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Full text of "An English and Hebrew lexicon composed after Johnson's dictionary, containing fifteen thousand English words, rendered into Biblical, or rabbinical Hebrew, or into Chaldee. To which is annexed a list of English and Hebrew words the expressions and meanings of which appear to be the same in both languages"

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Zeplumiali iii. 9. 

Wkrtiieimer, Printer, 52, Leman St., Loudon. 



The following work claims the merit of origi- 
nality, and though it may not be perfect, yet it is 
hoped, it will greatly supply the want long felt by 
those more advanced in the study of Hebrew. 

When I was applied to at first, to construct a 
Hebrew Lexicon upon a regular plan, I was well 
aware of the difficulties which I should have to 
encounter, particularly in the English-Hebrew 
part ; difficulties, which by many must be deemed 
insurmountable, considering the vast difference 
between the two languages, the former so exube- 
rant in words, and the latter so deficient ; and how 
can it be considered otherwise, (to say nothing of 
terms relating to recent discoveries and inventions,) 
if it is thought that only those words can be received 
as Hebrew which are found in Scripture ? I have, 
however, acquiesced in undertaking this arduous 
task, principally for the good of my numerous 
pupils, whose progress in that language has ever 
been my chief aim. 

Aware of the embarrassment which the inexpe- 
rienced would feel in attempting to compound or 
paraphrase a word where it is indispensable, as 
also knowing that they must be at a loss to make 



use of proper idioms, I have endeavoured to relieve 
them as much as I consistently could ; and I have 
therefore added several thousand words, such as at 
first were not intended to be inserted ; to admit of 
which, without increasing the bulk, and consider- 
ably enhancing the price 'of the work, I have made 
room for them by dividing or omitting words, and 
supplying their place by a dash, wherever it was 
practicable. This T hope will serve as a sufficient 
apology for my having adopted such a method. 
Lastly, I have appended a number of English and 
Hebrew words, the expressions and ideas of which 
appear to be the same.* 

From the candid critic, (whom I need not remind 
not to prejudge the performance^ I have, however, 
this to ask, since he will find in the course of the 
first, as also throughout the second part of the 
work, parts of speech, constructions of verbs, and 
tenses, which are not exactly found in that single 
book, the Bible, that he will not condemn them 
as new coined ; for I have made use of no other 
words or phrases but such as are found in the Tal- 
mud and in the writings of the ancient and modern 
learned Jews, who, from Grammatical analogy, and 
by means of the kindred dialect, the Chaldee, were 
able to express themselves on all subjects fully 

^They are mostly collected from Parkhurst's Lexicon, and, | 
in order (as he says) that it might tend to fix the meaning of j 
the Hebrew in the learner's memory, and at the same time i 
entertain them in finding so many words preserved in their ■ 
language from the primitive tongue. 

VI 1 

and properly, and whose writings are far ^beyond 
the criticism of the Hebraist of the present day. 
T have only to add, that, as it would be useless 
to particularize the various authorities for certain 
expressions, dispersed as they are through a great 
number of volumes, which are rarely in the posses- 
sion of persons in this country, I will just mention 
a work in Hebrew and German, entitled "1^1^^ 
D'^Ii^lI^n compiled on the continent, about twenty- 
five years since, by the learned 3^? \2 i^"Tin"^, to 
which I am under particular obligations, as having 
afforded me excellent materials for the construction 
of this work. 



Verbs being generally considered as primitives, 
have (with some few exceptions) been placed before 
the other parts of speech. 

Where a word bears a variety of meanings and 
is differently expressed in Hebrew, that difference 
will be found particularly pointed out at first : as, 
Abiding, see Abide. 

Things which have only of late come into use, 
or are of recent discovery, and can therefore have 
no term in Hebrew, such must be described by 
their particular name in English, as also in Hebrew 


by the general term of the class to which they 
belong ; as, for Coffee, must be said, I/D^p h^^ Coffee 
bean, or I/^i^^p nJllDDH ^VD a bean called Coffee. For 
Tea, ^'CO ^hv Tea leaves, or ^tO D'^^IDDH D*"^!? leaves 
called Tea. For a Pound weight (the standard weight 
of the Hebrews being now unknown) I^ID 7pti^D 

A dash, (as noticed in the preface) coming in the 
place of a word, will accordingly be repeated as 
often as the same word would be repeated, and 
also for as many words as are to be supplied : as, 
Adverb, 4al, ^^ for bv^T) n.Sn b^ nally, 

— Tnn, for h]jiir] ^^t\ ^ma. 

The Particle /^ which has only been made use 
of as a sign of the genitive, may generally be omitted, 
and substituted by the sign of regimen ; thus, Bib- 
lical knowledge, is expressed by t^*Tp "^U^lp/ID ri/n*> 

without hu;. 

As a number of compound Hebrew words, used 
to express one English term, will frequently extend 
from one line to another, the pause must not be 
lost sight of, for if there is none annexed to the 
last word of the first line, that word must be read 
together with the first of the next line : as, Clothier 

An Imperfect tense noted in English as being 
irregular, if regular in the Hebrew, is omitted, as it 
must be formed according to the rules of Grammar. 

As a Verb may convey different ideas by the 
different prepositions annexed to it, they must be 
noticed wherever they occur. 

The plural is especially set down where it is 



The Root is given wherever the word is defect- 
ive, unless it appear in one of the words under 
the same head. 

The Chaldee and Rabbinical Hebrew have only 
been inserted either for such words as have no 
term in Hebrew, or are most commonly expressed 
by the former. 



part. pass. Participle Passive 

N. noun 

pi. Plural 

prep. Preposition 

pron. Pronoun 

R. Root 

s. Singular or Substantive 

V. Verb 

a. Adjective 

ad. Adverb 

Ch. Chaldee 

conj. Conjunction 

f. Feminine 

f. s. Feminine Singular 

interj. Interjection 

m. Masculine 

m. s. Masculine Singular 

* before a word, denotes that the preceding m. s. only 
belongs to the word or words thus marked, and which 
alone must be declined according to gender and number ; 
and the other word or words standing in compound there- 
with remain undeclined. 

" before a word, denotes it to be declinable according to 
person, gender and number. 

' ' if prefixed, denote the letter to be prefixed to some 
word ; and if postfixed, the letter to be postfixed. 

is instead of some word which must there be 


— or - supplies the repetition of the word immediately 
before, whether in the same line or in the preceding. The 
larger mark is in the place of a Hebrew word; and the 
smaller in that of an English. 

// // under some words denote that either of them may be 
used together with what is annexed. 

Hollow letters show the word to be Rabbinical. 

y underneath a word, denotes it to be modern. 


Agitate, for V^\ri 
for Appertain, to belong 
August, for ''TT}\;^ 

Copartnership,— H^tOtp 

read ^J.Vl 
— Appevtinent, belonging 

Deist, — — qtt?n3 -ib|) -_ m. s. — ^ wmp n^s 

Deluder, — see Deceiver 

Peserve,/or ' 'b '>!lSn * tDQ^D ib — • ' V^^^Sn tOQtt7)p-ib nVH 

Of. — Parah — Sarah 

for Unlikehood — Unlikelihood 




A, An, (is understood, as ^"J?]/ a Hebrew.) 
Abandon, 2iV ^ti^tOJ *nJr -ed, given up, m. s. 'ti^lOJ * H^^t 
2)^V wicked, m. s. nnci^: '^Dt^ -ment/ Dt^'^tD^ *nr]^2^ 

Abase, ^^SCi^n ♦ ^T^^DH -d, m. s. ^Siti^ *;;3D3 -ment, *n;;*':3 

Abash, D^!Dn to be abashed, D^SH -ment, HD'^^^ 

Abate, ];h| (the wind or illness) iD^np h^J^H R. ^^p -ment, 

nj^n^P *]ii;n;3 •niv'i^ the quantity abated, ;;nj; 
Abba, 3^ •"'n^R. n3i^ 

Abbey, (for men) Dw^D n^lf;r\^n^ D^^^^pni^n n^3 

Abbot, 2^ Abbacy, Db? tO^^tJ^D 

Abbey, (for women) U/^^^D nWM^n} nW^p^^n n^2 

Abbess, DSt R. DQ>^ 

Abbreviate, n^p_ -tion, -ture, n^Vp -tor, m. s. l-Vp.P 
Abdicate, iDDr ' 'D T "^i^^D -ation, HTDP* -'D ^inp'^I^P 
Abdomen, ]^3n"n'^]inn "p^n^n-^I/P Abdominal, -bt^ 
Abecedarian, 3'^^ l^^P Abecedary, H'J^ W 

Abet, n-ij * npn r. n^D -ment, nn:r\ * nnpn -tor, m. s. 

2 , ABH— ABR 

Abhor, b'v} •ajin^jp.^ -rence, m.s.^j;;^ *n2V,!\r\ *VR^ 

-rent, m. s. hi^i?2 '2Vry: * XW -^^^' "^- ^- ^^>^^ ^^-^^ 

^^.^ ^ ^ ^* 

Abide, (in a place) Tby Tin^ *nii^;i to support, ^"^pn *^?^3 

-ing, m. s. TQlxr *nti^1^ '^?/'?P 

Abject, m. s. h^p ^nna *nnp? -ness, n^.^9ti? ^iinn 

Ability, power, n^DI *n3 skill, ^3^ 

Abjuration, njt/in^? IDJ^ Abjure, Hj^^n^^B ^tJ^£)3 ^^ 10^ 

Ablation, * 'D HH^p^ -tive, (a case) ^13^;?^ DH;:. t2p 

Able, skilful, m. s. b^^'t^n t!^^K -bodied, m. s. ym 'U^ 

ris n^i)'> ^;;3 -ness,* ris •n^i'^ *prn *DVi; ^^iy 

Ably, -n 

Abluent, m. s. pnj^D ^Hl^p Ablution, pnpjH *nnnip 

Abode, V. a. tl^t^hT) l^i^ T^H * Ml^^ Hl^H -N. 2mD 

pi. n)2mt:i r. a:^** -ment, omen, n1^^ pi. nvnii^ 

Abolish, btD? -able, m. s. ^^n^. AboHtion, b^t22 
Abominable, m. s. 2^^^ ^^^ptl} -ness. Abomination, n^jtf iD 

]^f5.^ Abominate, l^lP^ * 2p^r\ 
Aboriginal, m. s. ]'\01p_ Aborigines, D*":?^? DU^In 
Abortion, ^^3 Abortive, m. s. *)r\it iibll 
Above, (in place) by 'bvj^D 'nbp,^b more than, ^D nnV 

-all, n;iti^i^nn -cited, Vin (being the initials of) an^^H 

n?;;.^? over and-, m. s. vbv 
Abound, to be plentiful, li^p *^^1'1 to have plentiful, m. s. 
li^D *1»;; riilin 'D-I *1^ V: Abounding, m. s. 

About, round, '2'^2D concerning, H;; 5 * ^2'! b}J near to, ' '2 

bring-, 2pn every vi^ay, ^J^Jt1 ^3^? 
Abreast, m. s. *nr ^^N *m **m^^ ^iNt ^Si^'i^t 


Abridge, IVpH -d m. s. l^p^ -meiit, ll-Vip 

Abroad, widely spread, 3n"197 without doors, pH/ in other 

countries, n:*'!^^ y^T^ 
Abrogate, T^n *^P5 Abrogation, HID H *h^^2 
Abrupt, sudden, D^^^^^ rough, ]n^K (person) m. s. *tn1S 

"inpp unconnected, m. s. *"13np ^i1?H -ness, *tnS * ^It^H 

niTnp *nirn§ -iy,-3 
Abscess, ny\2r\ * nm r. i^m 
Abscond, ^nnn *D7j;nn -er, m. s. Knnj 'thur^D 

Absence, pH^D (of mind) Hju**! rtn^pH R. t^D^ Absent, 
prnn (the mind) nj^/'H n'^DH -N. Absentee, m. s. * plHT 

ni/'i HDD 

Absolve, to acquit, njpj Absolved, m. s. *^p2 *11tO£) 
Absolute, unconditional, m. s. IDvT^D arbitrary, m. s. \*'^'1I/ 

not relative, m. s. "7*1?? -ly, J^CpiyH? Absolution, fllp^ 

-ory, m. s. nj^.5P n(Dl2 
Absorb, £*^n Absorpt, m. s. V^2D * V^3? -ion, Hirb^ 
Abstain, lltDti^H ^^^H -inn Abstemious, m. s. nn:i 

V T • T • - • T 

IS^nipp -ness, abstinence, nn^Jn^H *m")\r? -ly,~l 
Abstention, HJ^'^^P 
Abstract, to separate, tO'^K^SH *m?(l to abridge, 1-Vp-N. 

IVVp -ed, separated, m. s. CDt^?D * T)?? refined, m. s. pj^tp 

-edly, simply, mCOt^D? separately, ni"!?? '^^^> *^^"'?^ -iv^» 

m. s. ID^tl/S^D 'Tn^D ^n-ypP 
Abstruse, obscure, m. s. (IDDD * t}^^\D * pbi/ -ness, p^y 

">1D3 ^npnp Abstrusely, -3 

Absurd, -ity, b^^^n 1^2 'n^i^nn -ly, ^CO|lti^P "^^S 

Abundance, plenty, ih ^l"*?? *i/?!i^ -dant, m. s. 2") 
-dantly,i;9^5 ^iH^ 


Abuse, to reproach, f\l^ '^in to ill use, * "n^^ii/r^n 

"hsir^ R.i;n N.^iiiii ^pjnn 'r^p2 nWi;^ 

Abuser, m. s. ^'l^D *n"]np 

Abusive, Jl^l^ ^^inn ^^-ly,^^'ip5 * ^^^^H? 

Abyss, Dinn pi. nlDin;^ 

Academy, ti^'^lf^T^^V' "i^ical, ti?"ll^n"n*'5 ^^ -mian. 

Accede, --i nlV-) R. HVn ♦DSpH Ch. 

Accelerate, IH^ * b\!^ -ation, nn\np ^H^H? -ated, -3 

Accend, Ci^^^ P^^IH I^I/nH mi^H R. ni^'> 

Accension, np^TH ^n-lx;nn *n-)i;nn 

'tt : - tt : - ''" ' ~ r 

Accent, Dj;On ^Ip^ Accentuate, IHlJZ? 7j; D^?^ tiW 

Accentuation,*]iD5^ UJJtQ flD^b^ 

Accept, • -3 n1^f-l ♦ ^!lj? -able, m. s. "^IVn -ably, ^IVH? -ance, 

il^^ni n^5p. -ation, n^nj? -er, m. s. ^5p_;p 

Access, hi^ ny^np -ary, abettor, m. s. HI^D ^n^Di:: R. 21^0 
accomplice, m. s. •*/ "inn -ible, m. s. *V7^^ n'lp^^ -ion, 
n^Dln R. flD^ -ory,m.s. ^IpiD ^^ipl: '1211 
Accident, Accidental, casualty, H^IpP -ally, n")pP5 
Acclamation, exultation, Hynif 7lp praise, rnlD ?1p 
R. HT 

Acclivity, rijji^n n^if)? AccUvious, b^hr)} riin^ 

Accomodate, m. s. "li^D'^ JlD*; -date, to reconcile, ^HWH 

i^p:^n to supply, »n|5^ ^3^5 r. ^id -ation, n^5^? 

Accompanied, m. s. '^11? -niment, iTI^ *n"l?n -ny, * ^in 

Accomplice, m. s. "Illl *;n R. Hi/T 

Accomplish, to complete, U^^bpH *]11^3 to obtain, ti'^Wn 
to adorn, ^^3 to improve, ]pjl -ed, m. s. *'»D''^ ^^^22 


thtt} *n^D MpriD -mcnt, ♦'^D*'^nW3 '^b:^n Mipn 

.. T TT ''t\; • "*: '. ' II. 

Accompt, pBtS^n Accomptant, m. s. — 7j^5 

Accord, to adjust, HWH to agree with, DSDJl Ch. to unite, 

nn^ -N. r]^wr] ^hmdh *nnn^^ -ant, m. s. d^'Sdq 

Accost, to address, ''yj^ "l^*^ 
Account, to compute, 3i^n to answer for, ]i!l!i^n \r\^ -N. 

computation, ]l!l^n narration, T\\Vl^J2 ^ISD on- of, 

nnj/n '"^^^i? *"b^y^ *'rrn'^h]:_ on whose,- ^p ^^n 
-book, ni:jiimn ni:ii-):)in -idd -able, m. s. *iDi; 
jlnti^n \ry? -ed, m. s. niti^n •aj^m 

Accoutre, to dress, v^ll?D *n^i^ -ment, equipage, n5D"}.p 
Accredit, to countenance, D*^II|i ^^tJ^3 to procure credit. 

Accrue, to arise by profit, illH^ 
Accubation, H^DH R. DDD ^mi/D 

T - • T T : 

Accumulate, nnV -d, m. s. nilV -lation, -)3V %n5Din R. 

T ' T ' \ • T T 

^D^ -lative, m. s. P]^plD -lator, m. s. inl^; '^5I$P 
Accuracy, "Ij^"" * D'lVPV Ch.- Accurately, -3 
Accurate, m. s. ]1DD ♦ItS^^ *DVDVX:Ch. 
Accurse, ")h^t Accursed, m. s. ^11 ij 
Accusable, culpable, m. s. Dt?^iJ m^)^ -ation, * sl'l^p Til^p"^ 

Dnn^. ni^^^;? -atlve, "Pli/^n on: Dt!^ Accuse, ^J^^^p^lH 

Jipti^n *D^Li^iS:n Accuser, m.s. ^i^^ti^ip ^l^p.P ")1:)^tD)? 

]^|tt D\ti^litp Ch. 
Accustom, b-nr\ ♦"^3n (oneself) iin^JpH * ^rir^'"? -able, 

rrh^y^ * jn^p -abiy, -d -ed, m. s. b^r[ * hT\6 * ^^:n 

Acerbe, sharp, m. s. P]nn -ity, nV^nn (of temper,) Jl^np 

Ache, nio -N. ni^3 


Achiveable, m. s. n'pV"}, Achieve, H^S *^'V^ -ment, a deed, 

tipVD ^nh^y^ Achiever, m. s. n'0 * ^jf/B 
Acicular, tOinD? R. Din 
Acid, XD'n -ity, m):^m -ulate, ^BVi * V^H? ^H^ -ulous. 

Acknowledge, nilH R. riT * IDH R. -)D3 -ing, m. s. H'^M 

miQ -ment, min ^nns.i 

T TT - 

Acorn, nhl^H ns 
T - X • : 

Acoustic, the doctrine of sounds, tl^'^DpT} T^'^^l^ R. ni^ 
medicines or instruments to assist the hearing, DlDIIJl 

nsi'^mn R. Pin 

Acquaint, J^J'^'lln -ance, with whom we are acquainted, m. s. 
;;7iD *-)|>5 R. id: famiUarity, njtjn'; fellowship, nii/T 

R. n;;-) -ed, m. s. i/Tp* • • b i;il:i 

Acquiesce, nt^"^ *D3Dn Acquiescence, Hli^"^ ^nDDDHCh. 
Acquirable, m. s. J^^ Acquire, jl^'ji^n -ment, attainment, X^'p 

gain, t^^O-} 
Acquisitive, m. s. JSS^D ' 

Acquit, to absolve, tl\^^ to discharge, *1^5 -ment, ilO^ -tal, 

Dnito?) -tance, lyit^ ^n^n|5 nn? 
Acre, n'ivi^rji npbn 

Acrimonious, sharp, m. s. ^"^IH bitter, m. s. Tll^ 
Acrimony, niS^nn ^minp *'^^p. Acroamatical, pD^/ W 

Across, tipD^^j *°nnh^ ♦nnj?! *>n^3 

Act, to perform, HSi^;; *^i;| (in a play) pHV -N. 7n5; 

n^ifp • nh^i:^ -ion, a deed, nb''hv_, *n^i(^ a battle, 

n^n^P a law-suit, p^j/ "[OllJi^P -ionable, *^h^b^ ]'l^. 
-ive, one that acts, m. s. bv'l^ quick, m. s. ?nr Ch. *"l\n9 
-ivity, nVnr ^nilN'ip -ively,— 3 Actor, a performer. 


n'^J^D ^^3 (on the stage), pH^P ^j^^i/K^P R. Hl/t^^-ress, 

Actual, certain, HDS *]1:35 real, ti^^D Ch. -ually, ♦Vj^fS? 
npX3 * ]lD3?-ualness, n^r^p^? *n^fit^;2D Ch. -uate, put 
into action, HT move, ")^J^'7 uatcd, m. s. ?^"|t *"l'Ti/p 

Acute, sharp, m. s. \]2p * p'l R. pp*T (person) m. s. ^"^IH 
subtle, m. s. D^nS^ -ness, mp^ * HD");; -ly, -2 

Adamant, TDti/ -ean, ")*>Dt!^3 -ine, l^DU:/ h\2} n'^D HtS^P 

Adapt, "inxr^n * j^pn r. jid -ion, ^n;; * nj^n 
Add, ''^jt; Pippin ^nisip n3n -iWe, m. s. ^pi;. 

Adder, ]lD^5ty *;;?V 

Addict, t5^'^J5 -ed, given up to, m. s. pHiJ Ch. 

Addition, an adding to, H^Dln -al, il^pln *^p1D 

Address, to speak to, 'b^ 13^ to write unto, 'b^ DJlS -N. 

direction,n-!.;!^^^ v'^n? ;;5?"^^ '^?^? skiii, n:un ♦;;'i5 

R.!;!"* mode of behaviour, COB^D *^0?? petition, il^f^JJ? 
Adduce, to bring in, ^^'IT) R. ^^U to alledge, IDK 

Adept, m. s. p-in * inp^^^ps n\nD 

Adequate, m. s. "^ n1ti> -ly, ]i-)?^D-l * "Ti;/^^ -ness, * *T];; 

Adhere, pi'l-rence, Jl^p^H -rent, m. s. p^'i*'^ -sion, pD*! 
Adjacency, i^l^Hp -cent, m. s. 31") p 
Adjective, IHlInn Up 

Adieu, 'n "qpHn^. (M is put for m'n*;) 
Adjoin, "riK inn *"^^5 ni^n -ing, m. s. nij^ 

Adjourn, JDt "^nb^n nPIJ? -ment, l^t npn^JH '^^m 
Adjudge, OSW *-lt3 ^^^a -ment, tO^JtS^D ♦niTil 'r\h^h^ 
Adjunct, riDDln R.tlD^ m. s. pniD ^nSHD * 1<!:V3 -ion 

act of joining, nDDlH * ni^?!.'! -ive, m. s. nnnp *t^p>:d 


Adjuration, m^MP Adjure, JJ'^pn 

Adjust, to settle, H^tl/n to put in order, *3'»P">n * ]pn 

'^^1 n;?^';n-ment,n^^L^^n ^ny^^n *ppn 'n2pr\ 

Administer, to supply, p^?)ji^n * p'^?)pn * ^?^3 R. ^13 
Administration, ilf^apn * h'3^'2 -rator, m. s. Dli^n^^^lSt Ch. 
Admirable, to be admired, m. s. ^^$3 -ably, i^\^?n^ 
Admiral, Dn^^^^H D'^^-VD 21 -ship, 21 nilp? -ty, 

— ^si^j^n niip? 

Admiration, i^^a '(iH^n Admire, Hb^) ♦K^V^H 

Admirer, m. s. H^DIj^D * Vri/? ^^?? 

Admit, jn; *n^"l.n (entrance) i^l2^ <7,!i^"in ]n; -table, m. s. 
]r)^^ TI^i^T -tance, HiS^nn *mS!^-| ']VfiJ^"! 

Admonish, n^blH ' in\n R. HD*" -ed, m. s. "inn -er. Admo- 
nitory, m. s. n^DiD * •^^^?/? Admonition, Hnjin ^nnntK 

Adopt, npb (as a child) p?.^ J5^ Hp^ -ion, HH^p'? 
Adorable, m. s. ^^HP * D/pl"ip -ation, homage, * HIDDll 
nhnn Divine worship, U^tib^ ^T^^. Adore, I'lil 

Adorn, I^Jl niy -ment, niH * ^IJJ 

Adrift, m. s. pjv R. ^^)i *nnb 

Adroit, m. s. THD *fnn -ness, nn\'ip ^n^V^i^n -ly, -1 
Advance, (in age) D^p\5 ^^'12 (a loan) tlwH to aggrandize, 

^n;n to bring forward, T^H jn^n R. }J)i^ * U: to 

propose, y'Vl -N. a loan, n^]hn -d, m. s. ^15 n^H ^i;;;! 

-ment, 7M^ 
Advantage, to improve, y^^^n to promote, ^^i/lH R. hi^"^ -N. 

-ous, m. s. 3iC0 • ^^i?lD -ously, ^ID}^ M^*^?^?? -ousness, 

n^j;ln *]'\in\ *]'\ip2 

Advent, a coming, HJJI'^n R. ^^13 -itious, accidental, H^pp 


-ure, to try, np5— N. J1^D3 * ri")pp -urer, one who tries, 
m. s, nD5P a" unsettled person, m. s. J^S*1 *7p_ R. ]/1^ 
v7p -urous, dangerous, D^^D Ch. -urously, — D 
Adverb, bi;§n -)^^in -lal, - -ht^ -ially, - -^'I'Tn 
Adversaiy, m. s. ^I.^np *|pg^ *3^,1J^ *-)^ Adverse, -ly, 

oppositely, 1J3^ Adversity, nnV * Hj;/'! *3Vi; 
Advertise, to inform, X/nlH to publish, D""!!!^ i^^l'^'^ -ment, 

nvy\D 'D^2ih nvi'\D -er, -ing, m. s.;;_nl)D R. i;t 

Advice, nvj; * D];0 Advisable, -ness, HJlD? HVj; Advise, 

Vr^ -diy, ri'ii^lnnns ^njgin ni:^^n Adviser, m.s.^;;i^ 

Adulation, ^D^D R. hho -tor, -tory, m. s. hohoD * Pl?.in 

Adult, m. s. ^115 * ::'\^ pi. d'^C!>:k 

Adulterate, D^i? (liquors) SlD (metals) ^1D -erated, m. s. 

2yf? '^^n^ *-3^p -oration, n^n-)if ^Hnnj/ri *nni; 

-erer, -erous, m. s. ^H)2 ' fl^^;:: f. s. nD^^1^ *r)t:^^3D 
-erine, D^^l^t Tl^jn-ery, ^^i^: 

Advocate, y^h?2n * y^^hn r. y^h -n. p^?j -ation, nTht? 

Aerial, belonging to the air, ")^1.5;it Ch. 7t^ lofty, Hiil -ology, 

i^))^n nnin r. ni> -ometry, Tibi^n ninp nDpn 

-onaut, m. s. ")'^1^5tB*j;/pl3 -oscopy, "I'^lSin n^^^HB -ostation, 

-)^\sin nj/^pj-ostatic,--'?^ 
Afar, pinn;? * ?^1^^ 

Afeard, m. s. i^-)** * TPISi 

••T - T 

AfTabihty, civility, MID'^jt/? condescension, Hl^l/ -able, m. s. 

D^^j n^if R. n^i; -ably, mjxra *mD^j;?3 

Affair, -in^ * t;?i^ * ?0V Ch. 

Affect, to move, nb'D, l^ifH R. "li;/ to imitate, H^'in (for 
nD*ir\n) to aim at, JID -ation, ^l^^lH -ed, conceited, 
m. s. n^^r\D moved, m. s. "h *VVD IDH R. HDH 
* bH *1"'9r!'] ''"^P?? afflicted, m. s.^Vj^J -edly, conceitedly. 

10 AFF— AFO 

r\)^?11 hypocritically, ^^H 3.^? -edness, nii^il -ing, mov- 
ing, m. s. nnil/p imitating, m. s. Hl^'ip -ion, love, * HSH 
•^?L?^? ^- ^^J^ sensation, HV^^SnH -ionate, m. s. 
y\:r\ *D^n'\ •D^P^n*^^^D-ionately,^^?^5*n^:9^"ln 

Affiance, n'^'lll Ph^ to betroth, ti^li^ -N. nn.? * fiS^nt^ 

Affidavit, nil^:iW 

Affied, nn35 ^N3 m. pi. M^n *^^;;5 

Affiliation, m. s. T^h nh *1^ HH^^ 
Affined, m, pi. D^J^np * D^DlIp Affinity, nUn.p. 
Affirm, "ibij *tO'^n -able, true, ]1DJ -ation, declaration, * lISp 
IDN confirmation, HCO^n * DVP ^n^;!J^^ -ative, ^nUTTI 

ntDhn b^ r. mn -ativeiy, nv»n n ^ nco^n^ 

T T -: V *' • : XT-;- 

Affix, pnnn 'ipvD *"'3n 

Afflation, --n nn^Dii 

Afflict, -)h^ ^n^lHR.nj*' *i\^7n *n3j; *n^Vi!D ^P^V-"? 
R. pi^ -ed, nnv? m. s. ai^n *n3i;;_ *3v;; *n,iii -ion, 
"i^P *n-)V *r^' ''"^^^l *'^Ji? *3vj; ^n)P1^;-ive, 
m. s. -ini^; ^ n^j^^ip * npx/d) * d'^v:??.?^ * P^VP 

Affluence, afflux, nj^?;i^ '^/^ti^ ♦nS Affluent, abundant, 

m. s. 3T vrealthy, m. s. "T^^;/ 
Afford, (to bear expences, or to sell) TSW]^^ vID^ to produce, 

i^'^nn R. iSu to grant, p} *nn 

Affranchise, W^X^ 

Affray, ,Tpn ♦ Hn^p R. nn 

Affright, 0"^^ *nn=:)n*^r(i;!i-N. n;!2^i^ nnsi ^nni;!l 

Affront, D^^?n * pj-in * D^^jH -N. m") finb ^nn^^? 

-ive, m. s. D^;;?P *D^^5D 
Affuse, p'^^;; Affusion, Hj^'^VI 

Afloat, m. s. r\^)i nn'^ 

Afore, in time past, O^'JD/^ * Dlj^p in front, HJIt^J^n^ -hand. 


m. s. D^lpn * Clp -going, m. s. Dip -said, m. s. 

Afraid, m. s. NT * JN1 
Afresh, again, D;;?) TI;; *T\^yD ' I^W 
After, in imitation of, "1D3 behind, «n^^«t -math, * K^jP^ 
^^XVi) ^ti^^HD 'Xy^^D -noon, Dnn^^ nHi^ -thought, 

• T • T - • T ' •TT:t ..-J- O ■> 

JPJn ^fi^^ ^'^^^ I'^^i;^ -wards, -inK 
Again, moreover, *Tli/1 a second time, rr^il^ *31tJ^ *Djt?§ "T^-tf 
Against, in opposition to, "TJ?^ over-, *°n^if^ ^^^'l^^ 

Agast, m. s. T\^i:;^r\n * nij^r);^p * opln^p 

Agate, 131^ ^n'Dl? 

Age, generation, 111 century, HJ^ 'I^P decUne of Hfe, 
IRt * njpT * 17n of-, m. s. "IDV;? ni:^-)5 Aged, (person) 
m. s. ]ip.r * D'^ip^n • K3 * m^p\ -(thing) m. s. |Ci^;^ 

Agency, managing another's affairs, Hllp^ * ]111P"ID R. 
DID Agent, m. s. TRD ^ -)pnp 

Aggrandize, 71^ -ment, Jll/'l^ 

Aggravate, to provoke, D'^i??n to make w^orse, ^"IH R. i?n 

-ion, Djg? * n;;-in nlnnn 

Aggragate,V?p_'^D5ii ^3$? -N. ^^? *r]p ♦\*^3p ^'^?)*'p^^ 

-ly,^^?n *^p5 M?)'P^?3 
Aggress, ' '3 rT)| -ion, m. s. XT)yr\ -or, m. s. ni^p 
Aggrievance, D^H Aggrieve, ID^V^ -d, m. s. DJOn? 
Agile, m. s. -I^HD Agility, nn^Hp 
Agitate, ^/'^TH ^I/'^^H -(a question) HSI (in mind) If^H -ation, 

nj;;jr *nj^i:n ^ nio^i -ative, m, s. ^rj/jp *jy^;p *n?]p 

Ago, long ago, D^Jl D^P*P a month ago, a year ago, 

// V // T T 

Agoing, m.s.'^fjln ^J/JR.i^li 

fp AGO— ALA 

Agonize, m. s. HiJi/p * ^^'^'^ 

Agree, to -to, "^ D'^) 'W. D3pn Ch. to -together, ]15n 
m^ na nvn n^irr* to strike a bargain, '"DV HWH 
-able, pleasing, m. s. H^^J * D"^]/5 (to the senses, as hearing, 
smelling, tasting) m. s. ^'IV (person) m. s. DlCO Dj;/^ ti}^^ 
suitable, "^^3 -ableness, pleasantness, DJl^ * mi*]jt? -ably, 
pleasingly, —2 consistently, ]iDD7 -d, they -together, 
inn"^ ^Iti^n IID'^SDH -ment, concord, nilH^^nn bargain, 

T t; ■■ 

Agriculture, riDl^H niini? -ist, m. s. DDl^, *12'\iJ 

Ague, rjn\pn ch. nm\i "-^^M 

Ah, •'in * r\r\^ * r]r\ Aha, n^^ ^^ 

' T -: T ' T 

Ahead, further on, nN/H rashly, m. s. /HllUp 

Aid, nfjt; -N. nnrxf * nrx; -ing, m. s. -in;; -less, -iry \^^ii 

Ail, rtTTI -ing, m. s. Hyh -ment, vH * 117110 
Aim, 1513 *l"^5n -N. mj3 *1JDP -less, HJI? *'^5 
Air, to expose to the air, TVTw ^''^111 to warm, DHn R. 
'DDn -N. wind, XVn the element, l*>;ilSl Ch. gesture, HiS^Dn 
a tune, llill'l *^iy -iness, exposure, T^Tw ^^5tV1^ gaiety, 

n^ 3ito -ing, ninn j^^^iz^^' I^DP -less, -i\'!J^ ]^i??n 

-pump, nil p'^ip -y, gay, m. s. Dy ^i^ windy, H^D 

Aisle, nh^T^ n^5 2i5i^nn 

Afar, m. s. r\^^pD HinB 

Akin, related to, m. s. ' 'h lllj^ alike, m. pi. D^ipln 

Alabaster, m^t:^ 

Alacrity, n1l^n9 ^ ninir ch. 

Alarm, to surprise, linn to call to arms, iluDlJ^;?^ J/IH 

R. i;ii -N. tj^jgi ^niin^HOT^p n^iin -ing, m. s. 


Alcohol, a powder, p'l p2^ brandy, f\W y!^_ 

Alcoran, D^S^J!??^1l! ^T^ "^^^ 

Alcove, nUp 

Alderman, -j^j/n VJt/V 

Ale, n^ti; -gar, l^ti^ j^Oh -house, 1^11/ HIl^f/D n^l 

Alert, m. s. Tpt:^ * piH -ness, mTj?;:^ * r^'ivnn 

Alien, n?J *-)J R. "lit -able, DDV R.22V saleable, m. s. 
-|:3Q^ -ate,3^Dn *iDD *-)3: (the heart) 2^ I^DH -N. 
m. s. -)-|iD * iriD -ation, Hn^DH * HIOD (of mind) 

T T • -: T • : ' 

D^D "^i:i:?> *n;!'i ^3^? R. bb2 

Alight, Th; (from a beast) hvj? ^^J 

Alike, with resemblance, m. pi. 'D'^W *D^p11 R. Hlti^ * HDl 

• O • O (as V^1"r^it? 13^3 Hke master like man.) 
Aliment, (17373 -al, alimonious, m. s. 73/3^ R. 7l3 
Alive, m. s. "^H keep-, H^n * H^nn 
All, ^3 at-, HDIi^D not at- nD^^D Ti^ -one, l^^? IH ^SH 

-over, 733 
Allay, (metals) J^'D 3 3"!;^ to pacify, j;;''^")n -N. D*"^^? 
Allege, to affirm, D^H * T^Jil -able, m. s. 1^] -d, m. s. 1511 

R. t:: 

Allegiance, 113;;.^;:^ Ch. * n;;;3n -ant, m. s. TS^ti^P *j;j3? 

Allegory, ]1*>P'n * ^^D ^t^^ll'l -rical, -^ll? 

Alleviate, H^nn "^pH R. ^^p -tion, -tive, m. s. ^b"^pD 

V ; - 

Alley, riyr] * nXlVD 

Alliance, nn3 (by marriage) IIDH Allies, nn3 \^^3 

Aiiision, nti'^;^ *-P|99 

Allot, --^ ]™ p^n -ment, n:jn;3 *n^D 'phn *^3n 

Allow, to grant, ]h^ (an allowance) ph ]ilj to permit (him) 

l3r)? nr\xn;?^-in to admit, "^ niinR.nT *D3pnch. 

14 ALL— ALT 

to abate in selling, r\}^1JD tflj -able, m. s. jr^) ^HK^T 
-ance, Jl'^Si^-) '^^V^ ^PH? *P'^ 

Alloy, ^ns *-ap 
Allude, Dh *rb-ich. 

Allure, nna * i^^l^n * H'^'in * n^pn R. n^'D N. -ment, 

''in?) M^^^?^^ ^D'^l? * n^pp * t:^j?.lD r. ts^p*" -ingiy, 
]ii^^^?)? * nnpnn 

Allusion, ton * nr*»D-) -sive, m. s. T^HD Ch. 

Ally, rr^nn nhs (by marriage) \nr\nn -N. m. s. *|rjnp 

Almanack, HJt^H Hl^ pi. nlHI^ 

Almighty, ^"IJti^ 

Almond, l]^^p * nip.^ pi. Dnp.^ 

Almoner, m. s. Hp^lV ^^?^ Ch. -y, nl^ril? np.^H M'^n 

Almost, 'tDi;?^ 

Alms, HjPiv * C)'^'!^^?.^ n;jn;5 -house, d^ v^^n rv^, 

Aloes, D^^^^^"n^^ Aloetic, -^SJ^' 

' • T t: • ; 

Aloft, above, 'pj;? * h^r^D R. H^' on high, DlID * Dn? 

Alone, -nn ^nn^ *niTn^!i 

Along, at length, ^"}i^h onward, H^t^H -with, VJJ all-, 

• T T •• 

Aloof, piniD 

Aloud, ^115 ^ip? 

Alpha, p)']^^? -bet, y^n nvni>^ -beticai, n'^^^ nip? 
Already, nni? * nv'D * "in? 

Also,D5 *^^it 

Altar, nD3 (for sacrifices) HStD 

Alter, to change, Ullti^ ^^''^'Hri to reform, ]pn -able, m. s. 

n^if;] *tlbn;» ^li^n^ -ant,m.s. n0t? *>i^^np *jpnp 


ation, w '^^hn *]^pr\ -ative, toyp tojfpn ^^a*^n 

-cation, 2'*"1 " Hl^l R. n^"^ -nate, -nately, -nation, nl£)*'^n 

-native, D^n^p nm nyn:^ 

Although, D:iQ^^ ^3 D5 f].^ 

Altimetry, UMH nTlD n^DH 

Altisonant, high sounding, D''D*)1 D\711nil 0*^*15'^. 

Altitude, height, ^35 * Dn 

Altogether, completely, 7^7? * ^/^ without exception, ^THij^? 

Alum, *in3 

Always, constantly, jlif DJt/D 7p!l perpetually, * CD/li// 

• T 

Am, (is understood, as "^iJSl I am.) 

Amability, D^jli * ]n R. * pH 

Amalgam, U^m -ate, J1D * n^i/ -ation, l^^n^lli; 

Amasment, ni^^ * V'^Bp^ * H 5•^P^? Amass, -|r^* 75^ *J^b^«t 

Amateur, (of arts) iJ^D HDDn 3ni.^ R. I:T -ory, ^^/ 

Amaurosis, D^J^j; niH^ R. HHO 

Amaze, astonish, DDl:^ * ^'^b^n -N. -ment, * ^ID^^ " ^?^|) 
n0 -edly, -3 -ing, m. s. i^^^5? ^J^^D? -ingly, 

Ambassade, n^^^?^5 -dor, ^^bD * I'^V 

Amber, DHVP ^S? * ^P^H -gris, "^nV 

Ambiguity, -guous, m. s. HDpP * D^HD -guousness, H^CP 

-gusously, —2 * P??P5 Ch. 
Ambition, 3^ n^Hnj -ous, m. s. -1133 * ^iTfl*! * 2b * H^f 
Ambuscade, Ambush, the lying in wait, m. s. "7 ^T])^ 

a place of surprise, 3*^^.0 
Ameliorate, ]pr\ Amelioration, H^fyi 
Amen, ]ps 


Amenable, m. s. * llS^H \r)h *Tpif * ^py^, M^P 

Amend, to grow better, ^n*n 3"•p^^ ^il^njl T}/\J^ ^"^^ 
-ment, reformation, H^lti^ri recovery of health, ^^^^D■! 
improvement, \^'pPi 

Amends, recompence, 71021 satisfaction, D^piv'ti^ 

Amenity, niton lf2Vp 

Amerce, mV -ment, mV 

Amethyst, n^/Hi^ 

Amiable, m. s. 3in§ * ]n *bjl2 -ness, ]n 'DH': *r^^2'}V. 

Amicable, m. s. ^IVn -ness, ]^)i'^ -ly, — D 

Amid, Amidst, " "^inn ' "2 

Amiss, CO=it^DD N^ * h^V 

Amity, nini< * ninn^. 

Ammunition, n;::n^o^ nny *nip "^^3 

Amnesty, nn'^VP 

Among, Amongst, "*^^n5 ^''pS* "2 

Amorist, ll'l * 1^^^D Amorous, m. s. Iinn^ *")"l1t;D -ous 
poem, D^3Ja n">^ -ously, pJ^H^ * nani^S 

Amount, *^ni;n tibji -N. ^-ii; * ^"in ^p 
Amour, nan^^ ^n^^^. 

Ample, copious, pfiD *3"1 wide, m. s. npP -ness,*rnn 
p12)P **"l-l-! -liate, -lify, nnH ^^^"l^H -liation, -lification, 

npsDH *nmnn-iitude, Hli *m"i 

'T T ; ~ T T ; — ' V ~ V 

Amply, nm *n5 

Amputate, nhS * V^jP -ation, Hnn? 'H^'^Vi? 
Amulet, ^'^JDj^ 

Amuse, to entertain, VJ^^J^tl} to deceive, H^n 
Amusement, ;;i::^jt;;i^ Amusing, m. s. j^ti^I/^P 
Anachronism, D^JTli/n ^IVt^^S nii/O 

ANA— AN K 17 

Analcct, D^'^ll^^ Dn3n;9P D^pip^ 

Analoo^ical, ]1^P"1 ^"11? -gous, m. s. ••? Df2')1 -gy, li^D*! 

Analysis, Tng -tic, 111 § W -lyze, Tn^H 

Anarch, m. s. ^?>?P R. hh2 -y, S^nun^ *^1B^3 

Anathema, D")n -tize, D^'inil 

Anatomist, m. s. nri3p Anatomy, niDSH nippH 

Ancestors, nl^lj Ancestry, nSt H^B * Hl^lD R. ^T^"^ 

Anchor, \:'\j:2 ihn -N. .T^i^^n-J^i]/ -age, ground for 

anchoring in, —I^'I'^rin J^lpD 
Ancient, old, ^^blH (person) ti}^U}^ long since, D7i?.P 'fy* 

D*'?1*:fJ5n D^p^n -s, who lived formerly, D^'^lt^i^l nl3JJ 
And, 1 (always prefixed, as 7^1 and all.) 
Androginal, D^^P^ R. HDtO * PlJ^h'^m 
Anecdote, ni^^j/O ")V::iP 

Anew, tr^inzD * n^'y^ 

T T •• 

Angel, D'^^7^?"'^^?^P -ical, like an angel, — D 
Anger, D^ypH *P1^VP.^ ^t^^lH -N. D;;? *^V)? *?;?'! 
Angrily, — H Angry, —^7D 

Angle, nsnn ;i^i'n r. ^n *jn -n. (to fish with) n^n a 

corner, j;Vpp * HJS ^Jl^lT R. HIT Angular, nll/VJ^P 

Anguish, -iivD ^HT^ *plVD ^np^1vp 

Animadversion, "ID1D %nn:Dln -vert, iD*" *n^::ln R. HD"^ 

Animal, a living creature, n*n gross, Dt^iJ Ch. 

Animate, to enliven, iTH * n";nn to stir up, 2^ XJ^.^ I^?.D 
-N.n*n i:^5p -ed, m. s. '^H *3^ \'*'P>? -ation, the act of 
animating, 27 ilV"^?^'"? -ative, tending to animate, m. s. 

Animosity, H^ ^j^ * n^2\l^ 
Ankle, ^Dlp 

18 ANN— ANT 

Annals, D^P*n"nni Annalist, m. s. -"l^StQ 

Annats, first fruits, D^in^S? annual masses, HlD^^ ^"l^tL? 

T T : T T // •• • T • T // • T • 

Annex, TD^n n^n * "TH: -N. m. s. T^V? '">5D'? 
Annihilate, nnDH *T'3i^n -ed, m. s. n^D? *135? -ation. 

Anniversary, n:3ti^n-n3j^-n;:D n;D^D^-D\'::'^^ m 

^ tt: //tt "• t-t//'t: 

Anno-domini, Dn^^liin riro*? H^ti^ 

Annotation, -|1^B 'niVn -tor, m. s. -i^;tnp * "inll/p 

Announce, n?2^3 *>''*!in -ment, Hniti^-i * lij/^i;:: R. v^^ 

Annoy, D^I/DH * V^^, ' "^"^V ' V^^ -^^^^e, D^;? '^nh *nn^ 
-er, m. s. D^^pD ^^Dl^ ' nnl^ 

Annual, D^^^^ '*n:i^h -ly, HD'^;::'^ D''D^^ 'Hiti^i n:::^nD 

•t: tt; '^ T«T -t; tt; tt 

Annuity, H^t^h ph 

Annul, K^:n n^DH *^o:a 

Annunciate, 12i^5 Annunciation-day, Hlj^n ^"^"^ 

Anoint, \m2 PIJ^D 

Anomaly, Hir -lous, IIDD COSti^^D t^^^i^ 

Anonymous, D(^ 721 *'^?1;::?K 

Another, not the same, m. s. IT}^ one more, m. s. *ltl^ lli? 

Answer, to reply to, n^^H ' HJi; to solve, pH Ch. -N. 

n^WPi *n3jg.;5 *^n.]1 -able, accountable, 1^^ li;! 

admitting of reply, X^Vi^ suitable, m. s. ^IDJ 

Ant, n^O: 
T T : 

Antagonist, m. s.*T|3np ']:g'^ *-)^ 

Antarctic, H^^H *3^5 ^;^ 

Antecede, D*lj5 -cedence, nD^*Tp -cedent, m. s. 'D'lp -cham- 
ber, D^l^^ noting} -date, \t2\ D^fpn -diluvian, m. s. 
h^2r^n ^:^h *n\n Antelope, "^nV pi. ^^^y^ -meridian, 
Dnn-^n ^55) -mundane, in^l h^h 1101^ -penult 


njiini^n;? n^p'^hwn n}i^:r\ r.;;i: -nor, m.s. ♦Dip 

^;^h -riurity, nDnj? 
Anthem, ti^lp HT?:^ 

Antic, m. s. DWD * hbjiD Anticiy, n^bh^\^ 

Antichrist, nVl^ ^^""b *Ti)?n? -ian, DnVlSn nilD 1-3: 

R. ni'' 

Anticipate, to prevent, "D ^^T^ to foretaste, DJ^H nJn 

D^:?D>'p -cipation, 'D Hpii^n *D^;?.^p ]??pT}^ r'^^O 

-convulsive, n^^H ."I'i'n^nn ^\>;n R. ^in -cosmetic, 

m. s. ni^n^n '^pl'^ n'^npD -dotal, -dote, DP7 npni;! 

nmn R. P]n -monarchical, m. s. r\bD ^h'^DDh 1230^ 
-pathy, hv'^ -podes, ir^;n nl2)!3 ^1D Ut^V -podal, 

— ^;^ 

Antiquarian, ni'^:3iD7p_n J1D^?P (i^Hll -quate, n-?3 -que, 
m. s. n^n * (^13 R. itt^*" -quity, time past, nV^iDni^H D^^^ 
long ago, D^nn D'^D'^p 

Antiscorbutic, m. s. 315 H "^ti^ln -thesis, contrast, 
"iniD CD^t^p opposition of words, D'^I^^^np^H Dnn.1 

nr n^^ nr -thnitarian, t^^^^^n n^j^5 ^V^^ -type, 

-typical, m. s. n^^.VD R. IIV 
Anvil, Dj;§ 

Anxiety, trouble, HJiJI. Anxious, J t^T 
Any, (thing) nD"! M^^lb^P (person) H^KT t^\S^ (man) 


Apace, ti/^n *nnnr2^, ^r?n3 

Apart, pinnp n3^ R. "na -ment, IIT} 
Apathy, coldness, r\^^7I^5^'7 "'P^ indolence, T^r?'^il 
Ape, 7nn -N. a monkey, ^1p a mimic, m. s. /Tinp 
Aperient, a purgative, IDJID IDUD WW? 
Aphorism, 773 

20 APO— APP 

Apocalypse, ITtn pi. DiiVrn R. HtH -tical, ~hp 

Apocripha, t^ip ^^'y,^h nlHspp -1, nfpp 

Apologize, p''"TVn*V\^n R.p^ (oneself) ^^mr} *b'^^T\7} 

Apology, t:^£)3 nip5 ^mp'i^pvn * ri^^-v^nn 

Apoplexy, DliSn?)"!!??) * p1]1^n"'^^1n -plectic, -^^ 
Apostacy, Hl^S^P '}JU}^ -ate, m. s, IDID nn*1 I^DD 
R. -T^D • DDlfii^n -atize, m. s. *in'1 "I'^DH 

Apostle, on vi3n nninn noiD r. ht ^hd'^ 
Apothecary, HDnn^ rinpiD npl") 

Apparatus, furniture, n^jn ^^3 tools, HD^^p \^3 
Apparel, U}2h '^'Hlbn -N. ^^n*?^ n;53 ^^03 R. HDD 
Apparent, m. s. ^^b^ R. H^: *D';:''i;.^ m^n? Apparently, 

Apparition, a spectre, ^^^5^ rvim pi. nlivrn R. nrn 

Appeal, D^ti^p ^^Ipn -N. CDpL^^D rin^JpH Appellant, m. s- 

mpr2 *:inp;? 

Appear, n1^^")n * Dt?\T^ -ance, show, niSt^Q 

Appease, D'^^Q "1^5 * H*^"! **l?!i^ -d, (one*s anger) m. s. 

npp^ *in9n (a longing desire) m. s. *i]i;;i H' 

-ment,nn§? '^^)^'l 
Appellation, title, ^^^'2 U\l} a name, U^/ pi. V^'O^ 
Appellative, ^bh^ DVj; D^ • 

Append, nsn * ntp -age, -ix, "11 -in *nnspp 

Appertain, to belong, "b ^bm (as ^^^^ IDv't^ or ^IH 13^ 
it belongs to us * TM^'^ ^U7 who do you belong to ?) 

Appetite, hunger, ^?''5^?^ T\))^T\ longing, Hl^^ri 

Applaud, mp * ^^15 Applause, U^f * HDl -l 

Apple, n^2jn (of the eye) ]y_ p2 ^22 

Applicable, |13^ *"^^i^'l -cation, the act of applying, Hp^Jj/n 
n^DH industry, ''b ^b m^P *mVnn -cant, m. s. 

APP— AHA 21 

TDhr\ Apply, to study, Tb^ to suit to. \^pn 'l^lD to 
adress to, "7 "IZl'l 

Appoint, to fix upon, hi!, DW Tp^JH Ip^^n ^I'^^l nhn 
to determine, pn -ed, m. s. p^H^ (place or thing) l^TlD 
(time) TJ^rlD (sum) ^D'^n m^^ (man) "linn ^^r)]/ S^^-'^jt 
-ment, a salary, ph a post, HTip^^^ip^^^tion, 11^?^ * rTTIi/Jl 

Apportion, pvll 

Apposite, m. s. pDj -ly, -D ^nm *"n^:h -ion, njDin 

R. PID^ 
A ppraise, ^^"Ijn -ment, ^1^ -er, m. s. T^"]];/? 
Appreciate, 2i^n 
Apprehend, to arrest, K^DjT) to comprehend, ^^i^H * p2n to 

fear, iST -sion, Hti^^iin ' Hy^H ^^:n^ *n>^-l^ -sive, 

m. s. pn;? \s-i;! 

Apprentice, "]^:n -ship, ^^^'^^^T;]:! "^^B^n "'D^ 

Apprize, ;;nin *trx n^^ n^5 -ed, --^ j/ii: nh^: t^n 

Approach, to draw near, 3np^ * L^JJ -N. m^lp * n;?^^. 

Approbation, l1^^'^ R. HV"! ^npSpH Ch. 

Appropriate, to set apart, /"l^n * ti^lpH Appropriation, 

Approvable, m. s. nVni 'D^P.;' Ch. 
Approve, ' '1 ni^") * D^^DDH -ed, m. s. '^1^^■J ^D^DO Ch. 
Approximate, m. s. 3l1j^ -ation, Jll^Hp 
Appurtenance, "7 Iti^Sl 

April, |D^: •;1c^^^^-)^t:^■T^ 
Apron, rrnl^n 

Apt, ready, m. s. -T^Hp '\2M2 R. ]1D *^1^X; Ch. qualified, 

m. s. ^IKn -itude, njIDn *]1")tr3 -ly, ]1-)5r?-l M^^J? 
Aquatic, D";»5 »H5 -educt, 0^5 H^j^n ^IK 
Arab, ^'ly^ Arabia, n^g Arabic, 0"^?-)];; p:2^^ 


Arable, nJ*^ Aration, HK^nH 

Arbiter, Arbitrator, m. s. It^DD -rariness, H'lV^^iy. -rarily, 
-2 -rary, m. s. y^lJl -rate, "l^S * V'^H -ration, * nn^5 

Arboreous, D^VI?. ^^ -"st, m. s. D'^V^fC' nVJ^^tO? -Ijpnp 
Arbour, HSD R. ^DD 

Arcade, nis?n "inp R. ^1^:: 

Arch, ^33 -N. part of a circle, n|iD the sky, 'D'^J^Wn n^S 
a chief, mi ^^iT5 -angel, t^NHH r^^^O -bishop, 

ti^^i-)^ ]l^jn ch. in2"|^p -deacon, ^^pD:?nn Tj^§ 

]n3n"]3P^ -deaconry, n^pp -duke, ^^^NIH f]^h^ 

Archer, ri^p_ nni") ^n hii^ -y, vn n'^n^ ^?^.^P 

Archetype, m. s. "I^VP R. "IIV 

Archiepiscopal, t^^t^in irl3"(^P ^^ -pelago, D•^^.^? nj 

Architect, a builder, D"^3in 3") -ure, J'^^H UDDH -ural, 

— ^r 

Archives, D''T3-1 M"'!! 

Arctic, n^?lDV 

Ardent, eager, m. s. P)p5? * P)?."iJ^P Ardour, t]Di * Hpjltr^n 

Ardently, —1 Ardous,m. s. n^|5 ni^ 
Are, (is understood, as ^J^^^? D^^^? we are bretheren.) 
Area, a surface, "HlDp * D'^?^ 
Argue, riDjn *n?l]pn *^g^5P R. ^^D -ment, ^^^^^^ 

Arid, m. s. ^21 *2ir\ Aridity, tt^y^ n^h 
Aries, (the sign of the Zodiac,) HyP vtD 

Aright, piv? *")^''3 *i1:dj? 

Arise, to stand up, Dip to ascend, Hv^ 

Aristocracy, D^'^nn ]1D^PP -tical, ^^ 

Arithmetic, n^t^^nn HDiS^D -al, --"'D^ -ian, m. s. 

ARK— ART 28 

Ark, nnn -m^ 

TV ' T 

Arm, to take up arms, npn?^? V/HH *ntSI]in to provide 
another with -s *p'^"!n -N. the Hmb, J^llt (of the sea) 
D»n ]'\ti;b -bearer, D^^D ^^Ci^13 -pit, H^^V^ -ament, a 
naval force, nV^b^H ^^TH a store house, T^^^DD -ed, m. s. 

p^n -ipotent, nmbn -)13| -istice, n9n7;pn nTpx;. 

-our, lO?.^ *P??^^. -ory, a repository for arms, pti'^ ri^5 
ensigns armorial, JlTlBpt^n T^DT^h -s, weapons, 

n?2nbD '^^:D-y, xn^ *^»n 

Aromatic, n'^'l ]hj Aromatize, np^in *DSS^3 
Around, D'^DD 

Arouse, -inii; *-orn 

Arraign, D^?^^itn ^^b^ -ment, H^ti^i? 'H^tD^^ 

Arrange, T?'!? ' T1i!.'tJ *'^1P -ment, HJpn ♦^^n^ niD 

Arrant, very bad, m. s. ll^p ^1 

Array, to put in order, *^^"ljt?n to dress, t!^5f D -^' i^ order 

of battle, n?2r\hBn riDir^ dress, D^l)2 T^V 
Arrear, UlnH "IH^ 

Arrest, to seize on, ii;^r\ to stop, "iVj^ -N. nK^'^^jn *")VjyD 
Arret, n'^.D^^H niT^ DJnS) 
Arriere, n1:n?n f^Di^tp 
Arrival, n^S^!! Arrive, iSll *j;;"^5n R. ^}2 
Arrogance, 3^ ]i1T R. Tit ^mt;; * HJX/n R. tt]/ -gant, m. s. 

*TrTrp *r^^2^ r;; -gantiy, n^ liin *mrj;-i -gate, to 

claim proudly, m. s. *13pp 111715 ti^p.5 ^^ assume, nj^^Hil 
Arrow, \r] R, V^H * J^^i^"! 
Arsenal, p:j^: n^B * HVS^n 
Art (is understood, as nillSt "^D? ^'^o^<^ «^^ ^hou ?) -N. science, 

n^^^i^ skill, r\y\2r\ cunning, n^ij^ 


Artery, p^l-qn T.1 pi. B^^plil/ * DH^-? 

Artful, cunning, m. s. Dll^ -ness, HDnj^ * nD"!P -ly, -3 

Article, "d;; n?nn niti^n -n. a stipulation, ^K3^ * n^^wn 

(the definite-) HlJ^l^n 'H Articulate, m. s. inB * t^lpi^ 
-ly, "n^?!? *ti?1")Q:? -ation, the act of pronouncing, 

Artifice, fraud, npiP ^^^P"? ^D'^'??? *™i?^ -^^^^^ 

Artillery, Hn'i n;p ^-Ip^^p '^^:p 

Artisan, a tradesman, HDb^^P ^^^5 "ist, i?0^^ * 3?^^^ 
Artless, honest, m. s. DH unskilful, m. s. njlD^^ ^#*"^?P 

-ly, nrp^^^v^ ^b'D, 

As, because, ^3 in the same manner, "Iti^?:??* "3 as well as, 
• O -O (as nmnJD nnSt^^S servant as well as mistress.) 

Ascend, to mount, Ti^JJ ' r\'':i:n * DM -ant, height, H?: * D^ 
a superior, m. s. ti^N") -ancy, p1^^ * "IHlD 

Ascension, niDplI * .T^j^:. Ascent, nb^p 

Ascertain, to make certain, ]1D:^ ^^*:1^D * D^H * D^pH * Dllp. 

R. Dip -ment, n:?:)^^ ' n::)bn 

t ' T T -; T T -: 

Ascribe, • • b 2'^n DH^ (for ^n"^ Heb.) 

Ash, ]n^^ 

Ashamed, m. s. mi *D'7D:) n^iH 

T : • •• T 

Ashes, 5^*1 nS^ (of a dead body) "IDXT 
Ashore, D»n nlH n b ' Ht^^n^ 3 ^ 

T - I // // T T - II II 

Asia, D7.i^.n ^-J.iJ Asiatic, - ~D 

Aside, nvb *nn^ r. ny ^ ma 

Ask, to require, 7NJ^ to request, Hi/ 11 * ti^|55 

Asleep, m. s. \P'^ 

Aslope, DlpXf Ch.r^l^^P Ch. 

Asp, a serpent, Il'^ti^j;; * \T)% 


AsperaUs Ht^^pll Asperity, ^pj:>^ 

Asperse, HBl S^V^'"^ *'?''^ ^"^5 -i^>»' ^?1 * '^'"^ 

Aspirate, t!^1")D2 ^^4?5 * ^P? -ation, a full pronunciation, 

iSO??pn n;^>5 Aspire, ^?n 

Ass, lV2n fern. ]1n^ wild-, liny 

Assail, to attack, ' '2 rjn?^r\n^^]ji^ -ant, ni. s. HH^np ^jL^JS 

Assassin, inD^ t^^DJ H^D * nVH -ate, nnp? ^^^^^j^ H^n 

* n^H -ation, inu n^D R. nD3 * nn^vi 
Assault, --n ni^nn ris -n. nn:n \nr>:) 

Assay, to try, ]h2 -N. H^^Hn 
Assay er, m. s. iniB (of metals) ?inV/? * ni1':> 
Assemblage, pnp * H^P^? nnV-le,tomeet,*^P^n ^^nj^n 
X2pn to call together, vnjP ''^D^ * ^HpH -ly, ^3^ '^'7^ 

V^inp * n^ps: * nn;;. r.!!/** house of-iy, riD^sn n^i n**? 

Assent, -^ H^^l * DSDH Ch. -N. n^^n ^r^r^^Vn 
Assert, to affirm, DX3 * ibSt -ion, Dt^? n?p^^ 

Assess, nis: ini;n * dd^ ]'m -ment, *^-)jt; * dp 

Assiduity, nitnt Ch. ^nHpti^ -duous, m. s. Tnr * Iplti^ 
Assign, to transfer, 1"[h Hv^ *lDD to appoint, 7]/ Tj^^n 
-able, nW^ *"1P?1 -ation, -ment, nn^^pp * Hllpa -ee. 

Assimilate, "y H^*! 

Assist. -It;; ^v^mn* "h 'iDV -ance, *-)ri; *nyi£i^^ *i;ti^'' 

nyX -ant, m. s. ntiy *I/"^t2^1,0 
Assize, a court, ]n^ D^P^lJ^^H fin^:^'! the fixing of the 
price, weight, &c. Hlip ^?^i? "^^V^ 1"]i( R. 1*TD 

Associate, inn (oneself) inn nsnnn *;!];linn r. nx;i 
-N. nan *^n -ation, nnnn * n^si. 

Assort, nip • "^ngn -ment, -j-Tp ^Hpil/p 
\s>suage, to ease, ^pH R. ^^p * n§"!«n to pacify, -|3?i^ 


-agement, -asive, m. s. v'^pD * HS")? -ager, m. s. *^2^D 
Assume, to arrogate, H^jt^jin *ni7l5 t^JpH to take, Hp? 

-ing, m. s. Hi^inD 'ill^nil *t^i?.3P -ption, the taking to 

himself, 17 Hn^p? -ptive, m.s. H^lp 
Assurance, security, n(^3p * HIl^K arrogance, Tilty 
Assure, H'^CpiIin 

Assyria, ^W^ Assyrian, ni^T^t 
Asterisk, ni^^h 3^13 R. IW 
Asthma, ViM Dip Asthmatical, m. s. HII IVp 

Astonish, "^r;;2 ^^^^?)n ^n^pnn -ed, ^n^^nt:^^ ^tin^in 
DDint^^n * DDl::^ * Di^n -ing, -iInd i;; ^nx^D^ ^ij^^d^ 
-ment, N^s Min^D %n^ti^ * HDDS!^ ^n\^::^ 

Astray, m. s. Hl/h *n^.ii^ lead-, Hjf/nn ^nJp^^ * n^'^lH 

Astride, with legs open, D vJ1_ plt^DlIl 

Astringe, tO'^p^ nif;; -ent, m. s. CO^p * "IVliT 

Astrography, D^DDISH riDnjLfD nj;^^. 

Astrologer, D'^njl^? r\)p -gy, D'^nplSH Jllnl^^ fi;;*''!^ 

Astronomy, ni^T^m D^n::i3n n^iDn n;;n^ -icai. 

Asunder, l-)£33 ^HD^ R. 113 

Asylum, T\X;)r\1^ ' ID^pD 

At, by, in, --2 

Atheism, H^i^n Hti^nDH Atheistical, h^ 

Atheist, ribi^2 tit^n^p nj^rn n?lDCh. 

Athletic, strong, m. s. DIVj^ lusty, m. s. nip ♦t^^'^ij^ R. TTID 

Atlas, a collection of maps, ^^li^H DfeD 

Atmosphere, Hnn ^^^| R. ^^jl 

Atom, PI R. ppl nn? Atomical, -^;i^ 

Atone, n;;n °^i; laS -ment, HISiD 

Atrocious, (person) 01 * "Tllf^D i;*! f. T\]W^}2 nl^D Hi/l 


(act) S^l nCJ^I/D Atrocity, n^J^^/n Atrociously, ~2 
Attach, to seize, S^DJl * Th^t to fix to, p21 * T'PVn to gain, 
over, D'^nnin np7 -ment, fidelity, ]Dti adherence, 

pin*! ^T^^ 
Attack, --n y^a *n-ii:3nn -n. nv^^:^ *^yi!^ 

Attain, l/^'iin ' }^'^n 'K^D -able, J j^^ *i^)^B'' -der, a taint, 
^DT r^2'^r\:\ ']^*n^^)^0 -ment, an acquisition, HJ^^n 
a quality, H^I/D -t, to dishonour, ^Si'l ]hj * Jl;; iSi;^ 

Attempt, inn *t^i53 -N. nrnn * nj^p^n 

Attend, to wait on, nnu/h If^V to hearken to, )nb?n *3;i^pn 
to accompany, lil? -ance, n^^/ *Tpi/p -ant, m. s. 
nn;?^/P *nnt^^*"Tpi;; -tion, the act of attending, * D^^j^ 

»■l::r^^^ (of the mind) n::i:s -tive, m. s. rr^D * n^t^p?^ 

TT -; - ' T T- I . _. - . )._ 

Attenuant, b'lblD *pnp -ate, b'^h^, *pnn R. hhl * ppT 
Attest, T^n Attestation, Jinj/ R. 11;/ 
Attire, C:^n^n-.N. t^^lS^D 

Attitude, jin^p ^'^n'n 

Attorney, (at law) 0^^p"I5 Ch. ]^^n rp^jj 

Attract, to draw to, '^il/D to entice, i^^tJ^H ^n^DH R. n"^D 

-ion, n^^pf2 *p^^^n %nripn -ive, m. s. *npp 

Attributable, m. s. 2t^n^ -bute, 3ii^n -N. T^V * H^I/D 

Avail, ^^ifln -able, n^J^/ln^ -ment, H^^in R. hV"^ 

Avant, guard, ^^HH >:^h p^H 

Avarice, m^ypp. * n^b3 -cious, m. s. ]Vpp * ^^^3 R. ^1D 

Auction, -|:DD m? Ch. -eer, "IDD tnpp 

Audacious, m. s. "in^ IJ^^D *D^?|) *ri; -ness, D^ V^^ •r^')?!/ 

Audible, ^1p5 

Audience, an auditory, THj^ a reception, D^?B pl^i^"! ^, c?H 

Audit, j:^i^ * ipn -N. n^n*i • nypn 

28 AVE— AW A 

Avenge, DpJ 

Avenue, ^^130 R. iSU 

Average, a mean proportion, T1>? 

Averse, m. s. DIStiD **VJ'^;;.? VI. -sion, hv) 

Avert, --D IDH R.IID^Svn R. ^V3 

Aught, HDI^^D na^^3 

Augment, ^D^ -ation, n^DlH 

Augur, Ji^n^ -N. :^n:p Augury, t^m 

August, (the month) Hl^? *"^^'*!Il'nn Ji'in magnificient, m. *. 

Avidity, eagerness, ^]D!2 greediness, JlvS R* 71^ 

Aunt, rriii 

Avocation, the calling off, iTtDH R. HDiS 
Avoid, to shun, 7lT\ to escape, ' *D iiOS LD?^n 

Avow, nonn -ai, nntonn -ediy, ti^n^ n ♦ ^^7n 

Aurora, the northern lights, "^^IDV pi? 
Auspice, an omen, Dlt^ protection, ]}?2 
Auspicious, m. s. HTVP * "JJ^^P 
Austere, severe, m. s. nn^Ht^R * ti^Dri/p 

Austerity, nn r^v*^l}p_ '^^z^: rinnp 

Authenfc, n^l?^ ^"i;l3? ^pDJ -ate, np^^H. ^p^jtH -ity, 

Author, (of a book) m. s. ^JOP "(of ^ thing) m. s. /vinp 
3^PP R. 33D -itative, Hb-l *np^tnn -ity, ^^10^^ * HS 

n^t^D;:: -ize, co^t^n ^^t^^^n *n^ti^-) th3 r. rw^^n 

Autograph, Autography, *1^ H3^^5 
Automaton, m. s. vbi^D pXI!.P W^T^D 
Autumn, ^^Di} Autumnal, —7p 
Auxiliary, m. s. 1]^V * ]^P^^ *ipij; 

Await, n^n * h^n'in r. ^n^ 


Awake, to cease to sleep, 'PpH * ")1^ tu rouse up, "l^^H -N. 

m. s. li: 

Award, to give, jhj to adjudge, "hv "ir| ^TIK COD^ -N. 

Aware, m.s.-| nr^ * Pir Cli. 

Away, absent, m. s. D?i^ * *^^^ begone, HN^H t:^5 *^^^ 5<y 

let us go, "^^51 IDIp 
Awe, HNJ")^^ -ful, striking awe, m.s. ^^"^13 -fulness, J^llD -less. 

Awhile, D^^^^ D^D^ 

Awkward, clumsy, jlpti^S iJI^^V? tDi[^ "IPH -ly, 


Awning, n'>:J^n HDDD 

" T • t; T " : • 

Axiom, ^'^s ^^j^ i;iT *'^1^5 *"\n3 
Axis, Axle, ^^^5n pD^n R. ^^^ * *iin 

Azure, r^p-) nb^H nj^lD 


Baal, ^jy5 

Babble, D^inp^ nh^ pt^ -r,m.s. D^nD^ *nn2*p^cj^& 

Baby, ^l"! n^^. * ^^ii: 

Babylon, ^31 R. ^^3 Babylonian, ^hl'D, 

Bacchanalian, ^^3D Bacchanals, D^ij^HD J^ipn 

Bachelor, an unmarried man, "^^2^ * p^"l Ch. (at the university,) 

Back, to support, IT^ ^ J^D^^ IDil '^' "'^ ^* '^''^ ' "^"^^^ 
give-, n^'^n go-, 2W keep-, pC^JL^ * "IV^; turn the-, 

^y nia -side, DH'^ns: * linK -bite, °^i;n3i i^^)i^n 

80 BAD— BAL 

-biter, m.s.n3"r *«'^V^'^ -building, n'>^:in nlHK -ed, sup- 
ported, m. s. -irjt;: * ]jim ^^dd -slide, v_i^^ * :i?it2^ 

-slider, m. s. SlU/'l^ * ^^Iti^p -sword, H'ln 3in -ward, 
m.s.n|l-)5 ♦ ^V^-wardly, 1^5-15 * n^^VJE?? -wards (with 
the face) ri'^H*^^ i^ time past, l^H^h 
Bad, (thing) niCO iih *i;"! (person) m. s. U^hhjJD *Vn 

]\^*ti^-)nsick,m. s. n^h 

Badge, ip'^p * in R. Hin 

Badger, t^nn 

Baffle, to deceive, H^'l to confound, D^'/DH 

Bag, p^ 'D^S ^riniipij^ -gage, luggage,* Hlin? 

Bagnio, a bath, yniJI^n n^5 a brothel, nlJZn n^B 

Bagpipe, H^JlSplD 

Bail, ^^^ 2"!^ -N. ninV -able, n^-^X^n ICOS'^ -iff, an officer, 

IID"]^ a steward, T^p^ iwick, -y, TpSn "Jplt^H n^lpg 
Bait, (in angling,) HSni (iTV to take refreshment, £^^55 ^''ti^n 

to setadogupon, 2'?3 ^S'^^H -N. * l^^2 ny^ti^D * 3^ "IVDD 

Baize, 3;; -TJ n 

Bake, PIS:^ Baker, ^5^^^ 

Balance, to hesitate, rii/*T5 Vpl^ to make equal, * D7§ 

^pci^^pn niw to settle, Il3:^nn "ib| -n. d^'Mn^h d9|) 

]l!lti^nn IDil (in Astronomy) D^.^mp 
Balcony, npX;p ^jy^V; 
Bald, without hair, ri'lp. -ness, ilHIp 
Balderdash, ^13^5 R. ^^3 
Bale (of goods) D^r^pH ni"lV 
Ball, a dance, ^HD R. 'r'^n a globe, -Jin? 
Ballad, "Ip^i^ ^nW n^^j;i -singer, m. s. illVin? )359 
Ballast, (of a ship) jT^^.H It^lh nODVP 


Balloon, (air-) ^12 n^i^/n 1M3 

Ballot, hy^ 

Balm. S^Snn h'^pn R. hhp -N. ni^ -y,fragrant,m. s. nn/t]-7i3 

Balsamic, m. s. t^^lD * '?''i:5p 
Baluster, jlDp^ TID;;. -rade, D^^^p DHID^ ^ICO 
Balsam, an ointment, n> * I1Dp-).5^? Ch. ]iDD^? Ch. 
Ban, a curse. Din a notice, H^/llO n^DD R. I/T^ 
Band, a tie, Tlt^p a company, y^H (of soldiers) 1M^ (for a 

wound) n^^nil (round the head) ^^Dn (of a wheel) p^tH^n 

-box, ]iDp^ rn^?: 

Banditti, Cl^llp 

Bandy, to toss about, HDI rtS ^tO^^ R. ^ItO -N. crooked 
m. s. 3py * nirp -legged, D^^:! ''DID? 

Bane, nni^H -N. np^i^ -fui, m. s. n^n^D 

Bang, n^n -N. H^p R. HD^ 

Banish, nh:\n * t^n^ -ment, n^h^ ' mr\^ 

Bank, a little hill, T^^'2^ sides of a river, "in^n n1*T5 a re- 
T : • T T - : 

pository for money, ''^nh^^ tV^. -bill, ''^n^t^n r\'^^]}^ -er, 

•>^n^^ -rupt, n^7p ^;;n * nnin *v^ii^ nri3 mptcy, 

Banner, a flag, z-?*^. 

Banquet, ^n^ Hjlii^P *n^il5 Hn? 

Baptism, D^^^^-Ji^DH ^;::2 Hpnt n^"^3C0 -al, ^K^ 

Baptist, 0^55 i^-iir piD -ry, rD^^^^•';p^ ^D nipp 

Bar, to fasten, Hnnn to hinder, ;; JD -N. a bolt, n^n (for 
criminals) Dnp^^^ n^^D -(for lawyers) p'qn "^^nl;; mnD 

Barbacan, a fortification, Hl^VP * ^^i'7P 

Barbarian, a savage, Dl^^ ^^")s|i -ric, foreign, IT * TJJfl? -rism, 
ignorance, HJ^/*! "IDH -rity, Hl^lpN^ -rous, ignorant, m. s. 

32 BAR--BAS 

njyi_p nj;n^ cruel, -ips: 

Barbed, jagged, DHlin ^^D Barber, 3^3 
Bard, 11WD * ^^2^ * X^bt2 

Bare, naked, m. s. tiip^ -faced, m. s. D*'^^) *T^ -foot, m. s. ^W 
-ly, on ley, p"l * •^^? openly, ^^^^^3 

Bargain, Hit^n * H^nH -N. H^^iti^n * \^^:n 

Barge, lO*^ ^:^? 

Bark, (like a dog) HilJ '\wh pH -N. rind of a tree, 
VJ[? nS'^^p Ch. a ship, njl^j? n^^3^it -er, m. s. ♦llDl: 

Barley, HlU^i!^ -corn, (in measurement) \l'V\Vi^'2 
Barm, D^*^^?^ 
Barn, ]nl! * Hnijjp 

Barometer, -|^^,l!?n Ch. ^^J:t!; ^^2 -trical, ht^ 

Baron, Dnh 13 *1^n5 -ess, D^^lH ^3 ntJ^ij^ 'HT^i' -^^* 

ti;n\ ^-^^ * ^"^'V'^ -y. D'^in-in r\hm -iai, — hti; 

Barrack, nDn^;?n ^ii^^Hl n^l^D 

Barrel, a vessel, D'^JC^ 

Barren, (animal) HyjJ^^ npjl (land) HH * nnj^P p.^ 

unmeaning, p"l -ness, H'npXf * Hlp^") *llTn 
Barricade, 11^2 -N. "iVnp 
Barrier, (to mark the limits) D^nriH Ch. H'l.^pp defence, 

ni^i^P Barrister, ^"^^p *]^*nn '^lif 
Barter, l^DH -N. nniDn * "I'^np 
Base, a foundation, I'iD] a pedestal, ]5 * ilDlDp mean, m. s. 

^in *b^^ -ness, niTn • i-)i;n nh^t^ 

Bashaw, HHS 

T V 

Bashful, m. s. \tl}^2 * 0^2^ m2 -ness, U^^B n^2 

Basilisk, a serpent, ;;-5>f ^''^i^^V 

Basin, a vessel, b^O *\^t^ niD? * ^D R. ?]2)D 

BA8— BKA 3t 

Basis.]? •n:lDppi. ni3iDp 

Bask, urpnnn 

Basket, s:o ^ho *2^h^ 

Bassrelief, D'^^^l^ DnT'V R- "»V:; 

Bastard, IJD^ *U^m] P5/,1? Bastardize, to beget a 

bastard, T^lH 

Bastion, p'^'l •H^^lD 

Bat, (an animal) PiDti/^r) * Pjippi; 

Bate, to lessen, r\-]yD i!_^n:n 

Bath, (to bathe in) \*nnD * il^T]! (a measure) n^ 

Bathe, D^P5 pn Bathing-tub, \*rn_ I^D 

Batoon, (of a Marshall) *>^DVn ifc^ H^D 

Battalia, HDn^ZiJn nD-)i;D -ion, i^2^n p^H 

Batter, to beat, D^H -ing-ram, *^m ^"^^^ ^b^tf^? * t=1^^3 

nnin *f ?? R. y^: -y, (for cannons) p^.'n ^nbh^D 

Battle, 3np * HDH^P -array, 'Df^nhrpr} n^nj;;.? -axe, 

DiTii^ * ]n5 field of-, n^nnn j^'^j 

Battlement, npjt/D nj;;pp 
Bauble, a trifle, "in'1 \^D^ 

Bawl, ^ip3 pi;^ * ^;nn xni^ 

Bay, (for ships) Ul]wh (a colour) \*^DSt -salt, 

d;p nii^nt^p nb!2 

Bayonet, Hnl") n^i^H 1p*n 

Bdellium, nVl? 

Be, .TH ^ti^.V as 1ti^?5 ^2< ^^ tDij^ if he be willing, 
t^'^^^ ^3 Tyvnb that every man be, -V. pass, (is understood 
in the characteristic of the verb, as *TP vH to be learned, 
1^7 to be taught.) 

Beach, D^n f[\n TS^'ti^ 

Beadle, IDW 

34 BE4— BED TH 

Beak, (of a bird) ^i^'^ DtOh 

Beam, pf^ ♦ pnnn * ^>Vl3 -N. timber, H^ip a ray, *"fVV? 

P")2l a balance, D''MX;:Dn D^2i weavers-, ")13D 
Bean, ^iS 
Bear, to cany, Nii^3 (a child) IT (in mind) "lit to endure, 

^3D * ^3^3 R. h^D -N. an animal, 3l"T a rude man I];? 

Beard, (on the chin) |(;t -less, youthful, D^i[ * "»^5 

Bearer, a carrier, m. s. i<^2D 'Kt^li a supporter, 7573P -ing 

gesture, jn:^ * Hirn R. nrn situation, DipD 
o ' T : • t: V -'It 

Beast, an irrational animal, "lIl^P "'^z? "^H a brutal man, 

DliS^ Kn? -ly, m. s. ^5(pp * DHirp 
Beat, to strike, p^H * HSn (plate) J;;pn * I'll -in pieces, 

Vg3 * nins -en, m. s. n^HS * Hsp R. n^: 

Beatific, n,^iS m. s. -|^^^^P Beatify, It^iS; 

Beating, H^p * ^^!t^^ R. nD:3 * nip^np 

Beatitude, ■^^^^ * D^^nv?'*!? tD^^n 

Beau, na^np -teous, m. s.nnn * np;i -tify, n=jv"iin -ty, 

''D''' 'lin • Tin -tifully, - 2 
Because, "^^J3 ^ HUI/n "Tii-Tli^ 1:D bv OpI/ 

Becalm, nn Hpnn* Op/^H 

Beck, nvn.p * npp") * rpi Ch. Beckon, (with the hand) 

?b*1 * Dt"3 (with the eye) ]\V V^^E 9*1 'IX^ 
Become, to be made, "7 n\'l befit, • '7 HlK^ -ing, 0*^1/3 m. s. 

ni^^D * ^^^^"j * 1^5 * l^^;i Ch. -ingness, n^z^^j;? * ]^n?2 

Bed, (to sleep on) 2^ll}D * iJ-^P R.^/V'' a channel, D^P p'^tiX 
a layer, TllD^ (in a garden) H^ni;^ make the-, n^J IJ'^-Vn 

nco^n -cloth, n^;::t2^ -covering, HD^DJi^ *^id3 *n3C/:D pi. 
ninp? -post, n^pn "^y^, -ding, nn''?-)i ninp?T ons 
-fellow, p^nn t?i; nDlti^ -rid, m. s. *'7d: ♦ ntD.03 mvi? 

n3i!^D^ -chamber, HtD^^H IIH -stead, t!^");; * HCDD R. 


BED— BE H 35 

Bedew, hbon 

Bedlam, D^JLf35S^P ^ -ite, m. i. 1?3^P Ct^''« 

Bee, (an insect) nni3"n 

Beef, "Ij^n nfe^n Beeves, Dnp^5 

Beer, 121^/ 

' T •• 

Beet, D1l^it 3^3 
Befal, nh)^ 

Befit, n3iD3 ♦ilD^ M^isi *^iit^i *nii^^ 

' T ; ' T T : T T 

Before, not behind, l^^l^ Tl^lt^^NIl in the presence of, 
*^5?c sooner, D")tp5 -hand, m. s. Dip to be beforehand, 

Befriend, ]jn 

Beg, to entreat, ^2 *Ks(i^ to ask alms, nn^H hv ^P"^ ^'^^ 
-gar, m. s. ]Vnp *1V3?^ ^D'^nnSH ^;; *"inn -garly, in 
want, n^v^l? stingy, ni^^^n R. ^13 -gary, il^^l llDnp 

Beget, to generate, "T^'/'^n produce, 77ln 

Begin, ^nn R. hbu -ning, n^;^'^^i. ^i^nn ^n^nnn 

Begone, HS^H 5^2 R. t:^^: \^V ^"$. R- ^^"^ 

Beguile, nns '\ic^r3 ^n'^pHR. \!<^:i •r\'»D 

Behalf, favour, HnlCO in-of, nnlCO^ 

T : 

Behave, ;!n3nn Behaviour, J Hi D '^^tl}l2 

Behead, t^^XI n'^S I^DH ^d, m. s. {^til ' r\T\^ -ing. 

c^t<-) mon * ^*D ch. 

- T -; It- 

Behemoth, nlOnn 

Behind, following, "^nn^it inferior, m. s. "D J^H^D remain-, 

"TbX/ -hand, in arrears, 2^^\ IJl^^ (in time) "IHi? 
Behold, nxn *nrn *^W (attentively) * ")W * n^^t^^H 

pl^pti^n *to^3n R. c:)n3 loi ^^il"! ^n?^ -en, m. s. 

T^J/tf^P Ch. h^D^ 3^t^n^ ♦ Ch. 

Behoof, ]T\r\^^ *^)hit^r\ r. ^i?^ Behoove, ]i3n *ni<^ 

36 BEI— BEN 

Being, existing, m. s. i^VD^ existence, H1^^^yp condition. 

Belabour, p^lOH H^H R. HD: 
Belch, pni Belching, p^H^I 

Belie, \t^hn *nn7 ^'^V'i'"^ R- ^^^ 

Belief, creed, ^J1D^? opinion, r\V^_ D^tD^ * Hn^HD Believe, 
]D^n -r, m. s. ]''P^5P 

Bell, ']iD^§ *;^3];5p ^n^vPR-i^"'^ *^^i;-man, *niDD 

Belle, HByiD -s-lettres, nl)!:?!! *n1*np R. TID 
Belligerent,* m. s. DH^? ^HDH^pn *3")^np 
Bellow, (like a bull) HJJ^ (like the sea) HbJl to clamour. 

Bellows, m^?2 R. hd: 

Belly, ipS ♦j:^-j3 .(of reptiles) tln5 

Belong, see Appertain. 

Beloved, m. s. 2^ni^ ^I'^nVi *TT ^ll'l 

T • T • : 

Below, (in place) "h nPinp 'nig^h inferior, m. s.^fn^ 

Belt, C053S: * nntin 

Bemoan, 'hj: ^^Knn ' '^ TSD 

Bench, a seat, 3^10 a tribunal, D^^^in 3^lD R. HJi^*' 

Bend, n^5 to crook, C^^j^j;; to subdue, H^H R. HHt^ 

j;5Dn *P1D| -able, m. s. J^i^ *n^^ 
Beneath, (in place) "7 flHrip * iH^DyD inferior, m. s. 

j;n| unworthy of, m. s. "b Hlt^ P?? as ^^ mii^ 133"'^: 

e^ w beneath me. 
Benediction, a blessing, riDlH 
Benefaction, H^^^jn * D3n H^ilp *'^E7V -factor, -ficent, 

m. s. npn ^pi:i *i:in]p ''n^pp -fice, ^risn nnn?:? 

-ficence, igT) m^^p5 HDn -ficial, 3^PP *ri^r"inb R. ^I/^ 

BEN— BET 37 

Benevolence, Dpjl^ * ipn -lent,ni.s. p^.V '"T^DH 

Benighted, m. s. *v^i: t^D^'H .s^ **injpp_^nin nD^;^^ 

Benign, m. s. n^DD *ipn -ity, HniCO 'TOn 

Bent, (from age) m. s. Hln^ crooked, t^Jpy inclined, m. s. 

"nnj^ *^1^3 inclination, H^CO^ 
Benumb, ti^iiO *Dm: DW -ed,m. s. l^^SCO *Dm: 

T T : • •• • T : • 

Bequeath, ^'•Plin *::^^n1n Bequest, H^m Tltl/M] 

Bereave, °r^^^ h'ht^ -I^DHn* ' 'D ^15 (of children) ^3tt^ 

Berry, -l-j-)3 R. 1")^ 

Beseech, t^^jpn ^njnjl ^^SH R. pH *^D: 

Beseem, '^ Hli^^ *^1^^■^ 

Beset, to waylay, ' '7 31J< to harass, "^ "IVH 

Beside, Besides, near, °^^^? *nV3 R. 11^ over and 

above, 'hv^ 
Besiege, -iVn n'lV * p^VO 
Besmear, (with fat) H'ID (with lime) n^CO (with pitch) "l£)3 

(with salve) nji^^ 
Besmut,^^^5 *P1?D * DHI ''^^^^ 
Besot, ti;bO * ^^in (with liquor) l^t^ 
Bespeak, to show, ]11^^"!^ to order, Ip.^n 
Bespot, 1|5? * Dn?n ♦ iZDJ Ch. 
Besprinkle, 'hjl HiH R. HT: 
Best, m. s. 30^P * ")n3p* • '3 2ltO 

Bestir, nnn *")-i.ii;nn r. -ni; 
Bestow, --^ nn iji: ^'hv h'D^ 

Bestride, VH IDJ^ 

Bet, inrnn * p]? ];pn -n. nsni;. *?]? r;;"^pri 

Betake, have recourse to *•? Hi/^ 

Bethink, recollect, nbt reflect, IJinHH * ^N^ 3^ DW 

38 BET— BIL 

Betimes, soon, jiniipil seasonably, 1njL?3 * 12??3 

Betoken, t^"! Ch. (forDH) *nli^^ nVH it betokens, ^^IH r^^t^ 

Betray, (a secret) *TlD Hv^ (a person) vJ^D^ "I^^PlJ 

Betroth, to contract a marriage, ti^"l ij 

Better, superior, m. s. * ' D 310 improved, m. s. \pJ^D (in 

health) m. s. ^^^"1 
Between, ']^2 
Beverage, nr)p:2 * np.ti^5 

Bewail, • 'b iDD '°bv h^^nn 

Beware, "D IDt^H nntH 

' // V T • II " f • 

Bewilder, mislead, ^V}^'^ puzzle, 75/? R. //^ 
Bewitch, to injure, D'^p^DII "IVH to fascinate, 35z 
Beyond, (him, it) 7^^br\^ ^^^^ IP (the sea) D^^ ^^^.'Q above. 

Bezel, TO5^nn^3t^^p 

Biangulous, HVI?. ''JIL^^ p^Xf? h])^ R. HI? 
Bias, to incline, 1,^ nlCDH -N. 2^ H^P? 

Bible, :i^ip "IJJ^'JiPP pn? BibUcal, bm 

Bicker, CO^IpnH ^nVJH * a^H R. mi 
Bid, command, HIV offer a price, Il'ljO*^ -den, commanded, 
m. s. niVP invited, m. s. )^T\\l " ^"Jp? -der, m. s. 3*15^P 

-ding, mvo * mp^ 
Bier, np nm r. mD * noi 

Big, large, m. s. 7115 pregnant, iTir! 

Bigamy, D*^:^^: ^piti; r\'\:^h m:i 

Bigotry, superstition, ^)p r^y\DV^ Bigot, m. s. 7 "IPV? 

Bile, gall, nnQ swelling, n-JUn niS:^ R. t^'t^: Bilious, 
choleric, t:^'23 DID 10 R. inD 

V V II -T II - 

Bill, an account, ]i3?!^nn jip^ti^") an advertisement, 
Hj^llJ^n I^D R.VT (of debt) nlni^t^^Ch. (of divorce) 
mnn? ngp rof exchange) nir\V. im (of parcels) 


nyprpn i^t;; (in parliament) p*T!!^?c)n ch. nnra 

a beak, ^^^H DOh a hatchet, i;pi3 

Billet, a note, n?p 

Billow, 13pD * b^ 

Bind, to chain, IfciJ *?'^^ oblige, H'jn R. 2in (hand and 
feet) Ipy -together, DDH * ^J^j^ -up a wound, tl/21^ make 
costive, n's;j^ (a book) 'I'lD a sheaf, D^K Binding, *niJ>P^ 

' V V V » V T • 

Biography, nn^IDH n^D -pher, niT^lnH 3ni5 R. "T^*' 

Bird, Pli;;a-ofprey, tO*i; 

Birth, the coming into life, m^? ^' "^ -^"^ extraction, Jllyi^ 

-day, ni^n DV -right, HnlD-l 
Biscuit, D^rDin R. n5.^ 
Bishop, a spiritual head, |rl3n"|^P M'^^^'"!' ^h. -ric. 

Bistoury, Dn^^^D* 1^3?^ 

Bit, a morsel LD^'D (of bread) DH.^ ns (of meat) nfef|l n5*>nn 

a little-, COp^ * Ij^rp tor P (of a bridle) JHO 
Bite, (with the teeth) "^iTJ to cheat, H;?") -N. nr)^:i^3 ^^i^^t^n 
Bitter, acrid, 1? ni-);^ -ly, Dn^Dn -ness, nn^D 
Bitumen, HDT Bituminous, ^ll^t 
Bivouac, -)Dt:^C^ n^^-J -1 iDj.^* 
Blab, ^^DT ^'^n Blabber, m. s. ^^DH *r]Vn 
Black, dark, m. s. IFip cloudy, m. s. ")"Tp mournful, m. s. 

-)lp -en, '^^ripn *")^7pn defame, "^D'I ]h; -cattle, 

Dn;^-i np^n -guard, ^i/i^? *^5} -ish, '"innn:^ 
nnh-insr; -ness, miip * ilni^^ -smith, ^nn ti^nn 

Bladder, a pustule, n]/1!l^5 R. nX/3 urinary vessel. 
Blade, (of grass) i^p"!^ fofan instrument) ^H? 


Blame, "^ti'i in^ ^D^r^^i^H *nbnr) DW-N. *n^nn ^am 

• • T • -: ~ T t: T T t: T t 

'^^1 *D1Q -able, m. s. ^^H Ci^D *bv^ 'Utl/t^ *:^^^^ 

-ableness, nt^^Tl 'T^Dll/t^ -less, DID "^hll m. s. D^DH *"^p:i 

Blandish, to smooth, p'^/Hn to soften, ^^b^ -ment. 

Blank, (space) pn ♦ 1.13 R. HH^ ^ HDI^D t\S^? 

Blanket, (for a bed) n.tDV ^IDD H^D^ * Hn^DSi^ 

Blaspheme, ^"Ijl ^^'l^ -mer, m. s. ^"[HP * ^I.V? -J^ous, -my, 

Blast, ^i^ ♦ ^n; N. (of wind) Hn nn^^? (by a wind 

instrument) nj;"^pn a blight, pD^I^ 

Blaze, to flame, tonf * ni^_^nn -N. 31^ *n?n^ *^??^?^ 

Bleach, ] -l^H Bleached, m. s, ]^5^n 

Bleak, chilly, H^V R. p^ np R. lip pale, "lin 

Bleareyed, m. s. niHS rjlJD") *r;^j^ R. HDI 

Bleat, ph^ * ni;| -ing, n^pp ^ny^^ 

Bleed, let blood, Dl t'^pH lose blood, D"^ ^fj 

Blemish, to defame, ^nij^ f\ir\' "^ ^^1 ^HJ injure, 

DID iji; * pnn -N. ^^1 -DID ^pr; 

Blend, 3*1;; * V^3 * ^3^3 

Bless, *^*)3 -ed, m. s. "^IIH * "T^^P of -ed memory, 

nonn^ -)3r -ing, hdis 

Blight, P)n^ -N. ]iD^!^ 

Blind, 1iy -N. deprived of sight, m. s. I^JJ (for windows) 
h'^D R. ^^^ a false pretence, n^V *f^).^bp^ -ness, 

]iny; *nnij;; -fold, -3 
Blink, lU!^!/'^)^ nVi; 

Bliss, nti^i^ (of souls) D^nV^ tD\^n -ful, m. s. Ig^j^p 

Blister, rise in a blister, J|/5^? R. Tni^'2 apply a-, 

^^1•l;;5^? n^innnn t^nn -n. a rising, nj^ini/ab? a 


plaster, H^jiBi/DS* n^^innn 

Bloat, to swell, pi^B -edness, nj^V? * nV^p R. Ktt'^ 
Block, to shut up, -)Vn R. IIV -N. (of wood) ^If (of marble) 
^\l^ \2^ -ade, N. llVD pi. nl-11>^D -head, J^^L) -tin, 

ppro ^nn 

Blood, (fluid) Dn lineage, Hl^lD R. I^"^ -hound, T^ 3^3 
-shed, D^P*^ niD**?:^ -shot, D^^^it -y, stained with- , m. s. 
D"! ♦N^D sanguinary, m. s. U^D'l *Ci^\N^ 

Bloom, blossom, H^a * -p^n 'pH R, X^2 -N. a flower, 

nn?) * nv3 * 'PV (of youth) mnns * n^-in^ -ing, 

youthful, —3 flowery, (1^3 Hn^j; 
Blot, to stain, Dr)?n disgrace, ''?'l ^n^ *Pl"in -out, nhD -N. 

Blow, to give a-, n^H R. (133 give wind, 2'^2 * ^1^2 -out a 
candle, fire, ^^ n: r\2^ -the nose, f]^ p^H R. pn 
breathe, HDJ -a trumpet, horn, j;Jpr) -a flute, yvH -N. HSD 

*n3^t:^3 ^nI;^pn ^-l^^i^3 

Blubber, Ip^J^H ]^Jir\n ]D^ 
Blueness, n^^r^ rfKIP ]'^p,. 

Blue, m. s. n^3n Hij^iDD "in^^ip * n^Dn ]v? * ir;: 

Blunder, Hl/n ^HyCD ^T}}^ -N. MJK^D ^n^^^J5^^ * KCOH 
Blunt, nnpfl -N. dull, m. s'. Pinp. unpolite, m. s. pJ/D'")pn 

np'^i;? -ness, mnp ^niZD'^jt;? dx;d non -ly, — 3 

Blush, D^Sn put to the-, D"'^?!! -N. HD^^? 

Boar, "l\tn -ish, swinish, —3 rude, IHQ 

Board, to lay with-, D*'^'lp3 |i£)p HD? (in a family) 

\nhii; hv '^b^as'^^n^::^ hy_ 'pdI^^ sin Ae ^oarrf^ with 
me, to -a ship, n;i3i^3 ptnn * ^^^3^i?^ n^ \i;^n -n. (of 
wood) ^^x; ryh *t:^np a court held, u^'iv^^rj nig r. 

42 BOA— BON 

XV^ •n;;"' -wages, nrn^sj^ -i^np 
Boast, bbnr\n * ns^nn * n^ nn-in ^^'iinn -n. a proud 

speech, H^ il^Hnn * 1^^7*121117 cause of boasting, 

ri-jKi?n-er,-fui,m. s.^'pSnnp n^anp -ns o^nnp 

Boat, CO;;?^* ^:^? -man, n*:^^ COl^lt^p -swain, ^3lnn tJ^^li 
Bodement, HlX as Hl^H HT * i^^H nVS this is a-. 
Bodiless, m. s. P]^:i *1r^ Bodily, relating to the body, * ^1^1 ^ti^ 

Bodkin, ^V-)D * tOlnp R. COIH 

Body, matter, ^IIH *D^"5 Ch. a person, t:^£): a dead-, Hn? the 
whole, m. s. 1*73 R. 773 a corporation npH? 

Bog. V3 R. rif3 • IV -gy. -n?<^P x.^n ' ' 

Boggle, to hesitate, n5^"inn -r, m. s. H^IJIP 
Boil, to bubble, Hifn' ' nhn to dress, ht^^n, n\t H R. It: -ed, 
m'. s. ^^ap -er, ilH^jP * I'l^n * "T^D * 1^12) -ing water. 

Boisterous, /person) m. s. npll *ti^^^ (wind) * n}J'D H'l") 

n;;p -ly, nni;^n *n^p? *^p./x 

Bold, impudent, m. s. CJ^ I^P *>I? daring, m. s. 

2b *pp^^ -ness, nitj;; %n!i;n * 2.^ nv^?^? -ly, -2 

Boll, a round stalk, ^U*n5 

Bolster, a pillow, HOpn n? R. HCO: 

Bolt, to fasten, HnaH sally out, H^n -N, a bar, H^n 

Bomb, ^ra -|^n? -ard,V. n HT -ardier, iri'TlO 

-ardment, 3 n*^^")^ 

Bombast, D^D^^ D\ni35 Dnn^ ' 

• t; • ; • T ; 

Bond, cords, C^/HD ^^ obligation, Din llDtl/ Ch. -age, 
captivity, 11^31^ imprisonment, IID^^ slavery, H'lini/ 
-man, *T3Jt? -maid, HH^ti^ -sman, 3")!/ 

BON— BOT 43 

Bone, bvj^ pi. riiovi; -less, dvj; ^h^ soft, y) 

Bonfire, HlplD R. Tp^ 

Bonnet, n^3;p ^{^5 

Bonnily, '^Di^Il TnD^^^a Bonny, m. s. HD;; * D^J^f: 

Bony, strong, m. 8. D^VX? 

Booby, a dunce, m. s. t^StO *^ri§ 

Book, -IDD? Di^^n -N. IDD -binder, Dn^D ^nDD -keeper, 

ni:i3?i^n ^n^/p -keeping, pnp^nn n^-ii;^ -mate, m. ». 
-)Dpn n'^a n *-)5n -seller, onsp -i?iD 

Boon, a gift, Hjjip R. ]r\2 a favour, nr^n 
Boor, -ish, m. s. "i;;? ^DI/^^ID -ishness, nnj;? 

Boot, put on boots, T^^h^j " ^^hv: ^j/^n gain, ^V3 • n"^i")rr 
-N. ^^:i *x^yn * nn -ed, m. s. vh}n2 vhv^ 

- ... - y ^ . _ . T T : 

Booth, a stall, m:n R. nm *n3p r. 1:30 

Booty, ^^JP^ ♦nmR. TD 

Border, a boundary, h^2^ an edge, D^^lti^ * ^i^ * HViJ (of the 

sea) HD^ (of a river) nlT^I 'DinlTil R. 11:^ 
Boie, npD (the ear) ]m fl^^ IJii^n -N.HpJ ^riHp? Borer, 

a gimlet, j;?^"lp one who bores, m. s. 3pii 
Bom, m. s. T^^^ *n^i3 
Borne, brought, m.s. ^^niH R. ^^^n carried, m. s. ^^11/^ R. b^J^i 

Borough, nnn \^jg3 "t^i; r. mn 

Borrow, ^Ng^ (money) Hl^ -er, m. s. ^iSti^ * n\^ 

Bosom, the breast, p^H -friend, m. s. llD •tt^'^^i^ as niD t^^^K 

mz/ bosom friend. 
Botanic, -ical, D'^H^V ^^ -ist, D^HD-yH *^i;?tp3 DDH -y, 

Both, ini *^;p f. "^Ji;:^ we-, ^r'l.n;! ^^^55^^ *irri?/ ye-, 
Dp'^'in: *D?\:;:^ *D? 'nti^ they-, v^^n;i *D'7;!^ * cn^'Ji^ 

Bottle, a glass vessel, pIBpn R. p13 HO'IDT 

44 BOT— BRA 

Bottom, floor, X/j^1j^ foundation, l')D\ the lowest part, 
TT^Jinri from the- of the heart, 27 r\1")^jpp -of a thing, 
n'l'pDJl R. n^D -less, without a-, TlD"; "^h^ fathomless. 

Bough, ^vo * npw * nn^^ * ^:r 'n^i^ r. ^^^'d 

Bounce, to leap, p3T *YBp_ * ^^"^ -er, a boaster, m. s. T/Hfip 

Bound, to limit, bil^n destined for, m. s. ]r^]p * ]D^D R. ]^2 

-ary, 712^1 -less, infinite, Jl'^/Dn vH R. HvD unlimited. 

Bounteous, -iful, m. s. j^lti^ *3^ ^nn *3n: -eously, 

nnn: nns * n^^n ii;^:ii Bounty, nun:j * nnico 

Bow, (the head) T^jJ (the knee) jt/hS (the body) Hh^ (in 
doing homage) ninn^^H ^liD to crush, ntltf^n * N?"! 
-N. (with the head or body) •Tinnt^'n * H'T^'p a knot, 
n^h'lh (to shoot with) ni^\l -man, -]3 -shot, -'^IH^P 

-sprit, n;?|?n mn2 ni^^^n ]i]i -string, m^^n nn^D 

Bowelless, n^^pHT '^73 m. s. "lO^^ Bowels, compassion, 
n^:OT"l the intestines, nn.!^ ♦ D^j^D -sickness, D^^/D "^^IH 

Bowl, h'b^ -N. a wooden ball, ^^j;; 1^^? a vessel, * h^D IJ^? 
* PIP R. ^DD -er, m. s. "111?? *)^nyp *^^'7i5 -ing -green, 

-ii:^''»n ^HN* R. nn.s 

• - T 

Box, to strike, tl^H -N. a blow, n'DD R. HD^ a case, * r•n^C 

nnri *]n^ Boxer, ^1")^^^? DH*^ 
Boy, i;;3 -ish, i;;?? -ishness, n^lV} ^'^VP 
Brace, bind, T^^Vn -N. a pair, l^V -d, m. s. T/pV? 

-let, n\::y 

Brackish, m. s. HvD 

Brag, ^v'nnn ^lij^ann ^riB 2V1^ •^•qjnn-N. 
n?i nannn ^n'lH^rin -gart, m. s. *^i^np 


Braid, to plait, Ittt^n * n?^ -N. IWD 'D^IV 
Brails, .T^Xn ^tl/nt^D ^^HH 

Brain, (within the skull) HID sense, ^D^ -less, ^D^ >^n 
-pan, n^j^5 R. ^^: -sick, hllh^D R. ^^2 

Bramble, p-fn * im ^piiH ^tf^"!? 'pvj?;: 

Bran, D'^IP 

Branch, to spread, :^l03 * ^J^/^PH -N. a bough, *m_PV 

pljr ^nnx^^ ♦Wr r. ^^r ^n^? r. ^m *p5V pi. 
nipjl^ n^h •n;^*n *tvj; ^rnv^?^ *n^^£o: ^p)^i;d 

pi. niii^rP *")V3 ^nj^^V pi. D\^E)a top-, T^K (of a 
pahn tree) JD^D R. H^D (of a vine) iTllDT (of a chandelier) 
nn1:p n^p offspring, 0212^ * nm Branchy, H^^ 

Brand, to burn, 21^ to mark with a brand, HlJ^ ni3 -N. a 
lighted stick, -n.^^ a mark, DlK ni?P *i/i?I?.p riDh^ -ed, 
burned, m. s. Pi'it^ ^O^ disgraced, m. s. n2i*in *i^i^2 

Brandish, ^""^H 

Brandy, ^'W J]"^ 

Brass, hhpT^t^m Brasier, tl/nH 

T ' T V : T T 

Bravado, a brag, ni^-^^nn Brave, to defy, * pti^^? IS^n 

i.vann -N. m. s. nn *pt^^ * ^^n *ti^''e< -ry, * nninu 
nn n^Dj^:]-iy,-2Bravo, nivn^ 12m 

Brawl, to speak loudly, ^1p D^n quarrel, HbH *]i'in "inn 
-er, m. s. HDlH MlID Tl *t:^^i^ 

//I T // • 

Bray, (like an ass) pHJ to pound, HDlDn ^il *t:^ri2;32 ^i^nS 

-N. pn^ -er, m. s. pHJ 
Braze, nt^^HIin p2in -n, Ht^^Hi -nface, ^Ht^^in:) HVQ 

D'^^Q ty -nness, impudence, PiMH 
Breach, a gap,j;*'p2 * p.|) (of friendship) finn n"l$n 
Bread, DH^ -corn, DH.^ IJ'I 
Breadth, 2nh 


Break, be broken, IDtfi^H break asunder,^^:^^ -bread, *]lir\|) 
Dl1^ -a stone, vb^ * D^H -a word or a covenant, 

T T T 

nnn nt^ n^^n (as a bankrupt) 1^ D'^l^ni Dp -an oath, 
nV^^ti^ "ihy -in crumbs, "iniD nS^Q -off, phS (a flower, 
fruit) ^ibj^ *^pj -down, TnlH R. "TT *i;i3 -through, 
(a camp) n^nDn^/pn (arule)ph h^ 12V '"l^l p2i to 
tame, Jl/^^pn -in, (upon another's property) 7^321 i^'^ZpH 
R. JD3 -out, (as a fire) XV^ (into pimples) HIS (of confine- 
ment)* '^ rhS -up, (as an assembly) m.**D3"l"T7 riD?^ ^"^^5 

♦*rn^ ^i;;? *t:^\^ insn -wind, (upwards) p'n^ *i?:j;5 

R. nV^ (backwards) HSJ Breakers, D^ *'"!?ti^P 
Breakfast, DH^ HhS -N. n^n^ n? * nil -1 
Breast, that part which contains the heart and lungs, HTn a 

woman's-, *Til * Ip -plate, (for a high priest,) ]^n armour, 

t^'^npi * (in?!^ -work, npnp 

Breath* (by the lungs,) HD^? * Hn all in a-, HHi^ HD*^:?^?? 
-less, dead, m. s. *l£i^? nD0 ]^H * DD hurried, m. s. 

T : 

Breathe, to draw breath, T^T\ ^i^t^ rest, ti^SSH -ing, a respite, 

nmin * n:innn * v^dt nnnnn 

Breech, lln^ ^ ^TH^^ -es, 'O^DpD * D^pjt:^ •'^3 

Breed, to hatch, D^H plot, 75^ -N. offspring, n*T7iD -ing, 

education, HlS'iri R. Hll manners, JHJP * "^"in 
Breeze, a wind, Jl'^ii^^'in tl^'l Breezy, Ip 
Breviat, HnVp Hj^ni/n Brevity, n^-Vp 
Brew, (liquors) 12^ Pi'l't^V. -er, m. s. 12p 'Ti'ti^''^ -house, 

— n^5 

Bribe, ihJf^ -N. Bribery, Itl'^ 

Brick, njn^ pi. D^;i3^ -bat, njn^ n^? -dust, 

n^;2h npli^ -kiln, 15^0 -layer, Hjln * t^i^ '2^nn 


Bridal, njinn ^^ Bride, n^? -cake, nl^'l^? 115^ -groom, 

inn -maid, nh^n ni;-i ry^^D 
Bridewell, nnDin mniio n^n r. n^*^ 

II f •' II : - 

Bridge, (over water) D^O i^l^jtf.? * ")^| Cli. 

Bridle, to check, l)i;: -N. TD") * "1VX;0 

Brief, extract, nnvp >^?^^V>^ -"ess, "ll-^p -ly, —2 

Brier, (see Bramble,) Briery, D^Vlp D^nln t^ho 

Brigade, nnil Brigadier-general, Tlliin ti^t^l 

Bright, shining, ni^^^ * "l^nn witty, m. s. h^'D'^/D * Dnjt/Q 

-en, enlighten, b^T^'V^^ ♦ -)\nrn polish, J^^tO^ * p")D * C01D 

-ness, acuteness, mp"! * HD")!/ 
Brilliancy, "inr ^'l:j -iant, sparkling, nipj^ 'V^f'^^^'P^ 
Brim, edge, n^J!^ '^^ Brimmer, ^hD Dl3 
Brimstone, n^"ID5 
Brine, nh?2 ^D 

Bring, to fetch, 3npn * t^^iin * ^^nln r. t:^^:: * ^n^ -about, 

3pn R. 33D -back, 3*^:^.1 R. aW -down, Tn.ln R. l")'' 
-forth, T*^^ * iS^Vl'"^ R- ^^^ -i"> ^'?n R. ^5U * f)b^ -up, 
•^^i/.'"? (from a Httle one) 'P'^J * njl ^ |bS; 

Brink, the edge, H^'f^ * T 

Brisk, active, m. s. tnr * n\nn * '^n * :^\^ strong, m. s. * ti/ 

M'P7 ' PIO ""^^^' ^"^n? * rin\np -ly, -2 
Bristle, n^D-N.nnnn 3J nin;;^ 

British, '^iN'On n ^C^ Briton, "^^^tOnn tr\^ 

Brittle, m. s. n^n * -]-) -ness, ]r5i-) *ni3"} 

Broach, to utter, ti^H^ * VJ"^^ 'P.^^.'^^ R- X?^^ *1^'^'^ -ed, 

m. s. tr^nbp ;;'T10 -er, m. s. t^^H^jp * ;p2D * I/^lD 
Broad, wide, m. s. 3nn -cloth, n^^ 1D)s 1-22 -ness, nn"! 
Brocade, ^ti/D n^p"! 

Brogue, :i;;^: ]it:^^ * n^pbpp n?)?^ 

48 BRO— BUG 

Broil, to roast, HyV -N. quarrel, HTIP 
Broker, ipiP -age, mipiD 1?^ R. DID 
Bronze, a brass colour, T^pr\2 Hi^nD 

Brood, (on eggs) D^V?!? ^^ V^l ^o muse, in")n R. HnH 
-N. a breed, ^'\j:n ID)K^ offspring, Hl^ln R. lb"" 

Brook, V^n * ^3^3 R. h^2 -N. Vnv 

Broom, a besom, ^^^^?^P R. COi^tD 
Broth, pnD 

Brothel, nliltn n*"? 

Brother, nisi -hood, ^^^^? -ly, min^^3 * D^n^i^? 

Brow, forehead, HVD edge, Hg *np^ -beat, (with looks,) 

iTij^nn ti^'':3i;.n (with words) n^ r\M2 v_^2:?r\ 

Brown, Din ' XV2^ 

Bruise, to hurt, ^t^^ crush, i^J?^ *fVl *^i^l "N. a hurt, 

n^^iVI (in flesh) ;;V3 

Brush, to rub with a-, ^^tD^?^ -N. ^^^^?;5P 

Brutal, cruel, m. s. Ipi? -ity, mnpii^ -ly, -2 

Brute, -ish, J^"IS 

Bubble, to rise in bubbles, Hl/B *X?5I?? -N. a bladder, 

nj^IBi;? a defraud, HD-jp 
Buck, (of a deer) ip'^ 
Bucket, ^H 

Buckle, to fasten, lip n^H Db"J -N. 1^072 * D-Jf5 
Buckler, a shield, ]:3D ' nijnV * HJV R. ]3:s; 

Bud, ni^ *pn • f yn R. p -N. nna *n-v? 'fV 

Buffalo, "lIDn^ 

Buffet, ^i-);iistn n?n -n. t]i-);^^ n?? r. hd: 

Buffle, to confound, ^^'ln^ * D^^H 
Buffoon, m. s. hnHD -ery, D^ v^Jin * n^-^Jin;? 
Bugbear, a false fear, Xltt^ nriHp R. ^nn 

BUI— BUR 49 

Build, to raise a building, \122 to depend on, JJ/^H * Hbll 

-er, m. s. H^Si -ing, ]J5? 
Bulk, -iness, 77^ -y» large, m. s. 7115 (a lusty person) 

m. s. nns t:^\^ 

.. T 

Bull, (of cattle) "llt^ a Pope's edict, •'pl-J-^^rlS 2i^ D^Jl? 

-bating, -)lt2>5 D^?^5 rinjn 
Bullet, npn^n -)^13 

Bullion, (of gold) ^Hr D^^ (of silver) ^D3 D^iJ 

Bullock, npn in n§ R. n-iD 

Bully, nbn * 2nn -n. m. s. nn *nninp * npin 

Bulrush, J^pil 

Bulwark, n"nyQ *-)V3Q ^n-)1VD 
Bump, a blow, n2D R. HD: a swelling, njj^fi^ R. t^m 
Bumper, i^^^D Dl3 

Bumpkin, m. s. nl'ip pif ^ npH R. IID 
Bunch, (of grapes) 7^Ci^JSI (of a camel) TO^H nC?^?'^ a collec- 
tion, ^nJ^?.aswelling, n^jP n^??i^ R.^ti^2 -backed, 15;1 -y, 

Bundle, Tji^'nniv -N. n*!:!^ * i'\i)^ pi. ni-)i-)>^ 

Bung, Dinp • Pl^n Ch. -N. DHlD * D^^D Ch. 

Bungle, ji-l!:^? \^5 niS^^ -N. -d, (l1t?^3 "iDHp -r, 

Bunter, npn ^n^Dt:^ 

Buoy, to keep afloat, HnCJ^H ^^l^Vn R. P|1V -ancy, .TH?^ 

-ant, m. s. HSilV *nni!^-ed, m. s.;;l3tDID *"11Dn 
Burden, to load, ]S^ * D^P^H -N. -some, ' ^20 * HD^jt/.P 

j^ii^D R. ^^::^i 

T — 

Bureau, D^anSH Uli^ 

Burgess, Burgher, l^j/H a^J^ln R. 211:/^ 

Burglary, n)2 n'Tm 

50 • BUR— BUT 

Burial, nninp 

Burlesque, "^ :;jh' "3 pHV -N. :iil^ 'phV 
Burn, to consume, ti^ii:^ ^i)^ ^'^^V^n * J^h^ be consumed, 
t!^^^n ^DKH *-)i;n ^^ll^n be mtlamed, * p H nDSH 

n)^n * -rp;i -ing, npD ♦ipiD *np^^ 

Burnish, polish, t^^Dh *pnD -er, m. s. ti;iD'\h * p"IO;? 
Burse, DnniD "rj7] Dipp R. ^I/*' 

Burst, to break asunder, J? p3 ^D-^^ fly open, i?p!in -forth, 
(like water) y'lp * mr\ R. HIJ -forth, (with joy) V})^^ 

-N. n^^p5 *D^v? (of an ulcer) H^i^H nj;:^p5 R. Hrs: 

Bury, ^3iJ to hide, HD^ -ing ground, illlDpL^ ^''^ 
Bush,*^2p ♦ n*^?^ Bushy, ^n^DP 
Bushel, n^^^ 

Busily, nn\npn *riinnrn Business, affair, ^^^i; ^l^'l 

employment, pDjt/ * H^Ji^D 
Bust, a statue, 11/^1 n^:i2r\ R. Hn 
Bustle, to hurry, ThH -N. rnnjl -r, active, m. s. "pPI/riD 


• T 

Busy, employed, m. s. 1T\^ -body, m. s. 7^5 ^IJ^rip i?^Jlip 

But, except, yi '^^ *D^?^rl)n '^:d 'db^ *n^r 

however, p.S * D^^K 
Butcher, to slay beast, JlDT * H^htD * IDHp to murder, 

:hn ^mn -N. m. s. nnir ^conlti^ -ed, m. s. *nyn: 

T - T - •• •• ~ : • 

nU^ *:inn5 -ly,;?^ -y, slaughter house, 
D^nnCOD .-I'l^^nt^n n"^n murder, *CD^D1 nD^DtJ^ 

// •- T : • // T • : - •• • T - • : 

Butler, he who minds the liquors, D^pJi^^H 1^ 
Butt, ni^ -N. (a measure) D^iri^l I'^V HJ^?;^? 
Butter, HKpnn n^D -N. Hijpn -milk, 3^n ''D -y, 

T V V : • ' 


Hiiitock, nii'ti^i^D • np R. nw 
Button, -)3n -N. i]nD3 -hole, n^h^h 

Buy, njjj /provision) 7^^ 13JJ^ -er, ni. s. HJilp 

Buz, (interjec.) DH 

Buzz, to hum, U'tl) to whisper, tl/Tlh -N. n^H? * t^^^^ 

By, (denoting means) 1\7^ (denoting way) "v^i^* "2 By- 
and-by, ^Pih^h *2'\lpJIl -law, ^'COHiji nl -path, 
in'l'^D H^^int^ -room, mVD inr\ -stander, m. s. 

n;i2^ *iD'\s -street, in v;d \nn -word,nr:t:^ *^:i^io 


Cab, Dj? 

