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Full text of "An English-Hebrew lexicon, being a complete verbal index to Gesenius' Hebrew lexicon"

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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1872, by 

In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 



rrtiNTKn liv n. o. noucitToN and comvany. 



The dictionary of a foreign language, to be complete, should not only state 
the significations of all the words in that language, but likewise reverse the 
process, by exhibiting the words which answer to any given signification. The 
Hebrew Lexicon of Gesenius, in its original form, like most Oriental lexicons, 
is provided with an index to all its definitions, referring to the page on which 
each definition occurs, and where, of course, the Hebrew word is to be found 
which is so defined. This index was not reproduced by Dr. Robinson in his 
English translation of Gesenius, which it is safe to say is still by far the best 
Hebrew-English Lexicon in existence. Gesenius, although not faultless, 
remains the acknowledged leader in Hebrew lexicography, and there is no 
prospect of his being soon superseded. And Dr. Robinson's has the advan- 
tage over any rival translation of superior accuracy and precision, and of 
incorporating the latest and most matured views of the author, as shown in 
his Thesaurus. The lack of an English-Hebrew Index, which has been its most 
serious defect, has now been admirably supplied by Mr. Joseph L. Potter, a 
young gentleman recently graduated from the Theological Seminary in this 
place, and abundantly qualified for the work, both by his careful accuracy and 
by his knowledge of Hebrew. He has, in, fact, not merely made an index, 
with references to the page, in consulting which it would be necessary to turn 
back and look up each Hebrew term separately ; he has greatly enhanced 
the value of his work and the facility of using it by preparing what rather 
deserves to be entitled an English-Hebrew Dictionary, which exhibits along; 
with each English word its Hebrew equivalents. As such, it possesses an 
independent value, being not only a needed supplement to the Hebrew- 
English Lexicon of Gesenius, but capable of being used separately by those 
who have other lexicons than his. And it has all the completeness of which 
the case admits, since it contains terms corresponding to the entire stock of 
Hebrew words used in the Old Testament. 

I have perfect confidence in the thoroughness and conscientiousness with 
which this work has been prepared, and have no hesitation in commending it 
to teachers and students of Hebrew as an important aid in imparting or 
acquiring a knowledge of this venerable and sacred tongue. 

W. Henry Green, 
Professor of Oriental and Old Testament Literatwre. 

Princeton, N. J., June, 1873. 


Thi3 work does not profess to be a full and complete English-Hebrew 
Lexicon, but simply a faithful Index to the Hebrew Lexicon of Gesenius as 
translated by Dr. Edward Robinson, giving the English words which there 
occur as translations, alphabetically, with their Hebrew and Chaldee equiva- 
lents following them ; and to this extent will be available as an English- 
Hebrew Lexicon. 

It may be of service to the student to notice the following principles which 
have governed its preparation : — 

Chaldee words are placed after the Hebrew, enclosed in parentheses and 
introduced by the contraction Ch. 

Such significations only as appeared to be in actual use are noted ; and of 
the proper names a few of the more familiar are inserted, and also some which 
could not readily be found in the Hebrew Lexicon from their English form. 

When the derivative verbal species have their ordinary force, as NiphaJ 
passive of Kal, Pual of Piel, Hophal of Hiphil, Piel intensive, Hiphil 
causative, and Hithpael reflexive of Kal, they are not inserted ; but when a 
different relation is found, as Niphal passive of Hiphil, Piel causative of Kal, 
etc., they are inserted ; and when two or more species have the same meaning, 
each of them is noted. 

It will be observed that some Hebrew words are immediately preceded by 
the word see. This signifies that some doubt is expressed in the Lexicon 
as to that meaning, or else it is found in the translation of phrases given for 
the sake of example under the word. These significations, although not equal 
in importance to those given as direct equivalents, seemed nevertheless to be 
deserving of note. 

Some Hebrew words are followed by the word once^ which signifies that 
the word, or that form of the word, occurs but once with that meaning, 
although it may occur elsewhere with other significations. 

When the same Hebrew or Chaldee form has distinct groups of meanings, 
and is repeated in the Lexicon as separate words, the particular one referred 
to is indicated by the Roman numeral attached to the word. 

The gender of nouns in the singular is given, and also in the plural, when 
not indicated by the termination. 

The forms of adjectives are masculine, unless otherwise stated, except 
in a few instances, where the gender is not designated in the Hebrew Lexicon, 


The poetical usage has been noted ; as also that of the later Hebrew. 

The names of verbal species are somewhat more abbreviated than in the 
Hebrew Lexicon, and w. has been put for with. The other abbreviations are 
for the most part as they occur in the Lexicon, and it is hoped they will be 
readily understood. 

Only translations given in Italics have been regarded in the preparation of 
this Index. 

^ Although neither time nor labor has been spared to render the work accu- 
rate, errors and omissions will probably be discovered. That its imperfections 
may not prevent its being of service to those acquiring the languages of the 
Old Testament Revelation, is the earnest wish of its author, 

Joseph Lewis Potter. 

Theological Seminary, 

Pmuckton, N. J., ApHl, 1872. 

V ow of, -iDx and lax m. 
.ance, •\-6r\ m., -p^an m. once f,, 

aOi- irK4. ,^ 

The forms oi 
in a few instances, where lu 

eictLIsh-hebrew index, 

a, inx . (Ch. in .) 
Aaron, 'iVnx . 

abandon, to, n^j Hi., see iliaa d, 3tr . 
abandoned, b23 . 
abandonment, bfl3tt3 m. 
abase, to, bs^ Hi. (Ch. bsia Aph.) 
abased, to be, bad . 
abdomen, ti^n H m. 
Abel, b=n . 
abhor, to, hnz , V?a K. Hi., ixa Pi., yrip 

I mth 3 .^ ypai Pi., nxn H Pi. part. 

(once), arn Pi. 
to cause to, am Pi. 
abhorred, to be, asn Ni. 

to cause to be, 3Sn Pi. 
abhorrence, ■p'xn'n m., "ji^"^'^ w^- 

to fill one with, 2"n Pi. 
Abib, the month, a-'axn ttJn'n, 
abide, to, see nn I, 1, nuj"' , "i^b and ■j^b 

K. Hithpal., nn: , "jsyj also -pd , see 

nsn Pu. 
ability, "ix I m., h^n m., n'a m. 
abject, to be, bb; . 
abjectness, see rn^t . 
able, to be, bbi , n's n^is c. b . (Ch. bs" 

or bD7 , bri3 .) 
able to bear, to effect, to be, bb^ . 
able to, to be, bb^ with inf. c. b . 
abode, aJntB m. 
abodes, pi'Sn (once.) 
abolish, to, -i-ns I Hi. 
abominable, b^S3 concr., see in D731I3 

Po., 3?n3 . 
the setting up of the, see wq^ Po. 
thing, "j'^pa m., y^;4 "^-j f^^^'^P^ ^• 

to be, n;T . abominable. 

to make, arn Pi. Hi. 
abominate, to, 2xn H Pi. part, (once), 

=sn Pi. 
abominaticm, r.'nz f., nT'a f., bi5S3 m., 
■('•Jipilj m., irp'^B m., nnrin f. 

of the desolator, see in cr^a Po. 

to be an, arn Ni. 
abortion, ribsttJ-Q f., bs3 m. 

to have, bb'JJ and bsaj Pi. 

to make an, bbUJ and bsiU PI Hi. 
abound, to, -irs Ni. 

to cause to, nr"^ Hi. 
about, bx , 2 , -!?3 and ns2 , 3 , b . 

this time, to-morro-w, nn:: nS3 . 
about to, to be, b n*n withinfin., aitSn 

Pi., a"ip I with inf. and b . 
above, (besides), "^33 bs . 

(higher than), b?^^ , b braia , 
nbr^ , nbp^b, nbsTsba , br^a , 
br , b bri', b bro , ' bsia. (Ch. 
bs , xbsi followed by -,10 .) 

(more than), -"ssb .(Ch. "j-p comparat.) 
Abraham, Abram, nnnrx , 3'73S . 
abroad, y^^ , f^^in , yna , y^nh 

(poet.), nisnnb . 
abrogated, to be, (Ch. nis .) 
Absalom, cibaiax . 

absolve, to, npj Pi. c )^ ., 3J"JB , p'lS Hi. 
abvStain, to, -ip Ni. Hi. c. I^a . 

from, to, -iT3'r with '(^a . 

from evil, to, nsn^ niUS . 
abstaining, an, nq'i I f. 
abstinence, vow of, 10s and nsx m, 
abundance, "jdrj m., "jiian m. once f., 



•,Dn m., in^ m., nnn") f., Tizs m., 
■(■•aD^ , nxbx: f., na-n? m., nan: f., 
pEO m., n-jpr f., see -rr , hbb f. 
(onco), an m., n^^^- f., rab m., rab 
m., rEUi ni. (once), rsB^r f. 
of, according to the, "^-r , "^nia , 

abundant, sab . 

drink, rr^in f. 

to be, laa , Tins , np^ 11 Nl, nan . 

to make, ^n^ Hi., naa Hi., -ins n Hi. 
abundantly, np;^ , nn;i bs , n^aa^l? , anb . 
abuse, to, bb|5 Pi. 
abyss, nnas f., "ji^?^ ™-' ^^"^ *■' ^'^^'^ 

com. (poet.) 
abysses of waters, niibnia (once.) 
acacia, ni:b f. 
acacia-wood, D"'BttJ "^ss . 
accejjt, to, n^h , xba . 
acceptable, "^aifn c. b , to. 

to be, '("is-b n-'n , "li^sn'bs n^n . 

to, to be, -lEb with bs . (Ch. nab 
c. bs and onp .) 

to make one's self, n^n Hithp. c. bx . 
acceptance, •,"'::n m. 
accqjted graciously, to be, n:2n Ni. 
accepted of, ■'sisn c. gen. (poet.) 

to be, see bs: 2, g. 
access, to have, 'b "^afi nxn . 

to make ready of, nnj^ Hi. 

to, to grant, cn-n Ni. with b . 
accident, ri'^p^ m., r\-yp m. 
accidentally, srE3 . 
acclamation, joyful, nn-n m. 
acclivity, nbs^o m., aps m. 
accompany, to, rx , OS r,bn , nbb 

accomplish, to, xi'a Hi., bb^ , nbs I. 

prosperously, to, nbst I Hi. (Ch. nbs 
Aph, after Heb. form.) 
accomplished, to be, xia, r^^r^ Ni. 
(only in pret. and part.), nbs . 

to be prosperously, (Ch. nbjt Aph. 
after Heb, form.) 
accord, (musical) ^J^ and ip m. 
according as, -ittiXS , psts (once), "ifia 
-rx , ^ti5x "D-bs . 

accordmg to, bit , a , ''■ja ^ 3 , nrx3 , 
b, -.73, bs3, -Ea,'-Eb', ^^'k. 

(Ch. -,72 .) 

to the command of, •'ES . •'Eb . -bs 

to tlie mention of, "eS . 

to the multitude of, trro , •'na . 

... 7 ... 

to the notation of, •'eS . 
to the number of, -\bc^ (adver- 
account, (Ch. cxi3 m.) 

of, to make, auin Pi. (Ch. cxa Dib 


to give, n3S I. 

to render an, (Ch. NTasia an*! .) 
accounted, to be, arn Ni. 
accurately, (Ch. biE^ .) 
accursed, one, nbbp f. concr. 

to be, bbp Pu. 
accusation, nsisb f. 
accusative, sign of the, px . (Ch. p^ \ 
accuse falsely, to, (Ch. "^n ■<ni:£-p bsx, 

•^n •'rsnp bax .) 
accustom, to, irb Pi. 

one's self, to, i-qb c. bx . 
accustomed, n^Tsb . 

to be, Cibx or rbx , nrb Pu., ",aD 
Hi. with inf. et b . 
acid, to be, yrn . 
acknowledge, to, n^j Hi. 
acquaint, to, sn'j Hi. 

one's self with, to, "jrD Hi. c. 
C5 . 
acquaintance, see sn^ Pu. part., snb 
m., psn-i^ f., nsp m., sn H m., nsn 
acquainted with, to be, 'pa K. Hi., sn^, 
nsa Hi. 
with, to become, sn*; . 
acquire, to, xia Hi., xs^ , bns , 5b3 Hi., 
ntos I, nsp , ba*; , T»^n . 
to let, XST3 Hi. 
acquired, to be, xs^ Ni. with b of 

acquisition, bsB m. (poet), -j-sp m. 
acquit, to, np3 Pi. c. "jia , pns Hi 
one's self as, to, b n^n . 



acrid, 115 . 
acridness, nn'-ra f. 

act, an, b^'O^ m., nb^naa f., nb??3 m., 
b5S m. (poet.) 

a mighty, brs m. (poet.) 
to, an3, nia? I. 

corruptly, lightly, perversely, &c., 
see uirder the adverbs, 
acting, mode of, nirria m. 
action, n'iiV'q m. 

wrong, ",12? m. 
active, }'^x, see h'^n 4, see ir^an n 
part, pass., "j^i^n 11. 

to be, Y^ii K. Hithp., -j'-nn (once), 
see TTS II. 
Adam, cix . 

adamant, see cbn;) , -i''ia?Ji m. 
adapt, to, (Ch. rpx .) 
Adar (month), inx . (Ch. ^"IS .) 
add, to, cio^ K. Hi. (both defec), nso 
(only in imp. and inf.) 
to, to, cjo"; K. Hi. (both defec), hsO 
(only in imp. and inf. w. by), 
n'^ia w. hs . 
to do, to, qo^ K. Hi. (both defec.) 
w. inf. 
added, to be, -ip^ Ni. c. bs . (Ch. ID") 

Ho. in Heb. manner.) 
adder, nssx com., zr:3^s_ m., "jng m. 
additions, n^so"3 . 
address in a soothing manner, to, r::3 

adhere, to, see thx , 4, p^n and pn'n , 
-^n.(Ch. p=^.) 

firmly, to, pTH , 'ISS. 
to make, pan Hi. 
to, to, nbn c. b? . 
adhering, p3'n . 
adit (of a mine), prob. bn: m. 
adjacent, to bo, "(yaj Ni. c. b . 
adjoin one's self, to, nso and nsi) Ni. c. 

bs , Ilithp. c. 3 . 
adjudge to, to, ns'^ Hi. c. b, bba Pi. 

w. b. 
adjure, to, tz^ Hi. 
administration, aar and r:2tt3 m. 
admire, to, -1 pa Pi. w. 2 . 

admirable, to make, xba Hi. 

admit, to, xia Hi., 'b "js xIud, ba;? Pi. 

(later Heb.;, a^j? I Pi. Hi.' 
admitted to the presence of, to l)e, nsn 

'a ■'ss . 
admonish, to, ^a-i Pi., ^nj Hi., na'^ Hi., 

^.D^ Pi., nns Pi. w. 3 , m:? Hi. 
against, to, -t3 Hi. 
admonished, (Ch. -itit .) 

to be, ^D"« Ni. 
admonition, no^i^ m., -lOia, nnain f. 

to receive, ^rtT Ni. 
ado, much, y:^ an. 
Adonis, see T^jsn . 
adopted daughter, n2 I f. 
adore, to, r^'iz Pi., t^r\ , nniB Hithpal. 

(Ch. rpa Pa. w. b .) 
adored, r,na. 
adom, to, -i-tn . a::"" Hi., ii<a I Pi. 

- T ' - T ' - r 

one's self, to, ms 

T T 

with, to, ms w. 2 aces, 
adorned, to be, -ijo I Hithp. 
adornment, see n-nn . 
adulterate, to, bn-a (once), 
adulterer, nx: , :]x:ia . 
adulterers, c"^"iT . 

adulteress, nn: f., raxb, nsx:^ , n'lai f. 
adulteries, a''EX3 , c"5^tX:. 
adultery, to commit, rix3 . 
advance, to, -iirx or -ia)x K. Pi., r^-r^ . 
advantage, "jliiL'S m. 
adversaries, D^•^^ , see D^^p . 

my, '^::3it) . 

thy, r^r^_^^-q "tlJ^j^ . 
adversary, a'^ist m., a*^"' , a"^^"^ m., -12 
m. (poet.), -ins , ys'ii, m., -i-iiu , ctjipn 

a female, n~s f. 


my, ■'a"'"i WX 
"'^'21'pr'c . 

to be an, a'^X, pto. 
adverse destiny, o-'bsibyri m. pi. 
adversity, Tj'^" , ^7^, 3?"^ h^m nsi f. 
advertise, to, y^"^ . 
advic rv5) n f . 

given, "I an m. 
advise, to, yv"^ K. Ni. 




advised, to let one's self be, ys^ Ni. 

well, •jTy-.s . 
advisedly, upon advisement, n^ra . 
adviser, yrr . 
advocate, 'i^?! m. 
adytum, -""-'n m. 
adz, "12? 13 in. 
afar, from, prnr?3 , Tin-nw , pin-^rb . 

off, r\nhn , pn-^a^ , i::a , pinn^a ^ 
p'in-i2 (once). 

~ T I ^ 

off, to be, sec ofl-i K. 1. 
affair, 12^ m., -j'sn m., -,-3? m. (only in 

Eccle.). (Cb. n"^x, irs m.) 
affected, to be, Ti" . 
affection, C"7:nn plu. 
affirm, to, nnr (once Cheth.) 

solemnly, to, nar Hi. 
affixed, to be, (Cb. jtn^ Itbpe.) 
afflict, to, nbs Pi., r\hn Pi. Hi., ni"; I 
Pi. Ill, 2X3 Hi., r,N;2 Hi., yns Hi., 
nsr , n:r II Pi. Hi., -li? K. Pi.' rr-j 
Hi.oniii (Chetb.). n;nlini. (Cli. 5<1:2 
Pa.) "' 
afflicted, V"^*? > "!".^ 5 ~? > "it" ^^ 
xrbn , nifl3 , X23 , N23 , i:» , •';s . 
(Ch. 2''ss.) 
the, (Ch. •,-:? plur.) 
to be, N2:j Pu., b^rj , njr II K. Ni. 
Pu. Ilitb., 2Jtr Ni. (Ch. n:s II.) 
affliction, •'bn m., -pa^ m., ^'nb m., 
r!i:» f., "srui., nr-i f., *n2t m., n^s f. 
aforetime, bi*;rx and bnms , once 
b"ir:nx , c-^^np , np . (Ch. -p:onpic 

afraid, to be, rsa Ni., isis I with -(^ , 
•'rB^ ., sx-n , bpiT , X';!'' , 'S'^_'^ (once 
pret.), -jT-ir J inB , r:-i . (Ch. bnn c. 
P , on;^ .) 
of, to i)e, 15^ only 1 and 2pers., c. ace. 
to make, rra Pi. (only poet.), nnn 
Hi., x-i^ PL, y\s Hi., ran . 
after, (adj.), 'iTx. 

(adv.), •^nnx'i^x (w. verbs of motion), 

cva , ^rx2 . 
(prep.), -nx , ^-.nx , "'"inxp , 2 , 
153 and nra . 3 , b , ",13 , bs , 
yp-c , rpb (later writers), see 

ns;? 2, rsfria . (Ch. nnx , ''•nnj< , 
-inx3, nra, -^r .^ .) 
after, (conj.), i?:3 , ir3 . 
a near time, ciip^ . 
some time, ca^'ia . 
that^ tx , nttjx , nnx , *t^x ■'nnx , 

■^nnx w. inf. 
this, rXT ""^nx (later Heb.). 
those who come, rr^nnx f. concr. 
time, Tinx m. -(i-nx si"' , n'^'^nx 

f. (Ch. n^-inx f.) 
to be, nnx (once.) 
after-birth, rrbtt) f. 
after-math, ttipb m. 

aftei-wards, ^nx , "|3 ~nx , c'^'^2"nn -^nx 
nbxn , rxT ■^nnx (later Heb.), innx 
',3 , ^3 ■'inxTS . 
again, no'' (defect), w. another verb, 

lis , n-'sd, nr (Ch. ni3^:n .) 
against, bx (w. hostile motion), see nx 
n 2., 3 , b , n:3b , br , see cs B, c, 
■^reb (after verbs of motion), "SQ'bs 
(Ch. b? , cy , n:£b .) 
agate, see nrbnx 'i2w; m. 
age, an, b'^a m., -i"n ra., pcrh. *inr m. 
(Ch. -n.) 
(time of life), o"'^"' m. plu. (Ch. "j-^a-ii 

m. plu.) 
great in, D''2n plu. 
men of an, b-^a m. 
of great, cr^ "^"'22 . 
old, ipt m.. n:pT 1, c^:pT m. plu., 

nb3 m., 2"'tt5 m., n2"'iu f. 
youthful, crsib?. m. plu. 
aged, IPT, 

to be, -(pl . 
ages, D"'7:b'is . 

ancient, everlasting, ciabi? . 
future, ni-i'^m., o"rbir. 
agitate, to, cin , ysiT Pil. 
agitated, to be, tt55a Hithp., uS-^j Ni., see 
nn^o n, -^SD Ni., nro Ni. Hithp., 

to be violently, nso . 
agitation, ns-T f 

agree together, to, (Ch. •^•c^ Hithp. Keri.) 
agreement, nth m. 



agriculture, mbr f. 

ah ! Pinx , nx II c. dat., ix II c. dat., 

I pray thee ! ah now ! S3X . 
aha! nxn . 

Ahasuerus, ttJiTittinx . 
aid, SiiT f. rarely m., nynilS'^ f. 

to, pTn Hi., Hithp. w. a, 05., 
s'lji^ Hi., xba Pi., nso, -,TS K. 
Hi.' (Ch. i?p c. b .) ' 
to implore, xip I w. bs of pers. 
on account of, against, 
aide-de-camp, c^h^ xilia . 
aim, n-i:i?2 also x^:272 f. 
at, to, n.v-i . 
to, *,n3 Pil. w. ^3? of mark, Hi. c. 

ail", (mien), n'^'S plu. 

air, breath of, nni f. 

aired, npi: . 

airy, nj-i^a . 

alacrity, (to do anything) with, jr^x c. 

alarm, n?!i'^n f. 

to sound an, sm Hi. 

to sound the, nrsiin Jpn . 

' T : "^ T 

alarm-trumpets, c-'b^i"' m-iBiUi. 
alarmed, to be, tsn . 
alarms, trumpets of, c^bsi'n ni'^BilJ. 
alas, nnx , nx II c. dat., ^x II c dat., 

•<bh<A only with "^b ., "in , "^in . 
alert, ^''-H • 

to be, -jr^x K. Hi. Hithp. 

to be on the, y^n (once.) 

to make, y^n Hi. 

to render, "I'lax Pi. 
alienated, to be, rps (only in preter.) 

from, to be, rp^ (only future), with 

■^ , ^"^ • 
alienation, nxnjn f. 
alight, to, bB3 c. bsia.., n:!2 . 
alike, in- , inn*^ . 

to be, to be regarded, nrr Nithp. 
aliment, ;rs3 com. 
alive, ■<n . (Ch. ti .) 

preserving, saving, (Ch. XP^.) 

to be preserved, riTi . 


alive, to preserve, n^n PL Hi., *io» I HI,' 
Dip Pi. 
to save, ii'Ea Vf^in . 
alkali, na II m., p-ma f. 
all, "in;;; w. nouns or pronouns, •rin^ w, 
plu., ba , see aS at end. (Ch. bs .) 
as one, -in-i w. nouns or pronouns, 

Tnn^ w. plu. 
kinds of, ba . 
manner of, see ba , 4. 
the, ba before a plu. sub. made 

together, b'a oa , •tn'^ , i^n^ . 
allay, to, see TV\i , Hi. A. 
allegiance, to yield, pina) HithpaL 
alleviation, nna f. 
alley, pnii) m. 
allied, cibttJ . 

to be, nan K. Pu. 
allot, to, na^ K. c. b , Pi. (only in later 
to, to, xsia Hi. 
allotted, to be, ysn Pu. 

to have, bna Ho. 
allow to, to, HBi I Hi. with b of 

allowance, an, ns-ox f., r^m^n f., p'n m. 

T T -: T ^ -t " 

alloy, b"^"|2 m. 

ally, nx I m., mnx f., Sint f. rarely m., 

my, "^Tsibai tij-x , ""^baj. 
Almighty, the, bx I m., "^ifiui m. 
almond, an, ip'j m. 

nut, npr m. 

tree, see T^ib , ip'ij m. 
almonds, made like, ipii^-q . 
almug-trees, ca^cbx . 

almost, 'I'xa , i3r?2a . 

alms, to ask, bxQJ . 

aloes, lignum, D^bnx and ribnx . 

alone, r|X (before subs.), nab (c. suff.), 

n-ja , nnab , isaa , pn . 
alone, (adj.), nnx , nn^a, n^rr . 

to be, nna . 

to let, bnn and bnn w. "(Ta of pers*, 
r^Ti'^ I Hi. w. b of pens, 
along with, a , rarb . 




already, -1^3 (later Heb. only in Eccle.), 

nnr . 
also, nx I, ca (com. put before the word 
lo which it refers). (Ch. nx .) 

as, n , :i and 1 (pec. to Pent, and 
altar, nat^ m. (Ch. nan 72 m.) 
brazen, nrn:n nsT-s . 
golden, rr>Tr:« nsTia , 
of burnt-offeiing, see bs'^n , rl'ca 

of God, bx/^^x m. 
of incense, pibpn ri3t73 . 
altare of incense, n'T-iis p^ . 
alter, to, c^bn Hi., ano , nr;3 I Pi. 

(Ch. nyv Pa. Aph.) 
altered, to be, n:d I. (Ch. s2tD Pe. 

alternate couraes, in, ns'^bn . 
alternately, r!S''-rt . 
alternation, ns-^n f. 
although, siVx (later Heb.), ex , t;x I, 

•"tt^X (rarely), *3 I, "3 05 , ca , •'S 

ca , 1 , !| and 1 (sometimes), hv 

connect inf. 
altitude, nra m., c-;-)?: m., rab^D m., 

r^z'^p f. 
altogether, nnxa, r,x (before an adj.), 

Ti: , *^^^: , Vs, nbs . (Ch. bb.) 
as, nar-bs . 
always, Di-nn-bs , n"«rn . 
amazed, to be, bn2 Ni., c^'n , y^n and 

S'^n , n*;;'^ (once), cia'j K Hithpo., 

nsa) I Hithp. 

T T * 

amazement, ntttt)^ f., ^iisraJ m. 

to ])e struck with fear and, n^n K. 
ambassador, 1^5 ' . 
amber, see ct^b , s.-e TrJiirin 2. 
ambush, an, aiix , aiixn colL, 2"ix 
m., i-xt: m. 

to lie in, to reconnoitre in, 3*s K. 

to set an, a-^y Hi. 

- T 

ambushment, anxi? m. 
amen, -(rs . 
amenity, prs . 

amerce, to, tJj? w. b . 

" T J 

(one) in, to, tt5.r w. 2 aces, 
amethyst, see Jmbnx 

T T : "- ' 

amiable, rnx3 . 

amid, -irSi and ^SS , C5 . 

amidst, C3? 

Ammonite, -^siiasj . 

Amorite, ^nisx . 

Amos, 011355 . 

among, bx , a , ir3 and ira , C5 , 

r,in3 . 
amount, uix-i I m. (Ch. ajxi .) 
amoure, caMx , c^afix 
ample, n2n?3 f. concr. 

to be, nin . 
amplitude, ri2-i:a f. 
amulets, C^L'nb . 
an, nrjx. (Ch. nn .) 
ancestor, ax m. 
ancestors, oijiax'] . 
ancestral houses, ni'sxri n^a . 
ancient, see cbiS , p^TjS , ^it-jp^^ . ( I1. 

P^P?? •) 
days, D^'Qinp (once), d^i? m. 
times, from, txia and TX-l^a , 
cb-ir^ , z'npyi . 
ancients, CDilJX"! . 

and, rjx I (poet.), 1 , si and \, . ^ and 1 
(vav convcrsive.) 

especially, namely, particularly, yet, 
1 , !| and 1 . 

I ' T 

80 forth, (Ch. rsrsi .) 

that too, 1 , !i and * (occasion- 
anew, to make, ttJnn Pi. 
angel, r^xbp m. (Ch. TiXb'? .) 
angels, see nibx A, Note., Q-nbxn ■'ra , 

anger, qx II m., c^bx du., crT m., 
?,n m., xrn (once), T\-cn T f., y;-in 
m., ors m., t;?3 m. (only in Job.), 
-i*«5 II m., ass m., nx:p f., qs;3 
m., t:S m., ni-i f. (Ch. xon , xbh , 
fjStp m.. Tan m.) 

burning, r.x "(iir . 

bursts of, D'sSn , d-OTB . 

glow of, rx •,'i"'n . 



ang(!r, quick of, d-^SN "'SJ? . 

slow of, c^Qx rpx . 

to burn with, -i-nn Ni 

to iDrovoke to, qS)5 Hi., tS"! Hi., 
c?-; Hi. (Ch. 75-1 Aph.) 

to be provoked to, d"t Ni. 
angle, nsn f., ?i:£p^ m., nss f. 
angles, (internal), rissip^ , nisspnia . 
angry, nrt , no , sisp . 

he was, hh n-^n . 

' T T 

to be, 5:x K. Hithp. with 2 ., iria 
Hithp., CS1 Ni., rjST c. ex , 
bs ., n^n K. and Ni. c. 3 , 
Hithp., nnn Ni., Drs , a^S 
Hithp., ci^p , Tan w. b towards, 
against. (Ch. d:2 , J]^;:) , tsn .) 
to be very, err . 
to become, rba Hithp. w. 2 of 

thing, cause. 
to make, 0"3 Hi. 
anguish, nir H m. 
I am in, -'h ns . 
to burn with, phj:[ . 
animadversion, n'}p2 f. 
animadvert, to, -ip2 Pi. 
animal, n*n f., tlSep com., nmJ3 f. 

(Ch. xi^n , n;^n f.) 
animals, smaller aquatic, ynttS m. coll., 

fully, ^11371 irnt^ . 
ankle, bb"!;:? . 
ankle-band, 035 m. 
ankles, see dex in du. 
anklet, 033? m. 
anklets, to put on, to make a tinkling 

(with), 033 Pi. 
annals, C'C'^n '^'^Z'!i . 
announce, to, 153 Hi., :pia'i) Hi. 
future things, to, nsr I. 
(good news), to, •'iu2 Pi. 
revelations, visions, to, nin with 
annul, to, TiQ I Hi. 
anoint, to, "^liiyi Pi., nn^ (once), n^-o , 
T\Oi I, T^JiD (only after washing, 
etc.), * nsD and nsa . 
one's self, to, r^no K. Hi. 
anointed, n^iria . 

anointed one, TJ'^03 . 

to be, bb2 . 
anointing, an, nmL^Ta f. 
anointing-oil, nnaisn "jiatlJ . 
another, -inx , "it . ^'133 , ns3?i f., see 

'"-' T* -it' 1 ' 

"»;tiJ at end. (Ch. i-inx 1, "pnx ,) 

• ■• ^ -t: rr • tt: tr '/ 

family, nation, one of, -17 . 
answer, an, nwia m., n^ntlin f. 

to, n3S I K. Ni. c. b ,, -i2"n s-'tiin . 
(Ch. n3s or x:s I, x^sns 2"nx J 

^ T-: T-. TT : • • -1 ' 

Dsrs aTnri c. ace. of pars.) 
to bring back, -ii'n 2"^tt5n . 
answered, to be, ,135 I NI 

T T 

ant, an, nb^3 f. 
antelope, "^ns m., "ixn . 
female, n'sas f. 

' T • I 

(species of), ■j''itt3"'t| m. 
anterior, "^ssb . 
anticipate, to, cnp Pi. Hi. 
antiquity, rrcnp f. 
ants, see hizin . 
anvil, CSS . 
anxiety, njx'n f., "^bn m., T*:^ II m, 

to be in, ns'^ impers. 
anxious cares, nis? (once) c. suff. 

to be, 5x^ , r\hn K. Ni. c. b? ., 
•}r!ip I c. ■'3Siq . 
any man, n^x m., ttj-^x m. 

one, D-ix m., nx I m., nnx , ttJ-iS 
m., hi, »n if m. (Ch. Vs.) 

one who, 1:0 , 

other, IT . 


thing, n-^ m., Vs, n^!iX?3 , Mtt. 

°' T T ' T I ' T 

whither, n3X1 n:x . 


apart, inb . 
apartment, inn m. 

women's, see '(i^anx . 
ape, q"ip m. 

aperture, riQ m. (Ch. DiS m.) 
aphorism, MS'^b'Q f. 
apostasy, n::?,aJ73 , nno f. 
apostate, (adj.), sz'iai , 321115. 

(sub.), 22itt3 m. 
apostates, see ctjia . 
apostatize, j-inn'i2 S!^B . 
apothegm, b r la I m. 
apparatus, 1^5 m. 




apparition, crj'^x , 
appeal, nnr'Ti f. 

appear, to, nba Ni., o^p , nsn Ni. 
appearance, nir"n f., P'Tn f., nx"^ 
' m., "pjs f., r\yn'cr\ f. 

external, ere plu. 
appease, to, ies Pi. 
appeased, to be, rjrtti . 
appetite, ix (once Cheth.), rr^xn f. 
applause, bbn^a ra. 
apple, niDH m. 
apple-tree, rtflBn m. 
apply, to, abJ Hi., -,r3 with ^5 ., nV? 
Hi., c!tib and D-iu . 

one's mind, to, -,^3 Pi. w, h . 

one's self, to, h zh ",n3 . 

one's self unto, to, \r-'n . 

to, to, xr3 Hi. w. bx . 

' ' TT 

appoint, to, y^x Pi., pp?n , y-i^ Po., 
r^-i Hi. c. b ., ib^ , -J0-' K. Pi., 

-T t ' -T " -T ' 

nr*; w. b ., IIS Hi., njia K. c. b , 
Pi. (only later Heb.), nirr I H., ntos 
I, ips K. Hi. w. ace. of pers. and br ., 
nis Pi., UJnp Pi., cib and c^tt) , 
"izttj , rr^ttJ . (Ch. pi3^ and x3^ Pa., 
csib .) 

to, over, to, Ti^y I w. b . 
appointed meeting, ms I f. 

place, mrM"^ f., "ips^ m. 

portion, nnnx , p'n m. 

season, sign, "iriTs m. 

(something), n:73X f. 

time, '^^^ m. (later Heb), c^TS"! w. 
gen. (Ch. "(rt and i^at m.) 

to be, n3?2 Pu., -i^oy I, 'ips Ni. 

' T T ' - T ' '- T 

to have, bn3 Ho. 
appointment, moi^ f., nsi^a m., Ipsio 

ai)portion, to, pbn Pi. c. b ., nnttJ . 

• - T I J - T 

approach, n^ip f. 

to, C33 Ni. pret. K. fut. w. bx , 
Hi., 3=D , -ro C. bx ., S-^I-' I 
and z-np K. Ni. (Ch. s"ip .) 
to cause to, 2";:p I Pi. Hi. 
to command to, 3ip Fli. 
approaching, 2"ip . 
approbation, y\:i^ m. 

appropriate, to, pbn . 
approve, to, -ra , raji Pi. 
apron, n"n:n f. 
apt, ~."«rtio . 

to be, -in-a I Pi. 

to push, ns3 . 
aquatic animals, the smaller, v-^iiS m. 

coll., fully, c/sr^ yi'si . 
aqueduct, nb2>n f. 
Arab, Arabian, an, "^zt? , '^2'^5 . 
Arabia, see n-^six , see nb'^'^n , 2^S . 

Eastern, uiiis. 

mountain of, C"T;?n in . 
Arabian desert, the great, "i2i"i5an . 
Aramsea, the Aramaeans, c*ix . 
Ararat, t3i'^x . 
arch, an, n'n:>x f. 
archer, an, nniTa m., nrp m., nr'n 

archers, qi-v , c-'sn ''b?3 , see y%n 
Pi. part, ntp "'inijTa , nttp com., see 

architect, yi^cx I m., "j^x m. 
architrave, ss I m. 
Arctui-us, see D'^'^T^ . 
ardent, to be, srn Hi., i-^r . 
ardor, ttSx com., r\i(:p f. 

to do with, n-n Hi. w. finite 
arduous, to be, xbs Ni. 
are, see in xin , 4. 
area, prob. n-in f., ""^a m , OJ'^S^ m.. 

2n-J f. (Ch.'-.-nx .) ' 
areola, nj^t'^s f. 

argue together, to, n:*' Ni. Hithp. 
argument, nix I com., rn^in f. 
arid places, c^^nn . 

tract, n3'^5 f. 

to be, "i-^n , C5;i^ . 
arise ! c^ip , 

to, n'r\ , nns? I Ni, llithpal , nrr I 
C!ip , z^"^ . (Ch. c-p ' 
ark, -(i-ix com., nzn f. (Egyptian 

arm, ri-TX , r^"iT f. rarely m., 7j:n 
m., •,:£n m. (Ch. r''^ • '."n 

one's self, to, n^x Ilithp., -jrbn Ni. 




arm, the lower, riiT f- rarely m. 

to, S3e Tjso Pilp. 
arm-band, nnsax 1 
armature, r^y ra. 
armed, y^hn . 

force, npTn n" . 

■tt -: T 

man, •,j'o Itj^x . 

to be, see xb-o Ni. 
armies, casx (only in Ezek.) 
armor-bearer, D'^bs 5*^5. 
ai-mor, to be fenced with, see sb^ Ni. 

' ' - T 

armory, c">b3 n^a , p^3 and piB3 m. 
armpits, see ps'n in plu. 
arms, (of the body), riTi , c^jps . 
arms, (weapons), •,^h, C^bs , rT^ni'T?, 
pit): and p':^}_ m., ni'sbn (pro- 
ph(!tic. ) 

to cover with, see r^ro Pilp. 
arms, to fold in one's, p3n . 

to fold (or) take in the, jrnp Pi. 
army, ]^•r:71 m. once f., s^-\^ f. rarely 
m., b'ln m., b"^n m., qjs f, (poet), 
rums usually m., x2S m. (Ch. bin 
aromatic her])s, c^npnia . 
odor, cba and oiD2 m. 
powder, pxd3 f. 
aroraatics, n^ao . 
around, b n'30 , a'^a"'2D c. sufE., 

: ■ T ' • • ( ' 

ni3^zD, br. 
arouse, to, -30 Pilp., nii:? I Hi, 
arraign, to, nr^ Hi. 
arrange, to, , T|"]2> . 
arranged, to be, -jris Ho. 
arrangement, Tp:?^ m., ns""??? f., 

naisn H f., rr^san f. 
array, n3-js>*3 f., niD";?'?? f. plu. 
to, -i"i3? , c!ii) and o-'iu . 
to set in, see cvi) Hi., rr^'ii . 
to set one's self in, n-^'dS . 
to set the battle in, nianb^ ry^^ . 
arrayed (for battle), rjnns . 
arrive at, to, x:£^ c. n^ ., r53 Hi. w. 

-i» . 
arrogance, -I'-tT m., nb sm ., CJXUJ m., 

ISXllJ m. 
arrogant, it , — irf , 2n-i . 

an-ow, I'n m., y:m m., rs^a m. 
arrow-snake, tisp m. 
arrow-wound, yn m. 
an-ows, see 3^ , 3., see qaJ^ . 

burning, nip"T , C'^t . 
arsenal, pais and puis m., see in 

•'sbn . 
art, an, ir'in m. 

work of, n^'Jiinia and nst^rna f. 
Artaxerxes, NnaJuJrn'nx . 
artful, can . 

article, the definite, .n , n . n . 
artifice, an, i^^^n m. 
artificer, Qj^n m., see ii5^n . illSn . 
artificial work, a) "in m., riiJ5 f. 
artist, "(lax m., 3*1) n. 
arts, n":h;2;n m. plu. 
secret, D"'::b . 
taking, npb m. 
as, ^!^xr, 2, "^ns, niiian, rrnans , 
1 , ^ and 1 (in clauses to be c(m"i- 
pared together), 3 , 1733 , '1133 , "33 , 
.tt33 . (Ch. 3 , n3"T3 , -":i '2p-b3 .) 
at this day, n-TIi q't3 . 
before, formerly, aiii)baj biians . 
for, b. 

if, 3,' -)'^X3 , b . (Ch. 3 .) 
it were, (Ch. 3 .) 
long as, -"bs n? , ''rib 3 ns? . 
long as I live, d-'TS'i TH^V • 
often as, ^'n'D w. infin., "^ns . 
so, 3—3 , 1723 , 1733 (repeat- 
ed), "jS— 3 , -,3—^03X3 . 
soon as, 3 w. infin., ^U3s<3 , 1733 , 

1733 . (Ch. ^"13 .) 
this, (Ch. ^13-13 .) 
though, "i^Jss , b , 
though not, xbb . 
to, bx , 3 , b . ' 
to this matter, n-tn ns'nb 15 . 
well — as, 3 — 3 . 
yet, -,3-^5 , -IIS. 
ascend, to, p03 (once), rtbs . (Ch. pD3 , 
qbp or qbc .) 
to cause to, (Ch. p33 Aph.) 
ascending, an, nxto"? f. 
ascent, r\hyq m., nbrTS f. 




ashamed, to be, L'ia K. HithpaL, nsn 
n K. Hi., ^2"; Hi., cbs Ni., qps 

to be made, c^3 Ho. Ni. 

to make, UJS"' Hi. 
ashes, -iex m., ■jttj'n m., n-'D m. 

to cleanse from, yfn Pi. 

to take away, •,u:"n Pi. 
aside from, ns^T . 

from that, 'nt^s;Q 'inb . 
ask alms, to, bN\l) . 

an oracle, to, tii*]^ . 

as a loan, to, bxtti . 

for, to, lU':^ w. ace. of thing, and 
1^ , est: of pers., bxtlj . 

for one's self, to, ii bsiU . bj«l3 

- T ' - T 

leave, to, bxuJ Ni. 
to, nrs , 23,^2 Pi. w. "j^ of pers. 
also ace. of thing., i^'n Pi. vr. h 
and 2 ., 'i'l'n , Kstt) K. Pi. (Ch! 
S^2 c. -,73 ., bxr w. b of pers., 
w. ace. about which.) 
asking, an, n^xuJ f. 
asleep, •jii^'^. 

to fall, •,ti3i , S!i3 . 
asp, :i:ia)3? m., ire m. 
aspect, nx'i^ m., -ps f., c^jQ plu. 

(Ch. in .)■ 
asphaltus, "nrn m. 
ass, T^Tsn m. 

wild, see T^s , m'-is m., xns once 

nnQ com. (Ch. 1-15 m.) 
young, Tis m. 
ass-driver, fcjis . 

assail, to, r^tn Ho. c. b:?., nnn Po. 
(once), qbn , n2S c. bs ., ?5b K. Hi., 
•1^:1 L n-i;? Pi., Kn;!j H, -jeu) Po., 

together, to, xb^a Hithp. w. b? . 
asFailant, 5':.B^ . 

my, •'^Eil)^ . 
j^f aiL^.i.ts, D^s 
assault, an, ras'S m , vis m. 
assay, to, Vxi H Hi. w. inf. c ■. . 
assay er, -jinS m. 
assemblage, neON f. 

assemble, to, r,ox , prT Ni., ns"^ Ni. 
w. bs against, 0:3 K. Pi., nrrj Ni., 
see ttJis, y::;? K. Pi. Hi., br\p^ Ni., 
n;;? Ni. (Ch.' f :3 .) 

themselves, to, see -!ia I Hithpal. 
assembled, r:J2r'c f. 

to be, cipx Ni. Hithp., -1^3) Ni. 
(Ch. tt5:3 Ithp.) 
assemblies, n'lBOX (only in plu.), 

D^bniTT?, hibnp5^. 
assembling, an, hr\p m. 
assembly, i^pr}h f. (once), ^s^iia m., 
nsi^ m, i^-^p-q m., Vio m., mSJ I 
f., n^ss and nn::r 1, hnp m.. 

T T-: V V -: ' t't 

nbnp f. 

T •' I 

place of, iSJiia m. 
assign, to, pbn Pi. c. b .^ -jd^ . 
assist, to, pm Pi. 
assistant, n'^ttJ'O . 
associate, an, nx I m., "isn m., '^3^ 

•,3b, -(Ti?. (Ch. ^sn 



associates, ni:3 (plu. only.) 
ass's colt, foal, -1*13? m. 
Assyria, ^iirx . 
Astarte, see n^ttJs . 

images of, ni'indSS . 
astonished, cma . 

T ! • 

to be, c^'n . Z''_n and 3";n , ri'i'^ 

(once), ctJt^ K. Ni. Hi. Po! Hith- 

po., nrn K Hithp. ,Ch. oTSttS 

only Ithpo., niPi .) 

to make, c^cttS Hi. 

astonishment, nisttJiD f., nattJ f.. nisrcS 

' T - ! ' T - T T : 

1, -ji^sttj m., "(inan m. 
to look with, see n^n . 
astray, to go, naoS , nViJ and ibi^ Ni., 
nrn. (Ch. nbV.) 
to lead, ny-j Hi., nVji Hi. 
astrologer, an, (Ch. ""nioB .) 
astrologers, see -^la? , 2. (Ch. 'j^'ita .) 
asylum, n 5 to 1, nairia f., ttJT.r^ m., 

•' ' T T T : t' : • 

t3b;r^ m. 
asylums, see c'^an 
at, bK , nx n, 3 , s , b , -,« , b? , 

b b5o bs?3 c» nrs (once), 
pjssb . 




at, a distance, nss^ , pin'n^ . 

all times, ci'n-bs , oii-bsa , "bsSi 

' - r ' T I ' T I 



V-' J 


21 rb . 

first, n:tt)x^a , n5ti3x"ib . 

T • T ' T • T 

hand, i;;« nra. 
large, nan-ia . 
last, n2"-inxa , nnnxVi . (Ch. -is 

r"?."?^ 5 P^^"^- chsx .) 
bnce, inxa , rnxa , ca , oi^a, ors 

nnx , (Ch. n-ina .) 
that time, ts , ■'TX , ci^rj , nra 

Niinn , od . (Ch. -pix , na 

«=^^ •) 
the feet of, niba-^^ , 's "^^.a^ia , 

the same time, t , !i and i . (pec. 

to Pent, and Josh.) 
the side of, bs . 
the time, rr . 
this time, ci^n , =i'3 , r53 , nn? , 

nxfn crsa. (Ch. -,rD .) 
what time, 'vroh . 

- T : 

atom, p-n . 

atone for, to, x'jn Pi., -isa Pi. 

' T T - T 

atonement, c-'-)S3 m. plu. 

for, to make, ^Es Pi., ^is^-^ . 

' - T TT 

to make, xian Pi. 
attached, to be, piijn c. a . 

to, to be, r2"n and p-Ti c- a , b . 
attack, an, ras/c ni. 

to, xin w. b? ., bs3 K. c. a , Hithp. 

W. b? ., TTSD , tpS. 

attain to, to, x:£^ c. "is . 

unto, to, xia w. nr ., xs^, r53 Hi. 
c. b ., 5it): Hi. 
attempt, to, -nrj , noa Pi., bss (poet). 

(Ch. n^tu w. Ti c. b .) 
attend, to, -j-a K. Pil. Hithpal., aoips 
K. (once), Hi. w. -tx., see CW Hi. 
to, to, -pa Hi. w. a , bx ., iab ovu, 
b3b Hi., -^rai c. bx , bs, a. 
(Ch. b:iu Ithpa. c. a .) 
attendant, P"i'r^ . 

female, n:=b f., n^jllJa f. 
attendants, cs m. 

attending, a-^bia . 

attention, airp . 

attentive, a'i"p , niarp f. (plu. only.) 

to show one's self, -j-ia Hithp. 
attire, n^ia m. 

splendid, see ttJsi^b . 
attract, to, yna Pi. 
audience, nsrtb'a f. 

augment, to, nsD (only in imp. and inf.) 
augur, to, ajns I Pi. 
auguries, to take, U)n3 I Pi. 
augury, ajns m. 
august, N-i-'ia. 
aunt, nrn'ti f. 
aurora, -inui^ m., nn^ m. (Ch. 

N"j3-isr m.) 
author, ax m. , 

authority, qax ^., qpn m. 

royal, xsa m. 
autumn, wl"!H. 

and winter, to pass the, r)nn . 
avail, to, n*iD c. h of pers. 
avaritious, to be, see bna. 
avenge, to, ttjnn , Dp3 K. Pi. 

one's self, to, on: Pi., opj Ni. 
avenged, to be, cp3 Ni. Ho. 
avenger of blood, ^r^n bx3 , also bsa 

without nnn . 
aversion. V^'^'^ ™-' ^"•'*^ • 
avert, to, si3 Hi. w. '(q ., n:33 Hi., las 

Hi., a^«3 Hi. 
averter, see byxts . 
avoid, to, S^D . 

await, to, nsx I K. see also Hi. 
awake, to, -jrpn (only future), nsis I 
(only in imp.), yup H only in HL 
(intrans. poet.) 

to be, -iflS I. 

to be wide, n^s I Hithpal. 
awaked, to be, -iJiS> IN', 
awaken, to, -ms I K. Pil. Hi. 
aware of, to become, sn** . 

' ' - T 

away from, ■j-a . 

to do, -IE 3 Pi. 
awe, nxi/^ f. 
awful, N-na . 




awl, an, »:£-.i3 m., T;'it3 . 
awning, an, perh, ns^'O m. 
axe, an, "jt-i: m,, ;nn f., h'^^'3 m-, 
n^TSTS 1, 1X513 m., cTp m. 

axes, msb-'S . 
axle-trees, niT' . 
axles, nin"! , c^s-.D 

T ' • T : 


Baal, Baalim, bsan , D-!;san . 
babble, to, j<::a and naa K. Pi. 

■ ' T T T T 

babbler, na'ia. 

babies, c^'bnVsJn concr. 

Babylon, hz^ . 

Babylonia, see i^icrx , hz^i . 

Babylonians, (Ch. X'l^baa plu. emphat.) 

Babylonish mantle, -sjiU niix . 

back, (adv.), linxb , -^inxa. 

to bring, sia Hi., ani; K. Pil. Hi. 
back, (sub.), aj m., ia m., qa m., see 
cattS . (Ch. as .) 

at the, on the, •^^riNis . 

to cast behind one's, "'inx Tf^ttJn 

to turn the, rpi? 'iDD , n:D Hi., 
arttJ n3E}-| . 
back-bone, nsr m. 
back-ground, see -^nsj 1. 
back-side, ninx m. 
backbite, to, r'"p , bin . 
backslide, to, aittJ Pil. (once.) 
backward, -linxa , "linsb , -l^^^{ . 
backwards, ir^s-hx . 
bad, ri , ^^Jrf . (Ch. tt^sixa .) 

(of flocks), the, rrrara . 

quality, ^'"i m. 

to be, yr'i. (Ch. ajxa .) 
badger, see in rnn . 
badly, to act, ujj<a Hi. 
badness, bs"ba sH m. 
bag, D-ia m,, v^P^ °^' (once), -.n^s m. 
baggage, cba plu., iij^3-i m. 
baggage-guard, -master, Q-«ban irttJ" . 
bag-pipe, see (Ch. n^jE-oio.) 
bags (for money), o''M*'*in . 
bake, to, ncx . 

(l)ncks), to, nib I. 

cakes, to, 5*». 

baker, nsk m. 

baking, a, nsxia m. 

balance, c^STjiia du. m., obs m., njp 

m. (Ch, ■(•^rTKia.) 
balances, c^JTXia du. m. (Ch. ')"':TNia .) 
balancing, a, tt)bE"a m. 
bald, pbn, nsra . 

forehead, a, nnai f. 

in front, naa. 

made, rr^pTS . 

place, a, nnip once snnp 1 

^ T ! ' T T : ' T 

place, to make a, n'^p K. Hi. 
spot, rnnp f. 
to become, u-^.t: Ni. 
to make, nba Pi., i:~^ , nsD and 
nsb Pi., n-ip? K. Hi. 
baldness, nn~ip once xr.'ip f., nnnp f. 

in front, rnai 1 
bale, ri2?33 f. 

ball, nh f., -^'i^ m., he::? f. 
balsam, cba or ciUa m. 

of Gilead, "i-^:! m. 
balsam-plant, o'ra or cit)2 m., ttoa 

and Dtiia m. 
balusters, c^aab (only plu.) 
balustrade, iroia m., naab f. 
band, nnas 1, iitx m., -iflos m., see 

nis-'ba , n-)b?3 f. (Ch. n.iox .) 
band (of men), nn;s f., ban m., n*in 
f., nsnia usually m., n^pia also x^po 
m., nns I f., ni25n f. 
of merchant*?, n-^iiJ f. 
(of soldiers), •tJsi I m. 
of travellers, nnd f. 
(of warriors), ima m. 
bandage, bJinn m., nbrn f., nbsn \ 

a long, nasi-^s f. 
bandages, to be wrapped in, brn Pu. 




banded, -ip^, 

bands, c^^D'n, n'''B:3*'iM , D"'"iDi^ and 
ni-oii3 m. (only in plu.), ' nizriTa 
(poet), nisnr^ II m., c^ray , 

tight, nias-^pi. 

(troops), see or"-i, see in '^^bT\ . 
banished, see K. 2, at end. 
bank, nyj^ or n^na f. (Cheth.) 
banks, nni; (plu. constr.) 

(of a ship), uj'np m. coll. 
banner, (larger kind), ira'n m. 

lifted up as a, b^an . 

to set up a, bl'n . 
banners, to be furnished with, b:'n Ni. 
banquet, see nsT , n"iS II f., nnii^'a m. 

to, nn'^r I. 

T T 

to make a, rrns II. 
banqueting-hall, ]•'•*T^ r\r\^-Q n"^3 . (Ch. 

T ! ! • •• / 

bar, a, ni-i2 m., i:i:a m., nai^ f., 
i)!|?2:a m., bs:?: m. 
hammered, b-'iiia m. 
of gold, nrjT -,TOb . 
to, tr.x. 

to fasten with a, hi'i . 
barbaiian, nt. 
barbarous or foreign tongue, speaking in 

a, :i!Jb. 
barbarous or foreign tongue, to speak in 

a, 5?b Ni., vjh. 
barber, n^5 m. 
bare, pbn , ^'^'-"O t (once), 5n-B , 

to be laid, n-^S) Pilp. Hithpalp. 
to be made, see nsstJ Pu. 
to be violently made, o^n Ni. 
to lay, n^r; Pi., -in? Po. 
to make, nba , nb; Pi., ribn . 
to make one's self, nn2? (once im- 
barefoot, rr"^ . bbittj 

' ■■ T ' T ' 

bareness, rn25 f., rn'ip f. 
bark, (as a dog), to, n-3 (once), 
bark, (strip off), to, ciiun , 
bark, to tear off, to strip off, b:J3 only in 

barley, n'nS'iU f. 
barley-bread, C"'nri0 cnh . 
barley-harvest, c-'SiU "'"'Sp . 
barley-meal, c'^'ii?^ ntop . 
barn, o^iax m. 
barren, "iJi^ba , c!):s , btist^ 
land, nnh-o f. 

T - t 

to be, bbui , hzt Pi. 
barter, a'nsa I m. (only in Ezra), 

n^iiTsn f. i 

to, s'n^ I. 
bars, D-^rns I m. plu. 

laid over, Q"«Bptt5 . 
base, a, "j-ix m., ni'*i3D f., "jS 11 

base, (adj.), ttS^nri , bEttJ. 
basin, "jax m., ba^Jix m., -n*3 m., 

p'^T?2 m., no m. 
a (large), 01 m. 
basis, •(is 73 m. 
basket, see b::'iax , ni'n m., jtaia m., 

Sfibs m., see rr^steia. 
baskets, Q-ixiiTn. 

bass, basso, (music), see in ■'S'^isttS . 
bastard, -ttstd . 
bat, t\\'^y m. 

bath, (measure), r2 II com. (Ch. na.) 
bathe, to, yn'-i . 

battering-ram, ns m., see hyp m. 
battle, ruanbia f., nnp m. (poet.). (Ch. 

n^p m.) 
battle-shout, 11^ Si m. 
battlement, nss f. 

' 't t 

battlements, ninJ^sttJ . 
bay, (color), p'-ib . 
bay, of the sea, en '(Vrb . 
bdellium, see nbis , 
be, to, r\*n (rare and poet.), n^n K 
Ni. (only in pret. and part.), see ^1 
2. also Note 1., xilia Ni., s-|^ I 
Ni. (Ch. n^n and h'T} , ""n^x with 
pronouns suffixed.) 

[Note. — The sub. verb is sometimes 
expressed by the pronouns. K!in , 
x^n , en , r^izn , in .] 
bead, (of wine), '^''S f. 
beads, a row of, string of, Qinin . 




beam, niip m. 

a weaver's, C^a^x n"i3T3 . 

(of a balance), r^pp m. 
beams, ni-an^ , c-'rbs and nir^S . 

: - : ' • T : T : 

a layer of, ri;?ti) m. (once.) 

hewed, ninis . 

laid over, D'EpilJ . 

to cover with, ieo . * 

to lay, n-^p Pi. 
bean, bis m. 
Bear, (constellation of the) Great, ttjs 11 

bear, (bring forth), to, see r^^^n Note, 
Un and h^n K. Pil., n^; K. (Hi. only 
trop.), ^Ei Hi., n-iQ . 

(carry), to, ' -jTax I, x-ia Hi., xajj , 
hziD , D^:> once b^? . 

early fruit, to, -'ca Pi. 

forth, to, x:!'' Hi. 

(fruit), to, x^s Hi., n-^s . 

in, to, xia Hi. 

up, to, bfls Pilp. Hi., XC3 . 

upon the palms, to, nsu Pi. 
beard, '^pi com. 
bearded chin, •'r^ com. 


bearer, bao m. 
bearing, a, xUJ^ m. 

on the palms, a, CPISSIJ . 
beast, n^sra f., n^n f. (Ch. xi^n , T^-^^n 

of prey, see yflas . 

ravenous, rrn f., 13 •'5 m., 71 ib 
r'l'n . 

the great, rim 3 . 
beasts, i-^ra m. (only in sing, collect.) 

domestic, nrna f. coll. 

of burden, nma f . coll. 

of the field, ni:r|a f. coll. (poet.) 

wild, nrna f. coll. (poet.) 
beat, to, -ETi , c^n , nna K. Pi., y;rn , 
CiEn K. Po. c. hs . 

down, to, rr-z K. Pi. Hi. 

fine, to, (Ch. bttin .) 

(in a mortar), to, rj!in . 

ixf pieces, to, pnti) . 

off, to, ::an . 

out, to, can , rpn K. Pi. 

beat small, to, pp'ri K. Hi., '^n'j . (Ch. 

ppn Aph.) 
beaten, nT^a , see in :;n'>r 3. 
path, naTna r^'^ri . 
small, p-n . 

small, to be, ppr\ K, Ho. (Ch. pp':] .) 
to be, nra Ho., rsa Ni., xaa Ni. 

na; Ho., r;^n Pu. 
to feign one's self, r^J Ni. 
beating, a, na-o f. 
off, a, rpb m. 
out, a, na'^ f. 
beats, (taps), whi"-} (only plu.) 
beautiful, aia , ns'j , ■'p-' , nnxs , see 
nnxBn . (Ch. -i->2<iJ .) 

form (or) figure, of a, -xh ns^ m., 

-Xh DB'i f. 
to be, HB"^ , nx3 Pil. (Ch, ^Btt) .) 
to be very, ns"' Pu. 
to make, see in n"iEttJ . 
trappings, nnXEn ""bs . 
beautify, to, nB*! Pi., ixs I Pi. 

one's self, to, hb"^ Hithp. 
beauty, -pn m., n^Dn m., -,71 m., ncn 
(once), VEn m., a^iia m., '^b';' m., ^b'^ 
m., nrB") f., "^p^l m,, riwX^.ia , c?b m., 
""aJt m., -iB!^ m., fT^EilJ f., JT;iXBri 
elsewhere rr^^xsn f. 
because, -iirx (before a pret), -i^jx rnn , 
"n^x "'>iara , -oSx br , ^cix -a^ hy , 
•nt^x "(S^ ,""^^12 , laJx •'BS , ittSx "dqiq , 
nbx ap3? , -'iiJwX -,5 bs, -.a-b? "^a , nrxa , 
a (w. infin.), 'i?^ , ^'Bxa , "'a I, ■'a ",5: , 
^a br, "^a apr , "a nnn, ex "^a^, 
-Ti)x -(ab , b (w. infin.), '^y^h , nrb , 
•)T2 (w. infin.), b? , apS , -vj) . (Ch. 
i-n—.iQ , bapb before '^'n ., -^n bap"ba. ) 
if, ex ^a . 

no one, none, •'ba^ (w. particip.) 
not, •'ba^ , "^ba-b? , •'nba-o . 
of, ninix-bs , bx , ^ -lajxa , 2 , 
bbia (c. suif.), na-n b? , -^an-bs , 
P':;3'n bs , 1 , 1 and t (before 
causal clauses), "i?^ (w. a subst.), 
ap?, "^ssb^ , ^:b?2, bira (later 
Heb.). (Ch. -(^jbssbapb .) 




^because that, -itJis (before a pret.), 'ns'nb? 

nt)ix (before a verb), nuJs; •,S'^ , 

■^ttSx "JB^ , •© , -ra . (Ch. ^n .) 

—therefore, )th'< — ■'S ■|3?'' , — "jri 

become, to, ny^ K. Ni. (only in pret. and 
part.), h r^'^ii . 

as, like, to, 3 n-^n . 
becoming, rriMD c. b ., nij . 

to be, nx"' impers. w.h., nx3 Pil. c. 
h to (any one.) 

bed, s?i:j"^ m., nui^a f., rsia m., 23'IJ^ m., 

- T T- T- TI- ' 

to -^5 f. (Ch. 33'l5i3 m.) 

(of a garden;, b-na-q m., nS'i-iS' f. 
(of a stream), p-^sx or p'^EX m. 
bedimmed, nns f. only. 

bee, n-iiz-n f. 
beeve, a, "ip2 com. 

befall, to, nax II Pu., p:2'n and pa"!, 
XS^ (c. ace. of pers.), x->p II, tilp . 
to cause to, X"'p II Hi. (c. dupl. 
before, c'^-J , Ciisn , c'l-jia , c't'S , xba , 
b:i?3 , see -,73 2. c, n:,3 , njjb , n=3 , 
n^bh , xb-n5 , xb 'lOix -is , b? (after 
verbs of covering), •'33 C5 , d"'3Q, 
c-'reb , c^3D^ , ^3a-bx , ''sa'nx , 
■'ssa , "^ssb , ^Dsb^ , ■'3S-b5 , b=;5 
according to other copies bap , ^"(p , 
cn^sq , I^^IP J ci;iibai (Cheth.), bi^nc 
citiJb«3 . (Ch. b2i:?_b , on;?..) 
me, •'"T-3 , "^eb . 
now, n-tTS ""isb . 
that, "ipsb (w. infin.) 
beforetime, nriiix'na . 
beg, to, ui'i-n ^ bxaj K. Pi. 
beget, to, nb-i K. Hi. 

children, to, □"'32 CW. 
begin, to, r\'n , bbn Hi., see bx"^ II Hi. 
1., r-ia , nns , tli-ife Pi. (Ch. x'laj also 
x'^^lj Pa.) 
to be, to, n^n . 
beginner, rr'aJs^ f. concr. 
beginning, n^x , "ip^ m., tiixi I ni., 
najx-i f., nuix-i f., n^rxn , perh. 
nsinttj f. (Cheth.), nbnn f. 
to have a, bbn Hi 

beginnings, ■'ts^I? plu. constr. 
begotten of , to be, 'b "^ra^ xS^ . 
begun, to be, bbn Hi. Ho. 
Behemoth, niiana . 
behind, nnx , I'lnx^D , ''nnx , •'"^nxig , 

■I'nnx-bs , 1S2 and nsa . 
to be, nnx (once.) 
to stay, -inx (once.) 
behold ! ox , xn , )n H, nsn (pers. 

pronouns are suffixed), xbn . (Ch. 

5ibx , lix ( only in Dan. ), xn , xn .) 
behold, to, np2 Pi. w. 2., r^ri (mostly 

poet), 1223 Hi., -133 Hi., nxn , bato 

Hi., nxaS II Hithp. 'c. b., iflto H K. 

Pil. (Ch. nm and XTn.) 
beholding, to delight in, njn c. 2 . 
belch out wicked words, to, 533 Hi. 
Belial, bs^ba . 
believe, to, -j^x I Hi. (absolutely, oftener 

w. b .) 
bell, a, •] liars m. 
bellows, ns^ m. 
bells, niba-Q (only plu.) 
belly, b!ix m., -,-j2 f., d^ah II m., to-ia , 

D-'Sia plu., a";]p m., onn com. (Ch. 

nr^ or xi^ia only in plu.) 
(of reptiles), "jina m. 
belong to, to, b n^n . 
beloved, ^2 H, see mn^an at end, ">^;5^, 

one, nanx f-, "I'l^ m-, 'i^V, ^-^ ?"?. 

II m., n-^S"! f. 
something, niT'n^ f. 
below, naiab , nnn , nnn^ , b nnn?3 , 
b rnnrb after verbs of motion). (Ch. 
snx .) 
bolt, -jjax m., -liTX m., a^n m., 

n-:':ini3 f. 
Belteshazzar, -i^x*Ji»ba . 
belts, o'^'iTl'p . 
bemoan, to, 1!i3 K. Hithpal. 
benches (of a ship), ©n;? m. colL 
bend, to, n3n , ytn , sr^sa , sna , nnj 
Pi. (only pret), n]5 Pi., O-n;? . 

(a bow), to, -;;;j^ , pa33 , nn? , espec. 

back the head, to, n»"j . 




one's self, to, re 5 Ni., ni5 Hithp. 

the arrows, to, C^rt Tp^ . 

the knee, to, r^na , r-3 . 
bending, a, nisia m. 

down, a, nn^r f. 
beneath, nar , nisrb , rnn , pnn^ , 

b nnpT3 . 
benediction, n^na f. 
benefactor, zx m. 
benefactress, ex f. 
beneficence, (Ch. nj^^ns f.) 
benefit, b^iTaa m., tih^Tzi 1, aiia , iniw f., 

to, t72a w. b? ., S'j-i Hi., -,20 w. h , 
benefits, m=*iS , D-'lon , ",is"i m. 
benevolent, n-pn , aiia . 
benign, sicj , D'^s: . 

to show one's self, iGn Hithp. 
benignity, see nzi:: , 3. 
Benjamin, ",''12';'33 . 
bent, (inclined), x^bri w. h . 

to be, nir Ni., nsst . 
bequeatli, to, nn3 Hi. w. dat. of pers., ace. 

of thing, 
bereave, to, bbir and bs^ Pi. Hi. 

' ' T •• T 

bereaved, baSTT , nb^isa) f. 
to be, bbir and brt^ . 
bereavement, bi:tt3 m., w'b'sti plu. 
bereaver, a mighty, b-^sttSia lisa . 
berry, "^ly. m., nna f. 
beseech, to, 'b "'SB riin , bxil) . 
besot, to, -inn , i^i I. 
besides, bs , tiix I, nx H, nab w. i^ ., 

•'-irba , ■'■]5b3^ , ^nbaa (where a neg. 

precedes), nbtiT , ',p y^n , ->n*T< , "ir^ , 

b , -,p , lis , bs , nasb , ^JB-by , p-i 

(after a neg.) 
that, ■^tt)5< Tiba, tiJ -ini-» . 
besiege, to, -,nn , nsn , -i^3 1, ni:£ I, 

n-3t Hi. 

- T 

})esicged, to bo, -lisTsa X'iSi. 
besiegers, cn^b. 
besmear, to, nia . 
besom, xaxiaifl . 
besprinkled, to be, !Tni Pu. 

best, the, abn m., r^ia m. (w. gen.), 
aa^^ m. (w. gen.), rr'UJx'] f. 
part, the, a:3-ia m. 
(that which is), TUxi I m. 
(whatever is), nna^? m. (only in 
bestead, hard, nai{53 . 
bestow, to, "iin (w. 2 aces.), n*tiJ Pi. w. 
br of pers. 
upon, to, r^-cD (w. 2 aces.) 
bestrewed, to be, nit Pu. 


Bethel, bx rra . 

betliink one's self, to, nOJS Hithp. c. 

Bethlehem, ctib r"'a . 
betray, to, nba Pi., 133 Hi. 
betroth, to, b"ix Pi., ir"^ (w. ace. and 


betrothed, to be, tjin Ni. 

better, to be, -inS Ni. w. ',?3 ., a::"' v:. 

' ' - T ' " - T 

between, ■j'^a , y2 bx (after a verb of 
motion), -p^ hv (after a verb of mo- 
tion), b nis-^a^ , T\''^2 . (Ch. 'i^a .) 
betwixt, i"«a . 
bewail, to, n^s Hithpal. 

one's self, to, ns^ Hithp. 
beware, to, nnT Ni., -ns'ij K. Ni. w. "iia . 
lest, Tallies ">tll3 seq. 'jB . 

of, to, bnn and bin (w. -,■2 

beyond, b nxbrjTa , xba , "las-bx , 
b nar?? , b? , 1^ pin-; . 
thee, nxbni T{a-q . 
bezel, see nxbia , a;r3 m., rh m. 
bezels, n"':£2ttiia . 

bid (to a banquet, &c.), to. xnp? I. 
biennium, c";r3Qi . 
bier, rrj^ f., asuiti m. 
big with young, ts^bso'a plu. 
bile, nnnia 1, n-nnti f. 
bill, (writing), a, nso m. 

of divorce, ^eo m. 
billows, c-^b} , Q^-:3'vl3i3 (only ulu.) 
bind, to, cbx Pi, ■^Qx , tijan , np? , 
-itt5;5 K. Pi. "(Ch. rsa Pe. Pa.) 
around, to, -tx , «ia-; --n . 




bind, by a pledge, to, h^r\ . 
fast, to, aisn K. Pi., ptn. 
fast to, to, ptn Hi. 

in, to, n-i:s w. s . 

on, to, ttJrn, -125, 021, dPi-i . 

to, to, -ox , D31 . 

together, to, Dba , ">!is I, lis . 

up, to, uian Pi. c. b ., -i!is I, "("^s . 

up a wound, to, dsn . 

upon, to, 1 rp w. ace. and h:s . 

upon one's self, to, 'itt^j? Pi. 
binding up, a, iit^ I m. 
bird, D-Ersn br3 (poet.), iis28 com. 
(Ch. -B^.) 

angry, see ii23S . 

clamorous, n«!< f. 

of prey, n^'n f. 

ravenous, m^S m. 

(species of rapacious), see nxi . 

(species of) ravenous, nx'n f . (once.) 

(species of) unclean, PB"'3l'n f. 

young, bjiw m. 
bird-cage, ii^iVs m. 

birds, qir m. coll., -liss com. coll. (Ch. 
qT5 .) 

like, nin'ib^, . 

of prey, a**? m. coll. 
birth, nn^n , mb'i-a 1, nii'sia and 
nioTa f. 

at, QHitJ . 

earlier, nni'ra f. 

of no1)le, 3"'~3 . 

to declare one's, i^^ Hithp. , 
birthright, nib an ZJS'ii^ . 

to, to give the, nr2 Pi. 
bit, (bridle), bzn m., jn^ m. 

(morsel), na f., nine . 
bite, to, r,tii3 K. Pi., y^j^ . 
biters, n^rnbTO , nir^rna (only constr.) 
bitter, n^ , ■'I"''?'? . 

grief, pJiT'lia f. 

herbs, Q''"]'l'0 . 
injury, nsyb f. 
lot, n:sb f., 113' m., ta^nS^ plu. 

things, ninS^ . 

to be, -i-i-o . 

to make, -iiTa Pi. Hi. 

bitterly, ma , niia H, d-^ninan I. 

in, to act, ma Pi. 

with, to deal, nnia Hi. w. h , 
bitterness, i^ m., n*i?a H f., n^T3 f., 
n'inf.,na'i^i^ f., nV-no f. 

to be in, *T)ia Hi. 
bitternesses, ta^'n'is'a . d-^i^ilrn I. 
bitumen, ^■cn m. 

to daub with, "irn . 
bivium, -'i-in ox . 
black, d^n , -haj . 

to be, to become, 'intli IL 

blackness, "^inr m. 

blade, znb m., nanb f. 

blains, pyarzx . 
\ • - -1 

blame, cajx m., niattJx f. 
free from, ipj . 
to bear the, san Pi. 

T » 

blameless, d^«n . 

• T 

to be, dian . 
bland, p^n , r|n . 

to be, pbn , r,3l . 
blandishments, n'^p^pbn . 
blaspheme, to, cina Pi., -p3 . 
blast (of trumpets), rpn m. 

Cof wind), nn f. 
blast, to, 5"itti . 
blasting, a, n^n'j H f., nonoi 1, T'B'nai 

blaze, a, l!ix m. 

blemish, dixia , di?a m., nnirc m., yji 

without, (adj.), W^'QT\ . 
bless, to, rp2 Pi. (Ch. -^^2 Pe. Pa.) 

one's self, to, Tj^na Ni. Hithp. constr;. 
w. 2 . 
blessed, "113 . 

one, n^na f. concr. 

to be, irx or laSx Pu. 

to call, -lUJx or laJsj Pi. 
blessedness, "^I'^x (only plu. constr.),. 

blessing, a, riD'^a once ns^a f., see pjs; 

an object of, nsia f. concr. 

the divine, nin"' nana . 
blight, n.'a-ittJ n f., nsntlj f., '|iBna> m. 




blind, -155) . 

to, n^s Pi., -i!ir III Pi., rrt^ Hi. 

to make, -nr III Pi. 
blinded, to be, n?aJ II, yri^ (once.) 
blindness, 0''n;;:D plu., ",1-155 m., n^qs 

blocks, curved, see in nian . 
blood, c^ m., c-c^ plu. 

relative, bsa. 
blood-guiltiness, ctj m., o^'^'n plu. 
blood-kindred, -ixq m., n'^stri f. 
blood-relationship, nnx'^ f. 
blood-relatives, 'nxil) m. 
bloodshed, c^ m., o-^^n plu., Piffr^ m. 

T ' -T* t;- 

bloom, n"B m. 

to, yji^ Hi. 
blossom, y3 m., nS3 f., 15W m., see 
-^"irD , nno m. 

an opening, isiaQ m. 

to, nns K. Hi., ysia Hi 

to make, r.'^B Hi. 
blot out, to, rMi^ K. Hi. 
blotted out, to be, "nss Pu., nma Ni. 

' ' - T T T 

blow, a, n^ f., ns^ f., 5M m. 
blow away, to, nsi K. c. a, Hi., nxD 
Hi. (once.) 
the trumpet, to, isxn (only in 
part.), -iBiid rpn or nB^^'2 'p, 

to, nsa , -<^3 c. 3 upon., q'ra, ma, 

r,s<ir . 

up a fire, to, tsx2 nB3 . 

upon, to, ^E^ K. c. a , Hi., ciaSa c. 
a ., TTiB Hi. 
blown up, to be, nsa Pu. 
blows, nis^n;? . 
bludgeon, nr"n m. 
blue, see rbsn . 

dark, n^Dn t 
blunted, to be, h^-Q Hithpal., nnp K. 

]), n-i"S3 m. 
blush, to, cnx Hithp. 
board, a, r» Im., nib m., tzS";^;? m., q-^naS 

(only constr.) 
boards, to cover with, "jbo . 
boast, to, bbn, 153 Hithp., on. 

boast one's self, to, i^cx Hithp., bbn 

boasters, D'''na H, d'^bbin . 

boasting, nitna f. 
vain, na II m. 

boat, "^Va m. 

Boaz, tr'Si , 

body, bix m., nba m., n*5 II f., n*ia 1, 
HEia f., rrin 1, Q-^a m., Dinb or 
tjsinb m., lij m. (poet), dss> f., d:£S 
m., perh. -ixj^ m. (Ch. diL^a .) 
dead, n*'a 1, riBiaf., n« irsa . 

T- ; T .• VV 

(of soldiers), ttjxi I m. 

politic, lia m. 
body-guard, nao m. (Ch. naa .) 
boil, a, 'j'^nia m. 
boil forth, to, rsa . 

over, to, ttSrn . 

to, bi^a or btL^a Pi., nnn Pu. 

to be made to, n«n Poalal. 

- T 

to cause to, nsa . 

to make to, nr*i Pi. Hi 

' - T 

up, to, ^cn , ttirn . 
boiled, the, bca m., nbra f. 
to be, bttSa or bttJa K. Pu. 

' - T " T 

boiler, nsin m. 

boilers, d^'X'il'n , Plbisa^ . 

boiling, (adj.), •pT'T . 

(sub.), nn*i m. (only plu. c. suff.) 

(of waves), ^nch m. 

up, a, TnD m. 
boiling-jjlaces, nibt'a^a . 
bold, Ttas concr., r^ry . 

' T : - ' " T T 

boldly, naa . 

bolsters, see niDDS . 

bolt, n-^-^a m., Vmraia m., b?2^ m. 

to fasten with a, bsa . 
bolt (a door), to, Vra . 
bolts, to close with, nas Pi. c •'jEb . 
bond, a, -liis m., niox m., r']b'0 f., 

(Ch. -11OX.) 
bondage, mar f. 

bonds, D'';?T , D'^"]Diia and ni"iDii3 m. 
(only plu.), dTiar and Pira5 . 
to put in, -nox . 
b»ne, D-ia m. (poet.), ta^r f. (Ch. ti-ia.) 
(of arm), the upper, naps m. 




bone, the very, ti"i5 m. 
bones, the, d:£5 m. coll. 
book, rP3 m., nb^ f., ""BD m., rr^to 
f. (Ch. nbi2 , "lEp m.) 

of the law, ^£0 , ^EO nVj"0 . 
to unfold (or) open a, IBD nba . 
booth, r^b m., nso f., "iu m- 
booty, T3 m., nja (later Heb.), fiS'^bn 
f., nipVtj m., n'baJ^ m. w. n-^., 
n©*l5^ f., "IS m., ■'ar m., bViS m. 
border, bsias m., nViza f., -_T m., C]33 
1, rbns m., c^rs f., nn;io^ f., nstb f. 
upon, to, baa w. a ., rsB c. a , bx . 
western, d*' b^iaa . 
bordei-s, D"'aV^ . 
bore, to, a;?: , s?"^ . 

out (the eye), to, i;?3 , 
through, to, see -|!ia I, aj?3 . 
bom, ^^^•^ , n-ib"^ . 

a male, to be, naT Ni. 
in the house, r"2 T'b'j . 
one, nb^ m. 

to be, s-ia Ni., bm Ho. Pul., lb^ 
Ni. Pu.'ho., bB3. 


to let be, K^"" Hi. 
borne, to be, '^•qn. I Ni., xto3 Ni., aan 

borrow, to, rr^b , ntxSs H, tjas , bxttS . 

tt" TT '.-t' -t 

to let, nib Hi, 
borrowed, bflsttS . 
borrower, njb , nii53 . 
bosom, ah m., pin or psin (Cheth.), 

p^n m., '^:ih m. 
boss (of a shield), aa m. 
botch, "I'^naJ m. 
both, D-aa w. suffs., d'^3"ij da . 

— and. Da— da , ciji— di , )—^ , 

together, nnsB dn-'rvlS . 
bottle, piapa m., nj^a m., ba3 and bas 
m., r^e m. 

a leathern, aix , f^/on m. 
bottom, p'^BX or p-'sxm., yp'^\'^^ m., rnilJ 

of a pit, (Ch. n"'?'^i< f.) 
bough, -,a m. (poet), na f. (poet), 
nes f., naia m., c]-»sd m., nssno f., 

ei55 m., ei55 (once), nnxD f., n'^^tp m., 
r^fa m. (Ch. C]3S .) 
bough, to, ^xB I Pi. 

topmost, see n'nsx . 
boughs, ni'b'n (only plu.), ifis m., 
PfctiS, "n^Sp? m. coll (Ch. -"BS .) 
to go over the, "ixo I Pi. 
to lop off the, r.?D Pi. 
bound, (sub,), biaa m., ph m., see 
mxn in end. 
to, baa , 
bound, (adj.), ^ax . 
fast, to be, pm . 
one, *i^pX , 1-SX m., *i^ox . 
to be, nos Pu., pn^ Pu., see *7pto . 
together, "i-tnT (once,) 
together, to be, ^cp Ni. 
bound up, 1 *i'^ . 
bound-up places, d'^oa'i . 
bounding, a, ttJs'n m. 
bounds, d'^biaa and nibsiaa . 

around, to set, baa Hi. 
bountiful, to be, -its Pi. 
bow, a, isajp m., n'rp com. 
bow down, to, nsn , r33 Hi., nis Hithp., 
see Tip n, 0"3p , nn^^ K. Hithpal., 
nntij . 

down, to make, r-is Hi., ir\r\^^ Hi. 
down upon the knees, to, sna . 
one's self, to, C]B3 , nss . 
one's self dowTi, to, ina . 
the knee, see ^nax . 
the knee, to, see Tip H. 
to, r|E3 , 5^3 , nM3 K. Hi. 
bowed down, those, d"'E1E3 , 

down, to be, qE3 , n^S Ni., HSS', 

nsittS K. Hi. (Cheth.)," nn'4 K. Ni. 

bowels, see -(Sja 3, d'^boa , d'^ria (only 

plu.), a-ip ra., d'^'an'^ , 
bowing down, a, nris f. 
bowl, a, -(SX m., yiaa m., ba m., nba f., 
Cip m., bflp m, (only in Judges), rrns;^ 

sacrificial, pnt^ ra, 
bowls, m*p3^ (only in plu.), n'ltopj (only 

bowman, n^i'p m. 




bowmen, ntti;?— 'inaTs , r^p com. 
box, Tsnx m., nrn f. (Egyptian word.) 
box-tree, see ^ncxn . 
boy, ",2 m., nbi ra., nyo I m., hhiv m., 

l)oyhood, -si m. 

boyishness, (for concr.) boys, cblbrp . 

bracelet, ni2?sx f., niajt m. 

bracelets, nni^ . 

braces, ni-2nic . 

braid, snx m., nhj com. 

to, a-ix. 
braided, (something), ■("'as m. 
braided work, rh? nitfsiia . 
braids (of hair), rnsbnia . 
bramble, b'ln m., nso m. 

T V 1 

branch, -ja m. (poet.), na f. (poet.), 
nn'TCT f-, nc3 f., n^ia m., -las m., 
Ci-'sq m., nar^o f., :]:5 , qjs (once), 
!T;xs f., nbittJ f. (ClJ':;3?/.j 
degenerate, 110 m. 
with thick foliage, nhs com. 
Branch, the, nra; . 

branches, o^na I, m>^^ (only plu.). 
niero (only plu.), nx^b , c^:;r , 

T ' • • T 

full of, r3S . 

green, nilsiB. 

interwoven, r^ao m. 

thick, "aii) . 

waving, c^nbn . 
brand, a, n*-3 f., ■'a II (once.) 
brandish, to, r,95 Pil. 
brandished, to be, ^51 Ho. (only.) 
brandishing, see -pis . 
brass, najsinj f. (poet), see on: , r^:^_r^i 
com. (Ch. aire m.) 

(any thing) made of, nttSina f., 
pr^na com. 

burnished, polished, smooth, ba'rn 
brave, "iiax concr., see crrn II part, 

to show one's self, ptn Hithp. 
bray, (as an ass), to, pr^i . 
bray, (in a mortar), to, rri'n, ttJrS . 
brazen, tfi^inj . 

brazen sea, rttjrsn di , psiia ti^n . 
(serpent), the, see '(n'lJna . 
thing, ntti^n: f. 
breach, pna m., ^•'is m., nailj and 'lati 

breaches, D'^r^pa , d*'D"'Oi . 

to repair, pna . 
bread, -jS-n m., dnb com. 

a cake, loaf of, znh l'Z3 . 
white, ■^'-n I m. 
bread-basket, bo m. 
bread-cake, y'vo m. 
bread-corn, Drb com. 
breadth, ZTn-q m., ann m, an'n m. 

(Ch. ■'ra m.) 
break, to, uhn , hhn Pi. Hi., nnn Hi., 
nra K. Pi., -^b: K. (only in pret. and 
inf. abs.). Pi., pr: , y"iD , pna , "^t-Q 
I K. (once), Hi. (always trop.), bna , 
rra , rr-^ , ys*^ , nar . (Ch. nrn 

asunder, to, yna K. Pi., -^-la . 
away, to, r.-ia ', 'n:;a , I'-s Hithp. 
away, to let, -jr-i^ , 
l)read to, to, h tnb c-B . 
down, to, vn3 K. Pi., r"^" II, *,' a , 

SJiL-n Po., nao . 
for one's self, to, see la'lJ Ni. 
forth, to, spa Ni., n-is and n"a K. 
Hi., nna , -j'-a , q^-p^ , nrb . 
(Ch. r-'j or r/'S Aph., qsjs .) 
forth into joy, to, nn njca . 
forth, to cause to, spa Pi., n^a and 

nis, 1-jB . 
forth, to let, n^a Pi. 
forth upon, to, |'";b w. a of pers. 
in, to, onn . 

in pieces, to, rsta , rns Pi., D'^ti 
Hi,, xa-n Pi., na-n Pi.,' pp-r K. 
Hi., rnn Hi., pu Pil. PHp., 
naa Pi., p'^B Pi., "^B K. (once), 
to-B , nns , 1"'^ , rni K., so • 
also Pi,, ss-> K. Hi., ys , na ; 
Pi., ys-i Pi. Hi., rr-' Po., -rttj 
K. Pi., qaaJ. (Ch. pp-ri Aph., 5r-i .) 
in upon, to, nn; c. br ., rrn Po. 
(once), y-B w. a of pers. 




break off, to, pne K. c. hs'O , Pi., C]::p , 
n-i-i , ^3'i3 . 

T T ' - T 

off from one's self, to, p"^s Hithp. 

c. ace. 
open, to, rp3 K. Hi. 
out, to, D'nn K. Pi., rns , yr: K. 

Pi., ni-s, Y'i_ii, q:£p^. (Ch. cizip.) 
through, to, spa w. a ., -inn c. 

ace, 2 . 
through into, to, nrn w. a . 
through to, to, spa Hi. w. b>t . 
up, to, cbn, "j's: Pi., Dn3 , nbr Ni., 

P^2? Hi. 
up (a camp), to, ?dd. 
up (with the plow), to, -i-'j . 
breakers, sinatuia . 

breaking, a, ns^p f., nrS f., i2t^ and 
-,a'l) m., ','i-S'iJ m. 

down, a, lar and ^ar m. 

forth, a, r-g m. 

in, a, nnnnia f. 

in pieces, a, nnsi: f., nst-j m. 

up, a, »5^ m., -jr-is m. 

with one another, brethren, nx 

breast, p^n m., ntli m., itii I m. (Ch. 

a full, T<T m. 
(of animals), ntn m. 
breastplate, '^mu m., Sf^nn m. 
breasts, "z^ (only in du. constr.) 
breath, ^an,ban,tDS3 com., n^rs f., 
n:in f. (Ch s^aiJ? f.) 
of air, of life, n!i"n f . 
to take, uJE3 Ni. 
vital, nn") f. 
breaths, to, n23, 31^3 c a upon., quJ3, 
after, to, anx and ans* . 

' ' - T • T 

hard, to, shd , qjtffi . 

out, to, nr: w. voz: ., nsis Hi. 

out (one's life), to, r^5 (mostly poet.) 
breathinsj, a, ban , r\^^: f., nmi f. 

(adj.), ns-;. 

out, a, n3T3 m. 
breathing-time, nmi f. 
breed, 3?-iT . 

breed, to, -ia3> Pi. 

abundantly, to, v-nti . 
breeze, ni-i 1 
brethren, my, "^ax "'32 . 
briars, cn-'O and n^ -^b m. 
bribe, a, n:no 1, "inii m. 

to, lab. 
brick, nsab f. 

T •• : 

brick-kiln, )3h^ m. 
bricks, to make, '^Th . 
bridal-bed, nsn f. 
bridal state, niblbs plu. 
bride, n^a f., nrbs f. 

' T - ' T ! - 

bridegroom, ^m m. 

bridle, see n^-^ba , ban m., "jGn m. 

brier, see^s'no. 

T : • 

briers, yip m. coll. 

bright, -n'x3 , 'T'na , ni'uis , ns . 

and sharp, to make, nna K. Hi. 

looks, (Ch. rt m., in the plu.) 

to be, nix , bbn , naj» , nns . 

' -t' -t' -t 

to make, see in nnstl) . 
brighten up, to, ins II. 
brightness, Ta.N{ com., in't m., "inb m., 
nna m., anb m., njb f., nnjc 1, y^^ 
m., "iBilJ m., n-B'OU f. (Ch. t^t m.) 
golden, an? m. 
(in the skin), nnria f. 
brimstone, n'^'iEa f. 
bring, to, nnx Hi. (poet.), xia Hi., ba'^ 
I Hi. (poet.), npb, an3 Pi., Xto3, 
"la? Hi., a'np I Hi., xrtt5 Pi. (once). 
(Ch. nnx Aph., ba^ Aph, a'ljp Pa. 

about, to, a20 . 
again, to, zW Hi. 
again and again, to, a^tli Hi. 
away, to, X"i2 Hi. (Ch. nrs Aph.) 
away from, to, 2*1;? I w. -jia . 
back, to, xSa Hi., a^aj K. Pil. Hi. 
down, to, Til Hi. (Ch. nns Aph.) 
down upon, to, 1:113 Hi. 
forth to, n-a and n^'a, see r\y^ 
Note., ban Pi., bsin and bTi K. 
Pil., nb^ K. in Hi. onlytrop., xs^ 
Hi, abia Hi., ttJsi Hi., bos Hi, 
see X':;3 K. 4, nbs Pi., li^a Pi., 




n-jB , nrx Hi., a-^j? I Pi. (Ch. 

pE3 Haph.) 
Ibring forth (herbage), to, jtliin Hi. 

forth thousands, to, Cl^x Hi. (Keri.) 

forth, to help, nb;j Pi. 

forth to light, to, jtsi Hi. 

home, to, xia Hi. 

in, to, Nia Hi. (Ch. bbs Aph.) 

in as with a flood, to, qiaOJ . 

low, to, r:3 Hi., sna Hi., nn© Hi., 

bEUJ HL ' 
near, to, ttJss Hi., ^'\p I Pi. Hi. 

(Ch. nnp? Aph.) 
on, to, a"^p I Hi. 
out, to, Tia , X^^ Hi. (Ch. ps: 

out fully, to, psiD n Hi. 
over, to, tia . 
(quickly), to, ysin Hi. 
to an end, to, yjta Pi., nri-a . (Ch. 

n^5 .) 
to light, to, 153 Hi. 
to remembrance, to, -13; Hi. 
together, to, a'^p I Hi. 
to pass, to, st'*3 Hi. 
to, to, xi"a Hi., NSa Hi. w. bx . 

' T T 

up, to, bna Pi., nbs Hi., nan Pi., 
on Pil.' 

up the rear, to, s*cx K. Pi. 

upon, to, nns Hi. c. bs . 
bringing a trespass offering, arx (adj.) 

of a tresspass offering, the, n«l'x 

up, a, P!3W< 1 
bristle, to, -nco . 
bristling, -iro . 
broad, ann . 

and largo, to make, nrB Hi. 

long and, zni . 

place, 51^;; and yii;) m. 

to make, rr,-i Hi. 

to make long and, am Hi. 
broad-sided, o^ii ani ra., o'^ni nrn'n 

brocade, ri^iatiJTa with ariT . 
broken, r,i , nn , -siai^ . (Ch. n-'an.) 

and contrite heart, na'nsT "^aoSs ab . 

broken down, to be, yr\: Ni. Pu. (once 
pret.), Ho. (once fut.), vng Pu., u3r"i 
in pieces, to be, sa'n Hitlip., nr"n 
(once Cheth.), pirn Pi., ^lia: Ni., 
yJiB Hithpal., png Ilithp., rrn 
Hithpo., tti'^:-^^ Pu. "(Ch. pp<n .) 
(in spirit), X3-J3 , xs-n . 
(in spirit), to be, xa'n Pu. 
in upon, to be, rpa Ni. 
into, to be, ypa Pu. 
off, to be, vnp5 Pu. 
open, to be, rp3 Ho. 
(something), ttj";a . 
thing, a, nB:fp f . 
to be, 5>s3 (see addenda), rna Ni., 
D-^a (once), xr'n Pu-, r\z':\ Ni., 
nrn, nna Ho., i-q I Hithpo., 
Ti^T , ss-^ , yx"; , ia\u Ni. Ho. 
very small, sS'n . 
brood, a, nhsx m,, yiT , nnns m., 

psiain f. 
hrood, to, "ij'n . 

over, to, nnn Pi. 
brook, p'^BH or p'^EJX m., bz'^'O I m., 

brs m., aba m. 
brooks, abs m. coll., n^abo (only plu.) 
broom, xax:25a m., cn'n m. 
broth, rl73 m., ris m. 
brother, nx I m. (Ch. ns .) 
husband's, ca^ m. 
next, second, nit^ m. 
brother-in-law, ca"^ m. 


brotherhood, mnx f. 

' T-l - 

brother's wife, nt:37 f. 
brought down, to be, T^-n K. Ho. (Ch. 
rn3 Hoph. after the Heb.) 
forth, to be, nb-i Pu. 
in, to be, xia . 

low, to be, bb^ K. Ni., r:3 Ni., 
T^aia K. Ho^ "^rs , rnt^ K. Ni. 
to be, npb Ni. c. bx , Pu. pret. 
and Ho. fut., x^"a Ni., 330 , 
31P I Ni. (Ch. nrx Hoph.) 
up, to be, bn: Pu., nb^ Ni. 
upon, to be, nrx H Pu. 



brow, ns^ m. 
bruchus, nta m. 

' TT 

bruise, ssn , nnian and n-iian f. 

' - - ' T - T -1 

to, ni^. 

bruised, one, ni'i^ m. 
to be, xsti Pu. 

T T 

bruising, jtS'n. 
brushwood, CDian plu. 
brutish, is 3 concr. 

men, o'^ns's. 

to be, nr2 K. Ni. 

to become, is 3 Ni. 

' - T 

buck, -115b m., U'^n m. 
bucket, "b'n m., "ib-n. m., "is f. 
buckler, njs 1 
buckthorn, southern, nttX m. 
bud, a bursting, -isiaD m. 
buffalo, see csn . 
buffet, to, n33 Hi. 
buffoon, i2J^ . 

build, to, n53 , ntor I, -n^5 Pi., nn;? 
Pi., C!|-i PiL, nVJ and o^lt) . (Ch. 

»=^ •) 

a house for any one, to, n33 w. ace. 

of pere. 

a wall, to, in a . 

a wall upon, to, is -ina •n'la. 

around, to, 330 Hi. 

on, to, n33 w. 3 . 

over, to, n33 w. ace. of place on 


up, to, -,T3St I, n33 , "ittJ I Hi., C!ip 


upon, to, "jiax I Hi. 

builder, '^^'•>zi< I m. 

building, a, n-jrs f., "j^ss m., nsaia m. 

(Ch. T^si .) " ■ 

a high, ni"i^ m. 

a large, bD^n com. 

mode of, rr^san f. 

buildings, fallen, nba^ and nbaia f. 

built, to be, (Ch. hzo Po.) 

Bui, (month), ^13 m. 

bull, IB and ne m., see m'lS. 

bullock, '-■'3X (poet.), qi^X , "iB and 

-,B m., litfi ui. 

a young, *::s m. 

bullock-ox, "nil "ri^fi. 
bulrush, nax m., •ji!05!< m., Kiaa m. 
bulrushes, sinst (Egyptian word), 8)10 m. 
bulwark, ni m., ni'^ia m., nixa I m., 

nn!iS73 f. 
bulwarks, niisss . 
bunch, rrnix f., b-isttix m. 
bundle, n^:x f., nr33 f., "Tin:! m. 

of grain, nabx 1 
burden, a, sax m., see in 3iT^ . nOTara 

' V ••• - T " T T -I - 

f., H'^^ ni., bw3 m., nxiias 1, bao 
m., bab m. 

heavy, np3Sfi73 f. 

to become a, bao Hithp. 
burdens, nibao (plu. constr. only.) 
burdensome, naa . 

to be, rr Hi., las w. b? . 

to make, ncjp I Hi. 
burial, nnsisp f. 
burn, to, ^S3 K. Pi. Pu., pb^ , h-in 

-T r - r ' TT 

' (only of anger), nnn , ns"; K. (only 
in fut.), Ni Hi., np^ K. Ho., na3 I 
Ni., I3nb I, see ibo, rfi;? , "lap I 
Hi., rarely Pi., q-ito I w. ace, Cjiw. 
(Ch. pb-r,, np^.) '^ ^ 

incense, to, 'i::!^ I Pi. HI 
to cause to, ^,53 K. Pi. Hi. 
J to let (anger), nin Hi. c. bs . 
to make, wnb I Pi., pb^ Hi. 
up, to, -^rs K. (mostly w. 3), Hi, 

•jtnb I Pi, qnia I. 
with anger, to, nnn Ni. 
with anguish, to, ph^ . 
with zeal, to, xsp Pi 
burned, nbp3 . 

to be, ^2? 3, n^^ K. (only fut.) Ni, 
ms Ni, n«3 I Ni., ais Ni, 

T T - » - »• 

C)"itt) I Ni. Pu. 
burner (of the dead), r^'^D'O . 
burning, a, rrnSa f., "(iin m., nip*] m., 
n»'3 f., ipi^ m., n^so f., fix'vS^ f., 
nbp3 , nsnb f. (Ch. ^np"^ f.) 

(adj.), a-izi . (Ch. xn'ip^ f. emphat) 
anger, 5]st -p'-in . 
arrows, n'"P''T , CpT . 
coal, nbns f., ens m. 
fever, imn m., rnnp f. 




burning for, to make a, h f^tlb Ti^it: . 
mass, n!ip^ . 
place of, nriEn f. 
(with lust), c"»Tan3 part, plu, 
burnings, nVe'iit)^ (plu. constr. only.) 
burnished brass, brttJn m. 

plate (of gold), y':i m. 
burnt clay, (Ch. qon m.) 
in, a mark, -3 II (once.) 
offering, nbr f. (Ch. nb5 f.) 
offering, a whole, b'^bs m. 
spot, n'^sia f. 
burst, to, pn3 , isttS Hi. 

forth, to, n-ts and ni'a . 
forth, to be, "irii) Ni. 
open, to, -»a9 Hi. 
bursting bud, lauB m. 
bury, to, iisa K. Hi., ns|5 K. Pi. 
bush, n-'llJ II m. 
bushes, n"*!!) II m. coll. 
business, ->-ti m., ■j^En m., nssbia f., 
ntoJia m., nhti'q w. T' or o^n^ ., 
nnh? f., l*?^ m. (only in Eccle.), br'B 
m. (poet.), nibra f. (Ch. x'n''3S' f.) 
busy, to, n:? II Hi. 

but, bsx , nb^x once cbs , r<« (after 
particle of exception), xb-cx (after a 
neg. particle), n (before advereative 
clauses), 13 I (preced. by a neg.), "^3 
ex. (Ch. c:3, -,nb.) 
also, but even, "^3 qx . 
if, i*x , OX ""S . (Ch. -(n "^Tj .) 
no, ■'s I. 
since, ^ . n and 1. 

buttmly, ^3 I (rarely). 

yet, bnx G^^^r writers), nbsix , etx 
■•3 , "^3 I (rarely). 

when, ex "^3 . 
butler, npp'Q m. 

chief, see isbis . 
buttock, TW I m. 
buttocks, see r.Ti . nsbSTa f. 
buttress, see b^jx . 
buy, to, n^3 II, in^ II, mp . (Ch. "(ST , 

off, to, r\:p . 

' t't 

buyer, nip. 
buzz about, to, nrn . 
by, bx , ba;x , 'b bsxa , nx II, a , i?2 
and -jra , itt2 (poet ), )-q , bs , bs« 
b , bSTQ , c? , nas (once), n^ssb . 
(Ch. nib.) 

day, c'""> , ci'n , D^i'« . 

himself, is 53 . 

me, "^-T^a , ^itzv . 

night, nb-jb . (Ch. x^b^b cs .) 

one's self, nab (w. suff.) 

order of, "'p'by . 

the wall, na'^3B . 

the way side, Ti"?!!?! ^? • 
by-way, aTiJ m. (poet.) 
by-word, nb^ f. (poet.) 

to use a, bilS^ . 
byssus, y:ia m., oja; III (Egyptian word), 

^m . 

cioth of, -jr^a m., tijyj III. 
Egyptian, tiJaj III. 


cab, (measure), ap m. 

cage, "laio . 

Cain, -,';|5 . 

cake, ntt5i'i|x f., nbn f., nas also n>5 f. 

a flat, n-Ti-BS f. 

a (kind of), •j^s m. 

a round, nas f., bibst , b-'bs (Keri.) 

a sweet, itob m., perh. SSB (once.) 

a thin, p^p"* . 

cake baked on hot stones, CB^n nr-5 . 

of bread, onb -33 . 
cake-buffoons, 515^ "'srb . 
cakes, nr'^ttix 1 

(a species of), n'3'ab . 

round, cb^"^ f. plu. 

unleavened, rriais ni'sr . 
calamities, m>n (only plu.), e^n'iaa , 
nattJ?; m. (only in plu. c. suff.) 




calamity, )^H m., T'X m., brx m. (poet.), 
nbex f., nVn, n^-j. f. (Cheth.), tsn 
m., nxsn f., ■'bn m., r,ian in., t's 
m., b^^ , n©'? f., -i^a m., nss also 
133, ")i5 m., T>s m., 5*1 in., nsn f., 
Kitti m. 

calamus, vv m., see nsp? . 

caldron, '(iiaax m. 

calf, bar m., nhs f., "il'd m. 

calix, s-2a m., braa . 

call, to, -i«x , K-p I, yvd Pi. Hi. 

