin and of the same 
about fifteen years since died so seised together with the deeds 
etc. concerning the said messuage etc. and which of right ought 
to come to complainant being the sole and only daughter of said 
John and which by reason of the infancy of complainant and 
under collour of executorship of the will of John Goodwine, 
grandfather of your oratrix, have since the death of the said 
John Goodwyne beene in the possession of the said Fortune 
Fenner. But now the said Fenner being careless of the estate of 
complainant and for her owne profitt and those who work upon 
her age and infirmities hath of late defaced, imbezzled and can- 
celled or burnt divers of the deeds concerning said messuage etc. 
and doth refuse to deliver up other deeds concerning complain- 
ants said inheritance albeit knowing that your oratrix ought to 
have the same being the only daughter and heiress of said John 
and by concealing the said deeds and the said will and your 
oratrix having no copie the said Fenner hath entered said mes- 
suage etc. and made divers secrett estates to persons unknown 
to complainant and doth detayne same from your orator and your 
orator being without remedy to recover the said premises or to see 
the said last will of the said John Goodwin prays that the said 
Fortune Fenner may discover the said deeds and will etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 68. 


23 June 1629 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper, Bill of complaint of John Godwyne of Gosport, county 
Southampton, butcher, that three or four yeares since possessed 
of dyvers goods etc. one John Barton thelder of Farnham in said 
county, marchant, endeavouring to get possession of said goods 
enticed Mary Godwyne now deceased, your orator's then wife, to 
grow at variance with your orator to convey said goods etc. to 
said Barton promising same should be ready for her use and did 
break open your orator's house and convey away goods and 
moneys etc. to the value of i200 and albeit your orator hath often 
requested said Barton to make satisfaction yett doth he still refuse 
etc. With answer of John Barton, defendant, 17 September 1629. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 42, no. 22. 

25 August 1629 Complaint of Symon Payne, citizen and cord- 
wayner, of London and Godly his wife. That Thomas Hackett, 
citizen and draper, of London deceased being in his lifetime 
seized in his demesne as of fee of and in one messuage or tene- 
ment (now converted and made three messuages or tenements) 
situated in Finches als Finch Lane in the parish of St. Michaell 
upon Cornhill, London being thus seized said Thomas Hackett 
died some eighteen years since when the premises descended by 
right unto Hester Eayre as sole daughter and heir of said Thomas 
Hackett and the then wife of Rowland Eayre of Orsett, county 
Essex, gent, now deceased on whose death his widow was seized 
of the said property and intermarried and tooke to husband Wil- 
liam Goodwyne of Orsett aforesaid, gent, and the said William 
Goodwyn and Hester his wife being so seized of such estate 
your said orator did bargaine with the said William Goodwyn 
and Hester for all the said premises with their appurtenances 
etc. and he hath paid and is to pay for the same the full some of 
£450 for which William Goodwin and Hester his wife and one 
Lawson Corles were to convey the said premises to your orator 
his heirs etc. which they did. But now said so it is that certain 
deedes writings etc. etc. concerning the said premises which 
should belong to this complainant are come into the hands of said 
William Goodwyn and Hester his wife or some others who by 
color of paid evidences may in time molest your orator and 
although the orators have divers times required William Good- 
win and his wife to yield up the possession of the said premises 


and give up the deeds which they refuse and deny. Your com- 
pHanants not knowing certain dates or whether the writings are 
in bagge or box sealed or in chest or cupbord locked being without 
remedy at common lawe pray relief. Answer 1629, August 27. 
General denial — mentions a recognizance of £400 to one Anthony 
Webbe gent. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle 89, no. 32. 

October 10, 1629 Complaint of George Hawghton apothe- 
cary, of London that one Doune about fifteen years since had a 
lease in Rosemary Lane in county Middlesex from one Robert 
White your orator's wife's father and assigned it to one Barnaby 
Smythe, ironmonger, who yet enjoys it but it has fallen into 
ruin and one room which heretofore held over 200 barrels of beer 
is so decayed that it is now worth only £7 per annum whereas it 
was worth £12, has asked Smith to repair it. Smith is con- 
federating with Henry Goodwyn who hath the next piece of 
ground and desires to build same messuages to be called Good- 
wyn Rents, so plaintiff desire Smythe to give up counterpart of 
lease etc. Answer of Henry Goodwyn. Bill is only vexatious 
and merely to make charges. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 19, no. 24. 

29 October 1629 The further answer of Daniell Dobbins, 
defendant to the Bill of Complaint of James Goodwin, complain- 
ant. In obedience to the order of the Court saving himself etc. 
etc. that he should not lay any trust upon complainant's sonne 
William Goodwin in Russia untill the defendant had seen his 
fideltie denies that ever Complainant did so entreate him or that 
complainant's son should be always att his elbowe or promise 
any suche thinge but that defendant intended that anie appren- 
tice he should take should remaine att some place whilst defend- 
ant travailed into Russia. Denies that complainant mentioned 
anie bond for security or that defendant would not require anie 
bond. No other material matter to answere etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 38, no. 10. 

6 November 1629. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper, Bill of Complaint of William Goodwin of parish of 
■St. Margaretts in New ffishe streete London, citizen and fifounder. 


That about October, 12 James did enter into bond of £20 for 
payment of in. los. to Thomas Muns late citizen and draper of 
London and aboute November, 14 James came to agreement 
about said debt and your orator deHvered certain goods in full 
satisfaction of £7 parcell of said debt and after did pay one 
Thomas Acton, servant to said Thomas Muns, for use of said 
Muns £3. IDS. and your orator being a tayler did make certain 
garments to use of said Muns and for his wife and children and 
servants amounting to 34s. by your orator's bills at dyvers tymes 
shewn to Susan Muns wife of said Thomas in his lifetime and 
your orator further did assigne to said Muns one bond of £20 
for payment of iio due to your orator from one George Ward 
of Capston, county Cheshire, gent, and said Muns did promise to 
deliuer said bond and did promise to be accomptable for such 
moneys as he should receive from said Warde but before delivery 
said Muns dyed and after said Susan his relict intermarryed 
with one Pawle Clapham who hath since put the said bond in 
suite and hath received judgement and seeketh to enforce the 
whole penalty and further that your orator about eight years 
since arrested said Ward but for want of his said bond was 
damnified to the sum of £5 yett said Susan and Pawle hath often 
refused your orator said bond, your orator having no remedy to 
etc. etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 2^, no. 6. 

8 November 1629 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord 
Keeper of the Create Scale. Bill of Complaynt of Jasper Good- 
win of Dorking in county Surrey, gent. In Oct. 1624 borrowed 
of Theophilus Typton of Reigat in said county, gent, £200 and 
in presence of Richard Day and William Lane customary tenants 
of said Mannor of Dorking surrendered a copiehold tenement etc. 
for use of Thomas Moore of Widfield in county Surrey, Esq. 
in trust for said Typton with condicon for payment of £205 on 
4 February next ensuing and said £205 was paid to said Typton. 
Now said Moore to the undoing of your said orator demands 
payment of said £205 with interest etc. and combyning with said 
Typton etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle i, no. 56. 

17 November 1629. Complainant, Ozias Churchman, citizen 
and marchant tayler. Defendants, William Lane of Glendonn, 


county Northampton, esquire and Roger Tuder, Warde, 

Gierke, William Twigden and . Dispute in connec- 
tions with a deed or grant of a certain estate which complainant 
shows was lawfully conveyed to him by one William Lane of 
Glendonn, county Northampton, in consideration of the sum of 
£560 which orator was to pay to the said William Lane. The 
estate in dispute was in the Advowson and right of patronage 
of the Rector or Parsonadge of the parish church of Branison 
als Brandeston, county Northampton. Writ. 

Answer of William Lane and Roger Tuder, two of the defend- 
ants to the above bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman, com- 
plainant. Dated 12 May 1630. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 72, no. 22. 

1629? The replicacon of Jasper Goodwin, gent, complainant 
to the answer of Thomas Moore Esqr and Theophilus Typton, 
gent, defendants. Saving to himself now and at all tymes all 
advantage and benefits of excepcion to the uncertentye and insuf- 
ficiency of the said answere. Sayeth all and every matter and 
thing as in his said bill he hath formerly and truely said and will 
avere, maintain and prove his said bill and every matter and thing 
therein contained to be true certaine and sufficient etc. and that 
seuerall answers and the seuerall materiall things therein con- 
teined are untrue, uncertaine and insufficient etc. and that said 
bill in all things is true and will prove same in such manner and 
forme as is therein conteined etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 63, no. 48. 

23 November i62g(?) To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of 
Harwick, county Essex, chirurgeon, sonne and heir apparent of 
Robert Goodwyn of Ipswich in county Sufifolk, gent, moved by 
his said father to dispose of himself in marriage did about i 
February, 2 Chas. espouse Abigail Goldingham one of the daugh- 
ters of Henry Goldingham then of Ramsie in said county Essex, 
gent, and about 12 January shortly before it was agreed that 
your orator should have for a marriage porcion certen lands in 
Harwich and Ramsie of value of £5 or £6 per annum and the 
some of £166 per annum to be paid as specified and debt of one 
Arthure Everard Esqr of £24 to be assigned to your orator and 
said Henry Goldingham became bound to your orator and said 


Robert his father for performance etc. and your orator's father 
by articles of said date agreed to surrender according to cus- 
tome of the mannor of Earles Stonham in said county Suffolk 
his farme or messuage etc. and appurtenances in Earles Stonham 
then in occupation of Richard Syllett to your orator and his heires 
etc. and further the said Robert Goodwyn and Marian his then 
wife (since deceased) should also convey to your orator to hold 
after their seuerall deaths their messuage or dwelling house with 
tenement adjoyning then in occupation of Thomas Molson with all 
appurtenances in the parish of St. Margaretts in Ipswich and 
abovit said time your orator's said father complaeyning that he 
was in debt desired to your orator to lend him £40 part of said 
porcion which was agreed and said Goldingham became bound to 
your orator's father for £80 for payment of said £40 on last 
daie of February and said Robert also acquired of your orator 
a bond of £100 for payment of £60 to said Robert as security for 
payment of said debt amounting to £40 or thereabouts. If said 
£40 be paid by said Goldingham then to return said bond of £100 
to your orator and said Robert also desired your orator to become 
bound for payment of £27.103. in the event of your orator having 
noe yssue by his said wife would be a greate helpe to your orator's 
brother and would delyuer said bond if your orator should haue 
yssue and would not clayme any satisfaccon while your orator 
lived. But now your orator's said father and the said Golding- 
ham combyning to defraud your orator of his estate doth threaten 
to put said bonds in suite and doth refuse to convey to your orator 
any such estate as agreed uppon or to give your orator any sattis- 
faccon etc. etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 10, no. 38. 

27 November 1629. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Arthur Goodwin of Over 
Winchenden, county Bucks, esqr and Jane now his wife. That 
Alary Lady Farmer, widdow, late wife of Sir George Farmer 
Knt, deceased, grandmother to your oratrix Jane possessed of 
a great personall estate and seised of dyvers lands etc. in North- 
ton and Beds, and intending to bestow same upon her children 
and grandchildren not long before her death made a lease of all 
her said lands tenements etc. to one Sir Thomas Wenman, Knt, 
brother to your oratrix and to Richard Trist, esqr. and Thomas 


King", gent, in trust to pay all her legacies etc. and about same 
time made her will and among other legacies particularly to your 
oratrix Jane to be paid by the Lady Zinquere one of her daugh- 
ters now wife of Sir Barnaby Bryan, Knt, and made the said 
Sir Thomas Wenman and Lady Zanquere executors and before 
her death in presence of her said daughter and your oratrix 
desired her servants to putt up dyuers peces of plate in napkins 
purposely for your oratrix and requested your oratrix to come 
again, to see her in her sickness and take away such things as 
shee should have redy and said Lady Zanquere promised to per- 
form all she should tell her to do who secretly remoued said 
articles and told the said Lady Farmer that your oratrix had taken 
same away and shortly after about eight years since died and 
said Sir Thomas Wenman relinquishing exorship said Brian and 
his wife administered and have taken possession of all the said 
estate etc and do utterly refuse to deliuer upp any part of (to?) 
your oratrix nor her husband etc. With answer of Sir Barnaby 
Brian, Knt and Dame Mary his wife defendants. 11 January, 
5 Chas. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 48, no. 64. 

23 November 1629 or 11 February 1629. The Answeres of 
Paule Clapham and Susan his wife to the Bill of Complaint of 
William Goodwyn, complainant. That defendants have ground 
to demurre to the said bill in that the said complainant might 
have remedy at common lawe and that by reason of this said 
bill complainants might have some collour thereupon to procure 
an injunction upon the said bond and that the chardges concern 
defendant Susan for matters done within her knowledge before 
her marriadge with the said Paule. Believe it to be true that 
complainant did enter into a bond of £20 for payment of iio to 
one Thomas Muns but deny any knowledge of agreement between 
the said complainant and the said Muns or that complainant did 
deliver any goods in satisfaccon of the said debts or that any 
monies at all were paid for the said debts or any garment worked 
etc. etc. for which the said complainant hath not been paid. 
Believes that the said complainant did make one paire of whale- 
bone bodice worth about 4s. and was paid in ready money by the 
said Muns then the husband of this said defendant Susan. Denies 
that said complainant ever assigned any bond to the said Muns 


to be sued for her or that he would be accomptable for any such 
monies received from one George Ward and the defendant says 
that after the death of the said Muns and the marriadge of the 
defendant Paule with the said Susan said bond of £20 nott being 
satisfied or any parte thereof these defendants did aboute three 
yeares past did putt this bond into suite and have gott judgement. 
The said money being the porcon of the five children of the said 
Muns and that no accompt was ever demanded in the life time 
of the said Muns etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 45, no. 38. 

Jan. 20, 1629 Plaintiff John Busell of Chedsey, county Somer- 
sett, complains that John Goodinge late of Chedsey in order to 
please his wife in her dififerences and disputes with the orator's 
wife did pursue him with many unkindnesses knowing him to be 
poor and ignorant did induce the orator for peace and quietness to 
bind himself to the said John Gooding in a bill of £20 to pay £g, 25 
March, 1625 and another bond of £5 that he should hold John 
Gooding and Christian his wife harmless in any suite which were 
pending against them in the Ecclesiastical Courtes of Welles and 
all costs and damages. Gooding refuses to deliver the bond for 
cancellation on the payment of the said £9 and having let cer- 
tain ground to John Gooding under a bond of the orator of quiet 
possession which John Gooding promised to give up for cancella- 
tion and also that the other bonds should never turn to the orator's 
loss or harme. John Gooding often confessed that no money was 
owing upon the bond or had past and that he only gave them his 
wife Christian satisfaction for ye tyme who was offended with 
your orator's wife for some words that has passed between them. 
He prays them both to be delivered and cancelled. Answer of 
Christian Gooding, widdow, claims the bonds were in considera- 
tion of her husband giving up certain actions against the plaintiflf. 
With signature of Gualt Ralegh, Rector of Chedsey. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 98, no. 9. 

1630. Your orator Daniel Elines of Milkston in county Wilts, 

clerk Walter Longe of Draycott in the county of 

(eigbt years ago) then esquire and now knight was 

indebted to Clare Sudeley of Downton for £100. One John 
Goodwyn of Lymington is sent as messenger by Clare to demand 


the payment of all due. He receives £20 and afterwards a bond 
iioo (on false statements) from Longe. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, E, bmidle 13, no. 50. 

16 April 1630. Complainant William Lane of Henlye upon 
Thames, county Oxon, yeoman. That about thirteen years last 
past having occasion to use moneys repaired to one H. Sutton 
then dwelling in the Old Baylie, London who did lend £40 so as 
your orator would procure one John Goodwyn of Henley to 
become bound with your orator unto said Sutton by obligacon of 
£80 for repayment. Said Goodwyn became so bound and your 

orator with one John Maborough of (sic) county Oxon 

would countersecure said Goodwyn by like obligacon of £120 
for indemnifying said Goodwyne against the principal bond for 
Sutton and your orator received said £40 from Sutton and with 
said Goodwyne (date knoweth not) for payment at a day now 
past and soon after your orator with obligacon of said Mabor- 
ough dated 18 October, 3 James I, became bound to said Good- 
wyne and said bonds were received by said Sutton and Good- 
wyne. And not long after and before money due to said Sutton 
said Goodwyne fearing loss etc. obtained with your orator's 
consent from one Thomas Burt £24. los. due to your orator for 
malt which money he said he would pay to said Sutton in part 
payment and soon after said Goodwyne caused your orator to 
be arrested and would not release unless your orator put in his 
hands £16 residue of the debt of £40 whereupon your orator was 
forced to sell the fee simple of a tenement in Henley at under 
value to one Radulph Elmes, esqre and handed £16 to Goodwyne 
on his promise to discharge said debt and deliver to your orator 
both the bonds. But now about five years past and before said 
Goodwyne had delivered both said bonds to your orator said 
Goodwyne departed this life and Joane Goodwyne the widow 
who had the bonds and well knew all the former passages and 
that at time of last payment (being about seven years before her 
husband's death) he never questioned your orator etc, she having 
gotten letters of administration of estate threatens to exact the 
counterbond etc. unless your orator will give her ten loads of 
wood. T. Throckmorton. 23 April 1630 Demurrer and answer 
of Joane Goodwyn, widdowe, defendant to bill of complaint to 
be relieved of counterbond by complainant and one John Mabor- 


ough about thirteen years past etc. about seven years before his 
death her said husband received £34 and £6 and about five years 
past he died intestate and she is administratrix notwithstanding 
her husband's promise to give bond and counterbond to com- 
plainant and said payments made long after principal bond was 
forfeited and not bound by any promise of defunct and so doth 
demurr, never knew of any bond of £80 but said Goodwyne and 
John Maborough in obligacon 18 October, 8 James I. became 
bound to one Henry Greene, citizen and haberdasher, of London. 
(Very complicated but no other names.) 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, L, bundle 11, no. 47. 

12 ]\Iay 1630. Answer of Thomas INIore. Esqr. one of the 
defendants to the bill of complaint of Jasper Goodwyn, gent, com- 
plainant. About October mentioned that the other defendant 
Theophilus Tipton received out of some debtors of this defend- 
ant i20o deliuered same to complainant and received the sur- 
render menconed in said bill, said surrender to be voyd on 
payment of £205, said £205 was tendered on 4 February in said 
bill menconed but this is denied but this defendant received inter- 
est on said £200 from Tipton and sent to Dorking to the said 
complainant that he had not received said money etc. Tenement 
in Dorking mentioned etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle i, no. 55. 

6 June 1630. The second answer of Israeli Frere, gent, one 
of the defendants to the bill of complaint of James Goodwin, 
gent, and other complainants according to the report of Robert 
Rich, knt, one of the Masters of the Honorable Court dated 7 
February 1624. That upon serche of the rowles of the mannors 
of Barnes in Rendham in the bill named it appears that the mes- 
suage and 20 acre freehold were houlden of the IMannor of Rend- 
ham in knight's service by rent of 5s. id. per annum, viz. in a 
court rowle of the said mannor dated Thursdaie next after the 
feast of All Saints in 8 Edward IV it is enrolled, also in 31 
Henry VIII but that it does not appeare elsewhere. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 9, no. 25. 

8 June 1630. Complaint of Edward Terold of Eye, county 
Suffolk, gent, that about ten years past did borrow of John Good- 


wyne of Dysse, county Norfolk, iio and for surety your orator 
together with William Terold of Dysse, apothecary, became 
bound in £20 and before day of payment mutually agreed between 
your orator and said John Goodwyne that he should continue to 
hold the £10 without renewing bond and the said Goodwyne 
agreed that although bond should become forfeit he would take 
no advantage and same became forfeited and about three years 
after by appointment of said Goodwyne unto one Thomas Sher- 
man, gent, in discharge of what said Goodwyne did then owe said 
Thomas Sherman for rent etc. and about three years since your 
orator sent £10 by a servant of his to said Goodwyne who 
received same and said 20s. more would have discharged the 
bond. Now said Goodwyn knowing said bond is forfeited and 
your orator no plea and that 40s. paid to John Sherman etc. doth 
deny the payment of said somes etc. and doth threaten to take 
his whole forfeiture. 
Bond and Engrossment. 

Answer of John Goodwyne defendant that about eleven years 
ago complainant did borowe and did become bound with one 
William Terold of Disse his brother etc. etc. on condition that 
if said complainant should pay to him £11 on 8 April 1620 at man- 
sion house of this defendant in Disse etc. then said bond void. 
Saith said complainant did neither pay said £11, but true that 
complainant (torn) £12 and about October 1628 (torn) residue 
about Christmas next following, but denies 40s. paid to John 
Sherman, etc. Sworn to 5 October 1630 (Signature of John 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, T, bundle 8, no. 12. 

14 June 1630. Further answer of John Barton, defendant to 
Bill of Complaint of John Godwin, complainant. Utterly deny- 
eth that the said Marye the complainant's sayd late wife by the 
perswasion etc. of defendant to provoke complainant or to break 
open complainant's bowse or chestes and steale awaye his goods 
and money or that shee did by this defendant's meanes convey to 
this defendant's keeping or to any other person to this defend- 
ant's knowledge any goods or chattells or money to be conveyed 
to this defendant other than £25 in this defendant's former 
answeare expressed and further that he hath any goods of com- 
plainants and that the said £25 being deliuered to defendant by 


complainant's said wife for the use of John New her sonne by a 
former husband and as parte of his porcon as shee affirmed this 
defendant sayeth that about 12 April 1626 this defendant payed 
said £25 (the said Mary being dead) unto the said John New 
and tooke his dischardge etc. on receipt and as security to hold 
him harmless against the said John Godwine, the elder, of Far- 
ham, my father in lawe, and that he hath noe other securitie from 
said John New and that about four yeares since he received from 
said Mary a perse or bagge with money but that some it was this 
defendant knoweth not he then being in his shopp at Fareham 
and that defendant redeliuered said perse to one of the servants 
of said Mary some short time before her death and said servant's 
name was Margarett Pullocke and that he defendant did never 
know contents of said purse etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 49. 

3 February 1630. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Sir Francis Goodwyn of 
Winchenden, county Bucks, Knt that Rt. Hon Edward, late 
Earle of Bedford, about seventeen years since unable to manage 
his estate did by deed give power to the Lady Lucy, late Countess 
of Bedford, his then wife and the said Countess did take upon her 
the ordering of said estate etc. untill their deaths about twelve 

years then following of Lee in the parish of Upton, 

county Bucks, Esq. and Henry Lucas of London, Esqre, feoffees 
in trust of the Mannor of Moore in county Hertford to the use 
of said Earle did make a lease of same about thirteen years since 

to Baker, Knt, Sir Thomas Smith and Sir Richard 

Smith, Knts, and which lease did after come to William Terry, 
John Couldwell and John Couchman for security for £10300 
owing by said Countess to Sir Paul Banninge, then Knt, after 
Lord Baninge and did assign same to Rt. Hon. William, late 
Earle of Pembroke, Lord Steward of his Maties household who 

had taken up certain monies and to trusted by said 

Earle and Countess upon trust that the said debts being satisfied 
the said Earle of Pembroke and your orator should be freed from 
such bonds etc. as they were in for said Earle and Countess men- 
tions Rt. Hon. Lord Morley, Edward Woodward who had divers 
messuages etc. late the inheritance of the Rt. Hon. John, late 
Lord Harrington, deceased brother of and your 


orator and said Edward Woodward and others so trusted by said 
Earl and Countess entred into dyvers bonds etc. to Sir James 
Cambell Knt, Sir John Leman Knt, Edward Duncomb, Esqre 
to said Henry Lucas etc. and your orator kept said lease as 
security for payments and to save your orator harmless and said 
Countess requested your orator to send same to her for the yearly 
renewing of said Lord Baninge's assurance and said Edward 
Woodward trustee of the goods etc. of the said Earle and 
Countess and of the said late Lord Harrington and Lady Har- 
rington and about three years since the said Earle and Countess 
died and your orator endeavoured to take letters of administra- 
tion yet the said William, late Earle of Pembroke procured letters 
of administration etc. by John Ansty, Gent, his servant and did 
possess themselves of all goods etc. and with Sir John Thorogod 

doth pretend that the said Terry, Couldwell, hath made 

an estate of said premises etc. etc. and the said William, Earle 
of Pembroke being deceased hath descended to the Rt. Hon. Phil- 
lip, Earle of Pembroke his brother and doth refuse to disengage 
your orator from said bonds or to satisfy your orator for dyvers 
payments made in respect thereof etc. With answers of John 
Ansty, defendant 3 May 1631, Sir John Thorowgood, Knt, 
Michaell Oldesworth and Gyles Rowback, Esqre, three of the 
defendants 3 May 1631. Torn and partly illegible. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 25, no. 51. 

February 5, 1630. Raphe Coates of Crowdicot in the county 
of Derby, taylor, complains that George Goodwyn of Harley in 
the county of Derby and Roger Goodwyn of Hordlow, Derby, 
yeoman, stood bound to Humf rey Johnson late hus- 
bandman deceased in the some of £20. Answer of George Good- 
win with names attached Richard Goodwyn, Richard Clayton, 
George Goodwin, and Richard Bateman. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 11, no. 11. 

2^] April 163 1 The disclaymer and seuerall answere of John 
Palmer one of the defendants to the Bill of Complaint of James 
Goodinge, gent, and William Curtis, yeoman, defendants, (sic) 
Said defendant saving to himself all advantage etc. and for 
answer in so much as concerneth himself saith that William 
Hardinsfe and Israeli Frere in the bill named have not or had in 


their custody or possession any writings or extents which would 
declare or mayfest any matters in the said bill declared as is 
pretended and denyeth that he hath anie waies plotted or com- 
byned with the said Hardinge or Frere or that they or anie of 
them have stopped upp any of the barres or gates in the said bill 
menconed other wise than as this defendant confesseth that about 
fifteen years since he was servant to the said William Hardinge 
he then a farmer of the said Home meadowe and other the 
grounds of the said Frere and that defendant by command of 
said Harding did wedge upp the barres of the said meadowe and 
said Harding did forbidd said John Thurston to use anie way 
or passage through said meadow and said Thurston entreated 
leave to pass through said meadow and did give leave to said 
Harding for his servants and horses and carte to pass through 
the lands of said Thurston for an easier passage to Saxmundham 
markett and by such leave said Thurston did at tymes use the 
said passage and way. Defendant denieth that he hath at anie 
tyme threatened complainants etc. and prayeth to be dismissed, 
etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. 50. 

29 April 163 1 To Rt Hon Thomas. Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Sir Francis Goodwin of Upper 
Winchenden, county Bucks, Knt, and Edward Woodward of Lee 
in said county, Esqr. that with Sir William Harrington of Bay- 
worth in county Leicester, Knt, deceased, as sureties for the Rt, 
Hon. Edward Eale of Bedford, deceased and the Lady Lucy his 
wife deceased by bond 10 November, 16 James became bound to 
Edward Duncombe of Little Okeley. county Northampton, Esqr. 
in i6oo for ^315 which said some was not paid and said bond 
became forfeited and also became bound to Henry Lucas of 
London, Esqr. in ^300 for payment of £130 also not paid, said 
Harrington, kinsman of said Countess of Bedford, said Earle and 
Countess did grant him certain lands in Turnham in said county 
Middlesex to pay said debts and about five years since said Har- 
rington made his sister the Lady Morrison, widow, his execu- 
trix and did leave sufficient to satisfie said debts. But now said 
bonds have been put in suite against your orators and said Lady 
Morrison doth refuse to satisfie said debts. With answer of 
Dame Morrison, widow, dated 3 September 1631. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 25, no. 49. 


6 May 1631. To Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwine of Henlie 
uppon Thames, county Oxon, on behalf of himself and Abraham 
Goodwine his sonne an infant under 21 whose guardian your 
orator is. That William Goodwin your orator's father deceased 
was seised of one messuage and divers lands etc. etc., in Henlie 
upon Thames and did by conveyance assure same to Henrie 
Goodwin his youngest sonne and his heires etc. with remaynder 
to your orator and his heires etc. etc. and afterwards he died and 
the said Henry your orator's brother since being so seised of the 
said messuage etc. etc. and as is pretended by fine or otherwise 
dis-annulled the estate taile of some part of said premises and 
seised of parte of other messuage etc. finding himself weake etc. 
about November 1629 made his will and did devise after his 
death and the decease of his wife to Abraham your orator's said 
sonne the said premises and to your orator and his children other 
parcells of land etc. etc. and parte of his personall estate and 
appointed Alice his wife executrix and a short time after he 
died and the said Alice hath possessed herself of the whole of 
the estate of said Henrie and hath gotten the deeds etc. etc. and 
doth pretend that same are lost and having since married one 
Thomas Shirwood of Compton, county Berks, gent, they the said 
Thomas and Alice have suppressed said will and deeds etc. and 
do refuse to produce same or to sattisfy your orator on behalf of 
his said sonne etc. etc. With answer of Thomas Shirwood, clerk 
and Alice his nowe wafe, defendants, at Newburie, Berks. 9 June, 
7 Chas. L 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 13. 

20 May 1 631. Complainants Ozias Churchman, citizen and 
merchantailor of London, and George Sheppard of London, 
grocer, executors of the last will and testament of Andrewe 
Ou'ton, late of London, haberdahser, deceased. That whereas 
the said Andrewe Ou'ton being executor of the last will and 
testament of William Churchman, late of Hungerford, county 
Salop, gent., deceased, did about twenty yeares sithence take upon 
him the probate and execution of the said will after the death of 
the said William Churchman who left behind him two children, a 
sonne and a daughter. And did appoint said Andrew Ou'ton 
to take the charge and government of the said two children and 
to have the education of them, leaving them no greate porcons or 


legacies for their further maintenance for your said orator 
showeth that the said Mary was not to have any more than £120 
or thereabouts, for her said porcon, which Andrewe Ou'ton 
after the death of their said father tooke the said two children 
vidett William Churchman the sonne and Mary Churchman the 
daughter, nowe the wife of Thomas Tomkies, into his charge of 
educacion and brought them up to London where the said An- 
drewe Ou'ton lived and to his greate charge and cost etc. did for 
many yeares together bringe up the said William Churchman in 
the universitie of Oxford and the said Mary in London with him, 
to her needle, dauncing and such qualityes beseeming a gentle- 
woman etc. in so much that the small porcon shee had was farre 
too little to maintaine her, shee being of a greate high spirit and 
presuminge much upon the love and favour of the said Andrewe 
Ou'ton was inforced to supply the means of her maintainance 
out of his own estate, as by the books of accompte belonging to 
said Andrewe Ou'ton, now in the hands of orator Ozias Church- 
man, as one of the executors of the said Andrewe Ou'ton doth 
more plainly appeare. And orator further showeth that the said 
Andrewe Ou'ton was seased etc. of some estates of inheritance 
of messuage and diuers landes in the county of Salop and being 
so seased the said Mary Churchman, nowe the wife of Thomas 
Tomkins did so farre prevaile with the said Andrewe Ou'ton, 
her unckle, that she procured him to convey or assure the rents 
of said messuage, lands etc. etc. unto her selfe, or to her nowe 
husband for and untill the remaines of her porcon left her by 
her father should bee satisfied with promise to reconvey the same 
to him, his heirs etc. when the arrearages should be fully satis- 
fied, etc. But so it is that the said Thomas Tomkies and Mary 
his wife haveing gott into theire possession the said messuage, 
etc. etc. in recompence of her said porcon, and other somes of 
money and goodes properly due. and belonging unto the estate of 
the said Andrew Ou'ton which your orators ought to paye unto 
such of the creditors as have sued your orators at the common 
lawe refuse to pay etc. etc. Orators ask that a writ of subpoena 
be issued against the said Thomas Tomkies and Mary his wife 
citing them to appear before the Court to answer the charge to 
show cause etc. etc. Answer to the above bill of complaint is 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 6, no. 3. 


21 June 1631 Bill of Complaint of Ralph Goodwyn of Lud- 
lowe, county Salop, Esqre. Whereas John Pauncefoote late of 
Harfield, county Gloucester, Esqre. and Dorothy his wief both 
deceased seised in A'lannor House called Pauncefootes Court in 
Much Cowarne, county Hereford, and so seized by indenture 
dated 12 March, 13 Elizabeth for consideration paid by Robert 
Binghell of Whitwick in said county Hereford, gent, deceased 
and Elizabeth his wife also deceased with all appurtenances 
except one poole of water and the soile thereof lying beneath the 
church of Cowarne for tearme of sixty one years which terme 
ended 1632 one William Reade of Much Cowarne about four- 
teen years past obtained right of said Robert etc. Then about 
twelve years Sir Walter Long, Knt, Somersett Fox, Esqr, Charles 
Thynne, Esqre and Richard Sellman, gent, then obteyned the 
lease and in consideration of £1250 paid by your orator and your 
orator so having purchased said premises still in tenancy of said 
William Reade yet said Reade refuseth to allow your orator to 
enter etc. and your orator not knowing terms of said lease to said 
William Reade from said Robert Binghell and Elizabeth is unable 
etc. Answer of William Reade, 25 June 1631. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 4, no. 31. 

27 June 163 1 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of Thelveton, 
county Norfolk, gent, that Roger Goodwyn, deceased, your 
orator's father was in his life time or about the last day of April 
1612 at the request of, and for the debt of, Richard Crane late 
of Thorndon, county Suffolk, gent, and Richard Crane sonne 
and heire apparent of the said Richard did enter into and become 
bound with the said Richard the father and Richard the sonne in 
one bond of £200 for payment of £105 on 3 November then next 
unto Richard Hamond gent, also now deceased and the said 
Richard the father or Richard the sonne did pay to the said 
Hamond in his lifetime £100 or thereabouts being the principall 
but the interest remayning unpaid the said bond "was uncancelled 
in hands of said Hamond and shortly after your orator's father 
died and after about sixteen years since the said Richard Hamond 
put said bond in suite against your orator and did also proceed 
against the said Richard Crane the father and son and obtained 
judgement against your orator with a cesset execucion untill the 


death of Mary Goodwyn your orator's mother then tennant for 
life of the lands of the said Roger the reversion thereof being 
to your orator and your orator repaired to said Hamond who 
promised that if your orator would procure the said Richard 
Crane to be arrested for the said interest due he the said Hamond 
would release your orator from the said judgment which your 
orator did at great chardge and trouble and the said Crane and 
Hamond agreed to a composition and the said Crane was released. 
But now said Richard Hamond is dead and John Hamond, gent, 
his brother and administrator doth utterly refuse to release your 
orator from said judgement and doth threaten your orator etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings. Charles I, G, bundle 46, no. 47. 

29 June 1631. Complainant, Ozias Churchman, citizen and 
merchant taylor of London, showeth that whereas Joseph Church- 
man of Sidbury in the county Salop, gent, your orator's brother 
being indebted etc. was inforced to take money of one Edward 
Homes, clerke, and for security and repayment thereof the said 
Joseph Churchman did lease and demise by way of mortgage to 
the said Edward Homes one capitall messuage and divers lands 
in Churchstocke in the county of Alontgomery, the lands etc. being 
worth much more than the said Mr. Homes then paid for the same. 
And the said Joseph Churchman about four years now past made 
means to your orator to redeem the said lands from the said 
Homes likewise from another lease or mortgage held by one 
Hugh Powell of Barwick, county Salop, gent. etc. And your 
orator further showeth that the said Joseph Churchman being 
arrested and imprisoned in the towne of Shrewsbury upon divers 
accons of debt and having continued in prison for ye space of 
3 yeares, in consideracon of certain disbursements of your orator 
in discharging his debts, did promise to. demise and lease unto 
your orator the said capitall messuage etc. etc. in Churchstock and 
likewise one other messuage also in Churchstock in the posses- 
sion of one John Hicks, and other lands in the possession of 
Richard ap Davie, Richard ap Lewis, and one Morris Powell etc. 
etc. and said orator further showeth that Elizabeth Middleton, 
now wife of Richard lloyd of Churchstock knowing that orator 
had redeemed the said capitall messuage and premises out of the 
hands of Mr. Homes and Mr. Powell, and about two years past 
repaire vnto Samuell Greeves of Berington, county Salop, clerk, 


whom orator had imployed in trust for him to lett and lease the 
said lands, desire to become tenant of orator and agreed with the 
said Mr. Greeves to hould the same from yeare to yeare at ye 
yearly rent of £23 etc. etc. But so it is the said Elizabeth since 
the agreement with Mr. Greeves having married and taken to 
husband the aforesaid Richard lloyd and they having sold the said 
capitall messuage and lands, redeemed, as aforesaid, have suf- 
fered and committed much waste and destruction, in and upon 
the premises and have fallen or caused to be fallen and cutt 
down some died oaks etc etc. And one Thomas Hodgkyns hav- 
ing now entered and got into the possession of the said capitall 
messuage which the said lloyd beeing then departed from and 
having lett the same and hath not given any security for the 
f3me or fore rent neither hath bee the said Hodgkyns given any 
security and doth further deteyne and keepe the possession 
thereat and doth refuse to take any lease thereat from orator or 
procure suretye for payment of rent, etc. Orator prays that said 
Hodgkins may be compelled by the Court to scale the bonds and 
procure security for payment of the fine and rent and that the 
Court may grant to orator writs of subpoena durected against 
Richard lloyd and Elizabeth his wife, Thomas Hodgkyns, John 
Hicks and Richard ap Lewis, the defendants in the said com- 
manding them to appear and answer all and singular the premises 
as mentioned in this bill of complaint. The joint and several 
answers of Richard lloyd and Elizabeth his wife two of the 
defendants in the above bill of complaint of Ozias Chruchman, 
complainant. Recapitulation of much of the above and denials 
etc. The answers of the other defendants in the said suit are 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 52, no. 47. 

22 October 1631. Answer of Phillip, Earle of Pembroke and 
Montgomery, Lord Chamberlaine of his Maities Household and 
Member of the P. C, to Bill of Complaint of Sir Frances Good- 
wyn, Knt., complainant. Doth not know of what disabilitie late 
Rt. Hon. Edward, Earle of Bedford about seventeen years since 
had to manage his estate or what authoritie he did give to the 
Lady Lucie, late Countess of Bedford, his then wife or did 
mortgage said lands. Deeds etc. etc. Thinketh it true that said 
Earle of Bedford was seised in said Mannor of Moore and having 


occasion to use monies did take up same at interest of Sir Pawle 
Baringe, Knt, after Lord Barringe and did for security convey 
said manor to said Lord Baringe as Rt. Hon. William, late Earle 
of Pembroke, deceased this defendant's brother deceased did 
about June 1626 contract to take up said mortgage and convey- 
ance of same was made with consent of said Countess of Bed- 
ford to the said Earl of Pembroke, Lord Steward and John 
Thorowgood the Esqre and now Knt, servant to the said Earle 
of Pembroke and same was sett over to Michael Owldsworth 
and Gyles Rowbushe also his servants in trust for said William, 
Earle of Pembroke and after did borow a greate some of said 
Lord Barringe and for security did convey said monies to certain 
persons named by said Lord Baringe with condition of repayment. 
But whether the said Henry Lawcas and Edward Woodward 
menconed were feofees of the said Manor of Meare in trust for 
said Earle of Bedford and did make any lease of same to the said 
Sir Henry Baker, Sir Thomas Smith, and Sir Richard Smith, 
Knts, defendant knoweth nor or that complainant had ever any 
estate in said mannor or that if he had doth believe that com- 
plainant did surrender same etc Doth not know that complain- 
ant or Lord Morley or Edward Woodward were trusted with any 
lands etc. the inheritance of the late Lord Harrington deceased or 
that complainant ever received the profits of said lands etc. or 

whether William Terry, John Goldwell and John C 

ever had said lease. Believe that a great parte of the personall 
estate of said Earl of Bedford was by law committed to one John 
Anstie who did grant same to this defendant's brother whence 
same descended to this defendant Prays to be released etc Fur- 
ther answer of John Anstey, gent, defendant. 

Chancery Proceedings, G, bundle 25, no. 47. 

26 November (1631 ?). To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Sir Frances Goodwin of 
Over Winchenden, county Bucks, Knight, Edward Woodward of 
Upton, county Bucks, Esquire and Edward Buncombe of Little 
Oakley in county Northampton, Esqr. That your orators with 
Sir William Harrington of Twickenham, county Middlesex, Knt, 
by obligation dated 18 May, 20 James became bound to one 
Thomas Chapman, Esqre. in £400 for payment of i2io on the 20 
November next ensuing and after about Trinity terme, i Charles, 
the said bond was put in suite against your orators and Sir Wil- 


Ham Harrington and about Easter or Trinitie terme, 2 Charles, 
seuerall iudgements were obteyned against your orators and their 
sureties whereuppon your orators did sattisfie the said debt with 
interest, costs, etc. and had the said bond deHvered upp. But 
now your orators have at dyvers times desired to have satisfaccon 
acknowledged on record but could not get the same to be done by 
the said Thomas Chapman in his lifetime neither by Charles 
Yeomans his executor etc. Prays that writt may be issued to 
shew cause why said satisfaccon should not be acknowledged. 
With answer of Charles Yeomans defendant 9 December ( 1621 ?) 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 30, no. 2. 

26 April 1632. Complainants Thomas Hopkins of Hearnehill, 
county of Kent, yeoman and Dennys his wife, relict and execu- 
trix of the last will and testament of Robert Chruchman, late of 
Hearnehill, potmaker, deceased, your orators being guardians 
unto Richard Churchman the surviving sonne and heire of the 
said Robert. Show that whereas the said Robert Churchman 
was seized etc 21 May 1624 of one messuage etc. in Hearnehill 
whereupon one work house and one pott kiln was erected by the 
said Robert which premises said Robert had purchased of 
Thomas Giles and Ann his wife. And orators show further that 
the said Robert in his will date 21 May 1624 did devise the said 
messuage to Dennys his wife for the term of her natural life and 
at her death to go to his two sons Richard Churchman and 
Thomas Churchman and their heirs forever. Shortly after 
making the said will the said Robert Churchman died and the said 
Dennys entered into possession etc. and being thereof seized for 
life did marry your orator Thomas Hopkins after which marriage 
your orator did demise the said mesuage etc. to Philip Drinkel 
and Edward Cornefore both of Hearnehill, potmakers, for the 
yearly rent of £5. But so it is the said Philip Drinker and 
Edward Corneford having gotten into their hands both partes 
of the said lease have denied to pay your orator any rent but 
have confederated themselves with one Robert Bonyer of Bulinge 
in the countie of Kent, laborer and have made divers fraudulent 
oathes etc. with intent to defraud your orator etc. The complain- 
ants petition the Court to summons the said Philip Drinke, 
Edward Corneford, and Robert Bonyer to appear and answer 
the premise. 


27 April 1632. The joint and several answers of Philipp 
Drinker, Edward Corneford and Robert Bonier, defendants to 
the bill of complaint of Thomas Hopkins and Dennys his wife, 
the relict and executrix of the last will and testament of Robert 
Churchman, gardian in seisage unto Richard Churchman the 
surviving son and heir of the said Robert Churchman, complain- 
ants. Denials etc. etc. Mentions Thomas Eyles and Ann his wife 
and WilHam Bailie. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, H, bundle 39, no. 9. 

29 November 1631. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Godwyn D.D. that 
Dauid Phillipp of Trellenny in the parish of Matherne, county 
Monmouth, was seised of certene lands etc. in the parishes of 
Mounton and Chepstow in said county and so seised in considera- 
tion of £140 borrowed of one Thomas Hackett in the county of 
Gloucester, gent, did convey same to said Hackett with condition 
of redemption and said Phillipps perceaving of his inability to 
redeem same, came to one Thomas Phillipps his brother, then 
servant to your orator, to entreate your orator to provide the 
said £140 and did promise that the said lands should be settled 
on the said Thomas your orator's sonne and your orator should 
have security thereon and your orator did borrowe the said £140 
of one Thomas Barkley and others and gave bonds for payment 
thereof and did deliver the said monies to the said Thomas and 
Dauid Phillips or to the said Hackett for his use yet the said 
Dauid doth delay to make said assurance to your orator or the 
said Thomas. But now the said Dauid and Thomas have made 
dyvers secret estates of said premises etc. and do refuse to make 
any satisfaccon to your orator albeit your orator hath been at 
great charge for interest etc. on said £140 etc. etc. With answer 
of Dauid Phillips defendant. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 32, no. 73. 

24 January 1631. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyn of Westwich, 
county Norfolk, that your orator about 5 Aprill last became bound 
unto Peter Knife and Thomas Giles of Westwinch, yeoman, in 
one bond of £50 to pay towards the maintenance of John the 
bastard sonne of Susan Browne untill he shall attaine the age of 


12 yeares if he soe long live the some of sixteen pence weekly. 
But now your orator having paid £3 viz. 40s. by the appointment 
of said Kimpe and Giles to the overseers of the poore at West- 
winch and 20s. unto Robert Bate, clerk, of said parish towards the 
maintenance of said childe yet because the said somes were not 
paid weekly and in the church porch of Westwinch the said 
Kimpe and Giles have commenced a suite at lawe upon the said 
bond intending to recover the penalty thereof albeit your orator 
hath offered to pay all the arrearages if any there be of the said 
i6d. weekly and your orator hath no remedie etc. etc. With 
answer of Peter Kimpe and Thomas Giles defendants, 9 April, 
8 Charles that at quarter sessions about said tyme said Goodwyn 
was adjudged to be the reputed father of said bastard that said 
minister is deceased and complainant hath no authority to pay 
any monies to him etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 29, no. 55. 

Jan 163 1 Bond and Engrossment. Answer and demurrer of 
Pawle Godwin, Doctor of Dyvinitie, one of defendants to bill 
of Robert Robotham, Doctor of Dyvinitie, complainant. Saith 
true it is that complainant married Frances eldest daughter of 
Frauncis, Lord Bishop of Flereford, and that said Lord Bishop 
having use of moneys did desire this defendant to be suretie for 
him for payment of iioo to one WilHam Bull of Welles, gent, 
now deceased, if said £100 could be procured of said William 
Bull which was done and thereupon obligacion of £200 for pay- 
ment of iioo sealed for use of said Bull was delivered to this 
defendant to scale and upon request of said Bishop and complain- 
ant he did deliver as his act and deed. And thereupon this 
defendant short time after did receive but whether full sum of 
iioo doth not know now. But defendant saith that whatever 
sum he at any time received by reason of said bond he fully 
delivered either to said Bishop or to complainant (being then 
imploid by him in his affairs) and did not detaine any part thereof. 
And defendant denieth that he ever undertook to procure and 
take up of said William Bull said iioo and defendant further saith 
that he hath heard that complainant since his managing said 
Bishops affairs and undertaking to discharge his debts hath 
satisfied some part of said moneys to Elianor Bull, widow, execu- 
trix of said William Bull deceased, but how much knoweth not. 


But this defendant hath been arrested by said EHanor Bull for 
this debt and this defendant then received from Lord Bishop and 
complainant several judgements on behalf of said Elianor Bull 
and so secured this defendant from anie molestacon. Defendant 
doth not deny that he ever desired said complainant to pay for 
him as Prebendarie of Moorton and Waddon belonging to 
Cathedral Church of Hereford sum of £3. 12s. od. and whereas 
by bill of complaint it appeareth that said complainant did appoint 
this defendant to receive for him £500 of one Mr. Clegge and 
to pay over same to Mrs. Susan Godwin, now wife to said Lord 
Bishop, this defendant answers, charges not true. At Welles, 
Somerset 16 January 6 Chas. L 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, R, bundle 9, no. 8. 

20 January 1631 To Rt. Hon. Lord Coventrie etc. Com- 
plainant. Joseph Becke of Ham, county Bucks, yeoman, that 
Robert Becke late father deceased was seised of messuage in 
Ham parish of Waddesdon, county Bucks and Sir Frances Good- 
wyn of Winchendon, county Bucks, knight, lord of manor, your 
orator's said father in or about the 4 year Charles L agreed to 
pay £220 to said Sir Frances should convey said messuage etc. to 
said Robert Becke and heirs etc. and did pay greater part etc. 
and died 14 December last leaving your orator son and heir and 
your orator hath paid residue and he Sir Francis hath conveyed 
to persons unknown to your orator said messuage etc. 4 July 
163 1. Answer of Sir Francis Goodwyn, knt. manor of Westcott, 
Bucks, said Robert Becke employed one Francis Steevens, clerk 
unto Sir Richard Moore, knight, etc. and an obligacon for defend- 
ant to be bound to save the Lady Sandes concerning her joynture 
etc. and lease to one Alcock etc. until death of complainant's said 
father one Sharpe etc. Ann and Rebecca two of daughters of 
said Robert Becke, said Ann being married unto one William 
Henderson to have £100 and said complainant plotting said that 
his sister Temperance being somewhat simple yet whom her 
father loved most of them all etc. late Earl and Countess of B. 
(faded) and one Mr. Edward Duncombe one of servants of said 
Earl etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 123, no. 35. 


23 January 1631. To Rt. Hon. Lord Coventry, Complainant, 
Elizabeth Chamberlaine of Toft, county Cambridge, widow, 
relict and administratrix of Thomas Chamberlaine, late of King- 
ston said county, Esqre. deceased. That whereas the said 
Thomas Chamberlaine about 2 Charles I. became indebted to John 
Paske and William Overton of Cambridge, drapers, for £100 in 
stuffs taken on trust of said John Paske, and William Overton 3 
July 3 Charles I. became bounden for £200 not paid and said 
Thomas Chamberlaine being seised of Mannor of Kingston said 
county bargained and sold the said manor to John Crane of Cam- 
bridge, gent, and said John Crane fearing encumbrances did 
retain fiooo out of payment etc. etc. and about two years past 
said Thomas Chamberlaine having sold all lands and died intes- 
tate leaving to said executrix five small children and estate about 
£790, now said John Paske died and said William Overton sur- 
viving hath put said bond in suit. And your oratrix further 
sheweth that whereas said Thomas Chamberlaine about 17 James 
I did become bound to one Thomas Goodwyne of Toft aforesaid, 
yeoman, in some of £8 and £4 to be paid on March next 18 
James I. etc. ii2 on 19 James I, and £14 in all £/0, and the said 
Thomas Goodwyn made his will and appointed one Richard 
Goodwyn of Toft, yeoman, his executor and said Thomas Good- 
wyn did hire certain grounds of mannor of Kingston etc, said 
Richard Goodwyn being son and executor of said Thomas Good- 
wyn prays to be released etc. etc. Answer of Richard Goodwyn, 
defendant, 4 February 1631 did not know that Thomas Chamber- 
laine was seised of manor of Kingston but believed that Sir 
Thomas Dakers was seised thereof for that he this defendant and 
Richard Pecke and Thomas Wailer( ?) and Richard Euersee(?) 
hired of said Sir Thomas Dakers parcell of said mannor paying to 
said Sir Thomas Dakers or to Mr. Golleit( ?). Defendant denyeth 
that he hired any grounds of said Thomas Chamberlaine or that 
said Thomas paid to Thomas Goodwyn any sums towards dis- 
charging debts etc. etc 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 15, no. 41. 

26 April 1632. To The Right Honourable Thomas, Lord 
Coventry, Lord Keeper etc. etc. Bill of Complaint of James 
Goodwyn thelder, gent, one of the clerks of George Evelyn, 


Esquire, one of the six clerks of the High Court of Chancery, 
That Wilham Bacon of Blakenham, county Suffolk, gent, about 
midsommer last was twoe yeares desiring to take a fearme of 
your orator in Alartleshame in said county Suffolk then in occu- 
pation of one Robert Dameron and it was agreed that the said 
Bacon should enter the same at a rent of £41 a yeare and cer- 
tain porcons of said lands etc. being coppiehold it was agreed to 
make a lease of one yeare only with condicion for payment of 
said rent etc. and the said Bacon entered the said farme etc. and 
settled Robert Bacon his eldest sonne therein and enioyed the 
same for about two years and the sayd William payed the first 
half years rent saue los, and also the next half yeares rent saue 
los. and the said Bacon did not acquaint your orator with anie 
intention of leaving but paid the next half yeares rent saue los. 
at a date after the date due in the said agreement and meeting 
your orator at Ipswitch blamed his said sonne for not paying 
the said rent sooner etc. etc. and conteynewed the tannant of 
said premises untill the feast of St. IMichaell last, when your orator 
hearing that the said Bacon meant to leave the said farme and 
had hired another farme in IMarton in the said county off of one 
Sir Richard Brooke, knight, your orator expected to receive the 
halfe yeares rent then due with the arrearages etc.etc. But now 
said William and Robert conspiring to defraud your orator have 
conveyed away all their goodes with intent to defeate your orator 
for distrayning and have also conveyed away certain doors etc. 
etc. and do refuse to pay your orator the said rent due etc. etc. 
With answer of William Bacon, gent. 2 May 1632. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 39, no. 25. 

I May 1632 Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of Mar- 
ham, county Norfolk, etc. the younger, plowright and Bridgett 
his wife the sole daughter and heire of Joseph Barwicke late of 
Narborough in said county deceased. Said Joseph about twenty 
years since seised of a messuage and lands in Marham 20 acres 
part freehold and part copiehold and Robert Taime late of Swaff- 
ham in said county, yeoman, nowe deceased and Bridget his wife 
at the same time also seised in right of said Bridget of a mes- 
suage etc. in Narborough and other lands etc. in same containing 
30 acres held of the Mannor of Graces by custom of said mannor 
now in occupation of Nicholas Oxburgh of Narborough, yeoman, 


and Robert Oxburgh his sonne etc. and so seised the said Robert 
Tanne and Bridget for consideration paid by said Barwicke and 
conveyance of his said messuage in Marham to said Robert and 
Bridget and did soon after pay £50 and make said conveyance but 
before surrender could be made to the cort of said Mannor of 
Graces of said messuage in Narborough, said Joseph dyed leav- 
ing only yssue your said oratrix, she then of the age of one month 
or thereabouts, and soon after said Nicholas Oxburgh did inter- 
marry with Katheryn Barwick the widow, mother of your said 
oratrix and said Nicholas and Katheryn during the education 
bringing up of your oratrix intreated said Robert and Bridget for 
a conveyance of said messuage as agreed etc. with your said ora- 
trixes father she then being an infant of aboute one yeare which 
said Robert was willing to doe but said Nicholas with intent to 
defraud your said oratrix, your oratrix was not menconed in said 
deed and said Nicholas having yssue by said Katherine the said 
Robert Oxburgh about eight years since the said Katherine died 
your oratrix not then being of age and your oratrix now lately 
having come to the age of 21, and your orator having lately mar- 
ried your said oratrix, your orator has in a friendly way intreated 
said Nicholas to deliuer up said messuage etc. which he utterly 
refuseth etc. With answer of defendants. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6, no. 14. 

13 November 1632. To the Right Honourable, Thomas, Lord 
Coventry, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Hugh Godwyn of 
Stanley of parish of Chippenham in county Wilts, yeoman, that 
Joseph Batten of Stanley, weaver, on 14 September last was 
seised of a tenement etc called Purtons hold and divers lands 
etc. etc. of the Mannor of Stanley for life by Coppy of Court Roll 
and importuned your orator to buy said estate and with consent 
of Sir Edward Baynton of Bromham in said county. Knight, lord 
of said mannor agreement was made that said Batten should 
surrender said lands etc., etc. to be granted to your orator, your 
orator to forbeare any benfitt thereof, except two grounds parcell 
thereof then in your orator's occupation untill the feast of The 
Annunciation following and should pay said Batten and should 
pay certain somes at dates specified and on same date there was 
an agreement between your orator and said Sir Edward Baynton 
that at the next courte after said surrender should grant the said 


tenement and lands etc. to your orator for life and your orator 
should pay £5 in earnest and £95 more at the said nexte courte 
and note in writing was made and sealed etc. according to the said 
agreement. Except that mention of the earnest money was not 
made etc. and said earnest money was paid 40s. to Batten and £5 
to Baynton and on 5 October last a court was holden and your 
orator paid said £95. But the said Batten to defraud your orator 
of the said 40s. and all benefitt of said estate and now refuseth 
to surrender said lands etc. and absented himself and said Sir 
Edward Baynton could not grant said tenement etc. to your orator 
albeit said Sir Edward was ready to have done the same and doth 
still refuse albeit your orator hath paid the said somes of 50s, 
£5 and £95 but to provide said moneys hath sold divers goods 
and cattells at unseasonable rate and at great losse etc. With 
answer of Joseph Batten, defendant. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 21, no. 42. 

13 November 1632. Complaint of Robert Kemp of Chenston, 
county Hereford, esquire. That whereas Edward Kemp late of 
Whitborne said county Hereford, esquire, deceased, father of 
your orator was seised of freehold in divers mannors, rectories, 
lands, tenements etc. near townes of Almeley als Almeby and 
Estnor in Hereford and Ichistwell, county Southton, which the 
said Edward Kemp did hold by lease for lives whereof some still 
living and said Edward Kemp by his will, 8 February 1613, did 
devise all same tenements etc. to your orator and did constitute 
said (sic) Eliza Kemp sole executrix who executed same and 
about August 161 5 said Edward Kemp died soe seised and said 
Eliza Kemp did convey all said lands etc. to William Jeflferies of 
Doncastle, county Worcester, esqre and Edward Badley of Lon- 
don esqre and John Hoskins late of Sedbury, county Hereford, 
Doctow of Lawe, deceased, as trustees for raising £1000 after 
her decease to be paid to John Smyth late of Bullingham, county 
Hereford, deceased, if he were then living, if not then to said 
children provided if after said Eliza's decease your orator should 
pay £1000 to said trustees to use of John Smith or children that 
then remainder of leases to come to your orator and shortly after 
said Eliza Kemp made her will and William Jefiferies executor 
and about February, 4 Charles I. died and said Jefiferies did get 
into his custody said indenture and all leases of said Edward 


Kemp and entered into all the manners etc. and hath and doth 
receive all rents etc. and your orator cannot procure etc. Your 
orator gave notice to said William Jefferies lo June 1631 that 
would pay what was not paid of fiooo and William Jefferies 
answered that they were only parties in trust and would receive 
same and your orator tendered said £1000 to him and requested 
leases and accounts and said William Jefferies refused and your 
orator about August 1632 communicated with one Francis Pem- 
ber, Citty of Hereford, esqre, about sealing unto him said lease 
and agreed your orator should sell said lease to said Pember and 
said Pember paid as part £100 being sold at six years purchase, 
but no money paid to your orator by said Pember in connection 
of consideration of lease and your orator compelled to enter into 
being with one Lewis Powell his surety in obligacion of iiooo 
and your orator did about same time contract with one Charles 
Godwin of Whitborne, county Hereford, gent, to sell unto him 
said lease of Estnor and to enter unto him obligacion of £1000. 
Said Pember and said Godwin having commenced suite combina- 
tion between said Pemberton, Goodwin, and Jefferies to take 
advantage of your orator etc. Bond, engrossment. Answer of 
Charles Godwin, 4 May, sayeth that said Eliza Kemp had no 
right to convey premises that complainant had all estate remain- 
ing etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 8, no. 13. 

13 November 1632. The further answeare of Samuell Good- 
wyn one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Christian 
Phillippes, widow, complainant not acknowledging his former 
answeare to be defective etc. etc. and that it is impossible for him 
to answeare the matter of trust more fully sayeth that Ralph Hogh 
did at plaintiff's direction assigne the messuage etc. to Marcell 
Rivers and this defendant. But for what trust this defendant 
knoweth not because neither complainant nor said Hugh did 
expresse any trust concerninge the same. But because this 
defendant was to have £20 per annum out of the premises both 
by agreement with plaintiff's husband in his life time and by the 
plaintiff's promise after his decease this defendant believes said 
assignment was made for security for said £20 and for benefit of 
plaintiff as to the overplus etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle i, no. 57. 


