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\miw, \ 


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Phis work, the result of the labours of several years, is intended to 
supply a long-felt want. Bailey's English-Malayalam Dictionary (pp. 545) 
and Muller's English-Malayalam Dictionary (pp. 365) are the only works 
of the kind that have hitherto been available for Malayalees. They are 
now almost out of print 5 and being of a smaller compass, and having 
been prepared years back, before the English education in this country 
had attained its present magnitude, they are found quite inadequate for 
present-day needs. The want of an English-Malayalam Dictionary of 
higher pretensions and of greater usefulness has long been felt by many. 

To supply this want, the Rev. W. Dilger of the B. Gr. E. Mission, a 
Malayalam and Sanskrit scholar of high attainments, and the present 
Chairman of the Malayalam Bible Revision Committee, commenced the 
present work, and compiled it up to the word "Defend" (pp. 1 — 156). 
That portion, however, has undergone a revision at my hands, and I am 
alone, therefore, responsible for its present form. It was when Mr. Dilger 
found, that he could not afford to spare the time necessary to complete 
this work, that I was entrusted with its compilation. 

The plan of this book requires a word of explanation. The u group- 
ing" of all connected words under one leading word, or the "paragraph 
system", if I may use the name, has been adopted in this work in pre- 
ference to the ordinary alphabetical order, because the former has many 
advantages over the latter. The "alphabetical system" may be compared 
to the picture of a tree in which the trunk, the branches, the twigs, the 
leaves, the flowers and the fruits are all promiscuously drawn here and 
there on a sheet of paper. In order to have a full and correct idea of the 
tree, one has to look all over the sheet, and put together the different 
parts. The a paragraph system" on the other hand, is like the picture of 
the very same tree, with all the different parts drawn in their natural 
position and order, and presenting, at a glance, a full and complete idea of 
the tree. Accordingly, in this work the words arid phrases derived from 3 



or connected with, a leading word are all seen at a glance and in close 
connection with each other, and the reader is given a bird's-eye-view of the 
word in all its parts and forms. Saving of space, and the avoidance of 
repetitions are other advantages. Those Malayalees, who are studying the 
English language, can have the further advantage of learning the different 
forms a word takes, and the various changes it undergoes, in the different 
parts of speech. In the light of these and other advantages, the incon- 
venience or difficulty of finding out a certain word or expression occurring 
in the middle of a paragraph, dwindles into insignificance. The reading 
of a whole paragraph while trying to find out the meaning of a single 
expression, although attended with some loss of time, is highly desirable 
as it cannot but prove profitable in the end. 

For the complete spelling of the derivative words, when not printed in 
full, the reader is referred to "Note to the Consulter". The difficulty of 
finding a word that is explained out of its alphabetical order has been 
minimised by ample cross references. 

The latest edition of Webster's International Dictionary has been made 
the basis of this work. Except in the earlier portion, almost every word 
not marked "obsolete" or "rare" in that work, with the exception of 
purely technical words, finds a place in this book. 

The original intention of preparing only a School-Dictionary of 
moderate size, had to be given up in favour of the present large work, as 
no other English-Malayalam Dictionary is available for the use of the 
general public, and the chances of one being compiled in the near future 
appeared but meagre. 

In the selection of words and meanings the special needs of translators 
and authors have also been kept in view. Past experiences of disappoint- 
ment in this respect, have generally prompted me to cater for them, at no 
small expenditure of time and labour. 

This work is, on actual counting, found to contain the definitions and 
explanations of 22,920 leading words, 29,231 derivative words, 13,841 
compound or quasi-compound expressions, and 6,225 phrases, or a total 
of 72,217 expressions* and it is hoped that it will be found more than 
sufficient for all ordinary purposes not only to the general public, but also 
to literary men. 

Webster's Dictionary, the basis of this book, is an American work ; 
and the orthography and pronunciation of many English words, as given 


in it, although scientifically accurate, differ from those given in similar 
works published in the United Kingdom. In order to prevent confusion and 
mistakes arising from this, both forms of spelling and pronunciation are 
generally given in this work, the authority for the British form being 
Stormonth's Etymological Dictionary. In the syllabication and accentua- 
tion also Stormonth's Dictionary has generally been followed. 

The definitions are, in many instances, quite new, and are ample and 
as complete as possible. No sense of a word or expression is omitted 
where it has, in my view, the remotest chance of being of any practical 
use in Malayalam. The translation of an English word by a single 
Malayalam word or expression, however desirable, is not always advisable, 
nor is it practicable to any considerable extent, as words that could thus 
be rendered into Malayalam are fewer than one might suppose. Except 
in a very few instances, it is almost impossible to convey the full sense of 
an English word by a single word or expression in Malayalam. For this 
reason, it has been found necessary, in many instances, to add explanatory 
words or phrases or even sentences, which are, or may be, placed within 
parentheses. Whenever brevity is desired, the explanatory portion may be 
dropped without material inconvenience. 

The Malayalam meanings are copious and are generally arranged in 
the order followed in Webster's Dictionary, the root meaning, even if 
obsolete, being given first. In my opinion superfluity in a Dictionary is 
more pardonable than meagreness. To increase the usefulness of the book 
in this respect without relatively increasing its bulk, different Malayalam 
words and expressions are used in the different parts of speech or deriva- 
tives of the same English word-, so that an intelligent consulter may, by a 
sensible intermutation, multiply the number of Malayalam synonyms. 

Every one that has had anything to do with the interpretation of 
English expressions into Malayalam to any considerable extent, will 
certainly admit the absolute necessity of coining new Malayalam expres- 
sions. Whether this task should be left to those who happen to see the 
need, or should be undertaken by a lexicographer, is a point in which 
opinions may differ. But for the sake of uniformity at least, I think, this 
duty should devolve on the latter*, and it has, in no wise, been shirked. 
A lexicographer is, at the same time, bound not to ignore the existence 
of expressions that have already been coined, even though they may be 
inelegant or unsuitable, if once they have obtained a footing in literature, 
or some currency in the language. Thus it has been found necessary to 


record words and expressions of the latter type also, while supplying new 
expressions that appear better adapted to convey the idea expressed by 
the English word. 

In giving the meanings or definitions many a good Malayalam word, 
generally neglected in literature, but common in colloquial language, and 
fit for a place in standard or literary language, has, for the first time, been 
given a place in this work, 

I cannot but add a few words in justification of the orthography or 
spelling adopted by me in the case of certain Malayalam words. 

1. Many Malayalees of the present day are suffering from a disease 
which may be rightly called a " morbid fondness for Sanskrit", or a Sanskrit 
mania". In recent times this has increased to such an extent that whole- 
sale importation of not only Sanskrit words and phrases, but also of 
Sanskrit particles ((srac^c&o), prefixes (aa-jcrc^o) and inflexions have, with 
some, become the rule of the day. All this is highly prejudicial to Rajah's 
Malayalam (since good English is styled King's English, I presume good 
•Malayalam may be called Rajah's Malayalam). One of the effects of this 
deplorable state of things is the misuse of the letter a® (long a). In the 
Sanskrit language there is no short a® (a), and consequently the above said 
morbid taste attempts to do away with the Malayalam short *® (a) alto- 
gether, and to make every a® a long one, and thus Sanskritise Malayalam 
in a way. Scarcity of prose literature in the Malayalam language, and an 
abundance of poetical works, wherein Sanskrit had an abnormally free 
scope, and a® was indiscriminately used for the sake of metre, have very 
considerably contributed to this propensity. The result of all this is the 
wrong use of the long o®, when it is final or terminal, to the detriment of 
the proper and correct short a®. In the Malayalam literature of the 
present day (in journals, books, and even in schoolbooks ! ) it is not 
unusual to meet with a® the accusative ending (e-Dfoflca^^cao) and a® in 
&s>s and s>nbo the genitive endings (^^(cy^cao) and many other words 
and endings in which o® is admittedly short, all made into long a® (a). 
In the present work, however, an attempt has been made to correct this. 
The principle that has guided me in this respect may be succinctly 
expressed in the following general rules : (a) All the terminal qq's when 
used as a Malayalam case ending (anee&^io-j^cjyo), except in the case of 
the vocative (crooSaojocDan) are short (e. g. a®$>cm, <2a>o>roTD>, 6t??>«jb5>&, raoeao 
ajls>cr>; 6T3<a3Bgs>s, orftonbo, cyafii«5Q|.6)s, rooeaoaftonbo). (b) Every terminal 
o® in all Malayalam words which are or have the force of (enc^wo are 


short [e.g. <o>eicm, (btos>?j>, ©rosx®. This will easily be proved by com- 
paring the expressions with each other in the following pairs of sentences: — 
( 1) (BTOQjob tfj)GO"Y) (alone) ojctto; Qjomfm <Hroajnb (CD6KYD (is). (2) (groojob (BY9G(tf> 
I the same) Qjoan oJIsjodcs^o o_f)sxTn<3$o n_iosKn§; (3^^>QJ<8<T>^s , «.aioal.£j'a0orr> 
'■(SYdSyoV (y es ) o®^ (BTOQjnb gjasrarco ojostot^. (3) tgrocuam (SYdO^ (only so 
much) Qj<0iQ%gg; (ST9> ajo<es> ajosroTg*^ (BTOQunb (3YD6)^0) (is). Although origi- 
nally allied to, or derived from (byo^, <o>onb and <bio@ respectively, the words 
'sto5>i», (ai«cm and oras)^ have now become (BTacu,cQ;o by the addition of '•a®' 
(o_)fWjC2>o and are now quite distinct in meaning and usage, and the original 
affinity has all but disappeared. This is evident from the above examples. 
That there is an appreciable difference in the pronunciation of the two words 
in each set also cannot be denied. Hence the necessity to distinguish them 
also in writing], (c) a® when used as (a_^ eao joined to verbs or nouns to give 
them an adjectival or an adverbial force, or to form an (8»a^g^^lc» it is 

Short [e.g. CL)gS>r& (QJ£(T>-|- a(J))} a-Jrt>S)<9s> (a_KS<96) -{- a5))i -sjCUftS (^jQJS + qQ)), 

«0«pj («0aj -f- aQ)), <a>o6iiP (fO>oy + afl)), «fl?ls>y> (<sflsp + °<D)? o-Hos><&> (o_Do<e> -f o^)), 

(»ji)Qgio<n + qq) etc.], (d) In all Sanskrit words a® is long, (e) The Malayalam 
vocative (crDoS6ajococr>) a® is always long (e. ^7. orzxszia, rooeaoeoj e£c). (/) When 
the letter o® is used as an (Btoa^cao with the force of aotgjo (not as (o-^co/o 
added to another word which may or may not be an (Otoc^cbjo), it is always 
long (e, g. r&G6n5(D<sns, <bk>G(CT)Qjd<9r , tarecunb <byo<o> C8^§G<^T) aosl, 6t?sd(ScD 
oolsmifis) @6m, orflGQQ; i/arc>6mo, rsracunb rcnoGCD cumo, (Brocunb <o>crfl(SOQ> ojotd, 
fBTocunb ^Gono qjcto etc., but not in irosxgj) or aj)«nnr>, where a® is only a 

2. The beauty and elegance of the Malayalam language chiefly consist 
in its graceful flow due to the existence of words ending in half consonants 
expressed by (HYOfoa#<a>orDo or crooaj^o, as modern grammarians have termed 
it. Once take away the ®roroc^<3>orao and the easy flow of the language is 
gone. This trait of its beauty has not, it appears, been realised by those 
who speak certain dialects of Malayalam and who are very fond of substi- 
tuting (^oQaofDo for it. This <Btd«><m<B>za>o is also the characteristic of the 
(g^t^Tlcaonn.noo of a great many verbs ending in g>, or more correctly, in @. 
It is to be met with also in other words, such as nouns and pronouns. 
Except in the earlier parts of this work, I have generally given such words 
their proper and correct spelling corresponding to their true pronunciation. 
This is marked by the sign ^ above the letter, an invention of the great 
Malayalam scholar Dr. Gundert, who may be rightly called, u the father 


of Malayalam prose". Since its introduction nearly half a century ago, 
it has more or less been in use in Malabar, especially in N. Malabar. Its 
pitiable substitute, viz. the compound or the united form of ^oQ^orao and 
(BTDroc%<s>ofoo or af)o|ra>o and cruoa^o rolled into one {e.g. t®, aro , <eg°, pro- 
bably signifying the offer of an option) of recent introduction in the South 
does not, from its amphibious nature, commend itself for general adoption 
so as to replace the older and simpler form. 

3. The half consonants srrb, ob, <**, <b, c)o etc. have two distinct sounds in 
the Malayalam language. The first may be called the sharp sound and is 
heard in c&osrrb, sraorrb, <Bracunb, rnronb; (arocuftorcsb, odjomorsb, cunmo^jb; raKmo<b, 
(oTlcmoft; zasGSQdz, a_i<aailtf)c>3 etc. The second may be called the flat sound, 
and is heard in the correct pronunciation of the following words*, sraosro, 
<2a_j6rn ; oocn , eHcr?, «jf)ar*> , <&wcn ; cuoej , a>oej , aioai ; ooog. , isr^g. , ajog. ; fBracuro , 
ma^jorD , o.iofo', fooe3'j<onrtaDf^ ; <s>oo , c%o etc. Although no distinction between 
the two sounds has hitherto been made in writing or printing, every true 
Malayalee knows this distinction but too well, and pronounces the words 
accordingly. But foreigners do hardly make any distinction, and pro- 
nounce the words in both sets in the same way by the sharp sound, simply 
because no distinction is made in writing these words which thus differ in 
pronunciation. Especially for the benefit of foreigners and also of Young 
Kerala I have, except in the earlier parts, used the ordinary half consonants 
sn6, ob, rafs, <b etc. to indicate the sharp sound and the <8toa><Q l <&iS(t>o form 
em. co, ej°, ro°, o etc. to indicate the fiat sound, except when the latter is 
used as the first part of a compound word (a\50ocn:e) when they too have 
the sharp sound. 

Now it remains for me only to acknowledge that in the compilation of 
this work, the following dictionaries and books have been consulted : 

1. Apte's English- Sanskrit Dictionary, 

2. Do. Sanskrit-English do. 

3. Rev. F. Ziegler's English-Canarese Dictionary (3rd edition), 

4. English-Tamil Dictionary published in Jaffna, 

5. Bailey's English-Malayalam Dictionary, 

6. Rev. F. Matthissen's MSS. 

7. Dr. H. Grundert's Malayalam-English Dictionary, 

8. Collins' Malayalam Dictionary, 

9. Kanaran's Comparative Study of English and Malayalam, edited 
by J. Muliyil, 

10. Rev. L. J. Frohnmeyer's Malayalam Physics, 


11. Rev. Dr. E. Liebendorfer's Malayalam Anatomy, 

12. Benson's Agricultural Manual in Malayalam, and numerous other 
Malayalam books. 

My thanks are due to Mr. Bharadvaja Shiva Rao, the veteran proof- 
reader of the B. M. Press, Mangalore, for the special pains he has taken 
in connection with syllabication, accentuation and pronunciation. 

In spite of all care, printing mistakes have crept in, which are pointed 
out in the Addenda and Corrigenda, and it is requested that the neces- 
sary corrections may be made before using the book. 

Of errors and shortcomings I am fully conscious, and I beg the indul- 
gence of the educated public. Still, if this book is found to contribute in 
the slightest degree to the promotion of the study of my sadly neglected 
mother-tongue — Malayalam, and to enrich its poor vocabulary, and at the 
same time to help my countrymen to a better understanding of the English 
tongue which stands a very good chance of becoming the universal 
language, I shall never regret the time and labour spent on it. 

Tellicherry, March 1907. Tobias Zacharias. 

List of Abbreviations. 

a. adjective. 

ab. abbreviated. 

(ice. account. 

a. c. adjective compara- 
tive degree. 

ad. adverb. 

agr. agriculture. 

al. alchemy. 

alg. algebra. 

Am. American. 

an. anatomy. 
anthr. anthropology. 

Ar. Arabic. 
ar., arith. arithmetic. 

arch, architecture. 

art. art. 

artl. article. 

a. s. adjective superla- 
tive degree. 

as. astronomy. 

astr. astrology. 

a. v. auxiliary verb. 

b. botany. 
biol. biology. 
Bl. Bible. 
C. Calicut. 

carp, carpentry. 

c. (I. comparative degree. 
c. h. church history. 
eh. chemistry. 

Chr. Christianity. 

ck. cookery. 

col. collective. 

com. commerce. 

comp. compound. 
con., conj. conjunction. 

contr., contr. f. contracted 


def. definite. 

dem. demonstrative. 

dim. dimunitive. 

dr. drama. 

eccl. ecclesiastical. 

e. g. for example. 
dec. electricity. 

Eng. English, England. 
etc., dec. et cetera. 

elh. ethics. 

f. a. fine arts. 
friu. feminine. 
fen. fencing. 
fig. figurative. 
Fr. French. 
fr. form. 
geog. geography. 
geol. geology. 
geom. geometry. 

Gei\ German, Germany. 

yr. grammar. 

her. heraldry. 

his. history. 

hort. horticulture. 

hunt, hunting. 

i. e. that is. 

imp. imperative. 
impers. impersonal. 

hid. India, Indian. 

indef. indefinite. 

inf. infinitive. 

int. interjection. 

inter, interrogative. 

ir. irregular. 

kin. kinematics. 

I. law. 

lit. literature. 

log. logic. 

Hi. Mopla dialect. 

mach. machine. 

mas. masculine. 

math, mathematics. 

mech. mechanics. 

med. medicine. 

met. metaphysics. 

mil. military. 

min. mineralogy. 

m in g. mining. 

urns, music. 

myth, mythology. 

N. North Malabar. 

n. noun. 

nat. natural history, 

naut. nautical. 

neut. neuter. 

o. old. 

ob. x objective. 

o. f. old form. 

opt. optics. 

P. Palghat dialect. 

p. poetic. 

p. a. participial adjective. 

paint, painting. 

pari, parliamentary. 

part, participle. 

pass, passive. 



p. e. 

political economy. 





p. t. 

past tense. 







R. C. 

Roman Catholic. 
























South Malabar. 



s., sing, singular. 

p. p. 

past participle. 

s. a. 

same as. 










. present participle. 



pres. t 

. present tense. 

s. d. 

superlative degree 





pron . 


s. u. 

see under. 

Stlf. 8Uffix. 

sur. surveying. 

surg. surgery. 

Syr. Syrian dialect. 

tel. telegraphy. 

theo. theology. 

trig. trigonometry. 

U. S. United States. 

vet. veterinary. 

v. i. verb intransitive. 

v. t. verb transitive. 

w., weav. weaving. 

z. zoology. 

& and. 

1st. first person. 

2nd. second person. 

3rd. third person. 

Key to Pronunciation. 

Fat, fate, far, fall, what; met, me, prey, her; pin, pine, 
marine, bird; not, note, move, dove; tub, tune, rude, pull; dry, 
body; fool, book; oil; boy; pound; now. coss; e as k; ch as 
sh; g as in get; g as j; n nasal, as in anger; sosz; tti, as in tfhou; 
x as gz; ce, ci, si and ti before a vowel as sh: ocean, action. 

Note to the Consulter, 

1. With a view to save space and to present to the eye all 
related expressions together, the different parts of speech of a 
word, as well as all derivative and compound words and phrases 
formed from, or connected with it, are alphabetically arranged in 
a group in the vocabulary. And the full form of such of the 
derivatives and of the compound words as are not printed in full, 
may be easily found, if the following directions are attended to: — 

(1) Letters or syllables preceded by a single hyphen (-) 
should be added to the principal word; e.g. -ment, under abate, 
should be added to the latter, and both together read as abate- 
ment, which is the required derivative. 

(2) Letters or syllables preceded by a double hyphen ( = ) 
should be added to the principal word, after omitting from it 
the terminal part beginning with the initial letter of the part 
to be added; e.g. under abdicate, a part of it, -cate, should be 
omitted and =cation added to the remainder abdi- to form the 
derivative abdication; the part to be omitted from the principal 
word is that which begins with the letter c, the first letter of -cation, 
the part to be added. 

(3) In compounds, semi-compounds and phrases, a single 
letter with a dot generally stands for the principal word under 
which it occurs, and two letters with a dot between them generally 
stand for the derivative or compound word immediately preceding 
them in the vocabulary; e. g. under act (i) put into a. stand for 
put into act, and (2; cause of a.n stand for cause of action. 

(4) In some cases derivatives of a different etymology are 
placed under a principal word when closely allied to it in meaning 
and use. 

2. Words similar in form, but different in origin and 
meaning, are indicated by Roman numerals placed before such 


3. Stormonth's Etymological Dictionary has generally been 
followed for pronunciation, accentuation and syllabication, which are, 
however, marked only in the ease of leading and derivative 
words by means of diacritical types or phonetical re-spelling, the 
accent being altogether omitted in monosyllabic words and one 
accent alone shown in others. 

4. For meanings and their arrangement Webster's Inter- 
national Dictionary is generally followed with the omission of 
those meanings that are purely technical, obsolete or rare. This 
latter kind are, however, inserted when found necessary in certain 
instances. The primary, literal or root meaning, even if obsolete, 
is ordinarily given first. 

5. In principal words numerical figures, and in derivatives 
and compounds semicolons, generally mark the different Malayalam 
meanings, while semicolons in principal words denote the different 
shades of a meaning. 

6. A colon after a meaning indicates that the phrase following 
it, is inserted simply to illustrate the meaning. 

7. With a view to increase the number of Malayalam 
synonyms, different expressions are used, where possible, in the 
several parts of speech and derivatives of the same word. 

8. A dash ( — ) after or before a word shows that the word 
or words of a similar position in the preceding Malayalam ex- 
pression, should be repeated; e.g. (i) under abduct <BK>a_iaDrtfL^ — , 
and ojaa]<s>rtn d ^ — , mean that 6k9>o6ngGQ_jD«a,, the last words in the 
preceding Malayalam expression <a>&ajocan aJIslj^ 6><d>osng<sa_>o<fl> is 
to be repeated after each of them, as: (Hrao-jaorol^ 6><&>o6n§<2a_jo<3>, ojuS\ 
<&>rtfl-^ <s>a>o<5n§<2a_io<S); (2) under able sccn^rm — , Qi®<t&) — , and crcoacoi^o — 
mean that after each of them the word ©@a in the preceding 
expression <o>roo g@@, should be repeated, as: «cboodj«» &@g, «oa^D 
jagg, croo0«3^io ggg. 

9. The difference in the spelling of Malayalam words is 
indicated by letters within brackets; e.g. s><e>o( s >-* i:) )< DTO >== S),fl,0fora 5 


10. Malayalam words of a foreign origin are mostly put 
under single quotations. 

11. The letters M, N, P, C, etc. after a Malayalam word indi- 
cate the locality or dialect in which the word is generally used 
(see List of Abbreviations). 

12. Grammatical initials are inserted after a word, and, to 
prevent confusion, are omitted after compound and quasi-com- 
pound words. 

13. Verbs not marked irregular (ir.) are regular; and in the 
case of the former, the past tense (p. t.) and the past participle 
{p.p.) are generally given. 

14. Prepositions or other words usually accompanying an 
English word, when used in a particular sense, are inserted 
within parenthesis before such meanings. 

15. Abbreviations indicating the branch of literature, art, or 
science in which a word has a particular meaning, are shown 
in parenthesis after such meaning. 

16. Latin and French words and phrases not in common 
use are printed in italics. 

17. In this work (except in the earlier portion) an attempt 
has been made, especially for the benefit of foreigners, to show the 
accurate pronunciation of Malayalam words ending in pure 
consonants or half-letters, which in the Malayalam language 
represent two distinct sounds, one sharp and the other flat, by 
using sm, on, a>°, o u , ej u , a, etc. for the flat sound and sn6, n6, <*>, 
«*, do, etc. for the sharp sound. 

18. The (§<w^lca;oon,noo of certain verbs, as well as many 
other words usually printed with a <3oci<s>oroo or aflaj<o>o, but 
pronounced by Malayalees (chiefly in N. Malabar) as an (srarao^orao 
or croocydDo, are mostly printed with the latter to make the form 
correspond to the sound; e.g. 6>cu^ AogW^oj^cfrog); AsngaJisi^j — 

• • 




03 SY2J 6 A 03 o. 



A, ©oilcan eocfiacoTifal) acmoasvara) 
(sracOfiafOo. crojroo. ©our?)': 'o^'. g^ora 

6TT)o: (BTO, (SYD); a®, a®; &, 6S0. pf. CrTl 

(ScfiaScuoajcrD^o: oro, aT), (a_} e£c; 2. 
cruDajcryjii(2<0)OQ_icru^o: ^asb, sejas e£c. 
a. ara, o^<2(0)o sra, qj^. prep, so 
<2raoarficnD-{-(cy(&>oroo: ten rupees a 
day elajcroo aon-flaro a-jana g>Q,g_p 

A-ba-ek', ad. a_flcnf)rafc, a-flo^rak ; 

2. o_n3(mocS5io, Qjyn<2GQ;o§ . to betaken 

a. 6)o_i§om crTl crrotSo-jD^, (srao^fSojo^. 

A-ban'don, v. £. ^g^n^ana^, ^ 

efl<99<S); 2. ©ra^afl^c^; 3. <B>e)cgpyno$ 
<&, aDs^a^; 4. aGjg^^s^o^d^tS); 
5. fCT)SabosoaD^cr)S«fl9<9). -ed (-dund), 
p. a. asa-jdaaf)^; adlcnosrgjca;; (gc^a — ; 

aTi^icQ;ejcnjSfjn_i^@a. a.ed woman, 
ajfO(cr^l. -er, n. ajnDfo^ocol. -ment, 

A-base', v. t. a-n#>aa<3>, o^j^^; 

2. acflmag-j^a^a), (BYaojaooolcSs^; 3.g) 

Sl^O-lOaj (ZV.)j 4. 6>6KJUgyd9&lca>oQJ(03 

Kg2)<fr. -ment, w. «»3^; (srojisocrortn-jo; 

A-bash', u. £. roo6mn£-pf9saj, aa 
g^ s)d3>§«^<&>( iV.). -ment, n. gjs^; 

(QTOouroo-j , n_jfifl(g<2o. 

A-bate', v. t. <0i6>o<©9<0>; 2. aD^ 

7. orTlfnTaafatS)^^. y.t. <S303y<a>; 2. da&jc&n 
o9s<S); 3. (§6T^aj5)g_js3Q_jDc9); 4. crHej-^ 
<3a_io<0>; 5. aaialcSstQj, QjyT)<2C2;os 6)QJ<esj<9). 

-ment, n. aio^rafc, §d€)qj, o^aHa; 

dOfiacsjo, m.crKO); croaOoco;af)£Lj, cuooal; 

^sryej'O); craaaoo. =ba'ter, n. <3i6>o<aa 

nDQjnb, ^jf03<flsaDfOi . 

Ab'ba-Cy, n. sooao^^ocnflaoacLfl 
ojfWjo, aoajoGj<0)Q\iDoaoo. Ab'be, n. 
eoajfoD, aoDufla-iafl. Ab'bess, n. &> 
c^o(a^ 5 l0ooafl<0)orol6TT , ri. Ab'bey, n. 
*rocnjccrol0oo. Ab'bot, n. aooaDcu 
roTl. Ab'bot-ship, n. see Abbacy. 





Ab-bre'vi-ate, i»* t\ .^V&aQA, o^o 

ScefQa-TlcSs^. ^a'tion (-shun), W. .oj 
(TStSso; OTOo(ScQ£QOJCrOo©3T3). =a-ture, 71. 

croo daaTla^ oj a± cno . 

A. B. C. <sraa>oa>D3nc2;daQ3ra6aBc)o; 2. 

o-JOOOfOo(SaJ(TkJ<9x>; 3. OirgiQjO-lOOo. 

Ab'di-<?ate, v. t, & i. ctudocdiziooo 

@.<SQ_jdaari(99<Q). =ea'ti6n, ?*. raoeflcno 

0o, (WiOCOo. 

Ab-dd'men,72. o-ig&, qjc^o", «o«flftfL 

=dom , i-nal, a. £efD<xuosnjau>0ocfi>. 
Ab-du-et', v. t. a.&ojocoriaJ^sT^ 

_^— ; 2. (BT^cfecQnaad^-ai^. -'tion, 11. 

(ffraci-jonofDo, QJoaW.rDsrno, (O"^p<S0Oc&3 

Ab-er-ra'tion, n. ao^culeasma, 

aaoiPlaJlay^msgLj ; 2. an^fivg) crucf! 
oTIseeo; 3. a0rt)6m:in<2_a}Bcr)o. a. of 
mind j»T)<ara)(g0o. 

A-bet', v. t. <SBOc&icm)]cm ctoqod 

(Ssc9> (/.)• -ment, n. fceo:mD(oioa\)aoo 

CSjo; @(3TO0adl^-pjy a^OOo (I.), -t(3r, 

-tor, n. cBaocfiacrooooca'^nb; g>ran)oacfl 
{j-p-2j <fl)QO(Qnoronb (/.). 

A-bey'ance (-ba'ww), n. cSioasraTlrfl 

gj ; 2. fofl^con^jotOTznrnleLi; 3. oroouaca; 
crorDriT); 4. ^^oejcrf!(5T3>rzsi>. 

Ab-hOr', V. i. & t. OT05)O<93<3>, <S)OL) 
Q,cSs<0i; 2. OTaQOgJS^DCTIOcQ}, 6)CU(ig_J <9>0 

s<9), ariraoroo— . -rence, n, (BT05)og_j , 

6oj1s3yv)o. -rent, CL. 6)QjQ,<9aarr); (to, 

from) QQJQ.gJgg.; (3TOCrflcQa0OCa>; GCQJoefl 

A-bide', (=bode', =bode') 

(at, in, with) a_ioc98a>, rtDO0cr\Tl«03<S); 
2. a^^^an^a), crDej-gfl^TlcOgcSj; 3. (by) 
aJ^sn^orflg^tf), Qjtpls)^^^; 4. aocsB) 

onl/Q^a; 5. crooDn^^. a. by the 
oath of another oro^o <2#icX><89<9> (?.). 

AVj#6t, a. rrfljaio, ool^t^o, roioern, 
acflcoiaocfij. -ion, 72. a_f)y<Sao, (g<3£ , 
orflnoeoojo. -neSS, n. crf)_a](tn_io. 

Ab-jure', v. 2. cro^o o^e^ ra^sf) 

c98<3>; 2. OdCXJLDa^C^JoCrri®cQ3(JOn(S!8<Q), rof) 

o^g.^Q-itfificTitQe'^- =ju-ra'tion, ft. oa 

ojldo, crofovoS^ai^ScLjdafiOt^fa}). 

Ab'la-tive, w. ajsmnalQjliSc&rari, (era 
ojosoao— {gr.). 

A-blaze', «. & ad. £3_ififlc9eanD, alcrro 

A'ble, «. (a_jDajJl &@a; 2. rmrao— , 

(ScaoCOjfO)— , <2<Jb££\— , OX)02RJlD|O— ; 3. 
cxyc&^CDCQ;^— (/.). -neSS, ft. Saa^D; 

«Bsi. a. bodied, a. & , o«9s@a, a_j6mlaa 
(S-uoctd. A-bil'i-ty, n. (o_)oo^p, ®oa 
caTl; croo0(a^o, crflqljoaoo; orflaj6n")fm, 
oj§otjo; (pi.) (a-joa^CLneaacaio. 

Ab-lu'tion, n. Agfl, (^omo, <saioa 


Ab'ne-gate, u. ^. oHcBca^coi^a), 

§DQ<£jiTIOCLjOs0>; 2.rQ)g-3^Q_jOa>. =g& , ti6n, 

?i. orTiScaicuo. 

Ab-nor'mal, =mous, a. ^eaTlfK 

(giJo (ST2)CE;; 2. (SI3o^4lo— ; 3. QJl{f03Q_Jo— 

A-b6ard' (-bord'), ad. c&yan^, ^ 

A-b6de', w. qjogtoo, cljoqj , foioacroo; 
2. cuoglpso, eajaoo. p.p. q/" Abide. 

A-bol'ish, v. t. crflcSsD <a>g.<3> 5 6)a_io 
^ioj— ; 2. orriz^ej0o<ss<^; 3. crfi 

=li'ti6n, w. crfl<9s)o, crfliwafiA; ^n^ej 

A-bom'i-na-ble, a. sjqjq^qjob 

(^©nm, (STD5)Oc95)tzjra)(0s), (sraorvjc^o ot^qb;; 

2. <rf)a|jo— , ajOTo^o— . =nate, v. t. 
QQjQteaA, oraoocega). =na'tion, n. 

Ab-O-rig'i-nal, «. ojrooemajoatf) 
(sr^ca, (seaaloo/o— . =nes, o^^j 
crnajocnflaicb, eacacroDcb. 



A-bort', v. i. cDfbo(groej(T\}<f>>; 2..jif| 
noa]l^<0). n. (3TD<9)oai^_poaP. =ti6n, 

71. CO(§-acD6o; fBTOejCnftoaJIgg.; jdcoTI 

<t><e>oco;l; arfi^Qj<o>_io. =tive, a. «ra 
ejcrolea;; <9)oa»ofon<Q)CSz;o(aT3); crTl^ejaocm, 
<a>o<5jfnr3)lonDajr!J)orcT3), aji(oi£>03CQ;. n. co 

A-bound', v. i. (with, in) cooroo 

&og>6ng39>, QJftiJl(93<9>, OO^IOC^^. 

A-bOUt', prep. <BiO)^ 6>.nl0£p, O.J 

oo\ rrDialfBTao, arooeruoxu).^; 2. cucyao, 

Q_»cQ5)fa?>; 3. (ST36O1§0lbOl§o; 4- <BTO§6")(95); 
5. ^JOQ,o; 6. <3(T)6)rt>. «£?. o^<0)<SQoao, 
q^^OOQo, q^JO<B9S)0, 0)(95)QJ3Q,o; 2. Od 

raocyafDn<Q5) ; 3. ojcjroTonral), ^jyeuajo. 
round a. .ojoolejo, ^oQajsaraJTIfli). 

all a. o^)65go, ^joqo, moejaltaiao. round 
a. way ajasnjrojajyn. right a. c^raTi 

<beocoos)(9)06)@g.. a. and a. goaftoscj^o 
<Biaajls>SQtyo; i^s^sis. a. to be 
rara§<aranrtfi<fla«a>. to be a. (to) eooTI 
<98<9>. to COme a. oruoeafl<98<9>. to 
bring a. croooLf)g_pd&8a>, ovoeaDgJl 

<99<9>. tO gO a. (SY3)fOO(S)(98<9>, (Q_)C2; 
(Orf)c95j<0>. tO Set a. a®6)^<3<B>. tO 

Walk a. jajodlnnsaQd*, sroejsrai^— . 

A-b6ve', ad. (bk><jo)<8>o, (aro^joo; 
2. ojomcaroflral), $Da_ircf|; 3. gob, <30rai). 
prep. <80rtA, 5 lsxai; 2. gob; 3. cs^c^o, 

£CBT3)0o; 4. <Q)Qjla^(Tr), (BTDCUlasfol^. ft, 
that (STOfoflcnD ^tafO), fBT0(of]ejCOl<SJO. 

a. all cg^aocril. to get a. sjoaDdaaA. 
he is a. it rmroojrrb (Bragg 6>.aJ^onDQjm^. 
it is a. me (sra-'ofiorro 6-ra>oo6 (St^a^. 

over and a. o^^-acao ffnocuW). a. 
board <naj§ria-fl<afc, a)@@ 01^3^(0). a. 
ground Kflcuscnoas. 

Ab-ra'si6n, n. <8ra)3(3b fDro6roro;a)aj3 

A-breast' (-brost), ad. .ajasojo^.ij 
aojb, afk>cQ/ocBTi; 2. (of) SonaesnoQfD. 

cruo3cfjaicLji(B5)a); 2. (of, from) abasia) 

<&>aa>, go^o^ 6>jiiq&. -ment, w. ^j«a 

c9s)o; OT03fDo. 

A-broad', ad. crftog., (sroc9)6iej, o_irc> 
6>c9s>; 2. oJOrOTOi , O-JoSrOTDitfls, 0^)06)0, 
^Qja^lcerirolij 3. a_jfoC8SoaajTO> ; 4. o^)«jgo. 

tO gO a. CrO_if03{gj0QjlsaJO5ig_J^d&>, (XjO 
rD3@3j(0T3> <Sa_lO«9>. tO Set a. o_lfOO\)j03 

«09(9). tO be a. fBTacniSeoararaDfal) a_io 
d9sj9); (cycroVauaoa). to be all a. s><w 

OC"fl<3a_J0(9) ; 0^)0^ 3_alC80gSO§ oQJOD (3TOOl 


Ab'ro-gate, v. t. orflteaA, oraaro3 
cy (Srg)t95j(9), o§— ; 2. rnWafld&naA. 
=ga'ti6n, n. crf)<9ao; arriasroxab. 

Ab-ruptf, a. (BYooQ,cBa_i3C2,; 2. csjii 
^C2D^3foT0); 3. (ST9)<0) 0^1(9)0302;, orDaocQ;3 
asra; 4. raToarooeruanuo (Sircar, 5. crfl 
02c2j3Qo— , (ST®jii3roCLnra3(a^)o— . -ly, ad. 

6)a_l§m0, 5^Q_i3§-Tnm6)QJ; (9TfO<9)OY)3faT3)3 

cbTI; ©aflaflnSca'osjs. -neSS, ft. o_j3f03 

tOjo, (T^dQfia^, Q-JOSQ-JfCSg-J ; (S.al_2jC§(9s) 
S; fO)(flJ)g_jOS , «jD§(95)0. =ti6n, 72. So 
COo, -nfol©o, 5)a_J3§fal). 

AVsceSS, n. af)6afl, oildBRo, c9»as, 
o_>as. foul a. frnfoejlgjam, oj6rno. 

Ab-s«ond', v. t. & t« 00^6)01 
<9s<9), 6ia^aJl«&s<9>; 2. aalaTlfii}) orH^ 

<9>, 0OQjlfSb— ; 3. aal^CBajscjg^g.^. 
Ab'sence, n. a_»<Srt>3ceflata>, raraescLio, 

go^o^; 2. oooeafolgjscg. a. of mind 
0oroii, ©00, <^)(§ujccngj3^. a. from orf) 
o^ocroo, clDc8coj3coo. in the a. of ^^o 

flSTO) '&r3CL)CYU0(95> , 6B^3a5T3)®o_J3C)o. =Sent, 

a. gD£j3caro>, QD3e3f6n^j3fora; (in mind) (c^> 

ai)Cangj3rOT3>. V.Z. aOD03fb^gj3S)^ @oTl9a 

<9), ajfo36)cm— . =sen-tee', w. ajfoscaia 
cuot), aoseaf^'lgjsfaTDiajob; ajrocusarol. 

Ab-Sist', «>. i. (from) (TOAcnonrfl 

^(9), @.<3o_Jc9ftn<98(d)j 2, Q-fU|(9>&«9>, 0(oTl 


i * 

Abs; '<« 

* * c t 

4" \ I 


Ab'sO-lute, d. cct\aA(tw <ftt»q&/,"fKfeai3 
cd'lcno — , o_irz>ca.jfDo— '; 2. (ffronoicrob6Tij6ru) 
000, orojcc;oa5lQ-j(^(g@g ; 3. ajocr^oj 
0ocQj; aoocaaaoral); 4. orflcsuca^oay, fl^cgy} 
caic^gg.; 5. ctojcq;o(§qjoc2;, crojiScnc^gg,; 
6. Q-JfQ)a^6r^o (gr&)C2>, <2<0>Qjejo— ; 7, u^O, 
®§lftjo«n», q-j^ (#.)• the a. Sio)aajo, 
o_jra0O(ai0OQj ; arocar)(Q_j(BQQjscoo (gr.)- 

-ly, G(i. (g5<9S)0lgjOQ<3), 0CT)CT»Cgo_jO5)fiJ; 
i^OQo; (of)fO30O<T)o ($.), <S<^QJfiJo; C^t^U 
6)0; nrTlg^o(yaC2;0DCX2n; CTO_li3(tJ>; pgfcQJ 
6££o. -neSS, W. OTOJOfaXQWjO; cn)@30af) 

cnas). =tism, n. Q^(ftija£d(g)oaila_i(Wjo. 
Ab-solve', y. t. aDs^o^na^^, 

<flfia0l^6)ca)O§f9(8<9); 2. <0300o arfld9s<B); 
3. Qjls^<S)0§<Ssd9 } . =SO-lu'ti6n, n. ajo 
o_i(S0o^icno; ce£o0; cftooa^Qjofoerno. 

AVso-nant, a. af)ajfl£lflj>0oay, <sco;o 
Ab-sorb', u. £. qJ)#>6b§«s>, &€\ 

c99<©), QJen5) :: 2j l §c9®<&; 2. q<Bsn<fls>&<9>; 
3. gl^dg^OgSJ^, <SjxJ(^(S)g.<S); 4. £ic&n_n\ 

(SoljO(S); 5. cuaacara)oa3d95. -a-bil'ity, 
n. aiowTOJo. -ent, «. Q-iaTls> : ^§<S3am. 
n. cscaocft3S)6rnt)ca3COo; (/?/.) <3o30cS3o_f) 

6TTUL)0. =SOrp'ti6ll, n. GJCQto, iSl^Acfti 

6mo; cDjonooflceQ; a.n in God crfl 

Ab-Stain', v. z. (from) afl§a>, cu 
s^l<sg<Q), eayneroroiCYfl^cQ). v. t. qs<b%&>. 
-er, n. cus^ainb, ejaoaflcus^d^nb. 
=ste Hli-OUS, a. ©(a^cacrfl^aOo g. 
@&, eTl^ooBiscuo— , aiao«no)a-j^0oooajra). 
=sten'tion, ». cus^ooo. =sten'tious, 
a. ajs^aoarujgoQj^ga. =stin-ence, 

n. §D(Qg)eB;83oa;o, cus^ano; <2anocnj > , 
(Q_)fOio; 0)(O)oaacr)o; 0Qia_ioanaj@^ 3 mo. 
total a. e 0^ajocr>a_)rtf)ajsfe 3 ar>o. =stin- 
ent, a. ajs^jmcTO-ieoai^ga. w, cus^ 

Ab'stra^t, a. SQJ^cu^orn^rm, 
croocefiiorafc, aTlceciC2;cR-)o6njnru)0oo, 0<sooo 
Qjlco(ff)0oca;. a. noun /soajioxaJloxmo 
2io(gr.). n. ®QJollO£J , , cruo<2<©£aajo, (oDco 

I' ^ iirthe a. (sraon.axjoerxicruDa'Ipios)^. 

fDl_g4<a>g.<S>; QjcQjfon^^oSajOjiriasa); croo 
(Qo oQ)§d9Qcai; t&>g.CLJOCan o{j)§<t513)c&>£i<0). 
-ed,p.«. (Q-)<2<Wj<fto (51(5)02;; CDo^o— , Q(^T)o 

oDjo— , ^aueoDsjoona. -ed-ly,atl cro_i 

(0)6KU. =ti6ll, n. QjIcSOJ^lKDo, ©OJollOS ; 
S)5)a>QJ^o; ClDcOOTSjiIOTCO^Jo; Qjlcfi3C£J 
Q-iralfWjOCOo; a^a)0(iro)QJ0CrOo; raroO-ioOfD 

6rr>o; crc«5Ta. 

Ab-struse', «. (cgoioo (SirO)C2;, (btoscoo 
jairao — , oil 0030;% @fc. 

Ab-SUrd' (-serd'), «. eojaulaDra 
©jdo orace;, (Ssocoarcnjo — ; 2. 6)Q_i06mfara) 

rao— (iV.);3.oT3ancaiQ«9io— . -ness, -i-ty, 
A-bun'dance, n. (urjria^gr^^; 

aH^fat; 3. crog&if); 4.6)o^)oajgjjo, ^1. 

a. of cua^^, c^oroog.0. =dant, a. c&glq 

c^o (SrgiCQ;; CrTlOO-JSl— , aDgf^LH— . 

=dant-ly, ad. ooIocoj, cuofooa0oca>l 

A-bUSe', 71. /^gn<2CQ;0ODo; 2. §fD0ji30 
fQo; 3. QJ0Qj)c£Q06TT)o; 4. §(§0cfla6mo; 5. 

oacQjoroo. =buse', v./. -^(aTlaj, (ScsyooDo 
s^jii^,, i§geqSco;ocoo— ; 2. cu stain c9a<3>; 3. 

adloCrdlcQsdi; 4, f5Tan_J0OCrria3(S); 5. Jlfl 

fora)Q_io<9), <D06rno6)<3>§cqgD<9) (A 7 *.); 6. 6ru 
aiof^amocoo s>jn<g£. =bu'sive, «. §^ 
<8cqjocqo s>_aigijam; crflca (srojco;, (macro 

e^o— . a.e language .aflfCKDcuoan. 

A-but' w. i. @.aoTlcTn^) IS <s>, sxaio§l 
ral<9s(0j. -ment, 72. afonrro^snc). 

A-byss', A-bysm', w. (btoodocuo, 
(Si2)ipo; 2. o_jo(mog.o; 3. (aracDcrcj)(0)oeL)o. 

A-^ad'e-my, w. oilsjoajcao; 2. o_j 


A€-cede', v. i. (to) (srQ^a^Qjc£]&- 

2. CTUDOmcaraTlfQi) !0)C2;Q(95; 3. <T0aafaf)eS9 

a?, CBctyoeflaQifii; 4. <2jzS(®&). 

A^-cel'er-ate, v. t. cscucooi oia» 
a^<9>; 2. emau^gj^cc^aj. -a'tion, 
n. rt»-ircr)<o)CO<aT), cscuoxo). 



Accent, n. crojeoeoroo (gr.)-, 2. @. 

^OfOSTDo; 3. (rOJfoSOrO-aflaCDo; 4. 086nyo, 

aiO(Qn; 5. (pros.) co/*». =tu-a'tion, n. 

o^smo^oraerno, cru_iroQjl<Sua:a3o; ro^roTl. 
=tii-ate, v. t. aro-JfoeofoScoraiosiS a^aD 

<93&>; a>(O3SrO73)0S>S Q-lOcSs; (a_)0(a,SUj 00 

2. arozaroDcftgda); 3. (BYo<siDocoaf)tfta<a>; 4. 

^Srel^oJTlslcBStQ); 5. 0,fflJo <2CD0c9avOj. 

-a-bil'i-ty, w. cry^ooDj^; cro_f)<a>o 
ro5ca>oo0j<a>. -ft'ble, «. flrg^ogjo fS^ 

<b>; ©cfgt&'Do— ; ooi(0)o — . -ance, n. 

fBTOo(/^l<9)0fOo, CTOaatWo; crO20(O^a_l(gJ)o; 

sl,oj jd 6ngl<3> (com.); d^.gjQjScQM^slajirat 
(com.), -a'tion n. (sraafl^fosrno; iaro 
(oino, (q_)<scq;oc/do, (^oiDlcQJcaiDo. -or, 
w. a^ld^a-n^Lojcunb, <30S>ejog_jea>oroab 


A-e-CeSS', ft. (a_)!SCLioao, (QTO§g_pg_]' ; 
2. QjaH; 3. <H»OSlajau); 4. <TOo<SC2;oa)o; 

5. (5Tg)^)(a5rno; 6. (S^ocjooanajoroajoaio. 
=sar-y, =s6r-y, a. croo<3ycM»0oc2;, <@sl 
ay, org) oiler) a oca;, w. ^so&l, ^orooorTl- 

^SlSj^nTXtt . -i-ble, a. (to) (SK>§g_}l3 
@@, crO0 5 la_ild9s)cm3)re»; o^)^.g_jo (ST5)Ca; (TOO 
£t)jO — ; <26ri;?COaf)<32;o— ; 0OO3c&}(oST®3 

anc^gg.. -ion, w. ecffioeflgj*, (Q_j<8cuoa 

OOo, (BTO^gJljy ; QJfeJJOD; CrolooDOCrOOOO 
®foOoD6mo; (SroOGOOfooSo. 

Ac'ci-dence, n. aja^a-jseeo, oa 

6moao((TOo, QjjO<&>ro5rn — . 

Ae'ci-dent, n. (BTDcrooCoraf), 6)o_i§mo 
<5"go<9jcm arooiSQjo; 2. (5ro(a_)coom0oc2; qj 

d9ftl5mo; 3. <B7oa_j<Q,So, (8T5)QJIfDT3) . -ftl, 

a. cs^g m^cojo @@g, caLooaTlrjA— , mse* 
frooajraocoj; igsu.0^of5ra). 

Ac-claim, u.^.^«c9j(g=<a.; 2. QS)<a>(g 
§)ca;0(e5jc9D; 3. <syo>c9<3<0>. y.f. 6)S)cQ5ig^l 
<2n^0ffirn<eQ<a). n. 6V7><a)S)<e«o§'. =ela- 
ma'tion, n. <3raad(g)&i<3a£io:#3o, aa<9>(3 
§lcaoc95)rtJ?); (i^oejoaDajo, 

Ac-cli'mate, Ae-eli'ma-tize, y. 

£. ooos cljoq<&>, svajgso— . =ma / - 
tion, w. mos Q-iood), u)aj0go— . 

Ac-cliv'i-ty, ft. <e>co;ooo, <^2«) 
OOo; 2. 0&ia#6)S -nirtflou ; 3. jajfoo. 

Ac-com'mo-date, v. t. <mod^o^ 

0O<09<fr>, S)(0)Ogal<63<9>; 2. (to) crflrog^ 
<9Qc9i, cscaoealgjlcSaa); 3. 0"OaOOCan<S3<9>, 
<asQJ0CO^<Q>0§<fl(8<S>5 4. gDSoS)<0>O§<9a<&>, 
a_)0glp(99<9). =da'ti6H, ?i. g.a-10; CTO0O 

cooooo, aa0ooo; crooOocBo, crocrmojocp^, 

@.n_J<&>Ofoo; §DSo; af)§(af); <9>So OJOg^ 
oa)§ , S)5)a)(95)6md95) . 

Ac-eom'pa-ny, v. t. -ojeoeo^o 

<So_iO(S), fsracr3co0l(98(Qi, (^sa#5nio<a>; 2. 

<S_aJCnoQJflfl<&); 3. QJOQjO 3a^lDcan<9s<8'. 

^com'pani-ment, n. crooodl^o; quo 

Sio, fO)Og.®0S.O. 

Ac-com'plice (-piis), w. ®§oa^; 

2. croooonLjraoa51 (/.). 

Ac-COm'plish, v. t. (tf)sia>ase»; 

2. (5T0CI3cGQlteQ(Q>; 3. <TOa£}&J0Oc99<&>; 4. 
ajf6lGm S) f6lc93<97. -ed, p. a. crol&O0o 
co;, izjTloi^ga, -moSioaoortsfl^erraro). -meilt, 

71. a^fohf); Croo^lUo, (Ufolcg^OfDo ; SV5>QJ 
Oalc£CTjO; o)6)cusaa0jo; ClT!8j. 

A£-COmpt' (ak-kount'), see AcCOUIlt. 

Ac-COrd' (-kard), ?i. cro.ifo<20anno; 

2. 6)a^)a)0fn>io; 3. croaa^o; 4. (Scmo^.-O). 

of one's own a. croj®0u;c2jo. with 

one a. Qa^f&atWjCSfnTaosis. v. t. (to) cro 
aii)lp-Tl(9i8^, cscs^oealg-pcfiis^; 2. raracraoj 
alaQ^; 3. S)a)o§<es<S). y. i. (with) acaraTl 

foHdaadSj; 2. G0gn<w03CBnrtfi<9<a<3>. -ance, 

71. 6)Q_iOOSfDTao; tSCO^OgalgJ . in a.e 

with (HTOcrdaruofQ0ocfln. -ing, prep. &> 
fm3)Cusmo. a.g to (o_)a>oroo. a.g 1 as 

(2q_106)£J. -ing-ly, ad. 6ia5T3)QJgr^o;(STDrO) 
6)^06^'. =di6n, ft. 6)S)<0)<S«ncmfQo. 

Ac-C0St ; , u. f\ 6^o§nrtf)aa<s>; 2. (era 
§05i^lfQ]c9i8<fi5; 3. (BY^Qjo o_ioai. 

Ac-COU-che'ment (ak-kusl/ma), ?<. 
(o_)croojo. =ch'eur' (-bher), w. nr^^l 




A<J-COUnt', n. <Q>em&5); 2,A6m<S(Q^o 

fiJ; 3. gDSQJOS ; 4. 0^^13)300)0 ; 5. £(510) 

roojoeo, ^jOfwai (Si); 6. <2c2;ood.(0), <s^g> 

cfig'O); 7. <9>0(O6mo; 8. CrO20CO0OOo; 9. 
(STOjeoCQJo; 10. £CLJ(SC2/0GOo. Call tO 

a. &>6m<a?, 3rooc93<fl); croaocoomo <Sjiio 
e1<ss<3>. carry to a. ^stossTIco!) S-oicQg 
c9>. current a. ajrocu -aflaioj aiema^. 

in a. with so-jon^ ^urna* . give an 

a. <a?6mcs« <S6ruoa51g_p(9s<0), Qjlcuroo a_io 
c^tft. keep a. <&>6rn<65) ag)^ra)l5)Qjc99<9>. 

make a. &>6m&s) og^r®^; <s>6mcBa 

a>yT)<egca>. make a. of QjlGj0.'aDc99<fi>, 
6nj^aDorD(a8ai. take into a. aj<a> 
^aiasA, 6)a_ioro3gTlcS8<a>. take a. of, 
take into a. of caiol^asiDcfeca,, 
ujrtfl^s^oggdfc. turn to a. tsr^eooB; 

00(08.©), ©.ajsca/oco^gj^^^cOj. a man 
of a. 0ooon6. on what a., upon 
what a. o^cto aD-oiortfLafig . of no a. 

aruort^gjoajro). on no a. c&os) tDocrro 

6><B>06ngo. On all a.S ag)£J0oS)d*D6n§o. 

on a. of orfialrorex). on one's own a. 

a\}jcTO)oajc^(Brari!2ejfl9<»\ v.t. <3>6rr><9n\ 
§<s>, <S)6rnc95nf3i)!Sjai<99a5; 2. a(j)6rra<s>, c/3 

6TrTld98<fi5; 3. CLn^iiOfol^^; 4. 6T2JgQ0Om) 
t95<S), (51^)8 folc&8tQ>; 5. OLplajfOo a_JO<£>. 

y. i.<9>em<as> a_ioa>, — .'S.aJ3a"lc98<a>; 2. (for) 
ajyT|a_jO(Sj, -arocTlcafl.^ 6)<0>o§as<9>; 3. 
(for) d^ort>6rr>0ocBrirtn<99<&>. to a. of Q-D 
ej0'of)<S9<3>, 6>Q_joas^<fl8d9». -a-ble, a. 
gcoraroojaalc&oca. -a-bil'i-ty, n. g)roro) 
roojosro)_io. -ant, n. ^smceag-pgg., 

&> 6Y7") 3) <&S) $> q@) (Q, (Q Ob . 

Ae-eou'tre, Ae-ebVter (-ku'ter), 

v. f. @.§gjl<93<d), jaiacoTlasai; 2. a_» 

SfStSnOg^ 6)<0)O§a9<93. -mentS, 11. 

pi. QJ((TO0aJ®)0rQo; O_jS<St95)0£j ; OJSCBJO 
&1<&>^6)S @.§Q-Jo <6Tg)C!%(J06ai3go; CTOO0D 
OOo; (SjfOilfOCBtQsjOgJ . 

Ae-ered'it, v.t. ajWioauo qjo» 

«20jc&>; 2. Onl®CQ;0(O)(Bsdi; 3. OMQDOODOJ 

tjOc^ooil <BT3ca<e?^; 4. QJk»_icrol(e9<fl>; 

5. (BYaaBQja)c93<0); 6. oilsrn3io)^§OT9)<&>. 

a. one with something <sro)$rooa_fi 

Ae-eres'cent, a. ai&ul.^aKB3nr>. 
A^-crete', v . i. ^slojaTlai; y./. 