' ' - T ' t't - T 

aloud, to, z^l Pi., bip xiiJ: . 

by name, to, 2^3 . 

for, to, n'isi Hi. 

forth, to, x-^.pD I. 

out, to, xn;3 I. (Ch. n'p .) 

to mind, to, ist K. Hi. 

to, to, ibip ",n3 c. ^ ., xnj? I w. bs 
of pers. 

together, to, prt Hi., pss Hi., bnj? 
Hi. w. b? against., s-^p^ I. 

upon, to, prT Hi. 

upon the name of, to, 's ct^n S^]? . 
called, K'»7p. 

to be, 5t-ip I Ni. Pu. 

together, to be, pST Ni., pS5£ Ni. 
calling together, a, xnpo m. 
callous, to become, p^2 . 
calm, a, rt'O'C'^ f. 

(adj.), np^^ (Keri.) 

to, niaJ Pi. 

' T T 

caltrop, ^tjn?; m. 
calyx, n::sp f. 
camel, b-q^ com. 

a young, -123 m. 
camels, swift, m'nsns . 
camp, n:nTS usually m. 
camps, n""':rn m. plu. 
can, (verb), b'z^ . (Ch. bD"« or bs'' , 


Canaan, I^JS . 

canal, nx"^ m. (Egyptian word.) 

canals (for oil), ni'nns^ . 

candelabra, 'inx^ m., nnis^Q f. (Ch. 

xPttJ-^:;3 f.) 
candlestick, -n'x^ m., nn'i*3^3 f. (Ch. 
Nnai-ias f.) 

cane, a, csx m., r\:p m. 
cane, cultivated, sweet, nsp m. 
canopy, nen f. 
cap, firaaia f. 
capable, see h'^n 4. 
caper-berry, n^'i*'"3X f- 
capital, ^axn I m. 

(of column), nnsjs , n-tns f., pes 1 
capons, see c'^.a'^S . 
Cappadocia, see nns? 3. 
captain, nil) . 
captivate, to, npb . 
captive, (adj.), lailS . 

(sub.), -i^px m., n^ss m., n^ios , 
bbnui m. 


to be carried away, nba . 

to be made, nox Pu. 

to be taken, npb Pu. pret. and Ho. 

to carry away, nbj Hi. (Ch. nba , 

Kb a Aph.) 
to hold, to lead, nnr . 
to take, nrb , n-O) , tosn 

' - T ' T T ' - T 

captives, Jibi'a f. coll., nb-ian 


f. coll., DiJiiiuJ , ni^oj and n^itp f. 
concr., 'izti m. concr., n;j2a f. 
captivity, nbir, f., nsiba f., riztu and 
n"^2ttj f., ■•3>iJ m., n-aiJ f. (Ch. niba f.) 
to go into, nba . 
capture, lab m., t;'::^ m., irjist^: f. 

to, nab , npb . 
captured, to be, bsn Ni. 
car, nbas f. 

' TT-: 

caravan, nrrjk f., tripp also K'fSTa m., 
n*iaj f. 

T T 

caravans, Piis'^bn (only in plu.) 

caravanserai, •,i'bTa m. 

carcass, n'la 1, nbs/a f., nb33 1, njB 

carcasses, nb33 f. coll., "^ss m. coll. 
care, nipa f., nn-;n f., "i^ f-> ^^^i^Q ^* 
for, to, ttjn^, -jnn w. bs ., rn-;, 
1333 Hi., -133 Hi., n?n , n^ttS c 

of, to be taken, •,13 Ni. 
of, to take, -ipa Pi., ^yi , "(IS HI, 
^pB , nxn . 




care, to, s^"bx cJiiO w. inf. and b . 

to take, :b-bx cri5 . 
cared for, to be, nxi Ni. 
carefully, 2i5"'r; . (Ch. x^nnx , XJiDOX.) 
careless, ",3X'i , ibaj . 
caress, to, 'b "'JE n^n , pns Pi. 
caressed, to be, rrai Polp. 
caresses, c^in (only in plu.) 
caries, rpi m. 
carious, to be, 3pn . 
Carmel, bp"? . 
carouse, a, xzb ni. 
carousing, a, "^raj I m. 
carpenter, aj'^n m., fully q-^^s uinn . 
carpet, ns'^ttitJ f. 
carriage, a, is m. 

carried away, to be, nba Ni., xtos Ni., 
see nsuj . 

off, to be, ttJna Ni. 

to be, 2::o . 
carrion- vulture, cm m., nisnn f. 
carry, to, ^^x I, xi'a Hi., -qbn and rjb^ 
Hi., S<b3 , bzD , c^s . 

away, to, x-'a Hi., sns K. Pi., nns , 
Kirs K. Pi. (Ch. xira .) 

away captive, to, nba Hi. (Ch. 
nba , xba Aph.) 

down, to, nni Hi. 

into exile, to, nba Hi. 

off, to, see bn 12, jiz^ . 

out, to, NS" Hi. 

up, to, nbs Hi. 
carrying away, a, n^iba f. 
carve, to, bOB, nne Pi., ybp^ H. 
carved, rt^p-q . 

ceiling, ainn (Keri), tsTin (Cheth.) 

image, bcQ m. 

images, n'^b'^Dp . 

work, n?bp^ f., nsipB m. 
carving-tool, nrsispi? . 
cassia, n^p f,, ns-'sp f. 
cast, to, W^ Hi., nni I (only pret. 3 
pers. plu.), nn-j K. Pi., nn-i K. Hi., 
a-^-j' Pi. (once), bca Hi., x^-n^ , cntb 
and c^OJ , P-W (sometimes), nbtt5 Pi., 
r,b^^ Hi,, spn . (Clr. na-i , x^^n .) 

around, to, rp: Hi. 

cast at, to be, n*i Ni. 

away from one's self, to, Hi. 
w. S1S53T3 , vbsia . 

.... J T T •• 

away, to, b53 , rjb 5 Hi. 

away, to cause to, n3T Hi. 

before, to, ia« (once part, pass.) 

behind one, to, ifli ""inx TpbttJn . 

down, niB . 

down at full length, to be, bia 

down, to, b!i:3 Pilp-, n'ni: Hi. 
(once), nn^ Hi., r-^3 Hi., njig 
Pi., nns Hi. c. -,73 ., nia Hi., 
aJ::: , bsa Hi., nnuj Hi., iruj Hi., 

-T ' -T ' - T ' I - T ' 

nbuj Pi., r,bttj Hi., a^ilj , bettS 
Hi., Ttn Hi. (Ch. ^yz Pa.) 
down, to be, Tnn K. Ho., raa Ni. 
Pu., nnttS Hithpo., bBttJ . (Ch. 

down to the ground, to, nsttJ Hi. w. 

ns^x . 

T ! - 

eyes upon, to, ca"!? xi)3 w. bx . b 

forth, to, nbttj Pi. 

forth, to be, Gsia Hithpal, "nbilS Ho. 

(metal), to, ps^ , "03 I- 

off, to, n37 K.Hi., ttJaa , nfii, see 

rnoJ Pi., see nbuj Pi., 7|bttJ Hi. 
one's self down, to, bea . 
out, nra H m. concr. 
out from, to, Tjb'lJ Hi. w. yvi of 

out, to, ttjna K. Pi., nsin Hi., bsia 

Hi., nn3 I Pi., tti-ja , baia K. PL, 

nbtti Pi., r.BUJ . 

- T ' ' - T 

out, to be, r^bttJ Ho. 

(thrown), to be, in"' . 

to be, ps"^ Ho. (of metals.) 

up, to, bbo K. Pilp., r,B<^ , bbn . 

upon, to, ttJaa w. br», nbs Hi. c, b? . 
casting down, a, nbqbia f., nSiUJ f. 

(of metal), a, ripi'^ f., pxiia m., 

, npstflia f. 

out, a, ''S: H m. 
castle, •(Vianx m., Jr^^a f. (later Heb.), 
pa ra., "p«"jn , nyia f., xt'b^ m., 
n5t*o m., nnisia 1, nnsiaia f., nnb m., 
n->'n:£ m. (Ch. nT3 f.) 




castrated, p^ins . 

catamite, ttj-i;^ m. 

cataract, -n":s m. 

catch, to, inx , qan ^ 5;nn , nab , "i^s , 


- T 

cathedra, X53 . 

cattle, nrria 1 coll., T'rS (only in sing, 
coll.), -ips com., naxbia 1, m'lij m. 
coll. (rarely). (Ch. V^'P^-) 

slaughtered, nzq m., nn:a f. 
to keep, ^jra n^n . 
cattle-breeder, npa. 
caught, to be, x:e?2 Ni. 
caul, nS3^ ni., see niao . 
cauls, D'^p'^nia . 

cause, (forensic), ^a"n m., n"!a^ f. (most- 
ly later Heb.), yri m., ::3u:?3 m., 31-1 
m. (Ch. nbx^ f.) 

(reason), -i:nn in, rrn^'n 1 (Ch. 

n-ia-i 1, n^s f.) 
for tliis, -nsiaya , ')3 b? . (Ch. -b3 

n3^ bap .) 
for which^ (Ch. -tj brp-b3 .) 
of, to be the, 320 . 
of, to protect the, •,"''n . 
(of), to wrest the, nis Pi. w. ace. of 

one who has a, a^-i oJ^x . 
to (any one good or evil) to, hm 

(w. 2 aces., of pers. of thing.) 
to be judged, a, (c3?:3 m.) 
to have a just, pnjt . 
to have an unjust, rtli'i . 
to gain one's, pnat , rtun Hi. 
to maintain one's, bsisPilp. Hi. 
to make one gain his, p-is Hi. 
to manage a, 2"<n and nin . 
to plead a, z'^i and 311 . 
without, dSn , "ipcj . 
cautious, (Ch; I'^Ti] .) 

to be, ina Pi. 
cave, -cin H m., nlbn^ f., ^'^r7^ f . 
cavern, -i-in H m., see n"nix?3 , nbri« 
f., tTiSTa f., 3p3 m., nnpS (only 
cavity (in which a gem is set), 2pi m. 

cease, to, GEX , btta , niaa , piTztj 11, 
B^^ , bnn and bnn , nb3 Pi., see 

000 , nsi K. Ni., D^n iLm. (Ch. 
b-J3 .) 

from, to, bnn and b-in , stbs Ni. 

w. ",ia and infin., 3"tt3 w. "jia. 
to be, to, bnn and bin , rata . 
to cause to, n?;n H. (Ch. b::a Pa.) 
to let, ms Hi. c. p ., natlj Hi. 

- T 1.7., 

to make, nb^ Pi. 
ceasing (to be), bnn . 
cedar, jnx m., see -^Ba. 
of, nnx (adj.) 
of Lebanon, the, tnx . 
(species of), nibx or nsmJs m., 

nm'xn m. 
work, tnx m., mnx f. 
cedar-wood, Tn x yy . 
ceil, to, ',E0 . 
ceiling, "jiiso m. 

carved, fretted, a-^nn m. (Keii.), 

-j^n-\ (Cheth.) 

celebrate, to, rp3 Pi., in an I (poet), 

bbn Pi., n=T Hi., maj H Pi., r^-n Hi 

Hithp. c. b .. ni3 Hi., nso Pi., ntos 

^ I ' 'T ' - T 1 

I, n"'tt) rarely nsiui (Cheth.), nsn U 
a holiday, to, 35 n . 
celebrated, to be, tijnp Hith., see xn|3 

1 Ni. 

celebration, d'^nB'lS m. (only plu.) 
cell, ni3n f., nsaJb f ., njy:^^} f. 
cells, D-'-.T^ , ti"'3p . 
cement, n^sh m., ab?3 m. 
censer, &3 f., nnn^ f., nna;ra f. 
censer-full, nnnan xbia . 
censurer, n'^sio . 
census, n;?STa m. 
certain, (Ch. 3''!i;^ .) 

for, "jizs'bx . 

one, •'J^abx "^sba. 

the, 'pas . 

to be, -(Tsx I Ni., "^3 Ni. 
certainly, bsx , -X, i^x , T'=3-^» . 

(Ch. a-'srr'i^ .) 
certainty, max f.. "i-? • 

to speak the, (Ch. 3^; Pa.) 




certainty, with, V^-''5< • 

cessation, ri-iD f., rcW I f. 

chafF, bsba m., y^i^ m., L'p m., "j^n m. 

(Ch. -sir.) 
chain, a, ^irx m., nojnj com., n-^i^ m., 

pJin*: m., pTi-i (Cheth.) 
chains, Q-'ptx , c^pT , rripni , ni'iai , 
nilJ'iu; (plu. constr.), m'lUJnttJ (only plu.) 
chair, kS3 m. 

Chaldean, (Ch. •"r,33 , •'•nr? .) 
Chaldeans, c'niS (plu. only.) 
chamber, inn m., nsijb f., xn m. 

upper, ruhv-q f., n^br f. (Ch. n*'^? f.) 
chamberlain, see in rini:io at end. 
chambers, d^sp . 

chameleon, see ns 2, see rnctusn . 
champion, bx I m., D'':2n ttJ'K . 
chance, n';ij:>'0 m., yjQ m., ri'^p m. 

to be by, n'lp Ni. 
change, a, nE"'bn f. 
often, to, n:iij I Pi. 
one's self, to, -i?:^ Hithp., nsttj I 

to, r,Erj , C]bn K. Pi. Hi., 'i^'i Hi., 
^!i^ Hi., 320 K. Pi. Hi., B^i Pi., 
ns^ I. Pi. (Ch. »:cJ Pe. Pa. 
changeable, fi-'raJ plu. 
changed into, to be, h sattj . 
let it be, see (Ch. X3'j Pa.) 
to be, r|Bn K. c. ace. into, Ni. w. h, 
ace, Hithp., qbrj , ^^i-a Ni., 2^0 
Ho., r^vv I K. Pu. (Ch. xsuJ Pe! 
Ithpa.)' ' 
channel, p-'Bx or p-'Ex m., ^*X7 m. 

(Egyptian word), nbrn f. 
chant, to, irt H Pi., sr Ni. Hithp., 
n35 IK. Pi., -i^t^ rarely -i:iui (Cheth.) 

a mournful song, to, -(Sip Pil. 
chapels, rri'osn Tia . 
chapiter, nnrs f., nE^ 1 
cliaplet, I'nES . 
chapters, see nSn^"n at end. 
charcoal, cno m. 

charge, a, p-i^^oJis f., aBOJia m., rrnpB 
1, TipD m. 

charge of, to take, sitJJ . 
solemnly, to, r2Ui Hi. 
to, n;s Pi. 

to, to give, nj^ Pi. w. ace. of pers. 
with, to, nps K. w. hs of pers., Hi. 

C. 1^ bs , 1^2 . 

charger, (dish), ba^:x m., n^irp f. 
chariot, Z^'i'C m., n23'nT3 f., 23") m., 
212'n m. 


chariot- warriors, seeuji^yi. 
charioteer, 23"5 m. 
charitable, to be, "(jn . 
charity, to give in, 'jsn . 
charm, nisn f. 

away, to, nnai IH Pi. inf. c. sufE. 

*o, "i2n , "ind HI Pi. inf. c. suff. 
charmer, -(Sdb ^52 . 
chase, the, t^s m. 

away, to, n~2 Hi., in: Hi., q-iT. 

to, Tj-i'n K. Hi. 
chased, r.t;^ . 

to be, ?)n^ Ni. Pu. 
chasm, r.nui f. 
chasten, to, nr^ Hi., "lO"^^ K. (rarely), 

Pi. Hi. (once.) 
chastened, to be, "lO" Ni. 
chastise, to, see nr'^ Hi. 4 , ity^ K. 

(rarely). Pi. Hi. (once), n:D Hi. 
chastisement, nn"p2 f., IO^-q m., pElb 

m., nnain 1, nnsin f. 
chastising, see r|"n . 
chatter, to, see m "13, bb^ I. 
chattering, *i!iar (adj.) 
cheat, to, bbn Hi. c. . 2 of pers. 
checker- work, see y2rpi . 

to weave in, y2il) Pi. 
checkered, qiS"] . 
cheek, -^nb 1, n;?'n f. (poet.) 
cheer, to, lix Hi., 2ia Hi., m?tb PI 

cheered, to be, ""HJ 1 1, 
cheerful, to be, :V2 Hi., 2'ia, s:?"; . 

to become, ab2 Hi. 

to make, 5:2 Hi., 2''::: Hi., 2u3'; 




cheerfulness, n^a"'^3"^ f. 
cheese, nriri 1, nx^n f. 
cheeses, see nE'r . 
cherish, to, qn"i Pi. 

vain hopes, to, bsn . 
Cherub, n^~3 m. 
Cheinibim, Drills plu. 
chest, a, ij-ix m., -jinx com., n^n f. 

(Egyptian word.) 
chests, d''T;3 . 
chew the cud, to, T^a . 
chide, to, -ira , nsi Hi., rrn's Pi. w. 3 ., 

nnr Hi., D^r I Hi., roi Pi. 
chief, a, see T^ax 2, i"'n^ , C^^bx m., 
"i-^aa , T",bia m., ■i-'sa m., see x-'ira , 
n? m., T-iQ ra., ^'^sp? m., ttix-n I m., sn 
m.,'--ib m., lisiu. (Ch. sn m.) 
men of a State (or) city, 'i:£?i"' 

■j'-ix . 
officers, fi^r'^tJ f. concr., d^^il* . 
place, in the, nvdi^n . 
(that which is), irx-i I m. 
the, D-'^six plu. (Cheth.), -i-ira m., 

iljx-, I m., r'^UJxn f. 
to 1)3, n:i: I Pi. only inf. and part, 
w. bs , b , 
chief-judges, (Ch. "f'lU'i'lX .) 
chiefs, •pT'nB m. concr. 
chieftain, "l^x m. 

child, nb' m., nb'i m., nsib"* , ib^ m., 
n^b^ m., •,-i3i3 m., -^3 I m., b"**? H m., 
b!i3?, bb-i5 m., bbisxj . 
condition of a, see •^^I'o . 
one having her first, rn'^SS'a f. 
male, Ci'^'Jiix y_l . 
sucking, p:!"* . 

with, n-n only f., w. b of pers. by 
childhood, rrnb^ f., C'lr: plu. 
childless, "'"•^nr , nbsisaj f. 

to be made, brtlj and bsttS . 
to make, b'=a3 and bzitj Pi. 
children, d"';3 (sometimes), 3J")T , tj'^'ib") 
com., d-'Xitx:! . 

to beget, D"'33 D^b . 
chimney, n3~x f. (once in sing.) 
Chinese, see 0*^30 . 

chink, p'na m. 
chips, qaip m. coll. 
chirp, to, qES only Pilp. 
chisel, nnn f., n?ssp^ f. 
Chislev, (month), ibps m. 
choice, (adj.), -inna , -1^2: , "".sina . 
(sub.), Tinnia m., nna^ m. (only 
in constr.) 
choicer than, -inas w. )-o , 
choicest, (whatever is), "inaia m. (only 

in constr.) 
choir, HTTi f. 

choirs, see nin^in , C"«br|p^ , f^"ibnp^ . 
chomer, (measure), *ii2'n m. 
choose, to, y-qa Pi., -ina c. ace, more 

frequently w. a ., ttipa Pi. w. ib ., 

for one's self, to, nra w. ib, 
out, to, bna Hi. w. -(^ ., n-ia , nxi . 
chosen, -i!ina , *in:23 , "^a H, nna , 

•'t ' T 

by, to be, "in a Ni. w. b . 
of Jehovah, m'ni iTii . 
out, to be, b"ia Ni. w. b to or for. 

- r ; 

to be, nna Ni. Pu. (Cheth), x"i;^ 
I Pu. ' 
Chronicles, book of, tii^*n ■»-,a'i "'EO . 
chrysolite, see tlj"'ir~in . 
churlish, n^lJp. 
cicatrix, r3"iJt f. 
cincture, nnsnia f. 
cinders, n^B m. 
cinnabar, see "wd^ . 
cinnamon, '"i^Sp . 

cippus, nz^-Q f., naat^ f., a'^^s m,, 

'(^I'S m. 
circle, b-^bj m., nb-'ba f., in'n m., a^n 
m., TjbB m. 

(of events), n^i-'EJC f. 
(of persons), nno m. 
to describe a, 51 n. 
to move in a, r,p3 . 
circles, nia^ao . 
circlet, -I'nBS . 

circuit, b-^ba m., nb""ba f., p^^in m., 
"133 1, 30!)^ m., a-'ao m., r,bD m., 
n^sipn f. (Ch. s<-;--n f.) 




circuit, in a, a-'i&Ta . 
circuits, nis^SD . 
circumcise, to, bsiis . 

one's self, to, h^'O Ni. 
circumcised, to be, bbia II Ni. 
circumcision, nb^a f. 
circumspect, to be, nns Pi., bsto . 
circumspectly, to lay his hands, see bziii 

circumjacent places, d^2^20 , ni2"'aD . 

tract, 153 1 
circum variation, a wall of, line of, see 

circumvent, to, ^ns Hi., a;^5 . 
cistern, -jta (Cheth.), n'a I m., as I m., 

Naa m., nna) f. 
citadel, "|"irnx m., n"^a m., isar m., 

"I'^p m. 
cite before a court, to, s'l'' Hi. 
cithara, see "lisa , pbnio m. (Ch. D'-in*'!? 

(Cheth.), onr;? m. (Ken.).) 
cities, see n^sirS 3, c^-*^ . 
citizen, uj-'x m. w. gen. of city, 
citizens, cirsa w. gen. of city, 
city, -i-^r I f., -'y I m. (only as proper 

name), rr'-p f. (poet), nip f. (Ch. 

n^-!p and x-^-ip .) 
fortified, "isaT: m., listi I'^y , 
n^isia f. 

T ! 

the chief, i-^s I f., w. gen. of peo- 
ple or country, 
civil, •(■iST) . 
clad, poorly, oinj . 
clamor, nsi m., r'lXOSn plu. 
clamorous bird, rr^x f. 

to be, n-cn . 
clan, nnB'jJp f. 
clang (of trumpets), rpn m. 
clangor, nri-n f. 
clnp, to, pED I, rarely prb . 

the hands, to, qa-bx r3 nan , 
nn^ w. :;,a., c-ea-nx pEO, 5pn 
w. pa . 
clasp, nn ni., "^nn (Cheth.) 

to, r\zh. 
class, rp'bn^a f., ns^Btt ^., naVo f. 
(Ch. nsba or Nsbo .) 

class of men, -i'n m., rit . 
claw, DIB m. 

clay, i«n m., a*^:: m., is? m. (Ch. -jib 

burnt, (Ch. ocn m.) 
clean, ia I, T\\ and t^t , qn ^ i-ina . 

to, 11 a Hi. 

- T 

to be, 11 a Ni., naT (everywhere in 
a moral sense), r,2T , ina , np3 
K. (once), Ni., t;i|5 and uJip . 
to become, in» . 
to make, nat Pi. 
to make one's self, -na Hithp. 
to pronounce, inu Hi. 
cleaned out, to be, np3 Ni. 

' "TT 

cleanness, ia II m., ina m., '('vps m. 
cleanse, to, iia K. Pi. Hi., n^-n Hi., 
naT Pi., r,3T Hi., xan Pi., ina Hi, 
Oaa K. (only part.). Pi., -,ab Hi 
from ashes, to, ■,TL;"n Pi. 
one's self, to, nat Hithp., ina 
Hithp., -,al3 Hithp., uji;5 Hithp! 
cleansed, to be, yrn Pu. 
cleansing, a, irb m., nina f., see 

•^rttJn, pi-irn ra. (Keri.) 
clear, ia II, •'ps c. -,-2 ., n:£ . 
away, to, n:B Pi 
one's self, to, pis Hithp. 
out, to, nsB Pi. 
to be, hbr\ . 
clearness, see iia , "iH^ ^i., naab f. 
cleave, (adhere), to. pa'n and pan K. c. 
a , bx , b , Pu., pin , p;an c. a . (Ch. 

fast, to, pa-1 and pan Ho., IBS . 

fast together, to, pan Pu. 

to, to, pan and pan c. a ., n^b , 

see p!is I. 
unto, to, p]n Hi. w. hs of pers., 
2 of thing, 
cleave, (rend), to, rpa K. Pi., see asn , 
IMS Hi, nbs K. Pi, D"^D Hi, iiB 
I Po., yt:«J K. Pi 
asunder, to, rpa . 
into, to, rpa w. a , 
through, to, rpa w. a . 
through to, to, rpa Hi. w. bx . 




cleaving, (adhering), pri'n . 
cleft, tr^nsia f. (once), q-'rc m., rotfi m. 
of the rock, y^en p-p: , nnp? 

to be, y|52 Ni. Pu. Hithp. 
clefts, d-'r-'pa. 
clemency, ni3S f., T^IZS f. 
cliff, nbyiQ m. 
cloaca, nynrca f. (Cheth.) 
cloacte, rixxiia f. (only plu. Keri.) 
cloak, pnea^ f., riEiar^ f. 

' : • T T-. - 

a wide, i^x m., nn'nx f- 
cloaks, see (Ch. "f bsno .) 
clod, ttjsia, u3-«j, nB";5ia 1, as'i m. 
clods of earth, n"l-«BSi ra. plu. 
close places, ni'^5013 . 
close, to, c:::x K. Hi., *ias (once), 
Kb3 , -150 , DISS , nss , ^str , -I?;? 
n, see dP'iJ . (Ch. '^;.o .) 

with bolts, to, ^z? Pi. c ''SB^ . 
closed courts, ni-iiip pinsn , 
closure, nils' m. 
cloth, n^a m. 

(a species of), pt^r"n , *i^^ m. 

coarse, "las^ na. 

fine, p'-n. 

of byssus, ysiam., ^'^ III (Egyptian 

of cotton, ttJ'jj III. 
clothe, to, 1:2."^ (once), irab Hi., C]Br 
constr. w. b . (Ch. uJab Aph. after 
Heb. form.) 
one's self, to, tjiab . 
one's self with, to, n:25 . 
clothed, ba^2ia, ttJsiab . 

T : 1 : ' T 

with, to be, ujab , nB5 c. ace, c^i;s 
c. ace. 
clothes, •'xiba (only plu. constr.), o'^nVia 
(only plu.) 
old torn, nian©ri "^Tba . 
clothing, PBaiq m., psio m. (once.) 
cloud, rsJ II com., -,35 m., nsjs f., 
l-itt-'p m. (Ch. )i^ .) 



clouds, d'^x-'iBs , as II m. coll., "j!? 
m. coll., d-'E3''ns (poet.), D'^pnia 

clouds, thick, ht'^s m. 

to gather, to make, ',55 -Pi. 
clouted, staia . 
cloven foot, 01 3 m., nons f. 
club, npin. 
cluster, bat's m. 
clusters of grapes, d'^aJS Vsttix . 
coagulate, to, xBp . 

to make, XBp Hi. 
coal, a, P^ns 1, ctib m., dna m., see 
C]S"i , see nDS"^ , 

a burning, pbna f., dns m. 
coals, d'^ns m. colL, dns m. coll. 
coast, -^x I, qin m, 
coasts, d"^*}* . 
coat, p:"na f. 

of mail, 'i'i''iD, nii'r f., Ii^iti 
m., -(^nttS m., K-^nn m. 
coccus color, insect, worm, see sbip m. 
cockroach, see aHs . 
coffer, Tanx m. 
coffin, as'lSia m. 

cogitation, nsTia f. (Ch. •ji'iy'i m.) 
cogitations, o^BSib . 
cohabit, to, baT . 

with, to, ar"' Hi. 
cohabitation, pjis f. 
cohere, to, nab Hithp. 
cold, (adj.), np . 

(sub.), nss f., np m., rri;? t, r.*:;? 

to be, aiB. 
collapse, to, c^p . 
collar, p3S m., see -p-ifis , n-ian m. 

to adorn with a, p3S (on^e trop.) 
colleague, p:s m. (only in plu.). (Ch. 

P33 m. (only in plu.).) 
collect, to, -ax , npx K. Pi., 033 , apb , 
pps Hi., yip^ K. Pi., UJiap K. Po. 

one's self, to, nnx Hithp., ttp^ 
collected, to be, dOX Ni. Pu., nna Ni. 
collection, nip^a m. also x"p« . 

(of fmit), q^px m., C]DX. 
collections, D'^BOX (only in plu.), see in 

T -1 -I 

colors, a worker in, Dph. 




colors, work in, nrpn f. 
column, see^-^x , nr-cs f., rr'tlJs 1, see 
p.!iX5 1, see nzii-o , p^ii'C m., 05 m., 
nsia? m., iT'^rn f. (poet.) 

a (short), •^r^'^'s ni. 
columns, d""^tBS , r":n'r (only plu.) 

(of a book), rir\':\ . 

upright, D-'-^Ji-rn II. 
comb (of honey), qfl:i m. 
come ! nrb , !i:b plu., nzn . 

around, to, r^O . 

before, to, D"ir Pi. Hi. 


down, to, see n*^i , rna K. Ni. 

- T ' -r 

(only poet). (Ch. pn3 .) 
forth, to, r^n'n w. "(^ ., ss^ , tasp. 

(Ch. ci!ip .)' 
in, to, Ni2 . 
near, to, u:53 Ni. pret. K. fut. w. 

bx ., --ip and -^p I K. Ni. 
now ! n:b , ^izb plu., nn? . 
on! nzn . 

on, to, (Ch. ii'c-c , na?3 .) 
out, (adj.), x'^:!"' . 
things to, ni'rixn . 
to, nrx (poet), Kia, T,^in and 

r-jb-j (rarely), rw Hi. (Ch. ptPX , 

x^p , n::T3 .) 
to an end, to, ->ra , see xs'' s., 

rnt^ . (Ch. nra .) 
to cause to, 13s Hi. (Ch. nrx 

. to have, 552 . 

to let, xis Hi., np^ . 

to one's self, to let, tli'j'n Ni. w. b . 

to pass, to, xia , r^^T^ K. Ni. (only 

in prct and part.), x^p II Ni. 
to, to, xia w. ns , tii'^'n c. ace. bx ., 

x^ia K. c. 15 , Ni., ?:3 K. c. a , 

bx , Hi, w. nr . (Ch. xais , hkb 

c. b ., m» c. a .) 
to, to make, xs-a Hi. 
together, to, pn Ni., i?^ Ni., nna 

Ni., see t^s , prst Ni. 
up, to, nb? . 
up, to make, nbs Hi. 
upon, to, nrx (poet), pyn and 

P'y[ , XS13 , js: Hi. w. bx ., nps , 

nbs and nba I c. br . (Ch, n-j^ , 

- T - •• . ^ T I ' 

nwia w. bs ., nnr c. 3 .) 
come upon suddenly, to, rra or nra 

comeliness, nxiia m, 
comely, see in n^n , ns'' , rrixj , nij . 
form, ^x'n m. 
to be, nx"J impers, w. b ., ns"^ , nX3 

to make, a::'' Hi. 
comfort, nr;!i3T3 f,, t^s m., c^Tcinsn 
to, 'B ab bs iai , rpt , n^n Pi., 
113 w. b ,, tins Pi., y.2i K. Pi. 
comforted, to be, en: Ni. Pu. Hithp. 
coming about, nEipn f. 

down, (adj.), D"pn: plu. 
together, a, iri73 m., hup m. 
command, nrix (poet), -131 m., n*s^ 
f., ns m. (Ch. nb-a f.) '^ 

a thing, precept, statute, law, to, 

n;s Pi. 
of, by the, ■'sb . 
to, 113X (later age), -131 Pi., nis 

Pi. (Ch, ^-cx.) 
to go, to, n'5£ Pi. 
commander, t-b m , lb m, 
commandment, is and is m., msia f. 

of, to keep the, 's -^d i^ttj . 
commandments, the ten, D"'i3':in nittJS. 
commands, to send with, n"S . 
commemorate, to, n:n II Pi. 
commend, to, bbn Pi. w, bx . 
commentary, ttiiiia m. 
commerce, to have, -ipio . 
commiserate, to, ins w, dat 
commit, to, nb5 I, "tpD Hi. c. i;i bs , 
n^a . (Ch. -135 .) 
to, to, a5-j3 w. bs . , 'b t;! b? -(Ps , 
'b Ta 3ts. 
commodious, y^n . 
common, b'n. 

house, nan p^a . 

people, oJisx m, (poet.), D?n -^33 , 

c? m., "('"ixn or . 
soldiers, D? m. 
commonwealth, cs m. 




commotion, ^^n m., «*i m. 
to be thrown into, Tai . 

' - T 

to make, tin Hi. 
to put in, D^n . 
to throw into, rflsn . 
commmie, to, s;;e irs Kal 3. 
communication, divine, yTn m. 
•ommunity, -iin m., o5 m. 
tmpactness, nz'J'O m., •'Z^ m. 
companies of travellers, nis'^bni (only 

companion, 'n2n ra., ^nn m., IT^^n f., 
S^TD m. (always c. suff.), ',30, r"j II 
m., ns"! m. (Ch. nan m., man f.) 
female, n^rn f., n^sn f. 
of, to make the, nrn Pi. 
to bo his, nsn w. ace. of pers. 
companions, n"':':5n"0 . 
female, rirn . 

of, tli-'X m. coll. (w. gen. of king, 
leader, etc.) 
companionship, n"^? f. 
company, a, hzri m., nan m., fman 
f., n';:rih f., r\;rro usually m., xb^ 
m., n-pio m., also n'p'o , nnr If, 
ttSstn I m. 

of exiles, nbir. f. 
of travellers, nnnj< f. 
in,^ nns3 . 

with, to, rx , ds Tyi^ . 
with, to go in, nx , 05 T^bn . 
compare, to, n«^ I Pi. c. bx , b ., bt^ia 
Hi. c. dat, r,l35 w. b ., n-oJ Hi. w. ace. 

' •' T ; ' T T 

and b (Ch. nrjj Pi. c. ace. and 
compared, to be, n^rd ITithp. 

with, to be, n'UJ c. h of pers. 
compass, p^i^n m., nisima f. 
to, 220 . 

to mark out with a, a^in. 
compassion, "(n m., no-n , n^iflJiTO plu., 
D'^Tsn'n , D-^Tsin^n . (Ch. 'pann .) 
on, to have, om c. hs . 
to have, b'on w. bj ., ens Ni. Hithp. 
upon, to have, cnn Pi. 
compassionate, '^sn., o^n'i (only of God), 

compassionate, to, -jsn . (Ch. '^sn .) 
compel, to, o:x. (Ch. d:x.) 
compensate, to, arj Hi. 

for, to, nrd c. 2 of thing, 
compensation, nnn?:n f. 
complain, to, -(jx Hithpo., "jsib Ni. w. 

br against, n-b . 
complaining, a, n^b I m., nisbn (only 

complaint, ns^a f., see -in-a , n-^a) I m. 
complaints, to utter, n-'iu . 
complete, b-'bD , c-":n . (Ch. n-''aa .) 
to, rs2 Pi., -^ra , arn , nbs Pi., 
bbs , xb>a Pi., dbj^ Pi. Hi., Q^n 
K. Hi. ("ciL nra, bbs Shaph.) 
to be, nbs , o«n . (Ch. obttS .) 
completed, oba) . 

to be, xbT3 , nai? , obttS or cboS . 

•t' -'t' "T -t 

completely, nbs. 

completeness, n'^bap f., tT'arn f. 
completion, nbs f., nb^Dn f. 
completions, nibs^ I (once plu.) 
compose, to, -i^s I Hi., xiai Pi., ');5R 

Pi. (later Heb.) 
comprehend, to, SJni , bb^ w. dat. of 

compress, to, r^'S-Q (only part. pass.),. 

-IS I. 
compression (of a wound), nii^ I m. 
compute, to, a'lin Pi. 
computed, to be, attJn Ni. 
conceal, to, xan Hi., uj-in Hi., yqa K. 

Hi., nns Pi., noa Pi., n^j I, nno 

' - r T T -T - T 

Hi., cbr I K. (only part, pass.), Hi, 

one's self, to, ",£3 c. b . 
concealed, to he, nna Ni. 
conceit, n"'3^Ta f- 

conceive, to, nnn , mi Ni., DH'' Pi., 
-as Pi. 

- T 

seed, to, yn: Hi. 
conceived, to be, nnn Pu. 
conception, '{^'ii m., •j'jinn m. (Ch.. 

concern, nnnn f. 

concerned, to be, nbn K. Ni. c. b? . 
concerning, bx , a , b , b? . (Ch. b? .) 




conciliate, to, see ns*! Pi. 

concord, nrj-'ia m., o'^'ilU"'^ (only plu.), 

c'l^il) m. 
concrete, to, ^^Ep . 
concubine, ttSs^Q oftener tt)5b''B f. (Ch. 

nin"^ f., n:nb f.) 
condemn, to, y:\ , xan Hi., 5^1 Hi., 
■ CElli . 

condition, rrik com. (poet.) 
condolence, see l^i . 
conduct, Tj'^'ri com., n^^l? m. 
one's self, to, an 3 . 
to, bn"; I Hi. (poet), n;?b, :r3 , 
bra Pi., nn3 . 

-T xr 

conduit, nbrn . 

▼ T i 

coney, see "jSi:^. 
confederate, nx I m. 

(men), 'fi r-^-ia "'^fJ? > ^""l^ ''^.?i 

to, -isn Pi. 

to be, i:2n K. Hithp. c. c» . 
confess, to, nyi Hi. Hithi3., n53 Hi. 
confession, mtn f. 
confidants, my, inio "P^ . 
confide, to, rr^l I w. S , b? , bx ., non . 

in, to, -(^x I Hi. 
confidence, nrst^sx f., n:22 m,, nrwa 

f., "in^3 '"•» n^^Ji-n f., bc3 m., nbos 

1, naiiia m., nipa m., also x^pnj, 

ns3 I m., see n'bzn . 
object of, ns: I ra. 
confident, to be, na2 I. 
confidently, naa . 
qonfiding, naaa. 
confine, to, "i"^:! . 
confirm, to, ^^ Hi., iss Hi., ir5 I 

Hi., n;^ Pi.,'c!ip Pi. Hi. (Ch. c^p 

Apb., qpn and r;pn Pa.) 
confirmed, to be, -jiax I NL, pm K. 

Hithp., I'S Ni., op. 
conflagration, ^pi^ m., nx'iJ^ f., nB"tb 

f. (Ch. snp7 f.) 
conflux, see a"-i? . 
confound, to, bna Pi. Hi., bba , rnn 

confounded, to be, bna Ni., nrn K 


confused, to be, ria . 
confusion, rttSa f., nrima f. 

to be covered with, rOiSi TSab , 
ra53 n:;5 . 
confute, to, ns'' Hi. 
confuted, to be, ns'^ Ni. 
congeal, to, see sEp . 
congelation, ',i5*Bp m. (Keri.) 
congregation, nri^ m., n-i? I f., Pil^S 
and n-i::s f., bnp m., nbnp f. 

tent (or) tabernacle of the, bnk 

congregations, niBpX (only in plu.) 

conjoiners, pl-iania . 

conjointly, in;;' , "i"nn;^ . 

conjurers, c"'tt3nb73 . 

connect, to, -lan Pi., p^T] Pi. 

consciousness, r'nia also ynjz m. (later 

consecrate, to, r^rn , S'^n Hi., np Hi. c. 

b ., "^as? Hi. c. nin-'b., Kbs Hi., lanp 

;"-T T-'rr ' -It 


by unction, to, naio . 
one's self, to, iT3 Ni. Hi 
to God, to, ttjnp Hi. 
with solemn rites, to, ttJ'ip Pi. 
consecrated, ttSiip , ^rip^ . 

't ' t\ J 

one, i"T3 m. 
(something), U"|'p m. 
things, the, D"'ai'^;?,n . 
to be, uinp Ni. 
consecration, nr:n f., 2"'xb^ plu., it 

sacrifice of, cxb'a plu. 
consent, to, nx or ri^x Ni., bx^ H Hi 
unto, to, nix or niX Ni. w. dat. of 
consequence, nxirn f. 
consider, to, -(TX H Pi. (only), -pa 
Hithpal, npa Pi., i=t , attJn Pi., 
■iab-bx •,n3, obo Pi., nab niai, baiii 
Hi , ->na) II. (bsia Ithpa. c. a .) 
accurately, to, see aoa Pi. 
consolation, nn^STa f., rrcn? 1, n-^j m. 
consolations, c^iEins , n-'rinsn , m'i:sin3n . 
console, to, 'b ab b? na^, i^i w. b ., 
cr3 Pi'j !<B^ I^' Pi- 




console one's self, to, crs Ni. Hithp. 
consort, a, Vii^ f. (Ch. hit f.) 
conspicuous, bJis-n. 

something, triTn f. 
conspiracy, -iiij|? m. 

against, to make a, bs "ir;? '^'^P • 
conspirators, c'^'llip . 
conspire, to, -njjp K. w. h^ against, 

Hithp. c. bx . 
constant, to be, pm w. inf. c. h . 
constellations, niV-T^a . 
consternation, x5n or nr-n f., i^z^Tiiz 

T T T r T : 

f., npr^Q f., 'inari m. 
to be in, riTsn K. Hithp. 
to iDut in, drn . 
to throw into, cin . 
constitute, to, nb^ , "iD" , Y^s Hi., n:^ 
Pi. (later Heb ), ',n: w. two aces., irr 
I Hi., nir;? I, n»s Pi., c^p Hi., dsib 
and D'^b , iT'iD . (Ch. nrr Pa., cip 
Aph., c^ib.) 
ccmstituted, to be, ^-cy I. 
constraint, nsb m. 
construct, to, n;2 (material in ace, more 

rarely w. a ) , niUSJ I. 
consult, to, ui-j-n , no^ Ni., -jry- K. Ni. 
Hithp., rjb"2 Ni., v^3 I (only in imp.), 
bj<UJ . 
together to, (Ch. b?";" Ithp.) 
consultation, *t>;d m. 

to decide after, yy^ Ni. 
consume, to, bsx K. Pi., nb2 Pi., ybs , 
■ira Pi. Hi., rJi-n Hi., nbs Pi., "jnb 
I Pi., nnb , HTi . 

T ' T T 

away, to, pp^a Ni. 
with fire, to, ^r2 mostly w. 2 ., 
r,']=j I. 
consumed, I am, -^h •'11 . 
(one), D^ m. 
to b3, r^; K. (only fut.), Ni., nbs , 

r,-3 Ni., see nr:? Ni.,. orn . 
with fire, to be, -153 . 
consumption, 1^2 , nb3 f., •'i'^^s m., 
•(•jTi I m., M-i m., nsn'r f., P'^ban f. 
contagion, a::p m., aa'p m. 
contain, to, biS Pilp. Hi. 

one's self, to, pBX Hithp. 

contemn, to, t!(2 c. ace, oftener b ., rtSi 
K. Hi., -jra , -p^^ , 0X72 , ^xj Pi.' 
HES Hi., nbo I K. Pi., ::!nij H. 
contenmed, irtra , n;2 , irxao , n-ss . 
one, nt!i2 f. 

to be, nb|5 II Ni., bb;? K. Ni. • 
contemplate, to, ntn c. 2 . 
contempt, t!|2 m., nn2 f., ■,i''»2 m., 
CXT2 , libpj m., ::Nd m. 
to bring into, bbp Hi. 
to cause, ^X3 Pi. 
contemptible, something, 33 1 m. 
contend, to, cnb Ni., nsj Hi., 3n 
(Cheth.), 3^-1 K. Hi. part., -i:itb I c. 
bx with or against, rrnb c. ts , nx . 
before a judge, to, nil and Z'^'^ , 

i2SttJ Ni. 
together, to, '(""n Ni. 
with, to, n-ia Hithp. c 2 ., "pti w. 
OS ., n-nn Tiph. c. ns ., "i2"i 
nx ccjsyj^ . 
content, to be, bx^ II Hi. 
contention, ",ni3 I m., cj^nia (only 
plu.), c^jnia (only plu.), nsiia II f., 
3'^n m., !Ti:n f. 
continual, see Trn . 

' • T 

dropping, t^b qb-n . 
continually, t3i>iri-bs , "n'S , 'T'lQPi . (Ch. 

X';!''nn2 .) 
continuance, Trn m. (only in gen. after 

other nouns.) 
continue, to, r^'ii-o , 1723 I. 

to do, to, qo"" K. Hi. (both defect.) 
continuedly, lis. 
continuity, (Ch. xiiin f.) 
contract, to, qiox , y^p^ , see r?i 2. 
contracted, i:^bp . 

to be, bsx Ni., xs;^ (Cheth.) 
contractions, niS'^.^'Q . 
contradict, to, n35 I. 
contradiction, inp m. 
contrary, the, 7,Bri or T^Efi m. 
contrite, X313 , X3n , nn nD3 . 

to be, xsi Pu. 
contrive, to, tosn , nrx Hi. w. naiB . 
controversy, yrt m. 
contumacy, ril")^ f. 




contumacy, land of double, o'^n'nia 'j'^x . 
contumely, nc'in f., n53l:3 f., n^s^S 
f . 

to treat with, b^3 Pi. 
contusion, ynfi m. 
convenient, •,'^3n . 

to make, n'p Hi. 
converse, familiar, n*o m. 

to, -i3"n Ni. c. 3 , b»., IT'b. 

■with, to, -irtj Hithj). 
conversion, nn^i'lj f. (once.) 
convert, to, rjEn , rij Pil. 
converted, to be, zrj . 
converts, her, jr^ZttJ . 
convey, to, 33"^ Hi. 
convict, to, nsi Hi. 
convicted, to be, ns"^ Ni. 
convocation, x-irr m., ^np m. 

' t'; • t't 

place of, »^p-c m. 
convoke, to, pST Hi., pss Hi., bn;? 

Hi. w. bs ., x-^r; I- 
convoked, to be, prT Ni., inp Ni. 
coo, to, HTsn . 
cook, a, r\2-j , nnaa f. 

to, nsx , bttJ3 Pi., '•ni Hi. 
cooked pieces, ca'^sn (once.) 

things, D^nan . 

to be, b«Ja or bt^2 K. Pu. 
cooking furnace, prob. C'^n^'S (only 

cookings, cs'cn (once.) 
cool, np (Cheth.) 
cooling, a, n-pT2 f. 
copper, r^na com. (Ch. rna m.) 

(anything) made of, pii^na com. 
coDula, the, see i , !| and t . 
copulation, n:xpj f. 

copy, njttJ^ m., -lyi-ip . (Ch. -(jaSnD .) 
coral-wood, see Q'^aiibx . 
corals, red, see ca"!!) , see n"''^x^ . 
corbilrf, (architec), ninow m. plu. 
c^jrd, bs'n (poet.), "bzn m. once f., ^ni 
UL, nopa f., d'zs com., b-'PDm., i;5 and 
ip m., n-jp or nii? (Cheth.), n'pFl 1 
cords, nibaaia , nisoJiia (poet.), ir-^ia 
m. (only in plu, c. sufE.) 

a crook of, cbah . 

coriander (seed), nj m. 
cormorant, see d^s 2. 
com, -a III m., ■,:'n m., -mas? , "aa3 
oftener i^^ m. 

pounded, nis^i . 
comer, qaa f., risjr^ m., nxs f., •,s 

I m., nss f. 
comer-columns, niiiT (only plu.) 
comer-stone, nss 'ax . 
comers, ni'^j (only plu.), rirsp^ , 

rwspnra . 
comet, •,'np f., •ns'^ttJ m. (Ch. -j-^p f.) 
corolla (of flowers), bra 5 . 
coqjse, n^^a f., nE!ia f., nVaa 1, iiisa 

n^ , i;q m. 
coipses, nbaa f. coll. 
correct, to, ns^ Hi., ^o^ K. (rarely), 

Pi. Hi. (once.) 
correction, noA^ m., nnain f. 
corrector, a, n-i©^ m, 
corresponding to, see n;3 B. 
corrupt deed, (Ch. nn^rrij .) 

to, xuja I Hi., see '^n-j Pi., nnsj 
Pi. iii. (Ch. rnr .) ' 

to be, nbx Ni., ban . 

to become, nnoi Pi. Hi. 
cormpted, to be, rna3 Ho. Ni. 
corruption, see nnaj Note. 
corruptly, to act, ban . 
corslet, n^iaS f., ]i'''}t m., •(•'-Tj m. 
costliness, np^ m. 
costly, "15^ . 

something, i^n-g m., c'^'n-in:: i)lu. 

things, (Ch. np7 m.) 

to be, npi . 
cotton, cloth of, tt3il5 HI. (Egyptian 

fine, white, CD "^3 m. 

stuff, OB'^3 m. 
couch, SflS'' m., n:si3 f., ss*a m., rai:^ 
m., 'j-is f. (Ch. asttJTD m.) 

nuptial, ncn . 
couch, to, yz"^ . 

down to, to, rai I. 
couching place, yz"^. m. 
coulter, see px HI, sec -i^:.r'2 . 
council, a, Tio m. 




counsel, ir-n m., nfit f., n^atTa f., 
n2!tJn"Q and naUJn^ f., nrria m., 
nscr II f., nD m., nsn 1, n^tsin 1 
(Ch. nnx, Tj^^ m., x:2r .) 
evil, n^s'T'a f. 

to, fy^K. Ni. (Ch. usi .) 
to give, -jrr^ . 
to take, y::'^ , r,b!a Ni., ysir I (only 

in imp.) 
together, to take, no"^ Ni., rs'' Ni. 

wicked, n-a3n^ and nauJriT? f. 
wise, nibsiirn plu. 
counselled, to let one's self be, y^'^ Ni. 
counsellor, ^'•si*« . (Ch. i:5>^ .) 
female, nsr'"^ f. 
king's, yvi^ . 
counsellors, my, T\l^_ "'ti^JX . 
of State, (Ch. r")2lin .) 
counsels, m'uriTa , ni'ihaJr . 

wicked, n rain 73 and nat^nia f. 
count, to, n:^ y ISO K. Pi. 

as, to, z^T^ c. ace. et b ., "jns w. 
•'SEb . (Ch. ruin c. 3 .) 
counter, (numberer), r>p-Q . 
countenance, c^sx du., n"i:Q plu. 
countervail, to, n'ttj c. 2 of thing, 
countries, see n^^ra -3. 

far, y):A "J^n^'O . 
country, n^s^x f., yi^_ com., is III m., 
bnra m., "j^-in m., n:*'!^ f. (later 
Heb.), nnb m., -^nio m. (poet.) 
beyond, on the other side, -izs m., 

see (Ch. i^s .) 
open, n''T'nQ (only plu.) 
regions, r':T"iD (only plu.) 
country-towns, niT'^-irt """i" , "'I'^^n ^'I'S , 

^T^p. ''"•5, . 
country-village, "'T-'erj -ts's . 
countryman, "'tis m. 
countrymen, r-jbi>Q f. 
countrywoman, ninx f. 
coupled, c-^Taxn plu., D-ian plu. 
couplers, ni -^2:1:3 . 
courage, 3b m., zih m., nn f. 

to be of good, y-Q^^ Hi. 

to take, n^ii w. 2"- ., i"^"!" P^n . 

' - T •• ' T T ' - • 


courageous, to make, -nn Hi 

to show one's self, to, pm Hithp. 
courier, irbo (everywhere coupled w. 

couriers, ■'pba w. art. coU. (everywhere 

coupled w. ■'PIS .) 
course, rp-rj com., nartt) f. 

(of piiests), npbno f. 

(of stones, etc.), -1^:3 m. 

(of things), n203 f., nSo f. 

rapid, n^jn'n f. 

to, nn-n. 
courser, (steed), OiD'n m, 
courses, ni^Dia f. (poet.). (Ch. •,pbn« 

only plu ) 
court, (area), zn'i f., probably n-'ta 1, 
i:in com., niTS f. (later Heb.). (Ch. 
SJ-^n m.) 

inner, "'iS'':DrJ ^snn . 

outer, nrs-^nn "^'irn . 
court, in, ^rra . 

minister of, see D'^'^O . 

(of a king), n"^? m. 
court, to, 's3 ^:s n^n . 
court-officer, see C'no . 
courts, see n:ma in plu. 

closed, rri-ipp m'n'.2n . 
covenant, nj-^x f., n'^na f., njn m., 
nnin f. 

a sworn, nbx f. 

T T 

an oath of, nbx f. 

promise, n^l^ t 

to break, to violate a, n'''".3 rnttj . 

Note. — ^The verbs employed to ex- 
press the making and sanctioning 
of a covenant are: n-;3 , cpn , 
•jP: , c^i) , 2 x'*a , 2 la^ . Those 
which denote its violation, are: 
^sri , h\ri , =!:? , 3 ^z^. • 
cover, a, n!io3 f., P"}'33 f. (only of tin. 
Ark of the covenant), nos'a m., T'p^c 

one's self, to, r,33 Ni., nrs Pi. c 
3 , ace, Hithp. c. 3 ., r^zo , nroNi. 

one's self, with, to, nr5 Pi. c. a 

over, to, no3 P. w. h^ ., "if 3 K. 



PI, rpp w. ace. of covering and 

hv., ti^y, nbs I Hi. 
cover, to, nsn , ran I w. br ., bb:: II 

tt' ' - t - ' - t 

Pi., nos K. (once part.), Pi., see 
aJE3 , -oiih , i::ib K. Hi., r,c3 II, r,rD 
K. Hi. c. is ., ino Hi., qasJ, nas K, 
Hi. w. two aces., r,a5 eonstr. w. b ., 
c-];5 w. br ., r,3b . 

to cause to, ran I Hi. 

with arms, to, see 7,20 Pilp. 

with (beams, rafters, boards), to, 

'SO . 
with darkness, to, isir Hi. 
with fat, to, -,■205 Hi. 
with lime, to, T'b . 
with (timbers, beams, t)oards), to, 
Tnx . 
covered in darkness, to be, q^r . 
over, to be, r;b'25 . 
to be, nsn Pu., nos Pu. Ni., ies 

Pu., niDS (once). Dip . 
with, to be, r,:?? c. ace. 
covering, a, nrjBX f., nsa m., ciba m., 
"(i^an m., nsn f., see ri:3 2, •'sioa 
(eonstr. only), pJiDS f., ::'ib m., riS3^ 
f. (once), noria m., n^z-Q m., n'p?a 
m., T^o•o m., naoia f., n=5?3 II 1, 
-iro m. 

a thin, ■'tiB:! m. 
(for the head), nrx m. 
coverings, -jSiisx m. (once), c""na"iia . 
coverlet, i;2 m., see q33 2, nssia m. 
coverlets, c'na-ns . 
covert, a, a-;!< m., rp m., nso 1, iro 

covert arts, to use, •,3S Po. 
covertly, to act, nja , brio , ',33? Po. 

to do, xcn Pi. 
covet, to, nicn K. Pi. 
cow, -ipa com., -i-iu^ m. 
crack, to, pb?3 . 
cracking, a, bip m. 
crackling, a, bip m. 
cracknel, D"»np3 . 
craft, nap? or better na;5? 1, bato also 

briu m. 
craftily, to act, C^? I Hi. 

craftiness, Cns? m., n«-r f. 
craftsman, ."in m. 
crafty, nsiis , bhbns . 

to be, cy9 I K. (once infin. absol.), 
bna Ni. 

to make, w'S I Hi. 

to show one's self, brs Hithp. 
craggy valley, *,i"ina m. 
cramps, (hooks), n*'"ianTa . 
crane, see TjVr:;^ , see D^iD . 
cranium, nbab;; f. 
crash, to, nxtti I 

to fall with a, Mxi) I. 

T T 

crashing, a, m'xtL'n plu. 
craunch, to, w^i Pi. 

the bones, to, c:£3J Pi. 
craw (of birds), nN"n73 f. 
crawl, to, bnt , its^n , Vi'j . 
create, to, xna , b^n Pil., "ib"^ K Hi., 

^^1 , V3 Pil- Hi., nu)s I, bra (poet.), 

n3p^. (Ch. -las.) 
created, (something), najsiia m. 

to be, ib^ Pu., nlrr I Ni. Pu. 
creation, nx-^na f. 

' T • 1 

creator, as m., is'i'"' , r\^_'S . 
creature, a, "("^rp m. 
creditor, sras, naJa. 
creep, to, bnT , ttJ^'^ , V!!^^. 
creeping thing, JBian m. 

things, ynti) m. coll. 
crescents, c^r'nniD . 
Crete, see nnsa 2. 
crib, see osiax , niix and n'''ix f. 
cribs, nil'N . 
cricket, bsbs m. 

crime, nisT f., ua'iJ^ n^., nba? f., nno 
f., yv m. (Ch. nb^an f., nn^rnij .) 

abominable, nrjs f. 

T ■ 

crimson, b-ia'ia m. (later Heb.), i:ttj m., 
ybin m, 
cloth, rb'n m-, see nsb'n. 
clothed in, i^na . 
cloths,* cr:? . 
color, see nsb'P' 
garments, ■^311) m., CSUJ . 
stuffs, b^-C'Ti 1". (later Heb.) 
tlu-ead, Ji, •""■r i:ar. 




crimson-worm, •'SttS nrlsin. 

crocodile, '|P'';b , )''SP\ m. 

crocus, tiisiS m. 

crook (of a shepherd), bpi^a m., aa^a and 

I22t^ m. 
crooked, T^ssssn , njr^Q , Vnbno . 

to be, bnD Ni. 

to make, niy Hi., ri5 Pi. 

to show one's self, bhis Hithp. 

ways (or) places, Di\i"j53?^ . 
crop (of bird), nxnia f. 
crop (of the field), r'nt , "T^Sp m. 
cross-bar, h-«-|3 m. 
cross-beam, perh. d'^£3 (once.) 
cross- wise, to lay his hands, see in bab 

crouch, to, -jran , nnaj , r^aTrj . 
crouching-place, VSinia m. 
crow, a, see z'l'S . 

crowd, "ji^n m. once f., ttja*! m., ncan 

themselves together, to, Tia Hithpo. 

to, ynh . 

upon to, n-:a c bs ., "j^a . 
crown, -IT m., "iHES , ins m., rrnMs; 
f., iT^"'Ei£ f. 

(of the head), lp"j|5 m. 

one's self, to, ins Hi. 

to, -)i:5> Pi. w. h of pers.. Hi. only 
part. f. 

to encircle with a, "iD» Pi. w. h of 
crowned, to be, in 3 Hi. 
crucible, v|";^"0 m., see h-'hy . 
crucify, to, ^ryrj bs 'S3 PibPJ . 
cruel, "^"173 x . 

to be, n:"' . 
cruelty, ni'ifsx f- 
crumb, ns f. 
ciTimb-cake, o^'ii?:-. 
crumbs, c^nps , CPiS f. plu. 
cruse, nns^ f. 

crush, to, o-^a Hi,, ttji-,":!, t^j^i-n and tt5-"n , 
K=^ Pi., n:-:! Pi., ppn , '^r\-j , see 
V^^ , r^^) PI'S (once), pia , 7Sn , 
Cl^lUi. (Ch. tiisr;^ b'ljn .) 

(bones), to, D"^-. Pi. 

crushed, T\^ ^ nsins . 
one, nin^a m. 
(something), b^a . 
to be, bna (once), jtr-rj Pu. Hithp., 
ns^ K. (once Cheth.), Ni, pptj ,i 

crushing, (adj.), see Tj-h . 

(sub.), ns^ f., •'sri m., nsn m. 
crutch, r^ba . 

cry, a, n)?:H f., psT m., np??T f., see 
nn^s , nj^rs f., hip m., ynb m., 
SittJ I m., jfiaj I m., r^yw f. 
aloud, to, nna , nss I., ins c. a 

for, )i^ . 
fervent, j-'an m. 

' • T 

for h§lp, to, xnp I, yid Pi. 
mournful, nsi f. 
of joy, a, n:2-i f. 

out, to, pST K. Hi., 32^ Pi., pK3 , 
pn3, nxQ (once), nns , p5S K. 

PL, K'1|5 I, SXttJ, S]tU Pi (Oh.; 

pST , ns Aph.) 
to, st'i;^ I. (Ch. x^p .) 
to lift up a, n"i5£ Hi 
to, to, pr:£ w. bx of pers. 
unto, to, p?T Hi. 
with a loud voice, to, :?!n Hi. c. 

crying, a public, Six'^np . 

crysolite, see ttJ-'ilS'in 2. 

crystal, b''2a m. (once), n"^Diri f..(once),' 

nnp m. 
cub, -;!ia m. 
cubit, n:ax , "ira m. (Ch, niax f.) 

' T ~ ' V ^ T - ' 

cubits, two, D'^n^ax du. 
cucumbers, D'^XTi'p (only plu.) 

field of, nbpiQ H m. 

wild, nirpD , o-'SpB (architec. or- 
cud, rrn? f. 

to chew the, ina . 
cultivate figs, (or) sycamore-figs, to, oba .• 
cumbrance, a, nnti m. 
cumin, yas m. 

black, see n^p m. 
cunning, (sub.), Cii? m., bojO also bstt 




cunning, (adj.), c=n , o^nr. 

devices, ni^snn . 
. to be, Dns I K. (once inf. absol.) 

to show one's self, can Hithp. 
cunningly, to act, ciS I Hi. 
cup, see "iBttJx , S"2a m., o*3 f , D-S 
m. (Clietli.), n-iES m., nrap 1, no;? f. 

(of flowers), 5^22 m. 
cup-bearer, n;ruj^ m. 
cupidity, nin f. 
cups, n'lt";? (only plu.) 
curb, iryq m., "(On m. 
curdle, to, kej:? Hi. 
curdled milk, n3"'Za 1, nx^n f. 

T • : T t V 

curds, nxrn f. 

cure, a, nna f., XD/i^ m. 

to, nn: , pTn Pi., i<S"j K. Pi. 
cured, to be, xs'n Ni. 
curiously shaped, to be, c^^"i Pu. 

wrought, to be, cj?-> Pu. 
curls, c^-nT . 
current, a, -ins m. 
ciurent money, 153? C)03 . 

silver, ^rb\ ^=3> rjOS . 
curse, nbx f., nnx^ f., rr^sa^a f., H^^p 
1, nssi=ttJ f. 

one's self, to, ih h\p, 

to, nl:5< II, -i-:>i< K. Pi., rj-3 Pi, 

to cause a, inx Pi 
cursed, to be, *Tnx Ho. 
cursing, a, r'thp f. 
curtain, nSJ-'Ti f., r.oia m., r.a'lB f., 

S^J5 m. 
curve, to, yen , t;E3 . 
curved blocks, stocks, see in niin . 


cushions, ninoD , n-inQOia . 
custody, n">i2u:ia f., nttps f. 
custom, pn m., mdibts m., PT^in 1, 
nnnrn f. 

T I 

customs, rripn . 
cut, (shape), nTia f., 3Sp m. 
asunder, to, 3>"ia K. Pi. 
asunder, to be, nns Ni. 
down, to, x-na Pi., sna , "ita , nC3 , 
cD'iB , rrns , bno Pil., qps Pi., 
n:£;? . (Ch. nna .) 

cut down, to be, r-ia Ni. Pu., rr^S Ni. 

in, to, ppn, tti-^n , p.'nn (once.) 
in, to be, 2:in Ni. 

- T 

in pieces, to, y:ca , pna Pi. (once), 
-ina K. Pi., nr: only Pi., y^p^ 
Pi., t]0© Pi. 
in two, to, *iP3 K. Pi., ^^j ^ n^n . 
off for, to be, ona K. (once), c. dat. 
off from, to, pn: Hi. 
off from, to be, pna Ni. Ho. c. -^-q . 
off from one's self, to, nbj Hithp. 
off, to, Tax Hi., r^a Pi., "jca , 
yna, see in taj 2., nba Pi., bon , 
asn and a^n K. Hi., nrs Hi., 
nco , c;D-.3 , nna K. Hi., b-ia 
K. Hi., bb^^ II K. Po., see b^aj , 
pni c. )-Q ., PTss K. Pi. Hi. Pil., 
DDj? Po., z^p^ , n:£j: K. Pi., Y^p^ 
K. Pi., nsp^ k. Pi.' Hi. (Ch. nax 
Aph., •'.ta Ithpe., vjcp .) 
off, to be, ^ta K. Ni., Tna Ni., ma^ 
IINi., D?3^ Ni., nna Ni., n-^3 
Ni. Pu. Ho., bs)^ Hit'hpal., bb^ 
II, nrs Ni., -isjr , ni:iu Ni. 
one's self, to, nnj Hitlipo. 
out, to, n»^ Hi. (Ch. T-ia Ithpe.) 
to, K"^a Pi., -17a, -an (once), 
a-jn , astn and a:jn , n-,r , boD , 
as;?, isnb. (Oh. n-jij .) 
up, to, nan (once), nbs JPi., y^p^ Pi. 
cutter, a, tinh m. 
cutting, a, ^sna m., y^in . 
instrument, ttSin m. 
(of stone), n^Ta f. 
off, a, aap m, 
off (of rain^, nnka f. 
to form by, bos . 
cuttings off, laxp (plu. constr.) 
cycle, trn-'B^,*. 
cymbal, see •,tt)vr . 

cymbals, d'^rbs^ (only du.), cbsbat . 
cypress, ttJi'^a m., nina m., see 1B». 
cyi)ress (-flower), "(E3 m. 
Cyprus, see "I'nES . 
Cyrus, tiy3. 




Bagon, y.iri^. 

daily, ci*' c'i"' , D-i^T di"< , cii'^a oi^b , 


dainties, n-'BSa^ and ni'TaSis"? m. plu., 

. -. - 7 .... -J t;- 

dainty moreels, d'lsrn^ri^ . 

damage, _£T3 m. (Cli. bzn m., nnns f.) 

Damascus, pbtc'n . 

damask cloths, -D""ai-2 . 

stuff, see ptBr^ . 
damask-work, n'lin nttJ??? . 
damsel, a, n-i?3 f., n^ann f. 
Dan, -fl , 
dance, a, bl'nT: m., nb-'n^ f. 

around, to, ins Pilp. 

to, -j'iiti , ::n , bsin and b^n K. Pil., 
nc3 Pi., ■i;?'^ K. Pi., pntu Pi. 
dancing, a, bnn-a ra., r^h':: m. 
dandled, to be, rrr Polp. 
Daniel, bs-san . 
daric, ■•,i7:3-'n m. 
darics, d"':3i"]X (only ta plu.) 
Darius, ttj'.'j'n'n . 
dark, bsx , ^b^bsn , TjtiJn, I'n^nt^. 

colored, to be, n'lp . 

flashing, (adj.), "'b-'^^H • 

flashing, (sub.), nibbsn . 

places, n"3'rni3 . 

thicket, 22? II com. 

to be, r^tn K. Hi., nnr IL 

to become, ->np . 

to begin to be, see bbs II. 

to grow, ~ns' II. 

to make, r,u:n Hi. • 

darken, to, rj-rn Hi., "inpj Hi. 

darkened, to be, r^-rn , see dns Ni., 

bbs II (once), -np^ K. Hithp. 

darkness, ttipx , bsx ni. (poet.), nbsx 

f., -puis m. (once Keri), see C^S^atUX , 

Tallin m., n=*rn f., nsuj^j ; nsain 1, 

bsx:a m., tp^^ m., T((an^ m., Cli?^ 

t]t^3 m., zv II com., ns"? f., n^br 

f., be"is> m., see in )i'Qh^ , ni'Tip f., 

prs-isn (in 3 Mss.). (Ch. r^^'uin m.) 
' ' 4* 

darkness of death, n.']iabl f. (only poet.) 
of Jehovah, .T'bDXTa . 
thick, bEX m. (poet.), nbsx f., see 

thickest, n*;^bs f. (only poet.) 
to be covered (wrapped) in, q^s . 
to cover with, ni5 Hi. 
dart, rST? m., i^ bjTT? , nsb f., nbtD 
to, nx^. 
darts, see in abtJi . 

fiery, n''ip"'T , W'p'] . 
dash in pieces, to, y:i3 ^ 7"^ > VSJ K. 
(only pret. and inf. absoL), Pi., vi'S-i 
Pi., ysn , nsn Pi., qrii . 
one another, to, vs"i Hithpo. 
to the ground, to, aja'n PL 
dashed, to be, nns Pu. 
dashing, a, •^srj m. 

dative case, — marked by b . (Ch. b .) 
daub, to, nsiM . 

with bitumen, to, "iian . 
daughter, n? I f. 

an adopted, n2 I f. 
daughter-in-law, nks f. 
daughters, ni33 . 
David, l^-i . 

dawn, ip3 m., ^n^^ m., qi^3 m., inir 
m., nninttJ f. (once.). (Ch. sosisttj 
at the, inrs . 
to, -lix Ni. 
day, di"' m., rarely f., n? usually f. 
(Ch. di-i m.) 
by, di'' , di'n , diaii . 
day by, d'i'' d"'"' , nvi dv , -nrb 

di'-^a di**' . (Ch. d^'-ia di""" .) 
of calamity, dl'"* m. 
of the new moon, f^h m. 
on a, d^'H . 
the next, nnn^"a . 
tliis, drn , di''>3 . 
time, in the, dl'i , Ql'n , Q"^? 9 
dtt^''> . 




day-break, (Ch. Jnsb.) 

day-light, nix m., Dl'^ m., rarely f., 

day-light, at, "lis^ . 

days of rejoicing, cb^bn . 

two, D''t:v . 
dazzling white, piS . 

white, to be, nns . 
dead, nia . 

body, n-^-is f., nsia f., na oSk . 

body, one defiled by a, ttJBS xrii . 

one, VQ UJD3 . 

person, n^ . 

place of the, n'/Q in. 

region of the, b-n m. 

the, six , P'^ m. (poet.), D'<ni«^ 
only plu. (concr. Cheth.), crns 
n£s m. 
deadliness, no m. 
deadly, it3X concr., -i^a , ?]-ito . 

disease, rna m. 

evil, r^bin nr-i . 

the, ni'sbn only plu. 

wound, nbn: nz-q . 
deaf, cjnn . 

to be, tti'^n K. Hi. 
deal bitterly, faithlessly, falsely, etc., 
see under the adverbs. 

with, to, brr. w. two ace, of pei-s. 
and of thing, n ntJS , nbs I w. 

° : r r ' T T 


dealers, treacherous, d^iJ3 . 
dear, ->■';?';] , "ip?^ . 

to be, npi . 
death, •^^1zi< , n'^iQ m., y;? m. (Ch. 

shadow (or) darkness of, n^i^bzc f. 
(only poet.) 

sons of, nnion-'32 . 

to be put to, u^n IIo. 

to put to, ^2X Pi., p^iia Hi. 
death-shade, n'rbs f. (only poet.) 
deaths, D''n*;7:'Q only plu. 
debauchee, -nxTa . 
debauchees, ta-nt . 

debt, :^n m., xisia m., nx^t'io f., nisia 
m., ■'ttJ: m. 

debtor, naJs . 
decachord, nVrr m. 

' T 

decad, -lif 5 m. 

decads, ri-iur . 

decalogue, the, n^ns f. 

decay, to, nba . 

decayed, nba . 

decease, Cllbn m. 

deceit, yx m., -Trx (everywhere concr.). 
3TS m., ttjn3 , rirn^ f., ",\s;:;^ m., 
^=2 m., r.'sia-i , -ij^'r m., rirD^r 
plu., P^'^n f., rr'ic'in f. 

deceitful, pbn , •'";'>3 and "^Vs , fp^s , 

to be, bro Ni. 

tongue, n»T3n -pajb , nisEnn "pujb . 
deceitfully, n^an^ab . 

to act, i;2 . 
deceive, to, ija K. espec. w. "zb , Pi. w. 
3b ., see brn , Dsn Hithp. w. b ., 
-T3 K. (only part.), Pi. w. b., lans 
Pi., b23 K. Pi. w. b of pers., Hithp. c. 
3 ., xtiJ: I Hi., 3;rr , nrs Pi , n^n 
Pi., nbaj Hi., *;rttj K. c.dat., Pi. c. a 
of pers., bbn Hi. c. 3 of pei-s. 
deceived, to be, jtttJa I Ni., n^n Ni. 

to let one's self be, nro Pu. 
deceiver, -^b^^s and "^bs . 
deceivers, 3T3 m. concr. 
deception, "ip;a m. 
decide, to, nTa (fut. A.), y^n , n?^ . (Ch. 


after consultation, to, yy-i Ni. 
decided, (something), n^^na f. 
decision, yn->n I m., fis-trs f., PiD m, 
deck (of a ship), c-pnb du. 
deck one's self, io, nE-i Hithp., nns . 

to, nB^ . 

with, to, nn5 w. two ace 
decked, see in n-in 2. 
declaration, n^njt f., xtao m., Cixa ni, 

T •• - T - \ . 

(Ch. n;;nx .) 

distinct, jiir'iB f. 
declare, to, -irx, -xa Pi., ^2 Hi., nin 
Pi. (poet.), 133 Hi., n;3 Hi, ieo Pi., 
rr«i Hi. (Ch. n;n Pa. Aph.) 

distinctly, to, aprs , tt)"iB , 




declare one's birth, to, n^^ Hithp. 
one's self, to, ixa II Hithp. 
revelations, visions to, to, mn w. 


declared, to be, nsi^ Ho. c. 3 . 
to be distinctly, C'^Q Pu. 
decline, to, na3 K. Hi. c. yq . 
declivity, ini'ia m., 2p3> m. 
decorate, to, mn , rrs Hi. 

- T ' TT 

decoration, nnn m., n^"in f. (Ch. 

"inn; .) 
decortication, Ciirnia m. 
decree, rn 1 (later Heb,), pn m., 
n^-nns 1"., era m., rrnosna 1, oans 
m. (later Heb.). (Ch. n-i75 f., n-n i, 
Dra m,, cvz m., nspiD m., n^s<» 
to, nta (fut. A.), p;rn K. Po., ins 

K. Pi., ni^ Pi. (Ch. nn .) 
to make a, (Ch. w^p b*j5 .) 
decreed, to be, see v-in 3, prn Ni. 
decrees, ■'ppn plu. constr. only, 
dedicate, to, -:n . 
dedicated, see iij-ip 2. 
dedication, pisjn f. (Ch. {n3:n f.) 

sacrifice of, r\^'.r\ f. (Ch. n^zn f.) 
deed, bsiTSj m., nbJi^oj f., niaria m., 
"73? m. (once), nb-i^si f., n^bibs f., 
brb m. (poet.) 

corrupt, (Ch. nn-ntt) .) 

evil, niusiTa m., brfe m. (poet.). (Ch. 

nVsisn f.) 
fearful and wonderful, s-i»i^ m. 
great, bSB m. (poet.) 
great and splendid, rSi^a m. 
deeds, la^^bSTS . 

glorious, n'^X'nis . 
good, D''"Cn . 
marvellous, ni'xbsJ . 
deem, to, ,-173^ I Pi. 

deep, ■'piis only plu. constr., pb5> . 
(Ch. p^^v .) 
place, Pi^'^s^ f., also nbi:£?3 f. 
the, cinn com. (poet.) 
things, mpr? or nipr? . 
to be, pizv . 
to make, p-q^ Hi. 

deeps, cpw^ . 
deer, see 11c 7 . 

(a species of), isnan'i . 
defacement, nn'r^ m., nnoJ-Q m. 

T I • TIT 

defeat, noJirn 1, nS's f., y-is m. 
defeated, to be, C]a3 Ni. 
defecation, ypajia m. 
defect, "jiipn m. 

defection, inia m., nintliia f., niO f., 
rcre m. . 

one who makes, yttJa m. 

to venture, see iC'O . 
defence, -irD m., 73? m. 
defences, strong, ni^HS . 
defend, to, n:n w. b ., n-"^ Hi w. b .. 

' r T : ' T s ' 

ns3 I, 3;tD Pi. 
his cause, to, t:BiU . 
one's cause, to, riD^ Hi. 
one's cause and deliver him from 
his enemies, to, csilJ w. -^iz and 

the cause of, to, •p"n . 
defender, T^ m., sn . 
defer, to, nnx Pi., ri"X Hi. 
deferred, to be, T\^^ Ni. Pu. 
deficiency, 'p-'pn m., nion^ m. 
deficient, (Ch. -i""©:! .) 
defile, a, )'i^r2 m. 

defile, to, bxs II Pi. (later Heb.), h\ri 
Pi. Hi., qjn, xra Pi., drj Pi. 

one's self, to, bx'. II Hithp. (later 
Heb.), xr;j K. Ni. Hithp. Hothp., 
i'aJE:-nx ypj^_ . 
defiled, xra . 

to be, isa II Ni., bbn Ni., ?3n ,• 
X7SI3 K. Ni., nr:3 Ni. 
defilement, bxa. 
deflect, to, n-J3 K. Hi. 

to cause to, -iso Pil. 
deflour, to, n-q^ Pi. 
deformity, yn m. 
defraud, to, y^s Pi., 3py , p'Ji5 , 

degenerate branch, shoot, -sio m. 

degrade, to, 315 Hi. 

degrees, niry^ . 

dehort from, to, ip'' Pi. w. •,« . 




deities, deity, n"^n'bx . 
dejected, rjrt , nxs (Keri.) 

to by, nx3 Ni. 
delay, to, nrx K. (once). Pi., rj-nx Hi., 
ttJia Pil. c. inf. et b ., bun and bT) , 
np^ (once), jnn"2 or RTcm? Hithjj, 
delayed, to be, T\^'Q Ni. 
deliberation, nio m., mr 11 f. 
deliberations, zb "^ipn . 
delicacies, Q-^srsis . CSira . 
delicate, 'j-'i? , ab? , r^-n . 
food, azrs m. 

living, U^lzVPi and mjjyn m. 
to be, arsj Pu., ^an . 
delicately, to bring up, pJS Pi. 

to live, •f'ly Hithp. 
delicatenoss, r,'"i m. 

delight, d-^nns plu., nsns f., nsi^n m., 

nrjrn 1, yzri m., pqn m., niT»n^ 

1, irnr m., irn*? m., d*:"t5 plu., 

a:rm., v^s-i m., fsrm' plu,, mxn f. 

an odor of, nh"': n"*-) . 

in, to, rnx and -nx seq. infin, c. 

h ., nna c. ace. 2 ,, ^"on , rsn 

:' -T .' -t'|--t 

c. a ., ptijn w. inlin. and b ., 
n-in Hi. w. 3 ., nyi w. ace. of 

! ' T T 

pers., s::-! n, ns-i . 
in beholding, to, nTn c. S . 
in (intercourse) with, to, n:£"i w. 

one's self, to, y.y Hithp., rriij Pilp. 

c. ace. in or with, Hithpalp. 
to, ssui Pilp. 
with, rrisnr^ . 
delighted, to be, r?tt; Pilp. c. ace. in or 

delightful, ti^Ti. 
delighting in, yji_n. 
delights, PiT'-j'j , Ci-n^Ta , ti''^""S3 and 
nitt'^ya , carsn and riarrn m. plu. 
in, one, 2 ytn ib ts^ . 
that which, yzn m. 
delineate, to, Pi. 
delineated, nsnia . 

deliver, to, n^rj Pi., yhn Pi., xs"; Hi., 
rtrJ^ Hi., -jb^^ Pi. Hi., bx3 Pi. Hi., 
njD Pi. Hi., rno (once), ;:b2 K. Pi. 

Hi., nsB , pns . (Ch. bs3 Haph., 

deliver, (a woman), to, ih^ Pi. 
one's self, to, ab^ Ni. Hithp. 
over, to, -jSTs Pi., na's (once part. 

pass.), xs-a Hi. w. -j-ia ., -,r5 c 

dat, -i:d Hi., -,:d I Ni. c. n"i2 . 

(Ch. nn^.) 
to, to, b? "(P; . 
up, to, xs?3 Hi. w. ^'^z ., -i3 HI, 

^=0 I Ni. c. T'S 

" T - : 

deliverance, nb^in f., ny!i;t;i f,, yttJ-' 
and yiL^;| m., xs-^ m., ^ns f., a^ , 
n-j^bo , mpnps , pns m., np*is 1, 
nixsin plu., nriuJn f. 
deliverances, nirri^ . 
delivered, nrnd^ f., T'SS (Cheth.) 
fully, to be, obo Pi. c. -,13. 
over, to be, (Ch. ip-; Ithi)e.) 
the, t3''';5nB plu., n::"bB f. concr. 
to be, "j/bn Ni., xs"; , yu:^ Ni., 
lih-a Ni. Hithp., bis Ni. 
deliverer, rysnJ-;! f., y-'uJiTa . 

my, ■ly^- concr. 
delude, to, pps Pi. 
deluge, b^2p m. 
delusions, pibpp;Q , cyprn. 
demand, to, U)p2 Pi. w. ',r ., tJnn w. 
ace. of thing, and •,•*: , dyr of pers., 
bxr . (Ch. bxd w. b of pei-s.) 
back, to, ttj-^n w. n»i3 . 
demolish, to, pnr Pi., -i-n? Po., fr-iB . 
demolished, to be, v-iq Pu. 

to be utterly, -i-iy Pilp. Hithpalp. 
demon, foreboding, 2*;x . 
demonstration, pp^in f. 
den, pntix^ f., ysv m., nriyia f., p;;3 

m. (only poet). (Ch. zi.) 
denounce, to, 133 Hi. 
dens, see fi"/}}^ . 
denseness, '^z.v ni. 
density, ns?;? m. 

deny, to, see T,n2 Pi. 5., CP3 Pi., X!i3 
Hi., -133 Pi. 
not to, IPS xb . 

to, to, tt3P2 Pi. w. a of pers., -,bx 
c. \12. 




depart, Uzh . 

to, bTX , rex Ni., b^2 Ni., and 
r,^^ seq. '^^ , cr^ , nxia , •'SBTa , 
■^2-?^ ., i^T II K. Ni , Y\r\ w. '(Ta ., 
nb K. c. -i?:, Hi. (in Chald. 
manner), 'vljsi^ I K. Hi., y.o I, 
n^o c. -^-o , !rs73 , 0173 , ■'irx^ ., 
nrs w. *,■>: , nxia ., "lair III (once). 
(Ch. lux , bTx , n-s c. -jp .) 

to cause to, SJo: Hi. 

to let, nbuj Pi. 

to make, -iJio Hi. w. ace, often w. 

departing, (adj.), n^O'i (Cheth.), pnn . 

departs, one who, ^ic (Cheth.) 

departure, ^jx , rii^n m., ysTs m. 

deplore, to, nsj . 

depopulate, to, pp2 K. Po. 

depose,, to, (Ch. nnr Aph.) 

deposed, to be, (Ch. nn3 Hoph. after 

the Heb.) 
deposit, a, •,'inp)a m., rrcirn f. w. gen, 

T' added. 


to, n^3 Hi., 'ijrs K. Hi. (Ch. nna 
deposited, to be, -i;rQ Ho. c. nx . 
with, (something), 'it^;?^ m. 
depravity, sn m., nrn f. 
depress, to, ri:3 Hi., r\n^ Hi. 
depressed, nttj , ^E^ . 

to be, y^'Ti or y':\ (once), n*S Ni., 
nittj K. Hi. (Cheth.), nniii , bed . 
depth, nbiss^ f. also nhrs-o f., pTa:? 
m., see in -x>is , n^Ma: f. 

' TT - ' T 

dejjths, I'D'^ m. (poet), cp^r^ , 

inmost, ^ipn^a 
deride, to, see hrri , y^h K Hi., 2?!: 
Hi. c. 2 ., 5~b £c. b, 5} , Hi. c. b, 
a , b? ., py-a Hi., 7x: , 3?:; Hithp. c. 
bs ., obp Pi Hlthp. c. 2 ., pntU K 
Hi. c. bs ., bbri Hi., ysn Hithpalp. 
derision, 5:pb m., '(iab m., pnb^ m., 
obp m., phiii m., ns^il) f. (once), 
nr:uj 1, nip-'-ittS (Keri), and mpiittS 
(Cheth.), np":.Ta f. 

song of, n:£^b:Q 1, bii5?3, nraj f. 

derision, to use a song of, btfi« . 
derisions, o^brn . 

descend, to, t;*^ , nns K. Ni. (only- 
poet.), bB^ c. br?3 ., n;:£ . (Ch. nna .) 
to cause to, nrs Hi. 
to let, t;;"* Hi. 
descendant, female, r2 I f. 
descendants, n^"inx f. concr., n*^? m., 
D^:2 plu. 

of the fourth generation, Q"^??"? 

(only plu.) 
of the third generation, C^tti^'a 
(only plu.) 
descending, (adj.), QTina plu. 
descent, (declivity), i-iia m. 

(origin), rixs-13 (only plu.) 
descents, (family), nnb"n . 
describe, to, n;x HI Plithp., :n3 , nxn 
I Pi. 

a circle, to, a^n . 
desert, a, nn;,5 f. (once), yw m., 
•(iia-'ttj'; m., i3n73 m., nnb^ f., n^-s, 
n^^uj f., i~n. 
Arabian, ^sniav^ . 
desert, (wasted), nir^a-o 1 
to lie, r^iin and 2~n . 
desert, (what is deserved), bl^a m., 
more fully, o-in^ bsi-ca , nbiisi f. 
to render any one his, ibsiiaa ^■'•IJn 
b . 
desert, to, bnn and b-in , bs3 c. b? ., 
nois I, 2Ty , ns-i I Hi. w. -.ts . 

TT ' - T ' T T ' • 

to treacherously, isa constr. absol., 
oftener w. a of pers. 
deserts, ri-^n . 
design, n^n:£ f. (Ch. xnic m.) 

by, n^nsa . 
designated, ",1203 . 
desirable, "Tsn^ . 

something, n^i^n. 
things, laa m. coll. 
desirableness, nian m., nixn f. 
desire, see nrx , "X (once Cheth.), nflx 
f., nr-;x i, nw f., nT^?:n f., y^n 
m., pan m., niania m , ri II m., 
n!ir-i f., -r^*? "^-^ •'^^^:^ ^- '^once), 
mxn f., npjuiJP f. c. bx , b? , 




desire earnestly, to, asi c. b . 

for one's self, to, n»x I Hithp. 
greatly, to, cos K. c. b , Ni. 
object of, n^Tsn f. 
to, :nx and inx , n^x I Pi.. 
^na c. ace. a ., nsn K. (once 
part.), PL, n^n K. Pi., y^n , 
bx ttJE3 xtoJ , 2xn or sxn (only 
1 pers. pret.) c. h of thing, 
desired, thing, I'onii m. 
desires, "'^IX^ plu, constr. (once.) 
desiring, VEn. 

desist, to, b'^n and bnn , *ii35 I w. yo ., 
nc"i I Hi. 
from, to, be 3 c p ., nB"i I K. Hi. 

' ' -T 1.7 T T 

w. i-q ., i:7:t^ w. -,73 . 
to make, psoj Hi. 
desolate, 2*1 n , nann f. concr., caiiS, 
qnr> concr. 

one's self, to, cts^r Hithpo. 
places, nx'iuJia f. concr. (always 
coupled with nxiir), nx'OJ f., 

to, 2"^ri Hi., pnt^ Pi. 

to be, n:jD K. Ni., cru3 Ni. 

to be made, DiU^ , np: Ni., c^tti 

K. Ni. Ho. 
to make, Drtt5 Hi. 
desolated, nsn f. concr. 

to be, -nn Ni., m:i I Ni., it'^ 

- r ' T T ' - T 


desolatcnoss, srfn. 

desolater, n-n^iir. 

desolation, ripf[7i f. (once), np3 f., nra 
f., na.i f., hzn m., i^h m., na-^n 
f.. nxittjia f. (always coupled with 
rx-r), nsui^ f., nrsiTS f., •pxd m., 
rxu; f., niiJ H m., nx^tib 1, nacJ f., 

' T T - ' 

ncTja) f., nr^itj f., tinh. 
to make (it), niiiaTa didj. 'n: 

^ T T I ' ' -T 

uttermost, npi!S'CH npia. 
desolations, n'ii3"'ttj'; , rixiiris. 
dcsolator, the abomination, transgression 

of the, see in crtC Po. 
despair of, to, iiSxi Ni. w. "(Ta . 

one in, uixij . 

despair, to give over to, ttJx"^ Pi. w. iab . 

to let, 'i^x'' Pi. w. iab . 
desperate, ^nm , irx'^o , 
despicable, to become, r^hip H Ni. 
despise, to, Tna c ace, oftener b ., nta 

K. Hi., bb7 Hi. (w. Chald. flexion). 

DX^ , 7x3 K. Pi., b23 Pi., h\p^ Hi., 

a:«l5 n, yp^^ Pi. 
despised, siTas , n'ta , ■jrxs'a , n-^sit , 



ones, }nT!ia f. coll. 
to be, bbT , bbp . 
to be low and, iss . 
to become, r\hp H Ni. 
to make, bbp Hi. 
despoil, to, yzp c. dupl. ace, bbtt5 . 
despond, to cause to, bna Pi. (Ken). 

nba Pi. (Cheth.) 
desponding, to be, nx3 Ni. 
destine, to, n:£"i w. b. 
destined, to be, nns Hithp. c. b . 
destinies, (Ch. TT^x.) 
destiny, b-^ia m., D'nr plu., usually f. 
(Ch. nnk .) 
advei-se, d"'b!ib?n plu. 
destitute, b^n , "^i"'"? , ir*^? . 
destroy, to, -lax Pi. Hi., qcx , DttJx Hi., 
sba K. Pi., ^sa Pi. Hi., see nan Pi. 
Note., n^sn H, r,bn and r^h"^ Hi., 
■r,En , 0")n K. Pi., ban Pi., z%n and 
asn K. Hi., ann and ann K. Hi., 
X72-J Pi., UJ'ni Hi., axa Hi., nna Hi., 
nba Pi., nna K. Hi., biua Hi.,' bsi^ 
Hi., nn-a K. Hi., naj Hi., qps Pi., 
xirs , -j^rs K. Pi., iiirs , qao Hi., qbo 
Pi., nCD , any H, n^st K. Pi. Hi. 

' T T ■ ' - T - r 

Pii., ^!ip Pilp., nsj? K. Pi., nn, 
?rn Hi., tt5«;n Po., natt) , natiS Hi., 
^-^^•^^ K. Pi. Po., nnr Pi Hi., T,bttS 
Hi.,' nrtti Hi. (Ch. nax Aph., ban 
Pa., nno Pa., nntt) , nriij Aph.) 
one's self, to, yjn Hithpo., pTidn 

ire? , cct Hithpo. 
utterly, to, rba Pi., D^n , dnn 
destroyed, PnaJiQ m. concr. 
soon to be, see in •\'2^ . 




destroyed, to be, 12X , Bt33x K. Ni., 
brta Ni., r^ Ni. Pu., sr-n Ni., t»?^^ 
Pu., i::n Ni. Pu., s-^n and ann , 
-ins Ni., nbs , r-^3 Ni., ni^j , nn^ 
Ni., 'J'na Ni. Pu. (once pret.), Ho. 
(once fut), ^i^s Ni., nns I Ni., ttJ;a"j 
Pu., nniij Pu. Ho., nnti) Ho. Ni., 
i:Qtt5 Ni., Drn . (Cli. snn Hoph.) 

destroyer, b?^52 , n"naJT3 , "i'!!^* • 

destroyers, OTi^^ . 
the, n-^nttJrn . 

destruction, lii< m., 'I'l^nx m., "j^nx 
m., -j-i^x , n^x m., uis com., ■'ba , 
bs^ba , yba m., na^ f., m'sin f. (plu. 
only), nssn f., niD'^'nn f., see o^n , 
bnn m., n-iia-'tti';! plu. (Cheth.), t<3 
m., nbs f., -,^^3 "i-' !^2?n^ ^•' ^"^ 
m., nnr^ f., t^ m-, n^-y:(t)75 f., 
rrinaSp , nnaS'? (once), rnnjia m., 
rniiJTD m., d'^»:s m. sing , 2i3p m., 

T ; r - V ••• 

see n-^^";:) , -j'p^ m., -i^sj? m., -jr-np m., 
■^p ni., n?-i 1, "(ixtt) m., nzOJ and 
"na;^ m., •p^sttJ m., niij II m., x'laj 
(once plu., c. suff.), i<^a3 m., nxioJ 1, 
see rrj'ji Note., "laajn, noiizn f., 
n-iban f. 

cause of, ns I m. 

given over to, n^nilS . 

place of, rritx f., "(nax m. 

sudden, T^'^rizz t, nbri? f. (w. the 
article), rin^jS plu. 

to give over to, rba Pi. 

utter, 2-n once onn . 
.. .. - .. 

destructions, rs^^ ni. (only in plu., c. 

destructive, -o . 

the, ci'sbn (only plu.) 
detain, to, -iS35 . 
detected, to be, xsis Ni. 
determinate object, particle denoting 

the, nx I. 
determine, to, baa w. ace. of boundary, 

-iTa (fu|t. A.), ynn , ys'). (Ch. nn.) 
determijied, (something), ns-^nj f. 

to t)e, r,nn Ni., as; Ho. 
detest, to, ■jrpoj Pi. 
detestable, to be, 35 n Ni. 

detract, to, yna . 
detraction, b'^an m. 
detriment, (Ch. n'^5 f.) 

to suffer, (Ch. pn .) 
devastation, npsia f. (once), pixis f. 
deviate, to, n::b . 
deviations, D'MiU . 
device, "(T^art m., c^T m., ttn m., 

nsTTs f., n-itjma and natlima f. 
devices, niahit'n .m. plu. 

cunning, nibnann . 

wicked, see nia^ . 

T •• I 

Devil, the, yJ•^r^ . 

devise, to, xia \v. iab^ ., nan I, torn , 

' TT ••'tt -T' 

nain K. Pi., bea , yy'^ , -.s"; w. b? . 
(evil), to, ttJ'nn K. Hi. w. b? 
devised, to be, ttjsn Pu. 
devote, to, oin Hi. 

one's self, to, "its Ni. Hi. 
to destruction, to, c'ln Hi. 
devoted, one, t'ts m. 

to be, p2^ and pan w. 3 , b . 
to God, anything, c^in once o"7.n . 
devotion, (to destruction), D^n once 

Dnn . 
devour, to, b:x , sba K., see also Pi., 
-ITS (fut. O.), bon , see onb, cD"i3 . 

- T ^ " -t' -t' "!• 

(Ch. bax .) 
devoured, a thing, rba m. 

to be, n"^3 Ni. 
devouring, a, bsx m. 
dew, ba m. (Ch. bis .) 
fall of, bisn nasa) . 
morning, bia m. 
dew-drops, D-^p'On . 
dexterity, nrsn f. (Ch. rn:an .) 
diadem, nna m., -1T3 m., rr^as f., 

nn-^EJt f. 
dialect, y^h com., nciC f. 
diamond, -i-^isttS m. 
die, a, isiD m. (Persian word.) 
die, to, ria (mostly poet.), 31T , naa 

(the instrument or cause usually with 

a ), ttSar (spoken of seeds, once), y^"^ 

difference between, b— T'a (after verbs 




of seeing, understanding, teaching, 

and the like.) 
different, (Ch. Pa. part. pass, of s:tti .) 
to be, n:ttJ I c. •j-a . (Ch. xsttS c )^ ,) 
difficult, ".ssz , nqs , rtc;r , Cn . (Ch. 

-'-is'^ .) 
things, ri-cx"^. 
to be, ^:i2 Ni. c. -.^ ., xVa Ni., 

' - T 1.7 T r ' 

n'r;r I, 2:b Ni. 

to be too, x-Q Ni. w. yo , 

to make, ntu;? I Hi. 
difficulty, r!i"i22 f. 
diffuse, to, DCB . 

dig, to, -lEn I, npn Hithp., see *i!i3 
I, n-^s I, nip. 

a pit for, to, '^sn I c. b . 

for, to, -En I. 

in, to, nx2 Pi. c. Vr. 

out, to, 'isn I. 

over, to, pp Pi. (only.) 

through, to, npn . 

under, to, nap Pilp. 

up, to, pTS Pi. (only.) 
digged, to be, nns Ni. 
digger, nsx m. 

dignity, r-rx m., n;?i m., rxil) f. (Ch. 
">I^: m.) 

royal, xss m. 
dilate, to, nro Hi. 
diligent, j'nnn II. 

to be, pm w. inf. c. h . 
diligently, 3^-j^n . (Ch. Mnnn , 

x:ncpx .) 
dim, nrrs t (only.) 

to be, nrys . 

to become, nr\'s , CttS Ho. 

T r ' ■ T 

diminish, to, bsx , ma , :;S^ Hi. 
diminished, to be, -la yn:3 , non , ar« , 

dine, to, znh Vsx . 
dip, to, bs-j , Ttan (only Hoph. part.) 
in, to, hz'J w. ace. of thing, a of 

liquid. (Ch. r2X .) 
one's self, to, V^a . 
direct, to, ntD^ Pi., -(Jia Pil. Hi., csiia 
and ctp , n-^OJ . 

words to, to, w. b . 

■' - T I 

directed, to be, n?*' Ho. 
director, a, 235 . 
directors, C'^a'c. 
dirt, see •(imi'ns . 

to remove, s::5<:3 Pilp. (once.) 
dirty, to be, -inj5 . 

color, to be of a, inp . 

garments, to go about in, nnp . 
disallow, to, ssij Hi. 
disappoint, to, tiiia Hi., y^a Pi., tt5ri3 

disappointed, to be, uj"a . 
disband, to, cVn . 
disbranch, to, n?D Pi. 
discern, to, •,■'2 K. Hi., yni . 

between, to, ^na Hi. (constr. c. 

1"'a nxn . 
discernment, crii m. (Ch. cria m.) 
discharge, nrbcia f. 
disciple, -,2 m., nsiiab , Tiiabn m. 

female, na I f. 
discipline, -cjiiq m. 

to, msb . 
disclose, to, nba . 

discomfit, to, crn , ttiVrj , i^Jia Hi. 
discontinue, to, aicttJ w, •,t3 . 
discouraged, to be, nfi-i I Hithp. 
discouragement, "p^En w. c^n^ added, 
discourse, nr;j< (poet), nri< (poet.), 
T^'^'O^^ f. (poet.), nnrx f. (poet.), 
na-n m., npb m., n^ia f. (only poet.), 
MB m., bip m., n-'ttj I m. (Ch. n^^s 

to, -B-D Pi. 
discover, to, sni , ss^ . (Ch. yn-^ .) 

one's self, to, nba Ni. 
discovered, to be, nba Ni. 
discreet, "pas . 

to be, •fa Ni. 
discreetly, nrna . 

to act, c-S I Hi. 
discretion, (Ch. sas .) 
disdain, to, a bra (prob.), nxb Ni. 
disease, -^bn m., nJiaJBn and rcaSBn f., 

n*na m., nbrna m., nbnia f. 
diseased, to be, nbn . 




diseased, to make, rthn Hi. 
diseases, D-i^jn"? , cxbrn (only plu.) 
disfigure, to, see i!|3 I, see njtlS Pi. 3. 
disgrace, nuia f., non , ns'^n f., ni^as 
f., rsj^r f. 
to, uj"2 Hi., n-jn Pi., ^25 Pi. 
to cause, -an H Hi. 
disgraced, to be, tL^^i Hi., dV3 Ni. 
disguise one's self, to, tosn Hithp., ns'ij 

I Hithp. 
disgust, to excite, -jtss Hi. 

to feel, v!)p I w. a . 
dish, til f., SG m., beo m. (only in 
Judges), n^n'^:£ f., nn^a f., noj? f. 
a deep, n-'.S;? f. 
dishes, ninbs (only plu.) 

sacrificial, ni'I??^ (only plu.) 
dishonor, '^ibp m. 
dislocated, to be, s;?" (only fut.) • 
dismay, nn m., rnn m. 

to, nnn Pi. 
dismayed, nn , Jnnnn . 

to be, see :'nn , nrn K. Ni. 
dismiss, to, nna , laa , rnn K. Hi., 

ns^ I Hi., nbaj Pi. 
dismission, Q-'n^^uJ plu. 
dispart, to, pip 53 K. Pi. 
disperse, to, -^T3 , mi Pi., S-iT, phn 
Pi., m: Hi., «5'J3 , ■J'E: K. (only in 
pret. and inf. absol.), Pi., y^B K. (only 
fut. and imp.). Hi., "nTS K. (only 
part. pass, f.), Pi., dob , nnu Hi., 

V'^B, ^"^s Pi- 
one's self, to, y!i3 Hi., yna . 
themselves, to, ys: K. (only in 
pret. andinf. absol.), -j^sidK. (only 
fut. and imp.), Ni. (only pret. and 
part.), T'ns Ni. 
dispersed, yna . 

to be, vsjsNi. (only pret. and part.), 
^*!iB Ni., ^TB Ni. Pu., "T^D Ni. 
Hithp., ttJ'is Ni., see is-ns Ni. 
dispereer, a, y^r: . 
dispersion, vs3 , see ys3 , y^B m. 
dispersions, see in ns''Bn . 
displaced, to be, nnT Ni. 
displease, to, (Ch, uaxa w. hy.) 

displeasing, S)-! . 

disposal, to leave at one's, 'b "i^a ntS , 

disposed, to be, nax . 

disposition, (arrangement), rpsa m., 

ns'i?^ f. 

(spirit), r!|-i f. 
dispossess, to, n;^ Hi. (w. ace. of pers. 

and it:), ttji"' also tt5-i- K. Pi. HI, 

dispossessed, to be, cSsi*! . 

dispute with, to, nr^ Ni. Hithp. c. 

disquiet, iri5»T f., tsH m. 
to, 35S1T Pil., T5-I Hi. 

- - T 

disquieted, to be, 7^:13 Ni., naSn, *1S0 

disquietude, "("iisri m. 
dissemble, to, "123 Ni. Hithp. 
dissimulation, ""iXTSia m. 
dissipate, to, ^t2 . 
dissolve, to, no's Hi. 
dissolved, to be, ai^ K., see also Ni. 
dissuade from, to, sJis Hi. \v. )^ . 
distance, pirn m. 

at a, nj27a, pin'ia (once.) 

to a, pin-^^a and pinyi "i5 (after 
verbs of motion), pini iy . 
distant, pin"^. (Ch. PTj-n .) 

far, pin'i. 

land, pn-(?3 y";X . 

place, pn-i73 m. 

to be, pnt . 
distil, to, q^^^ , q-j3 , q'lr I, qsn K.. 

distinction, niis f. 
distinctly, oj'ns)^ . (Ch. ttJ-^sp .) 
distinguish, to, b"ja Hi. (constr. c. ya. 
— r=!i, r?^— T? , b— y2), aps ,nbB. 
distinguished, bJian , 1233 . 

to be, s^B Ni., ribn Ni. 