25 November 1632. Answer of John Skipp, clerk, one of the 
defendants to bill of complaint of William Goodwyn, Grace 
Eacock, Richard Thurston, Richard Bond, complainants. Doth 
not knowe wether his brother Thomas Skipp did owe any parte 
of the monies menconed in said bill but that he was seised of the 
Rectories and other things etc. menconed etc. 22 November 1632 
Answer of Frances Skipp the younger to said bill. That she 
doth not know that Richard Skipp as suretie to Thomas Skipp 
was bound to said complainants but believes that said Thomas at 
his decease was much indebted and that said Richard as his sure- 
tie was much engaged and sufifered imprisonment etc. Thomas 
Skipp Sonne and heire of said Thomas, said Thomas Skipp at time 
of his decease was indebted to this defendant etc. Doth now 
believe said Thomas was seised of said lands etc. Answer of 
Frances Skipp, widdowe, one of the defendants to said com- 
plainant's. Believes that her said sonne Thomas was much 
indebted at time of his decease also to this defendant in various 
bonds etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 3, no. 56. 

5 December 1632. Complainant Sir John Howell of Wrotham, 
county Kent, knight, that whereas Rt. Rev. Father, Walter, 
Bishop of Rochester was seised of all lands etc. in Trottescliffe, 
county Kent called West Park and did by indenture 16 Novem- 
ber, 5 Charles I. did let unto James Godden of Trottesclifife, 
county Kent, yeoman, said lands during natural lives of said 
James Goodwin and Henrie Goodwin sonne and heir of said 
James Godden and of James Gooden son of said James Gooden 
for 40s. yearly and said James Gooden and 19 March last for 
£100 did lease said lands and said James Gooden of Trottes- 
cliffe had before i.e. 15 December, 6 Charles I. made lease of said 
lands to one William Scudder for ten years and your orator 
entered into treaty for purchase of said lease and said William 
Scudder for iioo paid on 18 January next did by indenture 17 
May last grant residue of terme of ten years. And now James 
Gooden the father and Henry Gooden of the Courtlodge in 
Trottescliffe and James Gooden gent, his sonne having gotten 
possession of original lease and will put your orator out of pos- 
session etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 4, no. 16. 


4 February 1632 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyn of Kingsby 
in county Stafford, weaver that Raph Goodwyn, deceased, your 
orator's late grandfather was seised in a messuage and lands 
etc. in Gayton in said county and having three sonnes, viz. 
Thomas his eldest, William his second, and Raph Goodwyn his 
third Sonne did by indenture convey same to his use for life and 
after to the use of said Raph his youngest son his heires etc. in 
default to said Thomas his sonne and dyed and the said Raph 
entred and after the said Thomas died leaving your orator his 
sonne and heire and after the said Raph dyed without heires and 
said premises did remayne to your orator as heire of the said 
Thomas and your orator entered and ought to have enjoyed same. 
But now Roger Heath, John Heath his sonne, John Cooke, Hum- 
frey Cowdall, Elizabeth St. Andrews, widdow i Hat- 
ford, gent, and ffrancis his wife, Henry Goodwyn, Margaret 
Dowlar, widow, Dorothy Fowlar, widdow, Roger Dawson, George 
Webb and others combyning to defraude your orator have gotten 
the deeds of said premises and deny your orator's tytle to said 
premises and have taken the profitts thereof for dyvers yeares 
and refuse to make satisfaction etc. With answer of Elizabeth 
St. Andrews, widdow, Roger Heath, John Heath, John Cooke, 
and Humfrey Cowdall, five of the defendants, 17 April 1633. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 25. 

II May 1633 To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper, etc.. Bill of Complaint of Richard Goodwyn of the 
citty of Norwich, gent, that about November 1631 did demise to 
one William Spincke of the said citty the Inne called the White- 
horse in the parish of St. Martyns at Pallace in said city with the 
stables etc. etc. and playhouse adioyning. Except such part as your 
orator did lett to one William Alderson, vintner, for one yeare and 
from yeare to yeare so long as both should agree paying £30 yearly 
and if the players should come down and use the said playhouse at 
any time during any one yeare then said Spincke should pay for 
use thereof £5 besides the said £30 and if said Spincke should 
goe out of the said Inne he should give a halfe yeares warning 
and that the said Spincke should furnish the said Inne with 
thirty feather beds and householde stuffe etc. etc. and the said 
Spincke at Christmas 1631 entered and held the same untill Feb- 


ruary or March 1632 and albeit your said Spincke did neither 
furnish the said Inne with above five bedds nor with sufficient 
other household stufife etc. and albeit the players came down in 
the sommer tyme in the said yeare and made use of the said play- 
house to the benefitt of the said Spincke of above twenty marks 
(20) and gave not any notice of his departure yett while you said 
orator was in London he secretly ranne awaye out of the said 
house and carried away divers goodes and stooles of your orator's 
but also denyed to pay your orator any rent or to sett forth what 
goods he had conveyed away and both he and his wife disgraced 
the said Inne whereby your orator could not lett said Inn for soe 
muche and did drive away said Alderson etc. to the damage to 
your orator of £100 and over etc. etc. With answer of William 
Spinke and Mary his wife defendants, i June, 9 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 31, no. 14. 

15 May 1633 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwin of Chelmesford, 
county Essex, goldsmith that Edward Carding of Friering in 
said county, chairemaker, and Jane his wife were about Aprill 
1 63 1 seised in right of said Jane in one messuage in Ingatestone 
value £24 per annum and reversion of £8 after the death of Wil- 
liam Marsh and your orator agreed with said Carding that he 
said Carding should effect a surrender of same to use of such as 
your orator should nominate for good consideration paid and 
said Carding became bound to your orator for performance etc. 
and your orator having said purchase money ready did often 
require said Carding to performe his said covenant which said 
Carding hath refused unless your orator would pay him £20 more 
and combyning with one Christopher Nailer of Felsted in said 
county and Thomas Nailer of Blackmore his brother to disap- 
point your orator etc. With answer of Christopher Nailer, 
defendant, 17 May 1633 and Edward and Jane Carding two 
defendants 22 May 1633. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 51. 

28 May 1633. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Godden of Egburie, 
county Southampton, yeoman. That Thomas Nalder als Noulder 
having by his labours gotten certeyne monies about December, 


7 Charles came to your orator and offered to give him certaine 
monies if your orator would give him security for payment of the 
use thereof, so long as said Nalder was able to work, your orator 
then after to finde and provide for said Nalder meate drinke etc. 
etc. so long as hee lived and would give your orator said monies 
at tyme of his death and said Nalder brought to your orator about 
£40 and your orator together with one John Legatt and Samuell 
Broadhead became bound to said Nalder in bond of £70 with 
condicion to pay £46 at a certain day etc. etc. But said Nalder 
behaving himself ill in your orator's house your orator's wife 
perswaded your orator to repay said monies she knowing the 
termes etc. etc. but your orator would not pay said moneys untill 
he had the said bond etc. etc. Said Nalder prepared a general 
release and received said monies and did promise to bring said 
bond etc. and shortly after said Nalder died and did not deliver 
said bond which has since come into the hands of one Phillipp 
Butler and Margery his wife, the said Margery, your orator 
thinketh, being sister and administratrix of said Nalder and com- 
bining with Richard Gardener of Newbury in county Berks, 
husbandman, said Gardener brought his suite against said John 
Legatt and caused him to be arrested and said Legatt pleaded 
the release dated 23 January, 7 Charles, and said Butler denied 
it was the deed of said Nalder but jurie decided it was his deed. 
But now the said Defendants doe prosecute an action in Kings 
Bench against your orator in said bond etc. etc. With answer of 
Phillip Butler and Margery his wife and Richard Gardener, 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 19, no. 54. 

8 July 1633. Complaint of Peter Woman of Clarkenwell, 
county Middlesex, baker. That about twenty years last past first 
began and hath since continued occupation of baker and hath 
maintained himself wife and family and hath occasion to buy 
much wheat for making bread. And whereas one Edwarde 
Goodwyn of Dorkin, county Surrey, having for many years been 
farmer and seller of wheat to bakers dwelling in or near Cittie of 
London wishing to gain more profits etc. did about ten years 
since sell to your orator grain to be paid at future time at rates 
to be prized by him amounting to £40 and said wheat was musty 
etc. and your orator lost many customers and for payment of 


same entered into three bonds, and having paid said sumes and 
said Goodwyn privately promising to deHver up said bonds, your 
orator was drawn into obhgacion November, 7 Charles I. for 
weekly payment of 2od. during life time of your orator's wife and 
your orator of this hath paid £7 at several times etc. etc. and 
became bound i November, 8 Charles I. etc and did pay etc. etc. 
and said Edwarde Goodwyn did privately promise to extend day 
of payment etc. But said Goodwyn denyeth said promises and 
your orator having been lately visited by extensive sickness hath 
failed in his payments and the said Edwarde Goodwyne hath com- 
menced several suites etc. etc. 13 July 1633 Answer of Edward 
Goodwine, gent. Denyes that he wrested undue profits. That 
his wheate was sweet and clean and that said complainant did 
pay several sums parcells of said £40 and 16 October, 7 Charles 
I. did make release to said complainant of all matters between 
them etc. during the life of Dorothy the then and now wife of 
said complainant etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle 59, no. 31. 

26 October 1633. Complainants Ozias Churchman, and John 
Rowley of London, marchants, executors of the last will and 
testament of William Rowley, late of London, marchante, 
deceased, who in his life time was lawfully possessed of divers 
goods marchandizes and somes of money to the value of £4000 
in Leefeland within the Dominion of the kinge of Sweeden, in 
the partes beyond the sea. Showe that in the month of July 1631 
said orator John Rowley being then in Leefeland aforesaid did 
lay out part of the said money in buyeing of sixety eight last of 
tarre for the accompt of said orator Ozias Churchman then and 
yett resideing in London which by the direcion of said John 
Rowley was shipped by one Robert Williams at Burgs in Finland 
in the partes beyond the sea in a shipp whereof one Daniell 
Hurrey was then master, and consigned to orator Ozias Church- 
man, and upon the arrival of the consignment in London said 
Ozias Churchman payed the said shippmaster £150 for the fraight 
of the said consignment But neither of the said orators being 
free of the Eastland Company (who by theire charter have the 
sole trade from those countries of ffinland and Leefeland) and 
soe were not inabled to land the tarre in theire owne names, the 
-said Ozias Churchman requested Robert Key of London, mer- 


chant, being one of the said Eastland Company and having at 
that time twenty five last of tarre in the said shipp for his owne 
accompte, to take upon him the ownershipp of your orators said 
fifty eight lasts etc. etc. and to land the same v^ith his owne to 
the intent only to prevent the seizure thereof by the said com- 
pany, which the said Robert Key did and further without any 
order or direction of your orator sould the said consignment of 
orator with some of his own unto one Lawrence Lee of London, 
Salter, who the next morning after refused the bargain, pre- 
tending that he was deceived therein etc.etc. Suit is to recover 
damages etc.etc. and the said Robert Key, together with one 
Peter Key, sonne of the said Robert, and Thomas Cudworth 
are named as defendants. Other names mentioned in the bill of 
complaint are Nicholas Kilner, woolen draper, dwelling in Grace 
Church Street, London, Charles Adland, haberdasher, Coleman 
Street, London, Mr. Justice Hutton, Mr. Justice Jones, Mr. 
Justice Crooke and Roger Hornblow. Answer of Thomas Cud- 
worth one of the defendants to the above bill of complaint of 
Ozias Churchman and John Rowley. Answer of Peter Key to 
said bill of complaint Answer of Robert Key to said bill of 
complaint. The second and further answer of Robert Key. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 14, no. 37. 

8 February 1633 Bill of Complaint of William Godwyne, the 
younger, of Milton in the county of Somerset, yeoman that 
about three years past did enter into a treatie with one Edward 
Barlowe of Wells in said County, yeoman, concerning a marriage 
to be had between your orator and one Cicilia Barlowe, daughter 
of said Edward, and said Barlowe did promise your orator that 
he would give your orator, as much as William Godwine thelder 
of Milton aforesaid, your orator's father, would bestowe and 
your orator's said father standeth seised of certain lands of the 
yearly value of £8 in Faringdon in said county and in lands in 
Charlton in said county £15 per annum and other lands which 
with the aforesaid amount to iioo per annum or thereabouts 
and your orator as heire apparent said lands ought to descend 
etc. and the said Barlowe knowing your orator's father would 
assure on said marriage certain lands well worth £300 and the 
foresaid possibilities by descent etc. did press your orator to 
hasten his said marriage and he would make his daughter's 


porcon equall etc. and your orator about two years since did 
marrye said Cecilia and your orator's father did assure to your 
orator lands to the value of £300. But now said Barlowe doth 
denye to give anything towards the support of your orator and 
his wief and whereas said Barlowe did deliuer the some of i8 
to your orator which he did pretend was part of said porcon and 
which was used in childbed yet now said Barlow doth pretend 
that said i8 was only lent to your orator and doth threaten an 
action at lawe for recovery of said £8 etc. With answer of 
Edward Barlowe, defendant, 12 April, 10 Charles at Wells. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 41. 

7 May 1634. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Ewin Goodwyn of Geddinge 
in county Suffolk, clerke, that Robert Page late of Geddinge, 
yeoman, deceased father of Margarett Page, now wife of com- 
plainant, was seised in the Mannor of Geddinge and in the 
messuage called Geddinge Hall with dyvers lands etc. in Ged- 
dinge of valewe of £100 per annum and being indebted to 
dyvers persons in somes amounting to £240 and desiring to pay 
same and secure a mayntenance for himself and his seven chil- 
dren Phillipp his eldest son, William, Alice Agnes, Frances, 
Joane and said Margarett did about thirty years since grant 
said Phillipp the said mannor messuage etc. the said Phillipp 
to pay said debts and £300 more for benefitt of said Robert Page 
and his heirs and for the mayntenance and preferment of his 
said children and said Phillipp did about May 14 James, convey 
by way of mortgage to said Robert certain closes etc. for pay- 
ment of said £300 for security of payment of same and said 
Robert in default of payment did enter into said closes and said 
Robert for preferment of your said oratrix and in consideration 
of certain debts of £60 owing to one Thomas Gulinge and £60 
to William Page and to Alyce her sister, now wife of Robert 
Turner, and to Robert Turner and John Turner his sonnes and to 
Frances her sister, now wife of Leonard Taylor, clerke and 
to Thomas Page her grandchild and to Anthony Smythe, sone 
to her sister Anne Smythe, and to her daughter Smyth and to 
Thomas Button in all £200, he the said Robert did convey said 
closes to this complainant Margarett in performance of said debts 
etc and your orators did become bound for performance of same 


and said bond is now come into the hands of WilHam Page who 
doth deteyne the same albeit your orators have satisfied some 
of said debts and have given bonds and security for others and 
also doth clayme an interest in said closes and doth threaten 
your orators with an accon for trespass etc. against William 
Polyn tennant to your orators and combyning with one John 
Page, George Bacon, William Brewster and Raphe Waller 
witnesses to said deed which now the said William and John 
Page have gotten into their hands and refuse to deliver to your 
orators etc. With answer of John Page one of the defendants. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 17, no. 62. 

7 May 1634. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of complaint of Ewyn Goodwyn of Geddinge 
in county Sufifolk, clerke, that Robert Page late of Gedding, 
yeoman, deceased father of Margarett Page, wife of complainant, 
was seised in the Mannor of Geddinge and in the messuage called 
Gedding Hall with other lands etc. appertaining and being 
indebted to dyvers persons in £240 and w^illing to have same 
satisfied and for the raising of a some for mayntenance during 
his life and for the preferment of his children viz. Phillip, Wil- 
liam, Alice, Agnes, Frances, Johan, and Margarett did about 
thirty yeares since grant to the said Phillip the said mannor, 
messuage, lands etc. he to pay the said debts and £300 more and 
the said Phillip for security of said £200 did mortgage certain 
closes to said Robert the father and for failure of sajd payment 
said Robert Page did enter and said Robert for preferment of 
said Margarett and in consideration of the payment of certain 
somes of money to Thomas Girling and to William (Page?) one 
of the defendants in this suit. To Alice his sister, wife of Robert 
Turner. To Robert Turner his son and John Turner his sonne. 
To Francis her sister, nowe wife of Leonard Tayler, clerke. To 
Thomas Page her grandchild and to Anthony Smyth, sonne to 
her sister Anne Smyth, and to her daughter Smyth and to 
Thomas Button in all i200 after death of said Robert hee the 
said Robert hy deeds 20 January, 17 James did convey said closes 
to said Margarett and said Margarett became bound in £200 
to pay said monies and performe said covenant which said 
indenture and bond is come into the handes of William Page 
who doth detayne same and refuse to deliver same to your orator 


and said Robert Page about a yere since dyed and since the 
said Margarett and complainant have sattisfied said Girhng and 
others and the said Wilham hath combined with one John Page 
of Woolport, county Sufifolk, to defraud your orator and hath 
contrived divers deeds etc. etc. and hath entered said lands and 
brought action of trespass against William Poley your orator's 
tenant, names of George Bacon, William Brewster and Ralphe 
Waller witnesses of said deed erased from said deed which said 
W^illiam and John now denye to be the deed of said Robert 
whereby your orator is like to be defeated etc. 

Answer of William Page one of the defendants. 

Admits that his father Robert Page was seised in fee of the 
premises mentioned in the bill, and that R. P. afterwards by deed 
of feoffment dated lo May 39 Elizabeth 1597 enfeoffed him of 
a piece of pasture ground called the Dovehouse close containing 
5 acres in the town and parish of Gedding, co. Suffolk, then held 
and occupied by said Robert Page, and another piece of pasture 
ground called great dovehouse close containing 10 acres, also 
another piece of pasture ground containing 3 acres called Ox 
meadow, all of which lie together in the town and parish of 
Gedding. To hold in fee after the death of Robert Page. Says 
that Robert Page died about April 1633. and that he entered on 
the 3 closes soon after. Says that the 3 witnesses to the deed 
were all men of great worth and credit while they lived but 
were all dead before the trial. CompP set on foot a new title 
to the lands and caused John Page to seal a lease thereof to John 
Head to try the title who has now this present Michaelmas term 
arrested this def*. and George Edwards his tenant. 

(Signed) William Page. 
This answer was taken and William Page and sworn at Bury 
S\ Edmunds, co. Suffolk, 15 Nov"". 1634, before us 

Anthony Adams, Alexander Gent. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 26, no. 68. 

8 November 1634. To Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper, Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of Orsett, 
county Essex, yeoman, and Hester his wife late the relict of 
Rowland Eyres of Orsett, gent, deceased. That Thomas Haskett 
late citizen and Draper of London, father of your oratrix was 
in his life time seised of divers messuages lands etc. in Orsett 


and other places in the said county and one messuage etc. in 
parish of St. James in the Ventry in or nere Thames streete 
called the Blewe Boare now in occupation of Richard Carter, 
browne baker, and of other howses in said city and having onely 
your oratrix his daughter and sole heire dyed and your oratrix 
became seised thereof and did marry the said Rowland Eyre 
who thereby became interedded and took the rents etc. and 
possessed himself of the deeds etc. and becoming indebted was 
remitted into the custody of the Marshall of the King's Bench 
and there lay untill he died. Sir George Reynell Knight now 
deceased then being Marshall who did gett into his possession 
all the said deeds etc. etc. and your orator did prefer a bill against 
the said Sir George to obtayne the said deeds etc. and an order 
was made that said deeds should be delivered to your oratrix 
but before your oratrix could obtayne said deeds said Sir George 
Reynell dyed and after your oratrix married and the said deeds 
are come into the hands of one Reynell, esqre, sonne of said Sir 
George and one Alexander Baker of London, chirurgeon, having 
gotten some of the deeds by combynation which said Sir George 
or his servant in his life tyme or with said sonne hath entered 
the said messuage called the Blewe Boare in Tower Street (sic) 
and by combynacion with the said Carter receiveth the rents etc. 
pretending that hee hath a tytle sometimes by conveyance from 
said Rowland Eyre or by tytle paramount to the title of your 
oratrix's late father etc. etc. and do refuse to shewe your orators 
the said deeds etc. etc. With answer of Alexander Baker, 
esqre. one of the defendants, 14 November 1634. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 27, no. 64. 

22 February 1634. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwyne of Little 
Stoneham in county Suifolk, Esq, administrator of Anne Good- 
wyn his late wife, deceased, and gardian of John Goodwyne his 
sonne, an infant aged about 16, sonne and heire of the said Anne 
who was one of the daughters of Nathaniell Partrich, deceased, 
and sister and heire of Johane Partrich, deceased. That your 
orator and said Anne in Trinity terme last, 10 Charles 1634 did 
exhibit their bill against Sir Anthony Aucher of Bishops Borne, 
county Kent, Knight, and Edward Partrich, sonne and heire of 
William Partrich late of Bridge, county Kent, Esquire, deceased, 


to be releived for the seuall rents etc. of £io apeece appoynted 
to be payd to said Anne and Johane at church porch at Kingstone, 
county Kent, and shewing that said WilUam Partrich was seised 
of the manner of Kingstone and the advowson thereof, and by 
indent 21 December, 40 Ehzabeth 1597, between said Wihiam 
Partrich and WiUiam Mason then of Graies Inn, county Middx, 
gent, since deceased and Wilham Scott them of London, gent, 
also deceased, did convey said mannor etc. to said Mason and 
Scott and by indenture of same, late between same parties agreed 
to make such conveyances etc, etc, and by further indenture that 
such conveyance should be made after death of aforesaid then 
his wife to use of said Mason, bee paying to said Anne and Johan 
yearly iio apeece and to their heires for ever, etc, or instead 
iioo apeece within one yeare after his said wife's decease paying 
then said estate to use of said Edward Partrich his sonne and 
after about 21 June, 40 Elizabeth 1597, said William Partrich 
dyed and said Mason and Scott assigned the reversion to Henry 
Goldsmith of Grayes Inne, Esq. and William Watson of same, 
gent, to the use of said Mason paying the said annuyties, and 
after the said Johane dyed in lyfetyme of said aforesaid without 
yssue and all her right descended to said Anne and about sixteen 
years since your orator married said Anne and ought to have the 
said yearly somes and said aforesaid about September 1631 dyed 
and said somes became payable etc. and he understanding that 
said Sir Anthony Aucher had gotten possession of said lands, etc. 
and well knowing the said trust and lymitation, your orator 
requested said Sir Anthony to pay said somes which he doth 
refuse and having gotten the said indentures and writings 
detayneth the same from your orator who having no means to 
compel said Edward Partrich to enter said premises or having 
entered to compel him to pay said somes prays to be relieved for 
said somes and since said bill exhibited and said Anne having 
dyed the said matters still depending and said John being heire 
to said Anne prays that proceedings may be served, etc. With 
answer of Sir Anthony Aucher, Kt, 6 April, 11 Chas. 1635. 
Refers to former Answer. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 52. 

20 May 1634 To Rt. Hon Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyne of Dor- 


king, county Surrey, gent, that with one William Leighe of 
Abinger als Abingworth in said county, gent, and William Leighe 
his Sonne, about twenty eight years since became bound to Wil- 
liam Hill late of Dorking, deceased, as suretie for the said Wil- 
liam Leighe the father and William the sonne and for their sole 
debts in bond of £50 for payment of £25 and interest which said 
some was truly paid by the said William Leighe to said Hill, and 
the said Hill about eighteen years since dyed and by will ordained 
his son William executor and said William Leighe the sonne 
died about eight yeares since, and said William the father died 
about two years since. But neither William Hill the father nor 
William Hill the sonne during the lives of the said Leighes 
demanded the said some of £25 from your orator but now the 
said William Hill the sonne knowing said obligacon to be duely 
satisfied having gotten possession of said bond hath sued your 
orator, and Sheriff of said County about 10 May instant in 
absence of your orator hath forcibly entered into your orator's 
dwelling house and hath putt out your orator's family etc. 
whereby your orator is damnified in his creditt to the value of 
£500 or more and said Hill hath entred said bond in a suite 
against your orator to recover the said penalty. With answer of 
William Hill, defendant, 20 May 1634. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 65. 

1635.? The replicacon of Thomas Goodwyn, Esqr. and John 
Goodwyne, Gent, complainants to the answeare of Sir Anthony 
Aucher, Knt. one of the defendants. Saving to themselves nowe 
and att all tymes hereafter all advantages of excepcon to the 
incertainty and insufficiency of the sayd defendants answeares 
for replicacon say as they have before sayd in theire said bill 
and do and will averr and iustifie and maintaine their said bill 
and revivour and every matter and thing therein contayned to 
be certaine true and sufficient to bee answered unto etc and that 
the answeare of the said defendant is uncertaine untrue and insuf- 
ficient to be replied to and further say that Anne Goodwyne late 
wyfe of the said replyant and mother of the said John about 14 
December last dyed and that said replyant John Goodwin sonne 
of the said Thomas Goodwyne is also sonne and heire of the said 
Anne deceased and that the said severall rents in the said bill 
mentioned are by the death of the said Anne come to the said 


John Goodwyne and that the said Thomas Goodwyne is adminis- 
trator to the sayd Anne and ought to be tenant by the courtesye 
of England to the said seuerall rents and have all the averages 
etc and without that that any other matter or thing is materiall 
etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 64, no. 80. 

10 June 1635. Complaint of Thomas Keylocke als Kewelocke 
of Minsterworth, county Gloucester, yeoman. That whereas 
one John Keylock als Kewlock late of Minsterworth, yeoman, 
great grandfather of your orator and whose heire your orator 
is i.e. Sonne and heire of Anthony Keylocke who was sonne and 
heire of William Keylock who was sonne and heire of said John 
Keylock was seised of messuage being in Morecott, parish of 
Minsterworth, between land of Anthony Arnold, gent, on one side 
and land late in occupation of William Arnold als Yearnold ye 
younger on ye other side etc. being twenty acres and did lett 
same to Nicholas Hayward and John Hayward his sonne for life 
for 5s. id. yearly and after death of Nicholas said John entered 
and paid said rent to said John Keylock and after to his son 
William Keylock and after death of said William Keylock said 
messuage descended to Anthony Keylocke his sonne and heire 
father of your orator who continued seised of said messuage and 
received yearly rent of said John Hayward untill death of said 
John Hayward after which Margarett widow and executrix of 
said John Hayward paid unto said Anthony one cowe who 
declared she had no further estate in said premises and did yield 
up the said messuage. But the said Anthony in regard she was 
left of mean estate suffered her to enjoy the said messuage for 
said rent during his life time and the said Anthony being now 
deceased the inheritance has come to your orator and now the 
said IMargaret having since married one Richard Fewterer of 
Minsterworthe, yeoman, they the said Richard Fewterer and the 
said Margaret have combined with one William Goodwynm and 
Joane his wife to defraud your orator of premises. Made secret 
entries and spoiled houses etc. etc. Bond. 

Joint answers of William Goodwyn and Joane his wife two of 
the defendants to Bill of Complaint of Thomas Keylocke als Kew- 
locke, complainant. Say they do not know whether John Key- 
locke als Kewlocke named in said bill was great grandfather to 


said complainant or whether said plaintiff be his heire as in said 
bill alledged nor do they believe that the said John Keylocke 
was in his life time lawfully seised of messuage tenements or 
lands as in bill menconed or did lett same to Nicholas Hayward 
and John Hayward his sonne for their lives at such rent as is 
untruely furnished by said bill. Neither do they believe any such 
lease made nor rent paid by said Nicholas or John Hayward or 
by the defendant Margareett Hayward widow and relict of said 
John Hayward. Neither believe the William Keylocke in bill 
named or his sonne Anthony or said complainant were at any 
time seised of said messuage or any inheritance of same ought 
to descend to them. And whether said defendant Margarett as 
executrix and administratrix of said husband John Hayward 
did pay to said Anthony Keylocke any such herriotts or put said 
Anthony in possession said defendants know not, but do not 

believe that if said Anthony was " " he would have 

allowed said Margarett to enjoy same all his life time at only 
5d. yearly. Further say they are ignorant of chardges brought 
against them in said bill as said defendant William came but lately 
to dwell in these parts being a strainger and she defendant Joane 
came into these parts a strainger at first when she was married 
to her first husband William Hayward with whom she lived as his 
wife about nine years and no longer and defendants say that all 
the time they have lived in Minsterworth where said land lyeth 
the same hath ever been accounted by old men and neighbours to 
be the inheritance of the Haywards and not of said Keylocks and 
do believe said lands by same report belonged to said Nicholas 
Hayward and descended to his eldest sonne John Hayward and 
said John did make lease for use of Margarett his first wife 
determinable upon her death and died leaving no issue whatever 
whereby inheritance came to William Hayward his brother and 
after his death descended to William Hayward eldest sonne of 
said William Hayward and after whose death these defendants 
believe inheritance ought to come to William Hayward an infant 
now living, eldest son and heir of William Hayward, deceased. 
Defendants deny any combinacion whatsoever etc. or having any 
deeds etc. or have entered premises and spoiled houses etc. etc. 
The marks of William Goodwin and Jone Goodwin. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle ii, no. 13. 


16 June 1635. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventrie, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of the parish 
of St. Gyles without Criplegate, gent, that Francis Noone, late 
of Martlesham in county Suffolk, gent, and Dorothy his wife 
being as the said Francis did affirme seised of the Mannor of 
Martlesham als Martlesham Hall with the advowson of the parish 
church of Martlesham did, about a year since in consideration of 
£iyoo, viz. £700 in hand and £1000 after the death of Marie Mos- 
well of Bramford in said county, widdow, grant to your orator 
the said mannor etc. and all appurtenances, rights,. etc. in Martle- 
sham, Resgrave, Bealing Magna and Bealing Parva, also Rames- 
holt, Trinity St Marie and Trinity St. Martins, and Foxwell in 
said county and all other the lands of said Noone and the said 
advowson etc. and said Francis did affirm that said premises were 
cleare of all debts, charges etc. and had good right and title to 
convey same etc. But now your orator is informed that said 
Noone was not seised thereof to his own use but had only an 
estate for life with reversion to his eldest sonne and other chil- 
dren and dyvers other persons and combining with one Edward 
Biggs, clerk, now deceased, William Seely and his wife, execu- 
trix of the said Riggs and Edward V^oyce, clerk, to defraud your 
orator and did make divers secret estates of said mannor etc to 
the said Riggs, Seeley and Voyce and others and hath acknowl- 
edged divers assignments etc. and do keep back from your orator 
all the deeds, evidences etc. so that your orator is Hkely to be 
defrauded of all the monies he hath payd etc. W^ith answer of 
Francis Noone, gent, defendant at Woodbridge 6 October, ii 
Chas. L 

Chancery Proceedings. Charles I, G, btmdle 24, no. 35. 

22 June 1635. Complaint of John Havers of Stockerston, 
county Leicester, esquire, that Robert Goodinge of Bamford, 
county Suffolk, gent, having occasion to use monies whereby 
he determined to supplie himself by selling lands for that pur- 
pose enquired after Chapman and by one Richard Nightingell 
of Ipswich, Suffolk, gent, brother in law to said Robert Goodinge 
offered to sell to your orator, manor of Freston and all lands etc. 
of Robert Goodinge in said Freston, Wolverston and Whersted 
in the said county Suffolk, with advowson of church of Freston 
and your orator and Robert Goodinge did by articles 28 May 


last did convey manor and church of Freston to your orator 
for £2175, i. e. £5 in hand and £1000 on 12 June now instant 
and securities of £2000 for payment of residue within 10 days 
after Michelmas next and no timber to be cut except what allowed 
to farmer of premises. And also your orator should have stone 
table in parlor of Mannor house at Freston, long table in hall 
and bedstead in great chamber and said Robert Goodinge should 
not take awaye any wainscot dressers or benches and the said 
Robert-. Goodinge and Richard Nightingell declared Robert 
Goodinge to be seised of said manor and that it was of yearly 
value of £1120 and free of all arrears etc. made by Robert 
Goodinge or Thomas Goodinge his late father deceased, Robert 
Goodinge his grandfather or Thomas Goodinge his greate 
grandfather also deceased and your orator hath paid £5 and is 
willing to proceed with his contract and now learns that the said 
Robert Goodinge contrary to articles cut down timber and that 
the said premises have been so entailed by said Robert Goodinge, 
Thomas Goodinge his father, Robert his grandfather and Thomas 
his great grandfather that said Robert Goodinge hath no power 
to make any assurance of said premises : and are not of said 
yearly value, and are subject to arrearges etc. and your orator 
cannot proceed etc. and is likely to be at loss etc. 23 June 1635. 
Answer of Robert Goodinge, gent. Richard Nightingale, gent, 
defendants to bill of John Havers, Esqr. complainant. True it 
is did agree to sell etc. and said Robert Goodinge sayeth that 

about one hundred years ago since one Lattimore (sic) 

was seised of said premises and did convey to Thomas Goodinge 
this defendant's great grandfather and after descended to Robert 
Goodinge defendant's grandfather and to Thomas Goodinge this 
defendant's father and after decease of him Thomas and Mary 
his wife, this defendant's mother who had an estate in same part 
of same by force of a joynture from this defendant's father 
which said Mary did outlive this defendant's father and after 
did marry one John Sherwood, Doctor of Phisick, and since 
deceased and defendants say they know of no rent etc. except 
3/6d. per annum due to King's Majesty which all paid unless 
neglected during time said Mary outlived said Thomas etc. and 
have heard that certain sums owing to King when said Mary 
and John Sherwood enjoyed (said John Sherwood still living) 
but what sums defendants know not and Robert Goodings said 


he intended to discharge same if any. And defendant Rich- 
ard Nightingale sayeth hath heard of mortgage made by 
defendant Robert Goodinge to one Christopher Haywarde 
of parcell of land for £100 which same Robert Goodinge 
saith is paid and further say they know of no encum- 
brances except one indenture, triparte, 13 day June instant 
between this defendant(i) complainant (2) and Samuell Sam- 
wayes of Whersted, Sufifolk, clerk and John Nightingale of 
Ipswich, gent (3) which they have sold to said Samuel Samwayes 
and John Nightingale said manor to hold from 27 November 
next for ninety nine years for £3017 on 8 October next and 
£1177 etc. that then this voyd etc. And except lease of parcell 
now in possession of Christopher Clifford for divers years etc. 
and deny been any timber cut etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 17, no. 65. 

13 February 1635. To The Right Honourable Thomas, Lord 
Coventry, Lord Keeper, etc. etc. Bill of Complaint of Henery 
Goodwin of Hoorne, County Surrey, gent, and Florence his 
wife executrix of the will of Thomas Emery late of Arsley, 
county Bedford, gent, deceased, that said Emery was possesst 
of a good personall estate and having issue many daughters did 
disburse great somes of money for their marriage portions etc. 
viz. to Katherine Emery his eldest daughter married to Nicholas 
Crispe of county Leicester, Esquire iiooo or £1200, Eliza- 
beth married to Edward Thorrold of Graies Inne, Esquire £1000, 
to Anne his youngest daughter married to William Carter of 
Burford, county Bedford, gent. £700 and by a will dated 10 
August 1632 gave to said Katherine Elizabeth and Anne an 
increase of their portions and if any be not content or molest 
his executrix then the said legacies to be devided among the 
residue who should be content etc. etc. and made your oratrix 
then unmarried his executrix and the said Thomas Emery about 
July last died and your oratrix proved the said will and with 
your orator Henery Goodwin since their intermarriage are readie 
to pay the said legacies albeit they have not recovered one thirde 
parte of the said debts of the said Thomas Emery yet the said 
Edward Thorold have commenced suite in the Court Christian 
against your orators for the said legacies and threatens further 
euites etc. etc. for a greater portion etc. etc. and doth seek to 


trouble and vex your orators who are ready to pay said legacies 
if he would seale and dicharge etc. etc. which said release and 
discharge the said Thorold and his wife doe utterly refuse etc. 
etc. and have caused a very longe bill to be drawne against your 
orators etc. etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 42, no. 5. 

28 May 1636 To Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper etc, Bill of Complaint of Robert Goddyn of Leeddington, 
county Wilts, husbandman, that about twenty yeares since one 
Henry Curtis then charged with a bastard child supposed to be 
begotton by him uppon the body of one Elizabeth May which 
child was called Johan Curtis, said Henry being compelled to 
provide for said child did send for your orator and agreed to 
give your orator being his half brother £3 yearly towards the 
keepinge of said child and your orator did consent and kept said 
child for the space of thirteen yeares and cost above -£40 and 
your orator at his own chardge travelled to London and bound 
said child apprentice there at a cost of £10 or more and said 
Henry hath in said time paid only £3 and hath often promised 
your orator to deale fairly with him etc. But now your orator 
well stricken in age and for providing for his owne children 
hath desired said Curtis to give satisfacion which nowe the said 
Curtis doth utterly refuse etc. Plea, Demurrer and Answer of 
Henry Curtis, defendant 18 June, 12 Charles at Highworth. 
Pleads of statute of limitations 21 James that if any promise 
was made that about forty years since an agreement was made 
for plaintiff to keep one of defendant's children in exchange for 
one of defendant's and defendant did keepe one Alexander one 
of the plaintiff's children, denyes any promise of payment, etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 34, no. 9. 

15 January 11 Charles 1636 Ipswich. Answere of William 
Seely and Jane his wife, two of the defendants to the Bill of 
Complaint of William Goodwin, gent, complainant. Bill is 
exhibited against these defendants to put them to unnecessary 
expences. Answere already made to a former bill exhibited at 
suite of Dorothy Cutler then complainant but for further answere 
to this bill, defendants do not know what estate Francis Noone 
and Dorothy his wife had in said Manor of Martlesham etc. 


or whether they sold same to complainant as alleged or what 
grants or encumbrances said Francis had, said defendant William 
Seely hath married Jane the relict of said Edward Riggs, but 
believe said Noone was lawfully seised of the said advowson and 
granted same to said Riggs on the first presentation to said advow- 
son and believe said deed is in possession of Mr. Voice and said 
Riggs so possessed about nine years since died and administra- 
tion was granted to said Jane his relict etc. who about eight 
years since granted said advowson to said Voyce, clerk at Wal- 
sham in said county Suffolk. But that now (no?) other assign- 
ment was made by these defendants and do denye any combination 
etc, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 24, no. 34. 

28 April 1637. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper. The Bill of Complaint of Hanslett Godden of 
Thurmham, county Kent, gent, and Anne Ruffen, wydow, daugh- 
ter of the said Hanslett. That about five yeares since communi- 
cation had between your orator Hanslett Godden and Henry 
Ruffen of Eastchurch in the Isle of (Sheppey?) in the said 
county Kent touching a marriage between Thomas Ruffen, 
Sonne to the said Henry, and your said oratrix Anne and it was 
agreed amongst other things that your orator should give £200 
to the said Thomas and that the said Henry should give to his said 
Sonne money or stocke and goods to the valewe of £300 and about 
five yeares since said marriadge did take effect and your said 
orator paid the said i2oo. But the said Henry did not performe 
the said agreement but did get from the said Thomas the said 
i200 or some greate parte thereof or did putt up some small 
stocke for the same at unreasonable rates. Whereby the said 
Thomas was kept from the said £300 and was also defrauded of 
the other said moneys and aboute a yeare since the said Thomas 
died intestate having issue by the said Anne two small children 
and very small or noe personall estate besides the said £300 in 
hands of the said Henry and the said Anne tooke letters of 
administration and ought to have the said £300 and hath re- 
quested payment. But the said Henry refuseth the same saying 
sometimes that he hath payed the same and at other times that 
there was noe such agreement etc. etc. With answer of Henry 
Ruffen defendant about 4 May 1637. He hath conveyed a farm 


called Homeplace in Minster in the Isle of Sheppey of the yearly 
value of £26 which the said Anne enjoys etc. etc. and other stock 
etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 63. 

1637? The Replicacon of Hauslett Godden and Anne Ruffin, 
wydowe, complainants to the Answere of Henry Ruffin, defend- 
ant. Saving advantage of exception to the insufficientcy of said 
answere say that in all things as in their said bill they have for- 
merly said and doe and will avere and maintaine the said bill to 
be true and sufficient to be answered unto in such manner and 
sorte as in the said bill sett forth with that that it was agreed 
between the complainant Hauslett Gooden and the said defend- 
ant that the complainant should give £200 to Thomas Ruffin sonne 
of the said defendant in marriage with the said complainant Anne 
and that defendant should give unto his sonne in money or 
stocke and goods to the value of £300 and said Hauslett did paye 
the said Thomas the said £200 according to said agreement with- 
out that that the said defendant did give his said sonne money 
stocke etc. to the value of £300 and with that the said Thomas 
Ruffin did satisfie the defendants for all such stocke and other 
things as the defendant sould and turned over to him with an 
overplus and that defendant did put of stock vnto his said sonne 
at unconscionsable rates and without that there is any other matter 
or thing in the said answer to be replied unto and will prove 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 61, no. 102. 

27 June 1637. To Right Hon. Lord Coventry, Lord Keeper 
etc. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of Salhouse in county 
Norfolk, husbandman, that about 27 March, 17 James, did borrow 
of one Robert Bale, the elder, £20 and with one Thomas Steward, 
Esquire as suretie became bound to the said Bale in £40 for 
payment at St. Michaell in 1620 at the mansion house of the said 
Bale in Skeyton and your orator well acquainted with the said 
Bale and trusting him to take noe advantage etc. was not verie 
careful to pay the said monies at the said date yet soone after- 
wards did pay the said Bale or to his use the some of £21, viz, 
to wife of the said Bale £6 To Henry Spendlowe, gent. £5 and 
£10 and to him the said Bale and his wife eight combes one 


bushell and two pecks of seed rye at ordinary rate of los. the 
combe and comes to £4. 3s. gd. and one combe and two bushells 
of seed wheate at 14s. which come to 21s. and your said orator 
about the same time lent to the said Bale £6 who repaid £5. los. 
and your orator did lay out for the said Bale to the Lord of the 
Alannor of jNIayton for three yeares rent due for certain coppie- 
hould lands the said Bale held 21s. od. and also at severall times 
lent to the said Bale 20s. and again 20s. and there is due from 
the said Bale for keeping and depasturing half one hundred ewes 
£4. OS. od. and also to your said orator farmer of the Rector 
ympropriate of Salhouse for five titthe lambes sold to the said ' 
Bale at 3s.4d. and i6s.8d. and for the keeping of said lambes 5s. : 
also for 100 wethers 20s. also for five horses los. also the said 
Bale is to allow your orator for the tithe of 8 acres of rye los. j 
also your orator did lay out for the said Bale to ]\Irs. Prudence I 
Nutting 20s. all which somes your orator computes and cast up j 
to be £37. 17s. 5d. yett the said Bale doth refuse to deliver upp | 
the said bond to be cancelled or to come to accompt with your i 
orator but hath putt said bond in suite against your orator to ! 
recover penaltie etc. With answer of Robert Bale, defendant, j 
5 October, 13 Charles, claims interest on the said bond etc. etc. j 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 58, no. 42. j 


28 June 1637. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventrie, ] 
Lord Keeper etc. etc. The Bill of Complaint of James Goodwyn { 
of Rendham, county Sufifolk, gent, one of the sworne clerkes of '■ 
Robert Casear, Esqre one of the Six Clerkes of The High Court '■ 
of Chancery for thirty years passed and for many yeares to ' 
come possessed of the Mannor of Alelton cum Ufford in the said 
county Sufifolk, by demyse from the Deane and Chapter of the j 
Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity of Elye and dyvers coppie- j 
hould landes etc. holden by dyvers persons fynable at the will 
of the Lord amongst others one William Browne of Ufford in 
said county who holdeth of the said Mannor i acre 10 perches in i 
a close lately John Wythers before that John Marryotts and j 
before that John Delbrookes in Bouldge in county Suffolk to ■ 
which one John Burward at a court held 17 March, 9 Elizabeth J 
was admitted and paid the f^-ne and rent of 3d. per annum while \ 
owner and afterwards i October, 16 Elizabeth after death of 
said Burward one Thomas Browne having purchased said land \ 
of his executors and was admitted and paid said rent etc. and 


afterwards did surrender the same to one William Browne who 
the 12 Aprill, 22 Elizabeth was admitted etc. etc. and paid the rent 
etc. etc. until 30 September, 11 James and then surrendered the 
same to the use of the first named William Browne his sonne and 
afterwards was admitted and paid the 20s. fyne your orator 
being then Lord of the Mannor paid the said rent and service 
etc. etc. until 5 Charles since when the said Browne hath neg- 
lected to pay the said rent and said service and hath alsoe altered 
the boundaries of the said lands etc. and doth utterly refuse to 
pay the said rents etc. etc. With answer of William Browne, 
defendant, 27 September, 13 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 50, no. 10. 

29 July 1637 To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Beniamin Goodwin and 
Charles' Harris of London, linnen draper that two years since 
using said trade in London and being partners at request of Wil- 
liam Leicroft then of London, skinner, did sell to said Leicroft 
divers parcels of linnen cloth of value of £286 and said Leicroft 
agreed to paye same at end of six moneths and gave his bond but 
shortly after said Leicroft transported same into the Somer 
Islands commonly called the Beamoders to Richard Leicroft his 
brother then resident there and soon after pretended disabilitie 
in his estate and said debt remayneth wholly unpaid and the 
said Richard Leicroft coming to England agreed to pay said 
debt for his brother William Leicroft then absent and that hee 
might have further time giving his bond and releasing his said 
brother William Leicroft and your orators sealed said release and 
delivered up his said brother's bond to be cancelled. But now 
the said Richard Leicroft having gotten said release and his said 
bond being lost or mislaid and intending to shipp away all his 
goods etc. etc. here in England to defeate and defraude your 
orators and that your orators for want of said bond have noe 
remedy pray to relieve themselves etc. With answers of Richard 
Leicroft, defendant 11 August 1637. Prays to be released until 
date of payment of said bond which is yet to come to be enabled 
to return to his wife, children and estate, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 57, no. 45. 

31 October 1637. Complainant, William Churchman of Thing- 
land, county Salop, clerk, showeth that whereas in the year 1621 


he, the said complainant was Curate of the parish Church of 
Ecton(?) in the county of Northampton and during the said 
tyme of orator's abode and residence there one George Catesby 
of Ecton, Esq. understanding that orator had a temporall estate 
or inheritance worth 50 H per annum, conceived such love and 
afifection and took such good liking towardes your orator that 
haueinge seu'all daughters to marry hee was willing to admitte 
of a treaty of m'riadge to be had betweene your orator and 
Maulde, then third daughter of him the said George and the 
rather to procure and induce your orator further, the said George 
being then lawfully seized of the advowsons of the rectory or 
parish Church of Ecton worth 180 li. per annum, also of the 
Rectory of Whiston in the said county of Northampton worth 
100 li. per annum did in private betwixt your orator and himselfe 
faithfully promise that immediately after such intermarriage 
between your orator and the said daughter, the said George 
would not only in parte of a further porcon he intended to bestow 
upon his said daughter, but would convey to orator, and to his 
use the next presentation after the next avoydance of, and into 
the said severall Rectoryes or parish Churches afiforsesaid, but 
also presently after the decease of Jane, mother of him, the said 
George, then liveinge, and now some two yeares since deceased, 
hee the said George as a further porcon would etc. upon which 
faire promises your orator married the said Maulde etc. etc. 
The defendant, the said George Catesby appears rtot to have 
lived up to his promises and the complainant now sues for dam- 
ages. Asks that a writ of subpoena be issued directing the said 
George Catesby to appear before the Count and answer the 
various premises as set forth in the bill of complaint. Writ. 
No answer. 

Chancery Proceedings. Charles I, C. bundle 97, no. 33. 

15 November 1637. Complaint of Thomas Keble of Newton, 
county Suffolk, gent, that whereas your orator about fourteen 
years last past by solicitation of friends of one Henry Darbey 
of Needham Market and in said county Sufifolk. gent, now lately 
deceased did become suitor in marriage to Elizabeth Darbey one 
of daughters of said Henry Darbey and communication about 
that time had between Gyles Keble, gent, your orator's father 
concerning portion by said Henry Darbey and a joynture by 


your orator and his said father, and agreed portion to be £300 
and promised that at said Henry Darbey's death would make said 
Ehzabeth equal in porcon with Marye one of other daughters 
of the said Henry Dafbey then unmarried and if he had greater 
estate would devide it equally between said Elizabeth and Mary 
and marriage took place and a joynture made. Said agreement 
made privately, no witnesses except Gyles Keble your orator's 
father since deceased. Said Mary has often heard hir father 
say he. would divide equally between his two daughters. Now 
said Henry Darbey having at his death greater estate by £2000 
than at time of agreement she said Marie did in his life time 
by sinister means endeavoured to get to herself the whole estate 
and for better effecting thereof having had in life time of her 
father a secret agreement of marriage to have byn had between 
her and one Stephen Gooding late of Brantham, county Suffolk, 
contrary to her father's liking who told her that if ever she 
should marry said Stephen Gooding he would never give her 
any parte of his estate whereupon she did promise her said 
father that she would never marry said Stephen Gooding and 
the said Henry Darbey influenced etc. by said Marye or for some 
other persons working upon the infirmities of old age etc. of 
said Henry Darbey, said Henry Darbey did so convey away his 
said estate that your orator cannot have any parte thereof and 
having greatest part of his estate in goods and chattells amount- 
ing to £3000, said Henry Darbey being lately dead, inestate and 
the said Mary having now married the said Stephen Gooding 
have taken possession of all goods etc. and say said Henry 
Darbey died worth not one groat and have not taken out letters 
of administration. Bond, engrossment. Joint answers of 
Stephen Gooding, gent, and Mary his wife. Say they do not 
know of any agreement by said Henry Darbey to give said com- 
plainant £300 as marriage procon and would make said Eliza- 
beth at his death equal in portion, and said Stephen Gooding 
sayth he doth not believe any such promise made for he was 
suitor to said Mary long before marriage of said complainant 
and there happened some difference between said Henry Darbey 
and said Stephen Gooding concerning a marriage portion which 
was the only reason the marriage did not take place but when 
said complainant was fully agreed to marry said Elizabeth he 
came to town of Ipswich to buy his wedding apparell in the shop 


of one Robert Benham, a mercer at which time this defendant 
met him and went over together to Kings Head in Ipswich said 
complainant spoke these words to defendant "Stephen Gooding 
you have been a long time about (blurred) and will not marry 
without a great portion but I have concluded a match but I have 
accepted £300 if he gives me more I shall be thankful etc, and 
said Mary sayeth she hath heard her father say he offered said 
complainant £200 and would devide but that said complainant 
refused and demanded £300 and she hath also heard Edward 
Derby, her uncle, affirm same etc. and said Henry Darbey did 
4 June, 10 Charles I. make his will thus : Whereas I have pre- 
ferred my two daughters Beatrix and Elizabeth in marriage do 
give Mary executrix all goods. About 14 Aprill. 11 Charles 
made deed of gift to Mary of all goods in Bury St. Edmunds 
and elsewhere and said father sayeth that before he did give her 
all and said defendant sayeth she have received of her Grand- 
mother Tuckles etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 19, no. 18. 

1637? Replicacon of Thomas Keable, gentleman to Stephen 
Goodwyn, gentleman, and Mary his wife. Says that the answer 
is uncertain and untrue and reaffirms his statements to be true 
etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, K, bundle 26, no. 22. 

Nov. 16. 1637. Andrew Coggan of London, merchaunt, com- 
plainant. That one Richard Hounsell late of Lymhouse of 
Middlesex, marriner, became bound to George \\'aters of Lym- 
house, marriner, for i6o at his return from the East Indies in 
his good ship the Unicorn of which he was master. He went 
on saidvoyage for the East India Company who owed him £505. 
6s. 8d. for wages etc. etc. by account made up on February nth 
by one Jeremy Sandbrook one of the officers of the East India 
Company. This said good ship Unicorn did not return to the 
river of Thames but was cast away and the said Richard Hounsell 
died upon the voyage by which reason the said £60 was not due. 
About the 17 March, 15 Charles I Richard Hounsell made his 
will among other legacies gave George Waters and Jane his wife 
£105 and made one Andrew Hounsell, deceased and your orator 
executors and your orator has for six years past lived beyond 


the seas and did not prove the will till February 16, 10 Charles I. 
and the debts due since the death of Hounsell — and the East 
India Company have confederated with Jane Waters late the 
wife of George Waters and now the wife of Richard Goodwin 
to defraud your orator. The answer of Richard Goodwin says 
he is a widower with four small children living by daily labour 
being employed in his Majesty's service became acquainted with 
Jane and thought she would be a careful wife and to bring up 
his children so he married her six years since. Jane married with 
one Thomas Rydge, a dyer, and the company paid her everything, 
and being in distress she married Richard Goodwin. Rydge have 
converted the sum to his own use and left her in distress and want. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 117, no. 47. 

8 February 1637 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Robert Godwin of Staple Fitzpaine 
in county Somerset, clerk, that for years past hath had dealings 
Beniamin Smith of same, butcher, and John Trowbridge of 
Taunton, county Somerset, wollendraper in their usual comoditye 
etc. etc. for which your orator and his wife did pay ready money 
or did trust the said Smith to put same down in his booke, said 
prices agreed upon and said Smith did bring meate home to 
your orator when he had a bad markette etc. but did charge 
your orator at higher rates etc. and your orator had accompt 
with said Smith but did not agree thereunto and the said Smith 
being indebted to one Thomas Yeard a grasier for cattle bought, 
your orator became bound with said Smith for payment and your 
orator satisfied same and did take upp said bond. Although 
your orator did not owe soe much money to said Smith who did 
promise he would give your orator a true accompt etc. But 
now said Smith combyning with said Trowbridge hath com- 
menced suite against your orator for said accompte for meate 
etc. yet do refuse to give your orator any accompt etc. of monies 
payd or goods bought etc. With answer of John Trowbridge 
defendant, Taunton 7 April 16, 14 Charles. Answer of Beniamyn 
Smith defendant, ditto. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 60, no. 48. 

27 April 1638. To Right Honourable Thomas, Lord Coventry 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Anne Goodwyn execu- 


trix of Richard Goodwyn, gent, your oratrix's late husband 
deceased that he being servant to Sir WilHam Denny, Knight, 
your oratrix's said husband was by meanes of the said Sir Wil- 
liam Denny admitted to the society of Grayes Inne and about 
four or five yeares since the said Denny being estated in a cer- 
teyn building in Grayes Inne where he now liveth for a terme of 
fifty yeares agreed that your oratrix's said husband Richard 
Goodwyn should have a chamber therein for consideration agreed 
upon and a some of £36 was paid and the said Goodwyn entered 
for the said terme and your oratrix's said husband agreed to lett 
the same and did receive rent for the said chamber without con- 
tradiction of the said Denny and the said Denny had dyvers 
pictures etc. etc. of the value of £50 (as is well known to the said 
Sir William Denny (Note, this occurs in every line or so and 
fills up the document) placed in his house in Norwich to be rede- 
livered at request etc. etc. Dyamond ring etc. etc. said Goodwyn 
having occasion for money etc. became bound with the said Sir 
William Denny to Sir Edward Bullocke, Knight, in £200 for the 
payment of £100 and to John Aderley, gent, and to secure said 
Denny did mortgage his messuage called the White Horse in 
parish of St. Martins in the said city of Norwich with condition 
of redemption etc. and said debts were paid and satisfied and 
bonds taken up said Richard Goodwyn made his will and 
bequeathed said messuage to your oratrix his executrix. Now 
said Denny having the original deed pretendeth that he hath 
a right to said messuage in consideration of the said £36 paid 
and not in consideration of said bond etc. and pretendeth other 
bonds due to Mr. George Bayfeild and other monies not satis- 
fied with intent to defraude your oratrix of said messuage etc. 
etc. With answer of Sir William Denny, knt. defendant, 29 
May 1638 and further answer of same 18 June. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, Bundle 36, no. 15. 

April 1638. To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Anne Goodwyne of parish of St. 
Andrewes Holborne, widdow, executrix of Richard Goodwyn, 
gent, her deceased husband. Dyvers controversies between 
Christopher Marshall, gent, late husband of Elizabeth Marshall, 
widdow, and George Gardiner, gent, concerning lands in Wenas- 
ton in county Sufifolk which said Gardiner was to convey to said 


Marshall called Hunger Dowries purchased of Bartholomew 
Nobbs and Bridgett his wife and Burrgaes Pightell purchased of 
one Baxter and also a messuage in parish of St. Martins in citty 
of Norwich which said Marshall was to convey to said Gardyner 
and your orator's deceased husband and decree was made in this 
court touching said controversies the certeynty whereof your 
orator cannot sett forth the said writing being entrusted to said 
Marshall and said Gardiner with one John Chickeringe did enter 
into bond to performe same etc. Robert Morse, Dame Elizabeth 
Cleere, Richard Baxter, Christopher Story mentioned, the said 
Elizabeth to defeate your oratrix of the benefitt of said decree 
threatened to sue your orator upon said bond etc. (Mutilated) 
With answer of Elizabeth Marshall widdow defendant 23 
November 1628 (1638?) Denyes any knowledge of said writ- 
inges and hath not quietly enjoyed said lands hath purchased 
anew Burrages Pightell and had frequent interruptions from 
said Nobbs etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 45, no. 61. 

May 14 16 — ? The Replicacon of Anne Goodwyn, widdow, to 
the answeares of Elizabeth Marshall one of the defendants 
Averrs bill to be true and sufficient answeare for most part uncer- 
tayne etc. etc. Further that the said Christopher Marshall in 
his life time and the said Elizabeth Marshall ever since the said 
Richard Goodwyn and the said Chichkeringe entered into the 
said bond unto the said Christopher, the said Christopher and 
said Elizabeth have enjoyed the said copyhold lands etc. called 
Hunger Downes and Burrages Pightell and that if anything was 
waid (paid) it was not above £10 to procure the surrender of the 
same. Said surrender taken in the name of defendant Sher- 
woode to the use of the said Elizabeth and the heires of the said 
Christopher and the said Elizabeth acknowledges that if the said 
surrender was so made £40 and £2>2. 8s. od. were to be payed by 
the said Elizabeth to the said Richard Goodwyn and the said 
Elizabeth hath received the rents etc. etc. and no prejudice hath 
answered for the want of a surrender and the complainant is 
ready to pay the said £10. If she will pay the said 40s. per 
annum and the £85 mentioned in the said bond defendant hath 
had double sattisfaction, viz. possession and the rents and the 


moneys in the said bond mentioned. Complainant does not claim 
the £40 and the £32. 8s. od. as executrix or administratrix of the 
said George Gardiner but as the executrix of Richard Goodwin 
to whom the said Gardiner made over the said somes and the 
said 40s. per annum and the benefltts in the said decree men- 
tioned and that the said Richard Goodwyn never obscured 
himself but walked frequently about the streets of London. Pur- 
chase of the White Horse in Norwich mentioned. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 45, no. 30. 

1638? The Rejoynder of Elizabeth Marshall, widdow, one of 
ye defendants to ye replication of Anne Goodwyn, widow, 
complainant. Mentions Bridget Nobbs one of the defendants. 
Interest in coppehold premises called Barrage Pightells and Hun- 
getdownes which she was to surrender unto ye heires of this 
complainant's late husband Marshall deceased (sic). Somes of 
£40 and £32. 8s. left in hands of Christopher Marshall this defend- 
ant's late husband unlill such surrendered l)y said Bridget Nobbs 
and one Richard Baxter of said interest purchased of George 
Gardiner, Richard Goodwyn late husband of said complainant. 
Says money was lent without any relacion to the purchase of the 
surrender etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 10. 