Cabal, b^^in -N. D^^j;) -ler, ^5^np ' 

Cabbage, N. p-]^. * 3^1/ 

Cabbala, H^ -IP 'nib/O -alist, -^i^H -ahstical, H^Bpn 

Cabin, an apartment. Tin * i^n 

Cabinet, a chest, HIT) a room, '^O'^^Sjn nV:;in;2n mn 

Cable, n'^:ii^n 72n 

T* t; T V V 

Cackle, npnp R. Tp 
Cadence, ^1p n^5t^^^ 
Cage, (for birds,) lISiV fl^? * 2^b2 

Cajole, to beguile, K^^^H ' HZpn flatter, ^in * ]wb p^'^Hi'l 
Cajoler, m. s. ^t^m * ^^h * ]1:^^^ *P'')t^^ 

Cake, N. p"^pn ^n|Jt; 

Calamitous, -ty, HJli ^3^]; M^l^l * jlJ); ^nVy 
Calamus, DJi^l HJp 

Calcination, pl^5t^ HDnti^P Calcine, p^ij^ ^"I'li; 
Calculate, I'j^li; * 2\j^r} -ation, l^i:^} M^^^O -ator, m. s. 

nv^D *3t£^np 

Caldron, flH^p. '^ID^i? 


Calendar, H^t^^H mh Calends, ti/lh ti^^l 

T T - - ' V 

Calender, fm * p*»^nn -N. -er, m. s. f HJD * p'^^H^ 
Calf, (of a cow) H^^I/. * h^V Calve, -f'^^ ' 
Calico, III np^ l|5l 

Caiigraphy, nnD;?)n ^i^V 

Calk, D^n^n rn n^:^^ ::hD -er, m. s. — n^^:^ DniD 

Call, to name, to invite, °]1^ t^ljP address, "7^ ^^'^j^ demand, 
t^ipn -to account, ]^7^ jt/iin Ch. *"D];D l^l"! -aloud, 

^ipn x-))j -together, pj;;rn 'prvn * ^npn -n. ^^*s:np 

Callosity, nt^p^ D^t;; R. Kti^J Callous, m. s. H.^p -ness, ^^ti^p 

Calm, copi^n *pri^n;5;j^ (weather) H'^ti^nn m-) 

-ness, COp^ * H^P^O %nDp*n * H^O^'I -ly, -1 
Calvinism, ])bp "^nph -ist, m. s. \)hp_ ^"im *^h^f2 

Calumniate, °^i; nni ij^'^V'i'"^ i^- ^^''^ •'2)t:i'i ]h: ']^phn 

-ator, m. s. HS'l ^^"'V^'^ ' ''P'^ 10^ * T?^^? Calumny, 

Calx, hme, "7^^ a powder made by fire, "ibi^ 
Camel, 7Di! 

T T 

Camlet, "'tS^pi '^?2)S in 

Camp, n:nD -aign, (of an army) i^n-VH ^^H npl^/D 

Camphor, D''"]^? 

Can, hbl -N. D13 * tPJE 

Canal, HOn 21 * H^I/n "ll^V 

Cancel, to destroy, 21)1^(1 * nhp to make void, T^DH R. 

niD -led, m. s. nnm ' hhd^ * "id^d 

T ; • V ; • T 

Cancer, (a fish) ]mD (a sore) ;;n I/J^. R. UTl 
Candid, honest, m. s. DH ^ It:^'^ * D^^^Di^ *tJ:}^i^ 
,Candidate,m. s. --^ in^nh nD'lV *t^i?.5P 
Candidly, Dh? * "11^^''? * llblS:? 

CAN— CAP 53 

j Candle, 15 -stick, nnl^P 

I Candour, ItJ^'' * Dh * D^:^D^? 

' Cane, to beat with a-, hj^J23, nlSH R. n:D3 -N. a stick, ^JpD 

a reed, njjj a sugar-, p')T^D il2]> 
j Canker, to corrode, 73^ -N. n7iDSD -worm, p?"; 
I Cannibal, a man eater, m. s. DT^t "l^B *7^^ 
! Cannon, Hn^ H^p -shot, n:p HintDIO R. HnCO -ball, -ade, 

(see Bomb) 
Canon, a dignitary, D*'3ri3n 21 a rule, Jl*! *pn scripture, 

U;ip "'i^'JpP -ical, ni2 -icals, D^'DHSn Hjn -ry, ni pH 

Canopy, (of state) HSn the sky, D^D^H JIS? R. ^DD 
' Canticle, Dn/^H 1''^ 

Canton, a part of a country, nj*>*l^n p7T} 

Canvass, ('for preferment) "inilil? ^j?.? to debate, H'^Dln R. 
nj^ -N. a cloth, 2Jl TJIl a soliciting, n^J^jJ^ 
i Cap, to cover, HD^S -N. U/^IH HD^D 
I Capability, HJ^H * n^j'; -able, m. s. ~hil2 * *1T :i"^^jn 
I Capacious, m. s. D^T *3n"! *^n| -ness, Dn'l ^^lil 
! Capacitate, HD ^HJ ^pDH m^^DH -city, ability, n^(^/n Tl^j^ 
space, nnh state, TDi^D 

Caparison, H^^ -N. DIDH n-j^Ti^ ^^i; 
; Cape, neck piece, ^ni:n r\D2D head Ijyid, pXH |1t:^^ 
I Caper, Tj^T * jH n^lD R. 112 -N. a berry, pn^jP a 
I jump, 11p-l • jn'^-l -ing, m. s. J.^7P nsnpp 
I Capital, (sum) Jlp. (town) n^^tilH l^j; -crime, i^On 

nip D^c^^p 

Capitation, Dj/n ip.^p pl^P R. H^D 

Capitulate, (a town) D^'J^^nS "^^HB "l^I/H 'T'JJDn -ation, 

64 CAP— CAR 

Cappadocia, J^ilJ^TSj^ Ch. 

Caprice, nnr nn-cious,m.s. *13^P? nnr nn 

Capricorn, /a sign of the Zodiac) "^"[J 7TD 
Captain,(of a troop) IM^n tt^^l (of a ship) h^hn DT 
Captious, a caviller, m. s. t^^V * A^I^P ' CJ^H? ""^l?^^ 
Captation, ih nn'^'ph ^^in?) -ivate, to charm, 22h Hn? 

-ive, -ure, ^2f -ivity, ni3?/ * H^^^i^ -or, m. s. Hnt^ 
Caravan, (of travellers) nni^ -sary, D"^niit^ \'\h?? H^? 
Carbinier, ^p_ S:^^^ 
Carbuncle, (a stone) f^)^."!^ 
Carcase, a dead body, m ^p^ n>^ * n^?: 
Card, to comb, ph^ -N. p"!?i^P (for games) ^7)5 
Cardinal, a chief, t^^^l a priest, D*^?rj3n t!^t<1 
Care, ti^^H ' :ii^^ ^'^^jtf 3^ D1t2^ -N. anxiety, n^^^'l/H^nn 

charge, "iDt^IlD * HIDti^;:: under-of, 1^ nnn -ful, m. s. 

I'^ril -fulness, nil'^nr -less, m. s. nSI.? * 7VIJ -lessness. 

Career, nVnQ 

Caress, (him) *lnnniSt3 D^VT^n 

Cargo, a ship's lading, il^^^n nVD^p h'ZD 

Caricature, ^^I?^^ pIpV^' njllO/;) 

Caries, pnijl * H^^^? Carious, m. s. npl^ * ^^^J 

Carmine, I/^iD *'^:^ R. n2t^ 

Carnage, ;inn * 'htD\l 

Carnal, -knowledge, H^^^ ^^^P ^,^"^^?*'? a sensual person, 

m. s. j2;?3 ri\m np^^i^ ^'S'^n * n;?T *J^^ci^ -ly, 

known! 2:^^t2h C^^^ nj/Tl'^ -eous, m. s. -|K;3 *^r? 

-ivorous, m. s. "i^B *^?^ 
Carousal, Hr^t^^P Carouse, nlDJf^^ n:;!^!! * iD^i^ > 
Carpenter, VJ;? t^lO 


Carpet, D^*151P * Hl^Dn 

Carriage, manners, J Hip a vehicle, nHD^P 

Carrier, ^BD ^1^/2 

Carrion, n^n:: %n5i-)co 

Carrots, D'>J^^|§ Carroty, DIJ?!^, R. D^^^ 

Carry, to bear, ^^£i^J * hhO to convey, N^'^H R. ^?^2 -about, 

T3p iSii^; -away, n"^3J?n (a cause) H^V -on, Tl;; ^b;i -on 

a business, • "2 ppyO"? 

Cart, N. n^jx?. -er, -^i/n^^iini-wright, ni^^i;. n^i; 
Cartel, D'^'iD::^ ^l^H^ nt^Mi/n R. nw 

*=="""• r . •; L. 

Carve, (in wood or stone) aCOH *2)ir] *;/?p^* 7D3 (meat) 

inn *nn3 -ing, nj;;^pp ncj^i^p * nin? 

Case, a covering, ^ID? *^1Sy a sheath, "I^JT) ^^'l^ state of 
things, ]):;: *]5ii^(of noun) DtS^n n^p in-, Dij^ in-of need. 

Cash, nnr ^I^p3 'V.^tDD Ch. nil/D Ch. t1^'5 Ch. -ier, 

nW * mipsiD i^on -n. •'j^n^ ch. nnr^ ch. 

Cask, a barrel, fl'^nn Casket, D^^i?nn Un^ 

Cassia, n*np * ni;;vp Ch. 

Cast, to throw, ^htl/r, * rt")^ -down, HVIK ^"^SH R. ^D3 
-off, p"!^ *inin R. 11^ niSlJ to be -away, 12^ -up an 
account 3^n ^Pi^O (metals) p':i;;> -N. Hn"; * HD^t^H * p^lD 

Castellated, D^n^ll nlDlH f^p^lD R. ^p''" 

Castigate, ID;! Castigation, ]n.1D^ ^DIIO 

Castle, (a house) -iV3p * iiDi.s: * nn;? pi. nv^T? 

Castrate, (an animal) D'lD Castration, D^^D 
Casual, nnpp '^-I'l n Casualty, Hipp 
Casuist, m.s. "Iti^^P Casuistry, nt^5^ njy^'T 
Cat, (an animal) 7^T^^\ 

Catacombs, D^HD n^p^ ni-i;;p 

56 CAT— CEA 

Catalogue, n?2^p^^ 

Cataract, T^K * nl^V (in the eye) llni;; *D*'"il?n 

Catarrh, tj^'ico^;; 't^n^n:? nh^? 

Catastrophe, na"! J^lD 'nnn^j^ 

Catch, to lay hold on, p^mn to ensnare, l^h * ^'^ti'Dn .N. 

act of seizing, HTp/ * 11 /ti>^? a thing that catches, * "Tp? 

Wpp -ing, infectious, m. s. p3,'ir\D 
Catechism, nla^t^^ni n'\hm -etical, bt^ -ise, 2 l^ph 

-ist, m. s. 2 *T^/P 

Categorical, CO^H;? * ^IDJ -gory, nlJVp'in Dn^-^V'!? ^?^i?/P 
Caterpillar, (an insect) Dr| * ^V^V ' ^''PO 

Cathedral, nti/^m riD^SH n"^-i 

' X TV V : - 

Catholic, a Papist, m. s. •^Dll ^^HS 3^? nniSl *i^ v^DD 

Cattle, niionn 

Cavalcade, r^'^ipi^H npjlh pim -ier, a knight, * b'Jl tl}''^^ 
t:/!^ a partisan, l^T} *i?-). R. HVI -ierly, %'-15n T? 
"T^^ prhS -ry, U^plB 

Cave, -rn, n-ix;;o -rned, DnlH nil;;;:: n^^D 

Cavil, ann ^D^jip nnl;; -ler, m. s. ']'\in *u;^i^ 

Cause, Dpn * 220 (this verb is however generally expressed 
vrith the characteristic of the /^i/DH conjugation, as 
*7^P?n he caused to learn j -N. a source, n2p motive, 
DV^ a trial, 12'^ * m M^'l -less, D;:C0 n2D '^'?2 

Causeway, tlhOD R. ^Vd 

Caustic, niip ^ Ip;^ Cauterize, nijP * Ip;; * HIS 

Caution, "inrn * mv -n. care,m-i\nr warning, * Hnnm 

njVP -ary, pn^lb *n^np^ Cautious, m. s. 'inU 
n\n| -ness, nn^nr -ly, -2 
Cease, to stop, nati^*iDjt/ to be extinct. Din *'7b|l ^y-TH 


-less, hin "^^n 

Cedar, rnjj 

Cede, to surrender, "ibD * 21^ * V^^ 
Ceil, ;sp Ceiling, ]1t:)P 

Celebrate, to praise, HUti^ (a feast) Jin -ration, n^ti^ *jn 
-rious, m. s. n^^l2 * D^j^L^a *;;'Tl: * DD^IDP Ch.-rity, 

Celerity, minr * nn\np 

Celestial, heavenly, ^ty^T^m inhabitant of heaven, T^b'OJ^ \2yi} 
Celibacy, jntH^Q JinD Ch. TWi^lH 

J ^ ,1 ...... . 11'., ' • • : 

Cell, a room, "17.D * ^-P 

Cellar, HnX/D • -)13 %Tljn (for liquoi-s) ^mJ$ 

Cement, pa'l -N. p21D 

Cemetery, nlinp DipP n^'B 

Censer, Hjnn? * n^iDpD 

Censor, -orious, 1\^2D * H^DID R. riD"^ -arable, (person) m. s. 

Dt^^^ *ti^^K -ure, D^:i^^^^ ^H^DiH -N. mip3 *nn:)ln 

Cent, HiJD -enary, HHIian -ifidous, H^D^ p^nj 

Centre, N. *^Tir) -al, —7^ -ipetal, m. s. —h IltOJ -ick, m. s. 

Centuple, D'^Dj/g HiJD -uriate, r^^i^nb phjl -urion, 
HKlSn -|t^ -ury, n^L? ^^^D 

T"- - ♦'^ TT T" 

Cephalic, ti^xnn ^^in^ n^Mr\ 

Cerate, ;i2l*1 nntJ^D Cere, ijl^? Ht^^D H^D -cloth, 

:i2n3 nnD mt!^D "tjh 

Ceremonial, -ious, jn^pJD '"^IP? (person) m. s. p*1p19 
Un^pn DVPVP Ch. Ceremony, niD^i/: '^'7fP 

Certain, fixed, m.s. rntOS ^pDJ *31V|J Hlin (city) 
nilJ^Dn T;; (person) m,s^r)Vt'^\l}^^ (time) II/ID (sum) 

j?in'*fiD|n nt^-ia (thing) -in^i sure,nps: *\st7i '^r[ 


R. HT some, t^"}^ -ly, ]'2H * n?2^2 ^'^^^l!? -ty, * pH 

Certificate, n^'\Vr\ * DMV ri5^ri| Certify, T^^/H R. n^V 
Cess, a tax, ^-)i; * D?D * DD -ation, rest, *p-)P * HH^?^ 

njis) *ni:? (of arms) HDn^^n nr^DV. 
Cession, nnjn ^nn^rI;. 
Chaff, ^^b * t:^^n Chaffy, ^b .^!79 * pn 

Chagrin, D^J^f^H ^D^i/DH -N. \p * Dj;? -ed, m. s. VJl^'Un 
Chain, to put in chains, ^DD^ D^pn^^3 ID^ fasten, phi 

-N. ^33 ^D^p\t^^ ^nlpini 7l]in ^nn^nti^ (for the 

neck) pji;. 
Chair, ^B'2 a sedan, HllS'l^n 1?^D3 -man, a carrier, i^ll}^ 

a president, Hl^n J^n?D Chaise, H^ * n??1D 
Chalcography, mn^ ^^^)P 
Chaldron, H^^^ tl^U}h^;^ Hft^ 
Chalk, N. T'tl^ to mark with-, -2 tllpi -pit, -Hlpp 

Challenge, (to fight^ DH^nl? D'H^r^n defy, HDIH^ :i"!Xfi7n 

accuse, y^i? }]2r\ ch. -N. ^tihn^ n3\nh^ y^ih njrni^ 

Chamber, n^H -lain, r)\2n Tp^^ ' D^D -maid, ♦ iinn^P 

HD^ -pot, ]r\ti} ^h-D * d:^^-] ^r> ^.^ r^'^^^ 

Champaign, an open country, Dl^ 

Champion, ^^H lln^ * Hpn/Tp ti^\^ 

Chance, N. H^'^^S * H^pP by-, Hnpb? 

Chancel, H^DnH n^5 n'^n^lP 

Chancellor,"-)'^!?!;? Lord-, t:^i<-)n -)^?yQ ^D^^D^It^H ^-1 

Chancery, ^11511 T^. ^'^^l 

Chancre, i;*) ]^n;:^ 

Chandelier, nil^D Hi^p Chandler, nll^ -)?i;:3 

Change, to exchange, f]'^7nn * TDH to alter, H^CV -N. 


K novelty, tt^^n **>13ti^ exchange, Pl^^H ^H^^^^n -able, 
^ (person) ni. s. ^DD^D R. I^H * "^^Ilil^ *13 

Channel, (of water) p^^H * H^;/]! * "li^V 

Chant, nit:' * n^r -N. HT?:^ * llDTp * IDT -er, "inlt^^p 

-ress, n-ini::^p -ry, Dn-iwp ^"i"!^?! Dipp 

Chaos, Chaotic, IrtD R. linn 

Chap, to crack, y)in * D-V?) -N. a cleft. Hip: ♦ p>p;j 

Chapel, n^Dn n^'B chapiam, ■rnkS-t:^\^-n^3 trts 

^/ • - // T T - 

Chapiter, ITinjD * HDV R. HD^; 
Chaplet, t^N")b D'^HnS) 

Chapman, a dealer, nnlD* t^^^ i^^D? pDii; (for pK^i]/) 
Chapped, m. s. pvn ^^/IVS *p1p3 ^j/j^lQ 
Chapter, (of a book) HtJ^n^ * p>5 

Character, reputation, DJJ/ qualities, nj^DH * ni?!/? ^ letter, 
Jlli^ -istic, |Dp -ize, to give a character, * TlNt JflJ 

"^j;; T5nR.n;i:3 

Charcoal, DHQ 

T V 

Charge, to command, JliV * n^^ entrust, IpDH accuse, 
D^^^^^ M'^P?^'"!^ attack, Vj^ demand, ^^^ -N. 

T » : vv : • T : - ▼ : • ^ • ; •»•••: 

niVD -able, costly, m. s. Ip'^ accusable, m. s. IDU/b^ *tl}"'i^ 
Charger, (ahorse) HDH^p^ ]D1Dn D'lD a dish, Hiyp 
Chariot, nn^np -eer, 35I 
Charitable, bountiful, m. s. dS mi *y^l^ kind, m. s. TDH 

-iy,nnn;i nn^ *TDnn charity, np^v * na-r: ^nn^pn 
-box, nj^iv h^} nmp 

Charlatan, •'i^D-l * ^121 * i;/!! -ical, iTDI -1 * HDI^ n 

• t: --. '-.- 'x';* ■»■;•: 

Charm, to fascinate, '2lh ^VJf/^t^ R. r\]:^ to bewitch, \i;r\h 
-N. D^I/p^ti^ ♦ t^n^ -ed, m* s. "1 V.^Hmr^ -er, m. s. 


Charnel-house, t2^r\D fllZDVI? ri"*? 

Chart, pjjn ng§ *niy'7;?n n'\h^b? mh 

Charter, nn'^H " |T£?^"! R. Hti^n -ed, m. s. -*i^ jj?? 
Charwoman, Dl*" TIT??^ 

Chase, T^^^ * "n^? P)!-! * "nnt? p^'l -N. a pursuit, HDni 
Chasm, a cleft, p^jpp * n*1[53 an opening, nJH 5 * "^^5 
Chaste, pure, m. s. "llH^ *'^jpj honest, m. s. D]1 * ")^^ -en, 
id: -isement, jniD^ * IDID -ity, n^I/'^^V Tinnp *]Vp? 
Chat, -ter, i^m * lUH * bin l^'l (like birds) P]^^ipV R- 

n=:)y -N. nto^B * n:in ♦ ^nn nn^i 

Chattel, r^Pf'^P 1^- "^^CD 

Cheap, ^iri -en, to lessen, ^TH * ^'1^]:D VV.^ -ness, ^It 

Cheat, to deceive, n?^n_ * Ipj;; * H^IH R. n^'' -N. a trick, 

iTDI ^H-JIDIID ^n^^:1^^ a deceiver, \SD-| ^^Dl 
Check, to restrain, l)S]J chide, I'V^ -N. 1^I-^C) * D^V^ -er, 

D^jt;2V i;?^5_ Ch. n?;^ * ^(5;:^ -ered, m. s. * |^n^P 

Cheek, the face, ^T}? pi. D^^H? -tooth, ♦ ]npn ^piH ];i^ 
Cheer, to encourage, 3? ptH * 'HM "I^J/H to grow gay, 

2b y^tD^n *mn -n. -fulness, 2b a^to • nn;!:ii^ * nMn 

-fully, -2 -er, m. s. nmD * Ipn -ful, m. s. * 3^ *3l0 

bn)i -less, nn;DJi^ x^3 m. s. m 

Cheese, HJ^^^ * "Ij^B nlDii^ * 3^n V'^ID -monger, -IDlD 

Cherish, to nurse, 7373 R. 713 -er, m. s. 7375P 

Cherub, nn? Cherubic, D'^^^^? 1^?v^P? 

Chesnut, ;to"1K 

Chest, a box, ?5")^^ * Hnn * lllK the breast, HTH 

CHE-^CHO 61 

Chevalier, ^""n liaH ti^''K 

Chew,(with the teeth) jiniD * Dl;?^ Ch. -the cud, HIJ n^^H 

Chicane, sophistry, i^^tl^ m^} wrangling, D'^JID R. ]n 

Chicken, ^i")p^? -hearted, m. s. 22hn *^1 * J<")^ 

Chide, "2 -)i;^ Chiding, DIV? 

Chief, a principal, m. s. tJ^t^l * 3"! -cause, HSpn U/iil -city, 

HD^P^n DK1 1^^ -thing, -Ijji; * CifN-) _iess, ^ii-\ ^^5 

-ly, Si^N")5 -tain, (see Commander). 

Chilblain, Hnnp ^ifB;;5^? 

Child, an infant, ih] * ^ID * bb'\]: * b^y an offspring, nn * ]!l 
get with-, 15^ be with-, n^T) -bearing, ni^ -bed, 
'■^7^ *^i? ^V. -hocxl, nnj': -ish, ^b^^ -ishness, 

nn^.5 n^i^D -less, ^nnj;, -ren, ♦'o^ij^ ^D-^b^l;; *D^:3n 

•T ; 

Chill, to make cold, IpH discourage, 3.^ *^nn DIDH -N. 
-y, "Ip -iness, mnnj? 

Chime, (as bells) bm''^b)i *b)^b)s -N. n^H^D n^Hi; 

Chimera, ^^l^ jvp-q -icai, nn r\ii?-i * Vgn 
Chimney, ]^;;n ^t:) * nnnK -piece, bn_^3n n^ipp 
Chin, D'^jSin ni^g 

Chink, ^V^'^ • b'b'^ -N. an aperture, HJ^^ipn -y, I/pHD 

Chip, ]^vp. * 2bn * -\hr\ ch. -n. nn-^i^n '* n^|) ^ nb^rin 

Chirography, Hn^nSH ilDk^^p 

Chirp, riDn * tiv?i^ R. piDi; 

Chisel, ^rng cojt; 

Chitchat, D."^npp p^ii^s) •Dnn'n >^T) ^^njinni. *ntoi3 

Chivalry, ^;>n -iln^ n^lfg 

Choice, chosen, 1J12D power of choosing, HTn^ * Hin? 
Choir, (of a church) TID^ chorus, D^n^'i^D nphb 


Choke, block up, DilD * Hi/n "115 suffocate, p^H 

Choler, the bile, HDHN^ niD n'ip:i^r\ rage, Hipn * ^^ 

R. ^3^^ -ic, m. s. nm *-)^np * )^^it *^i;ii 
Choose, nhn* ins 

Chop, (wood, &c.) nbn * f -l^i^ (meat) "^hn Ch. -N. (of meat) 

-)^5 np'^nn -py,i;i^ap 

Chorister, m. s. n^lD^n ^j^ *in1:^9 Chorus, np_n^ 

Chosen, m. s. nniD mnn 

Christ, DnVi^n n^t:^D-en, baptize, D^N^^SH "^DH h'^lD p'l^ 
to name, t^ti/J, ^l]^ -endom,DnVl^-ening, HJ^'nCD Hpnt 

D'^i^^;:Dn ^;!:ii -ian, nvl: -ianity, Dni;i3n n^ii^i^ n^i 

-ianize, nVl:)7 DlJi^ -ian-name, tl/^in Ull/ -mas. 

Chronical, l.^J?n -1 * n'^TpjlS 

Chronicle, history, D"^p*n "^"lll^n Chronicler, DHS 

Chronologer, D^nXf^ H^? v'V^ -gy, D^^i/^ H;"^? n^^*; 
Church, (a place) D^nVl^H "Ti/I ^1^5 ^ congregation, 
DnVl^n niJ? R. T;;^ -warden, jn^p ^O^-IJ Ch. -yard. 

Churlish, provoking, m. s. ^^'VP^ * ^^I/?P * X^^^ untracta- 

bie, m. s. j;n§ * n^j^ -ly, nii/n?? -ness, nii/n^ 

Churn, (butter) ^m * ^hn f OH -N. -^ "^b 

Chymist, ^l)i • ?]nVD -ry, Pin-VH niJ^^D Chymical, 

Cider, D"^n^2)n ^D 

Cinder, ti?^??? ^-^D ^n5 R. ^V3 

Cinnamon, ]1^3p 

Cipher, ni^intj/n 3i^n -n. the figure (0) v^^T} ri1^; 
lin^nn -ing, \Wr\L} ^^^^?? 

CIR-^CLA (53 

Circle, enclose, ^n^H circulate, D^DH -N. a company, H^inn 
an orb, h}^^ R. ^^J Circuit, ^IH -N. extent, ♦V^i 
nn^Dp act of moving round, r\^pr\ R. Plp*> -ous, m. s". 
nnlD 22)0 Circular, ^^^j;? -ity, ^^^j; Circulation, 

HiDip/p (of blood) D-in n^np 

Circumcise, h^D -cised, Si»? -cision, n^">p ri^n 
Circumference, a compass, Jin the limits, ^li| 
Circumnavigate, D^:^^ nnbl I^H -gation, DUD ^Qpn 

ni:^2 -gator, .T;^^n nniDi ^^in * ^ ' ^ ''* 

Circumscribe, ^3^n -scription * H^^^H -spect, m. s. inn 
Circumstance, condition, IDj^p *]rii,s^ -stanced, -3 -stantial, 

"•P^DS -stantiate, '^iDltin t^^-jJ^ 
Circumvent, 3i?.jt/ * n;?^ -vention, nv^l ♦ HOTO * nHj?;; 
Circumvolution, ninp * H^^pil * HDp^n R. t]p"i 
Cistern, ti)f2 H^pp 

Citadel, nvrip ^n^i^p ^nT5 

Citation, a summons, ]^lh nv>2r\ Ch. a quotation, HpnifH 

Cite, in^ ^3n ^ pr);;n ''•" 

Citizen, n^ln R. ^tS^^-ship, D^^^lnH tDSlt^D 

Citron, :iinnNt Ch. - - - : • 

City, nn.p '* n^;,: 

Civil, civilized, m. s. nin-j^ri vi^;i"!l *^i/n * dj^id *s:;\s^ 

-law, njn^n D^^p -vvar,'D4'7 nnnp ri^^'^'p .ian, 

^r^in ^njnpn io^t^p nni^\. nT*-ity,'*^ni;::^i;i 
n.^'J'TO ^riunn -ize, -Tp^ 

Clack, to chatter, D;'nDSJ^ pJ!^S * D^'^n'l nln^lH -N. 
Claim, tS^'ipn .N. H^p^? -able, m. s. ti^j^a^. -ant, m. s. Ci^pnp 

Clamber, nn^^n H^;/ 

Clamm, to stick, p2^n -iness, mp5"q -y m. s. p2)1 

64 CLA— CLE 

Clamorous, m. s. HOln Clamour, p^V '^^^ -N. %n)^yV 


Clan, a family, nmtt^D a sect, nm *nn?n 
Clandestine, secret, m. s, inp? * inp -ly, I^P? 
Clang, N. nj^nn ^1p * ^V^V -ous, m. s. J^^D 
Clap, pb'l -hands, DV53 fJpD t^HD ^^1? h^^ ^1? ^H R- nD3 

-N. ^ip * D^gl? n^?np -per, (of a bell) b'^^U 
Clarification, -^^3? 'l^nh -fy, "in^ -tude, ni3T * intD 
Clash, to wrangle, nn.H * ]nn -N. HiJ^^D^ 
Clasp, to hold fast, thlS: -N. nj^nSl a hook, DHp 
Class, ^nVil *-)*ip -N. a set, }^D * HFl? a degree, ' n^l^ 

^'^^I;.? -ification, npnj;;^ m^p 

Clatter, to make a noise, HbH -N. p/tDH * )Tpn 
Clause, a sentence, p^D|) Ch. condition, ''NJJ^ * "^^ip R. H^H 
Claw, (of a quadruped) nD"|§ (of a bird) "IDCp Ch. 
Clay,nOT *CO'^P 

Clean, cleanse, "IHO ^npi -N. pure, m. s. llnO innocent, 
m.s.'^p^ quite, ''^i) -liness, HnnO M'^'^P.^ * ^'^'P.? -ly*"^ 
Clear, remove, l^pH (ashes) |tS^l (stones) -b\^p (from ob- 
structions) • • n^pn R. -no ^ "in"! n5D to acquit, *n|p.5 

•"1^5 ^nST brighten, *^^7t^ (the weather) •)^'^V^ to 
gain, ri'^nn -N. bright, m. s. nnb *Tnn *nV guiltless, 
m. s. "^pj -plain, m. s. COIt^Si nnB -sky, n.^ -conscience, 
tlDJ nn -voice, ^^^V ^1p -water, D'^^I^V 9'?I ^'J? 
-ance, niDH * nVp3 ' D^n^CO?) -er, m. s. ntOlS * HSTp 
-l\nrD nn^P * np.5P -ly, evidently, HiSn^D^ * *"17:? 
-ness, perspicuity, m. s. *^^^!\ transparency, mnV *m'^^'l? 
-sighted, m. s. PIpS 
Cleave, unite, p5^. adhere, pi'l split, ^Cp^ ^jt/D?^ Cleaver, 
y^pnD Cleft, a crack, Hnp? * ni?^?? (in a rock) I^H *p^p3 

CLE— CLO 65 

Clemency, niX^n-l ^HJ^^H *D3n IDIl * n^;?n Clement, 

m. s. Dini * \^:n • Tpn * ^Din * n^pp 

Clench, to bend, P|33 to fasten, ^DJ^ 
Clergy, D'^pPlS -man, ]n3 Clerical, D*'?ri:sn ^^ 
Clerk, a secretary, IDiD -ship, "IDlDH npi^^D 
Clever, m. s. THD * ■^^nD -ness, n:^3 * n•^^'^.!D 
Clew, a guide, 111 rii^-lin^ Ut^l ^f21 R. HT 

Client, m. s. y^bg *n7 w ^ co^t^p *^j;;n 
ciift,i;^D 1?/ • Wn in 

Climate, a tract, t^i: the air, D'^7p^ 
Climax, ascent, H vjt/ Climb, li?;/ -er, m. s. H/li/ 
Clinch, (the fist) T ^533 to hold fast, "l ptnn * ?nNt 
-er, a hold fast, T^pD a full answer, *nniD5 n^^lt^^n 

Cling, to stick to, ^21 

Clink, b'b-^ * ^v^V 

Clip, to cut short, ^^Vlp (hair, wool, grass) T'T|I Clipping, 

T.I; •• T • 

Cloak, nbn 'Uhsn *np? -N. a garment, HIT)^? Tinlt?. 
a blind, ^VP R. ^^V *mD:p 

Clock, n;;^ nij^np * nr n^iz: -work, idvj;?? i?jt?l^OP 
Clod, (of earth) li^;; t:^^;) ♦nj-) * n^n^D 

^ ' T 't t t t t : V 

Clog, to burden, l^H?'!' adhere, p21 -N. an obstruction, 

mnDH * -ID 

T T : - - 

Close, to shut, -) JD * h'Vl -N. end, ^llD sly, m. s. Dnj^ cloudy, 
IJi;? -together m. Vin: DH^Vp * D^nllp -bodied, 
^IJl *T?XP -ly» secretly, "IJnDB without deviation, 
niCO: ^b2 -ness, nearness, mniP heat, HD^^Dn * DlH 
privacy, nnp *iripp 

Closet, to conceal, IDDn -N. "IDD^n 1in2 IIH 

()(5 CLO— COA 

Closure, conclusion, 7135 * Tp, * ^^D 

ciot,-ihv * D^5 ^^bp^ -N. -iinv *D^5 *i^iii!^ 

Cloth, nj n Clothe, l^2bri -oneself, t:^3^ -ier, in Hti^l;? 
"IDV -ing, DnJ3 * nt^n^n * D''^13^D 

Cloud, 3''jt;n *t3??-N. 3if * ijy * i^^'^i -less, nnb ^nn; * nv 

Clove, (a spice) ^nlH nliri'; * p.^^^ 
Cloven, m. s. ^IDJJ^ 'Dn?5 

Clout, n^^pD '-^t^b^ *2riDn ^^h2 ^nv R-nm: 
Clown, -ish, m. s. uv^ ry'\^6 *-)Dn R. IID 

II - - II ' - -: 

Cloy, surfeit, Ju*''??^!! -less, -73 -ment, nj;;3fe^ 

Club, ^'^r\l niin -N. a society, nn3n a stick, T^ ^j; -law, 

i*n"nprn i/i-irn-ris osjtr^D -room, n-)3nn Tin n^in 

R. 11;^ 

Cluck, Pl^^y R. Pl£iV 

Clumsiness, heaviness, 1^33 awkwardness, DJ/^ "IDH 

-sily, - -3 -sy, m. s. 133 * D^D nDH 
Cluster, a collection, ^'^^^? *^13p (of grapes) b'^P^ 
Clutch, to grasp, •'3 pTHH Ci^£in th^ -N. T 
Clyster, |p^in 
Coach, n33"l^ -man, 33*1 

T T : V T - 

Coact, ^3n -ion, -)V1?D -ive, m. s. Pl3^^^. * n^^i?^ 
Coadjutant, -jutor, m. s. n3n * ITii? 

Coagulate, nnV^ p'^1 * t^flp^ -tion, liny ^T^?!? 

Coal, bn^ *Dn?l a burning-, HSiV? * ^^? ^H^ Coalery, 

Coalesce, '7^^?n^ *")3nnn coalition, ^nnnnnn 

Coarse, (cloth) 3;/ 1^3 (person) m. s. jniD^Xf? D^^ *'ipn 
(victuals) D'^Dil Ch. D '^3ii?/5 (words) D^^j? 0^31 


Coast, N. n^'^ •^in -ing, D;n ^lyp.,? ^"^^ 

Coat, mo? •ID -R. 110 -of amis, nn^^r^H npnin 

Coax, nna • "^x ji::^^ p'^^nn • ^^\t^n r. ^m 

Cobble, kI?^ Cobbler, (of shoes) nl^j^? i<!70P 

Cobweb, spider's web, t^^3D^ nip 

Cochineal, DHK?).! nnh^rs 

Cock, (of birds) 'pinn Ch. "^pji;^ a spout, ^gti^ZDH H^j'^ 

Cockatrice, ""^ll/^V 

Coction, digestion, ^13;/ * h^:^t^ the boiUng, ^^tJ^3 

Code, (of law) niniH niin ")DD R. nn** 
Codicil, nnn DKiy? nnsD/'D ni:iDin r. ^id'^ 

Coequal, m.s. '-^ n)p .11011 *17'^5 13 

Coerce, l!i;;; -ion, 1)^^72 * D^lK * ^Di^ -ive, m. s. * IV^;^ 

Coessential, m. ;;3C03 DVI/n D'^W Coeternal, HV^^ IIH^ 
^/- ■•• : II"-.- : ' -VT T : - 

Coexistent, m. PIH^ D\^yo: ^IH^^ 111 **»2n 

Coffee, |;-J^ip-^12) (roasted) -^^^b^^ (the liquor) -"^D 

Coffer, -1^5 Coffin, jllS: 

Cognizable, 77DVzance, judicial notice, CO^Wil nj^llil 

Cohabit, -ation,iin:n2:r -ant,^ Hm "D^ 2i^V 

Coheir, "D;; t^^ll"^ Coheiress, W, nt^J]^ 

Cohere, stick together, p21 to fit, ni<; -nee, T^^pyl * H'li^;^ 

-nt, m. s. p^ll Cohesive, m. s. p3l^ * ?^T. 
Coin, to make money, ^2^^ illllD Ch. invent, 111^ -N. 

V2:DD -age, the coining, }ni:DD n:i2^j?. 
Coincide, W C^Vn Ch. -nee, 1030.1 -nt, m. s. D^SDD 
Coition, pini 

Coke, ti^^^o ^^D ^n5 r. bv: 

.. .. ^ .. _ - 
Cold, -ish, not hot, m. s. IJ^ R. lip not hasty, m. s. \^PlD Ch. 

indifferent, m.s. ^t^lilD * SSID -,s. want of heat, 1p MaV 

68 COL— COL 

R. \:)i inditrerence, ]rD"l * H^WinH -ly, -2 

Colic, \:p2 3^it^ 

Collar, N. ^l^JH nD:2f2 -V. - -3 Thi^ p^HH 

Collate, to compare, H/^*^ -ral, side by side, m. s. 1*1^7 * ll-^P 
-ion, a comparison, ]VD'l 

Colleague, 1211 -N. m. s. inn 

Collect, to gather, (people) ^HpH (things) ^D^ *\*np * 1 J?< 
(writings) 015^ -ion, n^Hp ' H^'^Di^ * ^BR * D^^^lp^ -ive, 
m. s. ^p^;; -ive noun, \n3i>)n U'^ -ively, H^^DkNtB ^^SR^ 
-or, m.s. ^B^D * ^np_?p *1Jli^ a tax-gatherer, DD n2i:i 

ch. College, (;i^ii;:i)n"n^ -1 ♦ na^ti^'^ ^ ^nn^riD ch. -ian, 
-n ian 

Collet, (of a ring) ]niS: n?^1 -jp 

Collier, a diarsrer of coals, D^'DHt^ Jll^ *^DnS^ 

Collision, n;;^:!^:^ ml^-^jb 
Coiiop, 1^5 np^nn 

Collusion, It^p Collusive, m. s. Dili; M/!D1D *^hD 
Colon, n^il^ Ch. marked thus (*) under the letter, as Gen. 
ch.i. V. 1. D^n^.^ iS13 

A" V: T T 

Colonel, ni^^^n 1^ 

Colonise, D^r^3 2^mn R. nu '2ti^^ -zation,D^nB nnti^lH 

• T • ' . T -T 

Colonnade, D'^I^Dif.l nD 

Colony, a plantation, ^^B * ^^Ji7p the people, — Ut^l/H 

Colossus, 31 D A^ 

Colour, to dye,;;!lVn blush, IIHil palhate, HD? *ii^r\ -N. 
adye,]3J Ch. ^I/aV a pretence, ]^j; nl^^lD^ MgH^-able, 
likely, 13) R. pD * ]2TV -ing, an excuse, ni7V?iin paint- 
ing, n^/'^nVn riD^^p -ist, m. s. 151st il2)i Colours, flag. 

Column, 1)D}1 -ar, DH^D^.I IID II 

COM— COM 09 

Comb, phfef -N. (for the hair) p").K^? (for honey) IB^^ P)JV 

t:;21 -of a Cock, ^fi^313 
Combat, to fight, DH^n to oppose, T^^nH * 3^11 -N. 

non^D * nnnD -ant, m. s. n::^nhD *c:^\s * iJ^nD 

tt:* t*: tt:- • ..-.. 

Combination, association, Hl^n conspiracy, II^p^ Combine, 

liin *-)trj^ Combined, m. pi. Dn^n * Dn^ip 

Combustible, m2 phi"" 11:2^ -tion, Hni/^ 

Come, *^i3 -off, -JCO^n -out, t^^^;; -into the mind, 7V n7j^ 

2b nn 

Comedian, m. s. ni^VPl^ *S^^P^^r? R. nr::^ -dy, 

^it^j;^ *pinv 

ComeUness, niH ^niD^;/? *Dj;;1: -ly, ad. -2 -N. m. s. 

TT '^ T 

Comet, ^33r 3D3 

• T : T 

Comfort, revive, ti^?)? 2'^pn to ease, "^ ninn * DHD -N. 

nnnn ^nD^:-able,m. s. ti^s^: *2^::^^2 -less, ♦omn rt^D 
m. s. ^n^? 

T T 

Comic, -al, diverting, m. s.^p^^^D * 2b *2^:D^D 
Coming, ready to come, m. s. ^^H arrival, niSl^3 R. NID 
Comma, J^yi^ (its mark is a point above the letter, as 

Gen. Ch. i. v. 2. V"J.ijni) 
Command, HIV " "Jp? -N. ^I^V ' Hl^p?) -er, a chief, * H^VP 

^tt^lD (of an army) b^^H T^pS (of a town) I^I/H Tp§ 

-ment, mVP 
Commemorate, TSrn *|1")3r^ H^ifn -tion, ^InST n?r 
Commence, 7nn R. 7711 -ment, D?!!]!!! ^D^nD 
Conmiend, to praise, ^2^ *77n -able, m. s. T]2t^D * b^HD 

-ation, praise, HlJi^ message of respect, Dl7ci^ ^^7^^ti^ 

-atory, bp 

Conmient, to expound, I NtS * to^l^ -ary, nii^5 * t^T\B -ator, 

70 COM— COM 

Commerce, ]hy) m^ -N. ^JI^T ^ii;D nriDD -cial, relating 

to trade, —/p trading, m. s. *nnlD 
Commiserable, nnV n m. s. DVjni^ **'1i^-| -ate, ^'hv DHn 

-h i2n R. 113 -ation, m::pnn ^ D^pnn 

Commissary, I^V * 11'^^;^^ * "^J^^D 

Commission, ip.^n -N. niy^ ^rilD^p -er, l^p^ 

Commit, entrust, "TpDH imprison, ")Dt^p!l jrij do amiss, 

T"-: 't t ..1.:- ' ^ . . . T •: 

Committee, m. D'^^^HJD * D'';^;::)^ R. HIJO 

Commodious, m. s. ]^^^ * Hb^J -dity, wares, mlHp *pJj? 

Commodore, DnH^^H D^IV'"!! "^^I?? 

Common, a vulgar person, m. s. COVIH Ch. any thing not holy , 
^1n usual, '"IVD * ^^^n a public ground, D*'!l"in n^^n 
equal, V^HIS -good, D'^^nH nnltO -ality, D;;n ]lDn -ly, 
2'\lh * ^""Jn? * -amp -s, (of parhament) niH^D Ch. 

D;;n-]i/!:n nicoinn -wealth, a repubiic,nin-5^n n^ts^D^ 

Commotion, HDIilD * H'^Qln 

' T : T • 

Commune, "ll'in m. s. *ini;-) h^ *t^^^ in*! -icable, m. s. 
ISpl **Til)' R. Ui -icate, **7 IDD -ication, conversation, 
nm^ an inlet, n^21p *n^2^DD -icative, m. s. ^3 *i^^i^lD 
*1nn -ity, society, HIV * ^Hp^ * II^V 

Commutable, m, s. H^^l *^Zn\ * 1?^^ -ation, a ransom, 

tins * HD^^n ♦ nniDn Commute, Di^ * ^^^^nn * i-^Dn 

Compact, solid, m. s. DIVJ^ * ptH a contract, Tlj/;' * H^I^H 
exact, n^D * DVDVJ!D Ch. R. DD^ -ness, D^i? ^ pltH ' 

Companion, m. s. 12n ^JT}^ * IVDiJ Company, *n")!Iin 
Hj^n^ (of soldiers) nn^ 

Comparable, m. pi. '^B'V * 11^^ -ative, -ision, ^l^p'l -atively, 
-n TVS * htl/D nmn Compare, HIJ^^H n»*n 

COM— COM 71 

Compass, to surround, 3^I1D ^pH R. f^p^ -N, a circle, Jlin 

limits, h'^b^ ^ni^Hil Compasses, H^inp 
Compassion, Dlil^nn * D^DVil * H^DH -ate, m. s. ♦ D'lni 

u^Dm *i^bD -ateiy, ni:Dn-)n ^D^'pnin *n^pn? 

Compatibility, Jlnr^D * Hti^^ -ible, m. s. -)^3 *-)J^; * ]1DJ 

Compel, DJij ^PiJht ^yhs: ^nn^n Ch. 

Compendious, m. s. HVfJ Compendium, IV^p 
Compensate, ^b5 'DW-sation, ^^DJJH * ]*'piVn 
Competency, sufficiency, p'lS^ *P?P power, T^vD"] -ent, 

pSD ^"1 m. s. n^in *hSjl * ''IK'I -ible, *>73 * °'^D3 * ^IK^ID 
Competition, HNl^p ^HDnp -tor,m. s. n"l1^f '"T53np 
Compilation, H^^ipK * Olp^ Compile, Plb^e * £0p^ 
Compiler, m. s. ^D^tp * ^i?./P 
Complacency, (see Complaisance.) 
Complain, bewail, I5'^^^^^ to murmur, t^l/riH *DDn pi/V 

-ant, m. s. ^^ *hiJ'D, ^ ^7^ *j;5in Ch. Dm *pp)i -t, an 

accusation, Dnn^ nl^^b;;;, • n:pK^ a lamentation, * HJ'^p 

^;^^? * \n: a malady, H^nb 
Complaisance, mD^I/? * ^n R. \2n -sant m. s. * D^i/J 

Complement, ]Dh * "|p *D^^ ")§PP -al, m. s. * N5-?^P 
U^blf^D Complete, D^^^n 'i<hD %n^5 * Din -N.m. s. 

D^::^ *^bD *^^^3 *D^z:n -tion, *m!3W ^n^i^^^D 

Complex, (see Complicate) Complexion, Hi^nD 

Compliance, submission, D^^V * H^J^H yielding, * nnjn 

D\>5 n\^^^: -ant, m. s. i;^ '^222 'n^2^*m'\2 
Complicate, ^DDD R. ^DD * ^n^? R. ^^2 -N. m. s. 

3ni;p * ^n^np -cation, i^;:?^-]^ * ^''S^? 

Compliment, salute, ^13. * Dl^'2^5 ^i<^ flatter, ]'\ti;b p^blin 

72 COM— CON 

-N. HDiH *D1^:i^ n^'^j^ti^ Mitr^ P^n -ai, m^'^];: 

T T : T - • : ' T ' V •• • : 

Comply, agree, DSDH Ch. yield, mn *D^:;D ^^CJ^5 
Component, mon ^n^iV^ri R. HVD 

Comport, behave, :in3nn * Hmnn -ment, ;in;p *^i;i 

Compose, to quiet, COpt^H * priJ^H to form, \^^il -ed, m. s. 
^i?^ * i^I/l? I1^;|P -er, m. s. IHnp ition, a written 
work, m^n a mixture, HDI'li/r) (of spices) nnj^"!D an 
agreement, H^WH R. DW -itor, nvnl^^ "I'lDp -ure, 
order, HJ^^n * HDni;.^ tranquility, C0[5;^ * nit^H y\t^1 

Compound, agree, Hlti^H mingle, h'h^ 'l^IJ-N. ^nini/n 
nnp^ap (of words) nn^nn '33njp -er,m. s. nWD 

Comprehend, conceive, Jl^i^H R. ).m * ^311 include, * ^^1D 
^^DH -sible, m. s. ;iSi?*> -sion, nnn * n;i5i^n -ive, under- 

•T "^ -\ TT~: TX- 

standing, m. s. — 7j^5 significant, m. s. Dlti^H comprising 

much, m. s. ^^DH^ p^HH^ ^HSnD ■ i 

Compress, squeeze, '^i/p * ^h? * prTH -ible, *'^I;1D^ ^fHT ' 

priT. -ion, -ure, ^^^f? * ^D^ * pH'^l 
Comprise, p^mH * ^^pH R. ^713 , 

Compromise, Hlti^n -N. tlt^Vd/'Ti T 

Compulsatively,^D2;f5 * D?.i<3 ^^niS ^^/-iCh/nipn^Ch. 

-atory,-ive,m. s. ^Ipt^ * D?> * nn.?/5 Ch.-ion,*^DiJ * D.?^« 

nipn Ch. 

Compunction, H^n?. * nj^^n Ch. 

Computable, Dl^^n;". *-)?©: * H^.^^ -ation, 'Jlnti^n * nSpD 

11.i: * "I'^i^!?^ -te, 2t?^n * nbp * ii:)/p • ti^.l^ ' "ii^^^ -ted, 
m. s. 2t^m * -^n;; * lii^D 

Comrade, m'. s. 12^ * D'^DV * V_']. 

Concave, -vity, H'lWpJi; R. X/pt// * h'h'n Ch. 

Conceal, D^X/n * ^'^nHH * "l^Iipn ^ HD? -able, m. s. D.^tf?. 


Knn^ * "iriD'' * no:^^ -ment, * nD^x;n •^^n^o nnoD 

.. T •• •• T • V \ : T T -; - .. -. - T ; • 

Concede, --^ n^^H ^'O n-yi * DDDH Cli. * "Hi^ \r)2 
Conceit, imagine, njp^ * 2U/n * 2^ ^i; il^j; -N. an idea, 

n^^HD * I'^'i?."! P"d^' ^^ pir-ed,proud,m.s/3^*n55 
n^^r\D fond of himself, pJDP 
Conceivable,^^ R. ;i::^3 '\2V R. ]^n-ceive(in the womb) 

n-|n comprehend, J^JJ^H * l^HH .ceiver,m. s. ;^^n *p:;D 

-ception, (in the womb) ]V*Tn a notion, ]V]J^ * nil^nO 
Concentrate, ^D^ * ^SJ^ 
Concern, to care, ^N"! * ti^lH * J^t^^H to interest, ? (succeeded 

by the pronoun, as ^7 '"^^ What does it concern thee ?) 

-N. n^st-i * t^mn * p^^y * po;; Ch. -ing, ry'n^)^ bn 

Concert, contrive, ^3:nn ^Hv^nnn X^;:D agree, n^^? ^Hlt^H 

D5pn -N. harmony, n^1^^?ln^ m;;^. * nijwn (in 
music) T^'ii^'^r] nD"i;;D 

Concession, grant, njr)^ a thing yielded, Hnjll * ]"i^t!^"l 
Conciliate, reconcile, D^^^ "IS? ' H-J^'l win, *nri§ 

n.^ ^j;; nn^n -ation, ^^T\^ * nia? -ator, m. s. *njn?)p 
nMD *D1^^ *nji^i; 

Concise, m. s. I^)^ -ly, n^lVpS -ness, ITVp -ion, HnVpH 
Conclude, determine, pn * CODtJ^ close, ib^ * H^D -dent, 
-sive, m. s. pn^ ♦ -n-lB -sion, CD§t?^p * -)D;I ♦ ^110 

Concoct, ^5;; * ^^^^ -ion, ^is^ *^i3K 

Concomitance, "l^BH * H^l? -ant, m. s. IDn *n*173 

Concord, n^^^^ *Di'7t^-ance,r<np;3n rrbi2 n^'^i/Q 

-ant, m.s. \\'2\ '"l^^l Concourse, ]lDn * T^l R. Tj;^ 
Concrete, pill * TH^^ -N. m. s. pntO -tion, pn^l 
Concubine, mS^ * b^lf/ -piscence, H'lpn * HJlStn 
Concur. DDDH Ch. *n\S"^ -rence, nDSDH * ni«' -rent. 

74 CON~>CON 

m. 8. D^P^SP? * D'^inn 
Concussion, a shock, H^/^J * UJXf.t R. }iV 
Condemn, blame, D'^^^5:^ sentence, i/^t^lH * D'^n * DnHH 

reject, Hij * ti^COJ -ation, nVH * DIH * nn^i? -atory, m. s. 

D^t^^^;o ^x/^t^-i;::) -ed, m. s. ynD ^Dino * m^r (to 
death) m. s. n^D *\2 * nn'^:^ *2^r\ 

Condensate,' ^^^DpH * y^JJH Condense, iSDj^ * nbj; -N. m. s. 
Condescend, yield, "b Pt^^^ * D^;ip ^^S^^5 stoop, ^I/JSH 

ni:;;n -sion, d^:)s n^i^^^tv:) * r]}:2:ir\ * r]^:v 

T •• • X • : T T ; - tt -: 

Condign, "^^kS-JS ^C0|!:i^;?3 * l"^^? 

Condition, quality, *^"li^ * Hvi/D circumstances, 1^^^ stipu- 
lation, ^t^:pi * *>:n R. n^n -ai, "^jn:a * r)|D ^^^ -ary. 

Condole, "h Tl^ Condolence, 1^^ 

Conduce, promote, iriD help, ^^;;1n R. ^;;"^-ible,m.s.nnD^. 

h'^vy^ -ive, m. s. nn^p * b^^^^ri 
Conduct, iT\) *T11'*? * T^'i'"^ (oneself) ;!n^nn -N. ♦^nip 

•^-i"^. -or, j\n?p ' * ^nip * ^^^1;:: 
Conduit, HD-in * n'prri * nir^ 

Confection, Hph i70|nD n^^/.P -er, m. s. Hpl-) * ^D1^? 
Confederacy, -ration, H'^'lll -rate, —21^3 -N. m. s. — 7j;J5 
Confer, discourse with, "7 "15*1 bestow, "7 \n -ence, 

T \ ; 

Confess, H^^inn * HTfln R. HT nSH R. IDi -edly, 

-mn-i * ^^bj!i -ion, ^1^1 * min * nnsn -fest, m.s. ♦ ^^b^ 

••; t: ' • T TT- T 

-inn *i;n^ 

T - T 

Confidant, m. s. Vy\12 R. I/T * \mi * "TID ^ti^'^ij^ (as 
"•"TiD t^^^ my confidant j Confide, "1 np"! IpSH -ence, 
assurance, n^np * Hi 9^? boldness, ^Dfpn pi^ * ^{(? 


nirjt; -ent, m. s. niLon • ncono * nf^ ♦pP-^ * d^?? *^i^ 

Confine, fix, b^l^n shut up, I'^^DT} * K^S -N. ^133 pi. 

Dnv»n rn * ni^ia^ -ment, -iids* s^^jdh rr^n 

Confirm, establish, D^f^ * D^'pH strengthen, pin * It^J^ -able, 

m. s. D'lp^^prn;' ♦ n^jjvation, Dvp ^p^m 'iWi^ *fipn 

-ed,m. s. JiDJ *D»pP *prnp * -I^^P 
Confiscate, Dnnn * U/^V -tion, 01.11 * ti^li; 
Conflagration, Hnri * t^^ij^ ^.^i^X;? 

Conflict, unhn * nnn -n. nmbD * nnn^ 

Confluence, -flux, llDH -fluent, m. pi. "TH^ DipD h^ *D'^lp? 

Conform, comply, "^ nlK^^ 'D?pn Ch. suit, p3n -able, 

]1D3p *^D ^^p -ation, r^ny .ity, •nii^.'; -ist, m. s. JIHl: 

Confound, perplex, ?^'^?^ ^DvDH mix, 773 -ed, m. s. 

hn:;: * d^?? * ■^U3 -ediy, nD^jn * nsnn:? -er, m. s. 

Confront, to face, H^^/ *Tbj^ compare, H^l -ed, m. pi. 

• T V • T : 

Confuse, perplex, ^:a^n R. ^^3 * ^\n3n -ion, * Hnilif.t:^ 

Confute, to baffle, D^f^pH disprove, inO Ch. ^S^^^nDH -able, 

m. s. nriD^ ^trnD*" -ation, H^^nD * nti^nDH. 
Congeal, i<3|J -able, m. s. i^Dp;; -ment, ;lN^p 
Congratulant, m. s. Tl3p -late, *TI3 -lation, n5"J3 
Congregate, ^Hi^n * P|P^n * TJ^Til -N. collected, m. pi. 

D^?pX: * D^XJI: -tion. Congress, nij;* HD^DiSt * ^Hj^ 

R. V'* 
Conjecture, 2^2/^ * np^l -N. ]V^n * H^^np * ^Vjt/.l -al, 

-^^b ^^? -er, m. s. 3;S^n * n^"TO 

Conjoin, nnn -ed, Dn3n n^^nn^. onnnp -tiy, injsi? 

76 CON— CON 

Conjugal, n^mn^ iD^^w: hm 

Conjugate, (a verb) 7jC;2)n H^j^^^D nlt^H -tion, n^D? 

Conjunct, m. pi. D^^nn * Dn|inp -ion, ni:3^pp n'lnn 

-ive, m. s. y\12D * I^IID (the mood of a verb) ^'^jnH ]^? -1 

R.n:n *n:]2 : 

Conjuncture, Tn^P l^V * HJii; * l^t ni/lD R. ^I/"^ ' ^ 

Conjuration, a plot, 1??^p. enchantment, O^pOp * D*^ii^5 
Conjure, to enjoin, iy^tl/tl enchant, Dbp * ^^-^ -d, m. s. 

i;nti^3 -ment, n}r\2tl/ -er, DDp ^^ti^5P 
Connect, ISIl » pn'l -ed, m. pi. Dn^n ^ D^pnip *D"^D^Cp 

-ion, ninnp. ^mo^pp *-niDn:inn ' 

Connivance, D^JS n1^^^&^^? * i:i; n^b^n Connive, 

' Connoisseur, m. s. "lp5P * T?? I^- T^ 
Conquer, 'bjl I?;!.! * HV? (a passion) mi3, ^t^D -able, 
m. s. n-Vr * C^^^n^ -or, m. s. b'^n -1135 * n-y.^P Conquest, 

Consanguineous, ")g^^ ")^^ m. s. Ullj? -nity, *ni3")p. 

Conscience, veracity, HJID^t Hn -tious, m. s. * D^^IDNl *t2^'»K 
-1^;| Conscious, -ly, m. s. ^rW,^^ -ness, nj^f'^ R. J/T 

Consecrate, t^^^lp * t^'^^pH -ion, m^]:; 

Consent, --3 n!i^-) * "b P^l ' HntJ ^D^DH Ch. -N. ^^iVn 
npjpn -ient, m. s. HVln * D^^pP 

Consequence, an effect, n^nn^^l * ^*^V?^ -quent, ^DlDD 
-quential, important, m. s. "TM? '"'Et -q^ently, *n^j/ 

Conserve, (see Preserve) -atory PJ^PP * ^l^^P ^"^P'P 
Consider, examine, ^JJ'^^O'? * «'?^^'? regard, 2'lL*T] doubt, 


P^D Ch. nj;;in bpt^ -able, m. s. ni * niti^n -ate, m. s. 
l^n.0 * ^"^Sfe^D -ately, prudently, ^DK^-l calmly, * Hn^rnD? 
nj^JDH -ation, thought, il2pT]?2 "i^^O * ^l*;; recompence. 

Consign, Tarn * nb)? "T^^pn -ment, nnnj/n • htdp 

Consist, subsist, J^V^H * nl\n (as Dan. ch. i. v. 21, 
?S^3"T '^('l^T anc? Daniel consisted j -ence, subsistence, 
mti^^ * illS^VP agreement, ^11 li^ -ent, conformable, 
m. s. ]1D3 -ently, — 7 

Consistory, D^ri^ 'D'^LDDfe^n D^^HS -rial, bt^ 

Consolable, m.s. 6v DH^ -ation, HIOH:] 'lD^D^m 'D^D'inill 
-atory, — 7^ Console, DH^ Consoler, m. s. DH^P 

Consolidate, pTH * ptHn -ation, p^lTH 

Consonance, concord, "^^^^ * T)^*^T^^ Consonant, suitable, m. s. 
liDj * D^j;: (a letter) n\^ 

Consort, associate, * '2 p'2^ marry, ^'^/^[tl Ch. -N. ^IIVT 

Conspicuity, -ousness, 1T)2 -ously, —3 -ous, m. s. *'m^ 

Conspiracy, "Ht^jp -ator, m. s. "l^i^lp * D'^")ti^ipa Conspire, 

Constable, n^i::^ -ship, ntolts^H niip? 

Constancy, Dn^Dri Constant, m.s. D*;5 * n^ipHD -ly, Tf^Pi 
Consternation, astonishment, JlH^ri * HDpti^ fear, * PlO'^i^ 


T T V 

Constituent, essential, H^'VPri R. H^D * DVI{. one who de- 
putes, m. s. r\bw Constitute, TpDH * °n^? ^JIJ -tion, (of 

the body) ;ro (of government) H^n^n nbii/DD ny\2n 

-tional, nr-rpn C0|it?^^3 -tutive, m. s. D^pD R. Dip 
Constrain, tlDK ♦ DJ*^ * r -^i^ * HIDH Ch. -able, m. s. * D3^^^ 

ni?;; -t, tiDj^ ♦d?^ ^nnpn 

78 CON-~CON 

Construct, 113^ -ion, the building, n^*")}!! interpretation, * l^i^S 

c^^ng * pnna 4ve, tj^nb^ nn^^. -ure, ]):i2 

Construe, nh£) ^1^ nj^3 

T "T •• T 

Consult, -a bi<^ *\*j;jn (a book) -)§pn ^j^j;/ fc^gn 
-ation, n^i; 

Consumable, m. s. D)!^) "nVif^^ * H.^?^ ^p^l R. ppf2 
Consume, Dnt^/H ^nv'^ *Dnn ^PDH -ed, m. s.^pD2 

or) ^nnm ^njs -er, m. s. n^n:;/t2 "n^?p -ate, 
n v^s ♦ ^/vn ♦ D^::^n ♦ ^^^D -ation, * n^^^Dn * r\Dhti;n 

'•- •• : - •• - . : - T r : - 

n^VP -ption, the act of destroying, Hiinji^n a disease, 

]vh3 * ]in * t^nJD *nnn$ -ptive, m. s. n^nV/? * n^5p 

Contact, Contaction, p^n'^ *r\U*]p 
Contagion, HD^.P * 3L)p. -gious, npg'nnp 
Contain, hold, p^tHH * ^^DH -able, pTH^ * ^3^D^ R. ^1D 
Contaminate, to pollute, ^5^ * Dht -N. ^Jtpp ♦ DHtD 
Contemn, '?^pn ^ nt3 * D^^ti^ 

Contemplate, HHW 'niS^n *|^^ (evil) t^^lH -tion, ^jV^ 
n^'iJ^ * n2t^r\D -tive, m. s. n2li;rM2 *hv^ -tor. 

Contemporary, m. s. 1-)1*1 ]^ m. pi. im 111 *^;3 
Contempt, vileness, Div'T scorn, Jlv^f^ M^"^J5 -ible, m. s. 
"^ID ♦ b^tl:} -ibly, n'lnn -uous, m. s. ^t^TD * HmD 

R. W -usousiy, :^d;5 coisi^n *Wm *]innn ^rm 

Contend, strive, nV^ri * n^H * pWH^n argue, HD^^n -er. 

Content, n7^?;i^p .Sv'P * i/!!^ -N. -ment, n;;n^ *;;3ti^ 

-ed, pleased, m. s. Piyip satisfied, m. s. jJZl^ -less, 

ijii^ ]\^p 

Contention, quarrel, D'^HD R. ]M *n^D * p^j; %"Iinp 

debate, m::^) -ious, D'^^'Tp *Ji^^K ♦ ^n. ^innnD 

CON— CON 79 

Contents, what is contained in, ]^')T\ amount, ^D 

Contest, to quarrel, nnn * nVSH * pWllT:^^! debate, H^IH 

-N. n2^nD ^n•VD ^TOI -able, 75D Ch. (for ptiLL^ ) 

inn ^n'7n 

T • : • 

Context, united, m. s. niSH^ (of discourse) l^^^'*^ *ltf^?0 

-ure,D^p)nn ny):}r} 

Contiguity, ni3"l.(? * pl^l -uous, m. s. ^1*))^ 'P^^T 
Continence, chastity, ni^/'^^V -ent, land, n^S;; \^"11St 
abstemious, m. s. ti^n^ chaste, m. s. ^^2^ -ual, -uate, 
"IK^n ""^n *1^pn -ually, D^Ii;^ -uance, duration, 
n'^Tpn abode, HT^j; *n^iD -uation, -uity, * miDni?^ 
nipnn ♦ n^^pn -ue, protract, TI^l' * T^?^'!' ^^'e"' 
Tb;; * ^'^l persevere, Tl;; ^ID^ 

Contort, ^jpy ^mi; -ion, n^ti^pxf * ]ij^ ♦ n^v_ 

Contraband, n:n^n M T13 ' ni3 ^b * l^D^ 

T • : - - VV T- T 

Contract, to bargain, VIJ Hl^H betroth, ti^"lij * ly^ shorten, 

-i-yp shrink up,pby 'dhp^ -n. nsit^^n * p^nist ♦ni;;;; 

-ible, m. s. lii^p^. * pbV^ * CO^i^'^. -ion, * pIl^V ' tD^^p 

-)i-vp * nnvpn -or, m. s. nwD 

Contradict, t^H? -dieter, m. s. U;r}^f2 * nln^lr^ *ti^^^^ 
-diction, -dictory, -ries, -rity, H^nipn * rip^Ll-^ -dis- 
tinction, mTiJ^rin regularity, tO^t^^D ^7p -rily, -riwise, 

-ry,^Dn^ -St, m.s.'^nvi TJ.; ''d/^i^ Diti^-N. *r]t^r}:^n 
n:^i^nn ^nn5?nn -sted, m. s. 'in;;-! tj; t:^^ii^ D^in 

Contribute, give, ]nj promote, 220 -ing, -or, -ory, m. s. 

]T\2 * 35D -ion, the contributing, Hril? a levy, DD * D2D 

Contrite, kS31 * n31? * tOnnnO Ch. nn n?? -ion, 

nconn %na^::^n 

T T-: T ; 

Contrivance, n'vJnnn Contrive, -\^):D -r, m. s. *^^VlO 



Control, govern, 'b^ h'l^D* "2 I'li^I/ -N. H^^P^ -ment, 
I'^Vp -lable, m. s. -iVj;.*; -ler, ^ti^lD n^lj; -lership, 

Controversy, a quarrel, Pinnp *nn R. 2M * pt^V a 
debate, H'l^l -versial, -^ti^ -vert, p^^HH * nSVlilD Ch. 
-vertible, m. s. IPiD) t^^H?^ -vertist, m. s. HSip * ti^H^P 

Contumacious, m. s. * D^ *nij;;;_ * ni^npH nij;;i *iii 
f^-ij;*nt^p-ness,'^:i^p. *n^v nn-iy, -n 

Contuse, l[^-yi * J^!l^|i Contusion, HV'^V"^. *I^^| 

Convalescence, ^Bnp Convalescent, m. s. i^S*l? 

Convene, ^HpH * f]b^ 

Convenience, fitness, 1p^[] ease, D^T ^inn * HI"! -ient, 

m. s. ^p'D -ient time, "H^'BH nV^} -iently, -)^D3 
Convent, (see Abbey) -icle, 1]J)T} ^''? -ion an assembly, 

HyHp *^D*^p^? an agreement, HiJI^t^^n -ional, —2 
Conversable, sociable, m. s. 0*^1/"!.*^^^"^^^ -ant, m. s. * T^tl/0 

prip -ation, 137^ Converse, discourse, ")|I^n cohabit. 

Conversion, HD^yn (from religion) n*1 211.1021 R. "I^D Con- 
vert, change, ^"^/Hn * ^^BHiin * Pr\ "l^pH appropriate, 
^•inn -N. m. s. 13^ •^?)^5 * -ip^lJO -er, m. s. m *Tpp 
*ln^pi;. -ible, m. s. ^^HV "ipi*" 

Convex, r\^;in5 * ^j^ -ity, ^I^XT 

Convey, transfer, hW ^in^H -ance, HlW * Hnnj/.H -er, 

m. s. n^;i^p *T3i!P 
Convict, D^ji^iin *i?^ti^-l^-N.m.s.Dt^^? *r2i^"i -ion, nnDin 
R. ny^ * nni;;2i r. ^^]} -ive, m. s. n^^l^ * i^;;;i 

Convince, n^DlH -ible,m.s. HDJV H?')^ -ingly, ^nlriDln? 
Convive, Hp?^ * 3^ n^tp\n -ial, m. s. H^^P * 3.^ *3^pp 

CON— COR 81 

Convocate, ^ID^ ^^HpH -tion, ^5^P^? M^Hp 
Convoy, n)h * H W^ VV I'^H -N. m. s. HI^D 
Convulse, VJV.l -ion, Hj/ir (of the muscles) )P1?DV ^^^^J 

ch.Dnn^tn -ive, (person) m. s. niv^|) ^^^r^^?jn 

Cook, t'ti^H -N. m. s. hl^2D ^HSlO -ery, ^IL^SH flDN^D 
Cool, to make cool, "IpH * ^^V slacken, flg^n grow cool, 
■^lE^^n M?^V'T^ *n?>inn -N. m. s. Ip ♦ nQinO -er, 
m. s. -l^pD "i^Vp -y, tOJJ^ * r^H^n -ness, indifference, 

m^jnnn * m^t^nnn ch. 
Coop, -i5pn * t<^5 -n! a cage, n^^D -er, fii'^nn nmv 
Co-operate, "h "1311 ♦"D^; fi^ri m -ation, * nnsnnn 

mDririt^n -operative, -partner, m. s. "13^ * ^^P Ch. 
-partnership, Hinn * ^lltDJi^ 

Cope, contend, p^^nn "inH* --^ Ti.^nn 

Copious, nnnn m.s. ai-ness,j;5{i^ ♦a'l -\y, —b ^iiW2 

Copper, a metal, i^\^^\2 a boiler, ]b2^ * Hn^p -plate, a plate 
engraved, D^HinS HriDP ^^H^ (an impression from it) 
D -n*V -smith, m. s. n^H^ t^^niH 

Copulate, p-l'l ♦K Ch. -ion, pl^*! ^niJI^tn -ive, m. s. 

Copy, transcribe, 3r)3 priJ/H (a picture) "1*^ imitate, 

mD^n -book, npn;inh i^d -ist, m. s. p^nj^p -right. 

Coquet, D*'3n^?3 ]i2i^^ p^HH -ry, D^nH^tS JW^ np.^H 

-te, D'^nnK n-nii/D ^D^an^^n m'\ti;h np^^n^ 

Coral, D^:31D^J? * D^DIiJ^^Jt -line, -^:j^ 

Corban, an alms-basket, il^l)f hp rl^^p a gift, jniij 

Cord, a rope, ^311 Tiln;; ^ njpri -age, (T?^^^ \^5ri 

Cordial, reviving, m. s. t^^^^ "^P^ R. y\^ sincere, m. s. 


82 COR— COR 

Coriander, 1^ 

Cork, Dhp -N. a stopple, D^t< * HDi:!? Ch. -screw, -H^IP 

Corn, a grain, |J*1 (on the feet) D;'^^'^ ^^?^ -chandler, m. s. 

Corner, an angle, Jl^irHJ?) ^iflVpP Ml!?. ^^ extremity, 

HN?) ^^155 *nv)^ -stone, ms t^^i^l * H^t^in ]2^ 

Cornet, a standard bearer, D*'t^")2in "?}! ^^S^lJ 
Cornice, IT ^ninD * 1^2) 
Cornigerous, m. s. D^5"!i? *^jy5 

Coronation, niD^D nnp -1 "iic^j; * ti^Ni ^i? nn3 np^ct^ 
Coronet, D^?hn D^npH nnipi; 

Corporal, bodily, ^:?li * ^D^^ Ch.-ity, n^5Q^5 *r\^p?i^5 
Corporate, m. pi. im^ D^ni^P -ion, pnlH ^:!l Hl^ I^-*J1^'' 
Corps, TH^ 

Corpse, hhr\ *nDi:i *n'^i-i *-);ia ^n^s^D * n^n^ 

Corpulence, H^n H^ID^ Ch. ' n^;^:^^ -nt, m. s. *|P^ 

T T ^ - 

Correct, mend, |j>)jn *^^5P^'^ punish, "ID! reprove, n*^p1ri 
R. n^^ -N. m. s. tpriD * 11D3 * D^{^ -ion, * -JD^lZD ^ HnDln 
]^pr\ house of-ion, Pi'lIlD ri'^B -ive, m. s. 3"^^^"; *3iC0 
-ly, ]1D5^ * ")^V5 -ness, 1^1^ * m/tD^?^ -or, m. s. * H'^DlD 

Correspond, to suit, JllkS^ * lISH (letters) m. s. nll^i^ hW 
*rnk^ ^^ *^^^^^ -ence, (by letters) n'\l^i^ Hl^ti^ 

friendship, nnnnnn *ni;;n-ent, (by letters) \m) m'l: 

nnD.!:!l suitable, m. s. no: nti^3 
Corrigible, corrective, np5\ *1D^D Hj^^ R. nph 
Corroborant, m. s. ptnO * "I^^?P * D**!?? R. Dip -rate. 

COR— COU 88 

pm *i^'^ * D^pn -ration, pirn ^srl'^^^e 'nr^pn^ 

Corrode, ^3^ -ible, m. s. ^D^;; Corrosion, Hnnt^H ' ^13i^ 

Corrosive, m. s. b'^^f? * n^^rili/D * H^DO 
Corrupt, defile, Kl^O spoil, Hll^n *^nn * ^p^p R. ^^p 

grow bad, nnt^H * Snn * '7p^p bribe, ihti; -ed, m. s. 

nn:^:] * ^pbpD -er, m. s. n^n'2/?2 ' bp7pD * 7nnD 

-ible, m. s. r\T}t^\ * '^Ri P*! * ^?^?. -^^"' wickedness, 

nn:r»Q * nn^ * "pip^P matter, nnco * nbb^ ch. 

Corsair, D^D^H nni^ DQlH "^CDD^ Ch. 
Cosmogony, D7l;;n n?^n? -grapher, DJI^JH H^irJll "l^^np 
-graphy, D^iUH njIDH njyni -polite, m. s. ''p^ Ch. 

Cost, had at a price, m. s. 13")^/* "2 ")3P3 it-his life, 

^^^^ is:^dj-i it-me trouble, m. s. **la •^n^Di; ^nj;:)'^ 
ni^7n7 nnbb '^71; *n^n -n. price, riv * thd 

Costive, bound, m.s. VJ^D-l I^T.^. binding, D;'jyD7 l^^VD 
Costliness, dearness, 211") p^ Costly, m. s. 1p^ 
Cottage, n|D R. "|3D -r, m. s. HDD *t5tii^ 

Cotton, (the dawn) |^| "IDV (the cloth) Ijn 

Couch, lie down, p"! (the eye) nni]/ D^^^Jt/ HpS) -N. a seat, 

2y2;D * n^p ^nn -ant, m. s. pin 
Covenant, nnn n^D '"Dj; nij:^n -n. nn:i ^ni^it^^n 

Covenantee, m. s. Jl^S *bv^ ^^^.^72 
Cover, overspread, HD? **^5lD * HSn ' ^SlH * HgV *1S3P 

hide, n^npn * ^^n^^ -n. a covert, "inpp * iSnnp a 

screen, ^DIO * HDn?) ^ing, HppD * ^ISjV * "'^C)? -let, 

n^m R. •id: 

Covet, Ibn • n\S -able, m. s. 112^ * ni^n -eous, m. s. 

Iin^ *^in3 npin * n^^nn -eousness, np^ij^^n * niNn 

Cough, hVt^ -N. W'^L^ 


Coulter, m pi. u^r\^ 

Council, D^Vi?'^^^ ^^V^ Counsel, y);] -N. advice, nVif a 
pleader, X^^bo R. p^ * ^^^^^j?'^^ Ch. -lor, \i!V 

Count, to number, HJ^ ' "IDD * Ip^ -money to, "J^nD R. X^'l 
"h anr P1D3 n1i;D Ch. -N. a number, ]^2D ^'^^DD a 
title, nn^ Countess, -H nti^k^ 

Countenance, pm 'U':^ i^m -N. support, 'D'^^ mN^'fc^f 
pirn form of the face, D^:|) * D^?)i? * H^j^ip 

Counter,a table, m::nn ^H^ti^ base money, ^l^1D j^ncpD Ch. 

Counteract, act contrary to, ^IJp^ "l^O* "^ ^^l^H 
-balance, ^i5^;3n n^tl/H ^HJ^S ^'p^-N.I'n^:?^ hpJ^D 
-evidence, Hg^npn DMV -feit, to forge, f]n -N. 
Pl^Jirp Ch. -mand, "Tj>?;?5n 3^t^n -N. 1^ ^ID l!^ 
R. lil^; *lp/?/?n ni^n -march, ^DJI 2W -N. 

-lini^^ nnitt^n i;dd r. vd: 

Counterpane, timn nOpD R. nC03 -part, i^:3:?ti^ T^ 

R..*n^; * ^:^n -iny m. s. n^-piot, n^jp ^id n^p. -poise, 

-N. ^pt^DH ^llti^ 

't ; • - 

Counterscarp, n^ni^H ^M^h ypT) nh^n 
Countersign, T n^'^nnn j^m nt?^.st 

Countinghouse, pt^^nH llT} Countless, n^DD J^St 
Country, a region, ^1^ * HJ'^^P rural parts, * DnVH * D'^")^? 
r\niJ^ one's native soil, r\'l7')D \*"l^ -man, a husbandman, 
HDIJ^ mil? a rustic, "^^D3 born in the same country, 
DJ/ ]3 as ^7^y \2, my countryman. 
County, a shire, P)l3 * *^7S 

Couple, join, T^P^n marry, JJT Ch. -N. TDV *:it 
Courage, 2bn y^m take-, pmnn ♦fpi?nn lose-, 

ngnnn *3b :iS)n r. jid -ous, m. s. *n^ *pp^^ 
^^n *W^ii^ -ousiy, ^^nn * 2hn y^m2 

COU— CRA '^ 85 

Courier, m. •. y^ 

Course, pursue, "^HX ph"! ^1^^ ^TlV rove about, IDIDW 
-N. a career, nynp order, IID (of nature) *D^1j; ^'i^*'^'! 

p.s: ;/?on Y)^. ^ ^'^'^c^ ground, ?si;i'ir^yi< niji; 

R. "TIV -r, a horse-racer, T;^ V^V a race horse, D^D 

i^j-njnV'^ ch. -ing, i^v 

Court* (a woman) Dm hU'pV 2h'biriy^_ seek, Ci^pn 
-N. (of justice) n n"^3 (of a prince) HT^ * *?1.^D IVn a 
narrow street, l)in -eous, m. s. D'^;;^ * ^ii:^") * ]r\ D^I/I ti^•'^^ 
-eousness, -esy, ]n R. pPI ^il'l^^Jt/? -esan, * JlDHlf^P 
°^jg r\n^1;; -ier, a lover, 'h^ n;3lj; * ^I^"^? an attendant at 

Court, -^bjpn ^^^h'lD^v Dnp -martial, >ii;;^^ pT n'^i 
ni^n^;pn -ship, nu^i; 

Cousin, m. s. ml^ 11*1 *i3 * 3l-)p 

Cow, N, nnSi -herd, -ip.l3 ^H^p.p t^^^i^t ^niiD nit/li 

Coward, m. s. 32^ *y^_ ^i^y^ -ice, -Tib *^-)lD -ly, ~2 

Coxcomb, -ical, ^^inD ' lb m? ' ^^^^^ 

Crab, a fish, ]mD 

Crack, to split, D-V? 'J?p3 -N. a chink, D'^V? '^Vy.V' -ling» 

-n ^ip -brained, m. s. hn2D " ^ibD 
Cradle, a bed, HOnj^. 'H^n^ 
Craft, art, ;D^? npi^^D -iness, HDID MQIJ; 'D^'^'P? -ily, 

~2 -sman, ^D^Nt ♦ t^^nn -ty, m. s. QMS * D^iDDln *::^''Ji^ 

Crag, a steep rock, b^br\^ nii| ^^|)^; nn -gy, nit/p^ * jn**?? 

-gedness, ^2^p 
Cram, to stuff, piin *D2I$ 'DO?) Ch. eat greedily, bn^H 

Cramp, "I^Xf -N. hard, prh * n^jj contraction, 

Ch. Dnn^^^ mi;; pi;:^!; 

'T " X II • I II 

Crane, (a bird) DID * I^Jj; 

86 CRA— cm 

Crave, 'D^ t^j^n * 'b^ -)hj^ -ing, longing, nu;p2 I 

Crawl, move slov^ly, /Pit ^ 

Craze, to weaken, HQ") (the brain) njtf'H ^5^5 R. I/T^ *hh2 

-iness, ^I'^pT * Hif*! ^i^^n -y, m. s. rii;*^ n3 *-)pn 

Cream, D^HH |D1t:^ * H^pH -y, Jti^'T. * ]r2^ 

Create, to form, J^h^ //IH -ion, the forming, ^^«t'^^^ (the 

world) D^i;; -ive, m. s. ^"12) * hh)r]) -or, ^^n1^ *^^lnp 

-ure, a created being, *T^^^ * '^^"!?1 ni- s. ^"I^i a human 
being, il^H l^T a brute, n*n a dependant, m. s. 

"nnrii/p?* --b inj/^pch. 

Credence, -enda, ^3'1D^? -entials, ^:)D^^ DDD %nn')yn 
Credibility, M^2p^?3 *l^^it -ible, worthy of credit, m. s. 

\m^^ probable, nD^h 311)^ 
Credit, believe, "2 ]D^n trust, HI^H ^Ht^H R. Hm -N. 

^^^•^^^ * t^i^o * ^^::^^ -able, m. s. * D'^:^;D^^ *ti^\^ 

X T : - T - T T -; ' • v; 

]Di^:) *m2D^e:3 *hi:2 -abiy, n:^!:^H -or, m. s. m^D^nt^: 
Credulity, ^:^D^? nr'i m?!^ -ous, ^p^?^^ ^jp r. ^^p 

Creed, n:1D^^ 

' T v; 

Creep, t^'D"! '^ht-ingly, slowly, tO^^^H 

Crescent, increasing, m. s. /H^l l/'i'^ (moon) HiD v^H "^Vn 

Crest, of a helmet, 1/ 11^ H njtf -ed, m. s. V^^ VI fj 

Crevice, nnp? * Hj^^'pn * D^'VS (in a rock) I^H " p^p? 

Crew, assembly, ^pDP^? (of a ship) .T^J^H n")?)! 

Crier, tnpp * ^^ni? Ch. • ^1p i^ni/D 

Crime, D^St *;fti^2) -less, m. s. U^Dll * ''pj -inal, a convict, 

m. s. D^^? ^t^^'iK *i?;i^l£) -ination, n^^l^ -inatory, 

m. s. ]*^pi!^^ 
Crimosin, Crimson, if^lH * V^'PI? 

Cringe, to bow, r\r\'\mn *v^2n -n. nn m^?^ 'H;?^?? 
Cripple, D^^n. n?:^ Dic2^ -N. D";^:!"! n?: 


Crisis, a critical time, J^^nDDH ^/J") a turn, ^)^t^ 

Criterion, n\S-| * nnDlH -tic, m. s. IpnD * H^'DlD -tical, 

accurate, m. s. CVPVP Ch. * p'HiPlP ^' PP"^ captious, m. s. 

ll/il^V -ticise, nj.!.? * n^Din -ticism, -tique, "npS * p'Hp'n 
Croak, -lp-)j^ -N. 1^-)^ Cii. 
Crock, ii^-jn ^^3 Crockery, fii^nn *>5?5 

Crockodiie, nnyo j;?i"i.?v * Ip^^l^ 

Crook, tl^i^X '^\?P- ^^? *'"^.^y -N. nn -backed, ]n| -ed, 
m. s. bpV^ * t^^pi; * hhhn^ * ^riD^ • n'\Vf2 -edness, 

niti^pj; *pi^p-ediy, -n 

Crop, "iVj^ -N. the produce, H^l^ri * "T^VB ^ bi''^*^ stomach, 

HiSnp ^p^r Ch. 
Cross, lay across, 2^^ Ch. *n^^ *lto?^l?3 ^nh^ nni/n 

pass over, vj^ 12JJ cancel, Pinp * pflD -N. across, m. s. 

liDJ^tfS n^t^P a gibbet, n^V V^f/ captious, m. s. 

^\?P. *n;)^P ft-etful, m. s. 0'\V?i*nr}DD a misfortune, 

VI X/^^ *tl\r{ -ness, peevishness, D]/t *]11ti^pjt/ -purpose, 

nl3Dnn -way, D^D'i'in n^nj 

Crow, (as a cock) X-jjP -N. (a bird) ^I'lp * 21)iJ 

Crowd, m. s. *^rf]ji *t^'>>^ pfT^ 'TilJrin -N. * |lDn 

Crown, invest with a-, inpH **1Cpi/ -N. a diadem, a coin, 
"inD a garland, ilh^h'3 top of the head, lp*lp^ 

Cruciate, p^VC^ ^' P"l^ ''"^?i^ 
Crucible, Cruset, ^l^iD "113 

Crucifix, ^^n-'^-vn dW -ion, ^^T^v Crucify, n^^ Ch. 

Crude, unripe, -ipia *bl^2rp ^n>3 -ness, ^I^^SH llit/n 

Cruel, m. s. np^^ '^h ♦ni^^p -ty, mn.r?^^ * 2^ n^i^i^p 

Cruise, H'^i^^n lODlt^ -N. n'3^3 COlC^ -r, tO^?^ ^^^^ 

' T' t:t •• T' t:t • • ▼: 

Crumb, anS n§ nn^ -ie,"i§-)2) nniiD Tiln^ 


Crush, to bruise, rVI ♦>0*n -N. nV'^V") -ed, m. s. 
'1.. — .. — ^,. ' 

Crust, N. (of bread, pye) T^5 * D1"lp 

Crutch, D2Vt^f2 

Cry, weep, ilDn * ^^^n * pi;j * pyV proclaim, ^Ip -inj^/n 

exclaim, :i^ai^ *nhv-N. ♦o:! * H^^^ * npi;%^ Tiprr 

T - T • V T T : 'tt : 'tt : 

7ip ^ nji^::^ 

Crystal, n^DIDt 

Cub, N. ^7^;; (of a Lion, Bear) l^ll (Hart) n^'y 

Cube, cubical, i/^np *l^^:i"J a die, ^^5^p 

Cubit, nm -ai, ^ni^n n;^i? 
Cuckold, ^^^3 -N. n^i^3D ^ti^^^ ^i/n 

Cuckoo, (a bird) ^HtJ^ 

Cucumber, H^pp * ^^ti^p pi. D^l^^t^p 

Cud, ni5 chewthe-, Hl^ H^I/H * "I^H R. li:\ 

Cuddle, to lie close, I^S n1"lp?l 21)^ hug, p^H 

Cudgel, ^ippn nsn r. hd;] -n. ^^d pi. ni'7pp 
Cuff, (of a sleeve) ;;l-)rn-m h^ti^ W$ 
Cuirass, HnHb * Hn:^ * iini2^ -ier,— ti^in^ 
Culinary, nbt^2D n'"'n ^ti^ ' 

Culpability, D^^JI -able, -rit, m. s. D^^ ^t^^i^^ 
Cultivate, to till, n^f^^n n^^ 12V ' "l^i * ^in manure, 
^Ht Ch. improve, |ipri -ion. Culture, " HDl.^n nilDjt;. 

tr^nn *]ipr) 

Cumbersome, HDDIfP * h^D * ^^;? R. i^m -ly, riHnD? 
Cummin, ]&5 

Cunning, subtle, m. s. Dl^jt; * b^^: ^D^pDln *:^\^ skilful, 
m. s. Dt^in -work, nDt^n;? riD^^^P -ness, ^ riD"!^ 

n^np * ^in ^ n^'^?? -ly, -d 

Cup, n.;y3V? D^'t^ V^9 -N. a vessel, J^'in^ * Dl3 -bearer. 


Cupidity, njvps: * rripn • npwn * n\^n 

Curable, m. s. ♦I^ Hi^nri ^i=2)-|'t: ' ^?=:i-)^ 
Curate, irl3"Dipp ^IDD -cy, H jin^ 

Curb, -ivj; -N. ivro * ID") -stone, n^^in p^^ 

Curd, ^^p -N. n^p2 2bn 

Cure, to heal, H'^H * ND"1 -N. ^^^1D"I * i^^lD * HDnn 

-less, nsnri "^b^ * ^^a'^Q ]^^^z -d, m. s. S2)i: 

Curiosity, rarity, ")p^ ti^lfl IQ*^. inquisitiveness, ^^^?^l 
nti^n'in Curious, m. s. ^p^ 

T • : - ' 'tt 

Curl, mV (the hair) nn^.^ ^D^D -N. * H^^HD * HVli? 

Currency, circulation, nV^ip fluency, nil^np paper 
money, pnOD DlpD .S^OP Current, coin, * inlD^ "inli; 
jynpDCh. a stream, ^1^^ nn: * D*".? Dnt -ly, generally. 

Currier, nlli;; 15Jt;p Curry, nllU^ 111V 

Curse, wish evil to, 1^^ '22p^ * ^^p afflict, p^^H '12iin 

R. piv -N. n-i^^p * n^^p -diy, nj;-i n 

Cursoriness, mtH^ * ]lTSn -orily, —3 -orary, ti^"*!! 

Curtail, n-yp '"lypn 

Curtain, (of a bed or window) n^n*; ♦;;^p^ * JI^^T Ch. 
Curvation, HD'^QB Curve, to crook, ^b3 
Cushion, ^3 

Custody, l^pO put into-, —2 jhj be in-, m. s. —2 Jinj 
Custom, Customary, ^^^H ^JH^D duties, WD -arily, *2'\lh 
h''^'^^ *}^n22 -er, m. s. n:)ip -house, DD^H H'^n 

• T ; T : ' V ' V V — 

Cut, (asunder) ^yp *i;n5 ^T^ (in) dl't^ -bread, D^IS -flesh 
off,nh5 *'^hn -flesh to pieces, "^n2 * inn -hair, tti -stone, 
hb^ -N. a cleft, njif^p n a wound, 0"J.^ 

90 CUT-DAN , 

Cutlass, n^jn ann Cutier, LD^y'^'p r\mv 

Cutthroat, m. s. HVl") * 0"^^ *^??1t:^ 

Cycle, a circle, n^^pl^ -opedia, n1i;*'"T>n ^pnjyp 

Cylinder, ^^^^ Cylindrical, —3 

Cymbal, M)i * D^jnh'/? R- ^^^ 

Cypress, a tree, Hfljl 


Dabble, nn^r^H (in Avater) nfe -r, m. s. in^np * H^n 

Dagger, -If?."! *n^^ ^ann 

Daily, DpV * nV3. t^V Hp * DVT. DV ^D? 

Dainty, delicate, m. s. "^1 * pJijP * ^^I^ delicacy, * pT3?]!\ 

D'^;?!;?^ '^D^ni;;^ *D'^?Ji/pp -iiy, :\:v^ ^nvm 

Dairy, D^H nmV n^5 -maid, 3^n H^li; 

Dale, pDjt; * Hji/pn * hm * i^\^ ^ n7?i^ 

Dalliance, pastime, D^Xf^^.^^ Dally, ^Ji^^.i;^ R. n^tl/ 

Dam, to shut up, IJD ' liD -N. a flood gate, 1DD * Ip^ a 

mother of brutes, D^^ 
Damage, pVH * ^p>p. * ip?n Ch. -N. pTJ » pTH np^rf 

-able, m. s. pT^ '^Tbt^^ ^ ^p^P^ -d, m. s. hp'lpO 'pn 

Damascus, p^^'l Damask, D^n"i§ n^p") 

Damn, condemn, D''?^^?^ ^jtr^'^nn (to destruction) DnHH 

curse, D'np * "11 ^^ -able, -ed, m. s. "ITI^JI -ation, D^H 
Damp, to wet, n^tDnn * Db^ * H^H^ R. m^ deject, 

rm«nDnn '2h ddh r. ddd -n. wet, m, s. *n^ 
dt:o-j -air,' n^m^n^ *n^n^ 
Damsel, nn;;^ *n^^^ 

' T-;- t: - 

Dance, Tj^n * V^H -N. -ing, llpn ^VhD 
Dandle, • -a i^eta*.^ 

DAN— DEA 1)1 

Danger, N. H^SD Cli. (of life) U;^2 n:3D -less, -"^^n -ons, 

ni.s. ]5pP 
Dangle, ni. s. ^nns* *iDV;i "Jt^P -r, a trifler, m. s. 

Dare, nij^nn m. s. 12^ IN^^D -ing, bold, ni. s. * 2^ *Y^:2^ 
D^>5 *r^ (action) D^W 

Dark, wanting light, ^pn * ^£)X cloudy, ' DW * l^^P 
n'1)^ -en, T^'HD *^^?««n nipn -ness, want of light, 
np^^n * "l^riD * ]'\Db'^ (intense) n^?^? l^n -some. 

Darling, ni. s. *-)p^ *31^^e* *•'? *innn^^ nriiS^ti: 

Darn, DjP; Diip * pin |pn 

Dart, vn -^/D? rT^^n R. ];d: -ingiy, ^n? 

Dash, strike, Pjij 't^^t?") blot out, pHD *nnQ -N. (in writing) 

Ig a blow, P];; -ing, m. s. TPIS) * hn'lD 
Dastard, m. s. 3n^ *^n '^^T,-ly»^lP^ * J^llDB 
Date, (a fruit) "IDjn (of time) DVn"C0"!5 -V. -2/13 

-less, —"^bz 
Dative, V^i?;^^ DH^ D^ 
Daub, nhD (with lime) IbH * HlCO pitch, 133 
Daughter, fin pi. nl^n R. H^n -in-law, H^^ 
Daunt, nn nsnn * 2^ DDH R. DDD -ed, m. s. * n^oiD 

Dawn, -)n;^n ni^i; -n. -ij^ii * nn;:^ 

Day, DV -book, Hl^^^n l^D -break, "in^H Hl^^ -labourer, 
.m. s. DV n^DJi^ -'s journey, DV l^hn^ J);^^ -light, 
DVn -)1{<p to day, DT^H 

Dazzle, (him) n^5^. *r^i;n^3^n 'ispr) 

Deacon, iri3"'T'I^V -»y. " nT\p^ 

98 DEA— DEC 

Dead, without life, in. s. HD dull, iii. s. HHS still, * ^]12}^1 
Dpi*! -en, rT'DH -ly, mortally, ni^7 -ness, faintness, 

Deaf, m. s. ll/in -ness, n^U/lTl 

Deal, to distribute, -'h pv^H to trade, ]h2^ iSti^J -N. a part, 
p/H a quantity, TSpD fir wood, Ji^1"l5 -er, a trader, m. s. 

]r\;?i i^i^D *b^_:i * nniD -er of cards, D'^p^reD p^np -ing, 

business, ]nDT tS^D * HSi^^D ' pDI/ Ch. concern, 12'! 
as IZDJJ? ^7 ]^?? "'t^'I ^ ^^^^ ^^ dealings with him. Dealt, 
used, m. s. W ^^^ ^'^1^ 

Dean, iri3"|Jp7 ^:?;^ -ry, H mipS 

Dear, m. s. "IjP^ * l^p^ -ly, at a high price, IpV? with fond- 
ness, HTj; T]'2r}^K:i -ness, nnpi * nrxf ri'iT]^ 

Dearth, scarcity, "llDHD barrenness, 31/"! * rii'VJ 
Death, mD -like, m;^3 * DIOI"! 

V T ' V T - X 

Debar, ^'^^ npH * TDHH 

Debate, to argue, njlin * n^inn -N. 11131 

Debauch, n^^lH * n^DH R. Hi: . T\^V -N. -ery, H^T -ee, 

m.s. rnnp r. na * r^^)^r\ ^^^iqw 'rvmi2 ^jyn 

Debenture, 31)1 l^t^^ Ch. ' 

Debiie, m. s. uhn ' ^^^ ' ^j} * HDi -itate, \^bnr\ ^n§l 

Debt, ain Debtee, T^^hi^ * n:^>l3 Debtor, m. s. ♦ain *^;;n 
ni^ "" ^ 

Decade, l^ij Decalogue, D 1131 H ill^i/. 

Decamp, Jf/D^ -ment, i/DD 

Decay, lib * r1^3 * pfeH R. ppD -N. ^^^3 * n;^3 ^ pD 

Decease, jt;1| * niD -N. HJ^^l^ * nn'^p -d, m. s. ]}^i * flD 

Deceit, D^r ni;n *D^b: * niKioi • n;3nQ * n^;:Di * n^Din 

-ful, deceiver, m. s. *73: * "^i^lDl * "^^1 * H^/ilD * Dli;? 

DEC— DEC 93 

c^:?Din »K^\^ Deceive, H^n ipfj * n^ln R. ny^ -a, m. s. 

December, ^Ju^^^nn ti^nln n^pDCh. 

Decency, niO^J^? * ^^HD Ch. Decent, m. s. D^V2 * l^i/D * ]1jn 

Deceptible, m. s. H^T * HIJI^^, -ion, (see Deceit) 

Decide, nr5 * pn * nb3 -diy, ]^mhr\h -r, m. s. nrij ^nin 

Decimate, take tithe, I't^iJ give tithe, "li^^j;; -ion, I't^VD 
Decipher, ni:^^ nn^ *-)Sn-er,m. s. 1t^?P nnS) ^liSap 
Decision, ^T -l/?5 ^tOSt^p * nnn Decisive, m. s. *p^nj 

Deck, to cover, HD? -N. (of a ship) HOJJin H^^ 
Declaim, Ib^SI HJ;; * ^1p m2 -er, m. s. Dni'l *Ji^^i^ 

p^in^Ci^ -mation, mn5in"71p -matory, —7^ 
Declarable, m. s. ")^?I1^ *Ji^")3^ *")5P^ -ation, an affirmation, 

nijn msDp * nn^nn *dk? publication, D^ni^ ni;*7iD 
-ative, m. s. n^^j)!: *::^-i=:)D ^v^i'in Declare, *T;;n 
T^n *-)§p 'i^nin R. 12: ♦j/T *ni; -ed, m. s. 

Declension, (of nouns) n'lD^n ^hpJ^/D niCO? 
Declinable, m. s. HtDJ^ -ation, act of bending, n^t^n 
Dechne, vary, Ht^n refuse, ]i^D decay, £01 ^H/S -N. a 

decay, ]V^3 * pD R. ppD -of day, Di•^n niO^ 
Declivity, iniD * I/V^^^* Ch. -vious, m. s. HtOD HDD *'T1V 
Decoct, boil, Sti^5 digest, ^Si^riH -ion, h^li^ll 

Decompose, :i^>5n * iiDn -ition, n^nDH * Hin^n 

Decorate, H^)^ * Hi;; -ation, H]; -ous, m. s. DV^ ^Itl/^' n:in 

-urn, n^D^p: * ii'in * j^np ch. 

Decoy, ^^^^^ » ll/p) " ^^^DH -N. ]1^^^D ♦ C^^plD *^1Ci^5P 
Decrease, grow less, ID'VD nbH ^l/l^H diminish, * jrU} 

94 DEC— DEF 

Decree, r\i ]h2 * nt^ -N. n^i *Djns ^n•1r•l . 

-It t - T : • T": 

Decrepit, m. s. ]]>)D *nb2 * 2\l^ -ude, ]p;TD H^^? * H'y'ti^ 
Dedicate, consecrate, fiJ^'lJP * Ji^^'lpn * "^iPI inscribe, fe^H^ 

-d, m. s. i:;^^]^p * ts^n^p -ion, n:^m ♦ t^^•^i? * fc^n: -or, 

m. s. 'ti^T}lu 
Deduce, ^^'^ -^lOH * "It-! -ment, m. s. i^^^D3 * "IT J:3 -ible, m. s. 
}J^^^»^ * nrr Deduct, ;;h5 * nSi -ion, abatement, * :r33 

Deed, action, np]^p * nb^^J^ * H^V^D instrument, 

nn^ ' i^p ch. -less, m. s. ^vx?* * n^i? '* nai^ 

Deem, to judge, tOD^ to think, nti^H 

Deep, far to the bottom, m. s. pDV sagacious, m. s. * \*^")n 
p^^ depth, pip;;, the sea, Dlnn * n^lVP -ly, to a great 

depth, ppi;b sorrowfully, nvi/^ * n^vi;.;?^ -en, p^pi;n 

Deer, nV\^ ^S♦^^ ^Tn^ *^3«^ a young-,-)^^ 

TT- T- ■>"•; •; •^ <-'' 

Deface, to raze, phip ^nflD disfigure, ^^^1P p^?n ^H^H 

-ment, ^^^nD n^^1n nnnti^n 

II '■• : - II ' - T : - 

Defalcate, -)-?^p * fl^D * ^-^p -ion, Hnn^ ^HV^'Vf? 
Defamation, nirt^t'r:) Sli;-) Hl^'l -tory, -btl/ 

Defame, pt^^^n ' n2i ^^^V'^^ *''D''n tii^ ^^nn 

Default, defect, liipn *D1/!: * DJg Ch. -er, m. s. "2]^ 

Defeasable, m. s, ^bn*; * ^Sp"; -"IpV R. "llii Defeat, 
frustrate, l^H* hm h^D rout, ^5^e^ * H^H R. HD: 

-N. niDH ^"pic^n ^n^.o -ed, m. s. -)5^t: *^lD3 ^n^D 

Defect, D^D * 1^"^P0 -ible, -ive, m. s. ~-bv_^ 'IDVi -ion, 
revolt, HT-JP *^j;S ' iJt^^ * l^B * HDIJ^^P 

Defence, a guard, HDnp * |^p vindication, * m/VJ^H 
n'lp'HDVn -less, npnp Jjp '^^n Defend, to protect. 

DEF— DEG 95 

nv2 Dn^n ^'hv V^ ijn to vindicate, ♦"^;;r^Dnn^n 

-r. . •• T • ^ '//T//'"T ^ I //•:-'//• T 

PTIV'"!} (oneself) p^l.^V''? * ^'VJ^^'^ (o"e's own life) m. s. 
♦1ti^D5 ^y Tbjtf -ant, m. s. I/Bfi? Ch. -er, m. s. • HDHO 
rP? * r^'? ^- r^ * ?^1'^^ Defensible, (person) m.* s. 

pi.Vj (place) nvnp 

Defer, to delay, Tbj^ *")n^^ * t^^.SJ^In * n^HDnn refer to, 
■h n-^^n R. m3 -ence, HnDH * D'^JS Dlin 

-•T 'tt;- 't -:- 

Defiance, f\^in * ]ltj^^n Dinn^rin * ]vrn 

Deficiency, "ibH/tD * li")Dn -cient, ni. s. "IDH 
Defile, violate, ^1^0 pollute, -*7X;5 -N. "Tl-n -d, m. s. * ^^l^^ 
ht^iD -ment, HK^CO * ^^^^5 -r, i^nn^Df^ * hi^^D 

Definable, \D^^ * p:::^ iS:^;:D^ ♦ D^n^ 

Define, explain, "lijiH * Ci/")i^ * ")"IZl to limit, V^^H decide, 

pn * -)r5 * dbn-r, m. s. n.snp ♦ nrvp-ite, * liDj * ^:n;iD 

p^m (article) H^^^n 'H -ition, a description, * 1V)S 

mii^ decision, i^^ohn * D^iti^/':: *n-)r2i -itive,m.s. *-m!i 

T : 

Defloration, a rape, H 7ir\3 ^^^IJ Deflower, (a virgin) Xf^^ 

T : II" - 

Deform, to dishonour, "p^n * i^^CO to mar, nij5"ip ^^^'1 

-ed, m. s. r.n^ -ity, riHti^D * ^ip^p R. hhp 
Defraud, 3p]; * n;?)l ^n^lH R. H^ -er, m. s. \n^D1 
Defray, -IDHD \h^ * 'r\^ ^5^3 as, I will- thy expense. 

Defunct, extinct, m. s. 13^^ * l)^^ dead, m. s. n;:3 * ;;i5 

Defy, ^i-in * rir^ * lit:^^ "i^n;n 

Degeneracy, -ation, nii;")S * nml::^ ♦ Hniti^P -ate, 

i;'iB *nniti^ -n. -ous, m. s. i/nt!)' * ^^.w 

Degradation, lowering, T]h^^2}r\ lowness, Hl/?^ Degrade, 

^^?)?/n *^pnR. '7^p 


Degree, a step, nj*1*T0 a rank, il7^J2 (On the earth) 
U)DV ^i;i^ by degrees, £Oi;p JOJ^D 

Deject, nv^fn * n^ DDH R. DOD -ed, m. s. *nn ^n?? 
%r * 2)iii -ion, 3^ nnvi? * n^?3 nn 

Deification, D'^il^i^^ n^^J^/. Deify, D^TI^^^ nltJ^jg. 

Deign, "b]h: *n'vn *nii?;? 

Deism, ti^lp "^nnS nt^^HlDn n-)'^£33 Ch. Deist, ^ ib^ 

— 3 :^^n3 Deity, ribi^ ^t^^rib^ *niiT 
Delay, ibj: * t^^i^in ' r^DriDnn - nn^^ -n. i^t]^ * htio;; 

Delegate, depute, nO^^^D? r\ju; HR.^n -N. ♦^J^.^D ^n^^'^ 

TV *Ti?^-ion, mD^?^/P ^Hl'lp^ 
Deleterious; m. s. r^^f2D * n^PiU/D * t3p?-D Ch. 
Deliberate, think, ^Dnii^n *]^j;;|nnhesitate,"rb^ ^nDHDnn 

-ive,m. s. wn;:^ 'b::imD nnn-ion, ♦ n^;;; ^m^sn^n 

Delicacy, softness, ni3"l * *^h *]n^^?I[rin deliciousness, 

pi:?ir) *;3i:3i;n *:i5i/ politeness, m^^;;; 'DJI^ Delicate, 
delicious, D^^^^fpi? * D^^ifD (person) m. s. *p_ppD * ^j;/ 

s'^WP^^ -ly, Ji:jt;nn * Djt/D^ 

Delight, please, :)?;; ^H)??^ to-in, "l jlSrnn Hb^ -N. 

jjjy * nnpti^ * 'O'^V^JJ]:!} -fui, m. s. p5?p * n;??^p 

Delineate, TV * il)n 'l^n -ion, HTV "fl^^^r^ 
Delinquency, ^t^^ ^n??/^? -ent, m. s. m'ln * V^'l^ 
Delirious, m. s. DV^ *p^'l nDH * ^|1^3.p R. ^^3 * ^Hnp 

-ium, Di/co ni;^ "iDh * buhi * nbni 

II-- //--••••,:• xTv 

Deliver, resign, ")|pn * *1D^ to rescue, 7''-yn *m^ *C07P 
pronounce, ilJJ/l Hvl i^'^VlH (as a midwife) IT -ance, -y, 

n-i5Dn ^'^TDn^n^•!^n *nn2) nn^n *.TT^-er,m.s. 

T T : - T • : T T - ; • T" 

Delude, nisi *^^V^r\ R. i^C^^J ^n^ilH 'Dnxrn Deluder, 

DEL— DEN 97 

Dciucro, ^b'2; • ^inp -N. D'^ni D^p ^9::^ ' ^^2D r. ^3: 
Illusion, ni-'nno •riD-ii; ^d^hti?) r. m: ']'\^t^D 
i>oiusivc, 111. s. Dnr.'^ * nj^HD * n^pp 

Demagogue, ^''VntlinZrjn D^^'^Htlin ^t<l 
Demand, ask, 7^:^ claim, U/1'1 * t^JpH -N. a question, 
nh^l^ a call, n^'^ni a claim, Hti^pn -er, m. s. * t^^lll 

Demean, behave, Hrnnn * jnrinn -our, jn:iD ^COSit^D 
Demerit, Dil/i^ * NtDH -N. Dti^i^ * i^tOH * nin;; 

T T ^ T T : •• T •• -: 

Demesne, nlni^ nm^ T^hm 

Demise, ••? 2W -N. death, HJtJ^I^ ^nn^p 

Democracy, Di/H llyt^PP -ratical, vtl/ -rate, m. s. 

Demolish, niiSSi^n *fr»^ * o'ln -sher, m. s. yn'} * onnD 
-tion, nn^^ • n^^^rii ^ nonn 

' t: T T • : T •-: 

Demon, x;n mi * p*'?/? ♦ TJi^ R. pn ' 11^ -iac, m. s. 
Demonstrable, HD^^ * "IIT MD^^*" -rate, H'^DlH mil 

-ration, nn^in -rative, nn^iH? * nnn^i 

Demoralization, IDIDH ririnti^n niX/")S -ized, m. s. 

T - //- T : - II T : 

Den, -nn • nniiSD * nnn^D * nlB lions-, nvnt^ n'l^ rob- 

bers-, D'^V^Ij^ ^IJlJP 
Deniable, that may be denied, m. s. tJ^H?'^ that may be refused, 
;:2B> *\^?^) Denial, H^npH *mr:iD *p^D -er, m. s. 

Denominate, DtJ^n XliJ * .133 -ion, DC;^ * ''^33 -ive, m. s. 

Dt;^3 Nnip ^nbp 

Denotation, Hnijiri R. mn Denote, be a sign, JD'^D 
Denounce, inform against, X^lDtt^n * iSpH "l^iSTH -ment, 


98: DEN-DEP 

n:m * ^^tDn msrn -r, m. s. \m ' ^^o^ n'^stD 

Dense, m. s. 2V * ptH -ity, n^pp * pm 

Dental, D]^^n hw Dentist, m. s. D^JC^**^?!") 

Denunciation, declaration, ni?llD rTl^pP R. I?"T* 

Deny, to refuse, lljlD * I^D disown, Ji^nS 

Depart, go away, r\bn * pV2 * Il/'ID desist, ilbj * Hb^ * IID 

die,i;i:i *niD -ure, * HD^^n * nn'^D * n;;^i5 * nTtOEi) 

TT T • : TT - 

Department, a province, ^13 * /''y^ an office, Hllpg 
Depend, to rely on, 'bp ]Vj^n -l^DDT] * -''2 nbT} Hbn 
hang from, ' '2 iibr\ -ance, HDHD * lln:^^ * HD^DD 
-ant, m. s. -'^ l^J^t^P Ch. '^nViPi X?3D3 -ent, m. s. 


Depict, nj^n * -)^y Ch. -ed, m. s. I^JID * l^l^D 
Deplore, 'hjl ^?^?0n * '-^ IDD -able, m. s.X;-| *-)/p 
Deplumed, m. s. n^l3 ^tOII^ 

Depone, swear to, H^USi^n "T^'i/H -nt, m. s. 1^ R. 11]/ 
Depopulate, nli^t^H * H^m DiJi^ ' Dt^H * n^nn De- 

population, ruin, H^m * Hppti^ * HnnH 
Depose, to attest, "l^ifH degrade, T^t^'H * "D T^pH -ition, 

• • TTJ- TT-; 

Deposit, to trust, 1^^ hn Ip.ipn to pawn, ]1anX[ jhj -N. 

Depot, (for recruits) Hmhrpn "^p^^H 1^1 
Deprave, yiS * nnW -ation, -ity, mi/ll) * Hn^tJ^P 
Deprecate, ^^gjnn M?n)pn -ion, H^iiri ^njHJJl 
Depreciate, m. s. *l3ni;;? j;?n;n * *V)WD npH 
Depredate, "7^^ *V^ti^ * tt? ^DbH -ion, * HH * D?n 

I'll; 'nh'^hp -or, m. s. iiw * b^lti^ *rn3 ♦ Dpin 

Depress, p'^V!? *'^''V''7 ^i???'"? "i^n, humbling, ni/JpH 

DEP— DES 90 

lumuiiatioii, n^r^^ • n^bi;ip -or, m. s. * j!;^:?p * h^^u/D 

Deprivation, nh^h^ Deprive, ^'^^ * ipn 

Depth, deepness, p^y abyss, DiHri *n7lVP 

Deputation, niH^W * mOi^^D Depute, "^^hf^ K^^ 

n1^^^^D? Deputy,' Tpa * H^^^ *1'^^P '")^V' 
Derange, DbH * ^n^n -ment, n^HD * h^hll R. ^^2 
Deriliction, H^i^^'O:) * n^Vif 
Deride, -'2 hnn* -'h ]p ph *P^n* -'2 'pT}'^ Derision, 

h^nn *nn *jj;^ *iiv^ ♦pinv Derisive, *v^ *pr^VP 

Derive, ^5^V1^ * -in -ative, 1U2 * m^in -ation, HIT^ 

• T t:' tt t:- 

Derogate, iJ^l^ ^DH *^pn -N. m. s. jyn| nDH -ion, 
^vy^ *n^^P -ory,jynjp *^Vp.P 

Descend, to come down, 11^ come from, "D "TT -ant, 

rnbin -ent, "h n2]2 -sion, HTi'' -t, Tiio ' r]ih'\r\ 

T T ' II - ir " ' T • : ' T TT 

Describe, IKn •"T'V Ch. R. "nV -ption, IJ^in * ")^'»i; -ptive, 

m. s. -)^?np * i.'ivp 

Descry, HNl ♦ COSH * t^^f D ♦ HDV 
Desecrate, ^•?n *J^?ip -ion, Ci^lp ^I^H 
Desert, t^^D^ * nt^ (as a soldier) p.^HH * nhn -N. merit, 
niDT R. HDT waste,* n*^ * nnin ^-inn Tl'^^ti^ 

: T' t;t TT •*■•; 

r]i2i2'p ^nnny. *]lc^;i^? *")?7P -er, m. s. ^iD^nn;; 

\^^rM2 * D^^2)"-ion, Hd'^S) ' mD -less, ^l/'^^n 

»•. -,.;. .T T": TT """'J 

Deserve, m. s. "b "^IS") ^COSD^^^D *1^ -dly, ^^i^^D ♦ COSt^^QD 

' T - : • *' TT T ; • - 

-ing, m. s. aitO ♦ Ip;^ * pjn Ch. 
Design, to purpose, 2ii;n * ]5? -N. n^^HD * n:i3 -edly, 
—2 -ate, "^*VCh.*1^jtn -ation, intention, ]')2D appointment, 
rT'1p?i -er, m. s. 2mr\ -ing, m. s. * Dnj^ * ^Dl^ 

100 DES— DES 

Desire, to wish, t^^^ * ^fiH * bm covet, ^C^ * ItV) * 2m 

-ously,-n-ous,m.s/t;^^|pap * V?^ ' ^^"^^ * ^^^^ ^"^P'^^ 
ni^in -able, m. s. IDHJ * llOHD * Hl^^n 
Desist, 7in * -'D TDi; 'n^^J^ ' J^B * li]^ 

Desk, -jgb nnjn 

Desolate, Dinn * HlOipt^ Dlj^^ * Dli^H * nli^^n -N. (see 

Desert) Desolation, l^nn * nDDi:/ 
Despair, despond, 2^ lUl^H ♦ "]"")n-N. tJl/^^^^^ * inb-er,m.s. 

Despatch, send, nbtl/b inD kill, n^DH * Jl'lH -N. speed, 
nn\np ♦ ]1r^n a messenger, t^'^T} n^^bp * bp_ ^?J:>? 

Desperate, rash, m. s. 1tlD2 * 7nbp without hope, m. s, 
t^^)2 * 12^ -ly, furiously, nDPlB rashly, r]bn22 -ion, 

T T V 

Despicable, m. s. nn? * Di^p!? * ^^tj^ -ably,ni^?:^3 
Despise, rlD *tO^??i^ * Dv\D * ^pH (his own life) ^bll^n 

Despite, D^rpn * t^^nn * D^^:?n -n. malice, njH * r;^! 
-fui, m.s. D^V2D *;;-)/? R. x/n 

Despoil, Dbn ^ H-TJ^ * rp -liation, DI^H * Tti^ ' HTll 

Despot, -ic, rnj; * l^t^ns Wd -ism, Hi^nx/D 

Dessert, n^TIJ/D H^J'^p * t^T^'^?^ 

Destine, l'^) * ]h3 -d, m. s. ]'^^D * liflD * ]r\) -ation, * |J3P 

Y^n Destiny, HnT^ * npixf.;? 

Destitute, forsaken, m. s. 3Ji?2l poor, m. s. "TH!!^? v'H -ion, 

-)pn * niv'i R. bbn 

Destroy, lay waste, nn^ * l^inn kill, JIH * T2^n -oyer, 

-uctive, ri'^nti^D ^nnn;? *t?^P '-^I'n -uctible, m. s. 
nnt^"^ *2nn^ ^jin> nnji^'^ -uction, ^nn^£!^^ * p-in 

DET— DEV 101 

Detach, i-i/jn * pnnn ♦ pbn -mcnt, i^2^n phn 

Detail, CO'lS * tiHS -N. COntii * Hfi?^-)::) 
Detain, stop, ^*VX^ * 331^ Ch. (oiie's due) pti^j/ keep in custo- 
dy, N^5 -)b^? -er, ni. s. I'^'lV ' ptpV \ :i?i/P 
Detect, KVD -ion, H.S^VD 

Detention, restraint, ")VJt7D * 313]/ imprisonment, "lID^jt 
Deter, nif? * i^T *3^ -^nn -ment, Hlll/n * ^^nlD ^^ib 
Deteriorate, i;nn •pnH * ^p^i? -tion,. pn *^p^p 
Determine, -ate, decide, pH * iT3 * 1b^ limit, ^B^H -able, 
10!7» * F'^.C'" "^^^^y» decisively, HlDynnB resolutely, 
2h fDN? -ation, n^^HH ^Hntl n05 *3'?n ^l^iS^ 

-ed, m. s. '"inn; * pm nn? **-)d;;i ♦^n^D ^lO^hd 

Detest, Vi!);^ * '2pr) * ^P^ -able, m. s. y^t^ * 3i;n3 * hpD 

-ation, pji^ * n3i:in ♦ h^sp^ 

Dethrone, ni3';DD n31^;3D n^'DH -ment, -HnDH 
Detract, ''^j;; ,13"? i^^'^'in M^^7n ♦ ••3 rpn *7hp_ -ion, 

n3n * n')::^:^^^ ^ n^^p -ive, m. s. hhpj^ * J^nnp -ory, 

T T ' ; T : V 

Detriment, ^73^? ' p]2 * pPH -al, m. s. p^\D * n^H^l? 

Devastation, destruction, p3i^ * l?^'^ 

Develop, unfold, n^;1 * ^^VPH * i/.nlH R. iH^ 

Devest, to strip, CDJ^S take away, 1^DT\ 

Deviate, n^/D * riyn ♦ -It:^%n ^-TID nb^ niD * 12V -ion, 

' '^ T -^ T T T - t V V II T II T 

T • : TT T"-: 

Device, contrivance, il^TD * H v'3n]1 an emblem, * niD^I 

n^3^D R. n3j:^ 

Devil, i;:? Ch. R. nt:^ -ish, m. s. \^'\D * TKO ^I/T 
Devise, contrive, 2\2/T^ -d, m. s. l)iV 

' T ' T 

102 DEV-DIF 

Devolve, fall to, "7 753 roll down, 7/5 

Devote, (to destruction) D^'^inJl dedicate, ti^^*[pn 

Devotee, m. s. iDHnD ^D^Jip -ion, worship, fll^r\ ]')'^y 

Devour, H^? *]jb2 -er, m. s. n^5P ^i?-??? 