' T ' T T 

to make, xbs Hi., n^B Hi. 

to show one's self, x^b Hithp. 
distorted, to be, STir Ni. 
distracted, to be, -jsid (once.) 
distress, ynh m., psi^ m., piso m., 
npsiSB f., 11210 I m., -iSTa m., ijs 




m., pttis m., npjUiy^ f., pis m., n;r!is 
f., -IS m., rr^s f., nsVn f. 
distress, one in, pisia tti'^x . 

to, ynb , p!is I Hi. c. dat., ^'lit 

Hi. ' 
to be in, ns" impers., Tit impers. 
distressed, li'^ax , "'53? . 

to be, t'53 Ni., *i"^s . 
distribute, to, phn K. Pi., bna K. Pi. 
among, to, pbn Pi. w. b . 
largely, to, -'.tQ Pi. 
one's self, to, phn Ni. 
district, b^2a m., b^n m,, k&s m., 
ns"!"!?; f, (later Heb.), cipa com., 
r]\)B m. (Ch. nrnia f.) 
disturb, to, CT2n , jsia Hi., -i^SJ , 5>|^1 

Hi. (Ch. oizas'Pa.) 
disturbance, nr'n . 
disturbed, to be, tan . 
ditch, a, rti-^n I m., is^ m. (Egyptian 

dithyrambic ode, •,i'i5il5 m. 

songs, in the manner of, nis'^S'r bs . 
divan, nis^ f., no^a m., mo m., b"!? f. 
diver, (bird), see rjboS m. 
diverse, (Ch. Pa. part. pass, of s:ttS .) 
kinds, two things of, d'^sbs du. 


to be, n:^ I c. ",13 . (Ch. xitti c. "j^a .) 

weights, ",3X1 "ZX . 

divide, bna Hi. (constr. c. Y^'!\ — 'pa ^ 

V=b--,-a, b— 7S), rp2, ira K. 

Pi., nu, pbn, nsn, l^sn , abe Pi., 

see aoQ Pi., ono Hi., sottJ . (Ch. 

a^D , D-lQ .) 

and distribute, to, nsn w. — V2 

T T I •• 

among themselves, to, phn Ni. 

one's self, to, phn Ni., ii:in Ni. 
out, to, nT5 , -i=n (once), pbrr Pi., 

n:?3 Pi. w. b of pers. (later Heb.) 
out by lot, to, ^EJ Hi. w. ace. of 

thing and h of pers. 
out to, to, pbn w. b . 
up, to, perh. xTa (once.) 
divided, rrc . 

divided opinions, d'^Brp f. plu. 
-* out, to be, ysn Pu., nns Ni. 
to be, rp3 Ni., nsn Ni., 'j'sn-, 
rris Ni., aba Ni., tid Ni. 
divider, a, b"«'n3"Q . 
dividing, b'^"n3^ . 

(spoil), those, tJ"^Ssr!:Q . 
divination, tiopTa m., ccp m. 
reward of, DOp m. 
to practise, ttJnj I Pi., cDp (only 
of false prophets.) 
divine, to, tljnj I Pi., eop (only of false 
blessing, nin'' ns'ia . 
communication, -jiTn m. 
influence, to speak under a, naj 

instruction, -15 m. 
diviner, do'p. 
diviners, (Ch. 'j'^nta .) 
divining spirit, six . 
division, nphn t, pp'bn^ f., nabsB 
f., nna 1, nsba f. (Ch. naba or 

divorce, niiiT'ns f. 

to, ttJ-ia , nbd Pi. 
do, to, bbs I Hithpo., nr» I, bsa 
(poet.), diit) and cb , r.?b (rarely). 
(Ch. nsy .) 
a second time, to, 3!ib . 
again, to, qo-j K. Hi. (l)oth de- 
fect.), 31b , r\2^^ I. 
away, to, -las Pi. 
further, longer, the more, to, ^G"* 

K. Hi. (both defect.) 
not to, b'ln and bnn . 
the second time, to, n:b I. 
to, to, btts w. two ace, of pers. and 
of thing, 
doctrine, nix m., npb m. 
document, srs m. (Ch. 3r3 m.) 

' T I ^ T 1 ' 

dog, 3b 3 m. 

dog-fly, see 3'"i5 . 

doing, nb-'bs f., nb?!? f. 

domestic beasts, men 2 f. coll. 

domicil, n^ia? f. 

dominion, nisbia f. (later Heb.), nsbnn 

^i^ ?'. 




f., Vtt5«T3 m., rVaj-aTD 1, n^ibia f., 

T : • T T J V T : • ^ . 

■^attiia m., ht^r\ , buJiD m., "(if^B m. 
(cV. ^sVp t, Vo^t^ ni.) 
dominion over, to have, V?a w. ^ ., isbia 
<;. 2 . (later Heb.) 

to gain, -^h'O c. a . (later Heb.) 
to have, brtt , iras , nn^i c; a 
over., -itiia I, nnia . (CIl xsh'^ c. 
a in or over.) 
to let have, 'Jb^^ Hi. (later Heb.) 
to, to give, bujr Hi. w. ace. of 
pel's, and a of thing, 
done, ought not to be, see in nibr I 

(something), Tr::_^_'0 m. 
to be, sia Ni., nTi K. Ni. (only 
pret. and part.). (Ch. 135 Ithpe.) 
to have, crn w. inf. c. h . 
door, Isn m. (once), n^^ f. (Keri), rbn 
f., n''nb'n plu., nns m. (Ch. r-^n 
double, folding, D^nbt; f. (du. for 
the most part, sometimes in sing ) 
door-keepers, (Ch. x'snn plu. emphat.) 
door-post, nnT-a f. 
door- way, nns m. 
doors, out of, ym . 

whatever is out of, 'jrsin m. 
dote, to, bx*^ I Ni. 

on, to, ziV c. ^5 , bx . 
double, bira , 0"^bE3 du., nstlJa . 
enclosure, D^PS'^ du. 
folds, c^bs3 du. 
the, npilSia m., c*3tt5 m. du. 

to, ^B3 . 

. to he, cxn . 
doubled, C'ttx'n plu. 
doubling, a, ^SS m. 
doubt, without, r.x . 
doubter, Ciro . 
dough', pa: a m. 
dove, nri"^ f. 


dove-cote, naix f. (once in sing ) 
dove-house, nanx f. (once in sing.) 
dove's dung, c^si^"^ (Keri.) 
doves, young, n:i"' i:a . 
dowTi, nwa , nis^cb , nnn . 

down, a letting, rni f., DiVcttJ f. 
that which is let, nn: f. concr. 
to let, n\'!i , in^ Hi., nsi3 Hi., nB*i 

I Pi., nlttj Pi', 
to let one's self, rxs , ",3ti also 

- T ' ' - T 

upon, b^ . 
downcast, see rwi . 
downward, r\Z£'qh . 
downwards, na'zb , nais , nnn . 

T - J ' T - ' 

dowry, nat m., dTii^ttJ m. plu. 
drag, to, r,ttJT3 , sno . 

away, to, ^na K. Hithpo. 
dragged together, to be, ^'n; Ni. 
dragon, o-'Sn sing., -pjn m. 
dragons, see in M:n . 
drain, to, nsia . 
draw, to, nttJia I K. Hi., rjttiTa . 
along, to, ano. 
away, to, pns c. '^"0 . 
away from, to, nna Hi. c. •j^a . 
back, to, cics , aiD K. c. -,^ , Ni., 

:!)b I, =113 Hi. 
forth, to, n-^a and r\ii , rj^ttS . 
in the feet, to, kEi?. 
in the yoke, to, r^ttJ^a w. a of man- 
near, to, uSJS K. fut. Ni. pret. w. 
bx , Hithp., r,ro c. bx ., an|5 I 
and a'ljp . (Ch. a"^;? .) 
near to, to, yjs Hi. w. ns ., anp? I 

Hi. w. inf. and b . 
off, to, yhn , hti , qVtti . 
on, to, r,a573 . 

one's sword, to, lain t^'d . 
one's self together, to, nep Pi. 
one's self up, to, ytp^ Ni. 
out, to, n^tj Pi., y^n K. PL, xai 
Hi., nuJia I K. Hi., r,aJ^ w. -(TS ., 
ttJz:3 , Va53 , pin Hi., see nbttJ 3., 

- T ' '- T 

out with relish, to, y^ia . 

the bow, to, rt^pa r\^_^ . 

together, to, -jrsp . 

towards, to, 7,1^ 'a . 

(water), to, n^^ , axtl3 . 

(water from the surface), to, r,ton . 




draw np, to, qox , n^j Hi., csib and 

drawers (of Heb. priests), "^0:313 {pin. 

or du. constr. only.) 
drawing, a, r^aJTS m. 
near, a, nnnp f. 
nigh, (adj.), 2-1 ;5 . 
drawings in (of a wall), m'?^a^ . 
drawn in, to be, bsx Ni., nsp Ki. 
oyer, to be, nby . 
swords, r-inns . 
dread, n^a-x f., nas;^ f., nas^ f., nn 

m., n-'pn f. 
dreadful, x-iis . 

dream, a, c^bn m., see njti . (Ch. 

c^n m.) 
to, riTH, cbn. 
dreams, to talk in one's, rtTrt . 
dregs, c^-'rttJ . 
drench, to, nn Pi. Hi. 
drenched, to be, nn K. Pi. c, -(^ . 
dress, "'^3 m., riaj m. 

(the head), to, sai Hi. 
to, n'iJs I. 
dressed, to be, -i-ir Ni. 

and offered, to be, nto5 I Ni. 
dresser, a, ttJlih. 
dried, to be, s-n Pu. 

up, to be, r^sn Ni., 2nn and s-in , 
n^n Ni, iiia^ Hi., cjn; Ni. 
drink, npria m., ninttSa m., n^iptfi 
(only plu.), i!ipi^ m. 
abundant, n'^ni f. 
causing to, np^dis . 
deeply, to, -lar I. 
in, to make, n-^i Pi. 
of, to, nro) I w. -,13 . 
out greedily, to, nstia . 
strong, laoJ m. 

to, nnttS I. (Ch. nra> and xnttJ .) 
to be sated with, nil . 

T T 

to excess, to, k-q . 

to give to, nm Hi., nn Hi., r\pv 

to hilarity, to, -ssoS I. 
to let, npti Hi. 

drink togetlier, to, nnr I. 
drink-offering, 7^-d3 m., t,D3 m., and 

r,D3. (Ch. 7,03.) 
drinking, a, nrip/c m., -"raS I m., n'noi 

f . 
drinking-bout, a, xnb m. 
drinking-troughs, see d^nrtiS . 
drinking-vessels, f>p^'q "'^s . 
drip, to, c;b^ . 
dripping, qV^ m. 
drive, to, crn , &):3 , jn; K. Pi. 

away, to, nnj I Hi. (Ken), qnj . 

away by a puff, to, z^z Hi. 

back, to, 2ltti Hi. 

down, to, Trs Hi. 

forth, to, (Ch. "in-j .) 

hard, to, pel . 

(in a vehicle), to, n3"i . 

into, to, rpn. 

off, to, sna. 

out in haste, to, bna Hi. 

out of a possession, to, ujni Hi. 

out, to, tt5-ij; K. Pi., tin w. iro-a 

- T ' - T .. . . > 

•3E^73.,tt53'' also 0331, m: Hi., 
1^3 Hi., bn3 , btt33 Pi., tiJrt . 
driven about, to be, "jsij . 

away, to be, rin'n Pu. 

forth, to be, nn3 Pu. 

out, nrs n m. concr., -^!|d, see 
nbttS Pu. 

- T 

out, to be, nn3 Ni. 

to be, ttiia Ni., '^SJo Po., nbtt) Pu. 

' -r ' - T ' - T 

up and down, nr\-Q . 
driver, tt)r'3 , rsn m, 
driving, 5P3^ m., nasi f. 

out, a, ntiSna f. 

to fix, to fasten by, rpn . 
dromedaries, nn3"^3 . 
droop, to, h-Qii or brx K. (part, pass.), 

Pul. (only in jjoetry.) 
drop, a, na m., ra; m. 

off, to, b\^3 . 

to, cib-n , cia: K, Hi., bra Hi.. r,-.s 
I, :r5'i K. Hi. 

to let, nfii I Hi. 
dropping, a, -^sa m., rib?; m., pob f. 

continual, T^i: cbri. 

' •• V V 




droppings, (of honey), nr'n ra. 
drops, peril, t^sis m, coll. 

(for the ears), n"iB"'a2 . 

(of dew), see in b:.x , D''t)"'Dn . 

to fall in, c^as . 

to flow out in, nsB Pi. 

to let fall in, Cj-JS K. Hi. 
dross, bina m., a"*© m. (Keri.) 
drought, nn'^a f., ann 1, Z'in m., 

■|ia^n m., n^:i f. 
droughts n"in:sn:s. 
drove, a, -ins? m., "(XS com. 
drowned, to be, SI^OJ . 
drum, a, qn m. 
drunk, -I'Sa) . 

to be, nn Pi. 

to get, -i:lj I Hithp. 

to make, n=a) I Pi. Hi. 

- T 

to make one's self, nsil^ I Hithp. 
drunkard, xab. 
drunkards, c-'xao (Keri.) 
drunken, s^zo , ni^sttj . 

' r ' T : 

to be, n:uj I. 

drunkenness, y-^ m., 'liisriJ, m., n^5-n . 

dry, aijr , aJ2"i , nais";; only f., niua^ 

f., "ittj^ , nns , n^njt , ciss . (Ch. 

NPtua*^ st. emphat.) 

and parched land, r.n^ri f., '^ri''r\^ 


earth, -)E5 ra. 

grass, UJUJn m. 

land, "x i, '"'^"^nn (only w. the 

art.), nair 1, niaa;: f. 

place, •ji-'S ni. concr. 

places, n'i-'^n . 

to be, ann and a-.n , inn , ttJa^ , 

"i^-^^ Ni., p^5t . 

to become, aJa"^ K. Hi. 

to make, tt)ai Pi. Hi. 

up, to, r,sn Ni., a'ln Hi,, ttja^ K. 

Pi. Hi., n;iJ3 I, see n-rs , pcj£ . 

dryness, ann f., a-;'n m., nann f., '(iann 

m., n*5£ f., "(VS m. 

due, a, ttstUia m. 

dug out, to be, np3 Pu. 

dull, na3 , nina f. (only.) 

eyes, n-r'n crs . 
- 5*- •• 

dull, to be, ttifi^ , ia3 , ios (once), nx^ 
to become, nnr K. Pi. 


to make, naa Hi. 
dullness, nT'^s f. 
dumb, D^x . 

struck, nnn: . 

to be, cbx Ni., nian H, n-on , tijnn. 

-r rr - r ' - r 

to be struck, crn . 
dumbness, c^x m., cc^"^. 
dung, b^a m., bh m., -j^Vt m., o^xnn 
plu., nnio f., \iJnB m., see -(intlinB, 
^S^ES plu. constr. only, 
balls of, wbhi . 

• T ! 

dung-gate, nbaSxri nrid . 

dungeon, ni'a I m., more fully niSin n-a . 

dunghill, rstlJx m., njtjn^ 1 (Ch. stb'j 

f. and •'^13 .) 
dunghills, ninBttJx . 
dupe, to, hhp\ Hi. c. 2 of pers. 
duplicate, nsttJ^ m. 
durable, •.•ax I Ni. 
to make, r^i^ia . 
duration, cbis m. 


during, ',3 m. w. gen. of time, na I 1 

w. gen. of time, n2> . (Ch. n? .) 
dusky color, to be of a, "^"ip . 
dust, pax m., npax 1, xan (poet.), 
nB5 m., pnui m. (poet.) 
at, to throw, nsr Pi. 
cloud of, •,iis m. (poet.) 
fine, nB3? m. 
small, pn m. 
to, nsr Pi. 

to vanish in, nb^c I Ni. (once.) 
duty, nic-« m. 

to (any one), to keep one's, mai6 
^B nnisttSia . 
dwarf, aJib]!? (participle.) 
dwell, to, nsia I, nw , baT , nsn/ (poet.), 
a\^^, -jsib and -fh K. Hithpal., n;3 , 
T^sp^ , -,23) also -,325 . (Ch. nr,ti , an-; , 
IDu) , xntti also x";aj .) 

at, by, near, to, asu^ c. ace. 
in, to, aai^ . 

in, to cause to, -jri^ Pi. w. ace. of 
pers., a of placa 




dwell in the earth, to, y^^ •,3a5 . 
quietly, to, rjn Hi. 
to be made to, rfiU'' Ho. 
to cause to, (Ch. 3n^ Aph., "jsttj 

with one's self, to let, z^^ Hi. 
dweller, a, suJr , "isai m., zttjin m. 

dwellers, 2ttii73 m. concr. 
dwelling, (adj.), n-3 , -,^31^. 

a, l^nx, n*;? m., nin m., bnzt m., 
-i!i5ia m. (once sing.), 2U)'ia m., 
•jirTa m., nsir^a 1, ".sttiTa m., ma 
m. (only poet.), n^3 f., ",^5 m., 
r,tt) m., na-«zj II t, -,3^5 m. 
(once), ttS-iiiu m., nisirn I f. (Ch. 

dwelling, in one's, -jiro . 

in quiet, -irxilJ . 

near, one, "pttj m. 

quiet, ya*] m. 
dwelling-house, -aji^ p-^a . 
dwelling-ijlace, ii^n m. (poet.), cipia 

dwellings, risa only plu. constr. (poet.), 

nisn (once.) 
dwelt in, to be, "jSUi also "ptD . 
dye, r,!iD m. 
dyed garments, rns m. concr. 

garments of double embroidery, 
c^niapn sz:i. 

something, raat m. concr. 

twice, see ijdj . 
dyeing, (of garments), ras m. 


each, tt5'X m., """s m. (poet.). Note. — 

Each is indicated by repeating the 

noun with the insertion of the copula. 

eager, see crn II part, pass., rn-n II. 

to be, ■jrnn (once), pjrttj . 
eagle, niuj m. (Ch. luis .) 

(a species of), rriTj? f., ois ra. 
ear, -(Tx f. 

to give, "(TX I Hi. 
ear, a green, ^''zx m. 

(of grain), s-'ax m., nb"'!:?a f. 
(once), rVsD (dialect of Ephraim- 
ites), nbatii f. 
ear-drops, nc'aa . 
car-ring, z}: m., b-J? m. 
ear-rings, see ojnb 3. 
ear-witness, to be an, yroS . 
earlier, the, ",i'::x"i m. 
earliest, -.iirx-i m., njuix^ f. 

' • T • 

early, ij^'a ni.x , of tenor ijraa , nj^als 
(poet.), "nir'a nr , -ii^3 , csaJ Hi. w. 
another verb in infin., d''3aJn . 
fruit, to bear, n32 Pi. 
to do, cnp? Pi. w. infin., d3U5 Hi. 

w. an infin. 
to rise, c3iiJ Hi. 

early to, to get up, C3tt5 Hi. w. "b . 

earnest, an, "pan? m. 

earnestly, to do, C3ttj Hi. before another 

earnings, r"':^ m., rr m., D^siaT:; . 
ears, to point, to prick up the, ",tj< I Hi. 
earth, n^nx f., dx f. (poet.), -jfnx 

com., Van f. (poet). (Ch. r^ix , 

clods of, nines m. plu. 

dry, ^ES m. 

the whole, ban f. (poet.) 

upon the, -lES br . 
earthen vessel, ttjnn "^ba , as» m. 

vessels, iunn "^bas . 

ware, (Ch. xra ^cn .) 
earthy particles, ynx com. 
ease, at, (adj.), ibuj . 

living at, -,jj<a3 . 
ease one's self, to, rbsn ~cn . 
easily enticed and seduced, iro m. 

East, the, D"'n!ix plu., xsiia m., nntia m., 
tj-^n;? m., c^p m. 

at the, nms^, onp'a . 

T! • • ' v'v • 

of, at tlio, b a"iT"o . 




East of, on the, n^*ip , Wipja . 
of, to the, '':b-^?. 
on the, rrnt^aia . 
side, d'^'ip n^D . 
towards the, rnTtab , n"H73 , nmtTS , 

T S '- 

wind, d"'Tp m. 
eastern, *|iis^j5 , ^:r>:np_ . 

quarter, onp m. 
eastward, nnt^ , Mn-il^ , d7.|3^ , D'^'i)? , 
riTOip . 

T :'•• 

of, ^sbV, "'.^B"^? , \ c^isiia , no*ip . 
the east side, nnTj^a T\'Q'^7:^ piXB . 

T Tl • T :'~ - 1 

easy, to be, hhp Ni. 
eat, to, bax , n'na K. Pi., ^ta (fut. O.), 
onb (poet). (Ch. ^Dx.) 
a little, to, dr:3 . 
off, to, bsx , ion . 
to cause to, nna Hi, w. two aces., 
tl^-j Hi. (Ch. c?a Pa.) 
eat, to give to, bsx Hi., n^a Hi. w. two 
aces., arb Hi. (once.) 
up, to, bpx K. Pi., bra Pi. Hi. 
eating, an, nb-'zx f., bsx m. 
ebony, ebon-wood, c"^33n (Keri.), d'^s^in 

ebullition, ins m. 
Ecclesiastes, see rbfip. 
Eden, "jns? . 
edge, ii!i3a m., na m., n;]Q m., d^sq 

plu., -in:s m., nsiu f. 
edges, ni'S'^D . 

having, m''»B''D bs2 . 

edict, rrn f. (later Heb.), ^^xia m. 

(later Heb.), ariD^ m. (Ch. rrn f., 

oxa m., ^■ax^ , DSPS m., D-^p m.) 

to set forth an, (Ch. ds":: diit).) 

edifice, ',-33 m., hz^ri com., npaia m. 

(Ch. -p'ra .) 
Edom, dnx . 
effatum, -13^1 m., x'^^"a m., nxto^ 1, 

ds<3 m. 
effect, nbs^ m. 
to, nirs I. 
effects, (goods), ni)>'3 m. 
effeminate, -p^ir . 

' • T 

effete, see nba . 

effusion, see naaia . 


eggs, d''2t'^a f. plu. (not found in sing.) 

to lay, n^^ , ab?3 Pi. 
Egypt, see dn lib., nijtia H, d'^'isa , 
see iTV^ . 

Lower, see nia:?3 II. 

Upper, oiipB . 
Egyptians, see d'^ro at end. 
eight, n3b':J w. f., nsbttJ w. m. 

"^ V 1 T t 

eighteen, eighteenth, ri'vay T^ip^ f., 
-.ius n37att3 m. 

T T T t 

eighth, the, •^rottS m., n'^S'^aiEn 1, 

nsraJ w. f., nsbttS w. m. 
eighty, d'^sbo) . 
either, ix . 

eject, to, br^3 , nbt^ Pi. 
elaborately shaped, to be, dp'i Pu. 

wrought, to be, dp"n Pu. 
elated, xa , nxa , T'n^ . 

to be, see n^a 3., bE» Pu. 
elation, din-o m., din m., nxto f., ypjitf 

elder, biia , a'l . 

elders, D'^sp: . (Ch. x^ato plu. emphat.) 
eldest, bina . 

elegance, "jn m., "Von (once), VBli m. 
elegy, "^ns m. 
elephant, see ni^nS . 
elephantiasis, see ^^nttJ . 
elevate, to, t\^i . 
elevated, one, x'^izJS m. 

seat, X&3 m. 

stage, b^a^ m. 

state, na^ns . 

to be, n2a , xtba Ni. Hithp. 
elevating, an, icis-o m. 
elevation, di^rs m., e)i3 m., D!in m., 

din m., n^i-i 1, nxtt) f. 
eleven, eleventh, lius nnx m., nnx 
n'libs f., naj5 "nttJ:? m., nibs ■'nas 

-:•.• TT - s - ' ••:r -« — 


Eli, nbs. 
Eliezer, iT3?"'bx . 
Elijah, n*^x . 
Elisha, sttibx . 
elm, see "innn . 
elongate, to, nM3 . 




Elul, (month), bsi^s m. 

embalm, to, i;:rj . 

embalming, D"a:n plu. 

embittered, to be, yon Hitlip. 

embolden, to, in"! Hi, 

embrace, to, prn K, Pi. 

embroidered festive gannent, see b'^a'^hB . 

gannents, nr|7") •''i:a . 

with colore, cloth, nrp'n f. 
embroiderer, cp'"i. 
embroidery, ntp"] f. 

dyed garments of double, js^ 
Diprpi . 
emerald, see np^3 . 

' V :■ T 

emigrate, to, n^a . 

out of, to, see xs^ K. a. 
emigration, n^ij. f. 
eminency, K-'iu m. 
eminent, something, inb m. 
eminently, x^Efi. 
emission, riTS^iT f. 

T : • 

emit a stench, to, n:t Hi. 

rays, to, •,'ip? . 

saliva, to, i:i"i . 
emolument, ini'^ , 'i'i'n'^ m. 
empire, naia m., n"i'::?3 f., laaitt m. 

(Ch. -(abaj m.) 
employ, to, njs H Hi. 
employment, ■,'^:2J m. (only in Eccle.) 
emporium, nro m. 
emptied out, npVnio f. 
emptily, cfj"*";) . 

emptiness, !ina m., npjma f. (once), nir;; 
m. (once), np^^zii f., pi-i m., nii^ 
m.. Jinn. 
empty, b^bx , Jin'a concr., -13 H. -js sib, 
n«3, p-'-), p-':). 

out, to, p^a . 

room, iris m. 

(something), bsrt . 

talk, na II m. 

to, ppa K. Po., !Ti» Pi., pn Hi. 

to be made, np^3 Ni. 

to leave, psn Hi. 

to make, pba . 

(vessel), with, Dp'^n. 

words, nctb f. 

emulate, to, iTin Tiph., X3p Pi. c. 

a . 
encamp, to, inin , bei , 'p\s also isttJ. 
encampment, nsna f., rrn":: 1, namu 

usually m., -1^5 I f., r-;:nn m. plu. 
enchanter, r|\2X , '^wh bra . (Ch. tj^s .) 
enchanters, cttirbis . 
enchantment, nin m., aina m. 
enchantments, D"':3nb . 
enchased, to be, V2«) Pu. 
encii-cle, to, tpi Hi. 

with a crown, to, ^::'$ Pi. w. h of 
enclose, to, xba , JJID H. 
enclosure, Tia com., rfnna f., JT^ta f. 
(prob.), -i:iu m., nn'^a f., "njo m., 
see r,tt3. 
a double, D"rBa5 m. du. 
enclosures, B-inDaJ^ du,, o^P£tt5 m. du. 
encompass, to, r,£X (poet.), -ao K. 

encounter, a';jp m. (poet.). (Ch. aiTi 
hostile, i-np m. 
to, 0-1 p^ Pi., N'll^ II. 
with, to go into, cy "^^p -;^n . 
encourage, to, ycut Pi., pTn Pi., ibs 

c. bx . 
end, n"'"^nj< f., Cex m., rn m., ci33 
1, qio m. (later Hob.), yp m., nsp 
m., see nsp , nisstin plu., rr^bsn 
f., r,!i:n m. (Ch. qio m., nsp m.) 
even to the, aps . 
in the, perh. (Ch. CPBX.) 
of, at the, yp-o , ns*: ip . 
of, to make an, r\i':\ II, nba Pi,, 
p,!iD Hi., dbttj Hi. (Ch. :]:id Aph., 
cboS Aph.) 
to, nbs Pi. 
to bring to an, rs^ Pi., ira . (Ch. 

-1733 . 
to come to an, "irs , see SS"* . s., 

- . ' TT ' ' 

pa«j . (Ch. nra .) 
to have an, OBX , C]10, PattJ Ni., 

Qr n . (Ch. Clio .) 

to, to put an, psoJ Hi. 

endamage, to, (Ch. pn Aph.) 




endangered, to be, "jso Ni. 

endearments, wyn only in plu. 

ended, to be, n^s , cbaS or dboJ , dtsn . 

' ' tt' - t -r' -T 

endow, to, nzt (once.) 
ends, r'iSjT plu. constr. 

of the earth, ^"ix •'is;? . 
endure, to, rx^ Hithp., ims Pilp. Hi., 

5<b3, n^r I, D!ip. (Ch. D!ip .) 
enduring, (Ch. d«i? .) 
enemies, na;;is f . coll., d'tiJE , see b'^p . 
enemy, 3*iH m., it, dn;b, ^y II m., 
?^5Bia , ->s m. (poet.), -ins, lao) m., 
N3;j, xsib'a , n!nt3 m., nnilJ. (Ch. ns , 
to be an, -^x . 
to treat as an, nnuj (Cheth.) 
enfeebled, d^'-irna plu. 

to be, bbn Ni. 
enfold, to, nsb . 
engines, warlike, ni2'2Tl|ri . 
engrave, to, nns Pi. 
engraved, n;?n^ . 
engraver, ttjin m. 
engraving, n^ns . 
enigma, mTi f., ns'^^iQ f. (Ch. 

nnTtx .) 
enjoin solemnly, to, *isir Hi. 

upon, to, nps w. bs of pers., d^ip 
Pi. w. br . ' 
enjoy, to, bsx c. a ., see nx'n K. 3. b., 
nn Hi. w. a . 

one's self, to, obs Hithp,, 535 

Hithp. c. a , b? . 
the light, to, nx'i . 
enjoyment, aiisxn m. 
enlarge, to, qo"i K. Hi. (both defect.), 
nai Hi., ann Hi. 

T r - T 

for, to, nr.Q Hi. c. dat. 
enlarged to me, it is, "^b nil . 
enlargement, na^ia m., nin m. 
enlighten, to, nix Hi., nUT Hi., m: . 
enliven, to, aba Hi. 
enmity, na"^rf f., rufAiT) f. 
Enoch, rj"i3n . 
enough, (adj.), an . 

(adv.), ■'rj ^ -in , nan . 

(sub.), in . 

enough, it is, an . 

to be, pBO II and ptd) . ni«J c. h 
of pers. 

to be more than, nns Hi. 

to gather more than, nnj? Hi 
enrich, to, nt^x Hi., psittJ Pil. 
enroll, to, Hi. 

one's name in the genealogical 
tables, to, ton'^nn . 
ensign, nix I com. 
ensnared, to be, aJp-i Ni. 
entangle, to, nas Pi., p'ysi Pi. 
enter, to, xia, r,-^, a r,bn , nas w. 
a . (Ch. bb5 .) ' ' ' 

in with, to, xia w. a . 

to cause to, bb? II Po. 

to make, nay Hi. c. a . 
entering, an, xiaia m. 
enterprise, n^ttS^n f. 
enthroned, to sit, aU"' . 
entice, to, nris Pi. 

away from, to, p^id Hi. w. "j^ . 
enticed and seduced, easily, ■'HQ m. 

to let one's self be, nns K. Ni. c. 

T T 

br to. 
enticement, see bittSaia . 
entire, d'^pp. 

to make, dbttS Pi. 
entirely, see ns.3 I, 4. 
entireness, c'n m. 

entrance, "jin'^x ni. (Keri), nxa f., xiay 
m., xai^ m., na m., png . (Ch. d^ia 
entreat, to, ",3n w. b of pers., bx , 
•'ssb ., r:3 K. Hi. c. a , b for., bxtt) . 
(Ch. xra c. -,^ ., "(Sn Ithpa.) 
for, to, ttJpa Pi. w. bs ., ^ry I Hi. 
w. b , lya . 
entreated, to let one's self be, nrr I Ni. 

c. dat. 
entreaty, -^a , "ija m., Jrrira f., perh. 
nsn f. 

T - 

with, "a. 
entrust to, to, 'b "i^Si at5 . 
entry, an, nxa f. 
enumerated by name, to be, ni^ttSa Kia, 




enumeration, n"npD f. 
envious, •j^'is (Keri.) 

to be, rrn c. a . 
environs, Q''a"'ap and pin'' 3D . 
envy, ion , n^zp f. 

to, it:;? Pi. w. a . 
epbah, nE"'X f. 

a double, ns'^xi nS'^X . 

T " I T " 

ephod, liBS m. 
Ephraim, Din ex . 

epistle, r^i^i-x f. (later Heb.), ansa m., 
•j^rjttJ? m., -ISO m. (Ch. x-iax , 

equal, to be, ma3 c. b of pers., a of 
thing, "(Sn Ni. 
to, to be, xia w. IS ., nid c. b of 

- ' T T « 

pere., a of thing, 
with, to make, see pittS 1 b. 
equally with, see cr A. 1, f., nssb . 
equipage, splendid, nD!i:n II f. 
equipment, ^ba m., rps m. 
equity, -i^;i m., -liui"^ m., D"''i^i'a 
only plu. 
to do, pTs uEitJ , d^iuii^Q lisai . 

r ... ._. - r ' • T •• - T 

ere, (Ch. ^ti is .) 

erect, ni'»7:i2ip (adv.) 

to, naa (material in ace, more 
rarely w. a), asp Hi., nb5 I, 
csip Hi., wi Hi., dill) and d^b . 
(Ch. dtp Aph.) 

erected, to be, (Ch. bap Poal.) 

err, to, astfi , nseJ , nsn K. Ni. Hi. 

- • y T T ' r r 

erratic ode, ",'iij.iii m. 
error, narT3 m., nanstjia f., ri:ait5 f., 
nxijttS f. (once), bia m., nsin f. (Ch. 
nVr i (Cheth ), sibiij f.) 
through, navija. 
to commit an, n::ai 5:tij . 
Esau, lias . 

escape, npbrna f., alsBia m., na-'be , 
nixsin plu. 
to, ab^ Ni. Hitlip., di3 , bs3 Ni., 

n!iD , dbfi , -iniij II. 
to let, 'jb?3 Pi., t3*-D K. Pi. 
wholly, to, dbo Pi. c. -,13 . 
escaped, nhp , ybe . 
one, ni-itt) m. 

escaped, the, d''::bs only plu , t:-'bB!^ 

escapes, that which, hU'bD . 
espousals, nsnn f. 

establish, to, asi Hi., '^i\^ Pil. Hi., 2:23 
Hi., n«s I Hi., dip Pi. Hi., y^'i Hi.^ 
fisito and O'^ib c. b . (Ch. dip 
established, (Ch. 2""^"] .) 

to be, n^n , pm K. Hithp., -,!ia 
Pol. HoVNi. Hirtipal., d^p . (Ch. 
',pn Hoph. w. Heb. flexion.) 
estate, nbns f. 
real, nbn3 f. 

to inherit one's, ttjni also uj']^ w. 
ace. of pers. 
esteem, to, auin , rps . 
lightly, to, nE3 Hi. 
to lightly, bbT Hi. w. Chald. flexion, 
ba3 PL, nbp II Hi. 
esteemed, npi . 

to be lightly, bbj? K. Ni. 
Esth(!r, -rpx . 
estimate, rpr m. 

to, r,-,3J K. Hi., -S'oJ I. 
estimated, to be highly, npi w. hy^ 


estimation, rp3J m. 

eternity, ns3 I m., is ra , cbis m., see 

ni^sbs . (Ch. cib^S m., dbs m.) 
Ethiopia, ujia. 
eunuch, O^no ni. 

Euphrates, nk"; (in two places, see Ad- 
denda), nnsrj , r-B. (Ch. "ins.) 
evade, to, see •^'cn Hi. 
Eve, nin . 

even, qx I, na , J , 1 and i (occasion- 

(adj.), noil. 

as, oa , n»sb , nrx ^sa . 

as — so, -ja — ■'^?.? • 

for, 1 , !i and 1 (peculiar to Pent. 

and Josh.) 
if, qx I, a (w. infin.), 13 I, Dg , 

d3 •'a. 
now, nt nns . 




even out of, •j'Q-bx . 
so that, ns . 
though, qx I. 

to, bx , ni^s n? , b , -»r , b 1? , 
bs (in a few examples.) 
, until, (Ch. ns .) 

unto, bx , b , xhb is (in geograph- 
ical description.) 
upon, b? . 

when, ^3 I, -^3 tia , ca , ns -^3 . 
even, to be, nttj'^ . 

to make, -nij-j Pi. Hi., obs Pi., 
n^a3 Pi. 

1 r 

even-tide, S"i3? m. 
evening, C](U3 m., 2*15 m. 

(approach of), bs m. (once.) 
at the, 2-^25n , aira , a":?b (poet.) 
in the, a-^^i^a , ^-^.^h (poet.) 
to do at, a^r 11 Hi. 
to draw towards, a"^S H. 
twilight, q-ra f. 
evenings, between the two, o'^S'nsrj "j-a . 
evenness, ^i^i ra., -ntijia m., D"'"i;U"'X5 

(only plu.) 
event, n"<'inx 1, r>"lP^ m,, see "j^ss , 

S?B ra., yp^ m. 
ever, see l^ 1, h., ns3 I m., nbis m., 
a|?? , T'rn . (Ch. nib^s .) 
since, nir^a . 
everlasting, n^3 I m., n? m., obis m. 
(Ch. cbr m.) 
to, n2£_3 IS , nspb , 1? -^ns . 
to everlasting, from, ^S) dbl'Sia 
obi3? . (Ch. XTsbs 1?1 x^bs-,72 .) 
evermore, dbir-. 

every, Vs. (Ch. b'a.). Note. — Every is 
indicated by repeating the noun, with 
the insertion of the copula, 
day, oi^n-ba , Di-^-baa . 
kind and sort, of, b'a. 
one, tli-ix m., n^'X f., laa m. 

(poet.), ba. 
side, on, a^as^Q , l"'"ias-ba"a . 
evil, (sub.), rx m., see bs'ba , ^bn m., 
n^-Q f., see b*3? , n;bs , ri m., sn 
m., n?i f., xioj m. 
(adj.), no, sn. 

evil deed, n^Jis m,, bra m. (poet). 
(Ch. nbsian f.) 
to be, 5S"i . (Ch. ttSxa .) 
to become, sn Ni. 
to do, bbs I Po. c. b of pers., jfjn 

Hi., rain K. Hi. 
to make, rsn Hi. 
to suffer, rii Ni. 
upon, to bring, "^as? . 
evil-doer, yi'o , rain m. 
evil-doers, •,'^x •'brb, rn "^ii^r, »n ''bsb. 
evil-eyed, "p^ ri . 
ewe, a, bnn f. 
ewe-lamb, ntt:aa f. 
ewes, see nn'tnai? plu. 2. 
exact, to, xs^ Hi., mi , xttia H Hi. c. 

a of pers. 
exaction, Milj-ia f. 
exactions, mpaJ5i3 . 
exactor, ia^'ia . 

exalt, to, naa Hi., xto3 Pi., see bbo 
Pilp., csi-i'pil. Hi.,' a:!i) Pi. (Ch. 
nan Pa., on Pal. Aph.) 

one's self, to, at: Hithp., cni , 
aai) Hi. 

- T 

exaltation, ni3 I f., D^-ii m., nxil) f. 
exalted, Dtnn:Q , n^^ii f. 
one, X'^ias m. 

to be, nxa (poet.), naa , xojs K. 
Hithp. c. b ., nbs Ni., on K. 
Polal., o-qi I, a:iO K. Ni. 
to show one's self, asit) Hi. 
examination, ~|7n . 

examine, to, -isia (once), nna (later 
Heb.), nna , ^j^n K. Pi., see -i;r3 , 
hp^^ ,n!in.'(Ch. njraPa.) 
example, •'.^vz m. 
exasperated, to be, nn?3 Hithpalp. w. 

bx of pers. 
excavate, to, -^sn I. 
exceed, to, qo^ K. Hi. (both defect.) 
exceedingly, ip;; , ix^ . (Ch. nn"P^ .) 
too, -1X^3 IS . 

very, nx^ ix^a , "ixo iS , 1? 
ix^b (later Heb.) 
excel, to, nn^ Hi. Ni., 'a br nbs . (Ch. 
n23 Ithpa. c. bs .) 




excellence, "(Sxa m., np^j m., '^'"in^ m., 

npiis m. 
excellency, rrsa 1, see •,'ixa 2, nsixa 

1, nn^-13 t 
excellent, -fnx , -mpis , inas , ns*^ . 
(Ch. -i-n: .) 
something most, 1:15 m. 
the most, IT^ttSx^ 1 
except, "^n^^a (when a neg. precedes), 
nVsiT , -j^ I'ln , ex ■'S (after a neg.), 
p-1 . (Ch. -.rib .) 
that, ^tcx •'Piba , p^Jit (once.) 
exchange, nE'^bn 1, nnnrn 1 
for, in, r;^n . 
to, -1131 Hi,, -liiia Hi. w. 3 for 

- T t 

which, 3*5 I. 
excise, prob. (Ch. iVa .) 
excite, to, nflS I PiL Hi., cip Hi. c. b? 
(strife), to, n'la Pi. 
exclaim, to, pST , pr^ Pi. 
excluded, to be, 175 Ni. 
excrement, n^i f., OJ'is m., nxs f., 
nxis f. 


excrements, cx-^n , ":?"'£- plu. constr. 

excrescences, pi5E^ only plu. 
execration, nix f., n^x^ f. 

T r T : 

execute, to, see rS3 Pi., Hir? I, Bip 

Hi., cbu) Hi., crp/m. 
executioner, nsa m., -13 m., ip^s m. 

(Ch. ns-J .) ' 
exercise one's self in, to, r.:s He. 3 . 
exert one's might, to, bbs I Hithp. c. a . 
one's self, to, (Ch. "nittJ Ithpa. c. 

exhalation, hzT] . 
exhale, to, 533 Hi. 

exhausted, r:^ , Ho. particip. of r)?*^ , 
nt^ once in plu. 
to be, nxb K. (only fut.), Ni., nnb , 

TT * •' •" ' TT' 

•nsa Pi., crn . 

exliilaration, n''5''i3T3 f. 
• I - 

exhort, to, nrx (sometimes), *iO"' Pi-, 
n!i» K. (once) Cheth. 
solemnly, to, "i!i5 Hi. 
exile, nbia f., psiba f. (CIl psiba .) 

exile, to carry into, t^h» Hi. 

to go into, n^a . 
exiles, nb-ia f. coll., iii's'^iri •':3 , nsiba 

f. coll.'(Ch. xrsiba ■'sa.) 
company of, nbia f. 
exist, to, piin (rare and poet), n;jn , 

uro Ni. (Ch. =!ip.) 
existence, to be in, n"ii . 
exists, whatever, oipi m. 
exit, xsi« m., nixs-in plu. 

place of, pix^in plu. 
expand, to, nsa Pi., rrj: , DDE , T^B , 

lij-iB K. Pi., Ti^ns , ::tlJB (everywhere 

intrans.), npB , "inn Hi., spn , nisti) . 
by beating, to, s)p-*. K. Pi. 
expansion, na^ m., n^ri?; ni., bl^'O 

expect, to, bni Pi. w. ace. of time, b of 

pers. and of thing, n^jr Pi., n3tt) Pi. 
expectation, iis-a m., n^p^ m., also 

K.'IpTa , n3ti: m., nbnin f., n^pn f. 
expedite (for war), ^rribpi . 
one's self, to, yhn Ni. 
expel, to, ^na K. Pi., uj-ii Hi., nns K. 

c. -,ia , Hi., ti5p3 , nbiB Pi. 
expelled, one, nt^s . 
to be, pin3 Ni. 
expended, to be profusely, r^EUj Ni. 
expense, (Ch. xpB3 f.) 
experience, to, x^n , yn"^ , nxn HL, 

see also Kal. 3. b. 

to be taught by, y'l"' Ni. 
expert, nsiab . 

expiate, to, xan Pi., ncs Pi., xb3 . 
expiated, to be, -iE3 Pu. Hithp. Nithpa. 
expiation for, to make, ibs Pi. 
expiations, 0^153 . 
expiator, see bTXT5 . 
expiration, nE"Q m. 
expire, to, s^a (mostly poet.) 
explain, to, -pa Hi., ts^b and w^is) w. 

bx . (Ch. niCB Pe. Pa.) 
one's self, to, nxB II Hithp. 
explanation, see «3"^d in Pu., -iil^b . (Ch. 

nCB m.) 
explore, to, -ieh I, "ipn K. Pi, 
exportation, x^^ia m. 




exported, see ss^ 1. 

exposition, rrii^e f. 

expound, to, nxs Pi. 

expulsion, nuins f., "i?3 II m. 

extend, to, r,'^x Hi., or^i only Hi. c. 

ace. et b ., nn"Q , nas K. Hi., nbttJ 

K. Pi., nxn k/pu. 
to, to, nn^ c. b» . 

' T T 

extended, nsiio . 


to be, "n?3 Pi. 

- T 

extension, rrn^s f., "illia H m. 
exterior, y-j.Ti . 
extcnuinate, to, d'^H Hi. 
extinct, to be, r^st Ni. (once.) 

to become, r^s'n Ni., pos Ni. 
extinction, nn''?2S . 

until. rrr^^^-Jib , nr'^rab . 
extinguished, to be, r^s'n , "5T Ni. 

extirpate, to, ttS^oi Pi. 
extol, to, bna Pi., u^l Pil. (Cli. en 

one's self, to, Di"^ . 
extolled, to be, bnj , Dli . 
extort, to, puis . 
extorted, (any thing), paS5 m. 
extortion, nria f. 

T -i : 

extraordinary, to be, nht3 Ni. 

to make, srQ Hi. 
extreme part, rr'inx f., nxs f. 

the, ns'is'^p only f. 

extremities, m>£p plu. constr., ni:£p . 

of the earth, vix ■'P3"i" . 
extremity, OEX m., qrs f., nxo f., no 
m., yi? m., nsj? m., nixs-in plu., 
tT'bsn f., r|i:n m. 
at the, nspia . 
exult, to, i»-«a , rarely Ui or hii , nlso 
Pi. (once), nis I Hithpal., t^s , ots 
K. Ni., yhy , 'ijsi'j and izJ-'t: w. b5 
at. ' 

to cause to, ntj Hi. 


exultation, b^a m., nb-'a f., nsiSf'bs f. 
exulting, (one), t^5 m., t^^s m. 

(one) proudly, f^s m. 
eye, )y^ f. (Ch. •^'•■s m., see Addenda.) 

pupil of the, "(iiij^x w. -,-s added, 

the gate (pupil) of the, y:} n^a . 

to eye, -psa '(-s . 
eye-ball, see "p'aj^x 2. 
eye-brow, 23 . 
eye-lashes, Ci^srss m. du. 
eye-lids, ri-iicttJ (once.) 
eye-lids with the eye-lashes, d''B5E5 m. 

eye-paint, see Y(1S . 
eyes of, before the, 's "^rsb . 

of, in the, •'rsb . 

upon, to feast the, ntn c. 3 . 
eying, •,;i'is (Ken.) 
Ezekiel, bx;rTni . 
Ezra, X-H5) . 


fabricate, to, ttSin . 

face, c^BX du., d-:b plu, 

(surface), •,'is f., d-^SB plu. 

of, at the, before the, "^rB'bs . 

to one's, 's ■'SS'br . 

to the, ■'pB"'-5' . 
faculty, •px I m. 
fade, to, see bba Hi, 

and fall away, to, b33 . 
faeces, uins ni. 
faggot, npi:a m, 
fail, to, CEX , nba , -in , ^^3 , b*in 

and bin , non w. b of pers., tins 
K. Pi., nbs , bttJS , be: , nti3 I, see 
nuiJ , i?"S (once), see oob , -inB I 
Hi., n2il5 Hi., see Drn K. 2. 
in duty, to, ctl3x also otix . 
to cause to, nbs Pi. 
failing, (adj.), nbs . 

torrent, a, atsx bna . 
failure, iba . 

faint, mi , ^v^ , ?:^ , Hoph. particip. 
of ss"j , ps;; , nrrs t only, TiVj? , 




faint away, to, t]!i5 . 

to, b'1'3 K. Ni., nxb K. (only fut.), 

Ni., see nrj^ ^ od« Ni., ^is , 
C]!i:>, tp_i K. Ni. Hithp., q-r 
(once), tjbr Pu. Hithj). 
to he, rr-n , rr , ci?-^ , nns , -isb Pi. 

' Tt' -tJ "T' XT' -T 

to become, nn:s> Pi., r.s-i . 
to make, 551 Pi. 
faint (color, of a), hri3 f. only, 
faint-hearted, zzh rn . 

to be, rnn coupled with cjisij 

o-'a-in ., nns Pi. 
to make, op?a Hi. 
faintness, ".isxn m., 'ii'^Bn w. 01*11 add- 

fair, ziM , fisi . (Ch. ^-bi^ .) 

to be, aia, riE-j . (Ch. -ifiifl .) 
to make, aia Hi., -j^n Pi. 
fair, a, D-Jiitr only plu. 
fairish, n'BTiE"' . 
fairness, "sii: m. 
faith, nr^-cs f. 

good, nrx f. 
faithful, )i2i<}_ , "ipx . (Ch. ')tt''r|« .) 
the, d'':i^x . 
to be, "i^x IK. Ni. 
faithfulness, -jii^x m,, nrsittx f., yqn 

abstr., -.rx m., nisx f. 
faithless, n^"52 . 
to ])e, h^_-o . 
faithlessly, to deal, 15s constr. absol., 
oftener w. 2 of pers., V?Ta w. a of 
pers. with, 
faithlessness, njs m. 
falcon, see n»j< , see n^n . 
fall, a, ^nri m., nj.-r , n^n f. (Cheth.), 
"(iriys m., nbs^ f., r^st m. 
a lotting, n'f^'i f. 

at the feet of, to, 'b "^^sn i"? ^ES , 
away, to, nba , see ID13 , '^'■^•a , 
baa , bss , ^tv , 3>uiB c. 2 , 
nnn?a ., astiJ Pil. (once.) 
away from, to, see ->T3 Ni. 
below, to, ^E3 w. yq comparat. 
down, to, htz . (Ch. ht: .) 
down (in adoration), to, nso c. h 
(later Heb.). (Ch. njo c. i .) * 

fall down prostrate, to, iiE3 Hithp. 
headlong, to, n;n (rare and poet.) 
in, to, uiuir. 
in drops, to, Z'^i , 
in drops, to let, rpS K. Hi. 
in ruins, to, r^a^ Ni. 
in Mdth, to, ttJss , rt-rp^ Ni. c. bs . 
in -with, to let, n:x H Pi. 
into, to, bB3 . 

more than, to, bB3 w. "jis comparat. 
off, to, bai3 . 

off, to make, nED and hfiis Pi. 
out, to, bE3 . (Ch. bE3 .) 
prostrate, to, (Ch. bs: .) 
ready to, bss . 
sick, to, nbn Hithp., bE3 . 
suddenly upon, to, pibs I and nb^ 

to, rrn (rare and poet.), nn*^ , see 
H^s'Ni., aab NI, bB3 K Pilp. 
(once). (Ch. bE3 .) 

to be made to, nnn Pu. 

to cause to, bilJs Hi. 

to let, -j'Ti Hi., c;i:3 , bE3 Hi., ns'i 

-T -t'-T tt 

Pi., -jri^. 
to let one's self, bss Hithp. 
to make, bE3 Hi. 
to the ground, to, bfis , fully bfis 

upon, to, xia w. hy ., bes K. c. a , 
Hithp. w. br ., y:B K. w. a, 
Hi., ti5:B , npB , dn;? Hi. c. ^^ , 
(Ch. -jbaS w.'a.) 

upon, to cause to, isia Hi. 

upon, to let, n!i3 Hi. 

upon the knees, to, (Ch. Tj-nS .) 

with a crash, to, nxtt) I. 
fallacious, to be proved, z]'S Ni. 
fallen, bE3. 

buildings, nbsis and nbsia f. 
falling, a, •'nn m., bfi^ . 

cause of, biilSsp . 
fallow ground, n-'s H m. 
fallow-deer, prob. nsi^n^ . 
false 1 -ijrili . 
false, (adj.), pbn , uJna , a5;3S> . 

to be, see nj:b Pi. 




false, to be proved, STS Ni. 
falsehood, •,;;x m., 3T3S< (but every- 
where concr.), ats m., litio II m., 
5503-1 m., nrui"^.* 1, x^oj m., "iptiJ m., 
nissnn plu. (Ch. nsns f.) 
to speak, 2T3 K. (only part.), 
falsely, '•\piii bs . 

to deal, 153 constr. absoL, oftener 

' - T ' 

w. 3 of pers. 
to swear, "ip'rb rara . 
falter, to, buis K. Ni. 

to make, bttSs Pi. (Cheth.) 
fame, ctti m. 
familiar, r,!iVj< . 

converse, m'D m. 
friends, my, •'I'io "^r^ . 
to be, naij also '.attS (once.) 
families, see B2t^ 2, nnVin. 
family, qbx , n";3 m., »nT, rjM m. 
(sometimes), bn^ m. (silver age), 
ntb-i^ f., nns'r^a f., n-i:> I f., ds 

' T T : • ' T •• 

m,, see a^ia 2. 

one of another, ^t . 
famine, -,£3 m., 251 m., -jia^i m. 

to suffer, 3S1 . 
famish, to let, n?i Hi. 
famished, isi^^a , n3>-i . 

to be, 3?"i . 
fan, nE3 f., nni f. 
fane, niaa . 

T r 

far above, )^ pi'ni . 

away, pin^?3 (after verbs of mo- 
tion), pini-o nr , pini is , 

away, to put, pni Pi. Hi. 

away, to be put, pni Ni. (Cheth.) 

be it, nb^bn w. ",« and inf., w. 
DX before a future. 

countries, yix ■^HSr?']?. • 

distant, pini . 

from, ",13 . 

off, pini , pn'ir^ . (Ch. p-ini .) 

off, to be, pni . 
fare, isb m. 
famess, pni-Q m. 
farther off than, -j^ pini . 

fascinate, to, i^n^ inoj HI Pi. inf. c. 

sufif. (once.) 
fashion, laauSia m., n:!irn H f. 

to, X13 Pi., lit^, ass Pi., also 
see Hi., i^is I (only in fut.) 
fast, a, dis m. 

to, b=x w. xb ., ittlE? nss , e!i:£ . 
fast, to be bound, pm . 
to be made, see ipit) . 
to bind, tzr\ K. Pi., pm . 
to make, Tnx , iDx , njts , Dni , 

- T 

to, to bind, pm Hi. 
fasten, to, rpn . 

by drivmg, to, spn . 

to, to pm . 

together, to, tnx , ip^n Pi. 

upon, to, pm Hi., nbs Hi., dito 
and d-'to w. bs . 

with a bolt, bar, to, bS3 . 
fastened, to be, trix Ho., i^s Pu. 

together, to be, lujp Ni. 

upon, to 1)6, (Ch. xnia Ithpe.) 
fasting, a, ais m., n-'rsn f., (Ch. nia 

fastness, a, nra , isia m. 
fat, (adj.), 113 , K^i3 , '^'^ , nia , s^ia , 

(sub.), "(aJi m., 3^n m., 11B m., 
n-c'Q f. 


fields, CSisttlx . 

heart, sVn m. 

ones, •(■ctiiia m. concr. 

places, D'^i":UiT3 . 

tail (of a sheep), n^bx . 

to be, ittSi , uJB-j , nas , "iiaaJ . 

to be smeared with, '^■^r\ Hothp. 

to become, ",11^1 , ■■coj K. Hi. 

to cover over with, '^'CJ^ Hi. 

to make, xi3 Hi., -(Uin Pi., -,151^ 
Hi. '' 

to pronounce, to regard as, ',^1 Pi 
fat-cakes, prob. n^n'^nb . 

to make, 23^ Pi. 
fatal, tt5!i:x . 

pestilence, niin 131 . 
fate, a strange, 133 also 133. 




father, 2X m. (Ch. sx m.) 
father-in-law, tn I m. (only c. 8uff.)» 

-,nn m. 
fatherless (child), a, cin"^ m. 
fatigue, pS';' m. 
to, 125 Hi. 
fatling, x^i73 m. 
fatlings, the, nx^"iSn f. coll. 
fatness, yrtj m., bzn m., •(lattSiQ m., 

nia-s f., "jiar m., csriri plu. 
fatnesses, D"i^aJi? . 
fatted, N-i-ia , X"'"io . 

• T ' J 

fatten, to, 03X (only part, pass.), 5<*12 

Hi. ' 

fatuity, see r^isVn . 

fault, nujs m., rt^aaJx f., xan m., n-o 
f., see brr , sirs m., b'^ m. 

a being in, mattSx f. 

in, di^x (adj.) 
faulty, STi'i . 

favor, -n m., nsn f., ns-sn f., ion , 
ysn m., D?3 m., ',i:i-j m., nsnn f. 

to, nn w. ^B •';s ., rcn c. a . 

to be shown, •|:n Ho. 

to implore, i:n Hithpa. 

to receive into, nsn . 

to regard with, -jsn . 
favorable towards, to be, nsi . 
favorably disposed, to be, "jrn y ytn . 
favors, n-isna . 
fawn, a, ncJ m. 

fawn upon, to, ttJns Pi. Ni. Hithp. c. b . 
fear, nsx-n f., m-in f., nNi"> f., nis^j 

T T ! T T -: T ! • T 

m., n-i:ia f., n-isiaia f., k-ii^o m., 

♦ ; T ; T 

nn-i's H (Ch'.'th,), Tjiio m., nno m., 
n^no f. (Ch. Vm c. di;? , -(Ta.) 

and amazement, to be struck with, 
nrn K. Hithp. 

and shame, to put to, nrn Hi. 

continually, to, nre Pi. c. •^roa . 

- T " I • 

holy, nx-i*^ f. 

object of, nnnaa f., x-nitt m., inn 

to, -,«; I w. "i^a , ■'33^ ., b-'ii rarely 
hn or bis (poet.), jx-j, bnj , 
sin (once), -15^ only 1 and 2 
pers., «i^ , 51^ (once pret.), ^^-^S 

K. Hi., irtD, -jTsip I c. "^.rfi^., 
isib . (Ch. rax c. "i^a .) 
fear, to be broken with, nnn . 
to be without, n::2 I. 
to do, to, xni w. b and ",12 , c. 

to put in, yup I Hi. 
fearful, sin w. b5 for which, xii3 , 
Ni'j , y^Vi . (Ch. b^rr, .) 

and wonderful deed, a, xi'iia m. 
fearing, sin w. bs for which, liji 
(used w. pers. pron. for finite verb), 
X";i (w. pers. pron. for finite verb.) 
fearlessness, n:23 m. 
feast, a, an m., n-3 H f., tinb com., 
nnujia m. (Ch. cnb.) 
the eyes upon, to, nin c. a . 
to, b3X . 

to give a, n*^ ' H. 
upon, to, nsi . 
fed horses, c"^:T!t:a cpao (Cheth ) 
feeble, bb«x , bi , ■'ttJEn, nr\'3 f. only, 

7\r^S , rp , '"lEI . 
knees, niJIS 0*^313 . 
to be, bbi , nns , brs , see nsi 

to become, b^3 . 
feebly, to act, C]:;s Hi. 
feed, n55ii2 m. 

down, to, nsi '. 

T T 

(largely), to, b-h (only part. jDass.) 

off, to, r^nb (once.) 

to, X13 Hi., r,-M Hi., T|nb Pi., 

nrn K. Hi. (Ch. -(Sit , tara Pa.) 
upon, to, -ir3 Pi. Hi., m . 
upon with relish, to, pp^ . 
with, to, brx Hi. w. two ace, of 
pers., of thing, 
feeder, pb;; m. 

feeding, a, pb^ m., n"S*nT? f. 
feeding-place, nrna m. 
feel, to, -,^3 , OittJa only in Pi., nm , 
o?:3, 03-:'' Hi., uiiiTS n K. Hi., ttiaj^ 
K. Pi. Hil 

out, to, ttSO)'- Pi. Hi. 
feet, (Ch. -.v.ji m. du.) 

at the, ribjl':, 'e ^b;-2 , n-^bsn by. 




feet, place at the, ri^a'i'a plu. 

feign, to, x-ja w. "ixsia., airs Pi. Ni. 

Hithp. c. b ., -133 Ni. Hithp. 
not to know, to, nra Pi. 
fell, to, r-ia , b^3 Hi., bE3 Hi., C];r5 

Pi. ' ' 

felling, a, P^Vr f. 
fellow, see -)3n , yn H m. (Ch. n"ian 

fellow-countryman, nst I m. 
fellow-man, nst I m., rr^rS) f. concr. 
fellowship, seer^TS?. 
female, n^i'X 1, n>^3 f., dnn f. (poet.) 
females (of the flock), see n'nPitt)? plu. 

fen, nsa f. 
fence around, to, r,rs Hi. c. ns>a . 

•1 - T - ; 

ferment, to, irn . 

to be in a. -nan Poalal. 
ferry-boat, n-ia? f. 
fertile, •^^r\ ^ -^o-r . 

fields, see d-'STsaSx , see in d'^SiaO^ . 

hill, "jrita-ia "("ip. . 
fertility, -u^ti m., -j^i^ m. 
fervent cry, j-'sn m. 
fervor, ji^n m. 
festival, jn m., *ir"^ m, 

day, oil m. rarely f., w. gen. of 
pci-s., nsiTS m. 

sacrifice, sn m. 

to keep a, sn nbs , an an , aan . 

^ T rr' T -" -T 

festivals, thanksgiving, d'^bl^n . 

festive offering, ns?'^ m. 

festivity, nrrb f. 

festoons, cb-^^a (only plu.), ni'^'b (only 

plu.), "i'li^ "^.?'? . 
etch, to, njrb . 
fetched, to be, nj^b Pu. pret. and Ho. 

fetter, ^32 m., ni'ns com., 03S> m. 

to, (Ch. PES Pe. Pa.) 
fetters, d-»pT , D"'rni3n3 du., Q'^rbs , 

ninbs . 
fever, np.^n f., r)^"i m, 
burning, •innn m., nm^r f. 
few, a, c^nnx plu., asp , see D-isirS at 



few, (adj.), ar73 (rarely), n-'S:: , 
to be, i:ri: , bl:r . 
to be made, ::5^ . 
to become, asia Pi., ibo . 

- T -«T 

to give, as^a Hi. 
to make, ar^a Hi. 
very, ::2?"C3 . 
fewness, -iStjs m. 

T; • 

fickle, c^riu plu. 

fidelity, 'iJia^t m., nriTOX f., '(tJS abstr., 

n^x f. 
field, "jr-ix com., -j^ m., d"^3 m., s*^Ta 
m,, nniu m., i-iio m. (poet.) 

open, (Ch. -3 H m.) 
field-keeper, "''i'»j -i"cii5 . 
fields, Y^n m.. pbn m., nitt'itti (only 
plu.), see r"i'C";;tt5 . 

fat, cs^caSx . 

fertile, see a-S'SilSx , see in a''|iatt5 . 

open, -13 III m., nnttJ ^m. 

produce of the, nni) m. 
fierce, "^iTsx , see uj Tan H part, pass., 
see in t?"' Ni., nia , see in ania Pu. 
3., Ty , y^-^^ . 

to be, Tin . 

to make, ini Hi. 
fierceness, n^'iTrx f. 
fiery, (of serpents), Ti'Vb . 

darts, nip'^T , D"pT . 
fifth, •ttS-'icn and "^'^an . 

the, n"'c;'^7:n f., ttS^h I m. 

to, aJan Pi. 

to exact the, 03 an Pi. 
fifty, d"'T2;'7an . 
fig, a, nsxn f. 

early, first-ripe, ny\'33, 1, nnsiSa i. 
fig-harvest, |'"i|5 m. 
fig-tree, HJxn f. 
fight, nrinbia f. 

to, dnb K. Ni. 
fighting, (sub.), nianba f. 
figs, y-;p m. 

to cultivate, to gather, oba . 

unripe, o^SD . 
figure, (form), nnta f., n-'stoa f., nxh 
• good, nsh m. 




figure, of a beautiful, "nsh JiB"^ m., riD'J 

ixh f. 
fill, to, xbia K. Pi. vr. ace. with which. 
(Ch. NbJ.) 
out, to, nh/o K. Pi. 
up, to, see itiE3 , x^Ta K. Pi. 
with, to, n\-Q . 
filled, xbia 

•• T • 

to be, »h'o K. Ni. w. ace. with 
which, vzb also 53to . 

to become, rab also rnb . 
fillets, piiE-iuO. 
filling, (adj.), s^^ . 

(sub.), nsti^ f. 
filth, r:^3 1, nn:iD f., ^sisD m., nxis f. 

T • ■ T ' • ' T 

filthiness, n'nr f. 
filthy, i<"i:i . 

thing, yn nan . 

thing, any, -13^ ni'iS . 

to regard as, DHt. Pi. 
fin, "i''E3p . 
final lot, n^'inx f. 
find, to, Ns^a . (Ch. nauS Aph.) 

out, to, ban , Ks?3 , 'nsin c ace. of 
thing, h of pers. 

to try to, NS-a . 
finding-place, Dipa com. 
fine, a, t:b m- (Ch. t:y m.) 

to impose a, tVS . 
fine, (adj.), pn . 

(adv.), p-in. 

cloth, p?j m. 

to be made, ppyi . 

to beat, (Ch. bin .) 
fined, to be, (wines), p^\ Pu. 
fineness, p'-n m, 
finger, S22cx f. (Ch. 52XX f.) 

the little, see n";^T , y^p m. 
fingers (thick, four), nirasx . 
fining-pot, r:-;^^ m. 
finish, to, S32 Pi., Dnn , nbs Pi., see 
nh: Hi., Dbtij Pi., nop £ Hi. (Ch. 
bh^ Shaph., thia Aph.) 

hapi)ily, to, nbs I Hi. 
finished, h^h^ , cbtti . (Ch. n-'oa , K''S''tli , 
C^bd (once).) 

to be, nbs K. Pu., cbttJ or cboS , Dan . 

TT ' ~ r -T'-T 

fir, see -ifih. 

fire, i!is m., ttSx com., piTl'x f. (Cheth.), 
n-iss f., ne-iiu 1 (Ch. tax , -i« f.) 

flame of, ujx "puib . 

to be consumed with, ir3 . 

- T 

to be set on, nr2 . 

to consume with, isa mostly w. 3 ., 

qnto I. 
to set on, ns;j K. (only in fut.) c. 
a , Hi., np^ , anb I Pi., ptoa 
Hi., n!is Hi. (once). (Ch. np"! .) 
to, to set, IS 2 mostly w. a , n'^SPi 
a tt^K. 
fire-brand, iJix m. 

fire-pan, ni'sa m., tt3x -i->3 , nnna f. 
fire-pot, ni'S m. 
fire-shovel, npnr f. 
firm, -pax , see tji^x , ptn , see T5'' Ni., 




ni^p , in^nttJ 

plu. constr. only. 

parts of the belly, -pa ''"j'^ittS . 
to be, -j^x I K. Ni., 7^x, bsin and 
and b^n , pTn, "(SiS Ni., ttb H K. 
(once in fut.) 
to be made, "(Sis Hithpal. 
to become, (Ch. qppi and C|pn .) 
to make, yqn Pi., pin K. Pi. Hi., 

•1 - T ' T T 

to make one's self, viax Hithp. 
to make strong and, ttj . 
firmament, T'^pn m. 
firmly, -(SX , •,=?!, ^an . 
firmness, ■,n''X , rirniox f., P?3X 1, tb 

m., n!|-i''iqp f. (Ch. K3S3 f.) 
first, (adj.), -inx (only w. days of the 
month), "(-iuixn , lair.xn . (Ch, nnn 
fv "^np.) 
(adv.), Di'3 , njiaxn, nsiux'ia, 

as at the, n;vaxir3 , n3iJxn3 . 
at the, nsxiiina , n:iaxib . 

T • T ' T • T 

child, one Ijearing her, nn-saia 1 
part, ttjxn I m., n«5x-i f. 
place, perh. nbij.x f. 
(place), in the, nr'ttJxi . 
shoots, xuin m. 
state, r^aJX"! f. 




first, the, ^133 m,, 'pttixn m., n-'ftSs'n 
timo, the, nsb'x'iSi , n^nn . 

' T • T ' r • : 

(what is), uJX"! I m. 
first-born, (adj.), niisa f. 

(sub.), -n:a m., m-'sa 1, niaa 

tn"! , "i::s m. 
to make, constitute, as, 13^ Pi. 
first-fruits, see "px I, D-^nfisa , n^axn 
f. . • • - 

firstling, (adj.), nnira f. 

(sub.), see •,'ix I, m'sa m., "^ae 

to be treated, devoted, as a, n:a 
firstlings, rT'USx'l 1 
fish, 3s'rj , j'n m., nr.n f. (mostly coll.) 

to, a-r; and a-^ . 
fish-hooks, njin rni'^p . 
fish-net, rrntsia . 
fish-spear, bxba m. 
fisher, fisherman, 51^ m., a^-n ra. 
fishery, na'i'n f 
fishing, a, na"n f. 
fissure, n'ririD f. (once), n'ip3 (constr. 

only), ti'^ro m., "^-jiQ m., rtnuB f., 

rot^ m. 
fissures, D"S'^p;3 . 

fist, qinax f. 

fists, the two, ciJDn du. only. 

fit, (adj.), ^n? . (Ch. r^^x .) 

for, to be, n^s I and nbs w. b . 

to, -,513 Pil. (Ch. r,"ix .) 

to be, ys Ni., rrittj c. h of pers. 

fitted, see aba Pu. part. 

five, mr-cn m., ttSian III f. 

fix, to, -is-^^ w. !: ., r:33 , 2^^ Hi., db^, 

the mind (or) purpose upon, to, ms 

upon, to, -!S"> w. b.y DlttJ and c^ia 
w. br . 
fixed, nui;r . (Ch. ^•''l^ .) 
(something), nirx 1 
to be, -IS"! Ho., -SIS Ni., see b!ip 2. 
at end. 
flaccid, to be, to become, qni . 

flag, nix I com., b:t| m., 05 m., msto 

f . 
flag, sweet, n:}5 m. 

flame, ^six m., n2^ f., ihb m., nanb 
1, T^eb m., Ti^'rt m., a^stti m., 
nrnbtb. (Ch. a-aii) .) 
of fire, ttJx "p'ttjls . 
to, pb:jj anb i. 
flames, to give, to commit, to the, nba) 

ttixa '1 . 
flaming, (Ch. xn'ip'i f. emphat.) 
flank, boa m. 
flap, a, r,:a 1, baia m. 

to, nn: . 
flash of lightning, pta m. (once.) 
flashing, a, ttJx com. 

dark, (adj.), ■'b-'ban . 
dark, (sub.), psib-'ban f. 
flask, baa^ and baa m., r^e m., nnes 1, 

flat-nosed, di*nn, 

flattened gold, -.r''« afiT . 

flatter, to, 'b "'DB nfen , pbn Hi., cjna 

Pi. Ni. Hithp. c. b ., nsa Pi. 
flatteries, nipbn , mpbn , JTipbpbn . 
flattering, rbn . 
to be, pbn . 
flattery, pbn m., np^bn f. 
flavor, dra m. (Ch. era m.) 

to try the, dSis . 
flax, ntUQ f., nnttiB 1 

the stalks of, y^n ■'ntfis . 
flay, to, bia I, wiro Hi. 
flea, a, ttJS'iQ m. 

flee, to, nna , "Bn , nns K. Hithpo., 
-i« , 0!i3 K. Hithpal., ysij , nS3 , see 
p-,» , n:B Hi., ^"ito II. (Ch. ins , 

away, to, Tsn Ni., ini K. Poal., 


hastily, to, ttSsin Hi. 
in trepidation, to, bna Ni. 
to make, nna Hi. 
to, to, non w. a of place., W3 w. 
bs of place, 
fleece, TS m., n»a f., more fully nfa 
-)«sin . 




fleeing, n"^^ . 
fleet, a, "^rs (;oni, 
fleet, (adj.), ytx . 

horse, a, bj5 ra. (poet.) 
the, nnS . 
to be, bhjT. 
flesli, -;tt)3 m., nsT m., cinb or cinb 

m., -xa) m. (Ch. njaa .) 
flesh-hook, abT^a m., ri^]^ f. 
flies, divei-s sorts of, see ziT . 
flight, "itjia m., D-ijia m., no^j-Q 1, ni's 
hasty, "(iiBn m. 
to be put to, T^3 Ho. 
to betake one's self to, G!i3 Hithpal, 
to put to, -ita Pi., nna Hi., Ci"i3 , 
on; Ili., nrs Hi., pa Hi., ?|nn . 
to save by, isi? Hi. 
flint, d^rtn m., "^s m. 
float, to cause to, C)!is Hi. 
floating, a, see nss . 
floats, m-»3^, nin'oB"! (later Heb.) 
flock, rpsn m,, ir^r-nQ f., nnj m., e5 
m, (poet.), "(Sis com. 
a little, "(■'irn m. 
one of a, nil) com. 
flocks, •,5<2 com., X3S also nra com. 
torn (by wild beasts), ntna f. 
flood, see bia-Q , TiS m., n^BD m., 
n^^ttJ f., :;tja5 and c^qtiJ m., see 
gatps of heaven, d^?:TSrt nia"iX . 
to bring in as with a, qai^S . 
floor, a, r!i:r^ m., rpi;? m. 
flour, nrp m. 

fine, rkb f. 
f ourish, to, see qbri K. 1., •)«» Ni., see 
■;!i3 , 7=13 Hi., n-iQ K. Hi., pij, nbs 
I and nbs . 

again, to, Cibn Hi. 
again, to make, qbn Hi. 
flourishing, ^n . 

flow, to, T^n and Tj^^ K. Pi. (only 

poet.), Hithp., aiT , o"^i , p;?a Ni., 

?33 , in3 I (only of nations, trop.), 

hii , i-iDD Pi., q^s c. by . (Ch. n:3 .) 

abundantly, to, qaia . 

flow away, to, -it , i-;t Pu. (once.) 

doAv-n, to, a:i^ K. Hithpal., ocia in 

K. (once.) 
down, to be mads to, see aas Ho. 
down, to let, -t-^^ Hi. 
forth, to let, "isip Hi. 
off, to, ant Pu. (once.) 
off, to cause to, and Hi. 

•> - T •' - T 

out, to, "153 Ni. 

out, to cause to, r,^n and r,^i Hi. 

out, to make, nEO and neiu Pi. 

out in drops, to, nzs Pi. 

softly, to, 22n . 

spontaneous, nin'n m. 

to be made to, r,n3 K. fut. Ni. 
pret. Ho. 

to cause to, 5:1^ PH., rtd Hi. 

to make, p^T , r^r: Hi. 

together, to, -.ns I (only of nations, 

with, to, r,\n and 7,^1 w. arc. 
(poet.), 2 IT w. ace. 
flower, 73 m., nU3 f., '^VL^ m., n^s m., 
y^^ m,, ns''S f. 

to, yr\:i, 
flower-buds, opening, CSIX "•'^''^P • 
flower-month, see ^^ . 
flowing, a, r^n m., aiT m., nionT f. 

(adj ), ba: . 
flush, a, n!|-ixB m, 
flutes, prob. nibTiS . 
flux, ail m. 
fly, a, aiat m. 
fly about, to, qJir Pil. 

away, to, Tn3 K. Poal., C]!!3 K. 

away, to make, qw Hi. 

swiftly, to, &jia . 

to, nx^ , Tyiin and -5^ Pi, (only 
poet.), c''.3 , 713 , n:i: , K 

upon, to, a^y constr. 2 , bj< . 
flying, riB-:?^ . 

the, rin^B. 
foam, cri m., see qatp . 

to, n^n . 
foaming, a, n-oh m. 




fodder, sfiepia m. 

to, 03X (only part, pass.), bba . 
foe, on'b. 

foetus, nyai and n:;ij m. 
fold, n^s2 f., n-jn: f., n^D^ II f. 
around, to, qjr: Hi. 
in one's arms, to, pzn . 
in the amis, to, yzp^ Pi. 
(the hands), to, pan . 
to, cb: (once), bE3 . 
together, to, prob. Tips. 
up, to, n::r . 
folding (of the hands), pan m. 
folding-doors, D'^rbn du, 
folds, D-irnsr^ du., n"n5<tJ m. du. 

double, D'^bss du. 
foliage, pn;; m., nb» m., iss m., 
ni^xa only plu., n'2^:i f-? T^^j^ un- 
coil. (Ch. "ES .) 
branch with thick, nir com. 
fresh, r]-)i3 ui. 
follies, miaibn m. plu. 
follow, to, ainTi J """^r^ Tir^ O?^ "^• 
'»'nnx ., see bs'] 3., qnn Pi. (poet.), 
■Tin w. -^nnx . 

after, to, qn-i K. (poet, in Pi.) 
close, to, pan Hi. w. ace. and 

•^nnx . 
eagerly, to, wi^i . 

on continually, to, ty^ (only par- 
the party of, to, 's n*i'2<i)?a i^u3 . 
trembling, to, Tin w. "'nnx . 
follower, n!i»b . 
followers, tt3"'X m. coll. (w. gen. of king, 

leader, etc.), ns m. 
following, "pinx . 

folly, nbiix 1, r\h\in t, nsisbin f., see 
r!i7:bn , piib-^Da f , boa m., nbca f., 
n-a: f., hzp m., n^ibDO f. (only in 
Eccle.), iro m., psi^rs f., n^bzto t, 
nVnn f. (once), nzenn plu., n^En f. 
food, b^k m., nbrx f., see 52 , m2 
f., r!^"i3 1, q'l-j 111., csnb or csinb 
ill., cnb com., brx"3 m., nbbx?3 f., 
",iT^ m., nb's'S f. (once), 'T':j m., 
tri-r:i t, -ixa) m. (Ch. Dnb , "jiTis .) 

food, delicate, sana m. 

' T I- 

insipid, see nsi^obn . 
savory, m'Tiian dnb . 
tasteless, nsi^^n . 

to provide one's self with, nJia Hithp. 
to set on, cnb D-^ia . 
to take, cnb brx . 
fool, b-i^x m., b^pa m. 
foolish, b-'-iX , •»b'<nx , aias , baa , bro , 
nnb, ■'na m, concr., n>i'nB f. concr., 

(any thing), see n^i^bn . 

man, b'^'ix m. 

to be, bbn Hithpo., see nria Ni., 

bas. "' 
to become, bx"; I Ni. 
to make, bbn Poel, b:o Pi. 
to show to be, bbn Poel. 
foolishly, to act, bx"^ I Ni., baa , bao 

Ni. Hi. 
fools, b=p m. concr. 
foot, crQ f., b^"i f., •'ba'n m. (only 
military sense), qa (of quadrupeds). 
(Ch. b:-) and b:*! m.) 
on, bsna . 
foot-path, n'^ra m. (poet.) 
foot-soldier, ■<br,'i m. 
footman, ■'bs'] m. (only military sense.) 
footstep, DSa f., b:"j f. 
footsteps, d"'aps and mai?? m. plu. 
footstool, dHn everywhere w. C^bs*! 

(only trop.), aJaa m. 
for, (conj.), i!^X ,1,1 and ^ (before 
causal clauses), "^al, cx "^a, .1^. 
(prep.), see bx III, A, 7., a , n?a 
and -i^a , "'■12 , r)bn , b , -73 , 
isib , rrbb (after a verb of inter- 
ceding), i!i3S»3 , bs , nnn . (Ch 

—and, ■>a— "a , "^a?— "^a . 

certainly, "^a I. 

ever, ccn-ba , n:£3 "5 , n'J:b 

cbisnr, apr , nn^'csb, rn^Tssib. 
(Ch. dib-sb , r^Vxb .) 
ever and ever, dTi'^a n:£3b , cbirb 




for if, dX •'S . 
indeed, "^3 I. 
surely, ''S I. 
the sake of, 3 , 13^ b? , '''ns'n ^5 , 

this cause, -.!i3r3 , ',3 hs . (Ch. -^3 

whether? ox "3 . 

which cause, (Ch. •^r\ hzp'^'S .) 
forasmuch as, (Ch. ""i bnp-bs.) 
forbear, to, bnn and bnn , rjbn . 
forbearing, bnn . 
forbid, to, (Ch.' b'ja Pa.) 
force, npm f., see d;js . 

(a woman), to, ttirs . 

armed, nptn m . 

by, njjTHs , 

military, si-t f., rarely m. 

one's self, to, psx Hithp. 

to take by, hn I. ,"% 

forceps, ni'^tST^a only plu. v^ 

forces, b";n m. (Ch. h^n m.) 
ford, 13? iQ , n^3r^ f. 

to, nbs I and rh^. 
fore-arm, nsx , yJiVi m. 
fore-leg, r"hf 1, rarely m., pic f. 
foreboding demon, 3ix . 
forefather, 3X m. 


forehead, nitia m. 

ujion the, d"?"'? 73 . 
forehead-bald, nsa . 
foreign, -^nsD , pinn . 

nations, D"^ia . 

tongue, speaking in a barbarous or, 

tongue, to speak in a barbarous or, 

arb Ni, T-b . 
foreigner, -la , IT , -.T?3T3 m., is:"")? , 

•'"133 tt3'X. 

foreignness, "35 m. 
forelock, rs'^af f. 
forelocks, n'^at'p . 
foremost, -ptiixn m., niaSMn f. 

(what is), ttix-^ I m. 
forepart, o-3B plu. 

on the, ^1:313 w. "'pp . 
foreskin, nbir f. 

foreskin, to, h'ys . 

to remove as, b"i5 . 
forest, tt3in, ly;^ m. 
forests, Dinis-i (Cheth.) 
foretell, to, nsa Hi. 
forfeit, to, xan . 

to cause to, 3in Pi. 
forge, (devise), to, bsia . 
forge, (liammer), to, nr3 K. Pi., 

forget, to, nttja I, nstti and nsili. 

to cause to, niBj I Pi. Hi 
forgetful, nsiB. 
forgetfulness, n'ttSs f. 
forgetting, nsiB . 

forgive, to, no3 Pi-, 1E3 Pi., np3 Pi., 
Stt33 w. dat. of pers., nbo, 13s K. c. 
dat.. Hi., sts'i . 
forgiven, to be, ncs Nithp. 
forgiveness, nn^bp f. 
forgiving, n^p . 
forgotten, to be, 135 , nsia Ni. Hithp. 

to cause to be, n3t^ Pi. 
fork, ihi^ m., njbt^ f. 
(of two ways), p-ia m. 
three-pronged, 7«Jbp tlJbttS . 
winnowing, nntia m., nnn f. 
forlorn, •^n'^ij) ^ -isns . 
form, n'Tta f., h^TO'i f., -,: m., nx-na 
m., n:is m. (Keii), ny\:i 1, n-^s H 
m. (Cheth.), 32p m., *^j<n m., n"»33n 
f., nsfl^n f . (Ch. -,T , in .) 

by breaking through (or) into, to, 

comely, nxh m. 

for one's self, to, ';n3 Pil. 

in mind, to, njt'^ w. bs . 

of a beautiful, nxh me 7 m., nB"^ 

nxh f. 
to, n33 w. b ., X"i3 K. Pi., b^n 

' T T t ' » r 

Pil., tiJnn, "^s^^, -,13 Pil., 3S5 
Pi., nrs I, bsD (poet.), -:;:i I 
(only in fut.) 

formation, "ijt;; m. 

formed, thing, -1^;; m. 
to be, -!:£*j Ni. Ho. 

former, •'r^ip , "iittJx'n . 




former condition, n"'tt5x'i f. 
state, riTsnp 1 
things, ni':bn|5 , niattSx"^. 
time, naxiyia , n^cix^ f. (Ch. 

times, c-|? m. 

times, in, (Ch. x:':j"n73'7|3Ta .) 
formerly, 'nss (later Heb., only in 
Eccle.), ns'ifx-ib , Da bioPit na . 
D-iiSbiiJ . 
as, oidbti: V;«r)3. 
formidable, c'lX . 

fornication, W^zr.1 plu., n^:T f. (only 
trop.), rnsTn f. 

to commit, n:t K. Hi. 
to seduce to, njT Hi. 
forsake, to, n^a Hi., see a3::3 d., ip , 

p!Bi I Hi. \v. "("Q ., see rr^'a . 
forsaken, "i^bx , ^l^t, •\'>n^ . 
one, n::Tr f. 


to be, see ttj::: Pu., sjr Ni. Pu., 
n^ai Pu. 
forth, yun . 

abroad, "jriin , nsin , "jriinn. 
without, b y!in"Q-2X . 
fortification, bTi m., *i:i^ia m., nisTa 

I m., fT;!i:50 f. 
fortified, n.i:£2 . 


city, ->:j3^ m., "^"isTO "I'^s , n']!!::^ 

f. '' 
place, tiria m. 
fortify, n:£2 Pi., p^r Pi. 
fortitude, ib m., 32b m. 
fortress, "iTC^X m., nn-s f. (later Heb.), 
•jinss m., -p'^nrj , n-1^:: 1, n^jsia 
m., h'ni'q m., xi^^ m., Ti'yTD m., 
-tis^ m., nn'>£i3 f., m!i:{T3 f., m'sTS 
I m., nnnii?2 f., -no m., n-'p m. 
(Ch. n-j-^3 f.) 
fortresses, ni'ai'S . 
fortunately, n-;a (Cheth.) 
fortune, nj m., rripTa m. 
good, ri-ia, 3^:3 m. 
the god, 15 w. the art. 
forty, e'^?a-]X . 
forum, rni f. 
forward, nx^n nbria . 

forwards, i-^jd "^a5-bx , B'^at^ , <ms'''T;5. 

straight, nabb , t«3d "i=5-i»x , by 
'b n2S , -i-issb . 
fosse, ^X'' m. (Egyptian word.) 
foster-child, see "(iTax I. 
foster-daughter, na I f. 
foster-father, ',tox m. 
foster-son, -ja m. 
foul, -i^ili. 

to be, inp . 
found, to, -(Tsx I, -jr^x Pi., lO'i K. Pi., 
n^-^ , "jtiS Pil. Hi., nsp , rsn Hi., B«i4) 

TT ' 1 t't ' - T ' 

and n'^to , n""!!) . 
found (metals), to, r^oj I. 
found, to be, X">p H Ni. (Cb. nstfl 


among, to be, xs^a Ni. w. "jTa , 
foundation, i*ix m., mbx , ncin , *ib^ 

m., niD"! m., nnsio^ f., iDia m., 

nnoi^a f. (Keri), ■,'i3Ta m., nsa m., 

n^:s^ ra., r^r'ip m. 
foundations, n"'lIJ''ltJX plu. only, m'noia 

m., only in plu., see riQi in end. (Ch. 

founded, l&sna . 

to be, noi Ni. Pu. Ho., -jsis Ni. 
founder, ax m. 
fountain, ba m., n^a f., rsia^a m,, see 

xai^ , "i^s^ m., ^ip^ m., ^*5 f., see 

nixsin . 
fountains, a place of, "f^'S-q m. 
four, n2>2'^x m., sanx f. (Ch. nsaiS , 

TT- -!- V T:t-» 

four-fold, d'nSJS'iX. 
four-square, ssisn , 53"!^ . 
fourteen, fourteenth, nbS nrS'nx . 
fourth, "^S^an. (Ch. "^s^SST) 

a, iT^^^an f., saH m. 

generation, descendants of the, 
Q'^sa'n only plu. 

part, a, n-'S-'a'n f., 53*1 H m., »a*- 
fowl, qis m., coll., ^ics com. coll, (Clu 

fowler, ttjip^ m., also *J!ip'i , tdpji"^ . 
fowls, di-ia-ia . 
fox, )>SW m. 




fox-colored, p-iiu . 

fracture, a, nrria f., "isi^ and naui m., 

'j'i-'saJ m. 
fragile, (Ch. n-^;n .) 
fragment, yn m. 
fragments, n^2Stt3 . 
fragrance, ct;2 and c(U2 m. 
fragrant, -iij . 

incense, d^sd n"ni:j5 . 
fraU, Hn. (Ch. i-«2n .) 

to be, iij^n . 
frame, -is"^ m,, aTO m., n-po m. 

to, nrjc Hi. w. nr*.^ ., n'lp Pi. 

' - r T : • ' t't 

frame-work, n^i^ia m., see •|3.1J'C . 

frankincense, n:hb f. 

fraud, ST3 m., ma-^^ f ., rrp? or better 

r\zpy f., n'Ts-i f., yd-i m., nyai-i 1, 

T • ! T T • : - V ' T ! • 

^ptti m., m=Brn plu., riTznn f., 

and violence, any tiling got by, 
pr? m. 

wealth got by, nr"^?3 f. 
fraudulent, z'ps . 
fraudulently, to deal, hzi K. Pi. w. h 

of pers., Hithp. c. 2 . 
free, •^ttJEh , ''-3 c, -(P ., n-»aB (Cheth.) 

a letting go, -ifl-'n m. 

from blame, "pa . 

from guilt, to, -e3 Pi. 

(from labor), to be, blS2 . (Ch. 
Vj3 .) 

from punishment, to be, np3 Ni. 

the, d"'")i::q (Keri.) 

to be, npa Ni. 

to be set, ffiEn Pu. 

to go out, ■»ajsn x:s'i, '^^trh x:r'' . 

'=' !T TT' •:T- TT 

to let go, ■'UJsn n^iij , "^ttTEnb nbtti , 
=Tr, n^D w. -,13., -.aB, nnta 
I Pi. (Ken.) 

to set, nbn Pi., bbn Hi., ins Hi., 

T T ' - T ' - T ' 

niD w. 173 ., nb'iJ and ibuJ , 

TT F.J TT -t' 

nbiiJ Pi. 
free-bom, w^-in only plu. 
free-will offering, ns'ia f. (Ch. r!»zti:nn .) 
freed, to be, ttSfin Pu. 
freedom, -inT , naJsn f. 

: ' T ; ^ 

frenzied, one, rrc-c . 


frequent, to, ttS-iti . 
fresh, -jUJ-n, L'nn, 

freshness, nh m. 
fret one's self, to, n^,n Hithp., C)sp 

fretted ceiling, a'^nn (Keri.), a'^nn 

fried things, QTinn . 
friend, zrix, snsia , nx I m., q:ibx 
m., li'n m., nin-i m., rn^ m., Prni^ 
f., ^3?a m., j"n73 m. (always c. suff.), 
",30, yn H m., n:;"! m., Dsai^? . 
female, n!=b 1, nssi 1, n^rn f. 
my, laiboj UJ^x , -"^bb* . 
of, to become the, cbu) Ho. c. b. 
of, to make a, dbaj Hi. 
to treat as a, nr-i Pi. 
friendly, cibttj, cboj . 
fiiends, perh. n"'tt)3X (once), see ninp b. 

my familiar, •>iio Tp . 
friendship, DibiU m. 

living in peace and, Dbtt) . 
to live in, db'^ ^^• 
to make, nrn Hithp. c. nx with, 
(with), to be in, dbiij or dbaJ . 
frighten, to, nba Pi. (Chetli.), yns . 
fringe, C"'b"'"|3. only plu., P^"'S f. 
frog, y'niEiS m. . 
frogs, rij'iES m. coll. 


•^•ch , ns^ , br^_ , nria , 

Tjinia . (Ch. -,13 , dnp ",0 .) 
above, b?ia^, nbr^b^ . 
ancient time, TX^ , TX ",73 , D"i!>t3 . 
between, (where two things are 
mentioned), 'ps^ (rei^eated), 

beyond, "^arts , b "zstj . 

day to day, di"'a di-ib , -'^x di'^ 

— even to, ir — r'n , nsi — ■,t3 , 

ns — -j^b, nr^ -isb . 
morning till night, nb"^b ir di^a . 
on high, by73 . 

one's house, mind, jjower, cy^o . 
out of, (Ch. •^•Q .) 
that tiling, D'£0 . 




from the time that, nrq , 7X '{O . 

time to time, rv (b?) bx nr^ . 
—to, -IS— "iia, 1?^—)^, ^x— )^, 
^ — 1^, ",— (^» "»? — 1^^, 

-TS1 -irb . 

- 1 ' • t 

what? HTia •'X . 
when, TX12 , tx ".^a . 
front, the, nr3 c suif., d"':B plu., D'^'ip 
m., TTX-i I m., nilJx-i f. 
from the, '^:c:a . 
in, (adj.), nbs . 

in, "rsb, ^Jiaia w. "33., oijq ,• 
D-^rs^ , MDb'x-i . 

■ r • ' r 

of, from the, bnais , ''SD rxr . 
of, in, bsi^ , -,:,: , nrbb ,. nsj , d-'SS , 
■':D-nx , ^:z2 , "^ssb , ■':B-bs . 

... ..7 .... 7 » . . 7 „ . 

of, to the, '^rs'bs . 

of, unto the, nrb n? . 
frontlets, nn^^o f. 
frost, br: r . 
frowardness, T^th f. 
fruit, b-n m. (poet), m., 2''3 
m., ■'"s m., -jrii:; m. (Ch. rx m.) 

to bear early, -ir3 Pi. 
fruit-basket, see bw"i:x . 
fruit-harvest, yi"^ m. 
fruit-tree, ins yv , rrnb f. 
fruit-trees, ins yv coll. 
fruitful, to be, :;-it Hi., ms . 

to make, nbi Hi., nis Hi. 

- T T r 

fruitless, (something), ban . 
fruits, b:x m., n's m , nrs? m. 
to gatlier the late, tti;rb Pi. 
frustrate, to, uiia Hi., b:c Pi., iJis Hi., 

'TIS I Hi. 
frying-pan, nan;a f., nnb^ . 
fuel, nbax 1, npiTS m., mpi?3 f. 

T : T ' •• t" : 

fugitive, n-^a , nia^ m. concr., -i-iia , 
D-"? (Cheth.) 
to be a, n!i3 . 
fugitives, nns m. coll., nrrns f. coll. 
fulfil, to, xia Hi., see r:s2 Pi., xb^ 
Pi., Dip Pi. Hi. 

fulfilled, to be, xi2 , nbs , xb^a . (Ch. 

-full, — indicated by xb^a w. gen. of 

space or measure, 
full, xbia , sa";r . 
in, (adj.), oibr. 
measure, in, Qiara . 
number, in, xbia . 
streams, nxb^ f. concr. 
to be, xb« K. Ni. w. ace. with 

to make, xbr K. Pi. 
to the, 3?ait)b , n5?2bb. 
weight, n^abiii "jax . 
fuller, a, 0313, b:S m. 
fully, xbi2 joined w. another verb, 

xb?3 (adv.) 
fulness, xb^ m., xbia m., nxbia f., 
szb m., nsjab f., nsaib f., oh 
furbish, to, see p'j:o . 
furious, one, yi^-o . 

T \ : 

furnace, ',11323 m., -isis m., nsistn . (Ch. 
'linx com.) 

(portable), nx HI f . 
furnish, to, psis H Hi. 
fumislied with banners, to be, bs";! NL 

with provisions, to be, b^iS Polp. 
furniture, ',tx m., mbs f. 

costly, nifirn H f. 
furrow, a, nna m., rt^vq t, tT^SSiQ 
(Ken), dbn m. 

to, pibs , nrs Pi. 

- T ' - T 

further, nybn , "ipi^ , ni:>. 

off than, b nx'-.Ta . 

to, psis n Hi. 

to go, ^25 . 
fused, something, psiia m. 
fusion, np^!i^ 1, nrs^ I f. 
future (time), db'S m. 

the, -i-inx m., n'^'irx f. (Ch. 
n">-inx f.) 





Gabriel, bx-'^sa . 

Gad, na. 

gad-fly, sns m. 

gain, ys3 m., »^r m., ^rii , •ji'nri-i 
m., "ipS^a m., "S^a I m. (only in 
Ez.), lisTa m., -ino m., bbttj m., 


his cause, to make one, p'ls Hi, 

one's cause, to, p^s , rttji Hi. 

the victory, to, siui Ni. 

to, H'S-o, br.3,n:p^.(Ch. i^t .) 

to be greedy after, ysa ?:sa . 

to get unlawful, SJ^2 SS2 . 

to try to, ujp3 Pi. 

unjust, s^2 m., pirs m. 

unrighteous, -is m. 
gains, D-^rizTS only plu. 
galbanum, n:2^n f. 
Galilee, D"^i.-n b^ba , b^b;n , nb^Vsn , 

gall, n-j'iTS f., nnn^ f. 
gallery, p^nx m. 
game, (food), i-^^ m. 
gang, nns I f. 
Ganges, see'iir-^B. 
gannet, the, prob. r^boS m. 
gap, a, p-i3 m. 

gape, to, M;:b Hi., ^re constr. only w. 
no , once nE3 . 

upon, to, nsB c. 'b5 . 
garden, -(S com., ns: f., nsa f. (chiefly 

later Heb.), bi2-i3 m, 
garden-fruits, see b^S"? 2. 
garden-liouse, '^tn n"^2 . 
garland, n-ib f. 
garlic, Q-^TSSiuJ only plu. (once.) 
garment, -152 m., n^o3 f., ^^zh m., 
Tia m., n-ra f., inp m., uiflabia m., 
nijSTa m., nsio m. (once), nrbir f., 
nbWb f., nx2bn f. (Oh. ti^zh.) 
an embroidered festive, see b^lTB 
of silk, see ^oSia . 
outer, nb^ir f. 
splendid, ttJsib m. 

garment, upper, b''3>a m. 
garments, ^bs m. 
costly, ri:£bn^ . 
dyed, yns m. concr. 
embroidered, niap'n 1*133 . 
festive, nisbn^ . 
linen, c'na I. 
splendid, o'^bbaia. 
to go about in dirty, nnp . 
worn out, c^nbia only plu. 
gamer, isix m. 
garners, ti'')Vq , ni'nSBTa . 
garnet, perh. on jt . 
garnish, to, see in ST^Ett) . 
garrison, z'H'q m., see z^i2 , Z'^^i m. 
gash, a, a'lOJ m., rfq-p 1 
(one's self), to, a'nb . 
gate, mnb-n • i>lu., s-si^a m., nrs m. 
(poet), lyai com. (Ch. y-^p m.) 
For gates of Jerusalem, see in nytd . 
gate-keeper, -^y-iitJ m. 
gates, d'^nb'n f. du. 

gather, to, ijx , ^iOX K. Pi., rj*nx I, 
yzp^ K. Pi., ttiui;? K. Po., uJan. 
figs, to, ob? . 
(grapes), to, -\^3 . 
more than enough, to, Cjny Hi. 
one's self up, to, VZp^ Ni. 
the late fruits, to, UJpb . 
themselves together, to, ros IlithiJ., 
nsia I K. Hithp., -jpb Hithp.. 
yzp^ Ni. Hithp., r\*p Ni. 
to one's self, to, wjOX . 
together, to, ?,ox , see i!ia I 8., 
D:3 K. Pi., y-ir^ K. Pi. (Ch. 

tt)33 .) 

up, to, rox , apb K. Pi., iry Pi. 
gathered, na2p^ f. 
riches, riTias . 
to be, xi3, ::pb Pu. 
together, to be, r,3X Ni. Pu., "i!ia 
I (Ch. ttJss Ithpe.) 
gathering, a, iT^CJn f., ns??3 f. (once), 
Yi\2p m., ns3;5 f. 




gathering together, a, nsOX f., fi,^FJ^ 

m., also xiJ5Ta . 
gathering-jjlace, n^J^TS f. 
Gaza, njr . 
gaze, to, ntn (mostly poet.) 

at, to, nx*] usually w. 3 . 

upon, to, nm c. a . 
gazelle, see -xT . 
gazing-stock, •'jtn m. 
geese, see o"'*3"ia . 
gem, -(ax com., r^sb m. ■ 

(a species of), ntipx m. (once;, 
nj3"na 1, cttJ3 m., r.-^iaa f. 

(a species of) hard, tibtr^ m. 
gems, red, see o-^rsB . 
gender, to let, ra*! I Hi. 
genealogical table, register, ian*ri "iBO , 

genealogical tables, to enroll one's name 

in the, ian^nn Hithp. 
genealogy, book of, nSbin IBD . 
generation, (age), b"": , ni'n m. (Ch. 

generations, n^ibin. 

according to their, cnHVinb . 

many, -lin^ n'i'n. 

to come, ni-ftj m. plu. 
generous, ^"''73 . 

things, nia'^^a . 
genista, Dnn m. 

genitalia muliebra, nap f . (once.) 
genitive case, see -lUix A, 3. 

sign of the, b . (Ch. ""^ , b .) 
genius, n^-' f. 
Gentiles, D"ia. 
gentle, r)!ibi< , T^i . 

to be, ~si . 
gently, lix , axb , axb . 
genus, nn3aJ"2 f., ttJna m, 
gerah, (a weight), rrja f. 
get, to, x-ia Hi., npb, xs^a , bns , 
x(U3 , :b3 Hi., ntos I, p^S H Hi., 
n:;5 , tij3n . (Ch. -,37 , n=aj Aph.) 

before, to, c^p Pi. 

for one's self, to, xs^ , fiiU5 I. 

out of, to, "11:3 . 

out (stones), to, 5,'G3 Hi. 

get one's self up (or) away from, to, 

nb^» Ni. w. ",13 . 

together, to, vap Pi. 
getting, a, '^'^p m. 
ghost, n^b"'b f. 
giants, d^b^E3 only in plu. 
gibbous, -(aa . 

giddiness, yattS m. (once c. art.) 
giddy, to be, asn . 
Gideon, )is'^i . 

gift, i3'rx m., n:rx f., -(Srix and 
■,:nx m., n2"j2 f., nat m., nnsia f., 
x**ai3 m., nxiUTa f., ■■n'a m., nsnia 
f., nn-g f., nx'^a: f., nniu m., "^ai m., 
c^ii) m., nninijFi f. (Ch. X3n^ f., 
natas f.) ' * 
voluntary, na^s f. 
gifts, r:3-;2 , Q"'anan , d-^rt^t^ . 

to distribute, n3n I K. (once) Hi. 

to make, to offer, x w3 Pi. c. h . 
gin, a, ban m. 
gird, to, -^tx K. Pi., ^?n , p\r\ Pi., 

on, to, nsx . 

one's self, to, -iTX K. Hithp., lin . 
tight, to, pTn . 
up, to, nsn , d:^ Pi. 
girded, ^txa , "i-^TnT (once), ^isn , 
ba*o^ . 