1638? Answere of Dame Elizabeth Clere, widow, to the Bill 
of Complaint of Anne Goodwyn widdow. Mentions controver- 
sies between Christopher Marshall Richard Baxter and George 

Gardiner Grange menconed in said bill but what 

agreement between said Marshall Gard(iner) .... defend- 
ant knoweth not Hon. Court between the said Mar- 
shall Gardiner and Baxter nor of any decree made . . . said 
bonds and securities or into whose custody they were delivered 
or of any agreement . . . coppiehold lands called Burrages 
Feild in her Manner of Wenaston Grange to the said Mar .... 
or hath heard that complainant's late husband did pay any money 
to said Baxter . . . Said lands should l)e surrendered to said 
Marshall widdow . . . Nobbs for surrendering Hunger 
Downes . . . Defendant gave directions about a yeare since 
to Robert Morse, gent, one other . . . Weniston Grange that 
he should not admitt John Girling sonne of William Girlinge 


. . said coppiehold lands became forfeited . . . said 
Morse her steward. Mutilated and undecipherable in a great 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 43. 

5 December 1638. The Answers of Robert Morse gent and 
Thomas Sherwood, gent, two of the defendants to the bill of 
Anne Goodwyn, widow, complainant. Robert Morse believes 
that there were controversies between Christopher Marshall and 
George Gardener, gent, concerning the messuage etc. named 
which said Gardener was to convey to the said Marshall. Doth 
not know what bonds complainant's husband became bound in to 
the said Marshall or John Chickeringe but hath seen in the 
hands of Elizabeth Marshall one bond of the said complainant's 
husband and Chickeringe to the said Marshal but for what con- 
sideration he knoweth not. That at a generall courte of the 
Mannor of Wenharton, county SuiTolk, 18 Aprill, 9 James, 
Frances Baxter, gent, father of Richard Baxter named (this 
defendant then Steward) was admitted tennant to 3 acres of lands 
between the lands late Coldmans late of John Feltham gent, N., 
Mannor of Melles late in occupation of Thomas Feltham, S., 
lands of Henrie Garling and the way called Bartholomew Lane, 
E., at rent of 26s.8d. which said Baxter did not pay but soon 
after died and Richard Baxter was his onely sonne. Believes that 
said Frances Baxter held no other lands of the said mannor. 
Believes that the said Richard Baxter became seised of lands in 
Wenharton Grandge and Melles and being very wastefull and in 
want and as he pretended about to ward beyond the seas desired 
to surrender same to said Richard Goodwyn and did give notice 
of said surrender but said Elizabeth Marshall by letters declared 
that it would bee a great prejudice to her and the said Goodwyn 
being desirous to enter marriage with said daughter of said Eliza- 
beth which she opposed and desired your orator would purchase 
same of said Baxter and conveyance was made to your orator 
and Thomas Sherwood defendant's nephew and his clerke, 
denyes any combynacion etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 27, no. 43. 

24 December 1638. Complaint your poor orator James Averell 
of Ash in county Kent. That one Thomas Averell of Ridley in 


said County, yeoman, seised of land in Kent messuage and land 
called Bostall in Southstreet parish of Moopham. Kent did about 
II September 1556 make his will and did bequeath unto Robert 
Averell sone and heir all the said messuage etc. and said Robert 
had issue five sons i.e. Thomas who died in his father's lifetime, 
James your orator's father, Nicholas, Robert and Henry and died, 
and said messuage came equally among survivors and 12 acres 
did fall to James your orator's said father and about sixteen years 
since did sell same unto one Stephen Godden who did enter into 
possession and since hath gotten possession of all deeds etc. for 
want of which your orator cannot recover his just title etc. etc. 
26 October 1638 answer of Stephen Godden, saith etc. by inden- 
tures 14 January, 21 James for 3 score and i pounds paid to 
James Averill said complainants father did enfeoffe this defend- 
ant and Samuell Godden etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, A, bundle 38, no. 24. 

1638 Plaintiff, Rose Dew of St. Margaretts, Westminster, 
Middlesex, widow, late the wife of John Dew. John Dew in 
1608 November 5 was seised in property known as Mayes House 
in Goodrich, county Hereford, yearly value of 200 marks made 
a settlement in plaintiff's favour entered into an indenture between 
him John Dew of Hunsone, county Hereford, gent, and John 
Lightborne, sailor and Robert Jerrard, tallow chandler, citizen of 
London to secure all his possessions a life interest to the plaintiff 
in case she survived him of an annuity of £30. A second inden- 
ture between John Dewe and John Mulys and Edward Talbot, 
trustees of plaintiff, made December I first year of the Kings 
reigne. The sign of the Angel, St. Clement Danes and other 
tenements to the yearly value of 200 marks — property in Glouces- 
ter. The property being mortgaged and John Dew in debt his 
wife and her trustees took the whole over. An indenture between 
John Dewe his wife and son Thomas and Phillip Johns of West- 
minster, Middlesex, fishmonger and Dorothie his wife one of the 
daughters of John Dew and Katherine daughter of John Dew 
and John Mulys of the parish of Trynty Minories, London to 
sell to Richard Pryce for £425 the messuage etc. called the Angel, 
St. Clements Danes tenanted by Peter Middleton with seven other 
tenements. Thomas Goodwyn D.D. and Thomas Swifte, clerk, 
inhabiting wrought upon John Dewe to sell them the said mes- 


suage, tenements and lands gave up what deeds he had obtained 
the indentures from his wife upon which they paid him some 
small sum of money and induced him to fly over seas where he 
died shortly after whereupon Goodwin and Swift laid claim to 
the estate Answer of Goodwin, 28 January 1638. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, D, bundle 53, no. 60. 

(Blurred) 1639 Complaint of William Masters of Peyeaton, 
county Somerset and Elizabeth his (efifaced) Hard- 
acre deceased being about 20 year of late Queen (sic) seised . . . 
lands and tenements not long before parcell of said manor and 
three cottages belonging in Huntspill, county afore- 
said, then in tenure of Thomas Blower deceased for term of his 
life . . . before the severance thereof one Edward Smith 
then contracted with said John Smith and .... and in 
behalf of said Thomas Blower in £80 paid by said Edward Smith 
to said John Smith etc . . . unto Agnes then wife of said 
Thomas Blower, John Blower and your oratrix Elizabeth, sonne 
and daughter of said Thomas Blower . . . said John Hard- 
acre . . agreed by indenture tripartite 13 November, 24 of late 

Majestic between Edward Smith, John Hardacre and Ta 

Hardacre that said John Hardacre should stand seised of said 
manor for use of said Thomas Hardacre and Jane and said 
Thomas within three months next after said marriage etc. should 
grant . . . said Agnes John and Elizabeth Blower (your 
oratrix) .... Thomas Hardacre and Jane his then wife 

entered into said Manor Thomas Blower entered 

into said tenement and about 15 James I. dyed after which Johane 
his wife was admitted during her widowhood said Johane about 
two years after marrying one Richard Lyme forfeited her said 
widow's estate and then your orator by right of said Elizabeth 
was admitted .... inheritance being in said Edward Smith 
who dyed about 44 her late Majestic descended to Jane his daugh- 
ter who with William Ceely, gent, her then husband entered and 
at Court held 2 August, i James I. etc. for their mannor of 
Ashton . . . grant to said oratrix two cottages etc. But now 
Robert Goodwin, William Prowse and Valentine Trim, gent, 
confederating with Thomas Bunwell and Stephen Bidlecome 
and having upon death of said William Ceely and Jane his wife 
and of said Thomas Blower gotten into their possession court 


rolls etc. of said mannor together with two coppies granted to 
your oratrix in pretence thereof and of some estate claimed from 
heirs of John Hardacre in default of heirs of Thomas Hardacre 
and Jane have entered into the mannor and have ousted your 
orators etc. November 1639 Joint answers of Robert Good- 
win, William Prowse, Valentine 'i^-im, gent. Thomas Banwell 
and Steeven Biddlcconilje, defendants, to complaint of William 
Masters and Elizabeth his wife say that they believe it true that 
John Hardacre was seised of Mannor of Alston Mavis, county 
Somerset and that John Smithes was also seised of coppie hold 
lands etc formerly parcell of said mannor and in one tenement, 
three cottages and 44 acres which had likewise been parcell of 
said mannor being in llunspill, county Somerset, formerly in 
tenure of Thomas Blower deceased for term of his natural life, 
but (lid not know that said Edward Smiths did ever contract with 
John Smiths in behalf of Thomas Blower for £80 etc. unto Agnes 
then wife of Thomas Blower etc. a lease 99 years granted to 
Thomas Blower by John Smith if Agnes his then wife John his 
Sonne and Elizabeth, the nowe complainant, daughter should live 
etc, for a marriage to be had between Thomas Hardacre and 
Jane daughter of Edward Smiths etc. This defendant doth 
claim mannor of Alston Mavis which this defendant purchased 
from John Hardacre heir and legatee of Thomas Hardacre and 
defendants say it was conveyed to them William Prowse, Valen- 
tine Trim and one William Evans, gent, and said William Evans 
hath released his estate etc. etc. and a tenement late in occupation 
of one Julian Bunwell etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, M, bundle 6, no. i. 

26 June 1639. To Rt. Hon Thomas. Lord Coventry, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Godwin of Over Stanton, 
county Hereford and Ales his wife, daughter and heire of Rich- 
ard Lochard of Stanton, gent, deceased. That Roger Badland 
and Katherine his wife and Richard their sonne were seised in 
one messuage or tenement etc. in Over Stanton and Molesley and 
Waples Over in said County and in consideration of a marriage 
between Hughe Lochard, gent, and Elinor daughter and heire 
of said Richard conveyed same to said Hughe and Elinor then 
his wife with remayndcr as is contayned in said assurance etc. 
and said Hugh entered etc. and having issue Richard their eldest 


son and dyvers others and said Hugh died and said EHnor 
entered, after whose death said premises should come to said 
Richard who entered and took to wife Elizabeth daughter of 
George Brace, gent, and had yssue Ales your oratrix and his only 
daughter and dyed and said estate should come to your oratrix. 
But the deeds etc. of said premises having come into the hands of 
one Thomas Lochard of Wallerton, county Salopp, gent, brother 
of said Richard or one William Bedland of Over Stanton the 
said Thomas Lochard hath caused some secret estates to be made 
with intent to defraud your orators etc. etc. With answer of 
William Badland one of the defendants 27 September, 15 Charles 
and Thomas Lochard, defendant 2 October, 15 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 61 

I July 1639. To The Right Honorable Thomas, Lord Coven- 
try, Lord Keeper etc. etc. Bill of Complaint of Burton Good- 
wyn of the towne of Stafford, county Stafford gent. That one 
Anthony Kinnersley, Esq. since deceased Edward Blunt and 
Edward Kinnersley or some of them were seised for the benefit 
of said Anthony Kinnersley of one messuage in Uttoxeter in said 
county and divers houses etc. belonging and in particular of 

seuerall closes called the Dearne Dale mcadowes ■ Pewes 

Normans and Hudsons Grounds and so seised by an indenture of 
lease dated 26 March, 6 James for £400 demised same to Ralph 
Fowell of Uttoxeter, deceased, for life of said Ralph and Joane 
his wife and one Thomas their sonne and the longest liver at 
yearly rent of £5 and one fatt veale at Easter and a quarter of 
fatt beefe on Whitson Eve and the best beast for every tenant 
dyin by way of heriot and the said Ralph entered and by inden- 
ture of II October, 17 James demised same to one Thomas Cow- 
per for the said lives and the said Cowper did enter and by an 
indenture dated 24 October, 2 Charles, did grant the same to your 
orator during the said lives and your said orator did enter and 
the same was confirmed to your orator etc. etc. but afterwards 
one Sir Richard Grobham now deceased and since his decease his 
executors doe pretend some precedent tytle to the said estate and 
clayme rents from your orator and now one Robert Toplcys, Wil- 
liam Topleys, Arthur Townsend, Richard Brisco and Thomas 
Fowell by combynacon with others unknown having gotten into 
their hands the originall lease etc. etc. clayme tytle to said estates 


and give out that they will weareie your orator with suites etc. in 
lawe etc. etc. With answer of Thomas Fowell one of the defend- 
ants 1 8 October 1639. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 42, no. 45. 

10 July 1639. Bill of Complaint of Burton Goodwyn of Staf- 
ford in county Stafford, gent. That Anthony Kinesley, Esquire 
since deceased Edward Blunt and Edward Kinnsley were seised 
for the benefit of Anthony Kinnsley in a messuage etc. in Vtox- 
eter in county Stafford and divers houses and lands etc. etc. and 
by indent about 26 March, 6 James for £400 demised same to 
Ralph Fowell of Utoxeter, deceased, for life of said Ralph and 
Joane his wife and Thomas Fowell their sonne at rent of £5 per 
annum and one fatt Veale at Easter and a quarter of fatt beefe 
at Whitsonevan and ye beste beaste for every tenant dyeing for 
heriotts and said Ralph Folwell entered and the said Ralph and 
Joane and Thomas by indenture 11 October, 17 James, for £400 
and dissolvinge of severall debts demised said lease to Thomas 
Cowper for their lives who did enter and by grant 24 October, 
2 Charles, demised same to your orator for the said lives and your 
orator entered and the said Thomas Fowell did by deed 10 
November, 2 Charles, resign all rights etc. to your orator and 
said Anthony Kinnsley deceased hath other issue Francis who 
doth pretend that his said father hath had no power to make the 
said originall lease and about twelve years since did question the 
title in a suite of lawe and did after confirm your orator his title 
yet afterwards Sir Richard Grobham, Knt. now deceased and his 
executors since did pretend title to said estate and did evict your 
orator and your orator did pay rent to the said executors and also 
to said Thomas Cowper and now one Robert Topleys, William 
Topleys, Arthur Yowsend, Richard Bristowe and Thomas Fowell 
by combination etc. to defeat your orator having the deeds etc. 
do refuse your orator entry etc. etc. With answers of Arthur 
Townesend, Robert Topliffe, and William Toplifife, defendants 
at Ashburie 2 June, 17 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 22, no. 34. 

20 November 1639 To Right Hon Thomas, Lord Coventry, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of complaint of William Godwyn of W^ells, 
county Somerset, chaundler. That Ashton Aylworth late of 


December, 12 Charles, seised in his demesne as of 

fee or shopps cellars etc. appertaining in Wells in 

the West side of a streete there called Sadlers and 

treaty was had between your orator and the said Aylworth con- 
cerning the buying of the said messuage 1636 it 

was agreed That his heires or to such person as he 

should nominate and your orator should pay the said Ashton 

£30 which was said Ashton Aylsworth one Thomas 

White of Wells, gent, should be the person to whom said mes- 
suage should be conveyed" for the benefitt and the 

said White being so sei&ed by like assurance to 

your orator But one Anne Meade of Wells in said 

County widow, Thomas Meade of Walcombe in parish of St. 
Cath having gotten into their hands the said con- 
veyances pretending that they or one of them have 

a lease for a certain term or for life made to them or to Hughe 
(Meade deceased) . ... long time before the said con- 
veyance made by the said Ashton possession of said 

premises and do refuse your orator possession ; 

or to shew forth by what tytle etc etc With answers of Ann 
Meade defendants. Great part undecipherable and torn. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 47, no. 63. 

28 November 1639. To Right Honorable Thomas, Lord 
Coventry, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Roger Goodwyn 
of the Hurdlow in county Derby, yeoman, on behalfe of himself 
and Humfrey Goodwyn his sonne, a minor. That Humfrey 
Goodwyn of Hurdlow deceased your orator's late father was 
seised of one messuage and 17 acres of land in Hurdlow and pos- 
sessed of a lease of twenty one yeares of 20 acres of ground 
being 10 acres in Hurdlow and 10 acres in Earlesterndalle in said 
county Derby and a lease of twenty one years of 4 acres adioyn- 
ing Hurdlow Hayes and a lease of twenty one years in 5 beast- 
gates in the coates feild and 35^ beastgates in the Heybutts and 
so seised made his will and made Joyce his wife and your orator 
executors and your orator did take the execucion thereof and 
said Joyce is since dead and said lands were devised to your 
orator for life being his eldest sonne, remainder to his first sonn, 
etc. and remainder of his goods etc. equally between the said 
Joyce and your orator and since the death of said Joyce your 


orator hath entered into her halfe of the said lease and lands etc, 
and did make a conveyance of some part of said premises to 
George Goodwyn als Mottram then of Harley in said county in 
trust for the use of your orator and to reconvey same upon 
request and no consideration was paid although expressed with 
all which the said George Goodwyn and also George Parker of 
London, esqr. and Thomas Harvey of Hudwall, county Derby, 
clarke, and Francis Meade of Ttratton( ?) in the county Stafford 
and Peeter Waden, yeoman, were acquainted and the original 
leases were delivered to the said Thomas Harvey to be safely 
kept for your orator's use But now said George Goodwyn 
George Parker and Francis Meade and others combining to gain 
possession of some estate in said lands etc. and to defraud your 
orator have obtained possession of said original leases and the 
said George Parker doth pretend that he hath an absolute estate 
in said premises etc. and doth utterly refuse to deliver up said 
deeds etc. With answer of George Parker, esqr, Frances Mayett 
and Robert Naven defendants, 11 January, 15 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 30, no. 64. 

22 April 1640. To Right Honourable Sir John Finch, Knight, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Robert Goodwyn of St. 
Katherines, county Middlesex, yeoman, that the Master Brothers 
and Sisters of the Hospital of St. Katherines neere the Tower of 
London by indenture 5 Aprill, 6 Charles did grant to Roger Wil- 
liams of the Cittie of London, bricklayer, four tenements in St. 
Katherines Lane in the precincts of said parish hospitall with 
appurtenances for forty yeares at a yearly rent of 49s 4d. and 
said Williams by deed 14 May, 12 Charles, 1636 for £450 assigned 
to your orator the same premises etc and your orator being so 
possessed became acquainted with one James Damille(sic) of 
London, gold wire drawer, who did rent of one Mr. Phillip 
Jacobs within the forrest of Bradon in county Wilts 73 acres of 
pasture etc. paying i^^. 12s. yearly which hee would lett having 
noe skill in husbandry and it was agreed that your orator should 
grant to said Daniell and Hellen his wife the said tenements etc. 
then in occupation of Richard Ward, Phillip Griffin, Richard 
Clever, Christian Graynes, widdow, William Humphreys, Blaunch 
Evans, widdow, Joane Goodelle, widow, James Townsend, Wil- 
liam Davis, Elizabeth Ingram, widdow, Anne Taylor, widdow, 


Katherine Davis, widdow, Walter Hillon, Anthony Cowper, 

John Smith, Phebe Hobbs, Symes, widdow and Henry 

Dunston and said Daniells would grant a lease of said 73 acres 
etc. and your orator held other tenements in occupation of 
Thomas Smith, John Hobbs, Samuel Miller, Mary Maleton, John 
Charlesworth, and Robert Kidgin and did grant same to said 
Daniell and one John Underwood, a scrivener of Bishopgate 
Street in parish of St. Buttolphs without Bishopsgate, was 
ymployed to draw up said deeds etc. But said Daniell and 
Underwood combyning to defraud your orator and having gotten 
possession of the lease of said tenements so refuse to carry out 
said agreement etc. With answers of James Daniell and Ellen 
his wife defendants i May 1640, also answer of John Under- 
wood, defendant same date. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 36, no. 64. 

12 May 1640. Complaint of Thomas Ellaker citizen and haber- 
dasher, of London. That one Edward Godwyn ditto by lease of 
the 2nd of August 1637 let to Thomas Ellaker shop called 
Golden Dragon in Fleet street in parish of St Dunstans, William 
Hammerton, servant of Thomas Ellaker, dispute of rent. An- 
swer of Edward Godwin. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, E, bundle 9, no. 37. 

27 June 1640. To Rt. Hon. John, Lord Finch, Lord Keeper 
etc. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of the Towne and 
Port of Dover, county Kent, gent, that about ii May 1626 by 
indenture consideration of ii20 paid by one William Wentworth 
of same, deceased, sold by way of mortgage one messuage etc. in 
parish of Buckland next Dover yearly at £20 with condicon of 
redemption and that he would take noe advantage but if said 
moneys were not paid then fresh writings might be drawn and 
your orators interest. But about five years since said Wentworth 
did putt your orator out of said messuage etc and did take posses- 
sion and receiue the rents etc. did after promise he would reassure 
back said premises etc and albeit your orator did often oflfer 
payment of said monies to said Wentworth in his life time, about 
August 1628 did make his will and Alice his wife executrix and 
did charge said Alice not to take any advantage of your orator 
but to reassure same if monies were paid in one year after his 


death, and after died, and the said AHce married one Thomas 
Brown of London, Esqr. to whom your orator offered said 
moneys as agreed and your orator paid part of said monies yet 
now the said Thomas and AHce and one Samuell Wentworth 
combyning- to defraud your orator do utterly refuse to accept 
residue of said monies or to grant your orator possession etc. 
With answers of defendants, 29 October 1640. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 58. 

1640? The Replicacon of Edward Goodwin, gent, complain- 
ant to the answere of Thomas Browne, Esq. Alice his wife and 
Samuell Wentworth defendants. Saving to himself now and at 
all tymes all advantage of execpcon etc. to the uncertaintie and 
insufficiency in the lawe for the said answere for replicacon there- 
unto saith in all and every matter and thing as in and by his 
said bill hee hath said and doth and will averr and maintaine and 
prove his said bill and all things therein contained to be true 
certeyne and sufficient to be answered unto as in the same are 
sett forth etc. without that that any other matter or thing is 
materiall etc. to reply to and not herein confessed etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 28. 

1 64-? Bill of Complaint of Edward Godwyn of the citty of 
London, haberdasher. That about 24 May, 15 Charles indenture 
between said Edward Godwyn and Thomasine his wife of one 
part and Robert Oliver of Larborne, county Kent, Esqr. of the 
other part. Consideration £150 that before the end of Trinity 
terme then next said Edward and Thomasine should make a 
lease to said William Oliuer (sic) for 99 years of a messuage 
etc in occupation of one Thomas Jourdayne and the said Robert 
would pay £250 more in six months after said lease a short time 
after said Thomasine dyed and said Robert Oliuer to defeat your 
orator refused to pay said £250 or to carry out the agreement 
and combined with one Francis Brudenell and Walter Dobell etc. 
etc. ^ With answer of Walter Dobell Esq. one of the defendants. 
Denies that he knew anything of said lease and if his name was 
used in same that it was done by some of his friends in trust etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 7. 

21 November 1640. Plaintiffs, Nicholas Whiston, citizen and 
merchant of London and Anne his wife one of the daughters of 


John Whitfield of Worth in the county of . Whereas 

John Whitfield was possessed of certain messuages and lands 

called an in Worth and in Charlewood and in divers other 

townes in the said county Sussex and in county Surrey he settled 
a good part on Nicholas Whiston plaintiff's father and heretofore 
parson or rector of the parish church of Worth and to Abraham 
Edwards of Worth to secure a payment of £200 a year to his 
child or some other sums for their advancement in marriage. 
Since your orators father's death Abraham Edwards as sole 
trustee has become possessed of all the writings of his manor of 
Marston Magna. 

(Vide Transcript Mitford 75/105) Answer of Thomas Whit- 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I (M, bundle 75, no. 109?) 

25 January 1640. Complainants, Robert Churchman of the 
City of London, marchantaylor, and John Churchman, son and 
heir of the said Robert, showeth that whereas about the 17 day 
of June 1639 there was a treatie and communication betwixt your 
said orator Robert Churchman and one Nicholas Eyles of 
Longon (London?), Joyner of marraiage to be solemnized 
betwixt your said orator John Churchman and Sarah the only 
daughter of the said Nicholas Eyles. In consideration of said 
marriage the complainants show that the said Nicholas Eyles 
promised to bestow on the said John Churchman and the said 
Sarah presently after the decease of him the said Nicholas, all 
his lands, tenements, goods, chattels etc. etc. Shortly after the 
marriage above arranged had taken place, the complainants allege 
that the said Nicholas Eyles did inveagle your said orator John 
Churchman to become bound with him in several great summes of 
money to several men to a great vallew, but now refuses to secure 
him of and from the said bonds. It is also alleged that one 
Thomas Thomson a fishmonger of London did inveagle your 
orator John Churchman to become bound for him to several men 
for great sums of money and the said Nicholas Eyles it is alleged 
now declares that he will make over all the residue of his estate 
etc. to one Thomas Price of London, chandler, etc. The com- 
plainants petition the Court to summon the said Nicholas Eyles, 
Thomas Thomson, and Thomas Price to appear and answer 
etc. Writ. The joint and severall answers of Nicholas 
Eales, Thomas Price and Thomas Thomson the defendants to the 


bill of complaint of Robert Churchman and John Churchman son 
and heir of the said Robert, complainants. Recapitulation, 
Denials etc. etc. of the premises set forth in the above writ. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 100, no. 47. 

6 February 1640 To Right Honorable Sir Edward Littleton, 
Knight, Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of John Gooddinge als 
Balson of Sheebeare, county Devon, yeoman, that five or six 
yeares since your orator with one John Nicholl of Shebbeare, 
gent, as his suretie became bound to John Colwill of Bradford in 
said county, husbandman, in a bond of £4 for payment of 40s. 
and at the date when payable or shortly after your orator with 
one William Staddon a servant of the said Nicholl repaired to the 
said Colwill with the said principal! some with intent to have 
taken upp said bond but, said Colwill not being in, your orator 
tendered said 40s. and 6s. interest to one Stephen Colwill sonne of 
said John and also to two of the daughters of said John but they 
refused to accept same neither had tUey said bond and your 
orator entreated the said children to acquaint the said John etc. 
etc. But the said Colwill shortly after caused your orator to be 
arrested upon the said bond and your said orator again tendered 
the said principall and the interest and charge which the said 
Colwill refused and said he would accept it at the Stannary Court 
and your orator promised he would be there but the said Col- 
will persuaded your orator not to go and that your orator should 
not be at any further charges etc. etc. Yet said Colwill hath 
obtained judgement against your orator and charges to the some 
of £5 and caused the same to be levied upon your orator's goods 
etc. etc. and refuseth to delivered upp the said bond etc. With 
answer of John Colwill defendant i May, 17 Charles 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 49, no. 50. 

9 February 1640. To Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Littleton, Knight. 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of John Godden of Tonbridge, 
county Kent, clothier, and Anne his wife. That Walter Kipping 
late of Tewdlie in said county, gent. \vas seised of lands in Tewd- 
lie. Capell. Pemburie, Brenchlie, Tonbridge, Herdlowe, Burling 
and Snodland and elsewhere in said county of value of iioo per 
annum and upwards and of a personal! estate etc. of £1500 and 
about December 1635 made his will and bequeathed to your ora- 


trix Anne by the name of Anne Towne, widdow, his grandchild 
£200 to be paid after certeyne other small legacies amounting to 
a^out £40 and made one Martin Jeffery of Maydstone in said 
county, gent, executor he to take rents etc. of said lands to pay 
said legacies etc. and after the death of said Walter Kipping said 
Jeffery took upon him the executorship of said will etc. and pos- 
sessed himself of said goods etc. and also took £300 in debts etc. 
owing to said Kipping etc. and reciued all the rents etc. of said 
lands etc. sold tymber etc off said lands and ought to have paid to 
said Anne the legacie of £200 as aforesaid But now said Matin 
Jeft'ery doth utterly refuse to paye same etc. and doth threaten to 
prosecute said Anne if she did seeke to recover said legacie etc. 
and said Jeffery hath since the intermarriage with your orator 
refused to pay same etc. With answer of Martin Jeffery gent, 
defendant, 2 June 1640 is willing to pay same as soon as he can 
rayse said monies etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 37. 

12 February 1640. To Right Honourable Edward, Lord 
Littleton. The Bill of Complaint of Paul Godwyn of Wells in 
county Somerset D.D. and Toby Rose of London, gent. That 
said Paul Godwyn about Marche 1637 or 1638 having occasions 
for moneys and knowing one John Clement of South Parvelt in 
county Dorset, clerk, who had before married your orator's Paul 
his eldest daughter, since deceased, with whom said Clement 
received a great porcon in marriage etc. etc. and did lend out 
monies on interest your orator did borrow of the said Clement 
£50 and he became bound with the said Rose as suretie in £100. 
Now since that time your orator and the said Clement have had 
many friendly passages together and your orator as his father in 
law and in respect etc. hath disbursed many and dyvers somes for 
said Clement for tenthes and contribucon money and for release 
of a suspencion granted by the Bishopp against him etc. etc. said 
Clement, Prebend of Wells and support of the children of said 
Clement. But now albeit your orator hath often tendered said 
some of money in satisfaction of said bond the said Clement 
taking some offence ref useth to deliver same and threatens to put 
said bond in suite against your orators etc. etc. With answer 
of Jolin Clement, clerke, defendant 8 May, 17 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 23, no. 20. 


13 February 1640. To Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Litleton, Knight, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Henry Goodwin of Henley 
uppon Thames, county Oxon, gent, that had communication with 
Roger Bragge of Eaton, county Bucks, gent, concerning buying 
some messuages or tenements in Fleet streete in parish of St. 
Bride als Bridgett, London, and agreed to pay ^510 for some etc. 
and for his right in said messuage assured your orator that Roger 
Bragge father of said Bragge. deceased by his will bequeathed 
said tenements to Beniamin Bragge his son and in default of 
heires to said Roger etc. and said Beniamin did enter a mortgage 
same to one Henry Maundrell and died without yssue and said 
Roger to get said tenements in his possession did borrowe of 
Arthur Wingham, D.D., his brother in lawe Ijy marriage. £160 
and also to buy in the thirds of the wife of said Beniamin etc. and 
said Roger shewed your orator an agreement with said Dr. 
Wingham joyning with him in said sayle he to take £200 of said 
purchase money in full sattisf action of said debt of £160 and at 
Michaelmas terme twelve months last year your orator paid said 
Roger £205, said Dr. Wingham now refuses to allow your orator 
to view deeds concerning said messuage notwithstanding your 
orator hath paid said Roger £205 etc. etc. With answer of 
Arthur Wingham and Roger Bragge, defendants. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 8, no. i. 

20 May 1641. Complainant Richard Walton of Leedes, county 
Yorke, chapman. Whereas in 1636, 1637, and 1638 having suites 
in courte at Yorke employed one Edward Goodwyne of York, said 
county, gent, being an attorney or sollicitor at lawe to prosecute 
said suites and said Goodwin promised to do so, and your orator 
caused money to be delivered to said Edward Goodwin and said 
Edward Goodwin disbursed money and rendered bills to your 
orator and your orator made payment of a date to said Edward 
Goodwyne and Peter Massey, gent, servant and agent to said 
Edward Goodwyne and has receipts but now said Edward Good- 
wyne and Peter Massey have brought suite against your orator 
and your orator hath lost receipts etc. etc. i June 1641 Answer 
of Edward Goodwin. Did disburse in 1633 against Turner etc. 
against Cowper etc. against Hather etc. Answer to Jenkinson 
and answer to Colbeck, against Mosse, against Greatehead, 


against Oliver Edwards against Potter, against Burrow, suite 
of Wiggin etc. Denies that he requires any money not justly 
due etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle 51, no. 25. 

13 July 1641. To Right Honourable Edward, Lord Littleton, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Walter Godden of town of 
Maidestone, county Kent, gent, and Jane his now wife execu- 
trix of Thomas Rassell late of Maidestone, county Kent, beere- 
brewer, deceased. That Stephen Hastnett of Maidestone in said 
county, a mercer, fallen into decay in his said trade and very 
small meanes of livelihood for himself and his wife and his 
family having some acquaintance with said Thomas Rassell, late 
husband of your oratrix Jane, did about five years since acquaint 
him that he had a purpose to keepe a common alehouse in Maide- 
stone and to procure a license did importune said Rassell to 
creditt him with such beere as he should have occasion to drawe 
etc. etc. and at a certain rate of los. the barrell and the said 
Rassell did deliver severall barrells of stronge beere at dyvers 
times to the quantity of 40 barrells and the said Stephen Hast- 
net and Allice his wife did pay severall somes of money but did 
leave unpaid £i8 in the lifetime of the said Rassell and which the 
said Stephen did promise to pay but before any payment was 
made about two and a half years since the said Rassell made his 
will and died and your oratrix Jane his executrix proved his said 
will and about a yeare since did intermarry with your orator 
Walter Gooden. But now the said Stephen Hastnett and Allice 
his wife do denye that the said Rassell did ever deliver any such 
stronge beere or that they ever were indebted in the said some of 
£18 to the said Rassell etc. etc. With answer of Stephen Hars- 
nett and Alice his wife defendants 18 January, 17 Charles that in 
a previous suite had been dismissed. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 19, no. 15. 

13 Nov. 1641 To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord 
Keeper, etc. Bill of Complaint of William Greenfeild an infant 
by Joane Mathewe of Worth, county Sussex widdow, late wife 

of Matthew of Leigh, county Surrey, yeoman, deceased 

and formerly wife of Samuel Greenfeild late of Shellwood, 
county Surrey, yeoman, his mother and gardian. That said 


Samuell Greenfeild was in his life tyme seised of a messuage or 
tenement called Ridge according to the custom of the Mannor of 
Dorking of yearly value of £26 and being indebted to Jasper 
Goodwyn of Dorking, the elder, gent, in some of £62 did about 6 
June 1628 borrow of said Jasper £50 more and for security did 
surrender said messuage etc. to the use of Jasper Goodwyn, one 
of the younger sonnes of said Jasper the elder, with condicion of 
repayment etc. and before the day of redeemption said Samuell 
Greenfeild dyed and said Jasper caused said surrender to be 
brought into court and his sonne to be admitted and said Jasper 
hath ever since received the rents etc. and have only paid your 
oratrix the yearly some of ii2 yet notwithstanding that said 
Goodwyn hath received said rents and your oratrix hath often 
tendered said monies so borrowed by said Samuell Greenfeild 
as are due if the said Jasper the father and Jasper the sonne will 
render a full accompt of said rents etc. yet they do refuse to 
deliuer same on pretence that said Greenfeild did absolutely sell 
said messuage etc. and that they will take advantage of forfeiture 
of said lands etc. With answers of Jasper Goodwyn the elder, 
of Dorking gent, and Jasper Goodwyn his sonne, defendants 15 
January 1641. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 26, no. 55. 

15 November 1641. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton etc. 
Complainant Raphe Godwin late of Redborne, county Hertford, 
vintnor that about five years since intending to settle in some con- 
venient place and calling in the country to raise livelihood for your 
orator, his wife and children and your orator unfortunately grow- 
ing acquainted with one Bartholomew Bond, Bailiff to Sheriff of 
said county, said Bond being possessed of inne and tavern in Red- 
borne, and offering it as such easy rates and no other inn to be 
erected in town your orator did take it on a twelve years lease etc. 
and within 3 years after Mr. Alderman Abell, assignee for Rt. 
Hon. Lord Goreing, did erect two other innes, your orator com- 
plaining said Bond did take the house and goods (inventory of 
latter given) £150 lis. 8d. and likewise sold to him some poultry, 
sheets, etc, etc. and having gotten possession said Bond hath 
turned wife and children out of doors etc. and saith Sr. Anthony 
Chester, Bart, wished him to keep 30s. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 2, no. 61. 


i6 November 1641. The answers of John Page, defendant, to 
the Bill of Complaint of Ewyn Goodwin, Gierke, complainant. 
Doth not knowe of any treatie of marriage between complainant 
and Margaret Page daughter of Robert Page, deceased, or of 
any agreement between said parties or of any sale or conveyance 
of lands etc. or of any payment of said Margaret to said Robert 
Page of £200 for any said close called Dovehouse Glose or any 
other lands or of any bond entered into by said Robert Page or 
that complainant's father Ewin Goodwin should procure any 
estate etc. Believes complainant did marry said Margarett with- 
out consent of said Robert her father and that complainant 
hath taken letters of administration of estates of said Robert and 
that said Robert did about i May, 14 James by indenture between 
said Robert, Phillip Page eldest son and then heire apparent of 
said Robert, and this defendant's father did convey the manor of 
Goddinge als Goddinge Hall and Thurmewoods als Thurnewoods 
and the advowson of Godding etc. in said county Suffolk to said 
Phillip etc except a lease made by said Robert Page to one John 
Alders to expire 1691 and an annuity of £20 per annum to Mar- 
gery then wife of said Robert and Phillip descended to William 
Page father of the defendant and to this defendant as adminis- 
trator of said William and Phillip. This defendant hath entred 
since against complainant on a bond for money owing by com- 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 15. 

30 November 1641 To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, 
Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Paul Godwyn of Wells 
in county Somerset, D.D. and one of the Canons of the Cathedral 
Church at Wells that about fifteen years past one William Wood- 
house, clerk, became a suitor by way of marriage to Hister one 
of your orators two only daughters and your orator being inter- 
essed in a farme in Kingweston in said county worth £80 per 
annum for three lives the said Woodhouse did agree to give your 
orator £500 for the moyetie of the said farme, said three lives 
being all living and it was further agreed that after said marriage 
your orator should entertain said Woodhouse, his wife and 
family, with meate etc, and should provide for said Woodhouse 
some spirituall living and that said Woodhouse should provide a 
yearly some of £40 for mayntenance of your orator's said wife 


for life and were shortly after married and your orator enter- 
tained same for space of four yeares and your orator did obtain ,• 
the presentation of the Vicaridge of Long Sutton in said county j 
of yearly rent of £70 and after to the Vicarage of Butleigh in 1 
said county worth iioo per annum and other favours etc. But i 
now said Woodhouse doth refuse to give your orator any ij 
acknowledgement after his preferment to Long Sutton for his ] 
intertainement etc. and to settle or to assure to the said Hester | 
any competent joynture and doth also desire to possess himself j 
of your orator's studdy of books after your orators death being of ; 
great valewe and doth give forth that he hath a graunt or gift \ 
of same and doth detayne dyvers articles of household stufif etc. j 
Bill only. | 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G. bundle 11, no. 6. ] 

8 February 1641. Complaint of Edmund Johnson, Okeham, ! 

county Rutland, mercer, and Isabell his wife. That a bond for | 

iio from one Roger Hacke of Whiffendyne, Rutland and £4 lent i 

to Elizabeth Clarke, sister of Isabell, and after married to Jasper i 

Goodwyn of Eggleton, but now deceased, due from said Jasper i 

Goodwyn, who denies same. 7 April 18 Chas. L Denial of \ 

Jasper Goodwyn, i 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles L L bundle 5, no. 39. j 

11 February 1641. Plaintiff. Charles Bowles of Chatham, 
Kent, gent, and Anne his wife one of the daughters of Thomas '> 
Cole late of Woodbridge, county Suffolk, merchant, deceased, j 
James Goodwyn being for the time Lord of the Manor of King- | 
ston refused to grant a lease except for double fine the plaintiff's i 
wife Anne being then a minor and finally excluded her when of i 
age from possession of the estate which was copyhold lands held \ 
from Dean and Chapter of Ely, James Goodwin the elder, James ! 
and George Goodwin, sonnes. Long answer of James Goodwin ! 
and sons. John Lowe and Henry Usherwood, two copyhold j 
tenants. Thomas Cole, Thomas Boulton and Thomas Warren. < 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 54, no. 66. > 

12 February 1641. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord 1 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of John Godden of Trottiscliffe, ; 
county Kent, gent. That about eight years since became bound | 


with Thomas Goddin, gent, your orator's father and James 
Goddin your orator's brother and one James Goddin your orator's 
vncle to one John Whiffin of Ridley in said county in a bond of 
£500 for payment of £250 and interest at 6% at the end of six 
months at which tyme said Thomas Goddin provided said monies 
and dehuered same to said James Goddin his son with direcons 
to pay the same to said Whiffin and the said James accordingly 
did pay £200 part of said some with the interest etc. and desired 
said Wiiiffin to take his security for the £50 residue for six 
months which said Whiffin agreed to do and your orator at 
request of said James did become bound in a bond about 23 Sep- 
tember, 12 Charles in £100 for payment of same with interest 
etc. and said Whiffin did cancell said bond for £250 and at tyme 
of payment of said £50 said James Goddin and Whiffin came to 
agreement for continuance of said money etc. and for two or 
three years said James Godden did pay the interest etc. and also 
then paid the principall and interest then due and said Whiffin 
expressed himself well satisfied and promised to deliuer said bond 
to be cancelled. But now said John Whiffin having said bond 
in his hands doth deny to deliuer said bond or to cancell same and 
pretends other monies to be due and doth refuse to declare to 
your orator what somes are due albeit your orator is willing to 
pay same or anie such somes etc. With answer of John Whiffin 
defendant, 19 February 1641 says that other £50 was borrowed 
and not paid for etc, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 15, no. 31. 

12 February 1641. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord 
Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of James Goodwyn of Rendham 
in county Suffolk that for twelve yeares past hath been possessed 
of the Manners of Melton cum Ufford and Kingston neere Wood- 
bridge in said county with all appurtenances etc. by demyse from 
the Deane and Chapter of the Cathedrall church of the Holy 
Trinitye of Elye and one Thomas Cole of Woodbridge, deceased, 
in his life tyme seised of dyvers lands etc. coppiehould of said 
Mannor of Kingston did about 16 Aprill 1631 make his last will 
and bequeathed to Agnes Battle als Cole his third daughter, nowe 
wife of Charles Bowles of Chatham, County Kent, gent, when 
20, messuage called the Dayerie then in occupation of one Har- 
vye in Woodbridge and other lands then in occupation of John 


Carr and to Alice Battle als Cole his then wife, mother of said 
Agnes, the said lands messuage etc. until said Agnes came to 20 
and after surrendered said messuage and dyed and said Alice 
after was admitted to said lands etc. and after about 1639 said 
Agnes then married and so did not take up said lands etc. then 
in occupation of said Charles Bowles and William Frost and 
Edmund Lied and proclamation of seisure was made of which 
your orator did take noe advantage and said Bowles with one 
Jonathan Basse, came to your orator and desired him to take noe 
advantage of said proclamation but to admitt his said wife to 
said lands soe given by said will and that said Bowles would paye 
your orator the fyne uppon said lands etc. and your orator was i 
content and said Jonathan Basse at a court holden 9 October, 16 J 
Charles produced a letter of attorney from said Bowles and his j 
wife to admitt the said Agnes etc. and your orator then demanded j 
his said fyne and said Steward then demanded of said Basse | 
money for said admittance whereon said Basse replied that he | 
had no warrant to pay any monies at all etc. etc. Lands of John 
and Thomas Warren and Thomas Boulton and Alice his wife and i 
Francis Crowe mentioned adioyning said lands your orator 1 
demanded said fyne of said Bowles who complained of the great 
amount thereof and your orator gave said Bowles particulars i 
thereof and your orator took proceedings for recovery thereof "i 
and said Bowles combyning to defraude and defeat your orator ' 
hath caused your orator to be arrested on suerall writs etc. at | 
suite of Richard Horsman and others. With answers of Jona- i 
than Basse, defendant, 23 April, 18 Charles at Woodbridge and | 
Richard Horseman and Mary his wife same date, and William 
Frost and Ednumd Led defendants, same date. Demurrer of i 
Charles Bowles and Anne his wife defendants, 18 May 1642. I 
Very long and in a bad state. ' 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 16, no. 48. ' 

14 February 1641 To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, 1 

Lord Keeper etc. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goddin of I 
Trottiscliffe, county Kent, gent, that James Goddin one of your 
orator's sonnes with James Godden, sonne of Henry Goodin his 

neare kinsman, about six years since became bound to one Edward j 

Chatfield in £100 for payment of £50 at a certain date etc. and : 

about said date when payment was due your orator did pay said I 


£50 on behalf of his said sonne and said bond was deliuered and 
cancelled and said James did promise to repay your orator but 
now said James having gott into his hands the noate or writinge 
of promising to repay same and finding that said bond is cancelled 
etc. refuses to pay said monies etc. Pleads that said monies 
were the debt of your orator etc. and doth deny any recompense 
to your orator etc. With answer of James Godden, defendant. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle i6, no. 42. 

28 April 1642. To Rt. Hon. Edward, Lord Littleton, Lord 
Keeper. Bill of Complaint of William Goodwyn of Bretby, 
county Derby, yeoman, and Alice his wife heretofore the wife of 
John Cope of Thulston in said county, yeoman, and administra- 
trix of said Cope. That Dorothy Cope of Thulston, weddow, 
late wife of Richard Cope of Thulston, yeoman, about 16 January, 
15 Charles was possessed of a farnie and lands etc. in Thulston 
which her said husband had taken by lease from Sir John Stan- 
hope late of Elvaston in said county, deceased, and Mary his wife 
for twenty one yeares and about 20 January, 15 Charles, said 
Dorothy being desirous to leave to her sonn John the charge of 
husbandry and settle her said sonn agreed that said John should 
pay the rent thereof and allow said Dorothy part thereof to her 
own use etc. and said John entered and shortly after said Dorothy 
did leave said farme but did not deliver said lease etc. and said 
John 7 May, 17 Charles died and left your oratrix now wife of 
William Goodwyn in possession of said farme. But now said 
Dorothy hath entered said farme and denyeth your orator's 
possession etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 40, no. 46. 

25 May 1642. To Right Honorable Edward, Lord Littleton, 
Lord Keeper. Bill of Complaint of Jasper Goodwynne of Dor- 
kinge, county Surrey, gent. That on 26 August 1636 seised in 
diners messuages lands etc. in said county to value of iSoo per 
annum and possessed of diners goods etc. to value of iiooo and 
upwards did treat for a marriage between your orator and Mary 
Dallender his now wife, then relict of William Dallender of 
Buckeland in said county, esqr. deceased, and at said time agreed 
with Thomas Coningsby of Northmyms in county Hartford, Esqr. 
brother to said Mary that your orator should settle upon said 


Mary for her jointure lands to the value of £ioo per annum for 
life and if shee should survive to settle the most part of his per- 
sonall estate on said Mary and did deliver to said Thomas Con- 
ingesby a bond of iiooo for performance of said agreement and 
shortly after did marry said Mary and your orator having bet- 
tered his estate and for further increase erected a brewhouse in 
Dorkinge and made great profitt untill about a yeare since when 
visited with a great sickness, which doth still continue, one 
Edward Goodwynn your orator's sonne by a former marriage 
coveting your orator's estate in his life time did combyne with 
one Matthew Carleton, Councellor at Lawe and uncle to the said 
Edward and with one Thomas Carleton brother of said Mathewe 
and other persons and repaired to your orator in his greate sick- 
ness and did sollicit your orator to convey all his estate etc. in 
trust to the said Edward and that he the said Edward should 
allow your orator sufficient yearly meanes for your said orator 
his wife and family and pay your orators debts and procons to 
your orators daughters and younger children and did promise to 
reconvey same when your orator should he restored to health etc. 
and did produce certeyne deeds etc. affirming that they were only 
in trust etc. But now said Edward having got said conveyances 
etc. hath possessed himself of all your orators sayd estate etc. and 
all deedes etc. thereunto belonging and doth refuse to deliver 
same upp to your orator although often requested etc. With plea 
of Mathew and Thomas Carlton and Edward Goodwyn, gent, 
defendants says that complainant by name of Jasper Goodwyn, 
the elder, of Dorkinge, gent, hath given a release 25 May, 18 
Charles after exhibiting said bill. Jurat 21 and 23 June 1642. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 20, no. 3. 

22 June 1642. The answer of Stephen Tomylyn to bill of 
complaint of George Godden, Thomas Godden, John Turnor and 
Elizabeth his wife, Elizabeth Godden and Awdry springters and 
Joane Godden widdowe. Walter Godden, deceased, possessed 
personal estate and that he did make a will and give the plaintiffs 
such legacies as they sett forth and appointed the defendant 
Stephen Tomlyn to be executor and then dyed. The afifects 
amounted to £107. lis. 6d. only. He denies their accusation that 
he hindered in the realization of the goods or that he concealed or 
left out anything from the inventory. To his knowledge the 


defendant paid John Everett £20 which Walter Godden promised 
to pay to Mary Tomlin whose mother Francis Tomlyn, a widdow, 
he married on the day of the marriage. He also paid to Mary 
Godden £5 parte of a legacy from Walter Godden of £47. lis. 
6d. which she received in full later. £5. os. od. each to Grace and 
Mary Carter daughters of Thomas Carter and Margarett his 
wife. £3. I2S. od. damage and costs to them allowed. £12. os. 
od. costs in the same suite. £4. los. od. costs of inventory sale 
etc. £2. los. od. to Alexander Browne legacy. £7. 6s. 4d. 
Ecclesiastical courts. 15s. od. wages due to servant. 3s. od. to 
Thomas Willard and £7. os. od. widdow Godden, executrix of 
Nicholas Godden. Altogether £108. 7s. lod. Walter Godden 
had lands in Kent which he conveyed to Sir John Howell for 
£700, how much of it Walter Godden received defendant knoweth 
not. He prays all claims may be dismissed. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 9. 

30 November 1643. Plaintiff. Benjamin Feild an infant of 
nine years noe (old?) by his father gardian and next friend 
Stephen Feild. Whereas Edward Goddon late of Rymarsh 
(Romney Marsh), county Kent, yeoman, deceased, having for- 
merly married one Margaret Courthope als Pennell (by whom 
he had a great estate in marriage and affinity in worth and 
quality) also deceased aunt to the whole blood to your orator on 
the mother's side that is to say natural sister of Elizabeth Court- 
hope natural mother of Elizabeth Evereden your orator's natural 
mother and said Margaret dying without issue and said Godding 
surviving her having no issue and living a widdower taking 
much affection to your orator taking him as his own child promis- 
ing to bring him up educate him and make him a scholar which 
he did and taking care that your orator should be well educated 
and not be chargeable to any person made his will in 1639, 29 
September, in which among other things bequeathed £30 at the 
age of 23 to be paid by his brother Thomas Goddin executor. In 
case of death of plaintiff before 23 the legacy was to be devided 
among his brethren. Thomas Goodin was to pay this over in 
case of his receiving some certain moneys from one Thomas 
Goodin the son of Thomas Goodin. In case the said estate 
realised much less than the said bequest all round was to take 
place except in the case of the said plaintiff and one Johanne 


Goodin. Some years since said Thomas died, son Thomas suc- 
ceeds as the executor. Answer 15 December 1643 Father of 
Feild has been abroad and but a few months in England being 
a sailor. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, bundle 3, no. 16. 

13 February 1643 Complaint of William Pecocke, parish of 
St. Andrews Holborne, county Middlesex. Whereas being one 
of his Majesties sworne servants and one of the yeoman of the 
gard attending his said Majesty in ordinary and having occasion 
to use money and being desirous to sell his yeoman's place of the 
Guard to raise this same did about fourteen years now last past 
bargain and sell the said place unto one Edward Goodin of 
Dorkyn in the County of Surrey on his pretence that he bought 
it for one Benjamin Goodin his naturall sonne. The custom of 
such place is that such person as holdeth the same is to have the 
same place during life. In consideration of which said Edward 
Goodin assumed and promised to pay your orator iioo for said 
place and that he or his executors should pay to complainant 28s, 
monthly during the natural life of your orator (the iioo was paid 
and Edward Goodin entered into a statute staple of £200 for 
payment of the said 28s. a month which remained in Edward 
Goodwin's custody) aboute tenne yeares ago he your orator 
having occasion to use the sum of £60 did by way of mortgage 
assyne to Edward Goodin the said 28s. monthly in consideration 
of the said i6o — the statute staple to be in the hands of George 
Plucknett of the Citty of Westminster, scrivener, as security os 
repayal at the end of one year with £4 interest. But so it is that 
Edward Goodin did utterly make default to pay the 28s, monthly 
for the yeare after the mortgage of this same and combining with 
said George Plucknett to defraud your orator and now Edward 
Goodin giveth out speeches he will not pay any more to your 
orator and soe for the sum of £60 would wrest from your orator 
the said monthly pay contrary to equity etc. Answer of Edward 
Goodwyn, gent, and George Plucknett 1644 May 22. Denies he 
bought the place on pretence as he never had a sonne named 
Benjamin — on the 27th June 1627 defendant entered into a statute 
staple of i20o to pay at or in the then writing shopp of John 
Plucknett, scrivener, situate in the New Pallace in Westminster 
. . . the monthly sum of 28s. Pleads the statute staple was to 


be cancelled if the £60 was not repaid to time and asserts that 

for same he has not paid the 28s. and is Hable for nothing further. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, P, bundle 15, no. 15. 

24 June 1644. Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goodwin the 
younger of Songer Farme in county Warwick, sonne and heyre 
of Anne Goodwin, deceased, late wife of Thomas Goodwin of 
same farm and one of the daughters and co-heirs of Tymothie 
Harris, deceased, one of the sonnes of John Harris, late of Long- 
borowe, county Gloucester, yeoman, deceased, John Lea of Chip- 
pinge Camden, county Gloucester and Marye his wife another 
daughter of said Tymothie. That the said John Harris was 
seised in divers houses etc. in Longborowe and Condicoats in 
said county Gloucester of value of £300 and in the 24 Elizabeth 
bequeathed to said Tymothie one of his sonnes all his lands etc. 
aforesaid and to his heires and in default to right heires of said 
John and shortly after died and Tymothy entered and after lived 
in Ireland for many years and after married and dyed leaving 
his said two daughters Anne and Marie who after married said 
Thomas Goodwin and John Lea and by reason of said abode in 
Ireland your orators were for a long time unawares of the title to 
said lands etc. etc. and after diligent search have discovered their 
said title and right but cannot iind that any conveyance was ever 
made or any fine levyed to barre your orators yet one Will Ince 

of in county and Ann Matthewes, widdowe, 

by combinacion together and with dyvers others not yet known to 
your orators upon pretence of some secret estate made by said 
Timothie have possessed themselves of the said estate and have 
received the profitts etc. to their own use and refuse to discover 
to your orators by wdiat right etc. they hold said lands etc. etc. 
Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 43, no. 25. 

4 July 1644. Answer of William Goodwyn, defendant to the 
Bill of Complaint of Richard Hughes, complainant. Saith true 
it is that about the time mentioned in complainant's bill hee this 
defendant being possesst of a parcell of Virginia tobacco which 
hee this defendant brought over from Virginia to London in a 
shipp called the Virginia Merchant to quantity of 13 hogsheads 
and being willing to part the same and haveing long acquaintance 
with said complainant's wife who for about twenty years has 


dealt in such comoditis and after some conference said complain- 
ant and wife did agree to buy said tobacco at 65^ and after 
examining one hogshead refused to take same at rate and did 
turn same back to this defendant and only received 12 hogsheads 
at rate of £42. 6s. od. being allowed for fraught and customs and 
this defendant expecting to receive the said £42. 6s.od. hath often 
requested it of said complainant and wife who delay to pay and 
defendant compelled to commence suit and at tryall in Guildhall, 
London, Easter term last before Mr. Justice Bacon jury found 
for this defendant and allowed him i13.6s.4d. Damages whole 
doth amount to i47.16s.4d. all as yet unpaid and for which this 
defendant doth intent to prosecute complainant and defendant 
doth deny any contract etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 40, no. 60. 

4 January 1644. Complaint of Thomas Coningsby of North- 
mymes, county Hartford, Esquire. That in August 1636 was 
entrusted by Mary Ballinge, then widow of William Ballinger 
of Bucklane, county Surrey, then lately deceased, and sister unto 
your orator to treat with one Jasper Goodwin of Barkeing, 
county Surrey, gent, (who was then seised of some lands to value 
of £700 and good personal estate) touching a marriage by ye said 
Jasper and ye said Mary to take some assurance in your orator's 
name from said Jasper which your orator did and in consideration 
of joynture and estate said Mary had from her husband said 
Jasper did scale and deliver articles to your orator for conveying 
lands to ye value of £100 per annum for maintenance of said 
Mary and did agree to leave her, if she survived him, most of his 
estate and that said Mary should have management of a brew- 
house in Barkeinge where said Jasper lived and said Jasper did 
deliver to your orator a bond of £1000 for performance of said 
articles and shortly after they married, said Jasper having much 
bettered himself thereby and for many years enjoyed for his own 
use and of his children by a former wife and allowed no part 
for discharging said debts of Mary according to agreement and 
said Jasper was about three years since visited with a great sick- 
ness and at that time Edward Goodwyn his sonne by a former 
wife coveting ye possession of ye said brewhouse with intent to 
defeat your orator's sister of any parte of Jasper's estate did 
combine with Thomas and Matthew Carleton, uncles of his 


mother's side, and getting all said Jasper's estate conveyed to said 
Edward Goodwin and did repair to said Jasper and persuade him 
to convey all his estate together with said brewhouse to said 
Edward Goodwyn and in consideration said Edward to allow 
said Jasper yearly £ioo and pay his debts and all such portions 
as said Jasper should give to his daughters or younger children 
and could at pleasure revoke said agreement etc. and did in ye 
night in absence of Mary produce some deeds ready engrossed of 
some old date before ye mariage and by colour thereof possessed 
himself of said Jasper's estate and of said articles and expulsed 
said Jasper and his wife and family out of dwelling house, but 
refused Jasper any maintenance or to perform any parte of 
promise. About May 1642 said Jasper sent for your orator wish- 
ing to settle on his wife what he had agreed he and his wife 
entreated your orator in regard said Jasper still sicke etc. and 
was then shortly to go to the Bath, to commence suite at lawe for 
recovery of estate and said would pay what money should bee 
expended and put same in writing and your orator caused in 
Easter terme 1642 bill to be exhibited in name of said Jasper 
against said Edward and said Edward and confederates not 
wanting to be discovered prayed a release from said Jasper to 
burye said suite etc. and having said release ready drawn pre- 
tended out of affection to accompany him part way to the Bath 
but in truth to make him seal the same which he did etc. 

24 January 1644. Further answers of A^Iatthew Carleton and 
Thomas Carleton two defendants to the bill of Thomas Con- 
ingsby, Esqre. complainant, say complainant would have been 
satisfied by their former answers and say never did read, see, nor 
hear articles for joynture of Mary Goodwin said complainant's 
sister as in said bill is set forth and at and before making of con- 
veyance of the estate by the defendant Jasper Goodwyn unto his 
Sonne Edward Goodwyn and other of defendants did not know 
of agreement between Jasper and Mary. And as to what provi- 
sion made for Jasper and his younger children none was made 
but some was made for performance of last will of said Jasper 
Goodwin that younger children be provided for and have heard 
that Edward doth maintain children etc. etc. 


Further answers of Jasper Goodwin and Edward Goodwin, 
gents. Did not know of agreement and say no provision for 


Jasper Goodwin and younger children and Edward Goodwyn saith 
he caused a coppie of conveyance to be deHvered to Mary Good- 
win this defendant's mother in law and sister to complainant and 
that the said Jasper Goodwin not long after his departure from 
the brewhouse returned to this defendants to Dorking where 
he now lives and the said Jasper Goodwin being very weake and 
sicke and having an occasion to go to Bath for his said infirmities 
this said defendant paid all charges of the said journey and the 
said Jasper Goodwin being very week in memory he cannot recall 
what promise he made to him by Edward Goodwin, but if any he 
hath since made a release etc. etc. Taken at Dorking 20 January, 
23 Charles I. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 18, no. 9. 

undated. 164- ? To Rt. Hon Commissioner Keeper of Great 
Scale. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of citty of 
London, haberdasher, about 24 May, 15 Charles, agreed between 
your orator and Thomasine his wife of one part and Robert 
Oliver of Layburne, county Kent, Esqr. of other part considera- 
tion £150 lease of 99 years for messuage tenement etc. in parish 
of Thurneham in said county Kent then in occupation of Thomas 
Jourdaine and £250 more in six days after said lease made. 
Short time after said Thomasine dyed, said Robert Oliver to 
defeat your orator and avoyde payment of said £250 did com- 
byne with one Francis Bradnell deceased to charge your orator 
with dyvers actions for said £150 unless your orator would wave 
his right to said agreement etc. etc. and fresh articles with said 
Robert and Francis and one \Valter Dowble. Deed indented 25 
June 1644 between said parties consideration £312 said Robert 
Oliver having entred and taken rents etc. refuses to pay £212 
balance of said £312 etc. Said Budnell deceased. Judith Bud- 
nell administratrix. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 7, no. 65. 