:a3§l5)co;§a8a>. ='ti6n, ft. (gjslcuaD 

o • 

(O) ; aJ,iP6)C2;0 <9>S6)£LJ0 £8 OTOSPSOCBJ (TOQejo. 

Ae-erue', v. i. ojaroi<s>; 2. ^g. 
ojoaj, eaoolcsata, ; 3. '^slairtTl^; 4. (a-p 
0^0002;)—. w. Qj(ix)o-)Qj , aoaio. 

Ae-su'mu-late, v. f. & i. soaeaj 

f61(Ss(S), cro_i^Q_D^6)Qja9dh; 2. «£§(&>, 
S)o_ira3(ft<s>. =la'ti6n, ft. 5)o_iro3d95»o, qj 

(SDOO; <3oaSUfD6TT)o, 6)01^' . =la~tive, 

a. (©sno-ircson, oj&Lflcagam. 

A-e'-cu-ra-cy, ?*. ^^^;- 2. dusmiTi 

(tno, (oTl§o; 3. nryda|po; 4. <san<b; 5. qj. 

e&oTl. =rate, 05. ^>2jO (ST^Cfi;; <956rn©5) — ; 

nrycflgpo— ; caLoocoiDo— . =rate-ly, ad. 

rof)§o (ST^CSaT); oaofl— ; 6)QJSlg_j — . 

A^-CUrse' (-kers'), V. t. vtnS\<a%<£t>, 
(a_)D<ftai. -d, =st, «. cyaoo_j(g@ai ^o 

aj(&9nr^0Dca; ; §c^<o)C^@@, igro arc oqj0ocai; 
(a^aojoajlsl^ (N.). 

A€-€u'sa-tive, n. aS\(ti>\&)Q?[&<B{&\, 
<a>aa— (gr.). 

Ac— euse', v. t. csao^io'Sfooajsmo 

S>-al^, <93006)g_j§f^<a); 2. (of) ®0.lA(OTD 
on,0CO'S)g :: J§(9>, <Q»OOo^iJ0(tg®^>. -d, rt. 

d&ooo ja T j0«jTa6>g_j§. the a.d (5^^, 

<&oo<dnofonb (^.). -r, w. faTaojojoan; (hk> 
cnjoaucflaorDab. =sa'ti6n, 7i. saocttio'Sfao 

OJ6mo, fBTOa-JOjOao; f5TDm.0Ctt;o, (ST^)OJ 
GJOCJOl; <SjOOo. false a.n <©S@. (HH* 

OTjOCao (/,). 

A^-CUs'tom, w- re^. (to) c/alaf)£_p 

(93^), <2OOOOlc2J0d9?^ (iV.), fn)y>c9soQjaS 

($E)<0>. to be a.ed oj« ) a5)0o^. 

Ace (ad), n. aoo; 2. aoogjggfl; 
3. (BTDsna; 4. o_j<sris. within an a. 

Of 6V0}0S>§orao 6)«J10§ l6)^OTDo ; o^OOOjo 




A<me (ftk), n.QonoQj , sQjsoo.head- 

a. (U>fiJ(Q9(CT0) . tooth-a. o_ig4<fljfBra . v. 
7. 5)CDDQJ<0), <2chqcdwo<Q>. 

A-chieve', v. t. mncycoraflagd^; 
2. crooa51g_pc9sc95 ; 3. oroauDalcSstS). 
-ment, n. crflq^rman, cnfkaul; raiocrscego 
ooo, croaojoamo; Qjl^j^cyraToil, ojfoo 


Ac'id, 71. (BTOgo, aJgTlad ; 2. ©OQJdfco. 

«. oja^aj a^a; 2. <a>orc>o— ; 3. crflfDODfio 
qjo— , <rf)c£QrD(ov- . -i-ty, w. aja^a-}* • 

a.y of the stomach ajaT^ «^§d> 
(med.). -u-late, u. t. ojaHg-fldasifl), 

cijan<esc9s. -u-lent, «. oja^ajes.. 

-U-loUS, «. ®aioaoaja^^@a; QjaH^. 

A-e-knowl'edge (ak-noi'ej), v. t, 

CTO(Z0[Zjr)cS3<&>; 2. <86rUO(i^0OQ2|rtf)<ej; 3. 

cncB^a^Q^o ca302(aD<ss(Q5; 4. <9T)|f)eQ;an 
QjfDo firaolceTldBsai. -ment,?i. crozaano; 
rQa^coD; <0iOoaro0artno; mcraleoojo; (a_j 

<tr>.aja>oroo; ajc3nadl§ . a.t of money 

<j£)ei&s)Oud , eiooocroo. 

A-e'me (ak'me), n. ja^o, rsraiojo; 
2. (Bra^ocroaT>o; 3. ajr&3can(a_)oca'o. 

A^'ne, ft. awrfl'ab (med.). 

A'-eorn, ft. <frro3<2aj&j ( &>g_jy>o 0.). 

A-COu'sti^S, ft. pi. CO jcrfloao^o ; 
2. ^Qjfimanej. a-COU'stk, ft. <S(£O)0 
^(©^cfticoo (med.). a.€ du^t 6qjoqDj 

onoao («/?.). 

Acquaint', U. £. (with) raraolcon 
<9S(95, a-J<^^C&o 0-108 (5S)(&>, — csrgjcQgav 2. 
(CJaCTlg-p C&9-&), <STOolQJ6)<a)0§d53<95. tO 

be a.ed with oraol^, (&rc>cf)(gffljog>6ngo 
<Q>. a. one's Self a-)fo1_aJCEnc9i8<e>, o_idl 
c9sai. -ance, ft. (with) (maoHoj , o-jfbl 
«6to)0cno; Q-jrDl_ajc2;<95>oroa6, (3©Ja_jaf)..aj 

A-e-quiesce' (-kwi-es'), &. i. <£>£o 

en-&flrtTl<Ba«o>; 2. (in, to) oro00. , an<aa«9», 

Qjlcgfoocoo aLAO(&d!V))c&)&s<&s. =qui-es'- 
cence, n. cruaaroio, s>0rocr>oa©ojoao; (erg? 

Ac-quire', v. t. croauoelas<Q>, org) 

l«S9c3>; 2. QJOacOt3)O(09d9). -flieilt, ft. 

croaxiooncesiob; croouoajo; (BTOrnQj'; oa 

°W ; Q^l) ooroourora . =qui-si'ti6n, ft. 

crooruoamo; (Brotoinaiofio; croaajo9,o. 
Ac-quit', v. t. af)§<a>; 2. <o?l«^ 

6)<SiO§c95!<S);3. (a^OCaCSrifCTZno^iii^; 4. Qjl 

ej6^(S)0§<es<a>, S)<Q)0@^<a); 5. (of) afls«a>a 
<&; <9)OO<6s)0«)cr>6)gjarTD fofl^^gj^c^a). a. 
One's Self ^o agjlastf), (Tflc^oDl^dfc; 

6).nA<Sg2jSng<0) 6>CU^lg_pral> 6)j^(^, -tal, 

n. «s>oO(fi<nofDono)gjGrTo@g_(aflglj ) , (a_)raflS)C2; 
an§ca;«fl5)rtA (I.), -tance, ft. «a>SoQjl§(A; 


A-e-ra'nia, 72. (BracAanouo; 2. p/. 

A'-ere (a'ker), ?2. (§0lcojaQJ, (9)06yrn, 
43,560 -aigsro^^oej^l. God's a. cgoao 

on(§0n. -d, a. cr)")ajoQ_jocnj(&|.@a. -age, 

n. ojlrr^ofQo. 

A^rid, a. -oiQjgj u a^a^ <&>ofDo— , rofl 
«&o (sr?5)C2;; 2. crflc^grao— . -i-ty,-ness, 

A^ri-mon-v, n. <sjoroo, fofltfifa^; 

2. <&)08nno, (Qioolon.o. 

Am-to-^hro'macy, A-ohro'ma- 

topsy, n. ojg^oatura), rnloocananayocm. 

A^'ro-bat, ^. (sro@jocrol. -ism, 

w. (Broejocroo. 

A-€rOSS', ad. a£)rafls>ro, (goncpjroroTlr^. 
prep. Qjlfij6oi3fDra)lral), ac© <Q)fD (g^raJi 0q, 

«&ifo oj6)rt>. to come a. <s>06nD<^, o&'g 
^cajo ^osna^. to go a. the country, 

A^ro-tism, w. cnoaDldaaicsyo (med.). 

Act, ft. tgflco;, (o^c^fcraTl; 2. <s>a_irts 
0OOOo; 3. <3iiic^; 4. cnos<Q)o; 5. (moS 

(SiajraDoGj) tsraaoDo; 6, fofl^; 7. rooeajcrD 
o2J0o, co(aaodO(nr^o. in the very a. <&>o 

^jo 6^jal^(SaiJ0C)orO*)(j)fm, <9i^O(S>aci t j0O 

cbTi. put into a. s^g^, cT)s«j©ai. 

a. of attainder <aiooo crrialanao (g<0)«jl> 




crocQ5iorjf)<2ajc95i (m>s6QQ&>. a. of bank- 
ruptcy #lojoanoa)§i95)rtjb (com.), a. of 

faith 0OT>s'3oac51aiQg. eaolg-paflrafc. a. 
of God s>s)eajrf> ) '?5jO, orag^o. a of 

grace <aog_»\ v - &* & *• <^j° a - lf ^< s s <a, 5 

enmain^ai, ®<&>ogjo 6)&>^£r> (N.) ; 3. (on) 

a£ififl(33<S>, 0_10Q,<&, (8loQJCrUO0C©CrO3CDo 

6>o_jca30oQ,<0>; 4. (for, as) 6tu«nejocQnral<9s 
<a>, o_ic9)fi>0oc2n (o-jajrBraltes'fr. to a. a 

part (&>$f\di)a&) (SQi&io6)<&>^<&). to a. 

the part of (SY^coD (a_j(y <orafi<esa>. a. up 
to crDa)^ran<9s<Qj. -ing, n. <fra~), o™s 
aio; 6rufcnajoc)o. a. (ai^o&jSfaratQsgg.; 
a_»<frfDi2oca>. =ti6n, ft. <fr02o, (a-Kyrorznl; 
(pi) f^ 05 ^ j 6)a_)fO30OOr>o; aO&Jo; <Sal 
d^, (STg)oC^o; CU,QJaD3roo; o_)S; -aiej 

cno. cause of a.n cuj ajoDarod^orosmo 

(/.) . =tion-a-ble, a. cuj Qjoooro^^so 

Qjcm. -ive, a. giflsrooooiggg, (a_)a)f5n>n 

<Q9<nm; C§6^0OCOJ; SiS) .aJrtn(Tn)0,@& ; fsracol 
<Q>0OC2;; fljf)(Q_Jci£ifiJo a@§L; -QjQ,d9n — ; 

aro<S)02<S)o, aj0afljraf!rai>(gpoB/ (gr.). a.e 

principle, arcane, a.e service ^oj 
(srajcncroDl^l, o%©ij3^<a>o. -iv-i-ty, 
n. (o_)QJforacr>o, (ojcyrorof); oaq^oaof), 
njQiijQjy . -or, ?z. a>tob)oai , a>0efl; 

moS(9)«Sngri<9s)3fOnb, <2Q-):fl3o, SQJd3ic95)a 

root). -ress, ft. onos<Si<95)gr)«&norofaran. 
=tu-al, a. a era (SY^ee;, c&'LOocaioo— , qjo 
ct^ojo— , cnDOdaaiDrtA, cry <3gp 0002;; ©<2g_jo 
y>6>ojrz», (o^oajqggi. a.l sin <a>02a_io 

OlJO. ft. (p/.) QJD(T$QJ0OC2; QJfOQJ jiflfij 

Qj . =tu-al-ly, ad. crflcaucwo (sr^coTl, 
(ofl^— . -tu-ar-y, ft. <Q)srns)<9s)$><q8£&>o 
ron6; (#l0arooQ^\mso3Ta)gjc9jDfon6. =tu- 
ate, v. t. (o-jcyasrarigLjlas^; mstisial 

a <B3i COlgJ^es t9> . 

A-eu'men, w. 60^^01^221^, afisoj 
A-eute', a. ©ana), ^-ojs &@&; 2. a 

^fnraTlraJ) — ; 3. oal^o orgjcs;; 4. <e>dlano — , 

roflcfi£Qo — ; 5. <ai0C5J86QJ0CU(g@g,. a. 

angle, ft. Gja^®<9>o6n6, croosajojais^o 

enb (geom.). -ness, ft. @0a«n, 6ry@JLjl 

owooa&jo; ^-a$; ^sad**; a^^. 

Ad'age, ft. ajiPaaoyT), (T\jeorflf)Rno, 


Ad'a-mant, ft. ao<2g = ^o^c2;c01^5 , ; 2. 
QDigjo. =te-an, =tine, a. s>a>ajfo<ss)g}' 

A-dapt', V. t. (to, for) o_»OQ,0OOO 

a>. -a-bil'i-ty, ft. s-ai^, ecaoeflaj. 

-fttion, W. (ST0OS^Q_J6rno; O"Do<202/0 

Add, y. ^ <@^<fr, QJ11&2&); 2. cu 
§«»>. =den'dum (pi. Ad-den'da), n. <bk> 

a©6aia\oo. =di'ti6n, n. cro^aimo 
(Jr.), i&^an&Hsm&v ; ojaonn; croDom 

<sg_j(b (/.). =di / tion-al, a. <B»afi<B)o; 

0oq, aDgaadaaoajgg . 

Ad'der, w. ferosmeTl (z.). 

Ad-di^t', v. t. (to) cro0gjp«es<fl>; 
2. aaleD<es<&, (QToejonTicQs^, cro^ajGocxy 

0o<&a^. -ed-ness, =die'tion, n. qj 

(oDaj, a,rtM|j0croo, cuocrooo, c^cromo. 

Ad'dle', U.^. & i. 6)^)^®o_J0(Q), <2a_j 

socaD— ; 2. 6njau) ojoioV. a. -afl 
61012), <3o_lS0Q&; fgn>aQai0oca; 6njaLTl 

Qjsncflcw. a. brained, a. emaLflcangyo 
Ad-dress', n . (a-^crooODo, q^ioo<sio, 

CrOo£0:QQ6roo, CTOoCTODfOo; 2. CrOoCrOOf© 

rtfl<aO; 3. croaBbSoorDef); 4. cro0gl]6mQ_j 
((3)o, (BroelcuDei— ; 5. <20^pajocroo, o_jo 

gJCrUDeJo; 6. GDd9ftf)6Yr)jO', 7. CTOO0(O^o; 
8. (p/.) <2(Q_)0CrOgjDOJo. V. t. (C5)0lcSS 

(a>; 2.q_jo<0), fsraoncoTltQQa); 3. Q<3)^>ronc£y 
co;<ss^; 4. <S0gTlajocroo Q^)y@<a5; 5. <g(a_) 

0crogjoojo 6)-a)<^. a. one's self to 

(c^)0)<ss<S); croocroorol<SQ<S). 

Ad-duce', »•«. (cyn^oajleDs^, cuo 

4. (a-)0o6rr>o o_)0<Q). 

Ad-duet r , r. *. ora^a-ptss^, cu 




A-dept', n. (<yajl6rr>n6, Qjlaaaonb. 
a. osjcnajsmjigea. -ness, n. crooa 


Ad'e-quate, a. eurf) (sy3>co>, c/a<tfV- , 

g).af)ca)o — , ciDadlitno— , an<Qs>. =qua'cy, 

Ad-here', v. i. ®^<a>, a-ioc^; 

2. <<a>, Q_ld9£Qo ^^(93 ; 3. (BTaaiejo 
6aD(93!fl); 4. aJls\^6)<&>3ch<0); 5. 12,08 

g_ps^c99c9). =he'rence, w. ailsltaTZDo, 

crofflraco), (ST^^ano. =he'rent, 72. oal 
ca^nb, rsraa3iiiorDl; ajfiflaisroainb, (srg) 
<c/Dflro)nb; o_ida&i:9s)0fDab, ^oQ^oronb (S.). 
=he'sidn, n. q_ioo , croo6ajau)o; ailsl 
«5T3)oj (STg)(c/3)ca;o, <s arc qj; croaaaio, rataa© 

@aj^; croog@1cea<o>(pAys.). =he'sive, 

.#. o_JOQ,@a; crooajcrr)03C2;. 

Ad-hib'it, y. t. g>.c)os)<aa3@^tf>, 6)5><a> 

S)d3fl3Q{3<9>; 2. g>OJC8C2;0GOl(S!3:9>. =ti6ll, 
71. ej>a_)®CE;3CQo. 

Ad-i-aph'o-rism, n. emcrfi^&b 

ca>_io. =r0US, a. ^6mSQOcQnrt>aol«j)0oca. 

A-dieu' (-du r ), I8l. & ad cro jct)J1, en 

nDoccTlfolcaa^, croaioo, cnaqggoroo, raoa 
ffloa, curasg. to bid a. cruaioo 6><a>o§ 

«9S<Q), — Q_aJ0g^<3>, oflSQJ36B§<&), — 5><9>0 

§<9sd9). n. aD<sc2;ocf)ajo3cr)o. 

Ad-in f fi-ni-twm flnoancLiculayocBn. 
Ad~in'ter-irn annas^, flra.ofhrfls 

Ad-ja'cent, a. <Bra§(8raflfD)<fl8flm, 6><o>o 

§; 2. cr)qo, (9TD02;fai)QLj<s!>(^@g. a, angle 

ctd QOSc^osnb (geom.). 

Ad'jee-tive, n. cr>30af)<soac£t36rr>a_i 
So; 2. (ergj (c/aflrtnrtb. a. Qj}®cyac&i6rn0o 
en;, o_j«>3(C3>aa)(gea,fflt3^lrtj)CTnoca;-, 2. 00 
SQjslcroo6OJcau0aca (/.). 

Ad-join', v.t, 6)(o>o§' @DnD(Si8<Q5, <btj> 

§(013) — . 

Ad-j6urn' (-jern'), 0«& & i. m) 

<Brafl6)Qj(0a<a>; 2. (w^oejo crfloggjdh. 
-ment, n« orflffifaHBb, nrfl(BTa»l6)cij«aB^. 

Ad-judge' to (-jaj'), oil. oTIafl^ 

Ad'ju-di-cate, v. f. & t. aDof) 
^tj§KS®<9). =€a'tion, w. ^1^°. 

Ad'junet, a. crooag<e*a>0DOB;, <8_oi 
arflafiaaarr). w. <sraa96aj(ru)o, g>a_joo 
coo; 2. croaooc2;a,n6, @§ (gj(y<aron<9»3 
ronb, jiiaaoraD; 3. altaoacaaamo, o-jaaf) 

Ad-jlire', V.t. VSt^smZU\^Oj\^A; 
2. (BYOa^QWOOoD tQjg^leBg^, CfcCLJLOCLJIQllO— * 

3. flnoejij^.Tnaoas <ma3aj<fiaf)<9aift. ju- 
ration, 71. COX^o, OT9;6TT), oao_JLDo; 2. 

eujmin^aoco; (a-issnjocjocno. 

Ad-just', v. t. oatfi6)a_j§88®«a», 

®gL_p<98«0»; 2. (33canC2>3<9!8d3s; 3. rtjf)<08<3>, 
<9)6tT)cSyi 65C5J© <©>tplc»3<d); 4. CnKOgJliflaai; 

5. <wj65)orDfijcs2r)ejo<95ri ocuaaa). -ment, 
n. aTlcjoomo; (0^^; crDfOgj . 

Ad'ju-tant, n. ADSjaxjonb; 2. <sav) 
cn3a_icancroaooc2;<9>nt>; 3. 0oO36ajd9>o(2r.). 

Ad-Ub 'i-tUTYl C2JLD3AO0O, ©MOO© 


Ad-min'is-ter, v. ^. & i. oosk@ 

<&>, cYflQljadl<03<e>; 2. s)<d)0§(Q3di>), aoaorol 

S)jilQ^O(diO§<Qi8<9i; 3. artSCTTD SCTOQjla-p 

c9a<Q>; 4. fBrasl(9Q<S), c/aoa\f)«9atf>; 5. cro 
asuo 6)^^1(03(0); 6. Q-iarg ouf^lajoej 
ono 6>ji1^; 7. (U.2-) a^ax©); ma^^. 
=tra'ti6n, n. aDjiiorasrn, efoerno, qjo^j 

<W}0 (S.)' f 0(Q^lcrO(S, 8d>0(S|; 6)<9)O§<0S)'^; 

(Q_^<Sca;ocoo; (gToaacqgsmo; (sroajc9)oaa , l 
coD^ofOTD) Q- 1 ^ Q-jaTlQ-ioejooo (/.). 
letters of a.n ann^cuaobo (groirab o-j 
f6lo_joejoo<9s@a (sracjol<9»oraaj!j5)o. =str&'- 
tive, a. erosmcroo6aja\O03C32;, a_j«ria_ioan 
(Sqod, orfic^iaoldBscm. =stra't6r, n. aTl 
jiioro^ab, Q_jfiDajoaj<0)n6. a.r general 

«a_io@ QJ: ^ Q_i«ria_joej<2cr)3<2Q,ocoarQDrtb 





Ad'mi-ral, n. cus^jy^QQcruor^o 
cdlojob, cQjgjf^ajscnoca'cQjab; 2. (cycoo 
co a#@jj<as)£jr3l>. -ty, n. Qoofocosmo 

a5^Q_l^io; OJS(55>gJf^55S)CrOCn.CLn-ai0fOc9> 

0(rreflcroe* c9>^:2£JD§ocroo6ai(Tufl-g4 cn.o 
ca;ajl_aiDrD6rncTuoajo; cro^0croo6nj(TU)0o 
ay CL\cuaOorocrf)ec;<2o. 

Ad-mire', v. t. «stoT£\ub<su\&%&; 

2. cn^tjritSa^; 3. 5)<B)0G)<&)S)q : ^<$<&>' 4. (a_JI 
co;oeoQjl(9a(Q). =mi-ra'ble, a. (Bra^DaaQuTl 

^oa^jo— , ajcscrflcBJo— ; ©(^cfigo— , <Scsno 

otjo— . =mi-ra'ble-ness, =mi-ra-bil'- 
i"ty,w.gQoo^o, G^reg^. =mi-ra-bly, 

ac?. OTOoricyacaiiaooQJsrno, o&ooqjo memo 

criD, aTlaoaceaaoctfl. =mi-ra'tion, «• 
aria^)CQ;o; 6ruaQ0omo; 6)<9>ro§)<9>o, foaroo; 

ojoo , ^(cyao. =mi'rer, n. (a-J)e&>nb, 

Ad-mit', U. t. 5)S)<9)5)<9flO@a<9>, < 
<9a9>; 2. CrO02(tjT!<98<9>; 3. (BTaa3Qja"lt9s<Q)- 

4. (Q_)!2ajc^mo s^<0)o§(eg<d). a. to bail 

©300^0 o3)<=;aatf>. the words do not 

a. of such a construction goo ojo<98<a> 
cfefSs) (erg) fsracoiDo curooa6a_iosl^. -tance, 

n. (msoc/fl^roemo; (a-jSajoaanocraajoeo; 

crambo. =mis-si-bil'i-ty, ». croJl 

=mis'si-ble, «. croJla>ofD8eB;o(/Dj0oeB;, 
<S-aJd35)(nrac3n, croearoTlcQKfnKTian. =mis'- 
sion, ft. (sraoafl<&>ra6rno; cro_f)<9>ort>o; arc 

02^0; (Q_)<SQJ03o. 

Ad-mix', v.t. ^slcSBejfl^aj. -ture, 
Ad-mon'ish, t*. £. (o_)<s6ajocx51a_p 

<03<9>; 2. 6QJ©iJla_10<9> ; 3. (Srg)<2dafiacLj) 
(99(9}, <O)0(95?)rO> 6)jU^; 4. (5Y3o1qj S)<9>0§ 

c99(9). =mo-ni'tion, w. acyi&iflaga-Kss 

trao, CD6rr>8aocfi3o; ajoc/35mjLcr>o.=i-tor-y, 
«. 6nj<3jJ)a$aj<2eoat9>0oc2>. 

A-do', n. o-jsrrf); 2. (a-jcaocroo, q_jo 
s ; 3. ^rcscrorri). 

Ad-6-les'cence, n. skswoq^ cq o, sjcbo 

ajrooQjcroo, — (a_)oc»o. =cent, ft. a# 

A-dopt', y. t. a5)(BTZȤ(9a<9>; 2. 

<TD-fl«9janaa(9), <5T3Qjajo6nTl(e8i9). ='tion, 
«. etnra , as>rora>§<9»rab; ,eraoc/f)(9>a>6rr>o. 

certificate of a.n asraisorflA .nfl§ , a 

<S(ora)oej, ersta a_j(gj)o. -ive, a. Bnm , a 

(0135(9). -ed, «. as>rora)§fnT3). a.d son 

A-dore', v. £. (BT0_jxp(98(9j, 6>fa>o#> 

<9>; 2. 6DJ^0tonl(9s<9); 3. ©.OOSn^odl 

c98<9). ='er, ?2. Gdtthcfo. a.r of truth 
cro^^gjrcab. =dd'ra-ble, a. eeflaa 
fnT0i<95), 6nj^0om®c2;Dco.0oca>. =ra'- 
tion, n. srgi^ocom, ajceroo; sorooj; 

qjootvj&ijo. inward a.n amso^ea. 

A-dom' (-darn'), v. t. (Bwaiaair^lcaa 
c9>; 2. asmoooroaoasDnstafldaaA. -ment, 

7Z. fBTOajffloOfOo, (g*061T)0. 

A-drift', «. aeTl-^SajO(9)(Tr), eia-n 
gsq) ay?(9irm, (nramoLD0oca. «c?. eHas^a 

A-droit, «. croo(2c5^jOg>@a, 2. c%(eon 

S)<9)roaaajo— ; 3. (Pi^&s)— . -ly,ad. csy&b) 

scBoas, a«-Jo®caT). -ness, n. ^fDoaio 

wajo, rfl§a» w . [(mm.). 

Ad-u-la'ri-a, w. -ai^oD<9)^^^3)<95)gj , 

Ad'u-late, u. ^. qai^'on qjo^, 

skuocTBfl.aj' s)cuas^)(iV.). =la'ti6n, 7Z. 

(^6LlC^<on, JilS^QJD^o. =la r tOr, ?2. (^611 
r^ / oTl(9550fQfTb. 

A-dult', a. c%<a<acLica'^o@a, (a_)oca;Q 
@g, a^(T»ca3(a_joc2;S)0faTanoa;, Qja^faDdS* 
6TOT3. 7i. (o_)0o T | ) 6)C2;'0Qjar)n6; 2. o-jfiScftanb- 
3- ((T^l. a. male (a_pc2;(g@& o^as^irrb. 

a. female ^oca^ga (a^l. 

A-dul'ter-ate, y.^. @§l«aBejn®ai; 

2. QJ:fl3£iO<93<9'; 3. (8TfO^(?x51cQ;0<93^9j; 4. 
0OOQ,(9jQO(9s<9>, ^iflaJKJ)CQ;0!939). =ter- 

a'tion, n. oracn,6c^|Croean(05)6mo, @§°, 
^§l<9s)&jg!j' ; jaf)foracao(fl5)fai). =ter-er, n. 




cBnoranb, Qj)ud_iocro(?juo(£) (BL). =ter- 
ess, n. ojjelnjonTlfflrrf), ajajaaosn^l. 
=ter-y, n. oijgl.fljorao, eaoraojrnraf), o-jej 
cq;o§ ; 6nflo6iuorooa;ao, cLDoajoarD^ocoo 

Ad-um'brate, v. t. onitf silage, 

(ajfoDenDosaDaQaj; 2. 0.6)o<9a<fr, ansmah 

6)<a>O§<95}<0>. =tl6ll W. <S1@) _gl oQCOo; 

Ad-va-lo'rem onoj^aiora^ga, of) 

6)ai as as croo«)(2ocu/. 

Ad-Vance', ft. aj<Srt>oc/D(oT); 2. oidij 
or>; 3. ca>c32;ooo; 4. anej^gjodssjo (5.); 5. 
^8^0 , (sra^oroo (iV.); 6. (p/.) (BT3§a_jo. 
in a. tgcrrflajfc; qcnflrab@§). v. t. q 


<SOUO§ OOS(0^<S5; 2. <9>C2JOOo 6)e9>0§(S3(9},;«^<S); 3. oig.«22)<a>, (sraslojaif) oira 
G£S><0>; 4. (o_)rr$0of)(&atf>; 5. <g<SciQJO§0 
<SQ<9); 6. Cga&O 6)<0>O§c9350>, fBTO^OfDo— . V. 

f. i^<Sauo§ 6).njgj<a>; 2. rBraenaj&u) (a_)o 
Q_Tl(9Q«fl); 3. «£bca;ooo <sTls<Q). a. QcoTl 
ejgg; ora^oraaoco. -ment, n. (stos, 
ecao, (ftca/ooo, oiaucnoi . 

Ad-van'tage, n. (SiQseoeao, cD&rno; 

2. (srao3(@&jo; 3. rrofDo. to take a. of 

OT)6t2UQ0CTTD ofLalorzf)^ (aJOjasrcjTltQg^; 
«J)fDo<2cn0c98<9>; <SrO)0gjlc99c93. -OUS, a. 

Ad'vent, 72. oiraoV, (srgicoaooo; 2. 

(gfla^oTtonbo (5^^01(100^, — r&6ngoo— 
( BL) ;3 . <sr§, cp2ms)£_jrtaar>ocX>, ter^ c/Dexsroo 
«m:aj<ftoejo(CAr.). =titi'6us (-tish'us), 
a.6niooDjo (gr^ca,', (SYg)CogsD<SK) — , (GtQ&ccv) 
<0>o— . =ven'ture, «. <ei®«e>ttgl«e>0oQa; 
crooeojo, eoc^o; (BY3a^gljaj(aira)onro)o; (byd 

q_J(QjSo OirD(ara><6n<9>3cgjo; oflcgjo, (C/a}(&(aJ 
ojAjraH; OY^cLj^foaocQ; ojrtfl^izo. v. £. 
& i. @crflcx§«S), ejoeooo^o of)-aiorDle2)06)(0) 
ajos)g_}§<0>, (sraaja5S<0>ocgja3raf)rtri> (a_j<soi 
aal<aaca>. -Ven'tu-rer, W. gscrflstat^ aj 
os)g_j§onr)Qjnb, oiftscmrtnoifDftg aQ)cm 
afl-aiortf)^ (cyaj(5ran«ft3aT)Qjn6, (c/ajronb, 
uflranb. =Ven'tu-rOUS, a. <Soa>o£/5jgo 
c£.«&)roo (ST^ca;, (Sr^oj^roo — , SK/afDcgjc?) 

Ad'verb, w. (gTlayooflsoacftisrncuao 
(gr.). a. (gflc&joofisoacaad^o. — ial a. 

(gp CO; oD (2 (/a cfi3 6TD 3 CB> . 

Ad'verse, «. (a_}(ufi@&j (grgjee;, oTI 

sraocoo— -; 2. nrfi(§oc^cQ)fDo— a. poss- 
ession QQ)(an<b s)S)<B)Qjo3o (Z.). =ver- 

sar-y, n. ofisraoaf), ^(oTttbaxafian, oara). 
the a.y oJloao.^] , croo(nra>on6 (BL). 
=Sl-ty, n. (sracrxaino, ana-icara'; <&><m 

CTODl'On, (ST9)Q_jaJTa aiDfiJo; (B10af)c33(0). 

Ad- vert', v. i. (to) (cg)&u)<93<&>, <oio\ 
^(Ssiocfe^; 2. (TtyangjiaaA. =ver r tence, 
=ten-cy, n. saot^io), aoaa, ^@ju, a^ 


Ad-ver-tise', v.t. <Hracf)oj6><fl>o§ 
(fisaj, (a-)cn51aus)g_j§Kg®<a). -ment, n. 


Ad-Vice', n. (ST^fSfiJo^icr), aty&ulosgaj 
(Saaao, (sraelfo-joctt/o; 2.0^010^; 3. (pi.) 

QJ«5Y3)0O(T)o. tO take a. (SY0^1(a-)OQQ;o 

<s.o)oe)c8s<a>. letter of a. Jiiracanco;^ 
anojfDnnalcrrog^ <Q>(im (com.), legal 

a. ojcsalefisinbo gkx^'qjogdo. medical 

a. ff»5)QjQ,oel(Q_)oc2;o. =vise', v.t. & i. 
«8T2)(8ajojiicT)cLjotai, ^6rrxsaocant9s<9), en^ 

&jS\<XyOL_l<2Bu£) ! 92& • (of) (BK>o)QBD«9!8«fl>; 

(with) (8Y3)(Sajo^n<Q3(9>. =Vl'ser,w. 0(0^1, 
teY3)(2ejojiimc95)oront). legal a.r QjasTl 

a*, spiritual a.r ©ajSQ^oau, ^a». 
medical a.r 6)5)013^06. =vi'sa-ble, a. 

(SrgjSGJOjiicn Qjoc^caraan; ^^Dtoo (St^ch;, 

onoolizno— , ayes^o— „ ^vi'sa-bil-i-ty, 

?2. odl(0)o, (2®)0CQ\rO). 

AdVo-^ate, n. oja^ltab, «a>osjoruon6; 
2. o_jd9fiaoioel. v. /. oioald99(S), fsraaD^ 
aD^j q_jo<9). 

Adz, Adze, n. oio^H, Qjiitara^^o 

(93ctd0^. [Air. 

A'er-ate, A-e'ri-al, eic. see under 
Ae'rie (e'ri or a'ri), w. <Q>^^S ; 2. 


JEs-€U-la'pi-an, w. 6)5)oajoao(a^crco 

6njnau0oc^, (ST^jc^ts^a— •; 2. 65<ocfi3(X)— . 




JEs-thet'i«s, Es-thet'i«s, n. pi. 

A-faV, ad. §s>rt>, <sra:&>s>ej, gracora)', 
grocr^' crflcrro, groSrnrcoifts, groG.-ntaogo. 

from a., a. off graces s)qj^, g^tsta 

Affa-ble, a. <2ejoc/)jog)@g, (Bracraon 
cao— , g)<i_i — . =bil'i-ty> w. cr^oalajo, 


QJ . 

Af-fair', n. <e>ocgjo, (BYoojcruD, cruoco 
(oTl, 2. oroocoano; 3. (pi.) (a-jajcoraf), 
<Sjogjod^l«&>c>o, g><29.ocoo, aflcaie&o; 4. 
^jiiQcus (mil.)-, a. of honour e_io3-i 
<xytauo. a. of love ^000^0. 

Af-fe<5t', V. t. a_ioQ,<&>, rt»^S>; 2. 

gDg.'&a^, <8d8fio:elg_p<98S>; 3. OXXOo so 
Qj1<08(9j, (OlOg-JCgJo <9>0S<Si; 4. SOQJo 00^) 

<&%&>, <&)ajs0oc2n eoQLDa9(9>. to be a.ed 
to, to be a.ed towards rfMe^gyaoeonnfi 

<&8<3>. -a'tiOIl, ft- (DOSjO, <&Oa_JSjO, SQJ 
caao o><3>§rol>, <2coDc£gD. =fe€'ti6ll, W- Qjl 

<&<Drt>0, O-lOO ; dTlS'jaAlo, ^6TT)0, (BTOQJ 

ctud; ajocrooo; rocroo, -^oog , (sr&creroocoo, 
cuoOToaiio; <2rt>ocoo, Sfoocoajafiasmo 
(mec?.); (p^) 02000 ojI^oojo, r&ocoo- 

=tion-ate, a. <2(o_j0o&@a, Qjoran^o— ; 

<6ra>eroaj^0aoa/. =ti6n-ttte-ly, ad. cuo 

(SYo&JiScaroo^s, Gnr^aOa^qlio. 

Af-fl'ance, n. ariajoaocnlcaucpjo; 
2. aDc/a-iooroo. v. t. QDajoaOo orncsucBD 

Af-fi-da'vit, n. cro(^Qj06r3 qjo, cro 

Af-fil'i-ate, v. t. G6}rarch§<99<a>, ^ 

CVJyo6rU0OCan 6)6) &i6)c9s>DC)ac9i; 2. (SYOoCO 

aoasTltaraflcSsiS); 3. (to, with) ®.nj<93<&>; 

4. (to, on, upon) rata -a) s> an on tafl^Og-j 

§(0T2)(9>. ^'tion, ?2. scare) ; 83aO(9>crfl 

grnca'o, CUoaa — . 

Af-fl'nal, a. Qj)cnoaD5mcnjQ<ts)-iQ$g.. 
=fin'i-ty, n. (with, to, between) clTiojo 
no em any to jo; 2. .njo-^; 3. Gjia^; 4. 
cjDO!tr>_»o<0>cii6rr>o (ch.). 

Af-ffrm', u. t. &oa-jl<S8«8>, oruolra 
^abJ^QS^; 2. (jycr^ocLnas^, ^Og_jocan 

OJO<0>. U.Z. (TOiWjO 6>_alQ% o_JOd9j, OX) 

(Wjo o>jii^<a (I.) . -a'tion, w. oruBlraQg-.) 

^ajTZOfsh; cruooa_jonaiojnno; cro^QJOjii 
<a>o. -a-tive, a. g>.oo_pc99arr>; (Bracidcrc 
a)6n")(ifD3a-j(g@@.; 'rsrosvaV aQcm aroaaraTl 
cDsonD. w. (gr3CT9crofo5rr>o, cruooa-jaoo; 
(5Tocr3crofo6rr)QjDjin, gj.aj, caratBfO). 

Affix, V.t. (STD 096101010 1(95 iQ), O-JtoI 

cQaai; 2. cuodl(S9da>, aJlslg-pcagiai, @ 

£fl<3.pj(95>d3>; 3. ($6) QQJc6s<^; 4. (a^j) 

go§<£>.. w. '5i©aa6nj(T\i)o; (o_J(^cbjo (pr.). 

Af-fli^t', u. i. aJlajdlgjl.©?^, oro9a> 
S6>£j§ogi2)<a>. ^tion, n. e^oao, 0aoo 
§86iio, Gojenn, @.o_ieajo; (&)c^oQjcruD. 

Afflu-ence, n. (q_jqjoooo, ^^qj 

rooj ; 2. (srgjciTl^o, crogoijl, cruacLKCTa , 
QaQoajgyo. =ent, a. ^Q®oa-ig^^@g . 
n. ®n_iocfti(S)cr)Gl, ^Q_iood1. 

AfflllX, n. 62>^<9so, _a!0§o. 

Af-f6rd', v.t. anaafl<fta(fl», aao-io 
(B86>; 2. cn^<9>, cur®K®<9>; 3. (can, 
may, etc.) <&><ilay<0>, crTlgliOQDigfiPao^. 

Af-fra/ (-fra'), f . ^. 6)6Ta>3n<99ca); 
2. <2o_i^)p-p<&8c9>. n. csrz>£)aS\s), a>ej 

Af-fright' (-frit'), v. t. ecpj5)a_i§ 

(I^)^, (g0 r ^Q J p«Ssd>, <So_l^lg_p<fia(S), (3T3 

Af -front', v. ^. ^eiiajia <2cnoc95n o_j 
0(S>; 2. aQtaTlcara!) crTl^aj; 3. cultasiofoo 
a_iO(&, <sraa-J0OCrf)a8<&>; 4. (gcQcTlp^cds^. 
y?. oilc9nofQo, crflaa; CDOsrnSdBnS . 

Af-fuse', v.t. a_j<0>rs)<&). sfu'sion, 
n. f^a^aJ ; coora (med.). 

A-fl6at' (-flot), a. & ad. ^aj@a 
(oroTlnb (gcSigHf^ a^ssnsjasios^lrzntasonr); 
2. a^fiDejgg ; 3. (QjfoTJnaoooo) a_jfoorrf| 
raHcascm; 4. ^(SRlgjoojro). 

A-foot', ad. <s>orc!> onscaoccn. the 

matter being a. <er^(^o&)^)(6]<92cm. 



A gg 

A-f6re', ad* & prep. QcnDak; 2. 
(mo6TrTjoa'(ara) u (naat.). a. cited, a. 

mentioned, a. said sag-josrcro). a. 
going ignbajosTOTS). a. hand ^oifidi 

®§). a. thought <frrt8rof)(rf39§1ea;; q 
A-fraid',«. oaaao ^@g, eco;o— . lam 

a. I cannot help you ttftoBdMa* ore 

A-fresh', ad. ajflsraiocoT), ajlsngo, 

A-front', #df. oQ.'ariroocan; 2. <srael 
cgajaoefiTI. prep. gcaPrafc. 

Aft, «. & adf. (naut.) (sroarortjia. 

Af r ter, «. Q_D(2oma5T3), @)ailc2;S)(QTa), 
ajf03QJon6g)ga;2. oulabfiocDOTra^— , oraafo 
rawi — (naut.). prep, (place) o_Dcmos)ej, 
ajyT|6>ca>, aJloceflrafc; 2. (rank, time) 
c&yn^OfQl), cLDsjod; 3. (consequence) 

(Soacmo, orTialajTao. a. what you have 
said I shall be careful niiajado sd 

€G1P>6)CT) CL_106TOI3) '(SY3CUCrUDc95^' 613)CCt6 fry 

cQfif)^ 6)<0)O@aoo; (in spite of) vSc/acoaojo. 

a. all our advice you took that 

Course 6ra>6oec)o ©(ra)^c2;oc95) ouootj© 
'(Soacmojo' orfl (BTDcysr^o (tyojfljrafl.^; 

4. (object) (SYgiQ^osns , (Scuengl, aLJOcfi; 

5. (imitation) OY3cracroora0occ!n, <2a_io5>ej, 
(o_)<Q)D«)o, afmacusmo. a. all (SYg^Q-p 

<as. day a. day ^lajscrocn. to 
be a. <aD^Qjonb ^^ce^dB*. a.-birth,7«. 
ao^jaQjaQoiieaCayi.). a.-brain, n. 

<8Yaoa0fT^)c^o(an.). a.-game, 72. ojtfl 
s>cb> (StwoorDcQ; jao_joco;o. a.-life, w. q_jo^> 
<sTi«a> sflainb. a.-noon, w. (sracuroo 
aCDo, foDrol 6TOig) s), {DeSJ^rtflon 1 © croacoJo. 
a.-pams, n. (cycroojocncrcDroigga c^na 
«cuecn(rwerf.). a.-taste, ft. ^jqj. a.- 
thought, n. qjs^I^cb; <SfO)0OTnca'(tn o . a.- 

time Q-Tiaoejo. a.-ward, a.-wards, 

ad. o-flGamroTlfs?), (srocnaoiroo, a_i<ilo>c2). 
a. -wit, ft. Qj^^o-joca soatflao ©(Oicm-fl 

A-gain' (a-gen'), arf. (oTirtTtoA; _. 
aJtacmayo, aflsngo; 3. (era® Asng* all 
6>rmcs#o; 4. rtrraro) gjsoovo), qqcttq tjis^arn 

s^* a. and a. ojIsodq^o o_n«cmc%o, 
^s^as. now and a. aos^oroi 


A-gainst' (a-genst'), prep. o®(oftoo 
ocTl, <2cr>«ro; 2. aftaraocjoaoeaT), aflajflfl 

A-gape', a. & ad. auocofi @ocrn nil 
g^an; 2. (grarofloacaio ^rfleo;. 
Ag'a-pe n. (Bn^oDcnDQ, (Chr.). 
Ag'a-ric, w. @nfe, <&ald> (6.). 

Agate, n. ajGLjQjgi^coizilejgs «rts 

<B)gl', CBYDdBsTldDs)^ (mtfl.). 

Ag ave, ft. ff>o^)(2roog :; j6io)<95)<o), aD 
ejOforznlo^SitSinfa) (&.). 

Age, ft. (SY9)C^c^oajo; 2. (o_)OCOJo, QJ 
csy^g ; 3. QJO&Ucflbjo; 4. 809; 5. ajrtScea 
(a_)0C2;o, C^c8Y3)aJCC;^r«;6. CX^OOo; 7.<&>3£Jo; 

8. ogooos^, oa^05T^yo; 9. caiai^o (.S'.), 
<a>rraaru>ej (iV~.), ajascaaoaoirao; 10. s>m 

§a&oejo. of a. cucffi^gg. be of a., 
come of a. c^ce^Qjcag^ <ofli9>c%a>. 

V.t. «riy>ajaioQQflrts«ft. -d, a. (cyoooo 

A-gen'dum, n. (pi. A-gen' da) ^^ 

Qpjoadgg. (a-Ky^aTl aDcurD©. 

A'gent, fl. (SifOTDlOOJ , (a-)QLl 05131 <frOD; 

2. (Qio^cTXionb, (^cd^jocb aooatOnofDnb, (o^ 
raDcrncul; 3. <Soo@, odtflYaT), «S)oro6rno. 
=gen-Cy, w. <9)0^<s^(cig)fai_io, (o-jQ-jfBiaf); 
(Qjog^ofUDcniDomo, ig<0<dijO<b; <s>ogya\ifl 
5>a6o (o_)o^fBKnla\iDajo, (a_)Q^(Di3Doao6ii. 

Ag-glom'er-ate, v.t. & i. &ra 

§1(^3§<Q5, <g}§)s>oj<09<a\ =a'ti6n, n.^ 

§frf); (^CinJOfDo. 

Ag-glu'ti-nate, v.t. q><£\&?&, o_j 

ocil(93<S); 2. crooScaoeilgjl*^^). =na'- 
tion, n. orooScaoeacDo; <roo«caotoo. 

Ag'gran-dise v. t. ajejrmocfls^, qjI 

(T^ofoaocQQ<a5, Qj^.JlgJlas^; 2. gca;^ 
<a>, ojg.«3iang_jo^. -ment, n. aai'i, 
ffiara, QjaDg_jo. 



A he 

Ag'gra-vate, v. t. ooinno ^^a>; 

ojej^odaaa); 3. (OiaroT^ft-jOcft; 4. 
(SAOQ-DgjlcSgdaj. =va'ti6n, n. cu&flg-jo, 
q^ooo, aD.-ai0o; (sraonojgj^no; <S(^ocoo. 

Ag'gre-gate, v. t. aanDoeafi ^ 

ceTi ^s"h&. in the a. ©©Ag-pas. 

=ga'tidn, n. (®§o, @(9>, croeraicojo, cru^ 


Ag-gress', v. f. <8T5)(g)0l<e8<3>, <a> 

GJoarah @S6ot§s9>. -ion, w. fBrg>(g)0o, 
<a>&iooort>o<so. -ive, «. {srgx^alasonD. 
-6r, n. <eras)<2cB;oc/51, (ST^^al. 

Ag-grieve', v. t. §8a%-pd3s<3>, 
SQjano^gj^c^cft. to be a.d croafc 

So fST3G©eCLn<fiQ<0i, QJ.OnDCrDc6Q<9>. 

A-ghast' (-gast'), a. sco;a_iro cuoa2)o 

cdj, (g0o g>@&, (HTDaurDgj— . to be a. 
(g0~)jy <2ajD(Qj. to stand a. ^roXpjj' 

Ag'ile (aj'ii), a. (scucorm a@a, ^q, 
<9n— . =gil'i-ty, n. ®qjod.'0), ^c^q, 


Agi-O, n. qj§o, cueTlaa, qcuogj. 
Ag'i-tate, v. t. <3>&j<9s<b>, ©a^a 

<©>; 2. <8<£filO<£la_p<98<9s, 0<D8(9>eJc95)O QJrtS 

(^<Q); 3. & f ooo(2fDra)o5)s cuoencaaia); 4. 

<0)GJaO > )g :: p(93(S>, ^a<9$Tlajl§<9>. =ta'- 

tiOIl, fl. gDg.d3ao, (SlO^GLJgJ; ScQfilOSo, 

c&iajano; rwcosjo. =ta'tor, «. ©aasnaT) 

§nDOLjrif), @.OTO0QdlgJl(Q8aT)Qjnb, d&ejcOs 
cm cunb. 

Ag'nail, rc. (ftyncnojo, culrorckajroa. 

Ag'nater w. aJDrgenjcny, axiaiy, cro 
o-jlsmjjnb. a. <gra jcunbaroo6Qj(TU).^0g. 

Ag-nos'tie, n. (Stt&stoocnojza), <sr§) 
<tf0s^3cr>nrf)<2ctt}cjoa)ai>, =cism, n. csro 
es5to>3Ooaj03o, (e^cotasbiaorncrflScflatScJOo 

A-go', a<#. (gs^au, qcm. gonelong 

a. Ga_iocari§ ojg.6>ro <2cnro0oc2n. 

A-gOg', a. ^'ttcoaTksygg.. a d. cofl 


Ag'6-niSe, V. t. & I. (Bra a>) a croon 
fSTDriajoas, (STDaTlsajecr) (Sraa33cijlc99ca>; 

2. o_)0S 6)a_i§c93 ; 3. <2a_iof00§<&>, (a_)COJ«jrfl 
«^sc9>; 4. (STD^jOcrcaDtar^ajOeeacft, a_f)cuf) 
g-fld9iaa>. =0-ny, n. (BraroTlta.jcojrano ; 
(Bra^n@8QJo, qjiLd; ajoroCLiuaio; (a-psrn 
cro^so, rararavocrocrno. 

A-gra'ri-an, a. (§0^ croo6T2jau>0ocfl>, 
oolejo— . 

A-gree', v. i. <3g_j0ocBririfl<9ac0>, a® 

cO>os1(Q_)oca'0ocanrol(93(0); 2. (to) croaa 
ajD<9st95, Qc2;osricS9ca>; 3. gsoxis) 6>_oJ<g^, 
QhBq<q-,, oo)focrroajfDl(6j, ^roodi s^jiiig^; 

4. @^j0OC2rifDl(9Sc9>, at^GUfDlcft; 5. Q_J 

ocDcLiron^. -a-ble, a. ©f®c95)o pgft, 
0nocr^— ; aya9^>o (Srgica;, 0<SooDaOfoo— , 

fKjiiltftfOo — , ^cnji^ga; (to) O-JOCflCQ;. 

<2cpjocoio (Stgjcpj, a-a^foio — . -a-bly, ac?, 
(to) ©ojrojQjgmo, <3TOa3cruofo0ooQfl, (a_)<0)D 

rao. -a-bi-li-ty, -a-ble-ness, n. roa 

6rrflco;(0)_io, ^crcoaDogo; eiojiD^io, (Scaa 

83lg_J . -meilt, W. S>a0)dEbjO, ®Jii^, e>as 
0; (tT1c@3Jcq;o, g>i3QB;aroz0(a>o (5^.)? a sail 
si, <ftroo<b(iV^.)5 crflam]c2;<sfoQj(iV.);s>a-jo 
fBfDttDo (gr.). 

Ag-ri-eul'ture, w. ^^(o^oj-maK 

2. ^^Tloao^o. =tu-rist, n. g>:af) 
(95ioforr6; ^AilcyaD^asistanb. 

A-ground', a. & ad. (naut.) &o^ 

(Sa_jocc;, <&>rD<9n ^aycTlSg-jo^, 0D§l<S(Tarj* 
AcacDcpj (iV.), (Bros")6roT3> (/V.). 

A'gue (a'gu), n. ^(Qsngjcrfl, 0aj 
cnjool, «9jO§ U Q_innl, aTloQ^arn, wf)^>S3_i 
roo, <fl3a^<t>Q-Jorn, @@gg_jcrD (med.). 

a.-eake, n. <ft§l (^o? s)^ 6 ^ {med.). 
Ah (a), m^. (STfos^jo, qoo, (SY9). 

A-ha', 271^. (ST^aOO, (8To63ols)OO3C2;0! 

A-head r (-hed'), ad. qoiflfA, qcsoud 

§*, eoxnazTlfJjt. to go a. 0,crif!rob ooS(9n, 
i^®cnjo§ <Sajo<ft, (QjC^olSg-jo^. to get 

a. Of 0OQ,@aQJ3fO(95lOcX3 0,Olf)(3b ®o_)0(S), 




Aid, w. ©.(oiaJ), @io_jcft)OfOo, acara^c/a; 
2. oruooocori, rgjsrncaogf). v. t. cro 

Aid f -de-€amp (ad'de-koii), n. (Sam 

nOocoTl (mil.)* 

Ail, v.t.r. cu^o(g5><a)OCTTo<0), on^su 

<8«a»§— ; 2. <ftip<a8d3>. what ails him? 

oroajono a3)ara)06rn 'crysusasis '? -'ment, 
?2. #)cr>o, qj&joqq;, ajracorao, <2rootoo. 

Aim, n. <fto), ejocD« , saosgo; 2. g. 

<2§Odo, <0)3§Ljgyo, (SciJOtfim . U.2. & t. 
<B>.o\<2onv<B®<&>) — S)QJd9s<Qi; 2. GL10(SnO<99c&>, 
£>365)§<3>; 3. 210^0^ S)QJ(fli3^), £3Qj)c99<3>. 

to cry a. ^^cjo^s^gj^n^cQ). 

Air, n. asoo, 0J3cs2j, (sr<3)<e>3uao; 
2. aja^cuo<x& , 03C2;; 3. a>oejoajcroQ, qjo 
c^aTlSoacaio; 4. gjg.a&>300 ; 5. ajoarocn, 
cnoooo; 6. crooocLiocroo, a_if61aica>o; 7. 
(Q_)a\Dd>u1; 8. roocoo, q_jo§ , aruocd)<a)o; 
9. eoojo, ^ffljeocuo, BocoTl^n (A 7 .), in 
the a. (SnoajGcroTlc^e^oai; {ffrocraDlfD0o 
c&r)af)<93<s>. to put on a. Qjejlo-jo no 
sl<flsja>, Sta-joOTa^o <9>3s<9>. to take 
the a. <a>ooQ,6)<0>o@aa->, $Dej3aj<0>. to 

take a. o_jrocroj0o<ssflaa«». give a. 
(a_jcnfkau03<fl8«e>. a. balloon (sr^t&o 
oag-jcra, oTiaocno. castle in the a. 

and a. castle 0<snnoro3£3jo, cocoons 
crg0o. a. cell qjoc^qjo (an.), a. 

line Gooibsrosu. a. pump qjocs^(q_) 

<Scfl£aa_k05GQJ(£r£)o, QJ rtT> <9> cfla (05 COJ (QU) o 

(ph.). a. threads cusmonbcuaj, ao 

ooqj, aooocujrat. a. sac, a. vessel qjo 

c^G^ac/ao (an.), v.t. <a>ooo s><9>oggn<ss 
<e>, «fl>ooo(OTaD§<a»; 2. (a_j(e>sl<ss^; 3, (sro) 
ocj<a>, &ajag2><s>. -i-ness, ft. ajoa2ja\> 
oaiofDo; jareoQo, ^^jooroo. -y, a. cuo 
ca/cuj, (5T3;<&)0cyafDi^l(sej(95) gcojon crfl 

^CTD; 0,07^0)0002/; QJ00%CQ.'a)3CQiO)o jB 0gl ; 
«Si3«OO3§0— ; QJGCS2J0C2/O (5Yg)C2/, QJ0C32jCrO 
00 — , (SI® (00002)0—; QJifOlflo— , ggjCTol 

rtjx>— ; ©co'oroajsoaio onsldason. a'er- 

ate, t;. f. <e>30Q,<9jGjqEDa>, a)3OQS)<Q)O0gn 

&%&; fflraocooroogajoaij (a_)«ajoalgj)«Baa>. 
a.-ed waters cuoo^ao02fi(t^a_j3ana>o. 
a-er-a'tidn, n. aj30S2jaroo<8c2/3S3aoo. 

ae'ri-al, aJ332ja\)o6riJaU>o g@g ; QJ33ZJ0 
02,'o(SY3)CC/, CDO(T$CU0gjDfBra); OJ332J.alf&o org) 

aw, aonifwo— ; aja^_. aer-i-fi-ea'tion, 

72. Qjoa2jcrozal^6Yr)o; Qjoc^^oJla) 

ro6rr>o, QjoQ%OQ_iajfoi6mo0o, aer'- 

i-form, ft. cuoQ%(253a_)0oa2>; Qj3rr^aj0 
ftjoana. aer'i-fy, v. J. <9>ooo a>aj 

0^(05; CD 3 <32J 002/ 03(65)1 03OQ,<6>. =jier'- 

6-lite, =lith, n. ^{Qjoeal^nb, 0^ 

casscyacoTzslfolicTflano aflsrn ^gj. aer-ol'- 

-o-gy, w. oj3c^aD3(n^o. aer-om'e-ter, 
72. Qj3<32jQ^\oo0oa_ja5coj(Q5)o. aer'6-naut 
(-nat), 7i. 01)030003301. aer'6-naut-ios, 

n. (8TS<8)Oc/aayocnari<|), Qjl03cr)c/a3(croo. 