Devout, DD * l^^DD * T^DH -ly, mD^Dnn ^DH^Dns 

Dew, to wet, hhlDH -N. hl$ -drop, ^^ ^J.S{ -y, h^hlD 

Dexterity, m^'^^in * rm\'19 -ously, —3 -ous, m. s. 

Diabetes, D^^^") "^D nnn 

Diagonal, tlD?^^. ' 11^1^5^. -ly, ~1 

Diai,nl;;K^ ^^^np •ni^^.isn ^^ -iing, - -nD^.^p 

Dialect, speech, ^It^^H *T]]in -ic, ]r|n -ical, -^ti^ 

Dialogist, ri?lP n?lP -gue, niSI 'I'^ID R. HD'' 

Diameter, 3^p -rical, — D -rically, in opposition, 1^27 

Diamond, D/H^ 

Diaper, ptOij^ nll^tOn 

Dice, ^l^^p play with-, ~2 pH?^ Dicer, -3 pHK^p 

Dictate, ri1-)in R. HI*' -or, Dl/.tO ^if? Ch. -orship, - -fl'lp? 

-orial, \):Dhl(/ 
Diction, -IIB^ *;W^ -ary, nlvJ^H -)|)p R. ^^D 
Die, to expire, T^^D to colour, jyif^ -N. a colour, J/D?? *'^ 

stamp, ^5cp;?n Diiinch. 
Dier,i;ni:^ *J?^HV? 

Diet, to eat by rule, ID^t^DH n^Q3 hbi^ -N. food, .n^n^^ 

a convocation, D'^D'^p^H n5^P^? 
Differ, to vary, "D 1113^ (in opinion) vjt/ pyH contend, 

"Dj? pi?^i?nn •2nn-ence,*^i3^ ♦ p^^H ^nnnp^^-fiH 

^19'^ *p^;;. -ent, unhke,m. s. '-D mlC^ another, in>!t 
-ently, -iniS: ]pt^B *^13n3 
Difficult, m. s. nJi^jJ * ins -y, perplexity, pn'l ♦ HpHD 

DIF— DIP ^^^ 103 

DifTidence, ^:D^^ "IDh Diffident, m. s. * mCOn IrK 

ini;in h^pti; * p^^^pp ch. 

Diffuse, pour out, rp2 * p!ir^ spread, p^ * CDti^a -edly, *3h^ 

X;5a^5 -ive, m. s. ^bj -iveness, HVIDn 
Dig, li-|3 ♦ ibn -ger, m. s. nij? * IDn 
Digest, (as meat) 7^^!5^l^ set in order, pDH R, ]1D -ible,m. s. 

h:2^ni -ion, ^13]; * ^^^^^ * mDq 

Dignified, m. s. -|nn ^TBDp * m: -fy, "I'lH * 133 -tary, 

31 ]n3 -ty, -)in *'7i33 ^n^^ii^ *n'7n-i 

Digress, to deviate, * 'D "IID iltO^ -ion, n")D * H^tO: 

° II II -r ' TT T • : 

Dilapidate, 3hn * CDlf^H -ion, n3"!ri * COlID 

Dilate, 3^n-]n * p^p T33n-or,m. s.3^n-)P *T33P-ory, 

m. s. h^V 
Dilemma, n3Up R. "|13 
Diligence, niVnn * HTpt?^ -gently, -3 -gent, m. s. * \r\T\ 

Dilucid, m. s. -)iS3D * t^^IDD -ate, 1K3 * tl^")^ 
Dilute, pin Dilution, Hj^in R. ppT 
Diluvian, ^'inp b^ R. ^3^ or ^^3 

Dim, m. s. nn3 * DDJJ * D^in -ness, (of sight) fiinS stupid- 
ity, ni::^5p 

Dimension, 3n") * 77.5 

Diminish, vy\\ * Orpn ♦ pppn ♦ HDH -ishing, m. s. 
llDni •^'71^ -ution, ]1i;"lJ -utive, m. s. * ]1C0|'5 * ^^"15 

Din, t:^jy-) 'pj^^ 'iixp *]ion ^nbp^ 

Dinner, Dn^^f S3^^^: ns give a-, ^^3^e^ Dine, - -^3i^ 

Dining-room, p 7 pnp Ch. 
Diocesan, ]lDjn Ch. *]ri3'l^P Diocese, -nilpg 
Dip to inunerge, 7315 moisten, 3^111 

104 DIP— DIS 

Diploma, Ch. n^^::^■^^ ns * nym 

* T T : T - T • : 

Direct, to command, Hl^ regulate, \'^2n * It^^^Jl * "l^i^^ 
(oneself) ]i3n -N. straight, m. s. ")^^ * pDJ express, m. s. 
Ji^-IQD n^^DlO -ion, an address, nnS ^iS"^;; nnilD 
nn:ii^n an aim, mf2 ' n:^^ m all directions, 2*^20 

.... . ^ ■•■'•.: TT- • T 

-ly, immediately, Hnnp-l * H^nij^ "^^n straight, n\^^3. -or, 

m. s. nt^iStp * nnto R. n-i'^ 

Dirge, IBDn * l^DD HJ'^p R. pp 

Dirt, filth, *ni3D * Dnr * ^^5 • ti^sn * t^^ns * "^i/n * n^li; 

' ' I . T T T T V V V V • : T 

i^^y -iness, PijD * n^n^r -y, Dnr * pi?d -n. m. s. * ortrp 

Disability, fjD -IDh 'T n^p *n0n Disable, *n3T"lV)?n 

ti^^n -d, m. s. ro T -)vp * ^hr\ 

Disaccommodate, nn^pH * ni^7n -ation, H^b * n^t7]1 
Disadvantage, pt^ * H^"! -ously, — D -ous, m. s. ^IJ^ R. i/l") 
Disaffect, 3^ ^^311 R. 33^ * ^^i: * D^y-)n -ed, m. s. 

'D^ D7^ ^33\s * -o VB R-PP -ion. H^ji^ip *N;5^;;-i]i 

Disagree, to quarrel, "D^ 3"^'in (in opinion) "''13'^ ?]/ p7n 

-able, m. s. *2r^ ^^ -ment, n3np * nj^'^qD 
Disallow, to reject, i^^^H R. i^l3 * l^jl^ deny, t^^PIS -able,m. s. 

Disappear, 13? *n^31 "^'^H ' 12i!^ ^'^H 

Disappoint, n^nin mpn ^^d -ed, m.s. *ln^nin *impn 
n3r3:i -ment, h2n n7nln mpn r. 7m 

T T ; • V *•' // " " ll~ '. ' 

Disapprobation, \^'^'0 -prove, \)^12 * '(*Dn ^7 

Disarm, deprive of arms, "D 'p^'i^^ ivll/ confound, H^^in 

nn -ed,m. s. bb\i;fp *rT '\^n: 

Disarrange, DbH ^^3^3 *^'^3 -ment, H^Hp ^'pS^B 
Disaster, T^K * pD$? * HJO -rous, H^l^ R. HJ^ * 3V^ 

J)IS-DrS 105 

Disavow, tyn3 -al, HfiJ^nDH 

Disband, separate, inDH (soldiers) It^^D]^ U/^i^ H^^ 

Disbelief, H^f^^ IDH -lieve, not to believe, X'Di^n ^I^h'D, 

deny, ti^H? -liever,ni. s. J^^^^D 1:\S: * tl/n^D 
Disburden, ^1;/ phs * "^r?? ^IP.H R. ^^p 
Disburse, D^? p^lH *\'\DD S^V^^ -ment, Ch. JlDD nKVlH 
Discard, 3^^ (him) Iti^^i'? Hv!?^ -ed, m. s. nt:^?^^ Tlh'^D 

Discern, distinguish, HDl^ judge, CDE)^ * ]^!Iin -ible, m. s. 

-1?:^ n^ji *t^^^-l;| ch. -ing, m. s. ti;^!^n?2 ♦j'^np * ^^3^p 
-ment, HSJ^iinn ♦ H^Mn * n:3'^3 * h:^t^ 

T T : - X : T • V V 

Discharge, dismiss, tlVl^ clear, np5 * "1C02 (one's duty) 

m. s. *innin ^t xv;i emit, t^^-^'in -n. ^ ni^^^^ * Dni:o5 

» T 

Disciple, a follower, m. s. "^"iHift *i^v'^P a scholar, T^p/il 

-ship, -n :D^u;f2 

Discipline, to regulate, l^D * "]'1V,^ educate, ']yn 'l^h -N. 

lip '^nv ''r\m *n^?^h 

Disclaim, to deny, ti^nj *1^^ 

Disclose, (175 -r, m. s. Hy^P -ure, "^^y^l 

Discolour, to stain, HJ^IO T^T\tl}^\ change, D^^J^ Dpp -ation, 

Discomfit, ti/hn *tii: -ure, nmhn * hd^d 

Discommode, Pin^H * mSt^H * Vy^H -ious, *<nj;;^J^. 

nib ^nt^hr) 

T T ; 

Discompose, -concert, JJl^ *Dbn 73/5 *^^^ -composed, 
m. S.VMB *^3^3p -composure, nlun? " H/^Hp ♦ ^3^3 
Disconformity, -congruity, HDIDnn " Hl'^l^p Ch. 
Disconsolate, Dn2n l^ND -ly, n;^!!: ^^^3 -ness, \'\2^1 
Discontent, D^i;3n *D^;;nn -N. -edness, m^lti:} IDh 


106 DIS— DIS 

Discontinuance, a cessation, HT^^^P * 7^201 * HTpj/ -ue, 

n'l^ • ji2i * nfj^ ♦ Hnn * Hbn * nbjt/ *-uity, 

Discord, discordance, m^Ilp * n^DISHIl opposition, 

npyriD *nii;7 ^i?.^^n -ant, m. s. nr ni^ nr nniD m. pi. 

DnniD Ch. -antly, H^^DHnn 
Discover, disclose, \]'^ ]1^ Hj?! detect, iJ^VD -able, m. s. 
nb^\ '^^b^ -ed, m. s. KVip^ -y, the discovering, HISl'^VP 
invention, n^VDn 

T T : - 

Discount, "Djfl^ *ngj -N.Jirn? *^^3J 
Discountenance, D*^^::."! * ^^iJ^) 3^t2^n -N. D*'^^) nHti^H 
Discourage, D.^ ^^jl "HM HgnH -ment, "^nb R. ^Dl 
Discourse, converse, "iB'in treat upon, t^l"! -N. * ^^TP 

Discourteous, m. s. Hi'ip *npn ^ifn -ly, mD^j;:; ^^? 

Discredit, disbelieve, pD^^H "^ri^? to disgrace, '^^pH R.bbp 

ntn-N. Ti'7p *n3%ni:)-in 

Discreet, m. s. h'^'^tl^D nHT? -ly, ^p^? ♦nn\nt? 

Discrepance, n^lDHJn * n")"'jip Ch. 

Discretion, prudence, 75 Si^ *m'1*'nT hberty of acting, 

riTn? * ni;n -1 -ary, m. s. **im-i^ ")Vj;;jo ]\s5 

Discriminate, separate, ^""inn * t^"^"!?!! -ion, 7'7nn t^^l^H 

Discuss, npinn * ^^^5 R- n::^ * ^^d -ion, rn3i ♦ h^i^h^ 

Disdain, tONt^ * ^^PH * Wh %nn -N. p^p *n^^r *1VD 

-fully, -n ♦t:^|)5!ico^ti^B-fui,m.s.^^p_p *Wrp ^nnp 
Disease, **^nn * n^KDH -N. nhnp *3JS:? -d, m. s. 

DIS— DfS 107 

Disembark, to set on shore, H^By i^'^DH DW to come on 

shore, ntii^Th ihn ^T3^^n n^^ 2)1* 

T T - : ' T T* T; T V 'y. 

Disembitter, Hnnp "l^pH K. "110 * pJlDH 
Disencumber, °^Jl;D ^jpH R. ^^p -brance, 'r\MB * nh^H 
Disengage, -tangle, -thral, nba * Hp? * yhn * nhl^ * ti^SH 

(oneself) "ICp^H * np.JH -gaged, m. s. clear from, "^pi lltOS 

at leisure, "'^i^DH ♦ Ch. '^:D *1^ t^"; 
Disfiguration, deformity, niSt")p T^T}^/ defacement, ilpnj^^n 

n^iD -gure, Hfc^n;? TT^ntr^n -gured, m. s. D^iD *nn^D 

Disfranchise, nn^H ^^^^ Pfb^ R. "Iin 
Disgrace, ^^pH * Pinn • h^^ -N. -ful. ]i^p » nQIH * H^D? 
Disguise, to conceal, HD? (oneself) * ^^I?J?n ' ")55r\n 
fe^tj^nnn * n^rit^n -N. a dress, ii^|in * *'1D3 a mask, 

np5 a pretence, nhv * Pijijiin -d, n)pD Dnn 
m. s. i^iiinD 

Disgust, provoke, D'^J/DH * ^^2 to dislike, * * 'b i^yh nl'^H 

• -2 t^D: ^i;-! ^ra np -fui, m. s. ^^^jD * r^^o^ ' ♦ 3;;n3 
Dish, ]n?^n ^11^ -N. nn:;;.p 

Dishearten, 2^ mn ^IH R. ^21 -ed, m. s. 1^ *^-) * :ilD3 

Dishevel, t^^NI X;h9 -ed, m. s. t^^^n *jt;n|) 

Dishonest, m.s.-)p^P * ti^n?P *3ti3 ' l-?.i3 -honesty, ♦ T^5 
")E^ * 5:^n5 ♦DO -honour, to disgrace, t]")!! ^b^ipH "^55 
violate, i^?3D ♦^•JH-N. -honourable, Ml^p ^^I^H *n^n: 
n^^n -honourable person, bV"'72 m. s. ^22 * DC^ "^b2 *\2 

Disinclination, Hi^'l^n* ' 'D .T^? '\^^D -cline, *n,nSip H^H 

j^\::n r. i^i: -chned, m. s. y^n i:\s: * \^d 

Disingenuity, m^D^ lOh -nuous, \^DH X^? 

Disinlierit, H^H^p nni/H 

Disinterested, m. s. j/VD *iS?W ' n^^^ * p'^'lV * D^ 

Disjoin, separate, *?*1?n * p •?)! * Dh^ put out of joint, i/plH 

108 DIS-DIS 

R. I/p^ -junct, disjoined, m. s. l^l^^ ' pbrj^ * D^n^ 
-junction, mS ' npbn -junctive, m. s. Tn?)? ^p'^DQ^Ch. 

Dislike, DNp *]^?2 * x^r\ ^b -N. bvi^ M''^^'? 

Dislocate, p^^ * V]>J\n -ion, (of a limb) Ch. Dnni??n pnS 

Dislodge, ti^n| *nVti^ ♦ Tpn -ing, i^^n^. ^mW ^'iidh 

Disloyal, (to his king) 13^)0? Hnp;? Tf^3 -ity, nD ♦ in 

Dismal, m. s. "l^p -ly, H^^n'^p * pi^?? * p1^? 
Dismask, to divest, HID^ "l^pH uncover, Hyil 
Dismay, n^ ^IH opn R. IIDI 'ODD * IH^H -N. ^HD^ij^ 

Dismember, p1| (a limb) Hin^ -ment, pllg * HID^ 
Dismiss, nW -al, -ion, H^W * D^11£0$ -ed, m. s. 

T •.. : T 

Dismount, to alight, 1^^ to throw from, 1^'lin 
Disobedience, 2T)D *^1?2 -bedient, m. s, 2^D * Hlb -bev, 

DID -n^!:) 

•• T T 

Disoblige, ^Kj * D^;;?n -ing, m. s. y^^D * D^jt;?;? 

Disorder, to confuse, DbH * ^3^5 R. ^^n make ill, * "^bnn 

p^'in -N. nr^n::} * ^^n^n * pn * n^n;? * "^^h -ly, m. s. 

^n^nO * ^linD * n:^^ ^n^3 Disordmate, m. s.^i^DDH 
Disorganize, b^b^. * "llpH '^SH -ation, HDVIunn 
Disown, to deny, ^T}^ disallow, ]^?5 * ^^"^:^ R. ^^^i 
Disparage, ^"^pn ^ ^^TH ♦ n -1 -ment, ]1^)J * nl ■'T * jin? 
Disparity, p^-'H * ^"inn * ?2;"ipn 
Dispassion, COp*^ * n^^H a^ti?^ -ate, m. s. ^ Ini/in D^r? 


Dispense, to distribute, plT^ to excuse, 7hD -ary, npyD ^^? 
D''iT!lK7 ill^^l -ation, distribution, npvTl exemption, 

DIS— DIS 109 

Disperse, to scatter, It^) *nnr * ^2 * f ^DH -ion, ''\^^^ 

Displace, (him) lDip??P in\^ HDH R. 110 
Displant, I^^JL/n -ation, H^nX/n 

Display, to exhibit, nijtnn -N. r\i?n 'Hi^nD 
Displease, \*^?3 *D^j;;?ri ♦n^Vi!''? *D'^jt/"!n -ed, m. s. ♦ \^ij:p 
Dj;i3 • nvg?. * ^rj -ure, ny^: * DiJ? * nv;; * ^ij?! 

Dispose, regulate, pDH * "^hi; incline, "nn^j^ ntDH sell, IDD 
-able, m. s. "^ ]13^ Ife^D'* -al, H^^n * ^1^ -ed, m. s. 
]1D} *^nj^ *"n^^? *nDi: n3p: -ition, temper, JtD 

method, DSi::^/':: ♦;in:^ situation, n:i3in *n:Dix;D 

T : • T : • T : T T -; - 

Dispossess, h'^t^ ' t:^nin -ion, nb^)i^ 

Disproportion, ^l^D p^^l^ IDn -N. ^yn IDh -able, 

TIK^ ^^^ ^^ ni. s. Dp ^:j5\^ 

Disprove, Hhp Ch. * t^^npH Disproof, HTnO * H^npH 
Dispute, contend, pS^j^/nH * inH argue, n^l * n?inn 

R. nn^ * °^i; p'^n -n. -ation, * nnn.p * m^) * p^;; 
npi^H/t: -ninn nn*n-abie,m.s. ^nni'^n^n '^r\y^ 

nnD^ Ch. -ant, m. s. inp * n^^Zp * p7ln _ative, m. s. 

t:^pxf * ninDin *t:^\^ -less, p^p ^n^n ♦ m. s. -mn 

Disqualify, HD T^ IVpn -fication, m. s. n3 T n-Vp.P 

Disquiet, 2h i;\:n * nn Dra * r^nn -n. d^ih; * ]p 

Disregard, to neglect, ti^COJ %n^5n_nn despise, * ^'pH ^.iD 

toi^^ -N". ]V5-i • \h^^ * pns -fui, m. s. n^nnD ♦ rn 

Disrelish, ^HJQ ui^ Ch. -N. bad taste, DV^ D^Q 

Disreputable, -ation, ii^-^ ^n^"^^ *]rrnTi^53 
Disrespect, nhhp *ni-'r ♦n^ -fui, m. s. *h6^?:^ *nrnD 

^^p.p '^' "■ ' ""^ 

Dissatisfaction, Hl/nS!^ IDh * H^l^n -ory, HiVnti'^ ^h 

't : T V T : "^ tit; 

m. s. j;*'??^;? IrNt Dissatisfy, * yi^^ ! ^^^V.^ * D^i^l'? 

no DIS— DIS 

Dissect, p7n(an animal body) tlT}^ -ion, Hj^yn * Hin^ 
Dissemble, t^Vj^n * ^JH -d, Ji^H? * Pl^h -r, m. s. ♦ P]5n 

Disseminate, spread, ^tS sow, H^^n * jt^ht -ion, * H^^'Ht 

-1^15 -or,m. s. -)r?p ♦nnb *j;?^"!l!5 
Dissent, "Di? p^j;[inn * 'hji 3nn (in opinion) °^j; ^^^§ p^n 
-N.-sion, pl^^f *3n *n^;pp ^iitd ^nj^'^nD \sn;i75 
-sious,m.s.D^nQ*fi^^i^ *2n nmnD ' nphno "hv^i' 

-ter, a nonconformist, m. s. "III'V'!? ^V *'p^^'^ 
Dissertation, nt^^n^n ♦ {2^-)"7D *m3T R. HD'^ 
Disserve, Ulil * p^tH -ice, nj/l *pt5 -iceable, m. s. 

i;nj? ^p\rp 

Dissimilar, m. pi. D'^^lt:^ ^^p D^Ql*l DJ'^i^ -ilarity, 
p^v'H * h^2n * t:^l?n -ulation, hypocrisy, * P]3n 

Dissipate, to disperse, ")t§ to waste, H^S * TlHSt -ion, * 113^^ 

Dissolve, separate, TIQil melt, ^"^l^n *DDn R. *^ni *DDD 
-ent, ^^n^_ * DD^ -ible, HDr^P * D^P/?'!! m. s. * r^Pi) *DD\ 
T]^*; Dissolution, a dissolving, 1T\^ * riD^in * nDDH 

death, n;;^i5 
Dissolute, m. s. nnw * Hi^^n *?]tpis:? -ness, • niDniK^ 

Dissonance, DJ;/D IDh -nant, m. s. Di/^ *"lpn 

Dissuade, N'^^H * ^it^^H -asive, m. s. i^^:^^ * '^^IH 

Distaff, ^b^ 

Distance, pT}"!^ -N. pHIP Distant, m. s. p')r\'l 

Distaste, p.^?* -ful, m. s. by ID *1p * D^?? 

Distemper, to disease, n^?D^ ♦^^HH -N. i>?? ^H^H? '^^^'^ 

DIS— DIS 111 

-ed, m. s. n>^3 'nhh 

Distend, stretch out, Vp'l * n^'nTH * nhQ -ed, m. s. 

Distent, 2Tfl * *^'^^^-ion, the extention, nn^Iip 

Distil, to drop, 'PO use a still, b^\n -lation, pIpT * 5]^^ -ler, 

m.s. tl^C2;p*^nD'PprD 
Distinct, separate, m. s. "Tl?? * 77?? different, m. s. Hjlti^ 

clear, m. s. 1M3, -ion, p^l^H * t^lbn ^HnH (of honour) 

DNtiS^ ")0v ^- ^^^ -^^^' "^- ^- rn??^ -iveness, *n^-)^n5 
r\inV -ively, -2 
Distinguish, to discern, y^'lHr? * p!l * J'^nirT honour, 

Dnn ♦ ^i^2 (oneself) * D^^^ H^ 1^ Diii^;;' * r^tj^^nrr 

D;::1")nn -able, m. s. b'ly^ -ed, m. s. * i^tS^i ♦ n^JD *Tn^ 

• T 

Distort, t^»j5i/ ♦ ^bn * n^r -ion, HDii^nn * n^y • niti^pxf 

Distract, perplex, ^^'ln^ * ^5^5 R. ^^3 -ed, m.s. " ^nilD 

^3^np • ^-jbp -ion, n^n^ * h^hii ^njny] p]ntD -ediy, 
_2 ■ * 

Distrain, tO^DI/n * ^DH -t, t^i^V, * ^3n 

Distress, ^hV^^^i^ * pVH * nVH -N. ^^H^ ^Hpjl^ * HIV 

-ed, -n 
Distribute, pW -ion, HpyH -ive, m. s. pyT\12 
District, province, ^7? * ^'^ circuit, t^*^?! * HIl^Dp 

Distrust, "2 TDiSn ^ri^:n ♦nt^^n ch. -n. 'h^d^^ -idh 
T^n -fui, ^:p^? npn * "iti^n 

Disturb, confound, DDH * ^n^5 R. bbl interrupt,^ n^Btf^H 
a^i^n (waters) iDj; * H'H -ance, H^HD * ^13^5 -ed, 
m. s. h^h'in * -)1DJ^ *-)Di;: -er, m. s. ^H^ll * t^^f*?? 

Disvalue, ^^H * ^^m * ^t^T -ation, Jl^p ^^T^T R. ^IT 

112 DIS-DOC 

Disunion, separation, Hj^ynp breach of concord, * *T^"I§ 

nnn nn^n -unite, ^hn * n)in (friends) nn/?n 

Disuse, leave off, '^n'n 2)p -N. n'l^^jnn ^Dfl 

Ditch, p-)n ♦ n^j^ri -er, m. s. -n£Dln 

Ditto, ^On (being the initials of) nhpoh 3/n??n 

Dive, (under water) bhlD (in any matter) * liti^n^ p^'^VH 

IpT} -r, m. s. 72b (a water fow^l) *^7f^ 
Divers, several, m. D**!!") 

Diverse, m. D^^lt^ -ification, •^i:!;^^ ♦ b'l^n -ly, -3 -ify, 
^^^inn * mp -ion, a pastime, int^Htf^ R. ii;;::^ a turning 
aside, "D ri'ip Divert, j;^X;j^* "D TDH -ing, m. s. 
j;;^^.^P -ingly, D'^i/'lt^'^.Ci^n 
Divest, dispossess, 77ii^ strip, CDJi^Dn -ure, ri^^£)n 
Divide, phn (in three or six) ti^W * H^^ -nd, p^H 
Divination, DDj?. * t^^H^ Divine, Dbj^ * ti^H^ -N. divinely, 
D^rl^4^5 a holy man, tl/pp^ ^^\^^^ ^^^ -r* i^- »• * DDp 
ti^n^P -ity, godhead, mi\^iS; theology, -flDDn 
Divisable, m. s. pyTl"*^^ -sion, partition, nf^yH a part, pyT] 
Divorce, (a wife) 11/^^ * H^^ -N. ID^'tl^M?, * H^nn? 
Divulge, declare, j^^nlH disclose, H^? -r, j;;nlO ^ hS^O 

Dizzy, m. s. nj;;'n *bp_ -iness, nj^^.n m^j^ R. hbp 

Do, ntJ^;; have to do with any thing, * '2 ^ JJ do well, H^^V'*!? 
how do you do? "^h iS^H ilD * *^^ Di'p^n it will do, 

m. s. i^in aico -ings, :2^ti;pj2 'r^^b^hp, *ni^^.?p 

Docile, m. s. Ithh *^tl}2n -ity, I'M Iti/^n 

Dock, (a yard) n^^^n ]^_:2b l^'n -yard, nl^SpD "IVH 

• t; T 

Doctor, (in divinity) "^2^ * D") (in law) '^^nlD * 1^*1 R. * m^ 
p*T (in physic) ^^^1 -orship, —llT^7pD -rine, precept, 
np_h * nnln teaching, n^nin -rinal, -W 

DOC- DO U 113 

Document, direction, m^ps * mVD ^n^^1V -al, ~ht^ 

' ' T ' : T ; • T T- 

Dots nov • n^\^ * n7\^ 

T • : V V - T T- 

Doo-, (an animal) D/S -gisli, 3.7?5 

Dogma, D^HD C02);:>p * ^^? -tical, -tism, * tO'^^^^S'l DJ/CD 

;lco^:^ -tist, m. s. ^^^}r2 *^^hr\i^ * nnlio r. ht^ 
Doleful, m. s. -)-rp ' 3Vj;.3 * ast'i -ly, H'^H'^p * nvun 
Doll, 1^;; n^D'l • fl1^;-}§ Ch. 

Dome, arched roof, HSS R. ^DD 

Domestic, not foreign, ITlTlSt belonging to the house, JT^B ^?^ 
a servant, m. s. TV'3, *]5 -animal, IT^ri^? '^^'!}? -affairs, 
n^n ^DH -peace, Jl^n D^Ji^ -quarrel, n^^ ri^np -ate, 

•- : // • :- // •: - 
Dominate, l^'t^ '7t*D ' ^lU) * Hi"! -ation, authority, 

T T X T -^ 

nni:^/!: * n^t^^D;:: ♦ n^o^i^ti^ -eer, -|-iiits^n m. s. H>i:^D 

*1yiDn3 *l3b3 -ion, territory, DID^D 

Donation, %n:nD *nriD Mno \^c^;dr.n:^3 *^t!^ ^n:D 

TT- -_It- T- - TT 

n^ti^i^ * nnitj^n * D^mW * mr Donor, m. s. -jni 

Done, part pass. m. s. "^^t^]) -interj. jD ^H^ r? 
Doom, to judge, 'bv nt5 * COD^ condemn, if^'^nn -N. 
nny •tO^L^'P -ed, m. s. *rhv nnr "^1^^? -s^ay. 

Door, a passage, HHS -'weeper, m. s. — H "^plti^ 

Dot, Tpi -N. m^'p:i 

Dote, to love extremely, "IJ^p "TNp!! 311 Jj^ -age, a silly fond- 
ness, ni^p5 nan^t -ingly, 3 -ard, m. s. * ^HlSip 

Double, make double, ^9| * 7)1}^ fold, Vin;i ^DD -N. -y, 
T^Wlt) *^55 *D1?^ *•? -dealer, -tongued, m. s. * ^313 

abj n^nnnip •nlDV3nn*ti^\N^ -dealing, •d'^^d? 


114 DOU^DRA 

niiD'iDnn ]wb -entendre, D^DD^^^tp^ n];pi!)JfP 
-^i^^'^^nh Ch. 

Doubt, ]^a *pDp Ch. -N. p^D *pDJ^ ^^'l?;! -ful, (thing) 

P5P * 1*115 ^n^n (person) m. s. ^mcon '•n^? 'p^pp 

-fulness, jlni^nn nph -less, '^ll * pDp '''^3 * "inH 

Dove, njv -cot, -^ird; ch. *D^3l^ nnnj? 

Dough, pV5 * npny. Doughy, pV33 

Dowager, „3^^d-^dd:i d^ddi) n^;;^ n:r:jb^ 

Dower, (of a wife) "iHb * ni5 (of a daughter) ]1^ -less, 
Down, a plain, ni?p!l (feathers) nl^l^H !l^''D downwards, 

ncoD^ -cast, m. s. p|;;t * 3:i^i; * nn *iv -fai, * n^si;^ 
n^rn*^ * n^''^:): -hiu, i-\1d -right, plain, m. s. ^1^5 * "!n!i 

T>: T': T O'r" T T 

completely, mO???^? ' n^D^^^nn Downy, ^"l ^n1-)"^i;ii^ 
Doze, to slumber, D13 -N. -iness, H^l^ri -y, m. s. Dn*t^ 
Drag, ^la/D * HIJ Ch. -N. a net, * H^^Vp * n^"!/ nnb?P 

n? a hook, nn * mn ']'\C}^ -gle, ahp -gled, m. s. 

Dragon, a serpent, ^^ij/p ^iW 
Dragoon, yh^ 'H-jDri Ch. -N. a soldier, tl/l^ 
Drain, to empty, ppn * p^H R. pn make dry, * t^^UiH 

nnnn -n. ni^v ' n^^'fiiD 

Dram, (in troy weight) llD?*!! "^Vn 

Drama, a poem, T^ti^ a play, piny -tic, ~7^ 

Draper, m. s. IJJH **'?'^^ Drapery, *1}2 

Draught, (in drinking) H^^'Pi! a pull, HD^'^P delineation, 

n-ny ^n^^nn 

T • : - 

Draw, (water) 2m* * H'H unsheath, K^J^ -breath, nt^^H 
nn ^m -out of the place, ni5 * n^jn -out of water, 
ntrp pull, lh| Ch. to attract, ^ii;?2 -in, CO'^J^ -away tho 

DRA— DUO 115 

ittention, • "D ih IDH R, 33D delineate, TV * llV-back, 
\. D;}^n nn^'H .bri(li;e,D")'l»n lli;,) CU. II. on -er, M a 

box) nnnn nnn one who draws, * -)nl2 * "152^10 * n»VD 
2>^r^ *^^rd; ^^isi^ * n\>? -ing-, nvv •nn^v-ing-room, 
D^:p nwD^ -Tin 'i^^n iin r. ti/'^ *r^P.1f? ^^i^- 

Dread, Thili' ^N^h"^ 'li'^ -N. 1112) * J^IIO ^llJlD *nD\^ 

-tul, Dl\^ * i^nl: -fully, r]D^i^2 'r\^'\^2 -less, 3^ TDS 

Dream, (in sleep) D/H to be sluggish, HSinn -N. D/H pi. 

ni;::i^n a fancy, j^i^ n^rn -er, m. s. * nlDlbn *7i;3 

Dreary, HHD ♦ ITfp -iness, niH? ' nnij^ 

Dreggy, D'»-1Di;. Dregs, Dn^lZ^ * ii;;?)^ 

Drench, to soak, b'liD *3uD"]n * Hp.^^n' 

Dress, clothe, 2^5/ "^ (one's self) tl/27 (a wound) ti^^H adorn, 

nlU adjust, 3'';p\n cook, ^^3 -N. C^^I^^D * iini; 
Drift, urge along, P]ni *^^pi *^nD throw on heaps, "liV 

-N. a storm, H^ID "')}JD a float, ^IDui^ a design, ]J39 a 

heap, 13V 
Drill, train to arms, n?2r\hD If^ih llin 

T T : • If" - ir-- 

Drink, Hh]^ give-, Hpt^H -N. Hf^t^^P -able, Hnii;] 

Drip, t^b; * ^7^n *pii;-} -n. ^ip: -ping, \D^ti; ^t^iD2 

Drive, (away) tJ^II * J^in (as the wind) J^i: -on,*^*'ii^n R. p^^ 
Ji^JJ ^^n*! (a carriage or cattle) JHi -in a nail, X/pH -n, 

m. s. t^^nji *fin? 'ji^i? ^J^ni^ 'j'ln; *j;ipn -r, m. s. 
^TJ *pl"T"i3 -t!^;;!: *pinli *jni3 v;; 

Drivel, N. slaver, in -V. -inlH -ler, m. s. VDD 
Drizzle, J^'h * Plbi * ^^1 -y, ^1^1 * ^l^OJ * PlJ;;i 
Droll, humorous, m. s. ^riHO -ery, D^'pini * ni-JniD 
Dromedary, 11133 

Drone, -ish, m. s. ^co3 •Svj; * Hsii * iisin;:: 

116 DRO— DUM 

Droop, ^^D^inn * ^-^i^nn -ing, m. 8. 5^"icDj^ ' ^ij: 

Drop to fall in drops, ^h'l * ^^jn * ^bi let fall, (intentional) 
^^Sn (unintentional) m. s. *12^p ^~)b^ to utter, ni. s. 
*'\n^^D IDDWn to cease, ntj; -N. a small quantity, 0]/^ 
a globule, H^tO Ch. *^|CP5 * ip an earring, DD'^CD^ -pings, 

Dropsy, 1^3 nlnV -ical, m. s. HnV *i"l^n 
Dross, (of metals) D"^-?"^? refuse, "^HD -y, DIJP^ 
Drove, (of cattle) IIV a crowd, pDH -r, n'\Dn3 ^^13 

Drought, nnh * piS;5V -y. m. s. ^^DV 

Drown, suffocate, j^S!? be -ed, V^^ ' J^3P'7 
Drowsy, m. s. h^}ir}72 * H^ni? * CHI? %"irn -iness. 
idleness, ill/VI^ * P"^?"! sleepiness, HDIDri 

Drub, n?n -N. nsD -bing, ni3D R. n:D3 

Drudge, ^i^ -N. in;; -ry, ni'iDy * nij^;;! -ingiy,-n 

Drug, a medicine, HS^in? D^^p -gist, Hpl") 

Drum, flbri-N.^lh -major,D*'D5ir\n 3"^ -mer, f]iiin -stick. 

Drunk, ni3Ji^ get-, l^r^tL^H -ard, m. s. iSniD -enness, plj^ 

Dry, nnnn *t:^^nin -n. arid, a-in ^t^^n;^ barren, * nn 

.TV * ^^.? thirsty, m. s. ^^p^ -1y, indifferently, ^t^^lH ^i^n 

n^Vnnn? .ness, n-jn * ii/i'^ -nurse, n:;^^^ 
Dual, Di^ts^n ^^3-) ♦ ;i'ir Ch. 

Due, right, Ipl ' mm^ * "^l^n -ly, -D 

Duke, fl1^^? -dom, (the quality) — H n?!?.? territories, 

-n mpa n^t^QD Ducal, -b^ 

Dull, to blunt an edge, T]r\]>r\ sadden, y^^^T] stupify, ' 71K 

^^ln -N. m. s. r^T]^ 'r\r]r> ^nvy ♦ ^^in^ 'h^^'^ * t^^^ 
Duiness, H^Hp. * mH? * mnvj;; * n'l^^in * rnt^jip 

Dumb, m. s. D v'i^ * D^pl'l -ness, H'^pil 

DUN— EAR 117 

Dung, niK^ ^nr'ch.-N.* ^^1 ^bnr *]d'i ^n^^i? -t^^-jlj 
D^if^DV * HNl^; R. ?<^^ -hill, * n:p7^n •^?)^ Dipp 

Dungeon, 113 * -)C:i^Q * lilDn niD\S n^B 

Dupe, 3p^ * n^n -N. m. s. 131^ 73? *1^P^?? *\n|) 

Duplication, n)^D3 -city, ni3V3nri ]it2^^ * 3.^1 3^^n mn'i 

Durable, m.s. D^p * pTH 7^P^^ -ility, DT»p * pp ^JpJ^-ly, 
—3 Durance, duration, rTTpJin * n3^Dn During, 

-rii; ^3 

Dusk, Dusky, HHS *DDj^ * H'lp^i; 

Dust, to clear from-, p3^^^ ny;| sprinkle with-, ")Dj^3 "l^i; 

-N. p3l^ nDIf * pr\t Dusty, m. s. p31St *i^hD 
Dutchess, ^^h^n nm Dutchy, ^l^^t^H il^t^DD 
Dutiful, m. s. bip3 *VJ2W * IH^P -ly, HJ^pHn 
Duty, obligation, n3in he does his duty, 1n3in H^ ^^Vr a 

tax, D2D service, n"li3jE;. * ^"^''"'^ *ri"lD^2>P 
Dwarf, D^?5 Ch. -t;^^ -ish, -3 
)well, -l^'H * ^31 * 2'^l ♦ 13;j^ -ing, * 3g^lD * JS^f^P * ]'\VD 

-llT^D ^nT^I *^')3r 

T T • ; 

dwindle, to shrink, i;-)5n ^•^*^^ *")bn 
Dying, expiring, m. s. DDI^ * HID? *l^ln * ilD colouring, 
m.s.j;3VP *X^^ 


".ach, m. Ji^'^K IK 7!3 (see Every) 

Eager, m.s. tip3? * ppltTD -ness, ^103 * npWr) -ly, -3 

Eagle, im -speed, 1^33 ni^p R. hhp 

Ear, organ of hearing, \l^ pi. D^.^t? power of hearing, 

n}i>}2t(; give-unto, i^jf^H * ]m n;pn r. ncDi (of com) 

118 EAR— ECL 

n)2p pi. D^^nti^ a ripe-, nb^hf? -ring, b^^V * DO 
Earl, nm -dom, -H nhVD 
Earliness, HD^t^H * nn^np Early, ninp? (in tin 

morning) DSti^H "Ip3 to be or to rise-, "IpZl i^?^n too-. 

Earn, t^Di * n::imr\ ^ :^iirn r. :i::^: -ed, mDi * Jt^^o 

Earnest, a pledge, pll"ljt? ardent, m. s. ^Dp^ * pp^lC^P serious- 
ness, D.^^ nb * n^iD^pn -ly, -3 

Earth, land, y}^^ mould, ^9*T^?. -en, —7U/ -en ware, 
^■^n ^b'D -ly, -y, corporeal, ^"ipn *^m^_ Ch. 

Ease, to relieve, 'bvj:? ^p.H R. ^^'p (from pain) J^S}-) * rin| 
-N. rest, nrn^P (from pain) riD^ri facility, T^^bp_ -ment. 
assistance, njg')(^y;;ti^M'efreshment,i;lJ-)J? * t^»5^ JlD'^^p 
-ily, without difficulty, n^bp2 gently, ^D^h * nn?!! -iness, 
quiet, bp^ *r\r\2 -y, notdifficult,m, s. 7p quiet, m. s.ilDpti^ 

East, r^^lp ' TM^O -er, nD^^lH JH R. ^JH-erly-ward, nO"Tp 
-ern, D^pH ^"J.iJ^ 72^ 

Eat, b'D^ -able, ^^S*;? » ^^^l^,•; -en, m. s. ^'l:D^^ *b'?^l -ii»K' 

n'pOi^ -ing-house, ^r^un n^^n 

Ebb, to flow back, D^n ^^^^ ^'^H decay, H^pi ^'^H -N. 
Ebony, D^:nn 

Ebullition, nn^'ni 

Eccentric, incoherent, m. s. PlI/p * "^SD^l! -ity, * Hli/ 
Ecclesiastic, ^113 -es, D^Hp ^DD -ical, ti^ipH nil3i;. ^^ 

-icus, t^^^D n nD^n 
Echo, in in; -n. ^ip nn nn r. nn 

Eclat, lustre, Hn.^iin * lin show, H^^D 

Eclipse, to cloud,' y^i^n * ihp disgrace, ^\rn ' ^^pH 

ECL-EFF 119 

K. h^^ *hbp -N. (Of the Sim) ti}mn nn'ip. ^nr^n ^ipb 
(of the moon) nn^'H nniP ^^Y^h Ch. 

Economical, Economist, m. s. l^^^ti}?^^ *rDnV *7D7DD 

n-n52^;2n 7Pti^;^3 nir^n r. ^id ♦ dv^ov.:: Ch. -mize, 

DVpy -my fruo-ality, DIVDV *rT;nn n^Hjn disposition, 

Ecstacv, Jllir * :W£i^ • nV^^I %n^"'i3 Ecstatic, m. s. fiJ^WD 
Edge, N. (of a blade) "^S a brink, H^tS^ to set the teeth on-, 

D":??^ nnpn -in-, d^^w nr r. nnr -less, nn? -tool, 

T \ : • V 

Edict, D5n2i * nirii ♦ pn * mD*?;:: nn'i 
Edify, -ip^D 1^5^ ♦ ^11 n-iin ^ i^^^n -ication, ♦ r]'r\r\ 
lp^D * ii/ts^ * np^ Edifice, ]^^;!i ♦ nri2 

Edition, Dli^'l Ch. Editor, D^^lT.n^ 12^72 

Educate, to instruct, ^^H * 1^^ bring up, nSl * ^"1^ *\m 

-ion, 1^;:^^ * I'liin * on^^ mnnri 
Educe, x^v'^'"^ *P^^^ Eduction, njjvin *r\p^r\v^ 

Etliible, that, may bespoken, Dp^ * ^^^HD"; 
Efiace, destroy, n5;i^n 'I'lli^ ^riH^i' blot out, nhp 
Effect, -uate, 22D 'TDH * Di^ Ch. -N. issue, 22^0^ 
reality, H'^ripb? * niL^^;^D Ch. -ively, -2 -ive, -ual, 

(thin-) ptn *::^;:dd (man) ^^n ti^'^^-iess, nn*i ^^rv t^^^ 
n^rin ^^3 * ^^^;J^ * pn -s, goods, * n^b2 * D'^^p^^p 
D'^d:d: ^ D^y:3p 

Effeminacy, ni^i^nn * niSn -inate, pJ^D * ^?i;?OP * 11 
Effervesce, ^)i]l * ^5;;5 R. r\S2 -nee, ^l^p. * y^2V2 
Efficacious, hv^^b i^'^pD R. ^^V^ Efficacy, H TO 

Effig>', tep ♦ n^;nri * mo'i 

Effluence, -flux, ^^^Vin * J^VID -fluent, m. s. "D ^^VV 

T T T 

Effort, nnb ^j;;^;^ make an-, liiiD * v^lT^n * f ;?Nnn 

120 EFF-ELE 

Effrontery, D^W. * ^IV!^ '* ^^VH Ch. 

Effulgence, inb * int * nn\"in -gent, Tnn • n^jt; 

Effuse, ^b^ * p)Sl -ion, riD^?^ * Hj^'^V''. 

Egg, nv^n pi. D'^v^n 

Egregious, m. s. I'm l'^f22 *Sn -ly, ^^^ * n^nVi 
Egress, Pl^^V^ ' ^^¥ 

Egypt, Dnvp -ian, ^vp f. nnyp 

Ejaculate, i^^^'lH R. U^^^ -ion, (a prayer) HnVp H^Dll 

Eject, r\m ' ^in * si^n^ -ion, n^m * n^;)'Tn * mi;^^ 

Eight njbt^ (by letters of the alphabet) 'H -een, * "l^jt? Hjb^ 

n"* -fold, D^p;;?) njb^ -h, m. "^rpji^ f. n^;^Dti; -hiy, 
n'^j;pt£^3 -y, D^3iD?i^ * 'd 
Either, iti -I or thou, ^n^^ li^ '^:^* i^e 

Elaborate, -ly,niD^^n n^^DH? 
Elapse, nbj; ♦ ^I'^n 

Elastic, '^^^^p -ity, "^mp nthn Ch. n2 

Elate, ^^^5 *'d?)1"I -N.m.s. -|^^§np ^3^ *n5-) 

Elbow, (of the arm) ai"irn HV)? 

Elder, exceeding in years, (a thing) "?2 *t^^ (a person) m. s. 
••D ^ii:i tPt -ly, m. s. ]pr *D*'r)''n *^^3 -s, ancestors, 
T)^2i^ rulers, D*'ti^^^"^ * D^?p.| -ship, primogeniture, nnl23 
seniority, HpHp * 11^75 Eldest, the oldest, m. s. * ^112 
31 * i j?] the first-born, m. s. nl^n 

Elect, -ira ' -)'13 -N.-ed, m. s. IIH^ * 1)132 -ion,* Hinn 

n-v^n n -iveiy, -3 -or, m. s. inin * -)nl3 

Elegance, ^5^"^ -ant, m. s. Hp^ -antly, ''ii*"'3 

Elegy, Tgpp * l??pn * Hi^p R. pp 

Element, ground, llD''. pi. nlllD'; -ary, simple, tOWS Ch. 

Elephant, (the beast) ^^^ Ch. -ine, — ^t^^ 

Elevate, to lift up, i^'m * b"!^^ (the voice) ^ip D^n gladden, 

ELE-EMB 121 

•Tin ♦ nOfe^ ^, exalted, m. s. ^i^2 * ^113 * Dl ^iP 

elated, m. s. ih "Hn^ -ion, n.StK^ * n^-73 
Eleven, m. I'^JJ THK f. n").K^i; n^^^ ^^riCf^j; (by letters of 

the alphabet) i^"« 
Eligible, ni.s. inaD -ness, nn^n^ DStT^D 
Ellipsis, a defect, *i"lpn Elliptical, m. s. IDH 

Elope, psnn-ment, nivnsnn 

Eloquence, liK^^H nDI^Q ' HV^'^D -ent, m. s. D^ni *::^^>^ 

DTititJ^ -entlv, DniDb nc^^^l 
Else, besides, '^"J^hll * Tij; otherwise, ^hv^ Di^l nothing-, 

t<^ "inri lun -where, -jHi^ DlPD ^ 1 D 
Elucidate, 2^-13 ♦ -)^^n -ion, C^nS * "lli^!! -or, m. s. 

Elude, to escape, T\lpX^^ tO^;^?! -ible, m. s. ]:yt^\ 

Elusion, HDIj^ * HDnp Elusive, m. s. U^'^)}^ 

Elysian, ]lif Elysium, H^f ]3 

Emaciate, Hnn * HH * ^'^1 -ion, ]1n *m->*n 

Emanant, SV'' -ation, ni^^V"" -ative, m. s. i^Vl:5 

Emancipate, "^^^U vh^sD ' '-|-in^ Ch. -ion, tJ^DH * innia^ 

Embalm, DJn -er, C0!3ln 

Embar,-)'VX: Embargo, IVgD 

Embark, (on ship board) n5"^Dpn ^^? ^^3 (in an affair) 

••3 Tnvd^*n-irnn -ation, ♦nr^jDn Hj^ rri^^-i 

Embarrass, -jVH * p^fH -ment, HIV ^HPIV * HDiniD 
Embellish, "l-in * n'"T^' -ment, "lin ♦'^n^ 
Embers, hot ashes, DPI 1^;; 

T T 

Embezzle, (his) IHl^n riDl^^^B T'Tl^cy I/tt^tli -ment, (of 

' •• : . V V ; - Tij - r ^- II T ' ^ 

his) in;j-i riDj^^Ds T'nin^^t:^ nv'^^z^^ 

Emblazon, (with figures) DnVVn Hg^ 


Emblem, nmn * rpn ch. -aticai, r^pip -aticaiiy, np^ns 

Emboss, engrave, D^^^^fe D^V^V D-D? -ment, •^ilina 

Embrace, contain, ^"^DH * ^7^13 hug, p^H -N. p^SH 
Embroider, Dpi -er, m. s. D|?,1") -y, HOp") 

Embroil, t^Dn • ^nt'n R. ^^2 * h^n^n 

Embryo, D?]! 

Emerald, "1^;^: ♦ n'lJD^ 

Emerge, ' '^ KV^ -ncy, a casualty, Hipp a necessity, * pH"! 

•^nv * n-i:Dn ch. -nt, m. s. ni^^ ns;^^*"' 

Emetic, Hi^pn Dp 

Emigrant, 1^ -rate, nn^^ p.i^^? I^J^ "I'^H -ration, nn;3 

Eminence, summit, n]/!!/) * H^D^ * ^^ti^ loftiness, * H/^.D 

Dn distinction, ]iis?^ nn;i r. ^t^:i Eminent, m. s. * m:i 

nl3| * Dln^ -ly, highly, Dll^^ IJ^ conspicuously, ^I^J^-l 
Emissary, ^5"1P * ti^njl "^X^D Emission, * iTT * nn^^O 

nto^ion * no^^Q Emit, to'^^^n * co"^^£:)n * ht ♦ n W 

Emollient, "^^np Emollition, '^'IS"] 

Emolument, i/^'n * Hn * ]nn^. * ^^k"!^ JR-- ^i^^ 

Emotion, (of mind) t^^D^H n^JI 

Empale, (on a stake) Vp^^ V'p^ enclose, T^JH 

Emperor, ip^g " l^^^ti^ Empress, nj^^lt^^ * H^^D 

Emphasis, C0h:ph9n n^-11,n n^na Emphatic, pTH -ally. 

Empire, n^D^p * H^^/pp 

Employ, (him at work) "2 ]>)OVh inl^S nW (one's self) 

pD:yrin ch. to use, • -2 ti^pri^n ch. -n. business, * ]i:v 

ppjt/ -er, m. s. T'p^ 
Emporium, a commercial city, "^Plpp DipP "l^J/ 
Empoverish, ti;t^T\ -er, m. s. ti^^lip -ment, nwmi 

EMP— END 123 

Empower, D^?^n 'hpDn ' nw^} ]h: ' np^in 

Emptiness, ignorance, m*1if5 want of substance, 72^ 
vacuity, Hi^in *n^p'^n Empty, pp|l 'p^H -N. 1^? * pn 

-hands, nv:pn d^t^ -words, ^DH nn^i 

Emulate, to equal, "7 H^'lil (for n^'inH) imitate, (him) 

r:D-)i3 ibn * ihk^i/dd ihidd mv nvai, • -b ^^3p -ihv 
-ion, ^^<t?p ♦ ;^j; nny -ive, m. s. ^^J5p *7f;3 * l^i; n^ 
-or, rs::pp * -inv:; 

Enable, Hi ^hj * pm -ment, ^^m 

Enact, n*^ ]h3 • nt| -ed, nn jn^ ♦ i^;? 

Enamel, Dni*V3 Hg^ -N. x;?^ -ler, m. s. DV?V? 1!VP 

Enamour, nnni<^ ■)'>;;n -j-ii;; 

T -: - 11^- T II •' "^ 

Encamp, T]yn -ment, a camp, njHD place of -ment, nl^Hjn 

Enchain, ^HDl D^p'^ti^-l -|D^e 

Enchant, to injure, D^tit^pS "IVH R. 11^ fascinate, 35? 
-er, DDlp * ^f^^ * "inh -ment, D'^DDp * D*^ti^3 * ti^H^ 
-ress, a sorceress, JIDJ^^P a beauty, * nnni;?* ^^P 

Encircle, -close, -compass, * f]£)^? * ^''PP ^j^.-l I^- ^p'' 
"1/^5 *"lbif -closure, -compassment, ^''aD ^pT} *nn7jl 
Encounter, fight, 'O DPlSn meet,j;;ja -N. HpH^p ^Hj^^Ja 
Encourage, ^ih \r^^ p\r\ -ment, D_^ nV^D^^H 
Encroach, ^135 J'^DH -ment, ^U| n^DH R. JD^ 
Encumber, 'bv T-irDH D^;0;;n -ranee, nTSDH * HDCJ/D 
Encyclopedia, nlX/n^n niDirP 

End, D^^ * "lb| * Dnn ♦ nVs -N. conclusion, * Dh * ^1D 
^"^"jn^? * VP. R- f^P (of a day) DVn Di")^. ni:?i (of the 
earth) pij^ HVp P]?? (of a month) tr^lh P]lD (of a week) 

nn-2^ i^vi;:: *j;i3;^n n^v (of a year or of time) nn^^^ 
ri}t^r\ D^D^n tvom-to-, nvp Hi^ n^^po to what-, 

II ' • II • T — ' V I T V V ' T • 

124 END-ENH 

n'^b'Dn nv^h -, design, njj^ *n^^?n -ed, m. s. ^n^p 
ubp *Dn *DPi^ -ing, ni^3 *Diin -less, *]^^p jiiD ^^^ 

Endanger, i;|?/P7 D^t^*Ch. H^SD n;? ^^'^3^ 

Endear, (one's self) ^J^if? l/^Vit: ^'^plH -nient, in * Hin)^ 

Endeavour, ;;5;inn *^^;d. * ^7n;^n ch. -n. n;;^JV ntj^p^n 

' Endict, to charge, X^^n ' U'^p^H -ment, miDtl/ 
Endow, endue, pH * ^nt * "^ HJD ^h: -ed, m. s. * ]nin 

n^ob *1^ n\n -ment, a gift, inr • n:3nD * n^iD * ny:3n 

T T : T T ' O ' ... y T T - TV "»"*-; 

accomplishment, T) 1 ^7 ^ 
Endure, to bear, ^3^5 R. ^ID * h'lD sufferance, b^D 
Enemy, m. s. n:lK nniV ' 1^ '^^W 
Energetic, strong, m. s. ptH active, m. s. piH * T'^"lt Ch. 
Energy, pth *mvnn * mtnt -getically, -2 
Enervate, Enfeeble, ^bnn * n§l -ed, m. s. t^^^H * liJSi 
Enforce, ^ib^ * HnpH Ch. -ment, ^IpN* * HnDH 
Enfranchise, ''t^^^n^ H^^ '"^IH^ Ch. (of a city) nnn ]n^i 

-ment,:i^£)n nnn;i^ Tinn R.-nn 

Engage, (in an affair) "n in^nn *W TnW m. s. 
*v)jj ^5p (to fight) nnhn gain over, * Hng) * ^5'>^n 

n'^pn R. ^i:/:^ * n^D bind, ^^n employ, (him) In j^ nw 
"2 pId;;^ -ment, * nuni/nn ♦ n^nhD ^nu^nnn 

pDjt; Ch. 
Engender, beget, I'^^lH \S^V'i''^ cause, l^DH * 33p 
Engine, (Used in w^ar, see Battering-ram) (to spout water) 

D^D n"^},!? nTD R. nr: 

. English, (people) "^hm ^^^ D^ (language) f^m ]'\l^b 

Engrave, ]^pr\ *rhr\ * nn? -r, n^n^n^ njn§,p 
Engraving, n^n ' mr\^ * r\^2pt2 R. n::::^ 

Enhance, (in esteem or in price) "T^plil 

ENI— ENT 126 

Enigma, Hl^n R. IIH -tical, DiriD 

Enjoin, lp2) • mV -ment, H'niP? » HIVD 

Enjoy, (he) be in possession of, 1? riPH delight in, °n^^ Hbt!^ 

to let-, n:in ch. -ment, HnDt:^ * ni^:n ch. 

Enlarge, to increase, nnil' * ^^^ * ''^l'?'^ release, * 3n*in 

nnn -ment, •'inn * n^iDin * nnnp * nn 

Enlighten, illuminate, ")\^n instruct, "l\"ltn * y^V l^i^H 

Enlist, nnn^^n ^y^^h iSi^^ 5<in 

T T : • - T : • // T // 

Enliven, H^PI * H^rin -er, m. s. il^JlD 

Enmity, HTi^t * HXJt!^ 

Ennoble, "nH * Dn.l * .SCS^: -d, m. s. IMH * D1 * m^ 

Enormity, n^I/ln * Hjn? Enormous, -ly, li^p^ 1^ 

^Enough, ^-n more than-, ^''ip in * "ir^lHI ^^_ is it not-? 

I lorpn 

iEnrage, ^l^VP? * '*T?n n^jt/H -d, m. s. HDn *>^^p 

Enrapture, ^^j;/ " HlSJi^ 

[Enrich, to make rich, ^^pV.'D fertilize, ]^^n * n>?n 

[Enrol, to register, ^npn DJ^^l -ment, H^'^pl 

JEnshrine, Pi'^Dt^Dh H^^H 

Ensign, a signal, D^ a flag, 7?y] (an officer) — >^fe^l3 

Enslave, T2pn -ment, nnni/ 

Ensue, nni< .S3 *"D i^)^'^ 

Ensurance, ^in^l * H^nO Ensure, n^pHH 

Entail, Dnn -I'l^ ^^n:n -N. D^l;/ n^n? 

Entangle, to ensnare, Tp^H confuse, DbH * ^3^3 to twist, 

•niiD -ment, n;:DnD * ^in^n * n:DinQ 

It t \ : : • T : 

Enter, (into a place) 7^!? ^^3 Tin a book) ")gp3 lD'^1 engage, 

nnrnn m. s. *vb]: ^nj^ -ing, a passage, njns * KI39 

the entering, --n^^''3 
Enterprise, niijg m^TD R. Ui; * DDT 

126 ENT—EPI 

Entertain, to treat, "b Hn^p r]'m * ^''?^^^ amuse, g^Vt^ 
R. nS^iin the mind) nJH * ^ll/U (one's self ) VtJ^jynti^n 
-ing,m. s.ilti;^_^D -ment,n7i;;p * Hntl/D * H^S 'U^f]0_!2} 

Enthusiasm, DvH IDM^Tl * niDHpiin -ast, -astic, m. s. 

CD^n^ * "1 pn^ech. 
Entice, ^^^^^ *n^pn r. ^^ti^: ♦ r\^D * nn§ -ment, *]ii^^p 
nriDH * ^^r\^ 

Entire, m. s. U^^T\ * DhZD * XDb^ -ly, ^"^^3 * ^j) 

Entitle, give a right to (him) tO^t^^D 1^ ih: -d, m. s. 

Entity, mi m. s. i^^p? 

Entrails, D^jt;;? *l"l.i^ 

Entrance, Entry, a passage, HTl^ * ^^1i3^p the entering, H^^"^^ 

Entrap, t^^p^ * li)^ * ^^^PH 

Entreat, nn;/ * t^^p -i ^ v^^nn -y, m'^ni; * nm^ rh^r\ 

Envelop, HD? * ^tV " r^tV * ^^bn -N. * ^1D? ' ^i^^gD 

Envenom, to poison, JUHJi^n enrage, D^'ifjn * ^^V)?D 
Enviable, excellent, nbv.l^n 0^5 Envious, m. s. * ]'^X *nV 

HiStsp ^'pj;;? -ly, HHiipn ^ nnv ri/4 

Environ, P]DS: * 2^10 ^^JpH R. ^p'' -s, m^p^i^ ♦ HD'^Dp 
Enumerate, HJ;:) * IDD -ion, n»3D * HI^'tiD 
Enunciate, I-JH * j;/nln -ion, nijn * Hif^lD R. l^: * ^T 
Envoy, n^V * 1?^^ * D^^t^ 

Envy, pi; ♦ ^?p -N. j^;/ nny * n^:]> 

Ephod, -Tl£3iit 

Epicure, -an, Dnip*^!^ m. s. mV.^ *^jy3 
Epigram, DJ^)?^ R. DUD ^b^D 
Epilepsy, ^?)i: ^^in -tic, 2 HJ^p 

Episcopacy, D^jrtsn-'^ijp 'p?lpjn*ch. nb^m 

EPI— ERE 127 

Episcopal, cii.x;::iain inr^^p ht^ 
Epitaph, n-jinj? n^yoa nan? r.3V'^ 
Epoch,^ *i^v 

Equal, m. s. one's-, jyi R. HI/-) * 1^^^ ] -l like, • ' b H^il HiC:^ 
(in right) "^ in^^ tOS^i^P (in Aveight) n33 11 -ity, 

Doni/n ^1^^ (of weight) hpji^f^n ^m -ize, hwn -led, 
m. s. ivDI *;;■) *1t^ t:^^ -ly, pD5 nDD *nD3 n'ln*' 

Equation, PliJII^n 

Equator, iD^D^n ^VDH niti^;?.^-"!;? -ial, ^ti; 

Equerry, r]^On:??p-)^ 

Equidistant, m. pi. pninh *D'^ijr -formity, D^iDnifn "^^^t^} 
-lateral, D^'m-VH hH^D nMl/ -librate, ^TWT^^n nV)li:/ 
-librium, 7pJ(;fpn '^^W -nox, (of Aries) ]D^^ n^^pn (of 

libra) n^j;n nDipri -noctiai, a. n.t^ni jp"^: niDipn ^(^ 
-noctiai, s. n^**^! Dv nitT^n IP 

Equip, provide (him) *i7 l^^^H (with arms) p^^lH (one's self) 
JlSn *3-in-l1;in *]^.^nn -age, a carriage, nnsnp -ed, 

m. s. ]1d; * ^^n;; * v'^^D * "''^^0 -^^^^^ "^J?? * 1")^. 

Equipoise, 7)^Ji^pn *^1^5^ -ponderant, ^22 13. -ponderate, 

hpii/Bn n'l^ti; -table, mv:;?:^^ m. s. nt^*" 

Equity, CO^t^^p n^^ * r^.n nilti^ -tably, -n -valence, 
D^pnrn ^ll&^-valent, m. s. ^1^2 *n))^ -vocal, * ^JJpnt^/D 
••Si^'nn^ Ch/ D^^D-^:ti^^ vocally, HZDllDn -vocate, m. s. 
*V")1'1 DriD -vocation, nDT\D -vocator, m. s. V121 DHb 

tt: t 'tt; ' tt;- 

Era, iriD R. IV^ * n^f 

Eradiate, pniH ^Vl: -ion, pll * HJl: ♦ \*V!^? 

Eradicate, t^Hif^ * Ipi; ^ TDrf^H -ion, nl;2^;n ! ^^H^K 

Erase, HnQ * nnii/ -d,m. s/nno:3 *nn:i^j 

Ere, X7 IJ} •D")03 -long, 31*1^5 -now, Ht \^5^ 

Erect, build, n:^ * 2''^n R. 3^^ *D^pn *]^5n elevate. 

128 ERR~EST 

Dnn R. D1-I * b'l,^ ♦ nhV * ^m -N. m. s. 1135 • P]^pT 

-ion, I'un ♦ n^^DH * HDj^n -ness, fj^pT * H^ipn -);j^^ 
Err, ni?D * ni;n * ni^ -ant, m. s. erratic, n^;in * n;it!^ 

vile, ^jy*_^3 ♦ni^P *i/-! -antness, n^^tD ^ n^N"^^:?^ -atum, 
p*'D7;?n JlDlD ni];0 -ata,— jnl*>^;;p -oneous, full of errors, 
nlX^Jt!^ tivD subject to error, m. s. r\^^tD *7l/5 -o^^eous- 

ly, ni;;ton-or, n:\:\^ ^n^^'^J::^ ♦ n:^D *m;;D 

*' T ; ' TT : T • ; V : • ' ^ T 

Errand, niD^?^?) * n^n\^ti^ 

Erudite, m. s. If^thf^ * HID^ -ion, ilDDH * TIJ^^ 

T \ : It;- t : t 

Eruption, a pustule, nj^lV *n^??i^ R. i^m a bursting forth, 

Xn^ ' i^^^^ R. i^V^ a spot, rinn? -ive, m. s. pD"; * pb 

Escape, CO^^H *nn|L * DIJ * ^^3^ * CO'^S -N. flight, 

nto^a * nnnn ^ hdi^i^d * n^-i^n excuse, n^^-v::nn 

T": T-: t; tt- :~r* 

Escort, W ^bn * ni^ -N. m. s. "D^ ^'^.^IH * H^ho 
Especial, particular, m. s. im^P * ^{p")^ -ly, DDIDB 
Epousals, ]"^ii;M^ 'Si^niS Espousal, —^(^ Epouse, betroth, 

t!^n^ maintain, • O pmn defend, n;. m ptn 
Espy, to spy, HDV to watch, ^pt^H 
Essay, endeavour, :^p5 try, ]h2 -N. n^|55 ♦ HJ^Hn 
Essence, substance, DVI? * Jl^iy/!}^ R. HVD existence, * iT^in 

nVS^^P nature, I/nCO smell, Hn. 
Essential, a chief point, Ip]/ necessary, rTlpn Ch. -ly, — 2 
Establish, to settle, ^Dl * tpri * D'^pH R. Dip make firm, 

prn "]5i5 -ed, m. s. ipip * lijrip * D^pp ♦ ptn *iidj 

-ment, a settlement, \)^!2 
Estate, a fortune, D^iDD^ " 1^3p ^ t^^lD"! real-, H^HJ 
Esteem, TM nplH * hoho R. ^^D -N. nU3 * Ip'' 

-able, m. s.lp^ * I'n'D^ * iS'vTD '2^^n -ableness, Tlin^C^n 

Estimate, li?^ * *^nrn -N. ^n;; -ion, ni;::i^ * T]y^Vx\ 

EST-EVE 129 

Eitrange, become strange, *)tiri R. lit alienate, *^33 * pHlH 
-ment, distance, pHI? removal, ni^n")n 

Eternal, ' r\^h:?n ^^?i * IV V^^^ Tif * "r^ ^i!^ 
Ti;i D^i;; *'D\t:^'i;; ''D^i;;^ •D^nv: nv^^ -lite, 

D^^nv: D^'^n -ize, ny^^ I'^Dl/n D^pn Eternity, nn^DD 
Ether, nn n^lK Ch. -eal, heavenly, ^^nn 
Ethiopia, C:^13 -n, ^m3 
Etiquette, n^D^V? * nlip R. ITD 

Etymology, D^^H^H nnt^ -gical, - -^ti? Etymon, t:^-)i^ 
Evacuate, to empty, p^lH quit, Zltj/ -ion, HplH * nn^tj/ 
Evade, elude, CO^^n* ••^"iba 

' •• T • T 

Evangeleum, n^nnn nnn -lical, ^^ii^ -list, w^^ 

— i^D 7J;;? ^'nn -lize, — -iDD 7;;p t:^-!'! 

Evaporate, IJi^I/S H^^H * n^^l -)3^ -ion, \t^V2 iT)? 
Evasion, excuse, rivV^nn * HQ");/ -ive, elusive, m. s. 

Dni;^ -iveiy, nD")i;3 

Even, level, m. s. Hl^ nt^; make-, n^Jl/ *lt^l -ad. 'in 

D^ (it is also expressed in doubling the pronoun, as) 

Nin DJ ^^1^ eye/j ^e, -number, *»Jir Ch. IC^"' 12)00 

-handed, ID^tl/B^ * p^Vn -ness, D'^Dni?..'! ''llCi^ 

Evening, nnX[ -tide, -ni? -song, n^Diy rh^T\ R. ^^ii 

Event, end, nnn^^ •* n^^DJp R. H^D incident, HlpO at all 

^, D^:32i b ^;; -fui, ni:i^in hj^^d (time) >^^2i n;; -uai, 

accidental, rn^pP consequential, 31lbp * n'^750 

•-ually, ^Soh 

Ever, constantly, jpff pj;;§ ^^^ -since, T^^ -before, D^ll/p 

-somany,n;nD1 H^nS-lasting, *D'^n^? HV^^ H^ ^5^11^^ 

Tj;?^ *D^1i;^ -living, m. s. T;;^ ♦•^n -more,' * }^p ]\>i Tj^ 

Every, m. fii^^^^ n. b^i as (Gen. Chap. 45. v. 22.) nlD^H t:^'>N^^ 

130 EVI-EXC 

n1/^(^ to every man changes of raiment, (Exod. Chap. 18. 
V. 22.) ^n|n "ID'in h^ every great matter. (It is also 
expressed in doubling the noun, as ^^)^^ ^^H every man, 
DTJ DV every day) -time, ilj^f ^D!l -where, DipD 7^5 
Evidence, nMV R. "Tli; Evident, m. s. * ^1^5 R. nb:\ * inn 

Evil,m.s.;;-)R.;;i-| -minded, nn *D;Olr *j:^1in -speaking, 

^ T T • • : - 

Evince, H^tlH * n'^DlH R. HID'' -ible, m. s. "IliT 

Eulogy, nn^ 

Eunuch, D^D * D^V**? ^^^? 

Euphony, D^J pi.r ^1p 

Evoke, ••'7 t^-))^ Evocation, HKn.p 

Ewe, ^n-1 -r, \l)^ * llt^D * ^ip R. PJCD 

Exact, extort, W3 -N. m. s. li:)^) *-)ti^^ *DVDV/2 Ch. -nes^, 

1^^ - D^^^PV -ly. -^ -er, m, s. m;i 

Exaggerate, V^I^H * m^H -ion, nlnin ^n^Dln R. ^ID'' 

Exalt, bi-i * ^cs^3 ♦ Dnn R. Dn -ation, rMy^r\ * nnn^n 

Examine, consider, ]5lnnn * 1'2TWX) try, ]n3 * np3 in- 
terrogate, "IpH ♦ ti^ii -ation, riTpn * n;i^n*n ''^^^ts'^. 
-r. m. s. m'yn * -)pnp * inii ^ hd^P 

Example, an instance, ]1'^P*n * ''?^? ^ pattern, niDI Ex- 

amplary, ^^D^ * miOl^ 
Exasperate, ^^Vp'!^ * HDn* "l^I/H -ion, ^iVp. * H^n 
Excavate, Hhr\ Ch. ♦ Q'^S -ion, b^hn OU3 
Exceed, * 'D "IH^ °^i? ^\ * ^^IJil -ing, ilD HniH * ^n|;n 

Excel, "O nn^^ * *^i; ^b^^ *^*^1^!^ -lence, goodness, ♦ 31D 

jlin^. dignity, ry'm nn^. r. ^^::^: -lent, m. s. ■r^^p *nlD 

-lently, H^a^H Dll? 

EXC— EXE 131 

Except, exempt, ^^^H ]p ^^^V1^ * ti^npH * ^inH -ing, 
*^xclusively, n^i * ''nS? * DDN* *p"! '^^ 'THv'P unless, 
•^^It^ -ion, m. s. H^Sn p *kSVV -ional)le, m. s. * IDn 

Excess, superfluity, f]iv * nni.t: R. m^ -ive, ♦ ''IP nnnH 

nnlD.^ -ively, nt^D^ * Tt^P I'iiD 
Exchange, TDH ' ^^hr\n -N. the bartering, * HniOn 

HD^^n •fi^-'n (for merchants) DnniD ij;;rDlpD R. n:^ 
Exchequer, nr:^ ♦ n3n;2n ivli^ 

1 't: ~ ■>■•;- - 

Excise, D3D R. DDD -able, D^;::^ ^1kS-1 * D^^? in^ -man. 

Excite, stir, nn n^j;;n (to compassion) D^pH"! l^Vn R. lU* 
<to anger) HH^ encourage, 37 plH -ation, * "^^")| * p^TH 
'^'^J^n -n^ent, H^D R. 33D 

Exclaim, call aloud, ^Ipl J<")|^ clamour, pi/t ♦ pi/V 
-clamation, niSin.p * Hj^i;. * ni^i;^ -clamatory, -h^ 

Exclude, t^nsn ^'^nnn* (one's self) ^i^H * -ninnH 
-elusion, n^i^^n *i— i^inn ^hh^n p n^^v1n 

tt;- """t:- t;-'* tt 

-elusive, m, s. ti^n,?D * ^*''13D * H>^3n JD ^i^'^Vl^ 

^lusiveiy, nn^p ^nh'i^ ^^n^n *d§^ ^n '1^ 

Excommunicate, exclude, D'lZ anathematize, D^nnn -N. 

n*i3D * Dnno -ion, ^^1: • Din 

» \ ; T t: T 

Excrement, t^/lB *ni^)i R. J^^*^ -al, -D Excretive, 

"'^-i ch. ^^^v'^^ 

Excruciate, tl^V -ed, m. s. H.^I^p 

Exculpate, njTJ^ * K^H (one's self) npJH * J^OTnH 

Excursion, a digression, n^lD2 a ramble, COlJi^ 

Excuse, D^:$^£i;5*-)2)3 * ShD -N. nip-n^VH 'ni^'V^r^n 

-able, m. s. p•^^;> * ^H^^ * 12)3*' -less, ISi^^ T^^D 
Execrable, m. s. n^JH? -ably, H^jnn * nnj/lm 

132 EXE— EXP 

Execrate, 22p *'il^ -ion, H'^^D * ilhhp 

It t ' t •• : TT ': 

Execute, perform, h'V^ put to death, Jin -r, bx!)^ -ion, 

nh^}:^ * n^nn * r\r\ -ioner, cd^^'^^sji r\^r\ -or, 

DlEil-lCp^S^i Ch. 
Exemplar, \\^m -lify, -^^'»?n * ^^D ^^(^^pH 

Exempt, np5 * t^^gn -ion, ^^h * nnn r. nin 

Exercise, train, ^jn (one's self) ^J^nH * ^?.r)?^n Ch. 

perform, n'm -N. ^1^3)1 * b:\in * m^nsi^n 
Exert, f ;??^jnn ♦ vp^pn * ^w ♦ rnig -ion, * y^;^. 

T 't 

Exhalation, ]^^ ♦ ]^j^n .T^S Exhale, nb^f? n^j/H ♦ ^JT^ 

nn f]nj -ment, ib^jp *^5n *nn ♦j^;; 
Exhaust, nv>3 *D^^^ ^onn r. oon -ion, nnn::^n -less. 

Exhibit, (to view) niStin -ion, display, nitn * HJ^np 
Exhilarate, H'ln * H?)^ -ion, Hnn * HnDGt^ 

Exhort, n\nrn * rnr ch. -ation, rrinri^ 

Exigence, pHM *^nii^ * HnpH Ch. 

Exile, n^;in * 22^-15 -n. -d, rrh^i m. s. t^^nJD 

Exist, i^V^n * nvn -ence, ,Tjn * illN^VP ' ^"1^.1 -ent, 

:^>^ m. s. .svd:3 

Exit, departure, HNl^V^ '^^^?? death, HJ^'^lil 
Exodous, (the book) nlDt^ "ISD 
Exonerate, free, njp? -ion, tVi'^p^ 

Exorabie, m. s. -in;;;, * Hl^n^ *ni: 

Exorbitance, n7!33 -ant, excessive, *7i^^7 11/ 
Expand, spread, j;;p'l ^HhlD *nbtj^ *rtS^-)§ 
Expanse, jt/^pn " H^^^D -ion, HH^^ip -ive, m. s. ^TH 
Expatiate, enlarge on, 3"^n")n * *^^'^^?.^ 
Expatriated, m. s. STT^^r:^ In^HSD tJ^^iD 


Expect, mp_ * n:;)!! * naV • h'^r\'\n R. ^n** -ancy, -ation, 

r]^p^\ * n^nln -ant,m. s. d^vd * nsno * navD 

Expectorate, HH'*? J^^V'i''^ R- ^^'' "i^n, HH^? 

Expedience, fitness, i^Dr) * nii^;; haste, nn^np * nirn.r 

Ch. * nMJ>p • mvnn -aiently, -ditiously, — n -dient, 
proper, m. s. np2 '^M^l * niJO ^tlDJ device, 'H^iinn 

r\^v R. Vi^^ -elite, nnD * ^nn -dition, (warlike) r\r\2^D 
nDnhriih -ditious, m. s. -i\nD * rn.r ♦ lp^^ * pin 
Expel, drive out, HrTi * ^irTn * p]nn ♦ t:^"]^ 

Expend, n^? * i^^'V'^n -iture, Ch. jlDD HSlVlH R. ^V'' 
Expense, cost, ]^DD JltftKln charges, T]Jt/ -less, "l^riD K/^ 

-ive, npj -iveness, jHllp^ 
Experience, to know, ^jl) try, HDJ * ^hn -N. • njnnH 

njr^l^ -d, m. s. -^^3 Experiment, Hrn^ -al, -W 

Expert, m. s. I^HD -ness, )TI")^nD -ly, —2 
Expiable, "l^D^. * H^D^. 

Expiate, D^?a ^^3 -ion, D'^:3a nnS? -ory, ^"155 
Expire, to die, ^i| -ation, ^p * t]iD * Hj^'^l^ 
Explain, "lij^n * ti^n|) -anation, -ication, IIK? * t^T)^ 

-anatory, li^2D * t^"l5iD -icable, -)^^n'' * t^^nb^ -icit, 

nm * ti^nbp -icitiy, -mn? ^ ts^nan 
Exploit, n:b * nnin^ doer of an-, m. s. h\n •n^jr 
Explore, ti^an * ipn -ment,ci^^i:)n *nTpn 
Explosion, ^ipn nn.*; 
Export, ny^ifpn y^nh i^^)i'\n -ation, — i^vlD r. ki^'» 

Expose, uncover, H?^ endanger, Ch. H^DD ^7.V ^^^'"^ 
i;5?P^ D1t!^(himself ) mC)^ 1t2^?3 ny_n *l2)Dn ItJ^Di Dlfe^ 

-ed, m. s. nh?n 'j:^^f2h*o'mn -ition, jinn^ **"im 

-itor, t!^-);5P • n^2D -ure, (to sight) '^l^i "nriv^ 

134 EXP-EXT 

Expostulate, n^'DlH * 3nn -ion, Hnpln ♦ 2^1 

Expound, U/l^ n^e!l -er, ti^ltiD * ni^2D 
Express, utter, DpJ * ti^l^ -N. clear, IM'^ a courier, 
nn^'/D n^iW -ible, 3pr * ti^lb'^ -ion, mode of speech, 

iB'nn 151^^ -ive, clear, a^t?^n li^n -ly, ti^npn * to"j$n 

Expulse, n^^ ♦ Wl^ -ion, HlW * t^^n^ 

Expunge, HriD 

Exquisite, choice, "in?P very bad, m. s. *T^^p *i/"! -ly, 

Exsucculent, IH^ DJ * f D ^^? * t^?^ 
Extant, ti^^ m. s. t^)^D2 
Extempore, -ary, n^Dtn n::Dn ^'^^B 
Extend, nnnn *7n^n -sible, m. s. nilT/^l^l -sion, 
nnnnn -slve, m. s. Dnn -slveness, 3nh * 7li -sively, ~2 

Extenuate, ptopH 'b^]>n R. hbp -ion, Hin^^D * nDj;;pn 

Exterior, External, ^1^^'^^ -ly, V^Hp 

Exterminate, Extirpate, *7^i3Sin * n")?n * ri^? -ation, 

]i2^ ♦ nimn ' nns * ivv's 

1 T : T T T : - "T ' T • 

Extinct, m. s. 11^^ 'IDm '^122 * H^ -ion, Mi^^3 

' T: T T T ; - "T 

Extinguish, destroy, nhp * H -J^ (a fire) ^^lyin * H^S -able, 

m. s. nh2) * nm) ' ^iJT. * ^^7". -er, nnpp -ment, "i^M 

Extort, ti^j: * ^h^ -ion, Hij^^JJ * ri^^H^ -ioner, m. s. 

Extract, draw out, kS^V'i'*^ ^' ^^^ (out of a book) pjnj;;n -N. 

-ion, .s^Htv * ^^^D ♦ npni/n 

Extraordinary, m. s. )^b^} -ily, ^^^^^DH^ -iness, T^'^^b^ 
Extravagance, (in expression or opinion) tVu/^T] prodigality, 
"1^19 •rnm R. nrn -vagantly, -3 -vagant, m! s. *r3t3? 

EXT— FAl 135 

Extreme, -ity, n^h:?n -ly, TXP I'^D 

Extricate, yhn ' inH * b-^^n -ion, viv'n * nnr\n ♦ n^-vn 

Exuberance,!;?^ *nh -antly, X;?^3 * 2lh 

Exult, ^^j ^b^ n'Dt^ • nnp^»3 c^^lii^ -ation, ^^3 * ts^ife^p 

Eye, f;; * -n::^ * Onn R. 033 -N. the organ of sight, l^jg.pL 

D^ri; -ball,!;*!; nnn njcifs figure)]^]; nj ]l::^\s -brow, 
l^r nn^ -hish, -lid, p)if?]; pi. d^ji;?]; r. ^ii;; -sight, 

ry n\Ntn;? -sore, D^rjgt^ riDli:^ pi. D^??^ -witness, 

nx-i ni; r. hi; 

Fable, a fiction, /J^P a falsehood, ^IJ^ 

Fabric, a building, ]^^3 -ate, HJIl 

Fabulist, ni. s. ti^btl/D b^D12 -lous,'^nn -lously, ntDS 

Face, to stand opposite, 'i^f? Tb^f * D^'i^i n^^^nn^ * Ti^nn 

-N. front, D^^S visage, D'J^S: 
Facile, easy, m. s. /j^ -itate, ypH -ity, 111*7)^ R. 7?p 
Facing, m. s. T.^^np (him) IIJp^ (of a garment) l^nH ^|^^| 
Fact, deed, Vib^^^ * r-T^^fP reality, n"^npS: in-, * ^j;/?)? 

T ; T 

Faction, discord, nj^'^ri/P * H^nD * ni579 a party, 

D'^nnltrp *D^vn.| -ious, m. s. ailt^^p -iousiy, nnilt:^? 

Factor, *T'^p|i * "^5"'? ■^* '^"'^ "y* (P^^ce of merchants) 

pnp-!p pnniD nni;p 

Faculty, power, Jl/iD^, (of mind) 75^ 

Facundity, D^i;:^^ ]it^^ * jltr^^H ^np ni^j? r. bb^p 

Fade, ^25 * n'73 * bbp^ 

Fagot, -liynbD^Vi/ nij« 

Fail, bedeficient, 3t5(a3 a bankrupt) m. s.*VI^i37 3t? (in one*!» 

136 FAI-FAL 

expectation) m. s. nDTDi 'inip^ri •iD^Hin R. ^^ miss, 
^m decay, DD^? * "lij^n 
Faint, -ing, Pj^iJ -N. m. s. ^hVHD * ^1120;^ ' ti^hVi -hearted, 
m. s. J^T * 22h *Xi -ish» ^.11/ * n|)n -ishness, ll'^^l -ly, 
-3-ness, Hi^^i; ♦ Hti^^n * HD'^jr 

V : ^. T : \ T"-: 

Fair, beautiful, m. s. H^^ -weather, ^"13 * H^ -wind, 

^PJ2f?:?) mi just, m. s. ]1:d; market day, pi:!; Dl"^ -ness, 

beauty, "^D'"^ candour,'!^'' * Dh * D^?')D^? -ly, -^ 

Faith, creed, m^D^ fidelity, ]D^t -ful, m. s. nlJIDb? ti^^ij^ 
-fulness, Dri * D^^IDb? -fully, —2 -less, perfidious, 
l^i? 5<^? ra. s. Tjia -lessness, ^^D n^3- 

Fall, to drop, ^33 -away, D^3D ^DJ "^'^'l * HPri -asleep, 
^ti?*" -in love, "2 ^V'^'m pij:}r\ -back, "ihi^^ 2W -out 
(with one)°ni?^ n^n!l -ISiH R. l^D ^T^ n;/") HII HM 
-in price, 1^C^»1 *Th^ -off, (as leaves or hair) I'U/^ (as 
blossoms) '^W -sick, 2'DPDb bb^ " tibV) -to his share. 

lb bnl5n n^;; * pbnh ib n1^'^ -short of, ••» ^bi 

-upon an enemy, "2 j^j^ decrease, (as water) Ibm *^btl 
-N. -ing, n^^D3 * nm*^ ni^'m ♦ nr^W -ing-sickness. 

Fallacious, D^J/j^i/n Fallacy, n^^ir^'bpVD tD^U/D 
Fallability, H^^it^H n\^H ^^l^bP 

Fallible, ni:::^^ bp inD ♦ ni;/co^ *ni3 b^bv ch. 
Fallow, ^bti; -N. n;;-ir: n? * nnnit:^ -ness, nto^^ti^ 

T T- T: • V V T . ; 

False, -hood, npt:^ -hearted, m. s. D^D^lJI *t:^^^^ * ^Dl: ' "^J^D"! 

-ly, deceitfully, 1]>^^2 erroneously, tV\i2tD2 -ify, tell lies, 

npU; forge, ^n Ch. 
Falter, (in speech) iJ*?!/ * \Wb2 S^p| -ing, m. s. ^ Jl^j^/ 

Fame, H??^ * 2)10 tl^/ -d, -ous, m. s. * n2\^?2 * D^ •tS^^K 

1AM -FAS 137 

Dnj^?^ n •;;'Ti: * opiiDp ch. -ousiy, ixp nto -less, 

D^» ^5?5 m. s. ^5^ 
Familiar, in. s. aflkble, Vi'^V} ^i^ intimate, i2^y2 -ity, intimacy, 

nun. H. n;;-) -ize, ^|-in ♦ ^sn -ly, * ldi::^.o n • Hp.jn 

Family, household, Tl^jH ^5? ^^^^» Hn^^D 
Famine, HnlVn * JU];") Oj^"J Famish, l^V'in 

Fan, (for corn) nyo * nnn R. mi -V. —2 n'li 
Fanatic, m. s. mnh * ^^iHnp (religious) nji;::sS * j^5p.p 
Fanaticism, nvjn^nn *ni^.^in ^njiD^st n^^?p 

Fanciful, fantastical, m. s. "n^I^: * nnpn Hir Pin -ly, 
nnr nn? Fancy, to imagine, 3.^^ ID^ * '"^'?'!!''7 to like, 

V?)n -N. ivp'i * ^^^in 

Far, -fetched, m. s. plnn -off, pln^p so-, pi^H HJH m 

go-, nD^^ pnnn r. -^hn -most, m. s. ixp *plnn 

I'arce, D^H^H ^^^H -ical, -^t^ 

I'are, diet, DnilK hire of carriages, n?^jt/."15?^ a wattnnan*s-, 

^*3^i ciDtDit:^;:: iDj^ -weii, m. s. *^^ di^::^ 

T • t: •• ; - ; ' : t 

Farm, H^'DJ!^ HlSi^ -er, nitt/ 13\tt/ 

. T •• : ' V T 

Farrier, D^ID ^^iDn 

Farther, promote, "iH^ more remote, m. s. IllV *p1nn go-, 

n'2hh ^tl -more, Tl/I. Farthest, m. s, I'i^f? *pinn 
Farthing, HDn?) 

Fascinate, n!l^ -ion, 3^ PH^^ H^^^Si^ 
Fashion, to mould, "IV:; * IV; adopt, ^DH R. ]1D -N. form, 

imV nsh custom, T^l * :n:iD * D^D^: Ch. -able, -D 

T T ' I V V T : • 

-ably, ^ii*''5 -ed, m. s. niV; * nt^V.^ 
Fast, to abstain, Dl^ hold fast, p]nn -,ad. firmly, njJTnS 

1 1 swiftly, nn^npn -N. fn-m, m. s. pjn * pyi^ R. p^> 

138 FAS—FEA 

abstinence, DiV -en, p^"! ♦ ptH * l{m -ener, -D 

-ness, ptn 
Fastidious, m. s. H.pp ^ ^T^rp R. bit * 3^ *n35 
Fat, s. ]^'l *2br} '\?2'\^ -, a. m. s. p"! ' \^t^ ' i^n.^ -ling, 

iSnp * pnnD ♦ DUb^ -ness, \Dll}D ' D"^?p:f^P -ten. 

Fatal, destructive, n^HtL^D * n'^?2f2 R. mO -ity, ^f^l!:^ 

n^biDi ch. ™ni;;?n nnr^ -ist, m. s. *- -n r.^_i^o 
n^'LO-iD nmt^n *tt^^nDD 

Fate, destiny, D'^U * HDnj^IlD -d, m. s. *r^X; 1^:1 ^r\r{^ 
Father, ^^ pi. Hl3^^ R. ^I}^^ -in-law, a husband*s father, 
JlDn a wife's father, \iy\T\ -less, m. s. DlH^ -ly, 3^*^^ 

Fathom, ^'\^r\ -N. ni;:s.N? I/^1^?5 -iess,-)pn ]^k 

Fatigabie, m. s. ^ij^b ]:T^b rr\^^r\h *ni: 

Fatigue, ;;,Tin *n\^'7n -n. m^.";!; * ny^j^ ♦ njj^n 

Fatuity, rvh^p ' H^t^^CP Fatuous, foolish, m. s. ^JD * t^gD 
Fault, an offence, HJ^t^ * NtOH a defect, D'lD * \T\Dr\ * 0:12) 

T T : : •• ' : V ~ : 

ch.-iess,— ^^nm.s. *x:h^ * D^z:ncommita-,n3:i^ ' ><^n 
-y, m. s. guilty, ^^pi^ *^;;3 * D^*^^ *ti^\^ bad, * ipn 

Favour, ]jn * '^t'K IDH n!;?n R. nC03 *'^V *TC)n HK^^J -N. 

]n ^n5^^^ * ipn -abiy, -2 -able, m. s. kind, ]5inp 

good, 11C0'-ed,m.s. regarded, \r\ *^-m D^:^ *^W? -ite, 

m. s. TT ♦ y\m 

FaAvn, X\\l}h y^^hnn -N. 1^]) -ing, m. s. ]1:r^ *^^hT\l^ 
Fear, ^::250 IJ'^* "lO ^^h^ ThS -N. -fulness, * i^TD ^ IHS 
T^9 -fully, -n -ful, afraid, m. s. -)1;i^ * ^^T * inS) awful, 

Dv^? *^^nl: -less, ^-yiD ^^n m. s. d^ y^m -lessness, vpx 

Feasible, nWI?.^ ^p3 R. ^^p *")^?^ Ch. -ility, n^iJ^D^t 
Feast, JST. a festival, ."JH a treat, ni^ * nD^i^D -V. 

FEA— FKL 139 

Feat, a wondrous deed, ^^^p3 Hfe^jt/D do a-, pSmk ^^^.^\} 

-ly, neatly, m. s. JIDQ * H^^ 
Feather, HVJ -ed, ni. s. -)i6r2 -less. -^^73 
Feature, 0^32) R. HJii * ^•^^^^ * ^1^;-!? Ch. 
Febrifuge, T\r\^ph HOnn Febrile, T\r\'ly>_ bf 
February, -lij^j; IHiSC^nn ^COnt^ 

Fecund, HnS -ation, iinan -ity, n§ nD^n -ify, nlnsn 
Fed, (man) m. s. b'^b^ R. ^1D (beast) m. s. DinN? 
Federation, ]l^*lll -ml, — /t?^ -rary, m. s. — 7j^5 
Fee, to reward, "^y^ \h:i bribe, iPt^ -N. ID 22^ * THii^ 
Feeble, m. s. Htil '^hn -d, m. s. t^^^^H -ness, IVD") 'T^t^'^^n 
Feed, (man) ^?^3 R. b^'2 (beast) J^SlD? ih: * ^^np^ -er, 

one who feeds, m. s. ^3^5^ * pTlO *inl: 
Feel, perceive, ti^.^lH Ch. handle, tl}WD be affected by, m. s. 

% •IVpn-l npsn -N. J^lt^p -ing, perception, n^^^H 

tenderness, m^^jt;§nn* ' '^ D;"!;?? n'^J^T} -ingly, —2 
Feign, to dissemble,' J^^n^n * mnc^^H invent, 3^P i^'in-ed, 

K^n? •3|?p "'m -ediy, j^^npn* 
Feint, ^r^ Tr\m * n^miD r. ni: 

: T T • - 

Felicitate, make happy, "I^^J? * nvVH congratulate, 
•^-in -tation, n^nn -ty, -It^^t^ * nn^^n -tons, m. s. 

Fell, cut dow^n, nbn knock down, p^^^ ^*>5)n R. S^D -N. a 

skin, -|1;; -monger, m. s. niii;; *")?1^ 

Fellow, N. an equal, n^DJJ * HJJ * inn ^j^/l R. n^]! a 
mean person, p*^") * 1^^ -ship, equality, * D'^pll/H '^^^U/ 

m;;"}^ * njn.^ -sufferer, (my) Hnvn ^pj;f 

Felo-de-se, n^lb HDVJt? T3iitp R l/l'^ 
^ I Felon, m. s. niD^ *;;;^-l -y, ^/ti^-J -iously, -2 

140 FEM—FID 

Female, Feminine, * H^p.? Feminality, nl3p3n J/J^P 

Fen, n-vn * p * ]V 

Fence, to enclose, y\\l/ * ^'^I^H guard against, "D "l^ti^H -N. 

n::iWf2 m:i -less, -^t»3 -er, HDn^^ -nz^^ m^d^s onib 

-ible, ipp 
Fender, Hi^n HDHD ^i;:Dl::^ 

T V // V -: - // •• 

Fennel, HVp 

Ferment, (as dough) pV:n (as liquid) V'^SJ^ * Hi/n * nr^l 

-ation, j^Bi/n * nn"^]!"! -ative, i^?;/?.? * nr^"iD 

Ferocious, m. s. ""ipHl ♦ ^^^ -city, mnpj^ * n1i;n?i 
Ferry, a passage, "ID-^P a boat, HIDI^^ -man, — "T^DI/D 
Fertile, (land) HD^ti^ (animal) Hns -ity,^ni::p?i^ ^n?) HDI? 

nh-ize, nn?n :r\innn " 

Fervency, ^D^ * nj^lt^'II -vently, —2 -vent, m. s. *^D?]3 

Festival, -ity, JH * nitO Dl^ -ive, m. s. ^HV * nOSJ^ 
Fetch, np^ * i^^2n R. ^^U -breath, nn I'^'^n JHNt:^ 

Fetid, m. s. nnp; Fetor, ^innD * Hjnv 
Fet.iferous,ni-ii:i nm'i: i^ii^l: 

Fetter, ^222 DVn.Sn IDi^ -s, D^bn^ * D^pVt^ 

Fetus, D75 * l^ni; Ch. 

Feudal, Feudatory, m. s. ^Bl/ti^P Ch. 

Fever, Hn'lp -ish, —2 n^^fp 

Few,m. Dnni:? * Dwp * co;:p -ness, D^;;p 

Fibre, m^D * DIH -rous,m. s. DnnQ D^D^H ''^^^ID 
Fickle,m.s. THtli Tl^l ''7pR.i;T -7^? -ness, n^ltHQ 
Fiction, a falsehood, D^^2 R. TMl * ^in a story, \VD^^ 'b\^D 

-ousiy, -^innn -ous, ^n3 • ^np Ch. 

Fiddle, N. h22 -V. -D t^D -r. m. s. ~2 ]^:D -string, 

FID-FIN 141 

[• idelity, on * D\31QK • ni^^Kj 

I'ldget, -ni: * DcolD -N. n-n:n -coio *nhrMi 

n ' .. .. 1- : T T V 

• T : \ : • T : 

I- ield, riDl^ • nnu; pi. nnti^ a wide-, nniD -of battle, 

T •• ; V T *^ T T : V 

n^nro nnn^;:: ni't^ * njnnn j^^5 -marshal, >^nv-it!^ 

l^ierce, m. s. nON* ^p^'V? R. p1^ * >^"l§ -ness, * nll/nD 
Fiery, m. s. passionate, H^H P]^^ *7l/3 

!• ife, h^hn Fifer, m. s. bh^n * D^^^^Hn *^.v'np 

i-ifteen, I'ti^V ni^DTl f. nntS^;/ ti^-t:n (by letters of the 
alphabet) VCO Fifth, s. C^/ph f. n^W^'DH -, a, *':i^'^pn f. 
n^^'ipn -ly, -3 Fifty, D'^^.tpH ''2 

Fig, nj.S^ri dry-, H^n^ (unripe) ^D pi. D^^Stn * 0*^^51 

Fight, unhn -er, Dni^' * n^n^o t:^\^ -ing, nion^;:: 

Figurative, \rD1 b^D TM -ly 2 

iMgure, 2)fV * ")!i^; * lll^ -N. an image, *3Vr * ^'^1^; * ^DD 

D^V *niD'n *ri^p3n R. ^Dn^-7:]a (of wood or stone) 

ho^ a number, pn^^Pin n1^e 
Filament, p-q COIH * "in^D 
File, (a tool) D^i) HTVS -of soldiers, ^D^b;0*'t!^:^^■)1tDnn1:^ 

-ings, n^'^pj 

Filial, \2 bm R. n^n 

Fill, ^\n • JL^n^ -N. Hij^^p. * i/nfc^ 

Fillet, a headband, riD^pb 
Filter, ^3D Ch.-N.]55P 
Filth, -iness, -y, (see Dirt.) 
Fin, -l^?i5P -less, -1^ ]\St -ny, -1^ 
Final, last, P)lD * ID^ '^'^^5^ decisive, HVin^ -ly, P)lD^ 
Finance, income, HNtUn pubhc revenue, D?P * D^-ial,— W 
-ier, -n3l5 Ch. 

142 FIN— FIS 

Find, discover, i^5^Q allow, ]h2 

Fine, inflict a penalty, m^l -N. a penalty, C^^?]/ * DDp Ch.pure, 
nice, m. s. llO * HD*^ -gold, TS) DH^ * I^JID nHT -silver, 

VT C* T V V T T T ' 

jj|>rp Pipy ^P5 -flour, n^b -looking, m. s. *aiO * Hii*', 
nj^n,^ -weather, nln^; t<b -skin, HSn nl;/ -able, that may 
be fined, "i^^^? ])V R. Hi;; subject to a fine, m.s. m)j *^^3 

.ry,njt; ♦-inn 

Finger, Fore-, I;5V^? middle-, H^^ ring-, H^'^^p little-, fl^J 

thumb, 7^5 
Finis, ^llD * np5 Finish, H-?? *nb5 'D^t^^H -er, m. s. 

Hv^pp * npi^ * D\^J^? Finite, ^n^!? -ness, n^^?n * ^llD 
Fir, t^^lnn 
Fire, N. that which burns, ti^iSt -V. to kindle a fire, 

-pbm T;;nn n^^n R. n^;*" discharge fire arms, 

p-)3 pnn ♦ t:^^^ ^-i^n nh'^ -arms, -lock, ti^k^ nn-^ n:p j 

-brand, l']^ * ^^'^z -drake, a' serpent, ^lj^ J^HJ -man, 
(to extinguish fire) ^^ nln?^ ^ri^ ::^\^ -pan, HnHD 

-work, nip\r n.nsip -tongs, D'^np^^p -ing, nnnp > 

Firm. m. s. constant, D^p * ]1DJ strong, ptH -ly, Ji^^/ -ness, « 

Dvp *pim 

Firmament, D^?5^ * £^p"J 

First, m'^i^i * liti^i^n * ti^xn at-, nymn h n ♦ n^:^^^-) n ' 

in the- place, n^HIin R. 77n * t^Xn^l -fruit, * n^^n 
nn^SB pi. Dn^lDn -ling, -IIDS f. nniDn -person. 

Fish, :^n -N. jn R. njT -er, jlH -ery, D^;in inDD -hook, 
•^5^ -ing, n^^n -ing boat, — HTD -monger, U"^^! lp^D 
-net, nippD -pond, ^^^^J 
Fissile, j;p|in'^ Hli Fissure, Hj^^^p? (in a rock) p'^pj 
Fist, N. Pjl-l^i^ -V. to beat with the-, -2 HDH R. 122 

FIS— FLA 143 


I It, l^t!}2n * ppn -N. distemper, H^np * f]lll con- 
venient, m. s. Ifp^ ^pDJ -ly, pDJ? * '^''^15 -ness, 

live, n^pn f. ti/Dn (by letters of the alphabet) 'H 

-fold, "TM 
I IX, to fasten, p^l * prn determine, y'ln nb5 * jrnjj Ch. 

-ture, • '3 pU"! 
Flabbiness, flaccidity, ]Viin * n^3n R. ^Dl 
riabby, flaccid, m. s. Hpn * Tl -bile, ^p R. ^^p 

''Jag, ^i*rin * pi^i;nn -n. (the colours) h^'i 
Flagitious, i;;i^n -ness, n^vt^i * n^iu/'i 

Flagrancy, rip/^ -rant, notorious, 7 j? ^1T 

Flail, jnb 

Flambeau, TS^ * Hp^^Sf? Flame, 2nh • nan^^i^ * tOH^ 

Flank, ^nS 

Flap, to strike, f]?n "^n R. ?]iiD * n^2 (with the wings) 
C;?;?! t:^ 'iJ-in -N. a blow, nS? (what hangs loose) niD 

Flash, ablaze, pnn -V. -pi? -y, empty, ^-^^l^ * ]]^ 

Flask, a bottle, fl^H^V * ^"^'"^ P^- ^^^'i^^ 

Flasket, ^P * iS:0 

Flat, -ten, level, 1^1 * nw beat out, j:pn ♦ plH 'r. ppl 
make vapid, HgT -X. level, m. s. 1^^ * iT^tf^ even ground, 
"iti^^p tasteless, 7sijr\ -nosed, D')in -ly, peremptorily, 
]*'Cpi^n^ -ness, evenness, D^^nifn '^ll^ dulness, niH^ 
-ish, almost even, 01/^3 mti^ 

T ; • VT 

Flatter, PlJn *]"i^^ P^'^HH -er, m. s. ^lin * ]'\t^h ♦p^^HD 

-y, ntii:n ♦ nip^n "^riEits^ * n»o-i \wh 

Flatulency, vanity, Hlp^") * ?5n 
Flatulent, m. s. pn *r\r\ *^hf2 

144 FLA-^FLO 

Flavour, relish, Di*^ odour, Pl'^") -ous, palatable, ^^lih 2'^V 
odorous, n^l ]ni!3 

Flaw, di;:d * ilnpn * d;? ch. 

Flax, nr\tl}^ ♦ D^'riL^^S -en, - ^^* -D 

Flay, '0?^$n 

Flea, ti^i/l? -V. -D 1)^ IV:} 

Flee, D^^n *D^: *nhn 

Fleece, (a sheep) TTJ -N. nt5 * T5 

Fleet, to flit, D1J ♦ n-|!l -N. swift, m. s. -^^np ^ ^p R. ^^p 

(ships) Dn;'ni? d^:v nnni^ -ing, m. s. ♦ n'^Di -i^in 
12V) ^i^h -ness, nn^■^p *n^v'p-iy,-3 

Flesh, N. ")^B -colour, -n^^"!?) -liness, -J^^^^n Pjpr^'n 

-ly, -W * ^:??i^5 -iness, -ni^S^l? *n^D| Ch. -hook, iJ.^tO 

-y, m. s. i^nn ♦ 2V_ 
Flexible, m. s. nB\ * "^^ R. ID"! -ibility, rV\T[ -ion, H^^CO? 

-ious, m. s. T]^^ -ure, joint, pH^ 
Flight,a running away, HD^^P *nn"^n5 stairs, niiSll^n HID 

-y, m. s. swift, bp_ wild, -|npD * V? P^- P^' 
Flimsy, Ch. V^BD tD^:iiJ^ I'^HS 
Fhnch, (under pain) THinH m. s. "T;/") TH ns*7D *irn^^ to 

fail,^^^^ ^02 -|1D-er, T;;-1D mni^7 *JDl: *"1D 
Fling, throw away, ^^T^i^H ^ nn^ * php_ -N. * iTT * }:7p^ 

TT ; - 

Flint, a pebble, 11V t^^'P^D -y, hard, D , 

Flippant, m. s. TniS -ly, pt^nn ^ miHIi? ' 

Float, to swim, HhtS^ -N. (of timber) llDDI 

Flock, (of sheep) ^^V l^V (of bees) 0^12*^ nil? R. i;;^ (of | 

birds) niiii;; h^n 
Flog, ID: * n^n R. hd: 

Flood, to deluge, t]b^ -N. inundation, D^D ^D^ the tide, . 

FLO-^FOI 145 

-injn n^t?D -gate, -)p^ *npp * Di^n n^;!:^ 

[- loor, 127 * "TD"! (witli stones) ^"^n -N. the bottom, * Till 

nSVI * J;?''V; a story, H^C; 
Florid, flushed, m. s. D*T^P -idness, mD^P*!^ -iferous, 

ni^ ^^^y^/:: -ist, onn^n ]2n ntoi: r. n: 

Flour, npp line-, r\YD 

Flourish, thrive, ^•'^V^? ^^^or^^' ^^l boast, ^"^inH -N. * ^ei'"* 

Flow, to run, r\hn * -);33n • ^t; -ingly, abundantly, V?)ti^? 
Flower, HhS * f V'? ^V?!? R- P -N. HIJ ♦^^V *™? 

-y, nv: nnt^;; 

Fluctuant, m. s. I/jt/l^np * pSDl? Ch. Fluctuate, * VV^^^ri 

pgp -ion, rijt/'n ^^pt!^ * P5P 
Fluency, eloquence, t^^l^^h ]Wb ' nn\np 

Fluent, m. s. D^Hiitt^ fi^\s * n"^nD -ly, nn\iDn 
Fluid, -)|: • D'^p^n R. dd;:: -ity, n^'np 

. Flush, redden, D^'l^i^.n elate, ?<^: * ^"l?! -ed, m. s. 

Flute, t^*"?)! play on a-, —2. 7^^ 

Flux, dysentery, tn T^h^ concourse, pDH -ion. * n^V. 

T • ; 

i Fly, (with wings) TH^ * ^^i;; run away, r\12 * 0^3 -X. 

(an insect) 2,^2[. 
I Foam, tlii^jj -N. Pl^j? -y, m. s. -,S^9 
I Fodder, ^^bn *^'\BPD 

I Foe, m. s. n:;1^^ * i^^ii:^ * 1^^ 

f Foetus, ]ID2 ^5 ♦ lIBi; Ch. 

' Fog, Hpny^ ♦ -T>^it -giness, ^lo^v * ••^'^^^ -gy. ' t^if P 
f Foible, inpn * di;d 

146 FOI--FOR 

Foil, h^D * -)i3n R. -IID -N. n-IDH 

Fold, double up, V"nn^ ^£53 enclose, I'ljn -N. 71D3 (for 
sheep) ]i^)i nl")15 

Foliage, "^pp * D^tija Foliate, HD?!; 

Follow, (him) go after, VTHi^ '^^H pursue, VlVi^ ^l"! 
imitate, ^llDp HK^;; obey. Vim ^^fD attend, Inl^^ HH^ 
-each other, nt inijt HT -er, m. s. * nn^P * "inn 

°nnist *i^^Dp-ingday,year,^^i^^^ n:^ ♦ i^nn DVR.^^u 
Folly, rl^J^^ ♦ni^^p ^n^^p? *nw5 

Foment, to bathe, ^hn abet, IIU* * "l^ifH 

Fond, to be fond of, '^^^p 2r\t^ -N. tender, m. s. Ill^^^ -ness, 

nni nnnj^ -ly, -n ' 

Font, mpD -anel, H^n^ HTt DiPD 

Food, ?D.N^Q *.TnD * IITD *n73^3 R. 71D 

Fool, disappoint, "2 ^ilH -N. m. s. an idiot, * 7^03 *7DD; 

^•'^^? -ish, ^^?13 r. ^i^^ -ishness, n.^iii^ *ni^p3 ^n'l^np' 

Foot, (to support or walk with) 7^"l -boy, -man, Hntf^^ -ing, 

entrance,^^in9 'b^in np'»n'i-pad, ♦ D'^pni ^"inii; nplK^' 

D^COP^ Ch. -path, h'\}:p?2 * T2ti^ -step,^r\^ ^2 ^"!"i?; 
.-stool, D.^'^jn Dlin 

Fop, a beau, HQ^np *nis:5np -pery, niH^nn *nia:ijpni 

For, forasmuch, ^2 because of, ''hb)2 '^21 "nllli^ hji: 
2PV ^nUV'H instead of, ^l^H * -)''nD word for word,i 
nh?22 nh?2 R. ^^D how much is it sold for? ITHO HD^ 
for all this, Ht ^3 hv * Dt^t ^3? -, prep, may be answered' j 
by 7 (as T^7ly2ih 1DV an omer for every man) 

Forage, ^T^f * ^2'^ 

Forbear, abstain, '-Dnpt^nhin intermit, tjj;!? Tfe^j 
-ance, Dl^S nV*« rMi/^22 

Forbid, °7Jt/ H.^V -ding, hateful, m. s. DSP? * 810^ 

FOR— FOR 147 

Force, to compel, fpi} * 02^ * n")Dn Ch. -N. an armament, 
b^n violence, ^p^ *D2'^ ' niDH -dly, —1 -d strained, 
p^m -ible, strong, m. s. pTH -ibly, npVn:^ * 113? 

Ford, nnnxfp *i2yo pi. nliBrp -able, ini/.'; 

Fore, anterior, m. s. D"!P -bode, divine, t^n^ -cite4, (se« 
Above-cited) -fathers, nU^ -go, n'>;in R. ^3 -head, HV? 
Foreign, HHt -"IT R. 11? -er, m. s. n?3 *-)^ R. mJ 
Foreknow, -see, nlT^Di; D^'iiiVD I/H*' -knowledge, nV'>T 
Tn;;n -man,:i^fc<1 -mast, n'^^^n mi:i inn -mentioned, 
Dlj^p np^^jn -most, -part, -rank, D^i^S * i1::^iSn * mi 
-noon, Onn-:; -^JD^ -ordain, D'^^D-'D "1T5 -run, "^^ii^ HI 
-runner, m. s. Vl -show, -tel, HlT^r^i/ nv5 -sight, 

nn^i:;n • nn^nr -skin, nhiy 

Forest, l^lh * IHI -er, --j^W 

Forestal, (the market) lUt^H "IplH-staller, m. s. IVJ^l *1\^10 

-taste, invn Dn:pg nDjP^n -token, n. nl^^ -warn, inrn 

-warning, ^■)^?^^ 
Forfeit, forfeiture, my * D^j? Ch. -V. -IfH 
1 Forge, to counterfeit, P]^T Ch. to invent, (113 (by the hammer) 
nlDp^^n 1)^1 R. 2p3 -N. a furnace, "113 (where metali 
are beaten) D;/^ dVh Dipp -ry, ^Vt 
! Forget, HD^ -fulness, nn?:?^ -ful, m. s. -^^n 
Forgive, -12)3 * K^D » ^h?3 -ness, HIM *nn^SD*n^m)3 

"'••--T T 'tt- T«J T*: 

I Fork, :i^rp Pitch-, ]it!^^P 

I Forlorn, lost, m. s. 131 J^ -ness, 7*T3^^ 

I Form, to fashion, "IIY * "1V; to adjust, pDH -N. figure, * "l^ln 
nn'lV order, HJ'lDri a bench, vDDp Ch. -ality, ceremony, 
"l*Tp * mt^'^i/^ -al, -ally, ceremonious, —3 -alist, 
i;in;95 p'IpIP R. ppT -ation, HTV; ' n:3n -ative, -)V1^ 

I Former, m. s. ]1(i5^«n -ly, D^?p^ * H^nnn R. ^^H 

i4g FOR-IOU 

Formidable, in. s. Di'^lSt * i^nl3 R. «"1^ 
Formless, ^nh R. HHn m. s. *i^ l^h ^h 
Formula, ni ' ^D^^I/D 

Fornicate, Pt^T -ion, n^2] * n^:]^ -or, D''?13t ^1}^] 
Forsake, :^0D * ni;; -n, m. s. ll/V^^ * 21ii; 

' T ^ T T 

Forsooth, nDi^n * D5P^^ • l?^^ 

Forswear, abjure, n;;Ut^^n ibij perjure, Ij:^:^^ j:?*^n 
Fort, -ification, -ress, n Vnp * H-JIVP * HHt^-? * pTH -ify, 

")-^? * ptn -itude, nn^i^ * 3 v^n y^;^^^ 

Forth, abroad, ^*^n^ -coming, m. s. ]1D5 -with, "n^^^ 7? 

Fortnight, D'^S'^p 

Fortuitous, -ly, rT^pP? -ness, iTIpP 

Fortune, luck, nnWn ♦ nitO nnpp -teller,^.:i^ ^^:i2 

Fortunate, m. s. H^^VP * "^^^^'JP -b% Hn^V-:'? * "^^^? 

Forty, Fortieth, D^i/5^^it 

Forward, to hasten, "IHD * ^H^ -N. m. s. anterior, D"T*p eager, 

tlDD? * p)?.1^P bold, U^:^ ny early ripe, HH^D -I * D^^Dia 

-ness, I^Di: * Hp^WJ^ * nitjy -ly, -11 
Fosse, pin Fossil, p^D "IIDH 
Foster, to Jherish, ^3^? R. ^13 bring up, ^15 * H -in * ^fc)^^ 

-brother, H^ 1^ HSD -child, (a boy) p^ H^ ^h np_^ 
Foul, N. m!l dirty ,^ 'P13^;9 * DHtp ugly, n^bp -ly, i", 

li::5? t^^ -mouthed, m! s. ]>p)f2 * ^^?n '^^in -ness. 

Found, to build, niB cast, p)i) establish, TDl * ]i?n -ation, 
basis, 15 * njOP * ]1D9 pi. ni^lDD first principles, I'W] 
establishment, ppf^ -ation stone, H^^Hf ili^ -er, ♦ Hjln 

' niDnn pv'^ R. in: -id:;? Mi?.^P -^^y* ^^^"^^ ^^^ 

FOU— FRE 149 

Fountain,]";]; M^^P * "^^P? ^ ^k^, *^-^2^ ^- -^^^ 

Four, n;;n*)S f. ]-■ ?11St (by letters of the alphabet) H -fold. 

D^nrnni^ -footed, D:^n v^n^ r\h ^h 'Score,i2^:tp ^ '^ 

T T T T : - " : V - : 

Fowl, t]')V nli^v-er. ^^P.' 'r^^t^^V nnv tv 

Fox, ^X?*):r -chase, -n^V T¥ -hunter, -H'l^ "IV -trap. 

Fract,")ilt^ ♦D'liD -ion,theactofbreaking,*nTnt^ ^nnln^i^n 
•^1^*'"!? part of an integral, np^")^ *P1§ -i^us, m. s. 

^p;: *D^nD nii;;^ -ure, Dh5 * nii::^ -N.nn:^^ 

Fragment, H^S * HH -l * HD^nn * p^H 

Fragrance, nh^? H^^. -rant, a^r inn 

Frail, m. s. feeble, ti^^H * HD^ fallible, nU*(p^ ^t^J? Ch. -ty. 

Frame, to compose, ^^H * "1*10 to plan, DP * DDT put in a-, 

ni^DM ^m ")wn -n. m^Dn mo ^n-^'^vD 

vv: • : //••'^ // •• : - t ; v w; • 

Franchise, ^ll/^nb H v^^i^ ^10;^^ Ch. R. niH -ment, i^innti^ 
Frank, liberal, m. s. D'^Dri * 2^12 free, *D3n3 R. pH 

-i^np ^^n -ness, ni;::^p;;i * man? -ly, -d 

Frankincense, n^lH/ 

Frantic, m. s. j:^l^D -ly, pj/^ti^n 

Fraternal, D^HiS? -ernity, T\^^n^ 

Fraud, -ulence, H^np *n^^p-) * Hnpi? ^H^l^ -ulently,-! 
-ulent, m. s. "^^D^ * ^Dl * D^IDDlri *t:^^i^ 

Freak, HHT nn -ish, m. s. *1n-)p3 Hnt^ Hn 

Free, N. m. s. -hearted, D'^pil * 2*^7^ (i^^ conversation) 
*l2n^ Di; -Iti^i^? *"l2i'1 ♦ *1nn ^D ^K'^VI/^ at liberty, 
*»tt^s:n ♦ -)1i;D R. ini * linil/D Ch. (from vice or punish- 
ment) *\1l02) * "^pD without compulsion, DjjiK l^ij^ common, 

npDH Ch. -v. 'innt^ * np: * t^odh * -ipi^n ^niin 


•>^5n^ rh\i; be. •'i?3 ^)i\ * "i^an -booter, * nnw 

ibril *TTin *DDin -bom, -man, riln p^'lln 15 -cost, 

"rnr^ ^bn *D-inn -dom, mTnoioid,^:? "^p?? 
]nin -holder, bin -ness,nun? *n*)Q^pri-iy»-2 

-thincker, n^t^flH H^ m. s. ]^p^?D l^i^ 
Freeze, i^SJ^ -ing, n^j^ 
Freight, °^i; D^pj/.H -N. the lading, nODlf.D wages, 

France, n?").^ French, -bf (the language) -]W^ French- 
man, -t2^\^ 
Frenetic, i;|:^9 ♦ Pjnbp Frenzy, ]ij;3^ ^nfiintinCO 
Frequency, usualness, m^^^l. concourse, JIDH * T^T R. ll/** 
Frequent, resort to, )^^'2j ^^.L^ "N- m. s. ^"^jn *^5-)n 

-ly, m^^^:? 
Fresh, m. s. brisk, ^n * pTH new, t^^lH (flesh) *^rn^5 
(water) D^'pl^P D";D moist, H^ * ]^i;n -en, make-, *'pT\^'rj 

fii^'in grow-, c^^'nnnn * priD -et, o'^in d'^d nipp -ly, 

lately, 31")!?/? newly, t^^^THp -ness, ^^^n * mH^ (of 

youth) nnn^i^ ^nnnn 

Fret, to be uneasy, ^li/r **-li;ir)V»"7 Ch. R. 1;?^ corrode, * b.i? 

rin;:^n -fui, m. s. p.i^r^D * \r\^ -fulness, ^li;? ♦ n:i^;p 

Friable, m. s. inlQ]?'; * p^V R. p'pT 

Friar, IDS *n|| -y, (see Abbey) 

Friction, I'll * ^IDH Ch. 

Friday, ^^ti^H DV 

Friend, m. s. ]}'r\12 ' ]r\, R. i^T "H]}^ -ed, m. s. ♦;;;j^l3 

]n *xw? R. j;ti^^ * pn -less, irii; ]^i?5 m- s- "7?^ 

-liness, yiBr\ 2^D .ly,m. s. 3itO JTD * TDH -ship, intima. 
cy, mi?"! * ri^in^^ kindness, 10)1 

Fright, -en* ry^v:^r\ *^^n3^ ♦D:^? -n. ♦ nj^n? Nn?^^? 