1 64-? The replicacon of Edw^ard Godwin, plaintiff, to the 
Answeres of Robert Oliver and Judith Brudnell administratrix 
of Francis Brudenll. Saving all advantage etc. to the uncer- 
tainties and insufficiencies of said answer will justifie and prove 
his said bill and all and every matter and thing therein contained 
to be certaine true and sufficient etc. as by the same bill is alledged 


and sett forth etc. and further the replyant hath payd for the 
proper debt of the said Francis Brudnell to Thomas Ferby and 
his assigns the some of £50 and without that, that the said 
Francis Brudnell hath payd or satisfied complainant the some of 
£100 parcell of £140 or that he hath paid for this replyant residue 
of the said some or for residue of the some for the said lands or 
that the said Oliver hath paid said Brudnell on behalfe of this 
replyant or that any other matter or thing is materiall etc and 
will prove his said bill etc. etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, Inindle 65, no. 103. 

— February 1644. Complaint of Edmund Johnson of Ake- 
ham, county Rutland, mercer, and Isabell his wife. That 
whereas said Isabell during the time between the intermarriage 
of your said orator Edmund Johnson, your oratrix Isabell had 
given unto her by her aunt several somes of money for Isabell and 
the children of your orator. Said Isabell did about six years 
hence did lend in name of Elizabeth Clarke, sister unto said 
Isabell, then living in the house with your said orators £10 in 
trust for said Isabell's use unto one Roger Packe late of Whisson- 
dyne, county Rutland, yeoman, deceased, for payment of which 
said Roger Packe became bound at a day long past. Likewise 
your orator did lend to said Elizabeth Clarke £4 which she 
promised to repay etc. One Jarvis Goodwin of Egleton, county 
Rutland, tanner, knowing sums lent in trust for Isabell and said 
Jarvis Goodwin having about five years since taken to wife said 
Elizabeth Clarke possessing himself of said bond repaired secretly 
to said Roger Packe persuaded said Roger Packe to pay bond to 
him and promising to Isabell to pay she did omit to call in for 
the same for two or three years etc. Bond. Engrossment. 
Answer of Jervace Goodwin. Doth not know what sums were 
given unto said Isabell nor by what aunt etc. Strange his wife 
should owe complainant any money nor att her decease being 
very sickly for i]^ years before her death. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, I & J, bundle 5, no. 39. 

(on the back is an obligation of Mathew Billing to Richard 
Jackson for payment of £12 at dwelling house of said Jackson 
at Chesterfield on 5 September nexte after date (almost illegible 
through dirt) 2^ February 1644. To Commissioners. Bill of 


Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of the Citty of (Yorke) gent, 
heretofore and for many years an attorney admitted to prosecute 
at court holding at York and in February 1632 one Peter Man of 
the said city having dealings with many persons for drapery 
ware repayred to your orator and retained your orator as his 
attorney etc. for the space of above eight yeares and there was 
due to your orator for his said services and for fees disbursed 
etc. £107. 2s. lod. and your orator purchased seuerall parcells of 
cloth of the said Man on very deare sales in part sattisfaccon of 
his said debt and uppon a just accompt said Man was indebted to 
your orator in £57. los. () and yett now said Man hath brought 
an accon against your orator for a pretended debt for cloth etc. 
etc. (Much worn and dirty) 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 62, no. 74. 

May 1645. The oratrix Anne Fabyan of Chewe in county 
Somerset, widdow of John Fabyan, clerk, inherits an estate to 
which her husband was heir after the death of Katherine Bourne, 
widdow, of two messuages or tenements now being three or more 
at the further end of the alley called Bansted Alley als Red Lyon 
Court near Smithfield in the parish of St. Sepulchres without 
Newgate, London also a yard called Coleyard and other property 
mentioned in various places in the city named. Thomas Bourne, 
Thomas Goodwin and Richard Goodwin combine with — Nicolls, 
Henry Collins, Robert , John Grey, Edward Norrell, Wil- 
liam Cummington, Lewes Godfrey, Henry Newcombe, Thomas 

Watson, Clay wid., Anne Kendall, Anthony Bywater, 

Henry Johnson, Henry Wickham to withold rents from oratrix. 
Henry Collins answer. John Goodwyn and Richard Goodwyn. 
They are kinsmen of Katherine Bourne and both of the city of 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, ])undle 15, no. 54. 

14 ]\Iay 1645. Torn. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint 
of Robert Goodwin of Home, county Surrey Esqr. John Good- 
wine of the Inner Temple London, Esqre. William Methwold of 

London, Esqr. William Bidolph and Theophilus Sir 

Richard Gurhey, Kt. and Bart William Rolfe, Esqre, Henry Jack- 
son, gent. Executors of the will of Henry Smith, Esqre. deceased, 
for his estate given in trust, for charitable uses, Mary and Eliza- 


hcth Dalby, spinst(ers) Katharine Beale, widow, Thomas Gell, 
Esqre, Anthony Marshall gent, William Blake of Estenton, 
county Southampton, gent, executors of Nicholas Blake, gent. 

deceased, Francis Twine of gent. John Buchfold and 

Margarett his wife and the said William Rolfe Ezechiell John- 
son, Clerk and Margarett his wife, Peter Zoam and 

liis wife executrix of Peter Corne, gent, deceased. Sir Richard 
, Pickering, gent, John Blakeston, gent, execu- 
tors of Sir John Fenner, Knt, deceased, Stonehowse. 

Sir Richard Berney, Knt. and Bart, John Huxley, Esqre, 

Narler, gent, Eliza , John Graunt Baker, Allexander 

Stafford, gent, all creditors of William Blake, Esqr. for specially 
etc. etc. due to the said Gurney, Rolfe and Jackson, Mary and 
Elizabeth Dalby, Peter Boyes, Katherine Beale, Thomas Gell, 
William Blake, fifra John Weddell, Ezechiell and Mar- 
garett Johnson, Peter Zoan and wife, Sir Richard Uredale, Knt. 
Anthony Pickering, gent, John Blakeston, gent, Elizabeth James, 

widdow, Allexander Stafford, Stonehowse, Sir Richard 

, John Huxley, Nailer, , John 

Graunt : said William Rolfe lent great somes and also surety for 
said Blake and Sir William Blake, Knt. deceased his father and 
for ten years your orators Rolfe, Goodwin and Methwold have 
had no consideration etc. Lands in Kensington and St. May 

County Midd, etc. mortgaged, Anne wife of said Blake 

and her children. lands assigned to said Anne, Edward 

Kirton, Arthur Upton, Esqre, Reginald Read, gent, etc. for use 
of said Blake. "Rose" in Knightsbridge in parish of St. Mar- 
garet, Westminster, in occupation of Elizabeth Sharpe, widdow, 
now in occupation of Leonard Rhodes etc. Asks for accompt of 
goods etc. of said Blake. With answer of William Blake, Esqre. 
defendant, 31 May 1645. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 55, no. 57. 

8 June 1645. Complaint of William Hart, an infant, by Jone 
Hart his mother and guardian. That whereas Thomas Boorne, 
late citizen and barber surgeon of London, deceased, was seised 
of one tenement in Winchmore Hill, parish Edmonton als Edel- 
meton, county Middlesex then in occupation of said Thomas 
Boorne and of messuage divided into two, one in occupation of 
John Baker, victualler, other in occupation of Edward Neale, 


butcher, being near Smithfield Bars, parish of St. Sepulchre, 

bought from one and Barben and wife and about i6 

January, 5 Charles I, for love said Thomas Boorne to John 
Fabian, clerk, son of Catherine Fabian sister of said Thomas 
Boorne, for his advancement in marriage should after decease 
of Thomas Boorne and Katherine his wife granted them to him 
as son and heir of John Fabian, deceased, and for want of issue 
to William Hart your orator's father and Thomas Boorne died 
shortly after and William Hart your orator's father died about 
two years since. Katherine Boorne died 19 December last she 
having the deeds entailed upon Anne Godvvine, Thomas Godwine, 
Richard Godwin, Henry Colrick and Thomas Chapplyn, etc. etc. 
Answer of Ann Godwin, Thomas Godwin and Richard Godwin 
say that John Taylor now or late citizen and haberdasher of 
London, son and heir of Agnes Taylor wife of Edmund Taylor 
sole daughter and heir of Laurence Dilke deceased, died having 
estate in said messuage. Said John Taylor and Jean his wife 
did about 24 April, 13 James I convey same in feife to Thomas 
Boorne late citizen and barber surgeon and Katherine his wife. 
And one Thomas Baber son and heir of Thomas Barber late of 
Peckham, Surrey, clerk, deceased and Helen his wife did by 
indenture 20 February, 17 James L grant same to Thomas Boorne 
and Katherine his wife. Katherine granted same to Richard 
Godwin her kinsman, eldest son of John Goodwin late of St. 
Sepulchres. Richard Godwin the second son. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 26, no. 48. 

16 June 1645. Complaint of John Harrington citizen and 
merchant of London that there being acquaintance between him 
and one John Goodwyn of London, woollen draper, and said John 
Goodwyn did in January 1643 bargain with your orator (who 
was about to make a trading voyage into Russia) to accomodate 
your orator with £100 of broad cloth on following conditions: 
that said Goodwyne should buy the cloth out of Blackwall Hall, 
London, your orator being present and the said Goodwyne to take 
id. profit on every shilling and to allow your orator six months 
time for payment and your orator appointed time for them to 
go to Blackwall Hall and buy but said Goodwyn neglected 
appointment and afterwards bought ten broadcloths and pro- 


fcssed they were for your orator and your orator accepted them 
as part and said Goodwyn desired what color they should be dyed 
and your orator did give directions. And about March 1642 or 
April! 1643 ^^^s ^^^^ Goodwin desired to barter with your orator 
for quantity of beeswax (£40) which your orator had left with 
said Goodwyne for warehouseroom and the said Goodwin 
accepted it at £6. 15s. per cwt. and your orator also to have strong 
waters at 4s. per gallon in return for the beeswax and so did join 
hands and pledge bargain to be as binding as any covenant. And 
altout ten days after said bargain your orator meeting the said 
( ioodwyn and one Eliazar Ay res and the said Goodwyn refused 
to carry out the bargain and in May 1643 it was bargained that 
the said Goodwyn should send tenn pounds worth of cloth (to be 
iciurned if not liked) and your orator not liking the cloth said 
i ioodwyne refused to accept it back and time for shipping draw- 
ing near your orator did ask for broadcloth but said Goodwyn 
did refuse and now refuses to indemnify your orator, and the said 
Goodwyn did 6 June 1644 did procure William Hawkins and 

■ (sic) Crofton, officers of Poultry Courte London, to arrest 

between 12 and i of the same daye (being full exchange time) 
upon the Royall Exchange, London and in presence of divers 
friends etc. Your orator cannot procure any witnesses to agree- 
ment unless one Elizar Ayres brother in law of said Goodwyne 
and the said Goodwyne's apprentice but both are gone beyond the 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, H, bundle 72, no. 2. 

26 June 1645. Ozias Churchman and Thomas Kynaston, citi- 
zens of London, complainants. Ask the Court to grant a writ of 
injunction restraining one Daniel Burton from proceeding in a 
suit to recover interest on a bond, which was entered into a^ut 
six years previously by William Price Esqr, William Davis (and 
Edmond Grififeth as suretie with the said William Price and 
William Davis) and the said Daniell Burton for 200 li. with con- 
dicon thereuppon endorsed etc. which the said William Price and 
William Davis making failure to pay etc. unto the said Burton, 
and the said William Price removing himselfe into his Majesties 
quarters, the said Edmond Griffeth was sued to an outlawrie 
uppon the said bond for the debt etc. etc, and the said Grififeth 
was arrested etc. etc. and therevppon at the request of said 


Edmond Griffeths your orators became baile for him uppon the 
outlawrie, and not long after, hee, the said Edmond Grififeth, and 
your orators came to a treatie with the said Daniell Burton con- 
cerning- the discharging of your said orators from and of the 
said baile etc. etc. But the release having by some means come 
into the hands of the said Burton, notwithstanding the agree- 
ments and condicons understood between them and previously 
settled, and knowing that some of the witnesses are now gone to 
parts beyond the seas or live in places remote, and obscure, now 
denyeth that he sealed the said release albeit he knoweth all the 
premises aforesaid to be true etc. etc. and doth now endeavour 
to recover the penaltie of the said bond etc. 

W. fifoxwist. 
Writ only. No answer. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 31, no. 13. 

27 June 1645 Bill of Complaint of Edward Godwin of Bur- 
linge in county Kent and Brett Nettar of Aldenham in county 
Hereford, gent, that Stephen Brett late of city of Canterbury, 
gent, deceased, was seised in one messuage and 54 acres land in 
parish of Thurnham in said county Kent and in other messuages 
and lands in parish of Suave in Romney Marsh and in Medlay in 
Walland Marsh and in Tenterden and in Ivye church in Romney 
Marsh and in Woodchurch and New Romney in said county Kent 
and did about eleven years since dye so seised and said messuage 
etc. did descend to Thomazine his daughter, and heire then the 
relict of Thomas Nettar deceased, mother to your orator Brett 
Netlar and since the wife of your orator Godwin as by seuerall 
inquisitions taken will showe etc. and by death of said Thomasine 
did descend to your orator Brett Nettar and that after the death 
of ^aid Stephen Brett dyvers suytes did arise between your 
orators and the said Thomasine wife of the said Goodwin and 
Percival Brett, Thomas Bret, and Richard Brett, said Percival 
and Richard being sonnes of John Brett brother to said Stephen, 
who did lay clayme to part of said premises by reason of a pre- 
tended will etc. and the said Percival dyed and said sutes were 
continued by said Richard and Thomas Brett and John Finch, 
who married the widdow of said Percival, soe long as said 
Thomasine did live and since her death about six years since the 
said suites have depended between the said Thomas Brett and 


John Finch, the said Richard being also deceased and your orators 
to determine said suites referred same to John Edwards, Thomas 
Kitchill, John Harefleet, and WilHam Knight, gent, and did come 
to some agreement and did enter into bonds to performe said 
agreement for release and conveyance of said lands etc. and said 
agreement and deeds etc. were to be deliured to one Mr. Love- 
lace a Master in Chancery to be enrolled. But now said Thomas 
Brett and the said Thomas Kitchells, one of the arbitrators, com- 
byning to defraud your orators refuse to deliuer said lands etc. 
as agreed to said Mr. Lovelace, etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 13, no. 66. 

5 January 1645. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of 
London, gent, that Robert Meade, citizen and stationer of 
London and Joane his wife or one of them was about ten or 
eleven yeares seised of an estate in one messuage etc. called the 
Golden Dragon in Fleete streete in parish of Dunstan in the West 
and so seised by indenture, last day October 1635, for considera- 
tion of £150 paid by your orator for a fyne and at rent etc. 
conteyned did grant said messuage unto your orator with appurte- 
nances excepting two roomes and before said tyme your orator 
was in possession said messauge by meanes of a former lease and 
for a tyme your orator occupied said rooms paying a reasonable 
rent and stowed dyvers goods etc. to value of £200 etc. But now 
Daniell Banckes, citizen and merchant taylor, of London and 
Richard Bancks of London, silekman, under collour of some lease 
from said Meade did about January, 15 Charles and by combina- 
tion with one Lucie Andrews now the wife of Andrewes did take 
possession of the said roomes and have gotten into their posses- 
sion all your orators said goods etc. and do refuse to redeliuer 
same to your orator to your orators great loss etc. and have 
exhibited a bill of complaint against your orator concerning the 
said roomes and goods with intent to involve your orator in suites 
etc. With answer of Richard Banckes and Daniel Banks, two 
of the defendants, 11 February 1645. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 28, no. 6. 

II February 1645 Bill of Complaint of Thomas Till of 
Coggeshall, county Essex, clothier, that one Thomas Peacock of 
Coggeshall, clothier, deceased about fifty years since seised of 


dyvers messuages in Coggeshall and so seised made his will and 
bequeathed said messuage and especially one messuage in 

Coggeshall worth £40 per annum to one Ambrose Till of 

in said county, uncle to your orator and to his heires etc. etc. and 
in default to one Thomas Till your orator's father and shortly 
after the said Thomas Peacock died and the said Ambrose entered 
and about eleven years since died without anie yssue and the said 
messuage descended to your orator as the sonne and heire to his 
father Thomas. But although your orator hath enjoyed part of 
the said messuages and lands etc. yet one Robert Godwyn of 

, gent, intimate with the said Ambrose procured said 

Ambrose to make his will leaving him the said Robert the said 
messuage in Coggeshall worth £40 per annum and the said 
Goodwyn hath since enjoyed the said premises and taken all rents 
etc. well knowing that the said Amrbose had not any power to 
bequeath the said messuage etc. 16 April 1646 The answer of 
Robert Goodwin, gent, defendant he says that the said Ambrose 
Tyll in his life time made a recovery and by his will gave part of 
a messuage in Great Coggeshall to his said nephew Thomas Till 

and , , other moyety of the said messuage 

etc. to Marcell Goodwyn his brother in law this defendant's 
father and Jone his wife and that any question should be settled 
by Mr. John Dodd of Create Coggeshall, clerk and Roger Benion, 
gent, executors of his said will etc. and after difference had arisen 
by indenture 14 March 6 Charles between John Dodd and Roger 
Benion as executors ist part, complainant Thomas Tyll, 2nd part 
Marcell Goodwin and Jone his wife sister of said Amrbose 3rd 
part, and Thomas Coney and Isabell his wife 4th part, agreed that 
said Marcell and Jone and this defendant should enjoy certaine 
roomes etc. in the said messuage etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 3, no. 23. 

May 14, 1646. Plaintiffs Thomas Brett of Tenterden in county 
Kent, gent, and John Brett, citizen and merchant taylor of 
London, claim the peaceable possession of land etc. devised to 
him by Stephen Brett of Canterbury and Romney Medley, Ten- 
terden, Woodchurch, Stephen Brett's daughter widow of Stephen 
Netter, deceased, now re-married to Edward Goodwin and Brett 
Netter her son. Arbitrators, John Harefleete, Thomas Piper, 
John Edwards, Thomas Kitchell and William Knight, etc.etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 13, no. 29. 


I June 1646 To Rt, Hon. Commissioner of Create Scale. 
Rill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of Baling in county Kent 
and Bett (Brett) Netter of Aldenham in county Hereford, gent. 
That Stephen Brett deceased, grandfather of your said orator 
Brett Netter seised of a messuage and 54 acres in parish of 
Thorneham in said county, and one other messuage and 60 acres 
in Suave in said county and 2"] acres Meadowe in Medley in 
Walland Marsh and other lands in Tendden and Woodchurch 
and Romney old Romney in said county and said Stephen about 
twelve years since dyed so seised and said messuage etc. 
descended to Thomazine daughter and heir to said Stephen, then 
widow and relict of Thomas Netter deceased and mother of your 
orator and after ye wife of your orator Edward Godwyn as by 
inquisitions taken after the death of said Stephen doth appear 
and said Thomasin dyed soe seised and said messuage descended 
to your orator Brett Netter after the death of said Thomasine 
diners suits between your orator Edward Godwyn and Percevall 
Brett, Thomas Brett, and Richard Brett sonnes of John Brett, 
brother to said Stephen, whoe did lay clay me to some part of 
said messuage etc. by a pretended will, one John Finch since 
married to Katherine, widow of said Percevall. Said Richard 
Brett since also deceased your orators willing by arbitratement of 
William Knight, gent, and other to purchase their lease and 
quietness etc. With answer of John Finch and Katherine his 
wife and Thomas Brett and Sarah his wife. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 6, no. 6(). 

15 June 1646 Bill of Complaint of Thomas Goddin of Padles- 
worth in county Kent, gent, that Edward Goddin your orator's 
brother being indebted to your orator in the somes of i32.19s.od 
said Edward did about 25 May, 8 Charles, become bound to your 
orator in a bond of £60 to pay same etc. Said bond since come 
to the hands of said Edward Goddin and about April 1636 said 
Edward borrowed £50 more of your orator and with Robert 
Goddin one other of your orator's brothers became bound in 
iioo for payment of same and since said bond is deliuered up to 
be cancelled and otherwise secured to your orator in a larger 
some etc. and after the said Edward did desire to borrow as much 
as would make up said £50 to £300 and to giue security on mort- 
gage of some lands he held in Kent and your orator provided 
£240 and to make up said £300 included £10 paid of said £32. 19s. 


od. etc. and said Edward and Robert about June 1636 did convey 
to your orator with power of redemption for payment of £342 
the said lands and your orator did deliuer up said bond of £100 
leaving iio only of said £32. 19s. in part payment. Now said 
Edward hath preferred his bill of complaint against your orator 
to have reliefe against your orator of the remaynder of £32. 
19s. od. etc. albeit that said Edward had acknowledged said debt 
and had given your orator full release of all childs parte under 
the will of Edward Goddin his late father deceased etc. With 
answer of Edward Goddin, gent, defendant, 3 July 1646. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 15, no. 24. 

17 Ti"ie 1646 Plaintifif. Mary Fountaine, widow, relict and 
late wife of Hugh Fountaine of the liberty of the Dutchie of 
Lancaster in the Strand in county Middlesex, sattinraiser. Hugh 
Fountaine being a friend of Tobyas Goodwyn. taylor. of said 
Dutchy tooke great paines to procure him a lease of messuage in 
the Strand wherein the said Tobyas Goodwyn now dwelleth for 
severall years. He persuaded your orator to become under tenant 
for a shop and one room at £4 yearly rental and he further 
entreated your oratrix's husband to cause to be digged a small 
cellar under the messuage and he faithfully promised the longest 
liver should continue in possession and the oratrix's late husl)and 
not only caused the cellar to be digged but also at great losse 
made a stall on the streete and glazed the backside of the same 
and further in or about October 1643 there beinge a general 
view of armes in these partes he the said Tobyas Goodwyn was 
enforced to set forth a foot soldier for the Parliament against 
Basing House. Her late husband was induced to go on, resting 
on the aforesaid promise. Tobyas further promised if her late 
husband should grow lame or dye that he Tobyas Goodwyn would 
take care of her the oratrix. having induced Fountain to go as 
his substitute. Fountaine came home sicke and shortly died after 
languishing, leaving her a poor widow with a sickly child and 
greate with child ready to be delivered and said Tobyas Good- 
wyn provided her a roome in Drury Lane and promised, on 
having use of the shop and cellar etc., to provide her with main- 
tenance and said Tobyas Goodwyn provided a sedan and against 
your oratrixes will, her husband being dead in the house and she 
being big with childe and in labour pains, carried her in the night 


by force to the lodging- in Driiry Lane. She is also ignorant of 
how much of her goods Tobyas Goodwin has converted to his 
own use. Answer 30 October 1646. Denies any promise and 
denies the removal by force and touching the proof before the 
Committee of the Militia at the Savoy true it is the committee 
examined the complainant and found she had no cause. Her 
husl)and having no other subsistence did voluntarily take the 
service and he Goodwyn has voluntarily contributed 50s. to edu- 
cate his child but did not intend to continue this if not able. 
Paid 50s. and 25s. but now being in poor circumstances discon- 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, bundle 7, no. 27. 

1646? Replicacion of Mary Fountaine, widowe to the answere 
of Tobias Goodwyn, defendant. Says that the bill is true etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, F, bundle 52, no. 24. 

4 November 1646. Complaint of Ozias Churchman, citizen 
and merchantaylor of London. Suit to recover money from the 
estate of Thomas Greenfeild, the posthumas son of Thomas 
Grenfeild a citizen and dyer of London, deceased, by his then 
widow Mary Greenfeild, afterwards the wife of Ozias Church- 
man the complainant. By the terms of Thomas Greenfield's will 
dated about 17 day of March 161 7 the then unborn child was to 
enjoy certain legacies or sums of money and freehold rights (the 
said testator being freeman of the city of London) at his age of 
21, his mother, the said Mary, to have the use and employment of 
£200 for his education etc. At about the age of 18 the said son 
and heir, Thomas Greenfield, was apprenticed by his stepfather, 
the said Ozias Churchman, to one William Hitchcock, a woollen 
draper and citizen of London, the said Ozias Churchman, the 
stepfather paying (as he alleges) a certain sum of money and 
also binding himself and said William Hitchock for another sum 
of money in behalf of his stepson's apprenticeship Which sums he 
claims were forfeited by reason of said apprentices's failure to 
meet the requirement of his employer, the said William Hitchcock, 
etc, etc. The suit is to recover damages etc, and money which 
complainant alleges he loaned to his said stepson, Thomas, now 
deceased, to buy him wearing apparel, at the time of his marriage 


etc. etc. The defendants in the suit are Joan the wife of the said 
Thomas Greenfeild son of Thomas Greenfeild (and stepson of 
Ozias Churchman) both deceased, the said Joane being adminis- 
tratrix, and one Daniel HolHngsworth a merchant tailor of 
London, and George ffinesman of London, taylor, and father of 
the said Joane, who doe in speciall manner know and are privie 
to all the matter herein sett forth etc" The answer of Joane 
Greenfeild, widow, to the bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman, 
complainant dated 4 November 1646. The said Joan alleges that 
her husband died intestate in the month of September 1645. etc. 
and that the said complainant Ozias Churchman owed her hus- 
band money etc. Denies etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 14, no. 37. 

19 November 1646. The seuerall answers of Daniel Hollings- 
worth one of the defendants to the bill of complaint of Ozias 
Churchman, complainant. Refers to the will of Thomas Green- 
feild of which Marie, the then wife and widow of said Thomas 
Greenfeild was executor. (This evidently refers to the suit of 
which abstract has already been made see copy 14/37 and this 
answer should properly go with the said bill of complaint from 
which it has apparently become detached and is now indexed as 
a separate suit) As in the said previous suit this answer con- 
cerneth the claim of Thomas Greenfeild the posthumous son of 
above mentioned Thomas Greenfield deceased, by said wife Mary, 
and Joane Greenfeild the wife of Thomas Greenfeild junior, who 
were also defendants in the bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman 
who had married the widow of Thomas Greenfeild the elder. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 66, no. 13. 

4 November 1646. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
Thomas Wilks of Wenderton in county Warwick, gent, and Mary 
his wife one of the daughters of (Avery) Holtam, Dorsington, 
county Gloucester, yeoman, deceased. That said Avery Holtam 
your oratrix's father was at tyme of his death possessed of a 
personall estate in reddy money plate etc. to valewe of £240 
aboue his debts etc. and about 3 October 1623 dyed intestate leav- 
ing fower children John, Edward and Vrsula Holtam and your 
oratrix Mary and after his death, your oratrix and hir brothers 
and sisters being infants not fit to administer, one Anthony Good- 


wyn who marryed your oratrix father's sister pretending to take 
the tuicon etc. of your oratrix and to manage said personall estate 
for use of your oratrix hir brothers and sister etc. and did dis- 
pose of same — and one Richard Holtam of Dorsington, father of 
said Avery and grandfather to your oratrix, being possessed of 
a personal estate etc. etc. to valewe of iiooo on about 14 October 
1623 made his will and bequeathed to his son Avery his fower 
children John, Edward, Vrsula and Mary £40 apiece at 18 or to 
survivors etc. and appointed said Anthony Goodwyn their uncle 
to have said monies to their use etc. and also did direct that mes- 
suage in occupation of Joseph Hicks should be for mayntenance 
of Emanuell Holtam son of said Richard and your oratrix and 
of her said brothers and sister etc. the children of his said sonne 
Avery and after the death of his said sonne Emanuell then to 
the said Edward Holtam your oratrix younger brother for terme 
of said lease and made said Anthony Godwyn his sonne in law 
executor and dyed and said Anthony proved said will in P. C. C. 
and hath possessed himselfe of said estates, being before a man 
of small meanes etc. and your oratrix attained her age of 18 years 
about 19 December 1636, and about May 1645 married your 
orator Thomas Wilks and there is now due on said legacies and 
interest etc. which your orators hoped said Anthony would 
honestly pay etc. etc yet said Anthony Goodwyne refuseth to pay 
said legacies etc. etc. and would turn over to your orators some 
desperate debts alledged etc. With Answer of Anthony Good- 
wyn, yeoman, defendant 21 January 22 Charles. That estate did 
not amount to valewe menconed in bill etc. Sworn in presence 
of William Malwod and others. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, W, bundle i, no. 36. 

23 January 1646. Complaint of Thomas Marker of Sail, 
county Norfolk, gent, and William Buhner of Gestwicke als 
Geistwight said county Norfolk, gent, executors of last will of 
William Cocke late of Twyford said county Norfolk deceased. 
That William Goodwyn of Stibbard said county, clerk, having 
taken to wife Susan Cocke one of sisters of said William Cocke in 
Male, 13 Charles I. did perswade him said William Goodwyn 
the said William Cocke to give him £300 as marriage porcon and 
William Cocke soon after he attained the age of 21 years by 
obligacon 10 Maie became bound unto said William Goodwyn for 


i6oo conditioned for the payment of said £300 at a day soon 
after now long since past said William Goodwyne then having 
little or noe lands of inheritance to make a jointure for his wife 
and James Sherringham of Woodnorton, said county Norfolk, 
butcher, being seised of one messuage etc. in Wood Norton and 
other towns adjoining of yearly value of £30 wishing to sell etc. 
agreed between said William Goodwyne and William Cocke that 
they should purchase same and said William Cocke should pay to 
said James Sherringham as much money as was due upon said 
obligacion and said William Goodwyn should pay residue and 
said lands to be settled on William Goodwyn and Susan, and so 
purchased and conveyed to William Goodwyn and said William 
Cocke soon after did with consent of said William Goodwyne 
pay unto James Sherringham as much of £300 as was then due 
and said William Goodwyne promised to deliver up said obliga- 
con and said William Cocke also disbursed £10 for said William 
Goodwyne and did become bond together with said William Good- 
wyne by obligacon unto said James Sherringham for £80 condi- 
tioned upon the payment of £40 to be paid to James Sherringham 

after the death of Sherringham, widow, mother of said 

James Sherringham, and said William Goodwyn agreed to keep 
said William Cocke harmless etc. Yett now albeit he said Wil- 
liam Cocke did live many years after money paid upon first obli- 
gacon and discharged and nigh place where William Goodwyn 
lived yet said William Goodwyn never demanded any money, not 
after his (said William Cocke's) death, but did often acknowl- 
edge it discharged and said William Cocke being dead and your 
orator and Robert Cocke of Thorneham said county Norfolk gent, 
his executors having proved the will, and said Robert Cocke 
refused to take executorship he said William Goodwyne refuses 
to pay said £10 lent but hath put said obligacon of £600 in suite 
etc. Die February 1646. Answer of William Goodwyn, clerk, 
sayeth that William Cocke being indebted unto Susan Cocke now 
defendant's wife in £300 due for marriage portion from her 
father Nicholas Cocke, gent, deceased, while she was unmarried 
and being married he prevailed with said William Cocke to 
become bound to him in £600 conditioned for the payment of 
£300 in satisfaction of said £300 given to said defendant's wife 
by her father which said William Cocke has secured etc. and fur- 
ther sayeth that lands so to be purchased of said Sherringham 


being mortgaged to one Josias Fawether of Halsworth, county 
Suffolk, esq. it was agreed to pay the same to said Fawether and 
said William Cocke being indebted to defendant in £60 besides 
the £300 agreed that said William Cocke should pay £19 to one 
Bird and also to James (Josias) Fawether etc. etc. and about six 
months before death of said William Cocke who died about six 
years sithence, said defendant and he came to a perfect account. 
Chancery Proceedings Charles I, M, bundle 5, no. 20. 

3 February 1646. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
William Goodwin of Stabberd, county Norfolk, clerk. That 
William Cocke of Twiford in said county, gent, deceased, was 
aboiit nine years since indebted to your orator in the some of £600 
for payment of £300 and in dyvers other somes and that about 
seven or eight years since there was a treaty of purchase between 
your orator and certain messuages etc. of one James Sheringham 
lying in Woodnerton and elsewhere in said county which was 
afterwards concluded and a great part of said lands was mort- 
gaged to one Josiah Fawether of Halesworth, county Suffolk, 
gent and other part incumbred by a judgement to one Bird, it was 
agreed that said somes should be paid by your orator and your 
orator them importuned said Cocke for said moneys soe indebted 
which said Cocke seemed willing to doe according to his present 
ability and did offer to give security for said payments which said 
Fawther refused to accept unless your orator would become bound 
to him etc. in £600, for said £300 as security for said payment and 
your orator agreed to become bound in seuerall bonds for said 
payment and said Cocke duely paid two of said amounts etc. but 
fayld to make payment of other obligations for payment of £140 
and permitted your orator to have judgement against him during 
his lyfe tyme and did also fayle to pay said Bird some part of 
his obligacion etc. and the said Bird acquainted one Thomas 
Marker, his father in law and one William Bulmer, gent, his 
kinsman, therewith and said Marker did perswade said Bird to 
forbear his debt soe due from said Sheringham. But said Cocke 
shortly after dyed having made said Marker and Bulmer his exec- 
utors leaving them sufficient to pay his debts etc. and said exec- 
utors took possession of his estate. But now said Marker and 
Bulmer do refuse to satisfie said Fawther and Birde the remayn- 
der of said somes due or to pay to your orator the said somes due 


by said Cocke and threaten to enter into suite against your orator 
said bonds so given by your orator as security for debts of said 
Cocke, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 5. 

12 February 1646. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
Cicely Goodwyn of Portsmouth, county Southampton, widdow, 
late wife of John Goodwyn late of Portsmouth, gent, deceased, 
and John Goodwyn and Nathaniell Goodwyn, infants, children of 
Nathaniell Goodwyn of Bradwell iuxta Mare, county Essex, and 
Margarett his wife, daughter and heire of said John Goodwyn 
deceased, by your said oratrix Cicely their grandmother and 
gardian and William Raymond of Ipswitch, county Suffolk, 
merchant, and Henry Robinson of Ipswitch, tayler. That said 
John Goodwyn was seised of two messuages etc. in parish of St. 
Clements in Ipswich one of them next the house of William Ball, 
shopkeeper there, and the other adioyning the house of one Chris- 
topher Tomkyns and having only one daughter Margarett who 
had married the said Nathaniell, said John on or about 7 May, 2 
Charles made his will and devised the said two messuages to the 
said Cicely for life and after her decease to the said Margarett 
for life and his kynsman William Hamond and Henry Robinson 
after decease of said Cicely to have power to lett and sell the same 
for the use of said daughter and after decease of his said wife 
and daughter he gave the house next to Ball's to his grandchild 
John Goodwyn paying to Elizal)elh Goodwyn his grandchild now 
wife of John Beniamin £20 and to his grandchild Nathaniell his 
other house in Ipswitch paying also to said Elizabeth £20, and not 
longe after said John dyed and your oratrix Cicily hath entred 
said messuage etc. with the said remaynders. But the said Mar- 
garett and the said Nathaniell have combyned to defraud your 
orator and do pretend to give out that the said John Goodwin the 
elder did not make any will in writinge and that if any be that 
said John was not of a good and disposing memorye etc. Wit- 
nesses to said will are aged and weak. Asks court to examine 
said witnesses etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 29, no. 41. 

12 February 1646. Bill of Complaint of William Godwyn of 
Naylesey, county Somerset, husbandman. That William God- 


wyn, deceased your orator's father was possessed of some estate 
for a longe terme during the Hves of said William Goddin, Edith 
his then wife and Anne Godwyn wife of John Godwyn, uncle to 
your orator, of the moytie of a messuage in Nailsey of the yearly 
value of £30 held joyntly by said Willian and John and by deed 
dated April, 21 James, granted his moyty to one John Harris 
late of Tukenham in said county Somerset, deceased, and to one 
Richard Cox of Chelvey in said county Somerset to remaine to 
the use of the said William Godwyn for life and after to the said 
Edith his wife and about fourteen years since the said William 
died and said Edith entered and about June 1638 made her will 
nuncupative and declared your orator her executor and shortly 
after died and your orator proved said will and l)y vertue thereof 
hath right to said moyety for residue of said terme, said Ann 
being yett living, but one John Goodwyn deceased, elder brother 
of your orator at decease of his said mother did take possession 
of said deed of assignment and the said John Goddin having by 
some indirect means gotten same into his hands to defeate your 
orator of said premises pretends some deed made, sealed by your 
orator's said brother who about three years since made his will 
and Agnes his wife, executrix who entered said moyety and said 
Agnes now doth utterly refuse your orator entry, but by com- 
bination with said John Godwine etc. With answer of Agnes 
Godwin, defendant i May, 23 Charles. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 51, no. 27. 

5 June 1647. The answer of John Mayo defendant to the Bill 
of Complaint of Robert Goodwyn, Thomas Britten and John 
Singleton, complainants. True that complainants did about tyme 
stated become bound to defendant in penalty of £500 with condi- 
tions as is sett forth. But defendant doth not refuse to produce 
said bond as is surmised etc. True that about August, October, 
December, February and March 1640 suche quantities of silke 
as is acknowledged were deliuered to said Goodwyn by this 
defendant his servants etc. to be wroughte for this defendant at 
rates agreed etc. and that about May June August December 
January February and March 1641 further quantities of silke 
were delivered to said Godwyn to be wrought etc. and also fur- 
ther cjuantities in 1642 etc. with allowance for waste by knitting 


etc. and that said Goodwyn did redlivcr so much of said silke 
as is alledged at dyvers tymes and clerring the first three parcells 
of said silke etc. Torn and incomplete. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, hundle 14, no. i. 

26 June 1647 Plaintiff, Anne Blake, widow. Defendants, 
John Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, Esqre. and his hrother Wil- 
liam Rolfe. The payment of certain annuities during- her life 
secured on land etc. Sir William P>lake of Kensington and Mrs. 
Hawker late of Herkeshury. county Wilts, Esquire. Part of the 
property is Kensington l*ark and the Chirographers office of 
ffines. Answer of John Goodwin and William Methwold Esqre. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, B, bundle 50, no. 14. 

28 June 1647. Eurther and belter answer of Allexander Maior 
one of the defendants to Bill of William Godwine complainant. 
In further answer to comjilainants excepcons to defendants 
former answer sayeth that Robert Dauics the testator died pos- 
sest of an estate to value of £548. los. 2d. and of no greater 
estates as appraised by chosen honest men and inventories and 
prised 9 April 1641. Second that testaor did nominate Thomas 
Ilunt the other defendant ruid this defendant executors in trust 
for his Sonne Moses Dauies and not in trust as is sett forth in said 
bill, 'i'hird, that these defendants did possess themselves of 
goods to the said value and not to the value of ^1500 particulars 
of goods and disbursements delivered to plaintiff long since and 
that defendant deliuered same on sight of letters of administration 
that com])lainant showed as administrator to Moses Dauies, testa- 
tor's Sonne deceased, and that complainant allowed this defendant 
£40 out of the estate and gave a general release, denyes that 
any further accom])t was ever promised. Denyes that hee 
defendant did conceale or keepe any parte of said estate, or that 
any goodes were left out of the inventory, says that most of the 
goods were sold in llie roomes where they stood in presence of 
complainant and others and for the greatest price they would 
give. Denies that said release was given or used contrary to any 
agreement and not for £40 only. Agreed that complainant 
offered to give bond to defendant to saue him harmless from all 
persons. Kindred of said Moses Dauies on the mothers syde 
one Browne excepted. That only bond he had from complain- 


ant was for £300 dated 14 N()vciiil)er 1(1.45 wlicroin ]ilainlilT and 
Peter Brig'g's stand Ixxiiid to this dcU'iulant and Tlionias lluni 
to keepe defendants harmless lulvvard Urowne excepted. Release 
dated 12 November 1645 Thomas Hunt of East Smitiifylde, 
county Middlesex, victuler, William Ciodwine of .same, tayler, 
and Peter Briji^i^s of same, Vintner, said Robert Dauies of 
Smithfyld. victualer, deceased havint;- by will left bis estate to 
Moses bis son, release said Alexander Maior of all claim etc. 
except only ]£d\varde l-5rowne of VVappint;, comiiass maker, etc. 
Prays to be disnu'ssed. 

Chancery I'roceedini^s, Charles 1. (i. hnndle j(), no. 31. 

28 June 1O47. Hill ol" Conii)laint of l.eltice ( iodwyn, executrix 
of Thomas (jod\v\ii ol iMiL^bsh r>ieknoi', county ( iloucestiM", D.l). 
her late husband deceased. That the said Thomas beinj;- Kector 
and Incumbent of the Church of P.nglisb liicknor and of the 
profitts and tytbes etc. thereol did about six years since demyse a 
certaine barn and oulhowsin^e and saitl tythe of corne etc. to 
one b>bn Raynolds of l)ickn()r, yeoman, for three years paying' 
£90 rent per annum and said Uaynolds entiMcd etc. lint did not 
pay said rent or any parte thereof and same is still unpa3'd 
amounting to £270 and said terme expired i()44 and shortly after 
the said Thomas (iodwyn made his will and your oralrix execu- 
trix and (l}-ed and your oratrix hath since demanded said tene- 
ment etc. which said Iveynold hath and doth refuse to paye 
knowing that your oratrix hath not having s;iid demise or counter- 
part cannot recover etc. With answer of John Kaynt'll (K'fendant 
II October 1647. 

Chancery I'roceedings, Charles 1, (i, binidle 14, no. ii 

3 |uly i<')47. To ( 'onnmssiont'rs. Uill ol C'omplainI ol Kobert 
Goodwyn, citizen and nuMchaniaylor ol London, Thomas F»ril- 
ten, citizen and clothworker, of London and John Singleton, citi- 
zen and grocer, of same. That yoiu" orator carrying on the trade 
of a silke throwster, one John Mayo, citizen and silkeman and 
having greate (piantities of rawe silke desired your orator to 
throwste the same and desired your orator to become bound with 
securities to redeliver same and ab(jut 19 Jime, 17 Charles your 
orator became bound to said Mayo in £500 to redeliver said silke 
at said Mayo's liouse in Budge Row and did agree to the prise 


for said work and also for waste etc. etc. and various parcels of \ 
silke were delivered to your orator in 1641 and so on to March 

1642 amounting to 5638 pounds 8 ounces and your orator truelie j 

redelivered said silke to said John Alayo or Samuell Parker his ■ 

servant which with allowance for waste etc. etc. came to 5637 1 

pounds 15 ounces But said John Mayo made many complaints j 

of web silke etc. etc. and made many demands on your orator \ 

which your orator allowed and your orator having then redeliv- i 

ered said silke requested said Mayo to deliver up said bond to ■ 

be cancelled etc. etc. which said Mayo promised to do and in 1643 > 

your orator refused any more throwsting for said Mayo and now 1 

said Mayo and said Parker have caused your orator to be arrested i 

on a pretended suite and threaten an accion against your orators j 

on said bond to their great detriment and loss etc. etc. With ] 

answer of John Mayo defendant, 5 November 1647. • 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I. G, bundle 17, no. 54. 1 


5 July 1647 -^ill o^ Complaint of George Goodwin of Bing- : 

ham, county Notts, yeoman, about five years since at request of .1 

Richard Hall, late of Bingham, deceased, the said Richard Hall .] 

being your orator's brother in law, your orator became bound 1 

with the said Richard Hall to Robert Mashin of Carcolston in said 5 

county Notts, wheelwright, for £10 for payment of £5 and interest t 

and also became bound to Thomas Browne of Asleston in said t 

county for fio etc. also to John Parneham of Granby in said ^ 

county for £4, said sums remayned undischarged till death of ■ 

said Hall, said Richard Hall possesses of a good lease of a farme ■ 

in Bingham and dyvers other lands and goods etc. value of iioo , 

about two years since died so possessed leaving said bond and ! 

debts undischarged etc. and also leaving five children verie young. ] 

Now one Thomas Browne of Newton in said county, gent, and \ 

William Spibye of Bingham, yeoman, entred upon said lease I 

and give out dyvers speeches that they are administrators etc. or * 

baylifTs for the landlord or that they are holding said premises ; 

for debts due etc. and combyning with said Robert Machin, "; 

Thomas Browne of Aslecton and John Parnam have caused said j 

bonds to be put in suite against your orator etc. With answer i 

of Thomas Browne and William Spibye defendants. Deny any 't 

confederacy say that rent of said lease is in arrears and that they ; 

had command to enter and distrain etc. '. 


Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 5, no. 22. » 


6 July 1647 Bill of Complaint of Joane Gallopp of Kingsmill 
in parish of Westlidford in county Somerset, wyddow, adminis- 
tratrix of George Gallop, gent, her late husband deceased. That 
Paule Godwyne DD. living at Kingsweston in said county about 
a mile and a half from the dwelling of said George about ten 
years since desired said Gallop to lend him dyvers somes which 
said George did amounting to £50 or upwards and said Dr. God- 
wyn for a long tyme payed interest untill about five yeares since 
and by means of the late trouble the said Gallopp had not much 
converse with the said Dr. Godwyne yet the said debts were 
often acknowledged etc. But now the said Gallop hath about two 
years since deceased and your orator having taken administra- 
tion etc. the said Godwyn having gotten certain letters of your 
oratrixe's late husband in his hands and knowing that hee gave 
noe specialitie and your oratrix hath noe witnesses ref useth to pay 
said monies etc. With Demurrer of Paul Godwyn, DD. defend- 
ant Hath had noe dealings during times menconed and if any 
before were settled and satisfied. 

Chancery Proceedings Charles I, G, bundle 51, no. 2. 

7 July 1647. To Right Hon. Commissioners. The Bill of 
Complaint of Robert Goodden of Martocke, county Somerset, 
yeoman, at request and for the debt of John Goodden of Mar- 
tocke, yeoman, about twenty years since became bound with and 
as suretie of said John Goodden to one Thomas Hopkins of Tin- 
tenhall in county Worcester yeoman, deceased, in a bond of £200 
for payment of iioo and which monies or the greater part 
thereof the said John Goodden at the day of payement or shortly 
after did pay to the said Thomas or some other to his use or did 
accept same in payement of part of the porcon which he the 
said Hopkins was to give the said John Goodden upon his mar- 
riadge with the daughter of the said Hopkins and your orator 
believeth said bond was agreed to be delivered upp and cancelled 
for your orator hath not been demanded of the said monies 
untill the death of the said Thomas Hopkins and about six 
months since one Joane Hopkins relict of the said Thomas as his 
executrix having possessed herself of all her husbands estate, 
writing etc. and combyning with the said John Goodden her son 
in lawe and Edward Hopkins of Tintenhall, yeoman, hath given 
out in speeches that shee will putt the said bond in suite to recover 


the whole penaltie from your orator well knowing the the said . 
bond hath been sattisfied that the said debt was solely the debt s 
of the said John Goodden who hath estate sufficient to sattisfy r 
the same and an agreement was made that your orator should ; 
not be charged etc. With answer of Joane Hopkins, widdow, audi 
Edward Hopkins defendants 9 October, 2^ Charles. Says that | 
the said bond is part of another debt unpayed, etc. etc. | 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 50, no. 19. 1 

9 July 1647 Complainants Ozias Churchman, citizen and : 

merchanttaylor of London, Daniell Andrews and Samuel Myte, l 

marchantes, executors to the last will and testament of 

Andrews, late Alderman of the said cittye of London, deceased, ; 

Katherine Higlord. widdowe. executrix of the last will and testa- j 

ment of John Highlord late Alderman of London, deceased, j 

sometymes the relict and alsoe the executrix of Robert Wilson, \ 

late citizen and Samuell Gouldsmith of London, mercer. Suit '\ 

is in connection with messuages lands, tenements etc. in the i 

manor or Lordshipp of Great Harborough als Church Harbor- i 

ough, county Warwick, demised by one William Replingham late { 

of Great Harborough. county Warwick, esquire, deceased, to I 

one Sir Edward Richardson, knight, since deceased, for a term ' 

of one thousand years etc. Said messuage, lands etc. were mort- ; 

gaged by the said Replingham to various persons unto them- ; 

selves or their heirs executors and assigns are involved in the •< 

suit. The following named occur in the bill of complaint, John ' 

Sutton of the Middle Temple, gent, executor of said Sir Edward l 

Richardsons last will and testament. Edward Partrick. Ralph j 

ffreake of the Middle Temple, London, Esq. Samuell Peirce, I 

Thomas Townsend. Andrew Lee, William Rombold and Samuel 1 

Roper of Monskirbye and Percy Church and flFrances Vernon. J 

The severall answers of Samuell Pearce one of the defendants j 

vnto the above bill of complaint of Ozias Churchman and others ; 

complainants. Writ. Answer. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, C, bundle 59. no. ~2. 

6 November 1647 The Answer of Edward Godwyn to so ' 
much of the complaint of Thomas Brett, gent, and John Brett, 
citizen and merchant taylor, as concemeth him Thomazine sole 


heir of and daughter of Stephen Brett deceased married a second 
hi! -band Edward Goodwin. Will of Percivall Brett. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, E, bundle "J^, no. 3. 

II November 1647 Complaint of Steephen Goodwyn of 

Preskigne, county Radnor, yeoman, that one John Goodv,-yne late 

nf Tilley, Hereford, your orator's father deceased was seized of 

t'.ridy Hill in Tilley and a tenement called a house of the Lane 

■cA divers lands and one castle called the White Tock of about 

3 acres and a parcell called the two acres in Stanton in Hereford. 

•d John Goodwin deceased thirty years past when the said 

:nises rightfully came to your orator but now David Griffiths 

Cascob in the county of Radnor and John Morris of the same 

iih in the county of Hereford, Elizabeth Griffiths of Llytton, 

nty Hereford, widow, Mary Burd of Titley, widow, James 

iley of Ashley, Hereford, Edward Godv.yn of Staunton 

aforesaid and William Wooff^ of Titley pretending to have title 

b} combination have gotten into the custody one deed of intayle 

made by your orator's said father on his marriage with Elinor 

' then wife your orator's mother and by force and violence on 

jj April 1646 they entered upon the premises which your orator 

had so long had peaceable possession (Wooff is afterwards called 

Wolf. J 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, Mitford, 95, 208. 

2"] November 1647 Bill of Complaint of William Goodw)-ne 

of Haddon, county Norfolk, yeoman, and Cicely his wife and 

: :e Thurlow, widdow, late wife of Giles Thurlow of Erisham 

!i ^aid county Norfolk, yeoman, deceased. That one Gregory 

Ifarcocke of Ringsfield, county Suffolk, yeoman, being seised of 

a freehold tenement and land in Ringfield by will in July 161 8 

devised same to Prudence his wife for life and also seised of a 

parcell of land nere the Greene of Ringfield of 3 acres by coppie 

of court roll of the mannor of the Priory of Bungay did give the 

same to his said wife for life uppon condition that shee should 

bring upp the child shee then conceived imtil 21 and after to pay 

1 child 40s. per year at feast of St. Michaell and Thannuncia- 

: n and the said Gregorv- did surrender said pightell to the use 

0: his said will and after wrighting thereof and before he dyed 

had yssue a daughter Anne Harcocke his onely child who after- 


wards was married to Nicholas Ingate of Ringfield shee being 
the same child conceived at the wrighting of said will and then 
said Greg'ory dyed and said Prudence entered said tenement and 
was admitted to said pightell of coppyhold and reversion should t 
come to said Anne and said Prudence about i8 June 1621 did 
intermarry with one Richard Youngman but before said marriage 
your orators doe believe did make a deed of feoffment by livery 
of seisin to certain persons her friends as trustees to use of said 
Prudence and her said husband and heires and a disseisin to the ^ 
said Anne Harcocke of her said inheritance therein and yout I 
orators are ad\ased that said Anne hath a right of entry etc. but 2 
said deed of feoffment being secretly made said Anne never 'f 
had knowledge thereof but dyed without making any entry and ^ 
said t3^tle is come to your orators William Goodwin and Cicily \ 
his wife in right of the said Cicely and to said Alice Thurlow * 
as cosens and next heires to said Anne, said Cicely, and Ales 
being the only sisters and the whole blood of the said Gregory 
Harcocks. He not ha\ang any brother or nephew or any cosoi 
descended from any brother and the said Cicely and also auntes'J 
to said Anne only child of Gregory and further said Prudence did 
never make pa^^llent of said 40s. and therefore did forfeit her 
said estate. Your orators pray that all e\adences may be shewn ^ 
etc. With answer of Nicholas Ingate, one of the defendants, at t 
Beccles 16 die. Anno 2^ Charles. *, 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 28, no. 25. 

2/ January 1647. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
William Godw}ni, citizen and merchantaylor of London and ? 
Elizabeth his wife one of the daughters of John Cooper of Hunt- ' 
ington in county Hunts, innkeeper. That Bernard Cooper late " 
citizen and clothworker of London in his lyfe t>Tne seised of a ; 
messuage etc. called the Sarcens head in Little Eastcheape in 
London nowe lately builded in two tenements called the George j 
and the Kinges Amies and other lands etc. etc. and of a great ^ 
personall estate etc. to valewe of £5000 on or about 19 October f 
1620 did make his will and amongst other things did give to the J 
cliildren sonnes and daughters, of the said John Cooper, brother j 
of the said Bamerd. £20 apiece at 21 and made Mary his wife \ 
executrix and shortly after dyed and said Mary proved said will | 
and took possession etc and did pay all said legacies etc. except \ 


the said legacie of £20 to your oratrix Elizabeth and one other 
legacy to John Cooper and about April 1647 the said Mary being 
sicke her friends desired her to make her will which she refused 
saying if she made a will her executors must pay her legacies 
and died intestate having goods sufficient to pay said legacies etc. 
and money in hands of Mr. Hardinge of Wycombe and other 
somes of money etc. and after -the decease of said IMary one 
Richard Bagwell of Chipping Wycombe in county Bucks, citizen 
and draper of London, the sonne of the said jMary by a former 

husband, and his wife and Mary his daughter who hath 

since married one William Murrell of London, gent, have by 
combination gott into their hands all the said goods and moneys 
etc. of said Mary and have taken same to their owne use etc. and 
refuse to give any inventory of same etc. and doe refuse to paye 
said legacie etc. and said Bagwell doth pretend some tytle to said 
messuage etc. in Eastcheape aforesaid and did about Michas 

terme last, 1647, commence a suite against one Stone of 

London, merchant, pretending said Stone hath gotten 

said messuage by some indirect meanes from said Barnard Cooper 
etc. with intent to gett said messuage into their owne handes etc. 
and to defraud the heires of said Barnard Cooper etc. With 
answer of William Murrell and ]\Iary his wife, defendants, 3 
February 1647, denyes any knowledge of said legacies or what 
said IMary this defendant's grandmother paid this defendant 
Mary in time of sickness of her said grandmother in considera- 
tion of moneys lent etc. did receive certen goods in life tyme of 
said Mary to value of £15 etc and denyes any combynation, 
etc, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 17. no. 37. 

12 June 1648. Bill of Complaint of Edward Goodwyn of 
Dorking, county Surrey, gent, that your orator became bound with 
one Thomas Bernard as his surety and his debt to Henr}^ Ashton 
of Chelsey in county ^liddlesex, blacksmith, by suerall obliga- 
cons etc. which except £30 your orator though but surety did pay 
to said Ashton and for security of said £30 your orator did deliuer 
one obligacon for £160 whereby Richard Cooper of Tilsey in said 
county, Esq. stood bound to your orator for £80 for payment 
uppon day of marriadge or death of the said Richard Cooper and 
also one bill obligatory Sir John Laurence of Chelsey, Bart. 


stood bound to your orator to pay 40s. on the day of marriage 
of said Sir John and for the said Ashton better to recover said 
somes gave said Ashton a letter of attorney dated May, 20 
Charles with proviso in respect of payment of said £30 and 
intrest and that uppon said payment said Ashton should acknowl- 
edge sattisfaccon uppon record etc. and make a general release. 
But now the said Sir John Lawrence and Richard Cooper both 
being married about three yeares since said somes become due to 
your orator and said Ashton having received said 40s. and made 
easy terms with said Cooper with combynation with said Cooper 
to defraud your orator and having had sattisfaccon for said £30 
said Ashton doth giue forth that he hath deliuered said bond to 
said Cooper and doth refuse to accompt or give sattisfaccon to 
your orator or to give your orator a release etc. etc. 

Qiancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, Bundle 50, no. 66. 

17 November 1648. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint 
of William Goodwyn of London, joyner, that about fourteen years 
since with one John Cornelius a silke throwster and one John 
Davys since deceased became bound for the debt of the said Cor- 
nelius in one bond of £40 for payment of £20 and interest to one 
Richard Harrison, gent, and one Gilbert Cornelius, brother of said 
John, was privy to said debt and on the day appointed said John 
payed his said debt and took up said bond but was unwilling to 
cancell same untill your orator and his other surety had seen same 
for their satisfaction and defendant came with his said brother 
Gilbert and said John told your orator he had paid said moneys 
and shortly after went beyond the seas and shortly after the 
goods of the said Gilbert were seised and taken into the custody 
of one Mr. Harvy a creditor and among other papers the said 
bond which was of no worth as the said Gilbert and Jane his 
wife well know and after the said Gilbert made his will and died 
and made the said Jane his executrix who hath since married one 
Francis Todd of London, biskett baker. But now the said Jane 
Todd and her husband by combination with Jane wife of said 
John Cornelius and the said Richard Harryson to undoe your 
orator the said Jane Todd having gone to the said Mr. Harvey 
under pretence of finding some papers of her said late husband and 
have found the said bond and with intent to recover the penalty 
have put same in suite against your orator albeit the said Harrison 
hath oflfered to give your orator a release etc. etc. Bill only. 
Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 31, no 57. 


Whereas heretofore about Trinity Terme 20 yeare late King 
Charles 1644, Edward Godden of London gent, complainant 
exhibited his Bill against Thomas Coddin, Robert Goddin and 
Constance Godden, defendants, that Edward Godden complain- 
ant's late father deceased was seised of a messuage and etc. in 
the parish of Luddlesdowne in county Kent, called Williams and 
60 acres arrable and 80 acres coppice wood belonging in parish 
of Luddsdowne, Paddleworth and Byling in said county and six 
other messuages etc. in Snodland and Byling and other premises 
held according to the custome of Gavellkind and in August 161 5 
dyed intestate also possessed of a personall estate of £1500 leav- 
ing issue six sonnes and two daughters which said premises 
descended to the said Edward and among this complainant and 
his said five brothers and the said personall estate ought to have 
been divided amongst all the said children and about two years 
after John Godden, eldest son of said Edward the father, also 
dyed seised of his part of said lands etc. without making any will, 
letters of administration were granted to Elizabeth Godden relict 
of said Edward and to Thomas Godden his second sonne and 
defendant Robert Godden seised of his parts by indenture 22 
March 1631 between said Robert and complainant granted his 
said part to complainant for 999 yeares. Woods between com- 
plainant and Thomas Goddin touching accompte and agreement 
was made that accompt should be made yet said Elizabeth com- 
byning with the said Thomas and Anthony Godden doe utterly 
refuse, etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 98. 

