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Full text of "English Goodwin family papers : being material collected in the search for the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, immigrants of 1632 and residents of Hartford, Connecticut"

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0874524 MM 



material collected in the search for 

the ancestry of 


Immigrants of 1632 

and Residents of 

Hartford, Connecticut. 

Volume I. 

Hartford, Connecticut 

PREFACE. ^29610 

For several years searches were made in England in the attempt 
to trace the ancestry of William and Ozias Goodwin, early emi- 
grants to New England, and who were of the company that settled 
the town of Hartford, Connecticut. 

As an indication of the extensive researches made, it may be 
stated that abstracts were taken from 255 parish registers in 23 
counties and from 1900 wills and administrations in the principal 
Probate Court, the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, and of the 
courts in 33 counties, also from other numerous sources as stated 
in the list of contents. 

Among those engaged in the search were Col. Joseph L. 
Chester, Rev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D., William Brigg, Joseph 
J. Muskett, M.D., Oswald Barron, of England, and Capt. Charles 
H. Townshend, Henry F. Waters, Lothrop Withington and Frank 
Farnsworth Starr of America. 

Of those above named, Mr. Starr is supposed to be the only 
one now living and to him has been entrusted the task of arrang- 
ing the material and supervising the printing thereof. As he 
saw only a very small part of the records that were examined he 
should not be held responsible for any errors that may appear 
in these abstracts. 

As a result of these investigations it is now known that William 
Goodwin was twice married. His first wife, to whom he was mar- 
ried November 7, 161 6, was Elizabeth White, sister of John 
White of Hartford, Conn., and Hadley, Mass., and also of the 
wives of Joseph Loomis and John Porter of Windsor, Conn., as 
shown by entries on pages 37, 43, and 44 of this work. His 
second wife was Susannah, probably widow of Rev. Thomas 
Hooker of Hartford, Conn., and to whom Goodwin was married 
after December 9, 1654.* 

On page 478 is a fac-simile of the signature of William 
Goodwin as a witness to the will of Samuel Emery of Black 
Notley, Essex county, England which was made April 20, 1627. 

* County Court Record, vol. 2, pp. 59-61, State Secretary's Office, 


The reader will notice the similarity of this signature to those 
shown on page 40 of "The Goodwins of Hartford, Conn." Black 
Notley is only one and one half miles from Braintree where 
Goodwin is supposed to have resided at that date. 

On page 1123 is a document showing the transfer in June, 1632, 
by John "Tailcott" and wife Dorothy, William "Goodwyn" and 
wife Elizabeth, of lands in Braintree and the adjoining parish of 
Bocking. In 1632 Trinity Sunday came on May 27. Also on 
pages 1174-77 will be seen extracts from the Commissary Court 
of Essex and Herts concerning William Goodwin, William Lewis, 
John Steele, John Talcott and William Wadsworth, all of whom 
later became residents of Hartford, Connecticut. 

The English material has been found so extensive that a careful 
index has been made to render it easily accessible. 


Marriage Allegations. dates. page. 

Bishop of London 1 597 to 1639 1 

Marriage Licenses. 

Bishop of London 1555 to 1719 3 

London Faculty Office 1545 to 1574 5 

Ely Diocesan Registry 1580 to 161 3 5 

Norfolk Archdeaconry 1586 6 

Norwich Consistory 1479 to 1696 6 

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1625 to 1633 9 

Sudbury Archdeaconry !59Q to 1595 9 

Parish Register Abstracts. 

Bedford 1563 to 1649 IO 

Buckingham 1668 to 1690 1 1 

Cambridge 1 558 to 1704 1 1 

Cheshire 1561 to 1791 20 

Devon 1561 to 1626 22 

Essex 1 543 to 1710 23 

Gloucester 1624 to 1641 48 

Hertford 1 550 to 1629 48 

Huntingdon 1562 to 1629 53 

Kent 1 564 to 1640 56 

Lincoln 1 571 to 1642 65 

London 1564 to 1664 65 

Middlesex 1540 to 1706 72 

Norfolk 1539 to 1800 80 

Northampton 1 567 to 1660 1 16 

Nottingham 1586 to 1633 1 17 

Oxford 1 547 to 1699 II8 

Rutland 1 598 122 

Shropshire 1540 to 1697 122 

Somerset 1599 to 1637 130 

Suffolk 1544 to 1790 131 

Surrey 1549 to 1608 162 

Wilts 1614 to 1621 163 

Wills and Administrations. 

Prerogative Court of Canterbury 1403 to 1708 164 


Bedford Archdeaconry 1625 to 1695 363 

Berkshire Archdeaconry 1550 to 1698 366 

Buckingham Archdeaconry 1523 to 1640 376 

Cambridge Vice Chancellory 1 581 to 1628 387 

Ely Archdeaconry 1602 to 1622 389 

Ely Consistory 1541 to 1673 390 

Ely Bishop's Registry 1564 to 1599 396 

Cardigan Archdeaconry 1695 497 

Chester Consistory 161 1 to 1647 39$ 

Cornwall Archdeaconry 1603 to 1642 408 

Devon, Exeter Archdeaconry 1618 to 1663 414 

Exeter Consistory x 59 2 4*8 

Durham Consistory 1607 419 

Essex Archdeaconry 1480 to 1636 420 

Commissary 1585 to 1598 433 

Bocking Peculiar 1646 to 1664 434 

Colchester Archdeaconry 1505 to 1649 435 

Essex and Herts. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex 1574 to 1639 452 

Commissary of London 1526 to 1640 463 

London Consistory 1556 to 1602 489 

Hereford Consistory 1551 to 1699 493 


Hitchin Archdeaconry 1691 to 1692 513 

St. Albans Archdeaconry 1679 5 T 4 

Huntingdon Archdeaconry 1 5 33 to 1695 514 


Canterbury Archdeaconry 1474 to 1690 519 

Canterbury Consistory 1481 to 1701 550 

Rochester Consistory 1461 to 1624 563 

Leicester Archdeaconry 1627 to 1630 573 

Lincoln Consistory 1504 to 1684 574 

Dean and Chapter 1619 592 

Stowe Archdeaconry 1628 to 1703 592 

London Archdeaconry 1548 to 1698 594 

Commissary 1422 to 1689 596 

Dean and Chapter of St. Paul's 1536 to 1646 613 

Peculiar of the Arches 1689 to 1696 615 

Middlesex Archdeaconry 1609 616 


Norfolk Archdeaconry ^64 to 1690 616 

Consistory 1545 to 1667 636 

Norwich Archdeaconry 15 16 to 1685 638 

Norwich Consistory 1429 to 1698 656 

Norwich Dean and Chapter 1612 to 1627 693 

Northampton Archdeaconry 161 7 to 1636 694 

Peterborough Consistory 1567 696 

Oxford Archdeaconry and Consistory. . . 151 1 to 1666 696 

, Oxford and Bucks Peculiars. . .'. 1627 to 1631 701 

Shropshire, Bridgenorth Peculiar 1641 704 

Somerset, Taunton Archdeaconry !547 to 1698 704 

Stafford, Litchfield and Coventry Con- 
sistory 1538 to 1630 717 

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1447 to 1696 733 

Sudbury Archdeaconry 1408 to 1694 758 

Surrey Archdeaconry H99 to 1658 JJJ 

Commissary 1668 783 

Lewes Archdeaconry !543 to 1677 783 

Sussex, Chichester Peculiar 1559 791 

Wiltshire, Dean of Sarum Peculiar ^87 791 

Corsham Peculiar 1633 792 

Worcester Consistory 1 552 to 1618 792 

Warwick, Worcester Consistory 1563 to 1575 795 

York Consistory or Prerogative 1557 to 1693 795 

Ireland Prerogative 1597 to 1680 804 

Chancery Proceedings 1533 to 1657 806 

Chancery Depositions 15 — to 1653 1043 

Court of Requests 1567 to 1602 1073 

Chancery Bills, Ireland 1578 1083 

Close Rolls 1569 to 1654 1084 

Common Pleas Rolls 16 — to 1617 1119 

Exchequer Depositions 1617 1120 

Feet of Fines 1584 to 1649 1 120 

Inquisitions Post Mortem 1332 to 1639 1125 

Lay Subsidies 15 — to 1664 1131 

Compositions for First Fruits I 57° to 1634 11 32 

Duchy of Lancaster Papers to 1580 1 132 

Domesday Book . . ., 1086 1 133 

Patent Rolls 1284 to 1332 1134 


Pipe Rolls ? 1136 

Hundred Rolls 1275 to 1276 1 137 


Church Wardens accounts 158110158? 1139 

Vestry records book abstracts 1619 to 1632 1147 

Manor Rolls Homage 1616 to 1632 1167 

Manor Rolls 1604 to 1638 1 170 

Essex and Herts. 

Commissary Court . . . .' 1622 to 1632 1 171 


Ely Diocesan Registry 161 5 to 1616 1178 

Essex Archdeaconry 1633 to 1634 1 178 

Colchester Archdeaconry 1588 to 1634 1179 

Canterbury Case List 1621 1181 

Rochester Consistory 1569 to 1605 1182 

Norfolk Archdeaconry 1587 to 1588 1 182 

Norwich Consistory 1555 to 1568 1182 

Yarmouth Assembly records 1556101613 1183 

Taunton Castle documents 1569 to 1596 1 185 

Suffolk Archdeaconry 1622 to 1623 1 189 

Sudbury Archdeaconry 1591 1 189 

Ipswich Court Rolls 1603 to 1607 1190 

York Apprentices Enrollment 1600 1190 

British Museum Documents 1656 1191 

Ireland State Papers 1653 to ? 1 191 

Cambridge University, 

Matriculations and Degrees 1 544 to 1658 1 191 

List of persons named Ozias 1 194 

Omissions 1 : 95 


1066 to 1688. 

William the Conqueror Oct. 14, 1066 — Sept. 

William II Sept. 9, 1087 — Aug. 

Henry I Aug. 2, 1 100 — Dec. 

Stephen 1 135 — Oct. 

Henry II Oct. 25, 11 54 — July 

Richard I July 6, 1189 — April 

John April 6, 1 199 — Oct. 

Henry III Oct. 19, 1216 — Nov. 

Edward I , Nov. 16, 1272 — July 

Edward II July 7, 1307 — Sept. 

Edward III Sept. 1327 — June 

Richard II June 21, 1377 — Sept. 

Henry IV Sept. 29, 1399 — Mar. 

Henry V Mar. 20, 1413 — Aug. 

Henry VI Aug. 31, 1422 — Mar. 

Edward IV Mar. 4, 1461 — April 

Edward V April 9, 1483 — June 

Richard III June 26, 1483 — Aug. 

Henry VII Aug. 22, 1485 — Apr. 

Henry VIII April 21, 150c; — Jan. 

Edward VI Jan. 28, 1547 — July 

Mary July 6, 1553 — Nov. 

Elizabeth Nov. 17, 1558 — Mar. 

James I Mar. 24, 1603 — Mar. 

Charles I Mar. 17, 1625 — Jan. 

Commonwealth 1649 — May 

Charles II May 29, 1660 — Feb. 

James II Feb. 6, 1685— Dec. 

1 100 
t. ii35 
1 154 

16, 1272 

7, 1307 

21, 1377 

29, 1399 

20, 1413 
31, 1422 

4, 1461 

9, 1483 
26, 1483 

22, 1485 

21, 1509 

28, 1547 
6, 1553 

17, 1558 
24, 1603 
17, 1625 

30, 1649 

29, 1660 
6, 1685 

11, 1688 




1597 Dec r . 19. Griffin Morris of Lymehouse in Stepney intend- 
eth to marry Elizabeth Carpenter, aged 18, dau r . of Marie 
Carpenter wife of David. 

1618 Nov r . 21. Richard Vaughan of All Hallows, Barking, 

London, silk throster, a bachelor aged about 27 and at his 
own government, intendeth marriage with Frances Good- 
wyn of Costhorton in county of Surrey, mayden, aged 
about 23, dau T . of William Goodwyn of Wickham in the 
County of Bucks, she being the late servant of Mrs. Joane 
Beale of Costhorton aforesaid. License to be married in 
All Hallows Barking. 

1619 Jan y . 5. John Morris of St. Buttolph without Aldgate, 

London, haberdasher and widower, aged about 37, intend- 
eth to marry Blanch Rye of same parish, widow, aged 
about 26, relict of Leonard Rye, haberdasher, deceased 
about a year. John Morris signs. 
1622 Nov*. 2y. Timothy Clay, Clerk and Curate of Willingdale 
Doe in Essex, bachelor, aged about 30, intendeth to marry 
Anna Whicher of the same parish, mayden, aged about 
24. Her father dead and she at her own government. 
License granted to be married at Willingdale aforesaid. 

1626 March 7. John Godwyn of St. Clement Danes, London, 

gent, and a bachelor aged about 30, intendeth to marry 
Mary Flyntte of the parish of St. Peters, Westcheap, Lon- 
don, maiden, aged about 30, her parents dece d . License 
granted to be married in the Church of St. Gregory, Lon- 
don. His signature. 

1627 June 2. Andrew Kearne of St. Martins in the Fields, shoe- 

maker, aged 25 years and at his own government, intend- 
eth to marry Grace Lippincott of the same parish, aged 


22 or 23, a maiden and at her own dispose. License 
granted to be married at St. Martins in the Fields. 

1627 Aug*. 24. Richard Wooley, parish clerk of St. Buttolphs 
Bishopsgate, London, allegeth that Edward Goodwyn als 
Saunders of St. Olaves, Southworth, widower, aged about 
26 intendeth to marry Margaret King, maiden, aged 20 
years, dau r . of William King of Hodsdon in county of 
Hertford who gave his consent. License granted to be 
married in St. Buttolphs, London. 

1627 Sep r . 10. Bartholomew Goodwin of St. Giles in the Fields, 
citizen and barber surgeon of London, aged 24 or there- 
abouts, a bachelor at his own disposition, intendeth to 

marry Elianor Foucke, maiden, aged 26, dau r . of 

Fouck of Hertfordshire and at her own disposition. 
License granted to be married at St. Giles in the Fields. 

1629 Nov r . 23. John Crow of St. Giles in the Fields, aged 25, 

a gentleman and a bachelor at his own government intend- 
eth to marry Ann Hinde of St. Andrews, Flolborn, aged 
about 32, widow of John Hinde deceased. License 
granted to be married in the Church of St. Nicholas 
Olave, London. 

1630 August 6 th . Robert White of Barking Essex (baker?) 

and widower, aged about 34, intendeth to marry Jane 
Fruin of the same parish, widow, aged about 34. License 
granted to be married in St. Bennet Gracechurch, London. 

1631 April 19. William Field of Chigwell in Essex, yeoman 

and widower, aged about 32, intendeth to marry Clement 
Goodwyn of the same parish, maiden, aged about 20 
years, dau r . of John Goodwyn, who gives his consent. 
License granted to be married in parish church aforesaid. 

1 63 1 Sepf. 26. Richard Isbed of the parish of St. Dunstan in 
the West, gentleman and a bachelor, aged about 25 years, 
intendeth to marry Anne Goodwin, mayden, aged 20 or 
thereabouts, dau r . of Edward Goodwin of Darkeing in 
Surrey, who gives his consent. License granted to be 
married in Church of St. Antholimes or St. Thomas the 
Apostle, London. 

1639 Nov*". 22. John Goodwin, Clerk, Master of Arts, Rector 
of (Branstreel?) county of Lincoln, bachelor, aged about 


30 years, intendeth to marry Mary Milward, of East 
Barnett in Hertford, mayden, aged 22, dau r . of Mr. 
Matthias Milward of East Barnett. License granted to 
be married in the Church of East Barnett. John Good- 
win signs. 
1635 Oct r . 14. Oath of Allegiance of Philip Goodwin as Curate 
of Watford in Hertfordshire. 



1555 Sept. 1. John Dodge of Christ Church, Newgate, and 
Agnes Goodwyne of St. Margaret's, Westminster, to 
marry there. 

1564 Sept. 16. John Goodwyn of Coxsall and Alice Sandes of 

Wyttan. General license. 

1565 Dec. 8. John Wighaell and Elizabeth Goodwyn of Lon- 

don, spr. General license. 
1570 Mar. 29. Nicholas Godwynne and Elizabeth Derick als 
Bonner, spr., of St. Andrew's, Holborn. General license. 

1582 Dec. 19. Robert Goodwyn of St. Mary Abchurch, fish- 

monger, and Marth Hobson, spr., of St. Botolph Aldgate. 
General license. 

1583 Sept. 28. Christopher Goodwyn and Eliz th Hanson, spr., 

of St. Martin in the Fields, dau. of Richard Hanson, of 
St. Saviour's, Southwark, dec'd. At St. Martin's afore- 

1586-7 Feb. 18. Robert Seathe of Avery dge, in Lamborne, 
Essex, husbandman, and Juliana Goodwen, spr., dau. of 
John Goodwen, of East Tilbury, sd co. fisherman. At 
St. Botolph Aldgate. 

1593 July 23. Leonard Pinchebacke of St. Stephen's, Coleman 
Street, London, fishmonger, and Margaret Goodwyn, spr., 
dau. of Ralph Goodwyn of All Hallows in the Wall, Lon- 
don, ironmonger. General license. 

1610 June 1. Ralph Bayley, citizen and vintner of London, of 
St. Catherine Coleman, widower, and Katherine Goodwin 


of St. Laurence, Old Jewry, widow of John Goodwin, late 
of same, grocer, — At Stepney, Middx. 

1614 Oct. 7. Thomas Savile, Clerk, Rector of Stifford, Essex, 

bachelor, and Eliz th Goodwin, spr., dan. of George Good- 
win, Rector of Mourton, Co. Essex. At Mourton. 

161 5 July 8. Henry Goodwyn of Horndon on the Hill, Essex, 

blacksmith, and Thomazine Ashen, spr., dau. of John 
Ashen of Burntwood (Brentwood? F. F. S.) Essex, 
brewer. At St. Botolph Aldgate, London. 

1617 Apr. 12. John Rich gent, of Milton, Kent, widower, 50, 

and Eliz th . Goodwin of Lambeth, Surrey, 50, widow of 
Henry Goodwin, fisherman, dec'd about a year ago. At 
Fulham, Middx. 

1618 Nov. 21. Richard Vaughan of All Hallows, Barking, Lon- 

don, silk throster, and Frances Goodwin of Castleton, 
Surrey, spr., dau. of William Goodwin of Wickham, 
Bucks, clothworker. At All Hallows afd. 
1620 Aug. 16. William Goodwyn of St. Andrew Undershaft, 
scrivener, and Joane, dau. of John Clemence of Cisam, co. 
North ton , yeoman. At St. Andrew's aforesaid. 

1623 May 12. Robert Goodwyn of Stepney, Midd'x, sailor, and 

Anne West, spr., dau. of Wm. West of same, sailor. At 

1624 Mar. 26. John Tirrell of St. Magnus, London, merch't 

taylor, and Mary, dau. of John Goodwin of St. Mildred, 
Bread Street, haberdasher. At St. Leonard's, Foster 
1626 Apr. 26. Thomas Goodwin, sailor, and Ellen Wilson, 
widow of Wm. Wilson, late of Stepney, Midx. At Step- 

Col. J. L. Chester. 


Thomas Cocke, St. Leonard's , Shoreditch, gent, bachelor, 32, and 
Margaret Churchman of same, spinster, 40, at her own 
disposal. At St. Michaell Bassishaw. 19 Jan. 1602/3. F. 

Robert Griffith and Dionys Churchman, widow, of Stepney to 
marry there. 19 August 1569. B. 


John Kynge, citizen and skinner of London and Jane Churchman, 
spinster, of same. General License. 7 July 1569. B. 

Richard Russell of Catchfield, county Sussex, clerk, widower 
about 30, and Mrs. Margaret Churchman of same, spin- 
ster, about 19, her parents dead. Consent of guardian 
Dame Margaret Pelham of same, widow. At St. Mary 
Magdalen, Old Fish Street, London. 3 July 1674. V. 

Henry Shelton Esq. of Barningham, Suffolk, bachelor, 28, and 
Hester Churchman, spinster, 19, daughter of Sir John 
Churchman, knight, of Islington, Norfolk, who consents. 
At St. Olave, Old Jewry, London, or St. Peter Telford at 
Islington. 30 November 1682. F. 

Daniel Waldo of Pinner, Middlesex, widower, 36, and Susenn 
Churchman of Islington, county Norfolk, spinster, 23. 
At Islington aforesaid, i October 1719. F. 


1545 May 30. Edmund Goodwyn and Johanna Danyell of St. 

Leonard, Shoreditch. 
1574 Nov. 16. John Goodwyn, gent., and Anne Baker. 

Col. J. L. Chester. 


13 December 1580. Marriage License to Thomas Baynes and 
Johan Goodwyn of Whaddon, at Whaddon. 

Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2. vol. 1 folio 165. 

7 October 1613. Josias Adams, bachelor, 25, Lolworth, hus- 
bandman, and Anna Smith, Holy Trinity, Cambridge, 
single-woman, 23. 

Ely Diocesan Registry, Marriage Licenses 1611-1620 
folio 65. 


6 October 1604. Marriage License. John Paske, widower, St. 
Edward's, Cambridge, draper, and Mary Overton, spin- 
ster, of Braham, parish of St. Margaret's, Ely, daughter of 


Rook Overton of Ekilsore, Stafford, gent., deceased, now 
in the custody of Richard Cox, Knight, and Lady Mary 
Cox, his wife, of Braham, and Barbara Tucke, widow, of 
Pidley, Hunts, Mary's mother. At St. Edward's, Cam- 

Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2, vol. Ill folio 125. 

12 July 1604. John Wiseman (adol.) gentleman, son of Francis 
Wiseman, Rector of Graveley, and Frances Adams, spin- 
ster, of Offord Darcy, co. Hunts, daughter of Richard 
Adams, late of Elsworth, yeoman, deceased, under the care 
of Thomas Younge of Offord Darcy, yeoman, and Johane 
Adams, alias Yonge wife of the said Thomas, mother of 
the said Frances Adams. At Saint Clement's, Cambridge. 
Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2. vol. 3 folio 123. 
14 April 161 1. Gilbert Wiseman, bachelor, 34, gentleman, 
Saint Mary's, Huntington, and Elizabeth Kinge, spinster, 
24, Saint Sepulchre's, Cambridge. At Saint Sepulchre's. 
Gilbert Wiseman sworn. 

Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2. vol. 3 folio 279. 


1 February 1586/7. Marriage license of George Gooddinge, 
Northebrok, and Alice Fayer, Westfilde, for Curate of 
Heigham or elsewhere in Archdeaconry of Norfolk. 

Archdeaconry of Norfolk Act Book, 1 540-1601 
folio 119. 


1479 December. Jo. Goodwyn of Loddon and Joanne Newman 

of Loddon. 
1554 January 2. Valentine Goodwyn, Lynn, St. Margaret, and 

Margaret Myller, Thornham. C. Lynn, St. Margaret. 
1556 November 19. John Goodwyn, Kesgrave, and Dorothy 

Lee, Norwich, St. Laurence. Mr. Thos. Waldron, C. 



1558 July 16. Robert Rowse, Metingham, and Joan Goodwyn, 
Bedingham. C. Bedingham. 

1560 June 12. Roger Guner, Hakford, and Eliz. Goodwyn, 

Ormesby. St. Edmund, Norwich. 

1 561 April 18. Thomas Sparrowe and Agnes Goodwyn, Nor- 

wich. C. St. Edmund, Norwich. 

1562 April 30. Richard Goodwyn, Mendlesham, and John 

Larnde (als Pellant), Thurston. C. Thurston. 

1563 February 10. Robt. Barber, Fressingfield, and Helen 

Goodwyn, Shipmeadow. St. Stephen, Norwich. 

1564 September 14. Marriage license for Hunstanton church 

to John Lestrange of Hunstanton Esq. and Anne Gooding 

of ditto. 
1564 December 16. John Bryan and Eliz. Goodwyn. Ilket- 

shall, St. Andrew. 
1564 January 18. Win. Perye, Roydon and Julian Goodwyn, 


1568 November 2. Marriage license to John Goding, Pulham, 

and Rose Vines of ditto, for Great Wacton. 

1569 July 27. Wm. Leggat, Brysyard and Etheldreda Good- 

wine, Cratfield. Easton. 
1574 January 30. Thos. Goodwyn, Totington and Joan Cad- 
dyes, Sneterton. Sneterton. 
1574 June 30. Thos. Goodwyn, Ipswich and Christian Maye, 

Coddenham. Coddenham. 
1579 January 24. Robert Brodie, Brooke and Anne Goodwyn, 

Flordon. Stradbrooke. 
1583 April 16. John Pemberton, Russynden, Norfolk and Mary 

Goodwyn, Shipdam, S. 
1585 October 23. Robert Goodwin, Ditchingham, yeoman and 

Mariana Turner, Ditchingham, widow. 
1588 July 26. Tho. Goodwyn, Sporle and Anne Saddinge, 

Westacre, Norfolk, widow. 
1595 May 14. Thomas Newman, Blofield, cordwiner and Joan 

Goodwin, Braydeston S. 

1609 March 20. John Goodwyn, Helhoughton w. and Eliz'th 

Forde, Hale. S. C. Houghton. 

1610 October 15. Wm. Goodwyn, Norwich, saylor, and Mar- 

gery Roody, Norwich, w. C. Bungay Trinity. 
1635 October 14. Bertram Goodwyn, Clk. Stonham Parva and 


Brigit Heigham, Norton S. C. St. Mary, Bury St. 

1635 January 2. Anthony Whall, Carlton, Suff. and Elizabeth 

Goodwin, Topcroft, S. C. Bolough. 

1636 May 29. Thomas Goodwyn, Dynnington S. and Elizabeth 

Folkard, Dynnington S. C. Helsden. 
1636 October 17. Richard Goodwin, Thorpe Episcopi and 

Dorothy Parker, Burlingham, St. Andrew. C. All Saints 

or St. Luke. 
1638 May 25. William Goodwyn, East Ruston S. and Alice 

Davie, Loddon S. C. Loddon. 
1638 January 3. Wm. Goodwin, Woodbridge S. and Margery 

Rawley, Sherington S. C. Hickling. 
1642 June 5. Sam'l Girling, Bawsey S. and Mary Goodwin, 

Norwich S. C. St. Mich, at Pesa. (Plea? F. F. S.) 
1642 June 11. Geo. Corbett, Framingham Pigott S. and Sara 

Goodwyn, Wilton, S. Witton by Blofield 16 June. 
1642 December 3. Wm. Goodwin, Burlingham (sic). 
1647 J^y J 8- Geo. Smith, Topcroft S. and Francis Goodwyn, 

Topcroft S. St. Luke or Beddingham. 
1662 August 9. Geo. Myleham, Gt. Yarmouth S. and Anne 

Goodwin, Whitstone S. C. Tieston. 


1634 April 18. John Churchman, Bunham S. and Lucy Ban- 

croft, Santon S. C. Santon. 
1696 June 30. Thomas Churchman, Norwich S. and Deborah 
Newman, Norwich S. C. Long Stratton. 

1 571 January 25. Tho. Cooke, Egmere and Mary Overton, vid. 
St. Simon & St. Jude, Norwich or Egmere. 

1635 February 9. William Gooch, Carleton S. and Joan Over- 

ton, Kettringham. 
1676 October 28. William Sturly, husbandman, Ashmanhaugh 

S. 24. and Leah Overton, Ashmanhaugh, S. 24. C. Hove- 

ton St. Peter. 
1695 October 5. John Overton, woolcomber, St. Saviour wid. 

and Sarah Tremoult St. Saviour, S. 26. St. Saviour or 

St. Luke. 



23 July 1625. Marriage License to John Sherwood, doctor of 
medicine, of Ipswich, and Mary Goodding, widow, of 
Freston, for Freston or Whersted. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Annotation Book No. 7 
(1625) (Misplaced in Arch. Norwich Registry 
at Norwich) folio 13. 

20 August 1625. Marriage License to Daniel Goodwin of 

Brantham, gentleman, and Dorothy Cooke, widow, of 

Yox for church. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Annotation Book No. 7. 
(1625) (Misplaced in Arch. Norwich Registry 
at Norwich) folio 18. 
16 September 1625. Marriage License to Robert Taster, single- 
man, of Crofelde and Maryan Gooddinge, singlewoman, 
of Bargha' for Bramforde. 

Archdeaconry of Suffolk, Annotation Book No. 7. 
(1625) (Misplaced in Arch. Norwich Registry 
at Norwich) folio 17. 


21 April 1590. John Warde, clerk, Rector of Livermere Parva, 

and Elizabeth Baldwine of Castleheningham, single 
woman, Marriage license issued by Thomas Bendishe and 
Israel Amys, Justices of Our Lord the King, to all and 
so forth. John Warde bound. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, Act Book 1 577-1 596, 
folio 128. 
10 December 1595. Marriage License. William Clerke, Hav- 
erill, and Barbara Goodwyn of same. To all clerks in 
Archdeaconry of Sudbury. 

Archdeaconry of Sudbury, License & Administration 
Book 1577-1596, folio 212. 



1601. Jone daughter of Robert Goodyn. 13 September. 


1600. Robert Goodwyn and Johan Stasye. 10 October. 


1563/4. John son of John Goodwin baptised 5 March. 
1566. Rose daughter of John Goodwin baptised 17 November. 
1569. William son of William Goodwin baptised 28 August. 
1572. Robert son of John Goodwin baptised 16 November. 


1563. Thomas Lyles and Joane Goodwine 10 April. 
1572. John Goodwin and Agnes Merrill 10 February. 


1565. John Goodwin 28 August. 

1610. Alice Goodyn, widow, 6 December. 



1587 November 5. Mary daughter to John Goodyn. 
1590 March 30. Sara Goodyn daughter to John Goodyn. 
1594 May 9. Susanna Goodyn daughter to John Goodyn. 
1596 July 18. Reginald Goodyn sonne to John. 
1598 November 29. Agnes Goodyn daughter to John Goodyn. 
1600 January 25. Elinere Goodin daughter to Philip ( ?) Goodin. 
1603 January 15. Katherene daughter of John Goodin. 
161 7 February 1. William sonne of William Goodin. 

1622 May 12. Catherine(?) daughter of Reginald Goodin. 

1623 November 28. John son of Reginald Goodin. 

1626 March 10. Petrus Goodwin filius Reginaldi Goodwin. 


1626 February 18. (name can't be deciphered) daughter of 

Catherine Goodwin. 

1627 August 5. Ann daughter of Reg. Goodwin. 


1649 August 15. Judith Goodwin. 

After this there is no mention of the name of Goodwin for some 
years as if perhaps they had removed from the neighbourhood. 

Richard Goodwin and Elizabeth Pilcock married 27 July 1605. 

From Rev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D. 
1648 ? James Savage and Jane Goodwin married. 

1603. Susanna the daughter of William Goodwine of London 

baptised the 12 of October. 
1608. Mary the daughter of William Goodwine baptised — . 

William Goodwin and Mary Falkner married 26 January 1668. 
John Potter and Millicent Goodwin of Warboise, married 23 
October 1690. 



Thomas Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 
Prudence Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 
Johannes Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 
Willm Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 
ffranciscus Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine 

Bridgitta Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 
Edmundus Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine 

1597 Aug. 7. Thomas Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 

1567 Julii 


1569 Feb. 


1572 Jan. 


1574 'Jul" 


1577 Jul- 


1577 Jul- 


1578 Jan. 



1599 May 13. Willm. Goodwine fill. Thomae Goodwine bapt. 

1600 Nov. 7. Thomas Goodwyne 61. Thomae and Joanne 

Goodwyn bapt. 

1606 Nov. 2. Johannes Goodwyn fil. Ed. et Elizabeth Good- 
wyn bapt. 

1608 Dec. 4. Willm Goodwyn fil. Ed. et Elizabeth Goodwyn 

161 1 July 28. Edmundus Goodwine fil. Edi et Elizabeth Good- 
wine bapt. 

161 3 Nov. 21. Elizabeth Goodwyne filia Edi et Elizabeth 
Goodwyne bapt. 

161 5 Mar. 3. Thomas Goodwyn fil. Edi et Elizabeth Good- 
wyn bapt. 

1617 July 27. Anna Goodwyn filia Edi et Elizabeth Goodwyne 

1619 Oct. 18. Anna Goodwyn filia Edi et Elizabeth Goodwyn 

1621 Feb. 24. Jasper Goodwyn fil. Edi et Elizabeth Goodwyn 

1625 May 22. Jasper Goodwyn filius Edi et Elizabeth Good- 

wyn bapt. 


1565 Jan. 30. Hellen Goodwine buried. 

1577 Augt. 19. Margareta Goodwin uxor Thomae Goodwine 

1577 Oct. 2. Bridgitta Goodwine fil. Thomae Goodwin buried. 
1586 July 5. . Jacobus Goodwine buried. 

161 5 Mar. 16. Thomas Goodwyn filius Edi et Elizabeth Good- 

wyn buried. 

16 16 Jan. 8. Thomas Goodwyn filius Thomae et Johanne 

Goodwyn buried. 

1617 Sept. 26. Anna Goodwine fil. Edi et Elizabeth Goodwyn 


1618 Nov. 2^. Thomas Goodwyn buried. 

1624 Sept. 4. Jasper Goodwyn filius Edmundi Goodwyn 

1626 May 30. William Goodwyne buried. 

1629 May 12. Katherine Gooddine uxor Henrici Gooddine 


1632 Oct. 12. Thomas Goodine filius Henrici et Marias Good- 

ine buried. 

1633 June 17. Joane Gooddin widdow buried. 


1602 May 3. Edmundus Goodwyn et Elizabeth ffowler mar- 
1629 Feb. 8. Henricus Goodine et Mary (S?)arter married. 


From Parish register and transcripts at Bury. 

From Rev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D. and Lothrop Withington. 


13 August 1570. Joanna Goodwyn. 
10 March 1573. Anne Goodwin. 

27 November 1576. Anne Goodwin (Another copy reads 

14 November 1577. Anne Goodwin. 

3 October 1581. Margaret Goodwin. 

3 July 1583. Edward Goodwin. 


14 October 1570. Thomas ffolke and Anne Goodwyn. 

12 November 1573. Theodore Goodwin and Agnes ffolke. 


15 January 1583. Agnes Goodwin. 

16 September 1599. Joanna Goodwynge. 
18 September 161 2. Robert Goddinge. 

4 November 161 5. (Dorothy?) Goddinge of Reach. 



1569 November 2. Richard Good wine's child (Henry) was 

1575 April 27. John son of Henry Goodwine. 
1575 October 5. ( ) son of Simon Goodwine. 


1575 November 18. Elizabeth daughter of Henry Goodwine. 

1576-7 January 13. Alice daughter of Simon Goodwine. 

1577-8 January 1. Michell son of Simon Goodwin. 

1579 May 3. Henry posthumous son of Henry Goodwin. 

1579-80 January 12. Thomas son of John Goodwine. 

1 580-1 February 2. Phillipp son of John Goodwine. 

1582 July 5. Raffe son of John Goodwine. 

1582 October 8. Henry son of Simon Goodwine. 

1584 March 29. Edward son of John Goodwine. 

1 610 August 12. John son of John Goodwin. 


1564 April 20. John Woodcocke and Margaret Goodwine. 
1564 May 21. John Gilbert and Alee Goodwine. 

1574 ( ) ( — ). John Greene and Agnes Goodwine. 

1596 July 8. John Goodwyne and Avis Hopp. 


1568-9 January 7. Thomas Goodwine son of Henry Goodwine. 
1570 November 18. Henry son of Richard Goodwine. 

1574 July 2. Richard Goodwine. 

1575 June 27. John son of Henry Goodwine. 
1575 October 7. William son of Simon Goodwine. 
1576-7 January 7. Alice daughter of Simon Goodwine. 
1577-8 February 18. Elizabeth daughter of Henry Goodwine. 
1578-9 February 20. Henry Goodwine. 

1586 June 18. Anne Goodwyne. 

1587-8 March 22. Alee Goodwin. 

1588 June 7. Simon Goodwyn. 

1588-9 March 13. Elizabeth daughter of Simon Goodwyn. 

1599 August 30. Edward son of John Goodwin. 

1603 September 22. Avis wife of John Goodwine. 

161 7 August 16. John Goodwine. 

ELY DIOCESAN REGISTRY. Visitation Book B. 2. 

Parsons. 191 1. 
Henry Goodwin was appointed Rector of Horseheath 7 April 

1500, continuing there until 15 18, the patron being the 

Earl of Oxford. 




1595. Burial Oseas Rose n Jan. 

1599. Baptism Grace Whaples dau. of Oseas W. 19 Feb. 

Oseas Allen s. of Marke A. 27 Jan. 
1603. Baptism Oseas Buller s. of Robt. B. 9 Apr. 

1615. Baptism Anne Shelverdyne dau. of Ozee S. 29 Oct. 
Marriage Osee Bye — Margaret JefTery. 30 July. 

1616. Baptism John Bye s. of Ozee B. 28 July. 

161 7. Baptism Margt Bye dau. of Hosea B. 1 Jan. 

1620. Baptism Hester Shelverdyne dau. of Hosea S. 17 Apr. 
Bridget Bye dau. of Hosea B. 23 Apr. 



Elsabeth Gooddyn, 28 October, 1599. 
Margaret Gooddyn, ye 3 day of October, 1602. 
Elsabeth Gooddyn, 13 day of January, 1603/4. 
William Gooddyn, ye 29 day of June, 1606. 
Mary Gooddyn, 24 November, 1607. 

Thomas Guddynge son of William ye 25 February, 1609/10. 
William Goodin son of Robert Goodin and Ayme his wife, 12 
October 161 7. 


Robert Goodwin and Amee Wilbe 10 November 1616. 


John Goodwin buried 21 August 1599. 

Richard Glover and Elizabeth Adams married 20 January 1604. 
Edmund Adams churchwarden 1604, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 and 11. 
Edward Adams churchwarden 1609. 
Edmund Adams buried 27 September 1612. 
Margaret Adams buried 8 November 1612. 


William Smyth and Marye Adams married 14 November 1613. 

Jeremye Adams churchwarden. 

Edward son Joseph Adams and Agnes his wife baptised 28 

August 1 614. 
Jeremy Adams and Josop Adams churchwarden. 
Thomas son Jeremy and Priscilla Adams baptised 4 June 161 5. 
John son Josias and Ann Adams baptised 22 November 161 5. 
Jeremy Adams, Josias Adams, churchwarden, 1616, 1617. 
Priscilla daughter Jeremye and Priscilla Adams bapt. 28 January 

Joseph son Joseph and Ann Addames bapt. 8 March 161 7. 
Thomas son Joseph and Ann Adams baptised 15 December 1622. 
John Adams buried 7 April 1625. 
Ann Adams buried 25 December 1630. 

Francis son William and Mary Adams baptised 2 March 1652. 
William son William and Margaret Adams bapt. 10 September 


Laurence Churchman buried 26 March 1630. 


Nathaniel Coe buried in December 1603. 

Jeames Johnson Clerk to Stow Longa, Cambridgeshire. Bonds- 
men: Robert Gooden of St. Sepulchre's, London, baker, 
and Edward Beeke of Stow Longa, Cambridgeshire, hus- 

( ?) First Transcript Book 38 Hen. viij. 



26 May 1560. Richard Goodwin. 

2 January 1565. Thomas son of John and Migon Goodwin. 

1 September 1566. Elizabeth daughter of John and Maryon 
Good wine. 

1 December 1590. John son Richard and Margaret Goodwin. 
24 June 1595. Marie daughter of Richard Goodwin. 


9 April 1598. Richard son of Richard Goodwin. 
29 November 1601. Elizabeth daughter of Richard and Mar- 
garet Goodwin. 

12 June 1608. Agnes daughter Richarde and Margaret Good- 


13 October 1622. John son Edward and Francis Goodine. 


12 May 1589. Richard Goodwin and Margaret . 


8 February 1565. John Goodwin. 
10 May 1565. Thomas Goodwin. 

3 July 1678. John Goodwin. 
22 June 1593. Mother Goodwin. 

6 October 161 8. Richard Goodwin. 



•13 November 1587. Rychard Goodwyne to Elizabeth Skot. 
20 August 1632. John Goodwine to Anne Halford. 
12 November 1610. Robert Chesham to Francis Goodwine. 
5 June 1626. John Browninge to Elisabeth Goodwyne. 



James son Wylyam Goodine baptised 25 July 161 1. 
Ela daughter William Goodwin baptised 21 November 161 7. 
Richard son William Goodwin baptised 26 December 1619. 
Elizabeth daughter William Goodwin baptised 24 February 

1 62 1 -2. 
Ann daughter William Goodwin baptised 25 January 1623-4. 
John son William Goodwin baptised 3 August 1628. 


Daniel Simson and Margaret Goodwine married 20 March 1606. 
Richard Goodin and Sarah Brown of Burwell married 3 August 



Robert Goodin buried 3 August 1600. 

Elizabeth daughter William Goodwin buried 20 July (1615). 

John son William Goodyn buried 8 June 1629. 

14 January 1598. Anthony Gydding and Hellen Amer married. 
12 April 1600. Rose Goddyn buried. 

From Rev. Augustus Jessopp, D.D. 


1574 February 19. Wolmaden Goodwin daughter of Thomas 
Goodwin and Ellen his wife. 

1576 October 29. Prudent Goodwin daughter of Thomas Good- 
win and Ellen his wife. 

1 581 May 6. Elizabeth Goodwin daughter of Thomas Good- 

win and Ellen his wife. 
1583 October 2. Richard Goodwin son of Thomas Goodwin 
and Ellen his wife. 

1614 September 11. Thomas Goodwin son of Richard Goodwin 

and Elizabeth his wife. 

1 61 5 September 20. Richard Goodwin son of Richard Goodwin 

and Elizabeth his wife. 

1620 November 12. Letice Goodwin daughter of Richard Good- 
win and Elizabeth his wife. 

1625 June 29. William Goodwin son of Richard Goodwin and 
Elizabeth his wife. 


1582 January 17. Nicolas Baron to Alice Goodwin. 
1592 September 28. Guy Ward to Wolmaden Goodwin. 

1 61 1 February 14. Richard Goodwin to Elizabeth Hardin. 


Anno Eliz. 25. Nov. 4 Ellen Goodwin. 

1617 May 16. Richard Goodwin son of Richard Goodwin. 

1620 January 23. Letice Goodwin daughter of Richard Good- 


1620 January 30. Thomas Goodwin. 
1626 September 21. Helena Goodwin. 

1635 August 30. Elizabeth Goodwin wife of Richard Goodwin. 
1638 October 27. Elizabeth Goodwin daughter of Richard 

1645 November 16. Hannah Goodwin daughter of Thomas 


1646 April 10. Richard Goodwin was buried being sixty two 

years old and half a year more. 
1648 December 22. Bartholomew Goodwin son of Richard 

Goodwin and Elizabeth his wife. 
1654 June 7. A child of Thomas Goodwin and Elizabeth his 

1684 February 3. Sarah Goodwin. 
1702 April 19. Thomas Goodwin. 
1704 January 14. William Goodwin. 

I hereby certify that these are true extracts from the Registers 
of Toft Parish and that I have not found any entry of the name 
of Goodwin of a later date. 

(signed) E. A. Powell, Rector of Toft. 
Toft Rectory, January 6th, 1887. 


1 558-1 700. 

Maii xxi die 15 — ? Thomas Goodwyn adjunxit sibi uxorem 

Jogano Stringer. 
19 November 1592. John Goodyn and Alice Morton. 
14 May 1664. Shefield Gooding and Maria Coop. 

2 September 1667. Abraham Gooding and Anna Jesson. 

4 July 1670. John Welsh and Mary Goodwin. 

8 June 1679. Thomas Dowling and Elizabeth Ingeld. 
23 June 1687. Abraham Gooding, widower, and Margaret 

4 June 1699. Abraham Gooding and Susanna George. 
14 February 1699/ 1700. William Goodwin and Mary Sawyer. 


From J. Paul Rylands. 


1675. Allice daughter of Arthur Godwin baptised Sept. 2. 

1679. John son of Arthur Godwin de Saughall Massey baptised 
Dec. 26. 

1684. Henry son of Arthur Godwin de Saughall Massey bap- 
tised December 4. 

1687. Jane daughter of Arthur Godwin de Saughall Massey 
baptised August 1. 

1689. Arthur son of Arthur GodAvin de Saughall Massey bap- 
tised November 14. 

1696. Samuel son of Arthur Godwin de Saughall Massey bap- 
tised September 3. 

1704. John son of John Godine de Saughall baptised January 4. 

1707. Eliz : Godwin of John Godwin baptised May 29. 

1709. Jane daughter of John Godine de Saughall baptised 
X* 15. 

1713. Henry son of John and Eliz: Godine de Saughall bap- 
tised March 26. 

1715. William son of John and Eliz: Godine de Saughall bap- 
tised (no date). 

1 717. Arthur son of John and Eliz: Godine de Saughall bap- 
tised April 23. 

1719. Mary daughter of John and Eliz : Godine de Saughall 
baptised January 5. 

1722. Samuel son of John Godwin of Saughall Massey, yeoman, 
and Elizabeth his wife baptised at Bidston August 24. 

1726. George son of J n0 Godwin of Saughall Massey, yeoman, 
and Elizabeth his wife baptised May 3. 

1738. Arthur son of John Godwin of Saughall Jun ior baptised 
August 15. 

1739. William son of J no and Alice Godwin of Saughall baptised 
February 11. 

1 741. Peter son of John and Alice Godwin baptised April 14. 

1747. John son of John Godwin Jun ior of Saughall by Alice his 
wife baptised August 18. 

1748. Eliz: daughter of J uo and Alice Godwin of Saughall bap- 
tised April 15. 


1749. Henry son of J no Godwin and Alice his wife baptised 
August 25. 

1752. Samuel son of J no and Alice Godwin baptised August 12. 

1754. Ellen daughter of John and Alice Godwin baptised Feb- 
ruary 27. 

1757. Alice daughter of J no and Alice Godwin born Dec. 21 
baptised Jan. 27. 

1772. Saughall : Samuel son of John and Eliz : Godwen born 
Dec. 13 baptised Jan. 9. 

1774. Saughton: Ather son of Henry and Marg* Godwin bap- 
tised August 22. 

1775. May 30: Alice daughter of Henry and Marg fc Godwin 
baptised Saughall. 

1776. Sept. 15 Nanny daughter of John and Eliz Godwin bap- 
tised Saughall. 

1778. Nov. 20 John son of John Godwin of Saughall, farmer, 
by his wife Eliz : daughter of Henry and Newport 



1697. Richard Burrows of Chester and Elizabeth Godwin of 
ye parish of Bidston were married by license ye 3d day of 

1700. John Godwin de Saughall and Elizabeth Whiteside of 
New House — paroc. West Kirkbie. p. License married 
October 18. 

1725. John Standley and Ellen Godine of Saughall Massey 
married per License December 23 1725 p J no Barker, 


1683. William son of Arthur Godwin de Saughall Massey 

buried December 30. 
1697. Arthur Goddin de Saughall Massey buried April 22. 

1 70 1. Arthur son of John Godine de New Hall (Wallasey 
Paroc) buried August 17. 

1717. Henry son of John Godine, yeoman, and Eliz: his wife 

buried Xbr 27. 
1 717. Arthur son of John Godine, yeoman, and Eliz his wife 

buried Xbr 27. 
1727. George son of J no and Eliz Godwin de Saughall buried 

July 2. 


1727. Ellen Godwin, widow, of Saughall buried at Bidston July 

1727. Alice daughter of J no and Eliz Godwin buried October 26. 
1739. William son of J no and Alice Godwin of Saughall buried 

February 12. 
1746. Peter Godwin son of J n0 and Aeles Godwin of Saughall 

buried March 15. 
1748. Eliza: daughter of John and Alice Godwin of Saughall 

Massey buried April 18. 

1748. William son of J n0 God wen of Saughall buried Feby 5. 

1749. J no Godwin of Saughall Massey buried December 16. 
1 75 1. Peter son of J no and Alice Godwin buried June 18. 
1760. Elizabeth Godwin of Saughall buried November 10. 
1765. Liverpool. Samuel Godwin buried July 27. 

1771. Saughall. Ale the wife of John Godwen buried August 


1779. John Godwin buried in South He, 25th May, aged 75, of 

1 79 1. William Godwin buried May 10, aged yy, of Saughall. 

1731. John Godwin: Church Warden. 
1767. William Godwin: Church Warden. 
1770. John Godwin : Church Warden. 

1792, 3 and 4 Henry Godwin signs as Church Warden. 

29 June 1692. John Goodin of Northerden and Elizabeth 
Janson, widow, of Timpley married. 

9 February 1622/3. William Marshe and Elizabeth Torller 

15 June 1626. William Churchill and Judith Merch married. 



1 561 June. William Goodinge III day. 

1562 June. James Goodyn the sonn of William Gooddyn the 

VII day. 


1564 August. Francis Goodwin daughter of William Goodwin 

the II day. 
1566/7 February. Darythe Goodinge XVII day. 
1570 ? Elizabeth the daughter of William Gooddyn 

XXX day. 
1572 October. Elizabeth Goodinge XX day. 
1579 August. Elizabeth the daughter of Peter Goodwin XXIII 


1576 April. Annes the daughter of John Prowse XV day. 


1577 November. John Jane and Kathrine Goodinge XXVIII 

1577 October. William Frost and Grace Gooding XI day. 

1586 July. Henry Heyman and Grace Gooddyn XVII day. 

1587 June. William Burte and Francis Goodinge XXV day. 

1590 August. James Goodin and ( ) VIII day. 

1600 June. John Ruswell and Elizabeth Goodyn XXIIII day. 
161 1 May. John White and Marie Goodinge ye 29th day. 

1 612/3 February. Matthew Williams and Prudence Gooding 

1 6th day. 
1612/3 February. Raphe Paddington and Elnor Goodinge ye 

14th day. 
1623 November Mathewe Gooding and Katheryn Hagley 23th 


Searched up to 1630. 


1569. Johannes Gooding son of John Gooding bapt. 1 June. 
1582. Thomas son of John Gooding bapt. 26 March. 
1600. Frances daughter of John Gooding bapt. 14 December. 
1603. Phillip son of John and Mary Gooding bapt. 17 April. 
1603. Jeremias son of Jeremias and Frances Gooding bapt. 26 


1588. Johannis Goodine and Agnes Curteis 24 October. 
1592. John Gooding and Joane Cran(u?)ford 20 or 28 June. 
1596 or 1598. John Goodding and Maria Adams 16 October. 
1628. George Stonard and Tomasin Goodin 22 October. 



1576. Johannis Ansell and Elisabeth Pettit 8 May. 

1577. William Ansell and Susanna Bently 15 July. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1 560-1 Feb. 5. Richard Goodwin and Alice Barens married. 
1584 June 8. John Connye and Godley Goodwin married. 



1690 31 August. Sarah daughter of John Plum. Affidavit 
made before John Goodwin, minister of Gestingthorpe. 


1594 31 May. Robert Plumb and Margery Golding? 
John Goodwin, Vicar of the parish between 1684 and 1723. 



16 March 1560. William Goodwyn. 

7 September 1563. Katherin Goodin. 
28 March 1568. Elizabeth Goodin. 
19 April 1 571. Grace Goodwyn. 
11 September 1575. Margery Goodwyn. 

3 November 1577. John Goodwyn. 
18 September 1580. Ellynor Goodwyn. 
14 July 1582. Mary Goodwyn. 


? tS? 1 - William Howe and Katherin Goodwyn. 

20 August 1640. John Goodwin and Margaret Prentice, widow. 


21 June 1560. Nicholas Goodwyn. 

17 September 1571. William Goodwyn. v 

26 November 1622. Mary daughter of John Goodwin the elder. 



BEGINNING 1558/9. 

Marye Goodwynne the daughter of Jerome Goodwynne of the 
parishe of high Ounger was Christened in Bobbingworth 
Church the xxv day of November by the sufferance and 
leve of the Curate of the said Church of high Ounger 
Anno regni Regine Elizabeth etc. xv° Anno vero Domini 

John Goodwyne son of William Goodwyne of high Ongar 16 
September in Bobbingworth church at request and com- 
mandment of Mr. Tabour parson of high Ongar A. D. 

Barbara Goodwynne daughter of Jerome Goodwynne of high 

Ongar at Bobbingworth 29 March 1580. 
Mary Goodwynne daughter of William Goodwynne 29 April at 

the request of Mr. Tabour parson of high Ongar A. D. 

John Goodwyn son of Jerome Goodwynne 25 October 1582 (at 

req. etc.). 
Andrew Gooddinge son of Jerome Goodwynne 5 December 1585. 
Margaret Gooddinge daughter of Jerome Goodwynne 23 Feb- 
ruary 1588-9. 
Richard the sonne of Elizabeth Goodding et patrix ignoti was 

baptized the xxth of Maye 1604. 
Mary daughter of Andrew Goodding 2 August 161 2. 

(Several pages of Reg. lost. No entry between 10 Jan. 1612 
and 11 Nov. 1655). 


William Goodwynn and Elizabeth Howe (another copy reads 
Hare), widow, of high Ongar, married in Bobbingworth 
Church at request of Mr. Tabour 23 Nov. 1578. 

William Whyte and Mary Gooddinge married 14 Sept. 1600. 

Hugh Keeling and Elizabeth Gooding married 24 September 

Andrew Gooding and Mary Ainsworth married 27 February 



Katherine Gooddinge daughter of Mr. William Gooddinge, par- 
son of Morton, was buried 16 May 1597. 
Jherome Gooddinge was buried 7 July 1601. 
The son of Andrew Gooding was buried 15 April 1609. 
The son of Andrew Goodwin was buried 28 July 1610. 
Elizabeth Goodwin was buried 12 August 1630. 
Mary Goodwin wife of Andrew G. buried 27 February 1647/8. 

1661 February 20. Robert Goodwinne buried. 
1663 October 5. John Goodden senyor buried. 

Since this search was made many leaves of an earlier Bocking 
register have been discovered and the information therein entered 



1622 23 May. John Jackson and Elizabeth Goodin. 
1668 14 December. George Nicholls and Anne Goodwin. 

From Capt. Charles H. Townshend. 
1 661 May 27. Sarah Clay, daughter of John Clay of the 
parish of Braintree buried. 

1661 Feb. 2. William Goodding son of William Goodding and 

Sarah his wife was (born?). 

1662 ? 14. Kathen? Chapling daughter of Thomas and 

(Elizabeth?) born. 

1665 Aug. 23. (Elizabeth?) daughter of Henry Goodwin and 

Susan his wife baptised. 
1660-65. Many Pratt names. 

1667 May 1. Mary daughter of John Clay and Sarah his wife 


1668 Dec. 8. John son of John Clay and Mary his wife bap- 



From Capt. Charles H. Townshend. 
Inscription for Mr. Goodwin an eminent minister of the Gospel 
and Pastor of this place who died 4th of Sept. 1658 and of 
Eliz. his wife and Jane his daughter. 

Morant's History of Essex, page 263. 

1604 February 12. Adrie Goodwin daughter of John Goodwin 
October 8. John Goodwin and Anne Harwood, widow, 



1579-80. Grace the daughter of Osias Marsh was baptised 

February 2.7. 
1650. Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Goodwin and Hellen his 

wife baptised September 3rd. 
1675. Jane the daughter of John Godwin and Bridget baptised 

January 26. 
1679. John the son of John Godwin and Bridget his wife was 

baptised May the 7th. 
1681. Henry the son of George Goodwin and Sarah his wife 

baptised September the 15th. 
1681/2. Francis the daughter of John Goodwin and his wife 

bapt. March the 21. 
1698. Benjamin the son of Joseph Goodwin was born May the 

23rd 1698. 


1683. William Barnes and Goodwin, widow, were mar- 
ried Aprill 14th. 


1668/9. Elizabeth the wife of Mr. Robert Goodwin buried 

February 24th. 
1669. Mr. Robert Goodwin (Paterfam.) buried April 11. 
1679. John Goodwin was buried May the 7th. 
1698. Joseph Goodwin, Marshman to John Cooch, was buried 

September the 8th. 




1 61 6 9 August. William son of Nicolas Goodwin. 

1608 28 December. Sabian daughter of Nicolas Goodwin. 

1624 30 November. Nicolas Goodwin. Another copy reads 

November 25. 
1629 23 February. Joan Goodwin. 


1583 26 January. Thomas Otes and Elizabeth Gooddinge. 
1606-7 12 January. Thomas Oter and Elizabeth Gooding, 

1639 14 October. Silvanus Goodwin and Martha Mellor. 
In Castle Hedingham Church, North Aisle towards West End. 

In Memory of Anne wife of James (Bones) 

And daughter of Rev. Wm. Goodwin 

and Henrietta his wife an excellent 

Woman (whose ruling motto was to 

Do nothing that she might see cause 

To repent of) was taken from a life 

Of virtue to a life of Glory Dec. 25. 1776. 

Aged 36 years. 

Also of Henrietta Goodwin (Sport) 
Mother of the above Anne who was 
Buried at Fen Ditton near Cambridge 
16 April 1792, Aged 71. 



Leonard of John Goodwin baptised the xxiiij of May 1590. 
Mary of John Goodden baptised the x of March 1593. 
William of Thomas Goodwins baptised xviij of November 1596. 
Richard of Thomas Goodwin baptised 2 or 7 September 1598. 
William of Thomas Goodwin baptised 4 of February 1599. 
Raphe a base son of Alice Goodwin baptised vij of December 

Grace of Thomas Goodwin baptised xxj of October 1601. 
Hellen of Thomas Goodwin baptised xxviij of August 1603. 


John of Thomas Goodwin baptised i of September 1605. 

Elizabeth of Thomas Goodwin baptised xiv or xix of February 

Isaacke son of Thomas Goodwin of Chelmsford, gouldsmith, and 
Sarah his wife was baptised xxiij of October 1627. 

Marie the daughter of Thomas Goodwin, gouldsmith, and Sarah 
his wife was baptised the xxiiii of April 1632. 

Sarah the daughter of Thomas Goodwin of Chelmsford, gold- 
smith, and of Sarah his wife was baptised Sundaye the 
fourth daye of May (1632?). 


John Goodwin buried xxx of July 1571. 

Mary Goodwin buried i of July 1595. 

Edward Goodwin of Thomas buried ix of July 1598. 

Raph of Allice Gooding buried the xj of January 1600. 

Elizabeth wife of John Goodwin buried the xiv or xxv of April 

Leonard of John Goodin buried the xiij of January 1606. 

Rich, of Thomas Goodwin, goldsmith of Chelmsford, buried the 
xx of November 1610. 

Dorothy Goodwyn of Chelmsford, single woman, buried the last 
of June 1612. 

Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Goodwin of Chelmsford, gold- 
smith, buried vij of March or April 1614. 

Thomas Goodwin of Chelmsford, goldsmith, buried at the 
stoole's end against the Deske dore the 30 of March 161 5. 

John Goodwin of Moulsham, collyer, buried the xxx of May 


John Goodwyn and Isabell Cickerton married the xij of May 

John Gooden and Elizabeth Chappell alias Bailie married May 
22, 1600. 

Danyell Greenefield of Witham, singleman, and Dorothie Good- 
wyn of Chelmsford, singlewoman, married the laste of 
June 1612. 

James Waffe of London and Mary Goodwin vid. married the 
fyrste daye of Januarie 161 5. 

Areatus Leaton, singleman, and Marye Goodwyn, singlewoman, 
of Chelmsford married xvi day of June 1616. 


Searched from 1586 to 1630. 


1586. Anne daughter of William Gooddyng 6 November. 

1588. Sary daughter of William Gooddyng 17 December. 

1593. William son of Owyn Godyng 9 December. 

1598. John son of John Goodinge 24 May. 

1 60 1. Joan daughter of John Goodyng 1 May. 

1606. Alice daughter of John and Agnes Goding 1 June. 

1 612. Peter son of John and Agnes Goddynge 1 March. 

1 62 1. John son of John and Mary Godding 8 July. 

1622. Robert son of John and Maria Goddin 23 March. 

1623. Elizabeth daughter of John and Maria Goddin 5 June. 
1628. Mary daughter of John Godding 21 December. 


1588. Phillip Goddyn and Alys Morekok 19 June. 

1 61 4. William Goodinge and Mary Smyth 2 October. 


1589. Robert Goddyng late of Sawston 8 December. 
1601. John Goddinge se. 15 August. 

1605. Thomas son of John Gooding and Agnes his wife 25 July. 

1 612. Owen Godding 28 August. 

1614. Peter Godding son of John 22 April. 

1 618. Alice Goddin wife of Philip 18 October. 

1 619. Philip Goodden 3 December. 

1625. Elizabeth daughter of John and Marie Goddin 9 June. 

1626. Marie wife of John Goddin 17 January. 

1630. Marie daughter of John and Elizabeth Goddin 11 July. 
1632. Joane daughter of John Goodin 27 June. 
I0 33- John Goodin ye elder 19 May. 

Searched up to 1630. 


1589. Thomas Short and Agnes Gooding 23 January. 
1 61 8. Philip Goodding of Great Chesterford and Ellen Ewen 2 



MARRIAGES. Vol. I, I561-1653. 

1603 December 21. Marcellus Goodwin and Joane Till. 

1606 November 17. Giles Seekes and Elizabeth Goodwine. 
1627 August 5. Robert Stafford and Rebeckah Goodwin. 
1635 September 26. Marcellus Goodwin and Mary Goulding. 

baptisms. Vol. 1, 1 584-1653. 
1585 May 16. Sarah daughter of Marcellan Goodwin. 
1587 July 2. Marie daughter of Mrcel Goodwin. 

1604 December 18. Marcellus Gooddin son of Marcellus. 

1607 November 8. Rebecca Gooding daughter of Marcellus. 

1610 November 11. Robard son of Marcell Gooddin. 
1613 April 27. Rachel daughter of Marcellus Goodwin. 

1 616 January 12. Marcell son of Marcell Goodwin. 

burials. Vol. 1, 1558-1653. 

161 1 January 29. Mercillus son of Mercillus Gooddwin. 

161 7 June 28. Mercell fil Mercell Goodwin. 
1633 January 3. lone wife of Marcell Goodwin. 
1639 January 3. Mersel Goodwin, Physition. 

1594 Sept. 6. Elizabeth Goodwin married. 
1597 June 15. Jane Goodwin married. 
1560 July 10. Paule Gordyn son of John buried. 

Uncertain entries. 
1566 Nov. 15. Mary 
1573 Jan. 2. Katherine 
1576 May 27. Amos 

1600 ? Jacob 

1 60 1 Nov. — ? Georg 
1606 Nov. — ? Richard 



1594 May 12. Margarctt Goodwyn baptised. 

J 595 J ur y 20 Robert Goodwyn son of Frauncis baptised. 


1599 April 8. Pear (another copy reads Francis) and John 
Goodwyn sons of Frauncis baptised. 

1601 Oct. 10. Hellen Goodwyn baptised. 

1605 Dec. 1. William Goodwin son of William baptised. 

1620 Feb. 22. Elizabeth Goodwyn daughter of John and Eliza- 
beth baptised. 

1627 Jan. 6. William son of Thomas Goodwin and Tamasin his 
wife baptised. 

1629 Dec. 30. Thomas son of Thomas and Tamsin Goodwin 

1632 Feb. 2. John Goodwyn sonne of Thomas baptised. 

Register of Baptisms missing from 1621 to 1627 and from 

1630 to 1632. 


1594 May 13 or 15. Margret Goodwyn daughter of Frauncis 


1595 Mar. 5. John Goodwyne buried. 

1597 Feb. 25. Frauncis Goodwyn, a child, buried. 

1599 May 29. Frauncis Goodwyn's child buried. (Another 

copy reads Frauncis Goodwin, a child, buried.) 
1632 Feb. 18. Rachell Goodwin daughter of John buried. 



1622 September 19. Caleb ye sonne of Robert Gooding by 

Frances his wife baptised. 
1641 January 19. Mary ye daughter of Christopher Goodwin 

by Mary his wife baptised. 


1603 July 20. lone the wife of Arthur Goodwin buried. 

1626 March 1. Christopher Goodwin buried. 

1632 October 7. The wife of John Goodin the baker buried. 

ST. MARY THE VIRGIN, COLCHESTER, usually known as 

1610 December 18. Thomas Goodwin son of Roger baptised. 

161 1 March 6. Lois the daughter of Roger Goodwin baptised. 


1611 March 21. Lois Goodwin (infans) buried. 
In 1604 Thomas Goodman married Joan Collins. 

1607 November 8. Christopher Goodwine, baptised. 

1 55 1 September 5. Thomas Goodman, baptised. 
1562 Mar. 8th day but month uncertain, Willm Gorden and Ahro 
Badley (married?). 


Searched to end of 1600. 

Hiatus in Register 1 564-1 570 both inclusive. 

1580. Thomas Gooddinge and Margareta Perie married 11 

1589. Owen Goodinge and Maria Woodley married 2 November. 

1616 November 15. Edward Gooding of Witham, and Jane 
Benson of this parish, married. 

From Capt. Charles H. Townshend. 
1 591 March xxxi. Ezekiel Culverwell son of E. C. 

Searched from 1590 to March 25, 1616, for baptisms. 
Several Boltwoods, Woodwards, Waters. 

MARRIAGES, 161O-164O. 

Goodman marriages but no Goodwins. 

From Frank F. Starr. 
1593 Nov. 23. Nathaniel White son of John baptised. 



21 November 1619. Joane daughter to John and Joane Good- 
10 January 1622. Edward son of John and Joane Goodwin. 



9 April 1606. John Goodwin and Marrian Dallye. 
16 January 1618. John Godwin and Jone Jeffrie. 
16 June 1630. Thomas Bishop, Coringham, widower, and Jone 
Goodwin of Fobbing, widow. 


5 January 161 7. Marian wife of John Goodwin. 
2 December 1630. John Goodwin. 

1543 February 14. Agneta Goodwine vidua sepulta fuit. 
1546 January 27. Margareta Goodwine sepulta fuit. 
1546 February 6. William Goodwane sepultus fuit. 



1 591 April 29. Edward Goodwin and Marie Spender. 
1 59 1 May 28. John Goodwin and Jone Baker. 


1 591/2 March 12. Edward Goodwin. 
1 591/2 March 13. Jone Goodwin. 
1593 September 2-. Mother Goodwin. 
1607 October 26. John Goodwin. 

1635 March 28. Thomas (erased) Goodwin. 

Searched only 1559, 1596, 1597. 
1559. John Goodyng buried the 24 February. 



1568 November 26. William Goodwyn baptised. 
1570 October 10. Anne Goodwyn daughter of William 


1572 June 1. James Goodwyn son of William baptised. 

1574 July 11. Ellen Goodwyn daughter of William baptised. 

1 575 January 6. Katheryne Goodwyn daughter of William bap- 

1577 January 19. John Goodden son of William baptised. 

1590 January 17. Joane Goodwyn of Nicholas baptised. 

1595 April 21. Mary Goodwyn baptised. 

1597 September 11. Nicholas Goodwyn baptised. 

1599 July 1. Susanna Goodwyn daughter of Nicholas baptised. 

1600 March 6. George Goodwyn son of Nicholas baptised. 
1607 November 30. Goodding, daughter baptised. 


1567 January 11. William Goodwyn and Margaret 


1616 February 24. Roger Lavett and Anne Goodwin married. 

1618 January 19. Thomas Miller, widower, and Joanne Good- 
win, widow, married. 


1599 August 24. Mary Goodwin buried. A -| oop>$ ^ 

!6o 4 . John Goodwin buried. J-L^^OIU 



1606. Henry Gooden als Turner and Dorothie Hains, 24 Aug. 



1647. James Goodwine and Barbarie Lewis, both of Nayland, 
31 Aug. 



1 57^/9- Robert Woodward and Margerie Fletcher, 30 January. 

Searched to 1620. Marriages up to 1642. 
No Goodwins. 




Goodman, Henry son of John 1 May 1589. 
Goodwyn, Edward son of Thomas 23 October 1595. 


Goodman, John to Elizabeth Summercot 6 October 1588. 

Goodwin, Joane and Samuel Hunt 24 September 1600. 

Goodwin, Robert and Mary Wiseman 27 July 1614. 

Goodwin, Priscilla and Richard Webb 8 February 1635. 

Goodwin, Alice and Thomas Palgrave 15 May 1641. 

Goodwin, Ann and Robert Andrew 2 October 1641. 

Published after the manner of the Puritans. 

Will : Laurance of Burnham, mariner, son of Will : Laurance 
of Coggeshall, deceased, butcher, and Elizabeth Goodwyn 
of the same, daughter of Thomas Goodwyn of Braintry, 
deceased, published etc. etc. married by Mr. Thomas 
Ewyn 17 Sept. 1654. 
No Goodwin baptisms at St. Mary. 

Extracts by F. F. Starr. 


1565 March 13. John Morris and Margaret New. 
x 569 26. James Bridge and Ellen Whight. 

1 571 July 29. Edmund Sividge and Allic Morris. 

1573 Dec. 30. John Kellendon and Elizabeth White. 

1613 Aug. 18. William Morriss and Marie Chefe. 

1620 Nov. 30. John Goodwin and Elizabeth Tant. 


1563 July 18. Trephina Morris daughter of Robert. 

1566 Nov. 20. N Crowe daughter of John. 

1 641 Augt. 8. Christopher Goodwin son of William and Eliza- 


1562 July 2^. Morris daughter of Robert. 

1563 Mar. 26. Richard Morris. 
1563 Apr. 17. Annes Morris. 


1571 Jan. 18. Robert Morris. 

1571 Jan. 27. Nicholas Morris son of Robert. 

1581 Dec. 16. Margaret Morris wife of John. 

1588 June — . Robert Whight. 

1596 Dec. 3. The Widow Morris (Mrs. Pikes mother). 

1608 Jan. 8. John Morris. 

26 December 1631. Lidd daughter Samuel and Lidda Gooding 

Examined from 1558 to 1640. 
Marriages lost prior to 1606. 

Extracts made by F. F. Starr. 


1607 June 30. Bartholomew Scrivener and Margaret Morris. 
1 618 Sept. 28. John Christmas and Bridget White. 
1620 Oct. 18. John Porter of Felsted and Anna White of 

1622 Dec. 26. John White and Mary (Lev?)it. 

1627 Sept. 10. Edward Matthews and Elizabeth Crow. 


1600 July 13. John Morris son of George. 

1618 July 12. Ruhamah Woodward of John. 

1620 Mar. 4. John Woodward son of John and Ruhamah. 

1623 Dec. 28. John White son of John and Mary. 

1623 Feb. 22. Martha Woodward of John and Ruhamah. 
1626 July 16. Mary White of John and Mary. 

1628 Dec. 21. Philip White daur of John and Mary. 

1 591 Nov. 29. Alice White. 
1593 Apr. 14. Will White. 
161 1 May 26. George Morris. 


1 61 6 July 26. James Bowtle child and son of Bowtle of 


161 7 June 7. Robert White. 

1 63 1 Aug. 21. John Woodward. 

Examined by F. F. Starr, 1558 to 1640. 


1596 Feby. 20. Nicholas White son of Andrew. 

1601 Sept. 17. Samuel Goodwin son of George, minister. 

1602 Apr. 6. Richard White son of Andrew. 

1603 July 16. Marie White daughter of Andrew. 
1606 Feb. 22. Emmine White. 

1608 July 16. Thomas White son of Andrew. 

1621 Aug. 6. Henry Goodinge son of John and Clements. 

1624 Feb. 13. John Goodwin son of John. 

1629 Jan. 29. Elizabeth White daughter of Richard. 

1630 Mar. 14. Anne Goodwin daughter of Samuel. 

1633 July 23. Susan White daughter of Richard. 


1583 Nov. 18. John Goodwin and Margaret Cheston. 

1595 Sept. 14. Andrew White and Margaret Dulcett. 
1603 Augt. 28. Andrew White and Anne Greene. 


1 581 July 15. Edward Goodwin. 

1596 Feb. last. Nicholas White. 

1597 May 2. Ralphe Goodwin (Another copy reads March 2). 

1625 Mar. — . George Goodwin, B.D., Rector of this parish 


1634 May 8. Susan White daughter of Richard buried. 



1 57 1 22 June. Harrie Goodding and Joan Brooks. 
1692 2^ November. William Goodwin and Mari Alban. 




30 April 1577. Marcellus son of Marcellus Goodwin. 


21 September 1583. William Scott and Maria Gooddinge. 
? September 1600. John Webbe, gent, Stortford, and Anna- 
bella Goodwin of Walden. 


12 November 1577. Marcellus son of Marcellus Goodwin, 

Black Notley, Essex, Parish Register begins March 25, 1570. 
Baptisms and Marriages examined to 1640. Burials examined 

to 1670. 

Examined by F. F. Starr 189 1. 

No Goodwin items. 


1592 May XXVIII. Thomas Walden and Marie Woodward. 
1633 November 28. John Woodward of White Notley and 
Elizabeth (Spiney?). 


1605 October XV. William Crowe. 

Registers examined from 1590 to 1640 by Frank F. Starr. 
No Goodwin items. 



Anne daughter of James Morice Esq. baptised Aug. 20, 1567. 
John son and heir of James Morice Esq. baptised Oct 1 . 17, 1568. 
Edward son of James Morice Esq. baptised May 4, 1570. 
Henry son of James Morice Esq. baptised Sept r . 14, 1575. 
Elizabeth dau r . of Thomas Morice, Clerk, baptised Oct 1 . 15, 1575. 
Jane dau r . of Thomas Morice, Clerk, baptised Nov r . 10, 1576. 
Anne dau 1 ". of Thomas Morice, parson, baptised Dec r . 1, 1577. 
Henry son of James Morice Esq 1 ', baptised Dec r . 28, 1581. 


Elizabeth dau r . of John Morice born May 4 baptised June I, 1596. 
James son of John Morice born Aug. 24 baptised Sept. 1, 1597. 
Katherine dau r . of George Goodwin, Clerk, baptised Mar. 25, 


Thomas Morice and Margaret Lynd married Dec 1 ". 15, 1570. 
William Bourne and Marie Morice, Gent, married Jan. 21, 1579. 
Edward Turner, Gent, and Mris Anne Morice married Nov T . 1, 

John Morice, Gent, and Catharine Paynes, Gent, married Oct r . 

24, 1593- 
George Goodwin, Clerk and Eliz. Morice married Maie 19, 1594- 
William Tabor, D.D. and Arch'd n . of Essex and Elizabeth 

Morice, Gent, married April 10, 1599. 
Thomas Dcrrington and Mary Godding married June 18, 161 1. 


Henry Morice son of James Morice Esq r . buried Sep*. 26, 1575. 
James Morice Esqr Attorney of ye Q Ma'ties Court of Wards 

died Feb y . 2 and was buried Feb y . 6, 1596. 
Elizabeth Morice, widow, late wife of James Morice Esqr buried 

Sep r . 29, 1603. 
George Goodwin, Rector of Moreton, Ongar, Essex, died March 

— , 1625. Aged lxiiii. 
John Goodwin buried Oct 1 '. 26, 17 10. 


Examined by F. F. Starr. 
1562 Augt. 16. Jone Whight dau. of John baptised. 
1566 Nov. 4. John Crowe son of John baptised. 
1570 May 21. Jone Crowe dau. of John baptised. 
1608 Sept. 4. Dorothy Morris dau. of John baptised. 
No register from 1623 to 1653. 

Parish Registers examined from 1569 to 1640 by 
Frank F. Starr. 
1593 March 10. Mary daughter of Josias Gooding baptised. 
1606 October 23. Thomas Gooding and Rose Cranford mar- 


John Felton, gentleman, and Hellyn Goodwyn, widow, married 
22 June 1557. 

Examined by Frank F. Starr and Lothrop Withington. 


1 591 March 21. Elizabeth Goodden baptised. 


1588 August 5. Josias Goodden and Rose Bones marryed the 

V day of August, 30 Elizabeth. 
1621 June 21. William Graye and Marie Goodwin married. 


1601 March 23. John Crow buried. 

1604 Nov. 27. Goodwife Crow buried. 

1612 Feb. 14. Elizabeth daughter of Josias Goodwin buried. 

1 612 Feb. 29. Mercy Mott daughter of Mr. William Tychborn, 

Preacher at Romford, and wife of Marke Mott, Rector of 

Rane, buried. 

1629 Sept. 7. Josias Goodwin buried. 

1630 Jan. 3. Mr. Mark Mott, Doctor of Divinity and Rector of 

this parish of Rayne Parva, buried. 
1636 Jan. 25. Widow Gooden buried. 
1664 Dec. 20. Martha wife of Richard Crow of Felstead 

1668 May 9. Richard the son of Richard Crow of Felstead 




1583 July 28. John son of Samuell Goodwin. 

1584 February 16. Annable daughter of Anthonie Goodwyn. 

1585 February 13. Marie daughter of Samuell Goodwyn. 
1590 Aprill 5. Elizabeth daughter of Samuell Goodinge. 
x 593 September 25. Anne daughter of Samuell Goodinge. 


1597 August 28. Samuell son of Samuell Goodwinge. 
161 1 November 10. Samuell son of John Gooddinge. 
1 61 3 February 6. John son of John Goodwin. 

1 61 5 April 30. William son of William Godwin. 

1 616 March 9. Mary daughter of John Gooding. 

1619 April 11. Thomas son of John and Mary Gooddinge. 
1621 March 10. Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary Good- 
1625 April 10. William son of John and Mary Goodding. 
1628 August 10. Anna daughter of John and Mary Goodding. 


1564 December 3. John Cawbicke and Margret Goodwinge. 
1566 September 16. John Clarke and Margret Goddinge. 

1578 July 6. William Parkin and Judith Goddinge. 
1580 May 1. William Goddinge and Barbara Trent. 

1582 August 12. Samuell Goodwin and Mawde Heines. 
1584 March 16. Richard Hodyden and Dorythy Goodwyn. 

1584 November 29. Antony Goodwin and Mary Rockoll. 

1585 May 11. James Goddinge and Anne ffrench. 

1594 December 1. Pawle Goddinge and Johane Pomfrett mar- 

1597 July 4. Thomas Goddinge and Alice Gamidge. 
1600 June 22. Thomas Goddinge and Agnes Mayor. 
1603 September 18. Christopher Boyton and Jhone Godding. 

1609 May 1. John Gooddinges and Anne Grearam. 

1610 May 16. William Goddinge and Ledia Paffald. 

1610 June 20. John Gooddinge and Mary Crabb. 

161 1 December 2. Mathewe Day and Joane Goddinge, widow. 


1572 June 25. Nicolas son of Richard Goodwin. 
1575 March 5. Susan daughter of Jeames Godding. 

1579 June 5. William son of Richard Goodwin. 

1583 October 25. Richard Goodwin. 

1584 November 15. Jeame(sic) Goddinge. 

1585 April 5. Mary wife of Anthony Goodwyne. 
1585 August 15. Mary daughter of Richard Goodwin. 
1589 October 20. Jane Goddinge. 

1595 August 15. Anthony Goodwin. 


1598 August 24. A woman child of Paull Godinge. 

1599 December 18. Annable Goodwyn, widow. 
1604 July 7. Katherin daughter of Jeames Goddinge. 

161 1 May 17. Paule Goddinge lyeth buryed in the Southe 
chauncell his heade lying close to the uppermost step from 
the Southende thereof 9 foote and from the Sowthe piller 
to his feete 7 foote by ye rule. 

1613 June 8. Thomas Goddinge, laborer. 

1613 November 5. William son of William Goddinge, junior. 

161 5 December 25. Anne Godding, widowe. 

1617 January 15. Mary daughter of Thomas Godding. 

1619 February II. Samuell son of Samuell and Maudlin Good- 

1623 June 27. Elizabeth daughter of John and Mary Goodinge. 

1626 November 16. Samuell Gooding the elder. 

1627 February 14. William Godding. 

1628 September 13. Barbara Godwin widdowe. 

1629 May 1. Ann daughter of John and Mary Goodinge. 

Examined by Henry F. Waters, Frank F. Starr, and 
Lothrop Withington. 
1598 March 25. Marke Goodwyn of Witham buried. 
1616 November 7. William Goodwin of Bocking, single man, 
and Elizabeth White, of this parish, singlewoman, married. 
1560 Sept. 9. Mary Allgar daughter of William baptised. 
1562 March 11. Bridget Allgar daughter of William baptised. 
1565 April 8. John Allgar son of William baptised. 
1565 Augt. 1. John Allgar son of William buried. 
1567 Oct. 5. John Allgar son of William baptised. 

1569 May 5. Thomas Bowtle son of Robert baptised. 

1570 Nov. 11. Richard Bette and Alice Smythe married. 
1575 Aug. 2. William Allgar the elder buried. 

1575 Oct. 16. Henry Bette the son of John the elder and Anne 
Allgar married. 

1582 Sept. 27. Ralfe Bette and Mary Allgar married. 

1583 May 5. Elizabeth Allgar dau. of William baptised. 

1584 Augt. 9. Ralfe Bette son of Ralfe baptised. 

1585 June 24. Robert White and Bridget Allgar married. 


1585 Mar. 8. Sara White daughter of Robert baptised. 

1586 June 5. William Allgar son of William baptised. 

1587 April last day. Nathaniel White son of Robert baptised. 

1590 Augt. 24. Mary White daughter of Robert baptised. 

1 591 Mar. 5. Elizabeth White daughter of Robert baptised. 
1594 Augt. 18. Bridget White daughter of Robert baptised. 
1600 July 13. Anne White daughter of Robert baptised. 
1605 April 14. Richard Frewen and Grace Ward married. - 
1608 June 12. Richard Ward and Grace White married. 

161 4 June 30. Joseph Loomis and Mary White married. 

1614 Nov. 15. Mathew Bowtell son of James baptised. 

161 5 May 29. Mathew Bowtell son of James buried. 

1 61 6 Feb. 25. James Bowtell son of James and Sara baptised. 

1 61 7 Sept. 30. John Bowtell son of James and Sara buried. 

1617 Oct. 28. John Reade of Braintree, single man, and Johan 

Bette dau. of Ralfe of this parish married. 

1 61 8 Jan. 1. Nathaniel Bowtell son of James and Sara bap- 

1620 June 24. John Clay of this parish, single, and Agnes 
Bette of this parish, single, married. 

1620 Jan. 2. Stephen Bowtell son of James and Sara baptised. 

1 62 1 May 31. George Clay son of John and Agnes baptised. 

1622 Apr. 24. Richard Clay son of Richard and Elizabeth bap- 


1624 Apr. 29. John Cooe of Bocking, single man, and Eliza- 
beth West of this parish, single, married. 

1624 Jan. 26. John Cooe husband to Elizabeth now his widow 

1626 Aug. 1. Sara Bowtell daughter of James buried. 

1633 Oct. 10. Elizabeth Crow, daughter of William and Eliza- 
beth baptised. 

1575-6 January 2. Robertas Goodynge baptized. 
1575-6 February 4. Robertas Goodynge buried. 
1577 May 1. Katherine Goodwin the daughter of Richard 

Goodwin was christened. 
1579 October 4. John Goodwin the son of Richard Goodwin 

was baptized. 


1582 July 21. Elizabeth the daughter of Richard Goodwin 

1582-3 March 6. Richard the son of Richard Goodwin buried. 

1584 November 19. George the son of Richard Goodwin bap- 

1584 November 19. Annis daughter of Richard Goodwin bap- 

1596 March 29. Jone ye wife of Richard Goodwin buryed. 

1596 May 23. Richard Goodwin and Ann Baker, widow, were 

1596 July 1. George ye sone of Richard Goodwin buried. 



26 March 1626. William the sonne of William Goodwine and 
Anne his wife. 

Note taken at Mr. Brown's at Staplef ord Abbotts. 
1687. Thomas Goodwin of Braughin, Hertford, yeoman, to 
Mary Meagre of Stondon (married?). 

1586 Jan. 9. John Crowe of S. Playhinge and Oliff Bird of 

Stisted married. 
Samuel Stone, Curate of this parish in 1630. 

1578 January 29. Ralfe Goodwyne and Margaret Smith mar- 
1580 May 29. John Goodwyne son of Ralfe baptised. 

1580 June 15. John Goodwyne son of Ralfe buried. 

1 581 December 3. William Goodwyne son of Ralfe baptised. 

1582 February 9. Edward son of John Goodwyne buried. 

1583 December 29. Margery Goodwyne buried. 

1583 March 15. Thomas Goodwyne son of John baptised. 


1603 October 24. William Goodwyne and Mary Meade, daugh- 
ter of Robert, married. 

1605 May 26. John Gooden, son of William baptised. 

1606 December 21. Jone Gooden daughter of William baptised. 
161 o September 16. William Gooden son of William baptised. 
1 61 2 August 16. William Gooden son of William buried. 
1617 February 1. William Gooden son of William and Mary 


1620 October 15. Edward Godden son of Edward and Jane 

1620 January 14. Paul Gooden son of William and Mary bap- 

1622 January 30. Anne Gooden daughter of William and Mary 


1623 April 12. Anne Gooden daughter of William and Mary 


1624 November 27. Grace Goodwin daughter of William and 

Mary baptised. 

1625 April 20. John Gooden son of William and Mary buried. 
1632 December 26. Mr. John Goodwin and Mrs. Mary Cecill 

1639 May 19. Old William Goodings buried. 

1639 J an - : 3- William Quarles son of Mr. Francis and Urshla 


1640 June 2. John Dawson and Mary Gooding married. 



2 or 20 January 1593. Thomas Goodwin and Mary Swallow. 


6 February 1582. John Goodinge, London. 

3 February 1623. Edward Goodwin and Margaret Battell, clan- 
destine marriage at Canewdon by Mr. Newman. 

Commissary of Essex and Herts, Act Book, 1621-23, 
folio 150. 


Francis Goodwine sepultus erat decimo sexto Aprilis 1606. 
Rebecca filia Guilelmi Goodwin sepulta erat duodecimo die Julij 

Johanna vxor Gtiilielmi Goodwin sepulta erat decimo quinto die 

Julij 16—? 
Guilielmus Goodwin sepultus erat vicessimo septimo die Octobris 

, 1606. 
Elenora Goodwin sepulta erat vicessimo nono die Octrobris 1606. 
Johannis Goodden sepultus erat vicessimo quinto die mensis Jan- 
uary 1607. 
Elenora Gooddin sepulta erat decimo die mensis Aprilis anno 

Johannis Goodden sepultus erat vicessimo nono die Januarij 

Radolphus Goodden sepultus erat vicessimo tertio die Martij 

Margareta Goodden sepulta erat decimo quinto die Julij 1614. 
Johannis films Guilielmi Godden baptizatus fuit vicessimo tertio 

die Februarij 161 6. 
Rogerius Goodden et Tabitha Lytle nupti fuere decimo sexto 

die junij 1618. 
Anna filia Guilielmi Goodden baptizati fuit ultimo die Decembris 

Jana Goodwin baptizata March 19 1625. 

Guilielmus Goodwin sepultus fuit vicesimo sextis die Jan. 1629. 
Maria Munson sepulta fuit vicessimo die Aprilis Ano 1604. 
Guilielmus Norris sepultus erat decimo quinto die Octobris 1610. 

1 560-1 680. 


1606 8 January. John Godwin and Penelope Everid. 
161 1 1 July. Thomas Gooddin and Margaret George. 



1604 20 May. Ellen daughter of William Goodwin. 

1605 15 September. Goodwine son of William Goodwin. 



1632 12 June. Thomas Cooke and Joane Goodwi 

The early registers of Witham are not in existence. 

1 560-1688. 


1661 8 September. Thomas Goodwin. 


1634 10 November. Thomas Goodin and Rebecca Sherman. 
1658 21 March. Thomas Gooddin of this parish and Rebekah 
Low of Hiningham Castle. 


£0. I45. 

John Godwyn, Draper, 5 February 1624/5. 
fo. 302. 

William Goodwin 12 July 1641. 


Constance daughter of Thomas Goodyn baptised Baldock iJ 
August 1605. 



19 April 1 55 1. John Goodwyn. 

31 May 1565. Margaret daughter William Goodwyn. 

30 August 1579. Elizabeth daughter Edmund Goodwyn. 



14 December 1550. William Goodwyn and Agnes Hyde. 
1 November 1574. James Steed and Ellen Goodwyn. 

15 July 1576. Edwarde Goodwyn and Elizabeth Steede. 

25 October 1596. Edward Goodwyn and Elizabeth Fowler. 


12 September 1556. Agnes wife of William Goodwin. 
10 January 1559. John Goodwyn. 
30 April 1575. William Goodwyn. 

26 April 161 1. Edward Goodwin. 

Richard son of Thomas Goodwin baptized 24 August 1606. 

Begins 1559. 


1606 July 13. John Gooddein and Agnes Pigrom. 


1618 July 12. John Godden sonne of Willm Godden. 

1620-1 January 21. Zacharye Godwyn son of William Godwyn. 

1623 October 5. William son of William and Lyddia Godwyn. 



1569 May 9. Robert Browne, widower, and Johan Pope, widow. 
1603-4 February 2. Thomas Blisdale and Hanna Browne. 


1563 October 17. Luke son of Robert Browne. 

1570 June 25. Johann daughter of Robert Browne. 
I 57 2_ 3 January 18. Susan daughter of Robert Browne. 
1577 August 4. Johan daughter of Robert Browne. 




1574 October 18. William Hayns and Mary Sewell. 

1575 November 3. John Hayns and Johann Noke. 
1 581 July 2. John Veale and Mary Hayns. 

1 581 October 16. Edmond Hayns and ( ) ( ). 

1582 October 22. Nicholas Ellis (for Allis) and Bridget Hayns. 

1584 June 24. John Woolmer and Johan Hayns daughter of 

William Hayns. 

1586 October 19. Sampson Snowe and Dorcas Hayns daughter 

of William Hayns. 
1596 October 17. Marmaduke Hayns and Mary Warde, widow, 
late wife of William Warde. 

1606 June 1. William Haynes and Mary Warde. 
1619-20 February 10. Richard Hayns and Susan Hampton. 


1563 August 21. Dorcas Hayns. 

1566 March 29. Mary Hayns. 

1567 November 9. Mary daughter of George Hayns. 
1568-9 January 23. Judith daughter of William Hayns. 
1572 April 24. William son of William Hayns. 

1577 June 16. John son of William Hayns, at Broke. 
1579 December 13. Mary daughter of John Hayns. 
1579-8(0?) March 23. William son of William Hayns, at Broke. 

1582 April 13. William son of Richard Hayns. 

1583 November 1. Mary daughter of Edmund Hayns. 
1583 December 29. Edmund son of George Hayns. 

1585 September 5. Richard son of Richard Hayns, at Broke. 
1585 October 11. Johan daughter of Edmond Hayns. 
1585-6 March 6. Margaret daughter of John Hayns. 
1586-7 March 5. Ann daughter of Richard Hayns at Brooke. 

1587 November 12. Martha daughter of John Hayns, gent. 
1589 August 24. Edmund son of Edmund Hayns. 

1589 August 27. Debora daughter of John Hayns, gent. 

1 590- 1 January 24. Saraiach daughter of John Haynes, gent. 

1 591 July 2. John daughter of Richard Hayns, at Brooke. 

1592 September 4. Philadelph daughter of John Hayns, gent. 

1607 July 29. William son of William Hayns. 

1608-9 January 12, Dorcas daughter of William Hayns. 


1612-13 February 7. Judith daughter of William Haines. 

1616 May 25. Anne daughter of William Haynes. 

1 61 8 November 30. Susan daughter of William Haynes. 

1 62 1 30. Sarah daughter of William Haines. 

1624 July 10. Nathan ye son of William and Susan Haynes. 
1628 June 13. William son of William and Mary Haynes. 


1563 June 22. George son of John Hayns, at Broke. 

1570 April 3. John son of John Hayns at Broke. 

1580 April 8. William son of William Hayns at Brooke. 

1583 June 30. John Hayns at Brooke. 

1584 November 29. George Hayns of Hadham Mill. 
1 590- 1 February 21. John Hayns. 

1 590- 1 February 24. Elizabeth Hayns. 

1603 September 23. Marmaduke son of Edward Hayns. 

1605-6 February 25. Johan wife of Richard Hayns. 

1610 June 23. Mary wife of William Haines. 

1610 September 17. Edward son of William Haines. 

1613 April 11. Martha daughter of Richard Haines. 

1621-2 February 7. Edmund son of Edmund Haynes. 



1588-9 March 23. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Jacob. 


1587 May 22. Elizabeth Jacob, widow. 

1597 July 12. Thomas Jacob, yeoman. 



1583 December 4. Henry Morris and Martha Jacob. 


1584 October 11. Thomas son of Henry Morris. 
1587 May 14. Priscilla daughter of Henry Morris. 
1589 September 7. Henry son of Henry Morris. 
1592 October 1. William son of Henry Morris. 


1598 April 26. Henry Morris. 




1634 June 17. John Nickolls, Little Hadham, and Ann Piggett 
of this parish. 


161 3-14 March 6. John son of Richard Nicholl. 

1 61 7-18 January 18. Elizabeth daughter of Richard Nicholes. 

1625 December 17. John son of Anthony and Rose Nickolls. 



1618 May 17. William son of Michaell Sewell at Little Had- 



1584 June 9. Henry Ingoe and Johann Wall. 

1590 June 29. Edward Samon and Grace Wall, daughter of 
Richard Wall. 


1574 June 13. Thomas son of Richard Wall. 
1574 June 13. Agnes daughter of Richard Wall. 
1577 March 19. Elizabeth daughter of Richard Wall. 
1582 October 14. William son of Richard Wall. 

1605 December 29. Mathew Walls son of William Walls of 

Little Hadham. 



1574 November 1. William Warde and Mary Cleirs. 
1577 June 23. Richard Warde and Johann Hampton. 
1602 June 20. John Lamberte and Susan Warde. 

1606 June 1. William Haynes and Mary Warde. 

1606 October 27. John Warde and Alice Mills, widow. 


1 577-8 January 1. Susan daughter of William Warde. 

1580 April 17. Mary daughter of William Warde. 

1 581 December 24. Susan daughter of William Warde. 
1583-4 January 26. Ann daughter of William Warde. 

1585 November 21. John son of William Warde. 


1587 December 27. Sara daughter of William Warde. 

1590-1 January 31. William son of William Warde. 

1 590-1 January 31. Martha daughter of William Warde. 

1606 August 10. Marth daughter of John Ward. 

1607 September 16. Mary daughter of John Ward. 
1609-10 January 28. Sarie daughter of John Ward. 

1613 November 10. John son of Richard Ward. 

1614 September 18. Anne daughter of John Ward. 
161 5-16 February 17. Richard son of Thomas Ward. 

1616 April 1. John son of John Ward. 

1 61 7 May 11. Richard son of Richard Warde. 

161 7-18 February 6. Joan daughter of John Warde. 

1618 October 11. Richard son of Richard Ward. 
1618-19 March 7. Allin son of Thomas Avis Warde. 
1619-20 March 3. Alize daughter of John Ward. 

1622 December 11. Elizabeth daughter of John and Jane 

1629 December 2. Debora daughter of William and Debora 



1579 September 12. Johann Warde, widow. 

1583 December 11. Sarah daughter of William Warde. 

1607 May 1. John Ward. 

1611-12 February 18. George son of George Warde, gent., of 

1612 April 21. Alice wife of John Warde. 

161 5 August 18. Richard son of Richard Ward. 

Richard Taylor and Francis Goodinge married 15 October 1629. 

Registers begin 1561, searched till 1614. 


29 October 1562. William Fawcon and Elizabeth Goodwynne. 
29 November 1573. Robert Goodwynne and Elizabeth Sar- 

16 October 1592. Richard Miller and Agnes Goodwyne. 


7 October 1594. Jhon Goodyne and Joane Daulbie, widow. 
27 November 1598. John Goodyn and Elizabeth Golding, 


14 October 1599. Christopher Goody(ng) and Elizabeth South- 

13 October 1606. Thomas Goodyn and Elizabeth Kyngston. 

6 January 1608. Edward Goodyn and Mildred Smyth. 

26 October 161 3. Beniamin Sherman and Anne Gooddin. 


27 March 1562. Agnes daughter Mat. Goodwyn. 
26 January 1562. Alse daughter Jhon Goodinge. 

20 February 1562. Robert? son of Edward Goodwyne. 

24 December 1563. Anne daughter John Goodyne. 

29 November 1565. Ales Goodwyn daughter William Good- 

10 November 1570. Robert Goodwynne. 
? 1576 or 1577. Alice daughter William Goodwynne. 

28 April 1577. Annis daughter Robert Goodwynne. 

5 May 1580. was baptised the child of William Goodwynne 
named Thomas. 
20 July 1 581. baptised the child of William Goodwynne named 

15 December 1582. Anne Goodwyne baptised. 
4 July 1587? Henrie son of William Goodwynne. 
1 May 1586&1587. (years together) baptised the sonne of 

Robert Goodwyn named Edward. 
8 March 1589. Anne daughter William Goodwynne. 
19 February 1589. the son of William Goodwyn named Jhon. 
28 November 1590. Richard sonne of Robert Goodwyne. 

25 August 1594. the son of William Goodwynne named Wil- 

24 August 1597. the daughter of Roberte Goodwyne named 
Ellen and died the sixte of Depd (Sepr?). 
4 October 1600. the daughter of Christopher Goodyn named 

15 August 1602. daughter of Christopher Goodyn named Alice. 
8 June 1605. the sonne of Christopher Goodyn named 


2 January 1606. 2 daughters of Thomas Goodin, Elizabeth 
and Alice. 

25 June 1608. the son of Christopher Goodyn named William. 

14 January 1609. ?bapt? Edward son of Thomas Goodyn. 
28 January 1609. ?bapt? Elizabeth daughter of Edward 

23 February 161 1. John son of Edward Goodyn. 

26 April 1612. Edward son of John Goodyn. 

17 April 1613. the sone of Christopher Goodin named John. 

24 September 161 4. John son of John Gooddinge. 


1562. Edward Goodwyn. 

1568. Johanne Goodwynne, 10 November. 

1570. William Goodwynne (last entry in year). 

1572. Margaret Goodwynne, 5 March. 

1574. Agnes Goodwynne. 

1 58 1. the child of William Goodwynne named Margaret buried 

12 September. 

1594. John Goodyn the Elder, 24 December. 

1597. Alice Goodyne, widdowe, 1 June. 

1598. Johane Goodyne the wiefe of Jhon Goodyne, 16 June. 
1603. the daughter of Robert Goodyn called Agnes, 30 April. 
1603. a young wench called Elizabeth Goodyn, 4 November. 
1610. Edward Goodyn's son Robert, 12 February. 

Thomas son of Thomas Gooden baptised 22 January 1625/6. 
Elizabeth Godwin buried 28 October 1625. 

Richard son of Thomas Goodwine baptised 25 January 161 7/8. 


Sep. Goodwyna Wattes ux Thomae 26 Mar. 1608. 

Dorothea daughter Miles Goodwyne baptised 20 October 1605. 
Margaret daughter Miles Gooding baptised 20 January 161 7/18. 


Miles Goodwyn and Katharine Farm married 5 November 1604. 
John Gooding buried 25 January 1619. 

Elizabeth wife of Miles Gooding buried 25 March (at end of) 

James Barcock and Elizabeth Goodwin married 24 January 

Clement Goodwyn and Mary (blank) married 25 July 1619. 

Anne daughter to Thomas Goodwine baptised 22 September 1619. 

Anne daughter Laurence Goodwyne baptised 16 January 1605/6. 
Laurence Goodinge and Jayne Barton married 3 February 

Walter Goodwyne buried 14 April 1605. 
Alice daughter Burnes Gooden buried 12 October 161 7. 
Robert Woddward and Joan Addams married 8 October 1592. 



John Curling and Elizabeth Morrys 29 Nov. 1628. 
George Goodwyn and Mary Curlinge 29 Feb. 1635/6. 



1584. Jeames Burrey, Isclynge, and Elsabeth Godden 4 June. 


1612/13. Tho. Goodin 29 December. 
1614. Widow Gooddin 6 September 1614. 




157879 7 Dec. Wm. Goodwyn, householder. 
1620-21 10 Aug. Alice w. John Goodwyn. 


1617-18 20 October. Henry George and Ann Goodwyn. 
25(F) March 1631-32. March 2i(?) Edward Goodwine and 
Jone Hart, lie. 



(Only a few years searched.) 
1577-78 28 Jan. Margerye Goddyn. 
26 Jan. Nycolas Goddyn. 


Suzanna Goden filia Richardi Goden bapt. fuit vij die May 1564. 
Richardine Goden filia Willm Goden baptz fuit xxvj Janij 1564. 
Christoferus Goden Alius Bartholomei Goden bapt. fuit xxj die 

Sept. 1564. 
Juliana Goden filia Adriani Goden bapt fuit xxjo die Januarij 

Suzanna Goden filia Richardi Goden obijt mortem xxvO die 

Maij anno 1564. 
Thomas Godden filius Bartholomee Godden obijt mortem xxviijo 

die Sept. 1566. 
1567. Margerite doght of Adryan Goden baptised the 11 of 

January. ; 

Johne doughtr of Rychard Goden baptized the 26 of Feb- 

1574 Apryll The viijth daye. John the son of Adryan Goddyn 

was baptized. 
September the seconde' daye Eliazar the son of Wyllmi Godden 

was buryed. 


1575 The viij daye of Aprell. John the sonne of Adrian Godd 
was baptized. 
Februarye the xix dye. Rychard the sonne of Rychard 
Godd baptized. 

1577 the xxviij daye of Awgust. John Heanet and Gillian Hod- 
den were married. 

1579 Julye the third daye. Willm Tomson and Jone Godden 
were married. (From license Jone was a widow.) 

1582. William Goddyne and Susanna Morrys were maried 15 

1583. William Goddyn the sonne of William Goddyne bap. 8 

1584. Margaret Goddin buried 14 June. 

1585. Bartholomeus Goddin Alius Bartholomei baptised die 17 

Alicia Goddin filia Gulielmi baptized eodem die (Dec. 12). 

Valentinus Godin et Martha Sampson married Novemb. 8. 

1586. Martha Godden the wif of Valentine buried Septemb. 9. 
Martha Goddin daughter of Vantine baptised Septemb. 10. 

1589. Daniell Godin baptised October the fouerthe day. 

1590. The xxv November was John Angell and Judeth Godden 

Prob. 1592/3. The 7 of Januarie was cristened John son of 
John Godden. 

22 Ap. was cristened Emlen daughter of Valen- 
tine Godden. 

21 May. Num wife of John Godden. (Buried?). 

21 Octobris was maried Willia Goodden and 
Anna Perse. 

1583/4? It. the 13 Januarie was cristened George son of Wil- 
liam Goodden. 
It. 11 April was buried Jane Godwin a maiden. 
It. 17 May was buried William Gooden houskeeper. 
1595-6. Item ye same day (18 Jany) was cristened Tomsin 
daughter of John Godden. 
It. 23 June was buried Thomsin Godwin a child. 


John Godden, churchwarden 1598/9. 

1599. baptized the 12 of Maye John the sone of John Godwyn. 
The thirde of October were maried John Godden and 

Dorothe Series. 

1600. John the sonne of John Godden jun. baptised the vth of 

1601-2. Bartholomew the sonne of Tho. Goddin baptised 15 
Tho. Godden and Marie Wilson married 5 Oct. 1602. 
1602-3. John son of Tho. Godwin baptised 1 Oct. 
1604. Tho. Godwen buried 27 August. 

1604-5. Francis son of Jhon Godwin christened ye 29 of June 
Richard Godwin an old man buried ye 21 December 

1609 15 Oct. nol. s. Tho. Godden christened. 

1610 26 Jun. Dorothy wife of John Godden jun. buried. 

5 February. Margaret daughter Mary Godden buried. 

19 Aug. Margt daughter John Godden christened. 

161 1 2 Feb. Alice daughter John Godden jun., cooper, chris- 


20 Oct. Adrian Godden buried. 

21 Nov. Elizabeth Godden, widow, buried. 

1 61 2 17 May. Wm. son Tho. Godden christened. 

28 June. Margaret daughter of John Godden buried. 

1614 20 Nov. Judeth daughter of John Godden christened. 

161 5 9 February. Anne wife of John Godden, carpenter, junr. 

was buried. 

161 7. Richard sonne of Tho. Godden jun. was christened ye 

13 of Aprill. 

1618. Willm sonne of John Godden was christened ye 29 of 

Richard sonne of Godden Kennet was christened ye 31 
of January. 

1619. Alice daughter of John Godden jun. was christened ye 24 

of May. 
nol sonne of Thomas Godden, tailor, was buried ye 12 of 

John Godden sen. was buried ye 23 of August. 


1620. Daniel Godden and Margaret Tilliman were married the 

24 of Aprill. 

John sone of Godwin Kennet was christened the 25 Feb- 

Anne daughter of John Godden was christened the same 

John sonne of Daniell Godden was christened ye 18 of 

1621. John son of Goodwin Kennet was buried ye 22 of Aprill. 

1623. John Maget and Sara Goddin were married ye 25 of 


1624. Robbert sonne of John Godden was christened ye 25 of 

Em. daughtr of Daniell Godden christened 20 February. 

1625. William Goddin a childe buried same day (19 July). 
Rebecca wife of Thomas Godden buried same day (12 


1626. Thomas son of Thomas Godden was christened ye 13 of 


1627. John Godden and Alice Hamon were married ye 1 of 

Rebecca Godden was buried ye 7 of February. 
Margaret wife of Daniell Godden was buried ye 4 of 


1628. Daniel sonne of John Godden was christened ye 5 of 

Thomas Pizing and Joan Godden were married ye 24 of 

John Godden, husbandman, was buried ye 20 of October. 

1629. Elizabeth daught of Thomas Godden jun. was christened 

ye 20 of January. 

1630. Sara daughter of John Godden was baptized the 9 of July. 


Col. J. L. Chester. 

1 620- 1 Jan. 15. Henry Mountague and Ursele Good wine — 

banns, married. 
1638 Apr. 19. John Woodcoke and Sara Good wine — Lie. mar- 


1638-9 Jan. 13. Thomas Hide and Alice Goodwine married. 
1634-5 Jan. 4. Mary dau. of Charles Goodwine baptised. 

1588. Thomas the sonne of Jobe Goodden was baptized the xvij 
of November. 

1563/4. Item in the 23 day February was baptysed Wyllyam 

Gooddyn the sonne of Wyllm Goodyn. 
1566. and the same daye (9 Feb.) John Gudwyn the sonne of 

Wyllm Goodwyn baptised. 
(In 1620 Edward Godwin curate of Hawkhurst, Sigus min 1621 

and 22). 
1633/4 Mar. 7. Buried Mary wife of Edward Godwyn. 
1625/6 1 Jan. Mary daughter Edwarde Godwine baptised. 
Baptism. Item the xixth day (October) was baptised Margerett 

Goodden the daughter of Willyam Goodden. 

Ambrose Sargeant appears in this year and also in 1581 in each 
case as father of a child. 

David Gren and Ane Gooding married 1 September 1571. 
Rychard Gooding and Jone Walbanke married 19 November 



Richard Goodin a poore bachelor was buryed the 18 day of 

December 1609-10. 
George Goodin married to Martha Kirkin or Perkin, both of 

Pluckley Parish 4 of July 1614. 
Thomas Godden married to Joane Mideltone 3 August 1615. 
Thomas Godden the sonne of Thomas Godden baptised the 10th 
of December 1615. 


James Goodding the sonne of George Goodding was baptised the 
nth or 18th of August 1616. 

John Godding sonne of George Godding baptised the 22 day of 
March 1617. 

Martha Goodding daughter of George Goodding baptised the 2 
day of January 1619, buried the 23 of Februari. 

James Goodinge and Elizabeth (Haule?) were married Septem- 
ber 25, 1619. Another copy reads December 25, 1620. 

Robert Scott married to Marie Gooding the 15th daie of Feb- 
ruary 1 62 1. 

Richard the reputed son of Richard Goodinge baptised 15 July 


1625 April n. Baptized John the son of Steephen Goodden. 
April n. Buried a stilborne child of the said Stephen 


1626 May 1. Baptized Robert son of Stephen Godden. 

1629 November 1. Baptized Margaret daughter of Stephen 


1630 September 13. Buried Elizabeth the daughter of Stephen 




161 5. Anne ye Daughter of Morgan Goodwin baptised March 

1616/17. Daniel ye sonne of Morgan Goodwin baptised March 

Morgan Goodwin Churchwarden. 
1618/9. Mary ye wife of Morgan Goodwin buried March 12. 
1620. Margery ye daughter of Alexander Goodwin baptised 

1625. Marye ye daughter of Alexander Goodwin buried 26 

1626. A Chrisom of Alexander Goodwin buried May 20. 

1627. Mildred ye daughter of Alexander Goodwin baptised 
Sept. 16. 


1633. Oliuer ye sonne of Alexander Goodwin baptised Decem- 
ber 22. 

1640. Alexander Goodwin and Mary Ricaut married Novem- 
ber 5. 

1568. Henry Gooddene was maryed to Elyzabeth Frances ye 

XXX th of June. 
1588/9. Thomasine Goodin, widow, buried the 21 st February. 
1616. Thomas Philpot and Jane Goddin married 14 October. 



1612/13. Manassen sonne of John Annis, 14 th of March. 
1615. Elisabeth daughter of John Amis, 30 November. 



161 5/16. Edward Breatt son of Gregory 10 March. 

1607/8. Mildred daughter of Thomas Cleveland baptized 3 rd 

1609. Amy daughter of Thomas Cleveland baptized XXX th 

161 1. Thomas Cleveland, an Inhabitant, buried 27 August. 
1592. Roberte Cleaveland, a poor householder, was buried the 

XVI of Aprill. 



1 590. Jone Kempe daughter of Oseas Kempe 2 August. 
1590-91. Marye Kemp the daughter of Thomas Kemp, Esq. 

14 March. 
1598. Amye the daughter of Raignolde Kempe first October. 
1 599-00. Dorythie daughter of Reynold Kemp, gentleman, the 

xvii February. 


1603-4. William Wattes of Newchurch and Marye Kempe of 
Boughton Aluph, widow, married 20 February. 



1597. Oseas Kemp the xxviii December. 

1598. Mr. William Kempe the xxth March. 
1607. Sir Thomas Kempe, Knight, 2 December. 
1 61 1. Mr. Reynold Kempe, Esq. 31 August. 



1606. Marye daughter of Mr. Nichols, our school master, April 
XII th . 

1609. Josiah son of Mr. Josiah Nichols, school master, the XII 


1610. Josiah son of Josiah Nichols, 7 February. 


1594. Edward Nicholls, Lydd, and Marye Weavil of Alington, 
25 June. 



1602. Marye daughter of Myles Norrington (4 April). 
1604. Jane daughter of Myles Norrington (25 November). 

1609. Myles sonne of Myles Norrington XXIII August. 
1613/14. Jane daughter of Thomas Norrington 27 January. 

1610. Ann daughter of Myles Norrington 15 December. 
161 5. William son of Milles Norrington 16 July. 


161 5. Thomas Woltonn and Ann Norrington, 21 August. 


1598. Thomas sonne of Michaell Norrington the eight of 

1 596/7- Sarah daughter of Michael Norrington IX th January. 



1610. Anthony Oatwaye and Joane Mason 14 October. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1576 July 1. John Baxter and Alice Goodwin married. 

1577 Sept. 22. Thomas Parish and Margaret Goodwin married. 
1597 Nov. 9. John Goodwin and Anne Mawer married. 

1609 Nov. 30. Henry Lowth and Cisilia Goodwin married. 

1638 Apr. 13. Anthony Ratchdale and Margaret Goodwin mar- 

1 571 July 7. Francis and Richard sons of Christopher Goodwin 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1642 Augt. 27. Mr. John Goodwin, Minister of Burton upon 
Stather. buried 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1 62 1 ? John Goodwine and Elizabeth Wincklye mar- 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1605 Augt. 12. William Goodwin and Elizabeth Lambert mar- 
1634 Apr. 3. Richard Goodwin and Dorcas Morris both of this 

parish, Lie. married. 
1625 Aug. 23. Sara Coache dau. in law to John Goodwin 

The thirde Daye of June Ao 1594 was buried in this churche one 
margarett Goodwyne the Daughter of m r John Goodwyne 
Heretofore of this phis. She died in the hospitall of 
Littell St. Bartholomewes and was brought and buried 


The XXIXth. Daye of Aprell Ao 1597 was buried mistris Ann 
Goodwyne late wyffe of one m r John Goodwyne Some 
tyme of this pishe. She died in Whitecrosse Streete and 
was brought from thence and buried here in o r church. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
[618 April 19. Thomas Carter and Margaret Goodwyn, 
License, married. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1 580-1 Feby. 2. Peter de Fuiter of St. Martin's Vintry and 
Margery Goodwyne of this parish, she dwelling as servant 
with T. Crede, in Coxe's Alley, his wife being her own 
sister, married. 

1629 Apr. 7. Phinehas Page and Susan Goodwyn married. 

1607 Nov. 1. Robert son of Robt. Goodwyn buried. 

161 1 Oct. 10. Katherin ux. Philip Goodwin buried. 

1625 Aug. 27. George Goodwyn buried. 

1639 June 10. Thos. Goodwyn buried. 

1 641 Sept. 22. Tobias Goodwin buried. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1650 Mar. 31. Nicholas Goodwin, in the church, buried. 



1655. Elizabeth the daughter of William Goodwin and Hannah 
his wife was borne on the 18th of September. 

1656. Barrington Goodwyn the son of John Goodwyn and of 
Hannah his wife was borne on the 15th day of December. 


x 594- John Gooddyn was buried the xth daie of December. 

William Gooddyn was buried the xiijjth daie of Marche. 


1655/6. John the sonn of John Goodwyn and of Hannah his 
wife was buried on the 21st day of February. 

1656. Elizabeth the daughter of John Goodwin and Hannah his 
wife was buried on the First of August. 



1575. Katheren Churchman daughter of John Churchman was 
baptized the xxxth daie of July. 

1576. Elizabeth Churchman daughter of John Churchman was 
baptized the xxxth day of November. 

1578. Anne Churchman daughter of John Churchman was bap- 
tized the first of Maye. 

1580. Sara Churchman daughter of John Churchman was bap- 
tized the xvth daie of January. 

1595. Robert Churchman son of John Churchman was baptized 
the xj daie of June. 

1597. Robert Churchman son of John Churchman was baptized 
the third of July. 

1620. Richarde Churchman the sonne of Ozias Churchman and 
Elizabeth his wyf e was baptized the 4th daye of Januarye. 

1622. Mary Churchman the daughter of Ozias Churchman and 
Mary his wyfe was baptized the xth daye of October. 

1623. John Churchman the sonne of Ozias Churchman and 
Mary his wyfe was baptized the xxvjth daye of October. 

1624. Anne Churchman the daughter of Ozias Churchman and 
Marie his wife was baptized the vjth daye of Marche. 

1626. Margaret Churchman the daughter of Ozias Churchman 
and Marie his wife was baptized the xxvijth daye of 

1628. Marie Churchman the daughter of Ozias Churchman and 
Marie his wife was baptized the xth daye of Julye. 

1633. Elizabeth Churchman the daughter of Mr. Ozias Church- 
man and of Marie his wife was baptized the 14th day of 

1638. Ozias Churchman ye sonne of Ozias Churchman and 
Mary his wife was baptized ye 26th of November. 


1582. John Baker and Johan Churchman were married the 
xxvijth day of Maie. 


1587. Richard Hooker and Johan Churchman were married the 
xiiijth of February. 

1589. Robert Smyth and Alice Churchman were married the 
xxxth of March. 

1655. Publication hath been made on the market place of Chep- 
side on 3 seueral market days in 3 seuerall weeks between 
the hours of 11 and 2 of the Clock of the same days that 
is to say on the nth, 18th, and 25th days of February 
1655 of a marriage agreed upon between John Beachamp, 
Marchant, of the parish of Mary Aldermary, London, and 
Elizabeth Churchman, spenser, of this parish, against 
which no obiection was made. 


1 60 1. Alice Churchman the wife of John Churchman the elder 

was buryed the viijth day of September. 
1625. Marye Churchman the daughter of Ozias Churchman and 

Marye his wife was buryed the xvijth daie of Maye. 
1629. a still borne childe the sonne of Ozias Churchman and 

Marie his wife was buryed the vth daye of December. 
1631. a still borne childe the daughter of Ozias Churchman and 
Marie his wife was buryed the thirde day of September. 
Marie Churchman the wife of the aforesaide Ozias 

Churchman was buried the eygth daye of September. 
Marie Churchman the daughter of Ozias Churchman and 
Marie his wife Deceased was buried the xxixth daye of 
1654. Mr. Ozias Churchman died on the 18th day of October 

and was buried on the 24th day of October. 
1662. Ozias Churchman ye sonne of Ozias Churchman deceased 
and Mary his wife dyed on the 12 day of December and 
was buryed on the 4th day of December (sic). 
1664. Anne Churchman, wydow, dyed in the house of Mr. 
Richard Abdy on the 23d day of February and was buryed 
on the 25th day. 

Ozias Churchman signs as Churchwarden pages 97, 98, 99, 
100, 101 (Christenings 1634 and 1635), 176, 179 (marriages 
1634-1637), 291, 292, 293, and 294 (burials 1634-1636). 


1625. A newe borne Infante the sonn of Job Davenport, Min- 
ister, and Francis his wife being borne and allso dying 
in the House of John Yeomans of this parish was buried 
in the parish of St. Michaell in Cornehill the same xxth 
daye of September. 
Francis Davenporte the wife of the sayd Job Davenporte 
was allso buryed in the said parish of St. Michaell in 
Cornehill the xxijth daye of September. 



1593. Oliver Otwaye was buried the xixth daie of August. 
1605. Elizabeth Otteway the mother of Richarde Otteway was 

buryed the xxjth daye of December. 
1628. Elizabeth Ottewaye, widdow, dwelling and dying in the 

house of Nicolas Gerrarde was buried the v daye of 




1592. Francis Whitaker and Elizabeth Overton xxth daie of 



1632. Simon Younger of Emerton in the Countie of Bucks, 
Clerk, and Margaret Curie of Hendon in the Countie of 
Midd, Wyddow, were marryed the xijth daye of April, 
p' License. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1 59 1 Dec. 6. William Goodwyn and Ann Lewes married. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
161 1 July 16. Thomas Barker als Chapman, of the Inner 
Temple, and Mary Goodwin. See Mar. Lie. Bp. London, 


1621 Oct. 9. Robert Goodwin of Minster, Isle of Sheepey, 

Kent, yeoman, and Alice Bachilar, of St. Thomas in the 
Island of Harten, co. Kent, widow, married. 
1564-5 March 10. Thomas son of Robert Goodwin, iron- 
monger, baptised. 

1567 Nov. 21. John son of Robert Goodwin, ironmonger, bap- 


1568 Nov. 21. Margaret daughter of Robert Goodwin, iron- 

monger, baptised. 
1569-70 Mar. 5. Elizabeth daughter of Robert Goodwin, iron- 
monger, baptised. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1599 Nov. 27. Mr. Edward Goodwyn and Susan Wallopp — 
Lie. married. 

1622 June 10. Christopher Brookes and Ursley Goodwin mar- 


1637 Aug. 2. 1 ]. Robert Redpath and Ann Goodwin — Lie. mar- 

1634 Aug. 6. Winifred dau. of Mr. Godwin buried. 

1638 June 7. Mrs. Goodwin buried. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1622 May 26. Elizabeth dau. of John and Anne Goodwyn bap- 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1598-9 Jan. 8. John Flemynge and Katherine Goodwyne both 
of this parish married. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1631-2 Jan. 18. Paul Ayre and Elizabeth Goodwin married. 
1607 Oct. 17. William Goodwyn, cloth worker, householder, 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1583-4 Feb. 12. John Godwin and Mary Quarles married. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1599 June id. Hugh Westwood and Joan Goodwin married. 



1586 November 23. The xxiijth of November was Baptyzed 
Izabell Goodwyne daughter of Robert Goodwyne. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1 62 1 Dec. 21. Thomas Muncke of Chiswick, Middx. and 
Susan Goodwin of same married. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1582 May 3. Mrs. Thomazin ux. Mr. Robert Goodwin buried. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1587-8 Jan. 16. Myles Goodwin and Elizabeth Webb married. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1568 Augt. 15. Thomas Godwin and Margaret Hutchinson, 

widow, married. 
1609-10 Feb. 20. Peter Goodwin and Sara Highlord, ancilla, 

Lie. married. 
1 571 July 25. Samuel son of Thomas Goodwin baptised. 
1574 May 13. William son of Thomas Goodwin baptised. 
1609 Aug. 28. Mrs. Goodwin, widow, in the church buried. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1605-6 Jan. 23. Mrs. Joyce Goodwin buried. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1623 April 5. John Goodwin and Vines Hastings married. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1631 Sept. 27. Richard Istedd and Ann Goodwin married. 

See Marriage License Bish. Lond. 

William Goodwin, S.T.P. 24 September 1616. Archdeacon of 


Harleian Society publication 1891. 

1602 May 19. Bartholomew Goodwyn buried in the church. 



1592 September 24. John Goodwin filius John baptised. 
1595/6. Februarie 29. Jane Goodwin filia James baptised. 
1599 August — ? Robert Goodwin fili James baptised. 
1606/7 March. Nicolas Goodwine fii Jacobi 9 die. 


1 581 October 2.2. Thomas Goodwinne et Margaret Godfraie 

nupti erunt. 
1599 July — ? Thomas Goodden and Jane Cookes. 
1623. John Goodwinn et Margaret Parker vidua nupti erat 

29 July. 


1550 Octobre. Emery Goodyne 29 die. 

1557. Richard Goodwyn seperliabater 17 November. 


1580. Novembr 29. Johens Goodwine Sepult erat. 
July 1594. John Goodwin filius Thomas sep. 12. 

1602/3 March. Margaret Churchman fils Mr. Robert baptized 
1 7 daye. 



1629/30 January 4. Josias Marsh and Anne Woodheed, wid- 
dow, were marryed with a license the 4th of January. 

From Col. J. L. Chester and Lothrop Withington. 


1600 May 25. Thomas Holford to Frances Goodwyn. 

1627-8 Jan. 31. Henry Goodwin of St. Martin in the Fields, 
Gent., and Mary dau. of Joseph Harrison of Stepney. 

1638 May 22. Christopher Goodwin and Mary Yoakeley mar- 


1625 August 21. Mary daughter of John Goodwin. 
1625 August 21. Ann Goodwin daughter of John. 
1625 August 25. George Goodwin a chyld. 

1727/8 Aprill 4th. Dyed at Hammersmith Major Goodin, aged 
near 100 years. 

The Genealogist, Vol. VII, p. 157. 



1555. Jane Gooddyn sepulta xix Septembris Ao pred'. 


1626 ? Elizabeth daughter of John Felton. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1564-5 Jan. 27. William Smyth, Gent, and Als Goodwin. Lie. 

On the south side of the Vestry Door is a brass with the fol- 
lowing inscription : — 

Ephitaphium Anne Willson 
An erthly lyffe with erth on erth, nott ledd in erthly wyse, 
Now erth in erth doth lye a heape tyll erth frome erth aryse, 
Nott soule but corps dyd yeld to death : now deadly fury past, 
Eternall lyffe the soule enjoyes and fame in death doth iaste, 
What parent or what place of byrth : Myles Wilson, brystow 

In plesaunt place from worships race descend the daughter 

Lett place gyve place, lett parent passe : go fame whilest brithe is 

Sownd once agayne thy troumpe of prayse: comend her godly 

Oh prayses yeld, for death and lyffe of her that lyves by fame, 
Now skyes the soule, the grave ye corps, this stone conteyns her 

Obiit 12 Noveber. 


It will be seen that the above is an acrostic, the first letters of 

the lines making up the name Anne Wilson. The entry of the 

burial is found in the Register for 1569 "November, Ann Wilson 

the 20th day." 

Ancient Brasses in Hillingdon Church. 



1542 October. Thomas Goodwin the sonn of Myles Goodwin 
was baptised the 20 of this month. 


1552/3 January. Thomas Goodwin sonn to William Goodwin 

was baptised the 27 of this month. 
1565 May. Florence Goodwin was baptised the 31 of this 

1570 December. Jone Goodwin daughter of Thomas Goodwin. 
1573 October. Wyllyam Goodwin sonn of Thomas was baptised 

the 21 of this month. 
1573 November. Margery Goodwin daughter of Chamers 

Goodwin was baptised the 26 of this month. 
1616. William the sonne of William Goodwyn alias Chabers 

December 15th baptised. 
1620/21. Ralph the soone of William Goodwin alias Chambers 

baptised the thirteenth day of March. 
1623. Ellen the daughter of William Chambers baptised the 

7th of September. 


1549 October. Wyllyam Goodwyn and Annys Tyller married 

the 28 of this month. 
1601/2. Rob: Smithe and Joan Goodwin were marryed the 

28th day of Jan. 


1540. Anis Goodwin the child was buryed the 4 of October. 

1 541. Thomas Goodwine a child was buryed the 18 of May. 
1592/3. Thomas Goodwin was buryed ye 25 of January. 
1593. Elizabeth Goodwin was buryed ye 6 of November. 

1631. William; Chambers (alias) Goodwyn yeoman of this 
parish buried ye 3th day of Aprill. 



[571. Johan Milton son of Richard Milton. 



1542 September. Thomas Woodward and Elizabeth Kember 
were marryed ye 17 of this month. 




1695 June 10. Will m . Son of W m . Goodwin, yeoman, and Mary 

his wife. 
x 696 ? Abraham son of W m . Goodwin, yeoman and 

Mary his wife borne same day. 
1698 Dec. 4. John Son of Wm. Goodwin, yeoman, and Mary 

his wife born Dec. 3. 
1 701/2 March 9. Tho. son of Wm. Goodwin, yeoman, and 

Mary his wife. 

1704 April 12. Mary ye daughter of William Goodwin, yeo- 

man, and Mary his wife. 

1705 May 15. Robt. Son of Wm. Goodwin and Mary his wife. 

1706 June 3. Isaac son of Wm. Goodwin and Mary his wife. 



1601 October. John Goodwyn was buryed the xxviij daie of the 
same Moneth. 


John the sonne of Thomas Churchman was Baptized the 31th 

Day of January 161 8. 
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Churchman was Baptised the 2d 

day of July 1620. 
William the sonne of Thomas Churchman and Marian his wyf 

was Baptized the 15th day of September 1622. 
Jone the Daughter of Thomas Churchman was Baptiz'd the vth 

Day of December 1624. 
Mary Churchman daughter of Tho : Churchman and of Marrian 

his wife was baptized the eighteenth day of March 1631. 


Joan Churchman wife of Thomas Churchman was buried the nine 
and twentie daye of daye of Aprill 1640. 



1 60 1. John Felton the sonne of Robert Felton was baptized the 
xxviijth daie of Februarye 1601. 


1610. Richard Felton sonne of Robert and Elizabeth Felton was 
baptized ye xxvth Day of March 1610. 


1627. Robert Felton was buried the seauenth day of January 



1630. Daniell Hooker sonne of Edward Hooker and of Jane 
his wife upon the second day of February. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1583 Sept. 25. Goodwyn, Christopher and Elizabeth Hanson, 
spinster, of St. Martin in the Fields, daughter of Richard 
Hanson of St. Saviour Southwark, deceased. At St. 
Martin in the Fields. 25 September 1583. 

1622 June 10. Augustine Goodwyn and Katherine Babthorp — 
Lie. See Mar. Lie. Bp. London, married. 

1626 Apr. 27. Richard Goodwyn of St. Margaret's Westmin- 
ster and Jane Archey. Lie. married. 

1627-8 Jan. 3; John Sweager and Joane Goodwyn. Lie. mar- 

1633-4 Feb. 4. William Goodwin and Margaret Symmonds — 
Lie. married. 



1595. Elizabeth Goodwyn the Daughter of Henry Goodwyn, 
blacksmith, was christened the Fourth day of May 1593 in 
the xxxvijth yeare of Quene Elizabeth. 

1 60 1. Jone Goodwyn the daughter of Henry Goodwyn, black- 
smith, was christened vpon sonday the xxiijth of August 
1601 in the xliijth yeare of Queene Elizabethe. 

1603. Marie Goodwyn the daughter of Henrie Goodwyn, black- 
smith, was christened the second of Februarie 1603 in the 
First yeare of Kinge James. 

1606. Elizabeth Goodwyn the daughter of Henrie Goodwyn, 
blacksmith and labourer, was christened the second day of 
Februarie 1606 in the fourth yere of Kinge James. 



1594. Henry Goodwyn, blacksmith, and Ayles Lilly, single per- 
sons were married the xxiijth day of Februarie 1594 in the 
xxxvijth yeare of Quene Elizabeth. 

1599. Henry Goodwyn, widower, and Mary Warde, maden, 
were married vpon thursday the xvj day of August 1599 
in the one and Fortieth yeare of Queene Elizabeth. 


1597. Ayles Goodwyn the wife of Henry Goodwyn, blacksmith, 
was buried the fourth day of July abouesaid 1597 in the 
xxxixth yeare of Queene Elizabeth. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 


1550 June 30. Richard Wamesley and Jone Godwyn married. 
1552-3 Jan. 31. William Goodwyn and Alice Warryn married. 
1553 Oct. 22. William Goodwyn and Margaret Carter married. 
1555 Sept. 2. John Dodge and Agnes Goodwin married. 

1560 Nov. 11. Oliver Syngylton and Margery Goodwyn mar- 


1 561 June 3. William Maxfyld and Toalles Goodwyn — Lie. 


1563-4 Jan. 16. Henry Goodwin and Johan Boyser married. 

1565-6 Feb. 8. Robert Goodwyn and Jone Goodladde married. 

1 571 Apr. 26. Robert Cryspyn and Elizabeth Goodwen mar- 

1 600-1 Feb. 4. William Wells and Ann Goodwin married. 

1 618 Apr. 6. John Burshall and Audry Goodwin married. 

1625-6 Jan. 23. Charles Crane and Lettice Goodwin married. 

1635-6 Jan. 28. John Goodwin and Mary Gransden married. 



1592 September 17. Tho. son of Tho. Goodwin. 

Anne daughter of Will. Pope. 
x 599 J u ly I2 - Tho. son Roger Goodwin. 
1601 January 31.- Jane daughter Tho. Goodwin. 