FRI--^FRY 151 

nnvj? -fully, -n -ened, nj/iin * hn^n .fui, oi^s: * i^ni: 

Frigid, m. s. cold, ]T\)i impotent, nS")Q * P]^tOl/ -zones 

nim^pn nivj? ^r\ti^ -ity, njv * Ii*^?! -ly, -:i 

Fringe, fl'^V'^V * D^^n*^ 

Frisk, ib'i * p3r * y^p_ * T|5n 

Frisky, gay, m. s. lb ^nlCO * ^^T} R. H^H 
Fritter, to crumble, "iniSnn * ^^^l2)nn 

Frivolous, ti^mn * 1^81 * ^nn -ly,-3 
Fro, ••;::* ;p to and-, :r\t^\ i^lvn r. p-i 
Frock, ;i:oi^ ^^j;p * n:hD 

Frolic, br}r\ * pny -n. ^inn * pinv -some, m. s. ♦ ^pnp 

From, ••» MP *^^^ *Di;P 

Front, oppose, ••? "Tll^nn stand foremost, t^^^^hS Dty^lil 

R. ri^^ -N, forepart, D'^^S R. HiS -ier, ^135 ' nVj^ 

-ispiece, nns * i^lDD -let, T\^^b 
Frost, rrip -bitten, frozen, m. s. n^pll -y, ")p 
Froth, foam, P]Vp vain, ygH -y, m. s. — 1 7*5 
Froward, m. s. H^X/p -ness, Haiti^p * r\\Vl T\T\ -ly, 331^2^ 
Frown, N. a sour look, D^tijt/.lt D^J^ -V.— ^^^■|^ 
Fructiferous, (see Fruitful) -ify, JlllJ/l 
Frugal, |^pp_p * DVPVP Ch. -ity, ^llSp * DIVDV -^7. -^ 
Fruit, n^ (of the womb) JDD *'")5 -age, nl")g -erer, m. s. 

-ipi.O -bearing, -ful, m. s. n-]£) 'np*,*!^!;; -fully, 

j/ats^n • :rr\h -fulness, nsu n^fe^i; * nh -less, tj^a"^ w 

(see Barren) -lessly, pn? -tree, *•"]§ ^]f 
Frustrate, ^30 * bm * n^lH R. "113 -N. pn. » ^^^^ -ration, 

Fry, ^30 Ch, -ing-pan, n^HIP -ed, ^^^Q 

152 FUB-FUR 

Pub, n)?"ip5 niri 

Fuel, m^ ^^5^: ^3t?P 

Fugitive, m. s. wandering, 1113 a vagrant, 12 * V} a runaway, 

^^h^ * nnl2 -ness, ni**!? * nij^i^rj^ 

Fulfil, i^te * D^^t^n -^ent, HlO^^^n 

Fulgency, H^?^. Fulgent, H^Jtf * •^^'1? 

Full, m. s. "replete, i^hf2 * D^^ saturated, ju»3^ -moon, 

Fuller, m. s. 0313 

Fulminant, m. s. D'^if"|/? -nate, Di|"]n -nation, D];") 

Fulsome, ^^^T * D^jn? 

Fume, to be^n a^age, "2 ^^ niiq ^^WH ^M^^ 

smoke, lir^^^l^jgnibi; -n. fi^iinqM^^i; -ig^te, 
]t^^ n^j^n * nopn -igation, iic^j;; * nb^i? * nnbp -ingiy, 
PlVinnn -y, ]\^'}l r]bpp 

Fun, pinv * hM^n -ny, nD^j;;iJi^i;^:i^ 

Function,*n5^^p ^ n\i^vj2 ♦ ppi; ch. 

Fund, nvi^? • n^^p 

Fundament, the breech, lin^ ' n^ -al, -ally, I'W] ' Ij?!; 
Funeral, burial, ri/SHn^l^ ' H^^^^H -sermon, 1B:?D 'l^:?n 
Funnel, (for liquor) *lg^P * ^.??PP ^h. 
Fur, (of beasts) I'l^ -rier, nilli; "IDiD -ry, "l^j;^ 
Furious, m. s. I/J^l? grow-, VJ.r\p^ -Iv, PI^I^^ 

Furlong, ^^^? D^i^^i^?! nit^p j;?ini?? 

Furlough, Dl^ti^l * HW^ 

Furnace, 1^3 

Furnish, (see Equip) Furniture, TV^ 7^ 

Furrow, D^P * n^gD 

Further, to assist, Vty *r^*ln R. I/trHo a distance, n^^7^ 


FUtt-GAM 150 

.more, "TiX?'! * inl^'l Furthest, m. s. Tt^O ♦pim 

Fury, iu^5wi^ * nv'in ^ino 

Fuse, to melt, ^*>rin * DDH .ibie, ilDJ^n * D^D^H m. s. * '^n*' 
Dn^ -ion, the melting, nO^DD *y\r\n R. ^n:3 

Fuss, HTnn * n^Din 

T T-: T • 

Futile, trifling, pOP P^^ -)31 .ity, ^^H ^31 
Future, Tn;; in., -^ ^ IViD DVh *D\S3n D^D'*^ 

1- T T ; • T - • t; 


Gabble, D^nS^ pii^D -N. D^n^fe^ pW^ ' H^DH -r. 

m.s. D';n5i!^*pii^l3 

Gable, :i^'l ^nSI^ ff'\^tl} Ch. 

Gain, KV9 * rl^p^ ♦ t^^Dn * j^ts^n -time, i^^^ii: ]3r Ch. -N. 
l^;p *t:^o-! -n^i/in *m-j -er, m. s. ♦i^viD ♦ n^ip 
:^C2^P R. :m * n^np -fui, h^jj^D r. ^;;^ 

Gainsay, t^npn * inD Ch. 
Gait,jn3p ^-JlSn 
Galbanum, n^!!/^ 
Gale, a storm, I^D * Hj/b Pin 
Galilee, ^^^3 

• T 

Gall, to tease, D-^J^Dn * P]"^Vi?D * P^-? -N. bile, H^p * t^^ln 

anger, D;;? * fjVp * T J^ 
Gallant, brave, ^'jn tr'^i^^ a lover, Tl*! * Hilii^P • 2^^^ -ry, 

courtship, nU^I/ bravery, ^^H * Hniail -ly, — n 
Gallery, a balcony, HpX^O * J^'^V^ a passage, Hjl^'lpp 

Gallon, x^nn n^^i^^^p ^r\p 

Gallop, nn^nQ2 pn -n.' m-)\np? v'^"''? 

Gallows, r^jt; nl^n^ |^jg ^n^ych. 

Gambol, to dance, ;i^'1 -N. J') v^^l Tip"). 

Game, pHg^ -N. sport, plH?^ * pH^P (animals) T»V -keeper. 

164 GAN— GEN 

-n-ipi:^^-ster,pn?^p^ p^^^ch. Gambler, n^pnHpnfe^p 
Gang, nnn * hin 

Gangrene, hphj^^ R. hhp -N. -ous, hpbp^f2 

Gaol, -)1D^^ kV:^.-! -in&n n^n -er, ---lii^ 

Gap, a breach, Vy,^ * H? avenue, ^^inD 

Gape, to stare, ('»;; * inj^ 

Garble, COpb * -)h|l -N. COp^ 

Garden, H^l * ^5 (of pleasure) III/ 15 ' D'^H? (^^ pot-herbs) 

PT. 13 -er, 153 -ing, D\:i5 Hjlpn R. pD 
Gargle, i^-]^ R. ii:\ -N. HDnn^ "l^n^ 
Garlic, tDW * D^pit^^ 
Garment, 1^2 * U^l^h * ll/^ilbD * n^D? 
Garner, -)2V -N. nil* 

Garnish, Hgi * HHi; -N. ^j;; * -n^hv^ 

Garret, n^^Vn lljl 

Garrison, N. Ipl^n imD'h'^r} -V. IDj;/.!! 

Garter, (for the stocking) nii/V 
Gash, i;V|) * Vr^?^ ' '"^?'? R- '"T^^ 

Gasp,nn J^i^t^^ ni^?-N. Dpii n?2^p? 

Gate, "IXfJi^ -way, -H Kl^P -keeper, l^lt!^ 
Gather, (see Collect) -s, D^'COI^p. * nl^^D? 
Gay, (person) m. s. gaudy, HS^np cheerful, 7n^ * 27 *liD 

-ety, ^D''' * n^nvp * nh'i^iD -ly, -a 

Gaze, ]^il . ini^ 

Gazette, nltj^inn n-15^ -er, — "innp 

Geld, DID -er, DIDD -ing, D^D * Dn&D 

Gem,ajewel,\*tin ^p^J^i? 

Gemini, D^QlH -ous,m. s. ^DS * n:tl}D 

Gender, b^lH * T^^iH R. ih"^ -N. I'^D 

Genealogical, nll^ln ^^ -logy, ni"T^inn fci^H^logist, m. s. 

GEN— GET 156 

nn^hn i^ni npnp r. ih-^ 

General, common, m. s. ^IVO * y'^^l a commander, ll/^b^ 

-issimo, D^^/^hfn ^^1 ' ^<nv nti^ -ity, an -ly, -^ 

Generate, to beget, Tvln * //IH cause, 3011 * 3ZID -ion, 

nibin -ive, m.s. ^/^ ♦HK^ii; *»"in 2 -faculty, T^l;:Dn n3 

Generosity, HUH? *n3lC0 -rous, m. s.];^£:^ * ih p^1 *2^i:i 

-rousiy, nvDH ti^D^n * nyi; nn? 

Genesis, n'^Ji^kSnS IW 

Genial, m. s. cheering, 3? *3'^Cpp making fruitful, n"l5P 'h> 

cheerfully, 3.^ 31D3 
Genitals, HT^Inn ^b3 * n^iy * U^IL/MD 
Genitive, Ch. nV2"IOVnn V:pn DH"^ U^ 
Genius, power, -)^3n * HJDH * HJ^H R. ]13 * J::^: 
Genteel, -tie, -tleman,m3"!n "Plfg * D^^ ti^''ii^-tility,-tleness, 

niD^J *Di/0 -teely,-3 -tly, softly, CO ^^? ^rUlJ-l -try, 

m. Dn33;:D * ii/n^ D\i^ *^mi^ 

• T \ ^ : // - - // •• •• : - 

Gentile, D^'^VN* 13U^ * D'V3';; (being the initials of 

n^h^D^ du313 131;;) 

Genuine, ^p3 ^np^^.-ness, nVpi * nWD^^ 

Geography, p^^n-nlt'^^5 nlp'7nD -pher, I^VO -phical, 

Geometry, ilnj^nH n3^<^p ♦ nTi;?!*! nD3n -rician, 

3 J/^tJ -rically, ^^h 

German, a relation, 71^13 * 3l")|5 a-, ^!"J3Ji^i? (the language) 

-11::^^ .y, n^t^K 

Germ,nDV-inate, nbV * nhS 
Gesticulate, 77lri]in -iculation, jl v/lH -ure, niTH 
Get, acquire, N^^;p * Jf^^H *;'^i5^n R. i;j3 * JLL^i -by heart, 
n^ ^j;;3 1b^ -better, N2inn-thebetter,--^^3^-with child, 
12V_ -a cold, 13^V'7 R- P^ -drunk, "iSntJ^n -ready, * ]^:?n 

156 GET— G LA 

;i2n -out, «!i^^ ♦ ^^\^)n -you gone, i^V i^^' -before, D"!)? 
-into, 2<1n * J^^an -off, bring away, "T^pH -over, -through. 

Ghastly, i^-)1:3 * DVJ< -hness, H^Hn * Hl/ir ^nn^D 

•^ T T ' T T V tt; t • : 

Ghost, nn give up the-, i;l5 -ly, ''^n^ 
Giant, pj^ Gigantic, -D m. s. TNp *^n| 
Gibberish, HD^ ^Jr.^ M^^^ ^I?^? 

Gibbet, hhr\ -N. n*?n * XV. *^^V ch. 

Giddy, m. s. iniPiD -brained, Hannp * ^Hip -ily, 

carelessly, nn^nr ::^in ^bii -iness, n^nn * niin 

Gift, a present, HJD *nnp * H^riD * t^^-'? R. ^D^ ^X'-J^J 

-ed, m. s. njp^ *i^ n\n * ]rnn r. \:n 
Gild, nnrn ♦ nnn ri^n -er, m. s. 3np *nanp -ing, 
3nr "^isv Gilt, anr n^jV/tD 

T T • ' TT V \ : 

Gill, a measure, yhr\ tT'^l/^bm 

Gingle, ^V^V *^'^^ -N. ^^^V 

Gird, DD!^ * -)in * '7D^^ * H^ -le, TiTJ^ * ^DH^ * HtD 

Girt, T\'l'\m 

T -; 

Girl, n'n^'^'^nni;^ 

Give, jhj -back, n^J^H R. 2W -a thing over for lost, * 'D ^^l 
-way, n^jnnn to -himself up, IDVI? "I''ip?n Ch. -er, m. s. 

Glad, m. s. :ih *niD • ^ny * r\m -den, n^qn * n^fe^ 

-iator, pnV/!: -ness, 3^ nVO * nutt!^ * HMVi -ly, *-2 

Glance, to view, "n^jt l'"']; * °^j; ^^j^tJ^H -N. a view, H^j^tJ^n a 

beam, pnS ^V'^'^? 
Gland, 1^5 -ulous, DH^il ^t^ 
Glare, (see Dazzle) -ing, bright, TH^ *inH 
Glass, n'^DOr make-, -;.^1D -grinder, -tt^COl^ *house. 

GLA— GO 157 

--n5^^^P n^5 -man,--lDlD -work,-n:3K^P ., (to drink 

Glaze, n''?^::n hb^ -ier, n-^piiDr ni^i^n ntj^i;; 

Gleam, ^^DlH -N. HJ^ii^ * "int -ing, ^^13 

Glean, COi^? -er, m. s. iD\^70 -ing, collection, tOp? the 

collecting, HlD^p? 
Glebe, a church-estate, ^rl3 n^^^? 

Glide, coi<^ I'^n 

Glimmer, glitter. Hi: * p-|3n -N. H^Jl * pin 

Globe, ll'l^ -ular, -D -osity, h^^JJ 

Gloom, -iness, D'n'lp * ^nS -ily, ")7.P3 -y» "i- «• "^IZ 

Glory, ")^?|ln^ * I'^nnn -n. nnsi^r) -iousiy, -2 -ify, 

"'^T^ • "Tin -ification, 1t^^ * inn -ious, m. s. * mH 
Gloss, to cover, HD^ * Dbn explain, ti^Ht^ * IK!! -N. a lustre, 

n^jt; ^ n;i^\ comment, i^/M^ * -)1^^5 -y, nw;/ * Tnn 
Glove, b^5 * t: n^5 

Glow, to be heated, nZD^H ' DHH * 1p^ -N. HDH * DlH 
-ing fire, tOH? ti}^ -ing coals, D^SitJ'-! * n1-)jyi3 D'^^H^ 

Glue, p!l*n -N. glutinous, p5*IP 

Glut, to devour, j;;!75 cloy, ^/-^n^^H -N. nnlnV^ * HJ^?^ 
-ton, m. s. 7/lT -tony, niyyiT -tonously, — H 

Gnash, ]t^ phH -ing, 1^ np^'in 

Gnat, g^^n^_ ♦ nur 

Gnaw, (With the teeth) ^IVD 

Go, i^n let-, n^:3n * n£)-in -about, n:Ki n:3^^ iin -away. 

It --t ••:- tt: tt't *'' 

7m '^bn .aside, ••;:: n^D niil) -back, ait^ -along! 
^^?7^ :i;il R. ^}2 -down, Ih^ -forth, -out, ^^!i^^ -out, (as 

■ ;tv 't t 

fire) nb3 -in, >^i!l -in and out, r<l31 n:^'' -round, 
^'?? ^Ipn R. t]p^ -to ruin, nH^H * n'^^)? ^'^n -through. 

168 GOA— GOR 

T? "131? -to and fro, 21:^^1 ^^'V^ -up, h^y -up and down, 

Ih^l ribv ing, -N. HD"^^."! 

Goad, nnj ♦ X^^^ ^- r^ -^- l?"^*^ * ^r^?^ ^^^^ 

Goal, final purpose, nnnS * fl'^bpn R. n'7D 

Goat, r^ * t^";n * "T^j; j^ f. HTj; t?^ a young-, ID'^IV T^'tt^ 

Goblin, nn^n * n;;-) nn nt:^ r. ii^ 

God, D^'^■^.^^ * ?^i^ * ^?? * n;; (D5^n or the initial 'H is often 
substituted for the ineffable name Hln^ as -save you, 

r\r^l! 'n if -will, tit^n n^n; D^^ -uiess you, 'n ^?"j.y. 

-knows, plV Dt^n for -'s sake, Dt^H |r?^) -forbid, 
n^''^n -grant, ]r\^^ ^D R. ^fi: -head, n^nh^ -like, D^rl^.s? 
m. s. U^nh^ *^'^i^ -liness, D^^^^^ r\^l\ -ly, m. s. *iST 

D^^t^^!: -less, — ^r^^3 

Gold, DHT -beater, -I/j^np -smith, -^p.lV ti/nln -en. 
Gone, m. s. 12^ ' D^^ * nb^ ^m"^^ ^D^ R. DIH get 

' - T •• T T T V •• - ° 

you-i^v t^^^ R. .s^^ * Hi^^n u;^ R. ::^;i:3 

Gonorrhea, 3iT * Hn'^T 

T • 

Good, N. a. m. s. niCO -looking, m. s, Hi^lD l^^n ♦Hii*' a- 
deal, 21 l^DD be-, 3^t?^n do-, "D;; 2^D^n be so-, * ^^5^|t 
N3 -for something, m. s. * 7 UlCO b^iJ'^D -for nothing, 
^'^;;1'^ i^^ (person) h^^h^ make-, D.^ti^n * iS^D (by argu- 
ments) nOln one as- as another, m.* D^'DlCO IV}^"? ^\!^?P 
HTp ^Dl2 ^b HT he is as- as his word, ♦ DlpDI iniD 

nct^i;;npi4^ -Uness, nio **'|)^ r. hd^ -ly, m. s. *iin 

niD -ness, HnltO * DICO Goods, D^^^J? * D^P?? 
Goose, nn^ Gander, TJiS: Ch. 
Gooseberries, D"^^1p "^D?!? 
Gore, n ji -N. ^^IDp^ 0"^ Gory, D"7 N^p 
Gorge, to swallow, jfy^ -N. j^l^ 

GOR— GRA 159 

Gorgeous, m. s. p^HD ' npV.. *"1^73 -ly, IHO •Hifp^-l 
Gormandize, j;^n -r, imyi * ^^lr 

Gospel, N. n^inn nnn * Dnvisn m_in r. ni^ 
Gossip, to chat, i^tos * t»nn 1 n^ -N. i^ipii 

Govern, '-2 ^t^^^ l^i; -able, m. s. nVX?*' *i;::3*' -ess, 
r\^;t^bl2 • n:DN -ment, n^^pD • nnfe^P -or, a tutor, 
ip^P * an * n-JVJ R. n-)^ a ruler, CO'^W ' Hli * ^^D 

Gourd, a plant, ]V;5^p ' n^^"^ 

Gout, D^^j-i "^^in* ch.Dna^^n nb^D -y, — 3 n3i;D 
Gown, ^^vp * iv^i^ ti^in^D 

Grace, to dignify, "l^nn * IB? -ful, m. s. 1*Tn * D^J/J -fulness, 

n^o'^ifi * tD -fully* -^ -less, -'^^n 

Gracious, m. s. l^pH * Jiln * ]13n -ness, IDH * nin 

-ly, -n 

Gradatory, ni;!nn?)n nnO Gradual, tOJ^/p'tDrp -ly, -^ 

Graduation, .1^;;^ r\b]:i2 m'^bv r]:^^7] r. ;i::^: 

Graft, 3^3-in ^Tinnn -N. 33-)o-ing, nn:D-in ^nsisn 

• :- '*:~ t:t •^ tt:- tt:- 

Grain, corn, \y^ a seed, n"T")S a minute particle, COJt/p 

cpp^ ni;rp -ed, nv?^ 

Grammar, (the science) |W^n p^f?*! R. pp*T (the book) 

")^p -marian, llglPP * PIP'^P -matical, b^ 

-matically, ^*y? 

Granary, m^2r\ "IVI^^ * DDSI * Hnijp 

Granite, CO HI 

Grand, m.s. great, ^1^^P *^1'75 * i^^3 * inp^. *Dn *P^^? 
splendid, -IW nvr Ch. -child, TD^ -daughter, (his) 
inn 1:n nn .-ee, ^^m -eur, n -^1:1 * rnDDll -father, 
Di^ n^^ ^3^^ -mother, Di^ 3^^ D^5 -son, (his) inn 133 ]2 

II " 11 - • -: II " II - " II ' II : ^ V 

Grant, admit, nC!^"in bestow, in3 -N. *Drti^"l * ni^SS^nH 

r^y^in * n;:Q * T\r\i2 -ee, m. s. i^lnn * nwio ♦Hnpo 

T • -; TT T - ' 't t t - .. I- ; 

160 GllA— GRE 

.or, m. s. ]5in *]r\'\: 

Grape, ^Jj^ 

Grasp, "2 pmn tH^^ ii/inT^ -N. Hrni^ ♦ nji^"^?ri 

Grass, i^tt^'^. -hopper, pT * 22r\ 

Grate, to rub, -)n3 -N. HDnS!^ -r, HI^D 

Grateful, thankful, m. s. HniCO *n'^3? R. IDD -ness, gratitude, 

nnico msn ^i05 .ly, — 2 

T II --r - II : ^ 

Gratify, D^>5 i^tli^:) * 2lC0 7^5 -ification, a pleasure, ;3i:jt;,n 

.uitous, -uitousiy, nni x^n * Djn R. pn -uity, * b^D^^\ 
n:r\D r. ]n: 

Gratulate, ^12 -ion, HpiB -ory, -ht^ 
Grave, n'ln * ppn -N. serious, m. s. 123 * ^llj *ptn (for 
the dead) 12^^ -maker, — D'fiin -clothes, * np ^^^3 

pDnpri -stone, r^\l^2p, n2^r^ R. 3':;*' 

Gravel, N. ^IH " \^^n cover with-, -2 HD? -ly, -^^!?9 

Gravitate, weigh, •'^j;; T2:^n -tation, Hinpn -ty, 13i) 

Gravy, 2^1 ' p"J? 

Graze, H^l -ier, -ing, H^h 

Grease, to smear with fat, ^QIJ^^nTinD -iness, ](2^/D -y. 

Great, m. s. large, h'l^ eminent, ni35 * Dl")D * i^^? grow-, 
y^5 make-, ,T?^n * 'P^l? * m: -coat, b^D * ^3^? Ch. 
-grand children,* D^i2^21 •^;? -est, m. s. •* 3 ^5 -ly, 
IXP nj;? -ness, Hii 

Grecian, m. s. ^3V f. n^in^ Greece, ]r Vl^ 

Greedy, m. s. ^^^3 * Pp.'iJ^P -iness, n&2 * nj^W];^ -ily, -3 

Greek, (the language) ]1^^ ]1t^^^ 

Green, (a colour) ph^ * pn."; very-, pHpT fresh, Pl^ not ripe, 
bW2 ''r\h2 -corn, 3^3^it -figs, D'^-JS -grapes, lipp ^ 
meadow, nj^-)P * IHISt ♦ ^^n niN? -ness, ]1pT-sickn( 

GRE->GRO 161 

ni^innn ^bn -s, py^ pi. nipn; 
Greet, Dl^ti^3 hiiti/ * *n"i3 -ing, Dl^:^> nh^^ * n:}^!! 

Gregarious, m. Dniljinp * DHH^ D^D^IH 

Grey, (a colour) ]pl ^^^")^ -, ?.. — 2 -with age, m. s. 3^ 

grow-, nib' (hair) l^^^H -hound, D'J^nD "1^11 ^^? 
Gridiron, IID^ Ch. 

Grief, n-i\* * jij^ ^nnjc-i * nv;; 

TT I T T T : V'r 

Grieve, -l"-)^ ^nJ^^ ' y^^lH * n^^i^n -ance, 'll^D *min 

jin-yy -ousiy, -2 -ous, m.s. 3\^n;? * H^VI!/^ ' *^'^^^P *i^"l 

Grim, (face) D^DJ/.lt D''>5 -ly, - -2 -ness, ^lifr 
Grimace, D^j:]^ U^2^ R. Hi;/ 

Grin, ]^ p'lrf -N. ]^ npin R. \:^ 

Grind, to reduce, nJlS * ti^nS * pn;j^ * plH R. ppi 
sharpen, ]^p ^-qn -er, m. s. ' U;r}2f2 '\^pD * TIDP 

nr)59 (the tooth) n^n^i? -stone, njni^n ]ns* ch. 

Gripe, to grasp, ' '2 j^jnPI JT^Jn thiS squeeze, X'T^b * nVH 
R. n-)y (the belly) ]m 3N3 -N. * nv^m^ *\^2 2^!^ 
ng'*'?]:^ (handful) \*Dp fc^^P -r, m. s. yU'lb ^1^^'\2 

Grizzled, m. s. I'M^ 

Groan, m^^H * pi^ .N. Dm^ * p^*^ -ing, m. s. n3i^3 

- T •• » T T T-; f r V ^ -v; V 

Groats, li^n^ * nbn. 

Grocer, b2r\ -y, n^ilD * 022^-1 * ^11/2 

Groin, ^TH p^B 

Groom, D^DIDH IDit^ -of the stool, T\r\r\b^r\ f^p^ 

Grope, ::^t^il *:^^9 

Gross, m, s, bulky, ^IT^ ^nn| dull, t^SP *^^')^? coarse, 

nt^ij ' D3 Ch. fat, |p:j^ ♦ i^nn -ness, * ni::»5b * ''^p. 


Grotesque, m. s. HJ^P * It R. mt 

Grove, HHt^^.s pi. n1n:i^^? * Dnt!^^? 

162 GRO-GUI 

Grovel, ^nt * l^^h Dhtl^ -ler, m. s. ^^12 * ht:^^ 

T T T V T ' T •• T 

Ground, earth, p.ij soil, HDl^ dregs, nr^jP -d, ID^D 

R. ID*" -ediy, Pi'^bDnn iv_ * 3^•^^^ -floor, iinnnH n^ti^^ 

Jess, nrS* Ch. nW^D "'^n-plot, ypnp_-rent-n HM^'D^; 
-work, u/iv:; *lpj] ♦ n3D R. 22D niD^ 

Group, N. V13)? * ^*^J^? ♦ ^1D?p^? 

Grow, vegetate, Hb^ increase, 71^ *nti^^ become, "7 Hl'^n 
Growth, Hw^ * 7^15 

Growl, pn; * D'n^ ♦ nbr) -ing, pn: ♦ on; * nl^n 

Grub, to destroy, ^Itl/ * "Ipj^ * "IP^H 

Grudge, to envy, ]'••;; * t^^p ^ Dbii^ -ing, * H^t^p * ]^j; fl"!^ 

n;D;pii^p -ingiy, -a * i^i; ;;-)? 
Grumble, ]2'\br\n * upinn * ^.i.^nn -r, m. s. ' t?l^np 
Dif-inp * l^li^r^P -ing, ny\hn * ^^9^r1^^ ch. 

Grunt, pn3 -N. pH^ -6r> ni» §• pH J 
Guarantee, m. s. 3*11/ Guaranty, HHi/ -N. n|l"II/ 
Guard, to protect, 'hv ]2} 1^7 watch, "ib^ * "lb J -N. 
defence, ]^p * HpHD caution, mT^nt -against, ^If^I^tl/H 
• 'D "ip^^n * nntn -ian, m. s. -)DlL^ " ")tDl: an executor, 

DlDinp^s^i^ Ch. -ianship, nyDt^ * niy^^ -less, 
riin\'ir ]jp "^^ n * npnp i\si3 -s, (of a king) Dnpiti^ 
iir^n 'mnh -ship, n>y;2n rr^iii^ r. av*^ 

Guess, Ki^5 -N. ]vi;"I * l^^PI R- '"^i^"^ ' '"^/^^T 

Guest, ^n^e 

Guidance, direction, niDlin * n^/lH 

' T T ; - T T 

Guide, im ' "^nnn * "i^^in -n. m. s. ♦ it^^D * "iniD 

T^l^ * :l^???5 -less, -^h:^ * ^n_^p ]\sb 
Guild, m^^^? *' nnnn ^nni; r. ij]^ 

Guile, npip * n»p-! -fully, -^ -less, -"^^S 

Guilt, Dg^K * j;;^|) -ily, -2 -iness, H^t^K ♦ H^J^^i^g -less, 


GUI— HAI 163 

m. s. D^pn ♦ •'pj -lessness, m^'^pn * irj?? -lessly, ~2 -y, 

m.s. D2r^^ •fii^\^ 'yt^'\^ 

Guitar, Dlnnp.Ch. 

Gulf, a bay, D^ ]wh an abyss, H^IVP * Dlnri pi. niDinn 

Gullet, ^1^ • ^^^)I;^3p ch. -osity, ni^^lt 
Gulp, jt;^n -N. Hj^"^^ ? 

Gum, N. (Of the teeth) D^?^ I^W * B'^J'^ID (of trees) 

VJt/»l f]"l^ (of balm trees) *>")i^ -V. —1 nt^^D 
Gun, a cannon, nn^"n5p-ner,— 3 HllD *n3jP Hll") -nery, 

mp^n nn^.njy^i"; -powder, npn?^ pnb? -shot, njfj ^iin^p 
^ -smith, nai n.:5p ti^nn 
Gush, o\r *pib^' 

Gut, 102 "^IIP pi. D^^J^p 
Gutter, -)13V * D"^pni 

Guttural, n^:iii-) * liin j^tonn 

Guzzle, J^iD -r, J^Db 


Ha, nnst ^nn ♦^^?^ 

Habiliment, ti^^n^P * T^n *niD3R. HDD 

Habit, -ual, ;n?p* * bT\r\ -ation, a^lD R. nt:^^ -able,-^ '^1^^'^ 

-uate, Vil'in * ^yn -uated, m. s. 7^jn -ually, — D 
Hack, to chop, DbH * f VP (meat) '^nn Ch. 
Hackney, m. s. 1^?^ -ed, In D^ti^;?ri^P Ch. D'^nn 
Haggle, (in buying) ^TJJ/n jy^^H -r, TSpQ Ch. 
Hagiographer, ti^lipH nnn nJllD 
Hail, "Tn^ -V.' pour down, — "IDpil -stone, — pK (large) 

^^'^ih^ -, interj. Dl^^ 
Hair, n^fe^ -cloth, ~l^|l -less, -'^^5 ♦ TTS^ -breadth. 

164 HAI— HAN 

n^V't^n CO^n? to a-, Ij: -stand up for fear, 

t^^l nl-|i»^ I^P -iness, nyV'p -y, l^^^ 
Hale, to pull, ^\i;?2 -N. m. s. dW * i^^':<n 

Haif,''vn ^n^v.™ * nvn;? -and-, ♦ nb i^vn^ nb i^yn 

^b^ ]ri -a circle, ^l^iT ^VD -dead, nil^^ D^'lD ^^^n -penny, 

niconD ^r\t;} -raw, i^j -way, D^nj^n -, ad. p^n? pbn 

Hall, D^lk town-, l^'l H^n 
Hallelujah, n^^'?^.'! 

Hallow, ^r^'^.p * ::^npn 

Halt, to stop, nbj;; iimp, vb^ -n. ni^pj; *njy^^v 

Halve, pbn * nVn -s, l\S^Vn by-, -^ 

Hammer, t^^^CO?) -V. -3 D^H 

Hand, to give, ]'m ' CO^^IH R. ID^^ (down) -)bp -N. T 
right-, ]>ni * n^;?"*. T left-, b^Dt^ 'n'^b^m T upper., 
npb^n 11 to- her to a coach, bi^ Hni^I/H^ ^2 ]h^ 
nn3"i;3n I willhaveno hand in it. In ^nn b^ *>T to lay 
-s, on one, (as a bishop) V7i/ ll^ ^f^D give a person one's- 
^5 i?*pn to live from- to mouth, H^b TD nVH nl\n 
it is believed on all -s, D^^^^'P^P 75 I v^^ash my -s of it, 
■^S? ll^R?!! ynn^ on the other-, ^^] to be -and glove 
together, IH^n nij ^"^iji r\tr\ yV near at-, m. s. ' ^lIDJ 
ni-)(^ -basket, IM -breadth, H^b -cuff, "IIDiS * ^ID * D^pn 
-ful, ypp^^:? ^bn -Icraft, n^i^.^ * np^^P -iness, 
nn^np ^ p")1^3 -lly, -2 -kerchief, b^T)^ * ir\D Ch. 
.maid, Hri^li; -mill, L}\m 

Handle, to touch, th^^ * i^^r\ (a subject) ^ \T^:^ m^ 

W jniinn nfc^;; to seek a-, n^'in l^p^i -n. ♦ t n*"!! 
^n^^^-ofa tool, 3-^3 R-n^"^ 
Handsel, n^nnH R. bbvi 

T T ; - 

Handsome, m. s. n^> * "inn -Iv, 1112 *^^^2 

' V T T T '^ ' vv ; • : 

HAN— HAR 165 

Handwriting, "7^ Dfin DHB 

Handy, m. s. dexterous, pin * I^Hp convenient, *n^3 

Hang, to suspend, "H li/Jn (as a malefactor) ^T)^ 7^ 117^ 

rp.ln R. X?p^ -er, ^hn -ings, ni;;^^. -man, \hT\ * I/^lD 
Hanker, "^ ^D^TJ ppW -ing, P]pi) * Hp^^'Wi/n 
Hap, -pen, Hh)^ -pen what will, HD ^^ * il'^h't^ tlD n^n) 
it seldom -peneth, ^^^ Ij^'^ pln'1"")!'^ how has it -pened ? 
^^^.k} n?^I/.5 ^^^^ it -pened, ny^ "Wl}^ Ch. a mis- 
fortune -pened to him, mnp.^^niH H^n -ly,' \^ * "^b^^ 
Happiness, HH^VD ' "1?^^ -pity, "^ -py, m. s. ♦ H^VP 

|i ng^^N^p -less, m. s. Dv *n^p * ^3^^ 

Harangue, N. nlnDln-^lp -V. -i["^pti^n * n^iDIH R. HD** 

Harass, fn) ^t^^jj ' n'l^hn ♦;;;iln ♦pvn n^^nR. *;;:*• 
pr< * -n^ -ed, pi^^p? m. s. n^^; * ^^n^j ♦ m; 

Harbinger, m. s. 1^2D * ^^^D ' r\^btl} 

Harbour, a haven, D^n j^lnp "nv?^? ^iH a lodging, ])bD 
-V. to shelter, — ] jlj * P^H sojourn, ]>b 

Hard, laboriously, ilH??? ni. s. firm, pTH difficult, * IDS 
ntrjP stingy, *'^^5 -hearted, nh *nti^p n?? -by, "h 2)^ 
he is -bound, W^f^ll "IV^^. -to be pleased, nl-Vn^ *n^j7 
-of belief, ]^P1?5 •^r^? -of hearing, ]m nj? -en, ♦ "Tn?n 
n^pn -iness, ^i^p, -ly, scarcely, tOJ^D? -ship, ♦ H^br} 

nj^^Jl -y, m. s. prn * n^ *f ps; -ware, niprip r\inj?p 
• ^n-iR. "in:i *np^ -wareman, -^ — 3 tni^r^jyi;] -iniD 

Hare, nn^nS: -brained, m. s. '^S??)? * 7na9 
Harem, D^^^^H n*>n 

Hark, vb^ ♦ ]>j^r\ ♦ ^m ntpn r. nco:i 

Harlot, n^T * n^lp 

Harm, injury, pj: %!;;-) * ^ID^ crime, D^iJ * i;;r^|) -ful, 
P^]^ * I^"IP R. ;/1"l -less, unhurt, ]1p;St Dp "^^n innocent. 

166 HAR— HAU 

m. s. ♦p^n. ^b * on R. DDn -lessness, * }]J^n 2)tD 

Harmonic, -nious, ]1D3 -nics, Ulylpn D'l^T) R. tll^ -nize, 

r?n -ny, n};in * nu:)r. -niousiy, -n 

Harness, armour, JI^H^ trappings, DIDH '^'71/ 
Harp, (an instrument) "|133 pi. n1")i33 -er, —1 ]^}D 
Harpoon, I/DD Tl'^^n R.j/DJ ' HIIH -pooner, -"imp HnlD 

R. HT 
Harrow, 1*1^ -N. pin ;i-!lD * ^Iti^^p 
Harsh, rigorous, m, s. t^p^ *"I5 R. "IID * n.^'jP -ness, * ''ti^p 

Hart,-)Di; * •'nv 

Harvest, T^^JP -time, — H Hi/ .man, *1!^1p 

Hash, chop, (meat) '^hH Ch. 

Haste, to urge on, ^^'l?^ * y^'^O ^^^^y ^"^'^ ^^^^' * ^^ 

^nnn * w'ln '^i/'^rin * t^^in nsn * -ihd -n. * n^n^ 
tirsn * nn^np -iiy, -a * nnnp -y, m. s. ♦ bnh^ * rna 

Hat,i;5i) ♦ t^^-in np?p -ter,''>^5i) 

Hatch, to breed, D^V^n D^H * tO^^DH contrive, ^n^!lnn i^5^Q 

-innn R. n^n -n. a brood, pii;?n cote a door, nr\^ * n^^ 

Hatchet, ]n^ ' Dinp 

Hate, N:3?i^ * 2'''K -N. Hatred, ^^??^ * iiy^i^ -fully, -1 -ful 

m.s. i^3lJ2^ *n:>.1^^nl1^ 

Have, m. s. *17 JlVH (the auxiliary verb -, is understood, as 
^rnp? Ilearned or have learned J -ing, s, li/\ * |^5p * ntlHiJ 
Haven, nlO^ fjlH * D*n i^l3p 
Haughtiness, 'm}l * nWH * m^5 ^ 3^ 111? R. Tit -tily, 

. -1 -ty, m. s. nr * T?;^ * d*':^) ni; ♦ n^ ^^nn^ 

•^ ' •• • •• • T - •• ~ : 

Haunt, 'Q'^?2V^h nl^nH K^^^SH -N. DtJ^lD R. 35:^*» ^r. 



Havoc, nnts^ *3nnn-N. nnnt^n *pnn 

Hawk, to cry goods, ^H? nh^l?? rnpH Ch. -N. * D^n 

X;, * D^nn -er, m. s. * pni hh3^D *rn?r) 
ni?^ n:3p nniD 

Hay, n^yn -rick, nDny. -maker, m. s. IVlp 

Hazard, HlD^ (his life) nSDl 1::^D3 DlfiS^ *mD^ 1Si^=:i3 Ppn 

I5rip>? Ch. -N. ^3^en ♦nj|p ch. -able, -ous, m. s. 

Hazel, ri7 
He, ^^^^ (this pronoun is chiefly required in the present tense, 

for to the future is added the inseparable pronoun, and in 

the preter it is wholly omitted. 

Head, u/i^ih nvn ' '^:^h ihn -n. u/iii -ache, -^bn 

-band, Dn^t^jV riD^b -dress, IKS * D^?^ • JT^^^ pi. 

nlD^PV -less, -long, nj^nn r^i^? ♦ 2h b^ n^tt^n •'^^ r. 

I127 * 3W -most, t£^^^")|l -piece, armour, i?i3 under- 
standing, mnri -stone, n^B t^iil -strong, m. s. * ^'Ip *ntl^'i> 

Heal, ,Tn * t^^il -ing,ni^^D-|.-th,-thiness, *i^?)").? 'nii^m 

n^Dhu; -thy, m. s. Nn:n * D^t^ 
Heap, -in^ *pp^ ♦V^ri *tiDiSi * "ibn -n. a pile, nph 

npnX? *U;^l^ (of stones) n?r.?^ '^5 R- ^^J (of ruins) 

^n ♦ n^^^p ^^D ^^i; r. ^li^ ♦ n^;; (of people) * jIdh 
in^ *fip£)p^? by-s,DnDn Dnon 

Hear, to perceive, jfDtl} hearken, ]\t^n * 3ti^pn -er, m. s. 
S,f2W ^l^r^?/p *3^trp5 -ing, the sense of -ing, HiTm 
audience, UX n''t03 trial, ^2)2:^0^ HTD;/ ^Hn^m H^^n^l 
-say, nV^f2t^n "^t^D 

Hearse, riD HOD R, HID * HtO^ 


Heart, 2b * 22^ -ache, -]1n3:i^ -broken, m. s. 1 !l^ n2ti;2 
innpl -burning, 1^ DJ^^? at -s ease, Ci^^^H n'lH ^Dl 
-easing, j;[1i!"1^ * ^r^'^.'Q "^ext to one's-, D?? l^V? by-, 

n§ ^r? take-, ptnnn * ^?)^?nn take to-, i"? hi^ 2^^n 

R. nW *"^V n.^ D^ii^ nit:^ go* to the-, 2h IJJ Vj^ -en, 

ym * pm -feit, m. s. in^j ♦ iiii/i? r. iz-f^ .iiy, 

DnS b22 'Ubti; 2b2 -iness, sincerity, H^D^t^ *n');D^pn 

-less, m. s. nn *n?;)"i *n^ *:nD -sickness, mi nib -y, 

m. s. D^D/n * D^t!^ 
Hearth, n^ ^HTS^Dn'^D 
Heat, (an oven) "l^^JH p^^H R. ptl/2 to warm (with passion) 

^^ nnnn *nm jin ibp^r;} (one's self) 2b Dnn * ^-ypnii 

-N. (by fire, DlH (by rage) riDH sultry, 11 1^ -ed, m. s. 

on (in a passion) iinpn in^ DH %nDn *xbD 

Heath, n^V * ^it'^"'? ^^ Vl^ 

Heathen, (see Gentile) -ism, D'^^'^^b^ rilll^;. * D^.I^H nlpH 

Heave, to lift, DnH -offering, HDnn 

Heaven, }p]>1 * D^^^ * Dlnp -ly, "^D^^^ -ly beings, 

n^i;.p^5?r2^*p^v^x?*^;^^7p -ly thing, ^:mi -ly hosts. 

Heaviness, weight, nHH? affliction, 2)i]} -ily, —2 
Heavy, m. s. weighty, 12^ dejected, DV^ * ^1[T 
Hebrew, "^"lljL/ (the language) — ]1t!^b 

Hebraism, nijr ]it:^^-n^3'^n ]^'\k 

Hedge, enclose, *^1t!^ -N. Hjlt^^ -hog, ISp 

Heed, attend, ]n^?^ *2^t^pn care, "fltj ibtj? ♦''^i? dS D'T 

.fui, m. s. -)\nT * -inn' ♦ ]7i^.o * 2^ti;p,t? -less, -''rib 
-fulness, nn^'lr^"^5^p^ 

Heel, 2p^S betake to one's heels, nh|l 
Hegira, D^^^^D^J^^n 1^_:!P^ HJ^ 


Heifer, nn^n^ n3 nh^v 

Height, HDlp ♦ n?l5 (of rank) nhv.f^ 
Heighten, H'^njn/ KJi^^ * H| * DnH R. Dl") 
Heinous, 1W2 i?l -ness, ni;;j^-) -ly, -3 
Heir, t^nV -dom, H^J^n^ * H^liS^ -ship, -H tO^L^^/t? -ess, 
n^"l1*> -less, m. s. ^i^l;i »l^ pj;^ 

Helm, the rudder, ^*:3^^^ nlHK^ COlS^^O 

T • t; T •• -; - T 

Helmet, ;;513 ^I/Dlp 

Help, to aid, -ity cure, Nbn/nfn-N.*nn?i; *iry *n?jiD"). 
^^i^-)D * nsinn -less, i^^iD i^'v I'^xb ♦ D^^n ^h:i 

Hem, to close with a-, 7^^ 7D5 -N. 7lii3 ^^ti^ 
Hemisphere, -ical, "n^lD ^^3^ ""VD 
Hemlock, Ji^^in * t^^ll 
Hemorrhage, D"! WW -hoids, D'^^lhO 
Hemp, D^^3jP -en, -W 

Hen, n.^:nn ch. -pecked, int^x nhi^DD nnjn 

Hence, away, n^^S*' fr^^ ^^"^is, Hip therefore, ilDi/ * ]p7 

-forth, nni/D * n*^^m in::;:: * n^l/Di i^inn dvd 

T ^ •• T : T ; ; • T -: - T 

Heptarchy, D^D^D^ ni;?^^ ri^^DD 

Her, n ^ (always affixed, as il^t^ of her, Hl^n her word) 

Herald, l'^2D * U^ht^ * ^^^0 -ry, -H n^J^? 

Herb, -age, 2^j; * -pl^. -al, D^n^^H ^?;p HISD -alist, 

Herculean, IND 133 * Timp 

. .. T V It 

Herd, -)3n * ^DiJ -N. a flock, ^'1]} a company, * Hinn 

npn^ * ^D^D^^ -sman, Hiri 

Here, Hb * HJ) * Hll * D^H -to, -1^ -and there, * i^^XI Si^e 

T" -: ' ^- tt:tt 

n^ni njn *nbT n!D -about, njn -after, ]d nn^ -in. 

170 HER— HIG 

m.s. iDinn ♦in -by, -with, nm *n>^f3 -of, ntp-tofore, 
liS^ ♦ uh^^D *D^2ti-^0 'i^21 n^TpD Ch. .under, m. s. 

*ni nripi 

Heriditable, -itary, nbm * nt^IlD * Hti^n'' 

Heresy, ni^D * U^n^D R. Hi: * ^^1^ "^TD^ 

Heretic, l^p * 10 Ch. -al, m^P bti^ 

Hermaphrodite, mm R. nDCO * Dl^^h'^^^ 

Hermit, ^nlnn/r) • ti^nSD -age, -H pS^O ^t^^lD R. Ht^^^ 

Hero, -ic, "llnil * b^H Ci^\St ♦ 27 y^m -ine, ' TVi IM^i^ 

2h nv*'P^? -ism, n-ini nn -icaiiy, -n 

Herself, she-, HDVi?!!! ^^'^il -, (if denoting a reciprocal action, 
is expressed with the characteristics of the /^DHn conju- 
gation, as m^?]in she taught herself) by-, HS^Z of-, 

npVi^p within-, mhii R. 22b 

Hesitate, to delay, IbiJ *<??)n?^n nn^jt doubt, ] 12) *pS)D 

-ion,nTpi; * pDD Ch. (for pQt:/) 
Heterodox, ]^p m. s. linVn ]D *ti;i)^ * npb 
Heterogeneal, m. pL D^^lt:^ * DH^^np 
Heteroptics, D^ni^l? D^l?n];n R. Hli ' Hl/n 
Hew, (wood &c.) rh^ ♦^n| *-|t3 *3bn * VVl? (A^sh) 

niS^jJ (stone) ^D^ -out, 2Vn 
Hey! interj. njJH 
Hickup,;;^if ']Jpb 
Hidden, m. s. ^lltD^ * tihp: * J^Sm * 1^1?: 

Hide, ]bp * D!?aL^ * ^^?n'7 * "I'^PD -N. ni;/ 

Hideous, m. s. nlH^n -ly, HD^i^? 

Hierarchy, D^^HS H^t^^pp 

Hieroglyphics, ^1^ n1*nii^ -phical, t^-!? 

High, m. s. elevated, m; ^D") ^?n| * 35^? dear, Ij^^^ - 
-born, VnVD Ch. -bred, ni3-ir^ ^jt?? n»^p-est, ]V^Jtf 
-flier, j;:3n(^p * hh'innD -land, Dnn ^INf -lander. 

HIG— HIV 171 

^^i^ -mettled, daring, 27 *V^P^^ -minded, -spirited, 

D^:^ *ry 'ih *]p] *nt^p -ness, n^gi? *n^^^ r. i^m 

-seasoned, ^^^T^ .wrought, '^p^H iVb2r\3, -water, ^^I^D 

D^nii^ ^V_ D\rpr\ -way, "i^hrpn i^.'i * r\hpD r. ^^d 

-wayman, D^pni nDli; HDlt^^ *^PP^ Ch. it is too -for 
me, ^?;^p n3|^3 on-, D'\nm*nhvph -ly, greatly, 
I'm ^V 

Hilarity, n^n^D *nn^iii' ♦ n^n 
Hill, -in * -)-in -ock, j;n5 • n^ps) 
Hilt, av? 

Him, 1 (always afrixed,as ^T^^^ him * InHb^ he loved him) -self, 

iDVi? by -self, i£)n (see Herself.) 
Hind, a she stag, n.^^K * n^*K * HOV -part, -llnjj 
Hinder, j;;n?n ♦ ]^C?^n ♦ K^:n n^^l?' -ance, Hitp^ * l^i/^ 

Hindermost, nnn^? * n^^nm * ^l-iniSt 

Hinge, (a joint,) HT^ * rilS 

Hint, Dh • Tbn Ch. -N. tDI * HPIID-) 

Hip, •^TH p-ia * D;'_:nD -shot, m. s. -HD? 

Hire, -liDfe^ -out, -|^3fc^n -N. nnO&5^ * 15^ -ling, 1^5^ 

His, v?^ * 1 (always affixed, as 1*1^1. /tz^ ^yorc?) , 

Hiss, pn^ * twb pn -N. np;n?^ ^ p::^^ rivnn 

Hist! DH 

Historian, D^]ij;n-ni-)ip D'^D^n-nn1 ")>3tD 

History, n|^j;.?? I'lSDp -ical, W -ically, ^ni? 

Hit, (against) '-n pD^I succeed, * N!i^D * H^'^VD * i'^^H 

j;;'^^n r. :it:^i *i;j3 he- upon, ^n^3^ln >iyn 

Hither, to this place, Hb TI/ -to, Hjn PIS Tj;[ -and thither, 


Hive, (for bees) D^lniH 1^1 a company, T)^^V R. "\T 

172 HO A— HON 

Hoard, -lii^b^ ♦ -)3V -ed, -)1^^^^ * lUV 

' T T ' T T 

Hoarfrost, "IS^ -iness, t^^2h -y, aged, 3^ R. 2W 
Hoarse, 11-15 "im -ness, p-)3n HTH? -ly,- -2 

Hobgoblin, nnh:i * i^^t^ mn pi. nin^n 
Hodgepodge, u^puii; ' ^in^n R. ^^3 
Hoe, N. iivj? -V. -n "iir n 
Hog, n^rn -gish, -D 

Hogshead, iSH n1»^l?t^ Ci^DH 
Hoist, Dnn R. Dl") 

Hold, contain, h'^ptl R. ^1D continue, ^n.^?^ * ^^^PH 
detain, ly;; * ^^V Ch. imagine, 3ti^n * nB"! refrain, 

n?)in * p?i^nn -off, v:o * •^s^^n take-, p^]r\n -the 

tongue, Ibj;; * Dl^n -up, exhibit, H^n * Hi^nn to- with 

one, "nnij^ 2h nvn * ''oy i;: nw -i interj. ♦ -rbir. ♦ Di^ 

^nn -N. custody, T^fip * "1-^^;? support, Hp^DD * ptH 
-er, pnnD * mix -fast, HDH * TD^ * D"lp. 
Hole, a hollow place, * p^pj * H^p? * Hn^D * H^np * 3^.^ 

f-in •-113 mn ^'^-l'^Np 

Hollow, a. m. s. 31p5 * ^I^^H * 2M: (of the hand) ^l^ R.P]M 
-voice, n^^l. ^1p -V. np5 -ness, mp"). * Hp^^B 

Holy, pious, m. s. tl/^llj^ sacred, ^Ip -day, 3110 Dl'' * JH 
R. j;n -iness, H^J^Hp -ily, -3 

Homage, HV^DH * nnnj^nti^n Ch. 

Home, his-, 1n^3 from-, m. s. Ifl'^Sp to go-, in"^?^ 3i:i^ 
longing after his-, V3Jj? n**?? ^03]] -bred, artless, 
ilDIV ^h:i m. s. on -liness, niCD^^ -ly, m. s. mjl/^ -ward, 

nn^n bring-, -^^''3^ 

Homicide, murder, 0"^^*^ ni3''£)t^ 

Homogeneous, m. pi. ];3D3 D^pl'l D^llCi^ 

Hone, Ch. nrnt^^H PiS 
' T T : - ' V V 

HON~HOS 178 

Honest, in. s. Dil ^]D^2 -y, HID^pn * pDISt -ly, -3 
Honey, tr^?"! -comb, -^^)i -moon, D''i^lii^?n ti^lh 
Honour, "in? n^H -N. 1133 * IIH •"Ij^l -ably, -3 -able, 
m. s. 1333 * "IP^ Honorary, 1133^ 

T ; • iTT " ' T : 

Hood, N. t^^Nin np3p -wink, to hide, 'bv HD? 
Hoof, HDID 

T : - 

Hook, catch, 13^ fasten, 031 *-|3n -N. 'Dli;! *n3n HI 
13^ -ed, tlV33 

I Hoop, 3*'3p t^3n * ptj^n -N. p^L^n 
Hooping-cough, ^?j;i^n hw^^ R. i/it 
Hoot,v. "^ iw^ pn *pi^ 

Hop, to walk lame,;;>V * nb| to jump, ♦ ih"! ' nr\2 V?|5 
1)£1 ♦1)51 -N. (a plant) DW^? a jump, * Jiv'l * I^D? 

iipn * ii^^Dp 
j Hope, n^p_ * 1311 • n§v * ^^nii r. ^n^ -n. * n^nin 

' nipn -ful, m. s. confiding, l1nD3 ^1/3 -less, 13K ' ^^^iJlJ 

R. t:'^^ 

j Horde, in^ * ^31 * njp3 

I Horizon, \^1>S:i1 D^D^I "^^13 t^^^Dl^l Ip ♦ p|^ 

I Horn, np (an instrument) 1|)l£^ * ^3V -ed, m. s. pIpD 

Hornet, IJ^I^ 

Horrible, -rid, -rific, Hl^n * DVK -ribly, -ridly, * 11^13 

1D^^e3 -ror, n)^^^ * 1}]'^ ^ ^^1 ♦ nn;;3 * nin 

T": TT- — • tt: TT; 

Horse, (an animal) DID -back, — ri ' ?;; rn3''31 -hair, 
-1 nil^.^i^ -leech, npl^i?. -man, 1^1^ -manship, 

-1 nv^i^. 

Horseradish, (a' root) ^^3PJ^ Ch. 

Hosanna, n^Vmn 

Hose, D'»^:i1 ^D:)3D ^D3 -ier, m. s. 13lD 

.- . - ff.. ... If .. ^ 

Hospitable, m. s. 3^: * D'^HIIi^ D^:3D -ably, flU'^IJIl 

174 HOS-HUG 

Hospital, D'^^in n*^? -ity, nin^? *D^^'^1^^ iipjpn 

Host, a landlord, tV^T} 7V3 an army, i^DV a number, 7^n 

-ess, ri';nn n^yn 
Hostage, m. s. Hnni^nn *]5 
Hostile, m. s. nn *ti^^j^ n^iinD -ity, m *n?2nhD 

Hostler, D"^p^Dn "ipifi^ 

Hot, m. s. on eager, pp.lJ2/p grow-, DHn make-, D^H 
-headed,m. s. HDn *t5^''ii^ -house, D'^HD-VD ^W? t^l^ n^5 
Hotel, DHMp ]1^P 

Hovel, i^^DD * ni3 ♦ n::)D r. n^D 

T : • VT T •.. » 

Hover, (overhead) ^h^ * ^^?V wander, *!*[13 

Hound, D^rino-innr i^v 3*73 

Hour, n^;j^ Ch. -glass, -^7^ -ly, -735 

House, nn)2 X^^n R. i^U -N. r^\2 -breaker, -"inlH 
-breaking, -nn'^]in -hold, - ~^5? -hold affairs, -H "^r^Jt? 
-hold stuff, —'^7? -keeper, m. s. one who keeps a house, 
—bjl'^ a steward, -Tj?? pli;D']7lR. 'ppli^ * im -keeping, 

-niD^^n •^:)n:3^-room,'-nnn-in-wife,*-n r\^i;n nnn5 
Tn r\f^ -less, ntj^iD Dipp pN? r. a::^*" -maid, 
nnst:^ * nmti}^ -rent, nn^-q -i^i!^ r. in 
How? -so? T]::y>^ *^5^^? *T^ * n»5 -do you do? 
1^ i^in-n;:: XD^h^n -has it happened, mn n\"i ^D'^^^ 

-long yet? *>r\D HD H^i^ Ij/ -much does itcost,1")*'nD tlD 
' -many? H^D -soon, Hinp 1^? -be it, D71K *nt<r 7:2^ 
-ever, *^ hi -soever, D*^^^ 73 7X? 


Huddle, hurry, ^HpH crowd, i^pUi;;? J^DNt 
Hue, a colour, j/l^ pursuit, •'^rij^ Hp^^l 

Hug, pnn -N. p^Bn 

Huge, m.s. TND IJ} *b)li^ -ly, IND IND!! 

HUM-HUS 175 

Hum, to buzz, D'h: -N. DDn 

Human, "^pm -kind, -]>D ^DIK ^22 -form, Dl^ -IJjtln 

-happiness, Dll "ifc^-l "IJ^^iS 
Humane, m. s. Din-| * T^DH -ity, m^DHI * D'^DHn * TDH 

-ly, -3 
Humble, h^^^n * j;;\;3?n * mv (one's self) ^/^SH * nijj^n 

-N. m. s. nn^^tiiti^ *W-d,m.s.N3'n *^SC^ ♦ I/^Di ♦ijy 

- -; TT T- "T t;« •'t 

-y, n;;^:D n * m:i;n 
Humid, n^ -ity, iT^ni^n^ • mn.^ r. m^ 

Humility, HJ^^?? * HJJj;;. -iation, H^Sti^n * H^JDH 
Humour, to gratify, H^l -N. moisture, mPlb a whim, 

^?|D r^J'lDll to put one out of-, D^l/niH good-ed, m. s. 

2h *31CD *^nV ill -ed, m. s. Pinnp *^Vl -ist, m. s. 

11^3 ♦ nWD -ous, droll, m. s. ^nHQ 

t: . ... X : * .. - : 

Humpback, 35 (of a camel) 7D}n Pi^^l -ed, |55 

Hundred, n^D (by letters of the alphabet) 'p 

Hunger, Di^T -N. DJ^T -giy, m. s. 3^(1 

Hunt, nnX p^'l (animals) TV:; -N. ^Hi^ Hp^^l ♦ l^V -er, 

••—J— It ••— ;— It** • — 

-sman, TV ^IV t:^\S 
Hurricane, nrnO *niSO 'H^D ^pTH mi 

T TT: 'TT- 

Hurry, ^%n5n * X^^^ Cone's self) ^^nBH 7^^^ ^^^^'^Pin * tDH 
Hurt, to injure p^H *;;_")n bruise, J/VS -N. ^l/V? *pDNI 

pn *nj;;-j -fui, pn© ^j/np -fuUy, nj^n-i r. un -less, 

m. s. *p^]l ^h 
Husband, a married man, HL^i^ hv^ -less, " H^W: nr>^ 

n^iia * :^^''^^ n^ r^ -man, n;iv • n^^^ • msy ci^\^ -ry, 

TV-; T T-J T - ^ 

Hush, to appease, "^'Q) * COp.Ji^n - '. inteij, DH -money. 

176 HUS— JAD 

Husk, Dn)?*nD17p Ch. (of corn) Jl^pV (of grapes) ^T .y, 

" T •• T 

Hussy, a wench, vViP^. n? 
Hustle, to mix, V^r\\ 23,1V_ 


Huzza! ITH 

Hydrographer, U^f^T} ngD l.'^VP 

Hydrography, D^rp^H nm IV)^ 

Hyena, i;nV pi. D^j;;ilV 
Hymeneal, (a song) D^iklji^:?^ H vTin l^li^ 
Hymn, n^nn"-)^^ R. hhn -ic, -^^ 
Hyperbole, mm * n^^DH -bolical,m. s. y^b^D 
Hypercritic, m. s. ^''ip inV P*1.i?*TP R- PP"T 

Hyphen, ^j^D * ")5n;?n n^Dppn "ip 

Hypochondria, Ch. ^h^"*"^!! * nn'ri^aVj;? -dric, m. s. 

Hypocrisy, ti^ll^ * HDI^n (in religion) T\^^^'\>T\T\ -ocrite, 

-ocritical, m. s. t^^HDp * ^JH * ti^^pHp * ^UV 
Hypothesis, ^^3 * Hmn R. H^ 

Hyssop, airi;? ' 

Hysteric, D^ij^^nn •'j;;iD3 *n3f;p 

I, pron. ^?j^? * ''^b? here am I, ^}^ 

Jacket, linnjn t^^S^D * "ID R. nD 

Jacob, 3pi?: 

Jade, N. ^a horse) IPn^ V^D (a woman) Jadish, *^^;!^5 T\2, 

JAl— JEL 177 

Jail, i^m i^^'^n nnbn n^n-er, — lit^ 

Jam, confine between, rh? Jamb, Ht^tp 

January, "'^'^^p^y} t^lH * nnp 

Jar, to differ, "Djt; nnH R. mi -N. a discord, nnn.p a 

harsh sound, H^On a vessel, 13 * p^pH * ti^nn ^5? 
Jargon, r^^m ^IJ^l '\\^h ^jt?^^ 
Jasper, r\^p\ 

Javdin, n^l^^ ♦ rVt^ • 11"7^3 
Jaundice, llpl.'J 

Jaunt, nji^i n:^ 'iv'nnD cotolt^^riD n. ld^i::^ 
Jaw, ^n? 

Ice, nij^. Icicle, nnp D;?tp? nisc? ch. 
Idea, rs-y^n^ ♦ ]1^;r-i -1, -n n^^x!«7 * '^^1P? 

Identic, m. s. HT ^^lIH f. r\)K\ K^H m. pi", n^n DH f, 

•■^J'":? I'":? -tify, xofi ^to n^n R. -iDi -tity, *mDyjt/ 
nit:^;:^;:: ch. 

T — 

Idiom, -iin'in i5i^^ 

Idiot, h^^^ ♦^''P? *^5D *'']i| -ism, 'rby^ *ni^^p3 

m^?p -nwi 
idicnsnrin *h*-?n *^ip3ni:^;i .n. m.s.iazy, Tiii-irip 

n|i-!? trifling, pn. ♦ ^nn -ness, ]i^5n ♦ n^ Wi? Idly, -n 

Idler, m. s. ^y;; M^D3 * ^t^n 
Idol, ^75? ^ IVif ♦ ^Da -atrize, -^ ninn^n -ater, 
~h ninriVp * D^^^S^ T?i^ -atry, Uhh"^ ilii3i( -ize. 

Jealous, suspicious, m. s. ^^5j5P -y, UK?!? 
Jeer,«nj^ tDXJJ^, -ingly, COSI^i^n 
Jehovah, Hln^. 

Jelly. n5P?nip.t^9pn9 

178 JEO— ILL 

Jeopard, r^^Dh m^, ^"in ' n;2p "^t^ ^^^nn .ous, \2Dp ch. 
-y, n;3p Ch. 

Jerusalem, D'^^ti^n'^ 

Jest, pnt^ * pT}^ * bpin -N. -ing, b)r\n * pinv 
Jew,n^n'! *^1^^ *'^5'^'n2i^vess,nn^n^/nn5y *n'^^^^'^^ 
ish, nn'm^. nnni? -ry, ^.sn^'; ^np 

Jewel, a stone, Tiin ^p^ Hi^ 
If, D^^ * ^3 -so, ]3 DNt but-, Ci^l 
Igneous, m. s. tl/i^ T^hll/D 13 

Ignition, t^^^^n nn-^^n r. r^** -nitibie, t^i^n n-^^"' 

Ignoble, m. s.^ltn * "P^i^ -nobly, "[l^j^n * THB 
Ignominy, -minious, HSin * HyD? -miniously, — H 
Ignoramus, ^Kl3 R. bt<^ -ranee, nili/n * n;/! "IDH -rant, 

m. s. njy^_*-ipn ^n;;? -rantiy, rjE^i'^^n *;;'id ]^«5 


Jingle, ^*^^ * ^5^^^ -N. ^V^V 

111, to be-, T^bT] -N. m. s. sick, tlb'fl bad, harm, I/T -boding, 
njl^h ni^ *,^^n -disposed, n^n*ti^nn. fated, -fortunate, 
DV *n;^*p -contrived, -gotten, O^ti^;?? ^^^ ^^^.5 .luck. 

Illegal, Jy, H*^? ^i^^ -ity, H^lj;; ♦ ^1j^ 

Illegible, n^?n ^^ri? 

Illegitimacy, ^H ril^.'lD nn^lH 
Illegitimate, '^p^fl?^ * U^m "^^Y. 
Illiberal, ^?g^ * ^Ss R. ^1:D -ity, 'm^^t^ * ^^3 -ly, -3 

Illicit, ^^ti}^'2 ri'iD nW 

Illiterate, m. s. ^]}^ * pn. -ness, nn^fn 

iiinature, Hj;;^-! * ni::'pj;; -d, m. s. ijfi * t^i?.^ 

Illness, Dhnn * "^Vn -favoured, m. s. H^n^H *V'l 

Illogical, 9p^n nj:3 * COSti^^D fc<^K^ 

ILL— IMM 179 

Illuminate, enlighten, Tn\n * "I^KH -tion, IHt * IH'^ 

Illusion, n»D-i * i^w n^m * D^nini:^ r. ni: 

Illusive, Illusory,.m. s. HOTD ^nvr\D 
Illustrate, to explain, lij^S * tl^l^ -tion, "l^Nn * Ci^n? -tive, 
m. s. 1^2D • :!;-liiD 

•• T : "T : 

Illustrious, m. s. m2 Ay, Dlll^^ IS 

Image, a picture, vDD an Idol, 7wi^ * 2'^iJ * 7P§ an idea, 
n2l^r\D * li**!;-! .ginary, -2 H^^H * n;2'ip3 ^gery, 
m^DPi ' n^sit^D -ginable, ^^^ * ]31*' R. ^t^^i * ^^ 

-gination, |vp^'-gine,n^3 -)b^it *n;2)*nn(for nOTi;^n) 

Imbecile, N. a. Hi^-I * mbn -lity, 11^?^-) ^ HtJ^^n 
Imbibe, to drink, p> ^ HJlg^ 
Imbitter, to make bitter, "IDH R. *T)D 
Imbody, to condense, H^J/iI to inclose, IJD 
Imbolden, 3^ y^^ * piH 

imbosom, pnn * ^^h? i^^nn * p^nn ^hj 

Imbrue, Imbue, ^3^ (in blood) Dl K^D 

Imitate, *'r)-\n3 ^'^H ^iit^D HCi^rD^ Hci^;/ -able, nfe^;/'' 

°to? nti^i;/?? -ative, -3 ns^;;.: * '^?'11? "I?.*; -ator, m. s. 

^3")in *^^n *-D nti^i; _ation, nj^r^j^n 

Immaculate, ''pn "^^l m. s. llrlD * "^^3 
Immartial, HOn^;!: W^K ^2J^K 

T T : • • V •• 

Immaterial, trifling, in'! fp^* * D^:^^^n * Ch. ni^i^^Q ^bl 

incorporeal, mi ' ^^:\ i^ij^ -ism, nv^niiH nnln 
R. nr 

Inmiature, m. s. not perfect, *D7ti^ ^b hasty, THD * "inp.? 

-ity, mD^:p ^r\b^ -ly, n;; t<^5 

Immeasurable, "IpH'pijt -ably, —1}) 

Immediate, instant, ;;^n3 acting by itself, Ch. V^^DD "^b^, 

m. s. iDvi?? ^n^-^Vi i^in -ly, vn ^^? 

180 IMM—IMP 

Immedicable, HDnn J^SID im ]^^11 

Immemorial, mm in? * l)}] HD^ ^7 

Immense, '^p^-]'i^^ -ly, -1^ -ity, 1^.0 IX,?!! 3^ 

Immerse, /itO -sion, H/'^^CD 

Immethodical, ^n^HlD R. ^^2 -ly, inDD t^7ti^ 

Imminence, Hi 3D -nent, pDD Ch. 

Immobility, HV^^ DVjp * pITH 

Immoderate, ^"^p H^nn * "inlD^ R. ITS^ -ly, * ^i^P^ 

It^Z: I'^D -ion, Ti^D^ ritiDin R. HD^ 
Immodest, m. s. D^?|l *rj;; R. ??;/ * P^'^VO ^h* -Y'^'^'i? * ^^V^H 

Immolate, nnt ^npH .tion, Hnr rinnpH 

Immoral, m. s. b22 ' iniD -ity, .1^33 * m")1lD 
Immortal, m. s. m^h ^D^D * i;/^ *^n R. H^H -ity, 

ti}^^n rr\'^\i}r\ ♦ n^ny^ -ize, nv3^ D^pn -ly, n^y? ♦ t?^? 

Immoveable, m. s. a. *;/? ^b R. I/lt ^I^J *llDJ -s,i?p'li? 

pi. ni;;p^np. -y, T^f? ^\^2}\ 

Immunity, niTH Ch. R. mn 

Immm-e, ^TlJi^ n^ilDH *n^3 -)3D 

Immusical, nn^ '>r\h2 * D^;^ ipH 

Immutable, ^M^ '^^2 -ability, n^^pn * D1*p 

Impair, ^nH * p^H R. pt^ 

Impalpable, Ch. ti^|*]^ ^b2 

Imparity, D^p'ijt/.n ^^^\l} -iDh 

Impart, communicate, "li^D * "TJjn R. U^ grant, ]hj 

Impartial, m. s. pl^ *^11-) * p'^'lV '"^?^^. *0''?? *W^. ^^ 

-ity, Pl.i^ ni^^ -iy,~3 * D"^?s ni^^is^: ^^n 

Impassable, "12^1 ^i1^5 

Impassioned, m. s. i3")pn 13/ DPI R. D^H 

Impatience, uneasiness, 11 ^7^1 eagerness, fJDJD * Hp^Si^n 

IMP— IMP lil 

.tiently,-3 -tient, m. s. ^^W? *n^^: * ?)P?: * pjP.ltt^P 
Impeach, pp^H * d^tl/^n -ment, mp£t^ ^ri^^K 

Impede, ivj;* * "jLi^n *;;iD -diment, nvj;;^ ♦ nj;'':p 

Impel, ii^J^ * Plh-n ♦ f NH R. X^^ -lent, Pin**n 

Impend, 2h)P ^ ^I^DH -ent, -ing, nl"))^ * 11:D3 

Impenetrable, hard, *Ti^p "^^^i^ incomprehensible,, Hpn ]^X 

' • T : V 't 

Imperative, HIVD * ''IIV -ly> -111? 

Imperceptible, Ch. my,^ \2^'^^ ^b R. ]"^1 

Imperfect, m. s. lOn * *D^^ ^i1^|l **1n DID -ion,/]1-)Dn 

D^D * D^5 Ch. -ly, nDbj:; ^^ n * 11^55 x^ 

Imperious, m. s. ^"1^ * D^>5 ^ij^/ R. T?;/ -ness, ' H^^JI/D 

|. nirj;; -ly, -n ^ 

Imperishable, m. s. *7JL?? *D''j^ 

Impersonal, 772^ 

Impertinence, intrusion, ni/tD^^/^ ''-^Z? * ^^5V'^^ Ch. 4inently, 

-n-tinent, m. s. ^jjn * V^^nD * ^I'^VO Ch. 
Impetuosity, HVngP * Pl^t-uous, m. s. yniJ * ^J^l 
Impiety, i^t^l -piously, —2 -pious, m. s. V^^ 
Implacable, m. s. n>l^-!^ *nt^j^ -cably, D^l^ nn^^it5 

Implant, ^n^*j;;b^ 

Implement, N. "^7? 

Implicate, "IPpD R. ^DD * HpUP? i^^nH 

Implicit faith, n^hp ny\m * iinc)n * n^^pp .ly, -n 
Implore, ijiinn * t^^i^j * n'v^ 
Imply, to comprise, p-^rnn * h'h^ * ^^:?n R. ^1D 
Impolite, m. s. n^io^i/? *"ipn -ness, niD^;/? nph 
Impolitic, m. s. ny\2n *in i^ij^ -ly, m^nn ^^np 

Import, (from abroad) nj^ip.^ \^inp ^^^HH .N. |^inp .^210 
njnp.^ -ation, niSinn -er, ^^^np R. ^^U -ance. 

i»% IMP— IMP 

moment, Ip^^ * ptPI * b"l)i -ant, m. s. * Ij^y pTH * ^13 -less. 

Importune, ^^^VDH _unate, m. s. "l^V?^ -unity, iTIV^n 

-unely, — H 
Impose, to enjoin, '^i^ HIV * "^V. hb^ cheat, H^n " npif 

-seable, 'bj: ^^\-ser, m. s. HIj^P * "^1/ '7:0ir ^^^OT * ^;?1 

-sition, ^I^V ' "TE?P ' ^;iP"! * '"^^IP ^'of a tax,) DD * ^^JT 

(ofafme) tS^^i; 

Impossibility, ch. nnt^^D^ n^b'' "^ri^s 
Impossible, ]5 n^if';. ti? *;rjp3 n?i^?^j ^s ch. 

Impost, Dp * D?P 

Imposthume, HnnH * Hn^ HSI? R. HlDi 

Imposter, m. s. ^tj:r2n ♦ ^^T * if^I/OP R. HD"! * Hl/n 

Impotence, ]'\^^'] * H^^H -potently,— 3 * HI) t<^B -potent, 

ti^^^n * T *nyp 

Impracticability, Ch. ^lntJ??^^ n^S"; *»r)^3 -ticable, 

]5 n^^^. iib ' 1/3^2 ''^.^i^Di^ \s Ch. ' 

Imprecate, il^ » Iiaj^ -ion, HlSip * H^^p 

Impregnable, m. s. ptH "'•p'?^? * »i^ I^- ^^I^ 

Impregnate, to fertiUze, illlDH * JlilllH 

Impress, imprint, DnDH * Ull/1 (on the mind) 2h bv_ \l^ 
print, D'^^iin Ch. -ible, pHI^ R. \>pn * D;i^T -ion, (of a 
print) npriD 'O'l^'l influence, tlb^V^ ^Dfl -ure, W 

R. mn " * 

Imprison, -j^^DH * X^| .ment, -)p^?P ' "l^D?:? 

Improbable, rip^Jip pln^ -bility, n.O^^D prn.D 

Improper, m. s. ]1D: nti^'' Itii^D 1i\^ -ly, piHD Ch. ti^ttf 

' // T - // T T 

Impropriety, li)!) It^'' ISi^D *'n73 
Improsperous, HHyVD ^^? 

IMP— INA 188 

Improvable, ]pjn^^ * n^i^V. 
Improve, 2^tD^n * Jipn -ment, * \)pr\ 
Improvidence, Imprudence illl"^!!? ^IH/? 
Improvident, -prudent, m. s. n313n*")pn *inp l^^ijt -pru- 
dently, n:Mr) i^ij^n * nn^nr iih^, 

Impudence, mV R. tr;/ * H^VIH Ch. -dently, -3 -dent, m. s. 

D^iiSi r;; * ^^^n ch. 

• T '^ I • T 

Impugn, to assault, "2 H^^nn Jt/Ja disprove, * t^^Hpn 

-iriD Ch. 


Impulse, influence, H^U*?) * D^l -sive, ^^'^j^;! R. If^^ 
Impunity, t:^:i?/pnb? 

Impure, m. s. Ku^ * V^D^ -rity, H^^D^ -rely, -^ 
Impute, attribute, DC^H accuse, D^'ti^^itil * ]'^Cpi?^n -ation, 

nm^ * r\:m -ative, nti/n-^ 
Inability, Hti/bn * n^i)^ ^ri^n 

Inaccessible, m. s. * V7^? yip"^ *^7!l 

Inaccuracy, w^ant of exactness, P5P *''^?? carelessness, 

nn\nr '^]i^:a -curate, m. s. inn ]idd ^3:l^^^ 

..... 7 //,-:• 't//\ : V •• 

Inaction, -ivity, rest, Hl^D * rin'^3^ idleness, ]113?P3 -ive. 

Inadequate, m. s. lOn * Hp ^^^ -ly, ^"IVn "^^h ^b 
Inadvertence, m")\nt ^I^b^, -ent, m. s. liir:? ^^T^ -ently, 

-II" II ' : ' : ' 

Inalienable, DDV R. n3D * ID^'^ X7 
Inanimate, m. s. *^n '^ri/B. 

Inapplicable, ]i3^ t<^ * ^^^^■^ir^i: -cation, r^^2hm 

Inarable, nt") ^'^VibD ri^ 

Inarticulate, ^nsp ^3^1?? -ly, n'^tD^n ^^3 75 

Inattention, ll^p-j ♦ n^^ti^nnH -ive, m. s. * bt^inD Ch. 

j/Dw n^'^^^p^ 13^^^ iveiv, n^ri^n nnii/pn 7i 

184 INA-INC 

Inaudible, ^Ip ^jm: *»^!1 ' t^^H^? 
Inaugurate, Tn^^i^vJ^ -ion, D^^^v'P 

Inauspicious, H^n * ;;n -ly, npi^vn x^n 

Inborn, i/n^B V^DJ 

Incapability, -capacity, nvDV^T^r? * D^ ^^^"'j^P -c^P^^^^> 

m.s. nijTnyp 

Incapacious, 1^ * l^ij * Ij^V^ * ]"iCOp^-citate, -JDH * Hi) nVpH 
Incarcerate, ")*>5Dn * t^7!D 

• ; - T 

Incarnate, n&Vn-l -HDlcyQ ^DiD;^ -tion, nCi^l^ .T^in 
Incase, ni?n-)JD*"bi; HD? 

Incautious, m. s. int? ^^j^K -ly, nn^nr ^^3 J 

Incendiary, m. s. one who sets on fire, ^"^3. D'^lllj H'^-y? 

R. r\v^ seditious, nn;3D * n'^DD 

VT : • •• 

Incense, HDn Tjt/H -N. nncp -sory, TTsb^^r:^ ' nrinD 

Incentive, s. llX/lif * n^D R. n^D -, a. m. s. inil/D 
Incessant, "^^ipn -ly, ^^H *r]^n ^^3 

Incest, ninjt;. ^^-^^ -uous, m. s. nin^^ n v'jp 
Inch, nnrn nn;^;;. to an-, 3^ir)\'i Dvpvp ch. by -es, 
to^p toj;;p ' _ 

Incident, incidence, rTlpD -al, ITlppil 

Incircumspection, mi'^n? "IpH 

Incised, \T\m -sion,ntO-|S!^ * tDIt^^ -sive, tO-)1Si; -sor, H^nlCD 

Incite, n^pn * -i^;;n -ment, nnDH * ni;;-iv r. ni;; 
Incivility, ni;^*';;^ npp idH r. ttd 

Inclemency, cruelty, ^V^T5^it harshness, f]XfT -ent, m. s- 
Inchne, to dispose, °n^^^ nc^H be disposed, DlCO!! a^"n1^'^ 

nq^ -able, m. s. Hvinp * D:.g)rip Ch. -ation, °nnK H'^cp? 

Include, ^'^3 -elusion, H^^DH * IIH;; -elusive, ^^13 -clusively, 


INC-FNC 185 

Incognito, t^^nH!! * "iriD? 

Incoherence, inS * p^hr\ -coherent, V*nn>_ 13l3^ ^h -co- 

iierentiy, nii^^D liD:):^ N^c:^ 

Incombustible, P)"]^^ ^7173 

Income, revenue, n2J13]1 rent, niT^D^ 

Incommensurable, IpH f p ^i^ R. \^^;p 

Incommode, nnon * plif H * y^^ -modious, * JTlb * HiJ^n 

Hf^lVp -modiously, — H 
Incommunicable, n^'h^J'V^ti^'' '^^0^ '711'^ N^ R, 1:1:3 
Incommutable, tl^n** "IDV N*? R. I^D 
Incompact, m. s. p13T ^i^^ij^ 
Incomparable, m. s. *rbi^"nii; •l^-HDlT ^n^t23 Tje 

-parably, ^l^pT 7B 
Incompassionate, m. s. "ITDi? * 3^ *'*^^P 
Incompatibility, HD^DHri -ible, V^n^ i:l3'; N^ 
Incompetency, nh'D) "^ri^^ -petent, m. s. Hlg^ "^^jj^n ^S^Nf 

.petently, p33D "^^i^-):} iibtl/ 
Incomplete, m. s. lOn * *n7tl/ N^ 
Incomprehensibility, J^^ ]np "^^^5 R. ^m *P3 -sible, 

-ipn 1"^)^ ♦ :itj^^ p'l^ ^^ n 

Incompressible, V^r\\ ^JJp^ pHT «^ , 

Inconcealable, D^I/^ "iriD*" t<^ 
Inconceivable, (see Incomprehensible). 

Inconclusive, "inn ^3r^^ * nn^in '^^n r. n:)*' 

TV" T T • : 

Inconcoct, b^^ll ^^^2 DICO 

11 • II ' f V 

Inconcurring, m. pL Vin^ D^D^2DD Ch. D'^liJ:^ D^i^ 
Inconditional, Ch. "^^iD ^ibz R. H^n 
Incongruity, njliinji -gruous, JlpJ HlN^^ ^^J^^ij? 
Inconsequential, i^VV hv^ ^h^ * "in^l l^^?t 
Inconsiderable, ntL^H: TK -rate, m. s. inn l^i^ 

im INC— INC 

Inconsistency, n^lSnri -ently — 3 -ent, m. s. * nl^^Snn t^'^ik 

Inconsolable, DHiH V^D 

Inconspicuous, 13^ R. ^D^ m^^ Ch. ^b^ 

Inconstancy, nirn|) * niSn^H -stant, m. s. * THD * ^§?5n 

Inconsumable, ilHt^"^ n?^'^ 73^^^ ^7 -mate, m. a. 

// •• T . , v: . //-s: 

Incontestable, m. s. incontrovertible, ^1D!3 * ll"!^ * H'ltO!! 

-estably, "inD? 
Inconveniency, n^b * HKbri -niently, —2 -nient, IS^'^ij^ 

Inconvertible, n^H"^ 1DV t^^ R. n"^D 

Inconvincible, m. s. ^'li^^nj^R -cibly, ^Ip nVtl}p_ii 

Incorporal, m. s. Hn * P]^;) *1:^;St -ity, ^JHn 

Incorporate, "inn ^IHiJ^ IH;; 

Incorrect, tiD3 It^^ 13:i\S -ly, llD^D J^^t^^ -ness, n::^"^ "^D^-l 

' //T //T T V •• "^ ' I T - V ' V • ; • 

Incorrigible, i/nD * 331:^^;^ * IDV -)D1D-np^ X^ R. * 1D^ 

np7 -ness, n^i/n?) ♦ nniti^p -y, n^pr^ ]^^5:3 

Incorrupt, D^ ^^H^ ^^? "^- s- 1?.^? -ibility, l];^ DVJ? 

-ibie,Hnn^ ^P^P"^ ^^Vr-^^P 

Increase, to grow, 7^5 * Hti^S to multiply, Hin * Hh^ to 
make more, H^^I^H * nl31.n * nnsn * ^b^^ * ^plH -N. 
augmentation, ^I'li! * n^i^n^ ' (IDDln produce, HIStlDll 

Incredible, r\f2^f2 plH^ * ]P^:. ^b -ibility, riD^^p pn^p 

-uiity, n:m ip'n -uious, m. s. y^t^^D l:i^K ♦ pPi^n^ *n:i^j^ 

Incrust, Dlj^ -ation, D'llp 

Incubate, D^V? ^'?/;;Pl P?'^ * ^^^9'? -tion, ^ll/H D.^D 

Inculcate, 3.^ bjJ ]iiP -tion, 3^ ^if pH^ 

INC— IND 187 

Inculpable, m. s. 1^1 * ^\>2 * "jt R. ^1)1 -ably, "if^^ ^hl 
Incumbency, \ri:in nn^^? -bent, s. Dm^ 'ih iti;^ ]n3-, a. 
a duty, "^jy 3ln njVP ^^O R. ^CO: leaning, m. s. 

Incur, m. s. ^vbv t^^^n ' iD^^D *1^ r\1^n 

Incurable, m. s. in*^ * *1^ KQI.ID pX -ably, H^nn ''^g 

Incursion, "^jt; nO"^^?) 

Incurvate, to bend, ^b^ * ^'^V -tion, HSi^'D^ 

Indebted, m. s. in debt, 2TiD obliged by, niln ^1D5 *3^n 

R. riT 

Indecency, Ch. jJ^lH? "^n^? * n^D^j:; IDT] -cent, m. s. '\^'^Vi 

]]?o r95 -^^"^ly' i^in? 1^955 ^*^*^ ' 

Indecision, ppD * pD^ * riJ^^H ^Ipti' R. i/T -sive, ♦ pDD 

"ins i:rK 

T V •• 

Indeclinable, n*CO^ "^^B 

Indecorous, m. s. piHD Ch. D^V2 m'^^ 

Indeed, riDi^l * D^D^^ * HJDi^ 

' V v: V T ; T T : T 

Indefatigable, i^^'^^fllf^^ ^^ -ably, H^'^J^. HJ^^;! -^^5 
Indefensible, defenceless, nDHD P^ "^/^ vile, m. s. ■T^^D *1/1 
Indefinite, indeterminate, ^^*?^\ *DmD Ch. unlimited, 

n^^^n-'^^n r. h^d -iy,-n 

Indeliberate, m. s. nHD: * Tnl2) * n^*^ *^P R. ST * ^^p 
Indelible, nnt^^ HH^"^ t<^ 

//••▼• V//T • 

Indelicacy, mDi?:? "IDH -cate, m. s. D^^ *1D 
Indemnification,D^pW* ^IDil * Dl^tf^JH .nify,*llDn.D i^^O 

D^J^^n -nity, H^^Hd ♦ iCOili 
Indemonstrable, HDI*" !D^^*' ^^7^ 
Indenture, r]i^^ti^r\ R. H W " nnS 
Independence, CS^^h * nl")*! * nnn R. "Iin -ent, m. s. 

18$ IND—IND 

ch. Tiiij;::^ n;/i:)n *»^n 

// :• //tt: - . ; 
Indeterminable, -minate, m. s. \^7T]D YIW "'2^73 -minately, 

^ Y?0 Y?? R- n7D * i^f$PiD2 Ch. 
Indevotion, niD^t^n IDh -devout, m. s, D^n^^^"^^"^''^33*'^^ 


Index, ^a table) Dlp^ nj^^np Pn? 
Indexterity, awkwardness, ]1")^3 D]/^ *^pn 
India, nil -n, m. s, '^"^^iVn 

Indicate, n^;3 * HiSiH * H^H ^ t;::)^ ♦ Ch. -tion, in ♦ nli^ *rDn 
-tive, n^iD * ?;?np (of a verb) to^^qjo *7j;;^ 

Indifference, negligence, tl^lD * n^^V^? ' il'l^tS^inn Ch. 

impartiality, p'l.V * "^^^ -ferent, m. s. careless, Hgl^ ^V^V-^ 

tolerable, ^^1^5 * J/J^^P Ch. -ferently, -"Til? 

Indigence, niJ^PP ^niv''! R. ^^1 -digent, m. s. ]3pD 'h^_ 

Indigested, m. s. not formed, pD3 1^'^^5t not digested, 1i3^^5» 

b:^VD bt^in 'ir^^D -ible, m. s. \2}i^ h^3> IrK -ion. 

Indignation, D^/t -nant, m. s. DiflT " Dj;/? *i^hD 

Indignity, p^-l * Hj^l * ^t^t R. i/ll * 'Pi? ^| 

Indirect, m. s. t1:33 nt^^'' D W 133\^ -Iv, obliquely, ntT^O N^t£^ 

not expressly, C^n?)3 ^^W 
Indiscernible, m. s. m^D Ch. 133 ^3^5^ 
Indiscreet, m. s. H^Un *l!l T^^ -cretion, * H^inD "IDH 

niTHT ^'n^? -erectly, -a 
Indiscriminate, h^T) 'h^h:! R. bh2 -ly, '7*n?n •'^? 
Indispensable, "rQ"^ * r\')::n Ch. -sably, -D, 
Indispose, DbH * vll?? R. 7/3 -posed, m. s. averse, 

* Vyjt;? 3to N^ disordered, ^n^HD ^ D^^ ISJVSt -position, 

aversion, ^KD illness, H/n^ * "^/H 

IND— INE 189 

Indisputable, m. s. JiDJ * IM^D, * Ch. inD\ ^hll -putably, 


Indissolvable, m. .s. *D;?'; ''^5 R. ODD -solubility, DVj? 

-soluble, m. s. l^h *D^i^ 
Indistinct, y^O^n -)>^!1 ^^^ -ly D -ness, h^llhl R. ^^1 

Individual, a. m. ^n^^ f. rl^^^ -s. m. Tn^ • ::^\^ f. * hth^ 

' TV - - • T • ▼ • : 

ni^i^ -ly, singly, IHSt Ifli^ * t^^^ij^ ti^^^i^ -ity, mT^ 

Indivisible, m. s. 11^^ p^n** t^^ -ibility, m^H*^ 

indociie,m.s.ti^Bp * ^y*ntf}p -ci\[ty,nW^^ * f]"!*!; n^^j^ 

Indolence, m^Vl[ * '"^Sl? ^ill^t^'^nn Ch. -lently, -1 

-lent, m. s. h)iV * H^^ni * ^C^^np Ch. 
Indubitable, \Nil1 * ^r[ R. HT * fipSl * pDD '•^H -ably, -2 
Induce, to persuade, nr}i^ * n^DH \^^t^n R. i^m to bring 

on, n'^pn * nno -ment, ]iK^;? * n'^p 
Induct, (him) "Sv i^nj nn^^g thj-ion, • -n npm * 'b^ nK**? 

R. J^12 -ive, leading, Q^DD * T^lD R. DDD 'iS^ 
Indulge, ]in * D^>5 i^i!^5 -ence, r\l>:in * D^^a n^^^^fe^J -ently, 

~n -ent, m. s. j^inp * D^?? ^^Ji^l:i ' 

Indurate, (the heart) n^H n^^ ^l?!^ -tion, 2^n \^r3^ 
Industrious,m.s.'7pW * pnri ^nt Ch.-try,*nTpti^ *niP-;t 

r^^)i^1n -triousiy, -n 

Inebriate, to make drunk, 12^ get drunk, IID^ * ")?i?ti^n 

-tion, ]1-|3Ji^ • ni13!?^ 
Ineffability, H^^ hv_ ^^^J^. "^ri^g -fable, -fably, * ll/'lph |^« 

T T - •• T • 

Ineffective, -ficient, pn * ^^J/l** ^h R. ^I/** -fectual, -ficacious, 
HD") * HD "^^^ -l -fectually, -|ai b^^VV ^hh -ficacy, ^'Jl^n 

Inelegance, pjy D ^'Dj'^ "IDH -egantly, 2 ^ant, m. s. * h^t^ 

av^ no ' 

190 INE-INF 

Ineloquent, m. s. ]'\ti;b Ha ^33 * D^TlSife^ •^lif 
Inequality, disproportion, DO^jt/.n ^^MH} "IDh 
Inert, m. s. Hpl? ^13 -ly, H^l.^n ^nH??? 
Inesteemable, m. s. H^D^ ^b " T J^^ D^t^H Ip*" 

inevident, nnp? ^nn "^^^^^ "i:^^ 

Inevitable, ]1D; * ' 'D CD^^I ""^n -ably, -^ 

Inexcusable, ^^H^^ ns^^. t^^ 

Inexhausted, m. s. *n'7D *Dn t^^ -ible, ^TH "'^n 

//T T //- ' VT • ; 

Inexistent, m. s. i^)^D2 ^^^i^ * 11^^ 
Inexorable, m. s. ni'V")^ *n^f; * ^b *n{i^p 
Inexpedience, nlS*" *lt:^D ''D^n -dient, r\i^'^ "Iti'D I^K 
Inexperience, H^n^n IDH -d, m. s. n^nDil *")Dn 
Inexpert, m. s. Ch. ^p2 -)\nO i^^^ 

^ //!.T 'II T 

Inexpiable, HSp^^ J<7 

Inexplicable, "Itji; X^ 

Inexpressible, ti^nS^ ^i^ -ibly, nSD^ TilH^ |^^? R. i;i: 

Inextinguishable, nbD^ ^^^ (a fire) "^X^T HH?^ t<^ 

Inextricable, m. s. V /rT^ i^? 

Infallibility, n^Pim * nb^^^i!^^ |Vi?? -lible, m. s. ^n.^^"; N7 

-libly,^^^'';l5i^ n^rco ^^i 

Infamous, m. s. 733 -famy, 11733 * "I^ID -famously, —3 

Infancy, IW^^ -fant, 1^^ * b^V * ^.^l;/ 

Infantry, "^^31 HpH^p '^l^ ("P 

Infatuate, n^D * ^Hl -tion,nVjn?) ^n^^^lH 

Infect, ^312111 -ion, p^31 -ious, m. s. plll'inp 

Infecundity, (of an animal) t^T\pV, (of land) ]ln 

Infelicity, np ^jU^^H^^n 

Infer, CDD^ * "D t«^V'i''^-e"ce,D|)ti^P 'iSV'ID R. ^^V'^ *NVp: 

Inferior, m. s. s. ^njt/H *^?i:i^ -, a. j;;n| -ity, "TIJ^PI Hl^ptt^ 

Infernal, m. s. n^HtS^O ^ HHt^D * Tt^D *r"» 

' • ? - T r T ' ~ 

INF— INF 191 

Infertile, (land) nn -tility, \'\n 

Infest, y'nh * inv * \i^ 

Infidel, m. s. l^lp ^50?? 'tj'^npP •"),?^3 Ch. ♦ Dllip^?^ 

Infidelity, ^^b un^ nt^^nDH rfn^DS Ch. 

Infinite, Vj?. T^? R- V^P * ^'5^?? V? R- ^70 -itely, IJl 

-iteness, INO TNpn 31 -itive, t^^nii^ * l'\pD 
Infirm, m. s. HDl * t^^l^H -ary, D^^lH fl^n -ity, -ness, * jl^gn 

Inflame, to set on fire, p^lH * 1^V2^ to irritate, * ^St ^^r\>l 
HDn n7^n -mable, m. s. tS^^t *1p*'Hr) (person) m. s. 
HDn *:i:^^>^ -mation, IX^aH * HlplO R. Tp^ (of the body 

or blood) n\ih^_ ♦ nn'^p -matory,' * ti^jj^n n^vn;; ♦ p^5»7^ 

Inflate, miD i^^D -tion, nn3 n^^1VQ 

T ••- '- TT 

Inflect, decline, nltDH -ion, n*tO:3 * H^tDH 

- T • ; T T ~ 

Inflexibility, '^t^♦p -ibly, ~2 -ible, m. s. H^j^ * D^p 

Inflict, "^;; hbi ' °nist t^:iif -ion, ]*'n^D! ^ t!^.?ii; 

Influence, to bias, 2h nlt£)n cause, n"^pn * 220 -N. T * Hi 
-fluent, °^^^ -^^n -fluential, m. s. HCDD * a^DD * 31fi^n 

-flux,^^K HD^'pn * n^^n r. nto3 

Infold, T5pn ♦-)1-)^ 

Inform, to acquaint, J^nlH R. i/T accuse, rP?^D *im) 
liC?^ -ant, -er, p_>l^D * I'^tO^D * JID^ -ation, * niJllD 

Informidable, m, s. H^l * DVi^ ^^^i^ 

V T T V •• 

Informity, l^h ^Jl^n 

Infract, nn;^ *'j^-^-) -ion, the breaking, HTn^ * '"^^*'V'^. 

violation, nn^vn * n'l^n r. -iid 

TT-: - TT -: 

Infrequency, Ch. npp n^'?''?l ^Pib'D, * m]^"} -quent, m. s. 

n^Dt!^ ^iVD ^^:i-i' Wnp^ ' 

-ft ' -r II T //' T ' •'. 'Itt 

192 INF-INH 

Infringe, n'r\r\ "ISiH R. ni^ • niD * njVP ^a ^2V -mcnt, 

ni2vn ^nnnx; ^nnsn 

Infuriate, m. s. HDH *iS^D 

T •• " T 

Infuse, "^j;; pi!^^^ ♦ °nK i^-?D -sion, njj'^v^. 

Ingathering, ^^p^? 

Ingenious, m. s. UT\p * /^5^^ -nuity, subtility, * DD'lV 

7?^ -niously, —2 
Ingenuous, m. s. Dfl * 1^^ * D^?^?^^i? *t^*^ -ly, ' ^JJ'^? 

Din -i R. DDn 

Inglorious, m. s. ^'im * ^Dti^ -ly, n^j-ini * t')!!! 

Ingot, fiD2 nnr ^co: 

Ingraft, p^lH * ti^");;i^n (a sprig) 2'^in 
Ingratiate, ih n^^ Di:! Iljp 

Ingratitude, niico '^^^j * Hnico nnri nj^n mwn 

Ingredient, n^VP? I^- '"^'^^ * P^D 

Ingress, nnS * ^^Inp -ion, n^^!l 

Ingulf, to cast into a gulf, D^5 H'l^ * DlHn^ inlH 

Inhabit, p:^ * 3i^^ * "ll'l * ^ilT -able, ii:^lDS *^1J^n -ant. 

'•t X T t:t 

' •• •• T 

Inhale, n^n ^KJi^ 

Inharmonious, m. s. D;;^ *npn * D'^i/J 1";^ l^^^ijt 

Inherence, mpn*n -rent, cleaving to, m. s. 'p2'\1 inborn. 

Inherit, t^l"^ * bh^ -able, t^nV * bm'' -ance, ♦ nti^'n*' 
r\bm -or, m. s. t^'^V -ress, H^nV 

inhoid", p-^rnn * ^pn r. ^id 

Inhospitable, m. s. *>Sp * n^j 1^^? -pitahty, *n^nn? noh 

Inhuman m. s. IDtit * 3.^ *nti;^ -ity, ninpi?t * D^ nVt^\t 

INJ— INO 198 

Inject, throw in, nln^ P'lt iS'^^H R. i^l3 .ion, H^^nH 

Inimical, m. s. ' '^ "^^^OP * "^V 

Inimitable, m.'s. ♦V^^jt'^l'li; l\St -itably, n^i^^^n Dn? 

Iniquitous, (person) m. s.JJ5i^B ' Vpl -quity,i^;^"l. " SJp^ 

Initial, nnrin ti;^i 

Initiate, n^_ n^^ k^-75 * i5n -tion, D'^N^D * ^^:^^\ 

Injudicable, '?^D'] N^ -judicial, CO^^JpD ti^ti^ -judicious, 

m. 6. m^2n *in i\^ 

Injunction, Hiyp * "^I^V * HllpS 

Injure, p*>rn * J^nn R. VM .jurious, m .s. pMD * VU? -juO^ 

Injustice, ^ijt; * n^ii; * i;ti^") 

Ink, Vl, -stand, ")?)lDn riD)^ -y, in? 

Inland, D^p^ni^ini. ^^3lp.^t 

Inlay, HDIH liDin HSl^ 

Inlet, ^^i39 ♦ nnp 

Inmate, m. s. "D;/ n^^n a:^/!"^ "12 

Inmost, D^pDr.Q*n^P^?$ 

Inn, (for travellers,) D^HnlK'JI^P -keeper, m. 8.-^^2 *hV2 

p'Ti'i^ Ch. 
Innate, l/^^pl/ICOJ 
Innavigable, 123JI ^h 
Inner, riiri*3np/^P'^:$ 
Innocence, ]l^D^p]^ (of a crime) \^^p^ -nocently, —2 -nocent, 

m. s. D^pr\ * or) *^p: 
Innovate, jir^-jn li?.r^-tion,ni::?7n ]ipri-tor,nit:^nn ijpnD 

Innumerable, nspp ]^^i; IV 

Inoculate, ns^H 'fH^n -tion, nnsin * HD^nn 

••;- I.. ;- ' tt;- tt;- 

2 A 

194 INO— INS 

Inoffensive, m. s. *p''r *i/"V; t^^ R. pO*;/*!") -siveness, 

A] l?n n^D -sively, -a 
Inordinate, m. s. ^.13/2) * h^b^D R. bb^ -dinateness, * bl3^!l 

T : T : % : . : • 

nplDnjn -dinately, -D 
Inquest, Inquisition, HTpH * n^**"]*! 
Inquire, t^l'l,^' lO/i^ll * b'^^ -ry, H^n^ * nb^tl} * -)1p3 
Inquisitive, m. s. 7|"1P * 111 R. 1^T^ 
Inroad, ^^ D^:i^$ * ^^^ n^DH R. ;JD3 
Insalubrious, m. s. p^tl? R. pT^ ' OlD ^^^ 
Insane, m. s. bnhf? * ^^pt2 * ;;|^p -nity, ^^1^ b^})'^, 

njjij] R. VT 

Insatiable, m. s. *;;5^^ ^b -ness, njjnl^ IDh 

Insatisfaction, ^I^HI^n IDH 

Insaturable, m. s. 'niJ:^tp'VT.. ^,V^. ^b 

Inscribe, to write, 'bsJ 2h'3 dedicate, "Ili^ DH^ Ch. * ll/m 

-scription, nDil!p 
Inscrutable, "IpH T^ IV m. s. IJnp? 
Insect, ti^Dn * Vl-^ 
Insecure, m. s.W^Z llDil ^3:\^ (his life,) 1^ D\S^^r^ *rt^ 

n^3p ^ ]'2p?2 Ch. -rity, ]in^3n npn * n^i^p 

Insensibility, niti^?ltD -sible, m. s. dull, t^^lD imperceptible, 

Ch. tj^^iv^? ' ^^P ^i?'9 

Inseparability, IH^V^^? -arable, m. s. ^n^^.P^^n^lri^ 

Insert, 'bn ^^plH -ion, HSpin R. ^D^ 
Inside, ^1n * "^P"^:? * n:? 
Insidious, m. s. HJ^niO * ^^t^?P -ness, H^nD * n;p-!-ly,-3 

Insight, nmr) * nj;;i r. ht 

Insignificance, nipn -leant, m. s. pn/ 3^m ^2;\^ * ^j? R. 
bbp -icantly, ^fjj? ♦ m^p? 

INS— INS 195 

Insincere, m. s. tS^'n^P * ^^n -ity, ti^n? * HSil^n 

Insinuate, to hint,Dh *rb"l Ch.(one's self) 3^-rii^"all3 HCOH 

R. niD: -tion, nr^D"! * 37 n'^CiDn' n3"^:i5 

Insipid, m. s. 75n *Djt;;0 *-)D -ity, D^JD IDh 

Insist, --n prnn (in his) inifn ^?r nb^ r.;;t 

Insnare, ll/p^ * ^^P^?n 

Insobriety, (1")3^ 

Insociable, m.s. D^I/H ti^^K 1^;^^ R. Hi/n * H^^^P 

Insolence, nii^?5 ' nr\V 'lb \'\'l]R,n^:^ ♦U;; *Tir-lently, 

~2 -lent, m. s. 2b Hn^i * D"^;^ t;; * ^r 

Insolvency, ''t^J D^^"^ n^D: ^nh^ -ent, m. s. V^i^ ntiS 

Insomuch, JD * HDS * It^i^ ly 

Inspect, to examine, Si^gH *7^T)'t(/il to overlook, H^'^ti^n 

-ion, m^n 'r^^b3mn ♦ nmt^n -or, n^^pD 

Inspire, encourage, ptH infuse into, vV p^^ -liini divinely^ 
f^V^^. n^'"! Ij'^I^ ^^^? -ration, a drawing breath, 
nn riD^iJ^ti^ an infusion of spirit, -'2 Dfl^K Hn n^*^^ 

Instable, m. s. rni2) * "i?i?Dn -biiity, n^m^ * npv^nn 
Install, 'b^ ipon • 1^^ nx i^hD -lation, n^p?i * D•^^^^ to 
-ment, bi» nrn: 

Instance, importunity, rTIVDH example, ^I^P*! 

Instant, the present month, iltil \^lh\l urgent, m. s. ^^113 

-aneous, 1/^-13 -ly,;;^-) ^]^. 
Instead, nnn ' ^btl * DlpQS 
Instigate, pTH * i^-^ti^n * n^DH R. ^t^:^ * fl^D-tion, , ]'\^fD 

nnDH -tor, n^DD * ^^ti^^ 
Instil, to infuse, "2 ^^'^H R. ^^2 (into the mind) 3^3 ]r\^ 

-fetion, --3 HtiCOn *3^3 H^^rii 

T T - •• : T • : 

Instinct, ^^^n a natural desire, Ch. "'Jt/^tO \*Dn -ive, "^J/gO 

-iveiy,;;3Dn -rnin 

19(5 INS— INT 

Institute, to establish, Ipn *TD! -N. bb$ -tion, a law, * njl!^ 
pin an establishment, ^iDp * ppn -tor, m. s. 1i?np * IBV:^ 

Instruct, Pl^^? * 115^ * nnin r. nn^ -or, ♦ ^^b^ • nni;:: 

Tg)^P -ion, the teaching, IM^h ' n'TlD * niph order, 

Tpsib ^ mv;:D -ress, nnlD • niri^hD -ive, * ^^sfc^p 

Instrument, a tool, ^^3 a deed, nn? "i;?^ Ch. -al, m. s. 
Insufferable, ^:nD^ ^3^3^ ^^ R. h^D 

// T % : //T : % : 
Insufficiency, inadequateness, ^DH inability, riv'D] ^^ri/B 

-cient,m.s. "IDH NnW^35;^-ciently,]1p55-|nj^n-^2^ '^b 
Insular, ^li? ^:^ -sulated, m. s. l^^b^ ^ 1^12 * 1'l3/» 

Insult, x^i * ^10 ♦ ^^p_ -N. ^^^^? * ^nn * n^^p 

Insuperable, ^t^/XI nb^ph^ T^.m. s. 13;SP liD ]\i? 

Insupportable, h^D] ^^/'^^ t*^ R. h^'2 

Insure, rC^pnn -ranee, ]ln^? * H'^np -rer, m. s. n^itD^D 

Insurmountable, m. s. I'l^f? hVl} * *n-^3p ^^^ 

Insurrection, Tl^ 

Integer, ^^H ♦ 73n*^D -tegral, m. s. ^^b * D>^ ^ K^D 

-tegrity, mf^b^/ * mD"^p:? * 1^0?:? 

Integument, I^S * H^^^p Ch. 

Intellect, ^5?^ * HJ^B -ive, m. s. -bV2 -ual, ^'^P^ 

Intelligence,notice,n-)ti^-l * nj^^lD skill, ^35?^ -ligent, m. s. 

nj^b?2 * nvj. *'^'^^ * ]I?T -ligiWe, m. s. ]un^ ^p/coitra 

Intemperance, Hnn^f^t^ * iin^ti^P -perat^, tD^t^D ^^3 m. s. 

D3itJ^ -perature, disorder, ;ir^n j7ll 
Intend, design, ])3 * 7?n 
Intenible, S?^D^ ^'^ R- 7^:3 * Ch. nW^ ^^3 
Intense, intent, m. s. ipit^ * flH great, lXP-ly,-Tf;-ne^, 

INT— INT 197 

eagerness, ^D:2 * njjlt^n sharpness, nil * hi) * pth 
Intent, design, ]^pD -ion, HJIS -ional, —2 -ncss, * niT^PJi*^ 

niVnn -ively, —2 
Inter, l^p^ -ment, iTIUp 
Intercalary, PlOli R. P1D^*"IW Ch. -calate, ^^DlH * "inj; 

-calation, HiiDin 

' T T 

Intercede, to mediate, 'bv ^,1^9? V,^^0^-V*»^ ^'^H^ H^^.^^ 

-dent, m. s. x'^bn * '1^2 *i:^^?p 

Intercept, iV^ * -O ptnn * l^p^»l 

Intercession, H^^^p * mip-ID R. DID -sor, ^^p ♦ ^DIP 

Intercourse, * nnnnnn * ninnp, * ni;;n r. n;;") * ppi? Ch. 

in*! (as 'im ^h I'^IS: "inn / have no -with him.) 
Interdict, 'hv Hl^ -ion, H^j^n J^*^ m_VP * HnH^St 
Interest, to care, t^^lH * :^t:^n to make -for, 1J12 y^t^T)ri -N. 
- concern, pDl? * l^?j; advantage, r»^i?1]1 R. ^^/'i usury, 

■ n^nnp ^ri^^nn to lend out at-, ^^02 p]p3 ihj 
P ri'^nnn ni^n -ing, m. s. 2^i:;r\ 

Interfere, ' 2 nij/Pn -rence, "2 1^^2'lVT^r] 

"t;* It'* 

Interfused, m. s. "^Ifin ^1^3 * 3"Ti;p 

Interjacent, •^'1^5 * D^^l 

Interjection, n^njpn D^D R. ^^D 

Interim, D^n^n * H JT HB ]^2 

Interior, -Jin * "^D^^? 

Interlace, Dbn *12r\ 

Interline, Hi-nti^n \^2 2h'3 -ation, nllltS^n ]^2 HH^H 

Interlocution, nnip * n^JJDYmV.^ -utory, -^{i^ 

Interlope, (see Intrude) 

Interlunar, t^lh ^1D 

Intermarriage, ni^iinnH 

Interminable, ivh^n *'^n R. H^D ^.fllC^Jp T^i^? 

198 INT— INT 

Intermingle, -mix, ^inV * 7/3 

Intermission, j; J|-]P * HJItl) * nyf2V. -sive, --3 * ]''^T\p^ Ch. 
Intermit, ^'^pH R. hhp 
Internal, *^1n * ^^"^^5 

Interpolate, Ipj^b J^^DIH -tion, Ij^^^ n^D'in R. ^ID** 
Interpose, mediate, HV^ V^^^n f^)pn 
Interpret, explain, 1^^ * inD translate, ^^\9pn * D5nn Ch. 
-ation, n^i^-I * ]1-)p?i * D^^-iri -er, ^lij^np *'-)nl2i 

ip^-in;^ Ch. ' . 

Interregnum, .^3^'?^ ^|^?^]^5 Ch. 

Interrogate, ti^l^ * ^ J<^ -tion, n^n'n * n)^^ -tive, 

n^^.st^n ^i;]? -tor, t^^ni'n ♦ ^.^it^ 

Interrupt, to hinder, J^/n.^H -one inhis talejin^n^l.^^ln^ D'^^DH 

-ion, n:coi^ ♦ ^vi/zt: 

Intersect, 3n'^^ ^31; -ion, inj;? 
Intersperse, Hit * *)t§ 

Interval, D^rin ^ni)^ rt3 r3 

Intervene, Dnl^? lb|f -ient, m. s. D^J^gH *ti^^i!^ -tion, 

n^^^p *m-)pnp r. did * D^np htp^;. 

Interview, D^;|i nlKnnn n^lR.^^ 
Interweave, f3;i^ O^J? 
Intestate, m. s. Ht^^V "^^3 110 
Intestine, internal, *qiH * ^'D'^^S -tines, D^J;?Q * D^lj? 
Intimacy, n^I/n -timate, ^/^llH" ' ]m H •?! -N. a confidant, 
i/niD *X?1 R.i/T "H;;") -timately, mnnp g -timation, 

nnp-) ^rpnch. 

Intimidate, D*iS^ * ^n?n ^IH^H -tion, Hin^H 

Into, '^inj' 

Intolerable, m. s. IXp J?-) R. i/n -erably, ^3^3^^ X^ •'D ^V 
R.^1D-erance,D:§ii^ "iVp * nii^gp ^n^g-erant,m.s. 

INT— INV 190 

D.'^giNt nvp * D*'?^ *>^i^\ xb R. Xl^2 

Intoxicate, m. s. "l^tL^ -tion, ]1")5^ 

Intractable, m. s. 22W'^y*^P\^ -ably, ^^ n^^^p_5 

Intransitive, "TDij/ 

Intrench, nhvr\ IDH * PH nJn ♦ nhh'lD l^m -ment, 

T : t:« tt: t: »"t 

Intrepid, m. s. ^^11 *Si^^^^ * ih *f P^? -ity, n-?n V^;!DJ< -ly. 

Intricacy, pn'l * HD^D -tricate, m. s. ^^33 * hllhlD 
R.Hb ^ ' ^ ^*" 

Intrigue, 'bv ti^in * DbT * DP -N. a plot, l^j^ amour, 

ma^i? n;?r -riguer,yn ci^nin * D'^ppln ::^^k 

Intrinsic, inward, *^P^]39 * *^i]1 real, ^1D^^. -ally, —2 
Introduce, ^^^Il^ -duction, a bringing, HSllin a preface, 

b n^-^n R. i;^;^ ^ n^ipn * j^inp -ductive, -7 

Intrude, intermeddle, m. s. *17 biv 12111 *21V^1 encroach, 

hull :i^pn -der, m. s. *i^ t^^ nnnn *in^rip ** ^n^ *j^p;;) 
-sion, *i^ ^^^ 1212 nmi;nn *^U5n:iDn r.':id: 

Intrust, "rii^ lp.?n ' l^^n ]hj (with his secret) "b IliD HD)? 

Intwine, n2]J * ")t^ 

Invade, "^jt/ OiTS * ^^^ Jl'^DH -der, m. s. °^jy * tDSi^l2) 

• -2 nn^np ^ ^inA*:i -d?) r. :d2 

Invalid, a. m. s. tl^l * mbn -, s, PS * IVp ^t^^^H -ate, to 
weaken, n§nn*t:^1^n make void, ]^^?^ Dlii^-ity, * TO IDn 

Invaluable, m. s. I'm' np^*^^ * *n^P^ ^i^ 

Invariable, m. s: n^}] ^'^bni iib 'D^p -riableness, * n^'^'^pn 

DVp -riably, Tr2r\ * ^^w * "^^n 

Invasion, 'bv 1:!^'^^;^ * 11)^ -sive,m.s/nDnSD 2^1 *ty\^ 

200 INV-INV 

Invective, f\^'^5, ' f^l^H -ly, -3 

Inveigh, pifT'Pi'V 

Inveigle. HnS * ^^m ' ^^pH R. )^m ' n^V -gler, ♦ n^DD 


Invent, to discover, «if D feign, 2^72 «13 -ion, ' nS^'P'^ 
D^^3 -ive, m. s. 0^]^ * ^^3^9 * ^^'^OD '^JU? -or, m. s. 

Inventory, D^^tpVoaH nD^tl^l R- ^'^^ 

Inverse, HniDnO -sely, ^SH^ -sion. T|Dn n?1Sqn 

Invert, "Tlbn -edly, TTDn HDIDnn? 

Invest, to Jonfer,"^ ^hj (in an office) T n« nVd besiege, 

Investigable.^p.n;'. -2^17. -tigate, IpH ' B^^^^ -tigation. 

n-ppn • ntt/"'i'i 

Investiture, nVTi^h nyj13 

Inveteracy, (hatred)'n«#n ^nj (of a disease) ^tl?p. n^TPr> 

"iVnn -erate, m. s. nE/;? * ptn 

Invidious, m.B.nJ/ *i?,7. ^^ -"^«^' ^-^^ fP "^'^ "'y' ~^ 

Invigorate, n»n '2^ ym i?m>.tion,3^ nrm^} 

Invincible, m. s. ^U^D ^h3 ' n3??P DltO r« -cibly. 
Inviolable, ^H^ n?U?. «^ R-^^H -olate, m. s. D^?' 

Invisibility, risi?" ^Jn>3 * nai'7£n -ibie, • ns-13 ir« 
ubp -ibiy, ni^-in ■''?3 

Invite! call, "nX Xnp, -tation, HN^p -ter, '>«nip ♦ Hriap 

n-iDiD -tingiy, nnpna 

Inundation, D>-n D^D ^m ' h^2D R. ^33 or '?'73 
Invocate, -voke, 1311^0 ' tt^pS ' °^S KTp^ -vocation, ' HSn]^ 

Invoice' nninpn na^B*i 

INV— JOY 201 

Involve, to comprise, p'^THil * h'h'2 entangle, * ilDIDpil i^^'Iin 

Involuntarily, iSn")3 ^^^ Cli. * nipH? Ch. -untary, 

ni. s. *i:iv-in ^^^} * D5i^^ 

Inure, -j^n * %in -ment, JH^p ^^fHO 

Inutile, ^^;;i'^ ^h *^?w -tiuty, n^i/ln ^n^n r. hj:^ 

Invulnerable, hlirV PT^ iih ' 

Inward, within, "^lil? * ^"!!?.4 * i^^??? -^y» privately, 

• T I ' • 

lota,'^ ^ti^n:^p 

Job, chance work, H^pP "15*1 

Jockey, one who rides, 33*1 

Jocose, m. s. ^ilHp -ness, D"^^^]!?! -ly, -2 * plnV? 

Joggle, jolt, rtx/r *ii:v: ^nnjR.i/ir *x;i:: *n:: ' 

Join, nn^ * nnn *m^ *D3n nji^j^ -er, \*j;; t^nn -t, a. 

i«» pi- Dnan -t, s. (of bones,) Ch. ^"!n^?:^ p-JD -ted, m. s. 

-)g^p: -tiy, v'lni * ^rvji -ture, ^^^p-^D?q * nn^n? 

-tress, — ^7^3 

Joke, pny ♦ Snn -n. h^r\r] * pinv -er, pnvp * ^ri-^P 

Jollity, jovial, 3^ niCO * n^nyp-Uly.-a -ly, m.s,*D5 *21D 

" T 

Jot, '^ h^ "ivp 

Journal, iDV? DV ^^^^IH ni'l np^^?") -ist, m. s. 
Journey, HnV^^ lij^ ^JflDJ -N. HV^D? * UDP * *l^np -man, 

Di*> -lOii^^T?^ * ^^I2j -work, 1^?^ r\b^v^ 

Joy, to rejoice, Hbt^^ * VhV * Hin ♦ ibv ' ^15 * fe^^fi!^ -N. 

-fulness, nnp^ * n^nvp * nnn • n^^5 ♦ \\tvf -fuiiy, 

-n -less, -ti^3 -ful, m. s. -^)6 * Pp^ * ^H^ -ous, m. s. 

2 B 

202 IRA— IRR 

Irascible, m. s. HDH *l^n?2 *ti;''^ ' Dll/D^ *nl3 * pI/S * UJ"! 

Ire, DV2 * r:n * ^YB -^^1' "^- ^- ■~^.^? 

Irksome, H^hr^b * H^b^ 

T T : • ~ : 

Iron, to smooth, DH ^Pnn p.^HH * f HI -N. s. m. s. br\'2 
-, a. made of iron, —7??^ -monger, — *15'i^ 

Ironically, h^Dn "^nin Irony, t:^b^nn * Dn^in ^.5*1 

Irradiance, -diation, HHt * ni!^\ -diate, -)\n?n ^iTSlH 
Irrational, absurd, vDJi^n 1-553 * nD^DHJn void of reason, 

m. s, n:)un *ln i\^ -ity, minnnr^riDn r. rn^i/T 
-ly, ny\2r) ^^2 * co^si^p \7n 

Irreclaimable, H^pn l\^nm. s.iDi;::)*nt5^ X^ R. 10^ * Hp^ 
Irreconcilable, m. s. *r\)S1^ *")t^D'^ ^'^ *3^ *nt^p 
Irrecoverable, m. s. *2m^ 711 R. IV-i^ -ably, —2 
Irredeemable, m. s. *n'l^^ *'7i^-!^ ^b 

II VT • // •• X- 

Irreducible, m. s. *i:p_^\ *^P.^^. ^b 
Irrefragibility,nn5*Ch.nnD^ ^Hp^ ^il^ll-ragably, 2 

-ragable. Irrefutable, l^IDJ * 1M2 * nnB"! ^^?\^^ 
Irregular, m. s. bn2t2 * bjb^D R. ^^2 -larity, * Iti}"^ ^r\b2 

b^2b2 -larly, inp? t^^cf^ -late, ^5^5 * I'lDH r]hr\ 
Irreligion, D^li^J^ ^^y. '^^V? -giously, 2 -gious, m. s. 