T : \ ; 

to be, "n^x . 
girding on, a, n'nsx f. 
girdle, Z33ax m., -inx m., -lijn m., 
n'^i'in f., aa^n m., mia m., n-'t^ 
m., n^ihnTS f. 

to bind, a, p'(n Pi. 
girdles, D"«"i^'p . 
girl, n^b^ f., see -i?3 I 2., n",?? f., 

n7:b? f. 
give, to, "laT (once), an"j (del and 
rare), ",113, see p:5 Hi., csi) and 
n^to , *»n'I3 , n^tfi w. ace. and b of 
pers., nso) w. ace. of thing and b of 
of pers., nsn I K- (once). Hi. (once). 
(Ch. an*^ , ",^13 only in fut.) 
back," to, perh. )ri . (Ch. cbtti 




give graciously, to, ^zn vv. two ace. of 
pers. and thing, 
in charity, to, 'in . 
in marriage, to, 'irin . 
into one's power, to, 'b ""ith ",^3 . 
more, to, r,p^ K. Hi. (l>oth defect.) 
out, to, yz: Hi., psis H Hi. 
over, to, "^^3 Hi., ins w. ace. of 

pers., njo Hi, c b . (Ch. in*! .) 
over into the power of, to, nbilJ 

Pi. w. ace. of pers. and 1^2 . 
over to, to, n:i3 Hi. 
place to, to, see ui;3 3., qiii dsiib 



up, to, bnn and b'^n , ins , ^ao 

Hi. ' 

up in the presence of, to, trE^ 'jPS 

way, to, ttjina I K. Hi. 
given over, to be, (Ch. an'i Ithpe.) m 
to be, ',r: Ni. Ho. (only fut.j. (Ch. 
nn';' Ithpe., diid Ithpe.) 
giving willingly, ^-^nz . 
glad, 3ia, n«:aj c. "iTa because of, in. 
to be, i\i Hi., mn , it) nit) and 
©■'b w. bs at which, nrir also 

- T 

nrtt) c. a in, at which. (Ch. 

sxa c. by .) 
to become, aba Hi 
to make, n'lr Pi. 

T T 

tidings, nn-iira f. 

tidings, to bring, »^'r3 Pi. 
gladden, to, -iix Hi., ntQ'r Pi. Hi. 
gladness, b^a m., nb^a f., nnn f,, 
nniri) f., ',iii:it) m. 

of heart, ^b i^'^ . 
glance, a, 'i-ir f. 

forth, to, |»!is Hi. 
glass, n"'3i:T f. (once.) 
glean, to, apb K. Pi., see tf>h Pi., 

bbs I Po. ' 
gleaning, a, I3;?b m. 
gleanings, ribbij? . 
glide, to, ^\n . 

along, to, nbrt . 
glitter, to, y:^: ("only participle plu.) 
glittering, (para civile), ansis . 

glittering blade, urih m. 

brightness, rsib m. 

sword, p'la m. (poet.) 
gloat upon, to, nxn usually w. a . 
globe, nba f., t:a« m. 

the habitable, bsn f. (poet.) 
globule, tris m. 
globules, perh. t'C'is m. coll. 
gloom, bcx m. (poet), bB"j^ m. 
gloomy, to be, r^rt . 
glorified, to be, n^s . 
glorify, to, 1=3 Pi. 

himself, to, 15? d I Hithp. 
glorious, n^nx , -iix3 , 1333 , see 

deeds, m'xi''3 . 

things, nirrs . 

to be, 11X Ni., nxj (poet.) 

to show one's self, tlinp Ni. 

to show one's self great and, nas 


glory, r-^x f., n*X5 f., 1123 m., 

n^3 I m., -13 m., T3? m., -"ns m., 

nb-n f., niNcn elsewhere nnxsn 1 

in, to, nzuj Hithp. c. 3 . 

object of one's, .-ibnn f. 

to, bbn K. Pi. Hithp., 1:3 Hithp., 
1XE I Hithp. c. br against, c!|^ . 
glorying, a, nixEn elsewhere r"ixEn f. 
glow, riErbt and nssbj , -ui-.d m. 

*^ tt:- tt;-' t 

(of anger), "^npi m. 

to, n"in (only of anger), T^n . 
glued, to be, p3i and pitj coustr. 3 , 
bx,b. (Ch.'p=n.) 

together, to be, pzi Pu. 
glutted, to be, rzb also yzp . 
gnash, to, pnn . 
gnat, ',3 III m. (once sing.) 
gnats, CS3 . 

(a species of small), csS . 
gnaw, to, D"^a Pi., pi? . 

the bones, to, n:s3 Pi. 
go ! n:b . 

about, to, r^bn and r^b'i Pi. (poet.), 
Hithp., p-cn Hithp., 220 K. Po., 
ino , b:i Pi., inti; II. 

about after, to, n?,n w. "^nns. 




go about in, to, -::o Po. c. a , Hi. c. 
abroad, to, -i!in. 
aside, to, tib . 
astray, to, n:tt3 , n^tlS and ibtiS Ni., 

nrn. (CliVn^aj'.) 
away, to, bTX , b-ia Ni. \v. ^la ., 

Ti^rj and r,b^ , P^n , na3 , i::r 

w. -(p, rx^ ., z^iii^ -!ib HI (once). 

(Ch. 1T5< , iiTX .) 
before, to, -133? w. ■':Bb ., rng , 

cnp^ Pi. 
by steps, to, irs . 
down, to, xia, "I"!'', rna K. Ni. 

(only poet.), see n::i . (Ch. hhs .) 
down, to make, nn^ Hi. 
far away, to, pn"] K. c. ,-,"0 bs^ , 

first, to, n:::? w. "^psb . 
forth, to, T^bn and r^b^ , XS'J . 

(Ch. pes.) 
forth free, to, XS'" . 
forth, to cause to, sea Hi., "iZV 

forth to war, to, xa^ , nas . 
from, to, (Ch. ni? c. -(-a.) 
further, to, 1^5? . 
hither and thither, to, i:rr I K. 

Pil. Hithpal. 
in, to, xi3,^as w. a. (Ch. bb^ .) 
in company witli, to, rx , CSJ Tjbn . 
in peace, Dib^b rjb . 
in unto a woman, to, niSX"bx x^'a. 
into, to, a r|bn . 
off, to, -i!iT n K. w. ",73 from, Ni., 

^!)D c. -,73 , bs^_ , D5^ , ■''nnx^ . 
off from, to, 5!iD I c. )'o , iW I. 
on, to, ntrx or ^cx K. Pi., bn3 

on well, to, nb5£ I and nbs . 
on well, to cause one to, (Ch. nbat 

Aph. after Heb. form.) 
out, to, -r-n , xs"; , naa , pis H. 

(Ch. psj'.) 
out and in, to, xiat nxs . 
over, to, -^0 K. Po. c. a ., nbs I 

and nb:j , see zsvid I. 

go round, to, aao Po., ^vj U. 
round about, to, aao . 
round, to let, rpa . 
softly, slowly, to, nn"? Hithp. 
straight forward, to, nirx and 
-IttJx . 

•• T 

straight, to cause to, -ni5x Pi. 
swiftly, to, rpn and r,b"i K. (in Pi. 

through, to, r,bn and i^b*' w. ace, 

'la:? , nbs I and nbj: . 
to ! n:b , r,b , fl=b , nan . 
to, rrix I (once as finite verb), nrx 
(poet), bna Ni., x'ia (rarely), 
r,bn and r^b-i K. (in Pi. only 
poet), Hithp , na3 , 5t-B , n-j"! . 
(Ch. btx , r,!in , Tibn Pa! Aph.) 
to and fro, to, -jsiaj I K. Pil. Hith- 
it to be let, nVi5 Pu. 
to cause to, "12 5 Hi, 
to command to, n':i Pi. 
to let, tiJii^ I Hi,, -p , rriD , fiS'i 

I Hi., nb'jj K. Pi. ' 
to see, to, npa , nxn . 
to, to, iiinri c. bx ., ^ar c. bx ., 

ipg . (Ch. nn? c. a .) 
up, to, pD3 (once), nbs K. Ni., 
niss . (Ch. p03 , pbo f)r pbo .)^ 
up, to be made to, nb? Ni. Ho. 
up, to make, nbs Hi. 
upon, to, br -n-n . (Ch. nn5 c. a .) 
with, to, nri) n w. a (once.) 
go-between, a, o'^san OS-'X . 
goad, a, -(a*^^^ m. 
goads, ni:i2'i'n only in plu. 
goat, TS f., d'-ts nb , niB com. 
wild (or) mountain, bs-J m. 
goat's hair, cw f. plu. 
goats, shesp and, ',xs com. 
goblet, ^''aa m., ^ies m., rsap f. 
God, bx I m., nibx m., o^ribx , 
DTi'bxn . 

•t T 

Note. — For usage of the names of 
God, see in bx I, 3. 

forbid, rjVbn with nin-'Ta add- 




god, ^x I m., nibx m. (Ch. jrtbx m.) 

goddess, d"^nbx . 

godless, one, r,:ri . 

godlike shape, D'^nsx . 

godly, T'pn , c'^rf'bx K'n^ , nin^ xn^ , 

gods, d-'bx , d'^n'^x . (Ch. )'^r\h'i< .) 
household, D''B"in . 

goes forth, that which, KSfio m. 

going, a, -i!irx or nsirx m., r^"^.^ com., 
rpbn or r^'^'bri in., ms^ f. 

down (of the sun), (Ch. br^ m.) 
down of the sun, tcaisn ns^s 

V V - : 

far away, (adj.), pnn . 

forth, a, x^*« m., nixsin plu. 

forth, place of, xsi^a m., nixsin plu. 

out, a, xs'fia m. 

softly, a, ax m. 

up, a, n^r'Q f. 
goings, nis-^Vn only in plu. 
gold, -rjT m., 'j'nn m. (poet), tans 
m. (poL't.), see nznn^ . (Ch. zrrt m.j 

exactress of, see n^mia . 

heap, treasury of, see nimiQ 

fine, pure, tb m. 

massive, solid, see t53 . 

mixed, beaten, see in anttS 8. 
gold-colored, shs . 
golden brightness, oil, -ht m. 
goldsmith, q'^s , qiJSia . 
Goliath, r'hi . 
Gomorrah, nir? . 
gone, to be, r^n and rjbi K. Ni. 

forth, x-^^. 
good, (sub.), s-ia , nzia 1, ayia m. 
c-br m. 

(adj.), r-i-j, nc; , p^n^ , ti^cn. 

(adv.), sia . 

deeds, cnon . 

faith, nrx f. 

fortune, sia m., 31a m. 

news, n'l'iica f. 

qualities, nis'^'a, 

quality, b";n m. 
reputation, cnJ m. 
thing, ria m., n::'ia f. 
things, ria m. concr. 

good, to be, 3ia (always impers.), -ai 
K. Hi., pn:£ , n^s I and nbs w. b 
for. (Ch. ra": .) ' 
to make, (compensate), -smJ Hi., 

cbttS Pi. 
to seem, (Ch. sa"! w. b5 .) 
good- will, ion , 'jis'i m. 
goodly, sia . 

raiment, nnpn "^nsa . 
to be, ria. 
to make, aia Hi. 
goodness, non , c-iDn plu., -sia m., 
nsia f. 

constant, ion coupled with nrx . 
goods, n*:? m., -ia, nzia f., nsx^Ts 
1, ntos^a m., tsr.a m. (later Heb.). 
(Ch, or: m.) 
household, ttJiiD"! m. 
gorge, ■'3?^ m., nisra f. 
gorgeous, yn-cn . 
gorget, •,ttJn m. 
gourd, see "i^p'p . 
govern, to, -j^^ , tijqn , asiri . (Ch. i-^^ 

and ",?,n.) 
governor, ns H c. sufF. (once), tl'n^, 
(Ch. -jsq m., nnD .) 
a military, "^DEa m. 
governors, crs'^nrnx , C^ijiO only 

plu. (Ch. -f :B";^!Bnx .) 
grace, (beauty), -jti m., '^n m., *TOn 
(favor), -(n m., nsn f., ri3'^3n 1, 
non , era m., -p'ltn m. 
gracefulness, "jn m. 
gracious, ",!i3n , T'On , era . 
to be, -(jn . 
to make, ",3n Pi. 
towards, to be, pijt'n . 
graciously received (or) accepted, to be, 
nst'n Ni. 
to give, -(Sn . 
to receive, pi:in . 
grain, b=X m., -la HI m., "jsn m., Dnb 
com., n!i:s m., -i-^sp m., 1205 and 
nati) m. 
a, n-^a f., see nnx m. 
(a species of), nrss f. 




grain, bundle of, na^x f. 
early, see b-Qis 3. 

V J - 

field of, r-iT . 

parched, "^bp m. 

pounded, niED'^'n m. 

roasted, -^bp m. 

standing, pirp f. coll. 

to buy, -i3"r w. nstfi added. 

to sell, nsUJ K. Hi. 
grains, niTiB . 
granary, OiiZXia m. 
grand-daughter, n3 I f. 
grand-mother, ex f. 
grand-son, ",3 m. (Ch. -\a I m.) 
grandeur, •psr. m., Pi3*5 m. 
grant, to, •,n3 , ur:3 and cto . 

(a request), to hear and, 13 B NttJJ 

grape, 3:3 m. once sing., elsewhere only 

grape-gatherer, a, nsia . 
grape-kernels, -stones, d''S5£"in (once.) 
grape-vine, -,23 com., fully -j-^^n )ti5, . 
grapes, 0*^3:5 . 

bad, c^ttJxa only in plu. 

dried, Q-'pitias only plu. 

sour, -ica and *Dia m., see y^yn^ 
see c-'SlI-in . 

unripe, 'no 2 and ^03 m. 

wild, cttSxa only in plu. 

young, see *Tii20 . 
grasping, a, n'lr'i f. 
grass, T'sn m. 

dry, ttiain m. 

latter, tt3pb m. 

tender, xt^'n m. (Ch. xn^ .) 
grasshopper, bsbs . 
grassy place, prob. hzn 11 m. 
grate, a, "i2r^ m. 
grate, to, pnn . 
grateful, nrn? . 

to be, 'lis-jb rrin , •(is'^-b? h\'n . 
gratify, to, nix or pisiX Ni. w. dat. of 

gratis, tisn . 
gratuitously, BSn . 
grave, (adj.), ^i?*; (Kferi.) 

grave, (sub.), -lia I m., -isjs m,, n»T^ 
in the, ieS by , -iB?b . 

grave, to, ix3 Pi. c. b? ., ppn 


nnn (once.) 
in, to, p^n . 
graved in, to be, ppn Ho. 
gravel, vsn m. coll. 
gravel-stone, v:jn m. 
graven, to be, 3Sn Ni. 
graver, (instrument), 3'nn 1, I3*.n m., 
ttJ-^'n m., Tnib m. 

(workman), tD'nn m. 
gravid, B-^bap^ plu. 
gray, to be, 3"'b . (Ch. 3'«to.) 

hair, to have, a-^tt) . 
gray-haired, to be, 31b. 
gray-headed, iiu . 
grayness, 3"'a) m., iiZ'^'O f. 
graze, to, nr-i . 
grease, nns m. 

great, n-inx , bina , bna , xni'J , *ia:£^ , 
-i-'as (poet.), 3" , x^ab . (Ch. 31 , 
x-iib .) 
and glorious, to show one's self, 

133 Ni. 
and powerful, to show one's self, 

bna Hithp. 
becoming, bna . 
in age, n^^"} plu. 
man, 31 m, 
number, 133. 
(one), 3n m. 
things, nibna , nbna f. concr. (later 

things, to do, nibrb b"":?5rj . 
things, to speak, nsa , na b'^nan . 

(Ch. -,3";3n bbia !)' 
to be, bi3 , 133 , xba Ni., n3"} . 

(Ch, x:to , rpn and qpn .) 
to be made, nnx Ni. 
to become, bna , n3l , nsb . (Ch. 

n3n , X5b , ;]pn and qpn .) 
to make, bna Pi. Hi., xba Hi., 
nba Hi., nri Hi., X5b Hi. c. b . 
(Ch. nsn Pa!) 
great-grandchUdren, see in tibttS , 




greatly, r\p]r , n::'- Hi. w. h and 
infin. of another verb, na-.n . (Cli. 
N-'Sb .) 

to value, bna Pi. 
valued, to be, Vna . 

greatness, -injt m., sec Vina , h'ii m., 
nHa f. (later Ileb.), rSiia m., n-2'nia 
f., ^n m. abstr., nn m. (Ch. nzl f.) 

greave, greaves, nns^ f. 

Greece, see r" , see c"P3 2. 

' 'tt ' • • 

greedy, to be, see Vra , p]^'j . 

after gain, to be, rsa rS2 . 

man, ttisp '22 . 
green, pn^ , nb , •,::r'n . (Cli. "(rs-;, .) 

again, to grow, aJB;:l . 

branches, ni'NS. 

herb, pirn ni., zby m. (Ch. -b*5 

herbage, p-i"* m. 

herbs, ni'^'^x , n'l"? m. coll. 

in full, z'zn . 

leaf, t;'^:: m. 

something, p— ^, 

the, pni m. concr. 

tiling, pint m. 

to be, xoj^ , "(rn Pil. 

to grow, p\r\ . 
greenish, p";p~'' . 

greenness, sx m., pn;; m., ",'ip"i'^ m. 
greens, see nx , ni^ix , t>''^"iT and 

d'^rr-'T , p"^*; m., zbs m. 
greet, to, 7,"n2 Pi., cibaib 'sb bxt^ . 
gi-eyhound, see i-^pT . 
grief, ■'bn m., see i-in , 'j'ij'J m., rs<3 
m., CS3 m., (rrs m. (only in Jo))), 
sixstj m., -i:cT3 m., n^TS 1, nib 

I - V V T T ' T 

f., njin f. 

bitter, r5i-.''"ia f. 

cause of, nSTi f. 
grieve to, n^r Hi., nr I Pi. Hi., 2X3 , 
DS3 Hi., nnia K. (impers.), Hi. c. bs ., 
on 3 Ni. Hithp., C55 c. b for., 2SS 
K. Pi. Hi., n-.n H Hi. 

for, I, -b 1^ "w. bj . 

for, to, y.n Poel. 
grieved, n313 . (Ch. a-^s? .) 

for, to be, Qsin c. bs . 

grieved, to be, b^n and b-n Hithpalp., 

nbn K. Ni. c. br ., -st" , rxb Ni. w. 

infin., n:i5 Ni., t^-i . (Ch. x-3 Ithp.) 
grievous, nss . 

to be, nrs w. b? . 
grind, to, "(na . 

grinders, (teeth), nirrt:, nirnba . 
grit, I'^jn m. coll. 
grits, riD"«-]? only plu., nis-'i . 
groan, to, r::x I, r:x Ni., p:x K. Ni., 

pX3 , see cn3 , 3xi^ . 
groaning, a, nn:x f ., r^jru-i f., nrns f., 

r!r.x'ij f. 

T T : 

groats, niO"'")? only in plu. 
grope, to, rrr Pi. Hi. 

for, to, tm Pi. 
ground, the, nr*ix 1, "j'^x com. (Ch. 
y-ix, r-s-x f.) 

fallow, -i-s H ra. 

habitable, •'x I. 

to the, rrj'ix . 

upon the, ie5 br . 
grove, bilJx , nss f., nr-s f. (chiefly later 

Heb.) ■ " 
grow, to, b'15 , ip"' Ni., x^"'^ , 2!i3 (only 
trop.), cii-i (once), n:b . (Ch. ns-i.) 

long, to let, nbtlJ li. (once.) 

to cause to, b-^a Pi. 

to let, b^J Pi. ' 

to make, nrs Hi., Q!i-i PiL 

up, to, nbs , nrn . 

up, to let, n^n Pi. 

up, to make, D"p Hi. 
growing up, (adj.), bna . 
growl, to, n:n I, nrn , tins . 
growling, a, crs m. 

(of thunder), r!:r| m. 
grows of itself, what, n-ED m. 

of itself the second year after sow- 
ing, (that) which, C"n'iJ m. 

of itself the third year after sowing, 
that which, tti'TiD (once.) 
growth, nrs m, 

slow of, b-'BX . 
guard, "^rttir m., rnrui^D f., niis: f., 
n'^ES f., n-irtti f. 

place of, rm^ f., also x-ais . 




guard, to, -1:53, -il3 I, n^i^ . 

guarded, what is, "iriliia m. 

guards, "naaJT: m, concr., r'niattJia f. 

concr., Q^-Jtb. 
guests, c^xi"i|5 . 
guidance, nib^snr) plu. 
guide, -rx'o . 

right to, -ittjx Pi. 

to, r,-):; Hi, w. 2 ., nn3 , *i!in Hi. 
guided, to h3, -ir^x Pu. 
guiding, ait of, n'.bssnn plu. 
guile, ZTS m., nis-iy f. 
guilt, dttis m., r.ruix f., "p'n m., asojia 
m., "(is m. 

laden with, -itT . 

to be laden with, "iTi . 


to bear one's, Qtt)x . 

guilt, to free from, nE3 Pi. 
guilty, Dttis . 

of God, to be held, »c*^ 1 

one held, xisn m. 

to acknowledge one's self, si 

cms . 
to be, Dtt3x also DVtbx , Scj^ . 

-T -t' -T* 

to pronounce, jon Hi., jt^n HL 
guitar, pbna m. 
gullet, 5*b m. 
gum, (an aromatic), qB3 m. 

fragrant, see y^ . 
gush out, to, r33 , q::ttS . 

out with, to, r33 Hi. 
gushing, a, t'^^^ and qat^ m. 

Habakkuk, p!ii3::n. 
habitable globe, ban f. (poet.)> 
ground, "'x I. 
to be, z^^l (poet.) 
habitation, bnx, r\']2 m., ni"ia f., li^ 
m., bi37 m., n-^jtn m. (poet), see 
n-iiar , -.irTa m., nsira f., dipa 

T : ' ' T T : ' T 

com., '{Z'^rxi m., pi;;: m. (only poet.). 

(Ch. nin^ .) 
habitations, nnxs only plural constr. 

hack up, to, npn Hithp. 
hackled, p"^";© . 

Hades, bnn m., b*;]? , n")^ m., bixia com. 
haft, 2S3 m. 
Hagar, -isn . 
Haggai, "^jn . 
hail, ^siaabs "'san - "Ji3 m., nn'pm. 

• T t V •• I - ' T T - ' 


to, "ina. 
to scatter, Tia . 
hail-storm, n-^a ta^j . 
hail-stones, Tia -jax , "na ■'sax , "'sax 

hair, n^; f., S'no m., -5)ia m., n":5to f. 
(Ch. -irttJ m.) 

hair, long, unshorn, ^T3 m. 

to tear out the, a'^TS . 
hair-cloth, perh. naaia m. 
hairy, n-'Sie . 

half, 25pa m., "^n m., nsnia f., n'^:£iTQ 
f. (Ch. aba.) ' 

a shekel, rpa m. (spec.) 

part, "sn m. 
half-cooked, s: H. 
hallow, to, ttjnp Pi. Hi. 
hallowed, anything, <ti-pTa m. 

to be, ilinp Ni. c. a. 
halt, the, n3>Vsn f . coll. 

to, nps, rbs. 
halter, -in;^ m., "jDn m. 
halting, a, sbs: . 
halve, to, njtn . 
Ham, on H. 
ham, rpi f. 
hamlet, "isn com., nn-^a f., "iM m., 

"^E3 m., see I'^SJ I. 
hammer, p^nabn f., S^Si?^ ^m Pi^jstt 1, 
Oi^DB m. 

to, rrs K. Pi., «5ab . 
hammered bar, h'^'J^ m. (once.) 
hammock, nilbn f. 




hamstring, to, -«)rr Pi. 
hand, T' f., r,3 f. (Ch. n;^ .) 

at, 1^ -IS2 . 

hollow of the, Cis f., h^Jd m. 

palm of the, (Ch. jt-f OQ .) 
hand-breadth, rt'^ m., nzb m. 
hand-mill, •jin:? m,, n:na f., ta'^nn 

only du. 
handful, see nss , |'r-p m., VpixS m. 

(of grain), ^-^rs? m., irb m. 
handfuls, d-^rrs (once.) 

by, c-JC":^;^ . 
handle, a, 2S3 m. 

(the breasts of an immodest wo- 
man), to, t^iiiv I Pi. 

to, ibsn . 

- T 

handles (of a bolt), ni53 . 

handmaid, nrx f., n^isa 1, nnEttS 

hands, the two, C)';n"J f. du., c^B? 1 

hang, to, tri) and ctt) . 

down, to, bbii , nsi I. 

down, to let, nbaj Pi. (once.) 

down, to make, ns"i I Pi. 

one's self, to, cjn Ni. 

' - T 

over, to, rr^o . 

up, to, sbn , nVn K. Pi. (Ch, 

up (on stake or cross), to, SJj'i 

upon, to, pi-n and pyri w. 2 , b ., 

nb^n K. Pi/c. b5 . " ' 
upon a stake (or) cross, to, 'b nbn 

hanging, a, nr"'-i'i , 5^p m. 

after, x*bn w. b . 
hanging-bed, nrb'S f. 
hanging-work, TTi^a nb??3 . 
Hannah, nir, . 
hap, n';';ri2 m., n";n; i^- 
happen, to, n'^ri K. Ni. (only in pret. 
and part.), bcs , fit-p5 H Ni., n-ip? 
Ni. (Ch. bES .') ' ' 
to be, to, N-ip n Ni. 
to cause to, iK^.p 11 Hi. c. dupl. 

happen, to, to, nnx (poet.), X5£ia , 555 
Hi. w. bx ., x-;j? H, srjp^. (Ch. n^^ , 
K'^-Q W. bs .) 

r t - / 

to, to let, rr-.p Hi. c. ^jeb . 
happiness, nix m., "'ijtlJx only plu. 
const, -ni^x J c^n plu., niia f., -la 
m., pns m. 
happy, r-ia. 

am I, ""nttSya . 

one prosperous and, na'^S f. concr, 

to be made, *)Q3x Pu. 

to pronounce, t^x Pi., n2tt> Pi. 
harass, to, -t-^Jt Hi., yvi . 

one another, to, l'53 Ni. 
harassed, to be, tt)53 Ni. 
harbor, tima m., v-ei: m. 

T I T I • 

hard, "m^bj , psi::^, n=3 , t5 , nai;?, 
a"'byj , ■'■]"' ~tt3 only plu. constr. (Ch. 

bestead, nolpa. 

labor, to have, see in naSp I Pi. 
to be, tTQ H once in fut, xbs Ni., 
r\vi^p I. 


to be too, xbs3 Ni. w. ',0 . 
to make, najp I Hi. 
hard-faced, cas ntp . 
hard-hearted, rb rrij;^ . 
harden, to, yea Pi., 123 Pi. Hi., i^^p 
I Hi., nttjp^ Hi. 

one's face, to, r:s p?n . 
one's heart, to, ptn Pi. w. nb., 
•isb ^'::j:^ri . 
hardened, pin . 

to be, pTn , nrs . 

to become, (Ch. rpn and cipn .) 
hardness, iti5p m., pn-«-)U3 f. (Ch. xasa 

hare, rspx f. 
harlot, nail 1, n^ira 1, nuinp 1 

to play the, n;T . 
harm, "pox m., rn '"2'n . (Ch. ban 
to, cbs Hi. (Ch. ban Pa.) 
harmful, yn . 
harness, to, -ox . 

harp, (Cli. sec X330 , oSr-^p (Cheth.), 
D-inp (Keri.).) 





harp, (a species of), -iiS3 m., hz} and 

hz: m. 
harpoon, VsVs m. 
harpoons, nsn^ rii'^D. 
harrow, to, Tib Pi. 
hai-sh, T3 , nri? . 
hai-shly oppressed, nr;r'3 . 

to treat, nrp Hi. 
hart, a, ^'"x m. 
harvest, qcx , SnT , yp_ m., -i-'St? m. 

to, -i:sp^ K. Hi. (Cheth.) 
harvest-ni3n, -i^sp ■''-2X. 
harvest-time, yp m., i-'sph r^ , '^•Qi 

'^'■■S.p^ , -i"^sp^ cii , T'Sp? ra. 
harvestnian, -i:£"ip. 
haste, -liTsn m., r-.n^^ t (Ch. sibina , 

in, (Ch. hbnann w. pref. a .) 

to, d!in K, Hi., 0^3 . 

to do, to make, uj!in w. inf. and b . 

to let make, ^no I Pi., yJii Hi. 

to make, y^H , tti^in K. Hi., ttj-ri , 

nnia I Pi., see ttisir. 

hasten, to, I'n.s K. Pi. Hi., bna Ni., 

. qn-n Ni., ©an Hi., tii-in , inn w. ',73 

from, nn^ I K. (once), PL, see a3iS, 

roe Hi., rxttj , 

away, to, abia Ni, 

to do, to, bna Pi. w. inf. c. b . 
hastened, Kal. pass, participle of qn'n , 
brrz-q . 

to be, bna Pu. (Keri.) 
hastily, ttJTj , nn^ I Pi. (coupled w. 
another verb), inia . 

to come, ajsin . 

to do, bna Pi. w. inf. c. V ., dnp> 
Pi. w. inf. 

to flee, tl3in Hi. 

to lead up, yn Hi. 
hasting, D"^ttJn part. plu. 
hasty, D'^-n part, plu., "iniSS . 

flight, *,iTsn m. 
hatch, to, yp3 Iv. Pi. 
hatched, to be, rp2 Ni. 
hatcheled, p-'nitJ . 
hate, to, z'^x , x:&) . 
hated, nx"":iB only f. 

hateful, K. pass, participle of xrto . 
to be, ttJxa Hi. c. 2 . 
to become, ttJxa Ni. w. a and rx 

of pers., Hithp. c. cs . 
to make, ttJxa Hi. w. a of pers. 
hater, «:tt3 , Krria . (Ch. N:b .) 
hatred, nx:b f. 

haughtiness, nxa 1, n^xa f., •(■is a m., 
n^ixa f., naa m., ninaa f., nna I f.. 
•jinT m., mas) f. 
haughty, xa , nxa , -p"«xa (Cheth.), naa ;' 


to be, naa , -laS) Hithp. 
haunch, rp^ f. 
haunt, "(ar^ m. 
have, to, b n'^n w. a pers. subject^ h tt5|J, 

5tt53 Hi. 
haven, tin^a m., yiZ/z m. 
hawk, see n'X , prob. V3 m. 
hay, tt5u3n m. 
hazel, see Tib . 

he, i<!in m. (often implying the substan- 
tive verb). (Ch. xw often impl. the 
sub. verb.) 
he who, .16 (later books). (Ch. -"n .) 
head, n^sx , nbaba f., n;rx"i^ f. (poet.), 
uJX-i I m. (Ch. uJxn .) 
at the, najx-iia . 
of a family (or) tribe, qa^x m. 
under the, niirxn^ . 
upon the front part of the, -pa 

head-band, ^sx m. 
head-bands, d'^bsiaw . 
head-dress, nxB m. 
headlong, inias . 

to be, ij'i'i (once.) 

to throw, nyy (once.) 
heal, to, p7n Pi., dbn Hi., XBi* K. Pi., 

''•-T '-T 'tT 

nBi n. 

T T 

healed, to be, XS"J Ni. 

to cause to be, xsn Pi. 

to let one's self be, X3"; Hithp. 
healing, a, nanx 1, nna f., XD"J^ na., 

n!ixE-i f. 
health, nz^ni< t, xsi'^ m., nsixs"! f., 
oibaj m. 




health, in, (adj.), D''rn . 
heap, ba m., "ri^n m., nnnian f., "^r'n 
111., ns-is^ 1, ms*;;? f., nstap f., 
nrsn f., see ni^a"! . 
of rubbish, ^ria m., bn m. 
(of sheaves), tti'''J5 m. 
(of stones), hi mostly w. b'^32X 

added, n?2>"i?a f. (Ch. la"^ m.) 
of straw, "2n^ m. coll. 
(of waves), "t: in. (only poet.) 
together, to, 1:0? Pi. 
up, to, nna Hi., d:3 , tn£0 Hi., 
^25t , CistD and Q-tb , b^n . 
heaped up, to be, onr II Ni., nss . 
heai3s, d"''n3S . 

liqar, to, ",T5< I Hi.. 'pS K. Hithpal., 
rr^a . (Ch. y^ti) .) 
a causing to, pqJTSi^n . 
and answer, to, oj-j-n Ni., n35 I, 

nrs I Ni. c dat, ■s'C^ . 
(and) grant, to, 's "•as SOJa . 
and obey, to, rr^ . 
distinctly, to, yr?6. 
to cause one to, jiaaj Hi. c. bx of pers. 
to let, ST3ffl Hi. 
■with pleasure, to, rrtt) . 
heard, to let one's self be, ria'r Hi. 
hearing, (sub.), yiQtsiTa m., nr^tt)?3 f., 

?ri^ m. 
hearken, to, saip K. (once), Hi. w. ^'jin ., 
s^ai . 
to, to, ria'r , 
heart, n«23 m. (poet.), ab m., a:^ m., 
nab 1, s-^ip m., '^iDia m. (Ch. ba 
m., ab and -ab m.) 
fat, abn m. 
stout of, zh ""^x . 
to be without, rab Ki. 
to ravish the, a 3b Pi. 
to rob one of his, aab Pi. 
hearth, bx-'nx . 

heat, tsv. com., ch ro-> K^n (once), 
r.^n f.y nian If., ai^h m., "liann m., 
n-'S II f., nsi-ia m,, nxsp f., antti m. 
(Ch. xTsn , XTsn .) 

(of anger), ttJjt com., ncn I f., 
•'-in m. 

heat, (of lust), naxp f. (once.) 

(of mind), 3-«:n m. 

to, -i-'r . 

to be in, bni Pi. 

\-iolent, HEsbT and ntrbt . 
lieathen, cia. 
heave, to, xb3 . 
heaven, c*;^® plu, (Ch. -j-^r'^ plu.) 

in, d-^^airn . 

towards, rrc^TtTSfi , D'^rsi , n"'^T2:rt . 

heavens, the, b3"n m. (poet.), CB'^-S 
(poet.), pniu m. (poet.), rarely in 
sing., oftener in plu. D'^pn'r , o^rttj . 
(Ch. i-^^tfi .) 

heavenward, n^'^rii'n , D"^^^j , ti";^T^r| , 

heaviness, na*3 m., niiaa f. 
heavy, las . 

to be, "t33 K. Ni. 

to make, "laa Hi., n'::p I Hi. 
heavy-mouthed, no nrs . 
Hebrew, '^'}^n^ (later Heb.), "^na? . 
hedge, naic?: f., naituis f., see r;fe. 

about, to, 3!io II, :!|'j II Pilp., 

in, to, 7,30 Hi., r|flto. 
to, r^rj. 
hedgehog, lap m., see ",EttS . 
heed, ai^p m. 

to do, to take, "iTStlS Ni. w. inf. c. 

b (once.) 
to give, ",■'3 . 
to one's self, to take, n^'iS Ni. 

Hithp. c. ",o . 
to, to give, 'pa c. ace, a , bx , b , 
by ., b 3b ina . 
heel, apy m. 

to take (or) seize by the, apr , 
he-goat. -I'^ES m. (later Helx), ">'^3Jr m., 

^^r\ m. (Ch. -."^ss .) 
he-goats, D'^'T^ny only plu. 
heifer, nb:5 f., nno f. 
heifer-calf, nbjy f. 

height, nra , n3h m., n'as , ^^z'j 
m,, Q"-n3 m., asiui: m., r:"'3 m., ns:3 
f., PES f. (only in Josh.), br m., 




niaip m., di"i m., di-n m., ma^n f. 
(Ch. csi-i m.) 
heights, c"<S33a , niisxn , see nie^'in 

of heaven, a-^r^ . 
heir, ttjni*^ . 

to be one's, tti^"^ also tlii"^ w. ace, 

' -T -T 

of pers. 
to leave as, bns Hi. 
he-lamb, iaz'S m. 
Heliopolis, ■,ix II. 
helmet, sa'3 m., ra-ip m. 
help, rsib-^x f., snnt f., rarely m., *i^ f., 
nrrJ7 1, ?ui* and ?d;] m., xsit? m , 
-ITS m., rriTS f., n^iisn f., nrr:jn f. 
to, pm k. Pi. Hi. Hithp., is-; Hi., 
SX-i Hi., NiD3 Pi., n^is (once), 
•^T.r K. Hi. (Ch. n:pp c. b .) 
to cry for, x">p I., SVi Pi. 
up, to, cnp Ili. 
helped, to be, riri Ni. 

to be wonderfully, "iTrfnb K"'bS3in . 
helper, riiT f., rarely m., its, -its m. 
Conor., nTiS f. concr. 
female, -its m. concr. 
my, •'3)UJ'> concr. 
helpers, ti^TS f. concr. 
hem, "brs m. 
hemorrhoids, D'^'^ini: . 
hence, n-f-a , ns"a . 
herald, lins m. 

' T 

herb, green, ntor m., pin-^ m. (Ch. lajs m.) 
herbage, -psn m. (Ch. attJS m.) 
green, p-"! m. 

young, str^i m. (Ch. xn^ .) 
herbs, see in x'nix , p-"^ m. 
aromatic, cnp-iia . 
bitter, oinSia . 
green, nimx , nbs m. coll. 
herd, ip2 com,, -i*is m., rarely -ntiJ 

m. coll. 
herdsman, ^p'': ^ i-isS . 
here, see -^rix , c*?ri , nsrt II, nt , riTS , 
nsi rarely, •,'^S) ^ nsns , ns or is once XB. 
and there, titni mn . 
— there, njn repeated, nis — nis, 
Q-r — ci5 . 

hereafter, -linxb , nno , -ima n'i'«a , 

T!' tt) rr J* 

hereditary portion, bnn m. 
heretofore, Dnc^a^ da bi?3nx da . 
hero, bs I m., see bx"ix . (Ch. "naa 

heroes, see bx-^x , Ti? m. concr. 
heron, see "510:3^ , see msrsn . 
heterogeneous things, d'^xbs du. (only.) 
hew, to, z'j>r\ , ran and z^n , bos . 

(Ch. i-!.n .) 
down, to, 351 a , n-13. 

' - r ' - T 

in^ to, pp_n . 

in pieces, to, i^{qt Pi. 

out, to, s^n and artn . 

' ' - T •• T 

hewed beams, nin-i3 . 
hewers of stone, c^z^n . 

of wood, D-asn . 
hewing (of stone), rT'TJ f., SSn?3 m. 
hewn out, to be, Diin Pu., 3Sn Pu. 

stones, n-'n f., n-'xa ■'33X , ■'3n« 

Hezekiah, rrpTn . 
hid, to be, -iro Ni. 

to lie, N3n Ni. Pu. Hithp., nr.D 
Ni., dbi'lNi. 
hidden, -,!ieo , csino , n-ip.oia f., db53 , 
■,:iESC . (Ch. p-'ias .) 
men, d"'T:b53 . 
places, c"3B2C^ . 
sins, n-iinos . 
something, -riS m. 
thing, .-nsbsn f. 

things, n-.pos . (Ch. Kn"jnsia .) 
to be, ins Ni., dbs I Ni. 
treasures, -noo ■':a:3'g . 
hide, (skin), lis . 

hide, to, s2n Hi,, nzn K. (once), Ni., 
■jr:3 K. Hi., nn3 Pi. Hi., nos Pi., 
^B2 Pi., 1X3 I, r,3o , ino Pi. Hi„ 
dbs I K. (only pai-t. pass.). Hi., D^s , 
•,E2C K. Hi. (Ch. "^ro Pa.) 

away, to, 0123 (once part, pass.) 
one's self, to, xin Ni. Pu. Hithp., 
nan K. (once), Ni., a5sn Pu. 
Hithp., -,^1: Ni., 033 Hithp., 
P33 Ni., -ipo K. (once Cheth.), 
Ni' Hithp., -js^s Hi. (Cheth.) 




hide themselves, to, see "isia I Kal, 3. 
hiding, a, "|i"'2n m., ino m. 
hiding-place, ayn'o m., -inQia m., 

-ipcis m., -^nc m. 
hiding-places, d'srn/ta . 
high, -!i:i2 , nN3 , n:a (constr. only), 
Jnba , bna , hy concr., •^i^)>v , an . 
anything, nixa f. 
from on, bSTS . 

God, Most/(Ch. V="i^^? Pl"-) 
Most, dl'-^ concr., is m. concr. 

(Ch. n^vV) 
most, -pibs . (Ch. "^r .) 
on, di^aa , sec nra Hi., di^a , ^5 , 

place, nra ^ tai^^ m., nss f., nsa 

f . (only in Josh.), n^-i f. 
place, in a, cinia . 
place, to be set in a, rsb Ni. 
Priest, h'.-t'^'n 'f^n , ttjx^n -jn's, 

the, tti^x "32 . 

things, r'i'ax^ . 

to be, nn; , cx"; , Dn-i , u^". I, ziiu 

K. Ni. '(poet.) 
to be made, d^n . 

to make, .-naj Hi., bns Hi., csn Pil. Hi. 
to set on, din Pil. Pli., rstt) Pi. 

- T 

to set up on, arr Pi. 
high-priced (tilings), ri^xn . 
higher, pi"^:? f. only, -pi^S . 
highest part, the, "isiaa m. 

place, *rxi I m. 

place, in the, n:iijx^ . 

rank, tiixn I m. 

the, aJxn I m., n"'tt)X'n f. 

(what is), ttSst'n I m. 
highly, b?. 

liighway, nVo'o f., bJiboTa m. 
hill, nr2a f., bsr m., a'ps m., sec 
"Etti , bn m. 

a bare, naked, ''Ett) m. 

a fertile, "tc^— ,2 -,";{;) . 
hill-chapel, rrca , 
hin, (measure), -pn . 
hind, a, b'x (once), nb'X f., rb»x (as 
a term of endearment.) 

hinder, liinx . 

hinder part, ninx m., ns'n'i f., c^ns— • 
du. ' ^"' ""'' 

parts, ■''nnx only constr., CPS"^ du. 

side, C'^nS'i^ du. 
hinder, to, nr.x Pi., x!l3 Hi., n^y . (Ch. 

b-j2 Pa.) 
hindermost, ",innx . 
hindrance, 'n'i^ya m. 
hinge, 'i-jt I m. 
hinges, female, rirb m. plu. 
hip-joint, "I*!! S3 . 
hippopotamus, see niicn2 . 
hire, perh. nn-iax f., -rnx and irpx 
m., -i^rr m., -cO) m., -i:b m. 

one's self out, to, i:b Ni. Hithp. 

to, -i:o II, -iDb , n:n I K. (once), 
Hi. (once.) 
hired laborer, n-^rto m. 

one, -i-:i; m. 
hireling, n'^rb m. 
hiring, a, ni^ru) f. 
hiss, to, p^_^ . 

for, to, p-iiij w. b . 

to call by a, p^aJ w. b . 
hissing, a, np-^rii f. 

to become a, nj^nttib Pfn . 
hissings, nip^-^tiJ (Ken), mpsiioi (Cheth.) 
hist ! on . 
history, nnbin. 

family, nnbin. 
hit, to, n23 Hi. 

hither, c'bn , nrn H, nrn-ir , na (after 
verbs of motion), nb . 

and thither, naxi n;x , n:ni r:n , 

' T TT V T ' T -r T •• ' 

r.b^ n's. 


and thither, to go, ::!Hi3 I K. Pil. 
hitherto, cbn-n5 , n:n— j5 , na-i5 , 
■,3-n5 , ns^s , Pins-ns . (Ch. ns-is .) 
ho 1 ■'in . 

hoar-frost, niE3 m. 
hoard, a, r5£3|3 f- 

to, -,ss. 

up, to, -,iau w. b . 
hoarded, to be, •^zn Ni. 
hoards. d*r?E"^ . 




hoariness, na'^to f. 

hoary, to be, n'^ia . (Cli. Z^fO .) 

hoe, ^'nr'a m. 

to loosen with a, pr$ only Pi. 
hold, to, Trx c. ace. or a ,, ptn Hi., 
rjton , b!)3 Pilp. Hi., r^t^^a c. a ., ntoS 
I, Ti^n , tTEFj . 

as, to, iujn c. ace. et b ., 3 'iPD . 
back, to, T^bn w. -iTp from., 'nss , 

fast, to", tnx c. ace. or a ., ptn Hi., 

fast to, to, ptn K. Hi. 

fast together, to, -isb Hithp. 

of one another, to take, T^b Hithp. 

of, to be laid fast, i^-qp Pu. 

of, to lay, Tnx often c. a ., ptn 
Hi. c. a , b , hs, (poet. c. ace), 
nnn (once of a pers., elsewhere 
always of taking up coals, fire), 
npb , -'4^ c. a ., T,rn , bEn . 

of, to lay fast, la^p , 

of, to take, see ins , see r^rn . 

to lay, to en Pi. 

to take, brn Pi. 

together, to, tnx . 

up, to, b^a Pilp. Hi., r^ian c. a . 
holding back, a, nx^iin f. 
hole, -i!in II m., n'in II m., n^^xia f. 
holiday, to celebrate a, a;n . 
hollow, aiaa . 

a, nnra f., t{n m. 

of the hand, ra f., hs^d m. 

hollows, rin^nrpoS . 

holm, see *^n"in . 

holocaust, h^'b^ m., nbb f. (Ch. nb2? 

holy, s'113 , ri-ij5 , ttS'ip in gen. after 
another noun. ('Ch. ttji^p .) 

fear, nx"^]"! f. 

oil, ointment, see ",121^ 3. 

One, ttiiij^. 

place, ^*'np:a m., Tl'n;? , Cin'p m. 

place, most, ta'^tliij^n ui'i'p m. 

something most, c^UJlp 'iSi'p. 

the Most, D'^uJiip , 

holy thing, x^yp m. 

thing, to institute any, tfi-np PL 

things, the most, o'^dnpn "^tirtp . 

to be, ttJnp and oJ-ip . 

to be regarded and treated as, ttinp 

to keep, tti'ip Pi. 

to make, llJnp.Pi. 

to pronounce, Oin)? Pi. Hi. 

to regard and treat as, to'ip Pi. 

to show one's self, uj"ip Ni. Hithp. 
holyday, to keep, nato . 
homage, to do, nnoS HithpaL 
home, Dipia com., r\^: m. (only poet), 

at, 'i^T2. 

to bring, xi'a Hi. 
home-bom servant, slave, n"a T'^si . 
homer, (measure), 'nicn m. 
honest, see b'^n 4., ',3 I. 
honey, toa'n m., ri'^s'] f. 
honey-comb, t]!is m. 
honor, iin m., np"! m., *Tia3 m.,. 
nnxBn f., elsewhere n^iifSPi . (Ch. 
inn , -ij^*^ m.) ^ ■ 

one's self, to, nas Hithp. 

to, -;nn , xn-i , nas Pi. Hi., '^XB I 
Pi., -i^tl). (Ch. nnn.) 

to acquire, nas Hi. 

to be held in, nas Ni. 

to do, na3 Pi. 

to enjoy, na3 Ni. 

to one's self, to get, nas NL 

mth, mas. 
honorable, naz3 , n''53 , n'lL'S . 

to make, nnx Hi. ' 
honored, naa3 . (Ch. n-^pv) 

to be, naa K. Pu. Ni., n«D I 

to cause to be, nas Hi. 
hoof, ap3> m., ncns f. (Ch. nsa m.) 

' '- T ' T : - ^ - : 

hook, Ti m. (spoken of tabernacle cur- 
tains only), nin m., nn m., "inn 
(Cheth.), nan f., tsnp m., n-inEttj m.. 

hooks, ni'nan^ , d'^'^'^q and niniq m. 
(for fishing), n^S^ . 




hoopoe, see nE'^r^'n. 
hope, "jinaa m., Vo"2 m-, »^^03 f., 
B273 m., nya m., also x^pt? , nnb 
m., p^nin f., see nb:n , rrpR f. 
for, to, n*;? Pi. 
in (anything), n^nin f. w. h . 
there is no, nisi Ni. impers. 
to, hr-^ Pi. Hi., rr^p , nsb Pi. c 

' - T t't ' - r 

bx , ^ . (Ch. -i:o once.) 
to cause to, 5n"i Pi. 
hopes, to cherish vain, bsn . 
hoping, bTji . 
horn, -j-ip f. (Ch. 'i-ip f.) 

(musical instrument), y^p f., *,Biai 
m. (Ch. -."ip f.) 
hornet, nsis f. 
hornets, ns-is 1 w. art, coll. 
horns, to have, "j-np Hi. 
horrible, see in d^ttj Po,, "i!|"i:?i^ , 
'''?'''^?.''^ > ''"'■''??"r? (Cheth.) 
something, .T'I^SJ^U f. 
the setting up of the, see in to'j 
horrid, ns^ij . 
horror, y^ir m,, in other MSS. vii? , 

nJis^Q f., see JTirp , nsb m. 
horse, Tiax (only in Jer.), o^o m., tt'^q 
m., ttSs";^ m. 

a fleet, Vp m. (poet.) 
horseman, did m., t:^5 m., qjio 23'"i, 
SS-n m. 

T - 

horsemen, coins "'^ra . 

pairs of, D-uinsa n?3S . 
horses, DID m. coll. 

two pairs of, coiO 22"i "^rttJ . 
Hosea, raJin . 

host, "jion m., once f., b-^n m., b'^n m., 
nsJna f. (once), ns'':^ m. (poet.), 
nrnia usually m., rnbr^ ^m '^^^ "^-j 
see nas . (Cli. b-^n m.) 
hostages, m"3"^5n "iz . 
hostile encounter, t-ip m. 

to, to be, n'na . 
hostility, na'^x f . 
hosts, D"'B:x (only in Ezek.) 
hot, dn II. 

to be, to make, "T^y . 

hough, to, npy Pi. 

house, bnx, v^z m. (Ch. n'^2 m.) 

common, lan rr^a . 

great, in-ia m. 

in the, n^a . 

into the, nrr^Sin, nr'^ra. 

' T! - - ' T • : 

of bonds, "i:iDxn rr^a . 

of, in the, rr^a , DS . 

one over the, tr^an bs ittJx . 
household, rr^a m., mr If. 

gods, CE'^n . 

goods, tij:i3-i m. 
hover over, to, r|n-i Pi. 
how ! r^-^x , na-^x , 3 , *^X3 . (Ch. 


rj-'X , na^x , nar^x , ns-: 

> M 


exceedingly, (Ch. nrs .) 
great, 3 . 

great? nrs, nra . 
great, so great, 3 — a . 


■,x-n^ , n:x-i3 , nas , na? , 

T - ' - T 

long ? after, ■'ra ''nnx . 

many ? naa , nar . 

many times ? caSS nas . 

much, na (in exclamations.) 

much less, •'S C]X (preceded by a 

much more, •^3 w;x (preceded by 
an aff.) 

often ? na3 , na3 . 

so, n-t-na . 

then, n-ffra . 
howler, the, -^x II concr. 
howlets, prob. Q-nx only plu. 
howling, a, bb-i m. 

animals, oTix only plu. 
human race, the, cr m. 
humble, x="i: , XBT , ^5? , ri5S , htfi . 
(Ch. betlf') 

one's heart, to, (Ch. betlS Aph. w. 

one's self, to, r:3 Ni., n:y U 
Hithi). Ni. c. "roa before., DB"J 
and bB"i Hithp., nnttS . 

the, i:5. 




humble, to, rss Hi., M^S II Pi. Hi., 
bciLj Hi. (Ch. bsoJ Apb.) 

to be, "(Siti or •,•]?; (once.) 

to make, brttS Hi. 
humbled, to be, kd^ Pu., nxs Ni., 

533 Ni., n:r II, bsuj. 
humbly, to act, r:s Hi. 

to live, y:s Hi. 
humility, n"2? f. 
humor, to be in good, si'i: . 
hump (of a camel), nt^a'n 1 
hunch-backed, "(aa . 
hundred, ns'a 1 (Ch. nx^ .) 

times, n it's . 

two, D'^rSTS du. 
hundreds, by, nisicb . 
hundredth, the, nx^ 1 
hunger, nuj;; m. (once), ",83 m., as"! m. 

for, to, *r"i w. b . 

to, s8e-,£3, arn. 
hunger-bitten, asj-i . 
hungry, ar-i . 

to be, a!y-i . 
hunt, to, n;i:i . 

after, to, n'lS H. 
hunter, t^x m. 

hunter's net, ^•oz'd and '^bstt'. 
hunting, Ti:£ m. 
hurl one's self, to, ion Hithp. 
hurled, to be, bsin and bTj . 

hurricane, nuiD f., nni f. 
hurried, inis: . 

to be, -in?a I Ni. 
hurt, -pcx m., riT^ 1 (Ch. ban m., 
ban m.) 

(animal), the, tri^attJsn f. 

one's self, to, asS NL (w. Si of 

to, D^3 Hi. (Ch. hzn Pa.) 

to be, rsa (see Addenda), r\hn K. 
Ho. ' 
hurtful, rn . 
husband, llj-'x m., o"«ns»sn qibx , b?a . 

of, to become the, bsa . 

to have a, ^52 Ni. 
husbandman, nrix tU"'i< , "13X m. 
husband's brother, Da*^ m. 
hush ! orj . 

to, non only in Hi. 

to be, nuJn . 

T T 

hushed, to be, pntiS . 

husk, JT m. 

hut, n:^b73 1, TjO m., nsb f., r,to m. 

hyacinth, see Dt^b . 

hyena, ssiaSC m. (once.) 

hymn, ^px (poet.), nn^X f. (poet.), 
n^.iax f. (poet.), t'^qt m., "ji-^uj m., 
T^u m., rjT'ttJ f., n^n^i ^-j '^^^n f. 

hymns, "T^il) m. coll. 

hyssop, aitx m. 

I, •'sx , ■'abx . 

I pray thee, X5 I. 

ibex, bs^ m., rib'S'] t 

ibis, see TiSiaia^ . 

ice, ttJ^a^^X m., -,\sb;3 m. (Keri.), n'^p 

m., n'ip m. 
idle talker, an, ni5i3 . 
to be, nsl I Ni. 
idol, -(-x m., n-Jia 1, *S: m., r^5B^ 

1, asisJ m., na^? 1, n^st II m. (Ch. 

obs and D^St m.) 
idol-god, cnbx . 
idol-image, nas-tt f. 
8* "" 

idol-priests, n^^^'S only plu. 
idolatry, to commit, nn . 
idols, -("ix m., D-r-^x , o"«baba , ta^ban , 
D"'2?an only plu., ti^2^v only plu., 
d"'^b^ , D"'"!'^ only plu. 
Idumea, cnx . 

if, ix , ibx (later Heb.), ox , niux , in 
n (chiefly in later books), ■'S I, X^lb, 
!ib. (Ch. -,n.) 

any one, see 173 2. 

indeed, XJ-ox , 

not, "^bsix I (once), K^-ax , xbsib , 




if — or, (Ch. •,;! — "iq .) 
perhaps, ix . 
that, ^aJX. 
ignoble, 'T'rx , n^i^a. 
ignominy, r.i^2 f., n^'^J) f., 'ji^l^'^p m. 
ignorance, r^ttjn m. 
ignorant of, to be, "nrs Pi. 
ilex, see "^tTiri . 
ill, (adj.), ttJflix , r*:! . 

(sub.), r*^ m., nsn f. 

at ease, to be, ttjsia (once trop. of 

the mind.) 
to come off, rJi'n Ni. 
to do, yy-i Hi. 
to take, ors , nah K. only fut, 

treatment, nSJ-T f., ""rt f. 
"with me, it goes, ^b r*;;; . 
•with, to deal, s'r'n Hi. c. b . 
ill-favored, rn , ix'n 25"i . 
ill-gotten wealth, D7:n m., prob. -jr^n 

ill-will, SJn m. 

illuminate, to, 'iix Hi., nSS . 
illumination, (Ch. m"n3 .) 
image, t-ex m., r^iTi-n f., -.s;;] m., prob. 
•^■'3, r^sbT? f., bro and bro m., 
3sr m., ^"S H m., Dbs m., r-^ssn 
f., nasnon f. (Ch. nba; and objt m ) 
carved, boa . 

molten, Tj-'c; m., r^p} and r|p3 m. 
imagery, see iT'Sb?? . 
images, d'5sn only plu., t3"'2it5 only 

carved, G-'b'^oa . 
of the sun, see in "(Tan . 
imagination, ^x*^ m., n^'Sb^a f. 
imbitter, to, inr Pi. Hi. 
imbittered, to be, -."^^ Hithpalp. w. bx 

of pers. 
imbue .one with, to, r^rn . 
Immanuel, bxsrsr . 

immediately, oi'? , '3 I (preceded by 
5 of time). (Ch. •|';''ixa .) 
after, -iq, 
immerse, to, bltt . (Ch. rzx .) 
one's s; If, to, hz'j . 

immersed, to be, sii'j K. Pu. 
immolate, to, n^T . 
impale, to, sjri Hi. 
impart, to, cbttj Pi. 

to, to, pbn w. b . 
impatience, m^ '^'^P- 
impeded, see lax •. 

impel, to, rinri ^ D^n , to:; , i-i: , nns , 
C*i3 Pil., nsio Hi. c. b , ace. and infin., 

away, to, nns Hi. 

to labor, to, C|3X (once.) 
impend, to, see ^^z^r Ni. 
imperious, a'^b'iJ . 
impetuous, '^nrs . 
impetus, v'nQ m. 
impiety, rbiix f., qrn m., nfi:ri f., nsin 

1, nbEP f. 
impinge, to, rsQ . 
impious, b^ix , b23 , n^tiJs , rt^'i . 

one, Tiin . 

to be, ytoi . 

' - T 

implement, -,;5< m., -^bs m. 
implements, nni? f. 
implore, to, p^s w. bx of pers., yitt3 Pi 
(Ch. xb^ Pa.)' 

aid, to, x'^p I w. bs of pers. on 
account of, against, 
impose, to, xs^ Hi. w. b5 ., ""^O, in: 
'n -5Eb , DiiU and D^b w. b? . (Ch. 
nr'^ , xt:'^ .) 

a tribute, to, G^ ^;5;n. 
much upon, to, n^n Hi. w. b^ . 
upon, to, xtt53 I Hi., b::3 w. b5 . 
imposed, to be, see isr Pu., n-tti Ho. c. 

impoverished, •IQia , p'^'i . 
imprecation, nbx f., nbb;? f., nrisb f. 
improbity, nbbin f., nibbin f., nb::3 f. 
impudent, prs . 

impudently, to speak, pns "iS'n . 
impure, xry . 

to be, to become, xria . 
impurity, nx^a f., nxiia f., n-nj f. 
impute, to, iuin w. ace. of thing, b of 

pers., '(P: w. bs of pers. to., rr'Ui w. b 

of pers. 




impute to, to. tisitt) and D'^tti w. b? , b , 

in, Vx , see rx II, 1, c, 3 , -,3 ra. (w. 
gen. of time), b , I'lca (poet), ',13 , 
b? , 3n;5a , Tiira . (Ch. 3 , isa , 

a circuit, 3"'3&T2 . 

a little while, ::2?^3 , 

a moment, 55^3 , nxnis , rrs , 

53-12 , ra-^ . 
amongst, 'i^a'bx after verbs of mo- 
behalf of, ira and n:"2 , b , "''i-?.? • 
between, 7 2-bx , •,-»33 , b nis-'STa . 
company, inxs . 
front, (adj.), nb: . 
front, (adv.), ■'rsb , bi^a^ w. ■'jB ., 

front of, b^^ , n:? , nrab , n=D ., 

like manner, ""iiaS . 

not, Tibab c. inf., xbb (once.) 

one's mind, body, ds . 

order that, i;rx , ^tlJx ""^b , n, V 
and 1 (before final and consecu- 
tive clauses), "^uix "S" w. future, 
•jSrb w. infin., -in3r2 , itzsib 
c. infin. 

presence of, nrb . 

proportion to, ''z'3 . 

respect to, bx , 2 , b . 

return for, 'laJx nnn . 

some way, 3 , 

that, 1113X2 , 3 w. an infin. 

that not, "Tibab c. infin., xb3 . 

that place, ca) . 

the end, peril. (Ch. rhax .) 

the eyes of, "^rsb . 

the house, rr'a , n^-sa . 
■ the house of, n'^2 , cs . 

the manner of, 2 , "^ssb . 

the manner that, (Ch. i-n bsp'bs.) 

the midst of, ir2 and ns2 , DS , 
TOPS. (Ch. i-:2, xi52.) 

the presence of, bl^ , "I53 , n^sb , 

in the sight of, 153 , "^rsb , ■':a-bs . 
this manner, 3 . (Ch. xr:3 .) 
this place, nsn II, na . 
union, nn^ . 
vain, bzn , csn , p^^i more fully 

what manner — so, ',3 — "nBX3. 

what way, -\rx3 , 3 . 

what way ? n-o . 

whatsoever, laJx b:ii2 (later Heb.) 
inaccessible, i'':!£2 (Keri), -i!i:£3 . 

to be, nsa Ni. c. -j-s., 3.yj (poet.) 

to make, 1S3 Pi. 
inactive, to be, oJ-in Hi., irijn Hi. 

- T T T 

incantation, u3r;b m., ttins m. 

incantations, o''2ii;r . 

incense, '^.n'ri'Q m., -irS) m., n-i-op f., 

t' : • T T T ' : ' 

n-]-^^^ f., "i::)5? , n-bp f. (Ch. 
■(Tiri"^: .) 

altars of, m'^ii;?^ . 
fragrant, D^SD ^".^p. 
to bum, nap I Pi. Hi. 
incident, r:a m. 

incision, -ma m., ::'ii) m., n'j-iib f. 
incisions, to make, n*ij Hitlipo. 
incite, to, 3"i3 , D^o Hi. w. ace. of pers. 
and a against, r^zo Pilp. 

away from, to, r^io Hi. w. '^"0 . 
incitement, nbt^s^ f. 
inclinaticm, yzn m. 
incline, to, n3n ^ y.n , yzn , nas K 
Hi., ns:£ K Pi., 221; Hi.' 

one's self, to, see nnp II, nnttJ . 

' ' -'t t t 

inclined, xibn w. b . 

to be, nax , n'S'i . 
include, to, b^3 K. (once.) 
in-coming, an, xi2ri m., X2"^13 m. 
increase, bna m., b;;!'' m., n2-73 m., 
n"'3-i^ f., n-o^ m., nxaan f., n2fl3ri 
f., n^2-;n f. 

to, nx5 (poet.), bna Hi., 7,0"; K. 
and Hi. (both defect.), Ni„ aw 
(only trop.), -j'-ia, na^i K. PL 
Hi., nyr Hi. 
increased, to be, n:n (once), -13 "^ Ni. 
increment, (architectural), see p-nx . 




inculcate, to, -jro} Pi. c. ace. of thing, 

dat. of pers. 
incur, to, san . 
incurable, iij!i:x . 
indeed, ^2x . n:i:x , nsiax , taa . 
India, see '-i"«2*x , *^h , see nii"»"!n . 
indicate, to, •^^vO Pi. 
indignant, to be, ds'T c. ace, b? ., nin 

Hithp., 0^3 . (Ch. 0*3 .) 
indignation, see n?T , nxi;? f. 
indiscreetly, nsnq xb , nrn ^ba , '•baa 

rrn . 
indolence, nb:ir f., nibsr f. 

T : - J - 

Indus, see •,'i!i;is . 

infamy, see mtj , 

infant, bbl? ra. 

inferior, to be, bsj w. •,■0 comparative. 

infirmity, nvrsn and r-itiJEr f. 

inflame, to, ^ra , phr\ K. w. a , Hi., 

t;=d Pilp. 
inflamed, U'^'cr,: participle plu. 

ulcer, •,-«naJ m. 
inflammation, npb'n f., '^n-\r\ m., 

inflated, nT . 

to be, bss Pu. 
influence, ^::«3i3 m. 
inform against, to, n:o Hi. (Ch. brx 

ingathering, an, ri"'DX m., r|DX . 
Inhabit, to, auj*' . 

the land, to, v-^x "p^ . 
inhabitant, ttj-x m. w. gen. of city, 
people, or land,, ai^'i"' , ",rtfi m., SttJin 
m concr. 
inhabitants, c'^bsa "W. gen. of city, na 
I f. (poet.), nz'ii f. coll., saiia m. 
concr., n^s? f., xa!2 2, a. 
of the desert, o"*:! . 
inhabited, to be, zriJ'' K. (poet.), Ni. Ho., 
•,sttJ also ",2l3 . 
to cause to be, aaJ^ Hi. 
mhabiting, (adj.), n*3. 
inherit, to, uj-"^ also U3';;"' , hr^ w. a of 

one's estate, to, tli'i"' also ttJn*' w. 
ace. of pers. 

inheritance, b'^ia m., ban m., ncj'^'» 
f., nbn? f. ' 

to distribute an, bn: Hi. 

to get by, bn: . 

to leave as an, bn3 Hi. 
iniquity, -,*x m., bi? m., nh^s f., y\:f 

m., nib5, seeh-Qj, K^'IJ m. 
initiate, to, r^in . 
injure, to, see -i=rj , tabs Hi., nia "jns 

2 . 
injuries, 0"J?itt3" . 
injury, ni^in only plu., piBS ra. 

bitter, n:rb f. 
injustice, ri^") m., nrnin f. 

to treat with violence and, pt^5 . 
ink, i-tj m. 
ink-horn, "isbn n&;? . 
ink-horn, a writer's, ^Esn TDp? . 
ink-stand, lE'sn nD;5 . 
inlaid, TiiS"^ . 
inmost depth, -»pnr m. 

part, -,^53 f., npn , d''5^ plu. only, 
inn, '(ibTa m. 
inner, '^'Q'l^ , Ti^Ti . 

part, r.'^a m., z^p, m., Tj'-p m. 

parts, d'^rS '^ du. 

sanctuary, -i-«3^ m., D''tlJ'i7>n ttJnp. 
innocence, d*!*!*; la, d-^sB na, en m., 

nisn f. (Ch. 'sizt f.) 
innocent, ■'pj , en , d'^Tsn . 

to be, np3 . 

to make, pna Pi. 

to pronounce, npz Pi. c. •^-q , pns 
Pi. Hi. 
innumerable, iDD'a "X , ■'ED'2 ^^xb , 

"Boia Tx-ny . 
inquire, to, nra , ttin^i , bxrs) . (Ch. 
-<pa Pa.) 

after, to, ttJpa Pi. 

of, to, ttSpa Pi., aJ-i-n , bxttJ (often 

into, to, ttipa Pi. w. b . 
insane, one, rattJo . 

to be, rauJ Hithp. 
insatiable, to be, rab xb . 
inscril>e, to, ppn, tt)-n , rnn (once), 
arr . 



inscribed, to bs, pp_n Hoph. 

insert, to, csti) and c"'iD w. 3 . 

inserted, to be, j^ra Ho. 

inside, nn";2 , i^??^ ? •^577?^ > ^ '^''?> 

, . - . 7 , ... 7 T • ! • 

and on the outside, on the, n"a"0 

on the, n"2^ , "^"?5^ • 
the, p-a m. 
insight, nj-^a f., nr-n f., nna m., -,!i3n 
m., n:!i2ri f., n:a^n (Chetli.). (Ch! 

insignificant, to be, hhp^ . 
insipid, brn . 

anything, •'•,'n m. 
insipid food, see nsi-cbn . 
insijjidness, see ni'cbn . 
insolence, zzh bna, ""135 f., ari'i m. 
insolent, bins . 

to be, p'jjr . 
insolently, to act, b']& Hithp., iiT Hi. 
to conduct one's self, -^zi Hithp. 

w. bx against, 
to speak, nsa , na b-'-nsH . 
inspect, to, see nx"i K. 2., n^tt) w. 2 . 
carefully, to, -i;r3 Pi. w. b , — "fa 
inspectors, cnij'i: . 
instead of, rbn , n-ipia w. gen., "i^iira , 

rnn , i-rx nrn . 
institute, to, it's Pi. 

any holy thing, to, llSnp Pi. 
instruct, to, "pa Hi., -iqi Pi., n"!"! Hi., 

b^tU Hi. 
instructed, to be, -lO'^ Nithp. 
instruction, ->ix m., nrb m., -iDl^ m., 
joined usually with ns'n , n^an ,, 
•iDia m., nna m., nriiad 1, nnin f. 
divine, -^a m. 
to receive, ^nt Ni. 
instrument, "^ba m. 

cutting, tlJ'i'n m. 
insult, to^ cbs Hi. 
insulted, to l)e, cba Ni. 
integrity, piax 1, b"]n m., 'naS'i m., -it^*! 
m., rrj^iii 1, p-|x m., rtpis 1, taw 
m., c'n m., p:£p f., c'^rn m. 

intellect, nttoia f. (Ch. zh and aab m.* 

T TI ^ - -I 

STTria m.) 
intelligence, nra f., PS?i f., vaa5n m^ 
r-n-a also ytjo m. (later Heb.), ■•■latD 
m., b^arrj, bab also b^iu m. (Ch. 
Jiipba'j f.) ' 
intelligent, yz: , "par; , nan . 
one, b"'aiUT3 . 

to be, -,^a'K. Ni. Hithpal.. bato Hi 
to become, bab Hi. 
to make, '^2 Hi. 
words, p-ijiapi . 
intend, to, t^:s Ci'i'J w. inf. c. b . 
intercede for, to, bba Hithp. c. "isa , 

br , b ., w. bx with whom, 
interceding angel, the, ybxi Tixbig , 
intercession, nfesn f. 
intercessor, y*b?3 , r^r.2^ . 
intercourse, Tio m. 

to have, nno , 3*ir I Hithp. eg, 

to hold, n?S Hithp. c. ns with. 

with, to have, z xia. 
interdict, (Ch. "lOX .) 
interest, (on money), p.'^ania f., T|'Ji3 m.. 
p"'a'nn f. 

to exact, -ai5 Hi, 
interior, (adj.), "'^■'33 , 

(sub.), a";p m., t^ip m. 
interlace, to, 7^30 , . 
interlaced, p'3r . 

(any thing), pis com. 
intermeddle, to, ans I Hithp. c. 3 . 
intermingle, to, 3*13 I Hithp. c. a , b , 

c? . 
intermission, nisiEn f. 
intermit, to, n3'iJ . 
interpret, to, nsa Hi., ipa . (Ch. ntfia , 

interpretation, "^aia , "(i-Tia m., "13!^ and 

nsttS m. (Ch. niiJa m.) 
interpreter, ]^"'b'a . 
interrogate, to, uJpa Pi. w. -j-a ., bx ^ 

K. Pi. (Ch. bxai V. b of pers.) 
interrogation, adverb of, n , n , n . 
interrogative particle, bx I (once). (Ch. 

ix.) " . 




interruption, r^ti I f. 
intercessor, y'^h'q . 
interstice, rfe m. 
intertwine, to, rj^ic Pol. 
interval between, c"^:? du. 
interweave, to, 7|30 , 7,3 o , "3^. 

themselves, to, a-jiu Hithp. 
inter^voven, ni:? . 

(any thing), nh5 com. 

branches, rpo m. 

to be, 7,20 Pu., i^.to Pu. 
intestines, D"S>?5 only plu., a*;;;? m. 
intimacy, 110 m. 
intimate, qiiVx . 

to be, -jru) also "pis . 
into, bx , b , i^S (poet.), 7|'ina . (Ch. 
2, xTsb, b.) 

and through, a . 

my power, "»"j-'2 . 

the house of, nni2n , ni3'^:B . 

t: - - ' r • : 

the presence of, •'re'bx , "^SBTix . 
intoxicated, nisa) , n~i2tt5 . 
intoxication, •p'n m. 
intractable, to be, T^o (once.) 
intrenchment, 25 m., h^n m., prob. 

Nii?3 m. 
intrepid, pa's . 
intricate speech, rt^'^n t. 
introduce, to, (Ch. hhs Aph.) 
introduced, to l^e, (Ch. b^S" Hoph. like 

inundate, to, T'4^ . 
inundation,, c■''^T m., biaia m., vbj m., 

rcED m., nr:^ 1, r^is'iS and qat^ m. 
invade, to, nnj , i^i^a w. br . 
invent, to, xna w. IsJeb ., ncn . 
inventor, 203 n. 
investigate, to, "i:in. 
invetcnite, to be, •.i'' Ni. 
invite, to, X"*p I. 

invoke, to, prt Hi., nnr Hi. c. 2 against. 

(God), to, --2 Pi.' 
inward, nr-^a , r-;?^ , nr';2^ , b n^2, 
b r''2i2, bp^2rb, n^-'ZB , nn-isb . 

. .-.7 . .. . . 1 y.jj f . . . • 

part, pi-ba plu. 

parts, cbcs . 
inwardly to, h nTS^rsb . 
inwards, the, D"'T2ni . 
Ionia, •j*'^ . 
iron, h}";^ m., rrnbs f. (Ch. bps m.) 

fetters, bna m., fully bn2 ''b23 . 

point, rirS m. 

point of a spear, see yn 3. 

wrought, see in n''»l3r . 
irons, bn2 m., fully bn2 ■'b2? . 
irrigate, to, npt^ Hi. 
irrigated, to be, r^p1^ Pu. 
irritate, to, D?3 Pi., y^'O Hi., i']73 Pi., 

or-^^ Hi. ' 
irritated, to be, rbs Ilithp. w. 2 of 

thing or cause, IT'S Hithp. 
is it not ? ■'sn . 

it 80 that ? "'sn . 

not ? cxn , j<b-=x , xb in neg. inter- 
rogation for xbfi . 
Isaac, pns';' . 
Isaiah, in-^s?'!*"! . 
Ishmael, bxrrtlj^. 
island, an, ""X I m. 
Israel, bx"it3'^ . 
Israelite, ''"-xniU'i . 
Issachar, ^z'iS'; (Keri.) 
issue, Ci-'xisx^ plu. 

to, xx"; . 
issues, Q^xiJX^ . 
it, nx 1 (in Ezek.), x-in f. 
Italy, see in 0Ti3 . 
itch, D'ln m. 
itself, rx I (in Ezek.) 
ivory, -,1^ f., C"<2n:tt) plu. 

jackal, •<!< II, brittJ m. 

jackals, see in riiin , D'^in only plu. 

Jacob, 2'pr'] . 

jail, n-BTS f., also xia^ 

•* ' T T - ' T T - 

Japhet, pd;; . 
jasper, piEai"^. 




javelin, •,i'T'3 m., T* ^1515 , n^t^, m. 
jaw-bone, Tib f. 
jaws, 7,n m., •^p2 m. 

the two, D'^mr^^ m. du. 
jealous, xr;^ , Ni'Sj^ . 

of, to ba, Tnjt . 

to be, xrp Pi w. 2 . 
jealousy, naip f. 

to excite to, x:p^ Pi. w. 3 by or 

to provoke to, x;;? Hi. c. 3 . 
jeering, a, ns^sttj f. (once.) 
Jehovah, rr; (poet.), ni.Ti . 
Jephthah, nns*^ . 
Jeremiah, rr^^-ii . 

T ; ! • 

Jericho, in''-}7 . 

Jerusalem, a brn*! , see dbttJ . (Ch. 

D^air.i .) 
jest, a, pnb m. ^-i 

to, pn^ Pi., p 
jester, 5:s?b. 
Jew, ■'•i^n'^ . (Ch. """liirTi only in plu.) 

to become a, nn"" Hithp. 

to make one's self a, nni Hithp. 
Jewess, rT'inrt'i f. 
Jewish, in, rr'nsin'i . 
Jezebel, b::nx . 
Jezreel, bx3.""iT^'. 
Joab, sxi-i . 
Job, ai^s . 
Joel, bx'i"< . 

join, to, tnx , ^OX, tt553 Ni. pret. K. 
fut. w. 2 .. 

in league, to, nan Pi. 

one's self, to, nc'' Ni. 

one's self to, to, nib K. Ni. c. b? , 
bx , c? . 

one's self with, to, lan Hithp. c. 

together, to, tnx , lan K. Pi. Hi., 
pajn Pi. 
joined, see abaS Pu. participle. 

in one, cnnx plu. 

to be, tnx Ho,, -ini . 

together, to be, "lan K. Pu. 
joining, a, n';^ah f. 
joinings, Q-'pttSn . 

joint, b-'SX m., bb"i|5 . 

small, bbip . 

to be out of, rp"! K. only fut 
joints (of back), (Ch. *|^i,::p only plu.) 

(of a coat of mail), cpan . 
joist, ri'^'p m. 
joists, c-'rbs and p-irbs . 

a layer of, C];?a) m. (once.) 

to lay, n'-ip Pi. 
Jonah, n:i^ . 
Jonathan, •,r:i'i . 
Joppa, is^ . 
Jordan, •,':;'■ ^ . 
Joseph, "Di^ . 
Joshua, rioi'in'i . 
Josiah, sin'tlJX"' . 
journey, rp'n com., -bn m., T)bnia m. 

to, T(-."n nil;?, r^-^ri r^n, SD3, inuS 


journeying, rSia ni. 
journeyings, ""jISTS plu. constr. 
joy, ninn f., ab a^i:: , ioic^ m., nniai) 
1, •piDt: ni. 

cry of, nrj-) f. 

object of, tuie-o m. 

shout of, nn m., I'l^n m., nn f. 

to bigak forth into, rii^ raa . 
joyful, ai-J , n^s-J c •j^a because of or 

acclamation, I'l-'ri m. 

to be, :b3 Hi., ai'-j , fbs , nvfSS 
also nrtb w. a in or at. 

to become, aba. Hi. *~ 

to make, n^n Pi. 

to make one's self, obs Hithp. 
joyous, a*w. 

to be, a::'^ . 

to make, a::"* Hi. 
jubilee, see bai"» . 

the year of, bai"" n:ii5 . 
Judah, Judea, n^ni , mnni . 
judge, -,^1 m., pp^h (poet.), ppn« , 
'psp m,, -^z^ , see 1231^ Po, at end. 
(Ch.' -oEttJ .) 

justly, to, pn-jf -jsiB , oi'nt^''i3 UBt^ . 

skilful to, can. 

to, -jJiti or -,1^1 (once), -p^ , na*; 




Hi., i^Q Pi., '^tvi . (Ch. "i-n and 

judge, to contend before a, in and 

unjustly, to, b*r as^r . 

uprightly, to, pns :3St^ , KEttj 

judges, see in nib.^ A, Note, c'^b'^ba 
only plu. (Ch. x'"'j3r'n m. only plu.) 
pertaining to the, "'^''bD . 
the, (Ch. "i^'n m.) 
judgment, •,R'n (Keri), •p'n m., yi\'\'n I 
m,, dra m., ::q!1J^ m., nb"«bs f., see 
in yT^ , aisilJ m. (Ch. yri m., era 
m.) ■" 

to execute, b^s Pi. 
to give, astii^ UEllS . 
judginent-seat, •j-'n m. 
judgments, c'Dsa) only plu. 
juice, "ittjb ra., nsp II m. 
juicy, s-jn . 
junction, r^cn f., n-)2rn3 f. 

juncture, b"SX m., nnsnia f. 
jurisdiction, xtr? m. 

just, nail , nb: 


cause, pn-j; m. 
cause, to have a, pn^ 

now, T,x 

r,ns . 

to be, p"ij£ . 

to pronounce, pns Pi. Hi. 
to show one's self, -\-i2 Hithp. 
justice, nrx f., 7^1 m., acoS^J m., 
r.nbs f., nb-^ba f., pna; m., np"i^ 

f.'(Ch. -,-^ m.)' 

according to, wsttJa^ . 

acts of, n'ipiiJ . 

to do, nD^i Hi., p-is MEOi , liEl^ 

to, to do, pi^ Hi., uEttS . 
justified, to be, pns K. Ni. 
justify, to, n?^ Hi., pn:; Pi. 

one's self, to, p-ns Hithp. 
justly, pn^h . 


keep, to, D'lJ c. dat., yna w- ^^ ., "^^ , 
na;, nsr I, nra) K. Hithp. (Ch. 

(any stated day), to, nlrs I. 
back, to, r^bn w. "jts from, r:t5 , 

l)ack from, to, b'jx K. Hi. w. "j^ . 

cattle, to, ip2 rii-n . 

in mind, to, ittaS . 

in remembrance, to, "^rf Hi. 

one's duty to, to, 'a rpjisaSTa *ra5 . 

one's self, to, n«!lS Ni. c. -(-a . 

one's self quiet, to, C3*in Hithp. 

quiet, to, apTS . 

safely, to, niaaS . 

secret, to, dpo . 

silence, to, d^X Ni., cinn K. Hi., 
nilin Hi., nso Hi. (once.) 
keeper, -nsttJ . 
keepers, c^nsb. 
keeping, a, n"jrtiia t 

keeping off, a, re's m. 
kei)t, to be, ;anp Hithp. 
what is, i?:ttjia m. 

T I • 

kernel, m'-*s m. (apparently.) 

kernels, rin-ia . 

kettle, nirnnia f., nnip f. 

a heated, •)"!«;}< m. 
key, nnfi^ m. 
kick, to, ara , see a^uJ . 
kid, ina m,, n'sna f. 
kidneys, riT'bs only plu. 
kill, to, -125* Pi., a-rj , n2T , nra , rir 
Pil. Hi., rt23 Hi., 53B w. 2 ., bap^ 
(poet.), nsn , an;^ . (Ch. bap Peal, 

for sacrifice, to, n2t . 

many, to, nxn Pi. 
killed, bbn. 

to be, a-nn Ni. Pu. 
killing, a, j-n m., r\'^''^T^^ f., naTiBj f. 
kin, next of, bx"r.n . 




kind, (adj.), n-cn , 210. 

to show one's self, ibn Hithp. 
towards, to be, n:r"i . 
kind, (sub.), ",t m,, -p^ m. (only w. 
sufFs.), f^nEttJr f., liBTTTO m. (Ch. "(T .) 
kindle, to, -nx Hi., 1^2 K. Pi. Hi., 
pbrj K. w. 2 , Hi., nnn HI c. b? 
(only of anger), T^n Pilp., ns^ ©nly 
in fut. c. a ., pb3 Hi., nis Hi. (once), 
nnp . (Ch. NTx and ntx .) 
up, to, -isa , n:ii Ni., n^s Hi. w. 2 . 
kindled mass, n^p"' . 

to be, -iS3 K. Pu., rrin (only of 
anger), ip"< Ho., ni23 I Ni., ptoa 

Ni., mp 


np-ist f. 

ion , 

see nma 

to, to do, -pD w. b , bsJ . 

' ' ' - T i ' 

kindred, n^^xa f., rribiia f., r:? m. 
kine, D-'sbx only plu., see ^J?2 , 2. 
king, r^bia m., ttJii's , 'ip. (Ch. r^b-Q m.) 

to be, r^b-o constr. w. b? of people. 

to be made, 7^^^ . 

to constitute as, r.bia Hi. 

to make, r^'o Hi. 
kings, tj"'nbx "^53 (once.) 
King's Dale, "bian pTSS . 
kingdom, nriibia f., ni:b^ 1, 5^=^^^ 
f., r^zh-cr: t (only constr.). (Ch. 

ilDb^Q f.)' ' 

kingdoms, (Ch. x^ralsQi .) 

kinsman, nx I m., bxa m., see ninp; , b. 

the nearest, bxhn . 
kinswoman, n"inx f., n*JX'^ f- 
kiss, a, Pip^"'tt33 f. 

to, pirs I K. Pi. Hi. 
kite, (bird), see n*x , see n^-n . 
knaw, to, d'^a Pi. 
knead, to, \asib . 
kneading-trough, nnxtli^ f. 
knee, rpsi (sing. once). (Ch. naianx f., 

to bend the, -^na , sn3 . 
kneel, to, rpa , rna . 

down, to, (Ch. r^'^'Z .) 

kneel down, to make, rpa Hi. 
knees, D"3'^2 du. (spoken not only of 
two, but also of many.) 

to fall upon the, (Ch. rpa \ 
knife, ann f., nhzit-q 1, is m., "j^sto 

a sharp, -15 n I m. 

a writer's, -isbn n?n . 
knives, sharp, of stone, see nsis , 2. 
knock, to, p£'n, (Ch. dps.) 

down, to, nnri . 
knocking in rivalry (at a door), d'ipB'nnia 

knot, n'riJX f. / 

knotty questions, (Ch. """niap only plu.) 
knots, (Ch. "i'^-ii:p only plu.) 
know, to, •,•'2 K. Hi., rn*; , "i33 Hi., "(ao 
Hi., nx-j. (Ch. rnv) 

not to, ->a3 Pi. 

of, to, s"]^ w. a . 

to be made to, ri^ NL 

to cause to, sn^ Pi. 

to come to, rn-j . (Ch. 5ni .) 

to feign not to, -123 Pi. 

to let, S"]'^ Hi. 
knowing, a, n?- f., r^'n f. 

(adj.), -(ins , dan . 

to be, -pa Ni. Hi., rn-J. 
knowledge, -ilx m, '$'ri m., ns'n f., 
n?5 f-, npb m., i'rq also rti?? m. 
(later Heb.). (Ch. yrijia m.) 

of, to have a, ri"^ , ^33 Hi. (rare 
and later books). (Ch. 51'j .) 

of, to take, sn^ . 
known, not to let one's self be, nas 

to be, -133 Ni. Hithp. 

to be made, nsir Ho. c. 3 . 

to become, rn'j Ni. Ho. 

to let one's self be, rn-i Hithp. 

to make, nba Pi., 5"i'; Hi. (Ch.- 
rn"^ Aph.) 

to make one's self, sfi-j Hithp. 
knows, what one, r"n m. 
knuckles, d'^'n; nib^sx , •'b'^sx . 




labor, y-r m., ns-^i^ f., ^y^ ra., nsxba 
1, nrr^ m., nnhs f., brr m., -,'^33 
m. (only in Eccle.), 3X3> m., :SC5 m., 
•jis^^ m., ^rs m. (poet.), n^rs f. (Ch. 

and toil, to, h:s II Pu. 

for, to, br? c. b . 

fruit ol, b^sr m. 

his, in:5 . 

in vain, to, nxb K. only fut., w. h 
c. inf., Ni. 

product of, y-'s'^ m. 

to> 35?"; w. b c. inf., ns^ , b«s , 
n:s II, 2:£S Hi., nius I. (Ch. 

to be made to, n:p II Pu. 

to compel to, n^y Hi. 

to have hard, see in n^p I PL 

to impel to, C]rx (once.) 

upon, to, b^3J c. 3 . 

upon, to bestow, n:y He. 3 . 
laboi-er, br? m. 

hired, -i"3-i) m. 
laboring, bi:? m. 
labors, rrisyn . 

hard, c":xn . 
laced work, n2->x f- once in sing., else- 
where plu, 
lacerated, to be, a"ib Ni. 
lack, t(x ion K. Hi., ipa M. 

to cause to, ^Dn Pi. 

' •• T 

to let, nny Pi. 
lacking, "icn w. ace, •,Ta . 

to be, -nr Ni., nz^ Hi. 

' - T ' - T 

ladder, nbo m., see nr.^iy f. 
lade liberally, to, see pj5 Hi. 
laden, b^aj , d'^bap-a plu. 

with guilt, IV. . 

•with guilt, to be, nn. 
laid down, to be, see nrn Pu. 

fast hold of, to be, a-pp Pu. 

out, (money), see SS"^ m. 

up, (something), rrnpo f-, 'j'i"'i?B m* 

up, to be, "(Cr Ni. 

laid upon, to be, "n^y w. b»y ., nVs , 
rr'ttJ Ho. c. bj . 

waste, nsr f. concr., tnaiij . 
waste, to be, da)x , Dr"n Ni., 2'^^ 
and n-^n K. Ni., cttj;, Pts: K. 
Ni., nxi^ I K. Ni., inifi Ni7Pu. 

T T ' - T 

Ho., rnaj Ni., n:cai Ni., craJ K. 
Ni. Ho. '(Ch. 3:n'Hoph.) 
lain with, to be, baaj Ni. Pu., ssOJ Ni. 

lair, a, an^t m., -Ssia m., n:iya f., 

vsit: m., priQ m., r.b m., nsD 1 
lamb, nba m., 13 m., 3iL;3 m., n3to3 

f., see ni^-'ipp , (Ch. -tax m.) 
lambs, C'xb.:: only plu. 
lame, nss . 

the, nsbsrrj f. coll. 
to be, rOQ . 
to be made, ncs Ni. 
to become, ncs Ni. 
lament, a, "11-13 m. 

lament, to, nbx H, brx Pul. (only in 
poetry), ri:S w. ace, b? , bx , b ., bb^ 
Hi. w. bs , b over or for., 7^ni , dna 
Ni. Hithp., nsD , '(ip Pil. c. b? over 
or upon. 

for, to, ISO w. b . 
to make, bnx I Hi. 
lamentation, b3X m., ■'ix , rr^iX , X33 , 
■^23 m., •^n m., nbb-^ f., "»bdt3 m., 
see }nb , see n^rii , rii'^p f. 
lamina, no I m. 
laminffi, ti-S'^ba C"^rp"i . 
lamp, see iicb 2., -i"'3 I m. (only met- 
aphor.), -13 m. 
lance, ttJi-3 m., rr^in f., n^ia m., "j-^p 

m., rrc'i m., W3;t5 and uatJi 
lance-head, maS m. 
land, JTcnx 1, 'j'nx c(mi., pbn m., 
nj-^nia f. (later Ileb,), nbns f., nib m. 

T • I ^ " T -1- • V T 

barren, nnh-q t. 
dry, -^x I. 

dry and parched, nrr^ns £., Tn'^nst 




land, thirsty, riaxVn f^^if. , it^S m., 

',Si«!ss ra. 

' T • 

the dry, naTin (only w. article), 
nra^ 1, ruSa"! f. (Ch. xnaia"^ 

•; T- :■ ••- ^ T I v- 

st. emphat.) 
tract (or) portion of, c3ttJ m. 
land-serpent, 'prn m. 
lands, heathen, rr^sixn . 
language, y,tih com., D'^HElb Xl£i« , see 

neb . 
languid, bbiax , n-/i ^ t^sas , tiy^ . 

to be, him , bb^, !:d3 (once), nn^ 

(once), qbs Pu., jsis Ni. 
to become, n^r Hithp. 
languish, to, nnx only in Hi. inf., bisx 
or brx K. part, pass., Pul. (only in 
poetry), ZN^, b^tj , see nnb , q::s 
K. Ni. Plithp., c^-^s^ (once.) 
languor, '^^^2y'^ m., ■'I'l m. 

to show, qiiS* Hi. 
lank, p'n . 
lap, ah m. 

lap-full, his, i-tsa N^^q . 
lap, to, p;?b K.' Pi. 
lapse (of time), n£!ipri f. 
large, n-^rix , see bna , na^a f. concr., 

- ' T : • ' T T 

at, nnn-ia . 

on both sides, c^n*^ sni . 

place, see an-iia . 

to be, n*-i , nni . 

to become, ann . 

to make, ann Hi. 

to make broad and, nns Hi. 
largeness, nan 73 f. 
largess, (Ch, nata? 1) 
lash one's self, to, see xitd I Hi. 

' ' T T 

last, (adv.), nannx , nannsa , npnx^ . 
at, npnxa, rinnxb. (Ch. -nr 

days, in the, n'^T3'^r\ n^nnxa . 

night, ttj'cx , 

part, rr^nnx f. 

the, "(i^nx m., nsnnx 1, a|!)^ m., 
nDi:i^p only f. 
lasting, to be, '^-qn. I Ni. 
latchet, pi^iU m. 

late (of fruit, etc.), b"»sx . 

fruits, to gather the, ttSjsV , 
lately, di'a , ai-i;?^ . 
later, "(linx . 

lateral projections, supports, nil'', 
latest, the, '(iinx . 
latter, 'liinx . 

state, rri-injs f. 
lattice, na-ix f. (once in sing.), nsirx 

m., riDaiu f. 
lattice- work, naaiD f. 
lattices, o'^Snn , D'^aatt) only plu. 
laud, -lat m. and laT , t3? m., nVnn f. 
one's self, to, nauj Hithp. c. a . 
to, -i^x, xn;? I, X5b Ni., natti 
Pi. (Ch. na^ Pa.)' ' 
laugh, to, 3s^ , pnst c. b at, pntb 
(more usual in later Heb.) 
at, to, pniu c. bs. 
at in scorn, to, pnia K. w. b , Hi. 

c. bs. 
upon, to, pnb w. bx . 
laughter, phs m., phi) m. 
lave, to, ynn . 
laver, a, -jax m., nrs m. 
law, see obx , rrn f. (later Heb.), pn 
m., n^sn f., pisn^ , rtis^ f., n-iigaSa 
f., •^^^^'Q m., n^nSJ f., "If? and ip m., 
nn-in f., rnirn f. (Ch. n^ f.) 

T ' r : ^ T ' 

divine, n"«"ia f., 12351)^ m. (Ch. 

persons learned in the, (Ch. X^RBH 

m. plu. emphat.) 
revealed, psitn f. 
skilled in the, (Ch. x^iar^ m. 

' ^ T - : IT : 

only plu. emphat.) 

to go to, I2S1B Ni. 

with, to go to, i2Stt5 Po. 
lawful for, to be, hb^ impers. 

it is not, ■("'x before an infin. 
lawgiver, ppn^ . 
lawless, y^'^S . 
laws, (Ch. nti f. coll.) 
lawyers, (Ch. &i;]nsn m. plu. emphat.) 
lax, to be, to become, ^nn . 
lay, to, -iQ"; K. Pi., ]n , yn^i Hi., osito 
and D^'iS , r-'tti . 




lay (a foundation), to, n^-^ . (Cli. sn^ .) 
a snare for, to, ttJ;?3 Hitlip. c. a . 
beams (or) joists, to, ri'^jp Pi. 
before, to, dTi) and d^OJ w. bx . 
circumspectly, crosswise, to, see 
hDV Pi. 

- T 

do^vn, to, to^ , bS3 Hi., dVJ and 
ciu , 232) Hi., -(SUJ Hi. (Ch. 
rn? Aph.) 

fast hold of, to, l3T3p . 

hand on, upon, to, see nVa K. 3. 

hands upon, to, n?:s Hithp. c. a ., 
nba3 c. 2 of pers. 

hold, to, ttjsn Pi. 

hold of, to, Tns c. a ., ptn Hi. c. 
2.5 ^j '?» ^c^- (poet.), nnn 
(once of a pers., elsewhere always 
of taking up coals, fire), np^J , 
Tjt^^ c. a., Tj^rj, mv\. 

off, to, t;l's . 

on, to, nbr Hi. 

one's self, to, astti . 

one's self down, to, aaaJ , "p'd also 

open, to, spa , nba Pi., bin Pi. 

out, to, ps"' Hi. 

snares, to, ttJp^, CJps Pi., ^siS, ttiip 

(once in fut.) 
to heart, to, isb-bs ",^3 , "bx d>ill5 

zh , ab-bs cri), ab-bx a'^rn . 
up, to, -(sx . tili c. dat., dt23 

i' » -t' -T ' -T 

(once part, pass.), n>i Hi., 'ips 
K. Hi,, ',52 , diband d^to , iaa3 . 
(Cli. nrs Aph.) 

up for one's self, to, S"]!! w. bx . 

upon, to, nis Hi., bas c. bs ., -(HS 
w. b? of pers., rjTfo , nbs Hi., 
S5D Hi., aa"! Hi. c. br ., nioJ 

-T '-T -'TT 

Pi. w. bp of pers. 

wait, to, anx Hi. 

wa.ste, to, nax Pi. Hi., D!ia Pil., 
sba Pi., mc'i II, ban Pi., a-^n 
Hi., nqna , nxr I Hi., nnaJ , 
n!isS, pritt) Pi., -ir'jj Hi., cTad 
layer of beams, joists, :)piti m. (once.) 

of stones, (Ch. rjans m.) 

laying waste, a, mito f. 
lead, r,:x m., ni^ES f. 
lead, to, r,*fl Hi. w. a ., r,bn and r^b-^ 
•Hi., ba^ I Hi. (poot), -©■; Pi., npb^ 
an: K. Pi., bns Pi., nns , nri , xaia 
Pi. (once.) 
about, to, aao Hi., -sin Hi. 
around, to, qp3 Hi., aao Hi. 
astray, to, n?:: Hi., nbij Hi. 
away, to, 3p;3 , nns , lar Hi. 
back, to, ai'j K. Hi. 
down, to, nni Hi., nns Hi. (only 

forth, to, XS' Hi., an3 . 
in, to, xia Hi. 
in music, to, see n:£3 I Pi. 
into sin, to, x::n Hi. 
off, to, 5r;3 Pi., nnc. 
on, to, 5113, bri3 Hithp., r-c. 
out, to, bn3 , nn: , ro: Hi., ^r\'\ 

out and in, to, X'^^ni x''5tin. 
up to, xi2 Hi. w. bx , b , to., nb:? 

up hastily, to, 1^!)-) Hi. 
leaden weight, n";iE3>n lax . 
leader, n\rxT3 , ppn (poet), ppn^ , 
r,b?a m., t>53 m., t-B m., rnsa m., 

•1,. .. . T ' T T 

"fSj? m., an m., lib m., na^. (Ch. 
an m.) 

(in music), nsrtD . 
in war, -naa . 
leaders, n-abni2 , '"iTng m. concr. 
leaf, a, nbs m. 

a green, q-ia m. 
league, see dbx , n-ina f., riTn m., 
nHTn f., nas^ I f. 
to join in a, nan Pi. 
to strike a, rr^na nn3 . 

. . - T 

with, to make a, nan Hi. c. dS . 

- T 

leagues, see oa") . 

Leah, nxb . 

lean, i^it:!?? , b^ , n-rn ^ p-i . 

to become, nn Ni. 
lean against, to, -jyu Ni. c. b? . 

one's self, to, pen Hithp. c. hs 




lean upon, to, r^?:© , -^ri^ Nl c. b?. 
leanness, OJns , •,1;'? I m., PEntti f. 
leap, to, ysiti , i\':[ K. (once), Pi., hbfi 
Pi., ytp^ Pi., np-i K. Pi. 

(for joy), to cause to, nT3 Hi. 

forth, to, p:T Pi., nt3 . 

over, to, noB w. by . 

to cause to, ttir*^ Hi. 

up, to, nVo Pi. (once.) 
leaping, see tte II Pi. 

a, iii^'n m. 
learn, to, r,bx or tibx , mi , nrb , ns"i . 

' '"l-T I., t' -t" -t' tt 

(Ch. ynv) 
to cause to, qbx Pi. 
learning, a, inb m., nph m., 'nosi^a m., 

joined usually w. n?^ , niaan . 
leather, "Tis m. 
leathern bottle, aix , ri-QTi, m. 
leave, (a permit), "i^ttSn m. 
to ask, bxaj Ni. 
vs^ith, "^3 everywhere joined with 

leave, to, hnn and bnn , 5:21 Hi., -ip"^ 
Hi., n^3 Hi., ras, 2TS , nxuj Hi. 
(Ch. p2ttj .) 

at one's disposal, to, 'b T^a *";s . 
behind, to, n^j Hi., 3ir5 Pi., "ist:: 
Hi., n^tlJ and nrttj . 

- T - ■• T 

for, to, 3T3? w. ace. of thing and 

dat. of pers. 
off, to, d-c^ , bnn and b-jH , nbs 
Pi., its , nr5 I w. -(^ ., ns"! I 
Hi,, asiuj w. -,13 . 
off, to let, n:i3 Hi. 
remaining, to, ni|3 Hi. 
to, to, nsis Hi., 2T? w ace. of 
thing and dat. of pers. 
leaven, nxb m. 
leavened, p^-qn'o . 

any thing, y rn m. 
to be, yen. 
leaves, nbs m. coll. 

(of a door), pinb^ , csbst . 
to put forth, "(ri Pil. 
Lebanon, yizb . 

cedar of, t^x . 
led, to be, nuJx Pu. 

led away, to be, nbs Ho., see njti 

T T T , • 

to, to be, sia Ho. 

up, to be, T\\iy Ni. 
ledge, npri3 m., rrjTr f. (later Heb.) 
ledges, niynaia , w'zhp . 
leech, n|r;:ibr f. (once.) 
leek, "T^sn m. 
leeks, n-^sn m. coll. 
lees, D'^irttS . 
left, (forsaken), b'ln , n-^-ib . 

one, ii-ito m., -is<tt33 . 

• T ' T ; • 

over, to be, "lyttJ Ni. 

that which is, nni^ m., ninis f. 

to (any one), to be, ib "i-'XUJn . 

to be, "in*' Ni., atS Ni. Pu., njtaS 

- T - T - r 

K. (once), nboJ Pu. (Ch. paia 
to have, 1X113 Hi. 

- T 

left, (on the left), bxio'^o , ''bxrto . 

hand, the, bxrb , bx^i)-n;; . 

hand, at the, bx^Q'vZJis . 

hand, on the, bxn'vSO , bxiaizj-b? . 

hand, to the, bx^r^ , bx^'^n , "bs 
bx^to . 

hand, to use the, bxrtt) Hi. 

to turn to the, bx^b Hi. 
left-handed, i3^ri n^ nisx . 
leg, pw f. (Ch. 'pt .) 
legs (of quadrupeds), Q'^S^s f. du. 

upper part of the, nyli'Sia f. 
lend, to, nib Hi., nilJ3 H K. Hi., aa» 
Hi. w. ace, of pers. to whom., bxtfi 
prob. K. w. b , Hi. 

at one per centum to, to, niIJ3 
a nxTs. 

to, to, nr: II Hi. w. 3 . 
length, 'r,";^x m., n-n^a f. (Ch. n3"^x f.) 
lengthened, to be, n:;23 Ni. 
lengthening, a, (Ch. MS'ix f.) 
lentiles, t3"'x;"isi . 
leopard, n?D3 m. 
leprosy, (white). r?'iS f. 
leprous, r!i-ix , 5'^bi'D m., P5'nS"a f. 
less, how much, •'S f]X (preceded by a 

of, to be made, y^s Ni. 
lest, xb -iirx , ba , "^nbab c. infin., nab 




also n^ab (later writers), i^ before an 
infin. (once before a future), — ,b . (Ch. 
nrb , n^b ^^ .) 
lest perhaps, nsb also n^b (later wri- 
ters), iib '^y^h w. future, 
let, to, n5i3 Hi., ttjijs, "(na w. ace. of 
pers. and inf. c. h . 

alone, to, bnn and b^n w. "^"0 of 

pers., nE"i I Hi. w. h of pers. 
be, to, rts . 

down, that which is, nna f. concr. 
down, to, nb-n , i']"' Hi., nsij Hi., 
riEi I Pi., rbtii Pi. 