1602-3 March — ? Robert son Tho. Goodwin. 

1603 June — ? Elsabeth daughter to Thomas Godwin. 

1607-8 March 6. Agnes daughter of Ezech el Goodwin. 

1609 October 8. Alice daughter of Ezechaell Goodin. 

1610 April 2. Infant of Rich. Gooden. 

161 1 June ix. Ellen daughter of Ezechiell Gooddin. 

1612 September — ? John son of Richard Gooddinge. 
1612-13 February 14. Eliz. daughter of Ezechiel Goodden. 
161 5 September 24. Ann daughter of Edward Gooddyn. 
1644 October 13. Samuell Goodwin son of Willi Goodwin and 

of Anna his wife was borne the 7th of October and bap- 
tised the 13 day 1644. 

1646 October 13. Rebekah Goodwin daughter Willi Goodwin 
and of Anne his wife was borne the 4th December and 
baptised the 13 Anno 1646. 

1650 July 31. Anne Goodwin daughter of Willi Goodwin and 
Anne his wife was borne 31st of July and was baptised the 
same day. 

1652 February 8. Elizabeth Goodwin daughter of William and 
Anne was borne the 31 day of January and baptised Feb- 
ruary 8 day. 

1655 May 20. Mary Gooding daughter of William and 

Gooding in High Strete, cooper, aged 11 days. 

1664 December 4. Armerlla daughter of Samuell and Sarah 
December 27. Steeuen son of William and Ann Good- 

1664-5 February 19. John son of Willi and Downham 

1666 July 8. Sarah daughter of Samuell and Sarah Goodine, 
John Baptist Head Alley. 

1668 April 24. John son of John and Isabell Gooding, George 

November 9. Elizabeth daughter of Danell and Dorothy 
Goodwine, Peticoat Lane. 


1 591 September 5. Thomas Goodwin and Anne Awdlie. 

1596 April 25. Roger Goodwine and Jone Whalie. 

161 1 May — ? Nathaniel Goodwin and Jane Thornborough. 


1649 October 31. John Trasey and Alice Godin both of Step- 


1650 December 27. William Farr and Margarett Goodwin both 

of Saviours, Southwark. 
1 661 May 11. Samuel Goodwine and Sarah Dutton. 
1685 October 2. Thomas Fletcher and Ann Goding, banns, 

Mr. Lupton. 

1582 May 20. John Goodwin buried. 

1599 July 20. Tho. Goodwin. 

1600 May 14. Infant Roger Goodwin. 
October 8. Eerin Goodwin. 

1601 May 27. Infant Roger Goodwin. 
1 601-2 March 6. Jane Goodwin. 
1602-3 March 4. Infant Tho. Goodwin. 
1603 August 7. Marie Gooddin. 

21. Robert Goodwin. 
1608 December 5. Rose Goodwine. 
1610 April 2. Infant of Rich. Gooden. 
1612 September 1. Ellen Goodden. 
1612-13. March 23. Hugh Goodden. 
1 61 6 August 2."]. James Goodwin. 



1614 December 9. An Infant of Othias Brizet. 



1615 October 5. Charles s. of Willm Colfox. 

1616 July 15. John Dawson and Eliza: Goodwyn. 
1616 November 3. Rob : Dello and An Godwyn. 


1668 December ye 22nd. Mathew Goodwins and Elizabeth 
Loh — idge were married. 


1672 November 26. Miles Goodwine of South Walsham and 
Mary Hay ward of S were married. 

1684 ? Anne daughter of Matthas Goodwyne and Eliza- 
beth his wife baptised. 

1667 ? Margaret Goodwine buried. 

1682 ? Elizabeth Goodwyn buried. 


7 June 1605. Edmond Goodwyn and Elyece (Mone ?) 


23 Sept. 1647. George Smith and Frances Goodwyne married. 

11 May 1606. William y 6 sonne of Edmond Goodwyne and 

Elyece his wife baptised. 





1623. Thomas Overton the sonn of Thomas Overton the 11 



1546 May 5. Goodwyne, Ellyne daughter of Roger. 
1548 December 24. Goodwyne, Adam, son of Roger. 
1550 February 11. Goodwyne, John son of Roger. 
1554 November 30. Goodwyne, Roger son of Roger. 
1546 September 8. Goodwyne, Myles son of John. 
1548 January 7. Goodwyne, Elizabett daughter of John. 
1550 January 8. Goodwyne, James son of John. 
1557 January 29. Goodwyne, John son of John. 
1567 June 24. Goodwyne, Will son of John. 
1569 July 3. Goodwyne, Grace daughter of John. 
1 571 July 3. Goodwyne, John son of John. 
1579 January 31. Goodwyne, John son of John. 
1574 February 21. Goodwyne, Ann, daughter of John. 


1558 November 19. Goodwyne, Edmond son of William. 

1564 May 30. Goodwyne, Thomas son of Leonard. 

1566 December 1. Goodwyne, Agnes daughter of Leonard. 

1575 September 29. Goodwyne, Margaret daughter of Leon- 

1568 April 5. Goodwyne, Thomas son of Francis. 
1572 March 16. Goodwyne, James son of Frauncis. 

1576 August 5. Goodwyne, Frances daughter of Frauncis. 
1578 May 23. Goodwyne, Peter son of Frauncis. 

1 581 March 30. Goodwyne, Ellys son of Frauncis. 
1575 October 3. Goodwyne, Ellys son of Miles. 
1578 May 23. Goodwyne, Elizabeth daughter of Miles. 
1580 February 16. Goodwyne, Cicilie daughter of Miles. 
1583 December 26. Goodwyne, Robert son of Miles. 
1586 October 30. Goodwyne, Myles son of Miles. 
1585 January 28. Goodwyne, Robert son of John. 
1585/6 March 20. Goodwyne, John son of John. 
1591 August 1. Goodwyne, John son of John. 

1595 February 10. Goodwyne, Agnes daughter of John. 
1589 July 2. Goodwyne, Thomas son of Thomas. 

1597 June 10. Goodwyne, Jane daughter of Thomas. 

1603 June 5. Goodwyne, Dionis daughter of Thomas. 

1 61 2 July 5. Goodwin, Alice daughter of Robert. 

1616 August 25. Goodwin, James son of Robert. 

1 61 8 July 12. Goodwin, John son of Robert. 

1680 (?) November 12. Goodwin, John son of Robert. 

1623 May 25. Goodwin, Miles son of Robert. 

1625 June 19. Goodwin, Margaret daughter of Robert. 

1626 July 9. Goodwin, Robert son of Robert. 
Many more to 1695. 


1555 July 1. Leonard Goodwin and Alice Gaylard. 

1556 July 28. Leonard Goodwin and Margaret Davye. 
1574 June 16. Miles Goodwin and Sisley Barnard. 
1578 April 27. James Goodwin and Sisley Rising. 
1580 July 30. John Goodwin and Alice Harrys. 

1596 September 10. "Goodwin Thomas and Mary his wife." 
1600 March 25. Elizeus Goodwin and Elizabeth Cpates of Bur- 



161 1 July 7. James Goodwin and Elizabeth Church. 
161 7 October 28. John Goodwin and Sara Brancker. 


1557 February 8. Johan daughter of John Goodwyne. 

1557 December 22. Thomas. 

1558 February 21. Alyce wife of Leonard. 
1558 December 10. Edmond. 

1562 February 7. Thomas. 

1566 February 24. Agnes, widow. 

1574 September 21. James son of Frauncys. 

1579 June 2. Roger. 

1592 April 29. John. "At ye pit." 

1599 April 23. Leonard. 

1612 October 12. Thomas Goodwin. 
1 61 4 April 26. Margaret, wid. 

1616 September 11. Elizabeth widow of John. 
1619 September 15. Myles. 

1619 February 23 or 24. John son of Robert. 

1620 January 14. Elizabeth daughter of John at Branthorpe. 
1630 August 23. Marie, daughter John (sic). 

1632 November 9. Arelline. 
"and some more." 



1585 April 28. John son of Richard Goodewin. 
1 586/7 January 20. Katerin daughter of Richard Goodewin. 
1 591 April 2. William son of Richard Goodewin. 
I 59 2 /3 March 10. Richard son of Richard Goodewin. 
1598 May 12. Thomas son of Richard Goodewin. 
161 8 August 22. Ruth daughter of Henry and Margaret 
Good (win). 


1574 October 3. Robert Balles and Rachaell Goodewin. 
1597 October 16. John Yallop and Martha Goodewin. 


161 1 July 14. Richard Goodwyn. 



1586 July 20. Thomas son of Jeffery Ward. 
1586 December 24. Jeffery son of Jeffery Ward (?is87). 
1588 November 10. Susan daughter of Andrew and Susan 


1576 June 15. Richard Jenkinson and Margery W(ard?) 

daughter of Thomas Ward. 
1579/80 February 6. Mr. Jeffery Ward, gentleman, and Mrs. 

Elizabeth Wood, gentlewoman. 
1 581/2 January 8. James Osborne, gentleman, and Mary Ward 

1586/7 January 31. Mr. John Richmond and Katherine Warde. 


1584 October 28. Mr. Thomas Ward. 

John sonne of John Goodwyne baptised 24 Aug. 1567. 

A° 1539- Margareta Goodwyn baptizata fuit in ecclesia prae- 

dicta xiiij° die Novembris Anno eodem. 
A° 1540. Elizabeth Goodwyn baptizata fuit in ecclesia praedicta 

xvj° (xxi?) die Marcij Anno eodem. 
A 1542. Willimus Goodwyn films Ricardi Goodwyn baptizat 

fuit in ecclesia praedicta xxiij° die Decembris eodem Anno. 
A° 1545. Richardus Goodwyn baptizatus fuit in ecclesia prae- 
dicta xix° die Septembris eodem Anno. 
A° 1548. Alicia Goodwyn filia Richardi Goodwyn baptizata fuit 

in ecclesia praedicta xxix° die Septembris eodem anno. 
A° 1550. Gracia Goodwyn filia Richardi Goodwyn baptizata 

fuit in ecclesia praedicta xxij ° die Decembris eodem Anno. 
A° 1552. Anna Goodwyn filia Richardi Goodwyn baptizata fuit 

in ecclesia praedicta xix° die marcij eodem anno. 
A° ! 555- Johannes ( ) Goodwyn Alius Ricardi Goodwyn 

baptizat fuit in ecclesia praedicta ultimo die novembris 

Anno ultimo dicto. 


A° 1557. Stephanus Goodwyn films Ricardi Goodwyn bap- 

tizatus fuit in ecclesia praedicta xxiiij die marcij Anno 

A° 1558. Idem Stephanus sepultus fuit in cemiterio praedicto 

xx j° die Junij Anno Dni 1558. 
A° 1559. Jacobus Sippinge (Kippinge, H. F. Waters) et Mar- 

gareta Goodwyn nupt fuit in ecclesia praedicta octavo die 

Novembris eodem fuit Anno. 
A° 1566. Galfridus Camplyn et Elizabeth Goodwyn nupti fuer 

in ecclesia praedicta tercio die novembris eod A°. 
A° 1 571. Henricus Reade et Gracia Goodwyn nupti fuer in 

ecclesia praedicta xxix Julij A° ultimo dicto. 
A° 1576. Richardus Goodwyn sepultus fuit in ecclesia praedicta 

xxi° die Junij eodem Anno, 
(do) Thomas Goodwyn films Willimi Goodwyn natus fuit 24 

die f ebruari et baptizat fuit in ecclesia praedicta tercio die 

Marcij (xxi?) proximo ( ?) sequenti in eodem Anno. 
A° 1578. Willim Goodwyn films Willimi Goodwyn baptizata 

fuit in ecclesia praedicta xxiij° die Augusti eodem Anno. 
A 1580. Edmundus Goodwyn Alius Willimi Goodwyn baptizat 

fuit in ecclesi praedicta ix die Octobris eodem Anno. 
A 1581. Thomazina Goodwyn vid sepulta fuit in ecclesia prae- 
dicta primo die Maij eodem Anno. 
A° 1582. Anna Goodwyn filia Willimi Goodwyn baptizata fuit 

in ecclesia praedicta sexto (?) die Novembris Anno dmni 

A° 1584. Richardus Goodwyn films W T illimi Goodwyn baptizat 

fuit in ecclesia praedicta vj° die Januarij eodem Anno. 
A° 1585. Richardus Goodwyn Alius Willimi Goodwyn sepull 

fuit in cimiterio praedicto primo die Augusti A° ultimo 

A° 1586. Dorothea Goodwyn filia Willi Goodwyn baptiz fuit 

in ecclesia praedicta xxix Junij Ao dmi 1586. 
A° 1588. Elizabeth Goodwyn filia Willimi Goodwyn baptizata 

fuit in ecclesia praedicta xxj° die Februarij eodem anno. 
A° 1593. Johannes Goodwyn films Willimi Goodwyn baptizat 

fuit in ecclesia praedicta quinto die Augusti eodem Ao. 
A° 1603. Margt Goodwyn the daughter of Thomas Goodwyn 

and of Prudence was baptized within the parishe churche 

of St. Andrews in Northe Burlyngham the 3 day of Janu- 


arij 1603. (This entry is in a bad hand, but I think I 
have got the spelling right. 3 is copied from register 

" ?" I take to mean parishe? E. A. M.) 

A° 1605. Wyllom Goodwyn Alius Thomae (I do not think the a 
can be a diphthong. E. A. M.) Goodwyn baptizat fuit in 
ecclesia sanct Andrai in northe birlyngham nono die 
mencij (mensis?) Junij ao dmi 1605. 

(I cannot tell whether the reading should be northe or Junij. 
E. A. M.) 

A° 1606. Marie Goodwynne the daught of Thomas Goodwynne 
was buried the xxij th of August. 

Thomas Goodwynne the son of Thomas Goodwynne 
was baptd the fourth of Januarie. 

A° 1608. Prudence Goodwynn the daughter of Thomas Good- 
wynne was bapt the xvi of August. 

A 1609. Susan Goodwynne ye Daughter of Thomas Good- 
wynne was buryed the xix day of ffebruarie. 

A° 161 o. Ellen Goodwynne the daughtr of Thomas Goodwynne 
was bapt the third day of June. 

A° 1618. Johannes Goodwynne Alius Thomaw Goodwynne 
baptd fuit vicesimo sexto mensis Maij. 

A° 1620. Eduardus Goodwinne Alius Thome( ?) Goodwinne 
bapt fuit decimo octavo die mensis Julij. 

A 1625. Prudentia Goodwynne uxor Thome Goodwynne 
sepult fuit vicesimo sexto die Decembris. 

A° 1630. Gulielmus Goodwinne sepult fuit decimo nono die 
mensis Maij Anno su atatis setogesimo setavo ( ) . 

Anno Dmi 1636. Ellen Goodwyn the relict of Willm Goodwyn 
was buryed the tenth day of September. 

Anno Dmi 1638. Willm Goodwinne was buryed the tenth day 
of October. 

Anno Dmi 1641. Martha Goodwinne was buried the two and 
twentieth day of October. 

Anno Dmi 1642. Thomas Goodwyn the sonne of Willm Good- 
wyn and Ellen his wife was baptized the ninth day of 
March 1642. 

Anno Dmi 1644. Willm Goodwyn the sonne of Willm Good- 
wyn and Ellen his wife baptized the 15th day of Sep- 


Anno Dmi 1645. Thomas Goodwyn was buryed the 18th day 

of Novemb suae etat 69. 
Ano Dni 1646. Ellen Goodwyn the daughter of Willim Good- 
wyn and Ellen his wife was baptized the 9th day of 

Ano Dni 1647. Edward Goodwyn the sonne of Willm Goodwyn 

and Ellen his wife was baptized the 20th Day of the 

moneth of Februarij. 
Ano Dni 1649. John Goodwyn the sonne of Willm Goodwyn 

and Ellen his wife was baptized the 17th day of February. 
Ano Dni 1652. Edmond the sonne of Willm Goodwyn and Ellen 

his wife was baptized the 12th of August 1652. 
Ano Dni 1655. Dorithy the daughter of Willm Goodwin and 

of Ellen his wife was baptized Januarij 25th. 
Ano Dni 1660. John Green and Elizabeth Goodwyn were 

(are?) (The w at the end of Goodwyn looks as though it 

were also intended to serve as w on were) married 6 Febr. 


(This entry was evidently inserted later and is crushed between 
two other entries. The writing seems to me different from what 
precedes or follows. E. A. M.) 

Ano Dni 1666. Ellen ye wife of Willm Goodwin was buried the 

29th Decemb Ano p die. 
Ano Dni 1669. Willm Goodwin the elder was buried the 23th 

of October ano p die. 
1670. Willm Goodwin the sonn of Willm Goodwin the elder 

was buried the 12 of April ano p die. 

The beginning of Elizabeth's reign 1558 to end of 1598 the 
name of Willm Goodwyn appears at the bottom of each page as 
that of one of the churchwardens. 

I have examined the register up to the year 1764 and can find 
no further entries re persons named Goodwynne, Goodwyn, 

Elizabeth Goodwyne was buried the XXI daye of Aprill Anno 

Dm. 1575. 
Elyzabethe Goodwyne was christened the XXXI day of Marche 

Anno Dm 1574. 


Thomas Goodwayne ? alias wullam was christened the XXX 
daye of Maye Anno dm 1585. 

These are the only entries which I can find. I give the order in 
which they are entered. There is no attempt at arrangement in 
the earlier part of the book and no chronological order followed. 


1584. Emma Wright daughter of Richard Wright was borne 
the third of March being Wednesday and was baptized the 
vij te of the same month. Votores : Eduardus Slyn, Rec- 
tor, Ellen Goodwyn, Margaret Daynes and Emma Rippyn. 

1585. Margarett Daynes Daughter of Paule Daynes and Mar- 
garett his wife was borne the xvijth Daye of October 
being Sonnday and was baptized the next daye being St. 
Luke the Evangelist. Votores: John Harris, Catherine 
Green, Ellen Goodwyn. 

1588. William Witnesby (Witherby?) sonn of Thomas Wit- 
nesby (Witherby?) and Dorothie his wyfe was borne the 
Wedensdaye being the xiiijth of March and was baptized 
xvijth Daye of the same moneth. Votores : William 
Daynes, William Goodwyn, Paule Daynes, Will Francis 

1607. Margarett Daynes the daughter of John Daynes and of 
Marie his wife was borne the Wednesday being the xxixth 
day of Apryll and was Baptized the third daye of Maye 
anno dni 1607. Votores : Dorothy Witherby( ?) Mar- 
garett Daynes, Prudence Goodwyn, Edmond Gostyn (?). 

1618. George Coxye (Comye?) ye sonne of Thomis Coxye 
(Comye?) and of Elizabeth his wife was borne the Tewes- 
daye being the eyght and twentith daye of July and was 
baptized the second day of August anno pdict. Com- 
patres : George Hyll(?), John Bashy(?), Lidia Harrold, 
Prudence Goodwyn. 

I have examined this register up to the year 1652 and find no 
further mention of persons named Goodwyn. 

From 1643 inclusive to 1651 inclusive entries are wanting with 
one exception in 1646. 




1588 March 1. Ellen daughter of Richard Goodwin and 
Britchet his wife. 

1592 October 18. Edward son of Richard and Bridget Good- 

1595 November 2. Adam son of Richard and Bridget Goodwin. 

1602 December 19. Susanna daughter of Richard and Bridget 

1622 July 1. William son of Adam Goodwyn. 

1626 October 18. Galfridus son of Adam Goodwyn. 


1 62 1 September 29. Adam Goodwyn and Johan Dawkin. 


1634 April 19. Bridget Goodwyn, widow. 
1607/8 January 25. Richard Goodwyn. 


1586 November 23. Marie Goodwin, daughter of Vincent bap- 

1604-5 February 23. Mary Goodwin, daughter of Vincent bap- 

1605-6 February 11. William son of Vincent Goodwin bap- 

1608 August 19. James Goodwin son of Vincent baptized. 

1610 July 17. John son of Vincent Goodwin baptized. 

1613 July 25. Elizabeth daughter of Vincent Goodwin bap- 

1619-20 March 4. William Goodwin buried. 

1626 October 9. Vincent Goodwin buried. 

1632 June 24. Alice Goodwyne buried. 



1564 21 July. Mary Wyseman daughter of Robert Wyseman. 

1565 27 February. Mary daughter of Jo: Potter and Alice. 


1566 22 September. Alice daughter of Robert Wyseman and 

1566 18 January. Richard son of John Marsh and Jone. 
1569 11 September. Jane Wyseman. 
1 571 12 October. Marye Cowper daughter of ( ) Cowper. 

(her mother travelling there by chance). 

1 571 7 September. Marian Stannard daughter of John Stan- 


1572 29 November. Simon Skynner son of William Skynner. 

1573 21 February. Oliuer Sayer the daughter of William 

Sayer and Agnes his wife. 
1 581 17 July. Grace Sayer daughter of William Sayer and Ann 

his wife. 
1 581 10 May. Ann daughter of Richard Jermyn and Ann his 


1583 19 August. Francis Jermin daughter of Richard Jermin 

and Ann. 

1584 14 July. Thomas Sayer son of William Sayer and Ann 

his wife. 

1584 1 January. Robert Sewell son of Thomas Sewell and Jane 

his wife. 

1585 18 May. Frances Bull daughter of Henry Bull and 

Frances his wife. 

1586 9 May. John Stapleton son of William Stapleton and 

Alice his wife. 

1586 10 February. Francis Wyseman daughter of Osea Wyse- 

1586 16 October. Mary Sayer daughter of William Sayer and 
Ann his wife. 

1588 18 August. Andrewe son of Thomas Sewell. 

1589 16 August. John son of Philip Sayer. 

1590 28 June. Francis ye daughter of Robert Goodwyn. 
1592 4 June. Abdiel son of Robert Linaker. 

1592 1 January. Iseraell Masterson the son of Robert Master- 

1594 9 February. Jeremy son of William Bacon. 

1597 1 January. Peeter son of William Bacon. 

J 599 !5 July- Joane daughter of William Bacon and Elizabeth 
his wife. 

1 60 1 15 September. Arthur son of Sir Clement Heigham, Kt. 


1605 19 June. Robert Gray ye son of Sir William Graye, Kt. 
1608 19 May. Elizabeth daughter of Christopher Sewell, and 

Dorothy his wife. 
1608 3 July. William son of William Collins. 
1608 12 January. Clement son of John Higham Esq. and Philip 

his wife. 

1610 10 April. Robert son of Edward Kaie and Jane his wife. 

161 1 5 January. Elizabeth Collin daughter of William Collin 

and Vrsuly. 

1612 31 March. Elizabeth Stanard daughter of William Stan- 

ard and Ann his wife. 

1612 28 June. Stephen Kempe son of Thomas Kempe and 

Alice his wife. 

1 61 3 17 October. John Kempe son of Thomas Kempe and 

Alice his wife. 
1615 17 December. Robert Kempe son of Thomas Kempe and 

Alice his wife. 
1 61 7 5 October. Alexander son of Robert Fiske and Alice his 

161 7 30 November. Martha Sewell daughter of Andrew Sewell 

and Ann his wife. 
1617 14 December. Abdiel son of William Bugg and Margaret 

his wife. 

161 7 2 February. Thomas Kempe son of Thomas Kempe and 

Alice his wife. 

1618 11 August. Maris son of William Colins and Ursuly his 


1619 16 January. William Kempe son of Thomas Kempe and 

Mary his wife. 

1620 28 January. Ann daughter of Thomas Kempe and Mary 

his wife. 

1622 14 July. Elizabeth daughter of Andrew Sewell and Ann 

his wife. 

1623 21 October. James son of Edward Scarlat and Alles his 


1625 22 December. Dorothy Hobart daughter of Miles Hobart 

Esquire and Dame Frances his wife. 
1623 23 January. Alice Hobart daughter of Miles Hobart Esq. 
and Lady Frances his wife. 

1626 24 October. Francys Kempe son of Thomas Kempe and 

Mary his wife. 


1627 19 April. Mary and Ann Sewell daughters of Andrew 
Sewell and Ann his wife. 

1627 20 March. John Hobart son of Miles Hobart Esq. and 

Dame Frances. 

1628 15 April. Edward Scarlett son of Edward Scarlett and 

Ales his wife. 

1630 21 December. William Bacon son of Edmund Bacon and 

Judith his wife. 

1 63 1 26 May. William son of John and Susan Stanard. 

1630 10 October. Alice Scarlett daughter of Edward Scarlett. 

1632 12 February. Edmund son of Edmund Bacon and Judeth 

his wife. 
1635 31 July. James son of Edmund Bacon and Judeth his 

1635 8 October. William son of W r illiam Collyns and Elizabeth 

his wife. 

1637 5 January. Susan daughter of Thomas Sayer and Eliza. 

1638 22 August. Andrew son of Andrew Sewell and Ann. 


1569 25 June. Henry Cullender and Margaret Goodwyn. 

1 57 1 13 March. William Fylby and Mary Coppinge. 

1 61 6 25 June. Andrew Davie and Marrion Goodwin. 

1616 29 July. Andrew Sewell and Agnes Fell. 

1618 19 January. William Goodwin and Margaret Sellers. 

1560 20 October. John Edi and Jone Osten. 

1565 12 July. William Beckett and Alice Coppinge. 

1625 18 October. William Yonger and Ann Parker. 


1559 14 April. Roger Motts? 

1570 11 October. Jane Wyseman daughter of Robert Wyse- 


1572 10 October. Marye Wyseman daughter of Robert Wyse- 

1574 16 March. Jone Goodwyn. 
1580 16 February. Agnes Coppinge the daughter of W T illiam 


1584 3 December. Raphe Allen son of John Allen. 

1585 1 August. John Allen the elder. 


1585 31 January. Ossea Wyseman. 

1585 15 February. The wiffe of William Bacon. 

1587 16 May. Robert Sharman. 

1590 11 August. John Allen. 

1 59 1 5 April. Katherine Skynner. 

1592 26 June. Abdiel son of Robert Lin(kre?). 
1594 5 June. William Bacon. 

1594 12 August. Agnes Potter. 
1602 15 April. Thomas Potter. 

1604 15 August. John Sayer son of William Sayer. 

1605 9 January. William Sayer. 

1607 6 January. William Balles. 

1608 20 January. Robert Goodwyn. 

1608 14 May. Noah Buckenham son of Noah Buckenham. 
1612 29 October. Steven Kempe. 
1615 24 July. Elizabeth Collons? 

161 5 6 December. Margery Allen. 

1616 11 September. Dorcus daughter of Thomas Alborough 

and Elizabeth his wife. 
1616 16 November. Marian wife of Andrew Davy. 

161 6 20 July. Thomasin Cooper. 

1617 — ? March. Elizabeth daughter of Jo: Swallow. 

1618 7 July. Charles Swan, Armiger. 
1624 25 May. Isreall Mastersen. 
1624 28 June. Alice Allon. 

1624 29 June. Ellen Scarlet. 

1626 18 June. Margery Wyseman. 

1626 31 January. Alice Sharman, wife of John Sharman. 

1627 10 July. Mary Sewell daughter of Andrew Sewell. 

1628 5 October. Joan Sewell. 
1628 12 November. Ann Bacon. 

1632 15 September. William son of John Stanard. 
1634 31 August. Edmund Bacon. 



1590. Margaret Goodwyn August 6. 
1595. Adam Goodwyn October 3. 




Susan Goodwin the daughter of ffrancis Goodwin was baptized 

the 9 of September 1 586. 
Sampso Goodwin the sonne of ffrancis Goodwi was baptized the 

xvij of ffeb 1588. 
Mary Goodwi the daughter of ffrancis goodwi was baptized the 

27 of March 1592. 
ffraunces(sic) goodwynge the sonne (sic) of John Goodwynge 

was baptized the 10 day of July Ao 1603. 
John Goodwynge the sonn of John goodwynge and of bridgite 

his wyffe was baptized the 7 day of October 1604. 
ffaythe goodwynge the daughtar of John Goodwynge and of 

Bridgit was baptized the xiiij tor day of September 1606. 
William Goodwynge was baptized the iiij day of december 1608. 
161 1. Richard Goodinges (sic) the sonne of John Goodings and 

Bridgit his wife was baptized the 22 of September. 
Dorathie Goodwin the daughter of Edmund and Alice his wief 

(sic) was baptized the 30 day of Maie 161 1. 
1 61 3 Edmunde Good wine the sonne of Edmunde and Alice his 

wief was baptized the 17 daye of October. 
161 5. Margarie Goodwynne the daughter of Edmond Good- 

wynne was baptized the xxiiij of September. 


ffrancis Goodwin and Jone Loynes were marryed the xij of 

October 1585. 
Robarte Page and Margrett Goodwynge was married the 16 day 

of July 1598. 
John Goodwynne and Bridgyt beckyt were maryed the 28 of 

October 1602. 


Katherin Goodwin was buried the 25 of September 1584. 
ffrawnces goodwynge was buried the 25 day of June 1600. 
John Goodwinne of southwalsh m was buried here the vth of 
Julie 161 7. 

A slab in the chancel. A fesse between six lions erased, a label 
of three for difference (Goodwyn. Or, a fesse between 


six lions' heads erased, gules) impaling. Quarterly of 
four, i and 4 Three bars wavy, at the fesse point, a 
crescent for difference. 2 A fesse between three mart- 
lets. 3 A double tressure flory-counter-flory ? Two 
martlets in pale within a tressure flory-counter- 

I sketched it in 1883 but when I looked at my rubbing of this 
slab taken the other day I could not discern the martlets. 

Crest. A griffin sejant, wings expanded (Goodwyn. A griffin 

sejant, wings expanded or, guttee de poix.) 
For John Goodwyn, Junr, Esqr. died 10 April 1743 Age 39. 
On another slab. For Daniel Goodwyn, Landsurveyor of her 

Majesty Customs in this port, died November 27, 1740 

Aged 29. 
Slab in Chancel. Goodwyn. Impaling. Three talbots' heads 

erased. Crest Goodwyn. 
For John Goodwyn Esqr 4 Times Mayor, died April 7, 1763. 

Aged 90, and Ann his wife, died October 12, 1745, 

Aged 65. 

(I have looked all through my MSS of Lynn and can find no 
more, but as I have no index list there may possibly be another.) 
No signature. 



1593 April 4. Dorothe daughter of William Gouldsmith. 

( ?i6o8) 1609 August 14. Elizabeth Goodwyn daughter of 
Edmund Goodwyn and Ales his wife. 

1609 January 19. Ellen Goodwin daughter of Edmond Good- 
win and Ales his wife. 


1573 July 2 - Robert Rase and Marget Goodwyne. 

1592 November 1. William Gouldsmith and Margery Warnoll. 

1643 October 19. William Wade and Anne Bennett. 


161 7. Joseph Goodwinn the sonne of Edmund Goodwin was 

baptized the xith of Januarie. 
1644. Robert Goodwinn and Ann Mendham was married the 

xxe of September. 


Joane Goodwyne widdow was buried the iiijth daie of Maye 

Anno Dni 1559. Another copy reads 1589. 
Thomas Goodwyn and Elizabeth Colman married the 9th of 

July 1627. 
Edward Nowell and Preudence Goodwin weare married nth of 

April 1633. 
Willm Goodwin and Alice Davy weare married the 6th of June 

Richard Skelton and Anne Gooding were published the 22nd day 

of May 1653 m t ne Markett place of Lodden. 
Barbarah Goodwin daughter of Nathaniell Goodwin and Bar- 

barah his wife was baptized ye 8 February 1663. 
Nathaniell ye son of Nathaniell Goodwyn and Mary his wife was 

baptized ye 24 August 1667. 
John Crowe and Katherine Hendersonne were married the ixth 

daie of August Anno dni 1571. 



1599 June. Willm Goodwine a prisoner 8. 



1749 October 6. Richard Gooding, widower and Elizabeth 

Eyres, widow of West Wallin. 
1733 June 22. Ann Goodwin of Lynn and Edmund Harwick 

of Etruick. 
1800 November 24. Leonard Goodwin of Saint Margaret's and 

Elizabeth Kemp, both single. 



l 777 October 27. Frances Gooding, widow. 
1787 January 21. Catherine wife of Harvey Goodwin. 
1780 October 10. Harvey son of Harvey Goodwin. 
1700 September 22. Martha Goodwin wife of Harvey Good- 
1736 July 19. Mary Goodwin, widow. 

Daniel Goodwin J. P. in 1680. 

Mr. Goodwin makes an affidavit as to burialls in woolen in 1736. 


1680 Jan. 24 th . Eliz: wife of Rich d Jolls fro Dan 11 Goodwin 
Just. 26 th . Affidavits. 




"Sacred to the Memory of 


who died April 16th 1819 

Aged 63 years. 

Also of 

CATHERINE Second wife 


who died the 17th day of January 

1787 in the 24th year of her age 

In Memory of 
Frances Catherine 

the wife of 

Charles Goodwin 

who departed this Life 

on the 30th May 1825 

in the 35th year of her age 

Elizabeth Wycliffe 

Daughter of 

Charles and Frances 

Catherine Goodwin 

Died on the 27th day of February 1825 

Aged 15 Months. 

(Also Pretyman stone circa 1660. 

SEE Prettyman Goodwin.) 


(Mourning figure) 

Beneath this marble are deposited the remains of 


Attorney at law. 

Soundness of judgement, and strictest integrity 

a peculiar suavity of manners, 

the humble faith of a Christian, 

a heart overflowing with benevolence, 

and a life given to deeds of mercy and charity, 

were the characteristics of the man, 

whose loss the town of Lynn deplores 

and to whom more than 200 of his friends 

anxious to perpetuate the lesson of his virtues 

have united to erect this monument of their esteem. 

He died on the 16th of April 1819. Aged 63 years 

(Pair of scales.) 

1600. Bridget ye daughter of Dauie Goodwin bap. 4 daye of 



1546. Thomas Dysse S. T. P. was made Vicar, the living being 
vacant by the death of Richard Goodwin on the presenta- 
tion of Thomas Neshe, Rector of the said parish. 


27 Elizabeth. September 27. Francis Goodwin, gent. 


Orate pro anima Robert Goodwyn et Sabine uxoris ejus Que 
quidem Sabina obiit xv. die Aprilis Anno Dni MCCCCCXXXII 
Quorum animabus propicietur Deus. 


Here lieth the body of Mary Rust daughter of Robert Good- 
wyn, gentleman, some time the wife of John Bacon, after the 
wife of Robert Rust, which John died 1528 and the said Robert 
died 1558 and the said Mary died 1596. 

Ethelburga quondam Filie Roberti Goodwyn Que obiit xv. 
die mensis Julij Anno Dni MVXXVII. 

(Note in the book.) Ethelburga Goodwyn was sister to Mary 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1575 Oct. 24. Robert Whithead and Agnes Goodwyn married. 
1538 Oct. 26. Robert son of Thomas Goodwyn baptised. 
1544-5 Mar. 15. Winefred Goodwyn baptised. 
1546 Sept. 18. Richard Goodwyn baptised. 
1580 Mar. 27. Mary dau. of Robert Goodwyn baptised. 
1558-9 Mar. 4. Alice Goodwyn buried. 
1582 July 24. Margaret Goodwyn buried. 



161 6. Dainell Goodsonne and Mary Gilbert were marryed the 
2 of September. ? 

1620. John Goodwyne and Grace Sheene wer maryed the xxij 
of Julye. 

1 62 1. Ellize Goodwyn and Anne Downing wer maryed the 3 of 
September. Another copy reads 1620. 

1624. Thomas Goodinge and Barbary Ryall wer maryed y* 12 
of Aprell. Another copy reads April 18. 



1618. Peter Hancock and Katherine Cowper wer marryed the 

xxij of July Anno supadict. 
1624. Simond Kidball and Agnes Cooper wer maried y* 12 of 




1610. Will™. Killit, singleman, and Katherine Pope, single- 
woman were married the 19 of June. 



1605. John Porter, singleman, and Margaret Wixe single- 
woman were married the 28 of October. Married by 
lycence fro M r . ChanceF. 



1620. Philipp Wynter and Ann Castle wer marryed the xxv th 
of June. 

Priscilla Goodwyn was buried 25 April 1659. 
Frances daughter of John Goodwin buried December 10th, 1684. 



1605/6. Thomasine the daughter of John Goodwin was baptized 

the second of March. 
1612/13. Robert the sonne of John Goo (d) win was baptized 

xiiijth of March Anno P'dict. 


1629/30. John Goodding and Elizabeth Atkins were married 
February 16th. 


1584. Margaret Goodwin S'uant with Walter ffuller was buried 

the iiijth of October. 
1598/9. Thomas Gooding senior was buried the xiij of Januarie. 
1626. Elizabeth the daughter of Robert Goodinge was buried 

xvij of September. 



1609. Margery the Daughter of Thomas Amyes second of 

1611/12. Thomasin the daughter of Thomas Amis Fifth of 

January Ao predict. 


1614. William the sonn of Thomas Amis was baptised the xxiij 
of Aprill. 

1621. John the son of Mathusalem Amys was baptised thee xxij 
of Aprill. 

1623. Edward sonn of Mathusalem Amys was baptised thee xj 

of August. 
1630. William son of Mathusale' Amis Octob : 23. 


1577. William Amis and Fayth Chapline were married the iij of 
November Anno p'dicto. 


1570. John the sonn of William Amis was buried the xxj of 

Aprill 1570. 
1579. Katherin Amys was buried the xxvj of August. 
161 1. Margery the daughter of Thomas Amys was buried the 

16 of Aprill Anno p'dcto. 
161 7. Thomasyne the daughter of Thomas Amyes was buried 

ixth of June. 

1622. John the son of Matthew Amis was buried the xxj of 

Sibbell the daughter of Mathusalem Amis the vj of June 
was buried. 
1627. David the sone of Mathusalem Amys buryed December 



1595/6. William the sonne of John Ancell was baptized the 

xxvti of ffebruarie Ano Dni 1595. 
1603. Samuell the sonn of John Ansell was baptised the xviij of 

161 1. Anne the daughter of Peter Ansell was baptised the ffifth 

of Januarie Anno Predict. 
1616. Jane the daughter of John Ansell was baptised the xiijjth 

of Februarie. 
1616. Rose the daughter of Peter Ansell was baptised the xvijth 

of Maye. 
1 61 6. Marye the daughter of Peter Ansell was baptised the 

second of June. 


1619. Elizabeth daughter of John Ansell was baptised the iiijth 
of October. 

1620. John the sonne of Peter Ansell was baptised the xxti of 

1624. John the sonn of John Ansell was baptised iij of March 

anno p'dict. 
1626. Samuell the sonn of Matthew Ansell was baptised the 

vijth of June. 
1629. Mary the daughter of Matthew Ansell was baptised May 



1607/8. Peeter Thacker and Anne Ancell were marryed the 
xxiiijth of Januariye Ao p'dict. 


1596. Jone the daughter of John Ancell was buryed the xv of 

1606. John Ancell was buryed the last day of Maye 1606. 

Anne the daughter of Peter Ansell was buryed the xxviij 

of Marche Ao pd. 
1620. Rose the daughter of Peter Ansell was buried the viij of 


1618. Mary the daughter of Peeter Ansell was buried the xiiij 
of September Ao pdic. 

1619. Jane the daughter of John Ansell was buried the xxviijth 
of Aprill. 

1624. Maister Peter Ansell was buryed the xvj of Maye Anno 

1624. Jane the daughter of John x^nsell was buried the xviij of 


John Ansell was buryed the xxiij of August. 
1628. Thomas the sonn of Mathew Ansell buryed June 9th. 
1630/31. Judith ye wife of Robert Ansell was buryed March ye 

1630/31. Robert the sonne of Mathew Ansell was buryed March 

ye 21th. 
1632. Thomas ye sonne of Mathew Ansell was buryed October 

ye 27th. 
1634/5. Peeter the sonne of Mathew Ansell was buryed Marche 

the 15th. 




1637. John Churchman and Mary Alleinn maryed May 10. 


1629. Rohert Coe and Ann Fi field, July 15. 


1629. Augustine Greene and Barbara Smyth June 29. 

Augustine Woods, gent, and Ann Greene Sept : 10. 


1 589. Robert Grene was buried the last of October. 

1603. William the sone of Esdras Grene was buryed the same 

daye (24 May). 
1608. Erne the daughter of Mathew Grene was buried the 

xviijth of Maye. 



Rose Kemp of the poore howse was buried the third of Aprill 



1557. John the sonne of Miles White was baptized the xxviijth 
of Maye Anno p'dict. 


1629. Hugh White and Ann Mann maryed April 2,y. 



1582/3. Robertus Goodwin et Sara Tesemond coniuncti erant 
matrimonio xxiiij January. 



1 571. Helena Crowe sepulti fuit vicesimo nono die Maij. 

1572, Ave Crowe Sepulti fuit xxviijth Octobris. 




1589 October 9. Richard Cowp' and Katheren Jonson married. 

1608 June 27. Mary Overton, widow, buried. 


Thomas Woodward ye Parson. (1st entry in book.) 

John Woodward sonne of Thomas Woodward aforesaid borne 
upon Thursday ye second day of Octobre and baptized ye 
fyfte day, John Foxe, Robert Cowp, Margaret Whitfield 
and Helen Joyner sureties or godfathers and godmothers 

Richard Woodward the sonne of Thomas Woodward and Rose 
his wiffe was borne vpon Saterday beinge the xxth day of 
May betweene six and vij of the clocke ye morning and 
baptized the xxjth daye beinge Juliane the Virgine daye 
his sureties Richard Nixon, Richard Wood, Edward Med- 
calfe. 1592. 

Luke Woodward ye sonne of Thomas Woodward and Rose his 
wyffe borne the twelft daye of October being Satterday 
about foure of the clocke in the afternoone and baptized 
the xviijth beinge St. Lukes daye. Sureties Thomas 
Heach, Thomas Disscoll Bowyer Mris Anne Tomson 

Elizabeth Woodward daughter of Thomas Woodward buried 25 

April 1595. 
William Woodward buried 9 August 1586. 



1619. Susan ye Daughter of Richard Gooddines baptised 28 

1621. Ann ye daughter of Richard Goodwine baptised 11 



1618. Richard Goodings and Priscilla Fowlsome married 11 



1 599/ 1 600. Danyel Amis son of Wyllyam Amis was buried 15 



1589 September 17. William Eggloston son of Sylvester Eg- 
gloston baptised. 

1591 September 5. Thomas Eggloston son of Sylvester Eg- 
gloston baptised. 

1593 April 20. Catherine daughter of Sylvester Eggloston. 

1599 April 29. Edward son of Sylvester Egloston baptised. 

1595 March 7. Anne daughter of Sylvester Eggloston baptised. 

1612. James the sonne of Baggit Egleston was baptised the xiij 

161 3/14. Mary ye daughter of Bagget Ecleston baptized xixth 

1621. John ye sonne of Edward Egglestone baptised 11 Novem- 

1624. Edward the sonne of Edward Eggleston baptised 5 


1593. Thomas Eggloston son of Syluester Eggloston 21 June. 

1598. Anne Eggleston daughter of Syluester Eggleston 1 April. 

1599. Wyllyam Eggleston son of Syluester Eggleston 2 May. 
1599. Syluester Egelston the sune of Siluester Eggleston was 

buried 3 November. 
1612. Siluester Egleston Buried the xxvijth September Ao pr. 

1 61 2. Anne Eggleston, widow, buryed the iiijth of October 
ao pd. 

161 3. James the sonne of Bagett Ecleston was buried xvth of 

1580. Frances Throgmarton, apprentice with John Kyrbye, 
buryed ye iijth of April Ao Pd'. 


1 560-1 March 12. Christopher Goodwin, son of Mr. 





1544. William Russell and Joane Goodwin 13 July. 

1577. Jermyn Goodwyn of Blicklyn and Mary Lavyle of Wack- 

ton widow. Bishops licence last of November. 
1642. Samuel Girling and Mary Goodwin 6 June. 



[607/08 March 20. Rose ye daughter of John Goodwin scrive- 
ner and Thomasin his wife. 


1544 March 6. William Moke seruant wth John Goodwin 



1538/9 5 February. Joha Goodewyn filia Alicie Goodewyn. 
1552/3 25 March. Thomas Goodwyn films Roberti Goodwyn. 
1553 26 May. Elizabeth Goodwyn filia Robti Goodwyn. 
1558 28 March. Thomas Goodwyn films Robti Goodwyn. 
1558/9 23 January. Margarete Goodwyn filia Robti Goodwyn. 
1560 20 December. Elizabeth Goodwyn filia Robti Goodwyn. 
1562 11 October. Rychardus filius Roberti Goodwyn. 


1593 June 28. Edwyn Goodwyn of Disse in com Norff etc. 

Anne Nvne of Risagles in countie of Suff. soluta per 

1608 October 2. Richard Myller and Audry Goodwyn were 


1626 November 16. Thomas Goodwine of Ashbockinge in Suf- 

folk and Ann Rayner of Heviston in Suffolk pr licen'. 

1627 May 25. John Goodinge of Soule in Suffolk, yoman, and 

Mary Parker of the same Towne, widd. p' licencs. 



1550. Sexto Maij Cecilia Goodwy' vx Johis Goodwyn. 
1552. vicesi nono Augustis Thomas Goodwyn Alius Roberti 


1637 October 5. Thomas Eccleston and Joane Camplinge by 



1635 July 31. John Goodwin. 



1 741 August 14. Richard son of Robert and Elizabeth Goodens. 


Marget Goodwin christened ye 9 of January 1559. 
Elizabeth Godden was christened ye 2 day of March 1559. 
Myles Goodwyne was christened ye 20 of June 1563. 
Samson Godden was christened ye 7 October 1565. 
Elizabeth Goodwyn was christened ye 2 day of March 1566. 
Margaret Goodwyne was christened ye 23 of Aprill 1570. 
Elizabeth Goodwin was christened ye 26 of October 1570. 
John Goodwin was christened ye 20 of August 1571. 
Marye Goodwin was christened ye 2 of August 1573. 
Thomas Goodwin was christened ye 26 of March 1575. 
Thomas Goodwin was christened ye 14 of October 1576. 
Lucye Goodwin was christened ye 26 of Maye 1577. 
Roger Goodwin was baptized ye 21 of February 1577. 
Roger Goodwin was christened ye 10 of July 1579. 
Fransis Goodwin was christened ye 24 December 1581. 
Nicholas Goodwin the sonne of William Goodwin was baptized 

the 28 of April 1583. 
Fransis the sonne of William Goodwin was baptized the 19 of 

September 1585. 


Marye the daughter of Edward Goodwin baptized ye 8 of August 

Sara the daughter of Edward Goodwin baptized the 18 of Janu- 
ary 1603. 
Elizabeth the daughter of Edward Goodwin baptized the 23 of 

December 1604. 
Thomas the son of Edward Goodwin baptized the 29 of Noueber 

Peter (Elias Goodwin the reputed father) baptized the 22 Jone 

Susan the daughter of Edward Goodwin baptized ye 17 of Aprill 

Anne the daughter of Edward Goodwin baptized 17 of January 

Anne the daughter of Edward Goodwin baptized 13 of Aprill 

Elizabeth the daughter of Roger Goodwin baptized 12 July 161 2. 
William the sonne of Thomas Goodwines and Elizabeth his wife 

was baptized the 5 of January 1631. 
Edward the sonne of Thomas Goodwins and Elizabeth his wife 

was baptized 14 of November 1633. 
Robert the sonne of Thomas Goodwin and Elizabeth his wife 

was baptized the 27 of October 1635. 
Thomas the sonne of Thomas Goodwin and Elizabeth his wife 

was baptized the 19 day of February Anno Domini 1657. 
Margaret the daughter of William Goodwine and Anier his wife 

baptized the 3 of March 1638. 
Marie the daughter of Thomas Goodwin, deceased and Elizabeth 

his wife was baptized the 12 day of January 1639. 
Ann the daughter of William Goodwins and Anier his wife was 

baptized the 15 of November 1641. 


Thomas Goodwin and Alice Gant were maryed ye 22 of June 

William Goodwin and Agnes Stanforth were maryed ye x of 
July 1569. 

Thomas Cowper and Alyece Goodwin were maryed ye 19 Octo- 
ber 1572. 


Christopher Stanforth and Anne Goodwin of North Glemen, 

Suffolk, were maryed ye 22 of October 1587. 
John Haisting of Long Stratton and Marye Goodwin were 

maryed the 18 of September 1597. 
George Mollet of Barro and Lucye Goodwin were maryed the 28 

of November 1598. 
Andrea Bare and Margaret Goodwin were maryed the 14 of 

October 1599. 
Robert Goate and Anne Goodwin were maryed the 4 of Maye 

John Goodwin and Marye Paulmer were maryed the 15 of Julye 

Robart Trevet and Marye Goodwin were maryed the 11 day of 

October 1613. 


Elizabeth Goodwin was buryed the 29 of June 1567. 

Roger Goodwin was buryed ye 8 of July 1571. 

Roger Goodwin was buryed ye 26 of July 1578. 

Fransis Goodwin was buryed the 29 of December 1581. 

John Goodwin was buryed ye 23 of Maye 1585. 

Nicholas Goodwin was buryed ye 24 of June 1587. 

Fransis Goodwin was buryed the 29 of June 1587. 

Katheren Goodwin, widow, was buryed the 23 of Aprill (1588?). 

Willm Goodwin was buryed the 13 of February 1600. 

Alice Goodwin was buryed the second of August 1602. 

Sara Goodwin was buryed the 14 of January 1603. 

Thomas Goodwin was buryed the 15 of August 1610. 

Anne Goodwin was buryed the 5 of March 1610. 

Joane Goodwin was buryed the 17 of March 1610. 

Elizabeth Goodwin was buryed the 18 of July 1612. 

Dorothye Goodwin was buryed the first of Maye 1613. 

Dorothie Goodwin was buryed the 14 of January 1614. 

Edward Goodwine was buried the 29 of September 1630. 

Elisabeth the daughter of Thomas Goodwins was buryed (28?) 

of May 1632. 
Thomas Goodwin was buried the 17 of December 1639. 
Robert Goodwins was buryed the 21 day of March 1641. 
William Goodwine was Bered the 25 of August 1654. 

1601. Edward Goodwin, Churchwarden. 

1602. Edward Goodwin, Churchwarden. 


(Copy of an entry of baptism in the parish register.) 
Anno 1600. Tomas soon of Rychard Gooddyns was borne the 
v of October and was baptized the vii day of ye month. 
[Note added to the effect that the said Thomas was a famous 
nonconformist minister in the time of Oliver Cromwell.] 

1578-9 20 February. Thomas Goodwin and Katherine Mund- 

ham married. 
1599 16 July. Anna Goodwin buried. 
1578 16 June. Alice Goodwin buried. 
1588 7 May. Thomas Goodwin and Anna Sadwin married. 

1604 7 October. Nathaniel Goodwyn and Stephana King mar- 


1605 14 July. Thomas son of Nathaniel and Stephana Good- 

wyn baptized. 

1606 ( — ) April. Katherine Goodwyn buried. 

1607 12 May. Sarah daughter of Nathaniel and Stephana 

Goodwyn baptized. 

1608 5 November. Thomas Goodwin buried. 

1610 24 June. Nathaniel Goodwyn buried. 

161 1 6 May. John Hall of Swafham and Stephana Goodwyn 

1630 11 April. Anna daughter of Thomas Goodwyn and Anne 

his wife baptized. 
1636 20 June. Nathaniel son of Thomas Goodwyn and Anne 

his wife baptized. 



1564 December 12. Bridgend daughter of Clement Coe. 
1569 April 6. Clement son of Clement Coe. 
1 581/2 February 11. Elizabeth daughter of Clement Coe. 
(To 1610.) 


I 5^S June 13. Clemens Coe and Agnes Kerrie. 

1573 October 12. Richard Hadden and Agnes Cobbes. 


1589 June 19. Gregorie Baxter and Joane Goodwyn. 
(To the end of 1610.) 


1578 May 18. Robert son of Clement Coe. 
1597/8 February 21. Agnes wife of Clement Coe. 
1603 May 31. William Sewell. 



1619 December 26. John son of Thomas Goodwin, junior. 
1623/4 March 4. Ann daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth 


1602 April 13. Thomas Gooddyngs and Frances Holland, 

1619 July 1. Thomas Goodwin and Margaret Tongate. 
1622 October 2. George Bird and Margaret Goodwin. 
1626/7 January 15. Thomas Goodwin, widower, and Elena 

Dance, widow. 


1626 May 4. Margerie wife of Thomas Goodwin. 

1626 May 15. Benjamin son of Thomas Goodwin. 

1627 May 17. Elena wife of Thomas Goodwin. 
1634 August 22. Thomas Goodwin, widower. 

1663 20 March. Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Gooding and 
Margaret his wife baptized. 

1665 2 7 December. Stephen son of Thomas Gooding and Mar- 

garet his wife baptized. 

1666 25 August. Wife of Thomas Gooding buried. 

1667 20 October. John son of Thomas Gooding and Margaret 

his wife baptized. 

1667 16 November. Thomas Gooding and Margorie Wilson 


1668 5 November. Thomas son of Thomas Gooding and Mar- 

garett his wife baptized. 


1669 18 December. An wif of Thomas Gooding's buried. 
1 670-1 17 March. Thomas Gooding buried. 

1672 26 December. Margaret daughter of Thomas Goodin and 

Margaret his wife baptized. 

1673 16 May. Margaret daughter of Thomas Gooding buried. 

1673 20 July. Robert Graffen and Ann Gudden of Shantony 

Man, married. 

1674 5 October. John Gray and Elizabeth Goodin married. 
1681-2 31 January. Margaret Goodin buried. 

(others later.) 



1 561 April 2"]. Roger son of John Goodwin. 
1563 April 12. Mary daughter of John Goodwin. 
1566 July 21. Ela daughter of John Goodwin. 
1 570-1 February 6. Edwin son of John Goodwin. 

(Goslin a frequent name in this parish register.) 
1 591 September 8. Thomas son of Roger Goodwin. 
1593 November 1. John son of Roger Goodwin. 
1594-5 January 19. Margaret daughter of Roger Goodwin. 
1596 October 31. Anne daughter of Roger Goodwin. 
1598 September 17. Mary daughter of Roger Goodwin. 
1600 May 13. Elizabeth daughter of Roger Goodwin. 
1602 September 16. Thomas son of Francis Goodwin. 


1539 September 5. Richard Caron and Agnes Goodwin. 
1552-3 February 1. John Goodwin and Elizabeth Lowdale. 
1572 August 31. John Goodram(?) and Ellenor Selfe. 
1587-8 February 19. Francis Dodham and Mary Goodwin. 


1 541, 1542, 1589, 1594, 1627. 



1588 June 24. Richard Goodwyn and Bridgett Kyrkeman. 




1573 5 July. William Goodwyn and Elynor Wythwood. 

CO. NORFOLK. • 1559-1653. 


1593 July 25. John Goodynne son of John Goodynne. 

1595 April 23. William Goodwyn son of Robert Goodwyn. 

1596 October 16. Thomas Goodwyn son of Robert Goodwyn. 
1598 November 20. Joane daughter of Thomas Goodwine. 
1600 October 2. Thomas son of Thomas Goodwin. 

1602 April 7. Christopher Goodwin son of Christopher Good- 


1603 September 20. John Goodwin son of Christopher Good- 


1604 March 3. Willm Goodwin son of Christopher Goodwin. 
1621 November 8. John son of John Goodwin. 

1623 September 14. Robert son of John Goodwin. 
1625 November 19. John son of Joh Goodwin. 

1629 May 21. Thomas son of John Goodwin. 

1630 January 13. Ann daughter of John Goodwin. 
1632 September 20. Leuce daughter of John Goodwin. 


161 5 September 14. Richard Weasnam and Susan Goodwin. 


1605/6 March 20. Elysabeth wife of Christopher Goodwin, 

1620 October - — ? Margarett Goodwin, widow. 

1625 November 20. Ann wife of John Goodwin. 

1632 June 24. Thomas Goodwine. 

1638 September 10. Anne Goodwine daughter of John Good- 



1568 April 15. Margaret Gooding daughter of John Gooding. 




1570/71 January. Wyllyam Goodwynne sonne of Vyncent and 

Alyce, 5. 
1572 March. Vyncent Goodwyn sonne of Vyncent and Alyce, 27. 
( Note : — Vincent Wright and Margaret Lyngwood married 24 
June 1574. 
4 Osey Harrison and Alyce Woodward married 23 Nov. 1575.) 

1 581 July. Robert Goodden sonne of Adam and , 15. 

1586 September. Jone Goodwyn daughter of Adam and Ellen, 23. 
1 591 August. Rychard Goodens sonn of Adam and Ellen, 11. 
1626 November. Thomas Goodings of Thos. and Jane, 15. 
1629 May. Arthur Goodins of Tho: and Jane, 26. 


1558 August. Rychard Goodwyn and Jone Hawe. 
(Note: 1578 Thomas Green and Margery Haw 7 Nov.) 
1 59 1. Oseas Wigham and Katherine Whelshouse, 13 Sept. 
(1569. Ozyou Lante buried 3 November.) 
1597/8 January. Adam Goodwyn and Elizabeth Warde, 30. 
1607 November. Thomas Goodwynn and Judith Achesonne, 2. 
1 610 December. William Harris and Agnes Goodings, 27. 
1 61 5 September. Gilbert Browne and Mary Goodwyn, 26. 


1564/5 March. Cyceley Goodwyn, 24. 
1572 December. Hugh Goodwyn, 30. 

1579 July (plague, nearly 1000 burials a month). Jone Good- 
ens, 16. 

October. Robert Goodens a Westr, 20. 
1584 May. Robert Gooden sonne of Adam. 
1584/5 January. Sampson Goodwin scrv. Colmans, 15. 
1586 May. John Goodwyns, 6. 
1588/9 February. Margaret Goodwyn, 25. 
1590 May. John Goodens, 12. 

August. Robert Gooden, 12. 
1597 August. Rychard Goodwyn, 28. 

November. Ellyn Goodwyn, 21. 
(Vrsula Adams buried 8 August 1598.) 
1625 December. Elizabeth Goodins — ancilla, 14. 


1626 September. Robert Goodings, puer, 19. 
January. John Goodins, adolescens, 29. 
1655 July. Thomas Gooden, 18. 



January 1 600/1 601. Rycharde Pottes sonne of Ozyas and Kath- 
eryn 18. 



1614 May. Ozias Wiggams 16. 

(Add. MS. British Museum 34559.) 


1588 August 1. Rychard Goodwyn and Jone Hawe. 
1597 January 30. Adam Goodwyn and Elizabeth Warde. 

1604 May 25. Roger Ingle and Johan Goodin. 

1605 January 28. John Goodwin and Elizabeth Hussie. 
1607 November 2. Thomas Goodwyn and Judith Achesonne. 
1610 December 27. William Harris and Agnes Goodinge. 


(From MSS. of James Hargrave Harrison of Burgh Castle, 

B.M. MSS. Room.) 


1558 August I. Rychard Goodwyn and Jone Hawe. 
1604 Maye 28. Roger Ingle and Johan Goodin. 
1607 Nov. 2. Thomas Goodwyn and Judith Achesonne. 
1 610 Dec. 27. William Harris and Agnes Goodinge. 



1577 May 9. William son of Lawrence and Agnes Kempe. 
1600 September 5. John Goodwyn the son of Thomas Good- 



1593 July 11. Elizabeth Kempe, gentlewoman, a nurse-child. 

1598 December 26. Thomas Kempe. 

1604 May 22. Richard Brett son of Edwarde Brett. 

161 5 September 19. Joone Brett, widow. 

Marriages to 1597 only — the rest missing till late in 17 cen- 
tury. Register bound in much disorder, but Baptisms and 
Burials apparently complete. 

Baptisms begin 1562. Marriages and Burials 1610. 


1598 November 17. Alice daughter of John Goodwyn. 
1601 November 15. John son of John Goodwyn. 
1604 December 9. Dorothy daughter of John Goodwyn. 
1607 October 18. Anna daughter of John Goodwyn. 
1633 June 5. John son of John Goodwyn. 
1636 September 4. Ann daughter of John Goodwyn. 
1639 October 20. Elizabeth daughter of John Goodwyn. 
1644 November 1. Arthur son of John Goodwyn. 

1639 December 6. William Goodwin. 
1642 December 10. Rachell Goodwin. 

p. 114. 1595. John Godden paid levy XXIIId. 
p. 126. 25 April 1603. John Goodwine paid levy Xlld. 
p. 131. 1604-5. J onn Goodwyn was churchwarden, also John 

Goodwyn paid a levy 3d, and rendered his account as 

churchwarden April 1605. 



1 5^7 J u ^y 3 1 - John Coles and Jeyes Goodden. 

1643 April 23. John Goodwin and Anne Prestwidge. 


Archdeaconry of Northampton. No. 10 Peterborough 
Diocesan Registry. 
Folio 7 1598. Richard Goodwine, churchwarden, sworn. 

Mr. William Ellmes, sonne and heire of Thomas Ellmes, Esq. 

and Mrs. Margite Goodine were married the 24 th day of 

February 161 3-14. 



Thomas Goodwin the sonne of James Goodwin and Anne his wife 
was borne the ninth day of December 1660 and baptized 
the 10 day of June (Jan.? F. F. S.) 1660. 


1602 April 19. Ales Goodwyn. 

Thomas Goodden and Doretie Ward married 10 June 1616. 



1589 August 31. Catherine daughter of Nycholas Godwin. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1587-8 Mar. 24. Margaret daughter of Mr. Edward Goodwin 

1586 Nov. 7. Mrs. Jone Goodwin, widow, buried. 
1588-9 Mar. 24. Margaret ux. Mr. Edward Goodwin, Sheriff, 




From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1633 July 4. John Bays, Clerk, and Julian Goodwine married. 



1547. Alizabeth Goodwin baptized the second daye of August. 

1549. Annes Goodwin baptized the III daye of Aprill. 

1553. Richard Goodwin baptized the IHIth daye of December. 

1556. Richard Goodwin baptized the IHIth daye of March. 

1561. Annes Goodwin baptized the XXIIth of March. 

1564. William Goodwin baptized the Illlth daye of februarie. 

1567. Denis Goodwin baptized the XXth daye of februarie. 

1570. John Goddwin baptized the second day of March. 

1574. Richard Goodwin baptized the Xth daye of Aprill. 

1579. Thomas Goodwin baptized the XVIIth daye of October. 

1592. Alice Goodwin baptized the XVth daye of Aprill. 

1601. John Goodwin ye sonn of Richard baptized ye XXVIIth 
of August. 

1602. William Goodwin ye sonn of Will : baptized ye XXVIIth 
of mar. 

1603. Elizabeth Goodwin the daughter of Richard baptized the 
XXIXth daye of Maye. 

1605. Anne Goodwin the daughter of Richard baptized ye V 

daye of Maye. 

John Goodwin the sonn of William baptized ye XXIXth 

daie of September. 
1608. Jane Goodwin the daughter of William baptized the 

XHIIth daye of Januarie. 

Joshua Goodwin baptized me ( ? Xlth) day of October. 
1613. Alice Goodwine baptized the 10 day of June. 
1615. Helen Goodwin baptized the 25 daye of November. 
1620. Thomas Goodwine baptized the 29 daye of December. 
1622. William Goodwine the sonne of William Goodwine of 

Horneton baptized the 24th daye of June. 
1625. Robert Goodwine baptized the 8 day of August anno 1625. 
1633. William Goodwine the sonn of Beniamine Goodwine bap- 
tized the 2 day of June. 
I 635- Joanna Goodwine baptized the 11 day of October. 


1636. Thomas Goodwine the son of Beniamine Goodwine, bap- 
tized the 6 daye of Januarie. 
1639. Joseph Goodwine the sonne of Beniamine Goodwine bap- 
tized the twentie eighth day of July. 
1641. Elizabeth Goodwine and Marie Goodwine daughters of 

Beniamine Goodwine baptized the first day of November. 
1643 Hanna Goodwine the daughter of Beniamine Goodwine 

baptized the 3 day of April. 
1646. Symon Goodwin the sonne of Thomas Goodwin and 

Joane his wife was baptized November ( — ) (sic) 1647. 
1649. John the sonne of Benjamin Goodwin and Hannah his 

wife was baptized August the 4th 1649. 
1655. Hannah the daughter of William Goodwine and Annah 

his wife was baptized May the 18th 1655. 
1655. Thomas the sonne of Thomas Goodwin and Loticia his 

wife was baptized October the 23rd. 
1657. William the sonn of William Goodwin and Annah his 

wife was baptized August the 14th. 
1659. Anna the daughter of William Goodwyn and Anna his 

wife was baptized the 22 day of July. 
1 66 1. Richard the sonne of William Goodwyn was baptized the 

15th day of November. 
1663-4. John the sonn of William Goodwyn and Anna his wife 

was baptized the 10 of January. 
1669. Samuel Goodwin the sonne of William Goodwin and 

Annah his wife was baptized ye 13th Sept. 
1674. Mary the daughter of William Goodwyn and Ann his 

wife born ye 13th of November baptized the 15th day. 
1692-3. Alice Goodwine the daughter of Will: Goodwine and 

Mary his wife born the 25 of January (baptized?) Feb. 

ye 5- 

1697. William the son of Samuel Goodwin and Ann his wife 
borne the 19th of September baptized the same day. 

1699. Mary Goodwin the daughter of Wm. Goodwin, farmer, 
and Mary his wife born the 10th of November and bap- 
tized November 16th. 

1699-00. John the son of Sam 11 . Goodwin, farmer, and Ann his 
wife born the 17th day of March, baptized the 24th of ye 
same month, his father a farmer. 



1587. John Bourton and Denis Goodwin married the of 


1601. William Goodwin and Alice Urren married the XXIIII 
of Maye. 

1602. William Goodwin and Frances Barton married the XVIth 
of November. 

1618. William Goodwine and Jone Lydyat the daughter of 

William Lydyat maryed the 8 daye of Februarie. 
1626. John Spencer and Elizabeth Goodwin maryed the XVII 

of October. 
1630. Beniamine Goodwin and Hanna Lydyat maried the ( ? 21 

or 26th) day of May. 
(Thomas Lydiat Rector 1612-46.) 
1635. Thomas Southam and Jane Goodwine marryed the first 

day of November. 
1654. William Goodwin and Annah Turner were married May 

the 18th. Nathaniell Whatelay justice of peace beinge 

present att the marriage to pronounce the parties man and 

wife accordinge to the present law in force. 
1 69 1. John Goodwin ye son of William Goodwin married Ann 

Tredwel of Epwell, April ye 25. 
1696. Joseph Lovedren of Great Barford and Mary Goodwin 

of this town married the second of November. 
1696. Samuel Goodwin of Alkerton and Ann Wyton of Hook- 

norton married the 20th of December. 


1549. Elizabeth Goodden buried ye second daye of December. 

1590. Henry Gooden buried the XXVII day of Maye. 

1 59 1. Thomas Goodden buried the XHIIth of Januarye. 
1600. Alice Goodden buried the Vj daye of December. 
1602. Alice Goodden buried the Vljth daie of Aprill. 

1 619. Helen Goodwine buried the 20 day of Januarie. 
1624. Robert Goodwine buryed the 15 day of March. 
1628. Alice Goodwyn the daughter of William Goodwyn buried 

the ninth day of Aprill. 
1628. William Goodwyn, pauper, buried May the eighteenth 

Anno Dom : 


1637. William Goodwine, the elder, buryed the 2 daye of Sep- 

1640. Joseph Goodwine buryed the first day of March. 

1647. Johannah Goodwin eldest daughter of Benja: Goodwin 
was buryed Feb. the 22nd. 

1653. Elizabeth Goodwin daughter to Benjamin Goodwin was 
buryed the 23rd June. 

1659. Anna the daughter of William Goodwin and Anna his 
wife was buried December the 28th. 

1 66 1. Joseph Goodwyn was buried the first day of Aprill. 

1688. William Goodwin ye aged buried November 28 A. D. 

1691. Annah Goodwin ye wife of William Goodwin was buried 
ye 4th of June. 

William son of William Gooding baptised 26 March 1606. 

Baptisms begin September 1548. (A gap 1557-62) down to 

1621, a transcript of that date searched to 1660. 

1 581 August. Richard Goodwin the sonne of Richard Goodwyn 
was baptised ye 20th daye. 

1585 September. John Goodwyn ye sonne of Richard Goodwin 
was christened ye 17th daye. 

1589 Julie. Alice Goodwin ye daughter of Richard Goodwin 
was baptised ye 30th day. 

1 591 December. Thomas Goodwin ye sonne of Richard Good- 
win was baptised ye 17th daie. 

Marriages begin October 1552. (A transcript down to 1620.) 
A gap 1615-1618: also 1642-1654. Searched to 1660. 
1 619 Julye. Richard Goodwyn and Margarett Partlett were 
married the First daye. 

.Burials begin October 1548 (a transcript down to 1619). 
Searched to 1660. 
1598 July. Richard Goodwin the sonne of Richard Goodwyn 

was buried the 29th day. 
1632 July. Richard Goodwin was buried the 6th day. 



Folio 9. EGLETON, RUTLAND. Anthony Goodwyn, church- 
warden, sworn. 

Folio 12. UPPINGHAM, RUTLAND. Robert Goodwine, 
sidesman, sworn. 



1564 May 16. Roger Churchman and Joice Braddock. 
1592 April 2. William Churchman and Johan Giles. 



1638 January 24. George son of Matthew Overton and Joan. 

1639 March 20. Elinor daughter of Matthew and Joan Over- 



1 641 June 16. Richard Richards and Ann Overton. 


1638 March 16. George son of Matthew Overton and Joan. 



1557 October 18. Rychard son of John Overton. 

1560 November 13. John son of John Overton. 

1563 January 12. Thomas son of John Overton. 

1567 May 20. Thomas son of John Overton. 

1569 December 11. Elnor daughter of John Overton. 

1574 July 21. Frances son of John Overton. 

1595 June 30. Thomas base son of Thomas Overton and Alyce 

1600 January 20. Agnes filia Ricardi Overton. 
1602 May 9. Thomas Alius of Ricardi Overton. 


1605 June 24. Johanne son of Ricardi Overton. 

1633 December 20. Frances daughter of Frances and Mrgerie 

1684 August 31. Margerie daughter of George and Eleanor 



1579 October 9. Thomas nyckols and Elizabeth Overton. 
1599 January 31. Ricardus Overton and Isabeth Croft. 
1655 June 23. Richard Walker and Anne daughter of John 


1564 April 30. Thomas son of John Overton. 

1594 March 10. John Overton. 

1605 July 16. Isabella uxor Ricardi Overton. 

161 7 February 14. Margaret uxor of Thomas Overton. 

1640 February 14. Thomas Overton. 

1648 May 29. Margerie wife of Frances Overton. 

1655 March 21. The widow Overton. 

Thomas Overton, a sidesman 1605/6, Churchwarden 1618/9, 



1665 March 11. Charles son of Charles Overton and Elizabeth 
of Little Stretton. 


1665 October 16. Jone Overton. 

1667 April 8. Elizabeth wife of Charles Overton of Little 



1613 March 25. John son Lawrence Goodwyne. 


1592 December 10. Ellinor daughter of Walter Overtone. 

1595 August 24. Jane daughter of Walter Overtone. 


1599 September 7. John son of Walter Overtone. 
1601 February 16. Jone daughter of Walter Overtone. 
1605 May 5. Edward son of Walter Overtone. 

1610 November 19. Thomas son of Walter Overtone. 

161 1 April 1. Margery daughter of Mary Overton. 
1614 August 14. Frances daughter of Walter Overtone. 


161 1 April 2. Margery daughter of Mary Overton. 
161 1 April 1. Mary Overton. 



1620 December( — ). ( ) son of Margaret Goodwin. 


1696 February 4. William Edwards, clerk, and Mrs. Elizabeth 


1620 December 25. ( ) son of Margaret Goodin. 




1619 February 6. Francisci fil. Francisci Churchman. 
1621 February 24. Rogerus filius Francisci Churchman. 
1623 March (7?). Katherine Fransisci Churchman de Clon- 

1629 May 3. Johannis filius(a?) Francisci Churchman? 

1632 . John son Francis Churchman. 

1631 August 21. Richard son of Francis Churchman and 

1677 April 22. Francis son of Francis Churchman and Joan. 
1684 March 20. Thomas son of Francis Churchman and Joan. 
1697 J une J 7- Hannah daughter of Francis Churchman and 



1 61 7 January 28. Franciscus Churchman et Johanna Philips. 
1621 June 16. Richardus Gough et Margaretta Churchman. 


1 618 January 7. Antonius Churchman. 

1676 May 11. Roger Churchman. 

1697 March 3. Hannah daughter of Francis Churchman and 




1660 October 7. Margaret daughter of John Churchman and 

Margaret. (John Churchman churchwarden.) 

1 661 August 20. Margaret daughter of Richard Churchman 

and Dorothy. 
1663 December 20. Mary daughter of John Churchman and 

1668 May 15. Aaron son of Richard Churchman and Dorothy. 
1678 March 15. Henry son of Richard Churchman and Mary. 

1680 January 3. The daughter of Richard Churchman and 

(1681 March 14. Hannah daughter of Richard Churchman and 
Mary.) baptised? 

1683 May 1. Moses son of Richard Churchman and Mary. 

1684 May 4. Thomas son of Richard Churchman and Mary. 

1685 March 23. Frances daughter of Richard Churchman and 

1687 October 30. Dorothy daughter of Richard Churchman 

and Mary. 
1691 May 27. Benjamin son of Richard Churchman and Mary. 


1677 November 11. Richard Squire and Miriam Churchman. 


1668 May 23. Dorothy wife of Richard Churchman. 
1672 July 19. Martha daughter of John Churchman and Mar- 

1 68 1 April 6. Henry son of Richard Churchman and Mary. 
1684 May 10. Moses son of Richard Churchman and Mary. 
1696 April 17. Richard Churchman. 




1560. Rector, Edward Churchman. Patron, Humphrey Hyde. 


1683 January 28. Joan Churchman. 



1578 4 June. William Churchman son of Richard Churchman. 

1582 Quinto die mensis Julij. Josepus Churchman filius Rich- 

ardi Churchman et Johane ux. ejus renuatus fuit. 

1583 Vicessimo septimo die mensis Julij. Josephus Churchman 

fili' Ric. Churchman renuatus fuit. 
1584-5 Vicessimo die mensis Febriearij. Osias Churchman filius 

Richardi Churchman renuatus Fuit. 
1588 13 September. Ann Churchman daughter of Richard 


1 591 ? August. Elizabeth Churchman daughter of Richard 


1592 10 December. Mary Churchman daughter of Richard 

1596 1 September. Adah Churchman daughter of Richard 

1614 17 July. Margaret Churchman daughter of Joseph 

Churchman of Long Stanton. 
1 61 9 31 July. Richard Churchman son of Joseph Churchman. 


1598 20 November. William Churchman of Hungerford took 

to himself for wife Frances Ow'ton of Oxenbolde. 
1 61 4 25 May. George Woller and Ann Churchman. 


1578 4 August. William Churchman filius Richardi Church- 

1582 Decimo nono Julij predictus. Josephus Churchman egit 
sup'ma et sepultus fuit. 


1612 7 March. Frances Churchman daughter of Joseph Church- 

man of Long Stanton. 
161 8. Johanne Churchman uxor Richardi Churchman de Longa 

Stanton egit suprema et sepultus fuit. 
1 62 1. Richardus Churchman clericus et Hujus ecclesie vicarius 

sepultus fuit quarto die Augusti anno predicto. 



1575 3 August. x\ndrew Owten son of John Owten. 

1584 18 April. Maurice Ou'ton Alius Johannis Ou'ton de Oxen- 

1622? 25 December. Priscilla Overton daughter of Maurice 
Overton and Jane his wife. 


1589 14 February. Thomas Ou'ton of Chetton and Joane 

1592 25 September. Edward Russell gentleman and Frances 

Ou'erton of Chetton. 
1598 20 November. William Churchman of Hungerford took 

to himself for wife Frances Ow'ton of Oxenbolde. 


1584 18 July. Elizabeth Ou'ton, widow, of Oxenbolde. 

1613 16 May. Elizabeth Ou'ton daughter of Thomas Ou'ton of 

1618 3 May. Margaret Ow'ton wife of John Ow'ton of Oxen- 



1594 May 30. Mary Ou'ton daughter of Frances. 
1 60 1 April 26. Ellen Overton daughter of Frances. 
1604 January 17. Jane Ou'ton daughter of John. 
1608 December 26. Rowland son of John Overton and Eliza- 


1635 September 21. Richard son of Richard Grime and Mary 



1636 March 29. Thomas Overton son of John. 



1540 May 27. Agneta Churchman filia Johannis Churchman. 
1544 December 27. Richardus Churchman filius Johannis 

1550 June 1. Matheus Churchman filius Predicti Johannis 


1571 September 2. Jane Churchman filia Thome Churchman. 

1572 December 15. Franciscus Churchman filius Edwardi 



1569 August 29. Thomas Wall accepit and Annam Churchman. 


1550 April 18. Johannes Churchman. 

1575 September 14. Cicilia Churchman. 

1576 March 20. Johannes Uppington servus of Jane Church- 

man, vidua. 

1586 March 31. Ed wardus Tybbotte servus Joanne Churchman, 

1590 April 17. Jana Churchman vidua. 

1596 August 2. Elizabetha Churchman uxor Thome Church- 

1599 January 17. Thomas Churchman. 


22 December 1605. Received the day and yeare above said of 
Richard Churchman, Vicar of Long Stanton and Co. of 
Salop, clerk, the sum of 20s of lawful English money 
which said 20s was given by the last will and testament of 
Thomas Churchman brother of him the said Richard to 
be set out for the use of the poor of the said parish of 
Shipton for ever and now delivered to the churchwardens 
whose names are under written, namely John Amyes, John 
Tylley, Gard. 


The day and yeare first above written A. D. 1610 the 20s 
above said was redelivered by John Tylley into the hands 
custody and keeping of John Wedgewood of Brocton then 
made new churchwardens and to (pay?) for the use of yt 
att the yeares. Witnesses : Richard Churchman, William 
Jurden, Richard Paramore, Thomas Wosould. The vth 
day of September A. D. 161 7, the above named John 
Wedgwood redelivered the said sum of 20s with account 
for the interest of the same for the time he had yt into the 
hand of Thomas Blakeway of Brocton and Richard Dixon, 
churchwardens for this teare (yeare?). Witnesses hereof 
Richard Churchman, clerk, Thomas Wossuld, Thomas 





1639 May 4. Rowland Overton and Susan Nonneley. 

1643 December 31. Abraham Fraunce and Susane Overton. 



1658 March 6. Joseph Churchman. 
1665 April 7. Elinor Churchman, widow. 



1589 July 21. Katharine daughter of Fransis Overton. 

1612 April 26. Francis son of John Overton. 

161 3 July 24. Anne daughter of John Overton. 

1617 August 24. Joane daughter of John Overton. 


1612 May 29. Francis Overton, aforesaid. 
1 61 6 August 8. Edward Overton. 

1618 September 28. Overton (Anne). 






1694 February 7. Maria filia Williel Churchman and Anne. 


1693 November 9. Guillelimus Churchman and Marian, Cays- 



1634 June 3. Thomas son of Matthew Overton and Johan. 

1635 March 19. An daughter of Matthew Ouerton. 

1643 July 25. The daughter of Matthew Overton and Johan 

de Stant. 
1662 June 5. Matthew son of Thomas of the Stockin. 
1665 March 30. Thomas son of Thomas Overton and Joan. 


1594 June 23. John Overton and Elizabeth Done. 


1602 May 11. Richard Ou'ton. 

1643 J u b' x 4- Elnor daughter of Matthew Overton and Joane. 

1670 October 15. Joan Overton. 



1588 June 9. Richarde Chaddocke and Katharyne Goodni 


1664? May 24. Jane wife of Lawrence Goodinge, labourer. 



Henry Goodinge 1 July 1599. 
Richard Gooding 28 August 1597. 


John Goodinge 26 April 1607. 

Elizabeth Goodinge 3 May 1607. 

Marie Goodinge 1 November 1607. 

Richard son of Matthew and Joane Goodinge 21 December 1635. 


Joane Goodinge 23 April 1607. 
John Goodinge 24 September 1607. 
Agnes Goodinge 14 December 1607. 

(No more transcripts till 1621.) 
John Goodden 23 March 162 1/2. 
John Goodinge 20 May 1637. 


Symon Ralph and Joan Gooddenn 21 April 1623. 

Richard Dobyne and Grace Goddinge 12 May 1623. 

Stephan Poole and Elizabeth Goodwiche 13 May 1623. 

Thomas Goadinge and Joan Goodwiche 30 June 1636. 

(These are all the transcripts of North Petherton up to 1660.) 



1588 11 August. Ephraim Goodwyn son of Robert and Mar- 



x 583 3 November. Garling and Joan Goodwyn. 



1 581 April 24. William Gooddyn son of William Gooddyn. 

1582 October 10. Susan Goodwyn daughter of William Good- 



1 581 May 4. William Gooddyn son of William Gooddyn. 




1584 I March. James Gooddinge son of William Gooddinge. 

1605 September 5. Elisabeth, daughter of Thomas Goodwynne 

and Elisabeth, baptised. 
1608 May 17. John Goodwynne and Mary Edgar, daughter of 

Herry Edgar gent, married. 

Churchwardens' book, begins 1577. 
1559. Paid to William Alleyns for 2 lods of sand 4d. 
Paid to William Alleyns for 3 lods of sand 6d. 
1 561. To Mottes for fetching of the Maleins eye 2d. 

1567. Paid for a paier of Indent: for the pore child Esay 
Coward. Apprenticed to John Hyndes, glouer 8d. Thomas 
Edwardes and John Pricket being church reves. 

1568. Paid to John Bowtright for a fyrkyn of bothe Beerys I4d. 

1569. An account taken of William Alleyns and John Ward, 
church revys Anno. 1569. 

1571. Metal bought to pay back metal borowed, bought of John 
Mamocke of Dacenham. 

To Fylbrugg for drawing 116 foot of borde for the pen- 
tysse at the Shoppe at Becklys 3s. nd. 

1572. To Bowtrightes for charges of the comyssarye Mr. 
Crampton and ye servants at the spiritual court there 
3s. 4d. 

Page 19. 1573. Memorandum ther Remayneth in the hands of 
Edmund Goodwyne in money that he borrowed of ye 
Inhabitants wherof 12s. was parcel of the collection of 
the ploughe 30s. And the 10s. was taken owt of ye purse. 
This is also mentioned on page 79. 

Page 85. 1574. To Hewet and Potter for doing a daies worke, 
masons worke. The drinke meate and wages 2d. 

Page 91. 1575. For a paier of Indent: and one obligation for 
Kemp's boye I2d. 


Page 93. To Mr. Miles Hyndes for 7 shepe skynnes for 2 
dobblets and 2 paier of sloppes for the 2 boys, Kempe and 
Tyrrell 2s. 8d. 

Page 93. 1575. Received of Edmund Goodwyne in partye pay- 
ment of his debt of 30s. 

Page 101. 1576. Received there of Edmund Goodwyne in 
partye payment of his debt 6s. 8d, so the said Edmund 
Goodwyne still owes thirteen shillings and 4d, no more. 

Page 102. 1576. Edmund Goodwyne owed 13s. 4d. 

Page 103. 1577. Received of William Alleyns for . old copper 
3s. 7d. 
Received of Edmund Goodwyne in partye 
payment of his debt 6s. 8d. 

Page 109. 1577. Edmund Goodwyne owes 6s. 8d. 

Page 114. 1578. Mr. Throckmorton oweth for one years 
ferme endyd at Myckelmus 1578 for the house called 
Dalysons 20s. 

Page in. 1579. Edmund Goodwyne debt 3s. 4d, paid. 

Page 121. Edmund Goodwyne still owes 3s. 4d. 

Page 129. 1 581. Paid towards the healing of Agnes Motts 
&c. 4s. 

Page 153. 1584. Paid Mr. Throckmorton for a bushel of 
lime 4d. 

Page 172. 1587. Paid for a quart of wine that was sent to 
William Linnaker one Good Friday when he preached to 
Mr. Throckmorton. (Mr. Linnaker was minister of 



1586 5 July. James Goodwyn. 

1636 October 18. Mr. John Goodwin and Mrs. Mary Holcraft 

1636 November 22. Amy Goodwine buried. 
No baptisms before 1660. 




1587 9 February. William Goodwin. 



1596 25 July. William Goddyn — Joane Ludbrooke. 



1587 6 February. Thomas Goodwin. 

From Rev. J. J. Raven, Fressingfield. 
John Goodwyne paying tithe in "lett Whyttyngham" (Little 
Whittingham?) in Fressingfield 1567. 


1588. Gregory Gooddind of Tattaston (now Tattingstone) and 
Margaret Day of Freston were married the 21st October. 

1589. Margaret Goodding the daughter of Gregory Goodding 
was baptised the 22nd day of August. 

1595. Mr. Thomas Goodding was buried the 1st day of Novem- 

1601. Mr. Robert Goodding was buried the 23rd January. 

1604. Margaret Goodding daughter of Thomas Goodding was 
baptised 6th July. 

1606. Mary Goodding daughter of Thomas Goodding was bap- 
tised the 1 2th June. 

1607. Thomas Goodding son of Thomas Goodding was baptised 
the 22nd December. 

1619. John Goodding was buried the 10th day of October. 

1620. Jermin? Goodding the son of Thomas Goodding, Gent, 
and his wife was baptised the nth day of September. 

1 62 1. Gregory Goodding of Tadtaston and Ann Gosline were 
married the 23rd day of December. 


1622. Thomas Goodding the son of Thomas Goodding, Gent, 

was buried the 19th day of April. 
1622. Ann Goodding was buried the 4th day of June. 
1622. Jane Gooddinge the daughter of Mr. Gooddinge was 

buried the 20th day of June. 
1622. John Goodding the son of Mr. Gooddinge was buried the 

1st of August. 

1624. Mr. Thomas Goodding, Gent, was buried the 14th day of 
March (Query August?). 

1625. Jeffery Blosse and Ursula Gooddinge were married the 
26th April. 

1657. William Deekes of Rattlesden and Margarett Gooden of 
Holebrooke were married this 26th November. 

1571 Nov. 11. Richard Goodwyne of Rica et uxoris eius (sic) 

de Bliforthe baptised. 
1570 Sept. 17. Thomas G son of Richard and his wife 

ye daughter of (sic) Blyborough buried. 
1584 Oct. 5. Jefferye Fiske of Westhall and Sara Goodwyne 

daughter of John of Mettfield married. 
1587-8 Mar. 3. William Clarke and Jane Goodwyne married. 

1658 May 9. Thomasin Goodin daughter of Thomas & Eliza- 
beth baptised. 



1773. Maria daughter of William and Jane Goodwin October 24. 
1775. Jane daughter of William and Jane Goodwin October 15. 


1714. John Powle and' Mary Goodwin October 2. 
1790. Robert Goodwin and Martha Hedgell October 10. 

31 Aug. 


15 Nov. 


16 Sep. 


17 Nov. 




1662. John Goodwin January 28. 

Mary daughter of John Goodwin February 8. 
1680. Mary Goodwyn, widow, March 21. 
1691. William son of John Goodwyn, August 15. 
1697. John son of John and Mary Goodwin June 18. 
1722. John Goodwin February 26. 



Wm. Blanchard to Elizabeth Goodwyn. 
Tho. Bragge to Jonne Goodwine. 
Henry Goodine to Edonie Abbott, both single. 
Willm. Goodwin, sing., to Jonne Mvnson, wid. 





1582 13 July. Elizabeth Churchman daughter of John Church- 

Myles Goodwin and Margaret Cockell 11 December 1583. 
William Gooding and Thomazine Godfrie, widow, 10 February 

Robert Goodwin son of William and Margaret baptised 19 March 

Robert Goodwin died at Smyrian 1665. 
Elizabeth Goodwin married William Cobham 1690. 
Elizabeth Gooding married William Hewit 1673. 

1693 August 6. Benjamin son of Mr. Benjamin Goodwyn and 
Anne his wife was baptised. 




1583 15 August. Lettice Goodyn daughter of William Good- 



1584 3 February. John Goodwyn and Prudence Cony, widow. 



Sheet 1, page 1. 1582 September 23. Mary daughter of John 

Page 3. 1594 May 5. Thomas Goodwyn, son a base-born of 

Sarra Goodwyn. 


Sheet 2, page 1. 1564 December 18. John Bryant and Eliza- 
beth Goodwyn. 


Sheet 4, page 1. (1542?) January 19. Alyce Goodynge. 

1588. William Slynger and Margaret Goodwin were married 
the 19 of December. 

1 59 1. John Gooddinge the sonne of Edward Gooddinge, port- 
man, was buried the 24 of Januarye. 

1592. Rauffe Goodwin the sonne of Rauffe Goodwine and 
Cicilie his wife was baptized the first daie of October. 

1593. Henry Wright and Margaret Goodwin were married the 
last daie of December. 

1594. Richard Goodwin the sonne of Richard Goodwin and 
Elizabeth his wife was baptized the 18th of August. 

1596. Rauffe Goodwin was buried the 19 daie of August. 
1596. William Slynger was buried the 5 daie of October. 
I 597- John Goodwin the sonne of Richard Goodwin and Eliza- 
beth his wife was baptized the 24 of Aprill. 


1597. Margaret Slinger, widowe, was buried the 18 Januarye. 
1599, Elizabeth Goodwin the daughter of Richard Goodwyn 

and of Elizabeth his wife was baptized the 13 daye of 


1599. Elizabeth Goodwin an Infant was buried the 21 daie of 

1600. Margaret Goodwin the daughter of Richard Goodwyn 
and of Elizabeth his wife was baptized the 10 of August. 

1600. Margaret Goodwin, an infant, was buried the 14 August. 

1 60 1. Elyne Goodwine the daughter of Richard Goodwine and 
of Elizabeth his wife was baptized the 18 daie of October. 

1603. John Goodwin and Anne Closter married the laste daye 

1604. Jn Goodwin son to Jn Goodwin and An his wyffe 30 of 

1606. Margret Goodwin daughter of John Goodwin and of 
Sisly his wife was Baptized the 12 of September. 

1607. John Goodwine the sonne of Henrie Goodwine and Anne 
his wife was baptized the third of Maye. 

1 61 5. Susan Goodwin the daughter of Willm. was baptized the 

third of September. 
1615. Sarah Goodwin the daughter of Willm. was baptized the 

24 of September. 

1619. ffrancys Gooding and the Widdowe Church was maryed 
the nth of Aprill. 

1620. Mary Goodwyn daughter of ffrancis Goodwyn and of 
Johanne his wyefe was baptized October 29th. 

1622. Alice Goodwyn daughter of ffr. Gooding and Joane his 

wyef baptized 4 Januarye. 
1622. Alice Goodinge daughter of frr. Goodinge buried 23 


1625. The wife of ffrancis Goodwine buried ye 12 of Octobr. 

1626. Margaret Goodwine the daughter of Nathaniell Goodwin 
and of Margaret his wife was bap : ye 18 of ffeb. 

1628. Elizabeth Gooden the daughter of Nathaniell Gooden and 
of Margaret his wife was baptized ye 2.y day of July. 

1630. Nathaniell Gooding the sonne of Nathaniell and of 
Marget his wife was baptized the 29 of Aprill. 

1630. John Gooding sonne of John Gooding was buried 30 day 
of June. 


1630. Susan Gooding was buried the 12 day of July. 

1 63 1. ff ranees Gooding and Marget Cooke married 13 day of 

1632. John Gooding son of John Gooding and of Margaret his 
wife was baptized the 30 day of June. 

1636. Sammuell Goodwyn the son of (blank) and of Margaritt 
his wife was baptised the 9th day of October. 

1639. Laurance Gouldsbrey( ?) and Ann Goodwine were mar- 
ryed the 6th August. 

1639. John Strutt and Elezabeth Goodwinge were maryed the 
1 6th of January. 

1640. William Goodwing was Buried the 20 of August. 
1649. Cicelye Goodwyn widdow buried 20 of May. 

1649. Margarett Gooding wife of ffrancis was buried 19 July. 

1649. Mary Goodwyn widdow buried 19 September. 

1652. ffrancis Goodwine Buried 19 July. 

1655. Deborah Goodinge daughter of Edward Goodinge and 

Elizabeth his wife baptised ye 18 of July. 
1670. James Goodwinn wife buried July 29. 



1546 February 3. Edmond Leche and Marion Gener. 
1635 July 22. Robert Fordom and Abigail Goodinge. 


1550 April 3. Edmond son of Edmond Goodwin. 

1 55 1 April 20. Thomas son of Edmond Goodwin. 

1552 March 20. John son of Edmond Goodwin. 

1553 November 5. Margaret daughter of Edmond Goodwin. 



1538 May 5. William son of George Goodwyn. 

1538 December 8. Cecily daughter of Matthew Goodwyn. 
J 539 April 5. Robert son of Stephen Goodyng. 

1539 April 5 (?). Stephen son of Stephen Goodyng (?). 
1 541 August 18. Alice daughter of Matthew Goodwyn. 


1547 November. Jone daughter of Matthew Goodwyn. 

1548 January — ? Katherine daughter of Thomas (Good- 

1548 September 3. John son of Matthew Goodwyn. 

1552 August 8. Henry son of Matthew Goodwyn. 

1553 August 5. Jone daughter of Edward Goodwyn. 
1559 April 6. Susan daughter of Matthew Goodwyn. 
1559 January 4. William son of Edmund Goodwyn. 

1562 28 September. Thomas son of Edward Goodwyn. 

1563 March 28. Elizabeth daughter of Edward and of Jane 

Gener his wife, Sunday. 

1564 May 6. Matthew son of Edward and of Jane Gener his 

wife, Saturday. 
1566 November 28. William son of Edward Goodwyn and of 
Jane Gener his wife, Thursday. 

1568 May 5. Jane daughter of Edward Goodwyn and of Jane 

Gener his wife, Wednesday. 

1569 22 August. Alys daughter of Edward Goodwyn and of 

Gener his wife, Monday. 
1569 September 18. Mary daughter of Robert Goodwyn and 
Margery, Sunday. 

1569 February 19. Roger son of Henrye Goodwyn and Mar- 

garet, Sunday. 

1570 September 30. Margaret daughter of Henrye Goodwyn 

and Margaret, Sunday. 

1575 May 30. John son of Henrye Goodwyn and Margaret, 


1576 11 November. Anne daughter of Symeon Godynge and of 

Anne, Sunday. 
1578 April 20. Joan daughter of Symeon Godynge and of 
Anne, Sunday. 

1580 28 August. Elizabeth daughter of George Gooddinge, 


1 58 1 February 4. Thomas son of George Gooddinge Die Solis. 
1586/7 June 12. John son of George and Margaret Goodwin. 
1589 August 25. Alice daughter of Goodwin. 

1589 December 13. Robert son of Robert Goodyn. 

1 591 June 6. Water son of George Goodwyn. 

1592 February 25. John son of Robert Goodwyn. 
1594 March 30. John son of Robert Goodwyn. 


1594 May 9. John son of Thomas Goodwyn. 

1599 September 3. Rebecca daughter of Robert Goodwyn. 

161 1 September 12. Thomas son of Mr. George Gooding. 


1620 November 9. Robert Gooding son of Robert Gooding. 

1628 March 31. Mary wife of Mr. Robert Goodwyn. 

1628 April 12. John Goodwyn. 

1628/9 February 20. Lettice daughter of John Goodwyn. 

1630 July 28. Mr. Robert Goodwyn. 

1630/1 March 1. Mr. Edward Goodwyn. 

1547/8 February 26. Thom. Goodwyn was buried. 

1572 May 19. Susan the daughter of Matthew Goodwin, some- 
time Portman of this town, and of Joan his wife was 
buried, Munday. 

1575 August 22. Joan an infant daughter of Symeon Godynge 
and of Anne his wife, Monday. 

1575 November 27. John an infant son of Herrye Goodwyn 

and of Margaret his wife, Wednesday. 

1576 November 20. Anne daughter of Syemon Godynge and 

Annys, Tuesday. 

1576 February 17. Margaret wife of Herrye Goodwyn, Sun- 


1577 June 12. Herrye Goodwyn, wydower, Wednesday. 

1585 November 2. Margery Goodwyn, singlewoman of this 

1588 August 23. John son of George Goodwyn. 

1588 October 21. William Goodwin son of George. 

1589 December 13. John Goodwin son of John. 
1592 November 18. Eeli(?) Goodwin, widow. 


1552 October 16. Edward Goodwyne and Jane Joyner. 

1567 February 14. Robert Godyn of this p'ish and Margery 

Tame(?) of Rushmere, both single, married in Rushmere 

1571 April 19. Ruben Goodynche and Elizabeth Glover (single), 

1577 December 16. George Goodwyn and Margaret Bowton, 

both single. 



1544. Willm. Goddwyn the sonne of Thomas Goodwyn was 
baptized in the sayde Churche the xxij daye of Januarye. 
Another copy reads xvii. 

1545. Alyce Goodwyn the daughter of Thomas Goodwyn was 
baptized the xxj daye of Januarye. 

1547. Lyonell Goodwyne the sonne of Thomas Goodwyne was 
baptized in the sayd Churche in the yeare of our Lord God 
1547 and the xxiijth daye of December. 

1547. Thomas Goodwynge was baptized the ixth day of Janu- 

1549. Edmunde Goodwyne the sonne of Edmund Goodwyne 
was baptized the viijth daye of Maye. 

1557. Tamasinge Goodynge the daughter of Thomas Goodynge 
was baptized the Noxte day of Aprille (i. e. nth) in the 
saide Church. Another abstract reads 8th. 

1580. Edmond Goodinge sonne of Simonde and Anne was bap- 
tized the 5th of Januarie. 

1583. James Goodinge the sonne of Simond and Anne was bap- 
tized the 25 of November. Another copy reads 1582. 

1585. Dorathie Goodinge dauter of Thomas and Christiane was 
baptized the 12 of October. 

1587. Thomas Goodinge sonne of Simeon was baptised the 20 
of September. 

1588. Simond Goodinge sonne of Simond was baptised the 29 
of Januarie. 

1635. Thomas Bowdwell and Anne Goodinge were married the 
16 of May. 

1693. Mr. John Goodwyn of Martlesham vid. and Mrs. Eliza- 
beth Boncher of Ipswich, singlewoman, were marryed 
September 22. 



1577 April 26. Ales dau. of Thomas Goodwyn and Margaret 
his wife baptised. 


1573 December 22. James Cokfeld and Alys Goodynge mar- 


1598-9 February 22. James Wiman and Chrystyne Goodynge 


1579 June 19. Matheue Goodyne a mared man buried. 
1 580- 1 January 9. Jonne Goodwine, widow, buried. 



1568 March 27. Richard Goodinge son of Richard. 

1572 November 16. John Goodinge son of Richard. 

1574 November 14. Margaret Goodinge daughter of Richard. 

1574/5 March 6. Johanne Goodinge daughter of Ruben. 

1578 July 2. Marian Goodinge daughter of Christopher. 

1580 (Sept. Oct. or Nov.) 27. William Gooding son of John. 

1583 May 16. Katherine Gooding daughter of John. 

1585 July 20. Richard Gooding son of John. 

1589 September 25. Elizabeth Gooding daughter of John. 

1613 March 6. Margaret Goodwin daughter of Henry. 

1616 September 28. William Goodwin son of Henry. 


1562 December 22. Mr. Ralfe Goodwyne, Bailiff. 

1572 August 2. Elizabeth Goodwyne, late wife of Ralfe Good- 

1604 November 1. Margaret Gooding wife of John Gooding, 

(year lost) October 25. The wife of George Goodwine. 



1566 August 11. Robert son of Robert Borman and Ales his 

1578 October 16. Dorothy daughter of Thomas Goodinge and 

I 5^3 June 9. Sara daughter of Thomas Goodwinge. 
1 591 November 28. Joseph son of Thomas Gooding. 
1597 August 15. Robert son of Thomas Gooding. 



1578 February 8. Dorothy Gooding daughter of Thomas. 
1584 October 12. Sara Goodwine daughter of Thomas. 
1597 February 11. Thomas Gooding. 


Joseph son of Thomas Gooding, Christened 28 November 1591. 

Doratye daughter of Thomas and Christian Gooding, christened 
16 October 1578, buried 8 February 1578/9. 

Robert and Thomas Goodwin Christened 15 August 1597. 

Thomas Gooding buried 12 February 1597/8. 

Francis Gooding buried 13 March 1636/7. 

Henry Goodwin and Martha Baker married 12 February 1670/71. 

Daniel Gooding and Elizabeth Smith, both single, married 1 July 

Sara daughter of Thomas Goodwin christened 9 June 1680, 
buried 17 July i68o( ?). 

Mathew Gooding and Abigail Scott, both single, married 3 Janu- 
ary 1681/82. 

Elizabeth Goodwin daughter of Peter and Martha christened 2 
August 1682. 

Martha Goodwin buried 24 April 1683. 

Mary Goodwin and John Walsingham married 6 November 1696. 

Altar Tombs in church yard. No shield or arms. 
Amos Goodwin died August 7, 1829 Aged 49. 
Hannah his wife died December 6 1840 Aged 58. 
Caroline Amelia, daughter died January 16, 1846, aged 21. 
Hannah daughter died September 1, 1835, Aged 17. 
Sarah daughter died February 2, 1836, Aged 16. 



1557 December — ? John son of Edmond Goodwin. 
1582 May 17. John son of Edward Gooding. 


1630 May 7. John Goodwin. 



1610. Elizabeth Goodwyn als (blank) widdowe was buried 
March 10 Anno ut supra. 

161 1. Anne the daughter of Thorn Goodwyn, Gent, and of Mary 
his wiffe was baptized June 13, Anno ut supra. 

161 1. Anne Goodwyn the daughter of Henry (Harvey?) Good- 
win and Anne his wiffe was baptized Ao Dicto 17 Novem- 

1 613. Robert Goodwyn the sonne of Thomas Goodwyn and of 
Mary his wiffe was baptized May 7. Another copy reads 

161 5. Katheryn Goodwyn the daughter of Thomas Goodwyn, 
gent, and of Mary his wiffe was baptized March 3. 

1627. Mrs. Gooding the wyff of Edward Goodding, Portman, 
was buryed the 24 day of October. 

1639. Anne Goodwin the daughter of Richard Goodwin and of 
Anne his wife was Baptized the third day of Aprill. 



1583 15 March. Elizabeth Goddinge daughter of William God- 



i Ed. vi February 5. Rye Goodwyn and Ane Lalgans. 
25 Eliz. 1583 December 11. John Allen and Faythe Good- 
wynge, wedowe. 


32 Hem VIII February 26. Wyllm Gowdwyn son of Robert 

34 Hen. VIII November 10. Jho Goodwyn. 
S7 Hen. VIII October 17. Roberd Goodwyn son of Wyllm, 
1 Ed. VI February 6. Margrett Goodwyne daughter of Rob. 

4 Ed. VI March 17. Margaret Goodwyne daughter of Rych- 
ard Goodwyne. 


2 Phil. 3 Mary 1555 August 4. Bregytt Goodin daughter of 

Rychard Goodin. 

3 Phil. 4 Mary January 24. Thomassyn Goodin daughter of 

Richard Goodyn. 

1560 February 9. Alexander Goodwyne. 

1562 February 22. Margaret Goodwyne daughter of Richard 

1564 September 16. Anne Goodwyn daughter of Richard 

1566 February 2. Mary Goodwyn daughter of Rychard Good- 
wyn and fayth Goodwin. 

1568 October 31. Rychard Goodwyn son of Rychard Goodwyn 
and fayth Goodwyn. 

1570 June 29. Jain Goodwyne daughter of Rychard Goodwyne 

and faythe his wyffe. 

1 571 November 11. Thomas Goodinge son of Richarde Good- 

inge and ffayeth his wife. 
1573 April 26. Willm Goodinge son of Richard Goodinge and 
faithe his wife. 


1572 March 17. Thomas Goodwinge son of Richarde Goodinge 

and fayth his wife. 
1579 April 27. Margaret Goodwinge. 

1 581 January 4. Elizabethe Goodinge. 

1582 March 2. Richard Goodwyn. 

Marriages between 1598 and 1680 are missing. 
Baptisms between 1598 and 1669 are missing. 
Burials between 1598 and 1680 are missing. 



1633 September 22. Robert Goodden son of Robert Goodden 

and Margery his wife. 
1638 March 6. Martha Goodden and Mary Goodden daughters 

of Robert Goodden and Margery his wife. 
1642 September 21. Elizabeth daughter of Georg Goodwin, 

Gent, and Elizabeth his wife. 
1644 April 23. Mary daughter of Air. Georg Goodwyn and 

Elizabeth his wife. 


1648 August 10. James son of Mr. George Goodwin and Eliza- 
beth his wife, borne July 28. 


1631 October 3. Robert Goodden and Margerie Heneryeare. 
1641 November 16. Mr. Georg Goodwin and Elizabeth Cogge- 
shall, singlefolke. 


1638 March 10. Martha daughter of Robert and Margery 

1656 October 20. Elizabeth wife of George Goodwyn. 
1704 October 6. Wid. Gooding, wife of Robt Gooding deceased. 

Nathaniel Gooden and Margaret Gooden his wife married 23 
April 1626. 
Searched up to 1650. 

Slabs at the East end of the church. 
I. Goodwin impales. (Three bendlets or, on a canton 
azure, a spur?) (Knights see Woodbridge) 
Crest. A griffin sejant with wings ex- 
panded. On the monument and hatchments 
the crest seems to be: A griffin sejant 
guttee de l'eau. "Near this place lieth the 
body of John Goodwin, gent, who departed 
this life, the 22nd of March 1742, Aged 48. 
Also John, son of the above John Goodwin 
who died 3 January 1758, Aged 34. Also 
Mary wife of ye first named John, who 
died 12 of January 1769, Aged 68." 
II. No arms. "Here lyeth the Body of Mary the wife of 
John Goodwyn of Martlesham, Gent, one 
of the Daughters of John Glover, Minister 
of Shottisham, who died the 15th of Febru- 
ary 1680." 

c 4 8 


III. Goodwin arms, but no crest. "Beneath resteth the Body 

of John Goodwyn of Martlesham Hall, 
gent, who departed this life December n, 
Ano 1699 in the sixtyeth year of his age. 
He first took to wife Mary Dawes, widow, 
one of the daughters of John Glover, Clerk, 
Minister of Shottisham, who left this lyfe 
15 February 1680 without yssue And lyeth 
here interred. The second Hannah, one of 
the Daughters and coheirs of Frederic 
Scott of Feverton, Gent, London. The 
said interred had two daughters, yet leav- 
ing Elizabeth and Hannah. She alsoe 
lyeth beneath. The third : Elizabeth one 
of the daughters and co-heirs of John 
Butcher of Ipswich, Phischian. Shee had 
living att her death two sonnes John and 

IV. No arms. "Here lyeth the Body of Hannah the wife 

of John Goodwin of Martlesham, one of the 
daughters of Frederic Scott of Feaverton, 
Gent, who died the first day of August 
V. No arms. "Here lyeth the body of Susan the wife of 
Robert Glover Gent, one of the daughters 
of William Goodwin of Haskerton, Esqr 
who died the first of October 1676." 
VI. No arms. "Here lyeth the Body of William the son of 
John Goodwin of Martlesham Gent, and 
Hannah his wife who dyed an infant May 
23rd, 1683." 
VII. No arms. "In memory of Mary Goodwin who de- 
parted this life on the 12th of May 1798, 
Aged 11, eldest daughter of William Good- 
win, gent. Also in the memory of Eliza- 
beth Goodwin who departed this life on the 
19th of June 1822 Aged 35, the second 
daughter of the said William Goodwin." 
VIII. No arms. "In memory of a good woman. Francis 
wife of the Rev. Thomas Goodwin, Rector 


of this Parish, who died September n, 
1796 Aged 65. On the north side of this 
stone are deposited the Remains of the 
above mentioned Rev. Thomas Goodwin 
who departed this life, on the twelfth Day 
of February 1798, Aged 72. Also of his 
brother William Goodwin, Gent, who de- 
parted this life on the thirteenth of April 
1798, Aged 64." 

Tablets on the south side of the Chancel. 
IX. Argent, two bars, sable, between as many pierced mul- 
lets of the second. (Doughty) impales 
Goodwin. Crest, a pierced mullet, sable. 
(Doughty) Motto. Palma, non sine pul- 
For George Doughty Esqr, late of Theberton Hall in this county, 
who died August 22nd, 1798. Aged 59 
years. He served the office of High 
Sheriff of this county for the year 1793. 
Also of Ann his wife, youngest daughter of 
John Goodwin Esqr of Martlesham Hall, 
who died May 11, 1824. Aged 89 years. 
Also of Chester their youngest son, of the 
Royal Navy who died November 23, 1802, 
Aged 28." 

XIV. Goodwin impales, Argent, a fesse gules, between three 
boots sable ( ? for Tramell.) The charges 
are certainly sable, yet in everything else 
the coat corresponds with that in No. X.) 
Crest. Obliterated so that I could not 
see it. 

XV. Goodwin impales Argent; three bendlets gules, on a 
canton azure, a spur, or (Knights). Crest, 
Goodwin, It is "sable gutte d'eau" 

XX. Slab at the west end of soft stone and nearly worn 
away. "In memory of Mary RI — S ? — 
OWE, elder daughter of John Goodwin 



Esqr who departed this life May n 1789 
Aged 60" 
XXII. No arms. "Here lyeth the Body of Benja Goodwin 
the son of Bass Goodwin late of the Citty 
of London, Merchant, and Katherine hys 

wife who died the 24th of January ( ?) 

Being the 3 years of his age." 
XXIV. No arms. "Here resteth the Remains of William 
Mayhew late of Woodbridge who died the 
26 day of January 1791, Aged 65 Also 
Elizabeth the wife of the above named Wm 
Mayhew, and second daughter of John 
Goodwin Esqr of Martlesham Hall, who 
died the 8th day of April 181 1, Aged 74. 
Also of Mary daughter of Janes Tye and 
Mary his wife, died January 31, 1832. 
Aged 76." 
XXV. Sharpe impaling Goodwin see No. XIX Crests 1. A 
wolf's head erased. 2. Goodwin, Motto 
En Dieu est tout. "Sacred to the memory 
of Anne the wife of Rev. Charles Sharpe 
Sharpe, Clerk of Melton, Daughter and 
co-heiress of the late William Goodwin Esq 
of Woodbridge and grandaughter of the 
late John Goodwin Esq of Martlesham Hall 
in this county, who died April 21, 1843. 
Aged 52." 

Margery filia T. Goodwin and Elizabeth ux eius baptz fuit 18 

Oct. 1580. 
Elizabetha filia Thome Goodwin et Elizabethe ux eius Bapt fuit 

21 Octobris 1582. 
Jasperus Alius Thome Goodwine et E. ux ejus Bapt fuit 28 Mar. 

Anna filia Thome & E. Goodwin Bapt fuit 23 July 1587. 
Lawrentius filius Thome Goodwin et Elizabetha ux eius Baptiz 

fuit 5 Ap. 1590. 


Laurentius Alius Tho. and Elizabeth Goodwin sepultus fuit 29 

Apr. 1 591. 
Tho. Chase et Prudencis Goodwine matrimonio copulati sunt 17 

Oct. 1 591. 
Rachel filia Thome Goodwin et Elizabeth ux eius Baptiz fuit 23 

April 1592. 
Georhius filius Thome et Elizabeth Goodwin Baptz fuit 23 Mar. 

Thomas Goodwin et Joanna Collam matrimonii conjuncto sunt 3 

June 1595. 
Elizabetha filia in Thome et Joanne Goodwin Baptz fuit 23 June 

Georgius filia Tho : et E. G. Sep. 23 July 1595? 
Tho. Goodwin senior Sepultus fuit 22 Feb. 1598. 
Robtus filius Edmundi et Elizabeth Goodwin Bapt fuit 28 Dec. 

Robtus Carsey et Elizabeth Goodwin matrim Copulat 15 Feb. 

Johes Dowsing solut et Anna Goodwyn solut Sacro co copul 31 

May 1614. 
Gulielmus Porte and Rachell Goo win (sic) Matrimonio Conj. 

sunt 20 January 1621. 
Anna filia Gulielmu and Anne Goodwin baptzati fuit 21 Dec. 

Maria filia Gulielmi and Anne Goodwin Baptiz est 7 April 1625. 
Robertus Goodwin and Anne Colman Matrimona conj. fuit 1 

Nov. 1625. 



9 March 1610. Another copy reads 19. Robert Gooding 


26 May 1 61 7. Another copy reads March. Sarah Gooding 

widow buried. 

Searched up to 1650. 



1584 11 October. Roger Clarke and Mary Goodwine. 




1589 8 June. Elizabeth Goodwine daughter of George and 


1589 10 June. Elizabeth Goodwine daughter of George. 



1584 2 September. Samuel Goodyng. 

From Dr. J. J. Muskett and Lothrop Withington. 

1602 June. George Goodwin was buried the 8 day. 

1603 Aprill. Margaret Goodwin buried the 23 day. 
August. James Goddyns buried the 7 day. 
September. William Goodyn buried the 7 day. 

1603-4 March. Edmund Burley and Dorothy Goodyn married 
the 11 day. 

1604 September. James Yonger sonne of Osee Yonger and 

Bridget his wyfe was baptised the 18 daie. 
1612 March. William Holbuck and the Widow Woodward were 
maried the same day (3 Marche). 
Feb. Thomas Hindes and Elizabeth Goodwyn were maried 
the 14 of February. 

1 62 1 March. Thomas Puttuck and Ann Guddinge were married 

the xvi day of March. 

1622 June. John Woodward and Susan Hockles were married 

the 6 day of June. 

1623 Sept. Thomas Adkins and Marie Woodward married the 

viii day of September. 

1626 Jan. Mathew Gooden and Margaret Bennet were married 

15th daye of Jenewary. 

1627 July. Matthew Goodwyn was buried the second day of 



1628 Dec. Osea Goodwyne sonne to Thomas Goodwyne and 

Margaret his wyfe was baptised the iiii day of December 
A° predict. 

1629 Augt. Laurence Gooding sonne of James Gooding and 

Anne his wyfe was baptised the foure and twentieth of 

1 63 1 Feb. James Gooding sonne of James Gooding and Anne 

his wyfe was baptised the 19th of ffebruary. 
1636 April. Thomas Gooding sonne of Thomas Gooding and 

Anne his wyfe was baptised the foure and twentieth of 

Jan. Susan Woodward daughter of John Woodward and 

his wife was baptised the ffifteenth of January. 
March. A childe of Goodinge was buryed the same daye 

(24 Marche). 
1638 May. Thomas Goodwyne son of James Goodwyne and 

Ann his wyfe was baptised the xx th daye of Maye. 
Sept. William Gooddinge was buryed the v day of Sep- 
Sept. A chyld of Goodman Gooddings was buryed the 

same daye (xxiii September). 

1638 Jan. The wyfe of John Goodding was buryed the xix daye 

of January. 

1639 — . John Goodding, Churchwarden. 

1640 June. Ann daughter of James Goodding and Ann his wyfe 

was baptised the xxviii day of June. 

1641 Apr. Sarah daughter of John Goodwin and Lydia his 

wyfe was baptised the xxvii day of Aprill. 

1642 Sept. Mary daughter of James Goodwin baptised 1 day 

of September. 

Dec. the wyfe of John Goodwin was Buried xxvi 

of December. 

1643 Feb. Mary Woodward was buried the i of Februarie. 

1644 Oct. Thomas Goodwin and Katherin Woods were Maried 

the xxii of day of October. 
Nov. Ann daughter of James Goodwin and his wife was 

baptised the iiii day of Noumeber. 
1 65 1 Mar. John Goodwin sonne of John and Martha baptised 

8 March. 
1654 Apr. Martha Goodwin datthather of John born 7 of 



Registers searched from 1602, when they begin, to A. D. 1700. 
Book very defective from 1654 to 1700. 



1594 i Apl. Thos. Fisher and Abigail Goodwin. 


1593. Charles the sonne of Theodore Goodwine was baptised 
the 11 day of September. (Another copy reads Janu- 
ary 19.) 

Note that Rev. Thomas Whitbie was inducted to ye 
living of Stonham parva 4 February 1584/5. On ye 
16 April 1592 Theodore ye son of Thomas Whitbie 
was baptised Valeat quantrum. 

1594. Susan ye daughter of Theodore Goodwin was baptised ye 
1 6th (another copy reads 17th) of September and ye same 
child was buryed the 7th of February f ollowinge. 

1597. Theodore Goodwine sonne of Thomas Goodwine was 
baptised the 19 (another copy reads 29) of Marche. 

1599. Bartram the sonne of Thomas Goodwine was baptised ye 

12 of August and buryed ye 5 of December f ollowinge. 

1600. Ambrose the sonne of Thomas Goodwine was baptised 
the 28 (another copy reads 26) of October. 

1 60 1. Barthro (another copy reads Barthrum) Goodwin ye son 
of Thomas was baptised ye sixth of December. 

1602. Thomas the sonne of Thomas Goodwin was baptised ye 

13 of Februarye. 

1604. Edward the sonne of Mr. Thomas Goodwine (bapt.) ye 
6 of Januarie. 

1606. Dorothea the daughter of Thomas Goodwin, gent, bap- 
tised the 7 of August. 

1607. Richard ye sonne of Robt. Bartram baptised 24 Sept. 
1607. An the daughter of Mr. Thomas Goodwine, Gent (bapt.) 

ye first of Januarie. 
161 7. Nathaniel and John sons of Thomas Goodwin, Gent, bap- 
tised March 3. 


1625. Dorothea the daughter of Ambrose Goodwin, gent, and 
Mary his wife was baptised January 29th. 

1627. Theodore the sonne of Mr. Ambrose Goodwyne and Mary 
his wife was baptised Maie 9th. 

1628. Elizabeth the sonne of Mr. Ambrose Goodwyne and Mary 
his wife was baptised August 4th. 

1629. Nicholas the sonne of Mr. Edward Rookwoode and 
Dorothea his wife was baptised August 4th. 

Note. Was this Dorothea ye daughter of Thos. Good- 
wine baptised 7 August 1607? If so were these 
Goodwines previously connected with ye Rockewoods 
among whom Ambrose was a family name ? 
1629. Anne the daughter of Mr. Ambrose Goodwyn and Mary 

baptised February 11. 
1 63 1. Edward the sonne of Mr. Ambrose Goodwin and Mary 

his wife was baptised June 14. 
1637. Dorithy the daughter of Bartram Goodwyn and Bridget 

his wife was baptised the 22 of January. 
1.638. John Goodwyn the sonne of Bartram Goodwyn, Clerke, 
and Bridget his wife was baptised the sixth daye of Janu- 
1639. Mary the daughter of Ambrose Goodwyn Esqre and 
Mary his wife was baptised the 28th daye of Aprill. 
Bartram the sonne of Barthram Goodwyn, Clarke, and 
Bridgett his wife was baptised the 29th of December. 


1567. Jonas Tunmer and Marye Goodwine were marryed the 
xvjth day of November (the name is meant for Turner). 

1658. (Another copy reads 1654) Dorothy Gooding of Creting 
All Saints, singlewoman, was married to George Goddard 
of Wickham Sky 9 November. 


1594. Susan Goodwine buryed the 7 of Februarye. 

1599. Bartrame the sonne of Thomas Goodwine was buryed ye 

5 of December. 
1627. Theodore Goodwyn, gent., was buried the 17th day of 

September. (Another copy reads December.) 
1627. Dorothy daughter of Ambrose Goodwyn, gent, and Mary 

his wife buried. No month or day. 


1638. Thomas Goodwyn Esqr. was buried ye 4 daye of April. 

1649. Mr. Bartram Gooding buried 9 February. 

1650. (Another copy reads 1658) Mr. Ambrose Gooding was 
buried upon 20 September. 

1658. Briget Goodwin widow was buried upon 20 February. 
1676. Mrs. Goodwyn of Mendlesham, widow, buried 19 June. 

1681. Thomas Goodwin the sonne of Mr. Theodore Goodwin, 
gent, and Elizabeth his wyfe was buried July 15. 

1682. Mrs. Marie Goodwin ye daughter of Ambrose Goodwin 
and his wife was buried 25 (another copy reads 5) March. 

1622. March 25 Margaret daughter of Thomas Goodwin of 
Suffolke Esqre P. R. of St. Thomas the Apostle. (Har- 
leian Society, London.) 



1584 3 January. Thomas Goodwyne servant to Denice Hadle. 



!6 6 — ? George Gooding son of Richard. 

From Rev. J. J. Raven, D.D., Fressingfield. 
1546. Thomas son of Richard Goodwyn baptised January 22. 
1552. Henry Goodwynne and Elizabeth Cowper married Decem- 
ber 7. 
1579. Alexander Goodwyne buried May 15. 
161 1. Margery Goodwin buried April 7. 



1588 13 November. Jeremy Goodwin son of Thomas Goodwin 
and Margaret. 




1610. Rose daughter of Anthony Gooding Aprill 9. 
Edward Gooding, gent., Aprill 9. 

161 1. Mathew Gooding June 28. 



Richard son Richard and Ann Goodinge bap. 23 May 1606. 

Elizabeth Gooding baptised July 1608. 

Elizabeth daughter Richard Gooding bap. 24 January 1608. 

Elizabeth daughter John and Elizabeth bap. 20 March 1624. 

Katherine daughter John and Elizabeth bap. 22 June 1626. 

John son Richard baptised 19 November 1646. 

Nathaniel son Richard baptised 9 August 1649. 


Ann Goodinge and John Lewis 14 June 1598. 
Robert Goodinge and Elizabeth Hall 24 March 1599. 
Richard Gooding and Ann Margetis 11 February 1604. 
Robert Gooding and Margaret Hooker 29 April 1629. 
John Gooding and Ann Luis 13 March 1637. 


Robert Gooding 8 August 1618. 

Elizabeth Gooding widow buried 28 March 1626. 

Elizabeth wife of John Gooding 20 July 1627. 

Richard Gooding 10 April 1633. 

John Gooding 27 January 1639. 

May daughter Richard Gooding born 27 October 1654 and buried 
23 November 1654. 

Robert Gooding 8 years parish Registrar 1592. 

John Gooding churchwarden 1677. 

Richard Goodinge Church Warden of Wherstead, Suffolk, 1676 
obit. 1682. See Raven's Church Bells of Suffolk page 
252 ALSO (Zuicke's?) Wherstead, page 9 where John 
Gooding, Church Warden, 1676 is named. From Rev. 
J. J. Raven, D.D. 


At the west end of this church, parts within the Tower, and 
covered here and there with benches are two flat stones of 
early 17th century work with wide marginal inscriptions, 
on each is a shield very much worn, but the fesse is per- 
fectly visible, and in the base of one is also clearly to be 

distinguished "three heads erased." They may be 

lions or anything else. I notice in Burke the following. 
"Gooding, Gooden or Goodwin of Whershed, Deback and 
Cheffield, county Suffolk. Or a fesse between six lions 
heads erased gules." With the usual allowance for bad 
spelling, I presume he means Whersted, Debach and 
I. Shield, much worn, of Goodwyn. "Here lyeth the Body of 

youngest sonne of Robert Gooding 

the 26th of January — 39 (1639?). 
II. Shield much worn of Goodwyn. Richard Good- 
ing son of Robert Gooding who departed . 

Beneath the shield of this are some additional inscriptions 

much worn " ding, son of the 

said Richard who departed this life 


Just outside in the yard, eastward of the south porch lies a stone 
evidently cast out of the church which has the wide mar- 
ginal inscription and shield like the others, the latter also 
much worn. 
III. Shield much worn of Goodwyn. "Here lyeth the Body of 

— Robert Gooding late of this parish, Saltfiner, 

who departed this lyfe the xxvii day of August 

1 618, Aetatis 80." 

(a long verse of poetry on this tomb) 



1547 May 25. Dorothy daughter of William Gooding bap- 

1549 May 10. Margaret daughter of William Gooddinge bap- 

1 561 September 6. Margaret daughter of William Gooddinge 






no worlolv tmN&s covloi^e ANoy 





Rl SH 











1564 August 20. Annis daughter of William Gooddinge and 

Johane his wife baptised. 
1566 December 15. William Goodwyn son of William and 

Johane baptised. 

1573 April 19. George Goodwyn son of Edmond and Anne bap- 


1574 October 10. Elizabeth Goodinge daughter of George and 

Elizabeth baptised. 

1575 May 22. John Gooding son of William and Johane bap- 

1575 September 4. James Goodinge son of Edmond and Annis 

his wife baptised. 
1575 December 18. Margaret daughter of George Gooding and 

wife Elizabeth baptised. 
1576-7 March — ? Elizabeth daughter of George Gooding and 

wife Elizabeth baptised and buried August 1, 1577. 
1577-8 March 20. William son of Edmund Goodding and 

Anne baptised and buried Jan. 31, 1578-9. 

1578 July 13. Mary daughter of George Goodding and Eliza- 

beth baptised and buried August 19, 1578. 

1579 April 12. Thomas son of Edmund Gooding and Annis 

1579 October 26. Susan daughter of George Gooding and 

Elizabeth, baptised. 
1 581-2 February 25. Alice daughter of Edmund Gooding and 

Anne baptised. 
1582 November 17. Myrable daughter of George Gooding and 

Myrable his wife baptised. 
1584 September 15. Agnes daughter of George Gooding and 

Myrable his wife baptised. 
1587 October 22. William Goodyn son of George and Mirable 

1589 June 15. Margaret Goodyn daughter of Thomas and 

Agnes baptised. 
1589 December 9. Temperance daughter of George Good wine 

and Mirable his wife baptised. 
1592 April 5. William son of Thomas Goodinge and Agnes his 

wife baptised. 
1593-4 March 24. John Gooddynge son of George and Meara- 

bell baptised. 


1606 October 10. William Goodyng son of James and Eliza- 
beth baptised. 

1608 July 7. John Goodyng son of James and Elizabeth bap- 

1610 May 10. Edmond Goodden son of James and Elizabeth 


161 1 October 8. John Gooddyng son of James and Elizabeth 


1614 May 8. Thomas Gooden son of James and Elizabeth bap- 


161 5 September 19. George Gooding son of James and Eliza- 

beth baptised. 

1618 May 28. Alice Gooden daughter of Henry and Elizabeth 

1618 July 16. Henry Goodin son of James and Elizabeth bap- 


1560 July 28. Will Goodwyn and Johan Sawyer married. 

1567 January 26. George Goodwine and Elizabeth Smythe 

1 571 October 22. William Warren and Margaret Goodwyn 

1576 July 23. Will Goulder and Dorothy Goodding married. 

1576-7 February 4. William Goodinge and Marget Barker 

1 581 October 9. George Goodinge and Myrable Smyth mar- 

1588 June 2. Thomas Goodwyn and Anne Hoxon married. 

1614-15 February 16. Robert Hafen and Elizabeth Gooden 

1619-20 February 27. Robert Block and Elizabeth Goodinge, 
widow married. 


1569 April 21. Agnes Gooding May buried. 

1 581 April 3. Elizabeth Gooding, wife of George buried. 

1582 July 26. William Goodwyn Senr, husband of Margaret 

1582-3 January 26. Mirable Goodwyn daughter of George and 

Mirable buried. • 
1593 May 6. Will Goodynge son of Thomas and Agnes buried. 


1594 April 1. John Goodynge son of George and Merabell 

1594 July 18. Mearebell wife of George Goodyne buried. 
1604 August 11. Margaret Goodyne widow buried. 

1604 September 21. Ann Goodyne wife of Thomas buried. 

1605 March 28. Will Goodyne son of George buried. 
1605-6 February 24. Edward Goodynge buried. 
1605-6 March 10. Thomas Gooddyn buried. 
1608-9 January 16. George Goodden ellder buried. 

1612 August 5. John Gooddenge son of James and Agyns 
July 9. Edmund Gooden buried. 
1 619 April 7. Henry Gooden buried. 



1 571 May 6. Robert son of John and Margaret Goodwyne. 

1574 October 3. Margaret daughter of John and Margaret 

1577 May 19. Elizabeth daughter of John and Margaret Good- 

1580 September 26. Henry, son of ? Goodwine. 


1625 August 30. Daniel Goodwyn, widower, and Dorothea 
Cooke widow. 


1585 May 8. Margaret, wyfe of Robert Goodwyn. 

1587 April 9. Robert Goodwyn. 

1 610 May 16. John Goodwyn. 

1612 May 4. Alice Goodwyn, widow. 

1625 October 31. Daniel Goodwyn, gent. 

1642-3 January 17. Dorothea Goodwyn, widow. 



Register commences January 1548/9. 


1549 May 8. Richard son of Richard Goodwin. 
1549 July 26. Anne daughter of Hugh Goodwin. 


1550 September 4. Elizabeth daughter of Wm. Goodwin. 
1550 December 25. Katherin daughter of Hugh Goodwin. 
1552 August 6. Water son of Wm. Goodwin. 
1552 September 15. Elizabeth, daughter of Hugh Goodwin. 


1550 March 13. Anne daughter of Hugh Goodwin. 

1551 November 17. Elizabeth daughter of Mr. Thomas Good- 

1555 July 17. Thomas son of Thomas Goodwin. 
1572 November 14. Elizabeth Goodwin. 


1549 May 27. William Blunt and Margaret Goodwin married. 
1557 July 30. John Felton and Ellyn Goodwin. 


From Col. J. L. Chester. 

1608 Nov. 6. John Castleton and Margaret Goodwin married. 

From Col. J. L. Chester. 
1603-4 Jan. 19. Sylvester Goodwyn and Ellen Tingell married. 
1608 Aug. 25. Silvester Godwyn and Jone Dawson married. 



1614 19 November. John Goodwynne and Susan Lanfeare. 
1620-21 9 March. James Godwyn of Ringwood and Mary 
Mighell of Bitford. 


1614 — November. John Goodwynne 



13 September 1413. (correct). 
William Godewyn of Bristoll. . . . 
To be buried in the Chapter House of the Friars Minors in 
Bristol before the image of the Blessed Mary. 

To the Rector of the church of Saint Stephen's, Bristol for 
tithes forgotten 40/ — . 