13 May 1650. Plaintiff Thomas Carleton, citizen and mercer, 
of London. Aboute the yeare 1639 Edward Goodwin senior of 
Dorking, county Surrey, gent, desired the plaintiff to lend him 
four or five hundred poundes at interest for a year giving as a 
security certaine coppyholdes and houses belonging to him in 
said Dorking. Ultimately plaintiff lent him £400 at 8% for a 
year and the defendant surrendered into the hands of the Lords 
of the Manor of Dorking by the acceptance of Jasper Goodwin, 
gent, and one Edward Powell two tenements in Dorking known 
as Carterfield and Millpon meade then in the tenancy of Jane 
Comber, widdow and one Richard Reade to be released upon 
the said Edward Goodwin paying £432 on 7th October 1640 at 
the then dwelling house of the said plaintiff in London. The 
defendant failed to pay any money at this time nevertheless the 


said plaintiff was not forward to take advantage but forebore 
untill the end of another yeare when desiring admittance to the 
said messuages and lands and he was admitted at a Manor Court 
to possession and paid for his admission £45. The houses being 
ruinous and threatening to fall down, the said plaintiff had to 
spend i'jo on repairs and then was out of pocket £579. The 
premises let for £40 per annum or deducting the Parliament taxes 
£33 or £34 yearly the eight years he has been in possession and 
during which he has desired Edward Goodwin to pay him his 
money and take back the premises or that he should release all 
right to the plaintiff both of which Edward Goodwyn refuses to 
do but threatens in streetes that when his time shall serve he will 
question plaintiff's title who can procure no chapman for the 
premises. Prays the premises may be declared his. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 120, no. 29. 

13 February 165 1. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
John Godwyn of Tylehurst, county Berks, labourer, sonne and 
heir of John Godwyn late of same, deceased, husbandman. That 
your orator's grandfather John Godwyn, deceased, was seised of 
4 acres of arrable in tything of Northcott in said parishe and 
2 acres of meadowe a certaine meadowe called Chawmeade in 
said tythinge now in possession of Edward Newbery and Anne 
his wife and having occasion to use money etc. did borow of one 
William Godwyn, yeoman, of same parish £8 and for security 
leased to the said William the said meadows with proviso of 
redemption etc. and said William a little tyme before hee dyed 
about thirty years since having said deed made a conveyance of 
said premises or by will demised same to one Thomas Godwyn of 
Tylehurst, yeoman, his nephew and heire since also deceased 
without anie consideration etc. and without anie right and tytle 
etc, hath received said rents etc. yett hath made a fraudulent 
conveyance etc. to said Newbery who now refuseth to declare 
and shew your orator by what right or tytle he holdeth said 
lands etc. and in whose hands said deeds remaine etc. etc. With 
answers of Edward Newberry and Anne his wife i May 1655 at 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 93. 

12 February 1652 Bill of Complaint of Edward Godden and 
William Godden of Thurnham, county Kent, yeomen, sonnes and 


heires of Hancle Godden late of Thtirnham, yeoman, deceased. 
That said Hancle Godden about December 165 1 seised of a mes- 
suage called Rowes place with a brewhouse etc. in Weeks street 
in Maidstone in said county and intending to lett the same one 
George Gilliott of Maidstone, brewer, having treaty for same it 
was agreed that said Godden should repayre the said premises and 
then make a lease thereof for twenty one yeares at £36 per annum 
and £6 per cent on soe much money as said Hancle should lay 
out in repairing said messuage above i20 and said Gilliott entered 
and said Hancle Godden about January 1651 dyed and said mes- 
suage came to your orators and said Gilliot has suerall somes of 
money to lay out in repairs etc. and neglecting to doe the said 
reparations according to his said agreement your orators finished 
said reparacions and sealed said lease and tendered same to said 
Gilliott yet the said Gilliott refuseth to accept said lease or pay 
said increase of rent pretending it was too much and yet doth 
keepe possession and denyeth to pay your orators anie rent etc. 


Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 63, no. 155. 

13 May 1654? To Commissioners. The Bill of Complaint of 
John Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, London, Esquire. That 
William Rolfe of the same. Esquire, was seised of the Mannor of 
Mills or tenement called Mills in the towne, parish or Hamlett of 

in county Essex and in dyvers lands etc. etc. belonging 

and so seised by indenture of lease 19 November 1631 between 
the said Rolfe and one John Brockall of Stisted in county Essex 
granted the said mannor and lands etc. etc. in the said parish of 
Stisted for six yeares at a yearly rent of £72 and the said Brock- 
all entered and the said Rolfe afterwards being seised of the 
reversion etc. etc. by indenture dated 23 December, 11 late King 
Charles, between the said Rolfe and your orator granted said 
mannor etc. etc. to your orator and your orator thereof became 
seised etc. etc. and also of the rents etc payable by said Brockall 
earnestly entreated your orator that he should remain tennant 
and your orator was content, yett the said Brockall proved a very 
bad tenant and very slacke in his payments so that at St. Michaell 
the Archangel 165 1 there was two yeares rent etc. etc. and an 
accompt was made etc. etc. and the said Brockall saying that he 
could not hold said premises would sell his stocke and sattisfye 
your orator out of the proceeds etc. etc. But now your orator 


being aimable to obtaine his said averages hath brought his action 
in the Sheriffs Court in London but now said John Brockall 
combyning with Humfrey Jaggerd and John Brockall, the 
younger, to defraude your orator giveth out that he will not pay, 
hath noe goods etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 65, no. 66. 

29 October 1655 To Rt. Hon. Thomas, Lord Coventry Lord 
Keeper, Bill of Complaint of Paul Godwyn of Wells, county 
Somerset, D.D. that about October 1632 having sudden occasion 
of money did borrowe of one John Colthorpe of the citty of Bris- 
toll, gent. £30 to be repayd at the Annunciation next following and 
for payment did become bound about the tyme aforesaid and 
knowing the said Colthorpe was apt to take all advantages for 
nonpayment your orator did on or about the said feast make 

payment of said some in the absence of said Colthorpe to 

his wife in Bristol who pretended she could not then come by the 
said bond but promised same should be sent on to your orator 
to be cancelled. But now said Colthorpe minding to take advan- 
tage that your orator hath not witness and said payment being 
made privately to the said wife of said Colthrope doth threaten 
to put said bond is suite against your orator intending thereby to 
be dobly payed etc. Bill only. 

Chancery Proceedings, Charles I, G, bundle 12, no. 17. 

Complaint of Thomas Goodwin of Epwell, county Oxon, gent, 
against John Smith defendant. That whereas one John Smith, 
citizen and barber surgeon of London, pretending to have an 
inheritance in one messuage or tenement, two closes, one called 
the Farme close, the other Peacocks close and one land of arrable 
leys medowe and about 42 acres of medowe and pasture in said 
Epwell offered the same to your orator as inherited from his 
father Richard Smith and as free from all incumbrance. Said 
Richard died 25 March, 16 (torn away) and did devise to said 

John his third (son?) Anne mother of John wife of 

Richard proved will at Oxford etc. Your orator did buy the 
estate for i2io, etc. But now Anne Smith, Phillip Smith, elder 
brother of said John, John his wife sister of said 


John, Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth his wife .... which 
Anne and Elizabeth were .... sisters of said John do 
dispute your orators right (Fragment much mutilated). 
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-82. 

Complaint of Thomas Goodwyn of Stoneham, county Suffolk, 
esquire, administrator of Theodore Goodwyn, gent, deceased. 
That whereas Theodore Goodwyn in his life about five years 
since was possessed of divers chaines, ringes, goodes, chattells, 
his own property, and did deliver unto the custody of one Wyni- 
f red Buller, then single and unmarried, one chaine of gould being 
well worth (decayed) markes and three ringes of gould which 
were better worth then 10 li. to keep for him with trunckes, lyn- 
ner and other goodes etc. and shortly after said Theodore dyed 
intestate. Administration granted your orator. Now said Wyn- 
fred Buller hath taken to husband one Richard Coke gent. Said 
Wynifred now says that they were given to her as her own 
etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-87. 

12 February 1612. Complaint of John Goodwyn of Estberg- 

holt, county Suffolk, clothier, against . That whereas 

one Richard Webbe late of Estbergholt, carrier, deceased, was 
seised in one house of clear yearly value of £6 and well worth to 
be sold iioo and possessed of divers goods, chattells and good 
debts value iioo, and owing some £180 for £52 of which your 
orator and said Webbe were jointly bound etc. Said Webbe 
beinge so seized and having one son named Richard by a former 
wife which brought him a great portion, and one son and a 
daughter by his then wife Ellen which brought him no portion, 
did upon 16 August 1618 make his last will leaving to his children 
but was not mynded to give anything att all unto Ellen Webbe 
his wife alledging reasons for that the said Ellen had byn a great 
meanes and cause of the wastye and comsuming of his estate in 
imbeacelling and secrete making away of his goods and moneys. 
But on your orator's entreaty he gave her £12 and chattells to 
£16 value and made one John Spencer executor, or if he refuse 
your orator etc. Spencer renouncing although your orator 
offered him five marks so your orator had to take probate etc. 


And said Ellen although paid her legacy has made away with 
chattells goods etc. and lately married Richard Gravenor etc. 
prays that they and one Stephen Jobson and his wife may be 
summoned to say what goods they have etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 352-48. 

7 November 1621. Complaint of Robert Gooden of Halse, 
county Somerset, yeoman, and Eleanor his wnfe, daughter of 
George Studdier of Fitzhead in said county, gent, deceased, 
against Joane and William Studdier and others. That whereas 
said George Studdier was, in 18, James I, seized in two closes of 
land called Jewes land and a meadow called Jewes meadow in 
Fitzhead, before that in tenure of George Studdier deceased, 
father of said George Studdier, and of a meadow called little 
Jewes meadow in Fitzhead, sometime in possession of John 
Studdier of Fitzhead deceased and your oratrixes father being 
so seised and desirious of borrowing fioo did so from one 
Thomas Luttrell, esquire, giving himself a bond and as security 
of the payment in a year of £110 procured Richard Cannon 
of Fitzhead, yeoman, and Symon Cannon of Pitmister in said 
county, yeoman, and one John Chilcott etc. who gave a bond 
5 October, 18 James, for £200 in Robert Poores house in Dunster 
in said county etc. And John (sic) Studdier the son meaning to 
save harmless the said sureties etc. he the said George Studdier 
did 8 October, 18 James grant to the Cannons the aboue closes 
etc. Lutrell agrees to continue the loan one year the interest to be 
paid his sister Sara by your orator and his bondsmen and one 
Henrie Keen of Lideard Lawrence, county Somerset, yeoman, 
giving a new bond the old one being delivered up etc. July 
1622 George Studdier made his will leaving to his daughter your 
oratrix the said lands unless the son William Studdier should pay 
her £200 and on February 20, James 20, he died etc. your oratrix 
being then unmarried etc. but in January last she married your 
orator Robert Gooden who applied to Joane the widow of the 
said George and said W^illiam to see the will and the i200 
paid him the which they refuse and combine with the above 
bondsmen to pretend the iiio is still owing. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-79. 

7 February 1621. Complaint of Thomas Godden, William 
Grewe, Thomas Sayward, and Marke Pescod against one Richard 


Symes, defendant. That whereas three yeares since your orator 
WilHam Grewe either of himself or the other plaintiffs did stand 
bound in an obligation of £20 for the payment of iio and other 
obligation for other amounts etc. to one Richard Symes of Silk- 
sted, county Southampton, yeoman, long since due for certain 
cattle sold by said Richard to your orator Wilham Grewe at 
excessive rates etc. Said Symes also agreeing to extend time of 
payment Has paid various sums of money besides supplying 
defendant with beef and mutton and now owes £12 which he is 
ready to pay. But defendant presses for the full amount of the 
bonds etc. ii February 1621, answer of Richard Symes, de- 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 353-31. 

29 May 1622. Complaint of Sir Frances Goodwin of Woburne, 
county Bucks, knight, against Thomas Reading defendant. That 
whereas your orator by deed 24 May, 15 of the now King, did 
convey to Thomas Reading of Little Hampton, Bucks, gent, one 
messuage and an orchard then in tenure of one John Winter and 
two pigstells thereto belonging and certain closes and woods 
called Henchmore, W. Cromer, Kitchin Deane, Lea Close, a grove 
or spring of Wood called Henchmore Springe etc. containing 44 
acres in the parishes of Taplow, Beconsfield and Hitchaine etc. 
also a conveyance to one John Draper of Little Marlowe in said 
county, carpenter, the close called Middle Clements etc. which 
lands were part of the jointure of EHzabeth, Lady Goodwyn 
now wife of your orator so your orator made collateral security 
etc. Arthur Goodwyn, Esqre, his son and heir agreeing etc. 
Defendants refuse to give up their leases etc. Answer of Thomas 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, (252?) -16. 

8 July 1622. The Complaint of one William Goodine als 
Godin of Southwark, county Surrey, sayler, against one John 
Daniel. That whereas the said John Goodins als Godden of 
parish of Hailesham, county Sussex, husbandman, was in his 
life seized of one house, barne and certain lands in free soceage 
in said Hailesham did make his last will 14 November 1581 and 
did give to one Mary Goodins als Goddin all said houses etc. 
when she attained the age of 21 and that Emlin his wife was, 
until said Mary was 18, then to accountable for the next three 



years and if the said Mary died to said Emlin and her heirs, i 
And not long after the said testator died and the said Mary \ 
attained i8 years of age and divers years after espoused one John 
Coxett and entered into the said house and had one only daughter [ 
called Mary and not long after the said J\lary and said Coxett | 
or Cockshet died the house etc. descended to the said Mar}^ who \ 
married one John Daniell of Hailsham, yeoman, and not very ; 
long after the said ]\Iar}' died with no issue when the said house I 
etc. descended to your said orator as cousin and next heir to ' 
said Mary Daniell, that is to say the said son of Thomas Goodden ' 
als Godin of Rye, marriner, brother to the said Richard Goodden ' 
of Rye aforesaid the which Richard Goodden was the father of ; 
John Goodden aforesaid, and the defendant came to your orator's ' 
wife (your orator being then beyond the seas) to obtain a lease ' 
of twenty one years at an insufficient rent and in your said orator's 
absence went to Sir Edward Sackville of London the lord of the i 
manor and persuaded him the land were escheated to him the ] 
said Mary having no children which said Sir Edward seized and i 
granted to said Daniell at £2 a year. 10 July 1622. Answer of I 
the said John Daniell defendant. Denies that the plaintiff is | 
of any kindred or blood the name of the testator being John | 
Goddens and the complainants name Goodin als Godine etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 251-28. 

II November 1622. x^lexander Walker of Combe St. Nicholas, : 
county Somerset, gent, that Nicholas Holway of Taunton, gent. I 
died worth £700 leaving Sir Hugh Portman, knight, Alexander ; 
Walker, Jeffery Pising, Simon Satmders, and Charles Holway 
his natural brother, executors. His wife Austice daughter of ' 
Robert Oland. She married John Goodwin Doctor of Divinity 
from whom the executors claim payment for maintenance of the \ 
children and from Peter Holway son of the deceased. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 391-47. , 


25 November 1622. Complaint of Thomas Ketchen of '[ 
Groundesbroughe, Suffolk, clerke, against George Goodwin, ■ 
Robert Tovill and John Harte, defendants. That whereas the ^ 
complainant being parson of Groundesbroughe by presentation of j 
the ]\Iaster Fellowes and Schollers of Trinit>^ Colledge, Cam- 
bridge was about five years since constrained vpon divers and , 


sundry abuses of the said Townesmen of Groundesbroughe to 
commence a sute into the Exchequer chamber against Hughe 
Lord of the same towne etc. for the tythe heay and lackadge which 
was a vsuall tythe to the parson etc. and after spending much 
money and time on the suite on entreaty forbore and at his owne 
expence brought down a commission to end the matter etc. 
which would make noe end at the first meeting appointed another 
etc. but in the mean time the said Hugh Lord, George Goodwyne, 
Robarte Tovell and John Harte the most substantiallest men in 
the said parish did propose to your orator some composition to 
which he agreed the better to follow his study etc. whereupon 
the defendants agreed to pay £40 to repay plaintiff for tithes and 
executions. But now so it is this said defendants refuse to pay 
said £40, have made a purse of moneys left for charitable uses 
i of £25 per annum which has been the cause of your orator to 
resigne his fellowship in Trinity Colledge, Cambridge his prin- 
cipall steay and caused the person of your orator to be arrested 
etc. etc. 3 January, 20 James, taken at Woodbridge Suffolk, before 
James Goodwin and Samson Wolferston. Answers of George 
Goodwin, Robert Tovill and John Harte, defendants. Deny the 
promise of £40 etc. a certain tenement called Wafford — the 
property was sold to said Anstice that lest she perished before 
they attain full age being very young. She now the wife of 
John Goodwin D.D. Peter Holway one of the children who with 
his mother now combine to call the probate in question the wit- 
nesses of which will being long since deceased. Peter's other 
brother and sister etc. etc. (Very decayed and dirty). 
Chancery Proceeding, series 2, 363-64. 

28 June 1623. The Complaint of one William Goodwyn of 
Hornden on the Hill in county Essex, weaver, and one Henry 
Goodwyn of the same place, yeoman, executors of the last will 
and testament of one Robert Goodwyn late of the same, yeoman, 
deceased, and gardians of one Thomas Goodwyn, John Goodwin, 
Anne and Helen Goodwyn, the nephews and neeces of the said 
Robert Goodwyn deceased. That whereas the said Robert 
Goodwyn was in his life time seized in one messuage called by 
the name of the sign of the Bell in Hornedon on the Hill and of 
two tenements adjoyning thereto and of one tenement with three 
acres of land and divers others in Hornedon on the Hill and a 


good personall estate to the value of £200 ... in November ; 
last made his last will and testament by which the reversion of ; 
the said Bell came to Thomas and John Goodwyne after the 
decease of Anne his then wife, and did give unto the said Anne 
Goodwyn, daughter of one Thomas Goodwyn deceased, the two j 
tenements adioyning and to the said Ellen, the sister of the said . 
Anne, the tenement with 3 acres etc. and shortly afterwards in j 
said November he died, and your orators proved the said will j 
and the said Anne entered on the estate for life — and on 35 I 
Aprill last died and the nephews and the neeces took their rever- ■ 
sions. But so now it is that many writings etc. household stuffe, ■ 
pewter brasse and many brewing vatts and vessells which the j 
said Robert Goodwin had, he being a brewer, and have come j 
into the hands of Robert Savage of Burntewood, county Essex, i 
yeoman, Bartholomew Slaterford of Hornedon, taylor and Robert | 
Slaughterford of ditto, weaver, and who do combine to embezzle i 
and defraud etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 351-14. '-\ 


5 April 1624. Complaint of Burton Goodwine of Nottingham, i 

yeoman, against . That whereas about July, 14 James I 

I, there was an agreement made between Thomas Parramore and 1 

Thomas Stanley, gent, of one parte the Bayliffe and Burgesses \ 

and occupiers phattes(vats) for making of salt within the bor- , 

ough of Droitwich, county Worcester, on the other part. That j 

for their inventions, and saving of wood in salts making they i 

should have a 21 years lease and as much longer that said Para- j 

more should live etc. Your orator lent to said Parramore £500 j 

in various sums etc. One Edward Barrett Thomas Gower, Gil- • 

bert Wheeler, Francis Moule, Nicholas Daines, William Hill, j 

Adam Jones, John Allen, Arthur Jones, Thomas Withe, Henry 

Collier and said other occupiers of phattes etc. to defraud your 

orators etc. (Very faded and stained). 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 353-45. 


7 January 1624. Complaint of William Goodwyn, citizen and j 

merchant taylor of London against William Lawrence defendant, j 

That about two years ago and often before your orator had deal- \ 

inges with one William Laurence of London, salter, concerning ■ 

the buying tobacco and other commodities by your orator from \ 



the said William thinking him an honest man and believing him 
to deal in retail or in gross in tobacco your orator did buy of 
him certain parcels of tobacco and defendant promised that every 
rowle thereof which as your orator supposed were about three 
or four rowles were all good perfect and sound and well grabeled 
and distinguished tobacco and euerie one of them were worth 
sixteene shillings the pounde your orator did buy for £25 for 
which he gave a bond to defendant which tobacco your orator 
found altogether putrified naught and rotten by reason of water 
and putride and uncleane thinges put into the rowles etc. Begs 
release from payment, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 352-51. 

May 1626. Complaint of William Goodwin of Topcroft, 
county Norfolk, yeoman. Peter Brooke was no ways able to pro-^ 
vide for his wife and child before his going forth into the Kings 
His Maties service. Gregory Cushinge, John Copping, Robert 
Merriman. Said the said Gushing will go out of the country. 
(Very stained, imperfect, and dirty). 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-83. 

II February 1628. Complaint of Godwyn of Sill- 

ington, county Somerset, executor of will of William Godwyn 
brother of your orator deceased against one Thomas Baker and 
others defendants. That whereas one John Thorne of Stoke, 
under Hamdon, county Somersett, mason, with Thomas Baker 
of Stoke aforesaid, husbandman, about twelve years since did 
give for a debt owing your orator's deceased brother by their 
obligacion of £24 for payment of £12 long since due and unpaid 
etc. etc. 5 Charles, April 15. Answer of Thomas Baker, defend- 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-71. 

30 April 1629 Complaint of Ewyn Goodwyn of Mendlesham, 
county Suffolk, yeoman, against Edmund Tennor defendant. 
That whereas our Edmund Tennor borrowed of one John Shipp 
about three and one half years ago £20 giving a bond for £40 
and upon 6 November 1626 Tennor failing payment came to your 
orator aboute one fortnighte before the day of payment asking 
your orator to pay his debt for which he would give security 


which he did receiving the first bond and cancelled it. But as to 
the bond taken by your orator from Tennor for £40 your orator 
shewed that the writer of the said bond being a younge scoller 
made the said bonde defective in the word quadraguita instead of 
writinge quadrguita writte and made the same quatuorginta 
which being taken to court in spite of three witnesses was declared 
void, etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-84. 

10 October 1631 Complaint of Thomas Brocke late cittizen of 
London against Ambrose Goodwyn late of Grays Inne, gent, 
defendant. That whereas said Ambrose Goodwyn and one John 
Williams of the countie of Middlesex, gent, became bound to 
your orator for £200 I August, 20 James, for payment of £100 
on February 2 then next. But soe it is the iioo was never paid 
nor interest so complainant entered a suite for same and deliv- 
ered the bond to one William White an attorney who in his life 
time caused said Goodwyn and Williams to be outlawed but said 
White dying before recovery the bond is lost or mislayed etc. etc. 
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 397-51- 

February 4th, 1632. Complaint of John Goodwyn of King- 
ston, county Staffordshire, weaver, against Roger Heath and 
others, defendants. That whereas Raph Goodwyn deceased your 
orator's late grandfather was seised in one messuage and lands 
in Gaylin, county Staffordshire, of 40 acres value £20 per annum 
and having issue three sons, Thomas his eldest, William Good- i 
wyn the second and Raph Goodwyn the third did by deed assure 
the said messuage to himself during life, then to Raph his 
youngest son, in default of heirs to the said Thomas ; the said 
Raph entered into possession — Afterwards the said Thomas 
died leaving your orator his eldest son etc, then Raph Goodwyn 
died without issue and the said messuage descended to your 
orator etc. But so it is that Roger Heath, John Heath his son, 
John Cooke, Humfrey Cowdale Elizabeth St. Andrew, widow, 
George Webb, — Holford, — Fraunces his wife, Henry Goodwyn, 
Mary Fowler, Dorothy Fowler, Roger Dawson and others com- 
bine having got the deeds and counterparts and deny they ever 
existed, deny your orator's right and claim the title to themselves. 
Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-85. 


7 February 1633. Complaint of Morgan Godwyn, Gierke, 
Archdeacon of Salop and Prebendarie of a certaine Prebend 
founded in the Cathedral Church of Hereford . . . knowne 
by the name of the Prebend of Warham and Aylston, county 
Hereford, against William Freeman defendant. Complains that 
the records deeds etc. etc. of the Archdeaconry are detained by 
one William Freeman, executor to William Greenewich, Gierke, 
the orator's predecessor, also the deeds of a certain manor belong- 
ing to the Prebendary etc. etc. 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-72. 

25 November, 1637. Co-mplaint of Richard Goodwyn of 
Grays Inn, county Middlesex, gent. That whereas there had 
been divers controversies between one Christopher Marshall, 
gent, late husband of Elizabeth Marshall, widow, and one George 
Gardyner, gent, amongst others one touching lands at Wanston, 
county Suffolk, which said Gardyner was to convey to said Mar- 
shall etc amongst which were some called Hungerdownes bought 
by said Gardyner of one Bartholomew Bobbs and Bridgett his 
wife, also one called Burrages at Wanston bought of one Baxter — 
also a capital messuages, houses, yeards and gardyns in the 
parish of St. Martins at the Pallace in the cittie of Norwich — 
The White Horse mentioned — Richard Baxter — Christopher 
Stone, John Chickeringe a surety, Francis Baxter father of 
Richard, Thomas Sherwood, Robert Morse. The orator appears 
to have given a bond with Chickeringe regardinge some surrender 
for which the White Horse should have been given him as secur- 
ity. (Very indistinct, worn, stained and filthy.) 

Chancery Proceedings, series 2, 403-86. 


24 November 1648. Bill of Complaint of John Goodwyn and 
Elizabeth Barker, administrators of goods of John Barker late 
of Norwich, worstead weaver, whoe died intestate. That Thomas 
Staller late of Norwich, yeoman, 14 May, 21 James, became bound 
to one John Barker in £100 and on 29 May, 21 James to said 
John Barker in £20. Said bonds made to said Barker in trust for 
Margarett then wife of said Thomas Staller and before that wife 
of John Howes deceased. Said Staller made his will and one 


John Crooke of Norwich, executor, and dyed and said Crook \ 

proved his will etc. etc. and said bonds remayne unpaid and said l 

John Barker about December 1636 died intestate and administra- ,| 

tion granted by Clement Corbett, doctor of lawes, Chancellor of ' 

Norwich, vicar general to Mathew, Bishop of Norwich, 30 s 

December 1636 and after demanded said somes from said Crooke ,, 

who denyed payment and said John Barker had in his lifetime ^jj 

made acquaintances of said bonds denied by said Barker in his ^ 

lyfetyme etc. With answer of John Crooke defendant. ', 

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, Reynardson 3, *| 

bundle i no. 7K. t 



1638 Defendants, one Robert Goodwin, Richard Southcott, ' 

esquire and Henry Whitfield, clarke. Complainants John Whit- ] 

field, Robert W^hitfield, gent. Ann and Mary Whitfield. De- j 

fendants were overseers in the will of John Whitfield and had a j 

right to sell his manors Somersetshire to pay his debts and the 1 

portions of the plaintiffs and other legacies and the charitable ^ 

bequests but they renounced and they do still renounce and leave | 

all to Thomas Whitefield son and heir and executor. Testator j 

"a pious good man of a lovinge and kind disposition" had over- | 

charged his will with charitable bequests and brought some debt | 

upon himself by the marriage of his daughter Elizabeth (the i 

eldest daughter) with one John Bowyer. John Bowyer and his ;j 

wife make no demand for the £500 legacie who had a marriage j 

portion of more than £500 — and pray to be dismissed with costs. .| 

12 April 1638 Answer of Thomas Whitfield 16 April 1638. ' 
Father's debts and legacies equals £5950, sale of manors etc. 

would equal £3000 he prays for some defalcation in either the | 

debts or legacies and guift of £300 for the releasement of captives | 
and this defendant having but £200 of clear yearly value left unto 

him thinks he ought not to be expected to pay any of these j 

bequests as the son and heir. Answer of John Bowyer, 1638. j 

Denies conspiracy to hinder the sale of Marston Magna mannor j 

in Somersetshire or any other of the said lands of the said John ■- 
Whitfield and he and his said wife Elizabeth do renounce all the 

claims they may have to any money etc. etc. \ 

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, bundle ?, no. . .[; 


10 May 1652. To the Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
William Goodwyn of North Burlingham, county Norfolk, gent. 
Whereas William Whittwood late of Felmingham said county, 
gent, by will dated i August 1628 bequeathed to Thomas Good- 
wyn, gent, your orator's late father deceased his messuage in 
East Ruston in said county paying severall somes to the suerall 
persons therein nominated amount to £1000 among them to the 
children of William Goodwin his brother at their ages of 21. 
Your orator's father did enter into said messuage and did pay 
various legacies amounting to £500 but died before other £500 
could be paid out of said messuage and lands and by his last will 
dated 2 May 1645 left said messuage to be sould by Mr. William 
Call, Mr. William Gelsthorpe, Mr. John Martin and Mr. Edward 
Newell his sonne in lawe or two of them but did not trouble or 
entitle them to take the profitts untill said messuage was sold but 
that part should be paid towards said legacies and that when sold 
said legacies bequeathed by said Mr. Whitwood his uncle should 
be fully satisfied. Said Trustees relinquished the trust and said 
messuage then descended to your orator who with their consent 
entered and for three years last past received rents etc. and did 
ymploy same for said legacies etc. and further sheweth that 
Robert Greene of Kinges Lynne in county Norfolk about ten 
years last past married Annie one of the daughters and co-heirs of 
William Goodwin, gent, your orator's uncle deceased, and claymed 
£10 legacy by said will and other legacies by her fathers will and 
by reason of charges etc. by pretence of said legacies not being 
paid did enter etc. and prevent your orator from receiving them 
the rents and your orator being desirous to sell said premises to 
pay said legacies etc. said Green did frustrate your orator's en- 
deavour etc. etc. With answer of Robert Greene. 

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, Bridges i, bundle 4. 

10 February 1657. To Commissioners. Bill of Complaint of 
John Goodwyn of Bradley in county Derby, husbandman. That 
about a yeare since your orator was constable of the towne of 
Bradley and there was a mare estray taken upp within the said 
constablary and delivered to your orator for the right owner 
etc. etc. and one Thomas Harrison pretended said mare was his 
whereof your orator not satisfied being informed it was the 


property of \Mlliam West a Lincolnshire man and refused to 
deliver the same and the said Harrison procured a warrant be- 
fore two J. P.'s for said county to bring upp said West well know- 
ing him to be a stranger and seeking to affright him from his 
clayme and cause your orator trouble etc. and said West appeared 
before Edward Mantore and Edward Pegg Esquires J.P.'s. and 
said West procured a certificate and witnesses who did affirme 
that the mare was the property of the said West etc. bred by 
Mr. Bright and the said Justices being sattisfied sett the said 
^^'est at liberty hee being by the prosecution of the said Harrison 
under the restraint etc. etc. and the said West obteyned the said 
mare. But the said Harrison procured your orator to be bound 
to appeare at the next assizes and goale delivery etc. etc. in the 
some of £30 to bring in the said mare to Ashborne at or before 
20 August last past and your orator not being able to produce the 
said mare the said Harrison hath entered the said bond in a 
suite etc. etc. \\ith the answer of Thomas Harrison the de- 
fendant, sworn at Ashborne, 3 May 1652. 

Chancery Proceedings, before 1714, Reynardson 3, 
bundle 8, no. 48. 


John Becke, complainant, against Sir Francis Goodwin, Knight, 

Becke, John, 

Becke, Robert the testator parish of Ham, Waddcsdon two 
elder daughters, the youngest Temperance Beck. Thompson, 
Thomas. Skillman's wife of Wotton. Becke, Anne, plain- 
tiff's sister. Howe, ]\Ir. of Grendon to be umpire. Sharpe, 
John. Stevens, Francis. 

Steevens, Francis of Ailesbury, county Bucks, gent. 43. 

Robert Becke, deceased, plaintiff's father. Tirrell, Mr. 
plaintiff's counsell. Lane, Mr. plaintiff's counsell. 

Beck, Rebecca, sister of Temperance. 

Howe. Thomas, of Grendon underwood Bucks, clerk, 64. This 
deponent's wife, John Foskett and Mr. Green. 

Beck, Joseph said testator Robert's son defendant promised £4 
to Anne Beck towards her going to London when she went. 
Temperance is a servant in defendant's house. 

Green, Thomas, of Grendon Vnderwood, clerk, 31. Said testator 
pitied said Temperance because she was simple and would 
settle 4 acres of land upon her. 

Sharpte of Collwicke, Bucks, yeoman, 30. If Temperance died 
without issue the land to come to plaintiff. 

Lester, Thomas, of Turford, Bucks, tailor 30. 

Skilman, Margery, wife of Ralfe Skilman, of Wotton, wheeler, 30. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, B, bundle 19, no. 7. 

Complaint of James Godden, gent, against Thomas Godden, 
gent, and Mary his wife. Depositions taken at Offham, county 
Kent, before William Codd, Esq. and Robert Scoles, gent. 

Squire, John, of Trottescliffe, Kent, husbandman. 42. 

Thomas Godden did declare he had passed over his estate 
to James Godden for 5 years for £10 per annum and diet. 

Hilles, William, of ditto, husbandman, 32. 
Thomas Godden's son. 

Codd, William, the elder, of Watringburie, Kent, gent. 45. 

Ray. David, of Ditton, Kent, 30. 


Ray, Jane, wife of David, 27. 

Noakes, John, of TrottisclifiFe. blacksmith, 40. 

(money matters) 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 2, no. 10. 

Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, plaintiff and Phillip, Earle of 
Pembroke and Montgomery, Sir John Thorowgood, knight, 
Michael Olsworth, Esq, Gyles Rowbach and John Ansty, gentle- 
men, defendants. 

Bennocke, John of Sherborne, county Dorset, gent, 40. 
Bedford, late Earl — 16 years ago sicke of a deadly palsy. 
Kelway, Mr. Henry with deponent servants to said Earle. 
Oldmixon, Anthony, of Oldmixon, county Somerset, gent. 44, 

was paid by plaintiff £50 from the Earl of Bedford for 

cloth due. 
Money advanced to the Duchess of Bedford deceased for which 

the plaintiff is bound. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 5, no. 11. 

Francis Goodwin, knight, complainant, against the Earl of 
Pembrook, Sr. John Thorowgood, knight, Michael Olsworth, 
Esqr, John Ansty and Gilbert Rowbatch, gent, defendants. 8th 
years (date torn away) 

Varnnow, William, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, Esqre, 

43. Servant for 16 years to Earl of Bedford. 
Braunche, William, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, 67. 
Durant, Roger, Rickmansworth (age indistinct). Mention of 

Michael Goldsworth. Joyles Rubbishe, Mr. Bennocke. 
Corbett, Millicent, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, widow 60. 
Carter, Robert, of Rickmansworth, county Hartford, labourer 34. 

Was a botler in the duke's house paid by Mr. Crofte then 

clerk of the kitchen. 
Plaintiff claims to have paid money for the living expenses of the 

Duchess of Bedford (decayed at edge) 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 18, no. 9. 

No date. Interrogatories of the parte of Thomas Goodwyn 
against John Hepte and Elizabeth his wife. Lands and tene- 
ments called Chappell, tenement called Norden etc. in East 


Radden, Devon. John and William Frere were owners of said 
tenements and lands. Said Goodwyn said to be cosyn to the 
Freres viz. son to John Goodwyn son to William Goodwyn son 
to Johann daughtr to said John Frere. 

John Frere has issue one William Frere, Margery, Isabell (now 

dead) and said Johan. 
John Turnor, clerke. John Rysby. John Sawyer. John Colsyll, 

Thomas Awsell. William Sidmaster. Edward Courtney. 
Whether John Odye (now dead) supposed son of said Margery 

Frere is a bastard. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 35, no. 5. 

Complaint of William Hickes against John Goodwyne and 
Susan his wife defendants Depositions taken at Mount Sorrel, 
county Leicester, before Awdryan Farnham, Thorne Beamont, 
Esqr. Humphry Katherne, gent, and Benedict Willson, gent. 

Jell'ye, John of Quarnden, county Leicester, 50. 

Richard Bache als Page and his children (Anthony Page, 
Anne by Susan the defendant) Carpenter took Susan one 
defendant to wife did not know him to be of great ability in 
his life, knew a farm said Page did dwell in worth 5 nobles 
a year. 

(torn) of Newtowne Lynforde, County Leicester, yeoman. 72. 
Anne wife of complainant had money of defendants. 

Harrison John, of Newtown Lynforde, ditto, yeoman, 62. 

That the goods of said Page came to said Carpenter, de- 
fendant, the third husband to said Susan, defendant, 
(money matters) 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, H, bundle 43, no. 10, 

Complaint of Thomas Wilson, plaintiff against Edward Good- 
win, defendant. Depositions taken at Rotherham (county 
Yorke) before George Sitwell, Thomas Vincent, Esqr., Francis 
Stephenson and William Wordsworthe, gent. 

West, Thomas, of Rotherham, county York, gent. 37. 

Lawson, Thomas, the younger, of Maisborough, county York, 20. 

Mr. Thomas West did pen the depositions in last suit and this 

deponent engrossed the same. 


Revell, John, of Whiston, county York, gent. 56. Edward Good- 
win son of Anthony nephew to defendant Goodwin. Young 
Wilson the plaintiffs son. 

Vincent, Thomas, of Warnsworth, county York, Esqr. 56. 
Eulogy of Anthony Goodwin. 

West, Thomas, of Rotherham, county York, gent. 27, dark 
for the plaintiff. 

Barnsley, Mr. Thomas, solicitor for plaintiff. 

Ellis, Thomas, of Rawmarsh, county York, blacksmith, 50. 

Bagshaw, Edward, of ditto, carpenter, 50. 

Sanderson, Henry, of Stubinge in parish of Rawmarsh husband- 
man, 50. Known Edward Goodwin and Anthony his 
brother eleven years and Edward the son from his childhood. 

Continuation of W. 31-6 Anthony Goodwin accuses a commis- 
sion in that case of abusing and raging at him. 

Chancery Deposition, Elizabeth to Charles, W, bundle 37, no. 2. 

3 October, 2 Edward VI (1548) Depositions taken at Exetter 
within the countie of Devon by John Drake of Aysshe and John 
Haydon, Esquire, by vertue of the Kinges maiesties comyssion 
etc. the therd day of October yn the second yere of the reigne of 
Edward the syxth, etc. upon interogatories exhibited by Thomas 
Goodwyn of the Cittie of London ad perpetua rei memoriam. 

Tybbyes, John, clerke, vycar of Peyhembery, county Devon, 51. 
Sayeth that Thomas Chard, deceased, late abbott of the 
late monastery of Ford, Devon, suppressed, and brother to 
this deponent about ten days before the ffest of all sayntes 
next before the surrendering of the said Abbey asked depon- 
ent to enquire of the tenants of Cale and Payhembery yf 
any desired the reversion of their lands etc. 

Truslowe, John, of Payhembery, miller, 51. 

Fylmore, John ^ 

Mountstevyn, Harry | 

Saunder, John [-tenants 

Doucher, John, als Saunder | 

Saunder, Richard et al j 

Hays, Markes. ) , ^ • 

r-u AM u i^u. I Abbotts officiers. 

Chuddlegh, John, j 

Baggewill, John, of the town of Oxeforth. 


Isack, Richard and wife, who asked for a grant of a leased asked 
for a revercion of Philimores land saying he only wanted 
enough to sett a butt of bees — Philimore's wife answering 
she had two children and hoped to see one of them enjoy it. 

Phylmore, John, of Hydow, Devon, husbandman, 60 and Sybella 
his wife. 

Mountstephyn, Harry, of Cale, Devon, husbandman, 70. 

Saunder, John, of Cale, Devon, husbandman, 34. 

Saunder, John, of Cale, Devon, husbandman, 56. 

Wadham, John, Esqre. 

Hayes, Edmund 29, son of Marks Hayes under steward of the 
Shere, John writing in monastery leases one of which he 
gave to Isack. 

Elsdon, Thomas, Mayre of the towne of Lyme Dorsett, mer- 
chaunt, 46. 

Hayfard, of Lyme, merchant, 35. 

Cudboll, Willia, of Lyme, merchant, 66. 

Helyer, John, Lyme, yeoman, 50 (sworn in the 

Coke, John, Lyme, Satgyant, 36. (company of 

Garland, Roger. 

Isaak, William. 

Rosse, Robert, priest about 65, cousin to the abbott. 

Porter, Elye. 

Pole, William. 

Hassarde, John. 

Starr, John, of Bradeford, county Dorsett, gentleman, 35, 

Goodwyn claims certain lands on a lease written by Robert Rosse 
and Isack the same on an abbott's lease. 

Chancery Deposition, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 19, no. 4. 

1561, April 19 Mathew Goodwyn and William Goodwin, com- 
plaint against Richard Burdall defendant. Depositions taken 19 
April, 3 Elizabeth at Newmarket before Robert Peyton and 
William Rudston, esquires and John Foster, gent. 

Beale Leonard of Newmarket 50. The inn in Newmarket called 
the Griffin is worth £30 per annum and to sell £600. 

Beale, Johanne, 36. Defendant received iio from Anthonie 
Resington which he delivered to Thomas Burdall. 


Sturgess, Phyllypp, of Thelforde, Norfolke, 52. 

The sale of the said Inn. Dispute in money matters. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 27, no. 5. 

1564, April 24. The depositions taken at Walltham, county 
Southampton, 24 April 6 Elizabeth before Sir. Fraunces Daw- 
trey, knight, John White and Raffe Henslowe, Esqre. on behalf 
of Thomas Godwyn plaintiff and Hughe Foster and Elizabeth his 
wife defendants. 

Exparte Thomas Godwyn. 

Thomas Boner als Cowll, of Waltham, carpenter, 58. 

Stephen Godwin died seized of certain lands etc. in manor of 
Waltham — which came on his death to Anne his wife after 
her death they should come to plaintiff as younger son of 
said Stephen according to the custom of the mannor 

Abraham, John of Walham, 60. 

Barton, John, of Waltham, husbandman 40. 

Frende, Gilberte, of Waltham, husbandman, 24. 

Cosen, John, of Brusselldowne said county 60. 

Exparte Hugh Eraser. 

Trigges, Thomas, of Waltham, 45, yeoman. Does not know 
all the land at variance but does know one tenement called 
Playstowes pur presture land allso ten acres land called 

Gibbes which is purpresture land if bond land and 

purpresture land are joined in one fine if more purpesture 
land goes to youngest son if more bond to the elder. 

Turnor, Richard, a tenant. Godwin, Richard the eldest son and 
his wife Elizabeth now defendant's wife, said Richard pre- 
deceased his mother Anne a year and a half. 

Pyne, Henry, of Waltham, 56. 

Frye, William, of Brussellsdowne, husbandman, 56. 

Tompson, William, of Brussellsdowne, 66. 

Strugnell, Thomas, of Droxford in said county, husbandman, 60. 

Marks, Thomas, of Shedfeld in said county, husbandman, 60. 

Lidgate, Hugh, of Vppan said county husbandman 60. 

Turnor, Richard, of Waltham, husbandman 53. 

Crowther, Stephen, of Croxford, said county, husbandman 30. 

Thomas Goodwin claims certain messuage as youngest son as 
against his deceased eldest brother's wife now defendant's 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 2, no. 11. 


1566-7 January 7. Complaint of John Michelborne against 
Jamys Goodwyn, defendant. Deposition at Lewes, 7 January, 
9 Elizabeth before John Mather, John Selwyn, Simon Warde and 
John Lunsford, Esq. 

Michael! Hawkins. 

Mychelborn, John, the elder, y6. 

That he paid Lord Windsor for the manner and farm £100 
and more etc. also paid money to James Goodwyn for his 
interest who passed his right to John Michelborne depo- 
nent's son. Received of Thomas Hawkins, father of Michael 
Hawkins, vli. vis. viijd. 25. 5. Edward Vi. in the Court of 

Goodwyn, James, 55. 

Took the farm of Lord Windsor at £5. 6s.8d. to be paid this 
deponent by said John Bate. 

Concerning the purchase of the farme of Horstye from Lord 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, M, bundle 43, no. 9. 

March, 10 Elizabeth (1567-8) Matthew Goodwyn and Wil- 
liam Goodwin, plaintiffs versus Richard Bordall, defendant. 

Wade, Lyonell, of Braunston, county Suffolk, 50. 

Rosington, Anthony now dead within three years at Wade's house 
bound with the complainants his cousins to defendant. 

Thomas Bordall. 

John and Robert Wade deponents brothers now deceased 

Palmer, Robert, of Ippeswich, 20. 

Mr. Thomas Bordall of Newmarket uncle to said Rosington. 

Gardyner, John, Bailiff of Ippeswich. 44. 

Matthew Goodwyn was arrested coming out of his inn there 
by one Dobbes the vndershreeve of Suffolk at the suit of 
Thomas Bordall for £20 who the night before shewed a 
friendly countenance to the said Matthew and gave him a 
potte of wyne. 

Smith, John, of ditto, sherman, 40. vith and vijth of King 
Phillip and Queen Mary he was with Mathew and John 
Goodwyn at Sturbridge fair where Matthew was arrested. 

Cooke, Margaret, wife of John Cooke, of Brandyston, 24. Good- 
wun of Ipswich and of Woodbridge. 

Defendant still presses for a bond which has been paid. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 7, no. 12. 



1572 October 4 Christopher Goodwyn against John Barker, ' 

defendant, at Ipswich before John Southwell, Esqr, and John ! 

Clenche, gent., John Thurston and Richard Godfrey, 4 October > 

14 Elizabeth. Whether Rauf Goodwyn father of plaintiff was ! 

seized in the manor of Buttishall and the field called Bloyses in ] 

Bedfield and Worlington worth, county Suffolk, leaving the same ' 

to Elizabeth his then wife and executor to be sold whether she ' 

did sell same or lease it or in her last will devise it to anyone etc. ' 

Whether John Bugge and William Bugge took the issues — i 

whether said Elizabeth made a bond with John Smith of said ' 

manor to hold him harmless against Christopher her son. How | 

Robert Barker defendant's father came into possession of said ! 

manor. ,' 

Eldred, Thomas, of Ipswiche, county SuiTolk, chandeloe, 40. s 

Byrd, Augustine, of Nacton, Suffolk, yeoman. 38. ; 

Bugge, William, nowe of arking, county Suft"olk, 70, to whom > 

said Elizabeth sold the messuage for £340. ^ 

Smith John, of Bedfielde, Suft'olk, housbandman, 50. j 

Freeman, John, of Hadley, Suffolk, gent. 58, has been fourteen j 

years clerke of the peace of Suffolk — nine years ago said ) 

Elizabeth did sell the manor (as executrix) to the Bugges. | 

Bugge, William, of Barking, yeoman, 70. 'j 

Christopher Goodwyn claims his father's estate in certain tene- ; 

ments etc. etc. I 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 10, no. 6. j 

1582 July 30 Complaint of John Goodwin, plaintiff against i 
Edward Morse, defendant. Depositions taken before Edward 

Grimston, Roger Scott, Phillip Browne, Esqrs. and Edward j 

Goodwin, gent, at Ipswich 30 July, 24 Elizabeth. | 

Claye, Nicholas, of Tattingston, county Suffolk, shipwryte, 64. j 

Has known the plaintiff since his the plaintiff's birth and the \ 

defendant since he came to dwell in Tattingston about eleven | 

years ago. Goodwin, John, the father, does not know what I 

he died seized of but John the complainant as youngest son \ 

should inherit as custom of manor. Goodwin, Martha, | 

plaintiff's mother. | 

Springe, Hierome, of Tattingston, county Suffolk, gent. 50. | 
Sayeth that said Edward Morse hath delt very hardly and 


evil with the wyfe of one Sorrell, sometyme bailiff of ye sayd 
niannor, being both executor and supervisor vnto said Sor- 
rell whose wyfe sayd Edward did not only sue in his owne 
name three or four times but also did practise to defeat her 
of a tenement and certeyn lands granted her husband by the 
Erie of Oxford his master. 

Goodwin, Gregory, of Tattingston, county Suffolk, husbandman, 
38. Eldest son of said John deceased. Said Morse dealt 
hardly with Tripp's wife and son. 

Glamfile, Steven, Tattingston, county Suffolk, taylor, 40. 

Austen, Nichols, of Ramsey, Essex, 38. 

Concerning 17 acres of land called Hatfield in Tattingston, 
county, Suffolk. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 20, no. 15. 

29 November 1590 Complaint of John Reppes, administrator 
of one Thomas Robertson, against Richard Gooddin, defendant. 
That whereas said Thomas Robertson at his death was seized of 
plate, goods, chatties, money etc, to value of £1000 which have 
come to the hands of one Richard Goodyn which he will not give 
up etc. Said Robertson made his will 10 July, 26 James? and 
bequeathed to Margery his then wife 200 marks, 300 ouncys of 
plate, halfe his debts all his stocke of catell, and all his goods at 
a place called Rysupprice, and half his household stuffe at 
Boston, county Lincolne, etc. appointed said Margery and Nicho- 
las Robertson his brother, Christofer Tamworth and Stephen 
Hechens, clerke, executors after whose death said defendant inter- 
married with said Margery on June 18, 29 Henry VHI they 
were converted before Thomas x\rchbishop of Canterbury to prove 
the will which they did the other executors renouncing etc. 

Johnson, Elizabeth, of Fyshtoft, county Lincoln, wife to Thomas 
John of the same, 24. At the labor of Margery Gooddyng, 
last wife to Rychard, and doth remember when she was in 
her travell and saw she shuld departe this world dyd graunte 
to hir mother £6. 13s. 4d. one gown furred wt calabar hyr 
best Kyrtle of worsted and oon pound pece of syluer etc. 
but never knew she made any will or made her husband 
executor etc. She to be buried between her two children 
etc. etc. etc. 


Tottes, Isabell, wife to John Tottes, of Fishtoft, county Lincoln, j 
Said Margery wife of Thomas Robertson, junior. 

Messynger, Richard, of Fishtoft, 31. in the parts of Holland. 
Was Ghostly father to said Margery who made no will. ; 

Ratlyff, Elen, of Boston, wife of Xpofer Ratlyff, late wife of i 
John Kaym. 47. i 

Claye, William, of Boston. 58. < 

Gierke, Richard, of Boston, 57. ! 

Samforth, Bryan, of Boston, clerk. 36. Thomas the son of j 
Thomas Robertson deceased to whom he left £1500. '■ 

Hechens, Stephen, vicar of Freston, 50. | 

Spynkes, Willia, marchant of Boston, 50. | 

Turner, John, of Boston, gentleman, 40. ? 

Soresby, Thomas, of Boston, merchant, 40. ' 

Felde, Nicholas, of Boston, merchant, so- 

Golker, William, of Boston, mercer, 50. -^ 

Panell, Thomas, of Tost next Boston, Esqre. 33. ; 

Robertson, Nicholas, of Boston, Esqr. brother of said Thomas "i 
deceased, 50. that four of five years before the death of 1 
said Thomas his father gave him £500 and iiooo by bill 1 
indented. | 

Robertson, Anthony, gentleman, son of the brother of said | 
Thomas Robertson the younger deceased, 60. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Gharles, R, bundle 7, no. 5. ' 

1598 June 12. Andrewe Godden, plaintiff against Andrew ■ 

Baker, defendant before Thomas Scott, Robert Honywood, '\ 

Richard Deering, Esq. and John Adye of Boxley, gent, taken in ; 

Wye 12 June 1598. | 

Elstone, Isaake, of Mylforde, county Kent, yeoman 56. That ; 

plaintiff and defendant were jointly bound to deponent for ■, 

£20 paid by Andrew Baker to him. ^j 

Swanne, William, of Wye, Kent, gent. 52. 
Harrison, Richard, of Wye, Kent, husbandman y2. Said Goddin 

coming to dwell in Wye etc. 
Harrison, Robert, of Feversham, 60. 
Iden, Rychard, of Eastewell, Kent, yeoman, 66. '? 

Marshe, Thomas, of Sittingborne, Kent. Notary Publique 42 

Knew defendant twelve years one — Denham — the idiot (sic) 


of one John Crofte, Andrew Barkers dwelling at Rod- 
mersham, Kent — Thomas Merham Notary Publique — Robert 
Forage whose name was forged to the deed and has been 
dead seven years. 

Pledger, Henry, of Wye, Kent, servant to John Columbine 19. 

Goddin, John, son to plaintiff 18. 

Coveney, Edward, of Hastingleigh, Kent, yeoman 30. 

Tylden. William, of Wylsborowe, Kent, yeoman, 60. Heard 
defendant say he had lent the plaintiff money and that he 
should have £10 of him in marriage with his daughter which 
said £10 the plaintiff confessed. 

Newstreete, Henry, of Ashford, Kent, yeoman, 50. 

Bigge, John, of Wylsborow, Kent, husbandman, 50. 
(money matters). 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 25, no. 16. 

1599 April 20 Complainant of William Goodding plaintiff and 
William Gooding, defendant. Depositions before Marke Sty- 
mard, Samuel Backhouse, Esqrs. and Richard Powle, gent, and 
John Norries, Esqr. at Wokingham, county Barks, 20 April, 41 

Hallier, John,' of Wookingham, county Barks, yeoman, 66, is a 
tenant of Sonning manor. 

Gooding, John died a year past about 60. A court held a 
year ago when Mr. Henry Nevell, now Sir Henry Nevell, 
knight, then High Syeward of said Manor read the granting 
to said John Goodding and complainant and Agnes their 
mother a lease for their lives. 
Borne one of her Majesties servants in the stable. 

Wilkes, Johan, wife of Richard Wilks, of Wookingham, Barks, 
husbandman, 66. His brother John Goodding was 7 or 8 
years old at taking of the copyhold and died a year ago. 

Mylls, Thomas, of Wookingham, Barks, clothworker, 57. John 
Goodwin and William Goodwin. Agnes their mother and 
of this deponent whom she told that her father Stedman and 
she paid the fine. 

Taylor, Raphe, Wookingham, Barks, yeoman, 40. 

Scrope, Raphe, of Easthamstead Park, county Barks, gent. 33. 

Wilkes, Richard, of Wokingham, Barks, husbandman, 66. Said 
Agnes Goodwin his mother in law. 



Staverton, George, Wokingham, Barks, gent. 43. | 

Symmes, Thomas, of Barkham, Barks, yeoman, 66. | 

Planner, John, Barkham, Barks, gent. 60. I 

Marlow, Richard, Barkham, Barks, yeoman, 43. ! 

Disputed custom of the mannor of Sonning, ] 

Chancery Depositions, EHzabeth to Charles, G, bundle 33, no. 6. j 


1602 April 6. George Gooding, complainant against Nicholas ! 

Jess, gent, before John Osborne, Esqr. and George Coo, gent. ' 

taken at Holbrooke, county SuiTolk, 6 April, 44 Elizabeth. ' 

Watson, Margarat, of Harkested, county Suffolk, widow, 60. J 

Knows the manor of Fallenham Dodness, county Suffolk for ; 

fifty years and that plaintiff holds certain lands in Dodness j 

by copy, hir father John Waldon was a copyholder for twenty j 

years and her grandfather and great grandfather held the • 
same lands. 

Deposition taken at Woodbridg, Suffolk, 1 1 January, 44 • 

Elizabeth before Sr Anthony Wingfield, knight and John i 

Revett, Esqr. 1 

Collwyn, Benjamin, of Falkenham, husbandman 50. Mr. Samp- i 

son did service for the said Marsh thirty years ago. ' 

Depositions 28 Sepyember, 43 Elizabeth before ditto. ' 

Dade, Woullferin of Falkenham, yeoman, 35, has known the ; 

manor twelve years. Richard Margetts. j 

Lambe, Thomas, of Trewly St. Marie, Suffolk, gent aged ( ) j 

Scrutton or Scrufon, William of Walton, county Suffolk, yeoman j 


Dispute as to lands in Dodness, Suffolk, called the Scyte of 1 

the mannor with a marshe called the Holme marsh the Hall ; 

yard, Hall woode, nether Crofte, Bromelands, Hatfield, j 

Netherholme, vopperholme, the Slade, Falkenham hill, Hard- I 

acre, Myngledoe, Franckelande — 127 acres granted 3, Henry 1 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 24, no. 3. 

1609, June 16 George Goodwyn, plaintiff, against William I 

Goodwyne, defendant. Depositions taken at Framfeild, county -j 
Suffolk, before Thomas Digges, D.D., Thomas Dykes, the 
younger, gent, and John Wilson, gent. 16 June, 7 James. 


Chell, John, of Retherfeild, Suffolk, yeoman, 46. Plaintiff 
arrested by John Goffe special baylif at suit of John Fissen- 
den of Hastings and with one Gregorie and one Cobb of 
Halseham took him to Hastinges within the Cinque ports 

Pentecost, John. 

Dryon, Mary, of Walden, Sussex, spinster (decayed) the plain- 
tiff and defendant walking — twoe slight shocks from the 
house — Defendants wife (six years ago). 

Cunstable, Thomas, of Chiddingleighe, Sussex, carpenter, 35. 
Richard Chambers then bailiff (six years ago). Pelham, 
Mr. Thomas is Lord of the manor. 

Cunstable, Joane, of Chuddingleigh, wife of Thomas, 32. 

Fuller, Thomas, of Maghfeild, Sussex, butcher, 26. Mr. Wards 
the Steward. 

Nightingale, John, of Ripe, Sussex, husbandman, aged . 

Goodie, John, of Asson, Sussex, yeoman 66. 

Doddesley, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Doddesley, of Sussex, 
glover, 40. 

Messuage 100 acres and lands called Bromham in parish of Ripe, 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 32, no. 11. 

161 5 April 24 Complaint of William Bird, Doctor of the 
lawe and one of the Masters of the Chancery and Jane his wife 
and William Taylor against Roger Goodwin and William Dale, 
defendants. Depositions taken at Derby in county Derby before 
Sr Peeter Tretchvile, knight, John Bentley, knight, Gilbert Rolle- 
ston, Esq. and Robert Bamford, clerk, 24 April, 13 James. 

Smith, Isaack, of Derby, county Derby, grasier, 30. Believes it 
true that Roger Goodwin did lend unto Richard Dale 
deceased father of William Dale, defendant, the sum of £300 
many years ago but under 20, half of said Dale's lands in 
Osmoston were extended for £600. Knows the close called 
Humberholme near Osmoston worth £24 per annum. 

Richard Dale often said he sold same to Sr John Stanhope knight. 

Trafford, Richard did show the witness a coppy of an answer in 
chancery proving said complainant has received £600 before 
he sold to Sri John Stanhoppe. 


Dale, Joan, of Derby, late wife ol Richard Dale, of Osmoston, 

deceased, 68. 
Dale, Gentle, of Derby, yeoman, 25, Richard Dale's son. 
Willymott, Robert of Chaddesden, Derby, gent. 48. The first 

loan took place twenty years since but was paid back after 

Goodwin and Dale joined to purchase a place called Somer- 

cotts of St. John Zouche, deceased. 
Sheere, John of Osmoston, Derby. 

Fisher, Nicholas of Scraptoft, county Leicester, clerk, 42. 
Money matters. Bird's interest not explained. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, B, bundle 80, no. 16. 

1617 James Goodwyn, gent, plaintiff against Israeli Frere, 
gent, and others, defendant 1617 Suit concerning defendants 
lands and mannor of Bownes and the messuage called Thurstons 
and lands late belonging to John Thurstons and before that 
Thomas Thurstons and now the complainants in Rendham, county 

Curtys, William, of Rendham, county Suffolk, yeoman, 55. 
William Fiske and Feveryeare Edmond of Rendham both 
dead twenty seven or twenty eight years. 
Deposition of Thomas Harvye taken at Snape, Suffolk, 22 
March 1631 before John Lane and James Withe, gent. 

Harvey, Thomas, the elder of Snape, county Suffolk, yeoman, 73. 