T T ' - T 

go, to, 'J3!ii3 I Hi., -Tr , rriQ , rtS'n 

I Hi., nbaj K. Pi. ' 
go, to be, nboj Pu. 
loose, to, see nbiij K. 2., -t5 . 
one's self down, to, n::£ , iztlj also 

-,=© . 

out, to, ^•J'B. 

remain, to, -in;i Hi., r^: Hi. 
letter, n-;5X f. (later Heb.), ms^ m., 
■j*nu)3 m., -^sD m. (Ch. s^sx , rnrs. 
letting down, a, nns f. 
level, itt)i . 

a place made, y^l m. 

region, x"^? rarely x'^j and x"^; 

com., -'itt)-:Q m. 
to, "noS-i Pi. Hi., nna Pi. (only 

poet), in© Pi., n^'r Pi. 
to be, ic"i , 
to make, •nc"' Hi., bVs Pi. 

- T - T 

Levi, Levites, -^ib , D"'^ib . (Ch. x^ib 

plu. emphat.) 
levy, cia m. concr. 

to, x=3 Hi., cin Hi. 
lewd, to be, THa . 
liar, -ij^aS m. concr. (once.) 
liars, D^'na II, 3T3 m. concr. 
libation, Ti^p: m., r,D3 and r-jOJ m., 
(Ch. -,C3.)' 
to make, r^bS I K. Pi. Hi. (Ch. 

rjD3 chiefly in Pa.) 
to pour out a, nsSTa Tjbs . 
liberal, s^na , 55ia5 II. 

gift, nna m., ",-13 II m. 

liberal man, irna nJ'^x . 
soul, n:"ia 0555 . 
to be, ^TS3 Pi. 
liberality, nzia f., np^'S f. (Ch. npsnat 

liberty, "ri-n m. 

Libya, Libyans, see a!iB, C^a^b. 
lick, to, r,nb K. (once), Pi., pph K. Pi. 

up, to, r^nb K. (once.) 
lid, nnE3 f. (only of the Ark), T^ia:: m. 
lie, a, SJ3 m., ajns , xrr m., -:;r-r m. 
(Ch. n^-12 f.) 
to, nt K. (only part.), Pi., irns 

Pi., -p/ij K. Pi. 
to give the, sts Hi. 
to make, -ts Hi. 

to, to, -);rtU K. c. dat.. Pi. c. a' of 
lie, (recline), to, aatiS . 
by, to, naoJ . 
down, to, c'ba , y^^i , SDtiS , "(StJj 

also ",3^ . 
down for sleep, to, see in 7.20 Hi. 
down, to make, arOJ Hi. 
in wait, to, a"X K. constr. w. ace, 
b , br , Pi. c. bs ., 30i"« , ms 
II, ns:£ I c. b ., ',::iu , nj^tu c. br . 
in wait for, to, nsiiis Pil. T^"p Pi. c. 

dat., cab. 
out over, to, tip?^ Ni. 
prostrate, to, nsD and nttb Pu. 
to let, ttj-ja , arm . 
with, to, rn'^ , ra"^ I, b:aJ , assS 

w. ds . 
with a woman, to, r:^*X"nx 2rtt5 
r"^_T ri23ttj, ?^tt^X3 irasuj-rx "(P:. 
lier-in-wait, a, a'l^X , -"ll'sn, :i|?5 m., 

^ittS m. 
liers-in-wait, a^ix , 3iixn coll, 
lies, d-^na II. 

to tell, ij^ttS . 
life, iix m., Tj^'n com., •'n , more usually 
in plu. v'^n , r^*n (only poet.), pi^n 
f., ibn m., see Qi"' plu. 2., m-n'* 
f. (poet.), ab m., aab m , ttira com., 
nr^^s f., nil-", f. (Ch. -^n , xxttJs f.) 
again, to bring to, r.-n Pi. 




life, breath of, nn 1 

in jeopardy of, ttissa . 

means of, nimo f. 

preservation of, n^nia f. 

time of, D'^ici plu., perh. "^ns m. 

,(Ch. ya'}-^ plu.) 
to grant one's, n^n Hi. 
to restore to, n^n Pi. Hi. 
to save one's, jT^n Hi. 
with danger of, iijs:a . 
life-blood, see nttjb . 
lifeguardsman, ns:: m. (Ch. naa.) 
lift up, to, h'lj Hi., r;:i3 K. Hi., ^^3 
K. Pi., see &G2 H Hithpo., xba K. 
Pi., -iW I Pil. Pilp., D^S once ia^iS 
K. Hi., cflp Hi., D^l Pii. Hi. (Ch! 
b::5 , tail Aph.) 

up a cry, to, nn:j Hi. 
up one's self, to, n72x Hithp., nxa 
(poet.), xb3 K. Ni. Hithp., nbs 
Ni. Hithp., cnl K. Hithpal., D73-> 
I Ni. (Ch. x!b3 Ithpa. c. b? ., dn-i 
Pal. c. b? against.) . 
lifted up, nx5 , en . 

up as a banner, ^tisTi . 
up, to be, see in naa 3., d**i, QTQ'i 
I. (Ch. din.) 
lifting up, a, rmxi f., nia H f., bsb 
m., 54^13 m., nxb^ f., ni^^i-i f., 
piHb f. 
ligatures, n'iS'iS'72 II m. plu. 
light, (not weighty), prr , bp , hp^p^ . 
(Ch. n-'an.) 
of, to be made, n^p II Ni. 
of, to make, nbo I K. Pi., tiibp II 

Hi., bbp^ Hi.'' 
to be, a?:Q , Trs , bbp? Ni. c. 

•'.rra . 
to make, b\p Hi. 
light, -ii5< m., nnx m., nnix f., niK^ 
m., nnns f., T'S I m. (only metaph.), 
13 m., *ins f. (Ch. nin? m. (Keri.).) 
of day, nix m., ci^ m., rarely f. 
to, n-ijt Hi. (Ch. NTX and nts^.) 
to be, "nx . 
to be made, nis Ni, 
to become, -liji K. Ni. 

light, to bring forth to, xs;i Hi 

to bring to, "133 Hi. 

to come to, nba Ni. 

to enjoy the, rixn . 

to give, niH Hi., nnt Hi., nas . 

to give forth, b^fi Hi. 

to make, iin Hi., nnr Hi. 

up one's countenance, to, n'^xn 

with the, I'ixb . 
light upon, to, ras w. a ., ilSjB K. PL 

(poet), t^-vp Ni. 
lighten, (brighten), to, ^ix Hi., p'la 

lighten, (of burdens), to, hhp Hi. 
lightly, n^p3 bs, 

to act, "(in Hi. 
lightness, (shame), see Kal infin. of h\p . 
lightning, mx m., ttJx com., ptS m. 
(once), p-ia m., t^TH or ftn m., 
quih m. 
flash of, pta m. (once.) 
to send forth, pna (once.) 
lightnings, p^a m. coll., w^hm f. pin. 

lights, d'^nsix . 
like, (adj.), bria m. concr. 
(adv.), n'la'n , n^Taia . 
(prep.), 3,'b, njjb, nasb , -^M , 

■^3Sb . (Ch. a .) 
as» "^'^^3 > ^ > ^ (rarely), ias , 

1733 , b . 
this, -,3-1^3. 
to, t? . 
like, to act, a rr^ii . 

to be, nr-n I c. bs , b ., a rr^rj , 

btt)T2 Ni. c. bx , a , OS ., n^tfi 

c. b of pers., a of thing, 
to be made, (Ch. n'Oi or sfjaJ PeiL 

to become, rmc-n I K. c. bx , b , Ni 

c. ace, Hithp. w. b ., a rrjrt , 

baj?3 Hithp. c. a ,, aao w. a . 
to make one's self, nian I Hithp. 

to, to make, n^tiJ Pi. w. ace. and a . 

(Ch. niu Pa. c. ace. and D3> .) 




like to, to set, nitt3 PL w. ace. and s . 

like, (desire), to, -in2 . 

liken, to, nicn I Pi. c. bx , b ., .T^aJ Hi. 

w. ace. and h . 
in one's mind, to, nrn I Pi. 
likeness, n^-o"^ t, "'li''^''? ™-» ^^^ "^•' 

bxJD and btqo m., Dbs m., m::n f., 

n:!i7:n f. 

T : 

(of disposition), — expressed by nx 
lily, see nV^^n , "jtljiaJ m., •;a5vi5 m., 
nsttJitti f. 

T - 

lily-work, •,tti'i(ii nbria , ',a5!ia5 nibs^ . 

limbs, a "1^2 I. 

lime, T'a m., ^^b m., bsn m. (Ch. 

to cover with, T^ib . 
lime-kiln, see •,u3-3 . 
limit, bisa m., pn m., see rf^xn . 

: ' T -: - 

to, ^aa . 
limp, to, noB , ybs . 
line, ^"ipQ m., i;^ and ip m., nipn f. 

a measuring, ^p and IJ5 m. 

upon line, *pb i;? . 
lineage, ni? m., iun^ m. (silver age.) 
linen, na I m., nus f. 

and woollen together, cloth of, see 

cloth, rttiQ f. 

cloths, <i5iii III (Egyptian word.) 

fine white, nm I m. 
linens, white, ■»nn poet. plu. for c'lh. 
linger, to, nnx Pi., nrjTD or {TT^nia 

lintel, ti'^pttJ-Q m. 

lion, ■'nx m,, n;inx (used only in sing.), 
X'^ab (poet), xd'h m. (poet.), bnoS 
m. (poet). (Ch. n;;ix .) 

a young, ni-i'ix "i''B3 , ^"'ES m., 

of God, bx'inx m. 
lion-like champion, see bx'^nx . 
lioness, x^ib f. 
lionesses, nix~b . 
lion's whelp, a, -^Jia, ni'^'nx "iia. 
lions, DX2b only plu. 
lip, ncu) f. 
lip-talk, tj'^nBtt) ">ntj , neto f. 

lips, the, c-^rti!) du. 

upon, the, ns-b? . 
liquor, ns3 11 m. 
listen, to, "itx I Hi., tt)n"!i Ni. w. b .. 

'- T ' - T J ' 

2t^p K. (once.) 
and obey, to, 'b bipS yq^ , railS 

'B hiph . 
to, to, 'b b-p rru), srQj. 
litigate, to, nx c-^asaJ^a 13^ . 
litter, (carriage), V''"'B5< m. (once), 13 

m., JiBTD f., 2S m. 
little, 'JST2 , -isj:£?3 , )^p^ and •,t3;5 . (Ch. 

^•^?! .) 

a, "I'^rt m. 
by little, ar?3 asa . 
children, r,:: m. coll. 
even a, piT'rsi^ f. 
finger, see nnt , *,ap m. 
for a, ar^ . 
man, a, •paj'^x m. 
ones, c;a m. coll. 
thing, j-!-i"'sa73 f. 

to be, ar^ , *,ap3 

' to do, to give, as 73 Hi. 

to make, as^ Hi. 

very, as^~ , "i^t:q as^a . 

while, a, aS73 . 

while, for a, "52£Bb . 

while, in a, ar^3 . 
lituus, *iBiaJ ni. 

live, to, cnb bax (sometimes), xia, 
ii'Tt (rare and poet), n^n, r\\n and 
Tjb'i K. Pi. Tpot't.), Hithp., n^n , 
••in , nx") , rm . (Ch, n^n , x^n .) 

-t' Tt" TT \ T-. ' T-j/ 

again, to, n^n . 
as I, 15X ""n . 

• IT 

delicately, to, •jnsj Hithp. 

forever, O King, (Ch. -p^bssb KSbo 

in quiet, to, -(XttJ Pil. 
prosperously, to make, rr^n Pi. 
sumptuously, to, "(ns? Hithp. 
to let, n-n Pi. Hi. 
to make, n'T^ Pi. 
to pennit to, pr^n Hi. 
uprightly, to, see in csan Hi., see 
in D-^^an , 4. a. 




live voluptuously, to, ]'iy Hithp. 
well, to, rr^n . 

' ' T T 

live (raw), something, prob. rT^riTa f. 

lively, ^n , rrirj. 

liver, the, nas . 

living, (adj.), Ti . (Ch. *^n .) 

(sub.), d-^'n plu., onb com., nin^ 

again, ^n . 

animal, tt5D3 com., rucas f. 

' v.- T T» 

at ease, "(jxiD . 

creatures, tt)£3 com. coll. 

creatures, all, '•liDa'bs . 

delicate, CSDrn and nisssn m. plu. 

in peace and friendship, uhvQ . 

the, Q-''sn . (Ch. ',i^n .) 

thing, n*n f., u:s3 com., n^itia f. 

°^ T - VV ' T TJ 

thing, every, rrn-bs . 
things, tApl ni., ttJsa com. coll. 
together, a, r\y\s f. 
lizard, see Hj^rx , see n^^^sn . 

(species of), see 'H'q'n, nxiib f., 2:£ 

(species of large), n's m. 
(species of poisonous), n-'a^'i), in 
someMSS. n-'iarij . 
lo! cix, Dxn, sn , -,n II, nsri, stbfi . 
(Ch. iibx , !i-ix in Dan., xn , j<n , 


as, (Ch. -"ID xri .) 
load, a, r|3X m,, ica-q m., b::3 m. 

to, see nn:: Hi., d^j? once a^s K. 
Hi. c. b? . 

up, to, lya II. 
loaf of bread, cnb 133 . 
loam, nrn m. 
loan, &<;i'^ m., nn^-Q f., n^JTa m., nbsttlJ 


to, Kttji II c. 3 to., nai3 II, bxirj 

' TT : ' TT - T 


to ask as a, bsilj . 
loaned, a thing, nbxuj f. 
loathe, to, bna , Dm Pi., n3t , nxb Ni., 

' - T ' -T -T ' T r ' 

13^:3 (once in pret. c. 3) , a^ip K. c. 
3 , Ni. c. •':s2 , HithpaL c. 3 ., y^p 
I w. 3 ., yp^o Pi. 
loathing, a, W^. 

loathing, to reject with, bsa K. Hi. 
loathsome, "i3j(iJ. 

(anything), "^in m. 

to be, ttixs Hi. c. 3 ., nJiT H, nst. 

to become, Ii5x3 Ni. w. 3 and nK 
of pers., Hithp. c. cS . 

to make, tlix3 Hi. w. 3 of pers. 
loathsomeness, N"it f. (once.) 

' TT '■ ' 

lobes of the liver, see n'ln'' . 

lock (of hair), rst"*2£ f. 

locks (of hair), nb^ f., r'ls m., mjS'p , 

d^ari-i . 
locksmith, ^50^ . 

locust, ns-ix m., na H, 31a I m., cjtj 
m,, rsn m., zann m. 

migratory, prob. n3*)X m. 
(species of), b-^on m., pb"^ m., o?bo 
lodge, a, !-!3lb:Q f, 

to, yb and yh . (Ch. xnaS also xn'iJ .) 
lodging-place, "ib-a m. 
loft, n^b?. f. (Ch. n-^bs f.) 
loftily, Di-ia'Q . 

lofty, -i^5£3 (Ken.), -liisa (Cheth. in Ad- 
denda), nxa , nna (constr. only), 
nha , x'^3 , on . 
place, nElt-o m. 
to be, P133 , W'l. 
log, (measure), 5"b m. 
loin, b03 m. (Ch. y^n m.) 
loins, d^sbn only du., D"'bD3 plu., 

d*!?:!^ m. du, (Ch. y^^.n .) 
lonely, iTi'j . 

long, (adj.), r,n!< (constr. only), ti'-ix , 
(adv.), ns:b, tih'S-q . 
ago, -i33 (only in Eccle., later 
Heb.), p^n^-o pimiab . 

' T •• ' ' T - I 

ago, from, pin'irb . 

and broad, sn'i . 

and broad, to make, 3~'i Hi. 

past, cVs. 

since, txtd , TX ^^ . 

time, nissb . 

time, of a, obiSia . 

time to come, for a, pin'n^b . 

to be, Tj'nx , 'i']^ Pi., ri3n. 

to be made, Tj-x Hi. 




long, to let grow, r.VtiS Pi. (once.) 

to make, r,-.x Hi. (Ch. r,nx .) 
long, to, nnx I Hithp., pjrui . 

after, to, qo3 K. w. h of pers., 
inf. c. b ., Ni., 2Xn or *xn 
only first pere. pret. c. h of thing, 
for, to, nnx and inx, n-N I Pi., 
3X^ c. h ., n^3 (once), xtja 
bn tt5E3 , b ttJB: x'^'2 , a^3J w. hv , 

.... J , .... ... J - X - > 

longer, t^s . 

longing, njx f., ri^"ix f., naxn f. 
(once), n"!xn f., nr^iaJn c. bx, bs . 
look, psitn f., ';';'5 f., q-'JQ plu. 

about, to, nES I K. Pi., -ij^io Pi., 

^!ia) II. 
abroad, to, tijraj Ni. 
after, to, -ij-^a Pi., "ijra, nx"i , 

-iria) II. ' 
after anew, to, n;?s . 
around, to, "iVii: II, nsilj I K. Hithp. 
askance at, to, isi Pi. 
at, to, 'n;r3 Pi. w. a ., ass Hi., 

nx'n , Vsb Hi., nxilS II Hithp. 

c. b. 
at one another, to, nifn Hithp. 
away from, to, r.vp I K. w. "(Ta, 

bria , Hi. w. "j^ . 
back, to, a33 Hi. w. i"''^nx ., riD^ 

behind one's self, to, i:i3 Hi. with 

n^-nx ., n:s w. I'^'^nx . 
down upon, to, nxi . 
for, to, nsn K. (once part.). Pi. w. 

ace. et b.,^2i!J Pi. 
forth, to, r;?'r Ni. Hi. 
on, to, (Cli. ntn and kth .) 
one another in the face, to, nx^ 

out, to, nm , n=n K. (once part). 

Pi., nxn , cijr'ij Hi. 
out for, to, ne:! I w. bx . 
out for one's self, to, ib nx"^ . 
to, riTH (mostly poet.), n:n K. 

(once part.), Pi., :333 Hi., xias 

rrc, rsD c. bx, 2., nx-. , 

rr' TT v':' XT' 

n:tij Hi., njJttj I, qjra) Hi. 


look towards, to, an: Hi., iiia K. w. 
bx, Ho., c^jTii) Ni. Hi. w. "'rs-b:? . 
unto, to, nx"» c. bx . 
up, to, bx vrs xiD! . 
up towards, to, yiv w. br , bx . 
upon, to, piTn c. a , ace, ^23 Pi. 

(once) c. b , Hi., "133 Hi. Pi., 

bx n23 , nnb w. 2 ., ^w II, ".rJi , 

n?tt3 I w. bx . 
upon as, to, a nx^i . 
upon each other, to, nroS I Hithp. 
upon with confidence, to, T^ra x4)3. 
upon with delight, to, nx*^ usually 

w. 2 . 
U23on with disdain, to, nxi . 
upon with pain, to, nx") c 2 . 
upon with pleasure, to, 1323 HL 

w. 2 . 


upwards, to, riby^b n:t3. 

with favor upon, to, bs ys n'^tt) . 
look-out, to keep a, -jna . 
looking after, a, rrjpa f. 

upon, a, see "^yiiiTa. 
looks, nxni? m. 

proud, mian d'^3'^» . 
loops, mxbflb m. plu. 
loose, to, bbn Pi. Hi., -ir3 Hi., mcJ I 
Pi. (Ch. xnii: also n^ja^ .) 

let, see nbuj K. 2. 

to let, 3p . 

to let go, rns . 
loosed, to be, nns Ni., see pryi Ni. 
loosen, to, nns Pi., nr-^ I Pi. (Keri.) 

'» -X 'rx ^ 

Ivith a mattock (or) hoe, to, pt5 
only Pi. 
loosened, to be, (Ch. xnttS Ithpa.) 
lop the boughs, to, qs-^ Pi. 
Lord, -pnx m., -^nx . 
lord, -jinx m., bS2 , — a« m. (Ch. b52 , 
xnia m.) 

over, to be, b52 w. b . 

over, to make, (Ch. wbaJ Aph. c, 2 .) 
lords, D-'bttJiaTa , o"^3'^D . 
lose, to, n2X Pi. 

one's self, to, nsx , xan Hithp. 
loss, pn m. 

to bear 

xan Pi. 




loss, to suffer, (Ch. pt3 . ) 

upon, to bring, (Ch. pt3 Aph.) 

lost, to be, "ins. , r^2 Ni. 
a thing, msN f. 

Lot, oib . 

lot, rrix com. (poet.), biia m., r^'^'^ 
com., pbn m., see in an'i , 0^3 f., n3?a 

' I .. - - T ' T T 

1, nnpia m., nbns f., nVns f., dti? 

plu., usually f., "liie m. (Persian word), 

dCp m. (Ch. phn .) 

bitter, narb 1, 'I'O m., a*^"!'"!^ plu. 

final, ni*7nx f. 

to divide out by, bs3 Hi. w. ace. of 

pers., h of thing. 
Note. — To express the casting of 
lots, the verbs used are, n"ii . nni , 

TT ' -T ' 

TC'^tri , b^sn , b^an , -,113. 
lotus trees, see d'^bx:! . 
loud, D1 . 

noise, nsJinpi f. 

T : 

love, anx m. (in sirig. once), iisrix f., 
^^T! J 7?r! "^-j ^"^^sr plu. 
inordinate, nz'3 f. 
inordinately, to, zp c. b» , bx . 
object of, Tlri m. 

to, rnx and nnx , 32 n (once), 
yan c. s ., prn w. infin. and b ., 
dn^ (fut. O.), ns*] . 
love-apples, d^xii'n. 
loveliness, D'':::nx plu., iirn'o m. 
lovely, (adj.), ansj , --^n^ . 
(adv.), see n^nx in end. 
to be, era . 
lover, rnxia (only in a bad sense), r*] 

II m. ' 
lovers, Ci"'253>. 
loves, d'^nnx , C^anx , d'^'i'^ only in 

plu., d^a^s . 
loving, VEH . 

low, (adj.),' b-n, nbp?3 , bstlS . (Ch. 
(adv.), (Ch. r'nx .) 

low and despised, to be, 'nrs . 

country, nbsili f. 

to be, •,r'n or •(•iri (once.) 

to be brought, bb"n K. Ni., 555 
Ni., 7,313 K. Ho., -i?s , nnifl 
K. Ni. Hithpo. 

to be made, bsttJ . 

to bring, r:? Hi , y^s Hi., nnoJ 
Hi., bsitj Hi. 

to lay, baaj Hi. 

to make, (Ch. beaS Aph.) 
lower, ynnn , ">Finn . 

arm, ri-iT f., rarely m. 
lowest, "jirnn, "^nnp . 

part, ^-^i^ m. 
lowly, •'33) , nn bsoJ . 
lowness, n^"n f., bstlj m., nbs(l3 £ 
Lucifer, bb-Ti . 
lucre, r^2 m. 
lumbus, bo3 m. 
luminary, nixia m. 
lump (of earth), tlSsia, ti5'»a , nsi5ia f., 

35-1 m. 
lumps (of earth), n'i-rs m. plu. 
lurk, to, 3tU'^ , "(BS K. c. b , Hi. (Cheth.) 
lurking-place, "npo^ m. 
lust, n:i"»3x f. 

T • -: 

Lydians, see nsib . 
lye, salt of, -12 II m., pi'^'TS f. 
lying, (false), tl)n3 , see -ipt^ . 
divination, 373 cDp . 

^ r v'v 

lying down, a, 331JT3 m., r3"i I m., 

see r:32ti5 . 

T T : 

with, a, 33'r73 m., see n33lU , 

nnb^ f. 

lying-in- wait, a, s-^x m., ^w m. 
lyre, a, nbnT3 m. (Cli. see x:3 3, 
see V1^?0S > o'lrj'^P (Cheth.), Dnrj? 
(a species of), niS3 m., b33 and 
b3: m. 





maceration, n^iOSia f. 

' T ! • 

machinate, to, ttJ-in w. V» against, 

rain Pi. w. ^x , bs of pers. 
machination, •(i'^sn m., fiatia f., nattShtt 

'It- ' T-i ' TT-i- 

and r3i;ni5 1 
machinations, see ni373 . 
mad, bb-i.-iTS . 

to be, bbn Hithpo., K33 Hithp. 
to become, xr: Hithp. 
to feign one's self, bhn Hithpo. 
mad-apple, prickly, pnn and p-in . 
made, to be, x'^3 Ni., n^n K. Ni. (only 
in pret, and part.), nb? I Ni. Pu. 
(Ch. ns» Ithpe., CTJ Ithpe., n^ttJ 

(something), rtosia m. 
madman, nbn^PT: , rs'Oia . 

to play the, S;U) Hithp. 
madness, ""iyjit: m. 
magazines, n'i:sD*Q . 
magi, d-^rrn , d"s::*in . (Ch. 'j'^^aa-jn .) 
magic, ttjnb m. 

arts, caj'^n , u^-^T^h , c^ab. 

• T -: ' • T : ' • T 

to practise, qius Pi., "(js Po. 
magician, prs , r,Tr3i3 , C]1L;3 . (Ch. 

C]T^5< , b^sn, •»nb3 m.) 
magicians, c*'T23n , D"'niD3 . 
magistrate, n^ps m., "psp m., IlSIIS, 

a-^^lD m. (Ch. V^baJ .) 
magnates, (Ch. c'^sa'^nn .) 
magnificence, bna m., n^ia f. (later 

Heb.), -p-i m, n^ssn 1, elsewhere 

't I ' T T 1 • ' 

magnificent, nnJirs f. 
magnified, to be, ins Ni., ^"la . 
magnify, to, -inx Hi., bna Pi., KSb 

one's self, to, bnj Hithp. 
magnitude, bna m (Ch. bba m.) 
Magus, ai3 m. (Ch. D''sn.) 
maid-servant, nrx f., nnsttJ f. 
maiden, na If., n^b^ f., see nrs T, 2., 

trn?? f., m:!:? f., cn^ f. (poet), 

nrr- f. 

mail, a coat of, li-^nD , ST^'ittS f., 'jii'naJ 

m., '("^a m., l^<'^^n m. 
maintain, to, "nrSJ I Hi. 

one's cause, to, b^3 Pilp. Hi. 
one's right, to, ^rj MSUiia rj'i'5 . 
majestic, to be, nsa (poet.) 
majesty, .I'xs f., "jixs m., Mxa f., 
n2a m., bna m., nHa f- (later Heb.), 
*i-jrT m., n^n , lira m., t3? m., nxi) 
f.Vch. ^i-in , !i=^ f.) 
make, to, n32 w. h., n^'z Pi., aJ-^n, 
^s^, irj, niur I, irs (poet.), cw 
* and D-'iU , rTia) (rarely). (Ch. ^ns , 
n^ilJ Pa.) 

(a bed), to, r,E!i . 

a thing as, like, similar to, to, "(ns 

3 ^=^, . 
(a way), to, d^B Pi. 
account of, to, itn Pi. (Ch. fisib 

as, to, •,5?D Pi. 
for, to, n^UJ w. ace. and h . 
for one's self, to, n^^ I. 
Malachi, •'rxb^ . 

■ r ; - 

male, a, a^x m., -iza m. (poet), "isisT 
m., nst m. 

child, D'^aJsx r"iT . 
to be born a, ist Ni. 


malediction, nbVp f. 

tt' : 

males, U^r'q . 
malevolence, ns'^ f. 

' T T 

malevolent, T'pn xb . 
malice, sn m., rt^^'n f. 
with, Si"i3 . 

- T 

malignant ulcer, sn "pnttS . 
mallet, rsi^bn f., yc^ m., -jtbo m., 
nsptj f. 

t't - 

maltreat, to, rnt PH., nj"^ Hi. 
man, cnx m., D^X"!? (poet), ttJ^x m., 
ttjisx m. (poet.), n-iaa (poet), ^na m. 
(poet), naa (poet), ujb? com. (Ch. 
ttJix , 'j3:x, ^33 .) 
a great, an m. 
a little, •pttS'^x m. 




man, any, Cix m., ojix m. 
by man, D^'n^:^ , c'^'^^a^ . 
old, -ijTT m., tt:""ri m. (only poet.), 

aSiiii m., nb . 
this and that, ttjixi tlJ-'x . 
to show one's self a, d'^x only 

young, -i!ina m., nb;^ m., Dbs m. 
man-child, "»;::, m. (poet.) 
manacles, d"|5TX . 
management, rnb!i2nn plu. 
Manasseh, nffi3T2 . 

mandate, -^^n m., rr\ t (later Heb.), 
csa m., -irx^ m. (later Heb.), "ij^a^ 
m. (Ch. cr:? m., csa m., "i^X^.) 
mandates, QinflpQ . 
mane (of a horse), nia?n f. (poet.) 
manes, (umbra), ttJB.3 com. (once), 

• T ; 

mange, pna m., nnso f. 

manger, see D12X , ni'nx and .T^nK f. 

manifested, to be, nba Ni. 

manifold, to be, 33'n only in pret. and 

once inf. 
manikin, •jiiS'^x m. 
mankind, cnx m. (Ch. tl33X , tl5:x.) 

all, cr m. 
manliness, oj^x m, 
manly age, form, one of, ;r"^x m. 
to become, dbn . 
vigor, -1S5 m. (poet.) 
manna, -^-o m. 

manner, nnx com. (poet), see ^zi 1, 
at end, nirnti f. (mostly later Heb.), 
r^-n com., -jt m., issai^ m., mn U, 
n-jin f. (Ch. it .) 
in like, ",3"i^3 . 
in this, 3 . (Ch. xtsis .) 
in what, — so, -jS) — 1^X3 . 
of, in the, s , "^reb. 
(of sjjeech), nstu f . 
that, in the, (Ch. ^t; hzp'h'S .) 
mantle, ^nx ra., rnnx f., D'^bs m., 
nns::^ f ., nE-^r;c f., nbiottJ f., Tpiatfi 
m. (Ch. xbani f.) 
mantles, see (Ch. *,"b2")Q .) 
mantlet, rpb. 
" 10 

manure, ■,ia'n. 

many, 123 , n'] , see nsn in Hi. (Ch. 

x^5ia ,) 
times, rrian d^rsa . 
times? how, d^'rrs hbs . 
to be, cjts , nzn only in pret. and 

once infin., r\zl . 
to become, 231 only in pret. and 

once infin., n2"» . 
to have, n2n Hi. 

T T 

to make, 123 Hi. 
to make one's self, n23 Hithp. 
mar, to, 3x3 Hi., rnai Hi. 
marble, (a species of), ar^2 , see 1^ . 
black, spotted (or) shielded, see 

(white), see isns , ^^^ m. (once), 
truj n m. 
march, to, rjtBia , "r?!jt . 

through, to, 1S-S, w. ace. 
marching, a, mSjC f. 
mare, noio f., T[^-\ f. (once.) 
margin, braa m., nbsi^s f., 33"^3 m., 

rri^D^ f., ip and -p m., nsit) 1 
mariner, nb^? m. 

maritime regions, d""^x , d^ m. (poet.) 
mark, a, n^hs f., ni's^ t, also x*):^?? , 
jae^Q m., r:3 m., rprj? m., in m. 
burnt in, ■'S II (once.) 
out, to, nix HI Hithp., nxrj I Pi., 

nxn Pi. 
to, n{x m Hithp., -,^3 K. Pil. Hi. 
Hithpal., S'l'i , ^rai , n;n I Pi. 
to make a, in rfnri . 
upon, to set a, in nirn c. b? . 
with a compass, to, aw . 
marked off, *,t:C3 . 

off, to be, -ixn Pu. 
with stripes, to be, zisn . 
market, anria Im. (only in Ez.), nbi^lia 

f., E^:i;Ts; (only plu.) 
market-place, D"':i3TS (only plu.), zh'l 

markets, see in inn , 1. 
marks, to make, mn I Pi. 

T r 

marred, to be, pnai Ni. 
marriage, to give in, '^^J' . 




marriage, to mutually give and take 
daughters in, ",nn Hithp. 

to take in, -(nn . 

with, to contract affinity by, inn 
Hithp. c. nx , a , b . 
marriage-gift, a, c^nibaj plu. 
married, to be, bs2 Ni. 
marrow, nb m. 
marrowy, nia . 
marry, to, "jpn, st^i Hi. 

a brother's widow, to, clai Pi. 

(a wife), to, bs2 . 

away a daughter, to, -jpn . 
Mars, see Tjnnia . 
marsh, cjx m., pisa f., xaa m. 
marsh-grass, sinx (Egyptian word.) 
mart, a^Sj-a I m. (only in Ez.), rVsn« 
f., inD ra. 

' T r 

marvel, a, s<ba m. 
marvellous deeds, msbEa . 

T : • 

to be, nbs Ni. 
marvellously, nix^E? . 

with, to do, x^Q Hi. w. nx . 

T T 

mash, to, uirs . 
masons, D■*■)^a. 
massacre, to, linai . 
mast, ban m. (once), I'lh m. 
master, ax m., niix m., hv^ , *»''aa m. 
bvi'-Q, a*:! ni., nrS, -lio m. 

over, to be, bra w. b . 

to, Vz^ w. dat. of thing, 
mastery of, to got the, (Ch. labtlJ w. a .) 

to get the, abaJ (later Hob.) c. a . 
matter, ^rx (poet.), na^ m., yzn m. 

(Ch. r\\-q f., !)=:£ m.) 
mattock, see nx III. <• 

to loosen witli a, prs only Pi. 
mattress, ^^■'aa m., na^ras f. 
mattresses, pinsap. 
iiiaul, yEia m., ywq m. 
maw, na" f. 
maxim, nan m., nn-ri f. 

an obscure, ns'^bia f. 
may, (verb), bb^ . 

not, bx I. 
meadow, prob. bax H m., -ia m. 

saffron, sje nbjian . 

meal, a, nb-^ax f., nn"nx f., dnb com, 

to take a, cnb bax . 
meal, (flour), mcj? m. 

coai-se, m'0"^-S only plu. 
fine, rbb f. 
mean, T\^n , i''?:!£, ^i^'^p. 

something, a:T m. 
meanwhile, na-nri ^'3-^5 . 
measure, a, see isax , see na'n I at 
end., seen-aa, see-ia, see 5'b, iia 
m., nnp f., nsanr f., nxo f., see 
ttJ-'baS , *i?u3 com., i^n m. 
(for grain), r^rb m., nxD f. 
in full, n^ana . 
(of liquids), n-i!ii) 13 f. 
to, bs'.a K. (once), nn^ K. Pi. Po., 
l=n Pi. 
measures, D'tirp . 

prudent,' nibjiann . 
measuring line, ban m., ntna ban. 

reed, rod, n:f? , fully n-nan nsja. 
meat, bax m., nbax f., -liaa m., naii 
m., nna^ f., la^nb or ciinb m., onb 
com., "^x'lj m. 
meat-offering, nnj-a f. (Ch. nns^.) 
Media; •^n^ f. (Cii. •'-7^3.) 
medicaments, nixE"! only plu. 
medicine, nBl*n f. 
medicines, n'ixB'l only plu. 
meditate, to, nr'n I Pi., nr.n I w. a in 
or on., n"^n K. Po., 13T, c^T , attin 
K. Pi., see n^iu, n'^b K. Pol. c. 

meditation, nrn m., n^jn f., ■,i"'an m., 
nis'co f., nb ra., nn-^ij f. 
'^^jj^eek, 1:^ (once), ^3» . 
the, i:5 m. 
meet, (Ch. rrl«.) 

meet, to, ttJ;B , Dnj? Pi. Hi., x-jj? II Ni. 
w. "^rEb , b? ., n"^;^ K. c. ace, Ni. 
c. br ! ' 
to appoint to, ns'^ Hi. 
to cause to, nsx II Pi., nri Hi. 
to come to, xip H Ni. w., "Jfib - 

t't ' - , . > 

to go to, dnj^ Pi., n-ip. 
together, to, uJsta NL 




meet together at an appointed time and 
place, to, nri Ni. 

with, to, ysD c. a ., !155B Pi. (poet), 

dn;? Pi. w. a . 
with at an appointed place, to, isi 
w. b , bx . 
meeting, an appointed, ms I f. 
Melchizedek, piif'iab^ . 
melons, n'^n'isax . 

melt, to, a^r K. Ni. Hithpal., no'a Hi., 
DDia K. (once), Ni., pj^ia Ni., rjns 
Hi.! p-jS. 

awav, to, ax'n , CX'a , i^-Q Ni. 

- T ' - T ' 

away and perish, to cause to, aia . 

to cause to, 3!)T3 . 

to cause the heart to, riD^ HL 
melted mass, a, p^J^i^ m. 

to be, DXT3, PP72 Ni., rjns K fut., 
Ni- pret., Ho. 
melting, a, r^sinn . 

away, a, CT:n m. 
meml)er, (Ch. d'nn .) 
members, c^ia I m. plu., Q'l'nai (poet.) 
memento, "["tist m. 
memorable saying, 'il'iSt m. 
memorial, nix I com., n-iS'JSt f., ^^1 
and -I3T m., -,i-i3t m., -isD m., ci^ 

a day of, '^^^'Z'\ m. 

sacrifice, ')T-i3t nnjia . 

sacrifice, to offer as a, nst Hi. 
memory, 'ist and ^dt m., Dt^ m. 
Memphis, r,ia, Cja. 

men, cnx m. coll., oTita , cs m. (Ch. 
ttJ3x , uj:x .) 

brutish, ti"''is"3. 

class of, nirj m., 5)'nt . 

common, other, see in d"!}* . 

young, n^-ih^ f. concr. 
mend, to, xB-j Pi. (Ch. ann Aph.) 
menstruous cloth, ni'n . 
mention, to, -irt K. Hi. 

of, to make, -127 . 

with praise, to, -ot Hi. 
mentioned, to be, zh hs nbs . 

- - T r 

merchandise, rrinp-Q plu., niho f. 
costly, D^^bs^ plu. 

merchandise of, to make, see -nas Hithp. 
merchant, see -yra , 3., see -(srjs ^ 2., 
-nb m., b=S. 
female, n"inb f. 

V v 

to traverse as a, "ino. 

- T 

merchant-ships, inio PiTax . 
merchants, !TnnD f. concr., see in -i!in , 
2, a. ' ' 

a band of, n-i'i) f. 
mercies, n^^nsn. 

■,!isn , ^^on , dwi (used only 

of God), •'5T3nn . 

to be, "ijn . 

to show one's self, ion Hithp. 
Mercury, -ias. 

mercy, nb^n f., ni-isn f., ion , d'^airn 
plu., nsnn f. (Ch. "f ^rn plu.) 

faithful, ton coupled w. nrx . 

to be shown, -jin Ho. 

to find, cn-i Pu. 

to implore, •(jn Hithp. 

to show, (Ch. "'.n .) 

to, to show, b crrn dsib. 

towards, to show, b c^nn "jns . 

upon, to have, dnn Pi. 
mercy'seat, see rr^ba . 
merely, ~x . 
merry, to be, n7?b and n^b , "^iSaS I. 

to become, matl) and nrto . 
meslin, b'^ba m. 

Mesopotamia, Di'ins c^x , cix 'j'nB. 
message, n'axbia 1, nsniatiJ f. 
messenger, yb'q , ~^J^g m., n^aia , "i^Jt 
Im. " 

to, to send a, d'^na:! nbaS . 

• r : - T 

met with, to be, xnp H Ni. 
metal, base, a*'© m. (Keri.) 
metals, (ore of) precious, nsa m. 
mete, to, -n^a K. Pi. Po. 

out, to, HTS . 

meteor, see ■'"laiD , 
Methuselah, piVr Jin's . 
metropolis, ex f., nax , i-^s I t (w. 
gen. of peoi^le or country), \sjin I m. 
Micali, ns'^ia . 
Michael, bxa'^XJ . 




mid, (adj.), V'=*p? • 

(prep.),. CS. 
middle, (adj.), 'psTi. 

the, ■jiui-'.s m., ia m., nnsrn' f. 
(constr. only), •'^n m., ab m., 
S-b m., iT^sn;? 1, zip m., "r|in 
m. (Ch. ia m.) 
Midian, "(^"t^ . 

midnight, nb^V n'i^n , nb-^n "^sn . 
midst, the, -(ir-x m., la m., ni:£n f. 
(constr. only), "an m., zb m., 52^ 
m., n-'sn?2 f., 2-;;;? m.,.r(-n m. (Ch. 
12 m.) 
from the, (Ch. xia-",^ .) 
of, from the, see "fa , 4. 
of, in the, ir2 and "tya , 2"i;?2 , 

T^ira . (Ch. "sa , xi:a.) 
of, into the, T|"n-bj< . (Ch. Kiab .) 
of, out of the, rp'ms . 
of, through the, nra and nsa . 
midsummer, y-p m. 
midwife, triV^^ . 
mien, c^rD plu. 

might, b-^x m. (once), bx I m., y'a^ 
m. al)str., n-i^aa f., -2a (poet.), si-iT 
f. rarely m., pj/n m-, ^*)ri m., n^ f., 
na m., nx^ m., tb? m., t^TS m., ip 
and ip m., r^pn m. (Ch. nnsiaa , ",Dn 
m., qpn m.) 

to exert one's, bbs I Hithp. c. a . 
mightily, nx-o , nxp *i*x^a . 
miglity, n-^ax , n-^x , bx I, ^'''^sx , 
p-sx or p^E-x, , niaa , "j^on , n-'aa 
(poet.), T3? , T1T5J , see id^5 , Qn:is , 
7^n? ,2-1, on , -j-^tiJ J q^jsn . (Ch. 
^rn'ix f., a^^«j , q^pn .) 
deeds, n-.!i2a f. concr., nibna , 

nb^a f. concr. (later Heb.) 
man, (Ch. "isa .) 
men, niaaa 1 concr. 

T I 

mighty one, t'Sx , bx I m. 

to be, -123 and -i2a , n5 , dsr , 

to become, ^aa and t2^. 
to show one's self, xbo Hithp. c. a 

towards, against, 
work, T^ f . 

migrate, to, nb; , jcs , )r'± . 

into, to, "nno w. bx . 

to cause to, (Ch. xba Aph.) 
migration, nbh. 
milch, pib? plu. 

kine, n^bs n-ins. 
milch-camels, n'ip'':''T3 . 
mildness, niir f., n*:? f. 
military force, ?i-.f f. rarely m. 

governor, losa . 

scribe, *Eb. 

station, 2"'::3 m. 

tribune, -isb, 
milk, 2Vn m., nxrn f. (poet.), nan 

II f. 

curdled, nras f., nx^n f. 

to give, Ws . 
milk-giving, nibs plu. 
milky words, see rrixrn/a . 
mill, a, "|"ina m., n:n;j f., C^nn m, 

(only du.) 
mill-stone, nba . 

the lower, ir^nnn nbfl . 

the upper, 23"! n'^Q , Sr"! . 
millet, -(H^ m. 
mina, nria m. 
mince, to, qsa . 

mind, p-^n m., ri'^ba plu., tt5B3 com., 
nicaij 1, 2-ip m., nn f., niato m. 
(Ch. 2b and 22b m., nn .) 

to bear in, nrt . 

to call to, ^2t K. Hi. , 

to have in, trT . (Ch. nra? , fT'OS? 
c. inf. et b .) 

to keep in, nrtlS . 

to recall to, nsT , 2b-bx 2'»l!:n . 

upon, to fix the, r^'i'^i II. 

with a willing, n2n3 . 
mindful, i^st . 

of, to be, -127 . 

' ' - T 

mine, a, niiiz m., ra^ia f. 

mingle, to, bba , -pia , r|ai only Ho. 

part. f. (Ch. 2-5 Pa.) 

one's self, to, 2^5 I Hithp. c. 3 . 
mingled mass, (people), 2"15 m. cone/,. 

minister, -12s m , ri^ii^ . 




minister of court, see O'^no . 
to, p^a3 Pi. 

- T 

unto, to, ^2Bb "1135 , n'^tli Pi. c. 

acc. of pers. (Ch. tti^aj only Pa.) 

ministers, s-nit) . (Ch. V*^!?^ > T^l^ 

plu. only.) 
ministry, r 2x^12 f., nnb? f., n^jaJ m. 

tha sacred, mhr f. 
minority, n'T'j'S f. 
minute, (adj.), pTr . 
anything, p^ . 
miracle, n'ix I m,, nEi>a m,, st-ni'tt m., 

X^D m. (Ch. nrn m.) 
miracles, nx^r^a constr. plu. (once), 

mirage, see zy:2 . 

mire, -jra m., ^-oh m., ::^b m., i^i m., 

IS? m., ttis") m. 
Miriam, D^iTa . 
mirror, nxiia 1, '^N*' m. 
mirrors, cr^^b^i . 
miscarriage, nbsilSna f. 
miscarry, to, bbffl and h^p Pi. Hi. 
mischief, ',iox m.,ni!in f. (only plu.), 

n^T f., hhtt: f., n?-j f. 
miserable, to be, "i5x . 
misery, r^'^n m., b-ib, nisspia 1, "jis 

m., brs? m., •'iv m. 
misfortune, tin m., bsx m. (poet.), 

nbrx f., nx-jn f., t^s m. 
miss, (slip), a, nx:sn f. 
miss (one's way), to, xisn Hithp. 

to, xian , nps . 

to let, xan Hi. 
missed, to be, -i-;55 Ni., nps Ni. Pu. 
missile, n^iD m 
missing, something, mix f. 
misstep, pxan f. 
mist, "IX m., bnsn . 
mistake, nss'i" f. 
mistress, nbsa f., 1^12-} 1 

of anything, nlssa f. 
mitigation, nr-o f. 
mix, to, T|0T3. (Ch. ^'•^v Pa.) 

one's self, to, bba Hithpo. w. 2} . 

wine, to, r^ti'O . 
mixed, see in, ::nti , 3. (Ch. 2'^sa ,) 

mixed multitude, qpccx m., an? m. 
concr., 3"i29n . 

provender, b-'ba m. 
to be, bba Hithpo. w. a . 
mixture, see a'lr . 
Moab, SX'i'a . 
moan, to, rfzr\ , snj Pi. 
moaning, a, nyri m., see j-'sn . 
mock, to, see brn , -j^Jib K. Hi., arb K. 
c. b , a , Hi. c. b , a , b? ., pnia Hi., 
bbs I Hithp., y.y Hithp. c. b?., pnto 
w. 2 ., bbn Hi., rrn Pilp. Hith- 

at, to, arb Hi. c. a . 
mocker, -(^b , :s'5 . 

to show one's self a, V!|b Hithpal. 
mockers, Q-'bnn (poet.), -psb -"ttisx , 

D^s:i'b . 
mockery, i^h m., nr:tl5 f., Q-^ynsn 

mocking, a, y.nh m,, n:ri3a5 f . (once.) 
mockings, n"'bnn . 

mode, nnx com. (poet), n^an f. (most- 
ly later Heb.), r,-"ri com., -lin H. 
of acting, niJ?Ta m. 
of building, ni:an f. 
model, rsns'n f., rr'Dan 1 
modest, r^:s . 

modestly, to act, live, 53s Hi. 
modesty, m:25 f. 
moisten, to, oo-i . (Ch. ras Pa.) 
moistened, to be, a::-i , npiiS Pu. (Ch-.. 

yast Ithpa.) 
moistening, a, ■^sipa) m. 
moisture, vital, irb m. 
mole, sec n-iB^En , nng f., see roOSjin. 
Molech, Tjbt . 
mollified, to be, "a'n Pu. 
molten, pap , see nzrs'O I. 

image, tj-^ds m., TjOp and r|C3 m., 

boD m. 
to be, psi Ho. 
moment, a, sre, r:"! m. (Ch. nsoj f.) 
as in a, ra-^s . 
every, csj-ib . 
for a, s:-i ins , sa"! . (Ch. nSttSS 

«in .) 




moment, in a, SJ^i^a , cxns , yrB, ^^'^1 , 

in the same, (Ch. xpstli-n2 .) 
money, riyi^ 1, res m., ni^ns com. 
current, i^i? rips . 
piece of, n^Sjx f. 
pieces of, 0''SC3 . 
month, ttJnn m., rr;;;^ m., (Ch. n-.^ m.) 
by month, tiinn2 ttJnn . 
of time, cr*' ir^h . 
monthly courses (of women), d^^s f. 

only plu. 
monument, n'x I com., t^ f., see 2273 , 

r.zsia f., cttS m. 
moon, nni m. (in prose always with 
the article), nsab f. (poet.), see in 

day of the new, fih m. 

full, xrs . 

new, ^-ih m. 
Mordecai, ■'i'n-^:Q . 
more, -ini"" , T5 . 

how much, -5 ;>jt (preceded by an 

than, -(^ yi\T^ , ',73 ^ni"" , nn;; , "jia 
(in compar.). (Ch. -,13 .) 

to be, ->r- Ili. Ni. 
Mori ah, r^'i^i'-c . 
morning, -ira m., -n'lj m. 

every, -|5h3 -p^2 , -.j5*a^ -iprab , 

in the, njra -ix , i^s^ • 

light, nix m., -\;r2 nix. (Ch. 

the next, -jra m. 

twilight, riij: m. 
morose, b'na (Cheth.) 

to be, rsT . 
morphew, pra m. 
mon-ow, the, npa, nr^, ^H^ ^' 

on the, rT'.r.^'a . 
morsel pd f., pts . 

dainty, c-isn^n'O . 
mortal, a, ui-x m., "^aa m. (poet.) 
mortar, nrh m., 1:^13 m., hun m. 
mortar, a, nrnis 1, uipsis m. 
Moses, P1JT3. 

Most High, dinx concr., b5 m. concr. 

(Ch. nsb.) 
moth, a, 00 m., ttis) I m. 
mother, dx 1, nnin f. (poet.), P'lisii f. 

w. gen. 
mother-city, ex f. 
mother-in-law, ni^sn f., rirp f. 
motion, to put in, din . 
motions, uneasy, d'^^ns . 
mound, a, xiH m., nis73 I m., n-i!iST3 

T T I 

f., n^Vo f., see p^^on ^ bn m. 
(of waves), i: m. (only poet.) 
sepulchral, pra (rarely.) 
mount, a, nn m. 
mount, to, nV2) , 152 . 

upwards, to, nas Hi. 
mountain, "I'-n (old and unusual), *in 
m., n*p once c. suff., and -i-:n only c. 
suff. (mostly poet.). (Ch. n^ia m.) 
a steep, n"~"'i3 f. 
gorge, -pnpS m. 
ranges, see OSH . 
mountain-cock, see PE'^ai'n. 
mountain-goat, br/^ m., ixn . 
mountain-pass, n-2ST3 f. 
mountaineer, •^-'-in . 
mountainous region, np m. 
mountains, ^p m. 

mourn, to, bax I K. seq. ^5 over, 
Hithp., brx Pul. (only in poetry), 
paa K. Pi., nnr Hi. c. b» ., nsD , i-nj? . 
for, to, nsD w. b . 
mourner, 'np. 
mournful cry, pjn f. 

song, to chant a, ',ap Pil. 
mournfully, P'^S'^p . 
mourning, (adj.), bax I. 

(sub.), bax m., p':x f., Pprjs 1, 
p!ira f., ^=a m., piaa 1, 

a song of, p:'|5 f. 

in, P^pnp (adv.) 
mouse, a, na"? m. 

mouth, nal^ m. (poet.), no m., rT'D 
m., '(On m. (Ch. cid m.) 

in, into. U])on the, "^E-bs. 

in the midst of his, ian Tp'na. 




mouth, the inside, r^n m. 
move, to, i::iT3 , r^'d's , nsia Hi., rsis also 
5)13 K. Hi., p'lO Hi. foil, by an ace. 
and inf. c. b ., era , trii. 
about rapidly, to, -ino Pilp. 
in a circle, to, q;?: . 
one's self, to, r>iT , "it: . 
quickly to and fro, to, h\p Pilp. 
slowly, to, nr:j . 
swiftly, to, -in'n . 
to and fro, to, yr-o , Tn: , "ma , 

s:i3 Hi., ^^3 Hi., p?,Q I K. Hi. 
up and down, to, *Ti3 , n^3 , r,!i3 K. 
moved, to be, ^'sa Hithp., u^n Ni., 
nnt Ni., iTas I Ni., a:i^ K. Ni. 
Hithp., U!i3 (once), -i=3J Ni., nrss 
Ni. Hithp., hhp^ Hithpalp., ts'i , Ti^n 
Polal., t35n , ttjr-; . 
a being, ai'a m. 
to and fro, to be, 1^3 Hithpal. 
violently to and fro, to be, ttjrs K. 
moving thing, any, V] m. (poet.) 

to and fro, a, r.£^3P f. 
mower, i^ip. 
mowing, a, t^ m. 

much, (adj.), nrs , *n . (Ch. S'^ab.) 
(adv.), -^s-Q xb , na-i , nan Hi. w. 
b and inf. of another verb., 

(sub.), 21 m. 
ado, "("^rr 3*1. 
less, how, "^3 C|X (preceded by a 

more, how, "^3 ?X (preceded by an 

not, isria . 
to be, 2^1 only in pret. and once 

to become, asn only in pret. and 

once intin., nai . 

T r 

to do, nri Hi. 

T T 

to have, nDi Hi. 
to make, nan Pi. Hi. 
too, nni"' , VS13 "1? , see nai Hi. 
mud, y'2 m., t:"^:: m., •,'i'i m., uJsi m. 

mud, to remove, x^xa Pilp. (once.) 

muffle, to, laxb , anb K. Hi. 
mulct, u533 m. (Cii. tt3:!> m.) 
mule, 1-1 s m. 
mules, c^sinaJnx . 
multiplied by myriads, n'laaiTS plu. 
to be, 231 only in pret. and once 
infin., nnl . 
multiply, to, nitj (once), i23 Hi., ins 
II Hi., 23^1 only in pret. and once 
infin., n3i K. Pi. Hi., y-iiii . 
one's self, to, 123 Hithp. 
multitude, "p^x II, y.^ti m. once 1, 
133, i"'33ia, fiibia m., n^3l^ f., r|0 
m, (once), ms I 1, r\z'£v f., see 
ttJs , brji? m., 31 m., ttJsi m., noiai 
f., nSEtt) f. 

a whole, 31 m. (poet.) 
mixed, r)Drt?x m,, 315 m. concr., 
3irn . 

V V T 

in, 3'ib . 

of, according to the, i-n^a , "^la . 

of persons, cs m. 
mural turret, nS3 f. 
murder, ci m. 
murderer, rsi , SiSti^J . 

to be a, n:ii Pi. 
murmur, i:x m., *,'i''>!i m. 

to, '(Sx Hithpo., n:,n I, yh Ni. Hi., 
CX3 (once), Tai K. participle, Ni. 
w. 3 of pers. 
murmuring, a, nts'Q f., m'3bn only plu. 
murrain, -13'n m. 
muscle, (shell-fish), nbsn f. 
muscle, (sinew), litj m. 
music, n-\^t f., ST3Q3 m. (Ch. net m.) 

T : ■ - V ^ - : ' 

instruments of, i-^ai ■'bs . 

of stringed instruments, rT3"'a3 f. 

to lead in, see n:i3 I Pi. 
musical instrument, a, ttjiia m. 
musician, chief, nS2^3 . 
mustachios, the, Dsb m. 

to cover the, DB'»^-bs no5 , 

to trim the, dEtan nttJJ , 

' T T - r T ' 

muster, a, rrnps f. 

to, ipQ K. Pi., X2S Hi. 

muster-master, -Eb. 




mustered, to be, ttinn Ni., ipii Ni. Pu, 

Ilithp. ITothp. 
mute, D^x , n'l'ci'n f. 

to be, D^x Ni., ainn . 
mutter, to, nan I, dx3 (once.) 
mutterere, ti"'ax concr., C^:ri^ . 
muttering (of thunder), n:n m. 
mutuli, (architec), ninEis m. plu. 

muzzle, a, D-^onia m. 

to, d:2n , con. 
myriad, rr^n f., !|2-i f. (later writers), 

n-ia-i f. (Ch. i2n f ) 
myriads, multiplied by, ni3"in plu. 
myn-h, -'ib ra. 
myrtle, onn m. 
myself, (1), ''ttJBa. 


Nahum, dins. 

nail (of finger), •-I's!!! m. (Ch. nsa m.) 

nail, (peg), n m. (spoken only of taber- 
nacle curtains), -in"" . 

nails, d'^H^'p'u and ni-rO'g m., also 
o""i'2CTa and nii7:oa , m'"irii)T3 . 

naked, cVr concr., c-i-S , sns , h\i^ . 

' •■ T 7 - T ' T 

hill, a, •'Ett) m. 

place, n-;.S!"C m. 

places, ri-s? . 

space, "nria m. 

the, ca-S^ plu. concr. 

to be. n-^r K. (once.) 

to be made, nbii Ni, Pu., isir 11 Ni. 

to lay, n-^S Pi. 

to make, nVa K. Pi., sbn, n^S Pi. 

' TT ' ■ - T " T T 

Hi., rns . 
to make one's self, n"iS Hithp. 
nakedness, -lyTj m., s-^ia^STa plu., d^i'S 
m., mnjJ 1, n'^'iy f., ■EOJ m. (Cheth.) 
name, -oj and ^zt m., QOi m. (Oh. 
dOJ m.l 

after death, dt]^_ m. 

by, n'-ara. 

great, good, d^ m. 

of Jehovah, to call upon the, see 

in dO: , d. 
of, to call upon the, 'b dl^3 X*p . 
to, -.72X , x-p^ I, fully h di^ xnpr . 

(Ch. nriaS ditb.) 
to call by, ap3 . 
to make one's self a, di^ ih ntt55 , 

ib diti c^tt). 
to, to give a, ih COJ dlio . 
named, the, d'^ap: . 

named, to be, unp I Ni. Pu, 

names, (Ch, rnisttJ plu. constr.) 

name's sake, for his, itcaS -s/qh . 

name's sake, for my, -^ic'i) -siab . 

Naomi, •'C?: . 

nape (of the neck), rpr m.. "ixiS m. 

(Ch, ^X*I5£ Ml.) 

to turn the, Ti'^'s "na . 
Naphtali, "bnB3 . 
narcissus, see pbsan . 
nard, "in: m. 
narrate, to, IBO Pi. 
narration, "Cpis m. 
narrow, is m. 

path, birttJiQ m, 

something, psiia m. 

to be, y!|x , "is~ only in fut. 

way, see biroj^ . 
narrowness, is m. 
Nathan, "(r: . 

nation, ex f., max also d'^ax f. (only 
in plu.), iia m., dxb m. (only poet.), 
■(ittib com., nnoajp f., ds m, (Ch, 
nax f., "j^r^b m,) 

one of another, "t , 
nations, d-^^r? . (Ch •,^r«s .) 

foreign, d'^ia . 
native, n-iTX m., ',2 m. (w. gen. of 
place), na I f. (vv, gen. of place.) 

fountry, nibils ^'ix . 

tree, riTX m. 
nativity, nn|n , r'nb'ia f., nnrr and 
n-'sr^ f. 


naught, for, cp"'-] . 
naughtiness, vx m. 




nauseate, to, anp K c. 2 , Ni c. •'3Ba, 

Hithpal. c. 3 . 
nave (of a whed), d'^'iTi'n plu. 
navel, see -nz'J , "lilJ m. 
navy, -ijx com. 
nay, bx I, stb . 

but, D^iX , ''S L 

for, •'s I. 

indeed, bsx. 

rather, hz^ . 

T -J 

Nazarite, n-'p . 
near, (adj.), -"i"!?. 

(prep.), bx , bsx , rs II, a , "j^a 
and 153 , n^b , "jn -iss , "i! '5< , 

^510 , cr , ras (once), n:eS5 . 
away, to, ttSss Ni. pret. K. fut. 

to, ttJaa Ni. pret. K. fut. w. bx . 
to be very, z-^p I Pi. c. inf. et 

to bring, uSsa Hi., anp^ I Pi. Hi. 

(Ch. stp Aph.) 
to come, 1053 K. fut. Ni. pret, w. 

bx ., -"ip I and 2np K. Ni. 
to draw, t^z Ni. pret. K. fut. w. 
bx , Hithp., T^rD c. bx ., 2"]p^ I 
and anp . (Ch. z^P. .) 
to, to be, 2"ir I Hi. w. inf. and h . 
to, to draw, r53 Hi. w. ns ., nn;? I 
Hi. w. inf. c. h . 
nearly, 3 , WSrS . 
Nebuchadnezzar, "sSxd13!I33 . 
necessary, to be, (Ch. niin .) 
necessity, p'lnttjn f. 

neck, rri^i";!: plu., •,'i-ia m., npnaia f., 
ti'^S m., ixi^ m. (Ch. -ixsjs m.) 
to break the, Ti'is II. 
to lay upon the, see pss Hi. 

srs; m. (Ch. r^"'3rn 

Cheth T|fl3rn 

necklace, ibn m., rt'hn 1, ps? m. 
(Ch. Tf :^fl or Cheth T\'i'>zri .) 
to adorn with a, prr (once trop.) 

necklaces, c"^Tqin. 

necks, c•'3-,^ls only plu. 

necromancer, six . 

need, n^inttSn f., lion^ m., r^'iit m. 1 
to have, (Ch. nttin c. inf. et i, ) 

needed, to be, (Ch. nttJn .) 

needy, -^rsx , -(Spa , •'W , ui-j , p-^-j . ■ 

neglect, to, -jya , nuja I, nsio Hi. 

doing, quietly to, u:":;n Hi. w. b 
and inf. 

neglected, see nbttj Pu. 

Nehemiah, niTsnD . 

' T : v: 

neigh, to, bns . 

neighbor, rr'iss f. concr., 5n II m., 
•,3lij m. , 
a female, n33a5 f. 

neighbors, d-^z^ao . 

neighing, a, nbn36?a f. 

neither, — nor, ox — ex preceded by a 
neg., ex — CXT preceded by a neg., 
^s — ya w. neg., nsi — "(la w. neg., 
n5 — "(Tab w. neg., nsn — -fXih w. neg. 

nerve, n^a m., see nrr . 

nest, a, "jp m. 

built, to have a, "jrp Pu. 
of young birds, "jp m. 
to, -.rp^ Pi. 
to build a, '^zp PL 

nestle, to, '^zp Pu. 

nestlings, ip m. 

net, onn once ti^r} , see nit^ II, l^2B 
and -1733^ m., nnbe^ , niil^ m., 
mis^ f., nins^ f., ne I m., rt^-i 
f.,' n=3tt5 f. ' ' 

hunters, -irD"Q and irs-D m. 

Nethinim, d"'3-n3 . (Ch. "f 3"^n3 .) 

nettings, cc'^nii: . 

nettle, see nQ*7p , "c;i:sp m. and iiji73-p . 

net-work, naix f. (once in sing.), -asia 
m., ntr-i niori3 , ntD^ f. 

never, see "i"' , 1, h., cbiria w. neg. 

nevertheless, brx (later wiiters), d'^^x , 
^3 di:x , C5 , ^3 1 (rarely), -,^b . (Ch. 

new, IT , ttJin , "inis, C)"ii3, nb . (Ch. 

moon, uinn m. 

moon, day of the, aJ-nn m. 

thing, a, nttiin. 

wine, O-'DS m., 'rinipi m. 




newly, Si-J??? . 
news, ns!i7a'j f. 

good, rrriira f. 
next, (adj.), ""ns . 

day, the, nnni3"a . 

morning, ijra m. 

the, nittj^ m. 
nigh, •i-i;?. 

night, tt)^x , b"^^ , :]ti)3 m. (Ch. jt^^-'b 

by, nb-^b . (Ch. s;b^b d5> .) 

last, ttJT3X. 

this, nb-^n . 

to pass the, -(^b and •(■'b. (Ch. n!|2.) 

to put up for the, (Ch. x"n'IJ also 

^IP. •) 
to remain over, "jJib and "("b . 

to stop for the, '^^b and •,''b . 
niglit-hawk, see Di^rn . 
night-rol>bsrs, nb-^b '^7.*7iU . 
night-spectre, n"'b"'b f. 
Nile, see •jSn-'a , n'x';' ni. (Egyptian 

word), see u^ , see ■|rr''S , ■^^in'^ttj . 
Nimrod, n"i^2 . 
nine, 3?tt;n w. f., nrtdn w. m. 

' - •■ ' T : • 

nineteen, n-b? rtl5n w. f., "If^ nrilSn 

w. m. 
ninety, Q'ruJn . 
Nineveh, "•):"' 3. 
ninth, 'ir'^rn , see ysJFi . 
nip, to, pb73 . 

off, to, pVo . 
nijiped, to be, yp Pu. 
nips sycamore figs, one who, obia 

c-cpii) . 
Nisan, (month), "jci? . 
nitre, -ips m. 

no, ■j-'x (including sub. verb,), see bx I, 
2, 1)., b2 (poet.), xb , Stb. 
further, OEX . 
longer, nSr w. neg. 
man, d'lx m. w. neg. 
more, DEN, li? w. neg. 
one, Q-JX m. w. neg., nrx l"^x , 
"fS , "in^ w. neg., bs w. neg., 
see •'la 1, e. (Ch. bb xb .) 
no-gods, bs xb coll. 

Noah, nb. 
nobility, na"*"?? f. 

of Israel, bx'^b^ niz5 . 
noble, i-'SX , "i'^':?x , bi^x , b'i•^^ , pto , 
1^53 , ::^n3 , i^cr , ?-;iiJ 11. (Ch. n^p^ .) 
a, r'^ns m., y-ip m. (once), -li) m. 
birth, of, n""i3 . 
lady, nib f. 
the, ttj-^x •':2 . 
things, n'n:3 , ni::'!: . 
noble-minded, :i"'-i3 . 
nobles, see in -i-'Sx 2., D"'")""nx , c'^b-'X , 
d"";.n (plu. only), ficirn (once), 
D'^i:ri"^E , r^T':: only plu. (Ch. "^i^-ii'] .) 
of Israel, bx"'ir'^ '''^-3 • 
nocturnal visions, nb"^^n r'x^ia . 
nod, to, n!i3 K. III., rn3 also ris . 
nodding, a, 11:13 m. 
noise, "p'm m. once f., nb"cn f., bip 
m., T:i m., yi I m., lixttj m., nuj II 
f., mxiin plu. 
a loud, ny!iin f. 
a roaring, ti m. 
to make a, n^n Hi., n^rt , QJs*. ^ 
nxttj I Ni. 
noisy places, m'^in (poet.) 

to be, rrcn . 
non-people, a, ny-xb (once.) 

none, -j-x , 'pxTa 

with neg. 

at all, nn* w. neg , *,ia w. neg. 

besides, 0£X . 
noon, ti"'iris du. 
noose, ^p^i-Q m., nn'sb^? f. ti'^ws m. 

norm, "^p and ip m. 
north, the, "jSbs com., bx72to . 

from towards the, n:'ES ''3B73 . 

T T •• : • 

of, on the, fEST^ , b •lESlTa . 

on tlie, "iIESIt: , nr'ESia . 

side, "jiES PXD. 

towards the, n3''E5£ , nrssiri-bx , 

T t" r T- r' 

n3*iBSlb . 

wind, 'pB^ com. (poet.) 

winds, d'^'^Tia (poet.) 
northern, ^:if^ . 

heavens, -,iE5S com. (poet.) 
northward, n:iE:£ , ni'cvp-bx , n3'i-2b . 

T t" r T- v" r T- 




northward of, on the, h nsiEStia . 
nose, C|S< II m. 
nose-ring, seenn, cts m. 
nostrils, D^sx clu., Q'^'^'ns du. 
not, "^x III, -fX (includ. sub. verb), 
see bx I, ba (poet.), ^nsa , "^n^a^ 
(before infin.), xb , xb , rib (Cheth.), 
■ib (twice.) 

any, bs w. neg. 

anything, HTS^ba . 

by, for, in, with, xb2 . 

even. Da w. neg. particle, xbl . 

even one, "px/a . 

lawful, permitted, b "fS? before an 

may, bx I. 
much, ari2 . 
one, -("XTD . 
so 1 bx I. 

so much as, ds w. neg. particle, 
that, bx I. 

there is, are, was, were, ',-'X . 
to be here, present, at hand, -j^x . 
unto, •'^rba , 

yet, ba , nin-j (Cheth.), dyj , xb . 

yet, when, cn-j3 , t^-i^-q . 

note of, to take, ^■p_2 Pi. w. b , b— 'pa . 

nothing, •("'X I (usually includ. sub, 

verb), bx I. Dsx , ba , ^ba , nTs^ba . 

na^ ^x , lan xb , V's w. neg., rtTZIx^ 

w. neg., -,13 w. neg., !|nh. (Ch. xb , 

nb Cheth.) 

at all, ba -f X , niiflxia w. neg. 
but, T,x before a sub., OSX . 
of, b^bx , Dsxia . 
to, for, •'nrba . 
whatever, n^ixia w. neg. 
nothingness, 'jix m., •,'ix I, Xllfi m., 

notwithstanding, br , d5 , nt dS . 
nought, "j-ix I (usually includ. sab. 
verb), bx I, bibx (Cheth.), ^--bx , 
DBX , ■•ba . 
for, DBxa , 'iin xba . 
to bring to, xflJ Hi., Tib IHL 
to come to, ^'jQ I Ho. 
nourish, to, bis Pilp., n5i . 
now, isx and xisjx (always postposi- 
tive), nt , ci»n , di'S , na , xa I, ns , 
nns , drs . (Ch. ns, ",^3 .) 
as before, o"Bn"D?3a . 
indeed, CSQ . 
number, noaia f-, "120^ m., stiIdO f., 
^n^^ss f. (Ch. -j-jjia m.) 
a^ great, Tza. 

according to the, -isQ'a (adverb- 
out, to, n-o . 

T T 

the whole, m'Jtp plu. constr., tVCp^ 

m., ritp f., see db^. 
to, oca (once), iBDia Xtos , X^3 
tlJsin^ -lED K. Pi., n;?Q. (Ch. 
n5T2 and X3^.) 
to be strong in, d:ir . 
without, -iapi2 ■,"'X , iso^ '^xb , 
'iQDr rx""i5 . 
numbered, to be, nso Ni., n;?Q Pu. 

Hithp. Hothp. 
nuraberer, nsiia. 

numbering, a, iprsia m., IBO nu 
numerous, dis? , a'n . 

to be, c:is, naT . 
nuptial couch, nsn f. 
nuptials, nsnn f. 
nurse, a, nsiax f., n|5.r^. 
nursing, a, d'^ns:: plu. 
nursing-father, ax m., "jTSX nu 
nut, a, T"i3X m. 


1 see "liax , in , "^in . 
O that, ■'bnx , "'bnx . 
oak, nbx f., see nbx , 

' T - r •• ' 

m., peih. nT"in f. 

-,ibx m., libx 

oak, hard, see in'^n . 
oar, oitljia and aic'ia , M't^ nu 
oath, nbx f., nsia'j f., ?3t^ II m., ?^ifr 
in (in proper name.) 




oath of covenant, an, nbx f. 

to bind by an, nbx II Hi. 

to bind with an, s-ttj Hi. 

to promise with an, 53'r NL 

to put to an, nix a x'^an . 

to take an, nbxa xia. 
Obadiah, si.T'iar. 

obdurate, to make, najp I Hi. w. ab . 
obedience, T)npi only constr., n?T?-'a ^. 
obedient, Pirrtt)^ f. coner. 

to sliow one's self, s-qt^ Ni. c". b of 

pers. (Oil. ST2'iJ Ithpe.) 

obey, to, nax w. dat. of pers., na? 

(once), 'b bipa SiS'r , 'b bipb rrttj , 

573113 Ni. c. b of pers. (Ch. raia 


to hear and, rru5 . 

to listen and, 'b isipa 5rtt5 , roc 
oblation, -janir m., -(anp m., nuann 1 
oblation-shoulder, n^aii-pin pioJ. 
obliterated, to be, "ie3 Pu. 
oblivion, rraJ: f. 

to be given over to, na53 I Ni. 
obscurations, 0^11-17:3 . 
obscure, r,ajn . 

maxim, nsc^'bia f. 

to, inp Hi. 
obscured, to be, r^trjn ^ d7:S Ho. 
obscurity, y\^H. m. (once Keri), n'n'ip 

f . "" 

observance, ^rtt^ia m., rrniatliTs f., o*''i!a'r 

only plu. 
observe, to, s-i-j, -is5 I, nri) II, itsoJ 
K. Hithp., nr«j I c. 2 . 

closely, to, nc:! I. 

diligently, to, n^j I. 
observed, one who is, iruitt m. concr. 
obstacle, npf<Q f. 
obstinate, ab "i"'2x , see t5"' Ni., n>sp . 

to be, pm . 

to become, (Ch. q'^pn and q'^pn .) 

to show one's self, •^rib Ni. 
obstruct, to, oro K. Pi. 

- T 

obtain, to, npb , y;3 Hi. c. b ., xb: , 
att)3 Hi., p^B II Hi., n3p , Ti'sn . 

-T ' • ' t't ' •! - T 

obtest, to, n!i2J Hi. 

obtuse, to be, -i:£S Hi. 
occasion, nsxn f. (Ch. n^v f.) 

against, to seek, n:x II Hithp. c. 

Occident, the, a"S73 II m., na^STS f. 
occupation, nioria m., rbn: f., niss f. 
occupy, to, uj-ii also aj-i-^ , Tab . n:? 

-r "t' -t* tt 

II Hi. 

occurrence, an evil, 5>:s w. sn . 

ocean, Dinn com. (poet.) 

ochre, red, naittj . 

octave, the, r.'^r'^Tat'n . 

ode, dithyrambic, erratic, •p-'saJ m. 

odious, Kal pass. ])articiijle of x;a) . 

odor, uJB3 com., n*^-; m. (Ch. n— 1 m.) 

aromatic, Dba and cira m. 

of delight, nrT>3 n''i . 

of, to enjoy the, nin Hi. w. 2. 

pleasant, nn"'3 n*'* . 
odors, sweet, (Ch. -("inn-D .) 

of, bx,2,!:,-,r,b?. (Ch. -,73.) 

all kinds, b'a . 
coui-se, ■'a I. 
every kind and sort, b*3. 
nothing, OSX75 . 

old, TX72 , TX— ,72 , biTSPX and b!i73nx 
once birrx , Dbir , Cibiya , 
D-^rsb , D*1p . 
old, things, rn'»:73'3p . 
one, some, out, "ja . 
off, nxbn , by73. 

from, -(T^ . 
offence, cause of, bicsTa m., nbrsTS 

of mind, ab b'itIJ373. 
offender, xcn m. 

offer, to, xia Hi., ba-^ I Hi. (poet.), ttJ:: 
Hi., -lar Hi., nbr Hi., nir I, a'n;? 
I Hi., u^^ Hi. (Ch. a""] w. ace, a"p 
Pa. Aph.) 

gifts, to, xto3 Pi. c. b . 
sacrifice and oblation, to, piaT nas 
nr:7:^ . 

T! • 

spontaneously, to, a"|: Hithp. (Ch. 

a*:? Ithp.) 
voluntarily, to, a"i3 Hithp. w. inf. c 





offering, an, msrx m., nnitt f., "ja-jp? 
m., -.anp m., nrsiin f., n^rsi'in f. 
(Ch. nn:i3 .) 
festive, iri^ m. 

free-will, n^-r: f. (Ch. niZ'nJrn .) 
votive, -1^3 and "ti: m. 
offerings, Ci*' =n::n . 
office, zil-Q m., ntjps 1, r.^nps 1, nips 

officer, "z^'ii m., nips m. concr., lips 

officers, D-inspts , r^'rt'p^ f. concr., o'^'naili. 

chief, nbtu-c?? 1 concr., d-i-nb . 
offscouring, "^np m. 
offset, p-^ns m., rTjT? 1 (later Heb.) 
offspring, nbi m., nb"; m., S'^,t, n-ibi^Q 
f., "p:^^ m., n-'S";^ f., ^a m. always 
coupled with "12:., d'^xsx^ , see 3?2n 
at end. 
lumibler, rirES only plu. 
(of animals), nsaj and "iaa3 m. 
ogle, to, ipio Pi. 
oh if ! cs , x^b , nh . 

that ! Qx , s<!ib , !ib , "in"^ ^"Q . 
oil, nns-^ m., -(raJ m. (Ch. nuJia m.) 
golden, rnr m. 
spiced, "(pj m. 
to, nuJT: . 
to make, "in 3 Hi. 
to press out, "nns Hi. 
oil-flask, r.flbx m. 
oil-tree, '^-z'q y^_ . 
oint, to, bba , naj?3 . 
ointed, n^^v . 

ointment, rnp'^^a f., np'l m., ipt^ m. 
ointments, c'^np'n . 

maker of, n;5n m., nnpn f. 
precious, •^pnpn plu. constr. 
old, n^a,-pT, -(ttJ-j, p^ps. 

age, -(pT m., nspT f., la^3pt plu., 

nbs m., ^■'ttj m., HD^to f. 
age, a good, vigorous, perh. nba m. 
clothes, ixiba only constr,, dTjbTa 

only plu. 
man, an, -(pt m., tl5-<tl5"i m. (only 

poet), ajitli'^ m., 3iu . 
men, (Ch. x'^-j plu. emphat.) 
11 ■ ' 

old, of, Txp , tx—jP , Vi!Qnx and bwnjj 
once birapix , cb-irTS , D">:cb , onp . 

things of, pi'sbtp . 

times of, rr'uix'^ f. 

to be, -jpT K. Hi., 'ft'^ Ni 

to become, "(pt . 

to grow, -(pT K. Hi., pn» . 

to wax, nba . 

women, riapT . 
older persons, o^z'^sip . 

than, ",pT w. ",^ . 
oldness, ni:Tn f. 
oleaster, •,r^0 v^ . 
olive, n"*: m. 

branch, n*;! m. 

oil, n*;: ]^yi_ . 

tree, rr^T m., more fully '{qtii rcT , 

olive-yard, rr^T D^O . 

Olives, Mount of, D^P"^jn nbrp , nn 

omen, rnx I com., nsi^ m., liSns m. 
omentum, np3"a m. 
omer, -a3> m. 
omer-fuli, ^ri? xb^a . 
Omnipotent, the, i^ii m. 
on, bx , a , b , -,12 , bs . 

account of, rn"nx"P>* , bx , "itt^sa 
b , nsa and -ira , bbja c suff., 

a verb of interceding), iJi3?a , 
b? , aps-br , ap? , see nsi: Note, 
■^JS^TS , •^DD'O , bra (later Heb.). 
(Ch. ■•,p,'br, bairb.) 
account of what, nrb . 

r : 

every side, a^aD^o . 

high, ci-.^3 , see naa Hi., di'itt , 

b?, ci^. 
my account, Tji-ix bs , •'ku3a (later 

that account, '.ab , ",3"bs . 
that day, ci*a , 
the inner wall, ma'^rs . 
the inside, rr^ap , ma'^Jsp . 
the inside and on the outside, TT^aa 

the outside, ysima . 




on this account, nsib , ",3 hs (poet, 
style.). (Ch. n:^ by .) 

this side of thee, nini 7\iz^ . 

what account ? naa , f^5a2 . 

whose account, "^obiDa (later Heb.) 
once, nnx , nns =?Q .' 

— again, r^,"! repeated, 
and again, c^najs) nss . 

at, nnss , rnx2 , D3 , cr'^^ , cys 
nnx . (Ch. n-ins .) 
one, inK , lu^s m., nn II. (Ch. nn .) 
a being, in'i m. 
a certain, "'rrbx "^ibs . 
after another, inx rn^h . 

— another, -inx — inx , n'i'x f. 
followed by ninx or nnr^ ., tC'^x 
m. with nx or 3?i ., nj — nt , 
PXT — rxT. 

by one, *ipx nnx^ . 

no, cnx m. w. neg., nnx 'j'^x , "px , 

nn;) w. neg., hb w. neg. (Ch. 

only, nnx . 
(pereon), ttix-i I m. 
some, "inx , ili^x ni., "jb^x \'bB . 

— the otlier, nx — ttj'^x , — tlJ'^x 
51 , ninx — n\i-x , rvs^ — nirx . 

- •• ' T T • ' ; T • 

time, nnx , rnx Dri? , rs-i . 

time as another, tirsn-cs'23 . 

time, at, nnx ere . 

to another, nT-^x nt . 

to become, nr.i c. 2 , nx . 

to make, nn'' Pi. 
oneness, in^ m. 
onions, D'^biia only plu. 
only, nnx , -N , t3SX , nab (later Heb.), 

begotten, IT"' w. 12 . 

now, r^x . 
onward, nxbn , nbsio . 
onyx, see n'bn^ , see cnilJ . 

marinua, sec rbn^ . 
opal, see ti'^h . 
open, n!irD . 

eye, with, see under, tn^ . 

field, (Ch. na II m.) 

fields, -1 2 III m., n2"ii3 m. 

open itself, to, rf^2 Ni., nre Pi. 
one's eyes, to, V3^r nrc 
place, t^i-o m. 
the eyes upon, to, ni?B w. ^5 . 
to, yj:?2 Pi., np3 , nna , nrji K. 

Pi. (Ch. nre.) 
to be, nrs Pi. 
to break, ypl K. Hi. 
to buret, -i::s Hi. 
to lay, r-3 , nbj Pi., h\n Pi. 
to, to, nrs c. dat. 
wide, to, nSD constr. only w. ns , 

once n£2 ., nss , pbe K. Pi, 

see an-i Hi. 

- T 

open-eyed, n;3B. 

opened, to be, rpra Ni., npB , nrs Ni 
opening, an, nnsTa m., n-pn^is , nna 
m., nrs m., -(innB m. 
blossom, an, •>!i::q . 
Ophir, -i-'BiX .^ 

opinion, s-rj m., ninilJ? f., ne m. 
opinions, divided, c^BrO f. plu. 
opponent, my, ^:;b'IJ^ H'2 . 
opportune, "^ns . 
oppose, to, nn^a, dS ^ip? r,^Jn, pb . 

one's self, to, bbo Hithpo. c. 2 . 
opposite, cb^x , b^^ , see abtu Pu. part, 
to, n:b , n^^jB , ^^".p!^. . 
to be, bap^ Hi! 
oppress, to, nsa c. a ., Kr-n Pi-, ts^n , 
r,^^ Hi., rnb , nrs II Pi. Hi, paJs) . 
1'?'-. , ",r::n K. Pi. Po., n-i'i3 K. Pi 
Po.' nnaS (Cheth.) 
wholly, to, sipp . 
oppressed, r^n ^ iir , psiifis . 
harshly, nipa . 
one, see "('i^ri . 
the, d'piOJS . 

to be, bbn , nnb (once), n:s II K. 

Pu. (Ch. n:s\) 

oppression, nirt f., D?:n m., "(^nb m., 

n:l^*^•o II f., "iss m., np? f., pttJr m., 

n7?aJ5 1, rpB m., nr II m., T|n m. 

oppressions, r'ipt^S'O , cpix? , c^rrpi 

oppressive, naa . 
oppressor, niaa , pn^r , yi'C'n m., tfl'^st 




ban, d'^crn ts-'x, 715, piiii^ m., 

D'^ssn (once.) 
oppressors, see in hhi'n . 
opulent, -("rn , S1U3 II, 

the, d'^s^'rn (once.) 
or, "ix , see 1 , 1, i. 

else, ifit . 

rather, ix . 
orach, n-lH m. 

oracle, -iD'n m., 'pTn m., rrTT) f., xyf-Q 
m., nxtt)'? f., dx? m., cDi? m., n-i-in 
f., nn!ir'n f. 

to ask an, iji'^i . 
oracles, m'n m. coll. 
orbits, n*i3"'20 . 
orchard, •,» com., b^'is m. 
Orcus, bistlj com. 
ordain, to, pp_n , ^D"^ K. Pi. c. b? ,, n^s 

Pi. - ' ' 

order, (arrangement), n3"«S^ f., nno 
m., -I'n I. 

to be set in, ',!|3 Ho. 

to put in, i"is' , Ty"}^ , !^2Q Pi-j r^ittJ Pi- 

to set in, -\"ir , r("]S5 , D^b and ciu . 

to set in rioht, pn Pi. (later Heb.) 
order, (command), !i3 m. 

of, by, iB"br . 
ordinance, pn m , rtpn f. 
-ordinances, m~i5> plu. only, 
ordure, bbs m., bbj m., nxs 1, hxis 1 
ore of gold and silver, 'n:£3 m. 

(stone), -,2J< com. 
Orient, di-i!ix plu., rrnr^ m. 
oriental regions, see C"*iQ . 
orifice, riB m, 

origin, nix'jiTa only i^lu., riibin . 
Orion, see b-cs . 

ornament, n;!S5 f-, 'M\ m-, WS5 f., 
mn m., mn m. (once), n-»~n f., '^13? 

T T V V ^ ' T T -: • -: 

m., ^^-isd (Keri), ^^is'r (Cheth), 
n^xsn f., elsewhere n-^xEn. (Ch. 

T T : • ...... \ 

ornamental, something, nj m. 
ornaments, ■>■):? m. coll. 

splendid, d"'"*:S' "^i? . 
orphan, an, cin*' m. 

osiers, D-'S'ir plu. only. 
ossifrage, see o"ja . 
ostrich, see '.r^ . 

female, nrs;^ f., n:r*n na . 
male, see OTinn . 
ostriches, females, z-^Z'.1 f. plu. (poet.) 
other, ^nx . (Ch. nnzn f.) 

day, the, di'S . 
out from, ",13 . 

of, h y!ini2--:x (after a verb of mo- 
tion), a , xb2 , -,13 , brt! , T{^r^T2 . 
of doors, yi\n . 

of doors, whatever is, yun m. 
of, from, (Ch. ^^ .) 
of, one (or) some, p . 
upon, ""rB-br . 
outbreak, (of voice), n:s"i m. 
outcast, an, rrnj . 

outcry, pST m., nprT f., rj-'.-q , -^-iia 
m., n;rx3 f., nn;:j f., nprrx f., ns-) 
i, y-1 I m., nst"! m., nr-xaj f., riiB m. 
outer, "liS'^n . 

outgoings, ni'XJtin only plu. 
outline, nxn m. 

outpouring, an, -Jitjx m., mix f., iT13jT 
f., qsj'l) and q:;!^ m., r^'^ m. (once.) 
outrageous, to be, ann c. 2 against, 
outside, yrin . 

on the, v!!nT3 . 
outwit, to, d3n Ilithp. w. )> . 
oven, '•sispi . 

over, nbr72 , nrs^b , n:2b , -ifl:2?2 , "bx 
"i2S , bj> , b br^a , "'^s'-? • (Ch. nib? 
fol. by -(Ta., bs.) 

against, bi?a once b"i73 , bs'i^ (Clietb), 
bxi^b , 153 , n::b , n:,i-o , nab, 
naa , "n^s-bx , n^"b , ^:Q-b? , 
nxnpb.'(Ch! i5:,ba;?b.)' 
against, (the region), O'^i^ m. 
and above, nbrTsb w. -jr ., b? . 
to be, n:^: I Pi. (only inf. and 

part.) w. bs , b . 
to be lord (or) master, bsa . 
overcast, to be, n'lp Hithp. 
overcome, to, h'z"^ , Ji33 Hi. (Ch. hq"^ or 
b'^D'' w. dat. of pei-s., n»: Ithpa. c. 





overcome, to be, r^i? , c;::? K. Ni. 
Hitbp., Ti^S Pu. Hithp., see •.n'n Hith- 
ovcrdiive, to, pzi . 

ovei*flow, to, -r; K. fut. Ni. pret., ^z'S 
; K. Hithp., yr\ti K. (only fut. and imp.), 
r,is c. b? ., pTij, Tiiar . 
to cause to, p?,a3 Pil. 
to let, "j^^EHi. 

to make, r;is Hi. c. ace. et hs . 
ovei-flowed, to be, yp/2 K. Ni. (Kcri.) 
ovei-flowing, "is^ m., rriar f., qw'^ and 

qqr m. 
overhang, to, Dj^UJ Ni. 
overlaid, to be, rtzn Ni. 
overlay, to, nan Pi., ies, nbs Hi., 
HEX n Pi., D-:p^ w. bs, T]*! Hi., spn 
Pi., iuEn . 
overlaying, an, n-nsx f., "''iBa . 
overmuch, "^pi" . 
overplus, to have an, T^l^ Hi. 
overpower, to, t^p . 
overrun, to causa to, ■^35 Hi. 
overseer, T^ro m., nui-Q , 3"^:£3 m., "jiftB 

chief, I-:; Tps . 
of the works, rrx^am b? TiJs . 
of, to make, ^jrs Hi. w. ace. of 
pere., and bs of thing, 
overshadow, to, wcv . 
oversight, n5*i)i2 m., nnps 1, n^npS f. 
of, to give the, ips w. ace. of pers. 
and hy . 

oversight of, to have the, np2 Ho. 
overspread, to, rp-i Pi, 
overtake, to, pz"^ and 
Hi., 5^3 Hi. 

p-tj K. Hi., rpn 

to let, 

[T, and pD-n Hi. 

overthrow, r)zz'n_ f., nairbn 1, Pinnia 
m., n'snn': plu., t^zzp-o f., nw f., 
see n:£T2U3 . 

T ; • 

to, nr-n , :]in , ri£ri , «ibr , -i:-a 

Pi., n=3 Hi., Pi., nnttS Pi. 

Hi., r.buj Hi. (Ch. bzn Pa., n:^ 


overthrown, to be, Cnn Ni., blU3 Ho., 

U5n3 Ni., -i2tij Ni. 
overturn, to, r\zn , nz2 Hi., n"r Pi. 

' - T ' TT T T 

overturning, an, n^s f. 
overwhelm, to, zy , trS , ?]:3'j3 . 

(and) swallow up, to, tp^ . 

to make, qsis Hi. c. ace. et bs . 
overwhelmed, to be, ciics K. Ni. 
overwhelming, an, ni^-a m. 
owl, see qs^s"] , see otis, 2. 
owls, prob. QTix only plu. 
own, to, mp . 
owner, -pnx m., bs2 , r\:p . 
ox, rpbx m., -ipa com., ni;!" m. (Ch. 
nin m.) 

kind, one of the, Tiaj m. 

wild, see isr) . 
ox-cai-t, nbsr f. 
ox-goad, ^F?2rj "112^13 , 
oxen, CE^x only plu.,' ->p3 com. colL, 
rarely I'itt) m. coll. - 

pace, a, nS56 m., bil 1 

pacified, onbttJ . 

pacify, to, na: Hi. 

package, nrss f. 

paddle, "ir"' . 

paid off, to be, na-i Ni. 

pail, ns f. 

pain, "j^s m., bsrj m. (mostly in plu.), 
h'n m., nb-Ti f. (once), nbnbn f., 
y^y^ m., 3X3 m., 31x313 m , n3SST3 

f., ztv m., 3S> m., '(I'ssis , n3SS 
f . " 
pain, pausing bitter, -i-'xr?? . 

for, to be in, b^n and b^n c. 

to, 3:1s K. Pi. 
to be in, bsn Pi., bin and b">n, 

bn-; Hi. 
to cause, 3X2 Hi. 
to have, 3X3 . 




pained, to be, Vmn Hithpalp., nbn , 

Y^n Hithp., -:2s Ni. (Ch. xns .) 
painful, see -ints Hi. participle. 

pains, Q'^bzn , rria^'.n, t3^i"'a . 

a woman in hov, m^j'a msx . 
paint, r\i\Q m. 

to, bns (once), n^rr c. a of color, 
painted, npn?3 . 
pair (of horses), see in n*-ix 3. 

(of oxen), 1-c^, m. 
pair-wise, C^^Tsa D"'33ni 
pairs of horsemen, t)''tU"i!3 "173^ . 

of hors2s, two, D^DiD ZD'i ^Tii . 
palace, a, '^^^^^i^ , ■"■^~x i«m ^I''^ f- 
(later Heb.), p-ia m., ■;n"'3 m., bs'^n 
com., see -ir'^B . (Ch. ni-'a f., rr^a 
m., b2-ri m.) 

one over the, P'^Sn ^:^ lUJx . 
palaces, n":^^x II. 
palanquin, n::'2 f., 3S m. 
palate, r,n m. 
pale, nTTZ f. only. 

to become, nnn , nms Pi. 
paleness, "ip"!^ m., i:>'ip":!l . 
Palestine, often denoted by y -ix , f "iXvJ . 
pallium, nn-nx f., diba m., Tj'^'^an m. 

(Ch. xb2^2 f.) 
palm, a, nE3 f. 

branch, n53 f. 

branches, c^nrn r"'S3 , Q"SD30 . 
palm (of hand), nsa m., nsia m., qs 
1, \jsa m. 

of the hand, (Ch. xn"; 09 .) 
palm-tree, irrj m., ■i7:h m. 
palm-trees, (architect.), ni^an andm'iiaPi 

f. plu. 
Palma Christi, see ""i"'p'^p . 
palms, (branches), Q-^-iiin n'B3 . 
palms, both, c^SS f. du. 

a bearing on the, tiTisza plu. 

to bear upon t\i3, nsw Pi. 
palpitate, to, ^n3 . 
pan, 53 t, r\ir\-q f. 
pang, b^n m., nh^n t. (once), Mbnbn 

pangs, n-^^n, niasnn. 
panic, see in n?ns . 

pant, to, ns'j nithp., ana Pi., nsjo HL, 
?x'r . 

' - T 

after, to, Cixil3 . 
for, to, qx'IJ w. b5 . 
panther, a, ^"c: m. 
pap, I'li m., nia I m. 
paper- reed, X'^a m. 
paps, ""rn du. constr. only, 
papyrus, n^x m. (Egyptian word), XTsa 

parable, rrrT} f.. hx^ I m. 

to propose a, bujia , "i^n joined with 
parables, to use, n^'n I Pi., baJia Pi, 
paramour, anxia , ttiiba m. 
parapet, nps-a m. 
parasites, 5i?-o ""Jrb. 
parch, to, nbp I. 
parched, HTiSE . 
grain, "bp m. 
land, dry and, nn-'rst f., TlTiS 

to be, ^nn . 
pardon, to, no3 Pi., "123 Pi., xba w. 
dat. of pers., nbo , ?aiQ-b? -^23, XB";. 
to obtain, -^53 Pu. 
pare (the nails), to, -XDV I. 
parents, D"''7b"i . 

park, -,5 com., np f., nsa f. (chiefly 
later Heb.), n-;;3 m., b^-3 m., o-i-ia 
paiTot, see r!2:x . 

part, n2 I m., b-jS m., spSi m., nn3 
m., in m., pbn m., n;?bn f., TJ f., 
see -jTo , 1., i-i:-2 1, n3^ f., nna)t; 1, 
nna3r 1, ns m. (Ch. pbn , -,13 .) 
for my, on my, ■^s^a^a . 
for part, naa is . 
of, at, against the, (Ch. nsb .) 
of, on the, (Ch. ns^ .) 
parted, to be, nns Ni. 
partial, to be, -inn w. 'b •':b., "38 xtos 

particle, see -,^3 . 
parties, CBSp f. plu. 
partition, njsbn f. 
partridge, a, x-'p m. 




parts, niststt , c?^ , s^XB f. 

party of, to follow the, nnTstiStt "iiaaJ 

paschal day, lamb, nOE m. 
pjiss, a, "^ys-Q . 

along, to, nas . 

away, to, nnx (poet.), m , t^n , 

away, to cause to, nbs Pi. 

away, to let, psn Pi. 

beyond, to, n^n , "135 . 

beyond, to let, to make, 155 Hi. 

by, to, q^n , -i^j, ms. 

by, to let, to make, 133 Hi. 

on, to, r,bn, x:!*!, -irr. 

on after, to, -jss w. '^'inx . 

on against, to, qbn . 

on before, first, to, n^S w. "^itih . 

over, to, T!|i, 125 K. Hithp., n-i3J , 

noE w. b:? ., nbac I and nbs . 

over, to cause to, tsia. 
over, to make, -lis Pi. 
over to, to, "^25 w. h^ . 
swiftly away, to, -i25 . 
through, to, nia , Tin , r,bn and 

r^^^ w. ace, r,^n, 12? , -ir2 w. 

through, to cause to, T13 , iS5 Hi. 
through, to let, 12s Hi. 
throughout, to cause to, -,25 Hi. 
(time), to, ni)r I. 
to, n^a Pi., 1^5 -^^5, /ch. sbn .) 

T T T ' T T V '■ 1 / 

passage, a, n-^2s>?5 f. 
passers by, D''")2S . 

by on the way, rjl-n D'in23> . 
passing away, a, q"^5n m. 

over, a, ^25'? m. 

place of, -125'? m. 
passover, the, noD m. 

the festival of, nsB m. 
past, from time, diiJbtti bi'icnTS , 

in time, ciaJbttJ bi:an^3 . 

just, m'^jst?. 
past, the, rT,l3 . 

to be, nVs . 
pastoral, (adj.), ■^sh. 

pastry, (a kind of), perh. 553 (once). 

pasture, prob, bax II m., n2'^ m., "13 
m., ttJ-ja^ m., n5n^ m., Vbn: , it?: 
(once prose, elsewhere poet), rr^j f., 
•15-1 ni. 

land, "i2n^ m. 

T I • 

to, nS'l. (Ch. -(SIT.) 

pastures, y^n m., nix3 only plu. constr. 

pasturing, a, IT'Sn^ f. 
patch up, to, hz_'j . 
patched, Pu. particip. of i(b-j . 
path, n'lix com. (poet), rj-.rj com., bt'S'q 

m., see 2"*r3 . 
beaten, n2T3 ni'n . 
nariow, birtDia m. 
paths, ri^D^ (poet), "^^^2113 only plu. 

patience, q-^sx -"^x (once), c^ss roi< • 

to tire one's, nxb Hi. 
patriarch, ttjxn I m. 
patrimony, nbns f. 
pattern, nn^T 1, n-'san 1, rr^rrn 1 
pause, ns'En f., see n^o , nsJis f. 
pavement, nr^"!"? f-, 5;?-i|? m., 5'^p'i 


a tesselated, n5:s'n f. 

T : • 

paw, t•^ f. 

to, see "^cn I. 
pawn, a, ai25 m. 
pay, to, 2^«i Hi., D^ttJ Pi. 

off, to, n^-n K. Hi. 

out, to, dm Hi. 
peace, nr-a f., n-iitJ^'p m., cnr'^o only 
plu., d-ib'ij m. (Ch. u\^_ m.) 

and friendship, living in, cVr . 

go in, Qibajb -b . 

seeking, QibttJ . 

to be at, cbttj or cbil5 . 

to hold one's, tl)-iP Hi. 

to make one hold his, ttJin Hi. 

to, to grant, b dibu3 niB5 . 

with, to be at, aVii Pu. 

with, to make, 5?q c. nx ., dV^ Hi. 
w. rx , d5 . 
peace-offering, a, D^rVa n2T , n^i 
d^Tsblt'n , cbt^ m. (once.) 




peace-offering of praise (or) thanksgiv- 
ing, D'^iaVii n'in pizt . 
peace-offerings, o->rViJ in^T , tJ''7aVtt| . 
peaceful, =!ib'^ , u\v . 
peacocks, D-^^sn. 
peak, "(-l? f., •,\i) m, 
pearl, see n^na , see -I'n . 
mother of, see nij . 
pearls, see Q'3"':3 . 

a row, string of, W'^in plu. 
strings of, o''Ti~n . 
pebble, n^is m., n^ m., -I'i'-i^ m. 
pedestal, '^nx m., -,3 II ni. 
peel, to, Tibn , b^s . 
peeled spots, streaks, nib^B . 
peeling, a, qbnia m. 
peep, to, r^s^ only Pilp. 
peg, 11 m. (spoken only of tabernacle 
curtains), nr-" . 

a forked, :;^n3*i5 m. du. 
pelican, see djis , 2., see nxp? , rfyd m., 

see n^.tlSDn . 
Pelusium, ",-0 . 
penalty, pad 3 f. 

to bring under, I'^n Pi. 
Penates, D"'S"in . 
pendants (for the ears), niSi:? . 
pendulous, (anything), bs^ m. 

to be, br":? . 
penetrate, to, tis . 
penny, n-^isx 1 
pent up, ns . 
Pentecost, n*i?2tfl an . 
people, ttj-'x m. coll. (w. gen. of king, 
leader, etc.), cnpbx , ox f., m'^x and 
d^^x f. plu., •'la m., n^'n f. (poet), 
Dxb m. (only poet.), -jiaib com., 
nnor^ f., -i-'S I f., cs m. (Ch. nax 
f., or m.) 

the common, ttSiax m. (poet), "^iS 
ti!?n , d? m. 
per centum, one, nx"a f. 
perad venture, ^bix I. 
perceive, to, ■j-'a K. Hi. Hithpal., ntn , 
cs:: , STi , npb , nx-i , nn Hi. (Ch. 

-t" -t' '-t' tt'- ^ 

to let, sni Hi. 

percussion, "^n^ m. 
perennial, see "irr^x . 
perennity, •,n"X . 

perfect, b"^b3 , cbr, en (only moral 
sense), d^rrj . (Ch. -i^-aa .) 

to, 'Tsa , see nba Hi., D?2n K. Hi. 

(Ch/-i7Da .) 
to be, nb3 . 

' T T 

to make, bbs . 

perfection, bibr^a, bbs^a m., nbsn f., 
n-ibDn f., n^:=n f. 

perfections, nib;^ I (once plu.) 

perforate, to, a;? 3 . 

perform, to, nttJS I, d^p Pi. Hi., dbti 
Pi. Hi. (Ch. na?.) 

performance, r';]rtti^ f. 

perfume, ti5s3 com., npn m. 
to, nr-i. 

perfume-boxes, aJs_5 "^na . 

perfumed, to be, npji Pu. 

perfumer, npS , n;?"! m., f.n;?") f. 

perfumes, d-^np-;. , "•pli^r) plu. constr. 

perhaps, ■'bix I, see in ^x: , 1, e. 

period, a certain, nS> usually f. 

perish, to, nax , riqx Ni., ct^x Ni., 
Sba Pu., nn Ni., n^n H Ni., dT:^^ 
Ni.! -bn and r^b-j , nbs, r-3 Ni. 
Ho., niia , T,=^ K- Ho., q^o , nso K 
Ni., las, na-jj Ni., ^^lt3 Ni., d^t^ 
Ni., crn , see nsn K. at end. (Ch. 

' - T ' r T 

nax , nns* .) 
suddenly, to, bra Ni. 
to be ready to, nax . 
to cause to, -tax Pi. 
under a curse, to, bbj^ Pu. 
perishing, ciO'UJ . 
permanent, to be, 'ji^x I Ni. 
permission, by, "a everywhere joined w. 