To every order of Mendicant Friars in Bristol 2/6. 
To every chaplin celebrating in the church of Saint Stephen 4d. 
My executors, Edith, my wife, and Robert Michel. 
The Rector of Saint Stephen's supervisor. 
Proved 7 October 1403 (correct) and administration granted 
to Robert Michel. 

Marche 4. 

I, Simon Goodwyn alias Bryggs, make my will at Norwich 
11 July 1401. 

To the hospital of the Holy Trinity and Saint Thomas the 
Martyr in the city of Rome 10 marks of silver. 

The residue of my goods I leave in the hands of my executors 
to pay my debts etc. 

Executors. William Segore, William Ampulford, citizens of 

Proved 5 November 1403 and administration granted to Sir 
Thomas Wormyngton chaplain, the executors refusing to act. 
Marche 5. 

(6 Marche same will again.) 

Symkin Goodwyne. Will 14 May 1456; proved 13 Septem- 
ber 1460. At Wexbrigge. Buried in church of Hyllingdon, 
Middlesex. To wife Agnes. To son Thomas Goodwyne. 
Overseer James Annesley. To son John my place at Dorney. 
To son Thomas my place called the Swanne in Wexebrigge. To 
daughter Alson, and daughter Elizabeth, Agnes and her husband 
James, and my daughter Thomasine. 
Stokton 20. 


John Godwyn, citizen and brewer of the city of London. Will 
29 May 1463; proved 7 June 1463. I commend my soul to 
almighty god my creator and saviour and the blessed Virgin 
Mary his mother and all saints. To be buried in the church of 
St. Michaells Bassieshaw London where the body of Katharine 
late my wife lies. To' the high altar for tithes forgotten or 
detained 6s. 8d. To the high altar of St. Alphege within Creple- 
gate for tithes etc 6s. 8d. To John Godyn my son 20 marks to 
be paid by Isabella now my wife within 6 years after my decease. 
Lands in Dokesford and Withford bridge in County Cambs to 
my wife. The rest of my goods, after my debts and funeral 
expenses are paid I leave entirely to Isabella my wife to dispose 
of and distribute for the health of my soule. Isabella now my 
wife by the name of Isabella Carter of London widow and 
Thomas Carter and John Gervys citizen and leathersellfer may 
have and hold to themselves and their assigns to the end of Isa- 
bella's life by concession of me John Godyn and of one Robert 
Wilcock 2 tenements with appurtenances in the parish of St. 
Michael Bassieshaw London of which one is a brewery called the 
Bell on the hoop and the other is a bakery, between the tenement 
of Katherine Stubbys on the South and that of William Ched- 
worth on the north and a tenement of Henry Chaterton and John 
Woosop in the East and the Kings highway on the west, rever- 
sion after my wife's decease to the said John and Robert Welcock 
according to certain charter in the Hustings Court of London of 
Common Pleas held monday next before the feast of the Puri- 
fication in the 37 year of King Henry vjth I make Isabella 
Carter my wife and Richard Carter son of the said Isabella and 
William Lettres citizen and scrivener of London my executors. 
A chaplain to celebrate for me, Katherin late my wife in the 
church of St. Michael for a year. 

Godyn, 1. 

Thomas Goding, citizen and mercer of London. Will 23 Juyn 
1466; proved 10 July 1466. I bequeath my soul to god and St. 
Mary and to all the holy company of heaven and my body to be 
buried in the church of St. Laurence undrewryten beside the 
pulpit "wher ye pues shuld be set ther" At my funeral 4 torches 
to be born by 4 poore men of the parish of St. Laurence Old jurie 
London, each to have 8d. 40s. to be distributed. Of the 4 


torches, 2 to serve at the high altar of the said church as long as 
they may endure and one at the Altar of the Rood and the 4th at 
the altar of the peny brothere in this same churche. I release to 
Robert King of Poteron clothmaker xiijs iiijd of the debt that 
he oweth me. I release to William Godyng my brother of Wood- 
bridge ten marks of ye debt he oweth me. To Isabell Goding 
mine aunte 20s. and to Alice Goding my sister 10s. To Elizabeth 
Heme sister to my wife 20s. I will there be distributed amonge 
the poore householders of the parishe by Maister Richard Luke, 
vicar, 40s. To a priest to sing and say divine service for my 
soule and ye sould of my fader and moder and all special good 
doers and all christian sould for a yeare in the said churche of 
St. Laurence 10 marks. Residue to my wife Margerie, but she to 
giue some parte to her children and to mine children and make 
her executrix. Maister Richard Luke and William Cowper, 
citizen and fyshmonger of London they to be overseers. To 
Maister Richard Luke 40s. and to William Cowper £4. Proved 
at Lamhith. 

Godyn, 14. 

John Godyn, citizen and grocer of London. Will 4 November 
1465; proved 26 March 1468/9. To be buried in the chapel of 
the blessed Mary within the church of St. Andrew Cornhill Lon- 
don. To St. Pauls London 3s. 4d. To High Altar of St. 
Andrews 3s. 4d. To every priest of the. said church at my 
obsequies at place bot and dirige and at mass 4d. and to every 
clerk officiating 3d. To be distributed to the poor of the said 
parish 6s. 8d. To the Grocers Company of London one standing 
silver cup gilt. To every house of the order of mendicant friars 
in the city of London viz : Minoris preaching Camelites and 
Augustines 6s. 8d. To the prioress of the Nuns of Sopwell 
specially to pray for my soul 10s. To Anne my daughter a nun 
of Sopwell my second gilt cup with a cover of the fashion of a 
belle called Bell cup. To John Burton the elder bastard of my 
daughter Margarie 20s. To the prisoners in the prisons of Lud- 

gate, Newgate and of the 2 ( ) of the City of London 

3s. 4d. between them. To the lepers hospital of St. Giles 3s. 4d. 
To the lepers at le looke 3s. 4d. To the poor insane and infirm 
in the hospitall of the blessed Mary of Bethelem 3s. 4d. To an 
honest and virtuous priest to celebrate in the University of Cam- 


bridge for 2 years next after my decease for my soul and for the 
soulds of Marion and Isabella my wives and for the souls of 
Henry Godyn and Marie his wife my parents and for the souls 
of my brothers and sisters and all the faithfull 10 marks. Resi- 
due to Christina my wife, she executrix, also George Irland, 
Alderman, Richard Turnaunt, gent, and Robert Blount, execu- 
tors, and to each 5 marks. No witnesses. Proved at Lamhith. 
Godyn, 22. 

(Latin) John Goodwyn of parish of St. Pauls Oborn, County 
Buckingham, diocese of Lincoln. Will 4 February 1487/8; 
proved 28 June 1488. To be buried in church of St. Paul's 
Oborn. To mother church of Lincoln 4d. To high altar of 
Oborn church 8d. To Holy Crosse fight 6s. 8d. To vicar of 
Burnham 3s. 4d. To Rector of Taplow 3s. 4d. To Rector 
of Higham 2od. To reparation of Oborn bell tower £5. To 
reparation of one of bells 20s. To wife Parnell my house 
between the manor of the Bishop of Lincoln and the church of 
St. Paul's in Oborn. To son John my chief emplements that I 
had before marriage. To Henry Egham one cow and calf. To 
John Bavyn two (beats?) with a colt at time of Michaelmas. 
To each of my sons a sheepe. To Thomas Wyngrove a heifer. 
To Richard Cowper a cowe. I will that William Egham who 
used to pay 7s. 6d. for his holding to pay in future 3s. 4d. To 
William Ravenynge a cowe. To Isabell Colle a heiffer. To 
Maud Ravenynge a cow. To Amy Perse a steer. To John 
Butterfeld 20s. To Ellen Bartlet a cow. My implements of 
husbandry of West Wyccombe to be divided and half to wife 
Parnell. Residue to wife Parnell. Mr. Thomas Buchold, Rector 
of Merlowe., Thomas Gavston of Pockenfeld and John Carter of 
Oborne executors. If wife Pernell or executors then to 

Witnesses : Sir John Willesham, William Darmer, 
John Mustayd and William King and Mary More. 

(In English) Last will of me John Godwyn of Oborn, Bucks, 
16 March 1487/8. Lands in Bucks and Berks to be granted after 
my decease by my feofees and sonn John if he liue to 21, but land 
at Yakynden in Berks to be sold by feofees and land purchased 
worth 13s. 4d. yearly. If sonn John die then there be a Chantry 
founded for a priest to syng in Oborn church for evermore by 
thadnere Thomas Restwold and myn executors to pray for me, 


my fader, my mother and my wife, and my trusty friend Thomas 
Restwold whom I make patrone of said Charitye to grant 
at H to whom he like. I will a priest be found to sing in 

Oborne church for 2 years etc. and William Egeham to pay 
yearly for his house but 3s. 4d. To Elizabeth, Editha and Mar- 
garet daughters to Wattkyn Feffersham a bullock or heyf er each. 
Residue of lands to my wife having her doury my son kept and 
man'ly drawe duryng his nonage to be kepte and employed by 
executors to advise of Thomas Restwold. Thomas Wyngrove to 
have £5 and executors 20s. Executors to sell as much wode as 
needful for my testament. Proved by relict Parnell. 
Milles, 15. 

Robert Goodwyne, citizen and draper of London. Oct. 6, 1488. 
Parish of St. Swithins London. Wife Joanne — her children and 
mine. Children John, Richard, Robert, William, Elizabeth, Mar- 
gery. Daughter Philippe's children. Her son John Salle. 
Daughter Elizabeth's children. Sister Mawde and her son John 
Baxster. Church of Evisham in Norfolk. Aspenden Church. 
Cousin John Goodwyne son of brother John. Cousin Johanne 
Lynke. Cousin Benett's sister Alice Palmer. Cousin Johane 
Pynde. Cousin Thomas Benet. Father Josselyn and mother his 
wife. Brother Fitzherberd and his wife. 
Milles, 22. 

John Goodwyn, citizen and draper of London. Will 24 Janu- 
ary 5 Henry VII ; proved 17 June 1492. To be buried in Lady 
chapel, south side of St. Swithin's, London nigh tomb of my 
father. Goods that I have shipped to Port of Hull. Masses for 
father's grandfather's and grandmother's, and for Sir Rauf 
Josselyn's souls, also for Dame Phillipe his wife and for my 
Aunt Ram, etc. To grandfather Gregorye Josselyn and to 
grandmother. To sister Salle and her children. To sister Fitz- 
herbert and her children. To Brother Richard, Robert and 
William Goodwyn. To sister Margery. To cousin John Fitz- 
herbert. To goddaughter Philippe Josselyn. To uncle Robert 
Fitzherbert executor and Brother Henry Fitzherbert executor. 
Dogett, 5. 

John Goodwyn of Wrotham, Kent. Will 1 October 1495; 
proved 6 November 1495. To wife Agnes. To Johane, Agnes, 


and Isabella Goodwyn my daughters. To son William Goodwyn. 
To son Richard Goodwyn. Lands in Seele after death of John, 
father, and of me said John Goodwyn, to remain to Hugh Good- 

Vox, 34. 

Jone Goodwyn, widow. Will 14 January 1495/6; proved 19 
February 1495/6. To be buried in monastery of Barking. To 
son in law Thomas Salle. To Bridgett Salle and Elizabeth Salle, 
and Thomas Salle the younger, and William Salle. To sOn in 
law Henry Fitzherbert and Elizabeth his wife my daughter (and 
Thomas and Elizabeth). To daughter Margery Goodwyn. To 
sons Richard, Robert, William, and Rauf Goodwyn. I bequeath 
unto my father and my moder. To Elizabeth Josselyn my niece. 
To my three sons and two daughters. To cosin John Chittoke. 
To my sister of Erlsham. To Brother Phillip Josselyn, clerk. 
Sir Geffrey King, vicar of Barking a witness. My Lady Elen 
Aslake my cosen. To Philip Wilkinson and Margery Goodwyn 
her daughters. 

Vox, 30. 

Reference to will of husband Robert Goodwyn. (H. F. W.) 

Thomas Goodwyn parson of Ikynham and vicar of Twyknam, 
Middlesex. Will 9 October 1500; proved 28 November 1501. 
To parish church of St. Oswald the Martyr in Fylay Street where 
I was born. To my mother. To sister Elyn so that her husband 
Bernard enjoy never a penny. 

Blamyr, 13. 

John Goodwyn, Melford. Will 18 February 1505/6; proved 
27 March 1506. To be buried in Melford churchyard. To high 
awter of Melford for tithes 3s. 4d. To our lady Chapell 2s. To 
church of Foxere 2S. To freers of Sudbery 3s. 4d. To wif 
Isabell messuage called Huntmannys in Foxearth she to pay Mr. 
Roger Marten 20 marcs etc. and to my executor £10 of which I 
bequeath to Melford church £6, and to myn children the other £4. 
Three copy tenements' in Melford to be sold etc. To wif Isabell 
pasture called Jeulls for life then to be sold by executor and 
money to reparation of Melford church and if any of my children 


be disposed to by the said pasture to him at bests cheper than any 
other man. To wife Isabell my years of pasture called Bulney. 
To wife Isabel all my ostillments of household except to daughter 
Katryn best brasse pot. To daughter Johan the next. To son 
Roger my typpett of sarsenett, To wif Isabell all bests old and 
young and all malt except a comb to son Robert. To said Robert 
a siluer spoon. To said Isabel 3 ditto(sic) a fryche of baken. 
To son Robert Goodwyn one of my gonnes as wif is best pleased. 
Residue to executor Jeffery Foot. Supervisors : Maister Wil- 
liam Clopton and Mr. Roger Marte. No witnesses. 
Adeane, 5. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Wallyngton, Diocese of Lincoln, Deanery 
of Aston. Will 20 September 1506; proved 6 November 1506. 
To be buried in church of St. Leonard, Wallyngton aforesaid. 
To moder church of Lincoln 2d. To high Aulter of said church 
for tithes 46. To fyue principal lights in said church 2s. 6d. 
Residue to wife Elizabeth (and John Goodwyn and my sonn) 
executor. My said executor, wife and son John (sic) and broder 
John Goodwyn to distribute to my children etc. Witnesses : 
Maister John Skot, Curate, William Hayes, John Dawson, Robert 
Robyns, Richard Benet. Proved by John Goodwyn. 
Adeane, 15. 

(Latin.) John Goodwynge als Lenge of St. Cuthbert, Weles. 
Will 3 February 1507/8; proved 22 May 1508. To be buried in 
churchyard. To mother church I2d. To high altar of St. Cuth- 
bert's 2od. To reparation of altar 4d. To church I2d. To Sir 
Robert Carter 4d. Rest to William Frempton and John Good- 
wynge, Executors. Supervisor : John Bonne. Witnesses : Sir 
Robert Carter, Sr William Miln', William Goodwyn als Longe, 
my brothers and others. 

Adeane, 35. 

James Godyng, priest. Will 13 May 1517; proved 1 July 
1 517. To be buried in Augustine Friers, London. 
Holder, 34. 

John Goodwyn, citizen and grocer of London, 24 Aug. 1522, 
proved 2 Sept. 1522. To be buried in the parish church of St. 


Mary Hill, London. Wife Agnes. Daughter of Johan Kyng. 
Daughters Alice and Margaret. 

Maynewaringe. 27. 

John Goodwyn, citizen and tallowgh chaundelour of London. 
Will 26 October 1533; proved 7 November 1533. To be buried 
within or ladye chappell within the parishe churche of Saint 
sepulchre wtoute Newgate in the subbarbes of London whereof 
I am parishoner. To highe aulter for tithes 6s. 8d. To Frater- 
nitie of our ladye and sainte Stephens in said church 3s. 4d. To 
Fraternitie of Corpus Christi in ditto, ditto. To Fraternitie of 
sainte George ditto, ditto. To the roode light ditto. To the 
workers of same church ditto. To highe aulter of saincte giles 
wtout Cripple gate of London whereof I was late a parishoner in 
tithes 6s. 8d. To Fraternitie of our lady and sainte Giles in 
same churche 20s. Ditto of sancte george 3s. 4d. To kynnes- 
woman Katherin Goodwyn £30. To my suster Margaret Hatter 
40s. To Margarete Hatter's daughter od ditto 20s. To Annes 
ditto, ditto. To John Hatter thelder 40s. To John Hatter the 
younger. To Richard Goodwyn 40s. and my worst foxe furred 
gown. To Annes Ley wife of William Ley 20s. To Margarete 
Leey her daughter 20s. To Alice now wife of John Frynde, 
goldesmith, 20s. To my suster Johane Goodwyn 20s. To my 
brother Richard Goodwyn £3. To my brother William Goodwyn 
40s. and twoo milch kyne. "To the crafte or musterye of tal- 
lowghechaundelours of London one Nutt whiche I had of them." 
To servant William Shawe 20s. Robert a Meyr vyntner to have 
3 years to pay £57 he oweth. To John Hatter the younger 40s. 
To servantes I2d. each. To John myn hosteler 3s. 4d. Forgive 
Thomas Hudson 40s. out of £4 he oweth. To Richard Goodwyn 
above legacye aboue expressed 20s. To servant William Bushe 
6s. I owe him. To Edmonde Goodwyn, my suster Johanes sonne, 
lease of house in White crosse streete had of Priour and Convent 
of Eringe spittell also my gardeyn plotte or lofte in parishe of 
sainte giles, county Middlesex, which Edmond occupieth. To 
wife Annes for life my two houses in White crosse street in said 
parish of sancte Gyles etc. then to cosen Edmonde Godwyn and 
heirs male paying all the quite rentes and also £8 yearly for fiue 
years to the Master and custoses of the fraternitie of our lady 
and saincte giles in said churche of sainte gyles to finde one 


honest prest to singe in sainte giles for my soule my father and 
mother soules and all our f rendes soules and all xpen soules quar- 
terlie and if Edmond die or faile to paye quite rent or the £8 
salarye to preest, then the two houses to cousin Richard Good- 
wyn, and if he die or be negligent etc. to be sold and proceeds to 
poore people at saint giles and saint sepulchre and my poore 
kynnesfolk. Richard Choppyn of London, alderman and John 
Frinde of London goldsmith now seised of said two houses to 
make estate to John Coleyne, baker, Richard Pikering, brewer, 
John Sheffield, brewer, Edward Sheffeild, brewer, and Edward 
gregorye tallowgh chaundelour and Thomas Grenell wax chaund- 
ler. Residue to my wife Annes Goodwyn, executrix. Overseer: 
Richard Choppin of London, alderman to him £5. Witnesses: 
John Parye, clerke, curate of Sainte Sepulcre, Xpofer Payne, 
Thomas Hodgson, brewers, Hughe Braumster, fishemonger, and 
John Wilf ord, notary. 

Hogen, 7. 

Robert Goodwyn of Ipswich, Suffolk, merchant. Will 7 Feb- 
ruary 25 Hen. VIII; proved 7 February 1535/6. To be buried 
in church of our Lady at the Kaye in Ipswich Church To wife 
Elizabeth my beddplace, my brew house, all my house goods that 
Thomas Lappage hath. To son Robert. The children of said 
wife and the children of Dorothy my daughter tenements in 
Stoke beside Ipswich. Wife and Robert Braye, executors. 
William Gelict, gent. 

Hogen, 32. 

John Goddyng of Thacksted, Essex, chapman. Will 22 March 
1537; proved 26 November 1538. To Brother Robert Goddyng. 
Debts in Somerset and Devon. 

Dyngsley, 23. 

Margerye Goodinge, wife of Richard Goodyng, Friday Street, 
Benetts Day. Will 21 March 1538; proved 10 July 1540. In 
her last labor of child, licensed by her said husband she declared 
her will. He to bury her body by her 2 children and Mary and 
Jane. All to him. Legacy to her mother £6. 13s. 4d. Daughter 
Florence her first wedding ring. Little son Erasmus Gooddyng 


(then only weynyed) to him and his two sisters Grace and Good 

Alenger, 8. 

Richard Goodyng of Middle Temple, gent. Will II July 
1548; proved 20 July 1548. To wife Alice and children. To 
wife Alice, executrix. Tenements in county Lincoln to wife 
Alice, daughter of John Hide Esq and lands etc. in Holbyche and 
Skysbeke at North End of Boston. To first son John and child 
in wife's womb. I the administrator of father Richard Good- 
yng (H. F. W.). 

Populwell, 10. 

Jane Goodwyn, wife of Edmond Goodwyn, of Swaffham 
Market, county Norfolk, gent. Will, Sunday next before Feast 
of Ascension 1547; proved 14 February 1548/9. Nuncupative. 
Late wife of James Danyell, gent, deceased. To son John Dan- 
yell. To Jane Goodwyn, widow, late wife of Christopher Good- 

Populwell, 25. 

Richarde Goodwyn. Will 21 May 4 Edward VI; proved 11 
October 1550. To be buried in St. George's Churchyard, South- 
wark. Wife Johane Goodwyn, she to receive 39s. of Thomas 
Harve dwelling in St. John's Street. 
Coode, 22. 

Thomas Goodwyn, the elder, of Chesterton, Cambridge, yeo- 
man. Will 22 November 1550; proved 14 January 1550/1. To 
wife Agnes. To Agnes Parishe, daughter of Thomas Parishe 
and rest of children of said Thomas Parishe. To son Thomas 
Goodwyn and Thomas his son and Harry and another son, and 
all his children. To son Henry Goodwin and his son William 
Goodwin and all his children. To children of brother Richard 
Goodwin deceased. To Thomas Goodwin son of brother John. 
To sister in law Alice. 

Powell, 1. 

William Goodwin of Bermesey, Surrey. Will 23 November 
J 554; proved 11 December 1554. To be buried in parish church 


of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermesey. All lands and tenements and 
cattail to wife Elene Goodwin and to my children together during 
their nonage and minority and to the bringing up of them my said 
children in virtue and learning. Said wife Elen Goodwin, exec- 

More, 16. 

John Goodwyn the elder of Over Winchenden, Bucks, gent, 
20 July 1557 proved 18 May 1558. Wife Dorothy. Son John. 
Daughter Frances Goodwyn and other (married) daughters. 
The children of daughter Hanslape. 

Noodes, 23. 

William Goodwyn of Winchester, county Hants, merchant. 
Will 17 May 1562; proved 4 June 1562. To be buried in St. 
Saviour's if I die in Southwark. To wife Eleyn, tenements in 
Hampshire, etc. 

Streat, 14. 

Raphe Goodwyn of Ipswich, merchant. Will 20 December 
1562; proved 11 February 1562/3. Manor known as Bullys 
Hall in Bedfyld, Worlingworth, and Monksome shall be sold. 
My capital messuage in Ipswich parish of Stoke and in Kyrly, 
Essex, to wife Elizabeth for life. To eldest son Christopher. 
To son Raphe. Robert, Richard, and Frances Goodwyn. To 
them my tenements in Brooke Street. To son Christipher's chil- 
dren. To Raphe, William, Richard, Christopher, Elizabeth and 
Meryon. Witnesses : Robert Bray and Richard Bryde als Byrd. 

10 Nov. 1574 Commission issued to Christopher Goodwyn 
&c. to administer. 

Chayre, 9. 

Justinian Goodwin. 1 May 1565, proved 26 July 1565. Evi- 
dently on board a ship. Nothing genealogical. 
Morrison, 22. 

Thomas Goodwin of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, London, Esq. 
12 Dec. 1565, proved 20 March 1565. He mentions parish 
churches of Thorneton, Plymtree and Peyhembury, Co. Devon. 
Wife Anne. Daughter Anne (under 16). Half brother John 


Godwin. Sister's children. Wife's children. Kinswoman 
Johanna Lee. Sister Johanna Ratcliffe and her two children, 
Edward Ratcliffe and Jone Cross. Sister Maude Yae(Yeo?). 
Sister Traselowd. Half sister Florence Sampf orde. Uncle John 
Mallock. Sons in law William and Robert Butler. 
Crymes, 6. 

Thomas Goodwyne of Little Walsingham, county Norfolk, 
yeoman. Will 26 September 1566; proved last February 1566. 
To be buried in church of Walsingham. To poor mens box 6s. 
8d. To poor mens box of Southcreake and Northcreake to each 
5s. To Agnes my wife all my howses in Southcreake and North- 
creake for ever. To Robert my son £20 on condition that he 
trouble not my said wife. To my daughter 20 marks at her mar- 
riage. If she departs this lyfe before she marye then legacie to 
my daughter her sister Amye. To said Amye 20 marks on her 
marriage. If she depart before marriage then to her sister. If 
both daughters die before their marriage then to Agnes my wife. 
To every of my grandchildren I2d. All other my goods to 
Agnes my wife sole executrix. Witnesses : Edmd. Burdome, 
Robt. Day, Johem Boston, et alia. 

Stonarde, 5. 

Henry Goodwyne of Horley, Oxford, husbandman. Will 3 
November 1568; proved 18 February 1569/70. To wife Ellen. 
To Grace Goodwyn. To Henry Goodwyne, son of John Good- 
wyne. To son John Goodwyne. To daughter Elizabeth Hall. 
To daughter Margaret Tailor. 

Lyon, 3. 

Elizabeth Goodwyn of Ipswich, Suffolk, widow. Will 28 July, 
14 Elizabeth; proved 19 September 1572. To son Valetine 
Goodwyn. To son Richard Goodwyn. To daughters Frances, 
Elizabeth Abbes and Margaret Barber. To son Robert. To 
nephew Thomas Barbour. To daughter in law Margaret Good- 
wyn. To my children Rafe Goodwyn, Richard Goodwyn and 
Frances Gilget. To son in law John Gylget. To grandchild 
Richard Goodwyn. 

Daper, 28. 


John Goodwin, Muswell Hill, Middlesex, gentleman, late citi- 
zen and merchant taillour of London. Will 1 May 1574; proved 
8 January 1574/5. Gooddes in two parts, one to wife Anne, one 
to my doughters vnmarried at marriage or 21. To be buried in 
church of All Hallows, Bred strett, in grave of my mother, in 
which parish I was sometimes parishioner. For sermon 6s. 8d. 
At burial 20 dozen of wheaten bread amonge poore of London 
as well as poore of Clerkenwell beside London. To six prisoners 
of London in bread 40s. To every poore householder in Mus- 
well Hill I2d. and to 12 poore men cotes of russet frese or of 
brode black cotton of 2s. 8d. a yard as thought best by executors. 
Russet freeze of i8d. a yard were best in my mynde. To my 
sonne Whihill and his wife black gowns of 13s. 4d. a yard and 
to her daughter a cassock cloth of 10s. a yarde. To Jane, Dorate, 
and Margrit Goodwyn eche of them 2 brasse pottes. To my 
sonne William Goodwyn, ditto, also 2 kyne, one horse, six plat- 
ters, six dishes, 6 sawcers and 6 porringers, fetherbed I lye on, 
mattresse, payer of blankettes, bowlster, the bedstede with the 
hanginge in the same chamber, the reeler of white damaske, with 
a forme there, and such two coverlettes as my wife thinke them 
worthie to haue. "And if they brable with her my will is that he 
shall haue nothinge." William to have ymplements of my bere- 
house with the wainscotte at wife's decease and not to meddle 
before. The myll that cost me £20 to remayne as Standars to the 
house for ever and not to be defaced or taken awaye by his wife 
if she outlive him but to remayn to my posteritie for ever. To 
Jane Goodwyn one of best coverlettes at my wife's decease. To 
daughter Dorite, ditto. To Margret Goodwyn, ditto. Rest to 
daughters unmarried at my death. To daughter Anne Kinge 
cassock cloth of 10s. a yarde. To Barbery my mayde black 
cassock of 8s.^ a yarde if with me at death. Daughter Anne 
Kinge to be with my wife and succour her and do for her. To 
wife Anne black cassock of 2s. 4d. a yarde. Executors: wife 
Anne Goodwyne and sonne in law John Wihill. Overseers : Sir 
Thomas Lodge of London and cosen Harry Yonge. To eu'ry of 
them a black gowne praying them to except it as a token of good 
will and to be a bridell to my sonne and his wife for their dio- 
bedience towardes me. "And whereas she promised to give me 
a hundred poundes at the daie of hir mariage and a hundred 
poundes within one yere towardes the mariage of my daughters 


and Gwynne hir friende promised the performance of the same as 
I haue a bill of his hande to shewe for the performance of the 
same and that he wolde se it performed if that I wolde give him 
a Satten dublett which he hath received in ernest to performe his 
promise and as he further promised in the fleete before my cosen 
Yonge and one Smithe and in consideracon of the same I made 
hir an obligacon by the handes of Mighell Locke and I and my 
sonne bounde vnto her in two thousandes poundes that she 
shoulde haue all my lande out of the citie of London after my 
disceas and my wyves that shalbe at the houre of my deathe. 
This was done the night before they were maried and delivered 
it as our two dedes vpon hir promises that she wolde pay vnto me 
the said two hundred poundes which she never did, nor noe peny 
thereof, but hath bestowed that litle she had vpon hir gownes of 
tufte taffeta and kyrtles of satten and vpon sumptuous apparrell 
of hir husbande in rydinge and roninge a brode and not to be 
ruled and to lyve with me as one of my children and f amilie and 
thus has she vndone hir husbande and spent that litel she had 
which was but fortie poundes and xlij u came to hir handes from 
Mr. Alderman Harvey and from Mr. Parry which was all to litle 
to pay there riotous doings and charges so that I haue spent on 
them over and aboue six score poundes in redie money for the 
payment of wch I solde twentie poundes a yere in London for the 
discharge of the same, and when they sawe I beganne to cut them 
shorter she was gonne And therefore the bonde I made is not 
my dede and voide in lawe so sone as they were maried, and 
although it were voide in lawe by reason she was the next daie 
maried yet it is not voide in truthe and honestie if that she had 
paide me the saide two hundred poundes according to hir f aithf ull 
promise and in that consideracon I made the bonde and ment as 
truelie to a made it good if that she had paide the mony for the 
mariage of my daughters accordinglie for her mony she hathe 
maried my son and for hir bonde she muste paie me two hundred 
poundes if she can recouer hir bonde which was not delivered as 
my dede vnlesse I had the mony accordinglie she knowinge by 
hir councell before she was maried the bonde to be voide as sone 
as the were maried and that I might put them oute of my dore 
the next daye for aniethinge conteyned in that bonde I confesse 
the same and said what assurance haue I for my monie youe may 
cosen me thereof after you haue maried my sone and paie me 


never a grote. I do not think ye wolde so doe, and she saide no 
god for byd, so saide I god for byde that I should turne youe out 
of my dores and to give my landes from my sonne and heire well 
saide she I will truste yo and I saide to hir againe that I wolde 
truste hir all tho I should lose all and yet I do not think so as 
appered for w k in sixteene daies after they were maried I 
bestowed sixscore poundes in furnishinge on them what reason 
were that after my decease and my wifes and hir husbandes, that 
she should haue an enioyne all my landes out of the citie of Lon- 
don during hir lyfe lease lande onlie excepted from all my children 
and she having none and not to pay me the saide two hundred 
poundes she promised for the marriage of my other daughters 
and therefore without payment of ij CH to be distributed amonge 
my daughters vnmaried My will is that she shall haue noe assur- 
ance of lyving for terme of hir life after our deceasses vnles the 
lawe doe give it hir, and if the lawe doe give it hir then I trust the 
same lawe will give my saide daughters that are vnmarried the 
CC H with the damages for the witholding of the same euer synce 
which somes of money so recouped i frely give nowe among all 
my daughters porcion porcion like as well to them that are 
maryed as to them that are unmaryed anythinge in this will to 
the contrarie notwithstanding for she shall nowe truste to hir 
husbandes goodness, and myn she haue loste." Lease of Red- 
inges not to be sold but to wife Anne Goodwyn paying Bishop of 
london his rent and to three daughters Jane Goodwyn, Dorrate 
Goodwyn and Margret Goodwyn £60 each, also ditto to Rychard 
Kynge and John Kinge my daughter two sonnes, also £60 to my 
daughter Whihill and her childe, all to be paide in fyvetene yeres 
and after said £300 is paide out of Redings, executors to make 
no forfeitures and to make rent £25 a yeare, the lease to sonne 
William Goodwyn if he be no letter or disturber of his mother 
and sisters but mayntayne them to his power etc. As to landes 
to sone William Goodwyn for life, farme house, Berehouse, myll 
house, barne and stable, ingresse, egresse and regresse, to 
orcharde on west side of same house and the little felde adioyn- 
ing orcharde had with the Berehouse, garden winter felde, Chap- 
pell felde, hill felde, great Grove adioyning the hope yarde, the 
hop yarde with bottome newe stocked called Goodwyns vale, two 
feldes next Hollicks with wood landes, all on North side of Mus- 
well grete Capitall House. To wife Anne Goodwyn grate Capi- 


tall house with other house and landes, my two gardens to 
Muswell house belonging with the orcharde wherein the Doves 
house standeth, wife to lay up £10 a yere for daughter Anne 
Kinge if she bury her husband Rafe and after yo' decease to 
sone William Goodwin all landes free and copie for life accord- 
ing to promise to his wife he to sell no reversions of land of mine 
for only a state for life, and if it please god to send sonne William 
Goodwyn a childe then to said childe, in default to daughter 
Elizabeth Wyhill, then to daughter Anne Kynge, then to daughter 
Jane then to daughter Dorrathie, then to daughter Margaret, then 
to heirs of me John Goodwyn for ever. Sealed twenty first of 
December 1574. Witnesses: Henry Yonge, Franciss Hunt, 
John Lynch. Nuncupative codicil 21 December 1574. To 
daughter Jane Goodwyn bed wherein he lieth with furniture as 
hir mother shall thinke mete also three silver bolkes and one 
doxen silver spoones. Witness: Robert Harrington, parson of 

Pyckering, 2. 

Walter Goddyn (William Goddyn. H. F. W.) of Chart next 
Sutton Valence, Kent, yeoman. Will 2 June 1577; proved 21 
February 1577. To wife Elizabeth. To Mary Francklyn my 
wife's daughter. To son Thomas land and tenements in Trottis- 
cliffe, Kent. To sons Edward, Nicholas, Anthony and James. 
To son in law Haneslife. To daughters Elizabeth and Mary 
Goddyn. James Goddyn a witness. Father Walter Goddyn. 
Langley, 8. 

Burhill Goodwyn, St. Bridget als St. Brides, London. Admin- 
istration 7 June 1578 to relict Winifrede Goodwyn. 
Administration Act Book 1578 folio 70. 

John Godwyn of Wells, county Somerset, mercer. Will 6 
September 1570; proved 29 November 1581. To Wells Cathe- 
dral i6d. To St. Cuthbert's Church, Wells, 13s. 4d. for repairs 
and to vicar there i6d. All my lands to my wife Isabel for life, 
after her death to my male issue. To my said wife the occupa- 
tion of my tenement in Whitnell for life. To John, son of John 
and Christian Deverell, the ground in Tucker Street, bought of 
John Brasyer. To John, son of Nicholas Godwyn £6. 13s. 4d. 


Residuary Legatee and executrix : my wife Isabel. Overseers : 
Wm. Bowreman Esq, Rd. Godwyn gent. No witnesses. Com- 
mission issued to Christian Deverall als Godwyn, daughter of 
deceased to administer the goods etc. of said deceased in person 
of Edw. Barker, her proctor, Isabel the relict being dead. 
Darcy, 46. 

Richard Godwyn of Wells, county Somerset. Will 1 Janu- 
ary 1573/4; proved 14 February 1583/4. I bequeath to repair 
of this parish church of St. Cuthbert, Wells 3s. 4d. and to the 
vicar there 2s. 6d. To the poor of Wells almshouse 5s. To poor 
60s. All my leases in parish of St. Cuthbert, Wells, to my wife 
Margery and son James, and on their death, my children to have 
same. To my wife my lease of Allerton parsonage with rever- 
sion after her death to my sons James and John. The rent of 
my tenement at Wotton, parish of Budleigh, to my unmarried 
daughter with reversion to my wife, my son John in tail male, 
my son James and his heirs male for ever. My sons James and 
John to have £4 each at their ages of 24. Executors : Wife Mar- 
gery and son James. Overseers : Mr. Thos. Chambers of Lyt- 
ton, James Brodryll, Leonard Crosse. * Proved by Edward 
Barker, Bach, of Law, proctor to the executors. 
Butts, 28. 

James Goddinge the elder of Walden, Essex, yeoman. Will 2 
November 1584; proved 12 January 1584/5. To wife Johane. 
To son James. To son Thomas (at one and twenty). To son 
Paul at 21 lands in Lynton, Cambridge. To daughter Johane 
wife of Samuel Hudson. To daughter Judith wife of William 
Parkin and their children William and Mary Parkin. To daugh- 
ter Sarah, wife of Richard Baron. To daughter Mercie and her 
children James and Mary Barnard. To daughter Mary at day 
of marriage. To kinswoman and servant Susanna Clarke. To 
neighbor and kinsman William Arnold. 
Brudenell, 1. 

Francis Goodwyn, Barwick on Tweed. Administration 19 
September 1585 to brother Marcellus Goodwyn (Deceased at 
Neckton in the Diocese of Norwich). 

Administration Act Book 1581-1586, folio 154. 


Richard Goodwin, Ipswich. Administration 3 November 1585 
to relict Margaret Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1581-1586, folio 156. 

John Goodwin of Abingdon, Berks, yeoman. Will 15 June 
1585; proved 4 November 1585. To daughter Jane. To son in 
law Thomas Stevenson. To daughter Edith Brat well. To kins- 
man Thomas Bond of Charney. To Brother Robert Goodwin, 
his eldest son. To wife Katherine. 

Brudenell, 48. 

Thomas Gooddinge, parish of Baunton, county Devon. Will 
21 March 1585; proved 30 April 1586. Body to churchyard of 
Baunton. To Henry, John, and Nicholas Goodding my sons 
household stuffe. To my son Henry my best heifer. To John 
my son one heifer. To my son Nicholas one heifer. To the 
child in my wives wombe my best cowe and 6 coople of ewes and 
lambs. If said child dye then to Dane my wife. Residue with- 
out the doors my quick cattell wool, etc. to be divided into four 
equal parts Ilane my wife one part, and the rest to Henry, John 
and Nicholas my sonnes equally. Residue not bequeathed to 
Ilane my wife sole executrix. Overseers : Stephen Tristram, 
gent, John Cruys, and John Goodinge, and Henry Gooding, my 
brothers, Witnesses : Thomas Glasse, and John Skynner. 
Windsor, 21. 

Nicholas Gooding als Reynoldes of Ottery St. Mary, county 
Devon, merchant. Will 30 June, 23 Eliz; proved 4 February 
1586/7. Body to church of Ottery aforesaid. To poore of 
Ottery 40s. To poor of Collaton 5s. To poor of Withecombe 
Raileighe 5s. To my daughters Temperance, Dorothye, Julyan, 
and Joane 400 marks equally. To my son John Goodinge als 
Reynoldes £100 to be imployed to his vse as my said wife shall 
think meet. To said son John one tenement in Ottery and the 
lands I now enjoy lying at Gotons the Shutes and Bradley in 
Otery aforesaid during years yet to come. I am possessed for 
terme of years of that messuage and ffarme of Bystock in Colla- 
ton Raileighe aforesaid, my will is that Richawlde my wife shall 
have said ffarme etc. ' After her decease Sithe one other of my 
Daughters shall have said ffarme for years not determined. To 


said daughter Sithe £20. To each godchild I2d. To my sister 
Alice at Wodebury a cow. To my father Reynold Gooding much 
apparel To my sister Wayes children at Lyme 20s. I remit my 
brother John at Honyton 40s. To William Mercer apparel. To 
Joane Stoninge a ewe. Residue to said wife Richawlde, sole 
executrix. Overseers : John Sherman, gent, William Cloade, 
and William Keymer to whom three score shillings divided. My 
will is farther. To my father Reignolde Goodinge £6. 13s. 4d. 
Witnesses : William Cloade, and William Keymer. 
Spencer, 6. 

Sentence promulgated by Commissary Drury from St. Mary 
Magdalen, Fish Street, on 10 February 1586/7 on the petition 
of Francis Clerk, Notary public, procurator of Alice Godwin, 
relict of John Godwin, Diocese of Bath and Wells, deceased, and 
in the presence of John Theaker, Notary public, procurator of 
Michael Godwin, Executor of the said deceased's will. Wit- 
nesses : Robert Forth, Rowse, John Drury, Doctor of 

Laws, and Francis Pitman. Sentence to invalidate will of John 
Godwin, deceased. 

Spencer, 11. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of All Saints Stayning, in Mark lane, Lon- 
don, widow. Will 1 April 1587; proved 12 April 1587. To 
be buried in All Saints as near my first husband Roger Bentley 
as possible. To my loving friends Mr. John Mountgomerye and 
Mr. John Saunders £10 in trust for the poor of All Saints for 
ever. To my Brother Robert Nicholls 40s. To Brother Henry 
Troughton 40s, his son Henry Troughton 20s. To my three 
servants James Hubberd, Henry Bisshopp, and Joane Clerk 13s. 
4d. each. To my four godchildren, Richard Goodwyn, Elizabeth 
Hole, Margaret Francklin, and Joane Eldred 10s. each. To Mrs. 
Kempton my best gowne. To Isabell Dale a pair of sheets. To 
my cosen Goodwyn my gown and kirtle that I wear every day. 
To Elizabeth Nicholls, my cosen Nicholl's daughter, a gown. To 
my cosen Katharine Nicholls and her other three sisters 10s. 
apiece. To Cosen William Nicholles in Watling Street my ring 
with a great white stone. To Richard Troughton my greate 
turques. To cosen Anne Nicholls my little turques. To Kath- 
erine Nicholles a ring with a Table Diamond. To Katherine 


Kempton a ring with a tode stone. To Margaret Moore my best 
cloth kirtle. To James Holmes 20s. he owes me. To Cosen 
Hilles wife in Lincolnshire 20s. Mr. Hill our minister to preach 
at my burial 5s. Residue among John Nicholls, my sister's son, 
Thomas Hayward my other sister's son, Henry Troughton the 
younger, Katherine Nicholles, Agnes Nicholles (twice named) 
Joane Nicholles, Hellen Hill, and Humfrey Walsingham my 
executor. Overseers : Mr. Mountgomerye and Mr. Saunders. 
Witnesses : Michael Hill, Minister, Thomas Lucas, writer of the 
Courte Letter of London. 

Spencer, 19. 

John Goodwyn, citizen and draper of London. Will 4 July 
1587; proved 8 July 1587. To be buried in parish of St. 
Edmand the King in Lumbard Streete, where I was parishioner. 
Residue to my executrix, both towards the poor and otherwise. 
My goods into three parts according to custom of London. One 
equal part to my wife, one other third part to my daughter Susan, 
and one other third part to myself belonging, I give to my wife 
for her own use. As touching such lands I have purchased in 
the parish of Careswall, county Stafford, the same to Beatrice 
my wife for her life and after to said Suzan my daughter and 
heirs for ever. Said Beatrice sole executrix. Witnesses : Rob- 
ert Goodwyn, Christopher Felkyn, John Thompson, scrivener, 
Robert Goodwyn, draper, and Christopher Felkin, overseers. 
Spencer, 44. 

Stephen Gooding, Washfield, Devon. Administration 28 June 
1588 to relict Mary Gooding. Inventory £14. 15s. 

Administration Act Book 1 587-1 591, folio 86. 

Alice Godwyn of Croxcom, county Somerset, widow. Will 5 
October 1589; proved 6 November 1589. To my son John 
Erberry and my son Osmond Godwin. 
Leicester, 89. 

Thomas Godwen (or Godwin) of Bagstone, weaver, 30 May 
1589; proved 15 March 1589. Parish of Wickwarr, Co. Glouces- 
ter. Daughter Mary Godwyn. Brother John Tucker and father 
in law Nicholas Tucker. 

Drury, 18. 


Marie Goodwyn, Hinton, Oxon, widow. Administration 13 
April 1590 to vncle Richard Mundy. Revoked by sentence (9 

Administration Act Book 1 587-1591, folio 136. 

Thomas Goodwyne of Blytheburgh, Suffolk, yeoman. Will 8 
January 1589; proved 20 June 1590. To wife Elizabeth. To 
son in law Richard Gottes, their six children. To grandchild 
Mary Gottes. To grandchild Nicholas Gottes. To grandchild 
Thomas Gottes. To Brother Henry Goodwyne's children. To 
four children of William Fryer. To nephew Alexander Good- 
wyne. To wife and children of brother William Goodwyn. To 
brother Richard Goodwyne's children. To sister Edwarde's chil- 

Drury, 42. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Alkerton, Oxfordshire, yeoman. Will 
13 January 33 Eliz. ; proved 27 January 1 590-1. To sons Wil- 
liam and his wife Alice. To son John. To son Richard. To 
Margaret, Frances and Elizabeth Hacklitt. To children of 
brother Richard Goodwyn. To brother John Goodwyn. To 
wife Alice. 

Sainberbe, 2. 

Gregory Goodwyn, Tottingston Suffolk. Administration 6 
July 1592 to Peter Johnson proctor for Alice Fokes alias Good- 
wyn. Vacated and will proved. 

Administration Act Book 1 592-1598, folio 23. 

Gregory Goodwyn of Tadingston, county of (sic), Dio- 
cese of Norwich. Will 9 January 1588; proved 8 February 
1592/3. To Thomazine my wife, Whitethorne and the tenement 
there and a sheep and four milch e kyne. To my son John Good- 
wyne my tenement in Inchockley called Windsor's. To Mary 
Goodwyne my daughter my tenement in Ockley aforesaid called 
Hopwoodes, late purchased of Coker of Wickes. To my daugh- 
ter Joane my copyhold which Nicholas Walden dwelleth in held 
of manor of Tadingston. To my son Gregory the tenement 
called old Goodwynnes which I now dwell in. Residue to wife 
Thomazine and son Gregory. Executor: Son Gregory. Wit- 


nesses : Thomas Glanfeilde, John Goodwyn, Raphe Istes, John 
Smith with others. 

Nevell, 93. 

Walter Goodwyne of Boston, county Lincoln, wollen draper. 
Will 4 May 1594; proved 10 August 1594. I bequeath to poor 
of Boston 10s. To my son Waters Goodwyne £90, at his age of 
19. My wife to have same till his age of 7. To my daughter 
Mary Goodwyn £50 at her age of 19, if she die before the same 
to be divided among my three sisters and brother John Goodwyn. 
To Richard son of Mr. Clement Toynton of Boston 50s. To 
William Fletcher £5 To Robert Sherwoode £8. To his mother, 
my sister Anne, the writings I have of hers. To my servant 
Edward Righton £8 in consideration of £10 his father gave me. 
To my servant Richard Thornton £5. To my servant Margery 
Veare 20s. To Robert Toynton of Comberworth my brother 40s. 
To John West of West Asebie Smith 40s. To Mary Sherwoode, 
daughter of Ann Sherwood 20s. Residuary legatee and exec- 
utrix: Wife Clement. Overseers: Thomas Thornton and 
Simon Pader. Witnesses : John Taylor, Clement Howe. Proved 
by Mr. Thomas Warde, notary public, procurator to executrix. 
Dixy, 60. 

Robert Goodwyn of Barroden, county Rutland, yeoman. Will 
12 July 1594; proved 28 October 1595. I desire to be buried in 
said parish church and give to same 40s. To the poor there 40s. 
To my sister Elizabeth Goodwin £10. To Henry Clyffe my hat. 
To Jane Clyffe £2. To Emma Jarrys 10s. To Johane Slater 
20s. To Margaret Gottard 5s. Executor: Father, Thomas 
Goodwyn of Millwick, county Stafford. Witness : Robert 
Lamly. Proved by Mr. Thomas Browne, notary public, procu- 
rator to executor. 

Scott, 64. 

Thomas Gooding of Freston, county Suffolk, gentleman. Will 
.10 April 1595 ; proved 13 November 1595. I desire to be buried 
in Freston Church before the Chancel door. To my eldest son 
Robert an annuity of 26s. 8d. out of lands at Kesgrave for the 
poor of Freston to be paid by said son or Lords of Freston Hall. 
To daughter Alice, wife of Robert Burman, all lands in Wher- 


steede, late in tenure of Henry Taylor, deceased, and lands in 
St. Margaret Ipswich, held of Mr. Edmund Wittipoll Esq, and 
in Barking, and the house in Ipswich which Henry Crane dwells. 
To daughter Dorothy, wife of John Bales, of London, goldsmith, 
my houses in St. Mary Elmes, Ipswich, and two tenements in St. 
Margarets Ipswich. To my son Thomas and his wife, my tene- 
ment in St. Mary at the Tower, Ipswich, which Thomas Ballard 
now. dwell, and lands in Holbrooke. To Thomas, son of son 
Robert, Manor of Kesgrave and lands in Bellinges, Martlesham, 
Foxhall, and Newborne. To daughter Thomasine Gooding £40 
a year. To children of daughter Alice Burman £40 a year. To 
said Thomasine tenement in Nacton. To friends, Mr. John 
Lang of Ipswich 20 marks. Legacies to nephews Mr. Edward 
Gooding of Ipswich and William Gooding of Rendlesham, sister 
Hayward and Mr. Richard Catlyne. To grandchild Thomas, all 
lands mortgaged to me by Richard Margetts. To Christopher 
son of John Bales £20 at age of 21. To widow Daniell £5 To 
poor of Ipswich £40. To servant William Dawes £6. 13s. 4d. To 
Thomas, son of Robert Burman £50. Legacies of armour, plate, 
furniture, etc to persons already named. Executors : nephew 
William Gooding of Rendlesham and Mr. Richard Cattlyn of 
Wolverstone. Witnesses : William Hawes, Henry Crane, John 
Hubbard, Christofer Hayward, William Pinsonne, John Bald- 
wynne, clerk, Robert Burmann, Richard Margetts Proved by 
John Burroughs notary public procurator to execuors. 
Scott, 70. 

John Goodwin of Hartingfordbury, county Herts, yeoman. 
Will 10 December 1595 nuncupative; proved 20 December 1595. 
To Ellen Basse £10. To Jane Basse £10. To Joyce Basse his 
mother £10. To John Brusters childten which he had by Agnes 
sister of said John Goodwin 13s. 4d. each. To servant Thomas 
Draper 40s. To servant Elizabeth Archer 40s. Administration 
granted to Joyce Basse mother of deceased, no executor being 

Scott, 74. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Milwiche, Staffordshire. 2 November 
1596, administration of goods of, to relict Agnes Goodwyne. 
Admon Act Book 1592-98, folio 183. 


William Goodwin, Esq, of Shrewsbury, Salop, Captain. Will 
1 April 1597; proved 14 June 1597. I bequeath to my wife 
Catherine all my lands and tenements. My Lieutenant, Ellis 
Loide, to have money owing me by my company. To "my 
ancient" John Brewster £5. To my hostess Ursula Thorpe £5. 
To my cousin Francis Goodwin, my repier. To Mr. Francis 
Fowler in London a dagger. To Richard Sturrey, velvet for 
hose. To my servant William Smith a cloak. To my friend Mr. 
Lyster silk stockings. To John Barrowe £3. To my host Mr. 
Thorp a doublet. Executrix : wife Catherine. Overseers : said 
Lieutenant and Mr. John Elliot of Dublin, merchant. Wit- 
nesses : Mathew Lister, James Ballew, Ellis Lloide, Thomas 
Brende. Proved by Richard Stubbs, notary public, procurator 
to executor. 

Cobham, 60. 

(Will also proved at Dublin in Prerogative Court of Ireland, 
Captain Goodwin dying in the war in Connaught. L. W.) 

Sir John Goodwyn of Over Winchindon, county Bucks, Knight. 
Will 18 February 1595/6; proved 22 November 1597. Legacies 
to poor of Over and Nether Winchindon, Ashenden, Waddesdon, 
Aylesbury, Bishops Woburn, Cheresley, and Cuddington. To 
my brother William Goodwyn and his wife Margaret £13. 6s. 8d. 
a year. To his sons Blase, John and William £6. 13s. 4d. a year 
each. To Elizabeth Doyly, daughter of Edmund Doyly of Pond- 
hall, Hadley, county Suffolk, esq, £100 at age of 21. To my 
sister Mrs. Joyce Carleton, widow £10. To my sister Mrs. Mary 
Saunders widow £10. To my sister Mrs. Amphillis Middlemore 
£10. To my sister Mrs. Frances Hicklinge a piece of silver. To 
my daughter Lady Katherine Parker £30. To my daughter Mrs. 
Meriall Babington £30. To my daughter Mrs. Parnell Rows £30. 
To my servant Thomas Googe £20. To my servant John Pollyn 
£5. To my dairy women Elizabeth Parker £3. 6s. 8d. To my 
servant John Bright, senior, 40s. Legacies to John Spratt, John 
Culverhouse, Thomas Rose, senior, Edward Winter, William 
Isard, Stephen Richardson, Edmund Firley, John Skarlett, John 
Coxe, John Bright, junior, Nicholas Collyer, William Curtis, 
William Browne, baker, Richard Younge, Thomas Crane; Wil- 
liam Hynton, William Monte, and William Rose. Executor, 
son Francis Goodwyn. Overseers : Sir Philip Parker, knight, 


Thomas Rows, and Phillip Babington, esq. my sons in law and 
Ralph Sheldon, and John Temple esqr. Any disputes concerning 
will to be decided by Ralph Sheldon, of Booley, county Worces- 
ter, and John Dormer of Doreton, county Bucks, esrs. Wit- 
nesses : John Temple, Thomas Thornton, Thomas Googe, Rauffe 
Atkinson, Hughe Roberts, clerk. To my servant Dionis Gregory 
20s. To my servants Humfrey Walbancke 40s., John Wynter 
40s. To children of my daughter Airs. Meriall Babington £40. 
To my brother in law John Middlemore esq. £10. Proved by 
John Burroughe, notary public, procurator to executor. 
Cobham, 95. 

John Goodwin of East Bergholt, clothier, 10 May 1600, proved 
16 June 1600. Mentions son John Goodwin, cousin Philip Ber- 
wicke, son Daniel Goodwin, daughter Mary Goodwin, kinsman 
William Goodwin (my servant) and his father William Goodwin, 
both weavers, cousin Reginald Catlin, cousin Francis Cole, Mas- 
ter Burges of Ipswich and brother William Goodwin 
39 Wallopp (P. C. C.) 

Sententia for confirmation of above will 16, June 1601. Par- 
ties to the trial Isaac Michell an executor on the one part and 
John, Daniel and Mary Goodwin, children of the deceased, and 
William Goodwin, Richard Goodwin, Margaret Kepping als 
Goodwin, Clerke als Goodwin, John Woodgate, Anne Ale- 
founder and Stephen Woodgate "proximos consanguineos" 
Woodhall, 45. 

30 June 1 601. Administration of the goods of Thomas Good- 
wyn, late of Brenton, county Norfolk, deceased, granted to 
Katherine Goodwyn the relict. 

Administration Act Book 1601, folio 87. 

Bartholomew Goodwynne of London, gent. 2"] March 1602, 
proved 4 June 1602. WTfe Mary to be sole executrix. Messuage 
&c. in Barnewell, Cambridge which my father John Goodwyn 
conveyed to me. 

Montague, 48. 

Robert Gooding of Freston, Suffolk, Diocese of Norwich, gent. 
23 Dec. 1 60 1 ; proved 10 Feb. 1602. Younger son Tohn an 


apprentice in London with Joane Powell, widow, at the Rose in 
Bread Street. Daughters Margaret, Mary, and Ursula Gooding. 
Daughter Katherine Hunte wife of Thomas Hunte. Daughter 
Anne now wife of John Pickmere in London. Wife Margaret 
and eldest son Thomas Gooding. Brothers in law John Chalano 1 
and William Radclif. 

Bolein, 18. 

William Goodwin als Sanders of St. Nicholas Olaves, next 
Bred Street, basket weaver, 9 October 1603, proved 12 October 
1603. Wife Anne and three children. Mother Joane Baker, 
Brothers and sisters. 

Bolein, yy. 

Alice Goodwyn of St. Andrews, Holborn, widow, 13 Sept. 1603 
proved 7 Oct. 1603. Cousin Edward Lightmaker. The Maiden 
head in Gray's Inn Lane. 

Bolein, 86. 

20 January 1603-4. Administration of the goods of Richard 
Godwyn late of St. Martins in the Fields, county Middlesex, 
deceased, granted to Katherine Godwyn the relict. 

Administration Act Book 1603-4, folio 184. 

John Goodwine, cordwyner, Waterstoke, Oxon. 1 June 1604. 
Administration of goods of, to relict Alice Goodwine. 
Admon Act Book 1599-1605, folio 207. 

Joice Goodwin 16 January 1605 proved 18 March 1605. 

Niece Priscilla Barnard, Nephew Epaphroditus Barnard. Brother 
Blase Goodwin, Cousin Margaret. Sister Mary Hercules. 
Stafford, 22. 

12 April 1605. Administration of the goods of William Good- 
wyn late of Luton, county Bedford, deceased, granted to Mary 
Goodwin the relict. 

Administration Act Book 1605, folio 1. 

Simeon Gooding, Ipswich, Suffolk. 6 May 1606. Adminis- 
tration of goods of, to sister Joan Manning als Gooding. 
Admon. Act Book 1605-1610, folio 39. 


John Goodwin, Booking, Essex. 12 November 1606. Admin- 
istration of goods of, to relict Jone Goodwin. Another grant 19 
December 1606. 

Admon. Act Book 1605-1610 folio 56. 

ditto ditto. 19 December 1606. Administration of goods etc 
to Philemon Pilgrim uncle of children Mary Goodwin, Elizabeth 
Goodwin, and Priscilla Goodwin during minority. Relict Joan 
Goodwin renouncing. 

Admon. Act Book 1605-1610, folio 61. 

Peter Godwin of Hinton Ammor, county Southampton, yeo- 
man. Will 1 December 1606; proved 4 February 1606/7. To 
the mother church of Winton 6d. To my daughter Alice and to 
my daughter Katteren 10 quarters of wheate etc. etc. I will that 
my brother Henry Godwin have the use of one half of my house- 
hold stuff for his life, and then to my said two daughters. To 
the said two daughters one ewe shepe apiece. To my daughter 
Rebecca one yowe sheepe and to her five daughters five yowe 
sheepe. To my daughter Marie one yowe sheepe and to three of 
her children one yowe sheepe apiece. To my son Nicholas his 
fower children each of them one sheepe apiece. Probate to 
Nicholas Godwin, son of deceased. 

Hudlestone, 11. 

William Goodwin, St. Mary Matfellon als Whitechappell Mid- 
dlesex, but over seas deceased. Administration 12 February 
1606-7 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1605-1610, folio 67. 

9 June 1607. Administration of the goods of John Goodwin, 
late of St. Olaves Southwark, county Surrey, deceased, granted 
to William Goodwin, the son, with the consent of Catherine the 

Administration Act Book 1607, folio 80. 

William Goodwin, St. Andrews Holborn, Middlesex. 7 Sep- 
tember 1607. Administration of goods of, to brother Anthony 
Goodwin. Inventory £73. 3s. 9d. 

Admon. Act Book 1605-1610, folio 88. 


Anne Goodwyne, Grove parish Mildenhall, Wilts, widowe. 
Will 18 July 1606; proved 13 November 1607. To sonne John 
Goodwyn £10. To Alexander Goodwyn, Elizabeth Goodwyn and 
Ann Goodwyn, children of my sonn Phillipp a heiffer futlock 
each. To Frances Goodwyn, youngest daughter of my son Phil- 
lipp a weaneley Calfe. Rest to sonn Phillipp Goodwin, executor. 
Witnesses : Thomas Applef ord, Stephen Applef ord, Daniel 
Appleford, Elizabeth Monday, Margaret Scott, and Mary Green- 
way e. 

Hudlestone, 89. 

Christopher Goodwine, Downeham Markett, County Norfolk, 
gent. Will 10 December 5 James I ; proved 24 May 1608. To 
John Pell of Westwi , Norfolk 53/4 for ringe. To father in 
lawe Nicholas, Rixe best gowne and cloke excepted. To Beatrice 
Ryxe wife of said Nicholas my mother in lawe £6. 13s. 4d. etc. 
To sister in lawe Anne Rixe 40s. To my wife Elizabeth £50 due 
out of manor of Castle Compes, Countie Cambridge, for annu- 
itie for 5 years ended Feast of St. Michaells the Archangell last 
past. Residue to said Elizabeth. Executors : Said John Pell 
and my wife Elizabeth. Witness : William Parlett. 
Windebancke, 38. 

Mary. Ward als Godden, Totham Highcross, Middlesex. 
Administration 1 August 1608 to mother Margaret Ward als 

Administration Act Book 1605-1610 folio 125. 

George Goodden, Grandesburgh, Suffolk. x\dministration 1 
March 1608-9 t0 daughter Agnes Mowlinge als Goodden wife of 
Robert Mowlinge. 

Administration Act Book 1 605-1 610, folio 149. 

Henry Goodden. St. Michael Crooked Lane London, ult 
March (another copy reads August) 1609. Administration of 
goods of, to relict Joan Goodden. 

Admon. Act Book 1605-1610, folio 150. 

Anthony Godwyn of Wookey, county Somerset, gent. Will 20 
November 1609; proved 8 March 1609/10. Whereas by reason 


of manifold suites in the law I am greatly indebted for payment 
of a great part whereof my brother in law, John May Esq 
standeth chargeable and for discharge thereof I have agreed with 
Robert Scott, B.D. and Subdeane of the Cathedral Church of 
Wells and Parson — of the Rectory or Parsonage of Wookey, 
county Somerset to his said Subdeanery annexed for a lease by 
him to be made of the said Rectory belonging to the said John 
May Esqr during three lives as the agreement showeth out of the 
issues of which, if my goods etc be not sufficient, then the residue 
of my debts may be paid, notwithstanding Elizabeth my wife and 
Robert my son shall have sufficient maintenance of the said profits 
till my debts be paid and after they to enjoy the said rectory etc. 
during their lives, paying to my son William Godwin £10 per 
annum for life. To son Thomas Godwyn £10. To my daugh- 
ters Christian Hewes and Alice Parfitt 40s. apiece, to each of their 
children a yearling apiece To the parish church of Wookey 40s. 
To the poor of Wookey 20s. Residuary Legatee and executrix : 
My wife Elizabeth Godwin. Overseers : my said brother in law, 
Mr. John May, my brother in law — Nicholas Wykes, gent. To 
said wife all lands etc in Wookey sometimes the lands of one 
Wookey. Witnesses : John Allott, Nicholas Wykes, Edward 
Wykes, and Robert Goodwin. 

Wingfield, 26. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Hartington, county Derbie, yeoman. Will 
5 January 1610/11 ; proved 19 June 161 1. To wife Dorothie for 
life messuage in Mongashe, county Derbie, then to my Neece 
Dorothie Goodwyn and Thomas Eden second son of Richard 
Eden of Harlington (yf they matche together) and yf they 
fail then to said Dorothie. To wife and neece all household stuff. 
To neece all goods. Wife Dorothie and Neece Dorothie Exec- 
utrixes giving to John Dall, my servante, all suemakers ( ?) tooles 
and instruments in shopp. Witnesses : Roger Goodwyn and 
Richard Shoare. Debts owing to testator's brother George Good- 
wyn for 20 weathers £7. 6s. 8d., for 21 ewe sheep £5. 13s. 4d. for 
18 hogges £3. Humphrey Mathew of Tatbury £4. 10s., Nicholas 
Bonsall and Henry Wheldon 20s 

Proved 19, June 161 1 by Dorothy the relict and Dorothy Good- 
win the niece. 

Wood, 58. 

This will was confirmed by Sentence in 1614. H. F. W. 


Edward Goodwin, bachelor, Enfield, Middlesex. Administra- 
tion i July 1612 to brother Henry Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1611-1614, folio 67. 

Robert Gooddinge, Aysh parish M diocese Bath and 

Wells. Will proved 14 August 161 2. To parish church 6s. 8d. 
To poore 10s. Rest to weif Alice, sonne Thomas and Cousen 
and nephew Robert Goodden, sonne of my son Nicholas Goodwin, 
deceased., executors. Witnesses : Amis Elf ord, Francis Hobbes, 
Thomas Leach son of John Leach. To John Goodden son of son 
Nicholas deceased 40s. which William Purdye oweth me. To 
Mary daughter of ditto 39s. which John Keudghell of P 
oweth me. 

Fenner, 72. 

William Goodwine of Ashforde in the County of Derby, tanner, 
8 October 161 3. Sister Elizabeth Bonne and her children. 
Sister Agnes Madder and her two daughters. Sister Mary and 
her children. Mother Joan Goodwine. Brothers Edward Good- 
wine, Richard Goodwine and Henry Goodwine. Uncle Robert 
Goodwine and his children. Brother Thomas. Brother George 
Goodwine to be executor. Proved by the executor 19 July 1614. 
Lawe, 87. 

27 May 1616 Administration of the goods of John Godwyn, 
late of Wanstrowe, county Somerset, Esquire, deceased, granted 
to Ann Godwyn the relict. 

Administration Act Book 1616, folio 68. 

Thomas Goodwin of Woodthorpe in the parish of Strubby in 
the county of Lincoln, yeoman, 2 May 1617. Brother Augustine 
Kirkman and his two children (minors). Sister Anne Paule and 
her children. Nephew Thomas Goodwin of Spillesby. Nephew 
William Goodwin of Hogstroppe. Nephew Thomas Goodwin of 
Woodthorpe. Godson Thomas Goodwyn of Alford. Thomas 
Goodwin son of brother Richard. Wife Amy to be executrix. 

Proved 9 August 161 7 by the executrix. 
Weldon, 79. 

31 December 1617., Administration of the goods of James 
Goodwin, late of St. Stephens Walbrook, London, deceased, 


granted to Ralph Piatt husband of Rose Goodwin alias Piatt, the 

Administration Act Book 1617, folio 147. 

13 January 161 7-8. Administration of the goods of Theodore 
Goodwin, late of Stoneham, county Suffolk, Esquire deceased, 
granted to Theodore Goodwin and Edward Goodwin, the sons. 
Administration Act Book 161 7-8, folio 154. 

John Godden, late of Larkefeild, parish East Matlinge, Kent, 
Deanery of Shoreham. Nuncupative will 30 October 1618; 
proved 13 October 1618. To sonn Edmund Godden £30 of £50 
brother Edmunde Godden had when possessed of a benefice (not 
till then he to pay said son £5 a yeare till he is 18, then to pay the 
£50. but not to ask the same till God hath pleased him with a 
certain living. If son die the £30 to wife Residue to wife 
Agnes Godden, executrix. If she marrie to give bond etc. Wit- 
nesses : William Ben, Clerke, William Boreman, and Thomas 

Meade, 96. 

John Goodwyne of Home, Surrey, gent. Will 20 August 1617 ; 
proved 9 January 161 8. To Ouerserrs of poore of Eastgrinstead 
£10 as myn Executors and Overseers think fitt. To poore of 
Home ditto. To sonnes servants 5s. apiece. To Elizabeth Otter- 
ingham my Daughter rent of 20 markes out of tenements in East- 
grinstead and Home purchased since marriage of my sons viz. 
out of my Mannors of Pyckstone owt of Frydayes land late Hill- 
ingdons owt of one house of myn in occupation of John Harman 
owt of lands called Charthin in East Grinstead ditto. To sonnes 
daughter Dorothie Goodwin £100 To sonne Edward Goodwin 
my Mannor of Pikestones, Frydays land late Hullingdons and 
Fowles Barne in East grinstead also that portion of Frenches 
Farme lying at Copthorne last purchased to said Edward with 
remainder to his elder sonne Robert Goodwyne etc. To sonne 
Edward Goodwyne landes late bought of Nicholas Roffse, of Mr. 
Bishe, of John Tuddham, John Charte, Nicholas Harling, and 
Cottage by Tuddam meade, with remainder excepting house and 
land John Harding Tanner dwells in, to John Goodwyn my 
sonnes second sonne etc. Touching land in John Hardings occu- 
pation to my son Edward for life then to Beniamin Goodwyn his 


third sonne. Hill place late purchased of one Henry Luxford in 
East grinstead held of Mannor of Imbarstone to my son Edward 
then to said Beniamin. Fee farm in Mayfield, county Sussex, 
called Bromefields to my son Edward then to Robert Goodwyn 
etc etc. If sonne Edward die his wife Susan to have the lands 
of their sonne John Goodwin for 20 yeares etc etc Residue to 
my sonne Edward Goodwyn and to Robert his sonne Executors. 
Witnesses : Donn Hoggett, Edward Heley, and Edmond Roffie. 
Parker, 7. 

10 May 1621. Administration of the goods of Dorothy Good- 
win, late of Hartington, county Derby, deceased, granted to 
Edward Latham and Elizabeth Smith, the next of kin. 
Administration Act Book 1621, folio 122. 

Hance Goodinge, saylor, in the good shipp Royal James. 
Will 18 February 1617; proved 10 May 1621. To Hance Mar- 
tin, saylor in the James Royal one booke of Callicoe and one 
shirte. To Leonard Anderwise, sayler in the James Royal one 
booke of Callicoe and one shirte, one wastecoate, one pair new 
shoes and one Munmouth cap. To Thomas Specke, Chirurgi- 
one's mate in the James Royal one pair of Red stockings. To 
Sabrian Winian sayler in the James Royall three bookes of Calli- 
coe, and all the remaynder of my apparell both lynnen, wollen, 
and bedding. To the poore of the Dutch church in London all 
debts due to me in the Purser's book. To George Johnson, black- 
smith, Wapping, my wages due, my debts in the purser's booke 
being paid and him doe I make sole executor. Witnesses : 
Henry Smithe, Tomas Allin, and Nicholas Cage. 
Dale, 84. 

Oliver Goodding, Stamford, county Lincoln. Administration 
16 August 1621 to relict Alice Goodding. 

Administration Act Book 161 9- 1622, folio 134. 

John Goodyn. Will 1 October 1618; proved 28 November 
1621. To Richard Wood, Chirurgion of the Shipp Vincorne, 
twoe books of Callicoe; but withall to pay Thomas Haggatt and 
David Hailes for one gallon of sack which I had of them. To 


said Richard Wood one pintado. To Andrew Coggins one book 
of Callico and one pintado. To William Duffield one parcell of 
horse hayre. To Michaell Kinge three books of Callico, a parcell 
of safron and one pintado. To William Raffe one book of Cal- 
lico with one pintatho and all my apparell. To my sister Susan 
Lee the wife of John Lee, if she be living £5, if not to her eldest 
child. To my eldest sister Syluester Young 50s. to buy her a 
ring. To William Wise one hatt. Witnesses: Richard Wood, 
Andrew Coggins, Michael King, and William Roffe. 
Dale, 91. 

Stephen Goodinge, Graves ende County Kent. Administra- 
tion 23 January 162 1-2 to John Rowe. 

Administration Act Book 1619-1622, folio 156. 

Robert Goodwin 16 March 161 7. Sister Margery. Brother- 
in-law Richard Holman in Fetter Lane and his wife Jane and son. 
Adm on with the will annexed granted 23 June 1623, the testator 
being described as of the parts beyond the seas. 
Swann, 63. 

In the Name of God Amen The eight and twentith day of 
Decemb r in the yeare of our Lord God one thousand six hundred 
and twoe & twentith and in the yeare of the Raigne of our Sover- 
aigne Lorde & Kinge James of England France & Ireland 
Defender of the Faith & c and of Scotland the sixe and fiftithe 
I Daniell Goodinge the elder of Oakeley Magna in the Countie 
of Essex Yeoman Sicke in bodie but of perfect memory the Lord 
be praised there fore doe make and ordaine this my last will and 
testament in manner & forme followinge Inprimis I Commend 
my soule unto God that gave it And I commende my bodye to 
the earth to be buryed in decent manner in full assurance of the 
Resurrection thereof to eternall life through Jesus Christ And as 
concerninge those worldly goods (w ch God hath given mee) my 
Will and meaninge is as followeth First I give to the poore of 
Much Oakeley aforesaid the somme of fower poundes to be 
devided at the discretion of my Executrix w th in six monethes 
next after my decease Item I give vnto Margaret my beloved 
wief all and singular my landes and Tenemente scituate lyeing 
and beinge in the Markett of Oakeley Magna abouesaid now in 


the tenure and occupacion of Christopher Wilson or his assignes 
and the widowe Bettes to her my said wief and to her heires for 
euer Item I give unto my said wief the howse w ch I nowe dwell 
in w th all and singuler th'appurtenance And all my freehold landes 
thereto belonging for terme of her naturall lief And after her 
decease unto my sonne Daniell duringe the terme of his naturall 
lief Item I give vnto my sonne Daniell my tenement called Millers 
wth the landes thereto apperteyning scituate in Oakeley Magna 
abouesaid or by what name or names soeuer called or known for 
terme of his natm-all life provided that if my sonne Daniell make 
any Strippe or waste in any of the said landes given him by me 
Then my gifte to him of the said landes shall be voyde Item I 
give unto my son William my tenement called Whites wth the 
landes thereto belonginge scituate and beinge in Wickes in the 
Countye aforesaide during the terme of his naturall lief Item 
I give vnto my daughter Joane my tenement called Paynes or by 
what name or names soeuer called or knowne scituate in Oakeley 
abovesaid & late in the tenure & occupacion of John Cricke and 
nowe of Henry Cricke his sonne wth all the landes thereto apper- 
teyninge for and during the terme of hir naturall lief And then 
unto her sonne Edward Stone and his heires for ever upon condi- 
con that yf Richard Stone the husband of my sayd daughter doe 
at any tyme hereafter molest trouble or sue my Executrix for 
my debt wch he may claime to be due from me Then this guifte 
of the said tenement and land be voyde Item I give my tenem* 
called Webbs beinge in Wickes wth the landes thereto belonging 
to my grandchild John Goodinge and to his heires for euer Item 
I give vnto my daughter Marye the tenement wth the landes 
thereto belonginge being in Oakeley Magna abouesaid late in the 
occupacion of the widdowe Forrest and nowe of Willia Titterson 
during his naturall lief Item I give unto Margarett my wife all 
my household stuff and implements of houshold with twoe qr tars 
of my best wheate well dressed Item my minde and will is that 
all other my goodes vnbequeathed shall goe for the payment of 
my debts and out of the surplusage and overplus (my debt beinge 
payd) I give unto my servant Elizabeth Linn five poundes to be 
payde her wthin six monethes after my decease And the remayn- 
der of my goodes I will to be equally devided amonge my wief 
and children for the payment of fynes and hariotts Giving unto 
my sonne William five poundes more than any of the rest. Item 


I appoint and ordayne Margaret! my beloved wief to be sole 
Executrix of this my last will and testament upon trust that shee 
shall see my debts paid my legacies performed and my body 
buryed in decent manner In wittnes whereof I have hereunto 
putt my hand and seale the day and yeare first above written — 
Subscribed and sealed in the pn ce of vs — Michaiah Wood 
Cleric — William Lynn — George Butler his marke — Robert 
Rochester — John Roch — Danyell Goodinge his marke — Daniell 
Goodinge his marke. 

The above will was probated in London before the Rev. Wil- 
liam Byrde, knight, D. C. L., Master in chancery or regularly 
constituted Commissioner, July 10th, 1623, on the oath of Mar- 
garet Goodinge, relict of the deceased, and named executrix after 
the manner of such wills. To her was entrusted the administra- 
tion of the benefits, and for the creditors, mentioned by the 
deceased. She took oath upon the holy Gospels before Michael 
Wood, clerk and deputy Commissioner and known as such to all 
men, that she would well and faithfully administer the same. 
Swan, 70. 

Jeremy Goodwyne, sick in Jaccatra, now called Batavia. 11 
November 1621. Wife, brothers and sisters. 

Proved in September 1623 by Helen Goodwyne relict, execu- 

Swann, 9. 

Anne Goodwyn, Worcester City. Administration 10 April 
1624 to husband Robert Goodwyn. Inventory £31. os. od. 
Administration Act Book 1623-1625, folio 86. 

Jeremie Goodin, Ashdon, county Essex, husbandman. Will 31 
March 1624; proved 5 May 1624. To son Jeremy £20. To my 
wife Fraunces all my houses and lands for her life and after to 
my son Thomas and heirs. To my daughter Phillipp 20 marks 
and two of my best beasts or £5. To my daughter Susan 20 
Marks. To my daughter Grace 20 marks. Residue to son 
Thomas. Witnesses : Richard Humf reys and Thomas Buck. 
Byrde, 42. 

John Goodinge, Henley on Thames, Oxon. Administration 8 
July 1624 to relict Joane Goodinge. 

Administration Act Book 1623-1625, folio 103. 


Margerie Goodding of Yateley, county Southampton, wid- 
dowe. Will 31 October 1623; proved 26 November 1624. To 
cathedral church of Winston 2d. To my daughter John ffeildes 
wife two cussions in the presse, a black cowe and chest and table. 
To each of her two children a platter. To my son Henry Rogers 
two vates in the kitchen, brass pans and utensils. To his two 
children one platter each. To Amy Vnderwood bedsted and 
bedding. I forgive William Vnderwood £7 of £14 he oweth me 
and give the £7 to his children 20s. apiece. To Thomas Gunner 
my son in law, bedstead, bedding, a cow and a bullocke. To his 
wife my best apparell and half a dozen pewters. To his two 
youngest children each a platter. To Thomas Gunner's eldest 
daughter 40s. To my sister Alice Kyen apparel and two chests. 
To her son is. To my sonne Edward Rogers £10, six bushells 
rye and two chests To his 3 children 20s. apiece. To my son 
John Rogers £10, rice and six smaller chests. To his 3 children 
20s. apiece To Richard Sheperd's daughter is. To William 
Wastells child is. To tithying of Yeateley 10s. To Yeateley 
10 groates. Residue to son Robert Rogers sole executor. Over- 
seers : Christopher Dee and John Baron. Witnesses : Henry 
Rogers, Christopher Dee, John Baron, Alexander Reade. 
Byrde, 100. 

Thomas Gooddin of the precinct of Old Bridwell, London, 
Taylor. Will 12 January 1624; proved 14 February 1625. Mem- 
orandum : Bequeathed in presense of witnesses hereunder. To 
his sister Jone Gooddin one debt of £10 due from John Bunckard 
of Marleborough, county Devon, husbandman. To Richard 
Lowther waterman his Cloth Cloak. The rest of what he had 
he freely gave to Alice Kent, widdowe to bury him. Witnesses : 
Richard Lother, Thomas Pears, and William Kent. 
Hele, 26. 

George Goodwin, Moorton, Essex. Administration 12 April 
1625 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. Simon Linch and William 
King, Rector of Highlauer, commissioners for taking oath of 

Administration Act Book 1623-1625, folio 158. 

Richard Goodwyn, Penryn, Cornwall. Administration 2J June 
1625 to creditor Abraham Jenners. 

Administration Act Book 1623-1625, folio 174. 


Richard Goodwyn, Penryn, Cornwall. Administration 27 June 
1626 to creditor Abraham Jenners. Commission to Henry Wallis 
clerk vicar of Plymouth to take oath. "Vacat" as issued in June 


Administration Act Book 1 625-1 627, folio 92. 

Walter Goodwin, Edmonton, Middlesex. Administration 3 
January 1625/6 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1625-1627, folio 47. 

James Goodden, Burnham, Kent. Administration 27 January 
1626-7 to widow Suzan Goodden. 

Administration Act Book 1625- 1627, folio 128. 

Daniel Goodwin of Boxford in the County of Suffolk. Feb- 
ruary 1625-6. 

Hele, 32. 

Edward Goodwyne of Hoorne in the County of Surrey, gentle- 
man. 17 February 1626. Eldest son Robert. Daughter Doro- 
thy unmarried and under 24. Youngest daughter Anne unmar- 
ried and under 21. Son Benjamin. Adm on with the will 
annexed granted 13 April 1627. 

Skinner, 36. 

Sarah Goodwyn, late of East Raynham, county Norfolk, 
deceased. Administration 23 January 1627/8 granted to John 
Goodwyn her husband. 

Administration Act Book 1628-1630, folio 1. 

John Goodyn deceased over seas. Administration 11 January 
1627/8 to sister Elizabeth Kinge als Goodwyn. 

Admon. Act Book 1628- 1630, folio 5. 

9 July 1628. Administration of the goods of Rose Ford alias 
Goodwyn, late of Wittham, county Essex, deceased, granted to 
William Ford the husband. 

Administration Act Book 1628, folio 37. 

Richard Goodwin (without date). To be buried in the church- 
yard of Ringmer. Eldest daughter Mary G. Daughter Eleanor 


G. under 21. Daughter Joan G. under 21 & unmarried. Wife 
Eleanor to be executrix. 

Proved 3 February 1628-9 D Y the executrix. 
Ridley 15. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Horly in the County of Oxford, yeoman, 
26 June 1628. Son Thomas Goodwyn. Daughter Mary Good- 
wyn. Wife Mary Goodwyn to be executrix. Uncle John Good- 
win and brother-in-law John French to be overseers. 

Proved 17 February 1628-9 by the executrix. 
Ridley, 13. 

13 August 1629. Administration of the goods of John Good- 
wyn, late of parts beyond the seas, bachelor, deceased, granted to 
Thomas Goodwyn the brother. 

Administration Act Book 1629, folio III. 

James Goodwyn, bachelor, late of foreign parts beyond the 
seas or upon high seas deceased. Administration 11 October 
1629 to brother Thomas Goodwyn. Ad de bonis non April 1636. 
Administration Act Book 1628-30, folio 120. 

William Godwyn, Islmar, Bucks. Administration 23 October 
1629 to Robert Blackborn, and Gertrude his wife next of kin of 

Administration Act Book 1628-30, folio 121. 

16 November 1629. Administration of the goods of Alice 
Goodwyn, late of Debtlinge, county Kent, deceased, granted to 
Robert Goodwyn the husband, during the minorities of John, 
James, and Elizabeth Goodwyn, the children. 

Administration Act Book 1629, folio 126. 

Richard Goodwin, Ware, Herts, bachelor. Administration 25 
May 1630 to sister Abigail Goodwin, commission to Josias Byrd, 
clerk, to take oath. 

Administration Act Book 1628-1630, folio 170. 

Jeromy Goodwin, St. Gregory by St. Paul's London. Admin- 
istration 28 May 1630 to relict Ann Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1628-30, folio 168. 


29 November 1630. Administration of the goods of William 
Goodwin, late of Watford (Walford, H. F. W.), county Herts, 
deceased, granted to Susan (or Susanna) Goodwin the relict. 
De bonis non in June 165 1. Cbmm. May 1657. 

Administration Act Book 1630, folio 204. 

Robert Goodinge, Pakefield, Suffolk. Administration 26 May 
1632 to relict Susan Goodinge. Another copy reads March. 
Administration Act Book 1631-1633, folio 89. 

Margaret Godwine, Weston, Herefordshire, but deceased at 
St. Mary Matfellon, Middlesex. Administration 4 June 1632 to 
son James Godwine. Inventory £9. 

Administration Act Book 1631-34, folio 103. 

John Goodwyne, Bemestor als Bemeston, Wilts. Administra- 
tion 3 April 1633 to creditor Thomas Ledman. Inventory £17. 
os. od. 

Administration Act Book, 1631-1634, folio 158. 

16 May 1633. Administration of the goods of John Godwin, 
late of the city of Westminster, deceased, granted to John God- 
win the son with the consent of Eleanor Godwin the relict. 
Administration Act Book 1633, folio 169. 

Margaret Goodwyn, Monyashe, County Derby. Adminstra- 
tion ult. July 1634 to mother Elizabeth Goodwyn als Frost. 
Inventory £10. 17s. od. 

Administration Act Book 1634-1635, folio 40. 

Francis Goodwin, Over Winchenden, Bucks, Knight. Will 2 
August 1634; proved 27 August 1634. To be buried in Woo- 
burn Chancell Whereas by indenture 1st November last between 
me Francis Goodwin of 1st part Rt. Hon. William, Lord Vis- 
count Say and Seale, Robert Lord Brooke, Henry Wilkenson, 
Clerke, and John Walbanck yeoman, of other parte did sell Man- 
nors of Upper Winchenden, Bucks, and other Mannors for 99 
years I confer etc. etc. Whereas blessed with long life of 66 
years, my sonn being aboute fortie yeares and his only child a 
daughter aboue fifteen, there is small likelyhood of heirsmale 
(God pardon my sinnes which have diverted soe great a blessage. 
Josue and Caleb dealy faithfully etc. Num 14.6-7-8. Caleb 


followed the Lord wholly, Josua 14.14 and as the holy story 
reporteth almost only by Josua whoe after Moses diuided the 
land Caleb had aboue the rest a proportionable regard. The 
blessing stayed not there, but on other descent, his daughter 
Acksah religiously disposed in marriage by himself Judg. 1st. 
14, 15. obteyned another field of the greatest fertility. They and 
such like sanctified examples amount with a rule etc. I bequeath 
unto Jane Goodwin my grandchild the hither parte of the Great 
field in Upper Winchendon and one Moyetye of Meadow called 
the Hall used by me ever since Robert Johnson used the farther 
part, the farther part of the great field which hither great field 
and meadow I have lately lett unto Mr. Henry Duncombe, also 
Long meade upon condition said Jane intermarry with one of 
younger sonns of said William, Lord Viscount Say and Seal, said 
son to have lands to value of £2000, or if Jane refuse said 
younger son to have £100 and above to my sonn Arthur Goodwin. 
To my deserving daughter Margaret Elmes, Bason and Ewer of 
silver, gift of my grandfather Sir Robert Throckmorton. To my 
two grandchildren Jane Goodwin and Arthur Elmes £40 apiece 
to be laid out by their mothers in legacies to own and £10 to 

daughter Goodwin. To John West, John Walbancke, and 
George Munt, annuities of £3. 6s. 8d. To Mr. Gabriell Wilkin- 
son £10. To poor of Wadellston £10 To poor of Wooborne 
£10. To Thomas Edlinton £5 To Denis Betterton £50 To 
Richard Wellbancke 10s. To Henry Wilkinson of Waddeston 
£5 Executors : Rt. Hon. William Lord Viscount Say and Seale 
and my dear and only sonn Arthur Goodwin. Witnesses : 
Henry Taylor, John West, Francis Heather, Richard Goodwin, 
Thomas Edlinton and William Harper. Proved by son Arthur 
Goodwin with reserval to Hon. Lord Viscount Say and Seale. 
Seager, 72. 

Humfrey Goodwyn, Hordlow in Hartington, county Derby, 
yeoman. Will 18 May 1627; proved 22 October 1634. To be 
buried in Hordlow churchyard. To reputed daughter Elizabeth 
100 marks at 24, if married by consent of supervisors or execu- 
tors. To son George Goodwin household stuff left in house at 
Hordlow, also 40s. To grandchild Joyse Goodwyn 10s. To 
grandchild Laura Nobbs 10s. To servants, each a sheepe. 
Whereas have lent sums of money to Margaret Goodwin, late 


wife of William Goodwin my son, due if she receive £100 of my 
father Richard Goodwin, or land etc. Executors to deal lov- 
ingly with her, or if not I acquitt her. Also to said Margaret 
Goodwin my daughter in law one angell of gold. Lands in Hord- 
low, Eccles, Stonedale, etc. to sonn Roger Goodwin for life, then 
to first, second, and third son etc. and heirs male, then to Alice 
Froggatt and Gartrud Mabbs, my daughters and their heirs. 
Rest to son Roger Goodwin and Joyse my wife, executors. 
Lease of house and fifteen acres etc in said H. G. for William 
Goodwyn of Wheldon trees, to son George Goodwyn in trust as 
by release for said George doth appeare. Supervisors: Chris- 
topher Fulwood Esqr, Francis Fulwood, gent, George Birds, and 
sonn George Goodwyn. Witnesses : Christopher Fulwood, Wil- 
liam Nicolson, Francis Fulwood. Proved by sentence in case 
between Alice Frogatt and Gartrude Mabbs, executrixes and 
chief legatees in will and Joyce Goodwyn als Topler, and Roger 
Goodwyn, executors. 

Seager, 91. 

Elizabeth Godwin, Citty of Bristoll, widowe. Will 7 October 
1633 ; proved 6 November 1634. To be buried in the Crowds of 
church of St. Nichols in Bristol near first husband Thomas 
Brooke. To friend and neighbour Mr. George Knight, £5. To 
his wife my Gymoll gould Ringe. To friend Mr. Richard Pley 
£5. To friend and naighbour Mr. Abraham Edwards £5 and to 
his wife one other of my gold rings, To friend Mr. Christopher 
Whiteson the younger £5. To Cousin Tanner's wife of Aillem 
£6. To Edward Holder's children of Bath £6 to be payd to 
Mayor and Alderman of Bath. To Cousen Joseph Houlder of 
Bath 40s. To Cosen Rebecca Collins of Walcott 40s. and ditto 
to her two sisters Ann and Ellenn. To Cosen Perrie's wief, of 
Gloucester, my silke Grogram Gowne and Kirtle, stuffe, saf egard, 
and gould Ringe with Death's heade. To Percevall Hall £5 of 
my debt one Sandie of Worcester oweth unto me. To poor of 
parish of the Temple within the Citty of Bristoll £5, of St. 
Nicholas 20s., and 20s. for bread at funerall. For funerall £50 
to be layd out To maydservant 20s. Overseers : Mr. George 
Knight, Mr. Richard Plant, Mr. Abraham Edwards, and Mr. 
Christopher Whitson the younger. Rest to sonne Thomas 
Brooke, executor. Witnesses : Francis Methwin, Robert Perry, 
William Knight, Robert Deane, Notary Public. 
Seager, 101. 


Richard Goodyn, deceased over seas. Administration 6 Feb- 
ruary 1634/5 to creditor James Gibson. 

Administration Act Book 1634-36, folio 79. 

Ann Goodwyn, Little Stoneham, Suffolk. Administration 16 
February 1634/5 to husband Thomas Goodwyn. Inventory £30. 
Administration Act Book 1634-1635, folio 84. 

Henry Godden, St. Mary Mattfellon als White Chappell Mid- 
dlesex. Admon 12 December 1636 to relict Mabell Goodden. 
Inventory £38. os. od. 

Administration Act Book 1636-1638, folio 38. 

William Gooden, bachelor over seas, deceased. Administra- 
tion 21 March 1636/7 to creditor Mary Clarke. 

Administration Act Book 1636-1638, folio 61. 

William Goddyn als Godwyn, Kemisford (Kempsford?) 
Gloucs. Administration 21 June 1637 to relict Alice Goddyn als 
Godwyn. (Thomas Stubbs, clerk, commissioner.) 

Administration Act Book 1636-1638, folio 90. 

William Goodwyn of Alkerton in the County of Oxford, yeo- 
man. 10 May 1637. Eldest son Thomas Goodwyn. Sons Wil- 
liam & Benjamin Goodwyn. Son John Goodwyn. Son Richard 
Goodwyn and my godson his son. Daughter Alice Burden. 
Daughter Hannah Hawten. Daughter Anne Walker. Brother 
John Goodwyn. Sister Anne Chaple. Brother Richard Good- 
wyn & my god-daughter his daughter. Kinsman Joshua Good- 
wyne and his mother. Wife living. Proved 8 November 1637 
by William and Benjamin Goodwyn the sons, executors. 
Goare, 156. 

John Goddin, Stepney, Middlesex, but deceased over seas. 
Administration 13 December 1637 to relict Grace Goddin. 
Administration Act Book 1636-38, folio 131. 

I, Thomas Goodwyn of Little Stoneham, Co Suff. Esquire. Will 
written with my own hand. 

If my Executor cannot within a convenient time pay my debts 
after my decease then he shall make sale of my lands in 


Stowe, Upland and Gipping Co Suff. in occupation of Thomas 
Bird also my lease of East Stoneham Suff. in occupation of 
Richard Tyllotts. To John Goodwyn my son all lands and tene- 
ments in East Tuddingham Coulston, or in any town adjoining 
in Co Norfolk, also mentions one Bond of £250 to be paid me by 
Mrs. Katharine Russell (or Russett) and M r Thomas Russell 
(or Russett) her son after the death of Anney Tillney Widow 
if she shall be alive at the time said money be paid. To Anne 
Goodwyn my daughter £600, to be paid her out of my manor of 
St Omers in Barrett Co Cambridge. To Bartram Goodwyn my 
son the advousen of Stanningfield Co Suff which I bought of Mr 
Munson — to said son the land I have of Sir Robert Rockwood 
for £100. 00. 0. 

To Edward Goodwyn my son I give my interest I have in the 
Fishing Voyage, with the R*- Hon the Earls of Pembroke and 

To Ambrose Goodwyn my son all my rights in the Potash 
works in Co Suff & Essex, also Saltpan works in Durham and 
Northumberland in North and South shields he to pay my daugh- 
ter Dorothy Roodwood £300 which is to be in recompence for 
some part of her portion still remaining in my hands. To Bar- 
tram Goodwyn my son £1000 to be paid him per annum until 
(sic) £200 be paid. To Edward Goodwyn my son £500, by £100 
per annum to be paid until the whole is paid — Provided that he 
doe discharge my heirs or executors of all Bonds. I stand 
bound with him to several persons otherwise this last mentioned 
legacy to be void. To Thomas Mabeson my old servant 20 
nobles out of my lease of tenement in Mendlesham Co Suff. To 
Thomas Watts-Nicholas Vincent of East Stoneham Co Suff To 
rest of servants dwelling with me at time of decease 20 s . 
To children of George Buckenham deceased (late of Bradfield, St 
Olives, Co Suff £40 each in performance of a trust of their father 
reposed in me. Appoints son Ambrose Goodwyn sole executor 
and especial good friend Harbottle Wigfield Esquire, John Shep- 
pard of Middlesham Gent Supervisors of this my last will, each 
£10. To Mr Wragg minister of Mendlesham £5, to preach a 
funeral sermon. 

Dated 23 Jan 1635 Signed 

Proved & Recorded 1638. Thomas Goodwyn 

Lee, 39. 


Henrie Goodwyn of Home, Surrey. Will 17 April 1638; 
proved 24 May 1638. To be buried by wife and executrix. To 
brother Robert Goodwyn £100. To brother John Goodwyn £100 
To brother Beniamin Goodwyn £100. To sister Dorothy Eldred 
£100 To sister Ann Whitfield £100. To Mr. Hogget Curat of 
Home £10. To poor of Home £10. To my sister's daughter 
Florence Eldred £50. To my sister Whitf eild's sonn Raph Whit- 
field £50. Witnesses: Robert Holland, Thomas Reynold, 
Memorandum that Mr. Henry Goodwyn, late of Home, Surrey, 
deceased, did after making will give to his neice Susan Goodwyn 
daughter of brother Robert Goodwyn esq. £50. Witnesses : 
Robert Holland, Thomas Reynolds, and others. Proved by relict 
Florence Goodwin, executrix. 

Lee, 52. 

Augustine Goodwyn of St. Martin in the Fields, county Mid- 
dlesex, apothecary. Will 5 March 1637; proved 1 June 1638. 
To my 2 sons Augustine and William Goodwyn £200 each when 
21. If they both die to the children of my late brother Thomas 
Goodwyn of Suffolk, deceased, children of sister Mary Bonde, 
my sister Tamer Rix and my sister Martha Tufte. To my 
apprentice John Allison £5 and my laced coullored suit of clothes. 
To poor 40s. Residuary legatee and executrix : Wife Mar- 
garet. Overseers : John Grant of London, gent, John Browne, 
of St. Martins aforesaid. Witnesses : John Cooper, George 
Rawling, Geo. Plukenett, scr. 

Lee, "J2. 

Richard Godden, Ilton, Somerset. Administration 8 July 1638 
to relict Joane Goodden. 

Administration Act Book 1636-38, folio 193. 

Arthur Goodwine, Breby (another copy reads Brelty), county 
Derby, yeoman. Will 13 December 1637. To my sweete deare 
child Archer Goodwin all goodes, boxes, coffers, and all that is in 
them, also 2 redd kyne and a bullock and a heiffer and a Calfe 
and 2 blacke heifers and a black mare, a yearling filly with 6 
skore and 5 sheep and these all to be sold and all money gathered 
to buy my sweet and deare child a living with other moneys, my 
£50. 5s. in Haughutton hand and £79. 17s. 5d. upon bond and 


trusted and honest men's hands which amount to £272. I have 
made a bill and there is £80 in my father in Law's hands George 
Taylor and that money £30 I to my wife give and £50 to my 
sweete and deare childe Alice Goodwine to bringing vpp and 
also to my childe Alice Goodwine one bedd, etc. George Taylor 
executor William Wilkinson and my brother George overseers: 
also overseers : Henry Collingwood and my god father John 
Thurwen. I deliver unto my brother George £20 to be added to 
a sum for Child Archer Goodwin. If daughter Alice Goodwin 
die before age then to son Archer Goodwin, sister Jone to have 
use of the £50 to bring vpp daughter Alice Goodwin. If sonne 
Archer Goodwin die, and Alice Goodwin, if both die, then the 
portions to George Sheppard, Jone Wilkinson, and William Good- 
wyne. Witnesses : Henry Collingwood, John Thurwen, and 
George Sheppard 27 August 1638 Administration to George 
Taylor, grandfather, and Henry Collingwood maternal uncle of 
Archer and Alice Goodwin, children of deceased during minority, 
George Taylor and William Wilkinson, executors, renouncing. 
Lee, 93. 

John Goodwyn of East Berghoult in the County of Suffolk 
clothier, 19 July 1638. Sons-in-law M T . Nathaniel Bacon, M r . 
Francis Quarles and Roades Haywards. Susanna, wife of the 
said M r . Nathaniel Bacon, and Nathaniel, son of the same. 
Brother in law Thomas Barker, gentleman, and sister Mary, his 
wife, and their children. — Elizabeth, one of wife's daughters, 
wife of M r . Francis Quarles — Amy, one of my wife's daughters, 
wife of Roades Haywards. Francis Quarles son of the afore- 
said Francis. Nephew Edmund Goodwyn. Nephew Daniel 
Goodwyn. Grandchild John Goodwyn, under 21. Only child 
John Goodwyn to be executor. Daughter Hayward. 

Proved 12 September 1638 by the executor. 
Lee, in. 

This will is printed in full on pages 54-55 of "The Goodwins 
of Hartford, Conn." 

William Goodwyn, Town of Ipswich, Suffolk. Administration 
2 October 1638 to relict Mary Goodwyn. De bonis grant 13 
February 1649/50. 

Administration Act Book 1636-38, folio 215. 


John Goodwin, Hummirghe, parish Maydeston, Wilts, yeoman. 
Will 17 June 1638; proved 6 October 1638. To be buried in 
church of Winterborne Stoke, in South He. To Cathedral 
Church of Newe Sarum is,, To church of Winterborne Stoke 2s. 
To church of Maydeston 2s. To poore of Maydeston £5 to 
remain as a stocke. To poore of Winterborne, Stoke 2s. To 
Rachell Moore, daughter of Robert Moore £5 at 21. To my 
Deere Mother £100, my mother Joane Goodwin in lieu of one 
Yard land she was to holde by promise during her life, of which 
£50 at St. Thomas day 1638 and £50, St. John the Baptist 24 June 
1639. To brother Richard Goodwin £10 at 21 and one Woodpile 
at Banerstocke. To Robert Goodwin son of Stephen Goodwin 
£5 his father giving discharge to my executrix. To my sisters 
Agnes Goodwin and Joan Goodwin £5 a piece. To my brother 
George Gooding £5. To my brother Robert Reads' three chil- 
dren Elizabeth Reade, William and Robert Reade 12 sheepe on 
3rd of May 1639 To kinsman John Linge my servant £5 at 21. 
To kinswoman Joan Crook £5 To uncle John Goodwin 1 bushell 
of wheate yearely and best suite of cloth, 2 sheets, 1 pair stockins, 
1 pair shoes. Rest to wife Elizabeth Goodwin, executrix. Over- 
seers : Uncle Robert Collins of Winterborne, Stoke, and brother 
in law Robert Moore of Lovells Vpton. Witnesses : Edmund 
Cooper, Clement Davis and Stephen Godwin. 
Lee, 135. 

17 November 1638. Administration of the goods of Nicholas 
Godwin late of Wateringbury, county Kent, deceased, granted to 
Susan (or Susanna) Godwin the relict. Inventory £30-17-10. 
Administration Act Book 1638, folio 225. 

12 December 1638. Administration of the goods of Robert 
Goodwyn late of Stepney, county Middlesex, but in parts beyond 
the seas, deceased, granted to William Savadge the principal 

Administration Act Book 1638, folio 234. 

20 December 1638. Administration of the goods of William 
Godwin, late of Newberry, county Berks, deceased, granted to 
Susan (or Susanna) Godwin, the relict. 

Administration Act Book 1638, folio 236. 


Robert Goodinge of Halse, county Somerset. Nuncupative 
will. He gave his lease of One Thousand yeares of one tene- 
ment in Halse which he was to have after the decease of Henry 
Goodinge, his Father, unto Ellinor Goodinge his wife during her 
life, and after to Henry Goodinge his eldest son upon condition 
that he should pay to Robert Goodinge his brother Two hundred 
pounds within one year after he shall have possession of said 
tenement. And said Robert Goodinge further declared that his 
three daughters Ellinor, Marie, and Joane then should have Fifty 
pounds apeece. Which words were spoken by said deceased in 
presence of said Ellinor Goodinge, William Studdyer of fritz 
heade and Christopher Westcombe of Halse. 9th March 1638, 
said Elianore had granted to her administration. 
Harvey, 54. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Hartfield, Sussex. Administration 13 
March (another copy reads February) 1638/9 to Richard Farmer 
guardian of son Robert Goodwyn son of deceased during his 
minority and minority of other children Mary Goodwyn and 
Thomas Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1639-40, folio 16. 

Anne Goodinge of Stratford Bowe, county Middlesex, widow. 
Will 8 April 1639; proved 6 May 1639. Body to be buried in 
church of Allhallows in Breadstreete, London, as were my 
husband John Goodinge. To my grandchild Anne Elkington, 
daughter of Thomas Elkington, cittizen and draper of London 
£50. To my two grandchildren John Tooley and Henry Tooley, 
sons of Henry Tooley of London, haberdasher £50 apiece. If 
any of said three grandchildren shall depart life to joint use of 
my executors. To my five sons in law John Tirrell, Francis 
West, senior, Thomas Elkington, Henry Tooley and Henry St. 
John £20 apeece for mourning To my three daughters Marie 
Tirrall, Margaret West, and Elizabeth St. John £30 apiece To 
my grandchildren Anne Tirrall one of my diamond rings To my 
grandchild Anne West one other of my diamond rings and to my 
grandchild Anne St. John £6. 6s. 8d. to buy a diamond ring. To 
my servant with me at my death £3. Residue to my two sons 
John Goodinge and Robert Goodinge equally whom I ordaine 
executors. I appoint my son in law Francis West overseer and 


I give him £6. 13s. 46.. to make him a ringe in remembrance of 
me. Witnesses : James Hawood and Raphe Dell. 
Harvey, 68. 

29 May 1639. Administration of goods of John Goodwyn late 
of the parts beyond the seas, bachelor, deceased, granted to 
Ambrose Goodwyn the brother. 

Administration Act Book 1639, folio 38. 

19 July 1639. Administration of goods to Thomas Goodwyn 
late of Allhallows on the Wall, London, deceased, granted to 
Mary Goodwin alias Jeffery (wife of Richard Jeffery of Long 
Melford county Suffolk) the sister. 

Administration Act Book 1639, folio 56. 

Eleanor Godwyn. Will 6 April 1639; proved 20 August 1639 
I bequeath to my four almswomen at Bromley £5. To ten 
widows at Barton where I was born £5. To my brother George 
£5. To Lettice Goodwyn, daughter of Richard Goodwyn £5. 
To Robert and Richard Winslowe 40s. each. To my sister Las- 
selles, articles of clothing. To my sister Alsopp my seal ring. 
To Doll, my lady's laundry maid that looks to me £6. To Mr. 
Thomas Blany, 40s. To Mr. Hodges 40s. To Mr. Huxley 20s. 
Residuary Legatee and Executor : son John Godwyn. Over- 
seers : f reind Mr. William Bagott and cousin Phillipp Chettwyn. 
Witness : Emanuell Hodges. 

Harvey, 136. 

John Goodwyn of Banbury, county Oxon, bailor. Will 22 
June 1639; proved 22 August 1639. I bequeath to my son John, 
£20, if he come and demand it within three years. To the poor 
of Banbury 20s. To the vicar of Banbury 10s. Residuary 
Legatee and Executrix. Daughter Mary Goodwyn. Overseers : 
f reinds, William Butler, and Jonathan Bissell. Witnesses : Wil- 
liam Butler (mark) and Johnathan Bissett (sic). 
Harvey, 136. 

John Goodwyn, St. Mary Woolnoth, London, bachelor Admin- 
istration 21 September 1639 to father Peter Goodwyn. 
Administration Act Book 1639-1640, folio 67. 


Richard Goodwyn, Thriplow, Cambridgeshire. Administra- 
tion 5 February 1639/40 to son Edmund Goodwyn. Inventory 
£30. 15s. od. 

Administration Act Book 1639-40, folio 101. 

Thomas Goodwyn of the Inner Temple, London, gent. 
(P. C. C. St Botolph Aldersgate) Will 27 September 1639; 
proved 12 June 1640. By indenture dated 25 September of this 
year I sold to Richard Toothby of Toothby, county Lincoln, Esqr, 
Richard Filkin of Laughton, county Lincoln, gent, Thomas Elie, 
senior, of Louth, gent, Christopher Skegney of Aldford, gent, 
John Hutchinson of ditto, draper, and George Justice of ditto, 
yeoman, all my rights, etc to all my messuages, lands etc. in trust 
for the uses declared in my will. I desire when any of the said 
trustees die, others shall be chosen of sufficient men dwelling 
within 4 miles of Hedgthorpe, county Lincoln. To my cousin 
Thomas Goodwyn of Strubby, county Lincoln, gent, my copy- 
hold lands. To the poor of Hodgthorpe £5 a year for ever. 
Towards repair of seabanks there £5 a year and when same are 
finished, said £5 towards repair of church. To the minister there 
£20 a year. The remainder of the yearly rents and issues of my 
lands to apprentice poor children of Hodgthorpe. To Roger 
Pelham of the Inner Temple, Esqr, £5. To Mr. John Smith £5. 
To Henry Bartholomew and his wife, 40s. each. To their ser- 
vant Anne 20s. To Dorsett Justice 20s. to buy him a ewe sheep. 
Executors : Mr. George Scorttrett, minister of Fetney, county 
Lincoln, and George Justice. Witnesses : Robert Yarway, 
scrivener, Thomas Leach his servant. Administration granted to 
Henry Bartholomew, creditor of deceased, executors named in 
will renouncing. 

Coventry, 92. 

John Goodwyn, over seas, bachelor, deceased. Administration 
1 October 1640 to creditor John Burheade. Inventory £10. 
10s. od. 

Administration Act Book 1639-40, folio 156a. 

Anne Godwyn of Westminster, county Middlesex, spinster. 
Will 23 December 1640; proved 30 December 1640. I bequeath 
to my brother John Godwyn, two gilt spoons. To my brother 


Edward Godwyn a gilt spoon and ios. To my brother Richard 
Godwyn a bedstead standing at my mother's, Anne Godwyn, 
widow, house in Hartford. To my brother William Godwyn a 
gilt spoon. To my brother Thomas Godwyn ditto. Residuary 
legatee and executrix : Elizabeth Godwyn of the precincts of St. 
Katherines, county Middlesex, spinster. Overseers : brother 
Richard Griffin of Westminster, gent. Witnesses : Richard 
Griffin, John Thompson, scrivener. 

Coventry, 161. 

Margaret Goodwyn of St. Martin's in Fields, county Middle- 
sex, widow. Will 26 June, 1640; proved 18 December 1640. I 
desire to be buried in St. Martin's Church. I bequeath to my 
brother, Gabriel Jones, £5. To my brother, Robert Jones £40. 
To my kinsman Robert Price £5. To my servant John Allison 
all the goods in my shop. To my godson John Tissard £10 to 
be paid to his father. To my goddaughter Eleanor Ayliffe 40s. 
To my friend Mr. John Tissard, cutler £5 to his wife, a gown etc. 
To Captain John Minse a ring. To the poor of said parish 
£10. To Mr. Jackson, lecturer in said parish £5. To neighbour 
Mrs. Harris, a gown, etc. To her daughter Mary Harris, linen. 
To her sister Katherine Harris £5. To Mrs. Holegood 20s. To 
old Mr. Harris of Cheswick, a bed. To my friend Mrs. Frayle 
in Durham Yard £5. To Mrs. Rawlyns, widow, a hat. To Mrs. 
Wakeman, widow, a ring. To my late husband's son, Augustine 
Goodwyn, £5 at age of 21. To his other son William £50, at age 
of 21. if they die the same to my brothers, Gabriel and Robert 
Jones. To my friend Mrs. Hughes a gown etc. To Mrs. 
Cooper of St. Martin's in Field 40s. To her husband my seal 
ring. To my former husband's kinsman, John Raby, 40s. To 
John Waterhouse of St. Clement Danes, scrivener 20s. To Mrs. 
Lovett 20s. To friend Mrs. Gibbons at the Tennis Court near 
Lincoln's Inn Fields 20s. To Thomas Williams, late servant to 
my uncle Mr. Price £5. To my laundress Mrs. Smith £10. To 
wife of Mr. John Browne, my diamond ring. To Mrs. Walwyn, 
20s. To Mrs. Dorothy Bromich 20s. Residuary legatee and 
executor : Kinswoman, Ellen Price. Overseers : Mr. Hugh 
Pope, and Mr. John Harris, my neighbours, to their wives £5 
each. I desire the money left by my late ^husband Augustine 
Goodwyn to his sons to be given in trust for them to Mr. John 


Graunt and Mr. John Browne. To Mr. Sergeant Lee and Mr. 
Maynwayringe 40s. each. Witnesses: Thomas Lovett, Robert 
Bate, John Waterhouse, Scrivener. Codicil 12 December 1640. 
To my sister Martha Jones £10. Witnesses: John Fisser and 

John Allyson. 

Coventry, 164. 

John Goodwyn, Barford, Suffolk. Administration 29 January 
1640/41 to relict Mary Goodwyn (William Jones, clerk, commis- 

Administration Act Book 1641-1643, folio 7. 

Henry Goodinge, Halse, Somerset, yeoman. Will 21 May 
1639; proved 23 June 1641. To poor of parish 20s. To grand- 
child Ellinor Gooding £100. To daughter Joane Govier £5. To 
godchildren I2d. each. Rest to grand child Henry Goodinge 
executor. Overseers : William Studier, Thomas Govier, Anthony 
Pile and Anthony Cade. Witnesses: Anthony Cade, William 
Studier, Anthony Pyle. Administration to Anthony Pile and 
Anthony Cade, supers during minority of said Henry Goodwyne, 


Evelyn, 85. 

Edward Goodwin of Naylesse, Somersetshire, gentleman. 
Will 4 July 1641 ; proved 22 July 1641. To my two brothers 
Richard and John all lands. To vncle Samuel West at whose 
house I lye £6 and to his wife Magdalen West 10s. To cozen 
Susan Arnold 10s. To Cozen William West 5s and my myngled 
coloured Coate. To Cozen James Scott 5s. To Ann Gorum 6s. 
8d. To my Vncle Christopher West 50s. Rest to brother 
Richard Goodwin executor. Witnesses : Samuel West, Ann 
Gorum and William Joshua, Scrivener. 
Evelyn, 96. 

Thomas Goodwyn, St. Clement Danes, near Temple Bar, Lon- 
don. Administration 23 October 1641 to brother Edward Good- 
wyn. Inventory £10. 10s. od. 

Administration Act Book 1641-1642, folio 72. 

Richard Goodwin, Henley uppon Thames, Oxon, Inholder. 


Will 22 December 1641 ; proved 20 April 1642. To poore of 
Henley 20s. at buryall. To sonne William Goodwine 10s. To 
sonne Ellis Goodinge £100 in 10 yeares. To sonne Abraham 
Goodwin £100 in 6 yeares. To my two sonnes Gabriell Good- 
wine and Francis Goodwin £30 each at 25. To my sonne John 
Goodwin £50 at 25. Rest to wife Joane Goodwin, executor. 
Overseers : brother in law John Hunt and friend Mr. Richard 
Facie. Witnesses : William Flood, and John Hunt. 
Campbell, 43. 

3 May 1642. Administration of the goods of Bridget Good- 
win alias Arthure, late of Strode (Strood?), county Kent, 
deceased, granted to Richard Arthure the husband. 
Administration Act Book 1642, folio 129. 

Robert Goodwin of Bocking, county Essex, Inholder. Will 15 
March 1641/2; proved 8 July 1642. To Anne Swayne, widow, 
my sister £10. To hir seven children, Anne, Mary, William and 
Alice Lifely, and Abigail Seth and Gabriel Swayne £10 each. 
To Joane Goodwyn of London my sister £20 and to Elizabeth 
Brooke her daughter £20. To my brother John Goodwin £20. 
To John Rush and his wife Elizabeth my sister £20. To Edward 
Potter of Earles Colne, brother to Mary my wife and to his chil- 
dren £20. To Martha Ruse my servant £5 To Elizabeth daugh- 
ter of John Goodwin my brother £60 and to her sister Margaret 
£40. My house in occupation of William Horton of Bockinge to 
the use of me Robert Goodwyn and my wife Mary or longest 
liver, then to John my brother and Christian his wife and then 
to his son John. My wife to enjoy the above legacies till she die 
or marry again, and when she die or marry the legacies to be 
paid, tbose to the children when they are 21. or to remain in the 
hands of James Coker of Great Coggeshall, Clothier. To Alice 
Ward of Hedingham Sibble, widow 40s. To James Coker 40s. 
to buy a Ring. Poor of Bocking 40s. Residuary Legatee : Mary 
my wife. Executors : Mary my wife and said James Coker. 
Supervisor : Brother John Goodwin. To Barnaby Wilson of 
Bocking 20s. Witnesses : Thomas Taylor, John Laplove, scriv- 

Campbell, 94. 


John Goodwin of Ipswich, county Suffolk, gentleman. Will 
29 Aprill 1644; proved 18 February 1644/5. To William Good- 
win my eldest son a messuage in Martlesham in occupation of 
Henry Stiles, also tenements in Hasketon and Burgh on the Sand, 
county Suffolk in tenure of Edmund Hamond, Thomas Goodall, 
Henry Yorke, John Stannard, and Raph Thorneton and a close 
in tenure of James Rands. To Robert Goodwin my youngest son 
lands in Grundisburgh. To my three sons William, John my 
second son, and said Robert my wood in Melton. To John Good- 
win my son £200. To Robert £200. To Temperance Goodwin 
my daughter £600 To William Goodwin my grandchild, son of 
son William £10 when 21. To John another son £10 when 21. 
To Mary his daughter £10 when 21. To Grandchild John Clench 
son of Daniel Clench, gent, £10 when 21. To Mary daughter of 
said Daniel £10 when 21. To Poor of Hasketon 40s. Poor of 
Marthesham 20s. To Poor of Grundisburgh 20s. To Poor 
of Burgh 20s. Executors : 3 sons William, John, and Robert. 
Witnesses : Edmund Style, Robert Marriett, and George French. 
Codicil 30 April 1644 witnesses as above. To Bridget Clench 
my daughter wife of Daniel Clench gent £100. and to Temper- 
ance my daughter £100 above the said sum of £600. 
Rivers, 33. 

Richard Godwyn, city and merchant taylor of London. Will 
11 July 1645; proved 1 August 1645. To Grace my wife one 
third part of my estate according to custom. To my daughter 
Abigail £50 when 21 or married. To my daughter Mary £60 
when 21 or married. To my daughter Margaret £50 when 21 
or married To my son John £50 when 21. To my daughter 
Elizabeth £50 when 21 or married. To my son William £50 
when 21. To my son Edward £50 when 21. To son Nathan- 
iell £50 when 21. To my son Beniamine £50 when 21. To 
my daughter Lettice £50 when 21. To my daughter Kather- 
ine Stainton 20s. To the parson of St. Brides 20s. for a funeral 
sermon. To the poor of said parish 20s. Executors : wife and 
son in law Edward Stainton. Witnesses : Isaac Harvey, Thomas 
Leanes, scrivener, and Edmond Barker. 
Rivers, 102. 

Thomas Godwin of Tylehurst, county Berkes, yeoman. Will 
21 October 1640; proved 30 October 1645. To the poor £1. 6s. 


8d To the elder son of one French that married Anne the only 
daughter of my sister Joane 10s. and to each other child of the 
said Anne I2d. To Lettice Hall, daughter of William Hall 
deceased £50, if she die to be paid to William her Brother. To 
Ann Newry the now wife of Edward Newberry 4 acres late 
bought of William Godwin of Kentwood, deceased, also a release 
by John Godwin of the Elme and John his son, if any interest in 
my estate. Residuary Legatee and Executrix : Said Anne New- 
bery. Overseers : John Newbery of Tylehurst and Edward 
Bushnell of same yeoman. Witnesses : Arthur Rogers, scriv- 
ener, Walter Fellowe, and Thomas Pinnocke. 
Rivers, 120. 

William Godwin of City of Bristol, grocer. (Plague) Nun- 
cupative will 14 July 1645 J proved 28 November 1645. To his 
son and only childe £200. To his mother and his sister Harvey 
he forgave the debts they owed him above what he owed them. 
To his Brother John Turner £5 He forgave his kinsman Wil- 
liam Harvie all he owed him. To Mr. Henrie Gib'bes his father 
in law's children £3 apiece. His brother in law John Allen to pay 
£3 and he forgives the rest of his debts. To Sarah Curtis his 
maid 40s. To Sarah Eddie, Mr. Gibbe's maid 20s. Residue to 
wife Jane. Sarah Curtis swore to truth of this 1 August 1645. 
Proved by Henry Gibbs. Avo ex materno latere William God- 
win deceased, during minority of William son of deceased. 
Rivers, 140. 

Jane Godwin late wife of William Godwin of the City of 
Bristol, deceased, Grocer. Will 18 July 1645 '> proved 28 
November 1645. Her husband having given to William his son 
£200, she gave £100 moore, and her wedding ring. Doctor 
Turner owed £100 to her husband not yet paid, she gave it her 
mother in law, Mrs. Turner, her sister in law Mrs. Harvey, and 
to the said Doctor equally. To her maid servant Sarah Curtis 
40s. To William Hopwood her husband's clothes. All the rest 
she gave with her child to her father Mr. Henry Gibbes. Wit- 
nesses : Sarah Curtis, and Marie Beckham. Proved by Henry 
Gibbs during minority of William. Died of Plague. 
Rivers, 140. 

Robert Goodwin (St. Katherine Colman, London — P. A. 
Book) Will 14 May 1644. To be buried in churchyard of 


Wickham. To poore of Crowe ios. To daughter Agnes Good- 
win that £50 in Mr. Isacknes handes. To daughter Martha £20 
in hands of Mr. Hutchins, also £10 in Cadell handes, also another 
bond in Mr. Hutchins handes in St. Bartholoew lane of £45 unto 
my sonn John Goodwin. To sonn Robert Goodwin ios yf he be 
liveing. To daughter Agnes Goodwin my house at Sangeg as 
longe as shee liveth paying 2S. a year to my sonn John Goodwin 
if demanded and if she die without heyre to remayn to sonn John 
and if he die to Matthew Goodwin then to my brother and his 
heyres they to pay £10 to poore of Crowe and 2s. out of my 
house of Sangeg forever and to poore of Crowe in Wickham. 
House at Crowe that Goodwife Batchelor holdeth for son John 
Goodwin, and other thinges Bones to Belles not in this wife save- 
ing chest of Linnen etc in my daughters Agnes hands. 6 Decem- 
ber 1645 administration to daughter Martha Goodwin no exec- 
utor being named. 

Rivers, 151. 

Edmund Goodwyn of Neylford, county Suffolk. Will 10 June 
1645; proved 11 February 1645/6. To Margarett my wife all 
my lands and tenements in tenure of Richard Mosse for life, and 
at her decease to my son Edmund. To my daughter Mary £500 
for her portion or when 21. To my son Daniell £100 and my 
tenements in tenure of James Hedge and John Woolward when 
21. All my other lands to son Edmond Goodwin. Executrix: 
my wife. Overseers : Worthy Friends, Nathaniell Bacon Esq. 
and Collonell (Brampton Gordan?) Esq. Witnesses : Richard 
Timbs, Isaac Ley, Thomas Winterflower, and George Bucknham. 
Twisse, 13. 

Richard Goodwyne, Crodenlieboath in Edall. Will 2 January 
1645; proved 1 July 1646. To be buried in Chapel of Edall. 
To my wife Alice two kine, two steeres, 20 hogs, and one half of 
bond due from William Sydebotham of Wermlowe. To my son 
Richard the other half. To my son Arthur I2d. To his son 
Richard 6s. 8d. To my daughters Elizabeth and her three 
youngest children 13s. 4d. To my grandchildren Richard, 
Raphe, Arthur, and Jane, children of my son Richard £5. To 
Thomas Hadsild's children 5s each. To Nicholas Creswell's 
children 5s each. To Ellen Porglove I2d. To Elizabeth Water- 


house £6. 13s. 4a 1 . To Anne Blanckesbie £6. 13s. 46. To John 
Brount £6. 13s. 4d. Executor: John Blount. (Another copy 
reads Browne.) Witnesses: William Barber, Nicholas Cres- 
well, and Robert Carrington. 

Twisse, 103. 

13 January 1646-7. Administration of the goods of Thomas 
Goodwin, D.D. late of the city of Hereford, deceased, granted to 
Lettice Goodwyn the relict. 

Administration Act Book 1646-7, folio 6. 

26 January 1646-7. Administration of the goods of John 
Goodwin late of parts beyond the seas, bachelor, deceased, 
granted to Richard Young a creditor. 

Administration Act Book 1646-7, folio 16. 

Alice Goodwyn of Nichas parish, Guildford, county Surrey, 
widdowe. Will 24 August 1646; proved 15 February 1646. To 
the poor 20s. To my sister Washford £10 and my house and 
garden wherein John Wallis dwelleth. After her decease said 
house etc. to my grandchild Elizabeth Watts and heirs for ever. 
My land in Odiham, county Southampton to my grandchild Sarah 
Watts and heires. All my linen to Sarah and Elizabeth Watts. 
To my grandchild Goodwyn Watts £20. To my grandchild 
Thomas Smith £10. To my grandchild Symon Smith £100. To 
Marie Pryor my neece, wife of Edward Pryor 40s. and all 
apparel. To Elizabeth Huett my daughter Watt's maid 5s. To 
my nurse Brookmaster 20s. To my son in law Richard Watts 
and to my onelie daughter Sarah his wife all my lands etc for 
their lives and heires of said Sarah. Residue to my said daugh- 
ter Sarah, she sole executrix. Edward Ford and said Richard 
Watts to be overseers. Witnesses : Richard White, Barnaby 
Royce, Frances Bradfold. Codicil to my grandchild Symon £10 

Fines, 24. 

21 July 1647. Administration of the goods of Humfrey 
Goodwyn, late of Sterndale, county Devon, deceased, granted to 
Francis Higgenbothim (?) a creditor. Revoked and a fresh 
grant in May 1657. 

Administration Act Book 1647, f° uo I02 - 


Robert Goodwyn als Saunders of the Hith, Egham, county 
Surrey, tanner. Will 5 June 1647; proved 27 July 1647. Bod y 
to church of Egham, My freehold house and tanyard in the 
Hith by the River Thames neer to Staines Bridge to my wife 
Anne for life and after to my son Robert Saunders and heirs for 
ever, and for failure to my son Edward Saunders and heirs. To 
my wife Anne that Close called Hipcroft in Egham, eleven acres 
for her life and after to my son Edward Saunders and heirs and 
for failure to my son William Saunders and heirs. Provided 
that my wife give to my mother Elizabeth Goodwyn als Saunders 
the sum of £8 annually. To my son Edward Saunders 20s. To 
my son William Saunders £150. To my son James Saunders 
£100. To my son Robert Saunders £10. To Anne and Barbara 
the two daughters of my son Edward £10 apiece, to be employed 
for their vse. To my mother Elizabeth Saunders 20s. To my 
brother John Saunders 20s. if he come to demand the same. To 
my brother Thomas Saunders 20s. To my brother William 
Saunders 20s. To my sister Osborne 20s. To my men and 
maid servants 10s apeece. To Elizabeth Saunders the daughter 
of my brother Edward £5. To poor of Egham 40s. My wife 
Anne sole executrix and to her the whole residue. Overseers: 
John Cooper and James Clarke of Staines, county Middlesex. 
Item I give my sister Johnson 20s. Witnesses : Henry Pinnocke, 
John Bampton, and Thomas Sloper. 

Fines, 168. 

Stephen Gooding, late of Bury St. Edmonds, county Suffolk, 
gent. Will 3 August 1647; proved 8 February 1647/8. To 
Marie my wife my messuage in Cookrow in Bury in tenure of 
Mr. Greene, two meadows in tenure of Richard Canham for ever. 
To my wife £500 in recompense of a bequest by her uncle Mr. 
Edward Darbye, she to accept security of Thomas Seden of Bury 
also plate, and my gray ambling nagg. To Anne, wife of my 
nephew Richard Goodinge, gent £10. To Elizabeth his eldest 
daughter £20. To Anne the younger daughter my messuage in 
Key parish in Ipswich in tenure of said Richard when 21, if she 
die, to my niece Katherine Coke, dau. to my late Brother John 
Gooding, deceased. To children of John Gooden late of Trini- 
tie, county Suffolk, who married Anne Lewes my sister's daugh- 
ter £50. To the son of one that married my sister's 


Kemps's daughter £10 when he will be 21. To cozen Edmond 
Legge 40s. To cozen Stephen Legge 40s. when 21. To cozen 
Richard Legge and cozen John Legge £3 each. To brother in 
law Mr. John Knappe of Great Ellingham, county Norfolk £5. 
To cozens Thomas and Charles Knappes son to said John 40s. 
each. To cozen Cotton, widow, daughter to my said Brother 
Knappe, to my cosen Mary and cosen Beatrice, two other daugh- 
ters 40s. each. To Elizabeth Keble daughter of Mr. Thomas 
Keble who married my wive's sister £5. To cozen John Wright 
of Whenstead, gent, 40s. To John Sorrell of Whersted and his 
wife 20s apiece. To Mr. White minister of Rougham, county 
Suffolk and his wife 40s. apiece. To Friends Henry Coke of 
Thornyton, county Suffolk £20 and his wife Mrs. Margarett £10, 
their daughter Mrs. Bridgett Cooke £25, eldest son Mr. Richard 
Cooke £16 and Mrs. Mary Cooke his wife £5. To Mr. Roger 
Cooke, Mr. Robert Cooke, and Mrs Theophila Cooke £5 each. 
To Mr. Robert Coke son of Clement Coke Esquire, deceased 40s. 
To Mrs. Theophila Coke daughter to Arthur Coke Esq, deceased 
£5. To Mr. Cyriake Coke who married my neece Katheryn 
Smyth £100 which is due to me from Sir Thomas Glemham, John 
Kinge and Edmond Myles. To Katherine his wife my green 
embroidery. To Henry Coke's servants and to Thomas Thuck- 
ster sometime servant to them, now dwelling at Westleton £10. 
To Friend Sir John Rous of Henham, county Suffolk, knight 40s. 
To Friend John Scrivener of Sutton, county Suffolk, Esquire 40s. 
To Mr. Alnott Clench of Bealinges Hall, county Suffolk and to 
his wife 40s. each. To his children Susan and Dorothy 40s. each 
To Mr. Edmund Clench of Ipswich, Merchant £10 and to his 
wife £5, to his children Edmund, William, Phillipp, Andrew and 
Dorcas Clench 40s. each. To Myles Fernly of Sutton, county 
Suffolk, Esq and his wife 40s. each. To Mrs. Dorothy Fernley 
his eldest daughter 40s. and to her sisters 20s. each. To Mrs. 
Digbye of Layer de la Haye, county Essex widow 40s. and to her 
two sons Mr. John Smyth and his brother Mr. Edmond Smyth 
20s. To Mr. Edward Digbye son of said Mrs. Digbye a browne 
horse. To Mr. Salter minister of Great Bromley, county Essex 
£3 and his wife £3. and to their two sons Edward and Thomas 
40s. apiece. To Anne Sparrowe my wife's goddaughter £10. 
To Richard Crampton of Brompton, county Suffolk 40s. To 
Robert Mason my servant sometime now servant to Mr. Thomas 


Cutler of Ipswich 40s. To George Ballard of Waiter Aston, 
county Suffolk sometyme my servant 40s. To old Mr. Church, 
vicar of Sutton, county Suffolk 20s. To Robert Worlinton of 
Westleton and Joane his wife 10s. each. To Robert Gayton of 
Hynton and Susan his wife 10s. To William Sampson of Thor- 
ington 1 os. To Elizabeth Ellis wife of Ezekiell Ellis, and 
Ezekiell Ellis 10s. each. To John Smyth of Thorington 10s. 
To Thomas Brooke and Anthony Scarier of Hinton 10s. To 
Thomas Toumawe of Hollesby, county Suffolk 40s. To my 
godson Henry Aldus, son of Richard Aldus late of Thorington 
40s. when 21. To my good friend Mr. Humphrey Boline of 
Sutteston, county Suffolk £5 and to his wife 40s. To Poor of 
Thorington 20s. To poor of the parish where I did dwell in 
Bury £5. To poor of Sutton 40s, and to poor of Whersted 40s. 
Residuary Legatee and Executor: Nephew Richard Goodinge. 
Witnesses : John Glover, Alexander Revell. 
Essex, 36. 

Thomas Goodwin of Westhanningfield, county Essex, yeo- 
man. Will 27 December 1647; proved 10 May 1648. To my 
daughter Mary Goodwin £30 when she is 21 or at the day of her 
marriage If she die, then to my brother Henry Goodwin's chil- 
dren. To my wife my customary messuage called Watsons Hope 
in Laindon for life and at her decease to my daughter Mary. To 
my brother Henry Goodwin my great Standard with my best 
suite. To my maid Jane 10s. To Robert Chapman all the rest 
of my clothes. To poor of the parish 10s. My wife to pay the 
legacies given in my fathers will to Henry Goodwin the younger 
and my mother's legacies to Henry and Mary, children of my 
Brother Henry. Residuary legatee and executrix : Wife Susan- 
nah. Overseers : brother Henry Goodwin, and kinsman Nathan- 
iel Hodge. Witnesses : Henry Goodwin and Jane Godsaf e. 
Essex, j6. 