AlSle (ll), W. ^^jSfiJ; 2. 6)SiQQJ0£J 

c&caransiej a-jscfejsccoo, — m^escoo. 
Ait (at), 7?. @fKOTaTl; 2.'ao§°' o@cm 


A-jaV, «ri. (Sttg-io @oGnrf)tf)<98ar); 
2. (o^2ialfd) 6)ftnoolc2Tlanc93nT), aj)6rr>6aal 

A-kim'bo, «. QJ6m«J8nay, AcrDfijo®, 

g f 3fO<S5) S^S)<Q)S)c0}O§CDTa). 

A-kin', a. f0d9Y3)Croo6ruau)(g@a» fsro§ 

fCT3); 2. rg)eJi0O<3y. 

Al'a-bas-ter, n. ajgr^cesi^ , oqj6tt6 

<9)gj , j3j(aga)0CTOo (mzw.). 
A-la-ek', int. (Broscgp, o03. 
A-la-c'ri-ty, ??. ^q^jqqJ', ^jQ<sn , 

^J6m, 03O(0J)(O), g<SO0caio, <03rtSoDfiJo. 

Al-a-vridde! \ ad. cuLP<es)(cy<fl)3fOo, 
mSQjsl— . 

A-larm', n. <s^>^(joo cofolg-joasea 

Qjla^, (ST9)OJ(mU-al<9)003ao; 2. (BTO^joCin 

§[), g'o^ofDo, ecaicujcnl; 3. (BtoaurDo-]', 
o_jfon(g0o; 4. g.o<S96mc5i2)aT> 06rrn«OB;o : 2j, 
6)6Ya§1<escm oaocyo. v.t. (srgjcsycjoo 

CO foH SdBsiSr^.o^l cm Qj)§f\<B2&>, <St§)Q-}(&5l 

<26^nT)<rTlairi(08<&, (sra^joaTlal<99<0>; 2.e 

CQ;S>g_|§(qi2)<fl>; 3. 6^6T2)§1d95j(0i, g.6im(^^. 




-ist, n. eca-'o cojaolcagancLint): (sro^oa> 

smaocaTl a_jros)<95) scqjo sarrDgjIcSgamojab. 

A-lar'um, n. oro0ea;ary_a}<fi>a£i'5n3oanoao. 

A-las', int. rsrasg2p, (srogysgyo, aoo, 

Al'ba-tross, ^. «8<fl>odo<8>o§)ajdaflan, 

c9S) (2-). 

Al'be-it, conj. o^amoejo, a^afclejo, 
o^mrTlso, (SY^coTlejo. 

Al-bl'n6, n. ^cu|.aynb, n^lnb 00© 
c&^ab, o-joemjyjj-pogj. 

Al'bum, n. (ftcflaJojcrvjfto; 2. -arao 
crocus cnjo^QoOajfr^^o. 

Al-bu'men, Al-bu'min, 72. orasmju 
Al-bu-mi-nu'ri-a, n. ^'©sroooao, 
Al-che-mist, ». rocroojos). =my, 

=-Chy-my,^. rao-oajoGo, rocroocaonaflej. 

Al'^O-hol, n. 0ejO"ooroo, .njofoocajo, 
O0<95) . -ism, 72. 0B.a_jC;<D8rt>c:cOo. 

Al-€6ve', ft. fsroo, ^o<©bo, »eao; 

Al'der-man, n. §g-jnb, ^cWjfroonb; 
2. mc/5fooa^inb, ancoraanooa><3>aroiSDGCOo. 
-Cy, n. mcoraoaH\T»-io. -i-ty, W. onco 

Ale, ft. eaajroaroo, '6rxf]<b' oQcm ze^o. 
a.-house, ft. -niorao<32.<9s)S (S.), 0Qjo cu) 

A-lert', a. &srr>i4g»@&; 2.^jq<3s)— , 
<8QJCOfin— . -neSS, ft. S30(&9<0), -ojQ, 

-ojqq-j , g>rarocooo. on the a. scdocosTi 

Al'ge-bra, ft. eofleacosrnlraio, oiadOfb 
n>— , jiilom — . -ic, -i-e-al, a. 6af)@3co 
6rrTl i w cro o enj (tuo cai . 

A'li-ClS, ad. ;ara6>£jaan<sb, <stoldqjo; 

and) (/.). 

AVi-b'l, ft. (BTOCTOjQJOCrOo, aoooDtois 

Al'ien (al'yen), a. raranojo, o_jroo; 
2. oja>(8ea?rit9)o, (croon, rosea. fcralGjS) eh §, 
ajfosec/arsigjgg, (3Taa^roo^fnTaTl(tibcrflcrr& 
Qjcm; 3. (BTomjCrojeoDJigga, aT)a_>r& cr )'ai 
0DC2/. w. (BYD an, rr6,a_i rt> <2e c/a~), (Braao.rDDSji 
(a-)S3; 2. Qo_i^ro^_i0n^jofaTO;Qjnb. -ate, 
v. t. fsrann,oa/lcY)6Jg_j§a^(9s, aD^aif 
ajl§(3g)c9j, dTl§a>, (sra^oq,^. -a'tion, 

cBarab; oTl^caio; .aiotDTO) aJIrtTl.gjrQl, 0l(gj> 
<seeo; 6nj(aul<g0o. 

A-llght' (-lit') v.t. ©os5g<9>; 2. 
rt»oy<a.; 3. a_jocrraQjly<Q), af)srK><efls 

caraf) eof) cq) c9s am . 

A-llke', a. ©ejjo, aro0oano, <2a_io* 
6)&j, aasrzj), arogoao, cnDorrfieo. adf. oru 

00OCQjl, 65rt»3a_jOS>eJ, fST3S(W(a^c9 OfDo. 

Al'i-ment, ?2. SajDcfi^eroo, (oflab, 

(ST^aOOfOo; 2. (SYaSaOOOjcar&n, Sic9>0OO . 

72. sajocaismo, Qoocoo. ~al, =tar-y, 
a. Go-JOcfinsrnaroo 6ixinaD0 oca. 1 , <2o_io^3aic^ 
c9Yal3y@@.. a.y canal eoOCooiciglcasaQcfe 

Al'i-mon-y, 72. (aroSaODajfBran, &q_j 
oflcxaoo, .aDejcu ; 2. ^eajd&oi^eo^an 
staT5):aj <8T3(.'ear)o(ai£)oO<9jO§asanD 60 jo. 

Al'i-quant, a. SoacmQOoro<950oca; 
Al'i-quot, a. (ST3(2adfajQDOfDai0oc2; 


A-live'. see Live. «. sflaj09@&, 
ef)oj<saoo§^s §Drol<B9arr>; 2. (a^ajfcraary 
crQiTlfoncQnf^g gg , sflajg oic^— . to keep 

the fire a. <&\ 6)&>so$)(U) ^qj<9^&,. to 
keep the affections a. 0000^1^ 0.0 

raroejio crriejarn<OTon®g_jo^53(95; arflosro®! 
rjf)<98arr>; wraolcu &gg, aoza— ,030(^.-0)— , 

5)s)^ia)aojo— , (8QJOD.O)— . he is a. to 

nature's laws (sroojarra (ttj-g^D rn)c» 
0«ST35)a <aolj^ co^senjccoigsre . he 

was the proudest man a. tsraojak 

(§0^ca^).'3?>S}aJ : £} , QjeTlai' coqlpcaocallasarro. 




Al'ka-li, n. aaiofoo, gDCUcssior&o, 
(ch.). =line, a. c9ftt0focroo6runru)o g>gg 

All, a. q^)^oo, oQ^oajrao, Q^)SQ_jaao, 
6J.?3s)3^o, c^ajcrao, croQ^ajo, cro^ejajo, 
orTi3ogcfi3o, caocuR^o, (ST3)t>)<fl), cruarr^o; 
2. 20(sg)o. beyond a. doubt croooaea;o 

(STOSoacBSo gD£J0S>rO). #£?. (3#>QJCT3o, (2, 

of^o, roflsiro, ®T3)(9>gj06)S, orascyacaao, oj 
gn^ocof). a. along" a3)<2g_)o^o, QD<maj 
tj>fDC%o. a. at Once cflaiorntBronra!), SiQu 
§crra. a. but a<B<9>eeoao, ^dSaoSejeajrc 
anoejo. a. hollow «jf)s>ro, igLpcua©o, (^ 
oqo. a. one ama oiaom, acno <Sa_ios^ej, 
»as<8ajo5)ej, aro0o, gD&iio. a. over q® 

<8gJ|0^o, (g^QJOSo, fof)6ifD, I^OQo, OTDSoa 

caao. a. the better (srvqg&a ongj-x^. 
a. the same o^m-n^o, ^oaso. ??. a^ 

£}oajrt»o, a®ajf®o, (sr^ai^tQ!. our a. 

is at stake so-joco^ no^d^^^raocasi 

cx^o (SojacoTl. my a. Q^cTDasgaQfwocan 

c%o. a. of it tsra@ ig^Qjodo. a. of 

US Cr>OS)0gjOQLKO3o, 6TS>6SBS)g.gj0Q_ia»O. 

after a. aG)gj0o5)<&>05nj=o, a3)cro)ocar)so, 
6&5)a5)caocen=|o, oqcttD^o. a. in a. ©an 
c$o, (ST9)5)a>, (sr^gjoas. a. told o® 

^joo^^l, aso6)<Q). and a. 0oqo, <soa 

cani^gg, rg)o. at a. C2J06)tnOCnOo, ©So, 

fBTosoacaio, <jc£bcua)o. for good and 

a. fofls)fo, <2c&,qj&jo, assajaHcuroofmajgrDo. 

is that a.? (sras^^gg? not at a. 
arol^ejizl^, rarcsgyrtnagy. nothing 
at a. aoroiangj, <3c&,ajejo ©^j. once 
for a. tofiJLjoaoain. a. fools' day o® 

(o-fl^A aocroo <aanoo a*-, a. fours onoej 

a^&ftorerai). to be on a. fours, to go 
on a. fours, to run on a. fours 00000 

caRrola®^, Q^gjOQjlcaae&coranejo arnraTlfo) 
<S9<£>. a. hail ojcbodo, S3C2>S3ca;, ^S0(ro. 
a. saints' day o^6rnjQjog.s>g_|a»rnDc)o 

(oosxdqxj l-oo 09-) {R. c\). a. souls' 

day gtDo^fosmelooo (oa^cu^ 2-oo oa-) 
(#. C). 

Al-lJiy', V. t. O30lg_pd99(S), oaOCTO) 
<°>6>aJS(qi3)<e), CrU0QJCO0m6)g_J§(^<S), cro 
0OU3oaO6>g_J§«®<fl>; 2. (9>§£jo <fliS>Od*a<&>, 

Al-lege', v. t. (cynr^oQjlc^<e), &o 
2jl-^o_io«0i; 2. (3>ort>6m0oeBn o_jo<q>, atp) 
c&^qj ojna. =le-ga'tion, n. (a4fro,o 


QJo, QJOd&n ; QJOSo. 

Al'le'giance (-.jans), n. crojoan® 

cQraTl, foteaSc&rzJD; 2. (sracraraocoo, fosrwm. 

Alle-go-ry, 72. (rgaj^La, g.o_i0, 
^q_j0o<s,ld. =ri«, =gor-i-eal, «. (@q-j 

Al-le gro, «<i. f^jrolfO50oc2D, 6)5)^ 

(o^onj<2roT&os)S (mics.). 

Al-le'vi-ate, v. t. eorao ^o^^, 

OacS^dTl — , rfh§g_]o — ; 2. Oa0lg_p(9!8ca), aj 

Q^cuoc95i<0). =le-vi-a'tion, aojoaocrafi, 


(ST^aajocroo, roierrDgj ; oaamcroocuono. 
Al'ley (-H), ?2. gDSOjyT), mS; 2. a^J 

Al-li'ance, see under Ally. 
Al-li-ga r tor, n. jg«naj, jifl»|pjl, 

Al-lit-er-a'ti6n, w. (cyocroo, araa© 
(o_)ocroo, ca'0<9)o. 

Al-l0-€U r ti6n, W. 6)ji10^ , (a^OVk) 

COo, Q_J0O<Q>o. 

Al-lo'di-um, w. sanao, (sra^ls^^. 

Al-lop'a-thy, 72. croocoort>6ms>6>aj 
Qjo, cm.noseoca'o (med.). 

Al-lot', u- t> <DQ ) <ett\'^ aoaofol 

6)jxi<g^; 2. a_j(0<<9gaj; 3. OolcrgUcoTl^ OQj 

c99<9i, rrflcOsD— , 0002(00^ 6)(Sio§cS8(a>, 
(sraasojel^ — . -ment, n . (BK>ov£\<an(d>, 
ojlseaono; (eraoc^o, o_jaao , ^o . 

Al-low', v- 1- & i. 6)<o>o§<e9<©>, tsro 
adoja)<&d(B>- 2. cro-fl^roldaa^, crc0a.i)r) 

C98<9>; 3. <fe°ltPlaj 6)<©)0§t£)9(Si, ^oj^ — , 

fa^ggfl— . to a. of o-JOQ,a», s)<9>o@ja<a>. 

-a-ble, «. OTD 02 <aT)<9m CUTS) <95), (BTOCTdCU 

alanforacSs). -ance, w. »BToad0(af), croaa 





s); <ftoa_js°), (fijoiaonoo. to make a. 
for the inexperience of youth s>^iq, 

g-jonolialrBraigga rsrooloB/O^ aorqis) 's)q_jo 

Al-loy', w. @§, ago, <sajooo^5§°; 
2. 6)Q_ionTTl6)nboQ^o ^cuggfl^^so^o c^ 
<aif), —0000' ; 3. c&>ejgl} , crozan^5)6tDo. 
no happiness is without a. §8aj<9» 

aiglpgjo(nY3) crgeajzlgj. v-t. 0so ®ge&>, 

— <8_al(02<05, (gj§ @1<0>, 0OOO <93S)Oc9Sc&>, 
O^&ul — ; 2. (g)§lc94jGJ(q]|D(9i, acf)cr)0O«99<0). 

Al-lude', V- t- (to) foflsngJOcS), 
.o^engV-, @.«§<»).^— , (T^Jif)a_p(e8«9». 

=lu'si6n, ?2. @. , s§aao,nr^ oD^o, §Doco)<o>o; 

Al-lure', P. £• Qjaal<a)rol<9sca>, (SY^ 
<93cQ3l(09c95. -nient, n. Qjc/#l<0>rD6rr>b, (800 

aOmo; <20OaOQjlcft3Ca;o. 

Al-lu'vi-al, a . ajy ^crro5ng 33 2, ? <&($ 

OO O 6)QJg_J0CS2;. =lll'vi-Um, 11. m&OO 6) CU 

g_j ; cljip rsnrrosnsDca; (gal. 

Al-ly, n. &so3Jsl(65)Dranb, croaT); 
2. ^s^oranb, ^iSjaodsTl; 3. croooocar). 
V. t. (to, with) eca;oBflg_p(Di8<9j, g>Sau 

^is)^i<^; 2. chd^j rnojii^. =li'anoe, n. 

croo6ojcru)o, ®.ai_4i, 6nio\y^_io; croe^jtn. 

Al'ma-na-e, n. o-israioocno; 2. o_» 


Al-might'y (-mlt'i), 72. croo^oa 
c&ranb, cro^aj^jsnb. the A. Oo)aojo. 
a. oroc^ioaa&ran &gg., — Qj£j/3;auo— , cro 
<S)ajtOKflarroo aroflccuoesy. 

Al-m6nd (a'muad), n. enjeoodfcocafi, 
6njaoo(fl3as (6.). 

Al'most, ad. a&cQiSauao, o^jjoc&sooq;, 

0laftQjoQ,o, Q$;O)oas6)0£po. a. never 
aoflasejo @d^j. a. nothing ©|o @o^. 

Alms (amz), 72. (5. & /?/.) eldB£a, 

coiaao. a. house cjuiiioooGj . al'mon- 
er, n. QocncozaajD^cmDab. al'mon-ry, 
w. cuazajfo. el-ee-mos'y-na-ry, a. 

eooocu02o croo6njcni)1^; cozafaraflcTOgg; 


(§!(©ftl (STgjCOJ, aoCDo— ; CJQZ2lo5>d9jOSn§a_i 

eflaficeesam. 72. cui22i(95)orono, orgxic/pjl 

A-loft', ad. <S0s>ej, 5 W?»; 2. a cm 
ravaraTlfat), (STgjaiocyafor&rifaJ); 3. <205>g_j§ . 

A-l6ne', a- a^B^cYxjainfDlteacrn, annrfl 
C8cac%@g; 2. o^(0>D(Qric2;ocan, crojcS>ocgjo, 
ao-@aoca;; 3. (Braaoanjaoca;. let me a., 
leave me a. a0)S>crn (sraajaud) (Stgi(95)fcs 
<o> • let that a. reTO ( 3)6ra^5>ancEr)r6'las 

A-long', ad. crf)g.rc$rarirtri>, aarororaTlrs?) 
@s^; 2. aro30)_^, acmocaT), agjfDotiV.); 

3. jg«OU0§ . all a. oS)£)03g2}0ifo; (81® 

Qjo^csg^. a. with @»s, araal.^. 
to get a. cu&Lf)^ajrtfl<9>, cDcmocon— , 
croofa^jo (a^oa_D(©9(Q>. a. side of aoro 
fisiaTifji, (ffraaTldrifai. prep. crf]g.foranf^, 
aorTl^, ^sl. a. the way ajsploBJocaD, 
QjiPloaDfal) <@sl. 

A-loof, ac?. (with) grofoia , (BY&<0)5^aj; 
2. qTI§1§ , <BracDO9(g)ej0oain. keep ft. 
f5ra<d)crro orfl^^, ojosjeV-. -ness, n. 

A-loud', ad. &o6><B5), aii«n^«fc, ^ 



Al'pha, 72. CSDQJCDSOAlCQnSJej (5T3)a,0 

cOfiifOo; 2. acmoanb, ©r^ejob; 3. org) 
r&oSo. -bet, 72. frTl&j5)c3Ta^cnra) , (ffroaairo 

0oej. -bet'i^, -bet'i-eal, a. ismssacQ 
Al-read'y (-red'i), aa 7 . a^sio®, 

(oflcm; 2. (g^cojrjn6)cm, (^cru^^l; 3. $o 
foTicrnlsconrai), (moSg-jotSiPan . 

Al'so, ad. <gj5>s, fBragj§roo, cruno, 

0O^g)0gj, (5T3 oTlcnO O-jO6)0, a°« 

Al'tar, W. 6OJef)<9800], — oJ^Oo, 
(SaDO0 — , aH©5ia®Qjel; 2. foflf®QJCDT3)0iP 

<s0aa. to lead to the a. «ra» (n^pojca; 

Al'ter, v. ^- 0ooq,c9>, isea^ad§ 
(c^d9j. p.i. 0DQ,a>, cssal^>. 

-a-ble, a. 0odlcsg_]Dc9)fsra)(Q5). -a'tion. 



A me 

n. af)<9>oroo, (SsacooO, n_iofl6rr>o0o. 


Al'ter-€ate, v. i. n-flsmsaa^, <s> 

gjqo1«bs<q>, <93fijoafai)@§<©). =6a'ti6n, 

n. o_T)6rr><95)o, Qjj9s06rr>o (P.)? <9>£ioa«rf>, 


Al-ter'nate, a. oj^peojo, aocfiaocfi, 

OKxscn^ocnjo; 2. 62»orrf)scLf)§ . =na'ti6n, 
71. 0ooQo, n_iGgpco;co.ofl; aJfolcuflJTOjano 
(ar.). =na-tive, n. ros^D^ajocrn ; 0Q, 

6^^dft>; oJicQfiiocTOfDo. no other a.e ®cu 

Al-th6ugh' (-tho') cow/. aQaTlfijo, 
Q^amoejo, o^)crnlso, (srgj^sTlejo, o^otoqj 
fDl«sDejo, <srg;cQ!nso. 

Al'ti-tude, n. &<3)foo, Qcmri)); 2. 

(BTO^no; 3. <2(£®>£QT5)) 6)S)QJUo)c^o- 4. 
6>r>_l 06013^0. [(QZJ)o. 

Al-tim'e-ter, n. e><oo"r>raij0OaJi on cqj 
Al-t6-geth'er, ac?. o3)£jooi@sn, (erg) 

6>(9j, (ST3)<Q)g_J0S)Sj 2. (BTOSoacQao, I^OU 

Al'llHl, U* a_isl<9>c95)0(0o, a_\sn<S5)0fQo, 

^TlandanofOo (ch.). 

A-lum'llUS, n. (pi. a-lum'ni) ojlajO 

Al-ve-ar'y, w.^^crfl^^s ; 2.a> 
gi^ajofDo (an.). =ve'6-lus, n. <smcno. 

Al'ways, ad. qq^oq^o^o, oroao, 
croao^oajo, onlo^o, o^orroo, oroao® c&o^o. 

A-mal'gam, n. rocroagano, —<£\%j£\ 

<® , @§ , ^eja^ (c^.)- =mate, y. ^. 

rc>(T0®(DT3>GS <B.A)c9g<9>; -nJO&f)<08c&> ; ^)§)<055 

aj(nb<Q>, cajoScQ/DeflgjIcea.fl). =ma'ti6ll, 
w. focroono, axxaal^smo; (g£§l<9s>ejgl) . 

A-man-U-en'sis, w. cgarr^nb, o®^> 

Am'a-ranth, rc. ^e&scaflfo (J.); 2. 

acoDejosrain (6.). 

A-mass', v- 1. ®auoro0oc93<9>, ®§) 
e^as s>, oro_i(f3a_n<oa(Q>, orocnjoalcaa.Sj, 

Am-a-teur' (-terO, rc. aDa^^ 


Am'a-tor-y, a. <22ioaocrf)ea;0ocoj, ®ao 
aDlg_p<0a am. 

A-maze', v.t. (erocnjfOg.Jl^a), afl 
agc&ng_p <0a(9i. -ment, ft. aro O (g0o, (STQ) 

C©Jgyo, (T^oeoOo, o_iaf)(g0o. 

Am'a-ZOll, n. Scaocjolcrfl, 6)oa ( og^g 
Si (nr^l. 

Am-bas'sa-dor,?2. rooeagfoinb, {cym) 
crflaf); 2. cruooonooLj<of), 0',q^), «9>ogy 

Am'ber, n. (btoou*. -gris, 7?. 

6)o_ioaDcru«b, a^anactKb. 

Am-bi-gu'i-ty, =big'u-6us-ness, 

71. e_lCCJO(SlDo, (C^TiDOOlOo; 2. (STogr^^Qrtl), 

crooaacaio. ^big'u-OUS, a. ejc&txoic 

iggg; (5T3OJ,d9O)0OCQ;, crflC®];2;0lgjO(DTO). 

i=big'u-6us-ly, ad. (sm^cn^^a^osi)]^ 

6)>0); <TOoO5OCca>fD0OCQri. 

Am-bi'ti6n (-bish'un), n. croooro 
<9>oocQ£q, aoonori^&jocaao, (sroelaoooo, ^cm 

(D^SOQJo; 2. (STafWiO^/JoOo, fBT3tJn<S0OaDo. 
= tiOUS, a. aaOca^ OodQfio&gg., (BTO^jOfya— . 

Am'ble, n. ajoDfanos, jajcroo; 2. 

OOS(&8(9»; 2. <93ej(95)o ^SO^iO)— . 

Am-bro'si-a, n. tsrogfaio, (BrogfO)', 


Am'bu-lance, n. sn_io<9«a-fln<9nraTV)o 

C^oOo. a. Cart (go1<SQJOOQJ5)fO ff)<9)0 

6^<Sq_J0<9jOD QJOoOmo. 

Am'bus-^ade, Am'bush, n. q-koD 

canangj'; 2. cu<oficcnrtf)gj o_js; 3. <9> 
6rrf), fO)Q5)o. t;. ^. QjfaTlcQnr61<9a(9>, agf) 

,2fifon<9sc9>. to lay an a.h sjsxtoct^o 

Q_l ^Tl dj) (03 (tgS) d9> . 

Am-bus'tion, n. rofl^adogarab. 
A-mel'io-rate (-mei'yo-), v.^. m 

<Tno<05n(BTafl<0a<0>, a_i(61c^(ol<98(95. v.i. on 
onocgafldaj, ^srn5)a_js— . =ra tion, w. a) 

6TTfl<9jf06mo, n-lfolcg^DfOo, ^6TOo. 

A me 



A-men' (or a-men'), ad. &n. cro^o, 
foiLDo^, crfiogiic&aocan, fsrosaelsxTn^sxro 

A-me'na-ble, a. reYactflcr^ccoj, a 
6)dz> Sfor&.as), crozocooooo a-jocaiasraaa; 2. 
oa1<fifi3O<sa2;c;C/)i0ocQ! ; 3. autfanigea, dD 

A-mend', t'« £• or><Tno<95r)«jra<n<a8s&>, <oT) 
qj(TO(^c9>, ses6>g_j§«s®<fi5. v. i. nomDocaTl 

Qj^i^, o26tds>q_j£j— , aiipn<fl(s— . -a-ble, 

«. c^rolc2;oc95)ajT3)c95). -ment, ft. <3£ 

Go, 0OOOo, r?3Tla»a3TO)<Tfb; C£)5Trf)<9>f&smo. 

=meilds, n. (s. & £>?.) orflcSirtjQ, (a_)oc2; 

A-men'i-ty, w« ro^aa, 0smoaortxa>, 

<2£J0<£bjO, rD6T®30T). 

A-merce', v.?. o_fiip<3>g-p<s!t<a>, aJl 
6)tf>8_p<es<e>. -ment, »• n-f)u>. 

Am'e-thyst. n. a\}comi)l<9»gS', 
6)S)Qjay^jo (min.). 

A'mi-a-ble, a. ac^aosawocojo <ei@ 

cai, rop.o— , gDa^aifoo — ; 2. aioajsrnjo 
&@&, nr^oalejo— , 0ea)OciOfo0oc2;. -nesS, 

=bil r i-ty, W. 03nOOaOfD^, aiOOJCTTTjO, 

GanoroAi w, crurD(TU(tj)_io. =€a-ble, Q» 
<3(tdqOo, ©6rna5io— , (SrgiQfOa^lejo— , 
cro0ocoonoo— . =€a-bly, ad. so^oo 
o^o^o, csaaoeflo-jocori, cro0ocoocr)0oc&r). 
am'i-ty, n. <sn^aOo, efltgjeoajo, §Dc$ao, 

A-mid', A-midst, prep. 0<s<§^, on 

A-miSS', a. fBY36aj(SUo fSl®32;, (BYoCTdJifl 

nno— . ad. 6)(uhdo (srojccT), !Bto3c&icco.o — , 
(Saocmo— . to take a. sxajooocaD to 

Am-mo'lli-a, n. cncucroor&o, onaj 

Am-mu-ni'tion (-nish'un), ?i. s>q_>sI 

Am'nes-ty, n. 0o<oft; 2. <e£a0, 003^- 

A-mong', A-mongst, prep. @d^>, 
goscaTlrak, m§^aj, 03£d., (^gfsraTlrtfc. 

blessed art thou a. women (n^a> 

Am'6-rous, a. <2(o_)00oam; 2. 200 
q^i?@s; 3. sn^ooe30ocpj. 

A-mount', n. @<9>, <erg;c9>a2a)<e>, croo 
ey^; 2. crooroo, ai^ejo. v. i* ^carf! 
'Sgjosa); 2. (fo, unto) ro>s>e2;o3^)a8<9>; 3 
(to) (Sro,car)rtr)<89<0>; 4. rg)&j.0oconfif!c93<9i; 

5. ^ojo^ao^. the testimony a.s to 

very little ter^ signal* croofo0l£j. 

his property may a. to a lac raraoj 

6>nbo cucry <3ft8 QjcfiPaajTaTlanosngo^o. 

Am-phib'i-6us (-fib'i-us), a. <b>cq&) 
ejo s>cr@£rorar)ejo gflciHd&3orr), ^eccjjiiro 
0OC2;, ascpj^^foTl^ga. ='i-um, 

(pi. =i-a), n. @.ecaeflan, (§S3Gjjiiroo. 

Am-phi-the'a-tre (-fi-the'a-ter), n. 

cxjfiyrznccSiO^crQQejo, onoSc9>aaoai, rootocroD 


Am'ple, a. culoasajo (St^cu 1 , aTlnr^ 
6tdo — , ajaTlg-jo a@& ; 2. cooroo^o (SY^ay ; 
3. CLpQjf&o— . -neSS, w. aflc/aofijrw, oD 
nr^ofao; coorooa^jo. =pli-fl-ea'tion, n« 
ajgr^ooo, anotflg^(0-)fTv;ocuo. =pli-fy, 
v. t. & i. cuGj'aioascft), aTrr^orQ0cd9(8 

<9i, QjlajrOo S-ain23a_JO(9», QJ5rrfl<9S«9i. 

=pli-tude, n. Q-igr$o, QjeDQ-jo, aTlcao 
ojeDgjo. =ply, «c?- cjuoroo&eocaT), «oj 


fi^SQJOao, 3Qj5ngo<SaJ05)eJ; ©^80^00 


Am'pu-tate, y./. (gon^ca>a<ft>, rarao 

coo ts^iidan^ — . =ta tion, n . (srao cooTl 

A-muek', a. & <zc?. 6Djr3i51@0^gg, 

(goa^a-Dsl.pj. to run a. (gocro o_Tlsl 

Am'u-let, «. CPJ^5)o, fOtQfii; 2.&Q,<3n\ 




A-muse', v.t. (with, in, by) Sroroo 

da>o§i <s^og_pcD5)<£)>. a. one's self && 

cro)&>><9>. -meilt, n. aTl£.T)oao, <ft.a1, 


All, a. 6*08, o$ SHOCKS, OJgj; 2. ©iO 

<s^)o. cow/. Q^aaTlfcjt. 
An-a€h'ro-nism, n. d^o&jcosmonan 

An-a-co-lu'thon, n. (gr.) (ffroa©6aj 
(nuQjlcrcs^moejBooroo, cuocSi.oaD^iaso 


An-86'mi-a (an-e'mi-a), n. rt>c90)&gO 
^fa?>, a_fl(Btao (med.). =aem'i{5, a. rocaoi 

An-aes-thes'i-a, =the'sis, n. <soruo 

cocefncao, (S6iojocooob>§(95)^ (med.). 
=thet'i-e, a. asmoccooroaoca;, ssojocual 

^jO^DcQgCTlD. «. <26rUOCJOaOe>ft><Dcfil(JOo 

(med.). =the-tlse, v. t. 6?.fOcai<jOfaraoral> 

An-a-log'i-cal, A-nal'6-gous, a. 

croaonno (srgjca, g)^o— , ararcflrtflcftgcm. 
=gy, W. (between, to, with) (S»a©^o_i 

An'a-lyse, =lyze, y.£. oile^e! 

«jiA^; 3. (ST3)e"l(§(a)Q_jan<2aaocuor)6)jii(^. 

a-nal'y-sis, n. olDsoj^ooo, or^sgia-jrtf) 

<2c/aOCD(T>; qD^qOo, ajQcurbl® aiSo, QjO 

<^j— (^r.j ; ^aiowa joj rota c/ao com (c./j.) ; 

CTDO'D a"Oo<2i d9fiia_Jo. 

A-na'nas, w. o^^f^^ces) (5.). 

An'ar-ehy, n. <Bracnoa51a_ira).o, fffranoo 

Ca<0>^_io; 2.<W9Q0OO . =Chist, ?2. (STOfDO 

sarffcajcaaasaorDnb. =ehi€, =«hi-eal,a. 
<b»«>ob3<9»0oqb;. =ehism, n. rarorDoeacfr 
<0)Jo; (erarDoe35so_idaaio. 

A-nath'e-ma, n. oaoa_j ; 2. (gc^ u ; 

3. (gd^nb. -tise, V. £. aaQ-ri(93c0>. 

A-nat'6-my, n. oraocoafls aiamoD 
e,; 2. odflfWo((Tgo. =tom'ie, =tom'i- 

■Cal, «. c^^raoao^crooeiojTioasca', <sa 
oOaDs^ano— . =rj-mist, *. c/atflrDuaa 
(rr^ssstaab, sa^aHs MecnaJrtf]d9fii,a>nb. 

An'ces-tor, ?*. o^c^ab, <o> Drown ajab, 
ail a^oaaoab. =ces'tral, a. s^ajro^o, 

a^fW a.l property a^aujajia , 

Q-n^oSfelfO)— . =CeS-try, M.QJooaojo 

An'-ehor (an'kor), ft. crv^roo, 5)a>s 
£joea)l«e>; 2. fioy, (tyrgjoc/d. cast a. 

oo^roo ©§<&>, jiflcrr)«no|p^da>. weigh a. 

§Daftau a®§<08a>. at a. oo^roo ^§ 
orflg^oD. v.i. d>>^[l§(0>, an^roa^ls erf) 
g^A; 2. £0^— . -age, ?z. .ojlcrfiooflo 
a*o; c&gjd; ool^omcroDGjo; on^fD^sj 
§0; o_n§(nrao, @.Og_j ; (mg^^aficfls 

An'«ho-ret, =rlte (-ko-), n. cucr> 

ojoarol, Qjom^croDnb. 

An-choVy, n. ©(tsoj^ eoraTl (z.). 

An'cient (-shent), a. ojssng^gg^ 
a_jip<ss)o— , cLjrao^o^aoca;. n. (pi.) a^ 
Qlfl<Q>a20(b; 2. (a_)2>D6rrf)<0>c)o. 

An'-ele, n. see Ankle. 

And, conj. ©o, ouD^nm, mQ6GB)®cn, 

An'ee-dote, n. ^jiiQc&LQ. 

A-nent', prep. <Sm6>rD figcnflaA; 2. 

A-new' (-nu'), «c?. aj^fOiocETl, o_Tl 
6)cmc3^o, (06^00^0, (oHoloa). 

An'gel, n. goinb, s)^aoj|^ab. 
ar«h-a., n. (cycODong^nb. 

An'ger, n. gq)Oq_io, g^,ocuo. =gry, 

a. (with a person, at a thing) saoouo 

An'gle, w. ©ca.osrr)o, <Sc9>o6i7b, i^aj. 
acute a., w. rn,cr>3<s>06rr>o (geom.). 
external a. 6ojQrn<8q^06rno (geom.). 
internal a. (BTOcTO8«<9>06rr>o (geom.). 



A no 

obtuse a. CLT)o3oej(8<a>o6rr>o (geom.). 

righta. orv)23c9ffl06Yr>o(^reom.)- an'gfi- 

lar, a. s<0)O6rr6 g)@& , ^^j— ; ^cgjpc^^ 

An'^le, 71- ^sr^fab. y. t. ^Sngaf) 
S ^lo6 o_Tlsl(99<Q); 2. 6><a><OC/aejrt5ra)Orab QJ 

(ya0o«S9<&. an'g'ler,^. -o^ 61 ^ eSaoranb. 
Anguish (-gwish), rc. cfrdlanSQj 

BCD, 0aOOQJjCrUCr)o. 

An'i-€ut, An'ni-«ut, n. -aHo, <ea> 
An-i-mad-vert', v.i. ^o^asock, 

=Ver'si6n (-shun), n. <BT§)<2cafiia_io, crao 

An'i-mal, ra. sag®, sflafl, (ajosyrf); 
2. gcoo. a. (tyosmosgg; 2. <2aojocroo6tii 
0100002;. a. food aoocrooooofoo. a. 
kingdom roTlcgiSoDjOcrf), sflojeaoajo, 
83oco0o. -€ule, rc. «T3srrao_i oerrD. 
-mate, a. ealojob g@g, (a-psmab — 

CIO.0 g)&QJD<98d95, Oad&oiT)5)ao§(93<3>, 6)6)(JO 

gyo ^§<e>, @.6rr>(^(9). =ma'tl6ll, w. sfl 

aj(a_}eocY)o; 6)6) .airman, o, eflojnb. 

An-i-mos'i-ty, h. a_i<s>, 6)6)curoo, 


All'i-mUS, 72. (£>/• -ml) 5)6>.nW.onjo; 

2. 0ongg , raiogycgjo. 

An'kle, n. <9>6maajorob, aorzHazfoerrn. 
='klet, n. <s>oral>Qj&, ^<5H§. 

An'na, n. (ST06rn. 

An'nals, n. pi. ajctoajaTaoaoo, a>o 
fijoCT9(g)0.airtfl(2J)o; 2. ajasrajoarc&o, .airo) 
(g>o. =nal-ist, 72. QjotocytoTZDornj) rt>_ai 
<9>ot>; jiif61(ro)6)0^>@nT)QLjnb. 

All-neal' (-nel'), v.t. a-i^g-fl^ <g> 

5S06TT) fg)6TT3p-p-jql a_lO<850O<9Q<9>, r»_l«J)0 QJ 
f03«g2)<Si; 2. O-J^g-p^ crTlOo d3jC2;OQ,a). 

An-Iiex' (an-neks'), v. t. (to) @^l 
(8^(63(9); 2. (3TOCJLf)oO0Od&8c9>, O-TlS^S 

s9s<3>; 3. <2_aJOT3)6KlJd&3c9>. -Ji'tion, 72. 

orooScoJosamo, fBroufloo6)g_j§fcro)ra?), ^§1 

An-ni'hi-late, u. £. ©£jora)o<93(©>, 

oooalgJltSQ^; 2. g>d^ajonoc/ao Qjr&qgDtfi. 
=lati6n, n. orflz^ejooouao, @.a_iarooq£) 

An-ni-ver'sar-y,a. QjaiisaD)oQ,^@a. 

w. ajoaaonrosrDOOTOQjo; 2. QjcaaonrorocrooS 
qjo; 3. (erg)^; 4. (ic^oaoo. 

An'no Doin'i-ni, 72. (gfinr^osryo, <&) 

(T^QJcftio, — Oa<9>o. 

An'no-tate, v. t. <&6)s)q^^><^<b>- 

2. a^osyjoorfl.S3<fl>. =tE'ti6n, 72. o^jii 

<Q>o, <fl»cf)g_j ; QJi06JJjOCDo. 

An-nounce', v. t. (a-jnr^oaTl^s^), 
(a_)cn51(§ij0ocfls«). -ment, n. (rocfiaifl 

An-noy', u. £. (eraoxiaOjftg-j^cqsjia), 

(gcftfigjldBsa); 2. @.Q_jean<9Q<S). -ance, 

n. (ffroajoxirtrt), g>a_i6QJo, 6)fmocTOraQj . 

An'nu-al, n. Qjdiiorra)foa>og2jo, ojdiio 
cTOfD^ioO, Q^8da>ajooaol(Q5crocro.o. a. <std) 

6PS <2rtnOQ,C3@& ; 2. aracS 1 ^ 0O(Q)o OO)^ 

cm. =nu'i-ty, n. ojaiioaamo, Qj(fiiocro)fo 
6aj.o, 0OGf!6uon6. 

An-nul', v.^. esT^ieie)^^^^, go 
gjocgS)^^, (BToaroocyajO(99<0>. -ment, 
w. a,sr]yai0Oc85>(ri>, cWlcasio. 

An'nu-lar, An'nu-lar-y, a. <30o<of> 

cai, ajgtoTzslejga* a. eclipse <9>aB36rr> 
^a06rno (as.). 

An-nun'ci-ate, v. t. fs^6\^£\(a^&^ 

(Q_}cn51(3Jj0oa8<s>. =a'ti6n, n. OTooHcsn 

ad •> Q - i(oa ^)°' 

An'o-dyne(-dTn),?2. eajenooa06)m'o 
ctticoo (med.). 

A-noint', v. t. oros^ece^iOricQa^, ®fa> 
as(a>, o^^<Q). -ment, »• fsraslscaa^o, 

<SfO)gJ', SaiO-JCDo. 

A-nom'a-ly, n. (QeStans ; 2.ary(®ejo 
a£imo. =16US, a. (^0Qjlasau0oc2;. 




A-non', ad. @ss><d, cQ£b6mo; 2. a_fi 

6>cm, a-fioXTnortnasxab. ever and a. 
A-non'y-mous, a. <2aAc6)g£o«m, 

Sa-jrocfle&Dfura). a. letter Qjosooej. 

A-noth'er,a. S)(ttdo^s; 2.0^000053, 
<sojs)oooa. one a. (G)z£)<?& ^aaloA, a_j 
rogr^rao. one after a. aosraocmocon, 
anrrTi^nbo ojiplQca; aomocofl. one 
with a. aaseH^. 

Answer (an'ser), n. ©.asraroo, 00210 
coomo, (Q_)foflQJoao; 2. 'eaQJoeny', 0Q, 
ojsI; 3. cme^o, ^asraroo (ar.); 4. (a_) 
(nTl«0)orDo. y. /. & 1. (a_jajnajoel(flQ<9), g> 

fOTCSfDo Q_JO<Q5, 0Q,OJ^lS)(Q3O§c9sa5; 2. cro 

0ocjuonooQ_iO(9j; 3. nrT)cyfDK»l(fls<S); 4. qq 
raO.roocarifznaa^; 5. ^^^(©j, ojoQai; 
6. jo v-sraroajoeo s>_ai$}£. -a'ble, «. &(ora 
roo Q_iocacarz))c95); ^tmaraajoalcaoaii (iV\), 
.nj0(O)£jcx#@£i (&.); <Braaacrooa)0occ;. 

Ant, w. aGocm, &\o. black a. «a> 

6)§Qcru. tree a. <flicYflc»nb, ojgfleqjQ 
roJ . red a. <2-aJ06imnb, 6)ane^Q,cnj . 

white a. -nflroKab. flying white a. 

0y>g_}ooo, gDcgjoouooo, $n<d<3J<?&. white 

a.'s hill ajoo . a. eater sQaufoflcrfl, 

ot3@^qjo6, @asralc)oajaTn (z.). 

An-tag'6-nism, n. aflfsraocoo, (a_j 

(ofl^QJflJ). =nist, fl. (a-^tan<SC32JOCOl, o£) 

rofiroogf), co<££, Q^)fjnn*<Q>catfiil; 0000,00s 

ctd (med.). =nis-tre, a. 00000 &§g, 

Ant-ar£'ti€, a. adaanerrxy^Qjcroo 

An'te, pf. Qti>. 

An-te-cede', v.t. & i. <2,s>6s&]^d3>; 

2. «a>Qjlcsy<B>. =ce'dence, n. Qcfosij^ 
gjrzrt>; ajGfoocofoTl; Q^SKmooak (as.), 

<o>o^>. =ce'dent, a. ^cnjgg, o^jod 
odo; !^nfe^§l aDjiiconcea(anj><e5). n. oj 

<2fDOCOO0l; ^Z. cO^SOnS^", ^C^JCy 

foraoowo; (gnborTl^aTj 00000 (gr.). 
=Ces'sor, ft. a^Qlftanb, <0>orD6rr>ajn6. 

An'te-cham-ber, n. zjctoo. 

An'te-date, v. t. (gnWlogjraf) 6)o_i 

An'te-di-lu-vi-an, a. saej^aa^ 
An'te-lope, rc. ca>&j0on6, 6>.ojq,— , 
An-te-me-rid'i-an, «. a^qLjoaco0o 
An-te-mun'dane, w. (sbao&c^^) 
An-ten'nse, w. g^^cYfi(a_p6rr>1ajg. 

S)S a lw), gro^crfl (2.). 

An-te'ri-6r, a. qaum', 2. 0^00 
cqj; 3. ^nbeocnasagg. -i-ty, rc. 1300?. 

An'te-stom-a^h, rc. a_)d9&n<3>g.a)s 


An-thel-min'ti€, a. ^ala^aoea; 
(med.). n. ojltpoajaf! (&.). 

An'them, ft. <sf!raro>a->o, <8nr$o(@of) 
foio (Chr.). 

An-thol'o-gy,ft. ajg^aoai; q_ioo— . 
An-thro-pol'6-gy, n. 009^(8800 

O30(CTUo; 2. (DfOc&GJ— . 

An-thro-poph'a-gous (-pof'a-), «. 

0oaoda3^ceb (6rg)ce>, — sgosfl— . 

An'ti, pf> (a-jfofi, Qfl)fari(b, o_i<9iroo. 

An'ti-e, n. (sajoaoa^, QDgceac&ab; 
2. fsraa^q^tf^ajo; 3. S-aJc^a. a. aJOW 
otcdo (ST3>c2>; 2. (ffrao^c^io — , ®ca>o0o^^ra 

fDo— . 

An'ti-ehrist, w. o0)<on* ^la^nb, 

An-tic'i-pate (-tis'i-), u.^.^auocaD 

o^)§<flS(e5; 2. ^CYlTl((5l)l^§l oTl(0_3a_jl(99<a>, 
(f/)adl(QS(9j ; 3. (9T3aaeCLn<fi®<Qi; 4. (Srg)<2£U0 

jiD^ (a)§asd9>; d.<©>o&JcoraTlarra i^aoj 6)jii 

^; 6.l^ab<9>6r§ (a_)a)<OTa )<99<3>. =pa'ti6n, 

n. ignbajl^iioojo, — oraonay, — (a-)9j«3TaD; 
(BTOcraeojo, <2ano§o; (ffr^QjCS^oamo*. 

An'ti-d6te, w. (against) ((ys^'O.-fa 
CGo, 0ooQj0O>3m"; 2. 0Q J s)5)<s>. 




An'ti-mon-y, n. (SKsmcr>3s§£(ch.); 
2. 0«D, 5>S)0, crgroia. 

An-tip'a-thy, n. (o^^'oDaneroocjco; 

2. a_lc&>, 6rUft-OQj}<2ra0CJOo; 3. oJCDC&gLj, 
(8T30g_J ; 4. (S.aI'DOig (c^.). 

An-tip'6-des, ft. pi. <§a\zyas «cn 
6)fD 0Q,ajofaro> oj anil <05CTDQj<b; 2. (gal 

<3^S)S <SOD5)fO 00,0^00; 3. <2<Q>DJOio oS) 
a_jr6 T )^0O<3& . 

An-tique' (-tek'), a. ojfooroKDaocE;; 

2. a_j«f <©?5)gj§, ajsns^coro). =ti-qua-ry, 
=ti-qua'ri-an, n. n-jfoo^maricfiac^ssbra 
nb, o_iiP0(95>ofDa6. =ti-qua-ted, a. a-»ip 
(©n5>aj§, oosgj^oasra. =tiq'ui-ty (-tik'- 

wi-), n. Q-JiP(95>o; a^fJJO^OnBiOajo; o^Qll 

An-ti-sep'tie, n. ci^^oi):>joro6irr> 
cucno. a. -nf^ejc&vOQcm. 

An-ti-spas-mod'i€, a. ajafiarcoiooj 

cm, a^nbo-io^aD^jofo^odasam. n. (c^gj 
orriQjofDSisrn'Ocancoo (med.). 

An-tith'e-sis, n. ansroocooeja&o 
foo; 2. Qj.fw.ocrDo, siS^xjQ-if^l'^o. 

An'ti-type, n. cucrja), croocfia^rafc 

QJTg, O^aflro:— . 

A'nus, n . cdqo, i^Qjs_ioa>o, q&jo (an.) . 
An'vil, ft- (Stos^^, orai)soej (iV.), 

oT3s«<s?of^ (5.). to be on the a. 

<ei®®ejojiAcr)CEnaflrtfl<f>2(e>, (!-^ 

An-Xl'e-ty (ang-zT'e-), n. c^jo<03&jo, 
_qT!cto), (srojcul; 2. (srgj^oocSfia. Aii'xi- 
OUS (ank'shup), a. oojQjejoafl g>@g , .nfl 

(TOOcfeQJo— ; OJTBWjOOa — . 

A'ny (en'ny), a. (SY^fogaflejo, a$W 
©Hejo, Qjgj, antDiaor®, o^^oaeo. at 

a. rate, in a. case o^croomejo, o^ 

sso'lsjnn^cc'afclejo, CQ.os>Tj)Ocro<n<0>D6»Tgo. 
ad. o^sxro^lejo, ©30, (5T3g_jo®a_)De4o, 

6)v\g£ (S.). is he a. better? Giaumo 
©§ seaaoscao? a. more (grag-i-^^s, 
<8}5V3_nio — , gDcrTlc^o ai'Sn; @arn\ <sa 
ajoaA. -how, -Wise, ad. o^nrcoocaoejo, 

a^)63el5)CY) a^sflejo, aQ>V) oTlCOo— . a. 

longer ©ml, Gzejo^. above a. thing 
oQgLpoolajo'iz^aoeQn. -where, ai. aa 

63^0, Q5)Qjlo^S6')3L , »riGJo, QJSgjSOJo. a. 

time cugj^^o^po, og)Sajo«ipaBnfijo. a. 
thing but e^ojajo <ara^. it is a. 
thing but pleasure <ma^° aroscraa^i 

03£}C2/£j. a. thing like QJg-j'ajceorDQjo. 

I cannot give a. thing like a fair 

description c^g'oiocrao g^aocpj aTlajroo 
®o_joejo o-joojorrb a^omorab ai'-ilaD^j. 

a. thing the matter? aflaoajafLsy 


A'o-rist, «. !BY09jrt»an;§i»<a>o&Jo, 
(gfw^oejo (gr.). 

A-or'ta, ». ^ajamcuTi, caasnerocno 
cufl (aw.). 

A-pace',«<i- fWJfol.'0)Coancao3in, <sqj 
corsnTlai, <2qjco->, <sqj«coco. 

A-pan'thr6-py, n. axjcioojocroojlfD 
<d<aD, o^g^oaoajocro rmogLjcgjo. 

A-part', ad. ctd_i<q>o^0dcq71, cgajs^o, 

(a_)<2'a\<fr>o (a_)s^.(ej0ocBn. a. from it 

Apart'ment, n. ^oH, (gra^, oro^o. 

Ap'a-thy, n. croao-^oi-jfDQolwtKjo, 
ea.i'W-io, e3:3^o, gaoavflcna), aae-a), g. 
sna^iaaooj ; 2. 0S1QJ*, CLTlsroocuo. 

Ape, «. QJDari^oTjrai <ft>rosos , Qjom 
ronb; 2. scoDc^g~i(S5>oronb. u. /. <2cooc^gl 
aiosA; 2. (mo! as =9i. a'per-y, w. <Q» 
rossscsnnoo. a'pish, a. airosrafararoao 
cb;; ccoDc^g!c9>osmn. 

A-per'i-ent, w. GulsrDjii^mticQacjoo, 

(SS-tsTl (med-). a. ajl<2ro.aic9>0oar. 

Ap'er-ture, w. @roaj°, a_j^(^ , a_io 

roo, @a, aJl&aJ , aflsoj , angg.^; 2. 

A'pex, W c/alffiJOo, 013490, Oto^oo, 

Aph'o-ny, A-pho'ni-a (af'o, -fo'ni-), 

n. ^005^-]'; 2. QjocaTiQjroo^. 




Aph'o-rism (af'o-), n. oy@o, of] 

Aph'thse (af'the), n. ox>m<gn. 
A'pi-ar-y, n. Qmcrfl^^s . 
A-piece' (-pes'), ad. aoSraoarfinT) , 

A-po«'a-lypse (-Hps), n. 6vaj§n 
=lyp'tie, ='ti-eal, a, 6>qj21q_}05 cro 6oj 

(TLD0OCQ;, (a_)QJo.a}(&>— . 

A-poe'ry-phon (pi. =pha) (-fon, 

-fa), 7z. (Wj c&0)(49GOOo, ^Irro, Dcrfisojaaj 
CT^iSiajTan^ ®jii(Q«Dfaro) .afl&j (^nanosoaao 
(Chr.); 2 (Eno^oiaosrnj^nrLDo. =phal, 
a. (a_)0O5rr>o (Bto^ooto), QjloajocroiScojo 
c^jo— ; g>rafl03 cer^cc;, croa&g-jo— , <a>g. 


QJ — 

Ap'6-gee (-je), 72. a_jrt>;ono, 
(gialccn^aolorn (btocoWo {BYo^aTflrtflcBs 
cm jiUQgocacD socoo (as.); 2. (sroooo, £ 

A-pol'6-gy, n. CLTloajDcrD(aL_)'oriajo 
So; 2. oraaDo), comziocH;o^m; 3. ftcmoo 

o-ioc&nh. to tender an a. s^oo <xd 

eauDtaga), daflazi <2iiioal<S5ica). =gise, 
V.£. &2. (a-JfaDcuoao <&iPl<a3;0>; 2. (for) 
©K>Qjlcx3n_io ! Qj; afaasjijoelas s>, 0O£j — ; 

6)^)oo o o-jo<0). =get-ie, =get'i-eal, 

#. (<y.'of)ajoe>3>(2o<32j@£, on,cc2Jo c^osmlcfts 

nr>. =get'i€S, 72. p?. aric^joorv)(a_)fan 

Ap'6-plex-y (-plek-si), n. daafl^ 
mDnrfi, a^arTlajotaio (med.). =plee'- 
tie, =plee'ti-eal, a. oocnfl a@a, daaTl 
{a^arocrrriajdaaisrno— ; croaTflcuDra) croo 
€ajav0(aoc2;; c9ftona_)crcnrrria9gg. =plee'- 
tl<5, n. arc arrflaj oroto a_f) si jyojrrb; da&f) 
(o^a\DcrrricLia)o<S3(Tr) (39aO(<gg)Qgft cuab. 

A-pos'ta-sy, -cy, rc. 0^03.1000^,0 

COo, CTOJarmojfOl^OODo. ='tate, fl. 

crojao^f^ocol, aDoajoaro— . ='ta-tlse, 
v.t. aojao^o <oijSfl<a3a>, ojlaajocroo 


A-pos'tle (-pos'sl), n. fBTo^gjorr^ 
fuab, <S(a_}rtfUnb, q^Iqd {Syr.), oa^ab 

WO- ap-os-tol'is, ap-os-tol'i-cal, 

a. <ffro^g_jonr^ejr*»_ig@£, (Bro^onr^ejcroo 
6rucru3^oa^. -ship,n. ora^^ocr^ej^jo, 
®t3 5>gj nr^ ej croD ocn o . 

A-pos'tro-phe (-fe), rc. ctcoGsqjocju 
an o&ja&orao (rhet.); 2. (BTOdaaifoSaioajo; 
3. (uraafiiro<2aiOQ-JOOjinQ£r)o(^r.). t=phlse 
(-fTz), v. t. crcoS6njocucr)Deo^i6mo 

A-poth'e-ear-y, n. aoc&KJOjj")^ 

caH, aascno a^ajSdtoor&nb; 2. ^q_jqo)qj 

e^ofe. -a/s weight eiascna ^(95)o. 

Ap'6-thegm (-them), n. ay^o, erf) 

cofl QJ 3 <Q5iO. 

Ap-O-the'o-sis, ft. ®eQJ)<3>rD6rr>o, 

Ap-pal', =pair, v.t. &i. (sojsloji 

c93<d>, (Braro^iSi, «0aris<Qj. n. &<svo. ■ -ing, 
a. eca)a93fQ0oca». 

Ap'pan-age, ??. «>os3<o5 0of3n0of®s>s 

^CLj9flaJCr)O(oiDg0l; 2. (Sr^aflaOfOO^o; 

3. aoaorol, (5T3aj<a>oaao. 