■^nx , ""nx . 
permit, a, •,i"'a5"i m. 

to, pTn w. inf. c b ., n^3 Hi. w. 
ace. of pers. and inf. c. b ., ttJiaj 
w. ace. of pei-s. and inf. c b ., 
Xi33 c. inf., -jHS w. ace. of pers. 
and inf. c. b ./aTS , irr I, abtfl 
Hi. (later Heb.) 
permitted, it is not, -(-^x before an int 




perpetual, see tih'.y , A, 2. 

time, -IS m., n-rn m. (only in the 

gen. after other nouns.) 
to be, r.-^i I Ni. 
perpetually, -"n ■'53 "5 . 
perpetuity, -,r"X , nrx 1, nap I m., 
i-rn m. (only in the gen. after other 
nouns.). (Ch. X"^""!]?! f.) 
in, rn"'^isb , r.P''7:2^ . 
pei-plex, to, (Ch. nizj Pa.) 
perplexed, to l)e, r^na Ni., tfiia, "13 

(once) . 
perplexity, nr^n'o f. 

to wander in, rj^a Ni. 
persecute, to, 2^x, ^-jt , D'jto , "'4^. 
persecution, r^j-t: m. 
persecutoi-s, c^s^S. 
Ijersevere in, to, i^? I w. a . 
Persia, see -^stl'x , 0"'Q . (Ch. c^ts .) 
person, ttjs;; com., d"':s plu. 
persons, a number, multitude of, dS ra. 
older, C3bnp . 
two, C";3x du. 
persuade any one, to, nn5 Pi. 
persuaded, to let one's self be, nPE Ni. 

pertinaciously refusing, "jx^ . 
perturbation, P5in f. 
pervei-s-, 2*5 n^ax , Ti^3 , n-i-io, nir? , 
a5;?r , Vnbrs . 
to be, ban, -ji"^ (once), x^^a I, 
in"a w. a of pers. against., ni-a 
^w. 3 against, ni? Ni., )^py Ni. 
to declare, ttJp? Hi. 
to make, tiso Pi., na5|5 I Hi. w. 

to show one's self, bns Hithp. 
perversel3% to act, ban , n-r K. vr. bs 

of pers., Hi. 
perverseness, r^sr m., Tibs , ritb f., "«'it3 
m., tihq m., D^r^r plu., n!rtlJ;?5 f., 
n-rcnn plu. (Ch. •(^•r f. only plu.) 
perversities, c-si . 

pervert, to, -fin , qbo Pi., na? Pi., 
r;r Hi., r:v IPi., tt);?s Pi., aiii Pil., 
rnii Hi., n:ii5 I Pi. 

- r T T 

justice, to, uD'^'o n:;n . 

pervert, the cause (of), to, ri? Pi. w. 
ace. of peis. 

the right of. to, ::s»iji2 ii'^rf . 
perverted, tib: , bpr'a. 

to be, d|r2? Ni. 
pestilence, -ati m., ni^ m., a::;? m., 
-^.p m. 

fatal, nisin -ia"rj . 
pestle, lb? m. 

petition, nbxttS^ f., nVxttS f., rb;ii f. 
(Ch. !i?a'fO' 

to, (Ch xra c. -,13 .) 
Petra, ?bo . 
petty, ■T'Sri . 
Pharaoh, n?^D . 
phenix, see bin. 
phenomenon, see ■'^ato . 
Philistia, n'rbg . 
Philistine, TitiJbs . 
phylacteries, niSwibJ . 
phvlarch, a, x'^'iJ: m. 
physician, ssH. 
pick out, to, see "^iTS . 
piebald, tSa . 

piece, b-^a m., see , nra m., "^Ta 
m., rba f., yi m. 

(of flesh), nra m. 
pied-footed, n'p? . 
pierce, to, n|rT , bbn Pi. Po., :]bn, see 

^!ia I, 3ir3, i;?2 , ?S"j . 
pierced, bbn-p , bbn . 

to be, bbn , "isttj Hithpo. 
piercings, ni-^pn^ . 
piety, nor , D-n^X nj^n-; , r^)n'^^ nx-ii , 

nrns f. 
pilaster, see b'lx . 
pile, na-^?"? f., ra-)S^ f., --5 m. 

a round, "nw m., n-siT: f. 
piles, the, Q^nin:: . 
pillage, to, -t:3 c. a . pp2 , Oi-^.r. . 
pillar, n:i:x f., see a 2?: , nas^ f., 
p^s^ m., a-'s;3 m., n^*::? m., •,^^ii m., 
nn^in f. (poet.) 

a wooden, n-ttJx f. 

' T •• -J 

pillars, D^-jtiJx f. plu., nTtfl only plu., 

cri-T^n II. 
pillows, rinoj , 




pillows, long, see pir03 . 
pin, nn^. 

a forked, Cipttt^ m. du. 
pine, the, -(-jx m., see ti'^2 , 1, at end., 

seen-.a, see-ish, prob. "ptn m. 
pine, to, hh-n ^ see ojais . 

after, to, pt'CS (once), rjCB K. c. 

away, to, rnx only Hi. inf., Ss'n , 
2^T , nVs , Ts^-O , ppr Ni., 0D3 I. 

away and die, to, biap and h^ap^ . 

away, to cause to, ^•'n Hi., pp-Q 

away, to make, nbs Pi. 
pining, a, "iizx^ m., '^^^^7i m., -jiTi I m. 

(adj.), nbs . 

away, a, Uirs . 

(one), D?2 ni. 
pinion, a, nzx m., n-^^x f., n^tlJ f. 
pinnacle, C):3 f., nss f. 
pious, lion , nin"» xii , D'^n'bx n"ii , 

tlie, -ion •'i^rx, coJnp. 

to make, p-is Hi. 
pipe, (musical), b-i^sn m., 251? m. (Ch, 
xr"'pi'ntt)?D f.) 

a doul)le, prob. (Ch. nijBialO f.) 

to, bbn K. part., Pi. 

to play the, bbn K. part., Pi. 
pipe, (tube), p-^sx or p-^sx m. 
pipes, (musical), prob. nibTia . 
pipings, p-'p-'-itl) . 
Pisgah, njDS . 
piss, to, see ••^i) Hi. 
pistacia-nuts, D"^:::a . 
pit, a, -1x2 f., n-ia I m., y^'r^i m. (once), 
n-;=^ m., rrs m., nnw f., psinui f, 
r^nai f., nn'ii f., nn-iia f. (Ch. aj.) 

for, to dig a, -len I c. h . 
pit-fall, nnd f. 
pitch, nSJT f., lE'a m. 

to (daub with), -i?2n , ^B3 . 
pitch a camp, to, n:n . 

a tent, to, r:?: , -,=t^ T'l., bnx?pn. 

one's tent, to, bnx Pi., nan . 

' - r ' T T 

pitcher, bas and baa m. 
pitied, to be, y.n Ni 

pits, nns only plu. con.str. 
pity, nh-zn f., non , crnn pin., 
c-'T2in:n plu. 
to, Din c. hs ., b^n w. br of pers., 
•,3n Poel., naa w. dat, en: Ni. 
c. b? , bx , b , -(^ , Hithp. c 
br ., nn-; Pi. 
to treat with. Din c. bs., b^an c. 

^? . 
placate, to, -is 3 Pi. 

place, n-^a m., t< f., -,3 H m., •psia 
m., nsirii f., D"pia com., niss m., 
an-] 1, naai H f., piuj m., nnrj 
niian I f. (Ch. -ipx m.) 
in one's, pnn . 
of, in, Di'pia w. gen., pnn . 
of, to take the, ni;i Hithp. 
one's self, to, a^"* Hithp., a ^5 Ni. 

c. b to or before, 
the tirst, perh. pbix f. 
to, ani (defec. and rare), nD^ K. 
PL, sx-i Hi., p5t^ Hi., nn^, Dio-j 
(Cheth.), ani-j Pi!, y^ Pil. Hi., nia 
Hi., ajc: Hi., -,p2 , nr? I Hi., u^m 
and D-'b , nro Pi., n^itj , aaidi Hi., 
-,3ia Pi. Hi., PEttj J ppiri . (Ch. 

ni3i , xr- 


to, to give, see "ij:,: , 3., D'ln-' DIJD 

together with, to, -^_v w. b . 
upon, to, xr: w. b? ., -^ro , aa-r 

Hi. c. bsj ." 
where cattle and flocks lie down,. 

a, "j-'-js m. 
which has or contains anything, at 
or in which anything is or is 
found, bsa . 
placed, to be, ci::^ , zti'1 , "jns Ni. Ho.. 

only fut. 
placidness, XS^ia m. 
plague, ^a'H m., nss^ 1, nita m., qaj: 

burning, rjl^^ in- 
to, CjSa. 
plain, a, -litiS-'Ta m. 

a low, nypa f., K-^a rarely \x^l and 
N-'a com. 




plain, a wide, ns;ra f. 

the low, nbsrn . 
plain, (adj.), ">«)■; , n^ , dP (only moral 

to make, -ir*' Pi., obs Pi., H'ttS 

' - T - T ' T T 


plain-minded, zzh ■'"ttS'^ . 
plaited, anything, j-is m. 

(something), n^23 m. 
plaits (of hair), n'sbnia . 
plan, naT 1, n^T 1, Matfina and 
n=\^rr. f., ns? iff. 

to, ztr. Pi. 
plane-tree, •)'i'2-iy m., see Mn^n . 
plank, ui-i? m. 

plant, nrs f., r::3 m., zt^ m., nbifl 
m., b^rttj m. 

a bad, niiixa f. 

to, 5-^T w. 2 aces., 5)1:5 , -(rj , csiia 
and d-iu , brui (poet.) 
plantain -tree, see nrxPi . 
plantation, ya-a m., s::3 m. 
planting, a, V'} , SJB'? m., raa m. 
plants, d'i"::: . 

wild, n"!l5 m. (onf'e.) 
plaster, n'^15 m., ^n m. 

(a bandage), nbrn f. 

to, nrj , n^b . 

with lime, to, '^w . 
plate, (lamina), no m. 

(of gold), burnished, ^r-s m. 
plates, (laminre), cjiba , d'^spn . 
platform, ni^s m., nbsiis m., ntias m. 
plating, a, niiSH f. 
platters, r:nb-j; only plu. 
play, to, pn:i Pi., prb Pi. 

(an instrument), to, "irT II Pi., ibsn . 

(on a stringed instrument), to, *,:: 
K. Pi. 
players on instruments, d^353. 
plead, to, n:' Hi., zz^ Ni. 

a cause, to, a-^i and 2^1. 
pleadings, see z''^ at end. 

. land, a, y^r> '("^x . 
region, n^^'v: . 

pleasant, something, n:i^n . 

to be, crs , z-s IV, •^saJ w. ^5 to. 
to make, -(Sn Pi., pr^ Hi. 
pleasantness, n^in m., nn":n f., pnxj 

m., drb m., •,rr3 ^ -rtij m. 
please, to, see ina , 3., irsn , pa3n w. 
inf. and h ., see z-'-j , bx"^^ II Hi., Z'J'' 
K. impers., Hi. w. bx . (Ch. xas , 
-isci c. V? , d';}?^.) 
to seek to, nsi Pi. 
pleased, to render well, ns-i Pi. 
pleases, that which, rsn m. concr. 
pleasing, 31:3 . 

to be, a-'a , see -«)•' K. 2. 

to be well, n::'- Ni. 

to make one's self, rill Hithp. c. 

to, to be, (Oh. a::-; w. bs .) 
pleasure, nix f., see yzn , ptn m., CS"!? 
only plu., n:^jJ 1, ;:i> m., -psi m., 
tji-ttjsQj plu., :i?;rn m. (Ch. r.sirn f.) 

in, to take, ^^n , nx"! . 

to take one's, ysuj Hithpalp. w. 3 
in, with. 

wicked, -.vj-i m. 
pleasure-grounds, 5"n-B m. 
pleasures, d'^i'is'T: , d-'^-S3 and ni^'^ya . 

loving, nr."cb IMX. 
pledge, a. Van m., nban f., aias m., 
na-r f., yz-^_ . ' " 

of, to take a, Van . 

things taken in, yaa? m. concr. 
pledge, to, a-^iSJ I. 

to bind by a, ban . 

to give a, :;as . 

to give in, a~s I. 

to take as a, to take in, b-n . 
Pleiades, n:c*3 f. 
plentiful, see nan: , 3. 
plenty, rab m. 
plot, -iiTia II m., naTia f. 

against, to, see •^a'n Pi. Note., Bttt 
w. b of peiu, -1^"' w. b^ . 

to, r^^ri I, abn . 
plots, a"'X m., riaix i)lu. constr. only, 
plough, to, ui-in, "irn, nbs . 
plough-share, see rx III, see nilJnma . 




iplougliers, d^sa (Chetb.) 
ploughing, a, ttj-^nn m. 
time of, ttj^in m. 
ploughmen, D-rJi"^ . 
pluck, to, mx I, 12"^^ . (Ch. a'lTs .) 
away, to, b]; I. 

off, to, nnx I, hn I, prij, t;apj . 
out, to, HDD , ro: , pn: Hi. c h 

for., r.bui . 
up, to, ss3^ K. Hi., s<it)3, -ijr», 
r,btij. (Ch. -)p?.) 
plucked out, to be, b:j3 Ho. (Ch. noa 

up, to be, noj Ni., see pnj Ni. 2., 
ttjn: Ni. Ho. 
plumb-line, •:,:« m., nbpaJTa and nVpllJ^ 

f . 
plummet, ',25< com., rjrx m., Pibp'r^ 

and rVpi;73 f. 
plunder, z"i2 m., hn m., ns!l5^ f., bbilJ m. 
to, tT3, 5X3 K. Pi., itina, i:il35 
Pi., bbttj , noaj K. Po., Dpttj . 
plundered, to be, tT2 Ni. Pu., bbttj 

plunderers, D'^oa) . 
plundering, a, nS'.aJ^ (Cheth.) 
poem, m-T) f., snaia m., dns^ (only 
in inscrip. of Psalms), b"'3tt;^ m., h^-Q 
I m., c^'3 m. 

enforcing intelligence, wisdom, 
piety, perh. b-Sbia m. 
poetess, nx-r: f. 
poets, d^Vuiia . 

point, perh. nsi-nn , n^ps f., "jn'BSt m., 
■|a3 m. 

of a spear, the iron, see yn 3. 
iron, n-cr\ m. 

out, to, -is>i w. b ., n-.i Hi. 
sharp, "jiai'ip m. 
points, sharp, n^iin . 
pointed, to make (the tongue), see 

poise, to, bpilj , -,rn . (Ch. bpn .) 
poising, a, tubs 73 m. 
poison, n^n I f., «JX"i I m., once ttili . 
poisonous, ■'-I'^-iis , C)nb . . 
plant, a, ttixn I m. 

pole, a, aiTa m., naia f. 

a high, 05 m. 
poles, d^'na I, n^poSn . 
polish, pbn m. 

to, -ina , a*]^ , p-^TS , bbp? Pilp. 
polished, nisSTa f. (once), anii^ , bbp . 

brass, bisuin m. 

to be, 'j-)'o Pu. 
.politic, body, "'■ix m. 
poll, rbabs f. 

poll (the head), to, d03 (once), 
pollute, to, bx5 II Pi. (later Heb.), O^n 
K. Hi., XT:a Pi. 

to let, srw Pi. 
polluted, bxi^ (later Heb.), bbn . 

to be, bxa n Ni. Pu. (later Heb.), 
p,:n , xra K. Ni. 

to let be, xr:3 Pi. 
pollution, bx?., !^J<r^ ^m ^^^^^ ^-j ^^ 
b^SB . 

foul, brn . 
pomegi'anate, "iia'i m. 
pomp, -nn m., niD^bn only plu. (Ch. 

pond, a, nr~3 f. 

ponder, to, -(TX II only Pi., dbs Pi. 

pool, a, dJX m., ns'^a f., stss m., n;jpo 

poor, -.i-rix, brrj, -(Sc^, ^:r, aJx-; , 


man, nicn-o r^S . 

the, n\r\ i. Conor., risbn or jtsbn 

to be, ain. 

to feign one's self, ttSn HithpaL 

to make, ^-\'^ Hi. 

to wax, "ilia . 
poorly clad, dinS . 
poplar, white, see nsab. 
poppy, see oJx-i I, 5. 
populace, cJipbx . 
porch, cbJix , see db-^x , "P'^'nO^ m. 
portent, mx I com., reia m. (Ch. njj 

porter, bsD m., ■'S^ittS m. 
porterage, iCli-q ra. 
porters, (Ch. s»S";n pin. emphat.) 




portico, d^six , -^D!ii3 m. (Keri), V^'nO^ m. 

porticos, open, see in -^ 2 is . 

portion, r.rrx f., bnia m., phn m., 
ri^Vn f., ph ni., see in 3i-;i , D"i3 f., 
n'n'3 f., D=7a m., nrtj f ^13 f., 

1 • V V ' T T ' T I 

nr;tt5?3 f., nraS?: 1, nbna 1, r^n? 
f., PE m., tD^rflV'j pin. (Ch. p^n.) 

an appointed, nnnx 1, pn m. 

an hereditary, b;;n m. 

measured out, bin m. 

(of food), nn"ix f. 

T \ •; 

statutory, pn m. 
portray, to, ppn . 
portrayed, n;3n:o . 
possess, to, hs!2 w. b ., UJ-11 also :r-ii , 

-T :' -T .-t' 

Ks^ , bnj , n:;? . (Ch. -joni Aph. or 
Hiph. after the Heb. manner.) 

for one's self and for (one's heirs), 

to, bnj Hithp. 
one's self of, to, bns Hithp. 
possessed, to give to be, Vns K. Pi. 
possession, mns* f., Van m., n^"!"^ t, 
nttJ-17 f., itiniiQ m., n;^>Ti'a f., pd^?2 
m. (once), see nba^a , n:p:Q f., TjIDtq 
m., piria (once), nbna 1, ni^n? f., 

a taking, nbn: f. 

of to (any one), to give, oJni Hi. w. 

two aces, 
of, to get, pm Hi. 
of, to take, pm Hi., ^lJ'^'l also ttS'^i 

K. Hi., npb,%n3. 
to have, mx Ni., bna . 
to have in, ttJsn . (Ch. -(On Aph. 
or Hiph. after the Heb. manner.) 
to get as a, bna . 
to give as a, bra Hi. 
to take, xnx Ni., bns . 
possoRsions, r^zp'C m. once f. (always of 

cattle), lib 513-1 m. 
possessor, bra , nbr a f., ttS'ii"' , r^ip . 

of, to make one's self, tnx Ni. 
post, (column), see b*^x . 

wooden, yv m. 
post, (station), maris m., 35i"o m., sSTa 
m., naS'O and nnsia f., niiattS^ 1, 
a-^sa m. 

posterity, P"'':ns< f. concr., r^"! m., ci"'2a 

plu., n'^^'n m. plu., ?-,T . 
pot, a, -!!iTT m., n'i;n-;ia f., i-^t) m., 

i!i-No ni,, -n-Q m., rr^p f. 
a large, nx III f. 

potent, -i"'35< 


pots, d"sn!n , see c";r£tri . 

potsherd, ic-n m. 

pottage, n'Tj . 

potter, a, isi"' . (Ch. -ins m.) 

potter's vessel, d'^^jS:^ baa . 

wheel, drax du. 
pottery, nio-n (^Cheth), rT'O^n (Keri). 
pouch, a^ipb;; m. 
pounch (upon), to, ii'ia. 
pound, to, tt5r3 . 

fine, to, pntij . 

(in a mortar), to, r^r'n . 
pounded corn, grain, n'iB''"! . 

(something), iU'l> . 
pour, to, ppt , d-iT , ps"^^ , -o: I, r^m 
K. fut. Ni. pret., d^iiD and c"^ia , see 

•1 - r 

abroad, to, iriio Hi. 

down, to, -«;3 Hi. 

forth, to, -n3 Hi. 

forth copiously, to, vz: Hi. 

into, to, n^iii and z'iii w. 2 . 

one's self out, to, n-r Hithp. 

out, to, pp3 , b^T (once), bbt, ppl, 
21T once in Pu., fT Po. c. ace. 
with., ps"; K. Pi. Hi., ^53 Hi., 
"TjOj IK. Hi., r,ri: Hi., nsd and 
nob Pi., n-ir Pi. Hi , p^:: n, 
psn Hi., d^iiu and c"'ia , qdu3 , 
-B'r . (Ch. 7,02 chiefly in Pa.) 

over, to, bba (only of oil), p:ia5 Hi. 

together, to, bba . 

upon, to, c'lT c. ace. 
poured, to be. r^o^ (once). 

forth, ni^D . 

out, to be, ppz , ps- K. Ho., -jj 
Ni., 7,02 Ho., 7,n? K. fut. Ni. 
pret, r-;D Ni., n-5 Ni.. 7,BQJ 
Ni. Pu. Hithp. 

over with oil, to be, bba . 
pounng out, a, np:iS7 f . 




pouring out, place of, r^E'^ m. 

poverty, li^x m., nbn f., ion m., -ion 

m., nion^ m., r!i:3q"c 1, «Jxn m., 

ttj">'] m., uJ->-) m. 

to bring to, u;-!"' Pi. 

ifc to come to, iii^i Ni., aSin , 

powder, aromatic, rx:3 f. 

of the merchant, bsii nr^x . 
I- , - 

power, perh. nbsix f., -(ix I m., bx I 

ra., n'n^zs f., r-ilT f. rarely m., -»■> f., 
n's m., na-a ai., ti? m., ci;r'n m. (Ch. 
n-ifl^r. , -.en m., p^oj m., &pn 

in, having, (Ch. -j^^IJ c. 3 .) 

of, to give over into the, nbtt) Pi. 
w. ace. of pers. and -i^2 . 

one having, la^ktli m. 

one in, (Ch. '("iioVr .) 

over, having, ',i::^aj w. 2 ., a">felli 
c. 3 . (Ch. -c^^x c. 2 .) 

over, to have, '(Ch. -Jb^a .) 

there is do, (non licet), (Ch. xp 

•j-V^ .) 

to do, to have, ns c. infin. et b ., 

ttti-a w. inf. c. h . 
to give, '^hv Hi. (later Heb.) 
to give into one's, 'd "isb ",n3 . 
powerful, "1-2X , n^^x , nha , bit* , 

V'J^I) , -J^^ttJ . (Ch. -j'V^ .) 
deed, t^ f . 

the, WTMi. (Cheth), D''^"'X . 
to be, tT?, d2:s, nzn . (Ch. ?]pn 

and q-'pn .) 
to become, pm Hi., c-1"i . (Ch. p|pn 

and r;pn.) 
to make, bna Pi., 25to Pi. 
to show one's self great and, b'nn 
powerless, ^n . 
powers, D''2"2X"a , nios"n . 
practise, to, uinq , ^rs (poet.), T2*15 . 
divination, to, ttjnj I Pi., cpp (only 

of false prophets.) 
magic, to, r|ir3 Pi., ',5? Po. 
sorcery, to, •,:r Po. 
practised, nsia^ , tts c. inf. 
■ 12 ' 

praise, "irj and ^rt m., V^nna m., tJ? 
m., ti^'.'n m., n^nn 1, niin f. 
(God), to, xa: Ni. Hithp. (Ch. x*n 

song of, n-irT m., nknn f. 
to, 7,n2 Pi., bn; Pi., t\n Pi., -=t 
Hi., n-j"; Hi. Hithp., 153 Pi.' 
153 Hi., xn;r I, nauj Pi., n^n II 
Pi. (Ch. r,-,2 Pa. w. b ., n2ttS 
to cause to, 'ist Hi. (once), 
to mention with, nsT Hi. 
to recount with, ieo Pi. 
with rejoicing, to, •,3-1 . 
worthy of, hln'2 . 
praised, to be, b^a , bin Pu. Hithp. 

to let be, -IDT Hi. (once.) 
prating fool, a, D"nsil5 b'^lx . 
pray, to, ^ns I K. Hi. w. bx , b ., bbo 
Hithp. c. bx , bs , b ,^:sb . (Ch. xb:£ Pa.) 
prayer, 13 , ■ir2 m., perh. nsn f., a5nb 
m., n:nn f., c^j^inn only plu., nhzn 
f . ' ' 
preacher, see rbn'p. 
precede, to, onp PL 
precedence, see nbfix . 
precentor, nS373 . 

precept, -12^ m., 2rSi m., n^S"a 1, 
mns f., ns m., is and ■':£ m., rT'.in 
f., n-^iisn i (Ch. zb3 m.) 
upon precspt, i^b i^ . 
precepts, nn? , nans f. coll., cntpD. 
(of God), n-na f. 
(of religion), rrin"^ r^^";'^ , r^J*"*^ 
Ci'^ribx . 
precious, *Tcn3 , see nn^n , sse nin^sn , 

metals, (ore of), -s:2 m. 

ointments, "'pnnrn plu. constr. 

something, t^n-q m., D"»^'3r;i3 plu. 

something most, i;'2 m. 

stone, "2X com., ~£3 m. 

stones, n-ipi 'irx coll. 

the most, see n'>ilJx'i . 

things, ninrn , D''S3n , "i^i-bs, 

n-nsirs f., r,-;3^;73 , "^ttJ m. coll. 
to be, np" . 




precious wares, Si5:a I (only in Ez.) 

preciousness, ip*^ m. 

precipice, n:nn73 f. 

precipitate, to be, *in^ I Ni. 

predestined, to be, n^i Pu. 

predict, to, yv^^ . 

pre-eminence, ^n"' m., 'j'iin'' m,,*iri^ m. 

pre-eminent, (Ch. it}^ .) 

prefect, a, -1132 , n*":: m., -si: , nsaia , 

a-i^s m., na II (once c. suff.), nno , 

nips m. concr., n-'ps m., ^,ii3 m., 

-ladi . (Ch. -jst) m., nna .) 
pregnancy, -(i-in m. 
pregnant, n-n only f. w. )> of pers. to 

or by whom, 
one, nxbia f. 
to become, fn'^n . 

T T 

preparation, t^-is m. 
prepare, to, "jSis Pil. Hi., nV3 Pi., n::o 
'< Pi. (later Heb.), b^o , r,ny , riDS I., 
ipr Pi., nSQ Pi., bra (poet.), cnjr 
Pi., c!|it) and d"^b , DrP Hi. 
a way, to, b^c K. Pilp. 
(a way), to, obs Pi. 
for, to, n"'aj w. ace. and b . 
one's self, to, •,^3 Ilitlipal. 
prepared, i^irs (Chetli), nTi:? c. h . 
things, ninnrr (Keri), niT^ns; 

to be, -fls Pol. Ni. IIo., nba . 
prepuce, nb-ns f. 
prescribe, to, ^z'ri Pi., itD'j Pi. c. Vs ., 

ir3 w. br . 
prescript, a, -ns m., zpsia m. (Ch. 

ara m.) 
prescription, as'OtSia m. 

without, (Ch. ana xb •^'n .) 
presence, q-'js plu. 

of, from the, ■'35 nx/o , "'SE^^ . 
, of, in, nrb. 

of, in the, b^^ , 1:3 , liib , "'lE-bx , 

of, into the, •'3a"bx , "'SBTX . 
present, a, -aoix m,, .-13-13 f., nntia 
f., rxtpi? f., n:nT3 f., nni? f., n^jsz 
f., nnij m., iia m., rrcn-n f., n*cr.n 
1, nnsittin f. (Ch. nsTzs f.) 

present, to make a, inui . 
present one's self, to, Z'i"^ Hithp. w. bs ., 
see as3 Ni. 

to, it:iT^ Hi. w. bx ., trjs Hi., w*^ 

Hi. ' 
with, to, lat (once.) 
present, not to be, "px (sometimes.) 

to be, SST3 Ni, s:3 Hi. 
presented, to be, see be: , g. 
presently, nns? (poet.) 
presents, to bring, •'ID b'^aiH. 
preservation, n-raJ53 f. 

of life, nin?2 f. 
preserve, to, T,bn , bjt: Pi. Hi., 133 I, 
nrs I Hi., nrju; . (Ch. -,-j3 .) 

alive, to, n^n Pi. Hi., "ir? I HL, 

Dflp Pi. 
the life of, to, b aies ma . 
preserved, T^ss (Cheth), ",:ieo . 

to be, b:i3 Ni. 
preserving alive, (Ch. xn^ .) 
presidents, (Ch. "|"':'ic plu. only.) 
press, a, na f. 

press, to, ybx Pi., C3X, ::bn (once in 
Hi.), -^nb , -r72 K. (only part, pass.), 
yr:, p^2? Hi., -inta w. a of pers., 
pjis I Hi., "^^sc I, :;r;b . (Ch. 


close, to, -j'six . 

close upon, to, see p^vi I. 

down, to, nrs Pi. (only poet.), p!i5 

Hi. c. rnn ., rpaj Hi. 
greatly, to, ani Hi. 
on, to, -jrsix K. Hi. 
on rapidly, to, -nn . 
one's self, to, -jrnb Ni. 
out, to, n!iT I, ns^ , aria . 
themselves together, to, -ina Hithpo. 
together, to, tit I. 
upon, to, Tja c. br., n^ii, pn'^t , 

pm c. bs., ^'-a c. a., pss I 

Hi. c. dat., n:i:£ I, n-is K. Hi., 

an'n . 
pressed, to be, -r?3 Pu., tosi Ni., n-nS. 
a seal closely, ns crin . 
out, to be, see -inT L 
pressing, yi\r: . 




pressure, yy-o m. 

presumptuously, to act, ^tit or Tit Hi., 

isr Hi. 
pretext, (Ch. n\^ f.) 
prevail, to, laj and "12a K. Hi. Hithp. 
w. ^5 ., Vd*^ . (Ch. ^31 or ban w. dat. 
of pers.) 
against, to, Tiirn. 

over, to, yiox \v. )-q ., pTn w. •^'o ., 
b?"^ w. b of pers., TT? w. br . 
prey, b=x m., nbsx f., t3 m., nT2 
(only later Heb,), ssSi m., qnn m., 
t\yq m., n^pb^ m., nizs^a m., ni!i:::c 
1, n'bi373 m. w. n^ ., nsajia f., ns> m., 
T^s m., bbr m. 

to become a, izh n'r. 

- T T T 

to seize as, tT3 . 

- T 

upon, to, t:2 , TiaS . 
price, -ip-i m., nnb m., "I'^hia m., n02?D 
f., -1313 m., n5p73 f., Tj']? in- 

at a, "i">nr3 . 

at what? na2 , nisS . 
prick up the ears, to, -,tx I Hi. 
pricked, to be, y.^ Hithpo. 
prickle, "(ibo and -pio . 
prickes, d^rj , c^r:::, ci-'sb . 
prickley mad-apple, pnn and pnn . 

weed, a, iijisp m. and aji:3''p . 
pride, nxs f., n*,xa 1, "pxa m., n!ix5 

I, R^a m., n:in2a f., zzh bia, n^a 

I I, -(inT m., nnzs t, znn m., nhn 
m., nin f., Dfl-i m., *b ^n'l , ujttiS 
m., "irxili m., yn'ii m. (Ch. nia.) 

priest, -(ns m., r^xb^ ra. (Ch. -,^3 
the High, binan •,n'3n , ti3x-irj "(n's , 

rx-,n -jrisn , lax-.n . 
to act as, "jris Pi. 
to be, to become, "jna Pi. 
to minister as, "jns Pi. 
priesthood, nsns f. 
priests, "p'nnx n-s . 
Prince, the, n"'!lj?3 . 

prince, a, •t":|x , r.sibx m., irj'j , bi^i^ , 
T^:.3 m., 2'^"i: m., ^173 m., r,nq3 m., 
K"^U.'3 m., 12? m., ns3 f., yiD m., 
5ip m. (once), y^p m., nixi I m.. 

I'it'i n m;, in , nib m., beW. (Ch. 
3*1 m., a^bia .) 
prince, to be a, isib I, "inb . 

to make one's self a;, Trb Hithp. c 

princes, C-i-'iN , D'^n'^-^a , C"^3^\^n , 
b'^ib'^ and r.iib'^ m., cbriat) , 
nb!i3^?3 f. concr., f- its^ . D•':*^D 
cion-iD , mntti only plu. (Ch. 

D"':3n31 .) 
to make, "i!ib I Hi. 

princess, nio) f. 

prison, d"'n^DN:n rr^a, ^i2 I m., more 
fully 11211 n-'2 , xbs m.', etbsn n"'^ j 
Kib? m., x^b3 (Cheth), nna^g 1, 

also X'^^a'2 Oi'^^ °^-' "i^'^V"^ ™-» P''2E 

to be kept in, "iDX Ni. 

to put in, -iDX . 
prisoner, t^ox m,, -c&x m., niox , 
bbi-j m. 

to make, n2':J . 

T r 

privately, ::^2 . 
privilege, MS'IJ^ m. 
privy, MX"^n'?a f. (Cheth.) 

member, the, nrs'r f. (once.) 
prize highly, to, b"ia Pi. 
prized, ip"* . 

highly, to be, bnj , ip^ w. b?» by. 
procession, nsstbnr f. 
processions, ms'^bn plu. only, 
proclaim, to, iri< , prT Hi., ina fitb , 
■ja; Hi., nrj3 , x-p^ I. 

in the land, to, y"i5<3 b"p "jns . 
proclaimed, to be, see (Ch. ^^lax .) 

in, to cause to be, a bip n^asn . 
proclamation, nx^lp . 

in, to make, a bip T'2rn. 

to make, (Ch. }*\'3 Aph.) 
procure, to, ys Hi. 
prodigal, a, bbi: . 
prodigy, niS I m., nsiTQ m. 
produce, box m., b-ia m., 113*15 m., s^t ^ 
b!i2"i m., nis m., 2''3 m., n!i35 m.^ 
ina m., d-^x^x^ plu., nx^ian 1» 
n2i3n f. 

of the fields, mb m. 




produce, to, s'na , i^";, xs'^ Hi., ttj^s 
Ili., 2!i3 Pil, niJS I, hs^ (poet.), C^b 
and tj-^io . 
product, ttjna m. 

of labor, y'';^ m,, mB?im plu. 
productions, d-xsxs , mcs m. 
profanation, bsp m. 
profane, hh , b^br , bbn . 
one, r:n . 

something, b-bn m. 
to, n:T Hi., ?bn Pi. Hi., tiin Hi., 

Kra Pi. 
to make, r:n Hi. 
profaned, (one), nV-:n t (joined with 
to be, hhn Ni. 
profaneness r:h m., MBSn f. 
profess, to, ni"' Hi. 

profit, y:i2 m., ini*' , "p-in^ m., "(i-iOSs 
m., -in-i^ m., -,no m., nno m., mis 
1, hhm m., nxain 1 
to, bs'^ Hi., -ro . 
to receive, br*^ Hi. 
profited, to be, -^zs Ni. 
profits, D-'rizTr only plu. 
profound, "'l^iiS plu. constr. only. (Ch. 

progeny, nnV^o f., ■,-: m. always joined 
w. *ir5 ., "J2D m. always joined with 
"pj., nn")B m., rianp f. 

prognosticate, to, ilJn: I Pi. 

progress, nia^bn only plu. 

prohibit, to, xbs w. "j^a . 

prohibition, (Ch. lONt .) 

project, to, nnu Hi. (once), see ^^x^ , 
o., ci;rtt5 Ni. 

projection, (architectural), see b'lS , sec 

projections, lateral, niT' . 
prolong, to, Tj-nx Hi., r^d'o . 
prominent, to be, ns2 Ni. 
promise, nrx (poet.), nz'n m. 

covenant, ^"12 f. 

to, -iicx , -lati Pi., 1^ . 

with an oath, to, ?2^ Ni. 
promote rapidly, to, (Ch. nbs Aph. 
after Heb. form.) 

prompt, n'^n-a , S'^n; . 
to be, in"a I Pi. 
prong, V'^^P !"•' 1'^ "1- 
pronounce sentence upon, to, BSil^ia la-n 

rx . 
proof, nix I com., -(na m., nsio m., 

nrsin f . 
prop, a, -^1^13 m., "jyaJTa m. 
to, iro . 

- T 

proper, n*X3 c. b . 

to be, V3 Ni., nx3 Pil. w. V ., ST'ilS 

' • ' TT : ' T T 

c. b of pers. 
property, nrxb'a f., nusia m., nbns 1, 
nbsD f., t^z'\ m. 
moveable, ujtisn m. 
prophecy, -(iTn m., x'i'Ta m., nxJii3 f. 

(Ch. nx^i/.) 
prophesy, to, X33 Ni. Hithp., q::3 Hi. 

(Ch. xa3 Ithjii.) 
prophet, nTH m., r,xb^ m., R-ias m., 
nxn. (Ch. x'a3.) 
the, n^'i ui-^x . 
prophet's wife, nx^is f. 
prophets, see in n:^"i , I, a. • 
prophetess, nx"'"3 f. 
proportion to, in, "^53 . 
propose, to, 's ""rEb •,P3 , D^O) and c^Oj 
w. "rsb . 

a riddle, parable, to, isin joined w» 
nyn . 
propound, to, dVJ and d"b w. bx . 
prosecute, to, ::s«) Po. 
prospect, (Ch. riTn f.) 
prosper, to, rpa Pi., sr^n , ",?3 Ni., 
-itt;3, nbx I and nbs K. Hi., bzb Hi. 
in one's ways, to, nb:s I Hi. w. ian-si 
and vz'^sn . 

T T ! 

to cause to, brb Hi. 

to make, n;n Pi., nais Hi. 

prospered, to be, (Cli. nb^ Aph. after 
Heb. form.) 

prosperity, nix m., nri-.x f., c^n 
plu., 31-j , arj m., na-:: 1, nsittS"^ 
f., r«i*' and rt'i m., n-mj-a f., •.iittJa 
m., -3 m., p-s m., npr-s f., bato 
also baa) m., -in'i) m., cibaJ m., en 
m. (Ch. obtlJ m.) 




prosperous, ti , S'a. 

and happy, one, ns'^S f. concr. 

to make, 7,-2 Pi. 

to make him, nja with ace. of 
prostitute, 0"«:»i:t ntiJx , nj-it 1, nnt f. 

a female, T\xi'}p f. 

a male, uinp m. 

' ~'t 

prostrate, JttJsn . 

one's self, to, nna , bsi , 150 c. b ., 

DB1 and fs-i Hithp. 
to, ujbn , hrj Hi. Pilp., 5n3 Hi., 

hz: Hi., rati) Hi. w. ?n2:~j< . 
to fall, r:rv£i^ Hithpal. (Ch." bs5 .) 
to lie, neo and nEtt) Pu. 
prostrated, to be, \^^z Ni., qno Ni. 
protect, to, y.i. K. c. b? , bx , Hi. c. b'J , 
"isa ., CEn w. bs ., b!i3 Pilp. Hi., bns 
Pi.,' r^DD II, r,:o I^ Hi. c. b? ., tT2? 
c. b ., rsb Pi., "ii^r. 
the cause of, to, •f'n , 
protected, to be, tt5 , -SttJ Ni. 
protection, ns'iX f., nsn f., T' f., "ipO 
m., n'lno f., ts m., b^ m. 
to have, ns . 

- T 

protest, -i-i^ m. 
to, -j!\r Hi. 
protract, to, 7,11:13 , 
protmded, to be, nria Ni. 
protul)erance, •,:;S f. 
proud, Ni , nxa , ■)i"'xa (Cheth), pr^a 
(constr. only), ni:^ , bina , ^T , *.">n;j , 

looks, n'1^1 C-3-S . 

T . - ~ 

the, c-^xa , D-'bbin . 

things, to do, niturb b^'nsn . 

to be, nzi; , xit)3 Hithp., bES Pu., 

pais , tna, THS . 
to show one's self, inrs Hithp. 
proudly, Di-r. 

to act, b-12 Hithp. c. bs ., bar Hi. 

(Ch. nn/ Aph.) 
to carry one's self, -cin Hithp. 
to conduct one's self, -12a Hithp. 

w. bx against, 
to show off, u;ss. 
to speak, nsa , ns b-^tisn . 

proudly, towards (or) against, to act, 

n!iT or T«T c. bs , bx . 
prove, to, i!ia (once), -(na , nna.(later 
Heb.), -i-na, fr^T Pi., na^ Hi., noj 
Pi., see ij^B , qns , "(rn K. Pi. 
proved, 7p3n . 

to be, -(ns Ni. Pu. 
provender, mixed, b"«ba m. 
salted, y^n b-iba . 
to, to give, bba . 
proverb, n^is f. (only poet.), e<\8ia m., 
bttJTO I m. 
to use a, V4^ w. bs concerning, 
provide, to, )i{2 Hi., nx"i . 

for, to, bnD Pi. 
provided, (adv.), pn . 

for, to be, nx"i Ni. 
providence, n'nps f. 
province, r3-"iT3 f. (later Heb.). (Ch. 

M3^n^3 f.) ' 
proving, (act of), nnsin f . 
provision, box m., nr.b m., n-^s m., 

r\'^'"s, f. 
provisions, to be furnished with, b^lS 

provoke, to, dss Pi. Hi., y^-o Hi., -rnia 
Pi., nsio Hi. 

to anger, to, q:jp Hi., t?"^ Hi., ftyn 
Hi. (Ch. T:n Aph.) 
provoked to anger, to be, q?t Ni. 
prudence, nsT?: f., njtS H 1, n^15 1 

*^ ' T-; ' T~ ' T«T 

(Ch. xas.) 
prudent, Dr^S . 

measures, nibsisnn . 
one, bisll)^ . 
to be, b=iD K. Hi. 
to become, b=b Hi. 
prudently, to act, o':!^ I Hi., bab K. 

prune, to, -irt I. 
pruning-hooks, P.i"i^^^ only plu. 
pruning-knives, n'i'^CT^ only plu. 
pruning-time, -iit:t ' m. 
psalm, li-aTp m. (only in inscrip. of 
Psalms), rn3^ m., Dns^ m. (only in 
insci-ip. of Psalms), n3-:3 f., n-iq m., 
r.bnn f. 




psalm, golden, see cFStt . 

revealed, r^'^y f. 
psaltery, see 'pni^rtoB . 
puberty, to arrive at, t^n . 
public crying, a, nx'^ip . 
publish, to, X2f^ Hi. w. b? of or about, 
y33 Hi. 


pudenda, n3";n f., crnis plu., d'^"iiyr 
plu. only, "V-q m., n*-;3 f. 

niuliebra, rb m. 

viri, -iir2 m. 

virilia, see ins in du. or plu. 
pufE, to, nE3 , n!iB. 

at, to, n!iD Hi. c. 3 , ^ . 

to diive away by a, -aj: Hi. 
pufiing out, nsv 
pull, to, rT;s< I, z\\'0 . 

apart, to, h'lz Hi. c. 'pa. 

away, to, h^: Hi. 

do\vn, to, D";n K. Pi. 

in pieces, to, q-^ia . 

off, to, yhn K. Pi. 

out, to, see nbttS , 3., bVttJ . 

UJ), to, 505 . 

" up stakes," to, rCD . 
pulpit, m-ss m., b':i:r . 
puncture, to, ni: Hi., tti"^B Hi. 
pungent, to be, y^n . 
punish, to, cujx Hi., -(-n , ttji'n , n2"; 
Hi., -ip-> K. (rurely), Pi. Hi. (once), njrc 
w. br of pers., isE'l) K., see alsoNi. 2. 
punished, to be, ciiis K. Ni., cjr: Ni. 

Ho., uirs Ni., n|rs Ni. Ho. 
punishment, P7p3 f., nxisn f., nbr3 
1, ','1? m., ni7D f., lips m., yt^ 
m., nrbuj f., uicd m., nnain f., 
nnsin f. (Ch. -pn m.) 

for sin, n.xwn f. 

of sin, xi:n m. 

to be borne down with, nti . 

to be free from, nps Ni. 

to bear, Kiijs . 

to suffer, nuix . 
punislnnents, D"wEiiJ only plu. 
pupil, -a m. 

female, ra I f. 
pupil of the eye, ■ji«J''K w. ',-5 added. 

purchase, n:p^ m. once f., ffrpia f., 

a bill of, n:p;:Qrn "iso . 
to, n-3 H. 
purchased, a thing, nsp^c f. concr. 
pure, 13 H, 133 , r,7 and rj , qn , 
"liny, •'p:, T9 , see tts Ho. participle, 
pass. part, of 'z\'^i . (Ch. sp3 .) 
in heart, 335 ",2 . 

to be, nrt (everywhere in a moral 
sense), T\-,\ , "^n'J , n;r3 K. (once), 
Ni., Dip and uj-p . 
to become, -,nu . 
to make, rtzi Pi. 
to show one's self, ^"^3 Hithp. 
pureness, i*a II m., see "^la , -,n:3 m., 

n-,n-j f. • ' ' 

purge, to, I'la , ^£3 Pi. 
purification, nnb m., T^^Ti'j f. 
purifications, D-'pi-.^Q , "'ril^^'Sr) plu. 

purified, tB . 

to be, I'^ia Hithp. 
purify, to, *ina K. Pi., ppt Pi., Nian 
Pi., nn-j Hi., era Pi., 'tzh Hi., qn^ . 
one's self, to, "i-ja Ni. Hithp., xzan 
Hithp., in-j Hithp., -j-b Hithp., 
tt3np Hithp. 
Purim, festival of, d"'1isn ^"C"^ , Q"''n!|B.. 
purity, -inta m., tiinp m. (Ch. !\3t f.) 
purple, "i^i'^x iw- (Ch. ';",?'75< •) 
cerulian, nbzp f. 
cloth, covering, a, ■)'2"*x 153. 
cloths, •)T:5'ix m. 
cloths, garments, yarn, thread, dyed 

with cerulian, nVzn f. 
reddish, '13'."15< m. 
purpose, nsT f., na7 f., drt m. -irBn 
m., tofin m., -jt;; m., nsTr f., 
naaJnTD and psttJma f., n:ri3 m., 
n^y II f., n'ls f., nn f., n*rin f. 
(Ch. 6<ns m.) 
staid in, r,!i!oo is;^ . 
to, i3!5a n^sx, n7:i I Pi., nyi K. 

Po., c^T , 3rn K. P 


"iJt'^ , v:d csi) w. inf. c. b . (Ch. 
nCJ, tT'ttJ? c. inf. ct b.) 




purpose, to no, csn (adv.) 

to, to suggest a, nn ia '{ni . 
upon, to fix the, n-ix II. 
wicked, nar^ f. 
purposely, n*ns3 . 
purse, D-'S m., "lits m. 
purslain, see n^7:^n . 
purses, cis^'nn. 

pursue, to, p-ti Hi. w. ace. and "^y^ii ., 
Onn K. Pi. (poet.). Hi. 
hotly, to, p"bri w. ace, '^'^ns p^'n. 
pursuers, c^siS. 
push, a, Ti^ m. 

apt to, nro (adj.) 
at, to, njj Hithp. 
away, to, see nba) , 3. 
down, to, nn":? . 

forward upon, to, niliS I w. ace. 
and hv. 
pustules, nrarsx f. plu. 
put, to, zn^ (defec. and rare), 'iG^ , 
a^"> Hi., ria^ (Ch3th), -(nj , dri) and 
D^b , n-fi^ Pi., n-oJ , r=aj Hi., nstti , 
see nraj. (Ch. nn"^ , crj, nja or 
Stroj Pa.) 

aside, to, 'i^o Hi, 

away, to, n:»3 Pi. Hi., oSna , XS"; 
Hi., t^^ I, nn3 I Pi. c b ., so: 
Hi., aiDl Hi , "i!)0 Hi. w. ace. and 
often ^^•q , bs^a ., ^25 Hi., nnr 
Hi., nsr Hi., nbaj Pi. 
back, to be, sna Ni. 
down, to, ni3 Hi., clto and d'^OJ . 
forth, to, «s^ K. Hi., see sia , see 

-,:i3 , nnts K. Hi., nViJ K. Pi. 
forth the hand, to, (Ch. nbilj w. 

forth, to cause the horn of (any 

one) to, h ■,'ip n-i^sn . 
in bonds, to, '^px . 
in commotion, to, drfi . 
in consternation, to, drsn . 

put in fear, to, yf,p I Hi. 
in motion, to, din , 
in order, to, -in? , r,^5 , n:a PL, 

n;u3 Pi. 
in prison, to, "ipx . 
in, to be, xis Ho. (Ch. tfib Ithpe. 

in trepidation, to, (Ch. bfj^ Pa.) 

into, to, 'ipi: w. bx ., di4) and d'^to . 

off, to, htj , mr Hi., ::rD . 

on, (something), rfOJ m. 

on, to, nsx , nc3 Pi. c. 3 ., bai3, 
Ti'nb and ttiib K. Hi., ri^v , na:? , 
q::2J , nbs K. Hi., ciaj and d'^to 
c. b? . (Ch. XDzh .) 

out, to, r\'^n (once), na^s Pi. 

out (the eye), to, ip3 Pi, 

to be, see r^rrj , cio'i , zr"; , ins 
Ho. only fut., dvj Ho. (once, 
Keri). (Cli. c^b Ithpe.) 

to death, to, nzx Pi., ni73 Hi. 

to death, to bo, d"|n Ho. 

to fear and shame, to, npn Hi. 

to flight, to, ->t2 Pi., n-^ja Hi., 
Ci'is , 0^3 Hi., n23 Hi., y^Q Hi., 

to flight, to l>e, nn: IIo. 

to shame, to, dia Hi., bbn PoeL, 

db3 Hi. 
to shame, to be, nsn II K. Hi., 

ttSa-; Hi., obs Ho. Ni, 
to the test, to, -jna . 
to, to, Jb3 Hi,, c!i J and d'^b , n'lai 

w. b?. 
trust in, to, ndn c. a . 
up, to, c^tt) and d"tt? . 
upon, to, xb3 Hi. w. bx ., aba HL, 

nbs Hi., 3 an Hi. c. b» . 
putridity, p73 m. 
putting on, a, n^six f. 
python, nix . 





quadrated, ssir'i , r2"i7a . 

quadruped, the huge, m'ana plu. 

ma jest, 
quadrupeds, r">cr|2 . 
quadruple, C";nr2ix du. 
quail, a, ibiu m. 
quails, ^bio m. coll. 
quake, to, ttira K. (once), Pu. Hithp., 

S!nr , ^^T Hi., bw and bTj, b^d 

(once), Sfl3 also 2):3 , t:i , ly-i , ttJsn 

K. Ni., n;?n . 
quaking, a, nriT f. 
qualities, good, nnr";:: . 
quality, bad, rn m. 

good, b']r\ m. 
quarrel, 'p-i^ I m., nsr-a II f., n*lSa 1, 

n3''"i:a f., 2") m. 

T • ; ' 

to, ns3 Hi., pt;? Hithp. (once), c. 
C5 .7 m (Cheth), s-i-i K. Hi. 
(only participle.) 
quarried stone, rsn"2 •'rzx . 
quarry, perh. n-.inr m., r2;3^ f. 
quarter, (side), nsE 1, nsin f. 
quartermaster-general, see nnsi:^ in 

queen, nS*-:;-; f., ns^"? f., rzh^ t (only 
in Jer.)' bi:q f. fch. xssts f., b:'lJ f.) 
quench, to, nrs Pi., i3ttJ. 

thii-st (of lust), to, bbs I Hithp. c. 
a upon, 
quenched, to be, Tjr'n K. Pu., nrs . 
queries, 3^ '''?.r?n • 
questions, knotty, (Ch. 'p^iai? .) 
quick, D"''in plu., n-^nr . 

to be. Tin , -n-a I Pi. 
quick, (raw flcsli), the, r.T^ f. 
quicken, to, bna Pi. Hi., n^n Pi. 
quickened, bnz« . 

quickened, to be, Vina Pu. (Keri.) 
quickly, nkia , -np , n-n73 , n-;n^a , 
n-nr-nj, -jrra . (Ch. n^narn w. 

T-: -' -:• ^ TT::- 

pref. a .) 

to do (anything), '^ii/o I Pi. coupled 

with another verb. 

quiet, sa'^ m. (once), r."s-::!trj f., irtj m., 

iTC-n in., nnsn f., rri-o m., nniir f., 

n?5"iia f., ni: m., nn: 1, ib-j m., 

■^baj m., ajTUin , i:;r-j m. (Ch. n^^tt) 

(adj.), ^1? (Cheth), r:^^ , -,.;xi^ . 

dwelling, a, ^r-n ni. 

dwelling in, *;:xtt) . 

to, cni-n Po., nna Hi., rattJ Hi., 

see n'';!^ Pi., t:pai Hi. 
to be, uj-'n Hi., nrn K. Hi., rw, 

- T T T ' - 7 

rs-j Ni., -(X^B Pil., :2p«J Hi. 

to give, rsn Hi., up© Hi. 

to have, w^'i . 

to keep, K^iU . 

to keep one's self, tsj'in Hithp. 

to leave in, nsia Hi. 

to live in, ixtti Pil. 
quietly, nna:T3 . 

to dwell, rsi Hi. 
quietness, see XB-iia . 
quilt, n-'ra m., nz-'Tcit) f. 
quilts, ninsq^ . 

quinquefied, see tt5T:n II part. pass, 
quit, ^pi c. )-o. 

to, aTS. 
. to be, n-^5 Ni. 
quiver, a, nsaJX f., "'bn m. (once.) 
quiver, to, b^:£ I. 

to be made to, b?1 Ho. only, 
quivering, a, nrrn 1 
quivers, see in alrtti . 


rabble, rpSCX . 
rabbit, see ]t^ . 

race, (posterity), rT^a m., "n"qi m., ynT , 

nn^'i^j f., dP m., tb-.ia m. 




race, the human, C5 m. 

race, (running), 'j'i-na m., nar'j f. 

Rachel, Isn/i . 

rack, (for cattle), ri-ix and ninx f. 

rafters, to cover with, ",eo . 

rafts, ni-a'^, mnopn (later Heb.) 

rage, qri m. (Ch. Tsn m.) 

to, Tjbn and r^h'^j hhn Hithpo., 
r)'cn , T!."! Hitlip. w. bx against., 
t^-^ , Iin-j c. 2 against., cyn . 
ragged, ci-r. 

raging, a, "^z-n m., iixaJ m., prob. 
nr'jr\ f. (Cheth.) 

(adj.), -pn^T. 
rags, "^xib^ plu. constr. only., c^Jip . 
rail at, to, niD Hi. c. a , b . 
railing, (support), HT'E'^ f. 
raiment, ai^iab-o m. coll., nbrO) f. 

goodly, nii^n -nsa . 
rain, um m., cm , -Mia m., 'T^'iSO m., 
Q'^a-'a-' plu., "i-i m. 

a pouring, q^nt m., a':|T m., z^i 

heavy, -i-''iaD m. 

the early, tT;i"« m., n'niia m. 

the first, n"!!"' m. 

the latter, uiipb'o m. 

to, n:3"a Hi. 

to cause to, dOia Hi. 

to give (or) send, 11313 Hi., )T\i 

violent, dOia , ySJJ m. 
rainbow, ntup com. 

rained upon, to be, "iijia Ni., see in c'JJS . 
raise, to, sb3 . nbs Hi., dim Pil. Hi. 

one's self up, to, see x'ra I Hi. 

up, to, qpT , "niis I Pil. Pilp., nbs 
Hi. c. ace. et b ., msr I Hi., c^ip 
Pi. Hi., ci-i lii. (Ch. qpT , D!ip 

up again, to, cflp Hi. 
raised up, to be, "niij t Ni., dl'n . 35b . 
raisin-cake, cazS ^'JJ^ttJx . 
raisins, d"'p*^S only plu. 

bunches of, o'^psirs: only plu. 
ram, b^x m. (Ch. n3"!| .) 
ram, a young, ia as m. 

ramble, to, n^n , nn K. Hi. 
Ramescs, oocr^ . 

rampart, bTi m., st'bia m., nbbb t 
range, a, nsi:: m., n-irj f. 

of chambers, ?bs m. coll. 

T - 

rank, n^nto f. 

high, peril. rb|!X f. 
ranks, ma-!r"a . 

ransom, -ica m., c^^tq plu. only, 
orno and •i"''is m. 

to, bxj. I, ma w. 3 of price, 
rapacious, one, y'}^ m. 
rajiid course, r\'^n':\ f. 
rapine, -i:a m,, qnn m., p-g m. 
rare, (half-cooked), S3 H. 
rare, (precious), *ipi . 

to make, "ipi Hi. 
rase, to, rr^s Pi., in? Po. 
rased, to be, T^r Pilp. Hithpalp. 
rash, "nrnca . 

to be, a"^"^ (once.) 
rashly, to speak, ?bi , nsb (once pret.) 

uttered, (something), »'^Z'Q m. 
rat, see n^s-^sn , n-B f. 
rattling, a, bip m. 
ravage, to, r,bn and r^b'; Pi. (poet.) 
ravager, "^nis , -bnr"n . 
rave, to, i<a3 Hithp., t:i Hithp. w. bx 

raven, a, a^b. 

ravenous beast, n^n f., a^S m., y-^nB 
ni'n . 

bird, W^S m. 

to be, pp'j . 
ravine, see ni^x , t^'^^i^J^, f-. bns m. 
raving, bb-inia . 

one, yjtlia . 
ravish the heart, to, aab Pi. 
ravished, see nstlS , 2. 

to be, b;!^^ Ni. Pu., a3l3 Ni. Pu. 
raw, "^n , S3 H. 
rays, d*';3ip du. 

to emit, ",-15 . 
razed, to be, nns I Ni. 
razor, a-^n f., n-^i^ I m., -i?ri I m. 
reach, to, ss^ c. -1? ., ab3 Hi. 

across, to, ni2 . 




reach forth towards, upon, to, 5b 3 Hi. 
out, to, n:n I K. (once). Hi, (once.) 
out to, to, u^s c. dat. (once.) 
to, to, S32 K. c. 2 , bx , b , Hi. 
w. nr . (Ch. H'j-Q , na?3 w. b .) 
unto, to, xia w. ns., nn^ c. iv ., 
ab2 Hi., rsB c. a, bx. 
read, to, k^ij? I. (Ch. x-p .) 

aloud, to, n'yp^ I. (Ch. K'lp .) 
reading, a, X"i;?^ m. 

aloud, a, S':j5'0 m. 
ready, ysibrj , a-^n: , innS (Cheth), iinJ? 
c. b. (Ch. T^ri.) 

of access, to make, rt^p Hi. 

•to be, -(fls Ni., nbs , nps Hithp. c. 

h . (Ch. an? Ithp. c. b for.) 
to be made, "j^ia Ni. Ho. 
to become, nba . 
to fall, beb (participle.) 
to make, ',!ia Hi., nb? Pi., nib5 I, 
ins Pi., crn Hi. (Ch. i::» .) 
real estate, nbns f. 
realm, n^irb-: f., n:b^^ 1, nbtti^^ f. 

: - T T : - T T « V 

(Ch. !iab:a f.) 
reap, to, ns;^ K. Hi. (Cheth.) 
reaper, a, '^^.'<p . 
reaping, T^sp m. 

rear, iinx m., Ci'^nS")^ du., piib m., 
ap5 m. 

of an army, to smite the, a3t Pi. 
to l)ring up the, r,DX K. Pi. 
rear, to cause to, see nbs Hi. 1. 

T T 

up, to, cnp Hi. 
rear-guard, to cut off the, zi} Pi. 
rear- ward, to be a, CjOX K. Pi. 
reason, "^an m., n-^an f., 'liabn m. (Ch. 

T T T : • ' ' ; V * 

nnati f., Ds-j m.) 

togetlier, to, na"^ Ni. Hithp. 
reajions, r-map . 
Rebekah, npan . 
rebel, a, aarj m. 
rebel, to, T^r w. a against,, rr^ia K. 

Hi. w. a against., rbo c. a , nnn^ ., 

",rn K. part., Ni. w. a of pers. 
rebellion, nn^ m., s-io m. (Ch. nJinnttSx , 

-inia m.) 

laud of double, rnx , 

' . - T 1 I r »• 

rebellious, i'^^ m. concr., -ib , a"iD , 
aaitt), aaittj. (Ch. n-;^.) 
the, D"^-i-iiD. 
to be, x-:q I, "iio (once.) 

T r ' - T ^ ' 

rebelliousness, psi-a-na f., ■'iia m. 

rebels, inia "ra . 

rebuild, to, pna , n:a , ttJnn Pi., ptn 

Hi,, n^n Pi. " 

rebuke, a, rrisa f., n'j?:"^ f. 

to, n^5 J na^ Hi., see nfO Pi., dbs 
IHi' ' 
recall, to, aflb Hi. 

to mind, to, -^at , rib'bx a'^ttSJi. 
recalled, to be, a»tlj . 
recede, to, e^i^ I, ttj:3 Ni. pret., K. fut, 

receive, to, r,Dx K. Pi., rpb , i<s^, 

Nbs , ba|5 Pi. (later Heb.), anj5 I PI 
(Ch. bap only in Pa.) 

as one's own, to, bnj Hithp. 

graciously, to, n^-i . 

into favor, to, nsci . 

to let, xs^ Hi. 
received, to be, cicx Ni. 
receiver (of a bribe), bra . 
receiving, a, np-q m. 
recent times, in, aiipia . 
receptacle, n'^a m. 
recesses, D^rai^ du., npri'a m., see 

recite, to, x-^Fj I. (Ch. x-p .) 
reckon, to, auin Pi., cos (once.) 

one's self, to, attJn Hithp. c. a 

to, to, a«in w. ace. of thing, and b 
of pers. 
reckoned, to be, aoJn Ni. 
recline, to, *,sil5 Ni. 
reclining, a, aslJ^ ni. 
recognize, to, la: Hi. 
recognized, to be, naj Ni. Hithp. 
recollect, to, nsT . 

recompense, biTsa m., nbi^a 1, aps 
m., DVttJ . 
to, to, bias c. ace. bs ., cbttS Pi. w. 
b of pers. 
reconnoitre, to, -i!in. 




reconnoitre in ambush, to, n'nx K. Pi. 

to let, -)in Hi. 
record, "p-ST m. (Ch. •jiiati m., l-nDn 

record, to, ■^=7 Hi., arS , C'lJ'l . 
recorded, to Ije, nb? Ho. 

' ' T T 

recorder, i-st's . 

records, book of, n-jsi-ir^n lEO . 

the book of the, (Ch. X'jnr'n ^BO .) 
recount, to, -ied Pi. 

with praise, to, nE& Pi. 
recover, to, pin , n^n , z^'O Hi. 

to let, D;n Hi. 
recreation, Qi^n plu. 
rectitude, L)!:'ii^ in., f^ns m., tipj^'l t 
recurrence, a, nzvin f. 

T ! 

red, (sub.), dnx ni. 

(adj.), dTS , •'Jiisnx . 

color, -itiia m. 

dyed, made, D'ns'a . 

ochre, -iiauJ m. 

to be, cnx K. (once), Hi. Hithp., 

to become, irn Poalal. 
red-haired, •':i::")x . 
redden, to, d"3J< Hi. 
reddish, M-^nx , p'lb . 

purple, •,'2px m. 
redeem, to, bxj I, nna w. a of price., 
n:p^ . (Ch. p'ns .) 

one's S3lf, to. bxa I Ni. 
redeemed by, a field to be, nbxj f. w. 

gen. of pers. 
redeemer, bxa. 

redemption, cbxa plu., n^xa f- 
perpetual right of, d^i'^ rlbxa . 
price of, nrx-j f., D'^'^ins plu. only, 

di'^a m. and "(i^TS. 
right of, nVxa f., fully lasttSa 
nHa . 
redemptions, a-'biixa . 
redness, cnx m. 
redundance, ns^ m., n"^D m. 
redundant, to bs, xrf^^ . 

with, to be, •j^'^a c. ace. 
reed, nsx m., t:x m., 'pioax m., q^io 
m., ns^is m., as m., pisp m. 

reed, a measuring, nj;? m., fully n}ip 

reeds, sinx (Egyptian word.) 

reel, to, oSra Hithpo., sjri , nsij Hithpal., 

y!i3 also y-i: , n;tB w. a, -(is of wine, 

see nrn . 
reeling, a, bs'i m., nbr'^n f. 
refine, to, ppi K. PL, q-x . 
refined, to be, ppT Pu. 
refiner, r,";':;, rr:! j . 
reflect, to, n:T , 
reform, to, -na Hithp. 
refractory, '^ii-q , -o , a'lO , nnio . 
to be, n-i^a , n-iia (once). 

' T T ' - T '^ ' 

refrain from, to, niaj Ni. c. '^'o , 

one's self, to, pex Hithp. 
refresh, to, -iix Hi., .-r^n Pi., Tj^ss Pi 
c. a ., see i;jd , ^S"i Pi., a^ai Pil. w. 

'^?.: • 
refreshed, I am, -^h n^"^ . 

to be, u;e5 Ni. 
refreshing, a, n-ipia f. 
refreshment, a"^'»n plu., X3'1'g m. 
refuge, ni3n f., nnssi^ f., nonia, 

npn^ m., Disr m., Tno'O m., "pra 

m., nrs»iD f., rsbp-c m., asio^? m., ti? 

m., nsis m. 
to take, non . 

' -I T 

refuges, Q'^'sn . 

refuse, iiB"3 m. 

refuse, to, Vsx K. Hi. w. p ., "jXTS Pi., 

DXia , N^a Hi., S"ia . 
refusing, "(X - w. pers. pron. for finite 

pertinaciously, "|X?5 . 
refutation, n:s^ m. 
refute, to, n:s> I. 

regard, to, ttj-^^ , aujn , sn-j , ::a5 Hi., 
ir: Pi., bx P3Q, nsn , nw II, n^ttJ 
ab I "i^.tij K. Pi. (Ch. z^n c. 3 .) 
and treat as, like, to, a "ra . 
as, to, "'.zh "ina , nx"; w. a . 
for, to, ^:Bb -(n: . 
highly, to, ztn Pi. 
regarded, to be, nisaS Ni. 
regarding, d^bi3 (participle.) 
a, nian f. 




region, riTi^x f., Vi-lpj m., nl:"»b)i f., ban 
m., ns-'nia 1 (later Heb.), D*pT3 com. 

beyond, ^zr m. (Cli. "in?.) 

cut up (w'itli mountains), •,i-ir.2 m. 

on the other side, oi)posite, 155 ni. 

well-watered, nrtlSio ni. 
regions, ris"^x com. 
register, "I'ST*; . (Ch. 'li-rti ra., 'pz^':\ m.) 

genealogical, iur.'n nsq . 

in the manner of a, ttjn-rnb . 

to, -i:t Hi., nbsJ Hi. 
registered, to be, irr^nn Hithp. 
reign, r^isb^ 1, ni^?:^ f. (Ch. !i:bT3 1) 

to, r\h'0 constr. with by of people., 
ns? c. 2 ., irr I. 

to begin to, r,^?3« . 
rein, "ini ni., •pn m. 
reins, nin:: , ri-'Vs plu. only, 
reject, to, prob. a bra , n:T K. Hi., 
ox^ , 7x5 , "^i<2 Pi-> '^y; , -123 Pi., 
5-13- Yp^ Pi. 

- T > I '- T 

with loathing, to, bsj K. Hi. 
rejoice, to, b"'3 rarely b^ia or bia (poet.) 
w. 2 in, also hv ., mn , "in: H, 
bip Nij3 , -!tr I Hithpal., obr K. Ni., 
•j'b? , y.T Hithp., y.-) , 'iS"; Pi. Hi., 
tt5!ittj and b"'il) w. b:? at., pnia Pi., 
nriD and nrto w. a in or at., sru 
Pilp. (Ch. rx-j c. bs.) 

to make, ntD Hi. w. ace. and b? in 
or because of., -jjn Hi., nrO) Pi. 
with great joy, to, nriisib nrtt) 
nbin: . 
rejoicing, (adj.), nrto c. )iq because of, 

(one), Tbs m., "j-'^y m. 
rejoicing, (sub.), b-^a m., nb-a f., "rn 
m., t'-^'O m., r!is"b» f., p m., nS") 
1, nn-:iu f , n2J^-.n f. 
days of, c-'biin . 
to praise with, ",p . 
relation, a sign of, see (Ch. "iri .) 
relationship, n^xa f. 

intimate, expressed by, -x m., dx f. 
relative, nx T ra., ninx f. 
blood, bxa . 

relative (by marriage), "(nn m. 
relatives, perh. d"ttJ:x (once.) 
relax, to, ns^ I Pi., nbta and -bt^ . 
relaxed, to be, see qnn , nsn I. 
release, a, nis':'-! f. 

to, a:y /-j-ir K. Hi. 
relief, rri'i m. 
relieve, to, nn* Pilel. 
religion, r^'^ri com., CTibx nx'i^ , f^X';>7 

nin-i . (Ch. n^ f.) 
relish, to draw out with, y:ii2 . 

to feed upon witli, prT3 . 
rely upon, to, ",?«) Ni. c. br , bx , a . 
remain, to, inx in K. (once), "ifln, 
2:"^ , T'' , -nb and ^b K. Hithpal., 
nr5 I K. Ho., dip, -iXilJ K. (once), 
Ni. (Ch. nsp.) 

anywhere, to, -x^^ Ni. 
behind, to, nxtii Ni. 
long, to, r,-x Hi. 

to let, ^n-j Hi., rA^ Hi., ats , -ixa> 
Hi. ' 
remainder, ^n";i m., -rj-'J m., n-;nS3 f., 
nnq m. concr., -ix'ii m., T'lixttS 1 
(Ch. nsttS m.) 
remaining, T'-tt) , 

part, -xttJ m., r'^-x;:: f. 
to leave, n^s Hi. 
remedy, xb")^ m., pinrn m (Keri.) 
remember, to, nr'n I Pi., ^^ri I, -rT K. 

Hi., ab b? nbrn . 
remembered, to be, ab bs nb? . 
remembering, -Azi . 
remembrance, "137 m. and -rT , '"i^ST 

to bring to, irt Hi. 
to keep in, naj Hi. 
remembrance-offering, a, n"i~TX f. 
remiss, not . 

to be, bss Ni., ncn I Ni. 
to show one's self, nsi I Hithp. 
remission, n-^.D f-, n:i3 f., n-jrttj f. 
remissly, n^-Q-) . 
remissness, n-j-c-j f., •i"'B-) ni. constr. 

remit, to, iraa , -^rr Hi., ats , is^suS K. 




remit from, to, Vbp Hi. w. '."o of bur- 

' ' -'t ' • 

remnant, '^^\'2 m., -niJ m., tTiniJ f., 

nxil) m., n-'nxuJ f. 
remote, nxbnsrj f., pin*^ . 
regions, c'^ns'i^ f. du. 
time, (Cli. cby m.) 
to be, pn-. . 
remoteness, jrn^'c ra. 
remove, to, -ra Pi., rji II Hi., ttj^:a I, 
n-3 I Pi. c. b., 502 , 5!io I Hi., ibq 
Hi., -)Z5 Hi., nir Hi., prs Hi., -,7^, 
see an;!: I Hi. at end., D^n Hi., pnn 
Pi. Hi., nzoj Hi. (Ch. nns Aph.) 
from, to, c"2n Hi. c. •,t3 . 
mud (or) dirt, to, Kijxia Pilp. 
to let, tro I Hi. 
removed, ns"5r;rn f., l^'o . 

to be, nra Ni., itio K. Ho., pnr , 
pr^^ Ni. (Cheth.) 
removing, a, n©^ m. 
rend, to, S73 (once), ?pa K. Pi. Hi., 
r^a D3S, D"^Q , 7-B , "T^B I Po., 

I-T7 t' -r"l-r" -T 

^17^ , -iztti , rotti Pi. 

asunder, to, y^B , 5ip. 

away, to, s-p c. ',13 , byr) . 

in pieces, to, p-2 Pi., rnp , r"?p 
cr-^p . 

one's self away, to, r'np . 
render, to, Dib and d^io , aia5 Hi., r^ttJ , 
obttj Pi. 

back, to, z"^ Hi. 

repeatedly, to, r^iUJ Hi. 

to, to, b^:,- c. ace. 
rendered, to ba, x-js-. (Ch. nrd Ithpa.) 
renew, to, oJ-^n Pi., :;bn Hi., a^izj Pil. 

one's care, to, "131 . 

one's self, to, ttinn Hithp. 
renewed, to be, a^iaj . 
renounce, to, see T(-a Pi. 5. 
renovated, to be, r;bn . 
renown, did m., r.bnn f. 

to acquire, ma Hi. 
renowned, the, D-zps . 

to be, bbn Pu. 
rent, a, •jrng m. 

away, to be, ?p3 only in pret. 

rent, to be, ypa Ni. Pu. Hithp., i"5» I 

repair, to, yzi< Pi., pna , tnn Pi., 
pT.n Pi. Hi., n^n Pi., -jsia Hi.' kd-j 
Pi. (Ch. Ksin Aph.) 
breaches, to, pna , 
repaired, to be, dps Ni., ne^ NI 
repairing, a, npTn f 
repast, nn: m. 
repay, to, cbaj Pi. 
repeat, to, rsriB I. 
repeatedly, lis, 
repent, to, drj Ni. Hithp. 
repentance, tjnb m. 
repetition, "jxriri m. 
reply, a, nsr/a m. 

to, nrr I. 
report, nm m., bip m., !i?ii2tt5 f., sati 
evil, ns'n f., see ^sn at end. 
false, xiffi yqTD . 
words to, to, ss'' Hi. w. b . 
repress, to, aiiui Hi. 

reproach, non , riE'nn f., niaba 1, p^sbs 
f., nxx2 f., n2X3 f., "(ibp m., see 
inf. othhp , see nsr'r . 
to, r]"!; Pi., icn Pi., qnn K. Pi., 

- T 

reproaches, D-'si^a only plu. 

reproof, nisa f., "iO!i'j m., nnain £► 

reprove, to, -i?j c. ace. a ., ns"' Hi. 

reprover, n"0"73 , "1:5^ m. 

reptile, ttJipn m. 

reptiles, vnx com. (poet), izro"! m. coll,, 

yi^ m. coll. 
repulse, V'^'^'^ '^• 

from, to, njT w. "jia . 

to, qnn n:^: Hi. 
reputation, good, d^ m. 
repute, to, (Ch. affin c. a .) 
request, niD?3 f., nbxaj-a f., nbxoJ f. 
(Ch. nra Y) 

to, «5pa Pi. w. ',13 of pers., ace. of 
require, to, ojpa Pi. w. ",13., J^nn, bxai . 

back, to, t^.':\ w. Tia . 
requital, cbo) ra., cfeti m. 




requite, to, perh. -rs , mttj Hi., c^ttj Pi. 

vf. h of peis. 
rescript, a, znsr m., csriQ m. (later 

Heb.). (Ch/=rnD m.) 
rescue, to, n^uj Hi. 
rescued, nrii';' f. 

the, n"'";'5"i2 plw- 
resemble, to, nr"n I K. c. b , bx , Ni. c. 

reserve, to, q*5 c. dat., y^j, w. b5< ., 

r,rn w. h ., -i-cui . 
for, to, b:ix K. fti. w. b ., ■,"c:3 w. b . 
reservoir, sr*. m., hi m., nba f. mpii f. 

' vv T t': • 

reservoirs of the dew, h'j •'^r.x . 

reside, to, n^3 , 

residue, -ri** , "n^. m., •^s'ttJ m., ninxttj 

f. (Cli. nxnj m.j 
resin, (an aromatic), c;a3 m. 
resist, to, n— c Hi., b^o Hithpo. c. S ., 

resisting, ])owcr of, n^^tpri f. 
resolves, •'^r;rn plu. constr. only, 
resoi-t to, to, see rs"' Hitlii). 
resound, to, --a; Pil. 
respect of persons, c'^:s x":!^^ . 

to, 's3 "rsD Kit;:. 

to, in, b.x , 2 , b . 

to, to have, 1:2: Hi., Vx n:-3 , ns-i , 

' -T •.•Tt' Tt' 

nrj) I c. 5 . 
respected, one, era xniC3 . 
respite, a, nmn f. 
respond, to, nrr I. 
response, r,:'j-z m., rt^loSn f. 

to give, n:? T, i-ti -■'Uin . 
rest (quiet), xn'n m. (once), i^-n m., 
nn:n f., n-:"; m., nr^iiis f., r'ij."^ 
m., nrp,^ f., nia m., pn? f., see 
nVo , rzuj I f., ar^an , aruj m. 
at, ^Vij . 

("day of), rsiD com, 
from, to, hziz . (Oh. boa .) 
is given, rsj Ho. c. dat. (impers.) 
pennis.sion of, iinzn f, 
place of, nn;!:?: f., yir,"^^ m. 
to, n-i-i n, can, bnn and b-^n , 
nrn , n;3 , n^: , r:.-; Ni. Hi., 
nzuj , zroj , -(i!^ also -,««: , Kpraj . 

rest, to be at, nsij , nbtlj and ibttS . (Ch. 
nbtt3 .) 
to cause to, r;i Hi. 
to find, L*;?-I3 Hi, 
to give, n!iD Hi. 
to let, rnj Hi., s-^iq Ni. c. "jia ., 

priJ Hi. 
to make, n^*; Hi. 
to take, -3ttj , -ptti also -piiS . 
to, to give, n*: Hi. 
upon, to, -,rD K. Ni, c. bs ., )Tti 
Ni. c b? . ' 
rest, (remnant), -ini"« , -r'] m,, nria m., 
n";iri: f., nxtii m., n'»-)5<-J3 f. (Ch. 
nxuj ,) 
resting, a, p.-':^ m., rtn^l'i f. 
resting-place, -m:^ f., yz'^ m, 
restlessness, n*-\ m, 

restore, to, yzy Pi., r!52 , "3 Hi., 1!|3 
Pilel., d'lp Hi., irj K.' Pil. Hi., dbai 
Pi. (Ch. nbaS Aph., iw Aph. w. Heb. 

one's self, to, nnr Hithpol, 
to life, to, n^n Pi. Hi. 
to (one's) former state and pros- 
perity, to, 'b nizaj 3-a;n . 
restored, to be, qcx Ni., ZTIJ K. c. b , 

restrain, to, ttj^n Pi., nrjs Pi. w. 3 ., 
xbs , r:^ , "iSJC , r.-u) Pi. Hi. 

tt' -t"'-t' -t 

from, to, -\T3 Hi. 

one's self from, to, xbs Ni. w. -(Ta 
and inf. 
restrained, to bo, r,bn Ni., ij£5 NL 

from, to be, -S2 Ni. c. '^-o . 
restraint, -.-isr^ m., "ij£S^ in. 
rests, (ledges), nir-r.^ . 
result, n-^g m., nsriin f. 
retain, to, see ^SJ? K. 2., nxttj Hi. 
retard, to, ^.-;x Pi , r^'jX Hi. 
retract, to, -,"0 Hi. 
retreats, see nirrn , 


m., nbit-aa f., cbttJ m. 

Dbai m., r;:sb«i f., n-^nrn f. 
return, nrflUJ f., nr^O) I f., risipn f., 
nrrrp f. 

and do, to, zvii w. anotlier verb. 




return for, in, "I'^x rrn . 

to, =20 , r^iB K. Hi. (Cli. sfin Peal, 
Apli. w. HjI). form.) 

to c:ius3 to, 2?tt3 K. Pil. Hi. 

to Lit, x-2 Hi. 

to the doing, to, iTiJ with another 
returned, to be, s^ili K. c. b , Ho. 
returning, those, nz'^ J I f. concr. 
Reuben, •pnx'n . 
reveal, to, nb; K. Hi. (Ch. n'^a , xh .) 

one's self, to, rn" Hithp. c. bx . 
revealed, to be, rtbj Ni. 
revelation, d-'-'.^X plu., y.m m., nitn 
f., n^iin 1, ",r.m m., cxa m., 
r.:i-:s f. 
revelations, c-ittst . 

to, to announce, ntn \v. b. 

to, to declare, nin w. h . 
revengeful man, a, cji5:n:c . 
revere, to, 'sj -1:3 xb: . 
reverence, nx"^"i f., xTi^s m. 

deserving, xni:. 

object of, xi'ia m. 

to, mn w. 's "^rs ., i><"i">, "ir3 Hi. 

T •• : ' •• T ' - T 

to, to do, 1Z-Z Pi. 
reverenchig, x"i"^ vr. pers. pron. for 

finite verb, 
revering, ^-in , 
reverse, the, -sn or 7^2 n m. 
review, a, "ipt'O m. 

to, np?3. 
revile, to, r^n: Pi., D^S Hi., h\p^ . 
reviling, nax: f , nsxs f., riVsp f. 
revilings, c-e'i'hj only plu. 
revisit, to, n;rs . 
revive, to, r^'^n K. Pi., C]bn Hi., see 

also K., =!ip Hi., ai?^.-i . 
reviving, (adj.), -^n . 
revoke, to, -!i"IJ Hi. 
revoked, to be, z^ili . 
revolt, to, rrs c. 2 , rnnia . 
revolters, see c-'-i) . 
reward, n:nx f., ni'sb"? f., ^jrv n)., 
*;:b m., see "inii, dbuj m. 

for good tidings, rniit)2 f. 

of, in, np?? , 2|5r~bs . 

reward, to, bra w. b? , ace, inaJ HL, 

dbij Pi. w. b of pers. 

rewards, cr^b-iJ . 
I - 

rib, a, rb'j; ra, (Ch. sbs f.) 
rich, -(iDn , r^ , -^^itjr , srr , r-itti H. 
man, one, ^.-ais m, 
the, ••■^n m. concr. 
to be, 132 K. Ni., na:^5 , -,r» II Ni. 
to become, •,tr'n Pu., -mjp Hi. 
to feign one's self, -|-»^s Hithp. 
to make, luDs Hi. 
riches, •,■;.-! m., y-zn m. once f., b'^rt 
m., -(Cn m., ns-i-j f., n-ir^ f., -1113 
m., n'3 m., n:-'a m. once f. (only of 
cattle), or: m. (later Heb.), ^^? m., 
•^©3 m., nin"ips» (Cheth), nnns' f., 
SW II m. 

gathered, ni"i55 . , 
their, Dirrn only in plu. c. suff. 
to get, b'^n rsiUS. 
richest of people, nv •''^"'!t}^ . 

(part), the, ^bn m. 
ricinus, the, see *,'i-p-'p . 
riddle, a, n-fn f. (Ch. .-"rinx.) 

to propose a, nnn joined w. nTT?. 
ride, to, zzl w. bs of beast. 

to let, ::r*n Hi. 
rider, (horseman), d-13 m., ono SsS , 

:3H m. 
rider, (upper mill-stone), 2Z'^ nbs . 
riders, 2:'^ m. coll. 
riding, a, nssn f. 

riglit, (not left), yx:-' com. rarely m. (in 
gen. after other nouns), ''3"'^7 (Clieth), 

hand, y^^ com. rarely m. 
hand, to turn to the, ■,"cx II Hi. 
hand, to use the, •,t:'i Hi. 
(side), "(-isi com. rarely m. 
to take tlie, to turn to the, -j^^ Hi. 
right-handed, d"'ri3'Jia plu. 
right, (not VvTong), (adj.), sia , ir-;, 
•,i=; , -3 I, rb:, r^'=?^. 
(adv.), =-j-n , -,3 I, p-^n? . 
(sub.), yri m., z^'J> m., -^aii m., 
•JSttJia m., r.rc: f-, S^V^^ ^m 
pna; m., n-^^ f. (Ch. -j-n m.) 




right, according to, as'r^^ . 

of, to wrest the, 'b :3Q-;"2 nt^H . 

one's self again, to, nnj Hithpol. 

to act, :ia Hi. w. inf. c. h . 
■ to be, -laj^ , -SIS Ni., *^u:3 c. ■'re!? ., 
r-js , n'aj c. b of pers,, '.rn Ni. 

to be in the, prx . 

to esteem as, lui'' Pi. 

to maintain one's, 'a asis^ nto5 . 

to pronounce, pn-^ Hi. 

to set, nri Hi., -,0*1 Pi. 

to show to be, ns** Hi. 

without, asyuia sba . 
rightncss, -oJ"' m., pis m. 
righteous, '^aj^ , P'*^'4 , ^"'SiO'? . 

acts, r-ip-is . 

men, see in -,2 9, c. 

to be, pn:£ . 

to make, p'^iL Pi. Hi. 

to pronounce, pns Pi. 
righteousness, -iiaji?a m., p'ti m., i^p'ft 

f. (Ch. -(^^ m.) 
rightly, -aj*' , see -js I. (Ch. N"nn7!< •) 
rigor» Tins m, 
rim, 2i m., ir and ir? m. 
ring, a, "b^hi m., mn m., nn m., inn 

(Cheth), ns::: f., tiT3 m., Vjs m. 
ring-streaked, npr. 
rinse, to, rj'JtU . 
rinsed, to ha, C)::a3 Ni Pu. 
rip up, to, rp2 K. Pi. 
ripe, to be, bilia or btti2 . 

to become, cbn . 
ripen, to, bcs or bl^a K. Hi., bpa H, 

a:n (poet.) 
ripened, to be, baJ2 or bo^a . 
ripeness, see qn'n . 
ripped up, to be, ypz Pu. 
rise, to nxa (poet.), n-iT , s:!^ , n^s , 
'O'lp, C--I. 

again, to. n!tp 

early, to, cri Hi. 

up! Dip. 

up, to, see 33C"^ Ilithp. 1, at end., 
•,!i3 Ni., see x"]^^ I Hi., xr; 
Hithp., nbs Ni., nias I, Qnp K. 
PiL Hithpal., Din K. Hithpal., 

d"cn I Ni. (Ch. xto3 Ithpa. c. bs ., 
csip, til Pal. c. br against.) 
rise up against, to. Dip K. c. br , bx 
2 , -:sb , nrrjb!Eb , Hithpal. c. b . 
up and go, to, D^^p. 
up before, to, cnp c. "irsia , nx'pb . 
up suddenly, to, Tsn . 
up to, to, Dip c. i3S"2 , rst^pb. 
up upon, to. Dip Hithpal. c. b . 
rises up against, one Avho, c^'iprj m. 
rising, a, nnj m., rxb"? f., rxia 1 
(of the sun), xs"?3 m. 
up, a, c"p m., nr"p f. 
rite, irttjio m., m-cttj^a f. 
rites, to consecrate, sanctify, with sol- 
emn, ttjnp Pi. 
rival, a, n~!c f. 

to, ri^r. Tiph., — 's . 

' T T ' - r 

river, a, bzix m. (only in Dan.), nx"^ 
m. (Egyptian word), bz^ m., b2i"« 
m., "in: m., nna m. (Ch. in: m.) 
(large), q-' m. 

river-gates, ni"^nin ■'^ri^ . 

rivere, the two, D"*in: du. 

rivulet, abs m. 

road, n-^x com. (poet.) 

roam about, to, T,bn and -bi Pi. 
(poet.), see nrij II Hi. 

roar, to, rt'c'n , see nn: , n?: I, 5Xtt5 , 
nxd I Ni. 

roaring, a, n-^nj f., n:x'r f., prob. 
niirn f. (Chetli.) 
noise, •'sn m. 

roast, (adj.), ■'bx . 

to, see rpn , see -iro , nbs , nbp L 

' ''-t' -r' tt' t't 

roasted, "b:i . 

grain, "bp m. 
rob, to, bT2 I w. ace. of pers. 

covertly, to, 12 ;. 

of, to, rsp c. dupl. ace. 

one of his heart, to, n :~ Pi 
robbed, biiU) . 
robber, "bn^: , ",bnp^ , C]n" m., poet. 

for qrn uj'^x . 
robbery, bij m. 
robe, "IJ3 m., b-s-a m. 




robust, *,!|tt5p . 

to make, -^^la . 
rock, a, -,:;x com., 5^0 m., ^tis m., is 
m. (Ch. -iSi:: m.) 
a sharp^ y^ m. 
rocks, CES . 

rod, a, li:n m., n'Ji'q m., bjsT? m., aat^ 
and ai'iS m. 

a measuring, n:;? m., fully nrj? 

nn^n . 
(of a balance), ^:p^ m. 
rods, d'prn . 

roe, ip>x m., ^-I'l m., n*q^ f. 
roe-buck, ij^x m. 

roU, a, nb:,-2 f., ns-pa f. (Ch. T^\yxi .) 
along, to, b^; Ni. 
around, to, 7;^ . 
away, to, bb; Hi. 
away from, to, Vit w. b"T3 . 
down, to, bba Pilp., b>s HI 

itself together, to, r,^x Hithp. 

off, to, Vtx., hht w. h'J-o_ . 
one's self, to, r^sn Hithp., see ttJbs 

I Hithp. 
one's self down, to, hh> Hithpalp. 
one's self up, to, -ss;:? Pi. 
one's self upon, to, bba Hithpo. w. 

• to, bb5 K. Hi. Flip. 

together, to, D^a (once), see i;ra 

up in, to, -T^s w. a . 
rolled, to be, hhi Ni. Poal. 

down, to be, bbs HI (once.) 
together, to be, h\i> Ni., see n;rs 

up, to be, r,rx Hithp. (once.) 
roller (for binding ujj a wound), bwn 

rolling, (adj.), h^H . 
roof, S5 m., n^'^.p m. 

to, -,£0. 
room, a, xn m. 

empty, nrr m. 
root, uiniti m. (Ch. ui-i'ij m.) 

root out, to, era , nj^s , t^jai Pi. (Qh. 

to, p-niij Poel. , 

to have taken, UJ-tl3 Poal. , 

to take, ^yj Poel,' Hi. 
rooted, to be, ttjn'r Poal. 

up, a plant, ijrs m. concr. 
rooting out, a, (Ch. rid-^SJ f., •i-.ij-ttj , 
Ken.) ' ' '. 

roots, to strike, tt3-i!lj Hi. 
rope, hzn m., -inn m., nsjrs 1, n^p. 
or n;)f5 (Cheth.) 

(of reeds), -ir^x m. ■, 

rotten, to be, ::jrn . 
rottenness, p-Q m., 'zpl m., "p'^p*! m. 
rough, bi-ia (Cheth), "i^^b.. 
roughcast, n'^a m. 
round, V:r . 

about, 1?^ and i»2 , io-^ , ni'sGia, 
^2^?:, ri^isn, s-ro^ , 2^=0, 

2^20 2''30 , b 2^2D , D^^^^P C- 

suff., ri2*^ro , br . 

about, places, d"'n''ro , n'i2''2D . 

about, those, cri'^ZD . 

about, to go, rso . 

(loaf), see 133 ^ see i'isv . 

pile, "iiTT m., nisima f. 

to go, 320 Po., -ifltt) n. 

to let go, r;r: Hi. 
round-cake, r\ys f., buh^ , b-^b^ (Keri;) 
rounded, b':i? . 
roundness, '^r^o m. (once.) 
rouse, to, nil? I Pil. 

one's self, to, n?s I Hi. Hithpal. 

up, to, -sir I Pil. Hi., cip HL 
roused, to be, nsis* I Ni. 
rout, see n:irtij . 

to, nr3 k. Pi. Hi., yn^ Hi. 
rove, to, see i?,-i Hi. 
rover, r^\r}-q . 

row, (range), a, -iVJ m., PD-;?;? f., Tj^S 
m., n-^nb f., rr^-iit) f., -.h L 

to place in a, Tj-r . 
r»w, to, -ipn . 

rowen, ttJpb m. . 

rowers, d-'zsiJ . 
royal, HD^b'a f. (in the genii), Ti'udb^ , 




• f. (in genit, later Ilcb.), nr^ria f 
(in genit.). (Ch. !i:^^ f. in genlt.) 
royal authority, dignity, xD3 m. 
rub, to, jtVn (once.) 

' ' T r * ' 

in pieces, pnii) . 
over, to, n"!^ (once), nttjia . 
nibbed small, to be, nbr I Ni. (once.) 
nibbing, a, "^£03 m. (Cheth.) 
rubbish, nnsTS f., ^s m., -e5 m. 

heap of, ir-o m., hv\ m. 
rubrica, nr'r m. 
ruby, perh. d"ik, pi'ob. 'il'-.'S m. 
ruddy, c'nx . 

to be, c"ix K. (once.) 
ruin, n-x m., ajx com., mn . n'^n f. 
(Cheth), no-'^.n f., "(ib'^S m., nr-i^ 
ni., nisn-i-Q plu., p*^ m., rinn-o f., 
nV.B=^ f., rbs^ f., nxioj-o f. always 
coupled with nsii, izuj and ^r-ij 
m., xiiii m., nx-iii f., n^s'j f. 
cause of, iijpi>0 m. 
one's self, to, rrn Hithp©. 
ruins, c^lij^ujx only plu,, D^h,m'2-n, 
niT3"'a)'] , rrinO'^^ m. only plu., ^vc 
m., nb^^ and nbs^ 1, mxit'"3 , 
n:!iT? 1, -? m., n'^'^p , ■^?''~? , "'S'-? 
m., D-CD-^ , s^xa f., nxvr f., ni^^ui . 
to fall in, T^z-z Ni. 
rule, \)'£->2-Q m., nV^;^ia f., bria m., 
•jiine m., i;? and ip m., c-ui and 
urtB m. 

over, to, ^1^^ w. 2 , rarely hv ., 

cVr c. 2 (later Heb.) 
to, -jiin or -p^T once -,i^ , ttjsn , ^j^Jia , 
uj:.: , "lar c s ., n*!-^ c. a over., 
'^^"J , "'"^ , wB'li . (Ch. yr^ and 
■,i'i, ::Vii c. 3 in, over.) 
to bear, mi c. 3 over, 
to let bear, (Ch. ::Vr Aph. c. 2 .) 
niler, pirn (poet), ppn^ , biii/r , a-^iu 
m., arttJ. (Ch. vjbaj, 'J-'V^ .) 

over, to make, (Ch. '^h^ Aph. 
C 2 .) 
rulei-s, nVl5';'3 f. concr., c^rr-D only 

plu , •(••T-Q m. concr. 
ruminate, to, "ini K. Ni. 
rumination, nia f. 

rumor, -irn m., bip m., n?!|^ii5 f., st:^ 

m., siaiij m. 
run, to, r,Vn and T|t^,l:T: (of liquids), 
nro ((uice), -^n-; K. Pil, n:£-j I, see 
in -c^t , -Nn . 
about, to, pp-r K. Ilithpalp. 
after, to, 7'^^ K. Pi. (poet.) 
(as a sore), to, ::si3 , pp-o Ni. 
away from, to cause to, -jrin Hi. w. 

down with, to, see Tn-' . 

on, to, xst"' . 

out, to, see sii"* , o. 

over, to, err I Pil. Hithpal. 

over, to let, p^'i; Hi. 

swiftly, to, t'^^ . 

through, to, n-n , irvi: I Pil. Hithpal. 

together with tumult, to, (Ch. oJsn 

Ilaph. c. bs .) 
to, to, ■j'Sl-l w. 2 . 
to and fro, to, pjTiid K. Hithpalp. 
up, to cause to, yri-^ Hi. 
up and down, to, ::saj I K. PiL 

Hithpal., pp^ K. Hithpalp. 
upon, to, "jT!!-! w. bx , b^ . 
wild, to, see nn . 
with (a fluid), to, nn . 
runner, y) . 

a i^ublic, "Tibs m. everywhere join- 
ed w. "n~3 . 
runnei-s, the public, TibQ m. coll. w. the 
art, everywhere joined w. Ti'S . 
runnin<T a, vi-72 m., rsi-t: I f. 
about, a, pria m. 
(as a sore), \>11 . 
footmen, cs*! and y^i"^ . 
ruptured, to be, rp3 Ni. 
rush, r,!iO m., "Irsx . 

rush, to, T;bn and 7,^*1 , nso (once), 
n>-u) I Ni., r.:;a5 , see i:'ctt5 , 

forth, to, n-'a and nn Hi. (Ch. 

n-'i or na; Aph.) 
on, to, rVn , be; . 
on as a tempest, to, -SO . 
on like a tempest, to, -iS'j Hitlip. 
c. b? . 




rush upon, to, "i25 c. ^5 ., a''5 constr. 
w. 3 , bx ., nr5 Hithp. c. 2 ., "j'-B 
w. 3 of pers., siDS c a ., frsn w. ^x ^ 
b5.' (Ch. l4u) w. 2 .') 

rushes, qsio . 

rushinj', a, na?"r f. 

° ' T T J 

rust, nxbn f. 

rustic, a, •^f'a Pi. 

village, n'T'a f. 
rustling, hip m. 
rut, a, b;»TD m. • 
rut, to, nn'' Pi. 
Ruth, nn . 


sabbath, na'r . 

a keeping of the, lin2ll3 m. 

every, r.z^'n di"'3 ra'rn ara . 

rites, *pn2il) m. 

to celebrate, the, n2tt) . 

to keep the, n2il) . 
sabbath-year, see rsiu . 
sabbatism, 'iir2t . 
Sabeans, C;"»X2p , Klttli . 
sackcloth, piu m. 
sacking, pb m. 
sacred, ttji-ip . 

anything, liJ'npia m. 

books, the, c'lSSn . 

ministry, mzs f. 

scribss, D"'a:2"}n only plu. (Cb. 

(something), Ujnp m. 
song, n^sn f. 
to be, tc-p and ttJnp . 
to hold, «jnp Pi. 
sacrifice, n\:-"X m., ret m., nrD^ f., 
•jS-ip? m. (Ch. nn^ , nr:?3 .) 
family, nns'iiiq nzT . 
festival, sn m. 
for fault, guilt, cOJx m. 
of consecration, d''X^^ plu. 
of dedication, nssn f. (Ch. nssn 

the daily, n-irn' ellip. for nbir 

the yearly, c'^r'^ri rsT . 

to, n2T K. Pi.,' nbr Hi., r\bv 1. 

voluntary, nz^} ni. 
votive, -i-i: and m: m. 

sacrificial dishes, ni'^p!^ only plu. 
sad, n-n , nxs (Keri), n^ , "^q , nt'p 

in mind, iljr3 '^rss . 

to be, ryt, 3X3 , q:^ c. h for., ss*!,- 
to make, 2X3 Hi., ns^ Hi 

saddle, to, d2n . 

sadness, -ttjn m., n^a m., 5*1 m. 

saffron, 03*13 m. 

meadow, see nbs22n . 
.. .. - „ 

safe, d*i5u3 , D^tt3 . 

to be, TT5 , 2;tt) Ni., nbtlj or uh'S. 

to make, dbiu Pi. 
safely, n::2b, n:;^ . 
safety, nr^ia-^ 1, raJ"" m. and St!^;» , 
n:;2^ m. (Ch. n^buj f.) 

to place in, o?.: Hi., t13 Hi., o^B 
Hi., n:n Pil. c. •^•q . 
sagacious, crn . 
sagacity, ns'ia f. 
sailor, bah m. 

saints, see in -,3 , 9, c, d''il5l"'|5 . 
sake of, for the, 2 , ^2^ b? , "^ "2^ hy , 

-,ST?b , ■I?2r3 . 
sale, •'3"C73 m., n'^~^"3 f. 

something for, "iS'aTQ m. 
Salem, cbti . 

saliva, to emit, ^^n \v. ace. 
salix, n2:£ES f. 
salt, r,bi L (Ch. nbia .) 

a land of, nnz-q f. 

of lye, -12 H m., r\'*'\h f. 

to, nbia H. 

to eat, (Ch. nb^ .) 

vegetable, 12 II m , rT<'ni t 
salt-pit, nb?; n";;=i3. 




salted, yrn . 

to be, nh-o II Pu. Ho. 
salute, to, r,-2 Pi., zihth 'th bstti . 

' ' •' - T T : J - T 

salvation, nrvrn f. 
Bamaria, "(--rr . (Ch. 'Cl^.'^r •) 
sambuca, (Cb. s:xQ f. and x=2b .) 
same, the, nrx , Ci"'*i"J< P^^-' '<"" ^-^ 
K-^n f. 
this, nx I. 
Bamson, "("ixraJ . 
Bamuel, bx^^'ij . 
sanctified, to be, b"p Ni. 


sanctify, to, tin;? Pi. Hi. 

one's self, to, tJ-p Hitbp. 

with solemn rites, to, 'i'lp Pi. 
sanctity, ttj-p ni. 
sanctuary, t-rp-o in., tainp^ , tti^p m. 

the inner, ■c'z'n m., d-^uin^n Oiip. 

the outer, hz'^r: m. 
sand, bin m. 
sand-piper, perh. nsrx f. 
sandal, b?: f. 

sandal-wood, red, see q-^j?:^!* . 
sandals, to put on, V?3 . 
sap, n<tb m. 

full of, -(i^ri . 
sapphire, ^•'so m. 
Sarah, n-jb . 
sardonix, see ti!nu3 . 
Satan, see V~^b2 Note , ysiii^ . 
sated, ni-i , sib . 

' V T ' - T 

to be, rito also rib . 

to be fully, rrii Pi. c. )'o . 

with drink, to be, MTi . 
satiate, to, ni-i Pi. Hi., sib Pi. 

satiated, sito . 

to be, 'ftyi Pu., sib also sib . 

to become, szb also sib . 
satiety, 52b m., sib m., r.vziii f., 

nsib f. 
satire, n;*'5;'Q f., n;''r;3 f. 
satisfied, si4) . 

to be, xbi3 Ni., ns'i Ni., sib also 


to be al>unclantly, ';b'n Pu. 
to become, rib also rib. 

satisfy, to, n'^^n x^^ , bsa x|^ , etbis 
Pi., nst-i K. Hi., sib Pi. Hi., n^b 

T T ' - T ' T T 

c. b of pers. 
satrap, -ids 13 m. 

satraps, crs'^'nbnx . (Ch. ",-:D-,'nbnjt .) 
Saturn, see 'ii*! , see r,bi:. 
satyrs, see in -i-^rb . 
savage (men), c^-sin. 
save, (adv.), pn after a neg. 