Benis Goodwin, Dorking, Surrey. Administration 20 May 
1648 to brother Robert Goodwin. Inventory £10. 

Administration Act Book 1648, folio 58. 

John Goodwyn, late of Catisfield, county Sussex, husbandman. 
Nuncupative will 27 August 1648; proved 2 November 1648. 


To his three children Margaret, Richard and Dennis £10 apiece. 
Dennis his then wife to be executrix. Overseer: John Baker 
and Barnard Boorne. Witnessed 21 September 1648 by John 
Baker and Barnard Boorne. Memorandum that Dennis his wife 
was present. 

Essex, 160. 

22 April 1649. Administration of the goods of William 
Goodwyn, late of Ipswich, county Suffolk, deceased, granted 
to Sir Richard Hovell, Knight, and Humfrey Binge, the next 
of kin. 

Administration Act Book 1649, f° no 57- 

29 June 1649. Administration of goods of Thomas Goodwyn, 
late of St. Sepulchres without Newgate, London, bachelor, 
deceased, granted to Margaret Goodwyn, the mother. Poor. 
Administration Act Book 1649, folio 59. 

19 October 1649. Administration of goods of John Godwyn 
late dying in or near the town of Stafford in the service of the 
parliament, a bachelor, granted to William Tovey the principal 

Administration Act Book 1649, folio 119. 

Richard Goodwin of Taddington, county Derbie, yeoman. 
Will 27 October 1649; proved 7 February 1649-50. To the 
Chapel of Taddington £4 to buy a Communion Cup whereon this 
is to be engraven. Porrigit hinse Calicem Christus libi mente 
benigne Accipe fro meritis corde repone fide simiter these 
liberum mimus Richardi Goodwin Capella de Taddington. To 
the poor of Taddington, Prestcliffe, Blackwall £3. To Ann my 
wife £60. To my sister Tabitha Robinson £20. To her son 
Thomas and daughter Margaret £5 each. To Richard Foxlow 
and Marie his wife 5s. each. To my nephew and godson Richard 
Foxlow 20s. To Mr. Mellor 10s. to preach at my funeral. To 
my brother George's son Richard Goodwin a suit. To Ann 
Bretnor and Alice Brixton 5s. each. To William Orme all 
household stuff he owes me. To William Ormeson and Thomas 
Foxlowe sonne 20s. each. All the heir loomes in my father's 


last will to Roger Goodwin my brother. Rest among my 
brother Robert Goodwin and brother in law Thomas Garrett my 
executors. Overseers: Cosen William Birds of Stanton Hall, 
George Goodwin of Longnor and William Orme. Witnesses: 
Thomas Bretnor, John Bateman, Nicholas Heathcott, and Rich- 
ard Goodwin. 

Pembroke, 18. 

Nicholas Goodwyn, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 
30 March 1649; proved 9 April 1650. To Mr. John Reeve a 
weapon called a Partisen and to his wife Joane Reeve 5s. and to 
his two children I2d. apiece To my brother in law Roger Bird 
my walking staff of Brassell headed with silver To my friend 
Samuel Townesend a book called the King's meditations. To 
Mr. Joseph Stacey £5. To the poor of Alphage parish where I 
now dwell 10s. Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Ellen 
Goodwin. Witnesses : Henry Panten and John Walker. 
Pembroke, 51. 

Edward Godwynne. Will 16 August 1650; proved 27 Sep- 
tember 1650. To Master and Mistress £30. To the poor of 
Dunstall £5 ; of Tatenhill and Callingwood £3. The rest among 
my father, three Brothers, and sister except to my sister Annys 
Gule I give £5. To Nurse Payne 10s. To Goody Booes 5s. To 
Mistris Dorsett 10s. To Sarah Symons the younger an ell of 
Holland. To Mr. Edward Hudson all my bookes except two 
English Bibles to my brothers Richard and John, my best hat to 
John Bird, my other two hats to Robin. I leave my funerall to 
my Mr. Will. I remit John Walker his debt of money bee paid 
to remember the poor of St. George. I remit Clem Walter his 
interest money. Witness : Anne Paine. Found on opening his 
great Box 21 August in presence of Elizabeth Bromfield, Judith 
Gerrard, Sara Symons, in money £10 in gold, £4 and 6d. in silver. 
Administration to Richard Godwyn brother of Edward God- 
wynne late of Parish of St. Georges Southwarke, bachelor, 

Pembroke, 145. 

Mary Godwin of St. Brides, London. Will 14 October 1650; 
proved 30 October 1650. To be buried in St. Giles to be next 


my sister there. To my sister Hales daughter Mary, my bed and 
furniture. To my sister Ellen Hawkred the other feather bed 
and childbed Linen. To my sister Hales a red stuff petticoat. 
To Mr. Willmott my great brass pot. To Mrs. Wilmot one of 
my finest headlaces, to her little boy a gold ring. To Mrs. Pris- 
cilla Callis my new black petticote. To Mrs. Mary Nott my 
white fustian petticote. To Mr. John Peacocke a gold ring. To 
Mrs. Merchant a neckcloth to her daughter my grey apron and 
1 os. To Mrs. Read a red stuff peticote. To Elizabeth Cubbage 
a smock. To Joane Worfield a hankercher. To George Barrett 
my Bible. To Alice Wheeler and Elizabeth an apron each. My 
executors to pay to Mr. Thomas Wilmot £5. To Elizabeth Yate 
£5 when 18. Executors : Mr. John Pocock and Mr. John Mer- 
chant. Witnesses : John Pocock, John Marchant, George Bar- 
ratt, and Thomas Willmutt. 

Pembroke, 154. 

James Goodwyn of Rendham, county Suffolk, gent. Will : 
no date; proved 8 November 1650. All my houses and lands in 
Rendham to my son James and Joane his wife to let them descend 
to his eldest son John Goodwin. To my son George all my lands 
in Carleton and Martlesham, and twelve loads of heath from my 
cosen William Goodwin of Martlesham Hall granted unto me by 
Francis Noone, gent, To my son John £200. To Henry my son 
lands late bought of William Crispe in Brusyeard, if he die to 
James youngest son of my son James. My executor to sell my 
manor of Melton cum lifford to discharge debts. To son James 
my horse mill and my clocke. To son John £10. Executor: 
Son George. Overseers : John Scrivener Esq and James Keble, 
gent. To Richard Crisp late of Kynnes Lynn, baker, and his 
children £12 if demanded, but if not to be paid to William Crisp 
late of Peasenhall and Rose wife of George Garrard of Rend- 
ham. To Rose the wife of Hill of Wickham Markett, 

feltmaker and to every one of the children of my brother John 
Bossett deceased 40s. apiece To the poor £20. For a sermon 
20s. Witnesses : Robert Parkin, Nicholas Vnderwood, and John 

Pembroke, 177. 

Ann Goodwyn of Toddington, county Derby, widow. Will 24 
December 1650; proved 14 June 1651. To be buried in the 


Chapel Yard of Toddington. To Anne Brettnor my eldest 
daughter £10. To Alice Buxton my younger daughter £10. To 
each one of their three daughters Grace Buxton, Ann Buxton 
and Gesse Brettnor ios. each. Residuary legatees and execu- 
tors : William Orme my son and Ralph Orme his son. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Boome, Thomas Innocent and John Backwall. 
Grey, 48. 

John Goodwine of St. John Baptist, Isle of Thanett, county 
Kent, husbandman. Will 18 May 1650; proved 10 December 
1 65 1. To Constant my wife all my goods and chattels and my 
messuage for life, after her decease to my youngest son Edward 
he paying yearly for their lives to each of my five daughters, 
Mary, Margaret, Elizabeth, Martha and Susan 4s. To my eldest 
son John I2d. Residuary legatee and executor : Said youngest 
son. Overseers: Richard Bayman of parish of St. Lawrence in 
said Isle, maulster, and Edward Hornett of Minster, yeoman. 
Witnesses : Robert Peirce, Mary Robinson, and Francis Sory, 
Proved by Mr. John Allen, proctor for executor. 
Grey, 240. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of Thrumpton, county Nottingham, widow. 
Will 21 April 1650; proved 1 December 1651. To be buried in 
Chancel of Thrumpton church. To my eldest son Jonathan and 
his wife ios. each. To his son Barnabe the black heyf er To my 
second son John and his wife ios. and £10 he owes me to his 
eldest daughter Katherine. To my youngest son Joseph all my 
goods moveable and unmoveable, my sons John and Joseph to 
have £20 apiece before my eldest son enters upon my lands at 
Nolberton. By his father's will Joseph was to have all after my 
decease. Executor : son Joseph. Witness : William Boyer. 
Grey, 241. 

John Godwyn the elder of Nailsey, county Somerset, yeoman. 
Will 27 October 1651 ; proved 1 May 1652. To the poor of 
Nailsey four bushels of Rye. To John Jayne a poor man of 
Mailsey sometimes my father's servant, one suit. To Anne my 
wife the bed and furniture and all linen except one dozen table 
napkins which were my daughter's now deceased and who 


desired her brother William my son to have them £5. To Anne 
Cooke daughter of my son in law John Cooke £5 when 21. To 
Elizabeth and Mary daughters of my son John Godwyn £30 when 
21. To William son of my said son John £5 when 21. To John 
son of my son John my cupbord. To my servaunt Agnes Lewis 
40s. To William son of my son William my biggest brass pan. 
To William my son seven acres in Clyvedon, county Somerset, 
late of the land of the Earl of Bristol, also plough harness. To 
son John land in Kingston Geymor. Residuary legatee and 
executors : sons John and William. Overseers : Thomas War- 
nell of Raxall, John Willis of Nailsey. Witnesses : William 
Prowse, Thomas Parsons, and Thomas Parsons (sic). 
Bowyer, 112. 

Jeremy Goodwyn of Rawinder, county Kent, husbandman. 
Will 21 April 1650; proved 6 May 1652. My friends John 
Longley, George Day, and John Smyth, executors 10s. each. To 
each of John Longley's children 10s. To my son Jeremy Good- 
wyn £40 to be expended as he desires, my blessing in the trade in 
which he hath served an apprenticeship. The residue to be 
employed for four years by my said executors for my said son's 
benefit and then to be paid to him. Witnesses : Robert Tighe, 
and Margaret Wyburne. 

Bowyer, ill. 

Daniell Godwin of the parish of St. Sepulchres London, citi- 
zen and merchanttaylor of London. Will 29 July 1652 ; proved 
22 October 1652. To my two daughters Elizabeth and Jane 
Godwin £30 when 21. To my sister Alice Lock 10s. and to her 
two sons John and Thomas Lock .5s. apeece To my servant 
Mary Mussen 40s. To Mary Wilson 25s. and all the pewter 
which has her father's name stamped on it. To Mary Hewett 
widow 6s. for the use of her son John Hewett. Residuary lega- 
tee and executrix : Wife Elizabeth. Witnesses : Christopher 
Merry, and John Bryan, scrivener. 

Bowyer, 170. 

John Goodwin of Horndon? on the Hill, county Essex, cord- 
winder. Will 26 January 1641-2; proved 20 February 1653/4. 


To Daniel Holstuck of Horndon my sword. To my friend 
Edmond Westrapp my suits and all my boards in his house called 
the Bell in Horndon. To Mary Westrapp the wife of Edmond 
Westrapp 40s. To Thomas Tompson the elder 10s. To my 
sister Jane Williamson £30. the use for life and at her death to 
be divided among William and Mary the now two children of my 
said sister. To Robert Luckyn, gentleman 10s. Residuary lega- 
tee and executor : Thomas Tompson of Horndon, yeoman. Wit- 
nesses : John Hust, Robert Luckyn and Edmond Westrapp. 
Alchin, 181. 

John Godding of the Precinct of St. Katherine by the Tower 
of London, Milner. Will 30 March 1654; proved 8 August 
1654. All to my wife Katheren. To my brother Richard God- 
ding all my clothes on condition he pays to my wife the £10 he 
owes me. Witnesses: John Coxe, Margery, John Gaines ser- 
vant to John Baker, Notary Publik. 

Alchin, 19. 

John Goodwin of Keveldon, (Kelvedon?) county Essex, hus- 
bandman. Will 29 November 1651 ; proved 20 February 
1653/4. To Elizabeth my wife is. All the rest to my son 
Henry Goodwin. Executor : son Henry. Witnesses : John 
Thomas and Stephen Gower. Codicil 13 December 1651. Wit- 
nesses: John Thomas and Stephen Gower. To my son John 
Goodwin if he be living at the time of my decease 40s. 
Alchin, 181. 

Jeffery Goodwinn of Tottenhill als Setchie Row, county Nor- 
folk, husbandman. Will 11 February 1653/4; proved 29 May 
1654. To Rose my wife the tenement I now dwell in. To my 
said wife lands in Setchy Hill and Mill Hill for life and then to 
John and Thomas Crome sons of John Crome of Marham they 
paying to my two nephews Henry Goodwin and Edmond Jenner 
£15 each. To said John Crome the son fio and to Thomas 
Crome £10. To said Henry Goodwin £10 when 21. To my 
sister Anne Gibbins of Kings Lynn, widow £5. To Elizabeth 
and Mary daughters of Edmund Dolbie 50s. apiece, to be put 
forth for their use by my brother John Crome of Marham, hus- 
bandman, if they die then (their?) mother my sister Elizabeth to 


have it. To my kinswoman Amy Fuller £5 when 24. To my 
man Thomas Atkins 10s. Residuary legatee and executrix: 
Wife Rose. Overseer : my said brother John Crome. Wit- 
nesses : Christian Fissher, clerk, and Elizabeth Fissher. 
Alchin, 258. 

William Goodwin of Ranworth, county Norfolk, yeoman. 
Will proved 14 September 1654. If my wife be with child at 
my death and is delivered of a son I give him all my lands in 
Ranworth and Beelaugh or Beelowe now in occupation of John 
Worteley. If it be a girl she is to have all the lands and pay to 
Robert Goodwin, my brother £20. and Thomas Goodwin my 
brother £20, and Mary Goodwin my sister £20. If she be not 
with child she is to have them for seven years and then all to my 
brother Robert Goodwin who is to pay brother Thomas Goodwin 
£100 and to sister Mary Goodwin £50. Residuary legatee and 
executrix : Wife Rebecca. Witnesses : Edward Inglish, John 
Part and Edward Shepley. 

Alchin, 267. 

Thomas Goodwin of Woodbridge Haskton, county Suffolk, 
mariner. Will 10 August 1653; proved 25 September 1654. 
To Elizabeth my wife all lands and houses for life and then to 
my sons John and James. To my son Thomas Goodwin lands in 
Woodbridge. To my two daughters Elizabeth and Mary £40 
apiece. If any die my daughter Martha to have their share if 
she live to 21. Son Thomas to be brought up in learning until 
he shall be 16, and then apprenticed for which I give £10. 
Residuary Legatee and Executrix: Elizabeth my wife. Wit- 
nesses : Ann Gillett and John Cooper. 
Alchin, 506. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of the parish of St. Sepulchres, London, 
widow. Will 17 July 1654; proved 30 November 1654. To my 
sister Jane Greene the wife of Christopher Green, taylor, my 
hand in herte gold ring. To Mary Huitt two small pieces of 
gold. To Mary Mussle over and above the 40s. late given her 
by the will of late my husband Daniel Godwin, a feather bed and 
furniture. Residuary legatees and executors : daughters Eliza- 
beth and Jane Goodwin. Executors in trust : Thomas Harberte, 


citizen and clothworker of London and Mary Mussle, spinster. 
Witnesses : William Cole, Thomas Dawson servant to John 
Bryan, scrivener. 

Alchin, 205. 

Tobyas Goodwin of Great Bealings in county Suffolk, gent. 
Will 27 May 1653; proved 9 January 1654-5. To my Brother 
Thomas Goodwin all goods in the house I now live in and all 
lands and cattle and my marsh at Kirton. To my brothers 
George, John and Samuel Goodwin £5 apiece. To my sister 
Elizabeth Steffe, wife of John Steffe f 10. To my brother in 
law John Margett iio. To poor of Bealings 40s. Executor: 
brother Thomas and brother in law John Margetts. Witnesses : 
Thomas Warwell, scrivener and Susan Simpson. 
Aylett, 37. 

Daniell Godwin, Winelsburgh, Kent, Bachelor. Administra- 
tion granted 6 March 1654/5 to one brother by mother's side, 
Michaell Franklin. 

Admon Act Book 1655, folio 54. 

Hugh Goodwine of Taddington, county Derby, yeoman. Will 
8 Aprill 1653; proved 31 March 1655. To be buried in the 
Chancel at Taddington. To my nephew Anthony Buxton my 
coffer in his chamber and a brasse panne and silver spoon. To 
Mr. Mellor 6s. 8d. To Ales my now wife one third of all my 
estate. To Ralph Buxton my nephew £26 after decease of my 
wife. To the wife of Thomas Jackson and her son Hugh £10 
each, and to the rest of Thomas Jackson's children 6s. 8d. each. 
To my nephew Thomas Wibersley £4. Residuary legatee and 
executor : Nephew Anthony Buxton who is to bind the land I 
bought of Robert Inocent and one close which said Anthony pur- 
chased of one Anthony Buxton for payment of £6 yearly to my 
wife. Witnesses : William Dalr, Robert Longden and Nicholas 

Aylett, 340. 

Richard Goodwin, Havant, county Southampton. Administra- 
tion granted 5 May 1655 to relict Margarett Goodwin. 
Admon Act Book 1655, folio 98. 


John Goodwyn of Shipbourne, county Kent, yeoman. Will 31 
March 1654; proved 22 May 1655. To John my eldest son my 
two houses wherein I and John Feild now live he to pay as fol- 
lows : To my son Richard £30 when 24. To Thomas my son £30 
when 25. If John die without issue, Richard to have the lands 
paying £40 to Thomas, if both die then to Thomas. Mary my 
daughter to have all my household stuff and to be my executrix. 
John, Richard and Thomas to have £5 between them. Wit- 
nesses : Francis Everest, Edward Easterfield, and William Diker. 
Aylett, 357. 

William Goodwin, Fressingfield, Suffolk but dying at seige of 
Colchester. Administration granted 21 June 1655 to brother 
Thomas Goodwin. 

Admon Act Book 1655, folio 132. 

Christopher Godwyn of St. Stephen, Colman Street, London. 
Administration granted 18 July 1655 to relict Elizabeth Godwyn. 
Admon Act Book 1655, folio 156. 

Mary Goodwin als Chambers of Laleham, county Middlesex. 
Will 16 June 1655; proved 25 July 1655. To my son William 
£20. To the two children of my son William, by his first wife, 
William Goodwin als Chambers and Anne Goodwin als Chambers 
£20 each when 21. To my son Ralph Goodwin als Chambers £40. 
To his two daughters Mary and Anne £20 each when 21. To 
my daughter Ellin wife of Robert Thomas of Chiswick £20. To 
her two sons John and Robert £20 each. To my son Henry 
Goodwin als Chambers £10. Executors: Sons William and 
Ralph. Overseers : William Browne and Thomas Goldwick both 
of Laleham. Witnesses: James Fellowes, Phillipp Tatley, and 
Henry Best. 

Aylett, 313. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of Triplowe, county Cambridge, widowe. 
Will 2 April 1655; proved 23 October 1655. To Sarah Far- 
rowe daughter of Sara Moris of Great Shelford, county Cam- 
bridge, house in Triplowe in occupation of George Prime and I 
choose John Maris of Shelford to (be?) her gardiner and to 
deliver her true account of the rents. To Sarah Farrowe my 


cousin £10 and all household stuff. To William Howlin the 
younger £10. To Anne Howlin £5. To Elizabeth Collis the 
younger £5. To Susan Clarke 40s. To Thomas Clarke 40s. 
To Mary Clarke 40s. To Elizabeth Collis of Fowlneer a stuffe 
gown. To my sister Sarah Maris my red petticoat. To Eliza- 
beth Harper of Cambridge one russett petticoat. To her two 
boys 10s. each. To Jeremie Collis 10s. To Margaret Collis 10s. 
To Matthew Collis daughter of Robert Collis 10s. To Katheren 
Creed 10s. To Mary Creede 10s. To John Creed 10s. To 
Mathew Tayler's two girls 5s. each To Henry Creed's children 
Ann and Elizabeth 5s. each. To Susan and Mary Creed 5s. each. 
To Elizabeth Last 20s. To my sister Maris £5 Executor : Wil- 
liam Howlinge of Triplowe. Witnesses : John Maris, and Wil- 
liam Fowle. 

Aylett, 391. 

Robert Goodwin of Adbustow (Adbaston?), county Stafford, 
yeoman. Will 6 February 1654; proved 29 October 1655. To 
my daughter Margaret Wright £5 on marriage or death of my 
daughter Margery Goodwin. To my grandchild John Wright a 
ewe and a lamb. All my lands to my daughter Margery Good- 
win and heirs, if she die without issue to children of my daughter 
Margaret. Residue between my wife Katherine and daughter 
Margery. Executrix : Wife Katherine. Witnesses : Francis 
Wright and Lawrence Podmore. 

Aylett, 393. 

Jeremy Godwin of Malmesbury county Wilts, yeoman. Will 
15 November 1652; proved 17 November 1655. To my son 
Jeremy, my little mare colt. To my son Henry £150 to be paid 
in two years. To my daughter Grace £120 one year after her 
marriage. To my son Hugh Godwin £120 when 23. To my son 
Joanthan £100 when 24. To my son Nathaniell £100 when 24. 
To my daughter Joan £100 when 23. My son Jeremy to please 
my executor in his marryinge and to pay to my executrix £300. 
Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Margery. Overseers: 
brother in law Nathaniell Cripps and son in law John Scott. 
Witnesses : Nathaniell Cripps, Aldum Comly and Joan Palmer. 
Aylett, 454. 


Oliver Goodwin of Wetherden, county Suffolk, widow. Will 
29 July 1653; proved 23 November 1655. To Mary Kent my 
maid servant one little flocke bed, all the rest of my goods to my 
son John Goodwyn. If he die before he is 21, then I give them to 
my brothers and sisters, viz : John Smith and Symon Smith, 
Martha Barnes, Elizabeth Cossens, Rachell Garrade and John 
and Rachaell Kilborne the children of my sister Mary Kilborne, 
deceased. Executors: Brothers John and Symon Smith. Wit- 
nesses: (Olliue Goodwin) William Lyng, and Mary Kent. 
Aylett, 461. 

William Goodwin of Helhoughton county Norfolk. Will 25 
March 1655 ; proved 30 November 1655. To my son John Good- 
win all my lands with free and copy and all houses after the 
decease of my wife Joane Goodwin. To my son William Good- 
win £20. Executrix : wife Joane. Witnesses : Francis Barber 
and Thomas Beale. 

Aylett, 471. 

Walter Goodwin of Stukeney, county Lincoln, yeoman. Will 
21 October 1655 ; proved 4 December 1655. To Abigail Adlard 
my grandchild a house in tenure of John Medley and one in 
tenure of Widdow Suzanna Taylor daughters of John Taylor. 
To Deborah Adlard a house in tenure of Thomas Breastman with 
remainder as above. To John Breastman one variant horse and 
20s. To Thomas Breastman my kinsman 40s. To Mary Harin 
wife of Nicholas Harin 40s. To Margaret West wife of David 
West 40s. To Katherine Bonner wife of John Bonner 40s. To 
Elizabeth Leman wife of John Leman 40s. To Elizabeth Taylor 
daughter of John Taylor £10. To Susanna daughter of John 
Taylor £10. To John Osmotherley 20s. To Magaret Rickett 
my servant 10s. To Abigail Bolland wife of Luke Bollond 10s. 
Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Elizabeth. Witnesses: 
William Hamond, William Humberstone and John Mudley. 
Aylett, 174. 

Thomas Goodwin of Waltham on the Olde, county Leicester, 
yeoman. Will 5 March 1654/5; proved 15 January 1655/6. I 
desire to be buried in the said church of Waltham. I bequeath 
to my wife Priscilla, my farm which I hold by lease of Earl of 


Rutland, and where I now live, until my son Thomas obtain his 
age of 21. To Mary Ball, Edward Birde, Elizabeth Pike, and 
Widow Gaunt I2d. each. Executor son Thomas. Witnesses: 
George Alcocke, Richard Noble. Administration to Priscilla 
Goodwyn, widow, relict of deceased, during minority of Thomas, 
the son. 

Berkley, 9. 

Edward Godwin of Rowde county Wilts, yeoman. Will 25 
October 1651 ; proved 15 February 1655/6. To my children 
John Goodwin, William Goodwin, Edward Goodwin, Charles 
Goodwin, Andrew Goodwin, Thomas Goodwin, and Grace Good- 
win 20s. apeece Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Sarah. 
Overseers : brother Hugh Godwin, James Still the elder of Fox- 
hanger, parish of Rowde, yeoman. Witnesses : Robert West of 
the Devizes and John Watton. 

Berkley, 38. 

William Godwin of Milton in parish of St. Cuthberts in Wells, 
county Somerset, yeoman. Will 15 January 1655; proved 20 
March 1655/6. To my son William Godwin my best silver bowle 
and my land in fee simple in Kilversdon, Charlton, and Holcom. 
To John Godwin my son my second best piece of plate and all 
my goods and implements in my mill at Wooking Hole. To my 
son Richard Godwin one small silver bowl. To each of my 
grandchildren 5s. To all my children I2d. each. Residuary 
legatee and executrix: Wife Mary Godwin. Overseers: Eze- 
kiel Nash of Berrill Farm, Thomas Buckston of Honington, both 
of this same parish. Witnesses : Stephen Weare, and Andrew 

Berkley, 96. 

William Godden, St. Nicholas at Wade in Isle of Thanett, 
Kent. Administration 7 July 1656 to relict Joan Godden. 
Administration Act Book 1656, folio 163. 

George Goodwyn of Falkenham, county Suffolk, gent. Will 
12 July 1656; proved 29 September 1656. To Martha my wife 
the revenue of all my lands as settled by jointure. To my son 
George my manor of Podner and my land in Falkenham he to 


pay to Nathaniel Goodvvyn my son £250 when Nathaniel is 21. 
My wife and son to sell the great marsh now in occupation of 
Robert Knowles, Esquire, to pay my debts. Executors: wife 
and son George. Witnesses : Thomas Fenn, and John Browne 

Berkley, 332. 

William Godwyn of Craley (Crawley?), county Southampton, 
yeoman. Will 12 August 1658 ( ?) ; proved 27 October 1656. To 
the poor £2. To my daughter Rebecca £10 when her husband 
Walter Sutton shall fine the living at Chilbolton for his children. 
To his two children £20 apiece when 16. To my daughter Eliza- 
beth £100 when 20 or married. To daughter Sara £200 when 
married or 20. To son Thomas all my right in Wallurs and £200 
when 14 To my daughter Mary £200 when 20 or married. 
Residuary legatee and executors : Wife Rebecca and son Wil- 
liam. Overseers : Brother John Godwin and brother in law 
William Rothwell. Witnesses : Nicholas Pill, Robert Pitter and 
William Rothwell. 

Berkley, 357. 

Thomas Goodwin of Elton, county Hunts, yeoman. Will 12 
June 1655; proved 8 November 1656. To my son Edward I2d. 
To my son John I2d. To my daughter Dorothy the best cup- 
board in the hall. To my son Edward the long table standing in 
the hall. Residuary legatees and executors : Wife Elizabeth and 
son William. Witnesses : Skeffington Bendish, scribe, and Wil- 
liam Hamlyn. 

Berkley, 394. 

Thomas Godden, Hollingborne, Kent. Administration 26 
November 1656 to relict Margaret Godden. 

Administration Act Book 1656, folio 214. 

Margaret Goodwin of St. Sepulchres without Newgate, Lon- 
don, widow. Will 28 October 1656; proved 5 December 1656. 
To my son in law William Sanders my seal ring, to Humphrey 
Lee my son in law my death's head ring. To son in law Marma- 
duke Wright my hoope ring and to my executor Nicholas Wood 
my ring with a stone in it. To my grandchild Ambrose Sanders 


son of William Sanders 20s. To grandchild Elizabeth Wright 
daughter of Marmaduke two silver spoones. To Marie her 
sister 20s. To grandchild Sarah Lee 20s and to Humphrey her 
brother 20s. To my cousin Judith — liveing in Naggs Head 
Alley 10s. To my three grandchildren Nicholas, William and 
Elizabeth Wood sons and daughter of my executor 10s. each. 
To my daughter Honour Lee my old bed. To my sister Jane 
Taylor my white cloth gown. To my kinsman Francis Garret 
1 os. to be paid to his master till he is out of his time. To Mar- 
garet Miller 2s. 6d. To Priscilla Morton 2s. 6d. To poor of 
St. Sepulchres 20s. To my daughter Kathrine Wood my house 
in Fleet lane. To son in law Nicholas Wood my house in South- 
wark. Residue among my four daughters. Witnesses : Thomas 
Anguish, Richard Wake, and John Morton. 
Berkley, 434. 

William Goodwyn als Sandis late of Staynes, county Middle- 
sex. Administration granted 3 February 1656/7 to sonn Thomas 
Goodwyn als Sandis. 

Admon Act Book 1657, folio 16. 

Jasper Gooding of Framlingham, county Suffolk, yeoman. 
Will 20 May 1656; proved 12 February 1656-7. To Judith my 
wife the messuage I now dwell in and one in tenure of Thomas 
Atken situate in Framlingham, she paying £40 to my son John 
Gooding or his wife according to marriage contract of 30 August 
1640 and at her decease to go to my said son John. To my son 
in law Thomas Morphew land in Helbrooke late Robert Smithes 
as agreed for the dowry of my daughter Susan his wife. I give 
all the lands sometimes Anthony Sheminge and James Curtise 
unto James Gooding my son. To Thomas Gooding my son lands 
bought of Edward Pratt, gent., Symon Pulham, and Robert 
Cocke. I give Red Rose Meadow to Elizabeth my daughter now 
wife of Andrew Keepe. The house where — Alphe lives to 
Rachel Porter. The land held by Henry Patridge and Robert 
Chamberlayne to Judith wife of Nicholas Kempe. To my grand- 
child Susan daughter of my son John Gooding £10. To Edmond 
Gooding my brother my clothes and boots. Executrix: Judeth 
my wife. Witnesses : Robert Danf orth and John Gooding and 
Paule Dade. 

Ruthen, 83. 


Phellips Godwyn of Wells, county Somerset. Will 26 Janu- 
ary 1655; proved 9 April 1657. To be buried at Brightwell in 
Berks in the chauncell my beloved husband Doctor Godwyn if this 
may not be I desire to be buried by my former husband Doctor 
Adames in St. Andrews, Wells. To poor of parish where I am 
buried 40s. To my brother John Bawrne and my sister his wife 
£10. To my sister Jane Wykes my silver tankard. To my 
nephew William Wykes my silver saltsellar. To my god- 
daughter and cosen Jane Wykes £60 and to her sisters Alice and 
Sarah 30s. each. To my sister Stephens £20. and to her two 
sonnes William and Thomas Came 20s. each. To my god- 
daughter Elizabeth Stampe £10. To my cosen Curbill 20s. to 
buy him a ring. To my goddaughter Phellipps Geering £20. 
To my cosen and nephew Roger Bourne a silver chafing dish. 
To my servant Jane Pamphlyn £30. To servant John Wilcecks 
£5. My estate in Sewley in Oxfordshire to my cosen Edward 
Godwyn. Poor of old alms house in Wells 40s. Residuary 
legatees and executors : My goddaughter and cosen Phellips 
Bourne. Witnesses : Richard Hippisley, John Wilcox, and Jane 

Ruthen, 155. 

Humphrey Goodwyn of Momash, county Derby, yeoman. 
Will 15 May 1651 ; proved 2 May 1657. My executors to hold 
my lands during the lifetime of my now wife Elizabeth and to 
keep my eldest son Thomas Goodwin and my brother Hugh 
Goodwyn during the same period. The house I now live in to 
Thomas my eldest son after decease of my now wife. The house 
in Jackson Lane to John Goodwyne my youngest son after my 
wife's decease. My son Thomas to keep my brother Hugh for 
life. To George my second son my messuage in Chelmerston. 
To the children of Humphrey Goodwin my son Richard Buxton 
and William Wilkson a sheep each and to the said Humphrey, 
Richard and William is. each. Residuary legatees and exec- 
utors : Wife Elizabeth and son John. Witnesses : John Frost, 
Hugh Goodwyn, and Nicholas Heathcott. 
Ruthen, 199. 

John Goodyn of St. Brides, London, joyner. Will 16 March 
1652; proved 7 May 1657. To m y brother Thomas Goodyn, a 


hatt, cloak, and a doublet and hose and I2d. To my sisters 
Katherine, Elizabeth, Ann, and Judith I2d. each. To my 
brothers' and sisters' children I2d. apiece. Residuary legatee 
and executrix: Wife Isabell Goodwyn. Witnesses: Thomas 
Carpenter, and Thomas Jorden, scrivener. 
Ruthen, 161. 

Francis Goodwine of Kirkbye in Ashfield. Nuncupative will 
about two or three days before his death which was the 8 May 
1657; proved 30 May 1657. And at other time would not have 
anybody come to make his will but gave all his goods to his wife 
and to be buried in Kirkby Church at his wife's pew door. Wit- 
ness 16 May 1657 by Richard Ramsdale and the mark of Francis 
Newborne. Proved by Jane the relict. 
Ruthen, 194. 

William Goodwyn, late Captain of a f oote companye in Colonel 
Thomas Leighton's regiment but comeing from Ireland, deceased. 
Administration granted 2 July 1657 to Miles Dodson, principal 

Admon Act Book 1657, folio 172. 

John Godwin, late of St. Sepulchres, London, deceased. 
Administration granted 10 August 1657 to son Richard Godwin. 
Admon Act Book 1657, folio 185. 

John Godwin of Wootton Fitzpaine, county Dorsett, husband- 
man. Will 3 August 1657; proved 29 September 1657. To my 
kinsman James Alf ord the elder my lease of Meadhayes he to pay 
the first year 20s. To John Alf ord his brother. Also to my said 
kinsman John Alford 20s. All the rest to my kinswomen Jane 
Gardner wife of Hugh Gardner and Margarett Willson wife of 
David Wilson and Ursula Lathy wife of Thomas Lathy and 
make them executrixes. Overseers : John Turner and Robert 
Bowditch my sons in law by marriage 2s. 6d. each Witnesses : 
William Locke and Bridgett Bagge. 

Ruthen, 353. 

Francis Goodwin of Derby, mercer. Will I August 1657; 
proved 2 October 1657. To my wife all my lands in Swannick., 
and i20 per annum to be paid out of the lease taken of Sir 


Andrew Kniveton. To my son Thomas £4.0 per annum to be 
paid out of the same lease. To my son Francis £20 per annum 
out of said lease. To my daughter Mary Spateman £20 per 
annum out of said lease. To my three daughters three parts of 
my plate among them. To my cosen Brandreth his wife and 
daughter Elizabeth 20s. apiece. To my cosen Mellor of Char- 
dene, his wife and children 20s. apiece. To cosen Richardson, 
his wife and children 20s. apiece. To my cosen Bradshaw, his 
wife and children 20s. apiece. To my cosen William Goodwin, 
his wife and children 20s. apiece. To my cosen Woodhouse 10s. 
and his two children 5s. apiece. To my cosen Edward Sleigh 
and his children 5s. apiece. To Elizabeth his sister and her chil- 
dren 5s. apiece. To Rachel Boote 40s. Residuary legatee and 
executor: Son Samuel. Witnesses: Alice Mellor, Francis 
Goodwine and Thomas Goodwin. 

Ruthen, 378. 

Edmund Godwin, Nendfield, Sussex. Administration granted 
8 October 1657 to only childe Mary Delnes als Godwin. 
Admon Act Book 1657, folio 242. 

Richard Goodwyn of the Lea, county Oxon, gent. Will 21 
September 1657; proved 21 November 1657. To my eldest son 
William Goodwin 40s. and to his two children £5 apiece. To my 
eldest daughter Hannah Goodwin £200. To my son Richard 
Goodwyn £200. To my sons Nathaniel and John Goodwin £50 
apiece to be paid when 21, also I give my said sons Nathaniel 
and John after my wife's decease my house and land in Bodicott, 
county Oxon. To my son Daniell Goodwyn £150 when 21. To 
my daughter Margaret £150 when 21. To my daughter Anne 
Goodwin £150 when 21. Residuary legatee and executrix : Mar- 
garet my wife. Overseers : Christopher Lydiatt of Alkerton 
and Mr. William Tayler of Williamscote. Witnesses : Ann 
Jackson and Barnabas Horseman. 

Ruthen, 472. 

Matthewe Goodwynn of the Hand of Cobholme near Great 
Yarmouth, county Norfolk, Salter. Will 2.J October 1657; 
proved 2 December 1657. To poor of Great Yarmouth £10 with 
the approbation of my friend Mr. Anthony Hargrave. To poor 


of Caister £5 with approbation of my tenant William Manslip. 
To Christopher Smith my servant £5. To Robert Gorbold my 
servant £5. To William Beales my servant £3 also remit 30s. 
lent upon a fowling piece, return fowling piece and remit a fur- 
ther 10s. To Emmie the wife of John Wallis 40s. To Dorothy 
Buxton widow heretofore my maidservant 40s. To Elizabeth 
Salmon late my maidservant 40s. To Mr. Anthony Hargraves 
£5 to prove my will. To Sara Goodwin, my brother John Good- 
win's daughter by his second wife £100 when 18 or married. 
Two gravestones to be laid, one on mine and one on my wive's. 
Residuary legatee and executor : Brother John Goodwyn. Wit- 
nesses : John Woodroffe, Wolfram Mann, and James Barnes. 
Ruthen, 526. 

Henry Goodinge, of Halse, county Somerset, yeoman. Will 
21 May 1639; proved 3 December 1657. I bequeath to the poor 
of said parish 20s. To my grandchild Elianor Goodinge £100. 
To my daughter Joan Govyer £5. To my godchildren I2d. each. 
Residuary legatee and executor : my grandchild Henry Good- 
inge. Overseers : William Studger, Thomas Govier, Anthony 
Pyle and Anthony Cade. Witnesses : Anthony Cade, William 
Studior, and Anthony Pyle. 

Ruthen, 533. 

Richard Godwin (Goodwin in margin) Marshfoote parish, 
Haylesham, Sussex. Administration granted 4 December 1657 
to relict Phebe Goodwin (Query altered to Isable). 
Admon Act Book 1657, folio 318. 

Richard Goodwin, Morley, Norfolk. Administration granted 
12 February 1657/8 to relict Susan Goodwin. 

Admon Act Book, 1658, folio 35. 

Thomas God wine of Theddington, (Tiddington?) parish of 
Alveston, county Warwick, husbandman. Will 9 August 1657; 
proved 22 June 1658. To be buried in Alveston churchyard. 
To John Poyner and Priscilla his wife one half of the cottage 
next to Avery Edwards after their decease to Elenor their 
daughter, if she die to Thomas their son. To Thomas Godwine 
my son the other half and my son William Godwine to add 


another Bay to it. To Alice Godwine my daughter £40. To 
Joane Godwine my daughter £40. To Anne Colgnee my daugh- 
ter £28. Elnor my wife (£40?) to be kept by my son William 
whom I appoint residuary legatee and executrix. Witnesses : 
John Howley, Nicholas Baker, and Thomas London. 
Wootton, 473. 

John Goodinge of Chigwell, county Essex, butcher. Will 3 
June 1657; proved 24 June 1658. To William Goodinge my 
grandchild the house I now live in called Dods when 21, my wife 
Elizabeth to have it till then, she paying £10 a year for the same. 
William to pay to the children of Milles Barker begotten on the 
body of his wife Grace £10. My pewter and brass between 
William Goodinge my grandchild and Grace his sister and John 
Barker, Milles Barker, Grace Barker, and Clement Barker chil- 
dren of Milles Barker and Grace his wife. To my daughter 
Garrett £5. To Grace Goodinge sister of William £5 when 21. 
To my daughter Perry I2d. To Mary Shackerbag is. Resid- 
uary legatee and executrix : Wife Elizabeth. Witnesses : John 
Hampson, and John Olliver. 

Wootton, 477. 

George Goodwin of Stowe Market, county Suffolk, phisitian. 
Will 1 May 1652; proved 26 June 1658. All to my son George 
Goodwin except as follows : To my son in law Robert Warde 
£15 but to keep it till he hath joyntered my daughter Mary. To 
daughter Sara Morgan £20 to keep the money for her good and 
her children and not to let her husband have it. To my daughter 
Phebee Speere a featherbed and furniture and £10. My wife 
Anne to have her dwelling in my house. Sole executor : George 
my son. Overseer : John Speere my son in law. Witnesses : 
Thomas Tansley and Jeremy Bussby. 

Wootton, 490. 

Thomas Goodwin thelder of Timberton, (Emberton?) county 
Bucks. Will 6 August 1657; proved 6 July 1658. To my wife 
Joan (daughter of the late deceased Robert Marshall) my dwell- 
ing house in Emberton, and after her decease to my two daugh- 
ters Dorothy and Mary Goodwin. Anthony Smyth yeoman, and 
William Cooke of Emberton to hold it for them if under 21. To 


my brother in law Richard Marshall my cloak (late my brother 
John Goodwin's) To Ringer of Emberton 5s. Residuary lega- 
tee and executrix : Wife Joan. Overseers : Anthony Smyth and 
William Cooke. Witnesses : William Downinge and Richard 

Wootton, 505. 

John Gooding of Kenninghall, county Norfolk, brewer. Will 
25 April 1658; proved 6 July 1658. Executors: John Blome- 
field of Tinddenhamm and Christopher Martyn of same place. 
To poor of Kenninghall 30s. To my executors my mansion 
house all belonging where I now live purchased of Joseph Sparke, 
the little house adjoining purchased of John Rix, land bought 
from Robert Browne to hold until my son John shall be 21 and 
then to give it to him. Also I give them land purchased of Wil- 
liam Foyster, William Shuckforth to hold until my son Richard 
is 21 and then to give it him. Also I give them lands bought of 
Mr. Anthony Mungay of Norwich and all other lands to be sold 
and the money divided between my three children, Susan, 
Jeremy, and Charles when 21. To servant Jane Rix 40s. To 
Sister Wade 40s. and to her children 20s. apiece. To Alice Bar- 
tram my kinwoman 40s. Witnesses : Thomas Shandelowe, 
Daughter Rose, Thomas Jessopp, and John Kinfren. 
Wootton, 395. 

Miles Goodwin, South Walsham, Norfolk. Administration 
granted 7 July 1658 to relict Mary Goodwin. 

Admon Act Book 1658, folio 209. 

Ralph Goodwyn, late towne of Ludlow, county Salop. Admin- 
istration 23 August 1658 to relict Elizabeth Goodwyn. 
Admon Act Book 1658, folio 227. 

Edy Goodwin, Stepney, Middlesex. Administration 23 August 
1658 to daughters Martha Atkins and Mary Thomas. 
Administration Act Book 1658, folio 231. 

William Gooding of Glatton, county Hunts, husbandman. 
Will 4 June 1654; proved 15 September 1658. To be buried in 
Glatton churchyard. To my four younger children Elizabeth, 


Thomas, John, Humphrey £20 to be paid in the hands of William 
Clarke and William Poots ye elder of Glatton. Residuary lega- 
tee and executrix : Wife Witnesses : John House, 

Henry Sherley, and Charles Cassell. 

Wootton, 543. 

Robert Goodwyn of Ashfield with Thorpe, county Suffolk, 
bricklayer. Will 12 September 1657; proved 7 October 1658. 
To my eldest son John Goodwin £5 when 21. To my daughter 
Elizabeth Goodwyn £5 when 21. To my son Robert Goodwyn 
£5 when 21. To my son Thomas £5 when 21. To my daughter 
Sarah £5 when 21. To Alice my wife my copyhold in Framling- 
ham after her decease to be used for benefit of my children. 
Residuary legatee and executrix : Wife Alice. Witnesses : John 
Mum (or Nunn), Mildred Murdocke, and Richard Seeman. 
Wootton, 571. 

John Goodwin, Lambeth, Surrey. Administration 7 October 
1658 to relict Mary Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1658, folio 269. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Brentwood, county Essex, clerk. Nun- 
cupative will Thursday 2 September 1658; proved 15 October 
1658. His daughter Elizabeth to be delivered up to her grand- 
mother Bridges. His estate to his now wife Hellen and the two 
children Thomas and Jane he had by her. Peter Whetcombe his 
father in law and his wife Hellen to be administrators with the 
will annexed, no executors having been appointed. 

No witnesses. 

Wootton, 576. 

Edward Goodwin, Cittie of Westminster. Administration 3 
November 1658 to brother Robert Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1658, folio 309. 

Silvester Goodwin of Hatfield, county Hertford, yeoman. 
Will 26 August 1657; proved 4 November 1658. To my wife 
Mary Goodwin my lands at Batford Mill, county Herts for life, 
at her decease to descend to my two sons John and Silvester. 
To my three daughters Susanna, Mary, and Sarah Goodwin £20 


apiece when married or 21. Residuary legatee and executrix: 
Wife Mary. Witnesses : Richard Wilkinson, scrivener, Ambrose 
Martin, and Thomas Goodwin. 

Wootton, 598. 

Edmund Goodwin, Sparham, Norfolk, batchellour. Adminis- 
tration 9 November 1658 to neece Thomazin Phillips wife of 
Robert Phillips. Revoked 3 November 1660 and will proved by 
Geoffrey Fuller, executor. 

Administration Act Book 1658, folio 299. 

Isaack Goodwin, Dover, Kent, but dying in Saphir Frigatt. 
Administration granted 19 November 1658 to father, Edmund 

Admon Act Book 1658, folio 302. 

Edward Goodwin the elder of Elton, county Hunts, yeoman. 
Will 22 August 1658; proved 19 November 1658. To my son 
Robert Goodwin my cottage now in occupation of Thomas 
Thompson labourer in Elton. To my daughter Elizabeth Edwards 
my red cow. To all my grandchildren a sheep each. To my 
son Edward a sheep. To my son Richard my pyed heifer. To 
my son William 10s. To the child my son William's wife now 
goeth with, a sheep. To my son John my little black cow. 
Residuary legatees and executors : wife Mildred and son Robert. 
Overseer : brother Richard Goodwyn. Witnesses : Skeffington 
Bendish, and Richard Goodwyn. 

Wootton, 664. 

John Goodwyn, Irchester, County Northampton. Administra- 
tion 24 November 1658 to Brother Thomas Goodwyn. 
Administration Act Book 1658, folio 314. 

Israel Goodwin, Dover, Kent. Administration 25 November 
1658 to relict Susan Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1658, folio 295. 

Alice Godwin als Wickes, Bradford, county Wiltes. Adminis- 
tration granted 21 January 1658/9 to husband George Godwin. 
Admon Act Book 1659, folio 21. 


Jeremy Goodwin of Blonorton, county Norfolk, yeoman. Will 
28 January 1656; proved 8 February 1658. To daughter Hester 
ffleminge. To grandchild Joseph ffleming, his sisters Hester, 
Katherin, and Mary Fleming. To sister Ellen Wade, her chil- 
dren. To daughter Newcombe, and John Newcombe her son 
when 21 now her youngest son. To grandchild Goodwin New- 
combe. To John Morse and other of my grandchildren. Grand- 
children Edmund Thomas, and John Newcombe. To daughter 
Martin. To Jeremy Barker son of James Barker my first wive's 
son, not of James Barker's children. To Giles Barker brother 
of James. To Alice Bartram my sister's daughter. To Jeremy 
son of John Goodwin my brother. To wife Anne. To servants. 
To poor of Blonorton and Garboldesham etc. Son in law Joseph 
Fleming. Executor : Joseph ffleminge. Witnesses : Thomas 
Catton, and William Johnson. 

Pell, 76. 

Christopher Goodwyn, Emberton, Bucks, yeoman. Will 8 
November 1658; proved 23 February 1658/9. To friends 
Anthony Smith and kinsman Thomas Baltiswell 12 acres and 
common of pasture for four beasts to sell for debts and to father 
and now wife Elizabeth Goodwyn. To now wife Elizabeth 
Goodwyn all other lands until son Christopher Goodwyn is 21 
etc. To Elizabeth Goodwyn £40 in three years. To daughter 
Ann Goodwyn £30 in five years. To daughters Hellen Good- 
wyn, Martha Goodwyn, Susan Goodwyn and Mary Goodwyn £20 
and to be paid by son Christopher Goodwyn at their ages of 21, 
etc. Rest to now wife Elizabeth Goodwyn, executrix. Over- 
seers : Anthony Smith and Thomas Baltiswell abovesaid. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Goodwyn and Richard Smith. 
Pell, 118. 

Thomas Goodwine, Friering, (Fryerning?) Essex, gentleman. 
Will 25 February 1657/8; proved 24 February 1658/9. To son 
Thomas Goodwine all land in Moulesham after decease of wife 
Sarah Goodwine. Estate of land called Long Hookes and 
Covells with all appurtenances etc. in Chelmsford being free and 
coppy now in occupation of I sack Goodwine my sonne upon con- 
dition that if son Thomas Goodwine pay to daughter Mary 
Goodwine £100 within one year out of Covells at Friering Hall, 


if son refuse Covells to daughter Mary etc. To said Thomas 
Goodwine £50 in hands of said Thomas Goodwin. To son 
Isaack Goodwine coppyhold messuage in occupation of Thomas 
Harte and Isaack Goodwine in Chelmsford, also one ditto in 
Gallins Road in Chelmsford called Okley, also 50 to be paid by 
my son Ambrose Goodwin out of the farme I now dwell called 
Friering Hall. To daughter Mary Goodwine land in Lachendon, 
Essex, free and coppee called Threshers also Goose and Ramsden 

in occupation of Bristocke, paying to sonn in law Daniel 

Barnard and Sarah his now wife £200 when land is sold to Daniel 
Barnard £12 a year till then as by bond to Daniel Barnard. To 
son Ambrose Goodwin lease of Friering Hall with all goods 
except goods in wainscot chamber to my wife Sarah Goodwin, 
but if she marry to quitt the chamber. To poore of Chelmsford 
20s. Executor : Son Ambrose Goodwine Overseer : sons 
Thomas and Isaack Goodwine. Witnesses : Mary Litle and 
George Evans. 

Pell, 118. 

Andrewe Goodwin the elder, Octadly, county Devon, glasier. 
Will 18 January 1658/9; proved 8 March 1658/9. To wife 
Rouse for life. To son Peeter Godwin £100 for redeeming of 
John to his land. To John Ganyllife 20 marks. To my mother 
£10 (40s. a year as long as she lives). To John Pardy 40s. and 
my cloake. To Grace Tothill 20s. To Elizabeth Clarke a halfe 
of a marke (sic) Executor: sonn Andrewe Goodwin. Wit- 
nesses : William Pardy, and Grace Tothill. 
Pell, 185. 

Henry Goodwyn, of Downham, county Essex, yeoman. Will 
16 October 1658; proved 21 March 1658/9. To be buried in 
Downham churchyard. To wife all goods during widowhood to 
bring up my children and to them £5 each at 21 or marriage. If 
wife marry, partie she married to give securitie etc. Executors : 
wife Anne and friend Mr. John Church, and to Mr. John Church 
10s. for a ring to weare for my sake. Witnesses : Thomas 
Wortham, junior, Henry Goodwyn the younger. Proved by 
John Church, surviving executor. 

Pell, 185. 


Caleb Goodwyne, Colchester, Essex. Administration granted 
9 June 1659 t0 renct Sarah Goodwyne. 

Admon Act Book 1659, folio 250. 

Mary Goodwyn, of Vttoxeter, county Stafford. Administra- 
tion granted 8 June 1659 to Frances Wollridge (wife of Mathewe 
Wollridge ye (sic-query) daughter). 

Admon Act Book 1659, folio 259. 

Richard Godding of Outwell, county Norfolke, clerke. Will 
25 January 1658/9; proved 17 June 1659. To sonne Laurence 
apparell and lease of house. To grandchild Richard Godding my 
little bay Norfolk mare. My cattell, both mares, and household 
stuff, to be sold and money to five daughters Elizabeth, Merrill, 
Ann, Mary, and Sarah Executrixes : my daughters Elizabeth, 
and Mary, and Merriell. Witnesses : Francis Clark and William 

Pell, 373. 

Christopher Goodwyne, Southminster, Essex. Administra- 
tion granted 18 June 1659 to John Goodwyn, curator to Christo- 
pher, Caleb, and Anne Goodwyne, minor children of deceased. 
Admon Act Book 1659, folio 251. 

Bridget Goodwyn, Creeting All Saints, Suffolk, widow. Will 
3 January 1658/9; proved 20 June 1659. To my three sonnes 
Thomas Goodwyn, John Goodwyn, and Bartram Goodwyn lands 
in Tostocke Minster, Beckow als Beighton, Suffolk, held to me 
and heirs under name of Bridget Higham by grant from Henry 
Lambe of Tostocke aforesaid, Esqre, and Fitznonne Lamb, gent, 
his son and heire by deed to me and my sister Dorothea Higham, 
24 April 1634 to hold during life of said Dorothea Heigham and 
then to Thomas Goodwyn, John Goodwyn, and Bartram Good- 
wyn. To freind John Thurles the elder of Aspall Stoakes in 
said county, husbandman, 10s. Rest to three sons Thomas, John, 
and Bartram Goodwyn. Executors : Son John Goodwyn, and 
said John Thurloe the elder. Witnesses : John Nedham, and 
Bridget Martin. 

Pell, 373. 


John Godden, Foddington, parish of Portsea, Hampshire. 
Administration granted 21 June 1659 to relict Amy Godden. 
Admon Act book 1659, folio 171. 

Frances Goodwine, Ingham, county Norfolk, husbandman. 
Will 15 January 1659; proved 17 August 1659. To wife 
Amphillis all lands in Ingham and elsewhere except one and a 
half acres in Suthing for life, and to dispose for two years after 
her decease, then to son John Goodwine all coppeehold in Ing- 
ham, paying to my daughter Margaret Goodwine £12 (vizt 40s. 
yearly in South Porch of Ingham Church etc) To daughter 
Francis Goodwine 7 roodes of free land in Ingham abutting on 
land of Edward Michaell Smyth and me the said Francis North. 
To grandchild Sarah Brumpstead 40s. The one and a half acres 
in Suthin to be sold for debts. Executrixes : Wife Amphillis 
and daughter Margaret and Francis. Witnesses : John Balles, 
James Carr, John Haselop, and William Cubitt. 
Pell, 448. 

Judith Goodinge, Framlingham, Suffolk, widowe. Will 12 
November 1658; proved 17 August 1659. To son John Good- 
inge and his wife £3 apeece and same to each of their eight chil- 
dren, viz : Judith Goodinge, Bridget Goodinge, Jasper Goodinge, 
Susan Goodinge, James Goodinge, Sarah Goodinge, and Thomas 
Goodinge. To daughter Elizabeth wife of Andrewe Keepe £20 
and £10 each to her three children and same to child in her bodie 
unborn. To daughter Susan, wife of James Morphew £30. To 
son James Gooding £50 alreadie had out on house in occupation 
of John Gooding his brother. Rest to son Thomas Gooding, 
executor. Witnesses : John Backlor, James Wallaugh, and 
Paule Dave. 

Pell, 448. 

John Goodwyn, St. Martin in the Feilds, Middlesex. Admin- 
istration 21 September 1659 to relict Joane Goodwyn. 
Administration Act Book 1659, folio 310. 

Penelope Goodwyn, Halstead, Essex. Administration 22 Sep- 
tember 1659 to John Heath, curator of minor children John and 
Mary Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1659, folio 304, or 259. 


William Goodwin, Isfeild, Sussex. Administration 27 Sep- 
tember 1659 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1659, folio 312. 

Robert Godden, Loose, Kent, Fremason. Will proved 8 
October 1659. To youngest son John Goddin house etc. where I 
dwell in Picking Streete with barne, orchard, hopgarden and 3 
acres etc to take possession at 18. To second son Robert God- 
ding, houses in Boughton quarries with two orchards and barne 
at 18 ditto, also house etc at Watringbury with seven acres etc 
also house etc. and one acre after decease of his mother lying in 
Offham, the house and 16 acres in Staplehurst. To daughter 
Frances two parts of four of my house I called Pested in Bough- 
ton and Longley, paying £4 to son Robert yearly for five years, 
viz: £20 in all, or £10 to put him out to school and £10 to put 
him apprentice to begin when Robert is 7 years etc. To Eldest 
son Thomas £5, whereas he had £12 in readie money in house and 
£5 in bond for John Owle and 40/ — by Henry Droramis. 
Executor to pay debts etc. Rest to wife Ann Goddin, executrix. 
Overseers : Mr. Surtoutrie Nicholls of Loose, schoolmaster and 
Richard Bishop of Loose. Witnesses : Thomas Wise, Thomas 
Medley. Surtoutrie Nicholls. To John Colegate 10s. and to 
Anne Joye 10s. 

Pell, 502. 

Alexander Godden, Arteon House, parish of Chareing, Kent, 
gent. Will 26 July 1659; proved 8 October 1659. To be buried 
in Chareing Churchyard. To sister Anne Peirce 10s. To sister 
Elizabeth Hicks 10s. To sister Katherine Croydon 10s. To 
sister Marion Godden £10. To every sister and brother's child 
£5 To servants in covenant 5s. each. To minister of Chareing 
£1. To poor of Chareing 10s. Rest of goods, money and imple- 
ments of husbandry to brother John Godden, Silckman and 
Mercer of London, executor. Witnesses: Charles Wheeler, 
Amos Jacob, and Henry Adam. 

Pell, 502. 

Edward Goodwin, Collars (Colliers) End, Standon parish, 
Herts, maultman. Will 6 March 1657/8; proved 9 December 
x 659- To son Edward Goodwin £5 after decease of my wife 


Anne, if desired, to be paid by John Godwin, one of my sons. 
To grandchild Anne Laiton £5 at 21 or marriage if desired. 
Rest to said wife Anne and son John, executors. Witnesses : 
Edward Shapkin, and Ralph Freeman. 
Pell, 539- 

Thomas Godwin, cittizen and draper of London. Will 5 
November 1659; proved 20 March 1659/60. To be buried in 
St. Puchres Church. To uncle Ralph Godwin living in New- 
streete between Shoe Lane and Fetter Lane 40s. To kinsman 
James Poultney, gent, 40s. To brother Richard Godwyn 40s. 
To Mr. Edward Lovelace of Wornsley, county Hertford, gent, 
1 os. for ring. Rest to friend Francis Cann, citizen and grocer 
and George Wright of Liston Greene, parish of Marribone, 
county Middlesex, gent, executors. Witnesses : James Cave, 
William Roberts, scrivener. 19 November 1667, administration 
to Francis Cann, junior, son and executor of Francis Cann, 

Nabbs, 8. 

Thomas Godden of Hadlow, Kent, gent. Will 1 April 1657; 
proved 12 July 1660. To be buried in church or churchyard of 
Hadlow. Mr. Garaway to preach at funeral and for pains 20s. 
To Mr. Grimes or the minister of Hadlow 10s. to give way. To 
poore of Hadlow 20s. To wife Martha £400 etc. To two sons 
in law 20s. apeece for rings. To my sister Fleet 40s. To each 
of my two grandchildren a silver bowl, viz Thomas Godden, and 
Martha Godden. To other grandchild John Gooden sheets etc. 
To daughter Mary Goddin, my clok, my jacket and silver 
tankard. To servants 5s apeece. Residue to son John Goddin, 
executor. Concerning lands in Snodland, Luddeston, all such in 
Kent to son John Goddin. As to two parcels in Hadlow called 
Lurcodin and Mallsom purchased of Mr. Cotts of sonn Thomas 
Goddin, widow, Mrs. Margaret Goddin to pay executor £100, he 
to sell etc. Witnesses : Margaret Godden, and Richard Netter. 
Nabbs, 122. 

John Goodwin, one of the Bailieffs of the Corporation of 
Southwold, county of Southwold. Will 13 April 1660; proved 
14 September 1660. As for lands, goods, shipping, etc., con- 


tinued unto mee after soe great desolation in the nation and a 
lamentable fire which lately happened in our corporation of 
South would to the consumption of two thirds parts thereof. I 
dispose as follows : To wife Martha houses etc. in Great Yar- 
mouth, Norfolk, in occupation of Mr. Emperor, and Anthony 
Ellis also lands, both fee and coppehold in Castor, Norfolk, untill 
my sonne Joseph is 23, for mayntenance of children binding 
forth such sonnes as she think fit apprentice and paying my 
daughter Martha or issue of her body £100 at 21, etc, then tene- 
ments in Yarmouth, to sonn Joseph, and lands in Castor to sonn 
John, paying his brother Joseph £10 a year in porch of church of 
Great Yarmouth till £100 is paid. To daughter Sarah tenement 
where I dwell with a new fish house etc. and tenement where 
Anthony Weynflett dwelleth and half the yards to both tenements 
and use of wells being in Southwold abousaid. Also to daughter 
Sarah featherbed which was my brother's etc, also two paire of 
sheets which were her mothers and also three silver spoones 
which were my brother's, silver beaker, and also one gold rymmed 
ringe, also half a dole of herring netts, newest, and another half 
a dole of ditto of nyne scane. also two and twentieth part of 
shipp Hopwell, Thomas Bernard master etc. To wife Martha 
tenement with fishhouse, half yard use of well etc. which I last 
bought etc for life, then to daughter Martha. To wife in trust 
tenements in Cittie of Norwich which were my brother Mathew's 
to be sold by wife and Thomas Morse son of Francis Morse of 
Wrentham gentleman. To poore of towne of Southwold 40s. 
Rest of shipping goods to wife Martha, executrix. Witnesses : 
Francis Morse the writer, and Enoch Garling. Afterwards tes- 
tator desired his other children to have three silver spoons apiece 
and Francis Morse the writer. 

Nabbs, 245. 

George Goodwin, Packfields. Nuncupative will 19 February 
1659/60; proved 5 December 1660. To two daughters Sarah and 
Martha a dole of herrings and half a dole of mackerell netts as 
they are vnnlives(sic) To sister Katherin Goodwyn halfe a 
dole of herring netts and one mackerill nett. To daughter 
Martha, Joynes Chest in hall, and little white table. To daugh- 
ter Sara a barn and an old coffer in the chamber in the house in 


occupation of Joseph Shoale. Rest to wife Margaret executrix. 
Witnesses : James Weld, and John Fowler. 
Nabbs, 265. 

John Goodwin of Prettewell. Will 29 March 1660 ; proved 20 
December 1660. To be buried by wife Ann Goodwin. To wif 
Ann Goodwin dwelling house for life and goods within doors. 
To son John Goodwin is. and no more. To daughters Anne 
Flower, Mary Harris, and Sarah Machin paire of sheetes each. 
Desire friend George Nelson of Leigh and Katherine King of 
Prittlewell to see will performed. Witnesses : Katherine King, 
and Sarah Martin. Administration to relict Ann Goodwin. 
Nabbs, 265. 

Francis Goodwin of Derby, wooll draper. Will 28 May 1660; 
proved 31 December 1660. To wife close called "Heyward" 
and meadow and alsoe three lots of meadow or East or further 
Flee of River or Brooke called Bentley or Bradbourne Brooke 
neere Sprend lane Bridge in Ashtonmead Mapleton, county 
Derby and now in occupation of Robert Smyth To brother 
Thomas Goodwin half of Burgate in Derby in occupation of 
Thomas Brooke, feltmaker, and half of shopp adjoining in my 
possession, said messuage and shop purchased of my said brother, 
purchased of one Lawrence Bryerley, Clerk, paying unto my 
mother Sarah Goodwin £4 a year, also to brother Thomas Good- 
win close called Ireland and Orchard with Barnes, provided he 
suffer my wife Katherine to enjoy last named previous as by 
deed and receive my approval, George Lynache and Ann Where, 
my father Francis Goodwin was possesses of rent of £100 from 
lands lately the inheritance of Sir Andrew Goodwin, in his will 
did give to us £20 a year. I give said £20 to my brother Samuell 
Goodwin, gentleman for three years of seven years unexpired, 
other four years to my sister Mary, wife of Samuel Spateman of 
Derby, Malster. To cozen Mr. Robert Meller of Chaddesdon 
5 marks. To Elias Chaladle 20s. and a grey cloak. To Job 
Litchford 20s. To Jone, wife of George Blagnow 40s. To 
Henry Greatrex and his wife 20s. apiece. To Thomas Harrison 
£5. To Alece, wife of Gilbert Smyth, my late servant ^£5. To 
Abele Letchford 20s. To poore of St. Alkmands, Derby, 40s. 
To cozen Mrs. Ann Brook £10. To Joan my maid 40s. To 


John Reeve and John Jesop ios. apiece. To brother Samuell 
Goodwin, my brother in law Samuell Spateman and my sister and 
brother Thomas Goodwin rings of 20s. each. Residue to wife 
Katherine executrix. Witnesses : Gilbert Smyth, Richard 
Brooke, John Rece, and John Letchford. 
Nabbs, 265. 

Edmund Goodwyn, Sparham, Norfolke, taylor. Will 3 May 
1658 ; proved : no date given. To Thomas Goodwyn of Sparham, 
singleman, sonn of Morgan Goodwin, late of Sparham, deceased 
£52. ios. od. to be paid in church porch. To Bridgett Goodwin 
of Sparham, daughter of aforesaid Morgan Goodwin £37. ios. 
ditto, also to Bridget, bedsted etc. Rest to be divided to said 
legatees Thomas Goodwin and Bridget Goodwin by Jeffrey 
Fuller of Sparham, yeoman, executor. Witnesses : Anne Bur- 
char, and Anthony Cabell. 

Nabbs, 279. 

Edward Godwin of Wroxall, (Wraxall?) county Somerset, 
gentleman. Nuncupative will 18 January 1660; proved 6 May 
1661. His wife and child Elizabeth to have the house he lately 
purchased of his brother Joseph lying in the Marsh near High 
Bridge. His father and brother Robert Godwin and Joseph 
Godwin gentlemen not to cozen them out of it. Witnesses : 
Joseph Crossman, Elizabeth Crossman, and Agnes Griffin. 
May, 72. 

Robert Goddinge of Okesey, county Wilts, yeoman. Will 15 
October 1658; proved 8 July 1661. To be buried in Okesey 
churchyard. To parish church 6s. 8d. To poor of parish ios. 
To my son Robert Goddinge £20. To son John Goddinge £20. 
To son Thomas Goddinge £20. To son William Goddinge £20. 
To daughter Elizabeth Gibbs, wife of Richard Gibbs £20. To 
my daughter Martha White, wife of William White 5s. To 
daughter Mary Sparrow, wife of Thomas Sparrow. To Martha, 
daughter of Robert Godding, my grandchild 6s. 8d. To each of 
my son Tobias' children 6s. 8d. To children of daughter Martha 
6s. each. To children of daughter Elizabeth Gibbs 6s. 8d. apiece. 
Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Christian. Overseers: 


brother in law Robert Crede and friend John Williams alias 
Rogers. Witnesses : William Johnson, and Robert Crede. 
May, in. 

Mathew Goodinge of Huntsworthy, parish of North Pether- 
ton, county Somerset, yeoman. Will n March 1658-9; proved 
20 July 1 66 1. To be buried in North Petherton churchyard. 
To my son Thomas Goodinge the estate granted on 13 July 1653 
by Walter Catford, gent, on condition he pay to my daughter 
Joan Goodinge £30 and £10. The estate granted by Thomas 
Popham the elder and Thomas Popham his son 24 October, 24 
Chas. I to Richard Goodinge my son on condition he pay my 
daughter Joan £10. The estate granted by Edward Court Esq 
to my son Mathew on condition he pay my said daughter £15. 
The land granted by Robert Jenings and Penelope his wife 
in Meare 18 Oct. 1650 to George Goodinge my son on condi- 
tion he pays Joan my daughter £5. Lands held from Robert 
Jenings of Burton Esq 2 May, 2 Chas. I. to said George and 
Joan. To my daughter Joan £40. To Joane my wife feather- 
bed and furniture. The land held from Sir William Portman, 
Baronett, in tenure of Thomas Middleton and William Win- 
slade to my son Richard Goodinge. To the poor of North 
Petherton 6s. 8d. to be paid to the overseers of the poor. To the 
reparation of the parish church of North Petherton 3s. 4d. To 
my cousin Edward Colthurst the Elder of North Newton, and to 
my friend John Durlin of Mooreland 5s. each to be my over- 
seers. Residuary legatees and executors : My sons Thomas, 
Mathew, George and Richard Goodinge. Witnesses: Robert 
Colthurst and Lawrence Clatworthy. 
May, no. 

Richard Goodwyn, Goodridge, county Hereford. Adminis- 
tration 26 July 1661 to mother Lettice Goodwyn, widow. 
Admon Act Book 1661, folio 72. 

William Goodwyn (Goodwin in calendar) late of Kingdom of 
Ireland. Administration granted 8 November 1661 to relict 
Rebecca Goodwyn. 

Admon Act Book 1661, folio 112. 


Peter Goodwyn, citizen and Salter of London. Will 28 
October 1661 ; proved 17 December 1661. To be buried near my 
wife in the parish church of St. Margarett Patten. To my sons 
in law Maurice Abbott Esq, John Osborne, and William Elwood 
40s. apiece. To my grandchildren, Susanna, John, James, Eliza- 
beth, Abigail and Peter Stone £10 each. To poor of aforesaid 
parish 40s. To repairing said church £10. To Master and 
Wardens of Salters Company £10 and £21 which I disbursed 
long since for the plantation in Ireland. To Robert Pricke the 
Beadle of the said company 20s. To Burell Nower one of the 
Almesmen of Salters Hall 20s. To the other five almsmen there 
10s. each. To Edward Screchlie the clerk of the company 40s. 
To my daughter Gartred, wife of Maurice Abbott, an annuity of 
£10. To my daughter Susanna Stone, widow, an annuity of £20. 
To my grandchild Susanna Stone an annuity of £5. To my 
daughter Sarah, wife of William Elwood junior, an annuity of 
£10 to be paid out of my tenements in St. Michaells Cornhill. 
To my eldest son Matthew Goodwin, my tenement in St. Mar- 
garet Pattens in Tower Street, London also those in Trinity Lane 
in Trinity the Less now in tenure of Richard Thomas, John Wat- 
kins, and Widow Plaistow, also lands in Poplar in tenure of 
Andrew Pickeringe, Gyles Gaule, Symon Smyth, Chap- 
man late Devonshire, Francis Zacharie, Symon Smyth the 
Churchwardene of St. Georges Southwark, Symon Tyres, and 
Mathew Sterlie, also tenements in St. Michaels Cornhill in tenure 
of Hugh Wells, Joseph Banester, Thomas Clarke, Eusebius 

Gurrye, Chamberlen, Huxlie, Taping, 

Poole, Bragnall, Crookes, widow Redinge, 

widow Kinge, Meslen, widow Gravett, widow Harris, 

William Sharpe. To my youngest son James Goodwyn houses 

in St. Margaret Patten in tenure of Marshall, George 

Cotsford, Braye, Phillip Forder, and Richard Nodwell. 

My lands in the late Kings hould or manor of Hackney have been 
surrendered to Myhell Bilson for the use of my son Matthew by 
copie under the hand of Peter Pheasant then steward 16 April 
1640. To my other grandchildren, viz. the children of Maurice 
Abbott, son Matthew's, William Elwood's, and James Goodwin's, 
£5 each. Executors.: Mathew, Peter and James Goodwyn 
(sons) Witnesses: Charles Weatherby, John Hardwin, and 
Edward Stretchley, scrivener. 

May, 198. 


William Godwyn of Weeke, county Southampton, yeoman. 
Will 22 January 1660-1 ; proved 3 January 1661-2. To the 
poor of the parish wherein I live 20s. To the church of 
Weeke 20s. To Richard Godwyn my son my heridtenement 
in Headborne Worthy, county Southampton. To my wife Joan 
Godwyn an annuity of £20. To my second son Nathaniell 
Godwyn my meadow called Sturbridge Meads bought of Richard 
Cobb Esq. To my daughter Grace, now wife of William Wake, 
£20 and I discharge the said William Wake of £100 he owes 
me on bond. To my daughter Mary, wife of Ralph Page £20. 
To my daughter Ann wife of Gilbert Beare £20. To my daugh- 
ter Joan £300. To each grandchild £5. To my youngest son 
Thomas Godwyn the lease of the land called Veale let by St. 
Mary College near Winton. Residuary legatee and executors: 
Wife Joan and son Thomas. Witnesses — Thomas Godwyn, 
Joane Godwyn, and John Strope. 

Laud, 5. 

Edward Goddin als Godwyn, citizen and haberdasher of 
London. Will 8 February 1661-2; proved 20 May 1662. To 
my son in law Brett Netter, tenements in New Romney, county 
Kent in tenure of John Poynter and Room house which is in 
extent to my brother Robert Godwyn 30 acres of land near Peeke 
hill. To Jane Netter, daughter of my said son in law Brett 
Netter, £100 to be paid by her father when 21. To said Brett 
Netter lands in parish of Adlington called Budds in tenure of 
John Rayner for payment of these legacies viz., To my nephew 
Thomas Goddin of West Manlinge eldest son of my brother 
Nevill Goddin of Berling, county Kent £100, and to nephew 
Nevill Goddin youngest son of said brother £100. To my seven 
youngest neices, daughters of my brother Nevill £20 apiece when 
21, if any decease their share to go to Hester their mother. To 
Jane Osborne the woman that attended me when I was a prisoner 
in the Fleet £5. To Robert Burford of St. Clement Danes £5. 
To the said Brett 20 acres in Inge Church in Romney Marsh, late 
in tenure of Mathew Goble he paying to overseers of poor of 
Snodland yearly £10 to apprentice one lawfully born male or 
female child of the parish. Ditto to Birling Parish. To my 
said brother Nevill Godden 20s. To my brother Robert Goddin 


I2d. Residuary legatee and executor: son in law Brett Netter. 
Witnesses : John Cage, Josiah Primatt, William Pritchard, 
Thomas Levet, Robert Birford, and John Marsh 
Laud, 65. 

William Goodden of Bowerhanton, parish of Martoke, county 
Somerset, gentleman. Will 20 March 1658-60; proved 2 June 
1662. To Martoke parish church 20s. To the poor of said 
parish £3. To my wife Agnes 4 oxen, 4 cowes, 6 young beasts, 
50 bushells of wheat, and 50 bushells of beans and food. To my 
daughter Joane Waldrand £50. To my daughter Elizabeth 
Mallacke £20. To Mallachie, Richard, John, Elizabeth, Marie, 
and Samuel Mallacke her children £5 apiece. To my grandchil- 
dren William Godden, John and Robert, sons of my son John 
Godden, £60. To Thomas Goodden and Anne Godden my grand- 
children £40 apiece. All my lands mentioned in deed of 8 
November 1651 between him and me, to my son John in Martoke 
and East Lidford or elsewhere in England, failing his issue to 
my grandchild Thomas Goodden. Residuary legatee and exec- 
utor : Son John Godden. Witnesses : William Somners, Thomas 
Harding, senior, Thomas Harding, Junior. 
Laud, 83. 

Dorothy Godden of Tonbridge, county Kent, widow. Will 14 
February 1661-2; proved 12 September 1662. To John, William 
and Elizabeth, three children of my kinsman William Terry of 
Southborough in Tonbridge £5 apiece when 21. To George, 
Hellen, and John three of the children of George Borer by Eliza- 
beth his late wife deceased daughter of Richard Terry, deceased, 
my brother on my father's side £10 apiece. To Richard and 
James two other children of the said George Borer deceased £5 
apiece. To Ann the youngest daughter of said George Borer 
deceased, £16 when 21. To George, Ursula and Elizabeth, three 
children of Edward Bruant of Lingfield in Surrey by his wife 
my kinswoman £5 apiece when 21. To Edward Terry my kins- 
man £5. To Mary Terry daughter of John Terry deceased, son 
of said Richard Terry deceased, a messuage where John Jeffery, 
and widow Terrey now dwell in Betborough. To George son of 
George Borer deceased a messuage in Betborough given me by 
the will of my husband James Godden. Executor: William 


Latter of Enisfield, parish of Leigh, next Tonbridge, yeoman. 
Witnesses: Edward Barnoet and George Hooper and Anna 

Laud, 116. 

Christopher Godwin of Covent Garden, county Middlesex, 
taylor. Will 28 November 1662; proved 7 January 1662-3. To 
my daughter Rebecca Godwin £300 when 21. If she die or 
marry without consent of my executrix, the interest only to be 
paid her, if she survives such husband the principal paid then. 
To my daughter Mary Rogers £5. To my brother John Godwin 
£10. To Mary Godwin my brother John's daughter £10, if her 
father die before the above legacy is paid him. Residuary 
legatee and executrix. My wife Prudence Godwin. Overseers : 
Robert Cornhill of parish of St. Giles in the Fields, gent, and 
William Sherrer, citizen and haberdasher of London, and Richard 
Drake citizen and blacksmith of London. Witnesses: John 
James, George Rogers, Richard Goff, and Thomas Williams. 
Juxon, 5. 

William Goodwin of Haskerton, county Suffolk, Esquire. 
Will 7 November 1660; proved 12 May 1664. To Margerie my 
loving wife, all household implements, also all • my lands in 
Alderton and Ramshalt, county Suffolk, in tenure of Edmund 
Chaundler and Stoakes meadow with other meadows in Burgh 
for life, after her death to William Goodwin my eldest son. To 
William my son, all my lands in Thumblethorpe and Sherrington, 
county Norfolk. To my four daughters Mary, Elizabeth, Susan, 
and Sarah Goodwyn £1200, i. e. £300 each. To my son John 
Goodwin £100. To my son Robert Goodwyne £150. Son Bas- 
singbourne £200 part to bind him out apprentice. To my son 
Thomas Goodwin £200 part to bind him out apprentice. To my 
son Henry Goodwin £200 and as in his brother's case. My 
Manor of Martlesham and lands in Kesgrave, Ipswich and great 
Bealinge to be sold for purposes of my will and education of my 
children. Thomas Burges not to be disturbed in his lease of 
Bealinge land. Wife Margery executrix. Poor of Haskerton 
40s., Burgh 20s, Alderton 20s, and to poor of Great Bealing 10s. 
If wife dies, son William Goodwin, friends and kinsmen, Thomas 
Edgar and Thomas Dade of Ipswich Esq and my brother Robert 


Goodwyn to be executors. Witnesses : Robert Marryott, Wil- 
liam Comon, and Roger Walker. 

Bruce, 55. 

Robert Godwyn of Wookey, county Somerset, gent. Will 31 
October 1661 ; proved 26 July 1664. Son Joseph to pay £18. 9s. 
9d. to my executors. Henry Walrond, George Bampf eld, Thomas 
White, Roger Bourne, and George Walrond were to pay Mrs. 
Wickham £50. Thomas Phipps £60, Robert Chichester £20, Mr. 
Thomas Martin £20, Mr. Thomas Gorges and others trusted for 
Mary Martin my daughter £100 by deed 6 April 1660. I desire 
them to pay the same to Francis Rolle of Shapwith, Esq, and 
Henry (B?)all of the same Esq who are my creditors. William 
Prowse of Axbridge is seized in trust for me of some tenements 
in parishes of Bradgworth and Biddesham. I devise them to 
said Prowse, gent, Thomas Marten, gent, Thomas Muttlebury, 
gent, and Thomas White for their use, and the deeds of premises 
to me William Prowse and Valentine Trym, gent, deceased. To 
poor of Huntspill 40s. To poor of Wookey 40s. To servants 
40s. Executors : William Prowse, Thomas Marten, Thomas 
Muttlebury, and Thomas White. Witnesses : Thomas Heath, 
Notary Public, William Bixton, William Barnard, Joseph Elford, 
William Buxton, Junior. 

Bruce, 80. 

William Goodwyne, late of Smirna over seas, deceased, bache- 
lor. Administration granted 2 February 1664/5 to mother 
Margery Goodwyne. 

Admon Act Book 1665, folio 25. 

Ellis Goodwyn of Henley upon Thames, county Oxford, Esq 
Will 24 October. 1664; proved 28 July 1665. William Knollys 
late of Grayes, county Oxon, stands indebted to my brother Abra- 
ham Goodwyn in £600 by judgement which was in trust for me, 
my brother to take it to his own proper use. To my nephew 
John, son of said brother £100. To my goddaughter Elizabeth 
Goodwyn, daughter of my said brother £100. To poor of Henley 
40s to be distributed by my brother and nephew whom I make 
Executors. My Lord Kingston owes me above £500 besides 
what he ought to allow me in compensation of what fell short of 


his Lords proposal at my first entering in being serviceable to 
him and because it is impossible to raise any money on any 
English estate of my own to pay expenses or debts contracted 
since my coming over. I ask him to pay it to my brother. Wit- 
nesses: William Noyer and William Richards. P.A. At time 
of his death living in St. Martins in the Fields. 
Hyde, 72. 

Fealiz Goodwin, widow, of the parish of St. Martin, Ludgate. 
Will 28 September 1665; proved 11 December 1665. The goods 
in my house equally between my children, John Goodwin, Samuell 
Goodwin, Martha Burrow als Goowin, Anna Goodwin. To 
Susanna Hames 13d. To my daughter Martha Burrow £20 
owed me by Mr. Bighton and £32 that Mr. Grinfield, Archdeacon 
of Durham owes me. Executor: son John. Mr. John Bennet 
to be my overseer. No witnesses. Proved by John the son. 
Hyde, 107. 

John Godin of Clarkenwell, county Middlesex, gent. Will 22 
August 1665; proved 10 January 1665-6. To my son John 
Godin £100. To my daughter Cisely Godin £100 and after the 
decease of Margaret Godin my wife all the remainder to my son 
John and daughter Cisley If they die without issue to Elizabeth 
Watson of London, widow, and Elizabeth Warren of St. Giles 
Cripplegate, widow. Executors : Francis Tegg, and Elizabeth 
Watson. Witnesses : Robert Symmons and Edward Lewis. 
Proved by son John, other executors (named above) renouncing. 
Mico, 8. 

Richard Godwynn living in Lyme House, parish of Stepney 
seaman, belonging to H. M. S. Prince Royall. Nuncupative will 

1665; proved 17 January 1665-6. All to John Hain- 

nett, seaman in said ship and living in Lymehouse. Witnesses : 
Saniell Thomas, and Richard Wicke. Proved by John Hannett, 
Godwin dying in parts, bachelor. 

Mico, 8. 

Abraham Goodwyn of Henley upon Thames, county Oxon, 
gent. Will 3 September 1662 ; proved 19 February 1665. 
Whereas there was an agreement made between my mother and 


myself and my brother Ellys Goodwyn touching her maintenance 
if she desired to live by herself, my executrix to carry it out. To 
each of my children 5s apiece. Residuary legatee and executrix. 
Wife Joane. Witnesses : William Clerke, and Richard Stevens. 
Mico, 22. 

Daniel Goodwin, deceased over seas. Administration 20 June 
1665 to widow Joan Goodwin. 

Admon Act Book 1665, folio 93. 

Nathaniel Goodwyn, St. Katherine by the Tower but deceased 
over seas. Administration 15 July 1665 to relict Mary Goodwin. 
Admon Act Book 1665, folio 100. 

Caesar Goodwin, St. Olive Southwark, Surrey. Administra- 
tion 16 November 1665 to creditors Thomas Sell and Thomas 

Admon Act Book 1665, no folio. 

William Godwin, Bristoll City but dying in St. Botolphe, 
Aldersgate, London. Administration 8 January 1665/6 to 
creditor Walter Bevan. 

Admon Act Book 1666, folio 4. 

Thomas Godden of Westmalling, Kent. Administration 3 
March 1665/6 to relict Anna Godden. 

Admon Act Book 1666, folio 84. 

Henry Godwin, late of Deptford, county Kent, mariner, 
widower, deceased. Nuncupative will 1 March 1665-6; proved 
5 March 1665-6. Sole legatee and executrix: Margaret Penny 
of Deptford, widow. Witnesses : John Johnson and Margaret 

Mico, 45. 

Ambrus Goodding, Deale, Kent. Administration 9 March 
1665/6 to relict Anne Goodding. 

Admon Act Book 1666, folio 84. 


Thomas Goodwyn of Baldocke. Will 1 October 1665 ; proved 
10 April 1666. To son John all loose bricks and tiles in my 
yard. To my son William a tenement in tenure of William 
Burly and the tenement in tenure of widow Wheatly, one in 
tenure of widow Leakings. To my daughter Sarah £100. To 
my daughter Jane £100. To my daughter Alice £100. To my 
daughter Mary £100., also £10 apiece to be paid by my son John 
out of his estate. To my grandchild John Atkinson 40s. To 
grandchild Mary Atkinson one piece of gold value us. To my 
brother Perry of Morden £5. To my sister Taylor, his daughter 
Mary £5. To poor of Baldock £5. To my five daughters, Anne, 
Sarah, Jane, Alice and Mary the residue. I forgive Edward 
Lamkin the debt he owes me. Executors : son in law John 
Atkinson and son William. Witnesses : Thomas Love, and 
Henry Pecket. 

Mico, 58. 

John Goodwin of Hackney, county Middlesex, late of the 
parish of St. Stephen in Coleman Street, Clarke. Will 7 January 
1658/9; proved 3 May 1666. To Richard Arnold, Salter, and 
Samuell Snowden, silkeman, citizens of London £10 for the use 
of the poor of that church whereof I am so unworthy a pastor. 
To poor of St. Stephens £5. To poor of East Raynham, county 
Norfolk, where of I was sometime Rector £5. To my brother 
William Goodwin if he be living at my decease 40s. I forgive 
my son John £400 he owes me and my son Edward £200 he owes 
me. To my son Samuell £300. To my daughters Sarah and 
Elizabeth £300 each when 21. To my daughter Mary Mountague 
£5. To my ancient servant Mary Skirry £5. To my late servant 
Anne Walker £5. Residue and executrix : my wife Sarah. To 
my son Samuell all my lands in Barony of Navan, County East 
Meath, Ireland. Witnesses : William Russell, scrivenor, and 
Joseph West. 

Mico, yy. 

William Goodwin, St. Lawrence Pountney, London. Admin- 
istration 25 September 1666 to relict Anne Goodwin. 
Admon Act Book 1666, folio 165. 

Thomas Godden of Wratham (Wrotham?), county Kent, 
tanner. Will 16 April 1666; proved 20 November 1666. To 


my sons James, Thomas and John £200 apiece when 21. To my 
daughter Dorothy £120 when 21 or day of marriage. To my 
daughter Mary £100 when 21. To my brother Walter Godden 
50s, annuity. My nephew Thomas Martin £10 to assist my wife. 
My kinswoman Mary Carnall to be paid all her portion which I 
recovered for her. Residuary legatee and executrix. Wife 
Dorothy. Overseer : My brother John Child. Witnesses : 
Thomas Tomlyn, Walter Godden, and Susan Tomlyn. 
Mico, 161. 

Edward Goodwin. Nuncupative will 4 November 1666; 
proved 23 February 1666/7. All I have to George Lee Esq. at 
Lincolns Inn, he to take what is due to him the remainder to my 
father. Witnesses : Jane Harbut and Elizabeth Ven. Adminis- 
tration of goods of Edward Goodwin, late of East Grinsted, 
county Sussex to his brother John. Administration 1 June 1668 
to his sister Susanna Goodwin, John having died. 
Carr, 21. 

Edward Goodwin, Dover, Kent. Administration 14 March 
1666/7 to relict Alice Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1667, page 40. 

William Godwin of St. Bridgett's London, merchant taylor. 
Will 15 July 1666; proved 20 June 1667. To my brother John 
Godwin a seal ring which I constantly wear. To my daughter 
Elizabeth Trevathan, wife of John Trevathen £5. The residue 
to my wife Elizabeth my daughter Mary and son Thomas the chil- 
dren to have their shares when 21. Executrix: Wife Elizabeth. 
Witnesses : William Wall, Basill Robus, Thomas Slater. 
Carr, 85. 

Phillip Goodwin, dwelling at Redrife als Rotherif. Will 
proved 29 August 1667. To be buried at Watford near my 
wife's relatives. To my son John the house at Watford that was 
Mr. Dixon's. To my youngest son Phillip Goodwin three houses 
that were Goodman Merricks at Norwood, county Middlesex, 
when 21 and a farm after my wife's death in tenure of Joseph 
Puttif ord in Ruislip, county Middlesex, he paying as follows : To 
my son Joseph Goodwin £15 yearly for his life and to my son 


James Goodwin £10 a year for life and daughter Sarah Walker 
£8 a year for life. To my son James Goodwin £100 in hands of 
my daughter Sarah Walker and £100 in hands of my son Joseph. 
Residuary legatee and executrix. Wife Sarah. Witnesses : 
John Rushley, Rebecca Smallman. 

Carr, 105. 

Ralphe Goodwin on high seas, ship Milford, Friggot in Kings 
service. Administration ult. September 1667 to creditors Grace 
Jeffreys and Catherine Paxton. 

Administration Act Book 1667, page 136. 

Israel Goodwyn, late in ship Constant Warrick in Kings service 
on high seas, bachelor. Administration 23 November to father 
John Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1667, page 160. 

John Goodwin, St. Leonard Shoreditch, Middlesex. Adminis- 
tration 23 November 1667 to creditor Benjamin Nicholls. 
Administration Act Book 1667, page 175. 

Jane Goodwyn, Greenwich, Kent. Administration 7 January 
1667/68 to brother William Godwyn. Inventory £40. 
Administration Act Book 1668, page 6. 

John Goodwin of East Grinstead, county Sussex. Will 11 
March 1666; proved 12 February 1667/8. I declare that all 
lands in Ireland in County Westmeath that I am seized of were 
all purchased by my father with his money and my name and my 
grandmother's name Mrs. Susan Goodwin was only used in trust 
to his use and that lands mortgaged to me in Brambletey in 
Sussex by John Compton Esq. are now in possession of Mrs. 
Lindley, Mr. Blumm, and Robert Langrige, and other lands 
mortaged by Sir John Smith, Knight, and lands mortgaged by 
Benjamin Goodwin, gent, in parish of Rigate were purchased by 
my father's money and I give them all to my said father Robert 
Goodwin Esq. Witnesses : John Rimes, Susanna Goodwin, and 
Thomas Harling. 

Hene, 19. 


Samuell Goden in the parish of St. Savery Southwarke soe 
called, county Surrey, clothworker and citizen of London. Will 
12 of 3rd month called May 1668; proved 15 August 1668. To 
my wife Mary £50 and all household goods with the Tenters in 
the Feild and all debts dues, and demands beyond the seas and 
in this nation and between my three children, viz. Samuel, 
Nathaniel, and Joseph Goden. If my children decease then I 
give to my two sisters Mary and Elizabeth Goden £20 apiece. 
To my Aunt Prew Ehus £5 and to my uncle Samuel Troane £5. 
To my father Christopher Goden £30. Wife Mary full execu- 
trix. To wife's sister Elizabeth Butler £5. Friends John 
Dolfen, John Duntin in East Smithfield, shopkeeper and Walter 
Monk, overseers. Witnesses : William Shrinton, John Shilling- 
ford, and Samuell Troane. 29 June 1668 Samuel Troane, Eliza- 
beth Goden appointing Cosen Edward Bayly of same parish, 

Hene, 105. 

Henry Goodwin now sick in St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 
London. Will 20 August 1668; proved 10 September 1668. To 
said hospital all the money master John Wells shall owe upon 
bond and £20 due to me from Edmund Pendleton of Old Street, 
cardmaker (St. Giles Cripplegate) To William Williams in 
Southwarke £5. To James Belt living with said Pendleton £5. 
To John Smith, servant to Sir George Bunion, and to his mother 
£5 apiece. Executor: my master Richard Mills, Treasurer of 
the said Hospitall. Witnesses : Hugh Baker, Micah Machell, 
servant to Henry Travers, scrivener. 
Hene, 117. 

John Godden, citizen and mercer of London. Will proved 23 
September 1668. My daughter Elizabeth, now wife of Henry 
Mellish, of London, merchant, has been fully advanced. To my 
son Richard a mortgage on the Manor of Digg by Anthony, 
Richard, and Edmond Aucher. The rest of my personal estate, 
one third to my wife Judith Godden, one third to my children, 
Richard and Judith, the other third as follows : To my daughter 
Elizabeth Mellish £500. To my wife Judith £150 for a necklace 
of pearls. To my son in law Henry Mellish of London, mer- 
chant, and his wife £10 to buy them rings. To my partner 


Master Henry Gosling and his wife £10 ditto. To my grand- 
daughter Mary Mellish £5. To my brother master Gabriel 
Pearce £10. To my sister Merrian Godden £6. To my brother 
Richard Jennings £10. To each of my servants and to my 
cousen John Knowlden mourning. To each of sister Hicks, 
sister Pearce, and sister Grayden's children £10 apiece when 21. 
To poor of Charing, county Kent £20 to be paid to my brother 
Gabriell Pearce. To poor of Newington £20. To my friend 
Mistris Jackson late wife of Master Arthur Jackson, Minister, 
deceased £3. To my friend Master Zytherick Simpson £10. To 
Master Bachelour, minister £5. To Master Bull, minister £4. 
To Good wife Elliott of Hackney £5 To Francis Sandall my 
servant £8 To servant James £4. To Giles Goodman and Wini- 
fred his wife £6 apiece. To Christ's Hospitall £50. To Mercers 
Company £100 towards building a hall and a chapel. To Richard 
Penroseane, William Travers £8 apiece. To Master Bayneham 
£8 To Mistris Grimes 40s. The residue to daughter Judith. 
To my wife lands in Manor of Thurneham now let to Peter 
Godden. Manor of Newnham let to Edward Allen, How Court 
let to John Chambers, John Kersfield, and John Vnderwood, and 
it shall be lawful for her to sell my lands in Newington, Middle- 
sex. After her decease my above lands to son Richard. To my 
sister Merriam lands in Withling, county Kent let to George 
Mason for life and at her decease to my son Richard. I am 
executor to the will of my brother Alexander Godden of Charing, 
county Kent, and as there was but two of my sister Craydon's 
children and now there is three, the third one to have its part 
in my said brother's will. Executrix ; Wife Judith. Witnesses : 
Richard Edge, Edward Poynter, and Thomas Lea, Esq. 
Hene, 117. 

Elizabeth Goodwin, St. Sepulchre, London. Administration 12 
November 1668 to daughter Elizabeth Weaver als Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1668, page 157. 

Thomas Goodwin, Debtford (Deptford?), Kent. Administra- 
tion 11 December 1668 to relict Ann Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1668, page 175. 

Richard Goodden, the elder, of Chatham, county Kent, ship- 
wright. Will 15 January 19, Charles II; proved 24 March 


1668-9. To m y granddaughter Rhoday Lee ios. To my two 
grandchildren Samuel and Sarah Lee £2. ios. apiece, when 21. 
To my eldest son Edward Goodwin my messuage now in tenure 
of John Adams mariner, lease of which is granted by St. Barthol- 
omews near Rochester. To son Joseph Goodwin a messuage in 
his own tenure. To my son Richard Goodwin a messuage or 

tenement in which I and Duke mariner, doe dwell also 

the tenement I bought of my son Edward, now in tenure of John 
Butt, shipwright. My sons to have the benefit of the way leading 
down to the Medway. To my grandson Richard son of my son 
Edward £5. To my grandchildren Hannah and Mary daughters 
of my son Richard £5 apiece. To my grandchildren Hester 
Roday and Elizabeth Goodwin, children of Joseph my son £5 
apiece. To my sons Edward, Joseph and Richard all my working 
tools. To each of my cousins, children of my cousins John and 
Elizabeth Beckett 5s. to buy them a Bible. Residuary legatee 
and executor : son Richard Goodden. Witnesses : Thomas 
Mitchell and Matthew Inwood. 

Coke, 32. 

William Godwin, Newting, Berks. Administration 11 May 
1669 to relict Sarah Godwin. 

Administration Act Book 1669, page 54. 

Margaret Godden, St. Giles Cripplegate. Administration 21 
May 1669 to son Richard Neller. 

Administration Act Book 1669, page 47. 

Thomas Goodwyn of City of New Sarum, county Wilts, gent. 
Will 7 May 1669; proved 18 June 1669. To my brother Mathew 
Goodwyn £5. To my brother George Goodwin 20 marks if he be 
alive. To my brother Richard Goodwyn £5. To my sister Joane 
Goodwyn 40s. To my sister in law Elizabeth Jole 20s. and to 
her sister Sarah Jole ios and to her neice Elizabeth Feltham 5s. 
To my brother in lawes and sisters in laws I2d. apiece. Resid- 
uary legatee and executrix : Wife Ann Goodwyn. Witnesses : 
Ambrose Ringwood, and Anthony Lyme. 
Coke, 71. 


James Godden, St. Magnus the Martyr, London. Administra- 
tion 6 Nouember 1669 to relict Jane Godden. 

Administration Act Book 1669, page 140. 

Thomas Godwyn, Rector of English Bicknor, county Glouces- 
ter. Will 20 October 1669; proved 28 January 1669-70. To 
my grandchild Thomas Marshall £350 when 21 on condition he 
shall write his name Thomas Godwyn als Marshall, if he die then 
I give the £350 as follows: To Judith Goodwyn daughter of 
Charles Godwyn, vicar of Monmouth £80. To Anne her sister 
£80. To Christopher Tyrer son of Thomas Fryer, vicar of 
Sellecke, county Hereford £10. To Margaret daughter of said 
Thomas Tyrer £10 and to Godwyn Tyrer another son of said 
Thomas £10. Remainder to be divided among my kinsmen., 
Thomas Godwyn, parson of St. Phillips Bristol, Thomas Godwyn, 
schoolmaster of Henbury and Scudamore Godwyn his brother. 
To said grandchild Thomas Godwyn als Marshall my gold 
synett. To Judith Godwyn £30. To Anne Godwyn £30. To 
Christopher Tyrer, Margaret and Godwyn Tyrer £10 each. To 
Charles Bridgeman my son in law against my will as my daughter 
Elizabeth's portion now deceased £5. To Thomas Marshall £25, 
husbandry and utensils. To executors : £30 and my tenement in 
Hunsome parish of Goodrich and elsewhere in Hereford which 
William Bellamy and Anne his wife conveyed to me in mortgage. 
Executors : William Hughes, vicar of Newland, aforesaid 
Thomas Tyrer and George Wyvrall, gents. Overseer: Thomas 
Marshall father of aforesaid Thomas Godwyn als Marshall my 
grandchild. Witnesses : Thomas Rodd and Thomas Bracie. 
Penn, 8. 

Amrbose Godden, Lawcock, Wilts. Administration 9 August 
1670 to relict Dorothy Godden. 

Administration Act Book 1670, page 125. 

James Goodwine of Combe, parish of Campsden, county 
Gloucester, gentleman. Will 30 May 1670; proved 16 Septem- 
ber 1670. To my brother John Goodwine £100. To my brother 
Nathaniell Goodwine £100. To my brother Thomas Goodwine 
£100. To my five sisters vizt. Susanna, Hannah, Elizabeth, 
Constance, and Martha £40 apiece. Residuary legatee and exec- 


utor : brother Thomas Goodwine. Witnesses : Thomas Moxam, 
Robert Cooper, and Anthony Russell. 
Penn, 120. 

Thomas Godwin of Upper Wallop, county Southampton, yeo- 
man. Will 5 June 1670; proved 23 November 1670. To my 
daughter Sarah Godwin £100 but if my wife is with child and it 
be a daughter £50 to her and if it be a son £20 when 21. To my 
sister Rebecca Sutton £10. To her three youngest children, 
Luke, Water, and Elizabeth £10 apiece but if my wife be with 
child and it is born and lives to twelve months of age then they 
have but 5s. each. Executrix: my wife Sarah. Overseers: 
brothers William and John. Witnesses : William Rothwell, and 
George Cornish. 

Penn, 164. 

Joan Gooding, late of Huntworth, parish of North Petherton, 
county Somerset, but at Waddon near Croydon in Surrey, spin- 
ster, deceased. Nuncupative will 9 August (1670); proved 29 
March 1671. To Elizabeth, wife of Richard Gooding of Hunt- 
worth my wearing apparell. To Mathew Gooding's wife a ring. 
Residue to my three brothers, Mathew, George, and Richard. 
Witnesses : Sarah Rawson, and Martha Hawes. 
Duke, 36. 

Thomas Goodwin, Filgrave, Bucks. Will 15 October 1670; 
proved 16 May 1671. To wife Elizabeth Goodwin for life 
messuage in the Sheep street, towne of Northampton, known by 
name of the Halfe Moone adjoyning messuage called the Red 
Lyon, then to son Robert Goodwin paying to my son Francis 
Goodwin and daughters Hannah Goodwin and Mary Goodwin 
£25 apiece. To son Francis Goodwin 5s. Another copy reads 
Thomas. To son William Goodwin £5. To son Robert Good- 
win £5. To Elizabeth Jeffes my daughter is. Rest to son 
Robert Goodwin executor. Witnesses : James Meryall, Geo : 

Duke, 63. 

Walter Godwin, Hempsford, Gloucester. Administration 22 
May 1671 to mother Joan Godwin. 

Administration Act Book 1671, page 66. 


John Godwin, St. Giles in Fields. Administration 25 May 
1 67 1 to relict Dorothy Godwin. 

Administration Act Book 1671, page 57. 

William Godwine of Chippenham, county Wilts, gent. Will 
20 September 1670; proved 11 October 1671. To my brother 
Nathaniell Godwine my silver tankard, a diaper tablecloth marked 
H. E. B. To his son Nathaniell my study of books of Latin and 
silver watch. To nephew John Goodwin son of brother 
Nathaniel £10. To his daughter £10. To my sister Ruth Power 
£40. To my servant Joan Fitch £30 and one trunk marked 
W. G., silver spoon marked E. F. To poor of Chippenham 40s. 
Residuary legatee and executor : brother Thomas Godwin. 
Overseers : Thomas Hawkins of Hardenhuish, county Wilts, 
gent, Bampfeld Syddenham of Langly in Kingston St. Michaels, 
county Wilts, gent. Witnesses: Thomas Neate, Anne Hind, 
John Coller, and Thomas Webb. 

Duke, 121. 

Thomas Goodwin, citizen and butcher of London. Will 27 
October 1671 ; proved 2 November 1671. To my wife Mary 
messuage in Walthamstow, county Essex in tenure of James 
Collard, lands in Eastham, county Essex in tenure of Thomas 
Simmes, messuage in Stratford in occupation of Thomas Ware- 
ham, tenement in St. Leonards Shoreditch now in tenure of 
Thomas Ayres, tenements in St. Sepulchre's London in tenure of 
John Ashbey, Symon Farmer, Thomas Dashwood, for life and 
then to my two sons William and George. To my two sisters 
Elizabeth Weaver and Mary Chiney 20s. apiece. Executrix: 
wife Mary. Witnesses : Elizabeth Hunt, Grace Picksley, George 
Newland. 28 October 1671. Joseph Ruthorne, George New- 
land, my estate in Waltham which is copyhold and surrendered 
to the use of my will, to my brothers William and George. 
Duke, 132. 

William Goodwin of Athenstone, county Warwick, butcher. 
Will 5 January 1671-2; proved 1 April 1672. To my eldest son 
William Goodwin all my land lying in Merivale called the Great 
Plash after the decease of his mother Joan, my wife, and then 
to pay yearly to my son John Goodwin £5, if he refuse, then 


John to have the part next to Jonathan Biddle. To my second 
son Richard £10. To my third son John 40s. To my youngest 
son Mathew £5. Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Joan. 
Witnesses : Henry Waif ord, and Isaac Roper. 
Eure, 49. 

Henry Goodden of Prower-Henton (Bower Heaton?), parish 
of Martock, county Somerset, yeoman. Will 8 February 1671-2; 
proved 7 June 1672. To repairing parish church of Marteck 
6s. 8d. To the poor of said parish 40s. To my sonne John 
Goodden is. To John, Henry, and Elizabeth, children of my 
said son John £10 apeece. To daughter Hannah Stower is. 
Residue and Executor : all to my son Robert Goodden. Wit- 
nesses : George Bisse, Henry Palmer, and Elizabeth Allen. 
Eure, 74. 

Robert Goodwin in ship Royall Soveraigne, deceased. Admin- 
istration ult October 1672 to relict Anne Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1672, page 147. 

John Goodden, Dover, Kent, but in ship the Revenge in Kings 
Service, bachelor, deceased. Administration 22 November 1672 
to mother Mary Goodden. 

Administration Act Book 1672, page 168. 

Edward Goodwin, cityizen and merchantaylor of London. 
Will 12 December 1653 ; proved 7 March 1672. To my wife 
Elizabeth £150 owing me by Henry and William Westerne, 
drapers. To my daughter Jane Goodwin my messuage I now 
dwell in St. Martins in the Fields, she to pay to my wife Eliza- 
beth £50. All my wares and commodoties to my daughter Jane. 
To my friends Mr. Mathew Sealy and Mr. Thomas Halfpenny 
1 os. apiece and make them overseers. Residuary legatees and 
executrixes : Wife and daughter. To my brother John Goodwin 
three suits of apparel. To my sister Margaret Farr, wife of 
William Farr £4. Witnesses : Mathew Seeley, Thomas Half- 
penny, and Robert Wilford, scrivener. 
Pye, 35- 

Thomas Gooding, Junior, Henley upon Thames, Oxon, Admin- 
istration ult. October 1673 to relict Mary Gooding. 

Administration Act Book 1673, P a g e IX 9- 


Thomas Goodwin in Ship St. Michael (over seas in calendar) 
deceased. Administration 22 November 1673 to reuct Mary 

Administration Book 1673, page 149. 

Richard Goodwin als Saunders of the Hithe (Hythe?), parish 
of Egham, county Surrey, backett maker. Will 12 November 
1673; proved 28 November 1673. To Barbara Goodwin als 
Saunders of the Hithe, widow, my mother my tenement in the 
Hithe to pay after her decease to Mary Hopkins daughter in law 
unto Thomas Cole of Stanes £10. To said Mary Hopkins £10 
to be paid twelve months after my decease. Residuary legatee 
and executrix : my mother Barbara Goodwin als Saunders. 
Witnesses : John Savidg, John Heath, and Susan Goring. 
Hale, 144. 

John Goodwin, St. Sepulchre's London. Administration 7 
January 1673/4 to relict Mary Goodwin. Inventory £39. 
Administration Act Book 1674, page 4. 

Catherine Goodwyn, Bletchingly, Surrey. Administration 6 
March 1673/4 to sisters Joan Goodwyn and Sarah Whitfield. 
Administration Act Book 1674, folio no. 

John Goodwin of Bleachinglie (Bletchingley ?), county Surrey. 
Will 21 December 1672; proved 6 March 1673/4. To my eldest 
daughter Joanne my moiety of the manor of Rygate and Howly 
for seven years after my decease, also all the rest of my estate 
provided she pay to my wife Katherin Goodwin enough to make 
up her jointure to £200 per annum, also to Deane Goodwin my 
grandson £40 a year for his maintenance during that term, and 
also to Charles Goodwin his brother £30 a year, and to my two 
grandchildren Katherin and Sarah £20 a year apiece. I desire 
to be buried at Bleachinglie by my mother. Executrix : Daugh- 
ter Joanna. Overseers : brother Robert Goodwin Esq. William 
Hampton, Sister Methwould, widow, and Sarah Whitfield my 
daughter. Witnesses : Erasmus Smith, Gilbert Gynes and John 
Wrightson. Memorandum 15 April 1673, witnesses: William 
Hampton, Sarah Methwold, Katherin Mothwold. My daughter 
Joanna to enjoy £1000 in East India Company for seven years 


and then assign it to grandchild Deane Goodwin. To my 
brother Thomas Whitfield and Anne his wife, my sister for lives 
my lease in Kent which Richard Wallopp hath in trust for me, 
they paying rent to executors of Mr. Henry Smith. Lands in 
Somerset, manor of Muchelnee to Deane Goodwin my grand- 
child and lands called Smiths and Neales to grandchild Charles 
Goodwin. My brother Robert Goodwin, cosen Thomas Lee Esq, 
William Hampton, Rector of Blechingly, and Charles Hampton, 
Rector of Worth to make the best of my farm in Sussex called 
Rowphant for my grandchild Deane for seven years and then 
to Ralph son of my brother Whitfield, failing heirs to my eldest 
daughter Joanna and daughter Sarah. To my wife £200 in 
Ralph Hope's hands. Daughter Joanna and cosen Richard 
Wallopp Esq. guardians to my heir till he comes of age. 12 
February 1673/4 William Hampton, Ralph and Sarah Whitfield, 
and Elizabeth Wood. To grandchildren Katherin and Sarah 
Goodwin £300 apiece. To niece Mary Whitfield £10. To 
nephew Thomas Goodwin £10 due from my cosen Lloyd. To 
Mr. William Hampton £5. To cosen Perkyns £5. To servant 
Elizabeth Wakeham £5. To poor of Bletchingley £5. 
Bunce, 35. 

Jonathan Goodwin, ship Dover. Administration 15 July 1674 
to relict Eliza Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1674, folio no. 

Sarah Coddington als Goodwyn, North Myns, Herts. Admin- 
istration 17 October 1674 to children Mary Coddington, Thomas 
Goodwyn and Elizabeth Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1674, folio 140. 

Ann Gooding of Wapping Wall in parish of St. Paul Shad- 
well, county Middlesex, widow. Will 4 September 1671 ; proved 
24 October 1674. To my children Ann Willey, wife of Jarvis 
Willey and Edmund Francklin a messuage in the Minories in 
St. Buttolphs Algate according to their father's will. To son 
Jarvis Willey and daughter Anne his wife 20s. each for rings. 
To Edmond Francklin 20s. for a ring. To Elizabeth Page and 
Sarah Fowler daughters of my late husband Ambrose Gooding, 
deceased, is. each. To my son Thomas Gooding a messuage in 


Wapping Wall called Coach and Horses. Residue between my 
two sons Henry and Thomas. Executor : son Thomas Gooding. 
Witnesses : John Short, John Cosin his servant. 
Bunce, 114. 

James Goodwin of the City of Norwich, hosier. Will 23 
September 1674; proved, (no date) My wife Mary sole execu- 
trix. To Phillipp, James, Sarah and Amos Goodwin, children 
of my cosen William Mendham £10 apiece after my wife's death. 
To Sarah, daughter of John Goodwin £20, To Martha Salter, 
widow in Great Yarmouth £50. To Henry Gresham, John 
Gresham, and Martha Gresham, children of my cosen Henry 
Gresham £10. To cosen William Salter £10. To Abigail and 
Elizabeth Goodwin my kinswoman £5 each, all to be paid six 
months after wife's decease. To Mr. Gomewell and Mr. Austy, 
Preachers of the Gospell of Christ Jesus 40s. apiece. To John 
Balderston, John Leverington, and Samuell Alexander my friends 
£20. To Mary Goodwin my cousin her heirs and assigns my 
tenement in Tombeland in Norwich after wife's decease. Resi- 
due to wife Mary. Witnesses : Samuel Manning and Gilbert 

Bunce, 114. 

Henry Gooding of Wenborough (Wanborough?), county 
Wilts, Esquire. Will 4 April 1674; proved 14 November 1674. 
The lands in Wenborough by my Henry Gooding and George 
Gooding let the 10 August 1667 for 2000 years to Richard 
Spencer, John Monck, and William Wakelyne, 

I give four hald parts now in William Edward's hand between 
my sons Abraham and William. My lands in Manor of Istle- 
worth Sion in the East field of Twickenham, county Middlesex 
and two cottages in Twickenham one called the Glasshouse and 
other in occupation of John Gutteridge and also surrendered to 
Dean and Chapter of St. Georges in the Castle of Windsor, a 
piece of land in Twickenham, I give them to my daughter 
Martha, also £150 when 21. My tenement in Bloomsbury now 
in lease to Charles Venables in St. Giles in the Fields and a tene- 
ment in Petty Franc in Westminster in possession of one Killdale 
to my wife, she to bring up my son James, and after her decease 
the said tenements to son James and £100, if he die to go to my 


children Sara, Martha, Abraham, and William. To sons George, 
Henry, and Thomas, and daughter Mary Sotheby I2d. apiece, 
they have already had their portions. To Mr. Baker late Min- 
ister of Draycott £5. To my old servant Richard Spencer £5. 
To Sir Humfrey Forster, Bart, of Aldermaster, county Berks 
£10. Executors: James Sotheby of Grayes Inn, Esq, and my 
daughter Sarah. 

My house in Money Row in Bray, Berks, to son James. To 
Abraham Gooding half part of eight and a half parts of the great 
Bargaine in possession of Thomas Edwards. To William Good- 
ing one other half part in possession of Henry Hagger. To 
James Gooding one other half part in possession of Thomas 
Londey and part in possession of George Gooding Esq, William 
to halve the widow Herrings living in Wenborough when it falls. 
I have purchased it for three lives of my son George, lord of 
that manor of Wenborough George Gooding my eldest son Esq, 
and John Grassingham of Henley upon Thames, malster, £5 each 
my overseers. Witnesses: Thomas Ryton, scrivener, Sarah 
Ryton, Thomas Rushen all in Aldersgate Street, and Thomas 
Sufey scrivener to the above written. 
Bunce, 124. 

John Goodwin, the elder, of Shennington, county Gloucester, 
gent. Will 13 October 1673; proved 19 November 1674. To 
John Goodwin my son and my loving friends and kinsmen, Wil- 
liam Dulby of North Newnton, county Oxon, gent, Thomas 
Griffin of Beeby, county Worcester, gent, Thomas Barrett of 
Cross Marston, county Warwick, gent, Richard Gorstelow, and 
John Spencer of Lillington Lovell, and John West of Banbury, 
county Oxon, gent, all my manor of Shennington, a messuage 
in the fields there, the one fifth part of a water corn mill and all 
other lands whatsoever in trust to pay to Hellen Goodwin my 
wife £20 yearly for life and also to raise the sum of £650 which 
I shall appoint to be paid, then immediately after the trust per- 
formed my said lands to my grandchild Richard Goodwin and 
heirs failing his issue to John his brother and then after his 
decease to my grandchild Katherine Goodwin untill such time 
heirs male as my son John Goodwin shall have be 21, she paying 
£20 to any person her father John Goodwin my son, shall appoint, 
yearly. Executrix: wife Hellen, if she refuse, son John. Wit- 


nesses : William Wilkinson, John Lidyatt, John Whitley, and 
Thomas Ward. 

Bunce, 125. 

Richard Goodwin, Bristol City. Administration 2 December 
16/6 to creditor John Roberts. 

Admon Act Book 16/4, folio 179. 

Burton Goodwin, Stafford, county Stafford. Administration 
1 October 1675 to grandson (daughter's son) Michael Woolrich. 
Administration Act Book 1675, folio 117. 

Thomas Goodwin of the City of Peterburg, county Northamp- 
ton. Will 26 July 1674; proved 13 October 1675. Esechiah 
Rorser of Bristol, carpenter and Mrs. Elizabeth Gaich of Ratt- 
cliffe, county Middlesex, executors. To George Shurborn 20s. 
to buy a ring. To Ezechiah Rosser 20s. to buy him a ring, the 
rest of my debt if any left to be between my executors. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Dunston and John Nyles. Probate Act. 
Thomas Goodwyn, late in parts across the seas, bachelor, 

Dycer, 99. 

John Gooding, late of St. Dunstan's in the East, London, bache- 
lor. Nuncupative will about 8 May 1674; proved 25 October 
1675. Being in company with Owen Owens and Thomas Rush- 
ton who were his acquaintances as having been servants to his 
brother Mr. Henry Gooding liveing at the White Horse Inn in 
Friday Street, London, said that his brother was not only his 
brother but had been a father to him and if he died he gave all 
to his said brother Henry. Witnesses : Owen Owens, and 
Thomas Rushton. 

Dycer, 99. 

John Goodwin, Wallingford, Berks. Administration 3 Feb- 
ruary 1675/6 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1676, page 19. 

Andrew Godwin, Minehead, Somerset. Administration 15 
June 1676 to brother Peter Godwin. 

Administration Act Book 1676, page 70. 


James Goodwyn of St. Pauls, Shadwell, county Middlesex, 
hosyer. Will 8 July 1676; proved 17 August 1676. Sole 
legatee and executor : Wife Jane Goodwyn. Witnesses : Jane 
Hastings, Robert Hastings, Athony Band, etc. Robert Russell a 

Bence, 101. 

Thomas Goodwyn, bachelor, Yarmouth, Norfolk, but over seas 
deceased. Administration 17 October 1676 to mother Margery 
Crosse als Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1676, folio 122. 

Thomas Goodden, Addington, Kent. Administration 22 
November 1676 to creditor Thomas Ward. 

Admon Act Book 1676, folio 159. 

Edward Goodwyn over seas, bachelor, deceased. Administra- 
tion 5 February 1676/7 to sister Anne Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1677, folio 24. 

Mr. Robert Godwyn of Wells. Nuncupative will 14 April 
1677. About 10 o'clock that day in presence of Mr. Thomas 
Muttleberry and Mr. Joseph Godwyn and Anne his servant. 
Proved 9 June 1677 to Anne Wilse during minority of John and 
Thomas sons of deceased. Proved 21 March 1684 to John York 
for John and Thomas minors. My estate at Highbridge falls to 
the lord of the manor at my death, my estate in Devonshire to 
my children (meaning the two sons he had by his last wife). 
Anne Willse to have the care of his children. Witnesses : 
Thomas Muttleberry, Joseph Godwyn and Anne Willse. 
Hale, 61. 

Theodore Goodwyn, St. Andrews Holborn, Middlesex. Admin- 
istration 14 April 1677 to Sir John Suke, Baronet, guardian of 
son Thomas Goodwin during minority. 

Administration Act Book 1677, P a £ e 49- 

Thomas Godwyn of Presteigne, county Radnor. Will 6 Sep- 
tember 1676; proved 13 October 1677. To my son Henry Gosse, 
citizen and barber surgeon of London and Dorothy his wife, 
closes called Oakney, near the lands of Thomas Lingen, gent, in 


said parish and county for their lives and then to my grandchild 
Sarah Gosse, one other of the daughters of the said Henry and 
Dorothy. Executrix : the said Sarah Gosse. Witnesses : James 
Tisser, Henry Jennings, William Goose, and Mary Mathewes. 
Hale, 98. 

Sarah Goodwin of the parish of St. Buttolph's, Bishopsgate, 
London, widow. Will 18 September 1677; proved 16 October 

1677. I forgive. To my son 

Edward Goodwin £1000 parcel of the debt he owes me. To each 
of my daughters Mary Mountague, Sarah Smartfoote, and 
Elizabeth Mountague is. respectively. To my son Samuel Good- 
win all the rest and ordain him executor. Witnesses : Thomas 
Fyge, Nathan Noyes, and Rebekkah Ashbridge. 
Hale 98. 

John Goodwin, Layer de la Haye, Essex. Administration 30 
October 1677 to relict Ann Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1677, folio 120. 

James Godwynne of Wells, county Somerset, gent. Will 28 
February 1676-7; proved 3 November 1677. All my lands in 
Wells, Taunton, Marke, Blackford, Heathhouse, Wedmore, But- 
leigh or elsewhere to my wife Edith. Executrix : Wife Edith. 
Witnesses : Charles Baron, Elizabeth Lidf ord and Nathaniell 

Hale, 115. 

John Godwyn late of parish of Yate, county Gloucester, gent. 
Nuncupative will Wednesday 5 December 1677; proved 19 
February 1677-8. At his mothers house there resident (died on 
6th December) To my brother William £40. To sister Mary 
£40, and diamond ring and £20 to sister Silvester. To my 
mother £60. Three rings to my Aunt Kidgell's daughters. 
Executor : Brother Robert Godwyn. Witnesses : Anne Smyth 
Joane French and William Godwyn. 
Reeve, 13. 

Hodges Godwyn Esq (Bristol) Will 23 October 1677; proved 
28 March 1678. The yearly profits of my lands in Wapley, 


Somersetshire to my brother John Godwyn, now in Oxford for 
ten years, after that time to my nephew John Godwyn, failing 
him to brother William Godwyn, failing him to brother Robert, 
failing him to brother John. Executor and residuary legatee : 
brother John Godwyn. Witnesses : Jeremiah Horler, Mary 
Kidgell, widow, and Daniel Burcombe. Debts owing to me : Mr. 
Francis Carrington £8. 12s. 8d., Mr. John Stone £2 (these live in 
Bristol) i. e. Thomas James for rent £16. Debts owing by me. 
Sarah Dinnery £4, Hester Belver £4. 2s. and the use of £3. To 
Mr. Lee my bookseller at London £4. 2S., Mrs. Saunders three 
weeks diet, Mr. Winston 9s. There is something owing at the 
Rose Taverne in Bristol. To Mr. Samuel Burcombe £2 with the 
use of £4, and money owing to William the tailer which must 
be payd. Legacies. To my mother £5 and my sword and belt. 
To my sister Mary £5 To brother William's two sons William 
and Samuell £5 each. To my sister Silvester £3. To Hester 
Belsier £4. To Mr. Daniell Burcombe £2 and my staff and gloves. 
To Mrs. Elizabeth Stamp my mourning ring To my Aunt 
Kidgell and her family, gloves. 

Reeve, 23. 

Eliza Cutler als Goodwin, St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex. 
Administration 11 April 1678 to Sir John Duke guardian of son 
Thomas Goodwin during minority. (Buri ?) Revised and 
will proved February 1678/9. 

Administration Act Book 1678, folio 35. 

George Goodwin, Burcott (Burnett?) near the city of Bath. 
Administration 26 June 1678 to relict Abigail Goodwin. Decree 
18 December 1677, ' 

Administration Act Book 1678, folio 72. 

Brett Goodwin of Epwell, county Oxford, yeoman. Will 3 
April 1678; proved 16 July 1678. To my wife Hannah as addi- 
tion to her jointure in consideration of her lands which I sold in 
Wroxton, two pieces of ground called Pleeke and Banlands and 
£100. To my son Thomas Goodwin land lately bought of one 
Wright in Farmborough now in tenure of William Davis and 
£180 to make up £300 already paid to £500. To my son Samuell 
Goodwin £30, six months after decease and £50 six months after 


wife's decease. Residuary legatee and executor: son and heir 
Brett Goodwin. Witnesses : John Vinte, Mary Vinte, and Wil- 
liam Hemings. 

Reeve, 75. 

Peter Goodwyn, senior, formerly of St. Margaret Pattens 
London, but over seas deceased. Administration (by decree with 
sentence) 8th October 1678 of said deceased of whom there is 
said to exist a will at the City of Ponta del Gardia in the Island 
of St. Michael in the Kingdom of Portugal, by which his goods 
in the Kingdom of Portugal have been administered by his 
nephew John Stone (his sister's son), but of which will no copy 
exists in England, and administration of goods in the Province of 
Canterbury is now granted, on his petition to nephew Peter Good- 
wyn, merchant of St. Botolphs Bishopsgate, London. 
Admon Act Book 1678, page 308. 

Nicholas Godwin. Will November 28, 1678; proved 5 April 
1679. Reckoned with my Leiftenant, due to Corporal Godwin 
these particulars due £3, £4. 13s. 4d., ten rich dollers being £2. 
8s. 4d, from first of July for pay to the last of October £3. 9s. 
5d, lent the 6 December 12 Crosse dollers £2. 16s. If I dye I 
give to Mr. Bolton two small rings of gold. I give my Lieu- 
tenant Boulton 20s. To Rachell Girlts 5s. for a ring. My 
coffin payd, the residue of 20s. to be sent in Company 5, a white 
coat owing for one pound ten shillings. To my comrade 2 
dollars and my 2 best cravatts. To my son John my broad 
cloath suit with gold and silver buttons. To William a black suit 
with silver buttons and £7. To Jabez a white coat with plate 
buttons, scarlet breeches, and embroidered garters of gold and 
£2. Witnesses : Robert Forster. Simond Thompson. Probate 
24 October 1679 Will of Nicholas Godwin, late of Abington, 
county Berks, deceased, on the oath of Jabez his son. Probate 
5 April by John and William sons of Nicholas Godwin late of 
Burwick in county Northumberland, but deceased at Yarmouth 
in county Norfolk, widower. 

King, 46. 

Sarah Goodwyn, St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex, single- 
woman. Administration 8 July 1679 to brother Dean Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1678, folio 103. 


Nicholas Godwin of Abingdon, county Berks, glover. Will 12 
May 1677; proved 24 October 1679. To my son John Godwin 
£5 and my best suit. To my son William 10s. To my son Jabez 
£14. 10s. due from one bond of tenn pounds from John Coxed, 
brewer, of Abingdon now in possession of Mr. Edmund Brookes, 
inholder of Oxford. To son Jabez all my goods in possession of 
Nicholas Thornton in St. Giles in the Fields, and all my goods in 
possession of Robert Graves of Oxon, if Jabez die without issue 
to the Hospital of St. Johns in Abingdon £5 and the remainder to 
son William. Executor : son Jabez. Overseers : Mr. Edmond 
Brooks, innholder and citizen, and Nicholas Thornton of Saint 
Giles now my brother in law. Witnesses : Robert Willdey and 
Augustine Petters. The other will having been declared invalid. 
King, 129 (see also 46 King). 

Thomas Goodwin, St. Martin's in the Fields, Middlesex. 
Administration 12 February 1679/80 to relict Ann Goodwin. 
Inventory £12. 

Admon Act Book 1680, folio 26. 

John Goodwin, ship Phenix, but dying in Hospital of St. 
Thomas in Borough of Southwark, county Surrey, bachelor. 
Administration 15 March 1678/80 to Giles Caple first cousin, next 
of kin and cretur (creditor?) of deceased. Inventory £18. 
Administration Act Book 1680, page 50. 

Mary Goodwyn als Weedon, St. Andrew Holborn, Middlesex. 
Administration 25 November 1680 to husband Thomas Goodwyn. 
Administration Act Book 1680, page 167. 

Robert Goodwyn, Eastgrinsted, Sussex, Esq. Will 29 Novem- 
ber 1672; proved 11 May 1681. To poor of Estgrinsted 40s. at 
Buryall. To wife Mary Goodwyn rent charge of £40 out of 
Manors in Sussex etc. Whereas have lately purchased messuage 
in Fearme near the Townes end of Estgrinsted (22 acres in occu- 
pation of John Wood in name of my brother in lawe Nisell 
Rivers Esq in trust I give said messuage to my said (sic) daugh- 
ter Susan Goodwyn and desire said Nisell Rivers to convey etc 
etc. Also to daughter Susan Goodwin "Fair Leigh" and 
"Emhurst" in Est grinsted lately purchased of heirs of William 


Aluschampe Esq and in occupation of me Robert Goodwyn and 

Stoner in name of my sonn in law George Lee Esqr and 

kinsman Thomas Lee Esqr both of Lincolns Inn etc. Also to 
Susan all lands in Estgrinsted Sussex and Lingfield, Surrey etc 
etc. Have surrendered lands in Manor of Emberhome to use of 
will and now to .daughter Susan Goodwyn etc. Also to daughter 
Susan Goodwin all my Castles, Mannors etc in County of West 
Aleath in Province of Leinster in kingdom of Ireland. Rest to 
said daughter Susan Goodwin executor. Witnesses: Gregory 
Rivers, Ri : Graham, Charles Goodwin, Simon Collebury. Pub- 
lished 29 July 1680. Witnesses: Alexander Staples, Tho : 
Harling, William Dane and Elizabeth Crayford, Snanto Hards. 
North, 71. 

John Goodwin, Barnet, county Hertford, Clerke. Will 22 
June 1 681 ; proved 8 July 1681. All to Aunt Penelope Fetiplace 
of St. Martin in the Fields, Middlesex, widdow, executrix to 
dispose as in codicil I shall add. Witnesses : Philip Peirson, 
Scr, Anthony Wyer, Richard Hunt. 

North, 108. 

Robert Goodwin, St. Margaret's Westminster. Administra- 
tion 9 July 1681 to relict Mary Goodwin. Inventory £80. 
Administration Act Book 1681, page 88. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Bredfield, Suffolk, gent. Will 1 June 1681 ; 
proved 19 November 1681 To my aunt Mrs. Mary Goodwyn 
of Bradfield all tenements which Sir John Duke has now. Wit- 
nesses : An Mann, Dorety Jervis, Edm : Jervis. Administration 
to Mary Goodwin. 

North, 163. 

Thomas Goodwin, Doctor of Divinity (St. Bartholomew the 
Great London — P.A.) Will 7 February 1677/8. "To my deare 
wife Alary Goodwin I giue Eight Hundred pounds Sterling 
with all my goods and Household stuffe. To my sonn Thomas 
Goodwin Fower Hundred pounds Sterl'. To my sonn Richard 
Two Hundred pounds Ster'. Item to my said son Thomas my 
Biggest Tumbler. And to my said son Richard the next less 
Tumbler. Both which my good Freind Air. Secretary Thurloe 


did give me. Item. All my Books I give to my son Thomas. It. 
all my Notes of Sermons written by myself e I giue the improve- 
ment of the one halfe if Printed to my wife and the other half 
to my son Thomas Item to my said son Thomas I giue the lease 
which I hold from Magdalen College in Oxon of lands in and 
about Lowstoffe in Suffolk which lease is made over in Trust to 
my good Frend Robert Thomson of Newington Esquire. Item 
I doe Constitute my good Freinds Mr. Thankfull Owen, Mr. 
Francis Howell, Mr. James Baron and Mr. Theophilus Gale that 
if my writings shalbe printed They will take on them the ouer- 
sight of Printing And that they will give a note vnder each of 
their hands respectively to the said Rob: Thomson for the 
Receipt of what shalbe delvered to them to be printed." The 
£200 to son Richard to hands of Mr. Robert Thomson to be paid 

as he and his wife thinke fitt. Mr Royston the Station to 

have as many copies of what shall be printed as Mr. Owen and 
Mr. Howell engaged for, being properly a thing of Printing. 
Witnesses : Elisha Cole, Judith Cockrof t, Sara Cockrof t. Codi- 
cil 18 February 1678/80 Wife Mary Goodwin to have mortgage 
of lands in Aston in Mannor of Wem, Salop, paying £6 yearly 
rent each to sons Thomas and Richard and at her decease to be 
diuided to sons etc. Privision for £200 to Richard repeated. 
Witnesses Thankful Owen, James Barron, Elisha Coles. Admin- 
istration 23 February 1681/2 to son Thomas Goodwin chief 
legatee, relict Mary Goodwin renouncing. Administration 10 
July 1708 to Abigail relict of Thomas Goodwin administrator 


also deceased. 