.^.. ... .. .. '^ T T 

Irremidiable, m. s. IH^ * *17 KSDll^D ]\^ 

Irremissible, unpardonable, 1§51 ^7^\ ^ • 

Irremovable, *>^:i^ 7 -1 * m. s. *^br}'[ t^b 

Irreparable, Ng^p 7? * HJpi^ pl??5 

Irrepreviable, m. s. *mt:)'^ *7^^5^ ^^'^ 

Irreprehensible, -proachable, ''Dl 0^7? "^- s- ^"^P? * "'P^ 

Irrepresentable, n^*?"; * TV1 i^? 

Irresistible, m. s. IN? *prn * n^J?^ l^i/ 1%^ 

IRR— JUD 203 

Irresoluble, m. s. l^h *D^j5 

Irresolute, m. s. n^l2 * D^D^I/D ^Piti} hv_ *^Q'\^ -tion, 

m^ ]V?n 'pDD (for pD^) -tely, -3 
Irretrievable, h^pD l\S!l * iSilJlO "^^ -1 
Irreverence, Dy/p * 7PJ I^* ^'^^ -erently, —1 -erent, m. s. 

Irrevocable, T^H^ 1'^^? -ably, n^^H "^^3^ R. 3W 
Irritable, m. s. H^n n^7P *tr\^ * Di;:?^ nl3 -ritate, 

ts^i^in * D>j;;3n -ritation, nn nnvy r)"l& R. "ii/^ 
Irruption, Hprnn H^^B * ^u^ rnJDn R. ;iD2 

Is, (is understood in the pronoun, as 'l^^rtv?^ i^^H he is our 

Gody l!Dt^ (ID w'^a^ w /iw name) 
Island, '<^^ -er, m. s. —y^V 
Issue, come out, * 'D t^)Sl send out, IDifn * i^^^V^'"^ "N- 

event, ^llD * Hnnj^ * ri'i^pn R. n^3 discharge, * Hnn^ 

nir offspring, ^^y^5:^ -less, m. s. nny. * d^j3 *"iii!^n 

Isthmus, Xlj$^ 1\^'7 r^i^'l^") Ch. 

It, (this pronoun is expressed with the third person m. s. . as 

Kin 3lC0 it is good, ]5 ^^'^. ^^ shall be so. It is sometimes 

understood, as lyi 1"^^^ it is nothing.) 
Itch, (the mind) ^^DSH (the body) fpp -N. * ^D:b * DnH 

]^n;i^ *rij;;nv-y,^n^^ 

Item, also, Tl;;i a new article, ir\^ l'^^;; TD 
Itinerant, m. s. 1/01:3 * TJ ^I/J R. Ti: '}2^^ 
Itself, lOV^ as 1DVJ;?3 l^^n the thing itself. 
Jubilant, m, s. bnV ^^/nO -lation, H^H^ ^Ip * Hl/nn 
-lee, ^nl"^ . 

Judaism, n'^Ti.T ^^^-1S!^^ H^^^D n^ -daize, --n^^e ^hr^ 

Judge, decide, 112 * \*hn pass sentence, COD^ * 7^^ discern, 

ran -N. oDi:^ *n^^? ^^ *r?P -gment, *nji3n 

204 JUG— JUX 

mti;^ * nny • n^^^? -katory, (a court) ]n n-^n 

-icature, ]*^n' CO^:)it^n n3 -icial, -icially, * D^^^^Si-1 

It//— // •• - - ' J' 't ' ' ' 

mt^B^ -icious, X"2D * 7*'3S!^1? -iciously, HJUn? *7D??^5 

Jug, p3p5 n? *nn§v ^tpji? 

Juggle, ns)n * ^nn ^00 -gier, \^Dn *^;?"i 

Jugular, '^^^1y n"i:i Knj-i-i ^ji^ -guiate, ^'nm 

Juice, TV\Tw ^ TS^TVuTv? R. m? (of grapes) 0*^01/ Juiceless, 
m. s. ti^3^ -iciness, Jll^^tO") -icy, m. s. H 7 

July, \M^T\ * ^;;^nnn t^^-rh 

Jumble, Hb^ * aanj; -n. ^^s^3 ' i^^,:?"!^"];? 

Jump, j^^^ * v§E * "^i?.! -N- '^''h "^V'?!? * '^"^P"! 

Junction, m^nn^^Hn *]l^")3nnn -ture, union, HinH 

June, ivp '^p^hpr\ tr^ih 

Junior, m. s. Tj;^ *pCOjJ 
Juniper, DJlh 

Ivory, an?^ * b^vW 

Jurisconsult, ri/V-isdictionjrriJP 5 -isprudence, ]'*'11 ^1.^-P^ll 
-ist, ^Tr\r\ R. T\'V -or, C0|3lci^' -y, D^H^i^ * l^^l n^5 \ 

Just, N. m. s. p^'ny ♦ -jt:^'' -, ad, V\'212 ' DVDVD Ch. -ice, 
justness, tOgCi^p * n.^*" * p'lV (an officer,) JH * CODlt^^ 
-iceship, — H T^'lj?? ^ii?.5 -ifiable, p'lV? -ifiableness 
pT^n^ ItL^pn -ification, mp^iPV^ * m^-V^nn -ificator, 
-ifier, m. s. P'qV? ♦ p^D -ify^ P^nVH ''^^ p^H R. pj 
-ly, £0§^P3 * piyg 

Justle, to encounter, . • H i/i^ push, T]Xy^ 

Jut, to push out, *^^n^n 

Juvenility, (failings,) Dn^;/? HiS^n youthfulness, *nnnjj^ 
rmn-^. * m^^: -venile, -2 

Juxtaposition, I^ID m. s. *ini?-) 1^5 *^''J!^ ^P^*??. 

KAL— KID 205 


Kalendar, n^t^n'^D^mb 

Keel, nOi^nn^nnr^ 

T 't: T • : ~ 

Keen, acrimonious, ^^IH severe, m. s. "TDS * ptH * HJi^f^ *ti^ 

R. w -ness, Hiii'^'nn * nnn.p * ^t^j^, -iy,'^ti^R.? * Dnnpn 

Keep, abstain from, "D 1(?t^il continue, **^*'").^^^ * T^llH 
^"^pDn detain, nVi; ♦ n?!? Ch. defend,"^];; ]:^ ]:n preserve, 
nb^ dwell, nn^ R. n::^'^ nourish, b^h'2 -close, conceal, 

D^i;n * i^non -one*s bed, n3:^^;:D7 ^d:i -down, ♦ ^^:D•^ *p&t^i; 

^^^DH -an eye upon, 'bv I^y UW -his ground, ^^ lb;/ 
toipp -a house, n'^SH nli^^lH ^3^3 R. ^51^^ * ^13 -at 

home, n\2^ r\3^ -good hours, irii/i hd;^ ^in-niji^i; 

-bad hours, V^ -company, lliniin * jt/I^iinfl 

-, (as wine,) V^J^ll/ hv ^p^ -in his own hand, 1T!1 pmn 
-one's self, p^^nn -him employed, pDVT}*}^ inlJ^ mti^ 
-off, ^ti^n * ^JD -his word, Vn^ti^ i^VlD nb^ -open his 

house, nnn^ irr^n nhs -out of doors, y^r\^nbo -out 

of sight, i^^3nn (one's self) J^^Dt^"? -within bounds, 
-nrp^lD ^Urn^DHD ^f2Wn R. :iD3 -silence, Dl*n -up, 
IbV -what you have, '^J "1.^^^^ ^7 ^r\\ God -us, 
inpj^^. Dli^n -er, m. s. nDt^ ^ "l^j * l^i -ing, *]np^5 

T ; • 

Kernel, (of grapes) IVIH (of a nut) f^1| (of corn) HinS 

Kettle, ni'n ♦ nn^)5 

Key, Tan instrument,) Hin^^ -hole, -H IIH 3p.5 -stone, 

n^3n n5?i ti^.^i-i r. ^is^d 
j Kick, coyi -N. HD^j;;? 

I Kid, (of a goat) D'^i^ l^p'tf/ ' ^1^ 

I Kidnap, :^55 nJ2 -per m. s. l^g? *3?1il 

206 KID— KNI 

Kidneys, nvh^ -ney-bean, 13^11 ^IS f 

Kill, ;i'in ♦ :2^5j HDH * n^;Dn r. nDrm;!D to butcher a 

T V V •• - • T 

beast nnr * niito * tonts^-er,t:^i:)3 :!-)in n3D * nsco ♦ conit^^ 

Kiln, -n::i1 lime-,] ^33 

Kin, m. s. 3l-)p/ n^?:i^ 

Kind, class, J^D sex, j^D good, m. s. TDV) ' 310 * i5inp 

-ness, nItO 3^ llVn -ly, 3 

Kindle, set on fire, U}^ V^bm n^l^H R. DT catch fire, 

nij^ * p'l enrage, t]^VpLl * HDH I'^ifH 
Kindred, affinity, m3np. affined, m. pi. D^3i")p 
King, ri^D -dom, n^D^^D * HJ^^P * HjSpD -ly, niD^^^ 

.'s bench, ^n|n P'l ri*^3 -ship, 71:21^^2^:1 ID^t^D 
Kinsfolk, D'^3l-)p -man, VlJ\f2 'l^tl/ * 3i"lp^ 'h^i^ 
Kinswoman, n-)^?^ ''^5'i"'P 

Kiss, pj^^j -N. np"^^? 

Kitchen, n^:^3D-n^3 -boy, - niti^D -maid, -nnnti^D 

-garden, p*l"^ ]2 
Kite, (a bird) :D)V_ * .Tij^ pi. 'O'^l^ 

Kitten, N. ^inn p:v 

Knapsack, tO^p^^ * ^^P'l.ll Ch. 

Knave,Dni; * ^731: ' ^m * ^33 -ry, -ish, * D^^3? * n*p-| 

n)3? -ishly, -3 
Knead, mb -ing-trough, ri"1.ij^?!^p 
Knee, '^n3 ♦i;i| -deep, D^^^/^ ^H^K^ -1» -y'^? * 1"^?' 

-ling, s. n;;n? ' 

Knell, iTI^n ^^f^V ^^P R- ^^^ 

Knife, ]"^3^' a butcher's-, r\h^^D * ^br\D 

Knight, Di?P Dnn R. Dl") -N. (a title) ^^'V^jt a champion,] 

^^n-)in5 -hood, -n_^p -ly, -d^ -b ^i^-o 

Knit, *^*3p*-3h^!^ -ter, m. s. *^3lD * ;!l^^^ -ting-needle^ j 

KNO— LAD 207 


Knob, Knop, ^17153 

Knock, pbl 'H'Dn -N. HDP R. HD^ -er, p^lD 
Knot, unite, "IDD * IJi^iJ -N. a tie, l^if, a difficulty, * n^^n 
n^MD -ty, full of knots, On^p J^^^ hard, * pin*! 

Know, ifr * "l?n R. ")D^ -ing, m. s. intelligent, HiJ?. *ti^*'H 
conscious, iTnifl? -ingly, with skill, 75.^5 designedly, 

n^jDn -ledge^ n^n*; * r\v.'^_ * i/ip 

Knuckles, (of the fingers) rV^i^y^^T] * "^f^na 

Labial, D^riDi:^ r<yl»D R. K^^^ 

Laboratory, ^My:n n?«.^P IT^-l 

Labour, ^b^ * H*)^ * V!\l (in childbirth) ^^^nn n^V "^IH^^ 

m^ -N. ^r^i/^n'nb ^nv^^^ *nih ^*7n^n^^^ r. t^^ 

-borious, m. s. diligent, IpW * pin difficult, ♦ Ht^j^ 
113 -boriously, ilj^^-?"^? * '"^^^^0? -bourer, m. s. * ^j;1S 
12V -bouring, m. s. nn^Q ^I/^-OP 
Labyrinth, HJUp 

Lace, Db-j -N. bin * Hipn 

Lacerable, m. s. ;;-)i^^ * ^1^^ -cerate, (cloth &c.) J^ijP * Dh|) 

(flesh) nt^2) * ^11^ .ceration, H^^p ♦HViJ^S) * P]nt? 
Lack, lbr\ -brain, m. s. ^3!^ *"ipn -N. defective, m. s. "IDH 
Laconic, m. s. IVp -bnisim, "lIVp -onically, —2 
Lad, -)i;5 ^tD^y . 
Ladder, D^D 

Lade, to freight, 'hjJ D^^X/H -ding, HODVp 
Ladle, (a spoon) P]? pi. nl2)3 R. P^DD * I'^m Ch. 

208 LAD— LAP 

Lady, nb'ii} nt^tj: * n-i;n? -ship, -n ph'^_n -uke, ♦ n|3if 

Laid, m. s. 33t^D -up safe, D»3 ♦ ^DCO 
Lain, m. s. H^D^ 

Laity, Dnr R. mt ♦Di;n pon * ntol^in ch. 

Lake, D^^? 

Lamb, nJ^ -kin, 2^n H^D pi. D^^^O -like, n2i^:D 

Lame, crippled, m. s. HD^ * DI^^TH?? -V. -h'DW -ly, 
like a cripple, — D -ness, n^^^tl 

Lament, "h IDD * "^iT ^,?^??^^ ^^ip grieve, 'bv D^^i/H * nb^^ 
-able, aVi; -ably, -2 -ableness, ]lnVi; * ll^^^'l -ation, 
"72)00 ♦ TSDH * n:3^p * n»^?C ♦ ^•»:l^^n -er, m. s. • "l^^D 

.... ... ... y ), T*-; T« -: - 

Lamp, nnlJP -black, n**^ 

Lampoon, . -H pXVi^ ^jTlH -er, m. s. pHVP * ^riHp 
Lance, pJ^J * COh^ * -)p*1 -N. n^^H * ]iT3 -cet, bnt^p 
Land, set on shore, Ht^^H*'? t^'^lH come on shore, HLi^n'^? Ki3 
-N. a country H^np earth, '^^^ * ("1^3^ estate, * H^H: 
mfe^ -ed, -holder, m. s. — 7J/5 -l^cly, -lord, (of an Inn, seej 
Innkeeper) -ing place, ^\V^^^ ^IH -mark, 7132 -scape, 

msi^n mm -tax, ^-r^;:: ch. * *n^»n n-^o r. tid 

V T - T T : • ^ 'V V - - • 

Lane, ^Ti.'q. * nnDi;.!? 

Language, llCi^^ * HQ^ * lin^ fair-, DJTJ HD^ npij^ ill-, 
D'^Si^p Dnn'l ♦ D'^v'T^r R. ^^r -master, niiilss^^ 'ijtf?!::^ 

Languid, m. s. fl^CO^ * ^r^ * l^hfl * r\M ^HDl -guidness,. 
-guishment, -guor, ^l^?-) ^""^nb R. H^l * Hg^^H * n|)^^ 
-guishingly, —2 -guish, ^vji/nn * ^^i?r\n 

Lank, slender, m. s. p'T.R. ppl -ness, mp'l * ^''p*'! 

Lantern, nnV *n^;^^^. Ch. 

Lap, N. pm 

LAP— LAT iiOd 

Lapidary, ]2^ tt^Ol^ -idate, hpD * D^n -ideous, ^niSt 103 
-idescaice, ]2^/ '"'xt - 

Lapse, glide, ^2V^] ^hn ' hbp^ i^bn lose time, n^2}in 

Ifl'lBn R. -7;;'' -N, a fall, 113^^ * ^"bn a change, * t)^^n 

n::^ -d, m. s. gone, IDJ^ * H^S * ^3^ 
Lapwing, JlD^pTI 
Larboard, H'^^yn h^bii^- 

T" t: T : 

Larceny, Hllpil 

Lard, N. n\rnn ^p^t:^ -er, -)^3 nnp^D -iin 

Large, m. s, abundant, yi big, ^115 (person) H^ip *t^''5< R. 
•no to discourse at -, 0^3*1. T*?^'*!^ be at-, • 'b HlT Jy, 

3^^ ♦ n3n-in3 -ness, 3n^ * ^-rii ' 

Lascivious, m. s. lewd, n?p\ *J^1C0LL^ lustful, Hlb^n *^j;;3 

-ness, t]lD^5t5 * mitn ^ n^r r. Dut -ly, -2 

Lash, to strike, 1B^ * HSH satirize, Dn^llH ^313 "ID!! -N, 
a stroke, HS^J R. H^i 

Lassitude, ni^'^V * H^^bn * ll^i^-) * Hti^^H 

Last, continue, •^n.^5t^ ♦ ^^^'CS^pn -N. hindmost, * m'\im 
-night, ^:^p^^ -month, -week, "13j;n ti|7hi?pj/:> -year, 
n-T3i;n njtj^ at-, ^IID^ -of all, nnntjl -ing, m. s. djj; -ly. 

Latch, bv: -N. ^ii;?;? -et, bill ^life^ 

Late, m. s. slow, "l^^?p deceased, J^D R. T\)D benighted, 

innj^^^nnn nj^ti^n -in the day, inovn r. it -in the 
night, nbf?n niy.n? of ., -ly, 3lnj5^ too -, jDrn -)3y 

of -years, D^n^^ D'^P^P -ripe, ^)•^?5^it -ness, \^]n n^m 
Latent, m. s. thv^ * inD^ 
Lateral, -ly, ITV'? R- '^"T^; 
Lath, N. a slip of wood, y]J 12 
Lather, nnl3 '^D ^Vp 

2 c 

210 LAT—LAY 

Latin, ^pln"ll2^^ -ism, -2 -)13"in ]5lkS -ist, -2 \^2D 

Latish, ITM^D T^i^r] 

Latitude, breadth, 2r\l ( a degree) ^KH? Ji^nD^H Ij^D 

Latter, m. s. t:^"Tn ♦ ]1nn^ -ly, ti^lHD ♦ nllp^D -math, D^H^ 

Lattice, 3:2:^.^ * D^^in -work, HDniv nt^n n'^D 
Laud, ryiip * b7n -n. nnti^ * n7nr) -able, nn^p ♦ ^^np 

Laver, ")V3 

Laugh, (caused by merriment,) 'pr\)^*'pTW to deride, 
•*^ ^,pL^ pn^ -able, p1nV*p1n?^ -er, m. s. ' "pn^D 

pn^p -ing stock, y^rs'pr? 

Lavish, nr§*r3?5R.nb -N. m. s. -)t?)P ♦ rnnp -ment, 

-)ir?i ^ r^t? -ly, -a 

Launch, to start forward, r^B (into the sea) "in? Tl") 

Laundress, HD^I^ -dry, Dll^H DipP 

Law, a code, n")iD R. n*)*" decree, H'l^pn -of nations, 
D^PJ;;n tO§£J^p -of nature, ^/n^H ^n^. publish a -, ni \hl 
follow the -, nnln Ib^ go to -, (he) ICOSt^D ^^'IPD 
D^rl^i^.^ move for a-, r\l ]T\}T)h \)^l execute the -, 
CO^tf^P nti?^ be subject to a -, HJVP? T\S^Vh. ni?'^ Ch. 
learned in the -, rTli-Tl^J *^^< P "^ay» V^^ ^"^^ -expences, 

^5::^;:Dn thd ni^^^in r. ^i:;^ -fui, pi^; n^^ -fulness, 

0^:^P * r'n * n^'' -fully, -D -giver, ppinp -less, 
ryX^ ^btV -suit, tD^i^p * r\\}^r\ -yer, professor of law, 
^yy\r\ an advocate, pfe R. 1(^b 

Lawn, a plain, "llti^^'P linen, plD 

Lax, m. s. loose, HSn * "Tl R. H^l (in the body) rj:pn H^h 

-ative, D^''^p pn.p -ity, D\''j;;p T\p;in ^Vn/^^W " 

Lay, to place along, impose, D W -aside, let alone, Ht^ dismiss. 

LAY-LEA 211 

-\>pn R -IID -i.. one's way. "^JS^ jrij -by, ,i., reserve) 
ma?^P^ ]h3 • IbD -claim to. a>,^a -the cloth, 

in^tyn -j-n^y -down, n^tf'n • mn r. mj (flat) • nm 

nnpn (resign) nOD -the dust, p2iin pin -an egg, 
nV^iD^DTSl R. li-^ -hands on,' T H^tt^ WtJ' (as a 
bishop) r^^i; IT IbD -violent hands on, ■ '2 jt?J2 (on one's 

self) iDVi; n^pn ♦ ^ afpa .in provision, ' HTlf p^n 

DDK .S^P- lira niy -over, HD? -out money.' Win 
,??? rP? Ch. -open, make manifest, r\hi -hold, • '2 pmn 

-siege, »^^ n;n Tvn r. my -a wager,' ^3 v.ppi ' mrnn 

-waste, an.qn -N. not clerical, ^in ' i^^in -er. a stratum'. 

naf --lai: -ch.-man, nr •Di-'-^n ch.-staii, Knno • nia^x 
Lazer, i/nivp .zaretto. D"'i;niyan D-i^in ^"'3 " ' 

Lazy m. s. n^iip • nsn^lD ' ^^Jt? "-ziness. Jl'-a-) • m^'J;! 

-zily. —3 
Lead, V. "in.Tn • l^^ln • Jhj -on gently, ^nj -er -ing.m. s. 

T11P • I^^ID • J^n^p • ^nia 

Lead (a metal) nnali; -pencil, -£31? -en. made of lead, -'p^ 

heavy, m. s. 122 
Leaf, (of plants, or of a book) H^j^ (of a door, or a table) mb 

pi. nini^ -less, ^^bn 

League, a confederacy, l;^!^ ♦ Jin? -V. — nh:3 *-|t^p 

Leak, t)^LDn R. tjco:: * Pi^j;-in .N.*p-Tn » -)J|) .y, ""♦ m^^q 

Lean, incline, °^-)qj^ niCOH rest against, ]j;j^n ♦ ^p^n -N. 

nn • i^^n?; p^_ r. pp-r ^ H. r. ^H -ing, ** ,T^"n * n;p5 
nj^^p -ness, ii?n/ m v^'i 

Leap, r§P * ^h ^ ^Pn -xV.ny^ap -Jl^^/Tpi .year. 
Learn, tohear,;;b?^ gain knowledge, r^h teach, n;?^ ♦ t]^K 

212 LEA—LEG 

nnln R. ni*^ -ed, m. s.-T»^P -er, Tfp^Pi m.s. ID^h -ing, 

erudition, ll^b ' V^J2' ^V^^^T. 
Lease, N. H^T^ n'^B niSJ^^H let out by -, "l^DCS^n 
Least, N. ^^5? CO^P -, ad. niH^n ^^7 
Leather, lii: -n, -W -dresser, nlli;; TSj^P -seller, 

mm;; n^lD 

Leave, bequeath, ^'^H^H * l^^niH R. t^^l^ forsake, ti^COJ * 3tV 

-off, ••;::n^5"in **Tby -out, n^;n r. nr -at random, 

"TJ5P *lbj; -a remnant, l^^^tt/n -N. permission, * Dl^J^I 
nwn a farewell, Dn^CD? give-, * n^G^I. jh^ * n?i^"!il 

nip?n take-, D'li^i Hp^ * ii^an 

Leaven, V^pnn -N. -il^^^J^ 

Leavings, a remnant, ^^'^^^t^ 

Lecherous, m. s. n^ *n;;ln ^ D^4i:it *^7n -ery, *D^?^it 

Lection, a reading, HK^npn ^^"^^ 
Lecture, to discourse, tr^l'n reprimand, n^'DlH -N. ^'HJi^'I'l 

nn:)ln -turer, :i:^ni'i*t^-i'n*n'^:Dl.o r. r\y -tureship, 


Ledge, HD^n HH^PP 
' Ledger, rimiT] n1:1"l?in")^P 
Leech, njj^^i?. 


Leer, T^? nVy f hp^ -N. \)V_ nV^p 

Lees, Dnpt;^^ ni^njp 

Leeward, nk^Hi HnH i^j;?? * nnn 1^5?^ TV 

Left, opposite to the right, ^^5b?^ go towards the-, TD'^t!J 
■ ■^^ -handed, m. s. *1:^P^TnLDt? 

i-eg, hr\^ * plt^ 

Legacy, nti^'lT M^i? 



LEG— LES 213 

Legal, ]iD: * n^;; -ity, D|)?&?pntf^^ -ize, nvi^-j ^hj ♦ nti^in 

Legatee, m. s. t^hV * hn)2 -tor, m. s. ^Ti;?/? 

Legend, (of saints) D^:i^1"T|pn *»^n IDD 

Legerdemain, iTpn * DVr^j;/r) R. Hl/n 

Legible, Kli^n^ Hi: -ibly, in N-)ip f n^^ n^i'i^? 

Legion, JVJ^ Ch. 

Legislate, pj?.in * Hnln ^hj R. ni** -tion, Hnln ]]!;? -tive, 

-tor, m. s. pplnp * nnl2l *ini:i -ture, D%'l'7J^ 
Legitimacy, a lawful birth, ]'^tl/)1]:>) H^n? HT^ R. 1^^ 

genuineness, n'^rl^P^^ '£0|)5i^p -imately,* -^ -imate, m. s. 

l^^^^p^ npm *nVij ♦ DD.^ * iid; 

Leisure, 'i^?) -surable, m. s. -*l'7 ti^*"; -surably, -surely, 

rim? ♦'^>pnR. n3£i 
Lemon, :1-)n^^ Ch. 

Lend, h'^i^fn ^ n;^n ^ ni:^; (money) m^n -er, m. s. 

Length, extent, y)}^ -en, •in^H -wise, m. s. IDIkS 
Lenient, -itive, m. s. *^5"10 ♦*!]-) _ity, niST * Kg)^;? 

Lent, (a fast) ny]ii;nn r\v:vr\n ^^n^ r. mi: * uv 

Lentil, n^lJJ^ pi. D*'^!;; 
Leo, nn.iS: ^TD 
Leopard, IDJ 

Leper, m. s. ^/nl^^D -erous,.m. s. Jt/I^V -rosy, fli/nV 
Less, • D (prp.riinD much-, p t^'? ^^?t -en, grow less, 
ID'VD *i:^_^n grow less and less, l&n") rji^n make less. 

Lesson, pR * liis^n ")i;;(i^ 

Lessor, m. s. Dl't^ ri'^3 *"l*'3t2^D 
Lest, rgj 

214 LET— LIB 

Let, allow, n^-ljl leave, '-h mn R. m^ * "D blT} hire 
out, 1^3 t^n (this verb is expressed sometimes with a future, 
or with the imperative of ^^p and /'^V^H as, let me see, 
n^n^ or ^:V^in -fly, nW -blood, D'nt^pn -know, 

j;nin -down, in in r. "n^ -in, Kln;i or )^^2r\) 

Lethargic, drowsy, m. s. Dill^ * Htil -argy, HZ^I^ri 

Letter, an epistle, Tr\,^i^ * I^D (in the alphabet) nli^ -case, 

D^nnsn nnjnp^t -carrier, n^n^^ t^'m^ -ed, a man of 

letters, ipD JJl^^ -founder, nvn\^ pVV 
Lettuce, ri^jfl 
Levant, D*ljpn p.St 
Levee, ]1*»^^1 *D^?|) n»^5tn ♦"llpn 
Level, flatten, 1;^^;; * H]!^ to aim, ]^:DT] ^I^IS -N. even, 

^^i * nlJ^'^P (an instrument in building) '^^i^ -ler, m. s. 

^n^l ]1D)^ *nW5 -ness, DOnj/n "^l^ti^ 
Leviathan, ^H^l? 
Levite, *^l|7 -ical law, D'^iHij Mnln -icus, ^^npn -||ip 

Levity, r\irn§ * mn ni-^jp r. b^p 

Levy, 'by DP D^t!^ -N. ^^y ^Dl? * D^^ R. DDD 

Lewd, lustful, m. s. H/Ot *?iDlti^ ♦♦1^^ ni^^i nnsi *^^ln 
^;;»^n p -ness, r^^^'^n * ns^r r. n72\ 

Lexicon, JIItoH IDD R. 77D -cographer, 'H^DP 

Liable, m. s..]p^;:D R. 11D * ^^^j^ Ch. -to be fined, m'\V *\^ 
-to be flogged, niSH *|!l R. H^^ -to be put to death, 

T^^?2 *c^^\^ -to die, nn^Dr\ *]3. 

V T • T : ' V 

Liar, m np.;i^/p * :i^n?p * inr^ ^notj^ 

Libation, *^P5 

Libel, ?]nn ♦ f\i} *'hiJ n|i7 j^^yin -n ♦ J^nn *;;i d;?^ 

^1^^^ -lous,-^.^ -ler, m. s. * i^Tp^ '7?7 *J^^V^^ R- ^^^'^ 

LIB— Lir 215 

Liberal, m. s. ^^^nn *an3 -ity, niT"!? -ly, HTl^ nil? 
Liberate, release, l^'pDn ♦ '•t^DH^ hJ??/ (a prisoner) inn 

R. -)n3 -tion, the delivering, D^niLDS * Hl^ * JTirin 
Libertine, m. s. 311::^ * ^1^ -ertinism, ♦ nUnW * ni;;>3 

r^-ipDH Ch. 
Liberty, freedom, l^^h * nn^'H R. Iin leave, mJT") 
Libra, D»:iNp ^ip 
Library, Dni:)Dn IpI/'n^J^ nV1^^ -rian, - --l/tDW 

Librate, D>5 *7p^?^??n n^r^ -t[ou;7pji/f?n ^^^tl; 

Licence, grant leave, nti^lil * Illti^') ]h^ set at liberty, 

"inn -N. nw^ * ]vt^i, * nnnn r. in;] 

Licentious, m. s. H^T ^fjOW -ness, Hf^] ' rTOlIt^ 
Lick, (with the tongue,) "^H? * 'ppv 

Lickerish, jj^ ♦ ji^j^n *^j;;n * P5D/? 

Lie,(down,) ni)^-in wait for, H'^IV * 2hj; tell a-, * ") j5Ji^ * tS^n? 

nn * nnn -N. -)pj^ * ii/n'D * 3r3 * d^^i -i 

Lieutenant, \)D * ]§"l'^?^^^^ -ancy, — H nnp5 -anship, 

-n n^r.p 

Life, animal being, D^^H while there is- (in him) there is 

hope, inipn ^*^5^? t<^ iriDt^:? in iij;"^5 i owe my- 

to thee, ^^H'jnn he was in danger of-, it costs his-, 1Si^55? 
to venture his-, T^^D7 It!/?? ^1P( -giving, -saving, m. s. 
rr^np causes of- and death, Hlli^S^ ^5^*1 to try for-, 

Ill long-, D'^p; n5n.^? lay down his-, Ij:^?? lb? 

to fly for his-, WD? ^Vmh ijll all my- time, ^3 
•^n "^:^^ Iti/i^ D*'D^'1 he lost his- by law, 13 ID^I he is 
coming to- again, l3*)p vJl Iti^D? 3W he spends his-, 
D'>p; Hv^^p M^p; 1^3 -guard, (of a king) i^/^lh ^D^ltl} 
l^pn -less, dead, m. s. np R. ni/3 -time, VH ♦ \t?^ 
-weary, m. s. r»n3 *\*jj R. pp 

216 LIF— LIN 

Lift, elevate, m^ * ^?i ' H^jn -up the voice, ^1p DnH 

heave, D^H ♦ hH -n. nnii:!n * n^-in 

• T T T r ; - T T-; 

Ligament, 7311 * H/inn 

Light, to kindle, tl/^ p^hlH ^^^H R. n^^ meet with, 
• '^ ijj^ come down, ll"^ * vDJ to -one, or give-, '^^^^^ 
-N. s.-)1k^ " n^l^ -, a. bright, "^i^H^, not dark, ll^ not heavy, 
bp_ bring to-, n-?5 ♦ -)1S7 N^V^n come to-, * "ll.^^ NV;| 

nl^^n -footed, m. s. v^jnn *^j^ -of belief, rp^''!'^ *^E 

he made -of it, VJ^X? -l bp_: ibj^ -headed, nj/l *bp_ R. *;:T 
^^p -headedness, *J:;iil niv'p -hearted, 1^ ^D'l^O -ly, 
carelessly, pDH ^75 easily, m 7p5 -ness, m v'p -en, to flash, 

pnnn ease, ^^p ^pn -ning, pij * ptn * vm 

Lights, n|§l 
Ligure, Dl^7 
Like, to approve, ' '2 Xr^H niVl in the same manner, * IDD 

"D (as ^^i1*T^^5 *T5I/.3 Uke master like servant) -N. m. s. 

••^ n;:)"!*! r\i^ -ly, ^^^12:D *n^iD3 -lihood, niip 

n^t^? -n, r])}l}r] ^ nm -ness, T\^m -wise, HDS * |5 -ing, 

Lily, n^pn 

Limb, a bough, J^JJ^ *13 a member, D^i? n^ij^ Ch. -meal. 

Limber,^! R."i:)n 

Lime, (a stone) T^ * T^ -kiln, ];j^n3 

Limit, h^'2l UW * ^5Jn -N. bomidary, ^135 end, * f]iD 

D^nn Ch. -ary, b^'2:h ir)? -ation, n^n:?n ♦ y\^f 
Limp, V. j;*^v ^ np^n 

Limpid, m. s. clear, llH^ * -)^n|l ^ ^T * H^ R. ^:Dr * HH^ 

transparent, fj^p^ -ness, inb ♦m-|^^? ^niDT 'tVm 
Linden, ll-^bit 

LIN—LIT 217 

Lino, to cover within, D^^S/^ Hg^ HSiH -N. extension, 
^y< a string, HJpri * 7nn * "in.;; ♦ tOin the equator, ^p_ 
a mark,n-J15i^ ^age, HIl^^^'P * n-J^in R,T^^ -al, -ally, 

5iDj3 * nni:!^3 -ament, nniv 

Linen, ti^^ D^^f^^9 "TJ3 fine-, "l^n ♦^'^H -draper, - IDl;:: 
Linger, loiter, IH^ * n^HDnn ^after, D^iyi? mi ni^3 

-ing, a longing after, npt^D?2 ri/nlH R. 7)1^ -ing 

distemper, HD^-pp n^HD 
Linguist, m, s. ni3lt^'7n *pnp 

Lining, ^p^psn ^ic)?' * nj3n n^^D5 

Link, nsn * Din -N. (of a chain) n^^lp ♦ H^^H 
Linseed, 11^1^*2) I/^t 
Linsey-woolsey, t^pjl/^ 

Lion, nns: * ns * t:^^^^ * ^n,^ ♦ ^^^3^ -ess, t^i'ib (for 

n^^2b) pL nInK * D'^:^^!t ♦ n1^^n^ * D\N^3^ a young-, 

-)^DD a whelp, Hnk ")^:i 
Lip, Hl)^ pi. D^np^ (in regimen) nln^i^ 
Liquation, -quefaction, DD^^DD * "^^DH R. *]ni -qi^fiable, 

riDrip * l^pon -quefy, *^jnn * Opn *quescent, *quid, 

dissolving, DDSl 
Liquidate, tOj;[Dn ^j^l^lH 
Liquor, liquid, "13^ strong drinkj 131?^ 
Lisp, V. :^i; ' D^^l -er, m. s. :\hv * D|??3p 

List, to enlist him, DHipsn '^1nn w^i n^? XSi^J -Nv 

catalogue, Hip^^n (of cloth) l^^n T)^'^ h'ltl/ -en, ^Jjbti^ 
V^i^n * 2U;pr\ -less, heedless, m. s. V^'it:; 2^tl!}pD 13^^^ 

-lessiy, n:r*sn nat^^pn ^73 ^essness, 'r\'2mr>n ^t\ii 
ni^t^inn ch. 

Literal^ C^^nDD ♦ tOlt^S -ly, -D * HTTin N^ R. TH 
Literati, D^IS^P -erature, ^^t-^h * i/'np R. ^/l^ ^rary, —hp 

2 D 

218 LIT-LOA 

Lithography, ]2^ HinS) 

Litigant, m. s. i^H *^;;_5 -igate, ]1^n * inH * HD^H 
-igation, CD^^P * nn * D^?"]? -igious, m. s. * D^np *t^*^^^ 

nn *nn"!np * ti^j?^ -igiousness, nij:^!?;; -igiousiy, -n 

Litter, bring forth, li^ -N. a brood, "IJ^ a sedan, "'^^V, 

ntD!D R. nco: 

T • 

Little, m. s. (in quantity) tDi?P (in size) ]D|P -affair, \*p^* 
-time, n^VP very-, nXftp Di^ tOj^D by- and-, tO^/p DI/D 

-ness, Di;7J * r\^:^p_ 
Liturgy, >m n^pn nip R. bb^ 

Live, to be in a state of Hfe, D^H dwell, ^'U}"^ to feed, *• O DPI? 

' ' T T T 

D5i§nn ch.-bad, -);;v ^^n rf'^n -weii, n? n^pn -together, 
^i^'in^, ra;^ -n. active, m. s. ^n ti}^t^ ' rnr ch. -coai, 

^^ bri^ * n|l!^n * n^V"! -^ed, m. s. long-, U^f^l *^*1>N^ 
short-, D^^P** **l^j? he hath lived out his years, M^yD 

Livelihood, n-^nD * nh^b::) r. ^id * no2i^ ch. 

Lively, m. s. ^H ti^^^^ * TH? 'P"]| Ch. -liness, * niTHD 


Liver, not dead, m. s. *^n (one of the entrails) 12'^ 

Livery, (clothes) D"^>^VP ^"^7^3 T?I/. -man, a freeman, 3^1n 

Lividity, nninnnn ni^np Livid, m. s. — d in^jtnp 

Living, maintenance, ]i?p /THD a benefice, Htin^^ 
Lizard, HiSCO^ 

Lo! n^n 'n^n 

Load, "niS: lifD *'bv D^pr.n charge a gun, ,TT H^.p J^^p 
-N. a burden, nODVD ' b:D2 * xWD R. ^^t^/:! -stone, 

T T -; - V •• T - ' 

Loaf, 133 pi. n1-)33 

Loan, a thing lent, HiJlS? * ^?^P ' i^^^;^P R. ^^^^ 

LOA— LON 219 

Loath, 111. s. 'n^'inp * n^i: * y^in ^h 
Loathe, "2 np 7^5 * "h iS"ir^ n1^n 

Loathful, -some, 7iSip * 3Vn; * Vi^?i^ -^"g' "^- ^- ^^"^^ -"^«' 

Lobby, D^1J< * n^"inn$ 

Lobe, (of the lungs) HJ^^ 

Locality, J'D'T.g THVp DipP Local, ^;^ -cally, ''a? 

-cation, situation, DipD 

Lock, -) JD * ^i;: -in, H;/!! liD ^i;3 -out, »^:Q-JDiiD^i;3 

-N. bli;:D -of hair, HEi'^niD * HVIp * TT^^^^:: -smith, -|JDQ 
: - T T : - T •.. : • • •• : - 

-et, niD^'p? 

Locomotion, HTl^n HId -tive, m. s. I^lpp .13^^. ' 11:^ 
Locust, nn^i^ ♦ 315 * 3:in * ^^DH ♦ ph^ * D;;^D in its cater- 

pillar state) Dt3 
Lodge, reside, "IH * ]3^ (^temporary) ^12 (all night) ]^7 to 

k place, ]h5*D1Si^ -N. (in a park) HJlfe *n|p R. ^30 
(of a porter,) nn^H "1^1:^^ i^]1 -gment, nl^nn -ger, m. s. 
15lt^ ♦ 2t^v * n^ -ging, 3^1D • -n;i5 ^ ]'\b6 

Loft, riuDty (the highest) H^^m "I^TH HCOt^ -iness, elevation, 

n3i5*n7x;D*n^^?^ r. .sw pride, nj^.v mn3J -iiy, 

-3 -y, m. s. n35 * 3^ *n35 ♦ i^'m ♦ on R.' UM 
Log, (of wood) y^D D^^pD T\hB (a measure) Jl^ 

Logbook, DV"DV n»:i^n^^n;DnD^ti^i 

Logic, ]Vm R. n;in -al, -^^ -ally, -tOSSi^pS -ian, * ~^^3 

Logwood, j;;3vpn vi( 

Loin, (the back) n^riQ * r^H pi. D"^^n!: * D^v^n 
i Loiter, ")^^^ ♦ HDnprin -er, m. s. H?"): ^ n§inn ♦ ^yy 

i Lonely, 112 m. s. l^i 3 * l^D^'^ -liness, finnn 

! Long, ?]D3 * nbn ♦ 2m -N. m. s. having length,* '^1'-)^ -ago. 

220 LON— LOQ 

D^nnD^'P^^P -after, D^'Iin D^p^ ^pJD as-, Tl;; ^3 how-, 
ir\D n:^ Ijg -headed, m.s. ]^y^L^ * ^nn -legged, m.s. 
0?^'?"l*i^'^")?^ -lived, m. s. D**?^ ♦'Tl.i? -animity, nDn.St^ 
D^§J^ -evity, D'»^^"l^? D^i^n -imanous, m. s. D.*'"!^*;;^^ 

-imetry, i(nt^n iiTip np?n 

Longing, X^T] * ^DJ) * H'lpn * H^^n -ly, -D 
Longitude, "D pni.P -ways, 131^7 
Longsome, tedious, m. s. "^l^i2D " "^^^^J^p 
Longsuffering, m. s, D^a^? *in^ R. Pj^i^ 
Longwinded, -breathed, m. s. T\V\ *"^"!^^ 
Look, (see behold) -about, be circumspect, "iHtn -every way, 
T]}^^ n^^ij mr\ ♦ rtlDl^ no ni^ -back, (behind him) 

vnn^^.jo conn -down, rii:^^? cosn -up, n^;;;::)^ onn r. 

D3^ -out, choose, ih^-outat a window, llv'nn TV^ ^{P.^J^O 
to appear, nlN"in * nl^^n -N. HiS-ip Looking, m. s. 
good-, HiSnp *nlD ill-, Hijnp *i;-l -glass, HHinp 

Loom, D^^nli^ ni^pb nn^pp 

Loop, HN^^^ -hole, D^5P 

Loose, to unbind, Hn? nJlH R. ini let-, ♦ hW * nain 

n^:n r. nr get-, ncosin * ^p3 ^ii^^ break-, p2) * nS^ 

be-, (of body) D.'^i??? TilT) * imW (in manners) * I/n^H 
anlt^ be-, tottering, VJJl^nn -N. m. s. free, * ^p^T\ * ''pj 
-I^^COa lax, HDn * "1"! R. 13") (of body) * T^P? nbh 

Loosely, not fast, ll**?")? irregularly, 1'Tp? i^'^tp 
Loosen, relax, n§1»l untie, "IJ^H part, l*""]?!"! 
Looseness, depravity, T]'2Wi^ * mXfj? (of body) "'^H 
D;X?pn • hphp Loosening medicine, D^ij^/p p^'I.P R. 'p'p^ 
Lop, (a branch) Ibj 
Loquacious,m, s. Dnai *n|1P 'D^n^lJf *^'^V^. 

LOQ— LOY jm 

Loquacity, Dnni "^inn * D^nD?!^ n^ii^ 

Lord, inn^n -N. a supreme person, Itl/ a master, \^li^ a 
ruler, hp^D a nobleman, T^ri^ -liness, n^*Ti3 * Ip'"^ -ly, 
nvni/Og -ship, dominion, nbu/DD (a title) 1^2:^ T^hjiO 

Lose, surter loss, (he) i:;5P*TniJ (in play) 12^ 

Loser, m. s. 13 ^D ^i!!l^^ 

Loss, damage, pT!l be at a-, "^llin 

Lot, chance, npHI/D a portion, p?!! * HJD cast-, * 7"^Sn 
^nl2 "112 it fell to him by-, 1^ Hl-in H^;/ ^Di -tery, 


Lotion, HDlin^ VO"!? 
Loud, m. s. riDin -ness, iTplH * yip -ly, —2 
Love, ^n^ -N. fondness, Hlinj^? courtship, niDJi/. be in-, 
3nj^ make-, TyV^"^ ^^]?^ ^f!,"^!^/")?"! "letter, ni3« 

D^nJi/. -hness, nuni;. * Dj;/ j -niy, -3 -ly, m. s. * n1^^? 
tn *^;?3 -r,-Ti"n * nni^^-sick, m. s. ts^p^^^ ''r\h'r\ -song 

Loving, m. s. p^H ^DirTI -kindness, m^^HT -ly, — H 
Lounge, V. ^V^H * ^tD^ 3i:^;i -er, m. s. h'^y * ^^^ 
Louse, n33 pi. D^33 -V. -liJ2 
Low, to bellow, r\bn * ^1p ]ra -N. m. s. humble, * ^5;i^ 

•>irn little, IIOj^ weak, t^^^H cheap, ^IT^ with a -voice, 

liDJ ^1p5 -born, DH^H *]1C0p 
Lower, to humble, ^^iCi^H ' ST^^n * n?jt? (one's self) ♦^/^SH 

ni^ijn -most, ^rinn * n^nnn * ;i]inn 
Lowing, n;^^5 

Lowland, pDif'* H^D^i^ -liness, ni^?fii^ -ly, -3 

Lowspirited, m. s. t]^r * 3^1? ' Hn *-|D 

Loyal, m. s. ^^^^"37 * 23?"Dri -ally, —2 -alist, m. s. 

'■>'o^n Djy D^t:^ *in^ -aity, niD^?^ * mD\?n 

222 LUC— LUX 

Lucid, Tnn ♦ ny * nin^ -ity, m■l^n n • inb ♦ ninv 
R. nn^; 

Lucifer, Itlti; ]^ bb^n -ous, m. s. Tb^P 

Luck, n:2y_(2 good-, nn^^n ♦ nico ^T,p iu-, nin * 'rr^ n 

-iness, nn^VD -ily> -^ -less, -"IDH? * ^tO J^n H Lucky, 
Lucre, n.^^1n R. b^^ * H]! -rative, -nniD 

Ludicrous, ':vb * pny -ly, -111^ 
Luggage, nnu? * np9i?D ' mD R. ^^t:^:) 

Lukewarm, moderately warm, DlH K7T ^p i^7 * D'^")t^iS Ch. 

indifferent, D^^D * ^^^T^D Ch. -ness, p^?n 
Lull, (to sleep) \W^ compose, Option 
Lumber, D^^.1^5 ' D^3^^ D"^??? 
Luminary, m. s. 'l^'K^p -minous,m. s. I^Htp 
Lump, shapeless mass, 0715 * "l^lH gross, 77^ 

Lunacy, n^^H bin^5 ^pD -natic, m. s. inj/in.^n^ip 
R.i/T 'hb2 

Lunar, Hn-JH ^^T Lunation, H^-^n HDIpn R. Hp'^ 

Lunch, DH^ nSl * ^^X tO^/p 

Lung, n^n -grown, -H ^ip: Ch. (for ^"1 1:^3 ) 

Lure, i^^Wn -N. lli^^O R. t^m 

Lurk, • -^ 2^i^ -er, m. s. 21^t^ -ing place, 21i^D 

Lust, --npti^n ^n?.^?n^ -n. p^n ^nWri -fui, m- s. 
nB\ *^:qw * n]^r\ *bv?^ -fuiness,-n;?» n^^iop r. ddt 

Lusty, m. s. ^^DVi * ptil -tiness, ph * pth -tily, —2 

Lustre, brightness, "inb * IH) / JllTHn 

Lute, (a stringed instrument) llt^jt/ /p.? 

Lutheran, m. s. 'lU^'6 HjlX ^^^v'PO -ism, ^U^^h ^Hp? 

Luxuriance, exuberance, i/SLf/ * .IT -riant, I/Qt^? * 3^^ 

Luxurious, voluptuous, m. s.n J ?:?ri ^^^^p O^J^ilD 

LUX— MAH 223 

Luxury, -riousness, ]T)77lr ^ill^^jt/r^n 

Ly<iia, "1^^ 

Lying, nn'^^p -in, nib)'^ 

Lyre, D/ijt ]^2V -ric, 7tt/ -rist, m. s. 


Mace, (a spice) ^iHiD Ti;ii? HH^ (an ensign) tO\^^'n CDD^ 

S;i^1;:sn -bearer, — i^cj^i:: 
Macedonia, pIpiD 

Machinate, ^3_:j * H^v'Srin iS^y^H -tion, D^^p? * riD'lV 
Machine, ni;i:nn -IHDP *'^3 -nery, enginery, ri^i^^p 

nn3in -nist, — nti^nn 

Maculate, ^^»'^ *Dn?n -tion, ^^^pLO *Dn| 

Mad, -man, ;;^t^p to run-, J/^nt^H *7^1nrin -brained, m. s. 

^5^3p * ^riiib -den, ^i7in • n;;^ ^5^5 r. ;;t * hb^ 

-house, D'^i;|^'pn^5 -ness, insanity, |1;;|^ *)11^^ln 

fuiy, nnn ^ n^^n ^m:q -ly, -n 

Magazin, (for victuals) DDIJ (for arms) ]15?P? * P^i ^"^^ 

rfor stores) nVl^^ (a pamphlet) ^B^D 
Maggot, a worm, HJ^-) R. DDI -ty, Hl^"] iS^D 
Magic, DDj^. * D"^pn^ * 0"^?^^? -cal, -2 -cian, DDlp * ^g^D.p 
Magisterial, m. s. fnx? * D*^?? t^ R. ^I^ 
Magistrate, D*" W * p^*! * tOSlli^ -racy, — H ri'lpS 
Magnanimity, nil r\3pjSl3 -imous, m. s. H^l^^^piStJ ^j^*; 
Magnet, n?)^t1t:^ 15^^ -netism, nD'iiitta^n Hi 
Magnific, m. s.' llkSp'^lTI *13?? -icence, H^l^ *m>^^ 

-icent, m. s. '^^^bD nHH *-n^^: 

' T : T Tv: V 

Magnifier, m. s. h'^^^D -nify, h"!^ * N^5 -nitude, blil 
Mahometanism, IDViD nilD * D^^iSJ^Dtf'^n n^lD^^. .etan. 

224 MAT— MAK 

m.s. — 2 *^Q^^;:: nni«-^^^;::D 
Maid, n7^nn * hdiv * nnx;^ a littie-, njpp nnj;; -semnt, 

^p^!t -enhead, virginity, D^IH^ 
Majesty, lljl * Tin * n'Ti^^Pi -tically, -3 -tic, m. s. * 11\^2 


Mail, armour, ]1n;i? (of letters,) n"^");^^ b^S^^I^ nnr^pSl 

Maim, p^\n * • -a DID \m -N. pTJ * D'lD 

Main, m. s. important, IJ^'^ forcible, pjn chief, IJ^j/ * t^^^ 

the gross, /JDH *^D by -force, Hb^ -tyj t^^^l? *mast, 

t^K-in ]nh ^sail, \^1t?P 

Maintain, nourish, ^3^3 R. h^2 defend, ''^^ P| justify, 

p^i'lVD -able, justifiable, p^V^ -tenance, H^np * n'?^!?? 
Major, elder, ^J^t greater, 7l"T^ * Ci^X") -ality, (the office) 

— n T^np^ the greater number, 3*1 

Make,formini::^ *D^fe^ ^nt^^jy *^i;s force, Di^? *nn?nch. 

(this verb is often expressed with the characteristic of 
bp^^ and h^V,?^n as NT^ make afraid, liHln make ac- 
quainted) -a fool of him, 13 vJlH -me friends or enemies, 
D^n^it^ D^nnii^ ^b ri^p he wants to -thee believe, •nJllnSj^ 
Nn I 4t my study, ^^IH *'V?n 73 -an alliance, H^n nhS 

-away with himself, nj^"!^ ibvi? 7?^? n;;pn R. ;;-T'> ' n^D 

-better, ^pjl * 3^t?\'l -worse, J^nH R. ^Jl") -one's fortune, 
ntJ^Vnn -free with me, >b HK? j^n? "^I^S;; ^D^O''? -boast 
of, "^jLf "iNt^nn -haste, IHD -merry, Hb^ -money, nl!lin ' 
]1n -one's self ready, \']'3il -a story, 37^ i^'*13 -amends, : 
D?^ -sure of "3 HbS -up a match, or marriage, '^'^^ 
-up a difference, Dj;^ HI^H -water, jriti^n *D^D H>*'£?n 
R. 7tDi -words about a thing, j^v'D "1^55 H -wonder of, 


•• T ; • 

Maker, m. s. nit^'\V ^^ISS creator, nVV * i^")l3 

MAK— MAN 225 

Making, n^j;5 ♦ n^i;;? * n-rv^ * '^^^^l? 
Malady, nj^np * '>^n * m-[D 

Maleadministration, O^ti^^n mi;/ -content, m. s. * |.:?1^^nD 

DvnnD -diction, nbhp * D"in -faction, * D:r^^ * rt^"^ 

;;^^ -factor, m. s. D^^S *t:'''^^ ♦ kSCOln * f/Ci^lS!) -practice, 
V^-l^./\ l^?^ -volence, malice, mi/Ji^") * H^W * Dy^^ 
-volent, malicious, m. s. n;l1^^ * IV * ;;^n 

Maliciously, n^Tti^in * HNj^-i * ^n^^it -i 

Malign, -nant, m. s. envious, T\^^p^ *^VJ^' \%^^ R» "1"^^ 
pestilential, TT^npn^rV^D R. mD -nancy, H^-J R, i;n 
-nantly, HI/'lll 

Mallet, Y^^ t^^\^^ 

Malt, D^:^5: Dni;;^ -floor, — ^ np^^ 

Maltreat, ]r\r\ R. i/n 
Malversation, Hlpj^ * "^^^P"! 

Mammon, tr^on * ]ln * ]1;:3D Ch. 

Man, furnish with men, J^IIV "^^^l/ng ptHH -N. a human 
being, D^JJ male, ti^^>^ every-, —73 no-, — ]''^^t -of v^^ar, a 
warrior, H^On^p ^^^^l;^ (a ship) -l^-qK "^^ -servant, HnJi^P to 

act the-, t^^j^^ nSni iptnnn -by-, -rriiSt inj? • ^^"^ u;^\!< 

-eater, m.s. D"Ti^ ^tl^H *^D\^ -hater, m. s. D•7^^ ""n *^^3it:^ 
-slayer, m. s. t:^^: *n?P -slaughter, HJJ^J^n t^^D^ H^P 

R. hd: 

Manacles, D''|5"^T^? 

Manage, conduct, ' '3 JH^HH discipline, Ip*? govern, " '3 "1^1/ 

-ment, jn;p * -n;^^ •")V^.p ^n^-i^ti^ -able, m. s. i/jd: 

-r, m. s. frugal, DVDVD Ch. * C02it:^;23 n^DHV *^D^DD 

a conductor, ^nip * ;^n:;p 

Mandate, HIVP * HTp^ -datory. '•I'lV 
Mandrakes, D'^^^^11 

2 K 

226 MAN— MAN 

Manful, n^ ^^p^^. * b)r\ il*^^ -ly, nhn vp^^n * ^^nn 

Mange, ^n^/ Mangy, m. s. *121 J^'Ht?^ H^H 

Manger, D1!2?< 

Mangle, lacerate, Ht^S * ^h^D smooth, p^Hil * |^n^ -N -gler, 

m. s. p-^hm * l^mp 
Manhood, courage, 3 -^H V^i^ virility, nn| fjS * p^^ 
Maniac,m. s. i/^t^^D 
Manifest, H^in *;;iln -N. plain, m. s. j;;n^*'^^^5 -ation, 

n^^yzDH %-ix;iin.iy, n^^-im *''i^:)-i-o,n;;-riD riTDD 

Manifold, m. many, D^'Iin divers, 1D^2W * D\::^p D^;*'^ 
Mankind, IDl^ ^22 * ^^l^i^lH ]^f2 -like, -ly, -|2J3 * ^^ll t^'^ij^S 

-liness, n v^n i^px * nnu^i 

Manna, (a miraculous food) \D 

Manner, custom, JH^Q way, ]^'^ * Tl.?. in what -soever, 
D^3|iX ^1 S;; in like-, H^n mtl/t?^ in usual-, J^H^? -ly, 
civil, m. s. X^^ 11'n. *^if? * D^JD ""^^^ civilly, * mD^I/;? 

Manners, good-, n^'^lH^n * Dj;/^ * r^^r2^il2 ill-, -IDh two 
-ofways, D^?1ti^ D^?£)X "^J^i^ 

Manor, -T^n^n ni^ip? 

Mansion, nj^^to n^!l R. Dt^^^ 
Mantle, to cover, HD? -N. HD^.l? * nniX 
Mantua, b^iJD -maker, m. s. D^i^^ifP *nfe^1i; 
Manual, by the hand, m. s. 11^3 sign-, *T^ 3^3 

Manufacture, HC!^;; -N. t^iH Htr^jyp *m^nDr»5s^p 
--er,m.s. ip^it *n;^ln ♦t^nri 

Manumission, ^;i^£3n^ HlW "inn^i^Ch. 
Manure, (see Dung) -able, ;;ir> ♦ 13 "13;;*^ * njl^ 
Manuscript, l^nnD =*^i 

Many, m. Dn**?? * D^an f. nl31 as-, -)|5P^? as- times as, 

MAN~MAR 227 

nV H>D^ a great-, 21 JlDH just so-, H^.SD -times, 
nin"5 D^pr? how- times, D\pi;S n;25 too-,np 11 -sorts, 
n^DI HM -coloured, m. s. ^"^^W D^2^2i Ch. D^l/n^ W 
-cornered, niVp HniD -headed, D^^iS"! HllD 

Map, pNH ngD * nir-T;pn nl^^^^ n^'? 
Mar, nn^ * ^j;5^[5 * p\rn*R. ^^p ♦ pn 

Maranatha, XnX HD Ch. 

T -; ' TT 

Marauder, ^Tllt^ * Ui -1 

Marauding, m. s. TIl"nn^ hbt^'^'bt^h *OJi^S 

Marble, tl/'^tl/ ]2i< -hearted, m. s. 2^ *n^p 

March, i/bj -N. H^p? (a month) l'^}] D'^;3t^ ::^in * 11^ 

Margin, ,15^ ♦ h^2^ (of a page) ]V^^ -al, —h^ 

Marine, a mariner, Hf^Tlbf^h D*n IIV 

T T ; • - T - 

Maritime, D'H 7Si^ Hn ^l/ 

T- //V //I //-^ 

Mark, ^'^1 (with chalk) Hin observe, iD^ -out, ^""inn 
-N. impression, DJ^") * in (to shoot at) HICOD R. "103 

V T ^ ' TT - 

aim at a-, ~7 H^^^ hit the-, -sman, —h |:i2 
Market, -place, p^U; -price, -H ""i;;;^ -able, iniD^ 12^^ 
Marl, -)Dn -pit, -n^^^n Marly, ~i^h?2 
MarriagcHJinri *D\Slii^: -supper,-njn^p -articles, ♦D^b^;^ 

\'i^M^i^ im give in-, n^.S^ lb innihj -bed, tl"^-)?)^. 

-dress, H^n '^K^ll/'D -maker, |D^^ -portion, \r: -able, 

m. s. nt^'i^ Kc^^ ^li^n f. s. iStJ^^n^.Ti^-) 

T • T • T •• T • : T ; 

Married, m. s. DW^ b]J2 f. s. tl/'^iii Dpiji 
.Morrow, HlD * "^Ip^ -less, —^^2 * 2^^!^ 
Marry, (as the priest) i^^Tip jh; (as the man) n^K i^Ci^: 

(as the woman) l^^i^h iSCi^ll 
Marsh, ]V * p R. ]^vn -y, -^^?^p 
Marshal, field-, i*5^-)^Z^ * l^^^'H^^^P-ship, -n^p?! 
Mart, a place of trafiic, "iHOp DlpP 

228 MAR-MAT 

Martial, (affairs) tlDnhn bt^ -law, nDuhj^n ^;^♦:« ^^t^D 
Martvr, m. s. DC^*."! ^I^p bv *r»D *1:^*DrnDD -dom, 

c^^n :i^i"np ^j; nn'^p (D;:*n is put for mn'^) 

Man^el, H^na^H * DDin^i^H -lous, ^hp} 4ously, ^'^^^H^ 

Masculine, s. male, 12's maiilv, ")3<2D 

Mash, bruise, ^^yn * i^DT -N. (for cattle) h'^h'D, 

Mask, masquerade, 2^Bnnn * HSntp^H -X. * HipC 

np; ^r:>ns Ch. 

Mason, jDiJ ^^^HH -n*, HD^^^P 

Masora, HnikPP * nniDD Masorites, -'^^^'n 

Mass, a lump, itn * i^^? R. NtT^ (for the dead) n^jStrr 

Massacre, J^^JHT D^^^^J D^np ^nn -N. 31 ;snn * H^OD 

Massive, m. s. 133 ^ ^11^ -siveness, 133 * bll) * mD 

Mast, (of a ship) |in * 73n 

Master, 'bl! "13^ H * n^5 -his own passion, il'f'. tl*22 -N. 
director, HliD R. H")'' chief, -of arts, 3"! owner, ^jL*3 ' pl^^ 
Master! ^3^^^ -of the hoi^ to the king, ■^^.p H^pp 1?^ 
-in business, ]^^ one's own-, IDVP^ l^ij ^i^e- like man, 

V5^^^3 T3r3 -less, m. s. *i^ ]iTjj ^h -ship, * mi'^np 

ri^:p>? -ly, -3 -piece, -stroke, ]r2'^ n3i^^P -y, * Hvi 

r»n^32 '^32^ 

T ; V V 

Mastification, '0^}t!^n n3"^np * HD'^i?^ Ch. 

Mat, D''?)^ riTpl 

Match, to couple, "13)1 * ;sy Ch. -N. a contest, n^HTp an 

- equal, m. s, ' b "1311 *X?"?. R.nXJI a marriage, ^IIT (Avhat 

catches fire) nnS3 ^Up" 4ess, m. s. JL*"). 1^ ^iSt -lessly, 

1VP7 "^^3 
Mate, m. s. 1311 * n^PJL* * J"}, (in command) lL*^lb "^3?^ 
Material, corporal, •^>315 * V^? Ch. important, lj5y "li^j; 


.1st, m. s. nv?nnn nst^vP? *^n5p -ism, ^i^i^h 

-ity, n^3?i5 • n^Dtf^5 -ly, ii/^i'R -s, ilDi * niTiD"; 

Maternal, D^^? 

Mathematic8,-lU*t^^';^"np:D^ * HTip * '^D'^JH -ically, -^i^j^ 

Mathematician, m. s. -n T'^'^D I^HD 

Matins, n^nnji; n^sri R. 7^S) 

Matrix, the womb, DHH * ]tP5 

Matrimony, D^h^liS^: -nial, —htl/ 

Matron, an old woman, D^D*^ T)^2 a nurse, H^Dt^ 

• T - T T V V 

Matter, body, ^^^ * npH affair, 12'! pus, HnCO 

Mattress, HTD") * I/^p R. I/^^ 

Maturation, blCS^3 -rative, m.s. ^''t^^^ 

Mature, m. s. ripe, n^2 perfect, D/t^^ -deliberation, ]1135l3ni7 

-rely, -D -rity, n^?2bt(; -age, ^^1 ^D"; 
Maugre, in defiance, ^"^n? * D^^J^fly 
Mausoleum, n^lT^ih nniDp ^2^^ R. 3^'' 
Maw, stomach, (13 p 
Maxim, 7^3 
May, yb^ (this verb is generally expressed with the future, as, 

yD^i^ thou mayest eat, T^}j^]}r\ it may be done) -N. 

•^3t^n rr t^Th ♦ t\^ ch. 
Mayor, T;;n"'^n:^ln ri}^i r. 3::''^ -auty, — n^i^a 

Me, ^ .(always affixed, as ^r*"!^ f^^^ ^( to me, "^^7?^ ^^^^^ ^^ 

Mead, (a drink) ti^37 ^D 

Meadow, ^H^ * i^^l Hlb^? ' I? 

Meager, lean, m. s. tr^^HD * pi * H R. ppl * ^H -ness, 

nipi ^niv'i *]ln-iy,-3 

Meal, repast, niI?P * DnnSt flour, HOp. -man, -1310 
Mean, nt^^H * 113 -N. vile, m. s. 1133 * DXQ: * ^£it:^ 
-while, 13 lifT 13 1g what does this-? nt<r in 

230 MEA— MEE 

Means, wealth, |in * P^b^ * m:^l cause, nW R. IID he 
has the- of,11^^ h^^ ti/^ by- of,^^? * fl^'i/Vp^^n Ch. by fair-, 
"Ig^t"^ m^ by false-, nf;.;^? by all-, D^35l.S ^3 ^i; by 
no-, ^b ^^Dl ^^? by what-, |DlX nP^? -1 by such-. 

Meaning, Hn^H^ * DTO -ness, nV? * n^b^p -ly, -2 

Measure, I'l^ " ^1D (with the eye) *l'l2tl/ -N. (what gives the 

quantity) ("T^p liquid-, iT^Wp dry-, m^D long-, 

n*n^n n:p by-, ^^^D^^D^ * ni'wDn * n*i;::n -surabie, 

'T;S^ * njJil/'^ -sureless, IPH t**?^ * I'WtJt} "hz -surement 

nnnD -surer, m. s. ll'\D * Ij/t^D 
Meat, food, ^D^?P * ]lrp flesh, -)^n -ed, p21?2 * DHje 

-offering, HH^P 
Mechanic, -ical, ti^in ^ riD^'^D H^^l -ics, nil^Dn 

' ' TT tt: '^-- ' ~:t 

n;;^:)nn-)^i;2i^ -ician, -ist, — :ii^b^ -ism, nn-inn 
Medal, -lion, ;;5cpp Ch. -list, m. s. nii/ncopn *i'^np 

Meddle, • -n nirnn * I/^^On -dlesome, m. s. ^3^ *3nj^np 

Mediate, 'b'H ^^^pH y;;^n R. p^ ♦ hj; -1 ;;^^Dn -tion, 
ny^^p ' rrw% -tor, f ^p * n^gp -torship, -n n'^j^s 
Medicable, m. s. *\h HDnn ^^^n;:D 

Medicine, H^nri " iSgnp -ical, -icinal, — ^t^^ 

Meditate, nnisi^ *3ji^n M^i; (evil) t^nn -tion, * r\^tr\^ 
ry'p * i^^i; -tive, m. s. nn^np *^i/5 * t^yp 

Mediterranean, Ch. rS')}^12^r\ ''ilD^Dn D^ 
Medium, Mediocrity, j;-^ppn r\^;;]^ ♦ m;;VP Ch. 

Medley, ^^;!n"i nil/ * ^^nV? r. ^'pn 

Meek, m. s. T\T\ *%p * IJXT -ness, nj3^, -ly, -3 

Meet, 'm ^'^'O' -'^PJ^ * t:^J|i -N. m. s. -|;^3 * jlDJ -ly, 

-:d -ing, n v'Hp ♦ n?)\Di^ • pnj? 

MEL— MER 231 

Melancholic, m. s. DVi; * "lip -ancholy, nn nUVi; 

Meliorate, 3^C?^^ * ]'^r\ -tion, ppn 

Mellow, ripe, h^^"^ * ^1 -ness, ^1t^3 * ^31 

Melody, nin^pr d^j;;? * ^ipn nunxf -odious, D^i?: * n-iy 
Melon, rr^tpni^ 

Melt, dissolve, ^ JiD * ^^nn * D^H R. "jn: * DDD become 

liquid, :ii;2n * ^nn * oan -er, jji^p ^"^rio 

Member, a limb, "13i^ Ch. (of a community) ")Iin ^^'l 
Memento, n-lj/n^ TD"! Ch. R. IV 

Memoir, H^^.? "1^2)0 -orable, D^ti^H * 1)^; -orandum, 
li-)2T^ mrn n,^*^::^"! -orial, a monument, lllSr^ Dli^ 

-oriaiist, m. s. D'^?*n nn^i *nnl3 * "l^Dtp 

Memory, lllST * ipr 

Men, Dn35 'U^^^i^ ♦ D^ti^^X 

Menace, .^n*^ * ir\^r{ * D*^^ -N. ^^^1o *nin^^ 

' ..T •• : - •• - T T T : - 

Menagerie, ill^Hn ^5p^? 

Mend, ]\!>r) (one's self) D^tD^H -er, m. s. ^^CO'^D * ]\^r\D 

Mendicant, m. s. IVnp * D^nnSnl ^1/ t^pDD ^i^lt:^ -dicate, 

D^nn?)n hp t^pn ^tj:j^ .dicity, D^nn^n hii nhm 

Menial, nit^^O * D'^n ]3 

Menses, D^S!^3 ")TD Tl^ * flDI Ch. -strual, tl/lh^ tLlh 
Mensurable, "II(i^^ * "T^^ -surate, 11^ -suration, HTip 
Mental, ^^D^**'?Vj;f 

Mention, i;^7in 'ipn -N. njtjnin * ni^n r. jjt ^1:2 

Mercantile, trading, "inlD relating to trade, "IPIDp 7fi2^ 
Mercenary, m. s. a hireling, "l*'?^^ selfish, S^^ *^T^"' 
Mercer, ^^^D T;!3 I^IO -y, "^t^^ 1^3 "inpO 
Merchandise, wares, rnlHD * HviDip ' 
Merchant, inlD * ^?1"1 -man, -H n»?^^ 
Merciful, m. s. Din"! ^D'^pn-l *J^.^D be-, DH"! 

232 MER—MID 

Mercy, nli^nn * D'^pH-l ' H^pH -cifully, -2 -ciless, -^^? 

Mere, Merely, "^^^ 

Meridian, mid-day, D^nV (the line) nitJ^H 1]^ the highest, 

mi'^^l/n nh;:o n^nio Meridional, nn;!:) 

Merit, m.s. "r^^'l^n Opti^pj*!'? nVH? -N. "ID^ * PID? 
-orious, m. s. r]T]r} *T\'2P * ]1Jn Ch. -oriously, * ^*)Nn3 

Merriment, Hn;??!^ * nHH * n^ niD -rily, -D ^. \ 

Merry, m. s. ^HV * n.^ti^ *3^ *alCO make-, Tim * H'nn 
Mesopotamia, D^linj D"!^ 

Mess, D^^■^5.^?^ ")?nnn -n. nnn^? 

Message, mD^?'7D * niH^^?^ Messenger, ^^^D * H'^^'^ 

Messiah, n^'t^D 

Messmate, (my) m. s. IV}^ \nhlL; bv ^^V *^?^^^ 

Messuage, ^^^ID n*"!! R. 1^^ 

Metal, (as gold &c.) n^ri^ R. ^H: -lie, -^^ 

Metamorphosis, nll^-VH ni^nif^H 

Metaphor, ^^D * HTH -ically, -"Tl.*;? 

Metaphrase, nj^n^n ' X^^TSn 

Metaphysics, D^Dt^CZDH ni*:nnn niin -ical, — b^ 

-ician, 2 *T/2?D 

Meteors, DV^^H nin1^^ -ologist, ]ny^ -ology, — n^/H^, 

Methinks, *>? HK"!? Methought, *^^ nj?"!? 
Method, ")7P -ically, — D -ise, "THD 
Metre, nlmnH ^[^ti^D 

Metropolis, r\f\k'\ri "V}} * nDbp;^.^ dis;i 'TV 
Mettle, ^^i^x ' ri; * nw -d, m. s. i(^m * r^ 

Microcosm, (the world) jlnnrin oblj; 
Microscope, ^^^-)?5^-'7nJQ nCOSH^^D R. 0^3 

Mid, Midst, D*!?"^? * r? * ]^^^^ * "11^ * ^li?. -^ay* 0^1?^ 

MID— MIL 233 

I -heaven. 0:}$^n 2'? v.-p -laud, yn^r, 3-)!? -niglu, 
'ir!? "i^n -stream, nHin 2b -summer, Um nDlpfl 
-way. Iim 1-1.T .wife. mJllD -wifery. -H n^N^D 
-winter, nnDriDlpn ' ' '' ' 

Middle, lin-aged. nn^^pn ^a^a m. s. •rj^' nnnpn-part, 
"1^.?'!' P^n -sized, ^i-Tj 'n^^ licop^ fit, .Jost, • y^'m2 Ch.' 

11^3 -of the world, 'pjiri -)13^ " ' ' ' 

Middling, ijirn •Jiro • nitt*n jron 'iz-ypncii. 

Mien, air, n^-jD ' D13X nirn manner, JHOp 

Might, -iness, '^^n 'D^j; ' tjiph 'nh'D] 'n-r\23 -iv 'm 
I Pin • ns (of dignity ) ^"Tj -iiy, -3 ' ' nNo n^m 
Mighty, N. m. s. '^^n •ti'\^ -ris r\y2> ^^ira 'prn 
DV:.'^ • f\w ' 1^21 • r;;. • i-nj ., ad, -I'^p ■' ' " " 

Migrate, j;/fc)3 -tion, H^pj -tory, m. s. HUSy] ^^in 

Milch, D^n nar r. oit (animal) njj^ro 

Mild, m. s. indulgent, 3n: • ^0 pleasant. ti>p -ness, 

nun;! • nic3 • mn''^ j -ly, -3 

Mildew, (in plants) JlpT; ' 

Mile, Np-jD Ch. -stone.\rNri ^SK 

Mihtant, ra. s. Dn>3 Military, w'arhke, HDn^a W 

Militate, --Hajrin '''' 

MiUtia, (a force) ^3^ iXVI"' "'5f I^H 

Milk. K 3^^n -V. -n^if".maid. -ng^ii? -man. -IDiO 

-white, -3 13^^ -y, yielding-, -n3T -^ow, TSpy^n rfia 


Mill, stamp, B'n3 grind, ]hB -N. ]inp -horse, IB'X DID 
D^D'^p inx -stone, (upper) 33"! (nether) U'T\'\ .iteeth, 
Mij;jj1?0 -er, ]nio 

Millenary. t)S« i»B' Millennium, D^Ja* f).^N 

Millet, (a plant) in'l 

2 F 

234 MIL— MIN 

Millinery, tj^p: ^^i? Millener, -)?1D 

Million, Nin-) r\^6 * D^?)^J< ^l^i? 
Milt, spleen, ^h^ Ch. 

Mimic, --2 hnn -N. m. s. bpiTlD -ry, b^l^Tl 
Mince, Dn.n^ nt| -cingly, p^H p^H 

Mind, attend, pmn * 3^»pn nb^ ''bv_ 3^? 0''^ -^' 

opinion, njj'l R. I/l*" * H^t^np intelligent power, b^'P 
wish, 3.^ ' \*Dn have a-, ^^DH * 3i^n I have no-, * "^3^5 j^^jt 
•"nVgn tib bear in-, call to-, iDT put in-, I'^Stn put out of-, 
n3^*3teipn change the-, DHjn lam not of thy-, 

'q'^niD^n;? ^nlntz/no ^b of one-, nni^ i^?? -fuU m- s. 

n^J2^pP *-)nn *n\nr -less, m. s. -1:):^^? -fullness, 

T T »: - • ; 

Mine, pron. '^ W 

Mine,V.nn3 * "ISH-N. (containingmineralsinDIlD DlpD 

a hole, -)in ♦ nniKiD ♦ nhnD r. ^^n 
Miner, ni^riD D'j^iH -ai,n5r)p R.*]n:i-aiist,nlDri?3 r^/? 
-aiogist, nl^riDn nvjifn^pg nj^np -aiogy, nj;/n: 

Mingle, ^'^3 * 2y^ -N. ^13^ -l * iS;i3U-lI/ 
Miniature. nnV:^ * n^D1 

T : 

Minion, a dependant, m. s. ^n^Dvb ti^H?? * ^^H 

Minister, attend on, "b ]n? * ni?? n^^ -N. (of the state) 

ny^if^n n^nnb iro (of the church) u^^bt^b jrls 

Ministration, Mininstry, 113(13 

Minor, m. s. petty, COj;;^ * IjL/V? * ^It^^ll 1:\^ under age, 

licoj; ♦*1DVJ^ n^ti^in t^v't^^'-ity, 'nils??! c^j;;p i^.pp 

Minstrel, (a band) D'^^l.^tpH n^H^ 

Mint, (for coinage) Ch. jt/itpp flpi^.^P Dipp 

MIN— MIS 285 

Minute, niVp3 nh5 * tb^ -N. moment, i]}n little, DDIi^D 
-book, D^Dnn "IDD -ness, particulars, DIVDV di. -ly, —2 
Miracle, r\?lD R. T\^'^ -culous, ^hp^ -culously, r^^i^DH^ 
Mire, f]?^ -N. dirt, f]^^0 * tt^S)'! Miry, m. s. ^^12 
Mirror, a looking glass, Ht^^D pi. HIK^ID 

Mirth, 2h nio * nbn)Sf:i -fui, m. s, aV *nlD * hn\: 

Misadvise, j;-|7 \*if;| -vised, m. s. V^h *|^^1: 
Misanthrope, m. s. t^l^ ""^n *K5lJJ^-thropy, D'lJ^ •'i? Pi^^'tl/ 
Misapply, ^'^ph ^DH n'? -plication, ]1DJ? xW tDS^"p' 
Misapprehend, ran:i^52^n ^hll -hension, H^in n^'H^H noh 
Misbehave, ;5njnn7 j;/in -viour, n?;!.^^ JIH^D * "ii'ij/ii 
Misbelief, IfJ.^ n^l.tD.iji -liever, m. s. "iKW ^b:\ri *^DW 
Miscal, (him) lS N^ D^i^n iiS-jj^ 
Miscalculate, li-lt^^nB Dt^^n^njCO -tion, Hnti^n^H n'lI/CO 

^ ir. " : II -; - t ' //t t -; - - -^ t 

Miscarriage, ill success, nn7Vnn HDh * HDO^ il^nlil 

abortion, ^ID;^ -carry, H^^VO ^^^ ' ^???^ 
Miscellany, nl3n];n -neous, U^:^^ D^^^P h^ 
Mischief, pn * Hl/n -chievous, m. s. p^TD * ];ijP R. J/n 
Misconceive, Hi^CO -ception, Jlii/CO 
Misconduct, i;-| JHJD TTI 
Misconstruction, ni"! ilp^n -strue, * COSt^^D {<^ iilS 

Miscount, isD^ niiiD^ r^n i^^ 

Miscreant, m. s. 7^j:D * 7i;^.73"in 

Misdate, (earlier) ]D} Dni^H (later) ]r2\ inSt 

Misdeed, ri n'^V_D * ^11/ 

Misdemean, j;-!n * Vl.[;i ^nnn ^'^H -or,]/*] Hfc^jg.;? 'b}V 

Misemploy, (him) HilDJ "'^-l IB ^f^mn Ch. 

Miser, m. s. ]Vap * •^^\3 -erable,m. s. stingy, W^^D "IPDP 

236 MIS— MIS 

unhappy, TlK ^Dl'^-^Ht^^p bad, I'^D *V1. -erableness, 
n^n * nnV -ery, m^*"? " nVl -erably, -3 

Misfortune, T^^ MlDJ^ * Hln ♦ T£) *13C^' *i;^y one. 
after another, HiH ?;; HiH * nntT/ ^1? "int^^ 

Misgovern, n7l^^n '7Ji>;:: -ment, M^l^ ^ti^DO 

Mishap, I/in-lp^ *i;ja 

Misinform, H^l * jO^^ ^/'^llH ^^^ -ation,, r\V2n 

Misinterprete, ih^ lICO N^ 

Misjudge, li:D35 OD^ t<^ 

Mislay, Misplace, l3lDD bj} tiW ^^2 

Mislead, np^nn * al? n^on r. hdh * 
Misraanage,to§;i^D5 ^^^ jmnn-ment, co5i^p*'^nni:!n5nn 
Mispeii, nh?^n riT^niiSn ni;o r, ^^q ' 

Mispend, npjli;b nj5 ♦ IBNt 

Misprint, Ch. DID'in ni^/D 

Mispronounce, N^5^ r?0 **/^5 

Misquote, 15 t^^ p*'rijt;n -quotation, "Ji^l^ ^<^|^ ^PJ^VH 

Misrepresent, "^pt^b TV * 1^J2} * ?]n Ch. -ation, l\)p 

Miss, not to hit, t^iOH fail, "IDH -N. a young woman, HB 

(added to the surname, and sometimes preceded by the 

proper name) as ]y? ]13 or ]Z17 H5 vHn 

Mission, n^pti) n^DJ^^D -ary, n^iDb^n b^i:T\b D''l5:n n^si^D 

Mist, ^Dny ^ T)^ Misty, niaj;; * ]3;;p 

Mistake, Hi/^ MJ!^ -N. fiivi^ ' r^^^''^f 

Mistress, a concubine, ti^^v^ a governess, T)lf^7D * 1^59^ 
(of ahousej n^^H r\h}]2 (in addressing her) nf^ (added 
to the surname) as DI/2T n^Jjt ^ijll 1 Kings xiv, v. 0. 

Mistrust, "2 \o^n ^phu • n:Di^ ivn ♦ im ch. -n. 

m9^? Iph ♦ IJrn -fully, -3 -less, m. s. 7D? *rp^^9 
Misunderstand, "^nn^? Hi/tO -iug, error, ni];^ 

MIS--MOL 287 

Misusage, 0^^^?",^^^ p^^ ^'^?P 

Mite, a moth, t^'J^ ♦ DD a small thing, IJ^tO tOjt/p 

Mitigate, bi^n -tion, m-'j^ -tor, ^^pD R. S'?? 

Mitre, in3-i.Jpri;;3;p -a, — ^ni; 

Mix, mingle, 3"]J^ * 773 (liquors) 7n^ * *^&D -ture, mixed, 
nl3ni;n *'^Dp ^jrp (of grain, or species) D\S^3 

Moan, pjij ♦ hh-^n * n?: -fully, H^^'^n * ^jJJ^?n 

Mob, a crowd, flpi3p^? ^^"l^'^jt/ 

Mock, "l^rin* "h ':sh * V'^b -N. false, nrl5 *f]np Ch- 
-ery, ntS * Pll"! ♦ ^iriH * ;i/_^ * JV:^^ 

Mode,jn:p **Ti.'i 

Model, delineate, lll^ ^TV * ")^0 -^^- a copy, ' ^V)f 

Moderate, regulate, ^^'II/H *DVPV Ch. suppress, * *^5ti? 
■^Ji^n (between persons) HWH * ^t^g -one*s passion, 
pS.Snn * nn ^3^3 (in eating) ^pt^^D-l H^ID -1 h'Di^ (in 
drinking) HTliJ^pZl Hh^-N. m. s. Tipp (in expressions, 
or wants) IDi^^DIl lO") V V121 '75^3;^ -erately, * 111? J^3 
0§:{;p3 Tllti^n jrm -eration, equanimity, CDp:^ 
frugality, DIV^V -orator, m. s. ni:i^/3 "'l^^Q * "I'^PP 
Modern, not ancient, 3i")pD m. s. U/IH -erns, D''^1■l^^jt 
Modest, m. s. chaste, jt/I^V discreet, "iHt^ humble, 13X/ be-, 

n3^Xf:3?n r. ^\hn -y, ni;;^:v * ni5i;'-iy,-3 

Modifiable, 1131 -ification, nj3n -ify, I'lpn 
Modulate, blpH D^UpH -tion, D;;^ -tor, ^IpH D^Jt/CpD 
Mahommedan, m. s. D'^h^V^ll/^n ri5i;3iSt,^nn^ *^^^?P 
Moity, ^Vn 

Moist, m. s. mtoi * n^ -en, Dconn -ure, mn.^ R. mV 

Mole, a spot, Dr\3 (an animal) rnSjIlDH 

Molest, D"^j;?nn ♦ Dbn * j;n?in -ation, hf^nD * n:o^ 

238 MOL-MOR 

Mollient, 'T^3-)5 • ^^p^D R. hbp -lifiable, m. s. r^^r^ * ^pj; 

-lification, 'rjl^n -lify, bpn * rpTS 
Molten, pVID R. p^f^ -image, HDDO R. ^Di 
Moment, minute, ]}y) importance, nm^'ti^ri -arily, D^Jt/H"!? 

-ary,r^n? -uous, •y\t^r\ np^^ 

Monarch, *?lSn * CO'^v'g^ * ^tJ^iD -ial, ~b\n -ical, -T finn 
Monarchy, tVO/^ 
Monastry, (see Abbey). 
•Monday, nn^?*^:)^' DV 

Money, n^in: 'ir]i jips nj;;?^;? ch. \nu^p ch/ii^p ch. 

ready-, D^'J^Tp Dli/D want of-, "^pH -less, m. s. 

"IPD * 2^1 * ""^J^ ' ]?PP * ^"^ I^' bb'l he his covetous 

to get-, lln^^nn? ^Jt/Vn^^p? n^1^^-hideth all defects, 
Dnrpp inop 3nn >^p3 -does every thing, Pipsn 

Moneyed, m. s. y^\;^'S ' nHin Jp'D'D. *135 

Monger, m. s. ]r^^:^ m'l: * IDID 

Monitor, m. s. 'T>nT5 * T^^5 R. li;; 

Monologue, (with himself) iDVi? T?'' 'i^*'? "'''^'^ 

Monosyllable, r^m H^l^n H^p R. ^^D 

Monster, HJ^Q HNJnn -trous, HH'? -l -trously, lUt^h IV 

Month, t^^-Th '♦ HT -ly, t^lH? ti^lh ^^D 

Monument, nnVO R. 3^'' set him up a-, HD^^D 1^ 1^ D^-VH 

Mood, ^^n-n M?^^ 

Moon, n:2b * nT -beam, -H l^p -light, - H^lli 

Moor, fix a ship, H^:^ n)iV -N. a negro, ""ti^lD a bog, * JV 

p R. Y)^:i -ish, -^^?^p -ing, ^;?^^^ nvrp Dipp 
Mop, N. (to clean with) niinp ^^i^s * T;/, R. Hi;; '^^ I 

Moral, (of human life) ^y\ * -3n?P * »1'1P R. 1T12 (of a fable) 

MOR— MOR 239 

IplQ bl{;D -isation, -ID^D nHDln R. ID'^ * n^> -ity, 
morals, ^0112 nlmiS -ist, m. s. n^lD -ize/ n;2^ 

n^Din -ly. nD« n 

Morbid, m. s. nn^D * nbh -ness, nHiii^ * "^hh 

T ; T V » .. . 

Morbific, n^HpD * N^i^nD 

More, ad.lU^ nnV ^'l^ )^_St3 as Tl;; nltS^fi"? H? 

what is there- to be done? I'iS ^^^ ")?*!! ^plH ^?? 
njn na'in tell me no- of the matter. "^^ 11;; ii^] it 
wants no-. innlH ^l^D IJlV H^j^ he did- than his duty. 

Dj;;p Ti;; a little-, li;; n^ no-. vn:\2 'i^ nnv -or less. 

nnn^ ]? IniS ^l^;^^ "l.^.^^^ the- they afflicted him the- he 

multiplied. i^vp.Nt ]p ^5,^ % n^^n ^"'pli^ nti^iitD the- I 

reflect the- I f nd. 21} ^'^H -and-. 
More, N. m. "D 3"]* "D D^IlH as "^"ip DT -than enough. 

3-in ^^^n;:: 2Vn ^bhn ^^n D'^nn -died by famine than 

by the sword. Moreover, 1^S') 
Morning, Ipii * in^ -prayer, nnHt^ 7n^n ]! v^DH -star, 

"in;?^ (|l ^h^n in the grey of the-, ♦ Ip^lB nl^?^ 

np3n 11i^3 next- nin^Q tin the next-, mn^^ TXf 

' V — ; T t; T / tt; t ; — 

good-, (to f.) i^n-lD^ (to m.) i^ioh i^nCD iSnSiV Ch. (in 

*^ ' ' ttt:^ ' tt; tt t;- 

Hebrew, the salutations in the morning, evening, or night, 
are all alike expressed with Dl/fiS^ or ^^ISt 'J^JI.Il^. 

Morose, m. s. \^^hnD *D;nr\?2 * ]^'\1 -ness,n;i'7r^ 'HD^-in 

Morrow, "iriD to morrow, rn")nD7 the day after to-, 

T T tt; t ; •' ' 

^2^n np> n^in?^ * ^^^St^n aV2 to- morning, 

HDsti^nn nnob to- night, nnnr^n ^^^n 

tt;-; tt; O' ■rT:T- ••: 

Morsel, n^ * rl^TlS * COP "^rt;^ IDV^ 

Mortal, man, nri1Dri]5 deadly, n'^pO a- disease, "^IStyHn 
np a- wound, HJO n?p R. HD^ -weapon, JlID *«'?^ 
-enemy, r\)J^h ^})it/ -hatred, r\)Bh lH HlSt?^ -sin. 

240 MOR— MOV 

V T ~ ; • : " "^ T : *• ■•■ ••• t - 

Mortar, (to pound in) t^^riDP * Hplip (cement) * "IDlH 

Mortgage, Ch. I'DpDhn^^b * D'^DD? inr?^ Ch. ♦03^ 
deed of-, l^n?5^? n:0?^Ch. -gagee, m. s. *]5tL^p ^j;/*ni^D 
£0U:r.)5 -gager, m. s. ]^pD h}: *^)j? * VD^^ T?i;;^P 

Mortify, to gangrene, C0n7nn humble, i?'^3pn -tification, 

Mortmain, D^l;; T\hn 
Mosaic, n^'^^P R. n^L^^ 

Mosque, D^'7^^:f;/?:i^^n 1^1 n^^n r. ni;'' 

Most,nn -high, X^h]:i -holy, D^ti^ni^ Si^lp -of all, ^3^ 11 


Moth, DD * m R- ^^I^ -eaten, -I^D^^ 

Mother, DISt R. "OO^ -in Law, (his) H^nin (her's) nlDH 

-less, Dij^ r^i^n -ly, Di?3 -tongue, (his) 112]; t'^I^^ -wit, 

l^^^n ^:)k^ by the -'s side, D^^ IVD 
Motion, act of moving, T\]P\Vr\ * n^lliri a proposal, HV;; 

R. r;;^ -less, m. s. r^ *T3 ^ t ^^ R- I^lt 
Motive, D^IT) * n|ip R. a3D 
Move, change place, I/bJ* ' '^ P^t^L? (^om it's proper place) 

nn disturb, ;;*'?n (violently) j;r;;r stir, ^ir * J/l^ (violently) 

jyri/'iTn * ti^j;;5nn * t:';;^ propose, ^i;^ affect, zh^ -i^yn 

(to pity) D^pnn n^Vn (to anger) Hipn "ini;; (to mischief) 

nn| (to sedition) n^'in ♦ 3.^ r^^r^ r. ni: ♦ nco:: -able, 

m. s. ;;ir * ;;in * 11^'^ * ^CO^CO^ -less, ->kh -ables, 
D^^P^t^p R. ^^0 -ment, Hlllin * HJ^I^n * H^n I' 

Moved, m. s. affected, Ill/J shaken, ;;5 

Moving, touching, 3.^ nnil/P ' 1^-1 j^/Jl^ 

MOU— MUG 241 

Mould, to model, llV ' TV -N. a form, tOnH * D1£:"1 or 

NDDD Ch. earth, n?2'li< 
Moulder, inlSHH -away, pJltJ^ -ing, m. s. ^'lISHp 
Mouldy, D^"fp3 n^n 11/2-^ * t^lV -iness, nU/^^n ^Ip: 

Mound, pn * hr\ • n^^lD 

Mount, ascend, Hyi/ (a horse &c.) 7V V'O^ 

T - T 

Mountain, IH -eer, in 2ll}V -ous, Dn.l \nX 

Mountebank, a cheat, "^^"J a quack, r^^ ^?"^"' 

Mourn, "^ TDD "bv h^^nn i:i1p -er, -ful, m. s. * l^lpD 

7n^cr;p *^3.v^ -fulness, ^a^^ -ing,m7nii^ -dv]; -fuiiy. 
-n * n^3n1p * ^2V2 

Mouse, -1551; -r, CnSDj^ Hl^l^ -trap, OnSDif n'iD'pD 

Mouth, (of an animal) HS * *'5 (of a haven, or river) nOtJ^ an 

opening, HJ^Dp * HH^ to come with open-, n§ 3n")n 

by w ord of-, H^D * H^ Sl/B to stop one's-, Hg DlDH a 

-ful, iS^D n^ -less, HQ ]\Sn 

Mow, (as a cow) ni?| cut, I'VjJ -N. a heap, * HDnj;;. n^i/ 

t!^nj -ing. time, i^)fpn nj; 

Much, a. m. s. 1^22 * 3*^ -, ad. in a great degree, * riBin 
ii^P very-,-TNpn-l-)n just so-, HjnS as- as, Ip^ ^3 
twice as-, Dyii!p thrice as-, U^I^p"?^ four times as,- 

D^rii;?"iN how-, riB^ thus-, nn i^: too-, •^'ip 21 too- 

of one thing is good for nothing, ^niil ^"^pton ?3 .less, 
-more, "^2 ^^ * \2p ^2 ^b -the same, "^^^1 H]^ ^iDH I 
would- rather, ^'p 21 lO 21 

Mucus, .in^l? ^^n^n^S *ti 

:\iufr, DH^ n^D3 

Muffle, ^iDv * nb;; * mb (one's self) ^!7^nn * ^iDvnn 

-ler, n^i^i;_p * HLDX^P 
Mug,acup,ipjp. *p25 

2 G 

242 MUL— MUS 

Mulct, t!:^:y -N. ti;p * Dip Ch. -uary, -n^H)? 
Mule, m. s. 1*12^ 

Mulligrubs, t^n- nn njj^? 

Multifarious, D'^BI -ferous, D^^p D^;)^^ H^n? -fidous, 
D*^!!"! CD^nl^ni? ph^^^ -parous, nVnl::^ -pede. 

Multiplicand, ^DJ^ -plication, ilh"^^'^ -plier, ^^ID -plicity, 

"^inn -ply, bb2 ♦ ninnn -tude, "^p '* ]iDn * D^:ni 

Mummery, n^b^r\n * tJ^^Hp Ji^?n 

Mummy, (a corpse) COI^H np t^D^ 

Municipal, "l*";/ ^^ -ity, magistrates, I^^H n*>p2) 

Munificence, 1^2''^^ -icently, —2 -icent, m. s. 3? *3***73 

Murder, H^n -N. Hn^VI ^ H^n -ously, -^ -er, * r\)inf2 

nvin -ess, nn-p_/p 

Murmur, (see Grumble) 

Murrain, *)5?. 

Muscadine, sweet wine, D^Dl/ * ti^lT^II 

Muscle, fiber, *1]1*^P -cular, brawny, m. s. ^^''l!l 

Muse, to ponder, "innn R. niH -N. thought, "linnH 

Museum, D^p^ D^inil IVli^ 

Music, harmony, nr^p * rinpt * n^i (the science) 

"T't^rr np?n -master, --*ip^p -al, H"]^ -al instrument, 

"l*^^ "^^3 * r]^^]!^ Musician, m. s. J^5P 
Mussulman, jipWp 
Must, to be obliged, *^^!^ * nnDH Ch. (this verb is generally 

expressed with the future, as niDJJ) thou must die.) 
Mustard, P'^'in 
Muster, to collect, ^HpH * ^^^ review, 1p^ -N. * ny^V^ 

n^Hi^?) -master, D'^n^^LT/pn Dnipfi^n d^til -roll. 

MUS-NAM 243 

Musty, mouldy, tt^nV * t^|.jyp -iness, jlnpT * m^y -ily, -2 

Mutability, ni3n;:»n -able, n:}ji;\ • ^hn\ 

Mute, m. s. D?2'\1 -ly, DDI^H 

Mutilate, "2 U^D ]h^ * p^TH -Iated,m. s. DID *^j;n -lation, 

DID * pn 

Mutineer, m. s. DnnlDH DniDH ♦Ci^X") -tinous, m. s. 

miD • nniD -tiny, -ihD * nhD -n. iid * no 

•^ T T 

Mutter, D^np^i;^:n m. s. *'\3h b^ nn'H 

Mutton, i^^nS "1^5 

Mutual, m. s. HT ^i^ HT -ly, niti"'^n 

Muzzle, DlDH -N. mouth, ^^ a fastening, DlDHD 

Myriad, i^lB"! *D^ti^^? nnfe'^. 

My, ^^\1} Myself, ""PVi;/;! "^^i? fit is, however, always ex- 
pressed by doubling the pronoun, as '^^^^ '^Il^jt or 
"^DJ^^ ^^jj? I myself, ^TpJ^^ Oj^? / myself have said.) 

Myrrh, "llD 

Myrtle, nl3^ * DIH 

Mystagogue, m. s. t^Tlv *]i3? 

Mysterious, m. s. IJip^ *Dinp -ly, "iriD^ Mystery, H^DD 

Mythographer, U^h^D innp 

Mythological, W'bpD bt^ -ogist, D\^;j^/P n^2D 

Mythology, a system of fables, D'^^^DH 115*11?^ 


Nail, (on fingers, or toes) \lh)f (of metal) 1T\^ * *1PP9 pi. 
Naked, bare, m. s. DllJ^ * Dnjt; (stark) HJIJ; -sword 

nnin^i n^i^^ci^ nin -ness, Din;; * mni; 

i Name, appellation, fame, U^ -V. to call, — i^^jj to mention 

244 NAM— NAV 

by-, —2 J^hj^ to utter, — "l^^TH to get one*s self a greats, 

m. s. D^^n|n D;^? Di^ *1^ n't^JJ a good- is better than 

wealth, n^i;p Di^ nnaq -less, ot^^ ^i^n 

Namely, specially, tOHD? to wit, "ID^^^./ • '1 as 1 Sam. xxviii. 

V.3. 1")*'jt/!Il') nDn3 ^n"l!lp*1 and they buried him in Rama, 

namely in his own city 
Nap, D^3 -N. slumber, nni:ri 
Naphtha tpD5 Ch. 
Napkin, D^yjl D^p 

Narcotic, b^ji * nh^ir\ 

Nard, 7-)5 

Narrate, l^D * l-\r[ R.l}:i -Hour ^tiJD I'l^D * Hl-in 
• - .. - ._._.- ^ ^^ ^ 

nilll? -tor, m. s. ngpp * "T\5P 
Narrow,-)yp -N. contracted, m. s. I^fp nV near, DV;OV;:DCh. 
-ness, pnn ♦ n:^D -ly, -3 he -ly escaped Avith his life 

nir^n pm irn i;k^dd ^^n -minded, m. s. ht^^* * ^^^3 
R. biD 
Nasal, DDin pl^^ bu/ 

II" ir^ V 
Nasty, m. s. dirty, V^^:i -tiness, n^I/ln -tily, —3 

Nation, D^; * DN^ * Di^ * ^15 -al, public, D^nn) 

Native, born in a place, or country, Im^lD T"!^ "^^V -itv. 

Natural, produced by nature, ^JJ^ID it is -to all men, 

Dn^n D^3 ^^1^^10J -philosophy, ^/n^n npjn -power, 

ni^lilS J;/1l?3 n^ -ist, m. s. "IpnO -ize, (a foreigner) 

riy,^:? i:n; -ly, i;2t5n ^-ii ^?)^ 

Nature, regular course, Vn^ good -d, 3lD ^iD ill -d, J/*) :)rp 
against-, J/?^n 1^3? habit becomes a second -, 

i?no n^jf3 ^j-in 

Nave, (of a wheel) "llti^H 

NAV— NEG 245 

Navel, mntO 

Naught, nothing, ^nH * l\St ♦ V^^ * DD^^ * h'^h^ -iness, 

]"!.? -iiy» -3 -y, m. s. lis: *u;^^ 

Navigable, 12^^, -igation, ^^*3^^1 ^"l?JE?. -igator, 
N^sea, ^ril * n^^nn -seate, ^hl * ^^5 -seous, ^^-|r 

' '^ T • : ' T "^T ' TT 

Navy, Dn;^^ * D^^^ rin-} iX 
Nay, no, xb not only, DJ * It ^^ ^t X^ 
Nazarite, a native of Nazareth, ^'IV^^ one who has taken 
a vow, 1^*3 


Neap-tide, D";??.! picn 

Near, close, m. s. 3l1p parsimonious, *'7^!!) -, ad. almost, 
tOJjp3 -ness, 1^^*11?. * m^''5 ^^^^ -er and -er. 

Neat, elegant, m. s. D^^jt^^ * Hpl -ness, Di;: * *'?)"'^ -ly, —3 

Necessary, needful, T^'V -saries for life, n^^?^ R. 7^0 

-sarily, Pl^tJ? * nijn!! Ch. -sitate, ^'Ji^ * nnpH -sitous, 

m. s. 15PP * liOnp *::^\^ -situde, -sity, want, nlDHp 

fatality, nnn thereisa-ity for it, i^lH ^il^H 'P-sity hath 

noiaw,niDTOn i.T^'S^'. it^N5 ilti^^L? :i^\V T?^^ N*'? 

Neck, (of the body) 'njp,}rD '^"l^V * "li^JV -doth, 

Necromancer, m. s. 3*1^ '7]j*5 7^<1t^ -romancy, 3i^^5 DPl?. 
Need, -j-iV * nph -ful, when there is-, pn'in nju Ji^n Ch. 
needs, "T1> * n^rn -less, -^i^n -ily, ipHn * pH"!? -y, 

m. s. i?pp • nionr) *i^^i^ 

Needle, m. s. CDlnp -maker, m. s. — H^ll/ -work, — HJi^gp 

Nefarious, 1"^,^^P *;/") "I^^"! 

Negation, H^^^ti^ * Hinpn -atively, —2 -ative, m. s. '?^1::^p 

246 NEG— NEW 

Neglect, b^Vr\ * n^nnn -N. negligence, m^VI? ^^1^ 

-ligent/m. s. h^^ ♦ n^)"!? 
Negotiate, ]hj1 ^^Si^J '"D^ ^W'n^ pC'jt/nn (for an other) 

n;^5 ♦ -ipnp R. DID -tiating, m. s. * ]n1^T ^^ti^l: " np"ip 

nt^Dp -tiation, ]]^55i mD ♦ nnpnp • n^^ 

Negro, a moor, '^t^^3 

Neigh, Vnv -N. n^nv * n^DVP 

Neighbour, m. s. ]5^ -bourhood, H^iDt!^ -hourly, iinn^^!! 
Neither, not either, N?"^t;^ no one, m. s. *ir\^ N^ -I nor 

thou, nm ^b] •^;^t. ^b * ^b nm dj ^:?h? d^i 

Nephew, ninX Hi^ IB 

Nerve, "in^ip -vous, vigorous, m. s. \*'^P^^ * D1VI/ weak, 

c^^i^n * n3 npn 

Nest, 151^ -N. (of birds) JJ^ an abode, 3^iD R. 15!^^ -egg, 

nnir^; n^'^n -ling, nh?ii< 
Net, rinbpp * Dnn '♦ riTOp * njf^n/n§ r. hid 
-ting-work, n^n nti^^/p 

Nether, nethermost, m. s. **rinjn * ]i]^n]l 

Nettle, m. s. DplH * D'^J^Din -N. ^nn 

Never, never more, D^il? IV "l^V 'N^as, l^i^'pln Nj'^ 

D/li/ 1^ *7i^ DJnXnv ye shall never see them again, never 

before, D^1;;D i<^ -theless, n^^T ^733 
Neuter, m. s. ID^^^ m^ "I'lS^ ^b -trality, niSH "^D^B 

D^32i nij^^fi!^:) r. -)Di 

New, m. s. ll/'^'H make-, ti^^H become-, ti^'lHrin -beginner, 

n\'i9 l^K * h^nnD r, ^^n -bread. Din on^ -bom, 

m. s. n1-)i5P *"^^^^ -comer, -fashioned, K|l nllp^D ^in 
-fangled, nW^n *?]7n -moon, t^lH t^^X") -year,' 
njl^n J^^t^l -ly, 2)npJ2 * ti^inp -ness, miti 
News, ri1t!^"in -monger -paper, MlJi^'Tn ^D^P 

N£X— NOI 247 

Next, T bj! m. s. n1l|5 after, nn^? -day, Min^JH Di*> -time, 

Tnvh -year, -week, Hi^^H H^ti^j/inti^ 
Nib, (of a pen) rTin (of a bird,) P)i;;n D^h-bed, -mn 
Nice, -ly, m, s. accurate, JI^P * DVPVD Ch. delicate, * p^^p 

Nickname, ^^T^T D;^3 H^? -N. ^t^tS "^153 R. ^ir 

Niece, riinij liiN^ nn 

Niggard, m. s. l^pp * ^!?"^3 -ly, n^^Ol 

Nigh, N. m. s. 3l")JJ -, ad D^/p? 

Night, n?^? by-, —1 to-, — H -dew, -'^D'^D'! -dress, -gown, 
— niD? towards-, n^^ n^^ stay all-, \^b -man, 
niJ^nn^ ^I'^iil -watch, n'11/"::jJ^Jf? good-, (see morning) -ly, 
every-, HV^I r^b^h ^J 

Nimble, m. s. -)\nD * '7^ -biy, n1"^^npn * n^'v'pj r. bb'p 

Nine, m. n;;!!^n f. rtrn -fold,-^^D3-teen, m.-lCi^X? ^V^^rs 

f. nn^i? i;^;;^ -ty, D^j;;!^n Ninth, m. "^v^'\i}T\ f. n^j/'^^n 

Nip, to pinch, p^D blast, t)H'^ -pers, D^Hj^^P 
Nipple, a pap, 1*1 ^-H VE"^!^ 
Nit, (of lice) D^^p-^y'^3 -ty, -J^^p 
Nitre, in^ -trous, -^ nV;!i)D 

No, t?7 or I'^S (if preceding a noun) as fii^^l^ 1^^ no body, no 
man. by -means, l^li^D^t^J^S -where, T.^O-, ^^^^J5 

Nobility, D^;^p * Dn^in 

Noble, illustrious, m. s. i; W * Hn Ipl -man, JJD * nlH 

-ness, iin * n^n^ -ly, nn^^iinn * np'^^n 

Nod, bend the head, tl^N") Hi be drowsy, Dli 

Noise, a sound; ^1p clamour, iT'Din * Hpl/V * H v'DH R. ^^Q 

' T . 't T : T \ -; 

(of warriors) p^SD tumbling-, J^^^"] make a-, "^Ip NC^J * pi/y 
(as an ass) pHJ (as a bear) pj^ W (as a bird) ^1^?^ R. ^D^ 
(as a hart) ilV (as a horse) ^h^ (as an ox) Vi])^ (as sheep) 

248 NOM-~ NOT 

ph^(as alion)Dn;i * Ji^t^ (as water) HbH * ti^i;|-IesR, * ^n^n 

^ip v^c?^; ^^5 * DDi^ -y, m. s. n?jin * t:^^;;');? * ^tj^io 

Nominal, n^^a '^jyl^i? ^^^ -ly, Up3 -mate, to name, 
D;^ t^lj^ to appoint, Dt^? I/T -ination, the appointing, 
nTn:n -inative, D^ * ^1/12)^ D?i^ 

Nonage, minority, jl^^pp 

Nonappearance, ^5?)"n^ ^'i^l'7 ^■^r'? 

Noncompliance, D^>5 S^^ l^iSD 'D^:§ ^??^n R. i^j:^: ♦ 2)^1; 

Nonconformist, m. s. "nn-VH ]D *^'\'\^ -ity, ID ntyltli 

Nondescript, *^;iD^§ * '^?b^^? ^^^^ " \^^2) 
None, ^J^ * J\St Nonentity, t'nH * D^^ " ]\St 
Nonresistance, H^^pn * nj^^t^^h 1)0 
Nonsense, p^") ^'121 -sical, n^ll^ 

Nonsuit, N. ^:QhD Dpn nnt^^n r. nw 

Noon, D^^H'^ Forenoon, -H *^2^h 

Nor, N7 P]Nt (see neither) 

North, 11?)^ -ward, n'l^ -star, "^^liiy 2?13 -pole, ^^p 

"•^i^V -east, n'';)iDV ^^nnrp -west, n'^D'ix;^ n^^i^v 

Nose, J^,s^ ♦ D^n -gay, nm ^m^ n*^^^^? put one*s- in every 

thing, ^33 anjLrnn Nostrils, Dn^n^ 

Not,^ ^5 ♦ K^ ♦ ^e< ♦ p,St * l^S do -I pray, ^^^ bt^ -at all, -any, 
^i ri< -the least, HDM^D bb Vi^ -else, n\2 "^n^ir Pi^ 
-even, l^JJSt W f]^ it is -yet, n\n ^^b nn;/ 

II II ' " T T T v^; 

Notable, memorable, m. s. Ip*" ♦ <3^ii/D 

Notary, (who draws contracts) HDID 

Notation, the noting down, H^'^^") * T\ll}[^, R. Illf 

Notch, n-in ♦ nr)'';!i:j ch. 

Note, set down, nhS * Dt^T -N. annotation, Hn^H a written 
paper, HD'^^y "15? * 3^? (in music) n^JV Di*^ -eel. 

NOT— NUN 249 

m. s. remarkable, V'^h ♦I/Tli eminent, y\^n * Ip"^ * ^^^^ 

: T T 'tt t : ▼ 

Nothing, nonentity, 7nn * D^^ ' 1\^ not any thing, ♦ h'^ fJ;^ 

nD^^3 lor- -ini ^bn * D3nn r. i^n good for-, ^i;»b!i 

m. s. D^P5 " r\\2} make -of, ntn it is -but, DJJ *'3 HT ^K 
Notice, remark, Ht^S heed, "ibti^ -N. n»i^-) ♦ ni*>^ti^ 

Notify, ;;nin -fication, n^iin r.;;t^ 

Notion, nat^^HD * IVD'I -al, 111:2103 

Notority, -riousness, ^v}^ *D1D"!? Ch. -riously, — 3 -rious, 

m. s.^1^5 -DDnliilD 
Notwithstanding ]lt<* ?D!l 
Novel, new, Ji^lH a tale, "^nS I^SD -ist, a writer of novels, 

' m. s. D^^nn ni£)D nnnio *i^'^voD -ty, t^i'nn 

November, ^J^D^H fii^nh * lICi^H or IWH"]?) Ch. 

Nought, niO^b^p ^ J3 l^K -, a. V^^ 

Novice, m. s. TiH Novitiate, HD^^Hn l^f^bn '•D'^ 

Noun, Uli; 

Nourish, ^^bs -able, m.s. ^^D*' -ment, H^S^!) R. ^1D 

Now, nnp * n^5 before-, HT ^Z^h -and then, ♦ D^'Dj^P^ 

Xl'^rsijb -adays, I^D;!? 
Nowhere j";^ * DipD "^^B Nowise, ^DiJ^ ^W ^% 

Noxious, p\TQ R. pr: * n'^n?^^ -ness, nntf^ * ifl"! 
Nudity, nny * '&\^V 
Nugatory, ^^;;v ^h *pn '^an 

Null, DD^^ * y?S{ -ify, \^^b^ b^h tm -ity, Hlpn. 
Number, HiO * ISD -N. SiDDO -less, -]''^^ 
Numbers, (a book in the Bible) ")!l*T^5 *•?? 
Numerable, m. s. H^O^. *"'??P1 -meral, "ISDp /t^ -merally, 

")SDO!l -meration, n*3D * rT^^^D -merator, m. s, HilQ 

-merous, many, m. D'^S'I 
Nun, \:}^)i<n n^n?^ ri^^npnp -nery, (see Abbey) 


250 NUP-OBL 

Nuptials, n2^r^n * t^^^H^m Nuptial, -ht^ 

Nurse, 75/3 ^- ^^^ (a child) p^^il (a sick person, m. s.) 

•• T 'v.- " // vv - // V - r vT ; 

-ery, (for children) PJ^H inn (for trees) n1p?i^ HIK^ 
Nut, -tree, ^^h * Ii;ii^ -meg, ^^1;:: m^ Nuts, D^:p3 
Nutriment, H^S^? -ritious, ^3^5? -rition, ^13^3 R. ^1D 


O! •'in O I wish ! lb ^^'^ni? 

Oak, \'h^ * n^iSt 

Oar, n v'D * "ihH -N. tOlt^^O 

Oat, oats, h^W nhli;/ Oaten, bt^ -meal, H^p. 

Oath, n;r\2tf; -breaking, -nijifn 

Obdurate, stubborn, m. s. 2^ *n^\> -ation, *^(^j? -ately, —3 
Obedience, n^P^^P^ ")1D * HD^pn -dient, m. s. * ;;jDp 
ri^Dti^P^ *np -diently, H^JDHS -isance, iTjnnti^n R. 

nnt^^'obey, ^lpgj;;b^ 

Obese, m. s. iSnS ♦ DM)^ 


Object, 2pr] R. 2^\I:; * "^^ |i;0 Ch. -N. matter, ]>?y * 121 

aim ]J3P -ion, n:V}Q * HTriD Ch. -or m. s. IHlD 

-ionable, lilD"^ 
Oblation, inijj 
Obligation, bond, iinln (out of gratitude) nilO blD3^ 

-hgatory, H^Hp * h^t2.)r\ 4ige, n*n * ^JE; b'D^ -Hging, 

complaisant, m. s. ]^^^]D * ll£0 *7p1il 
Oblique, b^yD * ttopWl-queness, ^^D 

obHterate, nn^n ' nh6 -tion, iinnt^H ♦ n^nD 

Oblivion, H^C^: * nn3t^ -ious, H^^D 

Oblong, 1^^in^ '^1^^ -ly, — 3 

OBL— OCT 251 

Obloque, n^in * ]1^f5 R. ^hp 

Obnoxious, liable, ]^^D R. ^D * h^^il Ch. injurious, i/n 
Obscene, m. s. ^^^?: * 3Vn: -nity, Hnj^ln ^ H^T -nely, -2 
Obscure, to conceal, HD^ * ^^^ darken, "^^t^^nn * *T1pri 
make less glorious, UDV -N. HDDP * DiriD * ")"Tj^ (person) 
m. s. *;jn'\: ^h -ration, HD^nV * HD^I^H -reness, ♦ ^^D'3 

T T", : TT-;- • 

T T : '^ T • : • 
Obsequies, H^i"! n_^1^n 

Observe, watch,nb5^ note,-lX;n R. mj; obey, ]V^?n * 2^^pn 
-able,m. s. plain,*>'1^5 ♦ D^^i;^ HiSn: -ance, ^H^T^H ♦at^^p 
DniC5^ -ant, m. s. j^XP ♦ n^ti^pD * IDW -ation, Hnj;;!! 
-ator, nDlV * IDlC^ -atory, nD;*;?!^!-! CO^np nD^2 

Obsolete, m. s. DtV^ * U/m 

Obstacle, nVX;^ * Hif'^P * ^£0^ 

Obstinacy, ^"!i/"r\V;:^j5 -nately, —2 -nate, m. s. ^1}) *n^p 

Obstruct, Hi/n n'^i; -ion, ny^p -ive, 1 vii; * j;;; to 

Obtain, :i'^t^n R. ^^^ -able, m. s. JCi^'> -ment, HJii^n 

' • - T •.. ' TT - 

Obtrude, * '2 X^^^ Obtrusion (see Intrusion) 

Obviate, "D ^m (a danger) i^in '^r)h2h ni^nnn y^^n 

T T T 

Obvious, '^^b:\ * o'^ri;^ ni^i^ -ness, nnn -ly, -3 

Occasion, (see Cause) -N. casualty, ITIpD -al, —2 
Occupancy, HJ^nSl -cupant, m. s. T^1^^ -cupation, * npN?P 
n^if'p * ppV-cupier, m. s. p\tnp * Tn1^^-cupy,occupate^ 

p'lnn *m^ employ, --n li^t^n^n -one^s self, pD;;nn 

Occur, "n^e nnj^ *°i?^^ i^lB(tothemind)D^ hjl n^;;-rence, 

Ocean, the sea, 71^5 H D^ 

Octave, -tavo, r\'^2^D^ October, '^J^'^i;^."! t^lT] * ni^]1 Ch. 

252 OCU— OFF 

Ocular, D^^'^j;;^ HiJ-)? Oculist, 0^3^^ J^Dl") 

Odd, not even, Ch. ^Jlt Itl}^ ^^r? strange, i^?? -person, m .s. 

11^2 ♦-It t^"^^^-ones, Dnn't^ -ity, IM^ '^^t^li; -, dif- 

ference, p'hn ' h'^nn 

Ode, ni^rp i^p 

Odious, m. s. n:^:i|^ '^^0^ -ness, nnj/ln -ly,-^ 
Odium, blame, ^iD'I *D1D 

Odor, nn, -ous, m. s. ^n^2 'in^^^ 

Of, from, ]P* • 'P (the sign of the genetive case) 71!^ (this par- 
ticle is however generally supplied by the sign of regimen, 
as T^^ n for p son of David, ^.S^t^^ ^^^ for D^^!! 
children of Israel, ^Itl!^ ntlDti^ for nHDJi^ maid of Parah, 
l^n^^n nl35 for nl!32l ^^e daughters of the land) -course, 
pDD "^Jl^n -late, nlnpzD 

Off, from, ]P distance, [>Tpr\ he is well-, 17 ^tD 

Offal, refuse, Htn?): * D^^p? 

Offence, fault, ^^CpH * ^tl}^ injury, n;;^ 'pT^ affront, HD^^D 
anger, DI/? -ful, m. s. V'lJ^ ' D^i;?D * D^V?^ -less, m. s. 
alio * p^jP D^)?P I^K 

Offend, D*^;;?n * D'^^pn ♦ pnn -er, m. s. ^^^in ♦i/t^B 

Offensive, m. s. *nlLO ti? -siveness, HJJ'Ti -sively, — Zl 

Offer, to present, ^^i^pn attempt, J^^ipB propose, ^'liJlil -N. 


Office, business, r\'t^,V_J2 ' pD;/. Ch. (place) -Dip/? public 
employment, rT^p^ -ficial, pertaining to an office, —^^ti^ 
-ficer, commander, *l">p^ * £^^1 a bailiff, HOW -ficiate, 
]n5 ♦ nntj? -ficious, kind, n^t^^ ipiD R. 11D -ficiousness, 
nICO'iiV'l. -ficiously, -1 

Offing, D^n nb R. nn'? 

Oifscowring, HniD * '^HD 


Ollspring, propogation, NV^?V * Dlh^n R. i^V^ * T^^ 
Often, D^p^D^ as -as, '^'H.? too- ^^p H^nH 

Ogle, pi; -ling, li»jt; 

Oil, nnv^. * r\:r j^^ -iness, n'^mop -y, ]d^ 

oint, jjp^2 n'fD nnp -ment, Hntj^p " nnp^D 

Old, in age, (thing) ]^^ fperson) m. s. ]|5J *D^pU ^^ -age, 

n^3 ♦ n;pr a very -age, Hn^t!^ -clothes, ni^n n'\Dbt(/ 

a year -, m. s. D^p \^ ancient, "^^tolj^ * D'^^l D'^p^p of-, 

nv;lDip_n D^'^tr^? • d*';^^^ grow-, ]mn ♦ ]^prn how- art 

thou? ^v^n ^'i::^ "^;:D'> n?DD -fashioned, w^n jn:3D3 m. s. 