Ap-pa-ra'tus, n. ^n_sa)ra6rr>o, q_j 
errflScSwog-j ; 2. oB;(cro)o. 

Ap-par'el, ?2. a§id°, a-i(rro,o ; 2. (gra 
fijaa>ofDo. v.t. jii0can«99<Q), (5T06rrrican 

Ap-pa'rent, a. ^osmroraidBs), ojjd^ao 
(8X3)00;; 2. crTlg^ooaca'o— , orflalpao— ; 
3. S^ccrarm. heir a. cnjocs2;0oc2; o_Tl 
gaSjjLiafloroab, (BTDOj^oaan, cs^ajraosarrf). 
-ly, «G?. gr^c^0occn, (a_)'Wj<fiai0oean, <&o 

Ap-pa-ri'tion, see under Appear. 

Ap-peal' (-pel'), n. <80rtib3<0>os<on 
coTl^ <&ipn(9saT) ajmalfljaioro6rno3a_id9fifl, 
4 <8Y03_p^' (l.)- } 2. (Hrog_flfoi>aj)xiiDro6m (/.); 

3. (BTo a _flaiaJ t 0)O(^o(/.); 4.^^00 (£.); 5. 

croffloSaoroefl (^,); 6. croaooc^fOTancTOga 
(erO<2a_\d9fii; 7. (a_)3caJ0aOo, &a_j<scaiocoo. 

first a. (sr^oojl^. second a., spe- 
cial a. fD6ng;0g_pral>. v.t. & i. a^cn 




(bojloiorasiT) ^.ojopjonb .-Bra'ga.ja&nasai 

(/.); 2 - fSTSe^o OJO&, f5TJ>3ajafifla8a>; 
3. OTO»)So <S6rU0CJL5^g_p(es<9); 4. rBraan.oay 
S>£-]§a>(2.). -a-Me, «• (BTDgjlfSl) Q6OJ0 

uf)g_pas>oaiaT>. -ing, a. croa&so <26iqjd 
cjulg-pcagGnD. -ing-ly, ad. (STD®a_icaai 
o^q^o. =pel'lant, n. rm^g-piiiaOjOCQjaaD 
fonfc>(/.). ap'pel-late, a. (srogj^cruo 
6010100002;; rsrajy) rabajl-aio re sm 6) .aicanrr). 

a.e court faYajj-jWaaiosran. a.e decree 

(Bra^robafluf). ap-pel-lee', n. <srz>g_f) 

Ap'pear (-per r ), v.i. lo-)Vh aas0oa>, 
a>36moco; Qjro)a>; 2. (a_jcrolao0oca> — , @. 

b)^ — ; 3. oO0©3fD0a>; 4. 6)QJ^lCL10a2JfOl 

a>; 5. <s«j)ocm<Bi. -aiice, n. (a-^afii 
fa>, (er^ajlgoojo; acjgmo, a>oy>; inga-io, 

soqjo; (pi.) <el^^6)caT^)g^QJ , ; a03S3<b(/.). 

to put in an a.e oooearooa,. to save <9)06rrria)c)o<Qs®faioarngjoa(). ap-pa- 
ri'tidn (-rish'un), n. (o_)^jafiKO), or^aH 

Ap-pease' (-p«z') 5 t>. £• oaoaw^^guj^ 

aga^. -ment, n. oaang-pasrob, aaonraxao 

Ap-pel-la'tion, n. Sa^ongO; 2. 
moeio, coo0®coa^o, <sro/£)coDcno; 3. cruao 
mSgjfb. -la'tive, n. Qj^oooao, croo 
coorosmrosao (gr.); cruDocr><8g_j<b. 

Ap-pend', v.£. 6>a>§kjT3asas, <8_aj 

fOE)S>a>sa>; 2. (g}§l®_2jaaa>. =pen- 

dage, n. <2jticm\s&i(0) ; jdojoocoo, 6>rtno 

6SBfjrt>, ®6T3»GJo. =dant, «. fJS 65l§aT>, <S.a) 

cm, orooenjcnul^. w. croo6aj(Tuflra)afl 

caae&o. =dix, ^ . (pZ. =di-ces, =dix-es) 

f8Traa©6TUCTU)o g>a_13SMjOCr>o. 

Ap-per-tdin', v.i. &s0ca>oa., cro_i 
ao)0o<Q), g^araioa); 2. croo6a]cruri(98<Si, 

s^aTfirolaaa). they a. to me <sro@ 

a>cX> oQ)(Snborwo6rr) . 

Ap'pe-tence, =ten-cy, n. ora^o 

%f)oDo- 2. CrOJ(30®QJ_ai ; 3. 8^1^. 

=tent, a. fsra^ooac^ga. 

Ap'pe-tlte, n. (for) ©^; 2. oTlc/a 
3_j , OB-af!, <3a£o36mjiJ ; 3. fO^Ogj^o. 

Ap-pUud' (-plad'), V. t.6)6)<9)6)&0§) 

arjroOasai; (ffroel(Do3l<ss(S>; 2. c^'oHas 

a>, CjQQa^ricSs^, <TO02lrof)a8a>. =pla,USe' 

(-plaz'), n. 5)S)(©)S)a)0§lcaogj , <sif&(ajao o 

So; (TOraO. 

Ap'ple, n. 0cyros3oau u , (Sra^obru 

yo(t.)- custard a. ^(oron^as (6.). 
pine a. ^s^^^aa (b.). a. of the 
eye ^o^asm), agpfi. a. of discord 


Ap-ply', v. t. 6^Qj<©3<d), o_f)a>§a>, 

(Q_)<8CS2J0CO")ast9); 2. JDa_»<SC&JS ColcSs <S); 3. 

6>a>o@@la3a) ; 4. (arog^ ) ^cuaaaj, @.o 
j_pa3a>; 5. rBTQSojafiilaaai; 6. ooroefl 
oaio§asai. v. i. cuoQa), crco6aimjul 
aafii; 2. <BTa3a_Aa&f)asa>; 3. (C5>^os)qj 
asa>. =pll'ance, n. aojaifOffmo; cry 

(®o, aojocao. =pli-ea-ble, a. o_ioci 

cn">, c^ao)0ocai, croo6rua\DS)g_j§, ^ousc^a 

coigga. =pli-ca'ble-ness, =pli-ea- 

bil'i-ty, n. csccjo^ m, croo6njrru)o, e><ox£) 
<^io. ='pli-cant, w. (eTOcairTi, (Bra's o^aaia> 
nb, oOfDefleomo^nb. =pli-ea r tidn, «. & 
ojScoiogoo, rroo6iucTU)o, (Sjjj^, (o^scaj'j 

COo; (BTOS.-ua&lJ f8T3®Q_iafiQ0a_Ki(g)o, aDfO 

<26njocucr)o, g>a_i®eodo. 

Ap-point r , u. ^- orTlc^anasa), g-SQjO 
coTsralejoaaai; 2. crnc®Jc2nasa>, a.g_p 
jyoasa>: 3. crooSfo'laQa). -ment, ti. a 

®e,0COColC@iC^o; g><2<3jOGOo, crODDOOo; 

orTlcsycajo, ojoc/3OTao; (erg)S%ra); oxjcmo 

nOo, jjJ0C3Do. 

Ap-por'tion, y. t. QTleocolaaa), a_i 
a3(^ 6^a>o§asa>, ©ooorolsjiii^. -mentj 
w. QjlsocolasirtA, ajaiasifBl); aoaortf). 

Ap'po-site, a. q^ooojo c^aojo <sr§ 
ca, Qj)aol(0)o— . -ly, acf. scaocOjaocED. 
=sfti6n (-zish'un), n. crooScaoeaano, 
croafcejcno; 2. cro0omocjLDa5fO6mo(^r.). 




Ap-praise', v.t. aflajsicuasa*; 2« 
af)aj5)a^<a>, d^sng — . -ment, n. <&>&£ 

5>a>§(3b; CLD&J0ron<fl5)f3J). 

Ap-pre'ci-ate (-pre'shi-), v.t. cn\ 

eJ6KUaaa>, — 0fOn«9s<0>; 2. <8CQ;OCOi6 , >05>CTO 

erroas; 3. qj)gj asC&OQ.a); 4. Qja>(af)fin 
-ajol<32ja>. =a'ti6n. 72. CL^al0ca^lg ;; J , ; 6TU 
aO0onOo; fanfOl :: 2J(rnCLi U , CT^c9gp®6niOCJOo; 


Ap-pre-hend', y. £. a_jlsla3a>, a_fl 

sl'^§<S); 2. ^QoDlc9a<a); 3. 03fflf)asa>, 

saj^lasaa. y. 2. ®woaTo<Q); 2. eca;s>gj 
§a>. =hen'sion (-shun), 72. a.fisl'BTao; 

S6QJOCU0; COOf06TT>; S6DJOCOoafl9<aO; 03800. 

=hen'sive, a. an<saja>6iQj<aJla2j@a; sny 
©^(cyoa^aruosrijcauaoc^; oaa&>0£2j@&. 

Ap-pren'tice, n. a^oipl^) oal&fias 
cmojob, — ofld^nb. -hood, -ship, 72. 

6)fO)Dynej®ioaroo; s^o^&jSiOcrocrTlfij, 
— <S)oaio. 

Ap-prise', v.t. (of) <8Traolaj u 6><a>o§<ai3 
a>, aTiajroo (sraolcoTlasai. 

Ap-pr6ach' (-proch'), 72. reta^o, 
orooa^o^jo; 2. (Srgjcoacoo; 3. oos, fo_) 
©cuodonaomo; 4. p/. scrooj. v.t.&i. 

Ora6TT)C%<0>; 2. q^)(^(95; 3. 6SRg£Dajrtfl<9>. 

Ap-pro'pri-ate, v. f. 6>6>a>cuc/as>a-j 
§(^<&, cro joto 00 asTI ratafias a>; 2. (for, 
to) 6)Qj<9sa5, nrfldasD^QjcSsdao, ^o-KScaocdl 
<B®<&>. =a'tion, 72. o^axuc/aSigj^caYafiA; 

Ap-pr6ve', y. £• s^gDeBTlasa); 2. 
crDZBfZjTlaaa^; 3. <26djo@^ 6)g_j§a>. ='ver, 
n. aogj cnaodaaD (/.). =prov'a-ble,a. 
(eroa9QjelcSs)a3T3)(95),<S6iriio^0ocB;. =pr6'- 
val, =pro-ha'ti6n, n. a\)02Koto, (Bracts 

Ap-prox'i-mate, a. (eta§ajta>, cre^ 

QljI^; 2. 0^000 , Q^d)<2ea3S) 000513). v.?. 

(0ra§g_jl<sec&), (Sta^tfgacuro^oooaaa); 2. (era 
§GJj®ojfala>, oQ)«^<fl5. v.i. f5ta§asa>, 
(ma§«jj©6)^jgja). -ly, aa 7 . o^oasoco;, 

a®a><2eoao. =ati6n, n. ratafia,**; sra 
§g_]o; o^tnooao aoj^ajfara!); a^nnocrao a> 
ra>i0oca'fa) . 

A'pril, 72. oooejoo cocroo, o£)(a_f)«j|>— ., 

A'pron, ?2. (gcmofarojgsrrf). 

Ap-ro-pdsf, a & ad. ajtoom, clD 

Soa^ol^, gofo rroo6QjmDfaTznlf<5l). 

Apt, a. fO^as), OJOCflafc; 2.gDSg)@g; 

3. ojiPaso— ; 4. aroaano— , 0000™—. 
-'ly, ad. (D£jajg£no, a-aD-waacoD. -'ness, 
= tl-tude, n. G><dj3pt(&)0, <2cxyoco.<a); qjo 
croon, (a_)oajp, 6iaj^iJ)cnDo0(a^o; -oustf , 

A' qua, n. sxuggo, eaajo, arfl<b. 
-ri-um, 72. e3&isag3>aa5>g. cryaflolasam ea 
Gjoodcc-o. -'ri-US, ?2. a?oiSfaooal (as-)- 
=quat'ie, a. e3ejcroo6ru(TU)0oca;, S3&)0oa>, 
eaejsa, 6>ajg&(Bfaf)(z4 @.@&- a. vi'tae, 
n. -ojoraooajo. aq'ue-duet (ak'we-), /2. 
Qoai , 6ioaj , o-ioajraTl, _oio^A (N.). 
a r que-OUS, a. e3ai0ccjo, eaajeao. 

Aq'ui-line (or -lin), ^. ajyanermo 
tOKJ), cuasro®. a. nose ^caTa^ere-rb 

Ar'ab, 72. arQOGru). street a. «ra 

ai6ratD) ensaacmcunb. -ie, n. (STao6ajl 

Ar'a-ble, «. g>can<98fo><BB. a. land 

^>can({|0), g.tPQjs)^)OT) crooejo. 

Ar'bi-ter, n. no§cunb, 0@^crv)Dn6, 
a_j6Tmioc2;a5)oran6; 2. croa^cuilajoran. 
=trar-y, a. Sfmoorflcwcuocroo (ergjcc;; croj 
(S0CC — , scroj-oioodcroorao — , crHrasab 

oao— ; &S0O— . a.y government croj 

caocjula-j^Qjo^. =trate, y. ^. no§Q_j 

oai, ojsiaioano— , 0f§^cruDo— , roiaalfab 

a_lO6T0T3) <of)aaa>. -tra'tion, 72. OJ6SJU0 

ca»o, 0OACTUDO. =tra'tor, 72. o_i6Baioca; 
anoraob; croql!oaf)a>ortr). 

Ar'bor, Ar'bour, n. cu^roo, au@&l 

Are, 72. Qjacu , oflgy , a>0oooo, oj 







Ar-eEde', n. ar$oe<2ra>ora6rna_i»<an 

(arch.)', 2. 05mJUO-Jo; 3. <BKi6m\<2(lSfOiO(Q 

Arch, n. Qjg.CD , c^ojraoooao; 2. A 

aonoo, <8f?«ora6mo. triumphal a. &*<& 

<2v)0(t)Gmo. v. i. & i. Qjf3<es(Q>, <^eiomo 
^QjtQscaj. -stone, n. c9>0ccrf!s>ej <st^> 
6rn)&>>8£ . -way, w. <si0orrbojyn. 

Arch, (#/.) sarck, (q^coooo, (S^cfQ. 
a. i^6iijO (Sirica/, afl^fcDo— , (a^uJocrTl— . 
0qoo; 2. 6>ca>'ooaaj(g@@., «&>gg., @. a - J0CQ ^ 
o&oca>. a.-an'gel (ark-), n. (a-^coooo 
grronb. a.-bish'op, n. saajia^jcfifitinb. 

a.-dea'con, rc. <s0g_i§oe<j>orocTb. a.- 
duch-ess, n. roo@3(a_)£ajrD(CT^). a.- 
duke, n. raoes^gcufDnb. -ness, w. a 
a_ioayo, aj^aciJ ? aoo0<8i£>io. 

* * 

Ar'£h8e-0l-0-gy (ar'ke-), ?z. oJfD0<w 
cd ®siaomoao(rr^o. ar'^ha-ism (ar'ka- 
izm), n. aJrt>o<OKncLiOc9s> , — fcflfoD. 3X- 
■eha'ie, a. o_iy>0S)a_j§, ajfDortncr^oay; 


Arch'er, 72. af)$jo@P. -y, n. coaa 
Ar-chi-pel'a-go (ar-ki-), n. <z%d&* 

crogeo; 2. e_naj@g<3@& OVJigeo; 3. 

Ar'^hi-test (ar'ki-), rc. oflgjl, 

(0)^080(0^; 2. cvflzaortnocu , c9joroenm(§ 
cronb. =te€-ture, n. o<f)g-iajla,, rai^i 
c/ao(rruo; crT)Z0a6mo. 

Archives (ar'kivz), rc. pi. <Q>(Q6tr>s>Q-± 
§1 nrycefiflaaoDcroDejo; 2. (SY^cuorosjacfe, 

Ar^'ti-e, a. cusasga, afs^raty^oj 

oroo6nicni)0ocxy; 2.<grara>.frc»o oalrtwggg. a. 

circle a^ra^cusraaj. a. pole a 
Ar'dent,a. aggio a@&; 2. «a)§a-jo— ; 

3. (afl(©fia0ocffi, 83_iaTlc9scTr). -ly, ad. .ol 

6TT) 7 o 

<8S0S)S, (^)@D(8CBJ0S)S, <9>dVr)0OCQ5l. 

=den-cy, w. a^oa? ; a^raio? ; c^c^o 

CTOTI. ='d6ur, ='d6r (ar'der),?z.2gaao, 

Ar'du-OUS, «. <Q3C5T3)5>cr> crflgyrn, 

aCOifOo a@@.j 2 « (cyCQ-'OCTOo — , f5K)faU_iO 
(Do-—, -ly, «<i. Qj)c£Q2i<2(GKnZ6)S. 

Are, (be, was, been) (SY3)<fl? 
flfcj (pi-) from to be. 

A're-a, n. crfl&jo, o-jrogd 5 2 «a@a°, 

cTOg.0; 3. (o_)<saoao, crooaio; 4. afirr^o 


A-re'«a, rc. ^ysra . a.-nut <sras 
<qs). a. palm &$&£ , (g^^o. 

A-re'na, ft. raococruaejo, {grarosoo ; 

2. <3a_)0<©s>g.o. 

Ar-e-lia'tion, n. 06rr>rzrt>aflyn 6)qj 
c&nflrt) (med.). 


Ar'e-om-e-ter, ?i- 6oaj<3>0o(@. 

Argent, a. ^OJ@anO<B>06n|(5reO(Q5n 
CttJ; 2. 6)QJQcnra); 3. ^CTOOnD. 

Ar'gil, n. <03o&aj0g£ , <S)an0|ro . 

-la'ceoUS (-shus), a. <ftoa0gro@a, ^>a^ 

Ar'gue (-gu), 0.A (with, against) 
Qg)^n<b o_»o<fii; 2. ojoan(©9(9>, fO)<S5Tlc9a<fii; 

3. o>(0)^)CQD(S9a>, <26rU0COo Qjas«s®<a); 4. 

ojocojoso 6^jii<g^. =gu-ment, n. cn^o 
qqjo; qjoso, (Q_)croocoo, cuocojoeoj aTlaai 

c2/o, crooroo. =gu-men-ta'tion, n. qjo 

ao. =gu-men'ta-tive, a. ajoe°»<9&<ara) 

Ar'gUS, n. oacoocefa ) (myth.); 2. (Bra 
rartesotcocmQ^gia ^ooj^ofDrtb. 

Ar'id, a. ajrofi^e; 2. crfl^ejao^. 

a-rid'i-ty, -ness, w. aernda* ; anaj^ 

Ar'i-es, n. GasawS) (as.). 
A-right' (-rTt'), ad. oDrtflewoeoJl, ca; 

A-rlse', v. i. ir. (=rose', =risen), 
^c&Qda), 6^o_io6si3^QjfDl<a), a Q '^ <9 9 ,S) ; 2. 
Q^^nrrfl/g^aj, aoaa^eo^arfl^caj; 3. 
(from) @S6JJi§<&, a (C1 s Q ^ {S! 8 ( Q>' 

Ar-is-toe'ra-cy, n. Aajcs^c^oufl 

o_i^o; 2. <9iaf) on Qj££o. =Crat, w. <ft 




=«rat'k,=erat'i-eal,a. AoT\m, <^oDcn 

giro cnDosaicrufi.aj. 

A-rith'me-tre,rc. c/DsrrTlroaflej, ctoo 
sjJjOQjIg., <&>srr><B5> . =meti-eal,a. en 
6rn)(o>afie,ocroo6mau)0oca;. =me-tician 
(-tish'an), n. tD6m)(&&mofo. 

Ark, n. s>o-j§<a>o; 2. ajs<a> ; 3. cro 
(8a<w<TUDajo. a. of covenant croo 


<Qfif)5>g_J§<9>o (BL). 

Arm, ft. 6>s><9>, <s>roo, geao; 2. K»6n§ } 
Q_D^); 3. <Q>sah6)S)<Q>auf\ y a^srai); 

4. 6)<&>0OQJ , O3061J; 5. (ST3Cl51<0)OfOo, 6T2J 
GJo} 6. j9/. (STT0)C^CJOo; 7. O#©iJaJfoO(g)0o; 

8. ajaajLifiacnqe. upper a. 6>s>d*a5ra 

fing, a. chair 6)S>a5<3s><2cro&j, jtis(Q&> 
(Scroej. fore-a» <e36rr>6>s>aa3. a.-ful 

(2QU06OB, 6><fl)0SOT). a.-let, 71. Q-lg., ®<&> 

c^roo; ^cfesajb. a.-pit, a.-hole «a><aflao, 

©«»o<e» . a/s end rsraaxa&j. a.'s length 
6>faios«5T3)d9<s> groo. a/s reach «0)6^2i«s® 
mngrao. fire-a. ««noc9n . a. in a. 5>s)<b> 
oJlsH^, scaosfL^. to keep at a.'s 

length <sra§p_pas>os>fO} cn)(&§)<&). to 

work at a.'s length acro-oAijangjosjfm 
(Q_)ajrcrond33<9>. bred to a.S (Srg)OQjCOo 
e.ocruo c/alef*^. in a.S (er^c^cDf5_\06rrn 
<&,&ocan, c3^aufOTZ»l5)Gmonss)cnj§. small 
a.S 6)5)a)<S(aro)0c9n , <8(O)0(fla (grmaiocpj 6)_ai 

QQjcft) fBTgjc^cjoeoiacVj. a stand of a.s 

^y>Qjnt» (ST3)C%CU<2(9J)0g_J . tO a.S C%©JJ 

ajraflar? 65«S65j§qjog3@@. Qjlgfi. under 
a.S 0^^1)03^07? e.(T»e5Blconfol<aa«a). v. t. 

(BY§0%CJOo (JOf£lg_pc99cai; 2. @.Ogjlt93(0>, 

<&. a.ed at all points croc^oQ%cwo 
conf)^. a.ed neutrality, see under 

Ar-mada, n. a-isd^o-^ <^io. 

Ar'ma-dil-lo, rc. a^ou roflarf), (9T0 
gjaajab, sDtPTaflckigffianb (z.). 

Ar'ma-ment, n. e^&ocromnoaoo, 

C3%(liJSCrO(T), (STg)CSyCO(TOo(S0rt)o. 

Ar'mis-tice (/>. arms), n. MQjei 

Ar'mor, =mour (fir. arm), n. <9>qj 

_aio, gDrtflaajaBTI, (BYoaaD q_jo&; 2. <srg)0%co 
Qjaso. -er, n. (ST^ciycOo @.<5P§o<99onr>Qjab, 
— ooaDo«&3CTncuab. a. bearer cst^c^cd 
qjoqoI, (3ra<0)auslc9«oronb. =ry, n. <srg> 
cs^coc/aoej; — Q^M} ; o-iacifLaflaCDQ©. 

Ar'my, ft- S>6)CTOCr\o, <3Cr*!<T>; 2. CTOo 

q^io, oxj^ooo, @§o. standing a. cron! 


A-ro'ma, w. oicrcoroejoaea/an; 2. oj 
rolago, orgcooTDo; 3. 6r^faifl(o_)goajo. 

=mat'ie, =mat'i-«al, a. aiocrocTDcjyea. 
=mat'ies, n. ct\}03otu)©<^jo; 'coziacroo 

A-round', ad. & prep, -ojool, nj 
oq,qj§ coral ral>, -qjoq,o, x^spscu, onoejal 


A-rOUSe, V.t. (from) &6m(51&, a® 
yoTf)gJp<99<s>; 2. @.«jrooQrDQ_pcS3«dJ, ©a 
«S9;9); 3. <2ra>onTftc&3(a>. 

Ar'que-bUSe (ar'ke-bnz), (oflrcftecoraa 

Ar'ra-ek, w. ooa» , .nioroooyo, (O)0c&> 

fDo (jS.). 

Ar-raign' (-ran'), v. t. (for) (fliooo 
^j0(cr^(9>, — fsrgjfSrooa-ncegtej, Aooo-Kfajo 

aioconcBQ(9j. -ment, n. aooo ^0 
Ar-range', v.t. (a,a^a-]§(cr^«s>, ool 

fD(5TJD«0>; 2. ^ii§o 6^(0i§<9), QJ§o @^<9). 

-ment, n. ^ao, Jii§o, aTlcoonno, »fra 
ano ; cnlomicao. 

Ar'rant, a. §<^«»c%@&; 2. igroajra, 
0aDO, c^(3X)®0. a. rogue o-j^dang&ob. 

Ar-ray' (-ra'), n. (g)0o, (Bwsrnl; 2. 
S>6)0\)(T2jo; 3. C^ioOo; 4. &§gd > SclJ 
cfi^o, Qj(frttoGjaa)OrDo. v.^. i8T06mlfrflra 
(oTjs<a>, — ou<Q3aQ<s>; 2. (with) jiiacsfldBs 

<&>, (BT5STTficSiric8®(Q>. 

Ar-rears' (-rerz'), w. pi. 6qjo«s»), 
as1^i«8>, <qjoo1, ooIgjqj . in a., in 
arrear 6iuod9nlcsgga. 




Ar-rest', n. crfkifl5ra>d>, (a_)raf)6nj 
o\oo, fo^scruDo; 2. ojlslfotao, 6njcru)mo. 

V.t. (W§<S9<&), cn\<2CQVuS)tB%&>; 2. aS\s) 
Ar-rive', v.i. a®(sg)<3>, ^ra-ensm 

CXy^s, <STiD>CO(Zr)(99c93; 2. (a_)Oa_f)<03ca>. 

Ar'ro-gance, n. rsroooa&oroo, 6io_jo 
asa^o. =g*ant, a. odoSo g>@g, crflco 
ao— , cooc^ o—. =gate, u. £. cnsl<69<&, 

^^§(©3<a>. =g&'ti6n, ft. noos^o, (graao 
aftjOfQSajra)^; (arao-iaoosmo. 

Ar'rOW (ar'ro), n. dStacnj , <sro(fr^o, 
oaroo. -head, w. (Bracm (gcr>. -root, 

n. <gjoj, @Qj^g_jo^ (£.)• yellow a.t 

aejefeQj, (26toi3>(^oj. wild a.t (Srgjcn 

Ar'se-nal, n. (Br^agooc/aoai. 
Ar'se-nie, w. ajo:&io6mo (min.). 

red a. ^faoglg-joc&aosrno, 0meoTlej, am 
scaoaj, 0cnr/g]&j, <0i(af)rt>g_jraS o_ioc£oo6rno. 

White a. S)OJggg_|0;fl306rr)o, a£)&f)— . 

8ulphurate Of a. (STZxTflroioroo, aoaTl^o 

Ar'son, n. ajrc^s (I.). 

Art, v. i. ir. 2nd pers. s. of the 
verb to be (of)) (St^mo. 

Art, n. QlTIqj, cry;@)o; 2. ^a^uaaio; 
3. croo0(3^o; 4. jacuoepjo. black a. 

<fifij6o. useful, mechanical, industri- 
al a.s <a>(z>6)<Q>vvbeiQj\Bi<&>&i. fine 

a.S croocoloio, _af)((9)S>0^>caT3) Qaneiosv 
c^oco3rDO_f)ej<a>do. liberal a.S croocoo 
rasmaftejOcroiacT^o. -ful, a. s><a><ooaajo 
g>@ii; 6)S)&3<a)<$<96i — ; ^a_iDCtt;o — , <9>a_i 
So—, -ful-ly, ad. aya&ran$ctt>os>s, a\)oa 
«j^j'3faTao6)S, @.a_ioc32;^(So_J5m. -less, 
a. QJioefjalgjoajTZJ), ojfoaocainaocQ;, ctojd 
eoaTI<&>0oepj; c^fsoonoco/. -less-ness, 
«. caLootaioo, crDcg^cussoQjo. 

Ar'ter-y, n. racoon ocufi, asaflroco 
0crD, roc9o>cuoadVrf! (an.); 2. 0020; 

3. co tftoco^zo^Do. =te'ri-alj #• fi><a^> 

QjooDcrflaxaoca;; cawoGOrtnao^crooenjcriJU 
0oca»; c^SjLfiajam. 

Ar'ti-cle, n. 6u>ttujo, cua^ ; 2. 

(a_)6njaauo, (SaiaunoaTlcaicojo; 3. crooco 
<af), <a>ogyo; 4. croocoano, ajeocoioo; 5. 
g>a_»ajeo (gr-)\ 6. crngmca-o, crf)c@Je&.o; 
7. (o_)036rno. a.S of faith afluajocro 
(o_)0osrno. a.S of war ©sxroonjcrflcB; 
00. =tic'u-late, v.£. <Toa\^a5)g>'3b (Q<£\ 
®^<68ce>; 2. orad9fiifo0afiirD0ccBn g^^rol 

<9Q<3i; 3. C^jeeO)0OCaT l p— , — O_1O<0>. =tic- 

U-la'ti6n, n. <sro:ruffl6rija\i:ar>o (aw.), 
CTOCTLD; (^00^(6.); @.^ort>6mojj<a/ari. 

Ar'ti-fice (-fis) (fr. art), 7Z. ^c^Q 
uaeja-jOTrTl, ary^gjsrrn; 2. fongg)o, cxy 

esoTi. =tif'i-cer, ??. coigi^j ^^'o^aeJaj 

6TT)l(flR0fDn6; ©.ajocoT), jiifoTlcxi/nt). rfici'al 
(-fish'al), a. oalgjo (Sy^cq;, ^((0^00—; 

moS.o — , ea'LQO(ato0£JO(5TZ»; 0G3n^(b @. 

Ar-tiller-y, w. cugDcoj <srmo«s8<»c)o, 
Ar'ti-san (A 1 - art )> ^. ^^ooaGJaj 

6rrn<95)0ft>n6; 2. 6)S><0)S)a3Tz»o^)rab<9>orDfib. 

Ar'tist, n. odlg-ianej^oronb; 2. 
c^)ocoofooao((Tft8«sro>nb. =tis'tie, =tis ti- 
-Cal, a. ua^0ocB;, jii0fm i ofDo^@a, nr^(g) 
dDsoacaao— . 

As, ad. & cori;. (Sojos^gj, &>Gmsi<as\ 
(o^<&>oroo, cug^o; 2 « fS^^i orflejc&lrab; 
3. (aros^ocfe, orgjSio, ®a_joc)o, <sro&Qj\(ti>; 

4. fBTO^^^OS 1 ^ , (ffT3)<fi)C2-0^, f3ToOT9lo)OD 

csi1rols)(fl«; 5. o^aaTlGjo; 6. gc^aoaoo, g. 
eooorasrno- ^q^|f^o. a. far a. §QS 
(Sfomoao, , 5Ta(s). a. for, a. to ctoo6qj 

cnAaT. a. if, a. though soajraroTlfab, 
qqjctd ®n_ios)aj. a, it were a^a oJl 
coo, q^od csa_jos>e.i. a. good a. one's 
word ojoasOcno <scr)as@@.oja6. a. soon 

a. possible <a)iPnc£yom((g) gqjcoo, &ss)nn 
(to&cm. a. Well (STogjg^o, <sra@ (^so 




6>^. a. well a. <sra;g) Sojoftejfznsxro, 
g>°. a. yet ©^n QJ6)ro, gg(gj)<30r3l>, §d 

As-a-f(Et'i-da (-fet'i-), ??. <a>ooo;o, 

As'ear-i-des, n. (ajawoolaaj) ©ro, 

ojoounb, <ef)rtflg_|oau , <s>ajg_jooxi ; 2. d^ 

As-ceild', 0.t. dfrcaQ,^, gicaas<Q>, 
6^a_iO6sg(03, <0>cojcf)<2g_|o<9\ -ant, n. g. 

CC-4j, (eT3)®fD0QO6mo; gSCQJo; g)^; CTOJO 
CjJloOo, (Q_4060/^jO; o^Qlfl^nb, <S>0fO6m 

cunb. -ailt, -eilt, «. ea\^ a>e2JQ,om, 
(a_)coom0oc2>, (a_)6njejca>o^g&. =den-Cy, 
«. crojoaflono, <gk><jo)<&>ocqo. =cen'si6n. 
n. c9scsyooo, (6T3><src>0aO6rr>o, @.eeo;o; 
<scajc®ajls>at>o croj^o<2rooa06rno (Chr.). 

=Ceilt', U. (&CQJOOo; (Srg><2rt>OaO6m0O££o; 

JDCB;ft)o, <fl3(TD . 

As-cer-tain', y.£. cn\(jm-$)o qjob 

As-cet'ic, 72. «na_JCTV>Jl; 2. CruOTjO 
Cnfi, 6)5idJ«)0CO"l. =i-CiSHl, W. «J)Q_jgr^ U , 

crooojocroo, aflfDceraTl. 

As-Ci'tes,?2. atsaooefoc^oafl (med.). 

As-Cribe', v.t. aro»g_jl<a8<s>, oD^o 

nflcestf), q_jO(Qj; 2. (ST3)!3rooa_n<eaca5, .^0 

<m&> =erip'tion, n. 00*^0, <si® 


Ash, rc. 6aasaj<0) ajo^aroo (b.). a. 
Colour -nJooud) ooloo, QQjsnf)*— . 
-Wednes'day (-wenz'da), n. (gPrr^ocrfl 
Gcnoaou @S6ai§(Tr> sIqjotdo. ash'es, rc. 

A-shame', p./. ejs&PazP (fl8,a, » cr>0 

6rrf)£-p<S3<0>. =ed', a. ejs&£l(W0oca>, 
oojenrno @@g, aa©-.— . to be a.d of mo 
6rno <3:o>octto<9>, rno6m®<fln§— . 

A-shore', ad. ^ra<80rob, <a>(o<es , raft 

A-Slde', «#*. Qjyn0Ocf]§ , <3TO<0>S>aj; 

2. orcj^o^aoccn, <sajcf)§ . to set a. 
As'i-nme, see under Ass. 

Ask, V.£. (of) <SjilOQ"k9S(0j, ora3a_i 
cflftpd^tfi; 2. 0lJO<9i, (STgjQjaai^^J^iS); 

3. fsrasoojeoan^aj, (S^joal^dlc^d^; 4. 

<Q&16Trfl<93c9>; 5. O-JggpCOnfirt) Qj}QJ0aOa_l 

As-kance', As-kant', As-kew 7 

(-ku), ad. ©s»6TD0o>aj, roDoaajsroool). 
look a. o-JogTlsanoaa^. 

A-Slailt', ad. <3cS>O§0OCQn, _aifif) 
A-Sleep', « & ad. &O63ralS)<9s>0Srrf)rtf| 

(Bgcm, aoamraTaTleriaricesaT); 2. crfl(Ss><0>o 

6H§, 0^0^; 3. fWrol_^Sra_10CB;. \&>). 

A-sl6pe', a. & ad. -airtflao©; 2.j*}omo 

Asp, ft. ©as qj<0) crogljo, ojltflaqgg 
Q_ioau (Z.). 

As'pe-et, n. ®ano§o, <^o^; 2. i^su 
eocuo, ^Q_io; 3. oolej, aXJDlroTl; 4. so 
coo, (^6jjo, ec/anoo; 5. eaa (astr.). 

As-per'i-ty, n. ajasn-jasgj ; 2. «e> 

(2O0O)fai; 3. a^^g-^ ; 4. ^c9aifff>, jiflooo, 

(^ o^; 5. 6^^ajcft30jo. =per-ate, u. ^. 
n_iasQ_ja»g ;: jO(©s<a). =per-a'tion, ?z. a-» 

a»c&siCT)0(3Rfal>; o_jaB<fi55CD3<S)f2i. 

As-perse', v. t. angflca®<s>, foDaooj 

QufD(^d3>. =per'si6n, w. <o>&n, <2iryo 
As-phalt r , As-phal'tum, w. 06ra»l 
As-phyx'i-a, As-phyx'y (-fik'si-), 

m, a2jocro0n^ocg; 2. uajocroo ^§1^0 



As-pire', U. t. (to, after) cuosra©) 
c99<S), <&>ood9fialc9Q<Qi ; 2. <grg)<2faoadl<ea(3>. 

=pi'rant, =pi'rer, n. (8»ano), a^ajo^ 
«9)0O(QaTi, croDjoo — . ='pi-rate, u.£. 




6tdo. =pi-ra/tion, n. so^ioscmo^oro 

6Tr)o; oaJOCTOo <0)tp]d9afd); QJO6T510, fSTrQ) 

A-Squint', ad. @DS9a>gfnos)GJ, sad» 


Ass, n. c0>ifrtj), ajrao, cogeo (2;.); 

2. (seoc^nb, 6)ajo§n6. to make an 
a. of one's self <seocfti^jo qjocq?, 
— (5_)(y{0T»l«6e<fl>. as'i-nlne, as'i-nar-y, 

-ish, a. cogecosmiggg., (3>y>6)ra>s)<a&oa5Ta); 
6nj(aij) oof) gpcora). 

As-sail', y. £. orgj^alaa^, a* 1 - 1 ® 

§(^©<9), 6n4faiDig§1<98<Q). -a-ble, «• <s% 
^0la96)O(fl3om. -ant, -er, 72. tsr^^^l, 

Q^roDasomQjnb. -ment, n. (erg;(g>0o. 

As-sas'sin, =na'tor,?*. aalcaaj «^ 

Qanmcunb, (Q3Gja_jortj}<&>nb. -ate, w. £. ®gfl 
^nrKorro 6)&>d§^&. =si-na'tion, n. aal 

<S3eJ, OOfDoOrJDi, <fljGLJa_10fJD<95O. 

AS-Sault', ?J. (Bl®(g>0o, dfcS^jOOo; 

2. (8TOs)#>aioarai) (/.); 3. (srajsasjcuo. 
v.£. <a>®^jooo 6)^^, or^K^^lag^; 2. 
iaTO^)<a>a)oat!l> s>-oJ<g£ (/.)• *er, n. (STO) 

As-say' (-sa'), n. oj^ldaai; 2. 00 

OQ son oa«flrf>, g)rt>, @.rocu . v. t. & 1. 

OJfifldaftfldBadfo; 2. SDfD-^J (2cr)0(6Q<9>, 0000 

fflcsy<s>. -er. n. 0ooq,ro.£y <2cr>0(9a cm 


As-sem'ble, tr. £. ®§lQj«»R8®dB., 
<©<§£>. =sem'blage, n. ®§o, cnDoo^o; 

croe. =sem'bly, n. ores, <3ca;ocoo; ctdo 
q^io, crc0oco0o. a.y room cv)fBTa>0smi> 

q-jo. unlawful a.y oaoc&roaol 0^0002; 

samcroon^io (£.) 

As-sent', n. arcea<mo, <srac(d&x£\, <std 
OQQJoeo. v. i. croaa'an<0S(fl>, (btocoqjq^i 
<e9&>. =ta'ti6n, n. <&ajscro0aiO)o. 

As-sert', 72. (oTi§0oe&r) o_jocs>, &o£_p 

eoT) — , gr^a^0oa2Tl-- ; 2. oroooaJlae^. to 
a. One's self (eractTl^ofOo <a>05rrT!c99<e5, 
mroQj(Q>oa3o crufl3oul<fl®dfc. -er, -or, n. 

CTODOQ-Jt^ab, CDOOl. ='ti6n, 72. QJ0<9n*, 

(cynr^oojo; (TUdoojooo, cuoeo. 

AS-SeSS', V.t. 030c95) a_nsl<Q!8<9), cri) 

(ftroTl «<d)S(Q5, — .ajaQS)a>; 2. aDej rrfl 

asuc»l«fl8<fi>; 3. (afl^flg-j^QS)^. -ment, 

n. cn)<Bi!&)6)<a>sa&; cn)<Qiof), (0>rao; aflai 

(T)c^Q_l612U0C2.d95)0^>n6; Qjl^LlorDSm Q_16t3U0 

ca/ (©so roab, 'ratas)^^*'. ='see, n. 030 
As'sets, n. pi. zcft^CLiftdio cro_i 

As-sev'er-ate, v. t. aogji <uo^. 

<S>; 2. 0\5^joS).nJ<^aJ03&<95. =a'ti6n, 

As-sid'u-6us, a. orn^^ao £@g, 
aOToooOo— ; 2. <eirgiej(m0lg ; jo'an», a\Hfl 

sraoajrooaGigsa. -ly, acf. a^rocnoa^ 
c^o. -ness, =si-du'i-ty, n. eao^)^, 
^(^octdTI; pi. crTl^j^^arfla, (scrooj. 

As-Slg^n' (-^W), v. t. cTf)c©ioan<es<a>, 
(Sairarif^l^ 6>cU(99c9j, s)<a>o§a!8(9i; 2. <£)> 

-a-ble, a. cn\(M\<si)<9s)3m<9s); ®))a> s><&>o§ 

<fl5)05TO)c96); <S)OTCOOo 6)ji3ggjv'aTa)t95). =Si^- 

na'tion, tz. crflc@ica;o, cro0gli6TT)o; ajffl 
caDso; fo^W. ='si-gnee, n. (o-jfoOcrTlan; 
roflfo <S)0ron6, roflro Q-o^sQ^ca/ajnb (/.). 
-ment, 72. faflr^; faflroocooroo; <e>S(05)D(e« 

igfwf3b a^jg^^ ^Ao^anTji). -er^ -or, 
As-sim'i-late, v.t. <sroad<@ci_i{Ztt<B% 

<©>; 2. sDS)c>3 S) o@jaa>, Q_ira1smiald9s<£)), Godl 

g_^l(QS<& {phyS.)> 2?.7.<ST3CTS(@a_J0O^ S l 

rae<0>, <2jiias<^, efi6r^0o<0) (phys.). ~\H- 
tion, 72. @ejif^; Qooaoo, ajflf!6irr>o0o 

As-sist'. v. t. & I. @6rnc99(Qv, cru 
aOocflTl (99(d); 2. (at) '^)§(S). -ance, 72. 

CTOaOOCa'o, ^OTQjI. -ant, 72. @5TT)CQ>0 

a"), crDoooca/^ab; ^.a-icroDocrTl. a. @ 
emblem; @.qj. 




As-Sizes', n. pi. oojoaycrujQoroo; 2. 
aTljiioro6m; 3. Qjfiflgio, a-.i.'DloDsrno. 

As-s6'ci-a-ble, a. cnDnoco0crf)a2j 
0oca>; 2. oroaoojocrofni^lcrro ar,<9n, ^^Icoa 

4^1ca>fBra<9sj. =a-ble-ness, =a-biri-ty, 

n. ©jsj^; crooDOJOcrc^smo. =ate, n. 
crooocooan, cronoojoatD, .nj60T3o<af), @§o 
gf), ^Q<a)Cfon6; crosocnisif]; ©.oQcs^aT) 
(O) . at ctdqo; arcffiilcaocQ;. v. t. $..aj 

croaoajocroo s>.njg^<0>, (a>sla«^lc%'d9>. 

croo, tgjgocg; croooeio, cruis. a.n of 
ideas oJlji)ofoaroo6)Qj:riOo. 

As'so-nance, n. aujcs®)^®), (q_jo 

crco(pros.); 2.iBioo^g£@aij<o>. =nant,a. 

As-SOrt', V.£. Qj<9> (oT)rtfld9®<s>, rtn 
«)o— ; 2. fOiroofairoiaocQn S)aj<0a<9>. v. i, 

a(flS<9), Q_JOQd9j, (8TDO3(jt3aj0O<Qj. -ed, «. 

<of)rt>fflOT®§ana. -ment, n. flnrt>nof)r?fl 
aartA; Qj<Q5CL)aiCQ;ocQri ^qj^ ^so- cuaj 
Qjd9s cro o com croo i^qqOo . 

As-SUJige' (-swaj'), v. t. <fcO(ft8<a), oa 

0ng_p<Bs<fl), <a)6rK>g_jl<es<3). y. f. O30~)c98 

a>, croooLiCOonoaoa). -merit, tt. oaoaofl 
ca/oflBrt*; oaeaoo. =sua'sive, a. oaaoo 


As-sume', t>.£. oG)§c93<s>, <s)s><a><ad3ao 

ck<Q>; 2. <S)rt8@a>, ^ f 0oOlda8 ! &); 3. (SOU 
cfiSo CUfDl<Q8a>, CD^lc&s^; 4. <2.nJc&g<0>. 
y.Z. fSY3aOa95f0lc9<8<95j2. ^SmtQsTlS&J s^jool 
<&9<3>. =SUmp'ti6n (-sum'shun), n. (8T3o 
co*l<fl>rD6rr>o; coorosm, croafcfyo; ctojod 
(o_)(SQja?o (/?. ft). 

As-SUre' (-shur'), v. t. aogj* curre 
«8©<fl»; 2. (ofl^aaooaTl ajoa>; 3. 13^0 cofl 

<es<0>, afl0- (cot??.). =rance, w. (&-jo 

0D6rr>jo; QJ0C/3(Cra)o; OrTlC@JcQ;o; 5)6)CUg2Jo; 
COOoEko; (£)a(C0m.); (JjflrDOCJDorDo (/.)• 

=sued, a. crflcsuGa>$@a, 0600^; croooa 
ea>0oo; cocn^ ^gg. n. <#)a roflcaraxunb. 

=red-ly, ad. orflcsuaaaocBn. =er, tt.s 5 ! 
As'ter-isk, n. anflQfla^jiflacno, (*) 

Qfljcm <6icf). =ter-oid, ?2. ^^q^ooo 

(as.). as'tral,«. nodefia(Q)croo6TiicTuo0oc2;. 

A-stern', «e?. arc arcana ; 2. <S)g_j 

ef)s>nbo a_r)n6eoco;ara u (naut.). 

Asth'ma (ast'ma), n. d^ocrooajocroo, 
oG3<95k. (med.). =mat'i«, n. o^<snc0j>ofDab. 

=mati^, =mat'i-eal, «. o^aaigga. 

A-stir', a. & ad. asman, o^ycnf) 

As-ton'ish, v.t. iq<z)q^]<Q2&, (moan 
ral{yl(Q!8<a) ; 2. ffiTDtaTladca/o (S^ocTrTlcSgai. 
-ing, a. (ST5)C@i^j < 9)ro0oco;. -ment, n. 

. AS-tOUnd', V.t. fT^o(Slg_p(99<Q); 2. 
(3TDaQJfD)g_f)(fl!8<07, CrO (ig^gLTl (99(0). 

A-Stray r (-stra'), a. QJy^Qfmodlca , , 
el co (g0q@g., s^foiooleg-joca;. «J. ajsf) 

A-stride', ad. toncu^. 
As-trin r gen-cy, ??.^i Qjftj°; 2. s»u 

a\D<9)C^srno. =gent, a. .niQjgj@&, 6ru 

As-trol'o-gy, n. GKjO<an^ao; (a_j 
C^o. =trol'0-ger, W. <S£3j0raf)cfi3<9a0fDn6; 

2. (Dc^ce6)0fDa6. =log'i-cal, a. <se3,o 
<ar)aaacroo6Oj(TLU0ooQ;. =log r i-eal-ly, «(i. 
<2 £gj '0)1 ca3 (o_^ <a> ^)o . 

As-tron'o-my, n. ewjcraric^o^o, 

<SKj0foOc^pe,. =mer, 72. cosrrn^oao 

(cr^l, ««jO(bric^o(n^p. =nom , i«, =nom , i- 
■ealj a. <2g3j0rtjf)^go(rr^o croosrunruTl^. 
^nom'i-eal-ly, a d. «Wjoro)c#o(nrg(cy 

As-tute', a. a?jc9^l &@a, 6ajaul^ 
02>fzj)— . -ly,ad. ajl5aj<0)<3«jrao$)S; ^ojo 
c2;@(Sa_j6m, ^^fooaejsajnfto^s. -neSS, 

71. Qjl3QJ(0)6T3Jf§jJl, CTV)O0(51DjO. 

A-sun'der, ad. siajQQAGio&ncsS); 

2. fOsreocaTl; 3. OTo^mflfoleSscmfaiocBn. 





A-sy'lum, n. crosa&OTo; 2. (ergx^ 
cacruoomo; 3. cozaoaoej. 

At,/? rep. (proximity, presence) §Dd>, 

s»o§s><e». a. the door aio^D^r*. a. 

hand croa'Hajo; 2. (state, condition) ml 
ejooTl^, (SYgKaTl, saral; 3. (employment, 

action) @od), ,93. to play a. chess 

jilrtSfooCOo <&>§[)<9%<&> ; 4. (rate, value) <9s, 

(o_)a)3roo, oilfoio. life is short a. 

the longest a®© <SYocol<950O3iJoe4o (erg) 
C^gu Jijro3(95)o .oiQam; 5. (time, age, 
order) <e5, gDrab. a. first ©YgSjo, a 
ODoa.-m. a. Once @.SQm; 6. (source, 
reason, effect) <fi«, 6)<&>osn§, (Soorpjajocan 
§*, crflalfoTao, (2,<36um; 7. (direction, 
object, end). to look a. it <sro^ 

(2cDo<es(Qi. to point a. one 6aroos>g. 

^s^lasiosrrfl^aj. to aim a. &n\ 

(smo<99<a). to laugh a. one afracu 

S)cn <2cno(Qs))£[)(Q\&5i<8>. a. it s>.nj<3^ 

6)<35O6nglf6lc99<0>. a. One ®C2;09fl<9g<e>. 

Ate, p. t. of Eat foTlcno. 

A'the-ism, n. crflrtf)(/a_irt>a>cSo, noo 
rrkpd&'aijo. =ist, n. mlflf)c/a_ironD, mo 

A-thirst', a. eooDo &@a; 2. a>o 

6T®0 — . 

Athlete, n. 0£job; 2. (sroejocnfl; 
3. aflrocrb. -let'i-C, a. <9>£±6)&>s[)<2); ©0 
<9g@g ; (S3aDoejOoroan:o6rDCTLU0oca/. a.C 
Sports <seaoo<|j0aroc95)8r)<s>cto. 

A-thwart', prep. & ad. <fljQ,s>as>, 
ajlej65BS)m; 2. (a_)'ori(^&j0o'ean. 

Atlas, n. aoooeofoo So-jQcmcunb; 

2. (§Q_JSoJ(T^«)o; 3. n_)§ @6nfl; 4. C/a~l 

foocoofOo, (ergiCJOorooaruif) (an.). 

At'mos-phere (-fer), n. <eT9<0>oc/ao, 
Qjocs^asTTUjajo, (Brarrc&afl&fiio. =pher'i<5, 
=pher'i-cal (-for-), (SYg^oc/a croo6aj(TU)o 
«eY3,cai; qjoc%(2q2;o— ; {gr3)<Q>oaa;arpna<gg ; 

QjDQ%<SQO@a)0oc2;. a.-e pressure qjocs^ 

05mjDej eoroo. 

At'om, n. <a>6rr>o, (eraerro, o_jrt>0O6Y73; 
{phys. & cA.); 2. ajQjo, sajoao, <grog_io. 

a-tom'i€, -'i-eal, a. (8ra6rr3anonog&; 
(Brasrroaca'o (srgjcc;, /Enasnofo^ocaio— ; 03300 
ajo 6>.a}olca>. 

A-tone', v. i. ©.amocsniflastf), aroa 
0mD)g_j§«&,, rnlrDCTToa)rtf)<3>; 2. (a_)oco; 

C^n(DTD)0OCOrirjfl(9Sc9>, (O^'ofloaOCrof) 5).a}<g^. 

V. £. crfirog_p<e9<s>; 2. (a_)ocB;C@f)car»o e>.ai 
<2&. -ment, n. crootscaiosflg-jleSfldr, g) 

6imc9sio; (oJfO^C/aOOraf); Q_100_lfLJfo"laOOfoo, 

(gTlar^aftarrbo ^ocaic&tflrcracojotoo (BI-). 

A-ton'ic, a. 6njaje6£aa»(Zjg§i, da£n^6rrn 
^j(mec?.); 2. crojroeoroo gD^ornra) ((77*.). 
at'o-ny, n. 6ajajdafiic2.'o, <a£a)6rr>o(med.). 

A-tr6'ci6us(-shus), a. &wm>a>o (ST9) 

Ca>; 2. <BTDQ,GJ— , fBT3Q,<&GJ— , (§cto(OlC^@g.. 

=ci0US-ly, ad. g)(£J>TO<2ca i os>s, (^b^ro* 
scoops, -ness, =troc'i-ty, n. soau 

At'ro-phy (-fi), R. aaeD^'*; £f® 
c9no (med.). 

At-tach', l\ £. ff)^^!©), sru(Tufl<9s5»; 
2. @§l(S r 2Jd99<S); 3. OTpCSiJccri^OdaQa); 

4. a_ioQ,<5 T 7goe9s<a>, <8r§)<05caal e&adfc; 5. croo 

6QJ(TLUlg_j > 'i<e9<^, (ST5)3raoa_T)c98cft) ; 6. fWS 

aTraba.flslaatf/, 7.«a^1« .aig^fi>(/.) . -a- 
ble, a. m^j)s>jii<$ioa}cm. to be a.ed 

<sn^aO0ocari«n(98<9>. =che , (-sha , ), n. 
@.o_jcruDomoa_jfon. -ment, ft* a-ioo , 
00ra>, SfTOioo, ariaajocroo, (ffroofafo6TS3 
m, (3T3Ci3rooc/Do; oruo6Tucnuo; nj^o^, (era 
oB6njou)o (an.); ss^jP, oJIsnajtao (Z.). 
At-ta€k', n. (8T3)^)0o, (BTOsHscaocoo, 

(ST3-ari(^0o; 2. GfOOCOo Q-Tl^ldBsi^; 3. 
QO0CnlS)g ;; J§fDTa.'Bl), fST3)!S£fitftlQ_Jo; 4. (o_)aj 

fsraD; 5. foncrroSojod^d). v. t. <ST®(g)0l 
<9s^, a3)<on<99ce>, 6^0®^Q,<9); 2. fSrg)3<efti 
ci_Tl(99<ai; 3. (a_}(y ^oraT! <9g<0>; 4. rtnlnrro^, 

At-tain', v. t. & i. aroocLng-p^^, 

^oa_D«98(a); 2. croauoal<9a<^; 3. aQ) 
C^(fl>; 4. 65(^©QJfQl<9); 5. %f)aQ)<B%&. 
-a-ble, a. (TOOfS^jO (ST3)CB;, &l<|jO— . 

-ment, w. cnflaiD, (jyoajp; crocruoe^o; 
pZ. (arao^Qj , aDs.. 




At-taint', v. t. Qjca3ao<fl8<3>; 2. roo 
e3S3ooo <fljooas)3(t>m3o^6rnono rof)_4j5)aJ 
§«g2><s>; 3. Qv\(d a\)c9s)Df^sejc95) tgras 

rt»ag2)a>. =tain'der, ??. o-jenssrararoTiaGj 
<6s§g. i^fwejs<95>o; raoeas'Qooo cftooo'Bras 


At'tar (ot'to of roses), n. o_jnol 
crf)rt)aj£e^5>5><a)ajo, (STDraraxb, a_>crf)crf)<t> 
crorara) . 

At-tempt' (-terat'), n. cqxodo, ajrcfl 

(c^2o ; aasasio (/.). a. to commit a 
crime <03ooo ^..njggocregg ^00 (/.). 2. 

&e,0o; 3. a_iaf)da&l; 4. (5T2)«)oeo. y.£. 
<£3>:a!<99<£b, (a_jcai(oT)l(flsca}; 2. a_jro 3 ]dafifl_g\ 
(2mo<fiQ<ft; 3. ,g)an)c%<9); 4. oajejog^sfDo 
o^ni^ai; 5. (srgj(gj(al(9i8<a>. 

At- tend', u. £. <2cn3a3<9>, a_)rtf!a_)3&fl 
<&*<&>• 2. 6ruoei, d^ofomocaD <a>o0cnf)c98c9>; 

GjJcmirtf)<Qs(&>; 5. <2a_j3a>, oosearosa). 