Cottle, 17. 

Dorothy Goodwine, St. Gyles in the Feilds, Middx, Widdow 
Will 20 March 1681 ; proved 3 April 1682. To my daughter 
Heare Godwine £40. To son John Godwin £10 and weding 
ringe. To son Francis Godwine £10. To son William Piatt £10. 
To daughter Dorothy Proudlove my Silver Tankard. To the 
four children of my son William Piatt siluer spoon each. To 
four children of my sonn in law James Bamber ditto. To son 
Francis Godwine's three children ditto. To my daughter Anne 
Lee ditto. The £50 with interest due on bond from Mr. John 
Staley of St. Pauls Convent Garden, goldsmith, to be recovered 
and divided to my children. To two daughters Dorothie Proud- 


love and Anne Lee wearing apparell. Rest to executrix for my 
children. Executor: Mr. John Worley of St. Clements Dane, 
Vintner. Witnesses: Bry: Bateson, James Bamber. 
Cottle, 44. 

Stephen Goddin, deceased over seas. Administration 18 May 
1682 to chief creditor Samuel Billing. 

Administration Act Book 1682, page 70. 

Mary Goodwin, Mendlesham, Suffolk, spinster. Will 29 Jan- 
uary 1670/71 ; proved 19 May 1682. All to sister Ann Good- 
win, executrix. If sister Acton survive my mother my said 
sister Ann my executrix to enjoy the £200 my Father gave mee 
after my mother's death out of sale of Mannor of Mendlesham 
and executrix to pay £20 to said sister Acton as a legacy from me. 
Witnesses: Wm Smyth, B. Gibson. Published 2,-j July 1677. 
Witnesses : Anne Mann, Elizabeth Mann, Ann Barber. 
Cottle, 57. 

Elizabeth Godwin, Citty of Bristoll, Widow. Will 30 June 
1681 ; proved 10 July 1682. Executors: Stephen Chapman, 
gent, and Abraham Weare, merchant taylor both of Citty afore- 
said. To them all lands in County Somerset in trust for my 
daughter Elizabeth wife of Francis Canington for education of 
her two children my granddaughters Elizabeth and Francis 
Canington till 21 and when Elizabeth is 21 to convey one moiety 
to her and out of other moiety to pay her £100 for the £50 given 
her by her great grandmother Elizabeth Crismas, widow, 
deceased, then other moiety to Francis ditto. If both die to any 
other children born of my daughter etc. Trustees to pay £100 
to son in law Francis Canyngton etc. Witnesses : John Massey, 
John Bucke, Wm. Meredith. 

Cottle, 83. 

Thomas Godwin, cittizen and vintner of London. Will 4 
November 1682; proved 4 November 1682. "I desire the place 
of my Interment may be as neare my Father and Mother Grace- 
dier (sic) as can be in the old Artillery Ground near Moore- 
feilds being the burying place belonging to the Church of Petty 
France London" Whereas have formerly on wife Sarah Godwin 


(after death of my mother in law Mrs Sarah Godwin) for 
Jointure all lands in Newberry Berks. I give the reversion in 
vnto Bartholomew Gracedieu cittizen and vintner in trust for my 
daughter Sarah Godwin (an infant) her heirs male etc and in 

default to my brother Benjamin Godwin of in County of 

Kent Esquire. To brother in law Mr. Daniell Gracedieu all 
apparel. Rest to said Bartholomew Gracedieu to be divided 
between him and my wife, his moiety in trust for daughter Sarah 
Godwin at 17 or marriage. Wife to be a guardian of said daugh- 
ter and after her decease said Bartholomew. Executors : wife 
Sarah Goodwin and said Bartholomew Gracedieu. Witnesses : 
Jo : Burnett, Sarah Bollett, Elinor Thornhill, Jno. Medbert. 
Cottle, 129. 

James Goodwin, cittizen and lawrainer of London. Will 8 
December 1682; proved 11 January 1682/3. To kinsmen Paule 
Peirpoint of Hounslow Middlesex, innholder, and William Bos- 
well cittizen and feltmonger of London 10s. each for rings 
Rest to daughter Elizabeth Goodwin for education till 21 and 
marriage and if she die to my kinsman James Goodwin son of my 
brother Henry Goodwin of Embeston, Bucks, Mason, deceased. 
Executors : Paule Pierpoint and William Boswel. Witnesses : 
Stephen Miles, Samuel Buckley, servant to Wm Curtis, scr. 
Drax, 4. 

John Goodwin, Borough of Southwarke, Surrey, bachelor. 
Administration 19 April 1683 to sister Catherine Wood als 

Administration Act Book 1683, page 58. 

Richard Goodwin over seas, bachelor, deceased. Administra- 
tion 24 November 1683 to David Aston attorney for mother 
Mary Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1683, page 152. 

Catherine Goodwin, St. Sepulchre's London. Administration 
10 January 1683/4 to husband Henry Goodwin. Inventory £10. 
Administration Act Book 1684, page 2. 

James Goodwin, All Hallows the Great. Administration 16 
October 1684 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1684, page 150. 


Thomas Goodwyn, St. Dunstan in the West, London. Admin- 
istration 8 April 1685 to relict Mary Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1685, page 45. 

Henry Goodwin, St. George's Southwarke, Surrey. Admin- 
istration 11 May 1685 to relict Ann Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1685, page 62. 

Ralph Goodwin als Chambers, Shipperton, Kent, yeoman. 
Will 30 November 1685; proved 2 February 1685/6. To 
youngest sonne my freehold of inheritance in Stroud in parish of 
Egham Surrey in occupation of Robert Crockford purchased of 
Susanna Frend and Richard Freind. Also ditto in Laleham, 
Middlesex, called Townsend house and "Duckfurlong" (i l / 2 
acres) in Laleham feild, also lease land "Little Catteryes" in 
Chertsey Surrey held of Mr. Ely Anslett etc. To daughter Mary 
now wife of Thomas Collins £20. To wife Mary household 
goods. To daughter Anne wife of John Piper the younger £100 
and if John Piper the elder stelle in the lands of £10 per annum 
then £150 or else to daughter Ann only I2d. To daughter Eliza- 
beth Goodwin als Chambers £100. To daughter Jane Goodwin 
als Chambers £100. To said son William Goodwin als Chambers 
£50. Executor eldest son Ralph Goodwin als Chambers. 
Residue to executor^ Overseers : Nicholas Parker and Henry 
Bonsey. Witnesses : Thomas Collins, Richard Singer, Henry 

Lloyd, 17. 

Benjamin Gooding, St. Pauls Shadwell but on high seas, 
deceased, in the ship "The Constant Love" Administration 18 
March 1685/6 to chief creditor William Kempe. Inventory £5. 
Administration Act Book 1686, page 48. 

Jonas Godwinn, St. James in the Fields, Middlesex, yeoman. 
Will 13 August 1685; proved 19 March 1685/6. To daughter 
Sarah for education all goods in house in St. James in Fields. 
Rest to wife Sarah for life, then to sonn Jonas and youngest 
daughter Ann Goodwin. Executrix: wife Sarah Goodwin. 
Witnesses : Morris Vaughan, Ambrose Willett, Stephen Willett. 
Lloyd, 31. 


James Goodwin, All Hallows the Less, London. Administra- 
tion 19 July 1686 to relict Lidia Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1686, page 116. 

William Goodwin, Poplar, parish of Stepney, Middlesex, ship 
caulker. Will 3 May 1683/4; proved 7 September 1686. All to 
mother Ann Goodwin, executrix. Witnesses : John Mills, Ri : 

Lloyd, 117. 

John Godwyn als Godden, St. Saviour's Southwark, Surrey. 
Administration 26 April 1687 to relict Jane Godwyn als Godden. 
Inventory £38. 

Administration Act Book 1687, page 62. 

Prudence Godwin, St. Clement's Dane, Middlesex. Adminis- 
tration 2 June 1687 to grandson (by daughter) and next of kin 
George Rogers. 

Administration Act Book 1687, page 100. 

John Godwin, Lyme Regis, Dorsett. Administration 7 April 
1688 to nephew (by brother) and next of kin John Godwin. 
Administration Act Book 1688, page 53. 

Manwaring Goodwin, St. Mary Newington Butts, Surrey. 
Administration 11 April 1688 to relict Elizabeth Goodwin. 
Inventory £8. 4s. od. 

Admon Act Book 1688, page 57. 

William Goodwyn, Alkerton, Oxon. Will 14 August 1681 ; 
proved 1 February 1688/9. To wiefe Martha Goodwyn all my 
tythes and tenths in Hornton Oxon for life then to sonn William 
Goodwin. To said son William Goodwyn 40s. To son Thomas 
Goodwyn 40s. Rest to sonn in law William Taylor, Williams- 
cott, Oxon, gent, executor. Witnesses : John Tuncocks, Thomas 
Smith, Tho : Gosstelowe. 

Ent, 19. 

Thomas Goddin, Chatham, Kent. Administration 3 July 1689 
to relict Mary Goddin. Inventory £38. 6s. 6d 

Administration Act Book 1689, P a g e JI 5- 


Mary Goodwin, Cheame, Surrey, widow. Administration 30 
July 1689 to daughter Elizabeth Lloyd als Goodwin, wife of 
Henry Lloyd Esq (By decree) 

Administration Act Book 1689, page 115. 

Mary Goodwin, St. Bridgett als Brides, London. Administra- 
tion 10 September 1689 to husband Thomas Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1689, page 142. 

Isaac Godden late of Guinea, deceased. Administration 16 
December 1689 to relict Catherine Godden. 

Administration Act Book 1689, page 212. 

John Goodwin, St. Saviour's Southwark, bachelor. Adminis- 
tration 17 April 1690 to Thomas Nost guardian of brother Wil- 
liam Goodwin junior, until said William Goodwin attains his 
age, not administered by sister Catherine Wood als Goodwine 
wife of William Wood. 

Administration Act Book 1690, page 63. 

W T illiam Godin late Ship Rochester, bachelor. Administration 
27 May 1690 to Jane Morris wife of Thomas Morris attorney for 
William Tayler uncle and next of kin during absence of said 
William Taylor for his use. 

Administration Act Book 1690, page 47. 

Pann Goodwin of Hull in Yorkshire, mariner, now desiged on 
sea in their Majesties service and late of the "Plymouth" Will 
10 June 1690; proved 1 July 1690. All wages paybale by their 
Majesties declaration of 23 May 1689 and other estate to lawful 
attorney John Redman of Wapping, Middlesex, mariner, exec- 
utor Revoked and will invalidated 10 December 1691 (P. A. 
says in ship Plymouth on high seas deceased) 
Dyke, 133. 

John Goodins, Redriffe, Surrey, marriner. Will 3 June 1684; 
proved 13 September 1690. All wages to attorney Katherine 
Hewett wife of Thomas Hewett of ditto, marriner. To sister 
Sara Goodings all such part of my house in Plumstead Row in 
Yarmouth in County of Norfolk. Rest to Katherine Hewett 
executrix. Witnesses : Tho : Gladwyn, Lem 11 Gladwin. 
Dyke, 137. 


Edward Goodwin, Kings Ship "The Duke" bachelor etc. 
Administration 21 October 1690 to father Arthur Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1690, page 178. 

John Goodwin, Plimouth, Devon. Will 1 July 1680. All to 
mother Mary Goodwin, only to my brother and sister Goodwyn 
20s. each. Witnesses : Sarah Duke, Francis Duke. 16 March 
1690/91 administration of John Goodwyn of Leghorn over seas, 
but in City of London, bachelor, deceased, to brother and sister 
William Goodwin and Mary Farrington als Goodwin wife of 
Israel Farrington, mother and executrix Mary Goodwin having 
been cut off by fate. 

Vere, 53. 

Philip Goodwin, citizen and tallow chandler of London (St. 
Faiths P. A.) Will 26 May 1692; proved 11 April 1692. To 
sister Elizabeth Wright and nece Ann Lamborne daughter of 
sister Sarah Lambourne £5. apeece for mourning. To my 
apprentice John Tilley ditto. To nephew John Goodwin son of 
brother John Goodwin ditto. To said sister Sarah Lambourne 
20s. for ringe. To neece Mary Lambourne daughter of ditto £5 
for mourning Executor : brother John Goodwin. Witnesses : 
Tho : Causton, Nath : Bourne, John Clerk, Scr. 
Fane, 56. 

Deane Goodwin of the Middle Temple, London, Esqr. Will 
20 May 1680; proved 2 June 1692 Whereas I have secured vnto 
my mother Thomazin Clayton wife of John Clayton Esqr £30 
annuity for life I give vnto William Eldred of Lincolns Inn, 
Esqr. in trust for his annuity £30 ditto out of Mannor of Bed- 
worth, county Warwick and other lands in county Warwick and 
city of Coventry etc etc To Francis Howard of Great Book- 
ham, Surrey Esq, Richard Wallop of the Middle Temple, 
London, Esqre and said William Eldred all mannours lands etc 
in Essex, Somersett, Surrey and Sussex in trust except moiety 
of Mannor of Rigate in Surrey and all goods etc said trustees 
to pay debts and if I die beyond seas my body to be brought into 
England and buryed in Chancell of Church of Bletchingley, 
Surrey, and to convey said mannors and said residue of money 
to my brother Charles Goodwin. Executor : said brother Charles 


Goodwin. Witnesses: Jo: Eldred, Tho : Greene, Jer: Boteman, 
S. Grimston Codicil 21 May 1680 If I die on my travells beyond 
seas to nephew Deane Phillips £100 if he live to 12 years of age. 
Witnesses : Will : Eldred, Jer : Boteman. Proved by Charles 
Goodwin Esquier brother and executor. 
Fane, 104. 

Jane Goodwin of London, spinster. Will 23 September 1684; 
proved 10 November 1692. To brother George Goodwin and 
Thomas Goodwin 10s. each. To kinsmen and kinswomen 
Edward Goodwin, Samuell Goodwin, Mary Hunt, Sarah Smart- 
foot and Elizabeth Montague ditto. Rest to my sister. Exec- 
utor: kinsman Samuell Goodwin. (Stepney, Middlesex — P. A.) 
Fane, 202. 

Administration granted 14 Oct. 1693 to Thomas Goodwin the 
son of Mary Goodwin late of Pinner, parish of Harrow-on-the- 
Hill County Middlesex, widow deceased. Administration de 
bonis non granted July 1708. 

Elizabeth Goodwin, St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, Surrey 
spinster. Will 11 November 1693; proved 29 November 1693. 
To eldest child of brother John Goodwine of Wallingford in 
Barkshire, mercer, whether son or daughter £5. To eldest child 
of my brother Arthur Goodwine of parish of Dochester (sic) in 
or near the county aforesaid ditto, ditto. To all other relations 
I2d. apeece. Rest to sisters Sarah Goodwine and Mary Good- 
win, joint executrices. Witnesses : Stephen Keen, Susanna 
Macare, Tho : Johnson. 

Coker, 185. 

Robert Goodwyn late of Nimengen in province of Gelders, but 
in East Indies, deceased. Administration 16 January 1693/4 to 
relict Honor Goodwyn. 

Administration Act Book 1694, page 4. 

Avela Goodwyn als Watts, Basingstoke, co. Hants. Adminis- 
tration 27 April 1694 to husband William Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1694, page 67. 


Richard Goodwin, Portsmouth, county Southton ropemaker. 
Will 26 February 1693/4; proved 15 May 1694. To son Richard 
Goodwin mortgage for £100 of house near the Mainguard in 
Portsmouth in occupation of Christopher Coltis, also my }i of 
hoy or vessell of which Nicholas Fellowes is Master, said son 
for education etc Also to son Richard Goodwin my plott of 
ground outhouse and garden in Havant and if Richard die, to 
my brother John Dolling, my mother wife of Richard Dolling 
to take rents for life etc. Rest to wife Susann and son Richard 
Goodwin executors. Witnesses 16 April 1694 Deposi- 
tion of John Day, Emsworth, County Southton, shipwright, aged 
50, John Dolling of Havant ditto collar maker aged 30 and Ann 
Midland of Havant aged 40, as to details of will bearing date 
being made 25 February last past by Richard Goodwin in house 
of his father in law Richard Dolling in Havant in sickness which 
he did the day after (repeating, except giving Christopher Colles 
for Coltis etc.) Sworn before Thomas Heathe scr. Proved by 
relict Susan Goodwin reserving to son Richard goodwin. 
Box, 100. 

Francis Goodwin of Corpus Christi College in Oxford Univer- 
sity, bachelor. Administration 24 May 1694 to sister Audrey 
Beale, widow. 

Administration Act Book 1694, page 102. 

Richard Gooding, White Chappell, Middlesex, mariner. Will 
proved 19 June 1694. Constitute wife Judith Gooding attorney 
and executrix. Witnesses : H : Wright, John Hicks, John 

Box, 122. 

Edmund Gooden, Bolton, Lancashire, widower, deceased. 
Administration 20 June 1694 to Mary Oldfield, widow, aunt, and 
John Gooden, uncle, and, guardians of minor children of deceased 
Thomas and Dorothy Gooden during their minority. 
Administration Act Book 1694, page 130. 

William Goodwyn, . Royal Ship Prince George, bachelor. 
Administration 17 July 1694 to mother Alice Francis, widow. 
Administration Act Book 1694, page 144. 


Frances Godwin, Westwood, Wilts, yeoman. Will 17 Novem- 
ber 1694. To aunt Sibella Dimmock £5. To sister Sarah wife 
of William Shote and their three children William, John and 
Sarah 5s apeece. Rest to my two sisters Elizabeth Godwin and 
Susann Godwin executrices, but if my sisters be not judged 
capable to cousin Richard Druce, and William Bartram of 
Coombe Hay to be admitted in his plans as executor or executors. 
Witnesses : Hen : Shrapnell, Anna Shrapnell, William Foorde. 
Box, 230. 

William Goodwin, St. Martin's in the Fields, bachelor. 
Administration 9 January 1694/5 to brother Henry Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1695, page 8. 

Francis Godden, St. Margaret, Westminster. Administration 
26 February 1694/5 to sister Mary Atkinson (wife of Thomas 
Atkinson) of goods not administered by mother Joan Godden 
now deceased. Former grant September 1676. 

Administration Act Book 1695, page 2^. 

Henry Gooding, Schen-burrowe, Sussex, Marine, their Majes- 
ties Ship Northumberland. Will 8 September 1694; proved 12 
March 1694/5. My Friend Henry Freehill, Serjeant of Marines, 
Attorney and Executor to demand of Rt Flonble The Treasurer 
and Paymaster of Marines all wages etc. 
Irby, 219. 

Nicholas Godwin, cittizen and vintner. Will 16 November 
1695; proved 9 December 1695. To wife Elizabeth Godwin for 
life messuage called the Sun in Aldersgate Streete in parish of 
St. Buttolphes without Aldersgate, London, in lieu of dower, and 
after her decease to heirs Of body begotten or to be begotten and 
in default said tavern to my three brothers Daniell Godwin John 
Godwin and William Godwin, also ditto as to three tenements in 
Aldersgate streete and in default of heirs viz : to brother Dauid 
Godwin one in occupation of Elizabeth Dingley, widow, to 
brother John Godwin one in occupation of Thomas Fisher, and 
to brother William Godwin in occupation of James Pettiver. To 
wife Elizabeth her third as by customs etc. To sister Jane Aple- 


gate £200 and to her daughter Elizabeth and to son Nicholas £100 
each. To brother and sister Fisher £10 for mourning. To my 
Aunt Smith £5 and to her daughter Mary £5. To friends John 
Wing and Henry Wilson ditto. To churchwardens of St. But- 
tolphs without Aldersgate £50 to purchase lands of 50s. per 
annum for penny loaves to 12 poore every Sabbath for ever. 
Residue of my third to children and my heirs, in default, one-half 
to wife Elizabeth Godwin, and one-half to brother in law Henry 
Fisher. Executrix ; wife Elizabeth Godwin. Witnesses : John 
West, Daniel Andrew, Steph : Robbins, Hen : Wilson, John 
Wing scr. 

Irby, 234. 

John Godden, Wrotham, Kent, tanner. Will 28 October 1691 ; 
proved 10 November 1696 To Thomas Rofe son of brother in 
law William Rofe £40. To William ditto, ditto. To John ditto, 
ditto, all at 21. To cosen Robert Child £20 at 21. To cosen 
John Godden £5. To John Swann of Wrotham 50s and to his 
brother Nichol Swann ditto. To poore of Wrotham 20s. All 
lands in Hedcorn and Ighton, Kent etc. to Thomas and John sons 
of my cosen Thomas Child of Nepeker in Wrotham at 21. Rest 
of goods to ditto. Executor : said Thomas Child of Nepeker in 
Wrotham, tanner. Witnesses : John Cox, Morgan Jones, John 

Bond, 241. 

Leonard Goddin, Tatworth, parish of Chard, Somerset, 
clothier. Will 18 September 1695 ; proved 20 November 1696. 
To Sarah Olford, wife of Robert Olford of Crewkerne is. To 
Elizabeth Haselbane wife of Nicholas Haselbane of Firton is. 
To Elizabeth Jones wife of Edward Jones is. Rest to wife 
Lvcretia Goddin, executrix. Witnesses : Anne Burridge, Eliza- 
beth Stoodley, William Page, Samuell Whitty. 
Bond, 222. 

Arthur Goodwin late Kings ships Solebay and Newarke, bache- 
lor deceased. Administration 16 January 1696/7 to father 
Arthur Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1697, P a & e 4- 


Thomas Godwin late rector of Puncheston ("Pulchronan") 
County Pembroke, widower. Administration 9 February 1696/7 
to son Paul Godwin. 

Administration Act Book 1697, page 24. 

Richard Goodwin, London. Gent, being bound on a voyage to 
sea. Will 24 December 1695; proved 20 February 1696/7. To 
brother Thomas Goodwin is. and noe more. To wife Mary 
Goodwin executrix rest of estate. Overseers : Mr. Edward 
Watts in St. John at Wapping, Lighterhouse (sic) and Mr. Joseph 
Favin of London, chirurgeon. Witnesses : Jane Bush, Mary 
Lowen, Jon : Peirce Scrivenor at the Shipp Anchor in Birchin 


Pyne, 31. 

John Goodwin, Clapham, Surrey, marriner belonging to H. M.'s 
Ship Cambridge. Will 8 April 1695; proved 9 November 1697. 
Make Jane Williams of ditto, spinster, Attorney and executrix. 
Witnesses : Tho : Cranly, Geo : Maugham. 
Pyne, 234. 

Pearce Gooding, St. Paules Shadwell, Midx, marriner. Will 
18 April 1696; proved 9 November 1697. Make Christopher 
Killegrew of ditto, marriner, and Margaret his wife attorney and 
executrix. H.M.'s Declaration 23 May 1689 etc Witnesses: 
Lydia Dyer, Tho : Pomeroy, Notary Public. 
Pyne, 236. 

Joseph Goodwin, St. Olaves, Southwarke, Surrey, mariner. 
Will 24 February 1695/6; proved 30 December 1697. All to 
wife Mercy Goodwin, executrix, to claim wages for payment of 
H. M.'s navy. Witnesses : Nathaniell King, John Allen, Notary 
Publiq, Tho : Willing his Cler'. 

Pyne,* 282. 

Thomas Goodwin of the Island of Jamaica, bachelor. Admin- 
istration 15 January 1697/8 to brother James Goodwin. 
Administration Act Book 1698, page 11. 

John Goodwin late of Kings ship Monmouth, bachelor, 
deceased. Administration 9 April 1698 to cousin Thomas 

Administration Act Book 1698, page 97. 


Joseph Goodwin, St. Mary Magdalen's, county Surrey, mari- 
ner. Will proved 14 September 1698. Make wife Susann Good- 
win of St. Mary Magdalen's aforesaid attorney and executrix as 
by their Majesties declaration of 23 May 1689 for all wages etc. 
Witnesses : Nathan Grantham, Tho : Browne, jur, Matthew 
Mitchell, Capts. Clerk. 

Lort, 200. 

Thomas Goodwin, Henley upon Thames, Oxon, Gent. Will 
10 March 1696/7; proved ult. November 1698. To wife Anne 
Goodinge for life, then to kinsman Richard Frost of Henley upon 
Thames, gent, my estate in Rawfeild and Rotherfield Grayes, 
Oxon, and after decease of Richard Frost, if he survive my wife 
to nephew Thomas Goodinge grandson of my eldest brother 
Henry Goodinge, Esqre, deceased, son of George Gooding, my 
kinsman, late of Latchford, Oxon Gent. Also to wife Ann Good- 
ing for life, then to kinsman Thomas Hardinge son of my brother 
in law Thomas Hardinge late of Latchford, Oxon, yeoman, 
deceased, messuage in Heart streete Henley upon Thames in 
occupation of William Toovey. To Ralfe Norris and Eleanor 
his wife for their lives then to their son Thomas Norris messuage, 
hoppe garden, orchard, and malthouse in Henley upon Thames 
in occupation of said Ralph Norris, after decease of my daughter 
in law Mary Goodinge als Jenings now wife of Mr. Edward 
Jenings of Harwell. To nephew George Gooding son of my 
kinsman George of Latchford, deceased, and grandson of said 
eldest brother Henry Gooding deceased, house I now dwell in 
scituate in Henley upon Thames with Maulthouse, Hopp Gar- 
dens, orchard etc after decease of aforesaid daughter in law 
Mary Jennings being settled upon her in marriage with my son, 
her former husband in full for all other claims. To cousin 
Thomas Goodinge the younger son of nephew Thomas Goodinge 
Esq £50 ditto. Executor to take rents for wife and support her 
she not being at present capable. To twenty poore old men of 
Henley upon Thames 10s apiece. Rest to friend Richard Frost 
the elder of Henley upon Thames, Gent, executor. Witnesses : 
Robert Hunt, Andrew Crooke, Tho : Floyd. 
Lort, 232. 

John Gooding, Moorebath, Devon. Administration 19 Decem- 
ber 1698 to relict Joan Gooding. 

Administration Act Book 1698, page 237. 


Ann Godvvyn, Bedminster, county Somerset. Will 25 October 
1690; proved 3 February 1698/9. All to daughter Mris Kathe- 
rine Godwyn, spinster, executrix. To sonn Mr. Nathaniell 
Godwyn £5 as a token. Cowe and £10 to An Godwyn his daugh- 
ter and my god daughter. To daughter Katherine Godwyn mes- 
suage in Umford als Amforth, Somerset in occupation of John 
Pew. Rest to said Katherine executrix. Witnesses: Henry 
Addison, William Brokes, Edward Browne. 
Pett, 22. 

Charles Godwyn, Burroughe of South warke, Surrey, butcher 
and cittizen and tallowchandler of London. All to wife Elizabeth 
executrix. Will 10 February 1698/9; proved 16 February 
1698/9. Witnesses: Katherine Hely, Wm. Mouse. 
Pett, 22. 

Adam Godwin, Presteigne, county Hereford, yeoman. Will 4 
July 1688; probated May 6, 1699. To grand daughter my 
daughter's daughter Anne Bartram who liveth with me £300, 
silver tankard, bed etc. etc. To grandson Jonathan Bartram my 
daughter's son, all lands in Township of Willey in county Here- 
ford, also lease lands in Stapleton, Hereford, "Furl and 
said Jonathan Bartram to take up £100 for legacies etc. 
being heir to his mother by will of my sister in law my wife's 
sister Annis Gomay etc. To Mrs. An Chamber and Mary Cham- 
ber 20s. in lieu of a pann I have of them of 30s, or hir pann back 
etc. To Margaret Powell of Willey £6 etc. out of bond of £20 
from Edward Hill of Stapleton and to kinswoman Anne Powell 
daughter of ditto 20s. ditto. To god daughter Margaret Powell 
daughter of Walter Powell of Willey 10s to buy lambs. To god 
son Job son of Robert Strangward of Willey 6s. 8d. ditto. To 
poore of Willey 20s. in hands of Anne Powel the elder of Willey 
aforesaid. To widow Bednard and Anne Prees widow each is. 
ditto. To elect of poore of Township of Heath, County Radnor, 
20s. in hands of Eleanor Goodwyne of Presteigne, widow. To 
my daughter in law Margaret wief of Henry Pifinch, Gent, 10s. 
If grandson Jonathan Bartram or granddaughter Ann Bartram 
die before 21 then to other and if both die to my right heir paying 
£4 each to Margaret wife of Henry Pifinch, gent, and Ann 
Powell daughter of Margaret Powell and £20 to Walter Powell 


aforesaid and £10 to poor of Heath and ditto to Willey. To kins- 
woman Ann wife of Walter Powell two Stalls of Bees. Horses, 
cattle, etc. to be sold for debts and legacies and overplus to grand- 
children Jonathan and Ann Bartram. Grandson Jonathan Bar- 
tram not to have benefit till he comes from his grandfather 
Bartram. All grain, cheese, cutter etc. to sister Dorothy Lloyd, 
widow and sister in law, Anne wife of Joseph Evans, gent, 
Margaret wife of Henry Pifinch, and Margaret Powell of Willey, 
widow. To grandson Jonathan Bartram brass potts etc. Rest 
to granddaughter Anne Bartram. Overseers : Richard Lister of 
Ashley, Cler', William Lingers of the Heath, gent, Edward Hill 
of Stapleton, Walter Powell of Willey and Henry Pifinch of the 
Heath, gent, and Dorothy Lloyd, widow. Witnesses : William 
Browne, Jane Brome, Jas. Evans, Walter Powell, Humfree 
Cooper. Codicil (no date) To executrix Ann Bartram right to 
"woods Land" in Presteigne, county Radnor (sic) which Nich- 
olas Taylor of the Heath, county Radnor, Esq. deceased did 
purchase but never paid for, and since death of Nicholas Taylor 
one Robert Bridgwater made entry without law etc. 6 May 1699 
administration to Dorothy Lloyd during minority of executrix. 
Administration 20 June 1704 to John Peachy guardian of exec- 
utrix Ann Batram, Dorothy Lloyd being dead. Proved by exec- 
utrix Ann Beard als Bartram (wife of John Beard) 16 August 

Pett, 73. 

Edward Goodwin, St. Dunstans in West, but at Clapham Sur- 
rey, widower, deceased. Administration 20 May 1699 to son 
John Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1699, page 83. 

Philip Goodwin, Liston, Essex, Clerke. Will 29 September 
1697; proved 1 June 1699. To son Robert lands in Broome, 
Suffolk, after decease of my wife etc. To daughter Margarett 
lands in Aldham, Suffolk, with £20 out of Sir John Cordell's 
bond. If Margarett die, lands to my wife Lucy and sons Robert 
and Thomas. To son Thomas all personal estate in money etc 
for his education, and £100 to be paid by son Robert after decease 
of my wife his mother etc. To daughter Lucy, over what she 
has had, in case she come to want, £100 etc. To wife all goods 


etc. Executors : wife Lucy and brother in law Walter Clopton, 
desiring my Cozen Ray, Rector of Stansted, Essex to assist etc. 
Witnesses : Will : Clopton, Poley Clopton, Elizabeth Hayward. 
Proved by relict Lucy Goodwin, reserving to Walter Clopton. 
Pett, 93. 

Joseph Goodwin, Mariner. H.M.S. Debt. Will 16 October 
1697; proved 8 November 1699. Make Margret Sandiford wife 
of Silvester Sandiford of Stepney, London, attorney and execu- 
trix for all wages etc. etc. Witnesses : Francis Litchfield, 
Nathaniel Wright, Wal : Ogilvie, M 1 "" Churchwarden of Gosport. 
Pett, 173. 

John Goodwin, Cleobury Mortimer, county Salop, bachelor, 
deceased. Administration 16 December 1699 to sister Elizabeth, 
wife to William Edward. 

Administration Act Book 1699, P a & e 22 °- 

Capt: Walter Goodwyn. Will 26 March 1697; proved 30 
March 1700. Order to Mr. William Maddex Agent in Regiment 
of Collon** Ventris Colembine to pay 40s every moneth to Wil- 
liam Buckland, St. Giles in the Feilds, Middlesex, Scrivener, 
untill bond of £84 is paid etc. etc. Proved by William Buckland 
(with limited probate). 

Noel, 47. 

Walter Goodwin Esqr. Will 4 May 1694; proved 4 April 
1700. To neece Matildley Goodwyn daughter of brother Bethell 
Goodwyn £50. Rest to brother Bethell Goodwyn citizen and fish- 
monger of London, executor. Witnesses : Ann Haughton, 
James Chetnam, John Harry. Proved by brother Bethel Good- 
wyn executor except as to limited probate to William Buckland 
26 March for bond etc. 

Noel, 56. 

Anne Goodinge, Henley on Thames, Oxon, widow. Will 13 
February 1698/9; proved 29 April 1700. To nephew Thomas 
Friend of ditto malster son of Richard Friend of ditto gent, mes- 
suage in Hartstreet in ditto in tenure of William Tooney for life 
of said Thomas Fruit paying to my brother Edward Harding £6 


yerely for his life then to Ann Friend daughter of said Thomas 
Friend paying ditto. Executor : said Thomas Friend. Wit- 
nesses : William Kent, John Avrey, Tho : Flap (?). 
Noel, 55. 

Thomas Gooding, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 
13 May 1700; proved 24 May 1700. To brother in law Mr. 
David Carter £4. To sister in lawe Mrs. Mary Carter £3. To 
brother Drake £3. To friend Mr. Richard Allen £5. To Mr. 
Abraham Hickman £16 viz: £6 for mourning and £10 to dis- 
tribute to poore. Rest to said Mr. Abraham Hickman executor, 
for benefit of my dear and only daughter Sarah Gooding for life 
and heirs of her body if she marry with consent of said Abraham 
Hickman, and if she die then to brother in law Mr. David Carter 
£30. To sister in law Mrs. Mary Carter £20. To Mr. Abraham 
Hickman £150 for pains etc. If Abraham Hickman die then 
Mr. Richard Drew to be executor. Witnesses : Tho : Witham, 
Thomas Brookes. 

Noel, 73. 

Joseph Goodwyn, All Hallows, Lombard Street, London. 
Administration 18 July 1700. to relict Sarah Godwyn. 
Administration Act Book 1700, page 142. 

Samuel Goodwin the elder, Barford St. Johns, Oxon, yeoman. 
Will 16 February 1699/1700; proved 4 September 1700. To 
brother Thomas Goodwin and William Nicholls of Banbury my 
3% yard lands in Barford St. Johns, 2*4 being jointure of wife 
and other one lately ditto, to sell to pay legacies etc. viz : To 
daughter Hannah Mainerd 20s To daughters Mary, Susannah 
and Elizabeth £120. To daughter Ann £80. To son Brett Good- 
win homsted and 2% yardland which was jointure of my wife 
near the Ham called Spenders Hams. To sons Thomas, Samuel 
and John Goodwin £150. To son William £80. If any child die 
then legacie to unmarried children. Profits of lands to be sold 
and rest of goods to my youngest son and 4 youngest daughters. 
Executors : brother Brett Goodwin and son in law Samuel 
Maynard. Witnesses: Richard Baker als Fifield, Richard 
Hollen, Wm Buckingham. 

Noel, 137. 


Sir Benjamin Godwin, Middle Temple, London, Baronet. 
Administration 23 September 1700 to chief creditor Roger Pitkin 
the relict Lady Elizabeth Godwin, renouncing for her self and 
as guardian of children Meriel Elizabeth Goodwin, Philadelphia 
Godwin, and Penelope Godwin. 

Administration Act Book 1700, page 188. 

Thomas Goodwyn, Chelsea College, Middlesex. Administra- 
tion 25 October 1700 to son Thomas Goodwin. 

Administration Act Book 1700, page 188. 

Margaret Goodwin now wife of Stephen Goodwin of Horley, 
Oxon, Clarke. Will 5 October 1692; proved 25 November 1700. 
To sister Blanch Harrison use of £100 for life, then to her two 
children John and Anne Harrison, if living at 21, and if not to 
my cousin Symon Maine for life, then to his eldest son. To my 
syster Ann Mayne iioo and if she die without children to sister 
Harrison. To brother James Mayne and children, rings, and 
my rings I have to sister Blanch, Dorothy and Ann. Rest to 
sister Dorothy Mayne, executrix. Witnesses : John Thompson 
Susanna Clifton, John Clifton. 

Noel, 168. 

Will of Thomas Goodwin of Pinner Co. Middx. gent. 28 May 
1700. To be buried in the burial place adjoining to the new 
Artillery Ground where the bodies of my dear father and mother 
are entombed. Wife Abigail. Son Thomas Goodwin, under 21. 
Lease from Magdalen College, Oxford of lands in Lowestoft 
County, Suff. etc. Kinsman Cawton Austin. Proved 23 Feb. 
1707-8 by relict and executrix. 

Barrett, 39. 

10 July 1708 Adm on of the goods etc of Mary Goodwin late of 
Pinner, parish of Harrow-on-the-Hill Co. Middlesex, widow 
deceased, unadministered by Thomas Goodwin the only child, 
now also deceased, granted to Abigail Goodwin, widow, the relict 
and executrix of the said Thomas. Former grant in October 

Admon Act Book ? 


William Adams, Castle Henningham (Hedingham), Essex. 
Administration 11 February 1584/5 to Agnes Adams the relict 
and Ozias Adams son of deceased. 

Admon Act Book No. 3, 1581-1586, folio 130. 

Bridgett Ansell of Bocking, county Essex, widow. Will 6 
April 1653; proved 30 April 1653. To Bridgett Amyes my 
daughter all my household stuff towards the payment of £10 I 
owe her. If anything remain to be parted equally among my 
three daughters Bridgett, Elizabeth, and Sarah. Executrix : 
Bridgett Amyes my daughter. Witnesses : Thomas Kempe, 
Edward Fublease. 

Brent, 28. 

Isaack Ansell of Bockinge, county Essex, clothier. Will 19 
March 1651/2; proved 30 April 1653. To Bridgett my wife the 
house I live in and the houses Richard Wade and Sarah Cable 
and John Morrell and the shop of William Thorpe and the house 
that was late in occupation Henry Sander, also house in occupa- 
tion of William Brewster for life, and at decease to daughter 
Bridgett the houses in occupation of John Morrell and house late 
in occupation of Henry Sander. To son in law George Browne 
house in occupation of William Brewster and Sarah Cable and 
shop of William Thorpe. To daughter Sarah wife of John 
Heard the house I live in and Richard Wade's house. Residuary 
Legatee and Executrix : wife Bridgett. Witnesses : Thomas 
Cavell, Edward Tabor, scr. 

Brent, 36. 

Elizabeth Ansell of Kempton, county Bedford, widow. Will 
11 April 1651 ; proved 7 May 1653. Relict of Thomas Ansell 
late of Bedford Esqre. To son Thomas the lease of glebe of 
Barford Parsonage held from Trinity College, Cambridge at his 
decease to my said son's wife, my son to pay unto my daughter 
Marie 20 markes yearly if my son die without heires to daughter 
Marie. My son in law Cokayne of Shingey, county Cambridge, 
Esqre mortgaged a cottage for £108 with me which has become 
forfeit said cottage to daughter Marie. To Marie Ansell daugh- 
ter of my son Henry £20. To cozen Thomas Carter son of cozen 
Thomas Carter deceased twentie To Thomas Malcott son 


of cozen Elizabeth Malcott £5. To my sister Elizabeth Lady 
Beecher my brother Edward Becher and my sister Kimpton 20s. 
for a ring. To son Thomas Ansell all my brewing vesells 
Residuary legatee and executrix : daughter Marie Ansell. Over- 
seers: son Thomas and cozen Thomas Carter. Witnesses: 
William Yarmay, Jo: Browne, William Peacock. Codicil 16 
September 1652 Brewing vessels to go with the house to her 
daughter Marie Ansell not to her son. Witnesses : Tho : Carter, 
Jo : Beaumont, Elizabeth Malcott. 

Brent, 44. 

Abraham Ansell the eldest of Bocking, county Essex, clothier. 
Will 13 January 1651 ; proved 30 July 1653. To Abraham 
Ansell my son the house I live in, in Bocking end in Bocking for 
life, and then to his son Abraham Ansell my grandchild, my 
daughter Elizabeth wife of John Andrews to live in the part she 
now lives in. If my daughter in law Elizabeth wife of my son 
Abraham outlive him, my grandchild Abraham to pay her £4 a 
year. To Samuel, son of my son Abraham, houses in Brad- 
forde street Bocking now in occupation of my grandchild Abra- 
ham Ansell and William Bridgeman when 24. To the five 
daughters of my son Abraham now living Elizabeth, Priscilla, 
Sarah, Mary, and Bridget 40s. a peece. To the three children of 
my son in law John Andrews now living, John, Elizabeth, and 
Sarah 40s. apeece. To Marke Keightley the sonne of my daugh- 
ter Sarah 40s. when 23. Executor : son Abraham. Witnesses; 
Robert Johnson, Beniamin Hall, scr. 
Brent, 27. 

James Ansell, Deptford, Kent, shipwright bound to sea in East 
India Company service. Will. 20 Nov. 1684 proved 24 May 1687. 
To wife Elizabeth executrix all wages — Witnesses Edward 
Ames, John Langdon, Jn° Tuder scrivenor next Hogg Taverne 
neere Billingsgate, London. 

Foot, 57. 

Anne Atkinson of London, widow. Will 29 July 1586; proved 
7 August 1589. To be buried in St. Mary Wolnoth, London, 
near Thomas my late husband. To my son John Atkinson the 
house I now live in St. Mary Wolnoths and all household goods 


when 21. To Thomas, Elizabeth, and Anne Atkinson my chil- 
dren £50 each. To Thomas all household stuff in my house at 
Lewisham, county Kent. To my brother in law William Orme- 
shawe and my sister his wife £4. To my brother in law John 
Blunte and my sister his wife £4. To my brother in law Anthony 
Yonge and to my sister his wife £4. To my brother Thomas 
Handford my sister in law his wife £4. To goodwifes Lyme- 
burner, Witherley, Watts, Graye, Hobson, Grenewell, of Lewis- 
ham, gowns apiece. To goodwiffe Christof erson my waterbearer's 
wife, goodwiffe Woode, Manne, Waters, Morland and Adams, 
gowns apiece. To Benedick, Edward and Bridget Atkinson my 
late husband's children 40s. apiece. To poor of Christs Hospital 
40s. To John Lymeburner my godson 40s. To my cosen 
Edward Goodwyn £8. To George Samwell my late servant 40s 
and to Joane Lymeburner 30s. My jewellery amongst my Chil- 
dren Thomas, Elizabeth, Anne, and John. My brother John 
Blonte to have custody of my son John. My brethren William 
Somerhawe and John Blunte to have custody of my daughters 
Elizabeth and Anne. To Thomas Buckminster parson of St. 
Mary Wolnoth's and Alice his now wife and to my cosen John 
Wetherill a golden ring with a death's head. Executor: Son 
John Atkinson, as he is a minor William Ormeshawe and John 
Blunte are to 'be administrators. Signed 30 July 1586 George 
Samwell, notary publique, Thomas Buckminster, Edward Crooke. 
Proved 20 August 1586, etc. Probate to John Atkinson the son 
on 7 August 1589. 

Windsor, 43. 

John Awdley, citizen and grocer of London. Will 25 April 
1589; proved 6 May 1589. Estate in three parts as by laudable 
custom of London, one part to wife Cicelie, one part to five 
children John Awdley, Thomas Awdley, Richard Awdley, Wil- 
liam Awdley and Suzan Awdly, each to self for legacies etc. To 
poore of Christes Hospital £10. To lovinge mother Agnes 
Edwardes £10. To brother Jasper Waston his three children £30 
(£10 each) at 21 or marriage. To brother Thomas Awdley his 
three children £60, viz. £20 each at 21 or marriage. To my 
sister Awdrey £5. to herself and not her husband. To the widow 

Pynner and my Gardner 40s. to him and if he die 20s. to 

To poor of St. Magnus the Marter 40s. of St. Olavs in Sowthark 


county Surrey ditto. To apprentices Robert Dee and William 
Batuse £5 each after 7 years etc. To John Lathum £10. To 
wife Cecilie best part of Gubletts. To Company of Grocers at 
buriall £10. To 6 poore men to carry body, gowns. Son John 
Awdley not to have part for 3 years £10 Exec- 
utor to suffer Wife Cecily to have lease of house and garden, 
plate, etc. Rest to son Thomas Awdley, Richard Awdley, Wil- 
liam Awdley, and Suzan Awdley. Executor brother Thomas 
Awdley, citizen and grocer of London Overseers : cozen John 
Rygins, citizen and grocer and friend Edward Grundishe, citizen 

and . Witnesses : John Simpson, John Rogers, Thomas 


Leicester, 47. 

(Codicil) 26 April, a schedule to be annexed to will of John 
Awdley, citizen and grocer of London. Wife to have 20s. 
weekly while single and yf she wed to take a £/3 in debts to 

Witnesses : John Rogers, Gyles Howland, and 

Thomas Awdley. 

Leicester, 88. 

Laurence Awdley, citizen and grocer of London. Will 28 July 
1603. To poore of Christe his Hospital London £5. To poore 
of St. Olaves Southwark £20 to be paid 20s. each year for ever 
to two poor young men at discretion of parson, churchwardens 
and overseers. To poore of St. Magnus near London Bridge £20 
ditto. To Mr. Home preacher of St. Magnus £5. To Master 
Bamford Preacher at St. Olaves in Southwark £5. To Thomas 
Awdley, John Awdley, Toby Awdley, and Barbara Awdley, the 
children of cosen John Awdley £20 apiece at 21 etc. To Susan 

Awdley and Awdley son of cosen Richard Awdley ditto. 

To god children John Suttle and Doddam £5 apiece. To 

Aunt Lucas of Clothall, county Hartford widow, and her daugh- 
ter Anne Rudd widowe £5 apiece. To cosen William Lucas of 
Clothall £20. To Mr. Benton, Mathew Bargrave £20. To my 
Aunt Avian widow 2s. weekly for life. To cosen Anne Bushe, 
widow is. ditto. To cosen Elizabeth Wesson, Symon Wardes, 
wife ditto. To cosen Daniell Wesson and Peter Wesson 20s. 
yearly for life each. To my mother in law his wife (sic) and 
their daughter Hester Cooke £5 apeic To cosen Susan Bates 


wyfe of William Bates £10. To brother Thomas Awdley £100. 
To sister Katheryn Woodward £20. Rest to said brother 
Thomas Awdley and my brother in law Christopher Woodward 
Executors and Overseers : cosen William Bates and William 
Awdley. Witnesses : Henrye Adams, scrivener, John Malyn 
servant to said Henry Adams. Codicil 18 August 1603. 
Whereas in will dated 23 July on four sheets in 6th line of 4th 
sheet gave to father Thomas Awdley £200 (sic) but omitted in 
registered copy before bequest "to my mother in law "his wife" 
and father since dead, the £200 to fathers two children William 
Awdley and Elizabeth Awdley, viz. to my brother William 
Awdley £100 at 21 and my sister Elizabeth Awdley £100 at 21 or 
marriage. To my mother in law Alice a lease of house where I 
dwell in London Bridge, executors to have remove to Shopp etc. 
To sister Easter Cooke lease of Garden in the Minte. To cosen 
William Bate lease of garden in the Maze late my fathers. Wit- 
nesses : William Bates and William Awdley. Proved by Thomas 
Awdley, reserving to Christopher Woodward. 
Bolein, 64. 

Thomas Awdley, citizen and grocer of London. Will 22 Julie 
1603; proved 12 August 1603. Estate in three parts, one part 
to wife An Awdley, one other part to children, Thomas Awdley, 
William Awdley, and Elizabeth Awdley, and other part to self 
for legacies and giftes etc. To poore of St. Magnus in London 
where I am a Parishioner 30s. and ditto to poore of St. Toolies 
in Sowthwerke etc. To cousin William Bates and Susan his wife 
and William Bates their son my godson £5 apiece. To my 
daughter Katherine Woodward £10 for plate. To cosen William 
Awdley 40s. for ringe. To Samuell Home, Clerke, Curate of 
Sainte Magnus £5 or mourning gowne. To men servants £5 
apiece. To son Laurence Awdley lease of house I dwell in on 
London Bridge, London. Rest of said third part to wife Alice 
Awdley and children, Thomas, William, and Elizabeth Awdley. 
Executor : Sonn Laurence Awdley. Overseers : Mr. Thomas 
Greene and William Bates. Witnesses : Henry Adams, Scrive- 
ner, Robert Wells, servant to Henry Adams. 
Bolein, 64. 


Rose Barnes of Cleevedon, county Somerset, widow. Will 16 
January 23 Chas. I. 1647; proved 2 May 1651. To be buried in 
parish church of Tickenham. To poor of Tickenham 40s. To 
poor of Cleevedon £3. To brother Thomas Phillips 20s. To his 
three children Susanna, Thomas and Margery £20. To my 
brother's daughter Margaret 20s. and my best petticoat. To 
Joane George my brother's daughter 20s. To my grandchild 
John Barnes, son of Thomas Barnes £100 when 21. To grand- 
child Thomas son of John Barnes £60 and to Marie daughter of 
John Barnes £40 when 21. To daughter Maries 3 children of 
Nailsey 22s piece of gold each. To brother John Phillips 3 
children ditto. The 20s. William Kinge owes me to his children. 
The 20s. Robert Russell owes me to his children. To son in law 
John Godwine £40 to make up my daughter's portion to £200. 
To sisters children John and James Thomas 40s. each. To 
servant John Freeman 10s, servant Agnis Lane 20s. To godson 
William Neathwaie 20s. Residuary legatee and executor: John 
Barnes. Witnesses : John Lyne, Agnes Doultinge, and George 
Bourne. Proved by daughter Mary Godwin otherwise Barnes, 
John Barnes dying before testator. 
Grey, 78. 

Daniel Bayles of Audley end, in parish of Walden, Essex, 
esquire. Will 7 June 1625; proved 10 February 1625/6. 
Brother John Bales and brother Peter Bales, gentlemen. Brother 
Robert Bales. Sister Mercy. Wife Mary and her two daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Frances. Rt. Hon Thomas Earl of Suffolk, 
my Hon. Lord and Master. Poor of Norton Suffolk. Loving 
friends John Mallowes the elder of Bury St. Edmunds, gent, 
Robert Feske of Herdinge in Norton, gentleman, Humf ry How- 
lett the younger, gent, and Edward Mellowes gent, the son of 
said John Mellowes, feoffees in trust for purchase of land. 
Sister Ruth wife of John Pease. Sister Bridgett wife of Dr. 
Franke. Robert Bales eldest son of brother Robert, Nathaniel 
Bales, another son of brother Robert, Peter Bales, another son 
of brother Robert. Edmund Bales son of brother John Bales 
(other children). Kinsmen Mr. Robert Rowe now or lately a 
scholar in Cambridge. To John Mellowes sundry horse trap- 
pings and my stirroppe which late were King James. To John 


Mellowes 40s. for seal ring, and three of his other children 
Robert, Benjamin, and Samuel (and Isaack another son). 
Hele, 31. 

Thomas Blackwaye of London, clothworker. Will 27 January 
1592/3; proved 19 February 1592/3. To be buried in church of 
Saint Faith's London if please god to calle me in the city. To 
poor of hospital of Christs Hospital 40s. To Rowland Wood- 
warde thelder sonne of John Woodwarde the elder, of London, 
clothworker 100 marks. To Thomas Woodward second son 
ditto £100. To Baldwyne Woodward other ditto 100 marks. 
To John Woodwarde thelder £10. To Judith Peterfeilde the 
daughter of John Woodward the elder and wiff of Robert Peter- 
feilde £10 besides £10 I owe to Robert Peterfeilde for part of his 
marriage money. To Rachell, Margarett, Marye, and Anne 
Woodwarde four of the daughter of the said John Woodwarde 
the elder £200, viz : £50 apiece. I entreat my wife to give John 
and Elenor Stephens daughters of Edwarde Stephens £10 apiece, 

also Lucy Reve wife — f Reve, Clerk £5. All these except 

40s. to poor to be paid after decease of my wife Margarett and 
intreat wife to leave Rachell Woodwarde the wife of John Wood- 
warde the elder all goods and make Rachell executrix etc. If 
servant Clement Buckley serve then entreat wife to leave him 
£10 etc. Rest to wife Margaret executrix, to perform as prom- 
ised to John Woodwarde the elder. Witnesses : Thomas Ned- 
ham, Gabriel Hunt Ro : Peterf eild. 

Nevell, 95. 

Raphe Blackwaye, Esthorpe (Easthope?), Salop, yeoman. 
Will 9 April 1583; proved 3 April 1593. To be buried in 
Esthorpe church. To my two sons William Blackwaye and 
Edmund Blackway all stock of sheepe and six oxe, my crop in 
feild and barne after decease of wife Johan. To son William 
one bed etc. To son Edmund ditto. To wife Johan all kine etc. 
for life. To son William all waynes playnes etc Executors : 
wife Johan, my son William. Witnesses : Edmund Blackway 
Thomas Gery, Richard Feintrell. Debts owing to testator 
Roger Church the younger £10, Thomas Hamlett £8. 15s. 8d, 
John Enchmake 40s. Detts testator owes, Roger Fewtrell my 
sonne in la we £10. Ellen Fewtrell my daughter in law £10 to her. 
Nevell, 28. 


Margarett Blackwaie. Nuncupative will: no date; proved 6 
July 1596. Of Seynt Faithes London late wiefe of Thomas 
Blackwaie of ditto. Husband had made will that if her daughter 
Rachel Woodwarde survive to her all goods etc. Said daughter 
executrix. No witnesses. 

Drake, 55. 

Incent Castle Olney, Bucks, gent. Will 16 February 1651/2; 
proved 12 May 1652. To be buried in Olney churchyard. Lease 
held of Selathull Crewe, Esq. in Olney to frendes John Throck- 
morton of London, Esq, and William Johnson of Olney, afore- 
said, gent, to be disposed for benefit of sonne George Castell. 
To grandchild Incent Castell 40s. and to his brother Francis and 
his sister Mary 20s. apeece. Executor : sonn George. Wit- 
nesses : Symon Younger, and Humphrey Gall. 
Bowyer, 101. 

William Churchman, barbor surgeon of the parish of St. Marys 
on the Hill neare Billingsgate in London. Will 8 May 1593 
proved 12 July 1593. To my wife £50 which my father promised 
to give me at our marriage. Also to said wife certain household- 
stuff as bedding and of all sortes ells the which my ffather and 
mother promised at our departure to bestowe on us but as yet is 
not delivered I give and bequeathe to my said wyfe and her 
childe (yf it please God she be with childe otherwise to her selfe) 
a certain terme of yeares yet to come in a farme or living the 
which my grandfather at his decease gave to my uncle with 
proviso if he fortuned to dye before the expiration of the said 
yeares then the residue of the years unexpired should remaine to 
my father and which my father before sufficient witnesses as my 
brothers and sisters hathe bestowed the residue of the yeares 
remayning uppon me for my better maintenance as he himself 
more at large can testifye. Witnesses : Christof er Milles, Raphe 
Harkluit. Sole executor: my cosen Miles Harkluit of Leo- 
minster county Hereford gent. 

Nevell, 58. 

William Churchman of the parish of Maunslow in the County 
of Salop and Diocese of Herefford. Will 28 June 1602; proved 
16 October 1602. To be buried in Maunslow church. To Cathe- 


dral Church of Hereford 6d. To sonn William Churchman two 
messuages in Cheyney Longvield als Cheyney Longfield and in 
the Ongland in the said Countie of Salop lately purchased of 
Edward Lacon gentleman and one Richard Linley Smith the said 
messuage in Thongeland commonly called Muxfoll als Muchell 
etc. and to said sonn William and heirs in default to my daughter 
Mary Churchman and heirs. Also to son William messuage in 
Thonland held by demys of Roger Churchman my father for 
term of 40 years if my said father so long live, paying to my said 
father Roger Churchman £8 yearlie etc. said messuage to come 
to said William and heirs, in default to daughter Mary Church- 
man etc. To said son William £40. To said daughter Mary 
£100 to be employed till children are 21 etc. and if both die then 
£10 to executors and rest to my wife Frannces and my brother 
Charles Churchman, wife to receive £8 yearly out of childrens 

portions etc. To son William ( etc.) To 

daughter Mary best feather bed etc. To son William one half 
dozen silver spoons at 21. Rest to wief Francis. Executors: 
father in law John Overton and brother in law Andrew Overton. 
Witnesses : Richard Warynge, Richard Tydder John Prees. 
Montague, 68. 

John Churchman, citizen and marchantayler of London. Will 
20 June 1612 ; proved 28 March 1621. Sonne Robert Churchman 
havyng paide for me vnto Andrewe Osborne and Peter Brad- 
shawe citizens and marchantaylors of London and sondrie others 
a £1026 for which I have entered bond for £1500 with said sonne 
Robert and whereas said son Robert Churchman did put me in 
trust by taking bond in my name of Richard Benian gent deceased 
and others and said bond afterwards sued and severall judge- 
ments entered in my name for use of said Robert to intent said 
Robert be secured as payed to said Richard Benian in considera- 
tion of his marriage with Ann daughter of said Richard Benian, 
now I devise the said Robert all bills etc. etc. To daughter Alice 
Stratford 10s. for ryng. To daughter Elizabeth Bradford 10s. 
To daughter Mary Cuttes 10s. Executors : said Robert Wit- 
nesses : Everard Fawkener, James Barnard, John Pearse, servant 
to Randall Hamner. Admon to Peter Bradshawe creditor son 
Robert Church the executor renouncing. Same will registered 
again 52 Barrington, testator being now described in margin as 


of South Myms, county Herts and will proved 13 May 1628 by 
the son Robert Churchman the executor, no notice being seem- 
ingly taken of the proof and registration seven years before. 
Dale, 20. 

Thomas Churchman of parish of Tidenham in county of 
Gloucester, husbandman. Will 20 November 1638; proved 20 
May 1639. To the church 2s. To my onlie Daughter Ellinor 
£60 to be paid into the hands of my trusty friends and kindred 
by my executrix, that is to saie, into William Higgen, James 
Smart and ffrancis Seaborne als Plumer, and to bee employed by 
them to my said childes best advantage, until she shall accom- 
plish the age of eighteen yeares. In case she should die said 
legacy to my wife whom I haue made my executrix. To my kins- 
man John Baddam and to my cozen Marie George each of them 
5s. a peece. To eight of my brother in law Baldwin's children 
20s. a peece. To goddaughter Margarett Baldwin 40s. To my 
kinswoman Katherin Seuell 5s. To my sister Alice 10s. To my 
brother James Smartes children beinge five in number each of 
them one twelvemonth old sheepe. To Elizabeth the daughter 
of Alice my sister one sheepe. To Thomas Hawkins, John 
Joyner my godchildren 2s. a peece. Wife Elianor sole executrix : 
Overseers : William Higgen, James Smart, and ffrancis Seaborne. 
Witnesses : Jo : Pittes, cler', Grace Godwine. Proved at London 
by executrix. 

Harvey, 90. 

John Churchman, Lynton (Linton?), countie of Cambridge. 
Will 30 April 1645; proved 29th August 1645. To be buried by 
executrix. To wife Bridgett messuage where I dwell and tene- 
ment in occupation of Andrewe Patteridge with buildings 
orchard croft etc. etc for her life then to my sonne Robert. Also 
to wife Bridgett for life two half acres in Lynton fields then to 
my sonne William To sonne William iio at 21. To daughter 
Ellen £12 ditto. To daughter Elizabeth ditto. Rest to wife 
Bridgett executrix. Witnesses : Tho. Barker, George Browne. 
Rivers, 106. 

Thomas Churchman, cittizen and clothworker of London Will 
20 December 1650; proved 13 April 1653. Goods in two parts 


one part to my three children Thomas Churchman, Nathaniell 
Churchman and Dorothie Downer, and other part to said son 
Nathaniell Churchman and said daughter Dorathie Downer. 
Executrix: daughter Dorathie Downer. Witnesses: Tho. Hol- 
lier, J 110 Owen, Tho. Hutton, Katherine Symonds, Alexander 


Brent, 324. 

Ozias Churchman 

The Nyneteenth daie there 

issued forth Ires of administracon to John 

Churchman the urall and lawf ull sonne 
by of Ozias Churchman late of 

order of the parishe of Austins London Cittizen ye last 

Court. deceased To administer of all and of 

Singular the goodes chattells and Aprell 

debts of the said deceased hee the 

said John Churchman beeinge firste 

sworne faithfully to administer 

Admon Act Book 1655, folio 61. 

Francis Churchman the younger of Clouton, county Salop 
yeoman. Will 19 February 1655; proved 16 June 1657. To 
Joane my wife all the lands bequeathed me by John Walcott Esq. 
after her decease to my son Francis. To my said son all my 
estate personal after my debts are paid. Father Francis Church- 
man sole executor. Witnesses : Steph : Evans, Thomas Browne. 
Ruthen, 225. 

Francis Churchman of St. Mildred, City of Canterbury, 
Brewer. Will 10 June 1656; proved 22 July 1658. To my son 
William Churchman 20s. if it bee lawfully demanded. All the 
rest to my executrix my wife Margaret Churchman. Overseer : 
Thomas Stevenson of Westminster, London, gentleman. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Foster, Nicho: Stredwicke. 
Wootton, 510. 

Joseph Churchman. Will 4 May 1658; proved 14 August 
1658. To be buried in parish church of Woollich. Executors: 
my brother John Kerke, Cozen George Garrett. All my goods 


to my wife Margarett Churchman also the lease now in tenure of 
Daniell Chrismas, Beniamin Handler and Archenden Cope in the 
parish of Woollwich for her natural life and after her decease to 
my son Joseph Churchman. To cozen Thomas Churchman the 
shop he now workes in. To my son Joseph all leases not given 
in this will in Woollwich. The "Rose and Crowne" in Plum- 
stead also the house at Arpenton. If he die the reversion of the 
first three leases to my wife and her heirs. The leases in Wool- 
wich to my sister Anne Hoopers three sonnes vixt. John, Tobias, 
and David Hooper. The Rose and Crowne to my sister Mar- 
garet Hawell's daughter Elizabeth Hawell. The house in Arpen- 
ton to Allen Churchman son of my brother Allen Churchman. 
To cozen Richard Churchman £10. To cozen George Garrett all 
wearing apparell, to John Kerker £4. Witnesses: Anne Tomson 
George Dodd, Henry Franke. 

Wootton, 415. 

Francis Churchman of Cloughton, county Salop. Will 14 Sep- 
tember 1658; proved 12 February 1658/9. To Joane my wife 
all my goods except 5s. apeece which I give unto my five children. 
Also I give unto Frances Churchman my grandchild 20s. and doe 
leave the tuition of my said grandchild unto my said wife (and?) 
my daughter in lawe Johan Churchman. Thomas Browne being 
unkle to my said grandchild, my sonne Roger Churchman and 
Stephen Evans gent. Executrix : wife Johan. Witnesses : 
Stephen Evans, Thomas Browne. 

Pell, 127. 

Nicholas Churchman, late of Audley End in parish of Saffrom 
Walden, county Essex. Nuncupative will middle of December 
1657; proved 4 October 1659. Left all to his wife Mary and his 
children at her decease. Witnesses : Edmond Turner, Richard 
Trott. Letters of administration granted to Mary Churchman 
his relict. 

Pell, 501. 

Henry Collet of Little Dorrington in the parish of Welford, 
county Warwick, yeoman (proved 20 February 1647/8) mentions 
brother Anthony Goodwin. 

Essex, 25. 

Wills and administrations. 313 

John Crowe, Great Yarmouth, county Norfolk, marchante, 
Will 2 August 1564: proved 14 April 1565 by William Pierson, 
proctor of William Crowe. To repairs of Yarmouth Church 
5/ — . To William Crowe my son, my house that John Boyce 
dwelleth in which was sometime Alice Barnards with the two 
tenements adjoinung &c, also my house in the rowe that marches 
upon the place late John Camells called a fish house and tacle with 
appurtenances — to him and his heirs for ever, and also two 
fishers called the Blythe and the other named the William with 
all their tacle. Also three score of heringes nettes called xij 
skores with xiiij Ropes to the same belonging and all my plancke 
in my greate horde that I bought of Master Richmond and also 
xl planckes lying at Broddishe in Suffolk, also a silver and gilte 
salte made up with turrettes with the cover, a pinte pott of silver 
and gilte, two tasters of silver, other silver, beds &c, cupboards, 
Kettles &c. I give him four gownes, he to give one of them to 
Thomas Smyth his brother-in-law. Also table-washing fatt, 
shipp cheste, two bowes, two billes, two casses for arrowes with 
shaftes in them. To Kyrchian my wife, my place that I dwell in 
wiyh my two great yards with appurtenances, being Roote faste 
and nayle faste, briminge vessels &c. Also to her my great fishe 
house in Master Parfayes Rowe buttinge upon John Wakeman 
and John Pallmer for her life conditionally, that she release her 
dowry in my house late Alice Barnards &c, and also make her 
release of my fish house lyinge by John Camells next adjoining 
to her house towards the East with yard and well. To my wife 
eight herrings netts called nine skores ready to the sea &c, also 
£5 in money, blankets, sheets &c, a plaine salte of silver and gilte 
with the cover, a silver pott, a silver goblett, a maser hooped 
with silver and percell gilt and a dozen silver spoons, also all the 
wood and coles, and wheate and malte that I leave at my ending 
day. To Christian Rome 5/ — . To Joane Willson 12/ — . My 
wife and son William executors. Supervisor: my son-in-law 
Thomas Smyth, he to give my son good counsel and to stick by 
him honestly, he to have 40/ — . Witnesses : William Burwey, 
scriptor, Richard Fletcher Curat of the parish, Nicholas (Ken?) 
and John Parfaye. 

Morrison, 12. 

William Crowe of great Yermouth, Norfolk, merchant. Will 


30 March 1614; proved 3 June 1614. To be buried in chancel 
of St. Nicholas in Great Yarmouthe neere my father and my 
sonne John Crowe on south side of 24th Chancell about the upper 
stepp etc. For sermon 20s. To reparation of church 20s. To 
30 poore folke 15 men and 15 women 30 black gowns if in winter 
frieze gownes, if summer other light black also I2d. each. To 
poor of Great Yarmouth on funeral day in St. Nicholas church 
£10. To haven of Yarmouth £5. To wife Alice £40 yearly for 
maintenance viz : 40 marks by executor and 20 marks by my 
sonn Parker etc. To wife Alice bedsteede and hangings with 
tester which were her father's now in the seeled Chamber also 
trundle bedsteede, three feather beddes, six paire of sheetes twoe 
coveringes but not any of those which are to hange the hall 
Chamber and blanketts sufficient for same, also reasonable to 
furnish one room, a table forme and stooles as overseer thinks 
meete for a woman alone. Also to said Alice one silver salte the 
best salte or thother silver guilte at discretion of executor, also 
one bowle of silver and guilte to drinke wyne in provided she 
shall not meddle with houses etc. but release dower etc. To 
sonne in lawe Mr Anthonie Loveday Ronge of £3, and to his wief 
Elianor Loveday my daughter £6. 13s. 4d. for paire of braceletts 
to weare in memorie of her loving father. To grandchild Henrie 
Loveday £6. 13s. 4d at 18. To Elianor Loveday eldest daughter 
of said Anthonie Loveday ditto ditto. To my grandchild Annie 
Loveday ditto ditto To Marie Loveday £20 ditto. To the 
youngest daughter of said Anthonie Loveday £6. 13s. 4d. ditto. 
To my youngest son William Crowe my capitall messuage in 
Great Yarmouth wherein I dwell with appurtenances as the 
orchards called the Vaulte the Fishouses on South side ioyning 
vppon Mr. Thrower now Mr. Warnes and alsoe the pale yard 
purchased of the towne. Also to said son William Crowe house- 
hold stuff e, tables, stooles, hangings, brass pewter etc (furnish- 
ing his Mother's one chamber) also plate delivered to his mother 
as before willed. To my sonne Parker Crowe houses etc. in 
Lowestofte late Mr. Bartholomewes now in occupation of Wil- 
liam Lucas called by the name of the Angell with the brewinge 
vessells, Mill and other thinges etc. Also to sonn Parker Crowe 
my Cheaffe and a half lyinge over against Basketts well in Lowe- 
stofte purchased of Thomas Churche of Yarmouth which is free- 
hold and now in occupation of said William Lucas also to son 


Parker Crowe my grogram gowne girded with velvett. To my 
cosen Symon Wells of Havergate 40s. for ringe. Rest to sonn 
William Crowe, desiring sonns Parker Crowe and William Crowe 
to live together as brothers referring questions which arise to 
three honest men Anthonie Loveday my sonne, Edward Owner 
and Robert Norgate. Executor : son William Crowe. Over- 
seer : said sonn in lawe Mr. Anthonie Loveday Witnesses : 
Edward Owner, Robert Norgate, Raph Owner. 
Lawe, 54. 

William Crushe, yeoman, Roxwell. Will 13 September 1607. 
To son William, not 18. To son Robert. To daughters Joane, 
Elizabeth, and Dorothie. My executrix to deliver in goods or 
money to Thomas Kynge, gent, Thomas Crushe, junior, Hum- 
phrey Aylett, and John Goodyn inhabitants of Roxwell £90. To 
wife Dorothie etc. etc. 

Huddleston, 80. 

John Dalbye of Milcombe Oxon gen* (9 Dec. 1615). Men- 
tions John Goodwin a son of Richard Goodwin "my son in law. 
Cope, 103. 

Edward Dormer, citizen and haberdasher of London. Will 
dated 21 January 1538, proved 12 January 1539. 

Mentions cousin John Goodwyn of Winchenden and his wife. 
Alenger, 1. 

Dorothie Duke, precincts of Cathedrall Church of Holie Trini- 
tie Norwich, widow of Mr. Edmund Duke of Benhall, Suffolk, 
Esquier. Will 20 January 161 1/2; proved 23 May 1614. To be 
buried in Benhall church. To son in law Sir John Bleuerhassett, 
knt, guilt cupp. To my daughter his wife bedd and bedstead etc 
in best strangers chamber at Catton and five silver candlesticks, 
casting bottle, ryng with three diamonds, silver snuffers, three 
siluer plates, one Damske tablecloth with the work of Holofernes 
etc. To their son and heire Henry Bleuerhassett £40 at 21, 
beding in spanged chamber at Catton, yron bound coffer, plane 
boardcloth etc. To son Samuel Bleuerhassett of Lowdham Esq, 
silver cupp of 4 pondes. To my daughter his wife gold ryng 
with two diamonds, guilt salt, siluer boll, chafing dish etc. To 


my goddaughter Dorothy Bleuerhassett £50, siluer boll and salt 
of bell fashion etc. To son in law Mr. William Webb, great 
siluer cup of 4 pondes. To my daughter his wife ring with three 
diamonds, three siluer plates, silver sugar boxe, one longe carpet 
wrought with murray grounde, cupbordcloth with long quishion 
that belongs thereto. To her daughter Anne Webb silver boll. 
To my sonne Sydner silver boll vsed every day canopye being 
cloath of gould brase pott, etc. To my brother Sir Robert Jer- 
myn ryng. To godson William Sidner ditto. To Mrs. Corbett 
little square quishion wrought with flowers. To my brother 
Sidner ring two siluer spoons of 13s. 4d. To [La dye Ashfeild, 
erased] goddaughter Dorothie Sydner ditto. To my Ladie Ash- 
feild white taffata quishion wrought with desire. To godsonne 
Edmund Duke standing guilte cupp and crimson velvet quishion 
wrought with the Dukes and Jermyns Armes. To cosen Mrs. 
Jane Turrell 20s. To Cosen Thurston of Hoxton gould rynge. 
To his wife ditto. To goddaughter Mrs. Frances Archdale 
canopie with curtaine. To her sonn my godsonne two siluer 
spoones of a mark piece. To William Fugell Clerk 10s. To 
cosen Nicholls Edgar gold rynge. To godchild Cosen Smyth, 
his daughter Dorothie, to Dorothie daughter of Sir John Fars- 
boroughe and to Mr. Thomas Curbells sonne each peices of plate 
of 20s. To nephew Edward Elms £5. To Cosen Everedes 
sonne my godson piece of plate of 20s. To neece Katherin wife 
of William Snowdyne £5, a little siluer boll, featherbed and sheets. 
To nephew Percey Teaster of a bedd of tawney couler damaske 
and ymbrodered with yellowe. To servant Elyas Toogood 10s. 
To my Mrs Thomas Ashlee 10s. To Ann Creakmore bed etc. 
To Cannons and Singingmen 10s. To poore of Benhall 20s, of 
Catton 10s. To my servant Emma 5s. Rest to son Thomas 
Duke executor. Witnesses : Theodore Goodwyne and William 
Fugill, Clerke, and Mary Goodwyne. Memorandum. What 
given to daughter Elizabeth Webbe if she die to her daughter 
Ann Webb. 

Lawe, 33. 

Thomas Eacharde, Greate Yarmouth, county Norfolk, mer- 
chant and one of the Bayliffs there. Will 18 October 1576; 
proved 17 November 1576. To be buried in church of Great 
Yarmouth. To wief Martha 400 marks I am bound to leave her 


also £5. To daughters Thomazin Eacharde and Elizabeth Each- 
arde residue and if wife with child to all at 21 or marriage if not 
married before 15, and if all die, to my brethren John Eacharde, 
Loye Eacharde, Peter Eacharde and Christopher Eacharde etc. 
To said brethren John Eacharde, Loye Eacharde, Peter Eacharde, 
Christopher Eacharde and sister Elizabeth Eacharde £5 each. 
To my mother Katherine 40s. to distribute amonge the poore of 
the congregation. If it happen my childrens porcon growe and 
accrue vnto my brethrene then so much as in executor's hands 
more than £40 he shall give the same to the congregation of 
Christe. To my father my best armor. Executors to keepe 
house till feast of nativity of or Lorde. To Mr. Sharpe 40s. To 
Mr. Goodyn 40s. To Mr. Harte 10s. To Father Harrison 10s. 
To Mary Tutte 20s. To Mr. Grosse my vncle my greate tar 
kettle. To servant Thomas Warde 20s. To his wief 10s. To 
Thomas Laud my servant 20s. To William Brune 20s. To 
John Baldrye 20s. To John de Price 13s. 4d. To John Wilcock 
20s. To Henrie Wilcok 20s. To Margerie Grosse 20s. To 
Margaret Linge 20s. To Elizabeth Browne 10s. To Marie 
Curtys 10s. To children of Richard Osborne deceased 10s. each. 
To John Calve and his wife 10s. To Mr. Mowse for sermons 
5 markes. To poor at buriall 20s. and 8 chawdrons of coale, two 
a year. To Thomas Cowper the younger two best herringe 
nettes with Jeffrey Pusyett To my nurse 10s. To servant 
Richard Echard 5s. Other things at discretion of executor : my 
brother John Eacharde. Witnesses: Richarde Mowse Robert 
Harte, Thomas Coop. Leonard Fawcett. 
Carew, 37. 

Charles Faithe, St. Catherine Creechurche, London, merchant. 
Will 23 August 1593; proved 18 September 1593. To nephewe 
and godson Charles Scragges 
To neece Elizabeth Scragges, his sister 

Humphrey Scragges their father. To children of Ambrose 
Bridges, porter To godsonne Charles Bridges 

To Maudelyn wife to 

To William Thomson, sonne of John Thomson lately deceased 

To Thomas Wilford, son of Robert Wilford lately 
deceased and if he die to Fortuna Langeley, daughter 

of John Langeley, Cooke. To said Fortuna Langeley 


To servant Davye Garrett To mayde Elizabeth 

"Item, I giue to my goode frendes John Challoner, 

Goodwyn, Raphe Fitche, and William Ratcliffe, mer- 

chantes, and to William Stone, Clothworker, and to Leonard 
Pore, merchant, to every of them as much fyne black clothe as 
will make them mourning clokes to be worne at my buriall." To 
Mrs. Joan Challoner twenty angels for braceletts "Item, I give 

to Mrs. Goodwyn the wyfe of the said Goodwyn, tenne 

angells to make her a small paire of braceletts. To 44 poor men, 
44 black gownes to weare att buriall, 11 each out of St. But- 
tolphes without Algate, St. Ollives in Harte Streete, St. Catherine 
Creechurch and owt of the minories. Overseers : John Chal- 
loner, William Stone, Clothworker, Leonard Poore and Raphe 
Fitch. Administration to William Stone, during minority of 
Charles and Elizabeth Scragges. Proved 5 February 1604/5 by 
Elizabeth Munckas als Scragges, now of age. 
Nevell, 67. 

Anthony Flynt (1606) mentions sister Goodwyn, brother Col- 
lins, sister Christian. John Collins and wife Christian wit. 
Anthony Goodwyn. 

Stafford, 6. 

Richard Francklyn, Willesden, Middlesex, Esq. Will 21 
February 1607/8; proved 1614. To be buried in parish 

church. Has made yearly grante of £5 to certain honest men his 
neighbors of parish of Stanmore the lesse for poore. Has 
indented lands to friends John Barne and Francis Roberts of 
Willesden and Barne Roberts, son of Francis. If son John 
Francklyn lives, daughter Mary Francklyn to have £2000. If 
children die, lands to go to sonnes of sister Ellen Sanders, of two 
half-sisters Winifred and Johane, and sonnes of uncles Richard 
Francklyn, William Francklyn, and Richard (sic) Francklyn. 
If own children live, to William, John, Richard, Thomas, and 
Freeman Nicholl, sons of said sister Johan Nicholl £20 each at 
21, to Henry Heyley, John Heyley, and Edward Archer, sons of 
sister (Winifred) Archer ditto; ditto to sons vncle Richard 
Francklyn of Willeden, deceased. To sons of uncle William 
Francklyn of Kyngesbury, deceased, £10 at 21 ; ditto to sons of 
uncle Richard Francklyn of Stanmor, deceased. To godson Wil- 


liam Sanders, son of sister Ellen, £100 and to other sons £20 
each. To very loving sister Ellen Saunders £40. To sister 
Johan Niccoll, wife of William Niccoll of Finchley, £40. To 
Ellen and Martha Niccoll, daughters of Johan, £20 each at 21. 
To Winifred Archer, one of the daughters of sister Archer £20. 
To each daughter of uncle Richard Francklin of Stanmore, 
deceased, £5. To Rose Winchester, wife of John Winchester 
of Rislupp, daughter of uncle William Francklyn of Kyngberry, 
deceased £10. (unfinished) 

Rudd, 70. 

John Goodhinde of Sawsforde, Somerset (No Abstract made) 

Daper, 10. 

Will of Johan Goodhinde of Saltford, Co. Somerset, widow, 
dated 14 March 1 599-1600. Testatrix mentions (amongst 
others) her brother John Fisher the elder, of Hampton in the 
said county, clothier, her nephew John Fisher the younger, of 
Bath Easton in the same county clothier, John Goodhind's chil- 
dren and George Goodhind's children (in general terms), and 
Thomas Goodhind's daughter Johan. 

The above will was proved 4 August 1600. 
Wallopp, 37. 

Will of Alice Goodhind of Saltford Co. Somerset, widow, 
dated 7 October 1614. Daughter Johan Jones. To John Stur- 
ridge. To Sapience Sturridge. To four of daughter Joan 
Jones' children, viz. Anne Sturridge, William, Henry and James 
Sturridge, under 21. Son John Goodhind. Daughter Sarah 
Charmberie. Daughter-in-law Sapience Goodhind. Son John 
Goodhind's children, viz. John, William, Edward Goodhind. To 
Anne Goodhind. To Sarah Goodhind (unmarried). To Eliza- 
beth Goodhind. To Eleanor Goodhind. To Abednago Goodhind 
son of John Goodhind. To Misaacke Goodhind. Sarah Charm- 
berie daughter of James Charmberie. My two daughters Joan 
Jones and Sarah Charmbery. To James Charmbery son of 
James Charmbery. To William Charmbery. To John Sturridge 
son of John Sturridge. To Sarah Goodhind. Brother William 


Byde of Kainsam. Son-in-law James Charmberie of Hampton. 
Proved 15 Feb. 1 614-15 by son John Goodhind, executor. 
Rudd, 10. 

Thomas Goodhinde of Saltford Co. Somerset, yeoman, 22 July 
1644. Daughter Mary. Property in Saltford and in Bitton, 
Upton and Beach Co. Gloucester. Daughter Rebecca Goodhinde. 
Daughter Edith Goodhinde. Daughter Elizabeth Goodhinde. 
Wife Elizabeth. Kinsmen Thomas Goodhinde, of Kelston, and 
John his brother. 

Proved 30 Dec, 1645 by Rebecca Goodhinde and Elizabeth Good- 
hinde the daughters, executrixes. 

Adm on of goods unadministered by Rebecca Chetwynd alias 
Goodhind, now deceased, the dau. and one of the executrixes, and 
by Elizabeth Goodhind, the dau. and other executrix, now also 
deceased, granted 15 July 1687. To John Chetwynd, Clerk, the 
husband and administrator of the said Rebecca. 
Rivers, 146. 

William Goodhind of Saltford Co. Somerset, yeoman, 10 Janu- 
ary 1652. My grandchild William Goodhind of Salibury Co. 
Wilts. My grandchild William Goodhind of Sadbury Co. 
Gloucester. To my grandchild Mary Goodhind of Sadbury 
aforesaid. To my daughter Elizabeth Dowleing and to each of 
(her) children. My daughter Wellthing Tunstale and each of 
her children. My son Thomas Goodhind. My grandchild Mary 
Goodhind of Saltford aforesaid. My grandchild Elizabeth Good- 
hind of Saltford. My grandchild John Goodhind of Saltford. 
Son Robert Goodhind deceased. Daughter Edith Goodhind 
deceased, to whom testator had given a marriage portion. 
Grandchildren Richard and Misaack Goodhind. Grandchild 
Mary Dowling. Son-in-law Misaack Goodhind, executor. Tho s 
Goodhind a witness. Proved by Ex r . 27 Sept. 1653. 
Brent, 89. 

(The above was probably father of the student adm. at Oriel Coll. 
1622 and entered in Matriculation Book as William Goodwin. 
H. F. Waters.) 

Thomas Gottes of the Inner Temple London gen*. (1 Nov. 30 
Eliz th ) 1588 of Ribroughe parva Norfolk, son of Nicholas Gottes, 


mentions wife Anne Gottes dau. of Thomas Goodwine — also 
Blighborough Sufi*, sons Rich d Tho s . Nicholas Gottes. 
Harrington 1592, 21. 

Mary Haffenden als Godden, Waldron, Sussex. Administra- 
tion 18 February 1695/6 to husband Markwich Haffenden. 
Administration Act Book 1696, page 27. 

Eliz th Hailes of Lower Shadwell, Stepney, Midd x . widow (28 
Sept 1664) — (already printed in Gleanings) mentions cousin 
Martha Goodwin. 

Hyde, 25. 

William Haughfen of Woodbridge, diocese of Norwich, 18 
April 1547 proved 28 Sept. 1547. To be buried in the churchyard 
of Woodbridge. Wife Lettice. My tenement in St. Stephen's 
Ipswich. Tenement in Woodbridge. Nephew Robert Haugh- 
fen. Nephew Robert Cotelle's children. Cousin Henry Good- 
wyn. Brother in law William Elmys and the said Henry 
Goodwyn, with wife to be executors. 
Coode, 31. 

"Jesus be my speede." Francis Hawe als Hawes of Bel- 
champe St. Paul, county Essex. Will 7 November 1626; proved 
2 April 1622. To be buried in church or churchyard. All lands 
coppie and free vnto Edmond Hawe als Hawes youngest sonn of 
Edmond Hawe alias Hawes of Solishall county Warwicke, gent, 
out of said house, lands etc. my sister Anne Morrice to have £5 
yearly for life vppon lawf ull request at my nowe dwelling house 
called Coles in Belchamp St. Paul and after decease of my sister 
Ann Morrice unto Arthur Hawe als Hawes of Solishall £5 etc. 
To Ann and Mary Pining daughters of late sister Joane Pining 
£5 apiece. To poor of Solishall 20s. of Belchamp St. Paul 6s. 8d. 
Executors : Henry Rastell of Stamford, county Lincoln, gent, 
and William Rastell his brother. Rest of goods etc. to sister An 
Morrice and her six children, Golding Morrice, Vrsula Morrice, 
Thomas Morrice, William Morrice, An Morrice and Joan Mor- 
rice. Witnesses : William Nelson, Christopher Browne and 
Nicholas Morice. Proved by William Rastell reserving to Henry 

Savile, 30. 


Augustine Heathe, Liffbrd in the Realme of Ireland in a letter 
wrytten by him and sent vnto Mr. Richard Otway of the Cittie 
of London, Merchant Taylor bearing date 5 October 1600, viz : 
he gave vnto servant Wylliam Hancock all clothes in hands of 
said Richard Otway and to vse him kindly. Rest to said Richard 
Otway. Administration 21 January 1600/01 to Richard Otway 
of parish of St. Augustine by Paul's Gate. 
Woodhall, 1. 

John Highlord citizen alderman of London (1641) mentions 
sisters Wellington, Goodwin and Bennett etc. 
Evelyn 1641, 150. 

William Hollawey of East Bergholt, Suffolk, clothier (1608) 
mentions cousin Mary Goodwyn, cousin John Goodwin, friends 
John, Daniel Goodwyn. 

Dorsett, 24. 

John Hooker, Petersfeilde Hampshire blacksmith. Will 16 
March 1601/2; proved 3 May 1602. To be buried in Peters- 
field churchyard. To poore of Burroughe of Petersfield 3s. 4d. 
at buriall. To wife Marie dwelling house with shoppe, sellers, 
barns stables etc for life also £30 her father doth owe me uppon 
bond and hereby discharge John Colbrock my father in law of 
this debt. Also to wife six Acres of otes, two Acres of wheat, 
three kine on gelding bride and saddle, fetherbedd, flockbedd, 
fether bolster, flock bolster, three blancketts six paire of sheets 
two pillowes two pillowberes bedstede in lodgers chamber great 
cheste in parlor my blew coverlett two of best brass pottes, three 
middle kettles, dozen pewter four candlesticks, brass 

panns, andirons, paire lamps, fryer pan and a chair. To John 
Parker son and heir to Nicholas Parker my son in law house etc. 
after decease of wife with remainder to Thomas Parker another 
son of Nicholas Parker, by Marie my daughter and for want of 
heirs male to my daughter Ellianor and her heirs then to my 
daughter Dorothie, then to my daughter Margaret, then to daugh- 
ter Elizabeth, then to son in law Nicholas Parker. To daughter 
Elinor £40 at 21 or marriage. To daughter Dorothie £40 to 
hands of John Wyatt of Petersfeilde for her bringing up. To 
daughter Margaret £40 to hands of John Feilde of Petersfield 


ditto. To daughter Elizabeth £40 ditto to hands of my brother in 
law John Colbroke. If daughters die then to son in law Nicholas 
Parker. To Richard Forde a dublett two pere of breeches and a 
jerkin. Rest to son in law Nicholas Parker executor. Over- 
seers : brother in law John Colbroke. Witnesses : John Feilde, 
Richard Hawsteede, and William Colbrooke. 
Montague, 37. 

Walsingham Hooker, Eastbech worth, Surrey, yeoman. Will 
22 July 1618; proved 18 August 1618. To be buried in church 
of East Bechworth. To William Flynt sonn of William Flynt, 
and Jane Flynt daughter ditto, and Thomas Flint son ditto £10 
apiece at 21 or marriage. To brother in law Thomas Bursten 
£10. To Agnes Bursten, Mary Bursten, Thomas Bursten and 
Alice Bursten children of ditto, ditto each at 21 or marriage. To 
Hanna Hogyesflesh daughter of brother in law John Hogyesflesh 
£20 at 21 or marriage. To church of East Bechworth and Lighe 
10s. each. To poore of Lee als Lighe £5, of East Beachworth 
ditto. To William Hawoden's children £10, William Hawoden 
to have use etc. To William Hawoden all apparell boots and 
shoes excepted. To Johan wife of William Needham Brackhons, 
fetherbed, coverlet and also my white mare, on desk a trucke. 
To Richard Daye the elder of Dorking my Bible. To John Saker 
Senior my hording peece with furniture. To John Styles all 
birdnetts with my botts and shooes. Executors : Richard Daye 
the younger of Dorking and Robert Saker of Brockham the elder. 
Overseers: Thomas Alchin of East Bechworth and Thomas 
Cassey of Rigate. Witnesses : Arthur Browne and John 

Meade, 79. 

John Hooker, Lambeth, Surrey, yeoman. Will 14 November 
1616; proved ult. October 1618. Yf please god child wherewith 
my wife travelleth be safelie borne, to a boy at 21 or a daughter 
at marriage or 18, £100 etc. If wife marries to give bond to 
brother Edward Hooker and brother Thomas Hooker for paying 
legacy etc. To brother Edward Hooker £10. To brother 
Thomas's son dwelling with him Henry Hooker £5 at 16. For 
duty to my father and- mother, to father a morning cloak and to 
mother a morning gowne. To church of Lambeth £5 for repayr- 


ing seats and £5 to poore. To servant William Ludon a suite of 
cloaths, my hatt, cloake with silver lace, dublett, hose, jerkyn and 
stockings. To my boy John Gare 40s. To servant Elizabeth 
Leste 20s. To Thomas Harwardes the minister of Lambeth 40s. 
To Thomas Taylor of Lambeth gloves of a angel price or 10s. 
Residue to wife Ellen Hooker, executrix. Overseers : Thomas 
Harward the minster of Lambeth and Thomas Tayler of Lam- 
beth and each £6 or a cowe. Witnesses : Thomas Harwardes, 
Thomas Tayler. Codicil annexed to will of John Hooker of 
Tooting deceased. Said John Hooker on 26 and 27 of September 
1618 lying sicke in sicknes whereof he died so having contributed 
to building of seats in church of Lambeth the £5 for seats to be 
no part of will. Remove £5 or a Cowe to Thomas Harward and 
Thomas Tayler. Witnesses: Ambrose Gallawaye, Jane Perrye, 
Ellen Hooker the executrix, proved by executrix. 
Meade, 100. 

Elianor Hooker of Tootinge, Surrey, widdow and executrix of 
will of John Hooker late deceased. Will 31 October 1618; 
proved 11 November 161 8. To brother William Jones £20 in 
cattell or goods. To sister Ann Hooker silke grograyne petti- 
coat bound about with watchet silke and siluer lace. To Henry 
Hooker and John Hooker children of my sister Ann Hooker £5 
viz : 50s. apiece. To sister Elizabeth Egars child which is most 
like her £5 etc. To sister Ann Jones wief of William Jones best 
gowne laid with silke and siluer lace. To sistar Rachell Jones 
my morning gowne. To Mary Jones wife of William Jones 
waterman, one of my hatts. To Mrs. Hardinge of Lambeth two 
china dishes. To Goodye Browne of Lambeth Marshe my stuff 
gowne. To goodie Cleveland a cotton gowne. Rest to brothers 
Edward Hooker and Moyses Jones, executors. Witnesses : 
Edw. Matthewe public scrivener, John Leanes scr, Edward Tros- 
will servant to said Edward Matthewe. 
Meade, 103. 

Thomas Hooker, Raingham, Essex, lighterman. Will last daie 
of September 1652; proved 20 April 1653. All to wife Marie 
and daughter Elizabeth executrixes. Overseer: Brother in law 
Robert Nicholson of Great Burstead, yeoman, also guardian of 


my said daughter during her mynoritie. Witnesses: Leonell 
Leonard, Joshuah Leonard. 

Brent, 34. 

Thomas Hooker, Whitwell, county of Rutland, yeoman. Will 
12 November 1652; proved 26 August 1653. To be buried in 
church of Whitwell. To sonne Thomas £3 at 21 and two pay re 
of sheetes and foure sheepe to be sold out by John Osborne of 
Whitwell. To daughter Elizabeth ditto, ditto, also one great 
panne after decease of her mother. Rest to wife Elizabeth exec- 
utrix. Witness : John Osborne. 

Brent 79. 

Peter Hyll (Hylle in margin) citizen and cordwainer of Lon- 
don, St. Sepulchre w*out Newgate. Will 6 June 151 1; proved 
ult. January 151 1/2. To be buried forgenst Corpus Xpi Chapell 
at the ende of Seynt Annes goyng into Corpus Xpi chapell w l in 
the church of Seynt Sepulchre. To high auter 2od. To brother- 
hood of Our Lady of St. Steven founded in said church 2od. To 
broderhed of Corpus Xpi ditto. To reparation of parish of Seynt 
Mary Magdalen of Loughton Essex ther as I was born 6s. 8d. 
To Woodforth church there by as my moder lyeth buried 3s. 46.. 
To my sisters sonn Thomas Grene dublett of chamlett. To Wil- 
liam Grene and Edward his broder 3s. 4d. each in hands of said 
William Grene. To my broder's son Thomas Hill a russett 
gowne furred wt lambe. To my tenant John Goodwyn a gowne 
of violet furred with fytchens. To the clothing of my craft 
6s. 8d. to goo to their hall and make mery on that day that I 
shall be buried. Residue to wife Alice executrix. Overseers: 
Robert Serly and William Boane, and to Robert Serle(sic) 6s. 
8d, and to William Boane new gowne. Witnesses John Orme, 
John Tanner, Jamys Walwyn, and others. 
Fettiplace, 5. 

Thomas Hewe als Humfrey, Honition (Honiton?), Devon. 
Will dated 18 September 1636: proved 10 February 1636/7. 
To poore of Honiton £20. To sonne Abraham 2 best suits and 
£150 owing me in London, etc., or if not come in three years 
£150 to be given to Master Roger Clay and Master Thomas 
Ward, both of London, for said Abraham, etc. To daughter 


Faith Hewe als Humfrey £150. To daughter Mary £150, to 
three children at 21, etc. etc. To wife Margaret, tenement lately 
bought of William Fishwick, called Cleahed and Millground held 
of Mr. Yonge, also annuity of £10, payable by one Mr. Munneys. 
To brother John Heweals Humfrey three suits and 30s. for life 
our of Bowyers. To Faith Barton of Alescom £5, or if she die 
to her mother Barbara Barton. To my sister Barbara Barton my 
silken stocking. To kinsman Peter and Henry Hewe als Hum- 
frey and to Henry son of Robert Lee 10s. each. Rest to wife 
Margaret, executrix, etc. etc. Overseers : Isaacke Northcott of 
Honiton, Roger Clay and Thomas Ward of London. 
Signed Thomas Humfrey. 
Witnesses : Isaac Northcott, William Stagg of Rensom in 

Gore, 19. 

Henrie Humfrie of Ipswich, Suffolk, clothier. Will dated 
2 November 1631 : proved 20 January 1631/2. To wife Rebecca 
household stuff, plate, coppers, and tayntet for life, then to sone 
Henrie, best bedsted, and to sone Robert sett worke Chester, etc. 
To son Samuel, little siluer and guilt salt, etc, and to sonne John 
copper, taynter, and rest. Executrix to be bound to nephewe 
Thomas Humfrie in £150. To said sonne Samuel £200 at 21. 
To sone Robert all lands in Ellmsett at 21, and if son Henrie 
make any claim at 21 his legacies to be void, etc. To brother 
Henrie Humfrie my grograme gowne, To my brother in lawe 
John Goodding, Clerke, £4, soe he becometh bound to executrix 
in £4 to pay 40s. to his eldest sone, my godsonne at 18. To Mr. 
Warde, p r cher of Ipswiche, Mr. Turnbull, p T cher of St. Mar- 
garett's in Ipswiche, and Mr. Ashbie, Clerk, my nephewe 40s. 
each. To Mr. Scott, p'son of St. Clements parish 20s. To Mr. 
Holt, schoolmaster 10s. Forgive nephew John Humfrie debt of 
£4. 18s. To nephewe Thomas Humfrie and neice Margaret 
Humfrie, daughter of my deceased brother John, 40s. each. To 
Kinsman William Lawrence, the coate wch I doe vsually weare. 
Rest of apparell to kinsfolk. Executrix : to pay to William Pett 
£12 and to neice Suzan Bray, moneys on hand by her father's 
will. To servants William Searles, 20s. Anne Kemp, 30s. and 
Hellen Harding 5s. To poore of St. Margaretts, etc. Executrix 
to bring up children and if any attaine to good abilities and fitness 


and desire to be educated in courses of scholarship, executrix to 
help them etc, Rest to executrix, Wife Rebecca executrix, she 
to give bond to Henry Dad, Esq and John Baker, or else brother 
Henrie Humfrie and nephews Thomas Humfrie, executors. 
Witnesses : Tho : Fastolf , George Raymond. 
Audley, 2. 

William Johnson of Wappinge, parish of White chappel, yeo- 
man. Will 5 June 1605 ; proved 10 June 1605. To be buried in 
churchyard neere Robert Hide deceased viz. in St. Buttolphes 
without Algate. Forgive unto Martin and unto Lettis Johnson, 
my father and mother £10 they owe for money lent. To sister, 
Dorothy Johnson £6. To brother Thomas Johnson £4 at 21. 
To brother Nicholas Johnson ditto etc. To aunte Margery John- 
son 10s. To Peter Clay 40s over the £10 given him by his mother 
in her widowhood. To Charles Clay the like sum as his brother 
etc. Residue to wief Margaret Johnson, executrix. Overseers : 
Clement Budder and George Burnam. Witnesses : Clement 
Budder, George Burnam, Roger Holder. 
Hayes, 52. 

Joan Johnson of St. Botolph's Aldersgate, London, widow. 
Will 1 March 1655/6; proved 25 April 1656 To my grandchild 
John Johnson, son of my son Richard, all the money owes me by 
the state on a "publique f ayth doubled Bell" except £20 which I 
bequeath to my sister Marian Wright of Bristol, my neice, her 
daughter Joan Tilly, and my kinsmen Simon and John Wind- 
over. To said John Johnson, my bed, etc, at Walthamstow, 
Essex. To Mary Johnson, daughter of my son Richard, to Mary 
Johnson, daughter of my son Simon to Elizabeth Johnson, daugh- 
ter of my son Henry, and to Nathaniel Johnson, son of my son 
Richard, all my movable goods at Walthamstow and at Maiden- 
head Alley, Aldersgate Street, London. To Elizabeth daughter 
of son Henry, £100 due from a bond from Mr. Robert Marsh. 
To my son Benjamin Johnson £50. To Thomas Windover in 
county Beds, brother of Simon and John 40s. To Richard 
Mabott 20s. To cousin Elizabeth Windover 40s. To cousins 
Dorothy and Sarah Fage 50s. each. To neice Elizabeth Yarway 
50s. To Mr. Nalton, minister of St. Leonard, Foster Lane, Lon- 
don, 30s. To Mr. Piggott of Walthamstow 10s. To poor of St. 


Botolphs Aldersgate 50s. To poor of Walthamstow 50s. To 
poor of Braintree £3 Mr. James Sparrowhauke owes me. Exec- 
utor : grandchild John Johnson, if he be dead, his brother 
Nathaniel. Overseers : Colonel Bromfield, and Mr. Edward 
Wade. Witnesses : John Fisher, Dorothy Horwood, and Sarah 
Horridge. Administration granted to Richard Johnson, father 
of John Johnson, a minor, the executor. 
Berkley, 125. 

Elizabeth Katterson, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, widow. Will 
11 October 161 1; proved 3 November 161 7. To reparation of 
Yarmouth 40s. To reparation of Yarmouth Haven 50s. To 
Mr. Yonger, preacher in Yarmouth, 10s. To Agnes Flower of 
Bungay, widow, £5. To Augustine Flower, late of Bungay, 
butcher, £5 &c. To cosen John Butterphant and Margaret 
Butterphant his sister £5 apeece. To cosen Agnes Goodins £5. 
To cosen Agnes daughter £5. To widow Dickes of Norwich 
40s. To Margaret Carlinge of Yarmouth 20s. To Judith Smyth, 
wief of Willm. Stowe, Carter, 20s. To Henry Askew thelder 
£5. To Joane Yembes 20s. To Walter Bullard, my godchild, 
40s. To Roger Hinderwell 10s. To Elizabeth Wales, daughter 
of Richard Wales, 20s. Messuage in Great Yarmouth to be sold, 
and of money £40 to be put in stock for poore to be put forth by 
bayliffes, &c. To poore of Yarmouth as are aged and cannot 
work as executors think requisite. To children of Edward Yems 
of Yarmouth named Edmund, Nicholas and John Yems, £5 &c. 
To servant Ann Best £5 and best gowne. To my worshipful 
good friend Mr. Robert Skarth, Bailif of Yarmouth, £20 and 
silver salt. To Alice Warde of Yarmouth, widow, one stone pot 
tipped with silver. Rest to Mr. Robert Skarth, executor. Wit- 
nesses: Thomas Howgill, scr., Wm. Rowe, Tho: Call, Edmund 

Weldon, 103. 

Richard Knatchbull of Mersham, Kent, Esquire. Will 18 
January 1 590/1 ; proved 15 February 1 590/1. To my sonne and 
onely sonne Thomas Knatchbull all lands. To wif Ann Knatch- 
bull £400, apparell, cheynes, Jewells, three best bedds etc. coache, 
coache horses with foure other best horses and geldings, also 
three roomes at my old buildinge at Hattche etc. To sonne 


Thomas all armor and warlick furniture when of age, except my 
best white armor to brother Norton. To Sr. Thomas Scott prin- 
cipall bay gelding. To Sr. John Scott my younge bay horse in 
my stable. To brother Thomas Scott my Lyttle black bayehorse. 
To brother Norton Knatchbull horse I had of brother Eston. To 
cousin John Knatchbull my baule horses that was Wattses mare. 
To cousin Richard Knatchbull black ditto ditto. To brother 
Norton all hawkes. To poore of Mersham £20. To my Aunte 
Greene 100 marks. To brother Hamon £40. To brother Clay- 
brooke £20 To Mr. Reginald Blechendon £20. To Mrs. Judith 
Hamon £20 To Mr. John Honywood £20. To cousin John 
Greene £20. To godson Richard Johnson son of cousin Timothy 
Johnson £20. To brother George Knatchbull £100. To Mr. 
Nicholls the preacher £10. To servant Jackson £10. To servant 
John Wood, if he recover health £10 etc. To Nurse Baker £10. 
To Clement Drewe £10. To Mr. John Kemps wif 40s. To Mr. 
Holland son my godson £10. To servants £5 apece. Forgive 
brother Thomas Maxwell all dues. Forgive brother Gibbon half 
his dues. Forgive Brother Hamon £10. Forgive cousin Gabriell 
Greene, cosin John Greene, Mr. Henry Haule, Mr. Golyford, Mr. 
Pyckard, Mr. Reginald Blechindon, Mr. Ralph Haynes and 
Middleton their dues. John Greene to have lande he occupies 
till son Thomas is 21 etc. at 12s. the acre. Executors: brother 
Norton Maxwell and cosin John Maxwell. Witnesses : Alex- 
ander Hamon, John Greene. 

Sainberbe, 12. 

William Leader, Great Saint Maries parishe in Cambridge, 
Nuncupative will 3 December 1629; proved 9 February 1629/30. 
Having sent for William Overton of St. Edmunds parish, draper, 
to take and keepe goods. Administration to William Overton. 
Scrope, 10. 

William Le Gris, London, gentleman. Will 20 May 1593; 
proved 22 May 1593. To be buried in church of St. Brides with 
late wife. To poor of parish 40s. To preacher 10s. at funerall 
to tell poore and others to pray god to bless my pore children etc. 
etc. To my three daughters Pollixena wyfe of Edward Savage, 
Jane wyfe of Thomas Faunteleroy and Ambrosea wyfe of 
Edmund Onley all my messuages etc in Create Yarmouthe in the 


county of Norfolk etc for them and longer Liver then to my 
cosin John Le Gris, Clerk, sonn to Nicholas Le Gris late deceased. 
To said three daughters houses etc. held on leases in St Brides. 
Also to said Pollixena Savage, Jane Faunteleroy, and Ambrosea 
Onley each two of my little cusshens of Arras worke whereon 
my armes be wrought. To my daughter Jane a ringe called a 
ruby and two peces of gold of 20s to keepe for her mother's sake, 
also a "Silver and gilte Cupp called the Ragges staffe given me 
by my Lorde of Leicester" in regard a piece of plate she gave 
me and never requited. To daughter Ambrosea Onley a skin- 
nage of silver that was my mothers and six siluer spoones plaine 
white with knobbes and a paire of braceletts of gold that were 
my wives. To my daughter [Caltherobe two spur rials — erased] 
Pollixena Savage a portegue that was her mothers. To my 
daughter Caltherobe two spurrialls that were her mothers to 
keepe in remembrance. To my sonn Onley my broche that was 
my father's. To daughter Onley two spurrialls that were her 
mothers. To my men clothes of Clothe etc. To my sonn Savage 
my best bedd of Arras worke wrought with gold and silver 
wherein my armes and creast viz : the heade the toppe of the 
tester and the valence fringed ditto for that I promised longe 
since otherwise I would not. Rest of plate etc. to be sold and 
£200 to daughter Jane Fauntleroy, rest to pay debts, and then to 
daughter Jane and Ambrosea. Executors : Mr. Roger Mon- 
tague and Mr. Edward Onley. Overseers : my worshippf ul 
friend John Amersham Esquire of the Middle Temple (to whom 
best halberd at my house at Kings Line and one halberd in house 
at London also best jacke and murryan that hange in hall there) 
and cozen Thomas Aldersey dwelling in Milkstreete in London 
(to whom best nagge I vse saddle etc.) To executor one gold 
ring second saddle. Witnesses : Thomas Lound, Austyn Browne 
scr. Hugh Sp — . 

Nevell, 46. 

Robert Lestrannge the secunde son to Henry Lestrannge, 
Esquier. Will proved 6 July 15 12. To day of buriall 100 marks. 
To executors to make a tombe at Hunstanton and reparation of 
channcell £40. All injuries and wrongs by me done to be recom- 
pensed by aduise of Sir Robert Drury, knight, Sir John Heydon, 
knyght, William Paston, Roger Towneshend and John Lestrange 


esqres. To churches of Hunstanton, Snelsham, Frenge, Walton 
Devylle, Wellesboro, Wynferthinge, and Wygerhall 40s. each. 
To every church of parish where I have lands of yerely value of 
£13. 6s. 8d. a pair of vestments with armes of me and my wife. 
I will that Sir Robert Radcliffe gowne of crymsyn velvet be made 
in a cope and honestly made the orfres and embrowderynge on 
the same wth his and my mothers armes and myne armes and my 
wife's. Also Sir Robert Radclife's debts to be paid as far as his 
goods will extende. My suster Anne Radclyff to have 200 marks 
towards her annuncement of marriage or elles £10 a yere for lyfe, 
so she release tithe etc. if she take the land to her a cupp of silver 
and six sponys well 100s. all plare to my wife and son Thomas. 
Executor to perform covenants with Sir Nicholas Vaux. Wife 
to have gydinge of my daughters till marries and 20 marks 
yerely for their finding also to wife 100 markes to fynde her as 
my susters and childe and memorial service for one yere. To 
servants years wage and gownes. House priest in Guning Hall 
to synge for my soule and souls of Henry and Kateryn his wife. 
Roger Lestrange and all Christian soules for nine years and for 
his wages £6. 13s. 4d. yearly. To Richard Base 10 marks a year 
for life to praye for souls ditto. I die and son Thomas die with- 
out issue male in ten years then Master and six Fellows of Gun- 
inge Hall to be feofees of lands for 83 years etc. To Henry 
Lestrange my brother John's son £20 at 24. Barbara sister 
of ditto £20 to marriage. "Feoffees of my lands in Wyger- 
hall, Westwynche, Hardwyk, Southlenn, Leggeford, Ryngsted, 
Frynge, Dokkynge, Snesham, Ingaldesthorp, Sharbone, Marthin, 
Bassinghm, maner of Wynfarthinge, Tatthm, Swenton, Morley, 
Greywode, Rudhm, manor of Shiston, and moyeties of manner 
of Stathern, Newbolde, Ocley, Tychemersh and Somerfals, Clif- 
ton and Reyn to be seised of ditto for will. Request wife Anne 
to make sure manners of Wigenhoe, Westwinch, Hardwyk, 
Southlynn and lands bought in Sneshm, Sendforth, Ingalbes- 
thorp and Sharborne and Leggeforde and Ryngsted bought of 
John Carre Esquier for my heirs male and joyntly of daughter in 
law Anne Lestrange wife of son Thomas, and lands in Frenge 
and Manor of Ocley, county Bedford and Tychemerch, Hants, 
to Thomas and Anne Lestrange as by covenant between Sir 
Nicholas Vaux and me, and in default of issue to will of my 
fader Henry Lestrange provided covenant with Sir Nicholas 


Vaux be performed. Brother Johm to have power to sell for 
benefit of heirs male then to heirs of brother John Lestrange 
then of my brother Sir Roger Lestrange. Executors: Wife 
Ann and brother John Lestrange and Maister Swayn. Super- 
visors : my uncle Sir Robert Drury Knight and Thomas Wynd- 
ham. To each a ringe with five wordes price 33s. 4d. each. To 

Richard Banyard yearly for life To Thomas Ma . 

To Kateryn Ma . To servant David John . To 

Maister Swayn for life . 

Fetiplace, 21. 

Jane Stanley Le Strange. Will 6 July 15 13; proved 3 May 
1 5 14. If I die in these parts to be buried in Hillingdon Church 
by my lorde in same tombe. If my maker sende for me in the 
Marchs of Wales then at the Fryers in Shrewsbury amongst my 
anncestors there. Executors : Richard Sutton Esquire, John 
Morton Esquire and my servant and officer Thomas Stanley of 

the Flinct. Overseers . Daughter Margarete to enjoy 

Manor of Wemyngham, Beds, for lyfe as by deed etc. To 
daughter Jane to her marriage 20 marks yerely for five years etc 
To three priests to singe in Hillingdon church for souls of my 
Lorde and Fader my lady and moder and my lorde my husband 
and for me for twenty yeares 10s. unto each priest for salming. 
Whereas Richard Bisshop of Winchester and other estate seized 
of Manor of Cobham, County Middlesex and Burcester in Mid- 
lington, County Oxford Whicheford and Langomple, County 
Warwick and Miltes als Middleton for use of my trusty 

old servants Thomas Stanley, he to receive issues and pay daugh- 
ter Jane monies and to three priests and rest to said Thomas 
Stanley. To grey fryers of London 20s. yerely for twenty 
yeres for brede and wyne to syng mass. To four orders of 
Fryers in London 40s to pray for me. Proved by Thomas Stan- 
ley and John Morton. 

Fetiplace, 32. 

Roberte le Strange, Kinges Lynne, Norff, gent. Will 14 June 
1575 ; proved 17 November 1575. To wief Johan for lief man- 
sion house etc in Kinges Lynne except little chamber which 
brother John le Strannge shall occupee etc, also wief to have 
downe vnto the water gate the yarde and stable and free recourse 


into that right downe yarde. And the vpper chamber righte too 
the stable, with the hayplace and the dovehouse, also orcharde 
purchased of Mr. Jervis Alderman of Lynne delyver my 200 
Aples everie yere to brother John le Strange yf there growe so 
many, brother John to have all other warehouses and if wife 
mislike brother to have all on entering bond to brother in law 
John Athowe with two sureties as thought reasonable by Robert 
Jennyson gent, and Richard Spratt in £300 to pay £200 to wief 
Johan etc. etc. and also god daughter Ellen le Strange £20 at 21 
to be paid by brother John. To Marke Paule £10 ditto ditto. If 
brother John die all to wife she to pay ditto. To wief Johan 
advowson of Boaghton holme. To brother in lawe John Athowe 
roone geldinge. To brother in law Richard Spratt best black 
nagg. To Brother John le Strange mare and two fooles. To 
brethren in lawe Nicholas Athow and Thomas Athers £5 each. 
Rest to wief Johan executrix. Supervisors : father in Lawe 
Christof er Athow and to him two old Angells. To brother in law 
Richard Spratt two coomes of maulte to begin to keepe house by 
him self. To brother John le Strange 50 ditto. To vncle Henrie 
le Strange 20 ditto and forgive debts. Executor to discharge 
debt to brother in lawe John Athowe To brother John le 
Strange best black gowne and cloake. To said goddaughter 
Ellen beds etc. at 21. Wief to deliver two bonds of vncle Roger 
le Strange to Brother John le Strange for erecting house to come 
my now dwelling. Brother John to take brinch tyne timber. To 
brother brother in law John Athow signet ringe. Witneses : 
John Athow, Richard Spratt, Robert Petche. 
Pyckering, 45. 

Robert Lincon als Skynner of East Bergholte in County Suf- 
folk, clothier (20 March 1590) mentions kinsman John Goodwin. 
St. Barbe, 69. 

Thomas Lynde, Citizen and Gouldsmith of London. Will 13 
December 1603; proved 16 February 1603/4. To be buried in 
St. Katherine Creechurch nere body of deceased wife. Married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Elisca Brigmaus of citty of Wismer in the 
parts of Germany, widowe, and received with said wife goods 
which I stand bound to deliver to my children, Humfrey and 
Elizabeth, children likewise of said Elizabeth, deceased, said 


goods, viz. chest, linnen, spoons, etc. and £61. 4s. 6d. in readie 
money, all said goods given them by their said grandmother Elisca 
Brigmaus. Now for my own goods, goods to be valued and 
divided according to custom, in three parts, one part to wife 
Jane Lynde, and my dwelling house for one year. To children 
Humfry Lynd, and Elizabeth Lynd, and Anne Lynd, one third. 
To cosen William Marshall, (to cousin Widow Marshall) 10s, to 
be paid vnto her in one moneth. To daughter Anne, lynnen etc. 
To overseers £3 apiece. Residue between three children. Exec- 
utors: children, Humfry and Elizabeth. Overseers: Maister 
Decrofte of London, merchant, Richard Mountney, William Mor- 
rys, and Thomas Morris, my kinsmen. Controversy between me 
and my brother, Cuthbert Lynd. I have the broade Seale of 
England for a matter between me and the Statesmen of Lubeck, 
chief part of my estate. To eurie of my brother's children £20 
out of said recovery. To Jane, Thomasine, and Margaret, 
daughters of my sister Margaret Morris, £50 apiece. Cosen 
Widow Marshall. To Kinsmen Isaac Morris, and Humfry Mor- 
ris, To Elizabeth Goodwin and Anne Johnson, my sister's 
daughters. Witnesses : Robert Yarington, Scr. William Mor- 
rice, Humfry Morrice. 

Commission to William Morrice during minor estate of Execu- 
tors. Proved by Humfry Lynd, one of the Executors, power 
reserved, 25 May 1612. 

Harte, 27. 

Richard Lyon of Weste Twiforde, Middlesex, Esquior. Will 
21 December 1579; proved 1 March 1579. To be buried in 
chancell of my parish church of West Twydorse. As to lands in 
Counties of Nottingham and Yorke to prevent quarrell between 
sons Henrie Lyon and John Lyon all conveyances to son John to 
stand etc. Manor of Elton county Notts, and other land with 
my grange in County York except tenement in occupation of 
Thomas Rosse in Elton aforesaid to son Henry Lyon and heirs 
and then to son John then to my three daughters Ann, Dorothie 
and Audrie but void to any interfering with conveyances, or if 
son Henry interfere to son John in counties Middlesex, Berks and 
Oxf orde etc. to him no estates in said Manor of Elton, Notts and 
Brayto-? grange Yorks etc. not to frustrate conveyances from 
John of Kennington Thorpe weeke and Northcott county Berks 


and West Twiforde, Middlesex etc. To son Henry £25 in place 
of £20 from legacy of my father Henry Lyon his grandfather. 
To Dorothy Lyon daughter of brother George L. £20 legacy of 
her father Henry Lyon and son John to be kept at Inns of Courte. 
Rest to wiffe Isabell executrix. Supervisor: Son in law Hum- 
frey Hide gent. To daughter Awdrie Lyon two milch kyne. 
To children of daughter Anne Hinde £10. To children of 

daughter Dorothie Hyde ditto. To servant S Reve 40s. 

and one cowe. To servant Edward Goodwyn six ewes and in 
money 3s. 4d. To Nicholas Temple 20s. To Mr. Pearson 10s. 
Witnesses : Humf ry Hide, Frances Hurlock, Henrye Lyon, John 
Lyon, John Peirse W a ' Page. 

Arundell, 11. 

Will of John Maninge of London. Will proved 1 April 1632. 
Cozen Bayles — wife and children. 

Audley, 45. 

Thomas Mildmay. Will 10 April 1601. Framlingham. "in 

occupation of ( ) Goodinge of Chelmsford. 

Woodhall, 34. 

Thomas More, Gorleston, Countie Suffolk, merchant, at the 
present time being resident in Gorleston. Will 14 January 
1 573/4- To be buried in chauncell of church of Gorleston To 
poore of Gorleston at buriall 40s. at discretion of executrix. 
To churchwardens of Gorleston for reparation of church 20s. To 
daughter in lawe Fraunces Woodgate £5. To Harry Shrewed 
£10 and apparell except such as was my father's deceased. To 
Thomas Tower £5 and best gelding. To eldest sonn Thomas 
More £40 at 21. To eldest daughter Elizabeth 100 marks at 20. 
To youngest daughter Alice 100 marks at marriage etc. To wief 
Margaret all lands for lief then to son Thomas More all lands 
in Greate Yarmouth and also my greate messuage in occupation 
of John Gedge in Bradwell, Countie of Suffolk. To my sonn 
William More £26. 13s. 4d. at 21, also after decease of my wief 
Margaret my moietie of the greate messuag in occupation of 
Thomas Mykylburgh in Bradwell aforesaid and if both Thomas 
and William die before 21 to daughters Elizabeth and Alice and 
if all die etc. to heirs of wief Margaret in fee simple. Residue 


to wief Margaret executrix. Witnesses: Jo: Morres, Thomas 
Tower, William Warold, William Huggins, Henry Sherewood, 
Peter Elsing the writer. This is a true Copye vnder seall of said 
Thomas More etc. copyed out by Mr. Symond Smyth of Beccles. 
24 September 1579. Administration to Henry Sherewood and 
Margaret Sherewood als Woodgate children of Margaret Sher- 
wood als More, late relict and executrix, during the minority of 
children Thomas, William, Elizabeth and Alice More, said execu- 
trix having died before taking any execution of will. 
Bakon, 37. 

John More, parsonne or rector of the church of Great Comber- 
ton, wythin the Dyocese of Worcester, Clerke Will 2 March 
1585/6; proved 20 February 1586/7. To poore of parish of 
Mounslowe 26s. 8d. To paveinge of the alley in the church of 
Mounslowe 15s. To poore of parishes of Eaton and Rusburye 
26s. 8d. To poore of town of Much Wenlock £3. , all to be paid 
out of rents in Ascotte and thonglande and said rentes in Ascotte 
and thonglande, countie Saloppe, to nephew Thomas More, then 
to Charles Moore son of said Thomas and heyres male etc etc. 
To Alyce More daughter of Thomas More my greatest brasse 
panne and ten pieces of pewter. To Margery More ditto, my 
second ditto and best caltherne of brasse and ten ditto. To 
Francys More son of Thomas More best brass potte, best sylver 
spoone and best broche and two candelsticks of brasse. To said 
Charles More syluer spoone with my name ingraven. To 
Edward More and Andrew More sons of Thomas More two 
sylver spoones. To every cottager and poore man in Comberton 
Magnam a pecke of wheate and barley. To servant John Towlye 
one sythe. To town of Comberton Magnum to mending of high- 
wayes 2s. Rest to nephew Thomas More executor. Witnesses : 
William Coverdale, clerk William Marshe, John Westonn, Leon- 
ard Baugh, Andrew More, Margarett More and others. 
Spencer, 12. 

Mary Morrice of the Liberty of the Tower of London, widow. 
Will 15 February 1653/4; proved 27 February 1653/4. I give 
to Master Thomas Baylye and Mistris Katherine Bayly and 
Master Nicholas Humphrey 20s. apiece and to my maid servent 
that now liveth with me a serge mourning gown. To my son 


Thomas Newman, mourning cloak etc. To Mistris Jane Hum- 
phrey, silver tankard. To Mistris Suzan Perrye, my ring with a 
white stone. To Jane Bannister, my ring with a small diamond 
and a ruby. To my son Thomas Newman, 48 acres land in the 
Lew ward and 10 acres of land in Scotland and 120 ft. land next 
the state house at the bridge, all lying in the Island of Barbadoes, 
and all debts etc. due to me or my late husband Thomas Morrice, 
deceased, by or from any persons in the Island of Barbadoes. 
Should the said Thomas Newman be dead at the time of my 
death, then I bequeath all the above to my son in law George 
Newman. In like manner I give the money due for the service 
of my late husband from Captain Reade for 22 month's service. 
To my sister Elizabeth Katherine, all my ready money, household 
stuff, wearing apparrell, etc., and a share of the prize money due 
to my husband and a debt of g\i due upon the bill assigned to me 
by Master Thomas Wade, and all other money due from Master 
Wade upon accounts, also the money due for 8 months diet for 
Jane Banister, and all other my personal estate. I appoint her 
to pay my doctor 50s. I owe him and 12 li for my burial. Execu- 
tors : my brother John Parris of Barbadoes and my said sister 
Elizabeth Katherine. Signed Mary Morris. Witnesses : Thomas 
Parris, Peter Pery. Proved by Elizabeth Katherine, reservation 
to other executor. 

Alchin, 21. 

Thomas Niclas, Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambs. yeoman. Will 22 
October 1596: proved 3 February 1596. To Thomas my 

younger son To my wife Dorothy a messuage. To 

William Niclas my elder son my messuage which I late bought of 
Richard Ballarde etc. To Elizabeth, Dorothy and Mary my three 
daughters each £40. To poor of Swaffham Bulbeck £5 and £5 
to be kept as a stock for the poor. To Agnes, Marjorie, Parnell 
and Lawrence Bucke, four of my sister's children each 10/- at 
21. To Elizabeth and Mary Parphie each 6/8. To John Niclas 
my brother 20/-. To John Parphie my brother-in-law 26/8. 
Executrix my wife Dorothy. Witnesses: John Graunge, Mar- 
ten Folkes, Thomas Greene, John Huberd and Richard Thorne- 

Cobham, 7. 


John Nicholas, parson of Chesehorowe (Chiselborough?), 
Somerset, Clerk. Will 19 April 1553 : proved 8 January 1576/7. 
To be buried in the chancel of the parish church of Cheseborowe. 
To the cathedral church of Wells 3s. 4d. To poor men's box at 
Cheseborowe 3s. 4d. To the repairing of the chapel of West 
Chimmock 13s. 4d. To Mr. Heathe 3s. 4d. To Sir John Stacie, 
Vicar of Merroitt, gown etc. To Mr. Thomas Rawepot, cotte. 
To Sir John Reypot, gown etc. To Thomas Fyrrette 40s. To 
Nicholas Wall of South Petherton 40s. To Robert Call of 
Blandford 40s. To Harrie Still sheets. To Symon Godsell 
coate etc. To Mr. Freake, Vicar of Montagewe Opera Nausee. 
The residue of my goods to Mr. John Criche, Vicar of Chard- 
stock, he executor. Witnesses : Sir John Rey, prieste, Simon 
Godsell. Thomas Fyrrett owes me £6. 13s. 4d, at Michaelmas 
next 12 months £3 6s. 8d, and the following Michaelmas £3 12s. 
6d. Sir Giles Strangwaies, knight sett by John Craddock at two 
Tymes £16 13s 4d. 

Daughtry, 2. 

Oliver Otway, citizen and merchant taylor of London. Will 
23 August 1593; proved 19 November 1593 To Elizabeth Ball 
daughter of sister Ball £40 at marriage or 21. To William 
Duppe £30 at 21 etc. To first child borne of sister Sutton £20 at 
21 or marriage. To my father Robert Otwey £10. To Mr. Wil- 
liam Cowper, preacher £5. To Mr. Egerton, preacher £4. To 
Richard Milles 40s. To George Rowe £3. To Mr. Smithe, 
scholmaster 40s. To Mris Hawse 30s. for ring. To Francis her 
mayd £3. To the poore £10 at discretion of executors., Mr. 
Cowper and Mr. Egerton. To Richard Large 20s. To Ann, my 
brother Richard, his sonn 20s. and my mother Elizabeth Otwey 
£5, and my sister Otwey £5. To my sister Rose £5. To my 
sister Sutton £5. To my sister Duppe £5. To John my brother 
Balls man 10s and Roger Baylie 10s. To Joan my Mr. Ball's 
mayde 20s. To my sister Alis her maide 10s. To Richard Easte 
10s. To Abraham Mills 20s. Rest to brother Richard Otwey 
executor. Overseer : George Rowe Witnesses : George Rowe, 
Richard Miller, Richard Easte. 

Nevell, 82. 

Richard Otwaye of Rudgweeke, county Sussex, yeoman. 
Will 28 February 1614; proved 24 March 1619. My body to be 


buried in the churchyard of the parish church at Rudgweeke. 
My executors to pay my debts and the residue of my goods I 
bequeath unto my five children viz : my two sons Philipp and 
George and unto my three daughters Katherine, Mary and Anne, 
sons at 21, daughters at 18 or marriage. Executors: friends 
William Thayre and Richard Napper of Rudgweeke, yeomen, 
and Robert Mosse the younger of the same. Witnesses : Wm 
Wadye, Leonard Dickenson. Proved by William Thaier and 
Robert Mose with power reserved for Richard Napper the other 

Rudd, 26. 

Richard Otwaie, cittizen and m'chantaylor of London. Will 
23 December 1621 ; proved 17 January 1621/22. To wife Eliza- 
beth Otway all goods and plate in an house in Felmersham, 
County Bedforde, also £1000. To my sister Alice Strenton £10. 
To my sister Rose Roe £4 a year for five years. To Elizabeth 
MooreCrofte 4s. weeklye ditto. To George Roe £5. To poore 
pensioners of yeomanry of Company of Merchantaylors £5 I lent 
to Company for provision of Corne. To Nicholas Gerrard, his 
children £50 each at marriage or 21. To Thomas Browne his 
children ditto. To Richard Estcott senior, and his son John 
Escott black cloak for coats. To John Some and William Kensey 
mourning cloaks. To Thomas Browne £5 for ring and to his 
now wife Elizabeth £3. To my servants Euseby Bettle and John 
Phirne £5 etc. To my maids, Margaret Musgrove and Elizabeth 
Kidder ditto. To other maid Joan 20s. To apprentice Thomas 
Lech £10. To poor of St. Augustine £10. To Mr. Dillingham 
preacher of Deare £10. To Mr. Peter Buckly, parson of Odill, 
£10. To poore of Felsmarsham 20s. To Judith Grinde of Odill 
£3. To Thomas Norman, carpenter 30s. To John Norman 20s. 
To Mr. Nicholas Craven, Mercer £3. To Elizabeth Jerrard and 
Nicholas Gerard £5. To Susan Leche wife of John Leche of 
Felsmarsham black cloak for gowne. To Agnes Lavender wife 
of Richard Lavender the same. To Jane Plumer wife of John 
Plumer and Greatman Leach widow ditto. Rest to Nicholas 
Gerrard executor. Overseers : Thomas Brown and George 
Joyes. Witnesses: Henry Segrave, George Joyes with Euseby 

Savile, 1. 


George Otway, Rockburn, County Southton, Clerke. Will 25 
August 1639; proved 6 July 1640. To faithfull wife Rachell 
Otwey my house at Cole Corner and Sariem, bedstede etc. also 
lease of my dwelling called the Brick house in Rockburn with 
orchards and Davies Close. To wife three quarters of wheat 
to keep house and children for a year also booke of Martyrs, 3 
vols, and Mr. Perkins his works 3 vols. To my sonn Thomas 
Otway, daughter of sonn Arthur Otway, all Hebrewe, Greeke 
and Latyn books. To my sonn Thomas Otway my booke of 
comon pleas wherein is the choicest and marrowe of all my read- 
ings. To eldest daughter Abigail Otway all Dr. Preston's. To 
my daughter Lane, Jerome's dying song. To my daughter 
Katherin Baines £10 and works of Mr. Paul Baines. Rest to 
younger children Mary, Rachell, Richard and George Otway. 
Overseers : son in law Mr. Jeremy Baynes and neighbour Walter 

Coventry, 99. 

John Overton, Chetton, diocese of Hereford. Will 5 Novem- 
ber 1583; proved 1 February 1583/4. To Cathedral church of 
Hereford 4d. To church of Chetton 6d. To sonne Richard 
Overton one bull of two yeares old. To sonne Richards three 
children three lambes. To Richard Overton's son John my god- 
son after decease of my wife Margaret all manner of ymplements 
etc both woode and yron, and to said John Overton £5. House to 
wief Margaret and son Thomas Overton etc. etc. Rest to ditto 
executrix. Debts owing me John Overton. Michael Moiny 20s. 
Francis Fallras £3. 13s. od. William Heade 6s. 8d. Roger 
Coltman 5s. Humphrey Tikian 6s. 8d. Thomas Smallwood 10s. 
Witnesses : Will : Wrednell, clerk, Nathaniel Bullock, Richard 
Bucke, Thomas Smallwood. 

Butts, 25. 

Lawrence Overton of London, merchant Will 3 September 
1612; proved 16 September 1612. To brother Joseph Overton 
£100. To sister Beckett £50. To daughter Elizabeth Sparkes 
£50 To daughter Elizabeth Kindricke £300. To sonne John 
Kendricke £100 To daughter Katherine Kindricke £20. To 
my brother Owsley his two daughters Katherine and Ellen £10 
each. Forgive brother Nicholas Owsley debt of £120 I lent him. 
To cousin William Chalkhill £30 beside £20 I owe him. To cosen 


Sibella Fowler £10. To poore of St. Andrew Vndershaft, Lon- 
don where I am parishioner £10. To servante Mathewe Leigh 
£20. To Richard Gryffyn my servant at Crayf ord 40s. To maid 
servant Mary Noble £5. To ditto Mary Fitche 40s. To Martha 
Norrys that was my servant 40s. To Walter my servant 40s. 
To Jane the nurse £5. To Edmund Howe mourning cloake etc. 
etc. To wife Mary Overton 2000 marks and lease of my dwell- 
ing house over the gate, all household stuffe etc. etc. To Mr. 
Doctor Dix £5. As most of estate is beyond seas executor not 
to. pay for two years etc. Rest to sonne in law George Chamber- 
layne, executor. Overseers : brother John Merrick and friend 
Mr. Richard Chamberlayne. Witnesses : William Jones, scriv- 
ener, Nicholas Burr servant to said scr, Mathewe Leigh. 
Fenner, 86. 