Olive, nn 

Omen, ip^D * nlJ< -inous, i/n l^'^D 
Omer, ID^i! 

Omission, n2'^'\V * ."iniin R. m:3 Omit, at;; ' t^bti; 
Omnific, b^n m ^^-)i3 

Omnipotence, l^^j^^ij? -potent. *>W 

Omnipresence, D1p9 ^D? n^^^^VP-present, Dlp^ b^2 ^^^P? 

Omniscience, ^3 riJE/H^. -cient, ^3 jt/lV 

On, upon, "2 *'b^_ go-! "TlDifn ^ij^ 

Once, one time, Djl* 5 formerly, D^IID? at-, THij^? 

One, m. ^^^^ f. nn^? there was not as much as-, T^ ^^'^ i<*^ 
THK it is all-, *7n nw ^3.1 -another, m. Ht n«« H? -with 
another, m. Tn»S: niSt ^^f^Jj^ -by-, m. IHlSt ^^^^ -eyed, m. 

VV2 -iij; 

One's self, 1nli< * itS^?5 ♦ lOVif (^o act upon- -, is expressed 

with the ?I/iJin aslpinn to teach one's self) 
Oneirocritic, m. s. HlDlyn *"iri1S 
Onion, ^V3 

' T T 

Only, barely, pn • ^^ ♦ DSSt an- one, m. TH^ 

254 ONS-OPT 

Onset, an attack, HiT^^^ * iTI^ri 

Onward, in advance, ^^^7 progressively, * '^ ^^/H asJ/lDJI TivH 

travelling onward 
Onyx, DHJi^ 

Ooze, bh ^Vt"! -N. soft flow, ^tl: ^^D^l 
Open, unclose, TID^ (his mind) Ini^l '"^/^ begin, * 7nn 

^^nrin r. ^^n untie, nrig) nnn r. in: -the eyes, 

D^rif np3 -the mouth, HD Hi^a (greedily) HS "ni;!) -N. 
m. s. nin§ * "^I^^J * nniD -eye, Hnip?) I^jg a house- to all, 
'*^0t^.: D^^^ ^13 -place, not fortified, ^P^ -eyed, m. s. 
nj55 -hearted, m. s. openhanded, 3? *2n? candid, * D^pH 

Dp n\9 1? in^? R. an^ -body, nx^v^. -i^g, nr^pp * nna 

(of the womb) Dn*l ")p§ a gap, n^**)?? -ly, evidently, "^v^^l 
pubKcly, D^nnn ^Ci^P^n >:;'}:h -ness, candour, n^lO^DJ^ 

Opera, ipr ^^:d41 D^^^jt/.:^ R. H;?::^ 

Operate, to act, b'p^ produce effects, b]^'\^h ^^'V'i'^ -^ion, 

n^li/S -tical, -b'\l^ -tive,-tor, m. s. hp^ 
Opinion, notion, HD^np ']VD'l *nj;n R. i/T I am of-, 

n^1:3 W'q -ative, m. s. Il^]/'^ ^X? iplX? 
Opponent, a. *T^57 '? s- "^- s* "^j^^OP 
Opportune, fit, ^IDJ -nity, place, — DipP time, * HJlD? flif 

nt^sn nx;^ ch. 
Oppose, "^ ip^nn 'Ymn -iess,.m. s. V35^ npi;? i^i? 

Opposite, -ly, l^:^ -each other, m. s. r^^J b^ tl/^^ \35 

-tion, hostility, niT^^nn *2''") contrarity, H^DHn 
Oppress, ^h) 't^^^l nnV *p^i;n ^p^V? *'^?'^'"^ -i^n, 

vnb • n-)V * npji ♦ nj^iv -ive, m. s. nr?^i: * ins ♦ nt^p^ 
-or,m. s. ^nl^ ^S-ii^ ^pvp * -)t?^? 

Opprobrious, n^in * ]Vp * ]i^j^ R. H^p -ly, -3 

Optic, a. n?^np ^ti^ -,s. .Ti^>n ^^| 

OPT— ORP 255 

Optics, n^^in nD:^n -cial, htl} -dan, 2 V2D 

Option, nyri'D, 

Opulence, 10 •n1"l Opulent, m. s. l^tl/^l 

Or, IX * V Ci^ • • • -Di^ as Ht^K D^^ U/^i^ D.^ or nl^^^ tlt}"^^ 

T • • • • T • ; 

it be man -woman. 
Oracle, delivered by supernatural wisdom, D^^HT D^^lli^ 

Oral, nsi)-'?;;!! -law, -i:/ Hnin 

Oration, niHiDin ^121 Orator, r^2: * Dnni D'^n^fe^ ::^'^H 

-tory, nV7P R. V^l? M^^^D ^?1I?.? 
Orb, a circle, ^^3 * ^5^3 R. ^^:i -icular,-D 

Orbit, nl^r^n h^hUi i^hoDR. bho 

Orchard, Dina 

Orchestra, Dnnlsi^;2)n Dn^r^n riD^n 

Ordain, invest, °^j; Ip.^H establish, TD^ ♦lj!;n 

Ordeal, by fire or water, D^;sn t^^'Il n2^n:i 

Order, command, mV regulate, '^njL^•l * I'^P -N. * niVP 

•^^'IV *n5"]l!/? 'Tip. *1^*ipin-to,lJg^> nUI/^outof-, 

-less, -)ip? ^^^ m. s. n^^ ^]1^3 -ly, l-TDS (person) m, s. 

-11DD *i:i^'' to take orders, H^nsn h^ riDDH 
Ordinance, HlVD 
Ordinary, usual, m. s. *"lV?p * /^JJ") common, (thing) 7111 

(person) m. s. COVIH Ch. -nate, appoint,T|"55n -nation,*Tp^P 
Organ, (an instrument) 3^1^^ (of speech) i^tODp ^73 -ist, 

331i;3 ]p:D -ization, HD^^i;? m"^p -ize, rpiJ * n'lD 
Orient, the east, TMJD -al, eastern, Dlj^n yii^ h^; 
Origin, beginning, H^'Ci^i^n * '"^^H^ I^- ^^H source, I'ipD -al, 

]i:^i^-l -ally, -3 -ate, bring forth, T^IH * ^^^Vi^ 
Ornament, "IIH * 111;; * IJ^i!) -N. Iin ♦ ny * ^-|^?Dr^ -al, 

—-7 -ed, m. s. inn 
Orphan, m. s. DlH'' 

256 ORT— OVE 

Orthodox, m. s. In^lD^-l 11!/^ -y, TMtt^^ m^r2^, 
Orthographer, i^riDpn p^lj^lp -raphy, p'lp'n R. ppT 
Ossifrage, D^Q 

Ostensible. "^^^^ ' U'^.T^h n^i: -sive, n1^^ * \f2^P 
Ostentation, ]^V_ n'^^lD -tious, m. s. h'^^^nO * ^^ni?P 

Ostrich, n:vin nn 

Other, m. s. -|^^? -wise, -"^ni^ -world, ^^^H D^lj: 

Oval, n^^3 n^h:} 

Oven, -)^3ri 

Over, across, ^2Vf2 above, ^i? * ^J^/l^D * n'jVJ^^ -and above, 
m. s. Vbv do -again, 11;; ^"^Dln * nlt^i;.!? 31ti^ -and -again, 

nizii D^pr?) •t^♦^ti^p^ '7v:i5 -against, *n^^-!p^ ♦^^i^d 
1^3 * HDJ 'nt^vh -night, n^:^n ^3 to be-,-)n^ *nl^| 

to be-, (as a ruler) ^1/ Dj^^l give -unto, ")^|pn ^DQ he 
is given-, (by physicians) 0*^^:^51111 ^2;^?!? 1ti^^?.l3 get-, 
m^^ "ibl? -act, IVDH -anxious, m. s. *>ip inV :b?11 -awe, 

n^;;nn * d»s: -balance, j;;nDn -bear, ^i;_ ")??r;^n -bid, 
iD-jjjp inv n^n;?n nlmnn -board, D^.ign ^t^ -boii, 
rnn5 ^;; i3;?i nni -cast, cioud, y^v^ * pi; -charge, 

-rate,"^ip inl** "^n^n-come,**? ID) * HV? (his passions) 

innn ^i:^9 (his anger) iD:y.5 t!^n3 -do, ^'iD iHi^ nit!^jt;. 

-drive, pDl -flow, ^ib^ " ^hD -flowing,;;?^ -fond, 2n^ 
IXP li<P3 -forwardness, -hastiness, nitn§ -grown, m.s. 
*>ip nnV ^15 -growth, i;55i^ * nh -hale, re-examine, tJ^gH 
n^'iti^ -head, l^^'l hv_ -hear, to hear, pbt^ -heat, D;5n 
IND^ -joy, IND^ n;?^ -N. n^n^ nnp?^ -Me, -load, 
"'p^ 13?n -lay, cover over, riD? * H^V * ]3p -leap, 
nij^n Yb]l -long, m. s. IXp^ **^n5J -look, superintend, 
n'>^ti^n (from a higher place) PlD^ excuse, D*'?^ i^^S^J 
-match, ibil -much, I'^D 21 ♦'^ID IHI'' -pass, omit. 


OVE— OUT 257 

"Hy 12V * Ob^ -pay, iDnVP inv dW -plus, f]i^y 
-power, 'n^ ^pPi -prize, -rate, ^1!2 inV ^"^IVjl -reach, 
deceive, 3p^ -run, ravage, 12V) ^ItOJi^ -see, manage,* J^jI^*! 
n'^^lL^n -seer, m. s. H^^t:^? * J^n3p -shade, -shadow, * ^VH 
^DH R. ^^V * -|:3D -shoot, fly beyond, Hl^T^D ^^V 

r nsSnj R.nDj -sight, error, n^:t^ -sleep, nj^pVH^^nnNr 

R. 1::^^ -spread, 'hv ^S -stock, IND^ Ij; Hnnn -strain, 

"iriv nnnn -sway, -o ^ii^ip -take, pn^rn • ;ij5^n r. ^^:i 

-throw, -turn, ruin, D^n -weigh, J^'^"\Dn -weight, Jl^npH 

^i^tf^^n -whelm, 'bv i2\ -wise, m. s. "inv *D5nnp 

Ought, should, m. s. '»')^^■^ as mvh Kin "^')^^'^ he ought to be 

punished, (this verb is however generally expressed with the 

future, as Exod. xxi. 29. 71^1^ V/I/H D.31 and his owner 
' T T T : - : 

also ought to he put to death) 

Our, wt^ -selves, (see Myself and Herself) 

Out, m. s. -of reach, i^W^ ^b R. ^m not at home, in^'HS l'^^^ 
at a loss, r^Vr\ * •^in: to the end, D?^? * n^3 not within, 
nvin '"l^in loudly, ^Ipn -of, from, through "D as 
•^?l7^? out of love, -of date, m. s. ]tj^1i -of humour, m. s. 
Xyn *1D * ^jJ^T -of joint, m. s. Tl?3 -of patience, m. s. 
n^^: -of place, -of order, 1102 ^hf -of sight, m. s. 

i\r\} l:\^ -of sight -of mind, 2^12 H?:^? \yD pin^H 

-of time, liDTa fc<i?fit^ the fire is-, *»1D3 the time is-, 
• T - : T 

Outbound, D'^pniD^ 'r^;h n^piD R, 11D 
Outcast, ^np • nrnD? (person) m. s. r}lV2 * H'HM 
Outcry, Hj^rV * HDinp * Ty\^V, bip 
Outer, Outermost, pnp * llV^H 

Outgrow, "inv b'l^ 

Outhouse, n^sn n'^^^i^. * liitin? 

2 I 


Outlaw, D^in? ]h2 -N. proscribed, m. s. D^HD-ry, D^HH 
Outlet, iV^VID * iSVin R. ^V^ 

T T 

Outline, contour, IVVH ^l^/i^l 

Outlive, -last, Hv^B 

Outnumber, 1^DD2 'bv b^V^ 

Outrage, DfeH -N. DDH * H?!!? -ous, m. s. atrocious, D^H 

furious, V2il^D 
Outrun, (him) n^b 12p, ^M 
Outroot, tl/lti; * I'pjl 

Outside, pn ♦ p}^''n -skirt, ^'^j;?^ pn * v^i^d 

Outspread, -stretch, nh^ * y^'^^ ' U/l^ * flb^ 

Outtaik, r]r\^ * Dnm n nr:^'^ 

Outvote, nUf'l 1^3 13:1 R. ri^ 

Outward, -wardly, XT\J2 * \y_ n\S"].p^ -wards, ptl? 

Outweigh, ^fjt^*;?)n j;/''"!?n 
Outwit, «^i; Dn;;n * • • ^ D^nrin 
Outworks, -)yn;:£)n n^i/n * iiv'^n 

Outworn, m. s. H?!! 

Owe, indebted, 3*nD I -my life to thee, ^^n^Hn 

Owl, p]w;j^ 

Own, acknowledge rnlH R.ilT claim, m.s.* 1? Ji^i55(-,pi*on. 
is understood, as ^^1^ ^7 it is my-, ITB with his- hand.) 
one's-master, IDVJE?/ 11*^^^ -er, m. s. "T^ bV^ -ership, 

Ox, -)pn * niti^ young-, ip3 in -staii, n^in 

Pace, V. Ti;^ * ^bpi *^*^n , 

Pacific, m. s. ^IVn * D'^I/J * D1^^ *nnii^ * HniiD ♦•^^« 

PAC— PAL ^50 

-ication, Dl^ti^ nn? -icator, -ifier, m. s. *D1^^ *nJ!^i]; 

Pack, bind up, 1^^ -N» a packet, HilV -age, .cloth, 

"^ID? TJ3 -thread, "in^D 
Page, (of a leaf) 11^]; * IV an attendant, ♦ il'^^P 

Pageant, -ry, D^^j; vt^^i?;?^ Hi^np R. H;/::^ 

Pail, "r^ (for milk) *pcp|f 

Pain, n^vi/n * n^^^•7^ * nsy * p"^)::! -n. * 3i^3 * ^nn ^ ^3^^•^ 

^ri * nVj; (of mind) n^D penalty, t:^;)/ ♦ CO^Sr^p -fulness, 

np^ii; * ]lj; * nnv *nyj^ * nij^n -fuiiy, -2 -less, -"^^5 

to take -s, I/5^nn -staker, m. s. ^il\n/p 
Paint, represent, HKr) * T^ colour, I/JV? T.¥ * ^^3 -N. 
l/nV -er, ipjj Typ -ing, -|VV 

Pair, -)?n * :iy ch. -N. D^5ti^ ♦ ;^r 

Palace, 110"]^? * ^5^"^ ' HTIl * HTCO 

Palate, (to taste with) "^H -able, — ^ Dj;;?'^ -atic, —h\l/ 

Pale, nnn^n n^nO flpn -N. a stake, in^ -faced, m. s. IIH 

grow- -)inn -ness, nnin ^ni^ppch. 
Palisade, iT^H niol/t: Diin^ 
Pall, ^>ipr\ 

Palliate, to ea^e, bp^Jl R. bh'p to cloak, HD? -tion, * n'^'^jpH 

•^ID? -tive, h'^pD ' nD?P 
Palm, a tree, ^J2h (of the hand) ^3 -fruit, ^f2Pi a branch of-, 

Dnpn t]5 

Palpability, T ll}V^2i;D * n^^^^l^D * niD^ Ch. -able, gross, m. s. 
tr^^D"; li;?^n'D2i plain, -m3 -ably, nn?Zl -ation, 

nm-^n ♦ ::^il:^d ch. 

Palpitate, pQ*! -tion, Dv^n np_"^25'n. 
Paltry, HD^J^p^ n^Hi t<^ * pn' 

?60 PAM— PAR 

Pamper, D'^Hi?.?? P?.?^ 
Pamphlet, ^iOjJ linn ♦ D^f^J^p 

Pan, nnnD * nt^nir^ -cake, nnn nt^^n-io nlt^v^ 

Pane, (Of glass) n^DOr.m? 

Panegyric, PHJi^ -rical, -rist, m. s. Hll^^P 

Pang, ^nn * n^?? * i^;^ * i;;;^ ch. 
Panic, nD^t< ^ n^n3 

' T •• T T V 

Pannel, (of wainscot) p^pH ViT) 

Pant, wish, ^O'DH * 2iir\ for breath, tin ^m 

Pantry, ]lT;2)n ^Itp 

Papacy, ^^^11 '^^ni Dif? nhji!^ 

Paper, N. "i?|-mill,-n npi^^P DipP -stainer, -i;n1^; 

Papist, m. s. "^mi ^:r\i} 3^e nn^jt *^\dd h 

Par, D^D-i;;n "^llt:^ 
' • T -:t 

Parable, ^^p * ll^P'l -olical, -^^i;^ <{ . 

Parade, show, ]^j;; n^i^lD guard, HD-^g^n ^^2^!^ R. 31;'^ 

Paradise DIIJ ' \1V ]^_ 

Paradox, ^p^H"^!^ T^?^P -ical, m. s. - -H nn^^ *nDl3 

Paragraph, pID^ Ch. 

Parallel, compare, 'bi^ *^hj^ " H^'l -N. (lines) D'^it:^ D^'lp 

pnnn^ resemblance, p^pi. -ism, D^D^r.n '^'n^ 
Paralysis, Dli^n?)"]!?^ R. HDi -tic. m. s. -H ^^2 
Paramount, chief, t^^XIB * ^3 Dip 
Paramour, m. s. by *3^ii; * IlHi^P 
Paraphrase, t^-]^ * DIllJ? Ch. -N. ^/n?) * Dl-inn 
Paraphrast, m. s. l^ltD * D^inp 
Parasite, Parasitical, m. s. ^m * ]Wh y^bVi^ 

Parasol, D;:2i^ ^^^ H^n R. ^^v ♦HDn 

Parcel, pv^H -N. a lot, V7T1 a bundle, H"!;)!^ 
Parch, nnnn -ed, m. s. HnH 

PAR— PAR 261 

Parchment, li^^^ll •^''111 Ch. 

Pardon, 12)3 ♦ hho ' hhl2 -N. msS * Hn'^^D * H^'^flQ 

Pardonable, m. s. laD^ * n7p^. * ir}^^ 

Pare, peel ^VS diminish, tOJjpH ♦ pppH 

Parent, father, n^jt mother, Di^ pi. DnlH R. mn -al, -^tt^ 

-age, descent, Dlb^n birth, m^lD R. ib^ 
Parenthesis, nD^^D-IInn ")5DD IDi^D 
Parish, nn^np -ioner, -H D^i^ln R. ^t:^'' 

Parity, D^Dni;n ''llt^ ♦ niD'H 

Park, N. 2^20 ^pJ\D t^^^^ R. ^p"^ " ^Tl? 

Parley, 1 n^in -N. iniD 

Parliament, 1^7^?? Ch. -ary, —hf 

Parlour, pnnnH -TTn • r^i?"ltO Ch. 

Parole, HntOnn * HD'^p 

Paroxysm, nj;^ nifD il^riD J^^DP 

Parse, p^liP^H •»?? ih^ R. ppl ' 

Parsimonious, m. s. ^^pP * DVpVp Ch. -simony, * \*1^p 

DIVPV -simoniously, —3 
Parson, Jil^ -age, — Dt^^^ 
Part, (in two) iiVn divide, pill -asunder, 1^*^?»1 depart, 

m. s. *'b i^hn -with, °ni^ at;; -n. p^n for my-^ n-yp in-, 

nVj^ for the most-, mistake one's-, VV nVH I will take 
no -in it, 12 "^Hri 7jt/ ^7"^ -^^^» (^^ Participate.) 
Partial, unjust, m. s. D^^a-T^SP R-HDi -ity, D^^S-nnSn-ly, 

-2 -ize, n^ niton R.nnb ♦ ntoi 

Participant, m. s. * *3 "ip/H (in his happiness) InHpCt^S DP^ 
(in his trouble) l^ 1^ I^IV? -cipate, "DJ/ p^H -ation, 


Participle, '^^IrS -cipially, -^n^n 

Particle, an atom, niS * p7 R. pp"T (a word) H'^P R.^^0 

262 PAR— PAS 

Particular, m. s. indiridual, ^tO*^S odd, tl^tl/D be -about a 

thing, p^np'! R. ppl -ity, n^COn^ -ize, to'is -ly, ton?)?! 
Partizan, an adherent, m. s. 1!in 

Partition, p^H -N. division, Hg'?)! (that divides) nV^inp 
Partly, nVj? * nVJ^P 

Partner, ni. s. nDH * ^r\p Ch. -ship, Hinn » niD)!^^ 
Partridge, i^nlp 

Parts, districts, nin'^np * niivp 

Parturient, f. s. H^lH * n'^^lHIID -ition, Ht^l'' •^^HH ^HT^ 
Party, an assembly, (1*^5^ ^ ^^^^^ "^'^ P^* '^^l^^ detachment, 

vbn -coloured, D^^^lt^'D^I/n^^ D^D2) ^t^ 
Paschal, nD2) 7:^^ 

' - V V 

Pass, go beyond, 12S * vC^ "^ ''C^ -away, 7"in -word 
for one, "b 2^1}^ -sentence, 'bv 1U * "HiS IDbt^ enact, 
]l*n ]r)]3 be current, (as money) *iniD? 131/ -N. entrance, 

j^iap licence, nnij^ nii;;^ nnvn 

Passable, that may be passed, m. s. *1?I/]I tolerable, '^^^y^2 
Passage, the passing, Hl/'^pil a road, 12pD (of a book) "IDi^Q 

D.^^ -singer, m. s. ^n1^< nnl;/ *^pi: 

Passion, suffering, *»^ij/ * ^5P anger, ^Vp * 'iXl love, 

, n^n;i n^ni^ * nri; n\^n -ateiy, -n -ate, m. s. ^non n^nD 

Passive, m.s.]b5P ♦ ^nb (of verbs) biJ^2 -n&ss, ^3p * n^:h2D 
Passover, npgil ^IH R. ^I^IH 

Passport, m.ii^ i^'wh nr\vr\ 

Past, m. s. spent, "15-^ * n?3 undergone, V/ff 12ii more than, 

*'D iriV -recovery, ^l^^ 
Paste, p 5*1 -N. pnip 

Pastime, j;i::^i^,ti^^ . 


Pastor, a shepherd, ]^5^ JlJ/h a clergyman, ^113 

Pastry, H^l*^ '^'^l!!^ -cook, m. s. HDli^ 

Pasture, Hi/T -N. Pasturage, Hp^D * HJpD }^ni^ * "^m nih^3 

Patch, N^CD -work, D^^^^tO TJ3 * D"^Dt:) 

Patentee, in3^"i^ ^^^t:^■)^-^^ \T\^ R. nt^^n 

Paternal, fatherly, 3^jt^ 

Path, nn^n: • ^-)i * n^DD -less, n^i^D ^<^ 'in'i 

Pathetic, moving, ^h inil/p * ^^3 i;^l3 

Patience, »Tpi*n * 1112^30 -tiently, — 3 -tient, m. s. quiet. 

Patriarch, (of a family) 3{^Tl^3 ^^^'l (of a church) ^115 ^ilS 

-archate, ^i^'^f?? 

Patrimonial, HJi^n'^S -rimony, nl3i^ n^n: nr^^^^ 
Patriot, -ic, m. s. ini^lD V^^?? lP^?? ^Hli^ -ism, (his) 

» ... V : T T v; V - T -: - 

Patrol, l^n nplti^ 

Patron, J^lnp * J^^Q R. ]3J -age, defence, HDnp -ize, 

'bv i^n *nbn 

Pattern, niD^ 

Pave, nii;-! -ment, nSiVn ^MtiVID 

Pavilion, ^HK (of a prince) Tniiti^ * l^SK 

Pauper, Hj^^V"^.?^ ng^pp bp^p^^b -ism, H TOrP 

Pause, to stop, iby * Hi: -N. ^^n^:rl^^ ch. ♦ p^pa or 
pp?n Ch, 

Paw, the foot, ^^"l P^S hand, T 
Pawn, C03J^ -broker, m. s. t0^3V.? M?^'? ^f? ''"^.l^? 
Pay, (a debt) dW atone, \l}}^r\ * l^? -N". D'^P'l^Ci^ri * ^1Q5 
-ment, D^p v>^ -able, due, — ]D; D")*' >^|l outstanding, 3ln 
Pea, ]iDi5 ^12) ♦ rV2iD]> Ch. 
Peace, not war, Dl^tJ^ rest, Hl^t^ * tO^t^ silence, fTD^'l hold 

264 PEA-PEN 

oneV, thn make-, keep the-, V]J D^I^^H -able, -ful, (times) 
DI^JJ^ nV Cman) H^D ti^^'i? -ableness, tD'^l^ -ably, -2 
-maker, m. s. Dl^t^^ * nil") *nfiy1;; 

Peacock, "^^JSn 

Peak, (Of a hill) nj^?;) W\n 

Peal, ring, Hv^V ** Hb"^ -N. ^V^V ^"^P 

Pear,D|^pl. b^'pi^ 

Pearl, (a gem) n^ •l£^^n| •ri'''?5"!D Ch. 

Peasant, HTfii^ ti^^^^ ^HDl^^ mli; ♦^15^3 

Pebble, t^^^D^H 

Peck, (a measure) HD'^Xn n^r'^2"! 

Peculiar, particular, -Tni\p * ^^^S -ity, tDiphS -ly, CO^^n 

Pecuniary, ]iD9 Ch. nlj^D Ch. ^:^ 

Pedant, -ic, m. s. b\ri^r)12 * ^^J:|np -ry,mi<| -ically,-3 

Pedestal, njlDp * p. 

Pedigree, nii^lrin ti^xv ♦ ni^in ♦ r^n^^i:^ 
Pedlar, n";n^ n:?D -iniD -lery, H n^bi. 

Peel, to flay* h%^ -N. n^V?) 

Peep, look, ^w * to^H R. 032 -N. ^t^* * n:r)5n 

Peer, a nobleman, l^D *"lln -age,— H D^j/D-ess,— H Pitlt/^ 
Peevish, m.s.]5l^np ^t^.^. -^^ss, n^^hpi ' ^1X^1 -ly, -3 

Peg, N. in;i -v. ~a ^ni^t pnqn 

Pelican, n^j^ 

Pelt, ^pD -1^. "11;; -ing, nb^j?p 

Pjen,rar'fold, Hni^ (to write with) IDiD'tDjf/ -knife, -]^?^ 
-man, a writer, "1\1Q "liilD -manship, nH'^ilSn nDi^7D 
Penalty, npp^3 * \l}p -al, -n^np -ance, nn'ltJ^/p * Dn.lD^. 
Pencil, (of lead) Tn^^V CO^ 1 

Pending, undecided, m. s. \>^D * ^1p^ * "^I^H 
Pendulum, ^ — Jpt^D 


Penetrate, pierce, J^pB dive in any matter, Dltt^H? p^DX/H 
(into the thoughts of him) T'JliD^nD pDV h^ i^i!l -tion, 
a piercing, Hj/'^pS sagacity, p3^ • r^lV^HH -tive, m. s. 

Peninsula, '^Jj^ ^VH 

Penitence, H^lti^il -tent, m. s. — 7jt?5 -tential, (a book) —TSD 

Penny, nn^H n^(^\^{i^*'jn^ 

Pension, H^t^? ph -er, m. s. ^lOI^ np'h 

Pensive, m. s. thoughtful, nlDt^np *7jt;5 sorrowful, * DVXf 

cost *^h'\n -ness, mi mnvi? -ly, -12 
Pentateuch, H^t^ n^jn * nnin ^^D^n nt^!2r\ 

Pentecost, (a Jewish festival) n^l^Ml^n JH 

Penultimate, n^lnnsnio H^^t^H nv^2r\ 

Penurious, mean, m. s. ritp3 * ^"^^S -ness, ri1T3 -ly, — D 

Penury, ni^^DD * m^'l R. ^H 

People, (a town, or a country) X^.^ yV T\^ H'^ti^ln -N. per- 

»sons, D;; m, Ct^^^ift the vulgar, DI/H JiDH a nation, * *«15 

Peradventure, |5 ^^h '^^M^ 

Perambulate, walk through, * '2 12}! -bulation, m^jt/ 
Perceive, discover. XVD * Hb^l *ti^|")nCh. -ceivable, per- 
ceptible, m. s. ^w^ * ll/^^D -ceptibility, -ception, * Jl^ij^l 
nmin -ceptibly, *'^^n -cipient, m. s. nSUl * Il/^^ID 
Peremtorily, niD7r\il2 -emtory, m. s. tOjnD * ]iDJ 
Perfect, finish, D^^H * DlH * ^^D -N. m. s. D^^J' * r<|?p 

-ion, -ness, niD^Ji^ * mD^pn * nS^->,p 
Perfidious, I^Dijt- 1<^ 5 m. s. T^jln -ness, 1)2 * ^j^^ -ly, -2 
Perforate, 2p^ -tion, the piercing, H^^p? a hole, 2p2 -tor. 

Perforce, PlD? * T pm2 

2 K 

266 PER— PER 

Perform, do, h'V^ 'Hi^^l succeed, ^-VB * i^b'O -able, H^j^;; 
-ance, completion, H'l^/P the performing, nh^J^B -er,m.s. 

Perfume, nln*'? nn-mer,n'^^P ^iDlD 

Perhaps,]^ '^b")^ •ni^n^'?b;l 

Peril, n:3D Ch. mnti^ be it at my- *n^^^V bv^ "^b}! 

my' ">i*;d -ous,m.s. poDCh. 

Its: -t • ' T % : 

Period, epoch, *TI/lD R. 1}J^ a circuit, H^lp^ a full stop, 
pv?D Ch. marked under the letter thus ( • ), as Gen. ch. i. 
V. 1, p.i$n -ical, -ically, Ch. m^\D D^JlJt/^ ^^^W^b 
Periphrasis, yl/T\^ 

Perish, HDpn *'73^e -able, m. s. Pip»^^. n?^'» 
Perjurer, m. s. ")f?.t§^'7 *l':im -jury, Ij:?^ n^t/'int^ 
Permanence, Dl^nn * UVp^ -manently, — ^ -nent, m. s. * D^j^ 

Pemiissible, m. s. HtS^"}^ -mission, jllti^") Permit, H^nn 
Pernicious, m, s. n^HCi^p * pMO R. ptJ -ly, Hj^n? R.^/n 
Perpendicular, directly, Iti'^ plumb -line, "^^iV 
Perpetrate, j;;ji^§ ^ H'^Vn -tion, i;?^2) * jlj; 7 | 

Perpetual, m. s. TDT) * ivb *DIP_ -ually, D^ii/V * HV?^ 

-uate, -D'^i^n -uity, n'^Tpn ^rr^nv? 

Perplex, confuse, DDH * ^ -1^3 R. ^^3 -ed, m. s. * b::ib2D 

^ 't ••;- ' t:\: 

•qu; -ity, ^in^5 '-"^J^^P 
Persecute, yhb * pVH nVH R. -)1V -tion, ^H^ * Hj^l •>* %nnV 

-tor,m. s. Vnl^ *p^V'?*'^V 
Persevere, persist, |^^Xnn * H^Dnn -ranee, *iT)V^K]in 

T T J - 

Persia, D")D Persian, m. s. ^5^D*1S * ^V^^ 

TT ' T T : - • : - 

Person, a human being, D^^5 t:^D3 pi. nlti^S^:] m. t^^^ pi. 

^ T T V V * T : • , ^ 

D*'^^J^? appearance, nX"]D-age, m. s. *31ti^n DIS -al goods. 

PER— PHA 2ef7 

D^^lDS^O R, ^^CO -ality, nM^T}^^ * "^pna -ally,m. s. * lOVj;;! 

Iti^p;? to appear before one -ally, Y^V'^'y^V mSin 

D^^a-'^.S-D^^S -ate, -ify, -'h H^T -ification, ]VD1 
Perspective, view, ilDpJi'n spying-glass, — HJlp 
Perspicuity, transparency, mn^/in plainness, *1T)5 -ously, 

—3 -uous, m. s. 'l^nS * 1113 

• T T 

Perspire, j;/r -ration, ni/T 

Persuade, iing -suaded, m. s. H/HSp 

Persuasion, persuading, ^IflS -sive, m. s. HIID''. 

Pert, brisk, m, s. l^riD * ?nr Ch. saucy, m. s.D^^S *^]J ^^''V!? 

Ch. -ness, r^n^'7P *nipnr ^mr;; * n^)f^n 

Pertinacious, (see Obstinate.) 

Pertinence, Iti^DH * H^^DD -tinent,m. s. lU;^ * :iD3 

Pervade, nVp^ ^?^ HVp^O 13j; 

Perverse, m. s. t^^j^JXf -ness, r\^^\;>:^ * nplDHn -ly, -2 

Pervert, mi/n -ible, m.s. mi;'* 

Peruse, read over, ?]iD "U/T ti^XID ^*")i^ examine, t^l'l 

-usai, PilD i;;,'! ti/^iD r^^^ip, * ''^^^''l'^. 

Pest, pestilence, f]^: *n$|? * 3;Pj:5 mischief, J/^i -er,*\*n^ 

pvn -house, D^j;;5:;?n n'^n -iferous, -iientiai, n'^mD 
Pestle, "^^i; R. nhv 
Petition, ::^p3 *'7N:y 'PHnn -N. n:i^p3 ^n^^^:i^ mnn 

-ary, -^^ -er, m. s. ti^^p^P * ^Jj^ICi^ * l3nnp 
Petrify, ]2^h nVH -faction, ]nij^ H^in 

Petticoat, pnnn 1^3 

Petty, Tii/n-fnns? -ifogger, -^?nin r. nn^ 

Petulance, mti^pi; * ^iDlDHn -ulantly, — n -ulant, m. s. t^^J^i; 

Pew, nh^r\n nuB invp Dipp r. ^^d 

Phalanx, "THa 

Phantasm, Phantom, Nlli^ mm 


Pharisaical, m. s. u;T\B * t^^^J^np * ICpHOP 

Phenomenon, HHJ^^D Hnt ilt^h^2 mm 

Phial, '^S 

Philanthropy, '^t^^2^n ]^Dh Hin^ 

Philanthropical, m. s. ^m2^n y^f^h OHli^ 

Philologer, m. s. p'IpTP R. ppl -ogy, p'lp'1 -ogical, —'7^ 

Philosopher, m. s. Ipnp -ophy, 75^n r\")"'pn -ophical, — 7B^ 

Phlegm, nm^ R. mb -atic, m. s. nHv^H n-i3jn*^jt;n 

Phrase, N. "n^nH JDli^ -ology, ]'\li;h 

Phylactery, ilS^b * ]^i^r\ Ch. 

Physic, medicine, H^nn^ D^^D (the art) n1^^^D"|^ HDpn 

Physics, ;;5^n riDDH -ical, -W -ician, ]D^ K£)1") 

Physiognomy, Ch. ^V^ilgH ilDDn -nomist, y2D 

Physiology, ^/a^H ^l^f:^h -gical', ^^ 

Phytivorous, m. s. 3J^:i^ *^5l« -tology, 0^9^? ''l'^^/' 
Piano-forte, "1153 

Piazza, Dni;oj;n r]p^D nnn n^^bnn r. ^dd 

Pick, choose, IH^ * "1^^ gather, C0jp7 * ^b^? -one's pocket, 
••D nj| -a quarrel, --3 nn|nn -up, H^njn *iS!i^D -up 
his livelihood, IT nm J^VD -axe, llVD ^d, m. s. ♦ ]^:t^ 
"in R. "nn -pocket, m. s. 2^^ 

Pickle, preserve, nbpB ti^33 -N. brine, TITO ^D thing 

pickled, n^Dn tr^ns 

Picture, -)?.V -N. "l^^V 

Piece, join, 13)1 -N. a part, p7n -bread, DH? US -meat, 

-)t2^n nD'Tin all of a-, m. pi. D'^Dl'n * D'^ltS^ -meal, ad. 

phn p.^n all* to pieces, D^p^n^ *Dn.I^^ 
Pier, nS3n ]1DP R. Pj^iD 
Pierce, penetrate, ^p2l bore, Ip*! -cer, m. s. }y^)2 * "Ip.'l 

-cing, m. s. \^m * r;t; -ingiy, Ti;^ * np^mn 

PIE— PIT mm 

Pietism, nnipnnn •mp'iipV''? Piety, nn^ipn *npnv 

Pig, (see Swine) -of lead, -of iron, '7n3 niDl;; h^lDD 

Pigeon, n^V a young-, 7115 -house, *^y\tl/ Ch. 

Pike, a lance, r\^2n -staff, — 'fj/ 

Pile, liV ♦ nbn -N. a heap, IDh * nmV, -d up, m. s. m^V 

Piles, (a disease) Dnhp * ^^^BV, 

Pilgrim, m.s.-i-ii;!nQ * ^j^^ *n^i;; -age, ^j")^ iT^i; 
Pillage, nbtt^ • rn -n. hdc^d * ntn 

Pillar, a column, 1^:2]J a supporter, "Ti/DD * ]V^^D 
Pillory, riDDHD * plD'^V 

Pillow, nl:^sn5n -id 

Pilot, ^ninn ni 

Pimple, np'n.p^^Jt ^;;')!^;5^? nj<2^ r. nrn * «tr: 

Pin, a peg, in; (of wire) biHD -V. ~-2 pTTin 

Pincers, D^Hj^/P Pinch, squeeze, Th? N-. ^n? 

Pine, grieve for, 'h^ nl^D (a tree) np) 

Pinion, wing, ^^^ fetters, D**^?? -V. -3 Ib^ 

Pinnacle, point, Hj^H n;;n-in t^^l 
.1 J'r':" r" ' " 

Pint, ji7n n'^t^^ti^i J17 

Pioneer, ^^HH ^55) '^I'l ^^1D 

Pious, m. s. p^'iv ♦Tpn * D^■^'^^^ *^^T -ly, nn'^pn? 

Pipe, to play, bhVi -N. (an instrument) rvT) a tub, H^jJ a 
measure, iDH nVC^'^^ti^ t^^H -per,m. s. D^^'^^nn '^ -^np 

Pipkin, fis^nn \^5 

Pique, D^i;nn ♦ --n n-i^nn -n. nDcot!^D 

Piracy, DDH Pirate, N. DD'Wi (at sea) D»n "^^D^ Ch. 

Piss, ]'^r\pn 'b]D h^^n r. b:D2 -n. ]n2^ ♦ di^H *>» 

Pistachio-nuts, D^Iipi 

Pit, a hole, nnw * nna ♦ nln (of the arm) n^^V^? coal-, 

VtsD -iiDn ^n5 -fai, HDDp -iin 

270 PIT-PLA 

Pitch, fix, pn'l (a tent) hn'^ V.'pPi Hgbt, ^bb: smear,nb3 
-N. HDi * DDT -y, dark, lln;!/ -fork, Jlt^^p 

Pitcher, (an earthen vessel) 13 "a -goeth oft to the well, but is 
broke at last," I^K 1V_ l^^^H ^JJ l^H IT Ti;; ^3 

'• - T " T • 

Pity,"^;; Dn-i D'ln ^bn-N.m:Dni ^n^Dn-iless,-^^n 

-iable, Dn"|1 -iful, m. s. tender, D'^^H'! *N7D despicable, 
n03 -eous, exciting pity, m. s. D^DH*! *"in'il/p -eously, 
-ifully, despicably, JT/^Ji^;^ 

Pittance, CO^D HDVl? 

Pivot, in'' 

Placable, m. s. ni-n^ *ni:i *n^ *'T! 

Placard, nj^llD R. ^T 

Place, put, DW *TpIfn -N. space, DipD office, * nMlf} 

n-lpg in -of, DipP? in every-, DipD ^^5 
Placid, quiet, m. s. Dp^ * 3:^ip -ness, COp^i^ 
Plague, infect, ^[^.5 * ^ij vex, p^H -N. * ;:^2 ' ^fj ♦ n^^D 


Plaid, D^P5 

Plain, m. s. artless, DlH * D^^II clear, "I11!l simple, tO^J^^ 

level ground, ")33 -ness, -dealing, ^D'^pin * HlOti^^ -ly, 

—a -work, nCOIti^D HDi^^D 

T : T T ; 

Plaintiff, ni. s. X^lb j^nin Ch. -ive, ^m b^ 

Plaister, D^^^nn 

Plait, T'nn^ ^£33 -N. m.s.Hl1ii3 

' T : - T T 

Plan, nc^n -N. scheme. nZl^ni^ model, T*"^ 

T T T -; - 

Plane, r\w * ny^pH -N. nj;;vpD 

Planet, nrD * ^TD pi. DnrD*rint;!D * nl^r;^ -ary, -^t:^ 

't- T-t^ 't; t- t- " 

Plank, n-jip * t^^np 

Plant, ;;bJ ♦ ^hti^ -N.;;^? * ^^inti^ -atlon, i;£5D -ed, m. s. 

PLA— PLE 271 

yiDJ -er, ni. s. i/tpl^ 
Plaster, mO -N. lime, T^ a salve, nni^np-er,D*>^ni n^l^t? 

Plat, j'lK -N. mi^n npbn -form, a flat roof, ;;in ncoj:^ a 

level, -llti^^p 
Plate, to beat into plates, n§ j/i^") R. PIID -N. (of silver) 

pipD ^^? a dish, nyp_ -d, m. s. n^'i/ipn 

Plaudit, nip -ory, m. s. nB;^P 

Plausibility, -ibleness, D*;:"^^ ri\^")0 -ible, m. s. n^i;; 

Play, to sport, pHV *i?^j;?.riti^n R. H;;::^ trifle, ^^J/H-N. 

pinv *D^i;!^^.?^ -er, m."s. pH^p ' im>V.P^ -fellow, j;;n 
R. n;;-) -fui,-some, m. s, ^vi; *ni;i *9p r.i;t ♦^^p 
-house, j;:i^^^.;^^ ^^^"ID n^5 -thing, d*>i;;2;i;.?^ 

Plea, apology, m^V^O'T' ' nip^pvn R. p-T^; 

Plead, argue, Hp^^H defend, ''^^ f^^^DH \^br\ R. pS -er, 

m. s. i(^bn -ing, nv'^^p • ni31 

Please, content, H-VH * J3]/ choose, *lh^ * "IPB if you-, m.s. 

*^^rv3 n:j>^ Dip DN -one's seif,:;)];nn *j;;^i;.ri:i^n r. 

n]J\i; it does not -me, ''2 "'T\)f^n ^iS * '^^JC/g ^10 N*? 
-ant, m.s. (person, or thing) D^JuO * ^IVH (voice) ll^/ (meats) 
D^Z?i;cpD -life, D^nltO D^^n -g-arden, H^ ^5 make- D^If^H 
-antness, delightfulness, yy^ * '"^^p^ -antry, 27 3^0 
-antly, -1 

Pleased, m. s. • '3 \^?n * Hynp -ingly, UV'^ll 

Pleasure, delight, ^V^p * JIV"] a man of-, p:^!^^^ * ^?J?np 
he follows his own-, 12^ nnnt^^ nn{< •r|'7ln with-, 

nnn? rmn * 3.^ m^Dn * ny^pn t^sin * 310 ]iv")3 

-urable, m. s/D';;: * l^HJ 

Plebeian, y-\^n Dv nv»^p R. H?T * colnn Ch. pi. 

Pledge, to pawn, D3j^ (one's self) 3'lj^nn -N. D3J/ * ll3nj;^. 

272 PLE— POC 

Pleiades, ''^iQV ''5?'i3 -^X^??^ * HD'^S 

Plenary, m. s.*DrOr) * t)j^ -arily, H^D^pn? ^fllD^^n 

Plenipotence, 11&^ *^|?^1 -otent, m. s. * H^g^nH HD l'? ^n? 

n^-lip -otentiary, m. s. Dl^^Sn (^"^iit * "IDnD R. DID 
Plentitude, -ty, S^^ * ^^ -teous, -tiful, m. s. 2*1 -teously, 

-tifully VQp^D, * nh^ 

Pleonasm, in";. H?^ * Dni'i nii^ni;. 
Pleurisy, ntnn -);;nn -ritic, m. s. — 2 ns^p 

Pliable, -ant, "^l R. "[Dl -ableness, Jl^^T 
Plod, j;;j> -der, m. s. J/?^np-ding, H^**^^. 

Plot, to plan, n'^n ' niVnnn trj?.? (mischief) °^r vj ti}^r\ 

-N. contrivance, HDJ^np * H^Snin conspiracy, l^j^. -of 

ground, nni^ri rijP^n 

Plough, "I'':! * U/IT) -N. -share, Jll^inp -land, 3;^ -man, 

3;il^ * fii^nin ^n;:DT^e inir a-ing, t^^nn * -i^j 

T T-: •• ^ • T 

Pluck, (fruit, &c.) ^bp^ ' D^l^ (feathers, hair) d^D -up by 

the root, Ipj: * HDJ -out one*s eyes, CJ^^^ "Ij^j -N. a pull, 

n^^:Dr\ lights, &c. nnjp ♦ D^i;ip 

Plums, raisins, ti^tl/2^ D^33X; 

Plumage, r\1^l2 -migerous, -my, m. s. — 7jt/5 

Plumb, Plummet, ^^SH ]2^ -line, '^3^? 

Plump, to fall, IT fatten, i^nnH * \D^n -N. m. s. * ]12t^ 

^^ns -ness, n^i^nn ♦r^iDip?^ 

Plunder, tTB * HbtT^ * ^'^t^-N. Ht !l 'HDJi^C) * ^^t^^ -er, m. s. 
Plunge, put under water, VJ^^tDil * llT to sink, * lh^ 

D^p^ ♦ ppx/n fall into, "I'l^bti/n^ bs: -n. nn^ 

Plural, m. D'^nn -ity, "^^3^ 

Pocket, N. D^3 -V. -2 ^hj -book, D^3n?n nnnp« 

-handkerchief, ^^n finspp 

POE— POL 273 

Poetry, poems, nlV'^^Q * D'^l^tl/ -csy, -H nD^i/D -etical, 


Poet, IIWD * Y^hD -ically, ^^l^D HV^^D "Tinn R. \^1^ 

Poignancy, ]13;i^ * '>;i^f5^ -ant, m. s. p3^ * H^fJ 

Point, sharpen, ;5^ * Tin direct, nS|-in * nnlH *mn(with 
the finger,) Tb^ ^DTT to dot, 1'^} -N. a sharp end, 71111 a 
dot, (THpi a case, ]^5J^ chief, llpV * tT/X") critical moment, 

rn^isn i;j-i -by-, v^-it^n -in"n -in*i -blank, t^^n^jn to 

be upon the-, l^Hl pDJ nVH to bring to a-, H^? *Dnn 
R. Dnn he is on the -of death, nob Dllp^ * DDI^ -ed, 
sharp, m. s. ]13^ *in -edly, keenly, HJ^'iSti^B -less, m. s. 

nn'D *nnp 

Poison, N. mi • m^n-DD * D^i^ Ch. -V. -npt^i '7^^^^^ 

-ous, m. s. n^n^D "^pii? 

Poize, D^2 -N. D^a 

Poke, tl/^D Poker, ]1t!^'7p 

Pole, (a piece of timber) D? (of the earth) n?[7 ^,"^^5^ ^^p 

-lar, - -btl} Pole-axe, Ullp_ 
Police, 1*'j;n n'lip?) -icy, art of government, H^^pD * "IO?^D 

prudence, H^'iy 
Polish, brighten, 't:?:^^ • pH^ * CDip civilize, n^iD^'i;? 1^^ 

-N. nV^^ **'£>'•' -er, m. s. t^^COl^ * PHD?:) * COir^D 
Politeness, civility, p.{J"^n;^. *mD^jt?3 Polite, m. ^—7V_Z ' 
Polity, nri^n n^nin -itics, ri^^'l'l -itielan, m, s. 

Poll, take a list of voters, Ty'\j:i 7?p R. J/T -N. (a list) 

ni;;*nn nD^tt^i the head, tr^t^i ^ nbib^^ r. ^^j 

Pollute, defile, i^S)-ii ♦^if^ -tion, nN;D:D * V\S5 
Polygamy, D^^t^JH '^^n -glot, nl:)W nl3W^n -theism, 

T v; 

•2 L 


Pomegranate, ]iZ2"! "^ I 

Pomp, ri"i.t<D]i ' nin -ousiy, -2 -ous, m. s. n^Jtbp ♦ i'\in 

Pond, DJ?^ * HDnn 

Ponder, D^§ * "innn K nnn -able, m. s. b]>W\ -osity, "T^JD 

-ous, m. s. ins 
Poinard, niH ^ H^^ 

Pontiff, Hn5 ]ri3.tiricai,(abook) D'^:ri3 niln "l^p 
Ponton, nnni/D rniDt)-! 
Poop, N. n'^^^n "^nin?^ 

^ t.t:x .. -: 

Poor,m.s. indigent, ]5PD * ]1^3K *->?]; ' t^n * T'H R. * tm 
^bl very-, JVDkSl ^^i; grow-, ti}nT\ * ^ID make-, t^^ti^ll 
make one's self-, (pretend) tJ^^lnJlH -land, HH mean, 

lin-iy*, -n 
Pope, ^Dii \:!!i3"3i?? -dom, — ni)^5 -ery, - -"^ni ^\p^^\ 
-ish, ~ -nnin? R. HT 

Poplar, nph 1 

Poplin, i^in*^ '^t:^Di -)D^^ D\^^3 T^n 

Populace, Dj;;n pOn -ular, m. s. r^m 3T)? '''IVT -ularity, 

Diin ]ton ri^n^it ^iv"! -uiate, uvn nuip -uiation, 
orn '^131 -uious, f. s. d;; nnn 

TTT • T - - 

Porch, D^I.S * l^Ti^ 

Pore^ N. nitopnn nl;;n ap: -rous,m-s. D^inpi *j^^d i- 
Pork, -)\rn n^i '^ 

Porphyry, tOnil 

Porraceous, m. s. H*^ V^? T''^;! ' • '^ 

Porridge, p^l.^ Porringer, (TIJ^p T'i 

Port, harbour, D^l J^lDQ mien, ;in^Z:D -able, m. s. ' t^bT^ 

'hlDblD\ R. ^"^CO -al, "li?t^ -er, gate-keeper, l^)ti/^ carrier, 

^3P m^: -age, -erage, 1?^ 

POR— POT 275 

Portend, nis^ ni^^ -sion, ^:^^1nn it^i^ nini^ nj;iin 

Portent, ip-^p *n1i^ -ous, m. s. *^^1^ Jl1« 

Portion, part, p7T\ (of a daughter) ]"JJ 

Portliness, nin ^JllD^j;?: Portly, m. s. IMT) * D^j^3 

Portfolio, D^nnsn nnrip^^ -manteau, Dnj^n nnnp^5 

Portrait, Hni^; Portray, draw, ")»y 

Position, situation, TD^fP DipP * 3-^5 R. 1)^^ 

Positive, m.s. toJ^HD * \\'2\ *'^^e^^ -itiveiy, Ho^nnn 

Possess, -b n?n -ion, ]"^:p * ntni^ take -ion of, * -^ n^P 
'n^ m^ • • -3 'p]r\r) having large -ions, m. s. D'^Dp? *^i;3 
CD^Iin give -ion, *T^21 ^t^^^ jjlj -ive pronoun, ]^3jpn "^I^DS 

-or, m. s. *^b i^i * ^j;;? ♦ mip * rnii^ * p\rnp 

Possibility, H^D^ * '^^^^ Ch. -sible, m. s. ^DV is it -sible, > 
b:?Vn as much as -sible, Ch. Iti/^^'l riD ^33 
h^V l^i^?_ -sibly, ^'blj*^ 

Post, to fix, p3*n -N. messenger, TH^p "^r^J/ H^?^ office, 
nip5 a side-, (of a door) Htltp upper door-, P)1pt^P 
-age,' n"^|^^ nin\^J^ IpS?^ -chaise, ^]iy 3Dn -haste, 

jiran ♦ nn^np -house, nn^t^n nn^t^p n^3 -iiiion, 

33"! -man, nlnjli? .^^3p 
Postdate, Ch. l^T DTH-tOIS:) ")^^^ -diluvian, ^13»n ^Ht^ 
Posterior, ^^n^ * inK -riority, nn^i^ -riors, nlPIiJ -rity, 

D'^:1-|^^^ nllll -meridian, Dnn-VH nnj< -humous. 

Postpone, delay, "IPIK * nhl 

Postscript, UDDln * HDDln R. flD*> (for P. S. is put U/^V 

. being the initials of ^T)!!^^ "Tij; or '^m'Dt^ IpV I yet 

forgot, or the principal thing I forgot). 
Posture, disposition, IDVD * HJOri 

Pot, -ina * -i^p pi. nlTD -companions, o'^1^3tl} n3n 


Potatocpt^ nDi^ man i- 

Potency, Potent, (see Might) Potentate, CD^^ * lp^D ^ 

Potion, (in physic) H^^nn nf?.tt^D 

Potter, i^yi l)^r^ -tery, I^V '^l^ nDN.^P I 

Poverty, m'^ij;. * "^^i? * rnvJ^. * tt^iR. ^^1 * ::^n 1 

Poultry, nl£)ii; -terer, m. s. — l^lD 5 

Poultice, •^isn'? n^i^innn 

Pound,tobeat,"nri3 * J^^n^-N. (money ID**^)^^ mV^U/ \ 
Pour, (in, or on) p':^*^ to rush, ^HD throw away, "^D^ 'i 

Powder, reduce to dust, p^l 1^^^ Ti; jh^ * pn.S^ plH 

R. ppT -N. pDiNt gun-, n^niy-pnJ?. -horn, -H ]"l.p. 
Power, (strength, see Might) leave, HStJ^nn n3 vmCi^n it is 

in my-, "^T h^^ U^] -less, HD ^^21 
Practicable, m. s. Htj^J^;; -tical, H^I/p ^^ -tically, *^ilb3, 

nZDi^n-tice, use, JIH^D * S^IH dexterity, nn^n;:D 
Practise, do, nji^;? exercise, 75"Lnn Vp^j^nn -tioner, m. s. 

Praise, niU/ * ^ v'H -N. nnt^ * ^1 vJH -worthy, m. s. * HBt^^D 

Prance, ^D1 a prancing, n^ri'l 

Prank, a frohc, D^'^^nH a wicked act,;;^^ H^^D 

Prattle, ^HH 1^'^ -tier, m.s. Vn^t^ pC^^IS) 'D'^^^l! *"'3*i'^ 

Pray, °^i^ pHnH ^bsnn I'DV * "D t^^pn -I iS;^ -er, 

rt^nn * n^i^n * nn^ni; * nsi^pn -er book, n'l^r) n£)D 

Preach, t^ll * nOlH -N. H^^^l'l * HnDlin -er, t^^nl'l * HOlO 

Preamble, HD'l'^T} ' Kl3p 

Precarious, m. s. dependant, "2 ^l^ri doubtful, *niD5 ^'P?? 

p?)D -ly, pSiDS * pD^3 
Precaution, mT^nt 
Precede, 'h D'lp -cedence, HDHp -cedent, m. s. "1 Dip 

PRE— PRE 277 

-cedcntly, "^^^y Precentor, HV^P 
Precept, HIVP -tive, Hnin -tor. HnlD R.H")'^ 
Precession, P J^^ HD^lp R. I^.l 
Precinct, ^135 

Precious, m. s. 1p^ -ly, Ip.VS 
Precipice, nDHlD lU}'' "T"nD R. TT 
Precipitance, -itation, ]n*\\'l/P * r\1?nS -itately, —2 -itant, 

-itate, m. s. inf22 * tnlS -itate, V. P]h*1 
Precise, m. s. yOD ' DVpvp Ch. -sion, -^f"^ * D'lVpy -sely, 

-2 -sive, m. s. ]55p ♦ OVDVp 
Preclude, "D "fiJ;? ^iJ^H -ded, m.s. "D ^WH 
Preconceit, -ception, ^^^D n'^ni^D n^^nt:^ R. hbn 
Preconceive, li^t^l^ nSn^D ^t^^n -concerted, t^^XlO r;;i3 

Precurse, tp\D * n'r\\^2 -sor, m. s. I^np 

Predation, D^H * f)"]:^ -datious, -datory, m. s. DDlH * P]"litO 

Predecessor, m. s. * ' 7 Dip * ^ W^^"^ 

Predestine, -tinate, tl/iilD lU -tination, * n^nV,?pn nnra 

n1^r;57 mnj Ch. -tinarian, m. s. 2 ^'?^?P 

Predetermination, lI/iilD H^nnj Hntil 

Predicament, state, "TDyD 

Predicate, N. "l^ln 

Predict, foretel, n'lTnjj;^^ n|75 prophesy, J^n? -tion, * H^U? 

nn^ni/n niV? -tor, m. s. nn^ni; n^:D * .s^'nj 

Predispose, 'i^Xip ]^?n R. ]1D -sition, t^^t^lD HJpn 
Predominance, pre-eminence, \Mr\^^ * i^^ti/ "lJn)[ R. ^^t^3 
prevalence, iTI'inil -dominant, pre-eminent, m. s. t^N") 
prevalent,''^;;; *-)al5 -dominate, "inln * "^J^ -)3| 
Pre-engage, DipO °DJ:f"'^l.!i'D T?"? -engagement^ HiDH 
DipD n^^lti^n -establish, ^iilD D^PH J^DH 

278 PRE-PRE 

Pre-exist, D''3D-^0 nVH -existence, * D'^>:iv'^ .T^H r\'l^^'^y;J 

n^^fc^-l -existent, m. s. |1Ji^^^n * ]1D72 
Preface, D'^'Hj^Jn -N. HDlpH 
Prefer, regard more, "^ ]1")n^. njH R. ]n]3 -erable, m. s. 

nnnp -erence, ' 'h Jlnn^ -erment, HlOnp " HTH? I 
Prefix^ D^?9 vJp DW -N. H^^H :^^1? t^^lDt^H Hii^ 
Pregnancy, a being with young, ]V*in -nant, f. s. iTin i 

Prejudge, HTpni H^^^. DHD? D^^^i^.H tDb^> 
Prejudication, HTpni H^n.^ Dnir)^ D^t^^p l 

Prejudice, hurt, p^tH * ^/nn R. ;;T1 -N. pt: • nj;n he is 

-judiced against, "2 ^i^H ii? T^D -judicial, m. s. 

p\rD *;;i2? 

Preliminary, prelude, HDlpn ♦ J^13D 
Premature, m.s. I^pj^ -turely, Hl^'p^f^S 
Premeditate, D^'^Dv'D 2ii;n -itation, D*'::S:)^D HntS^nD 

' • T ; ' T 't:* tt-; - 

Premier, t^^ti") first minister, tS^t^lH mD^^jH ^j^V 

Premise, ti^l|i^ D^'IpH * ^jj D"J.p nJ?n 

Premises, houses, &c. nlvTI? * riltHi?. 

Premium, np^ ♦l/Vn 

Premonish, D^3D^P IHtn -ition, D'^^D^O nnntNT 

Preoccupy, p'^tnn? D'^'IpH -cupancy, Dipp '^);in 

Preordain, D^'J? >»? "lt5 -dinance, D''>5 v'P Hny 

Prepare, 1T\JI * pDH (one's self) ]l3n -ration, H^pH -I'ative, 

-ratory, m. s. \^2f2 
Preponder, bpjl/r^^n ^npH -derance, hpj^fpn nj/n^H 
Preposition, DVilt^ T\h?2 R. ^^^ 
Prepossess, 2h nlCOH -sion, 2.^ n^Cp? 
Preposterous, b^fn n^^J * njIDHn -terously, ID^pD "^hll 
Prepuce, tl/^V 
Prerogative, H^'^'lpn tOQ^^P -gatived, m. s. 17 

PRE— PRE 279 

Presage, ■T"^n;;n ni^nn -n. tt^v^ n'\^ 

Prescience, nlTn^n ri;;*'T Prescient, m. s. DlTnj;. *}ll)'^ 
Prescribe, T^ (medically) \'i/^ -script, H^VP * "JiJ?^ -scrip- 

tion, a medical receipt, J^Dlin nVJ/ HIVD riD^t^^n 
Presence, a being present, m^^^yp -of mind, r<J^*in ]i")t^^D 

R. ;;t ♦ mTnp in -of, '^:^f:h *• "^^^h 

Present, give, (a benefice) "^ ]rl3 J1•T^^? \h^ exhibit, nSlHil 
-one's self before one, D^^S ^1^^•^^ Sin -N. a gift, * HjriD 
nr\?2 ♦ n^D * r<Ci^D R. X^: not absent, m. s. r<V.03 
ready, m. s. JiD^ not past, 11 XD nj/7 -able, a fit present, 

m. s. n:rip^ *'^ij^n -ation, ]rl3 nm>? n^ne -ee, ^j;n 

njIlD -^y> ^t present, Hn]/ soon after, mnpS -ment, a 
representation, IV^ * jllTH 
Preserve, keep, ^fefi!^ season, t^33 -N. plilDB tl^^QS -vation, 
HTp^ -vative, m. s. TTfl;;'! ♦ nb^^ -ver, m. s. * I^Tli/D 

Preside, ^j;^ umn R. n^i; • m::^ **^^^ib \r\in -idency, 

'^^•^^•'!J * mDJIgi Ch. -ident, m. s. J\n3p *D5")§ 
Press, urge, ^^vji? * J!^ij distress, j^h^ -down, t^33 -out, COhK^ 
-oil, or wine, ]1J!1 "^h'H -N. an oil, or wine-, ]f^tl^ *^^ H^. 
an instrument for pressing, t^5?^ ^^^^ printing) DID'H Ch. 
-ing, m. s. X^m * ti^Ji * ^n1^ :^5i -ingly, with force, 

nbn *Dyi;n-man, D^ano -ure, affliction, \^n^ *pn*i 

Presume, to suppose, 1^/^12 H^l H];.^ -ming, m. s. • "IJf/^P 

W?:5 n^^rp .mable,m*. s. H^^^ * 1jt;t:^'». 
Presumption, conjecture, IVP'H * li^-?*!? presumptiousness, 

^.^ 1"^"^? * m^ii * njj^n r. rr;; -tuousiy, -n -tive, supposed, 

n^lDS *nK"li3 presumptuous, m. s. TT 'D^:^ *»;; 
Pretence, Pretension, Pretext, HDn;; * m^V^lin 
Pretend, Dnj^ri * nlD?^ J^^'pn -er, * m*. s. ♦ tiMV 

280 PRE— PRI 

Preterimperfect, ^b^}^ ^'Pihll 12Jl -terite, 12il -ternatural, 
-ternaturally, j/D^H '^'l^^D X^Vj H^I/D^ -terperfect, -ter- 
pluperfect, D^fct^: 12^ 

Prettiness, *»D''' * Dj/j * "llJl -tily, —2 -ty, handsome, m. s. 

np; * D^i;: * "iin nearly, tDj;;p3 

Prevail, overcome, vjt/ ")il| induce, iir\^ -aling, -<ilent, m. s. 

-I5j * prn -alently, Hp^m? * nr)3 
Prevaricate, waver, ^/J ^7^ '^^l. * ^^D^'^ -ication, 

n^it^nJ? -icator, m. s/3^1 D./'^nBip ^niD^DHn ♦:^\st 

Prevent, hinder, pp^H * rpn * PJD -tion, HJ^?^ *nj;^:p 

-ive, m. s. ]m ♦ ^?^ln ♦ i/ilD 
Previous, m. s. "7 'Dip -ly, DH^B -ness, H^'^lp 
Prey, spoil, ttn devour, f\i:g -N. T^ * ^ntD beast of-, riTt 

n^nlCO bird of-, to^v 
Price, estimation, "^"11/ reward, "l^np * "IDfc' 
Prick, to pierce, 2pl hurt, I'^^^^n -N. 3^3 * 3^?^ 
Prickle, ^1p * Hln -ly, D'^V'^P R^H'in X^p ;d| 

Pride, n«:inn ♦H^nn-N.mnn^ ^m^^Il Mlt<-i I 

Priest, iris -craft, -H n?)1Xf -ly, -^^ -hood, njn 3 -ridden, 

m.s. D^iin^n niiiS: *pai'i 

Primacy, -mateship, ^^in jHi ]^P n^if^ 
Primarily, H^nJl^ R- /vH -mary, -mate, m. s. t^^j*^ 
Prime, m. s. first, ]1ti^J^-) * t^^i^") best, in2D * 2tD^D -cost, 

nj? Ch. spring of life, min^ * Hnn? -ly, originally, 

]1t:^i^nn excellently, n^^DH Dn? 
Primer, Hlplsn n.ip^p "IDD 
Primitive, m. s. ^iD^Tp, * t:^^-) ♦ "llp^ 
Primogenial, first born, m. s. "l1D5 -i^or, !3K -iture, * iTllDa 

PHT— PRO 281 

Prince, a chief, "IK^ * ^""tf^^ * T^: a king^s son, "^^D |5 -cely, 

royal, miD^D -cess, HnK^ * ^^D nS 
Piincipal, a head, ni. s. U/^l * 2'^ essential, IpXf capital sum 

J-lp^ Ch. -ity, n^^pD -ly, tl/^l'^ 
Principle, opinion, H^pUD original cause, H^lti^i^'l n|ip 
Print, impress, ppH * Di^^H (books, &c.) D'^^lin Ch. -N. 

Hj^np ♦ D;/^") ♦ D^DI -er, D'^?!? -less, D^l \^5 
Prior,- former, m. s. |iSi^J^") *D7P Prior* -ess, (see Abbey and 

Abbess) -ity, nD^'lj? 
Prison, -11D^^ ^^^H H^B -er, m. s. I^Di^ * m^^) 

II " II" V - •• • T X 

Pristine, first, m. s. ]iD72 * llt^^'i^l 

Prithee, S:S ^S!) * "^^Hi^ R. H^H 
T T T — : - 

Privacy, secrecy, Hilp^ retreat, nHH^ 

Private, m. s. secret, lilp * llD alone, 1*13 particular, 

''Lpn? * nnvp -ly, nnp? * ^nn 

Privation, want, T\h"h^> •"ipH -ative, m. s. bhwi2 
Privilege, X, nn^H * TW^-^, R, "lin * Ht^^n -V. -jhj 
Privily, nnpn -ties, U^mil^ -ity, "1^0 *llD 
Privy, acquainted with, m. s. "TlDH *)^2 a necessary-house, 

rjv? ^^P?D ^^? -counsel, no^g)n ]^j;i^ ♦ tid p"*rip9 

Prize, to rate, T^"}i/n esteem, 7070 R. 77D -N. reward, 

T T 

Probability, T\12'^b DilJP -able, -ably,m. s. H^p^pD * HiS'i:? 

Probate, n;2n ni^^v nph nTi;;n r. mo * nii 

Probe, npn * ti^n*! -bation, proof, Hn^pn * nti^^^ll 
Problem, HTH R. Tin -atical, p^^D -atically, -3 * nil*'!!? 
Proceed, prosecute, Tii; f]b^ * I^I^^H go forward, *"^5?)^ ^bT) 
arise from, "D "^/JH -ing, procedure, * nt?^Ij[P **^n/T 

Process, course, 1"7p (of law) COSt^D * 3n -ioi'j, HDn^Jp 

282 POR— PRO 

Proclaim, publish, *^ip ini^n * D^niS i?_"^nin R. i;t 
n::in ch. -lamation, ni/iiD * rn3 

Procreate, Th'in R. n^** -tioii, ni^lD -live, m. s. l^^iD 
Proctor, (in an university) i^f^l'^rip tl}^'^^ Ch. an attorney. 

Procurable, ^^^*l -curator, T^pS * ^^^^^ -cure, obtain, 
N:!i^9 * J^^VPn Pimp» CD'^?''^?/' ^.1! Ch. -curer, m. s. 

Prodigal, -iT?p * r nnp R. nra -ity, nitD * nnrn -ly, -2 

Prodigious, m, s. X??? -giously, *!^<P7 ^V -gy? ni. s» 
Produce, generate, T^^in R. "T^'' yield, N^IH * ^^'^V^^ 

R. ^^in ♦^^^*' (in public) n^in *jy^-vn r. i;^;'' cause, 

npn R. nnD-N. profit, mn * n^j^ln r. ^7^ 

Product, fruit, ^^51D^) (of money) ^0 -tion, (of animals) "'"l^ 
(of the mind) .Tl^i/n (in public) Hi/Vn -tive, m. s. ' T^lD 


Profane, ^-jn * i^^D -N. m. s. polluted, hbr\ *i^D^ not 
holy, (things) ^IH (person) It R. Itr -nation, * rii^pcp 
^Iv'n -neness,;;!^^^ -nely, ~2 -ner, m. s. ^-^Hp ' ^^/?^P 

Profess, noan * 13n R. 1}2 -edly, t^^n?)? -ion, declaration, 
nnir)3n * nijn employment, n1:p^? * pp;;. Ch. -lonal, 

-W -or, an *nni;:: -orship, -n n^r.;? 

Profest, m. s. CO'^n^ /ij 

' T T; T ■ 

Proficiency, ]1-)ti^3 * pp^^ -cient, m. s. I'^HD * ^^^pn Ch. "' 

Profit, t^^Dn * ri'^nn -n. -abieness, ti^O") * m_^. ^ ri^i/ln 
R. ^;;^ -able, m. s. HnnD * a^co^p -ably, ^n^jt/ln? 
ins:^3n -less. m. s. ^>;?i'^ n^to^^ {<^ 

Profligacy, -ligateness, ^^^?.r^ ^l^tOLL^ * Hfp] R. DDt -ligately, 
-2 -ligate, m. s. m^^H *r]l^W * n^Hfi^;? *^i?n 


PRO— PRO 283 

Profouiul, deep, ni. s. pOV -foundly, p^j/ / -fundity, ppX? 
Profuse, lavish, m. s. TBrnD R. PIl * IT^O * jlH *n-??p 

-fuscness, -sion, tintn * 1ir?i * ^vSd -fusely, -2 
Progenitor, 2^ -geny, Hl^ln R. "T^'' 
Prognostic, niHiS^ fllkS -ticate, Ipn R. l^i^ -ticatioii, 

nn^ni;n ni-^i -ticator, m. s. nn^ng n^jp 

Progress, course, n^^ip * HDvn improvement, ]^pr) * hV]^ 
-ional, -ive, increasing, ^1"IJ1 2l1] Ti/H -ively, * "11.03 

Prohibit/^x; ni^ 'in^n -ion, ns:^x;n t<^ mvD -ory. 

Project, contrive, H^SHn t<V/!5 *nt^n jut out, ^nb^n -N. 

-ion, plan, H^nnn * ri2ii^r]D -or, m. s. * ni-^nnH *^pD 

nia^HD *3:i^in -ure, nii^n^i^ 
Prolific, m. s. n/5 *n^iv ♦ nitii * T^to R. ib^ 
Prolix, m. s. '^n^^?) -ity, n1Dn^^ 
Prologue, nn^'jns 

Prolong, lengthen out, I^HNtn put off, \?2\ T^)1J1 -ation, 

Prominence, riNfiS^ R. ^^ -inent, m. s. ^n.Sip ♦ LOpi^ 
Promiscuous, m. s. l^VD ' ^?^?/? f^- ^^2 -ly, H^n -^^3 
Promise, H*"^??! -N. nn^lfl -issory, —7^ -iser, m. s. 

Promontory, yi^H ]it:^'7 

Promote, to forward, "iHip elevate, y^J * i^Si^^ -ter, m* s. 

, nn7jp * prnp -tion, nn^np * pm 

Prompt, assist, pTjl remind, ")^3Tn -N. m. s, ready, * I^HD 

pD: -er, m. s. ptnp * l^STD -itude, DM^riD -ly, -^ 
Promulg-ate, D^3"l^ jt/nln HnlH R. i/T^ * H"!^ -gation, 

D^n-)^ ni;Tln HiSnin -gator, m. s. u^2ib *;;mD *nilD 

284 PRO— PRO ^ 

Prone, inclined, m. s. nn^? *n£p1i -ness, nn*^ nj.(D3 

Pronoun, V§*n "^133 -nominal, h*d; 

Pronounce, utter, i^tD^ -nunciation, "'ItD^ * I^lD^D 

Proof, impenetrable, m. s. T^^P *p?n specimen, mC^ (of a 

printer) nlD3^ Dw;?n np.r^x-tn evidence, ^nni/ R. Tii; 
n^^n -less, -^h:i 
Prop,Ti;p * ^br^ * ^w-n, i^pn * i;;:^p 

Propagate, ni^ * HIS -tion, HO") * (T^^ -tor, m. s. 

Propel, t]nn * pjj^n r. p^^ 

Propend, nnijt niD? ri^lCOn -pensity,nnift iTCp? 
Proper, m. s. fit, 1^3 * pD3 peculiar, ^pnS;) will it be-? 

Property, quality, l^in ^ n7VJ2 possession, ^^^^? * (^J^p 
Prophecy, H^ID? -etic, -bf -esy, lf^55 -et, ^^^n^3 
Propitiate, n-^^-) * D^J^ "l??? -tion, H^B? -tory, m. s. -|§?p 
Propitious, m. s. favourable, DiCO -tiously, 3^l03 
Proportion, HWH * n^>n n^^^DH * p?n -N. ^1];. * lli;^ 

-al, - D -ally, -2 able, -ate, pDJ? * '"IKHS 
Propose, *^*i/^ -sal, -sition, nVji/ -ser, m. s. ^^fl'' 
Proprietor, •'H b^T^ -pnety, accuracy, "l^i^l*^ * LD^t^P 
Propulsion, HDin ♦ mTHD 

Prorogation, ipt nnTsT] n^HiS -rogue, ]??? nnnMHi? 
Proscribe, D'^inn -script, m. s. DIHD -scription, DIH 
Prose, nCOIJi^^D HT^n R. n;i: -saic, - -^lin 
Prosecute, continue, l^tDnH sue, Dnni-nl^^bi; ^^^}^1n 

°^;; n^cDii^ -tion, m;onn ^n::^si^ -tor, m. s.T\tDnD ^ r^ci^ 

Proselyte, (he) inb^T n*l 'T'pn -N. lipiD (to Judaism) l.THp 

Prosody, ni;;i3nn \^)^^p p'liP'q R. pp"r 

Prospect, a vie\r, n]T\n object, jIDp * COIip R. :03: -iv* 

PRO— PRO 285 

viewing, m. s. ^*pIf*P -iveglass, HDj^iyn H^p -us. 

Prosper, rT^/Vn -ity, nn/VO -ously, —2 -ous, m. s. H'^/VD 
Prostitute, ^-^H ' Ipi^H Ch. -N, m. s. vile, ^Ij^?^ a hireling, 

-|02^ a strumpet, H^li -tion, bt>n * ni^? 
Prostrate, pS^ ^^Sti'H inln R. TT^ -N. m. s. yi^h ni^n 

^51/7 ♦nrifi!^ -tion, (in adoration) iTinrit^n dejection. 

Protect, "^jt; IJ^ j;n -tion, HDn? * t;ir) -tive, m. s. pj^-tor. 

Protest, T^^n * n^pin r. ns^ * nhp ch. -n. -ation, * nnii/n 
nnjiii * n^snp -ant, m. s. ^?pp ^2ri3 2^ ^nih nii^np 

Protocol, original, Jlti^^iSIH 2Pi2D -tdtype, Ch. Xl]>V1, 

T • T 

Protract, Tl^^n ^T^^^DH -tion, n^U/DH * "lin.V-tive, m. s. 

Protrude, ^HS -trusion, *^ng 

Protuberance, nj^Si^ -tuberant, m. s. ^^^^ * "Q Hn^ 

Proud, m. s. elated, n^2i^ * ^^ *r^n5 grand,i<^^: * D"! * 3;W^ 

-iy> •'^^.^?.^? * tit;;? 

Prove, evince, ri'^DlH try, HD^ *\r\2 -able, nD;^^ 

Provender, i^i5!)PD *h^h2 

Proverb, h^D -ial, m. s. -S H^Il -ially, -"T^n? 

Provide, prepare, ]*>Dn supply, °n^|t i^'t^^ (with necessaries) 
^?^5 R. h^2 -idence, foresight, nn^nt * nmtl/n -idently, 

— 3-idence, divine care, D**!!/!?? nnilti^H -idential, D 

-identially, - -2 -ident, m. s. ")\nT * "l^^t^^P 

Province, office, Jl'IpS business, pD]/ Ch. district, *^75 * T^^ 
-cial, governor, "^^SH ")^ 

Provision, a providing, niDPf food, pTD * Hl^f * ^5^^ * H^i^ 

286 PRO-PUL 

-al, Ch. n^^ ^^h -ally, DJ^S hv. * ''jri? 

Provocation, nnnn * nnjn -cative, m. s. m^^n *-i-)i];D 

Provoke, D^;/?n *"3 Hl^nn -kingly, D^j;/?."!^ 
Prowl, ^^fii^ ^'^ti^'? DDC^a ^^1^^ -er, nniCO * Df^^n 
Proximate, m. s. 3l-);j 'l^'^? -imity, HUnp^ *niD^PP 

Proxy, Dipp? * ''nnr^ 
Prude, ^'iD nnv n^^r> 

Prudence, HJ^n *nr!l -dential, — ^i^^ -dently, —3 -dentials, 
-"'('.I? -dent^ m. s. T?'? ^H^l^? *^^^ -dery, DI^^PV 

nni^B Ch. 

Prune, ibT -N. H^^^D^ H^ttt^ -ningbook, H'lf^^D 

Pry, "2 ^?r)J?^n *'^^ co^:nn r. dd^ 

Psalm, D"^-?nn R. ^^H -mist, -1?np -mody, -nT^ 
Psalter, D'^y'nin "I^D -tery, ]n.r)?p2) Ch. 
Pshaw, Dil 

Puberty, n^^^i^ f. nn;i5 Ch. Pubescent, m. s. ~hh:^b *^2 
Public, manifest, m. s. VT]\ * ^l?! the people, D^/ common, 
"llUVn * D'^B'in -weal, — nn^^ to appear in public, 

D^nnn nl^^nn -house, ]'\b^ * i:^t^'nr}ti;D n'^n -an, a 

victualler, 7il3, 

Publication (of a book, &c.)n1^^S nj;?Vln -city, •^^^5 'DIDn^ 

Ch. -ciy, ^im * D^2-)!i * ti;?2ti;r{ ^r;;^ 

Publish, D'^?^^ ^nin (a book, &c.) -)i.S^ ^^V^H -er, 

Pudding, (food) nn'^D? 

Puddle, mh"! D5^^ -dly, ti^S)-).? 

Puerile, PiMVl T^.'? -^^i^y* ^''"^^il 

Puff, to blow, 2m " n^iDH praise too much, ♦ n§ :2*'n-|n 

-y, windy, pn. * ^^H m. s. Hn *^^.^D 

PUL— PUR 287 

Pull, (sec Drag, and Pluck) -oir, htI/2 (a frarment) ^'^^ (shoes) 

V^n -N. ny*^*D -y, hinn b-^b-^ r. ^^j 

It t • : '^ ' V V - - ; - 

Pulpit, i^r:^]^ ♦ HD^a * non 

Pulse, vibration, pD"! pease, &c., D*'Jl;;ir * M V^tOj^'Ch. -sation, 

Pulverize, pi It^^St 1^ llHO * p2^h plH R.pp"T 
Pump, (water, &c,) H^'l * Htn R. HT^ examine well, 
3C0\n -)pn -N. (engine) ''b'l ♦ Ht;? 

Puncheon, ^"^D^ lin n^r.o::^i -lij n'^sn 

Punctual, m. s. ]pp * OVDVP Ch. -ity, Dr:;pV -ly, ~2 

Punctuation, Tlp^ Punctulate, "7^5 

Puncture, 3pJ -N. 3pJ 

Punish, -)D1 *tr:;; -able, m. s. *St^^^ nlSH ]•! R. HD^ 

m^v *bi:^*:2p^ *'2^"^^^ -ment, ^n^iD^ *ti^3i; 

Puny, m. s. young, 1^;;^ inferior, "Tl^jn *h^ti; 

Pupil, a scholar, Tp^jn (of the eye) l^j;:.n55 * ]]V ^2 \')U;'*^ 

-age, minority, ni^71 * i^^l^p)^ 
Puppet, a wooden image, \^ 70^ 
Purblind, m. s. nlH? *1^ri; 
Purchase, njjj -N. ]^^p -chaser, m. s. H^lp 
Pure, m. s. "^p: -air, HV HI") -gold, -silver, "llriG ^D? DHr 

-water, DnlHO D^3r D^D -ly, IVp^n 
Purgation, Hnq^ -gative, pn^ -gatory, DJH"^^ nniip 
Purge, (by stool) D^^D p^in -N. - -j? hphph D^^D 

-ging, D''»i;p ripnn 

Purify, make pure, Hp: *"inO -ification, tlinp * pI'^PH 
-ifier, m. s. Hp^p ^HH^D * ?l-]Vp .-itan, m. s. t^^ 
"in^-P'l -itanism, Dnnt^^HT D'l^^pnpn nnin -ity, 

]vp^: *n^D^pn 

Purl, COi^^ '^'^n -ing, m. s. OISI^ "li?1n 

288 PUR—PUT 

Purloin, "2 TVibt^ * 3J2 

T - X T 

Purple, ].^J-jNr 

Purport, Purpose, ]^5 * IJi^n -N. IJDP * DTO * nn^HD 

Purse, D*'3-er,n*:i^^n pID 

Pursue, to chase, •'nHNt pb^ f]h"J continue, * Ti;; ^D] 

^^^Ci^pn -able, m. s. P)iT. ♦ ^^1^^. -ance, 'nD^ll *nDDln 

n:DS!^Dn -ant, m. s. DHIDIO 
Purvey, (provisions) llf * ^3^? ' I'^pH R. 71D * ]1D -ance. 

^i:d^? • njpn -or,m. s. i2w * ^?^3p ♦ r?P 

Puss, hn^ Purulence, -1^"'^ Purulent, -J^^D 
Push, (at) p'm nriD (one forward) "n ^^ijtH (away) *nn'l 
fl'n'll (with the foot) Vb'l * tOi?^ (with the horns) Hij -N. 

a thrust, n'rii ♦ Hin'^n'i ♦ nn^^^ ^ hd'^d-i * nco;:.:^^ an 

attack, n^"^-?? -ing, m. s. enterprising, 13^ i^'^? vigorous. 
Pusillanimity, KniD **^nlD -imous, m. s. ^^T *22h *'^n 

Pustule, ^^^3:t;5^;: r. n^jn -tubus, m. s. n^i/in;;?^. *^e^/p 

Put, place, n^tl; *DW *"rprn -away, remove, TDH R. 
niD send away, tl^^ -back, H^'^H R. 3W -by, reserve, 

T^n0Dh w:n r. m^ -to death, n^pn r. mo -down, 

lay down, ^S^H * n^iH -an end to, hV? * DHH R. D^^DH 
-to flight, nnnn -forth, ^^^Vin R. NV*" (one's hand) 
T rjbti; -forward, stir up, Hl^ * n^I/H R. 1^;J -into one's 
hand, *T'^5 l^J "i" authority, 7^_ '^P.^H ^hj -in order, 

I'lp ' ^nr.n -in surety, n^nj; 3^;; ♦ ]in-jx; jri;-inmind, 

"l^ipTn -off, delay, ^HNt thrust off, TiT]'! -off one's clothes 
&c. ^'^n -on clothes &c. t^lh -out, blot out, HH^ (fire) 
nn? (of doors) n^^r\ N^yln (the eyes) 0^5"^^ lip.: -to his 
oath, y3ti^n -a stop to, nVj^ * iib^ -to the sword, n^H 
3*)n "^D^ -together, y'Sf^ * ^D^ -to shame, D^pH -under 


m. s. 

PUT-QUA 289 

fc^t,\^jn nnni:n:pn.up,iift up,r}ii:n • Dnn.up viti,, 

YlD • mi -up a petition, nh^Pi m: R. ^^£)" 
Putrefaction, ^i;^ * pO -trefactive, pD^-trefy, pDH 
Putrid, m. s. t^^JJ ♦ l^2V * ap_n 

Putty, r^^:^^:i\ pnip 

Puzzle, Dbn ''^5^3 R, hh2 

Pyramidical, n^n^;?)n INtln? Pyramid, - -l^T^P 

t- Q 

Quack, (like a duck) Iplj? -N. |av ^^^^ Kail ^ry 

mjD^r • eiin ch. """ '" "' 

Quadrangle, m. s. i/J-ip -ratio, -St:' -rangular, m. 
niyp J?3-)i^ .Sj;? -rate. m. s. J^jn-J -ruped. 

D'ip- l^B^^ •^^3 -rupie, D^rtj;nns 

Quail, 1^K> pL D^^^a' 

Quake, :i>;;-i • |fif ■ • ^t-aijin ♦ brjbnnn r. i^m 

Qualification, -ity, mS^N ' n^j^D a' person of -ity, m. s. 

11H0 ^i"'^ *5i'n: 'tl^^^ -ify, make fit, pDH 'la'jn 
R. 113 soften, ^ij?,! R. ^^p • r .. : - 

Quantity, Quantum, amount, l^DO ' rp 
Quarantine, ni3n ^!2i\ D''J^3")J< 

Quarrel, 3nn • iiifjn • p^j;;rin -n. 3n • nya • p^j/ 

-some,m.s. llir^n nninD •11-ra *2>V-s'omeness.' 

pi"ij Tii-innn 

Quarry, N. 0^^"^!?? -man, D'^Jai]^ nVlH 

Quart, pnn n'^;^::^ -an-ague, n^^n") nnip 

Quarter, divide into four, j;;3n a fourth part, M'^J/'^n") ^I/^l 
(a measure) -\^h -ly, HJ^H n;/^?-)^ ♦ r^^^^nh -ern' 

2 N 

290 QUA-QUO 

Quash, crush, ^^5'1 annul, T£)n * ^^5 

Quay, nv?{< D^n f^in 

Queen, D^^D 

Queer, m. s. I'l^: ^HJtf^P -ly, ]1-)ti^D ^^? 

Quell, appease, "^St^^ 

Quench,allay,;;^^nn(thirst)]ii^Dy ^il^Ca fire) H^? ^T^/.l'^ 

-able, m. s. int^'' ' HBD^ * '^I/'}^. -less, -^b 
Quest, a search, Hf/n.-l. * H^^pS 
Question, to enquire, ^N^ doubt, l^Q * pDD Ch. -N. query, 

•^^^5^ questionable, pDD -ary, querist, m. s. ^^^t^ 

Quib, oniin nn^. 

Quibble, D^D^ DhD -bier, m. s. 1^2*^ DniD 
Quick, m. s. living, '•n speedy, '^^"^D -en, make alive, * H^n 
J^.inn excite, ^^J;/n R. ")1i; -lime, l^'il -ness, activity, 

nn^"^p * n^irnr ch. -ly, -i -sand, p]*i: ^in -sighted, 

m. s. 1^:^ ♦ pnn ^nit^n^ *2*'PP -silver, ^H ^D^ 
Quiet, tOpti^n * pjHI^n * ^ip^ be-, (at ease) Dp^ ' n^3 
silent, Dl"! -N, quiescent, m. s. COpti^ * H^ still, DD^l'l quies- 
cence, quietness, CDp^ * Hn: * HmD -ly, —3 

Quill, ^y^n np: 

Quilt, t]5n -N. r\hm ♦ np^'p^ * hddd r. ^d3 

Quinsey, ]1n|n ^^IH * n^?P^ 

Quit, leave, ntj^ discharge, ib^ -tance, D^i'l^CO? 

Quite, ^^^3 

Quiver, lifn * ^D^nnn R. h^n -N. (for arrows) n^lf/^ 

Quota, p^n ^'^nj;! -Hent, i^Df^n phr\ 

Quote, prij^/n -tation, H^jni^T} 

Quotidian, happening every day, Dl"^ 73 ? Hfe^j/P 

RAB— RAL 291 


Rabbi, 21 • '^nn -nicai, o^jni ]::in h^ 

Rabbit, ]^p 

Rabble, D;; pDH * PlDDDJ? 

Race, family, Hn^ti^p course, nV1"ip 

Rack, to torment, n?^; -N. nl^];^ "^?'?? "^^5 

Radiance, Radiation, nj:/D^ *")nT * HJ J -diantly, -— 2 -diant, 

'' ^^p^5 * \*yi: -diate, j;;^?)in * ni: -diated, m. s. ♦i^ mi 

Radical, primitive, tS^iy *1pjt? -ically, — H jD-icate, plant 

deeply, t^^l.^H take root, tt^H^ * Hl^/nn 
Radish, ]m 

Raffle, r5^p5 pn^ -N. &$^^5^p5 pinfc^ 

Raft, (of timber) HliDDI 
Rafter, Hnlp 

Rag-, nnp * j;np pi. o^np * ninnp ^i^i^n -amuffm, pn 

-ged, m. s. ^^b'y\ VT\^^ 
Rage, rjh ♦ ^iVp^ * npn -glngly, -'2 
Rail, enclose with rails, I'l^n insult, y^|J^ * P)nn -N. llil 

-ing, nViSt^ * P]nn -lery, ^ijnH * plHV 
Raiment, ti^^^ * tS^llH^D ' n'lD? * TJ^ 
Rain, N. ICDD heavy-, Dl^>5 -V. -I^l^ send-, -j'^CDQn * D^'ti^JH 

-bow, ijrn n^p -y, nn^p dv * ti^^m njt; 

Raindeer, '•^iD-VH ^^^? 

Raise, lift, li^n * DnH R. Dll exalt, ^m * ^5 collect, 
(money, &c.) ^D^ (a tax) •?;; DD UW 

Raisin, ti^n^ 3J5; * pi^V 

Rake, gather, ")3V clear, P]h5 -N. (a tool) ^IJtD -ker, a sca- 
venger, m^in {^-1.15 -kish, m. s. ;;n§ * pn. 

Rally, (forces) nDni;.;^:! ^'l^^h ^Dl 2W 


Ram, a male sheep, y^i^ 

Ramble, DtDlti^nn -N. ^W -bier, m. s. COCOlJ^nO * IDtt} 
Ramify, 1^*1 5 H -ification, the branching out, nt^^tO? 
Rampart, (the wall) p^;^ * HDln 
Rancid, m. s. Hnp * ^^^3, -ity, ]n-]p * njnv 
Rancorous, m. s. n^li^l "IV -cour, H^'i"!;] ^^^:fc^ 
Random, chance, ("TIpD at-, n"lp;^ HD^ * HJ^.? "^^n 
Range, put in order, i^D * T1JE?.D rove, COOlti^nn -N. * ")"ip 
•^ni; ♦ cow -ger, a rover, m. s. CO^iJ^^np * :0^(an officer) 

Rank, *inrn * -)"ip -N. rancid, m. s. nr)D * 11/^^2 a line, 

nr\i?^ ♦ nni^ dignity, nbfjD 

Rankle, corrupt, ^T]t^il be inflamed, 1)^3. * nh[5 

Ransack, to search, t^^D * tS^S^H 

Ransom, Din?) * ]1''"!5 

Rant, ^yi -N. ti^J-J -er, m. s. t^^Jln 

i^ap,p§inn -N. nj^^D'i ^nip^^nnn 

Rapacious, plunderer, m. s. DDln *T\D^'^ -ly, D^H? 

Rapacity, D^HH niSl.]! 

Rape, commit a-, n?^ * DJJJ * tl^aS 

Rappid, quick, m. s. "inDD -ity, nn^np -ly, inp * ti^^n 

Rapine, HDl^P * DDH * HTB R. rTIl 

Rapture, j;i? * HVn * H^^l * ]ifii^^ -urous, m. s. m^D 

Rare, m. s. scarce, ^J^^ excellent, *TN.P'2l£0 -ly, seldom, *)|5^^ 

finely, n^II^H Dll? -ness, ll^^^ ^3^1 
Rascal, -ly, D^^^:t:p 1/*^ ^^^ 
Rase, erase, ilhD ^ilHti^ root up, ")|pj; 
Rash, precipitate, m. s. IHP? * THlS a breaking out, *nn^P 

pnil -ness, niiH^ -ly, —'2 
Rasure,iT'nZD 'T^'p^nr^ 

& RAT— REA 908 

Rate, to value, ni?^ *T1^.L^ ^^"^e, '-2 "lil/J^ IHID -N. 

"ni;t^ * Tl^. -table, -tably, ->E)^ 
Rather, * 'D 31^0 (as Gen. xxix. v. 19. HHl^^ '•nri 3HD 

njllN ''rii^D *^7 «/ rather give her to thee, than give 

her, Sfcn 

Ratify, pm * it^i? * D^;?n r. mp-ification, p^tn * ^^]1^ ji^i^ 

Ratio, proportion, pbr\ Ration, HmbD V)^i^ ^i^'n^^ 
Rational, m. s. h^'^ *^^n * il35-ity,"^^?^n ni -ly, * ^Dfc^n 


T ; • 

Rattle, make a noise, HbH * t^^^l -N. noise, H^^pH * ti^^l 

empty talk, ^i^CDS * nm2 -snake, H^Db^ * jnS * 
Ravage, pillage, n'Dt^ * ttZl -N. HlJ^^p ' Hm 
Rave, be mad, Jjpn^/H dote, fll^^inn DHK -ingly, iij;5t2^n 
Raven, 311;; 

Ravenous, m. s. ]r^Dif."l -"ess, P]-)tO nj^lt^^ri -ly, 1 '^^^"1.3 

Ravish, violate, njjj; * Di^it ♦ ti^33 delight, I'm) :^p_ -er, 

n5;;p *t:^nl3 m. s. li^p^ •j^^p -ment, ♦•^i3j; *d;1k 

Raw, m. s. unsubdued by fire, ^H * '7t^3D li'^i^ unskilful, 

h^:^PD l3\s: -ness, ^^3p ^ji^n *^3^ -iph 

Ray, a beam, ^1^: 

Raze, extirpate, riH^ * Hv? -zure, |V^3 
Razor, Ij/r) * HllD 

Reach, arrive at, extend to, J^^H 'i/^'iin R. Jti^i *;;:):i hold 
out, CO^Si^in R. tOti^"^ -N. extent, H^^H ability, D^i)^, it 

is out of his-, IT :^wr\ i^vDn t<^ 
Reaction, "^ n;|p m^bj^^inn 

Read, peruse, X")p -over, P]iD IV^ ti/^lD Xlj^ -er, m. s. 

t^lip -ing, ^^cn.p 

Ready, m. s. prompt, *^^"^p * 1\^J^ prepared, JiDJ make-, 


n v!3 * r^n (one's self) ]l3n -money, *D^?^rp nii;^ Ch. 
tiDD Ch. -iness, nn^np *ni"T)?.^ -ily, -3 

Readmit, ^^i3^ Ti;; trij -mission, Tl;; kSlD^ ^^n: 

Reaffirmance, ti^nH/D H^^t:^ HCO^nn 

// T T •• // . •• T T -: - 

Real, certain, m. s. "11*13 * tl/!^f2 Ch. -estates, r\1l/j^*!j^ -ity, 

truth, nwp^^ -ize,^jgls:)n ^^ K^v'in r. ^^v^-ly, * nD^?^ 

Realm, n^::^^ ' HD^O^D 

Reanimate, iTH * H^riH * nn D^^ti^n R. 31fii^ 

Reap, cut com, -)1^;j^ get, i^V^ * J^^H R. :3:i^3 -er, m. s. 

-)Vlp -ing-time, n^Vj? 
Rear, raise up, 7*11 -N. (of an army) ill^H^n ^p^?P 
Reason, argue, n^l^^n R. HD^ examine, i^l^nn * t'^^^H 

-N. rationality, '^Dfc^H HS cause, D;;(D * HBD R. 230 

-able, m. s. rational, ^?^*^^? just, Itl/l -ableness, * 1ti^*> 

nniD? -ably, -2 -ing, n^si * nHDIll 
Reassemble, call together again, n^Jt^ '^'!}i?D ^^^ meet again, 

n^:)fi!^ bnpn ^Dt^n 

Reassume, TM^pJ? 2MI/ -assumption, TV^tl/ Hn^^p? 

Rebel, HID * l'lf2 -N. -lious, m. s. |-niD * TliD -lion. 

Rebound, llnJ^ 312^^ 

Rebuff, D^i2) n^j^^n^-N. D^^a n^fii^n 
Rebuild, build again, n^:p n:2 * iil^n^ 2W 

Rebuke, chide, "21^^ -N. Hnj^il 

Recall, 3"^fii^n R. 31 1^ -N. n2^;n 

• T T T -; 

Recant, (he) inif^D 31:^^ R. J/l^ -ation, H^nH Ch. 
Recapitulate, n"^:it:^ LD'IQ tl/l^^ -ation, n^i^t!^ HtriS) 
Recede, fall back, nh^ ^D^ 2^V:} desist, Tbi; 

•r II f II T 

Receipt, an accquittance, "IHlw^^ * '"^^^E -^0? 

REC— REC 295 

Receive, 72p_ -able, in. s. z?)^^ -er, m. s. /^j^P 
Recent, ni. s. t^in -ly, t^^THD * ^'^"'E^ ""^^^' ^'''^H 
Receptacle, ')^'^\>T^ TS^^ -tion, n?!!!)^ -live, m. s. 7ll'p^^ 
Recess, retirement, ")hDD * HlJlD -ion, rnDH * il^'^LOi 
Reciprocal, -ly, JllD vH m. s. HT 7i^ nt -ness, ^IvH 
Reciprocate, ^/Hil -cation, -city, mS^nil/l * ^T\ 
Recite, repeat, H;:^ -tal, nl^ti^ 
Reckon, to number, nt^H * H^^ * "IDD -ing, \\'\ 
Reclaim, correct, "1p^ *J^5?L^ 
Recline, ]i;^n 

Recluse, m. s. C^nS * "Tf.l^inp 

Recognise, acknowledge, "HDn R. "1^^ review, ^^pti^H -nisance, 
a bond, D^^liV} DH? a badge, in ♦ l^^D -nition, * Hn^H 

Recoil, nini^ nit:^ :ib: 

Recollect, iJ? -ion, Ji-IDT * I?!; 
Recommence, 11;/ 7nn R. 77n 
Recommend, n^ri p^pn-him to me, HnltO^ ^V^V n^"???! 

-ation, H'^^^p ♦ naio '"'TPS -^^o^y* "^- s- T^.^^ 

Recompense, ^b^ * ^IDil nt^^H * dW -N. ^1^5 * D^'DI v^^ 

Reconcile, H^.^ (persons) 'O^}^ "l^S ' IPiy n^l -concileable, 

m. s. °Dj; nit?^:^ ^^riiSt TnJ5^ ♦ --^ n-^n*^, -concilement, 

-conciliation, HiJIt^^H *T\'^^'2 *\ri'l -ciliatory, m. s/HWD 

-)g5P *nn?^ 

Reconnoitre, ^i^ ^r>V:;r] CO^H R. 0^3 

Record, to register, 3npn Dt^H -N. IllSr^ HD^ti^l. -er, 


Recover, (from sickness) J^^*^'*!? regain, 7^? Illti^ -able, m. s. 

i^?)T ♦ 3OT Recovery, ^^'IJ^ * nb}^^1 * Hn^H 
Recount, I^D * TIH R. T;!: 

296 REC— RED 

Recourse, nnti;^ D^: 'b^ n:^*"2 nb|i 

Recreate, nn Tli^n*J7t^W R. nVt^ -tion, * tTDS ni'^t^P 

Recriminate, ]0^n Hl?^'? l^'PSi^D -ination, nS)J^^ H^^Cp?^ 

Recruit, supply, ]^pn ^^5^3 R. ]1D * ^13 repair, ^KvjO 
D^ti^n (one*s self) t^^D^^H -N. supply, H^D^? (of soldiers) 

T T - • : 

Rectify, reform, ]jpn * D^tD\'l -tifiable, m. s. ]p_r\^^ * n^CD'^;'. 
-tifier, m. s. ]|5rip * n^^tD^ -titude, "1^^ 

Rector, m'ln ]ri3 -torship, — nTp^ -tory, — ph n?):? 

Recumbency, H^Xf^ -bent, m. s. "^JLf *];;ti>: 

Recur, return, DW -rence, Hn^t^n -rent, m. s. Dti^l •^^.IH 

Recusant, m. s. Tj?? *i:nnn^ it^)? R. n^:! 

Red, (colour) be-, Dl^ -hot, Pl^'lS very-, 0*1 01 ^| -sea, 
^IID D^ -den, DHJi^n -dish, m. s. '^^DiQlij^ -dishness, -ness, 

Dl^^ -die, Dhi^ ^n? 

Redeem, to ransom, ril^ * ^X| -able, m. s. HIS^ * b^^) 

-er, Hi:5l5 
Redemption, ^IHS * n^Sl21 
Redoubt, p^l * n*7^lD 

Rebound, '^1^^^ nti^in 2^tl} 

T T // // 

Redress, to remedy, ^*'tD^^ * ]i?n -N. H^g/^^ 
Reduce, diminish, I^J^^H *l/h| -to obedience, iT^^^f^ -to 
extremities, li^D \^lDpn b^Btl/n -to nothing, J^kV^ ^K^ Dlt^ 
*to dust, 1DI/'? pin R. ppl -a town, 1 J? Reducible, m. s. 

"^ ..T« '^- T • •• T • " T • 

Reduced, m.s. (to want) ^p *b^ 'VO^^D IT 
. Reduction, Jlriil. -tive, m. s. i;^^! * CO^j;pi * ptDp^ 
Redundance, inV * in;; -dant, inlD 

RED— REF 297 

Reduplicate, ^DD -N. ^2)3 -tion, H^^^ 
Reed, a stalk, fjlD * nj)?, * JbJi^ 

Reef, .T3^^n •'it^nDD coi//*::)'"! 
Re-elect, 11;; nn|i -ion, n^3ti^ n^n? 

Re-embark, HrDDH ^« ^^^n'7 aV2^ 

Re-enact, n^'^t!^ nTin^ nt^i 

Re-enforce, 7^11 ^i; J^'^DiH -ment, ^^HH n^iDlH R. J^D^ 
Re-enjoy, "Jl^ Ti;? Hbt!^ 
Re-enter, (into a place) "bst J^13^ nW 
Re-establish, settle again, T^'^^tI/ Jj^JH TD^ 
Re-examine, interrogate again, ti^llh) IpH^ "Fi^/ ^"^plH 
Refer, (to his judgment) ID^"]^) iDlii^ *f1"ini» I'? H^^n 
R. n^^ -ence, relation, mt!^n^_rin arbitration, H^lg^p in -ence 

to, --nnnix hji ' ' 

Refine, njp^ * pjpt * P]-] V -nement, Jl^]^: ♦ p^pl * t^nV -ner, 

m. s. nj55p * pjprp ♦ ^i-iyp 
Refit, n^3C2^ "ipn i^DH R. nb 

Reflect, to censure, 'b^ \\]l -rp|) R. m;/ consider, * ^Sn^H 

I*;; -tion, II;; n-isrn ♦ ii*;; ^ rrh^mr} (of light) 
Vi-v?n nni^t^n -tive, -tor m. s. \y_t2 * b:^T\\pn 
Reflux, D^^ D:;?nn5i:i^n 

Reform, n^^p-^rr * liJjn -N. -ation, ppJI 

Refractory, m. s. ^^p *^W?. * ^^ *'^.li?.? -oriness. 

Refrain, -JDtS^n ♦ ^in 

Refresh, recreate, nn r\'V^ * t:^D3 l^pn -one's self, ti^pjn 

-ment, relief, J^^^J na^iti^p ^jylHID (food) lh UJOO 
Refuge, HDHD * Dl^D city of-, t^^pD T^^ 
Refugee, m. s. DJ * niU ♦ TTfl: 
Refulgence, nnt ♦ n-3i -gent, m. s. ^^^13 * n\nn 

•i o 

298 REF— JREl 

Refund, dW * )^\d * 2^pn R. 2W 

Refuse, deny, J^D * V'^D * '^2^ n^ D^^H -N. ^HD 

Refusal, denial, JliSD Refuser, m. s. JiSDO * D^iD 

Refute, t^^n:3n * nhD Ch. -able, m. s. t^HD"^ * inD^ -ation, 

T T ; - T • : 

Regain, TlX/ ^^'!^;:D ^-^JS^H R. ^im 

o ^ II ^^ .11. 

Regal, royal, n^D'pO -ity, -H H v''!! 

Regale, to feast, "h r\r\pD r\'m gratify, ;;^j;;.^ R. r]]^u; 

Regard, to value, lmT\ -N. ^1^3 * H^^ti^n -ful, m. s. 

inn * n^ti^pD -less, m. s. -i^iS -lessness, nn^n^ -^nbn 

Regenerate, make anew, t^^'vlH -tion, il^Ii^'^riiin 

Regent, a viceroy, ^bBT} TpS Diplnp*^^^ Ch. -gency^ 

Regimen, n^hn DSTO n^njH 

Regiment, (of soldiers) ^nV * 'P^H -al, -7S!^ 

Region, a country, l^")^ * nj^'lQ tract of land, h'2T\ 

Register, nn?n 'DU)^^ -N. HD^fit^l 

Regret, to repent, DH^H * \:)^r\T\ri Ch. lament, '^'pi; ^-^I/nH 

T T-; v*^ 

Regular, m. s. Tipp -ity, ^TIP -tyj j^^stly, — D 
Regulate, ^nj/H * I'lD -tion, ^^j; '"l^p -tor, "Tipp 

Reguius, r^^i^p r|) R. rrD 

Rehearse, recite, J?^ * HJ^-sal, nl:iL^ * Hi^p 
Reject,]ND * DXD-ion, l^^D * nD\^9 
Reign, (as a king) '^79 -N. M^DTQ 

Reimbody, iV^'i^ niin n -in 

Reimburse, ^^ •??) * D^^ 

Rein, iv;; ♦ D^n -N. -)^^i;d ♦ p-i 

Reinsert, rv:!^} J^-ipIn R. tlD"^ 

REl— REM 200 

Reinspire, 2b Y^^hpmh tl'^DlH 

Reinstal, Reinstate, (him) 133 ^j; 2'^tl/n R. ^D * nW 

Reinvest, T n^jt li;; ^^^?♦ ••'71^^ '2^^ R. ir^:3 
Rctjoice, exult, n'Dti/ * nnDtvs t^^iii^ * V^r ♦ f^;; 

Rejoin, join again, '^^k^ 11;; l^nnH niv^H reply, * y^tl/H 

n^r -der, n:r.;p ♦ nni::^ri 

Reiterate, 12hz*^ H j^» -tion, t^^^^^T D^D^t?) nl:^ 

Rekindle, ti\v^ p^H.I^ n'^-^H^ :r\0 R. fl^'^ 

Relapse, ' '^ 31^:^ -N. ' '7 Hn^&i^n 

Relate tell, ^^V * l,^n R. *TJ3 have reference, '-h ii^r\\r}n 
^see Appertain) -tion, ")1Sp * mit^n\'in -tionship, ni^^jp^ 
-tive, a relation, m. s. vJ^lil * Dllj^ having a relation to, m. s. 

"b i^ninD respecting, i^^i hv -tiveiy, nwHi^nnn 

Relax, slacken, ' 'JO n?)*!? i^^ * ^Jt;;? ^pH R. bb^ 

Relaxation, ny^^ * Hi^Di/ * Hn'^nt:^ 

Release, free, "ItDDH ^inH R. in: -ment, Dn^ltO? * HnnH 
Relent, feel compassion, Vj^ D^pnT"i;53n ^bH mollify, 

inn R. HDI -less, m. s. H^^'p *"1T:DN* * ^DiH l:i''i< 
Reliance, pnCOH * HD'^DD * n:;::^^ 

Relic, Tn^ ♦ r\ni^Li> Relict, nj;?n n^\st ♦ nid?^ 

Relief, succour, HDn^ *"iri; Relieve, iti; 

T : V .. T 

Religion,n:iDi^-gionist,m.s,in^T^S*^ ^TDVJ pn^tCh.-gious, 

pious,m.s. D^pn *Tpn -giousiy, niD^pnn * niTpnn 
Relinquish, ti^toD * nt;/ -ment, nti^'>:o:i * nn^i; 

Relish, to taste, ' '^ DVtD -N. D^/IT) -able, D^'^j^DD 
Reluctance, \\)M2 * f DH "^n^? -tantly, -3 -tant, m. s. * ]^^D 

Reiy,Vij;;t£;n,';iPDn^ -anDn nbn 

Remain, continue, "3 ^DI/ (in a place) "iHttS^il to be left 

"^rya R. -in'^ -der, -iniD * ^"iv 

300 REM— REN 

Remains, relic, *1K^ (of a dead body) nlDVlf. 

Remand, ^^^^H R. 2)W 

Remark, distinguish, '^2 to note, ipjl R. mx? -N. * nn^fH 

n^^in -able, m. s. observable, "^l^ll * D^^i;^ *n.S1i worthy 

of note, np^'^ * allien -ably, very,it^p 
Remedy, to heal, ^B"] repair, |i^ri -N. n^JV::^") * HJp^n 

-diless, -^^n -diable, m. s. N^T/ ^j^H^ * *lV riD^ip 

-dial, nj^i^n 

Remember, *l!Dt -berer, m. s. "ID"^^ -brance, ]1")D» *15t 

-brancer, m. s. 1*'^)^ 
Remind, 1^2]^ 
Remiss, m. s. n^12 * H^inp -ible, m. s. n§D^ * H^D"; 

7n)^'^ -ion, abatement, n-Jp R. h^p forgiveness, *il7*>np 

nnj? * nn">^p -ly, carelessly, m^VJ^? * |V?"13 
Remit, relax, HgnH * hv_D hpn pardon, Ig? * H^D * ^HD 

send money, T b^ Vih^ -tance, 1^^^;; n^^p 
Remnant, a residue, "T'^"]K^ * ^'^1^?^ remaining, m. s. 1^^3 
Remodel, C^THD I^V li^n 

Remonstrance, r^^^]}^\ * nnDlD R. 11;; ♦ n^"^ 

Remonstrate, IJ^H * H'^Din 

Remorse, (of guilt) DHJ) * H^nn Ch. pity, D^pni * H^pil 

-less, -^2 -fui, m. s. Dinn * Spin 

Remote, distant, m. s. plPin -ness, pH'iP -ly, ~-2D 

Remove, change place, J^b^ put from its place, ^''pH R. IID 

place at a distance, pHnH -val, dismission, TXhp -vable, 

that may be removed, m. s. ")p1^ * Vr)^**} 
Remount, Tyhvh 2^t^ (a beast) 'b^ DlD^^ 2W 
Remunerate, dW * ^1D? T^i^H -tion, D'^pW ' ^ID? 
Rencounter, combat, HDHyP casual eng-agement, — 7 Hii^^JS 
Render, return, nt^^H R. nW translate, "pr^i^T] * D5nn Ch. 

REN-REP 301 

Rendezvous, l^^D R.i;;^ 

Renegade, m. s. DDlC^D (from one*s religion) HDIO R. *1^D 

Renew, renovate, Ji^^H -al, renovation, ti^TlH 

Renounce, disown, t!^n3 -ment, renunciation, ntf^npr? * t^^TMp 

Renown, fame, nICO D^?^ -ed, m. s. * Onj^^n *i:ij\: 

DD-ni^D Ch. 
Rent, tear, j/hp^ * D'IQ to hold by paying rent, ")3g^ -N. 

n^np ♦ nnois^ -er, m. s. n?lit^ 

Repair, go unto, ^^^t '^*^n amend, ]i>>j;i refit, n^?^ J^DH 
R. pD -N. reparation, ]ipn * D^Dv'^ -able, m. s. 

Repartee, H^inn Pinit^^n 
Repass, llnx;^ DltT 
Repast, a meal, n^^JD * Hnnt^ 

Repay, dW ^ ^1D3 l^^H -ment, D**;:: v't:^ ♦ ^1^5 n^ti^H 
Repeal, to recall, n^t^^H -N. nitl/n R. nW 
^Repeat, HJ^ * 15^ ^Ti;/ ?]&;: -edly, nlni D^Dj;? -er, m. s. 

Repel, drive back, "llnK 2^tl^n -lent, m. s. liHi^ *3*'ti^D 

T • T ' T • •• 

Repent, Dn:in ' DinnH Ch. -ance, DHJ ' HCDnn * nait^^fl 

-ant, m. s. Dinno * r^n^t:;r) *^i/n 

Repetition, H^t^D * Hnrn Ch. 

Repine, Pli;r * Ij^^VH Ch.-ningly, P];;?!! n^V? -ner, m. s. 

Replace, a^K^^ 

Replant, n^?;i^ j^'^d: * 11;; ^h^ 

Replenish, fill, '^S^p finish, D.^^H 
Replete, m. s. ^hD -tion, ^^I^D 

Reply, r\2ii ♦ n"^::^!! -n. n^vD * nnit^n 

Report, to noise abroad, ^1p l^'^j^/n -N. rumour, HV^f^l^ 

302 REP— REP 

noise, b)p -er, ^nlD * T^D R.^T '1:^2 
Repose, to lay, l^t^H ' Vi^^n (one's self) * 23t^ * Op^ 

mi trust, --a nbn -n. tO|*^.i^^ * nni:p ^ t^n^n 

Reposite, ]b? * nnpSi^P^ Ihj -itory, -|*^1« 

Repossess, "Ti;; ^i; r■^^? ' 

Reprehend, "21V^ 'H'^DlH R. HD"^ * 5^33 Ch. -hensible, 
m. s. Dti^i^ *t^\S -hension, nHDln * '^^^i5 -hensive, m. s. 

T T • T T -- ; ' 

Represent, exhibit, nt;<^")L^ describe, I^Jt/H * n*V appear for 
another, DlppS ^'^^lI * '^'^PP ^xP -ation, representment, 
bm ' n^D^ description, n^V -ative, m. s. Dlp^ ^^ v'DD 

Repress, (insolence) JJ^DDH (fury) HDH ^^^/Pi ' DV_^ '^^:i^ 
(his own fury) iDi?.? ti^DS -sion, tlfj^pn ' Dj^? n^^:2? 

Reprieve, Hinn * jD? n^nnn -N. npni? ^ nj^^n 

Reprimand, reprove, " 'H 'lifi * H'^Dln -N. reproof, * i^^^V^ 

nn:)ln r. ny 

T T 

Reprint, n^^L?^ D^SIH Ch. 
Reprisal, DDH nnjn D;^)! 

Reproach, --nii^ ^j^^;5 *^i?'^ ]h: *nbnr\ dw 'Vi^p^n 

N. ^'D'I * nh^D -able, m. s. Dti^i^*' -ful, scurrilous, m. s. 
Reprobate, D^^p * n^t -N. m. s. mm -tion, np^l^P 

Reproduce, n^:^ «^nn ♦ T^in^ f^'^pin r. Nin * i^^ • pid'' 

Reptile, a creeping thing, yHlt * Si^^?^*^ 

Republic, a commonwealth, llH-^n Dvpf^D -an, m. s. 

— nnis ^ 

Republish, (a book &c.) r\>2p IliS^ iS^V'i'"^ ^' ^^^ 

Repudiate, H v>^ * t^l^ -tion, tJ^n^ 

Repugnance, ••? nn^^O'l * l^^P -nantly, — 13 -nant, m. s. 

REP— RES 303 

Repulse, deny, '^55 m y^U/H -N. D^^2) nDK^H -sive, m. s. 

Repurchase, Pi^y^ ^p^ '^1^1?^ ^^PiH R. ^ID^ 
Reputable, m- s. nSD? * ^Vd/n -ation, 1133 ♦ nU^tS^n 
Repute, 3t:^n -N. D^i^ -less, -*>^n 
Request, ^N^ * J^^j^l -N. entreaty, nbi^ll/ * Ht^i^? 
Require, ask, hm need, "^ •^nV ♦ HnDH Ch. 

Requisite, -^i-^n ^D * nnpH -ly, niDni 

Requital, ^1D^ ni^H *D"^p^ti^ Requite, ^1D| 2U}n * dW 

Rereward, ni^H^n b^HH HDJ^ID 

Rescue, (from danger) 7^yn R. 7^^ (from confinement) IPH 

R. m: -N. n^-!^n ♦ nnnn 

T T - TT - 

Research, iTT^pm H^^n'^ 

Resemble, to be like, * 'h nto^H -blance, ]1*>9'1 ♦ P^DI, 
Resent, Hhn * D^^ -ful, m. s. nlinS D^^h "IHD 
Resentment, ^ISI ]1nn * Dj;? * HDII/nn 
Reserve, lay up, n^DtZ^p^ H'^^n R. n^*" ♦ ^DD -N. ^1^^^ 
Reserved, not frank, m. s. DOph t^^^ijt -ness, "^In 
Reservoir, (of water) ^^55 

Reside, dwell, ll'q * ]3^ ♦ 3i:?^ -dence, ♦ HT^I * l|ti^p 
3^1D -ident, dwelling, m, s. "TH * ]:2V2} * ^ti^V 

Residue, -iHit?>? ♦ ini: * in;; 

Resign, give up, *)b^ -ation, ri1^73p -ment, Hl^pp 

Resin, "1^^ * "l?il -o us, containing resin,— 7^ 

Resist, ]^tD* ••^TJ^nn (his own inclination) IIV**. ^^^ 

-ance, l^^^D* '-^nn^^nn -iWe, m. s. HDy ••^T^^ni 
-less, m. s. *r>::)^ 10{}J ]^i^ 

tt : .. ^ I .. 

Resolvable, m. s. l^B^ Resoluble, ^P'l R. "^n: 
Resolve, to determine, pH (he) ini/in ibil R. l/T** -vedly, 
\r2'^2 * pDJ^ -vent, m. s. in?^ '* D??) R. DDC 

304 RES— RET 

Resolute, m. s. pTH * 27 *Y^f^^ -tion, determination, * ipS 

niDhnn constancy, r\'^i"^Dr\ ♦ nipnn 

Resort, have recourse, W n^2i repair, 7^^ *^7n -N. * pSp 

HDDJ^ * my R. n;;^ 

Resound, sound, ^VH * ^vW * V^V 

Resource, n^nnn *nvx/ R.rr 

Respect, to regard, DC^H * "Hi? ^^^^ relation to, *•? ^H^nn 

-N. iin? ' nwn;;rin -ability, mn^rr^n -able, m. s. 

nitt^n MM? *"TMb -ful, m. s. 15?p ^* D''?5 *r<t?^l^ 
-fully, Ti^DIl -tive, m. s. "^ '^'OV^^ -ively, nifc^n;[ni7? 

Respire, ti^Djn" * Hn ^ij^^ -ration, ni") n?\^;:^ * jfl^n;? 
Respite, ]i5T D'^nnH -N. HDn^? * ipj nnnnn 

Resplendence, nn'T * nnb ^ nnrHH -dent, H^jC; * THn 

Respond, answer, tl'^JJ * H^ ^h- -^^^' ^' ^' '^?'^^ ' IVl^ 

Responsible, Tlf^ ih^ -sion^ naiC^^JT) * flil Ch. 