V.Z*. (C^)tD5>CLl(05<Q>, ®<9)C)0(Ssai; 2. (on, 

upoo) ^^^cD(ds<a>, ®croan<e5><3j; 3. (to) 
6)^j^^. =dance, n. mo^co, (ytpoj; 

SOTDQJ, C^£<^c&l; ciO083<b, CO0CY)o; o_irtfl 
^iDfDc^nBOib. =dailt, /I. CnDciD^JDaTl; (SOTO 

Qj<siob; oDoearaggojob; (^slcoTlrDlas 
cm®. «. crooOjiioro] (ST3)Co;; ai2>ejo — . 
=ten'ti6n, n. (^au, aoaa, o^raoe&o; 
agjyoe, <2ajo<^o. to pay a.n to &QJ 
^i3a>o <&>3^<a>. to pay one's a.ns to 

<GK>a3a>zcD%6ns3&>. =ten'tive, a. (C/£ 

=ten'tive-ly, ad. rt»og_^0occn, ^>;au 
cs cassis. 

At-ten'u-ate, u. £. <2a]3&i03ceQ<aj; 
2. aaeD^ral) cu«»a^<fi>, <8mgLp<aac9> ; 3. 

6ajajo (ftoasa), &<oc9(£ — , oDaj— . =a'tion, 

At-test, V.t. CrO0c8!^i5)g ; J^a^<a); 

2. o«na'"icuoair)^lda8«e>. -ing witness 

<ST@)CCort>cTU3<eftn (I.), -a'tidn, n. (TOO 

<S£o,o; 6V0)&~)qj ; GTOOcfififle&aCfln «g_p 


At tie, a. afl3oac&io (sr^co;, c^fiijo— , 
cufolcg^oroo— . 

At-tire', n. Qj(fT^o, eojcaio; 2. rara 
ejaa?3rz)o, tol<8rt>o(g.«36mo; 3. osaa&oou . 
v.£. a§aJ^«sa«s>, (STD6TTncan<aad95, ^iacoTl 

<98<3>. -ment, ft. -O10CQ/O, CgJoCOSfDo. 

At'ti-tude, n. orflai, cnaoWl; 2. 
eooLio, <sT3)<fi55o, (sr^iijsfoo. to strike 
an a. escuo anslta^. 

At-tOm', V. I. gD6TT)<9n's)<S)C§d99a>, 

Ganrtfl§«e, (I.) . =t6r'ney, n. <9>;>ijcrooab, 
QjasflaA, ^«eoTlcao«broo0(9s)Ort)nb, (ajroD 

crifcfl(/.). power, letter or warrant 

of a.y (gce^sfbanoao, q<e<alcB;3<b (Z.)- 
-ment, ??. gg6m«9a (/.)• 

At-tra€t r , v. £. (SYgjaiQaTltSsa), {gra§ 

a_p«98<9»; 2. <20OQD)gj1«e«<fl), CUallaxrfl 

<9§a>. = tion, ^. <8T3)<Q)osti6rr)o, 0San3on 
rasrno, aD<Sfij3ecDo; (Sir3i<Q)cai6T7)oac9on 

(/?^.)« capillary a.n (s&udo^^emo. 

cohesive a.n crooajcmsa^oiismo. a.n 

of gravitation <B<&>tgQo<a><£a6)T>o. t'tive, 

a. cuoal<&>ro6rri)ca'o oy^jCq;, ierO)<9iafti6rrfl 
cao — , <20Ooocrf)ca'o — , 0<san3aoroo— . 

At'tri-bute, w. ajdafia6rno, c£srr>o, 

Qjl(203caio; 2. ^floCno, (BTOSCfiJoao; 3. 

Qjlsod^owno (</r.). at-trib'ute, u.*. 

croo6aja\Dlg_pcQs<9i, crfl<s§aal(9sa5, «SY9) 
(sro3Q_rio9e<&), s><S)§ngjoco^da>. =tive, a. 
oil<8oacm6mo (ST^cq;, ai<efiisrno — . =bu- 
r ti6n, n. (Sr^srasojsmo; (ST^sraoo-Xlrzno. 

At-trite, a. @.ro6targ), (S.-a>6rat^'Sa_joaa;; 
2. sco;CDjjCrooo^@a. =tri'ti6n (-trish'- 
un), n. gLfaoural), <Sfai0oor)j; eayfDi^sej^a 


Au'bum (;/bern), a. (woTlg nrflotg 
0g , jiism — , c^jO00octti. 

Auc'tion (ak'shun), w. SdJ&Jo, o^ejo; 
2. <2ejai<TOO0omo. y. ^. csaj&jo 6>.ai(x& 
aTi^da*. -eer, n. <2fiLiuja5)3roab, aajfijo 





All-da'cioUS (-da'shus), a. 6>S>CQ^ 
c§@g_; 2. @rrD6ro^ajo6)g_j§aT), aKS5>au§; 
3. orvoca/aTlrDcera^oeQ;; 4. (Braooaoroo g>. 
gg, gc^fw— . -ly, ac?. cooc^a 0ooar), 
aa»)(@sos)fa). -ness, =dac'i-ty, n. ufl 

fOrtJ), COOd^a o; (BroaO9&>0f0o; COlanDfoo. 

Audit, n. (c^cusrno; 2. <urtf)<afia; 3. 
Q-f)nr$ofoo; 4. ai6m<es) ajfolsoaacocn. u.£. 

a_irtfl<3c/ao(jo<3>nb. =di-ble, a. Q&dv&s) 
fQTzn<9n, (&6rnSc/D0jaJfOo, (^>aj6rrflai , o. 
=di-bly, ad. ®<&><^(DTaaaajsnoo. =di- 

eilCe, 71. <8<e>ckp; ^^)c9«0^g ; Sd^cklanC*, 
cro^neiO(b, cuoo&maaod). to give a.e 

Q&dk^G); aj)2z)aii <5,o6rro<a>. in general 
a.e, in open a.e ajfoa^aoccn. =tor-y, 

fi. ®(c^)0fa)0(9ncb, ®<S) cbaDiesioib, arc e; <S(Q> 
cJoojlaoo* §Drtflc9gam crooejo; (a_)arooco 
06mjua_jo. a. <2a>c)oan<9s@g., (c/2)aj<26irr> 

^icacrooeojcnDaocxy. a.y nerve ^sgro 

(n^c&^s^o^pj). a.y canal eruoaOjOno 

Au-ge'an, a. q^ooojo q_)fBTals><ft>§, 
—ojcfiagoOQ;. a. Stable <ofl<ar»oflfc raflroo 
asroi oj(aroT]<3<s>s . 

Au'ger, rc. rt»0(b, coTlfwajgn, @rog_j 
«mo (carp.). 

Aught (at), n. (HTog_jo, Sajc/ao; 2. 
csyoo)fO)ocTTOo, ojgj^o, a^sxTrcngBflejo. 

Aug-ment', v.t. <r?l^a>, ojej^ccsg 


<8no, CL)£D(T); 2. cy&lfl; 3. ga_JCrO££o 

(#r.). =ta'ti6n,w. QjaDgjo, flwelcyiSiD. 

Au'gur, ft. oaajnno Q_joc%cmajnfe, &j 
tfitfosmo— , (Q_)oc^n<S5ob. u. t. uzxBicno 
<2mD<flQ(fi5, ejcfifti6rr>o — , — o_jo<s>; 2. <e>3 
6rrflas<95; 3. (a_)rof)flaBfl<9s<0>. =gu-ry, 
=ra'ti6n, n. oa<9?moao(rT^jo, crn^lforaeferao 
(Do, — sjjiioral), ejcgfiaemojfo^lca&i; oa<03(Do, 
(a-joao; aid9fii6mo (Snooanra?). 

Au'gust, n. q®§oo aocroo, (S^corr^ 
aocroo, AasTlso .af)6aeo. a. 0ood, (a_j 
(a^0Q-j(^@g_, jBfsk^cQg, <3(C/3)c£q, (c/3f)<o>j 
<3@g-, (^0^. -ness, W. 0aOl0, am 

• • • • 

Aunt (ant), Aun'ty, rc. ©aca-ea, 

©aa2J^P; 2. (^(araiza; 3. (BYOZBocofl, <sro 

Au'ri-ele, ft. <&>orw, 6aioa^<a56rno 
(#ft.); 2.ol)aca;fDTans>ej <20GJO(tfft.); 3. 
(c/B)CLi6Yr><s>oanao. =ri€ r u-lar, a. 6>.aioj) 


®cao§ ejiicm, (S(C2)O((g)aroo6r2Jcru30Dcoj 

(«ft.); 0(35)1^, fDaOCr^,0OC2); <0) grig® COO jil 

ca'oooj. a.r confession a-Joa_jcro-fla>D 

roo, — cruaaflfnranoo; <Sjaxicrcorao (/?. C.). 

a.r finger oj^QaDfOfab. 

Au-rifer-6us, a. sicuocnogja, 6)o_io 


Au-ro'ra, n. (Braasemsoaos; 2. a^^ 
^, (8Tart8<26rr>oeca;o. a. bor-e-alis 

Aus-cul-ta'tion, n. (^cusimo, (aro) 
ajgnomo; 2. (ST^^srnnoQ-jaflca&i (med.). 

Aus'pice, W. fiJ<6fii6rr)o, oa<Q>ooo, 
crTlialfoT3)o; 2. (pZ.) oraoa^aio, croorooaai 
6TDo. =Spi'ci0US (-spish'us), a. c^S 
UQ<Q\CCio (ST3)CQ;; ^s<&,roo — ; corn.0 — , 0o 
coajo— , (c^l a@a; cBracra^ejo— . 

Aus-tere' (-ter r ). a. o^rtscgo ajaH 

02jo &@g.j ^QJgJ — ; 2. crH^afDaoco;, &%£> 
(wcxygg,; 3. rmaaia9)ororaQDlfa)0DC2;. =ter'- 
i-ty, n» a'^Q'w, tejocTliDio; 2. roxsojo 
nnlo^; 3. (@cai6mraaonfjn^_io. 

Aus'tral, a. ftcmsicesi, B<&£a\6ma)&s)) 
ejgg., aceaTl6im. 

,A.U-then'ti{5, a. caiDo^aoca', (o_) 

0O5TTnj95)fDTa)(Bn; Q-f)02J3a\5jO (ST^Ca;, QJ3 

nr^Qjo— , son*—. =tic'i-ty (-tis'i-), n. 
(a_)O0osrnio, arcf^o; a&LDccaioo, ^)(rgTl0«) 
qoH^^jo. =€ate, y. t. (a^0o6m£ioc99 
<©); aog_fltS3(B); ajorr^aj0o5)smmo raf)^ 

^gj^f^^. ^ea'tion, w. aogLjl^rai), 




Au'thor, n. <0>3rt>6Yr>o6, <a>os&rtoj ', 

-ft»1, rt>.a3c3>no, (Ojti<an). -ess, ft. 
(^aiQ0iO5rap, rojxi«eTl. -i-ta'tive, a. csto 

£Ao — ; <S)g_j0O3^3O_)0 — . -i-ty, Tl. (STD 
CJlf)<&>orDo, <QifOTg)fm_io ; ^CO^fOQJo; (a_}303 

6rnjo, aTloa_ioa^j(W; crDSdOftojo; ^g-J ; 

(a_)036TT>o; (BTOCb)<9>oaf), ©.SSjOCOCrODfrf); 

(/?/.) (BT^arioLj^o, (s^ocg. -ise, -Ize, 

V. £. (BTBCJOld3>0fDo 6)<0>O§<93<0>, (BTOCJOltS>orD 

evy^ figged); crD®cQ;ocol<saca); (a_)0O6m 
0o<05T)(Brcfl<98<0>, crTlcQ;0oaacroorD0O(©3^; 

<3>. -Ship, ft. (Q/)niO<&>OTg)fa)-Jo; <0j(BY3>3 

Au-to-bi-og'ra-phy (-fi), n. ov>j 

Au-toe r ra-Cy, ft. cro_ico;3(jif)a-j^o, 
aQ<o>ji£d gs)0uS)a-i'O)jv J 2. cro_iC2;o(jolc930fOo. 
=-6rat, ft. Q^(Q)-ao^)oa51n_jfon; 2. q^cDjo 

aftaoflf). =erat/i3, =crat'i-eal, «• 

Au'to-graph (-graf), ft. cro_)ao)<ffc^ 
a&rao. <z. aro.jrra)<e>cgps>Gjy><oO<3y. -tog'- 
ra-phy (-fi), n. a\>_iaoar$ocQ&irt>o. 

Au-tom'a-ton, ft. cro_j<£;.aiajani^ 
foroTl; 2. csyiQDjgjooj; 3. crujcoi^iejcn 

02,^3)0. =mat'ie, =mat'i-eal, a. gtoj 

Au-ton'o-my, ft. crilsasoflanrm, arv>j 
c2/ero6rnocul<ftof0o, — oro-iscav^YOuo. 

Au'tumn (-turn), 72. c/arog^oejo, ^ 
cmo, <S)cn"n^ejo0ocro6oi3cb; 2. dOtfi3 32;<9ioejo. 
=nal, a. c/3rt>§} 5) 3ej(q®£&, oasraa 5 )^; q 

Aux-il'i-a-ry (ag-zii'i-), n. croaao 

coT), croooocai^nb, gierna^gT); 2. (pZ.) 
crooooc2;<scrDm; 3. crooooca^rica; (gr.). 
a. croaoscoTleSsam, @o>6TT)c&aaD, gj.a_j. 

A-Vftil', ft. (a_)<2cc;o03or)o, ©.aj^oroo, 
(ST^eocao; 2. (p/.) QjloQ,dan§^a2;fzn . v. t. 

«93d9>, croo(3^<S)fD0omroi<a). to a. one's 

Self Of g>.a-)3eQ;0Gol<89<9>, qQ)<$&%£i>. 

-a-ble, a. g.^<e)OT>, (a_)<S32;c63nnigg&, oru 

ouQej0OQ2;; 6><0 J o@g.nm, fO)«s5). -able-ness, 
-a-bil'i-ty, n. Gcaoc^o), £a_i<sc&3coo; 

Av-a-lanche' (-lansh'), n. oola^ 

QJOaOcu^noo; 2. 0aDo(a_)QJOaOo. 

Av'a-rice (-ris), ft. ©^d^qdo, gj 

6^j , (SGJOSo, aS)u§&5) ; 2. (STDtsTlcftOocaai, 

b»WjO^)qDo. =ri'ci0US (-rish'us), a. 
ff>o_joanr)oas@.@g, cocnoaa— ,^aj6rnwJo — , 
Bra-oflaaoaoo— . =ri'cious-ly, ad. ej 

£6^06)5, @D«0OO®3i'3S)S. 

A-vaunt' (-vanf), int. <So_»3, 6)o_J3 

A-venge', v. t. (o-joOtgTicc; ©jik^, 

(a-^fon^OfOo— , aJtfifDo— ; 2. (q_J3QC/C®J , 1 

daaTi^ca). -'ger, n. (a_)<an<Q>ortf), q_»<&> 
roo cSjiioeldBgaDajab. 

Av'e-nue (-nu), w. ons, ®.5qj^p1; 

2. cr>5(fi5)3aj ; 3. ajlod3GJ03CB; QjlirD. 

A-ver', v. t. ©.og^^ a_io<0), rafli 
caocoTl— ; 2. Qtwa^cszTlcfisflj. -ment, n. 


Av'er-age, w- c/a(Doc/8flf!«s3><a»; 2. en 

^asiafOo; 3. crgaoo . oil an a. c^fDo 
uarol&s) . a. oarasaarol (sr^ca;; 0Oij.0o — . 
y.^. oaraocTafD^ccocasaj; Qj)rtn03<ea<3>, afl 

osvo<&>; ajlfa)03caT)fo)<03d9>. 

A-verse', a. (to) (a_)'on@ejg3Qj(g@a, 

(BTO<Tric^03ca,', oT)<8ro3cuig@£. ='si6n, 
n. ajHsfOocjOo, ^cucigj ; a_ia>, cnlrocroo. 

A-Vert', V. ^. COnrtTLj^Djg.^, (8T3<9> 

oc^tfl); 2. fin§(fi®<a>, crflajoro6rno «.ai^. 
-1-ble, a. crriQj:^03CQ;, rtn§<fi«foro)<S55. 
A'vi-ar-y, n. Q_Jfiafin^5^ , , aTlsafco, 

A-vid'i-ty, n. fflro^jo^QOo, ora^o 
oa; 2. 6ryg<fifia, oTlcTnlfgDaD) . 




Av-o-ea'tion, n. align ; 2. (pi.) 

A-void', v.t. §54jej^>a=l§ f ^ <95 ; 2 - 

<2a_ic9fif)ag<a>. -a-ble, «• ig^ryejsjg-js 

y>\c3$aT>, cus^afleQ^oay. -ance,ft. § 
6Djej5>gj§fCT3)rai>; o_ifDW.ocoo, ayHaj ; 

OffltSno; ro^CCOo. 

Av-oir'du-pois (-er'du-), n. & a. 

A-V0uch', y.£. cnD^6)0cTro aioe r< lc93 
<&>; 2. nuifDcroj0oaaD (a_)(T$oojl<ssc&>; 3. 

A-vow', v- £• Q-JfocmeiocoD o_jo<a>, 
q^oq- , cT\)Z0foT](33<S5. -al, n. cro_fl<&30 
roo, (a^nr^oQjcno. -ed-ly, ad. croJ\<&> 
rD)_£i(a_)ca>oroo; (a^^dOtaizocan. 

A-wait', v. t. & >. d3sorBrof)nfl3®a>, 
(Q_)-oflcaan!08<S); 2. s>aj.gjlfsf)<s®d3j, ©as 

A-wake' (-woke', -woked'), v. t. 

ir. &6rr>rt5i2)a>, aG)y>cTrf)g_fl<flg<e>; 2. sflaD 

«23)<3>. v. i. g>6rr>fia<9>, @.o<ano 6)fmgT) 
a#<3>, Q^yarnl/g^^; 2. acanWa^orflg), 
a>; 3. a^roocidl-gj @S65Ȥ<9s. a. s3o^9<zn 

$ag&, ©.sm^— , aOTTooaDo— . ='en, u. t. 

A-ward', n. aTafi, faflgj ; 2. o_» 
6T2)J^c2;cBT^#]g!j , ; 3. — ©fofflj. v.t. aDcjul 

_oJS)c9iO§c98<9i, ci_16T3jJ00afOTaflglj d3»g_fl &2<B>. 

A-ware', a. @.6noi^g.@g, eaoa)^— ; 
2. (ffrorTlaj — , ^sraolsrots). to be a. rata 

A-way', ad. (ffro<a>crK>, oflsaal, go&p 

6)fo>, (SajocaTi, alls, 6)^00! have me a. 
o^)S)cm s)<a;oon§®Q_ioc&. inclined a. 

from the sun rry^smo^ aD^ffljaocon, 
(Ty^crflrabcrflamtf-.arra. I fade a. sraonb 

cOfoaaTi^ (2a_jo<&cTro. a. from home 

Qjl^aDs sajocanfDlcfiaaT), Qjlgfirab gogjo 

s>cox /ni. (Scuo, ocLJosxg^ocX)^. sing 

a. cLjosn<2<es)0. throw a. .njo^iaag.^. 
make a. with cr>c/&ng_p«e8fl>, 6><a>o^<9>, 
Q^osngscLJo^g.^. I cannot a. with 

o^noltQa cnDaDl^^so. a. with this 

fear ec&o <&>a<a>. 

Awe (a), n. ecc;o; 2. eca'Soa^a), qj 

ernteno, oafflo. to stand in a. of oj& 

S)fD ecn/goSono^s^OfS). -'ful, a. £ca>aa> 
rt>o (Sirica;, (So^ioroo— ; oj>83- eaaolQ-pasrm; 
0ooo, Qj^oano). -'ful-neSS, n. cooo^l 
gyo, eeaaBororm. -'ful-ly, ad. ee^aaoroo 

(ST^COTI, <2o£10'00— , o^gOOQjo, QJ§.S)fO, QJ 

A-whlle', atf. (Hrog-^oejScTsiaafl, 

<fl)5)0 <S<DfQ®(CT3)(95) ; (BTog_jo, raracroaroo. 
Awk'ward (ak'werd), «. 6>s><fl>ifl§ 

«Q5) ©^J0fBT3), CrOOZfOlDjO — J 2. jal0g)<5yo — , 
SooTl — ; f 3. §cg^fO0OC2J; 4. SiftOeJo5)<a> 

§, fBToojai^fiismo (Sr^ca;, aDtf^a-jo— ; 5. 

(6T®.alOrt>2>£jOCBTZJ), BTO^S0OCaJ. -ly, «C?. 

QjgjDcoraajlcoo, cugjo«fa>, aD^o-jaocon. 
-ness, n. <eros)<a>'DCfcejo, oj^^jal^jocg, 

Awl (al), n. Sittoeja^, <8T3)«>. 
Awn (an), w. ®T9)fD', ascQn (6.). 
-ed, a. fflp<9g>Q%gft. 

Awn'ing, w. aTl^oaoo, saajDaj, 

A-woke', p- p. of Awake. 

A-Wry r (a-rl'), a. QJasroro), o-joanca, 
jiirjTlffRjTS), (S<Q)D6mocai; 2. tQjo-iSo @.@g, 

(B<fx>o§o— , clh&qocqj. to glance a. q-jo 


AX, Axe, U. <2tf>DS0P-f), 0^>, (ftOOfOo. 

battle a. «Qj6na^, o_jra^. a. head 

0^>rora)&i, dSjOocLr. 

Ax'i-6m (ak'si-), 72. (O)ra>-io, cnTitauo 
oo)o, ^oj^.cQfa (o^0osn")o, cry^o; cnfl-'au 
oT.oc2;o {geom»). 

Ax-il'la, n. <fr><afiao, <s)(oio<9»', 5)«no 
d95Tlc)o (an.) 




Ax'is (ak'sis), n. fSTOflafiatc^QJo, ara^ 

Ax'le (ak'si), Ax'le-tree, n. mo^™ 

erg', oaSajGJ, oxxsoural), m^cszTlnTlcnj . 
-box, n. fsroros. 

A'y, (a'i), Aye' (a), ad. £QJ, *»05><o>, 
A'y ah, n. (srgjco/, 3o(of). 

Aye (a), atf. crTi^Qjo, oQSajo^o. 


Az'ote, ft. caojcQftiofoajoge^o (ch.). 
cZOt-ie acid, w. ca>aj<fitflaoro8oaitf>o 
(ch.). =tite f n. caojc9fisDfoejQj5mo(c/i.). 

A'ziire (-zhur), a. (^^oc/scn^&iarfloo 
g.@g, afltuziocn;. ft. gDi^grrflejo, cnlejaj 

Az'ym, Az'yme, n. a^ala-jlgyororo 


B, gDoGolcea eo<£3cojlral> ro'sngoasJtoro) 
rBisafiifOo. Qj.sTsenoo. <2a_jro : '6nfl\ 
SD.o-iofo5rr>o: '60^'. 

Bab'ble, v.i. -af)o)£j<e3<3>; 2. 6>ono 

^13$<Q>; 3. (GtQQ5m<£\gp®((5) ttUoaXOrtT) 
<S8<0>. W.83g_jOOo; 2. qjocq;o§o; 3. §DS 

ojlsosxinc^gg, udscgo. =bler, n. eagy 
cBjnb, rsratmn^l^osxa) crooaroofifl<Si80"nQjnb, 
Qjl^ojocarrf), ojo^osI. 

Babe, Ba'by, n. odlc^, <oieam , 6>s)o_i 

rrorai), <fe§l; 2. ojooj, sxsnjoaa. b.y- 
hood, n. odly5(a_)0C2Jo, ff)5)aacyaQjo. 

Ba'bel, n. <9i&jd3sK>. 

Ba-boon', n. 6aro3Qj<S) ^rossa". 

Bac'eha-nal, =na'li-an, rc. &€) 

cent), 0Q,ojocrn, s)ojcf!cc;nb. 

Bach'e-16r, n. culajoaoroaol.tnab, 
(6Ti)aiajii3fDl, asnglcssoraob, aooajrcaslaao 
rt>nb. b. Of arts (B. A..) croojjdfrejooao 
ajcaTtaej (m^GjOLjaajl, aTloiO^aflernrit). 
b. of laws (LL.B., B. L.) <J022ioao(rr^ 

(5-jafWnnb. b. of divinity (B.d.) 
6)s)Qjan<d>oaa(n^(a_)aji6ninb. b. of medi- 
cine (M. B.) 6)6>cuSjoao(CT^(a_jQjl6mnb. 
b. of Science (B. Sc.) ro^juao(n-ti(a_)Qjl 

smnb. b. of engineering (B. e., 

B. C. E.) c^^c^0((T^(a_)Qjl(srnn6. 
Ba-eil'lus, n. (Btosnon-ioGm). 

Ba-ek, n. c^oo, ^@^, o^eqo; 2. 
qsocoo, oJloojoo; 3. lascnT . behind 
one's b. e^cXxflaoa.ud^sns . to be or 
to lie on one's b. 00)^00001^0^^ 
&%<&. to see the b. of ^q-jgojo of) 
6DB')«9Rls«a>. to turn the b. aosl 
cgo_joc&>. to turn the b. on one & 

Sa-jca&fl n\<&,gi<0>. a. o-floailflfl) p eg ; 2. 
6njot95Tl-— ; 3. ajlcsamos ranralo^cm. 

b. Step CUSfOscaiOggg. (DS05T3)o. V. t. 

ajororai <a.caQ,<a>; 2. Qjynscfi;o§ 6^roial<fls 

<3>; 3. @6TDA8(&, fBToGf9^aTl(9!a<Q5. tO b. 

up croaoocaf)<a!3<a>; ajofora o^)^@ai; ea 

6)&J0a_| 6>QJ(93(0>; QJOrtJ) o)QJ<99d9s, Q-JCTO) 

ca/o— . y.e. aiiAsea;o§ ms<9a<s>. to b. 
Out, to b. down ajlnaoQ,a>, sxrcool 
<os)§i<&>. ad. a_Tl3cmo«e8)o, aJlsauos , 
o-DaajoSraraitQR . to putb. o®§SfQTD)Sfsra» 
(aiS)cm s>ai<fl8<0>; 2. (goaT, a-jsng ; 3. 6)S)<&> 
ojoao, agTlaulrat), eg Sc9« coral rob. to 

keep b. the truth cro^o 00^ s>ai 
<£&<&>. to keep b. part of the 

money ajsmraroTlfsl) <siS>o oJlsl^ 
oiaj<flQ<S). to roll b. si>rt8§l<flag(e>. to 

take b. CZS^qQ^iQ^A; 4.Q_JdajrOo, 6QJ3 

<flfifl. b. and forth (Brassaeo^o @D«6oao 
so. to go b. on aso-jcfiftfi^^a^. 
-'bite v. t. ir. (-bit, -bit'ten), 03^ 
6rnla_io<e>,— (o-9®ca;ocolas<0). -bl-ter,n. 

a$cfi36Trn<9s>oronb, <fljfDg(95)3fon6. -bl-ting, 




n. oQj^errf), <fcroa. -'bone, n. <^^^&, 
£° , a^cegacroDl, 6)cns)sg£ (an.), to 

the b. b.e ig^ajqBo. -'door (-dor), n. 
nJlnbajo-oflrab, a&V-. -'ground, ft. a_j 
<fig'a_^®eaao. to place in the b.d sxuo 

f®gn<95)3.-CfTl«n«S9dB». -'hOUSe, 72. a_)rtfi 

ayo, aogjra. -'slide v. f« ir. (-slid, 
-slid'den), a_f)ab:uo65i3<&>, aTloajocro^o 
too s>j3j^. -slfder, ?z- Q-TlnbQJD65gam 
cunb; aiavwjocol. -'ward, a. q-Dsctdd 

§@g; a-jfolqgprao tfnOffroig). -Weird, 

-wards, ad. a-flsrmo&sio, a-jlscnjog ; qj 

61^3 (2(516101®°. -'wa-ter, n. «&>oa2;(3l>, 

Ba'^On (ba'kn), n. £g-p= smashes; 

Bae-te'ri-um (pi. -te-ri-a), n. <sto 

Bad, a. (ST5)iQ50(OTZ5), af)s<as> , .aflctsira), 
2. ajg^OfCTJi), {BTacozio(ST3)ay, <sao<s3 
<0>rt>o— ; 3. Qjlcflaog>.@j3, (HT3a_j!Q>So— . 
b. debt aTl§0(Gra) <0>So, aJlrD~lCQ/0fOT3) <9» 

001. b. health cv$6n%<&>s . b. news 

croaa3SQLi«3T3)2)ofr)o. -ly, ad. Qj£psv&>, 
(Tysualgjos)^, ACjlooaoazTl, c^crom^fD 

aoooj^o. to want b.y, need b.y go 

gJ06TOTSDl§ 6DJ(§xT|^S<9j. -UeSS, 72 • QJcfi3 

g.«n-io, (STrgAocB;; jaflajnsajiaroo, cu^o^;, 

Bade, jo. t. of Bid. 

Badge (baj), n. <ftdl, <BraSQ&>ogo, cu 
§, QLTlgj; 2. 6aj^0OOr)af)aCDo. 

Badg'er, (baj'er), u. cri)ej&s)tos) (Z.)\ 

2. ons«3ra) ( es) : ejQjs<QsDranb. v.t. jdo-i6 

Baffle, v.t. <3o>og_pd)aa>, crfl^GJZD 

<&. 72. (BT8o_JB3CQ;o, S^OfiJ-fl. =flillg, 


Bag, ft. CTOfflafl, 2.Q.3J, <33>0O3o; 2. 

jojoas", ®^ao<^o. gram b. <sao 
«9nsrrfi, <s?j>o5njo. leather b. s.oi 
ao§). hanging b. anjod^smo. to 
give one the b. a-io6roqj3a>og-fi(99<3>, 

(STgiaaoeocoj QjftsqEDa*. "gag3, ». Q-J 
crooeiocno; ecuc^. bag and b.e aascu 

Bail, ft. eao^jO, eaoajanoronb. b. 

bond 08O2^^gl§ ; 2. 6>S>tf>2_pS°!; 3. ^T9 
(@), (SEeJOgj. U. £. S3D0jO QJ055Q~laD§ 

(g<as=a> (naut.). -'a-ble, a. ea^o quo 

6CQl aTlSfDT3)(Sp; 0S>OOOf&O5)g. aQ§£\&S\ZSft\ 
<&). ~ee, ft. jal^iS^ a{BgJp=£! <sH§^3y 

cucfo(eom.). -'iff, ??. (srg^rtb. 

Bait, ?2. goro (iV.), onca; (S.); 2. 
(Saoooooo, Qjaal&fDsrno; 3. ajyn<es>6)aj 

(083), d9iOao 6) U(&8c9>, QJOal<&>f0l(93^ ; 

3. Qjtplcc;o(Q)CQDrzA ScOftismo 6)a>o§(©33). 

nb «no0cronifi95>; 2. .nflna <a»si3jj<9>. 

Bake, P.*. -aj§a>, crflrolgyos) m ecu 
aTl<saa>; 2. ^ajcaTiaifjjra) ^ern^gdaj; 3. 

(srdQ^&s>o(Qpfo. b.-house, ='ker-y, n. 
(BTOajt^s , — ojfo. a b.r's dozen q-joTI 


Bal'ance, n. @&jo^j°, fa>ora6m, qqj 

ggHsdasioral), «j>ort>6Tr>— ; 2. ^ajaaooo, ^ 
<9sn<SmocSs)ra!>; 3. cro0(org<9no, o^im^ao 
<9s)<at; 4. aafiTlcaocQ/ crTiaj; 5. ^erntSn 

(BY^fljOBTlScal); 6/6lU0<95ri; 7. @QJ0fO0Oal 

(as.); 8. ^jqjs°. roman b. fl^l 
<2&s)od>. safe b. orpicouajaroiflfan (/?//.). 

unsafe b. jaja]cncru£n<an (ph.). in- 
different b. crflgg^flflaauriW), oro30jo 
qjtud (ph.). to loose one's b. a-JogTl 

Gg_JO«S>, (SYg)(9S)o Qjl§3QJ0<©), CTTlaJ^.'a) 




oq<3). strike a b. d^sm^ (st^ccD 

§<a>, sniocOsTlcoTloasa). b.-sheet cu 

(QQj jiTlaJOJ &6tfr>t9s) a_j§)<©>. v. t. 
(QGtoo <2CDD<S8<3>, crflfiJ OafjTleoJOtOsa); 2. 
62>g_p<Ss<a>; 3. QjrOQJ joDeJCU <Q)Sm<Qs) (SYg) 
<SiCan§(&), <3>6m<9s) rtjf)cQ9<9>. U. 2. CTO0 
<GR£<Q$>2)d3l)c6)<a%<a) ; 2. CrOoOdCSylcSg^, .nl 
6tB!JeJo <2fO)0CTTO^. 

Bald, a. <8rDO00l£JOfBTZft, 6)2>0§ <grg)CQ;, 
<e>cfi36ng) — ; 2. ga curat gD£p«sr3), goal — ; 
3. (BTDcnejaa) rjnaocoj, ^ojqo, 'ctoo^'; 4. 
(o_)(o^dafiao (grgjco;, oajgosxua'X^o— . b. 
head ^ceaenglrnroiajc&jnb. -ly, ad. oaafc 

^SOS^OI, @OCTT); eoCOlc2n^06)'O). -neSS, 
71. a^QJSCoTrZDfiJ, 6)0O§ — , tfxmsng") — t 

Bal'der-dash, w. ool^orDaoca <^§ ; 

2. — rroooroofOo; 3. cseocearcn-Jo; 4. crflr™o 

CD'S) Jo. 

Bal'drta, n. croo:)nr>o_j§. 

Bale, w. 6)&>§ , eosmjuo; 2. afiajroTra) , 

(§8 6iJo, (££)aO.nJ0rt>o. l>. |. 6><fr§0d9®<S>. 

-ful, a. cax^ao (Sirica;, oooodcQjfSo— . -ful- 
ness, n. <BT3rtf)cQara>, cs^c/ao. 

Balk (bak), w. jiiorzA, curoou; 2. jifl 
aiocroD, @eJOo, a-f)§o, GlD§o; 3. <gSc9no, 
(OtSCTUQo. v. £. g.(2a_Jd9fif)<e9<9>, C?|Sc9ao 

Qjra3«g2)<0>, ro^§ <s<S)S — , crTi^GjiaodBscQj. 
v. j. <rflcTK><fl>a<3>. 

Ball, U. &<&&; 2. @.6n§, o_j(TO; 3. 

o-icrof <9)aT; 4. (@<scooao; 5. cpflnaall 
Gaooeo. eye-b. <fl>gRfj\ ^g^asnf) (arc.). 

Ballad, «. ojo§ . 

Ballast, n. on&>oa>o (?2aut.); 2. ji) 

Ballet (bal'la), n. (prcraio. 

Bal-loon', n. <eY^)<0>oo^gJ l ao> , , — co;ocr)o, 
— aftoo, aDiaoono. -ist, ft. <ST3)<0>oc/acoo 
0), aT^orn— . 

Ballot, n. cT5Qa« , jifi§n (5f.), ^§ 

(2V.), -of)§ls° Qjtfl«9nrab. v. *. jif)§lajJl 

Balm (bam), n. ar^coanDasvajejo; 
2. oa0S)on<Dca3CDo. -y, a. or\jcocnju^@a; 
orgsii(a)fo0ocoj, curtf^a^ga. 

Bal'sam, ft. crgco<TU)a_ic/a, — 6>s><o>ajo; 

2. t/a06>an<ocaicjoo. -i^, #. e>S)(znej0C2; 

0OC2J; (TQCOanU0,@§| ; C/a0OOo QJOS(D^OnD. 

Bal'us-ter, w. coa^^orab, ^alea; 
<sn:R*. =trade, ft. aiflfyaerrbsajafl, 

Barn-boo', ft. ga, ^sroisDrab, ojooao 

(6.). thin b. 6ios, (SQjsrra (b.). b. 

gTOUp ©ftp(g3§o, «9jOCOJf3J)(^§o. b. 

seed «9>ocQ>aif^i, qaowflJi. thick b., male 
b. <Q>rtf)a&>srr>, ^^isjsiejl. b. manna 

Ban, «. cufoo^o; 2. (pi. bans, 

banns) aflojoaoajrocTOjo; 3. aDsfoDCOo, 
qj1gj<S5)o, (gcQa • 4. oaoojo; 5. o-TliP, (cyo 

QOjrfl.UTOjo. V.t. Oaa_n<S9<3), QjlSfDOCOl 
c93c0>, QjlaitSQiQ). 

Ba-na'na, n. qjosp(5.); 2 - cuoiPajipo. 

Band, W. 6)<9)§ , 6DJ(YIDo; 2. OQDSj 

3. eojcaDooo; 4. (@§o, crooo^io; 5. cuo 
e.fSoeioceci^crooQaio. v.t. <2cc;oco0oc2n 

6><3>§ (jned.). 

Ban'di-€00t, ^. oajrol^oyD, @ro 
gjnb, Q_jcnrf)6)a2;an (2:.). 

Ban'dit, n. o-Tlsl^ tuol^oronb, «a> 

Qj^dtooranb (pi. ban-dit'ti). 

Ban'dy, n. <S)orDoi^l; 2. qjow^I; 
3. Qjensl. b.-legged aiajd^oainb, qj 
aeraigxfeoejgaajnb. v. t. a_iao)D§(S>, q_j 
aO)S^<eat9j; fflio®rnjocn,o (rfWUj\pj ojo<q>. 

Bane, W. aflcaao; 2. mooao, (c^cn,o. 
-ful, a. cr>6Kj^@a; <s<&s Qjfwcjscm, 0ra 

Bang, n. fflra^l, fa)^°,(0)§ j 2.©^; 

3. «0)6T21l3QJ (6.). U. ^. <BY3Slc0a<S), fO)Pl 
CUDGnlrtrt) QCfto) fBT3S(93<0>. 





Ban'gle, n. aua, a>93Dsrr>o; 2. «j>6rg. 

glass b. <&g_paja. 

Ban'ian, n. see Banyan. 

Ban'ish, V. t. (from, out of) onos 

QlD§ <2a_J0QJ3Clb c&>g_pc99<9j, mO§lf3i!CY)l(Tn 
O_JOC0T3)0c9s<95; 2. <Sci_\0(98^; 3.GLris<S)g.<9>. 

-ment, n. (o-jojacroo, roc^^gc^. ctoj 

Bank, ft. 'af)<5ng°, QJrtXTLj'; 2. o_j@g., 
-airolcu ; 3. <o>a>, raftao; 4. 06maJK»ls, 
0os ; 5. ec^cooej, aj6m(a1sajos aruo 

&jo. b.-bill, b.-note QD<5nsn<a>, & 

2. ^cnjofa0o<sa<3>; 3. (oramoaOTa 6>cuc9a 
<a>, (HToeiomo— ; (Tyoafiolasd^; ojaDoaasD 

§c9>. to b. a fire, to b. up a fire «fi\ 

<^§<9>. -er, ft. frajonbajcerrflganoroab, 
o_\6yr>0nsojos <0)Ofoat), arooo£_|\ -rupt, 
«. e^Guoa^ areata cunt), e^lxioaV-, crTlf§i) 
oortb. &. c9>So ciflscLicnb rnlqlpao^l^o 
rata), Qo-joansroro). -rupt-cy, n. #1qjo 

Ban'ner, n. 6>a>o^l, cojeao; 2. a^o 

Banquet, ft. af)<T8om, croe,, 0ooo 

Ban'ter, n. ca^ajoaa, Gcnrosoin 

0. i. ca>a^C2)0<9Sc35, fO)0D(yaaJO(S>. 

-er, 72. fO)0oaaa5)oron6. 

Bantling, n. oalc^, <ft6ratg>nb, S)o)o_j 

Ban'yan /?. (siro^, scuraofli, cuso 

Bap-tise', =tize', v.t. a^oar>os>c9>o§ 

<98(&>, O^0Cr)<B>22>o ^^(99(3), (T\30Cn6)aJ§ 

<3%$<9>. ='tism, n. o^oont£b02io, — croo 
qgjoroo, (aflrtsar^oano, ©feraocoa^oaoo (S.). 
<asl0o$o (R. C.), zo<2zzd)cro(Syr.). 
=tis/mal, a. n^o(Dorooc^gorocroo6njnru)0o 

<&*. b.l name croja3) <soj<b, 0^000 

<Sg_J*. = r tist, «• n^OoUcDjOb; Cgjc9ft>{a_p 


Bar, n. faroyH, <aosD<nj(3i>; 2. ca>sf); 
3. cg§ , tfnscruQo; 4. 06mrsraf)§, 0:s • 5. 

(STO£^a 0-139(0)1, (5TDfOT3)0yo; 6. OrvOCQJCrUDO 

ooo, <g<a>oSfofl; 7. a)OOd9s)06)rD arflqbam 

<®S ; 8. C^QJoDDrocrOS; 9. QJiflsJk&aoA 

©(^(Qscm cnioaio; 10. ojasl/abao*; 11. 
<xi<asnd)(Q_)cycBTari; 12. aaiaTl^ca'cTaDajo. 
in b. of ^s<95)0ocon, a-aTlco-'oay raisnruDo. 

V.t. fSraS<95<9>, <a)$>(G> gD§<9i, rsrayH — ; 
2. fOlSCTODo 6>Jil<g£, l^S(Q9c95; 3. ayTi^pj 

6>ojas(9>. time-barred ^oejoDfDSTTxa) 
scnx)^@a (I.). 

Barb, n. <wo^)- 2. svqjocQb, q^os 
fOT3> • -er, n. caajrDd&oo, ^cSQjoraaiTo, rsro 
o2j§nb, ^s°la>a^cmoinb, a^oab(^/.). 

Bar-ba'ri-an, n. 'eaiwyonb', ®@ 

^jnb, <a>o§oanb; 2. curDsaoal; 3. igoD 
anb, (STrgjeocronb, (^fDnb. a. crflzagyoeao 
cty. go3cro_ieoQj^@a. ='bar-ism, 
cof^ld>>Qiilno(0)Jo; orDgcc;, aTlrocfWfa)Jo; 
o_j§eo.-fi3. =ba-r6us, a. sgjdo (er^ca;, 
(BTgjSoaroo — ; (sra0DO3.-a:o— ; mocoafld35 

Bard, n. ca>Qfl, ^ocad^nb, qjobI. 

Bare, a. cufrroialgjofara, mcm0oc2;, 
gD&jcaTl^onsra; 2. fO)ej@ocnrD§; 3. 00 

aTl^C«5Ta; 4. fBTDej33oOfD 0^^07313), 6>QJQo, 

^au0ocai; 5. ^^R5q1cq;, eflgj^l^j; 6. 
ayT)6ro®lfDl<9snm. -'ly, «c?. oncm0ocon; 

0OQjlgJO6)fO); 0O^3)0OCOri; cQjc^I^, (oj 

caoscrcco. -'ness, n. aocm-oi; 6amo0l 

£jo<g. b. bone qQ)^o ^c^oso <&§ 

caicuab, 6>0aD6raro)Qja6. b.-faced i?auo 
0o<9»ornra); cooc^ (^@a, i^eurtsrai <smo<9sn 

ojoc^cnr), mo6mo 6)<os§. b.-facedness 
cjuoc^^o, aatfcpfti <gf' b.-footed 6)qj 
Q,a330GjDCQ), ^jiirDnaJ^oajTa. b.-headed 

6)(O)0a--p ^gjotnra, faiej^-jocu — , (mejoan^ 

©CTTOo ®.S0(OT3). 

Bargain (-gen), n. oDejaodga orfi 

CS2JC3I/0, gDSQJOS <S>raO(b; 2. m"lCSJJC2;o, QJO 
03(010)0, QJO<S» , afl^OaJo; 3. (5X0)8300; jgjgft, 

^.pjqjso. t>.^. ft t. <a>^Qjs rrDcoycajo 

^jaiC^^; 2. Qjl/gJ^aj. intO the b. (STQ 




foTlcm Q_jo6>0; &o (^sH. to strike a 
b. <9> = £iQJS0o<fla<0>. b. away 00^00 

Barge, n. S'aiosrrf), Qjgg.o, asrojj. 

Ba'ri-um, w. 6njo<ao ogjom saioooo 

Bark, n. 0fDcora)s>n6o <3rtnod>, oj^, 
GJo; 2. ca>g_-jf3?>; 3.cno(g^f0; 4. gcooaocyo. 
dry b. 6>0oftf). t;. t. s><a)oef)c9®<a>, s.tno 

ejnD<9S(9i; 2. <93S)ft>d9g<a>, <9>fDC%<9>; 3. oa 

Barley (-H), n. c&qjo, cuo<3b <b<9>o<^ 
ouo(6.). b. meal aaajaoai. b. corn 

oa-Qjaenfl. b. sugar a^snfl. 
Barm, n. aoro, (zex^eaxDo. 
Bam, n. d^gg-jra, e9>g.o, cuajraoco; 

Ba-rom'e-ter, n. cuo<38aeicn0oa_kB> 

ca»[Q3)o, ajoa#0ocr>o, —00(g). 

Bar'on, «. (o_)g. -age, n. (jyg. 

cruDocDo, — q-jsou). -ess, n. (o-j|L(rrkp. 
=net, «. (oaftaoab. =net-cy, n. (c/gflaaa> 

Bar'rack, «. s^oogjo; 2. (^z.) 

6)5)crut^oeJC2;o, cuog.caio. 

Bar'rel, n. Q-flg=l» o^ad^ 00 ^ 2 - 

Bar'ren, ft. 0;gf)c°joca>, (a_)crDCLn<Q5>o 
fsnj); 2. (sroaaGJo (Sirica;, rtnfiTlaa — ; 3. 
crooro0)g^ocnr3);4. (Zcbgci^£jS\<suv<£). -neSS, 

Bar'ri-eade, n. qjv) <g^i«a»«*; 2. 
Bar'ri-er, n. fa>sar\mo, aflsssB ; 2. 

(BTaran*S<0)O§; 3. {pi.) SQJeTl, <BTO(of)<b. 

Bar'ris-ter, «. anjocaioaojn^p, qjjQj 
Bar'row (-ro), n. s>5>tf>aj<5nsl 

Barter, n. 0aoo<e».gjojso. v./. ^ 

u o o 

fDOn 5)<a50§(ora) ^jjroasi Q_io65i§.d>. 

Ba-salt', ». g>$^ojf)ej, <9>rtfl»>£J'. 

Base, n. rata si, fwo; 2. fgros^nrooo 

OOo; 3. S)5T9£p; 4. <2<3»dtt)dSrtii)6)eA ^aj. 

0racrn (med.)', 5. ^ejcrosu (geom.). 
a. cr?)_aj0ocQ;, i^06m; 2. ^s'lgjsflca;. 
-ly, ad. jiflanacaocfiD. -neSS, n, ocflcn 
<»• -ment, n. fsrosncruoonoo. b. born 

eaor&aj^ab, ra)Osrr)<03fijcaTof)rofc aJlonm 

o-inb. b. coin ^Q&ajsrno. b. court 
a^o^ooo. b. minded (s^eocroaoocB/. 

Bash'ful, a. ajs^ooalajo £@g. -ly, 
ad. nno6m®«5nj)06is. -neSS, n. oaaa>. 
Bas'il, n. gsacnfl (b.). 

Ba'sil-i^, =i-ea, n. av«so0smjDaLjo. 

Ba'sin (ba'sn), n. cu§<Q>; 2. «dsd 
<S)o, (SaioroO; 3. rmoiPfD. 

Ba'sis, n. see Base. 

BaSk, V.l. 6)QJG»\<d> <0)OC^<ft>, rtjfl— . 

v. t. (mom(qi3)<3) (<S.), ja^SQ_nslg_pc98a>. 

Bas'ket, n. 6><^o§, @s, cu§i. -ful, 

a. cugVoloea;. b.-WOrk aas^raloj 

Bass, n. ra)06rr> arc _iroo, cooi#lro — . 

b. relief 6)<&>o(&& ajsrrTi. 

BaSt, Tl. OOOrt) ; 2. a_J0C&n; 3. <£bC2;<b. 

Bas'tard, «. o)a)<oejssc2;n6, aocnfl 
oj^nb. a. eaoroo^foTronccnral) earrTl^, 

(BTOgJOrngjOCBTO); 2. ^(©100 fST3)C2;. 

Baste, V.t. (STDSld3a<a) ; 2. fo^a^c9<8<^>; 
3. o§,<2fijos<a>; 4. <BTo5co;og.o qoj(Sq<9). 

Bas-ti-nade, =na'do', n. aislaaio 

^gg.aa)oejla7o oraslcQacQ). 

Bas'tidn (bast'yon), n. S)<9iO(Otaao. 

Bat, n. ^scuofoTlfob, (SY3)qj^, oool 
^f*» &6rrflaj0faTlf3l); 2. coa; 3. cucrosn 
<ascm jii§<S)Qjsn. u. ^. & i. o_jao)sl<fls<a>. 

Bate, v. t. <fts>o<fl$j<3> (5«e Abate). 

Bath, n. ajgfl, o^onoo; 2. dajgnaJ^, 

Russian b., Turkish b., vapour b. 
(SYgjaH Q^^rt*, aTlca'g^lceara'). oil b. 

(Srm^aigl. b. cloth @ajfaTa. Order 




Of the B. @.o^pcfii^f2)0Kj(DTal5)GJ 65(03 

anKara)* cue of), bathe, v. t. ^a^a-p 

<9)fc3a>; -nJOQ,<0>; V.i. <ai&}82<3>', Q 

Ba'thos, n. ajraxTnoaiaajorao (rhet.). 

Ba-ton', Ba-toon', n. cruoaanojsl. 

Bat'ta, «. QJLpl^^aiau , 6njfOT3). 
Bat-tal'i6n (-tal'yon), ft. a_j§oao. 
Bat'ten (bat'n), n. Qjortfi; 2. rara^ 

OJSl (itf .)• V- t. 0^(^)3-^(68!^; 2. QJ 
g.o@Saj. V.i- fO)Sl6^CU<98<Q5, cr\}&flc9!8<a>. 

Bat'ter, v. t. ©.sldBgaj, (oaxflsA; 
2. ra>£porfl^a>. -ing-ram ayQg)$gl. 
-y, n. roigj ; aJlrDaancnlrt); oj)b,&^cd&) 
cuo^o-iaraf), aT)a,^c&^Qg_j§<Q)o(c^.). 

Bat'tle, «. qjs, csyauo. b.-array 
Q_isnolfo. b.-axe curacy, b. cry <sq_jo 
cg\£\. b.-ground, b.-field csojd^ 
ao, ajscrriajo. drawn b. ©roao-j&fti 

qjo S3co;<a)gj0«jro>a_is. pitched b. fira 
€rrns{j@JUo. to give b. <Sa_iofooraog)<D3 
<ft. to join b. njscscag}^. v. i. a# 

feUo Qjiiig^, a_jS6^QJsaj; OJ0al<9Sc9>. 

-ment, n. s^osaran^. 

Bau'ble, Baw'ble, n-ajlejeoflgjocBra 
(SrojerDsmo; 2. (rncruofacroocorno. 

Bawl, v-i' (SY^aj 6)<o»o§c9s<S), crflai 

Qjl^l(93<9). V. t. QlOSi&S) oJOifl). 72. CrD 
GJQjlgfl, <ST9)aJ , 6>5>QJrOo. 

Bay, n. @.C>0(95)Sr3b, ^5<95)Sf3?); 2.6>_al 

Qag^crD^fab; 3. (pi.) ejonoaoaj; '4. mo 
93k<&; 5. .aTlo. a. KftDroorabcrTloiggg. b. 
Salt <ffcse4a_j\ to keep at b. <o>§an» 

(rT)«^«9). to stand at b. oG)fofic0a<a>. 

V. £. <9»f0d9a<9>; 2. Q^)roTlc9s2)0O0<SQ(9j; 3. 

(up, back) s><9>§} orDQCs®ai. 

Bay'on-et, w. srtnoasnsoafai) ajaroo. 

Ba-zaar', ft. csrassao^l, '6OJS30<b'. 
Be, V. i. ir. (am, is, was, been) Q^enso 

<9j, @af)<98e9»; 2. (ST^)<9), (S^COfifDld^ai; 3. 

g)Kfi<980>; 4. Acf)<ssa)* what is that 

to you ? fflYafoDcnD nfle-iDd^ o^cto) <sqj 

emo? I have been to Europe sraonb 

aflaioajran<9s) ©ajocofi cuarflrDl^arro. b. 

it SO Q®cn0S)QJ&2<Q), QQ<m)(5)&5)5i§. 

if it b. SO rm©saalsxY)c2;os)6rn9arif3b. 
to b. from d1«8al«Acrflcn? ajnfl<fl>. I am 
from Palghat 6T3>onb a_joejas>o§ a)0 
romo<acrra. to letb. af)§ca>, 6>fo>osoro0 
rtflaadfc. -ing, n. cro^-io, <sroar$1fa>_io; 
oolej; eflcunb, eHojorflaj; (o_)06rrfl. 

absolute b.g aurooa-jraoja^. ration- 
al b.g croesryiaiD. irrational b.g <sra 

Beach (bech), n. cS>S£ioo, cro^etofl 
(Do. v. t. &i(b&5) <3)ea>OQ,a>. 

Bea'-eon (be'kn), n. rt^lascfl; 2. csro 
aJ<d>S<9scf); 3. elajfr^oSo; 4. 6)a_io 


Bead (bed), w. 06rrf), «9)^jc9sfoi, roieo 

cQftio. to be at one's b.s, to bid 

b.S, to tell b.S e8a_f)d3a<9). 2. ggggfl, 
®ojoa; 3. csitnoasTl^nbo ^osrrTlaaool. 

to draw a b. <8sol«cinD<9aa>. -le, n. 

©(^o^orant). b.-roll o_j§1<^. 

Bea'gle, n. ooocao^cnocan; 2. aoQ, 

Beak, W. 6>a>0c3B , .ojCng , @STTUJo; 2. 

(gen. -ed (bekt), a. a^oaagg.. 

Beam, n. fmslzroo; 2. @&joo; 3.a»a_j 

eTlS>nbo £BYQ<Q)GJo; 4. @ejO(OTD)6ng . 5 # «) 
CqI; 6. q^(95)0«?j1); 7. O-iSgJ' (W.)' t 8. <SST2> 

<26saof^> (agr.); 9. 2)od>S)&>ocnj (z.). v. t. 
(forth) (o-^ooalcaa^. -y, a. alcnocm; qj 

Bean, n. q-jcq-'o (5.); 2.&$cm(b.)', 
3. qraflfD (6.); 4 « QJDacurt) (6.); 5. ono 
^raem (i.); 6. qjoc)o (5.). 

Bear (bar), n. &a>£)(z.). brown 
b. a_i<Trn<fl5>fD^l. polar b. 6)cu@&— . 
great b. croad,c&nd&cx>. lesser b. &&*<> 

Bear, v-t. ir. (bore, borne, born) 

.ajl2(9a<3>, o^)§fOra) S)(9)06ng(SaJDd9j; 2. (g)§l 
^tSsioe^— ; 3. (an!£) (ftiPn^A; 4. a 




snsoai; 5.COfD)<9®cft>; 6. ®a$aOoeoQj)<99<a>; 

7. croarn<aa<^>; 8.ajacfl<S9<3>; 9. croodaftf) 
a_»o<0>; lo.cruosocaismo oos(^t9); ll.mra 

(SID o6)<9iO@®<Q); 12. 6)aAO&(20Q ) <3) ; 13. g> 

the tablet b.s this inscription oj 

£J<9>30(sl> §DO oQtyam QGng . |;0 b. 

down <sflvp0«^<9j. to b. a hand cro 
aoocoDcagca. to b. in mind ao^^ai 

<993>, tO b. Off (BTDSd9gc0); (a_pa_f)<S3<9i. 

to b. out &og_pjy ojo<95. to b. up 
one's self QajaseoQ^. b. company 

C2DfDlcQ5«9>; 2. &)<$a2iC(d£Clj\<a2<Q>- 3. 
6)a_10Q,<aac&> ; 4. (upon) S)6T9>flE651§c&>; 5. 

oQj^tQi; 6. (on) GrDo6Tucru51<©30j; 7. 
oroofOizocQnrDlcQgtai; 8. orflgya,. to b. 

back aJlorcfiaflo^a. to b. upon <^o) 

6)ajces<Q). to b. up to (BtQ^am 6)_ai 
9$&>. to b. with £)£o&)<9si<a>. -a-ble> 

a, QJocT)<9j)a5T3)c95), croaoorflcojaocaj. -er> 

72. -aj0S Q^)§c99aT)Qjat), <B(a_)rol06T2]JQJOaD 

<9>nb; a-jggp^onb, 06»mjgj !n oronb, cmejcij 

cfi&lo; SicQjOSr^ajaSODCLiOb, Si^d^QJC/acBnOrt) 
(lb. -ingj 72. OOSfDTOo; ttUaOlatora); CTOo 
6QJCTU)o; OTOOfDo; (a^CTOCUo, a£ifiJ<0>OQJo; 

cradlfoTi. to bring one to his 
enj^ATiajdlg-pcsg^. to lose one's 

(gal^i so_joa>. to take ca>oicoTDT) 
Qnbo crcnTlfan 0or)aYnejo<9gc&>. 