Nicholas Overton (deceased over seas P. A.) Will 13 March 
1618/19 proved 4 October 1621. To brother Richard Overton 
and John Willcox all wages due from Wor 11 Comp y . To Francis 
Browne all in the shipping both linnen and wollen. Witnesses : 

Dale, 86. 

Andrew Overton, cittizen and haberdasher of London Will 

29 January 1622/3; proved 5 February 1622/3. To wife Ellia- 
nor half e of goodes as by custom of London. To Beatrice Smal- 
man daughter of Stephen Smalman of Wilderhope, Salop, gent, 
towards her virtuaous bringeinge vpp £20 to be payd by her vncle 
Thomas Lawley for her use. To Mary Kendricke my maide 
servannt £5. To poore of Munckhappon, Salope, where I was 
borne 40s. at discretion of my father and brother Morris. 
Residue in three partes one to said brother Morris Overton, one 
to Mary Churchman daughter of my cousin Ozias Churchman 
cittizen and marchanttaylor of London, and the other thirde parte 
to George Sheppard, sonne of my cousin George Sheppard, citti- 
zen and grocer of London. Executors : said Ozias Churchman 
and said George Sheppard the father. Witnesses : Talbot Rath- 
bond, Raphe Hartley. 

Swann, 19. 

Marie Overton of London, widow. Will 5 Julie 1628; proved 

30 December 1628. To parson and churchwardens of St. 


Andrew Vndershaft, London, wherein I am parishioner for vse 
of poor £10. To my brother Sir John Merricke, Knight £20. 
To my daughter in lawe Elizabeth Kendricke £5 To my neece 
Catherine Wright wife of Robert Wrighte £5. To neece Hellen 
James wife of Richard James £5 and coverlettt which was her 
fathers. To Thomas Sparkes nowe servant to my said son in 
law John Poole Alderman 40s. To Samuell Cowley ditto 30s. 
To John Poole son of Thomas Poole now student in Cambridge 

To Mary Gowge now maide servant of my daughter Anne 

Poole 20s. To said son in law John Poole £100 etc. Rest to 
daughter Anne Poole wife of son in law John Poole, executrix. 
Moneys to be expended by John Poole for purchase of land for 
my daughter Ann Poole. Witnesses : Jo : Merrick, Henrie Ball. 
Barrington, 112. 

William Ouerton of Exall in the county of the city of Coventry 
yeoman. Will 8 February 1631/2; proved 15 November 1632. 
To be buried in Exall churchyard. To sonn William Overton 
£25 at 21. To daughter Marie Overton £20 ditto. To daughter 
Hannah Overton ditto. Rest to wife Ann Overton executrix. 
Witnesses: Nicholas Selly, Anthony Bugges. 
Audley, 117. 

William George Overton, Ludlowe, Co. Salop. Will 9 April 
1639; proved 10 June 1639. To my daughter Anne £14-6-0. in 
the hands of John Dewsall of Farley Co. Hereford, the same is 
to be paid by the said John £5 every two years. To my daughter 
Katherine wife of John Williams £4 and the charges of suite for 
the same due in the hands of William Thomas of Midleton. To 
Elinor my daughter £1-8-0 in the hands of Richard Lewis, 
Smith, of this town of Ludlowe. To my said daughter Kath- 
erine the sum of £1-18-0 in the hands of Richard Hughes of 
Ludlowe. To my daughter Anne the sum of £3-2-8 in the hands 
of Richard Perry of Galvert also £1-9-0 due to me from William 
Jordan of Cowstreete. To my daughters Katherine and Ellinor 
the sum of £4 in the hands of Griffith James of Llongallo. To 
my daughter Anne £1-6-0 the hire of a cow for four years and 
16/- for a horse in the hands of Edward ap Thomas of the parish 
of Canbysler. To the said Katherine 30/- in the hands of John 
Cheese of Saint Jones. To my daughters Katherine and Ellinor 


1 8/- in the hands of James Bowne and 15/- in the hands of Wil- 
liam Hughes both of Ludlow. Also to Katherine and Anne 
twelve sheep in the hands of William Lewis of Blaym' Glyn, 
equally of the price of £2-8-8. Executrix my daughter Anne. 
Witnesses; Robert Price (his mark), Elizabeth Cheese, John 

Harvey, 109. 

Humfrey Overton, of the parish of Lynley, Salop, labourer. 
Will 11 August 1639, proved 11 November 1639. To Walter 
Overton's children first to John Overton 40/- then to Joane 
Overton 40/- then to Edward Overton 20/- and to Francis Over- 
ton 40/- To Fidion Overton's two children Walter and Anne 
Overton 40/- apiece. To Francis Overton, Mary Overton, 
Mareye Overton, Charles Overton, Rebecca Overton and Thomas 
Overton, my brother Thomas Overton's children 40/- apiece, 
they that be at age to receive their 40/- and the rest when they 
come to age. To Thomas Clu his children 20/- i.e. 5/- apiece. 
Executor; Thomas Overton, my brother. Humfrey Overton's 
mark. Sealed and delivered to my executor named in the pres- 
ence and sight of Richard Jones, Francis Overton, Frances 
Owens clerke. 

Harvey, 171. 

Jerom Overton, St. Peeters in the Chissull (St. Peter Cheese 
Hill?) on the Soke neere the Citty of Winchester, county of 
Southton. f ellmonger. Nuncupative will 19 August 1642 ; proved 
4 November 1642. All to my children. Executor : brother John 
Overton. Witnesses : Thomas Bamond, John Smyth. 
Campbell, 125. 

Valentine Overton, Bedworth, County of Warwick, Clerke. 
Will 15 January 1646/7; proved 30 August 1647. ^ en d m y 
dayes in Bedworth to be enterred by deare wife Isabell Overton 
in Chancell of Bedworth church between her coffin and the 
South wall. As God blessed me in Dayes of my Pilgrimage to 
make me father of ten children (whereof one is not) and the 
rest in my lifetime settled in honest callings and so to my wife 
Anne Overton £60 I had with her in marriage in hands of my 
son Richard Overton, also to wife Ann Hall of personall estate 


etc. To son Richard Overton in. 7s. 2d. lent unto the Parle- 
ment vppon the proposition for plate and money, also to son 
Richard Overton my siluer can. To son William Overton twenty 
of my best books at his choice. Rest of personall estate to rest 
of children, viz : Valentine, Charles, Henry, Elizabeth wife of 
Sabath Clarke, Isabell late wife of Ephram Hunt, Catherin wife 
of Samuell Clerke, Grace wife of Frances Smith and Elizabeth 
late wief of my son John Overton etc. etc. Part for son Valen- 
tine and Charles not to be put in their hands but disposed by 
Executors for good of their children etc. To Robb : Lukas late 
servant £4 when Doctor Clark's bond of £100 is received. To 
late servant Ann Greene 40s. To poor of Exhall 40s. Over- 
seers : Sonnes, Henry Overton and Samuel Clerke. No wit- 

Fines, 172. 

William Overton of Cambridge, draper, made 12 March, 
1646-7; proved 12 August 1647. I bequeath my soul unto 
Almighty God, not doubting but that when God shall seperate 
my soul from my body, my soul shall be conveyed into the bosom 
of my Saviour ; although the worms shall eat this body, yet with 
these eyes I shall behold my Saviour, and sing praises with the 
holy saints and angels to God Almighty and my Saviour Jesus 
Christ. I bequeath unto Mary my wife, whom I make my sole 
executrix, all my goods and chattels whatsoever, for payment 
of my debts, and what shall remain over and above I bequeath to 
her. If my moveables shall not be sufficient to pay my debts and 
legacies, I will that the lease I hold of the mayor, bailiffs, and 
burgesses of Cambridge of certain tenements there shall be sold 
by my executrix towards payment of the same; and if need be, 
the lease of the house where I now dwell, holden of St. John's 
College in Cambridge. And I desire that my wife shall bestow 
upon some of my friends and kindred such legacies for remem- 
brance of me as she shall think fitting. And whereas there is 
in Dr. Thomas Paske his hands about the sum of £100, which he 
received of my sister Margaret, late wife of Mr. John Paske, late 
of Cambridge, late deceased, I will my executrix shall do her 
utmost endeavour to obtain the same out of his hands, it being 
due to me ; and when the same shalbe recovered, I will that John 
Paske, Thomas Paske, Robert Paske, William Paske and Henry 


Paske my brothers in law, shall have the same equally among 
them. And I desire my friends Mr. Samuel Spalden and one 
Thomas Buckley to be supervisors of this my will ; and for their 
love, kindness and pains, I give to each of them 40s. (signed) 
William Overton. Witnesses : Robert Flacke, Mary Heath. 
Proved by the executrix named. 

Fines, 181. 

Henry Overton of London. Will 18 November 1646; proved 
11 August 1648. To sonne Nathaniell £100. To my daughter 
Elizabeth £300. To Mr. John Goodwin my Reverend Pastor £5. 
To my brother Valentine Overton and brother Charles Overton 
£5 apiece To poore members of that congregation of which I 
am a member, Mr. John Goodwin being Pastor, to be distributed 
as Mr. Goodwin and any four of our brethren thinke fitt. To 
Alice Kirkman 30s. To Elizabeth Chambers 20s., to be paid to 
these two maides as executrix think mete. Discharge Nurse 
Savill what she oweth being not much. Legacies to sons 
Nathaniel and Henry when of age and to my daughter Elizabeth 
at marriage or 20. Residue of goods to wife and lease of my 
shopp in Popeshead Alley with all bookes and paper copies of 
bookes and stock of money due mee in the Stationers Hall and 
due mee in the Bible stock late erected in the Company of Sta- 
tioners and all debts due. Executrix: wife Elizabeth Overton. 
Overseers : my father Robert Saunders my brother Richard 
Overton, Mr. John Peirse and Mr. William Gray in Birchin Lane. 
Witness : Robert Sanders. 

Essex, 127. 

Thomas Ouerton, Morton Morrell, (Warwickshire) Will 4 
November 165 1 ; proved 7 January 165 1/2. To my foure sonnes 
£17 apece at 20, sonne John Overton to have my house in War- 
wick and £20. To my two daughters £100 apeece at 18. If wife 
marry to pay to my six children £20 more. Executrix: wife 
Margaret Overton. Withnesses : Thos. Reynolles, Joane Middle- 
ton. Overseers : Tho. Rainoldes, John Tew. 
Bowyer, 11. 

Henry Overton (of Canterbury— P .A.) Will 1 January 
1650/1; proved 11 October 1654. (sic so recorded but entered 


in book for 1652) To sonne John Micheler (? change for 
Micheller) £20 at 21 and if he die to my sonne in lawe Richard 
Edwards and Mary his wife. To Anne Pease theldest daughter 
of William Peas £10 and to Mr. Peas and his wife Ann Peas 40s. 
for two ringes. To Mary Edwards my wife's daughter and her 
three children £10. To my daughter in law Elizabeth Young £20. 
To Ellen Johnson my wife's daughter now in Barbathees £20. 
To cozen Mary Arnall thelder and her two daughters Marie and 
Elizabeth Arnell £40 to buy lease of house where she pleaseth. 
If my bond of £200 be delivered to executrix etc. To cosen John 
Arnall a Professor in Physick all my Phisick and Phisick Bookes 
and 20s. for ring with my name engraven or else not. To my maid 
Elizabeth Davis for faithful service £5 to buy a gown. To poore 
of Allfage by Cripplegate 40s. to be disposed by Mr. Fassit my 
faithf till pastor that either is or was minister of that place. Rest 
to be sold for debts. To cosen Richard Overton £5 for mourning 
cloake. Executor nephew Mr. Richard Overton. Sealed 5th 
January 1651. Witness: John Evans, Scr. 
Bowyer, 173. 

Joan Payne als Godden, City of Bath, County Somerset. 
Administration 3 May 1642 to husband Thomas Payne. 
Administration Act Book 1641-42, folio 127. 

John Peppys of Debden, Essex, Esq. 18 November, 5 Edward 
VI, proved 30 January 1551. Sister Margaret wife of John 
Fryke the elder. Edmunde Goodinge, John Goodinge the elder, 
John Goodinge the younger, and George Goodinge children of 
my sister Elizabeth. Wife Johane, Johane Bray of London 
widow, sometime wife of brother William Peppys, cousin Wil- 
liam Godinge als Goodwyn and John Corbett of Walden super- 

Powell, 2. 

Thomas Pope, Sainte Sauiors in Southwork, Surrey, gentle- 
man. Will 22 July 1603; proved 13 February 1603/4. To be 
buried in church called Saint Saviours. To setting up monu- 
ment £20. To poore of libertie wherein I dwell £3. To Suzan 
Gasquine whom I have brought up ever since she was borne £100 
and also occupation of house where I dwell for life if lease con- 


tinue as made by Francis Langley, draper, deceased etc. and if 
Suzan die to my brother John Pope etc. To brother John Pope 
tenement to East side of ym saide dwelling house wherein John 
Moder dwelleth during lease etc. To Marie Clarke alias Wood 
tenement to West side of dwelling house where John Holland 
dwelleth during lease made by said Francis Langley and after her 
death to Thomas Bromeley who was baptized in St. Andrewes 
Vndershaft in London. "Item I give and bequeath to the said 
Marie Clarke alias Woode and to the said Thomas Bromeley as 
well all my part right Title and interest which I have or ought to 
have of in and to all that Playhouse with the appurtenances called 
the Curtein situated and beinge in Hallywell in the parish of 
saint Leonardes in Shoarditche in the Countie of Middlesex. As 
also all my part estate and interest whiche I have or ought to 
have of in and to all that Playhouse with the appurtenances called 
the Globe in the parish of Sainte Saviours in the County of 
Surrey." To said Thomas Bromeley £50 and my cheyne of 
gould of £30. 10s. od. value at 21 and his mother meanwhile 
to receive legacies putting in securities to bring up the boy and if 
he die, said £50 and cheyne to said Marie Clarke als Woode and 
if said Marie Clarke als Woode die said £50 to Thomas Bromely. 
To Agnes Web my mother £20. To my brother John Pope £20. 
To brother William Pope £20. To children of said John and 
William Pope £10. To Robert Gough and John Edwans all 
apparell and all my armes. To cozen Thomas Owen £5. To 
friend John Jacson ring with square diamonde. To Marie Clarke 
als Woode half my plate. To Suzan Gasquine other y z To 
Dorothie Clarck sister of Marie Clarke als Wood, gold ringe with 
five opalles. Rest of ringes to Goodwife Willingson nowe keper 
of my house. To friend Basill Nicholl scrivenor £5. To neigh- 
bour and friend John Wrence £5. Residue to my mother, my 
brothers and their children. Executors : Basil Nicholl, John 
Wrence. Witnesses : John Wrence, John Edmans. Sentence 
13 February 1602/3 confirming will in suit between Marie Clark 
als Woode of one parte and Basil Nicholls executor and Law- 
rence Lutter guardian of Suzan Gasquine of the other part. 
Harte, 12. 

Gabriell Poyntz, Northe Okendon, Essex, Knighte. Will 23 
July 1606; proved 21 January 1607/8. To Elizabeth Morris 


eldest daughter of my daughter Ladye Katherine Morris, 
deceased, late wife vnto Sr John Morris of Chipping Ongar, 
Essex, Knighte £400. To Anne Morris another daughter ditto, 
ditto. To William Burton £5. Which £810 (sic) I leave in 
readye money at my house in North Ockendon in Essex and my 
house called Bevis Marke als Henage house at London. Residue 
of goods to 20s. by the yeare to be employed vppon mayntenance 
of the monuments, tombes, vawltes, etc. I have caused to be 
made in North Chappell of church of North Ockendon for ever. 
Nothing in will to revoke payments in deeds of all my lands to 
Richard Calles and William Calles Esquires. To Audrey Poyntz 
and Susan Poyntz daughters of late sonne Thomas Poyntz 
deceased. Executor: Sir John Morris aforesaid. There is £6 
due vnto two of my Sister Burtons daughters she had by Arnell 
by my wife's request £3 paid other £3 to be paid. 
Windebanck, 3. 

James Ratcliffe of St. Laurence Pountney, London, grocer, 
4 Tuly 1576 proved 24 May 1578. Brother Thomas Ratcliffe. 
Son Chalenor. Son William Ratcliffe. Son Robert Goodinges. 
Wife Elizabeth. 

Langley, 21. 

Grace Roades of Charterhouse Lane, widow. Will 12 May 
1635 ; proved 29 June 1635. Brother William Fulwell. Nephew 
Robert Petit, clerk, and his wife and their children. Anne Petit 
widow his mother and my sister. Anne his sister married to 
Thomas Thoroughgood. "Nephew Thomas Goodwyn. "Neeces 
Grace and Susan Goodwyn." Brother in law Giles Smarte. 
Sadler, 69. 

Marie Roberts of London, widow. Will 22 February 1602 ; 
proved 3 January 1605. To widow of Robert Durante. To sons 
of Martin Smith by my daughter. "To my son in law John 
Goodwyn of London, grocer" 1 "To daughter Katherine Good- 

Stafford, 3. 

Thomas Rowe, citizen and Alderman of London 2 May 1569, 
proved 30 Oct. 1570. To be buried in Hackney. Wife Mary. 


Brother in law John Goodwyne and sister Anne Goodwyne and 
their children. Brother in law Mr Nicholas Lodington and sister 
Avys Lodington and their children. Mr William Goodwyne, 
mercer. Brother in law Edmond Graham. Brother John Gra- 
ham. Son in law Thomas Randall. Brother in law Mr Thomas 
Eton (or Eaton). Children Henry, William, Robert, Mary 
Randall and Elizabeth Rowe. 

Lyon, 29. 

Dame Mary Rowe, widow, late wife of Sir Thomas Rowe, 
knight, late citizen and Alderman of London. Will 21 March 
1579. Sealed 22 March. 'To my loving sister in law Ann 
Goodwyn late wyfe to John Goodwyn deceased a ringe of goulde 
of 40s. or 40s. in money." 

Rowe, 1. 

Dame Mary Rowe, widow, relict of Sir Thomas Rowe, citizen, 
Alderman of London, 21 March 1579, proved 18 January 1582, 
(these are codicils dated 9 and 10 Nov. 1582). Brothers Wil- 
liam and Edmonde Gresham. Sister Ursula Lewson. Brother 
in law James Ellyott and sister Elizabeth his wife. Sister in law 
Anne Goodwyn late wife to John Goodwyn deceased. 
Rowe, 1. 

John Seymour. Great Marlowe, Countie of Buckingham, gent. 
Will 7 October 1565; proved 12 December 1567. If I die within 
Great Marlowe to be buried in church of Great Marlowe nere my 
wives pewe. To eight poore Labouringe men to beare me to 
church and lay my body in grave 8s. To vicar of Marlowe 20s. 
To poor at burial £3. To wief Alice use of gooddes and plate in 
my house at Sante Albones. To wife Alice said house for life 
then to Edward Grace etc. To sister Julian Akerode widdowe 
£10 also six loodes of Billettes yerelie for 10 years to be brought 
to Heye wharf or some other wharf of London. Also to said 
sister Julian rente out of house and acre of London joyning the 
same house which Walker Bargeman holdeth of me also yerelie 
rent of 20s. which William Bates of Marlowe payeth for Spys- 
felds and 13s. 4d. which Johan Ethrydge widdow payethe for 
Littell Close beyond the Chappell and the paled ground next 
Cutberts Rouse with the acres ioyning to said paled grounds and 
the acre and half of land she holdeth of me in Threshanger said 


rent amounting to for 40 years yelding rent to Land- 
lord, my fee in Grete Marlow if lawfully asked 4d. To William 
Hayes son of John Heys Skynner of London one acre of meade 
and ditto of arable lande in Marlow feilde late parcell of the 
Chantry I purchased now in occupation of John Matthew tailor 
for yearly rent of 5s. also garden Plott in Dean Land and two 
Yz acres in the Fields late parcell of said Chantrie Land now in 
occupation of John Matthew for 2S. 4d. rente. To Johan Wilkin- 
son now wife of Rawlin Baker of London my house in Marlow 
acre of lande in orcharde late of the Chantrie in which Leonard 
Coates, bricklayer, dwelleth for 8s. rent for her lief then to John 
Rowlins her sonne. To servant Austen one mattress, bolster etc. 
To Johan Pyng daughter of John Pyng of St. Albones a cow, 
best bras pot etc. To Ann Bee 5 marks. To poore at moneth 
mynde 40s. in bread also for sixty years 10 loads of wood yerely 
of such as will not run to tall wood in billets, also five bushel of 
wheat baken in wheaten bread etc, also wood for sixty years for 
repair of bridge at Marlow as needed felled at coste of bridge 
makers. Wife Alice to have profits of rest of trees for thirty-nine 
years but if she marry or die Hugh Dawson Cooke to have profits 
and if he die syster Julian Akerodde and Vincent Marks her son. 
To my servant Humf rey baker 40s. To my boy Edwarde Grace 
£5 and second gelding. To Roff 20s. To John Kedinge 40s. 
To Alice Birch 20s. Supervisor: Mr. John Goodwin Esquier 
and to him 5 marks. To John Murffinch £10. To John Cotterell 
of London, salter £5. To Thomas Sandes £5. Residue to wiffe 
Alice and sister Julian for deeds of charitie vppon my poore 
kyndred with others power with advice of Mr. Goodwin afore- 
said. Executors : said wief Alice and Hugh Dawson. To sister 
Ellin Somers girle 20s. To Clement Swelzer 20s. To servant 
Richard Lommys £3. 6s. 8d. To Agnes Bowyer 20s. To 
Richard Bowyer my night gowne with fyches. To William Daye 
my gowne furred with f oxe. To Heugh Dawson £20. To Ellin 
late my brother Thomas's wief £5. To Agnes her mayde servant 
40s. Thomas Sandes to have my Parsonage of Marlowe but not 
to take any letters during lief of my wief Alice. No witnesses. 
Stonarde, 36. 

John Skelton, West Haningfield. Will 8 July 1603. "To 
Thomazin Goodgyn 20s." 

Harte, 59. 


William Smith the elder of Woodbridge, county Suffolk, mer- 
chant. Will 18 July 1585. Agnes Palmer my daughter wife of 
Robert Palmer of Hofton in Norfolk. Daughter Merabill wife 
of George Goodwyn of Woodbridge, Draper. To Agnes Good- 
wyn daughter to George Goodwyn being my neece. Executor : 
George Goodwin. 

Windsor, 34. 

Arthur Somersett. Will 22 January 1528/9; proved 20 May 
1529. To be buried in St. Nicholas church in town of Caleis in 
chapel of St. Thomas. To High awter in said church 3s. 4d. 
To the Resurrection in said church 6s. 8d. To the Maisendieu 
in towne of Caleis 10s. To por prisoners in said town 3s. 4d. 
To Cristian doughter to Griffith Appenrytt nor (now?) maior of 
said towne of Caleis a gilt cupp weying 25 ounis. To his suster 
Margaret Appenrytt a goblet weying 12 ounces To Thomas 
Appenrytt ditto weying 10 ounis. To Edward Somersett the 
sonn of Charles Somersett my sonne in plate and money to the 
value of £20 sterling to be put in custody of Cristofer Conway, 
Alderman, till Edward is 20 years, and if he die to remayne to my 
daughter Ane and her children. To my ghostly father Sir 
Richard Sparrowhawke one of my blak gowns. To William 
March and the said Ane his wife, their heirs and assigns the 
house that the same William March dwelleth in according to the 
patent thereof. To Rose my wife house I bought of Thomas 
Hewse sett in est side of market place of said town of Caleis for 
her life then to be sold by wardens of trinitie table in St. Nicholas 
in said town of Calais and money to use of said trinitie table. 
Wife to have goods she brought. Other goods to wife Rose and 
daughter Amy to pay debts and for a priest to synge for a year 
and his salary £11 paying to Reymond Denyngton, Edward 
Pattyn and Margaret Chrisyheynd( ?) £6 quarterly in 40s. each. 
Executors: Christopher Appenrytt, Maior of Calais and Cris- 
tofer Conwey, Alderman. Witnesses : Griffith Appenrytt maior, 
Richard Whethall priest, Xpofer Conwey, Alderman, Sr. Spar- 
rowhawke, John Pygott, William Sympson. 
Jankyn, 7. 

Mrs. Elynor Somersett. Will 4 July 1590; proved 4 Sep- 
tember 1590. To Mr. Gossand of Cheapside, goldsmith 37s. 


which I would have paide. I owe Anne Pearse 40s. ditto. I owe 
Nurse Michell 20s., Mr. Hollowaye the taylor about £3, Mrs 
Fenning of the Exchange some small some in her booke. 
Received of Timothy Reynold a Jewell of £3. 5s. price for which 
I promised at day of my marriage or hour of my death £8. I 
give to the Right honorable the Lord Arthur Grey all my whole 
portion but these sums: to my Lady Grey £3., to Mr. Thomas 
Grey £20. To Mrs. Bridgett Grey £30, to Mr. Thomas Grey 
£20. To Mrs. Bridgett Grey my boarder "Itm I give my 
snayle to Mrs Eliz. Goodwyn" To Mr. William Grey the 
younger my braceletts To Mr. Daniell my best gowne etc. To 
Doctor Wilkinson my second ditto. To Edward Zouche and 
William Searle third ditto between them. To Anne Pearse three 
new holland smocks and best petticoat. To Nurse Michell hol- 
land smock and two petticoats. To Joan Smith a gold cawle one 
holland smock and two holland aprons and ruff. To Joan Pearse 
holland smock etc. To Margaret my nursery maid my old petti- 
coatt, cloake, and safe guard. Rest of lynnen to Lady Grey to 
bestow to maids in house. To Poor £10. To Jone Smith a silk 
mochado gowne Executor: Lord Arthur Grey My new hood 
to Lady Esther ? To my brother Charles £20. Witnesses: Fra: 
Danyell, William Searle, Elizabeth Michell, Joane Pearse, Robert 
Wilkinson, Joan Daniell, Thos Pierse 
Drury, 59. 

Richard Vennables, citizen and merchant tailor of London. 28 
July 1598, proved 10 August 1598. A parishioner in St. Lau- 
rence Pountney, Wife Sara. Mother Browne, brother William 
Browne. Sisters Gardener, Mansell, Chawkbill, Brother Nich- 
olas Vennables and his son Richard and five other children John, 
Annes, Elianor, Johane and Elizabeth. Katherine, Elizabeth and 
Johanne daughters of sister Rickman. The two sons and two 
daughters of brother Edward deed by his last wife. Their 
mother now Elizabeth Collyns widow. Brother in law John 
Goodwyn of Sparsholte, Hampshire. Those eight children 
which John Goodwyn begot upon the body of my sister Alice his 
wife, viz. John, Charles, Alice, Johanne, Katherine, Mary (who 
married without consent of her friends) Thomas and Margaret. 
The four children of sister Cathardes of Sparsholte. Richard 
Goodwyn my brother by my mother's side. Clare Symmes my 


sister by my mother's side, and her children. Richard Vennables 
son of Brother Nicholas Vennables of Andever John Vennables 
brother of Richard. Nicholas Vennables son of Edward V. of 
Rumsey, clothier, deceased. Brother in law John Slany, mer- 
chant tailor. 

Lewyn, 69. 

Bridgett Vessey, Barbican parish of Gyles without Cripplegate, 
London, Widdowe. Will 13 November 1646; proved 13 October 
1647. To brother Ralph Roose best feather bedd, blankcett, 
sheetes greene rugge and spitt. To Freeser daughter of brother 
Ralph Roose best brasse scumer and kettle, chaffendish and 

candelsticke. To Cosen Rouse at Dedford bed etc. and layd 
work napkin etc. To Cosen Edward Woodman payer of and- 
yron and brasse and iron dripping pan shovall and payer of 

tonges. To Cosen Richard Woodman my bible payre conyrons 
and bellowes To my cosen Elizabeths brothers' daughter best 
brass potte. To Margaret Harris now mayd to my brother 
Henry Overton, Cittizen and Sta of London, a great iron 

pott etc. Rest to brither Henry Overton, executor. Witnesses : 
Jacob Goude, Sir James Leach 

Fines, 203. 

In the Name of God Amen. I Moses Wall of Braintree in the 
Countie of Essex Clother being sick in body but of parfitt mem- 
orie god be praised doe make and ordaine this my last Will and 
Testament in manner and forme following First and principally 
I bequeave my Soulle ino the hands of Allmightie God assuredly 
lokeing for the free pardon of all my sines and so after this life 
to rest in eternall happines throwe the alone merrits of Jesus 
Christ my blessed Saviour and Redemer my body I committ to 
Christian buriall and as consarning my wordly goods which God 
hath given me I dispose of them as followeth Item I give and 
bequeave unto Ann my well beloved wife all that my coppy hould 
messuage or tenementt in the parish of Litell Bromely in the 
Countie of Essex with all the apertinances duering her naturall 
life she keeping the howse in reparationes and doeing noe wast. 
Item I give and bequeave unto Moses Wall my sonne and his 
heires all those my lands meadowes and pastures lyinge in Hatt- 
fillde brodoke in the Countie of Essex aforesaide Allso I give 


and bequeave unto the said Moses my sonne and his heires all 
that my customarie or coppiehould meassage or tenementt lyeinge 
in Braintrie aforesaid Provided alwayes my will and meaning is 
that my wife shall have the benefitt of all my tenements and lands 
aforesaid untell Moses my sonne shall be thought fitt by my wife 
and Overseers or two of them to goe to Cambridge And that all 
my foresaied lands given unto him shall be for his maintinance 
thare Provided that he be placed at Cambridge under shuch 
Tutors as my wife and Overseers shall apointe him to be under 
or aney two of them Or ells my will is that the rentes and profitts 
of these my lands formerly given unto my saied sonne for his 
maintinance thare in Cambridge shall then hollie remaine to the 
use and benefitt of my wife untell he accomplish his age of 
twenty one yeres Allso my will further is that if my sonne be not 
thought fitt to be placed at Cambridge by my wife and Overseers 
or two of them at the least That then also my wife shall resaive 
and in joye the rentes and profitts of the lands given unto my 
sonne during his minoritie. It I give and bequeave unto my two 
daughters Lidda Wall and Mary Wall the somme of three hun- 
dered and fif tie pounds or ether of them of good and lawfull 
money of Ingland to be paied to ether of them as followeth that 
is two hundered pounds to ether of them at thare severall ages of 
eightene yeares and one hundred and fif tie pounds to ether of 
them at thare severall ages of twenty one years Provided allwayes 
that if it happen that one of my daughters departt this life before 
she attaine the age of eaightene yeares and without lawfull issue 
then I will that the portion of her or them so dyeing shall be and 
remaine to such two children as I shall have liveing and the sur- 
vivor of them To be paied at such time and times as it should 
have bene paied to such child or children deseaced if they had 
lived. It I give and bequeave unto the poore peoplle of this 
parish of Braintrie wharein I dwell the some of thre pounds six 
shillines eaight pence To be paied with" 1 twellve monthes next 
after my deseace to be given out at the discretion of my Excutrix. 
It I give and bequeave to my very loving frindes as a token of 
my love vz To M r . Collines of Braintrie M r Daniell Rogers of 
Wetherfilld M r Pamfritt of Bocking M r . Buckly of Liees M r 
Wharton of Fellsted and to M r . Blackerbie twentye shillines a 
pece. It I give and bequeave unto John Talkutt my sonne in 
lawe and to Rachell Taylcott and to Sara Taylcott my daughters 


in law five pounds a pece. It I give and bequeave to these my 
workmen vz To John Long George Billingalle Thomas Wilkinson 
John Clark and to his wiffe and to Robard Kellogg William 
Ventris and John Spring ten shillines a pece. It I give to John 
Princett Richard Claye and to William Portter six shillines eight 
pence a peece. It I give unto John Jacob my aprentice twentye 
shillines upon this condition that he shall honestlie and faithfully 
sarve out his time with my wife which he was to have sarved 
with me or ellse not. And allso my will is that all the small 
legaces af oresaied be paied with in one yere next after my deseace 
except John Jacobs and his to be paid with in thre yeares after 
my deseace. It I give and bequeave unto my loveing Brethern 
Nickolas Wall and John Wall fortye shillines a peece to make 
ether of them a ring And to my other Brethren Bartellmew 
Wall and to Daniell Wall ten shillines a peece in token of my love 
Allso I give unto John Wall and Daniell Wall the sonnes of my 
brother Nickolas Wall ten shillings a peece Provided allwayes my 
will and meaning is that if it happen that Moses my sonne depart 
this life before his age of twentye one yeares and without lawfull 
issue that then all my landes messages and tenamentes whatso- 
ever shall be equally devided betwixt my two daughters or if one 
or both of my daughters happen to die before eightine years of 
age and without lawfull issue Then the survivor or survivores 
of my chilld or chilldren to have the holle estate before given in 
this my Will ether in money or landes to such chilld or chilldren 
deseaced. It I give and bequeave unto Moses Wall my sonne and 
his heires all those my customarie landes marshes tenimentes and 
hereditamentes lyeinge in Fingregoe in Essex emediately after 
my wiffes deseace And further my will and meaning is that if it 
should happen that my sonne Moses shold depart this liffe before 
his age of twenty one yeares and without lawfull issue And my 
daughters likewise doe depart this life before thare severall ages 
of eightine years and without lawfull issue so as that all my chill- 
dren dye as aforesaied Then I give and devise my marshes and 
lands in Fingregoe to An my wiffe and har haires. Also I give 
and bequeave my lands and tenements in Hatfeilld brodoke to 
John Wall sonne of my brother Nickolas Wall and his heieres 
for ever after my wives deseace. It I give and bequeave to 
Daniell Wall one other of the sonnes of the saied Nickolas Wall 
all my coppyhould messuage or tenimentt in Littell Bromly to 


him the saied Daniell Wall and his heires for ever. It I give 
and bequeave to John Tayllcote my sonne in law and his haires 
All my messuage or tenementt Hinge in Braintrie after my wifes 
deseace. It I give to my verye loving frinde Thomas Fitch of 
Booking fortye shillings to make him a ring. Allso I give and 
bequeave to my loving sister Mary Peeres Widow Six poundes 
thirtine shillines fower pence Likewise these smale legices to be 
paied with in one yeare after my deseace And further my will and 
minde is that my Executrix or Executors hereafter named thare 
executors administrators or assignes shall and will with the 
advice of Counsel and derecktion of my brother Nickolas Wall 
and my loving frinde Thomas Fitch of Bocking or thare assignes 
lay out to purchase within eightene monthes next after my 
deseace the full some of fower hundred poundes in massage 
landes or tenimentes which shall be to the use of my wife for her 
life and after her deseace to my sonne Moses and his heirs for 
ever Provided all way es that if my sonne Moses dye before his 
age of twenty one yeares and with out lawf ull issue That then the 
saied massages landes or tenimentes so purchised shall be and 
remaine to my two daughters and thare haires or the survivor of 
them after my wives death And my will and meaning is that my 
wife shall not have take or resaive aney benefitt or advantage for 
aney thurdes or dowrey out of any message tenamentes or landes 
given to my sonne for his presant maintinance lying in Hattfilld 
and Braintrie aforesaied But shall aquite release and discharge 
the same upon the request of my Overseres or supervisors of this 
my Will or one of them and upon the conditiones hereafter 
expressed I make and ordaine An my welbeloved wife my sole 
Executrix of this my last Will unto whome I give all my move- 
able goodes whatsoever unbequeaved she paying my debtes and 
legises and bringing up my children But upon this condition that 
she shall within foretene dayes next after my deseace enter bond 
of fif tine hundred poundes unto my loving Brother Nickolas Wall 
and Thomas Fitch aforesaid whome I make Overseers of this my 
Will in due forme of lawe with condition to prove this my last 
Will with in two monthes next after my deseace and to pay all 
the legises at the dayes and times apointed And well and truely 
to performe every p*. of this my last Will As well in laying out 
the some of fower hundred poundes for landes or tenements to 
be purchased as aforesaid and to releace har thardes to Moses 


har sonne as allso for every thinge in this my foresaied will 
expressed whatsoever And that allso if she shall agree to marrie 
againe with aney man That he before the day of his mariage with 
her shall enter the like bond with the like condition with such 
suffecientt suerties as shall be thought fitt by my saide brother 
Nickolas Wall and Thomas Fitch or thare assignes Provided 
allwayes that if my wife doe not enter bond as aforesaied then I 
ordaine and make my brother Nickolas Wall and Thomas Fitch 
Executores of this my last Will containing f ower sheetes of paper 
whome I putt in very great trust to see this my last Will per- 
formed And I will them all charges and expences by them to be 
layed out ether for Counsell or other expences aboute purchising 
of the saied landes as aforesaied As allso for aney other charge 
whatsoever shalbe layed out about the seing of this my Wille to 
be executed and performed And I do hereby revoke and counter- 
mand all former Willes and have hereunto set my hand and sealle 
this sixtene day of September and in the yeare of our Lord God 

Memorandum My will and minde further is that if it hapen 
that my sonne Moses dye before he come to the age of twenty 
one yeares and without lawfull issue so that the landes messages 
or tenaments fall to my daughtores as aforesaid notwithstanding 
my will and minde is thay shall not resaive aney benifitt of them 
untell after the deseace of my wife but she wholy to have the use 
and benefitt of them during her natural life and then to remaine 
to the use and benifites of my daughtores as aforesaied — Moses 
Wall (LS) — Sealled and delivered in the preswnce of us — Wil- 
liam Goodwin — George Steares. 

Be it knowne that whereas I Moses Wall of Brayntree in the 
County of Essex Clothier have made my last Will and Testam*. 
in writinge bearing date the sixteenth day of September last past 
and have thereby charged my wife yf she takes upon her to be 
my Execut 1 . with the paym*. of legacies to my twoe daughters 
(viz to each) of them three hundred and fiftie pounds a peece) 
And to lay out f oure hundred pounds for a purchase of lands and 
tenem ts . as by the same my last Will may appeare Nowe havinge 
since considered w th myselfe that much of my estate doth lye in 
wares ready made and in debts and that yf there shall happen 
contrary to my expectation to be losse in the debte w ch are owing 


unto me in the sale or ntteringe of anie of my wares w cb are ready 
made and lying by me It is not my meaning that the whole bur- 
then and losse thereof should lye upon my wife Executo r . 
Therefor I doe hereby declare and expresse my meaninge therein 
to be That whatsoever loss shall happen in and by the said debts 
and sale or utteringe of anie of the said wares that the same 
shalbe equallie and indifferentlie borne and abated by my twoe 
daughters out of their severall legacies and out of the CCCC 11 to 
be laide out for the purchase of lande and by my wife out of 
Twoe hundred pounds beinge so much as I account her parte will 
amount unto out of the personall estate w ch shee shall have as 
Executo r every one of them proporconably accordinge to the 
losse And yf there shall happen to be such losse in and by the 
saide debts and sale or utteringe of the saide wares and therby 
soe much abatem 1 that my saide twoe daughters may not have 
and receive of my wife Executo r CCC 11 a peece of their severall 
legacies of CCCC 11 Then my will and meaning is further that 
my son Moses his heirs or assignes out of my Coppihold mes- 
suage lande and tenem te s in Litle Bromeley in the saide County of 
Essex shall within twoe yeares nexte after the decease of the said 
wife pay unto either of my saide twoe daughters w ch shall be then 
livinge att or in my nowe dwelling house in Brayntree fiftie 
pounde a peece or soe much money not exceedinge 50 11 a peece as 
shall make up their severall legacies CCC 11 a peece and yf my said 
sonne Moses his heires or assignes shall faile in the paym* and 
shall not pay within the tyme aforesaid the said several summes 
of 50 11 unto my saide twoe daughters or soe much (not exceed- 
inge 5o u a peece) as shall make upp their severall legacies CCC 11 
a peece Then my minde is and I give and bequeath my said 
Coppihold messuage lands & tenem 15 in Litle Bromeley w th the 
appurtenances to my saide twoe daughters and theire heires for 
ever And yf my saide sonne Moses his heires & assignes shall 
pay such money as aforesaid to one of my said daughters & shall 
make defaulte of paym 1 therof to the other Then I give and 
bequeath the one halfe and moity of my said coppihold messuage 
lande and tenem ts in Litle Bromeley aforesaid to her my said 
daughter w ch shall be unpaide and to her heires for ever And for 
and concerninge all other things in my saide last Will mencioned 
(other then this explanacion of my Will and meaninge) I doe 
by this presente Codicill confirme and ratifie the said laste Will 


And my will is that this Codiale or Scedule be and be accounted 
& adiudged to be parcell of my last Will as if the same were 
there in mencioned. In witnes whereof to this presente Codicill 
I have sett my hand & seale the sixteenth day of October Anno 
Domini 1623 — Moses Wall (LS) — Sealed signed & published in 
the presence of us W. Lyngwood — John Spring — George Stares. 
The will together with codicil attached was probated before the 
Rev. William Eyre, knight, LL.D., Commissioner, on Jan. 23d, 
1623/24 on the oath of Anne Wall, relict of the deceased, and 
executrix, etc. To her was entrusted, etc. She took oath, etc, 
before Samuel Collins, clerk and deputy commissioner, etc, and 
known as such to all men. 

Byrde, 6. 


John Wyseman, Somerleton (Suffolk). Will 10 November 
1503; proved 18 October 1507. To high altar of Somerleton 
for tithes 2s. To church of Northalyns I2d. To high altar of 
ditto 2s. To wife Margery all household goods. To daughter 
Margaret and Joane 3s. 4d. each. To friars of Great Yarmouth 
and f urlesh to pray for me 10s. Messuage in Northalyns called 
Holms Hillys to be sold for masses etc. Rest of land in Somerle- 
ton and Northalyns Suffolk to wife Margery, and have surren- 
dered to feoffees etc. Rest of goods to wife Margery executrix. 
Supervisor : Sir Miles Cricke, Clerk, Rector of Blundeston. No 

Adeane, 26. 

Thomas Wyseman, Tudeley, Kent, yeoman. Will 15 Septem- 
ber 1509; proved 3 November 1509. To be buried in church of 
All Saints in Tudeley before ye Roode. To high aulter for tithes 
6s. 8d. To making of a bell ther 40s. To the wast of toches and 
because that my body shall rest ther 10s. Residue of goods to 
wife Parnell executrix. Overseer : Sir Richard Person, viccar 
of Tudeley. Will as to lands feoffees to suffer wife Parnell to 
take yssue of lands on Tudeley and Capell and Hadlow, Kent, for 
lief with a gardeyn, and pece of land in Tudeley called Sandels 
with other peces in Tudeley and Capell called Marlegse, Old- 
redde, Partredgge, Broke and Spechells. After decease of wife 
Parnell, tenement where I dwell to Johan my daughter and other 


lands to daughter Alice. Witnesses : Ric Person Vicar of Tude- 

ley, Sir Henry Smyth preest, John Woodward and others. 

Bennett, 2.2.. 

Thomas Wyseman, Graveley, Countie of Cambridge. Will 2 
February 1525/6 ; proved 15 June 1528. To be buried in church- 
yard of saint Botolphs in Graveley my mortuary after the custom 
of the town. To high awter a combe of Barley. To the torches 
3s. 4d. To the Belles 3s. 4d. To Maynteyn V tapers of wax 
before our lady in the Chancell perpetually a milche kowe the 
which kowe shalbe at the disposition of the church wardeyns. To 
the freres Austyns in Huntingdon 10s. for to say a trentall for 
me and my f rends. To the Church four shepe to maynteyn a 
light before saint Kateryn and saint Margaret. To a priest a 
quarte seruice for to singe for me there as my body is buried. 
To Joane my eldest daughter four shepe. To doughter Margery 
ten shepe. To Alice Andrewe a Kow Calfe and a quarter of 
Barley. Executor: wife Isabell and sonn Symond Wyseman. 
Overseers : sonnes John Wiseman and William Wyseman they 
to have 20 shepe apece and four sterys betwixt them and after 
deth of wife my two shod Cartes. Witnesses : John Bulleyn, 
Richard Wright with others. 

Porch, 33. 

Thomas Wiseman of Huntingdon, gentleman. Will 29 July 
30 Elizabeth; proved 1 February 1588. After a great and longe 
sickness. My body to be buried and wrapped in a large cleane 
stronge sheete. My wife is afflicted and not able to govern her- 
self. Whereas one third part of my lands in Huntingdon and 
Long Stooe does not amount to more than £9, therefore I allow 
to my wife Isabella £13-618 per annum, my son Samuel shall 
retain this sum while my wife remains in his keeping. To the 
churchwardens of Huntingdon towards the repairs of the church 
20s. To the Corporation of Godmanchester 40s. To my son 
Simon my tenement in Godmanchester and all lands with it as 
occupied by Thomas Carter, gentleman and John Roger, except 
certain lands which I give to my son Samuel and his heirs, My 
son Samuel to pay 8s. per annum to the churchwardens of Grave- 
ley, Co. Cambs. on Saint Thomas' day, and Good Friday for the 
poor. To my son Simon my messuage in Huntingdon where 


Widow Walker and Mary Whitdale dwell paying to the said 
Mary her annuity. To my son Simon my 6 buttons of gold. To 
Joane my daughter 200 marks on condition that she do marry 
such a husband as Mr. Garret Wallis and my son John Lukyn, 
gentleman think fit. To John Lukin my son-in-law and Eliza- 
beth my daughter his wife £30 for their children. To William 
and John Betts my daughter Elizabeth her sons £20 each at 21. 
To the children of my son Francis Wiseman namely John £10 &c. 
(To my son Francis my middle mazer) to Elizabeth, Francis, 
Marie, Joane, and Thomas £10 each at 21 or at marriage. My 
son Francis to release my executor the lagacy given him by his 
grandfather Henry Frere. To the churchwardens of Saint 
Mary, Huntingdon, 6s. 8d. per annum out of the tenement where 
Jane Gibson lives. To Agnes Furmys my maidservant 40s, 
besides her wages. To the chamber of the burgesses of Hunting- 
don 40s. for the better maintenance of their stoke. To the poor 
of Huntingdon on my burial day 40s. To Thomas Frere my god- 
son 10s. To John Crosse of Godmanchester and his wife 20s. 
To Margaret Spanby of Godmanchester 3s 4d. To every of my 
servants 2s. Residue to my son Samuel, he executor. Super- 
visors; John Lukyn my son-in-law and William Cervington, 
gentleman ; to them 2 angells of gold. Witnesses ; John Lukin, 
William Cervington William Cheyne, Thomas Harris. 
Leicester, 22. 

William Wiseman, Cootes (Coates?) county Cambridge, hus- 
bandman. Will 29 July 41 Eliz : proved 15 August 1599. To be 
buried in churchyard of St. Andrews in Writlesey to reparation 
of which 5s. and to poore mens box I2d. To wife Elizabeth 8 
kyn bay mare and a foule grey colte black geldinge one whole 
croppe of Corne and hey and my cartes and carte geares my 
plowes and plowe geares all household stuff and hozes my piller 
all fyer and yarne. To daughter Isabell 2 burninges calfes. To 
sonn William ditto. A dunne mare and a f owle between son and 
daughter. Rest to father Thomas Wiseman. Executor. Super- 
visors : Thomas Androwe and John Boyse junior. Witnesses : 
John Boyse senior, Henry Groude, Bryce Laxon, Richarde 

Kidd, 67. 


Anne Wiseman (the wyfe of John Wiseman of much Can- 
fylde) in the Countie of Essex, Esquier). Will 1 August 1597; 
proved 9 March 160T/2. To husband John Wyseman Esquier 
my Ring with Turkesse I commonlie weare etc. To kinsman 
Anthonie Wever on table cloth of Damask work etc also gold 
ring sometime my late husband Symons his Ryng with his 
Congemm in itt. To Peter Slatter on gould ring price 20s. To 
Richard Weaver ditto. To Edward Lewis ditto. To George 
Pumfrett ditto. To Anne Pumfrett "one gould ring with Dia- 
mon which was my wedding Ring" also two pictures there made 
for myself that hothe (bothe?) for my late husband Symons with 
all pewter she hath for yssue of her bodie or ells her kinsfolkds. 
To Margery Fytch my wayting gentlewoman gould Ring price 
20s. To Edward Smyth ditto. To servant Elizabeth Hawkins 
40s. one redd petticoate. To daughter in law Dorothy Glasock 
my Damask gowne. To daughter in law Jane Meade Grogram 
gowne. To daughter in law Ann Leggatt Taffeta Petticoate. 
Rest of Apparell which was myne before I married the worship- 
ful John Wiseman Esqre to kinswomen Alice Weaver and Suzan 
Lewis. Rest of goods to Ann Pumfrett, Ann Slutter daughter of 
Peter Slutter and Anne Bostock at marriage or 21. Things in 
hands of George Pumfrett to ditto. Executor : said kinsman 
Richard Weaver. Overseeers : Thomas Clarke of London some- 
tyme my servant and John Bicknel, Much Canfylde thelder. 
Witnesses : William Edwards, Margery Fitch, Robert Brewer, 
Edward Smyth, Jo. Bicknel cum aliis. 

Montague, 10. 

Joane Withers of St. Michael Cornhill, London, widow. 10 
January 1590, probated 20 July 1591. To be buried near my late 
husband in St. Michael Cornhill. Father John Sackvile the 
elder. Mother Mary Sackvile, Mother Mrs Caunte, Brother 
John Caunte, Sister Alice Goodwin and her son Thomas Good- 
win, Houses in Guilforde 

St. Barbe, 57. 

Steven Woodgate of East Bergholte, Suffolk, clothier, men- 
tions son in law John Goodwin. 

Lewyn, 90. (1598) 


Edward Woulde, Waltham Holie Crosse, gent. Will Decem- 
ber 41 EHz. (1599) "To Francis Goodinge my kinsman £100 
to be paid out of Mr. Drakes bond. To Ann Goodinge sister to 
Francis Goodinge £20. 

Kidd, 32. 

William Goodwin. Nuncupative will i September 1625; 
proved 29 and 30 September 1625. "Said he had divers debts 
and all other his goods whatsoever he gave unto Marie Goodwine 
his mother, and said further all are hers and she shall have them" 
Witnesses : John Chanler, and John Crawley. Proved by Marie 
Goodwin, widdow. 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, file 1625, no. 177. 

Mary Goodwine of Luton, county Beds, widow. Will 14 
December 1625 ; proved 10 January 1625-6. To Henry Good- 
wine my son of Hempsteed, county Herts, Inholder, 20s. To 
four children of ray aforesaid son Henry Goodwine 20s between 
them, viz 5s. each. If Thomas Crawley of Lygrave, county Beds, 
yeoman do pay unto Thomas Goodwine ,my son the som of £30, 
then Thomas Crawley have house there I now dwell and four 
acres of arable land. To Thomas Goodwine my son "all my 
housen and lands" in Clapwell, Beds. If Thomas Cranley does 
not pay the £30, then house in Luton is to go to son Thomas 
Goodwine. To son Thomas all moveable goods etc. To my 
maid Rebecca Laurence a piece of sand collard cloth about two 
yards. To John Cranley in chirch street 5s. Son Thomas to be 
sole executor. Witnesses: Thomas Cranley of Lygrave, Roger 
Foster, and Francis Cluer. Proved at Ampthill. 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, file 1625, no. 159. 

Richard Goodin of Bartton, county Beds, husbandman. Will 
29 March 1669; proved 23 April 1670. My master Thomas 
Feild to take of my goods to pay expenses of my sickness and 
burial "according to his owne conscience." To John Goodin of 
Blunham, county Beds, my brother £5. os. od. To William 
Goodin of Stopsley, .county Beds, my brother, is. To my 
brother Thomas Goodin's children is. each. Rest of goods to my 


master Thomas Feild whom I make my sole executor. Wit- 
nesses : William Tiller, and Robert Cusly. Proved by Thomas 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, 1669-70, no. 144. 

James Goodwin. Nuncupative will. "Upon sunday next after 
the declaring of his will, viz the said Sunday next after the said 
feast of St. Michael in the presence and hearing of Ann his wife 
and Mary the wife of John Eden and Dorothy Coe, widdowe of 
Souldrop aforesaid did utter and declare his minde to bee that his 
wife meaneing Ann Goodwin his wife should have all his estate 
and being then earnestly importuned by the said Ann to give his 

children porcons answered noe hee did not doubte but shee 

would bee a loveing mother to his said children meaneing Thomas 
Goodwin, Elizabeth Goodwin, and Ann Goodwin." Witnesses : 
Mary Eden and Dorothy Coe. Sworn 27 February 1670. 
Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, 1670. 

Thomas Goodwin of Flitwick, Beds, labourer. Will 12 June 
1673; proved 19 July 1673. To Elizabeth Goodwin my daughter 
three pewter dishes, one Barrell and three pair of sheetes and the 
goodes in the chamber over the hall, viz. one Bedstead and cur- 
tains and "Valiants," one featherbed one boulster etc. when she 
attains the age of 16. To Richard Goodwin my son; parlour 
dish and one Barrell. Rest of goods to Margaret Goodwin my 
dear and loving wife whom I make sole executrix. She is "to 
mainctain and bring up the said Elizabeth Goodwin my daughter 
with washing, lodging, Diett and aparell Fitting her Degree." 
Witnesses : George Barnatt, Robert Linsey and Mathew Free- 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, 1673, no. 39. 

Thomas Gooding, late of Everton, county Beds, bachelor. 
Nuncupative will 30 March 1682; proved 16 November 1682. 
While he lived of perfect mind and memory, on or about 30 
March 1682 being the day of his death, made his will and settled 
his estate in presence of diverse witnesses worthy of creditt 
"being sick of the sickness whereof hee dyed and in the house of 
his habitacon situate in Everton aforesaid where hee had dwelt 
three monthes next before the said time did then and there by 


word of mouth give and bequaeth all his estate to his mother 
Anne, the wife of Thomas Francklin of Everton aforesaid, hus- 
bandman and did desire the persons then and there present to 
bear witness or used words to the same in effect and afterwards 
departed this life. Witnesses : William Whithead of Everton, 
Ann Whitbread, and Ellen Castbolt wife of John Castbolt of 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, 1682, no. 82. 

William Gooding, late of Houghton Conquest, county Beds, 
husbandman. Will about 25 November; proved 24 March 
1682-3. Before his death in the hearing of divirse witnesses 
worthy of creditt being sick of the sickness whereof he died in 
his house in Houghton Conquest where he had dwelt three 
months did then and there by word of mouth bequeath his estate 
as follows "Inprimus Hee did give to Thomas Redman, William 
Redman, Jane Redman, and Anne Redman the children of his 
sister Jane the late wife of Thomas Redman f ourty pounds to bee 
equally devided amoungst them to be payd at the day of marriage 
or the houre of the death of his executrix hereafter named which 
shall first happen. And did make constitute and apoynt Elizabeth 
his then wife the sole executrix." Witnesses : Alice Riseley and 
Elizabeth Goodwin, spinster, and Richard Saunder. (Note. 
Elizabeth Goodwin, spinster, sister of testator seems to have 
disputed this will but it was duly proved by executrix. 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, file 1682, no. 117. 

Robert Gooding of Litlington, Beds, carpenter. Will 9 July 
1689; proved 16 August 1689. To my son Robert Gooding half 
a crown. To my daughter Susanah Woodward 50s., and two 
acres of pease growing in Brach shall be my daughter Susannah's 
if it please God to take me before Harvest. To my Lewis Good- 
ing one acre of arable land in Windmill field, on Brach furlong^ 
an acre, all other goods, harness, horses, sheep, etc. with a barne, 
standing on ground where I now dwelle, I bequeath to my son 
Lewis Gooding as aforesaid. Sole executor: my son Lewis 
Gooding Witnesses : John Hawkins, scribner, Thomas Nixson, 
Katherine Snagg (her mark) and Blanch Fountaine (her mark). 
Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, file 1689, no. 29. 


William Goodwin of Greenfield in the parish of Flitton, Beds. 
Will 12 January 1694/5; proved 18 January 1694/5. To Mary 
my daughter during her natural life my messuage in Silsoe in the 
parish of Flitton, now let to Robert Crawley, and after her 
decease to my grandson William Payne, son of my said daughter 
and to his heirs. If no heirs, then to my granddaughter Mary 
Payne, and her heirs, failing them, then to my loving wife and 
her heirs. To Elizabeth my now wife a cottage or tenement in 
Sillsoe wherein John Hide now dwells, and a cottage at Green- 
field. Witnesses : John Stevens, William Burridge, and William 
Smith (his mark). 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, file 1694, no. 73. 

Thomas Goodwin, of Chiltone (Chiltern?) Greene in the parish 
of Luton, county Beds, yeoman. Will 20 April 1695; proved 
6 May 1695. To Joane my dear wife my messuage or tenement 
in Reddock Hall, in the parish of Kimpton, county Hertford, and 
all my lands in the counties of Bedford and Herts and I appoint 
her as sole executrix. Witnesses : John Ballard, John Catherall 
alias Hookes, and John Rowley. 

Archdeaconry of Bedfordshire, file 1694-5, no. 19. 

Howghe Goodwyn of Reddyng. Will 23 March 1549-50, 
proved 11 July 1549-50 To the Church of Sarum 2d. To the 
high Altar of St. Lawrence Reading 3s. 4d. To poor of Whyt- 
wyghe in Leicestershire 20s. at the discretion of the vicar there, 
and my brother William Goodwine and Robert Goodwine. To 
the poor of Coxtorie where my brother Sir Thomas Goodwyn is 
vicar 10s. To my brother Sir Goodwyne 20s. To my brother 
Sir Richard 6s. 6d. To Robert my brother my best flevyd cott, 
my best nyghte cappe. To Felice my sister, all her husband 
oweth me. To Ane my sister 6s. 6d. To Margat my sister 
6s. 6d. To Alis my sister 6s, 6d. To Gylbard Clerke and Erne 
his wife my cosin, 10s. To Jone Yatman my sister Felice's 
daughter 10s. To Ane Dormyshope, my sister Anese's daughter 
5s. To Jone Dormyshope her daughter also 5s. To Alis 
Grensehaw. My will is the Eisbell my wife to pay unto her five 
children 26s. 8d. each when able to use it to their profit, and she 
is to discharge my brothers, the vicar of Coxton, and ye parson of 


Shaw, of their obligations. To Jone Royce my wife's son £10. 
To William Royse 13s, 4d, my wife's son. To Gylls Royse my 
wife's son £5, 6s, 8d. To Alis Royse my wife's daughter 13s, 4d. 
To Annes Rouse my wife's daughter £5, 6s, 8d. To Mr. John 
Bell, now Mayor of Reading 20s. To Mr. William Burrington 
of readyng 6s, 6d. To Richard Johnson, my wife's brother 
6s, 8d. To Richard Johnson my godson, 3s, 4d. To Thomas 
Adam my godson all debts that Robert Jesset of Estlysly owes 
me. Residuary Legatee, wife Eisbell. Overseers, Mr. William 
Burrington, my brother Sir Richard Goodwyn and my wife's 
brother Richard Johnson. Witnesses, William Bell, maior of 
Readdyng, Jame Chamberlayne and Rychard Johnson 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Book A. (1529-1571) folio 25. 

Robart Godwyn. Will 24 March 1555/6; proved 20 July 
1555. To be buried in churchyard of St. Elenes. To ye mother 
church of Sarum 4d. To Jhon Godwyn my eldest son, my best 
pot, a syluer spoon, half a dozen pewter vessells. To my son 
Robert my second best pott. My lands in Abingdon to my wife 
Elen and after her decease to my two sons John and Robert. 
Also I give to John a garden next a tenant of Thomas Ethyll, 
and a tenant of Phyllypp Hultes. To Robert a garden sometime 
Sir William Arnatts. Executrix : wife Elen. Overseer : Roger 
Alen. Witnesses : John Greene, Robart Harris, Wylliam Daly, 
Wylliam Mathew, Thomas Toncks, Thomas Orpwood, Ymfraye 
Bostocke, and wylliam Whitenton.* 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Austen 83. 

Duplicated in D. f. (94?) Robert Godwyn als Sawier of Abing- 
don Echyll in duplicate. 

Thomas Goodwyne, vicar of Compton, county Berks. Will 
16 June 1557, proved 12 July 1557. To be burid in Compton 
Churchyard before the Palme Cross. To Sarum mother church 
4d. To poor mens box I2d. To my church of Compton 20s. 
To Robert Godwyne, my brother, my best featherbed and furni- 
ture for same, if he die before his wife, to his son Thomas, if he 
live, if not to his brother John, or to any of his sons, his son 

* I. e. Doubtless William Withington of Bucks, grandfather of Henry 
Withington of New England, my ancestor. — L. W. 


Robert only excepted. To Margaret my sister my fetherbed. 
To Alis my sister, ditto. To Felice my sister my long gown. 
To Thomas Coxe my sister's son 6s. 8d. To Abraham Emmery 
a ewe. To Alys Adam all my sheep in her keeping. To Thomas 
Adam her son a horse, and to John his brother jointly all my corn. 
A Scholar of Oxford, a student of divinity to have £6 to serve and 
sing for the healthe of my soul, or else sermons to be prached at 
Compton( 4), Abingdon, Newbery, Shawe, Cheavley, (Nayling?), 
Rydyng, Hampsted, Norryshe, Yettington, Chepe Hilsley, Blew- 
burie, each sermon 10s. whether of these ways to be decided by 
Mr. Doctor White and Mr. William Hutton. To poor of Blew- 
bury, 10s. Hilsley 10s, Hampsted 10s, Aldworth 6s, Milton 6s, 
each priest to have 8d. To Joan, Christian and Agnes Adams, 
sisters, all my household stuff. My vicar of Cheavely and my 
vicar of Hampsted to be my executors. Thomas Paynter and 
Thomas Gudwyn to have resideue of my wool. My executors to 
have my books. My Bible to my vicar of Aldworth. St. Aug. 
Sermons to Mr. William Hatton and Erasmus Paraphrase to 
Mr Doctor White. To Mr. Halstowe my timber. Witnesses : 
William Hutton prieste, Anthony (Garnett?) priest, Phylypp 
Edwardes, clerk. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Book C, 1550-62, folio 231. 

William Goden of Binfield in Berks. Will 7 February 1558 
proved 9 April 1559. (Nuncupative) To be buried in the holie 
yearth in Binfild. To mother church of Sarum 2d. To his 
daughter Alice he gave a stalle of bees and 20s. To his daughter 
Jone 20s. and a heighfor, these to be delivered at marriage of 
my wife Mawde, so that if she do not marry, she has them till 
her decease or till she please. Residuary Legatee and Executor : 
Wife Mawde. Overseers : John Dee and John Perkins. Wit- 
nesses : John Dee, John Parkins and Robert King. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Book D, folio (294?). 

William Godwin of Tilniste. Will 29 October 1558; proved 
14 January 1558/9. To be buried in churchyard of St. Michael. 
To Mother Church of Sarum 2d. To William Fuller a white 
heifer. To Margerie 2 ewes and a sheet. To Jane Justes a 
lamb. To John Godwin my brother my best coat. Residuary 


Legatee and Executor: Son William. Overseers: John Riche 
and Thomas Godden. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Book E, folio 95. 

William Godwine of Tilehurst, county Berks. Will 17 Octo- 
ber 1577; proved 20 November 1577. To be buried in Tilehurst 
churchyard. To my wife's daughter one calfe, and one younge 
sowe hogge. The residue to be equally divided among my chil- 
dren at discretion of my overseers : John Kent and John Cham- 
berlayn, and to be in their keeping during their minority. Proved 
by above overseers for the use of William, John, and Alice, 
minors and the children of above, deceased. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register G, folio 106. 

William Gooding. Will not dated; proved 8 October 1580. 
To be buried in Warfylde churchyard. To William, Richard, 
and John my sons, to each of them two ewes and two lambes. 
My boes and arrowes and my bowle to be solde and the money 
divided between my three sons. Residuary Legatee and Execu- 
trix : Wife Jane. Overseers : William Gooding and Gilbert 
Wattington. Witnesses : William Goodinge, John Pecock, and 
Gilbert Wattington. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register G, folio 274. 

27 October 1583. Administration of the goods of Richard 
Godwyne of Tilehurst, to Anne Godwyne, relict of the same. 
£43. 18s. 3d. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register G, folio 334. 

Thomas Godwyne of Tilehurst, county Berks, yeoman. Will 
28 June 1582; proved: no Probate. To be buried in Tilehurst 
churchyard. To Mother Church of Sarum 2d. To Poor of 
Tilehurst 5s. To each of my godchildren a lamb. To Richard 
Burd a lamb. To John Godwyn my servant two of my best 
wethers. To John Burdde my lome. To Richard Fuller my 
servant my hole Teeme i. e. horses, cartes, oxen, mares, geldings, 
ploughs, and harrowes, also four kine and one score of my best 
sheep to be given one month after decease of my wife Friso. 
Residuary Legatee and Executrix: Wife Friso. Overseers: 
John Curtice and William Godwyn. Witnesses : John Curtis of 
Calcott, John Hall and Thomas Curteis. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register G, folio 382. 


John Godwyne of Abington, county Berks, yeoman. To be 
buried in the parish church of St. Helens of Abington. To the 
poor of Abington 10 dozen of bread. Will 15 June 1585 ; proved 
4 September 1585. To Mother Church of Sarum 2d. To poor 
of Cullam 5 dozen of bread. To my daughter Jane the second 
and third best of the brass potts, my mazard cuppe or boale, my 
best joyned bedsted and furniture for same when 16 or married. 
To John Corcke my best doublet and my best f rise Jerkin and to 
each of his children I2d. apiece. To my son in law Thomas 
Stevenson my new cloak, and to each of his children I2d. apiece. 
To my daughter Edith Brat well £10. To my kinsman Thomas 
Bonde of Charney my Russett gowne. To my said daughter 
Jane £40 and my tenement in Abington, if she die to go to my 
brother Robert Godwin's eldest son and his heirs male. Resid- 
uary Legatee and Executrix : Katharine my wife. Overseers : 
Thomas Yate of Sutton Courtneye, gent, and Thomas Bonde of 
Charney, husbandman. No witnesses. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register H, folio 42. 

Alice Godwyn, widow, of Brickleton, county Berks. Will 18 
August 1587; proved 12 October 1587. To be buried in Brickle- 
ton churchyard. To the parish church of Brickleton 3s. 4d. To 
poor of Brickleton one bushell of wheat, and one bushell of 
Maslin. To Agnes Godwin my daughter four bushells of wheat 
and four bushells of myslin, and four of Mault. To Joane 
Godwin my daughter ditto. To Alice Godwun my daughter, 
ditto. To John Godwin my son one querne or myll. To Richard 
Godwin my son one bullocke, one flock bed, and the best pot. To 
my three daughters all my brass and pewter not given already. 
To Agnes and Joan all my apparel. To Martin Morland 5s. To 
John Morland 10s. To John Peathe 20s. To Thomas Godwin 
four bushells of wheat. To Alice Godwin daughter of John 
Godwin 5s. To Fraunces Hammon 2s. 6d. Residue among my 
five children. Executors : Sons John and Richard. Witness : 
Thomas Midleton. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register H, folio 242. 

? 20 or 24 September 1588. Administration of goods of 
Richard Godwin of Brightwaltham to John Godwin, brother of 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register H, folio 178. 


14 August 1593. Administration of goods of William Goddin 
of Tylehurst to Alice Goddin of Sunning, sister of deceased. 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register I, folio 109. 

Administration of goods of William Goddin of Finchampsted 
8 March 1598 to Jarme or Joanne Netherclif als Goddin, relict of 
the same. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register J, folio 430. 

6 October 41 Eliz. (1599). Administration of goods of John 
Godwin of Tylehurst, to Mary Godwin, relict of the same. 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register J, folio 435. 

(Covered with brown Paper) John Godwin of Tylehurst, 
county Berks, yeoman. Will 2 November 1 Jas. I; proved 21 
April 1604. To be buried in Tylehurst churchyard. To Mother 
church of Sarum 2d. To poor of Tylehurst 10s. To Richard 
Godwin my son y 2 of my wearing apparell. To William God- 
win my son (20s) in money, 2 bushells of wheate. To my son 
Christofer Godwin 20s. To my eldest daughter Joane C. . . 
dell 20s. To my daughter ( ? Elizabeth Harryngton) To my 

daughter Joan 12 To my daughter Elinor N in 

money. To my daughter Annis Gregorie 20s. To John the son 
of William my son To Elizabeth daughter of my daugh- 
ter Agnes Gregorie 6s. 8d. To my daughter Hanyngton's three 
children 10s. To my son Richard's three children 10s. To 
Margaret daughter of my son William 3s. 4d. To Margaret 
daughter of my daughter Annis Gregorie 3s. 4d. To my godson 
John Blackman I2d, son of ? Richard Blackman. Residuary 
Legatee and Executor : Eldest son John Godwin. Overseers : 
John Chamberlin, senior, and William Wickins. Witnesses : 
William Bushnell, Edward Chamber and John Godwin, junior. 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register J, folio 1286. 

Alexander Godwin of Strafield Mortimer. Will 31 July 1610; 
proved 22 April 161 2. To my daughter Ellenor, wife of John 
Wolword the best brasse pott I had before I was last married. 
To Richard and Agnes, the children of the same John Wol- 
vorde, one cowe and two sheep. To Godson Alexander, son of 
John Godwyn, one sheep. To John Godwyn one cheste and a 
round table at John Godwin's or his mothers. Residuary Legatee 


and Executrix : Agnes my wife. Overseers : Simon Paise and 
Fraunces Bramlie. Witnesses : Dauid George, Minister, Frances 
Bramlee, Simon Paise and Allexander Hallowaie. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Book L, 1609-1619, folio 238. 

Henrie Goodwyn of Compton, county Berks, gentleman. Will 
14 November 1624; no Probate. To Cathedral of New Sarum 
4d. To poor of Compton 5s. To the poor people of Hendley, 
county Oxon, 5s. a year during life of my executrix. To my 
brother William Goodwin his executors, all money owing me by 
Mamasses Russell of Bewman, county Northants, so as he pay 
£11 to Matthew Payne of Aldworth, county Berks, the rest 
between my brother William and Alice my wife. To my wife all 
estate in Henley, she to pay to my sister Katherine Wheeler 30s. 
a year for life. To my cosen Henry Goodwyn, son of my brother 
William Goodwyn, the said estate after my wife's death in occu- 
pation of Michaell Chowne and Joseph Stacey. To Abraham 
Goodwyn, son of my brother Richard Goodwyn, the residue of 
said estate after wife's death. To John Ilsley the younger, son 
of John Ilsley senior of Compton, 20s. To John Troyne of 
Chewtie, county Berks, 20s. Residuary Legatee and Executrix: 
Wife Alice. Overseers : brother in law William Smith of Midg- 
ham, Toby Bradford of Compton. Witnesses : John Troyne, 
John Ilsley, Alice Rowle, Edward Sampson. My best cloake to 
my cosen William Goodwyne, sonne of my brother William 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, Register M, folio 167. 

Joane Gooding, Easthansted, county Berks. Will 2 Aprill 
1626; proved 6 June 1626. To be buried in parish aforesaid. 
To Brother Humphrie Gooding £20 and to Ciprion Cotterell myn 
Deare Frind in his house nowe being vnto his towe Sonnes 
Richard and Hugh 40s. each. To Hugh best Feather Bedd etc. 
Rest of goods to the three sisters and Daughters of said Cyprian, 
Dorothie, Marie, and Christian, my wearing Cloathes excepted, 
which I give in this manner. To Annis Laurence two best Petti- 
coates, which Annis is eldest daughter of said Cyprian. To 
Allott Hoges his wyfe one petticoate and to Ann Cooper, late 
wyfe of Mathew Cooper deceased, my worst Gowne. Rest of 
linnen and goods to Deare Frind Cyprian Cotterell, who hath 


been at great charge for me, Executor. Witnesses: Richard 
Martin of Easthansted, William Newman of ditto, Rychard Pars- 
lowe of ditto, and Read Wildingos, wryter. 

Inventory of Joane Gooding, spinster of East Hansted, Berks, 
praised by Richard Martin of Easthansted and Richard Burre of 
Wickfield 12 May 1626. 

li s 
Imprimis hir wearing Apparell liij. x. 

Itm one face Clock iij 

Itm debts due to the testatrix xxv 

Summe Totall xlv h viij s 
Exhibited 6 June 1626 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, filed will, 1626. 

John Godding, Brightwalton (Bright waltham?), county Berks, 
blacksmith. Will 28 September 1620; proved 13 February 
1627/8. To be buryed in Brightwalton churchyard. To daugh- 
ter Alice iiijd. To daughter Ann ditto. Residue to sonne in law 
William French, executor. Overseers : Richard Knight and 
Gabriell Morland. Witnesses : Thomas Webb, Peeter French, 
and Ann Webb. 

An Inventory of all and singular the goods and Chattells of 
John Godwin late of Brightwalton in the county of Berks, 
deceased, blacksmith, taken and praised by Gabriel Morland, John 
Hedges, and William Pitfall uppon the Third day of December 
Anno Domini 1627 in manner and forme following: 

li s. d. 
Inprimus his wearing apparell ij o. o 

It. the profitts of the executors 

yeare vpon his Coppyhold iij. x. od. 

Summe Totalis v u x s 
Exhibited 13 February 1627/8 by William French, executor. 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, filed will, 1627. 

Henry Goodwyn of Drayton, county Berks. Will 4 April 
1629; proved 4 October 1630. To be buried in churchyard of 
Drayton. To son Henrie £5 at age of 15 yeeres. To twoe 
daughters Hellen and Christian each a bushel of wheate. Rest 
to wife Hellen, executrix. To Thomas and Hellen, children of 
Marke Hatt, each a bushel of Barlie. Witnesses : John Stone 


and Mark Hatt. Inventory of Hennery Goodwin, late of Dray- 
ton taken 2 October 1630 by Thomas Olds worth and Thomas 
Sherwood. £13. 9s. 6d. Exhibited 4 October 1630. 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, will filed 1630. 

21 December 1632. Administration granted to Susanna God- 
wyn, relict of William Godwyne, late of Newbury, Berks, intes- 
tate, to administer goods, etc. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, file 1638. 

William Godwin thelder of Newberie, county Berks, clothier, 
deceased. Nuncupative will 12 December 1634; proved 4 Feb- 
ruary 1634-5. To his wife Amy the part of the house he dwelt 
in on the Northside of the Court and the part his son William 
Godwin the younger dwelt in and after her decease to William 
the younger, he paying to his children, William, Mary, Joseph, 
Beniamen, Thomas, Sara, and Joane, seven of the grandchildren 
of the said William the elder £5 each. Witnesses: William 
Nash, Joseph Hinde, Sarah Hinde, Inventory £32. is. iod. 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, will filed 1634. 
(See also 1640.) 

Bond 8 January 1640/41, of William Hosier of Newbury, 
county Berks, Clothier, and Robert Blunt of same, Cloathworker, 
in £100, for Mary Hosier als Godwin and Margaret Blunt als 
Godwin, the daughters of William Godwin the elder, deceased, 
late of Newbury, Cloathier, left unadministered by Amy Godwin 
his relict. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, file 1640. 

[Error in calendar. Same as 1634, date of original probate.] 

Lettice Goodwine, of West Ilsley, county Berks, widdow. 
Will 12 December 1640; proved 12 April 1641. To be buried in 
church or churchyard of West Ilsley. To Mother Church of 
New Sarum 4d. To kinsman Walter Dodeswell of Newbury 40s. 
To my brother William Mortimer 40s. To my God daughter 
Sybele Smith my spece morter. To Elizabeth Tyler, daughter 
of Robert Tyler, greate brasse kettle. To Robert Baker 4d. To 
John Castle 4d. To Richard Smyth 4d. To Robert Peacher 4d. 
To these four men on day of buriall. To kinswoman, William 
Jerrome's widdow, new hempen sheete. To William Smyth the 


younger, one single penny. Residue to Roberte Tyler (William 
Bent erased) said Roberte Tyler (William Bent erased) Execu- 
tor. Overseer: John Head. Witnesses: John Head, William 
Bent, Robert Tyler. Mem "Robert Tyler ent ? in two 

places before ? , Inventory of Lettice Goodwine of 

West Ilsley county Berks, widdow, 2 April, 1641, by John Taylor, 
John Church, Edward Heysie, and Edward Collins: £18 9s. 3d. 
Exhibited 14 April 1641 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, will filed 1641. 

John Godwine, Stratfield Mortymer, county Berks, yeoman. 
Will 18 December 1666; proved 15 April 1667. To wife Mary 
bed and also use of Chamber during widowhood and my little 
Buttery, one beere vessel of 12 gallons etc. To Thomas Godwine 
my son £30. To daughter Joanne May £20. To daughter Ann 
wife of Francis Carter £10. To grandchild Alice Godwin £10. 
To his brother William Godwine £5. To Elizabeth Godwine 
daughter of son John Godwine £10. To son William's children 
5s. apeece. To daughter Carter's three children ditto. To 
daughter Joane May's three children ditto Rest to son William 
Godwin executor. To wife Mary Godwin 100 faggits etc, also 
to daughter Joane May £10 in two years Witnesses : Deancis 
Parfite, Robert Venor, Nicholas Power, Notary Public. Inven- 
tory 14 January 1666/7 by Nicholas Power, Francis Carter 
deceased, Robert Bever, Leonard Stacey. £71. 13s. od. Exhib- 
ited 15 April 1667. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, will filed 1667. 

Elizabeth Goodwin, Wallingford, county Berks, widdow. Will 
21 1683; proved 8 July 1683. To be buried in church 

of St. Mary of Wallingford. To son Hugh Godwin £50 out of 
houses Mr. William Polhemp and John Button live in, and house 
John Bird formerly lived in, all in Wallingford. To son John 
Godwin £5 out of ditto. To son Arthur Goodwin £5 ditto To 
son Joseph Goodwin £60. To son Paul Goodwin £60. To 
daughter Elizabeth Goodwin £60. To daughter Sara Goodwin 
£10. To daughter Mary Goodwin £6. To son John Goodwin, 
executor, all goods. Overseers: Andrew Dale, gent, Robert 
Townsend, clerk, John Buckland, senior, Grocer, and Paul 
Be ? . Witnesses : Mary Woodhouse, Joan Na ? 


Inventory £1282. 8s. od. 20 November 1683 by Edward Cow- 
slade and Isack Archer. (In the shoppe £707. 12s. od.) 
Archdeaconry of Berkshire, will filed 1683. 

8 February 1698/9, Bond of Thomas Mason of Newbery, 
county Berks, Clothier, James Verke of ditto, Woolcomber, and 
William Humphries of Spenhamtard (Speenhamland?), parish 
Speen, countie Berks weaver, in £100, for Elizabeth Mason als 
Godwin (wife of Thomas Mason) as daughter and administra- 
trix of Joseph Godwin the younger of Newbery, Clothier, 
deceased, intestate. With oath to Elizabeth Mason the executrix 
7 February 1698/9. Remainder to Elizabeth Goodwin the relict 
3 February 1698/9. 

Archdeaconry of Berkshire, will filed 1698. 

Thomas Adam of Cumpton. Will 30 May 1540; proved: no 
probate. To High altar of Cumpton one bushell of barley. To 
Jone my daughter a quarter of barley. To John my son a quar- 
ter of barley. To Annese Nutefylde my daughter one ewe. To 
Marie my daughter one quarter of barley. To Alice my daughter 
one quarte of barley. To Eysabell my daughter one quarter of 
barley. To Maude my daughter one quarter of barley. To 
Annese my daughter the younger ditto. Residuary Legatee and 
Executors : my wife Ales and Thomas my son. Witnesses : 
Thomas Goodwyn my curat, and Rychard smyth with others. 
Archdeaconry Of Berkshire, 1529-1571 B., folio 73. 


Alice Godyng of Chesham, Leycestre. Note of Probate 17 
January 1523. Probate by executors: William Godyng and Wil- 
liam Takfeld in forma pauperis. 7d. paid. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1523-7, folio 81. 

5 October 1525. Administration of will and goods of Thomas 
Gooding of Chesham, was granted to Agnes the relict in forma 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1523-7, folio 101. 

Edmunde als Yeoman Godwyn of Ilmere. Will 1558; 

proved 5 December 1558. To be buried in churchyard of Ilmere. 
To Joane my wife half my house and half my goods. To James 


my son after the Lord had chosen his heriet my best horse, an 
ox and 10 sheep, and if the Lord take the best horse to his 
heriott then n quarters of wheat, a cow and a bullock. To 
Tomson my daughter four sheep. To Ann my daughter four 
sheep. To Joane my daughter a cowe. To Agnes my daughter 
a cowe. To Margery my daughter a cowe. To Alice my daugh- 
ter half acre of wheate. To Katherine Woollgate two sheep. 
Residuary Legatees and Executors : Wife Joan, James and John 
my sons. Overseers : Brother William Godwyn, and Thomas 
Godwyn, and Thomas Walter. Witnesses : Thomas Godwyn, 
William Payne, and Thomas Walter. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham Register 14 & 15, folio 17. 

Thomas Godin of Ilmere, county Bucks. Will 14 September 
1558; proved 5 December 1558. My soul to god and the Blessed 

Virgin Mary. To mother church of . To my parish 

church of Ilmere 10s. To each godchild a bushell of wheat. 
To Margery Yong my daughter 20s. To Katherine Goodchild 
my daughter 20s. To Tomsay Deaning my daughter £5. To 
Alis Goodchild 20s. To John God(wyn) my sonnes sonne 20s. 
To Mathew Yongs children, John and Margery 6s. 8d. each. To 
Margarett Goodyn 3s. 4d. To James Hester, and Rose his sister 
6s. 8d. apiece. To William Godyn and Amey J(ames) Godins 
children 13s. 4d. between them, also to Joane Godyn 6s. 8d. To 
Sir Wil Forest vicar of Bledloo 3s. 4d. Residue to Agnes my 
wife, James and William, my sonnes. Overseers : William 
Clark of Hadnam the elder William Godyn, John Hester, Thomas 
Walter of Aston. Witnesses : William Godyn, John Hester, and 
William Foreste. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham Register 14 & 15, folio 67. 

William Godwyn of Waldrige parish of Dimby, husbandman. 
Will 8 June 1558; proved 5 April 1559. To the high alter of 
Dimvy 3s. 4d. To the bells of the church 6s. 8d. Poor of Dimby 
10s, and at my months day. To Margery my daughter £40. To 
every godchild of mine 4d. To Elizabeth Taylor my sister 6s. 8d. 
To my sister Agnes Chapman 6s. 8d. My farme between Nich- 
olas and John my sons. Overseers : Son in law, John Francklyn. 
Witnesses: Thomas Godwyn, Mathew Yong, John Francklyn 
and others. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1556-60, folio 55. 


Alyce Goodwyn of Emerton (Emberton?), county Bucks, 
widow. Will 10 June 1565; proved 29 April (1566). To 
Richard Randill and Christopher Goodwin my sons, two horses 
and one mare colte, four kyne, and three steares, at discretion of 
Harrye Goodwyne, Raffe Domonynge, Thomas Mansewell, John 
Toche, and Thomas Malenes. I owe to Willyam Malenes which 
was my husband's servant 10s. To Thomas and Christopher, 
sonns of my son Henry Goodwine, two sheep. To Katheryne 
and Jonne, daughters of Henry Goodwin two sheep. To Wil- 
liam and Katherine children of Thomas Malens two sheep. To 
John Tockes children one sheep each. To Jone Downings childe 
when god doth send it into the world one sheep. To John Toche 
the younger a towel. To Elizabeth Goodwyne my best por- 
ringer. To Jone Goodwine a lyttel sauser. To Isabell Toche 
and Alice Toche a pringer each. To Elizabeth Toche a sauser. 
To Jone Donninge my daughter a bedd. To Alse Glover my 
goddaughter a lambe. To Katherine Toche my daughter my 
beste curtell. Residue to Richard Randoll and Chrystopher. 
Executors : Rychard Goodwine, Raffe Donnynge, John Toche. 
Overseers : Thomas Bauswell and Thomas Hearne. Witnesses : 
Rauffe Donnynge Thomas Bauswell, Thomas Hearne and Jon 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1568-72, folio 22. 

Nycholas Goddyn of Waldridge, parish Dinton. Will 5 Maye 
1584; proved 18 June 1594. To be buried in churchyard of 
Dinton. To church of Dinton 4d. To son William Goddyn all 
land in Swanburne that I bought of Mr. Thomas Sanders of 
Dinton, to said Wylliam and his heyres males, etc., in default to 
my sonn Anthony Goddyn and heayres males, etc, then to right 
heayres of son William then to my daughter Anne Goddyn and 
her heayres males, then to right heayres of son Nycholas God- 
dyn etc. To sonn Anthony Goddyn close in Ford called Lau- 
rence Close bought of Mr. Thomas Sanders of Dynton remainder 
to sonn Wylliam, then to my daughter Winifred, then son Nych- 
olas Goddyn. To daughter Bridget Goddyn 10s. To daughter 
Sybbell Goddyn f 10 at marriage. To daughter Anne Goddyn i20 
at 18. To daughter Winifred Goddyn ditto. To son Anthony 
Goddyn two kyne and ten shepe, viz. five ewes and lambs, and 


five drye shepe. To daughters Anne Goddyn, Winifrid Goddyn, 
and Sybbell Goddyn each a cowe. To Dorothy Coxe ewe and 
lamb. To John Coxe my daughter's son ditto. To Henry Coxe, 
ditto, ditto. To my wife Elizabeth my messuage etc. for 14 
years, then to my sonn William Goddyn for remainder of lease 
bearing date 20 February 1 Edward VI. To said son William 
Goddyn four horses furnished with harnys, and one cart and 
plowe, and two beane, and 40 shepe and gains of corne, viz : three 
acres of beans, three acres of wheate, and three acres of barley 
at 21 years. Wife Elizabeth executrix Overseers: Mr. Wil- 
liam Sergeant, and Mr. John Sanders the elder. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, will filed 1594. 

John Godwin of Woldridge, parish Dinton, county Bucks. 
Will 24 April 1595; proved 16 June 1595. To my daughter 
Margaret £13 alreadie in her handes, also two Beastes coulle 
blacke ( ?), at Michaelmas, also bedsteade in chamber yt was her 

mother's, featherbed, sheets, sheete, pott, kettell, etc. To 

sone William £13. 6s. 8d. at 21. To sone Thomas, ditto. To 
sone John ditto. To daughter Audrie, ditto, at 18 or marriage. 
Rest to wyffe Alice executrix. Overseers : Cosen William Sae- 
gent of Kimble wecke, and my Brother in law William Cladon. 
Wife to give bond etc if she marry. Witnesses : William Sar- 
gent, William Cladon, Richard Chutnall, John Franckelinge and 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, will filed 1595. 

Randell Goodwine, Petishoe, parish of Emberton, Bucks, 
labourer. Wiil 20 July 1601 ; proved 1 December 1601. To be 
buried in Emberton Churchyard. To my eldest son Thomas 
Goodwine 30s. To my second son Christopher Goodwine 30s. 
To my third son Ralph Goodwine 30s. To my youngest son 
William Goodwine 30s. none of sons yet 16. Executrix Anne 
my wife. Overseers : Henry Goodwine my brother, Christopher 
Goodwine and Ralphe Goodwine. Witnesses : Thomas Good- 
wine and John Prestman, minister, writer hereof. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 25, and 
will filed 1601, number 50. 

Elizabeth Goodden of the Forde, Dinton parish, county Bucks, 
widow. Will 9 March 161 1; proved 9 October 1612. To 


Anthony Goodden my small lands in Dinton. To William Gooden 
my son 10s. To Ann Gooddwen my daughter £10, one fetherbed, 
one coverlet, one bolster, two pillows, one pare of blankets, and 
two pillow beres, half dozen of Pewter. To Winifred, my daugh- 
ter, £2,0. To Bridgett Coxe, my daughter, 10s. yearly for life. 
To Sibill Cuthbert, my daughter, 10s. yearly for life. To my 
daughter Bridget Coxe's children £5. To children of daughter 
Sibill £5 To son William's son John a colte and to his daugh- 
ters Elizabeth and Anne 10s. each. (Another copy reads that 
Elizabeth and Anne were children of son Anthony.) Residuary 
legatee and Executor : Son Anthony. Witnesses : William 
Colingridge, Anthony Douer, John Statham, scrivener. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 28, folio 100. 

William Goodwine, Nether Winchendon, Bucks, gent. Will 
28 August 1613; proved 3 September 1613. To be buried in the 
parish church of Nether Winchendon. To my son Blase Good- 
wine all the right and terme of years in an annuity of £30 out of 
one close or pasture ground called Landers in Nether Winchendon 
in the occupation of one Edward Pigott of Nether Winchendon, 
to be paid by the said Edward Pigott. To my daughter Hercules 
now in Ireland all my household stuffe in my house in Nether 
Winchendon mentioned in an inventorie annexed. To my god- 
son William Wheatlie 40s. Executor my son Blase Goodwine 
and I give to him my dwelling house in Nether Winchendon. 
Witnesses : Francis Goodwin, John Bowden and Edward Piggott. 
Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 29, folio 55. 

Thomas Goodwine of Milton Keynes, county Bucks, yeoman. 
Will 1 1 May 1617; proved 4 June 1617. To be buried in Milton 
churchyard, to the church of which I give I2d. To the mending 
of a causeway between Thomas Lancasters house and the church 
2s. To my son Richard Goodwine my house with bed, mattrise, 
and furniture, and 40s. To my son Hugh a bedsted, a woolle 
bed, and 40s. To Richard Goodwine, my grandchild, £4 to be 
paid to Charles Holme and Richard Bandye for his use till 21. 
To Thomas Goodwine my grandchild, my son Richard's son, one 
brasse pott and 20s. To grandchild Annis Goodwine 20s. To 
Thomas Goodwine, my son Hughes son, £4. To Thomas Alline, 
my wive's son, 20s. To Margaret Alline, my wive's daughter, 
20s. Residuary Legatee and Executrix : my wife Annis. Over- 


seers : Richard Bandye, Charles Holmes, and Thomas Lancaster. 

Witnesses : John Jennings, Charles Holmes, and Richard Bandey. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 30, folio 220. 

Richard Goodwine of Emberton, county Bucks, laborer. Will 
(no date) ; proved 26 February 1619-20. To be buried in 
Emberton churchyard. I owe Rafe Goodwine, my brother, 3s. 
and I give him 10s. and all my apparell and a pare which is to 
make. To Alice Goodwin my sister 10s. Residuary Legatee and 
Executrix : Isabell my wife. Witnesses : Christopher Goodwine, 
John Phillipps, and John Masters. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 31, folio 117. 

Thomas Gooden of the parish of Dynton, county Bucks, yeo- 
man. Will 19 April 1620; proved 11 May 1620. To be buried 
in Dynton Churchyard. To my brothers, Thomas and William 
Woster, all my sheep. All my goods and household stuff to such 
person or persons as my mother shall appoint. To my brother 
William Gooden, all the sheep which are not in the pasture. My 
mother to pay my two godchildren 20s. apeece. Residuary leg- 
atee and Executor : My brother Thomas Woster. Witnesses : 
John Statham, scrivener, Will Worcester, and Thomas Biggs. 
Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 32, folio 20. 

Christopher Godwin, Emberton, Bucks, yeoman. Will 20 
April 1613; proved 2.7 June 1628. To wife Alice Goodwin 
besides the half of lands in Emberton given her at our marriage 
for her dowrie as by deed, also the other half to her for life, 
while a widow, but if she marrie, my brother Ralfe Goodwin to 
enter the same, paying my wife 20 markes quarterly (5 marks 
a quarter) and at death of brother Ralfe Goodwin to Christopher 
Goodwin, son of said Ralfe Goodwin, if he die to next sone, etc. 
and half acre of land with house in tenure of William Giles at 
East end of Towne waye, tenement sometimes called Kettells in 
the West, and land of Ralfe Smith in East to remain to said Wil- 
liam Giles for life, then to Christopher Goodwin, son of Randoll 
Godwin. To church of Emberton 6s. 8d. To poore of Ember- 
ton 20s. Rest to wife Alice Goodwin, executrix. Overseers: 
William Campion and Ralfe Smith. Witnesses : John Prestman, 
Parson, writer of same, William Campion, and Ralfe Smith. 
Archdeaconry of Buckingham, file 1628, no. 1. 


Ralph Goodin, Tyring(ham), Bucks, laborer. Will 28 Decem- 
ber 1631 ; proved 9 March 1630/31 To Phillip Knight of Hall- 
bury £10. To his weif £10. To his daughter Marye £1. To 
Mrs. Goodin £4. To Hugh Goodin of Fenny Stratford £4. To 
Goodweif (Margery in margin) Jills of Endsole in Bedfordshire 
£2. To Lewis Usher, his six children ("now at home" in mar- 
gin) £6. To Lewis himself and weife £4. To William Kid of 
Patersham in county Bedford £2. To poore of Fillgrave £1. 10s. 
To widow Vinney of Petso 5s. To her daughter, the weif of 
E ? Ironmonger 5s. More to Lewis Usher his wief £2. 

To Lewis Usher two sheets, a dublett and a fine Coat with all my 
other goods and household stuff. To John Stonbanks of Fyring- 
held 10s. John Harsall, Shepherd in Tyringh — 10s. Execu- 
tor: Richard Ca ? Witnesses: Samuel Bafford, John 
Marshall, Shepherd. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, file 1631, no. 3. 

James Goddin, whilst he lived, of Great Wycombe, county 
Bucks. Nuncupative will beginning of June 1633; proved 4 
July 1633. Three days before his death in presence of Anne 
Weedon, wife of Robert Weedon, and Anne Carter, widow, and 
Jane Gadburge. To his daughter Mary Goodinge £10. Resid- 
uary Legatee and Executrix : Wife Anne. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 33, folio 92. 

Alice Goodwin of parish of Emberton, county Bucks, widow. 
Will 18 January 1639 ; proved 27 February 1639/40. My body to 
be buried in the churchyard of Emberton. To my son Thomas 
Butcher of Weston who married my daughter Anne, £5, and to 
his wife I bequeath a coverlett of black and yellow, etc, etc. To 
John their eldest son, two ewes and two lambs, etc. To Thomas 
their younger son a bullock, etc. To my sister Salisbury, my 
second suite of apparell and 40s. To every of her children 3s. 4d. 
To my son Christopher, his eldest daughter a bullock, etc., and to 
his youngest daughter a bullock, etc, To my cousin Thomas 
Goodwin 10s, and to all my servants I2d. apiece. To the church 
of Emberton a carpet of green cloath. To the two sons of 
Thomas Butcher afore named £5 apiece at 21. Residuary lega- 
tees and joint executors : my son Christopher Goodwine and his 
wife. Overseers : my neighbours Ralph Smith, and Richard 


Swepston. Witnesses : Simon Younger, Ralph Smith, and Rich- 
ard Swepson. 10 August 1640 commission to Elizabeth Good- 
win wife of Christopher Goodwine one of the executors before 
named, he having renounced. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, 1639, f° no I2 9- 

Thomas Goodwin, late of Weston Vnderwood, county Bucks. 
Memorandum proved 13 April 1640. About two days before 
his decease, gave to his son Thomas 10s. whereof 5s. was in the 
hands of Thomas Clarke, and to his son Ralphe 10s., and to his 
son Richard, 3s. 4d. Residue to his wife, his executrix. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Butcher, and Thomas Eades. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 39, folio 28. 

Christopher Goodwin of Ockley (Oakley?), county Bucks. 
Will 19 May 1640; proved 27 June 1640. To my daughter 
Elizabeth Lucee one shilling. To son Christopher Goodwin is. 
To daughter Mary is. To daughter Dorothy is. To daughter 
Margarett is. To son John is. To daughter Alice is. To 
daughter Margerie is. Residuary Legatee and Executrix: my 
wife Dorothy. Witnesses : Thomas Coxen, and Agnes Gun- 
thro (n) 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham Register 39, folio 56. 

Raph Goodwin of Emerton, county Bucks, husbandman. Will 
16 September 1640; proved 16 October 1640. To be buried in 
Emberton churchyard. To Elizabeth my wife, my best ioyned 
bed and all things belonging. To Thomas my youngest son £10 
and my pied cowe. To Elizabeth my youngest daughter the long 
chest in the parlor, and one half my crop of wheat and barley. 
To my son Christopher I2d. for remembrance, and to my daugh- 
ter Dorothy, wife of Thomas Bolswell I2d. To grandchildren 
I2d. apiece. To son in law, Thomas Bolswell I2d. Resid- 
uary Legatee and Executor : Son Henry Goodwin. Witnesses : 
Simon Younger, and Ralph Smyth. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 39, folio 119. 

Josias Avery of Quaynton, Bucks. Will 9 April 1620; proved 
1 June 1 620/ 1. To Rose my daughter 4d. To Thomas my son 
I2d. To John my son I2d. To Laurence my son I2d. To 


Christopher my son I2d. To Elizabeth my daughter I2d. Exec- 
utors : my wife Alice and my son George. Overseers : Henrie 
Pollen and Richard Valentyne. Witnesses : Richard Valentyne, 
John Ball and Richard Beale. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 32, folio 50. 

Margaret Backster, Great Brickhill, Bucks, singlewoman. Will 
13 October 1599: proved 26 April 1600. My master Thomas 
Hopkins owes me 36s. of which I give him 30s. To Francis 
Hopkins a lambe. To Edward Hopkins an ewe. To Margaret 
Hawqrett apparel. To Alice Bell a coverlid of she die then to 
Isabell Pursell. William Hill owes me 2s. William Hopkins 
owes me 2s. Anne Haule owes me i8d. which i bequeath to her 
three children. To Edward Hopkins a kettle. To Francis Hop- 
kins a boulster. To Marcaret Marqret a chest. Peticoate to 
Margaret Hopkins daughter to William Hopkins. To Katherine 
Stone a bedstead, now at Harry Clark's. To Judeth Hopkins, 
daughter to William Hopkins, aprone. To four maids four 
linnen aprons and 46. a piece, to carry me to church. Joane 
Underwood, Thomasine Taylor, Jane Bricklowe and Agnes 
Wales. To Elizabeth Wells a neckercher. To Joane Hopkins 
waistcot To Judith daughter of John Hopkins a kercher. To 
the wife of Esay Hopkins kercher and William Hopkin's wife do. 
Best of my linen at discretion of my Dame Joane Hopkins. To 
Peeter Dawport 6d. To Elinor Bulfod waistcoate etc. To Mrs. 
Mary Smyth platter. Best hatt to my Dame Joane Hopkins, wife 
of Thomas Hopkins. To Amy Haule kercher. Executor Mr. 
Thomas Hopkins. Overseer Steven Haule. Witnesses: Steven 
Haule, Joane Hopkins, Willia Davenport. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 24, folio 82. 

Richard Birde, Emberton, Bucks, blacksmith. Will 5 Novem- 
ber 1615 ; proved 18 April 1615. To my son George Birde 

To my son John Birde. ..... My well beloved friend Christo- 
pher Goodwin and Francis Worsley to divide my tools between 
my two sons. Executrix my wife Mary. Overseers : Christo- 
pher Goodwin and Francis Worsley. Witnesses : Francis Wors- 
ley and Christopher Godwin. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 30, folio 173 
(part of 1615). 


William Collens, Meadle, parish of Monks Risborough, Bucks. 
Will 15 November 1596; proved 6 September 1599. To my son 
William 7 ewes and 13 lambs etc. at 16. . . To my brother-in- 
law Henry Cox, dublet. To my brother Henry Collens dublet 
etc. Executrix my wife. Overseers : Richard Bowler of 
Meadle and my brother-in-law William Godden. Witnesses : 
Richard Bowler, Henrye Cox, Willia Goddin and Henry Sil- 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 24, folio 129. 

John Cowarsey of Petsveend in the parish of Emberton, Bucks, 
husbandman. Will 8 March 1600; proved 23 May 1601. All to 
wife Alice, she executrix. Witnesses: Henry Goodwen and 
Richard Bechenhoe. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 25, folio 15. 

Simon Gravener of Weston Underwood, Bucks. Will 19 
December 1517: proved 7 February 1620-21. To my master 
Robert Throckmorton, Esq.... To Mrs. Marie Throckmorton 
£5. To Edward Truloue one of the sons of my sister Agnes 
Truloue £10. To Richard Truloue another of her sons £10. To 
John Gravenor if he be living £5, if dead 50s. of the £5 to my 
brother Francis Gravenor and 50s. to my sister Ellcocke and her 
three sons. To the four sons of my sister Garland 10s. To our 
minister Mr. Porter 20s. To John Clifton the clerke 3s. 4d. To 
Elizabeth Truloue for washing my clothes 20s. To Joyce Boul- 
ton 5s. she owes me. To Mistress Bickerton 3s. 4d. To Richard 
Grub 1 2d. To Widow Gaddesdon 20s. To Mr. Ridly for mak- 
ing my will 14s, which he oweth me. To Mr. Smalwood and 
Widow Parker 2s. each. To Widow Bolton, Widow Sharpe, 
Widow Butcher and Widow Goodes XI Id apiece. To Roger 
Godesden, Maundell Bemet, Underwood Claredg and Thomas 
Goodin each I2d. I give the £4 which John Fisher owes me 10s 
to him and the rest to the poor at discretion of my overseers Mr. 
Ridley and the said John Fisher. Executor my brother-in-law 
Thomas Trueloue. To Agnes Foulkes and Joyce Boulton the 
20s which Richard Goodwin oweth me. To Marierie Spencer 3s 

4d. To Jack the boy 3s,4d. etc 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 32, folio 61. 


John Gray servant to Sir Francis Goodwin, Winchendon, 
Bucks. Will 4 November 161 1 ; proved 17 December 161 1. To 
my sister Margaret £10. To my brother Robert £10. To the 
daughter of John Wulmesly 10s. To the children of Thomas 
Hawkins my cousin 20s. To poor of Winchendon 10s. of 
Waddesdon 10s, of Winchendon Superior 6s. 8d. Michael Latly 
of Hartwell owed me £12. Daniel Hartwell owes me 19s. 
Thomas Clarke of Cuddington 5 qrs. of barley, Thomas Goodye 
53s. 4d, Sir Francis Goodwin and Mr. Henry Wilkinsin owe me 
for harvest-work (other persons mentioned) Execu- 
trix my mother Alice Gray living at Dunstable. Witnesses : Wil- 
liam Rose and John Spencer. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 27, folio 39. 

Thomas Hopper of Houghton, Bucks. Will 5 June 1596; 
proved 23 February 1 596-7. To my youngest son Timothy house 
etc. I purchased of Thomas Greene. To my daughter Jane. .. 
To my daughter May. . . .Executrix my wife Agnes. To Joice 
Travill my sister a bullock. To Jane Barnabie my sister a bul- 
lock. To Elizabeth Cooke my sister a bullock. To Thomas 
Travill a Bullock. To Andrew Travill a cowe. To Thomas 
Barnaby a bullock. Supervisors Rafe Barnaby and Robert 
Greene my brother-in-law each 20s. Witnesses : George Good- 
win, Willm Stwne, Thomas Numan and Thomas Clare. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 22, folio 8. 

William Miller of Bradwell, Bucks, blacksmith. Will 10 
March 1598; proved 22 September 1599 Exec- 
utrix Elizabeth my wife. Overseers : James Shawe and Christo- 
pher Gooding. Witnesses : Thomas Haberley, James Shawe and 
Christopher Gooding. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 24, folio 104. 

John Newman, Bradwell, Bucks, yeoman. Will 29 March 40 
Elizabeth ; proved 2 October 1600. To Alice my wife 40 marks 
. . etc. To Mary Newman my daughter 20 marks. To Cath- 
erine Newman my daughter £10 at 21 To Henry Newman my 
son £10 at 21. To Thomas Newman my son £10 at 21. To Alice 
Newman my daughter £10 at 21. To Awdrey Newman my 
daughter £10 at 21. All lands and tenements to John Newman 


my son. Executor John Newman my son. Overseers: John 
Windmill, James Shawe and Christopher Goodinge. Witnesses : 
Thomas Habberley, Thomas Penn, Edward Pen, John Windmill, 
Christopher Goodinge and James Windmill. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 24, folio 37. 

Agnes Norman, Weston Underwood Bucks, widow. Will 17 
July 27 Elizabeth; proved 27 September 1585. To Elizabeth 
Charles my daughter T / 2 an acre of barley. To Jane Charles one 
platter. To Mary Charles one platter. To Agnes Charles one 
platter. To John son of Richard Smallwood best pewter platter. 
To Mary Smallwood pewter dish. To Richard Smallwood my 
son-in-law and Katherine his wife all the rest of my goods. They 
executors. Witnesses : Rychard Goodwine, Thomas Abram and 
John Smallwoode. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 21, folio 42. 

John Sumner of Stone, Bucks. Will 10 April 1604; proved 
12 May 1604. To Agnes my daughter £8 and two heifers in the 
keeping of Gabriel Sumner. To Frisith my daughter £8. To 
William Godden, Joane Godden and Steven Stronge my daugh- 
ter's child I2d. a piece. To my godchild John Robins and Wini- 
freth daughter to Margaret Symons I2d apiece. Executrix my 
wife Joane. Witnesses : Thomas Baldwine, Thomas Sumner 
and John Statham, scr. 

Archdeaconry of Buckingham, Register 26, folio 85. 


Andrewe Goodwyn of Cambridge, yeoman, sick. Will 1 Janu- 
ary 1628/9; proved 23 January 1628/9. To Richard Goodwyn 
my sonne £20. To son in law John Hemlinge and Ann his wife 
10s. a pece to buy each of them a golde ringe. I forgive to said 
sonn Hemlinge 3 powndes which I paid to Mr. John Paske for 
him. To my grandchild Thomas Hemlinge 40s. when 21. To 
my daughter Mary Norris 20s. for ring. To my grandchild May 
Norris 40s. when 21 or marriage. To my daughter Elizabeth 
Goodwyn £10, if she marry with my wife's consent. To my 
brother Grifren apparell. Residue to Joane my wife execu- 
trix. Witness: John Brasbone, Notary, William North servant 


to the said Notary. Whereas I was bounde in suertie for Mr. 
Nelsons appearance in ye cuert and for his wanting appearance 
I forfeited my bond. I paid £5 7s. vix £3 to Mr. Clarke, 30s. to 
Mr. Marriott the rest to Mr. Tabor which monie Mr. Fflodd and 
Mr. Ellis promised to see me paid again. Mr. Symones fellow 
of St. Johns oweth to me 22s. of ye 30s. I lent him, Mr. Cooke of 
Xris Coll. oweth me 20s. I lent him, Mr. Smith of St. Johns oweth 
me 26s. 4d. which I undertook to pay for him to widow Offeild for 
horse hier. Edward Arnent oweth me 13s. 46.. 
Proved before Matt. Wren, mark of Andrew Goodwin. 
Vice Chancellory of Cambridge, filed will. 

Thomas Cooper, servant to Dr. Clayton, Minister St. John. 
Will 11 February 1598; proved 19 February 1598. To Mr. 
Michael Woolfe of Cambridge £1. To Mr. Blundell, student in 
Grayes Inn, £3. To Roger Morrell, fellow of St. John College 

gold?. To Anderson student of St. John College. To 

William Pratt, fellow of St. John College gold?. To Mr. Nee- 
well. To Alice Woolfe, wife of Michael Woolfe. To Alice 
Woolfe daughter of ditto. To Robert Barker. Executors : Dr. 
Clayton and Michael W r oolfe. Witnesses: Wm Pratt, B.D., 
Rob: Neewell, B.A., Rob: Barker, Andrew Goodwin. 
Vice Chancellors Court, Cambridge. 

Edward Wiseman, Cambridge, yeoman. Will 14 January 
1 571; proved 22 January 1571. To be buried in the churchyard 
of Saint Edward's. To Augustine Wiseman my brother and 
Marie Wiseman my sister each £4, out of the sum of £24 which 
my brother Averie Wiseman doth owe me, and £16, residue of the 
said £24, I forgive to Averie my brother. To my sister Cressall 
£4 &c. To Prudence Goldesborough £10. To Susan Goldesbor- 
ough a pillow-beare. To Flower Goldesborough a pillow-beare. 
To Godwife Paske my coverlet. To Frances Parke her daugh- 
ter my napkin. To Alice Paske her daughter a napkin. To 
Mary Paske a silver spoon. To John Paske junior, a cupboard. 
To Thomas Goldisborowe, the elder, a shirt. To John Paske, the 
elder two shirts. To William Greffen a sword and dagger. To 
Andrew Redhead a cloak. To Burdecan a gown &c. To Mis- 
tress Hudleston a chease. To Thomas Umbell, the cook, a 
chease. To Mother Reynolds a chease. To Alexander our mas- 


ter's man a coat. To Mr. Mondford a cap &c. To Mr. Whit- 

hepell a cap &c. Executors ; Henry Wiseman my brother 

and John Paske junior. Supervisor ; Mr. Warner. Witness ; 

Thomas Barbo 1 ", Notary Public. 

Will of Edward Wiseman manciple of Trinity Hall, Cambridge, 

proved 22 January 1 571. 

Inventory £7-8-3. 

Vice-Chancellors Court, Cambridge. Book 2, folio 65. 

Thomas Goodwin of Tofte yeoman. Will 3 January 1619/20; 
proved 13 February 1622/23. To wife Eleanor. To son Rich- 
ard. To Elizabeth Newman household stuffe in the house at 
Tofte which I holde of her father by lease. To Thomas Sarre 
my grandchild. To my daughter Pamplyn. To Elizabeth, 
Agnes, Katherine, John, William, Robert and George Sare when 
21. To son Richard Goodwin executor. Witnesses : John Bras- 
bone and Richard Pettit. 

Archdeaconry of Ely, Vol. 7, folio 308. 

Edmond Adams of Lolworth. Will proved 24 October 1612. 
To Josias Adams 20 marks at two several times, 20 nobles at 24, 
and 20 at 28. To Margaret Adams my daughter £10 and £5 at 
marriage and £5 two months after. To Mary Adams my daugh- 
ter £10, £5 at 21, and £5 after 12 months. Executors : Margaret 
my wife and Jeremy my eldest son. To poor of Lolworth a 
combe of wheate and a combe of barlie, to be distributed by min- 
ister at Christmas. To Frances Turner a lambe. To Elizabeth 
Glouer my grandchild a bush ell of wheat. To Richard Glouer 
my grandchild ditto. To Elizabeth Glouer my daughter ditto. 
Supervisor: Mr. Bridgeman and Thomas Adams my brother. 
Witnesses: James Bridgeman, Jas. Hutchinson, Tho. Adams, 
J. Adam the elder. Proved by son Jeremy Adams executor, with 
power reserved to the other executor. 

Archdeaconry of Ely, Book 7, folio 22. 

Will of Paul Peke of Toft. 14 July 1602. "To Richard Good- 
win my cousin." 

Archdeaconry of Ely, Register 6, folio in. 


Robert Pecke of Swanesly. 22 August 16(02) "To Matthew 
Goodinge a witness." 

Archdeaconry of Ely, Register 6, folio III. 


Richard Goden of Sawston. Will 9 November 1538; proved 
20 March 1541. To Richard Gooden myn eldest sonne 6/8. To 
Joane my daughter the wife of Thomas Wakelyn 3/4. To Alice 
my daughter 6/8. I will that the state that Alyce my wife hath 
taken with me in all my house and lands in Sawston in Pampys- 
ford Haye be to her for her life, on condition that she keep up 
honestlie my young children, i. e. Willm John Alexander, Agnes, 
Barbara, Margett and Elisabeth. If wife die before my children 
are of age then Richard my eldest son to have all my lends and 
provide for my other children till they are 20. To William my 
sonne a haf acre called Margetts acre. Richard to have all the 
rest of my lands he paying rent to the Chief Lord for the fee. 
Executrix my wife Alice. Supervisor John Wolward. Wit- 
nesses Syr Willm Atkynson, p'ste, Curate of Sawston, Edmond 
Campyon, yoma 11 , and Rychard Pratt the parishe Clarke. 
Consistory of Ely, 53 K. 

John Goodyng the younger of Sawston in the diocese of Ely. 
Will 13 April 1543; proved 28 April 1543. To Margarett my 
wife my house with all the appurtenances for life and after her 
decease to Robert my eldest son, Robert to pay to brother and to 
his sisters every one of them at marriage 6/8. If Robert dye 
without issue then the house to remain to Thomas my son ; he to 
pay to his sisters as above. To Margaret my eldest daughter a 
quarter of barley if she die then the quarter of barley to go to 
Alice my daughter. If both my sons die without issue the house 
to be sold and the money to be equally divided amongst my four 
daughters. Executrix my wife Margarett. Supervisor Robert 
Webb. Witnesses Robert Lacye, Syr Willm Atkynson, Curate 
ther, John Bacon, Richard Pratt, parishe Clerk, John Goodwyn 
the elder. 

Consistory of Ely, 78 K. 

John Gooden of Thryplowe, diocese of Ely. Will 10 July 
1546 ; proved 24 July 1546. To Richard my son copy called Cur- 


teys which I now dwell in Thryplowe saving that Avys my wife 
shall have the Chamber and the Soller of it yt is above the benche 
and in each field one acre of ground, and half of all the wood — 
for her life. Alsoto my said son Richard and to his heirs and 
assigns mt other copy called Hubberts in Thryplowe. Also I 
will that Avys my wife shall have half of my crop called Ballys — 
for his life, and John and Nicholas my sons shall have the other 
half. After the decease of Avys my wife I bequeath the copy 
called Ballys to John Gooden my son but he to pay to Nicholas 
my son £6-13-4 within three years after my decease. If John 
refuse to do this then Nicholas my son shall have the copy equally 
with John my son. I have delivered the surrender of my copies 
unto the hands of Nicholas Pryme. I will that Avys my wyff and 
Richard my son shall have my carte, carte gearys, ploughe &c, 
equally divided between them. Avys my wife to have two bul- 
locks, i. e. the eldest bullock and the heyckerfbr. To Margaret 
my daughter a calffe of ahyear old. To 8 poor folks 8 pecks of 
malte. I will that £5 I have in my hands of my father's bequest 
to keep a yearly obit shall be delivered immediately after my 
decease unto the hands of Avys my wife for the same purpose. 
Executrix my wife Avys. Witnesses John Brygg, Vycar, Nich- 
olas Pryme, Robert Sturgeon. 

Consistory of Ely, 171 K. 

Rychard Goodwyne of Thriplowe, Co. Cambs, husbandman. 
Will 3 November 1557; proved 27 November 1557. To Mar- 
garet my daughter £10 at 18. To Alis my daughter £10 at 18. 
To Margery e my daughter £10 at 18. To Thomas Goodwyne my 
son £10 at 18, and also 5 marks to buy him 2 horses to be paid to 
him at 18 also 5 nobles to buy him a cart. To Agnes my wife 
all my corn and all my cattle. I make surrender of all my copies 
held of the Bishop of Ely to Robert Amerys the elder — for use of 
my wife Agnes — then to Thomas my son. Executrix my wife 
Agnes. Witnesses William Pryme, Tevershame, Robert Amerye, 
the elder of Thriplowe, and John Chapman. Item Alyn Dalowe 
owes me 14; Robert Thredder £3-18-0 and also for 11 pole of 
hedging at (kl d ?) the pole which cometh unto 2/2, also for rent 
of 3 roods of saffron ground, John Hasyer the younger 38/-, 
Thomas Bevis 30/-. 

Consistory of Ely, 355 K (also 305 N). 


Johan Godden, Sawsten, widow. Will 22 December 1593; 
proved 9 March 1593. To son John. To daughter Bridget wife 
of Nicholas Felsted of Thriplowe. Residue to Edward Godden 
her son. Witnesses: John Waterson, Tho: Parker, widdow 
Bartholomew, widow Fleminge. Proved by Edward Godden of 

Consistory of Ely, V, 221. 

Clement Goodwine, Thriplowe. Will 21 September 1594; 
proved 19 October 1594. To son John when 16. To daughters 
Margaret and Elizabeth. To wife Susan. To every one of John 
Caseboult children. To Susan my brother Richard's daughter. 
Witnesses : Wm Mote, Jno Rayter, Rob : Goodwine, Rob. Case- 
boult, Tho: Cooke. 

Consistory of Ely, V, 241. 

Johane Goodwin, widow, Trumpington. Will 5 June 1600; 
proved 3 June 1605. To son Robert Greene and his two children. 
To Thomas Greene's two children. To Johane Greene, daughter 
of said Robert Greene. Residue to Robert Greene my son. Wit- 
nesses : Nicholas Awsten, Thomas Whiskyn, John Osborne and 
Elice Martyn. 

Consistory of Ely, X, folio 61. 

John Goodwin of Little Shelford, labourer. Will proved 9 
February 1627; proved. To son John £4 when 21. To daugh- 
ter Elizabeth. To wife Annis. Witnesses : Christopher Article 
and Henry Prime. 

Consistory of Ely, Morley (or Manley) 505. 

William Goodin, Harlton. Will 25 April(?) 1633; proved 5 
October 1633. Estate to be divided into five parts : wife to have 
three, each of his children one. Witnesses : Mr. Marmaduke 
Tompson, Frances Goodden, his wife, Anne Tue. 
Consistory of Ely, Dunham, 377. 

John Gooding, Sawston. Will proved 5 December 1635. To 
daughter Susan, wife to Edward Barber. To her daughter Eliza- 
beth Lonnes. To her son Edward Barber. To my daughter 
Joane Gooding. To my wife's son (unnamed) Witnesses: 
Ant : Wilson, Rob : Ventiman. 

Consistory of Ely, Dunham, 506. 


Robert Goodwin of Coates, yeoman. Will 15 May 1672/3; 
proved 24 March 1673/4. To brother Thomas. To sister 
Judith Shelton (six children). To cosen Thomas Goodwin of 
Benefield, if he be alive at my death 10s. To William Jarvis of 
Fletton 20s. To Robert Goodwin my kinsman now with me. 
Margaret Goodwin my wife and cosen Robert Goodwin, execu- 

Consistory of Ely, Hutson 238. 

Daniel Fowler, Cheltenham, yeoman. Will 26 September 
1650; proved 18 December 1650. Tenement bought of Widow 
Goodwin which I hold by Copy of Court Roll of the Manor of 
Ely Barton. 

Consistory of Ely. 

John Goddes, Willesford. Will 21 March 1644; proved no 
date. To James Goddes eldest son. To Leonard Goddes 2nd 
son. To wife Ames. To John Goddes 4th son. To Thomas 
Goddes my son when 12. To daughter Mary Goddes when 20 or 
marriage. To Mary Godden, Pertes Godden, Charles Godden 
£5 each. Witnesses : Tho : Dod, Juno, Coll, Rob : Mortlock, 
Rob : Stacy, John Godden. 

Consistory of Ely, Fairchild, 95. 

Thomas Graunge, Swafham Bulbeck, gentleman. Will 25 
June 1592; proved 1 August 1592. "As to the paying of such 
legacies and sums of money as my uncle Mr. Theodor Goodwyn 
and myself stand bound jointly and severally to the said John 
Roofe to be paid to the use of the children of William Norman 
late of Swafham Bulbeck, yeoman." 

Consistory of Ely, V, no. 

Thomas Hawkins, Cottenham, husbandman. Will 19 Novem- 
ber 1616; proved 7 December 1616. To son Thomas Hawkins 
£80. To daughter Francis now wife of Thomas Chrismas. To 
Amy Barnes and Hester Barnes my grandchildren. To Priscilla 
my daughter now the wife of Jeremie Adames £8. To Thomas 
Adams my grandchild. To Thomas Worton my grandchild. To 
John Walker my grandchild. To John Barnes my grandchild. 
To Elizabeth Chevins and Elizabeth Bradley, Edith Chevins and 
Anthony Roger. To Thomas Roger, the tailor, his daughters. 


To Prudence Townsende 5s. Son John Hawkins executor. 
Witnesses : Tho. Dowsinge, Alexr. Essex, mark of Ri. Graves. 
Proved at Cambridge. 

Consistory of Ely, Reg. Z, folio 183. 

Thomas Nichollas, Wittlesey Maries (Whittlesey Mere?), 
Cambs. Will 10 May 1552: proved (no date). To Thomas 
Nychollas two kyne etc. To Agnes Bamare, my daughter an 
acre called pathe acre etc. and an ewe and a lamb that was 
Stephen Homes. To Richard Bu'mare a balde colte. To Wil- 
liam Nichollas my son. .one white burnynge. To Robert Nichol- 
las' children . . a lamb. To Thomas Nichollas my son half my 
croft with his mother. To Alice Eldman my sister two stocke of 
barley. Executrix my wife. Supervisors : William Wilkenson 
and William Plommer. Witnesses : John James, Symon Nich- 
ollas, William Wilkenson, John Rogers, Oswoulde Specheley, 
William Plummer and Harrye James. 

Consistory of Ely, Book N, 90. 

Symond Nicholas of Wittlesey St. Marys, Cambs. Will 19 
January 1555; proved 8 May 1554. Elizabeth my wife to have 
all my copies for her life and after her decease Richard my son 
to have them. To Robert my son 20s etc. To William my son a 
black rugged heiffer. To Elizabeth Nycholas my son's daughter 
a black stere. Executors Elizabeth my wife and Richard my 
son. Supervisors Richard Martyn and Thomas Gybson. Wit- 
nesses : John Gryffyne, Clarke, Curate, Thomas Paryner and 
Harry James. 

Consistory of Ely, Book O, 11. 

William Nicholas of Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambs. Will 4 
November 1563: proved 26 February 1563-4. To Thomas my 
son all my houses and lands free and copy in both lordships also 
to him five mares etc. To John my son £13 6s 8d to be paid him 
at 20 years af age. To Petronyll my daughter £7 at 21, also a 
red heiffer. . . .a peticoate that was her mothers. To my three 
children Thomas, John and Petronelle my saffron grounde, all 
my brass and pewter and catle and linen. To Cicelie my daughter 
a great panne etc. To William Bucke 40s. to be delivered to the 
aforesaide Dayle his mother. . To Elizabeth Schrokes a pair of 


sheets etc. Executors my son Thomas and Anthonye Bucke. 
Witnesses: Sir Wiltin Longe, Curate, Wiltin Norman, Thomas 
Grene and Richard Grene. 

Consistory of Ely, Book P, 182. 

Symon Nicholas, St. Marys, Wittlesey, Cambs. Will 1 July 
1588: proved 13 July 1588. To Richard Nicholas my son 
. .mare etc. To Isabell Nicholas my daughter . .mare. . Execu- 
trix: my wife Johane. Supervisor Milles Nicholas my brother. 
Witnesses : Milles Nicholas, Robert Brigges, John Dester and 
John Foster, clerk. Testator owes Anthony Andrew Xlld. 
Robert Briggs 10s. Priar's wife 4d. 

Consistory of Ely, Book T, 249. 

Isabell Nicholas, Wittlesey St. Mary Cambs. widow. Will 6 
January 1 590-1 : proved 26 February 1 590-1. To John Nevell 
two playters of harden cloth. To Richard son of Symon Nich- 
olas 20s. at 21. To William son of Thomas Wyseman a little 
brass pott. To Roger, son of Thomas Wyseman a flaxen sheete. 
To Joane, daughter of said Thomas a flaxen sheete. To Isabell, 
daughter of said Thomas a flaxen sheete. To Margerie, daugh- 
ter of said Thomas a flaxen sheete. To Elizabeth Coveneye, 
servant of Thomas Wyseman a flaxen sheete. To Isabell Nich- 
olas, daughter of Miles my son a brass pan. To Richard Nich- 
olas, son of Miles Nicholas a kettle. To William Nicholas son 
of Miles Nicholas a kettle. To Marie Richards and Margaret 
Richards, daughters of William of Eastrye each a sheep. To 
Jeffery Richards, son of said William a lamb. To Robert Nich- 
olas of Benwicke a storcke of barley. To Margerie Mease, 
widow my grey peticoate. To Robert Mapleton, his wife my old 
russet frocke. To Margaret Mease a harden cloth. To the 
children of Myles Nicholas my kinsman six playtes of harden 
cloth. Ececutor Miles Nicholas my son. Supervisors: Robert 
Speachley and John Coveneye. Witnesses: Robte Speachlie, 
John Coveneye, Hughe Yates and William Richards. 
Consistory of Ely, Book V, 38. 

Myles Nicholas, Wittlesey, Diocese of Ely. Will 21 October 
1 591 : proved 18 January 1591-2. To be buried in the church 
yard of Saint Marys, Wittlesey. To Richard my son best yoke of 


steeres etc. To William my son, yoke of steeres etc. To Isa- 
bell Nicholas my daughter yoke of sterres etc. My sons to have 
their portions at 21 and my daughter at 18. I make Eme my wife 
guardians to them all. To Roger Wiseman Xlld. To Robert 
Nicholas one strike of wheat. To Jeffery Richard Xlld. To 
Richard son of Simon Nicholas 10s. To Robert and Thomas 
Nicholas each a harden sheet. Executrix : my wife Eme. Super- 
visors: Hewe Yates, Thomas Wiseman, and William Richard. 
Witnesses : Wilton Adisonne, Robert Speachlie, Jeffery Speach- 
lie. Also I will that Marie Eme, my wife be bound for the chil- 
dren's portions. 

Consistory of Ely, Book V, 73. 

Henry Nicholls of Kingston, Cambs, singleman, servant to 
Gyles Leete of the same town, gentleman. Will nuncupative on 
Monday fortnight next before Whitsuntryde 1612: proved 14 
May 161 3. To George Nicholls his father all his goods except 
one chest and £4. which he bequeathed to Dorothie Leete daugh- 
ter of the said Gyles. Witnesses : Christoper Hawkes, Suasn 
Steward, vidow, Agnes Malyn wife of Thomas Malyn and Mar- 
garet Leete the wife of the said Gyles Leete of Kingston. As 
no executor is named administration was granted to George 
Nicholls of Weston, Herts, father of the testator. 
Consistory of Ely, Book Y, 224. 

John Nicholas, Little Wilbraham, Cambs, laborer. Will 11 
February 1613: proved 26 February 1613-14. To Anne my 
wife, .bullocke etc. Executrix: my wife Ann. Witnesses: 
Wiltin Skepps, John Symon and Nicholas Boyer. 
Consistory of Ely, Book Y, 295. 

Robert Stowe of Rampton. Will 30 April 1570. 'To John 
Goodwyne of Cambridge my browne amblinge geldynge ye he 
was wont to borrowe of me." 

Consistory of Ely, Q, 26. 

John Good wine, Wittlesford. Administration 17 January 
583, to Johan Goodwine his widow. 

Bishops Register Ely, Book 1582-99. 


Richard Goddine, Sawston. Administration 15 July 1586 to 
Mariane Goodine his widow. 

Bishops Register Ely, Book 1582, folio 28. 

Simo Goodwine of Chesterton. Administration to John Cher- 
ington to use of children of Simon Goodwine. 

Bishops Register Ely, Book 1582, folio 79b. 

Thomas Goodwyne junior late of Chesterton, deceased, admin- 
istration 10 June 1564 to Henry Goodwyne his brother and 
Thomas Parrye of the same during the minority of Richard 
Goodwyne, Simon Goodwyne, and Agnes Goodwyne brothers of 

Ely Diocesan Register, G. 2, vol. I, folio 10. 

Edward Goodinge of Ely. 2 August 1598. Administration 
to Alice his relict. 

Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2, vol. Ill, folio 55. 

Acts as to administration of the goods of John Goodwin late 
of Chesterton in book later on and ex officio mero com Cambridge 
(In margin) 

Ely Diocesan Register, G. 2, IV, folio 200. 

Morton, Agnes, widow, Sutton. 17 August 1599. Adminis- 
tration to William Goodwin of Southborowe, Co. Norfolk, her 
brother, to the use of Alice, Daniel, Hellinore and Elizabeth 
Morton, her children. 

Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2, III, 1592-1611, folio 64. 

Morton, Baldwin, Sutton. 22 August 1599. Administration 
to William Goodwin of Southborow, Norfolk, to the use of Alice, 
Daniel, Hellinore and Elizabeth, his children. 

Ely Diocesan Registry, G. 2, III, 1 592-161 1, folio 65. 


William Goodwin of Kyrmill — parish of Llanihangell, Gener- 

glyn (Llanfihangel-Geneur-Glynn?), county Cardigan. To eldest 

son Edward Goodwin £25. To second son John Goodwin £15, to 

third son William Goodwin £15. To daughter Anne Goodwin 


£15, to daughter Francis Goodwin 5s. To reputed daughter 
Mary Goodwin i2d. Residuary Legatees and Executors : Wife 
Bridgett, son William and daughter Anne, my youngest son and 
daughter. Witnesses: Hugh John Hugh, Watkin Morgan, 
Elizabeth Jenkins, and Morgan Edwards. Will 24 June 1694; 
proved 27 May 1695. Inventory £64. 2S. 8d. 

Archdeaconry of Cardigan, will file 1695. 


Jane Gooden of Timperley county Chester, widow. Will 44, 
James VI of Scotland; proved 23 August 161 1. To father 
Edward Baylie £20. To my mother a cambricke pettecote. To 
my nevie James Williamson a brass pann. To brother James 
Williamson feather bed. To nevie Thomas Gryrhsdych a silver 
spoon. To Alas Darbeshire half a hope of barley. To Sister 
Margaret 10s. To servant Margaret Williamson a piece of land 
in the town field. To Ellen Barlowe I2d. To brothers in laws 
James Williamson and Henrie Grymsdych executors. To God- 
son Rondle Blackshaw. To my good mistris Mris Marie Leigh 
mypannier. Witnesses : Richard Barlow, Hugh Chorlton, Rich- 
ard Williamson. 