(conj.), ■'pba. 

that, pVit , once for ibx rbiiT . 
save, to, r,bn , sb; Hi., -jb^a Pi. HL, 
i>S3 Hi. ' ' 

alive, to, ibe: h'">ir^ . 

by flight, to, Tss Hi. 

n»w, Xi'nr^b-'n. 

one's life, to, n-n Hi. 
saved, to be, sb^ Ni., 13^73 Ni. Hithp., 

bs3 Ni. 
saviour, S'^biia . 
savor, sweet, rynri n*^*! . 
savory dishes, c^^r::"^ and ni^asiiis m. 

ffod, r-innrn Cinb . 
saw, n^^i'a f., li'^a^ m. 

to, -i!ib II. 
sawed, to be, ^inj Poal. 
say, to, "irN , see 1:^12 I Pi. (Ch. ^^s.) 

again and again, to, iw (once, 

to make, -'rx Hi, 
saying, a, 11^^ m., x'y^^ m., cS3 ra. 

memorable, "liniT m. 

pointed, p:3'':b f. 

sententious, r.^'n f., b^TS I m. 

sharp, n:''v£) f. 
sayings, to utter sharp (or) pointed, 

scab, 1*15 m., T\z}s'2 f-. riHE'i-a f., S53 

prsn, pnp m., rrco f. 
scabi)ed, I'la m. concr. 
scale, a, nbpbp f. 
scaled off, see in rcn at end. 
scall, pr: m. 

one affected witli the, prtn S;? , 

scanty, to be, ns'' only in fut. 
scape-goat, scebjxjS. 




scar, r2~S f. 

scarcely, r,s< . 

scarcity, un m. 

scatter, to, n2S Pi., "t3 K. Pi., fTit K. 
Pi., y-nt , p-jT , qnj , r.s3 Hi., ttj-jj , 
vb: K. (onlypret. and inf. absol.), Pi., 
■^SD Pi., I'JisK. (only fut. imper. plu. 
and part. pass, once), Hi., ^]S K. (only 
part. pass, f.), Pi., y-^B , tt)"B Pi. (Ch. 
n-is Pa.) 
seed, to, s-t . 
themselves, to, Cibn . 

- T 

sqattered, (anything), a^jQ m. concr. 
to be, n-.T Ni. Pu., y-T Ni. Pu., 
p-iT Pu., -ISO Po., ysiE K. (fut. 
and imp.). Hi. (pret. and parti- 
ciple), uii3 Ni., T]Q Hithp., to~S 
Ni., see <ij'-t3 Ni. 
as dust, to be, |ns Hithpal. 
to let be, -jrHs Hi. 
scattering, a, see yz: , i:")B m. 
scent, r-^n m. 

to, nsi-i Hi. 
sceptre, pprro , ti'^'O ni., aj'J3 and ::iiD 

m., a ■'2^113 m. (later Heb.) 
sceptre-bearer, ijnd rj^h. 
scholar, T'ls-n m. 
scoff, to, 2J^r Pilp. 

at, to, o\p^ Pi. Hithp. c. a . 
scoffer, yh . 
scoffing, :rb m. 
scope, nn::*? f. also x*:3^ . 
scorch, to, Cll^^, ?!"4. 
scorched, nbp: . 

to be, -i-in Ni., nts Ni., ir3 I 

' - T T T ' - r 

Ni.', -'i:£ Ni. 
scorching, (adj.), z-^s . 

(sub.), ujx com. 
scoria, i^o (Cheth.) 
scoria?, -jr-ix com., n-o m. (Keri.) 
scorn, r.D-)n f., :,vh m., ',":cb m., pn^j 
m., D^p m., p'ni) m., nip'^TJ plu. 
(Ken),' r-ipn-uj (Cheth.) 
to, r^n K. c. ace, Pi. c. ace. a , 

r* •> o\l^ P^- Hithp. c. 2 . 
to laugh at in, pnb K. w. b , Hi. 
' c. bj . 

scomer, yh . 

scoraers, D-'S^sib for d'':£S'ib« . 

scorpion, sips m. 

scour, to, p-173 . 

scoured, to be, p-,o Pu. 

scourge, ri-jp^ m., aiiii m., aaitJ m., 

i:'^tt3 m. (Cheth.) 
scout, a, b|;-;73 . 
scrape away, to, "no ^ nsp Hi. 

off, to, y^.i, n^^p^ Hi., SJ^p Hi. 

one's self, to, T^a Hithp. 

together, to, Hi. 
scraped together, to be, riEO Ni. 
scrawl, to, see rrn I Pi. 
sci-eam, to, nrs . 
sciibe, ^£0. (Ch. '«.S0 m.) 

a military, -lED . 
scribes, sacred, ciriiin only plu. (Ch. 

cb-in, •;-'a::nn.) 
scrip, t:?pb^ m., '(ibp^ m. 
scriptures, the, D^"E&n . 
sculpture, r.SJbpi? f., nsins m. 

to, nrs Pi. 
sculptured, to be, i-jn Pu. 

work, W"^"^ . 
scurf, 2-!a m., PE^"'. 1, nnsp-q 1, 
rnED f. 

white, pni m. 
scurvy, 3" 5 m. 
sea, f m., ninn com. (poet). (Ch. 

sea-coast, "^X I. 

sea-eagle, see o~ B . 

sea-gull, see qn'ij . 

sea-mew, see qnilj . 

sea-monster, "in-j"? , snn m. (poet), 

•j-sn m. 
sea-purslain, r\f\'q m. 
sea-weed, qsio m. 
Seah, (measure), nxq f. 
seal, (animal), see in ilinn . 
seal-skin, tijnn "^i'J . 
seal, (signet), DHin m., nprh f., nrsa f. 

to, Drn . (Ch. cinn .) 

up, to, cnn. (Ch. cnn.) 
seaman, rk'O m. 
search, a, -isin"! m. 




search after, to, *inx ttSfn , bsn . (Cli. 

^^'^. ■) 
for, to, tU^ra Pi., ttin-n . 

into, to, ttipa Pi. w. b . 

out, to, -na (once), -1-^2 , n-T Pi., 
"En I, tusn Pi., -i;rn K. Pi., 
-.Mn c. ace. of tiling., h of pere. 

through, to, bsn Pi. 

to, "^jTS Pi. W. b , b ',•'2 ., «32H 

Pi., npn K. Pi., n-;:i II, in Pi! 
(Ch. --2 Pa.) 
searched, to be, ns2 Ni. 

out, to be, fsn Ni. Pu. 
searching out, a, -^pn , nriri m. 
season, "iSx m., -"ct m. (later Heb.), r? 
usually f. (Cli. -,rT and -(-ct m.) 

an appointed, iv^'c m. 

proper, rS usually f. 
season, to, r,h-z II, r.j?-^ K. Hi. 
seasonably, to do, trtiJ Hi. (before an- 
other verb.) 
seasoned, y^^r. , 

to be, njr^ Pu. 
seasoning, a, nnpi^s f. 
seat, NS3 m., 2'r*:^ m., 23-i"3 m., rrij 
m. (only poet.), n^: f., n^^ II f., 
ttj-.oj m. 

elevated, x&3 m. 

low, D"!~x du. 
seat, to, naj' Hi. 

one's self, to, 2©^ . 
seated, to be, ruji . 

down, to be, -ip'' Ni. 
seats, nx3 only plu. constr. (poet.) 
second, -rs ^ "vo . 

bii-th, see "i^ . 

brother, nrr'^ m. 

order, place, rank, nptti-a m. 

story, cells, chambere of the, d""s:(l) . 

the, nixiz m., -^raj ni. (Ch. '(-rn ,) 

time, a, rcroj f., ti"nu3 f., ns^r^rn , 
secondary, "^ri^ . 
secrecy, ^P5 m. 
secret, n~riD^ f., D-isVs , 

a, -(pn m., nio m., nno m., 
nisbs'n f. (Ch. t"i m.) 

arts, D'':;^ . 

secret, in, -)r&3 . 

to keep, tro . 
secretary, (Ch. nso m.) 
king's, -brn -^rb. 
secretly, CJ-;n , -irc Ni. (followed by 
another verb), nr&a . 
to do, NEn Pi. 
to take, 2:3 . 
secrets, ri^np: , (Ch. xr'^p.pp .) 
section, *!P3 m. 
secure, ibu3 , Di-ttJ . 
to, c^: Hi. 
to be, nps I, TT5 , nbtt) and ibti , 

nV'J or cVij. (Ch. nbiD .) 
to make, npa I Hi., tts c. b., 
cbr Pi. 
securely, npab , rp:: . 
security, ni^nsx f., r;::2 m., r.inaa 
plu., rwap m., ns-^r f., -bttj m., 
•^V^; m. (once c. suif.), n'^b^D f. (Ch. 
n;b'ij f.) 

careless, n*,b'Jj f. 
for, to give, z")" I c. b , i:sb . 
in, npab, rpa . 
sedan, •,i''n5x m. (once), 2-jl m. 
sedge, Jinx (Egyptian word), r.^0 m. 
seduce, to, nris Hi., n^: I Hi., n"i3 
Hi., 'b ab n::n , xaj: I Hi., n^o Hi., 
nnc Pi., n:aj Hi., aiu: Pil. 
to foinication, to, nrT Hi. 
to vanity, to, ban Hi. 
seduced, easily enticed and, "^ria ra. 

to be, rrnj Ni. 

to let one's self bo, nra K. Ni. c. 
bs to. 
seductions, cni'n'a . 
see ! (Ch. JibwX .) 

see, to, -pa c. ace. 3 , b ., n^ri (mostly 
l>cit^, fn^ , '"'^'J- (^^'- '^'^ *^"*^^ 

after, to, rn*^. 

and learn from, to, nx'^ w. "("a of 

to go to, njTQ J nx»n . 
to let, nx"\ Hi. 
to make one, nx"! Il'i. 




see to, to, nxn . 

seed, rt.! . (Ch. S'-.i .) 

to bear, to conceive, 5*t Hi. 

to scatter, sj-^t . 
seed-tims, s*^: . 
seeing, (adj.), n^Q , "X-i, nxS. 

(sub.), ^fl^^-l t (Keri), n-x-i f. 
seek, to, nr2 , UJ;r2 Pi., tt)-^ c. ace. 
b ., iusn K. Fi., xn-a , "irti3 I K. (once 
part.). Pi. (poet). (Cli. xra.) 
after, to, x^t-a . 

carefully, to, "iri'ij I Pi. (poet.) 
from (any one), to, U;"^"n . 
occasion against, to, n:x II Hitbp. 

c. ^ . 
out for one's self, to, tt;j!?3 Pi. w. 

to do (any tiling), to, ujpa Pi. w. 
inf. c. h . 
seen, to be, nx-i Ni. Pu. 

to let one's self be, nx^ Ni. 
seer, r\'h m- (silver age), nxS . 
seethe, to, Va52 Pi., n-iT or i^t Hi. 
seethed, (something), t"j3 . 

to be, Vdia or bx2 K. Pu. 
Seir, 'T^rtD . 

seize, to, tpx constr. often with 2 ., 
ptn Hi. c. 2 , b , b3 , poet. c. ace, 
C^::n , nrn (once of a pei-s., elsewhere 
always of taking up iire, coals), ^rjPn, 
ttJ^-i also d' , n:b , tDsn. 

-T -t' - T ' -T 

as i)rey, to, tt2 . 
suddenly, to, ri:p2 Pi. 
upon, to, Vts I, t^^"^^ Hi., njrb . 
selah, nbq . 
select, -1^2 , N""^|5 . 

to, ^-12 Hi., "^na c. ace, more 
frequently w. 2 ., rr-a , nrn , 
ns:i: I w. bx . 
selected, "\n-2 , •^-ix"' . 

to be, b"i2 Ni., -in 2 Pu. (once 


self, rx I, d";? m., xw m. and xti 

f. (after a noun), rb m., 22b m., ttJ33 

(w. suffs.), d^? f. (w. gen., but only 

of things), D-:s plu. 

self-avenger, a, c;3:r.^ . 

self-same, CS5 f. (w. gen., but only of 

self-sown, the, n""SO m. 
sell, to, '-.z'O , ",r: , n:p Hi. 

one's self, to, -12^ Ni. Hitlip. 
semen vii'ile, S"] . 
seminis fluxus, ri'di f. 

r I • 

.senate, see npnb . 
senators, D"':-: . 

send, to, nbr Hi., r.'ii Pi., nb',i3 K. Pi. 
(Ch. nb'ii .) 

away, to, nb'JJ K. Pi. 

down, to, n-1 Hi. 

forth, to, xjt-j Hi., nbaj K. Pi. 

on his way, to, nb'iJ Pi. 

one with (or) for, to, nVja c. dupL 

out, to, hrj Hi., nVji . 

to, to, nbr. 

upon, to, nb^tij Pi. Hi. c. 2 . 

with commands, to, n"S Pi. 
sending, a, nbr'O m., nnbri: f. 

away, a, nn'rijo f., c-'nrr plu. 

forth, a, nVii-c m. (only in constr.) 
seniority, n-^i^a f. 
Sennacherib, 2''";n:o . 
sennight, a, y^z^ m. 
senseless, to sink down, dT"! Ni. 
sent away, to be, nb -^ . 

one, "xb?? m. 

to be, nbui Pu. 
sentence, •--n m., baj-a I m. (Ch. n-n f.) 

(judicial), ^tj m., ::-2'J:-3 m., d^-;-? 
m. (later Heb.) 

upon, to pronounce, ::2ii5"a "la'n 
nx . 
sententious saying, n^'n f., btb-s I m. 
separate, to, b-i2 Hi. constr., yz'^ — "psi , 

r?^— "r?? b — 72., -1-2, n-fi ir, 

x:i* Hi, see -i::?3 , ~t: Hi, 2;-:^, 
pr: Hi. c b for., nbs Hi., nis; . 
(and) remove, to, -^-2. 
from, to, b";2 Hi. w. -12 . 
one's self, to, t}2 I, bns Ni. w. 
-,:c., see -.0'3, 1T2 Ni., Tia Ni, 




separate out, to, b-S. Hi. w. p , Vjts . 
Bcparated, n-'sr . 

out, to be, pr3 ITo. Ni. 
to be, bna Ni., ^n Ni., i^a Ni., 
n;,r^ IT, see ^.o*: , nbs Ni. c. •;•!:., 
T^.s Ni. 
separately, tz5 , na . 
separating himself, (one), iib: . 
separation, n-2 m., pnn'^'^S f. 
separations, m"::'n-"2 . 
sepulchral mound, n"23 (rarely.) 
sepulchre, —12 I m , p-'^a m., ni^rj5 f., 
-\r;r ni., sometimes nn'ij f. 
in the, ^z? hv , ">srb . 

T T - ' T T •/ 

sepulture, n-^zp f. 
Seraphim, Seraplis, cTli) . 
serene wind, n^ '^""1 . 
serenity, see "^^3 . 
serpent, •r'Vt: , uJr3 m. 

a great, q-sp sing. 

(a species of), ';3''S'^ ^' 

venomous, ri'"b . 
serpents, huge, see in -jn . 
servant, n:^3 I ra., rrV} f., nzs m. (Ch. 

home-born, n'S T'b" . 
servants, r.TiZi' f. concr., c? m 
sei-ve, to, iz? K. IIo., •'rsb nr? , -s? 
Hi., n-iiij Pi. (Ch. nba \v. ace. and 

as (or) for, to, b n-n . 

Baal, to, brzb n^oa: . 

God, to, S-I-' . 

in the temple, to, s^3 . 

to be made to, "lar Ho. 

to make, 2 i2V . 
Esrvice, nrxbo f., nn'-?. f-, nn^s; f., 
n-^ttj m. (Ch. 'jnbB m.) 

hard, HZ'i m. (later writers.) 

upon, to impose, 2 -las . 
service-masters, C""&"0 "''^b . 
sei'vile labor, work, nrSJ n^ihs . 
servitude, rma? f. 

to reduce to, nzv Hi. 
session, iaJS'o m. 

set, to, s'''.2 K. Hi. (of sun), bra (w. 
ace. of boundary), zn"^ (def. and 

rare), it?; K. Pi., s:?-; Hi., rttS^ Pi. 
Hi., -.sir Pil. Hi., r,n: HI, r^t/m., 
•,r3, n72S I Hi., d^ip Hi., rn , dtI) 
and cip , r.iiu Pi., r-'r , nsuj , nnttJ. 
(Ch. rn; , bb^ (of the sun), nm , 
xr*i , n!\iu , n'«3 Pa.) 

T r 5 ' T : 

set as, to, Dib and d-«io , n-^il) . 
aside, to, yc3 Hi. 
bounds around, to, bzs Hi. 
down, to, n!i3 Hi. 
fast to, yoit Pi., "iD"^ Pi. 
fire to, to, -irz mostly w. Si ., 1?3 

2 tt5x , s uis '^•'^;^n , n-^sn 

s ttix . 
forth an edict, to, (Ch. cS'j CTJ.) 
free, to, nb^ Pi., bbn Hi., np3 

Hi., nna w. -(TS ., nbiiJ and nbtt) , 

nV.:3 Pi.' 
free, to be, iijsn Pu., npo Ni. 
in array, to, see z^iSi Hi., n">lU . 
in order, to, ^nr , t,-^? , c^iD and 

in order, to be, •,!i3 Ho. 
off, to, dip . 
on (a table), that which is, p,n3 1. 

on fire, to, p:<"< K. (only in fut.), c. 

2 , Hi., np; , -jnb I Pi., ptos 

Hi., P!)^ Hi.' (once).' (Ch. np-; .) 
on fire, to be, ~"3 . 
one's self, to, r^; Illthp., -ir5 I 

Hi., cflp. 
one's self down, to, tn:n , n?,3 . 
out, to, p^; Hi., nbaJ Pi. 
over, (one), r-ss m. 
over, to, n:-a Pi. w. br ., ipc K. Hi. 

w. ace, of pers, and b? of thing., 

PI'S Pi. w. ace. of peiu and b?., 

ttis"'S d'(D, r"tl) w. ace of pere. 

and nr . (Ch. dp Aph. c. b? ., 

right, to, •,!i3 Hi. 
the face against, to, 2 dTD '"^3. 
the heart on, to, (Cli. b b2 d^itJ.) 
the heart upon, to, b rb dlib , n''tt5 

bx rb , bx ttJc: xr; . 
to be, iri Ho., zt" , r:f3 Ti. Ho., 




nrS I K. Ho., see c!ip 2, at end., 
tsiiu Ho. (once Keri), yz^ Pu. 
set to, to, cri) and cb . 

up, to, 5:£"3 Hi., y3 Hi., ^-j: , ns: 
Hi., n^^ I Hi., n^ip Hi., cn-i Hi., 
z^ and D-il) , "i^'lj Pi- Hi., -(Zn 
Pi. (Ch. c-p Pa. Aph.) 
up again, to, n^r Pilel., Dnp Hi. 
up firmly, to, -jsis Pil. 
up, to l)e, ]i\3 Ni. 
upon, (assail), to, nnrj Po. (once.) 
upright, to, -^3 Pil. 
with to, n;5Q w. PN . 
Seth, ru: III. 
setting (of gems), nx^^ f., d'^x^t: plu., 

see n.s^"2 . 
settings (of gems), ni^2!lJ'a . 
settle, to, -;qi Ni., i-cv I Hi. 

down, to, n^: , bs: , nu^, r|3i^ , 
prttj , •:b also -(Sr . 
settled, to be, vi'ji Ho., np'j Ni., -SD 

settling, a, vp^^ m. 
seven, rsiiitti m, yrjj I f., nSTiJ m., 
n:":n'ij m. (once). (Ch. nrzib m.) 
hundred, mxri sn'l) . 
stars, the, n->2"'3 f. 
times, rzoj I f. 
seven-fold, o'^p^n/lj . 
seventeen, ^•::v nvzvo m., nniur r^r f. 
seventh, the, ■'s;-'3'<B . 

year, every, see rsilJ . 
seventy, D"'S2iiJ . 
sever out, to, -in 3 . 
severe, n^p^ . (Ch. ns^nn-c .) 
punishments, m"in'a. 
to be, n p I. 
Severity, your, (title of Pers. gov. of 

Judea), xn'ij-nn . 
sew together, to, -sn K. Pi. 
sewer, (cloacse), nix^"'''- only plu. (Ken.) 
shade, n^:J"^ f., h'j. m., hh^ m., d^:s 
m., see in "i-^obrj . 
to get, (Ch. bb-J ApK) 
to lie in the, (Ch. bba Aph.) 
shade (of the dead), 2ix , 
shaded, to be, bba IT (once.) 

14 "' ■ 

shades, see D^bxs , cxEi . 

shading, bs*3 . 

shadow, h'j. m., bb:£ m., nb^ m. 

of death, n'rb:: f. (only poet.) 
shady place, nbrj'S f. 
shaft (of a mine), i*xi m. (Egyptian 
word), prob. bn: m. 

(of candelabra), the hollow, r\:p 
shag, (of woolen cloth), perh. -5^ m. 
shaggy, T'Sb . 

shake, to, bn2 Ni., see -m-a II, 13:13 Ni., 

yn^, "Its Hi., ysia Hi, qn: Hi., i?3 

II, bbp^ Pilp., t:-i Hi.* n?-j Hi. in- 

trans., iijs-i Hi., see -^-z-J . 

at, to, rjij Hi. c. ace. 

off, to, OT:n, -^3 II, -n3 Hi. (Ch. 

-irs Aph.) 
one's self, to, n!i3 Hith;>al. 
one's self out, to, -1S3 II Ni. 
out, to, bnT (once), bbr , -ir3 II K. 

to cause to, nsia Hi. 
to make, nr]!3 Hi. 
to make to, see -112 r IT. 
violently, to, -i-.b I Pilp. 
shaken, to be, rpa Ni., aj:;a K. Pu. 
Hithp., bbT Ni., -ji^ Ni., n^s , r^iJ 
Ni., y\ri Hithp., bbp^ Ilithpalp., m 
Polal., airn Ni. 
out, -is-2 . 
shaking, a, nSjia m., tsj?n m., see 
nsi:n at end. 

of tiiehead, a, itixn tj-o . 
off, a, npb. 
shame, nr^is f., nraja f., nra f., rrr-.^ 
1, n^abs f., nsiisb?' f., ribz3 f., n--5> 
f., "|ibp'p m., '(ibpD m., see inf. of 
bbp , see ns-c'iT . 
parts of, nnba: f. 
to, ttj^a Hi., a5=^ Hi., bbs Hi. 
to be affected witli, Qb3 Ni. 
to be clotlied with, r.^2 oS^b , 

nabs uizb, vqz n-*r, 
to be put to, -'En II K. Hi., 11^27 
Hi., cbs Ho. Ni. 

- T 

to bring to, ttj-fa Hi., ^rn II Hi 




shame, to come to, -ign II Hi. 

to feel, ^-2 , C2^ Hi., dV3 Ni. 

to put to, tt5*3 Hi., hhn Poel., d'"3 

to put to fear and, nrn Hi. 
shameful, aj^-ia . 

deed, nVs: f. 

things, to do, ir-ia Hi. 

to make, 2rn Pi. 

vomit, "jibp-p m. 
shamefully, to act, aj'ls Hi., -nsn 11 Hi., 
UJ2"' Hi. 

- T 

shank, r,-^*! f. 

shape, r-l':! f., n!i2 m. (Ken), n^s II 
m. (Chetli). --jt;? m., nrsirn f. 
a godlike, r^n'^x . 
to, p^n Hi., 'A'i I only in fut, 
shaped, to be curiously, cpi Pu. 

to be elaborately, c|5"i Pu. 
share, phn m. 

to, see p\n . 
sharp, nn I, n!i"nn , uS-jb-a , ni'S^ f. 
(once), see in anttJ , 2., •,a3a5 . 
to be, inn, }'73n, ynn ("once), 

a- -2 Pu. 
to make bnght and, •^'na K. Pli. 
sharpen, to, -inn Hi., dS's , anr , h\p 
Pilp., Ii'ij. 
in, to, y.-^ Pi. 

(the tonguL'), to, y^n (only in pro- 
verbial i)hrase.) 
sharpened, 'd'S'"^ , see in anaS , 2., 

to be. Tin K. Ho., a*^:: Pu. 
sharpness, pcrh. -mn . 
shatter, to, ya-^ . 

shave, to, m , nVa Pi., n25 , "ir? Hi. 
c. hr . 
off, to, nb:. Pi., yis . 
off from one's s?lf, to, nhj Hithp. 
on i's self, to, nbj Pi. (once), Ilithp. 
she, XTi f. (()ft:'n imply, the subs. verb). 
(Ch. x"n f. often imply, the subs, 
sheaf, nabx f., -i"<^:S m., nrb? m. see 

sh ar, to, Tn , d^3 (once), 5"4p . 

shearing, n m. 

she-ass, a, "j-px f. 

sheath, -.-i: I m., -^rn II m. (Ch. r^i*^^ 

' TT - - ^ f ,. 

sheaves, a heap of, tti-^ij m. 
Sheba, N-'ii , 
Shebat, (month), ::--r . 
she-bears, D^i'n . 
she-camel, a young, n-rS f. 
Sheckem, Ci~l^ . 
shed, a, -rb, 
shed, (adj.), -?.£ttJ . 
shed, to, Dfltt) and cb , see r,stfi . 

tears, to, r^'n , 2J":'n . 

to be, r,25ii Ni. Pu., see abo Hithp. 
shedding, a, nstU"0 m. 
sheep, a, br,-i f., nia com. 

a male, (Ch. "rti .) 

and goats, '(Xri com. 

fat tail of a, n*bx . 

T ! - 

sheei)-fold, n-x3 f.,>;^2D H f. 
sheep-folds, -xa ri"ini . 
sheep-owner, a, "ipb. 
she-goat, Tr f., nn^rb f. (Ch. tS f.) 

a wild, peril. nb'X f., nrS"! f. 
shekel, bpii) m. 

half a, rpi m. (spec.) 
shekels, a hundred, n:^ m. 

' V T 

she-kid, rt'ii f. 
shell-fish, rbrn f. 

shelter, ncr-Q , n&rro m., *^rn m., 
-ivj m., bs m. 

to. Tiro 

to take, non . 
Shem, cai . 
she-mule, r.'n'nQ f- 
Sheol, b-ib p-ia m., ^ixtl) com. 
shepherd, "^I^ia, npb , '(XS n-_n , n5-, 

of a, •'ST (adj.) 
sherd, to'^n m. 
sherds, (Ch. rjCn m.) 
shew-bread, D^:::n dnb , n3"<5?aT onb 
(later l)()oks.) 

table of the, D^ren ',nb'r, pba) 

shield, a, ip com., ninb 1, nss f. 




shields, D^l^VlS only plu. 
sliift, a, -(--.o m. 
Slnloli, -bcj ! 

shine, to, bnx Hi., -,-;>« K. Hi., hhn K. 
Hi., -iriT Hi., n:3 , niir , "i^p?. 

forth, to, rE^ Hi. 

forth, to cause to, ihz Hi. 

to cause to, ^riT Hi., :s"^^ Hi., bns 

upon, to, rri Hi. 
shining, a, n:b f. 

(adj.), '\'r\2 . 
ship, rtfjx f., n:^ED f., "'S H m. 
shipman, n, bin m. 
ship-men, m'"»:x "ittirs . 
ships, nr:ix f. plu. (Cheth), "^ss com. 
shirt, "jino m. 

shiver, (break in pieces), to, n^'l5 Pi. 
shiver, (shudder), to, •^sb w. br of 

shock (of grain), tlj-'na m. 
shod, "(Xb . 
shoe, a, br3 f., '"x:: m. 

to put ofE one's, br^ 'ib:'3 vrn 

to put on one's, "ii^ins iVs»3 n*iu . 
to, hvi K. Hi., -(XO . 
shoe-latchat, br— ,'i-ia) . 

from a thread to a, "Tji"iitJ ^r'l lannr 

shoes, a pair of, D";b5: f. du. 
shoot, a, -2 m. (poet), nni-ar f., 3."nt , 
^:jn m., n:3 f., r\-jfq m., b;5iD m., 
"I at: m., !-;';•:£ m. only coll. (but see 2, 
at end), nV'iJ "i-, 'IJ';}'«:J ui., bT^UJ m. 
degenerate, -i^io m. 
young and pendulous, ',£5 com. 
shoot, to, n-!- K. Hi., sec n3"i , 2., 
ni:'-), nba3 Pi. 

T T ' - T 

fortli, to, see nr:! . 
up, to, rbr' . 

^ ' T T 

shoots, d"'^TbT only plu., c''5"'"}iD , 
ninbui . 

the first, N'i'rt m. 

(worthless), mris only plu. 
shore, riin m., ns'i) f. 
shorn, n~pia . 

shorn wool, ta m, 
short, "isp? . 

to be, ^,sr> . 

••' T 

short-handed, t* "ijtpj . 
shoi-ten, to, ^sp Pi. Hi. 
shortened, to be, "Sp . 
shortly, a?^3 , npP (poet), niipia . 
shortness of spirit, rsn lap. 
shot through, to be, ni-' Ni. 
shoulder, siiT f. rarely m., ?,n3 1, 
c=a) m. 

(in animals), piai f. 
shoulder-blades, cs'li m. only sing. 
shoulder-jneces, nsn3 . 
shoulders, d=tt3 m. only sing. 

(of an axle), n'srs . 
shout, a, n:3n f., vn I m. 

for battle, a, nr^i^n f. 

of joy, -rt m., -i-fn m., nf) f. 
shout, to, bb-" Hi. (once), bip S'i)3 , n:S 
I, bn:i, n:'j, n-'.s Hi., rn Hi. c. 

aloud, to, bip Q'^-^ri w. nri^ns . 
aloud one's praise, to, ■,:-! Pi. 
for, to, hr\'S. c. 2 . 
for joy, to, rn Hi. c. br over, 

against, IIithi)al., y.-\ Pi. Hi. 
one's praise, to, ';:-i w. ace. 
shouting, nn-a , nn's f., "p m., isn , 

see nsnn , mxlin plu. 
shouts, ni'xain . 

of deliverance, irbs-^p . 
of joy, nrnn f. 
shoved, to be, nni Ni. 
shovel, r*^ m. 

winnowing, nn^o ni.» rnn f. 
show, to, 'E "jx nbr. , n'n Pi. (poet), 
51_"; Pi. Po. Hi., n-j^ Hi., x: Hi.. 
■,r: , -xn Hi. (Ch. n;n Pa. Ap..., 
ynn Aph.) 

(good or evil), to, b^a w. 2 ace, of 

pei-s. and of thing, 
mercy, to, c-"2nn CVJ. (Cli. 'iSn.) 
one's self, to, b n^n , nx"- Ni. 

' ' : >■ T ' T T 

the way, to, "n^in Hi. 
show, to make a, bbn . 
shower, a, t3">2'^3-j plu. 




shower, heavy, DttSa m. 

violent, c^-t-t m., d"^*: m., ti'^^ m. 
showers, D"'~i"'rij . 
shrewd, crn , n^-r. 
shrew-mouse, sec np:x . 
shriek, a, npDX f. 

to, p:x K. Ni. 
shrink, to, -isp Pi. 

away, to, TSr. Ni. 

together for fear, to, rsi . 
shrul), n"'it) 11 m, 
slirubs, r'^b II ni, coll. 
shrunk, wn^p . 
shudder, to, ^ro ^ -ri) w. Vs of cause. 

at, to, -iri) w. ace. 
shuddering, a, nr?"] f., nsto m. 
shut, to, Tnx , d::x K. Hi., -i::s (once), 
qsa Hi., -:.o, n:cr , naj^ II, ^spj, 
see crui. (Ch. -i:p .) 

fast, to, r.\z . 

one's self up, to, T.^ Ni., ■;;? only 
in Ni. 

out, to, b-i3 Hi. w. "^-a , b"?3 . 

out from the presence of, -i3" w. 

out, to be, bna Ni. 
up, -i-jx , xVs . 

up, to, TPx Pi., u3^n K. Pi., crn 
Pi. Hi. (once), ahs , TD Hi., 

dro , -inr Pi. c. -^:zb ,, drr , ds? 

Pi., "15£5, -TIS . 

up one's way, to, r,!ia3 . 

up, to he, xbs K. Ni., -^SD Ni 
Pu., n=D I Ni. 

up, to let, 'i;d Hi. 

up, to remain, y^v only in Ni. 
shutting up, a, xbs m., T-ip m. 
shuttle, a weaver's, anx m. 
sick, n;i^ . 

(at heart), n-n , ■^^'n . 

the, see Ksibnn . 

to be, xbn (once), nlsn K. Ni. 
ttJflS (once of the mind), op: I. 

to be made, r\hn Ni. 

to be vety, aJrx Ni. 

to fall, n^n HUhp., Vb3 . 

to feign one's self, nhn Hithp. 

sick, to make, nVn Pi. Hi. 

to make one's self, nbn Hi. Hithp. 
unto deatli, to be, r-*^b nbn . 

sick-house, n"diEnn r-2 . 

sickening, (anything), ■'•'n m. 

sickle, b'^-'.n m., hi^-q m. 

sickness, ■^]•^ m., -^bn m., r."ira m., 
-^-^ m' ' 

sicknesses, C'xbnn only })lu. 

side, a, b'lsx m., b:;x m., ti f., r,-.") 
f., nr-in f., qr3 f., see y^v , nxs 
f., ns m., IS m., rrs m., rn-n 11 
m., p!|-i f. (Ch. IS m., -ly-r m., or 
rather -lar .) 

at the, -i^b , *i^ nra , "i^ bx , hv 

"•! , ■'■^^ '? • 
by the, -i-b, i^ -ira , n" bx , b:? 

from the otlier, "iir'a , b nr?"a . 
of, at the, bsx , 'b b^fx^a , nxeb, 

rx2^, -is^. 
of, by the, b brp , isj^ . 
of, on the, ■'S-b? . (Cli. -is^ .) 
on every, a**!©:: , T^'^a^-ba^ . 
on the, n^b , n^ nra , t; bx , b? 

■i^, •'■1^ bs. 
on the other, b "C?^ . 
on this side — on that, n-T:: narn-a 

nnx larb . 
the opposite, other, -"35 m. 
upon the, with the, ^^2 . 
side-borders, niT' . 


side-chaml:)er, rb^ m. 

side-chambers, a range of, 3?bs; m. coll. 

side-story, rbjt m. coll. 

siege, crb, -lis'O I m. 

sieve, mrs f., ne: f. 

sift, to, n-^T Pi., Sfl3 Hi., Ti^J Hi. 

sifted, to be, 5^3 Ni. 

sigh, a, rin:^ f. 

to, n:x I, r:x Ni., seen'rn, ns^ 
sighing, a, nn:x f., rrsx f , niii m. 

the, cT.n-3 . 
sight, nx"^^ m., r^x-i f. (Keri), ■'Xu 
m., rry-} f. (Cheth).' (Ch. nitn .) 




sight, in his, "^SD-PX , "^SB^ . 

in my, ■'n-a . 

of, in the, n:! , irsb , "'SQ"^? . 

to, to give, restore, n^:^s njTB . 
sign, a, ni« r com., riEiia m., nxb^ 
f., o; m., oii m., "sn m. (Ch. nx com.) 

' - ' " T ^ T ' 

an appointed, nriiQ m. 
sign, to, mx III Hithp. (Ch. dltJ^ .) 
signal, nsiia m., nxtt)^ 1, 03 m., 

nssi^n f. 


a lofty, 03 m. 
signal-horn, bi^i'n '("ij!) . 
signal-pole, "j-.'n m. 
signal-trumpet, bzi^n iBiaS , "lEitti 

signature, in m. 
signet, nt:nn f. 
signet-ring, cPin m., nsa:: 1 (Ch. 

«R!^ f.) 
silence ! on . 

silence, cbx m., ma!|"n 1, n'jttl'n f., 
D53i'n, nisrti f. 

from, to turn away in, nttJr w. "jTS . 

land of, n^si'n f. 

to, diq^ Po., nitSn HL 

to bear in, nsis w. b . 

to keep, Dbx Ni., ttS-nn K. Hi., 
ntiin Hi., rco Hi. (once.) 

to put to, ttjnn Hi. 
silent, n'^Ta^n f., "^•'"in . 

to be, cibx Ni., n«'n H, OTa-n , 
ttjnn Hi., rrnin , nia . 

to make, cr'n Hi. 
silently, n^-CJi-n , U'O^'^i , on , tfi'in . 
silex, 'I3"'?:i;n m. 
silk, see "^aj-ta . 

a garment of, see "^ttSa . 

stuff, pttirn . 
sill, -(nE^ m., TjO m. 
Siloam, rihti . 
silver, Cjos m. (Ch. cios ra.) 

current, insb ";22? q03 . 

pieces of, qos m. in plu. 
Simeon, ",ir72ttj . » 

similar, to be, n^Ti I c. b , bx . (Ch. 

to become, n?:':! I c. b , bx . 

' T T I ' 


similar to, to be, bitiia Ni. c. bx , 3D , 

05 . 
similitude, ba3"a I m., bilj^o ra. 
similitudes, to use, nrti I Pi. 
simple, nn's, TIB m. concr., ni»na 1 
concr., on (only moral sense.) 
(anything), see n^ia^n . 
simplicity, see rn^:^n , tq m., n^'s.~3 

f., see cp, 3. 
sin, xwn m., nipr\ t, nxisn f., nxan 
f., br^a I m., Vis m., saio m., nsi 
f., nbnn f. (once). (Ch. lan m., -('sns 
only plu.) 

cause, occasion of, nxisn f. 
to, x:3n , .Tr w. br of pers., 5tt53 
c. bs against, asiti , nboJ and 
i^uj. (Ch. nVd.) 
to cause to be accused of, xan Hi. 

T T 

to lead into, xon Hi. 

T T 

sin-offering, nxijn f., nxan 1, pxan 
f., ytliB m. (Ch. n^an f.) 
to offer as a, xan Pi. 

Sinai, •':'»q . 

since, txia , fx '^-o , ex (rarely), "itfix^ , 
1 (before adversative clauses), ol'Ta , 
"•3 I, ir (before infin.). (Ch. ^-n , "bs 

that, (Ch -(-inx ",T3 .) 
sincere, pass. part, of qns . 
sincerity, nrx f., la-^ m., c-it^*"-? only 

plu., ns5 I m. 
sinew, T^a m., -lia m. 
sinfulness, rarely px'jn f. 
sing, to, ^n-n Pi., riin I (poet), irt 11 
Pi. w. dat of pers. to or in honor of., 
X23 Hithp., n:s I K. Pi., bns, n-^to, 
-(■•aS rarely nnoj (Cheth) K. Pil., 573^ 

before, to, -i-iaS rarely n!|ii5 (Cheth) 

w. b ^ bs . 
concerning, to, ^PO) rarely nsittS 

of, to, nsr I w. b ., n^to c ace. 3 ., 

'T'Ui rarely nsmi (Cheth) w. a . 
sacred songs, to, X33 Ni. 
unto, to, T'tt^ rarely nsittJ (Cheth) 
w. b. 




singed, to be, (Ch. -"-n Ithpa.) 
singer, a, -^tij , ^niria . (Ch. "i^T m.) 
singers, female, n"i")'vl3 , rin"i"i:?a . 
singing, a, x"*2J'a m., i-^ttJ m. 
singing-women, ni-ni) , ni"i'ia?a . 
singular, ^-'ti^ . 
sink, a, nxinia f. (Clieth.) 
sink, to, rz'j K Pu., 3>;r;iij Hi. 

down, to, HE-; I, ninij, nni^, 

down senseless, to, ^"11 Ni. 
down stupefied, to, c^"^ Ni. 
together, to, o'np . 
sinner, sun m., nxisn f. 

T r T T - 

sins, hidden, ni^Pp3 . 
sip up, to, see rbr . 
sister, ninx f. 
sister-in-law, ncs'i f. 
sistrum, see c^rsrs-a . 
sit, to, rai^,r.;3. (Ch. an"^ .) 

down, to, ttjba , nttj-i. (Ch. an%) 

down togetlier, to, ip"* Ni. 

entlircmed, to, 2il5^ . 

still, to, -ttii . 

up, to, 2UJi . 
site, *ttji>0 m.' 
sitting, a, airJia m.. nstfi 11 f. 

still, a, rz'^ II i. 
situation, -ttSiTs m. 
Si van, (month), ',vp m. 
six, 0-41 w. f., nirttS w. m. (Ch. n\r 
and rr^tti .) 

parts, to divide into, rti^d Pi. 
sixteen, sixteenth, nnirs aJ\a w. f., n^niS 

*itt5S w. m. 
sixth, •'^ijuj , 

a, n"';L"'J 1 

part, the, tT'TSitS f. 
sixty, D"''ic: . (Ch. -pnttJ .) 
skeptic, a, tp^'o . 
skies, the, D'^iaii m. plu. 
skiff, "^^3 m. 
skilful, n=n, sY'', n-^rs c. inf. 

to judge, tazn (adj.) 
skill, ns-^a f., r\^:in t, ns^nn f. (Ch. 

T • ' T I T T : ^ 

nra f., rnasn.) 

T • T : T .' 

work of. n-tlSn^ and n^ttJriTa f. 

skilled, dan , »n"i. n-in^ . 
in, to be, y^li c. a , ace. 
(one), a-n m. 
skim off, to, C)an . 
skin, ".ttja m. (once), nbi m., jij m. 

(of a grape), jt m. 
skip, to, yJiTTj i;::-! . 
skirmish, to, pniu Pi. 
skirt, q:3 f., baili m., seebitlS. 
skull, nbj^a f. 
sky, pTid m. (poet.) rarely in sing., 

oftener plu. D-pnoJ . 
sky-dividers, (astrologers), d'^TS'li I'naH 

slack, MB"! . 

hand, to labor mth a, Cj3 ntoJ) 

n^rn . 
to be, bV-n , 513 , ns'n I K. Ni. 
to show one's self, nri I Hithp. 
slack-handed, nB"] w. c^ii added, 
slacken, to, hb"! I Pi. Hi. 
slackened, to be, nsn I. 
slackness, '|i''B*i m. constr. only, 
slain, hhn , imuj , 

the, OTi^a^ only plu. (Cheth 

to be, a-^n Ni. Pu., n^na Ho., bB3. 
slander, nan f., see lEri at end. 

to, '.ttJb Po. Hi., s"ip , ^51 K. Pi. 
(once), c. a of pers. (Ch. bsx 
•in •^ni'^E'ip , •''1 ■'^nf? bsx ) 
slanderer, ",^3 m. 
slanderers, b^2"i "'it?^ • 
slaughter, "(-nax m., a-ri m., T^yrn f., 
nat m., nau) m., nnra f., MEa?? f., 
naia-o m., ns-a f., b-jp m., n-^m:? 
m., n^TiJ f. 
to, s-in, nat , naw , aniiJ . 
slaughter-basin, see ba-jax . 
slaughter-knives, c"^Bbn/a once in plu. 
slaughtered, cattle, nZ'j) m., nnaa f. 
slave, a, *ias m. 

home-born, r';'a n"'b'; . 
slaver, (slime), -i-^n m. 
slay, to, a-in, na:3 , ni^ Pil. Hi., nss 
Hi., yjB w. a ., ba;? (poet), ns"; , 




stayer, a, ysn. 

sledge-hammers, PiieVs . 

sleep, n:ti5 f., n:iij f. (Ch. n3tl3 f.) 

at noon, D';~n2in 32^73 . 

deep, nt^'n"in f. 

light, nr!i3 f. 

to, •,a3'^. 

to cause to, •,ti5"' Pi. 

to lie down for, see in rjrG Hi. 

to lie in deep, D"]"! Ni. 
sleeping, •,1^1 . 

slender, pn , see piViS K. 3, at end. 
slenderness, n^"n f. 
slice, a, nbs f. 

to, nbs Pi. 
slight, (adj.), p^ . 
slime, -1''^ m. 
sling, a, ybp m. 

out, to, ybp^ I K. Pi. 

to, sbp^ I K. Pi. 

to throw with a, vhp^ I K. Pi. 
slinger, rVp , y^^p . 
slip, to, qbn . 

away, to, br: , ^as , abss . 

away, to let, wb^a Pi. 

(of the foot), a, n.xisn f. 

off, to, biiJ: . 
slipperiness, nipbpbn plu. 
slippery, pbn . 

places, n-ipbri , r-'pbpbn . 
slipping away, a, npbn^ f. 
sloth, nbsr f., n^^-iv f., n*i2'n f. 
slothful (one), b^s m., n^^on f. concr. 

to be, bss Ni., rtE"^ I Hithp. 
slothfully, rr*"!:"! . 
sloth fulness, double, c^nb^S* du. 
slow, rpx only constr., ^53 . 

of growth, b-^BX . 

to be, nns . 
slowly, tax , lixb , wxb . 

to go, nTn Hithp. 

to move, ir:i . 
sluggard, bisr m. 
sluggish, 123. 

to be, 113 ^ bo3 (once), !i!iB, 
sluices of heaven, C^iairn niSix . 
slumber, n^fl3 f., n73Si2n f. 

slumber, to, ti^J . 

small, pvi , i:s^ (rarely), ^yjt^a , 'n'^ss , 
•,:3D and -jbi? . (Ch. "i-^yt .) 
anything, pti . 
beaten, p-i . 
])roken very, xS'n . 
dust, p-n . 
something, ::t m. 
to be, pp? , bbp? K. Ni. c. ■^p-'sa . 
to be rubbed, nb^o I Ni. (once.) 
to beat, ppTj K. Hi., )n-j . (Ch. 

ppTi Aph.) 
to become, bbp . 
to make, i:^^ Hi., '^'ap Hi. (Ch. 

veiy, pnrj (adv.) 
smallness, -irt^a m., y^p^ , "jbp m., 

•,t2p m. 
smear, to, nil)^ , 2??il3 Hi. 
smeared together, to be, .-i5>'j H, 5saJ 
with fat, to be, "(Qi-rr Hothp. 
smell, to, nn-i Hi. 

at, to, n!it Hi. w. a . 
to have a bad, ajxa . 
smelling bottles, aiss Tia . 
smelt, to, r.'^S . 
smelter, qn's. 

smile upon, to, pizio w. bx . 
smite, to, qnn , nbn , nn3 Pi. Hi., 
xnia K. Pi., sa3 K. Pi., qss , aj*j3 , 
n33 Hi., pSO I, rarely pcir, i'p'^ , 
p,sn Po. c. bs ., 3>pn . (Ch. xn-q Pe. 
Pa., tljp3 .) 

down, to, ri23 Hi. 

in pieces, to, cbn, nra Hi., rp: 

out, to, nD3 Hi. c. ace. 
out of one's hand, to, hds Hi. w. 

T3 , ^!^ . 
(the breast), to, nsD . 
the rear of an army, to, 3 ST Pi. 
through, to, pnis (once), HDS Hi. 
through and through, to, yn^ . 
upon, to, S53 w. 2 . 
upon one's hand, to, (Ch. xnio Pa. 

W. 1^3.) 




smite with the tongue, to, n33 Hi. 
smith, a, t'ln m., tsOT? m. 
smiting, d^33 only plu. 

a, n3T3 f., pEi) m. 

in pieces, a, rs^ m. 
smitten, xsa , see st33 , 033 constr. 

' TT ' -T ' "I 

to be, n33 Ni. (once), Pu. Ho. 
smoke, yjjr m., "I'^a-p m. 

to, -.^y . 
smoking, yrv . 

smooth, "phn , p^n , nasiQ f. (once), 


part, r\'^hr, f. 
places, ripbn , m>^f?^n . 
things, pipbn . 
to be, pbn, -,'^73, 
to make, pbn Hi., aniQ , b^j3 Pilp. 
smoothly. D"'-!tt5-r2 . c'^'tti'^r^ . 

• T •• : ' ■ T - I 

smoothness, pbn m., npbn f., -ittS'i m., 
npbrr f., D'l'ntiS^is only plu. 

in, D''"]a5'^r2 , c'i7.ttJ"'Tob . 
snail, b^i-^aj or bibaiB m. 
snare, ban m., tipjiiz m., see lita H, 
cn'sb^ f., n^:;b^ f., ns I m., t>''as 
m. sing. 

for, to lay a, ti)p3 Hithp. c. a . 

over, to cast a, tt5p3 Pi. 

to, see 7,nn , nno Hi. 

to be caught in a, ttJpi Ni., tt5p3 
K. Ni. 
snared, to be, irpi Ni., rp3 K. Ni. 
snares, see d3 n , n ■> noj 13 . 

to lay, cp"; , ttjpa Pi., i!i:c , irip 
(once in fut.) 
snarl, to, ri'cri , ens . 
snailing, a, cr? m. 
snatch, to, bs3 Pi. Hi. 

away, to, ns"' (once), nXB . 
snatched out, to be, bs3 Ho. 
snatching away, a, nban f. 
sneeze, to, -"^t H Po. 
j^netiiiing, a, naj''::s m. 
snort, to, qxaj . 

snorting, a, nbnxp f., ins ni. 
snow, abtij m. (Ch. :bn m.) 

to be white like, see ab«5 Hi. 

snowT", to be, see jiboS Hi. 

snub-nosed, c!i"'n . 

snuff, to, ns-i Hi. 
up, to, rxB . 

snuflF-dishes, p-nnic . 

snuffers, nliaTT: only plu., c^npb-a m. 

so, 1 , n and ■ (in clauses to be com- 
pared together), nt , 3 , ns , -2 I, "iiQ2 , 
■irs , -,3 I, -,=2 . (Ch. n:72 , -,2 , 

and so, nisi . n'ta , pxts" nsits . 
(and) s(yl^2's . 

— as, 3 — 3 (rarely), irs , l^s 
(repeated), -«UX3 — "jS (rarely), 

1«3 — p . 


as, lirx 3 , "E3 . 

as not, *:c before infin. 

as not to, Tibzb c. inf. 

as that, 1 I. 

great, 2 . 

long, -,2 I. 

long as, "nba 15 , t? . 

many, much, -,3 I. 

often, '{2 I. 

soon, •,3 I preceded l)y 3 of time. 

that, ) , T\ and 1 (before final and 
consecutive clauses), "2 I, see in 
15^ , A, 2., nr, •'E3 . ((^h. -tj.) 

that no one, "^2^2 w. participle. 

that not, ■'b2r , "nbab c. inf., 
8<b2 , "(TS before inf. 

then, 1 , !| and i (Ijefore inferential 

very, -ja I. 
soar, to, -I as Hi. 
sob, to, p3X K. Ni. 
society, nan m., r\^^ZT^_ f., n"rs f 
socket (of a tooth), prob. ^nsT? m. 
sodden, (something), T'T 3 . 

the, bttja m., nb-ra f. 
Sodom, cnfe , 
sodomite, «5np m. 
soft, 535 , -n . 

to bo, TjSn . 

words, risi . 
soften, to, 5:113 Pil., seemn. 




softened, to be, r^s"^ Pu. 
softly, ax , wx^, ttxb. 

a going, 13 X m. 

to flow, 32n . 

to go, mTj Hithp. 
Boftncss, 7pm. 

soil, to, ^^a II Hi. (later Heb,), C)aw Pi. 
bojouin, to, nsa I. 
sojourner, 'na m., stliipi m. concr. 
sojourning, place of, ni^a f . 
sojournings, "^^naTS plu. constr. 
sold, a thing, -isiaia m. 

to be, nr^3 Ni. Hithp. 
soldering, (of metal), p^n m. 
soldier, -sra m. (poet.) 
soldiers, ai-x m. coll. (w. gen. of king, 
leader, etc.) 

brave, D'^'isa . 

common, 05 m. 
sole, (adj.), nnx . 
sole of the foot, ^jn r? . 
soles (of the feet), d7DE!< du. 
solid, prs^. 
solitary, (adj.), *Ti"i3, ciaittS. 

(adv.), ma , mnlj . 

^ ■' T T ' T T : * 

to be, nna, DruJ Ni. 
Solomon, nVbttS . 
solution, (interpretation), "^ntfi and nsliJ 

solve, to, 153 Hi. (Ch. K"n3 also x^'^j 

Peal, Pa.)' 
some, D'^nnx. 
of, '^-o. 

one, "inx , aJ'^x m., "'sb^x la'^B . 
out of, yo . 
time, after, cr*^ . 
something, ns-n m, nr!)x^,ni3, "jiq. 
son, see -jiisx I, 'Si m., na I m. (only 
poet.), ns-.^^ , "ih-^ m. (poet.), T->i5i m. 
(Ch. na. Ira.) " 
son-in-law, "(nrt m. 

song, -irx (poet.), rrnrx f. (poet), 
rr^rx f. (poet), -i-^rT m., nniQT f., 
ryzi f., n-i'^n f., li^T-q m. (only in 
inscrip. of Psalm), crsia m. (only in 
inscrip. of Psalms), nr-isj^ 1, x'JJ'a 
m., bTbr m., buiia I m., brr , DX 

• : - T T : ' «. : 

m., na-^a? f., nrp f., nilb I m., iifl> 
ra., n^-'tis f. 


song, a lyric, see riis . 

enforcing intelligence, wisdom, pie- 
ty, prob. b-'S'D^ . 

of degress, ni's^^n n-^uj . 

of the siscents, nibrsn n^© . 

of derision, ns''^ia f., biiia , ni**:: f. 

of praise, *,^'2T m., ni^nn f. 

of triumph, -i-^rt m. 

revealed, nitr f. 

sacred, nbEn f. 
songs, 1-^aJ m. coll. 
sons, (Cli. -f sa plu. only.) 
soon, *i;?a, ©^n, -jsiaa , ai-ipra , ri-i;3a. 
sooner than, diI3 . 
soothe, to, nauJ Pi. 
soothed, to be, ssij Polp. 
soothing manner, to address in a, n33 

soprano, see in nis^S . 
sorcerer, a"ix , •'ij*^'^ m., qTSaia, t.TS? . 
sorceries, CBUJa only plu. 
sorcery, u'^nh plu. 

to practise, "jas Po. 
sore, a, liiia I m. 

a burning, ""'ntt) m. 
sore, (heavy), (adj.), nas . 

to be, ax3 , "laa , y^^ Ni. 
sorrow, -j^x m., r,iun m., "jia*^ m., aixDTi 
m., -iriD m., nas?^ f., b'C'S m,, asi? 
m., 'pasiJ m., n*:xn f., n:!in f. 

in, with, n">Sa. 

T T : 

sorrowful, "its , brs , 5"! . 
in mind, ttJE3 "'CSX . 
to be, S'5'^ . 
sort, "J m., •j"'^ m. (only w. suffs.), 

UDria m. (Ch. -,:.) 
sought, to be, ttJEn Pu. 

out, to be, nra Ni., v^'yi Ni. 
soul, n'i"'V3 plu., U5S3 com., nsn f. 
sound, (adj.), Q^bilJ , c^OJ, d^Tsn. 

to be, qVo:; or cbaJ. 
sound, (sub.), ^^n m. once f., n';|^n 
f., n^rn 1, ns m., i;? and ii? m.,- 
Vip m., 3>T3tt} m., nsi-'tn 1 (Ch. bp? 




sound, a gentle, ax m. 

a transient, yzjsi m. 

of, at the, -^s-bs . 

(of the harp, cythera), ^i^sn m. 

to give forth a tremulous and strid- 
ulous, nn (once.) 
sound, to, ricn , 2?ruJ Hi. 

(a trumpet), to, rii Hi. 

an alarm, to, 5:11 Hi. 

the alarm, to, nr!i"n 5rn . 

T J •- T 

sounding, well, 2''J. 
soundness, tir"2 m., nibil) m., th m. 
soup, pTo and pic m. 
sour grapes, -ica and 102 m. coll., see 
yar f see c"r!X'in . 

to be, y-qn . 
source, y^-2 m. 
soured, r^c^na . 

anything, yen m. 
south, the, di^'n m., •j-»tqi com. rarely 
m., 253 m., "jr-n com. 

in the, y-Qi . 

side, 213 nxs. 

side, on the, s:;2 baa^ . 

side southward, nr^cn nass rxQ . 

wind, ti'i^'n m. (poet), -jr^n com. 
southern quarter, yc"^ com. rarely m. 
southward, n233 , ni-c-rn . 
southwards of, h n:r^n . 
sow, to, snT , 
sown, ri^T . 

a place, rTr-Q m. 

things, t:"?!!"!."! . 

to be, (adj.), y^-T . 

to be, (verb), yy Ni. Pu. 
apace, n^a m., ni") m., pini m. 

between, rb m. 

trodden upon, TJ"^*?^ "i- 
spacious, r,^">2 , an-3 , ann . 

* r\:' t:-' tt 

to be, n^-; , ann . 

to become, ann . 
spade, a little, nn-j . 
span, a, n"T f. 

span (of liorsos), see in n-ns , 2. 
spare, to. Din c. br., ban c. bs, bx , 
b ., T»tt3n, npD. 

spark, a, niT^a m. (once), yi:i''i m. 

sparkle, to, d'ix Hithp., y^: only part, 
plu., yr\:i Hi. 

sparks, see in nttj'i . 

sj^arrow, -lis^ com. 

spatula, "IP"' . 

speak, to, ^a^ Pi., ri'^Ti I K. Po. (poet.), 
bh'Q I K. (once part.), Pi. (^mostly 
poet.), cii:3 Hi., ied Pi , n:s I, nJia 
Hi., i^B-nx nns , n-b . (Ch. h\^ , 
niy or x;r I.) 

T -: T -. ' 

against, to, -la'n Pi. w. hv , 3 . 
falsehood, to, aia K. (only part.). 

great things, to, nsa , ns b'^'rjjn . 

(Ch. ',an3n b^r.')' 
in a barbarous or foreign tongue, 

to, :sb Ni., rj\ . 
kindly to, to, n;s Pi. 
kindly with, to, 'b ab b? "'I'n . 
•f, to, ^ai Pi. w. ace, n:rj I 

one with another, to, "^a^i Ni. c. 

out openly, nna xb . 

proudly, to, nsa,na b'tj^n. 

rashly, to, sb'^ , nrb (once pret.) 

the certainty, to, (Ch. a:£7 Pa.) 

the truth, to, pn:i . (Ch. a:!^ Pa.) 

through (or) by, to, a "^a":! . 

to begin to, nrr I. (Ch. n3? or 

under a divine influence, to, xaa 


with, to, -.a'n Hithp, 
with one's self, to, -bs , "bx tan 
speaker, a, ns m. 
speaking in a barlmrous or foreign 

tongue, (adj.), 55^b . 
spear, r^sn f., v't'3 m., nsT? m., 
proB. • '(XS (once), "(-p m., nrn m., 
aai^ and aa'^J m., nbi^ m. 
the iron point of a, see ^^n , 3. 
species, y^ m. (only with suffs.) 
specified, to be, tli-r; Pu. 




specify, to, sp3 , ©"iB . 
speckled, np: . 
spectacle, a, •^xn m. 
speech, -li^i m., '^wh com., nbo f. 
(only poet.), na m., hip m., n-'iij in., 
nsto f. (Ch. nst: f.) 
intricate, nTTi f. 
instrument of, "la'i'a m. (poet.) 
speed, nnniq f., piE^in plu. (Ch. 

to, r^bn and rjb^ Pi. (only poet.) 
speedily, -ijra, tx'2 , nnin-o , nnnT^a, 
n^nis-is. (Ch. x:"isDx .) 

to do, onp Pi. w. iiitin. 
spell, 13 n m. 
spells, to bind with, "i^n . 
spelt, n"C53 f. 
spend, to, nbs Pi., rba Pi., nbs Pi. 

(time), to, nbS' I. 
spent, to be, nbs , 072 n . 

'^ T T ' - r 

spew out, to, Kip K. Hi. 

sphere, am m. 

spice, cttJ2 and dtua m,, npn m. 

a kind of, nX33 f. 
spiced, to be, npn Pu. 
spicery, tiiU? and Dip 2 m. 
spicery-house, his, perhaps n*n*:3 n^a . 
spices, D"'aD . 
spicing, a, nnpJ-iTD f. 
spider,-a, Ui^nss m. 
spikenard, Indian, "n-i: m. 
spin, to, n^:3 . 
spindle, -bs m. 
spine, r^^v m. 
spinning, a, ."T^qia m. 
spuit, D^n'bx , ni33 m. (poet.), tiir: 
com., m^ir: f., nn f. (^Ch. n:i-,.) 

a wizard, ■^rirti'i m. 

divining, -ix . 

evil, nn f. 

(of the dead), -ijt . 

vital, n^n f ttJsa com., nra53 f. 

unclean, nsn f. 
spirited, rrs . 
spirt, to, ht: . 
spit, to, p-]i I, pp-i 11. 

out, to, n:T, ^m, p->i n. 

spit upon, one, riB'n f. 

upon, to, pp^i c. a . 
spittle, 11-) m., pS m., nth 1 
splendid, -i^tjx , -,ix3 , y^Tzn , il?*! , 
n-^niis f., pTi^ pp» . 
something, nb m. 
splendor, -nnx m., n-ij-nx f., ttJx com., 
n^Xi f., "pxa m., n^.xa f., "^.".n m., inn 
m. (once), nin, in't m., inza m., ■'d*' 
m., 1B1 m., nrs"! f., np*^ m., ip-^ m., 
lins m., nnjs f., orb m., n:$3 I m., 
TS m., 13^ m., 'r'nEtt) m. (Keri), 
*i!i"iEu3 (Cheth), n-ixEn f. elsewhere 
nnxsjn . (Ch. -Tin , rt m.) 
splinters, q^p m. coU. 
split, to, 3>0Ta K. Pi. 
spoil, Ta m,, 3;sa m., see nbn , ri:£ibn 
f., pbn f., bba) m. 
to, n:a c a., Tja, 5s2, ppa, 
bTa I, d-ia , v?n Pi., pbn , bna 
(once), b^3 Pi. Hi., Tiuj K. Pi. 
Po., bbt^, notu K. Po., ooi^. 
to carry off as, tt3 , 
to divide out as, pbn . 
to divide the, bbitJ p'^n . 
to seize, take the, bbii) bbc5 . 
spoiled, to be, tt3 Ni. Pu., TittJ Pu. 

Ho., rnii5 Ho., bbtij Hithpo. 
spoiler, n'^.tb , see bbiJ . 
spoilers, wox 

spoiling, a, nja m., bn m., nbta f., 
nsiaiia (Cheth.) 

given over to, nnaS . 
spellings, ci'^asn (once.) 
spoken, what one has, n';^2"n^ ^ 
spokes, c^pTi'n . 
spokesman, no m. 
spontaneous flow, *ii"i'n m. 
spontaneously, nan? . 
spontaneousness, naia f. 
sport, pnir m. 

over, to, 335 Hithp. c. b» . 
to, pns Pi., pnj (usually later 
spot, a, CS1KT2 , di^ m. 
a burnt, nia^a f. 
a low, nnns f. 




spot, (in the skin), r' f., ra? m., 
rxij f. 

(on the body), n-nia f . 
spots, having, b^zn (once.) 

one affected with, prsn ?;3 . 

strewed, sprinkled with, n'-iS . 

variegated, ni*2";in . 
spotted, n-^a , xsibia , npD . 
spouse, see pinx , 7., ]rn m., n^3 f., 
ttSsiab m. 

a young, nbflnS f. 

youthful, see n^hy . 
^out, to, nT: . 

spread, to, ss"i Hi., see a5";B, ntofi , 
"TBI , n::tt5 . 

- T ' - T 

(a bed), to, i^^ , ns-j Pi. 

(a table), to, rj-nj . 

abroad, to, ^-^q , b^B. 

abroad, to be, see •^^i . 

down, (sometliing), rSi? m. 

down, to, ys"^ Hi. 

far and wide, to, pnn Pi. 

itself out, to, naa Ni. 

one's self abroad, to, .tiS Hithp., 
l^siB Hi. 

one's self out, to, na3 , urs . 

out, to, HB'J Pi., niJiD , n:33 , "tib , 
tt)"^B K. Pi., Tiling ^ ::irs (every- 
where intransitive), in-i Hi., ypi 
K. Hi., rrqii K. Pi., nbj Pi. 

out by beating, to, rpn K. Pi. 

over, to, rma , pittJ^D . 

- ' - T 

themselves, to, nv3 Ni. 


to be, rpn Pu. 
wide, to, pj?a . 
underneath, to, ysi Hi. 

' ' -T 

spreading, a, nbttJ^a m. 

out a, ttSB'n m. (once), ni;ia ni., 

iaiBiQ m. 

T : ■ 

vine, rn-^b ",85 . 
spring, (fountain), bs ni,, n^; f. 
spring (of year), the, see ■j''"^;^ . 
spring-head, c"ia xsiia. 
spring, to, j'-^n K. (once). Pi., y jp Pi., 
1J5-J Pi. 

forth, to, p:T Pi. 

forward, to, see :s'c^ . 

spring up, to, xtUtj , NSt-j , nbo Pi. 
(once), nbs , nr^t K. Pi. 

up, to let, qbn . 

up and down, to, in; Pi. 
springe, tt5pi?3 m., nn'sb^ f. 
springing up, a, pnsi m. 
springs of the sea, a^— '323 (once.) 

wami, d-'tt;; (once.) 
sprinkle, to, p"]T , nnt K. Hi., Cii3 K. 
Hi., m3 Hi., DD"i . 

TT - T 

sprinkled, to be, p-i^ Pu., nt3 w. b? , 
^x on or upon, 
with spots, n'-'S . 
sprinkling, a, nsb f. 
sprout, s-iT , Hp^37 f., p:'i'' , "'SfS m., 
niss m. only coll. (but see 2, at end), 
nblfi m., tti'iilS m. 
to, Kttj-n , nuis , see -,!i3 , nrs K. 

Pi. '' ' 

to cause to, 2!|3 PiL 
sprouting, a, ri'C'S. m. 
sprouts, pinbaj . 
spun, a thing, nt::T3 m. 
something, i-tnxiQ . 
spurious, one, "iT^rrg . 
spurned, to be, yxs Hi. 
spy, a, bsn^ . 

out, to, ^En I, bin Pi., n^ttJ H, 
-ixr , -Sin. 

- T " 

squander, to, bbt . 
squanderer, bbir . 
squared stones, n"'n "Sax . 
squeeze (the breasts of an immodest wo- 
man), to, rtto3> I Pi. 
out to, nxT3 . 

T T 

stab, to, "ipn. 

stabber, a, -i3 m. 

stable, a, Dsiax m., n^-jx and n;"js< f., 

pa-n: m. 
stable, (adj.), see Tinx . 

to bo, "j^x I K. Ni., bsin and bTi . 
stability, njirx f., mcx f. 
stack (of grain), tb-ina m. 
staff, i:-;^ m., rtisi^ f., na^a m., V-;;-; 

m., r35'iS^ 1, watt) and ua^ m. 
a round, r,bB m. 
stag, b*x m. 




stage, an elevated, V-ns^a m. 
stagger, to, ttjra Hitljpo,, ssia also si3 , 
n:u5 w. a , ".t: of wine. 

about to, nrn Ni. 
staid in purpose, "1-0 13:7. . 
stain, to, buva H Hi. (later Heb.) 
stained, see bb:n . 
stains, having, see b^ain . 
stair, a, nhivq f. 
staircase, r^^O'o f-, c^O m. 
stairs, nio^ 1, r.^'-?. 1 

winding, C'^blb. 
stairway, r\V:> f. 
stake, a, irr^ ^ yy m. 
stalk of grain, n:pr ra. 
stalks, ni2p f. coll. 

of flax, yvp "^nttJB . 
stall, a, oi:x ni., m^x and n"i*is< f., 
p2-,T3 m. 

stalls, ni-iis, a"^PEn . 
stammering, (adj.), i\y. 
stamp, to, rf?n. 

small, to, pj^n Hi. 
upon, to, 05)2 . (Ch. DS-J .) 
stamping, (sub.), see naS'J . 
stand, a, -,3 II m., ,-13 is 13 f., 1!Q3> m. 

(later Heb,), n!|^!J ni. 
stand, to, r:ii Ilitlip., -jSis Ni., aS3 Ni., 
n7:!j I K. Hi., ov . (di. =ip.) ' 
back, to, ujj; iNi. pret. K. fut. 
by, to, D^"! Hitlip. w. b of pers., 
2.-4: Ni. w. ^s ., hs -iTzy , csip 
w. b of pers. 
erect, to, -iqo K. Pi. 
finn, to, peril. *,i2X I Hi., 2^"^ 

Hithp., VIS Ni., ni;:? I, Dip. 
firm, to make, n^os I Hi., osip Hi. 
firmly, to, n^: Ni. 
for, to, b? n-cv , 

fortli, to, 2:1'' Hithp., n^SJ I (once.) 
good, to, tip . 
good, to make, dip Pi. 
near, to, n:?"; Hithp. w. cs., nio:? 

on the threshold, to, rso Hithpo. 
out, to, U'p . 

over against each other, to, b3|5 Hi. 


stand still, to, perh. -(lax I HL, Bo^, 
'y-QS I K. Hi. 
still, to make, nr» I Hi., Qsip Hi. 
to be made to, -(^is Ni. (Ch. Dip 

to cause to, ns3 Hi. 

- T 

to let, s^T Hi. 

to make, 17:35 I Hi. 

to take a, Z"!' Hithp., '^'oy L 

to take one's, :s3 Ni. 

up, to, nrs I. 

up for, to, 2S^ Hithp. w. h of pers., 
Ci^p w. h of pers, 

with, to, -S3 Ni. w. hs , 
standard, 5:^ m., OD m., n'sia f. 

to erect a, Vi'n . 
standing place, T?:r^ m. 

power of, n^spn f. 
star, zy^3 m. 

brilliant, see bb-'fn . 
stars, the, niip'^ . 


start, to, ip-i . 

up, to, TEH . 
startled, to be, Tsn . 
station, -,3 II, ror m., "i^ria m., as^ 

m., 2S^ m., n"irtiji3 f., nnTas f. 
a military, n"':i3 m. 
station, to, cJtit) and wb . 

one's self, to, n:£3 Ni. c. h to or 

- T S 

statuary, a, ns"!"^ . 
statue, -iisx m., prob. 'j!)*3 (once), 

n2!2T3 f., 2"' 313 m. 
stature, see n-^-q , n-Qip f. 
statute, nn f. (later Heb.), pn m., npn 

f., ppriTa , H'st'O m. (Ch. Q^p m.) 
statutory portion, pn m. 
staves, D''i3 I. 

stay, (dwelling), a, n:3"'il5 H f. 
stay, (support), -(riiT: m., "jsajr m., 

nrritJT? f., nvsi f- 
stay, to, -^r.ii K. (once), Pi., b^n and 
b^n , T»'?0 Pi. c. 2 ., -1525 I. 
behind, to, nnx K. (once.) 
for, to, nitj"^ w. dat. of pers. 
long, to, "^.nx Pi. 
one's hand to, see (Ch. xn^ Pa.) 




stay one's self, to, "j^x I, Tj^D Ni. 

the heart, to, 2b nSD . 

to let, as"; Hi. 

up, to, ns"^ Pi. 

upon, to, "i^x I Hi. 
stayed, to be, -sr Ni 

up. to be, '(^ax L 
stead, rnn . 
steadfast, ps^ . 

to be, -(SiD Ni. 
steal, to, 2:2 K. Pi. Pu., Vs^ w. S of 

- r ■ ' - T : 

stealth, to do by, 2:a Ilithp. w. inf. 

and h . 

to take by, r35 , hv'o with 2 of 
steed, iij-^a m., ttJD-i m. 
steel, n'nbs f. 
steep, -i-'Sta (Keri.) 
steeping. (suIj.), nitti^ f. 
steer, b:> m. 
steering, a, nibiarn plu. 
art of, nibsann plu. 
stem, bisajx m. (once), rT5 m., tun^ 

m. (silver age), n^p ni. 
stench, tl)X2 ni., n:n^ f. 

t» emit a, n:T Hi. 
step, iniDx or -i!ia;x m., -ri'X , T^'^hn 
or Ti'bn m., nbsia f., nriusia f., 
n5ST2 m., 2? I m., d^-s t, rbs m., 
'isx m., bin f. 

to, "1SX . 

to make a false, xiin . 
step-chains, niiss . 
step-mother, ex f., see in n^rx , 1, b. 
steps, nbr f., C""2p5 and n''2;i>r m. 

to take shoit and quick, rru . 
sterile, nsnsb; , ips. 

region, n2"'r f. 
stem, (adj.), ir, bSs (Choth), ntp . 
stick, a. 11203 and 'cz'J m. 
stick fast, to, pltj and pi-n constr. w, 

stiff, T^^p. 
stiff-necked, t)-^2J f^'^P • 

to be. nttJp I Hi. w. r,"? . 
stigma, yprp m. 

still, (adj.), *\i:''~n sj-i . 
(adv.), TiS. 
a sitting, n2tt!i II f. 
to, Dr^n only Hi., nttSn Hi., dnp 

Hi., n2ttj Pi. Hi., n2«i Hi., r|2\l3 

Hi. ' 
to be, nr"n II, d^'H , ttinn Hi., na5n 

K. Hi., i:p':j , prii) . 

'- T ' ' - T 

to keep one's self, ttj-in Hitlip. 
to make stand, i-iv I Hi., Qnp 

to sit, 203 "i . 

to stand, perh. ",^x I Hi., Ci^^, 
nrs I K. Hi. 

- T 

stillness, •^iz'ti m., irn m., nii'C'n f., 

•'byj m. 
sting, to, w-Q Hi. 
stink, a, ttixS m. 

to, u;x2 K. Hi., n:t Hi. 

to be made to, tt5x2 Ni. w. a , nx , 
Hithp. c. QS . 
stipend, -^ziii m. 
stir, to, yn>: . 

up, to, r^o Hi. w. ace. of pers. and 
2 against., -1^2? I Pil. Hi. 

up (stiife), to, n'ns Pi. 
stock, -):rix m., rn m., y-ji , ^-\p m. 

of wood, yv b:i2. 
stocks, nssnis f., 10 m., p:->s m. 

curved, see in r^isn . 
stomach, d'^rr only plu. 
stone, ';2X com. mostly f., nsi^E m., ns 
m. (Cii! i^x .) 

a hot, n22tn f. 

a small, -jT^n m., ni-fS m. 

(heated for baking), ciS"] m. 

precious, -(ix com., r,Eb m. 

to, (to free from stones), bpo Pi. 

to, (throw stones), bpo K. Pi., 

- T 

stone-ore, -(ZX com. 
stone-quarry, ?B^ m. 
stones, i^X com. coll. 

a heap of, ba mostly w. t)"'2ax 
added., nrjnr . (Ch. -r m.) 

a layer of, 7^272 m. 

at, to throw, dS"! . 




stones, hewn, n^n f., nita ''33X , "ssx 

quarried, ZILn/q "^inx . 

to free from, b~0 Pi. 
to gather out the, b;ro Pi. 
to pelt with, bjDO K. Pi. 
stool, D-;32X clu., cnn ra. only trop., 

everywhere w. 3';b:"i ., uiOS m. 
stoop down, to, Tjatt) . 
stop, to, Dijx K. Hi., uhz , t'2'n Pi., 
aon , cnn Hi. (once), n^r I, n^tiJ . 
(the nostrils), to, con . 
up, to, Dno K. Pi- 
stopped, to be, -i:o I Ni., ono Ni. 
store, -istix ra., •|'i-i;3a m. 
to, -jtx. 
up, to, irs . 
store-chambers, see in qbs . 
store-house, nsix ni., -i:£i5t n-'S , C-Xia 
m., rr^iiaia f., 'piai?^ ra., see under 
rx33 . 
store-house, to set one over the, n^x 

store-houses, c^ass: , m'-i:iaia . 
stores, o"^Epx only plu., nijDDTa , 
n^ps f. 
hidden, •i'O'j'O m. 
stork, nT'on f. 

stoi-m, riCsi 1 (once), dnt m., y^: m., 
-i»o ra., n'^::D t, -sb m., n-i:^'j f., 
nxioj f. (Keri), n;xtt3 (Cheth.) 
to sweep away in, istl) K. w. ace, 
Pi. c. -(^ . 
storms, it, nyb Ni. irapers. 
story, (floor), r^i^s-i m. 
stout of heart, nb i"3S< . 
stove, a (portable), ns III f. 
straight, "iJlJ'J , "-^ . 

forward, to go, ^'^x or -mix . 
forwards, nsbb , v:3 -125-bx , br 

to be, -iiji , --n (later Heb.) 
to be made, -jjrp (later Heb.) 
to cause to go, nuJx Pi. 
to make, ^ti)-^ Pi. Hi., "pn Pi. (later 
straightness, p'ljt ra. 

straightway, )'s I preceded by 3 of 

strained, to be, pp; Pu. 
strait, (adj.), *i:| . 

I am in a, ^b n^ irapers. 
to be, V1X . 
to be in a, ri^lj irapers. 
straiten, to, piix I Hi. c. dat, -|!is I, 

1-:£ Hi. 
straitened, to be, -,:ii only in fut., ^ns . 
straitness, nit m., psi'3 ra., pis^ ra., 

npr^s^ f., 'li::?: I m., -i::f^ m. 
straits, puJs m., r\p':!l^^ 1, "1 ra., 

n-,2£ f. 
strange, it , ■'^:: , pinn . 

O ' T ' • :t ' ' T 

fate, ^33 also irb. 

made, -itjits . 

woman, n"iT f., n'-s: f. 
strangeness, -i;p m. 
stranger, ^a , la m., ^t, "^tr^:, — ,a 

T- ' • !T ' • : T • ' T 

strangle, to, pan Pi. 

one's self, to, p;n Ni. 
strangling, a, p'.r'q ra. 
stratagera, nT^n f. 
straw, '2r\^ ra. coll., tljp ra., ■);;n m. 
heap of, ")2n?3 ra. coll. 
short, 'pn ra. 
streaks, m"-3T2n . 

stream, a, b^^ix m. (only in Dan.), -bn 
ra., bs"^ m., nns ra., bns ra. rbina f. 
of water, bs^"* ra. 
strearas, ni-i*?:n;o (once), D"^bn3 (poet.), 

D'sbs, mabs only plu. 
street, yJin , zrn f., p^ulS ra. 
streets, zn^ f. coll., ninn-i . 
strength, "(ix I ra., b;x m. (once), ';^J^x , 
bs I ra., y^is^ m. abstr., yq's m., 
ns^x 1, nnnia f., "iin , ri"^] f. 
rarely m., pm m., pfn m., nprTT f., 
n'^n f., b-;n ra., n^ f., ns ra., t^ , 
72? ra., T?,TX ra., see c"r , nxr m., 
nrits f., -p? and ip m., sec r^sr'in , 
ni^:£?n plu. (Ch. b-n m., "jDn ra.) 
for, to have, n's "njcs c. b . 
to, to give, tT3> c. b . 




strengthen, to, yes Pi., -i2a Pi., pm 
K. Pi. Hi., Tjttjia, nro , tts . 
one's countenance, to, tt5> Hi. 
one's self, to, pTP Hithp. 
strengthened, see ttb H Pi. 

to be, p7n Hithp. 
strengthening, a, np^n f. 
strenuous, y^i^n II. 
stretcli, to, nniD , nas , nyn K. Pu. 
one's self, to, nniD Hithpo. 
one's self out, to, yy:: Hi. 
out, to, r^'\r\ (once), miB"^ only Hi. 
c. ace. et b ., nas K. Hi., rnia , 
nKa3 Pi., nht K. Pi. 
out the band, to, (Ch. nboS w. i;; .) 
stretched, n^no, rsfib . 

out, to be, ^zz Ni. 
stretching, a, naia m. 
strew, to, n-»T Pi., nsi . 
strewed, (anything), y-^e m. concr. 

with spots, "i'-i3 . 
strict, (Ch. ne^nr^Q .) 
stride, a, nriDS'o f., riyB m. 

to, ybs. 
stridulous sound, to give forth a tremu- 
lous and, ,-131 (once.) 
strife, "(in m., y\n'Q I m., c^3""7T3 only 
plu., csnr only plu., n'sir f., n3"»nT3 
f., rj^ip m , r-^-i m., rt^ir^ f. 
strike, to, cbn , xr^ K. Pi., rsa , nnj 
c. Vr ., nr: Hi., pso I, rarely peto , 
55B, :^,BP, ypn. (Ch. xr^ Pe. Pa., 

against, to, Cj33 K. Hithp., 558 , 

hands with, to, pco I, rarely pEtb 

Hi. c. a . 
into, to, 3Jpn . 
(the chords of an instniment), to, 

i:dt H Pi. 
(the strings), to, -jj: K. Pi. 
through, to, 3~3 . 
up (with the voice), to, n:s I. 
upon, to, rsB w. a . 
striking, a, r:.3 ni. 
string (of musical instrument), ip and 

stringed instrument, a, p-^ns , nj'^M f. 

(in titles of Psalms.) 
strings, -ip-'^ m. (only in plu. c. sufE.), 

of pearls, CTsi-P . 
strip, to, bn I w. ace. of pers., yhn 
Pi., OttJB Pi. Hi. 
off, to, hn I, Tiion , bs3 Pi , aito 

Hi., bbii3 . 
(off bark), to, rjian . 
one of, to, uiiB Hi. w. two ace, or 

ace. of thing and b»i3 of pers. 
one's self, to, tilUB Hithp. 
one's self of, to, bs3 Hithp. 
stripe, a, ni:iap and n-fliP f. 
striped, nps . 

to be, 2'cn . 
stripes, piia^rn . 

to be marked with, aop . 
stripped, l^ibp , bb-ittj. 
strive, to, ns3 Hi. Ni., ptbr Hithp. 
(once) c. cr., a^n and a^n K. Hi. 
part., ^iib I c. bx with, against. (Ch. 
"inttJ Ithpa. c. b .) 
after, to, ojpa Pi. 
together, to, •fti Ni. 
with, to, nib c. Dr , px . 
striving, a, pJisi f., I'l'^i'i m. 
stroke, a, n^ f., ip-c ni., na^ f., rss m. 

one's face, to, 'b "'ie nbn . 
strokes, piabnio. 

strong, n-'ax , bx I, ^-^sx , p^EX or 
p-^EX, ii:£3, ^"iaa , p^^n , pTHj-^n, 

D5ISS, naif? , -i!ittj|5 , q"pri. (Ch. ^rniax 

and firm, to make, tts . 

defences, p:^sS . 

in number, to be, D2I5> . 

in the feet, to be, yrix . 

members, C^aisr (once.) 

one, T'ax . 

ones, Tj m. concr., t^ts m. coll. 

place, tiy^ m. 

the, D''3P"'X , D-psss , rri-iirpia . 

the being, becoming, np^Tn f. 

to be, "as and naa , b^in and b^n, 




ns , TTB II K. once in fut. (Ch. 

njrn and r:;rp .) 
strong, to be made, -jsis Hitlipal., Tt?. 
to become, -i2r> and -25, ~Tn K. 
Hi., MS , c^r . (Ch. T^r\ and 

to grow, pT- . 

to make, jf-^s Pi., "^zs. Pi. Hi., 
pm K. Pi. Hi., yhn Hi., n? , 
dsr Hi. (Ch. ?pn and r;pn Pa.) 
to make one's self, yqi/t. Hithp. 
to show one's self, -135 Hithp. w. 
b? ., pTn Hithp., TTr , xbe Hithp. 
c. 2 toward, against, 
waxing, pyn . 
strong-hold, n^ca^ '1"^^ ^•' -? "*•' 

"isia m., n-ifl:£-2 f. 
strong-holds, see d5X , ninsoip . 
stronger than, to ])e, ]^^x w. )^ ., ^135 
and -12a w. "(^ , ako br ., pjn w. "j^a . 
structure, n'':3n f. 
struggle, to, Y:in Hithpo. 
struggles, D'bflns? (once.) 
stubble, bjbi m., ttjp m. 
stubborn, ^^io , q";ir ncp , -oJp . 
to be, -(nb Ni., -i^s Hi., naip I Hi. 
w. Ti'-iS. 
stubbornness, -'izT^ , 'tp m., nn'^'^ttJ 

f. w. 2b and ri 2b . 
stud (of silver), n^ipa f. 
study, jnb m, 
stuff, nssb^ f. 

' T T : 

a species of, nntu m. 

cotton, OS"! 3 m. 

silk, p"^^"! . 
stumble, to bra K. Ni., ri?: K. Hithp. 

to be made to, baj: Ho. 
stumbling, a, qsj m. 
fitumbling block, ■^e'h ni., biaJsia m., 

n;?!is f. 
stump, rT: m., 2:t m., nas"a f. (Ch. 

"|52? m.) 
stun, to, see nrn . 
stunned, to be, 0"i1 Ni. 
stupendous, s*ii3 . 
stupefied, to sink down, OT^ Ni. 

stupefy, to, see isn . 
stupid, lya concr., bas . 

to be, trsa , n23 . 
stuttering, (adj.), abs . 
style, a-in m., as m. 
stylus, ann m., 13? m., T;)irj m. 
styrax, see T'^^ . 

subdue, to, rp2 K. Hi., •^z'^ Hi., t^i 
Hi., tt323 K.'pi. Hi., rrsHi., nss! 
subdued, to be, y:3 Ni. 
subject, a, ",2 m. 

(adj.), nr'SOJia f. ccmcr. 
subject, to. ■;fl'n or y,':i (once.) 
su]>lime things, ni^X") . 
sul)merged, to be, yp_T2i K. Ni. (Ken.) 
submissive, riss . 
submit, to, yjs Ni., nnilJ . 

one's self, to, qs3 Ni. c. b ., r\:v 
II Hithp. 

one's self in peace to, to, tabuj Hi. 
c. bx. 
subscnbe, to, iS03 rP3. (Ch. otBn ,) 
subside, to, ~aiii , SJpaJ, pnOJ . 

to make, r^z^ Hi. 
substance, -ix I m., n"2 m., q-!5 m., 
Tin m., bin m., -n23 m., nsxbr f., 

' ' • - r T T : 

n'npQ f , T'lT^ 111-' iiJ5i2i m. 
substitute one's self for, to, n^i Hithp. 
sul>terranean cell, a, ■,'i-a'a m. 
subtle, see 1S3 I at end., dns . 
subtlety, n2p3> , or better n2ps t 
subvert, to, Tibo Pi., n"y Pi., n"2J Pi. 
succeed, to, nttisi , nb- I and nbs . 

to let, p!is il Hi. 
success, "i-UiS m. 

prosperous, ba'.^ also hzb m. 

to give, nbs I Hi., brio Hi. 

to have, nb:£ I Hi., bail) Hi. 
successful, to be, nbjc I Hi., nbs I Hi. 

w. ■isn'n and i-:";tj . 
succor, n'UJnn f. 

to, riiji Hi., ni5 (once), -J5 K. 
Hi., \np^ Pi. 
succored, to be, sii;i Ni. 
such, nT3 , nbx3 , -,3 I, see ij^ja . (Ch. 

an one, see ""rbs . 




such and such things, nst^si nsfis . 

as, -irB , 'i^3 . 
suck, to, p3^ , n::^ , see p!i3 . 
down, to, Sflb . 
out, to, rt:i^ . 
to give, pp Hi. 
up, to, rsib Pil., see yb? . 
sucked out, nTT3 (once plu.) 
sucker, a, nj^'-r f., psSi . 
sucking child, ps'i'' . 
suckle, to, pp Hi., bsir. 
suckling, a, -i!i: m., p;!"', bi3? m. 
sudden, dXPB in gen. after a noun. 

destruction, nbn^a f., ?^^i^3 f- w. 
the article., mn^2 plu. 
suddenly, nnx3 , see in nr'n , 1., see 
in rni , B, 1, a., wrr3 , Dxr.B , rrS; 
to come upon, to seize, r?2 Pi. 
very, ckriQ ?rE3 , cxns rnsb , 
snsb ckns . 
suffer, (pennit), to, nJi3 Hi. w. ace. of 
pers. and inf. c. b., tt;i33 w. ace. of 
pers. and inf. c. h ., sttUD c. inf., 'p_i 
w. ace. of pei-s. and inf. c. b ., see 
st» , 1, e. 
suffer, (to be afflicted), to, nss H K. 

patiently, to, ::33 Hi. 
suffice, to, xs^a c. dat., pED H and 
pEb . 

' - T 

sufficiency, ■«'n , pBD . 

for (any one), to, "^13 . 
suggest a purpose to, to, ni"i "ia "PB . 
suggestus, -i"i*3 m. 

suit (at law), "^zn m., nian f., aBilJ?a 
m., -•'n m. 

one who has a, n*^*; tt5"'X . 
suit, (of clothes, etc.), r,-;Si m. 
suitable, 75n , n")X3 c. b , 

for, it is, nx'i impers. w. b . 

to, to be, nx3 Pil. w. b . 
sullen, ID . 
sulphur, n"'-E& 1 
sultry, •'ttj""-in . 
sum, nsp f., TTx-i I m., rr^jsn f. (Ch. 

psp m., ttJxn.) 
summer, v-^p m. (Ch. 13-p m.) 

summer, to, y^p III or y-.p . 
summer-house, the, ]^'^pn n'^a . 
summit, — 'isx m., -isiaia m., b5 m., "(^p 

m., iiix-i I m. 
summits, D"'::~a . ' 
summon, to, x^p I, S^u3 Pi. Hi. 
sumptuously, to live, '(-is) Hithp. 
sun, -lix m., nrn I f. (poet.), D'^n m. 
(rather poei.), tlj-c'^ com. 
images of the, see in -,an . 
the going down of the, ffiTairn Hitt . 
sundered, to be, t^b Hithp. 
sung, to be, n-itti Ho. 
sunk, to be, raij K. Pu. Ho. 
sunken places, ni^liSpOJ . 
sunny, ns , n*ri£ . 
suns, (images), see in -j^n . 

little, see co-'SUJ . 
sunset, to draw towards, n"]^ H. 
sup. to, onb box . 
supera])undant, to be, irtis K. only fut. 

and imp. 
superfluity, niiD m. 
superfluous parts, rr^D m. concr. 
superintend, to, nss I Pi. only inf. and 

part. w. b? , b . 
suppliant, nns m. 

supplicate, to, 'b ""33 n^Pi , -ins^ I K. 
Hi. w. bx, b., ?:b Hi. c. a, b for., 
bbQ Hithp. c. bx , b , b? , ^DSjb . 
for, to, uJp^ Pi. w. bs ., bbD Hithp. 
c. nra , bs , b , w. bx with 
to cause to, yjB Hi. 
supplication, perh. psn , r^tl3 m., njnn 
1, d'^3!i3nn only plu., n^cri f. 
to make, -jsn w. b of pers., bx , 
^:zh, (Ch. ippi Ithpa.) 
supply, to, psiB 11 Hi. 
support, nvix f, nsp^ m., -(Srjr m., 
•,yii373 m., n:raii3 f., fTJ"'E'^ f- 
to, -7:0, -iro, iB-j Pi., Ti^n 

c. 3. 
supported, to be, -(lax I K. Ni. 
supports, lateral, nii^ . 
suppose, to, iaba itsx , bbo Pi. 
supreme, •j-i-^bs . (Ch. ^bs .) 




supreme, to be, 350) Ni. 
sure, (Ch. s'^si^ . Cp .) 

to be, •^^qn I Ni., '^i\^ Ni. 
surely, r,j< , •js.x , -jn II. (Ch. )ri .) 

there is not, "i-^x p^ . 
sureness, n2S f. 
sui-ety, na-x f. 

for, to be, n-^s I. 

to become, z"^^ I. 
suretyship, n^nrn 1 
surface, yp_ t, ti'^rQ plu. 

upon the, "'ps-bx , "^IS"^? . 
surpass, to, pO'' K. Hi. (both defect.), 
'b Vs nb? , c^s . (Ch. n2£3 Ithpa. c. 

surplus, to remain over as, p]nr , 
surround, to, qsx (poet), ipSi Pi., 

qi?5 Hi., 330 K. Ni. Po. Hi., -i!is Pi., 

1WS C. *)S. 
surrounded, to be, 33& Ho. 

with, see ^ra , 1, b. 
survey, to, -i-vj II. 
survivor, Ti-;,iu m., "nsttlSs. 
sui-vivors, n-<-ib m. coll., n^nxttS f. 
suspend, to, xbn , nbn K. Pi. 
sustain, to, b^iS Pilp. Hi., birj Pi., r^'q'o , 

ISO . 

one with, to, r^ro w. two ace. 
sustenance, Q^*n plu., onb com,, n'^n?: 

f . 
swaddled, to be, bnn Pu. Ho. 
swaddling band, r.^rn f. 
swallow, (bird), see lin'n , tJlO m. 

(Chetli), Q-'o (Keri), -iajS5 m. (poet.), 

see D"cnn . 
swallow, (thing swallowed), :;b2 m., 


greedily, to, ysib . 
to, sba K. Pi., xra Pi. (poet.) 
to let, xra Hi. 
swallowed up, to be, r^Si Ni. 
swarm, rriSJ I f. 

to, y-lUJ . 

with, to, ^r-iQ) c. ace. 
swarthy, nnnnai . 
swathed, to be, bnn Pu. Ho. 
sway to and fro, to, s^3 also ri3 . 

swear, to, nbx II, T' xb3 also tis xtDa 

T r T TT ' - TT 

w. dat. of pers. and inf. c. b ., 53aS 
K. (only part, pass.), Ni. 
falsely, to, -p^b rz'ii; . 
rashly, to, S3uJ Ni. (sometimes.) 
to cause to, 3r3!l3 Hi. 
swearing, a, n3!i3tl3 f. 
sweat, n5>T f., sn m. (once.) 
sweep away, to, qna (once), -I'la K. 
Hithpo., X^xtJ Pilp., nsJ"; (once), 
!:):iD Hi., nr:o only Pi., C|no , qaaJ . 
sweepings, nrjsio f., Tip m. 
sweet, 3113 , n^-q I f. concr., pino , 

odors, (Ch. TTirr^j .) 

savor, nfT'3 n^n. 

things, d"'pn^^ . 

to be, pr\-o K.'Hi., ds3, zy? IV 
w. b of pers. 

to become, pnn. 

to make, pn-D Hi. 
sweetness, pin^o m., pn-o m., prb m., 

t2?b m. 
sweetnesses, D">pn^^ . 
swell, to, p:£2 , n3Jt . 

out, to, nsa Ni. 

to make, nsJS . 
swelling, (adj.), -jin^T , n35t. 
swept away, to be, ttJna Ni., p,no Ni 
swerve, to, n:35 Hi. c. -j^ . 
swift, hp . 

to be, bbp^ K. Ni. 
swift-footed, to be, v?3X . 
swiftly, bp . 

to move, in"n , Q13 . 
swiftness, p-ESJ-ipi plu. 
swim, to, nntt) . 

to cause to, Cl>i2E Hi. 

to make, nntt) Hi. 
swimming, a, see ne^ , Wtt) f. 
swine, a, "n^Tn m. 
swing, to, b;'n . 

to and fro, to, see S!i3 . 
swollen, -isinn, n3s. 

to be, nra Ni. 
sword, 3-;n f., see frnsia . 

glittering, p-ia m. (poet.) 




sword, to draw one's, "'ann ti^tti . 

two-edged, nT«s"B -"|H. 
swords, drawn, rnnna . 
sworn covenant, ntx f. 
sycamore-figs, one who nips, oblS 

to cultivate, oba . 
sycamore-trees, D"'T:;ra) only plu. 

sympathy, to have, hiir, w. bs . 
Syria, n-^x. 

the Plain of, d"^x •,'ns . 
Syrian, ■'janx . 
Syrians, D''a-n. 

syrinx, a, Ds^r m. (Ch. xn-'pi-^ttSo m.) 
syrup, tt)at| m. 


tabernacle, bnx, n"2 m., 'S'lJ^ m., 
psso 1, -ir m- 
of the congregation, nv^-Q bnx . 

tabernacles, ni^an "na . 

tabid, pt? . 

table, ",vt; m., n^b m., •,n^TiJ m. 

tablet, -(VVj m., n^ib m. 

tabret, Cjn m. 

tache, 0";;^ m. 

tail, 2:t m. 

(of a sheep, the) fat, n'bx . 

take, to, 7nx often c. a ., qox , ptn 
c. 3 , b , b? , poet. c. ace, nnr 
(once of a pcra,, elsewhere always of 
coals, fire), ttj'^'^ also t^^, n:b , npb , 
r,c^ c. a ., x':;3 , ba;? Pi. (later 
Heb.), en Hi., r,rn , tbEn . (Ch. 

a pledge of, to, ban , 

a stand, to, asci Hithp., 1:03? 

a wife, to, mrxb npb , mrx npb , 
mrx ib npb , nrx xibs . 

and bring, to, npb . 

as a pledge, to, ban . 

away, to. Try , qpx , "•ra Pi. Hi., 
sns , n:^r\ H, r,bn and r,b^ Hi., 
yhn Pi., n:^ H Hi., npb, r<«Jia, 
bits Pi. Hi., Kiua K. Pi., -ino Hi., 
ncD, "ia» Hi., nbs Hi., pn? 
Hi., nnn , on Hi., par Hi. (Ch. 
xb3 , nns . ) 

away ashes, to, -^tyi Pi. 

back, to, r;pj< , liio Hi. 

by force, to, b:a L 

take by stealth, to, r:a , b?": w. S of 

(by storm), to, rpa K. Hi. 
captive, to, lab, nauj , rOEn. 
captive and cany away, to, npb . 
care, to, ab~bx Dl J w. inf. and b . 
care of, to, -ip3 Pi., xayn , lis 

Hi., -1:5 , nxn . 
charge of, to, xiu: . 
counsel, to, -j-'y^ , -br Ni., vis 

only in imp. 
down, to, T]'^ Hi. 
food, to, Dn'~ bax . 
for one's self, to, Sna w. bx . 
forth, to, xs"" Hi. 
from, to, bax , b:ix K. Hi. w. 

heed to do, to, nraS Ni. c. b (once.) 
heed to one's self, i-c^ Ni. Hithp. 

c. •^•o. 
hold of one anotlier, to, izh Hithp. 
in, to, pin Hi., npb . 
note of, to, -pa Pi. w. b , b — 72 . 
of, to, bsx K. Hi. w. -,?3 ., npb w. 

one's stand, to, aX3 Ni. 
out, to, Tnx , Tna, xs" Hi., nnn . 
out of the w ay, to, r|CX . 
pleasure in, to, n^tan . 
possession, to, tnx Ni., bns . 
possession of, to, pm Hi., tti"" 

also B*j^ K. Hi., npb, bnj. 
to one's self, to, r-a K. w. bx , Pi. 

npb w. b of pers. (rarely.) 
to wife, to, Z'^"" Hi. 




take up, to, i-j^b K. Pi., b:53 K. Pi., 

Ni*:, ccr , once t'zv . 
up (and) away, to, nb? Hi., d1"i 

up and bring, to, stbJ . 
up and place upon, to, orr , once 
'"C^V w. ^5 of heart, ace. of 
up (and put) before, to, dii Hi. 
up out of, to, (Ch. po: Ajjli.) 
upon one's self, to, bs^ II Hi. w. 

inf. c. h ,, sb: , T'br cp . 
with the hand (or) fist, to, visp 
taken, a being, "zh m. 
away, p"rs . 

away, to be, bn Ni., n:n II, npb 
Ni. Pu. pret. and Ho. fut, -mo , 
nes K. Ni., prv . 
by lot, to be, n:b Ni. 
(by storm) to. be, rp2 Ni. Pu. Ho. 
captive, to be, npb Pu. pret. and 

Ho. fut. 
off, p-Tis . 

to be, rpb Pu. pret. and Ho. fut. 
up, to be, nrb Pu. pret. and Ho. 
fut, nbr. (Ch. poa Hoph. after 
Heb. form.) 
taking, a, n;?"n m. 
arts, npb m. 
tale, (task), rrsria f. 
tale-bearer, "jnj m. 
tale-bearers, h'^D^ "'tt5:x. 
tale-bearing, b"'DT m. 
talent, a, -is f. (Ch. ns3 .) 
talents, two, C"'i"3 . 
talk, to, n-'b. 

empty, na II m. 

idly, to, N-J3 and n;::2 K. Pi. 

in one''s dreams, to, mn . 

of, to, n"iu w. 2 . 

inadvisedly, to, xaa and n-2 K. 

with, to, n'^b c. ace. 
with one's self, to, n-ib . 
talkative, p-a. 
talker, an idle, na'a. 
tall, Rsa , see r,b73 Pu. 2., ni . 

tall, to be, naa . 

tallness, nba , •,iTa II m., see m'B^in, 

tamarisk, a, baix . 
tame, Ci'SX. 

to, HBS . 

tap, (beat), to, csn . 

tapestry, "(Jirjx m. (once), "I'^'^fitlS OU 

(Ken), nsnsjb (Cheth.) 
tardy, rpx constr. only, 
tarry, to, rpvt Hi., bni Hi, c. h .. nm 

•'-r -T :1 -T 

(once), atlj" . 
late in (oi-) by, (to), -ins PI w. 

task, pn m., ni'sn^ f., 'qn m. 
task-master, ba-'a . 
task-masters, CD'S "'"b . 
tasks, n^hzp plu. constr. only, 
tassel, n'S^S f. 
tassels, C"^b"'n2 only i)lu. 
taste, zs/4 m. (Ch. cS'J m.) 

intellectual, cr:: m. 

to, perh. b3X , era , ^'Sia . 

to have the sense of, cSia . 

to make, (Ch. cr:: Pa.) 
tasteless food, see rsirbn . 
tattler, "(Sna m. 
taught, to be, nrb K. Pu. 

by experience, to be, ?n'^ Ni. 

one, n:i5sb . 
teach, to, r|bx Pi., r2 Hi., nnt Hi., ri-j- 
Hi., nn-; Hi'., n^\ K. Pi., -.ra , bsto Hi. 
teaching, nni?3 m., nr'i'sb f. 
teacher, ax m., rniia m., nab^, nsS. 
teachers, wise, see caia^ . 
team, see in ninx , 2. 

T : \ ' 

tear, a, rr'n m. 
tear, to, pna . 

away, to, bu I, nca , pna, 5nj5 
c. -,13 , b?Ta . 

away with violence, to, con . 

down, to, o>jn K. Pi., ^P? K. Pi., 

in pieces, to, r:i2, Sp2 Pi., Cl^O, 
ni^B only Pi. fut., ypuJ Pi. 

off, to, pra , pna Pi., s^j? c. ya , 
bs^ ., m-i . 