Beard (berd), n. (G)0S\, i^loa, /ljctti; 

2. Q>Q&s> (£.}; 3. 6)(9j0c95). U. £. (nog) aj) 
sl(fli8<a>; 2. «no^l 6)a_)0fDn<Sg<ft ; 3. 12,611 

Beast (best), n. oocgyjafl; 2. g 

C/3o; 3. Eaqg); 4. g GO (o_j.q ecu nb. -li- 
ness, w. gcocrojeoojo; <sg Mfw, (gr^eo 

croroijo. -ly, best'i-al, a. gco(o_jocQjo 


Beat, w. (Bras), roigj , cg§ , 6)<a>o§ . 

b. of drum ^$3035^ (Z.). 2. enslgj , 

apaca;grqrD6rr>o; 3. -ajocDarosEajoroo; 4. 

o-jranajocoTi 6)^igjom axioejo; 5. 
raflai'nb. v . t. ir. (beat, beat'en) <bto 

^lc99(S>, (o_J nOrolc99c9j ; 2. Orf)fi9fif)<9stf>; 

3. <950S 6)ra)gT)cS53d3i ; 4. ((ftsol) <gro5)ej<99 
<o>; 5. (arasl^ a_iroagg}c9>; 6. cro6r2Urtf)<0a 
<&>; 7. <s«iiog_[lc9s<Q>; 8. <fl5Qj)c^a5; 9. 
(out) -aifoDcflaiS); 10. faiejra^gjai, {acuBoj) 

c99<Si. tO b. dOWn fW0 ^ 2) «9>? Q-Tloa 

a3<a>. to b. into a-JOerarg) ojOffra^ 
aciQg^&jocSsd*. to b. oflf 0sns\aag. 

<3>. tO b. OUt (BTQ^l^ O_jr0(BEj)(&>. 

to b. Out of aTi§KS®<9>. to b. 
the hoof <&>orakr>sco;ocar) <2a_j0c9>. to 

b. time «»og.o a_T)sl<B5i<a>. v. i. «g§l 

6)<&i06 r elrol«Ss<a); 2. 01^1^— ; 3. rtJ)Sc9>, 
(BTD6>ajc&3<a>; 4. jJ6T2UGnc95(&); 5. a^a^O 
6)g_j§Oj)«fl8<9>. tO b. abOUt (oTifDOya). 

to b. about the bush cua^o-joA. 
to b. up and down (hunt) (gras^o 

^o ©<B60!3o^o ao§<0). -er, n. (srasHas 
cmcuab; aos ©OT^lascmcLinb. -ing, 

Be-a-tif'i^, =€al, a, m§)cr>c&&a>o 

(SY2)C£2;; 2. CJOC^jO— . =«a'ti6n, «. 0QDO 
(SOC^jo. =i-fy, W- ^. O_Jf0 0000030 00^<S). 

-i-tude, n. orfl^eoc^o, oroj^loo/— ; o_i 
(^^(Q^oroocorarziriQej cuon,QJoao (i5Z.) 
(Math. v. 3— 12). 

Beau (bo), n. ojOoeaj3joaD; 2. (OT^Iqj 

^(a-pejojob. b. ideal o_ifQlci^^/soco1. 
b. monde <s0o^ajleLjocrocS5)o<t>. beau'te- 

OUS(bu'ti-us), -ti-fu], a. Socol^^ ; <S0o 
sl— , 0<sooooora0oca>. -ti-fy, v. t. eoc/H 

QJfD3(^<0); 2. (SK)&J»)fDl<99(Q>. V.?. SoCol 
0^6^(^(99^. -ty, W. OTOlf <9) , ^i05)o; 

BeaVer (be-), n. g>(v$cm<b> orflAmoeoTl 
(z.) ; 2. orf]<bmoc2n <8rt>o0<8roT3)orah; 3. 6S0S 
qDcjoo S)(WOg_p; 4. (^6urodaft\. 

Be-Calm' (-kam'), ^.^. (yaoaO)faio)gj 

^a^a, (ya0no_pt93<s>. to be b.ed &>o 

o6)g£VG)(G) ao§o orDoTDiScLjoa (naut.). 

Be-eause' (-kazO, co??,/. fsro^^ao 

ens , (Sirgjajcaofal); 2. <Sj0fo6rr)o, qqq®S)<&)0 
6)6ngcmd<ti>. b. of oolalforajo. 




Beek, n. 6>6)c9>crooE5sra>. beek,be€k'- 

0H, V.t. <SfQ)OLD.o <9iOS<3>, 055^00^1 qD 

Be-eome' (-kum'), v. t. ir. (=«ame', 

to b. of (3i@<3flpca3a», =€Om'ing, a. 
<sc»:>Wj0oa». =ing-ly, atf. «caocoj0Day). 

= mg-neSS, 72. fi«3jifl<TOjO. 

Bed, 72. (dTlScQs), oacgj; 2. (BQjgf); 3. 
raiSo; 4. (Qanrab; 5. rattS^; 6. (BT5§1; 7. qj 
fif). <sOsqig<e>; 2. ajr^l^odlcQs^; 
3. <snsg_jont> <S)<fto§<Sa^; 4. ^soocal cr>§ 
<a>; 5. cmraalg^. v . i. <a£)s<92<B>- t 2. 

ajr^i^orf)dBa<8). to be brought to 
b. (o-)Grv>aJ)<aa<a>. to make a b. aDs 
aaanrtfldssa*. take to b. d)cmnd>) 
aTlsceaai. to go Out of b. «fl»af)5>snj©o 

$&&. son of the second b. ro 
sn^oo (sojaWtoej 0<9>a6. -cham'ber, 
-room, w. &o«9ao. b. clothes, bedd'- 
ing antflaj. b. curtain s>a>o@0o. 
b.-fellow ^s)s ^ossgcTDOLjnb. b.-pan 
aTis«9» s ai§l. b.-ridden <flflsa-flejoay. 
b.-stead <9>§irafc. b.-swerver c^s) 


Be-daub', u. /. «^og<fl>. 

Be-deck', v. t. !Broaj9fcrtf)<Q8<a>, ma 

Be-dew' (-du'), p.f. 06rot^o_ig2j<9>, 
ms) an c9a<9s. 

Be-dim', u.£. 063Bl<&8<a>; 2. gDrts§o 

Bed'lam, tz. (goooioaoaj; 2. ©00005. 

Bee (-be), ?z. <SroxTn).£}, (sraafl -(2.). 

-hive, 72. Sfoion'l^^s . b.-sting ei© 

6ml. b.-swarm aaya-iocuafl. 

Been, p.p. o/*Be. 

Beef, 72. cuc/^, aos'; 2. ^rjflcsno^n, 

<sodd2jooox)o. b.-eater Qaigjnb. b.- 
tea 2cQoaoocrc<9s)^ioc2;o. b.-witted 


Beer, 72- i 6oDc^\ Q&cufocroo. b. 

hOUSe, 72. c^Qjraoxig.flsnas. 

Beetle, 72. crfl&jcTOojl; 2. ojen£ 

(z.); 3. s)jii@a (2.). black b. oj 

^ (Z.). b. brow attsflau^anocfl. b. 

head 5)Q_io|mnb. v.t. ig§ls>&)06n^sn 
Be-fair, v. t. ir. (=feir, =fall'en) 
Be-fit', u. 2*. o-iOQ«9). see Fit. 

Be-f60l', P.J. fO0OOaCB; 0(98(9), <2«J)3g_fl 

Be-fore', prep. qaiftaA, ^cojooid9>; 

2. cgs>cru; 3. (0)c95)Qjarno; 4. (gGonDss^ ; 
5. <9)oc)o; 6. (9>:s56^9), avaTflcjoloaTtafc. 
arf. (gaxfld); 2. (^auo^g ; 3. Q_j6re u - 
4. Qjs>fo. b. one's face igaj'ara GomasD. 

-hand, ad. jgenj^g). 

Be-foul', p.f. fBToycQs) <er3)(9a(&>, aefl 

OHo — ; 2. <0)§65j3~)3g_jO<0>. 

Be-friend' (-("rend'), v. t. 00fOi<9iO6YrTl 
<9a<a>, Gor^aOo socijl(9sa>; 2. (srgjerolaoai; 

3. croaoocon<9a<0i; 4. (sroas<3jaf)<aa<3). 

Beg*, u./. (Bra3a_idafif)<aa<s>, §Droas<Q>. 

to b. (one) for a fool aeosflaacnan 

Qjljiioan^ (Sq_jo<9>. y. |« ^Idafiasvoisng 
«^« to b. to oraodOjoeo <Sasoa)&a&>. 

to b. the question cuoaqga a>oio 

(Q^0O6rn0o<95ng_jo<9>. -ging, ?2. caiojii 
000. to go a (er^s^a «flTl§os).cn 
<2Q_io<a>. -gar, 72. elcetfiaaao'Dttb, ^ro 
g-jogH; ooroe8 s i«9j>3rt>nb. religious b.r 
<£)<£>£§. -garli-ness, 72. eotflejo; @oro 

gjraraooo. -gar-ly, <2. 0QOoeari3oooca, 
orD^ofD0ocQ). -gar-y, tz. ^fQgj. 

Be-get', v.t. ir. (=got, =got'ten) 

63CTflg_p«8aa); 2. g.g.aiD<&9<9>, -ter, 72. 

83no«s>nb, o-TI^oqj , (sro_ainb. 

Be-gin', u. i ir. (=gan', =gun') <si® 

rooslcaatSj, gD^oTlaa^ ajos)g_|§a3. t;. ^. 
@>S6st§<&. -ner, n. ajfaTlcsycunb. -ning, 
n. <st2)raogo, (srgjdl; (gT3)Qn<a)oro6rr)o; @ 
S<95)o; n_ifol(jc^)0o. 




Be-gird', v. t. ir. (-girt', =girt') 

<moroi^Q ) (a8d)5 ; 2. ^jOol^cQnS.S); 3. Qjg. 
c%(9». -le, v. t. (StQa>6(imosrr>o cofjf)(S«{a>. 
Be-gnaw' (-na/), y *£- <a>ofi8<9>, <a>ocTn 

Be-gone', zW. <so_io, sn-ioa^o. 
Be-grease', u. *. 6><e>o<f>£-p§<9». 

Be-grime', v. £• Groy^o^^. 
Be-grudge' (-gruj'), v. i. oraaryco; 

Be-gUlle'(gIl'),u.f. «<moeilaa<fl>; 2. 

<3CDfOo <Sa_J0d9S(9>. -meilt, ?2. QJ6t3iim. 

Be-half (-haf'), rc. aojaorao; 2. cro 

qoocq;o. in b. of this man ©oj^nbo 

^5rnrnrc>n(Tr)oc2;l6)(9 5 o<5 r >g\ on b. of this 
man ©auarn sajsngH. 

Be-have', v.t. cnsam^j 2 « (refl.) 
cns<9Qca>. u. i. QajasacQa*. =h&vi'6ur 
(-ha/yer), «. cns^y', oalojo; orflej. 

good b.r agyoa, oo^oosaj. bad b.r 
(gornsaj. security for good b.r ongy 
onsajlanr? ©300,0 (/.). to be upon 
or to be put upon one's good b.r 

Be-head', v. £. rtnaiQcusfidang.^. 
Be'he-moth, n. mg)6z<ifi)m fay. 

Be-hest', n. d&gjon, asc^&m. 

Be-hight' (-hit'), v.t. ir. (=hight, 
=hlght or =b often) 01003^^0 Q_a\ 

<g^; 2. cro0g_p<9s<a>; 3. Q_f)co)._^S)<3>o§ 
&%&>; 4. rtnog^ogjo soaf)<fl<8<0>; 5. orpfrg 
aJl<9s<&; 6. <3oj* CLi)&)<9%&>; 7. (5Tp> 

Be-hind', prep. *S\mj)<&, 0oajlrai>, 

<BTZ)£JOo; 2. QJipl(S)a2) (aTlSg^); 3.aioc)o 

(ajocggg). ad. aJlsnmoano, aj<ilc8c^D 

§ , O_rio3<Q)0§ ; 2. @crDc%'o; 3.(9^610©; 
4. <ZUdc&lo. be b. @.<3roOacDg_p<03^; 

b.-hand <a>so 6>o_j§, 6)6>oj<90ea;, (byo0o 


Be-hold, v.t. ir. (=held, =held) 

(Sonoma). 17. r. ^asnse^. fm^. @. 
<3>o. -er, n. c9>05YrD. -en, p. a. <a>s 
S)cri)§"lr6"lc93n'r>; 0003"! ggg . 

Be-hoof, n. (o_)®ca;oe3mo, cQsrno. 

-hOOVe, y.£. &iinfO)2l0a2nfOl(S9a5, <SQJ 
6nf)OJrtf)«fl>; 2. a_JOQ<9>. 

Be-la'bour, v. t. scuai 6)_aie^(a>, (a_j 

Be-lJiy 7 , v. t. 6)oj(98<9>, fBTDajSjof) 

Belch, 71. aGjarural), <2(0>§rrf). y.£. 
(S'OidBs^, raD<9)^<a); 2. a_JOr5TO)O<9a<0>. y. Z. 


Be-lea'guer (-le'ger), v. t. aiaagai, 

Be-lie', P.i, c^aQ^o^ernarn c9>06rrfl 
cQs<9j; 2. (sracro^o q_jo<&; 3. tftrog. a_i 

Be-lief, ft. Qjlc/a_iocroo; 2. af)c/a_io 
cro(o_)2i06mo. =lieve', V. t. & i. Qjloaj 

jiJ0folt9^c9i. to b. hi ... rob Qjluajcrdl 

<93(Q5; on gjra) 06) 6n->TD—. tO D. On (Q-^20 

smaccaTl croJl<Q)rolifl(8<a>. sliev'er, n. 
aDoajocrdl, (§d^3)a6. 

Bell, n. 06nrfi; 2. ^a^^. alarm 
b. (sroajc9>s06Yrfi<r>oao. b.-founder 

(^oaortT). bel'fry, n. 06rrn<scooa T jroo, 
— ^6n6. b.-man <^SQ3° ^lomcunb, 

b.-metal aos°. b.-pepper <&»a-jrab 
<ga^°, o-joafcl— . to ring the b. 
asrniigspai. to bear (away) the b. 
(gaB^icr5i^n9>. to bear the b. (sros^ 

croa>cno<su)(Q)(9Q<Q)» to lose the b. 

®(wooq,<soljO(S>. to shake the b.s afl 

6TT50 I^Sfl), 

Belle (bel), n. eooDcrf), oajlsrrf), 

cnflanaficrn, ovcBtfi. belles-lettres 

(bel-let'tr), w. (p/.) an«ooea3aTlSj. 

Bel'li-eose, =eous, a. ay^^croo 

&@g, <2ajort)o§aro_i£3;uo— , (OiGjocTldaaom. 




Bel-lig'er-ent, a. <^m)^ ag&uo 

6)jiig^Gm; 2. a#raucroo6)Q.i(TU)0oca>. 

Bel'ioW (-lo), 72. i^<930; 2. ©oal; 
3. CSraGJ_2j; 4. (oTlfOSo^lOcftlo; 5. (/?/.) a&J 

Belly, ?2. QJC2/0 , <ftd9fif), g.afDo; 2. 

o-iga. b.-ache OLicaioscuaan. b. 
bound 0aj5Tuau)i5@g. -ful, a. cuauo 
crfloca;. b.-god cyaD^og faoaob. b.- 

pinched aDcoaJga. b.-worm m.& 

Be-long', v*i. (to) a@a^od3> 5 cro_i 

(TOiaocoj gDrolaa^; 2. S-aiam — ; S.^JiTi 

(O)0OCQ; — ; 4. (SY3GU(Q5OO30OCai — ; 5. 6)a_i 

§*— . -ing, n. crojcora) ; 2. fBraa96Tuau)o. 

Be-16v'ed, a. ajoOTu&ijqea, (a-Tica>. 

71. (Q-flcojnb, (cylco;. 

Be-I6w' (-lo'), prep. <af)s)y>, caiosiiP. 
arf. (BYaslcaDd), to>os)y>; 2. (galcoTlai), §d 
QOtcral^; 3. o-jofoioaforcolfzA; 4. ^sfls^o 
SfoTlcszTlral) (/.); 5. co!o<2y>o§ . 

Belt, 72. (BTDf&dQa^, 00§6}<9S)§ , Q_l§, 
QJOO ; 2. eOJCUDCDo; 3. QJGJCU/o; 4. <Q>S 

qj1§ d9a (geog.); 5. 0osa^c^eaftaifla£Do. 

Be-moan' (-mon'), v. f. aflajoo-jltQa 
<9>, aj&Jaij^, igoa27)§<9), (a-jaioaJldBg^. 

Bench, 72. aJloo, 'cuoafo '; 2. onjocao 
crcnoo (/.); 3. nojoeo;ocLf)a_jcroe (/.). 

Bend, n. cua^, cuttf^. v.t. ir. 

(bent, bent) Qjs>a<s8<3>, dhs>ej<0s<s>; 

2. amg^g 6)cut9a(95; 3. <af)y>0qrj)<0\ to b. 

the brow -ajan(99<9), <s<a>oa_f)d99<9>. v.i. 
Qjaog^; 2. aa^oflgja^; 3. aiaifi§<9>, 

(ftnrncojcQ), QJ6rr)6ai§<9>; 4. jiiDQOja). Bent, 
n. Qjaoj'; cuocrcoo, crDc^; (^)OA). 

«. & p.p. cuaajga. b. on a^lrsT) 

Be-neath', pre/?, roios>ip, ,af]s)ip, <ma 

^lcoDral); 2. (BTDCJOZo, a_>OOOfl5TOKO? . arf. 

Ben-e-dic'tion, 77. (sr^oalo^DGo, ot» 

09(£/)aOo, (a_)CrooQo; 2. (Srgaa^QljOBajjii 

noo; 3. o_i§o; 4. (a_)(aT)c£Q. 

Ben'e-fice, 72. aojaiorao, cozao; 2. 

Q-igancyajCuraQj', a^sjoco— . =fac'- 
tion, ??. a' 1 -J<9»3rao, eomcoaao. =fa^'- 

tor, 72. ao-i^o^n. =fac'tress, n. co 

z£)c£q. =fici'al (-fish'al), a. (to) co6m 
<ftfD0oay, a^^^a a@a; oroo£iai0oc2;; 
mroci©@ejoQj<Q)Ooa(gga. =fit, ?2. a^-^a 

fOo; (ST^eoC&o, CQSTOo. V. t. QaA&Cb) 

a3<Q>; ^smos^jii^^, (o_)SC2;os3m0ocQnfbl 

be-nefi-cence, 72. coazual&jo. =nef'i- 
cent, a. aoeoogjo a@& 5 a-Ksraoo-jtSiorooal 

Be-nev'o-lence, 72. o_i<8rt>on_i<9>ofooa) 

&Jo, coza— , ^o_j, C£>6im<0>oocafii; 2. erg 
g)(0)o, ^ojaio^o. =lent, a. ro6TS3rr> 
a@a, sea;—, or)n0S)-aJ^om. 

Be-night' (-nit'), v. t. raocgflcaocari 

<Sa_J0<Q>. -ed, a. (BTacf)QngjO(BT3>. 

Be-nign' (-nm'), «. acaaga; 2. ao 

Go^jo—, nn^; 3. ejo^ioiro0oc3i). =nig'- 

nant, «. ^o-icpjga. =nig'ni-ty, 72. 

.Ben'i-son, n. <s^vi\<^ao. 
Be-numb' (-num'), v.t. nr^oelg-fl 

-ed-ness, 72. cr^osooo, fa>rD")8j . 

Ben-zd-in', Ben'ja-min, 72. ooo^o 
ernl (b.). 

Be-queath' (-queth'), v,t. zcoemos 
(g)1a>c2;od> 6^d9s0§a9d9>, 6sa^fOT3)or3l) — ; 2. 

CSTD QJ (9)003 00 Cofi— . =qUeSt, 72. 0fO6YT> 

a_i((gri<9)a2;oej@a aomo, —0^.10^. 

Be-reave' (-rev'), v.t. (of) ok>q_jqo 

fOnc9Q(Q>, ^^J0f010<99c9>. -Hient, 72. (873 
Q-JoOOfDo, (8_afdao, 0fD5rnQLDroaOo. 

Ber'lin, 72. cnoejascXi qjs^; 2. a_j£j 
ornoasiaTlejga ^aaria^o^f^). 




Ber'ry, n. si-aio^DcsT) (b.)\ 2. <&(*»; 

3. dEbOg-pcQaOS; 4. <%\ck §D6rn<b, — cg§; 5. 
^^jQ,<Q3fTn. in b. ©6mQg@. 

Berth, w. oo^rao @og colg^c™ <run 
aio; 2. <9)g_jGTl5)aj &@go; 3. <a>§ld>; 

4. @><sQjocno, (a-jajtnrafi. to give a 

Wide b. (sra&cm or-fig^a,. 

Ber'yl, n. aQcuay^o (min.). 

Be-seech', v.t. ir. (be-sought', 
be-sought, pr. sat) s)c956TC!iflca;ojifl<e3(S), 

Be-seem', v.£. seaocnjaoggflfla), a 
Be-set', v. £. *>. (=set', =set') <&?> 

af)c8®c9>, nrn®rooail(Ssca>, 6)6T3)(03c9<8ca>, 

-tillg, &. igQ,6)<9> a_lOQ,0m, OL_i(0flQJ0 

Be-side', =sldes', prep. a_iocfe_i 

(OToDfO?), <3T3flf)6)<d>; 2. aJOS)0, »ip1S)<3), 
@S05)iW, (a^Srni.^^ ; 3. §D{^DS)tO), (8TO<Q> 

6>ej. ad. (eragjo^tn, o^cno 0O(£5)0gj, (sra 

(@a#0gj, Q_Do-)cmc5ao. b. the purpose 

<BTO(a)gj<9>ocgjo; a>oe^(arana73<a><a>o(ara>. be 
b. one's Self raxSaboSo Qjls<2a_io<a>. 

Be-siege' (-sej'), v. t. oja<^a>, en) 

<sraouf)<93(0>. -ment, n. orflsroocoo. 

Be-smear' (-smeV), u.£. o^c^<a>, 

(SfO)<9a<0>; 2. <3.aAO ojlrosai, (sra^awocDsa). 
Be-smirch', v.t. <sTay><95)o<s8<9); 2. 

orDoo 06513)<9s<a>; 3. 0OCT)o 6)<ai§cS3(9). 

Be'som, ??. jo^a, 00^^. 

Be-SOt', U. £. GJciOoD Oj)^)gJ)c9s<9>, 
6^0CgOa_p(Q9<S), 6iaj(ai5l0a3lgJl<e3<Q). -ted, 

a. 0^=^, 0-an0oaD, anacauogfl:^. 

Be-spat'ter, v.t. -ajgTlftrtnQaJl.aadfc ; 
2. g<fi36rr>o a_ioc£$<fl>, (eraojajoao — . 

Be-speak', v. t. ir. (=spoke', =spo'- 

ken) 0-J05T3T^6)Qj(e9(d), jaiSO 6)<a)S(Q); 2. 

^onr)dlcorid99(9>, aicfifiaemo <&>os<0); 3. <3>o 
6rrD<ss<Q); 4. croocrooaDcQa^. 

Be-sprin'kle, u. t. oflanQa*; 2. «» 

an<Qa<03, <2(n_J3d9tsf)<Q3<35. 

Best, «. @.cora0o (ffr^co;, ajro0o — , 

<8(jC^)cego — , (BTOCOltfio— . ft. <S>s£loj@g. 

(Q). «<f. q^ooqjo mnmocaT), 0^1(203^1 

t3i • b. man -niesaoajf), SraioipnD. at b. 
^(©ooamocaioejo; q^soqIsxd ra^orn (81® 

caoejo. to get the b. of aQOTBtocn 

make the b. of g>@gi<m s^os^s &a_p 

<9> spicks cms srsrao a o 6)cuo(®§r\&s>oS)(U) go 

rtfld98«s>. to the b. of one's memory, 
information, or belief aoaaoBTlfob s>o_j 

<3§s<2ajTao&o, (BracflQjlrofc— , aTlco-iocro 
fsroDrai)— . you had b. go crfl <Sa_io<a> 
c2Jo<Q3crra ^(cra)0o. 

Best'i-al, ete. see under Beast. 
Be-Stir', V.t. <mcn<B%<a>; 2. &6TT>^ 

«>; 3. .a t jcid3fl <£hc^<9>. b. one's self 

Be-StOw', V.t. OOoSfDl^ QQJ<Q9(9), 

cro-i^o-n^ — ; 2. ©§— ; 3. orytafiDcSg 

(9); 4. @.o_l(SC2;0COn(fi9<9>, _af)eJOJ0(9ad3i; 
5. (on, upon) 6)a)0§a9<Q>, (OifD^; 6. ®QJ 
§0(0)^^ 5>(950§c93<9). -al, 71. OTO0g!j 

6rno; socno. -ment, n. aocoo, cro 


Be-strew' (-stru/), ,v. ^. ?V. 
(=strewed', =strewn') (n£\<92&>; 2. 

Be-strlde', v. t. ir. (=strode', 
=stridd'en) aqj^ 83^)«S8<9>, — of)^, 
<ei; 2. <9>s<es<0>. 

Bet, 72. aj(TO)C32;o, QJOHJ) . y. ^. iV. 

(bet, betted) cmin6><fr§<a>, — ®Qfl>, 

— 5^QJd9®(9), O_J6mC0;o OJOcfh. 

Be-take', v. t. ir. (=took', =ta'ken) 

o^)§<fla<95, ojlslaga); 2.o T joo2-j§cfh, <So_io 

<9). they betook themselves oraoj* 
. . . . crro ajos>g_j^. whither shall 

I b. me 6te>D0b aQQj)<2Sd5> <So_J0S<a)6n|? 





Bet'el, n. s>CLiori")ej (&.); 2 - aaj 

OOlaJS)(95)0^1. -nilt 5>QJOcf)aJSc9n, rt»0o 


Be-think', v. t. ir. (=thought', 

=thought', pr. that) aoqs) <2 an DcftBA, 
Be-tlde', V. t. & i. <s<r>rtf!§<3>, orcoe 

Be-time, ^times' (-timz'), ad. <a>&* 

cro0C2;o; 2. <scnros)fOTzn; 3. cQfiaerno. 
Be-t6'ken, v.t. crgjoi)^)<a2A; 2. rsra 

Be-trap', u. £. <a3§<flsnc95>a<9>, a>srrf) 

Be-tray', v. t. -oioTiajocan o^g-f 1 -^ 

OAo^tSaa), aoQ,— , Gioern)^ — ; 2, oTl 
aa_iocroQ^ioco)a30 Sijii^; 3. smoolczA csra 

5. cooa)<&>flf)-£i <SOT)0gjl(Qa<Qi; 6. crynTl 
0_jl(99tS). -er, n. aodls*<Q5)0§(Q8aT)CLiab. 
-al, -ment, n. Q-nuajocroa^io-o^o, ^ 

Be-troth', v.£. 6>a_jgrn <a>osrTaas, oTl 

ojoqdo crTic[gya2ne9s<fi). -al, -ment, n. 

Bet'ter, n. (of) (sr^aoeao, s^ceg^, 
escao; 2. (pZ.) eagjgojA, ^corajcuib, 
Qjefieo;Qj<k. a. CD6tr><2<2o\zv, rBracLfiau) 
mgj; 2. an<Soa£aS)g-j§; 3. (Srouil^o; 4. 
see^gg; 5. &oo. u. £. ^srno cuas 

crol!ii5lQ%5r>goca>, ®0n2(a-)or>_nas(a.. aef. 
cncmooari, <mtiu3)&>2)0<s>), ongjajsrno. for 
the b. ^srncoroTlcmocan^cQnosre , cosmO) 
cozvw. all the b. see under All. b. 

half (moo-ooocol, eo^j. to be b. off 

c^gssngo^. had b. (aTOtnosro cngjfo> . 

ten miles and b. oj^ooayn^canaj 

cifla>o. to think b. Of (one) cosmiaocQ; 
(Srosl^oay^s^ac^; to think D. of 

(an opinion, resolution etc.) anas"! 
(o_pcao 0ooq,(95. to get the b. of £3 

Be-tween', Be-twixt', prep, a 

6V3^j, cn^ojlrak, goscaTlraij; 2. (HraSnOjO 

on,o, (W22Tl(3b; 3. (fQ6nj&c)0(93o) (gjSl; 4. 

©«.-mo, oTDSfaioQ^nrD . b.n ourselves 

b.t and b.n rasn§o Qa>§ orfiaj. 

Bev'el, n. arirsaatSd^oerno; 2. .aJfifl 

o o 

cu , jiiooiio. a. Q-iaeraig); (Snoro s><9j§. 

Bev'er-age, n. cuonoo, ojocrficao. 

Bev'y, ft. ^§o; 2. ((T^lcro^aOo; 3. 

Be-waiF, v.t. & i. c£\£±ziS\<a%&>, 

Be-ware', v.t. & i, (of) o^aariaa 

Be-wil'der, v. t. qj<^1 s^ocflaaaj; 
2. (BroaujDangJlas^, @l ^eTl'Qa^. -ment, 
n. o_irzTl(gzo, aTlcaiao, (sroau^g-j . 

Be-witch', v.t. easn^ai^dh; 2. qj 

-ing, a. ajodl(0>fol<fli3aD; <S0OoDarflay 
eiocfl;. -ing-ly, ac?. ©aoQrflg-pdeiscoraanaj 
®rno, 0O2;<9s)— . -ment, w. 0ort>6irno, 

Be-yond', prep, ana^no, ^®auo§ ; 
2. ora^ffjai; 3. n_ifto, <0>^sroig); 4. o^l 
6^ra>, (eTDcu)ta>o. ad. rsrosJB , gs)ro. b. 

measure mo&cu)§£o<8(too&o. b. belief 

ojlf^jcrongjoab QjaDlcoJo<BTa>. b. dis- 
pute nnlc^oeo. b. recovery <§^o®^o, 

'5K)fa_)0ci_^o. gO b. -ni'Onag^. I was 

b. myself a3)5)aDraro>5)cm 0omo<Sn_iO32D. 
Bez'oar, n- (Scoosrao-oian, ^o)n_i(^ 
aaiaA, (8Y9)§na93^ u (c^.). 

Bi, pf. ©«s, «> (SrB ? e -ft- 
Bi-an'gu'lar, a. eJle^osm^ga. 
Bi'as, n. -aAo^g; 2.^nbaDan,Qj!Qfti 

jai«Tl(99a>; 2. a_itQfiao «&)0§<9j, (^nT)S^(o_)0 

Bib, n. QJoconcrfl^6Trn. v.t. ®o 
aaja>, <80o^<ai. -ber? w. <&^lcant). 




Bl'ble, w. SQJBajrr^^o, cro^j<SQjGo. 
bib'li-eal, a. (Sojeo^a^ajaooeajau^o 
oB». bib'li-cism, n. <8QLiacijnr$a>e*OT>o 
ono. bib'li-cist, n. sajaajar^a^o^"!. 

Bib'li-o, pf. ajn^a*, i£/)mr. -graph, 
-graph-er (-graf), n. (^03jO(^o((T^es5Yo>ab. 
=og-ra-phy (-fi), n. a^ar^ajaflajfooJ') 
Bj. -ma'ni-a, ft. ajar$a>auaajoaj(goao>\ 
-phil-ism, n. ajavja>(cy)«ifi. -phil-ist, 
n. ajn^<fli((ylcB;nf>. =op-6-list,-pole, n. 
Qja^AaD^can. -the'^a, -the'ke, w. 
ajn^«a>oaDej. -the-ea-ry, w. ajnr$a> 

Biek'er, u.£. a>ajacflaaa»; 2. &>$>& 

<9>; 3. ©&a>)6)a5)C«ni~)«naaa>. Tl. a>oi 
oarab, Qj<9s)06ri")o. -er, 11. aiejooaaoroob. 
-illg, ft. 6>_aiQ,a_js; <9>&juarak. 

Bi'cy-e-le, ft. e_f)_ai(g)o, ©rack, ©.as 
ckajroflro. -er, ft. g>asc)o croajortf)<9s>o 

cscfo. =cy€l-ing, n. &a»<8g.ogo. 
Bid, v.t. ir. (bade, bidden) aDai 

Q_loai; 2. a_)0<S>, S)a>0§aaa>; 3. (0_)CU51 

faueio<e9(S), 4. <9)g^l<9a<9); 5. aTlgnaaa*. 
n. csejejoiflgfl. to b. beads S3o_j0o&i 

63o_Tic93<0). b. defiance to vSi&mcso 
a>o^a>, — q_jo<S). b. fair 000(1^000^ 
<3OTioaroa>. -'der, ft. <3fijaio aflgflaa 
cmojcrb. -'ding", n. csrQ&m- o_jroan,o; 
afi&j ajocpjfst; aflej; (SaiaiajlgD. 

Bide, v. i. Qjcnflc8ec9»; 2.<a>o0axf)aa 
<Q). v. t. oooolaaaj; 2. aiocnrBflrolaaa}. 

Bl-en'ni-al, a. e-flojoioarafao; f&fing 
Q«&o^o arilg^an. 

Bier (ber), ft. ffi(a_)^06i2iJo. 

Bl-fa'ri-0US, a. racng crflroewoatf. 

Bif'er-OUS, a. sjajc^jroTran^ rosngcu 
§0 <©>o<g^ an. 

Bi-fur'-ea-ted, a. e-f)o306uc%@&. 

Big, a. cueflco;, qj&pQ-jojppg,, qlDo80 
QJ0OCQ;; 2. coeQgg, (a-jaroaflQjoooay; 
3. eayjogg; 4.g> ! aj(CToflral'— ; 5. coa^o — ; 

6. <2(C9.£q,o)— . to talk b. @.OS>aa o_l 

oa>; cuou"— . b. bellied ajauayga; 

coeo foDajsro®. -liess, ft. QJglQOj o^l 
g.o; 0ao<oi_io. 

Big'a-my, 72. eJlonojoooo, e_n«a»a 
(29tfj)_io; 2. aJlg(OTg)(-o^_io. =mist, w. f& 

Bight (bit), n. aiaoj , <£ai; 2. &cb 
iSrS'z* (geog.). 

Blg'ot, ft. 0fO>5)6)QLlrt>OCOl; 2, fSTOOOjO 

(^^ocaaflsfoocxfl. -ry, ft. 0;a)(goao>l, 
oro'aDeayajl; §Dca>fo0ra)aJ)SfoocjOo. 

Bl-lat'er-al, a. e_na_\ocfe-ugga, gara 

CLJcOfiao OOoSTLimJOl^l. 

Bile, ft. o-Tlasraraaoo (an.); 2. qcuq, 
gj , <sa>Da_io. bil'ioiis'(-yus), <2. a_flc5K»o 

&@a, ^absADajo— . b.s temperament 

a_f)(oro)CD6rno. -ness, n. — sraocoo (med.). 
Bilge, w. asg-jaTlsiribo (sra^lsocoo 
(naut.). b. water ca>20faToVorfl(b. 

BHin'gual (-gval), a. aJDeocaacnn 

Bi-lit'er-al, a. qawos^co^^.. 
Bilk, w. U jaitn1«9a<fl>, s^og^lasaj. 

Bill, 72. 6)c9>0c£)S)', ^5^°; 2. (OroroH 
QJOC)o; 3. e»(O3CL)<0iQJO()o; 4. (SK>?T\0<32jqQ 

roefl(/.); 5. fBracuofij (com.); 6. euro 
oujo; 7. a)6ma5)°jifl§ ; 8. arflcpj0a_i(2S)o 
(^.); 9.«s>6m«a» . b. of Costs saiosroTI 
jraDaia) 1 &6mi9a . b. of credit (Stdqjo 
ej; a)Se3o0jQ_>(©o(cor?2.). b. of divorce 
^(So-Jdaaiem^s (^.), s^oyHsiaio^aarob 

(A/.)» oojoayo— • b. of exchange 
$D<5n§\9>, ^o)(Q>0oooq-j^o. b. of fare 
ea&KjmajlQjfo— . b. of health «a>a_| 
^oobqs o-geajaooa^— . b. of lading 
^ifOcSg aicpjoolcsy rocyalfoD, c 6af)£j^V. b. 
of mortality acQem&nem&s) . b. of 

sale qj1^c»qj(@)o. b.-hook 5)<S)0§ 

cuoc)o, a)«jrzJTlQjoc>D, 6)ajS(e>(CTan. = let, n. 

_af)§ , aicTlaoooo; j3jg@n® <9s)0( ^; y * ^* 
o_ioc9sa), «no0o\ric9sa5. 




Billet-doUX (bil'la-du), n. rsraooroc 
c/Do_i(gj)o, (S(cy0S&jsjjcr)o. 

Billiards, n. <30oag_icTO)ogo. 

Bill'ion, n- (Fr. & Am.) (btd 
emo, 10,00,00,00,00 (Eng.), 0qocq_iSo 
100,00,00,00,00,00 (ar.). 

BiFlow, n. foTlrD, ^oTlraaoej, (sHaDou. 

Bl-ma'nous, a. gDra3s>sva><x$@a. 

Bill, 72. Q-J(Cra)0C2)o, S)aJ§c9io; 2. (STDO. 

Bi'nal, Bi'nar-y, a. ©«>§ (srgjay, 

<2630S--; 2. §Dr33<TO_li30QJ(g@g. 

Bind, v. t. ir. (bound, bound) s><q> 

£p<9>, 6nj(Tu51<9atf>; 2. arf)«Ji3)<S); 3. ajfif) 

C^<fli; 4. 6TU(TU)o ajaS(^<Qi; 5. jaOg_p<93<9i; 

6. <93a5T9f)s)d9asa3; 7. oo^sryarLuld^a),- 8. 
eruoO^iCTUDmoaadaj; 9. <@5f)s>ans<a>. to 
b. Over eaoj^o qjo6oi§cQ) (/.). to b. to 
cn\(®l<svo s>j£<ty£r,. to b. up ejcoD^ 
C8o_J0c9>. v. i. S>a>§0c9ac9>; 2. <9>rt)0<b 
6ijjj^<9>; 3. <9>§leo;oe2n rof)rtB<9>; 4, col 
crro$a_io<9>, i^saao o_irtf)a>; 5. 60j(ruTl 
«9a<Q). -er, n. 6)(Q>srmQjab; 6)<9i§, 
«o>cej. book-b.r ajnr$<sx> 6)c9>^<Tr>ojnb. 
-eYy, n. — 6)&<^cm aruoajo. -ing, a. 

Binn'a-sle, n. «s\OAGtoS>§^£\ (naut.). 
Bi-noe'u-lar, «. ^ra^snaga. n. 

Bi-og'ra-pher (-fer), n. sflauxirfl© 
rojiia>nb. =phy (-fi), 72. B3 J )o_i.nArtr)(g)o. 

Bi-ol'o-gy, ?2. efloj c^o(a^o. =gist, 
w. eflajoao(rr^©(sro)nb. 

Bip'ar-6us, a. ^D.a>§^croa?\<9^cm. 

Bip'ar-trte, «. ©as^cefiTic^ga. 

Bl-ped, n. eJlajo^, fa6n§ (Qjoejgjg. 
(a_)06rrfl. bi'pe-dal, a. e-flcuofDraoco;. 

Bird, n. aja^D, ajoojeaocoD (2:.). 
migratory b., b. of passage crosauoro 
godson. b.-eage ajdaafi^s . b.- 
-eall a-idafificro-irDo. b.'s-eye-view 

ac^cDo. b.-eyed cTy<sgp§c$ai3B@a. 

b.-lime, n. af)g.ocojoa, .nic95}o>Qj^.aTf)<b. 

b.-catcher aja&fiajteloaab. b.-pep- 

per sflra^ojosn^g.'^, <a>oao>orcfi— (6.). 

b.-mouth o_jror®o ojoraijcaj^ia. b.-nest 

ajdBftf)(c9SjS ; ajcSfif)S<9s>fij. 

Birth, n. earomo, eaoao; 2. g)g_jcaraf), 

@.K51§QJo; 3. 830<oT), OJoOao; 4. <QieJ<8(£/3) 
c£g<<3>; 5. (cy^tjn; 6. (a_)<TOOJo; 7. 630 
<0)o; 8. (ST^rooSo. after-b. 0Q, 00 

^ • high b. <sy§)i^Is3o^o. low b.<feaj 
acflancttjo. future b. 0^83020(7727/^.). 
repeated b. esoaooiarao {myth.), new 
b. ajoos^oomo, ajaos^oao^/.). b.- 
day eaonooslojcroo, 930200 dft&itgpo, oil 
oomodo. b.-place eaoasaoao, cruj 
rD0S3,o. b.-right eammoejga rsTaaj<&>o 
oao (/.). 

Biscuit (bis'kit), n. a_iejaoofOo, 
'6aTl<8cro ocoTJfi''. 


Bl-SeOt', W.^. fOSPSOCOn (^01(98(0), 

aj<fl*foT) S)jii(^. ='ti6n, n. o^&i&nak. 

Bish'op, ft. crcgod^jcQQinf) (Chr.), 
6)0(®on6, 6)0(g)os)ajoef)cOTa(S?/r.); 2.^ii 

Bis'muth, n. afS3cuc9><8ejoaoo(c/j.). 
Bl'son, w. «&o§l, 0aj<Sauo«jra , ^o^— 

Bit, 72. <9iSl, CTSOjcea , <S>cfi36mo; 2. (BTD 
g^o, o^rmoOBo*, 3. <95Slcuog.o; 4. (O>0rD ; 
5. ra^0S<9s)0f3l> 0lJ£j ; 6. jiDaJanconf^lcnj . 
b. stock enjaa. a b. srogjo. b. by 

b. <3i<20^ GiQOyft. 

Bitch, 72. 0-l§\ 5)a_i6T76oO0CQD (Z.); 

2. — .QiOjtQnnb, — S)^iioT)0C2n; 3. (^cnrafi^f). 
Bite, «. <9>^i; 2. (gonojocoD; 3. OBQ, 

(95) ; 4. a_n§(5TC»o; 5. .nJrnDcainb; 6. @.Q_iO 

cxdo. v-t. & i. ir. (bit, bitt'en) ^sH 

c98c9j, <B>0(&<Bi', 2. o^fifi^cQ), 6)a_JSgg<Qi, 
<80JSmS)g_|§KS®(9>; 3. (3fW0g-flas<9); 4. a^ 
6^ <Sa_JO(Si; 5. (§Dfo) Qjl^651§<9>. tO b. 

the dust or the ground q&gsa. 
to b. in ©oD^acuoA. to b. the 

thumb at oilcD^rolcea^, (Sojortflcrn qjI 




al<9sa>. to b. the tongue alengtsraTl 

r^lc99<9i. -er, n. <9>^lco)ab; .niroflca'ab. 
bl'ting, a. <B>6)cr>2)0<3J ; crf)a3C^§&. 

Bit'ter, a. oie><9>g_i@a., (af)ceo>o <s@ 

CO; ; 2. &{£>o— ; 3. c^aroon^gg.. to the 
b. end (o3)cra)o ccnejo <saj5ng<ari£j) sracu 
acorn ®(nra>oao. -ly, ad. 6)5)<9)(8^o6)S. 
-ness, n. 6)6)&>^ ; n_i(9>; crf)a3; 0aoo 

§8 6110. 

Bl-tu'men, ft. aagn^, <3>aaao. 

Biv'dU-a-e (biv'uk), n. foo((D)1<0>oaj 
6)asi3i 6)QjgTloaJoaca'o. 

Bl-week-ly, a. rasnio^QanoroleQsxsb 
croosajlsacrr). ??. eJlajoraa-itgfl^. 

Blab, n. oracDocuu^(a-)cr$oQjo; 2. 
(SToan®Qj<Q)OrooaroofOo. v.t. qj1®qj<0)01 
^os^ot Q_io<a; 2. Q^cmsrrTl — . 

Bla^k, n. AQo-fcrfloo, — .oAocbjo; 2. 

«9iQ,«3T3)QJCTb, <9>0(o_p; 3. <g> 033 0.1(0^0; 4. 
(pj.) Qjlejoaj— ; 5.(B>Og_j ajegH; 6. <0>O. 
b. and white <8roaJ6^§«Heflea>'a>DeQf), 

aQ$(saS\<&. the b. of the eye g^aiaO. 

a. <ftq>(5T3); 2. gofraeng; 3. £co;aa>foo (St® 
csy, (§8Dii(9srao— , (srgjaj^roo— , gc^afaiog 

00 ; 4. (^coflsro®, atc/^oyga. b. art 

0(gg)cuoao. b. bird rooescftooDd). b. 

and blue airacLioa^ad^ ^^^^^^ ? 
©ojo'oriro. b. board oQ^>(^ ajej 
<Q>. b. cattle oroCiaaajoaQga <9jOtd 
<&>oefl. b. Coat <9)Q,tBra «93g_joca<95ioronb, 
<S6njoco<9>ob. b. death aoooaortfl. b. 
draught (draft) aTlSfDjiisicn'Dcfiacoo. 

b. day (SYoc^salojoroo. b. flag 
^sg^ggnaortB^s 6><9>o^l; (^6iicro_iso 
clio. -'guard (-gard), n. sxromo^l, <e>ga 
nb. -'guard-ism, w. sauocesTlfolforaimo, <& 
@g.(OTB)nr)o. b.hole ^omoiQaoo. b. lead 
oQ^pG&gs&orab, '©cu^iflA'. b. letter 

(Bra^eaoco;. -'mail, n. si5)<0>(^eD. B. 
Monday (srocno^jOcajo ca»ipl6TOTs> <si2> 
e,alajcroo. b. mouthed jiflnrtao-jo 

c%an. b. sheep qD^^D, aso^oi. 
-'smith, n. ^^ogjnb, <0>(raajonb. 

-wood, n. cfrflflcijlsl (6.). u.£. <9iq 

O_pc95}<0i; 2. g^gjo QJfOl«®<D5; 3. <g)<S>S 

c9a<S). -en, u.£. <^Q»a = T (^(Ss^, s&ks 

S— ; anaQ-itoflfDrarisigLj^K^fQ). -ish, cl» 

Blad'der, 72. 6>o_io§), a<o>aH; 2. 

^cuoaala; 3. cunr^l (arc.); 4. 6>o_io 


Blade, n. aoaj, (oieng ; 2. ^asraTlcQ; 
aia?; 3. (msng ajasroD; 4. (STDocruoQejcfr 

Blain, n. sio-jocssa, afl«ss>o. 

Blame, n. (BToudlsdOfiaajo, odocrom; 

2. <SjOOo, (Sroa_l(o3COo. t>. £. (Sr0)<2d3£n 

o_n<aaa>, <ftooo q_jo«9). -'ful, a. <flioo 

«9if0o (ST®ca; (ergjtSceaicLjGca'ocOjO — ; 6)<o) 
oQ,^>6n| oJlslaanm. -less, a. (of) crTl 
(Sgo£3o (51(0)00;, orflfoajajoeio— . -leSS- 
ness, n. orflrDajroocu)(aiJo, crf)qg}a®» 

(oi_io. -wor'thy, =ma-ble, a. (sr^scofii 


Blanch, tfc t. <s>QjaQ_p<9a<a>; 2. <8<oio 
ejfolcQsca); 3. 65Og_j0l§<9>; 4. ci^^<s>; 5. 
oJVroflaf)o^2)ooo<98<35. v. i. 6)cua«^ 

Bland, «. 6>cro«o0j«»38@a, oaooooo 
(Sipjcaj, g§— ; 2. ^dafia-oicon^oasTa. = dish, 

='dish-ment, ». (gaip^n, ajoaono. 

-ness, n. ^arco0j(ai, 009010. 

Blank, n. eatflaj*; 2.©«p1oj' oroQajo; 
3. G6ruo(JU<Ste5iS ; 4. siaJo^onQan ; 5.o^) 
tpajian^ofOTD) (a)SaJo^ , ; 6. o^asraTtoej 
6a(/lojlso; 7. <&i6\. a. eiojga; 2. a 
iplajea; 3. o^^cm^n^ofDYZJ), etrflg aaj 
^» 4. 6acnoo s^ocmodSTZJ); 5. orTl^eJo (erg) 
cttj ; 6. (05^2)0—; 7. 0«cr»ajl<e>ofD0l&io«na; 
8. arTls^flajo (Bt^jcoj, (8W)«nD(^n^o— ; 9. 

crcocoaioajii. b. cartridge ocuQotwlro. 
b. wall ejofoen&jofflra ^j0ro . b. verse 

Blank'et, n. «9>oinan, Amlctuso, <o> 


auao. a wet b. oro^acwsjSoD^. 




Blare, v. t. i^tPcSaaj, scoosaalastf). 

Blas-pheme' (-fem r ), v.t. & i. wa 

QJgcQ36rr)o Q_JO(0), $DOL®A(Z>Cn)cQ 6)j*l(m. 

='phem-y (-fen/), n. 6)s>GQjgca36rr>o; 
orTlo3. =phe'm6us (-fe-), «.6)S)aojgc£Q 

Blast, n. cuaabooo , ^oof^rara) ; 2. <0» 

iPe^fCTa , OOOSo; 3. Ojlc&lQJOCXy; 4. g><sm 
cQno; 5. a_J006)a_ioslaaral>, in full |) > 
6nj^S30(^ra)C2;ocan. v. t. &6rr>(99<0); 2. 
aaoJl(6s<0), moa~)g_p<9s<9>; 3. cg^Pdaaajraiorsl) 
(g0lg_p(98(0); 4. OJOO 6)a_JO§l(99<0). 

Blaze, n. ^lojp, eajoaj; 2. ^qjcoTI 
«*; 3. &S&3J&KDO. y. t. e3_iaDas(9>; 
2. (o_)a>oo<f)(&B<3>; 3. (Soaoslaaa). to b. 
away ©aj^lfflcu.^ s)0)O5nglrtfl(98(0). v. t. 
rt> reran® 00 red s>(9>o(mz»scojoao 6>Qj(990), 

(S^oro!) 6)ji1(C5®<S); 2. S)(0)O§lgJO§0>, (o^ 
CroV3D0 0(99(0). 

Bla'zon (bla'zn), n. a_»robiJ; 2. a_j 
qqD ige; 3. ojeanqeoDsj; 4. aao^l, 
«a)oejoooejo; 5. (jycral&ifl. u.fc, qj 
gpp«fl8<9>, o-ifon^0oas^>; 2. araejsxo) 

(93 <0), 

Bleach (biech), y. t, 6>aigaJl«98<9>, 

6i QJ@£ C&O(99<0>, ofloo <Sq_JOc9Sc0>. 

Bleak (blek), a. oflocflgjoajra), s)qj 
&<aajg. (ST^ca;; 2. (c^nojo— ; 3. (siDiof) 

Blear (bier), y.£. 0S3erat> ojosf^©^; 

2. <S3f03Soc98d3>; 3. ^gro s><0)§ n (9s>g.(0). to 

b. the eye of Grwogjlas^. -ed, a. 

aJlaflnoslau®. b.-eyed (-Td) o_jo 

6ro®orob 0cr>^glejO(9)Ofnra). 

Bleat, v. i. (<sy§)S ) ^roay^, fgT3)S 
<2a_jos>ej — . n. <srg>§lctb (^ro^rcA. 

Bleed, y.i. If. (bled, bled) sjiioro 

fij&jlg-jlaa^; 2. — <3a_iO(0), — cuoas<^; 

3. 5)c0>oau S)Qj(93(9), (sragcoTl^a); 4. fsraa.j 
g<w.(a_)oaJlc9s<s>; 5. .aAoo &<0J, of] 

<b— ; 6. QJ6mo <0>a<3$<9>, — a_JOQ,(0>. tO 

make the heart b. ^rac)o (Sxoronajjo 

(0). _ 'ing, ?i. rafl9O>(£rp0QJo, — ailrsrajo. 

Blemish, n. aoou, <ftono; 2. ^a 

8*0; 3. g-^jO. V.t. CLf)(ifa}a_)0O<99(0), 

eocols)(a)§c9®<0); 2. (0)O^g_j§(^<0)j 3. 00 
an®(9$>s Qjrrac^(&). 

Blench, v. t. & J. o-jlabojosoQ.^, tQ 
o^(0»; 2. i^qjqjoso QL»a»«j®(S), Qjla<09<0>. 

Blend, v.t. ^gnaa&jrajba); 2. (gal 

3_p<99<0). V. i. <2_aJrO3<0), gDS<0)&jO8(0>. 

BleSS, y. £. Qjlc^QiJ0O<03(0); 2. QJfDo 
S)(0>O§<99(&>, t81@)o£]c£iel(98(0); 3. (cyoOc^l 

c990>; 4. rsraa3(£/)aD](98ai; 5. <rgraflc0s<9>, 

to b. from (0>o<99<0>, g>(aurtf)<9a<3>. to 
b. with oo^c^. to be b.-ed with 

(a_)Oa_n<98<0>. -ed, O. o_Jrtflu^(?LUo (STTOjCO;, 

qjojjo — , croj^ca'o— ; go(£jo&ga, rsrao© 

(J£>aDo — ; O^lSo (SY3)r2;, (STO)O">CT3(0)roo — \ SO 

c^oaBeojigia. the b.ed in heaven 

eocojrtnofl'ob o^foraDcsyoj^, igceoinaorb. not 

a b.ed man came aasaoa^yosrrn 
c^o. what b.d thing is this? a® 

S)cnj)o(Tno6Yrflzr> ? -ed-ness, n. eoc^ocu 

otud, croj^tQ.joajp. single aTl 
QjooOfaao'lrm'WJo. ~ing, ??. (srgjaalQ^o 

Go; fSroOS^oOo, QJrt)o; o^61QQJ0Qd^eJo; 


Bllght(blTt), w. £srnaao, jiioaH (i.); 
2. daaicffio; 3. eocoo, qjI^o. u. ^. &6rr> 
<09ai; 2. ooaalg_p<99<0), an^ej0o<S9«0>. 

Blind, n. (oDrDc^lej, ajDron^^errTl; 

2. ao; 3. g.o-ioca'o, cLuoeao; 4. ajraflro 
c9s)srns. a. (^o^coD^ofsra), rsraaui^c^ 
03 ; 2. (0)O6mocara), aj^foTlrD^angjOfnra*; 

3. 0O6tat5<0TlSc9som; 4. aricfiaa^ga; 5. 

fSToSSTOTS aTlSasnm; 6. 0OO^n]aJD(0)O«5ra); 

7. Qoejaaa^rooajra). b. man's buff 
(0)gmoS6)aiJSfara) U . b.-fold <9igTO i^sl 

s>(0M§c9>, — «a_ioa^(a>. b. worm <^f® 

S^g ;: J^cnJ , (^.). v. t. <0)assoc99(0); 2. 
06001(930); 3. (BTO(TU)0algJl«9S<9>; 4. 0Om 
6)OJ(990), QJ6T3in<99<9). -'ly, ad. <SOT)0 

c9S)0S)(^, <0)STO.ariZ0 r l5)(95>O5 r B ; QjlSCUaiO 

^^jos^ot, <srg)®ajo_aJ an— . -'neSS, n. &> 




l£T) a>06TOCCg; (StQ&mOCDo. b. by night 

fO0<9n lm <&)06rno< Sii 0Ofij<95>snb. Colour- 

b. QJgT^SiSQo (STDcflc&OQQ;. 