A true & perfect inventorie of all of goods & chattels & debts 
of Jone Gooden late of Tymperly deceased praysed ye xvth day 
of August 161 1 by John Symson, Richard Jacson and Edward 
Hudson of Tymp'ley yeoman as f olloweth : 

Imprimis in otes xvjs. 

It. in Barley liijs. iiijd. 

It. in Payes vijs 

It. in Heyres iijs. iiijd. 

It. one f ether bedd & boulster xxxiijs. iijd. 

It. one other boulster vjs. viijd. 

It. two pillowes & two blanckets xs 

It. on other blancket xvjs. 

It. one bed fitting xvjs. 

It. an old coverlet vjs. 

It. on mattres vjs. viijd. 

It. one paire of canvas shits iiijs. 

It. one flaxen shite vs. 


It. three pillow beres iijs. 

It. f oure napkyns ijs. 

It. one canvas bordcloth ijs. 

It. six pallets xiijs. 

It. one other short canvas bordcloth Is. 

It. thre smook xvs. 

It. one other smook ...... ijs. 

It. one silke apron xs. 

It. five other aprons vjs. viijd. 

It. six combes ixs 

It. viij croft clothes iijs. 

It. foure paire of rufes js. 

It. six forgets three fates & the stomiches -. .iijs. iijd. 

It. three hankerchers ijs. iiijd. 

It. two tiffanie Karses & a mashe ijs. 

Itm. one pair & a knife cloth vjd. 

It. oult salte & a stomiche iijs. 

It. a sillier thimble & peese of bone lase xvjd. 

It. one Stamell peticote xxs. 

It. one stamell wastcote ijs. vjd. 

It. another stamell peticote iiijs. 

It. an other gowne xs. 

It. a ryding safgard xviijd. 

It. a old red peticote & a whit Is. 

It. one paire of french bodies ijs 

It. two fustian wascotes xvjd. 

It. an other ould gowne xviijd. 

It. twoe paire of stockings Id. 

It. ould lase and silke iijd. 

It. braslets on a bladder ijd. 

It. an ould paire of sues ijd. 

It. a little box ijd. 

It. a quishenes & a purse Id. 

It. a litle box wth lock and key viijd. 

It. a chest wth lock & key iiijd. 

It. one othere & quishen vjd. 

It. two buffen stooles xxd. 

It. a ould bord & arke viijd. 

It. one basket : iiijd. 

It. one chaire xxd. 


It. one siting while xijd. 

It. brine ware & muges iiijs. iiijd. 

It. three bredes & a forme iiijd. 

It. in bras pewter & yron ware ijs. vjd. 

It. in butter & chese vjd. 

It. in xij cheese vjs. 


It. apples vijd. 

It. one brass pot vs. 

It. debtes owing to ye deceased viijs. viijd. 

It. hemp & flax vijs. vjd. 

It. a Dig iiijd. 

It. in somer gras vs. 

It. one bound due at Mighellmas next xx 11 

It. an other bound due at Marye day next xx h 

It. sliping of flaxen yarne iiijd. 

It. foure pillowe bersemore vjs. viijd. 

It. six napkins more iiijs. 

It. one hat vd. 

It. one siluer spoone iijs. 

Consistory of Chester, will filed 1611. 

Margret Gooden of Litle Boulton, pish of Eccles, County 
Lancaster, widow. To Jinnie and Elizabeth Wright daughters 
of Richard Wright of Shipton in. 2s. whereof John Yrlame owes 
me £5 and 10s. Thomas Wilkinsone oweth. To Richard and 
Edmund Wright sons of said Richard 20s. each. To Ane and 
Ellin Peele £6 in hands of Thomas Peele their father. To Mar- 
gerie Slade 22 nobles which Jeffry Hope oweth me. To said 
Margerie Slade £11 which John Ridings wife oweth me. To 
Elizabeth Mort my daughter £11 which Rodger Hey oweth me. 
To Margaret Gooden daughter to my son Edmund £6. 12s. which 
James Sheppard owes me. To Edmund, Thomas, Richard and 
John Gooden sons of son Edmund 10s. each. To children of 
John Fylds 44s. owing by Nicolas Burie 44s. Edward Moreley 
owes me 44s. Edward Seddon owes me £3. 6s, George Storar 
owes me 44s. Witnesses : Charles Whittell, Curate at Eccles. 

A true and p&fect Inventorie of all they goods debts and Cat- 
telles wch did belong to Margret Gooden late of Little Boulton in 
the parish of Eccles & County of Lane' widow deceased prized 


& valued the first day of August Ano Dni 161 1 by those whose 
names are subscribed viz ; 

Richard Wright 

John fylds 

Peter Widdall 

Edmund Morel. 

Imrp. one heffer Ls. 

Ir. in Brasse iij li. 

It. in Beddinge iiij li. 

It. her App'elle iiij li. 

It in Silver Spoones Ls. 

It. John Seddon oweth iiij li. 

It. Ellen widdall hath in her hands xiiij li. 

It. Reserved for the Childre of Edmund Goden Ill j li. 

The whole some wth the Legacies in this decedent's will nomi- 
nate & giue' are C n xviijd. 

Exhibited Aprill 16, 1612. 
Consistory of Chester, will filed 1612. 

George Gooden of Manchester, County Lancaster yeoman. 
Will 13 February 1618/9; proved (A. B.) 24 November 1619. 
£26 to Elizabeth, Thomas and James Strangwayes my grand- 
children. One third of goods to Elizabeth my now wife, one 
third to son in law Thomas Strangwayes out of remainder to 
nephew Randle Gooden my best suit of apparell. Residue of 
one third to nephews George Gooden and John Gooden Exec- 
utor : Son in law Thomas Strangwayes of Strangwayes, gent. 
Witnesses : Thomas Hulton, John Gooden, Edmund Breereley. 
A true and perfect Inventorie of all and singular the goods and 
chattells of George Gooden late of Manchester in the County of 
Lancast' yeoman, deceased taken the xvj Daie of November Ao 
Dni 1619 and prysed by Robte Adkinson, Hugh Hartley, Adam 
Holland the younger, John Scoales, Raph Barlowe and Seathes 

Imprimis in reddie money Lix 11 vjs. 

Itm. seaven heads of yarne weighinge ten acre and ten 

pounds all seventeene pence the pound xiiij li. xs. 

Item. Ten heads of white yarn weighing fyveteene 

score pounds at eighteene pence the pound xxij li. xs. 

Item. Three heads of one Woorte yarne weighinge 

threescore pounds att seaventeene pence the pound, .iiij li. vs. 


Item one head of one woorte yarm weighinge twentie 

pound at f yveteene pence the pounde xxvs. 

Item. Eleeven heads of White yarne weighing Sixteen 
score and tenn pounds at twoe and twentie pence the 
pownd xxx 11 vs. 

Item. Seaven heads of White yarne weighinge Ten- 
score and ten pounds at seaventeene pence the 
pounde xiiij li. 

Item fyveteen score pounds of one Wroste yarne att Six- 

teene pence a pownd xx li. 

Item sixe Score pounds of White yarne at two and 

twentie pence the pound xj li. 

Item twentie three pounds of odd Cohered yarne xxxvs. 

Item yarne abroad at Warke fourscore and Four pounde 

att sixteene shillings the peece v li. xijs. 

Item twentie nyne peeces of Sackecloth and one odd end 

att sicteene shillings the peece 1 xxiij li. viijs. 

Item ten peeces of pale Cohered Sackcloathe att xiijs. 

iiijd. the peece vj li. xiijs. iiid 

Item three peeces of Boulsters att twentie twoe shillings 

the peece iij li. vjs. 

Item two broade peeces of Lynen Clothe iij li. xvjs. 

Item two heads of yarne Liijs. iiijd. 

Item One Fatt Cowe iiij 11 xiij s iiijd. 

Item one great Black Cowe iij li vjs. viijd. 

. Item one newe Calf e Cowe iij li. 

Item one Little heyfer ij u vjs viijd. 

Item one Heiffer 1 li. xiijs. iiijd. 

Item one Sterke j li. vjs. viijd. 

Item Twoe Hogge ij li xs. 

Item In Barlie xvj 11 vj s viijd. 

Item In Haie v li. 

Item In Turves xxs. 

Item. Coalls and Cannell xs. 

Item in Broken Timber and other Timber in the Lane . . . .xj li. 

One Leaden furnace and one Keare wth grats and Hookes. .iij li. 

One Lof te over the Beasts xl s. 

One House of Office xls. 

Item one outstanding Bedd in the parlor with furniture 

to itt vj 11 xiij s iiijd. 


Item three Ladders in J s - 

Item, twoe Tables and one Forme xxxs. 

Item fyve Cheers and Foure Stooles xs. 

Item in Qushions xxvjs. viijd. 

Item three Beds in the Howse ijs. 

Item one Bible and a booke called the Sutemans Salve xs. 

Item in Spitts fire shovell fire Iron gobarts toongs, tost- 

inge Iron and Racke xs. 

Threescore pound of pewter Ls. 

Item in Candlesticks plates Bolts Canns spoones one 

brass Morter and a pestell xxxs. 

Item fyve small pewter dishes iijs. 

Item Seaven Siluer Spoons lxvjs. viijd. 

Item one wheele Bead in the parler vjs. viijd. 

Item one presse in the parler xxxs. 

Item one glasse Case with glasses in ytt and other things ... .vs. 

Item twoe chests in the parlor xiijs. iiijd. 

Item in Ashes, one Keare one Turnet and Salt v li. 

Item one Bedd in the Lower parlor and furniture with 

itt Liijs. iiijd. 

Item twoe chests a Salting tubb a little Table stand and 

on forme j K xvj s viijd. 

Item furniture of twoe Bedds wth on Trucle Bedd. . . . 

viii 11 xiv s iiij d 
Item Three Chests and other Bords in the Highe Chambers . .xs. 
Item twoe paire of Loomes, Reeds, wheeles, Warpestock 

and other things there vnto belonging xls. 

Item in Lynnen (viz) Sheets table Clothes five Clothes 

napkin and pillowbeers one great chest and one Bed- 

sted xiij 11 vj s viij d 

Item twoe Bushell of Malt one Hoope of Wheate one 

IToope of Meale and one hoope of groats xls. 

Item one presse Tubbs Barrells and Wisketts xs. 

Item five Seeks and twoe wyndowe sheets vjs. viijd. 

Item one Bedd wth furniture in the Kitchen Chamber xxs. 

Item priggs Ladles Eshens rungs tubbs skelletts Clop- 

pinge knyves trenchers and other ymplements xxs. 

One dosen of painte trenchers and an dosen of plaine 

thick trenchers iiijs. 


Item in Brasse potts three score and Twelve pounds at 

Eight pence the pownd xlviijs. 

Item in pann Mettall f ortie pounds L s. 

Item twoe f ryinge panns one dripping pann and charring 

dishe vjs. viijd. 

Item one cheese presse ijs. 

Item one Bord in the kitchen a chaire Muggs Bords and 

other things xls. 

Item in Butter and Cheese xxs. 

Oweing by Bill xj li vjs. 

Item in Tacks of ground iij li vjs. viijd. 

Item in Apparell x li. 

Item More due by Bill iij li. xs. 

More in Tacks of ground viij li. 

Item one Chest in the shopp in the Towne xs. 

Item in pullen xs. 

Item In the Tack of one howse for one yeare xxs. 

Laide furth of ground . . . .' iiij li. xvjs. 

Item in Scales and lead weights and other smale neces- 

sarie things about the house xs. 

Oweinge by Roger Curtnowe xxxs. 

Oweinge by John Todkastell xls. 

Item more in readie money xjs. 

Consistory of Chester, will filed 1619. 

Edmund Gooden of Little Boulton, parish of Eccles, County 
Lancaster, maltman. Will 16 April 1621 ; proved 20 April 1621. 
To my mother in law and sisters in law all the apparell that 
belonged to my late wife Marie late deceased. All my goods to 
Elline my daughter if she die before of age or marriage to my 
brethren and sisters. Executors : Edmund Mort and Alexander 
Lightborne. Witnesses : John Partington, Thomas Smith, John 
Jones, vicar of Eccles. 

Consistory of Chester, will filed 1621. 

John Gooden of Barton, county Lancaster, yeoman. Nuncu- 
pative will proved 17 April 1647. Debts to be paid and then 
profits of lands and tenements to bring up his four children till 
his son Edmund was 21, then he to have his lands in Eccles. 
Residue of goods to son John, daughter Elizabeth, and daughter 


Margaret. Executors: Richard Edge of the Owter forrest 
County Lanes, yeoman, John Wright of Flixton, Co. Lanes yeo- 
man and Ellice Markland of Barton, County Lanes. Witnesses : 
Thomas Gooden, Adam Smyth, Humphrey Rent. 

A true and p'fect Inventory of the goods & chattells of John 
Gooden late of Barton upon Erwell in the Countie of Lancaster 
yeoman deceased. Aprized by Thomas Filds of Penbery yeoman, 
Randle Haukins of Moanton yeoman, John Cliveley of Barton 
yeoman, John Irlam of Flixton yeoman, and Thomas Tildsley of 
Moanton, yeoman Aprill the 12th : 1647. 
Impr. 7: Sterks: 5 Cowes & 2: yong calfes at ... . 41. 3. o. 

It. 29 Sheepe at 10. o. o. 

It. Wheate Barley & Rye in the Barne 25. o. o. 

It. In Hay & 2 yong Swine at 12s. a peece 2. 4. o. 

It. 3 ould carts, 1 Plow & Irons : 2 harrowes 1 payre 

of shod wheeles one new gate & others 4. o. o. 

furniture for carts and horses 
It. 3 acres of oats at Smyths & 3 Rood land of oats 

in Mr. Worsleys Stakings at 10. o. o. 

It. 2 acres a halfe of Oats in Little bowlton 6. 5. os. 

It. 2 acre of very coarse wheate at 3. o. o. 

It. 2 acres of Beanes and Pease at 7. o. o. 

It. 1 acre of Beanes & Pease at 1. 10. o. 

In the House. 

It. One long Table & 2 formes & one Cubbert .... 3. 

It. one square Table, 6 sett quishions, 2 long bords 1. 

It. One falling board 1 salt Pye & 3 Throne Cheares o. 
It. One fire Ireon 1 backe stoole 1 ioyned stoole & 

one little Throne backe stoole at o. 

It. 5 quishions & 3 children stooles at o. 

In the Kitchen. 
It. In Treene ware one chest one Trest & i foulde 

Table 2. 17. 6. 

It. One Dresser board & forme & 1 great throne 

Cheare o. 4. o 

It. one kneding tabb & one Brewing panne o. 15. 6. 

It. One long dishboard & one Cheese presse o. 9. o. 

It. one fire Ireon, racks & Ireons in ye furnis 2 spits o. 14. o. 












It. one dripping pann, 2 hacking knives, & 8 earth 

vessels o. 5. o. 

In the little p'ler 
It. One Fetherbed & 3 Boulsters weighing 861bs and 

a half e at 6d pr lb. is 4. 

It. one standing bed wth coards & matt is 

It. one green Caddon one blew blanket & 2 wte 

blank : 

It. Curtins Vallance, 3 Ireon rods & a chaffe bed at 

One Court Cubbert & one other Cubbert at 

It. one trigen Cheare & one Throne Cheare at .... 

It. one looking glasse & one little box at 

It. 5 Quishions at 

It. in silver plate 

In the great P'ler. 

One standing bed matt & Coards 

It. 2 Fetherbeds weighing 98** at 8d p' lb is 

It. 2 Fetherbeds weighing i25 u at 6d. p' lb. is .... 
It. 4 pillowes & 2 boulsters weighing 25 lb @ 6 p'lb 

It. 9 wte blankets & one greene blankets is 

It. one Chaffe bed & one twigen cheare at o 

It. one boulster weighing io u at 8d. p'lb is 

In the Chamber over the p'lere 
It. 1 standing bed, 1 boulster 1 Coverlet 1 blanket 1 

wte caddow & one bed billing & chaffe bed .... 
It. 4 Tubbs wth one ould chest a pillion 2 cloath 2 

some others 

In the Chamber over the house. 

One bedstid at 

21 sewinge of yarme at 

It. one coffer one hering barrell 1 board and 1 Irone- 

ing tub 

It. in the litell buttery 9 shelves and a dish crate . . 

In the Kitchen Chamber. 
It. one standing bed ij truckle bed Mats and boards 1. 15. 





























































It. one bed billing- i coverlet & 4 blankets at 1. 19. o. 

One boulster 2 litle pillowes at o. 4. o. 

It. Two chaffe beds & 2 chaffe pillowes at o. 8s. 6d. 

One chest & one litle Cubbert at o. 14. o. 

2 stooles wth backs, 1 covered cheare 2 stools 

covered o. 12. 4. 

In the milke house. 

It. one Cubbert 1 glasse case 4 litle chilves at o. 9. o. 

In pewter. 

It. 39 pewter dishes 12 sawcers 1 candlestick and a 

salt weighing 106 lb at nd. per lb is 4. 17. 2. 

It. 9 porrengers 1 gyt 2 Flagons 4 cupps 2 candle- 
sticks 2 Chamber potts 1 salt 1 can & a bason & 

ewer at 1 . 8. o. 

It. one brasse pestill & morter 1 Chafeing dish one 

Skinner & one litle skillet at o. 

It. one brasse Candlestick at o. 

One brass pan weighing 28 at i8d p li is 2. 

It. one brasse pan weighing 20H @ i2d per lb is . . 1. 

It. 4 brasse potts & one brasse posnet 64H @ 6d. 

per li 2. 

It. One bay mare & one dune mare at 12. 

It. one gray Gelding at 7. 

It. one 2 yeare old Coult at 5. 

It. one young Coult at 3. 

It. 3 Flitches of Bacon & 5 li. of Swines grasse . . 2. 

It. 5 peare of Flaxen sheets 2. 

It. 3 peare of Hempen sheets o. 

It. 3 peare of sheets at o. 

It. 1 peare of course sheets 1 shert 1 smocke 1 

tablecloth o. 

It. 2 Remlants of new cloath at o. 

It. 26 Table napkins 6 pillows beares 1 seve do : 1 

Cubbert ditto 1. 

It. one diaper table cloath at o. 

It. one payre of Curtins & Vallance at o. 

It. one litle table couering & 1 blew Cubbert cloath o. 




4 d. 


































The Tenement in Barton for 14 years 

In Morton 1 presse 2 Truckle beds 1 great garner 

and three stone troughs at 2. o. o. 

It. one muskett 1. .10. o 

In Mucke. 

(Not totalled up) 

Consistory of Chester, will filed 1647. 


William Goodinge of Nitheston in the parish of Linckinghorne, 
County Cornwall. Will 12 February 45 Eliz : proved 21 March 
1602/3. To be buried in churchyard etc. To poor of parish 5s. 
To godchildren apeece iiijd. To eldest son William £13. 6s.8d., 
Tabell bord etc. etc. To son Edward £13. 6s.8d., viz: £8. 6s.8d. 
in one year and £5 when Edward is 6 years of age, and one 
heafer. To son John ditto. To Jane Burgess 2od. To William 
Jewell one lambe at the weaninge tyme of lambs besyde the lamb 
I promised him. Residue to wief e Loar executrix. Overseers : 
John Budge, Edward Knebone, John Goodinge. Witnesses : 
John Landry, Edward Knebone, John Budge, John Goodinge. 

An Inventory Indented of all the goodes and chattells of Wil- 
liam Goodwin of Linkinhorne in the County of Cornewall, 
weaver, deceased praised and valewed by Edward Knebone and 
Edward Broklake the xiiijth day of March the XLVth yeare of 
the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god 
of England, France and Ireland Queene Defender of the Faith. 

Imprimis his purse and girdle price vijs. vjd. 

Itm. his wearing apparrell price iij 11 xvij s vj d 

Itm. too Tabell bordes a Cupborde a forme, and a shelve 

price Lijs. 

Itm. eight oxen price xvij ]i x s 

Itm. three kyne & their calves & two other keyn price 

x 11 x s iiij d 

Itm. f yve sheares one heafer three yearlinges price ix 1 x s 

Itm. one horse price liij s iiij d 

Itm. fifty fyve sheepe and sixteen Lambes price . .xiij u viij s iiij d 

Item. Corne in the Earth price ix u 

Item. Corne in the mownhay and Corne already thatched 

with Rewed and strawe price vj u xvj s viij d 


Item, three pigges price xiiijs. 

Item, his pultry price iijs. 

Item, fower beddes and bedstede wth there bolsters 

Coverledde and blankettes price vj 11 

Item, too & two Carpettes price xjs. iiijd. 

Item, winewing sheete sackes hemp jempwork and 

seiues price xiiijs. vjd. 

Item, eight panns two crockes a f rieing pan and a spitte 

price v 11 ii j s iii j d 

Item sone siluer spoones price xlvjs. viiijd. 

Item. Tynnyn platters porringers sawcers glass Cups 

Candelstickes and two little peces of tyn price xxxs. 

Item, a peare of Lumbes with sleas and other tackle that 

thervnto belongeth price xlvjs. viiijd. 

Item, half of a muskett furnished a plowe of shares a 

hempcomb a crose bowe price xxs. 

Item. Crockes and staves and other vessells of clomfe a 

Cheese Racke and a Cheese wringer price viijs. iiijd. 

Item, pothanginges and pothookes two brandices a girdle 

and a Toster price iijd. 

Item, two flitches of bacon with beefe and other vittalls 

fishe, butter and Cheese moar' and Tallowe, price . .XLviijs. 
Item, dishes, crenges, spinnes boles cheese vates buck- 

ettes price iiijs. iiijd. 

Item, hulkes, Matchlothes best axes shovells ro pes 

anvils a picke a Dungcroke a tinhoke a size and a 

belt price ixs. x d. 

Item, his bridle saddells girths and a pece of woolcloth 

price iiijs. iiijd. 

Item, two stoning trofes and the one halfe of a muskett 

mill price xjs. 

Item, two vesselles a barrell a flesh tubb a hoggshead . .xs. viijd. 
Item two peare of wheles a sand butt a Dungbutt a 

wayne body two Tunge trees sullos weyne ades 

and the weales price vj. 11 

.Item, yokes, tishes, harness oxe boes plowes crows horse 

whippe and linkes price xjs. 

Item, bords and tymber wrought and unwrought and 

otherwise ' i x " xv ii s . 


Item, money dew unto him by deedes and otherwise . . .ix 11 xviijs. 
Item, two Ladders and all the residue of his goodes mov- 
able and unmovable price xjs. 

Which some is CXX U XVIIjs. 
Archdeaconry of Cornwall, will filed 1602. 

Charles Gooding of Cardinham, county Cornwall, husbandman. 
Will 7 January 1620; proved 30 March 1622. To Thomas Good- 
ing my eldest son £6. I3s.4d. To second son William Gooding 
£6. I3s.4d. To Blantch Gooding my daughter £6. I3s.4d. Resid- 
uary Legatee and Executrix : wife Pentecost. Witnesses : 
Thomas Lobb, Hughe Congdon Richard Trevethan. 

An inventory taken of all the goods and Chattels of Charles 
Goodding of Cardinham in the countie of Cornewall, husband- 
man, late deceased, veiwed and praysed by Thomas Lobb of the 
p'ishe and countye aforesaid yeoman and John Garrowe of the 
same taylor and John Harris of the p'ishe and Countie aforesaid 
husbandman, the ffyve and twentieth daie of March, in the yeares 
of the Raigne of our sou'aigne lorde James by the grace of god 
king of England Fraunce & Ireland ye twentith and of Scotland 
the LVth anno dni 1622. 

Impris. his pursse and girdle iij s iiij d 

Itm. all his wearing apparrell both linnen and woollen xx s 

Itm. two Bedsteads one Boulster three bedsheets : Cov- 
erlets and other bedclothes xxviij s - 

Itm. tinning platters sausers and all his other Pewtrye xij s 

Itm. Fower Brazen Crocks and one green crock xxv s 

Itm. ff ower brazen pans and two brassen skillets xxx s 

Itm. one Tableboard one old Cubboard two keeves one 

Tub three Coffers and one Chest xv s 

Itm. his wooll xx s 

Itm. one and thirtie sheepe & fyve lamb v li- 

Itm. two keene and two heiffers iiij B x s 

Itm. Corne in the Mowhey vzt Oats and Barlie iij u 

Itm. Oats in the grownd and oats and barlie readdie thresht . .xx s 

Itm. two little pigs v s 

Itm. one Heyrick vj 8 

Itm. Pigs Troughes ladder Barrow and other imple- 
ments in an out Howse ij 8 

Itm. one Silver spoone ij s 


Itm. one Bowie Dishes trenches steanes and Pitchers if 

Itm. one stubbing Pettix & one Shovell, one neevell one 

Hatchel & Hookes ij s 

Itm. one threed turne and one other great turne if 

Itm. Fower racks and three syves if 

Itm. three peeces of new clothe xif 

Itm. three Hens two brandices and one gridle, a Toftez, 

a paire of Crookes & old Ireon iif iiij d 

Itm money owed to him upon bills & bonds and special- 
ties and desp'ate debts upon specialties & wthout 

specialtie xij 11 

Item, other implments about the house .if 

Itm. two buts of Bees vizt one But at home & one other 

at John Knights iif iiij d 

Archdeaconry of Cornwall, will filed 1622. 

John Gooddinge of Linkenhorne, county Cornwall. Will 3 
February 1627; proved 18 June 1628. To Elizabeth my wife 
£40. To William Goodding, Edward Goodding and John Good- 
ding my brothers sons one sheep each. To John Foote my sisters 
son 20s. when xxj. To Jane Rundell my prentes 20s. when her 
time is expired. To Henry Kelly one sheep. To my daughter 
Joane Kemp's child that is in her belly, £5, but if she with two 
children 50s- each. To my Brother in law Henry Grills daughter 
Mary Grills 3s. 4d. Residuary Legatee and Executor : Edward 
Kemp. Witnesses : John p r dyaux, John Kempe, William Dingley. 
An Inventory of all the goods and Chattels of John Goodding 
of the p'ish of Linkenhorne deceased made and proved by John 
Grills, Henry Grills, William Wilcock and John Bradlacke the 
xxviijth daye of may in the yeare of our lord god 1628 

Imprimis in Reddy money xL s 

It' his wearing apparrell ! xL 5 

It' in the parler where he laye half e of one standing bed 

with the furniture belonging to the same XL S 

It' in the same halfe of one tablebord of one Chest of 

one littell furmd of one chaire of one Carpet XV s 

In the Hall halfe of one tabell bord, of one Carpet of one 

furmd of one Chare and of three Cushions xvf 

It. in the same the halfe of one cubberd one chest . . . .xiif iiij d 


It. halfe of the pewter Candesticks, bible and a musket 


In the Citchen the half of — pannes, five brasen pots 

one cawdron skillet L s 

It. the half of poterookes poth angines brandises and 

other things there xx s 

It. the half of the bacon xx s 

It. half of hogsheds keves barrells and Clomen vessells x s 

It. the milk howse half of the butter, cheese milkpans 

and littell small things there xiif iiij d 

Ouer the parler the half of one Bedsteed bed and 

furniture of one Chest and two cofers xlvj s viij d 

the halfe of new Cloth and other small things v s 

Over the entry halfe of one dust bed iij s iiij d 

Ouer the Cichen the half of two littell truckell bed 

Clothes linnen and other small things xxx s 

Half the plowstuff and wheeles iij 11 

It. halfe the Corne in the mowhaye and in the ground . . . .viij u> 
It. half the sadels and other things belonging to the stable . .xj s 
It. the halfe of one old mare pigges and pultrey . . .xxxiij 8 iiij d 
It. the halfe of one oxe, fower steer young 1 s 

cattell and yearlings and Calves xv teu xiij. iiijd. 

It. halfe the Keyne vij 11 

It. halfe of the tenement in Netherton for two lives with 

the pigs, trowes, wood and furs xxx u viij 9 iiijd. 

It. for the rest of the goods unsought of and not praysed 

if any vj s viij d 

Summa. iiij score xix u . ij s . viij d . 
Archdeaconry of Cornwall, will filed 1628. 

William Gooding of Cardinham, county Cornwall. Will 2 
June 1636; proved: none. To Dorothye Gooding my eldest 
daughter £12. To Elizabeth my second daughter £12. To John 
Gooding my son £10. To Katherine Gooding my youngest 
daughter £12. Residuary Legatee and Executrix: Wife Pru- 
dence. Overseers : Walter Rowe & Thomas Lobb. Witnesses : 
Tho: Lobb, Dorothy Rowe. (Seal, heart pierced with arrows 

An Inventorye of all the goods and Chattels of William Good- 
inge of Cardinham in the Countie of Cornewall husbandman late 


deceased had taken & praised by Walter Rowe and John Harrye 
of the p'ish aforesayd the foure and twentyeth daye of June in 
the twehieth yeare of the Raigne of our Sov'aign Lord Charles 
by the grace of god King of England, Scotland, France and Ire- 
land &c. Anno domi 1636. 

Imprs. his purse and girdell vjs. 

Ite' his wearinge apparell ij li. 

Ite' his beddinge and bedcloathes iiij li. 

It' his wooll v li. 

It. his Crocke and pans & other brasse vj li. 

It. his pewter x s. 

It. his Tymber and tymber work ij li. 

It' one Mare preased 3 li. 13s. (id?) and the 4th pte 

goes to the Ln for a heryot ij li. 

It' 13 kyne and young bullockes xxviij li. 

It. his sheepe xiij li. xs. 

It. his lambes ij li. 

It. his pigs and poultry xs. 

It. Corne in the Mowhey x s. 

It. Corne in the grounde vij li. 

It. his lynnen napinge vs. 

Itm. bits & bonds & desperate debts XL li. 

It. one tenent in Chattell L li. 

It. Cloming pots & dishes, Ropes, halters & other things 

unseen if any be iiij s. 

Sum tota clxiij li. os. od. 

Archdeaconry of Cornwall, will filed, 1636. 

Charells Goodinge of Cardinham, county Cornwall, grome. 
Will 27 March 1642; proved 13 April 1642. To Rongers to 
Ringe my knell 4s. To Phillip my wife 20s. and one sheep. To 
my two children 20s and one sheep each. To Margaret Goodinge 
4s and one sheep To Jone Goodinge I2d. To Charells Gooding 
1 2d and i sheep. To Thomas Gooding's other tow sonnes i2d. 
To Gabriell Downing 10s. To Gabriell downinge two children 
a sheep each. To Nicholas Moulds 3 children 2 shillinge. Resid- 
uary Legatee and Executor : Thomas Gooding. Witnesses : 
Nicholas Mould, Gabriell Downinge. 

An Inventory of shuch goods as were Charles Goodings of the 
pishe of Cardinham disseased sine & praised by Walter Rawe & 
Jacob Moone the 4th day of Aprill 1642. 























Imps, his purse & geardell 

Item his wearing apparell and Beading 

Itm dew upon I4ten seuerall obligatory es as by them 

Itm 9 sheepe. 
Itm one Crocke 1 skellet 
Itm one Repehoucke 1 p' shares 
Itm things vnsine if any be leaft unpraysed with his 

chest o. 5. o. 

Walter Rawe. 
Jacob Moone. 

vjd. Marti j 1642. 
Received the day and yeare aboue written of Mr. Obadiah 
Reynolds for a legacy given mee by the will of my father Charles 
Gooding late of Cardinham deceased the sume of one pound 
fower shillings I say Receuied. 

sigm' Ama A Goodinge. 
Archdeaconry of Cornwall, will filed 1642. 


Bond of Mathew Goodding, weaver, and Mathew Williams, 
weaver, of Tiverton to administer the goods of Peter Gooding 
late of Tiverton deceased. 16 July, 16 James I (1618). Bound 
in £30. 

A true Inventarie of all such goodes and chatells as was Peter 
Goodynge's of Tiverton deceased the 22 of June taken by Thomas 
Lane, Robert Brine, Nicholas Reade. 

Item. His waring aparell. 

Item. In money due unto him. 

Item. 1 bedstede withe other clothes. 

Item. 1 pare of shites, 2 pare piloweties. 

Item. 1 carpet. 

Item. 2 chestes. 

Item. 1 greate pane. 

Item. 2 litell kroikes, and 1 posnet 

Item. 1 caldron, 1 littell pane, 1 chafinge diche, 




















Item, ii pogers, 4 sacers, (of tine) 1 wine quarte, 2 

litell potes, 1 littel salte of tune. 2 o 

Item. 2 candell sticks. 2 o 

Item. 1 brasse morter and pesell. 1 6 

Item. 1 cubarde. 1 5 ° 

Item. 2 formes. 2 o 

Item. 3 cofers. 7 ° 

Item. 3 crookes, 1 pote hangwer, 1 gridyron. 3 o 
Item. 1 lader, 1 shovell, 1 axe and other things for- 

goten and unpraysed. 6 8 

Sum totall 15 96. 
Exeter 16 July 1618. 

Archdeaconry of Exeter. 

Thomas Gooddinge of Hockeworthie, county Devon, yeoman. 
Will 10 December 1619; proved 28 September 1620. To poor 
10s. To my brothers and sisters children now living 20s. each. 
To William Saunder the son of Helen Saunder, widow 20s. when 
of age. To William Richardes my godson of Tiverton 20s. To 
Mary Saunder daughter of Helen Saunder of Hockworthie £10. 
To Agnes Richardes of Olescombe 40s. Residuary Legatee and 
Executrix : Wife Katherine Gooddinge. Overseers : Richard 
Morse of Hockworthie and Bennett Bobishe of Vploman. Wit- 
nesses : Richard Morse, Bennett Bobishe. 

An Inventory of all the Goodes Chattells of Thomas Gooddinge 
of Hockworthie deceased taken and prysed the xxvith day of 
September Anno dmni 1620 by William Pasmore, Bennett Bob- 
ishe, Henery Bowden and Mathew Gooddinge as followeth. 

Imprimis his apparrell x li. 

Item in money in his Purse vj li. xvjs. 

Item f ower Silver spoones xvjs. 

Item in the Chamber over the Hall, One Standinge 
Bedd stead with a fetherbedd and flockbedd and in 

the same performed x li. 

Item one Truckle bedd in the same Chamber a fether- 
bedd and flockbedd in the same performed iiij li. 

Item Two Coverletts with other bedd cloathes xxxv s. vjd. 

Item one little Chest in the same Chamber with three old 

Coffers xs . 


Item one little Vate and Fower Coastes xj s. 

Item Seven Quart of Butter ix s. 

Item Three Quart of Honey viij s. 

Item one Cubborde in the Hall xxxiij s. iiijd. 

Item one Table borde, two Formes and one Joyned 

Stoale xij s. 

Item one carpett vij s. 

Item naprye vi j s. 

Item Fower Cushinges I ij s. 

Item Two chestes xvj s. 

Item Two little Brasen Crockes xiiijs. 

Item one great Panne xxv s. 

Item Two little Caldrons and one Skillete vj s. 

Item xiij Platters xx s. 

Item Seven Podgers and seven Sawcers ix s iiij d. 

Item Three Saltes Is. vjd. 

Item five candlestickes and an old morter vj s. 

Item Two Broaches, one Andyre, Two Potthooks two 

Potthangers, Two old Brandyses, a greedle and two 

Iron wedges vj s. viijd. 

Item Three pound of yearne vjs. 

Item Fower pound of Wole vs. 

Item one chayre One spinning Turne Three old Tubbes 

and all other things not before prysed xs. 

Sum XLV li. X s. iiij d. 

Desperatt Debtes. 
Item in money owed unto the Testator at the time of his 

death vpon specialities ccl li. 

Item in money owed vnto the said testator at the time of 

his death without specialitye xvj li. 

Sum totali cccxl li. x s. iiij d. 
Archdeaconry of Exeter, will filed 1620. 

Bond of Christopher Goodyn of Moore bath in county Devon, 
miller and William Lake of the same clerk in £100 on 13 April 
1626 so that Christopher Goodyn to administer faithfully estate 
of his father John Goodyn late of Morebath deceased Witnessed 
by Bartholomew Parr. The true Inventorie of all the goodes 
catties and debts of John Gooding late of parish of Moorebath 


county Devon and diocesse of Exon deceased taken valewed and 
preysed to the xijth daye of Aprill anno domini 1626 by John 
Colman, Richard Woollcotte and George Broughton with others- 
Imprimis all his wearing apparrell wollen and linen with 

ij hatts • iiij li. 

Item his moytie of iij bedsteades and iij beddes per- 

f ourmed with his moytie of one carpett were prysed 

in iiij li. vs. 

Item his moytie of ij table bordes hue coffers and i chest 

together with his moytie of the seeling in the parlour and 

(Not finished) 

Archdeaconry of Exeter, will filed 1626. 

Joane Goodynge of Cove in parish of Tiverton in the countie 
of Devon, spinster. Will 9 June 1627; proved 20 November 
1628. To my sister Mary Eveings(sic) xijd. To my sister 
Elizabeth Norman xijd. To goddaughter Richard Norman xijd. 
To John Parsons ijs, Thomas Hill 2s. To Jane Morse 6d. To 
John Gosse is. Residuary Legatee and Executrix: sister Pru- 
dence Goodyng Witnesses : John Bowdon, Jane Morse, Thomas 
Hill. An Inventory of all and singular the goodes, chatties 

& debts of Joane Goodynge late of Cove within parish of Tiverton 
deceased taken the xixth day of November Anno dmni 1628 by 
Clement Webber and Thomas Hill as followeth. 

Imprimis her Appele xx s 

Item one Co we one heiffer and one steere yearlinge . . . .iiijli.xvs. 

Summa totali V li. XV s. 
Archdeaconry of Exeter, will filed, 1628. 

Katherine Gooding of Tiverton, County Devon, widow. Will 
20 May 1663; proved 11 February 1663. To my sister Christian 
Cullyford £5. To Margaret Ratcliff als Butcher my cossen 20s. 
To Abraham Kerslake and his children £10. To Arthur Kerslake 
and his children £10. To Johan wife of Thomas Curram 10s. 
To Elizabeth the wife of John Pitt 5s. To my cosen Richard 
Cullyford and my cosen George Cullyford 5s. each. To my sister 
Prudence Williams 20s. To cousen Johane Symond, widow, 5s. 
To goddaughter Mary wife of Thomas Salter 10s. To cousin 
John Williams 5s. To cousin Elizabeth wife of George Crudge 
5s. To cossen John White 10s. Residuary Legatee and Execu- 


trix : Cousin Sarah Canington wife of Lewes Canington. Over- 
seers : Thomas Davy and Alexander Osmond. Witnesses : Geo : 
Hartnoll Junr, Jo : Edye. To cosen Christian the wuf e of George 
Peate 5s. (Seal Pelican shape-bird.) 

An inventory of all the goodes and chattels of Creditts of 
Katherine Gooding of Tyuerton in the County of Deuon, widdow 
late deceased made takein and praised the fift day of February 
1663 by George Culliford, Thomas Dauy and Phillip Thomas as 


Inprimis her wearing apparell 1. 00. 00 

Item one f ether bed performed 4. 10. 00. 

Item one brass pot one cauldron and a posnet .... 00. 12. 00. 

Item two putter dishes 00. 03. 00. 

Item one Chist and a trunk 00. 06. 04. 

Item one Chare and two stoles 00. 03. 00 

Item two beare barrells 00. 03. 00 

Item two vates 00. 03. 04. 

Item one pare of andiron and a prip in panne .... 00. 02. 01. 

Item two bookes 00. 02. 04. 

Item two buckets one tubb & a paire of billows & a 

booll 00. 03. 08 

Item money due unto her (upsper?)city 45. 03. 08 

Item more money due for rent 01. 16. 00 

Item things omitted and not inventered 00. 01. 06 

54- 09. 11 
George Cullyford, senior 
Phhill : Thomas 
Thomas Dauey. 

Archdeaconry of Exeter, will filed 1663. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of parish of Budocke, widow. Will 25 
February 1591/2; proved 29 August 1592. To be buried in 
Chancell of Budocke. To minister there 6s. 8d. To servant 
Elinor Cadwell 20s. To my man Henry Watts 20s. To servant 
Maude Webb £4. if she travel to her friends and if she do not 
then my daughter to keep her. To Thomasine Jenkyn 5s. To 
Florence Roberts 5s. Residue to daughter Frances. No wit- 

Consistory of Exeter, 1580-1594, folio 381. 



Richard Goodwine of Gateshead, County of Durham, Master 
and marriner. Will 24 October 1607; proved (15 January?) 
1607-8 My bodie to be buried in the parish church of Gaitshead. 
To poor of Gaits head and of ye Masendew and of the Trynitie 
howse in New Castle each of them 6s.8d. To Elizabeth Good- 
wine my wife the house I now dwell in and my four ships, my 
ship called the ''Elizabeth" of which I am master. The 
"Desire" of Newcastle, Edward Smith, master Ye "Godes gyft" 
of Harwitch, Tymothie Boughbie master, "Katherine" of Ips- 
wich, Edmond Tye, master. To my five children Richard, John, 
Cuthbert, and William my sons and Elinor my daughter their 
part. Brother John Goodwine a Linked ring of gold. To sister 
Margaret Wright a pece of Stuffe of silke Grogoram which I 
left in ye handes of William Chapman of Ipswich to be employed 
according to my directions. To Henrie Wright my brother in 
law 20s To Mr. Hutton my good friend and neighbour 20s. To 
Anthonie Dobson of Newcastle, hatter 10s. Residuary Legatee 
and Executrix : Elizabeth my wife. Supervisors : Mr. John 
Hutton, parson of Gaitshead, and Anthonie Dobson of New- 
castle, hatter. Witnesses : John Hutton, clerk, parson of Gaits- 
head, Thomas Aydon, and George Whary. Inventory Friday 15 
January 1607 (-8) prised by Thomas Smith and Richard Carre of 
Gaitshead, yeoman, Anthonie Dobson of Newcastle, hatter, and 
Thomas Ayden, tonsour, Barbar Surgeon. 
Debts due to Testator. 

Thomas Ayden for Rie £18. 

Anne Eden for Rie £5. 13s. 46.. 

Francis Lyddle his wife 30s. 

Michael Hutton, Newcastle for 200 of Clapbord £5. 5s. od. 

Ralph Horsley of Thisley 34s. 

Thomas Bennett of Sheldes 13s. 8d. 

Ann Pawlme of Sheldes 6s. 

George Wharies 3s. 4d. 

William Robinson 2od. 

Margaret Robinson 2od. 

William Baines 3s. 

6th part of Gods gift prised by John Johnson, Thomas 
Robson, William Ma we, and Edward Smith 
Masters and marriners £45. o. o. 


4th part of Elizabeth of Newcastle £140 

4th of "Desier" of Newcastle £60 

Funeral expenses, will and Inventory and for burial 

in the Quier £8. o. o. 

Total £231. 15s. 8d. 

Consistory of Durham, will filed 1607. 

(Latin) John Goodwyn of Childesdycke, county Essex. Will 
last day but one February 1479; proved 14 April 1480. To be 
buried in churchyard of St. Faith. To high altar for tithes for- 
gotten and oblations etc, 3s. 4d. To sustentation of said church 
20s. To John Goodwin my son 33s.4d. To Agnes my daughter 
33s.4d., and to Joan my daughter 33s.4d. Residue to William 
Hurte and Reginald Coteler, my executors, to be distributed 
among the poor. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Winterbourne, 5. 

Henry Goodwyn, Alvetheley, county Essex. Will I November 
1491 ; proved 12 February 1491/2. My sowle to god Almighty 
and his modir Virgin Mary and all the seintes of heven and body 
to be beried in church yerde of Alevetheley. To high auter of 
said church 8d. To the comyn light of ditto, to our lady light, 
And Seint John's light I2d. each. Feoff es to make state of my 
tenement in Alvetheley (And if John my son be of poure to by it 
-n erased) to Alice my wif for term of her liff, then executor to 
make a sale of said tenement And if John my son be of pour to 
by it, I will he have it afore any other person. Moreover of sale 
of said tenement I bequeathe to John my son 26s.8d, to Margaret 
my daughter 20s., to Alice my daughter 20s., to Anness my 
daughter 20s., to Thomas my son 26s.8d If any said children 
decease I will that thei that I leve be p teide of the money etc. 
To church of Alvethely of sale of said tenement 26s.8d. to by a 
new sepulcor cloth. In the honour and worship of the passion of 
Crist and of his glorious resurrection, Rest to wife Alice execu- 
trix, John Goodwyn and Robert Fuller executors with her. And 
thei to dispose for my sowle and all cristen sowls as thei think 
best. To each of them 3s.4d. Endorsed. Executors took oath 
22 November 1491 to administer estate and returned inventory 12 

Archdeaconry of Essex, will filed 1491. 


(Latin) Wylliam Goodyng. Will 20 March 1492 (altered 
from 1493, i- e - I 49 2 /3) > no proof. To be buried in church of 
St. Nichelas of Lowthton. To high altar for forgotten tithes, 
one young beast. Residue to wife Johan, executrix, to dispose 
for safety of my soul as best seems. Witnesses: Sir Wylliam 
Wryght, John Gidam and others. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, will filed 1492. 

William Goodwyn of Hornedon on the Hill, county Essex, 
Waxchandler. Will 30 May 1561 ; proved 3 December 1561. 
To eldest son Robert Goodwyn, messuage called the Bell in 
Hornedon. To sons Thomas and John Goodwyn £10 each when 
23. To Johane Goodwyn my maid servant 40s. To Launcelot 
and Agnes, son and daughter of Thomas Andrewes of London, 
mariner, my part in the ship called the Trinity of Caryth, and the 
crayes called the Hearne of London. Thomas Andrewes to pay 
£30, to Robert £10, John £5, Mathew £5 and Agnes £10. Robert, 
John and Mathew, sons of Thomas Andrews of Horndon, and 
Agnes his one daughter. Residuary Legatee and Executor : Son 
Robert Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Randall, 138. 

Thomas Goodwyne of Estilburye, county Essex. Nuncupative 
will 3 November 1565; proved 19 May (1566). In presence of 
Nycholas Reynolds, John Goodwyn, and William Eglefelde. To 
his three sons, his house and yard when 20., his ground some- 
times bocares, and his boots to be sold, the money to his wife and 
his children William, John, Thomas Orseleys (Godly?) and Eliza- 
beth. Residue to wife Elizabeth. Executors : Wife and son 
William. Overseers : his brother Goodwyn and Wylliam Egle- 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Wyndover, 15. 

John Goodwyne, late of the parish of Little Thurrocke, hus- 
bandman. Nuncupative will 29 March 1567; proved 28 April 
1567. All his goods to be distributed between his wife and chil- 
dren, part and part alike. Witnesses : William Rogers, Thomas 
Wood, and others. Executrix: his wife. Proved by Phillip 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Wyndover, 69. 


Alice Gooden of the parish of Dagnam (Dagenham?) county 
Essex. Will 22 November 1571 ; proved 20 December 1571. To 
be buried in Dagnam Churchyard. To my brother John Gooden 
all goods of mine in his hands. To John Esbrooke a payre of 
sheetes. To Alice Vpney a cassock and a petycote. To Jelly- 
man Vpnay a shepe. Residuary Legatee and Executor: my 
master Raffe Vpnay. Witnesses : William Wyneham, and Mar- 
garet Harlynge. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Duffield, 85. 

Edward Goodinge of Mortin (Moreton?), county Essex., hus- 
bandman. Will 24 June 1581; proved 21 July 1581. To my 
brother John Goodinge a cow, my crop of corne and my time that 
I have theire to be a comforter to his father and mother. To 
Katheren quenve my wife, a bed and table, three sheep, and four 
pigs. Executor: Brother John. Witnesses: Thomas King of 
Morten, and John Setten of the parishe, wrighter. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, Brewer, 36. 

John Goodwin of Hornedon, county Essex, beerebrewer. 
Nuncupative will 26 May 1588; proved 18 June 1588. To the 
poor of Hornedon 20s. To his brother Robert Goodwine's two 
sonnes, John and Robert, 40s. apeece when 21. To Susana 
Hakins a cowe to be paide her when 18 or married. To his 
sister Nordon a winter gown. Residue to Margarett his wife, 
Robert and Sara Goodwin his son and daughter. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Draper, 212. 

Elizabeth Goodwin, widow, of Hornedon. Will undated ; 
proved 4 June 1590. To John and Robert Goodwin my sons, all 
the right I have in a croft given between me and my sister Heard, 
by my father, Robert Bretton, also four kyne, and ten sheep lent 
to one Williams of Eastyllburye. To Repente Savage 10s. To 
Susan Carter my daughter my best salts, 1 1 candlesticks of latten, 
my best sheete, my best petycote. To Johan Savage my daugh- 
ter two bedsteedes and bedding. To my sister Heard my warm- 
ing pan. Residuary Legatee and Executors : Robert Hearde and 
Robert Bretton my brother. Overseer : Robert Pake. Wit- 
nesses : John Stewarde, John Braythwayte, and Anne Tarlinge. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, Maynard, 97. 


Margaret Goodwyn of Horndon on the Hill, county Essex, 
widow. Will 19 November 1592; proved 17 February 1592/3. 
To poor of Horndon 5s. To Robert Goodwin my son the bed- 
stead I now lye on, the booke of acts and monuments, the newe 
Testament, and the book of latymers sermons. To Sara Almon 
my daughter a bedstede and bedding, pewter pots and dishes. To 
Agnes Gyles my daughter the great kettle, To Elizabeth Hawk- 
ins my daughter my spice morten. To Joane Bowry my daughter 
one coverlet of Tapestry work. To Susan Hawkins one brasse 
pott, and one kettle. To Mistris Andrewe of Tower Hill my bay 
nagg. Residuary Legatee and Executor: son Robert Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Taylor, Robert Drywood, and Robert Taylor. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, Stephen, 63. 

Thomas Goodwine of the parish of Hornedon on the Hill, 
county Essex, weaver. Nuncupative will 21 February 1595/6; 
proved :none. To William Goodwine his son, his lombes and 
Slaies, and other instruments. Residuary Legatees and Execu- 
tors : his wife Clare and the said William. Witnesses : Amos 
Lewis, Curate, Thomas Slaughterford's marke, John Slaughter- 
ford's and John Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Stephen, 162. 

William Goodwinge of Highe Lavor. Will 11 September 39 
Eliz; proved 7 April 1598. To Margaret my wife her clothes, 
11 lbs of wollen yarne, and 22s. Richard Dowsett, my son, owes 
me. To Jone my daughter and all the children that now she hath 
5s. apeece. To Agnes, my daughter, wife of Richard Spede 40s. 
To Sara my daughter and her four children, Humfry, Richard, 
William and Rafe Dowsette 10s. apeece. To George Dowsett 
my servant a lome. Residue to William my son, executor. 
Overseers : Thomas Foster and Jerome Goodinge. Witnesses : 
William Kinge, Thomas Foster, and Jerome Goodinge. 6 Feb- 
ruary, 40 Eliz. William Kinge, Rector of High Lavor and George 
Dowsett. To Margaret my wife a flockbed. To Jone Fuller and 
her children in place of the legacy, the table in the Hall and all 
my wood, she to pay 20s. to Richard, Humfrey, and Edward 
Fuller, and 3s.4d. each to Jone and Jane Fuller her daughters. 
To John, William, Thomas and Mary Goodinge my sons' children 
10s. apeece. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Stephen, 229. 


1598 April 7. William Goodinge of High Laver. Son Wil- 
liam Goodwin, executor of will with codicil. Proved. Inven- 
tory i36.6s.4d. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, 1 597-1 598, folio 33. 

Jarome Goodinge. Will 16 June — ? ; no proof. To Eliza- 
beth my wife all my moveable goods. To John my son £11. 
To Andrew my son £11. To Elizabeth my daughter £10. To 
Barbarie my daughter £10. To Margarett my daughter £10. To 
Marie my daughter £6.i3s.4d. To John Ainsworthie my godson 
one lambe. To Susan Glascocke my goddaughter 2s. Execu- 
trix: wife Elizabeth. Overseer: John Ainsworthie. Wit- 
nesses : Christopher Legatt, and Edman Huntte. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Stephen, 326. 

Richard Goodinge of hamlet of Mulsham (Moulsham?), in the 
parish of Chelmesford. county Essex, glover. Will 4 March 41 
Eliz. ; proved 18 July 1603. To be buried in the parish Church- 
yard. To Alice now my wife £5. If she be delivered of a child 
before the last day of November next I give to the said child £10. 
To my brother John £10 one year after expiration of his appren- 
ticeship. To my unkle John Goodinge £5. Cosen Leonard 
Gooding £5. To my Aunt Annys Taylor 40s. To my kinsman 
Matthew Lee £4. To Thomas Lee my kinsman £4. To Martha 
Poole my kinswoman £5 when 21. Executor and Residuary Leg- 
atee : Unckle Thomas Lee. Witnesses : Richard Bradbent, 
Thomas Spranger, Richard Browne Notary Public. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, Nevell, 79. 

Henry Goodwyne, of Hornechurch, county Essex, wheelwright 
Will 1 February 1608; proved 2 March 1608/9. To be buried 
in parish churchyard of Hornechurch. To Alice my wife a tene- 
ment newly built by me which I have named Burketts now in 
occupation of Henry Pett. after her decease to Henry Goodwyne 
my son, my other two tenements in tenure of Peter Hodson and 
Thomas Nottage to my daughter Joane Bright, widow of Thomas 
Bright for 2^2 years and then the rents for three years to Wil- 
liam Stevens of Hornechurch, yeoman, and Richard Bright my 
son in law to pay the profit to my three grandchildren Mary 
Southend, Joane Kemish and Elizabeth Kemish, and then two 


years for Richard Bright my grandson, son of said Richard 
Bright, he to pay to my godson Robert Goodwyne son of Robert 
Goodwyne ios. If Richard Bright (die then?) ten to the next 
child of my daughter Martha Bright by Richard to enjoy it. The 
remainder of tenement to my son Henry. To Alice my wife £12 
due from Richard Braby, Cite of London, £4 from Cuthbert Pick- 
eringe, Cite of London, she to pay 35s to Spencer, Linen- 
draper of London. To Joan Bright, widow, my daughter, the 
guardianship of Thomas Bright her son. My son Henry to pay 
£20 for me to William Maule of Hornechurch. Executor : son 
Henry. Overseers : William Stevens and Richard Bright. Wit- 
nesses : Frances Rame thelder, Mathew Cooke, minister, and 
Edward Rame. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Blunt, 6. 

Sicely Goodwin of Rettenden, county Essex, spinster. Will 
12 May 1608; proved 3 March 1608. To Richard Goodwin my 
brother my tenement called Howlders in Rettingdon for life, he 
to pay Henry Goodwin my brother 40s. yearly. After Richards 
death to Henry son of my brother Henry (he paying 40s. yearly 
to his father) and to his heirs for ever. To Henry Goodwin my 
brother £10. To Richard Goodwin my brother £20. To Ann 
daughter of my brother Henry £20. To Henry Goodwin the son 
of my brother Henry £5 when 18. Residue to Richard Goodwin 
my brother. My friend John Basticke sole executor. To John 
Basticke ios. To Henry Taylor my uncle ios. To John Bas- 
ticke's wife 30s. To John Wortham 30s. To Widow James ios. 
To John Basfeild 3s.4d. To Anne Basticke holland for apron. 
To my aunt Taylor certain apparel. To my brother Henry's 
wife apparel. To Dennis James apparel. To Elixabeth James 
apparel. To Anne Goodwin my brother's daughter rest of 
apparel. To Jane Browne my goddaughter 2s.6d. To Thomas 
Grant my godson 2s. Witnesses : Josias Strayght, John Hull. 
Archdeaconry of Essex 1609-1611, Blunt, folio 9b. 

Moreton 1608 November 21. Mr. George Goodwyn, rector. 
Penalty reserved. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, 1608-1611, folio 74. 

John Goodwin of Thoyden Garnon, county Essex. Will 2 
August 1609; proved 11 September 1609. To Alice Goodwin 


my grymble Bullocke and £10. for her maintenance, after her 
death to my other two daughters Elizabeth and Thomazine. To 
my youngest daughter Elizabeth, and to Thomazine £5 apeece 
when 16. Residuary Legatee and Executrix : wife Joan. Over- 
seers : Stephen Clarke and John Sprange of Coopersale. Wit- 
nesses : John Ramsayes mark, John Goodwin's marke, and Henry 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Blunt, 33. 

Richard Goodwin of Rettendon, county Essex, husbandman. 
Will 3 September 161 1 ; proved 1 October 161 1. To my cousin 
Henry Goodwin £5. To Edmund Goodwin my cousin £10 at 21 
years. To Henry Tayler of Brentwood my uncle 20s. To Mary 
Paffeild wife of John Paffeild of Rettindon 20s. To Isaac the 
son of John Paffeild £3. To Agnes Goodwin my neece £5 at 21 
years. If she die to Edmund Goodwin her brother. I give to 
John Basticke of Rettendon towards discharging a legacy in last 
Will of Sisley Goodwin my sister deceased to Henry Goodwin my 
brother which said Henry deceased before the aforesaid Siseley 
and by his death grows due to some of his children, and I pray 
said John Basticke to whom residue to perform my will as exec- 
utor. Witnesses : William Robinson, John Wilson. Proved at 
Baddow Magna. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Blunt, folio 79. 

Thomas Goodwin of Horndon on the Hill, Essex, brykmaker. 
Will 29 October 1612; proved 19 January 1612/13. To daffies 
and Ellen tenement in occupation of Phiting John's (Jones erased) 
with at age of 16. My wife to have the rent to bring up 

children, etc. To said elder daughter, one bested etc. To 
younger daughter Ellen, bed, etc. Rest to wife. Executor : my 
brother Robert. Overseer : John Goodwin of Orset my uncell. 
Witnesses : Thomas Stevens, William Potter, and George Halles. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, file 161 3, no. 6. 

Robert Goodwin of Horndon on ye Hill, Essex, yeoman. Will 
9 October 1604; proved 19 January 1612/13. To sonn Thomas 
Goodwin one tenement belonging to ye Bell in occupation of Wil- 
liam Goodwin ye weaver with ye storehouse, ye loft in ye yard 


and water at ye Drawell for said Thomas Goodwin and assigns 
only. To said Thomas half of household stuff and two kyn and 
sonn Robert to pay him annuity of £3 out of lands bought of 
Thomas Taylor called Genruis cropt. To daughter's child Susan 
Pierson 40s. at marriage to be paid by son Robert. If either son 
die other to be heir. If Robert refuse the £3 the land of Thomas 
Taylor to Thomas. Residue to sonn Robert Goodwin, executor. 
Overseer: my brother John Goodwin of Orsett to whom 3s. 4d. 
Witnesses : James Marshall, scriptner, John Goodwin, William 
Goodwin, Edmund Creswell. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1613, no. 7. 

Joan Goodwin, Northwold Bassett, Essex, widdowe. Will 10 
February 1612/3; proved 8 March 1612/13. To be buried in 
Weld churchyard. To daughter Elizabeth Gooddin £5 besides 
£10 willed by her father, also bigge pott etc. which were her 
father's also bedd, etc. To daughter Thomazine Gooddin £5 
ditto, to be each other heir if thei die before of age, and if both 
die before 21 or marriage then to my three daughters Dennice, 
Sarah, and Marie, The £30 to two daughters and custodie of 
Mr. Lynch, minister of Weld, to see the poororphators bedstead, 
or if no offence to enhabitants of ye parish to be brought up in 
custodie of my elder daughter Darmaris Stevens. To Elizabeth 
two peuters, etc. To Thomazine, ditto. To Elizabeth chest 
which was her father's. To next chest. To elder daugh- 

ter Darmaris Steven my corne in hope she will be careful of my 
two little daughters, she to be executrix. Rest to three daughters 
Dennise, Sarai, and Marie. Overseers : Mr. Lynch and Thomas 
King. Signed the writer John Stevens (sic) Witnesses: Simon 
Lynch, Thomas King. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1613, no. 33. 

Robert Goodwin of Dagenham, Essex, husbandman. Will 19 
October 11 James I; proved 20 June 1614. To repair of church 
of Flordon in Norfolk 3s.4d. To poore of ditto, ditto. To poor 
of Dagsham 2s. To weife Katherine untill sonn Robert is 25, 
tenement in Flordon with 27*^ acres arrable land, meadow, and 
coppice held of Dorothie Kemp of Gissing late weife of Robert 
Kemp of ditto, Esq, deceased, paying to my daughter Marie £10 
at 16 or marriage. To John my younger son at 14, to be put 


forth to some trade, and if weife Katherine marry, intended hus- 
band to give executor bond of securitie ditto. To son Robert £5, 
said land in Flordon paying to my wife Katherine i5.13s.4d. 
yearly for her life on the stone standing at the west dore of 
Dagenham church, or else she to have as much land as two tene- 
ments of the manor desire and also to wife one parlour, etc. If 
wife with child, and a sonn, then said Robert to pay £20 at 22 
or if a daughter £10 at 18, etc. To brother Henry Goodwin 20s. 
To my uncle John Goodwin of Carleton 10s. Rest to son Robert 
executor. Overseers: Robert Spring of Dagenham, gent, and 
Robert Comyns of ditto. Witnesses: Thomas Manninge, min- 
ister, Thomas Hall, Robert Miller, and Thomas Morris. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1614, no. 55. 

William Goodinge of North Weald Bassett, Essex, weaver. 
Will 15 March 1620/21 ; proved 18 May 1621. To be buried in 
churchyard of North Weald aforesaid. To wife Mary for life, 
house and land wherein I now dwell (excepting only the shop) 
then to sonn Ralphe, paying to my sonne John £4, to sonn Wil- 
liam £4, and to sonn Thomas iio, to daughter Mary £5, all to be 
paid in a year after decease of wife. Thomas and Ralfe my two 
sonnes to have use of shop during life of my said wife for to 
work in, etc. To said two sons Thomas and Ralfe, all Loonies 
and working tooles in said shop. Rest to wife Mary executrix. 
Witnesses : Nicholas Chapman, and George Hycol. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1621, no. 19. 

Robert Goodwyn of Horndon on the Hill, Essex, yeoman. 
Will 29 November 1622; proved 17 December 1622. To wife 
Ann for life house commonly called the Bell and three Incloses 
named Jenings and Buttfield, with all houses, etc (except the brew- 
house, the mill house, and mill chamber) and after her decease 
I bequeath the Bell house with the two closes named Jenings unto 
Henry Goodwyn of Orset, son of William Goodwyn of Horndon, 
weaver, and unto John Goodwyn the son of Henry Goodwyn of 
Orset and their heirs. To kinswoman Ann Goodwyn of Horn- 
don aforesaid two tenements belonging to the Bel house in tenure 
of Robert Slaterford and Bartlemew Slaterford of same parish 
at 21, during which time of her nonage I give to wife Ann to her 
bringing up, or if wife desire to executors, etc. After wife's 


decease to William Goodwyn of Horndon and Henrie Goodwyn 
of Orset the parcell of land called Buttfield in Horndon. To 
Thomas Goodwyn sonne of Willyam Goodwyn of Horndon and 
John Goodwyn son of Henrie of Orset my brewhouse, and mill 
house, and mill chamber adjoining house called the Bell. To 
Rebeckha Goodwyn £5 at marriage or 21. To Tiberias Wood of 
Horndon, barber, 40s. To kinswoman Anne Goodwyn two 
featherbeds, etc. To kinswoman Hellen Goodwyn ditto, etc. 
To Robert Slaterford all loonies now in his keeping. To Bartle- 
mew Slaterford the little browne cow. To my mayde Bridgett 
Yeale 40s. To wife Anne my gray horse and colt at Cuningham 
and all my hogges and all hay lying at the Bell house and all wood 
in yard, also all household stuff at Bell house of Hornden for 
life, also my fower cowes, ditto, then to William Goodwyn and 
Henrie Goodwyn my executors, and four cowes, or as much 
money as cowes for a year, and wife to enter bond to executors 
of £100 not to fell trees, etc. To Ann Slaterford one ewe lamb. 
To Jone Slaterford ditto. To Raphe Cenell my man in full of 
wages £5 To poore of Horndon 20s. Rest to William Good- 
wyn of Horndon, weaver, and Henry Goodwyn of Orsett execu- 
tors. Witnesses : John Furt, vicar, and Bartlemew Slaterford. 
Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1622, no. 49. 

23 January 1625. Appearance personally of Thomasine, relict 
of Henry Goodwin, Horndon on the Hill, deceased, alleging he 
died without a will, and administration granted to her. Inven- 
tory £84. 7s. 4d. Paid 19s. and Clerk i2d. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Act Book 12 (1624-1626) folio 46. 

4 September 1627. Administration of goods of Anne and 
Hellen Goodwin, administration as next of kin William Goodwin 
who alleges they had at decease no father, mother, brother, or 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Act Book no. 13 (1626-1627) 
folio 216. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of South Shooberie (Shoebury?), Essex, 
widdow. Will 6 December 1630; proved 13 July 1631. To be 
buried by sonne in law, -Mr. John Smith, executor. Whereas my 
sonn Mr. Samuell Goodwine oweth me £200, he to have of it 
£30 to pay for goodes I had out of his house when I came from 


Morton, and which I promised to pay for, part of which goods 
are there still with him, which I will he shall enioy. I give £20 
of the £200 to my deare grandchild Samuell Goodwin to remain 
to hands of his father, my sonn Samuell, till 20 years. To son 
Mr. Samuel Goodwin £5 to buy him a cloake and ditto to daugh- 
ter in law Ann his wife for a gowne out of said £200. To son 
Samuel Goodwin £60 more out of said £200. Other £80 of the 
said £200 to be paid to executor, etc. To granddaughter Eliza- 
beth Savill £40 at marriage or 20. To grandchild and god child 
Ann Savill £50 ditto. To said two grandchildren, Elizabeth and 
Ann all plate except biggest drinking boole (with arms upon it) 
my pewter, two bedds, etc, linnen, chaires and stooles, truncke 
boxes, and chests. To youngest grandchild and god-daughter 
Margaret Smith £15 at 20 or marriage. To old servant Marie 
Glascocke 40s. I give £5 to buying two gowns for grandchildren 
Elizabeth and Ann Saville. My two brothers Mr. Thomas Mor- 
rice and Mr. Humf rie Morrice and my sister Moodie each a ring 
of aboute the price of a marke, and to sister in law, wife of brother 
William, a little ring which is on my finger. To son in law Mr. 
John Smith £5 for goune and biggest beere boule of silver which 
have the armes and letters upon it, also sealed ringe, desiringe 
him to execute the will. To poore of Morton 20s., of South 
Shooberrie, ditto. About 30s. as explained, to be laid out for 
convenient little piece of plate for Church of South Shooberrie to 
lay communion breede on at Sacrement. As to apparel, Sister 
Moodie to have best tammie gowne and grandchild Elizabeth 
Saville best gowne of all which is of silke stuffe and mohair petti- 
coat. Rest to executrix. Witnesses : Samuel Wharton, Samuel 
Frend, and George Bentlee. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, file 163 1, no. 42. 

Samuell Goodwyn of Westham, Essex, esquire. 9 April 1633. 
To poore of Westham 20/- and to the ringers at funerall 10/-. 
To wyffe Ann house at Battersy, county Surrey, being copehold 
to be taken vp in her own name. To eldest son Samuell house 
and land in North Weald Bassett, County Essex, with the Tann 
fatts there, and Samuell also to have the wardship of William 
Taylor which hath cost me much money, land also the wardshipp 
of George Wilmore which I prosecuted at my own charge. Also 
to Samuel £30 due of Richard Perry gent, to be received by exec- 


utors and paid to him at 21 etc. To wiefe and son Samuell all 
moveable goods and To wyffe house I now dwell in, desiring 
her to be satisfied with my poore legacies, she well knowing I had 
noe estate or porcion with her, hoping her mother although she 
hath been vnkind to mee, yett wilbe nowe careful of hir. To my 
two daughters Elizabeth and Ann £100 a pece, the money in 
several mens' hands viz. of Mr. William Ramsay £50, of Mr. 
Francis Vnderhill £100, of Edward Lannum for which Mr. 
Edward Cole standeth bound £50, all to be received by executors 
and paid to daughters at 21 or marriadges. Executors to pay to 
William Kinge of Greeno in Morton £10 and to Edward Spencer 
£10 I owe him out of £20 George Varney oweth me. Residue to 
executors for use of children. Executors : Anthony Luther of 
Kelverden, Esquire and Mr. Thomas Morris my uncle. Wit- 
nesses: Thos. Perry, Robert Greene, Jeff. Lee. 17 May 1633. 
administration to relict Ann of said William [sic] Goodwyn 
deceased, executors Anthony Luther and Thomas Morris renounc- 

Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1633, no. 33. 

29 July 1633. Administration of goods of Anne Goodwyn, 
deceased, to mother Christian Phillips, widow, during minor 
estate of children, Samuel Goodwyn and Ann Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Act Book 17 (1633-1636), folio 5.' 

William Goodwyn, Horndon on the Hill, county Essex, weaver. 
Will 17 June 1634; proved 11 March 1634/5. All this my house 
and land being part of the bell with a little house there unto 
adjoyning, unto Bridget my loveing wife for life and after her 
decease my house, part of the bell to John Nash, my grandchild 
and the other little house to Edmund Nash, ditto. Rest of goods 
to wife Bridgett for life, then to grandchildren John Nash, 
Edmund Nash, Bridgett Wood, and Alice Jarett. At decease of 
wife £5 to daughters Sarah Nash and £5 to Rebeccka Jarett. To 
William Goodwyn 10s. to buy ringe. Wife executrix. Wit- 
nesses : John Fant, Robert Luckin, and Daniel Holstoke 
Archdeaconry of Essex, file 1635, no. 21. 

26, February 1634-5 Administration of goods of William 
Goodwyn of Horndon on the Hill, deceased. Appearance of 


Daniel Robjent for widow and executrix Bridgett Goodwin she 
not able, to appear. 

Administration Act Book 1633-1636, folio 190. 

Thomas Armerar, draper taillour, of Horrendon, county Essex. 
Will 21 February 1558; proved 3 April 1559. To be buried in 
Hornden church against my pew. To Thomas Armorer my 
brother's eldest son 40s. To William Armorer my brother's 2nd 
son 40s. To Luce Armorer my brother's eldest daughter 40s. 
To Annis Armorer my brother's 2nd daughter 40s. To Jone 
Armorer my brother's daughter 40s. To Elizabeth Armorer 
my brother's daughter 40s. To Alice Armorer my brother's 
youngest daughter 40s. To the child my sister Armorer, my 
brother George's wife now goeth with 40s, if children die before 
full ages, men 21, women 16, legacies to be paid by Jone my wife 
to brother George in presence of Edward Rich gentleman. To 
Nicholas Borren 40s. To Jane Borren 40s. If my cosen Borren 
wife, mother of above redeem her plate out of my wive's hand 
for £11, the legacy to be paid to her for their use. To Thomas 
Goodwyn son of Jeffery Goodwyn £4 when 21, if he die to his two 
sisters 'gret Jone' and 'Littell Jone' To Lawrence Pak my best 
cloke. To Richard Pitsey my best cap. To servant John 
Wheler my best coat. To Edward Rich gentleman my russet 
hose. Residuary Legatee and Executrix: Wife Jone. Over- 
seers : Edward Rich gentleman and George Armourer, citizen 
and bruer of London. Witnesses : Thomas Andrew, Ric. Pitsey, 
Tho: Rattell. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Randall (1558-63), folio 4. 

Erasmus Brice of Corringham, county Essex. Nuncupative 
will — November 1591 ; proved 13 January 1591. To Robert 
Savidges child a short coat two bands and a hat. Residue to 
Marye his wife. In presence of Robert Savage and Robert Good- 
win. Administration to Mary the relict. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Stephen, folio 19. 

John Howchin of Westilburie (West Tilbury) county Essex, 
husbandman. Will 13 December 1591 ; proved 17 December 
1591. To Jone Goodwyn my daughter two sheep and household 
articles. To Margaret Jaxson my daughter two sheep and 


articles. To Thomas Howchin my son cow and four sheep. 
Margarett my wife to have the use of them. To Isabel my 
daughter bullock and four sheepe. Said wife to have the use of 
them. To Thomas my son articles of furniture at day of his 
marriage. To Isabell my daughter articles of furniture. Residue 
to Margerie (sic) my wyfe sole executrix. My brother Robert 
Aier Overseer. Witnesses : John Browne, John Bruer, John 
Porch, Wm Sonds, Johannis Bruer. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, Stephen, folio 34. 

Danyell Poyntz of London, gentleman. Will 8 Marche 
1614/5; proved 13 December 1615. To be buried in church of 
North Ockendon, county Essex. To the right worshippfull Sir 
John Poyntz my seale ringe. To my Lady Poyntz my gilte 
bowle. To my brother Lewis my ringe with an agate. To my 
brother Woodley one angell in gould. To my sister Woodley 
ditto. To my goddaughter Mrs. Lettice Turnor ditto. Residue 
unto my two daughters of my brother Tokefeild, Katherine and 
Judith at 21 or marriage. Executor: John Thorles. To Mrs. 
Marye Bacon an angell of gould. Witness : Richard Forde. 
My will is my to wit Katherone and Judith should have 

yearly benefit of the principall beinge ymployed as my brother 
Woodley and my executor thinke fitte. Seal. Signed Daniel 
Poyntz (Note. In house of Sir John Poyntz, Knight, 13 
December in parish of North Ockenden. Arch. Essex. Anno 161 5 
appeared John Thorles and exhibited written will of Sir Daniel 
Pointz in which he was bound executor. Signed Rep. Sauage, 
John Poyntz and John Frend. 

Archdeaconry of Essex, file 161 5, no. 53. 


John Goodwyn of Stanway, Clic r , executor of the will of F. 

Commissary of Essex, file 1585. 

Daniell Goodwyn and Grygorye Goodwyn were witnesses to 
the will of Robert Stone of Much Ockley. 

Commissary of Essex, file 1593. 



John Goodwyn, Sabridgeworth (Sawbridge worth?). Eldest 
son Richard. Son William. Wife Jonne. Daughter Mary. 
Youngest daughter Jone. 

Commissary of Essex, file 1598. 

John Goodwin the elder of Booking, county Essex, Cloathyer. 
Will 20 March 1662/3; proved 29 April 1664. To son John 
Goodwin 20s. To daughter Mary, wife of James Brookall 20s. 
To daughter Mary, wife of James Brookall 20s. Rest to wife 
Christian and daughter Elizabeth wife of Daniell Trewe. Wife 
Christian executrix. Witnesses : Mathewe lambe, and Edmund 

Peculiar of Bocking, will filed 161 4, no. 66. 

In the name of god Amen. I Abednego Ansell doe ordeyne & 
constitute this my last will & Testament I doe give vnto my chil- 
dren xxs apeece namely Salomon Ansell xxs, Mary Ansell xxs 
and Susan Ansell xxs to be payd w Ul in one yeare after my death 
and in this my will I doe give & bequeath the lease of my house 
and all the rest of my goods vnto my wyfe to dispose of them 
at hir pleasure paying vnto the f ornamed children the portions as 
it by me given them and vnto this my last will I make my wife 
whole executrix and have thervnto set my hand & seale the 29 
day of march 
Sealed & deliuered 

in the presens of vs Abednedgo 

Thomas Amis Ansell 

Nathaniel Hayes his X mark 

Ozias Goodwin 
his X marke. 

in the third yeere of our Sovereigne lord King Charles of Eng- 
land fraunce & Ireland 

compt Solomon Ansell Filius nalis 
et ltmus du Abednego Ansell deft' apud Bocking 16 die martij 
1646 Cora dno Decane et Ex* Tesm huioi' et alll Mario' Ansell 
Relcam dei deft' et exteri' in huio suo Testo nomtum anteq m 
omis executois huia' Test in se acceptusset ad hoc luce migrassit 


et dmis ad eius petet comest et Adm bonoru' cu' test huioi' annex' 
primitis de bene & salua 

Peculiar of Bocking, will filed 1646, no 5. 


Joan Goodwyn, widow, of Clavering, county Essex. Will 10 
May 1505: No probate. Sane in mind, etc. My spirit to 
Almighty God. My body to be buried in churchyard of St. 
Nicholas of Langley near to my parents. To High Altar of 
Clavering for tithes and oblations forgotten or omitted two 
bushels of barley. To the work of said church two bushells of 
oats. Residuary Legatee and Executor: Thomas Goodwyn my 
son. Witnesses : Sir John Grey, chaplain, Roger Little, Joan 
Goodwyn younger, and many others. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Clerke, folio 104. 

John Goodwyn of Wevenho. Will 14 November 1565? No 
date of probate. To Katheren Goodwyn my wife, all household 
stuff and 6s. 8d. To Jone my daughter my shrede covering, two 
kettles and a frying pan. Executor : Henry Heekef ord of Elme- 
sted to divide my money among my son John and daughter Joan 
when 21 and 20 respectively. Witnesses : William Betts, parson 
of Wevenho, Henry Heekeford of Elmested, and John Goodwyn 
the sonne of the aforenamed Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Clerke (158?) 

John Goodwyn of Langley. Will 6 August. No probate. To 
be buried in churchyard of St. Nicholas Langley. To high 
Altar I2d. To the torches 3s. 4d. If John my son die, a "Tryn- 
tall of masses" to be said for mee and my friends. To Roger 
Littell a grey nag. To Margery Carter two bushells of barley. 
Residue to wife Eleyn. Executors: Wife Eleyn and Roger 
Litell. Witnesses : Sir John Grey, parson, Vmf rey Stoburyld, 
and John Carter. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Clerke, folio (158?). 

John Goodwyn, Westmersey (West Mersea?). Will 6 Janu- 
ary 1 570/1 ; proved 17 February 1570/1. To be buried in West- 


mersey churchyard. To grandchildren, sheepe of ij yeares old 
each at 20. To poor of Westmersey 40s. My wief to be bound 
in £20 to my brother Robert and his brother William Cowck to 
discharge legacie yt I am bound for unto William Wilson in leg- 
acies in this will. To my brother Robert my Bowe and my 
Arrowe with a augrer. If wief be not able and will not occupie 
farme, to William and again into my master's hands Residue to 
wief executrix. Supervisor: William Foox my Master. Wit- 
nesses : William Fox, William Henton, and Christopher Wolner. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, Register Hore, folio 215. 

William Goodwine, Great Birch. Will 28 August 1570; 
proved 14 November 1571. To be buried in churchyard of Great 
Birch To my wiff all implements and my house. To younger 
son John Goodwine ij quarters of barley, a cow, bullock, of iiij 
yeares old, and my bowe and my shaper. To son William a shep. 
To wiff Katheryne and eldest son John, my ferme during the 
yeares to occupie jointly with cattle, corne, and goods, paying 
debt and children to be brought upp and kindly kept. If wieff 
Katherine marry, he that shall be married to her to put in execu- 
trix to my eldest son, etc. Residue to wife Katherin and elder 
son John, Executrix and Executor. Supervisor: Henry Bring- 
ton. Witnesses : John Grene, John Wither and others. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Register Hore, folio 289. 

William Goodding of Walden, county Essex. Will 10 June 
1579; proved 30 June 1579. To father Richard Goodding and 
Annable his wife, my mother, £12 which Thomas Adam the 
younger son of Thomas Adam the elder, late of the Rose in 
Walden (oweth) To Mary Bateman £12. To brother Samuell 
Goodding all apparel and 20s. To Annable Strachye my grand- 
mother 40s. to be paid this side Colde fayer day next. To sister 
Mary Goodding one roode of saffron ground in the Long lane 
turning to Jhurdlye in occupation of Thomas Martin. To sister 
Dorothie Goodding one and half roode ditto adjoyning. To 
brother Anthony Goodding one roode ditto in close leading to 
Thaxted in occupation of Alexander Roye with one marke Hille 
most sest this present season. Residue to Mother Annable Good- 


ing executrix. Witnesses: John Larke, Nicholas Reve, and 
William Boybell. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Register Roote (i577 _I 585)> 
folio 190. 

Richard Goodwyn, of Walden, Essex, yeoman. Will 2 October 
1583; proved: no proof. To wyfe Amiable all lands free and 
copie in Walden for life then to Son Samuell Goodwin two and 
a half acres ("jem") between lands late of Thomas Roper 
and Amiable his wife and my land after decease of his mother. 
To Mary Goodwyn my daughter an acre and a tenement called 
Willowfielde, also a tenement called Pigges which I had by sur- 
render of William Strachye, if she die to Anthony Goodwyn my 
son, to whom I give i acre of freehold in Walden and a poole 
brought from John Spruce. Residuary Legatee and Executrix: 
Amiable my wife. Witnesses : James Goodwyn, John Shell- 
f orde, and James Crofte, scrivener. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Register Roote, folio 225. 

Richard Gooddwin, of Est Marcy. Will 28 March 1595. No 
proof. To sonne Robard 40s. at 21 or maryg, also best f ether bed 
wyth bolster, shetes and blankets and best coverlet, at age afore- 
said also a syluer spone ditto. Residue to wyff Gracie executrix. 
Witnesses : Francys Hubard, and Robard Clark. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Lawrence, no. 85. 

Marke Goodwyne, of Witham, Essex, yeoman. Will 21 
Marche 1597/8; proof not entered. To Agnes messuage where 
I dwell in Witham, with house, barns, etc. and freehold lands 
belonging also closes or crofts at backsyde of a messuage some- 
tyme parcell of Mellfeilde etc for her life, if unmarryed etc. not 
committ waste and also six of my ken. To Sabian Pendleton my 
wive's daughter my black horned bullocke with the whight face. 
To kinsman William Pendleton bond of William Sheather, of 
William Pendleton £y and bill of Gregorye Bullen of Tolshunt 
Darcy for £y. To saide wife Agnys two mares and twoe nagges, 
one loade carte etc. To Mr. William Smithe my baye colte with 
a white starr in his f orehedd. To Mr. Edmund Halys of Witham 
40s. to be assistant to my said wife. To William Pendleton 
aforesaid my estate in one wood called the chantrye woode in 


Witham, and Little Braxted in said Countie. To my very good 
Mrs. Anne Smith, wife of Henry Smith, Esquier, five Angells in 
golde to make a ringne. To the foresaid Henrye Smithe and 
William Smithe and William Tyffyne of Wakes Colne in said 
county esquier, reversion of said messuage and to sell same and 
pay, viz: To William Pendleton £100, to Susan daughter of my 
sister Alize Watson £20. To Thomas Watson my said sister's 
sonn i3.5s.od. To Dorcas Smythe wife of foresaid Mr. William 
Smythe three Angells of gold for a ringe. Release said William 
Pendlton all debts. To Edward Stocke of Witham £20 after sale 
of messuage. Executrix : to distribute by parson of Witham at 
my burial 20 dozen of breade. To Nicholas Kent, servant to 
foresaid Henrye Smith £5. Rest to wife Agnes, executrix. 
Witnesses : Henry Smithe, William Smith ye younger, Robert 
Draper, and Philippe Josling. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Lawrence, no. 184. 

Annable Goodwyn of Walden. Essex, wydowe. Will 26 
November 1598; no proof. To sonne Samuell Goodwyn mes- 
suage wherein the said Samuell now doth dwell in Walden 
aforesaid in the castle street for life of my said sonne Samuell 
Goodwyn the moytie of said messuage to John Goodwyn sonn of 
said Samuel Goodwyn, and other moytie to Mary, Elizabeth, and 
Agnes, daughters of said Samuell Goodwyn. To sonne Samuel 
Goodwyn messuage wherein I dwell in Walden with Malting 
loonies, etc. for life of said Samuell Goodwyn, then after decease 
of said Samuel Goodwyn my son to Samuell Goodwyn, son of 
said Samuel Goodwyn my son, provided if said Samuel, son of 
my son Samuel die before 21 or marriage, then said messuage to 
above said Mary, Elizabeth, and Agnes. To Annable Goodwyn, 
daughter of Anthony Goodwyn my sonn late deceased, that half 
acre of land with the slade which I had of the gifte of William 
Strachie my father, also piece of arrable land (two and a half 
acres late had of John Cowbeck and Margaret his wife and 
Richard Hogdon, and Dorothie his wyffe. Executor to deliver 
to James Crofte of Walden, nory publ (My brother in law) 
goods for said Annable at 21 or marriage, viz : best Joyned 
standing bed in corner chamber over my shop with mattress, 
fether bedd, a boulster, and pillowes and blanckett and a cover- 
lett of lynnen and wollen (which coverelett was my husbands 


before I was married to him) also a brass potte with potte hookes 
hanging uppon some, and two of best kettles, and a brass pessut ; 
also said James Croft to use £60 in his hands till said Annable 
is 21 or married, he to bring up and keep the same Annable then 
to pay at 21 or marriage, if said Annable die then said £60 to be 
paid to Executor in porche of churche of Walden called the 
sowth porch. Residue to sonn Samuell Executor Witnesses: 
Nycholas reve, and William Harrydowne. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Bowtell, no. 10. 

Robert Goddynge of Create Chesterforde, Essex, yeoman. 
Will 1 December, 42 Eliz: (1599) no proof. To be buried in 
church yard of Greate Chesterforde. To eldest sonne William 
Goddyng 20s. upon 6 October next. To son John Godding, ditto. 
To sonne Thomas Goddyng 10s. ditto. To William Goddyng, 
sonn of my sonn William 10s (altered from 20s.) at day of mar- 
riage To John Goddyng another of sons of sonn William ditto. 
To Joane Goddyng, daughter of son William ditto. To the two 
children of my daughter Marye 10s. apiece at dayes of marriage. 
To John Goodyng, sonne of son John 20s. at marriage. These 
to be paid by sonn John executor. Witnesses : Thomas Amye, 
Alice Cowll (on back) Also unto my Syster Margaret Nycholles 
6s. 8d. to be payd by sonn John 6 October following. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Bowtell, no. 11. 

John Goddinge of Greate Chesterforde, Essex. Will 20 July 
43 Elizabeth: (1600) no proof. To be buried in churchyard of 
Great Chesterford. Executor my sonne Owen Godding to dis- 
pose of all goodes, viz : unto John Godding my eldest sonne all 
apparell, one payer of flaxen shettes and one cheste, also I will 
and bequeath unto Phillip Godding, my son one bonde of 50s. 
and £4. 1 os. which is owing unto Annys Shorte my daughter and 
one flaxen sheete and two platters also unto Annys Shorte my 
daughter i5.13s.4d. to be paide her uppon Cowle Fayer Daye 
next and one payer of flaxen sheetes and unto William Godding 
the son of Owen Godding, two little kettles and one fryeing pan 
and also all rest of goodes to Owen Goddinge my executor. Wit- 
nesses : Owen Seaman and John Hill. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Bowtell, no. 88. 


John Goddinge of much We(ndon-torn) Essex, labourer. 
Will 9 October 1604; proved 12 December 1604. To wife Annis 
house etc. for life then to my daughter Elizabeth Hamon wife of 
John Hamon. Rest of goods to wife Annis executrix. Wit- 
nesses : William Fanne, and Richard Newman. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Fearne, no. 46. 

John Godwen, of Seynte Jeames, Colchester, Essex, baker. 
Will 10 February 159- (38 Eliz. i. e. 1595/6) ; proved 31 May 
1606. To my sonne Thomas Goodwene tenement called the Vp 
Roomes I now dwell in after decease of Katrene my wife. To 
daughter Marye all my lower roomes that John Smythe dwelleth 
in also the shope with yarde and gerden and the well, to be 
equally divided betwixte my son Thomas and daughter Marye 
after decease of wyfe Katrene, my daughter to single sonne 
Thomas to go to the Ovene and backe in it as aft as nede shall 
require and to sonne Isaacke Goodwen £4 to be paid by sonne 
Thomas and daughter Mary after decease of wife Katrene. To 
sonn John Goodwen 4d. If Thomas or Mary die, then to other. 
If both die son Isayke to have their parts. Rest of goods to wyfe 
Katren except posted bed I lye on to daughter Mary. Rest of 
goods in three parts one to Mary at choice and sonne Thomas and 
Isayke other two parts. Rest to wife Katren executrix. Wit- 
nesses : John Smyth and Robarde Smyth 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Adams, no. 117. 

Marcell Goodwyn of Saincte Gyles in the subburbs of the town 
of Colchester, Essex, Phissitian. Will 20 January 1605/6; 
proved 4 September 1606. To be buried in some churchyarde. 
To my wyfe Francis all goodes, cattells, juells, money, etc for 
lyfe paying to my daughter Marye £20 two dayes after her the 
said Maryes marriage bed where she used to lye, halfe of brasse 
and pewter and half of lynnen (except my sayd wyfe wearing 
lynnen), wyfe to enter suertie with one Sukidy man to be bound 
to said daughter Mary in £200 to deliver goods, etc. Rest of 
goodes to wyfe Francis executrix, to dispose to said Mary and 
rest of children, but if wyfe refuse to enter bond, daughter Mary 
to be executrix, and at wyfe's decease, rest of goods to be sayd 
Mary's, and rest if my children then alive. No witnesses- 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Adams, no. 125. 


Alice Goodin als Tumor, Much Horsley (Horkesley?), Essex, 
widow. Will 26 February 1609/10; no proof. To my sonne 
Henry Goodwin one payor of mantle quearnes and one bedstedde 
in his owne house. To Samuell Goulding, sonn of my daughter 
Lore Goulding one redd milche cowe being the youngest cowe I 
have. Rest to my daughter Lore Goulding wyfe of John Gould- 
ing of Pentlowe in the County of Essex aforesaid and Elizabeth 
Hilles the wyfe of John Hilles of Melford in the county of 
Suffolk, taylor. Executors : sonnes in lawe, John Goulding and 
John Hilles. Witnesses : Robert Cooke of Melford aforesaid, 
Peter Creswell. Seal : a swan. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Fearne, no. 11. 

Colchester St. Giles. Mary Goodwin, deceased. Francis 
Goodwin her administrator stands excommunicated for not ren- 
dering account. Appeared and humbly petitioned absolution, 
took oath to obey the standing orders of the Church, was 
absolved, and restored and warned to render the account next 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1609-1611, folio 99 a . 

Prudence Goodwin, wife of William Goodwin of Wix. Nun- 
cupative will — March 1610: no proof. To sister Elizabeth 
Shearman her coffer of linnen etc and to Margaret Lyne her 
cozen her silke aperne which giftes if her husband would per- 
form, she gives all the rest of goods in Mr. Beriffe's handes to her 
husband William Goodwin. Witnesses: Matthew Dale, John 
Dale, John Lyne, and Cassandra Lyne 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Fearne, no. 159. 

Wickes (Wix?). Prudence Goodwin, defunct. William 
Goodwin late husband. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1611-1614, folio 22. 

Francis Goodwin, St. Giles in Colchester, county Essex, widow. 
Will 7 June 1618; proved 17 June 1618. To my three sonnes 
George Goodwyn, Marcellus Goodwyn, and William Goodwyn 
40s. apiece. To everie one of theire children 10s. except Francis 
Goodwyn the daughter of my sonne William, my goddaughter, to 
which said Francis 50s. my worst Gowne and best peticoat. To 


my sonne George my two hoope gold rings and to his wife ios. 
To my sonne Marcellus Goodwyn my three folde linked golde 
ringes. To my said sonne William my beste golde ringe nowe 
on my finger. To Isabell his wife my beste Gowne for hir paynes 
in my sickness. To Francis now with me whom I have brought 
up from her childhood ios. and gowne nexte the best. To my 
brother Thomas Byham ios. Rest of goods to my said three sons 
George, Marcellus, and William. Executors: sons Marcellus 
and William Goodwyn, they to pay debts and legacies, and will 
my bodie buried neare my husband their father and theire three 
sisters deceased. And by the authoritie of a mother and their 
safeguard and the love I beare unto them I charge my said three 
sonnes to fear God and keepe his Commandments, that they 
departe not one another but mayntain peace and true brotherlie 
love and Christian concord. Witnesses: William Cocke, and 
John Streaton. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Tyler, no. 123. 

1 61 8 June 17. Francis Goodwin of St. Giles, Colchester 
deceased. Marcellus Godwin and William Goodwin, executors. 
Inventory £30. 16s. 8d. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester no. 43, folio 45. 

Samuell Goodwyn the sonne of Samuell Goodwyn of Walden, 
county Essex, yeoman. Will 7 February 1619-20; proved 20 
March 1619-20. To my mother Maudelyn messuage or tenement 
etc. in Church streete in Walden, wherein Samuel Goodwyn my 
father dwelleth and wherein Annable Goodwyn my grandmother 
whilst she lived did dwell, to said Maudelyn my mother for life, 
then to my sisters Marye Goodwyn, Elizabeth Dumhelde, and 
Agnes Gooding. To father Samuell Goodwyn, executor, all 
goods Witnesses : Nicholas Foxe and Samuell Leader. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, bundle Cole, no. 61. 

Daniell Goodding the elder of Okely Magna, Essex, yeoman. 
Will 28 December 1622; proved 5 February 1622-3. To poore 
of Much Okely £4 to be distributed by executrix. To wife Mar- 
garet lands and tenements in Okely Magna in occupation of Chris- 
topher Wilson (Gene erased) and widowe Bets; also to wife 


for life, house I dwell in and freehold land then to my son Daniell 
for his life. Also to Daniell "Milles" in Okely Magna but to 
be voyd if Daniell make any work. To sonn William "Whites" 
"Wilkes" county Essex for life. To daughter Joane "Paines" 
in Okely late in occupation of John Cricke, and now of Henry 
Cricke his son, all for her life, then to her son Edward Stone, 
but if her husband Richard Stone molest executrix for debt or 
claim, then to be voyd. To grandson John Goodding tenement 
called "Webb" in Wicks. To daughter Mary for life lands in 
Okely Magna, late in occupation of Widow Forest and now of 
William Titterson. To wife Margaret all household stuff and 
tan guards and best wheat well dressed. Rest of goods for debts 
and overplus £5 to servant Elizabeth Lin and rest to wife and 
children. Wife Executrix. Witnesses: Michaiah Woodclere, 
Wylliam Lynn, George Bulleir, Robert Ruchester and John Rott. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1622/23, no. 2. 

Oakley Magna 1623 October 22. Margaret Goodwin, widow 
deceased. Richard Stone, executor exhibits will, 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1623, folio 60. 

William Goddinge, Mutche Holland, Essex, yeoman. Will 23 
January 1624/5; proved 23 February 1624/5. To Thomas 
Stone, sonne of John Stone of Mutche Holland aforesaid, custom- 
ary land in Wickes called "Mapstedes" in occupation of John 
Seriant, also to Thomas Stone, customary tenement "Lypstons" 
in Wicks in occupation of ditto, also to Thomas Stone ditto in 
Wickes and Bradfield called "Whites" in occupation of Richard 
Stone. To Elizabeth Stone daughter of aforesaid John Stone 
"freeton" in Mutche Holland in occupation of Robert Hadman, 
also to Elizabeth Case of Myndmyll in Mutche Holland. To 
four men to carry to grave 6s.8d. Residue to John Stone of 
Mutch Holland, executor. Witnesses: Henry Dore, Thomas 
Savadge, and William Chapyn. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1624/5, no - 4 2 - 

Holland Magna. February 23, 1624/5. William Goodwin, 
deceased. John Stone, executor. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1624/5, folio 189. 


p. 2. Allegation. Testimony concerning the will of William 
Gooding of Holland Magna, Essex, 6 April 1625. William 
Chaplin of Claxton Parva, Essex, yeoman, testifies, born at 
St. Osithe, aged 37, that at about the date of the testament being 
Saturday before the death of said testator he went to his house 
in Much Holland, testator said he would make his will and wit- 
ness staid in town overnight and next day called on him. When 
testator told him that Henry Dore of Thorpe in the Soken Essex 
had been sent for to make the will and in the presence of said 
Mr. Dore, Thomas Savage a witness procured with him the said 
deponent he set his marke and seal. John Stone of Much Hol- 
land, executor. 

p. 3. Testimony of Thomas Savage of Holland Magna, yeo- 
man aged 36. Testifies to similar effect. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Liber Depositionem, 1624/5 
March and 1627 May. 

Oakley Magna 1625, October 12. Daniel Goodin deceased. 
Helen Goodwin relict and Richard Goodwin son. Inventory 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1625, folio 78. 

Walden 1625 May 5. Nicholas Seager died. Mary Good- 
win, executrix, certified to be a prerogative. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, B.R. 18/27, f° lio I 7- 

1626 November 22 Samuel Goodin, deceased. Magdalen 
Goodin relict and executrix. John Goodwin son of deceased. 
Inventory £113. 2s. od. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester B.R. 18/27, folios 241 & 248. 

Samewell Gooddinge of Walden, Essex, yeoman. Will 31 
October 1626; proved 22 November 1626. To be buried by 
executrix. To sonn John Gooddinge for life copyhold called 
"Jermyns" (two acres) one head uppon land of Gyles Barker, 
other uppon highe waye from Walden to Wymbish, one other 
parcell (1 1-2 acres) next to land of one John Parker called 
"Eighteen acres" and one other piece of land of said John 
Parker of one part on head upon highwaye ditto, other head upon 
said "Eighteen acres" and one other parcell (i J / 2 acres) on 


highway Walden to Thaxted and other two on land of Right 
Honorable Katherine the Countess of Suffolk, all to son John 
Gooddinge for life then to Samuell Goodding, son of son John 
Gooddinge. To Elizabeth daughter of my son in law Mr. 
Anthony Dumbeloe, parcell of arrable land in Walden syding by 
a lane leading from Walden toward Wymbysh called Sherehill 
lane and other next land of Thomas Addams of Walden Esq both 
free and coppy. To Ann daughter of said Mr. Anthony Dumbe- 
loe other parcel in Walden on head upon Sheerehill lande and 
other on highway Walden to Thaxted between land of Ambrose 
Brown Esq, other parcell to said Ann my grandchild for life. To 
son John two horses, one longe carte, one tumbrell and other 
ymplements of husbandry. Rest to wife Maudelyn Goodinge. 
Witnesses : William Nightingale, John Malin, and Theopylaich 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1626/7. 

Colchester St. James. 1628, July 3. John Goodwin, deceased. 
Jeremiah Goodwin his brother possesses his goods. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1628, folio 97. 

Oakley Magna p. 28 Daniel Goodwin deposition re will of 
That upon the day of date of the testament, William 

Trim of Misleigh, county Essex, gent, was at the house of the 

testator situate in whither he came to visit the testator in 

his sickness when Mr. W T ood minister of that parish was gone for 
to write this will who being come and receiving instructions from 
the testator for the writing of the same will did write same 
accordingly. And after he had so done read it over to him the tes- 
tator with an audible voice who hearing the same did verie well 
like and approve thereof. And in confirmation did in perfect 
mind and memory and spake sensibly. Mr. Michaiah Wood the 
writer, George Butler, Robert Rochester, John Roth and others, 
and knoweth it to be true for that he sett his name as a witness 
and knoweth it is not alleged. Signed William Lynn. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Liber Depositionem Book 37, 
19 Marc 1632. 

John Goodwin, Little Horkesly, county Essex, saymaker. 
Will 16 December 1633; proved 31 January 1633/4. To be 


buried in churchyard of Little Horkesly. To eldest sonn John, 
copyhold in Boxted after decease of my wife Katherine paying 
legacies as follows : unto Ann my eldest daughter £30, to young- 
est daughter Elizabeth £30, to youngest sonn Daniell £80, and if 
John refuse to pay Daniel £80, Daniel to take place and pay John 
£80. Wife executrix. Witnesses : John Maidston, Allen Hawk- 
ens, and John Adkinson. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1633/4, no. 44. 

Hawkesley Parva. April 17, 1634. John Goodwin deceased. 
Katherine Goodwin, relict and Executrix to exhibit inventory. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1632-1634, folio 207. 

John Godwin of Walden, county Essex, innholder. Will 15 
January 1636/7; proved 13 August 1639. To be buried by exec- 
utrix. To son John Goodwin 10s. To Ann wife of William 
Symonds 10s. Wife Ann executrix, and to her all goods. Wit- 
nesses : Richard Felsted and William Cole. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1639/40, no. 22. 

Marcellus Goodwin, Greate Coggeshall, county Essex, practi- 
tioner in ye arte of Physecke. Will 25 November 1639; proved 
18 January 1639/40. To be buried by executor. To wife Mary 
best bedsted with ye curteines of green, say Cushion, roddes in 
my chamber (over my place) where I now lye, blankets, flock 
bedd, and a great presse cupboard in sayd chamber, six pewter 
dishes, joyned box at bedsideetc and her wearing linnen, joyned 
wollen chest standing by said box, turned chayres at end of said 
chest, and my four legged box, her wearing apparel, two new 
tapestrie cushions unstuffed, my greate tapestrie cushion in the 
hall, one warminge pane at her choyse, greate saltseller, walnut- 
tree table in hall behinde the doore toward ye streete, and the 
joyned stoole under sayd table with my glass keepe hanging over 
the same and 30s. yearly while a widow. To daughter Rachell 
wyfe of Robert Cunlyffe 5s. To daughter Sara my tapestrie 
overlaid tapestrie carpett together with bench carpet, eight 
tapestrie cushions, five old curtains and a windowe curtaine of 
yellow and green saye, a trundle bed she used and rest of her 
land, yardes and two greate hutches in David the shoemaker's 


house and a sysill or two at Brainwodes, etc. To wife Mary £3. 
Rest to son Robert Goodwin, executor, and estate of daughter 
Sara. Witnesses : Thomas Nikoles, Anthony Browning. Codicil 
17 December 1639. Revoke all bequests to son Robert Goodwin 
and to him only 5s. All goods given to Sara, to wife Mary for 
keepe of Sara and to be executrix and guardian of Sara. Wit- 
nesses : the same as before. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1639/40, no. 50. 

Magdalen Goodinge of Walden, county Essex, widowe. Will 
30 March 1641 ; proved 21 November 1643. To be buried by 
executrix. To sonne John Goodinge feather bedd on which I 
lye, boulster, pillowbere and bedstedde, coverlett black and yeal- 
lowe, and blankett and towinge payer of shetts, greatest brasse 
pott commonly used about the house, two candlestickes of brasse, 
one great and one small, one little iron dripping pan, the least of 
three pewter platters of the same and two pewter dishes and one 
payre of small inn cushions. To my two kinswomen Margaret 
and Alice daughters of my sister Alice Dumbeloe, my two grand- 
children 30s. apiece. To kinsman Nicholas Foxe in the house 
where I dwell all brewinge vessells. Rest of goods and imple- 
ments of household etc. to said Nicholas Foxe and Ann Kempe 
one of my daughters. Executor: said Nicholas Fox. Wit- 
nesses : William Turner and Nicholas Clerke. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1643/4, no. 27. 

John Goodden of Weeks, county Essex, yeoman. Will 21 July 
l6 43; proved 6 July 1644. To be buried in churchyard of 
Weeks. To wife Ann for life all customary lands called "Webs" 
in occupation of one John Savell and after decease of wife to my 
sonn John Goodden, paying to my son William of this taking £40 
or if William be dead £20 to my daughter Ann or they to enter, 
etc. To wife Ann for life then to son William "Gules" in 
Weeks in occupation of William Watson. To daughter Ann 
Gooddin £40 at 21, executrix to be in bond to my brother Richard 
Goodin of Okeley Magna in £80. To poor of Weeks 6s.8d. Rest 
to wife Ann Executrix. Witnesses: William Pippell, Thomas 
Vesey, John Ware and William Andrews. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1643/45, no. 36. 


Robert Goodinge of Arden, county Essex, gent. Will 22 
December 1643 '< proved 27 September 1649. To sonne John 
Goodinge £50 at 21. To daughter Margarete £50 at 20 or mar- 
riage. To child wife is now with £50 at 21, if daughter at 20 or 
marriage. Rest to wife Penelope, executrix. Supervisors : 
Samuel Sammys, Clerke, John Harnett, gent, and George Lover- 
ell, yeoman. Witnesses : Lucretia Aylemer, and Anna Ballding. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, file 1648/9, no. 185. 

William Abell of Wifno, husbandman. Will I 59 I J 

proved: no proof. To be buried in the churchyard of Wifno. 
I bequeath unto Francis Bearnes, Elizabeth Mich and Annis 
Smith all my moveable goods, to be equally divided among them. 
Witnesses : Thomas George, Robard Dwatur, William Frauncis. 
On the back is an inventory prised by Thomas George and Hum- 
phrey Smithe, amounting to about £2. 10s. Debts would appear 
to be owing to testator from William Frauncis, Edward Good- 
win "persun" and Peter Abell. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Winge, no. 25. 

Henry Laye of Eastmerseye. Nuncupative will 21 March 
1588/9; proved: no proof. He bequeathed £60 which Mr. 
Bacon of Groundisboroughe owed him, payable in trust to Robert 
Potter of Wetherwinfcrd? to the use of the said Henry Laye, to 
his executors for payment of his debts. Then he gave £10 to 
his wife Margaret and the residue to his son Henry. All the 
rest of his goods he gave to his wife. No executors named 
Witnesses : Roberte Potter, Roberte Goodwin, Richard Baws. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, Ward, no. 155. 

William Nightingale of Walden, gent. Will 9 May 1651 ; 
proved 7 October 1651. I give to John Nightingale my son and 
Elizabeth Nightingale my daughter my messuage in Goule Street 
which I purchased of Bartholomew Collyn, to my son John a 
parcel of land near Sherehill House next the land of George 
Rooper, which I purchased of William Gyver. To my daughter 
Elizabeth my tenement in Cuckingstoole next the messuage of 
Mr. Richard Plomer. My wife Elizabeth shall have the profits 
of my son's land for his bringing up. To William Nightingale 
son of my son Thomas 5 1-2 acres of land called Jermyns, which 


I purchased of Thomas Dove, esquire, between the lands of 
Richard Wheeler and John Goodings abutting on Tiptottes lane, 
at 21. To my brother George Nightingale 20s. To my son 
Henry £4.0. To Thomas Nightingale sonne £30, whereof £20 
shall be to pay to Air. Banes under a bond given by my son 
Henry and Thomas. To my son Henry 2 acres of freehold in 
Sherehill field lately Thomas Wrightes which I purchased of 
William Salmon. To my wife Elizabeth my messuage in Goule 
Street, purchased of Mr. John Giver and all the residue of my 
lands both free and copyholf with remainder at her death to my 
son Henry, and I make the said Elizabeth my executrix. Wit- 
nesses: Ezekreth Trott, Tho. Steppe, Ralph Fordham. Proved 
by the exectrix. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, 1650-52, no. 92. 

Robert Payne of Estmersey, husbandman. Will 14 September 
1587; no probate act. I give to my wife Isabel all my lands in 
Westmersey so long as she liveth, called Doghole and Clerkes, to 
remain after her decease to her son Thomas Freke. If he die 
without issue to be divided between Grace and Elizabeth Freke. 
I give to my wife all my lands in Estmersey called Mellers and 
Neverds, with remainder at her decease to John Harvie my kins- 
man. I give to William some time at Paynes two pairs of 
breeches. To William Buttryke my man, one sheep. I make 
my wife my executrix. Witnesses : Thomas Jolly, Robert Feild, 
William Cooke, Robert Goodwyne, Rychard Bawe. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Ward, no. 99. 

John Prat of Much Horkesley, husbondman. Will 15 Febru- 
ary 1588-89; no proof. To be buried in the churchyard. I 
bequeath to Rose Churchman and her three children a cow. To 
John Bentley my best dublet etc. I forgive George Chace all he 
oweth me. I give to William Denmarke a lamb. I forgive Lane 
the tailor what he oweth me. I give to John Morkoke my three 
calf skins at Lane's. To John Bryckman my white russet 
breeches. To Robert Clarke a peck of wheat. To John Clarke 
-all he doth owe me. To Thomas Bankes my servant a good ewe. 
To Edward Puplet a lamb. I forgive John Morcoke 10s he 
oweth me. I give to John Bushe my brother in law 30s. To 
my three brothers 20s. apiece. To the poor of Much Horkesley 


ios. To my sister 13s. 46. All the residue of my goods I give 
to Cretor my wife, whom I make my executrix if she die of this 
sickness they shall be sold by the said John Bushe, and the money 
divided among the brothers and sisters of myself and my wife. 
I make him my executor and Henry Puplet the younger my 
supervisor. Witnesses : John Morecoke, Joan Hewes. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, Ward, no. 127. 

Annable Strachye of Walden. Will 6 November, 26 Eliz ; no 
proof. I give to my daughter Jone Semer my silk kirtles and my 
six silver spoons with maiden heads and two with lions. To 
Mary Foxmy daughter my six silver spoons with gilt knops. To 
Elizabeth Craske my daughter my scarlet petticoat. To Mary 
Scott my daughter 6 silver spoons. To Annabel Strachey my 
goddaughter my harness girdle. To Jone Strachey my son's 
daughter two silver spoons knopped with lions. After my death 
my daughter Annable Goodinge shall have the house wherein she 
now dwelleth and I give her my silver goblet. To my son John 
a gilt candlestick in the hall. To Mary Raymond a pair of sheets. 
To Mary Bateman a mattress etc. All the rest of my goods I 
give to be divided amongst my daughters and I make my son in 
law John Foxe my sole executor. Witnesses : Philip Berd, 
Robert Howland, Richard Baynes. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Ward, no. 26. 

Raymond daughter of Nicholas Walden. Will 9 March 1561 ; 
(No act). Property surrendered into the hands of John Hub- 
bard and Anthony Hal in the presence of Richard Harlowe and 
Richard Goodwyne. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Roberts, 179. 

William Wale of Walden. Will 10 April 1563; proved: no 
proof. To be buried in the churchyard. I give to my son Wil- 
liam my lands in Ashdon at 21. To my wife Johane my lands 
freehold as well as copyhold in Walden which I purchased of 
William Grewe gent, with remainder to my son Robert. To my 
daughter Johan £20 at marriage. To my daughter Cicely £30 at 
21 or marriage. All the residue of my lands, including the lease 
and leases I should have of Mr. Baker, I give to my executors, 
whom I name William Adam of Walden, draper and Thomas 


Whitehand of Ashedon. Witnesses: Thomas Byrd the elder, 
Richard Goodwyn, Robert Wakelyn, John Bankes the younger, 
Nicholas Pra. . 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Wynge, no. 32. 

Nicholas Wall of Feeringe, yeoman. Will 21 October 1588; 
no proof. I give £20 to some godlie preacher or preachers to 
preach three score sermons in the said town where I now dwell, 
or within four miles thereof. I give to my wife the messuages 
etc. I bought of Reynold Hight, esq. in Byrch, till my son John be 
24, when he shall have all, except the little house by the churcl 
wherein one Basey now inhabiteth etc. which I give to my son 
Moyses. I give to my wife Marie all my tenements in Hatfeild 
Broddocke till the said Moises is 21. To Daniel my son my farm 
at Colliers End in Standon, county Hertford, in the tenure of 
Binkes after my wife's decease. To my wife the mes- 
suage I lately purchased of John Sammes of Wickham, till my 
son Bartholomew be 25 ; in the event of his death to remain to 
my son Nicholas, my brother in law Robert Sibthorpe, receiving 
the profits till the said Nicholas be 22. To the poor of Coxall 
and Feering 20s. yearly for five years. To my brothers Richard 
and Robert and William W r all £6. I3s.4d. apiece, to my brother 
John Wall and his wife three angels. To Thomas Wiseman my 
son in lawe, and my daughter Agnes his wife 60s. To Richard 
Denman my son in law and my daughter Mary his wife 60s. To 
my brother in law Robert Sibthorpe and his wife two angels. To 
Bennet Stronge 20s. To William Rawlinsone my servant 40s. 
To Mary Sibthorpe my goddaughter, daughter of the said Robert 
10s. To Edward Collin's wife 10s. To my landlord Christopher 
Marshall gent, and his wife three angels. To Agnes Wall my 
brother John's daughter 40s. To Mr. Wilton, Mr. Newman, 
Mr. Dyks, Mr. Gulston and Mr. Foster 20s. apiece. To Johan 
Wall my brother Richard's daughter 40s. To William Tibbolde 
and his wife 40s. To Agnes Martin, sometime Chaterton's wife 
10s. To Richard Stowell's wife 20s. My wife shall have the 
occupation of the manor house of Hutchin's wherein I now dwell, 
and the lands thereto attached, which I hold of Richard Parker 
and of the Bishop of London till Michaelman 1598, when my son 
Nicholas shall have the same. The residue of my goods I give to 
my wife whom I make my executrix and my brothers John, 


Richard and Robert Wall, and William Hampton of Little Had- 
ham, Herts, my overseers: Witnesses: Edwarde Ledesham, 
William Ledesham. An undated codicil providing a portion for 
an unborn child. Witness : Thomas Cutter, gent. Another giv- 
ing £100 to testator's youngest daughter Mary Wall. Witness: 
William Hampton. Another 29 October, (33?), Elizabeth 
recording the sale of the cottage in Much Byrch, to Francis Baisie. 
Witness : Thomas Cutter. 

Archdeaconry of Colchester, Wynge, no. 54. 

Miles Wright. Will 17 February 1 591/2; proved: no proof. 
To be buried in the churchyard of Wevenhoe. I give to the poor 
of the parish 4s. To my sister Thomazin Willowes 20s. To 
Mathew Frend my sister's servant 20s. I make my own brother 
John Wright of Much Horsley and my own sister Jhone Stafe 
of this parish of Wevenhoe my executors giving them all my 
goods unbequeathed. Witnesses : Marriell Goodwyn, William 
Cannon, John Teall, Mr. Brian Atkinson, clerk, the writer hereof. 
Archdeaconry of Colchester, Wynge, no. 94. 


1574. Goodwyn, Richard, Grenend parish Stondon, county 
Hertford 214 Raymond. 

1575. Gooding, John, Stebbing, county Essex. 223 Raymond. 
1575. Goodwin, William Barkeway, Hertford 233 Raymond. 
1588. Goodwin, Johanne, Grene end parish Stondon, county 

Hertford weadowe. 147 Mansfield 

1620. Goodwin, Nicholas, Hedingham Castle 87 Bushew. 

1623. Goodwin, John, Stondon, county Hertford, husbandman 

92 Bushew 
1630. Goodyn, Johanne, Hedingham at the Castell, county 

Essex, widow. 8 Browne. 

Richard Goodwyn of Greneend parish Stondon, county Herts. 
Will 12 May 1574; proved 14 December 1574. To Johane 
Goodwyn my daughter £60. To John Goodwyn my son £60 
when 23. To Nicholas Goodwyn my son £40 when 23. To 
Richard Goodwyne my son £40 when 23. To my wife Johane 


£40. All these sums to be paid out of money due from John 
Bradbery. My wife to leave stools, cupboards, and sheets for 
the use of my son Henry. To daughter Johane sheets I bought 
of John More. I forgive my brother William Goodwyn the £5 
he owes me. Poor of Stonden 20s. Residuary Legatee and 
Executor: Son Henry. Witnesses: Thomas Lamkyn, Thomas 
Barfoote, Laurence Hamond, and John Hemynge. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Raymond 214. 

William Goodwyn of Barkeway, county Hertford. Will 27 
March 1575; proved 17 May 1575. To Anne my wife and the 
three daughters I have by her, Avice, Ursula, and Margarett all 
my household stuff except two paire of sheets and so forth 
which I give to my daughter Ellen. To wife Anne £6. I3s.4d. 
To Avis my daughter £4. To Margaret my daughter £4. To 
Ursula my daughter £4., when they are 18. To Ellen my daugh- 
ter 20s. To Katherine Stede her daughter 20s. when 18. Resid- 
uary Legatee and Executor : Son Edward Witnesses : William 
Warde and Augustine Cowper. Supervisor : Felix Womwell. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Raymond 233. 

John Goodding of Stebbing, county Essex. Will 21 Januarie 
1573; proved 27 September 1575. To be buried in Stebbing 
parish churchyard. To Alexander Goodinge all my Lowe and 
other necessaries pertayning to my occupation and all my clothes. 
Residuary Legatee and Executrix : Wife Elizabeth. Witnesses : 
John Monson, Thomas Hull, inn. and Rafe Smith the writer 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Raymond, 223. 

John Goodwyn of Collier's End in Standon, county Hertford, 
husbandman. Will 14 December 1623; proved 15 January 
1623/4. I give to my wife Alice my messuage in Collier's End, 
where I now dwell for her life, with remainder to my son John. 
To my son Henry £16 at 23. To my daughter Elizabeth Good- 
wyn £16 at 23. All the residue of my goods to my wife Alice, 
whom I make my executrix, and my brother Christopher Good- 
wyn, overseer. Witnesses : Thomas Gamble, Edward Dunham, 
John Gyles. Proved by the executrix. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex (Essex & Herts) bundle 
Adam, no. 89. 


Nicholas Goodwyn of Castle Hedingham. Will: no date; 
proved 15 December 1624. He gave to his daughter Joane Fyler 
widow £20. To her eldest daughter £5. To Mary Fyler her 
younger daughter. To Nicholas Fyler his said daughter's son 
£5. All the rest of his goods to his wife Joane. Witnesses: 
Edward Loker, Anne Deekes, wife of John Deekes. Proved by 
Joan Goodwin, to whom commission was granted to administer. 
Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Adam, 93. 

Johanne Goddyn of Hedingham at the Castle, widow. Will 15 
October 1629; proved 28 April 1630. I bequeath to my son 
Silvanus Gooddyn my glass windows, wainscoting etc. about the 
house wherein I now dwell called the Falcon, my wine license, 
and all my wine in the said house, all my brewing vessels and 
hogsheads and livestock. To my daughter now wife unto James 
Fage my press in the parlour. To Dabina Filer my grandchild 
all my wearing apparel. To Nicholas Fyler my other grandchild 
my biggest brass pot. All the rest of my goods I give to the said 
James Fage and Johanne his wife whom I make my executrix. 
Witnesses : W. Holgate, Jossia Holgate, Henry Cooke. Proved 
by executors. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Flerts, Cole, no. 14. 

Johanne Goodyn, Hedingham at the Castell, county Essex, 
widow. Will 15 October 1629; proved 28 Arpil 1630. To sonne 
Sylvanus Goodyn, all Glasse wyndows, wainsgotte, and Bench 
boards about house where I dwell called the Falcon, and the longe 
Table and frame in great Chamber in said house and my Wyne 
Licence, and all wyne in house wuth wyne potte, also two silver 
Bowles, the Mawett quarries with Stones and furniture, Brewing 
pannes, etc., all Hogge, Sh and pigges, wood in Barne or 

Yarde, etc. To daughter Johan, wife of James Faye, my Presse 
or Cupboard in Parlor. To grandchild Sabina Filer all apparell. 
To other grandchildren, Nicholas Tiler, potte etc. Rest to sonne 
James Faye, and Joanne his wife, executors. Witnesses : Jisac 
Brockett, and Henry Cooke. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Browne, 8. 

Lawrance Bones of Little Rayne, county Essex. Will 26 May 
1599; proved 20 April 1601. To Josias Goodden my son in law 


and his wife my daughter the goods in the chamber where I now 
lie. a bond of 26s.8d. due from Edward Francke my son in law. 
To son in law Richard Crowe a bond for 20s, if he pay Katharine 
Freeman my grandchild 6s.8d. and I3s.4d. to Mary and Anne 
Crowe when 18. To Elizabeth Aylet of Brainctre widowe my 
natural daughter 20s. Residuary Legatees: Sons in law Josias 
Goodden and John Grome. Executor: Josias Goodden. Wit- 
nesses : Roger Carr, Roger Debnam. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, register 
Grove, folio i93 a . 

William Collin of Broxted alias Chawreth, yeoman. Will 23 
March 1622-3 ; proved 20 September 1623. To be buried in the 
churchyard near the pulpit, and to have a brickwork and broad 
stone laid over me. I give to the poor 40s. To John Collin, one 
of the sons of my brother Nicholas £100 and the like to to his 
other son Nicholas. To my kinswoman Marie Haddesley £20. 
To my kinswoman Marie Cheaver £20, and Ann Newman £10, 
to my kinsman Robert Newman of Chesterford and my cousin 
Dunnell of Much Dunmowe £10 apiece. To my kinsman 
Nathaniell Haddesley £10 at 24. To William Garie that dwelleth 
with me £20 at 24, and my executor shall bring him up at school 
till he be fit to be bound prentice. To my three men servants 
Thomas Campion, John Wright, and Thomas Little 10s. apiece. 
To Alice Bushe and Margarett Barber 30s. apiece. To Mrs. 
Remyngton my Lady Maynard's servant my purse wrought with 
silk and gold, one gold ring and four pieces of old gold. To 
William Collin son of my brother John my lease of Broxted hall 
(excepting Westfield which my father held at the time of his 
death) and all my stock there, charged with an annuity of £50 to 
his father John, upon condition my nephew shall keep house upon 
the said farm, and be ruled by his father in his marriage. I give 
also to the said William mes messauge called Perriottes in Stow 
Morris, Stowe N. . . and Purley, also my lands in Good Easter 
in the occupation of Henry Davie, and my messuage called 
Herdes, holden of the manor of Church Hall in Broxted. To my 
sister Ellioner Collin an annuity of £10 out of my lands in Thax- 
ted, near Mounckstrete there, lately by me purchased of Robert 
Fann. To my brother John Collin and his son Henrie, my mes- 
suage called the Newhouse in Broxted, with the customary lands 


holden of the manors of Broxted Hall and Church Hall called 
Herringe and Gardiners, If the said Henrie die without issue 
the premises shall remain to his brother George. To the said 
Henrie at 24 my messuage called Jurden Cookes in Thaxted 
lately bought of Robert Fann, to remain, if he die without issue, 
to his brother John. I make my said brother John my executor 
and humbly intreat William, Lord Maynard, and Henrie Wisman 
esq to be overseers hereof. Witnesses : John Collyn of Morende, 
Newman Meade etc. To my kinsman John and William Brome- 
lie and Ambrose and John Leader £5 apiece. Codicil 5 June 
1623. Proved by the executor disputed by John Collin nephew 
of the deceased. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Esex & Herts, Adam, 269. 

Crisagon Garad of Halsted, singleman. Will 25 January 1588; 
proved 15 February 1587. To my brother Richard Garad I2d. 
To my brother Richards wife my best hatt. To brother Richard 
the money given me by my father's last will. To Rachell my 
sister my best gown. To Dorothy my sister my neckerchief. 
To my dame William Boises wife my best petticoat. To Alice 
Boise, William Boise's daughter the younger a neckerchief. To 

Filis wife of Richard Sansome my best black gown. To 

Boiler, Robert Boises maid a neckerchief. To Marian, wife of 
Frauncesse Trindell my old petticoat. To Osye Johnsonn the 
wiffe of William Johnsonn 2s. To Alice Boise the elder William 
Boises sister two Edward sixpences. To Alee Botsill dwelling 
with father Merelles three table napkins. To Pleasant sicke? 
dwelling with goodman Totman a handkerchef . To Johane wife 
of Robart Smithe, the fuller, 2s.6d. To my a maister William 
Boise 2s.6d. Executor : William Boise Witnesses : William 
Boise, Edmond Poter, John Draper. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Register 
Mansfield, folio 120. 

Henry Hunt of Gosfield, gent. Will 20 July 1612; proved 7 
February 161 3/4. To be buried in the church, as near my father 
and mother as conveniently may be. I give to the poor at my 
burial 20s. To every poor householder in Gosfield I2d. Each 
of my sons, John Edward* (sic) and Henry shal have three rings 

* The words in italics are erased in the record. 


of gold my eldest son to take his choice first, the other next and 
the youngest last. To my son in law Sir Francys Kyngesmylle a 
ring of gold. To my daughter Dorothy his wife £5. To her 
daughter Dorothy Kyngsmylle £10 at 18. My wife Jane shall 
have my mansion house, wherein I dwell called Morgans with 
my lands in Gosfield, Halsted, and Bockinge (except my tene- 
ment called Martens, which I purchased of my brother William 
Hunt) for the bringing up of my younger children, and charged 
with an annuity of £10 to my son John, to remain in tail male 
successively to my sons John, Edward* and Henry. To my son 
Edward* the tenement called Martens (sic) To my son Henry 
the tenement called Shuttes in Gosfield in the tenure of one zvidozv 
Finch* To my daughter Ann Hunt for 20 years after my wife's 
decease my lands called White Ashe in Bocking or £100. My 
lease of land called Collyns Croftes next adjoining to White Ashe, 
which I hold of the grant of Roger Wentworth esq, deceased 
I charge with an annuity of 53s. to my brother Robert Hunt to be 
paid at my now mansion house in Gosfield. To my sister Mary 
now wife of Robert Coe a little (sic) parcel of land adjoining the 
messuage where John Coe, her son now or lately dwelt for her 
life. All the rest of her goods to my wife Jane, whom I make 
my executrix, and my friend John Veer, esq, and my cousin John 
Whitbredd of Wrytle, gent, overseers. Witnesses : John Whyt- 
brede, Jhon Stringer, Willm Whitbred, John Browne. Proved 
by the executrix. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Browne, 123. 

Steven Melbanke of Masheburie, county Essex, yeoman. Will 
22 June 1596; proved 7 February 1596-7. I bequeath to Rose, 
my now wife, my term of years in a messuage called Old Evered, 
with land in Mashburye, Goodester and Chignall Smealye, in my 
own occupation ; also four horses and all the implements that 
are on my said farm. Also four cows from my farm called 
Mashburie Hall, and all the household stuff that I had with her 
at the day of our marriage, to the intent that she shall bring up 
• my two youngest sons William and Abraham Melbanke, the first 
till Michaelmas 1598, the latter till his age of 17. To my eldest 
son Richard £40. To my godson Josias Kerne, my daughter's 
son, £30 to be paid into the hands of his father Josias Kerne, till 
his age of 21. To my son Henry, £150 at 21 ; and the like to my 

The words in italics are erased in the record. 


sons Thomas, Steven and William. To my son Abraham, my 
customary tenements in Sparrowe end in Mashburie, and 22 acres 
of land which I lately purchased of one Henry Monke, imme- 
diately after my wife's decease. To my daughter Dennys, my 
joined bedstead. All the residue of my household stuff, equally 
among all my sons. To the reparations of the parish church 10s. 
To ten of the poorest persons of Goodester, 10s. To Mother 
Pynchin of Writtle, 10s. I bequeath all my messuage in Clare, 
county Suffolk, to my son Abraham, and will that John Brewer, 
my brother in law shall receive the issues to his use till his age of 
21. I make my brother Thomas Tukyn my executor, to whom 
I give 20s. for his pains ; and I desire my trusty friend Mr. 
Durden, parson of Mashbury, and the said John Brewer, to be 
my overseers. Witnesses : Richard Read, Thomas Evered, John 
Lukyn. Proved by definitive sentence. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex and Herts, Register 
Grove, folio 48. 

Robert Spring the elder of Much Yeldam, Essex, yeoman. 
Will 2 July 1597; proved 3 August 1597. I give to the poor of 
Great and Little Yeldam 13s. 4d. To my son Robert, all my 
lands, both free and copyhold, in Great or Little Yeldam, Belcham 
St. Paul or Bocking, or elsewhere in county Essex. After the 
said Robert's decease, his son Thomas shall have my house at 
Tilburie Hill, and other parcels. My daughter Rebecca shall 
have £6 a year and of my house at Bocking called Colefigges and 
Aspolles during her life, on condition her husband shall use her 
well and her children also. To my daughter Elizabeth, wife of 
William Sache, £10 and other £10 among her children, to be paid 
into the hands of their father, till their ages of 21. To Robert 
Morrell, son of the abovesaid Rebecca, £10. To the rest of her 
children which she had by Morrell, 5 marks apiece in three years 
or at 21. To the children of my daughter Joane, wife of Nicholas 
Barnard, £10 at 21. To Robert Johnson, my godson, 5s. To 
every other of my godchildren, I2d. apiece. All the rest of my 
goods, to my son Robert, whom I make my executor. Wit- 
nesses: Frauncis Purcas, Thomas Purcas, John Bullocks, the 
writer. Proved by the executor. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex and Herts, Register 
Grove, folio 88. 