Thinge, Mary, of Stowmarket, county Suffolk, widow, 60. 

William Harding. John Palmer. John Thurston thelder 
was her brother and Thomas Thurston her father. 
Orme. She lived in Thurstons till 20 years old. 

Reynold, Roberte, of Benhall, county Suffolk, labourer, 55. 
Robert Heyward of Benhall. 

John Damsell owner of the lands. Edmond Fade. Roger 

Peeles, Edward, of Wisset, Suffolk, yeoman 66. 

William Browne purchased lands about twenty years ago 

and now owns same. William Browne's father. Thomas 


The question of the right of way through Barne Close and 

long Meadow in Rendham, Suffolk. 

Thurston, W'illiam, of Ipswich, carpenter, 44. Richard Thurs- 
ton his uncle, his father's eldest brother. 



Gilbert, William, Theberton, Suffolk, husbandman, 74. James 

Button now occupying certain lands. 
Luffe, Thomas, of the towne of Kellishall, Suffolk, yeoman, 52. 
21 December 6 Charles. (1630) 
Jessopp, Grace, of Wickham Market, Suffolk, 60, wief of 

Robert Jessopp of Wickham husbandman. Henry Vale her 

father then living on the said manor. 
Crane, Roger, of Saxted, Suffolk, yeoman, 76. His father lived 

in tenement called Pipers in Rendham. 
Drane, Robert, of Stock next Ipswich, Suft'olk, yeoman, 56. 

John Thurston the late ov^^ner married this deponent's 

mother Rafe Damsell thirty three years ago living on the 

Eade, Edmond, of Farneham, county Suffolk, 64. William 

Brame and Valentine Napes tenants of manor long dead. 
Browne, William (no place or age) 
Chrispe, William, of Rendham, husbandman, 84. 
Damsell, John, of Rendham, yeoman, 75, Rafe Damsell his 

Cole, Thomas, of Rendham, husbandman, 58. 
Thurstone, Alice,, of Rendham, spinster, 76. Thomas Thurston 

her father sixty years ago till she was 16. 
Harsham, Francis, wife of John Harsham of Yoxford, Suffolk, 

yeoman 60. 
Browne, William of Rendham, county Suffolk, gentleman, 68. 

lived in Randham for last part of sixty years. 
Harding, William of Brusyard, Suffolk, yeoman, 52. 

(22 Membrained). 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 5, no. 10. 

1621 April 10. Complaint of Joseph Leggatt against William 
Godwyn, defendant. Depositions taken at Axbridge, Somerset, 
10 April, 19 James before John Maye and Francis Baber, Esqr. 
and George Reynon, gent, and Francis Buckland, Esqr. 

Godwyn, Richard, of Dundi"y, county Somerset, yeoman, 40. 
The tenements belonged some time to Roger Maggs also 
to Roger Sherborne of Chew Magna deceased and after to 
William Godwin deceased of Milton. Said William Godwyn 
had a mill for 20 years in Tickenham and died three years 


Cooke, John of Glutton, Somerset, yeoman, 46. Richard Cooke 
deponent's father. 

Dirricke, Francis, of Bristol, merchant, 46. 

Coxe, Henry, of Chewstoke? Somerset, clothier, 76. Roger 
Maggs of Chew Magna died without issue then John his 
next brother was heir who had issue one daughter called 
Agnes who married one Zachell Leggatt of Chew Stoke by 
whom she had the plaintiff. 

Wathen, Thomas of Chew Magna, Somerset, clerke, 70. 

Mr. John Cecil deceased sometime vicar of Stowye, Somerset. 

Durnell, John, of Sutten, Somerset, taylor, 100. 

Concerning a tenement and 30 acres in Charlton Somerset, tene- 
ment and lands in Farringdon, Somerset and 3 acres of land 
in Clutton. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, L, bundle 21, no. 9. 

1622-3 Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, plaintiff, against John 
Crooke et al, defendants. Depositions taken at (very decayed) 
20 James I. 

Beck, John, of Hallon, Bucks, yeo (- -). Steevens, William the 
other defendant. Beck, Gregorie, deponent's father. Sir 
John Goodwin. Woodward. Beck, John, deponent's 
brother. Beck, John, his father's kinsman. Barber, Hugh, 
an inhabitant 40 years ago. Not dwelt in Waddesdon for 
30 years, (this deponent) but with Sir Richard Fermer in 
Oxenfordshire or in Halton, Bucks. Piggotts, Mr. land. 

Ives, Roger, of Wotton Underwood, laborer, 86. Born at Wolton 
lived then all his tyme kept Mr. Piggot's sheepe forty years 
since at Oving Hill near the said woods. 

Cockes, Alice, wife of William Cockes, of Marshe Gibbons, 
Bucks, yeoman, 60. Was born at Waddesdon and lived there 
till 15. 

Cockes, William, of Marsh Gybbons, yeoman, 50. 

Burnham, William, of Long Grendon, Bucks, husbandman, 46. 
or 40. 

Bett, Edmond of W^oddeston, Bucks, laborer, 58. Dwelt there 
these sixteen years — twelve antient tenements in Ham of 
which six are held by Robert Barbor, Thomas Payne, William 
Stevens, John Crooke, Richard Jackine, Thomas Myllins, as 
tenants to the Company of Mercers in London, and John 


Beck, Edmond Thunson ( ?Thupson erased) William Whyte- 

syde, John Waters and Thomas Thunson, John Beckes and 

Robert Bennying, Mr. Francis Eggletons, tenants. 
Concerning the rights to Ham Common in parish of Woddesden 

which the defendant claims. 
Robert Howes, John Mores, Richard Jackman other tenants — 

description of their holdings. 
Becke, Robert of Waddeston, Bucks, yeoman, 60, known the 

woods fifty years being born there. Eyllens, Edward died 

18 or 19 years agO' aged 65. Barber, Hugh, father of Robert 

Barber, Robert now living. Piggott, Mr. of Collwick. 

Thompson. Mr. Eggleton's house in Wotton. Mr. Howells 

land in Wotton. 
Crooke, John of Lurgishall, Bucks, laborer 33. 
Beck, George, one of the Groomes of his Maties chamber, 45. 
Ryse, Thomas, of Great Pollicott, Bucks. 76. 
Millens, Saunder, a tenant with deponent thirty six years ago. 
Banister, William, predecessor of William Stevens. 
Clarke, Tristram of Adwell, county Oxon, husbandman, 50, came 

to Waddesdon thirty eight years ago. 
Bolton, Henry, of Little Hampden, county Bucks, taylor, 60, 

lived on and off three years at Waddesdon. 
Waters, John of Ham, Bucks, laborer, 70. lived in Waddesdon 

thirty two years 
Howse, Andrew, of W^otton Underwood, Bucks, laborer 50. or 53. 
Banister, Thomas, of Wotton, Bucks, sheepheard 55. 
Webb, William. Ouainton, Bucks, 50. Rights on Ham common 

which the defendant claims. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles. G, bundle 24, no. 15. 

April 25, 1623. Another copy reads October 27. Complaint 
of Sir Francis Goodwin, knight, against John Crooke and Wil- 
liam Stevens, defendants. Interrogatories taken at Aylesbury, 
Bucks, before Sir William Fleetwood, knight, Sir John Dormer, 
knight, John Duncombe, esq. and William Pargiter, esq. 
Warwick, Robert of Wotton Vnderwood, Bucks, laborer, 47. 
Beck, John of Halton, Bucks, yeoman, 48. Gregory Becke his 
father was keeper of the said Courtney woods when this 
deponent was 18 and (Sir John) Goodwin the then owner — 
Another John Becke cattle impounded who then lived at 


Edwards, Katherin, wife of John Edwards, of Wadesdon, Bucks, 

40, has known Wadesdon woods twelve years. 
Raye, Edward, of Lurgishall, Bucks, taylor, 43. 
Smith, Thomas, of Waddesdon, Bucks, husbandman, 53. 
Eggleton, Edward, of Wotton Vnderwood, yeoman, 63. 
Buck, Robert, of Waddesdon, Bucks, yeoman, 60 has known the 

woods fifty years Barber, Hugh, the father of Robert 

Barber living in Ham. 
Sargente, Richard, of Brill, Bucks, yeoman, 50. 
Millens, John, of Wetton Vnderwood, husbandman, 40. 
Becke, Nicholas, of Gretworth in county of Northampton. 
Concerning the right of manor of Waddesdon and some 280 acres 

of land. (Very decayed.) 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 22, no. 8. 

20 January 1623. Edward Goodwin, complainant, against one 
Anthony Harward, James Harward, John Derricke, gent, and 
Richard Collier, defendants, before Sir George Stoughton, knight, 
Henry Weston, Richard Evelyne and Thomas Parkhurst, gent. 

Burchell, John, late of Guildeford, clothier, deceased and Agnes 
his wife now called Agnes Ingram now deceased also. 

Kelsey, Elizabeth, wife of George Kelsey, of Sheire Surrey, 
chandler 30, knew Burchell's house in parish St. Mary the 
Virgin, Guildford, where said Agnes Ingram died about two 
years ago aged 80. 

Harward, Anthony. 

Akers, Elizabeth, wife of Thomas of Gilford, shoemaker, 50. 
Burchell died twenty three years ago. Agnes died two years 
ago aged 84. 

Burchell, Richard, son and executor to John Burchell and said 
Agnes his mother left the goods with her who made a deed 
of gift to said Anthony on his promise of marriage and 
afterwards pawned to Goodwyn. 

Parkhurst. Thomas, signature of. 

Crowe, John, of Stoke next Guildford, clerk, 62. 

Wilson, John, St. Nicholas Guildford, clerk, 54. John Bur- 
chell's will 3 March. 62 Elizabeth. 

Burchell, Richard of St. Marys, Guildford, gent. 66. Sold the 


house and contents to complainant for £225 where his mother 

Abbott, John, of Guildford, gent. 56. 
Mersh, Thomas, of Merrow, Surrey, yeoman, 40. John Derricke 

kept the White Hart, Guildford. 
Howe, Dowsabell, wife of Thomas Howe, Guildford, inholder, 

Concerning sundry plate etc (described) given by said Agnes to 

Anthony Harward on his making love to her, she being 80, 

and promising to marry her but by poverty forced to sell to 

said Goodwyn. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 17, no. 20. 

June 15, 1625. Complainant, Margarett Goodwyn et al 
against Richard Goodwyn, defendant. Before John Greaves and 
Robert Bagshaws and Mathew Hally, gent. 

Clayton, Raphe, of Fowlowe, county Derby, dark, 55. Has 
known the defendant for forty years, 

Goodwyn, George did yeild a lease of Harley farme of value £200 
and claimed it on the will of Roger Goodwyn. 

Goodwyn, Humfrey had a lease of a close in Earles Stonedale 
value £30 under the said Rogers' will also he had divers 
wooden goods of said deceased Rogers viz. Beastock boards, 
barrells etc. value £8. Believes defendant did convey to the 
wife of said Humfry Goodwyn and Mary Byrd and Anne 
Goodwyn beddings etc. value £12. and to William Good- 
wyn a mare value £5. Humfry Goodwin's now wife and 

The complainant William Goodwin's son, of Humfry wid. 

Else, William ^ 

Hanson, Symon I , , . , , 

Dale, Robert |debtspa>dby 

f^i , , TT 1 defendant 

bheldon, Hugh 

Raworth, Richard J 

Leverett, Mr. 

Goodwyn, Richard the younger. Humphry Goodwin's lands in 

Hurdloe value £160. Newgate Edmund and Bridgett his 


Money Matters. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 19, no. 13. 


1629 Oct. 8. Complaint of John Gooding als Reynolds against 
Richard Stoford, gent, defendant. Before John Ford, Roger 
Cawnter and John Force, gent, and John Pyle, gent. 8 October 
5 Chas. I. 

Hoile, John, of Ottery St. Marie, county Devon, gent. 80. Wil- 
liam Chaplyn gent. 
Chaplyn, William, of Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 43. 
Goldsworthie, John, of Venottery county Devon, yeoman, 80. 

Has known the farm in Venotteiy for sixty years. William 

Hellinge the father and William Hellinge the son (seized 

in half the said farm.) William Drake, gent, claimed the 

other half. 
Ford, William, of Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 46. Gilbert 

Salter and George Woode. 
Clod, Christopher, of Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 60. George 

Clod deeds it to George Stoford, Esqr. 
Wood, George, Lyme Regis, Dorsett, gent. 46. George Stoford, 

Esqr. deceased alive in 1610, 2 February. George Clode and 

Grace his wife 11 James. 
Drake, William, of Harpford, Devon, gent. 55. John Drake his 

brother alive 20 James I. 
Raynell, Richard mention on ist M. 
Thomas, Roger of, Ottery St. Marie, Devon, gent. 21. Robert 

Jason, gent. 
Wood, George, of Lyme Regis. Barnard Frye, gent., John 

Vennor, gent, and William Helling the younger, wife 

Southwoode, Margaret of Sidmouth, Devon, widow, 52. William 

Helling senior died fourteen years ago. 
Bastyn, Richard, of Harpford, Devon, yeoman, 45. 
Hellinge, William, of Munckton, Devon, gent. 55. 
Skewes, John of Colaton Raley, Devon, husbandman, 30, known 

the farm for twenty years. 
Paris, Nathaniel, servant and apprentice to complainant, 16. 

being never heretofore sworne to his allegiance to the king 

or received the sacrament. 
Dispute of ownership of the capital messuage etc. of Venottery. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 19, no. 3. 


1630, Sept. 13. Complaint of George, Lord Baltimore against 
John Godwine, defendant. Interogatories taken at the signe of 
the Crosse Keyes in the Borowe of Gosport, parish of Alver- 
stock, county Southampton, before William Benet, John Allen, 
Henry Henslowe and Thomas Pat ford, gent. 13 September 1630. 

Godwine, Thomas, of Farneham, Southampton, butcher, 36. 
Does not know whether defendant sold to Mr. Moryle on 
behalf of about March 1628 5327 lbs of beefe at 2j/4d the lb 
to this deponents brother. John Godwine butcher and 
bought ten oxen and foure porkers etc. to sell again to Cap- 
tain Ralphe Morley which was the taker up of provision for 
the complainants shipp then being in Portsmouth harbour. 

Godwine, John of Fawcham, Southampton, butcher, 22. John 
Godwine defendant, deponents father. 

Wakfeild, Barnard, of the towne of Fawcham, Southampton, 
butcher, 20. 

Marye, George, of Gosport, parish of Alverstoke, Southampton, 
saylor, 27. 

Harrison, William, of Gosport, Alverstoke, Southampton, 
butcher, 34. 

Ellston, George, of Gosport, Alverstoke, Southampton, baker, 19. 
Partidg, Richard lived ten weeks in defendant's house for 
ten weeks at 5s. per week. Mr. Peaslye, Mr. Calverd, 
Leonard Calverd. 

Trade matters, meat, biscuits etc. for plaintiff's ship. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Chas., B, bundle 28, no. 3. 

1631 Sept. 19. Complainant, Richard Stoford, gent, against 
John Goodinge als Raynoles, defendant. Depositions taken at 
Ottery St. Marie, Devon, before William Chapplyn and Richard 
Collyns, gents. John Farrer and Emanuell, gent. 19 September, 
7 Charles. 

Drake, William, of Harford. Devon, gent. 60. 

Westcott, Benedict, of Venoterie, Devon, yeoman, 80. 

Bastin, Richard, of Harpford, Devon, yeoman, 45. 

Ruttey, Philip, of Harford Devon, yeoman, 66. 

Weareman John, of Bushopps Morchard, Devon, gent. 

Whiterowe, Christofer of Venotery Devon, yeoman, 50. 

(Concerning a farm in Venotery, Devon). 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 10, no. 11. 


1631 Sept. 20 Complaint of Richard Stoford, gent, against 
John Goodinge, defendant. Depositions taken at Ottery St. 
Mary, county Devon, before John Lenthall, Richard ColHngs and 
John Force. 20 September 7 Charles. 
Thomas, Roger, of Ottery St. Mary, county Devon, gent. 24. 

That the complainant did buy of Robert Jason the farm of 

Venotery for 200 years to which deed deponent was a witness. 
Whiterowe, Christopher, of Venotery Devon, yeoman, 50. Robert 

Jason the elder, Robert Jason his son. George Stoford, 

Esqre. deceased who had a grant of same. John Scrues with 

deponent was a witness. Captain Richard Stoford. 
Bishop, John, of Honiton, Devon, scrivener, 32, a witness. 
Buny, Henry, of Venotery, Devon, husbandman, 60. 
Drake, William, of Hardord, Devon, gent. 60. Farm worth 

iioo per annum. Dennis Rolle, Esq. has inheritance of half. 

Richard Duke of Otterton, Esq. has inheritance of one 

Hellings, William, gent, sold the half to George Stoford, Esq. 

Drake, George the son of George Drake of Wythecombe, Rawley. 
Dennis, Sir Thomas, knight, deceased. 
Hellings, William the elder, deceased about 15 years ago. 
Stoford, George deceased was imprisoned. 
Golfery, John an^ Westcot, Bennet, umpires in the church 

Stoford, George, his house in Ottery St. Mary. 
Goodinge, John the defendant did pay to. John Wademan a 

peece of money to make void a deed of said Gooding quarter. 

Plaintiff deed to said Warden. 
Weereman, John, of Bishops Morchard, Devon, gent. 30. 
Barton, Richard 


Golsworthy, John, of Venotery, county Devon, yeoman, 80. 

George Clod deceased. 
Basse, John of Lymason, saylor, 64. 
Rutley, Phillip of Harpford, Devon, husbandman, 66. 
Bastone, Richard of Harpford, Devon, husbandman, 40. 
Concerning a quarter interest in a farm called Venotery, county 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, S, bundle i, no. 7. 


October 1632. Complaint of Joseph Becke against Sir Francis 
Goodwin knight. 

Wilkinson, Henry, of Waddesdon, Bucks, clerk, 60. 

Defendants house at Winchington. Deponents house in 
Crispe, Thomas of Winchingdon, Bucks, yeoman, 17. 
Becke, Temperance being produced by the complainant to be 
examined on his part wee found her not to be of sufficient 
discretion to make oarth to be examined and therefore dis- 
missed her. 
Robert Becke died in latter part of 6 Chas. 

Concerning a supposed settlement on Temperance Becke by her 

father of £4 per annum which her brother refuses to pay. 

(Very decayed). 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, (B?), 

bundle 25, no. 20. 

1633 May 3. Complaint of William Hunt and his wife Mary 
against John Godwyne and Thomas Christopher, defendants. 3 
May, 9 Charles. Depositions taken att the Citty of Bristol before 
Sir Robert Gorges, knight, Walter Kenrys and Robert Whytinge, 
gentleman and Robert Hopton, Esqre. 

Wyatt, Anne, wife of John Wyatt of Bristol, marriner 50. 

Richard Godwyn deceased. Roger Whiteinge. One of the 
elder Whitinges of Nailsey that her husband about Mid- 
sumer last being beyond the seas at Legorne did meete one 
whoe said his name was Roger Whytinge of Nailsey calling 
the said John Wyatt by his name and have (gave?) him a 
pinte of wine and told this deponent's said husband (haue- 
ing then late before received shipwreck) that hee was sorry 
for his losse wherevppon the said Wyatt told him whoe hee 
was whoe answered that hee was Roger Whytinge of 
Nailsey and had bine divers times att sea with him and told 
him hee was goeinge a further voyage etc.etc. 

Hardwicke, Peter, of Nailsey, Somerset, tanner, 60. Roger 
Whiteing left Bristol midsummer last and was about 26 or 27. 

Whytinge, John, of St. George, Somerset, marriner, 35. 
Thomas Worrell of Wraxall. 

Maundrell, Henry, of Nailsey, Somerset, yeoman, 50. Said 
Roger Whiteinge went as a souldier. 


Hobbes, John, of Slapton, Somerset, marriner, 45. That Good 
Friday twelvemonth he was at Legorne with the said Wyatt 
and did not see said Roger. 

Hardwick, Peter, of Nailsey, Somerset, tanner, father in law to 
said Roger who on his going away this deponent gave said 
Roger a canvas dublett made with a round belly and some- 
what lardge and deepe skirtes which he wore at his goinge. 

Worrell, Thomas, of Wraxall, Somerset, yeoman, 50. 
Welse, Edmond. Whytinges of Portbury. 

Read, Richard, of Nailsey, Somerset, husbandman, 60. 

Said Roger had two children. (Interesting description of 

Rayne, William, of Ticken ham, Somerset, saylor, 20. 

Perrine, William, of Nailsey, Somerset, yeoman, 40. 

Hogeson, Robert, of Wraxhall, Somerset, gent. 36. 

Said Roger was a man of full body and tall of stature of a 
faier complexon and a yellowe coullered beard and some 
freckles on his face and sayth that the said Roger could 
drive a plow and was bred therto by his father as longe as 
he lived. He went under the command of one Captain 
Chamberlaine as his waggoner. 

Cole, Richard, of Nailsey, Somerset, Esq. 44. Capt. Chamber- 
line gives a writing before Henry Chalcott and Richard 
Bynfield witnesses. Humphry Jackson, gent, certifies said 
Roger is dead. 

Hartgill, William, of Killington, Somerset, gent. Auncient barer 
to Sargeant Maior Chamberline, 24. Said Roger enlisted at 
Westbury, Wilts from Capt. Oldmixon. 

Parsons, Thomas, of Nailsey, yeoman, 33. 

Willis, John, ditto. 35 

Day, Briant, of Bristol, bayesmaker, 35. 

Godwine, John, the younger, of Nailsey, son to defendant, 2'J. 

Godwine, John, son of William Godwine deceased, the brother to 
defendant, 24. 

Cooke, John of Nailsey, marriner. 30. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, H, bundle 33, no. 5. 

1634 April 8. Complaint of Robert Kempe against Charles 
Godwyn, Esqr. Deposition taken 8 April, 10 Charles before 
Richard Browne, Richard Williams, gent, and John Freemantle, 


clerk, at the nowe dwelling house of John Doane, inholder, in 
Clifton vppon , county Worcester and Phillip Treherne 


Nott, John of Shelsley Beachamp, county Worcester, gent. 48. 
Kempe, Edward Esqre., Kempe, Elizabeth. Deceased depo- 
nent's wife's parents 
Jefferies, William, Esqre. at his house called Horncastle. 

Jefferies, William, Esqre. of Horncastle, county Worcester, 35. 

Godwin, Francis, late Bishop of Hereford, the defendant's father. 

Lewis, Roger, of Dodingham, county Worcester, gent, 38. 

Clent, John, of Knightwicke, county Worcester, gent. 70. 

Howlder, Peter, of Coddington, county Hereford, yeoman, 55. 

Harris, Griffith, of City of Hereford, county Hereford, yeoman. 

Philley, Henry of Crofte, county Hereford, clarke. 33. 

Winfeild, John of City of Hereford, gent. 42. 

Concerning the Rectory of Estnor, county Hereford, bought on 
insufficient title by defendant from plaintiff. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, K, bundle 3, no. 4. 

1634 June 7 Complaint of Robert Kempe against Charles 
Godwin, defendant. Deposition 7 June, 10 Charles before John 
Freemantle. clerk, Phillip Traherne, Richard Browne, and Rich- 
ard Williams. 

Collins, Daniel, of Whitborne, county Hereford, gent. 52. 
Baxter Richard, of city of Hereford, county Hereford, gent. 

Notary Public, 46. 
August, 7 Charles. Said Elizabeth Kempe the plaintiff's mother 

was most likely dead. 
Concerning the rectory of Estnor, county Hereford, see K. 3.4. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, K, bundle 8, no. 18. 

1636? August II. Chas., I. Thomas Hopkins of Wookey, 
Somerset, grovier, 67. Thomas Whitinge the younger of Burcot, 
parish St. Cuthbert, Somerset, husbandman 30. 

John Hippsley. 

John Fish of Wookey, Somerset. 

Abraham Hine of Crocumbe Hill, parish of Easton, in Gardino, 

yeoman, 52. His sons — and John Hine. 
Agnes Hopkins, wife of Thomas Hopkins, of 67. 


Thomas Humfry, of Milton, parish of St. husbandman, ' 

aged, 50. ^ 

WilHam Goodwin, complainants father. j 

William Goodwin of Milton, parish St. Cuthbert in Wells, county i 

Somerset, yeoman, 60. Defendant is now one of the Com- ' 

mon Council of Wells and has been Constable. i 

Edward Barlow defendant of Wookey. ■ 

Sislie Barlow his daughter complainant's wife. ; 

Hughe Meade, of Wells, Somerset 60. i 

Andrew Sherborne, of Milton parish St. husbandman, 40. j 

John Strode of, Wells, Somerset, yeoman, 16. ] 

John Barlowe of Wookie hole son of defendant 16. ] 

Walter Hole, of Wookeyhole, blacksmith, 58. i 

A suit for the non payment of the dowry of £200 with Cecilie ' 

Barlow who was married to plaintiff William Goodwin at ' 

Wookey, county Somerset (Very much decayed). • ; 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 5, no. 5. | 

1637 Sept. 7. Complaint of William Fisher against John Good- j 
hinde and Agnes his wife, defendant. Depositions taken 7 Sep- ' 
tember, 13 Charles I. before William Jackson Esqr, Richard j 
Lewis and Robert Goailer, clerks and Richard Wakeman, gent. | 

Martin, William of North Sibly, county Gloucester, yeoman, 66. j 

Vizier, John of Froster, county Gloucs, gent. 57. I 

Goodhind, Thomas of Saltford, Somerset, yeoman, 42. I 

Goodhind, Thomas of Kelson, Somerset, clothier, 24. | 

Vizier, William of North Sibley, Gloucs. 24. j 

Burges, John of Bath city, gent. 29. I 

Harper, George als Hickes of Saltford, Somerset, weaver, 40. \ 

Said Agnes did two years ago grant the winter leaze of \ 

Braines tenement to Richard Elliott of Saltford and part of ' 

the arrable to one William Long of ditto, children of said ^ 

Agnes, part granted to Juliano Blachley. 

Concerning a tenement called Brayned tenement in Saltford— the 

jointure of said Agnes, said to be leased by her to the com- \ 

plainant. ■ 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, F, bundle 12, no. 4. ^ 

1640 April I. Anne Goodwyn, widow. Complaint against j 
Elizabeth Marshall, widow, defendant. Depositions taken at the i 


sign of the White Wharfe in Norwich i April 1640, before 

Richard Catelyn, Esqr. and Francis Howard, gent. 

Gardiner, George, of Toft, county Norfolk, gent. 35. 

Nobbs, Bridget the wife of Bartholomew Nobbs was estated 
in certain copyhold in Wenhaston, Suffolk, called Hunger 
Downs which George Gardiner deponent's father purchased. 
Marshall, Christopher, late husband of defendant with whom 
deponent's father has suit about an Inn in Norwich called 
the White Horse and these copyholds which with White 
Horse in St. Martin's parish was sold to Richard Goodwyn 
plaintiff's late husband. Cleere, Lady, lady of the manor. 

Sadler, John, of St. Andrews of Ilketshall, Suffolk, gent. 38. one 
Girlings who "forfeited the reversion by dyggynge of Bricke 
earth and making a brickill or Clamp therevpon" 

Burnell, Richard, of Aldeby, Norfolk, gent. 45. 

Denny, Sir William, of Norwich, knight, 53. 

Copyhold lands in Wenhaston, Suffolk. 

Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 23, no. 5. 

II Jan. 23 Charles I. 1648. Complaint of Cicely Goodwin, 
widow, guardian and grandmother of John Goodwin and Nathan- 
iel Goodwin, infants, William Hammond and Henry Robinson 
against Nathaniel Goodwin and Margaret his wife, defendants. 

(Goodwyn, John, late of Portsmouth, deceased, husband of plain- 
tiff Cecily) 

Depositions taken at Portsmouth county Southants, before John 
Holt, Esq. and Francis Worledge, gent. 
Hillman, William, of Portsmouth, ' county Southants, 50. 
John Goodwyn left these to his wife Cecily for life. Wil- 
liam Hamond and Henry Robinson after her death to let the 
same for defendant Margaret's benefit their daughter, then 
on Margaret's death to John Goodwyn one house next one 
William Bull paying to Elizabeth a grandchild £20, and the 
other after Cecilys and Margarets decease to Nathaniel the 
house next Christopher Tompkines, said Nathaniell to pay 
Margaret Goodwin his grandchild £20. His will dated, 7 
May 1645, signed in deponent's and one John Dymoke's gent, 
presence and they were witnesses and was written by this 
deponent. John Goodwin died Michaelmas 1646. 


Dymocke, John, of Portsmouth, county Southants, gent. 40. 

Signatures of John Holt and Fra. Worhdge. 

Concerning the inheritance of two messuages in St. Clements in 

Ipswich, county Suffolk. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, G, bundle 33, no. 14. 

1649 October 16. Complaint of John Fenton, clerk and Eliza- 
beth his wife against William Goodwin and Robert Tastard, 
defendants. Deposition taken at the Signe of the Griffin in 
Ipswich, Suffolk 16 October 1649 before Robert Dove, gent, 
Daniell Wall, gent and John Harwell, gent, and John Hawes, the 
elder, gent. 

Arnold, John, of Ipswich, Suffolk gent. 30. Knows the plaintiff 
and the defendant William Goodin for seven years. That 
John Fenton the complainant after the intermarriage with 
Elizabeth his now wife was sued upon a bond entered into 
by the other complainant Elizabeth in her widowhood to 
Sr. Arthur Jening, knight, then High Sheriff of Suffolk for 
the appearance of one John Jordan at Westminster at the 
suit of one Henery Trusson and said John Fenton was 
arrested etc Daniel Edmunds, gent. Deputy Steward etc. 
Turner, Richard, of Wickham Markett, Suffolk, gent. 32. That 
said plaintiff" Elizabeth did make all hir estate in trust to the 
defendants before her marriage. 
Wythe, Thomas, of Ipswich, mercer, 31. one of the daughters of 

Elizabeth her other children 
Hanby, William, of Ipswich, gent, 26. Attorney at law in the 

Court of Common pleas. 
Locke, John, of Thelne'tham, Suffolk, yeoman, 64. Richard 

Wakelin, Bailiff of Blackborne. 
Gosse, William (Waldringfield?), Suffolk, yeoman, 60, his son 

William Gosse. 
Parker, Mary of Barkam, widow, 50. Elizabeth Farmer's hus- 
band was Thomas Huggens by whom two daughters Frances 
and Susan. 
IMann, Edward, of Ipswich, the younger, gent. 29. 
Gosse, William, junior of Foxhall, husbandman, 23. 
Wythe, James, Framisden, gent. 53. 
Concerning trustees not securing plaintiffs husband. Liability 

for wife's debts. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, F, bundle 9, no. 13. 


1653 Sept. 8 Complaint of Thomas Wilson, gent, against 
Edward Goodwin, gent, defendant. Depositions taken at Roth- 
eram, York, before Richard Mounteney, Esqre, John Revell, 
Gervase Ayre and John Kate, gent. 8 September 1653. 

Dyson, Thomas, of Rawmarsh, county Yorke, husbandman, 80. 
Known the parties ever since the time of his remembrance. 

Cressye, Hugh granted a lease by the Church and Corrall of 
Southwell in Notts at certain rents 11 capons and i lb of 
pepper per annum. 

Cressye, Gervase. 

Cressye, Elizabeth late wife of Hugh as executrix did grant a 
lease to. Nutt, James. Dyson, John. Brooke, Richard. 
Hall, John. Rodes, John. Brearley, John. Dyson, William. 

Wainewright, William, of the Upperhaugh in parish of Raw- 
marsh, county York, aforesaid, yeoman, 70. Known the 
parties all his life. Plaintiff had held his lands over forty 
years etc. 

Goodwin, Anthony, brother of defendant borrowed of this depo- 
nent £250 to purchase Edward Wagstaffe's farm. 

Smith, George, of Barbatt Hall, county York, gent. 30. 

Thomas Cooper. John Dyson. 

Edward Wagstaffe. of Rawmarsh, yeoman, 50. 

Thomas Clarke, Richard Clarke, Godfrey Brooke, Richard Dod- 
son. Tenants employed him to purchase their farm of the 
church of Southwell in 1648. 

Edward Goodwin, of Rawmarsh, county York, gent. 21, signed. 

Baddyley, James, of Rawmarsh, county Yorke, 40. 

Holgate William of, Rawmarsh, potter, 60. 

Goodwin, Anthony and his wife, gent. 65. 

Richardson, Nicholas a tenant. 

Needle, Gregory. 

Goodwin, Edward deponent's brother. 

Jessopp, Thomas, of Pycroft parish of Rawmarsh, county York, 
husbandman, 31. 

Brooke, Godfrey, of Rawmarsh, county York, yeoman, 24. 

Clarke, Richard, of ditto, 40. 

Baxter, Francis, of Abdye. Hinchcliffe, George of Abdye. 
Ellis, Thomas, of Rawmarsh. 

Child, Sabastian, of Rawmarsh. Slacke, Widdow. Antye, 
Richard. Marryott, Thomas. Man, John. Boulton, Ed- 



ward. Cutts, Christopher. Inman, James. Birth, Anthony. 

Abbott, Samuell. Clarke, Thomas, deponent's brother now 

deceased since 1649. 
Wilson, William, the younger, of Rycrof t, gent. 50. 
Concerning the manors of Rawmarsh and Haugh etc. Cheise 

rents etc. etc. 
Chancery Depositions, Elizabeth to Charles, W, bundle 31, no. 6. 



1567-8 Feb. Interrogatories on behalf of Elizabeth Goodwin, 
widow, complainant versus Thomas Lancaster. 

2. Do you know the parties? Did you know Raufe Goodwin, 
husband of complainant. 

3. Did you know Christopher Goodwin and whether he was 
servant and factor to the said Raphe beyond the seas ? 

4. Do you know that Christopher sold to Thomas Rose certain 
goods ? 

5. Has this money been paid to Rauf or Christopher by 
Thomas Rose and Thomas Lancaster? or how much and by 

6. Did Thomas Rose pay one moitie ? 

7. Did Ifencaster admit that half was due from him? 

8. Did you know whether Thomas Rose and Thomas Lan- 
caster entered into a bond? 

Depositions taken at Westminster, 12 February, 10 Elizabeth, 
in case of Elizabeth Goodwyne versus Thomas Lancaster, clerk. 

Christopher Goodwyne of Ipswich, county Suffolk, merchant 
aged 42 or thereabouts. 

1. He knoweth the complainant and defendants 

2. He did well know Ralf Goodwyn, late husband to the said 
Elizabeth and father to this deponent. 

3. He was factor and servant to the said Ralf in Flaundres 
beyond the seas to utter, sell and barter such wares and mer- 
chandise as the said Ralfe traded in for the space of ten years. 

4. During this time he sold to Thomas Rose and Thomas 
Lancaster woollen cloth to the sum of L58 or thereabouts, he sold 
this at Antwarpe about twenty three years ago. 

5. Thomas Rose paid about L25 or L26 but Lancaster paid 

6. As in the fifth. 

7. He met Lancaster in Salisbury about seven years since, who 
said he had allowed the money to Thomas Rose but he would pay 
at 40s per month. 

8. Rose and Lancaster were bound by one bill of debt, made 
out by himself, Christopher Godwyn. Rose signed for both as 
they were partners and Lancaster admits the goods were shipped 
to Dantzig . . . etc. 


iS ^lay lo. Answers to Interrogations. 
Thomas BarK">r. Eastsmytlitield, St. Botolph without Algate. 
London, merchant adventurer aged. 38, says 

2. He did know Raufe Goodwyn. 

3. He knew Oiristopher who was apprentice to and factor for 
his father. 

4. Knows nothing. 

5. Thomas Rosse has paid at divers times sums of money 
amounting to his share of the L57 Flemishe to Ralfe Goodwyn, 
Oiristopher Goodwyn and others. 

8. (-) Goodw}"ne did deliver to his deponent a bill obligatory 
dated 2S March 1544 subscribed witli the name of Thomas Rose 
and Thomas Lancaster. The sum being L57 Flemish. 
II November 10 Elizabeth. 

Thomas Roose clerk, of Luton, Beds, aged 69. 

1. He knew complainant and defendants. 

2. He knew also Ralf Goodwyn, complainant's husband. 

3. He knew Christopher Goodwyn sonne to Ralf and that ho 
was servant 

Court of Requests, bundle 2~y. 

20 May II Elizabeth. 1659. John Brome son and heir of 
Thomas Brome of Shotleye, county Suffolk, yeoman, deceased. 
. . . Thomas Brome was seized of two pieces of land and cer- 
tain tenements called Appletons and Salters containing by estima- 
tion 60 acres in Chempston alias Chelmston, county Suffolk and 
a capital messuage and 3 score acres of land called Turner's and 
Wents and a close called Christmas-close etc. Your orator being 
then II years old. the premises ought to have descended to him 
but his stepmother Johane. now the wife of Gregory Goodwyne, 
being then in possession of the dwelling house of your orator got 
into her possession the evidences. The said Johane took all 
profits till John was 21 and then she sued out a writ of dower for 
the third part of the 60 acres called Turners and Wents. 
Court of Requests, bundle 236. 

1668-9 January. Goodwyn versus Palmer. Interrogation in 
part of \\'illiam Goodw\-n against William Palmer. 

I. Do you know the complainant and Alyce Goodwyn his 
daughter ? 


2. Do you know by whose means the defendant was a suitor 
to the said AHce? 

3. Did defendant move you or any other to be a means for 
his becoming a suitor for her in marriage? 

4. In what manner did he move you, if he did? 

5. What do you know about the suit? 

6. What have you heard the defendant say touching the ways 
and means that Edward Metyrfould did use to the said defendant 
to enforce a marriage between the daughter of the said Edward 
and the defendant? 

W'hat did you hear him say about his Httle love towards 
Netylfod's daughter and his great love towards Alyce Goodwyn? 

Depositions taken at Westminster 25 January 11 Elizabeth. 

Thomas Man als Syms of Darkinge, Surrey tailor, aged 32 

1. He knows complainant and his daughter and defendant. 

2. Deponent was asked to speak to Alice's mother about the 
defendant being a suitor for her daughter. 

3. 4. 5. He cannot othenvise say. 

6. He heard Xetylfold and Palmer talking as to the marriage 
of Palmer with his daughter. Palmer said he would not marry 
her and promised to pay L5, which was delivered into the hands 
of W^illiam Saunton of Darkynge by the said Palmer to the be- 
hoof of the said Ellen daughter of the said Xetylfould. Further 
Palmer said he would marry Alice Goodwyn though her father 
gave him nothing with her. 

GoodwvTie proffered him L6. 13s. 4d. if he could do it at 
any time. 

Court of Requests, bundle 2'/y. 

5 November 18 Elizabeth. 1576. Thomas Barber, Bouldby, 
county Lincoln. Robert Barber of W^ilsforth, Lincoln, Francis 
Coole of Conerby. Lincoln, George Corle of Grantham. Whereas 
one John Barber late of Grantham was in his life time possessed 
of certain goods — jewels, plate etc. made his will bequeathing to 
Agnes his wife and Thomas Barber and John Barber his two 
sons all his goods. He made his wife and son Thomas executors. 
And died about January last leaving goods to the value of i66o. 
He ordained George Allen and Thomas Barber supervisors. 


Certain conditions as to custody of the children — which Alice 
refuses to carry out — she married last September one Symond 
Goodwin, alias Godwin. Symond and Alice profess themselves 
willing to carry out the terms of the will and say they have 
always been ready to do so. 

Court of Requests, bundle 233. 

27 April, 22 Elizabeth, 1580 Knight v. Balswell and others. 
Your subject Edward Knighte of Pyddington, county Xorthants, I 
gent. — Whereas William Warren and Thomas Balswell late of 
Emberton, county Bucks, deceased were seised of a barne or old 
house with a close adjoining situated in Emberton abutting on the 
\\'est on a tenement late Willm Goodwin and divers other lands 


Court of Requests, bundle 295. 

10 May, 25 Elizabeth. 1583. Your subjects Thomas Bylling- 
forde. Esquire, and John Goodwyn the elder of the city of Nor- 
wich that whereas your Highness' subjects became bound 

to one John Pelles of \\'ymondham. county Norfolk, in the sum 
of £16 endorsed with condition for payment of iio to one John 
Pelles on i May 1579 of which iio your said subjects, John 
Goodwyn and John Goodwyn his son paid £7 in money on May 
I at Wymondham. And because the said John Pelles was then 
to pay to the use of the Queen £3 for rents and other duties of 
which John Goodwin your orator's son was then assigned to have 
the collection John Pelles agreed that the £3 should be set off 
making up the £10. Pelles refuses to give up the written obli- 

Court of Requests, bundle 235. 

Depositions taken 14 October, 25 Elizabeth, 1583. Robert 
Boyes versus Thomas Osteler and John Boyes. Marcell Good- 
wyn Newport Pond, Essex, gentleman, of the age of 46 years 
or about deposed that Awdrye Byes deceased, late the wife of 
Robert Boyes did complain of her husband illtreating her, and etc. 
Court of Requests, bundle 241. 

3 February 30 Elizabeth. 1587-8 Thomas Dey, Hethersett, 
Norfolk, yeoman. Whereas about seven years last past Thomas 


Hust of Wymondham, gentleman, and your supplicant were 
bound in the penalty of f 10 each to Thomas Goodwyn of Mellys, 
county Suffolk, yeoman. 

Obligations which were to have been cancelled have come into 
the hands of Sir Thomas Goodwyn and John Thrower, Eye, 
county Suffolk, etc. 

Court of Requests, bundle 255. 

1588-9 January. Petition of Samuel Durrant. Whereas 
Thomas Gorge, Knight and the Right Hon. Lady Marchioness 
of Northampton now his wife were seesed in right of the wife of 
the Manor of Houghton-cum-Wilton, county Hunts for her life ; 
at a court held about 8 August last, a messuage was granted to 
your subject but Richard Durrant your subject's elder brother 
and others expelled your subject. 

Deposition taken at S* Ives, Hunts, 21 June 30 Elizabeth, before 
Francis Cromworll and John Tonye Esq. 

Witness Edmund Monday of S'' Ives, 36, undersherifif and 

Deposition taken at S* Ives, 13 January 31 Elizabeth, before John 
Dorrington, Thomas Lovell and John Tonnye. 

Edward Goodwyn of the city of Ely, ages 43 years saye that he 
did carry a bag of money for the complainant this deponent's 
master to the defendant but how much he knoweth not, but com- 
plainant said go carry this £25 to my brother Richard. 
Court of Requests, bundle 255. 

14 May, 32 Elizabeth, 1590 Thomas Goodwyn of St. Botolph 
without Algate, London, gonslockmaker. Whereas your subject 
by Indenture of apprenticeship did put himself apprentice to 
James Mote, joiner being a stranger borne, for seven years to 
be by James trained as a joiner, through bad usage we was forced 
to leave his master two years and nine months before the seven 
years expired, and by an obligation dated 21 September. 

James has commenced an action for debt. 

14 May 32 Elizabeth. Answer. Mote charges Goodwyn with 
immorality and frequenting riotous company, etc. 
Court of Requests, bundle 275. 

1 591 8 June, 33 Elizabeth. John Godwyn alias Cleve of 
Egbery, parish of St. Maryborne, county Southampton, husband- 


man. Whereas one Christopher Godwyn aUas Cleve his near 
kinsman, late of Egbery, yeoman, was in his Hfe time lawfully 
seised in two yard lands arable, pasture called Burkets Downe, 
and by his indenture about July, 17 Elizabeth in consideration of 
£12 paid by one Michael Godwyn deceased, your said subject's 
brother (to the said Christopher) did demise to the said Michael 
the two yard lands etc. for 21 years to commence after the expira- 
tion of two former leases there, of Thomas Bardnard and Roger 
Bylett of Egbery. Afterwards Michael made his will and 
devised to your subject the whole lease and interest he had in the 
land. But William Martine, late of Andover about 19 Elizabeth 
purchased the inheritance to the use of one Drewe Rombolde of 
Woodcotte, county Southampton, yeoman, and conveyed the prop- 
erty to him. 

Rombolde is accused of combining with one John Godwyne 
alias Cleve of Egbery, brother and next heir to Christopher God- 
wyn and these deny that your subject has any right to the prop- 

Drew Rombold and John Godwyn answer that Christopher 
Cleve alias Godwyn by conveyance did assure the property to 
William Martine of Andover, and Agnes his wife. Afterwards 
there was some speech between William Martine and Drewe 
Rumbold concerning the conveyance of the said property to the 
said Drew and Drew being advised by his council to make an 
assignment of the said lease to someone of his friends in trust. 
He did by indenture made 31 March, 22 Elizabeth and delivered 
21 June following assign his interest to one John Blake of Knights 
Engham, county Southampton, yeoman, by force whereof Blake 
became possessed of it. Afterwards William Martin and Allice 
his wife by deed dated 2 April, 22 Elizabeth, did convey the 
premises to the said Drewe Rombolde willing that to the knowl- 
edge of the defendant, the said Christopher Cleve alias Godwin 
did for £12 paid by Michael Godwyn demise to Michael for 
twenty one years and without that the said Drew has lately com- 
bined with John Godwyn. etc. 

Court of Requests, bundle 271. 


29 January. (36?) Elizabeth, 1593-4. Walter Goodwin of 
London. Whereas one Margaret Sharpies late of London, 


deceased, sometime servant to Anne May of London, widow, was 
possessed of certain goods etc. and at her death about 8 October, 
35 EHzabeth, she did convey to your subject her hnen, woollen 

goods etc. and sums of money. . .Anne May and Elizabeth ( ) 

did refuse to surrender them. Answer, date 12 February, 36 
Elizabeth. Will surrender if deed of gift is produced. 
Court of Requests, bundle 276. 

20 November, 38 Elizabeth 1595. George Castelow versus 
William Lounde and Rose his wife, and Robert Mayhewe. 

Depositions taken 20 January 1595. 

Elizabeth Warren of Blofield, Norfolk, late wife of John Good- 
wyn deceased, aged about 55 years. 

The complainant, her brother did promise her one half of the 
money received of the defendants, Also Richard Castellow her 
father told her that he the said Richard Castellow did leave with 
the said Robert Mayhewe deceased Lioo in gowld in a black 
purse, thirty years past at the least. Richard Castelow and 
Robert Mayhewe were great friends for Richard Castellowe mar- 
ried Robert Mayhewe's sister. Also that Richard Castelow 
al)Out fourteen days before his death being on his death-bed had 
told her, her Jiusband, Em the wife of Edmund Goulte and Joane 
wife of Edmund Buttyfaunt and others then present that John 
Goodwyn the then husband of the deponent with whom the said 
Richard did then board should be well paid for his charges and 
pains taken about him. Thomas Goodwyn asked how he should 
be paid, by whom and by what means. To which Richard 
answered his brother Mayhewe had Lioo and above in his hands 
of his and he did not doubt that Mayhewe would deliver to him 
and others, his children, according to the trust that he Richard 
reposed in him. John her brother brought an action against 
Mayhew but died before the case was tried, she went to Mayhew 
with her two sons William Goodwyn and Thomas Goodwyn and 
asked for the money, he said if she could find land tO invest it 
in he would pay it. Thomas Goodwyn of Blowfield, Norfolk, 
aged 30 years, deposes that Richard Castelow who had married 
Mayhewe's sister was lying ill in the house of John Goodwyn, 
deponents father, and he then sent this deponent's mother to 
Yarmouth with a letter to Robert Mayhewe, on her return she 
told Richard Castelow that Robert Mayhewe had sent 30/- at 


which he was angry and said he might have sent Lioo for he 
has as much of mine and etc. 

Court of Requests, bundle 251. 

2.2 November, 39 EHzabeth 1596. Thomas Colwiche of CUfton, 
Warwich, gentleman. Agreement between Francis Hill and John 
Overton of Warwick, 25 February, 37 Elizabeth, and Christopher 
A\^este as to the sale of parsonage house of Nether Pillarton. 
Court of Recjuests, bundle 252. 

21 November 40 Elizabeth 1597. William Byshop late of 
Blofyld, county Norfolk, deceaced. Your subject's father was in 
his life-time seised of a tenement called Branthorpe and an acre 
of ote land etc. and at a court holden on Tuesday after the feast 
of Penticoste, 17 Elizabeth, surrendered 17 acres etc. into the 
hands of the Lord of the Manor Edward Paston, Esquire. The 
steward delivered seison of the same to William Byshop for life 
and then to his heirs male. William Byshop died and the 
premises ought to have descended to William's son but Symon 
Robyns and Christian his wife of Norwich, carrier, have entered 
into parcel of the land containing 4 acres and John Goodwine of 
Blofyld, yeoman, hath entered into another 4 acres by colour of 
a surrender made to one Weaker Johnson, late husband of the 
said Christian deceased, without any good consideration made to 
the said William Byshop but only by colour that W' illiam Byshop 
in his life-time owed Walter Johnson L5 whereupon the said 
Johnson sued forth a latytate out of the Court of King's Bench 
and arrested William Byshop and took him two miles towards 
Norwich gaol and only released him on ye promise to surrender to 
him the 8 acres. About four years since Robert Bussy and 
John and William his sons entered Bishop's house and broke open 
a chest and took away writings and also Robert Bussy did get 
from Anthony Borowghe of Great Yarmouth, gentleman. . . . 
by colour of which Robert Bussy, John Bussy, William Bussy 
and Thomas Appleton have entered into certain lands. 

Walter Johnson by his will dated 26 November 1591 com- 
manded the said Robert and Christian and Andrew Harrold 
while he (Johnson) was on his death-bed that none should meddle 
with Byshop's land. 

Robert Corpe says shortly after a surrender made Walter John- 
son sold to John Goodwyne of Blofyld, for L30, 4 acres. 



One question asked is was the land Goodwyn held part of 
Bishop's land. 

The land John Goodwyn has is part of Bishop's land. 
Court of Requests, bundle 235. 

30 May, 40 Elizabeth 1598. Anthony Goodwyn of Lymington, 
Southampton, gent, and Elizabeth his wife. Whereas your sub- 
ject is lawfully seised in right of his wife of a messuage 

in Lymington, which has been the ancient inheritance of Elizabeth 
and her ancestors. But Thomas Turberville of Lymington, 
Emanuell Budd and Nicholas Elton, yeoman have got into their 
possession the deeds. 

Court of Requests, bundle 274. 

8 June 41 Elizabeth 1599. William Cooke of Strowde, Glou- 
cestershire, clothier. — Whereas one John Cooke late of London, 
cloth worker, deceased, brother to your said subject was in his 
life time indebted to your subject in L21 and wife Joice. 

Vanderplancken, merchant. Stranger in divers others in divers 
sums Joice hearing of John Cook's illness came to him and per- 
suaded him to make to him a deed of gift, promissary if John 
recovered or delivered to him the goods, but if he died Joice was 
to pay your subject L21, and further Joice should only take as 
much of the goods as would satisfy her claim and bestow the rest 

on John's wife with this understanding John by deed of gift 

on his death-bed granted his goods to Joice Joyce paid L6 

and your subject then demanded of her L15. Joyce lived about 
nine years after agreeing to pay the L15, but he did not pay it. 

Your subject's son herd Joice say he had lost L2,ioo by bank- 
rupt. Joyce proposed to make his wmII and to make Johan his 
wife and Mathew Questor his son-in-law by the marriage with 
Joice, his daughter, executors. 

William Cooke had given Vanderplancken a bond for L30 but 
he told his executors this was not to be collected, he only held 
it to show (pretend) to other creditors that he had lent Cook L15. 

Joice made his will about November 1592, appointing his wife 
and son-in-law executors, and now one Robert Goodwin husband 
of the same Joane together with the said Joice and Matthew 
Quester have commenced suit upon the bond. 

Court of Requests, bundle 248. 


29 October, 43 Elizabeth 1601 Morrice Price of Ickford, 
Bucks, yeoman, and Marion his wife, late wife and administratrix 
of the goods of William Gooden late of Ickford aforesaid, hus- 
bandman, deceased. Edward Shrimpton of Hambledon and 
Christopher Shrimpton of Great Marlowe, husbandman, were in- 
debted to said William Goodwin £12. William Goodwin died in- 
testate. Since the decease of William Goodwin one William 
Godden of Ilmere, Bucks, husbandman and one Edmunde Godden 
now deceased, combined to deprive your oratrix etc. 

Court of Requests, Elizabeth, bundle 31, no. 86. 

24 January, 45 Elizabeth, 1602-3. John Addams, Banwell, 
Somerset, gentleman, whereas the Rev. father in God, Thomas 
Goodwyn, late Bishop of Bath and Wells, deceased was in the 
28th year of Elizabeth seised as Bishop of the Manor of Banwell 
etc. and granted about March. 28 Elizabeth, a messuage and 30 

acres of lands to Thomas Goodwyn and Thomas Purfrye to 

have and to hold to Thomas Goodwyn and Thomas Purfrye and 

( ) Goodwyn wife of the said Thomas Goodwyn, Blaudina 

Purfrye, wife of the said Thomas Purfrye, and the said Thomas 
Godwyn the son, married Margaret daughter of William Bowr- 
man, Esq. Later the Bishop granted the messuage Fardell, Toft 
and Mondayesland to the said Thomas Godwyn, the same Thomas 
Purfrye, Margaret second wife of Thomas Godwyn the son, 
Blaudina wife of Thomas Purfrye, but the wives to take no profit 
during the husbands lives. 

Thomas Purfrey died after which Thomas Godwyn 

held the lands for his life — and he let the same 4 March 38 
Elizabeth, to your subject and to one Abraham Kinge, gentleman 
for 99 years. 

Blaudina Purfrey married Richard Colthrop, gentleman, and 
the said Richard and Blaudina pretending that Thomas Godwyn 
had died 16 November, 43 Elizabeth, made diverse claims on the 
property, your orator has found that Thomas Godwyn was alive 
three years since and if he is dead Richard and Blaudina have 
no claims. 

Court of Requests, bundle 225. 

(no date) William Goodwyne of Ryngmer, Sussex, hus- 
bandman. Whereas, about 39 Elizabeth, your subject became 


bound to one Edward Towner of Ryngmer as surety for him to 
one Thomas Awcocke of Fletchinge, Sussex, in the sum of L40 
with condition for the payment of £22 about 40 EHzabeth, Thomas 
Towner has made defauk and your subject repaid it to Thomas 
Awcock and agreed with him for the continuance of the loan for 
one year longer, and procured two sureties to be bound for him. 
Thomas Awcock died shortly after and the bond came into the 
hands of Katherine his widow and executrix, and she made over 
most part of this to Robert Pettit of Brix-steede. 
Court of Requests, bundle 275. 

(Undated) John Gibbon of Bishop's Bourne, Kent. Whereas 
Daniel Goodwyne alias Goodden of Kyngston, Kent, being seised 
of 3 acres of arable land in the common field of Bishop's Bourne, 
to which he had very uneasy way except over the lands of other 
men, demised some estate thereof to Edward Chambers, a poor 
man, who was then tenant or farmer to the said Goodden of a 
little dwelling house which Chambers then inhabited and does 
still, for two years from Michaelmas, 1603. Chambers finding his 
occupation of the property difficult did about March 31 1604 
determine to give over the occupation to Gibbon ; Chambers 
obtained his landlord's consent to let Gibbon have it for the rest 
of the term. (A dispute as to whether Goodwyne did agree to 
this change of tenant.) 

Court of Requests, bundle 276. 

Your orator Walter Gooding of Dublin, Merchant, was about 
three yeares past lawfully seised of town of Parlonston, county 
Westmeath, John Tyrell of the Pase in said county dispossessed 
your said orator and damaged him to extent of iioo he witholds 
the same not only since your orators last entry but for many years 

Chancery Bills, Ireland, 177, 25 November 1578. 



Latin. 11 Elizabeth, 1569. Recognizance in case of John 
ffythce, gentleman. Thomas Goodwyn of Bockynge, county Es- 
sex, gentleman, before her Majesty the Queen, in chancery, being 
identified, acknowledged a debt of 100 marks good and lawful 
money of the realm to John fhtche of London to be paid to the 
same John ffitche or his attorney or executors on the next feast day 
of St. Michael the Archangel. And if this is not done etc. T.R. 
at Westminster on the 23d day of June in the nth year of the 
reign of her Majesty Elizabeth by the grace of God Queen of 
England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith etc. 

The condicion of this Recognizannce is suche that yf the 
abouebounden Thomas Goodwyn his executor's, admynystrators 
and assignes do well and truelye obserue pforme fulfill and kepe 
all and eu"y the covenn*'' grannts artycles and agrem"* whiche 
on his and theyr partye and behalfe are and ought to be obs^^ued 
pformed fulfilled and kepte comprysed and aplsed in a c'"ten 
Indenture bearinge date the daye of the date of theis p'"sents 
made betwene the saied Thomas Goodwyn of thone partye and 
the aboue named John ft'ytche of the other partye accordinge to 
the teno^" purporte effecte and true meayninge of the same Inden- 
tore That then this p^'sent recognizannce shalbe vtterly voyde & 
of none effecte Orells to stande in full strengith and vertewe. 
Close Roll, II Elizabeth, part 14. 