Blink, W. 3mD§o, gc^i; 2. SVO)g.c9s>o. 
V. 1. §D6>0c9a<3i; 2. <mOfo<9to$rto6)&>$6n£' 
<SOO0c9sa>; 3. efl<TrDc8a(^ca), e>&)<xy<Q). 

v. t. afi^a>a<fr, e>if)zy&. -'ard, ?2. 
jancnj<0>|rnn6; a\uf!roaocafii(g)o. -'er, n. 

^xDz0l(B5)|T^a6; <9jroTlfDQ^6)S a>6TDS; {pi.) 

Bliss, n. curs 0000030, ooHss^aygg ; 
2. orojc^lcaeowjo, c2<aocafisa_ieajl (£?/.). 

-'fill, «. CJOOOj0DCOj, Q_lfD<2(goCOj(3@g.. 

-'ful-ness, ft. ooHf^eoc^o. 

Blis'ter, n. ©cuoasTIa, <2a_ioa (aw.); 

2. Qa_IO@g(Bl). V. I. Sio_J0(9sgnc93<a), 

©ajo@g.asa5, S)a_J0@g.<3>. v. £. 6)o_jo0an 

c9a<o>. -y, a. 6)o_]0c9sr)gL 6)a_jon3f)a2/. 

Blithe, -ful, -some, a. orucgaroocfiso 
&§£, gLgjjocroo— , aflaoooeo— . -ness, 
n. isr^ooaao, g><202cmo, g)gjocroo. 

Bloat (blot), v.t. oDgLpasaj ; 2. ooHco 
gDa-Jl^a). fjfo'f. Qjl<93(Qj, Qjl^cQi. -ed, 
a. JiflaJTsflfoliQigOT), Qjl 60131 caDan <S3 OD • 
6) (U 06513^ Q@8. 

Blob, w. @@a°l) c^^; 2. aialg., 

<sojoa. -'ber-lip, », 0ajoV> ^jerg". 

Bloek, W. <3§o, q§°), fOlSlafDo; 2. 
a>a_p02jrt»c)o; 3. a>,£}ooc27), oolra; 4. 

aJSTTUo; 5. (WSOTODo. -head, U. 6)o_lO 

gob, (seocsnob. b.-house rws^roo s)a>o 
s^s^oasnco; <sa-.og. v.*. ( U p) (sras>s 
^a>aa>, QJiplqsas^. to b. out (©o_i 

COTOf)fiJDc03<^. -Sde, l>. £. QJaa2j<0); COfOiO 

tOCTo (^Sc9s<S); 72. onHsroocuo. -'ish, 

a. 0O96T2J(§x51c2;OQB;. 

Blond, Blonde, a. crftaic©*^ s>^j 

Blood, ft. ra<eo)o, Qjudco; 2. oruo6aj 
au>o; 3.Qjoaao, a3£Jo, ajfifloora); 4. croj 
eoCDo, (o-irf^rof); 5. «fl3ajo_io(a)<Q)o', 6. rooco 
<3ejcfl3o; 7. aflrooi), (SjaioftrnrenaQ-Jg&aj 
ab; 8. fafls)8_jof6l; 9. (ryo3fOoil^gl; 10. 
6)j3jarfl<b. half b. eteonoefo^jo; a>sns 

^ob^aocfe. full b., whole b. o^saoa 
rococo, ©ro^i ob arazaaanck. blue b. 
(o-jtojooaegnb; no^ saofoDgcoo. half 
b. crueril^ saotoTlgaJo. full b., warm 
b. c&dueaorangooo. in cold b. <a>g-f>=^ 
®§), f5ToCi<a,ajcojoa2n. in bad b. 6>oj§ 
oto@s_ s<d)OQj{BTBDrtA. warm b. <sa>oo_io. 

my b. was up o^onW <sa>oa_jo qjoto. 

V./. <8_oA0ra(3> §.<£>; 2. a_Drt>sa>; 3. (SjiiOfO 
OOasTlgJlcflQ^; 4. — roTla^pcS®^, 6UiJ3Sl 

a_pce®<0). hot b. ignfb(s<0)OQ_jo. clotted 
b. <8jiiDro<95)§, oolsnoo. b. circulation 

raa^otflaroraemo (arc.), b. Corpuscle 
o<so) ( 0)6TDo(aw.). b. Vessel oocojol, 

™5)co(an.). b. brother &saL_poamoj 

nb. b. guiltiness ooroao^fsaocsno. 

b- heat s-oioro^s . b. horse eaorofl 

cSsoDfD. b. hound ooocpjo§ onocoTl. b. 
money S)^ogj6)g_j§OLJ6iobo «oacfio<9noan 

^<a>0§c9t8OD ouerno; (BToOOj5)nbo ^loj 
OOc^fJJKDOd) (SH^OD a_j6TDo. b.~Shed 

<as(&0)Q6). b.-Shot <2-aJ0a> (0)OJ> 1 

» , , . faro) 

C32;, — #>ejsai3ncoj. b. relation rac&^j 

orooerunrun. flesh and b. aro_io3)®jiio 
fD; 0oa9cenaro_ieoajo. in b. a^cB^gg. 
to let b. rBTOgeoT)^, (S^iioro 5)<a50KS©<a). 

prince of the b. rooesajaoronb. prince, 
princess of the b. royal fa)auo<95> 
o0o<b, ^auoglao*. b.-sucker <btc>§ 

(2;,) 5 ^ejajo^^ab; (^.roob. b.-thirsty 
(£hroca> ©g@.; asaicLjo^aiarojiSDOjo— . 

-1-neSS, «. (Otfl^SV^jOfln^rjil,; (^0)^0). 

-'less, a. fo<dO)(Q_jarooao gogjoosro); 
eflojnb — ; roo&oiSi^orol^rd) — ; S)6)(X) 
gyo — , 6)S)jiif05f^o— . -y^ a. a><&<to2><3j 

0OC2;, <3jalOO)c95)eJg : J0_e_ ; (SjUOrDoilfOiSng^ 
fDo9O)O(§lc£tno9O»0OCaJ; (t>e&<D)o S)jiiDfDlcX2JOT); 

(^ rofO)02j@@_ ; a><Sooro0oc2;; (c^oo.o oil 

Sl^. b.y-flUX ®-alorDSg_J3<flo , QJ 

ca<b OLj^gj (me^.)- b.y-minded 

rooMfco ^iiioralcojojonb fO)0g-i2joa@a> (^5^> 
OD_ieoajo— . 

Bloom, Blos'som, n. r^, ojg^o; 

2. a^aarti; 3. Qcafoojrnjo; 4. Sc/aog; 5. 




Z6GB(th. V.i. 0^(93^3, a-j^\l(9i8<^; 2. 

^a^cyroo (o_)oa.D<9sai: 3. Sc/aoslaga). 
-'ing, a. a-Jg^paaam; Qj^cnfliSanT); 

0OO2;; fo<0tf»(a_)crooeo a@a; sxffioqjooej 
aaasrno— . 

Blot, n. <^o, <0)ej, «&g.33oo; 2. (oTlrts 
cara> , faDasasKnfsl); 31 <BT3a_i0oano, a»ooo; 

4. (93 0QJ . V. t. <0>OC2;o<93ca>; 2. ^OOOo 

qjos«s©(0); 3. (BTacua?]fnT^6)£j§(qg><3>; 4. 
(out) 0occy(a,a<9), cyfltflsH— ; 5. caaizlaa 

<9); 6. 0O(95j<0>; 7. 0cafl 62>g_Ja). -ting 

paper, w. ®c&£) a^jon a>saio^. 

Blotch (bloch), n. <a>o; 2. otoq_j^ 
raD; 3. 6>.nlO("r), (0»rt». 

Blow (bio), n. <8TZ>s1, s)qj§ , (Qirnra; 
2. (ST3)(g)0oj 3. (Srao_j<9)So, <ffT2)a_if5ra , en 
cQao; 4. S)c9)0§a&>ooo ; 5. jd/oosto) ; 6. efi 
§nrai)(£.); 7. o^g^o, aJg^T06tSii^o (&.). 
at a b. e>a» ano (bto^W ; assxr>. 
to come to b. <B»sn@§a>; ojssca^ 
a>. v.i. ir. (blew, blown) <fl>ooo° ao 

@<0>, — (BTOSlc0®<0), — Qjla^<0); 2. @.<Og)(0), 

(aTls^c&aa); 3. aioooa^g)^ co-ianlasa) ; 
4. a_joQ,(Q), <QTlg.Q,^; 5. qjciu a_io<9s, oil 
gyo— ; 6. 0^^^1(09(0). v. t. raf)eg}'TS)a>; 
2. (dbooo) (Bfra^ls^o^ldB®^. ; 3. C0-icrfl 
jyl(03<0); 4. (^05) .af)cB)a); 5. (up, down) 
6)QJSl QOJj^ 0-1000,0); 6. (o-^cnDdijao 
cfiS(0>; 7. @. r OftjDoLjo^_pcfl<8<0); 8. (&>6mosl 

Q_iO(fO)o @.OraD @.<5ngD(Q5ai; 9- Qj)glp<9®(0), 
COO^o <SOQjl(090); 10. (0n6>rt»a_pc080); 11. 

rfl§lejensD<e); 12. o^aD§<0). it blows 

<&>ooosld9®crro. -ing weather <^ooq,o 

(2(05o^.o. to b. great guns raTto @aDaa> 

tDaacaD (mo5)aj<fiQ<0). to b. hot and 

Cold G>aS\&5>(& (ffraeaT3"ls)nD0^o aaflaarab 
©raolsiOD^o o_jo0>. to b. out Qjo 

(V))6)<9n , §<9&<3). to b. over <0)ooo ro>a 

(03(0), O80l(fl®(B). b. Up JDO^^StP 

<0®0>; COC^J«5raorab O_f)(0a0); (0)fiJoOo JD5H30 
c&30); 6)O_1O§1<0<8(0), OQJSIqqj^ o_J0OoH 
(Q5)g.(9); @.Q6)(9n O30)O(6~)c0®(0). to b. 

UpOn (5T3OJQJ3Q0 o_JOCPj0); &OO 6)0)D§ 

cQ®^. to b. one's own trumpet 

(SY2) rata ^yaao arc 6).aig^0>. 

Bludge'on (bluj'un), n. cob, tfjQ, 

Blub'ber, n. QojoasDa, oflsgjoa; 
2. (0>se.iocn3#s>s 6)noa27lQjQj. 

Blue, a. oflajaocxy, orflaicrTlotgaa ; 
2. (feffgol^no (5T3)C2;; 3. <sto0octo)o— ; 4. ©to 
laTl^^jfa) a@a; 5. cuigjcoiraOq^gfi ([^* 
w. crflajcrfioo; 2. — .nioc&o; 3. <mg)0)O 
oao; 4. Q-DBj OOOQSj eggft, QJe)o ; 5. (pi.) 
(BTatP^rrflajsoaJo. u. £. crflejanlo0o<0s 
(O); 2. crflejo <g<0a0); 3. sgjoqOo o_j#> 
a_fl<98a>. -ish, a. orflfij-araDOiyepjga. 

dark b. ^fjDcrflaio <9>§— , <^,o0ao. 
light b. goaorflejo, going—, b.-black 

a. (a)Q,Sg_jos§(cra. b. bird roos30) 
cBTirab (^.). b. devils arioso, a 
6^n<tno. b. jack, b. stone g^no, 
g>roko . b. jacket (^a-jf^ o_jsco;oa^. 

b. light amaDaj. b. ribbon q-j 

oxno. b. ruin 0cioonooaao; 'eflab' 

q^od 0Qjo. b. stocking an$cftfl, 
ariejonoosj^@aQLicb. b. water «s> 
ro<9)06mofsra) (ftsd>. to look b. oTlcm 

true b. Ca'LDO(ciD0DC2;, U&QJ3. 

Bluff, n. a3rorc»S)an'3#@a «o>ra; 2. ra^ 

foTl, QJOlj'. rt. ajroOT) tgoJ^ga; 2. <Q) 

§<0Tg<95)o (Sirgjay; 3. ajortsca^o — , 6)0as 
(Snangjoajra); 4. ^^coaTi^ga, ©.nuAJo 
fDcy^laj0l^of5ra>. v. t. rtn gj'oflcLj 06roi3) eg 

Blun'der, W. 6)aj)00, fffrasnjtauo, a_fl 

y>, (ftOOJ . V. t. 6VW 000(08(0), (BY06OJ 

auo (a_)OjfOiraOc9e<0). v.i. sva>oo ^jjcq^; 

2. ©son®a_jO(0). to b. on otnool 

<202f3b 6xo)oo (o_)Q^OT3Tl(e3<0); cosroigeg 
(Oiog^fSToTld) Qjiicrn jaio§<0). -buSS, w. 

6aOSQJ0) (8(0)0(95) ; 6)a_105TOn6. b.-head 

S)o_io§nb, sso^jfib. 




Blunt, a. Q^c&n^ocaro); 2.0036104 
iulc^ocQ;; 3. (Z^joacaTlgjocora). v. t.Q-aR 

S)ch<=3<&%&', 2 « 0O90O<98(9>, <0>O_jy <9>2L3$ 
<9>. ~'ly, rtd. 6)0OS<9flO gDgjO^rO), (SY§).£ilO 

roo— . -'neSS, ?*. Q^dgQ^ocg; <8)@_aio 
n>o — ; 610401^000910. 

Blur, v. t. &&5QO& (SY2)c9<8<^, orogr^ 
c^ao — , ®a.»(b a_Tlfosc0>; 2. (ca>ano ) cuai 

_£}(3i> ajrO3O22)<0>, §DfO3§0(93c9>; 3. d&ej QJO» 
(^c0j, 0O(D(9SOQJ — . 72. 0ooT3rt&, <9>0; 

2. <9>6nbajaj -£}(*&, (§,Sfoi; 3. gd^o, ibtooj 

Blurt, v* t. (out) o_\osioTO)§<0), ao<s5)o 

6VO> (o^rr$0QJl(93c&> ; 2. (at) g) j^l(9>rtflc93(0i. 

Blush, 7?. cr)06mojira)oej@g. qgh-q^qj 

g_J , rooCO al OCPJ, ejS^oafl^OfOo; 2. ^JQJ 

gj , a5«sQjognad • a ^ b-j a ^ the fi rs ^ 

b. (ST0)9i6)fj5T3) <2mo§(OianoD . to put 
to the b. &JS& 3 n2_p(SQ<e>. v.i. ais^o 

Qjl<BiO(Dig5reo<&), eJS^I<ttQ(Q); 2. nj QJc8t8<&> ; 

3. (SoaoeldBQcft,. -ful, a. eJSfe g>@a, v* 
aa> — . -'ing, a. ^ajmrTloo— , (Saaoe— . 
-'less, a. &g.8_p£pOTZJ>, ano6rr>o6}<&>§. 

Blus'ter, 72. Qspd^o, <s^og° ; 2. <so^n 

cfl3o, SS^gJOS ; 3. CLOCKS, aiSOCsT), 
V. I. g.^)OO0OC2n <BiOOOS)<92&), <2(9i06)g.§ 

<ea < 9 J ; 2. Qj<ee)06Yrflc9sc95, ^«oo§fDra) qj 

Odb, QJODJ-. [cnj u (2 ;.). 

Boa (b.-constrictor), n. 5)<xjco)aii0 

Boar (bor), n, (m^errbajcrrfl, <9)03 — 

{z.). b.'s tusk <s^oo. -'ish, a. ajcrrfl 

Board (bord), n. o_ieja>; 2. <20oa; 
3. edafiaemo, g^eim ; 4. ooocpj(9>cro<S; 5. 


-O^fO) o_lSo, jxl@fOoCOg_JQJ<9i; 6. a_JaJ(9x9a 

saioa^ ; 7. (pi.) rooSdfcOfOoc/Do; 8. (bto 

as, aoroo; 9. cQjgjejga. b. and b. <sra 

§a3n»§csro> J . council b. 0(Q5lcroeo®cQ;3 

coo. b. of trade a^oajorcafi.aio.'Q^ 
croe. on b. a ship <a>{yef)rab. on b. 
a train raflajsnglcaTlrti. v. t. ;3: fl§ ( 9j, 

v. i. g>s™§ tmoacnfltfls.©), qjI^coD <9>yn<9a 
<&>. -'er, ??. @. sr© (0^00 crolaaomcy ab; <©> 
g-jafl^ ^caiQaDOjab. -'iiig,rc. «fi5g_jfoi<9> 
CPJOftjb; a_i9J<0)(DT3>§ , 0_£j ; Qj1§(oT\. -inff 
hOUSe S-alOOOajro, cLTl^'oricQ.-ioo. -ing 


Boast (bost), v.t.&i. (ST9)fO0(cyo8o 
cro 6)jxi^a>, Quau ajO(&, afl^jo— ; 2. (a_) 
oaoavDcascfls, jD£jaif|(9$c&>; 3. &6n§0(9>. 

to b. a name (So-jossr^o^. -'ful, a. 

(ST5)to0(a_)oaocroc%@g. 1 cusocaTia-JoayaT). 
-'ing^, n. fai^'oTl, ^o-joera^o. 

B5at(bot), n. <3(O)06rrfl, Qjggo, qj 

staD; 2. ©osT), &fTO, a)p_j(^. in the same 

b. @^orflejconftil). -'ing, w. ©'wosrnW 

§0. advice b. <sra6t3iif3i)<2ro>o6rnl. ferry 

b. <OiSQJ— . b. race S^06Trng_JCT0)ca'o. 

-swain (bo'sn), n. faxss^ajnb. 

Bob, n. 5)j*iGn£ , <26ra)ejo; 2. .a^sng 
eflra; 3. ja^fi^^o^joeaeforari; 4. 0§as»§l; 
5. (maicojo§o; 6. mcicSericoj igsl; 7. a_j^j 
aTi; 8. «r>§ ; 9. 6^«Q)0@gncuoc9« . v.t.& i. 

(SsejcSa^ ; 2. 0ls)d9®&>; 3. Qjetafls^^ 
<9S(9); 4. (95^1cPJ0c9i8<9); 5. cr)Qc9Sc9>. 
-'bin, W. OOgjl, rtT/OO (i^.). 

Bode, t;.^. & i* ignb<9)on<99(9j, —cry 

j3LT)g_p(98(9>', 2. Cft(9!<D0OC2nrjfl(9g(9>. n. 
e4ca&16mo, C^)(93CT)o; 2. gfOlCtb. 

Bod'ice, n. (^r^l(9>|.s)s• (eroocofOdOai, 

(STDoColdfo, (9)q_J0CQ;o. 

Bod'kin, n. noDfOoco/o; 2. (S-woeja^; 
3. oooscryaTl; 4. 6)(9>o6n§— , cgsV— . to 

sit b-, to ride b., to travel b. mo> 

60Blc9i8 (CraTl fol <93 <9) . 

Bod'y, n. oanflroo, saooo, Q0ca5 , ; 2. 
jDSrab; 3. fffislaroo; 4. <g6U,0occ; eotoo; 
5. oroocjoroo, Qjorr^QJo, orocora)' ; 6. 009 
c^ob, (ST2)c)o; 7. crooaaio, cTOigaoca;o; 
8. ^§o, cro6Baic2;o; 9. a-jaocaino, eojjo; 
10. o^ffmo, (BTOaOJ , Qjlcr^OfOo; 11. £>§!, 

oJlijo. any b. (ST^^fQaricjo, qj^jqj 
«so. every b. o^aj^ao, oajg^oojoso, 

©03fO0faaa3T3)ab. no b. iST3)Cra0l^. some 
b. (SY2)<3rt>o 6arc9Qja6. in a b. asxarao 




raarilja , armocaTl. lean b. sxaaflOTra) 
oaoflfOo. a busy-b. o-jfOcQjocgPSanjcaa 
<s>n6. b.-guard (sraaxxusn, s>2><g^o 

ajrab. b. louse 6>jijga(Sa_ja6. b. ser- 
vant enjomjasoranb. b. politic ciua, 
eocao; (o-jsaooj^o. t>.£. gs^ qqj&s 
<a>; 2. <2gn_i0o<fl5>c&>; 3. ^oc)o§(^i9). 
to b. forth (er^^faD croa3Dg_[lcQ8<3>. 
='i-ly, a. oafQ°lfo^gg., e3cu51<£>o ot^ch;, 
cgeoocroo6ajmDo— ; b.y fear sesoooo-j 

6QJl3C0>o. ac?. <2eaO3K3T0)0§ @^1, cuar^ta) 


Bog, w. -^i^aj crflejo, erf) roos>g_poo, 

Boggle, U. t. 0^)c99<9,, L/d3aT)(9<ac0>; 2. 
eocdls^socBTl 6)^^d9>; 3. CUD<fl« 0DQ,ai. 

Bogle, bo'gy, n. <3(a_)ra>o, §(g<a>o. 

Bo'gUS, a. <Q>§g., (alca^jC^ocQ;. 
Boil, n. <ftfD3, q_ito (med.). blind b. 

QJOglj . t?. £. ajy6Bg<3>; 2. o_j(tJig_pa8<S'; 
3. SajaflcBgta.; 4. ^o^sj; 5. aj^<as> o)qj 
<98<si. to b. down a>Q,as<3>. y.z. 

6og<s>; 3. — QjOQ,a>; 4. «<^)OCJUa_jraajoa 

mctft. to b. away ^a*^. to b. 
over a-ico)^ 0o1c^<Q). -'er, n. olsocu ; 

«9)S0oDo, aflscroo. -'ing, a. ojroxftscm. 
71. raD^y. • b.g point SKi-gao (ST^aT) 

caocgoQOD ^s°. b.g spring -aj,§o 
cu. to be at the b.g point aooo 
<8a>oo_iaocHn^ic9«a>. to keep the pot 

Bois'ter-ous, a. cjoocfg <3@a;2.«aeiD 
Coo <sigjca>, <a$a_f)(a)o — , ajtm^ 5)q_jo©jj§ot); 

3. «n<Q)fDO(b &@a, $g)<8» oDgfi— . -ly, ad. 

(Srgjgj Qjlgfls gnosis, (erD)<2oeiocaiScoKR3 
6)S, oroDaocroaocan. -ness, n. ao^o, 
Ssfrog. , <sa>oojo; aolajaTlgf), astasia* 

Bold, a. e>s)(jo^o g.@g, u^'aTI— ; 2. 
aflcgjo— , 5)030^0—; 3. (grocjol^fa^croo 
odo— , c/aafccoTlgpcBro); 4. a-j.-ariajgjaroTO); 
5. ^a-jorraflcrn^rm, airBra5)cn — , @(gg)oco 
0oce;. to make b. igtoDrtsaj, gscrflQ^a-. 

b. faced (srrasaao gDgjorora), fvaaaj— . -'ly, 
ac?. o>5)co<£|3v-ara)05)S, crfl^gaaoo. -'ness, 

77. Oolecao, 6)S)CJUQgJo, a_iroo;g)0o, (OJCCO 

B5le, 77. (O)Sl0O)o, <fl300l; 2. ©TOO; 
3. ajOO 0^, a^OoT); 4. 0O(f3). 

Bo'lis, «. 6>a>oggf)0 5 ln6 (as.). 
Bol'ster, 77. rtnfijcaism, @.q_jcjoocoo ; 

2. Si(0)(6]<Q). V.t. «J)065^(Q5; 2. (up) <0)3 

63i3lcrTl«^a). v.i. aorTl^ aTlsaaai. 

Bolt, 77. (STOOU , C/afDo, <SYO(rrUo; 2. 

goslcnrof), (alomfalQ-nsrrxb; 3. QjaTlco; 
a_n(iDcao6rrD,-' 4. @.§ccu , aosoaurab; 5. 
aDajsoo ; 6. ajcW^errD; 7. fio§o; 
8. agTl^j ®o-JD<S)rei; 9. 6):a)OOfij4; 10. q 
no, (graaflgj. v.t. a<j)c^a>, (sra(nroo qTI 
§<Q», — (ffroca<65>; 2. afoidSQ'w^ro q_jo 
«S>; 3. Qjly?6sgc9); 4. <&)OSlg.<98<0>; 5. cU 
^<B>, (Q)!g>CQ~) ^§<a>; 6. 6D icnucDtaraufal)— ; 

7. 3-aiQ,<&), s>f^@a^. to b. to the bran 

cry<3jj|p0ocQn o_jfo1<8oaoaJla9a>. v. z". oro 

(CT^O ®a_10S)ej <Sa_JO^; 2. ^0^~1— ; 3. ©s 

a>, qj1^<0); 4. @ggn<j3a&0>, Qjiplajig 
06r^)_, _e r? ,^ # 0sngl d 3a£<^cTr> aj^oflfD; 

Bomb (bom), n. (gifano; 2. rofidaa'j 

(05), _alc9535n§, =bard', 77. jti<9s) <2(O)0&5) , _al 

gHg.prosn. v.t. Jii&s) 5>ojs) 5)Qj(0sja), 
s^ajsl^cu^ ajooci0), — nooalgjiasjifi)'. 

='bar-dier, 77. QJlogar)g_jsca;oa^. 
=bard'ment, 7?. aJlroabn^ajsl. 

Bom'bast, 77. a-jOT®), anmo; 2. 

S)(Q_^ , oruDe:^2. (era-aflauoiiicQjo. a. rsreen 
(otc0oc^, g)_ca,cmQ->e^g3. =tic, a. iroma 
Qj^jQ-ja.'qjsc^oco^gg.. -ry, 77. ora.^n 


Bon, a. nngj, gog^ga. b.-bon', 72. 

Bd-na jl'de, ad. a-iroacfljinaocan, cul 
oa_ioon:a^c^io, gfOTaaanaajocruaocan (/.). 

Bond, «. 6>a>§ , 6ruau)o; 2. <&>cao , 

.al60T3fij; 3. (pi.) 6DJCTU:(T)o; 4. <SO^oOo; 
5. 6aic@^fO); 6. ^SCUOSOCJOOfOo (/.); 7. 




eao^^gl§°, &.^^ {I.), a. <sto^)0cq;ooe;. 

^dage, Tl, rtnSQj', 6QJOU)nOo; (9>5o, (2,0; 

eocn^o. b.-man (sro^ia. b.-maid — (rr^l 

Bone, n. a®g£, (srocron), (^@a° (arc.); 
2. (£>/.) aiaBjoao; 3. Q^g^si^Q^s^o 

(QsTiCBl OTOiCJUCTOo; 4. o_J<0>S; 5. roTldloCO 

ejccniDH; 6. _ai§o. a b. of contention 

Qjoeajlcfiacao. a b. to pick <a>og^o, 

ojoao. to pick a b. with ^ajarf) 

<s>, 3@£>°— ; 2. q3)£j 6^aj(S3<a); 3. cug. 
0l§a>; 4. t&xfis^; 5. cuacLj <2<T)oa9<0>. 
bon'y, a. a®g£ £g£, 3Sfi — ; ajeflea; 

°G)£i — • [<20<2ejfjf). 

Bon'fire, n. cro<2oo)ocaa(Ty.a]<0>:;aTf), 
Bon'llOM-ie, -ho-mmie, n. argaal 

aio, oroejsmo. 

Bon'mot (bori'mo), n. crorocroojorf^o 
(rhet.); cnZ2>o, rocroo, (O)0oua, (Dc&'jc6s)ajo 


Bon'net, n. s>ra)cg_p, (rr^la>gs>s— . 
Bon'ny, a. £ocdlg>g&, Qcrofocracgjo— , 

Bo'miS, n. la^rnlaa&io ; 2. 0ocr>croo; 
3. ejoiso; 4. eaofr^l. 

Boo'by, n. s>Q_io§nfc>, i^oo&nb. 

Book,' n. 0^0^(0)0, ^QCQjQoJ 2. fO-al 

no, (n_)6ri:au>o; 3. <s>05nuo, q^mDo, q_j 

q!jo; 4.<fh6m(fto . in one's b.s <a>so>au 

§lf^l<63«ai; gD^mocanfo^cesta.. b. of b.S 

(SQjaci^nr^c&o. b.-binder aja^o &&> 

sjomajnt). b.-keeping <Q-6m5)c95)^\'0Ta . 

b.-keeper — ^oronb. b.-mark qjoc^cd 

caseaoao. b.-oath 3Qjaajrr^<Qjo ajlsl 
^ 6)ju^nm aru^jo (/.). b.-seller aj 
nr^^c^oo-jofQn. b.-stand, b.-stall 

— a_p^)c&, ojrr$<a>o aD/g^cm cruDejo. 
Without b. 0<T>^(3iarf)crn , »o02(a_j 
<©ioroo; (cyeiosmia^osiKn. to Speak by 
the b. ^^caocoTi o_»o<e>. v.£. ajnr$<&> 

roroTlrolj a(J)^g)<0>; 2. _aiO(BI3)<3); 3. crf\cm 

Boom, tt. a_i rtf)(an)) 00 Ob m<sng j 2. igtp 
<fl0o, 65^; 3. arieJ6)gJ0<fl5)o. v. t. 2ta 
c&>, <g«f(55r§<S); 2. faOfogolS^o^aj; 3. 

Boon, rc. (a_):<ott>m; 2. aocno, curoo; 
3. g>Q_i<fi>Droo. a. oogj; 2. ec&jaga, ao 
aocgjo— ; 3. arosaworaio— . 

Boor, n. ^cafl<flnofon6, oto — , a_jcfl 
gjlgjoforaajab; 2. agyoeaycflc&oasT&ajab. 
-'ish, a. ajfDlq^ofD0lgjOfDra, 0§ct5ra>rt>03 
ay, a_)§, (3T9^iiofQ0cflc2;o:ara). -'ish-neSS, 
7*. orgjsocrufmjo, g>a_i_aior5 l iC)larya>_]o. 

Boot, n. g>a-jc/a0cno; 2. arflajoro6mo 
ajrtsqsjomajnb; 3. crnlaxusl; 4. g.o_j 
<O)0CQo; 5. ajoefDdaai, ^.ajrolg-j . to b. 
go ^jQS, (byqcjoW). b.-tree rara-^aag. 
v. t. jDfoxaai, aioiSo ojosc^a); 2. QjiirtD 
g_p§ai. -'less, a. crDmaaacaioggcnaoea;, 


BOOth, W. Q_i(TO)rai), S)jiiOOQjrD, jj 

C1TO -- [mo. 

Boo'ty, n. (Sjqj^, ffl^ogg, (btoojoT) 

Booze, w. <ft^l, aejcuoooo. v. i. 
ejaOrtf)aao<9). =er, ?2. 0aoo<fli^*)c2;n5. 

Bo'rax, n. ©ojoaorDo (cA.)« 

Bor'der (bar'der), n. QJd9n , iBYOf®; 
2. iBrartpasraf); 3. ibtoooo, (o_)D(TOjo. b.- 
land «>6 r s rao^b-sa^SiS fB7afo>,)<bcTUDaJo; 
2. «Dc95iancecica;o. y. /. (on, upon) 6)>0)3 

f8Taa»5iQj<flS(9>; 2. S)fo^o§ djOsdaa.©). -er, 
n- (o-^ocTOiQjocron, croa^aj— -. 

Bore, w. @a, ejo'Do; 2. <s<a>oasD 
qo6o cftyabaTlcT^oroo; 3. mz<o , (aTlaa 
t0i&^ (carp.); 4. a§g_j Qjn»aj®ar)Qjn6; 
5. QjnbsajeTlscQJooo. v. ^. @fD<6s!&5; 
2. <aO(9ancDTanrD(9sn<3>s<e8<©); 3. 0^^-j curaa 
(^©<s>, (eracroanjS)g_j§a5®<£b. v.i. @a^ 
«^eo(fla<Si; 2. ssDsmo <Qj«/l<fls<o>; 3. rg>a 
c^<a>, Q6TB(TS6aald95)Sceia<9). =rer, n. qdj 
00 (carp.); ^racu'^horonb. 

Born, /?. p. o/ Bear, wnrfl^; saon 

ooorab. b. again ojcos^o.'OimocQ;. b. 

days (ST3)c%(^oejo. 





Borne, /?. p. of Bear, cuaol^, 

Bor'neol, n. aj^asigljr&o (ch.). 

Bor'oUgh (bur'o), 72. 6>jilCiaj§6rr>o; 
2. ci_j§6rnajocn51cQ>c)o; 3. croi^eoca(fl«o«b. 

Bor'row (-ro), y. t. <o>so 6)<9>o@g<&>, 

(BrDoafl<0)Qlas<^; 3.eoauoansl<e8(Si; 4.<&) 
s^j. -er, n. <S)SoQjo6ogamufro, goroaj — . 

BOS'om, 72. 0CD6OT9) , 000)50; 2. £ 

0^0, gicfe^iaejo; 3. (srg><8g§:fl3o, (srgjeflo 
como; 4. g)doeccoo. a. 000 croo6ruoruD 
^5 2. @.oo, (jyo6m. y. £. aoortsra sxucQg 

<©>, 0OnmTlf3l) <&>f03g)c3>; 2. ©^)gL_p<93(0>. 

BOSS, 71. i^iP; 2. S)ajoCTO)o«)o; 3.83aio 
oao&o; 4. 'Giajn^p'. y. £. aao§ 6)cuas<s>, 
(BT3Jja9jarid9®<fl); 2. <S0rzri>cin.aiort>o 6).njga<a>. 

Bot'a-ny,7i. croo^oao^o. =tan'ie, 

-i-eal, a. ^5rnoL_ioocnDo6nj(TU)2)oca;, cruoo 
QjrooaO(TT$— . =nist, 72. — oao((T^S35ra>nb. 

Botch (boch), n. Qj)<fls>o, (Q_)srr>o; 
2. (8ToeoaTioajDCBn ^nrrn^psngjl^t&j^i 
6rr>o; 3. o_]§ou6irrn. y.£. o-JffD @. <sr ^3 

<Si, tf>fij— ; 2. (up) (QjS^oftQjaaa); 3. 

aj§o_j5rrD QjiI^; 4. (mrooS>(0>§<S8<0>. 

B5te, 72. (O_^0CfliC@r)taT3)o;2.(8Y3.JLJ<ft>3aao. 

Both, a. fosngo, gDrtsauso, rosngogo. 
0072^". (with, and) g>o-j-@o, 0D(@)2>£j-f- @o 

Both'er, n. aojeaD; 2. 6oj®x51cg§ , 

(STDcroaOjo. y.£. 6Voio(TO)ros>g_|§(gia)<0>, 

Bot'tle (bot'l), ?2. Ajyl, eaio^So; 2. 
^aJlcaDrsb S)a)0ggcm<xn ; 3. 00^0. feeding 
b. igajcfieg-p. b. Screw <oi)«>W cuafl. 

b. cork ^ricsja, (5tos3-j j . b.-green <&> 

rtflau.^i nriloo. b.-holder -aioOQOfafl. 
v.t. ajgJ;32Tlrzi ajcQiom 5>ajd&8<9>; 2. <btd 
s<osT) — . 

Bot'tom, 72. (STObH, J2JQJS , (BYOSlxiO 

rao, qcqs • 2. rt^o; 3. rargjcruaoo; 4. <era 
^lorflajo; 5. co)0tf>a>; 6. ^gjeflsxTbo (sro 
^1, <3)gujrab; 7. @.Q(fl«) ; 8. goortri). at 

b,, at the b. gggfl^; c^LDot^raTarirsb. 

to be at the b. of ®ao@ojoconfon 
<asA). to go to the b. q6BB)8£joa>. 

to touch b. (TflaiaD^cSj. y.£. (on, 
upon) crODOa_n<a8<0) ; 2. (Srasls)QJ<9s<3>; 
3. (BYDslcoTlfzil) oQ)<!%3><&>. y. i, (on, upon) 
g> o^ fTrfl^g^, <mas^cr\iAo<T>6^£prcfld9®<0>. 
-less, a. rarosl §Dgjotaro>, (srgjcooroo— ; 
(BYaoDocweoca;. [cfl,-<Bioo. 

Boud'oir' (bud'wor), 72. cro_i<a>og2j<3 
Bough (bow), n. 6>.3>^cni , , aaosLJ. 

Bought (bat), p. if. o/ Buy. 
Boul'der (boi'-),?2.o_ioo<s5>^J , ,ojnb— . 

Bounce, 72. -aJ0§o; 2. rt»3°, 6>QJ§ ; 
3. 6)a_i0§f3i>, igy><88o; 4. ra^ofl, QJOU , 
a_i = ej«&5>g.OJ . y. z. fO)§<3>, <3§<s>; 2. <&\ 
faT)<S8c9>; 3. ciflail , a_jo<Q). y. t. (^§1(93 
(9>; 2. 6ao^l^ <s>g.<9>, af)<95T)— ; 3. oa<d)0 

fDl<9sai. ='er, 72. ^JO^CmCLiab; 6)n_i05rD 

(OT3)slco;n6; (8Y§)(oi0(a_}fj8oarv)<es>o<'Dn6; qa> 

I. BOUnd, 72. (BTOOOO, (BTO aD<b; 2. jilD 

§o; 3. &««, arfi^raL to keep with- 
in b.S aWaocon, a^oac^occri, aD<saj<a) 

6)i)c9<8<0); 2. — a_)0<Si. y. 2. @@gT)®C2;o 
§(S>; 2. S)(0)(Tp<9sa>. b. UD in SaJalTlral 
CQ;o«STzn, ^s i®^ar>. a. (to, for) ®ej<9s> 
<So_iO(ftarr); =dar-y, n. <Biaas; (Bro^iTsraTl; 
jeraajcjon. -'less, «. onflacajno, (srooo 
qjcjoI srajco;, aHaaoajo— . - r lesS-neSS, 
72. ajlnr^flg^'w. 

ir. Bound, p.p. of Bind. 
Boun'ty, n. eau; afDeo^cfclajo; eo 
mo, CO02J. =te-ous, =ti-ful, a. co 
aaaalejo g.@&^ a^eogjo— . =ti-ful-ness, 
=te-0US-neSS, 72. eonoa^lejo, 5)cru'oe3 

Bou'quet (bu/ka), 72. a^(99ej, «ji1 
•SPg', a^ga^2)Sr®3rtf|; 2. QJi'Dlaao. 

Bourn, Bourne (bom), ?2. ®a)os ; 

2. (BrafgOTan; 3. ejoe©^* . rcuao. 

Bourse (bors), 72. Q-jsmte^^ajsronnD 




Bovine, a. a-jc^Qj££(crof)ral> 6)o_j§; 

2. <&>Dg.SKS;$CLJ06)&J £gg; 3. (SKX^UJOm 

oalaio— . 

Bow (bou), n. fW£ua3nnlc95)rai; 2. 

6m<95io, QJ6TT)<aS)o; 3. macn^OfDo; 4. .'BTO 

arrflcao (naut.)\ 5. (bo) ajHgj', jojocljo; 
6. (joadrooc/al (as.); 7. Q_j§ejaaooroo; 8. 
craiOxanca/o ; 9. 0SPoT)g]', (SiQjd&ooa— ; 
10. Qjlsrn— (mus m ). cross b. ^^i— . 
to draw a long b. &q.qjo-io<q>; qj 
a<oran— . b. leg &cu<as)0d&. b. legged 
^Qjainoajnb. b.-man aJi^jogn. b.-sprit 
(Bn6m)cQj6)<Bs>o<x>j (naitt .) . b.-string 6re>o 
srn . u. £. 6iao6m ^^asTtoaaoga^. v.t. 

(bou) QJg.&8<3>, (Qs5)eJd9(8<fl); 2. <fl3Crf!c9<8c&>; 
3. <S)Olf)§<0>, QJ6rr>651g<Qi; 4. (O>05£. <9>; 5. 

6rn60Bld95io^a). v. i. Qjaa#<a>; 2. (ftoifl 
§<a>; 3. Qjsrr>OT8a>. 

Bow'els, n. (pi.) <a?srat>; 2. fsranro 
eocoo; 3.<&>ra& ; 4. (fiiroaejloj'. 

Bower (bour), n. rsraerrTlc&rnskroo 

(72aw£.); 2. eJOioCQaOo, aJ^06mUQ-lo; 
3. <flaS Isrorgrifsb, 

B0Wl (bo!), n. 0rt>g_jCTO) ; 2. a_)oa)° 

<s>&1; 3. <S<S)0aj, oJIstnigtosYDo. v.£. a_j 
««^<&. f;, i, a_jg®asg<Qj; 2. &r03<5r>§ 

Bowl'der, see Boulder. 

BOX, n. 6ia_j§<Q5 ; 2. 6)a_jcf)arfloay; 
3. anos<S5oaoejccris>aj gofolajo- 4. a_)6m 
^ad^J 5. S)_oJc-Tlo2;QJ r )s u ; 6. dfcOQjrafcajra, 

— JilOg; 7. QjS^^g.Jgl; 8. 0131200000, 

SDano; 9. «n^j , <Qi(tm • 10. aroa qj<&> 

0k>o(6.). poor b. co02is)a_i§n. in a b. 
snjmDi^lrab. Christmas b. rafiasggcr) 
sooofanDQjaoooo. in the wrong b. 

crfifiJS)co>oonc2;. v.t. ^Q_j§1co5")an§ o^ 

slasdEh. to b. a tree 0^0 ^rarefi j^o 

6iO§c8Q<fi5. tO b. Off 6UsmjL)«3T9g.0C2n OJ 
<9icfts<&>. tO b. Up -alrt>(0n^6>QJ<99<9>; 

<&<3&5£)<3) aruaejfOTOiOd9i8<0>. -'er, n. 0rat> 

Boy,"w. (ST9>6ra&§l, 6) _aj q am ab, 6hjo 
ajab, 0a)ab; 2. 6ruoeijc8aDrt>nb, ajsrrPaao 
ronb; 3. (jo/.) ja.i63i3Ofari0o*. the old b. 

a-f)o&o_a) . yellow b.s o-J6imo. from 

a b. Q?0)(1&. -hOOd, U. 6)&>VQq 
(OO,6W0&)O. -'ish,^. 6TDC^(Q_)0C2/O@.§g, 

6njoojcro_j(soQjo— . -'ish-ness, n. ail 

Boycott, n. <mo&>oo\6)q_ an^, ^^1 

05300000 6>.aiogjo<ar)rtf)<fl<8a>. 

Brabble, ft. <was)o, oaego, a>ajc/arafc. 

Brace, ft. ^a^, rtnosoa ; 2. (^Qcfis) 
-olfOS ; 3. I^QcSsjo, @DQ,<Sno; 4. GTOoScpjO 

ea^jiTlQCDo, SjiigUaiffl ( | ); 5. @6m, 

(S830S°, C^ODo; 6. (p[.) .aJj2f3bajD<b. V.t. 

ra)06oaa>; 2. (gQ,(9i8<Q7, cfca*arnairtf)a9a>; 

3. tgQ<flni6)aB^<s». to b. one's self 

roiamoejooQjgmo jDOTroooDlaaai. -'ing, 
a. 6njai((ya0ocoj. -'let, n. QJ&, ai©> 

6Yr>0 - [(aw.). 

Bra^hi-um, n. G)S)<&astt l 6n Sij tg^ 

Bra-chyg'ra-phy (-kig-rafi), «. og 

cnDjsajsunooilej. [(rAf*.), 

Bra-chyl'o-gy, n. crco<QQpia^(Xiecno 

Bracket', n. rw^aLjsn, (noma o_jej<a>; 

2. (ST^QufCSYDjinnOOo ( ). 

Bra^k'ish, a. ^qjo»@s, &g_p<esnn. 

-ness, n. @aj(b^jQj, ggjraooo. 

Brag, n. (of) (a_)uaoaro, aflcnj', qj 
socaD. v.t. crcj(o_)OBooro 6)joi^<S), qj 
oqj o_io«a), GcuofD6rrn (BToslceaaj. -'gart, 
72. (ST^dna^foTlanororib, odo/^I. 

Braid, n. 0S^d), rflsgj', ^a^oergj 

2. OOOS, 6DJ(TU)o. V.t. 0^SQ^<Q), a_T!(TTO 
<9>; 2. (BYD^l(fle(9>, <feif <9a(£b ; 3. (0T§®c9£d 

Brain, w. fmajs^oo , 0s&, ^a; 2. 
0cr»^°, enjfiAD. to have on the b. 
oTinu) o^6r^i ro n<ss<&. to beat one's 

b.S (ST^fSejo^n^ ojaio%<©), jiflaafl 
£k— . b. fever tromfl (med.). b. 

pan <TJ>&J<8CQ>0S , 6)QJC70)fiJ, <S)O_l0&Jo. 




shallow b.ed ©rog-jsoji^eDoco.'. -'less, 

Brake, n. ajcm(&.); 2. <goo <e>"os° ; 
3. QS^^gJlsl; 4. 03Qj'<S3iP<9ia(Tr) 6>a^o§l; 
o.c9>s 1 610130 srr> ; 6. @. r D : ejQ_»aj<ai ) — 0foo 
(agr.)\ 7. cu§<9a, ajiplmaosoal. u. £. 

Bram'ble, rc. ^<)o3>ai^i (b.). 
Bran, «. r^adls , £0~); 2. ©is afl 

Branch, ??. s^ooil*, <a>ajroo; 2. qj 

<&3_1 , (HTo^f^o; 3. rtnoQjyT). root and 

b. cro^ejo, (ST^a^gjoQs. v.i. a^oou" 
qj1§<9^, -ans>cr>aQ(Q>; 2. eocoaocanrcfl 
<9s<s>. to b. off cooojaaocor) a_nralo^a) ; 
fccuA — to b. Out, croafla^ofoo cmo 
croo(£)<9%<Q). v. t. uaooj^aooon afi 

e0COl«98«); 2. (8T3oaa0DCQn (UdSidfcScDj. 

-less, a. s^ocnTlgprBTD); cntmo ter^ca/; 

Brand, ??. fof)S)<0sOgg"l; 2. CUOch; 3. 
-Q^S ; 4. QjIcCo, (U)R>o; 5. AOOl^e, <0>& 

8*0, $&<&; 6. ^s ^aj<es>nnD ©rzf)aij\ 
b.-new saicuajo oj.oTloa;. y. £. .n^s 
6)Qja8a<a>, euro—; 2. (msscaoa^^^; 3. 
<©iooo cro£>oa_D(flsa». 

Bran'dish, v.t. ojaccTicesaj, _ajy> 

oq,.©); 2. aosog^; 3. a>gO<98<s>. n. ©0 
60131*, afloarab, 

Bran'dy, ??. ooc9s> , -fliorooooo, 00.0, 

Bran'gle, n. CLioeo, 03530. v. 7. q_D 
6m«0^t9), <9)GLiaQ\&5i<&>. =2fler, 7? . TOO 

Brass, n. oil^a, ©os ; 2. ©o^ojo 

(TO)o, aJlfmaa— ; 3. ooo-dg o. ='sy, a. 
o_D : a : ia.s)<£ho3 r T§6i r es<e5ncQ;; aifl^caD^oOTai. 
bra'si-er, n. (£c©oafl, <&>ar)oa{>; «jf) 

^^n. braze, v. /. n_f)jyg. 6>ajoraTi^ 

<a>; aos ^sp aTla<93^; <&>§£_) a o<ssa>. 

bra'sen, bra'zen, a. ail^a^^oanggg, 

l5LP<95)^@a, 06Trn^CTD; CJDOcfg Cggg. 

bn.-face g§oanb. 

Brat, h. <&sl, nronrwDcno. 

Bra-va'do, ??. i^Ajerrf); 2. ro^ofl; 

3. cusooaTI. 

Brave, a. Q_flgyo g>@£, ^cwogyo — , 


si^oj^o— •, 2. arotg^ooco;; 3. Soaos 
C%@g. ??. O_)foO(g>0l, 6>5>coc£j:raoafl, (05 
rarrb; ujc*t\. v.t. o_jroo(g,0o <a>ogd&>, 
6>5)cugyo— ; 2. q^^coto colg^, cjlT) 
«9s)iiT!a5)<9>. -'ly, ad. 6)oa'o^3taTaGS)s, 
aflfO'OKSca'OQS; eotolscojosis. ='ver-y, 
n. aflro-ai, aflgyo; <20osH, (ST^ajo.ieojfoo. 

Brawl, n. (&<B>(QO<k. oasno; 2. (BYaagH. 
U.7. <aiaJadl<fi9^); 2. jiflfDT^CUOai; 3.^ 

Brawn, W. 0OoCrO®o_JOal(«?2.); 2.(9> 

ro6Djejo; 3. <fro§ ci_inrrn0Ooax)o. -'i-ness, 

6TUQJ0 — . 

Bray, n. tQiy'w^nnissiii?), <ft5m(93 
<soorooa6iqyo; 2.<ft(Trriabaj@g. v.t. 6)n_io 
sDcBsa, 0§1(O3<»). y. z. ^r)m<ss<a>. 

Bra-zil'-wopd, ??. jjajsra.-. (b.). 

Breach (brech), n. eocoo, eeamo; 

2. GJaQ^CDT; 3. QlTIsOJ ; 4. roflraaDfiJ; 

5. ©or^ooeocoo, crce^,— ; 6. jai-jDoy-, 7. 

<ffr§,(g>0o. b. of contract <9)fD0(biuoQ^\ 

mo. b. of faith auoo3fora>— . b. of 

peace 000003000— . b. of promise oil 

cuocioajoa3r5ro>— . b. of trust aDaa_io 

CTOQJSHUro. V.t. 6>O_J0gn<9s^, ©Slt939j. 

Bread (bred), n. ®T2>^_jo, 6>oo§n,- 2. 

(SYDjoooroo, gfugfiojooo. unleavened 

b. a^gng-p<95)0(ora orog_jo, ®6moa , n-» 

(BtBHron. b. and butter ^cusflcumo. 
b.-fruit eJloj^jan, oojasj— (6.). b. 
winner <ftajyo6rufOTa)ejQLjn6; mcoTl^ 

Breadth, see unrfir Broad. 
Break, i?./. ir. (broke, bro'ken) 

S)o_lO§1(9!8<a>, QQJOaTlcSs^; 2. <2£Sn<S8d9>; 
3. ^OOT) a_JOdJ); 4. GJoo£fl<D33>; 5. So 
COo QJfTO(^®<Q); 6. Q_0<QS) 6)ST3>§l<9g<9); 

7. co/o^coDrtjli <a)O0o\f)id8a>; 8. crDa^ai; 

9. @§o Q_Tlral(6s<a); 10. (^0SoO)o QjfD3 




«2®i)>; 11. (vx&m* <s>a<Q>; !-• jiTlgjoao 

Q,c9>; 13. aS^<©3i>>; 14. cGfilCoTlgJlcSiad^ ; 

15. QOiBr <QiO<&9<&>; 16. (to) crooajcoocn 
csraTlajb (srarflcflTldBaib; 17. <9*(of)ros)C2; c/al 

eTlg_jl<S9<0>; 18. d)O-!0&)G»0<Bn)<9s>2.<&> i Q 
sH<993>. tO b. dOWIl WP&; S)o_)3 

a^^a^. to b. in 6njaj0O32Tl ^o 

<DS», (2Sen<9s<0); (BTOSjCnflgjlcQs^. to 

b. of an§ari(9®(e>. to b. off ^a^io^ 
^^g^; orflcqjgdBs, Qjk;3>a<0>. to b. 
Open <ft reran ^gjoancSs^). to b. out 

<s}ijoa')s>^ < §<e9:9>. to b. over ®§o 
<eso'oflf<f)<e3fl>. to b> through sqjgj 

0OCbT) @0<99c9j, — <&)S<Ss3>; <&>6TO<fl6) 

ffjojaaD^rolcaaej. to b. up go^ngo 
<Q)6Hg 20 &%<&>; «naf)oa ja^t&>; cro03a_fl<eg 

<d>; o_n«n<e8«>. to b. (one) all up 

0^>QJCT3o «noQ,C?)DOOce9d9j. tO D. the 

back acrrficrroo <a><jf)aflgjoft»oc98<a>; afl 

cfiQ033COo foflcflS^. tO b. bulk -nJ0S 

©.ajQ-oioaaA. to b. cover ©a^ajto* 

arflorn ajoasta .ai3§<&>. to b. ground 

to b. the heart a-nsroo ©qjo^a. to 
b- a house eojonsisaano ©ni^. to 
b. the ice (m^ejO-Tlca^ocaflascej; (SYgi 
f0oelt9sdi; oroocruor^o ^seoi^cQs. to b. 
a jest aigHciJO'ein ojoA, <ar>0Doa — . 

to b. a lance <Broa>offln_ioraB<fe. to b. a 

path, road, etc. eojejaocoD Qj</l@o<ftg 
<9>. to b. wind flraacjuoojocxg aTI§<9). 

V.l. qS)Q.(®&- 2. 6)0LJd&)<Q<9i', 3. «&>06Yr>3 

mrD]^, o-jejroh0>; 4. <&>ooo S)a_j§(msl 

<99<0>; 5.Crri6Dr2^(8gyO(9>; 6. CftcS/aT) teftlCoTl 
<9s<3>, (T\}5Uo <9303^(Q>; 7. osrarjD^a); 8. 
rnlaonnmocs2n<afla8<e>; 9. wofl 0ooQ,<a>; 
10. crojroo jafl^ejdDsa^; 11. <a)Z&)a& ^osa^ 
«&>. to b. away a-fis~)'aro>o aTl^ftYaTlSg-p 

^a^. to b. down fflouoansim^sa-ioa*; 

(UOSo 6><0>5<d>. tO b. forth a-JOSigJSj 
Qjrala>, ®03Dld<B3<9>, (Sa^3^Dd9!3<0j. tO 

b. from 6><uscrn qT1§ «ajo«9». to b. 
into seeHjij «*s<&8.<9>. to b. in upon 
OaJgorra tBK><$(aa\Gij})g t i<&). to b. loose 
firuaj0ocon jiia^S^yo^; 0<5pecLn3 ens 

<Saa>. tO b. Off (ffro-)Q,SrUDcSi; an^cro 

^a&. to b. off from «ojs1t%'<b>. 

tO b. OUt -fll0^lgjps>g_]§<fi>; @S60gd>; 

(Qjnry-ol etc.) 6>aj3g3)<a>. to b. over 
<&>QjlsTOT3) Qjflf)<S>, (BY& aTl^^^aJ — . to b. 

up ^<0>asd9>; Q_n«riQ%<9>. to b. upon 

GtzDOcrroS). to b. with anerf)^ gDSffrai^ 

<So_)3c&>; Q_JO6tai^S6nJ0(JOoajf03K2®t95. n. 

oo_io§ , aTl@araf», qJIsoj ; 2.eoco<->; 3.65 

«/)Qu ; 4. rtSQJ^, O*Df0T3)^); 5. aj&]_al, 

(o-jeo-ojo. b. of day fcYarc8<26ro3aoa;o, @.cea 

8$. b. down 6>ojioan^Lj^; cu 5 !^. b.- 

fast (o-J0^fiA, 6}Qj<ag<9s)5T3icpl, — <S ajO<b, <&j 
QomTS) . b. neck eca'a^roaD^; <aTlif><9s>o 
g© <ea croc &jo; <erD)o_j^j (J) fO0ocQ;. b. up <vj) 
roljyrafc; elcm-o). b.-water @o^6U^Lp 

°» ^^Oni • -'a-ble, «. @s^an, ^o^ 

<Q306K3TO). -age, n. 6)CU3§d); ^a-lOa^STaro) 
CrCOCOOOo; g)SQJ , HOo^ao. -er, W.@S(S3 

cmcunb, ejocooniSsrjranb; oalejossaooco; 

Breast (brest), n. 0DO, aensrm^; 
2. <gaj, (T^mo; 3. igabajoo, <xj<sraosocno; 
4. ojpac2;o, 0003^. b.-bone aoao^}*, 

oQ)ron<b^@a («w.)« b.-pin a^nDaj-m 

t95>o. b.-plate 03c95)aj^Jo; 0OgJ^<S5)o 

(/i/.)- b.-work 6><fl>ocmo>a<>. make a 

clean b. «fljoooro-fl<fl>croo 6)jxJga«i, <a>@a1 


2.o<3)^(qi3jor>^gk<Q>; 3. 6)S)CO^®cora3S)S tw 

Breath (breth), ?2. oajscroo, QJl3! ; i , ; 
2. cdjcroooo; 3. oaja"Dm^c&^>n; 4. (a-jo 
6mnb; 5. ajljysoofoo, ftTjoQ-ori; 6. 

dBfilSm'SCnrDo; 7. Q^d9j<0)3gjyo; 8. — QJ3 

(9n u ; 9. <Btf>gj(a-jai'(ar)o- 10. goa^ooo ; 
11. ©crcofoSjo; 12. OTOgj^scasao. out 
of b. (ana.iixsj-jDas. under one's b. 
a_ig^<95). give one some b. goss^o 

§(Ss<s>. last b. @. r 3(au'^_i:croo, sa<Q— . 
-less' a. «Tl6> mascm, oUgjtg^nm; oil 
0j(£b^l<e5i3faT3>, (8ra^cTO)03oa;; oajsoroial 
gjotcra, ac^l^ . -'less-ness, ?«• oj>_ioor\3o 
<g§rzA; ^ns>^g_J'. breathe (brefh), 
t?.I. oajcnf!<fl8:&>, oflg^aiL^las^; 2. efl 




QJ<8mo^)rtf)c9aa); 3. aTi(jC/a;0l<flg ; &> ; 4. 
CB0OOOr)aj]c/^<0); 5. COOTDo ci^OS)g_|§<&>. 

v. t. oajo<saroo_a^_iocroo ^yHaQ^, oa_io 
croo ojef)d39<si, — an§<e>; 2. (into) ^<o 

raTlOc9nO§(Sa<0); 3. <BsU§><9i<J&<B2&>' } 4. QJO 

croon ci^os)g_j§an<99c93; 5. (a_)nr$oaf)<&8 

<S>, (a_)iEn.d9fil0O(9!8<&; 6. <ay>^22)<9i; 7. C/d 
nflfDo g2S)g.d99<fr>5 CU. COB/O0O Q.aKgj,; 8. 
Qjl(C^>0)<SS<9>; 9. <9T)S)raigJl<a8<B>; <8£a) 

bTrDg-^asda); 10. Qjj6T®?cr>o oDjraoacaoT) 
^soffl.-o) @.^^<99<^ (<7 r -)- to b. again 

aflgj (Qii/laa^; 0008 crojcruDfaicaadecLr) 

<&8<s>- to b. one's last entf\696>. to 
b. a vein cs^ora^aiotqiam. -'ing, w. 

oa-ioruono, aajocgaroo^ii jocroo; 0o30orc» 

rmob; OJiOn_lOfOo; (STg^OocOftl, acX>(o_)0 
(51000; 6)0Cgpa<9SK>; (Q_^(T^oajo; orflfOTO) ; 

<a>o0aroo; (SaeioScfiso^o^emo (gr.). 