Rest, be still, tOp^ 'ni3 -N. quiet, tOpji^ "Hni^P others, 

T^tJ^ -ifF, \3r\D -ifness, H'liSnD -less, unsettled, m. s. 

lll^np -lessness, D'^TlT? 
Restitution, Restoration, HDti^n R. HW -orable, im^ 
Restore, n^^^H -rative, m. s. f^^^Hn *n^^/? 
Restrain, restrict, nj?3 112 * Sn^H curb, I'Vif (his own 

passion) Ini")? ^i^^ ' TsT. ^^? -rainable, m. s. 1^^;; 

-raint,-riction,nVi?^ -rictive, m. s. 7^ZlJp * "^V^-^ -ringent, 

m. s. nV^.:; 

Result, to arise from, ' 'D ^^ii^^ -N. HSD * DllDO 

T T • T ; 

Resume, take back, Tinp? I^^ti' begin again, * n^2t^^ ^^Ht^D 
:i^X-)tD^nn R. H^^n -maWe, m. s. im^ -mption, 

• •• // T »• : // T T : - 1 

Resurrection, D^nZpH n^nn R. nilD * H'^H '^ 

Retail, divide, p!?n sell, D^p^n^ IDD (food) ib^ -N. 

RRT— REV :)05 

nphn * "I3tt^ -er, m. s. 12^ Cli. *l^'nt^?2 
Retain, continue, TpilH detain, l)^iJ * p'^tnn (in memory) 

nir -able, m. s. pTH^ * IDP 
Retaliate, h^D2i y'^^n -tion, ^1D5 nn^H R. 3^)::^ 

Retard, -in^i? * ti^^ln * ibi? -ation, -)'^^^? * HTpi; 

Retch, to vomit, X^p^il R. i^lp 
Retention, npTH (in memory) ]1"l^r 
Reticular, nt^l ^'t^V.J^ 
Retinue, m. pi. D^nnJJ^D °^N *D*>1^? 

Retire, llnji^ DV^ (to one's house) CD^lf H -red, m. s. * D^J^? 
inp; solitary, "Tllnnp -rement, » HOI^J^fn * iriDD 

Retold, n^?;i^ n^n r. t:i: 

Retort, (an argument) nj^/ * H^'pin R. HD^ (a crime upon 

one) viDl^nh 2^^n -N. n^toij^ nation 

Retrace, 3p^ 3^tr^ 

Retract, recant, (he) *1-)in"^.p 2W *'ln;;i HJ^ R. ^T 

umnn -tion, -rin'n nn^n 

Retreat, take shelter, b^H * IDhf^H -N. ^bsp * HDnD 
Retrench, (one's expences) tDV?2r} * CDVpV Ch. -ment, 

Retribute, dW -tion, D^D^^ 

Retrieve, recover, 'h^ 2^11/ -able, m. s. Dt^V 

Retrograde, "lIllX 3&3 -trogression, "llriK nJDH 

Retrospect, -tion,-)?i;n ni:?i3]ir}-tive,m.s.-)3jE;n *i:innp 

Return, come back, 2W repay, a^LTH -N. Hn'lti^r^ * nntJ^H 

-able, m. s. 2t^V 
Reveal, H^J) ♦ ;;^Tln R. ;;T^ Revelation, ^:1D^^ ^l-^Il n^/Tln 
Revel, carouse, — ?i?1nrin -N. m7?lnnn -ler, m. s. 

•i p 

306 REV— RHY 

Revenge, CJ^.5^n ♦ Dp3 -N. H^pjl -ful, m. s. Djpjnp 

Revenue, income, ^^^13n 

Reverberate, beat back, liHi^^ niH -tion, liHi^^ DDHn 

T ; I T ' T : T T -; 

Revere, Tli^ ^^-)^ ' I'^D "133 -erence, veneration, n^y, 

T^^0f2^1^ -erently, 2 -end, a clergyman, D^IlD 

-erent, -erential, m. s. 1^1^ * *T3DD 

Reversal, ]^1 ID^ i^D? Ch. * ^Iv^H 

Reverse, repeal, a^^H R. 2W contradict, t^V}^ * nhp Ch. 
-N. r\pn -sed, m. s. "^IDH -sible, m. s. 2pV ' ^^n^ 

Reversion, ^ti^n^n n^r^"^^i3^ Dipo"^^to^ ositi^D 

Revert, change, ^btl * nl3ti^ -ible, m. s. HSt^l 

Review, survey, l?.i3nn *b^r\pn 'I'pn (troops) 1^5 -N. 

ni::3l3nn * n^Dts^n ♦ nn'^pn ♦ nipB -er, m. s. 
"iR'in np.?p 

Revile, {^11 * tinn • ^ v!i2 -ler, m. s. ^"l^D * ^"inp ♦ hbpp 

Revise, (a book &c.) MVIi;^ ti^=^n 

Revive, to return to life, 11X1 HTt renew, l^'ljll rouse, 

n'ni^j;fn r. -n;; -vai, nn^j^n r. mt^ -viving, m. s. 

comforting, ti^D^ *2^li;n recovering, 1ni;D'Tp_t' 3^ 
Reunion, reuniting, n^:^ nMT]^ Reunite, n^'Jti^ TH^ THi^ 
Revoke, n^t^n -ocable, m. s. im"^ -ocation, nit^^H R. 2y^ 

Revolt, • -1 nnD nhD -n. mnn -er, m. s. -iniD 

Revolve, perform a revolution, 3*^50 ^pH R. ^p*» 
Revolution, a returning motion, HSilpri R. ^p^ change of 
government, "llDH TDpn rin^iDti^ -ary, m. s. rX^2pl 

Reward, ^b^ " * uhti} * iDJi^ th:i -N. h^r2^ * d^dW * n^ii^ 

Rhetoric, (see Oratory) 

Rheum, Dn^n?'!! T\iV. -atism, Ch. D^^3.Sn 3.S;3 

Rhyme, N. mn -V. make verses, D^rnn inp 

RTB-RrN ajrjr 

Rib, (a bone) I/^V pi, nii;^V 

Ribaldry, iVTn n^l^Dlt^ "^121 

Riband, '•t^^H n^^ICO 

Rice, rnX Ch. 

Rich, m. s. wealthy, "T^^X? v-aluable, "IJ^^^ * DltD copious, m 

-es,n^^;; -ly, abundantly, 3h^ *X???i^? 
Rid, np: ♦ n^DH R, IID -dance, H^Vn R. b)^l 
Riddle, an enigma, nyn R. IIH -Y. solve, — KVD 
Ride, nin Rider, m. s. a?1") 

Ridge, ri:p^n nv^-^n s^ni 

Ridicule, "2br}n* "h:vh 'x^^O 'y^h-N,*h^nn ^^v^ 

]r:ih -ulously, -^112 -ulous, pn^D 
Right to adjust, n^-^n * n'':p\"l -N. fit, m. s. 1^2 * ]iD3 in- 
time, H J ID? H n^^ *in;;n *ni;iD5 r. ip he is not -in 

his senses, Ir^^nn D^^ 12?"^lSt R. i/T is it-? * "l^i^DIH 

]?jn>n thou art-, m. s. ripT^ * Hnj^ p^i^nv -Justice, pn^ 

just claim, t02)L^D -, ad. justly, —2 -eous, m. s. Itl^^ * p'^'lV 
-ful, having the-, m. s. COg^p *i7 -ly, Ip^ll 
Rigid, m. s. stiff, H^jP sharp, tjg R. ir^f -ity, -ness, ' ri^^tf;p_ 

^^P^ * mix; -ly, -a 

Rigour, cold, njV R- l^V cruelty, ri1'^")T5^^ strictness, 
D^VPV Ch. -orously, ~2 '^"1.^5? -orous,m. s. * DVpVP 

V »T T ; - 

Rill, ^b * pib:) -N. hn: * ^m^ 

T ' T - T T 

Rim, neifc^ ♦ *•?; * HD 
Rime, ^D:n * 1^^2 

Rind, bark, D^p * H^^hp Ch. -V. -D ^V? 
Ring, to strike a bell, ilDIf^H Hv^^ * •^^V'?'!^ jt/^Xf: 
' R. ^^V * I/i:) -N. a sound, M^ ^1p a circle, ^liljt; finger-, 
n^n^ ear-, ^^Jj^ -finger, HK'^Jpp -leader, ^^1 -let, a curl. 

308 RIN— ROC 

HD^np * nyip -streaked, m. s. "flpj; 
Rinse, DM *r^\m ^btl/ V^D 
Riot, to revel, riDH raise an uproar, * "3 Ilnp|? l\l}p 

b]} br]^r\ -n. n^^i^^r] * nTi;:: -er, -ous, m. s. * riD^n 

Rip, (in pieces) j;[hj^ (a piece, or at a seam) Dh|) 

Ripe, ripen, D^^ (as fruit). b^^Zn -N. m. s. D^^ * b'^^ll 

-ness, n^D^^ *^^:^3 

Rise, ascend, Pl?^ grow, 7h5 -from one's seat, or bed. Dip -in 

price, np -as the sun, nht * ^iV** -N. * Hnnt * (1^^"^^^ 
' 't '-t t t«: t*: 

Risk (see Hazard). 

Rite,jn5p-ual, -^ * "IT^D (a book) D^JH?;?!! '^^D 

Rival, be a competitor, "b ^^5H oppose, "b "^IITST) *^hV 

-N. m. s. N?p_P * li!?r)P *n-)lK -ry, H^^j? * Hyip 
Rivel, Db)^ * PbV 
River, ^m *nn3 

- T T T 

Rivet, N. -|;i1D * Tn^ -V. -2 "IJD 

T •• T . T 

Rivulet, by\^ * J^D 

T V V 

Road, -|n^, * n^pp R. ^^D 

Roam, ramble, tOtOl^'nn * tDi::^ 

Roar, ;ii^::^ (as water) riDH * t^I/^ -N. T]:^^W * H^DH 

't ' T "^ T tt: t- 

Roast (meat) H^V (corn, &c.) H^JJ -N. ^^V * '^'pi^ 

Rob, Dton * ^t5 * y^^' * T\DU} * m -ber, m. s. ♦ DDlH * ]b\!\ 

Robbery, DDH ' nbu * ^^ti^ * HDti^D * Htn 

Robe, riiv * ^135? mbn -n. njt; * nins ::^in?D 

Robust, strong, m. s. ]^DT^ * p^H 

Rock, inn *T:n r. 1:1:3 *m:: -n. -iiy 'i/^d -salt, 

nnDD' nte -y, full of rocks, D^J^/TD ^^7?p 


Rod, lD2p 

Roe, a hart, HQV * nh't^ ' nh'^ (offish) D*»:n "^VZ -buck, 

''3V *^\st.caif;-iDi; 

Rogue, ^755 -ry, nhl) 

Roll, wind about, ^^'l^ -up, (as cloth) D/D -along, 77^1 -N. a 

round mass, 'II'ID (of paper) H'^^O -er, "P^?^ 
Romish, (see Popish.) 

Roof, np5 -N. J5 (arched) HSSH n^il^ R. ?]2iD 
Room, space, U^pf2 extent, 3n"19 * HI"! chamber, "IIH 

make-, DlpO n^Ji * DH^ D'^ti^ -y,m. s. D^^. *^n"l. 
Root, destroy, tt^lg^ ♦ nj^f; take root, ^'jl^H * t^^nc:^ rifii^;; 

-N. t:^"!::^ ♦ ip;; -ed, m. s. K^-iriLi^D * nni;nD 

't • •• T ; • V T ; • 

Rope, bnn * nin;; 

Rose, n^S^it:^ -water, Ch. D^m \!: 
' T - • t: - 

Rosin, (see Resin) 

Rostrum,™^? 'imjj 

Rot, putrify, ^pH -N. -tenness, 3p1 -ten, m. s. 3j^") 

Rotation, succession, ^TTD * 313p 

Rote, by., H^ ^^/S * n^ll -JIJ^ 

Rotundo, ^Ij;; ]^:3 

Rove, mmble, IDW * tD^Wnn Rover, m. s. t3Dit!^np 

Rough, m. s. hairy, "I^X?^ harsh, HK^jJ (in taste) * Dl/I: *>b3 
^inn -weather, H^Ifp * HOID -sea, 1]J)D D^ -ly, * l^yi3, 
^^p3 * "Ijt; 03 -ness, harshness, ^£S^punevenness,1ti^'^ ^^/^? 

Round, district, n3'^3p * 7 v| circle, 715];? circular, —3 a 

half-, -^)Sr\ -ly, -3 all the year-, 1^ HJ^H n'^^U^nD 

n*^ ri"''\'nb^ take a-, 3*'3D "I'^n -about, extensive, 

3^30 3^30 indirect, |ln^j5if3 m. s. bpVD pi. n'i'^phpV^ 

^ -house, -iriDH n^3 

Rou!>e, n"^!;?! Rouser, m. s. n>j;p * "I^I/P 

310 ROU— RUN 

Rout, to defeat, tr^^H * DDH -N. HDin^ R. D\n 

T T T : 

Route, way, r\^;i * ^"l1^^ journey, VBD ' HXf^p; 
Routine, -jl'l ♦ ;!n5p 

Row, n^D ' nhn -n. -nto * niv^ -er, n -jd 

-T T T 't- 

Royal, DID??) -ty, -H n|7K^pD -ist, m. s. rf-ff^n HHli^ 
Rub, (against, or upon) 1^3 -out, pHD -the dirt off, P]Qn -in 

pieces, V^D * pH^ -N. friction, Tl^ * *^13n Ch. 
Rubbish, refuse, "^np ruins, ^^ * H^SQ ^jt/p R. SZiD 
Rubric, nspn ^5^p 
Ruby, (a stone) 0*1^^ 
Rudder, CDltJ^D 


Ruddy, •^ibli? 

Rude, m. s. harsh, HS^p ignorant, '^V^ -nesss, incivility^ 

n^D'^p: -iDn-iy,-a 

Rudiment, llD^ pi. nlTlD^ -dimental, ~bf 

Rue, lament, 'pi? a^j^H -ful, m. s. ^j;; *2)f]jnD 

Ruffian, brutal, i^ns * ll'lti; 

Ruffle, to disorder, •jSH * ^5^75 R. ^^72 

Ruin, destroy, nH^ * ^'^"jnH -ation, timtl^n * lZl")n 

-ously, —3 -ous, m. s. fallen to ruin, ^'Htl/^ ♦ 21^ 

mischievous, H^^H^^D * ^'^nHD 
Rule, to govern, -'^hiH/J^ dht^ 1)^^ -2i line, IDl^Itt/ * D^fc^ 

-N. government, Hj^pD * Tl^^bp * Hn^/p regularity, 

-|-Tplaw, ^^^ 
Ruler, governor, m. s. vp^D * DD'^W (an instrument) *T"l|2^ 
Ruminant, m. s. Hi: *T]bV12 R. "I"):i -minate, m:i r\hvT^ 
Rumage, search, Ci^^H * ti^t^^P 
Rumour, to report, ^1p l^nj/.H -N. HJ^ID^i^ 
Run, move swiftly, ^1") flee, Vhh melt, DpH R. DDD Cas the 

eyes, &c.) ^n -about, nlt^^l ^^IV^J -mad, j;;i3nj:^n -after, 

RUN-SAD 311 

"^in^ P^'^^ ^^'l -into debt, D^nHH -on, 1"]^ ^b> -into 
unnecessary expense, llil "TB^ ^t long-, f]iD7 -over, relate, 
lap (in numbering) Piv'S "IDD (as water) VHlT?! ^j; ")3j; 
ra thing slightly) fiv'S t^QH^ tjlp^ "IHD -over him with a 
coach, &c. n;i^")^!:i 1DD")1 l'2V -ner, one who runs, 
m. s. p 

Ruption, dissolution, /1t33 

Rupture, (of peace) Dl^^ r\^'^2 Dlpn eruption, 12tf/ 

Rural, nncj^ ni-ivn ^t:^ 

// T // •• -: " 

Rush, (upon) °^^^ tl/j:-) -in, t<l3^ y^^ (with violence) 

r\pmp, ^^1n -n. (a plant) njjj * ^id * K95 

Rust, (upon iron) HTI^n 


Sabaoth, flli^aV 
Sabbath, r»2^ -ical,]1n5;i^ h^ 
Sable, black, m. s. ITiU/ * "lip 
Sacerdotal, n:jn3 7Ci^ 

Sack, N. (a bag) b^y HS'^JSt n'^/hp p^ -cloth, p^ 
Sacrament, an oath, H^nti^ 
Sacred, holy, t^lp -ness, Ht^lp 

Sacrifice, offer up, D'^Pi/^^? HZlt destroy, D'^'^Hn give up, 
'n^ nbD (his life) Wi;>: nb? (his fortune) 1^ 1;^^^ ^3 ]hj 

-N. nar * ann ; nTpp ♦ n^n? 

Sacrilege, t^lp^, vi^D -gious, m. s. ^1)^2 *bV'^D -giously, 

Sad, sorrowful, m.s. 2^V2 * HM *2^):]: -den, n^VI/H 
Saddle, (a horse) DIDH n^S ::^3n to load, 'h}i DDH -N. 

- V T - X 

D1Dn"l5 Saddler, -HCi^li; 

312 SAD-SAN 

Sadness, ]1n-yj^ * llV^f Sadly, -3 


Safe, (from danger) m. s. HltOil -conduct, -^ard, convoy, 

n;;i^n ♦ nym -ty, pn^? -ly, without hurt, m. s. oht}/ 

Saffron, D^")? 

Sagacious, m. s. ^i:)^ ♦ plH -city, Ji:)^ ♦ riT^^nn 

Sage, wise, m. s. DpH -ly, iipD^? 

Sail, navigate, lT3^i?nn3i; -N. (a sheet) n^Z^H J^HD/? -or, 

d^'p: ninn^^ ini;-^ *D:'73ln-yard, i^h *Snn 

Saint, appear pious, tl/'lp_r\il -N. in. s. Ji^1"7p 

Sake, purpose, ]pp for the-, ^nUl?? 'nn^l "nlTli^ ^I? 

"11??^ *"^^^? for whose-, ^P^^B (for ""D '7^il) 
Salad, ^t£^3/!D ^ll^H ^D^^;0 pl'^ 
Salary, (annual) HJ^? plH 
Sale, the selling, n*1'^pp vent, good-, D*'3lp nil"!L^ no-, 

n;1p ]\S -able, marketable, "IHID^ n3l;f -sman^ HDlD 

Saline, m'PD TI^D^Li^ 

Sally, to make an eruption, "3 7^^ issue out, ^IJJ y^^T^^ 

Salt, N. n^D -V. -n n^p -less, -"^^3 * ^sn -pit, -nnpp 

-ern, D^D nlDlfc^P -ish, m. s. m^D -petre, nnj 

Salvation, ti>*pjn n-l^^:/:>n 

Salubrious, Salubrity, SS^P 

Salve, cure, n^l3nn m?^ 

Salute, greet, '^12 -N. -tation, HDnS -tary, m. s. 2^\D 

Same, (see Identic) at the- time, l^^tlil r\]J2 

Sample, specimen, HID*! 

Sanctification, t^^'^]^ -tify, t^^lpH * tl/'lp^ 

Sanction, p^tH ♦ i^i1")^i^ * HpSpH 

SAN-SAU 313 

Sanctitude, H^lp Sanctuary, li'lpD 

Sand, c^ravelly earth, ^IH -y, ni. s. —i<h^ 

Randal, b^JD Ch. 

Saue, (in mind) ni. s. 1njt;"Tn D^K^ R. JJT -nity, m/:2^.SS^ 

Sanguine, ni. s. blood red, D"TpiK ardent, P]DD3 -guinary, 

in. s. D'^D'H *::^\^ -guinous, ni. s. Dl *K^/p -guinity, P^pjD 
Sanhedrim, H^IT^n np^3 * T'llH^P ^i^- 

•Sap, TiDin -Ti; fii;; ♦ t^nn -n. nin^^ -less, m. s. ♦ tr^n-^ 

rln'7 DJ -ling, p:1"> -piness, succulence, nn^O"! -py, 

ra. s. n7 
Sapphire, "l^'SD -irine, like sapphire, "l^'Bp? 
Sarcasm, ]1y^ * hmn -castically, ~2 -castic, m, s. * f Vl^flD 

Sash,^ silk belt, ^12^D C03n^^ nn'\}n 

• ■'• II" : - II- -: 

Satan, l^^-ic,-7?^ 

Satiated, m. s. ;j2tl/ Satiety, nV2it/ 

Satire, pV7 * 7*inn -ic, -b^ -ically, -Tl.1-1 -ist, m. s. 

Y^'\hr\D * ^nnp -ize, -a* fvi^nn ^nn" 

Satisfaction, amends, D^D^^ content, V^i^ * 11^*1 -factorily, 
-^ -factive, -factory, m. s. ig^'Ilty^ " H-KHp * P'^Sfe^p 
-factoriness, r\il2tl^n * Hp^^l^^H -fiecl, m. s. j/H^ ♦ H-Vnp 

-fy,£5r^ 'n-v^' 

Saturant, m. s. n^D * ^^^DP -urate, nnH • K^ 

Saturday, "'J^3^n D'P * nsW 

Saturn, (a planet) '^^nje^ iDl3 

Savage, m. s. wild, K"]5 cruel, npK -ness, Jll^'n? ♦ il^nT3K 

-ly, -n 

Satice, N. (to give relish) ^^np gravy, 2d"l -pan, "ini:^ 

Saucy, m. s. D^3^ *r;; * ?l'^:jTi Ch. -cine^, n^it;; * n^-^^n 

•2 y 

314 SAV— SCA 

Save, (from danger^ y'^-^H R. h'^2 keep, 1b^^' spare, (ground, 
&c.) Tpqn gain, -|r\: except, 'V^^ * ^^ * pi •'^n^? 

*n;;^n * \d nn *"n^r -ved, m, s. * n^Dti^ • ^-y^ non 

"llln^ -ving, frugal, m. s. ^^pP * DVD^^ Ch. -vingness. 

Saviour, m. s. redeemer, 7^?1il * ^'^ti^'lD one vv^ho saves, 7**^D 

Saunter, H^nnH ' ^V^/H 

Savour, N. scent, H'^T taste, D^/^ -V. — ^H J -vouriness, m^'lg 

-voury, U^f^lllDD m. s. nnij 
Saw, (a utensil) IWD * H'^;!;:: -V. -3 -)t!^: '^-)i-l -pit, 

-3 Dn-ii;;^n nnit^-yer,-n -)nijp-dust,m&| 

Say, nbN: * nn^ ♦ npn R. Ij;: I heard them-, U^^D'l^ ^I^S^^f 
I have no more to., ^T*"^!! 7 *>7 l*^!^ IHl'^ the people will- 
to it, npt^*^ np^^;^. ]Thil ^^o not -so, 15 ir^im h^ -ing, 

TT - V T -; - r * T -; T -; - 

Scab, nnap ♦ nn| -by, m. s.^jnV -biness, nf/nV 

Scabbard, HJi:: * p^ * nni;^ * ni;n 

T T ; I T T XT- : ^- - 

Scaffold, nn^3 *nm (for execution) ♦LDb::^ HnoD n;::*'3 
scaiade, HDlnn t^^3:D nl^i/^'nivDi^nn 

Scald, to burn, Hnn * HpH -N. Hinn * H^? 

Scale, to mount, H^j; -N. ascent, iT^^J balance, D";5t^P'? C^^| 
line of distance, pll'^.tpil ^IP^? covering of a fish, -*l(^pJf^jP 
-led, having scales, m. s. -*1^ S:^^ -ly, D^^p>g i^b? 

Scaii, pn: 

Scalp, N. n^5^|n-Di-)p R. ^^;i -v. -oi^^ 

Scamper, njnn? D^:i *'d13^ ^HB 

Scandal, aspersion, ^'IIH * *^^1 scandalous, D722 * H^^n 

-ously, -n -ize, f\in ' ^Bi * ^D'I in^ 
Scant, parsimonious, m. s. X^?J? * ^^PVP ^h. -iness, narrow- 


ness, nV? R, mi; * pm -ily, -3 -y,«i. s. -)V ' pin*! 

Scar, naiy 

V » T 

Scarce, m. s. IjJ^ -ness, pPl'l * "ipH (of provision) miSD.p 

-ly, scantily, —1 hardly, C0I/p3 
Scarf, HlOVD • .^^^^^3 Ch. 
Scarification, CO").^ Scarify, D^l^ 
Scarlet, s. }:b'\D -, a. m. s. — D DiK * U -TID 
Scatter, Itg ♦ ni? * ^^1i!) * ^DH 
Scavenger, ni, s. niVin n|55P * f 5*^5 tlTi:i 
Scene, an appearance, Hi^ip-ryjnjIDn ^H'^^fii^D * m^DI 
Scent, smell, f^^"^ -of an affair, tl^^m Ch. 
Sceptic, -al,m. s. HJD^ *npnp -ism, n^f2^ lOh 
Sceptre, 'l^SlH CO^n"!^ * miD^D COnt^ 
Scheme, Ha^HD * n^O -er, m.s. nl^nnn *J^)fl0 
Schism, njjl^n? * m^ -atical, -h^^ -atically,-T]-J75 -atic, 

m. s.-)invn IP *i^n)^ 

Scholar, disciple,1^D7n a man of learnino^, * If^vD * IjDD i/Tl"' 
-ship, -T1^? 

Scholastic, t^-rri^n rr^s W -aiiy, Dici^nT^n ^n3 -i"tdd 

School, "ipp -n**? -fellow, m. s, -12n -master, * ip^p * D"! 

."nVJ R. nn*' -mistress, nif-ihD 
Science, yiD * n;;'^ * ni;n^, -ential, -bt^ -entific, m. s. 

-ini: ^IplD R. fiD^ 

Scissars, Dn^^pp Ch. 

Scoff, • '2 hnn ♦ ;3i;) * •p^n -er, m. s. • hr^nn * jri^ * v!? 
]iv^ *ti^^^^ -ingiy, b^nn? ♦ jxf^n * pv^n 

Scold, to chide, "3 ")i/il (clamourously, rT&n 
Scope, aim, n^'^DJ? * HJI? space, DlpD * HIT 
Scorch, to burn, "^hn to be dried up, ")hn * 1^\} 
Score, a hne, HTlti^ * IJ^ account, pHtt^H 

8Wf sco—scu 

Scorn, ntn» --ncoi^^-N. im 'Hir^j r. bv-M\y, 
-2 * m^^2. mm2 -fui, m. s. rinrp * b6v2 

Scorpion, !2*ijp|? 

Scoundrel, m. s. t^hbsp]^'^ *\^^^ * b}}jh2.*]ll 

Scour, cleanse, TV^)_ -er, m. s. nj^lp 

Scourge, to lash, HSH R. H J3 punish, np^ -N. * ID^D C03^:?r 

T - '^ - V 

Scout, t^^nn ^51 -N. m. s. :inn *^-2")p 

Scrap, DI/p pbn 

Scrape, to pare, ^-^^B shave, ni|. / "ih^ -off dirt, Hnp -up 
riches, )(^^_ -N. npHD -per, a untensil, n^^Sp -ping, 

Scratch, (with the nails) "115 * "[jH Ch. wound, (Dh^ -N. 

Screech, scream, t^lpin pi?'^^ * fjl^ (as an owl) b'^h^T} -N. 

nnr^ *r\bb^--ow\,tr^b^b 

Screen, to shelter, b^_ ]^l}^^ -N. \yQ ' HOnp 

Scribble, N. jL;n| nn^p -bier, m. s. i;n5 -|?)1D 

Scribe, a writer, I^^D 

Scriptory, m. s. nin^ -ture, ^Ip ^\^npp ^nn^ -tural, 

T - 

Scriviner, nii^^ nnl3 ♦ nsiD 

Scroll, n^^DK^^J 

Scrotum, D^^UD 

Scruple, to doubt, pa *pbp -N. pDD * p?J^ -pulous, m. s. 

p£)pP -pulously, nicely, D^l^pV? Ch. 
Scrutable, m. s. IpJT -tineer, m. s. IpHD -tinize, IpH -tiny, 

HTpn 'H^m 

Scuffle, inn -N. nnnD r. nn 

Scull, the brain pan, vhlbl R, ^^J 

scu— 9*c " tsn 

Scullion, r\2i^n hti;2r$n nn^p 

Sculpture, ni;^pD rj^vj? -tor, te ivv ^D'^ntr^^i. nri?p 

Scum, N. rrirtn -v, -n THi/n. 

T : V " -: ~ 

Scurf, a scab, mSD * 315 -y, m. s>. — i^ZD 
Scurrilous, m. s. HOp * '7nnp -rility, TU * ^^nH 

Scythe, h^n • nj^ * K^D-in 

Sea, D: -beat, -H ^D? J^^J^ -born, m. s. -TT ^?S*J?V -chart, 
-i"T nSD m^-port,-n t^InO -beach, -shore, ncfe^ niH 

II- - ir . : ' II' : ^ II 

-n -sick,-n"ij;(5P njh -fering,-man,D^p:"nin-!S laii; 

-compass, H^inp -ward, HD^ 

Seal, fasten, Dhn -N. DnlH -ing-wax, HD-^nnn }yr\ 
Seam, to join, D^^IC^ IBH * "ISn -ISF. Hl'^aA Jess, ->b?l 
Sear, I'TT ♦ Tp;; -N. m. s. 3"JV? * TT^H 
Search, explore, IpH * S!^"1'1 try, jn|L -after, tT^jpn -one's 

trunks, &c. ji^sn -N/nn^pn * ntj^'n^i * nrns * nti^p^ 

Season, make fit, J^pH -meat, HyD (with spices) u2^!lL 
-timber, ti^B^ -N. (of the year) IJ/lD R. I])^ a fit time, 

■^ n:i33n"ni; -able, m. s. -b * lapm * njy>u)n * '\m^ 
out of-, inj; 5<^5 -ed, m. s. Vrhn * D^ap ♦ ii^a; -ing, 

T . . . 1- • ; 

Seat, put in a seat, T^^ln R. I^"^ place, Dlti^ -N. a chair, 

3^iD situation, DipD 
Secede, to leave, W^^ ' 3tj^ Secession, rTtJ^"*!^ * nn^irj?. 
Seclude, t^^^n * h'lin Seclusion, Ht^n^in '* nb^lH 
Second, to support, "b iDj^ * nti? follow, ^"0^ DSprt 

"nni< i^to I'^n -n. m. s. an assistant, "h TDlj; * nri;/ 
follower, ^21^ (of time) i;jncoj;;p -thought, 27 '7^? Ha^rr 

-person, (of a pronoun) m. s. ^V?^ ^HDl^ -time, TV^II^ 
-rate, —n^^'ip -ary, not primaiy, * 7 HJ^P -hand, m. s. 

318 SEC— SEE 

ti^in lii'^K -ly, n^iti^a 

Secrecy, secretness, IUDD solitude, jin*'!^ 

Secret, D.^I^H ^HD? -N. concealed, m. s. '.D^I/.; * HDI^P 

ir\D^ a thing unknown, 1lD * "IHD -ly, — H 
Secretary, m. s. *1?1D *")*'3tD -retariship, —H ITHp^S^ 
Secrete, to hide, i^'^Snn -tion, miDH * H^'inn -titious, 

m. s. T-IDi * ^"122 -tory, m. s. Tni>;:3 * ^"^^HID 

Sect, n-inn ♦ ii'iDiS * nn^ -ary, m. n^-^^H ]D *D''::^niDB 
Secular, m.s.ti^'ip3 lij^ift *Dinnch.-ize,^in^ t^ipD f^\^nn 

Secundine, rivti^ 

t; • 

Secure, insure, H^OIin make fast, pjnn apprehend, Ji^DiJ 
-N. m. s. n^^n -rely, nP-l) -rity, safety, pHl^n * niD^D 

bail, nnDnn ^ninv 

Sedan, nnDI^H ^^D3 

Sedate, m. s. COjPg/ * HniiD *J:?''ii^ *\^r^f2 Ch. -ness, * tO^.^ 

Sedentary, m, s. n^^DH *'^5 * n^i^lP 
Sediment, DnD?^ * T^S^R 
Sedition, T")P -tiously, —2 -tious, m. s. "1"}1D 
Seduce, n^nn * n^pn • i^^'tJ^n R. ^m -ucement, -uction, 
nnpn * ]'\^WD -uclble, m. s. rajn) -uctlve, m. s. 

Sedulity, -ulousness,nr:^nn * HTp^ * nlPntCh.-ulously, 

-n-uious, m. s. f nn ' ipw ♦ tnr 

See, (see Behold) -ing, vision, HiJ^jP * ^Vm * JiTn ^ nmi? 

sight, .TJ^n * n^Sn R. t03: since that, 3^]/ * lif^ 
Seer,m.s.nj;?1-) ' Htin 
^ Seed, N. (which generates) ];nr -V. — i?*^"1Tn -sman, a sower, 

j;n1r -time, i/nt -y, m. s. D^Jf/")! ^te 

SEE— SEN 319 

Seek, look for, ''n^^ ti^^n trp3 solicit, "t2 t^^pn h'^t^} 
Seem, ni>5*in -ing, appearance, H^t^D -ingly, m. s. m^^n^? 
-liness, p-|tt^3 * HIO^^p -ly, m. s. It^^D * D^i/J 

Seesaw, HDrni) niirn^n nri^n 

T // T •• T // T " - : 

Seethe, to boil, 7W3, * TTH R. It: 

Seize, catch, * *3 p'^tnil THi^ -ure, the seizing, Ht^n^^ the 

thing seized, m. s. THlf^^ 
Seldom, rarely, m, s. "Ip"^^ now and then, D^'Di/D? 

Select, nhs ♦ -ih:3 -N. m. s. iHaD * -)inn 

Selection, the chosing, H^'^nB * '^"^'^"!? 

Self, (see Herself and Myself) -same, DVi( m. s. ^^T]T^ (as 
n^sT] DVn DVrS on the self same day. *t<\nn nrn 
Dnn D^D''3 on the self same time.) by one's-, mi -conceit, 
3? *mn^il -conceited, m. s, 2? *n3il -denial, (his) 

iv?)n n:1V9P n^'^^Q * w?^ pinn -evident, m.' s. 

IDVI/?) "1^3 -interest, (his) It!^?: n^j^/IH R. bv^ -ish, m. s. 
"^iS: *ti^pnp -love, -ishness, (his) 1ti^?)3 nnnt^ -mur- 
derer, m. s. 1Si^D33 p;3l5^ -willed, m. s. In;/'! H^j^ "IDl;/ 


Sell, iDD (provision) ")*'?:i^n -er,m. s. "IplD * n^St^P - 
Selvage, r\^^ * H'^p^ 

Semble, nwn * Hl^'l -blance, niD"! ^JVOT * ^^!tnD 
Semicircle, ^l^^f '^Vn -circular, — D -globular, "I'll^ ^VH^ 
Semicolon, ]1C0p f]pT marked thus (:) above the letter, as Gen. 

ch. i. V. 2. iriii 


Semilunar, n27 *^':»n3 

T T ; • -: - 

Seminal, belonging to seed, D'^I/'ir 7V/ -inality, niyinn IID 

R. 1^^-ination, H^nt -inific, m. s.JT^D * T?l0 
Senate, DI/H •'J^-l:^ jliiD^^ * jmn^D Ch. 
Senator, Dj/n J\n3D 

't T • : - 

320 SEN— SER 

Send, rh^ -out of the way, hW -back, y^pr\ R. nW 
-word, '"7^ niV -word back again, "^K n^'^H.^ ib^ -for a 
person to speak with him, 1^ t^*)?/* V^<!? D'^JJ' -ing, 

nn^tr^D (back) nnt:^n 

Senior, m. s. ^in| * Dip -ity, H^^ip 
Sensation, perception, Si^ini .TK"] rnK^|"in Ch. 
Sense, meaning, T^VO * n^V^tl/D opinion, nj^l R. ^"^ the 
perceiving, vOp * H^'lDll -ibly, ~2 -less, m. s. — IDTI 
-ibihty, nminn mi^np -ible, m. s. judicious, * ^^^Kf-^ 
l^i^D persuaded, IIIJJI5 -itive, m. s. t^'^Si'ir^ 
Senses, D'^^^n-sorium*, -H ^^p^H 3^1;:: R. nti^'^ 
Sensual, sensualist, m. s. ^^ii3 H^^Jh *^i;n -ity, * r^^^?rl 

nf^] np-^p^ R. DD? -ize, niKn '-)^j;n r. ti; (a thing) 

Sentence, 'hv it-J * °n^ CDDli^ -N. determination, * 02)^D 

-TV T T : • 

niiil a period, D!?^ "lp^^P * p^D2 Ch. 
Sentiment, Hn^np * n^*^ R. I/l*' -al, m. s. ^Sn^^D 
Sentinel, IDlt^ '^' 2^D R, n^^ 
Separate, phn ' binn ' IIDH -N. m. s. ♦ phm * ^l^J 

T-li^: -arable, m. s. p^H"' * Hn^ * llt^"^ -aratelv, li^ 

T : • > .. T •• "T • "T • ./ ' _ . 

R, 112 -aration, -in§ * T\p^l^ 
September, '^t^t^l ti^lh * h'h^ 
Septennial, D^;!^^^ 5^5^ ^7^ 
Septuagint, D'^^pTH D^^tt^T ^""Vnu^ Ul^in 
Sepulchre, grave, "inp -chral, ^Ei^-ture, 11^2';? 
Sequel, conclusion, P]lD * H vD/^ R. DyD 
Sequester, put aside, T^pH R. 1^0 deprive of, v/t!^ * Ipn 

-trable, m. s. IDT' -tration, H? y^ -trator, he who holds 

things in custody, e^*"^^ ^ti^^t^^D 
Seraglio, O^mi H'^n 

SER— SET 321 

Sera|)l), P]n^.im,D^?*lii^ 

Serene, m. s. IDpt^ * |3S^ -ness, DjP£^ -ly, —^ 

Sergeant, (in the amiy) n'QVhipr} ^^}l^ "itDi^^ 

Series, order, IID * "II'ID succession, m. s. Ht IH^ ilT 

Serious, m. s. 133 * '7112 -ness, D'^DDJC * ni2^ -ly, -3 

Sermon, n^-j"! * nn3in c^n^i -ize, ^')'i * noiH R. riD'^ 

Serpent, ^}]i^'i * HJ^i^S: * \r\^ ** ]>?n * t^H^ -ine, lln^j^JK 
Servant, m. s. 13;; * flli^D * 1^32!^ 

V V "T : • T 

Serve, (at command) °nX "J3j^ plg^ assist, ♦ J/'^^lH R. i/::^'^ 
••^Tbj^ -vice, office, nnt^ obedience, rm2V use, 
n7j;in R. ^i;** -viceable, m. s. beneficial, ^''J/lD active, 

r»-)0 *^3iQ R. p3 ♦ h^n *tt^\N^ 

Servile, m. s. fll^P ^I/Jp: *T3];^P Ch. -vility, -vitude, 
rmZ]^, * n^^:3 ' * 113;;^ -vilely^ -3 

Sess, *Tli * D.0 ** D39 R'. DD3 

Session, jn^ D^COiiit^n T\y^^\ 

Set, to place, DW * l^I/.n plant, J^/b^ * ^h^ appoint, (time, 
&c.) rijP Ch. -free, ^p^r\h vhw (a prisoner) inn R. in: 
-at rest, COp.?!/n * n^^H R. HIJ -bounds, ^S^H -down, 
3ti^1n R. 3::^^ -in fire, t:^^^3 H^t!^ -on the fire, nt^ -to 
right, ]On * \y\^ -the teeth on edge, U^yii; TlT^'p^r} 
-about, begin, 7)1 H R, v/H -one aginst another, m. s. 

rn^^ ti>\^ nn^ -apart, ^i3n -aside, -)3;(n ♦ -i''pn 

-back, 3^.1 R. 3W -forth, show, r\Vnr} -out, depart, 
NV;| -a snare, ti^p^ * hm'2'0 \r\} -up, assist, * • h I'W * D^?n 
-as the sun, J^i3 at sun-, ^DWri ^^133 -N. m. s fixed, 

Xo\ ♦j;;ui^ -ting up, -irj; *n?p^n -ting of the sun, 

V V — ; 

Settle, determine, pH * itil confirm, \yQ * D^pH * D*p 
R. Dip -accounts, &c. 7n)pr} * ^P)n -as beer, &c. 

2 R 

322 SET-^SHA 

Vn^p hv_ tOp^ -a time, &c. if2p^ Ch. -in a place, 2li;l 
-one*s property upon a person, TH^n * t^^"]ln -a stipend on 
one, nV)J -tied, m. s. * p_m ^ntJ? 'llIDVD^Ip/ HILi^;^ 

T T - 't T // T -: - // T T ' - • 't 

tDp^ -tlement, ' nin * nD*p_ * HNI^H * n^I/'^Ilp 

na*^::^^ 'r\2)ip "dpi^ 

Seven, m. np^2l^ f. j;?^ (by letters of the alphabet) 't -fold, 
D^rii;^^ -night, sennight, ir\2l^ ^^3 -teen, -teenth, m. 

n^^ ni;3?L^ f. n-it^if ;;??/ ^ ?'^ -th, m. •'jt/^ati^ in^s:'^^^ 

^thly,-3'-ty,D^i;?^ *'/ 
Sever, nhD ♦ V*V)5 

Several, m. divers, D^^iti^ many, D'^ll'l -ly, "^P'155 
Severe, m. s, sharp, pjn * *T5? cruel, H^p * *^P^ -^'ity, 

nnn? ^ "^tj^i^ ♦ mnpj^r -reiy, -2 

Sew, (vi^ith thread) "IDII Sewer, m. s. "l^iln 
Sex, ]"^P male-, ID? ]^fp female-, HDp? ]^P 

Sexton, nhnpn \^m ch. 

Shabby, mean, m. s. m?? * ^^.f -biness, tlS * ni7D?l^ 

-bily, -1 
Shackle, chain, ^3D3 D'^p*^rS^3 -|b^^ -kles, D^^'pHD ♦ D^p'^Ti^ 
Shade, Shadow, -jrip * 7^0 R. 77^ -N, 7V -y, -1 -diness, 

n^^V -dowy, ^V f^?^ -dowing, m. s. ^V?) 
Shaggy, hairy, m. s. "I'^lf ^ 
Shake, to agitate, ^^^^H (violently) j/t^.T be agitated, J/IT * j;/^3 

(for fear) Xb^T)?! -off, (as fruit) ^p2 (as a yoke) pIS -out, 

(as a bag) "li/^ -hands, ?]? I/pJn *T]'m -N. shaking, 

* nj;;'); ♦ n;;^D];i ♦ nl^^a * ^Ipi * riT^? ♦ pna 
^? n^/^pn 

Shall, (this verb is expressed with the future, as ?<T^ he 
shall fear.) 

SHA-SHE 323 

Shallow, m. s. not deep, pIDJt; l^^iij (in wit) T^VID *1jt/3? 

Sham, nr^n * ^in ch. -N. n*pn • ^v\ 

Shambles, D^nnp^H TT^g 

Shame, D^^pH ♦ C^^UlH -N. H^bs Tl^in * nsnn 
-faced, m. s. D^^S ♦tJ^IB -ful, Jl^p^ • n|)-!n -fully, -3 -less, 

m. s. D^?a *r;; r. rtj/ 

Shape, niV ♦ TV * ")!i^; -N. I^ln -liness, -H ^=;)''' -ly, m. s. 

-HD^ -less, m. s. ♦I^ lijln K^ 
Shard, (of a pot) i^^V) 12l^D 
■Share, divide, p-^H partake of "D^ p^H -N. p^H Sharer, m. s. 

I P^np *°Di; *p.^in 

* Sharp, m. s. acute, ]i:^ * p'H R. ppT (person) tinn * DT)V 
piercing, pTH * Tj; R. tr;; -en, 13^ * l^H -er, m. s. * "^DT 

► on;; -ness, n^pi ♦ n'lDnn * hdij^ * prh ♦ ri; -ly, -a 
-sighted, m. s. nlNI^ *")^^9 
Shatter, to break, X^l. be broken, XT\n 

Shave, -);;n5 n^5 * 3^4 -ver, n;;n5 r\bio-*2^^ -ing. 

Shawl, nn§pp 
She, «%n a-, nnp; 

Sheaf, (of corn) DDIV ' H^^i^ 

Shear, tf -1 -er, m. s, Ttl^ Shears, D^'nSDD Ch. 

Sheath, N. nn^ ^ p: ♦ n-ii;n *-i;;n 

Shed, spill, r\Q^ let fall, b^^H R. ^d: -N. HSD R. "^^D 
Sheep, ^nn ^nsp? * 3K^3 * Hg'?? * SJ^dV pi. ]i<i; -cot, 

—n^lil -shearing, — nill -walk, -Hj/np -ish, m. s. 

D^>5 ♦S!;in ♦ 2h •^n -ishness, D^^S ^(^^13 * 'iinp 
Sheet, (for a bed) n^P^ sail, n*:Kn Ci^nDD (of lead, &c.) 

^p-j * ng R.m^ (of paper) ^^2*5 H^^ ' 

324 SHE~SHO 

Shekel, b[>!l^ 

Shell, N. ^1-1^5) (of a nut, or egg) HSi^^p Ch. -V. -H I^DH 

Shelter, 'bv p^ pH -N. i:i;d * nDniD 

Shepherd, ]^)S DfJ^I -ess, ]^)S nXTll 
Sheriff, T\n^ * ^i^H ^^SH 1^p2) 

TV //I - //'v V - '. : 

Shield, •?;; 11J5 -N. i;59 * nnnb -bearer, HJV ^!^J 
Shift, to change, ^l^^nn evade, Dnj^H * ^-VSHH -N. * HDIi; 
n^'p-V^nn make- to live, COiJpn pgr^ti^H -er,m. s. D^^ 

Shilling, n-)| n^l;::ti^ 

Shine, n3j ^v'^vn^i^^^^in -N. -inr *n^i ♦nx;?*; -dng, 

-ny, m. s. ^V"i^ ♦ THn 

Ship, N. n:^^D * ^^^^^ -v. -n hi^ Tnin ^5^n^ r. it 

' T . : T- t; ••• II ' II ' r 

813 -wreck, -H in^ -man, D'Bi nlnnb^ ini;; ♦ IDD 
-Wright, nv:3^it.n51B 
Shirt, n:3h3 ♦ p^^n -less, Dh;; 

Shiver, to quake, Ti;n * ^-^^Hn * ^n'^nnn R. b^n shatter, 

-)3?^ ' y-n -ing, nix;-) * ny^5 • n^n^n ♦ n^^V"! 

Shoal, a crowd, *i.On sandbank, vln "^"in 

Shock, to shake, X/tri offend, ^J^D -N. Hj^lT * riVSt? 


Shoe, hVA -string, ~^h&S^ -maker, D^^^2 Ht^;; 

Shoot, let off, HT germinate, nbV -er, m. s. HTD * n3l") 

Shop, (for sale) n^:n -board, -H \nbti^ -man, -H nn^p 

-keeper, m. s. "^-JlpH Shops, H'^l^n 
Shore, a coast, HD^ * P)1n a drain, '-)1DV * H^^nm 
Short, not long, m. s. *1^|^ -lived, D'^P^^*^Vp -sighted, 
n*t^n *1Vp -breathed, Hn *"lVp -hand writer, *nnl3 
*11!^p2l stop-, Ibl/ come-, ^'Dl^ keep one- of, "T^pnn -en, 

^^?, " "i^p'tJ -iy> soon, nnp3 ♦ nnnpn briefly, -)i-:s^p3 

SHO— SHU 325 

-hand, ~2 nn^n? -ness, "IVp 
Shot, the act of shooting, il*l\ balls, — ^"IIIS wounded, m. s. 

- .. // V ' II T 

Shove, (forward) a^^^Jj^n R. |^1^ -out of the oven, 
")^3i?n \12 n'ln -away, ^rr\ * nn*1 -through, ]D r}^^2n 

Shovel, nnv -N. ni:)-)j^ * nni r. n*)") 

Should, (is expressed with the future, see Ought.) 
Shoulder, (of a beast) J^/IlT (of a man) D?^ * ^JHS pi. illDn? 
-V. put on the shoulder, —bjJ Dlfc^ 

Shout, niv *h^;n *]jnn r. ^i:i • j/n -n. -ing, *ni;nn 

T T : T • 

Show, exhibit, iH^'in direct, nnlH R. H")'' prove, H'^Din 
R. nD*" -N. n^nD -y, m. s. -^ ^IT^ (person) h^}r\D 
-bread, D^^Sinon^ 

• T - V V 

Shower, N. U'^l^^p * '\^D -V. to rain, -Th;! send a-, l^mn 

-with liberality, 'v^^pH -y, D^ip^^ nV 
Shred, D^Jt/H)?^ Xf^i;; -N. I/nj? 
Shrewd, cunning, m. s. IDT)^ -ness, H^^y -ly, —3 
Shriek, ^1p3 pi/y -N. Hj^rV ^^P 
Shrill, D":3m nj^^V^ ^' ^^^ -ness, V^^^y blp 
Shrine, ]'\1H 

Shrink, contract, pb^ * O^j^ be in fear, S^nn 
Shrivel, CObj; 
Shroud, defend, ^i? p^l -N. |J/p * HDn^ (of the dead) 

r?n?n * D^np n^n r. m^ 

Shrub, a bush, r\2D * H'^fit^ -by, I^DP 

Shrug, (see Shrink) -the shoulders, 'vTI^-N. T^ 

Shudder, yh^nn * bmhnnn r. hm -ing, n^n^n * nv^a 

Shuffle, change, P)?nn evade, D^'irn -fler, m.,s. Vi^'lV^ 

1906 SHU~SIL 

Shun, ••^Di;:;2)nVnn 

Shut, -)jp -fast, is:: -in, nr.n n^p -out, ^nnijt 7;;3 -hand, 

or mouth, \bp^ -eyes, Dli^i? -ears, Db^? -ter, ph"^^ 
Shuttle, J-lli^n '72p_p 
Shy, m. s. cautious, "intjl frighted, 7n3J) 
Sibilant, m. s. p-)W -ation, Hp^n^ * Hp^T^ 
Sick, m. s. diseased, nh^lTi *2^'\'2 -en, ^bnn * n•'^^^^ -ly, 

m. s. ti^bn *^^2^ 'hi R. bbi -ness, ^^^D'♦a^c^ 

T - T - T -: - •• : 

(see Disgust) 

Sickle, ^5D 'C^Pin 

Side, n^^? nw* R. nt03 -n. n^ nn^ ^nn *nv 

(of animals) V^); -long, |iD?^|f? m. s. 1*1 V/* -ways, 

TV - : 

Siege, nl^;^ 

Sieve, nin:^ sift, -3 r:n try, n^co\n' t^-rn 

Sigh, n:^n -n. ^^5^? 

Sight, the seeing, iT^^I. ' HDnH R. CO^i show, Hb^n.D 

-liness, ]1-)Si^:p ♦ n^f^^jj; -ly, m. s. np2 * D'^j;/: 
Sign, to mark, UWl (with chalk, &c.) H^Jn ratify, D.^ DhH 

-N. a token, in * p^V a miracle, JIDlD R. riD"^ a presage, 

nl^^ a print, D^") (with the head, &c.) m^l 
Signal, mark, ]D"^p give a-, H^jt^H ♦ t^J"! * DH -ize, * ^"lljin 

1?.^ -ly, TNP 
Signature, sign manual, ^^ nD^^Jin Signet, DHiH 
Significancy, energy, n^^'H: * Hfiin -icantly, — D -icant, 

-icative, m. s. pTH * ^j^^^ -ication, il^JS 
Signify, declare, j;nln R.iJT mean, ]55 it signifieth nothing, 

Silence, stillness,- Hj^'^n^i^ * H^pi'l -! interj. D'I * DH keep-, 
prig^ ♦ t^^im put one to-, p*'ri?i^n • HDH 

SIL— SIN 827 

Silent, D^^*! -ly, H^^^H? ' np^^^rs^^-D, 

Silk, ^^D -en, —7^ -mercer, m. s. — "ID"^^ -weaver, m. s. 
-jnl^^ -worm, -n Df/Sln 

Sill, in?p ♦ tip R. ^^D 

Silly, foolish, m. s. ^S:l3 R. ^K** -liness, t^h)^ 

Silver, N. ^DS -V. -2 Hg^ -y, m. s. -2 TIpJ -smith. 

Similar, (see Like) -ity, — m^'H 
Simile, Jl^P'n -itude, likeness, 7^0 * njlOT 
Simony, t^ip "^D??? irip?2 nWJJ^^ 

Simple, m. s. unmingled, COIti^a artless, DJp * D*^pr) silly, 
h^'\2 R. ^k^^ -pleton, "^ri^^^^lSt -plicity, * nitO^'§ 

m^^Dn *ni^ns ♦ n^')^^ -piy, -n -piify, nnn * ic^^a' 

Simular, m. s. "^ZDn * |ti^n3 Mi^n Ch. -ulate, * HllD-l * tS^HS 

f]*! -ulation, n^^Dn * ti^HS * t]V»r 
Simultaneous, existing together, I^H^ 13513 1^^VP? 

Sin, N^on * mrn *;;j:^t:) * mvio '^i; nb;; -n.' *\^ton * ili; 

Vl^p ' nnni; -offering, n^m -ner, m. s. * XlD^tl * j^tJ^IS 

T T • 

Since, because that, \VV\]l^h * Dpjt; * ]? ^If before this,* \Qb 
?^^/P (as DV IP^ since the day. "Ipi^H TSJD since the morn- 
ing.) ever-, t J;JD (as r^<^D ^Slp3 ll33 thy throne is estabhshed 
ever since.) see Ago. 

Sincere, m. s. D"^pn * ip.ijij -ity, T\My^l2r\ -ly, -2 

Sinecure, HJ^i;? pH R. ]n: * ppH 

Sinew, T>i! * "IH'^D -ed, sinewy, m. s. DIVj/ 

Sing, \T\ * "112^ -er, m. s. nnit^P 

Singe, "^hn 

Single, m. one, inSl individual, ''pna unmarried, * n^Sj^ X^B 
^13§ -gly, 1^5^ -gular, m. only, T^H^ odd, i^^S -gularity, 

328 SIN— SKU 

")j^^ -gularly, particularly, tOHDll -gleness, Jl^D'^D]^ 
Sinister, corrupt, m. s. fl^J^P * /j^vj^P R. 77p 
Sink, decline, OlD -down, ^3^ -N. a drain, nllJ^ 

Sip, t<D^ *Di;cD-N. ^^^'^;D^ ^nsico ch. 

Sir, "^jn^t. -name, DiJ fl^H D^ 

Sister, HlHi^-inlaw, a brother's wife, ^^^ ]1t^b^ his wife's sis- 
ter, ir^^^^ ni^^5 her husband's sister, T\m^)^ niniS:. -ly. 

Sit, nt^^ -still, nii (as a hen) D'^V?''!? ^i? p"J -up, rise, Ib^ 
(in the night) '^^'^jf/D HJt^ llj R. \^^ (upright in one's bed) 

n^pn b;? 3c^;! R. hd:: -ting, n^t^ * nn*^!:^:^ 

Site, Situation, ipj;;^ * DlpD -uated, -3 

Six, m. n^^ f. t*^ (by letters of the alphabet) -pence, 

m^ rii^ nii^ -teen, m. nii^;; r^m^Lrrsm ^^ m"o 

-th, m. "^^^ f. rr^t^:^ -thly, -n -ty, tieth, D'^i^ti^ * 'D 
Size, to smear, PnCO -N. n^lD bulk, ^lil 
Skean, 1*>:d^ 

Skeleton, nl/::V^. ^5 R. hh^ 
Sketch, draw out, "l*,^ -N. H'Tl)^ * IT^V 
Skilful, Skilled, m. s. h^:?}t^D ' n^nD -fulness. Skill, ♦ ^D^ 

mn^np -fuiiy, -a 
Skim, N. fivp. ^nK^^ -v. -invn -miik, 2br\ ^d 

Skin, N. (of fruit) 7il^5 ♦ HD^^p Ch. hide, nlj; V. -tOi^^pH 

^•1^§ -ner, ninl;; "IDiD -ny, m. s. l|^3 ^pT R. ppT 
Skip, to leap, Tp-) ♦ ^9p miss,''^Jt; ;iv!'1 -N. ♦ llpn * H^^^p 

Skirmish, HnniD * H^D R. HV: 
Skirt, HDK^ " D^^^Si^ (of a country )^n5 ^H^^jJ 
Skreen, to shelter, 'b]J ]'2p ^pn -N. ]M * HDriD 
Skulk, lurk, (in fear) fcSBHnn (in malice) • -^ 21^ 

SKY— S LI 329 

Sky, firmament,^^i?n * D^D^-colour,-n DV;; Tl^Dn ni^tl;? 

-dyed,-D ^^^it-)5 -light, J^H inV 
Slack, m. s. HSHnp ' H^^} -en, "D Hgin * ^j;;;^ ^pH 

R. 7?p -ness, looseness, ]1^£)") 
Slander, -er, -ous, (see Calumniate.) 
Slant, m. s. ^|5^»p -ly, lln v'j^i;? * pD?^^3 
Slap, tlpnniSn R, PIDD * HD: -N.'a blow, nSO (in the 

face) ^n^ nsp 

Slave, ^bi; -N. m. 12V f. HIlDt:^ -ry, n^12y 
Slaver, N. nn^ -V. -inlH R.TT 

Slaughter, :ihn • ji'^pn R. m;^ (beast) n^T * niiD * con^ 
-N. 3'^:inn * nnp5 -house, D^nnc^jn n^n -man, 
mw 'm^ -ous, nv'n? man-, *n}:p2 \i;^2 n?D 

• T • ; 

Slavish, m. s. 1:22} * 12pt^0 Ch. -ness, n;;^?3 * T^Si/ti^ 


Slay, (see Slaughter) man-slayer, nj^t^"5 t^£)5 ;inin 
Sleep, ]ii^^ -N. -ing, ni^ a sound-, HD'inin -iness, H^l^ri-ily, 
—2 -less, m. s. "IJ/ R. *nj/ -y, drowsy, m. s. DH^? 

Sleeves, nll/l")! ^r}2 Sleeveless, "^^3 

Slender, thin, pi * ^^ -ness, HlpT * m^^l R. ppT * ^^1 

Slice, "ihn -N. n2^nr\ 

Slide, N. (on ice) m\^i T^^'pbpb^\ -V. 1 tODlDnH 

Slight, nfn * ^pn R. "P^p -N. m. s. small, ]1C0j^ weak, HDH 
trifling, COj^p r-)i?VP * '^i^?P artifice, nV21 * riDlD 
contempt, ^iMll -ness, weakness, ]V5"l-ly,— 3 

Slime, glutinous matter, HD^ rnin\^ mud, CO'^tpDjy (for 
2V_ O^'O) Slimy, -2 

Sling, to throw, i*-7p -N. ^/^p 

Slip, slink away, nSSnn * tO^^H * D^2 mistake, Hi^ slide, 

2 s 

330 SLT-SMr 

ni/D * ID)D ♦ mn R. nni -out of his memory, HD^H 
^3;|)P -out of his hand, 'iTD bb: -into his hand, 1T^ Db^ 

-with his tongue, i:3l::;^3 rann -in^n -n. * ntDi,o ^^n'l 

nm^P -periness, -pery, n1p?f?^n 
SHpper, 'hl}P Ch. 

Slope, nl-^i^^Ha • I'^D^h^ ♦ JLnSi^ Ch. -wise, -3 
Sloth, idleness, ] Vf^-I * ni^V^ "f^Hy, -1 

Slothful, m. s. n|-];i * ^Vj^ 

Sloven, m. s. ^^2^2 D^' -ly, t^ptQ IVhll 

Slow, m. s. "iriKp -of speech, "[1ti>^ *T53 a- fever, n^HD 

np^Dp -ness, 1^n^ ^nnn? -ly, -n '* orp Dj^p 

Sluggard, -gish, m. s. bo2 * ^Vj^ -gishly, n)b)fil2 

Sluice, N. -)p|^ * npD * D^.pn n;/^ 

Slumber, D12 -N. HDI^il 

Slur, ^^pn * ^rh R. ^^p '^it -N. ^rj'T ' ji^jj 

Slut, sluttish, D^'O nnp R. IID 
Sly, m. s. Dn^ -ness, Hpni? -ly, -3 

Small, (in number) LDi/p (in size) m. s. ]£Dj^ a- matter, 
")n*1 ^P^ very-, "IJJjb tOl/D -clothes, D^p;)?P -ness, 

Di;p ♦ ni:ipg -pox, ni;^ •lj;n^? ^b'\n 

Smart, H'^KpH -N. m. s. acute, piH * ijt? neat, niKJ -ness, 

pth Mi; 'm * "^1^-^,-3 

Smatter, -ing, Oj^P HiJ^l^, -er, m. s. bV2 

Smear, (see Besmear) Smeary, adhesive, m. s. p2^1 

Smell, n^in -N. nn^ cast a-, -Ihi (rank) ti^^^n -ing-water, 


Smelt, (ore) "l^nH R. "jn: -er,m. s. •^*»;np 

Smile, ph^/ * pnnti^n -n. pin?^ -ingiy, -2 

Smite, strike, n?n kill, JIH * t^^pj HSH R. HD^ afflict, y-)? 

SMI— S NO 331 

Smith, copper-, or black-, ^n^ ni^n!^, ^IJl silver-, ^l'\)£ 

-ery, tr>-innn:3i^^Dn''3 

*' T T V V V : 

Smitten, he is- with love, lillX (1337 

Smoke, emit-, |fc^|? * ]^y H.^gH use tobacco, &c. ]tlfV^ ^Ng^ 

-N, \\^}l dry in smoke, -2 U:;^l -y, m. s. ]U^;i -iness, ]li;y 
Smooth, smoothen, ")l^^ *nW soften, ?pn R. 77p coax, 

'b^ ]wh p'^hnn -n. m. s. n^i *phr\ -tongued, 
]'iti^) ^p'^hnn -ing-iron, VD3P * P^^U^^ ^.p? -"^^' 

evenness, ^il/^D * p^H mildness, mST R. "JDI -ly, -3 
Smother, suffocate, p^H conceal, HD? * HSH -N. smoke, 

I^J^ dust, p5$? suppression, nO^itn * ^ISH 
Smuggle, DD^n ^jj/ Dni/H -gler, m. s. DD^H ^j/ *Dnx;C) 
Smut, smutch, DriDH * "inCS^H -N. pSH H^SH DHD -ty, 

m. s.Dr\D? nmnt^ 

Snail, (an insect) h)b2p 

Snake, ti^HJ Snaky, serpentine, — D 

Snap, to break, Di^^n2 IDt^^n ihli^ bite, "Iti^i 

Snare, ti^p^ * v'^tj^pn -N. t^^plO * ^t^DD 

Snarl, growl, DH: ' HbH -er, m. s. DHI: ♦ HiplH 

Snatch, ^ibn * Plhn -N. HD^pn -er, m. s, tl^Dln 

Sneak, ^ht ' m) ^hn -er, -ing, m. s. mean, ^m ' ^Hlt 

-ingly, servilely, 111/11505 
Sneer, .-2 pHV OX^ ^V'^^ -N. ]iV^ *]1n5 
Sneeze, inlT * ^^^tDI/HH -N. H^'^tpi;. 

Sniff, ^i?5 nin-plt^;^^ um 
Snip, fyp*?t5 -N. ny^'Vi? * 'T?^ 

Snivel, the running of the nose, D^n^n^H ]l7^P. 
Snore, N. mn^ Snort, in:i 

Snot, d:ss: v^? * ^^? "in 

Snout, (ofaBeast),Dpri 

332 SNO— SOL 

Snow, (flakes) JW -V.— *TT -white, snowy, — D 

Snuff, (a candle) I^H n^p^n to scent, nn.H *nn ^X^ -N. 

i?n n^iD5 * ^'^'\^k] pnsi -ers, Dinp^'pg 
Snuffle, DDhg lin 

Snug, m. s. ^^iDj: * "^ns -gie, ^WP^^ * Di^nrin 

So, thus, HDS * "^D *n3 * ]5 -also, 151 
Soak, to steep, Hh^ imbibe, ^V^ 

Soap, N. nnis R. ")"in -v. -n rhn d33 nha 
Sob, ^:l^^^ * D\^:Di run r. hd:: -n. nn^i^ * m:j 

Sober, D^^i^n -N. m. s. Dp^ * ir)i;"Tn n^^P R. ;;n^ -ness. 

Social, sociable, m. s. D^J^/n ti^''i< R. Hi;") -ness, n^I/n * ri^lH^jt 

-ably, — !2 Society, rTIDn 
Socket, n^l (of an eye) i;'JE;n lln (of a tooth) i:i^ri?P 
Soder, pS-l -N. pSn.D 
Sodomite, nt^iS "^nSt^^D -)Dr-n^^ DDI::? -omy, nDt 33:^^0 

Sofa, nt^D R. noj 

Soft, m. s. tender, '^n foohsh, ^IStl: R. b^^ -en, rpn * hj^H R. 
"|D") * bbp. -ly, slowly, tO^^ -! interj. P]-jn R. HD"! -ness, 

Soil, f)5D • ^i;^ -N. earth, H^lt?. * ^nS* his native-, p.^? 

Ini^lD (see Dirt) -ed, m. s.^lJCOP *^?Jl5p 
Sojourn, 115 -er, m. s. "15 
Solace, tt^£33 n^t^H -N. Ci^p.? ^in^ti^P R. 3W 
Solar, nm h^ -year, Hl^nn T\^^ R. DDH 

Soldier, HDn^'iD T;s^D :^''^^ i^rDti^ 

Sole, N. (of the foot) ^JT P]? R. tjiiD (of a shoe) 7j;3n n^Jn^n 

V. — jpn D';p^n 

Solecism, ]1t^»^n p^pl '^^"^^ ^ "^^^x"?/^ 1^? ^' PP"^ 

Solely, singly, T^^ only, pi * ^i? 

SOL-SOO 383 

Solemn, m. s. awful, ^^*^i3 R. i^T^ serious, l^^ -a day, * IJJt^D 
R.Ti;'»a-oath, Ch. S-Ji;2n njy^nt;^ -ity, ceremony, niD 
-ization, HJ^^H m^HD -ize, (a feast) ;iin (a fast) Di^^ tS^'Hj^ 

nnvr -ly, n^Dhu;:l 
Solicit, ask, "7^5 i?nnn nnj^ * • • ^ ti^i5? 7^;:^ -ation, * njnn 

Solicitous, m. s. anxious, ^^^1 concerned, ti^Ci^ln 

Solicitude, H^lSt'l * t^^g^H -citously, -3 

Solid, m. s. firm, DlVif * pTH true, nD^jt -ity, DVi? * prh 

Soliloque,(with himself) I^Vj;? I'^HI l^*^! 1131. 

Solitary, m. s. gloomy, TljJ single, *I^n^ * ^li^^ 

Solitude, a lonely life, nH'^l!!! a desert, n^llf 

Solstice, n^^^j DV n)t(;f^n n^^pn r. ^p^ ' ' 

Solve, explain, ih^ *t^n|i -vable, m. s. U/^b^^ * npPI'; 
Solvency, Dv'^T'HT'b'; -vent, m. s. (to pay debts) ^J/J 

dissolving, nn.?: * ^^n: * DDl R. IHi * DDD 
Soluble, m. s. TIS^. Solution, separation, HTlpn 
Some, -body, m. s. ti^^i^ -how, D^2|)1k^np in^2 -thing, 

-what, -|ai ♦ HDI^^^t: -time, ID'^^^h -times, t:^'» 'D^DI/D^ 

•where, r,l;::ip;?n in^tz 

Son, \2 R. n^3 -in-law, ^nn 

Song, nTJ2^ * ")^^ -ster, in^t^D -stress, Mnniti^P 

Sonorous, m. s. 7115 * D^J -ly, — /1p? 

Soon, early in the morning, DJp^H IpS before long, * 3np3 

r]yiD'^ as- as, -after, ntTkS? ^^ji (as NVn^^il? *^^^ soon 

after he icent out) it will- be at an end, l^p^ 3^1^ too-, m. s. 

"iHDi * T^n3 -er, before, "DDTp (see Rather) -est, 

••3 Dip 
Soot, n'^Q R. Xr\^ -ed, -y, m. s. -)^hl^ 
Soothe, to calm, OpCi^H * pjn^H flatter, 'hu V^^^ p^^^^ 

334 SOO— SOU 

-ingly, p^n nan * D'^nDti^ 'pbm -sayer, m. s. "^^^Sl^^ 
Sop,nh^ -N. steeped in liquor, tllJ^D 

Sophist, n^nj;? ^s^?p^n;!)ip' r. HSd * hd^ -icai, 

i<\ti^ -icate, -Ip.^ *^!I* Ch. -ry, * t<W ^Jl^^'? HI^T 

Sorcerer, DDlp * ^W^f? ' DblH " n'^^^ ^j^n -ceress, . 

Sordid, base, m. s. ^^^2 * ^Dti^-ly, mni ^ ni'pDti^^ 
Sore, an ulcer, i?^5 * (135 I^» '"^^^ ^ painful place, 2tj:'3 -ly, 
with pain, —'2 very, IND? (this may be expressed by 
adding the infinitive to the indicative, as '']l^^"}'^ ^1^ 
I was sorely afraid. nDDDlJ ^DD? thou sorely longedst.) 

Sorrow, Hnv * ]lj^ * yiv -fui, m. s. *nn *n^Vif. 

Sorry, I am-, ^b IV R. IIV 

Sort, to class, ^n;*'^^ ]^P ^hj^ -N. manner, ^^li^ * '^n'l (see 
Class) -ment, distribution, ilfP/D. ^ parcel sorted, *^")i[ *Pj?D 
Sot, Sottish, stupid, m. s. ^^iHp * t^?)0 
Sovereign, m. s. ^^;5 * J:0*'W * bmt^ * ])n^ (a coin) 

^Pti^n:lD:^-ty,n^D^D ^nco^^^i^ ^n^t^^DZD *mn^^ 
Soul, t^p^^ "^f$^^ * D'^^n nn 

Sound, try, ilD^ * JlnUl (with a plummet) IpH make a noise, 
zip \n2 -N. a noise, 7lp a shallow sea, D^'l ^IH healthy, 
m, s. tibti^ of -mind, lnj;i5 D.^^ R. i;"I'» a -beating, 
r»^np? nsp R. HD:) a -sleep, HD'lin -ing, m. s. * ipin 
^1p *i;^p;:^?) -ing lead, ^n3n"inH: -ing line, -Hlpn -less, 
m. s. ')b)p'Vm:i ^Pn"^ ^"7^ -ness, n^Dbtt; -ly, -2 beat 

-ly, vi/?? npn sleep -ly, D^nn 

Soup, p^D 

Sour, sourish, m. s. yDIl -looking person, D^^Dift? VJ^ grow-, 

f pnn -ness, mv^pD * D'^p;??? D'^^a -ly, -3 

sou— SPE 335 

Source, spring, llpD origin, n^pt^n * nhViPi R. hhvi 

Souse, a pickle, yDh -V. hl^ 

South, ]p>n *D^5 ^Dll"! -ern, -^^ -wind, n'^p1-)'1 rm 

-east, n^nnrp n'^pli'n -west, n^nnr.? n'^pii'i -eriy, 
-ward, n^D^'/n 'nn;: 

Sow, spread, nl!l"]n (seed) jfy^^ -N. a pig, r\"1Tn -er, m. s. 

nn"iD * vnir -ing-time, r"!? 

Space, extension, 2T}h * 3n")P (of time) D"^p*n "I^DD 
Spacious, m. s. DH^ *^n"! -ness, D^l^ ^^H"! -^y> ~~^ 
Spade, -)7j;fp 
Span, (a measure) T^l] -V. — D ^ID 

Spangle, D'^ng) niipjin ijp.5 -N. HSi niip? R. nisi 

Spanish, Spaniard, m. s. "^"nn^P Spain, 11 Dp 

Spare, be frugal, |^Dp ^DVpV Ch. favour, ]:n * *^;; DIH 
omit, HTV -one*s life, H^nn allow, ]]13 save, 1/1^ he cannot 
-him, inr^^ h:^V ^h -N. m. s. lean, mVi^ * b^_ * pi R. 
bhl * ppl superfluous, in^^ * ^'1^V -ing, m. s. * ^^;?)pp 

Spark, y^2li; * f ll^q -le,'-V. ViV; -ling, m. s. V^l: 
Sparrowhawk, ^3 

Spasm, Ch. Dn3??n p^V P^l "Odic, m. s. -- -2 n^VD 
Spawn, (of fish) D'>il'T "^V^B 

Speak, pronounce, NtDJ -to, °^>? ini -with, ^^St iniH (for 
15'ir^'?) -able, fit to speak, m. s. 1211^ -er, -ing, m. s. 

Spear, r\'»;n *pT3*npi 

Special, particular, m. s. ^p")2i -ly, —2 

Species, class, \^D 

Specific, (a medicine) IViTD \^^^^1 \}^^^^ -ally, I^D^ 

Specify, l£hp 

336 SPE— SPI 

Specimen, a pattern, llID'^ 

Specious, showy, m. s. ^^^nD^ *h)l^ -ly, ]^j;; rl•^^^"lP^ 

Speck, D^illpn -N. Dns 

Speckle, "Tj^^ -led, m. s. T^pJ 

Spectacle, a show, ni^"1D glasses, D^^*^]/ inV ""JH^ 

Spectator, m. s. n^ll -ship, (the office) nnSti^Hn n'^J^S 

Spectre, u^w mm pi. niivtn R. nm 

Speculate, 3ti^n ^HJ^n -tion, plan, tl2^r}J2 -tive, ideal, 

n;^^^? -tor, m. s. 2iL;r\D * nj^np 

Speech, talk, ID^D * "i;^^^ * n^::i'1 ♦ ^^np an oration, 

r^lnDln nn'i r. n^*^ make a-, n^oln ^^jr^v^n t^-ip 
onni n -less, m. s. th^ * opln 

Speed, to urge on, h^H^n * \*\Sn (one's self) * ^n|in * ^i^ 

t^^n * nnp -n. n.^ns * nn\np * ]ir^n -iiy, -3 -y. 

Spell, to form words, H^pH m*nli^ ^nj^H R. ^7^;^ charm, 

ti^nb -N. ::^n^ 
Spelt, nzoDS 

V V X 

Spend, consume, Hy? lay out money, ^^"^!tfin R. N^^ -thrift, 

m. s. nrap ^mrnpR. nn 

Sperm, iHT Spermatic vessels, niylnn '^75 R. *77'' 

Spew, ^^*>p^ 

Sphere, circuit, ^^ province, 7^7^ orb, *^1*15 *^|('l -ical,— ID 

Spice, Dii^n * D^B -ry, D^D^^H IVIi^ 

Spider, n^ppti^ ♦ i:/^23f] -web, -nip 

Spike, to fasten, nlTn^ -1 nilDDDn ptH -N. a nail, * npDQ 

nn;i an ear, :^h2l^ pi- ^ V??^ 

Spikenard, 11^^ 

Spill, shed, ^b^ * nvn^? ^^?in r. ^d3 

Spin, to form threads, Hl^ * "IT^' 
Spindle, nitres 

SPI— SPO 337 

Spine, back bone, HVif * Sni^ Ch. -nal marrow -H 0^n 
Spire, a steeple, hlJD -V. -D nhfj Spirally, -D 
Spirit, soul, nDl^2 * tt^D? breath, nn -ed, m. s. '^H ♦t^*>l^ -less 
111. s. Xyn * ng"! -ual, incorporeal, ^^JHI") -uality, m^^n^l 
-ually, riT^^H'l") *T]7? -ualization, li")^^ -ualize, 

— -ih^ -uaity D\3nij rsi^ R. ni;^ 

Spirits, spirituous, "IDK^ 

Spirt, Dnr * n v!i5 Ch. 

Spit, (from the mouth) ^p"! * ph^ >N. a prong, Tl^^n * H^h 

TIDti^ Ch. 
Spite, -fulness, tV^]ip^ * m^t^ * HTJ? -fully, -3 -ful, m. s. 

Spittle, pi R. ppi 

Splash, P15K) * ^\^jn -y, dirty, m, s. ^l^ 

Spleen, milt, bln^ Ch. spite, ^IJl 

Splendent, m. s. ^;^1:i ' TVi'D, -did, m, s. IMH * 11^2 -dour 

nn^^r) * inn -didiy, -2 

Sphnter, (of wood) ^jt/D D^ii3 * I'^pPp 

Split, to Crack, }lp2 * j^/D^ -asunder, p^H 

Spoil, corrupt, nn^H * 75 H (see Plunder) 

Spoke, (of a wheel) "^WT} Spokesman, ^\^p R. p^ 

Spoliation T\h^b^> 

Spontaneous, m. s. 'Z'l^nD -ly m. s. rh^^ * I.^Vifp 

Spoon, ^15 pi. nl2? R. ^^2 -ful. ti5 )^hr2 

Sport, divert, ^tft^I?:^ R. T)])^ play, pHV -N. D^jt^^I/^i^ * piH^ 

(of the field) HTV -ful, -ive, m. s, \pm * p1ny*i^.^^ 
Sportsman, i;»^ m^^ 
Spot, disgrace, ^"in maculate, i^S^ speck, DJ^DH -N 'H^in 

^^^PP * DnS -of ground, 'O'^'p^ upon the-, without delay, 

TIP • nnD -less, DID "^^3 m. s. 11.1^ * ^pj 

2 T 

3B8 • SPO— SQU 

Spouse, spoused, m. ill^^ ^^3 f. tl/^t^ nti^'^? 
Spout, ^3J -N. a cataract, ^^3D * 11^^ pipe, H^j^ 

Sprain, nni'^n HJiD * mDH -N. nni''2 nn^n?:^ 

Spread, extend, Il'^nnri be extended, lOS^^SHiI (as an eruption) 
nSi^^ (as an army) t^COIin disseminate, Jll^"))! (a rumour) 

Sprig, nt^^i^: *im* p:v * -iy? 

Sprightly, m. s. •'H *ll}^^ * tnt Ch. -liness, H^nVp * nitnt 
Spring, bud out, UD^ * H?!/ gush forth, (as hquids) ^yillp 
^^^^; leap, yBp, -N. source, nlp;^ cause, HJItr^i^nH HnD 
fountain, jt;^3D elastic force, Ch. ^JIDDH ^^tlnn H^ (a 
season) n*'n^? -water, ti^T\ D^D 
Sprinkle, "^^f j^ht Htn R. Ht^ -ling, ni-J^nr ^ H^H 

Sprout, nbv * ribv -N. no^s* 

Spunge, ;iii:p Ch. Spungy, m. s. "^l^^W * ^1 
Spur, incite, l^pn * inl;/ -N. Hni/n • -)i;;-|^ (to a beast) \yi'l 
Spurious, ^l\p Ch. (child) D^;i::n^^^ -ly, ^l^ng * "lj?.ti^? 
Spurn, kick, ID'V^ scorn, "n CDN^ * HD 
Spurt, D^t -N. a quick stream, nD*lt 

Spy, search, b^y niD * Ipn watch, ID^ -N. m. s.*^i3"lP 
"in -ing-glass, nDj^^ll H^p 

Squabble, ^nH ♦ pii^vnn -N. nn * ]>bv 

Squalid, m. s. ill favoured, D^ID *1D nasty, Dt^D^ 

Squall, ^ipn pi;v * ni^ -n. nmv (of wind) nnrp 

Squander, -)T§ * H •?? * 1?^? 

Square, quadrangle, V^lf2 -red, m. s. ^^2'l 

Squeak, HlV * HhV 

Squeamish, m. s. p3^p ♦ 11 ^P'^^^P'^^ 

Squeeze, to crush, Vyi * ^?1 (see Oppress) 

Squint eyed, m. s. *ir^Zl ^^3i1 


Squirt, Dhr • nhp_ ch. -N. n^r;! r. nn * nn^j? 

Stiib, ^pn * 1p^ -N. nniP-TD -bed, m. s. -Ijjip 
Stability, DVp • p^m 

Stable, m. s. D»)^ * pm (for horses) m"}Jj * H^IX 
Stack, pile up, itT) * "12 V -N. "IDPI * nb-)^;. 
Staff, n^Wp * 'iV^ (of ofTice) C03;i^ * DBD 11. HDJ 

Stag, n^»i^ ♦ h'i^ * n^ny ♦ ^3V 

Stage, a theatre, ^^^■)p n^^ (of a play) j^/lCT^;;;^ H^H (of a jour- 
ney) nni:p jii^p^. Dipp 

Stagger, to reel, -|n")np * "n^ * m alarm, Tinn 
Stagnant, (water) Dn5? D3\S -nate, IbJ^ -nation, HTpi;. 
Stain, maculate, SpO disgrace, ^inn -N. a taint,* nS"in * ^li^ 
DID a blot, DHD 

' V V 

Stair, n?j5^p Stairs, -case, DvD winding -, D^/^? 

Stake, wager, ' '3 Il.ll/nn ' ^? i?P? (his hfe) mXD^ 1C5^?3 ^l^n 

-N. pledge, llnnr a post, 1^D}J * COlD 
Stale, old, m. s. W^ -bread, 1^2^ -ness, H^t^^'' * Dl^y^ 
Stalk, ^blD N. n-y? *f jjV Ch. (of an herb) mb\l Ch. 
Stall, (for a horse, &c.) D^2i^ (for an ox) n?^ a booth, niiH 

R. n^n 

Stammer, ;i^^ -er, m. s. :hv -ing, ]')^h 12^ 
Stamp, with the foot, DD'^^ * DDH * j^pn pound, nhS * t2^n|) 
mark, Dfc^") (with a seal) DJin -N. DHln 

' T T T 

Stanch, N. m. s. D'^DH ' D^t:^ ^ \D^2 

Stand, "Tbjy (as a sentry) n-JD^D hv "ibj^ -about, ^^ Ib^ 
-by, assist, "h IbV -still, Dll -amazed, D^ll^p lD|f 
-against, "•«5 55 iD|J -atnal,li*'p?n Tb<U -instead of another, 
DipP ^^p -out against, -to, h^h^ R. h^2 -off, 1J3P IDU 
-candidate, "hlH^nbiDV -up, Dip -the loss, * D^t^^H 
i^^P -N. station, T^ffO * DVp R. nV'' perplexity, HD^P 

340 STA— STA 

-ing, continuance, HTDi? * DVp^ lasting, m. s. D*(^ * l^il? 

-ingcorn, HOj^ 
Standard, (weight, or measure) Ch. ^H^nj? rTHO R. TTD 

mD^^n hpJ^D (see Measure) an ensign, D2 " JJ'H 

-bearer, -i^tJ^l: 
Staple, emporium, Hnplp DipP "i'^i? 
Star, 3513 -gazer, D'^DDlSa Htin -light, D^DDi^n n^J 

Stare, n^^ t"**;; (with wonder)'^;; "rii^Ts DDlritt^n* -^ n^^nti^^ 

his hairs-, 11 j^ n nln^/fc^ ^DD 
Stark, m. s. (blind) -)^^ (naked) *n^ f]lfc^n R. r\^^ 

Start, propose, \*i/^ mention first, n^J^H to rise. Dip *i!1T set 

out, \i)^l -back, nin^? nits' -N. the setting out, m>)i\ 

motion of terror, HTin have the- of one, "7 0*1^ 

Startle, frighten, ^^73^ * inHH be frightened, ^HnH nhn 

Starve, perish with hunger, 3i?'13 niD (with cold) 

nnj^n^pstn R.-i-)pkiii &c. 3^-15 n-jpn n^pn -ing, 

dying of &c. m. s. 3;;")3 mp3 ♦fl/tD 
State, represent, HKin ♦ "l^D settle, ^hn ^I/aj^ Ch. -N. 

condition, T^i/?) dignity, Thvj2 stateliness, nn^^JDn nin 

government, niD/P -affair, — l^'l -ment, ")^pp 
Statesman, DSHD ti^'^K 
Station, DW * 'T^PJ/n -N. post, n-VP R. 3^"^ rank, n'jj;;^ 

-ary, fixed, m. s, \\2\ * jJ13jP Ch. 
Statue, ^;!2D * bo^ -ary, -IVV 

' V V V V •' 

Stature, HDlp 

Statute, ni * ph R. "^pn -able, -3 -ory, -bf 

Stay, continue, 3^^;^ * "T'l^^H stop, Tfoj; hinder, iV^ loiter, 

npnpnn * nn^^ be absent, pn'\r\r} prop, •^bn * ^bp 
-N.^n3ti^ *^3-)^^ ^htd;; * nn^vj; *ninK ♦n3''Dn 

sTE-sTi im 

nD\pp * nipninn -ed, m. s. -i^j;: * y\Dn * iiop 

Stead, in- of, finn * Dippn -iness, pitn ' D1*p * nb \*')D^it 
-fastly, -ily, —2 -fast, Steady, m. s. firm, ptfl * D*2 
resolute, ^l? ♦}^'>^Jjt 

Steak, nii^n nD^nn 

Steal, 3Ja -a glance, "'2Xiy\T\\b^l£iT\ -into, "irpn Nil! 

-into one's friendship, 37 3J| -away, Di^r^"? -^^'j Ji^» s. D33 

-th, nn?5 -ingly, —3 
Steam, b'lT} * "ib^p 

Steel, refined iron, '7n5ntf^j;; ' pVID ^m 
Steep, fnm * ^3C0 -N. nS^mD T-|1D R. TT 

* ' T T V V : - T 

Steeple, HjD 

Steer, ^HJ * J\n3n -N. "IJ^B ]? n§ -age, the steering, nJHin 

Steersman, H^^i^H :^■^:lO 

T • t; T • : ~ 

Stem, T;;? li^jy -N. a stalk, 3V? * f J^r Ch. 

Stench, n:nv • ntf^stn * linnp 

Step,ni;V *'^ii^|)-over,''^J!; nb2)-N. a footstep,* T^/VP^^i?^ 
nj;^P5 gait, :inpp -of a ladder, n^I/D ♦ njnnD -by-, gra- 
dually, n^r^ n^r^ ^^J-lTD^ n:i-n;2D foiiow his foot- 
steps, rniap;;? ^hn 

Step-daughter, (his) '\r)m fl? (her's) m'^i^ n? -father, 
DJ? hjl^ -mother, 3X nt^^ -son, (his) iDti^i^ ]3 (her's) 

T • < V 

Sterile, (see Barren.) 

Sterling, standing rate, 2lVj^n ^^J/ 

Stem,harsh, m.s. H^J^ a- look,D'^pj^n D^^S -ness,'^ti^P. -ly,-3 

stemon ntnn Dvy 
Stew, V. T\n R. Tr: 

Steward, m. s. 1^p?i house-, ]5iD * H^? p^9 ]n 

Stick, adhere, p2'^ fasten on, pS'l stab, Ip'l -in the mud. 

S42 STi-sro 

p5l^3Pn -to a thing, "?2n'\m ^^n ♦ "b imn -in the 
ground, }lpn -N. h^D * nm -y, m. s. p^ll 

Stickle, nj^rn -1 nnn -ler, m. s. ]np 'ti;^^ 

Stiff, m. s. n^lj * prn -necked, Plli/*."!^)? -en, make stiff, 

n^j?n * pm grow stiff, nti^pnn * ^mr\ri -ness, •'^p 

Stifle, suffocate, p^'^nH suppress, HD? (one's resentment) 

Stigma, nann ♦ jl^jp -tize, pinn * ^Vp 

Still, (the thirst) ^I^^V ^Tl (^^^ Appease) nevertheless, 
n\k\ ^5?-N. a vessel p'lpr ^i^S stillness,* .Tpi'l ♦ ^^^^^P 
tDp.!i^ calm, m. s. liDpJ^ be-, 01*1 sit-, HlJ -born, m. s. *;;]| 

Dnnp -stand, ni'^pi?. 
Stimulate, "i^i/H * inixT -tion, Hn^H * -)i;;ny 

Sting, to hurt, n'^J^pH (as an animal) ^^pg Ch. -N. * 2\^?;? 

^jpr (of conscience) HD'in Ch. 
Stingy, m. s. ]Vpp * ''^^D R.''?!^ -giness, m^^pp * ni^? 

Stink, m)x:i ♦ nhD -N. r^^^^ * jiniD * n^ni^ * 

T-T tt:t' :- T-;- 

Stipend, nnVp * pn R. p'pT] -iary, m. s. I^Dg^ 

Stipulate, °D1? Hl^n ^H^nn-tion, HiSlWH * "^J^^jn -tor, m. s. 

Stir, disturb, ;;\rn ♦ jE;*'?n incite, "l^jJH provoke, *' O Hn^nn 

rr\i move, j;')r * j;i:3 (out of doors) nin nni;).p xv;i -n. 

^775 ♦ n*pln -ring, (one's self) inll/nn -ring N. a pro- 
voking, T]"1'^T\ 

Stirrup, 25l"in '^^^n ni;;?D 

stitch, sew, nan -n. (in the side) ni;;^VD ^TI?1 

Stock, nnV (with provision) t^m ^5^D -N. trunk, V:;^p * ]:i\ 

lineage, HH^^P quantity, ")Spp * "^D (of money) "IVlK 
Stocking, hT\J} V'l'^n Stocks, (for the legs) JlD^np 

STO— STR 343 

Stomach, (a ventricle) Hnp. * ^^mt^m * l^pn^p Cli. 

Stone, pelt. Din * bpD -N. (of fruits) ]V"in * t^i^ll (of 
earth, &c.) pi^ like stone, -1D3 -cutter, -DVlH t^^lH 
-pit, D7^p?) Stony, full of stones, D^2n^ ^^7D 

Stool, D*in ♦ n^iD R. 2^"^ evacuation, HNt'^V*'. go to-, have-. 

Stoop, bend, n^::^ * ^lijn r. ^id:) submit, i/jsn * nl:i;n 

Stop, hinder, jy jp * IV;; stay, Tbif close up, "IJD (chinks) 
DHD (one's ears, or mouth) Dbj>^ -N. cessation, tll^DV, 
stoppage, nj^^^p * IVVP pause, pODH Ch. 

Stopple, npijp Ch. 

Store, niJ2lL*Db jh; * nnV -N. plenty, If 5^ * T) -house, 
(for victuals) Dp^ (for arms, &c.)r!5?PP -keeper, m. s. plD 

Stork, nTon 

T • -; 

Storm, (with anger) ^^l * K^J/^Catown) Hplnn ^^SH^ ti^*^jt/nn 

R. ^D: -N. fury, P]^r * ]p tempest, ti^j;;-l_ * nnjJD 
Stormy, ^ND * piSg^ R. H^^ 
Story, a tale, H^^.)? ll^D (of rooms) H^ti^ 
Stove, (to make fire in) Dn^3 ^nn"^? * "II^jH 
Stout, m, s. strong, jpn * pTH lusty, ^^n3 * JDti^ -ness, 

t?n *prn-iy,-n 

Stow, is^D -age, a repositoiy, HiJlppp 

Straggle, ramble, IDOWnn * COitJ^-gler, m. s. CDtDltJ^'JlD 

Straight, even, m. s. nW *n]^l straightways, * "linSt *«5'3 

DinD -en, nW • "1^;; -ness,n^^ 
Strain, (liquids) ppt * ]5P Ch. force, f\D)^ ' p'm exert, 

ymnn sprain, nnvn nhp -n. style, ]Dlu^ 

Strainer, -^QpD * JSpD Ch. 

Strait, narrow, m. s. "1^ * 'p^'^1 -en, IVH -ness, * IVD * pHI 
np^iyp -ly, -2 Straits, D^H nVQ R. Il^^ 

344 STR— STR 

Strand, N. D^H n^t^ Hin -V. — h ^Viin 

Strange, m. s. foreign, It R. "lit odd, HJti^P (thing) i^72) 

-gely, J^^^DH^ -ger, m. s. ^.5^ 
Strangle, p^H (one's self) p^nn -gulation, ilj^^^ll 

Strap, N. nrivn ch. 

Strata, D^HLDCS^ ^ rDHlJ Ch. Stratum, HtOti^ * *im3 
Stratagem, H^D^ * HOn.P * HOn^ 

Straw, |nn 

Stray, err, H^^tg ' Hyn -N. m. s. HJjil 

Streak, 1p 1p n'm * TpJ^ -N. Ij^ -y, m. s. l^p^^ 

Stream,flow,^n-N.-)n3 ^fl^ilJi^ * D^;:: Dlt 

Street, linn -door,n^5n nns -walker, f. T^2pD Hjlt 

Strength, * pm * ijs * ti/ *t^r^^ * b^n * p]pn * ]Dn 70^^ 

strenuous, m. s. bold, D''>5 ny brave, b^V} ^t^^^t^ * Hn ^l/DK; 

-ly, r^ri!! * ^^n? 

Stress, force, pltn lay a- upon a word, ''COH^S \*^'in i;^tD? 

-of weather, nnrp * H^ID * ^;;r 
Stretch, expand, J/pn * nriD enlarge, 3)1") H -out, (the hand) 

'^1^ (one's. self )j;;in?yn -N. reach, 2nn 

Strew, nra ♦nhr *rDn 

Stricken, m. s. hurt, f^: ' D'DD R. HD^ -in years, D^^^n *K!l 
Strict, m. s. severe, H^i^ exact, 1W\ * DVDVD Ch. -ness, 

-i^vQvpv-iy, --n 

Stride, N. Ch. HDJ Hj^pS -V. - -:tf b2) pp^ 

Strife, nnn.p * p^i; * n-v? * d'^^'td r. nvj * in 

^Strike, hit, HDH R. HD^ -dead, Pjij -metal, 1*11 stamp, Dfc^l 
-against, (as the pulse) "2 pDl (one's self) ^il^lj^n -fi^e, 
^^? nij^ -off one's head, ^l^lj^ -one's mind, 37? I^jt/H 
R. ni? -, as a clock, Di/|)n t^^p^p Ch. -blind, l^i; -root. 

STR-STU 345 

^l.Pn (^ i" measuring corn, &c.) p/Hn -out, blot out, 
php * nhO -in, drive in, JL/pn -up a bargain, "DJ/ HlJ^'H 

Striking, affecting, m. s. 37 *")"!il/p 

String, a cord, ill^i? * '"'JP? (of a bow, or musical instrument) 
-)n\:: * in^ a series, inD Stringy, OnM^O i^^D 

Stringent, m. s. "i;^i;; * pVnp 

Strip, rob, h'hti} divest, tOt^DH (one's self) ^'^^ -N. il^'^nn 

Stripe, a lash, HSD R. HD^ (see Streak) 

Stripling, D^V • ■);;i_ 

Strive, contend, 3nn labour, i/j^ * l^^^^^r*''? 

Stroke, p^^hr^n -N. HSp R. Hn^ (of a clock) Dj^/Sn tJ^pti^p Ch. 

Stroll, Dcplt:^nn * mii; -er, m. s. coLOici^np * to^ 

Strong, m. s. potent, l^DH * -)13J * ^l^pr^ * DlVXf * tj;/ a firm 
thing, sharp in smell, pTPI -in taste ^'^"in a -hold, 1^5^ -ly, 

IDh? * nnup? ♦ ^ph? ♦ Dvi;g * rirj^: -i • pm^ 

Structure, building. ]122 form, "l^^^n * Jl^Jn^ 
Struggle, contend, 3nn labour, j;;^;^ -N. Hnnp " HjL?'';'! 

Strut, nv3, ihn * n.^5nn 

T " ; > T V T ; • 

Stubble, ^p_ R. t^tl/p 

Stubborn, obstinate, m. s. P]ni; *n:i;^p-bornness, ^'IV nVtJ^p 

-bornly, 3 

Student, "r\::^n studied, m. s. HsSd 

Studious, ipw * v'»"iU -"^^^' ^'^'^''"•n * '"^7^P^ -ly. -^ 

Study, connsider, ^Snti^H muse, Ibh * ]IV -N. mitD^pn * 1^^^ 

(an apartment) — H IIT] 
Stuff, ,S^5 -N. goods, D^DD? furniture, n^n"^^? 
Stumble, slip, tODti^n * ^ti^DH -ing block b'^2r2 
Stump, -||5i? ♦ i.n3 (of a limb) DV^n nXfct^ 
Stun, stupify, hn^n * Dni2 Dlt^ -ned, m. s. DHi: 

... - T : • "" T : • 

Stupefactive, m. s. 771.1^ * nj;;'^ hhWD R.^T 

2 u 


Stupid, m. s. bh^DD * ti^gCO -ity, m^^lH * H^t^^^D -ly, -2 

Stupendous, I'm IV. * ^^^pnh 

Sturdy, m. s. pJH * Hi *H^n -diness, pth * PD 

Stutter, :\hll -er, m. s. }hV * IW^ H?? 

Style, ^^^Ip/ n?3 -N. ^133 (of writing, &c.) \Q'\t^ 

Suasible, m. s. HlID^ * HlVn^ *ni3 Suasive, m. s. nr\^] 

Subalternate, nli:i''^n 

Subcommittee, i^^^tl/f^^n D*'J\i:^ D^'i^'lllOD R. HIlD 

... - 'fi • .- 'II : 

Subdivide, n^;!.t^pv!n 

Subdue, subjugate, C^'DD " H-^: * °^jt; ")!i;n(apassion)nV"; t^33 

Subjugation, Hjl/iDn * n^>3? 

Subject, to enslave, ^^2^,r\ * j^^'^^n expose, "^T^ N^?n R. 

N13 -N. placed under, m. s. IZV * V^^y ^2]J^^ Ch. 

apt, t^lD R. IID * ^^bj^ Ch. matter, l^^I? * 13^ -ion. 

Subjoin, yjy ^^piH -junction, nSDlH -junctive, m. s. *^pp> 
Sublime, lofty, m. s. ^m/ nil5 (in style) D"J R. D1") -mity, 

n^p ♦ n^nni * n^^^n -meiy, -n 

Submissive, m. s. ^^DD -ion, H^*^^? -ively, — H 

Submit, be subject, I/^SH * rii^j^H resign, ID^H refer to 

judgment, "^n^^ 
Subordinate, m. s. ]m^ -tion, h^l/^H^T} T nPin HS^D? 
Suborn, TT^Dn * TS^^T] R. m^ -ation, HnDH * nmn 
Subpoena, n^^i H nil^/n 
Subscribe, to consent, -^ nVH * O^pn Ch. sign, Dti^ CJIH 

-scriber, m. s. D'^^DD MlCt!^ DHln -scription, * HMp."! 

Subsequence, fl'i^JJ? ' nnn?:? * 3pl/. -sequent, nnX 
Subserviency, ri/jyln -servient, m. s. T]!l^i2 R. 7i*^ 

SUB-SUE 347 

Subside, abate, "ibHI I'^H -sidence, ]ii;n^ 

Subsidy, aid, HnTJ^ * IJif -sidiary, m. s. ITlX; 

Subsist, endure, /D?? R. /13 have means of living, * H'Tl 

C>i?"'?rin Ch. -ence, competence, nh^h^ * HDJl^ * p§6y 

-ent, m, s, ^5VD]3 
Substance, essential part, H^Ii^in * t^.'^body, ^^21 * DVI^^ -stantial, 

m. s. strong, DlVi/ real, HDiV * C^^^JD Ch. -slantiality, 

m^VJ;? * ni::^^P -stantially, n;?XB -stantiate, D.»p * D^pH 
Substantive, (a noun) DV;/ Dt^ 
Substitute, Dipp iS-?p -N. DippS -tion, DlpP ^^1^p 

Subterfuge, n^^"v.:inn • npn;; 

Subterranity, ^"l^n Jl'^Jinri Subterranean, D 

Subtile, Subtle, m. s. D^nV -tility, DmV -tilely, —1 

Subtract, j;h3 * H^^ -ion, n^'i:!P * jl'iD^ 

Subversion, DD'^nn * JIDDHD -versive, m. s. Dll/T * 3'^"in^ 

Subvert, D^iH * 2^'inn * '^bn 

T • -: - ' T 

Succeed, follow, "nnX i^ln prosper, H'^^V'!^ 

Success, nn^vo -f"iiy» -^ -fu^> m. s. n^Vvp 

Succession, a series, "llD lineage, rTJ/ln R. 17^ inheritance, 

liar;; ♦ n^n^ -cesslve, -cesslvely, m.s. ^Hpn^S ♦Hj: 
Successor, m. s. VDnn VlHi^ ?<:! 

•r ir. - II -r —. - T 

Succour, -)tj^ * ]pp^n -N. nnrr * nrj; * n^i::^^ ♦ y^;; 

Succulent, m: s. H? R. HI? 

Succumb, sink under, ^ij * bv 3^ ^^J 

Such, n:D3 * ni m. nn f. nxtD pi. ^^^^2 

' T T V T T ^ V •• T 

Suck draw in, p^ -out, ^il^O -er, p5l*> 
Suckle, p^rn -ling, m. s. pJV Suction, nj^*";^^ 
Sudden, unexpected, DlJ^n^ -ly, Di^^n5);;n^55 
Sue, prosecute, ^nh "^^^T} ]r\:ir\ Ch. R. i^U 
Suet, D^n 

348 SUF— SUN 

Suffer, endure, m:i * hlD * ^3^3 R. ^1D permit, * H'^nn 
ni^n Ih: -able, m. s. ^3^p^ * n^/^l) -ance, VDD * mti^"] 
-er, m. s. V^^D -ing, pain, 2^!^ * ""^"^ 

Suffice, ]5 iSii^;^ ♦ n j;;'^^n * pDfe/ -ciency, pIS^ 7|D -cient» 
m. s. equal, "h tlW qualified for, 1? 1"! V^I -^iently, *^^^ 

Suffocate, p^H -tion, Hp^'^n 

Suffrage, vote, H^'l R. ^1^ approbation, HDSpn Ch. 

Suffuse, bV "^b^ py^ -ion, bv HD^^rit^ np^)i^ 

Sugar, p^inD * D^?p^ tt^H^. -cane, J^^aT HJp 

Suggest, to prompt, '^^'1 Ch/-|^jt;n * y]:) inform, rnin -ion, 

T^n * nnii^ * n^n'in r. mi; * ;;i^ 

Suicide, self murder, (his) nV^h iDVl? I'l^^^ R-X^'T^ commit-, 


Suit, to fit, ]On be fitted, ji^H * '-^ flvSJ -N. a set, ^^li; 
retinue, m. vh^ D^l^:? request, HtJ^i^n -able,m.s.'^1i^n ' "[ID J 
-ably, -D -ed unto, m. V"in;|_ ^313"; -er, ^7!2D 

Sullen, sulky, m. s. P]I/t -ness, ^I/T -ly, — D 

Sully, to spot, h'v^ * Dr}?n 
Sulphur, nn^i; -ous, like-, nnsj? 

Sultan, ^^'vJt!^ * iCD^t^ 

Sum, compute, n^^H * 1^"li?.n -N. the whole, 7:Dn *^p -less, 

lt)D] iS^l n:;?'^. i^'^ -mary, "n-l^p -marily, -2 
Summer, pass the summer, \*1p -N. ^^p -house, iTIp^n H'^^ 

Summit, ^^^iS^l 

Summon, nnpH * TPIl' ' J^?^^ ^h. -ner, m. s. V^^T) 

Summons, nuD^n * npniT) Ch. 

' T T : - T • : 

Sumptuous, m. s. "Ip^-ness, "Ip"; -ly, —2 

Sun, Dnn * ni^n * tt^pt:^ -beam, -n Y^)S^ -bumed, m. 3. 

— nin?ij^ -bright,— 3 "inn-less,— n nnp-rise,-n nnnr 
-set -nm-^^ -dial, ni'7i?.;?n ^vr. ^7^ -ny, -)^nn*^y 

SUN— SUP 849 

-shine, Hr^^n nnt 

T - •• t:t 

Sunday, riB^^n ]Wi^n DV 

Sundry, m. divers, D^^ISJ^ many, D^Il") 

Sup, drink, N*b3 -N. m^f2^ 

Superable, m. s. HV^ * -)3:i 13r^^ 
-x: -T ..... 

Superabound, l^D HU") * nl")7 nVH 
: : T .-•: 

Superabundance, y 5!^ * ^^ -dant, ^ip "IHI^ 

Superadd, 11;; ^D) -ition, n^Dl.T 

Superannuate, ij^t^ HyS -nuated, m. s. ]pT.p *n^3 

Superb, m. s. i^BD * "inH * 12^2 -ly, n^b^Dnz * "linn 

Supercelestial, jt/^pn^ ^^^D 

Supercilious, m. s. 27 *\^2^ -ness, 37 mn^^ -ly» ~~^ 
Supereminence, HijtiJ^ 1T)"^^ -inent, m. s. nbjt/D? *^ti^2 
Supererogate, 1^*1.1 DH^I^D D*"??^ n'lti^V^ -tion, -jnl*" nlCi^iJ 

nnin ^12D 

Superficial, -ficially, y^b HDJ^P " V'lHp -ficialness, H^Tl^ 

tDjyp -ficies, ]iv^n 

Superfine, m. s. llSD *nDy nICO * ^"1 * p'l R. ^21 * ppT 

Superfluity, -flux, v^ * nnrij;; -fluous, ^p ini^ ♦ nnio 
(words) D^-}n*i ni-i'^nj;;. * in] n?ij^ 

Superhuman, ti^l^.J? nip 3") 

Superintend, n^:tj^n * :l^n:^-ency, nn|Si^n -ent,m.s.n^il?/p 

Superior,m. s. better, • • C) 3lC0 * "innp higher, ti/^1 -ity,]^!?^. 

Superlative, H^V^^n nyilD n^j^D -latively, 3 

Sapernatural, -ly, l^^m H^i/p^ * I/ntDH ^Tinp ^H 

Supernumerary, ISD^H "IHi^ "IHV 

Superscribe, ^>5 hv DHS -scription, ""ij^ 7j; Hah? 

Supersede, make void, 7 CDS suspend, UrTl 

Superstition, i^^tf^ T^^^D}^ -tiously, —3 -tious, m. s. *ip1{y 

Nicy "^^nn 

350 SUP-SUR 

Superstruct, nhp^f^bD HJn -tion, -ture, I'l^hvn ]^3 -1 
Supervise, H'^^lti^ri -sor, m. s. H'^IP^D 

Supine, having the face up, m. s. np"15 * '^^^l.'^n^Jt? "fj^ngnp 
Ch. a verbal noun, ^jt/teH ]0 IJ^IH DUZ-ness, H^^Vi^ * |V?"I. 

Supper, n^nnjj riB -iess,nitp m ch. 

Supplant, Dpi? 

Supple, m. s. pliant, *^*1 fawning, ]1t^?* p^/H^ -ness, mS"! 
Supplement, -al, H^Dl/n R. P]D^ Suppletory, m. s. D*'^:?^^ 
Suppliant, -plicant,m.s.l5nnp * ti^pnp * Hjnri ^^^iDR. ^3:i 

Supplicate, t^rinn * tj^pn * n3nn ^^an -tion, nt^pj^ ♦ n^nn 

Supply, serve instead of, DipP NTO * riHri nVH provide, 

]^Dn R, ]13 (with necessaries) ^73 -N. H^S^? ' 
Support, sustain, vD?? Rj ^^^ endure, NK^J * 720 prop, 

*ibD * ni;D-N. n^3^3 ♦ nri; * nD^no -able, m. s. ♦ ^^^d-^ 

b2D\ -er, m. s. ^?^?P * l^PP 
Suppose, imagine, H^^ * '^P'il'7 (^^r H^'inn) *3t^n believe, 

]P^?n -sition, ]i^p*n ' rin^np -sititious, m. s. ♦ n^Jl"l?^ 

Suppress, subdue, U^2'^ conceal, D^^I/.n * HD? -ion, * t^^^BD 

T T -:- 

Suppurate, HnO h''t^2n -tion, Hnp 71:^^ 

Supremacy, H^i^^^H H^if^ T 

Supreme, m. s. \vh]J -ly, H^^.^H Dn? 

Surcharge, I'mh J2:?n D;OIf H 

Sure, m. s. confident, 111203 * 1T)2 firm, D^*p -ty, security 

lin^n certainty, n^np^? * \^1T R. HT -ly,-3 ^ 1?^ 
Surface, liV'^n 
Surfeit, make him sick, inV2 ^i^^^pri (with eating) 1'7*'?^?^ 

SUR-SWA 351 

surge,:;?linn -n. d^^h ^i^; r. hh: 

SurgecD^jt/yp ^^D^-) Surgery, (the art) D'^ify^ni^l^i") nD?n 

Surly, 1. s. p]j;lr * D^lr -liness, pjj;;! • nvi 

Surmcat, Surpass, 4i; H*^^ h^^^H 
Surnai?, N. DKTI^n Dti^ 

surpii , b^;;p R. n^iiT 

Surpii. ^1)^ ♦ njnio R. nn^ 

Surpri:,^\n3n * DDic:^-sed,m.s.^n3:) * D^irit^^D * riikmD 

-sin^ m. s. ^b^: -singly. J^'^^^H^ * I'^^h IV, 
Surrener,-)bp(one'sself)-)p^n-N. nTpP(his)1CVi; riTDD 
Surroud, Ijn? * Plb^it * 3^30 ^j^H R. ^p^ 
Surve} view, HDJ HD HN"! overlook, n^'^^n -or, H^^t^? 
Surviv n^3 (him) inn>^ l^^n -ver, m. s. V^H^St n{<^: 
Suscepble, apt, m. s. ]D^D R. ]1D * ^l'?^ Ch. 
Suspec mistrust, liO/n Ch. fear, Kl^ JS^^In R. t^lH 
Susper., delay, ")ni< debar, nh*! 
Suspend doubt, pS^ stop, tiy^V. -sory, m. s. *"]^r\ 

Suspicm, ti^pn R. t:^in • i^n ch., m. s. jealous, \^p^^] * IJ^^iH suspected, m. s. TlC^n 
Sustaii to bear, ^2 maintain, ]^^ * ^5^3 R. VlD * Dn§ Ch. 

defeit, p'-^^fn -tenance, ]iT9 * H^^^? ♦ HD^HIi 
Sutler, 1. s. HTV pt^^ *n3"iO 

Swadd, 'pnn -N. n7inn 

swago-, to brag, ^^inH * r^'b'i? "IS"! * H^ nn"}n 

Swaiio , j;;*^n * j;;^^ -N, throat, j:l^ (a bird) ^lni 

Swamj N. ^i;; * p R. VV3 -y m. s. -^^D 
Swan, .'2mr\ 

Swarm •^•hti^ N. JlDH (of bees) 0^3*1 niy. R. 1^^ 
Swartlv m. s. HH!) * -)1nti> 

352 SWA— SYM 

Sway, hi3 hti/D * 2b nitDH R.H^o: -N. nht^DD * 2b n^ton 

Swear, I/lti^n -er, m. s. )}2m 

Sweat, emit moisture, J/P -N. H^t 

Sweep, to clean, J^lpi^p * P)"!: -er, P)nl:i -ings, "^np 

Sweet, m. s. (to the taste) p^Jip (to smell, or to the ear) n^JJ 
(to look at) ni^^5 -en, make sweet, p'^JJipH grow sweet, \^'T\t^ 
-ner, m. s. p^iip?) -heart, m. p^ti^H * ]nn f. Hp^^J^ll * hSd ; 
R. bb'Z -ish, m'. s. D^rj -ness, nip^iip * Hinni;. * D^i -ly, 
~n -meats, n1p'^jnZ?\yp*D"^pr\p;? -scented, m. s. Inn. 

nh^? R. m: 

Swell, grow bigger, HllV^pVn* n^3 -N. increase, 71*15 -ing, 

r\^^ R. «:^i 

Swerve, wander, Hj^/I deviate, *n")*lL) Hbi "I1D 

Swift, m. s. n\nD (of foot) v'?:"!? 7p r. 77P -ness, * Jin\np; 

Swill, j<nD ♦ nn 

Swim, r\r\^ * toi::^ -ming, s. r\''v;m * ncD^^ti^ 
Swindle, ap;; * npn -dier, m. s. \spn * Dnj/ 
Swine, "i^^m wild-, -):e;^p n^n 

Swing, ^3;;.5 (one's self) ^/X/l^nH -N. -er, m. s. ;;5it?.3P 

Swoon, ^Vxf * ^-^rnn -N. ns^^ * n^^n 
Swop, ^i^^nn ♦ n^pn -n. ^"nrs^ nn^i^ri 
Sword, ann -man, -'^yij 

Sycophant, a flatterer, m. s. ^r\ * lICJ^^ *p''^np 
Syllable, one articulation, H^l^ri * nnDH 

Syllogism, OB^pn nnt^ 

Symbol, type, ll"!; * ^ti^p -ical, -^^ni? -ize, i;,^ * ^t^p 

Symmetry,D'^p"l^n niiri:i^n-rian,m.s. ti^"]1'1-rical,'T1jt;^ 

Sympathy, fellow-feeling, m. s. mWti^H compassion, * TwUT 

ns^pnn -pathize, vn$ ^*s t^'^^ji ^;?.?r\n ♦ ^j; on-i b)yr\ 

SYM-^TAK 353 

Syraphony, ni^lpH minp^H * iTili^piD Cli. 

Symptom, ]D^p * TD*;. * niN* 

Synagogue, npj?n H^Dijl n>3 R. ^^7^ * n^HJ? 

Synod, jmnjp Ch. 

Synonymous, m. pi. D^HlIp * D^DTI^ 

System, Syntax, n^^Vp * 110 

Syringe, HTD R. Hn * nn v^jP Ch. 

Syria, D'^^? Syrian, m. ^Jpl^^ Syriac, n^pnjjt 


Tabernacle, (a place of worship) II/IQ 7)1 j< R. !]/*> 

Table, an index,^^ aflatsurface,]n W-cloth,— H fl-^D HDDQ 

Tabulated, ni73 

Tabour, Pjil R. P]Dn 

Tacit, m. s. silent, t^^nHD meant, ]^3D -ly, Hj^^'n^n 

Tackle, Tackling (ropes) H^^b^n ^^Dll 

Tactics, HDhSq nOni/D-niD D^DDO Ch. 

Tail, N. 3:)r -V. 33r 


Tailor, DHJ? l^^D * O^H Ch. 
Taint, stain, D^I^H defile, ^^»C0 -N. Dn3 * Hi^OD 
Take, receive, Hp^ (a colour) C07JJ -hold, -up, *Tnt^ * il/^Pi 
pnnn -aim, 1313 * 15? -the air, ^H? i2L)T^r\ -asunder, 
in?n -away, -off, ITH R. IID -by force, Hj^rnnnp^ 
-back again, r^npJ?2^t^ -care, IDfn -delight, J2j;[nn 
-down, -to pieces, iniH R. IT -the field, Unhnh ti^^ 
-liberty, mtjt;?! ^injnHR. Tt;/ -in, biing in, S^^H R. i^U 
cheat, n;?)-| ♦ 2PV -notice, HNI/lbtJ^ -an oath, V^f^ 
-out, i^'>5^ln(spots) tD^5-part of, participate, DI/ pyll-part, 
with, assist, y^'ti^lH R. i^i:/"^ -one's part, "^inn -place, 

2 V 

854 TAK— TAR 

r^Vn -revenge, "^ Dpi"! -to the right, pp\n -to the left, 

^^^^pi!^n -tuTie, l^^f2 nph r. iv^ consider, mi * myD, 

-one's turn, ^vHriH -upon one's self, D'H^^nn -upon him- 
self,accept vh^^ ^Hj^ -warning,-) njH * HriDln nph R. r\2^ 

-king nn^p^ * ^?^^^^ * nsi^^t^n * n^!ip 

Tale, a narrative, r\\^P,^ ^1^0 -bearer, m. s. ^^ipn *^Z'in 
Talent, (a Jewish weight) ^2)3 faculty, ]i-)^^5 * r\hpD 
Talisman, ^^j^ 
Talk, (see Speak) -N. -ing "l^l^P * "1^^? -ative, -er, m. s. 

Dnni *nnnp -ativeness, Dnni ''^nn 

Tall, m. s. gi^ Tallness, H?^ * n;5ip 

Tallow, n^n -chandler, m. s. -^^ nl")3 H^l;/ -ish, -D 

Talmud, lID^n 

Talon, D:j;;n ^^-JDO Ch. 

Tame, i;^^:)n -N". m. s. i;:)D3 (beast) n^r\^2 nDn:i 

Tameness, gentleness, JllZD^i/? * J11B"iri Tamely, —2 
Tamper, meddle with, "2 2'lV^'^ to practise, ' '3 pDi/Jin''^ 
Tan, prepare skins, ninli; in^ -ner, nllii; TIlJ^P 
Tangible, C^|-)^Ch. 

Tantalise, ^^1^ nnpanniS^^nH R. nhn 

Tantamount, m. s. "^nj^n *ni:^' 

Tap, to touch, pb*n pierce, IIH 3p3 -N. Hj^'^D^n 

Tape, mpn 

Taper, "llVI^^'^H -N, conical, T*nnp *ra^P Ch. 

Tapestry, D'^^ni.D 

Tar, bitumen, ISi " n^)? 

Tardy, late, m. s. "in^tp -diness, nH?? -dily, —2 

Tare, (in weight) bpji^fpn n^npn 

Targum, Dl-inn Ch. 

Tariff, -^nmn d^b npT^i 


TAR-TEG 355 

Tarnish, sully, b'V^ lose brightness, HHS ♦Dj;;^ 11. ^DS 
Tariy, loiter, inS * H^nprin -riance, delay, "nni^? 
Tart, a fruit- pie, n?)"! i^^'^'^^ ^^^• 
Task, n'^^l • I^VP ' p'^^ set a-, ' 'h 2)^p^ * "bv_ bb: take one 

to-, nX n^iDln R. HD^ -master, tJ^JlU 
Tassel, an ornamental bunch, HV^^ 
Taste, try the relish, Di/^ it has a- like, * O iDlf.D -N. DiTD 

-ful,m. s. D-'j;: (to the palate) D^^rtOD -less, m. s. * h^n 

Di;p *"ipn-lessness, CV^ ^Dfl 

Tatter, jfip^ -N. ;;*^p. pi. D^^np * niaHD *';'l^? 

Tattle, bnn -ini * DinS?^ p't^^ -ler,m. s. I^HD^ pCi^lS) 
Tavern, J^^ HppD'n^ll -keeper, m. s. ^jt:? 