This Indenture made the xxiii"' daye of June in the eleventh 
yere of the reigne of our sou^^aigne ladye Elizabeth by the grace 
of god Queue of Englande ffrannce and Irelande defendor of the 
faythe &c. Betwene Thomas Goodwyn of Bockinge in the 
countye of Essex gentleman of thone party, and John ffitche of 
london Gentleman of the other partye. Wytnesseth that the 
saied Thomas Goodwyn for and in consideracon of the some of 
thirtene poundes thirtene shillings and eight pence of lawful! 
monye of Englande to hym before thinsealinge and delyv''ye of 
theis p^^sentes well and truelye payed by the saied John ffitche where 
of and wherewith the saied Thomas Goodwyn acknowledgeth 
hymselfe fullye satysfied and thereof and of ev^^y parcell thereof 
dothe clerelye acquite and dischardge the saied John ffitche his 
executors and admynystrators by theis p^^sentes hathe bargayned 


solde geven and graunted and by theis p'sents dothe bargayne 
sell geve & graunte vnto the saied John ffitche All that his parte 
purparte and porcion of and in one mesuage or tenemente with 
th appurtenncs sett lyinge and beinge in ffelsted in the saied 
county of Essex late in the tenure of Thomas Brewer or his 
assignes and of in & to all barnes and other buildings lands 
meadowes pastures comons and heredytaments whatsoeu'' to the 
saied tent belonginge or appertaynynge or with the same here- 
tofore vsed occupied demysed or letten To have and to holde 
the saied parte purpartye and porcoii of and in the saied mesuage 
or tent lands heredytaments and all other the p''meses with all 
and singuler their appurtenncs vnto the saied John ffytche his 
heyres and assignes to the onelye vse and behoofe of the same 
John his heyres and assignes forev''. And the saied Thomas 
Goodwyn for him his heyres executors and admynystrators dothe 
covehnte and graunte by theis p'sents to and with the saied John 
ffitche his heyres executors and assignes in mann^' and forme 
followinge (that is to saye) That the saied John ffytche his 
heyres and assignes shall and maye frome hensfourth foreu'' 
peaceablye and quietlye have holde occupye and enioye the saied 
parte pparte and porcon of the saied mesuage or tent and of 
all other the p'misses and of ev'y parte and parcell thereof (that 
is to saye) three partes of all & singular the same p''misses into 
fyve partes egallye devided without any niann'' of lett inf'upcons 
or disturbannce of the saied Thomas Goodwyn his heyres or 
assignes or of any other pson or psonns by his or theyr assente 
meanes or pcurement and without any lawfuU lett interrupcon 
expulsion eviccon or disturbannce of any other pson ot psonns 
And also that he the saied Thome Goodwyn his heyres executors 
or admynystrators at all tymes hereafter and from tyme to tyme 
foreu'" shall sufficientlye save and kepe harmeles aswell the saied 
John ffytche his heyres and assignes as also the saied three partes 
of all and singuler the p''misses into fyve partes egallye to be 
devided and eu''y parte and parcell therof of and from all 
and allmantf of form bargaynes sayles gyfts graunts leases 
statutes marchantts and of the staple recognizanncs Judgem*'' 
execucions and of and from all other chardges trobles and incum- 
brances whatsoeu"" hadd made comytted don or knowledged by 
the saied Thomas Goodwyn or by any other pson or psonnes 
by his assente meanes comanndment or pcuremente in any wise 


before the date hereof provided ahvayes that yf the sayed 

Thomas Goodwyn his heyres executors admynystrators or assigii i 

do well and truelye contente and paye or cause to be contented • 

and payed vnto the saied John ffitche his heyres executors ad- : 

mynystrators or assynes the full some of thirtene pounds thirtene i 

shillinges eight pence of law full monye of England on the ; 

twenty daye of October next comynge after the date of theis \ 

p'"sents betwene the howers of one and three in thafternone of ] 

the same daye at or within the shoppe nowe in the tenure or | 

occupacon of John Walker, Skryveno^' in fflete strete beinge the i 

corner shopp at thende of Channc'ye lane london that then and i 

frome thensfourth this p'sente bargayne sayie gifte and graunte j 

of all and singuler the p^misses before by theis p'sents bargayned ; 

and solde shalbe utterlye voyde frustrate and of none effecte. j 

And that then it shall and maye be lawfull to and for the saied j 
Thomas Goodwyn his heyres and assignes into the saied p^'misses 

before by theis p''sents bargayned and solde and eu''y parcell ' 
thereof hollye to reenter and the same to have agayne enioye 

and repossed as in his and theyr former estate. This Inden- ' 

ture or any thinge therein contayned to the contrye in any wise | 

notwithstandinge. In witnes whereof the saied partyes to theis j 

p'sente Indentures have intchanngeably^ putt theyr scales yeouen j 

the daye and yere firste aboue written. '; 

Latin. And be it remembered that on the said twenty third I 
day of August (June?) in the above written eleventh year the 

aforesaid Thomas Goodwyn came before her sovereign Majesty ■ 

the Queen in Chancery at Westminster in person and accepted \ 

and confirmed the aforesaid indenture as a whole and in part ' 
with the text and specifications as are in the above written 

document. ' 

Close Roll, II Elizabeth, part 14, (1569.) t 

Latin. 1569. Recognizance in case of John Fythce. Thomas I 

Goodwyn of Bockyn, county Essex, Gentleman, before her ; 

Majesty the Queen, in chancery, being identified, acknowl- j 

edged a debt to John ffitche of London of 400 pounds good ; 

and lawful English money to be paid to the same John | 

ffitche or his attorney or executors on the next feast day of St. j 

Michael the Archangel. And if he shall not do so etc. T.R. j 

at Westminster on June 29th in the nth year of the reign of I 



her Majesty Elizabeth, by the grace of God, Queen of Eng- 
land, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, etc. 

Yf the abouebounde Thomas Goodwyn hys executors admyn- 
ystrato's and assignes do well and truelye contente and paye or 
cause to be cotent and payed vnto the abouenamed John fifytche 
his executors or assignes the some of one hundred and thre 
score pounds of lawfull monye of England at or vpon the tenth 
daye of June whiche shalbe in the yere of our lorde God a 
thousande fyve hundred threescore and ten at the chanib of the 
saied John ffitche nowe beinge in the Midle temple betwene 
the howers of one and ffower of the clock in the afternone of 
the saied tenthe daye of June that then the p'sente Recogin- 
zaunce shalbe vtterlye voyde and of none effecte Orells to stande 
in full strengith & vetewe. 

Close Roll, II Elizabeth, part 14. 

Bond between Thomas Goodynge of Freston, county Suffolk, 
gent, and Richard Morris. 

On the 4th of February 1571 Thomas Goodynge of Freston, 
county Suffolk, gent, came before the Queen and acknowledged 
that he owed to Richard Morris, citizen and ironmonger of 
London, £150 to be paid in the feast of Easter following. 

The condition is that if Thomas Goodynge pay Richard 
Morris iioo in the dwelling house of Richard Morris in Bridge 
Street in parish of St. Leonard's nigh East Cheap in the city 
of London then this bond to be void otherwise to continue. 
Close Roll, 14 Elizabeth, part 18. 

8 October 1600. Robert Goodwyn citizen and fishmonger of 
London and Thomas Goodwyn his son and heir, for 70'' paid 
by Richard Wyseman citizen and goldsmith of London, convey 
to the said L. W. a messuage, house or tenement with all the 
shops cellars &c appertaining, situated &c in the parish of St. 
Laurince, Pountney, late in the tenure of Richard Griffyn, 
clothworker, or his assigns ***** which were once the 
lands and possessions of a certain John Evans lately citizen and 
clothworker of London, deceased, and by the same John Evans, 
by testament and last will, given or bequeathed to a certain 
Thomasine Fysher, late mother of said Thomas Goodwyn, now 

Close Roll, 42 Elizabeth. 



Indenture, i8 July 1608, between Henry Goodwyn, son of 
Robert Goodwyn, late citizen and draper of London, deceased 
on one parte and Bartholomew Colcloughe of the Highe 
Haughem, county Stafford, gent, on other parte. That said 
Henry Goodwyn for £38 paid whereby he doth acc^uit, etc. for- 
ever said Bartholomew Colcloughe his heirs, etc. by these 
presents doth sell etc. unto said Bartholomew Colcloughe all 
tenements etc. in Fosbrocke, parish of Dilverne als Dilhorne 
county Stafford, late in occupation of Christopher Pakeman and 
now in occupation of William Walter or his assigns and orchards, 
tenements, woods, etc. waters, fishing, etc. in Dilvern aforesaid 
and in Careswell, county Stafford to hold forever, etc. and one 
lease made by Robert Goodwin, father to said Henry deceased, 
to said William Walter of said messuage for 21 years whereof 
about 17 years are yet unexpired at yearly rent of 20s. etc. 
Acknowledged 2^^ October 7 James I. Enrolled 24 October. 
Close Roll, 7 James I. part 30. 1997. 

Godwyn et Smith 43. To all Christian people, etc. James 
Godwyn of Welles, county Somerset, gent, greeting. By in- 
denture 29 November, 8 James, the said James Godwyn granted 
to Edward Smyth of Welles, grocer, messuage called the Bell 
in Welles in the Highe streete there, and 11 acres of meadow 
thereto belonging in the parish of St. Cuthberts in Welles in 
occupation of William Norton and other closes in Lancherlie in 
said parish late in occupation of Thomas Walton gent, deceased 
at yearly rent of 36s. 8d. now for other good causes the said 
James Godwin doth release and quit clayme all right, title, etc. ! 
to said messuage. Dated 12 January 10 James 1612. Enrolled / 
12 May, II James. 1 

Close Roll, II James, part 29, 2182. 

19 June, II James I, 161 3. Thomas Robinson of Sudbury in 1 
the county of Suffolk, gent, and Marian his wife, Helen Rob- li 
inson, sister of the said Thomas, and Thomas Strangman of j 
Faulkborne in the county of Essex, gent, convey to John 
Genkins of Thunderslie in the county of Essex, gent, a mes- 
suage in Thunderslie lately in the tenure or occupation of Edward 
Goodwin and Francis Perkins or their assigns and now of the 
said Thomas. 

Close Roll, II James I. 


Powlett et Goodwyn 24. Indenture 15 July, 11 James. 
From John Powlet of George Hinton, county Somerset, Esq. 
and Elizabeth his wife, daughter and sole heir of Christopher 
Kenn, Esqr. deceased. To James Godwyn of Welles in same 
county, gent. For a certain some and in the performance of 
certain covenants made between the said John Powlet and the 
said James Godwyn, grant the Manor of Berowe als Barowe 
with appurtenances in said county and all messuages douehouses, 
orchards etc. etc. thereto belonging and all other the lands etc. 
of the said John and Elizabeth now or late the inheritance of 
the said Elizabeth situate in the towns or parishes of Berowe als 
Barowe, Burnam, South Brent, and Braynes with all rights etc. 
and the deeds etc. no reversion of said premises in the King's 
Matie nor in any other person etc except all estates made before 
the 10 June last past and which are determinable as in the said 
lease as expressed etc. and the said John and Elizabeth appoint 
Thomas Dale gent, and Humpfrey Victor their attorneys etc. 
Enrolled 9 November 1 1 James. 

Close Roll, II James, part 30, 2183. 

Godden et Godwine 46. Indenture 19 May, 1618, 16 James. 
From Thomas Godden sonne of Amos Godden late of Trottes- 
cliffe, county Kent, yeoman, deceased. To Richard Godwine of 
the Middle Temple, London, gent. For a certeyne some etc. 
grantes the park at Trotscliffe als Trottescliffe called the East 
Park with all woods and underwoods, etc. and all other the lands 
etc. granted to said Thomas Godden by the Right Reverend John, 
Lord Bishopp of Rochester, by indenture 20 June last with all 
the estate, right, title etc. of the said Thomas Godden etc. 
Enrolled 20 May. 

Close Roll 16 James, part 11, 2370. 

Osborne et Goodwin 48. Indenture 20 January 1618, 16 James. 
From Edward Osborne of Keeton, county York, esqre, son and 
heir of Sir Hewet Osborne, late of Parslowes, county Essex, 
knight, deceased, who was son and heir of Sir Edward Osborne, 
late knight and Alderman of London, deceased. To Peter Good- 
win, citizen and Salter of London, For £530 grants five messuages 
in parish of St. Margaret Paten in citty of London in or neere 
Somers Alley als Bournes alley als Bull Alley and also the said 


alley and the ground or soyle thereof with all appurtenances etc 
nowe or late in occupation of Thomas Alelsop, plomer, John 
Graces, pewterer, the said Peter Goodwin, Robert Bates, joyner, 
and Andrewe Boone, merchantaylor, sometime the inheritance of 
Barbara one of the daughters and co-heirs of Thomas Gelson, 
late citizen and grocer of London, deceased, with all rights, 
reversions, deeds, etc to the use of the said Peeter Goodwin etc. 
notwithstanding any acte done by the said Edward or Sir Hewet 
or Sir Edward Osborne, rents reserved on lease to said tenants 
to be paid to said Peter Goodwin etc. Enrolled 10 February. 
Close Roll 16 James, part 26, 2385. 

Robinson et al, et Savile mil et al, 10. Indenture 3 February, 
16 James. From Thomas Robinson of Pinston, county North- 
ton, gent, Anne his wife and Thomas his son and heir apparent. 
To Sir Henry Savile the Provost of Eaton Colledge, Sir John 
Jackson of Eddenthorpe, county York, Knt, William Goodwyn, 
D.D. and Deane of Christchurch in Oxford, William Lawd, D.D. 
Deane of Gloucester and Richard Harrison of Hurst, county 
Kent, Esqr. For £2380 grants messuage etc in Pinston wherein 
the said Thomas Robinson the elder now dwelleth and other lands 
there etc. Enrolled 4 February. 

Close Roll, 16 James, part 13, 2372. 

Cecily et al et Savile mil et al, 15. Indenture 4 February, 16 
James. From John Celly of Fobbinge, county Essex, esqr, and 
Elizabeth his wife. Sir Peregrine Bartue of Grimsthorpe, county 
Lincoln, knt, and Francis Tunstall of Skargill, county York, 
esqr. To Sir Henry Savile of Eton, county Bucks, Sir John 
Jackson of Hickleton, county York, knights, William Goodwyn, 
D.D. and Deane of Christchurch in Oxford, WilHam Lawd, D.D. 
and Deane of Gloucester and Richard Harrison of Hurste, county 
Berks, esqr. For ii8oo and other somes grants mannor etc 
called the Little Hayes in parish of Rettendeon, Rumwell and 
Weldham ferries, county Essex, etc. Enrolled 5 February. 
Close Roll, 16 James, part 8, 2367. 

Betts et Godwine 55. Indenture 30 October, 16 James. From 
William Betts of Linwood, county Southampton, gent. To 
John Godwine of Fawley in said county, gent, and Jane his wife. 


For £60 grants all his lands, tenements etc in the parish of 
Rrockenhurst in said county with all appurtenances, rights, re^ 
version, etc. With proviso of recovery on payment of i6o at 
dwelling house of said Godwine in Fawley within six months in 
default to hold the said lands etc. free from all former bargains 
etc. except from leases for three lives or for terme of years 
determinable upon three lives whereon the yearly rent of 36s. 8d. 
is reserved. Enrolled 2 April 17 James. 

Close Roll, 17 James, part 13, 2406. 

Goodwin mil, et, Gary mil, 51. Indenture 15 February, 16 
James. From Sir Francis Goodwin of Over Winchendon, 
county Bucks, knt. To Rt. Hon. Sir Henry Carye of Alden- 
ham in county Hertford, knt, Controller of H. M. household, 
and P.C. and Edward Woodward of Lee in parish of Upton, 
county Bucks Esqr, said Goodwin to the intent that his debts 
shall be paid at his death so that any purchasers of his lands 
may be secured and that his younger sonne Edward Goodwin 
may be provided for and his legacies paid and in consideration 
of the trust reposed in said Carye and Woodward and for 6d. 
paid, grants the rectorie and parsonage impropriate of Over- 
Winchendon with all lands etc, belonging other lands in same in 
occupation of said Sir Francis and Thomas Johnson. To hold 
the said premises for 500 years paying yearly one peppercorne if 
demanded upon trust that the said Sir Frances shall receive the 
rents etc. and thereof to dispose at his own will and at request 
shall make any lease or disposal as the said Sir Francis shall 
deem fitt etc. and after his death to pay said debts and legacies 
and recompense to said purchasers oi the lands of said Sir Francis 
as necessary making provisions for his said sonne. With right 
to revoke said indenture on payment of 6d. to either party named 
etc. Enrolled 5 April 17 James. 

Close Roll, 17 James, part 13, 2406. 

Aston et Cradock 26. Indenture 20 September, i() James. 
From William Aston of Parkhall. county Stafford, gent, to 
Mathew Cradocke of Stafford, county Stafford, esqre, Sampson 
Boughey of Coulton, John Aston of Deane and Samuell Good- 
win of Parkhall in said county gent. For £10 and other good 
causes etc. grants messuage etc. in Chedsell in said county, in 


occupation Edmond Pyott with all appurtenances etc. and one ' 

cottage in same in occupation of Thomas Wolley closes of pasture j 

lands and arrable lands in Chedcell now or late in occupation of I 

said William Aston and Richard Barnes with all houses, bames, j 

stables, orchards, etc. and a close in the parish of Leigh in said i 
county lately purchased of Thomas Soute. To have and to hold 

etc. Enrolled 26 October. ', 

Close Roll 16 James part 13, 2477. 1 


Goodwyn et Goodwyn. Indenture 20 June, 20 James. Be- ' 

tween Edward Goodwyn of Dorkinge in county Surrey, gent, on ; 

the one part and Jasper Goodwyn of Dorking aforesaid, gent, ] 

of thother part. Consideration of £400 grants messuage or i 

Inn called the Lower Qiequor in Dorking now or late in severall ' 

tenures or occupation of Thomas Mason, Anthony Hethfield, ! 

John Living als Harman, William Ridge and William Hudson ' 

with all closes etc. remaining about 40 acres viz. 6 acres in j 

occupation of Richard Day, gent, 10 acres late in occupation of j 

Edward Lusted, 7 acres in occupation of Thomas Turnor, 3 | 

acres in occupation of Richard Hobart, i acre in occupation of | 

Raph Arnold, 4 acres in occupation of Arthur Foster, 1-2 acre i 

in occupation Robert Charlewood, orchard in occupation of ; 

Mathew Neale and one roode in the Eastreete of Dorking ad- ' 

joining the lands now or late Sir Richard Sands in occupation of 

Edward Hooker, also yearly rent of xviijs out of lands called ; 

Squiours in Westheathworth in said county in occupation of 

Swanne, widowe, with all appurtenances lately purchased by said ' 

Edward Goodwyn from Edward Carpenter and Robert Erleston ' 

and all other lands except three closes called Spitleheath, Spitle i 

heathfield, and Spitle heath meadowe in occupation of Edward \ 

Bowell etc. Ann wife of said Edwarde not to claim under her i 

dower, etc. in the clause of redemption for i56o. Enrolled 30 ' 


Close Roll, 20 James I, part 31, no. 27. i 

Alcock et al et Goodwin 24. Indenture 26 July, 21 James. • 

Between Edward Alcock of Rampton county Cambridge, Esqr ; 
and Giles Gregory of Grayes Inne, county Middlesex Esqre. 
To William Goodwin of St. Clement Danes, county Middlesex, 

taylor. For i860 and 5s. to the said Gregory grants divers t 



closes of land etc. called Hornhill Moore Close, the greater 
meadowe, and other meadows in the Comon Meads of Rampton 
and marsh grounds in Rampton now or late parcell of the manor 
of Rampton with the walke for looo sheepe in the manners of 
Rampton, and Cottenham, and Willingham in said county and the 
rights reversions etc. with all patent deeds etc. to the use of 
the said William Goodwyn etc. with right of reserving on pay- 
ment of £895. i6s. 8d. on ist January next at Middle Temple 
Hall. Enrolled 2 January. 

Close Roll, 21 James part 14, 2546. 

Goodwin et Goodwin. Indenture 21 November, 21 James I. 
Between William Goodwyn of St. Sepulcher, in West Smithfield, 
Middlesex, goldsmith, one of the sons of Thomas Goodwyn, gold- 
smith, deceased, on the one part and Thomas Goodwyn of 
Chelmsford in the county of Essex, goldsmith, brother of the 
said William Goodwyn on the other part. William Goodwyn for 
30^' conveys to his said brother Thomas his part of the mes- 
suage or tenement with the shops, now used also for a dwelling 
house, to the same adjoining, sometimes Henry Dales, parcel of a 
tenement called Walmesford &c. lying and being in Chelmsford 
in the said county of Essex, in a certain lane there called Potter 
Rowe Lane, between the messuage or tenement late of of Walter 
Wilkes, als Baker deceased, now of Thomas Gatem towards the 
North and the messuage or tenement of the said Thomas Gatem, 
in the occupation of Thomas Sherlocke, scrivener, towards the 
.South. One parcel therof abutteth upon Shop Row Lane 
towards the East and one other head thereof abutteth in part upon 
a copyhold house thereunto adjoining and in part upon a copy- 
hold curtillage late of the said Thomas Goodwyn the father &c. 
&c. &c. Which said messuage &c. were lately purchased of one 
Thomas Tree by the said Thomas Goodwyn the father &:c. 

Acknowledged 19, December 1623. 

Close Roll, 21 James I, part 7 no. 14. 

2 December, 21 James L Paul Wright of London, yeoman, 
and Margaret his wife, Edward Dawson of the city of Oxon, 
yeoman, and Anne his wife, sole daughter and heir of Jane 
Wright, deceased, late wife of the said Paul and one of the two 
daughters and coheiresses of John Goodwyn deceased, Thomas 


Hearne of Oxford, yeoman, and Susan his wife, sole daughter 
and heir of Edith Bratwell, the other daughter and coheiress of 
the said John Goodwyn, and John Wright of Waybridge in 
the county of Surrey, gent, convey to John Hawe of Abbingdon 
in the county of Berks, mercer, for 123^', all that messuage or 
tenement with its appurtenances sometime in the tenure or occu- 
pation of John Goodwyn, late of Abingdon, ironmonger, and 
now or late in the several tenures or occupations of the said John 
Hawe and of William Hearne and of Mark Croney &c. 
Close Roll, 21 James I. 

Goodwin et Rogers. Indenture 21 June (1624) 22 James I. 
Between Jasper Goodwyne of Dorkinge, county Surrey, gent, 
and Edward Goodwyne of Dorkinge, gent, on the one part and 
Edward Rogers of Lethered in said county esqre. Consideration 
of £450 messuage and farme called Exfoldes and all Barnes etc. 
in parish of Rudgwecke in county Sussex in occupation of John 
Cooper als Stenninge or Edward Cooper als Stenninge deceased 
with all rights, etc. etc. 

Close Roll 22 James I part 21, no. 7. 

Indenture, dated 2},, January 1624-5, between Richard Walker 
of Alkerton county Oxford, yeoman, Anne his wife and William 
Goodwyn of the same, yeoman, of the one part and John Good- 
wyn, Clerk, Parson of Great Polerite in said county of Oxford, 
of the other part for the grant to the said John of property in 
L. Woolford, Co. Warwick. 

Close Roll, 22 James I, part 2^, no. 17. 

Godwyne et W^renford 30. Indenture 18 May 1625 i Charles I. 
From Richard Godwyne of the Middle Temple, London, gent. 
To John Wren ford of Longden in county Worcester, gent, and 
Thomas Wrenford of Longden, gent, brother of said John. 
For £80 grants all that meadowe with appurtenances called 
Pepthorne containing 4 3-4 acres in the parish of Longdon now 
in occupation of said Richard Godwine lying between the 
meadows of John Michell, William Gilberte, and the Deane and 
Chapter of St. Peter in Westminster, county Middlesex, in occu- 
pation of John Saunders likewise called Pepthorne East and the 
meadow of said Dean and Chapter in occupation of Margerye 


Gilberte, widowe, called also Pepthorne South and the waste of 
the Dean and Chapter called the Comon. Marshe North Meadow 
of the said Richard Godwine called Pare Leasowe West and also 
common profitts etc. belonging and the reversions, rents, services, 
deeds, etc. To the only use of the said John and Thomas Wren- 
ford etc. Enrolled 20 May 1625. 

Close Roll I Charles I. part 10 (2625). 

Goodwyn et Holman 15. To all Christian people etc. Wee 
Edward Goodwyn of Dorkinge county Surrey, gent, Jasper 
Goodwyn of Dorking, gent, Oliver Huntley of Dorking, gent, 
and Edward Lee of Effingham in said county, yeoman, send 
greeting. I the said Edward Goodwyn this present 21 December 
commonly called the first of St. Thomas Thapostle have had and 
receaved of Richard Holman, gent, and Jane his wife assignes 
of the said Oliver Huntley the some of £300 at my nowe dwelling 
house in Dorkinge. In performance of the condicions conteyned 

! in indenture of bargaine and sale between the said Edward Good- 
wyn and the said Jasper Goodwyn and Edward Lee on one parte 

I and the said Oliver Huntley on the other parte dated 20 May, 15 
James, said £300 being the remainder and last payment of £1200 
mentioned in said indenture, £900 being previously paid to me by 
the said Richard and Jane Holman on the very days and place 
expressed etc. and the said Edward Goodwyn doth release and 
the said Richard and Jane, their heires etc. the said condicion 
and all somes of money therein conteyned and wee the said 
Edward, Jasper, and Oliver quit clayme all our right, title, and 
estate etc unto all that mannor, messuage and farme etc called 
Sutton als Sinton als Holhurst a Downe with all rights and 
appurtenances etc lying in the parish of Sheere in the said county 
Surrey and all other the messuage etc sold to the said Oliver 
Huntley conteyned in said Indentures. Signed and sealed 21 
December 1624 22 James. Enrolled 30 May, i Charles, 1625. 
Close Roll, I Charles I, part 17 (2632). 

Godwin et Gleson et al 11. Indenture 25 January 22 James. 
Between Hodges Godwin of Wells, county Somerset, gent, of 
one part and Thomas Gleson of Coxley in parish of St. Cuthbert's 
in Wells, gent, and John Hall the younger of Harters Hill in 
said parish, yeoman of the other part. For £52. los. od. grants 


all his messuage, lands etc in Allerton, Ayston, Wedmore, Bettes- 
ham, Badgeworth, and Tornock in county Somerset now or late 
in occupation of William Welshe, Thomas Swayne, Adrian 
Butcher, George Stoakes, Thomas Crase, Robert Coxe, John 
Vaker, Agnes Wall and George Godwin, and all other his lands 
lying in said tithings, hamlets and parishes in said county with 
all appurtenances, rights, rents, deeds, etc excepting and reserving 
those messuages and lands lying in Ashton in occupation of the 
said George Stokes, Adrian Butcher, and Agnes Wall. To the 
use of the said Thomas Gleson and John Hall. Provided that 
if the said Hodges Godwin, his heires etc. shall pay £55 on 
29 July next ensuing at dwelling house of said Gleson in Coxeley 
that then the said Gleson and Hall shall hold the same to the 
only use of said Hodges Godwin and at reasonable request shall 
reassign the said premises etc. etc. Enrolled i July i Charles 
L 1625. 

Close Roll I Chas. I. part 18 (2633). 

Goodwyn et W'hitbread 16. Indenture 20 January 1625, i 
Charles. From Peter Goodwyn, citizen and salter of London. 
To Thomas Whitbread, a citizen and draper of London. For 
a competent and valuable some grant messuage etc. in parish of 
St. Margaret Paten in the Ward of Tower Street, London, con- 
taining in measure viz. length N. and S. 2)3) foote 7 inches, 
breadth E. and W\ 14 feet. Breadth straightened a little by 
the thickness of a buttrice at the S. E. corner of the Church wall, 
at N. E. corner of said messuage, said messuage abutting upon 
the messuage of the said Peter Goodwyn and the streete there 
E. messuage in occupation of Thomas Harpur, shoemaker and 
beinge parte of the parsonage house belonging to said parish 
church and in part upon a piece of the churchyard W. and another 
part of the said dwelling house of said Peter and the said But- 
trice N. and the King's High Streete S. with all cellars, chambers, 
roomes etc. belonging, said messuage called the Horshoe and 
in occupation of said Thomas Whitbred except such roomes as 
lay over the entry of the dwelling house of said Peter with all 
rights, title, estate, deed, etc. To hold etc. to the use of the 
said Thomas Whitbred his heires, etc. against all clayme by the 
said Peter Goodwyne and Sara his wife etc. Enrolled 16 
February 1625-6. 

Close Roll, I Charles L part 22, no. 2637. 

CLOSE ROLLS. 1 09 7 

Goodwin et Love 13. Indenture 9 February i Charles 1625-6. 
From Edward Goodwin of Dorking, county Surrey, tallow- 
chandler. To William Love of Dorking, haberdasher. For £130 
grants messuage or tenement in Dorking now or late in occu- 
pation of Temperance Browne, widow, all the gates yards, 
gardens, orchards, etc. and one croft or close of land i 1-2 acres 
adioninge and all rights, rents, profitts, etc To the use of 
the said William Love which said messuage etc. were sometimes 
the messuage and lands of William Francke of Elwell in said 
county, yeoman, and after of Myles Goodwin late of Reigate in 
said county deceased, late father of said Edward as by a deed 
poll thereof and of one other messuage or tenement made by 
the said William Francke to the said Miles Goodwin 17 September 
43 Eliz. 1601 as may appear. Enrolled 20 May 2 Charles, 1626. 
Close Roll 2 Charles I, part 27 (2673). 

Fullerton et Kingston, 15. Indenture 20 June, 2 Charles I. 
From Sir James Fullerton, Knt, and James Maxwell Esqr to 
Jvichard Kingston and Richard Goodwin of Aylton in county 
Hunt yeoman. By letters patent 10 July, 22 James His Majesty 
granted to said Fullerton and Maxwell the mannor of Alington 
als Aylton als Zeton with the rights etc. in said county. To be 
houlden of His Majesty's Mannor of East Greenwich in county 
Kent in fealty only etc paying yearly rent of £44. lis. 7d. etc. 
whereas the said Richard Kingston, Richard Goodwin, Robert 
Sherman, Edward Kingston, and Thomas Minter of Aylton, 
yeoman, now are and stand lawfully seised as of fee at the will 
of the Lord of the said Mannor of one coppeehold messuage, or 
tenement one close called Graves close and half a yard land and 
one corner of meadowe containing 3 rood with appurtenances 
lying in Aylington late in occupation of Thomas Kingston now 
in occupation of said Richard Kingston under the yearly rent 
of 9s. and also of one quarter of a yard land and twoe rood of 
meadow in Aylington late in occupation of John Ives now in 
occupation of said Richard Kingston at yearly rent of 4s. 6d., 
and other messuage etc late in occupation of Michaell Surton 2s. 
6d., Robert Goodwin 3s, William Sherman, i6s, William King- 
ston lod., William Rushton lod., Michaell Burton i6d., and now 
in several occupation of said Richard Kingston and Richard 
Goodwin, Robert Sherman, Edward Kingston, and Thomas 
Miller, all said messuage and lands etc. parcell of said mannor 


and held by coppee of Court Roll. Xow the said Richard 
Kingston and Richard Goodwin intend to purchase the same 
and the said Sir James Fullerton and James ]\Iaxwell for £68. 
14s. cd. grants the said messuage, lands etc with all houses, 
buildings, and rights, etc. the said yearly rents etc. to the use 
of the said Kingston and Goodwin to be houlden of the King's 
Majesty etc. paying 38s. 2d. parcell of the said yearly rent 
reserved. Enrolled 29 June 1626. 

Gose Roll 2 Charles I. part 21, 2667. 

Fullerton et Goodwyn 17. Indenture 20 June 2 Charles I. 
From Sir James Fullerton, Knt, and James Maxwell Esqre to 
Edward Goodwyn of Aylton in count}' Huntingdon yeoman. By 
letters patent granted 10 July 22 James, His Majest}- granted 
said ]\Ianor of A}-ton with all rights etc. Edward Goodwin, 
Edward Kingston, and John Kisby of Aylton, yeoman seised of a 
messuage and two yard lands and 51-2 acres of meadow late in 
occupation of Robert Goodwin now in occupation of Edward 
Goodwin at yearly rent of 24s. lod. other lands there in occupa- 
tion of John Ivers, now in occupation of Edward Kingston, son 
of Thomas Kingston 4s. 6d, other lands late in occupation of 
Robert Goodwin now John Kisebye and rent 12s. Xow for ±54 
I2s. od. grants same to said Edward Goodwin, etc, etc. Enrolled 
29 June 1626. 

Close Roll 2 Charles I, part 21, 2667. 

Hitchcock et Goodwyne 9. Indenture 10 May 1626 2 Charles 
I. From William Hitchcock of London, gent. To John God- 
%\ynne, citizen and haberdasher of London. For £500 grants 
moiet)- of messuage etc in St. Thomas Apostles, London. En- 
rolled 7 July. 1626. 

Close Roll 2 Charles I, part 30, 2676. 

Godwine et Kinge 7. Indenture 8 July 1626, 2 Charles I. 
Between John Godwine, citizen and haberdasher of London and 
Francis Kinge of Watford, count}" Harts, mercer. For £200 
grants mo}-tie of all those messuage in the parish of St. Thomas 
Apostle in Citt}' of London in occupation ^^'iIliam Swarland and 
mo}'tie of all lands and appurtenances etc. thereto belonging with 
p^o^^so of recover}- on payment of £205 on 12 January next at 
!Midle Temple Hall without clayme from said John Godwine his 


heirs etc. or of Robert Kimpton late of London Esqre, deceased. 
Lease to said Swarland, yearly rent of iioo reserved. Enrolled 
II July, 1626. 

Close Roll 2 Charles L part 30, 2676. 

Goodwyne et Greene 22^. Indenture 14 November, 2 Charles. 
Bet\veen ^^^illianl Goodwyne late of Christchurcli in Cittie of 
Norwich gent, of one part and Robert Greene of Bressworth 
county Suffolk, gent, of the other part. For iioo grants one 
close parcell of certain lands called Hallploughes containing 14 
acres, one meadow parcell of said lands, 2 acres lying together 
in the parish of St. Andrews of Ilketshall in said county Suffolk, 
between the lands late of Robert Bongaye E. Hallploughs lane 
in and abutting on the lands of Richard Skeete and Robert Bon- 
gaye S. and lands late of George Jolly now of John Lane N, 
with all appurtenances which said premises the said Goodwyne 
had to him and his heires of the feoffment of Thomas Wright 
als Baker of Bainliam Broome, county Norfolk, yeoman, as by 
deed dated 6 November, 17 James. To hold to tlie said close 
and meadow to the use of the said Robert Greene etc. Enrolled 
15 November 1626. 

Close Roll, Charles L part 39 (2853). 

Banbury Comes et al et Mag. Rot. 47. \\'ills. Earl Banbury 
and Henri Goodwin of the parish of St. Martin's in tlie Fields. 
county Middlesex and Julius Ceser, knight, Master Rotule and 
Richard Moore, knight (vui) Master Einsden etc iioo. Con- 
dicon that whereas the said Rt. Hon. the Earle of Banbur\^ hath 
proferred a bill of review to reverse a decree heretofore made in 
the said High Court of Chancer}^ at the suit of John Peck and 
Christopher Peck plaintiffs against the said Earle and Sir John 
Hunt, knt, and Dame Penelope his wife, defendants. If therefore 
the said Earle shall according to the late published rules Stand 
unto abide and perform such orders as the said High Court 
shall hereafter make touching the paiement of Costs then present 
recognizance to be voyd Enrolled 28 November, 2 Charles 1626. 
Close Roll, 2 Charles I, part 44 (2690.) 

Gardiner et Goodwin. Indenture i November, 2 Charles. 
From Richard Gardiner of Leathered in county Surrie, esqre 
to Jasper Goodw3'n of Dorkinge in said Count)^, gent. For £220 


grants messuage or tenement lying next Leathered bridge in the 
parish of Fetcham in said county with all orchards, gardens 
etc. and i6 acres arrable and pasture in said parish of Fetcham 
now in occupation of Francis Featherstone gent, and the rever- 
sion etc. upon condicion of payment of £220 on 6 May next at 
dwelling house of said Jasper Goodwyn in Dorkinge then this 
indenture to be voide, etc. Enrolled 7 February 1626-7. 

Close Roll 2 Charles I. part 41, 2687. | 

ffreston et Goodwyn 12. Indenture 9 February, 2 Charles I. l' 
1626. From Richard ffreston of Mendham, county Norfolk, | 
Esq. To Theodore Goodwyn of Little Stonham, county Suffolk, i 
son and heir of Thomas Goodwyn of same Esqr, and Mary his || 
wife. Sister of Thomas Vaxter, late of Raynesthorp Hall, county | 
Norfolk, Esqr, Francis Baxter, second son of Thomas Baxter, 
grandfather of aforesaid Thomas by indenture 8 October 21 
James confirmed the reversion of Reynsthorpe and lands in Tar- 
burgh Newton, fflooden, and Soclingham of said county to King | 
James, now same are descended to King Charles who by his H 
patent granted same to Richard ffreston who now grants his .; 
reversion in said mannors and lands, etc. Enrolled 10 February. ;,' 
Close Roll 2 Charles L part 18. 2664. .| 

Goodwyne et Skipp 3. Indenture 5 Aprill, 3 Charles. From 1 
Thomas Goodwyne of Litle Stonham, county Suffolk, Esqr, son I 
and heire of Theodow Goodwyne late of Bunwell, county Cam- k 
bridge, gent, deceased. To Thomas Skipp of North Tuddenham, "|j 
county Norfolk, gent. For £2000 grants the Manor of Belhouse ' 
als Belhouse Hall with all rights etc. in said county Norfolk ; 
and all messuages, houses etc. situate in North Tuddenham, : 
Mattis Hall, Mattishall Burghe, East Deereham, and Elsinge in j 
said county and also the Moredoles of the said Thomas or said 'i 
Theodow in Badley Moore in North Tuddenham and the trees | 
etc. standing thereon and the reversion of 3 messuages and a lofte « 
in North Tuddenham and 76 acres of land meadow etc. there ^ 
and in Hockering and which were by Edward Parker late Lord 
Morley, Baron of Rye, late owner thereof demysed by indenture i 
16 May 20 Elizabeth to John Grange of Swafham Bulbecke, 
county Cambridge, gent, deceased for 1000 years at yearly rent i 
of 45/2 and one other messuage and 29 acres 3 roods in North * 
Tuddenham demised by said Lord Morley 4 July, 23 Elizabeth ^ 


to John Neare of North Tuddenham, husbandman for looo years 
at i6s. gd. two other messuages and 14 1-2 acres in North Tud- 
denham also demised same date to John Ayer of North Tudden- 
ham, yeoman, at los. 3d., 18 acres pasture to Edward Howse 
of North Tuddenham, husbandman at 9s. other lands in North 
Tuddenham demised same date and terme. To James Camplin 
of North Tuddenham, husbandman at I2d. John Robinson of 
Elsinge, husbandman I4d. Indenture 10 November 22 Elizabeth 
to John. Howlett of Hockering, yeoman los. 5 i-2d. To 
Firmyn Neare of Ringland yeoman at 17s. 4d. To Thomas 
Lambe of Hockering, yeoman at 20s. 2d John Howlett of Hock- 
ering at 20s. 6d. which said Howlett assigned to said John 
Graninge and all rents etc. whereto said Theodour Goodwyne 
purchased of Julyan Barber als Barwick and Frauncis Cockerell 
and the messuage etc. of late Richard Hase now in occupation 
of Richard Cooke als Carrowe and the advowson of the Church 
of North Tuddenham and all other the messuage lands etc of 
said Thomas Goodwyne in said parishes etc. Enrolled 12 June 

Close Roll 2 Charles I, part i (2691). 

Banbury Comes et Goodwyn etc 13. Indenture 13 June 3 
Charles I. From Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury and 
the Rt. Hon. the Lady Elizabeth his wife. To Henry Goodwyne 
and Edward Wilkinson of London, gent. Said Earle and Lady 
Elizabeth present terme of Holy Trinity acknowledge a fyme 
according to statute and acknowledge the Mannors of Whitely 
and Hackboone als Hackborn, Aston Upthorpe, Aston and Clew- 
berry in county Berks and the Rectorie of Hackborne with ap- 
purtenances and the advowson of the church of Hackborn to be 
the right of the said Henry Goodwyn and Edward Wilkinson as 
those which the said Henry and Edward have of the guifte of 
said Earle and Countess. Now the true intent and meaning of 
the said parties to these presents that the said fyne shall be 
construed and taken to be that the said Goodwyn and Wilkin- 
son stand seised of said Mannor and lands excepting the mes- 
suage and lands in occupation of William Kendrick, Anthony 
Knight, Paul Alexander, Mathewe Appleby, and Mary Hillendine. 
To the only use of the said Goodwyn and Wilkinson and to no 
other intent or purpose etc Enrolled 14 June (1627). 
Close Roll 3 Charles L part 14 (2704). 


Banbury Comes et al et Symes 23. Indenture 25 June, 3 
Charles I. From Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, his 
wife Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury, Henry Goodwin and Ed- 
ward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To John Symes, 
of Hackbourne, county Berks, yeoman, Hugh Keate of Hack- 
borne, gent, and William Keate, gent, brother of the said Hugh. 
For £50 to the said Earle of Banbury and 5s to the said Goodwin 
and Wilkinson, and other good causes etc. grant messuage and 
half yard land with appurtenances in the tithing of Wescott in 
Hackbourne now in occupation of Jane Symes, widow, and the 
close thereunto adjoyning, half acre and 10 acre arrable in the 
fields of Hackborne with comon of pasture etc. with the rights etc. 
as enjoyed by any of the coppeeholders of said messuage and 
lands with all deeds and rents etc. to the use of the said Hugh 
and William upon condition that the said John Symes shall 
receive and enjoy the said rents etc. Enrolled i August 1627. 
Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 16 (2706). 

Banbury Comes et al et Slade 21. Indenture 20 July, 3 Charles 
I. From Rt. Hon William, Earle of Banbury and the lady Eliza- 
beth, Countess of Banbury, his wife To Barthollomew Slade of 
Aston Upthorpp, county Berks, yeoman. For i6oo grants the 
scite of the Mannor of Aston Upthorpp with all buildings etc. 
Henry Slade father of said Bartholomew who held same John 
Slade grandfather of said Bartholomew, lands in occupation 
Thomas Pope, Henry Cursett Richard Bickeridge, Thomas Cas- 
terd, John Slade, Widdow Burnham, John Cripps, etc. En- 
rolled 14 October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 17 (2707). 

Banbury Comes et al et Sawyer et al 11. Indentyre 25 June 
3 Charles I. from Rt. Hon. \Villiam, Earle of Banbury and the 
lady Elizabeth Countess of Banbury, his wife, Henry Goodwyn 
and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To 
Richard Sawyer of Hackborne, county Berks, yeoman and Richard 
Sawyer, son of said first named Richard, John Sawyer of Lon- 
don, fishmonger, and William Styles of Hackborne, yeoman. 
For £260 to said Earl paid by said Richard the sonne and a 
competent some to said Goodwyn and Wilkinson grants divers 


messuages etc. parcell of the manor of Hackborne, county 
Berks, in occupation of said Richard the father. John Paty, 
WilHam Mayho. Said Richard the son to take the rents etc. 
Enrolled 17 October. 

Close Roll 3 Qiarles I, part 17 (2707) 

Banbury comes et al et Anger et al 12. Indenture 25 June 3 
Charles I. From Rt. Hon. William, Earle of Banbury and the 
lady Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury, his wife Henry Goodwyn 
and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To John 
Anger of Hackborne, county Berks, yeoman, Richard Sawyer of 
Didcott, Sonne of Robert Sawyer of Cossott in said county, yeo- 
man and Thomas Anger the eldest and Thomas Anger his sonne 
of Hackborne. F^or £124 etc grants to Richard Sawyer and 
Thomas Anger the sonne messuages etc in Hackborne. Enrolled 
17 October 1627. 

Close Roll, 3 Charles I part 17 (2707). 

Banbury Comes et al et Sawyer et al 14. Indenture 25 June, 
3 Charles T. From Rt. Hon William, Earle of Banbury and 
the lady Elizabeth Countess of Banbury his wife, Henry Goodwyn 
and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To 
Robert Sawyer of Coscott, county Berks, yeoman, Ffrancis 
Sawyer of Yattenton, county Berks, clerk, Richard Sawyer of 
Didcott, yeoman, Raphe Sawyer of Hackborne, yeoman, brother 
of said Robert. For £95 etc grant messuages etc in Coscott in 
occupation of Robert Sawyer. Enrolled 17 October 1627. 
Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 17 (2707) 

Banbury Comes et al et Sawyer et al 15. Indenture 25 June, 
3 Charles I. From Rt. Hon William, Earle of Banbury and 
the lady Elizabeth his wife Countess of Banbury, Henry Good- 
wyn and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To 
Robert Sawyer of Coscott, yeoman, Francis Sawyer of Yatten- 
don, clerke. Raphe Sawyer of Hagborne, yeoman and Richard 
Sawyer the younger of Didcott, yeoman, sonne of said Robert. 
For £255 etc. grants messuage and lands in Coscott and Hagborne 
in occupation of Robert Sawyer etc. Said Richard Sawyer to 
take rents etc. Enrolled 17 October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 17 (2707) 


Baribury Comes et al et Anger et al i6. Indenture 25 June, 
3 Charles I. From Rt. Hon. William, Earle of Banbury and the 
lady Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury his wife, Henry Goodwyn 
and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle To 
Thomas Anger the eldest of Hackborne, county Berks, yeoman, 
Thomas Anger son of said Thomas, John Anger of Hackborne, 
yeoman, another son of Richard Sawyer of Didcott yeoman, one 
of the sonnes of Robert Sawyer of Coscott, yeoman. For £36 
etc. messuage in Wescott in occupation of Thomas Angur the 
elder. Enrolled 17 October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I part 17 (2707). 

Banbury Comes et al et Pope et al 17. Indenture 25 June 3 
Charles I. From Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury and 
the lady Elizabeth Countess of Banbury his wife, Henry Goodwyn 
and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To 
Thomas Pope of Aston Upthorp in parish of Blewberry, county 
Berks, yeoman, William Pope of Blewberry, yeoman, and Thomas 
Cordrey of South Morton county Berks, yeoman. For £140 
grant messuage etc in Aston Upthorpp in occupation of Thomas 
Baylye and Thomas Northcott. Said Pope to take rents etc. 
Enrolled 17 October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I part 17 (2707) 

Banbury Comes et Harwood 31. Indenture 25 June, 3 Charles 
I. Grantors. Rt. Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, his wife 
Elizabeth, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson, gents, ser- 
vants to said Earle. To John Harwood of Hackborne, county 
Berks, yeoman W^illiam Bushnell of Hackborne, yeoman, Am- 
brose fifreeman of Henley county Oxon, yeoman. For £170 etc. 
paid by said Harwood, grants messuage and one yard land in the 
titheing of Eastcott in parish of Hackborne in occupation of 
said John Harwood one other messuage in Westcott and 21 
acres arrable in occupation of said Harwood, other lands there 
in Eastcott and Westcott with all rights etc. Said Harwood to 
take rents. Enrolled 17 October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles part 19, 2709. 

CLOSE ROLLS. 1 1 05 

Banbury Comes et Buckeredge 32. Indenture 25 June, 3 
Charles I. Grantors Rt. Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, his 
wife Elizabeth, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson, gents, 
servants to said Earle. To Richard Buckeredge of Aston Up- 
thorp, county Berks, yeoman. For £96 etc grants messuage etc. 
land called Cobbes or Hardings in Aston Upthorp in parish of 
Blewberry and 2 yard lands and a halfe of arrable and other 
lands there in occupation of said Buckeredge. Enrolled 17 
October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 19, 2709. 

Banbury Comes et al Hyde et al 33. Indenture 25 June, 3 
Charles I. Grantors : Rt. Hon. William, Earle of Banbury his 
wife Elizabeth, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson, gents 
servants to said Earle To Robert Hyde of Hackborne, county 
Berks, yeoman, David Sawyer of Uffington in said county, yeo- 
man, and John Stacey of Hackborne, yeoman. For £120 paid 
by said Stacy grants messuage and garden and 2 yard lands 
and halfe arrable in tithing of Westcott parish of Hackborne 
parcell of the mannor of Hackborn and Aston Upthorp etc. in 
occupation of said John Stacey. Said Stacy to take rents etc. 
Enrolled 17 October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 19 2709. 

Banbury et Tyrrall 35. Indenture 25 June, 3 Charles. From 
Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, and Right Hon. Lady 
Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury his wife, Henry Goodwin and 
Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earl. To Brooke 
Tyrroll, eldest son of William Tyrroll of West Hackborne, county 
Berks, yeoman. For iioo etc grant messuage etc in West 
Hackborne in occupation of Richard Addams etc. Enrolled 17 
October 1627. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 18, 2708. 

Banbury et Stacy 36. Indenture 25 June, 3 Charles. From 
Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, and Right Hon, Lady 
Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury his wife, Henry Goodwin, and 


Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earl. William Stacy 
of Hackborne, yeoman and Hugh Keate of same, gent, William 
Keate, gent, his brother and John Blandy of Lettcombe Bassett, 
gent, for £55 etc. messuages etc in Westcott in occupation of said 
Stacy. Said Stacy to take rents, etc. Enrolled 17 October 1627. 
Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 18, 2708. 

Banbury etc et Sawyer etc 37. Indenture 25 June, 3 Charles. 
From Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, and Right Hon. 
Lady Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury, his wife, and Henry 
Goodwin, and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earl. 
To Ralfe Sawyer of Hackborne, county Berks, yeoman, Robert 
Sawyer of Coscott, yeoman, and Richard Sawyer of Coscott his 
sonne. For iiSo grant messuage etc. in East Hackborne in 
occupation of William Stacy, other messuage in occupation of 
Ralph Sawyer. Said Robert and Richard to take rents etc. 
Enrolled 17 October 1627. • 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 18, 2708. 

Banbury etc etc Bushnell, etc 39. Indenture 25 June 1627, 
3 Charles I. From Right Hon. William, Earle of Banbury, 
and Right Hon. Lady Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury, his 
wife, and Henry Goodwin, and Edward Wilkinson, gents, ser- 
vants to said Earl. To Thomas Bushnel of Hackborne, county 
Berks, yeoman, Hughe Keate of same, gent, and William Tirrott 
of West Hackborne, yeoman. For £250 grants messuage etc in 
Hackborne in occupation of said Thomas Bushnell. Said Thomas 
Bushnell to take rents etc. Enrolled 17 October 1627. 
Close Roll 3 Charles I, part 18, 2708. 

Banbury Comes et al et Symes 9. Indenture 20 July, 3 
Charles I between (William?) Earle of Banbury, Dame Eliza- 
beth his wife, Henry Goodwyn and Edward Wilkinson, gent, his 
servants. To John Symes the elder of Coscott als Colescott, 
county Berks, yeoman, and John Symes the younger his sonne 
of Coscott, yeoman. For £97 los. and a certain competent sum 
to the said Goodwin and Wilkinson grants messuage in Coscott 

CLOSE ROLLS. 1 1 07 

in the tithing of Wescott, parish of Hackborne county Berks, in 
occupation of said John Symes the elder etc Enrolled 17 

Close Roll, 3 Charles I. part 17 (2707). 

Banbury Comes et al et Sadler 10. Indenture 20 July, 3 
Charles I. between (William?) Earle of Banbury, Dame Eliza- 
beth his wife, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson, gents, 
his servants. To John Sadler of Aston Upthorp in parish of 
Blewberry, county Berks, yeoman, William Shorter of Reading, 
gent, and John Parsons of Aldworth in said county, yeoman. 
For £82 grants messuage in Aston Upthorpe upon trust to per^ 
mitt the said John Sadler to take rents etc. Enrolled 17 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 17 (2707). 

Banbury Comes et Smithe etc. 29. Indenture 20 July 1627, 3 
Charles I. Grantors : Rt. Hon William Earle of Banbury, his 
wife Elizabeth, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson gents, 
servants to said Earle. To Henry Smith of Hackborne, yeoman, 
John Anger, of same yeoman, and Thomas Keate of same, yeo- 
man. For £33 etc. paid by said Smith grants messuages etc. in 
Hackborne in occupation of said Smith, lands in Westcott and 
Coscott. Said Smith to take rents etc. Enrolled 17 October. 
Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 19, 2709. 

Banbury Comes et Bunce et al 30. Indenture 20 July, 3 
Charles I. Grantors : Rt Hon William Earle of Banbury his 
wife Elizabeth Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson, gents, 
servants to said Earl. To William Bunce of Hackborne, county 
Berks, yeoman. Raphe Whistler and Lawrence Akers of same, 
yeoman For £130 paid by said Bunce grants messuage and one 
yard land etc. in Eastcott in parish of Hackborne in occupation 
of said Bunce other lands there in occupation of Edward Steevens. 
Said Bunce to take the rents etc. Enrolled 17 October. 
Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 19, 2709. 


Banbury Comes et Lewenden et al 24. Indenture 25 June 
1627, 3 Charles I. Grantors : Rt. Hon William, Earle of Ban- 
bury his wife Elizabeth, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson 
gents, servants to said Earle. To Lawrence Lewenden of Hack- 
borne, county Berks, Richard Lewendon of Chilton in said county, 
yeoman, and William Lewendon, father of the said Roger of Hack- 
borne, yeoman. For £55 etc grant messuage etc in Hackborne 
in occupation of William Lewendon, meadow grounds there in 
occupation of said William with all rights etc. Said Roger to 
take rents. Enrolled 16 November. 

Close Roll, 3 Charles L part 19, 2709. 

Banbury Comes et Crooke et al 25. Indenture 25 June 1627, 
3 Charles I. Grantors : Rt. Hon William, Earle of Banbury, 
his wife Elizabeth, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson gents, 
servants to said Earle. To Ralphe Crooke of Watleton, county 
Oxon, John Stacye of Hackborn, county Berks, yeoman, and 
Robert Hide of Hackborne, tanner. For ii2 paid by said Hyde 
and other causes etc grants messuage etc in Hackborne in occu- 
pation of said Hide. Said Hyde to take the rents. Enrolled 16 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 19, 2709. 

Banbury Comes et al et Tyrrold et al 23. Indenture 12 July 
1627, 3 Charles I. From Rt. Hon William, Earle of Banbury 
and the lady Elizabeth, Countess of Banbury, Henry Goodwyn 
and Edward Wilkinson, gents, servants to said Earle. To 
William Tyrrold of West Hagborne county Berks, yeoman, 
Lawrence Lewenden of Hackborne als Hackbone, John Acres of 
same, taylor, and Lawrence Acres of same. For £36 and a 
competent some to said Goodwyn and Wilkinson paid by said 
Lawrence Acres and other good causes, grant messuage etc. 
in Hackborne in occupation of said John Acres close of pasture 
adjoyning containing i acre arrable in the fields of Hackborne 
with all rights etc. Said Lawrence Acres to take the rents, etc. 
Enrolled 16 November. 

Close Roll, 3 Charles I. part 19, 2709. 

CLOSE ROLLS. 1 1 09 

Thursby et al et Wakering et al. Indenture 22 September 3 
Charles I. From Christopher Thursby the elder of Bockinge, 
county Essex, Esqre and William Thursbye, son and heir ap- 
parent of said Christopher To John Wakering of Kelvedon in 
said county Esqre and William Lingwood of Braintre in said 
county, gent. For a some grant all those mannors messuages 
lands etc called Borewoods Hall, Bradfords, Harris, and Chi- 
lands, with appurtenances etc in Bocking and one Woodground 
called- Crabtre Brome and meadows called Braddy meadowes and 
Newhaven in Bocking and all messuages, cottages, millhowses, 
gardens, etc in Bockinge, Stisted, and Braintre, except a tene- 
ment in Church Streets and Littl Tower lands and two tenements 
with appurtenances in tenure of Christopher Goodwyn in Brad- 
ford Streete and another tenement there in occupation of 
Widdowe Kelley in Bocking. To have and to hold etc. Never- 
theless in performance of indenture triphite bearing date with 
these presents. 

Close Roll 3 Charles I. part 17 (2707). 

Baxter et Goodwyn 3. Indenture last day of December, 3 
Charles I. From Thomas Baxter of Raynthorpe in county 
Norfolk, Esqr. To Thomas Goodwyn of Stoneham in county 
Suffolk Esqr. For £567. i8s. 4d. paid by said Goodwyn and for 
the better security and discharge of the said Goodwyn for the 
some of £250 being the proper debt of the said Baxter and for 
which the said Goodwyn standeth bound as suretie for said 
Baxter grants the mannor of Raynthorpe with his rights etc. in 
county Norfolk, and all messuages, houses, barns, lands etc. and 
all appurtenances in Tasburghe, Newton fflotman, Saplingham, 
and ifordon in said county, and the capitall messuage of the 
said Baxter late newe builte in Tasburghe and closes of pasture 
ground in Newton fflotman, 27 acres, 24 acres and 13 acres of 
land in severall peices in Newton fflotman and ffordon sometime 
Sir Nicholas Appleyard, Knt, one other messuage in Tasburgh 
and 40 acres land there, and 5 acres 3 roods in ffordon some- 
tymes Jennyes and 12 acres in Tasburgh parcell of said mannor 
and the advowson of the church of Tasburgh, and all other the 


messuage and lands of said Baxter which late were Thomas 
Baxter, Esqr, deceased, grandfather of said Thomas Baxter, and 
Stephen Baxter, father of the said Thomas, fyne to these presents 
with all rights, deeds, etc. Enrolled 7 February. 

Close Roll, 3 Charles I. part 4 (2694). 

Dorset Comes et Monson 2. Indenture 14 February, 3 
Charles I. From Rt Hon. Edwarde, Earle of Dorset K. G. P. C, 
Sir George Rivers of Chafford, county Kent, Knight, Richard 
Amherst of Lewes, county Sussex, Serjeant at Lawe and Edward 
Lyndsey of Buxted, county Sussex, Esqre. To Sir John 
Monson of Burton, county Lincoln, K. B. and Robert Goodwyn 
of Home, county Surrey, Esqr. For i200 paid to said Earle 
and £2350 to the said Rivers, Amherst and Lyndsey and other 
good causes grant the moytie of the Manor of Rygate, county 
Surrey, with all rights etc. late at any time the inheritance of the 
Rt. Hon. William, now Earl of Derby situate in Rygate, Horsley, 
Betchworth, Nuttfield, and Buckland in said county heretofore 
conveyed to John Gower late of London, gent, deceased, in 
trust for the use of the late Rt. Hon. Thomas Earle of Dorset, 
Lord High Treasurer, deceased, and the revercions, etc. En- 
rolled 20 March. 

Close Roll 3 Charles L part 29 (2719). 

Jossay als Hayes et al et Goodwyn 30. Indenture 8 November 
3 Charles I. From James Jossaye als Hayes of Barnerds in the 
parish of Ewhurste, county Surrey Esqre. To Edward Good- 
wyn of Dorkinge in said county, gent. For i6o grants all that 
messuage and farme and all those lands tenements and heridita- 
ments with appurtenances containing 50 acres lyinge neer Long- 
hurste Hill in parish of Cranley in said county neere Barnerds 
Parke Pale and close of land etc. lying neere the highway from 
Barnerds to Cranley all now or late in occupation of Robert 
Baldwyne and all bowses, tofts, barnes, buildings etc. and the 
reversion deeds etc. to the sole use of said Goodwyn etc. and 
that the said Goodwyn shall be saved harmless from all mannors 
of former guifts etc, excepting onely one estate for life in the 
said messuage which Margaret Josaye, mother of the said James 


now holdeth for life and the rents payable to the Chief Lord 
also excepted with provision on payment of £65 on 9 November 
1624 at dwelling house of said Goodwyn in Dorking then this 
indenture to be void, etc. Enrolled 5 April 4 Charles I. (1628) 
Close Roll, 4 Charles I. part 19 (2756). 

Luke et al et Godwyn et al 10. Indenture 19 June, 4 Charles 
I. From Sir Olliver Luke of Hawnes, county Beds, Knt, and 
Sir Samuel Luke, Knt, and sonne and heir apparent of said 
Sir Olliver. To Richard Godwyn of the town of Bedford, county 
Beds, gent, and William Doughtie of Lincolns Inne, county 
Middlesex, gent. For a competent some and other good causes 
grants the Mannors or Lordships of Woodend and Wiggens 
with all rights etc and 13 messuages 9 cottages, 500 acres lands, 
20 acres meadowe. and 60 acres pasture with appurtenances in 
Woodend and Cople and Wardon in said county, and all other 
messuages etc. descended to him the said Sir Olliver from Nicholas 
Luke Esqr. his deceased father the manor howse of Woodend 
and Woodend Parke only excepted and also all that Manor of 
ffranckleyns of Hawnes Cople Woodend Carnington als Carding- 
ton Escotts and Withamstead purchased from Thomas ffeild 
and William Totnam with all rights, reversions, etc. Enrolled 
20 June 4 Charles L (1628.) 

Close Roll, 4 Charles L part 37 (2769). 

Goodwyn et Mag. Ret. John Goodwyn of Esbehoth in county 
Sufifolk, clothier, etc. etc. Julio Casar and Embetto Thetwell, 
knight, (mia) in a High Court Chancery. £400 (bond?) 16 
May 1629. Condicori a Order of High Court of Chancery in 
a cause between Sir Richard Moore, knt, one of the Masters 
of the Court of Chancery, plaintiff and the above bounden John 
Goodwyn, defendant, dated 12 May instant the said defendant is 
ordered to present or his servant Swayne, the body of Edmond 
Goodwyn a ward in that order named, etc. Cancelled 1 1 June. 
Close Roll 5 Charles I, part 46 (2819) 

Gage, Bart, et Goodwynn 15. Indenture 20 May 5 Charles I. 
From Sir John Gage of ffules, county Sussex, Bart, to John 


Goodwyn of Hoorne, county Surrey, gent. For a certain some 
grants closes of land, meadow and pasture called Lambardie 
Meade in parish of Burstowe, county Surrey, late in occupation 
of John Thorpe, gent, and all woods, underwoods, etc. and all 
deeds, etc. To use of said John Goodwin, etc. Enrolled 15 
June 1629. 