In the name of God Amen. I Ann Wall of Felsted in the 
County of Essex Widd. beinge sicke in body but of sound mind 
& memory doe make & ordaine this my last will & testamt. in 
wrytinge As f olloweth. First I comend my immortall soule unto 
th' imortall God & my body beinge earth to bee committed to th' 
earth w'th decent funerall havinge a stedfast faith through the 
mercyes of my heavenly father & the merritt of my deare Savior 
that both body & soule shall meete againe at the second cominge 
of Christ & bee glorifyed wth him unto Eternitye./ 

And concerninge the dispose of those worldy good wherein the 
God hath blessed me I give & bequeath as f olloweth vizt. Inpm : 
I give & bequeath unto my son John Talcott the some of sixteene 
pound lawfull money, unto my daughter Sarah the wife of Wil- 
liam Wadsworth foureteene pound of like lawfull money & unto 
my daughter Rachell the wyfe of John Steele fourteen pound 
likewise of lawfull money wch sev'all sumes I will bee paid unto 
my said children sev'ally wthin one yeare after my decease And 
yf they or any of them shall dy before the said bequest shall 
come to theire of any of theire hande I allso will the said sevall 
legacyes sevally bequeathed unto my said children John Sarah & 
Rachell to bee equally & respectively divided amongst such child 
or children of them or any of them as shallbee liveinge at the 
time of my said children theire pent or any of theire decease. 
Item I give unto such John & Mary children of my said sonne 
Talcott nowe yf they bee liveinge forty shillinge apeece to bee 
delivered & paid unto my said sonne wthin one yeare after my 
decease to be impved by him for the benefitt of his said children. 
Item I give unto such child or children of my said daughter Sarah 
wyfe of William Wadsworth as were allso borne at Braintree & 
are now liveinge forty shillinges a peece to bee delived unto theire 
father wthin one yeare after my decease to bee allso impved for 
the benefitt of his said child or children. And I give unto 
Samuell Daniell and Rachell children of my daughter Steele forty 
shillinges apeece to bee paid unto theire father likewise to be 
impved for the benefitt of his said children. Item I give to my 
said sonne Talcott a little guilt sylver wine bowle & three sylver 
spoones. I give allso to my daughter Wadsworth a broad sylver 
wine bowle & 2 sylver spoones. And I give unto my said daugh- 
ter Steele yf shee bee liveinge a sylver wine bowle & 2 sylver 
spoones & yf shee bee dead the same to be & remaine unto her 


children. Item I give & bequeath unto my daughter Lydia the 
wyfe of Martin Holbeach, Clarke, the sume of fifty pounds of 
Lawfull money wch is already by mee delived unto my sonne 
Holbeach *And twenty poundes more to bee paidunto her within 
9 monethes after my death.* Item I give unto my said sonne 
Holbeach twenty nobles of like lawfull money to bee paid unto 
him wthin six monethes after my decease to buy him bookes 
And I further will & bequeath unto my said daughter Holbeach 
One of my biggest sylver beare bowles, twoo wyne sylver bowles 
& three sylver spoones allso my best f etherbedd & boulster in the 
flor chamber & my best & large greene carpett. Item I devyse & 
bequeath unto my daughter Mary the wife of Robert Aylett of 
Braintree, Clothier, & unto her assignes duringe her naturall lyf e 
All that my Mesuage or tenent wth all & singular th'appr'tennce 
in Braintree in the said county of Essex nowe or late in tenure 
or occupacon of Samuell Smyth his assignee or assignees And 
from & after her decease I will & devyse the same unto Thomas 
Aylett her eldest sonne & unto his heyres & assignes forever 
divided that my said daughter & her sonne or those who shall 
hereafter have a lawfull estate & interest in the said Mess or 
tenemt shall pay or cause to be paid unto John Steele the sonne 
of my daughter Rachel Steele the sume of tenne pounde of 
lawfull money of England the same to bee paid unto him when 
he shallbee of the age of eighteene yeares yf hee hath not or shall 
have attained the said age at the time of my death And yf he 
bee then of the said age I will heereby the said tenne pounde to 
bee paid unto him when hee shall accomplish th'age of one & 
twenty yeares the said John Steele demaundinge the said tenne 
pounde & tenderinge to seale a release thereof uppon the receipt 
thereof And yf the said John Steele shall happen to dy before 
the said legacy of tenne poundes bee due unto him the said legacy 
to cease and bee void. Item I give & bequeath unto my said 
daughter Aylett my sylver tankard & a sylver beare bowle my 
greate brasse Cobirons wth the firepan & tonges to them belong- 
inge & my fetherbedd & boulster in the little chamber. Item I 
will & give unto th' aforesaid Thomas Aylett my said daughter 
sonne tenne pounde & unto John & Mary other children of my 
said daughter Fyve m'kes a peece the said sev all moneys to bee 
paid & delived unto theire father wthin one yeare after my 

* Written in above. 


decease to bee impved for the benefitt of his said children & by 
him to bee paid unto his said children at theire sevrall dayes of 
marriage or when they or any of them shall accomplish theire 
sevrall ages of xxjty yeares wch shall first happen. Item I give 
unto the said Robert Aylett my sonne in lawe twenty nobles to 
bee paid unto him within six monethes after my decease. Item 
I give unto William Goodwyn late clothier xx s., to John Clarke 
late weaver xx s., unto Sarah Bowles my late srvannt xx s. & 
unto Edward Hebbinge x s. wch small legacyes I will to bee 
sevrally paid wthin one yeare after my decease. Item I give 
unto Mr. Wharton xx s., unto Mr. Badle xxs., unto Mr. Daniell 
Rogers three pounde, to his daughter Sarah Rogers xxs. to my 
sister Gill xls., unto John the sonne of my brother John Skynner 
xs., unto John the sonne of my brother Richard Skynner xs., unto 
Hannah Houchin yf shee bee my srvannt at my death xls., unto 
Nathaniell Hayes of Braintree xxs., unto John Marville wyfe 
xxs. & unto John Maldon & his wyfe xxs. wch last recited 
legacyes I will to bee paid unto them sevrally within six monthes 
after my decease. Item I give unto the poor of Braintree xls. 
and to the poor of Felsted 30s. to bee delivred to the ovrseers 
of the said fishes wthin one month after my decease to bee distrib- 
uted accordinge to their discrecons. Item I doe noiate & 
appoint Moses Wall, Clarke, my sonne my sole executre And yf 
hee neglect or refuse to take uppon him th' executorshipp & doe 
not pve this my will within three monethes next after my decease 
then I doe ordaine & constitute th' aforesaid Martin Holbreach 
& Robert Aylett my sonnes in lawe executors of this my last will 
& testmt & then I give & bequeath unto my said sonne Moses One 
Hundred pounde of lawfull money of England to bee paid unto 
him wthin six monthes after my decease & however I give unto 
him my double sylver salt & sylver beare bowle, a sylver por- 
renger & my little sylver pott. And my will ye that hee or they 
that shall undertake the burthen of th' executorshipp shall enter 
into one obligacon wth penalty of three hundred pounds of law- 
full money of England unto Richard Skynner my brother uppon 
request by him made unto him or them wth Condicon to pay & 
pforme the bequeste & legacyes heerein & heereby bequeathed 
And I do intreate the said Richard Skynner to bee the ovrseer of 
this my will & I doe give unto him xx s. to bee paid unto him 
within one month after my will ys pved. And further my will 


& meaninge ys yf my said sonne Moses take uppon him th' execu- 
torshipp of this my will then all other my goode & houshold stuffe 
heerein not before bequeathed or wch shall not heereaf ter before 
my death bee otherwise bequeathed & disposed of shall bee 
equally divided amongst my said sonne Moses & my said daugh- 
ters Holbeach and Aylett But yf hee refuse the same as before 
ys expressed then all my psonall estate whatsoevr not heereby 
bequeathed nor heereafter other wise disposed of then I will & 
bequeath the same & evry pte thereof unto my sonne Moses Wall 
& unto my daughter Holbeach & my daughter Aylett to bee 
equally devided betweene them. In witness heerof I the said 
Anne Wall have sett my mrke unto foure pages of pap' & have 
signed & sealed this last peece of a page & doe declare & publish 
this to bee my last will & testamt this nyneteenth day of January 
Anno Dni. 1636. 

The mrke of 

Anne X Wall 
In the presence of (2 the seal, one frequently 

Antho Knightbridge used on these wills.) 

Md that the sixth day of Aprill Anno Dni 1637 Aoqz Car. Rr 
xiij cio thabovenamed Anne Wall did publish thaforemenconed 
prmisses to bee the last will & testamt of the said Anne Wall & 
that these wordl intr lined in the second page of the said will 
betweene the xvth and xvith lines vizt. (And twenty pounde 
more to bee paid unto her wthin nyne monthes after my death) 
was written & intrlined before the publishing heereof 
In the prsence of us 
Antho : Knightbridge 
John Knightbridge 

Proved 25 May 1637 by Moses Walle, the executor named. 
Archdeaconry Court of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, 

Dean, page 233. 

Richard Wall, senior, of Great Hallingbury, alias Hallingbury 
Morley, county Essex, yeoman. Will 24 August 1638; proved 3 
September 1638. I give my freehold tenements in Hallingbury 
wherein Robert Gayler and Thomas Eve now dwell to my wife 
Margaret for her life, with remainder to my son Daniel charged 
with the payment of £30 to my daughter Mary. To my sons 


John and Richard Wall £10 apiece. To my daughter Elizabeth 
one pied cow. To John Wall's children to either of them a bul- 
lock. To my daughter Elizabeth's children 20s. apiece. All the 
residue of my goods to the said Margaret and Daniel whom I 
make my executors. Witnesses: Richard Wall junior, William 
Greneleaf e, proved by the executrix. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Adam, 237. 

Etheldred Westwood of Stondon, spinster. Will 7 May 1639; 
no proof. I give to my cousin William Peppercorne's children 
10s. apiece. To his wife one pair of flaxen sheets, etc. To my 
cousin John Peppercorne's children, 10s. apiece. To Grace Pond, 
my best red petticoat. To Thomas Horwood, 20s. To William 
Horwood's two children, 5s. apiece. To Thomas Gynn and his 
wife, 2s.6d. All the rest of my goods to Thomas Horwood, my 
father in law, whom I make my executor. To Agnes Fine, six 
silver spoons. Witnesses : Tho. Jacob, scr., Elizabeth Goodwin, 
widow, I give to my cousin John Peppercorne's wife, two pewter 
platters etc. 

Archdeaconry of Middlesex, Essex & Herts, Adam, 130. 


John Gudwyn (endorsed Goodwyn) Horndon on ye Hyll, 
Essex. Will 8 October 1533; proved 3 November 1533. To be 
buried in Horndon churchyard. To hygh Alter of Horndon for 
tythes and oblacyns forgotten I2d. To my moder church of 
saynct poule in london 2d. I wyll five masses to be said at buryal 
and ageyn at moneth mynde. Wyfe Margery and sone Jeffery 
to make sale of my gous called ye Bell for debts and resydue to 
chyldren and my sayd wyfe To Agnes and Mrgery Daughters 
of Thomas Ingram (40?)s. each at marriage. To wife and son 
Jeffery lease of farm called Cholles, also Lattayble etc. Resydue 
to wyfe Margery executrix. Overseer : my sone Thomas Good- 
wyn. Witnesses : Robert Bukton prest, Wyllm Glou', John 
M'shall wth others. Administration to executors. Bonds £20. 
Deposition of John Gicks and Humphrey Eve of Horndon and 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1533 (old no. 4.). 


John Goodwin of Colchester. Will 14 June 1540; proved 1 
December 1540. To be buried in church yerde of Seynt Mary in 
Colchester. To high auter for tithes 12s. To son Nycholas my 
chief tenement in Seynt Mary pysshe which I dwell yn holden of 
the right hon'able Erie of Sussex of his manor of Lexden by copy 
of court Roll to him and heirs, he to keep my wyfe Elizabeth 
honestly duryng her lyf etc. To my syster Jane Piggett for her 
lyfe tenement she dwelleth yn then to Elynor Ayleward my 
doughter wyf of Robte Aylward. To my daughter Jone Atkyn 
my customary tenement that which she dwelleth yn for her life 
then to Elizabeth Rayment. Executors Roger Tayment and my 
son Nycolas. Supervisor : John Norman. Residue to said son 
Nycolas, Jone Atkyn and Elynor Ayleward after decease of 
wyfe Elyzabeth. Witnesses John Norman and John Andrewe. 
Renunciation, and administration to son Nicholas executor. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1540 (old no. 4.). 

Thomas Goodwyn of Horndon, Essex, yoman. Will 13 
December 1543; proved 23 January 1543/4. To be buried in 
Horndon churchyard To second son John Goodwyn £6. I3s.4d. 
at 18. To eldest daughter Mary Goodwyn ditto at 16. To 
yongest daughter Marg'y ditto. If wyfe Agnes be with chyld to 
chyld £5 at 18, if a son, and at 16 if a daughter, to be taken of 
the £20 to John, Marye, Margery and they but £5 apeece etc. etc. 
To my mother Margery Goodwyn 20s. yearly out of my parte of 
Malgraves etc. To wyfe Agnes and to my eldest son Robert 
Goodwyn my parte of the moitie of Malgrave, wyfe to be bound 
to said Robert and to my brother Jaffrey Goodwyn to deliver to 
Robert at 18 the moitie of all the profyts of my parte of Mal- 
graves etc. To brother Jaffrey Goodwyn foure steres two wen- 
nelles eight Cowe bolloks. Residue to wyf Agnes and eldyst son 
Robert Goodwyn executor. Supervisor : John Shackerden. Wit- 
nesses : Willm Goodwyn, John Laudysdale, Jaffrey Goodwyn and 
John Shackerden. Oath of Agnes Goodwyn, Horndon on the 
Hill, Essex, relict and executor of Thomas Goodwyn late of ditto 
deceased 23 January 1543/4. 

Commissary of Essex & Herts, will file 1543 (old No. 4). 

Jne (Jone?) Goodwyne, wydow of Blunte in paryshe of 
Horndo'. Will 18 May 1552; proved no proof. To be buried 
in Horndon churchyarde. To son Thomas Goodwyn on gret bras 


pote a tabull a forme a bedstede a federbed a cou'let a blanckett 
a bolster wth a tyster & ij lyttyll hangeyns about yt a huche 
chaff yn dyshe a gret ketyll wt eares. To eldest daughter Jone 
Godwyn nexte bras pote etc. etc. etc. To youngest daughter 
Jone Goodwyn ij Mares a Kow bedsted etc. etc. acker of whet, 
ditto barlay and my f rocke. To my brother Lane buckin doublet 
a quylttyd dublett a cote etc. etc. and to his wiff my best red 
petycote. To Alys B rocke a matres etc. To Anys Cocke a fyne 
kyrcher and to her husband the cloth garkyn that Armerer mad 
my husband. To Jone my woman my old russet petycot. To 
Jone Grensted ij payrs of hosse. To Cady Brocke best cloth 
hossyn and I will that Thomas Armerer shall haue my sonn 
Thomas and his part and my brother Robert Lane when elder 
daughter Jone and Thomas Chyffey Vicker of Horndon to his 
youngest daughter Jone. Residue to son Thomas Goodwyn, 
Jone Goodwin and Jone Goodwyn my iij children whom I make 
executoes :, and they to dispose for my sole as they thynk most. 
Supervisors : master Wyll Palmer, Wyllm Goodwyn & Thomas 
Armerer. Witnesses: said Thomas Chaffney, vicker, William 
Palmer, Wyllm Goodwin thomas Armerer and others. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1552 (old no. 3). 

Henrye Goodwyn, Sutton Magna, county of Essex, husband- 
man. Will 13 September 1576; proved 7 November 1576. To 
be buried in Sutton churchyard. To everye of brother Wylliam 
Goodwyn's children I2d. To granddaughter Annys Jackeson 
I2d. To my daughter Bridget Goodwin i3.6s.8d. at 20 or mar- 
riage, to Thomas Westbrooke. Rest to wife Elizabeth 
executrix. Supervisor: Thomas Hobson my master. Wit- 
nesses : William Glade, Thomas Westbrooke, Richard Ro 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1576. 

Richard goodding of North Weld basset, Essex. Will 7 Sep- 
tember 1585; proved 10 January 1587. To be buried in church 
yard aforesaid. To sonn Richard a flockbedd, a kettell, a pewter 
dishe and a sawsers. To son John a cowberd, a kettell, a bed- 
stedd, a pewter dishe and a sawser. Reste to sonn Richard 
Witnesses : John Gill, curat, Richard Exen, Thomas Strange with 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1587 (old no. 11). 


William Goodwyn, Crixeth, Essex, husbandman. Will 7 Octo- 
ber 1607; proved not entered. Tenement at Callard Boanes in 
green streat pishe of Hawlsted, county Essex now in tenure of one 
wydowe Webb to be sold by executor. To sonn William Good- 
wyn £12. To goddaughter Susan Goodwyn 40s. to be paid to her 
father. To sonn James Goodwyn £6. 13s. 46.., also flockbed and 
bolster one blanckett and an old covering. To William Brett my 
sonn in law £6. 13s. 4d also best bed Complete as it was sometyme 
standing in the house where I lately dwelled in Tillingham. To 
sonn John Goodwyn 20s. To my daughter Margaret Crompe 
£30. Residue to Nathaniell Dobson Clerk, executor. Witnesses : 
Hary Johnson, Wylliam Hardinge. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1607. 

Agnes Goodwine, Stansted Mountfitchett, Essex. Will 25 
February 1609/10. ; proof not entered. To sonn Thomas Perin, 
bed, etc. To daughter Margaret Hayden, wyfe of Richard 
Hayden, my wanscote chest in chamber over parlor, and the 
wicker chayre and a remnell etc. To daughter's sonn Richard 
Hayden, kneedinge troughe. To daughter's daughter Martha 
Heyden my cubbard in house. To daughter's daughter Sara 
Heyden carved chest in chamber. To Margaret Hayden my bras 
spitt. To daughter Katherine Bushe trundle bed etc. and a 
somme of 10s. To Katherine her eldest daughter, hanging cub- 
berd. To John Bushe her son huck in vper chamber. Request 
table, payred clocks etc. etc. to remain to son Richard Perin. To 
Clement Perin son of said Richard bequeath spitt etc. etc. To 
Henry Perrin, ditto and 20s. To George Perin the younger ditto, 
6s.8d. To Richard Perin, son of Richard Perin, table. To 
Agnes Russell which was my servant, mattriz etc. To William 
Traps and John Traps, my daughter Agnes Trapes' sons, 10s. 
apiece, to be paid when William is 21, and if they die to my son 
Thomas's children. To poor of Stansted Mountfitchett 20s. 
Rest to son Thomas Perin and daughter Margaret Hayden, and 
Katrine Bushe, and 40s. to each for buriall. Executor: son 
Thomas Perin. Witnesses : William Haydon and Nicholas 

Commissary for Essex and Herts, will file 1609. 

William Gooddinge, labourer, Mayland in clergie hundred. 
Will 12 February 1609/10; proved 10 March 1609/10. To be 
buried in churchyard of Mayland. To wife D for life, 


tenement in parish of Hastead in hamlet of Stanstead, county 
Essex, with lands called Brownes, and after her decease to sonne 
Robbarte Gooddinge, to him my place or tenement in, or lands in 
said hamlet of Stanstead, county Essex, paying to daughter 
Elizabeth, wife's daughter, £10, and to daughter Sewsand Good- 
ding £12. If one die to the other. To son Robert Goodding 
greate cheste in parlor and to daughter Elsabeth Goodding little 
table in parlour, and to daughter Sewsand Goodding little cubberd. 
Rest to wife D executrix. Witnesses : John Clerk, and 

John Crampe. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1609. 

William Goodin, Nuncupative will 15 January 1 614 (i.e. 
1613/14) proved 4 February 1613/14. All to wife Johan Good- 
wine, except working tools to daughter's son, Henry Redgley. 
Witnesses : Richard Man of Halsted, and William Edeas of same. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file, 161 3. 

Tho s Gooddin of Peldon Essex (7 Dec 1614) gives to brother 
Roger Gooddin lands &c in the manor of Trisferle Brinkaston 
(Trusferle? Brinkarton?) Suff. mentions Tho s Gooddin son of 
brother Roger (under 21) sister Hester Gooddin, sister Johne 
Randes, sister Anis Randes and others. 

John Goodwin of Orsett, county Essex, yeoman. Will 14 Jan- 
uary 1614/15 ; proved 27 February 1614/15. To my two daugh- 
ters, Elizabeth and Denis, 10s. apiece. To my daughter's chil- 
dren (in number 7) 10s. apiece at 21. Rest to my two sonnes, 
Henrie Goodwin, and William Goodwin, executors. Witnesses : 
Thomas Waters, William Deane, Hugh Hodson. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1614. 

Thomas Goodin, Eastilbury, fisherman. Will 22 March 1596; 
proved 29 August 1620. To eldest sonn Thomas Goodin my 
house and ground after decease of Kathren my wife, paying I2d. 
yearly of lands rent and also £40 to his brother James, £4 at 21, 
also table forme on ye table. To youngest sonn James Goodin 
one bedstead and one chest of fitt or soe much money as now 
worth with also £4 as aforesaid. To wife Kathrine house and 
ground for life. Wife executrix. Witnesses: Robert Seathe 
senior, Robert Seathe, junior, and William Tresse, clerk. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1620/21, no. 164. 


John Goodwin of Birch Magna (without date) proved at Col- 
chester 19 March 1622) mentions grand child Elizabeth Good- 
wine, son John Goodwin, grand child John Baysey the younger, 
daughter Mary wife of John Scot the younger. 

John Goodwyne of Fobbinge, Essex miller (1 Dec 1630 pro- 
bated 2 Jan'y 1630) mentions wife Joane, her sisters Mary and 
Sarah, son Francis and daughter Joane. 

Robert Goodwin, late of Harwich, Essex, gent. Nuncupative 
will 23 January (February erased) 163 1/2; proved 12 April 
16^32. Debts being paid, all goods to be divided between wife 
Erne and sonn Robert Goodwin. Executrix : said wife Erne. 
Witnesses : Mr. Symon Pettewarde, Clerk, Thomas Webb, 
Thomas Bridg and said Eme Goodwin his executrix. 

Commissary for Essex and Herts, bundle 1631/32, no. 105. 

William Goodwin, Sabridgeworth, county Hartford, carpenter. 
Will 1 Januarie 1632/33; proved 20 February 1632/33. To wife 
Elizabeth Goodwin, all goods in house. To youngest sonn William 
Goodwin £10 within 6 years. To eldest daughter An Woulward, 
wife of John Woulward 20s. after decease of Elizabeth Goodwin 
her mother To second daughter Elizabeth Moore, wife of John 
Moore alias Taylor 40s. ditto. To youngest daughter Grace 
Branwood, wife of Jeffery Branwood, ditto. Rest to eldest sonn 
John Goodwin, executor. Witnesses : William Whasken, and 
John Walle, scryvenor. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file February 1632/33, 
no. 107. 

Chelmsford. 1634 June 17. Thomas Goodwin for refusing 
to pay rated for reparation of Church. 

Commissary for Essex and Herts, 1634. 

Wickham Bishop. 1636 June 27. Jane Goodwin wife of 
Goodwin cited. 

Commissary for Essex and Herts, 1 636-1638, folio 3. 

Peter Adam of Wydford, countie Hertford, husbandman. 
Will 24 November 1526; no proof. To be buried in Wydford 


churchyard. To the Aulter of saide church 2od. To hye Aulter 
of church of Sabrychworth 8d. To reparation of church at 
Wydford 20s. To Latton church 6s. 8d. To church of Gedle- 
stone 6s. 8d. To one honeste preest to syng iij tryntalls for my 
soell and fryndes soelles in church of Widford 30s. To gravell- 
ing- hye way between Trottes and Goberde way parish of Widford 
20s. To son Thomas Adam, to have tenement in Widford and 
Jadlitt called Veyleye etc. paying yerely vnto my wife Isabell 26s. 
8d. for life. To said Isabell tenement in Widford called Croftes 
for lyfe then to sonn Henry Adam. To son John Adam in three 
yeres £6. ies. 4d. To daughters Jone, Alise, Margaret, and 
Agnes each £6. 13s. 4d. if goods extend so farre. To wife Isabell 
household stuff. Rest of goodes etc. to sonnes Henry Adam and 
Thomas Adam, to have house called Chamderleris in Sabrych- 
worth and to pay £25. 6s. 8d. for performing of this will. Exec- 
utors the forenamed John Adam of Wydford and Henry Adam 
of Waven. Witnesses : Edward Ewen parish preest of Wyd- 
ford, John Mylles, Thomas Dardes and Thomas Alyote with 
dyvers meny other more. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1526 (old no. 8). 

Robert Ames of Markshall, county Essex, yeoman. Will 30 
April 1620; proved 14 June 1620. (I give to my wife my lands) 

(6 lines gone) in Markshall and Fer for her life, then to 

my son Daniel ; also all my freehold lands in Messinge called 
Millfeilds, in the occupation of Robert Belfeild, with remainder 
to my grandchild Elizabeth Ames, daughter of Robert Ames 
deceased, at her age of 21. If my wife Dorothie die before the 
said Elizabeth be 21, my son in law Thomas Faninge shall receive 
the profits of my two houses at Stisted during my wife's life, and 
pay yearly to Elizabeth Ames, widow of my said late son Robert 
£4. towards the bringing up of my said granddaughter Elizabeth. 
After the decease of my wife, I give the same to my son Daniel, 
he paying to eight of his youngest children £1 apiece at 21. To 
my son Daniel, #40. To my grandchildren Daniel and Joane 
Ames, £20 apiece at 21. To Thomas and Anne Gray, my god- 
children 5s. apiece. To the poor, 40s. All the rest of my goods 
I give to my wife and the said Thomas Faninge, whom I appoint 
my executors, and my good friend William Stephens my oveer- 


seer. The mark of Robert Ames. Witnesses : John Humf rie, 
Nicholas Cowell. Proved by the executors. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1620, no. 25. 

27 August 1638, John Amyes, Brayntree, Essex, clothiere. To 
my loueing wife my house in Bockinge which I bought of 
Edmund Clarke, for her life, then to my sonne John Amyes. 
Also to wife £300 and all househould stufe in best chamber ou r 
the parlor and the chamber wherein wee did lye. To sonne John 
house in Bockinge in occupation of Richard Evered and £200 
(part of said £200 his grandfather Skynners gift. To sonne Wil- 
liam Amyes houses and land in church stret in Bocking call'd 
Arnols which I puchased of William Read and Henry Finch, 
and also £100 (part his grandfather Skynners gift) at 21. To 
daughter Elizabeth £200 (part her grandfather Skynners gift) 
at 18 or marriage. To sonne Thomas Amyes house and land in 

Bockinge called Chiswickes purchased of Playles and 

nowe in occupation of widow Pawflin, also £100 (part his grand- 
father Skynners gift) at 21. To sonne Richard Amyes £150 at 
21. To daughter Priscilla £150 at 18 or marriage. To sone 
Jonathan Amyes £150 at 21. To my daughter Jane, wife of 
Joseph Wood, £10. If it please the Lord any children die before 
they accomplish their ages, then their share to others &c. To 
poore of Brayntree 40s. To pore of Bockinge 40s. "Item I give 
vnto Mr. Collins mynister of Godes most holye word in Brayn- 
tree the some of forty shillinges as a smale Remembrance of my 
loue." Rest to my loueing wife and my sonne John Amyes, 
executors. Witnesses: Richard Amyes, William Stacie y'elder. 
Proved 14 January 1638/9. 

(Seal not heraldic.) 
Commissary for Essex and Herts, file 1638/9, no. 156. 

Johane Bankes, Dove'court, Essex, widowe. Will 9 January 
1586; proved 5 April 1587. To my sonn Willyam Fygin table in 
halle, four hennes a kocke and the hoy three Ducke and a Dracke 
also to be long vnto the house in Quarnes and mosterd quernes 
also salting troffe with couer etc, a gryndstone. To sonn Thomas 
Fygin one of best Beasse, also the Bead and two Downe pyllows 
and a boulster and beadstead etc. which I doe now lye sick on, 
more two platers and great Latten Candlestick, a Danske chest 


where my lynen doth lye and a bockram sheet, two skyllete and 
one of Canvas sheetes, and if my sonn Thomas Fygin do not 
com holme of his viage then gifts to Johane, Wyllyam Fygins 
daughter and son William to have keeping of all goods to his 
daughter Johane etc. To Johane Fygin one of best pewter 
pootes, a fleese of wooll a small soinge Basket and a pewter plater. 
To sonn John Fygin the great chest at the Beades feet, table in 
p'lor, vj u of fethers wch lyeth in the beadstead yt Richard Jathe 
bought, also brasse poote mydle kettle and lytle kettle, one poot 
hocks latten Ladle, greatest pewter poot and one saulte. To 
son Rychard Fygin f ether bead and boulster and stone poote. To 
John and Rychard Fygin my sonns two Beastes, also rest of 
brasse and pewter, also iij other Canvas Sheetes also a spitt and 
cobiron rest yron also nine glasse and two spyning wheles. Also 
to Rychard grete ketle and the Skimmer and Table by the fyre 
also Cubbard in the milke house, also the three 3 bushell sacke 
and a small Latten Candlestick, also a stone poote. To son John 
Fygin trundle bedstead and one myninge Cellar. Out of my 
corne coming, to Susan Cooke, 20s. to bringing up of her. To 
servant Mary the sauegard in the chest in the Hall, also to Susan 
Cooke rest of my clothes. The fleche of Bacon is to be divided 
between all the three Brothers. All my barlye to every poor 
body in the parish a pecke of barlye. Executor : sonn Willyam 
Fygin. Witnesses : Margery Goodwin, Annis Sparke, Annys 
Stamford and me Thomas Stamford the writer. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1587 (old 9) 
B. 1581-1596, no. 104. 

William Bentall of Springfield, county Essex, yeoman. Will 
undated ; proved 2 November 1630, by the proctor of the execu- 
trix. To be buried in the churchyard. I give to my son Edward 
my house and land in Springfield, which I lately purchased of 
William Pinchon, on condition he assure to my daughter Mary 
Bentall my lands in Braintree now in the occupation of John 
Steele and John Clarke, known by the name of Marshes. To my 
son John, my house and lands in Thorpe Moricke, Preston and 
Cockfeild, which I purchased of Ralph Wallar of Drinkstone, 
gentleman. To my son Edward my stock of hoppoles, on condi- 
tion he pay to my daughter Margery, wife of Peter Joslin of 
Braintree, £50 a year for 10 years. To the poor of Braintree 


40s. To the poor of Springfield 40s. All the rest of my goods 

to my wife Mary, whom I make my executric with my daughter 

Mary. Witness: Isaac Joyner. (signed) William Bentall. 

Commissary of London (Essex & Herts), file 1 630-1, 

number 46. 

Elizabeth Bridge, Felsted, county Essex, weddow. Will 10 
August 1604; proved 9 October 1604. To eldest sonn John 
Bredg £3. To sonn Simon Bredg £5. To William Bredg son 
of John Bredg my eldest sonn 40s. To John Playle sonn of Em 
Bredg my daughter deceased late wief of Edward Playle £8 at 
24. To servant William Playle £4. To sister Agnes Amys wife 
of John Amys of Bocking, weaver, 6s.8d. To brother Thomas 
Pearson of Stisted 6s.8d. Rest to daughter Elizabeth Bredg 
executrix. Witnesses : John Amys, Edward Bunchley, William 
Playle, Xpo. Tayler, scr. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1604 (old 13). 

In will of Humffrie Butler 1550. "Item John Goodwyn oweth 
me 8s." 

Commissary of Essex & Herts, file 1550. 

Margery Cakbread, Newporte Ponde, Essex, spinster. Will 
21 May 1604; proved 9 January 1604/5. To brother Nathaniel 
Cakbread executor, all goods, debts owing me William Page of 
Widdington Essex, yeoman for part of legacy left be by, and 
my sister Judith Cakbread, by will of Agnes Warde, wydow, my 
grandmother 26s.8d., John Cole of Newport Essex, wheelwright 
(Martyn Scott being wytness for money lent) 20$. Edward 
Tillinghurst Cowper and late wife of ditto 30s. (Received 20$.) 
Thomas Bateman of Shereing, Essex, husbandman ditto 9s. 
Richard Howland of Clavering Essex, husbandman ditto 6s. 
Witnesses : John Brawlarde, Marten Scott. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1604 (old 27) 
C. 1594-1614, No. 169. 

Walter Cannon of Leigh, county Essex, husbandman. Will 9 
March 1607/8; proved: no proof. To be buried by executrix 
To sonne Richard Cannon of Willingale Doo I2d. To daughter 
Jone wyfe of Thomas Forde of Halsted I2d. To daughter Johan 


wyfe of Lawrence Stanes of Stisted I2d. To daughter Phillipp 
wife of Matthew Goodwin of Booking I2d. To daughter Dennis 
wife of John Coppin of Halsted I2d. To daughter Sara wyfe 
of John Rule of Booking I2d. If son Rychard Cannon depart 
this life without heirs my freehold land to be sold and money to 
my children viz. Elizabeth wife of Lawrence Stanes of Stisted, 
Anne wife of Jeromy Grove of Leigh, Sara wife of John Rule 
of Bocking, and land called Bound held of Right Honble the 
Lord Riche to be sold and money to be laid out for a house or 
tenement to be situated in Leigh aforesaid when it shall seem best 
for benefit of wife Agnes for lyfe, then to my daughter Anne 
wyfe of Jeromy Grove for her life, said tenement to be at gift of 
wife for her life to whom she think good except one acre to 
daughter Ann wife of Jeromy Grove. Residue to wyfe execu- 
trix. Witnesses : Edmund Colman, William Campr, Thomas 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1607 (old 29). 
C. 1592-1614, no. 222. 

Richard Cartar of Sleford 1544. "John Goodwyn witness, and 
bequeath to Hufre Godowyn my godson." 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1544. 

Robert Cheatam Little Eston, Essex, yeoman. Will : no date ; 
proved 20 February 1604/5. To be buried in Little Eston 
churchyard. To son Robert Cheatam bed etc. at end of his 
apprenticeshipp. To daughter Susan Cheatam bed etc. at 20. 
To sonn Kellome Cheatam £5 to his bringing up etc. To daugh- 
ter Agnes Cheatam £6 ditto. To daughter Martha Cheatam ditto. 
Residue to vse of said Agnes and Martha. Executors : John 
Cheatam and Robert May. Witnesses: George Otway (Clerke) 
and Willm Sutton. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1604 (old 29). 
C. 1594-1614, no. 171. 

Necholas Churchman of Greate Wendon, Essex, Husbandman. 
Will 20 September 1632; proved 10 October 1632. To eldest 
sonn Nicholas Churchman 2^2 acres in feilds of Lytlebury being 
coppieholde. To sonn Ezekiel Churchman house where I dwell 
etc. etc. To daughter Alys Churchman tenement in Greate Wen- 


don aforesaid ditto. To daughter Mary two parcells of land 
being coppiehold, one (3 roods) abutting vpon Fox Holl and 
other (3/2 acre) vpon Hassocks Well. To wife Mary three parts 
of Cropp of Corn, other part to son Ezekiel. To son Ezekiel 
Horse and Cart. To wife Cow and two piggs, also bedding etc, 
also to take away goods belonging to her in her widdowhood. To 
daughter Mary one Horse Coult, but if she die without heyrs of 
her body, wife Mary to have her portion. Rest to son Eze- 
kiel Churchman, executor. Witnesses: William Pearson, James 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, bundle 1632/33, no. 36. 

Jonas Clay the elder of Braintree (21 December 1626 probated 
2 January 1626) mentions wife Anne Clay, sons John and 
Edward, son Jonas brother Edward Clay, brother Myles Clay. 

Thomas Cleveland, Shallford, Essex, husbandman. Will 14 
Marche 1608/9; proved 4 April 1609. To brother Henrye 
Cleveland tenement in occupation of said Henrye in towne of 
Colchester in Easte streete. To Roase Collyns of Weathersfield 
vid. £3 etc. To William Collyns and Josias Collyns £4, viz 40s. 
each. To Marye Collyns 20s. To Rachell Collyns one of the 
daughters of said Roase 30s. To Thomas Maulte my kynsman 
£3. To Roberte Maulte his brother ditto. To Rychard Abbotte 
and William Abbotte my kynsmen £3 between them. To John 
Abbotte my kynsman 30s. To Myriel Hilles wyfe of Robert 
Hilles of Weathersfield 26s.8d. To Rachell Barde wyffe of 
Thomas Barde of Cressinge £6. To Nathaniell Bacon of Branc- 
trye, weaver, 40s. To Edwarde Gouldinge of Bocking, the elder, 
40s. To Thomas Sympson of Weathersfield, shoemaker 20s. 
To John Strange and John Nayler of Weathersfield, shoemakers 
20s. between them. To Alice Crosse of Shallford, singlewoman 

40s. To Margerie Smyth daughter of Cheirye W'eath- 

ersfield vid. 10s. To Henry Bacon of Weathersfield, laborer, 20s. 
To Jeferye Rychardes of Tarling 50s. To John Parmenter of 
Weathersfield, paylemaker, 30s. To Thomas Stanes of Weath- 
ersfield, laborer, John Nitingale of Weathersfield, laborer, John 
Chappman of Weathersfield, labourer, Thomas Pounde of Shall- 
ford, labourer, Grace White of Witham wife of White 

and the widdow of Harvye of Weathersfield £3 between them. 
To Clement Purr of Weathersfield, laborer, 6s.8d. To Ambrose 


of Shallford, preacher, 13S.4CI. To Mary Haggyes of Weathers- 
field vid, Thomas Viall of Weathersfield, laborer, John Scott of 
Weathersfield carpenter, Thomas Crosse the yonger of Shallford, 
husbandman and John Smythe of Bockinge Bayermaker £5 
between them. To Bulybrookes wyfe of Branctrye 26s.8d. To 
Johane Reade of ' Shallford and Robert Reade her sonn and 
Judyth Reade her daughter £4 between them. To Thomas Reade 
son of ditto I3s.4d. To Thomas Sansome son of Thomas Sansom 
of Lyttle Donmowe 40s. To William Clarke sone of John Clarke 
of Codham 20s. To John Clarke brother of said William 20s. 
To Robert Clarke son of Richard Clarke late of Coodham, 
deceased, 20s, all these sums to be paid in one yeare etc. To Mr. 
William Fludd £6. To Mr. Roberte Allen of Brancktrye £4 
(3-erased) To Anne Hilles of Brancktre wife of Rycharde 
Hilles 40s. etc. To Margarett Maye nowe wyfe of John Hande 
of Halsted £3. To Nathaniel Maye, John Maye and Sara Maye, 
brothers and syster of said Margaret £9 between them etc. To 
Thomas Gylbard of Brancktrye the aprentice of Joseph Drap, 
appothecarye, 40s. To John Cornell of Weathersfield, husband- 
man, 30s. My tenement in Blakemore end in Weathersfield pur- 
chased of one Alexander Dodde vnto Johan my sister nowe wyfe 
of one Sparke paying to executors £30 before September 29 etc in 
south porch of Weathersfield church. Forgive said syster Johan 
wife of one Sparke all debts except said £30 etc. To my said 
brother Henry Cleveland one customary cottage where I dwell 
with garden called Wages one crofte one acre called Prayers and 
one meadow called Arnoldes in Shallford aforesaid as late pur- 
chased of one John Pasf eild paying to executors £50 on September 
29 ditto etc. Forgive brother Henry all debts except said £50 etc. 
Also to Henry two trees of oake in Codham parke and all bordes 
in barne and chamber. To kynsman George Greene, teacher, 40s. 
To Parnell Wallford of Shallford, singlewoman, is. To Henry 
Reeve of Weathersfield, tayler, 10s. To poore of Shalford 20s. 
Executors : Roberte Smythe of Gosfield and William Blewett of 
Shallford (inserted in place of George Say well of Weathers- 
field-erased) Rest to executors. Witnesses: William Blewett- 
erased) Roger Carre, Rychard Parmenter, Emanuell Kendred 
(the writer) 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1609 (old 207) 
C. 1594-1614, no. 241. 


Johane Coates of Orsett, County Essex, widow. Nuncupative 
will February 1601/2; proved 5 March 1601/2. To John Good- 
win her father of the parish of Orsett to paying her debts and 
bringing up her children all goods and execution of this will. 
Witnesses : Dennis her sister and Wm Garret. Proved by John 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1601 (old 50). 
C. 1594-1614, no. 127. 

William Cosen, St. Oseyth, Essex, husbandman. Will 4 Octo- 
ber 1608; no proof. To wife Maryan one wrytinge obligatorye 
due by sonne Jeremye Costen dated 3, James I for £60 to pay 
£58. 1 6s. od. viz 49s. on April 20 next and yerely every 20 April 
till sum is paid etc. To wife Maryan £5 yearly to be paid by 
executor in consideration wherein on bond of 29 September 4, 
James I from sonn James Cosen for £100 for payment of £66. 
To son John Cosen £5 To son James Cosen £10. To sonn 
Jeremy Cosen £5. To daughter Joan wife of Thomas Aldrich 
£10 and also £20 if she outlives her husband Thomas Aldrich or 
if she die the said £20 to my daughters Annys and Kateryne. To 
daughter Annys wife of John Woodward £10. To daughter 
Kateryne wife od Nicholas Goddard £50 and also £3 yerely. To 
James Cosen son of my son John Cosen my messuage in Eastwell 
in occupation of John Curtise to said John and heirs having made 
surrender to lords of mannor to hands of Jeremy Cosen (John 
Sorell-erased) instead of Baylieffe and John Popes and William 
Ellyott (Anthony Nevyll-erased) customary tennants. To said 
James Cosen son to my son John Cosen £20 in seven years also 
20s. yerely till them. To William Cosen, James Cosen, Jeremy 
Cosen and John Cosen sons of my son James Cosen £5 each 
at 21. To Elizabeth Cosen and Mary Cosen daughters ditto, 
ditto. To Susan, Rebecca and Amye Cosen daughters of son 
Jeremy Cosen £5 each at 21. To Gilber Woodward, Thomas 
Woodward, Rose Woodward and Jone Woodward children of my 
daughter Ann Woodward ditto. To Anne and Jane Goddard 
daughters of my daughter Katereigne ditto. If daughter Kate- 
reigne with child to child ditto. To poore of St. Oseyth at 
funeral 40s. Other goods to wife Marian, executrix. Witnesses : 
John Popes, John Danches, Edward Lyttmer. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1608 (old 41). 
C. 1594-1614, no. 231. 


Elizabeth Cowe of Alhda (Aldham?) in her will of 30 May 
1615 (proved the same year) mentioned daughter in law Joane 
Cowe, Benet the daughter of the widow Byshop, Lydia and Sarah 
Garter daughters of brother Richard Garter of Wethersfield, 
Lydia Goodwin daughter of Jacob Goodwin of Bocking and Mat- 
thew Goodwin Jacob Goodwin's son and others. 

John Croshingame, Leaden Rothinge, Essex, blacksmyth. 
Will 8 December 1605 ; proved 16 December 1605. To be buried 
in Leaden Rothinge churchyard. To searvant Raphe Croshin- 
game all working tooles belonging to my trade. To my sonn 
Humfry £5 at 21. To daughter Mary £10 ditto. To daughter 
Elizabeth £40 at St. John Baptyste next, said £40 to be paid for 
use of Elizabeth to Richard Barnarde of Margaret Rothinge, 
giving bond to William White of Goodester, and John Goodin 
of Boveinger (sic ? Birchanger) to be paid to Elizabeth at 21 and 
if she die to son Humfrey and daughter Marye. To said Eliza- 
beth bed and cuberde in hall, four lytell platters. Rest to wyfe 
Barbarye Executrix. Overseers : John Burr and John Gowere. 
Witnesses : Richard Barnard, William Barnard, George Kinge 

Commissary of Essex & Herts, will file 1605 (old 32). 
C. 1 594-1614, no. 178. 

Robert Crowe, servant with Thomas Meredithe, Person of 
North Bemfleete, Essex. Will 18 September 1605; proved: no 
proof. To Elizabeth and Francess Castle of said parishe three 
lambes, whereof two pasture at Fermes called Bonfeld in said 
parish and the other on grounde of Richard Firby of ditto. To 
Robert Firby sonn of Richard Firby two other lambs on ground 
of said Richard. To John Hilles of said parish servant of Robert 
Castle best jerkyn and hose. To said Robert Castle rest of 
apparel my cheste, 15s in my purse in his hands and certain 
wagies ditto. To Elizabeth Crowe my sister £10, said Richard 
Firbye doth owe. residue of goodes (being 40s.) whereof 30s. 
in hands of said Robert Castle and John Warde of Thundersley 
and 10s. in hands of Richard Firby) to father Roger Crowe of 

Hodsdon. Executor ( ) witnesses: Thomas Meredith, 

Robert Castle. A true Inventoy of all and singular the goodes, 
catells, redy money and household stuff of Robert Crowe late of 


Northe Bemfleete in the county of Essex, deceased, seen and 
prised the xxiij of September Ao 1605 

Imprimis fyue lambes prised at xxs. 

It. one old cheste iijs. 

It. The Testator his wearing apparell iij li. xvijs. 

Suma V li. 
Debts owing to the Testator. 
Imrpimis Richarde Forbye of Bemfleete aforesaid oweth 

me Tenne poundes tenne shillings x li. xs 

It. Robert Castle of the said parish and John Warde of 

Thundersley of the said County owe me xxxijs. 

Item in redy money '. xvs. 

Sume total xvij li. xvijs. 

Signed: Richard Firby, John Roe. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file, 1605 (old 36). 
C, 1 594-1614, no. 174. 

Joane Ely, Hornedon. 1548. "Sister Goodwyn" Witness: 
Will. Goodwyn. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1548. 

Samuell Emery of Black Notley, county Essex, weaver. Will 
20 April 1627; proved 15 October 1627. I bequeath my body to 
be buried in the churchyard of Black Notley, wherein I now 
dwell. I give to Margaret my wife my best flock bed with bed- 
ding, standing in my upper chamber, and 40s. To Samuell 
Emery my son all other my goods and chattells, and I ordain my 
said son my sole executor. (Signed) Samuell Emery. Wit- 

"M*"™ G<n>ths«*J the mark of Richard 

Page. Proved by the executor named. 

Commissary Essex & Herts, 1627/8, no. 120. 

The signature of William Goodwin as a witness to the fore- 
going will of Samuel Emery is very similar to that of William 
Goodwin of Braintree as shown on page 40 of "The Goodwins 
of Hartford, Conn" Both signatures were probably written by 
one person and furnish additional evidence that the emigrants 
William and Ozias Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut came from 
that section of Essex County. (F. F. S.) 


Isabell Fordam. Barkeway 1554. Witness: William Good- 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1554- 

Christopher Friday of Fobbing Essex (30 May 1607) gives 
Cousin John Goodwyne "my lease of Hancksberry." 

Robert. Frynd, Horndon on the hyll. Will 1553. Witness: 
William Goodwyn. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1553. 

Richard Garrard, Bockynge, Essex, yeoman. Will 17 Decem- 
ber 1551 ; proved 29 December ( 1551 ) . To be buried in church- 
yard of Bockyng. To poor of Bockyng £10. 20s. a year for 10 
years To my poore kynfolke £20 at discretion of executors, and 
of John Hey of London, my sister's sonne. To my wife my term 
of yeres in "Jenkyns" and Hatche, she to bringe vp wth said 
yeares 30 kyen, 10 bullockes, and 60 sheepe, to be divided at end 
of term of yeares between said wyfe Margaret and my daughter 
Margery, wyf to have first choyse. To wife all tenements free 
and copy for life, then to daughter Margery, etc. Wife to have 
100 marks. To daughter Margery a bed and also 100 marks. 
If wife marry and go from home, kyn, etc. to be divided etc. 
Residue to wief Margaret and daughter Margery. To my 
brother and brothers in law 20s. apiece, and £10 to mendyng of 
hyways. Executors : Wife Margaret and John Garrard, my 
brother John's son. Supervisor : brother John Garrard. Wit- 
nesses : John Garrard the elder, Harry Browne als Cookonk John, 
Mary Staward, etc. 

Commissary for Essex and Herts, will file, 1 5 5 1 . 

Johan George of Copforde, widow. Will 7 December 1586; 
proved 9 March 1586. To sons Robert George, Thomas George, 
Richard George. To Tobias George, Agnes George, Mary 
George. To Richard George the younger. To son in law Roger 
Wistocke. To Robert Wistocke. To Mary Wistocke my god 
daughter. To brother Andrew Damyon. To daughter Mar- 
gery. "Son in law John Goodwyn. John Goodwyn the younger. 
Eleanor Goodwyn and her two sisters. To William Goodwyn the 
father of John Goodwyn all the debt he did owe me." 

Commissary of London for Essex & Herts, file 1586, no. 12. 


William Godfre of Mose, husbandman. Will 18 September 
1630; proved 26 November 1630 by the executor. I give to 
Kathren Lynde, widow, half the corn in the barn in Ockely 
Strette, and all my household stock that is in her house at Mose. 
The rest of my goods to my son William Godfre. William Mun- 
son shall have 10s. I appoint Thomas Turner of Thorpe in the 
socken my son's guardian and my sole executor. Witnesses : 
William Mundon, Abraham Scott, Henry Munson, the mark of 
William Gosnould(?). (signed) Willam Godfre. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1630/1, folio 57. 

John Greene of Much Baddow, Essex, yeoman. Will 12 Janu- 
ary 1620 (-1); proved 27 February 1620 (-1). I bequeath to 
Katheren and Mary Greene, my daughters, £20 apiece at 21., and 
the like to the child to be born to me. To Johan Dinglye, my 
sister's daughter, £4 at 21. My wife Grace shall be guardian to 
my son John Greene, taking the rents of my lands towards his 
bringing up, during his minority. I give to Mary Harris, the girl 
that dwelleth with me, 10s. To William Hatchman, son of my 
brother Hatchman, 10s. All the rest of my goods to my wife, 
whom I make my executrix ; and my brother Isaack Pyncheon 
and William Hatchman my overseers. The mark of John 
Greene. Witnesses : the mark of Abraham Nowell of Danbury, 
William Archebolde, scr. Proved by the executrix. 

Commissary of London for Essex and Herts, 1 620-1 
(endorsed 1620) folio 79. 

5 February 1639/40, Thomas Hayes ye younger, Langham, 
Essex. Wife Anne to enjoy joynture of £40, annual rent made 
by my father Mr. Thomas Hayes and selfe out of freeholds in 
Stepnee and Whitechappell, Middlesex, for her life. After 
decease of wife and my father said annuitie and all freehold in 
Stepnee and Whitechappell to my sonne Thomas Hayes, wife 
Anne to have £14 till Thomas is 2d to bring up children &c. also 
rent in Stepnee and Whitechappell till Thomas is 21 &c. Son 
Thomas to pay to my daughter Anne £500 at 21 or marriage &c. 
If wife is with child then £200 at 21 to said child &c. If son 
die lands &c. to daughter Martha, paying £500 to my sister 
Martha Hayes. To sonne Thomas all freeholds in Winstone, 
Suffolk after decease of my father &c. To sister Martha a silver 


and gilt cupp. To Mr. Ferrar minister of Langham and Mr. 
Sebborne curate ther 20s. apeece. To the poore 40s. Residue 
(except bookes to sonne Thomas) to wife Anne executrix. 
Supervisors : Mr Thomas Hayes and Mr. Thomas Wallne. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Hayes, senior, Tho : Walne, Robert Robertes, 
John Ferrer, Clearke. Proved 19 March 1639/40. 

Commissary for Essex and Herts, file 1639/4 no. 213. 

Thomas Mershe of Lyttel Rayne, Essex. Will 9 August 1552 ; 
proved 10 September 1553. To be buried in Rayne churchyard 
aforesaid. To doughter Thomasyn 4 merks to hands of Edward 
Coole of Brancktree. To sonne Robert 5 merks to hands of 
coysn Richard Marshe of Bocking. To sonne Thomas Marshe 
my marble Coote. To sonn Edward Marshe my Chamblett 
Doublett. To father in lawe Jhon Hall bucke leather doublett. 
Residue to wyf e Ann executrix. Witnesses : my son Edward 
Cooke (sic), Alane Cooe, Mycchaell Hayrd, Henrie Pratt, Joseph 
Reynolds, W 7 illiam W T alker. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1552 (old no. 2). 

John Nichole, Muche Hadham, countye of Hartforde, hus- 
bandman. Will 23 March 1588 (i.e. 1587/8) ; proved 19 July 
1588. To be buried in Much Hadham Churchyarde. To my 
mother and my brother William Nichole 3 quarters of maulte, 
one cowe and to my brother one Freese cote. To my brother 
Thomas Nichole 2 quarters of maulte and one dowblett of lynsey 
wolsey To my brother Richard Nichole 5 quarters of maulte, 
best hatt and one payre of hose. To brother Robert Nichole 2 
quarters of make and one buckes leyther Dowblett. To syster 
Katryne Nichole 3 quarters of maulte and one bedd. To syster 
Annys Nichole 2 quarters of maulte. To god son John Nichole 
sonn of Richard Nichole one quarter of maulte. To brothers 
and systers enclosure of barley in i~y 2 acres nowe growing, to be 
divided by the bushell, syster Annys Nichole to have one quarter 
more. To godson John Nichole one sheppe and one lambe. To 
-Annys Nichole daughter of Robert Nichole ditto. To brother 
Wilyam Nichole best hose. To god son John Nichole black cote. 
"Item I geue and bequeath to John Goodwyne of Shearinge one 
payre of hose." To Annys Nichole daughter of Thomas Nichole 
sheep and lamb. Goods to be delivered by brother Richard 


Nichole in one week etc. Executoure : brother Richard Nichole. 
Overseer: brother Thomas Nichole. Witnesses: John Water- 
man ye yong r , Richard Haggas, James Fowller. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1588 
N. 1522-1619, no. 

Joane Nickolls, widow of John Nickolls of Little Haddam, 
county Hertford, shoemaker. Will 15 February 1629/30; proved 
19 April 1630. I give my body to be buried in the church or 
churchyard of Little Hadham. I bequeath to my daughter Mary, 
wife of Stephen Barnes of Great Hadham, glasier, my joined 
bedstead with the bedding and other household stuff. To my son 
John Nickolls, one flock bed and bedding. All the rest of my 
goods to the said Stephen Barnes, my son-in-law, whom I ordain 
my executor. The mark of Joane Nickolls. Witnesses : Wil- 
liam Bush, Thomas Howe, Wilton Harpoole. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1629-30, no. 116. 

Wyllm Goodwyne, witness to will of Henry Pepercorne of 
Barkeway (Herts) May 1563. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1563. 

John Porter of Feeringe, yeoman. Will 5 April 1619; (copy) 
proved 17 May 1620. To be buried in the parish of Feeringe. I 
bequeath to my son Thomas my house and freehold lands called 
Thressulford in Messinge and Feeringe, for twenty years after 
my decease, with remainder to my son John Porter and his heirs. 
My wife Edyth shall have her dwelling and diet there so long 
as she remains a widow. I give to my son Thomas my freehold 
land in Inworth, holden of the manor of Kelvedon Hall, and all 
other my freehold land in Feeringe, also the copyhold I lately 
bought of Thomas Seaman, and my copyhold land in Inworth 
with the house upon it, on condition he allow my son Richard to 
occupy during his life the house built by me on a parcel of copy- 
hold called Bunchley, and pay him an ennuity of £10. I give 
moreover to the said Thomas my messuage and freehold land in 
Much Totham and Heybridge. To my wife, all the household 
goods that were hers during her widowhood before I married her. 
To my daughter Joan, £40. To my daughter Mary, £60. To 
my daughter Suzan, £40, half to be paid on her marriage, the 


rest five years after my decease. To Margery Porter, my son 
William's daughter, £10 at 21. To the children of my son 
Richard, £10 apiece at 21, and 20s. yearly toward their bringing 
up till that age. I give to my three friends M T White of Feer- 
inge, Mr. Wharton of Inworth and Mr. Scrivenor of Messinge 
10s. apiece. To the poor of Feering, Messing and Inworth, 10s. 
to each parish. I make my son Thomas Porter my executor, and 
my friends Thomas Fuller of Feeringe, gent., and John White, 
vicar of the same town, supervisors. Witnesses : John White, 
clerk, Daniel Morgan, Thomas Fuller. Proved by the executor. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1620, no. 25. 

Thomasen Roott of Leigh, Essex, widow. Will 3 April 1628; 
proved 28 April 1628. To cousin Mary Harris house wherein I 
live. "To William Goodwyne of Horndon 10 li" To children 
of John Hankins late of Eastwood 5 li to be divided. Of 50s. 
John Chamberlaine owes me 30s. to himself and 20s. to Deb. ch. 
Rest to Mary Harris, executrix. Proved at Chelmsford. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1628, folio 43. 

Thomasin Roott of Leigh Essex, widow, (3 April 1628 proved 
at Chelmsford 28 April 1628) mentions cousin Mary Harris, 
William Goodwyne of Horndone (to whom ten pounds) the chil- 
dren of John Haukins late of Eastwood 5 11 (to be divided) &c. 
Commissary Court for Essex & Herts. 

Wyllym Goodwyn, witness to the will of J. Sallman of Horn- 
don. 1542. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1542. 

Harrie Sanson of Branctre, county Essex, singulman. Will 10 
September 1554; proved: no proof. To be buried in Brancktre 
churchyard. To the mendyng of the highwaies an honest porcion 
of my goodes at discretion of my brother Robert Sanson. Bread 
and cheese to the poor. Two seams of barley I have bought at 
Bockyng to be matted and given to the poor people. To Josias 
my brother Robert Sanson's son two sheepe. Residuary legatee 
and executor : Brother Robert. Witnesses : Willm Mitten, 
Robert Giles. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file, 1554. 


John Skotte, parish Barkway. 1553. To my son in law Wil- 
liam Goodwyn my tenement callyd the Kateryn Wheyll" John 
Goodwyn and Edward Goodwyn his brother. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1553. 

Mary Stevens, of St. Leonardes in Colchester. Will 27 March 
1620; proved June 28, 1620. I give to Sara, daughter of 
Edmund Cole and Sarah his wife, £18, which now remaineth in 
the occupation of Robert Legge, as appeareth by bond ; after her 
decease, the same to remain to Priscilla, another of the daughters 
of the said Edmond Cole, if she survive ; if not to Edmund Cole, 
son of the said Edmund. To my brother Daniell Stevens, dwell- 
ing in East Barhoult, £6, which my brother in law Edmond Cole 
oweth me. To my brother John Stevens 2d; and to Nathaniell 
Stevens, 2d, and to each of his children now or then living 2d. 
apiece. To Anne Parker, now servant unto John Eiles, my gown, 
sometime the gown of Anne Parker, wife of George Parker 
deceased. To Sara Cole, my best kirtle laid with two velvet 
laces. To Rebecca Abell, my sister's daughter, my cloth gown. 
To Sara Cole, all the linen that was her grandmother's. All the 
rest of my goods to my sister Sara Cole, whom I make my execu- 
trix. The mark of Marie Stevens. Witnesses : Thomas Bearde, 
the marke of Anne Tattle. Proved by the executrix. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, file 1620, no. 27. 

Sara Tarver of Great Ockeley, Essex, widow. Will 14 Decem- 
ber 1619; proved 2 March 1620 (-1). I give to Thomas Caane, 
son of Thomas Caane of Bewers, 20s. To Robert and John 
Daye, the two sons of John Daye of Harrech, mariner, 20s. 
apiece. To Edward Caane, son of John Caane the elder, 20s. 
To Elizabeth and Susan Caane, daughters of John Caane the 
younger, 20s. apiece. To Sara and Marie Caane, the two daugh- 
ters of Richard Caane, 20s. apiece. To Lewes Backer, son of 
Lewes Backer, 20s. To Christopher and Marie Piggett, son and 
daughter of Marie Piggett, my late husband's kinswoman, 20s. 
each. To Josann Tarver, which doth dwell with me, 20s., and 
she shall have the 20s. my husband gave her. To Elizabeth 
Backer, my cloak and the carsey petticoat. To Allese Cane, 
daughter of Richard Cane, one damask board cloth. All the rest 
of my gods to my brother Richard Cane and to William Munson 


of Great Ockeley, whom I make my executors. The mark of 
Sara Tarver. Witnesses: H. Flud, John Danson, the mark 
of Thomas Perse. Proved by William Munson, with power 
reserved etc. 

Commissary of London for Essex & Herts, 1620-1 
(endorsed 1620) folio 75. 

Jane Wiseman, wedow, Moche Waltham, Essex. Will 18 
Aprill 1554; no proof. To be buried in church yerde of Moch 
Waltham. To my curatte or vicar for the tyme being for tythes 
forgotten 6s.8d. To funeral charges and to poore folkes 20s. 
and even so shall they do at my moneths daye. At burial bred of 
two semes of wheat and drink of two sems of malte, vj shepe 
and other vittalls as semes to by executors, and ditto at moneths 
daye. To twenty poore house holders of Moche Waltham I2d. 
every household. To god children 4d. each. To servant Jane 
Badcocke a mattres, bolster, sheets, blancketts redd coverletts and 
also two platters dishes, sawcers of pewter brasse pott and panne. 
To Jane Glascock ditto etc, also seme of barle. To young Jhon 
Glascock my godson one seme of barle. To Lawrence Glascock 
ditto. To William Glascock y 2 ditto. To Christopher Glascock 
one ditto. To John Glascok y 2 ditto. To Agnes Glascock and 
Ann Glascock x /z ditto each. To my daughter Godsalfe two best 
kerchers. To Jane Cortema' black gowyn wt a trayne. To Jhon 
Cortma' onn of best keyn. To Margery Edwarde best black 
kertyll. To goddaughter Jane Garrold oyn mattress oyn cover- 
lett, bolster, dysshes etc. To William Frema' oyn littell brasse 
pott oyn ketell and a potell candlestick ditto. To George Dyer 
oyn fetherbed etc. also my great calderne. To John Dyer 20s. 
To my systers dawghters dowghter oyn harnes gerdell. To ten 
of my porest god children 6s.8d. each at marriage. To mendyng 
of high way from Smyth Grene to Letell Waltham 20s. To helpe 
to such onowrements as shalbe necessary to the mayntenance of 
gods service in Moche Waltham church 40s. To vicar for draw- 
ing my will and his councell to executors 10s. Executors : my 
son Thorns Wiseman of Moche Waltham and to whom V/z dozen 
syluer sponeys and my counter in the hall) and Thomas Glascocke 
(to whom my lesse cawdrene of coper and joyned table at which 
my servants are dayly seruyd at and 6s.8d. and a forme in hall 
at the high table) Residue to poore people and vppon the high 


wayes. Witnesses : Robert Shelham clark and Robert Reye. 
Memorandum said Jane did give for lyeing of our ornaments for 
the church £4 aboue the 40s. also she willed to have a yeres mynde 
kept in parish church also 5s. for a prest to synge halfe a trentall 
of masses for her soule in Takchapell parish. Also to Tymms 
wyfe her best kirtell of worsted, (no proof Zy 5 June for copy 
3s.4d. Copy for Registry. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1554. 

Wyllm Wyseman of Collchest', Essex, sherman. Will 9 
November 1557; proved: no proof . To church of Saynte But- 
tolphe w t in the towne aforesaid, and pyrshe of Seynte Buttollphes 
for almes houses for pore f olkes of same pyrshe, to dwell in them 
situate in pryshe aforesaid in the lane ageynst the walls of the 
monestery of Saynte Johns and lying in the sowth parte of a 
barne belongeing to my capytall howse in same prysh the wyche 
two pore folke aforesaid shall be admytted by decressyon of the 
chyrche wardens and other two honest men of same prysshe to 
praye for my sowll my frynds and all crystyan sowles. Houses 
in St. Peters and St. Nicholas to William Wroo and Robert 
Guday, my sisters sons and to John Gudaye, Anne Gudaye, Lettys 
Wroo 40s. each, Margery Coson 10s., Avys Bery 10s., Robert 
Lytyll 3s.4d. for life per annum Alys Guday my syster £3. 6s.8d. 
Wife Elizabeth. Executors : Myhell Gudaye and said Alys 
Gudaye. Supervisor: Wife Elisabeth. Witnesses Hary Xpof- 
fer, Robt Baryngton, Harman Hyckman, Willm Spysall, Rycher 
Allfylld, Rycherd Crackebone. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, will file 1557. 

Willyam Wyseman of Hatfyld, County Essex, yeoman. Will 
8 April 1560; proved. To eldest son John Wyseman £20. 

To son William £20 when 17. To child my wife goes with £20 
when 17. To Aells my wife tenement in Steysted. Residuary 
legatee and executrix : Aells my wife. Overseer : John Bedell 
the elder. Witnesses : Thomas Wyseman and Thomas Pare. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1602-19. 

William Wyseman of All Saints in Maiden, county Essex, 

labourer. Will 17 January 1594; proved — . To wife 

Agnes to live with son John in my house and have 5s. yearly. To 


William Wiseman son of Robert Wiseman a pewter platter. 
Residuary legatee and executor: Son John Wyseman. Over- 
seers: Robert Humfrey of Waldon, shoemaker. Witnesses: 
Robard Hvmfye, John Hornclife, Robert Albert, George Pryor. 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1602-1619, no. 78. 

John Wyseman late of Much Canfild, now of Springfield, 
county Essex Esq. Will 1 October 1602; proved 22 October 
1602. To be buried in Much Canfield chancell. To Mr. Daniell 
of Springfield for a gown, brode clothe. To servant John Reade 
my horse and £4. To servant John Johnson 40s. and a nag. To 
servant Thomas Howbroke 40s. To Goodwife Briant 40s. To 
Margaret Daniell 10s. To Anne Daniell 10s. To servant William 
Pereson 40s. Residuary legatee and executrix: Wife Mary. 
Witnesses: Willm Daniel, Thomas Walker, Peter Brockisse(?) 
Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1602-1619, O. N. 65. 

Thomas Wyseman of Coxford, county Essex, yeoman. Will 
19 December, 2 Jas. I ; proved 29 April 1605. To sons Thomas 
and Richard Wyseman £20. To mother Margaret Wyseman 
widow land called Joines and a messuage with Smiths forge and 
land called Bockings now in tenure of Thomas Bynden and Wil- 
liam Sowger and at her death to brother Richard to receive same 
till youngest son Richard is 21 years old. For funeral sermon 
10s. Residuary legatee and executrix : Wife Anne. Overseers: 
Thomas Shuer(?) gent, Richard Wyseman my brother. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Hinde, William Larame. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1602-1619, O. N. 164. 

William Wiseman of Harwich, county Essex, glasier. Will 8 
December 1608; proved 13 March 1608/9. To wife Ursula 
house I now dwell in and all else. Witnesses : John ? in, Thomas 
Skott, John Moris. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1602-1619, O. N. 163. 

Thomas Wiseman of All Saincts in Maldon, County Essex, 
yeoman. Will 27 May 1617; proved 14 June 1617. To wife 
Elizabeth messuage I dwell in for life and at her decease to 
Edward Maryon my sister's sonne and at his decease to his 
youngest sonne Robert Maryon in default to Samuell Maryon 


eldest sonn son of said Edward. To wife land in Kirby in the 
Sooke, county Essex which I late had from Willyam Sanies, 
doctor of the laws, now in tenure of George Warde also to wife 
£70. Land in Kelvedon to said Edward Maryon also land called 
Saffron gardein in tenure of Alice Kyng widow, reversion to 
Robert Maryon. To daughter in law Mary now wife of Lambert 
Toplyf 20s. bonds to Mr. Calthroppe Parker, Knt and Edmund 
Kyng gent. To William Wilson son of said Mary my daughter 
in law £10. To Sarah, Mary, Lambert, Dorothee and Sames 
Toplyf children of said Toplyf and Mary his wife £6. 13s. 46.. 
each. To Mary Curtys daughter of Gabriell Curtys deceased 
£10 when 21. To son in law Danyell Flud £30 when 21. To Mr. 
John Pratt £10 for free school in Maldon. To said Daniel goods 
that were his mothers before my marriage with her when 21. 
To cousin William Wiseman of Brawck, the weaver, 40s. and to 

his sister Elizabeth now wife of Colman 40s. for four 

years. To cousin Thomas Everington of Tollesbury, 40s. To 
Joseph Duke of Fyfield, husbandman, £30 if he pay £100 he owes 
me. To William Ely of Burnham £5. To Cosen William Wise- 
man of Maldon, shoemaker, a cloak. I forgive his son Richard 
Wiseman, butcher 30s. To Thomas Wiseman thother son 20s. 
To Edmond Harys of Sowthmynster, husbandman, 20s. for five 
years to children of said Edmund and Margaret his late wife 
deceased. To Mrs. Gyffard, widow. To Mr. Raph Hawden 
Preacher of gods word in Maldon. To Mr. John Wilson. To 
Mr. Daynes schoolemaster. To Robert Gosnold a sute. To son 
in law John Rudland, Executor. Overseers: Mr. John Pratt 
and Thomas Chese of Maiden, scrivener. Witnesses : Willyam 
Frauncys, Robert Snape, John Maiden, Jacob Maiden, Thomas 
Chese the writer hereof. 

Commissary for Essex & Herts, 1602-1619, O. N. 

Thomas Wyseman, Tolleshunt Knights, Essex. Administra- 
tion 11 January 1686/7 to Elizabeth Wyseman. 

Commissary Essex & Herts, Act Book 18 (1 684-1 699) 
folio 24. 

Robert Yate of St. Owzee, yeoman. Will 5 March 1629/30; 
proved 8 May 1630. I give to my brother Peter Yate of Stan- 
lake, co. Oxon, £5, for his great care and pains taken about my 


business. To John Predmore, son of my kinsman Richard 
Predmore, £5 to be paid into his father's hands. To my brother 
John Yate of Stanlake £5. To my goddaughter Constance Yate. 
daughter of my brother Peter, £5. To my cousin Edmond Hatch, 
in the hope he will be helpful to my wife in managing her affairs, 
£10. To my friend Edmond Bawcombe of London, chandler, 
40s — for a ring. To Robert and Suzan, children of Robert Wood 
of St. Owze, £5 between them. To the poor of St. Owzee, 40s. 
To my daughter Rose Yate, my lease of the parsonage of Chitch, 
St. Owze. If she die unmarried during the term thereof, it shall 
remain to my wife Rose, and to my brother John Yate for their 
lives successively, charged with the payment of £40 to Dorothy, 
wife of Richard Predmore. All the rest of my goods it give 
equally between my said wife and daughter, whom I make my 
executrices, and entreat my friends John Hacker and John Eaton 
of St. Owzee. Witnesses: Peter Yate, Edward Bawcombe, 
Dorothy Yate; Griffith Edwards and William Yate, servants to 
Thomas Pennant, scr., London. Proved by the executrices. 
Commissary Essex & Herts, file 1629-30, no. 118. 


Elizabeth Goodwyn of Stebbinge, Essex, widow (25 Oct. 1584 
proved 6 April 1587) mentions son in law James Robson of Cam- 
bridge and his son Tho 3 . R., John Thomas, Elizabeth, Esther 
Overed (evidently her daughter's children). She gives to Alex r 
Goodwin 6 s 8 d to (Mayo Champes?) 6 s 8 d and residue to Elizabeth 

John Goodwin, clerk, parson of Stanwaye, Essex. Will 2 June 
1588; proved 15 June 1588. To sister Elizabeth Marchaunt 
To sister in law Alice Goodwin, widow. To sister Rushe of 
Norwiche. To mother in law Stowe of Copford. To John 
Cobyn my wife's father in law. To Katherine Stowe my sister 
in law. To Mr. Middleton of Ipswich. To my sister Cruck. 
To my sister Bolton. To my two sons John and Thomas Good- 
win. To brothers and sisters' children. To Thomas Ellis, 
schoolmaster and curate of Aberton, executor. 

Consistory Court of London, Bullocke, 397. 


Sir Thomas Griffith priest and curate of East Ham, Essex. 
Will dated 22 August 1555, proved 16 Sept. 1556. Bequeathes to 
cousin John Goodwin's four children Anthony, Samuel, Leathe 
and William, four pounds that is to say twenty shilling's apiece. 

The residue to said cousin John Goodwyn "gentlemen," whom 
he appoints executor. 

Consistory Court of London, Horn, 104. 

Thomas Morrice of Layer-marney, Essex, Clarke, pson of ye 
prishe afsd. Will 22 February 1601/2; proved 1 April 1602. 
To be buried in the chancel at Layermarney near former wife's 
grave. For funeral sermon 6s.8d. To my welbeloved nephew 
Mr. Bryan Tuke a booke entituled Mr. Calvins institutions in 
Englishe wth silver claspes on the cover wch was my sisters Mris. 
Margarett Tuke, deceased. And my said Nephew gave yt to me 
vpon this condicion that yff I died before him then I should give 
ytt to him againe. But yff he died before me then I should doe 
with ytt what I thought good. Soe that yf I oute live hym I 
give then the said booke to my welbeloved daughter Elizabeth 
Goodwyn I give to my said daughter a little booke wch is greene 
within of matrimonie and against swearinge for a remembrance 
of me, etc. To welbeloved daughter Anne Janeson the wief of 
Lancelot Janeson of Haybridge, Essex, Clarke, my Geneva bible 
in Englishe. To wief Margarett Morrice £50. To three daugh- 
ters Jane Morrice, Thomazine, and Margarett Morrice £10 apeece, 
viz, to Jane in 1 year, to Thomazine at 24, and Margarett at 21. 
If daughters all die then half to three sons, William, Thomas 
and Humf rey Morrice, and other half to eldest son Isaacke Mor- 
rice. To wief Margaret £30 and to son Humfrey for certain 
sheepe his mother and I had i3.13s.4d. To my two sons William 
and Thomas Morris, grocers at Westminster in London £3 which 
their mother left with me for them at her decease. To daughter 
Margarett a hoope ring of gold to be redeemed out of hands of 
widowe Tunbridge for 20s. To eldest son Isaacke Morris, mercer, 
of London £10 not to vex my wief Margaret Morrice his mother 
in law nor my son William Morris for his goods, wch said son 
William Morris I appoynt sole executor. To two sons in law, 
Charles and Edward Lukyn, and to three daughters in law, Eliza- 
beth, Susan Lukyn, and Rachaell Stonneham 10s. apeece. To 
younge John Stonneham 5s for new coat. To five poore folke 
of Layermarny, viz, John Poope, Xpofer Wall, Richard Rockey, 


Widowe Spencer and younge Widowe Tunbridge I2d. each. Rest 
to executor, but wife Margaret to have free choyce of her first 
husband goodes, etc. Overseer: Nephewe Mr. Bryan Tuke. 
Executor to pay to my friend Mr. John Lucas, parson of Layer- 
bretton I3s.4d. Witnesses: Bryan Tuke, John Lucas, Codicil 
(nuncupative) Goodes not come to £80 for wife and £80 for 
children, but wife to have her £8o and rest to children etc. Sundrie 
witnesses [not named] 

Consistory of London, Sperin, 264 (registered again 
folio 275). 

Thomas Woodward of Brighlinsey, yeoman (3 July 1589 
proved 24 July 1589) mentions wife Joane, tenements and lands 
in Peldon, Colchester, Much Clapton and Little Clapton, brother 
William Woodward, his children, viz Robert, Henry, old John, 
young John, and Joane (now wife of Thomas Street) ; also wife's 
two daughters Elizabeth Webb and Joyce Adams, sister Joane 
Upcher and her son John Upcher, Annis Fuller wife of James 
Fuller, and Rebecca daughter of said Agnes, children of Joane 
Street, viz'. Thomas John and Amy Streete, children of Robert 
Tye viz. Thomas, John and Cleere Tye (or Tey) — Tho s Upcher 
of Fordham, Clerk, to be executor. 

Consistory Court of London, Bullocke, 415. 


In the name of God Amen the seaven & twentieth day of May 
in the sixteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles 
by the grace of God of England Scotland ffraunce & Ireland 
King defender of the faith &c. I Robert Woodward of Brayn- 
tree in the County of Essex & of the Diosese of London beeing 
sick of body yet of perfect remembrance thanks bee unto 
Almighty God doe make & ordayne this my last will & testement 
in manner & form as following. Imprimus I commend my soul 
into the hand of Almighty God my Creator in and by the merits 
of Jesus Christ my blessed Redeemer in assured hope to inherit 
y* immortal kingdom prepared for All his ellect people And my 
body to bee buried at the dispose of my Excutrix hereafter named. 
Items my will is y* all my Debts & funeral Charges be paid by 
myne Executrix. Item I give & bequeath unto Mr Collins my 


faithfull paster twenty shillings Items I give & bequeath unto 
my sister Rachell Clay the wife of Miles Clay of Braintree twenty 
xx shillings Item I give & bequeath unto my Father in law 
Edward Clay my best cloake. Item I give & bequeath unto my 
Daughter Mary Goodwin the wife of Ozias Goodwin now in New 
England Tenne shillings Item I give & bequeath unto my sonne 
John Woodward Tenn pounds of current money of England to 
be paid to him at his age of one & twenty years. If he happens 
to Dye & Dept this life before he comes of age then I give the 
same to my wife Joane Woodward & her heirs. Item my will is 
y* if my wife shall happen to marry again that then she shall 
before the selubration (sic) of the solemnity of her marriage put- 
in sufficient security security for the payment of this leagic (sic) 
of ten pounds pounds accordinge to my will sufficiently sealed & 
delivered into the hands of Miles Clay my supervisor or his 
assignes to the use of the said John Woodward my son. Item 
all the rest of my goods & movables bills & bonds whatsoever 
ungiven & bequeathed I give to Joane Woodward my wife 
towards the payment of my Debts & Legasies according to my 
will And I doe Institute & appoint the said Joane Woodward my 
wife sole & alone Executrix of this my last will & testament And 
intreat my good friend & brother Mylaes Clay to bee my super- 
visor, of this my last will & testement utterly revoking all former 
wills whatsoever. 

In witness hereof I have set my hand and seal in p r sents of 
these witnesses. 

Sealed subscribed & declaried to be 
the last will & testement of Robert 
Woodward in presents of us. Robart Woodward 

Edward Clay his C marke 

his m marke 

Mylesi Clay 

his I mark 

Richard Smith junr ( ?) scriptor ( ?) 

It was proved at Braintree n July 1640 
before Dr Aylett Commissioner by the oath 
of the Executrix &c. saving &c. 

Consistory Court of London for Essex & Herts no 9 

Mr Rodman's room, 32 Somerset House, London, 

March 25, 1886. 



Jenckyne Goodwyn, Staunton (on Arrow, Salop) Will 16 
July 1552. To be buried in Staunton church. To pore mennys 
boxe 4d. To children of sonn John, children of son Phelyp, 
and children of daughter Elen two shyppe each. To Hewe A 
hyde ys dogchy r on sheppe. To two chyldryn of John Sawer too 
shyppe. To mend the wey be tuwxe me & tytley ys churche 
6s.8d. To Mawde A Proff on hewe & on lame. To godchildren 
ditto. To Anne the wyff of John Godwyn, tayler, too acres rye 
lying in the Lammunde and iij ackers of otes growyng apon 
badlonde ys londe. Phelyp Grynlye of Moldley shall yeseive 
6s.8d. for the dettes of George Godwyn w* the m'esmentes. To 
Ann wyff of John Godwyn, tayler, best kyu'lyde When Watt 
Badlond payethe John the sonn of John Godwynn 8s, said Wayy 
to haue ys land a geyn the wche plegyde to Jenkyn Godwyn hys 
grauss. All other good dettes payd & my bryngyng home I 
geue to John my son. Executors : son John and Phelyp Gryn- 
ley, the helder. Overseer : Rychard Pyper, clerke. Witnesses : 
Watt Kynghte. John Godwyn, tayller, John Godwyn the son. 
Debts said Jenkyn doth how: Stevyn Gry'lye I3s.4d, Steveyn 
Godwyn 15s. 

Consistory of Hereford, file G. 1541-1552 (old no. 42 
in file 1552). 

John Godwin of Byrcher in parish of Staunton upon Arrow. 
Will 31 January 1591 : proved in the Prerogative Court. To 
Steven my son 26 acres of land which I purchased of Richard 
Greenly, Henry Stead and Steven Badland on consideration 
that he pay to my son Richard £6-13-4 at 21, and to my daugh- 
ter Ellynor £6-13-4 at 21, and to my son John £6-13-4 at 21. 
To Steaven my son 15 sheep &c. To Anne my son's daughter 2 
calves. To Als my wife 20 ewes, all my geese, ducks, hens and 
all the corne in the house till harvest, she to pay to my son Steven 
15 bushels and 6 bushels to Margaret Lanford my sister. To my 
children Richard, William, Ellynor and John 6 kyne which I 
have at Llandryndod in the custody of Morgan Churche, 18 sheep 
in the custody of John Morgan and Michael Church. To my 
daughter's son Thomas Avert 2 Heiffers. To my son Richars 
a coulte. To my son William a bullock. To my son John a 


browne heifer. To my son Steven 3 oxen and 3 kine.. To my 
son John 3 gootes. Executors, my wife Alice and my son Steven. 
Witnesses : Steaven Greenly, Thomas Gryme, Phillip Greenely. 
To poor mans box I2d. 

Henry Johnson owea me 57/6. Humfry owes me 14/- I owe 
to John Badneck 27/4. I owe to Ellene Brenley 14/-. 
Consistory of Hereford, file 1590-94. 

George Godwyn of Staunton-upon-Allow (Arrow?) Will 19 
October 1597; proved 11 November 1597. To be buried in the 
parish church of Staunton. To Anne my wife 6 Kine. To my 
two sons William, Thomas 8 young "beccse" to be equally 
divided between them. To my son William 3 kine now in the 
custody of Hughe Davys. To my son John all my lands lately 
purchased of Stephen Godwyn my brother containing 5 acres 
and a half, my son paying to Thomas my son fio. To my son 
William 20 sheep. To my son Thomas 20 sheep, whereof 36 are 
in the custody of Katherine Morys. To Elizabeth Cowken a 
sheep. To Edward my son John's son a colt etc. To my son 
John's children 5 sheep. To my son John all implements of hus- 
bandry. Four marks between my son William and Hugh Davys. 
Executrix : my wife Anne. John Sheppard owes me 3/4. Row- 
land Taylor owes me 3/4. Hugh Davys owes me 18/- for the 
hire of the kine; of Richard Sayse a bushell of oats. I have 19 
sheep with Stephen Bevys. Witnesses : Hugh Lochard, Stephen 
Greely of Staunton, William Purcer, Hugh Davys, Thomas 
Greenly, Stephen Greenly. 

Consistory of Hereford, file G. 1595-99. 

John Godwyn ou'Staunton. Will 10 April 1610; no proof. 
To daughters in law Elizabeth Powell and Isyle her daughter one 
house where I dwell garden etc. in Staunton and heirs in default 
to Ann Powell (sister of said Elizabeth), and to heirs etc. To 
said Elysabeth Powell and Isyle all goods. Executrix : said 
Elizabeth. Witnesses: John Howell, Will Hebbe, Nicholas 
Hobe, p'son' 

Consistory of Hereford, file G. 1600-1610 
(old 1608 p. 226). 

Steven Godwin butcher of Stanton upon Arrow, yeoman. 
Will : proved 17 February 1624. To the Cathedral Church of 


Hereford xlld. To poor mans box of Stanton Xlld. To James 
my son two kine and a heifer in calfe &c. Also £3 to be made 
out of corn in the barn. To my daughter Anne £10. To my 
daughter Joane Dillow 40/-. To mt kinswoman Elonor Godwin 
daughter of Roger Godwin five yearelings keaves. Executrix 
my wife Margaret, she to pay to William Badland 40/-. Wit- 
nesses : Sir Stecorard, Clerk, William Orlford, Roger Godwin, 
William Glouer. 

Inventory £62-19-4. 

Consistory of Hereford, file 1617-20. 

Thomas Goodwyn of Upper Staunton in the parish of Staun- 
ton -upon-Arrow. Will 17 July ( ?) : proved 2 August 1626. To 
my brother Edward Godwyn towards the bring up of his three 
children £6 to be paid him when my executor is paid £70 due to 
me in a bond from James Dally junior. To my brother-in-law 
Thomas Woodhouse and Elnor his wife £4. To my brother-in- 
law Richard Godwyn and my sister Margaret his wife my part 
of the oats growing at Browne's Mere. Thomas Allen and James 
Dally owe me 20s. Henry Roberts owes me 2/8. The residue to 
Stephen Godwyn my brother. Executor: Stephen Godwyn my 
brother. Witnesses : John Godwyn, Fra, Woodhouse. 
Consistory of Hereford, file B. 1617/26. 

John Godwyn of Upper Staunton County Hereford, yeoman. 
Will 16 August 1626; proved 12 December 1626. To the poor 
of Staunton-upon-Arrow 5/- Residue to John Godwyn my 
grandchild, my son Stephen's son and I appoint the said John 
Godwyn executor, his father to administer the estate during his 
minority. Witnesses : Thomas Godwing, Richard Godwyn, Fra. 

Consistory of Hereford, file B. 1617-26. 

Anne Goodwyne of Annestry, widow, made her will nuncu- 
pative 18 November 1635; proved 10 December 1632? [ie. 1635] 
To Frances her daughter her best peticote and some other goods. 
The residue to be divided between Frances and her daughter 
Anne Sheaperd. To Thomas Stephens her grand-child her 
second best hat and 2/6. To her cozen Thomas Pope's two 
daughters 2/6. To William Sheaperd's two sons 5/- The 


residue to her son-in-law William Sheaperd and Anne his wife. 
Executor : the said William Sheaperde. Witnesses : Frances 
wife of Edward Sadler, Frances wife of Richard Prince. 
Consistory of Hereford, file B. 1627-34. 

John Godwyn, Presteigne. Will 5 ( — ) ; proved ( — ) 1645. 
To John Godwyn my son the tenement and garden I bought of 
Thomas Lewis of Horpton at 21. To Thomas my second son 
£5 at 14. To my three daughters Anne, Barbara and Elizabeth 
£4 apiece. Executrix : my wife Barbara. Witnesses : Thomas 
Ecclestone, Walter Bathoes, James Dauies, Thomas Loyde. 
Consistory of Hereford, file G. 1632-56. 

Robert Goodwyn, Cleobury, Mortimer, Salop. Will of 14 
September 1691, probate to relict Elizabeth Goodwyn and daugh- 
ter Elizabeth Goodwyn, executrices. Inventory £813. 19s. 6d. 
Consistory of Hereford, Act Book 5 (1688-1700), folio 51. 

James Godwyn, senior, Staunton on Arrow. Will of 4 Marche 
1 69 1/2, proved to grandson and executor James Godwyn. 
Inventory £3. 10s. od. 

Consistory of Hereford, Act Book 5 (1688-1700), folio 62. 

Henry Godwyn, Lyonhants, Herefordshire. 13 February 
1692/3 administration to son Abraham Godwyn. Inventory £9. 
8s. id. 

Consistory of Hereford, Act Book 5 (1688-1700), folio 80. 

Thomas Godwyn, Presteigne. 20 October 1699, administration 
to Thomas Bartram guardian during minority of Grandson 
Jonathan Bartram. Inventory £10. 

Consistory of Hereford, Act Book 5 (1 688-1 700), folio 181. 

Thomas Acton, clerk, otherwise called Mr. Dowghtie, of the 
borowe of Much Wenlok in the Diocese of Hereford. Will 14 
September 1551. No act. Sick in body but whole in mind I 
make my testament etc. My body to be buried within the porch 
of the parish church of the Holy Trinity of Moch Wenlock. To 
the church of Hereford 8d. To Rychard Morgan my best bed 
with a bolster, a pair of blankets, two pillowes, a coverlet, the 
covering to the same bed, a coffer the coboard, the seat, the table, 


four chairs and a candlestick. To Wylliam Morgan a feather 
bed, a bolster, a coverlet, a covering;, two pillows, a coffer and a 
candlestick. To Margareta Morgan a coverlet which she hath in 
her custody, two silver spoons etc. Overseer: Margareta 
Morgan. Executors : Richard Morgan and William Morgan. 
Witnesses : Thomas Botelar, Vicar of Much Wenlock, Rondulph 
Massia, clerk of the said parish church. 

Debts owing to Sir Thomas Acton. 

L s d 
Imprimis : Edmund Spratt of Wenlock for his tithes 

which ought to have been paid at Easter last. 20 10 

Item John Monslowe of Caughley for his tithes 

which ought to have been paid likewise. 
Item. Alice Stephens of Arlescote for her tithes 
Item. Richard Halays likewise. 
Item. William Bowdelar likewise. 
Item. William Adamps likewise. 
Item. Elizabeth Harper likewise. 
Item. Elizabeth Haywarde of Walton widow for her 

Item. Alice the wife of Nycholas Smyth. 

Consistory of Hereford, file A. 1540-51, no. 36. 

Emblin Amis of Brocton, Long Stanton, Salop, widow. Will 
22 February 1667: proved 17 March 1667. To Mary Amis my 
grandchild, daughter unto Edward my son, 20/- to be paid her 
at 16. To Edward Amies my son 2/- To Anne wife to Thomas 
Geary 5/- To Margaret Harper, daughter to Thomas Harper, 
of Brockton 1/-. The residue to my daughter Katherine, wife 
of Hugh Loyd, she executrix. Witnesses : Susan Clooins, John 
Evans, Richard Bullocke. 

Consistory of Hereford. Register 1, folio 368. 

Thomas Churchman of Hungerford in the parish of Eton, sick 
in body. I bequeath my soule to Almighty God and to all the 
celestial company of Heaven to pray for me and my body to be 
buried in the church or churchyard of Eton. To the poor men's 
box 4d. To the chUrch of Hereford 4d. To Ancharet my 
daughter a great panne. All goods to Agnes my wife and 












my children William, Thomas, Ancharet, Margaret, Anne and 
Elnor. Executors : Thomas my son and Agnes my wife. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Haberley, Edward Haberley, William Howelles. 
(No act.) 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 1 556-1 562. 

Elnor Churchman, Posterne within the parish of Mownslowe. 
Will 1 56 1 ; no act. My body to be buried in the parish church 
of Cold Weston. To the Cathedral Church of Hereford 46.. To 
Thomas Waters a cloke as Roger Churchman had from my house 
at the death of my husband. Debts owing to me : John Cressould 
the elder and Thomas, executors to my mother, owe £15. Thomas 
Cressould owes £14-13-4. John Aboteton owes 26/8. John 
Asprowseley owes 4/4. Hughe Abedowe owes 49/4; Hughe 
Abedowe is of Hyston. Reynold ap Morice owes 16/- Richard 
Farmer owes 4/- Richard Churchman owes 24/- The bocher 
of Wafers Hopton called Thomas Rowley owes 20/- and he 
hath a vessel and a spinning-wheel of mine. R Edward Church- 
man for two bushels of wheat owes 7/8; item : for on sadell 6/8; 
item : for three pecks of barley malt, on sheete of hempe and 
22 thrave of strawe. Item : William Churchman for a whole 
year's rent owes 46/8. Residue to my sister Jane Waters whom 
I ordain executrix. Witnesses: John More, Thomas Wildinge, 
John Bent, Joane Turner, Agnes Smithe, Joyce Ball, Elnar Bent, 
Margery Wilding, Agnes Brecknock and others. 
Consistory of Hereford, file C. 

Thomas Churchman of Wafers Hopton. Will 27 March 1561. 
To Thomas Vrsegate I2d. To Elizabeth Marchaunt a heifer. 
To Elizabth Vrsegate my servant another heifer. To Thomas 
Churchman I2d. To Benet Asproseley 20/- To John Knot 6/8. 
To John Harper I2d. To Edward Harper I2d. To the mylner 
i2d. To Maragaret Rowley I2d. To Frances I2d. To Joane 
Allen 1 2d. To Richard Harper, the elder 2/- To Joane Mer- 
chant one bullocke. To my brother R Edward 20/- To my 
brothers Roger and William 14 wethers in the custody of Thomas 
Waters of Po (r?) terne. To Johan Dalowe I2d. To the poor 
of Munslow 10/- Executrix: Elnar my wife. Overseere: my 
brother R Edward and Water Marchant my brother-in-law. My 


brother William hath no laonger bargain in my tenement at Hong- 
gurf ord but two years paying 46/8 by year. 

Debts owing to me. Thomas Rowley owes 46/-. John Abote- 
ton owes 26/8. John Abroseley owes 4/4. Hugh Abedowe of 
Histon owse 49/4 Reynold ap Morice owes 16/- Richard 
Fermer owes 4/- William Churchman my cousin owes 24/- 
Griffith ap Howell owes 24/ wethers which he hath in his cus- 
tody and is bound to warrant the stock price £3-13-4. 
Debts I owe. 

Imprimis. To Mrs Hopton of Butterlay 33/4. To Richard 
Luftot 4/10. To John Versgate 21/6. To my brother R 
Edward £7-13-4. To my mother £3. To my brother Roger 
20/- Witnesses: John Richards, alias Sproseley, John Mylles 
and Howmfrey Morgan with others. (No act.) 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 1 556/1 562. 

Jane Churchman of the parish of Shipton. Will 10 March 
1588 (1589); proved 25 March 1590. To Mathew Churchman 
my son a featherbed etc. and two akers of corne in the field and 
the same corne to be appointed to him by Richard Churchman my 
son and Richard More, gent. To Thomas Churchman my son 
a long table board etc. To Edward Churchman my son my gret- 
test pann etc. To John Churchman, the younger, my son, a 
pasture commonly called ( ?) lesow or Cressall lesow for 16 years 
next ensuing after the date hereof in paying to my son Thomas 
2d. on the feast of Saint Michael every year. My son John to 
have the two barns of the farther house wherein my son Thomas 
inhabeth etc. Executor: my son John Churchman. (No wit- 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 

(Thomas Churchman of Shipton — torn away) Dyoces of Here- 
ford yeoman. Will 2 January 1599/1600; proved 18 March 
1 599/1600. Both liuings in Shipton and Longstanton with houses 
buildings woods waters and barns stables etc. vnto John Amyas 
my sonn in lawe and Jane his wief for terme of leases etc. To 
Lutw ch Amyas my daughter some lands in Wilson als Willn'sten 
in pysh of Cardington in occupation of John Benbowe and his 
wiefe and daughter etc. To Elizabeth Amyas my dowghters 
daughter rents from lands in Wilson etc. till Lutw ch Amyas is 21. 


To said Elizabeth standing bed whereon I lee sheets on chest, best 
pott, etc. after decease of her mother To daughter Jan Amyas 
iiij sitiluer spoons etc. for life then to her daughter Elizabeth 
Amyas. To Richarde Churchman my brother of Longe Stanton 
my blacke ambling mare etc To Elizabeth Churchman his 
daughter one black two yere oulde heyfer. Of £4 owed by 
nephew Thomas Cotes 6s.8d. to him and to his daughter my god- 
daughter 40s. The 20s. owed by brother Edward to Edward his 
sonn and my godson. Of £22 owed by Richard Foxe of Lud- 
forde, County Hereford, esqyire and in hands of Richard Smythe 
sometyme of Crofte, yeoman, £20 to be set forth by brother 
Rychard and sonn in law John Amyas and profitts to be given to 
Ales Cotes my sister and Mathew Cotes my brother to poore 
f rends and neighbours and 20s. to poore mens boxe of Shipton for 
ever and said £20 then to Elizabeth Amyas. To kinsman Thomas 
Vlakeway bushell of rye or monkcorne. Executor : son in law 
John Amyas. Overseer : John Lutwych, gent. Witnesses : 
Osias Churchman, Henry ap Owen, Margaret Olyu'. also 

Best Cloke and best hatt to Jane Ameis and Ales Cotes. 
Consistory of Hereford, file C. 1 599-1605. 

Roger Churchman, Hollowey, in the parish of Mounstow, 
unprofitable servant of God. Will 23 February 1606: proved 21 
May 1607. And now touching my son Charles albeit I am fully 
persuaded that God according to his promise will be a father to 
him, yet since the law of God and nature require that I should 
have a reasonable care of him, having no more sons living, ther- 
fore I bequeath to him his heirs and assigns all my tenths of all 
manner of corn in the fields and hambetts? of the over Mylly- 
chapp, Hungreforde and neyther Myllychapp Hungreford, To 
him the said Charles Churchman his heirs and assigns etc. To 
Edward Bayghton and Elizabeth his wife 10 ewes and 10 lambs, 
5 hogs etc. To the poor of Mounston 40/- to be given as my son 
Charles shall think meet. Executor: my son Charles. Wit- 
nesses : William Legg, Thorns Powels, Thorns Wosealde, Edard 
Baygnton, Elizabeth Baygnton the elder and Elizabeth Baygnton 
the younger. 

Inventory taken (no date) A.D. 1606 by William Legg, Thomas 
Howels and William Ursegate. 






Imprimis. 25 cupples. 




Fifty seven wethers and hoggshepe. 





Two kine. 



A mare and a colt. 



A stonding bed without tester 

or waynscote. 



A cupborde. 



Two fether bedds and two boulsters. 



Four peces of pewter. 



A coverlet and two canvesses. 



A broach and cobberts. 




Wearing apparel. 



A myll and a coffer. 




A chain for a team. 
A chayre. 



Two geese. 



A postnett. 

Sum total. 






owing by the testator. 

Imprimis. For a mare 



For a bull. 



For twenty hoggssheepe. 



For a cow. 


Sum 800 
The whole goods and debts £38-4-10. 
Inventory exhibited 21 May 1607. 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 

Anthony Churchman, Perslowe, in the parish of Clumerye. 
Will 28 December 1618 : proved 20 Janaury 1618. To be buried 
at Clumeri or Clungunfort. To my brother William my Bible. 
To Thomas Bright I2d. To William Underwood I2d. To the 
poor men's box 2/- Executrix : Margaret my wife. Witnesses : 
William Fawkner, Thomas Brome. 

Debts owing to me: Richard Bright owes £25, Francis Beddow 
owes 44/-. Thomas Cottes owes 34/-. John Rusheback owes 
21/8. John Mason -the younger owes 17/-. John Madoxe 
owes 7/-. 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 1618-22. 


Richarde Churchman of Long Stanton in the county of Salop, 
clerk, sick in body. In the name of God Amen. Will 2 August, 
19 James I ; proved 23 August 1621. I commend my soule unto 
the tuition and protection of Almighty God my Maker, Redeemer 
and Saviour. As concerning my worldly goods wherewith 
Almighty God hath blessed me I give devise and bequeath all my 
goods, cattells, chattells, lands, tenements, plate implements of 
household rents and reversions money jewels and all other things 
of what nature kind or condition the same be to my dearly and 
best beloved son Orzias Churchman his heirs executors, adminis- 
trators and assigns. Executors : my said son Ozias Churchman 
Richard Churchman, clerk. 

Sealed and delivered the day and year aforesaid to my said son 
Ozias Churchman in the presence of the persons undernamed, 
John Overton, Anne Woley, Edward (Edwards?). 
Inventory iio-0-12. 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 1618-22. 

Charles Churchman of the parish of Munslow, county Salop. 
Will 13 April 1640: proved 31 July 1646. To the Cathedral of 
Hereford 4d. To the poor of Munslow 10/-. To Thomas Bay- 
ton, and John Bayton, sons of Edward Bayton of Burton, county 
Salop and Elizabeth Bayton daughter of the said Edard Bayton 
5/- each. To Mary Tomkin daughter of Thomas Tomkin of 
Richard's Castle, county Hereford, deceased 5/-. To William 
Churchman, John Churchman, and Nicholas Churchman sons of 
William Churchman of Thongland in the county of Salop, Clarke 
I 5/ - - 5/ - each. To Jane Churchman, Frances Chyrchman, 
Elizabeth Churchman, and Bridget Churchman daughters of the 
said William Churchman of Thongland 5/- a piece. I make 
William Churchman of Thongland my nephew (of whom I have 
good opinion), sole executor. Witnesses: Richard Dod, Francis 

Inventory ^5-3-0. 

Consistory of Hereford, Bundle C. 1640-42. 

Alice Churchman of Cardington, county Salop, widow. Will 
13 June 1642: proved 12 June 1648. To my son Matthewe £ 4 
which he oweth me and also 32/- which he oweth to his sister 
Alice and the use thereof for six years (being 14/4). The same 


being in the whole to her £2-6-4 which sum I will pay for him to 
his sister Alice. To my daughter Anne Peate £10. To my 
daughter Alice £10 in full discharge of her portion and the money 
above mentioned. To my two daughters Joyce and Mary £12 

each. Executor my son John. Witnesses: ( ) Farr, 

srnior, ( ) ( )ington. 

Inventory £72-3-4 taken July 1642 by Richard Leawes, 
Richard Lanford, and John Langford. 

Consistory of Hereford. 

William Churchman. Will 5 April 1671. "Be it remembered 
that William Churchman late of Much Wenlocke in the County 
of Salop Cler' being weak and sickly but of good & p'f ect memory 
the sd day made and declared his last will & testament nuncupa- 
tive in these words following or to that effect (vizt) I give and 
bequeath to Maude my wife all my goode & household Stuff not 
naming any Ex r and vpon or about the 7th Day of Feb 57 afores d 
1 671 died without making any other will. Witnesses hereunto 
John Deuty, Mary Douty." 21 June 1671 (i.e. 1672) Adminis- 
tration to Maud Churchman, relict and universal legatee. 

Consistory of Hereford Register 2, (1668-1672) folio 508. 

(21 June 1672 administration with nuncupative will of William 
Churchman, Muche Wenlock, Salop, to relict and universal 
legatee Maud Churchman, no executor being named on oath of 
John Doughty and Mary Doughty Inventory £15. 4s. iod. 
Act Book 2 (1669- 1 672) p. 95). 

Mary Crattsford, Walkesslowe in the parish of Stoksdon in 
the diocese of Hereford. Will 29 March 1607; proved 12 April 
1608 by oath of John Overton and Francis Overton. To my 
daughter Elizabeth Coolinge a crown of gold, my best gowne etc. 
To my daughter Johan Smalman a French crown etc. To 
Frances Coolinge daughter of Richard Coolinge a featherbed etc. 
except the coverlet which I give to Mary her sister. To Francis 
Overton my son my second featherbed with all things to the 
same belonging. To Mary Overton daughter of John Overton 
my best brass pan. To Richard Overton son of John Overton 
my best brass pot. Tb John Overton and Thomas Overton sons 
of John Overton the elder two stalles of bees. To Elizabeth 


Overton my daughter-in-law my linen yarn etc. To Elizabeth 
Smalman daughter of Edward Smalman two of best silver spoons. 
To Jaram Overton my third gown etc. To Richard Corfild 6/8. 
To Francis Corfild 20/- and 6/- which Susan Deed oweth unto 
me. To Anne Overton my best partlet. To Widow Briscoe my 
two old peticotes. To the poor of Stoksdon 6/8. Whereas 
Richard Weale oweth unto me 2/- he shall pay i/- to Richard 
Piggott and I forgive him the other. Executors : my sons 
Francis Overton and John Overton. Witnesses : Richard Cul- 
lick, Thomas Dunne. Inventory £35-0-4. 

Consistory of Hereford, file C. 1606-1612. 

William Ou'ton, Chetton. Will 30 May 1578; proved: no 
proof. To wife Elisabeth my house and all goodes bringing up 
children. After her decease house to revert to son Rowlande and 
goods divided to him and my daughter Margaret and 20 nobles 
within next yere after, said Rowlande my son to have the cub- 
borde and coffer, best pann, the broche and al yron ware about 
the house. Overseers : John Ou'ton and Ric Cowborne. 
Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1574-1598. 

Ales Overton, Hollycot parish of Chetton, Dyocese of Here- 
ford. Will 3 September 1590; proved 12 November 1590. To 
be buried in Chetton churchyard. To sonn Rowland Overton the 
chest, benches and peynted clothes in the hall house. To sonne 
Robert Overton and John Overton 2s. apeiece. To son Roberte 
iij children I2d. apiece. To sonns daughter Dorothy my wafer 
irons. To Margery Bache alias Overton Twenty Shillinges. To 
my daughter Frances my Chaffyne dish. To daughter Anne 
Twoe yere old beastes whereof one is an heyfer thother a bull 
both in custody of sonn John. To said Ann best pewter dishes 
candelstick best panne and new gowne cloth. Daughter Ann to 
have sixe kyne kept with my son Rowlandes one whole yere. 
Residue to daughter Ann and Frances. Executrix : said daugh- 
ter Anne. Overseer : son Rowlande Overton. Witnesses : 
Rowland Overton, Thomas Levington. Richard Woseley oweth 
me 26s. 8d. 

Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1574, 1598. 

John Overton, Chelmarshe, in the diocese of Hereford. Will 
7 February 1594/5- To the poor of Chelmarshe 20/- to be put 


forth in stock at the discretion of my executors ( — ) Niccolles 
and Richard Wilckes. To Jhone Overton my wife my house 
lands and tentement in Myddelton Scriven for life if she keep 
herself sole, also four of my best oxen etc. To Richard Overton 
my son my great pan and all my waynes etc. belonging to hus- 
bandry. To Thomas Overton my son £6-13-4 within three years 
after my decease. To Francis Overton my son £13-6-8 when my 
executors and his mother and my overseers think well. To John 
Overton my son £5 which he owes me. To Elnor Overton my 
daughter £10. If my daughter mary with consent, my executors 
and overseers shall have power to make her portion £20 or £30 : 
if without their consent she to have only the £10 and the balance 
to be equally divided among the rest of my children, viz. Richard, 
Thomas, Francis and John Overton. To Katherine Niccolls one 
of the daughters of Thomas Niccolls a caudron. To Sislye 
Nycolles daughter of the said Thomas a brass pot. To William 
Niccolles son of the said Thomas a brass pan. To Thomas Nic- 
colls son of the same Thomas a brass pot. To Frances Niccolls 
daughter of the said Thomas a ewe sheep. To Elizabeth Nic- 
colles wife of the said Thomas one ( )in the keeping of 

the same Thomas. To my god-daughter Frances Overton's 

daughter of Walslowe 10/- To each of my godchildren 4d. To 

Richard son of Roger Wilkes a ewe. To Elizabeth Wilkes 

daughter of Richard Wilkes a ewe. To Frances Ouseley my 

servant 6/8. To Elnor Wilkes daughter of John Wilkes a ewe. 

Executor : Frances Farmar. Overseers : ( — ) Owsley, Thomas 

Nichols and Richard Wilkes. Witnesses : William Barnell, 

Richard Wilckes. 

Debts owing to me John Overton. 

Imprimis : Thomas Crafte £3-10-0. Thomas Dodsone 10/-. 

Anne Oseland 6/8. John Goodman 40/-. Christopher Bache 

26/-. Henry Fahan of Middleton 20/-. John Farner of Dewx- 

ill 26/8. 

John Overton owes his son Richard Overton £6-11-0. 

Inventory £142-8-6. 

Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1574-1598. 

Richard Ou'ton, Hopton juxta Staunton Lacy, Salope, hus- 
bandman. Will 9 March 44 Eliz : proved 18 May 1602. To 


be buried in Staunton Lacy churchyard. To poor that assemble 
40s. To Anne Milles als Heynes 50s. To Martha Heynes 10s. 
To Elizabeth Heynes 20s. owing by William Parkes of the Bent 

gate gent John Ou'ton of Est 

Rest of goods to my master Thomas 

Slade executor Debts owing me: It. in the 

sheriffs hand $12. Morrice Appowell 40s. William Parkes of 
the Bent gate 20s. Lewise Shepy'd 10s. Ann Mills als Heynes 
8s. Debts I owe: Vnto Mr. William Baldwin 20s, vnto Mr. 
George Hullane 10s, vnto the sheriff 8s. My master that he hath 
disbursed in my causes 15s. more that he lent me 2s, vnto my Chir- 

ourgyns for their paynes Witnesses : Elizabeth Heynes, 

William Parker, Mauld Parke. 

Consistory of Hereford, file O. (1599-1626) (old 35 in 
file 1602). 

Jone Overton, Chelm'she, dyocese of Hereford. Will 6 6 Feb- 
ruary 1612/13; proved 1612/3. (proof torn away) To be 
buried in Chelm'she churchyard. To eldest sonn Richard Over- 
ton flock bed etc. etc. and the £3 he oweth I due frely give hit 
vnto his iij children wch he had by his firste wife, viz : 20s. each 
at 18. To my son John Overton £20, best pott etc. To son 
Thomas Overton £8 he doth owe also best pann etc. To son in 
law Richard Smythe 30 strickes of corne and dittor maulte of ye 
ould messure, also on pece of syluer tachhokes frying panne etc. 
To sonn in law Thomas Nyckols Table bord etc. etc. said Thomas 
and my daughter Elizabeth Nyckols to have use for life then to 
William Nyckols thir sonne. To euery of my children except 
my daughter Elinor on syluer spoone. To euery of my childre 
childre a sheepe. To godchildren I2d. each. To servant Mar- 
garett Harley one pere of harde sheetes on napkin etc. To rest 
of servants i8d a pece. To Elizabeth Goodma' a shepe. To 
Elizabth Crafte and Winifred Craft daughters of William Crafte 
on lyttell towell apece. To Ketherin Tedstell als Farrma' my 
landlade one Willingem and to her two daughters a ould angle 
apece. Whereas owe to sone in law Ric. Smyth £50 he to have 
four of best oxen and ditto kyne in part payment, Executor to pay 
10s. to stock of Chelm'she for use of poore for ever. To Ric 
Wilkes his five children an edward shilling apece. Rest to my 
syxe childre' Ric' Thomas, John, Franses, Elizabeth and Elnor 


the best to him and her that has most nede. Executors : kinsman 
Richard Wilkes and son Thomas Overton. Overseers : Thomas 
Nyckols and son in law Rec. Smyth. Witnesses : Thomas Acton, 
clercus, Joan Acton. Debts owinge me, Elizabeth Hawse 16s, 
Alice Pountney 10s. Richard Simons for a bull 31s. Joane 
Meddow 2s.6d. Richard Overton for £4. Sum £6. I9s.4d. Debts 
I owe, to my sonn in law Richard Smith £50. Codicil (nuncupa- 
tive undated) To son John Overton peece of hempe cloth. To 
daughter Elnor peice of hurden cloath. To son John Overton 
pece of wilen cloth. To son Frances Overton and daughter Elnor 
Smith ditto. To Joan Raynols on hudre smocke. To children 
old Angel each. To son in law Thomas Nicholas an Edward 
shilling. To daughter Elizabeth Nichols a yemd kercher and 
second gowne. To Joise Croppe a apron. To daughter in lawe 
Margaret my best petticoate. To Elin Smith best gown. To 
daughter Elizabeth Nicholls second ditto. To servant Margaret 
Harley second peticoate. To servant Mary Holland worst ditto. 
To daughter in law Margaret Overton a yard kercher. To 
daughter in law Alice Overton ditto. To George Pallmer two 
whopes of corne. To Edward Eymon one pecke of corne. 
Certen lynen to all my children and the overplud of my goods to 
three children viz : John, Francis, and Elinor. Divers witnesses. 
Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1599-1626 (old 106 and 
107 in file 1612). 

Alice Overton of Chetton, County Salop, Dyocese of Hereford, 
widdow. Will 1 February 1619/20; proved 22 March 1619/20. 
Fumeral expenses etc to discretion of executryx. To sonn 
Thomas 20s. To son Rowland he oweth and rest of goods in 
his custodie. To daughter Margaret £7 due by son John Over- 
ton. To rest of children I2d. each. To grandchildren ditto, 
except John Merrys child. Rest to daughter Margaret executrix. 
Witnesses: Thomas Teskall, Jane Palmer Ric. Jones, Clerke. 
Consistory of Hereford, file O, 1600-1621, old no. 237 in 
file 1619. 

Mary Overton, Cardington, Salop, spynster. Will 20 August 
1625; proved 24 September 1625. To be buried in Cardington 
churchyard. To my father John Overton £5. 3s.6d. in hands of 
William Watkis of Comley. To my sister Ales Overton one three 


yeare old heyf er. To Edward Davis the sonne of William Davis 
one sheepe and all the rest of my sheepe to my sister Ales. To 
my sister Joane Davis best gowne. To my mother Joane Over- 
ton best hatt and all my woolle. To my sister Ales best band or 
partlett To Dorothy Russell wife of Thomas Russell ditto. 
Rest of apparell to my mother. To Thomas Russell and Dorothy 
his wife and there four children I2d. apeece. To John Chapman 
my sister's sonne 20s. in hands of Richard Ryde of Wilson to be 
sett forth at the oversight of my father John Overton and Thomas 
Chapman for a stock vntill he come to 21, and if said John Chap- 
man die before 21 then sister Ales to have the said 20s. To poor 
of Cardington 5s. Executor: my father John Overton. Wit- 
nesses : Michaell Steuens, Roger Palmer, Vrsula Ruckley. 
Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1599-1626 (old no. 
83 in file 1625). 

Robert Overton, Hollicot, parish of Chetton. Will 5 March 
1625/6; proved 24 May 1626. To be buried at Chetton. All 
to wife Mary executrix. Witnesses : Francis Myles, Thomas 
Levington, Randull Chiltonn. Wife to deliver to my sonn 
Thomas a whyte fustian dublett and a payer of whyte medley 
breeches. To my daughter Ales I2d. 

Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1 599-1626 '(old 56 
in file 1626). 

Rowland Overton, Hollicott, parish of Chetton, yoman. Will 
21 December 1626; proved 30 March 1626/7. To be buried in 
usual place of buryall. For my house in the Church yard of 
Chetton where myn auncestors have byn interred and leyde. To 
daughter Dorothy Reignolds wife of Thomas Reignolds best 
bedd and gret panne, pott of brasse mettell, great coffer second 
barrell used for drinke, to her for use of her sonn Rowland 
Reighnolds my god son one wayned calfe of this yeres breed 
& also for her one little coffer made of Ashean brasse. To Mar- 
garet Reignoldes her daughter that dwelt with me four lambs 
three ewe thother a weather lambe. To Elizabeth my now wife 
my second fetherbedd & also my best cawthorne and one brasse 
dob'nett lyttle brasse pann & best barrell. To Francis Overton 
my sonn and Cytizen of London two cowes called by name of 
Puck and Brownwife etc. To daughter Joan wife of John 


Doughty 30s. etc. also two cowes one wayned calfe four sheepp 
and one lamb, he to deliver acquittal of former contract etc. etc. 
etc. To Rose Meredith grett black cov/e called Goodluck for 
certen sume of money etc. To brother John Overton of Wilson 
two yeare old heyfer or 40s. to be set forth for William Batch als 
Overton who now dwelleth with him. To my son William 
Besides the meanes I have provided for him where I now and 
himselfe doe hue at Hollycoate one cubberd of waynescott at end 
of my table in the hall and I2d. To Rowland his son 2s.6d. 
For my son Thomas 5s. Having covenanted with sonne William 
since matching with her now his wife as to use of my part of 
house executor to have ingress etc. etc. for 40 days etc. etc. 
Executor and wife Elizabeth for 40 days to have benefit of white 
meates as butter and cheese and fodder and hay to remain to wife 
Elizabeth and my son Francis at London etc. To son Francis 
two flytches of bacon. To wife Elizabeth one ditto also new 
chest coffer of oaken boards and a bromdent that was Robert 
Overtons. To son Thomas Reighnolds and his wife one flytche 
of bacon if so mutch remayne etc. All iron ware to wife Eliza- 
beth and son in law John Doughty. Executor : sonn in law 
Thomas Reighnolds, he to pay all of "Right to be payd to King, 
Church and Commonwealth" and to son in law Reighnolds all 
corn and grayne in the barne lodged or growing in the grownd 
etc. etc. All goods to be delivered between executor and wife 
Elizabeth etc. Requests Richard Sowthern gent, to be my careful 
and wel wishing overseer. Sealed 30 December 1620. Wit- 
nesses : A. Adney, Thomas Hill, Hugh Griffiths, Stephen Orle. 
Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1599-1626 (old 180 in 
file 1626) 

Thomas Overton of Chelmarsh, Salop, yoman. Will 7 Feb- 
ruary 1640/1; proved 28 July 1641. To be buried near my 
seate in the parish church of Chelmarsh. To poore of Chel- 
marsh as a stock for ever 40s. to be bestowed by minister or 
churchwardens. To Thomas Nichols clerk my kinsman and 
Thomas Nichols his sonne my godson 20s. each and to Johan 
Nichols his youngest daughter 5s. To my couzin Mr. Fraunces 
Smyth 20s. To my brother Francis Overton 20s. and forgive 
40s. he oweth. To Cousin William Nichols and his son Thomas 
my god son 20s. and to every other child of William Nichols 10s 


and to my cousin Katherin Crope ios. To god children not men- 
tioned 2s. each. To servants ditto. To my couzings Sisley Wall 
and Ann Wall 5s. each. To Johane Heyward 5s and to her son 
Francis Goodman 5s. To children of Thomas Nicholls and Wil- 
liam Nichols my kinsmen one sheepe apeece. To Winifred 
Crofte and W r illiam Crofte the younger 2.s6d. apece. To the 
Ringers ios. To Cousin John Overton of Erdington 5s. To 
Ann Wall daughter of George Wall one sheepe. To Elizabeth 
Smyth my made servant ios. Executrix to bestow £20 in doall 
in money and moneys unto those who accompany body to grave. 
Rest to wife Johan Overton, executrix. Overseer : Cousin 
Thomas Nicholls and Thomas Wall. Witnesses : Tho. Nichols, 
clerk, Tho. Wall, Richard Welks, John Wall. Inventory £65. 
6s. 4d. 

Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1627-1644 (old 86 in 
file 1641). 

Richard Overton of Clibbery, North. Nuncupative will 20 
Aprill 1641 ; proved 28 July 1641. Half of goods to wife and 
other half to daughter Margaret, executrix. Witnesses : Wil- 
liam Smith, Hercules Hide. Inventory £15. 

Consistory of Hereford, file O. 1627-1644 (old 79 in 
file for 1641). 

Joane Shepparde, Watton in the parish of Onybury. Will 4 
July 1 571. No act. To Ales my daughter £10. To Margett my 
daughter a cowe. To Joyes my daughter a steere. To Lewes 
my son plough &c. To four of my godchildren — John Dicke 
four piggs, Gilliam Wellings a pig, Thomas Holande a pige, 
Joane Slade my best moffeler. To my brother Ellies Dicke and 
my son Hewe all the grain &c. Executors: my brother Ellies 
Dicke and my son Hue. Overseer : William Garnar. Wit- 
nesses : William Churchman, Parson of Onibury, Thomas Wode, 
John Dicke. 

Consistory of Hereford, file S. 1562-74. 

John Shepherd of Luston Co. Hereford. Will 28 April 1584. 
No Act. To Elinor Overton daughter of Richard Overton 20/- 
to be paid to her by her father. To Alary Overton daughter of 
Richard Overton 20/- to be paid to her by her father. To John 
Overton one of the sons of Richard Overton 20/- to be paid to 


him by his father. To Rowland another son of Richard Overton 
20/- to be paid to him by his father. To Richard Overton his 
wife 20/- which he oweth me. To Richard Overton one maser. 
To Walter Carpenter and his wife 20/- that John Carpenter 
oweth me. To William Wynes children 20/- out of the £3 that 
John Carpenter oweth me. To John Carpenter's sons John and 
Thomas 10/- to be paid out of the said £3. To Richard Tedsell 
20/-. To Lucas Carpenter 10/- out of the £3 John Carpenter 
oweth me. I forgive Richard Goodyarne all the debts he oweth 
me. To Sible my wife all my goods. To Agnes a Maunde wife 
of John a Maunde 10/- of the 20/- which John Overton oweth 
me. To Harry Jones I2d, and I2d to his children. Item. 
Raphe Marshe oweth me 2/-. Francis Jenckes of Ednope owes 
me 40/- for legacies unpaid. Thomas Bushoppe owes me 40/- 
which I lended him. Thomas Bushoppe is of Tugf ord. Thomas 
Tedsell owes me £4-0-2 rent of a meadow. John Carpenter owes 
me £4. Richard Overton owes me £4. John a Maund owes me 
20/- that I lent him. Walter Carpenter owes me 40/-. Row- 
land Bushop owes me 40/-. Executrix : my wife Sible. 
Consistory of Hereford, file S. 1584-89. 

Harry a Staunton of Staunton-upon-Arrow. Will 25 May 
(1571 ?). No Act. To (gone) my brother my young beast, two 
bullocks, two horses. To Anne my sister a cowe and calf. To 
Edward a Conop a heifer with calf. To Margaret a Staunton an 
acre of oats. To George Godwin of the Noke a yearling heifer, 
and to his son Thomas being my godson, a ewe and lamb. To 
Stephen Grenly, Edmund Asheley, John Hopewood, Harry a 
Nashe being my godchildren every of them a lambe. To Mylles 
Lockard and his sister Johan a yearling sheep. To William 
Lochard — To Johan ap Greffithe my servant a lambe. To Mr 
Edmund (gone) a tree growing in the Steache of (Ho)lney. 
To George Brice gentleman a poule to make a dizell. To George 
(Go) (Godwyn?) of Overstaunton a poule. To the Vicar of 
Staunton a tree. To Anne Sawier two ewes and to Johan Lucas 
two ewes. I will that my wife have my best pot during her life, 
then to William my brother. John Sawier and Ann his wife to 
have a close called Horseweise containing 4 acres for 21 years 
paying to the said Harry and his heirs 2/-. John and Ann be 
build a house in this close, the way to the said close being reserved 


to Harry and Ales his wife for their lives during the 21 years 
and to the heirs of the said Harry. Executors : John Godwyn 
and my wife Ales. Overseer: Edmund Blount, gentleman. 
Witnesses: Thomas Charlis, Vicar of Staunton, ( — ) ( — )nt, 
gentleman, John Grenley., George Godwyn the younger, Mr. 
Edmund Comewale. 

Consistory of Hereford, file S. 1562-77. 

Richard Tyler als Evans of Thongland, parish of Mounslow, 
Diocese of Hereford and County of Salop. Will 22 May 1671 ; 
proved 13 November 1671. To poor of Mounslow 10s. To 
daughter Jane three kine and one of my swine which she likes 
best, also all household stuff except one iron pott & one joyned 
or wainscott chair. To brother William Tyler my madley suite 
of cloathes. To Richard the son of my son Thomas Tyler my 
house and all the lond I hold of Mr. William Churchman and Mr. 
Nicholas his son after 25 of March next, my daughter Jane 
having use meantime and of my house. Also to my son Thomas 
my hard corn growing upon Mr. Churchmans and all my lent 
grain to my son Richard Tyler. Executor : Son Thomas. Wit- 
nesses : Willia' Tyler, Alice Tyler and others. 

Consistory of Hereford, Register 2 (1668-1672) 
folio 409. 

John Tylley of Shipton, Countie of Salop, diocese of Hereford. 
Will 25 November 1561 ; proved ( 1567) Whereas have 

taken copiehold of my house in Shipton vnto myself and sonn 
Laurence Tilleye nevertheless if son contented to suffer my wife 
Dyonis to occupie jointly while wydow and whereas there ys a 
lease graunted by John Late Prior and convent of the monastery 
of Muche Wenlocke, county Salop 8 Januarye, 23 Henry VIII 
to the said John Tylley, John Churchma' & Thomas Coattes of 
Shipton aforesaid husbandme' of certen pastures called Corsfeld 
in Longe Staunton to hold the said pastures to me the said John 
Tilleye, John Churchma' and Thomas Cotes for 81 yeres etc. etc. 
now I assign my right in said lessous called Corffild to son Lau- 
rence Tilly to occupy joyntly with my wyfe Dyonis during her 
life etc. etc. To my sonn Thomas and William thre kyne with 
three heyfer (calves-torn) heyfer of tow yeres and other yere- 
linge calves & XX t0 sheepe. To sonne Thomas a balled fillye or 


20s. etc. etc. To son Ric. iii oxen and x sheepe a bay mare wth 
her colt. To son Laurence tilley four oxen etc. etc. To son 
Laurence and wife Dyonis all my winne vessells. To wyfe 
Dionis five kine and a mare. Whereas haue vij siluer spoons, 
wife Dyonis to occupie till she die then one each to sons Lau- 
rence, Thomas, Richard and William. To Jhoan my mayd a 
cowe and one lame and one sheep. To Jhon Herrie a sheep. To 
Sisley Jorde ditto. Corne in barne and field to kepe whole yere 
to serue wife and children ditto. If sons Thomas, Ric. or Wil- 
liam die legacies to others. Rest to wife Dionis. Executor and 
executrix: said wyfe Dionis and son Laurence Tilley. (On 
back) for any matter in this will wife and children to resort to 
Mr. Thorns Ludlowe. Sealed this 10 September, 9 Eliz. Wit- 
nesses : Thomas Ludlow Esquire, Willm Paramore, Willm Blak- 
weyj John Mounslow, Willm Tilley my sonn, Richard Tilley my 
sonn, M'gery Movnslow with others, Edward Jorde', John Wyer, 
Jone Jorde' Debts owen me John Tilley the 10s September, 9 
Elizabeth. John Mounslow of Shipton 24s. which I give him 
(torn) Willm Rooe 28s,4d. Richard Wilcocks of Wenlock 24s. 
Thomas Sarrelles £8. 10s. John Mounslow tann' of Wenlock 
10s. Ric. Ostland of Ditton 3s.9d. 

Consistory of Hereford, file T. 1 541 -1 561. 


Thomas Goodwin of the parish of Bishops Hatfield, county 
Hertford, yeoman. Will 21 October 1691 ; proved 26 December 
1 69 1. To son in law William How £5. To daughter Mary, wife 
of William How, £5. To grandchildren, Mary and Thomas 
How, £15 apiece. To Mary at 16 and to Thomas at 21. To my 
sister Margaret, the wife of Thomas Odell, £10. To my daugh- 
ter Mary my older featherbed and to her husband my wearing 
apparell. To granddaughter Mary How my best featherbed, etc. 
Residuary legatee and executor : my brother in law, Thomas 
Odell. Witnesses : John Fowler, James Hankin, his mark, and 
Richard Wilkinson, scrivenor. 

Archdeaconry of Hitchin, Register 10, folio 32. 

Elizabeth Goodwin of Peters Greene, in the parish of Kimp- 
ton, county Hertford, widow. Will 24 March 1691 ; proved 27 


September 1692. To Thomas Goodwin my eldest son £5 when 
my youngest son shall attain the age of 21. To son Abraham 
£30 at 21. To son William and to his heirs for ever all my mes- 
suage occupied of Goodman Bruton in Enfield, county Middlesex. 
To son Luke all my messuage in Enfield occupied of widow 
Helman. Residuary legatees : sons William, Abraham, and Luke 
when the youngest be 21. Executor: Thomas Goodwin my 
brother in law. Witnesses : John Bigge, Thomas Jvory, Eliza- 
beth Goodwin her mark. 

Archdeaconry of Hitchin, Register 10, folio 57. 


13 September 1679. Administration of John Goodwin, late 
rector of Barnet, to son John Goodwin. 

Archdeaconry of St. Albans, Act Book (1665-1687) folio 22. 


Richard Goodwyn of Elton. Will proved 28 April 1541. To 

Robert my son. To Edward my son. To Alice and Margaret 

my eldest daughters. Residue to wife Agnes to bring up my 

children. Witnesses : Sir Wm Berye, curate, Robert Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, Book VI, 202. 

Robert Goodwyn of Ailton, Hunts. Will 5 August, 3 Edward 
VI : proved 11 October 1547. To John Goodwyn my son, copie- 
hold of my house after decease of Joane Goodwyn my wife. To 
Richard Goodwyn my son two acres of barly and a colte. To 
Edward Goodwyn my son ditto. To William Goodwyn my son 
ditto. To Anne my daughter a bullock. To Elizabeth Goodyce. 
To Margaret Yorke and Margaret Yerwell. To every child that 
William Goodwyn my brother has. Residue to Joane my wife 
executrix. Supervisor: William Baryff. Witnesses: William 
Wright, curate, William Baryff, and Richard Goodwyn. 
Archdeaconry of Hunts, Book VIII, folio 184. 

John Godwyn of Warboys, mercer. Will 14 June 1580; 
proved 1 April 1582. To son Thomas Goodwyn. To grandson 
John Falkener. To son John Goodwyn. To each of my son 


Richard Goodwyne's children. Ellen my wife to be executrix. 
Witnesses : John Stokely, and William Hones. 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, file 1582. 

John Goodwin, Morborn, tailor. Will 19 September 1584: 
proved 21 November 1584. To daughter Agnes. To son Myles. 
To son Robert. To brethren William and Raffe Goodwin. 
Executrix : wife Joane. Witnesses : Ni : Browne, Mr. Rob : 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, V, 45. 

John Goodyn of Aylton, Hunts, husbandman. Will 18 Decem- 
ber 1594; proved 22 May 1595. My two sons Robert and Wil- 
liam each xijd. To my two sons in law Robert Rydsdall and 
John Manners each xijd. Residue to wife Alice executrix 
Witnesses : John Hamin, Tho. Kingston, Tho : Robinson, 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, XX, no. 290. 

Alice Goodwin of Stilton, spinster. Will 23 August 1629; 
proved 7 October 1629. To Alice Curtis her dame, best hatt. 
To John Curtis 10s. To Ann and Marie, William and Thomas 
Curtis. To William Lacke, Anne Remington, William Fenne, 
Jonathan Homes, Simon Hunter, Robert Parr, Edward Cleward, 
Matthew Goode, Anne Briggs, Prudence Nicholls, Anne Fenne, 
Elizabeth Brush, Anna Wilkenson, widow, Isabell White, and 
Edward Remington. To Frances Goodwyn a wastecoate. To 
Edward Goodwyn one of her brother's sons of Oundle. To 
Anne Goodwyn one of her brothers daughters. Her brother 
Thomas Goodwyn. William Curtis and Alice her dame, and her 
master to pay legacies. Witnesses : Anne Fenne and Anne 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, 22, 1004. 

John Goodwyn of Stanground, yeoman. Will 24 September 
1645; proved 6 July 1647. To Anne Goodwyn my now wife. 
To Edward Goodwyn my son is. To John Goodwin my son is. 
To Richard Goodwyn £15 when 21. To Thomas Goodwyn £15 
when 21. To Alice Scismore my daughter is. To Anne Good- 
win my daughter £5 when 21. To William and Robert Goodwyn 
my sons. To Thomas Goodwyn my brother and William Cley- 


ton both of Elton, supervisor. Witnesses : Francis Thomas and 
John Sparkes. 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, original will, file 1647. 

Richard Goodwin of Elton, yeoman. Will 28 November 1667; 
proved 6 October 1668. To my 13 children £5 each. Property 
in Elton to wife, till Richard my son be 21. To Daughter 
Southgate, daughter Kingston, and daughter Henson. To 
granddaughter Elizabeth Kingstone. To witnesses : Skeffington 
Bendish, and William Fitz John. Mark of Edward Goodwyn. 
Inventory £142. 13s. 4d. 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, 24, 207. 

John Goodwin of Elton, yeoman. Nuncupative will. Died 
12 January last; proved 4 March 1679/80 Wife to have all. 
Witnesses : William Hamlyn, Elton, yeoman. To Anne wife of 
Edward Goodwyn. 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, file 1679/80. 

Ellen Goodwyn of Warboys, late wife of John Goodwin. Will 
10 June 1682 ; proved 29 October 1683. To son John Goodwin. 
To grandson John Falkoner £5. To each child of Richard Good- 
win 5s. each. Millicent and Mary Goodwin my grandchildren. 
Witnesses : William Poulter and John Stovely. 
Archdeaconry of Hunts, file 1683. 

Robert Goodwin, Elton, laborer. Will 17 March 1687; proved 
8 September 1691. To daughter Elizabeth Tansley is. To 
daughter Anne Goodwin the house I dwell in and she to be resid- 
uary legatee and sole executrix. Witnesses : Robert Fitz John 
and Mary Watts. 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, 25, folio 28. 

Edward Goodwin of Elton, yeoman. Will proved 21 Novem- 
ber 1693 ! To wife Anne Goodwin. To son Edward Goodwin, 
junior. To son Robert. Son Edward executor. Witnesses : 
ftrances Noble, Richard Barton, Mary Hamlin, and Mathew 

Archdeaconry of Hunts, 25, folio 233. 


Anne Goodwin of Elton, widow. Will 2 November 1695; 
proved 23 December 1695. To grandchild Anne Goodwin. Son 
Robert executor. Witnesses: Robert Fitzjohn and ffrancis 

Archdeaconry of Hunts., 25, folio 400. 

John Frere, Godmanchester, Hunts. Will 1 March 1547; 
proved 17 July 1548. To Amies Frere daughter of Thomas 
Frere 6 acres of arable land, 1 acre lieth at nether closse to Offord 
Ward next William Goodwyn on the