Taunt, pinn * • a Sjnn -n. tinn * ^'inn -ingiy, -i 

Tawny, m. s. DlH * lllp 

Tax, N. charge, HDJi^K * H^lDl^ impost, D? * DD/^ R. DDD 

-V. -DW * D^i^iStn * i^pci^rr -able, m. s. DDh tn;; R. in: 

-ation, D^n "]-)]; 
Teach, J^^lSt * 1»^ * nnlH R. HT -able m. s. •T;2i?^.(in mo^'als) 

"iDi:: •'755^ -er, m. s. J^^S^^ * n^)^^ * nnlD 

Team, a farmer's waefffon, D^^DID "IPHT^V Dv^y 

Tear, rend,;;'lp^ ♦ pPi2 (another) ^IID snatch, ^bn -N. * U'lj^ 

QV§ ";;pn (from the eye; tl^m 
Tease, D^ifin * ^h^ * X^^ 
Teat, Iti^ 

Technical-memorial lllDT^ nvnlJ^ riD^ti^l 
Te Deum, H v'Hn "l^t^^ R. hbn 
Tedious, m. s. irksome, n''"iP'? slow, Ifl^D -ness, * T^'yb 

IMl^ -ly, -a 
Teem, p^ * nin * Ph^ -ful, m. s. HiS) 
Tegument, nD?P*pV^n 


356 TEL— TEN 

Telegraph, nmD pi. nliSISi^D R. i^m ''I 

Telescope, pln^D^ ^^pJ^V H^p 

Tell, relate "lg)D * T^H R. 1:1^ count, IDD * Hj^ -er, m. s. 
"IgDp * T5/? * IDlD * njlO -tale, m. s. ^On *'^.^ln 

Temerarious, m. s. 1i^D2 * THlS Temerity, niin§ 

Temper, mingle, ^\D -N. -ament, -ature, H^IID]! * ^TD -ance, 
moderation, nit^njip-ately, -3 -ate, m. s. JIIT^^IJ-Vpp 
Ch. (weather) Dl^B nj^ (zones) P^^^^DBn ^n^H "^[p^n 

Tempest, Hli^j^^ HDID Hn -uous, Hl/D 

T T : T - T 

Templar, nnlD l^P^n R. Hl^ 
Temple, a church, tJ^-Tpp * -H n"*? -of the head rfjjn 
Temporal, temporary, Ch. j^lDp^ jpt? * |^TP ilj^t^ secular, 
^1n * tOrin Ch. -ly, (to this hfe) mn d51;;^ -ity, secular 
possessions, Htn D^ll/H "^^^^p ^ I'd! 

Temporize, comply with the time, IptH ^^7 ^D^^^H 
Tempt, entice, HDJ -ation, ]^'^^^ -er, m. s. DD^P 
Ten, m. Hn^i;. f. I't^V pL ritn^Ci^V the -commandments, 

ni-) n^in nn^^. -times, -fold, d^?id n-i^i;. * D^pxfpj ")k^j; 

Tenable, m. s. Vm^^ * b^D^ R. ^1D 

' tt: t -:*•.: 

Tenacious, m. s. retentive, "2 p^tHp 
Tenacity, ^ti^p Tenaciously, ~2 
Tenancy, 1^?^ rinn*^ Tenant, m. s. I^iji^ 
Tenantable, m. s. It^lD^ *'^1^^^ -less, m.^^13 i<^ 
Tend, conduce, "h ]r3 * n^jJinp -ency, pDp 
Tender, to offer, ^npH * 2^3nn (advice) y'^l -N. an offer 
.1573 proposal, nvi; * li;^ * 1-|^ -, a. m. s. soft, rp_ R 
13-) -hearted, 22^ *11 * ipH*! -ness, n^S") * D'^pnn 

Tenement, I^Dg^ n_r1^^? 

Tenet, principle, iintf^nb ♦ 2^ ' Hj^'l R. 31^ *i;i^ 

TEN— TEX 357 

Tenor, purport, ]J3p (in music) "^^l^a *l^J^ipP Ch. 

Tense, (of a verb) n^ll/^n IDT ., a. stretched, m. s. ninO 

-sible, m. s. njl^"^ -sion, nrT^ilQ 
Tent, a pavilion, hn't^ pitch a-, -ifp^ ♦ h^^^T} 
Tenth, m. n'^^j^; f. nn"^?^;?. -ly, -2 -part, pig^jt; 
Tenths, 1?!^^D 

Tenure, Hi^D^ ■):)it^ \s3n R. n::n 

Term, H?? -N. a set time, Ch. ir^2pJD\ * t^TO Hj;/ (for seats 
of Justice) n^f^S nr • J^i'in DT expression, nill'^n ^^IJ^ 
condition, ^t^2r\ R. H^n limit, ^^r n\^?n -less, -"^h^ 

Terminate, to limit, 73.^ H to end, 1175 -minable, m. s. Hyp'] 
-mination, ^H^l * n^'^^pJ? 

Terrestrial, Terrestrious, ^"ISt 7?^ 

Terrible, -rific, m. s. DV^^ * i^ni: 

Terrify, D.';^? * r\^^2n Terrified, m. s. fl^ni * hn22 

Terror, nn;/ -1 * H^ni * nD\^ Terribly, -^ 

T T : T T V T •• •' 

Territory, land, V"!.^:? dominion, H^D?? -rial, —b^ 

Tertian, U^Dlr^^hll}^ 

Test, a cupel, ")13 * ^"!VP examination, n^^Tl? 

Testament, the Scripture, the old-, ntTDnnln * "]"^r\ (being 

the initials of) u^2']n? 0%^"^?; Hnlii new- Dnvi^n n")in 

* ntl/m nnn -, a win, n^^lV -ary, -^t:^ 
Testate, m. s. ni^1Vn*nD -tor, ln'^37 HIVD 
Testicle, •^5i^^^ pi. "[Hna Ch. 

Testify, l^j^n R. l^y -fication, DMV -ifier,m. s. TJJD 
Testimony, -nial, Hl^*^ 
Tete-a-Tete, D''^ =1) ^ ^^ D"*: 2) 

' • T V • T 

Text, 2n2r\ t^ia -hand, u i^^ip V)")^,")^!? ^ng 

textuary, m. s. ti^lp \'?ni?P? *"i;n? *^]^2 Ch. 
Texture, jnji? * nDDD R. 1DD 



358 THA-THE 

Than, "12 (as Gen. iii. 1. 7^12 UMV ^ore subtle than any) 
Thank, HnlH R. HT I- thee, m. ^-Jli^ -ful, m. s. HnitO O"^??) 

R. "IDi -less, m. s. 1:l•»^? -God, n''3(being the initials of 

DJ^n "^nS see God) 
Thanks, -giving, HD")?* Hnlll -offering, n^ln l?"!i^ 
That, pron. demonstrative, m. t^H * Ht'jn f. IT v'H which, Ip^ 

-, conj. "^S because, ]V^y 
Thatch, *^!DD -N. •^pp 
Thaw, ^i^f^n ♦ D'\f2n -N. HDD * DD^DD 

' • • T - T • : 

The, "D (always prefixed and followed by a dagesh, as ^in'^'^ 

the thing) -like, m. HD f. Tlt^tS pi. ily,^'^ -more -more, &c. 

(see More) 
Theatre, a play-house, SMP^ '"^^^IP ^^5 
Thee, m. accusative, ^V)']^ of-, ^7?!^ to-, ^7 from- '^f2f2 on, or 

in-, ^5 
Theft, ,1553 

Their, m. D " * (postfixed, as D")3*n their word) Theirs, m. DH yJi^ 
Theism, /see Deism) 
Them, m. (accusative) DHl^^ of- DH W to-, DH? from, or of-, 

DHD on, or in-, DHIl they -selves, HDn DH (see Herself 

and Myself) 
Theme, subject, ]^3jt/ 

Then, at that time, in that case, Ti^ afterwards, *^^^^ 
Thence, from that place, Ut^D for that reason, ]5^ * Ht IHI/B 

-forth, nn;;n;;i n.^^m mD 

T ^ //"-:// T : T T T •• 

Theocracy, tibn p^Dt^ r\^27D -ratical 7;^^ 

Theology, n^^),^ riDpn -gian, — nil;:: r. m*" -gicai, 

Theorem, n^r\m * ^^? 

Theorist, m. s. I^JID * Hp?)!? *]IVD 

■ THE-THI 351) 

Theory, ]1'>P'1 ♦ HD^nO -oretical, H^ip? 

There, thereat, H^Ii^ * DtJ^ -is, -are, t2^]| (in the future and preter 
it is understood, as H^m a«df ^/lere was. ^^VD3 K7l a;2c? 
there was not found.) -about, ' '? I11")p -after, ^iT'D? -by, 
-in, -into, -on, -with, m. Htil f. r\N?3 -fore, for this reason, 

nr -n3jL;n M? '^i? * 1?^ -f^om, d^j? -of, mp ♦ rS'ip 
-withal, nr ^;; 

Thermometer, Ch. I^INtH nTip ^'^S 
These, n^i^ They, m. DH f. jH 

Thick, gross, 1^ * D5 Ch. muddy ,(as wine, &c.) ^^'^D)^ -darkness, 
'^^?^ "Ijrln -air, "[li^^p -en, grow thick, HDJ^ * ^^£)|5 make 

thick, y^^jn ^^^i5p^ -ness, "^nj;;. • niD^ 

Thicket, "^20 

Thief, m. s. 355 -catcher, — ti^DlD ^Tl") 

Thieve, n:5 -ry, Hn^^ 

Thigh, -^T pi. D:?-)y 

Thimble, n^inni^nv^st ^2:2 

Thin, not thick, p*n grow-, pp*1 make-, pHIl 

Thine,m. ^v'^f.'^^^ 

Thing, -13*1 the least-, HDI^^P 

Think, imagine, 3.^5 -Ib>?*np'n*3i:*n muse, 1*^? * nn")n 

R. nm -ing, nn^np * \vv. * in^^n 

Thinness, slenderness, nip'l * mV^ R. ppl * ^^T-ly, -1 
Third, m. *^p^bu; (in rank) t^^^btt} -part, n^'t^''^^ -ly, -3 
Thirst, i^pV -N. -iness, ^DV -y, m. s. i^L?V very-y, ^SDV DV}): 

-y ground, ]1^e^y * nl3J<^ri px 

Thirteen, -teenth, m. I'm D^bt^ f. Hl^^j;; t^^^t?^ (by letters 

of the alphabet) 5"*" Thirty, -tieth, D'^^W * '^ 
This, m. nt f. nt<? -same, m. s. Ht ^^IH -time, DJ/^H 
Thistle, -I'll'! * tt^Sp 

360 THI— THR 


Thither, to that place, HD^i^ -and-, n3T.n3 

Thong, nj^l^^-) Ch. 

Thorn, a prickly tree, ' ]^;V * ^V * D^^H ' \np * ID^ * ^nn 

r^^5 *ljj").? 'p^n ^HDiti^p Ti^t^ *l1^p 

Thorny, D'^^^lp n'^t^^TI^'Dt^^ K^D 

Thorough, -paced, m. s. 173 * ^V? -fare, ID^.O -ly. 

Those, .-iv'^^m. HDHf. mn 

Thou, m. nm f. r\^ 

Though, although, Dr^^i however, "]'^ * D^1^^ 

Thought, the thinking, nn^H/? M^^^L^ * l^'^H reflection, 

VM ' i'^^J^ concern, J^^H -ful, m. s. contemplative, * y^)JD 

nn^f^HD *^V_^ careful, -)\nt nnn -less, m. s. -13\^ 
Thousand, f]b^ 
Thrash, t03n * U}^1 -er, m. s. tOnlH " 1^*1 -ing, tJ^^.^I -ing- 

floor, 1^5 
Thread, N. (of flax, &c.) h^n^ * COIH -V. ^IJI? LD'in lai/n 

-bare, worn out, m. s. (17^ -en, DvT^S D^CDin 7t^ 
Threat, threatening, rT^ntii^ -en, "iHin * ^^n; 
Three, m. Hl^btl^ f. Ji^^^ divide in-, U/hp -cornered, m. s. 

runt t^hti} *^;;!i -fold, m. s. t^W^ 

Threshold, nn§ M^?P ' ^P R.^DD 

Thrice, D^'Di;^:) ti^'?::^ 

T : T 

Thrive, n'^^Vi^ 0" Aesh) bl} Thrivingly, nr\7);n3, 

Throat, riV * nn2-]3 * 11-|| R. ^iJ up to the-, li^v^n n^ 
cut the-, -iKj-yn "^hn 

Throb, (as the heart) 2h pp^j^ipl ^}^-^mg, 2hn np^B'l 
Throne, N. ^^p^ 

Throng, *.ni!"i n}^ t!>^xpn^-N.iiDn *\^m 
Throttle, N.n-i^-i^nn^p 


Through, by means, • 3 * T!l * "^S 11 /JJ -and-, throughout, 

^1D Ti/i iif^iD * invh 12VD * n)sp "7^^ rDsr^^D ♦ ri^s 

Throw, -away, -down, "l??^*? -down a building, D^H -up, 
fling, rtiy j/7j5 -about, 7^07^ R. 7^C0 -away one's money, 
ITS -aside, l^DH R. T)D -off a yoke, phS -one's self down, 
h§^r\r\ (at his feet) V^:?!^ ^D: -out, nm -up, (as the tide) 
U;i^ (with the mouth) N^ipH -N. throwing, ♦ tlphtl/n * Hn*; 

r^)^ * t^cpJ^pmtQ * n;n*i within a stoneV,*')npp?pnnr7 

m " 

Throwster, m. s. iyj^l2 * T\p 
Thrust away, HrTI -N. H^rTl 

Thumb, N.mrMnz*^^ 

Thump, (with the fist) piii^x? Hsn -N. pl1■^J^^ n?p 

Thunder, D^nH -N. Dif") -clap, -^1p -bolt, pnnn ^^H 
R. rvn .struck, m. s. (hurt by lightning) inSH amazed* 

Thursday, riB^n ^^^^DH DV 

Thus, n ♦ fis * HDD • 12 -far, Hs rl3 t;; 

Thwart, oppose, ' b l^^nH -N. njIDHn 

Thy, m. ^ • * (postfixed, as '^121 thy word) -self, )X\T] Uni? 

Tiara, Pl^;V*-)t<a 

Ticking, Ticken,*nT£3-)n ^^}^r]^^'02 R.;;!^'' 

Ticket, ivirin -itiD n'i^^ 

Tickle,(him) pinV? Il^lfn -lish, easily tickled, m. s. *in5P 

Tide, (ebb and flow) I^ISn? D*n \r\pr\ 
Tidy, m. s. D^jt/^ ^ np;| -diness, Di?i * *'?)''' -dily, -2 
Tidings, intelligence, nll^J^? * ^l1I;^::tp news, lyWl/in^ 
Tie, (with a knot) "IJ^j? -N. "lti^p.(see Bind) 
Tier, a row, "I^CO * HHIJi^ a set, "Tljf? 

2 w 

362 TIG-TIP 

Tight, sound, m. s. 'p'\r\ close together, m. D^*T^VP D'^p^^lD 

vin;: -en, p.rrm;;?v * ??"![ -^ess, prn ♦ n^'pii^ -ly, -n 
Tile, t]n ♦ :i^n n:?? Tiling, D^?n^n j^ 
Till, -11:1 * ti^nn * HDi^^n nj^ n3;;;^n ^Dsn r^n^^ 

-,prep. n;; -abie,nj; -age, H^nn -er, t^iln * ^9•^^? inij; 

Timber, Hnlp * t^3?n-*'Va -yard, -n^'H -work, Hnpri 

Timbrel, ^1^ R. ^QPi 

Time, nj? * \D\ a set-, Ij^/lD R. IS^ a seasonable-, HDl^^n n^;^ 
-ly, in good, or in due-, I^^JD * 1]1j;fg * "^^UP^ all in good-, 
inj;? HD^^bin ♦ Y^n b:^h n^l ipt ti^:.^b^ unseasonable-, 

n:3^iDrn^5 n;;. from -out of mind, D^ii; nl;:2*'p at that-, 
ii^^nn Dl*? at this-, nxrn n^n dj;;d? at another-, d^;?? 

^ID^ at no-, (see Never) at what -, *^I^t2 this-, r\r\iJ from 
this- forth, nr\j:D a little-, LO^p ]Dr a very little-, tO^P 
i;^n in a year's-, H^H nj;| "tjf^l?^^ in- to come, ♦ T^^^h 
ti'^i^lin D\p^^ after a long-, 'D'^Dl ^1*121 in our-, ^:)*»2:;^5 he 
spent his-, T^r\1:t!^ Vf^"^ ^^3 for a-, i;;i;D^ -is long to him, 

^ '//t://ttt ' t. : o 5 

n;;n ni^3 it is nearly-, ni/H nnnp i win take-, -T;;iD npi^ 

R. npb when I shall have-, H^B^C^^?^ I have no-, "^J?) "^h p^e 
Times, many-, nl!in D'^Pl??) at-, some-, D'^pi??^ at all-, ^D5 
nV three-, D'^P^? ^^^J^ 

Timid, m. s. ^^ny nn^ -ity, Nnl/!: ina 

Timorous, bashful, m. s. D^^S *t:^13 -ly, ^^^D^ R. 131 

Tin, ^"^75 -man, ~2 ^5^^^P H^l;; -ner, -3Vln 

Tincture,'tinge, tint,^5V 'i?3Vn -N. ;;nV 

Tinder, ny; 

Tinker, HlOnp ^b IpHp R. ^H^ 

Tinkle, ^*^Jf -ling, h)^}'^ ' 

Tip, the top, mi end, H^j^ * ^JS * D|i^^ -of the ear. 


VM^ Ti3ri bi2 -top, ti/^ih h'D) 
Tippet, ^lyn np?p 

Tipple, iilD -pier, m. s. NDlD -pling, ^^?np * miD^ 
Tipsy, m. s. liSt^^ 

Tire, to fatigue, X/^lH * nlN.^H -some, HJ^^:^ * HN^n 
Tired, m. s, ;/;> * ^^V 

Tissue, jipD nnr ni^cn^p in 
Tit for tat, rryc^ nj::)*mD r. -nD 

' T • V V : T • 

Tithe, pay tithe, '^^^_ -N. "l^^XfP -able, m. s. -2 D^^nD 
Title, to name, H^S -^' an appelation, *>133 * D^* (of honour,) 
Dn»n Dt;^ claim, COatt^D he has a- to, tOS^^p 1^ -page. 

Tittle, '^ b^ nyb ♦ n*ip3 
Titular, np^Jtn^rbax^ 

To, • • ? (prefixed to a noun, or to a verb) i"^ (preceding a noun 
only) -and fro, Dlti^J ^^/H -day, T\\T\ Dt^"l -morrow, IHip 

-night, nrn n^^ v>n 

Toast, to heat, rt^j^ propose health, m. s. DlSH ^^ *injy"l T)5 
-N. (bread) D^'rDin R. HDi^ (health is customarily pro- 
posed by the term D^I^H?) 

Toes, X^flTsT] nll/nV^ 

Together, V^IH^ * TH: 

Toil, tei? * nSto ♦ ;?i^ -N. ^Dy ♦ nib * r\)^^y^ 

Toilsome, m. s. Hn^p * j;5^_9 

Token, a sign, pli^ a remembrance, ]i13t * IpT 

Tolerable, m. s. supportable, ^JD^ " ^sS^^ R. ^1D middling, 

^ ^'ilrn^I/'VPP ^^- -erably, N^l ti^ (as \lh 

]iOj^ t<?1 7nj neither large, nor sinall) -erance, 73p 
Tolerate, nij^"in * ]h; -tion, rv\^'\ * ]i'»i?^n 

Toll, ring a bell, pDj^.^H ^vSv * H^V^O i!??.W R- ^^^' ^I^''^ 

364 TOL— TOS 

-N. llDI/Sn M)f (an excise) D^D R. DDD -gatherer, 

Tomb, -inj5 -stone, nnuj? nn^vp R. aii'* r] 

Ton,-)|)3Dn^^^p_!2;p ' p' 

Tone, a note, HJ'^JJ * D^'^ sound, h)p T , 

Tong, llP^jn n^i^ 
Tongs, D^ni^^D 

Tongue, pt:^^ pi. r^l^ltJ^V -tied, m. s. ]'\^b *133 
Too, also, D| * ^ijt (-, before an adverb or adjective, is expres- 
sed by the comparative, ' '?2 ^HV * n^llH or by the super- 
lative *T^^^p as p^'lV -inl*" or n^in p^'IV too righteous. 
D3P nf'p) 1t^^ what will be too hard for you, I'^D 2n 
too much) 
Tool, an instrument, ni^DJf v3 a hireling, m. s. I'^^'t^ 
Tooth, ]li; R. ]:^ pi. D^3L^ -ache, -H at;^? -pick, -Hj^^p 
Top, the head, t^t^") -of a house, ^ -ful, m. s. mi}] ^^D 

most, ]Vbp^ -gallant, ti^^in ^njl 
Topaz, D^^ 

Topic, ^^n * -jj^;; 

Topography, nv^jIp^H ^V)S 
Topsyturvy, "^^Or 

Torch, T^b ♦ npjni^ 

Torment, to harass, ^^^ *f^i? put to pain, HJ^ -N. ♦ |^n^ 

^i^^;; -er, m. s. VDl^ ♦ H^HD 
Torpid, m. s. numbed, DHl^ inactive, H^*)? -ness, ri1S*[rin 
Torrent, PlP^*D^PDnr 

Torrid, m.s.n^inmn 

T T •• T 

Tortoise, 2V 

Torture, p^VH (judicially) H^i? -N. pl}^;^ ♦ D^^I^V 

To»s,j;;^p»^:p^^R. ^'•O 

TOT-^TRA 365 

Total, n*7D ♦ ^^^3 -ly, nDJ^ 

Totter, V']^ * J^/IT 

Touch, to join, -'IpyiV^i^ affect the heart, D^nTj^/H 

-N. n^^j: -stone, iHii jat^ -wood, nni/? 

Touchy, m. s. Dll/?^ *n1: * D^§^? *"IV)? R- ^^^ 

Tough, m. s. ni^p^ -en, Hi^^j^ 

Tour, a journey, -^^HD * nTOyUDD 

Tournament, plHV ri^H/P 

Toward, near, m. s. ' * 7 Il1")p 

Towards, in a direction to, ••? * ?i^ (-a place, instead of the 
prefix 7 the H is often suffixed, as il2}2 towards the south) 
-the end, yp Jl^7 -morning, -evening, 21]J "lp'2 T\^2^b 

-noon, onnyn nyh 

• T t; T - •• : 

Towel, D^TH ^5?^ nn§pp 

Tower, a high building, T'l J D a fortress, nilVP * /Bi/ 

Town, nnp * i^ij -clerk, -H -i^3rD -house, <7vi;.in n^5 

R. 1^;;'' Townsman, my-, n^^ 1? 
Toy, to trifle, h^H VpV}^ -N. b2.'n]:jl}0 R. Hl/t:^ 
Trace, draw, -)»V follow his footsteps, VniDi?!/ nn^S *l*^n 
Track, a mark, DtTI a road, Tl'q ' rhuD -less, H^^^D X^ I"!"! 
Tract, (of land) '?3n tractate, nnnri/P * Pn^l^p 
Tractable, m. s.;;^^: * 1lD^^ *1l^DD -ness, HI/'^^D 

t:« :• ■•■:t ▼•; 

Trade, ihjT ^jj^j -N. \nl2^ ^W * ir\DD Trader, m. s. IHlD 

Tradition, m'w?:^ * iihip -ai, -3 * Hs ^7;;^ 

Traduce, t]")n * ""D^ "ini -ment, f\Mr\ Traducer, m. s. *t^^pD 

T • 

Traffic, ihji t^m -N. ir^DT ^^^p * inpp 

Tragical, T33 ^3^^ -gedy, IT^ -gedian, m. s. TVP 

Trail, draw along, 2^0 -N. n^D * 3npp 

Train, educate, *^2in * 1^7 breed, H^T) * /"Hil -N. procession. 

366 TRA— TRA 

n?"jaJ? * nip -bands, n/?n^p^p^?r;i "^ntfihi? 

Trainoil, IH^I vj)!! 1,")?^?? ^^(2^ 

Traite, the outline, nD\Sn * n^^-yn ^^^"^ 

Traitor, -ous, m. s. 1^13 * ^rlD -ously, 1^35 * ^j;??? 

Traitress, Hl^lB * T^hv^O 

Trammel, ibb ' llV -N. a net, 10^ * miVD 

Trample, 7^1.5 1/j^n DDl * CDin * D13 -ling, HDUl^ 

Trance, a rapture, ]itJ^fc^ » JD^ 

Tranquil, m. s. tOp.ti^ * m -lity, tOJ^.^ ^ nm * Hn^M 

Transact, to manage, J'^il^n carry on, ' O pMriH 

Transaction, negotiation, HJilJin * "^ mppj^Hil affairs in 

hand, pDJ^ 
Transcend, bj) ribv h^^^^il -ency, n^^K^"1n*' R. i^m 
Transcendent, m. s. li^D h'H} -ly H^^.I^H 0^5 
Transcribe, p^i^H -cript, -cription, Hprijt/n 
Transfer, injC/.H -N. Hini/.n 
Transfigure, -form,* '^ '^bn-figuration,-formation,*]11D5nrin 

Transfix, j;;!!;!*-)^! 

Transfuse, ^7^^ p'^lT} * * '3 pV; -sion, nj^nn * np^)i\ 

Transgress, iJi^^J * Di:^^? * tim -ion, i;^"^^ * DtJ^K * K^n 

Transgressor, m. s. J^ti^lS * Dt^K * NDin 

Transient, m. s. ll^Jt;.! * ^l^n;; * h)?^. -sitory, m. s. * inl;/ 

f]!;;;; -sitory world, hin Transitive, (verb) i^Vl^ ^jt/ISD 
Translate, to remove, IDjt^n interprete, ^/PH * D5*1Jn Ch. 

-tion, nnriVji * ny^^p * d^^-ij? -tor, f ^Q * Vir\nD 

Transmarine, U^7 12Vf2 

' T- V " •• 

Transmigrate, j;b3 -tion, n}]''D2 (of souls) JTlDti': ^IH^il 
Transmission, 1^W2/ Transmit, vht^ 

TRA— TRE tm 

Transmute, "b ^bn -table, m. s. r^T^H"}^ -tation, ni:D?in]in 
Transparency, JlinV * Jn*)^'^4l -rent, m. s. HV * *1\n^ 
Transpire, to become known, n1i>^^ XVy nl'7|n "I/^jn 


Transplace, Transplant, 12VJ1 * DipD H^^t^ 

Transport, to banish, H/^H delight, INp? JJi? -N. rapture, 

j:i; * n^^-i R. b^:i (a vessel) i-nnr 

Transportation, removal, JIIW * il'12pn banishment, * 1^^7^ 

Transpose, llD^ J^btin ^pDH -sition, niDH PlJ^H ;;ipn 
Transubstantiate, "7 "^SH -tiation, "^i^O 
Trap, a snare, ^^p^ * fii^fjlD ' bll/pD 
Trappings, n^ * IIH 

Trash, '^nD^nno: 

Travail, (see Labour) 

Travel, riDi * m\s "13;/ -N. n;;^D:j ♦ i^m 

Traveller, m. s. Hll^ *n3ii; *iDl: * '^^H 

Traverse, ad. an'l^T ^^b -V. lii;; 

Treachery, 71/D * IJJ?^ .erously, —3 -erous, m. s. *T^12l 
Tread, (with the foot) "ih^l -N. path, '^n'! 
Treason, -able, nD * TID * ^I/Q high-, ni:)^Dn HinD 
Treasure, -l!l^>? * rJ5 -N. I^li^ -ury, -H Jl^B -urer, m. s. 

Treat, to handle, "D]/ ^I'^jr^H negotiate, in^l "^m ' "Ip'ip 
R. DID discourse, \l}'yi -N. (see Entertainment) -ise, 
nt^ni -ment, °Dj; DStJ^C) JH^D 

Treaty, a contract, ^^<tW^ R. HW 

Tree, \V an old-, nnti^t 

Tremble, j:^i;n * T.T (for fear) V^S^H * ^D^nnn R. b^n 

Trembling. Tremour Tj;i * T\)h% * "^^O/^r^ 

368 TRE~TRI 

Tremendous, m. s. 01*"^ ' i^")ii 

T T 

Tremulous, nb^r\2 m. s. TV'^D R. b^n 

Trench, N. \*nn -V. -ibn ^'^ 

Trepan, to ensnare, iJ^py ^^Ji^?n -N. ti^pli:: * ^t^?P 
Trepid, m. s. 22h *^1 * ^^T ^ in|i -ation, U^HlllD * "THg ^' 
Trespass, offend, ••nj/ji^S h'VD enter unlawfully, ^U| Jl'iDH 

R. jd:) -n. v^^ * ?;?? * ^^3? n^DH • j 

Tresses, nlD^RD * nl-^lp '^ 

Tret, hp^t;/!?n ]i-)pn npTii^ 

Triable, m. s. ]r}T Trial, H^^H? * IVD? 

Triangle, -gular, m. s. nlnt ti^^^ *^^|l Triad, mhti^ 

Tribe, t03^^n^DR.^co: 

Tribulation, distress, n\y))i * HnV R. 11^ 

Tribunal, y^^i n^n 

Tribute, DD -utary, m. s. -b n\n * THj/^J? Cii. 

Trick, to cheat, Hlpn * H^lH R. H^ -ing, HlJ-jp 

Trickle, ^I'^P^n • ^1^5 

Trifle, (with one) "2 ^JlH pHV -away his time, V^^^l?^ 

vni:ti^-N. pn * ]iDjp -11*1 -fler,m. s. ^nnp * pnvp * ^li^Xf 

-fling, mean, m. s. nn3 * 7p R. 77p 
Trilateral, m. s. n'l^)^ U/bt^ *hV'D, 

Trill, iiv'\nT)n * j^nri -n. ni/nri 

Trim, to dress, n^£p\n * Hg^ -N. -ming, njt; 

Trinity, n\n^^^-t^^1^:i^ Tritheism, -D ^:)']D^5 

Trinket, a toy, hiri JiJtl^^t^ R. Hl/ti^ 

Trip, to stumble, 7ti}2il supplant, Dp^ make a- to. 

Triphthong, niaj-iD nii;i^n t^i^t?^ 

Triple, Triphcate, m. s. t^hpt? Triplicity, t^^hp 
Tripping, m. s. THO ^n^H *^p_ R. bbp 


Trisyllable, ni];i3n i^ht^ n? 

Trite, stale, m. s. H/IH -ness, ^2^^ 

' ' T T ' T T : 

Trivial, m. s. :il^n: l^i^ * IV'^D 

T : V •• T : • 

Triumph, to obtain victory, HV? * ")35 glory, ''^Jj* nj^SHil 

-N. victory ^inv? * nni35 joy,-ni:i; ^lp -ai, "is^nn^ 

-ant, m. s. victorious, 12^ celebrating victory, "li^^Hp 
Triumvirate, D^^K*;!! nV^^btl^ i^^^^^^ 
Triune, m. ^^^^:3 H^h^ 

T V : T : 

Trod, Trodden, m. s. DZ^D R. D12 

Troop, -ni^nn * ii^ -n. -ni5 

*• ; • T : 

Trophy, n:\S hhl^ * Hlp^P 

Tropic, ni^r^n ti^.'::j^n nni^n 

Trot, to walk fast, in^l -N. HI HI 

Troth, n;pi^ ♦ X^ni^ by my-, ^n^^p^? ^j^ 

Trouble, vex, D^j;;")n * pVH * IVH R.piV * 11^^ be in-, * ihn 

"ll/pyn Ch. (see Disturb) -some, -somenessjl^^j^ * n^^/jl 

-somely, —3 
Trover, Hll^ T^2t^n nj^^Dn Ch. 

Trough, (to feed) D^2^ kneading- nnt^ti^P watering-, Pi^^p 
Trousers, D^'D^pp 
Truant, m. s. ngil^ to play the-,-|DDn n^np j^nnHH 111: 

Truce, Hon^pn n^^pi;^ 

Truck, ^^hnn ♦ n-^pn -n. fii-^n * r\n^Dr\ 

Trudge, nn5?3i*^n •l/jy ^bj^ * nnp 

True, npi^m. s. ]1D; -hearted, m.s. ]72^2 * Hl^lD.^ *::^\^ * Dn 

-ness, pDJ^ * n^D^!2r^ 

Truism,n^r^P^«^ Truly,exactly,llD3^ certainly. Dips *np^5:n 

Trumpery, p^'l * 73'? 

Trumpet, to proclaim, ^1p "l^nj^n -N, nnV'i^n -er, 

-2 "nvi^nD 

370 TRU— TUR 

Truncheon, N. tD2^ -V, -2 HSH R. ni): 

Trunk, the body, t]15 a chest, W\ ^ ' Hliri of an elephant, 

ch. b^sn D^h fl^^ 

• - // V // 1 - 

Truss, -)hV-N. a bundle, "lIlV a bandage, -|3:J^? t^mnr\ 
Trust, • -3 ]^p^?n -N. care, H-JD^^O -tee, m. s. * T^jP^ ♦ nDl:i:^ 

DlDilC?^?)^? Ch. -ty honest, m. s. jpSJ * m:3D.^5 *^jt;5 
Truth, honesty, miO'^pri * l^Dij^ reaUty, n^]pp^? 'in-, nDi^i^ 
Try, to examine a cause, ^pVi * ti^H'n -with a touchstone, &c. 

\n2 * HDJ attempt, (^jp5 refine, t]Sv 
Tub, j^jt; ^^? 

Tube, ^^^n * mp 

T v't 

Tuck, to gather up, 7^?n 
Tuesday, ^2^2 ^tl/^b^ Dl^ 


Tuition, "nzD^ • ni5^ • nniin r. ht 

Tumble, nh^^: * n^^iio 

T • : T T - 

Tumour, a swelUng, n^t^ R. ^^11/2 

Tumult, nzDiip * n^pin -uousiy, —2 -uous, m. s. npin 

Tun, (measure) lin n"^t?>"^^?^^ Hl^^ti^ 

Tune, prepare, Hnptpn ^n^H -N. Dj;/^ ^ i15? -ful, 21^ 

Turban, ^^^Dn * ^^^V 

Turbid, m. s. "i^Dii/n^;;^ * mh"! 

T T v:V - T 

Turbulent, m.s.nDln * t^^lP-bulence, iTp1n-bulently,-3 
Turf, (a clod) m^l^ 2^1 

Turk, m. s. '^pnJln Turkey, (a country) HDnJln p.ij 
Turkois, t^^^l^'ir) 

Turmoil, to toil, VJl * bt)}: -N. Hj;/^^^ * b^V 
Turn, to convert, H^^ become, "b ^^^^ * "^^inH * *l?^nr»rr 
-over, '^bn -avray from, Hb^ * HID -one from his course. 

TUR— TWO 371 

n^d^n (from religion) in^'pj^.n'l "l^'PH -apostate, Ifl'l I'^Dn 
-about, Pi^S -back again, 2')tl/ -the back upon one, 
*^K ^'iV n>5 -in, bend, f\b^ -into a house, h^ IID -into 
the lathe, 2^20 n'^lD ^btl -up the ground, npiij^ npi^ 
-out of doors, ti^-13 " J^^V^'*^ -one's stomach, -'b ^yj? PiVn 

-N. ^^y^ * niDsnnn now is my-, ^^t^ -)in nj^'^^in -coat* 

m. s. 22'it^D (from one's religion) 1D^D done by turns, 

Turning, (away) H^tp? * il'lD (of a street) H^Q 
Turnip, nn? * KnD'? Ch. 
Turnpike, D^^H "IJt;^ R. DDD 
Turpentine, Hph ^Ip * J'^p;; 

Turpitude, i;?t5n ^'[i *n^?k 

Turtledove, Iln 

Tutelage, ]^D ^Til/D Tutelary, m. s. bv *]*•;;? R. pj 

Tutor, ifphD * nnlj: R. n-i*" -ess, ni;^^p 

Twelfth, Twelve, m.nfc^jt? D^JCi^ f. Hn^^ D^nt!^ 
Twenty, D^ti^i; 

Twice, D^Or^ *D^^M 'H??^? 

Twig, ")^n * p5l*> * -1^5 (see Branch) 

Twilight, W2 after sunset, nwWr\ D^'mi/H Tn 

Twins, D\pNri bring-, D^iKJin 

Twine, to twist, iiit^ *n2V * itti^ -N. b^n^ 

Twinkle, (as the eye) X]V2 y'lp^ (as the stars) l(^^ -ling, 
V.V_ nvnp ♦ f]V_^JJ R. PI"!;; * yp^ in the -ling of an eye, 

VM ^^n5*R. Htin 

Twirl, 2UD n'^np ^*^n -N. 3^30 n^DD HSpH R. ^Ip^ 

Twist, (see Twine) -ed, IWD 

Twitter, V. PlV^V R- ^^^^ 

Two, m. D^::^ f. D^nt^ -by-, m. n)lP D^??^ -edged, nVS^S 

372 TWO— UNA 

-fold, D^pr? * D'l^D? ' m^D -days, D'.^V -years, D^nj^ 

-hundred, D^n^^D -thousand, D";^^^? 
Type, a printing letter, Ch. D^D^H Uli^ emblem, tpn * ^^^ 

-ically, ~*^*)'l!l -ical, m. s. T^np -ographer, D*'^!? 

-ography, D^D^il HD^^ /P -ographical, 7^ 

Tyrannise, (he) i^^n? vil/D -ranny, HVlj^D -rant, -rannical, 

m. s. I^ni; npkSt 


(See Im, In, or Irr, for what is not found in Un ; or add to the af- 
firmative either of the negative particles, V^^ ' V^ "^^ /^ 'Sv|l 'Mv) 

Udder, T^" 

Ugly, m,s. n^-ip *;;■] * nr ip ch. -iness n^n?^r\ j^in * ni;;? 

Ulcer, nnCOnsr^^nmnn -ate, turn to a sore, -^ nVH 
-ous, m. s. ~2 y^2f2 -ed, m. s. — 7 ^^^ 

T \ : T T 

Ulterior, on the other side, * *? *15i^p 

Ultimate, the last, njlin^^ ♦ l'^'^^}^ ending, PjlD -tely, —b 
-turn, "l^H 

' T T 

Ultamarine, a. D^7 1?I/.P 

Umbrage, resentment, H^^j/nri give- to, D'^i?"!!! take- at,Di/3 

Umbrella, TiDt^D 2nhD HDriD 

// T X • // V .. V : - 

Umpire, m. s. "ItJ^^D 

Unabashed, D^DH \^^D 

Unabated, r^V_l.?(2 ]^^^ 

Unable, m. s. weak, t:^lSn not able, l^/")Vp 

Unabolished, ^ItD? *^^ZI 

Unaccented, D;/^ "^^B 

Unacceptable, m. s. nV"!^. N^ -accepted, m. s. "^I VT ^^^^^iiS 

Unaccompamed, m. s. IID? * 1S^5 ^' ^^^ * ^^^ 

UNA-UNB 878 

Unaccomplished, unfinished, ni. s. D/C^ N? 

Unaccustomed, m. s. ^'^J") ^2"1D 1:\^ 

Unacquamted, m. s. not known, "7 i/l"^^ "^^^^i^ ignorant, 

, Unadored, m. s. not worshipped, /^Hp N? neglected, DTi(3 
l^nnfTected, ni. s. candid, V 2) jD 13^3 * D^l * D^DH unmoved, 

Unalarmed, m. s. \:ii<U; * Tin I^K 

Unallied, m. s. having no ally, t^\^ D^ n^l2 n^p ^b having 

no powerful relation, Dr\\f2 7]J2 ')2^^ 
Unalterable, m. s. HDH'' Hllll}^ N^ 
Unamusing, unpleasing, Dj/j ^?ll m. s. *3lO N^ 
Unanimity, m'^^^? -imous, m. nili^ H^ 37 

•^ -: - . TV // V // •• 

Unanswerable, 3^t?^n> I'^i? 

Unappalled, m. s. y^lV * *^'^X^b 

Unappeasable, jlil^'l w3. m. s. H^p 

Unarmed, pt^^ 1J;:D "^^Jl R. ]3J 

Unartful, HDnV ^hll 

Unasked, (of him) m. s. Il^p h^lZ} iib 

Unaspiring, m. s. ViM "^b^p * IJjLf 

Unassisted, ll^V \^^:i 

Unattainable, m. s. XV/^^ :\W^ ^bll R. im 

// •• T • //T \ ' : 

Unauthorised, nMi/l DV^2;i "'73 

Unavailable, pn * ^^^ * T]^y^ t<77 

Unavenged, Dpl^ T^^B 

Unavoidable, m. s. ' '6 ^h^^ ^hl^^T] ^h^ 

Unaware, D1^^n?) ;;nD3 

Unawed, HiJ-iy^n 

Unbecoming, -fitting, m. s. Ch. \^^r^ ]pj ^i5\St 

Unbelief, ^::D^^nD^ Unbeliever, m. s. \^12^0 "W^ 

374 UNB-^UNC 

Unbeneficed, m. s. ph nm^. *1^ ]r)2 ^h R. ppH 
Unbewailed, m. s. l^p] i^*? * 1^ IDiD ]^^2 
Unbind, untie, nn§ * "iriH R. in: 
Unblameable, m. s. U^Dr\ * ^pj Unblemished, m^ ^7? 

Unbolt, nria ♦ nn nn -ipn r. -iid 

Unborn, m. s, *tS1: t^^ * *1riVn D^^ R. 1^*i 

Unbosom, 2h ^'^JVIDV.p H -^^ 

Unbought, PIDD t^V? 

Unbounded, unlimited, H^^pn *^^5 ' XP..]^^ R. H^IJ * ^^^p 

Unbridled, m. s. *1nn^ IV^/D 1\S: ^ a^lCJ^P 

Unburied, HlUp ^b^ 

Unburned, m. s. 73^^ ^3^^e 

T \ V •• 

Unburthen, blD h'V pIS R. bbv 

Uncaught, m.s. TH^^: ^37^ DID 

Unceasing, '^fc^n •'^l *1^pn 

Uncertain, m. s. nnn ^IT^^ * p?5p Ch. -ty, p^D 

Unchain, nji?) * ij^n R. nni) 

Unchangeable, m.s. D^f? *^^^n^ mti^^ ^^^ 
Uncharitable, m. s. Dm"' nlCO N^^ -ness, millOnn nDPI 
Unchaste, lewd, m. s. H^i *?11D:i^ -tity, H^t R. DDT 
Unchewd, m. D^llJ^H T-l n-lS*^ DID R. l^t:^ 
Uncircumcised, s. *71p Uncircumcision, n?"!]/ 
Uncircumspect, m. s. "I'^Ht "iHi^ 1i'^>^ 

Uncivil, -ized, m. s. mD^j;;^ *-)pn -ly, niD^jt/:? nDhi 

Unclaimed, (of him) ITO ti^iPB X^ * llSjt/r? lH/in^ ^b 

Unclarified, m. s. pJ^TD li^^Jj? 

Uncle, Tl'l 

Unclean, m. s. filthy, ^|^p ^ ^pj 1^^^ lewd, ^^0 -hness, 

^130 * n^;?D -ly, -n -sed, m. s. i{r\\^h 

Unclouded, nW t<^ 

UNC— UND 87ft 

Uncollected, m. s. inSD * ntDD * V^P^ ^D^:i xb 
Uncomely, m. s. Di^CO nDH * 77nj? IpJ x'? 
Uncomliness, 11*nnn DI/CO HDh 
Uncomfortable, m. s. IQlCO t<7 -ness, rWlJ^ * TV\il'3 
Uncommon, m. s. IP*' * ^^:n "^^V^ I^K 

'tt // \f It T 

Uncompelled, Ch. HnDll ^i^? * D.^li^ l^^^? 
Uncompounded, not mixed, m. s. ^^tl^^ * HZlll^jn ^/B 
Unconceived, m. s. nS ^1/ *nhv ^b 
Unconcern, n^l(2 -ed, m. s. ti^ti^ln JNlT l^^i^ 
Unconscionable, (he) inn ^^r)^^3 t<7 -scionably, ^iD^^ '•'P^n 
Uncontrollable, (he) inn^ "IVI/D l^i? 
I Uncover, HV^ 
Uncouth, m. s. nWD * IT R. 111 

Uncreated, m. s. ^^1n:: ^^n ^i^ 

Unction, ointment, HHt^^P Unctuous, m. s. ]/pt;^ 
Uncultivated, (land) HB "T?]; t^^ (person) m. s. Il/n 
Uncumbered, h'V HD^I/D '^'p -1 R. "7^^ 
Undaunted, m. s. D? *\^'!^'^ * ^T.^^^^St -ly, i^niD 711 
Undecayed, m. s. ^33 r\bl ^b 

•^ II - T II T T 

Undeceive, l.ti^X * plD^^^/nln R. iH*" -able, m. s. H^T t<7 

Undefiled, m. s. Ilnp * ^p: 

Undefinable, m. s. ^"IH^^ N7 Undefined, m. s. D1]1D 

Undeniable, m. s. ti^ny ^b * inn 

Undeplored, (he) vhv liilD /"IDln l**^ 

Undepraved, m. s. ''pj * D^pjl 

Under, -neath, •*7 rinrip * ^i^D/ -age, m. s. ]1tOp -go, 
NJ!^y* ^nO -hand, inp^ -ling, m. s. i;n| -mine, sap, "ihH 
-most, lowest, n\nnr)*]i]inri -rate, -value, (him) ^^IX/H 

lDnj;pr\in5 -seiuis-ii/Dri^in * Wn r. b^\ 

Understand, b^'3pn * ]^3n ♦ J^tS^H R. JC^3 -ing, knowledge. 

276 UND— UNF 

h^i^ * nr n * n^t^n agreement, nna * n^^^? ' vl 

Undertake, n*^D!in * 3ni/r\n -ker, m. s. a manager, ^^Hp^ 
(of funerals) n^inp ''pn^ V?P I^- P^ -king, business, 

nfc^i/D * pp;;, ch. 

Undeserved, D§t^Z?5 ^^W -ing of, m. s. CODt^D *i^ I'^ijt 

Undesigned, H^O ^12 Undesigning, m. s. D**pr) * DJ? 

Undiminished, n^flJD ^^5 * liv'p R. ^"PD 

Undiscerned, m. s. *^'Tl3 ^75 -cerning, m. s. ^*TV I^^S* 

Undisciplined, m. s. IB/ ^7 

Undiscoverable, Undiscovered, m. s. 1S^D2 * D/I/Il 

Undo, ruin, "T^^L^ Undone, ruined, m. s. 12^t^ 

Undoubtedly, pDD '^h'D, * ^^IIH R. HT 

Undress, V. m^H * m^ (one^s self) tO^SHH * tOt^^ 

Undutiful, m. s. HipD * HHlD 

Uneasy,disturbed,m.'s.;i?1'T-|i;0^/pCh.-iness, n^JJ'l/n^y 

Unedifiying, m. s. T^D^^ h^JlV ^b 

Unemployed, m, s. ^^3. 

Unenlightened, m. s. t^'SD nHrn^ *^71^ Irt^ 

Unentertaining, m. s. D^;/} J^/^^^f^P 1^^ R. H;/::^ 

Unenvied, (he) lb ^^Jf^P i^J? 

Uneven, DOnVH ^^w'xSn -ness, D^pni/n ^llti^nDH 

Unexampled, Unexemplified, ]1''P7 "^/ ? 

Unexceptionable, ^DH "^7? 

Unexempt, m. s. ^pj l^^t^ 

Unexercised, m. s. ^^H ^b ' ^|np l:\St >^ 

Unexpectedly, suddenly, DliSH^ i;n§ * n;|pP "^Jl^n 

Unfaded, m. s. ^5^ iih Unfading, m. s. ^2) N^ 

Unfair Dni^^\p \^3 

Unfaithful, -ly, ]M2^ N^B 

Unfashionable, <an?;?)D S^"?;^ m. s. l^hi R. \l^^ 


I nfalhomablo, m. s. ^pn^. ^^ Unfat homed, m. s. Ipjl) ^b 

1 ^iilatigucd, m. s. ^^D tih R. ^V^ 

I ' nfavorable, m. s. 2ltO X? 

Unfeeling, cruel, m. s. H^j^ • *lb |5i^ 2^ 

Unfeigned, real, ^p^?2l * t^^^n Ch. 

Unfertile, (land) HH/ HH^P Vn^5 

Unfilial, a bad son, nl^D^ inlD j^ 

Unfinished, m.s. 1D:2 ubm X^ 

Unfit, improper, m. s. n;i^;| nt?>5 1^^^ 

Unforbidden, m.s. ir\D R. in: (to eat) H^D.S^ *iri: 

Unforced, not compelled, Di3l^^ l*"^!! 

Unforeseen, m. s. D^ll^D *nj^-|i ^h 

Unforgiving, m. s. nTV"!^ *''^?^B * ^? *''^^P 

Unformed. inhR.nnn 

Unforsaken, m. s. "^IDD * ^ID^I 
Unfortified, HDnp ^hll 
Unfortunate, -tunately, HnWn ^^2 
Unfrequented, m. s. D^it:^ -ly, m^^^l ^h^ 
Unfriended, IPi; 1\N^ -1 (he) ^iSlJ 1^ T'!!^ 
Unfriendly, m.s. Dl^tJ^ ♦ti^'in ti^^^lVn 1:'^^? 
Unfruitful, (tree,) in.5 ]n^ t^^ R. \n2 (see Barren,) 
Unfurl, i:/!^ * nflD 

T - T 

Ungenerative, m. s. HiS) "T^'^lD 13:\S R. 'T^*> 
Ungenerous, Ungentlemanlike, ^VH * 2*^12 1^^jt 
Ungenial, m. s. 3ib i^? 

Ungenteel, m. s. mD^j^/? nOn -tleness, niD^V? lOh 
Ungodly, D\n^K ili^n^ "^^5 -liness, JJpl 
Ungovernable, m. s. HlDD * ^IV *nK^p 
Ungraceful, m. s. DJ/t? *np R. "IID 

2 Y 

378 IJNG— UNI 

Ungrateful, unthankful, m. s. b^D^ ^HDl::^ -ly,^1D| nr\'?p3 
Ungrounded, llDV?? 

Unguarded, nn^'ir \^ -1 * T]r\^i;}n ]\^5 

Unhandsome, Unhandy, m. s. DX?^ *")Pr! 

Unhappy, m. s. DV *n^[? * 1?i^ 

Unharmonious, HID"^;;? Hpn^;. "^^5 

Unhealthy, m. s. i^nn D.^^ ^3J\^ 

Unheard, m. s. J/Dti^? ^h 

Unholy, impious, i/^H -iness, wickedness, X/^l 

Unhonoured, ra. s. n?p3 R. 77p 

Unhopeful, (he) lS ^^nlH p^n R. ^H^ 

Unhurt, -fully, pTD '^^ -1 -ful, m. s. p^TD ^33;^^ 

Unicorn, D^5"^ 

Uniform, a dress, D^^TJ? ^niT regular, "Tli/^ -ity, "llD -ly, -3 

Unimaginable, m. s. 2^ by *r\hv,^_^b 

Unimpairable, m. s, )^;_V^E^i?' ^^ I^- P'^ ' ^^P 

Unimpeachable, Dl^ HlOt^t^ ^h^ 

Unimportant, 12"^ ]\^ m. s. 7p R. 77p 

Unimproved, Uninformed, m. s. 1^7 X7 

Uninhabitable, m. s. n2^b *pD3 t^^ -ited, m. s. Iti^"]^ '^h 

Uninspired, (writings, &c.) t^ipH Hnp t^^ 

Uninstructed, m. s. l^h ^b -tive, m. s. D'^DHD 'l^D^'i^ 

Unintelligent, m. s. p3Q 1^1^ -ligible, m. s. ]2V ^^? 

Unintentional, HDID V? 

Uninterested, (he) 1^ ^^Dl^ ^h) ]r)) ^h R-lfi: 

Unintermitting, Uninterrupted, "T^'^jH * "l^H ^'y? 

Uninvited, m. s. ^MV ^^np3 ^b 

Union, unition, nnn^^nH concord, nnni< 

UNI— UNM 379 

Unique, 1^ h'^^f^nh •^:)t^ rsii ins • mlM i^k 

Unison, (in music) nr^^H nlD^i;? 
Unit,m. Tn>^ -edly, VIH^ ♦ in^^ * •7^^^^ 
Unite, to join, p5"1 * "inn * IV}^ agree, 'ilU * in^nH grow 
into one, in^h nVH 

T V : v; 

Unity, the state of being one, nnnX ^ '^^T^) 
Universal, ^^3 -ity, ^bb^ -ly, ^^7?? 
Universe, generality, y^H the world, Dyl^f 
University, tr^in^H n^3 * ^^HD^^np Ch. 
Unjust, (action) H^IV* ^1j^ (person) m. s. hyi?2 
Unjustifiable, m. s. plV^ ^^ 

Unkind, m. s. TDn ^b -ness, H^n* JJl") -ly, 2 

Unknowing, m. s. ]"^3D ^K Unknown, m. s. Ull: ^b R. I/T* 

Unlamented, (he) vbv "l^lD 1\^ 

Unlawful, nin i:2'3 -ly, MD N v't:^ 

Unleavened, ^^^n N7 * H-VD 

Unless, (see Except) 

Unlettered, Unlearned, m. s. I^B * IJ^b ^b 

Unlicensed, niti^n H^^ti^in-nb^^n 

// : T X : T // - • : 

Unlike, m. not like, U^^W -likehood, ITiD^D pn"]P -ly, 

nDi^f2 pin-) 

Unlimited, H'^^pn ^^5 * VRT^? ^' ^^^ * V^P 

Unload, pha * ^i;p ^pn r. bhp 

Unlink, Unlock, njlS * Tlh^ 
Unlooked-for, not expected, DlKn^I/n^ 

Unluckily, nnb-^n y^^2 • ^rp j;l-i? 

Unlucky, mischeivous, i/"! Hipp unfortunate, m. s. * TllS 

Unmaimed, D^D ^b'2 m. s. 0*^^11 
Unmanageable, in. s. 311t2^ * HlpP 

380 UNM— UNP 

Unmanly, ppj? ^"JJ^^^ ^bu/ 

Unmannerly, m. s. HlD^y^ ""^PH 

Unmarried, m. s. ^^:^ * Hf^ ^>?5 Ir5< 

Unmask, n^D^n IpH R. 1^D -ed, m. s. Dl")I/ 

Unmerciful, m. s. Itp^ -ly, mnaj?? 

Unmerited, CO^t^l^D nW 

Unminded, m. s. 2^2 Unmindful, m. s. ;;Diti^ y^t^pf2 ^5rK 

Unmingled, Unmixed, nnn^/n '^^B m. s. ^R5*^t R. ^Dt 

Unmolested, H^COii^ ^bll * HCOu^ 

Unmuffle, npD;pn -ipn R. 110 

Unnamed, ''i^VJ^.S » -^l^^S) 

Unnatural, V2t^n IJi? ^n^^J''^ -lv,I^5^n ^-Jl? t^^:j^ 

Unnavigable, m. s. n^^^ *1 n -ib^rn ^b * ^^T ^b 

Unnecessarily, rp)^ ^bb * "inl/O'? R. "in*' 

Unnecessary "b "TlV ]''?i? 

Unnerve, ti^^^^^n?;J-) 

Unobeyed, (he) U^JJDm ^b ri2'^ 

Unobjectionable, m. s. *3ltD ^^ * Ch. ir\B^^ iib 

Unobservable, m. s. 11^1^ t^? 

Unobserved, not seen, D'^^j;^"^^^n3r\^^^"l^'^^^ 

Unobstructed, Unopposed, HJ^^^p 7 n * H^pCi^ HVVD l^^?n 

Unoccupied, not inhabited, 2U}V ^i^D 

Unopened, m. s. 1^)D * *r\r\^2 D")^ 

Unorderly, Unorganised, -l^qp ^^B * Dn^P ^<^? 

Unpack, nna -ed, m. s. rnflS * 111 V l^^t 

Unpaid, D^^ ^b 

Unpainful, m. s. 2\^?^ ^b 

Unpalatable, m. s. Dj;^^ *1D R. IID 

Unparalleled, ]V01 ^bll 

Unpardonable, ^^2"} nbo"; hm"! ^'? 


UNP— UNP 381 

Unpeaceahlc, quarrelsome, m. s. \')1D *t^\^*3n *">niD'? 

R. n-in 

Unpeople, Dl^ ]^K?) HDmh DW 
Un perceivable, (see Unobservable) 
Unperjured, m. s. l]^J^b *V'^m X^ 
Unphilosophical ^DSS^H T:^? 
Unpitied, m. s. ]W DHT. t<^ R. ]in 
Unpitying, m. s. ]")n> DHT ^b 
Unpleasant, unpleasing, m. s. !11C0 N/ -ly, j/T[!l 
Un pleased, m. s. ^I/T 
Unpliant, m. s. ilU/p 
Unploughed, (field) 1-113;; ^h 
Unpolished, Unpolite, miO^;;: ^^ -1 
Unpolluted, not defiled, m. s, i^DCpfl ti? 
Unpopular, m. s. Kl^jt^ » ^1!^n l^ij^ 
Unpractised, m. s. ^^J") -|\nD 13^^^ 
Unprecedented, m. s. ^r\^'D'2Vt::i^:^ Hi^l^ ^^n: N7 
Unprejudicate, Unprejudiced, m. s. p7^ *^5'^^ 
Unpremeditated, m. s. D^^^Q^p *a:i^n i^^ 
Unprepared, Unprovided, m, s. ]U^ t?? 
Unpretending, m. s. Iin *^D^ * 1J^ 
^Unprevented,-)pp ]\Si:? * H^^^D "^^5 
Unprevailing, p*in * )^^}2} 
Unprincipled, wicked, m. s. if ^"^ 

Unproclaimed, Unpublished, m.s. D^!l"l^ ^I/llH ^h R.i/T^ 
Unproductive, Unprolific, m. s. InSJlHl: nll^'i^^li lr ^t 
Unprofaned, not violated, f. s. HJ^Opn \s7 
Ungrofitable, Klg^ * pn m. s. b^V ^h Unprofitably, -b 
Unprohibited, m. s. -nDKl^^t * inD R. "in: 
Unpropitious, m. s. 2l0 tib 

382 UNP— UNR 

Unproportioned, ^"ISy ^7 

Unpropped, HD^^lOp iv^t^D "^^^ 

Unprotected, HDnpjJip ikh^ R. 13^ 

Unprovoked, I^J/ny "^^3, R. mi; 

Unpunished, m. s. tS^3J^.5 ^b 

Unpursued, f]7ln ]\sil 

Unqualified, Ch. ^Un ^'^^^l i^Nt Unqualify (him) •'Dinnpn 

Unquenchable, "]t:;\ ^h Unquenched, "^D^ ^^'^ 

Unquestionable, -tionably, p^D "'^n * •'l??"T1!l R. HT" 

Unquiet, disturbed, 11)13 ""/^ J^' ^^^ restless, m. s. l*[1inD 

Unravel, explain, tS^ISi * Ifl^ 

Unreal, n^ij^n i^'^ * ch. mti^;^^ "^^3 

Unreasonable, -sonably, 11^^ ]\St3 " nnlD^ "^^3 R. H^"^ 

Unreclaimed, m. s. nD^D *r\pb ^b R. "ID"' 

Unrecompensed, Unrewarded, /IDH D^Q^7ti^ T^^^^ 

Unrecorded, s. 1^D7Ji*n7V_p W 

Unredeemed, m. s. ^^^;i:3 ni^2 ^h 

Unreduced, Unremitted, r\jt/n,ip ^i^ 

Unregarded, unheeded, m. s. H^J^^ X7 not respected, m. s. 

Unrelenting, m. s. •^J?^5t * ^bn^_ ti^ 

Unrelieved, not succoured, "ITlV ]*'^^5 ^^^t eased, i?1il"]P ^/^ 

Unrepenting, Ch. )^^1T\^ DHJ ""b? 

Unreplenished, m. s. i^TO I^^^K 

Unreproached, Unreproved, D*^/?? T*^? 

Unrequested, (he) ITD ti^jT;? t^^ 

Unresented, HD'lI/in "^^:n m. s. hw\l^ 

Unreserved, (he) VS JD 1n^? R. 22b 

Unresisted, not opposed, H^pti^ *'75 

Unrestored, m. s. 2mr} ^b R. IW 

UNR-UNS 383 

Unrestrained, IVi^D l^b?? * HV^^D K^n 

Unrevealed, m. s. inDi * nh:\2 ^b 

Unrevenged, nO)^: X^2 m. s. DpJ i^'^ 

Unrevoked, m. s. 2mn \^? R. 3W 

Unriddle, ih^ 

Unrighteous, m. s. l/^n -ness, I/^i^l * b]V -ly, -3 

Unripe, too early, I^Dt ^;]57 "^^ ^^P^' 7^t^1l 1^3'3, DnO(grapes) 

103 * niDD (figs) D^^5 
Unrivalled, (he) IHlCJ^ lyHQll r>^ 
Unroot, ti^ntj^ ♦ Hip^; 

Unruly, m. s. DnlL^ * i^n?;i 

Unsafe, m. s. nit03 I^ISt in danger of life, jSDP Ch. 

Unsaleable, Hjlp 1\N^ * m. s. "IDI^^ nV 


Unsatisfied, m. s. n'^np^V^'^ I^K -satiable, m. s. i^Ztl^) ^h 

-satisfactory, ]lVn^ '^V??^^ ^^ 
Unsavoury, m. s. y^r^ * D^^ ♦ID 
Unseasonable, IT^J/ t^/H 
Unseconded, Itlr ]>i^2 m. s. Ill^ R. 112 
Unserviceable, m. s. /"^I/i^ ^7 

Unsettle, overthrow, D^H ♦ b^h^ R. ^^3 -tied, m. s. h^blD 
Unshaken, m. s. ^l ^h R. l/IT 
Unshapen, (he) iHlH t^^l IKh t*^ 
Unsheath, ain f]*^^ 
Unsheltered, HDH/!: UD ^^2 R. 13^ 

Unship, nti^iiv ^^^3^ r. ki2 

r » T T-: • T 

Unsifted, not tried, HTpn] H^ni ^^!l 
Unsightly, ^5V*>^n-liness, ''f^iNn lllpn 
Unskilful, unskilled, m. s, ^5?^ *-)pn -ness, ^5?!^ Iph 
Unslaked, m, s. nUD ^7 

384 UNS-UNT 

Unsolicited, (he) iTp tl/^2 t^h -citous, m. s. y^r\ iih 
Unsound, m. s. t^bt^} m'^t^ 

••TV •• 

Unsown, nj;;nn iib 

Unspeakable, 12)0^ l^nh Vi^ R. 1}2 * D'^flDCi^ hv i^'m'' ^b 

^ //"-;//••-:'•■ • - T : '^- •• t • 

Unspecified, m. s. £i^*l^ ^^ 

Unspent, m. s. H/^ X? 

Unspotted, Unstained, DID ^*7? 

Unstable, unsteady, m. s. THlD * "^SpDn 

Unstrained, pHlT? i<^ 

Unsubdued, Untamed, m. s.^/^DD ^3^.^ 

T : • V •• 

Unsubstantial, m. s, Ch. U/^^^D Dy_ 1:\S: 

Unsuccessful, m. s. n^b)fD ^S^ISt * H^V? ^^ 

Unsuitable, Unsuiting, ]5 t^^ R. ]1D 

Unsullied, Untainted, ^Dl ^'^J 

Unsuperfluous, "inlD^ t^^ R. in*^ 

Unsupported, Unsustained, "ITjt/ Hp'^pD ^73 

Unsuspected, m, s. Ch. IWH 13^;^ -ing, m. s. Ti^ln ^'l^.^K 

Unsworn, m. s. S'^m i3^^t 

Untasted, lUDpDj;;^^^!! 

Untenanted, 2p'\'^ ^b^D 

Unterrified, ^^^-)*' ^^llD ^b^ 

Unthankful, m. s. ,1310 1'^?? I^ij^ R. "ID: -ly, b^D!\ rmpl 

Unthinking, m. s. hn2f2 * in?; I:\NJ 

Unthriving, m. s. n\'?yp l^ij^ * H^V^ K^ 

Untie, nri£) * "inn r. -in: untied, m, s. mns * -IDD 

Until, ly -here, n^H Hi) i;; -now, nr\V ^V 
Untimely, iSDt ^?$^ an- birth, 7^5 
Unto (see To) 

Untold, n^D i:\n ^b R. 1:2 

II - \ II -\ 
Untouched, m. s. (by any one) Ji'^J^ *l3i/JJt<7 unmoved. 

UNT-UP 385 

Untoward, m. s. r\}VD -ly, ]Mp2 ^hll 
Untravelled, nu s. ti^^H ♦in ll'v ^h ^ 
Untried, m. s. ]in -l D^^ID 

Untrod, b;n in n-n ^b 

V V ' - T ^ 

Untrue, (person) ]^^Nt N^n Untruth, ipj^ 

Unvanquished, (he) 1^ ^Dl'i l\St 

Unvaried, ^^^^tl} H^-'H ^^3 

Unveil, n vJ-l 

Unversed, m. s. ••^-^11"^ THD 1^^^ 

Unused, not put to use, m. s. 13 U/DTyi!/*! Ch. "^75 

Unuseful, T.^^lH K^^ R. ^^ m. s, SS? *n^V''. '^^ 

Unusual, m. s. IV^ * *'1VQ ^^^l 1r^^ 

ItT // T // • T •• 

Unutterable, ineffable, m. s. n^ti^ 7j; i^'m^ ^7 
Unwalled, m. s. 2^20 HDlH *1^ Pi^ 
Unwarily, rm^HT "^75 Unwariness, HS^n? 

Unwariike, m. s. ^'Vi *::^^^^ ^b * HDn^D *T^^D *1r^5 

Unwarrantable, m. s. p*l)f\ ^7 
Unwarranted, m. s. H^tOB inn ^S^i^ 

- W T // T V .. 

Unwary, m. s. THIS ' 7n3p 
Unwearied, indefatigable, m. s. J/^'^'] ^^jt/**^^ N? 
Unwelcome, m. s. D'';;; ^IVn N^ 

Unwholesome, m. s. pVD R. pill (land) n''npV M^^IX V^Nt 
Unwilling, m. s. ]^D * V5C ^^ 
Unwise, m. s. D^H Xt' 
Unwittingly, nj^l ^^22 R. i/T 

Unworthy, mean, ^j^l^Il undeserving of, m. s. COS^P •l^ ;"^^jt 
Unwrought, yippi Dl'O 
Unyoke, h'V p'la R. ^^i/ 

Up, above, H^tf D^Q * ^IJat an end, m. s. D/*^ * H^D -, interj. 


38G UP— USU 

Dip -and down, in^;. li^if -hill, difficult, 133 
Upbraid, D^t^^KH * Jlj^ l^ptn R. Hi;; -ingly, n^Vn 

Uphold, uplift, i^ii;2 * n3;in * nnn r. on 
•• ~ - .. • _ . T 

Upholsterer, m. s. n^n ^i^S 1^?P R. ]i:) 

Upon, on, •'^jt; -my life, "^tl/^l \';n3 -my honour, -my word. 

Upper, -most, m. s. Jl'^^j; -hand, nvbvn T 
Upright, m, s. erected, ^')pl honest, D^'DIH ^Dil -ly, perpen- 
dicularly, m^pplp honesty, DJI? * ")?£^''2l 

Uproar, Hi^n * n*Din * HDinD 

Uproot, ti/nw' ♦ nj^i; 

Upset, ^bn ♦ Dhn 

Upside, njv^rn -T^^ 

Upstart, m. s. z'\'\pj2 *^n| * ^^n ^^^ nr 

Upward, higher, nbjL?D? more than, " 'D "IHI'^ 

Urge, incite, n^rH R. m;; press, ^^^? * ^"^Jj^H R. p.^ -gency 

'pm -gent, m. s. f in; -gently, H^^H^n * HnV^H!! -ger, 

m. s.TV?P 
Urine, D^^:n ^P 

Us, 1i • • (always affixed, as, I^HI^ us,13^ tons, l^'ip^ teach us) 
Usage, treatment, VP OStJ^p custom, ;in:p * ^^in 
Use, to employ, "2 t^f?r\tl^r\ Ch. treat, W, ^[j^T^n -ful, 

m. s. b^^V R. ^i;^ ♦ n^ip"*."! -less, -K^ (words) ^ nil n?*! 

D^^tO -1 Dnn^ -fulness, H^I/ln -fully, -D -lessly, -K*?^ 

-lessness, — ^n?!!! 

Usual, byin -ly, V^jns ♦ :iin^5 

Usurer, m. s. T^'^212 *nf?0 Usurious, '^^\ l^i? R. *]tJ^: 

Usurp, Hj^rni npS -ation, nj^rnn nn^pb 

Usurper, m. s. J^'ID t^^^ ^P^tD?^ ^' V^ 

USU-VAN 387 

Usury, ^p2 * ^'^^il ^^"'i on usury, —2 rivH 
Utensil, "^^D 

Utility, usefulness, n^J^in R. b^S^ profit, ^/V^ * H^ 
Utmost, Uttermost, "inVH ^D^ extreme, nVjJ * Tvh^n 
Utter, to speak, D^npji^3 i^m * 3p: publish, H^^ -able, 
3p:)'^-ance, ^^tDIl * i^^2D -ly, m.O^ti^n * ^^^^v^Dn * H^D 


Vacancy, Vacuity, emptiness, ^]p^2 * IHH R. HH^ 

Vacant, m. s. empty, p^"! free, ^t^^H 

Vacate, quit, 3tj/ 

Vacation, leisure, ^^S R. H^ii -time, tt^fi^in ^^JD"? \:D^ 

Vacuation, an emptying, Hp^^n evacuation, nil^Ti/ 

Vacuum, ^13 R. nr\2 

Vagabond, Vagrant, m. s. TJT^ ^l R. 11: ♦ ;;i: 

Vague, unsettled, DlflD * D*!^ I^i^ * "^l^ri 

Vain, fruitless, p^,^ ♦ i^l^ *1pJi^ -ly, -^ -glorious, m. s. 

rM^ir}D ' 1^T -giory, m^^l ' nn^np 
Valance, N. Hcoi^DH ^^hp nnnji nno R. no: 
Valet, nnt^^io * t:*;^:^ ch. 

Valetudinarian, m. s. ll/^'H * HS *ipn 

Valiant, m. s. 2h *f DJ? * h\r\ *ti;^^ -ly, ^^H? * 2hn ^^^2 

Valid, m. s. D*p * pJH -ity, Dl^'p * ptH 

Valley, pD^ * Hj^fpn * ^H^ * i^^ 

Valour, 2hn X^m * H^U^ Valorously, -2 

Valuable, m. s. np^^ * Dlti^H 

Value, *^ngn -N. "^Ij; -ation, estimate, m?::^ * ^Dni/n 

Van, -guard, ^^l-Vn ^>?^ •p^!? 

Vanish, -)3yi ^I'^H * nb^l I'^H 

388 VAN-VEN 

Vanity, emptiness, bin arrogance, J^^^i\ * ih ]t\J 
Vanquish, "^jy in^H * • 'h h'D) * H'V? -er, m. s. n-V^JP 
Vapid, m. s. bphpD ' J|i R. hbp * JID * D1J|i Ch. 
Vapour, ni") * 'ib'^p Vaporous, m. s. — i^vD 
Variable, m. s. mw (person) ^^2tl^ *\2 -leness, m^ntt^H -ly. 

Variance, Hl^p * HJ^I^nD Variation, "^13^ * ^^hr^ 

Variegate, ni^^-lD H?^ -tion, nii^nsin ^';):^t^ 

Variety, D^^P riBnn Various, m. D^'^lc:^ 
Varnish, HD? * H^H -N. ^lilin -er, m. s. n^r\D 
Vassal, IDi; * ISI/^D Ch, -age, nHDj; * n^2il^; 
Vast, enormous, Tji^p m. s. ^1T3 -ly, -f^^D^ Tj;;' 
Vault, arch, PlDS-N. H^^ -ed, m. s. fj'lDS (see Cellar) 

Vaunt, ns) 2nin ni^Sinn -N. ns) r.nnin-ingiy,-3 
Veal, h:ii n^n 

Veer, turn about, 3*^30 HJSi 

Vegetable, HDV -tate, HbV -tation, nr\'^D)S -tative, H^lV 

Vehemence, ardour, ^D^ * HplJ^ri -mently, —3 

Vehement, eager, m. s. P]pp3 * pplt^P 

Veil, to cover, HD^ -N. *>^D3 (for the face) ^"^i^/^ a partition, 

V T 

Vein, (in the flesh, or in mines) "T^II 

Velocity, nn\np * m v'p R. hbp 

Velvet, (a silk) ^tZ/l^n n^^ "1.^3 
Venal, mercenary, l/V 3 jt;V3 ^J;??^ -ity, ]^V3 n^ni. 
Vend, nJD -er, m. s. -)3lD -ible, m. s. lp^\ 
Venerable, m. s. I'i^D *1333 * 133D *D"':3i:i *t^')Ji^: 
Venerate, "HiS J^T * TJ<p 133 -tion, mDplin n^T, 
Vengeance, HDjP:? * DJ^: Vengeful, m. s. 1^2) 
Venery, lust, h^}^i^n'Dpj\i:}r\ ' D^3^g Veneral, -ht^ 

VEN-VES 389 

Venison, l^V R. T)V 

Venom, N. t:^1"l * ni^H UD * D^iJ Cli. -ous, m. s. H'^H^D 

Vent, emit, llhu; * i^^ ^1.1 R. «^;^ -one's passion, 'bv HDn ^bf 

-N. a passage, riHS discharge, TliV?^/ * HKVln (see Sale) 
Ventilate, to fan, H^^ i^'^^'lH -tion, mib rMi)i'\n 
Ventilator, ViM p^^^H ^^D * HlSiP R. Hti] 
Venture, to dare, anj^nn m. s. 13^ li^^D -his life, "Wl/^^ «Tin 

IlID^ -N. a chance, iTIpD 
Venturous, bold, niTj; R. Tt;; -ly, -2 
Venus, (a planet) m^^ 3Dl3 
Verocity, n^nt2^, * l^-tDK 

Verb, ^iV|) -al, -ally, H?) ^l/n -atim, nVp2 H v>P 
Verbose, m. s. Dnm HniD -osity, Dnni "^^31 
Verdant, green, ]^V,1. Verdure, ^Ip'^l. 
Verdict, ^^li^D * H^^^Si * T^ "^^^ pC>^ Ch. 

Verify, no^?^ ♦ D^pn R. Dip 

Verily, np^?n * DJP^ • 1?5? R. ]13 

A^erity, n^nb^^ TC^DJ^ *nDi^ 

Vermilion, N. It^^ 

Vermin, niS"! *D^Vnci^ ^D^I/^lH -ate, -DbT 

Vernacular, (his) imSiD V"3^JJ ^^^ R- ^^^ -i^liom> 'i;3i;pi;i^^ 

Vernal, T3^e ht^ 

Verse, a paragraph, pIDSi Ch. poetry, Tlin * nV''7P 

Versed, m. s. TH.!: ^'^pnCh. 

Versifier, m. s. DimnnlV'^^D *innD -fication, DDDH 

T • ; — 

Version, n;jnj;;n ♦ Diunn ch. 

Vertex, Vertical, ti/^lH hjJD 

Very, greatly, TXp -little, nV\f2 Ojt/D (see Identic) 

Vesper, the evening star, f]g^5 HDIS 

390 VES— VIG 

Vespers, ri^iny HHip n^DJH R. hb^ 

Vessel, a utensil, '^b'3 a ship, CO"^.Ci^ '':^? R. COIt:^ 

Vest, to invest, T n^ i^^D dress, t^/n^H -ure, ti^in^D 

Vestibule, ")i"1?in^ * D^^4^ * "IVH 

Vestige, a mark, D^"l 

Vestry, meeting, H^np (a room) — H HD^P^? "nin 

Vetch, (a seed) HVjlJ 

Veteran, m. s. VJ\}::D (as VJ^;??p ri/pn^P ^'^l!^ «« 

o/c? Soldier, j 
Veterinarian, a horse-doctor, D^^DID ^^?1'^ 

Vex, x'nh * p^n -ation, x^^ ' np^^vp * ti^'2)5 riD^^ 

-atiously, —II -atious, m. s. ^Pll? * p*^V?^ "^^^ (h^) 

: ~ T : T 

Viand, nn-ii^ * n?D * Tn 

T ••. - : ' T • T 

Vibrate, Tjt;")n ♦ i^^H R.ifli Vibration, ll/n 

Vicar, Vicarious, Tp2 * Dip^ i^ v»;5P 

Vice, wickedness, ^^'^ * ]iV R. m^ second in rank, 

• 'h n:\f^D (as r\ht2h m^p a Fecero?/.) 
Vicinal, m. s. • -^ 2'\lp^ Vicinity, HD^Dt^ * ^^^1P. 

Vicious, m.s. jlxf injj *irt;}n^ 
Vicissitude, D^i^^ti^ * "innn b^b^ 
Victim, a sacrifice, nar ♦ nnD ^in'ir; 

Victor, -ious, m. s. H-^^P -I'yj rn!^3 * rTinj -riously, — 1 
Victuals, ]1r9 * HTl^ Victual, -JOH -ler, m. s. -]••:??) 

Vie, contend, nnH ^nv3^ rival, ••^i^rinn 

View, to survey, liDT. PID Hi^*! examine, v^riJ^n -N. show, 
Hi^nD ♦ nmD a survey, .Ti<-] * HIDIH object, JOD at 
first-, n^W^l n^l^^na in one-, nili? HDp^t^ng have a 
thing in-, ])3 * '^mn 

Vigilance, nirnt ♦ HTpti^ -lantly, -D -lant, m. s. ' in; 

VIG— VIS 391 

"rpity * n|55 a -lant eye, HHlpa J^jt; 
Vigor, 7^n -ously, —3 -ous, m. s. — L^^"*i^ (see Mi^lit) 
Vile, m. s. nn? ♦ hb"]^ ♦ ^??J^ ^^j;?!^? -ness, * m2 * Dlv'r 

ni^ati^ '■\y,-i Vilify, ^i^r * p]-)n 
Village, mn * -ID? ♦ -i^j^n nn (as n^jijn ^51 ;intt^n 

Heshhon and all her villages.) Villager, m. s. '^HD? 
Villain, -lanous, m. s. 7IIJ -lany, H?!!^ -lanously, —3 

Vincible, m. s. nvr ' u}hrv 

Vindicate,justify,p^*lVL' * ^p^ (one's self) p'l^yn revenge, 

Dp: * Dp5 -tion, (of one's self) mp'iipV''? ^n^^-y^nn 

Vindictive, ra. s. mpi^T DpU -ly, HTp: -l * H^fjn 

Vine, 153 -dresser, D")l3 -gar, l^^^VPn -yard, D"}3 

Vinous, *':^;>. * i:^D 

Vintage, "I^VI^ "tager, 1>;i3 -tner, ]^^_ IDlD 

Violable, m. s. 7n|; R. 77n -ate, injure, p^tH * DbH infringe 
a law, niVP ^i/ "lijf ravish, K^D * DJiS * H^j; -ation, 
nnni/. *^i:^ -ence, pTi ^D^H * D:i^5 -ent, outrageous, 

m. s. D/pin ♦ ^^nxr -entiy, npjn'D, * DDnn 

Violin, ^55 Violist, m. s. -3 1,55P * ~^^ ^I? C0ni2) 
Viper, a serpent, \\^^iim * I/DV * iJn|) * ^J^?^^ 

Virago, ^^n n^z^ij^ * lb nv\p.Nt 

Virgin, n^in n -al, -b\^ -ity, D^^lfl? 
Virility, power of procreating, 152 *T"^7l^n fiS R. "T?^ 
Virtual, effectual, m. s. "pXH -ly, '7i?b3 riDSS 
Virtue, force, n3 piety, Jin'^Dn * plV -tuously, —3 -tuous, 
m. s. TDH ♦ nltD 

• T 

Virulence, n^T"ip * j;;!") -ulent, m. s. ID ♦;;i 
Visage, nijt-lip ♦ D"^:a R. HiD 

Viscount, nnsii' m^^p-ess, — ir\m 

Viscous, m. s. pHl'l * pS'^Hp 

392 VIS— VOL 

Visibility, n^-)P Visibly, -2 * ^^b^ll 

Visible, m. s. niSt-|3 ♦ ^1^| 

Vision, tl^'^D * HtnQ -ary, imaginary, H^IP? 

Visit, to go to see, '•JS nlK^ * 1)?.5 punish, "^i? Tpp) -N. 

D^?2) nli^n nip3-ation, nn^p^-er, m.s. ^D''?^) nliSn^ *.sn 

Vital, •^■}> -parts, vitals, -H ]D ' t^^DJH n*n npif -ity,nVn 

Vitiate, nnt^n * ^p^pR.b^p-tion,nnti^ * ^ip^p 
vitious, m. s. nnt^D Tint:^: *^p^pD 

T : T T : • 't: '••. : 

Vivacious, gay, m. s. ^H^ * •'H *t:^'^ij^ -city, n^nVD 

Vivid, m. s. mr * THQ -ness, n^mt * nn\nD 

Vivific, m. s. n^np Vivify, H^H * n^HH 

viz,-)fa^^^ nnr 

Vocabulary, ni^lpH 1^0 R. ^^D 

Vocal, -ly, HD n -music, Hl^^ 

Vocation, employment, nfc^i[P *PPi? ^^^* 

Vocative, H^npH nii^ V^D R. ^^D 

Vociferation, Hj^rV * n^Dln -erous, m. s. prl^ * HplH 

Vogue, fashion, ^H^ ' 2r\:iD esteem, "7133 *nU^ti^q 

Voice, sound, ^ip vote, Hj^'l R.i/n** 

Void, emit, tO.^£in *>^"^pn 'JlW * ^^)i')n R. i^V'' annul, 
1^t;in -N, null, ]^,^ *D|3^^ empty, m. s. pn * *'\^\^^ an 
empty place, "^'l^l Dlp^ emptiness, njjl^ * ^V*''] * ^^^ 

R. nna 

Volatile, evaporating, m. s. ^^JP^D H^?'; -ity, ]^V'2 H^^? 
Volcano, tS^Jf^-Hv't^^^n 1V'\2 IH R. Iin 

Voiitation, HD^ni * p]i;;p 

Volley, nW 'l!^p2 -N. m^C?^ ' Hj^^p^ 

Volubility, nn\'ip ♦ ni v^p R. hbp Voiuble, m, s. I'^nD 

Volume, a book, "^^S compact, m. s. pJH 

VOL— WAF 393 

Volumnious, D^^ITD^'P'I? htt^ 

Voluntarily, nn'T35* m. s. V^ISID * l^VJ;/? 

Voluntary, Volunteer, m. s. D^^r^p 

Voluptuary, -tuous, m. s. Hl^Sn *fl1C0ti^*1N9 *;i^;; 

Vomit, ^^^'pn -N. (amedicine) H JJj^n DD matter thrown up, i^^p 

Voracious, ]n2in -ness, ^'^^ID npj\\^Pi * m^nDI/H 

Vortex, a whirlpool, D^^H "Plil/il R. 7^J a whirlwind, 

~ T 

Vortical, t'l^jnD * 3ninpp 

Votary, tl^yD * (^li^HD Votaress, n^i^'H.pp * n^'IpJlD 
Vote, nns -N. HTnn * nj;'! R. rT** -ter, m. s. -)nl3 -tive, 

done by vote, nll/'H.n 31") ^?) bv 
Vouch, to attest, n^I/H -N. HH^ * nnij/ri -er,lV * m. s.l^'J^fQ 

-safe, n^pnn 

Vow, make a vow, "ihj -N. 1*7?. 

Vowel, DVi;i ni;i3n nmpi 

Voyage, D^n HJ^^D? -ager, m. s. D^p:inin"!lJ *n2li; 
Vulgar, m. s. mean, ht^ll^ ordinary, tOVlil Ch. the lower 

people, DVn pDH ♦ ptJH D;; ♦ nICOinn -ly, -3 -ism, 

Vulgate, D^^Jpiin^ ti^lp^'^t'lpp D^5")r\ Ch. 
Vulnerable, m. s. ^3ni *pn R. pU 

Vulture, n'^ * r\'t^ 


Wabble, Waddle, S_'\^ * HV^^T^H 
Wafer, p^pT 

Waft, carry over, l^V.H to float, Hh^ 

3 A 

394 WAG— WAR 

Wag, i/ir - the tail, 12?? ^J^}^?, -N. m. s. hnrjD 

Wage, --ain^nn Wager,n5"ii;;pi3nj;^pn r. ^m 

Wages, I^Si^ ♦ n'lpt^D 

Waggery, ^^JlH ' plHV Waggish, m. s. ^nHD * pHVp 

Waggon, n?^^ -er, —vJl^ 

Wail, (see Lament) 

Wainscot JSJD -N. pSD 

Waist, Pii^nx/yps; ch, -coat, |innn ti^in^D 

Wait, expect, n^p^HSn ♦ b^ri'in R. ^n*" stay, "Tb^ attend, 

nnti/b ibv lie in-, • • h n^i;; -er, m. s. nnt^^ -ing, ♦ mpn 

Wake, not sleep, ^''pH * "lU* -N. a watch, l^pD -ful, m. s. 
11/ Waken, rouse, "T^ifH 

Walk,*^*^ntakea., ^IH? "l^nriH * ^.J^Ch.-N. the walking, 
nD'^/H * TJ^l^Cp a walking place, — H DipP -er, one that 
walks, '^bp^ -ing stick, n:}:^pf? * H^P R HCO^ 

Wall, N. HDin-v. -^ipn R. '^p*" 
Wallet, nnnpt? * coipb: * ^^nnri ch. 
Wallop, I'^jnli^ ^i; liij^i njnn 
Wallow, --nV^:! 

Walnut, riJ^? 

Wand, tonti^* ^pp * n^p R nto^ 

Wander, go astray, Hi/D -derer, m. s. HJ/il 

Wane, Di;D* nil* -)bn 

Want, to need, nbH I- toknow,i;T? \*l2)n^^ -N.^IDHp ♦ IDH 

Wanton, ^^inr.n^n;^? pibti' r. t^f^^ -n. m. s. '^•pinno 

nt^] *f]^m* -ness, r^^hb^n -ly, -a 
War, DH^n -N. n;::n^D -like m. s. riDnb^ *t^*^t^ 

••T* tt;- tt;' 

Ward, defend, IV^ DH v'H guard, 'bn ]p^ ] JH -off, * *<:: ^p^H 
-N. a garrison, nVniSn ip?^P ^^H custody, lOti^P -en,^ 

WAR— WAT 395 

anoflicer,Tpa * n3ppaguardiaii,m.s. "IDlt!^ * Dlfllip^QK 
Ch. -robe, DnPi^D -ship, Hllp?) * HTptf^ 

Wares, nn1np*n^i")P Warehouse, -^-)V1^^ (see Store- 

Warfare, iSny ^^V^^ ^l^^if 

Warm, D^H (one*s self) DTSHnn grow-, DHH -N. m. s. DH 
-th, Dh 

Warn, yn\n * Tj/n -ing, ^'^^r^? * nr\yr\ 

Warp, N, "^nt^ 

Warrant, attest, TJjn R. 11;/ authorize, n^ll/l \'m assure, 

••^ in;; * n^:o3n -n. ^^^t^-)^ ra ♦ nvz^n -able, m. s. 

T-*:- tt:t- : ' 

pnvi -y. mnni;. nn? 

Warrior, HDnhD 5S^\^ 

T T : • 

Wart, n^n"^ -y, ~D * -J^^D 

Wary, m. s. nnt? * -)\nr -rily, nn^HTB 

Wash (the body) \*nn (linen) D^? -o^t, /as a vessel) 

D:;?5^^b^)^nD-N. -ing, n^^m * diss -bowi,n^n-i td 

-er, DI113 -ing-place, — H DipP -tub, — H H'^D '>'7!D -er, 
woman, riDDl^ 

Wasp, nj;nv 

Waste, dwindle, T^v'3 spend, (175 desolate, H'^nHH -N. ruined, 
m. s. Din * 3nn3 (see Desert) -ful, waster, m. s. * HvDP 
anno -fulness, \V^3 -fully, -3 

Watch, to guard, lb^ * ibj observe, ' O HN*! * nHK CO^nH 
R, C033 -N. a time of watching, HllO^i^ * l^ti^P a clock, 

Ch. n;;t:^ ni^nD -fui, m. s. n;::!:^: * n^nr -fulness, nn\"ir 

'tt-;- t:* 't •; 

-ing, a guarding, nn"^P^ * illD^P -house, —TV2 -man, 
npW * HDl^; -tower, D^DlV H:p 
Water, to supply with water, D^ptf/ tl -N. (one of the elements) 
D\p -y, -ish, -D -mill, -H HD? nalDH Jlnp -mark, 

396 WAT— WEA 

-course, H^^j^ * npn-l -drop, ^m * HSLD Ch. -fall/lti^is? 

•gruel, Dni;:!^ jiiiinn ^p -man, nna^; i^?^.;? -paii, i? 

-pipe "ll^y 
Wave, put off, Hfl'l beckon, tb"! * Dtn -N. -)!l^P * ^5 -ved, 

moved, m. s. ^T\^2 
Waver, J^i: -er, -ing, (in mind) m. s. *in;;'l? b^pt}} R. j;^^ 

Wax, -N. :m * niyti^ Ch. -v. -n ri-iD 

T T -: - - T 

Way, yy^^ if he come into my-, ^>5^ i^l3^ D^^ to be out of the-, 
err,ni;jn absent, pHnH he asked out of the-,* h'li^U/h HlTpn 

i:^f^D ni^ii^ ti^ipn give-, nb^ make-, • •;:: ni^i * on^^Q'^ii^ 

no- le)1^^ DW3 K^ every-, D^^51^^ ^3 ^J^ all manner of 
ways,D*>3lJ^ D^3?)1^ D^pn'l-farer, -faring,m.s. Hnl^^ nnlU 
-lay, • 'h 21t^ ' ^^^^ -ward^ m. s. T\^V^ ' 2^2^ 


Weak, feeble, m. s. H?"] " t^^^H pliant, ^Tl R. ^21 -en, * Hg)") 

^bX^X} -i^ess, feebleness, ]VD") * r^^}b^n defect, Jlipn 
Weal, happiness, nn^^^H^nniD public-, D^3"inn3i£D 

Wealth, D^:;^:)? * D^P5? * J^ID"^ "if]^ * jiH -y, m. s. I^ll/V 
Wean, ^b^ -hng,m. s. h^D^ 
Weapon, Ch. jn "^^^ * pt^^^ "1^^ 

Wear, have on, ^2^ hold out, T"!^'!^ *T^^^ -away, -off, 
n?^ * n73 -out one's patience, nlK/'t} -^^'j i^* s- 

t^^ni^ * ti^^n^ -ing, ci^u^ ^ti^in^D ^T'7n *ivS3 

T <-" : ; - TT : • T • 

Weary, niK^H *y;iln -N. m. s. j;;^:^ * ^DV -iness, -isome, 

ni^hn *nv'}^ ^bm 

Weasel, l^h 

Weather, fine-, I'Tin pH^ foul-, D^D^J^i) nj; gloomy-, * Din;; 

1:i;:d rough-, n-ii;ii^ • hdid -beaten, m. s. n-s"? yin 1^^^c 

WEA— WES 397 

-gage, -glass, nj;[ HNnD -wise, m. s. '^:VT * ]:'\J:D 
Weave, to form by texture, }^^ -er, m. s. J"}1i^ 
Web, texture, 21t< * ilDDD R. 12D 

' V V V V - I 

\V"etl and Wedding, (see Marry and Marriage,) -ding-day, 

n:^nn Di*" -ding-ring, i^t^Hi^n nii^iD -lock, D^Nii:^; 

W^ednesday, n^t^l "^J^^n") D1^ 

Weed, (an herb) ^^D * S'^^Hg^ -y, -^^^D -hook, ^IVD 

Week, j;i3^ pi. n'\V2l^ (two) D^^Dti> by the-, Vj\2tJ^h -day, 

^inn Dv-iy,j;;uti^n ^inti^ •^'ip 

W^eep. nbn -er, m. s. HDlS * H^np -ing, s. HDn ^'^D? 

W^eigh, tiy the weight, 7pt^ to judge, 07^ 

Weight, a standard, VpJ^D importance, If^^ *nl gravity, 
TiD ^ nM23 -ily, -2 -less, m. s. ]10p^ * '7g R. hhp 

Weighty, m. s. -)p;^ ♦ ^11^ 

Welcome,°^32) ^nP-N. received, m.s.*>1V"^ *nv::)^D'':)s:)n*^3pQ 
reception, U^2^ n^np -! interj. m. s. ^^^13 ^SSn "^n^ 
-comer, m. s. U^)^ ^?F.P 

Welfare, W^ellbeing, HH^V'!^ * "'^^^^ 

Well, a spring, ^^35 * ")1SI3 "^ ^^' ^- convenient, 3lCD not sick, 
iV^3 * nbti^ live-, 3.^ 3*'P^^ -, rightly, 1135^ sufficiently, 

"^■n^ as -as, D5 D5 (as '^7 D5 v ^^ ^<^ ^^ ^^ ^'^^^ 

as to thee, see As) -! come on, n3n R. 311'' it shall be so, 
15 %1'; -born, m. s. tJl/n^ t^^i^ ♦ DH^O -bred, m. s. *hV3, 

V"ikS"i")"n n^D^v^ -done, 3lD (thou) nwi/^ ]13C0\n 

-favoured, m. s. H^^ * ^^^•]P *3lO -nigh, almost, tDf/pS 
-wisher, m.s, 31lO *::^"lil 
Welter, "O ^.^15 

Wen,j;;n^ • n^3: 

Wrench, a young woman, HIX/^ * HD/y -ing, H^t ^ICOti^ 
West, s. 21V J^ -, ad. -^ -erly, -ward, H^ngp 

398 WET— WHE 

Wet, to moisten, 320"} H make to drink, Hipti^n -N. rainy, 
U^Dm nS moist, m. s. lltOI * nh R. m^-ness, ^nU^'DI 

Wether, D^blD ^"^ 

T : • - 

Whale, ]ni)h ' i^i^n 

Wharf, nT»J^?-^1^ -age, -^ J)V D^^ R. DDD 
What, that which, 1^^^ which part, riD * HD -is it? m. 
*^^^^ HD -one is this? m. *i^in *nr np let come -will, 

^^n*ti^ hd ^^'»^ -is become of him? i^ ^^n riD -art 

V : • V T • • TT 

thou to me? ^h] ^h HD -is it to thee? '^h J^IH ni? 

-countryman art thou? 'qni^lD ^1^ HVt^ -ever, ^p^ Si 
-time? ^!^D 

— T 

Wheat, ntSn -en, D'^tDH ^ti^ R. tO^H 

Wheedle, nri§ ' ^^'^pn * np_^ nhn r]\^ri r. ^^SJ^: * hd^ 

Wheel, nnb 35b -N. a circular body,]^ilJ^ ^h^% R. ^^; 

-barrow, inx l51^^ Jibj^ -Wright, D^?5^^^ n^ii; 

Wheeze, H^ ^^^^ * Dti^^ * nm 

Whelp, -)^5 

When, at what time? *^P/p at the time that, ^t^^^?5 -ever. 

Whence, l';^?b ^ Htp ^i^ -soever, ll^^^ nlDipi:??! ^3^ 
Where, -abouts, n;^X * \N^ * ^^^^ -are thy thoughts ? 
^n^tp ^ID*'^^ T\]^ R. D^i -as, when on the contrary, * 'I 
(as r\"ip1i^ ^^it^ whereas she says) -at ilPISlS "^Y* '^^f -into, 
-withal, n^5 -ever, -soever, 1Ji^^^. DipD 755 -fore ? for 
what, nr^h -of, -upon, HD im bv -unto, n?^K^ 

Whet, nt^ * iin -N. "Ti*nn -stone, ch. nmti/n \2^ 

Whether, "il ^ Dtj^ * lJ^ (as, "^h^^Jl whether he idll go. 
t^^i^ D^^ HDHB DK 2i^Ae^/ier ca^^/e or man. nn iJ^ P 1i< 
whether son or daughter.) 

WHE-WHO 399 

Whey, nbn \p 

Which, nr\S -ever, "Itl/i^ ^3 

Whiff, nD^ii;2 * r\2^t^2 * nn^i^: 

While, to loiter, inis? * n^Hprin -N. time, PiV * jDt a little-, 
i;j"1 CO;;p a good-, 3*1 |pr after a-, (days) D^'D'^^ VPP a- 
ago, 123 

WhUst, 11;; -yet, "71;; ^3 

Whim, nnr nn -sicai,m. s. 11^2 ♦ I3np3 nnr nn 

TT- ■*■:• .'CTT- 

Whip, -)D> * nsn R. hd: -n. colti^ -ping, s. nip^p ch. 

Whirl, 3^3D 3^3pf n -N. 3^30 3^3D nvnp -pool, h^^^h^ 

D)Bn R. ^^j -wind, nnn 3i3p 

Whirring D:DJ3 ti^j;/-) ^1p 
Whisker, IpT HiS?) (on the hp,) D^^ R. n^^ 
Whisper, ti^nh -N. ti/nb -er, m. s. tt/n^D 
Whistle, ^^^n33 p'lt^ -N. ^^^n33 Hpnti^ 

Whit, i^m top cor^ 

White, m. s. 137 mn (of an egg) n^^31l37n (of the eye) 
]3^ -wine, p3^n 1.'^^ -ness, nii3^ -wash, N. whiting, T>C:^ 
-V. to plaster, -3 TW -ish, m. s. 13^ ^^3 *):^y 

Whiten, ]3.^n 

Whither, ^;^^ * ]^ 
Whiz, nbn * D'n: 

T T 

Who, ^Q -ever, -soever, t^-^K '^t:'^^ ^3 * nti/i^^ tl^^i^ 
Whole, m. s. solid, D"^pjn (in health) D7^ all, ^"^^3 * rh^ * ^:b 
the-, ^in the total, -IP make-, D^tS^H ♦ tpfl -sale, HTpD 
^^33 .some,m. s. 3lC0 Wholly, m^D.^ti^n * riliS^Dn * np:'^ 
Whom, • '>f2 l^i^ n^^ -soever, Itl/i^ ^5 flK 

Whore, n^7p • n^ir -dom, ni:r ♦ ni:m -house, niiirn n^'ii 

-monger, HIST t]1C0ti^ R. DDT -son, D^Jlit T^^ 
Whose, ^^h * n?/^?^ -are these? n^?< "'P^ ' 

400 WHY~WIN 

Why, np^*i?^np 

Wick, n-i.i/?n b^n^ 

Wicked, m. s. j:^y h)v *nti^li; -ness, i;^-] * h}^_ -ly, -2 

Wide,m.s.broad,nnnremote,p1nn -den, nnnn Width, nnh 

Widow, n:Dhi^ -er, ]ohH -hood, ni:p^^^ 
Wield, p'^mn * rhiS -y, m. s. r^^^•' 
Wife, n;^s * u;^^ ni^^ * 'p^n n^i/n 
Wig, tt^j^h^ nn;;.^ np?;:: 

Wild, savage, iSn§ a beast, ")jy^jn;n absurd, IDBpJ^'hll 
make-, I/h^ grow-, I/l^H (as trees) * tOniniX/n '?1"f| 
^>?i DW -erness, H^^ * ]'\^^lp^. -ness, nUH^ -ly, -3 

Wile, nDiD^nmv * D^'?:::^ ^ nh^: 

Wilful, self-willed, m. s. i^y *nit!J> * 121^^15 ^t^^V R. V^^ 
-ness, niti^py -ly, obstinately, —2 on purpose, HJOll 

Will, to desire, n'l^ *y^ri * n)in purpose, ]15 *ni^n (the 
auxiliary verb-, is expressed with the future, as 1 to"?^, he will 
learn.) -N. choice, Hl'^nil willingneFS, ll^'l * \*5^n testa- 
ment, nt^TV he made a-, in*^,!? Pl^V against his-, 

T T : •• : T • *-' 

liil^nn t^v'^i^ be it how it-, n;:D '^n'^l be it who it-, 

^^n'':^ ^d n\n^ good-, affection, nnn^^ iii-, * nn^^^ 
nyp? -ing, m. s. n^li * y^T\ -ingiy, * n:^?;n ^^^ 

Willow, nanif 

T T-; 

Win, gain, ^^3 * H'^nH * ISnii^n -a battle, H-V: -his 
affection, B^ nJ5 (with flatteries,) Hj^b nl13 IH^il R. nC03 

Wind, to turnround,2'^3p ^Dn-N.nn-mill,-2 ^nlDH llPp 
-ward,—? -pipe, (for the breath) n")i3")5n Hijp 

Winding, a turning, I'^Iip H J DH -sheets, pD""*]?]! -stairs, ^1\} 

Window, an opening, n|l")Nt * \bx\ R. b^H (the glass) 

WIN— WIT 401 

Windy, swelled, m. s. TIM •^bD stormy, mg tlM R. W 
Wine,p red-D*'33i; 331; 0*1 * -)Cn.bibber,m.s. ^^3iD -cellar, 

^^1? -press, n5 
Wing, (of a bird,) f]J3 a side, 1^^ (of an army) f]JSl -ed, 

having wings, m. s. D^^^? *^i?5 
Wink, to hint, Dtn connive, ])V_^''h^n -N. HPpi 
Winner, m. s. n^iniO * "l^J^^P Winning, gain, nn/I/V? 

Winnow, to fan, nntDn nnin rt")T r. mn 

Winter, Pl^n -N. inD * Pinh 

Wipe, to cleanse, Hi^? (hands, &c.) 153 -oft*, HriD -N. * n^p3 
aiJ? * nmp -er, wiping -cloth, Tr R. ni^ 

Wire, nDn;?n co'in r. in^ 

Wisdom, HDDn 

Wise, (see Way) prudent, m. s. DpH -ly, H/ppn!! 

Wish, ti^i^n * Tbi7*fib3 * nxn -n. 'nt;}p2 * ^pi * ninn 

n^^n -fully, -n -er, -ful, m. s. 11/^2?? * IDln * ^ip??- 
Wit, understanding, nj12ri * 713??^ -less, m. s. — "^pH a man 

of-, \»nn * l^a? * ^»3?^.? -cracker, m. s. yh * VV^^ * VV^^^P 

-Hng, m. s. DSnipp 
Witch, n0^D -craft, t^^tT? * D^S^? 

With, by, ' -2 * ^V^ ^1^"^-' ^^ ' ^P -™^' ''^^ * ^^^. ^^ ''^M 

Withal, besides V^y^Tll/l 

Withdraw, to draw back, pn"in * D^'tT^H retire, Iln>^ 112^ 

Wither, to fade, ^33 * H^B * ^b]^ pine, Hl'^S 

Withhold, iVJ^ * j;3D * ^t!^n (one's due) pi:^^ 

Within, -side, ^in? * D"^??? -a time, y^p^ 

Without, not with, ^^3 not within, nVin*\^in destitute of» 

Withstand, oppose, "^^^S jl'VV?^' 7,blJ 

Witness, H^I/n -N. evidence, l^J testimony, mijf]1 

3 B 

402 WIT— WOR 

Witticism, Dni'innn'n ^D"^^^nn 

Wittily, HD^iJ:! Witty, subtle, m. s. UMV * D^'IJ?.? 

Wittingly, nmp * r^vn:?i r. i:T 

Wives, u^m R. ti;2t^ 
Wizard, DDp * ^^DD * '^;)rT. 

Woe, nm * ii:iy ]in-^j; * D^jt; Wofui, nvjr 

Wolf, (a beast) 2^] -ish, m. s. -D PllltO 

Woman, H^^^ (from l^^i^) -ish, -ly, -D -hood, -p^llO ^^^3 

Womb, Dm 

Women, O^m R. ti^J^^ 

Wonder,,^bn * Hi^mn * Drjlnt^n-N.iin^ii ♦ ^h^ * n»ti^ 

-ful, wondrous, m. s. K/pi -fully, wondrously, * K"* /?'!}/ 

D'^i^^? -struck, m. s. DDlti'P 
Wont, pDH * ^jnn -ed, m. s. ^^J^ ♦ ^^D 
Wood, a forest, tJ^")n * IV^ (a substance,) TO -en vessel,, —^7? 

-offering, n^)iV^ l?np 
Woof, Weft, nni;^ texture, jn JJ * DDDD R. -|DD 
Wool, IDV -len- cloth, -1 Jn -lendraper, -"i;? IDlD 
Word, to express, tOnS) * tS^^S) -N. a term, ^21 * H-JD R. h'^D 

* T T ' T T T • 

(in vrriting,) H^'^P} a promise, HnCOIin by-of mouth, H^ V^ll 
-for-, n7p5 nS^ in a-, in fevs^ v^ords, l^l^pll to carry-, 
T|n R. 1^2 carry -back again, n^^^n R. nWto keep his-, 

rriDti^ t^i^iD iDt^ r. ^^^^ break his-, innconmDn * nr:j 

tt;t t xt;— ••t" — 

take one's-, "2 ^P^?D I take thee at thy-, ^''"in^? ^'l;» 

-ed well, v>::)^ ^;; nnmn'i 

T : T '^ \ T T T 

Work, operate, n'm (as liquors) ni/n^njl") labour, te^J 
-out, produce, 7i/^ * 22D -upon the mind, Hrip -N. 

nii^rio * ^Di; ♦ nh^i:^ -house, -)^;;^^'':l;n^^^^on^•l 

-ing-day, HJ^jy.l^nDl'^ -man, ^;;l2i ^nDi^)p bV!l -manship, 

t^nn nfi;^j;p -shop, HDi^^^n n^5 

WOR— WRE 403 

World, universal empire, HSll^pi h^Pi the earth, Htn Djll/ 

-ly, earthly, m. s. \^ 

Worm, nyh^r\ * n^n -eaten, wormy, m. s. *-*l3 HH'^n 

D^;;^in ♦ddh * v_^hnn -wood, nji;.^ 

Worry, to harass, X'^h ^'p^H * IV^ R. pIV * 11 V 

Worse, m. s. "DI/I (as 135^1/1 ?f7or^e ^/ifl« him) make-, 

ynn grow-, j;1in his sickness grew-, V^H T>^j; T'^^H 
Worship, DDin " "IIH * °n^^ i^"!^^ -N. adoration, n^t")'; 

n'lDpnn -ofGod,D^I1^ his-, (term of 

honour) 11133 Jl^jt/D -ful, m. s. Dpi")? 
Worst of all, m. s. hiZD *i;i R. I/ll 
Worsted, 10^ niCOD 
Worth, value, Ip^*^. ♦ '^IV m.s. deserving of,' '^ ""l^l * COS^P *1^ 

equal in price, niCi^-ily,^1K"J3 * C0§:i^p3-less,nnp:! ♦ Dijp3 

(person) /jt/ v3 
Worthy, m. s. 133? * 31t5^n * Ij^^ 
Would, (see will) -to God, ^h * in^ ^P R. ]n: 
Wound, to hurt, V^^ * ^hD -N. ;;^9 ♦ rDP a mortal-, 

mD n3D R. n3i -ed, m. s. ;;r^*a * ^^hD 

Wrangle, to contend, p?£^l/rin * 3nn * nVJH argue, * n31 

n^inn -n. psi^i; * 3n * n-^p * njPi^DP * nisi -ler, m. s. 

Wrap, to envelop, fjCOj; * nbjj * tO\^n R. COI^ (in ecstacyy 

°^i? ,-33i;nn mi:; -per, ^id3 * ns^ifp * niDj:.^ 

Wrath, flVp. ♦ n?n * ^Nt R. DH^ * P|3« -ful, m. s. -K^? 

-fully, -3 -less, (he) 1^ ]^K HDH 
Wreak, to revenge, Dp^flH * Dp: -N. iipp? -ful, m.s/ Dp^HD 

-IDl^rOpi: -less, m. s. -li^ijj 
Wreath, ;ilg^ ^nj;/ -N. a thing twisted, h^r\p 
Wreathy, twisted, lV2/f2 

404 WRE— YEA 

Wreck, n^H * "73^^ -N. ] -mn * mi< a ship-, H'^i^n 12tl^ 

Wrench, Wrest, pull, npm2 "^li/D -N. npm2 nyii;t? 

Wrestle, "Dj; pUSH * DH^n -ling, D^^in?? * Hpn'?? -ler. 

Wretch, -ed, m. s. HD? ^^t^l^ -edness, H^") * m^ ? fi^ -edly,-! 
Wright, a workman, HD^^pHi^'li; (in wood) D^'VJ?! t^lO 
Wring, to twist, n^)] * "^DH-hands, D^"T^^ pSH-out, (as linen&c.) 
COriD * ID'nk^ -oif the head, £^i<-| nX P^^ 

T T V I T 

Wrinkle, CO;?p -N. C£);^p 

Wrist, l^n pnS -band, T^p^ 

Writ, scripture, t2^1p ^KlpD (a legal process) HIV? * rTTIp^ 

to issue out a-, ^x ni^i^ ri^t^^ * ^^ ipti^n 

Write, I'm Writer, m. s. Qnl^ (author) I^Hp 

Writhe, to twist, i^'t^ * n^y 

Writing, a thing written, HPID * ^jTlpp act of-, Hyjl? -master, 

"iDlD -tings, nin^i^^ch. Written, nn;)nm.s. nins * anp? 

Wrong, i;-in R.;;i-) -N. an error, m^p unfit, ]5 ^^ injustice, 
h^V -ful, m. s. -n^^l;; -fully, -3 -ly, 11D3? H^ 

Wroth, m. s. fy^p n?:ir\ *^hf2 r. dh^ 

Wry, m. s. n^^P * li;\^V ' 7pJJD make a -face, D\nD^ l^^^JJ 


Yacht, nai? ny^. 

Yard, (a ground enclosed) IV H (a measure) D^'f^^i^ 


Yawn, open the mouth, HQ ")i/S long after, "7 Jl^ be sleepy, 

pm -ing, m. s. nrn ♦ D^p^np r. di:) 


Yea, DJP.S * H^pK ♦ ]? R. pD-, and more than that, D^ ^tj 

Yean,nV Wnit^ ' f*^^'^'^ ''' 

•YEA^YOU 405 

Year, n:i{^ pi. U^^tl} (two) D^n2:^(in contraction) "»5tt^ or 

nliti^ -liiig, m. n:u}]2 f. r]r^:i:; ns -iv, annual, n^ii/h 

every year, mtl^2 n:\i; ^"^D * HD^O^ U^O^h 
Yearn, his bowels did- upon, % VDnn nDD?* ' '^ V^Q IDH 

-ing, "^D^i/pnipn 
Yelk, r^ydrr\ * ]lQ^n 
Yell, n'lv ")0 * b'^h^n -n. n^^*' 

Yellow, 3'nV -ish, pnp")*; 

Yes, t!^"; * ]tl * ]^ R. pD (an interrogation is, however, com. 

monly answered by the repetition of the Verb in the 

affirmative, as '•pyJlH wilt thou go? ^7^ Yes I will go.) 
Yest, D*'-)9t!> (on a sea) f]^!^ 
Yesterday, ^I^JH ♦ ^I^Hi^ Yesternight, tl/DV^ 
Yet, moreover, 11^/1 nevertheless, nXt 7^3 at least, * ^^ 

nin^n ^pS still'ni;; they are- speaking,* On^np Dli]/ 

not-, D")^ 
Yield, to produce, f^plH * f^b; * i^^^H • ^^ylH R. Kia * SV*" 

give up, |jlj * ibp give way to,* D Hb^ assent,* * '2 H^n 

D^J^ t^\t/2 -in ff, concession, nrJl 3 *n")"'DD condescend- 

-ing, m. s. D'^;!^ *^^?J^1: 
Yoke, to couple, T^PVl^ enslave, T^3i;n * hv h'S D^DiJn 

-N. TDv * ^i; R. ^^y 

Yonder, n^'i^ 'U\^ 

T T T 

Yore, D^>D^ * D^ji;::Tpn D"^;o^3 

You, (s. see Thou and Thee) m. pi. DTHij^ accusative, D50^ 
of-, your's, DDW to-, DD? from-, DwSD * D30 in, or on-, 

V T 

Your, m. D?** (asD?"!?*! your word) -selves, DH DII^ 

DniStJD^ -self, (see Thyself) 
Young, youthful, h^V m. s. Om'2 *J] R. 131 lately brought 

406 YOU— ZOO 

forth, pil^ -man, D/)/ -woman, tlf^bn grow -again, (he) 
rn^i;? ti^'inipn she is with- nyi bring forth-, nV a -be- 
ginner, m. s. ^^r\r\D R. ^^n ♦ i'^hd hr\D ir^? a'^chiid, 

^1 nbl a -fowl, nl-)?J:? -er, m. s. ^^1^ Mt3p -est, m. s. 

// • T //It It 

Youth, youngster, m. 1^2 tender age, * ni"in!l ♦ nn^^ 

D'^pi^Xf. * Dn^;;? -fui, m. s. ninn nnixf;] ^;:d^3 f/s. 

n^y\V? ''9^? 

Zeal, -ousness, ^p3 * Hj^ltJ^ri -ously, — D -ous, m. s. * PJDD^ 
Pi?.1:^n -ot, (for God^s glory,) m. s. Viibi^b K^pp 

Zenith, ti^i^-in hjJD 

Zest, N. a relish, Dj/0 -V. —\h2 * D^^/pn 

Zodiac, m^jpn nn^jin 

Zone, (in geography) Xl)$[l ^HH pJ^H 

Zoology, ni^nn ;;3iD riTpq nnin* r. n-i^ 



English and Hehi^ew words ^ which have a manifest resemblance 
in expression and meaning. 

Abash, ti^mn 

Abbot, n^**N3i<Ch, 
Adore, TTi^n 
Aggregate, J^")^^< 
Air, 1^1» Ch. 
Aloes, jrhni^ 
Annoy, HJ^ 
At, with, ni^ 
Base, nr^ 
Bashful, U^in 
Boor, ^W 
Break, piSJ 

Broth, nnn 
Cable, ^nn 

Call, Sp 
Camel, 7DII 
Cane, H^p 
Check, IDtC^ 
Cinnamon, pip 
Coal, ^m 
Corner, HP 
Cover, "ISO 
Craw, Cry, i^lp 
Cypher, 13D 
Dabble, 'patO 
Dagger, IpT 
Dance, Y^ 
Dash, tr^n 

Daw, ni^-r 

Dull, Vt R. ^'pI 

Dumb, on 

Dwell, '^nr 

Each, tr^^i^ 

Earth, X^i^ 

Evil, W'^li* 

Fall, ^3: which, if with a 

prefix, always drops 

Ferine, Free, J^")H) 
Fig, :)S) 

Fleet, Flit, D^9 
Fruit, JinS) 
Fuse, m^ or TW^ 

Gay, ^^*:) 
Gaze, nrn 
Gibbous, /iiw:) 
Glib, nt»:i 

Grass, 1:^^:1 
Grate, lim 
Gripe, cii:i 
Gash, WJJ 
Hall, ^ni< 
Hang, p2n 
Harass, Ditl 
He, Kin 
Hiss, DH 

Hook, nn^HDn 
Howl, W\n 
Hum, nan* Dm 

Hush, n^n 
Joke, pn^i 
Issue, i^ijiii: ♦ ni^''2^ 
Kid, n:i 
Knave, a::i*c):)n 
Laugh, nr*?*:iv'? 

Lick, ppb 

Maim, DID 

Mai.. Ma\e..b:^r2 

Mass, Kt^TD R. Kt^r: 

Measure, ni1t:^D 

Meek, ^D R. ^DD 

Metal, ^•'tOD 

Mete, niD 

Miser, *-)iiD R. -)-lir 

n;?i:D Ch. 

Mistery, nJIDD 
Mite, lOJ^D 

Mosaic, nOt:^D R. HDt:^ 
Nitre, "17)^ 

Nod, T):i 

Numb. D1J 
Obedient, 13); 
Obese, DU^< 

Occur, mpn 
Odd, nnj^* -inch. 

Over, nnV 
Paradise, D"l")3 
Part, 113 * rOIS) 
Piece,J19 R. DD^ 
Plough, n'^s 
Pure, in R. 1in 

Rage, ?:ii * m'-) 

Rake, p^l 

Raven, Ravenous, pVI 

Riches, ti^lDI 

Rush, t:;:;i 

Sack, p^ 

Scale, 'ppt:^ 

Seeth. Sodden, lit R. 10 

Set, nw 

Seven, y2^ 
Shield, V:h^ 
Shower, 1W 
Shiver, inti^ 
Shriek, Hpnt:^ 
Side, i:i R. 1i:i 
Sign, ]V:i 
Simile, 7DD 
Sir, li:^ 

Six, t:^::' 

Skean, pti; 
Skill, ^Dt; 
Smite, nt2^ * Diyi 
Sob, Sop, ^\W 
Sore,n2iR.1i:ii*iPi{ Ch. 
Sorrow, m^jR. 112i 
Sour, -TiV^^ 
Sparrow, llSJii 
Spit, ilBti; 

Stem, DDD 
Stream, Dit 
Strew, mt 
Summon, pT 

Sword, zait:^ 

Symphony, H'^JIBIDID Ch- 

Teat, 11 

Then, ^^* ♦ n^* Ch. 

Thou, nnK 

Tier, IID 

Track, 111 

Yes. ^"^ 

By the same Author ^2 vols. 'Svo., 20s. 

HEBREW and ENGLISH LEXICON, containing aU the words 
of the Old Testament, with the Chaldce words in Daniel, Ezra, and 
the Targums, and also the Talmudical and Rabbinical Words derived 
from them.— AN ENGLISH and HEBREW LEXICON ; composed 
after Johnson's Dictionary, containing fifteen thousand English Words 
rendered into Biblical or Rabbinical Hebrew, or into Chaldce. To 
which is annexed, a list of English and Hebrew Words, the expression 
and meanings of which appear to be the same in both Languages. 

This book, which is most handsomely printed, is safer than Gesenius. 

British Magazine. 

In an age in which happily there is an increasing spirit of devotion 
to the study of biblical literature, it is pleasing to find a corresponding 
degree of readiness to meet the demands of the student by furnishing 
him with those facilities which may render his progress at once agree- 
able and certain. It is within our memory when Buxtorf, Parkhurst, 
and Pike were almost the only Hebrew lexicons in use in this country ; 
with what effect the state of biblical science during that period 
abundantly testifies. Subsequently Eichhorn's Simonis was known to 
a few ; but it was not till Gesenius was translated into our language on 
the other side of the Atlantic, that it was discovered that a very diflfc- 
rent method of Hebrew study must be pursued, if any thing like a pro- 
found, satisfactory, and consistent acquaintance with the Old Testament 
original was to be acquired. Bating the neological views which too 
frequently disfigure the pages of that author, the perfection whicli 
characterises them might appear to render any other labor of the kind 
altogether superfluous. Since, however, no two minds contemplate 
the same object in all respects alike, it is interesting and instructive to 
compare with the results which he has brought out, others proceeding 
from a totally difi'erent school, such as that from wliich the works have 
emanated which appear at the head of this article. 

The author is a Jew, who evidently possesses a very deep insight into 
the genius of the language vernacular to his ancestors, and still held in 
veneration among his people, as that in which is written the inspired 
volume of their rehgious faith. He also appears candidly to have 
availed himself of the light thrown upon words and passages by Chris- 
tian authors who have labored in the same department ; and to have 
executed his task in every point of view in a very credita])le niannci'. 
The principal value, however, of his Hebrew Lexicon, the property 
which distinguishes it from all others, is its exhibition of the words 
found in the Targums, the Talmudical, and Rabbinical writings. If it 
contained nothing more, it would, on this account alone, be worth more 
than double the cost to those who wish to look into such Jewish works 
as have been composed since the completion of the Old Testament canon. 

The English llebrew Dictionary will be found extremely useful in 
the preparation of Hebrew exercises, cs])ccially to any who may be 
desirous of translating any English books, tracts, &c., into Hebrew, 
with a view to efi'ect the conversion of the Jews. — The Eclectic RetAeiv, 


' p