... J r T 




tear off from one's self, to, 015 n , p'no 
out, to, o^n K. Pi., ?D3, pnj . 
out the hair, to, ai^ . 
through, to, D'ln . 
up, to, v\'l-J Hi., rD3 K. Hi., CP3 , 


tearing down, a, nsiO'^ntn . 
in pieces, to, n:no f. 
tears, sr'ri m. coll., n^-^y f. only coll. 

to shed, rV'n , r^i. 
Tebeth, (montli), nza . 
teem with, to, yi© c. ace. 
teen, liljs) m. and t^'W^^ f. only in 

numbers compounded with ten. 
teeth, n-rnb^Q (poet.), n^r^na only 
constr., ',0-1 m., d'^su) f. 

the double row of, ispn bes . 
tell, to, nrx , n:3 Hi., -^ed Pi. 

to, to, 'b 'Tk nba . 
telling, a, ieco m. 

tempest, a, nn^t f. (once), ns^io 1, ^5& 
m., n'^sjq f., nn f., "i?iD m., n'nsa) 
f., nx-iis f. (Keri), n;saJ (Cheth). 
to rush on as a, lyo . 
to rush on like a, 'isb Hithp. c. 

tempestuous, it is, -irit) Ni. impers. 
temple, bnx, rr-pa f. (later Heb.), rr^S 
m., nin^ bz-n , 'p'ljia m. (Ch. n^S 
m., bsTi m.) 
fortress of the, nT'S f. (later Heb., 

when it refers to Jerusalem.) 
servants of the, D-'rrs . (Ch. 

temple-slaves, D"^3''n3 . (Ch. ';'^3"'n3 .) 

temple, (of the head), npn f. 

temples, (of the head), np") f. 

tempt, to, no: Pi. 

temptation, ners f. 

ten, -ii55 f., n-^UJS m., ^iav m. and 
n^bs f. only in numbers compounded 
with ten. (Ch. nbr f., n-ittj» m.) 
a, -littjjj m. 
commandments, the, D'^n^tiri tT^bs . 

ten-sti-inged instrument, *T"tt)33 m. 

ten-stringed lyre, n-,ii5S ^23 . 

tender, r^n . 

grass, nty\ m. (Ch. xr^ .) 

to be, a:5 . 
tenderness, d'^^n'n plu. 
tendon, tij m., see nt^3 . 
tendrils, riuj-^as . 
tenons, nil . 
tens, ni-.ias; . 
tent, bnk, n"2 m., p'r^i m., niSD f., 

to, bns . 

to move one's, bnst . 

to pitch a, 5133, )zjd Pi., y|?n 

to pitch one's, bris PL 
tent-companion, my, ibnx "TO . 
tent-pin, nn"^ . 
tenth, ■""I'^toS . 

a, li-i'^s m., n^n-tsi f., n''"}"'to5 f. 
day, the, -libs m. 
month, "'I'^irsi . 
part, a, ibsia m., "ji-i'^s m. 
part, to give the, lbs Pi. 
part of, to take the, -liDS . 
tents, see in nr3 , 4. 
Teraphim, D"'Ein . 
terebintli, b^x (once sing, in proper 

name), nbs f. 
term, to, -.tsx . 

terrace, p'^nx m., ir^ts f. (later Heb.) 
terrible, d^s , •^'^'fqx, X'J-ia, f";^5. • 

(Ch. b^nn!) 
terribleness, see n:ibBn . 
terrified, nn , nrirn. 

to be, pra Ni., '\-^_n , rrn K. Ni., 

rsn . 

tenify, to,' bn2 Pi. Hi., JnbS^ Pi. (Cheth), 

rra Pi. (only poet), see -inn in end., 

n-in Hi., rnn Pi. Hi., x-i^ Pi., y'^r, 

yr\p I Hi., yj-j . (Ch. bna Pa , bn^ 


territory, bi23 m., pbn m., nbn? f., 

nnto m. 
terror, n^/s f., nbra 1, nrt^a f. 
once sing, often plu., nrra f., nsN'n 
f., nriT f., x;n or r\^n^, b^n m., 
nb^n f. (once), nbrjbn 1., nn-nn f., 




nn m., nnn f., n-^nn f., nnn m., 
nx";!"^ f., "lis'o m., .TTiia II (Cheth), 
nnnia f., nx'iS'tt f., i-«5 II m., ^rsins 
in other MSS. ^'iisi m., ins m., see 
in nri:: , see msp, u:2-i m., nnn 
m., -!2IJ and nzUJ m., ".insn m., 
ns^sFi f. 

object of, -ins m. 

to be in, nns Pi. c. ijBia . 

- r - I • 

terrors, nin^s , cnira . 
tesselated, Cjisi . 

pavement, nB^J") f. 
stuff, 72'iJn m. 
test, to put to the, -,113 . 
testicle, r^i^x m. 
testify, to, irs K. (once Cheth), Hi,, 

nss I c. a concerning, for, against, 
testimonial, s^ninni) f. 
testimony, is m., nnr II f., ns m,, 

snnna) 1 
tetter, ns^;) f. 
textures, m'ssaJia . 
thank-offering, diiabifl n^in nsT , see 

D^ttS, Note., m";n nat, min f. 
thanks, see n"i*n. 

to give, nt^ Hi. 
thanksgiving, m'n f. 
days of, D"'bni!n . 
festivals, d^bi^n . 
that, (conj.), naist , 1 , si and \ (before 
consecutive clauses), "^a I, qx 13 )> 
(once), see in -(Sia ^ B., "1:13? 3 , -oJ 
(later Heb.). (Ch. i-n.) 

(pron.), -n^s , NW m. and x'^n f. 
(with the article after a noun 
having the article), mi m. (rarely, 
poet, style only), -ti (later Heb.). 
(Ch. •'•ri.) 
aside from, "11^X73 n^b . 
day, ci'n . 
if, DX ^3. 
not, bx I, xb nt^x , ba , xb "i^iab 

w. fut., — ,a . 
place, in, tittS . 
which, (Ch. -^^ .) 
the, -n , n > " • 
Thebes, xb, fully -(iax-xb. 

thee, nnx (in oblique cases.) 

theft, nasa f. 

themselves, nsn f. 

then, tx, ■'TX , -inx, "itiSx , 1, si and 1 
(in introducing an apodosis), nTa , 
on-i, mn ci^na (once), •'a I, ",33, 
cu3. (Cli. -(-^nx .) 

thence, ix , c;i'73 . 

T ' T ■ 

there, m , dtlS , naaS. (Ch. n^n.) 

appears, arises, "(n*; , "iin*] impers. 

are, ttSx , ttJV 

exists, ^2 - (^^- '^O''^^ .) 

is, tt3x , ttS^, -(ni, '(n'^ impers. 
(Ch. "^n-^x w. pron. suff. equal 
subst. verb, with participle equal 
finite verb.) 

is not, are not, was not, were not, 

was, were, ^^ . 
thereafter, ',3 nnx , 13 ">nnx , 
therefore, tx , "j , ^ and i (before in- 
ferential clauses), nxTb , ",Db, ',3-?? , 
-,nb. (Ch. ns^ b?, inb.r 
therein, "jaa , til^ . 
thereof, cria . 

thereupon, tx , "'TX . (Ch, ■j'^nx , "i'l'nxa.) 
therewith, therewithal, d3> . 
these, bx H, n^x, T|n com., nsn f. 

(w. the ai-t.). (Ch. f ^x , r,^x .) ' 
they, on , nan m., '^r} I f. (only w. 
prefixes), nir\ f. (Ch. "iiSX, ■j"'SX f., 
nan and "^ian m.) 
thick branches, T\t'^^' 
clwuds, -bs"i5 m. 

darkness, b^x m. (poet.), nbsx f., 
see n''bsxT3 . 

T ! •• I - 

to be, n35 . 

wood a, 113 nn . 
thick-leaved bough, na? com. 
thicket, a5-;n , nr*] m., r^yq m., r^ao , 
T,ab, -ai^. 

dark, as H com. 

of thorns, j'ns?? m. 
thickets, d'^n'in and cnin. 
thickness, 133? m. 


thief, asa m. 

thigh, TsTr f- (^^1- ^^rT- ^'^ 




thighs, see nng in du. or plu. 
thin, b-n , pT7 , p-^ . 

to make, (Ch. h^n.) 
thing, ^"ik CP<'t't-)» ^'-^"^ m,, n'^a':: f. 
(mostly later Heb.), y:v m. (only in 
Eccle.). (Ch. n^-o f., :11s m.) 
things, great, nlb"ia f. concr. (later Heb.) 

to come, nrnixn . 
think, to, isVa -ir.x , nri I Pi., i^n 
K. Pi., bbs Pi., n'^ii) Pol (Ch. rais^ 
n-»C5 c. inf. et b .) 
of, to, -<=T , :rn. 
out, to, rin K. Pi. 
to do, to, -1233 -irn w. inf. c. b . 
upon, to, ->p3 Pi., nr^ I Pi., n^n 
I, -!=T , 3irn Pi. 

-T ' - T 

third, ■^oj-'b'r . 

a, oj-'baj m., ■^oj-'btti m. 
day, the, "'Oi-'b-j m. (Ch. nrbn di"*.) 
day, to do on the, thi^ Pi. 
generation, descendants of the, 

caJ^ttJ only plu. 
man, a, c-'biD m. 
story, cells (or) chambers of the, 

ittj-^bttJ m, 
the, ■'r-'baJ. (Ch. nxn"'bn emphat., 

rbn , 'nbn .) 
time, nnaj-'boj . 
time, to do the, ttSbttJ Pi. 
year, •^oJ-'bd m. 
year, in the, see ttibaS at end. 
thirst, Krs m., nxrs f., nnixbn f. 

T r T I • ' r : - 

after God, to, n'rTbxb urs . 
to, see -jED , xrs . 
thirsty, xrx. 

land, xrs m., ",ixi3S m,, yiv. 
P'zxVn . 
thirteen, thirteenth, nnbS-CJblU with f, 
-iiD5 nrbaJ with m. 

T T T I 

thirtieth, the, D"'tXJbtt5 . 
thirty, D-'aJbd com. (Ch. •j'^rbn.) 
this, rx I (in Ezek. 4 times), see -n , 1., 
T^n com., m^n m., nrbn f. (once), 
nXT f., nj m., HT com. (Ch. jtrj ^ r,?| 
m., Tj-n f., 13^ , -,'si com.) 
day, tai'i-n , Di*3 . 

this night, nb'^bn . 
one, nj m. 
same, rx I. 

— that, SIT — nt , rxT — rxT. 
time, crsn . 
thistle, "i'n"'n m. 
thither, c«i (after verbs of motion), 

nciij . 
thong, T,"i-ttJ m. 

thorn, nin m., -j-bD and '^liQ, yip 
m., n-^ai m., Tiriu m. 

a species of, pnn and p";n . 
Christ's, nax m. 
thorn-bush, nin m., bfl'nn m., see i-'o 

in plu., n:D m., -jr-p m. 
thorn-hedge, nrnb^ f. also rtsiiojia , 

■j'sissj m., see ri'i) . 
thorns, D'^T'p and r'i'^''0 m., O-'SS, 
D'':"'3S , "j'ipm. coll., see ttjisp , d'Tb , 
r.-^Ui m. coll., ->-'rai m. coll. 
a thicket of, y^'^'J: m. 
thorny (plant), a, 'T:;-^ m. 
those, see in en , nizn , 3. 
thou, px f., PS , rriii m , •^px rare 

form,' (Cheth)! (Ch.'nr:x.) 
though, dX , a (w. an infin.), "j , :i and 

1 (sometimes.) 
thought, n;n m., r'^:,n f., n^si f., ^257 
m., sn^ also r-n-Q m. (later Ileb.), 
n^T^ f., pnpi)T f., rn II m., nb m. 
(Ch. "in-.n, •ji-'rn m.) 
thoughts, n'i:pa3r , c^B-ii) , d'^Ernb. 
thousand, ribx . (CI). r;bx , rbx .) 
ten, nzan f., !i3"i f. (later writers), 
piz-i' f. (Cli. n33-} f. (Ken), 

!!2-1 f.) 

three hundred, rbx r'xr aJbttJ . 

twice ten, c";pi3"i du., pi2"i "PttS . 
thousands, to bring fortli, rbx Hi. 
thread, ^ax m. (once), i2 I m., nb'n 
f., BSin m., r=5^ f., b-'PQ m. 

a fine, see "ffi-a . 

to a shoe-latchet, from a, nr* air^a 
bsa-rp'-iit) . 
threads, fine, c-mp . 

stuff composed of fine, see ^aiia . 
threat, a, -xx (poet.) 




threaten, to, "i-ti Pi. 
three, ttiba3 w. f., ni^'jttS w. m. (Ch. 
r!;n w. 1, nrVn , xrjbn w. m.) 

days ago, c'tljbu; . 

parts, to divide into, tijVr Pi. 

stories high, ttS^tt)^ . 

stories, of, nj^r^ . 

times, D^rss uJVl^. 

years, of, \abv-q . 

years old, aib"lJi3 . 
threefold, ttib'li^ . 
thresh, to, \i;nx once inf. abs., ttS^.t;, 

ttj-;ri and ttj-'n , L*zn. 
threshed, nu:n?3 or nri^a f. concr. 

T \ : T \ : 

to be;, ujr"n , tt3"i"n and ui->ti Ho. 
threshing sledges, Ci"':p';2 . 
threshing-dray, nh'V f. 
threshing-floor, ',-15 m. ^Ch. -"nx .) 
threshing-sledge, "('^""n I m., more fully 

•j'^nr '^yz , 'J^"'"in , a'^iis m. 
threshing-time, c:"t m. 
threshold, ".psto m., ro m., ^s I m. 

to wait (or) stand on the, rjro 
thrice, crr^ ilJbtt)., 
thrive, to, ri-^n , nbs and nbsc . 

r T ' T - - T 

throat, yi-^i m., s'^ m. 

(the (!xternal), m""iJ"a plu., "p'-is 
throes, D"''""n , d'^'^.'S . 
throne, see c3 , 5*63 m. (Ch. N:3'n3.) 
throng, yn2p m., nr:-; f. 
throttle, to, psn Pi. 
through, nv2 and nrS . 

th3 midst of, nrs and 153 , 
throw, to, bvj Hi., nn-^ I only pret. 3 
plu., n"^^, n-j^ K. Hi., be: Hi., 
nr^n, c?,b and D-'b, ntttj Pi., -^uj ^ 

Hi. (Ch. 


down, to, r^2 Hi., Vg;, rr*^^ Pi. 

Hi., i:t21j. 
headlong, to, i;*^^ Pi. (once.) 
off, to, -3 y Hi. w. sr^-a , ■,"'?ro . 
one's self down, to, bs: . 
stones at, to, C5"! . 
up, to, r,rtti . 

with a sling, to, shp I K. Pi. 

thrown, to be, (Ch. nr'n Ithpa) 
thrown down, to be, 'jzh Ni., vnj Nl. 

Pu. (once pret), Ho. (once fut.) 
thrum, n^ti f. 
tlirust, a, •^r.'n ni. 

away, to, r.^'n Hi., fj-in w. --a., 

n:T w. -f-o., see nb© Pi., 3. 
away, to be, ni: Ho. 
down, to, Tinn , "133 , nnj Hi. a 

dowm, to be, nnn Ni. Pu,, in-^ K 

forth, to, nn3 . 
forward, to, see aruJ . 

- T 

in, to, bbs n Po. 
out, nsT3 . 

out, to, --^x Hi., bna Hi., t^'in '^^ 
■•32^ , •'rsb'a ., n:- Hi. w. ace. of 
pers. and -,12., r]",^ Hi., m3 I 
Pi., nn: K. c. p , Hi., n::3 Hi., 
out, to be, m: Ni. Pu. 
through, to, iprti , -(S-j I, n=3 Hi. 
through, to be, npn Ni. Pu. 
to, nnn^ rnn, c^nn, prn, pen, 
H^^ , n:: K. Pi., qss, nns Hi., 
n33 Hi., rpn. (Ch. t::?.) 
thrusts, n'ilpn^ . 
thumb, 1,13 m. followed by t^ . 
Thummin, cian . 

thunder, rrin*^ bir , nin"^ J>-i , 25-i m., 
perh. ttisn m. 
to, cs-i . 
thunder-flash, n^bip ftn. 
thundei-s, nib'p m. 
thus, HT , s , ns, irs , "rs , ",3 I. (Ch. 

and thus, nin Kts, r.XTri rsixs. 

V T : T » T ; T 

(and) thus, nra . 

far, cbn— 13 , n:n-nr . 
thyself, (thou), vTi'JJr:. 
tiara, rsra'a f., rfzs m, 
tiaras, d'^blic . 
tidings, nr!i-!p f. 

glad, n-"r2 f. 

messenger of good, "'^'Z'S . 

reward for good, nnitoa f. 




tidings, to announce, to bring glad, 
••lira Pi. 

- T 

to bear, rarely nib a Pi. 
to receive good, nba Hithp. 
tie, to, -ia5p . 

up, to, DSS . 
tiger, prob. -.733 m. 
tight, to gird, ;?|n . 
Tigris, bp^n. 
tile, a, nrzb f. 
till now, "i^?-, i^n?. 

now and till then, n3-n?1 na-n^ . 

that, (Cli. ^ti nr .) 

when ? na nr . 
till, to, n-ij , T25 w. ace. of land, 
tillage, mis; f. 
timber, n^y If. 
timbrel, r,Fi ni. 

time, -(EX m., -jtst m. (later Heb.), di"* 
m. rarely f., w-q"^ plu,, n5 usually f. 


)-qi m., -p^i'i plu., 'Av 

- appointed, *,rT m. (later Heb.), p'n 
m., D'lia'j w. gen. (Ch. -(^at , '^iqi 
at one, nnx Drs . 
at that, 7s , ^Tx , di'n , ^^!|^r^ r^a , 

difi. (Ch. "i-^-iN, N3^T na.) 
at the, nr . 
at this, di^rij D'>3 , nra, r;ns, 

pxin CSB2 . (Ch. "|?a .) 
certain, see ci"^ , 3. 
fit, rr usually f. 
for a, n» "IS . 
from what, (Ch. '''^""I'a .) 
in the, ns . 
of life, d"»«^ plu., perh. ^^v m. 

(Ch. •,-tti'' plu.) 
past, from, in, diliboJ bianiQ . 
perpetual, n5 m. 
remote, (Ch. d^? m.) 
set, p'n m., nriia m., n5 usually f. 
this, cren . 
to come, in, ^n^ , -inr ci'^a . 

r T T T I • 

to time, from, ns (nr) bx ns . 
until this, nrS 15 . 

timely, in» . 

times, B'^lb, C^bs"^ only plu. (Ch. in 
before numerals.) 

appointed, niJOT^ o^rs, c"ns 
d-'asi^ . 

at all, ovn-ba, dv-bsa , rs-3=a. 

of old, p-'UJM f. 

stated, rrisxiTTa c"ns , d^sana crw . 
timid, nnnn, ni-^, -inra w. ab.. rr. 

to be, nii^ Pi. 

to become, rpi . 
timidity, -^nb m. 
tin, b-'na m. 
tine, -oa m. 

tingle, to, bbs IK. Hi. 
tinkling (with anklets), to make a, d:3J 

tip of the ear, rjSisn m., w. -,tj< added, 
tire (of the head), a, "nxB m. 
tire (the head), to, a::"^ Hi. 
tire one's patience, to, nxb Hi. 
tired, to be, szb also sab . 
tithe, lirr^. 

to, "^ttJS. 

tithes, to give, 1^5 Hi. 

to i>ay, ^m Pi. 
to, bx , nx II (rarely), b , (For differ- 
ence between b and bx see bx . Ill, 

A.), -IS , bs , dS (w. verbs of doing). 
(Ch. b,ns;bs;cn;5.) 
meet, (prep.), nxnpb (after verbs 

of motion.) 
that place, na ns . 
the end that, -id rnan bs , "^T-ah 
ntiix , -jS^b . (Ch. n^ai bs 

the intent that, ijiJx "JS^ w. fut. 

(Ch. •'^ nna^ bs.) 
this place, nsn II. 
to-day, ci^n , ci'a . 

to-morrow, -ip?a , nnia , inr di"" , in^sb, 
r-n?3 f., n-'n^sn ct" , r"^nab, 

Tt : T tt: T - ' TTI r - ' 

dP'^nisb . 

about this time, -in^a nS3 . 
to-night, n'-'^?ri . 
toe, sasx w. c^bsn 

the great, -(na followed by bsi 




together, irjy 3 , nnxa , Qa , 'nn^ , I'nn^ . 
(Ch. x^b stj , n*in3 .) 
both, nnxB cn-'jaj . 
with, bx , V5 , nia:? (once), nsyb . 
toil, (snare), a, ban m. 
toil, (labor), -jix m., r^:-; m., brS m., 
■;'^:5> m. (only in Eccle.), z^v m., 
■)ia^5 m. 
his, inss . 
to, ?r.^ , b^s . 
to labor and, n33? II Pu. 

' T T 

toiling, b^S. 

toils, see n'^:xpi, m's:?'in. 

token, a, n-ix I com., nsiia m., 05 m. 

toll, a, (Ch. 7,rn m.) 

tomb, a, iT'i'ia m. 

tongs, D'^nj^bt; m. du. 

tongue, 'pyjb com. (Ch. y^h m.) 

deceitful, n*^") "ivrb .nisann -iiaJb . 
too much, -I nil ^ nxia is, see in nan 

Hi. ' ' 

tool, a) 'in m., "^bs m. 
tooth, "(Uj f. 

elephant's, "jir f. 
top, -i-'TSN m., 35 m., tlixi I m. 

(of the head), ■^p•^p^ ni. 
topaz, see mias , see aj">c*,n', 2. 
tope, to, 5<:^0 . 
toper, xab, 
Tophet, nsn. 
topmost, the, n^tlSsn f. 
torch, see T'sb , 2. 
tormentor, bbin m. (once in plu.) 
torn away, to be, rOD Ni. 

down, (something), •iD'^'^in f. 

in pieces, what is, ns'iia f. 

off, to be, Y^p^ Pu. 

pieces, d"'S"^p . 

to be, snp? Ni. 

up, to be, ttJP3 Ho. 
torpid, to be, a^s K. Ni. 
torrent, p"'E5t or p^sx m., bna m. 

a failing, ST3X bna. 
tortoise-shell, see n jnb. 
tortuous, "lin^ps . 
toss about, to, "^so Pi. • 

back the head, to, nrs . 

toss themselves, to, tflsa Hithp. 
tossed, to be, ttJn^ Ni., nro, DS"», 

tossings, Q"'")T3 . 

totter, to, bds , laiia , ns^a . 

to make, 12173 Hi. 
tottering, a, p'^s m. 
touch, to, tti^"! Hi., tiist^ H, isaiTa , 533 
K. Hi. c. b /bx , b3J ., u353 K. fut. Ni^ 
pret. w. a . 

(the chords of an instrument), to, 

-iiai II Pi. 
upon, to, r33 w. a . 
tough, '^■^■<"ia5 plu. constr. only, 
tow, n'iS'3 I. 

towards, bx , nx II (rarely), a^ (For 
difference between usage of bx and 
a see a , B, 4.), r|-,ri , b , bl^-bx , 
nD3-bx, nas-bx, rsa nas-bx , i3> 
(once), bs, ''sa'b? , rx'npb (after 
verbs of motion). (Ch. b , nas .) 
tower, -(iina m., -jna m., p;;'n m., b"n3a 

m., "^rib m., n-i-m m. 
tower-house, -irnbn n'^a . » 
town, dip^ com., -115 I f., ninp3 

f. (poet.) 
toy, to, pr\:i Pi. 
trace, to, ppn . 
track, bySO m., b:n 1 perh. (Ch. "inx 

tracked, see aps , 3. 
tracker, a, aps m. 
tract, (district), a, ban m. 
arid, nan5 f. 
of land, DStli m. 
trade, "inDifl m., 3"^^.^ I m. (only in 
Ez.), nV=-i f. 
to, -ino , bai . 

' - T ' - T 

trader, nnb , ban. 

female, nnnb f., nbaS f. 
traffic, inpp m., a-s^ I m. (only in 
Ez.), nnnq 1, nba-) f. 

to, nno , ans I, ban. 
train (of a prince), cS m. 

(of a robe), bail) m., bsittS m. 
train, to, r^sn , iiab K. Pi. 
trained, r,"'3n. 

to be, i^b K. Pu. 




trained up, to be, Vns Pu. 
trample, to, oir-n, ui"i"n anJ aJ'^'n , Tj'^n, 
oz-i. (Cli. ui^-n .) 
down, to, n-i-i . (Ch. CET .) 
in pieces, to, ci3 , mi . 
under foot, to, c*2, I3ra , rjnn 

(once), uJrD, o^-j. 
upon, to, ci3~ once in Po., S2'n 
Pi., CS"J and ttJS"^ . (Ch. OS"^ .) 
tranquil, see "ii**, 1., "(ixjD, 13?.^*^, 

to be, 'ixoi Pil., nbtlJ and ib/lJ , 
a.:rai Hi. 
tranquillity, r'r::2 plu., K 5*113 m,, ib-t^ 
m., n'^biu f. 

' T ! - 

transact, to, -(tiD Hi. 
transacted, to be, y^ Ni. 
transcrilw, to, prr Hi. 
transcript, ",:iB-s . (Ch. •.sttS-^B.) 
transfer, to, nna Hi., z2d Hi., -i5r Hi., 

pnr Hi., rriD I Pi. 
transferred, to h3, zzo . 
transfix, to, qbn . 

transgress, to, c^x also C'^x, *i2?, 
ri^B c. bs against., ::'^ , nvb . (Ch. 
Ki'lS Pa. Aph.) 

to make, "zv Hi. 
transgression, b'J/z I m., ."n-io f., see 

ttSo, y«3Q m., n::a5 f., nx^s'ij f. 
transgressions, D'^as , cab . 
transgressor, roSa. 
transit, nzsis ni. 
translate, to, (Ch. d;;".Pi .) 
translated, (Ch. d "^n^.) 
translation, see aj-s in Pu. 
transport across, to, nzs Hi. 
trap, a, nraip'c f. 
trap-cage, ri-S m. 
trap-net, riB I m. 
trappings, •'•rs m. 

travail, brr m., ;s5 m., *,'i:a5 m., 
D''2xn plu., nxVn f. 

a woman in, m^:"! , rarely n"!V>i> . 

to, VnnPi. 
travel, to, see ardJ , I, 3. 

about, to, -!ii5 II, n^n. 

around, to, nro . 

travel through, to, see an'IJ I. 
traveller, nix , mx com. (poet.), Qjix 

travellers, a band of, niaJ f. 

a comjiany of, nn-ix f. coll. 

compaiiies of, n';:"'!:n only plu. 
traverse as a merchant, to, nno . 
trays, pinn*? . 
treacheries, n'ii:a. 
treacherous, ni:;2 , 

dealers, Q-iniia. 
treacherously, to act, br'O . 

to deal, n;,3 constr. al>sol., oftener 
w. 3 of pei-s., b:T3 c. 2 of pers. 

to desert, n:.2 . 

to fall away, see -Q-a . 
treachery, -i;2 m., -li;-; II m., br?: I m. 
tread (of the foot), crs f. 

down, to, C!13 K. Pil., a»2, t3'ra 
(once in Po.), -in (once), D05 , 

I"!-;, or-;, -i^l- 
in, to, T^-'n c. 2 , ace, b5 . 
in pieces, to, DCS , ni-i , see mn 

out grain, to, ttj!;"n , ©"n and tti-n . 
to, ttin^, ©-^ and c-n, --•ri^ K. 
Hi., nni, 0^21, DS"; and ttJBi. 
(Ch. tuJ^'.) 
upon, to, T,-n K. c. 2 , ace, ^5 , 
Hi., L"23 , orn . 
treader down, a, oti . 
treading, a, Tfn^ . 

down, a, noiiz-a f., C'lTa A., 

rc5:n f. 
water made foul by, irE~"2 m. 
treasure, is^x m., -^oh m., •,i~a:3 m., 
ninnrc (Keri.) 
hid, -(irao m. 
up, to, -sx, irs. 
treasure-house, -i:s'"x n*2 . 
treasurer, -27". m. 

treasurers, (Cli. •," 


treasures, D-T:a , c-2"::'C (once), -»stS 
m., niT^rs (Cheth), Q':iES, niss-n. 
(Ch. T}-^ ) 
hidden, n.-nc^ "^r^aia . 




treasury, *^:£ix m., -isix n''a , r,t3a m., 
see under nx:3. (Ch. X;T:a rr^a.) 
to set over the, "^ax Hi. 
treatment, ill, nr^T f., mrT f. 
treble, see in nrbr . 
tree, a, sra in plu., yv m. (Ch. -jbix m.) 
a sti-ong, hardy, nsx f. 
a strong, stout, mighty, b'^x ra. 
any large, perh. biiix . 
native, n")TX m. 
trees, buJx coll., yy m. coll. 
trellis, see niiir' . 

tremble, to, bna Ni., r;r3 Ni., h'^i , 
rarely bsia or bij (poet.), v^t , bb; 
Ni., bsin and b-rn K. PiL, jnn (once), 
inr , r-"i (pret. onca), sna also s-ij , 
T?, T'S, nrs, yba Hithp., nn, 
^s-i K. Hi., cr-j , brn . (Ch. rnT c 

for, to, T^n vv. bx . 
to be made to, brn Ho, (only.) 
to cause to, bns Pi. Hi. 
to make, Tns Hi., tji Hi. 
trembling, (adj.), n-,n w. br for., tn . 
to con\e, n~n . 
to follow, --.n w. •'■inx . 
to, to tu n, nns w. ba . 
treml)ling, (sub.), b-n m., nb-n f. 
(once), nbnbn f., nn-n f., n^iisbo 
1, nn"! f., -I3-I m., n-i5n f., nrsn 
f., u:r- m. 
tremor, ::::-! m. 
tremuhms and stridulous sound, to give 

forth a, n:- (once.) 
trench, a, y^^n I m., nbrn 1 
trepidation, n::."' f. 

to be in, bnn Ni., jnn (once), 

to flee in, bna Ni. 

to put in, (Ch. bna Pa.) 
trespass, ottJx m., see nr^rx , rtt^sj m. 

to, see rtijx . 
tresj)ass-offcnng, DtlJX m. 

bringing a, ciUJx (adj.) 

the bringing of a, rrcilJX f. 
trespassing, a, n-C'lix f. 
trial, "ina m., nS's f. 
' 16* 

trial, to make, mds Pi. 
triangle, (musical), d"'bili m. 
ti-ibe, n-iox and ci'^ax f. (only plu.), 
na'g m., nnsttjia f., cs m., -^zti and 
ttitB m. (Ch. njsx f., :;2"l) m.) 

one of the same, nx I m. 
tribes, d"'r'cs . (Ch. •pr':!) .) 
tribunal, X53 m, (Ch. y:[ m.) 

before the, "'.2JT1"2 . 
tribune, military, ieo. 
tribute, see -inn , ntj-a f ., cr^a m., 
nn:^ f., d"? m., x'iJ'o m., nxiu:? f., 
nrn-n f. (Ch. iba , rrrj-a m., nn:T3 f.) 
tribute-master, o^an b3 "ttJx . 
tribute-service, o^a m. 
tribute-service, to become subject to, 

D-rb n-n , nz j ts^b n-n . 
trick, n-rn f. 
trickling, "^rs m. 
triclinium, 33^ m. 
tried, to be, -jna Ni. Pu. 

wisdom, (a man of), ^^X3. 
trier (of metal), yr,2 m. 
trifles, pniaibn . 

trifling, to be, bbp Ni. c. ■'3"'"3. 
trill the voice, to, '^p . 
trim (lamps), to, 3:31 Hi. 

(the nails), to, ntt5» I. 
trinket, "^bn m., nibn f. 
trip, to, ;:^s:3 . 
triple, ttJb'JJ "0 . 
triumph, song of, Trt ra. 
triumph, to, yai'i Ni., thv . 

over, to, ttJbn w. bs. 

to let, r'^Bi Hi. 
triumphing, (one) insolently, T'b5. 
trodden, 3"P3 . 

out, n-rma or n^r^-i^a f. concr. 

something, Dr-i?a m. 

under foot, ozs^a . 

under foot, to be, DlS HitlipaL 

upon, space, ~"'7"2 m. 
troop, a, r.'n:x f., "i^^:? ni., n^n f. coll., 
nsi?3 m. (poet.), nrn*: usually m., 
nnbii5-2 f., n*::; I f., c5 m. (poet.) 
troops, ttJ-'x m. coll., 33"^ m. coll., see 




troi)hy, Ti f. 

trouble, "jix m,, nnts m., gss m./pia; 
m., np!is f., TsS m., nsn f., nxbn f. 

I am in, ^b 13 impers. 

to, t>r3 Hi., i:?. (Ch. iDzai Pa.) 

to be in, is"^ impers. 

water with tlie feet, to, r\\'n . 
troubled fountain, (D53-!3 *,-St3 . 

to be, 'iia, c^s Ni. Hithp., ds^,. 
troublesome, 133 . 
trough (of wine-press), ns f. 
troughs, D''2xil3"a. 
trowsers, wide, see (Ch, -p^ano.) 
truce, nr&:o I f. 
true, aii3 , lirs , c-i^n. (Ch. n-'S^.) 

to be, ',px I Ni., ',!|3 Ni. 

to be found, -,-!;-x I Ni. 
truly, b3x , irs , -.isx , nyos , dj^ax , 

t3:rx, p-tis . (Ch. -j'ijp -,13 .) 
trumpet, n"is2in f., is-'ilj m., see -^UJiTr. 

to, i^sn (only in participle.) 

to blow the, n:2irn (only in parti- 
ciple), ieS:; sj^n or -isilt'3 'n , 

to strike up the, nisisna 3?pn . 
trunk, ytj m., nrst^: f., perh. -i.siJ? m. 
(Ch. "^ps m.) 

of wood, ^55 h^2 . 
trust, njsi^x f., n::Si m., nni^a f., 
■,ini33 m., n^r^iTT f., n::3Ts m., ntJitttJn 
f. w. gen, T^ added, 
in, to, irtt) Ni. c. b» , bx , a . 
in, to put, non c. a . 
to, -(^x I Hi., nya I w. 2 , b5 , 
bx ., non , n^;? . (Ch. -,t:x Aph. 
c. a., -lao (once), yn-i Ithpa. c. 
b? on, in ) 
to persuudi! to, nua I Ili, w. bx , 
bs . 
trusting, n:i::3 . 
trustworthy, (Ch. ']i:"r.'q .) 

to be, ^^^x I Ni. 
truth, nrx f., n^3 I m., pns m., oiiJp 
m., see 'jitp , Q-'sn plu., o-^^Qn m. 
sing. (Ch. ::ittjp m.) 
of a, (Ch, a'ii;? -,12 .) 
to speak the, pns . (Ch. as"^ Pa.) 

try, to, -,na , -ra (later Heb.), nD3 Pi., 
r,-^^ , bpiij , -(in K. Pi. 
to find, to, xs"0 . 
to gain, to, ttjpa Pi. 
tub, ns f. 

tube, p-<Bx or p-^ex m., nj^sitt f. 
tubes, m'-in::i , ti^:p_^. 
tumble, to, r^sn Hitlip, 

down, to, 7^373 Ni., bbs III (once.) 
tumid, inn . 

to be, nsa Ni., bss Pu. 
tumidly, to act, bsr Hi. 
tumors, D'^bes (Cheth.) 
tumult, -,i7*n m. once f., n-fS m., 
n:o!)n^ f., t:.i m., irsi m., -pxt^ m., 
rvi H f., nE5i3n f., nrsmn 1, nixirn 

to make a, t'p . 

to run together with, (Ch, tti?l 

Haph, c. b? .) 
to stir up, rttJi Hi. 
warlike, in-^s m. 
tunic, see r3'n3 , see (Ch. Qj-'US .) 
of (many) colors, see under OB . 
reaching to the palms (and) soles, 
see under OE . 
tunnel (for pouring), ni^Si^a f. 
turban, lEX m., nrssTQ 1, nE.3S^. f., 

1XQ m., ri'^ss m. 
turbans, D-'biay . 
turbid, to make, nb*!! . 

' ' - T 

turmoil, tp m. 

turn, a, n2p3 f., nap f., Si^'Eit f., 
in I. 
about, to, r|Sn , p^n , ie:£ I, asnii 

K, Hi. 
against, to, r^tn Ni. w. a , Ho. c. 


aside, to, iat H K, Ni., neb Ni,, 
n:33 Hi. c. ",73 ., mo K. c. •,': , 
bria , tj?ia , "'"rnx^ , Hi. Pil, 
n-jb . 

aside to, to, uito . 

away, to, r,En , mx II K. Ni., Tnb 
K, c. -(Ta , Hi. (in Chald, man- 
ner), n:33 K, Hi., bsa Hi., iJio 

K. c. 

:5r , est! , i-nxtj , 




Hi., 125 Hi., njB c tar^ ., taib, 
atiaS K. Pil. Hi/' 
turn away in silence from, to, ntt5n w. 

away the eyes from, nril5 I w. ya , 

bya . 
back, to, r,5r: K. Ni., nas Ho., 

nsiaS K. Hi. (Ch. nsin .) 
back after, to, nzb w. "^nnx-bx . 
deeply, to, n^o p>irrn . 
far away, to, n-io p'^^r^i . 
in one's mind, to, .issba isin. 
into, to, r^En w. b ,, Dsitb and ci'^ic 

w. ace. and b „ b ssi;^. 
on one side, to, nrs K. Pi. 
one's self to, rjsn K. Hithp., nsb 

Ni.f^^D K. mm, nja. 
one's self about, to, r,sn . 
one's self round, to, isii I. 
one's self to, to, nra Hi. w. bx , 
over, to, r|2n . 
the back, to, q^i:) -na , n:Q Hi., 

bsttj n:sn . 
the eyes, to, nsQ c. bx , 3 . 
to, T,Bn , nuj K. Hi., sno K. Ni. 

Pi. Hi. Ho., n:a K. Hi,, dtj and 

and c'b , sii: K. Hi., rr'tl) . 
to, to, r,sn M. w. by, bj<, b., 

220 , n:a c. br , bx , b . 
to the left, to, bx^aiu Hi. 
to the right, to, •j'zn If Hi., )iy^ 

towards, to, rt;Q c. bs , bx , b . 
trembling to, to, nrs w. bSJ . 
upside down, to, b^n Pi., r\''^ Pi. 
turned, to be, r^sn K. c. ace. into, Ni. 
w. b , ace, Hithp., nri Ho., 22G Ho., 
n5S Ho. 

against, to be, Tjsn Ho. c. bs . 
away, to be, nno I Ho. w. mnx . 
back, to be, a>io I Ni. Ho. w. "^inx ., 

rtjts Ho. 


turned over to, to be, 333 Ni. c. b . 
turning, (adj.), b^b^ , Ti^SBn. 

away, (adj.), srioS . 

away, (sul).), nniria f. 

of the sword, a, nnn nnsx (once.) 
turret, a mural, f. 
turtle-dove, see *»inn , nin I. 
tutelage, haiax f. 
tutelary, (divinity), see "nJlS . ' 
twain, c^x'n, D''52n . 

to be, cxp . 
twelfth, -ibr o-'Siii m., rr^'i)? dTitlS f. 


'.tus c:!!) m., -ibrn c^rr m., 

n"ib5 d-p'i) f. (Ch. ^riiv ^nn .) 
twentieth, Q'^-ibS' . 
twenty, d-i-ilbS . (Ch. ■f'l'bS' .) 
twice, d"'?3S53 . 

(or) thi-ice, labij c^^SQ . 
twig, ir^iiST f., -i:2n m., rb2^ f. 
twigs, n'^orrn , d^'b^bt only plu^ 

twilight, evening, morning, qoij m. 
twin, a, dxn m. 
twinkling (of the eye), a, SJPS . 
twined byssus, -itaJTS ujaj . 
twins, d'^?2ixn only plu., '^'^xn plu. 
constr., d'l^ri . 

to bear, dxn Hi. 
twirl (of a spindle), 'TillJ-'S . 
twist one's self, to, b^in and b^n. 
twisted to be, bns Ni. 
two, d-^saj m. du., c^P'r f. (Ch. "■'-P.) 

(or) three, niijb'j3 ci:«j . 

(or) three times, fboJ d';r?s. 

things, C^nr f. du. 
two-edged sword, n'i''r"'S ^•n . 
two-fold, r\:t:-c m., wrq m. du. 
tyrant, nias , br'i'a , ty.z , a-i-i} m., 

vin5 m, ^'■''■s ni. 
Tyre, *i!i:£ . ' 
Tyrian, i-ibE. 





ugliness, ?*-i m. 

ulcer, inflamed, "(-n*^ m. 


T'r . 

nnalloyed, -lin:: . 

unawares, r>T 'bra . 

unbind, to, nna Pi. (Ch. 6<"n'i5 also 

umbra, uic: com. (once.) 
unbridled, 5n-s . 

to be, yns Ni. 

to le*^^ go, :'"^s . 

to make, r-Q Hi. 
unchecked, to let go, r"Q . 
uncii'cumcised, bn:? . 

to show one's self, bnr Ni. 

•• T 

uncle, T-n m. (spec.) 
unclean, iixS'S (later Hc^b.), xxa . 
bird, (a species of), rE''='":i f- 
meats, l^roth of, d'^biS p";T3 . 
thing, r\irz'j f., nx'c:: f., rr^J f. 
thing, to remove as an, i-ir . 
to be, N*::3 , n::i3 Ni. 
to be pronounced, bxs II Pu. (later 

to become, ^"CJ . 
to make, xr:3 Pi. 
to make one's self, xr:3 Ilithp. w. 
3 , \> with which., "iaiBt-rix y^jH 
c. 3 of thing, 
to pronounce, h'C'J Pi. 
uncleanness, nx*::: f., riH-cj f., rrns f., 

fi-y^Z f., r!-^-.2J f., bfl^B m. 
uncover, to, nb; Pi., r,ttjn , n':^ Pi. 

Hi., S-:d. 
cncovercd, to be, nbr, Ni. Pu. 
r.nction, nnttjis f. 

to consecrate by, nr^ . 
undaunted, to be, pm . 
under, pnn , b rrin^ , h rnnrb (after 
verbs of motion), rnn"bx . (Ch. mnn 
preposit, nni; .) 
what is, nrn . 
world, the, bixiJ com. 
undermine, to, -np' Pilp. 

underneath, na"^H . 

understand, to, "j-a K. Hi., r'l'^ , fiK*7, 
rrt^ . (Ch. rn; .) 

understanding, nr-ia f., nrti f., 'j'iattSn 
m., ts:: m., see aab , e., nn f. 
(rarely), b-Drn , brit) also V=(D m., 
',^=n m., n:flan f., r^qsn f. (Ch 
npa f., r-st: m., !i:pD:it) f.) 
of, to give the, brb urs . 
to have, -pa K. Hi. Hithpal. 
to give, •■'a Hi. 
to want, aab Ni. 

undertake, to, brs (poet.) 

undertaking, an, rrai^n f. 

undeservedly, c2n , Dp"""! . 

undone, to leave, -iris Hi. 

uneasy motions, D"'"13 . 

unexpectedly, rrn "^baa , see in rs-n , 
1., see in 2Jni , B, 1., rnra . 

unformed mass, substance, oba m. 

unfortunate, one, iaj< m. 

unfruitful, to be, VadJ and baij Pi. 

T ■ T 

ungirds (himself), one who, rins'a . 
ungodliness, nan m., P2Ji;'i f. 
ungodly, bas , b-i-.S! I, T'ois , r«j"j . 

the, c-^n^a. 
unguent, riny^-i"*: f., *t;^ m. 
unguent-kettle, n Pirn's 1, nnj5'i7a 1 
unguent-shop, see nn--Ta . 
unguents, maker of, n;rS. 
unhappy, rr^n , nxa (Ken), sn . 
unharmed, cboJ . 
unheard of, it , tt5"jn . 
unholy, bn , b-bn . 
uninhabited, to be, atlJ'^ s<b. 
union, nn^ m. 

in, inn . 
unite, to, nn-j Pi. 

one's self, to, ^-s Hithp., nn^ c. 
2 , nx . 
united, 0^*1 nx plu. 

to be, in'; . 
unknown, "'"^as . 

to be, '(SS Ni. c. "j^ . 




unjust, sttJ*i . 

balances, rtD"; ^tl^^ . 

cause to have an, S'jc^ . 
unjustly, to judge, h^^ ds!!3 . 
unknowingly, nST '''^z'2 . 
unlawful, -T . 
unleavened, ns"? I f. concr. 

bread, mSj crb . 

cakes, ri'S^ n^yX . 
unless, "rnx I (once), xb dx , Ti^a 
"itux , ex Ti-n , Dx "3 (after a neg.;, 

if, ex -nVa . 

peril aps, ix . 

that, ex -nba . 
unmarrowed, see nrrc Pu. 
unmoved, T,!i -a , 
unprosperous, y."n . 
unpruned vine, see -•'T3 . 
unpunished, to let go, rpj Pi. 
unrighteous gain, "(ir m. 
unrighteousn?ss, rtlj-) m. 
unruly, r^is . 

to be, 3:^3 Ni. 

to make, r'jD Pli. 
unsavory, anything, 5s n m. 
unsearchable, '^|!;n 71 x , pes . (Ch. 

P'^? •) 

to be, pi;S . 

unseasoned, anything, bsn m. 

unshod, rjr,"' . 

unsteady, to be, nvv , p'D I K. Hi. 

until, ex "15 , "^^ n? , b , nS , ttJ ns . 

(Ch. nr , "n -5 .) 

none, -n'~2 nr . 

not, -piba 15 . 

now, ',3-15 . (Ch. ",53 15 .) 

that, -lujx 15 , ■'s-is . (Ch. 15 

this time, nn5 15 . 
when, ex IS . 

when ? ",x-is , nsx-ir , "^n^o'i? . 
unto, *}X , 2 , b , 15 , ^5 (in a few ex- 
amples). (Ch. b5 .) 
unwell, to be, n"n . 

unwilling, -(Xt: (w. pers. pron. equal 
finite verb.) 

unwilling, to be, "ix^ Pi. 

unwise, ns-iz xb , n5i ^b:2 , ■'ba , 

nsi , c=n xb , 
unwittingly, nssra . 
unworthy of, to be, pp c. -j-a . 
up into, bs . 

Uj)on, hv . 
upbraid, to, q-n K. c. ace, Pi. c. ace, 

2 , b ., iflr Hi., ro j Pi. 
upheld, -Ji^rJ . 

uphold, to, r,ro , 150 , r,rn c. 2 . 
uplifted, see eii K. part., .-tcxii f. 
upon, 3 , "IS 5 br , b , b bsa^a , b5 . 

the forehead, 's ■'.:"'5 i^^a . 
upper, rfbs f. only, -i-j-^bs . 

chamber, an, nbs-a f., n*b5 f. (Ch. 
n-^r f.) 

part, 23 m., 55 m. 
uppermost, (what is), ttjs-i I m. 
upright, "i^^xj , 2VJ , nil-; xi"! , xi"j 

-en (only in moral sense), D"'er . 
upright, (adv.), n!i''':'2-p. 
columns, o"'-i^"^T2n II. 
to be, pi:i , c^n . 
to be set, (Ch. -jpn Iloph. w. Heb. 

to make, pi a Pi. Ili., n-sn Pli. 
to show one's self, 1^2 Hithp., 
e^n Hithp. 
uprightly, -3 I. 

to judge, pis asi^ , D''iaj"'73 asi^ . 
to live, see in ern Hi., see in 

n-"T2n , 4. 
to walk, rpbb iir-; , D^i:r2 -bn , 

e-rn -^rj, o^rPJ "":^13 Mtv). 
with, to deal, ern Hithp. c. c? . 
upnghtness, ttox f., iilJ"' m., ■'UJ^ m., 

rr^tii"! f. or n-^tii*^ 1, d"'i!i3'^i3 only 

plu., pi^ m., eh m. 
uproar, aJsi m., see "(ixyi , niX'^n 

upwards, nbriib , nb?-a . 
Ur of the Chaldees, D^Tiibs -!IS . 
urge, to, y:\n K. Hi., ^bx Pi., D3X , 

rir":i , abn (once in) Hi., a?:.3 , yn: , 




55Q c. 3 ., C5B , nsB w. 3 of pers., 
1^-6 c. a ., pn:£ I Hi. (Ch. 02x .) 
urge on, to, qax (once), ana . 
one's self, to, win*:! Ni. 
strongly, to, 'jJTi . 
urgent, Y^n2. 

to be, pin c. h^ . 
Urim and Thummim, o'^Tanni d'^isixn . 

• \ -« • T 

urine, D'^^jn '^'O'^'O (Keri), y^^ m. 
(Cheth.) * 

to void, see in r^zo Hi. 2. 
Ursa Major, tt33? II m. 
usage, -iroJr m., n";]C'i5a f. 
use, niir f. 

to be of, Vs-i Hi. 
used (to anytliing), imh . 
usurer, a, PilUS . 

I usury, n'^S'i'O f., X'£?: m., r^tij m. 

to lend on, T|»r! . 

to take, r,tU3 Hi. 
utensil, ■'Vis m. (Ch. ix^a m.) 
utter, to, n^x, ->z'n Pi., ?S3 Hi., sf 
•153 Hi., s<r:,",r!', hto Hi., n-iiii . 

aloud, to, rrtij Hi. 

cries of joy, to, 'jp . 

words, to, I'^BTx nns . 
utter destruction, D"in , once din . 
uttered, (something rashly), xasia m. 
uttering, an, s'^a'o m, 
utterly, nxia ns . 
uttermost, see n^p . 

part, n-i-inx f. 

parts, d"n3"i^ du. 

vacant, something left, niXi . 

to be, ba2 . (Ch. V>a3 .) 
vagabonds, r,020x m. 
vail, n-Sc f. 

vain, bsibx (Cheth), b^Vx , )z xb, see 
nn I, bb., pi-1 , bsn . 

boasting, na II m. 

hopes, to cherish, bsn . 

in, bzn , cSn , p-^n , more fully 

xi^'i , -ipirb , !inn , in'nb . 

(something), bzn . 

thing, p-^n m., ^ptl5 m., siKn concr. 

to be, bin . 

to be in, n-o I Hi. 

to become, bari . 

to make, bsn Hi., n-iQ I Hi. 
vaingh)ri(>us, to be, tne . 
vainglory, psiTnB f. 
vainly, ban , up^-^i . 

to act (or) speak, bsn . 
valiant, -iiaa . 

ones, see bxnx . 
valid, (Ch. 2^sv)* 

to be, dip . 
valley, p^Ex or p^cx m., r\T^^ f., 

x'^a , rarely x'^s and x'^a com., bn3 
m., pr» m. (Ch. xsp3.) 
valley, a craggy, •p-ra m. 

cutting into (mountains), 'i'nra m. 
valley-brook, d^Vns P'^sx . 
valleys, ni''X2 . 
valor, n"\!i2a f., b-^n m. (Ch. b'^n 

m.) ' ' 
valuation, ry^s m. 
value, -ip"' m., -12 a m. 
greatly, to, bna Pi. 
of, to fix the, nsoJ I. 
to, Tj-iy K. Hi. 
valued, to be greatly, bna . 
valve (of a door), b'n m. (once metaph.), 

nib m. 
van, o"'3S plu. 

vanish, to, r,bn and r,bi , nbs , -i3S, 
away, to, sba Hithi^., -^bn and 

r,bi Ni., wr^. 
in dust, to, nbia I Ni. (once.) 
to make, Pi. 
vanity, iix m., b^bx , ban, ban, x*,ilj 
m., !inn . 
to seduce to, ban Hi. 
vanquish, to, r:3 Hi., nas Hi 




vapor, IX m., b^n , "{tJiJ m. (poet.), 

vapors, c'^X'^toj . 
variegated spots, m'na"^3tTi . 

stuffs, ciaiia . 

to be, :::n . 
variegation, ny:p'\ t. 
vary, to, n2il3 I Pi. 

vase, -^Vs m., p'lTTS m., n2:£;:£ t (Ch. 
•,s^ m.) 

a (large), c"' m. 
Vashti, Ti'lSi . 
vassal, "am. 
vast, T'SS (poet.), a'^ . 
vat, pa f. 

vault, a, nti'x f., 2i m., nsisn f. 
vaunt one's self, to, nx5 I Hithp. c. bs 

vegetables, csit and Q'^irnt , 3^5 m. 
vehemence, 123, nk^ m., ti? m. 

even to, ixr n? . 
vehement, p^n , -i3t^ , xba , "i^ , T5 , 

to be, nnn , "las , y'^'o Ni., nuj;^ I. 
vehemently, npTn , nx73 , "j'xts "i» , 15 

vehicle, to fasten (or) yoke to a, 33"i Hi. 

to set (or) place upon a, 3d-i Hi. 
veil, a, "(i-an m., see in n^ioa , a-Ib m., 
n*D^ m., r,t3?3 m., -ino m., njas f., 
fj-'SS m., n"*-i-) m. 

one's self, to, r,b5 Hithp. 
to, nsn , -ino Hi. 

T T ' - T 

veiled, ni:::? f. 

T : 

veils, nibs-) m. plu. 
vein (of silver), ssnia m. 
vengeance, n;r3 m., n^pj? f- 

desire of, nr|!?3 f. 

to take, Cin3 Pi. Hithp., aps K. 

upon, to take, a nrp3 ntos . 
venison, t^s m. 
venom, see n'^Sia . 
venomous, q^ir. 

serpent, qniu m. 
ventricle, nap f. 
ventriloquists, see alx at end. 

Venus, see -^iis , see nnrVlJs . 

verdure, ax m., pn;; m., pins m. 

verified, to be, -j^x I Ni. 

verily, i^x , n:7:s< , cr^x , C3^x . 

verity, ^rk m., d-^rn m. 

verse, a, h^-o I m. 

versicolor, n^opn f. 

vertel)rae, (Ch. ■,"^-i::p only plu.) 

vertex, ^p'lp m. 

vertigo, xsn or nsn f., rattS m. (once 

c. art.) 
very, see n'x^ , xbsfi . (Ch. nnTi;} , 

x-'ijtt) .) 
vessel, •'ba m., p-i^^ m., ba? and bas 

m., nssss f., "(-jp 1 (Ch. -jxa m.) 
hollow, ra f. 
vestibule, Cibix . 
vestment, tijjiab m., i^ m., rrnia f., Tiia 

m., tiisiab^a m., naria m. (Ch. tiisiab ) 
vestry, nnnb^ f. 
vex, to, nba Pi., Gsa Hi., xttSs H Hi. 

w. a of pers.. 

bb3J I Po. c. h of 

pers., nn-j Hi., i^sn Po. (Ch. xba 


one another, to, iD:3 Ni. 
vexation, oss m., bra m. (only in 

Job), -i^3> m., nann f., D^bsibsn plu. 
vexed, to be, c?3 . 
vexer, a, bb'n m. (once in plu.) 
vexing, to 'gratify (or) indulge one's self 

in, hhv I Hithp. 
vibrate, to, S!i3 also Sis . 
vibration, see "f n5 . 
vibrations, to give forth the voice in, 


viceroys, t3"'3Q"^;"niiJnx , ni3"«")^r} '''^b . 

(Ch. •;-3Q-:^!l3nx .) 
vicissitudes, DT>2? usually f. 
victim, nat m., an m. 
victorious, to be, "nn; Ni., 505 "n Hi. 
victory, nnsiaa f., nsri-; f., nrsiaSn 1 

to gain the, »::•; Ni. 

to get the, nn;j Ni. 

to give, 5>b"« Hi. 
view, nx";i3 m., d^3B plu., ''x;n m. 
(Ch. nitn f.) 

to, nE3S I, nxn, lab w. a ., nati HL 




view, to have in, nx^ . 
vigor, nin , n»n f ., r^ m. 

manly, -125 m. poet. 

one of, tt)^x m. 
vigorous, pTHj^n, n-n. 

to make, y\n Hi. 
vile, -psp. 

(of flocks), the, nT^^SJ . 

to be, VrT, bb;^ K. Ni. 
vileness, psVx f. (once.) 
vilify, to, hhp Pi. 

village, piin f. (in proper names), *;sn 
com., -1-E3 m., ")E3 m., 15*3 m., 
Dip's com. 

rustic, n-":: f. 
vindicate his cause, to, :2S'l5 . 
vindicated, to be, p"is Ni. 
vine, isa com., p-;b m. 

(bearing) ccrulian (or) purple 
(grapes), p"-iii) m. 

unpi-uned, see n-in . 

wild, mb 'Eu . 
vine-blossom, in^o m. 
vine-dresser, ci's m. 
vine-shoot, nn-ri f. 

T I 

vinea, -rb. 
vinegar, yrn m. 
vineyard, ens , 
vineyards, niinaS only plu. 
vintage, T'isS m. * 

vintage-shout, TT^n m. 
vintager, is"'2 m. 

violate, to, bbn Pi., see Gisn , "i-^b I 

(a woman), to, sru Pi. 
violated, nprr'S f. 
violation, -T5 m. 
violence, bra m., nhij, f., 5i-iT f. rarely 

violence, to act with, y-2 . 

to be treated witli, orn Ni. 

to do, orn, -.noj K. Pi. Po. 

to tear away with, orn . 

to treat with, n:- Hi., y:i-j K. Pi., 

violent, -tzx concr., -133 , rrn . •/''"? 

heat, nES37 and nErsT . 
man, yxr\ m., y^h m. 
one, y'-E m. 
rain, era m., vrj m. 


m., crn m., n23,r3 m., tr m. 


m., p-D m., rn"i m., ntiJ n m., 
Ti'n m- 

and injustice, to treat with, pttJs . 

(anything) got by fraud and, pa55 

anything taken by, bn m. concr. 

one who suffers, see vian . 

sudden, n:£'^y'o f. 

r T •: - 

, ri-^nT m., D-i-.T m., c-f m. 
to be, n-/^ , rrr^ c. 2 against, 
violently made bare, to be, crn Ni. 
violet, (color), r^:n f. 
viper, see rsx , r;2.;sx com., rsa m., 

•^sye:! m. 
virgin, nh^rTi f. 

just married, ns^ira f. 
virginity, d^^nrS! plu. 

signs, tokens of, r^bira . 
virtue, bin m , np-r^ f. 
virtuous, p-tyx . 

visage, (Ch. ^nir:x only jjIu. c. suff.) 
vision, vTn m., riTn f., nnn f., •,i"'?n 
m., nn-n f., nrn^ m., nx-iia m., 
nx-T3 f., rx*", , "xn m. (Ch iTn m.) 
visions, nocturnal, nb-'^n n.x-i?3 . 

to, to anuouuc3, to declare, r\^r 
w. b. 
visit, to, "rpj^ , nxn . 
again, to, npD . 
visitation, nnpp f., n"ipQ m. 
visited, to be, nps Ni. Ho, 
vital breatli, nn f. 
moisture, Trb m. 
spirit, n*ri f., UJE3 com., ruatlSj f. 
vizier, see rx , 7. 
viziers, (Ch. ","'iz'nn .) 
voice, PIC m., bip m. (Ch. bp m.) 
female, see pfirbr . 
in viljrations, to give forth the, 

''1 • 
to shake (or) trill the, -jp . 
void, (adj.), !in2 m. concr. 
(adv.), cp^^- . 




Toid, to be made, S'tOi . 

to declare, nnis I Hi. 
voidness, sin'a m. 
volume, a, nh^-Q f. (Ch. n^S^Q .) 
voluntarily, n2i3 . 
voluntariness, nm3 f. 
voluntary, 3"^"t: . 

gift, sacrifice, nana f. 
voluptuous, '^•^-i^ . 
voluptuously, to live, "jhs Hithp. 
vomit, Nj!) m., x"^;? m. 

forth, to, pEO II and |5S'Z3, ^^^> 
K. Hi. 

shameful, see ■|il5i^'')5 . 

vomit, to, peo II and psto. 
votive offenng, "i"i3 and nna m. 

sacrifice, n^a and ins m. 
vow, a, -1-12 and n-ra m. 

of abstinence, a, *,Dx and nsx m. 

to, -in: I. 

to Jehovah, to accomplish, to pay a, 

vowed, a thing, -ins and I"!! m. 
vows, to pay, perform, C^nis d\^ , n\i:5 

vulture, see jn^H , see naJs . see nx'n . 

T - ' VV ' TT 

the black, see rrs-n . 


wafer, "jsis m,, p'^'p'^^ m. 

wag the head, to, uJxn r'^jn . 

wage war, to, cnb Ni., n53 Hithp., 

ns3 Hi. 
wages, perh. nmax f., "iTjia m., nnisiria 

f., nps m., brism. (poet.), n^ss f., 

•^sb m., nri) m. 
wagon, nbjs f., :33'i m. 
wagon-rampart, bsr^D m. 
wail, to, nbx II, bh^ Hi., nns , "iSO, 

to be made, to, bb*i Ho. 
wailers, female, m'33ipTa . 
wailing, "^is , niix c. dat, Tj m., n^^"^ 

1, nEp?3 m., nn^ , seesnb, see 13 , 

r^i-^ f. 

T • 

wain, a, n^^ f. 
Wain, the, uis II m. 
wainscot, "(Jiso m. 

to, -jso . 
wait, nns m. 

for, to, bin Pil. Hithp. c. h ., n::^r\ 
K. (once part). Pi. c. ace. et b , 
inf. and b ., ii-'p^ Pi., n^b Pi. 
for (or) on Jehovah, to, -rx nrp 

ni.-i^ , nirc^b 'p . 
for, to lie in, n^s Pil., Jn*;? Pi. c 
dat., Dt:b . 

- r 

on the threshold, to, C]ED Hithpo. 

wait to, bsin and b-^n , bn^ Pi. Hi. Ni., 
2US"' w. dat. of pers., nrs Pi. 
to lie in, -nx K. w. ace, b , bs , 
Pi. c. bs ., Dttj^ , nn^s, nss I c 
b ., pb , npb c. b? . 
upon, to, n"^b Pi. c. ace. of pers. 
(Ch. brb only Pa.) 
waiting, b"m m. 
wake, to, -iis' I K. Hi. 
wakeful, to be, '^pti . 
walk, r|nn com., ~^n73 m., "152^ m. 
.a covered, rjOn^ m. (Keri.) 
about, to r,bn and r,bi Hithp, 
contrary to, to, cs ^np -bn . 
to, nnx I (as finite verb once), xi's^ 
r,-'n.K. Hi., r^bri and r^b-; K. Pi. 
(poet.), Hithp., n-Ti . (Ch. r,bn 
Pa. Aph.) 
to take a, see n sib . 
to teach to, ban Tiph. 
up and down, to, -bn and r,b"T 

uprightly, to, rsbb nitH , "bn 

bn , r.'\'i^ r.brr 

- T * •• V V •• - T 


■|*32 m., nna com., 
n^a-in f., y'r^ m., nfl::m., , 
m., nip m. 


nsioS ui. (Ch. xnisx , bn3 

nan: m., nsiaJ m.) 




wall around, to, ins . 

by the, n^'^rg . 

in, to, nna . 

on the inner, n:Q"'3Q . 

to, nna . 

to build a, -in5 . 

up around, to, 's *n?3 'n'la . 

upon, to build a, bv nna n^^a . 
wall-chamlxjr, a little, ns:3p i-'p-n^bs . 
wall-scat, the, "fpn najiTS . 
wall-side, nr-inii 'T'f? . 
wall-storm, n^p d^t . 
walled, -i:is3 . 

in, a place, nSia f. 

place, a, nis com., -iip m. 
wallow, to, see rbs I Hithp. 
walls, rn'~tt) . 

two, Q-^rrr f. du. 
wander, to, n!i3 , r::ttJ , Mrp K. Ni. 

■ T T ' T T 

about, to, -t^x J prn Hithp., tij ^ 

SIS als» Sn3 , nn K. Hi. 
in perplexity, r,!is Ni. 
over (or) through, to, nrn w. ace. 

of place, 
to and fro, to cause to, r^ia also 

S-is (Cheth.) 
to make, n^wX Pi., njtlj Hi. 
wanderer, a, n-;i3 . 
wandering, a, •t'3 m., see ni"'; , nr-in f. 

one, i!i-ti m. 
want, lirx m., -lon m., "ion m., -itjn , 
monis m. 
to, -ion K. Hi. 
to be in, non . 
to cause to, icn Pi. 
to suffer, tlin , 
wanting, non w. ace, •(■a . (Ch. 'n''bn.) 
to l)e, -non w. b of pere., i-js? Ni., 

nzuJ Hi! 
to let be, *nr Pi. 
wanton, to be, thb . 
wantonness, ',1^*1 m. 
war, ujx com. (poet.), "jit's m, dnb , 
T^•c^nh•Q f., N2^ m., z-|? m. (poet..). 
(Ch! i^p m.) ' 
to, Dnb . 
to go forth to, N2S , n-Jt . 

war, to make, N2:£ c. hs against. 

to wage, tnb Ni., n:.3 Hithp., 
ns3 Hi. 

upon, to make, nna Hithp. c. a . 
war-chariot, nb;r f. 
war-chariots, 22 n m. coll. 
war-chief, niSj . 
war-club, -jtib^ m., Y^•q m. 
war-cry, n!?!\-;n f. 
war-horse, see "T^nt , 0ID m. 
war-horses, osio m. coll. 
ward, "^"cai^s m., nn!i:£3 f., irnpa f. 
-ward, -wards, b . 
wardrobe, nrnb-o f. 

T T : v 

ware, ^z'o m., -1212^ m. 
wares, rinis-q . 

precious, 2"irTS I (only in Ez.) 
warfare, see b"in , 2., !>t2S m. 
warlike engines, ni:'2^"n . 

tumult, -liT^s m. 
warm, en II. 

(in strife), to grow, 5^3 Hithp. 
w. S . 

springs, c^a;; (once.) 

to, crn Pi. 

to be, d^n , cm*" Pi., ^:o2 I Ni. 

' - T ■ -T ' - r 

to become, u^n . 

to make, cm Pi. 
warmth, ch m., n^sn f. 
warn, to, "nl'n Pi., -nT Hi., n2'j Hi. 
warning, "iD^"2 m. 

to take, -^r^T Ni., nt?^ Ni. 
warp, the, n2©i2 f., ■'nu3 II m. 
warring, (sub.), nrnb^a f. 
warrior, -liaj , -25 m. (poet.), cJ'^X 
n^rbp , ni^nV^ a5"»x . (Ch. n2a .) 
warriors, fierce, D'^n^; . 

young, c-'^'irS . 
wash, to, r,=T Hi., D23 K. (only part.), 
Pi., yrr^, r;L:ii5 . 

away, to, n?"n Hi., r^iailJ , 
wash-basin, -i-^.'s m. 
washed, to be, -j'nn Pu., ^,^05 Ni. Pu. 
wash<;r, 02*3. 

washing, a, yn^ m., n'^^n'^i f. 
wasps, r^^'jp f. coll. w. the art. 
waste, (adj.), 2-n , ri3"^n f. concr. 




waste, (sub.)? -"jH m., •|ii3"'ai"« m., 
nrr-ij f., n-c-cuj f., Jinn. 
a desolate, n^::u: "lai-q . 
a laying, pq-o: f. 
away, to, nba , u:?n , itjrs, n^s, 

see cor . nri Ni, 
away, to make, riTn . 
laid, n^sn f. coiicr., ti^tli . 

' r \ •■ T 

one another, to, r^^n Ni. 

places, n'^nr . 

to, n^x Pi., r^ Pi., -nn and 

--;n , see tii^iis* . 
to be laid, d'rx , D'^'n Ni., r^^n and 
snn K. Ni., c©^ , n:i3 K. Ni., 
ns ; I K. Ni., -inai Ni. Pu. Ho., 
nn-r Ni , tqhj Ni., crui K. Ni. 
Ho.\ch. ^-n^Hoph.) 
to lay, n::s Pi. Hi., C'la Pil., r^3 
Pi., n^^^^ H, hzr. Pi., --in Hi.^ 
dD'iS , nioi I Hi., -inuj , nsiaj^ 
nniu Pi-, "i^^ Hi., c-ap Hi. 
to make, pbs , 
wasted, np^in^ f., z'C'ii . 

to be, z:"!n and ann , Q^oir Ni., 
nE'i: Pu. (Keri.) 
wasteness, n^-n f., Jinn. 
waster, a, nTj'r^bra. 
wastes, nx-iuir f. concr. always coupled 

w. nvxvi" . 
vv-asting, a, nttj II m., leirj m. (Cheth.) 

away, a, 


watch, n-^prx f., "I'C'iJ'o m., n"5rtu:q f. 

a tower of, n--i:23 n^s . 

closely, to, -:2d I 

for, to, nJi'i: 11. 

insidiously, to, n^"-) Pi. 

narrowly, to, nrilj . 

the first, ni^riDx irsn. 

tlie third, "ipizn rnbirx . 

to, -nx K. Pi., -jna, 1^3 I, ns:: 
I K. Pi., n^tt: , if^uj . 

to keep, iptij . 
watcher, a, (Ch. -|is m.) 
watchers, d'^"^::3. 
watchful, to be, ipij . 
watching, a, r-'E^ f. 
watch-tower, *,!in3 m., "jna m., h':i:<'C 

m., ntssia m., Q-«nxb b^ais , n*ss f., 
n-'n:: m. 
watch-to w^ei-s, c^-J . 
water, -ip II (once Cheth), q-'-q plu. 

made foul by treading, tos-i^ m. 

stagnant, dax ni. 

to, n^p K. Hi., n-r. Pi. Hi., np;r Hi. 

to make, see •(■^aj Hi. 
w^ater-course, I'ss m. 
Avater-fall, -n::! m. 
water-pot, ^z3 and bas m. 
water-serpent, •,-^sn m. 
water-skin, prn m. 
watered, well, ni-i . 
watenng, a, "^-i m., "^Jip'!; m. 
w^atei-ing-trough, a, np'ii f. 
watering-troughs, casitj'a , n"'::n"^ . 
waters, d'^'c plu. 

abysses of, rii^n-c (once.) 

mass of, rarely dinn com. (poet.) 
wave, to, b^-n , ytis also ySs K. Hi., 
q!i3 Hi. 

up and down, to, qji3 K. Hi. 
wave-breast, the, nEJisnn nTn . 
wave-sheaf, nElinn -7:3. 
waver, to, isiia K. Ni. Hithp., n?^: , 
^M also 5:13 , pJis I K. Hi. 

to make, -ir-o Hi. 
w^avering, a, 'jn-Q m., p-^g m. 
waves, c-ia'ii-o only plu., niiarin . ' 

rolling, d^^y . 
waving, a, nsJirn f. 

branches, d^inbn . 
wax, 53 in and y.'r\ m. 
way, nnx com. (poet.), d'lr'^'n du., rj-.n 
com, -bn m., r,brn2 m., b^ra m., 
asfflio ni. (Ch. n-jk.) 

a raised, r^pri f., blbo^ m. 

in some, 3 . 

in what, r , "^li^;? . 

narrow, see biaiiJ-Q . 

(of life), ntr^-Q f. 

out, a, xsiia ni. 

to be on the, n-^x I (as finite verb 

to betake one's self to the, see i"^:; 




way, to show the, -i!in Hi. 

up, a, n^bs; f. 
way-fellows, wzhri'Q . 
way-tax, (Ch. r,Vn m.) 
wayfarer, n-;s m., rr^k com. (poet.), 

waylay, to, see intj Pi. Note. 

ways, n"'3-3rT only plu., ■'^■'2113 only 

plu. constr. 

winding, ri-':^^ , r-i^pV;?? . 
wayside, l)y the, TC^rin bs . 
we, !i:x (once Chetli), !!3n2S , ^ISPIS . 

(Ch. x:n:x , n:n:x .) 
weak, bti J ttjVn , ■'uisn , nns only f., 

to be, b^-n , nbn , uibn , nn3 , bttSs 

-i' tt' -t" tt" -t 

K. Ni., n^Q Pi., qnn . 
to be made, nhn Pu. 
to become, bttJs , qni . 
weaken, to, nE"i I Pi. 
weakened, to be, -dt . 
weakness, n^'n f., rsursjn and rr^ttSsn 

f . 
weal, (stripe), a, n*!isn and n-i!inn f. 
weal, (welfare), nih^ m. 
wealth, "jix I in., p-a m., -pn m., -iiicn 
m. once f., b^n m., -or m., -ia m., 
n^^a f., r^:^ m., n-ip- f., ni-s m., 
rrnnnr f, n- ni., 3iy^ I m. (only in 
Ez.), n:p^ m. once f. (only of cattle), 
n^na f., cos m. (later Heb.), nho 
f., -no m., -«L-2? m., n^ps f., -pap 
m., 5riJ II m., n-Ez-in plu. (Ch. d:: 

got by fraud, ."!"="] ?3 f. 
ill-gotten, orn m., jirob. vvn m, 
their, Drtwrj only in plu. c. suff. 
wean, to, hi:-!, II- 
weai>on, px: and pa3; m., see nbl^ . 

a pointed, n-ic f. 
weapons, "jsh , cbs , p(^3 and poja m. 

coll , nvE^n only plu. (prophetic.) 
wear, to, airb , xio: . 

away, to, xbr. (once), pnttS . 
wearied, y-'ii'^ ^ Iloph. particip. of r,?^ , 

?!?: . 

out, to be, C]?"' . 

wearied, to be, nbn Ni., ?s"i w. a in 
(or) with., rs?^ , nxb K. (only fut.), 
r^T^h , as:: Ni. 
weariness, nr-:."' f.. rr"' m. 
wearing away, a, -E'o: ni. (Cheth.) 
weary, r-:^ , rr , nrb: f., r-s . 

of, to be, nxb K. (only fut.), Ni., 
a;?3 once pret. c. 2 . 

one's self, to, nxb. Ni. 

out, to, nxb Ili. 

to, rr Pi. Hi. 

to be, nxb Ni., nnb (once.) 

to make, nxb Hi. 

with severe labor, to, nns Hi. 
weasel, nbn m. 

weave, to, s'nx , -ro , 


in checker-woik, to, yz ' Pi. 
weaver, ani'x m. 

(an inventive), ntiin . 
weaver's beam, c"5~i< "i^a^ . 

• : : 

shuttle, 3";;J< m. 
webs, ti-i-nJip. 
weed, a, noJxa f. 

a prickley, «J"sp and 'iiia-'p m. 
weeding-hook, ^■nrr m. 
week, jJiatti m., see na'ij , 4. 
weep, to, nsa , nb-n , r-:t; . 

for, to, nr2 K. w. ace, br , bs , 
b , Pi. c. ace. 
weeping, a, xr2 , ns^i m., r"3 f., "ra 
m., n-32 f. 

tree, see srS in plu. 

to, to come, nsa c bs . 
weeping- willows, D''2"i3? only plu. 
weft, nrr m. 

weigh, to, -.TX H Pi., cbs Pi., bptlj , 
•;=n K. Pi. (Cli. bpn .) ' 

for, to, bp"r w. 3 . 

into the hands of, to, "iTi-bs bp - 
'b . 

out, to, obs Pi. 

out to, to, bpui w. ace. of thing, b 

of JXM-S. 

over to (or) into, to, bpttJ w. bs . 
weighed, to be, xbo Pu. (once), nbo 

out, "(Spia . 




weighed out, to be, bj?tl3 Ni. 
Aveiglier, bjrio . 
Aveigliing, a, bj^'ria m. 

act of, spiiiis ni. 
weight. r,2s m., "i^s, bipUii^: m., bpui?: 
m. (Cli. bhi m.) 

(a certain), see ro'^iop . 
(of a balance), ",2X com. 
Aveiglity, to be, nzs . 
weigiits, diverse, '(ZXi "i^X . 
welding (of metals), pr'r; m. 
welfare, -iix m , rtDi-^x f., Q"'^n plu., 
nr^ ni., z^'J m., nz'i'J f., nsstiti*^ f., 
riii"! and rui;; m., n; m,, aiVx) m., 
en m. 

to announce, promise, Dibtli is'n 
w. 2 , b . 
well, a, --xa f., -1-3 (Keri), 35 I m. 
well, (adj.), -"i:: , nibai . 
(adv.), 3VJ , ::-j^ri , -,3 I. 
all is, cibttj . 
is he ? b cibujn . 



to be, z'^'^ always impers., z'jy^ K. 

Hi. (Ch. --j^ .) 
to become, n^n . 
to cause one to go on, (Ch. nb^ 

Aph. after Heb. form.) 
to do, z'i'J Hi. c. ace, inf. c. b ., 

z::" Hi. w. inf. c. b . 
to go on, nbri I and nbs . 
to make, zi:i Hi. 
wMth thee, may it be, Tjb DibttS . 
well-disposed, nils. 
wells, n~3 only [)lu. constr. 
west, the, linx ni., c m., ^-cctn S2^ , 
31:510 II m., n3"Si: f. 
at the, n*^ . 
of, on the, "^^nx , b D'la , -"r?: 

••-:-': T • ' T-: - 

w. b. 

on the, ti'-2 . 

toward the, ttirirn iiz'Q . 
western quarter, TinN m., d-» m. 

side, D" rxs . 
westward, n5a*i , ttJ^oTSn iiz'o . cia , 

wet, to, (Cli, rn:: Pa.) 
17* "' 

wet, to be, 215^ . (Ch. rax Ithpa.) 

wet-nurse, np:"'T3 f. 

what, -:ux , nia (once), see i-Q I, • uJ 

(later Ileb.). (Cli. ^i^ , n^^ .) 
what? HT ■'X (ref. to placej, n-z . (Ch. 

by, n533 , naa . 

kind of ? n^ . 

wilt thou, T^b'HTa . 

with, ns2 , n^2 . 
whatever, b's, n7:!i5<^: , n^ . (Ch. n:a.) 
whatsoever, in, nrx baJa (later Heb.) 
wheat, nan f. (in sing, mostly of the 
plant), D^isn f. plu., nnb com. (Ch. 
•pa:n plu.) 
wheel, isix m., m., baba . (Ch. 

^i^i .) 

whelp, -lii m., iJia m. 

a lion's, n^a m., nT^ix isia . 

when, DX (fol. by prefer.), — ijx , 2 (w. 
an infin.), ora (w. inf.), 3 (w. inf.), 
n;Ux3 , •'S I, 17:3 , i-cz , b (w. inf.), 
■"n^ ) T!^^ ) ""sb, -c (later Heb.), 
• 0^3. (Ch. •'-13 , nns.) 
yet, r]X I. 

when ? r.:x , tto , ■'ria , ■'P'o "''ijns . 

whence, DTi'Ta "ilJx . 

whence? n.T:a ^x . I'^xis , "X-o (Cheth.) 

whenever, "^"rjia (w. intiu.) 

where, ns-'x (cmce), ittjx , Cittj — "^ilJ^ , 
-H1JX3 , Dttj — ^tt}x2 , cttj -ittjx o-ipoa , 
■"JS-bx , lajx cipo , or .q cip^ 
(later books), npD c. gen., — -mix 
ns'ii (rarely). (Ch. ""ri nPNr , ""n 
nsp . ) 

where? *^nx , "^x , n'X , rrt ■'x , npa , 
n^-x , ns-x , -.x , njx . 

(artj thou, (is) he, (are) they, etc., 
n3*x , I'X , D*x , etc. 

whereby? ,1522 , nB2 . 

wherefore, t i\ and i (before inferen- 
tial clauses), n^ nx;b , (Ch. bap'bs 

wlierefore? nxTb •'X , r^'^?3 , nia , n:ab 
also nob , thrice niob , n^-b? , n:3a- 

tt' vt' t -' T-' 

njsa Ch. nrb .) 
wherein ? n522 , na2 . 




wherever, nrs cip-Q , or -ttj cipTa (later 

whether, ds . (Ch. -n.) 
not, ■'^iix I. 

— or, ix — ■ii< , DX — ex , — nx 

nr — -,12, nyi — -,^, -(r!: fol. by 
IS or nrn . (Ch. •,,-[ — -in .) 
whether ? Vx I, r , n , n (in indu-ect 
interrogation), -:n , ',n . (Ch. bx . ) 

— or ? tax — n , dx* — n , — qxn 
dx-; . 

which, -:iDx , see ^s I, A., -t (hiter 

Heb.). (Ch. -r,.) 
wliich ? m ""X (ref. to place.) 
while, a (w. an infin.), it , lira . 

a little, a>73 . 

for a little, ^rir^b . 

in a little, '^v-cs . 

yet, ni:?2 . 
whimpeiing, the, can'a . 
whip, a, a'^tii m. 
whirl (of a spindle), n-iir-is ni., -5s ni. 

to, bsin and b^n . 
wliirled, to be, bnn and b->n . 
wliirlpools, ni-i'T:n-2 (once.; 
wliirlwind, hihi, ni., nz'D t 
whirring (of wings), h^h^ m. 
whisper, ax m., ycjii n\. 

among themselves, to, oinb Ilitlip. 
w. br against. 

to, DX3 (once.) 
wliisperers, c^ux concr. 
whispering, a, r!::'c«j f. (once.) 
whistle, to, pnilj . 

for, to, p-i'r w. h . 

to call by a, p-tu w. b . 
wliistlings, pip^^iii , 
white, -jab , -jab , nns . (Cii. -ijn .) 

bread, "^nn I m. 

dazzling, ns . 

like snow, to be, see ;bai Hi. 

to be of a dazzling, nn:! , 

to become, -i^n , '.ab Hi. 

- T ' ' - T 

to make, "jab Hi. 

white-footed, I'ps . 
Avhiteness, nsab f., ins m. 
whitewash, ben m. 

whither, n3X , Qttj itux , na^tJ naJx . 
"rc'bx (after verbs of motion), — .^J 

whither ? -jX , nsx . 
whithersoever, n^a^j -aix . 
wliiz, to, see n*-' . 
whizzing (of wings), b:ibs m. 
who, -iil;}* , see ■'a I, A,, -uj (later 
Heb.)." (Ch. ^ri,) 

he, -t (latorHeb.). (Ch. n-n.) 
who ? 1:0 . (Ch. •,'2 .) 
wlioever, Va, "^^ . (Cii. b'a, •'^■*,^ .) 
whole, Va, cib'r , dVij , dn (only moral 
sense), wizn . 

burnt-offering, b-'ba m. 

multitude, a, ai m. (poet.) 

number, the, msp plu. constr., 
nixp^ m., nsp f., see cbir . 

part, the, b^ba m. (Ch. b'a^) 

the, nirsp plu. constr., n:ip m. 
(Ch. r^^';:; m.) 

to l)e, aisn . 

to make, cbttj Pi., crrj K. Hi. 
wliole-minded, cm . 

to ))e, a^n . 
wholeness, dp*: m., cibtti m., dh m. 
wljolesome, to render, xsi Pi. 
wliolly, TjX , -in':' , ^2 , nba , b-'ba , -js 
I'x^ , see n:i3 , 1,4. (Ch. b'a.) 

because, (Cl>. "'ri bap'ba .) 
whoi'c, njiT f. 

to let be a, n:i Hi. 

to play the, n:T . 
whoredom, nazT f. (only troj).), ni:Tn f. 
whoredoms, z'l^Zf . 
whoring, to go a, n:T . 
why ? nxTb ■'x , r^n^ , n-a , nab, also 

nrb , thrice n^b , nr"br . 
wick, nrtlJo f. 

wicked, b-'-x , ui'a's , "'"en xb, biaa, 
b-'ir I, pr" , P^"! , sr-i , sir-i, iba. 
(Cli". «3:ixa!) 

counsel, nattjn^ and rasiin?: f. 

deed, rr- K nrr- f. 




wicked deeds, cydn . 

man, bs^^a , ellipt. for br^lsa tti"»K . 
men, ajisx m. (poet.) 
(one), biy m. 
(person), r^lj■^ m. 

the, c-^n:!!, nbi? f. coucr., '^33 
1-15*5 , c-y-i , c-s^-i . 

t: - ' • T ' • T : 

to be, yui-i .- 
woman, nrai'i'C f. concr. 
wickedly, to act, "oaxa Hi., nsiT or T^t 
Hi. w. inf. et b , by of pers., b22 , 
hp Pi, nb-iy nioy , yy"! Hi., yajn 
Hi., see '^ryXi Pi., nnib Hi. (Ch. n:iT 

to do, bsD Ni., see ::ntl3 Pi. 
to speak, pny "1?^ . 
towards (or) against, to act, nsiT or 
T'T c. by or bx . 
wickedness, nb?x f., ''X m., by^iba , 
■m'sin f. only plu., nbb-in f., psbbin 
f., nat f., qrn m., nspn f., -ajn 
m., n53T?3 f., py^n^: f., nb^2 f, biy 
m., nb")y f., niby , yi m., yn m., 
ny^ f., yuj.n m., nyr-i 1, xiu:J m., 
niba) f., nyip, f. 
wicker-basket, bo m. 
wicker-baskets, nibobo . 
wide, zrn . 

place, '2n'ii2 m., an- m. 
to be, an^.» 
to become, an'^ . 

to make, ani Hi. w. b of pers. 
widow, a, rijrbx I f. 
widowed, -.^bx . 

' T : - 

widowhood, -.bbx m., niaisbx . 

' : - T : - 

width, nj'i m. 
wield, to, 'c;sn . 

wife, mrx f., n-ian f., ttS^iab m., rrnoj 
f. (once.) 

a prophet's, nx"a3 f. 

to take to, ar^ Hi. 
wild, to run, see nn . 
wiles, ba3 m. 
wilful, ab n-iax . 

to make, niijp I Hi. w. ab . 
wilfulness, nssn . 

will, ix (once Cheth), n^x f., nn f., 

yn H m., Y:i'-\^ m. (Ch. psiy-) f.) 
to, nax , I'sn , bx; II. (Ch. xas .) 
willing, Y^n , a'^ns . 
mind, witli a, na"t3 . 
to be, nax . (Ch. an 3 Ithp. c. b 

to show one's self, a"i3 Hithp. w. 

inf. c. b . 
towards (any one), to be, nax w. 
dat. of pers. 
willingly, giving, a"'"i3 . 

to give, an; Hithp. (Ch. a"!? Ithp» 
c. b for.) 
willingness, iia"'3 f. 
willow, nE:i2S f. 
willows, d"'a-y plu. only, 
wilt, to, ba: . 

wind, n^^: f., n?i-i f. (Cli. rsi-i .) 
wind around, to, Cl^S. 
winding, (adj.), ~3=sn , *p~^i^?. • 
stairs, d^bib . 
ways, rrinix , n^'bi^biry . 
window, na-x f. (once in sing.), 'jibn 

com., nTnia f. (Ch. ia .) 
windows with closed bars, D"'E;r'klJ "'"bn 

cszpx . 
wine, t'n m. (poet.), nrn I f., -ii^n m., 
■p^ m., xab m., a:y en , cary en . 
(Ch. n7:n m.) 
master of, see I'JS.h'O , 
mixed, ntio m., Tp^'C'q m., 7(5*3 m. 
new, ccy m., tl)i"i"^n m. 
spiced, 5T"n m., ~o^^ "i-» T?"! 

tempered, see STia . 
wine-bottle, "1 nx3 . 
wine-bowl, p"i"|^ m. 
wino-diinkers, *,■;* •'n'ii . 
wine-garden, nrn Q-,3 . 
wine-press, a, m f., 2p.1 m., nyus f. 
wine-vat, ap;; m. 
wing, qis. f., -jr^^ m. (Ch. qa .) 
wing-feather, nax m., n-;ax f., nis": f. 
wink, a, yrc , y:"] m. 

to, -("^y -jr-ip^ and D-^rya , y?"; Hi., 
tjj-t (once.) 




wink, to give a, r:n Hi. 
winnow, to, riM K. Pi. 

out, to, n-T Pi. 
winnower, r>1^'>2 ni. 
winnowing fork (or) shovel, rriTia m., 

nnn f. 
winter, ipo m, (Ken.) 
to, pnn . 

to pass tlie autumn and, qnn . 
wipe away, to, nn^a . 

off, to, nn-c , nro Pi. only, 
wisdom, rrti f., nran f., m^sn f. 
sing., nrrn f. sing., see D-':ii?3 , 
nsr II f., b-rrn , b:iu also hziii m., 
n^uJjinf. (Ch. nrsHj^i^n: f.j 
(a man of) tried, "jrxD. 
to have, ir-n r"]" . 
wise, 1^2^ , D=n, Da-,25 , (Ch. csn.) 
in one's own eyes, to be, ddh Hithp. 
man, (Ch. c-'Sn .) 
men, crrn. 
one, h^'sv'q. 
teachers, see c-aizia . 
the, w^zz . 
to be, ■j-'a K. Hi. Hithpal., 03 n , 

rn"^, Vrb Hi. 
to become, crn , hz'o Hi. 
to make, orn Pi. Hi., bzb Hi. 
to show one's self, D^n Hithp. 
wisely, r^^'jZ. 

to act, D3n , hzio K. Hi. 
wisli, mxn f. 

t -; - 

to, iaVa "^rx . 
with, seebx HI, A, 6., rx II., 3 , seeTi , 
l,aa., seeb, A, e, at end., 17:2 (poet), 
V?, 03?. (Ch. 3, see nn ^ pib , cr.) 
me, -in-ia , •'"is^ . 
no, -^^33 , i<h , put for xba . 
withdraw, to, Tipx, u:=i"0 I, zrd Hi. 
from, to, p-3 Hi. c. rsr . 
one's self, to, -pa w. "i:!: ., yhn w. 

quietly from, to, ui-^n Hi. w. •,7a. 
withdrawal, nxi:n f. 
withdrawing, a, j-'b m. 
wither, to, see b^2 Hi., ^33 . 
withered, jr-n . 

withhold, to, 5-]?, , r,(Dn w. -,73 from., 
stlss , -:7S . 
one's self, to, -ex Hithp. 
within, 2 , 73 , nr-z , r'37: , np-i 373 , 
h n^3, 3 r-:372, b n^2^5, ^, '?, 
n7:^:E , nr-rsb . (Ch. -i^ .j 
me, ^3nir3 . 
to, b p-'ZTi-bx . 
yet, Tir2 . 
without, •(■'x , "f x2 , "^b^s (only in 
poet.), ■'b3b , "^l^ba , ■'1?bso , 
•^1533, Y^.n, ~'j,^n, •j'-ina , y^nb 
(poet), ns!inb ^ b "j-?n72 , b nsinTD , 
b ^'5in7:-bx (after a verb of motion), 
xbs , Nb , xbb (once), -,73 . 
cause, Din , -.rb . 
doubt, TjX . 
to be, -I en . 
withstand, to, c^ip c. '^:Eb . 
witness, a, ns^ m., nnr II 1, "inb m. 

against, to bear, 3 "ir n:r^ . 
borne, "i^ m. 

to bear, 1:1? Hi. w. ace. against, also 
for., n:y I c. 3 concerning, for, 
to call as, to take as, -ifiv Hi. 
witnesses, to take, nnr Hi. 
wives, the king's, (Ch. b:;i' f. in the 

wizard, "^rrT; m. 

spirit, ■'isn"^ m. 
wo, "^n m. 

wo 1 see "'i3X , '^'ix c. dat., •'x II c. dat., 
"^bbx only w. -^b ., nn , in , •»in w. 

is me for, ^b ~is w. b? . 
wolf, 3XT m. 
woman, mrx f. 

a strange, n-T f., n^-o: f. 

a young, n3 If., n7:by f. 

having a divining spirit, rix nbS3. 

in her pains, n"j^^ nt-x . 

in travail, a, n-bi"' , rarely pnbi^, 

wicked, pr'ji-^'2 . 
womb, ",^2 f., C"S72 only plu., 3"}^ m., 
DPI f., Dni com. 




womb, the moutli of tlic, ns'rr m. 
women, rttt'X f. w. art. coll., n^tlij f. 

old, r'.^jTi . 
women's apartment, see "icix . 
wonder, a, nix I com., r>z''.'C m., xba 
m. (Cli. nrn m.) 

to, r\'cr\ K. Ilithp. 
"Wonderful, tlie, xbs m. 
wonderful, x^*; , ■'xbs (Clietb.) 

acts, nisy: . 

to be, x-D Ni. 

to make, xbs Hi. 

way, in a, riix~"i:. 

works, rix^?: . 
wonderfully, mx-ii:, r-xbss , D'^xba . 

helped, to be, "iTrn? x-^bEn . 

with, to deal, xbs Hi. w. rx . 
wonders, rix^e m. 

to do, h\v I Hithp. c. 2 . 
wondrous works, rTixbsis plu. constr. 

wondrousl}', to do (or) act, x-^cn 

m'rrb . 
wont, to be, -^^h c bx ., •;=& Hi. c. inf. 

wonted, r"|i2X . 

to be, qbx or r^x . 
wood, yy m.. qi::!? plu., nsts I f. (Ch. 

a, bii3x , -r^ m. 
(a kind of) precious, d'^i^bx . 
a thick, ttJ-n. 
wood-cutters, n"5C>n "n'jS. 
wood-demons, see in -i^rb . 
wooden pillar, n'^fflx f. 

post, Y^ 1^- 
woods, c-inSr-i (Cheth.) 
woof, r~s m. 
wool, -i7:s m. (Ch. -ii:r m.) 

shorn, :-, m. 
woolen and linen together, cloth of, 

see t:::5>u3 . 
word, -iTsx (poet), -iiax (poet.), iT^rx 
f. (poet), n-rx f. (poet.), ^rn m., 
T^\-2 f. (only ].oet), c?ns m. (later 
Heb.). (Ch. r.\^ f., c;rs m.) 

words, -ir^i m. coll., ts'irEi) xsi^ . 

a man of, D^'nzn br2 , tij^x . 
empty, neb f. 
intelligent, r"^:!ian . 
work, bsnaa m., n^niss f., nt^'in £., 
s-:7 m., ->s:n m., nsxb^ f., nbria 
m., ^E73 m., nbss^ f., -i^r m. 
(once), n-ji:2J f., nh'hv f., rnV-ss f!. 
brs m. (poet). (Ch. nar^ m., m-n» 

(a miracle), to, in: . 

artificial, nj-in m., raJs m. 

(evil) to, ttinn K. Hi. 

for one another, to, 155 . 

over, to, tim I K. Pi. (immodest 

to, Tz^^ , tibr I Hithpo., nbs I, 

see b?s . 
to do, 135 , 
working (in wood, stone, etc ), ntt5"in f. 
workman, -,rx m., rin m., brs m. 
works, c^s-i-n , ti-'bVsTa . 
workshop, b-^bs; m. (once.) 
world, the, see abir , B., bnn f. (poet) 
(the habital)le), brn f. (poet) 
this, "ibn m. 
worldly things, love of, cbi? m. 
worldly-mindedness, cb-"!? m. 
wonn, rta-i f., rbin m., nsb-in f. and 

nrbi'n . 
worm-crimson, nrbin ^:tli . 
worm-eaten, to 1)6, 3j?-i . 
worms, r.a*. f. coll. 
wormwood, rsirb f. 
worn, to be, nbs? . 

away, to be, nr^ Pu. (Keri.) 
down (in strength), to be, nbn K. 

out, nbs. 
out, to be, nba . 
woi-se, to be made, sn^ Ni. 
worship, r,-irT com. (Ch. "(nbs m.) 
Baal, to, brab nrS3 . 
to, ajn^^ , x'j^, ■)=; Hi., n25 K. 
Ho., 2x55 Hi., nna) Hithpal., 
-'.riij K. Pi. (Ch. nba w. ace. 




worshipper, a, ins m. 

a female, ra 1 1 

(of God), nr? m. 
Avortliless, "^'V/i , p"«"; , rn , r5?n3 . 

tiling, ftn'n concr. 
woi-tlilessness, 5r:^2 . 
would God I "''^rx , •'Isnx . 

that ! DX , xnb, o, "(n^ •'t: . 
wound, xs-^ J yn ni., -nT^a I m., yn^ 
m., nso 1, S:£5 m., seeisttS . 

slightly, to, y-in . 

to, hhn Pi. Po., 2X3 Hi., pns, 
rxs . 

to bind up a, ttJan . 
wounded, blin'c , bbn . 

slightly, "j'-i-in . 

to be, nljn Ho., bbn. 
woven together, to be, anb Pu. Hithp. 
woven- work, j-ix niosJo . 
wrap, to, C)!i5J . 

around, to, ::xb , t^sir . 

one's self, to, 0:3 Hithp. 

one's self up, to, nos Hithp. c. 2 . 

together, to, nba (once.) 

uj), to, linb K. Hi., in-j'S . 
wrapped in bandages, to be, brn Pu. 

in darkness, to be, q?,s> . 
wrath, dST m., xian (once), nan I 1, 
•"inn m., ii;s3 m. (only in Job), nnr^ 
f., n-'SJ II m., r.^p m., tsi m. (Ch. 
xrn , xtan , riip m.) 
wreath, it ni., n*;^!? t, nis . 
wreathed work, nzr nbsia . 
wreathen work, r.^hz^ f. 
wreaths, (architec), iiiv'b . 
wrecked, to ])e, "i2tt5 Ni. 
wrench, a, r=Bn"a . 

v/rest, to, q^q Pi., ni.r Pi., see pr5 , 

the cause (of), to, n^S" Pi. w. ace. 
of pers. 

the right of, to, 'b i:6ajc nisn . 
wi>re;ting, a, nais . 
wrestle, to, pzx Ni. seq. dS ., ^ns Ni 

wrestler, see ""'T-^T . 
wrestlings, cabins: (once.) 
wretched, n^k , "i^zx, fi2^n or XD^n 
(Cheth), -jSipr , br2?, "r^; , •':2?. 

one, nnx ni. 

to 1)6, -t2X . 
wretchedness, "^izx . 

write, to, rns K. Pi., -so (only in 

about, to, 2n3 . 

concerning, to, ^x zr3 or hs 2n3 . 

down, to, 2n3 , cuin . (Ch. nrs .) 

for, to, bs rrs . 

of, to, bx 2nx or br 2r3 . 

up, to, 2r3 . 
writer, -ED . 
writer's ink-honi, 'itbr^ rop . 

knife, lEDn -irn . 
writhe, to, Vrn Pi., bin and b-Ti K. 

Hithp., n-s Ni. 
writhings, c-^bin (mostly in plu.), 

writing, a, 2r3 m., nzP3 f., 2n3^ m., 
cns^ (only in inscrip. of Psalms), 
ISO ni. (Ch. 2r3 ni.) 
written, to be, nrs Ni. 
wrong, ■(•'n m., o^^n m., b*:? m., nb^5 
f., yy m., Tij H m. (Ch. nbaS f. 
Cheth.^ !ibai f.) 
action, ys m. 
to, Di:n . 

to do, bi5^ Pi., 55© . 
what is got by, orn m., prob,- 
y^n m. 
wrong-doer, bw m., ytti-j m. 
wroth, he was, ib n-n . 

to be, nnn K. NI. c. 2 ., ^2? 
Hithp., 2SS Hithp., r|Sp? , T5i 
w. b towai-d or against. (Ch. 

wrought iron, see in nittJS . 
(something), rrs? f. 
to be, 123? Ni., riiiv I Ni. 
to be curiously, Dpi Pn. 
to be elaborately, cpi Pu. 




Xerxes, see ttSi-i'ittSr^it . 

yam, "jJiax m. (once), n3 I m. 
ye, cpx m., ',rx f. (Ch. -jsinix .) 
yea, TjX , oa , -,0 II, "i , i and ^ . 
even, i , si and i . 
furthermore, see "^s qx , 
more, qx I. 
now, nns Cia . 
year, w^-q"^ (sometimes), iriia m. (pro- 
phetic style), n:ai 1 (Ch. '^rrs^ m, in 
prophet, lang., n:a3 or X3a5 f.) 
by year, n:ai2 nsiD . 
every, n:iii nrii , n:ili3 nsir, ■''n^ 

naajn nrai. 
(grain) of this, \lJnn . 
of jubilee, bzi"* rsttJ . 
to year, from, n^-?:'^ d'^^'J'C , n:il3 
n:^, nri33 nj'jj, niiij^ n:uj ^^_?a. 
yearn, to, ->r3 I w. b? , bx . 
years, some, wiyi indef. 

to be advanced in, prs . 
two, D"n3'i5 du. 
yell, to, b="> Hi. (once.) 
yelling, a, hhl m. 
yellow, zn:i . 
yellowish, pnp-17 . 

yellowness, ■|ip'n'i m., ■,ip"i'^ m., p-np"!"! . 
yesterday, ttjrx , b-inrx and b^i^nx , 
once bnrtnx , birn . 

and tlie day before, both, bian CJ 

ditjbu; d5 . 
(and) the third day, c^boJ biisri , 

ciujbitj ti5 bi7:nx ds . 
and to-day, both, ds bicn ca 

day before, cnaJbaS . 

yesternight, tt5?2x . 

yet, "px , d5 , ^3 I (rarely), psj , nns , 
ni2>. (Ch. D"^3 , lis.) 

again, T^r". 

more, li^ . 

the more, Tis . 

therefore, "isb . 
yield, to, nrr I. (Ch. an-i .) 

fruit, to, "^nB "jna . 

to, to, b33 w. "(^ compar. 
yoke, ai^ m., n'ji-o t, m'sia m., h's m., 

to, nox. 

to a vehicle, to, SD'n Hi. 

- T 

yonder, ns is . 
young, i-jp^n , fjp^ri . 

again, to grow, tl)ED"i . 

big with, D'^bsD^ plu. 

man, ^wa m., ih-i m., dbr m. 

men, rsnb'i f. concr. 

(of animals), *,3 m., w^h"^ com., 

"i:,'r and nsrij m. 
(of birds), the, nSsx m. 
without, b^5U5 . 
woman, na If., Pi:cb? f. 
younger, 't<^S. 

the, "isi^n , ]12]5^T^ . 
youth, a, n^ina m., -ja m., "ib;;' m., is: 

I m., db:^ m. 
youth, (time of life), cnna m. plu. 
and ni-i^na , nnb^ f., d-'-ira , 
ni-i^3?3 , irb m., in^ m., D'^7:!ib5> , n5 
usually f., rrn-^r lit f., nnnttS f. (once.) 
youthful age, d''^lbs> . 
spouse, nabs f. 




zeal, rtxjp f. 

to burn with, n^p^ Pi. 

to do with, rrnn Hi. w. finite verb, 
zealous, to be, it^n Hi. 

for, to be, j<:p Pi. w. h , 

towards, to be, s<:p Pi. 
Zebulun, •jsibi^T . 

Zechariah, rr^^st . 

T ; - J 

Zephaniah, rrjss 
Zidon, "JIT'S . 



Ziv, (month), it m. 

Zodiac, the twelve signs of the, nib*« , 
nin^a (once.) 

,Q CO! 

a; t^i 

!x{ col 
cd 00= 

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