Close Roll 5 Charles I. part 27, 2800. 

Gage Bart, et Goodwynn 189. Recognisances of John Good- 
win to deliver the body of Edmond Goodwin, a ward. Taken 

Close Roll 5 Charles I. part 46, 2819. 

Goodwin et Payne 53. William Goodwin of Orsett in county 
Essex, gent, and Symon Payne, citizen and cordwayner London, 
i8o ult. October 1629. Conditions not given. 

Close Roll 5 Charles I. R. part 46, 2819. 

Indenture, dated 4 November 1629, between William Goodwyn 

of Little Moorfields, parish of St. Giles, Cripplegate, London. 

gent, of the one part, and William Wayte of King's Lynn Co. 

Norf. butcher, of the other part, relating to property in Norfolk. 

Close Roll 5 Charles I, Part 13 no. 2. 

Wood et Goodwin 78. Thomas Wood de Croydon in county 
.Surrey, gent. Edward Goodwin of Tuttle Street in county Mid- 
dlesex, gent, i6o. II January 1629. Condition that said 
Thomas Wood to pay to said Edward Goodwin his executors 
etc £30 at the dwelling house of Ralph Kettle, scrivenor in 
Chancery Lane, London, withing six months after the death of 
Anne Wood, widow, mother of said Thomas Living in Croydon. 
Close Roll 5 Charles I, R. part 46 (2819). 

Goodwin et Johnston 76. Edrus Goodwyn de Barkinge in 
county Surrey, gent, and Benn Goodwin son and heir, etc, Robert 
Johnston of London, £100. 24 March 1629. Condition that 
said Edward and Benn Goodwin to pay to said Robert Johnston 
^41. 6s. 8d. on 25 August next at dwelling house of Master 
Doctor Flood in Blackffryers, London. 

Close Roll 5 Charles L R. part 46, 2819. 


Banbury Comes et Goodwyn 26. Indenture i April 1630, 6 
Charles I. From Rt. Hon William Earle of Banbury K. G. P. C. 
To Henry Goodwyn and Edward Wilkenson of London, gents. 
In pursuance of Covenants and agreements between said Earle 
and the Lady Elizabeth Countess of Banbury his wife contained 
in indenture 28 March 1630 Between the said Earle and 
Countess and the Rt. Hon Edward Lord Howard, Baron of 
Escrigge, Sir William Howard, K. B., Henry Goodwyn and 
Edward. Wilkinson and for 20s. grants the manor of Cawsham 
.als Caversham with all rights etc in county of Oxon and Berks 
iand mansion house called Cawsham Lodge in the park of Caw- 
sham, county Oxon, meadow lands etc in Reading and the ferry 
barge of Cawsham Milles, Mill barge and locke there. Cawsham 
ffarme and all other messuages and lands there belonging. 
Enrolled 21 April 1630. 

Close Roll 6 Charles I. part 35 (2854). 

Sawyer nil et al et Whitmore 34. Indenture I May 6 Charles 
L From Sir Edmund Sawyer of Haywood, county Berks, knt, 
^'and Henry Goodwin of the cittie of London, gent. To George 
Whitmore, citizen and alderman of London, Martin Bond of 
the citty of London, Esqr. and William Gibson of said city, 
marchanttaylor. For £1000 and other good causes etc. grant the 
mannor of Hackborne als Hackbone with all appurtenances etc. 
in said county Berks and the rectory and advowson of the 
Church of Hackborne and all other the lands of said Sawyer 
and Goodwin in Hackborne, excepting certain messuages etc 
late parcells of said Mannor conveyed to diuers persons by cer- 
tain indentures enrolled wherein the Rt. Hon William, Earle of 
Banbury, K.G., P. C. the lady Elizabeth his wife, the said Sir 
-,Edmunde Sawyer, Henry Goodwin and Edward Wilkinson of 
"I London, gent, have joyned as grantors and dating before the 
18 of April last past and the revercion etc. Except as before 
excepted, and all rents estate, rights, titles, etc. Enrolled 7 
June 1630. 

Close Roll 6 Charles I. part 4 (2823). 


Lees et Goodwyn 6. Indenture 29 April 1630, 6 Charles I. 
From George Lees of Chigwell in county Essex, shoemaker, son 
and heir of Robert Lees late of Chigwell, shoemaker, deceased 
to John Goodwyn of Chigwell butcher. For £35 grants mes- 
suage and one rood and 28 perches of pasture ground with 
appurtenances in Chigwell, parcell of one half acre of pasture 
called Hewetts in a lane there called Hewetts Lane neare Chig- 
well Rowe in the parish of Chigwell, and now or late in occupa- 
tion of John Waylett, glover, and which descended to the said 
George Lees from his said father and was purchased by the said 
Robert Lees from Henry Roe of Chigwell, husbandman, and 
William Roe son and heir of said Henry and of Elizabeth his 
wife who was daughter and heire of Michaell Pott and Margaret 
his wife and which the said Michaell purchased to him and his 
wife, of one John Gesnold sometime of Chigwell, husbandman, 
wnth the revercion, all deeds etc. Enrolled 20 June 1630. 
Close Roll 6 Charles I, part 4 (2823). 

Fox et al et Goodwyn 17. Indenture 10 September, 6 Charles. 
From Somerset Fox of Gwernygo, county Montgomery, Esqr, 
Sir Walter Longe of Draycott. county Wilts, etc, and Charles 
Thynne of the citie of Westminster, county Middlesex, Esqre. 
To Ralph Goodwyn of Ludlowe, county Salopp Esqr. For 
£1250 of which said some ^550 now in hand etc. grant the Manor 
of Much Cowhorne als Cowarne als Cuerne with all rights mem- 
bers appurtenances, etc. in county Hereford with all houses, 
barnes, buildings, etc. in as large and ample manner as Charles 
Fox, Esqre, late grandfather to said Somersett deceased, here- 
tofore purchased the said mannor of John Pauncef oote Esqr, 
Richard Paunceforte, gent, Henry Cassy Esqre and John 
Hawkins and all other the messuage of the said Somersett Fox, 
Sir Walter Longe and Charles Thynne in Cowhorne in said 
county and the remainder etc. excepting only one lease granted 
by said John Pauncefoote and Dorothy his wife to Robert Burg- 
hill, gent, and Elizabeth his wife of part of said premises whereof 
there is aboute one and a halfe year yet to come and one other 
lease granted to — Rawlins, widdowe, and Edmond Rawlins 



her Sonne and — Rawlins her late husband and father of said 
Edmond for their three lives, rents thereupon reserved to be 
due and payable to said Ralph Goodwin etc. Enrolled 27 
November 1630. 

Close Roll 6 Charles I. part 19 (2828) 

Keate et al et Banbury Comes et al 31. Indenture 24 Novem- 
ber 6 Charles I. From fifrauncis Keate and John Saunders of 
the Middle Temple Esqre. To Rt Hon William, Earle of Ban- 
bury K.G. and P.C. The Lady Elizabeth his wife, Sir Edmund 
Sawyer of London, Knt, and Henry Goodwin of London, gent. 
Lie. Pat. 22 May, 6 Charles L granted to said Keate and 
Saunders the mannors of Hackbourne and Aston Upthroppe and 
the rectory and advowson of Hackborne in county Berks, late 
parcell of the dissolved Monastery of Cirencester county Glocs. 
and all houses gardens etc in Hackborne and the Mote pond 
there except as in said Lie. Pat. is excepted. Now by direction 
of said Earle and Countess and for fs. grant to said Sawyer 
and Goodwyn all their estate, right title and interest etc. therein 
except as excepted etc etc. Yearly rent of £140. 6s. 2d. reserved 
and for the Rectorie 53s. 4d. etc. Enrolled 2 December. 
Close Roll, 6 Charles L part 10 (2829). 

Woodford et Trotter. Indenture 11 June 1631, 7 Charles I. 
From Stephen Woodford, citizen and salter, London. To 
Thomas Trotter, Edward Dichfield, Richard Dentram, Henry 
Plompton, Jeffrey Elder, Peter Goodwin, John Osborne, Jacob 
Garret, John Babington the elder, Henry Bury, Nicholas Crispe, 
and John Pettyward, citizens and salters of London. Mentions 
indenture 19 August 43 Elizabeth from Anthony Abdy son of 
Roger Abdy, citizen and merchantaylor. to Thomas Barbor, 
Nicholas Lynge, John Ireland, Hugh Woodcock, Richard Scales, 
Peter Robinson, Thomas Harding, Thomas Rudd, said Stephen 
Woodward (sic) after Woodford, and David Cock, citizen and 
Salters of London granted messuage in Bowe lane parish of St. 
Mary Adelmary in occupation of Edmond Kendall and David 
apprice clothworker, and John Snowden, gent, now grants same 
to use of said Salters Company Enrolled 8 August. 
Close Roll, 7 Charles I. part 28, 2892. 



Puller et Goodwin 29. Indenture 7 July 7 Charles I. From J C 
Abraham Puller of London, clerk, and Margery his wife To 
Samuel Goodwyn of VVestham, county Essex, gent. For ii20 
grants messuage etc. in Northweald als Northweald Basset called 
Pressons als Prestons with lands belonging in said county Essex 
to the use of the said Samuel Goodwyn, etc. Enrolled 14 October. 
Close Roll, 7 Charles I. part 5, 2869. 

Indenture, dated 23, Nov. 1632, between William Goodwyn of 
Woorthend parish of Hatton Co. Bedford, yeoman relating to 
property in Hatton, Judith Goodwin, widow, mother of said 
William living. 

Close Roll, 8 Charles i, part 33, no. 17. 

Mervyn et Goodwyn 2^. Indenture 28 November 1632, 8 
Charles I. From James Mervyn of Castle Tuckett in the Barony 
of Omagh in county Tyrone, Kingdom of Ireland Esq. To 
William Goodwyn of parish of St. Clement Danes, county Mid- 
dlesex, taylor, for £126. 14WS. grants three mannors called 1 
Castle Tuckett, Stoy, and Allston, formerly called Balmekaby, | 
Irellick and fifentonagh in said Barony of Omagh with all rights 
and appurtenances etc. to hold the said mannors from the last 
day of May next untill the said Goodwin be satisfied and paid 
£131, 9s. with interest for the same at 8% with damage for non 
payment. Providing that if the said some be paid on or before 
said last day of May at dwelling house of Sir William Rives, 
knt, in the city of Dublin then this present grant to determine I 
etc. in default then said Goodwin to enter the said Mannors 
etc untill said some be satisfied etc Enrolled 13 May 9 Charles I. 
Close Roll, 9 Chas. I. part 11, 2966. 

This Indenture made the 30th day of January 1636 between 
George Godwyn of Hordlowe in the parish of Hartington and 
county of Derby, gent, and Thomas Yate of Weston Coyney in 
the parish of Caveswell and county of Stafford, gent, of the 
one part and George Parker of Weston Coyney aforesaid Esquier 
of the other parte, witnesseth that for consideration of sume of 
4 hundred pounds of money of the realm of England to the said 

CLOSE ROLLS. 1 1 1 7 

George Goodwyn before the ensealing and delivery of these 
presents by the said George Parker well and truly contented and 
paid the receipt whereof he the said George Goodwyn doth 
hereby acknowledge and there of and every part and parcell 
***** doth clerely and absolutely acquite discharge the 
said George Parker his heires etc ***** They the said 
George Goodwyn and Thomas Yate have given, granted ***** 
to the said George Parker his heires etc. all that messuage or 
tenement with the appurtenances comonly knowne by the name 
of Lower Atherley Green als Adderley Greene situate lying etc. 
in the said parish of Caveswell and county Stafford together with 
all houses, barnes, buildings, stables, outhouses, orchards, gar- 
dens, yards, foulde landes, meadows, pastures, woodes, under- 
woods, feeding commons, perfect w^ares, waters, easements, and 
comodities whatsoever to the same messuage with the same 
occupied ***** by ffrancis Mayott and John Morris or 
one of them they or or one of the assigns also all other the mes- 
suages landes etc of them to the said George Goodwin and Thomas 

Close Roll, 12 Charles I. part 31. 

Indenture 13 May, 1652 between Thomas Goodwyn, Bachelor 
of Divinity and President of Magdalen College, Oxford on one 
parte and John Lambert of Calton in Craven, county York, 
Esqr. and Lord Deputy of Ireland and Dame Francis, his wife. 
That for £730 doth sell etc. unto said John Lambert messuage 
and parsonage house belonging to Rectory of Wimbledon, county 
Surrey etc, etc, tenement in Mortlake now and late in occupation 
of Francis, Lord Willoughby, James Fiennes Esqr, Sir Christo- 
pher Wray, knt, and Dorothy Cecill, which lands by indenture 
20 February 1650 enrolled in Chancery, 7 August following 
granted to Thomas Goodwyn by Sir John Wollaston, knt, Robert 
Titchborne, Thomas Noell, Mark Hildesley, Stephen Estwich, 
William Hobson, Thomas Arnold, Owen Roe, George Langham, 
John Stone, John White, William Wyberd, Daniel Taylor, 
William Rolph, and Rowland Wilson, Esqr, trustees nominated 
in Act of Parliament for abolition of Deans and Deaneries etc, 


etc Manor of Worcester in indenture dated 25 April 16 Charles 
I. etc. Acknowledged same day, enrolled 27 May. 
Close Roll 1652, part 36, no. 45, 3676. 

Prettyman et Godwin. Indenture 18 October 1653. Between 
William Prettyman of Deptford, county Kent, gent, and John 
Morris of London, gent, of the one part and Thomas Goodwin, 
President of Magdalen Colledge in the University of Oxon of the 
other part. Said Morris hath a tenth part in the Mannor of 
Sayes Court in county Kent and the lands there in trust for said 
Prettyman his heires etc. said Manor etc purchased in the names 
of ffrancis Stanton, John Battersby, Stephen Kirke, Maubyn 
Noell, and Robert Harbyn of John Barkstead, Ralph Cobbet, 
John Discoe, Arthur Young, Richard Pooley, and Henry Dorney 
by indenture 25 February last now in consideration of £594 
to said Prettyman and to said Morris grants said tenth part to 
hold etc. to said Thomas Goodwin etc. Enrolled i December 
in said year. 

Close Roll 1653 part 34 (2741), no. 7. 

Wightman and Goodwyn 22. To all people etc. Walter Wight- 
man of London gent, Whereas John Goodwyn of East Barnet 
county Hertford, clerk, sonne and heire of Thomas Goodwyn 
late of Swynshead, county Lincoln, Esqr. deceased by indenture 
16 february last per consideration of £200 sold said Wightman, 
close called Kirkdale 19 acres in parish of Swinshead in said 
county Lincoln then in occupation of William Gannockey, gent, 
and also a rent of ii8 a year reserved uppon a lease formerly 
made upon said premises to said Gannockey, also a close 8 acres 
in Lewe Rushes in Swynshead in occupation of Thomas Browne 
with rent £8 reserved with condition that if said John Goodwyn 
pay to said Walter Wightman in the hall of the Middle Temple 
£224, viz. £6 on 18 August next and £6 on 18 February 1654, 
£6 on 18 August 1655 and £206 on 18 February then next, then 
this indenture be voyd etc, Now I the said Walter Wightman 
in consideration of 5s. in hand and £200 to be payd to Henry 
Owen of London gent in full discharge and other causes etc. 
release all clayme etc. Dated 7 June 1654. Enrolled 8 June 1654. 
Close Roll 1654, part 49 (3819) 





John Goodwyn of Bridgeforeste in county Stafford, yeoman, 
also John Goodwyn the elder of same yeoman to answer Robert 
Bothame. £29. 6s. 8d. John Goodwin the younger, same folio. 
Common Pleas Roll 1955, 740. 

John Goodwyn of Winchfield, Southampton county, husband- 
man. To answer Anne Rudiarde widow. Case of wounding. 
Other names. 

Common Pleas Roll, Easter term, 12 James I, Roll 1955, 713. 

Francis Goodwin late of Wooburne, Bucks, knt. To answer 
Alice Sheires widow, executrix of will of Thomas Payne. 
Inventory £30. 

Common Pleas Roll, Easter term, 13 James I, Roll 1594. 

Stafford. George Goodwin, late of Austenfield, Stafford, hus- 
bandman. To answer John Foxe. 80s. 4d. 

Common Pleas Roll, Easter term, 13 James I, Roll 1954, 608. 

Suffolk. John Goodwyn of Bocking in the said county (sic) 
clothier, was attached to answer George Ruggle, with regard 
to purchase of "fine baye" from plaintiff at Sudbury. Respited 
till Easter term. 

Common Pleas Roll, Hillary term, 14 James I. 

Latin. Thomas Green by his attorney appeared on the 4th 
day in his case against Osias Addams late of Hedingham near the 
castle, in abovementioned County, shoemaker, Johanna Goodinge, 
late of Halstead in abovementioned County, widow, and Richard 
Nicholas, late of Halstead in abovementioned County, weaver, 
to show cause why they forcibly broke and entered the house 
of said Thomas at Halstead, and committed other misdemeanors, 
and caused large damage, and committed breach of the peace, 
and did not appear in court, and the court was prayed to subject 
them to attachment, and it was now stated that they have no 
property, etc : ordered that they be arrested and produced here 
at tomorrow's assizes. 

Common Pleas, Essex. 1616-17 Hillary term, 1980. M. 232. 



(1617.) John Goodwin of Colchester, county Essex, weaver 
aged 65 years deposes as to cloth made by the Dutch. 

Osias Goodwyn of Bocking e, county Essex, weaver, aged 74 
years, deposes likewise. 
Exchequer Depositions, Michaelmas term, 15 James I, no. 31. 


Theodore Goodw'yn, gent, John Graunge, gent, and John Folkes 
claimants and Theophilus Adams gent., Robert Adams and 
Nicholas Geffe gent., Robert Beamond, Thomas BuUer and John 
Parratt defendants as to 2 messuages, 2 gardens, 2 orchards, 140 
acres of lands, 20 acres of meadow and 20 acres of pasture with 
appurtenances in Burwell on payment of 130 marks of silver. 
No deposition. 

Feet of Fines, Cambridgeshire, Hillary term, 26 Elizabeth. 

Robert Goodinge claimant and Richard Beckett and Rose his 
wife and John Warde and Elizabeth his wife deforciants — for 
two messuages, two gardens, one wharf with the appurtenances 
in Harwich, with a w'arranty against the heirs of Richard Mop- 
sted and of Ric. Backett and Elizabeth Warde. 

Feet of Fines, Hillary term, 35 Ehzabeth, (1592) Essex. 

John Crowe claimant and John Goodwyne als Gudgin and 
Dorothy his wife deforciants — for one wind mill and one acre 
of land with the appurtenances in Willingale Doe, with a war- 
ranty against the heirs of said John G. Consideration £40 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 34-5 Elizabeth, Essex. 

John Goodwyn als Gudgin claimant and Stephen Samford and 
Nicholas Jackson deforciants, — for three messuages, one curtil- 
lage, one windmill, one garden, and two acres of arable land with 
the appurtenances in Willingale Doe and Hatfield Regis als Hat- 
field Bradock. Consideration £40 sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 34-5 Elizabeth, Essex. 


Ric. Woodward claimant and George Clarke sen', and Priscilla 
his wife and George Clarke jun"". deforciants — for one messuage, 
one garden and one orchard in Docking. Consideration £60 

Feet of Fines, Easter term, 36 Elizabeth, Essex. 

Robert Gooddinge claimant and Robert Goodwyn and Avice his 
wife, William Bell and Emm his wife and Richard Robertson 
and Ann his wife deforciants, — for two messuages, one cellar, 
one garden in Great Okely and Harwich. 

Feet of Fines, Trinity term, 37 Elizabeth, Essex. 

John Warren, claimant, and William Goodwyn and Susanna his 
wife, deforciants, for one messuage, one cottage, two gardens, 
one orchard, three acres of pasture with the appurtenances in 
Barton in le Claye. Consideration 60^* sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 20 James I, Bedford. 

Michael Hilles, claimant, and Robert Woodward and Alice 
his wife, deforciants, for fifteen acres of arable land, six acres of 
meadow, one acre of pasture with the appurtenances in Feringe, 
with a warranty against the heirs of of the said Alice. Consid- 
eration 60'' sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 20 James I, Essex. 

John Waller and Richard Athowe and Ursula his wife, claim- 
ants, and Thomas Goodwyn and Martha his wife, deforciants, 
(property in Hallesworth. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 20 James I, .Suffolk. 

Robert Kinge, claimant and John Motte and Mary his wife, 
John Morrice and Ann his wife, deforciants, For four acres of 
meadow, one acre of pasture, with the appurtenances in Magda- 
len Laver, High Laver and Morton. Consideration 41" sterling. 
Feet of Fines, Easter term, 22 James I, Essex. 

Samuel Goodwyn gen., claimant and John Kinge and Susan 
his wife, deforciants, for one messuage, one garden, two orchards. 


sixty five acres of land with the appurtenances in Moreton als 
Morton and Laver parva. Consideration loo^ sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 22 James I, Essex. 

Int : Samuel Wortley et George Goodwyn in Mexborough. 
Feet of Fines, 4 Charles I, 1628, Ebor. 

Simon Payne and Godly his wife, claimants, and William Good- 
wyn, gen. and Hester his wife and Cawson Corles, deforciants 
for three messuages with their appurtenances in the parish of 
St. Michaels upon Cornhill. Consideration 240'' sterling. 
Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 5 Charles I, London. 

12 Nov. 1629. Fine made at Westminster on the morrow of 
St. Martin 5th year of Charles I, before Thomas Richardson, 
Richard Hutton, Francis HsLTvye, and Henry Yelverton, Justices. 
Between William Bryers, kt. plaintiff, and William Goodwin and 
Susaun his wife, deforciants, of a messuage, a dovehouse, a 
garden, two orchards, 34 acres of land, 3 acres of meadow and 
12 acres of pasture with the appurtenances in Worthend, Green- 
field, Flitton and Fulloxhill. And for this William Bryers gave 
William Goodwyn and Susan iioo. 

Feet of Fines, 5 Charles I, Michaelmas term, part 2, 

Richard Rowleright als Fuller, claimant, and John Goodwyn, 
Clerk, and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, for one messuage, 
one garden, one orchard, sixty acres of land (arable) fourteen 
acres of meadow, twenty acres of pasture, six acres of furze and 
heath and common pasturage for all animals on Wool ford parva. 
Consideration £100. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 6 Charles I, Warwick. 

John Foley kt., Thomas Goodwyn, esq. Leonard Tillott, gen. 
and Thomas Coell, gen. claimants, and Henry Lambe sen''., 
Fitz-Lambe gen., John Lambe gen., and Henry Lambe jr., gen., 
deforciants, for the manor of Tostock etc, etc. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 7 Charles I, Suffolk. 


Jasper Gooding and John Gooding, claimants, and Edward 
Pratt, gen. and Ursula his wife, Robert Oakes and Mary his 
wife, Edmund Gooding and Elizabeth his wife and John Crosse 
and Margaret his wife, deforciants, — for two messuages, two 
gardens, six acres acres of meadow, thirty acres of pasture with 
the appurtenances in Framlingham ad castrum. Consideration 
iioo sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term. 7 Charles I, Suffolk. 

Jervas Scroope, kt., claimant and William Goodhinde, gen., 
John Ratheby and Jane his wife, Thomas Plumer and Frances his 
wife, Ruth Fortune, widow, and Anne Goodhinde, deforciants — 
for one messuage, one garden, one orchard, two acres of arable 
land, two acres of meadow, ten acres of pasture with the 
appurtenances in Thredlethorpe and Long Sutton. Consideration 
41^' sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Trinity term, 7 Charles I, Lincoln. 

This is the final agreement made in the court of the lord king 
at Westminster in three weeks from the day of the holy Trinity 
in the year of the reign of Charles by the grace of God of 
England Scotland France and Ireland king defender of the 
faith &c. from his accession the eighth before Robert Heath 
Hutton Francis Harvey and George Vernon justices and others 
of the lord king's faithful then there present between Martin 
Holbeach gentleman Adrian Mott Richard Skynner Robert 
Aylett and Robert Morrys claimants and John Tailcott and 
Dorothy his wife and William Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife 
deforciants of three messuages one barn three gardens two 
orchards two acres of meadow and three acres of pasture with their 
appurtenances in Brayntree and Bocking whence the plea of 
agreement was between them in the same court to wit that the 
said John and Dorothy and William and Elizabeth recognize 
the said tenements with their appurtenances to be the right 
of said Martin as those which the same Martin Adrian Richard 
Robert and Robert hold by gift of the said John and Dorothy 
and William and Elizabeth and they have remised and quitclaimed 
of the same John and Dorothy and William and Elizabeth and their 


heirs aforesaid to Martin Adrian Richard Robert and Robert and 
to the heirs of the said Martin forever. And moreover the same 
John and Dorothy have granted for themselves and the heirs of 
said John that they warrant to said Martin Adrian Richard Robert 
and Robert and the heirs of said Martin the said tenements with 
their appurtenances against said John and Dorothy and the heirs 
of said John forever. And further the same John and Dorothy 
grant for themselves and the heirs of said Dorothy that they 
warrant to the foresaid Martin Adrian Richard Robert and 
Robert and the heirs of said Martin the foresaid tenements with 
their appurtenances against the foresaid John and Dorothy and 
the heirs of said Dorothy forever. And further the same 
William and Elizabeth have granted for themselves and the heirs 
of said William that they warrant to the foresaid Martin Adrian 
Richard Robert and Robert and to the heirs of said Martin the 
aforesaid tenements with their appurtenances against the said 
William and Elizabeth and the heirs of said William forever 
And for this recognition remise quitclaim warrant fine and agree- 
ment the same Martin Adrian Richard Robert and Robert have 
given to the aforesaid John and Dorothy and William and Eliza- 
beth a hundred pounds sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Trinity term, 8 Charles I. Essex. 

Giles Vandeputt claimant, and W'illiam Goodwyn and Hester 
his wife deforciants, for two messuages, two gardens, forty acres 
of arable land, twenty acres of pasture and ten acres of woods 
with the appurtenances in Orsett. Consideration One hundred 
pounds sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 8 Charles I, Essex 

John Goodwyn gen., claimant, and Nathaniel Bacon esq. and 
Susanna his wife, Francis Quarles, clerk, and Elizabeth his wife 
and Rodes Heywarde and Ann his wife, deforciants, for one 
messuage, one garden, one orchard, forty acres of arable land, 
five acres of meadow, twenty acres of pasture, and six acres of 
woods with the appurtenances in Tenderinge. Consideration 
loo^' sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Michaelmas term, 8 Charles I, Essex, 


Richard Wakefield and Marian his wife and Henry Wright, 
claimants, and Thomas Love, gen. and Ann his wife, Henry 
Nassey and Margaret his wife, Thomas Folkard and Alice his 
wife and William Goodwyn and Elizabeth his wife, deforciants, 
for three messuages three gardens, three orchards, two acres of 
arable land with the appurtenances in Beccles and Endgate. 
Consideration 60'' sterling. 

Feet of Fines, Easter term, 9 Charles I, Suffolk. 

Int.- Anthony Goodwin and Samuel Norfolke et alia in Sowth 

Feet of Fines, Vol 21, Hilary term 12 Charles I, 1636, Ebor. 

Int : Humphrey et Thomas Blakeman in Rawmarshe. 

Feet of Fines, vol 21, Paschal term, 14 Charles I, 1636. Ebor. 

Int : Anthony Goodwin et William Wordsworth of Rawmarsh. 
Feet of Fines, Paschal term, 15 Charles I, 1639, Ebor. 

Int : Thomas Hudson gent, and Thomas Lowthropp in Storke. 
Int : Thomas Goodwyn and Elizabeth Arratt in Readnesse. 
"John Chadwicke and Anthony Goodwyn in Rawmarsh. 
Richard W^ashington and Darcey Washington de Adwick sup. 


Feet of Fines Michaelmas Term, 1649. 


Vol 2 1808. 

Latin Page 41 Fifth year of Edward III. Number 14, 
Geoffrey Power of Sutton for his son Robert and William 
Goodwin of Sutton. 

Sutton II acres of arable land and 4 acres of meadow in the 
same place. Bedford. 

P^ge 53- Sixth year of Edward III. Number 100. 

William Goodwin of Muchelney for the Abbot and Convent 
of Muchelney. 

Muchelney and Ilemynystre 2 messuages, 33 acres of arable 
land, 9 acres of meadow and 8 shillings of rental. Somerset. 



Page 70 Tenth year of Edward III. Number 2 

William Goodwyn of Sutton. 

Sutton 16 acres of arable land etc. Bedford. 

Page 211. Escheat from the thirty second year of Edward 
III. Number 93. 

William Goodwin, clerk, and others for the Abbot and Convent 
of Saint Augustine, Canterbury, 




Sellynge next Chilham 


Canterbury Court 

Ripple Manor 

Wingham lands etc. 



Langport next Canterbury 



V Divers lands etc. 

y Kent. 

lands and tenements etc. 
remainder to the same 

Vol. 3, 1828. 

Page 24 3 Richard II, Number 88. 

Thomas Goodwyn concerning the appraisement of his lands. 

Quassingburgh and 

one messuage, 6 oxgangs arable 
land and 2 cottages. 


Inquisition taken at Chemsford 9 August, 2 and 3 of Philip 
and Mary after the death of William Goodwyn Esq. who on the 
day of his death was seized &c. of the manor of Bounes with 
its appurtenances in Bocking in the county of Essex, now in 
the tenure and occupation John Osbourne, and of certain pastures 
or closes in Bocking and Gosfylde &c. with appurtenances called 
Knight's Field, Middlefield, Netherfield, Overstoutly ?, and Brad- 
feld, lately in the tenure of James Dunbabem and now of John 


Lillye &c. one tenement with its appurtenances in Bocking called 
Lyons, with twenty acres of land with the same tenement leased, 
twelve acres of land in Bocking called Little Lyons, late in the 
tenure of Alice Spurge widow, and certain closes of land in 
Bocking called Reynolds Welde, Master Clarkes Welde, two 
crofts lately John Clarks, Mulphesdon, Parkes land Chalce 
Croft Osterford Brounes Inham Cockerell's land, one piece of 
ground by Pryllesgrove and Hallywell Welde, now in the several 
tenures and occupations of Thomas Bere and John Osbourne, 
and one piece of meadow in Bocking called Cowlease, now in 
the tenure of Robert Whyte, and one tenement in Le Church 
Street in Bocking, in the tenure of of Richard Blagge, and two 
crofts of land in Bocking now or late in the tenure of Henry 
Osbourne, and one tenement in Church Street Bocking, in the 
tenure of Thomas Myxouer, and two little crofts of land in 
Bocking in the tenure of Thomas Pygrome, and one messuage 
or mansion at Bocking End, with the appurtenances, called 
Goodwin's Place, in the tenure of Thomas Warde, and one 
tenement in Bocking End now or late in the tenure of Thomas 
Spurge, and one tenement in Bocking End nor or late in the 
tenure of Christopher Smith, and one tenement in Bocking End, 
in the tenure of William Whythedd, and three parts of divers 
lands and tenements subsequently into five parts to be divided, 
viz. one tenement called Pyrles in Bocking, in the tenure of Mary 
Osbourne, widow, one tenement in Church Street in Bocking, 
in the tenure of Stephen Valle, one tenement in Bradford Street 
in Bocking, in the tenure of Thomas Nocke, one tenement in 
Bradford Street now or late in the tenure of George Hayes, 
one tenement with the appurtenances in Brancktrye in the county 
aforesaid, late in the tenure of Richard Stapulton, one shop there, 
in the tenure of George Alliston, two shops together lying in 
Brancktrye, in the tenure of Robert Plurrell, one tenement there 
late in the tenure of John Tayler, one shop there in the tenure 
of Thomas Williams, one shop there in the tenure of William 
Saunders, one parcel of meadow called Hosterford's Hoppes, in 
Stysted in said county, now or late in the tenure of John Pryor, 
one tenement called Hawkins with the appurtenances, in Felsted 


in said county, now or late in the tenure of Thomas Bruer, also 
four tenements lying together in Wryttell in the said county, 
now or late in the tenure of Thomas Parker, one tenement 
there now or late in the tenure of John Kyng, two tenements ly- 
ing together there now or late in the tenure of Richard Assher, 
and forty five acres of marsh land called Inmarsh, forty acres 
of marsh land called Outmarsh in Mondon in the same county, 
in a certain marsh there called Lyne Woods Marsh, now or late 
in the tenure of of William Harres, Esq., thirty acres of marsh 
there called Cadnowes marsh, lying and being in Mondon, now 
or late in the tenure of Henry Yarryngton. 

And the jurors further declare on their sacred oath that the 
said William Goodwyn of the said manor and other premises 
with the appurtenances being seized on the twenty third day of 
November 1554 made and declared his last Will and Testament 
in writing in English words here following — In the name of 
God Amen — I William Goodwyn of the parish of St Mary 
Magdalen in Barmondsey in the County of Surrey &c. &c. My 
body to be buried in the parish church above named. I give 
and bequeath all my grounds, lands and tenements unto my wife 
Elyn Goodwyn, whom I also will name and appoint my sole 
Executrix requiring her that she see my children to be vir- 
tuously brought up, providing always for them as becometh 
a good mother &c. 

Wit: Raffe Dodmere, John Lewysse, clerk, Arthur Yelderd. 
Simon Medcalfe, William Bawdwyn, Mistress Anne Blounte, 
Mistress Trysher. 

And the jury say that the said manor of Bownes and the 
said parcel called Hosterford Hoppes with the appurtenances are 
held in socage of Roger Wentworth Esq. &:c as of his manor of 
Bocking &c. &c. 

The said William died the last day of November last past 
and Thomas Goodwyn is his son and next heir and was of the 
age of eight years the Eleventh day of December last past. 
From Wards and Liveries, Inquisitions Post Mortem, 
Philip & Mary, vol. 7, no. 67. 


Inquisition taken at Bakewell, county Derby, 17 October, 14 
James I, (1616) before George Wigsall esq., Escheater, on the 
death of WilUam Goodwin late of Monyashe, county Derby, 
yeoman, on the oaths of Francis Burton, Francis White, Henry 
Hayward, George Rushton, John Sheldon, Robert Blackwall, 
John Newton, Robert Micocke, Ralph Orme, Thomas Innocent, 
Robert Buxton, and Henry Peneston, jurymen. 

Said William held one messuage and 12 acres of land in Mony- 
ashe. ' He died December 20, 9 James I, fi6ii) at Monyashe. 
Richard Goodwyn of Monyashe, yeoman, is son and heir, aged 
50 years at his father's death. 

Inquisitions Post Mortem, 14 James 1, part 14, no. 167. 

Inquisition taken at \\ oodbridge, county Suffolk, 29 October, 
14 (4'f) James I, 1606, on the death of John Goodwyn late of 
Estbarghelt, county Suffolk. Jurymen. Robert Atherton, Tho. 
Atherton, John Keble, gent., John Pearse of Eston, Robt. Deave 
and others. The said John Goodwyn held certain lands etc. in 
Suffolk late of Robert \\'yles, gent., Henry Hubbard, Elizabeth 
Smyth, widow. Said John Goodwyn died 10 May, 42 Elizabeth, 
(1600J at Estbargholt, leaving John Goodwin aged 13 at his 
father's death as son and heir. Mentions also Daniel Goodwin 
brother of the said John junior. (Original in Latin) 

Inquisitions Post Mortem, 3 Charles I, part 3, no. 60. 

Inquisition taken at Petworth county Sussex. 17 July, 3 Charles 
I. (1627) on the death of Edward Goodwyn Esq: John Michell, 
Ric. Yates. William Ayer. Richard Utringer, Nich. Alderton, 
Edw. Peachye, Wm. Westrey, Wm. Utendwick, Anthony Lick- 
fold, Arthur Levett, Thomas Hunt, John Page and Ric. Knowles. 
Gent. — Jurymen. Said Edward Goodwyn held certain lands etc. 
in Eastgrinsted county Sussex, late of Wm. Gillett, Wm. Ledger, 
Nicholas Withier, Thomas Bugden, Robert Cole Abraham Lul- 

lingden, Partridge, Theophilus Duffield, George Harrison, 

Wm. Gillett, Edward Ley, and John Harman ; and 17 February 
1626 made his last Will and Testament, in which he mentions. 
"Aly [eldest] son Robert." "My [eldest] daughter Dorothy 
Goodwin" "My youngest daughter Anna Goodwin," "My son 


Benjamin," Said Edward Goodwyn died 21 February 1627 leav- 
ing said Robert aged twenty one years, at his father's death, as 
his next heir. 

[Then follows a list of the lands, of whom held and by what 
rent services etc]. 

[Original in Latin] 
Note This Inquisition was taken on the 17 July. 3 Charles I. 
(1627) but not delivered till 19 February 14 Charles L (1638-9.) 
Inquisitions Post Mortem, 14 Charles I, part 2 no. 122. 

Inquisition taken at Alesbury county Bucks, 21. July, 11 
Charles I. (1635) on the death of Francis Goodwyn Knt. Jury- 
men being", Thomas Gardner, gent., John Knight, William 
Summer, Richard B. * * * wyn, Edward Rose, John Forrest, 
William Fryer, Henry Stratford, Richard Lamborne, Robert 
Piddington, Richard Sergeant, Thomas Rydgell, William Ryce, 
Joseph Hartwell, John Oliffe. Thomas Bowden, John Scarlett, 
Francis Foster and W™. Derby Mentions John Goodwyn Knt. 
father of the said Francis Goodwyn as holding the manor of 
Waddesdon and certain lands in Bucks, late possessions of the 
Marquis of Exeter and by indenture (dated 21. June 16 Eliza- 
beth (1574) between John Goodwyn Knt. on the one part and 
Richard Baker Knt. on the second jiart and John Goodwyn Esq. 
son and heir apparent of the said John Goodwyn Knt. on the 
third part in consideration of a marriage between the said John 
Goodwyn son, and Anna Baker, daughter of the said Richard 
Baker; now Lady Anna Sandes widow) conveyed the same to 
the said Richard Baker, to the use of the said John Goodwyn 
Knt. for his life and after his death to the use of the said Anne, 
for term of her life and after her death to the use of the said 
John (son) and his lawful ifsue male, and in default of such 
issue to the use of the said Francis Goodwyn and his ifsue male, 
and in default to the use of John Goodwyn (father) and his 
ifsue male, and in default to his right heirs for ever. John 
Goodwyn (son) died in the life-time of his father without ifsue 
male, and John Goodwyn (father) afterwards died said Anna sur- 
viving. By Indenture dated 23. April 16. James I. (1618.) 
Between said Francis Goodwyn part i Richard Wenman then 
Knt. now Lord Viscount Wenman, Thomas Denton, Edward 
Woodward Esq. and John Lane gent, part 2 said Francis Good- 


wyn (in consideration of a marriage between Arthur Goodwyn 
Esq. son and heir apparent of the said Francis ; and Jane Wen- 
man daughter of the said Richard Wenman and for. £1500 (mar- 
riage portion of the said Jane for her Hfe) conveyed certain 
premises in Bucks, to his son Arthur and his ifsue male (after 
the death of the said Francis Goodwyn and Lady EUzabeth his 
wife, then h'ving). Thomas Bowden and Thomas Smith tenants 
of certain portions of the said premises. 

[Very long and in Latin.] 
Inquisitions Post Mortem, 11 Charles I, part 2 no. 128. 

Inquisition taken at Eye, county Suffolk, 16 December, 14 
Charles I, 1638 on the death of Thomas Goodwyn Esq. Held 
certain lands in Sussex to his issue male by Dorothy late his 
wife. Last will and testament dated 23 January 11 Charles I. 
(1635-6) He died at Stoneham, county Suffolk, 3 April, 14 
Charles I (1638). Ambrose Goodwyn son and heir, aged 30 
years and more. 

Inquisitions Post Mortem, 14 Charles I, part 3 no. 80. 

Inquisition taken at Gippin county Suffolk, 5 September, 15 
Charles I, (1639) on the death of William Goodwyn gent., He 
held certain lands in Alderton, county Suffolk, late of Geoffrey 
Haughsen. He married Maria Hovell daughter of Richard 
Hovell of Hillington, county Norfolk, senior, esq. 20 June, 6 
James I, (1603) at Alderton. He died 10 September (1639) at 
Alderton. John Goodwyn gent, brother and heir of the said 
William aged 60 at his brother's death. 

Inquisitions Post Mortem, 15 Charles I, part 4 no. 71. 


Roll III, 513. Stansted. John Goodwin. 

Walden. y\imable Goodwin, widow. 
Ill, 519. Stanted Mountfitchet. John Goodwin. 42 
Clavering Hundred. No Goodwins. 
Ill, 520. Horndon Robert Goodwin. 

Orsett John Goodwyn 
III, 522. Hornechurch Henry Goodwin 39 Elizabeth 
Harwich Robert Goodwin 











111, 525. Much Okeley Daniell Goodwin 

Layer de la Haye Roger Goodwin. 

112, 585. Barstable Hundred. 

Horndon on the Hill.^ Robert Goodwin. 
Chelmsford Thomas Goodwin 1624. 
Chelmsford Thomas Goodwin 1629 
Springfield Thomas Goodwin, collector of sub- 
sidies 1641. 
Haningfield West. William Goodwin 1641. 
Chelmsford Isaac Goodwin 1664. 

9 March, 13 Elizabeth, 1570. Stanway, Essex. Chapel of 
Alburgh. John Goodwyn. His bondsmen were Christopher 
Barnishe of St. Mildred Breadstreet, skinner and William Stone 
of St. Margaret, Friday Street, waxchandler. 

20 November 1634. William Goodwin, clerk, compounds for 
the first fruits of the Rectory of Stiberd, county Norfolk, the 
bondsmen being William Palfrey of East Rainham in the said 
county and Richard Godsalve of the same, gentleman. 

Coole "of olde Goodwine for the farme of Certeine Lands 
called Cokooes by yere iiis. 

A° Regis Edw. sect f. 49* Whitfeld Robtus Hadlooke tenent 
itm cert tero tenemt quondm Willi Goodwyn Jo p 7 ine 

44 Elizabeth. Manor of Kirkton, Edward Goodwin for land 
late John Broames 9d. 

Whatfield \\^illo Goodwyn & John Mascall 4 & 5 Edw. iiij. 
Duchy of Lancaster, Miscellaneous Bundle 14/8. 

Indenture made 6 September, 22 Elizabeth. Between Thomas 
Goodwyn of Bocking in the countie of Essex, gent, first part 
and Thomas Lodge of Chelmsford on the other part, yeoman. 
Thomas Goodwyn has an annuity from the Queen out of her 
manor of Mondon Hall, county Essex, of 26s. 8d. for ever. 
Sells to Lodge for consideration of sum of money (not given^ 
Witnesses: Humfry Cordall and Bartholornewe Cordall. 
Public Record Office, Duchy of Lancaster, Miscellaneous Books 
No. "]"], folio 140, 3-28 Elizabeth. 



Goodwin lands in Essex County. 

Held lands in 
Burghesteda (Burstead) 
Horninduna (Horndon) 
Muchinga (Mucking) 
Ridewella (Ridgwell) 
Wicfort (Wickford) 

Herlaua (Harlov*^) 

Munduna (Mundon) 

Wileia (Weeley) 

Widemondefort (Wormingford) 


Hedingham (Hedingham) 

Stanesteda (Stansted) 

Parva Colun (Colne Engaine) 

Dereleia (Ardleigh) 


Colecestra (Colchester) 

I house & 15 acres 

5 houses & 12 acres 

I house & 9 acres 
I house 

1 house 

2 houses & 6 acres 
I house 

3 acres 
I house 

I house & I acre 

I house 

I house & 10 acres 

I house 


Godwin lib. 

Godwin a free man 12 

Godwin cudhen 17b 

Godwin a free man 28 
Godwin a theng of the 

King 42b 

Godwin a free man 49 

Godwin a king's theng 49b 

Godwin 51 

Cjodwin 66 

Godwin a free man 80 

Godwin a free man 83 

Godwin a free man 88 

Godwin the priest 
Godwin the deacon 


Godwin wacheset and his 


Goldwin 105 


Godwin 105b 




Goodwin lands in Norfolk county. 
Held lands in folio 

Norwic (Norwich) Godwin the burgess 117 

Cuidenham (Quidenham) Godwin the uncle of 

Ralph the earl 127b 



Salla (Sail) 

Saxthorp (Saxthorpe) 
Losincham (Lessingham) 
Pikenha (Pickenham) 
Hikelinga (Hickling) 
Kerdestuna (Kerdiston) 
Sterestuna (Starston) 
Pankesforda (Panxworth) 
Suanetua (Swanton) 
Markeshalla (Markshall) 

Weswinic (West Winch) 
Heveringalanda (Haveringland) 
Faltorp (Felthorpe) 
Topecroft (Topcroft) 

Topecroft (Topcroft) 

The lands of Godwin Haldein 
Hailesduna (Hellesdon) 
Nettinghetuna (Gnatingdon) 
Stalham (Stalham) 
Ronham (Runham) 
Torpelanda (Thorpland) 

Godwin uncle of Ralph 

the earl 




Godwin the thegn 




Godwin a free man 








Godwin a free man 


Godwin a free man of 



Godwin a free man 


Godwin a free man 



Godwin a free man of 



Godwin a free man, — half 

of Edric's and half 


St. Edmund's 




Ailmar son of Godwin 


Ailmar son of Godwin 


Godwin a free man 




Printed 1893. 
Page no. 12 Edward I, Membrane 18. 
Jan. 21. Ludham. Protection with clause volumus, until 
Michaelmas, for Thomas de Haddon and Baldwin his brother, 
gone to the Court of Rome. 

Letters for the said Thomas and Baldwin, nominating Thomas 
de Bruneshull and John Godwyne, of Gyvele, their attorneys until 


Page 174. 13 Edward I, Membrane 15. 
June 10, Westminster. Pardon to Master Reginald de Braun- 
don, Master Hugh de Colingham ***** Thomas Godwyne 
and WiUiam Seman, for going into the forest of Alresen the 
third day after the fence month. 

Page 348. 18 Edward I, Membrane 34. 
March 10, Down Amney. Thomas de Haddon, going to 
Ireland, nominating John Godwyne of Gyvele and John Page of 
Dorcestre until Michaelmas. 

Page 451 19 Edward I, Membrane i. 
Nov. 12, Worcester. Exemption for life of Richard Godwyne 
of Dodenham from being put upon assises, juries or recogniz- 


Printed 1894. 
Page 17. I Edward II, part i, Membrane 11. 
Aug. 22, Cunmock. General pardon, at the instance of Aymer 
de Valencia, the king's kinsman, to William Gondwyn of 
Queynehawe. By p. s. 

Page 2 Edward II, Part 2 Membrane 13d. 
Jan. 19, Windsor. Commission of oyer and terminer to W 
de Bereford (&c) on complaint by John son of Reginald de Grey 
that Walter de Huntyngfeld ***** Adam Godewyne (&c) 
entered his manor at Holwell, county Hertford, broke the houses 
thereof, carried away his goods (&c) 

Page 173. 2 Edward II, Part 2, Membrane 3d. 
June 29, Chester. Commission of oyer and terminer to Ralph 
de Hengham (&'c) on complaint by Nicholas de Warrewyk that 
that William Roger of Newenham ***** William Godwin 
and John his son (&c) depastured the herbage of his meadow 
at Burleye, county Warwick. 

Page 352. 4 Edward II, part 2, Membrane 8. 
June 20, Berwick-on-Tweed. Licence to John de Somersham, 
to grant, in fee, to William Godewyn of Sutton, 8 acres of 
land, 4 acres of pasture, and one acre of marsh in Sutton by 
Bykeleswade, held in chief. By fine of 2 marks. 




Printed 1802. 

Latin Page 205. 

First part of the patent rolls of the 5th year of King Edward 

the Second. 

Membrane 12. Full privileges were confirmed to the bur- 
gesses Meldulfuens', which had been granted them by King 
Athelstane for their aid next to the village of Norton against 
the Danes, which privilege a certain Godwin who bore the King's 
standard won for the burgesses, And let it be noted that 
Wolfinus at that same time was King's Chancellor and Odo, 
King's Treasurer. 


Printed 1891, 

page 2yy. 2 Edward III, Part i, Membrane 33d. 

Feb. 8, York. Commission of oyer and terminer to Roger de 

Tyryngham (&c) on complaint by John de Morteyn that Robert 

Underwode ***** Thomas Godwyne (&c) broke his park 

at Mershton, county Bedford, and hunted therein (&c) ? 

Printed 1893. 
Page 125 5 Edward III, Part i, Membrane 4od. 
Jan. 26, Waltham. Commission of oyer and terminer on com- 
plaint by Henry de Bello Monte that John Talbot, knight, 
William Motun, knight, ***** Thomas Godwin (&c) at 
Whitewyk ***** broke his castle and the houses, walls (&c). 

printed 1844. 
Page 26 
De plac Galfri fit Petri, in Essex. 

Id vie redd Comp de Godwin fit Wulfvardi P tnsgss 
assise 7,P Wasto Et de.x.s. de Godwin de Moderlega.P. eod. 
In thro lit i.II.tatt. Et quiet, est. 


Page 48 
De Placitis Rogi fit Renfr 7 Sociorx eig in Sudfolch. 
***** Zsic Godwin Nepos Gillti det dim.m. q n Pseqr. 

Page 203 
De His q' totu reddidert. 

Ric fit Sewate det dim.m.q retaxit se de applloe sua. Godwin 
Nepos Willi fit Sericj det dim.m.p Falso clam Obit fit Willidet 
dim.m. p.eod. 



Volume I, printed 1812. 

Latin Page 130. Membrane 8b. 

Anno 4, Edward I. No. 3 Roll County York, Hovendeneshyr'. 

Those w^ho extorted money for releasing prisoners, &c. Item 

Thomas de Metham bailiff of the bishop of Durham, took, in 

the name of Robert de Stichehill bishop of Durham, from 

Stephen Lorimerand Thomas de Haitfeld, Robert Thorp 5 

marks and a half, and from John Godwyn, Thomas Amblur and 

Peter Nurre, 17 shillings, 4 pence, and from William Ragge, 

Ralph Dibald, Peter the son of Eve de Osgoteby and from 

William Nuscebyd de Barchelby 11 shillings 8 pence, to release 

them by a pledge of replevin anno R.H.I. 

Page 225. Membrane 8b. 

Anno 3 Edward I, Roll Hundred. County Kent. 

City of Rochester. 

Item John Potyn, bailiff, by his official authority broke into 

the house of Godwin who lives under the King's protection and 

broke open the door of his chamber and took one ferret used 

for taking rabbits of the value of one half a mark and carried 

away against the will of the said Godwin. 

Page 302. Membrane i 
Anno 3 Edward I, Roll Hundred. Lincoln No. 15. 
This inquisition is made in the wapentake of Hul. 
Among the jurors is "Johannes filius Godwyni." 


Page 380. Membrane 5 
Anno 4 Edward I. Roll Hundred. Lincoln No. 2. 
Welle Wapintak. 
They charge that John de Marton King's coroner took of 
chattels of William Godwyn feloniously for his own use 4 "' s. 
They even charge that Thomas de Boulton, sheriff of Lincoln, 
took from Thomas Purcel accused by Watterum de Veer of 
homicide to let him go under a bond of 40 shillings. 

Page z^7 Membrane 2. 

Anno 3 Edward L Roll Hundred. Norfolk Bundel 2. 

Hundred de Fourhove. 

Hamo, bailiff of the hundred, took from Richard ad Eccam, 

Richard ad Moram, John Husebonde, Gilbert Molendinario, 

William Bercario, Godwin, and John Eeverard under a 

false pretext where they are to give back to whatever leet the 
bailiff of the hundred please that he may not harass them * * * * 
who at that time paid the aforesaid Hamo one half a mark. 

Page 436 Membrane 2 

Anno 3 Edward L Roll Hundred. Norfolk. Bundel i. 

Hundred de Suthgrenehowe. 

Item, the said Philip (beadle) harrassed Basilia, daughter of 

Godwin by charging her w^th theft when innocent and took 

from her 20 pence. 

Page 450 Membrane 3. 
Anno 3 Edward L Roll Hundred. Norfolk. Bundel 2. 

Hundred de Thaverham. 
Item, they charge that William le Pottere and William 
Horner, John the son of Robert, Godwin Herman, Roger Horn, 
Hervey le Gos, William the son of Godwyn and Nicholas de 
Herman de Feldthorp carried away and destroyed the common 
pasture of the Lord King by which is called Fremar. 

Page 451. 
Item, they charge that Roger Cobet took by command of the 
King's Sherriff two horses of William, son of Godwyn de 
Horsford and retained them until he had paid the aforesaid 
King's Sherriff one half mark. 


Churchwardens the xxviij Day of Apreyll A° (1581?) 
Wyllm maynard Thomas Wylbor 

Receyved of the churchwardens the last of aprell 

In mony of John mott mark mott xxxi** vii*^ 

a dead of the to tennements soweld to the good man 
grygs whych he hath nowe bylded on 

a Dead an Indenture from the good man gooddaye 
to mr Carstowe for the exchange of a pease of land 
as aperethe 

a dead of the almas howsses yn the hyde 
purchassed by the good man gooddaye from good man 
(torn) gooddaye 

a copye of the aim showses yearde by the hyde 

a copye of the almeshowse grove a lease of the 
same mad to the widow harrys. 

a dead of the land bowght of wedow grygs 

a Release of the same land of John mott 

an obligacion for the mendyng of the 
an obligacion for gesymond pykett 

an Jndenture for androws for kepyng 
of a gurll 

an Jndenture of Rychard lovesday for kepyng 
Jespers sonne 

an obligacion of cromford 

an Jndentry of Craynwod for keepyng of 
catren dowe 

an Jndenter for wedow curtys for kepinge 
of mary Dowe 

a nott for collynton Havey 

an obligacion of mr. franck 

an obligacion for Robard sonne 

a dead for John gooddaye the young 

a bound of the same dead 
R of the wedow Harrys for a yeares Rentt 
for the church growe att myd somer ix\ 

a bond of goodman 

an obligacion of Robartt sayes of felsted for 


the of hys dawtteran sayes her chyld 

R of good man Rayment for a tree v^ 

Re of good man nycoll for owld xx*^ 

R of owld tymber vij*^ 

an obHgacion of wyll 
all theas evydence a bove wrythten 
are delivered into the hands of 
John pounder Rychard Skenner the 
youngr church wardens the xvii dale 
of aprell A° 1582 

A Relase from John gooday for y*^ gownd y* y® 
allmes howses in ye heayd byld on 

a bound dd to y*^ chu'"che wardenes 
1585 for y*^ payment of iiij pounde from 
Adam vnglye Rychard belsted 
a Releass from John goodday Jun'' for the 
churche howsses in ye hyd 

A Noat of Evedence As apereth 

on the other syd 
Jt a qyttance for the Discharge of the 
tente Dow at crystmas in ye yer 1585 
Jt a bond for vnglye 

mr. hilles Jndenton'' 
Jt a ded of from George Raymond sen*" 

Jt Josseph kealles Jndenture 
Jt one Jndenton"" from Robert Olleate 

a bond from Robert Olliate 
Jt one Jndenton'' of John Boroms w* Thomas bested 
Jt a bond of y* Clerk makear 
Jt a bond from Edward Eve 
Jt a bond Edwardes 
Jm Ellen bowmond Jn Denter 
Jm in Hell in Denter 


paymente by the church wardens Jn the yeare ano 1581 
payd to goodman Jarmon the lass of aprell vi^ viij 

payd to Jonnas allyn for g w crowders Rent Ills, llljd. 

payd to g m mot for plaes iiijd. 

payd to g m hackyns iiijs. xd. 

payd to g m Sparhark iiijd. 


payd to the Hicunstabull for cattawaye 

bridge x' 

payd to asckter byngham for artykles xijd. 

payd to father wod for the helHng of wedow 

mathewe xx* 

payd to good man mor for Ryngeng of the bell for 

won quarter xij^ 

payd to g m Sparhawk for 

gorg beall hath promyssed to pay ytt 

betwyn thys nextt myhelmvs 

payd to good man nashe for Rops v^ ix*^* 

payd to Stonnard xijd. 

payd for haf a of lym xiiijd. 

payd to engram for layeing of payment xviijd. 

payd for artykels xijd. 

payd to good man mor for Ryngeng of the bel xijd. 

payd to hym for wasshyng bred vid. 

payd to hym for a keche for oyell ixd. 

payd to Stonnard xijd. 

payd to good man gooddaye for pament iiis. 

payd to good man donyfall for menddyng a badryck iiijd. 

payd for Ryngeing vpon the crowen nacion daye iis. vjd. 

payd to wedow grygs for fflatt lead xxiiij'' 

of sheatt lead llljs. 

payd for d a hundered of nayls ijd. 

payd for chascall ijd. 

payd to boltwod for pyn wod for 

mendyng of the stepull viiis. 

payd for mendyng of a bawdryck vjd. 

payd to g m more for Ryngeng of the bell xijd. 

payd for mendyng of the 

payd to clarck for glace for mendyng 

of the leade x* xj'^ 

payd to Stonnard for quartrydge xiid. 

payd for nayls id. 

payd for mendyng of a bawdryck vjd 

payd for artykeles vijd. 

p. for wasshing bread for Ryngeng 

to good man more xvjd. 



payd to Stonnard for quartrydge xijd. 

payd to good man nycoll for mendyng 

of bell claper Hjs iiijd 

layd owght for yenck pa Id 

payd for mendyng of a wheall vjd. 

payd to harry fyche for wyn xiijs. viid. 

payd for a stoll mackyng lljs. 

payd for bread iiijd. 

payd for to payr of garnets vjd 

payment vli xixs. Id. 
The account of Wyllyem 
maynard Thomas wylbrd 
churchwardens geven vp before 
the Pishe the 17th of Aprell An° 1582. 
Elect chosen the same Daye 
churchwardens. John Ponder 
John Spencer Rychard Skynner Junior 
dd to them yn mony x^ 

surveyers of the hyghe waye 

John aubery george Raymonde 

there ys Dewe to nycolas wylbod w 

was survayer the last yere ijs ciij'^ 

collectors for the p 

Marten Skynner 
nicolas man 

dd to them yn mony xviij^ viii^ 

Repayed a gayne to gyles graye 


so Remaynes y'' there hand xvij^ '''^d 

The accompt of Jhon ponder 
Richard skynner churche wardens 1582. 

Jmprimis payde y'' 29 of ApU to fraces for 
mendinge of the clock 

2 of Aprill A° 1583 
The Churche wardens elect and chosen the 
sam Daye 

Jhon Spencer 



Chosen Colectors for the poore 

Jhon Ponder John 
Jhon motte not chosen but hered 
by ponder for monye 

Chosen survayers of the hyewaye 
Chas Wortham 

Chosyn Colectors for the 

Robert Pollye 
John Debnam 

Resayved the accomt of the Collectors for the poore beying martyn 

skynner Nycholas man they have Delyvered to 

the Collection new chosyn iiij'' viij" 8*^ 

And left them to Resayve of Willim Raynold 

for the lialfe yeres Rent x 

The accompt given vpe by wyllim 
maynard Ellias wortham survayers 
for the heywaye for ye yeare of o^ Lord 
1593? Remayneth to spend