Breech, n. (ergjaroooo, .aioof); 2. (pi.) 
t&o^g, §08300°, <&ioejo; 3. a-flayoo, a_j 

cfiQsocoo. to wear the eogy sotdjo 

afls>oo a@c9s<^>. b. -loader a_jgacnran 

fD®rm3)0<95) . 

Breed, v.t. ir. (bred, bred) (a_^cro 

aTl(S8(e>, e3orDg_p(Ss<a), aiaro© aTifolasaj; 
2. 8a_jOOcflrOd9firi<98(95; 3. (up) a-icDa-p 
.^oj a (&§)<£>, (Bra Si anf)gjpc6g<e>; 4. ®oD@ 
QjocaTlfo > lais<S) 5 @6ngo<96T)a$rDf)<Q8<0>, aacno 
c9s<Q>; 5. (Qjnnada>oeDd9iQg. Gajooolagjr® 

<S9<©>. P.'t* C/D(§0OC2nrold9Q<&i, 5)oJOO 

6)a_Jf03<fl?c9>; 2. g^rt8QJ0<a>, <9)f33O_)0<£>; 3. 

^(orgajlas^; 4. g>.6ngo<3>, e£)ou)<8aa>, qj 
fSi5~)c9ScQj ; 5. <9)cna<s>ofin<9>6>£L <Sa_ioodl 

6)g_j(T»«ss<&), oron^oon^sngotQ,. well bred 

mgj (fljejcaTaTlfgi) pgg ; orooaogpe — . n. cuo 
cyao, 930!uD; 2. Qjd3>, (tnrao, QjlcJOo. -'er, 

n. saooi&ob, eaooool; <&)0ra6rno, <8aOg). 

-ifig, W. ^.g^OSODo; <0>OTad3sOfif|(ad9ai; d_l 

ralo-joejcno; enjo&joalcBfia, aDsjOSiOcrDo; 
aroao.nJorao; ojoc/ao, kboqjos . good b.g 

Breeze, n. 0o30ofO3<a > >o6, goaaa>ooo°; 

2. <&>&JoOo; 3. <2o_l0O3) (2.). Und-b. 

<&>faaaooo\ sea-b. <s>S(bI— . v. i. <a>o 

OO 0O30OCQT) Qj1^<9). 

Breth'ren, see ww^r Brother. 

Brev'et, n. ojeQjla_i(Q)o; 2. vdcnj§.<2] 
gjo^D oroooon<a5)3i'OOo, snjao0oor)O(ain— . 

Bre'vi-ar-y (-er-i), n. orooScaftiajo, 

^"TScano; 2. oolm (a^OSJlDOOOa^olC/^QDciJ 

cro,<&)o (i?. C.). =ate, n. croodaficOa^o, 
croo<acroo(c>naOo. brev'i-ty, n . .njcaaamo, 
(Brag^ro); a>oaj_o\fD3«9no. 

BreW (bru), V.t. dfcO^dfc; 2. '6oJW 

0Gjo ^ergoasa,; 3. ^ifls^fcra — ; 4. e><a> 

§l(cfl3§l— , (SeOaQ3o (ST3)!SaiO-aDc9Q(S). v. i. 

6oT\(b ^6reo<ss<Qi; 2. jads;c£s}§<&>, eocuig 

6^0(05, eJdafifl6TDo t9>06T7O<S>. -'&ge, «. 
6afl(b08jo; <^cQ30C3Z;o. -'er-y, W. 6Tlfl(b 

<0jo^ ajro. -'ing, n. 6njlas5reo(9s)rab; 
^§n<95)ej(ar3)fat; caajocfeejdaaiemo. 

Brl'ar = Brier. 

Bribe, n. ^^(Qj^an, — dOnoemo, 
®<0)Otf>; 2. cuoal(&)ra6mo, (srgj^Qtosrno. 
v.t. & t. s)S)<s>(d|5en^<a>o§<eg<Bi; 2. (SeSio 
ycaofsl) QjoafDrao<a8<9i; 3. <&^gL&r!6)<S5C 
s 1 ^ <s>o^jo cua»K^<9); 4. arojoaJl(ejral 
tfla^. ='ber, ri. <2(9joy>6)d3>o§<9Qomajob; 
^Qd^^eDg^smo. ='ber-y, w. s>s^<Si^5 
afl 6)<&)0§<flnral), — ojoajerah. 

Brie'a-bra*}, n. 6)<S)0@(Q>aroocjoor> 
arooic/)aOo. a piece Of b. q^o^^qjooj. 

Bri^k, n. ^.oia&g , goc^ltfij; 2. ,&§; 
3. facrola>ob. to have a b. in one's 

hat S)rzD65e fWGJces) qj1^><&), ejoLDfalcaocon 

aP<o%&. b.-clay <^a^0acn , <sjw>— . 
b.-kiln (-kii) ^a, ^,§oej. b.-layer 

^n-iass^rb"), o^i^lajraj^nt). b--maker 
goc^la) (goltSQODOJob, — (BraOjdasoDQjob. 

V.t. §Dc^p&j a_l§cSS<B), — S>QJd9e<a>. 

Bride, n. 06mcuo§"l, ^fDTlca^cLjerr , 
d^gj 06rr>— , Qjcy; 2. (Bra^D(Q_pcfl;croocjo 

ooo. b.-chamber (sojaHcao, 06rr)g-jra, 

0smajo. b. -groom 06rr>ajoaoo, <s> 
gj osrngjroidaaob, — s^Qaaob, ajtrTicai 

0og_pa. b.-maid, b.'s-maid <s^oyO. 
b.-man, b.'s-man ®<aioyob, ^65i3o<afi. 

='dal, n. O-Dajoaoo^lcaoaifao, <scua^. a. 

06rr>QJO?f)c93@a ; QJ > lQJOaOa^Oo6OJO^D0OCa , . 




Bridge (brij), n. ojo&jo, sorer®, b. 

of a steamer ^o_i3 &*(&&£ . b. of the 

nose t^asTtonboo-ioajo. draw-b. eaiQg)— . 

flying b. ojsfingl, Qjn6_ai6sooso. pon- 
toon b. <s^o6rnlg_joojo. suspension 
b. <&>cnj)(GKB&st — . tubular b. Awak—. 

V.t. ojoejo 6><05§<©)- 2. (over) rrflQljOQOo 


Bri'dle, n. a>sl6roig>o6nfe, (geajp-jg; 2. 
6a@<ssio, fOiScroDo. b.-hand gostns)®). 
b.-path a^scuipl. u. £. <e)Sn6roig)0srr6 

§D§<&); 2.— a_n^l-gjCY)SO^(&; 3. OTTOS 

aga, (sracjo^aoiaodBsdav. y. i. (up) cnlco 
gflaaai; 2. @ a^la>oroo &>d^<o>; 3. 6iQ_10 

Brief, n. -afl§ , «&ol, axrfla-] ; 2. oroo 

<Sc8!fia(l_lo; 3. C^jQjQOOfQcQQolg^ (/.). in 
b. -aJrt»«BS>rt5roniUb, ^aBasDgjocojs^g. a. 
feragj^oejo ool^cm; 2. _ajrB3«5i3leB;, .aj 

rt»c95i0OC°J; 3. 0TO CO TO 6YT)0OC&>. -'leSS, 

#. a>a&Tla)c)o gogjoasra). -'ly ? «c?. croo 
<2aflaa-j0oo2T). -nesSj w. -ajrtsaao. 

Brl'er, ft- 3CX)S>_aiS~l, — a-jSpi}'; 2. 

Brig, n. <sr§)or><sca>osl, rosrgs>a>o 

Bri-gade', ». o_j§oa(^§o, soroono 
^auo (mil.); 2. cro^aoo, @§o. brig-a- 
dier'-general scrocnoc^ajocjiflajof). 

Brig'and, n . a^cuijaaofonb. =dage, 

Brig'an-tine, n.^ggoaorasis a> 

g_jrab; 2.e>rt8Qja> ro6ng 6)a>oaojab cudcsT)— . 

Bright (brit), a. almacm, ^la^'lcsy 
gg; 2. cro-j jai <aoeo;, (a_)ga$gg; 3. asmo 
ooroaocc;; 4. 6io t }@Aj)(g3i22i<a>g>gg; 5. aoa> 
croro^jo— , (Sirg)ona3(Q_)G(aoca;; 6. oocfia 

C^gg; 7. Ol^c&^aoCQ;. -en, V. t. <S(JbO 

2. e^(^g'a»@^a», ao93^— ; 3. uysrn 
(9>ro0O(fl»lfaTan<fli8<O ) , crosaraocsso ojastfgpj 
<s>; 4. roaif)p_pasa>. &.t. <soao(£l<ea<0>; 
2. aj^g6Gi§(a), 6>ro>§f)cx#a>, (o_)cro<Tr>0oa>. 
-'ness, n. (S.^ea^, (eye, croj ojro>; cro 
<2CT0>0;fi3o, (cycrooQo; 6oj@Jir)af)(8Qja.o. 

Brill'ian-ey (briiyan), n. G^eam?, 

(o_)(g; 2.aooe!<0)Ojo, fioo5\ =iant (-yant), 
71. CUjS&fr fo(o10o, S>i>>ajrt>asi£j'. a. 6)Tflg. 
<05io &gg, ©C/aOiS— , ^lo^)— ; 03000(800 
oDOOo (STOjCPJ, 0oOOJtO) — i Qj) (TV <&)<&> Co o — . 

-iant-ly, ad. <sc/ao£<scojos)s, <30caooo0o 
caD, m§(Jm<g}etooaj6mo. 

Brim, n. cuan , aorao; 2. a><o, rafl 
rao; 3. Qjl^aoj'. v.i. aj£a<$>og.o crTlo 
6iaisn«f)<8aa>. to b. over a>aTl6)6ioi9Dy> 

<ftsS), CrT)06tBlSDlrol<S8c6>. V.t. QJ<Sd9S)0g,o 

anlocflga). -ful, a. Qj®<95>oao nolosto®, 
a^gr^0ocon— , a5Qjls>sroro)O^><0*0ooo<s;. 

Brim'stone, n. cdcojcx^o (min.). 
Brine, ^g^Qcuggo, ^cua— ; 2. <s» 

Sfri>— , croi^eo; 3. «oisro(Tfl<b, (ero(c^. 
v.t. agjleflǤ<a>, egjAsosgai. bri'ny,a. 

gojgg, agjidBsom. bri'nish,a. a ad ^ 

cro^gg. -'ness, 72. &ai*-ajQJ- 
Bring, ». f . z>. (brought, brought 

pr. brat) S)&>06n§QJfDW*, 6)<©)C6 r eS)<9siO§ 
<69(&); 2. CUKE (Dig) <Q>, QQ)(aroTl<9S<&; 3. 6")(9jO 
6^(2Q_10ai, ^§lS)<Q5)06T^Qj(o)cD5, o^)§fW^ 

S)<e)Osng — 5 4. a<5TO3<^8d > ' !9(8ca> ' onf@ 
a>; 5. aDai aDs-©), — a 6 ^^^. to b. 
about crooearip-jont) crooco'anQjas 
(D^a>; croocxDg_pai8a>. to b. back 
(oDron^ajosKSSaj; 0sa5D6^a6)O^asai. to 
b. down gooasa>: ^o^^' to b. 

down the house o^gjoajrao QQa^s^a^o 

§i (ST3)d9sa. to b. forth (o_)CT*>af) 

<&&<&, a>o<g^a5, a^aT)§a>; (o_^fWjafis0o 
&d&. to b. forward a>06rrf)a3a> ; 
rBTaslaj(iiT) cu«»(o^iai, crcoo^o— ; (o_) 
nr^oaDasai. to b. home afl§)ra& s>&o 
o^aufDlai; QfoigTlcoriasa), arviDoaJlasai; 
(mo era sojcnflau 00 <&&&>. to b. in ^^^ 
6"§ojrtfla5, aj(TO«5©a>; (a_)fr^oajla8a>; 
(BTa(i1(a_)octt)o ouioa); rerg)eoc2;(3<5nsoa>; ^ 
§ls><9»o6r^QjrA9>. to b. off s>a>o<sn§ 
6)o_jo(g^ga>, a'SAJfonaaai. to b. on 
^S6og0oooo9®ai; a ^^oasTlfaTaflaaai, qjks 

02©a>. to b. one on one's way <®s 

(Sg^oa., Qjkp1a>osa>. to b. out @cnj 
sngoaeaj, s)Qjgn^o5K»oasa.. to b. over 





0moron«n^!2ioooc99(a5. (5Tasl(o_)ocQ;seao oj 
rt»©ro)<&>, o_ica£Qonm).T)o— . to b. to o_jro 

nrD«^fl,( W a M ;.). to b. one's self to 

^ao^ne^a^, {utoDajoasA. to b. to 

light $)QJ&)£±GRfiS&si&>, <9vjnga_nsld9s-&>. 

to b. to pass crooeciDg_p<esc9), croouil 
gJlcSa<&, crTlcy'Bn» > l(a;oc9s<d>. to b. Ullder 
d9fl«tf)^R^<95, tuo^lejOtSg^. to b. lip 

§cm crfkqngaj, — orP^ !S <e>. 

Brin'jal, n. oiy'roflcrfl, <a)C&oi)(6)<BM 
cqD, Qj^xoflrnlssa (b.). 

Brink, n. cn&s\ , aora^, ^ro, (oflrao, 


Brisk, a. -ojq&b a@a, @3o(Q9t»— •, 
6)5)_a}'Oion,o — ; 2. rLj^^jffjajoea^rm, of) 

gya,@a. b. breeze a^^sga^oo . b. 

sale ongj Bioifljyrab. & i, efloTI 

g_pc99^; 2. afOTOOadl^pcSg^; 3. (up) 

6) nicfctq® cnlg^ai, — a-f!g_pd9s<3>. -'ly, «eif. 
^40,^0, $£_jd5>s, Gajcororaflfsl. -'ness, ?z. 
araTDDciOo, -aj6m, oH^j w; cs^^jo, aflcjyo. 

Bris'tle (bris'sl), n. ajfrnl3rao0o, 
<Qi6fanr>- } 2. o_ifO3roro>Srt)30o. v./. (up) 
<3fa30o 6^a)Q,d9g<Qi; 2. 6>SKOCgjo <&>3S<a>. 

i>. t. eva^Rga) nrTigj B <a., (®roo0o) a^QGD 
a_Dsl(9s<a>; 2. <eiC5ra>5)CYyofitf5^<Tf)gy£b; 

3. (^ai51(99^, Cl5")<95>3rDo dEhOS<Q>. to b. 
Up <&><SV<B2&. =\j f a. a-JrtBtaT3)3rt>30^j@j3 , 

Brittle, a. o^^g-jccraDfrf) assror§> 
<SajD<fl5cm, eo^'oaooa;; 2. aooj^cxsroro). 

-ness, ?z. eo^rofaijo, @oa_p£p<g. 

Broach, n. cry -of); 2. s^oejgTl; 3. 

5. «B>gja^; 6. (SCODojfDOl&Qo; 7. CT^ aTlgJ 

<o><95io; 8. o^^lonDtej^cnra) <e»ool. v. /. 
a^ijrar)(5jDe>g.<99<a>; 2. @5>a^ @o<0gc&>; 

3. o^OfOrao<©9(9i; 4. f&c&fao _anarric09<0>; 
5. @o<9g<S>; 6. ajrt) 0\3i 0o<G9;0> ; 7. (ffT^jQi 
0OC2TI (a-^(T^0CLn<95^; 8. cQj^ 6) ;0> 0(513)1 

eo^icaocBgai; 9. gsg. cuej'OiotQsai. 

Broad, a. mh&zao a as, afW)— ; 

2. QTlaaoajaoca'; 3. QrucoDej eg ; 4. yg 
c^o (Sirg)CQ;, <a?\£r>^j~' } 5. (sramajaD— , 
cooooao— • 6. Qjlcaoajooic^gg j 7. qj. 

09^)00^; 8. (frSTUD^gpOJra); 9, a_)0» 
rftto (SY^Ca', (SYD30iOCAo— ; 10. {o_)^)i 

aeio— . as b. as long a®™ aficoao 

eo;oejo <^d^o anrn . b. aX9 S)Qj6nz^, 

ojro^. b. bill girasng (2.). b.-cast 

o-jro^asi^gg OlD-jd; oj rag) ten OjI-o)^; q_i 
racrrflroneBscrnjorfl^ai o-J^>5)c9s). b. cloth 

6&r© qDcco «©5cun gfiajsjsrrn. b. seal g)o 

gglr^i rooea^e, 0aO3ro3e3— . b.side<Q> 

a-jeTi^nboaJOC/SJo; a_JSc9s«a-Jfifl'Bb »ns so 
COSgSSgg. Qa)^)OajlrD9^1®i-t5raoc9ipl^PJO%o 65 

ams'U- ocu^l. b. SWOrd aasaTlcJOo qjo 

<*>. b. -wise, breadth-wise QjloDcon.-z*, 

QLDej65Q5>cr). -ly, ad. oDa^Droaoa^l, 
6>^a"lcu3CBn. -'ness, ?*. csra^ejo, oTl 
nr^orao; a_»3ro3^jo, af).ai-a>_io. breadth, 
n. (era^ejo, qjIoD. 

Bro-eitde', n. crflrooao, ^crucu o_i§ . 

Broil, n. ajooa, (Braza^, <&>GJoarztf>. 
vJ. raflcaHiab <a>3§ > )^Lj§<ft,; 2. j^'2Sg I p<ss^, 

i. Broke, p-t. of Break. 

II. Broke, v. i. as^oosoacucrn <8ajsn§l 
cfhogyo onscaj®^; 2. e^oaflai'oazn.'olcQacQj. 
bro'ker, «. e^oaD, (o\(ti&,nb; fbGnfifo 
cqoi^ocS). bill b.r a 61 ^^ zocicmcu-ti. 

exchange b.r oj 6m a)sajosa>ort>Tb. 
ship b.r «<s>aj e^joen. =ker-ag , e,?i. e 

Bro'ken, p. p. of Break, a. as 

6rcng>, 6Ss1sroi3), 6)aj3^1sraro); 2. flcussgg, 
jiflcroTlctt;, jar3loDs"lcmo (srg)ca; 3. o_\tb 

CXJrtSfDta; 4. cOfiilstrn^; 5. (STDOB^OOJo 
a@g; 6. (W3iP— ; 7. 6>0rt»63i3lcB;, c^flejo 
Qjcm; 8. (srgjr/aoiSocoo— , (srazocrozse^o 
cq;; 9. ejoQ^Ti^, (Q_)036rrric9s-,3(nTa); 10. 

#!QJ0§T)c2;032n (So_13C2,'; 11. (SJ-ftl) (BTD61U 

ooo (s^^ ; 12. oo^jeo-. b. ground 

nolajo. b. number enorrnrwcrooo^j. 

b. -hearted a<^c9«o ro^o*;, ^lojoaiejo 




gee, b.-spirited o>^cjc^c9fiicao— , on) 
coua—. b.-winded ^ns,^ — , aOsvw 

g-J — • -ly, ad. QDSCL})^ , (5TDoOa0ot7a0D 

eoT), aDdB6ricir)(Qsn. 

Bron'ehi-a, =al tubes, n. pL oa_io 

<8orooa_ior)oafijQc>5 (arc.). =ChI-tis, n. aa_ia 
cromDasroocoo, rBTOga.^cfl.^fljb (nied.). 

Bronze, n. aasaja) ^.uGegos ; 2. 

©OSa (a_)rof)0; 3. 6)OJ'S@go§' crfloo; 4. 
COorf^a o. y. /. ©;§ Qjgrno S)dh^<Q2(Qi] 
2. t&>(51cn^g_]§(^©<a). 

BrOOCh (broch), n. cr$ai\ftj(U)<9sio. 

Brood, 72. ©amoafl aTlrDleroro) cudaaf) 
<99 6T3t^<fhc>D; 2. (^o~l^ (QTlynsroro) <3<&>oiPl 
<935l<03C)o; 3. e>fD3 fff)g£0%S>S <9isl<fr>c)o, 
©roe0^j5)S Oniolco.' 5>.aicflCQ; 0d&?>cb; 4. 
(Q_)03; 5 S33TOI, OJ££}o. «. <3§<Sk gDrtfl 
<65)CTD, dhDgylfljb — ; 2. 6>(UOQ,^O_lfTO(03 

Qjoab aoj^j; 3. <fl}§Hee»^ga. &.'*. <sra 

6T1") g)rtf)d9<a<a>, 6)OJOOSfOralfzA— ; 2. croj 

CTOD2iocan — ; 3. (over, on) afl.aJoroag.j^ 
<e>, (8T9)Ujlci^6^irtnas<a). y. t. 6>a_»3roa 

<2caro>Q5>s oja^<&>; 3. .afkrofl.^ Qj^croorfl 

<©sc9>. to sit on b. f^oorTLaprtncflsai. 

Brook, «. c8(tj>os . -let, n. ^sk&srm^o 

S. y. £. <BT3 Ode ClT) <©§<©); 2, S)a_J0Q<Ss^, 

croao > )<93<B J ;3.a_jo(g)0D<£>; 4.oroauosn<ss<Qi. 
Broom, h. arra 6>_a)s°); 2. .a^rsfe, 00 

-aflflA, <8.a)fto>erf). b.-Stick 0o^pratfO)(5nj? . 
Broth, ft. 0oocro«©« ft3Dcao, nrna_io. 

Broth'el, «. sajc^oc^aoo. 

Brdth'er, n. esg-poomcunb, @sgjl 
°8J (S.)i croGoDoefonb, (ga^ooT; 2. @ 
sogfl. elder b. (seajcegnb, (aragmnb, 
(BTocQeanb, aiof&6rn unb. younger b. 
©YDaaesnb, tmaojl, (BTDmcrorDOj-ib. b. 

german, blood b. gs^-pocm ctosodd 
eronb. uterine b. a®®<s>3efDnb, 01002 
&>cm oro oinb rosng (By^cu) ci\)2oOoafDnb. 

half-b., b. of the half blood, step-b. 

(Btt.aiob e>cm (51002 rosrr" (ST^OB;— , (£1 
GmDoeranb; raroaa arm (ara-oinb rosng'^g) 

cq; croSoDDaronb. twin b. gorog^oj 
oQ@a orcsoooarDnb. b.-in-law 'sragH 
canb, a^oifl, secu^nb. b. Jonathan 

6^a^)<d)0^crootTuooooo9s)3ranb. -hppd, n. 
orc<2ao:eo)'aijo; crosaODarDia^co, croo 
«eio, croe. -ly, a. crD«aoo9ro(cy).'dn g 
eg, — crooeruaujo— . breth'ren, w. pi. 

cro^eocacruSaooetonaoA, <eroa£>oan<&>cX>. 

BrOUgh'am (bro'am or brum), n. 

©raajiSi anoejro3c)oCL)<5ng). 

Brought (brat), p.p. of Bring. 

Brow, n. &>6nb-^(&)&>o, ajafl^o, (g 
(«w.); 2 - ajral<S)(SfD:0o; 3. ocnocfl; 4. 
f^su'soajo; 5. aioTD^nbo <ffraa?o. bend 
Or knit the b. ajrtfl<8>o6>6rarn<xy<B>, sxn 
ocf)j3jgn<fl9<f*», fficOiOajeocuo a^osA. b.- 

'b3at (g^ajldted*. b. bound aTi^lso cu 

rtf)^. -leSS a§.gjl^OraTa, CnD6mo6)d9>§. 

Brown, ??. fa^CLn^crrioo, <enroofji>— , 
cLjlocoaiQjsroo. a. c^iOzajsrDi^ga: ^Q. 
fnra). -'bess ^(fisTi^dBsn^flnaoifis) ; 0#>, «Qj 

ao)o. b. coal gDrtacrnrafc. b. holland 

jii6ms^6rrfl. b. Study co^zcncn)<BQ. -y, 

Brouse, n. «Da^<b, o^dsI. y. /. & i. 
Bruin, n. <9><b^1 (2.). 

Bruise (bruz), /?. jii^, jjjfwaj , J 6)q_jo 
g. u. ^. _aJS)(axfls<e>, a_irDls<65)gjl<e8a); 2. 
®^l<ss<a>. y. i. tgc^lcmo'cA «eif^«a). 

Bru'it (brut), n. Qj(ob)0ocr>o, ^aD, 


Bru-nette', //. 6Kxi6ra «o>o6raia» (n^l. 

Brunt, «. <&>o61on,o; 2. god^. 

Brush, w. (ft^, A6QUo* 2. ^aj*; 
3. .ajggpawos ; 4. <2wgj , @6>5^j ; 5. 

«Ji3Qci_)S; 6. QJOTO OQJ^ 0D§o. y. ^. 

@s<9s<Qi; 2. GfowascDj, 6) rm :§<©>. to b. 

aside tTflasTtaajeeaA. to b. away @ 

s_ni<^a<Q>. to b. up gs^s^ mnmoiSa 

a-; aj@<08a>; jiiOCa0l§a. b.-'W00d <ft 

ool«e»3s; @.y • [«Tlcsy«9». 

Brus'tle, v. i. «onas<fln^s<9««o>, 6>6t» 




Brute, n. fflT06ry©Af!, ojos, gcoo; 
2. <8@Ainb, {^rarrb. a. crfle^flojo (srg) 
ca; 2. <sro6iojaul— ; 3. gcoarojeoojo 

g>§g, tfhrarm — , <d)rO?6mCQTlgjOC5T3); 4. (oJO 
rfjj^o (6X0)02/, <SY§_aJDft>acf)oOo— ; 5. cl_10(T53 
cfi3jO— . = tal, «• gCOCTOo6nj(TU)o (ST(})C2;; 
— (a_pe&>0— ; ©c&ograo — ; cynTJfcls^cQjg. 

=tal-ism, =tal-ity, n. goDcuDjsDQjo; 

oolgco;; (SYoaoaacai^^o. =ta-lise, ». t. 
gco(ojoo^0ot95rifaiafl(09cai. u. /. (^foizo 
raa>, o_joas.-i^o^o^<9>. =tal-ly, ac?. 
fDfO)®cao5)s, gcn(a_)0CB-'o (SydjcqT). ='tish^ 
«. — <S)®e&j, (^roo— , 6nj&u]s)a,§. =tish- 
ness, ??. gcocrojeoojo, cSiO§oatsro>rt>o, 
(^fo«D, 6icy(&ulacf)cY)fa>. 

Bub'ble, w. 6)a_jo<99g, nrflSgjoa; 2. 

<3>CDQ0, 0H(a^j ; 3. aj^g_j^, y^&U 

c93c&>; 2. <ei<araf)s>oa;oef)<ea<0>, a^scaiofrs 
a^<fl3c9j; 3. -aftoejdBaaj. u./. <8*nj>£_p 
c9a<^, aj6tafl«ea<s>. ='bler, «. -aircTlQB/nb, 

Bu'bo, w. ^yejcijlaao, as^c9s<7s, 
(9s)(srcT3)o§ ^sW. b.c plague, b.c 

fever aaooaortfl, <e)U>ej{ycrf) (med.). 

Bu€€-a-neer, n. ^s^g&nfc, ^^ 

Bii£k, n, (St9)5T760on6, <si®§ 6><9>ooonb, 

&f06TT)o, (SY3)6nZ) C&rtd) (2.); 2. Q_j^(Tga3 
ranb; 3. gDfD^OTaS. a. <0)Cfl(T)o (SY3)C2;, 

g)^9jo— . u. £. a&jofDcaTaflflrt) ^)ce®<e>, aj 
^fcSa 6)QJ<S<8<0>; 2. aj> :fi j'anaBcnj<Qi; 3. 
Qo_ao^1c99(j9j. v.i. (<Bi(m)ai) ^ajraiotp H 


.<©). -ram, w. rcns^^rgsrrfl. 

Bucket, 71. 6)fO)0§l, S><fl»05<8<8s>0rtf), 
a®COT3)S)<fi5)0§, <2(G)<9Si — , @GJ0— , tO kick 

the b. -n}o<ft<a>. -y, n. ajoar)arfi§crn<0> 
Bii-e'kle, n. a-JSQj^, s^osjosra ; 2. 

<2<9)0§o; 3. <ft(03c)o; 4. <8d9i0^1ca)(^6ilo. 

y.£. <ft§(95D§a), QcQjs^.(ts®da>; 2. a; a 

<99<9>; 3. ©«S6)aa)§<S5; 4. dJ^QJOoOCrOo 
6DJCTLD0 6)-al<g^. U. I . ^CD0®C2\0<S), <2<a>0 

§<s>. to b. to QJ^esigcS), g.SfBc^S'srao 

Bu-ek'ler, n. ajefloa, ©sus^o. 
Bu-60l'i-e, a. goscc'cyajraf) croo6njaru) 

0DCB/ 1 . 

Bud, n. n^aao^, rBrarDlcnj', q&, i» 

«R>8ab«T)<98<9>; 2. Qja^ca>; 3. o_Tlc&>cnf) 

Bud'dhism, n. ooj&uaano. =ist, «. 

6) CO <0 (0) fCf> cS5) cq nfe . 

Budg'e (buj), v. i. Orf)60g(S;, aoQ^, 
fgTamss^^. a. aDS|0(aiinav)o6njnrujo (srD) 

Budg'et (buj'et), n. 6)q_jo<ss)6it)o; 2. 
<8c/36nrao, <^§o; 3. aas Qjcoa^asia) (orgjco; 
c^cc;co6rnooo, tgrasssafci. to open the 

Buff, Ti. <8a_)0<araf)frf> S'WOrjA; 2. ^20 
O0o61QjrD'Cn_lo. =fa-l6,?2' SQ-JOfCTCo', Q^)O)l0, 

<a.aD , «9>«Do)(rn , eaol-aso; 2. c9>o§n (^.). 

I. Buffet, n. aS)amz6m(V(ft§ • 2. & 
da&i6m(S0od, — (gol; 3.^s~)ojracu cruoaio. 

II. Buffet, n. <fl3fBTzn > , (sra^l, a?0; 2. (cy 
roTl^ejo, 6oj(§jul(g§ ; 3. cga»DaD. r. £. 
fcngj<a>, aifl^cS); 2. (8T3S)ejd9isai; 3. 0g^ 

5>jii^; 2. ^aoTlfOTBflrodBRlauijDc^fi^oasift. 

Buf-foon', ». o-joos , ®<0jo0ogn, Qj"; 
g(fia<&)ab. v. ?'. aj)goQ3«a)aoooa7lrcnc68ca), 

^<05. y.^. <©)gn (ergicSsca., aoooro.o— ' . 

-er-y, n. ftn0oaa, aojgjanb^gT), <scoDcfo). 

Bug, w. i^§, e<98smo (2.). u. ^. c^ 

s>fCD <2o_jsng_pasc&). b.-bear aTiroaljajo 

-'gy, «. (^§&@63, — erf) o 6io®. n. aosoj 

Bug'ger, 71. O-Jf®cQ3S)5)0LQOO<95iOrDa6; 

2. oon^oronb. -y, n. (aj^^lojlfce'Sjj 

®(S0COo; 2. C^BOQS)0L^OOo. 




Bu gle, n. <950§1, d>>o= <froa, <8o_j&ajra)° 
(Z.); 2.<a>ooDao, gLOfaraJ'^cajOcny. =gler, 

72. <Q)0aDg.«fl5)0fDn6. 

Build (bild), v.t. ir. (built, built, 
pr. bilt) aj6rrf)con<98ca>, a^ascQi, 00)20) 

<&9<S>, <of)<SSd9>; 2. OTU£i:o_D(03ai, aOg_jl<fi8 

<&»; 3. (up) cacao?! <3>rtf)d9®t0>, croolrtflefrrtf) 
c&9<3>. y./. c^6rrf)c%<0j, ool22)D6rn^Q^fsran 

6)_aig^ca>; 2. (ei9)(C3)C2r)<fi3<B). "'lUg, 72. 

6>;&>§ C5_j6rrf), n~f)02o6rr>o ; a^jy", 6>c3) 
§)so, oils'. 

Bulb, 71. <s>')y>65B, <9>6ni, ca.aao(&.); 

cg^o (art.), b. of the eye <&>6naly>\ 
-OUS, a. <an<=P6Gi§!Sa_iot5)aic^gg., <aT)ip 6ai3lral> 

Orf) CTTO5reD c^OT), &a8<5n§. -bifer-OUS, 

a. d&DiP6giggg . 

Bulge, n. Q-jl^jCSySJS a-Jgg.; 2. a 
00)^. U. 2*. a (TC ^^^)a^, -a.JO§<S); 2. <fr 
0ZKg3)<5n3Oca>, l^OTSl^QjO.0) (72aW^.). 

Bulk, ft. curtfiaosmo, QjaDg_jo; 2.(ZJ 
6U. SOCOo, (aTDCol<9)Q_j<QfiQo; 3. <a>a_jaf)s>aj 
-airod^rcawi 4 .). sell by b. QJdfcQ-jSle&Jo 
ecD aTl^eS). in b. f^§lcon§ ojos , <@ 

ooroi). break the b. -oi^an @do<©3 

ojoob gS6s§<e>. ='ki-ness, n. cugr^o. 
= ky,a. QjGDg_joa@g, ojaflcQ/, ojaiji^. 

Bull, 72. aicrro<a>oaT)c2r)s^aj (srgisnb, 
(er^6T76(ST3)an, — ^oflalocoaio (2.); 2. <grol, 

eft>t&, Q^dS.W (2;.); 3. gDSOJo, g-£t3(So 
(as.); 4. ej8; 5. au o^jocif) 6) Ob o gdl 
fO)0©3T3>; 6. qjo.oj<3>o, ajrogrnroaDasdi) 

qljo^c^o. to take the b. by the 

horns allcflaao o^coDco® rof)c99c9>. b.- 
calf <fl3§n6, (^af)ce®§ab, cfroacBsHsooj' ; 
ejooanb. b.-dog aogjeaofofl aoocoT). 
John B. ©o^lc^oroob.b.-Stag airplay 

s^^oa. b.'s-eye 6)^0,800^10; (o_)<a)0 

oaejoroo; aaisDcSacf). b.-fight cy^ 
ea^auo. b.-frog <8a_j<e»oao) ua (£.). 
b.-head s>a_jo§n6, igsoanb. b.-headed 
aaBsq^lcftocB;, g^goojo a@&. b. neck- 
ed <atQ,&^(aira) — , ^^ojys^qssqIce;. -'ock, 
r<. a>oa, Qflfi, o^as-o"; (srojsrrtonb (2.). 

Bul'let, 72. (3fw:<05Dsin6o) a 61 ^. 
Bul'le-tin, 71. cy-ara^cnnojlQjfDo- 2. 
alon<yfBra)oao)a_i(@)o; 3. cuajrajaoonajro 

^o. b. board o^raon^yaj,©,. 

Bull'ida (bul'yan), n. ©ajDCibdfcgl, 
aojggfV- j 2. ar®<9a° s)o_ioob, — acu^TI. 

Bul'ly, 72. <Brocun<ft(<ycrooc/Dn, cacnj 
Q-Joc^aDQjn6, (8Toa5~)<d)oroo <d>osamojnb, 
oasigocflROfDab. y. *. ^l«36rr)lQ_joa>, <8a_i 

slgjWfc; 2. 6)6©anaB<9>; 3. (BYcXXficfr 

Bulrush, 72. <2o_jo§aJ^°, 6ra>o6sa6rr>. 

Bul'wark (-werk), 72. Si<0)O{CT3)ao, 
ojo®8fco§; 2. aogj, rodQfQ. p.£. &o 

QjCUrac^a); 2. rOdBflaldBBA. 

Bump, 72. gas), (BIOS); 2. QjlcQsio, 

<0 ^ 6m ad; 3 - %&• v.t. q|<s>, .ro^<S); 2. 

^ysogai. ='per, n. crDosra® q-jo<dci_io 

(®o; — OYof06niQ . 

Bump'kin (bum'kio), ?2. 2jfDsnb, on 
odtoofoob; 2. QJc&(ar)fjr)aD^ofaT3)Qjn6. 

Bun, Bunn, 72. 6&k8qj<&> (Brrajjo. 

BuilCh, 72. foDsTDglj ; 2. @t6, ejtf; 

3. <&0(g^ej, Qd^Dfina , 6)<a>§ . -y, a. <g 

Bun'^omb, Bom'kum, n. (roxslao 
cr»(cyarooODo, ^6iiajfaD. to speak for 
b. 0oQ,^aj(b a)06naonb (SajsmH ao(Q)o 

Bun'dle, 72. 6)<&>^ , 6)a_iafan, aooog-]', 

(SO-iTOUO. V. 2*. 6>a_J0ra)l (ST3)d9(8<S), 0OOO 

g_|— , 6)(&)^<Q>; 2. S)Q_J§CTK) Q-lO6TOT0)CaJ_(ii 

&>&&>. v.t. cao((g)<fi5) 65os6ogai, <tj>((g) 

q_JO(SSOS)S aJOfflg-j^d^. tO b. Off <30J 

co j o-josro^a^^^aa). to b. one's 
self up ^(m^i^^a,. 

Bung, 72. a_jlg_jays)S ojocs2D, — oro 

Sa_j ; 2. <Q-,ggab, (Sjaloraab. tO b. Up 


Bun'gle, n. n_i§aJ6rn); 2. 6)5)<a)(30o 
oao, (oraoOJOijo. y.t 4 . & 2*. 0§)g_j6rrT)5)jijg^. 

Buu ker, ti. 6>aj§l, ajfmaoca'o. 





Bunt, n. dfcajgjDoan, — a-jga. -'er, 

n. <v><as))cns<9%cm (rr^l. -'ing, ft. s>ao 

Sl^jO, 6>0>D^I. [iPcnl'. 

Bun'yon, Bun'ion, n. qJ1«sbo, «n 

Bouy (boy), ?*. 5)a_iafls)aaJ065Brnran, 
'<S6njoca'(;iaw/!.). y. £.(up) fta-jccQfllcrf) 
(OS)<fr>; 2. ro)065T3ls><es)0do<&; 3. S)a_>06ai3 
rBrofl ^d^S). v. i. ^Q-ioeco'lrnl^a), 6)a_jo 

Cror)QBn«>")<fl8a). life-b. (SY§)C)oS)o_lO«5B 

<o>al. -'an-cy, n. g^Qjm^6mo, — oa 
<eoD, ejoo^iojo; 6)6)jiiiXj>cn.o, croccraocsno. 
-'ant, a. g^, ej^rtn-io — ; 
g>cnac&io — , g)£jocroo — . 

Bur'den (ber'cln), n. ^J0S°, soroo; 2. 
(frc^ao, (Q_)aaDar\Do; 3. Cd^a", <&.ca;oo , 

.nJfD<fl» c&C0;oOo; 4. QJgjQjl, CTOorOo. V. t. 
_aj0(qiS)<d>, SOfOo <0iCa;O(^d9>, Ca_}Qtf>; 2. so 

raftg-j^cqiSdfc, ©firarwaacflj. beast of 

b. ®q-jo gcoo. b. of proof gko>§[)jj 
6Qjo®^|<o) (/.). -some, a. soroo a§a, 

(a_)co;oauo— , <std cud qDj0dc2;. 

Bu-reau' (bu-ro'), h. aurora C0o&; 
2. — -oioajbH, <&»8-2jrtfl; 3. cuan^ 6)o_l 
§1, <sracXi0cfif). 

Burg, Burgh(berg), n. c<d>D§; 2.o_i 

§6TT)o, OOCOrOo. bur'geSS, ft- OOCOfOQjO 

ortD, cpaDcru£in6, 6)a_i<Dron6; rocorD(a_)'or) 
crflafl; — (a_)0oerr>). bur'ge-ois 

(bur'jois), burgh'er (berg'er), n. 6>a_j<o 

rant, mcoraajoadl. burgh'er-ship, n. 
Qo-iorofoijo. bur'go-mas-ter mcorao 


Burglar (berg'ler), n, @romo <Q»&d 
ODQjnb, <ssal^ cejaaj^-oJc&cmajnb, <fe 
raroTl arenas cm qj no, a-joroamorano. -y, n. 

(BTOOI^olaarab, <SQjm<8£Smo. 

Bur'i-al, see under Bury. 

Burk, P.J. 6)6Ta<fl5n6)<9s)3g4(9>; 2.(610) 

roto <BTa61c2;o5>a) gDgjo'OiDasa), ©raaroTaf) 

as>a<^ 5 (STOaiOCf) S)QJ(9%<&>. 

Bur-lesque'(ber-lesk r ), n. c^oodcuo 
a^o, crflcaocro of); 2. ouro^ooocro^'an, 


Burly, a. aieflQ-jo &g&, cg^l— , 
cro^efl^j 2. arfl.ajo (Brgjcw, a_iascfi3o— . 
=liness, n. Q-JgPR } <5)cuo|nornra)^ij arf)_aj 

Burn v. t. ir. (burnt, burnt) a> 

caror)„aja>aa>, .ajsj— , aa)fon<asa>, Qodlg_p 
&%&>; 2. «9>nTl(fl9<fl), qjoscOj, g>6rna!aa>; 
3. -aj§a>, SajOLDasA; 4. .a^s s>ajaaa); 
5. aja».sy<3l> ajrtsctjgDai, aQ)C&)g^<ti) — • 6. 

aojoaan«fl8«ft. to b., to b. together 

anS>a<08<Qj, CLnS)a<QS)30^1 CaJCOED CL_fisVT) 

«fl8«fl>. to b. daylight a-iairalcroacajo 

QJia<©5> (QjfOTZDiasa); COOfOo OJLQ0a>aaj ; 

orfl^aajfejQjforrfl s)^<^. to b. one's 

finger Qj)jfi:0rBraf)rafc (srgi<Q), mc^o cm 
rtfl§a>. to b. OUt eogo (gr^asa^, ^ 
^jocg— . to be b.t OUt ojrt) fofls)Qjg© 

m^6)g_j^a>. to b. up, to b. down 

(g#>ojarao.aj^0>a<s>. y. i. «e>a^aj, 93_iaD 

<ae<9j, CQJQ^ta.; 2. a>fDl6KJig)Co_J0(9j; 3. o^) 

cunn<0>; 4, sajjio ^Qjaadb. to b. Out 

d&coraf)<ora?](D:ca>. to b. up, to b. down 

6)a_J0@a^; 2. ^S°, Q-lD^o, COJ'Jj; 3. 

c^os. -'er? n. <a>rtJTan<9acrr>ajab; afla 
d9sTl5)ej (tn)^)<S60cf). - r ing, a. -^§@a, 
Q^roHo^cTn, <a.(Z2©cTr); eajoai^ga, (ajcaiaH 
o)cs;rDlc%nm; n. c9>cara)fab, cojoj', q^j 
«95^f^, QQilD^'af), GoDmo, ^S , fOi0a_io. 

b.g coal 6>^i»onrai, ro?l<9fim'Bb. b.g 

glass ii?lc9»g^osl. b.g mirror eoom 

Bur'nish, y. ^. eDnrDlcasa?, aHcra^a), 
0^0500 zoas<95, e>i%Jfi\'~<a>. y. e". s>.o) 
a^c%<a), aHmada,, 0las«s5g<d); 2. sia^> 

<98<9>; 3. af)<93<Q>. R, 0la3<9S)o, 5)0^^°, 

6S03-J0. -er, w. 0laB<08nmajn6; fisog-j 
Burr (ber), n. 6rif]e3C(a.0(/ao (6.); 2. 

i o 

(STOfOo, 0^ nj ; 3. cQsOO) ; 4. CfDCaOO^orD 


Bur'rOW(ber'ro), W. q_j§6TDo, a^too; 
2. 0S, jfliiP^j 6)Q_10(BTa , 0oao; 3. <fljg_l 




Burse (ber.-), 71. asH^lai, a-jsmcro 
esas); 2. aT!9.0(ai£ncrcQO0C2; eoho; 3. 6 
ajjQj.Da_jOfo0smjDa-jo. ='sar (ber'ser), /j. 
ffiJ©3Dro danoranb, cjooo:Q£,c9£flnb; croaooco; 

Burst (berst), n. 6)a_jD§^b, o_jo\^.af) 
CTOflA; 2. (SY^gflg-j , igtf'iflSJO, (8T9)3a^l0aa3o; 
3.ajart>ar~jjo, (m®<s>n^<93(a_iT»jdafia^; 4.q 
Q,&»o, CrOOaOCTOo; 5. S)a_]§OT0{3g. <Q>oy>. 
y. i. 2>. (burst, burst) -ardlanglonr^o 

<ft(S), @O(.TTO3ruj0ai, 5)Q_JOg°lQ^(0}, 6)a_J3§l 
6)fBTO)Ol(fl!8<Q); 2. GlD§<S), o)a_JOS'\gt QJCo) 
<0j, (gg-gj— ; 3. (forth) <0}@g1— , 6)Q_J 
§mo dLbOomotfi; 4. (from) aoiTlSg^oig^ 
g.<S); 5. (into) 6>.ad£ica>, (a_}<2cuc/a) d3$>; 
6. (upon) (a_)-wjcafii!20c95, <5)aj§nrr) /erodl 

QJOOOcfij. V. t. ^nJO^lasa), 6)a_J0gf)_gl 

d9sg.<fi>, sdSc&8<&>; 2. (ftajTantDjj.joa^daatQj, 

— (022)g.d38<fi>. 

Bur'tben (ber'thn), see Burden. 

Bur'y (ber'i), v. t. ajyO^p^td), oaQjo 

2. aan-^o)oj(flQ<o>; 3. 0o<Traca>g.<Sj, clTI 
§— , acajcflfialdBacoi. to b. the hatchet 

(wealrab croa\Dlt&8(Q), $D6rr>ets%&> . bur'ial, 
n. oaajcrooq^oroo, — eoaOo. b.l place 
cgryaomoruoGJo, oaojg_joaQLJ , j^^&os . 

b.l case ©oDcnj 'oacuoaj^i. b.l ser- 
vice c/auaoon^pay. 

Bush, n. tgoo <9>os , goa^; 2. 5).ai 
si, q-js^1j j 3. @Qzl > ^^o^af^; 4. jiio 
oocaj<fi5>S; 5. a? 0,(95)5)060 cue-cab. to beat 
about the b. aja^pjcuaflfij; rBYo<n:>o6nj 
(t\Uo a_jo<£h. -'y, a. o_iscm, (afkaaW. 

Bush el, n. o^)§ gDS6aBoyns>c9)0@^nm 
o_jo; 2. ajoorDoaz;; 3. ajg.6)rt), <srz>w. 

Bus'kin, w. (gsgoas^cqrsnD 6).nj 

BuSS, n. ^jo6rucr)o, (grarao; 2. a_jsaj°, 

o_JS<£>> . y. t. -ajo6nj!(98<Q>. 

Bust, n. aSfjA(a_)oOa, <%m— • 2. ao 
Qo (gsuajo, g>srab. 

Bus'tle (bus'sl), n. a^g-jos , SoaiD 

cQ3o, g)fOiaVKob, «£\(b&s> . y. /. 6a^ojo 

<3Sos)s msceQ(95, cbto an d3sjfi>, rtj>(gj)gjos J <a>o 

=><&>. ='ler, n. O^lf^-LjOS «9iOfDCl6, 6UJ(§iJ 

Bus'y (biz'i), a. a_i6Trns>jjJa^cm, (aj 
a^roTaTlaaaT); 2.£<arv)DaOog>(aa, eao^orm— ; 
3. coDroc&s) — ; 4. sajfi^ocarojfon^) aicgjl 
§cm. b.-body o_jfDc9)DT^33cr)_i.i^cft)n6, 
rergjroosxibo <9>ogycaTZ>f)<i3b aiCgp=pnT>Qja6. 

V. t. (Q_)c^OT3ri(9si«i, C8QjaJ5)-aigw<9>, <$ 
cttDsrat^ (o_)cyOT3n<95ja) ; 2. ausmloijiJcgp 
<03cQ5. ='i— ly (biz'i-li), acf. c^c^oaofi 
<Scao5>s, eao^o-axscojo^s. busi'ness(biz- 
r nes), n. svwotplrsk, (Scuej, (SeaoaT!; (Qi^aj 
So, ojioajofDo; a®Qj oc °o; ^°; <s>05yo, go 
sqjos , foDfQas) . to do one's b.s «9>3 
cgjo ^jfic93<ai; ^LDcaisfncssjA. to make 
a thing one's b.s o$s>jy§<a>. to mean 
b.s <9)o^j03cqD§ ajos)g_j§(6>. none of 
my b.s agicr>)s)<a5)cn£ . you have no 
b.S cn}6ms><as>c®i . set up a b.S <9>ii 
ojso @S6sg<9), (cya^ajrafl— . b.s-like ^> 

fO\o @.@&, (^?0o — , 6OJ10J1 — . 

But, conj. (^)ar)54, ^janoejo, o^aaol 
ejo, (SYgjcoTlejo, a_js)c£)tai. prep. ayHsJcej, 
^sos)iu>, (BTOgjOS'.iW, o^)nrrn5)CQ;; gD^gjasn 
«&. ad. «a_ioejo ; 0o@o, o^gga. 

b. and if Q^cmosiejo. b. for e^ocoJlfB 

mo aajihliob, (Bragjo<^aBcno o)Qj©r)iTA, crH 
0lfOT350^os)fa). nothing b. this sqjsjo 
acno0n^, ©^00(0)0. he cannot b. 

g"0 <Sa_ioa30o)oi crfk^rBT^carigj. 

Butch'er, n. <e>oaDg_^<^oron6, <9>otod 
<£>}, aoo^lanoronb; 2. oeia^cfhnb, (^> 
fon6, f0<90)fo_pcan6. b.-meat (BTOtoaosn 
coDfob Qjl^cm 0oocroo. v. t. !BT3Q,<95j^, 
5)aj§ls>c95)ogj<fi5, siaiorcTO)! — . -y, n. <&> 

O80g_J (a-JcyOToTl; <9i(UaJ0ra)<9>o, OOoaOO 

Oo, (BTOQ,<fliej; fBTOQjdJsnmaruDajo. 

But'ler, 7i. <fliajojo<anoron6, QjliiiD^ 
g_j-9)Dron6, a '4£)o5m<9j>ort>nb, '6)60105)3 -.(b ; 
2. ajocrflcpjjLnjaiDrolgJdiOfonb. 




Butt, n. (sroaHib, oi0d8s, <btd 
ooo; 2. (grg>rtnaj; 3. cftol; 4. cljcdIoOo 
croajlcssea'o; 5. <ftasra) , egg*, anggi , a 

CTO)° ; 6. S>QJ§ ; 7. ra^sl^ (Srmorab; 8. <3i 
0)<5)Qj£)crQ£>9A(Gtdi <2CD0§(f)«0fDnb g)ftf)<Ss 

cm <2oqj1so; 9. aflsroia aJlgj. b.-end 
^@^aj. b.s length ^aj^l^os . b.s 
and bounds ^oTbrins^cb. fullb. a«o 

<Sc9S)DOS. V. i. CO)2R)(ti> CgjilfCSa), (BTOQJGTO0 

oo)<93<a>, r5Taan5)g_j§1rol(93(0); 2. 0,sa>, a? 
But'ter, «. 6>QJsm, majcrflfoio. 

melted b. ajc^aTlnb s^an, a^an — , 

q^i f^o. b.-fly -af)(@oaejfgo, Q_iog_jof5raTl 

(2.). b.-milk ««jg>o, cgaofo . b.-tooth 

a20rag_jgj . b.-wife 6)CL)|m<B5)DfOraran, 
qqcto— . b.-fingered s>6><a><9» aj#><9«e4 
@g.ajab, CYtyflgpalgjoroiaQjrib. y. £. s>qj 
ornS-'Wffla^, s)s>ma_fift>g<&>. -y, n. &>oi 

QJ °' [cf$o(arc.). 

But'toek, ft. fST^croooo, jiiaon, a_j 

But'tOU (but'tn), n. 6>0o§ , atzDcb; 
2. <ft§<en , 'sojasKDob'; 3. Q0o§ , fo>a"i*. 

b.-hole <fli§«fl» @a, ay. to b.-hole, 
to hold by the b.-hole croocroortfi^ 

enjaiflig^laaA. b.S enjo^anorDob, ecu 
ajtanoronb. v. /.(up)<&i§<an)§<a>, <3Q<8ac9>. 
p. i. a^ssolcrflg^a, -y, a. <ft§<8» 6)cu 

Buttress, ??. <3§ gssnb, a^™^ aorab; 

2. (OUCSBaA, @6TT). y.£. !^^ U 5)d9jO§aa(9j, 
a^TD — ; 2. ra>063Qd3>, O\)aO00Bni9aa. 

Buxom, a. tofWgy^o a@a? <^oi£— ; 

2. S)S)sii(ts)cnjo-~ , S)cro*06Uio— , 6)cro'oa3 
cgjo — , rDcdO)((yarooao— , crotscroo.^io— . 
-ness, n. a@a«o; -ajQaa , oaaoTI, (gja-j 
oTlSaacaao. (gsu^_)crooao; a&jacro^aQ-io, 
ojlcscnoa— . 

Buy, v. f, fr. (bought, bought 

pr. bat) Q-f!6)eJ<B96>d3iO@g_a, — QJ06SQd3>, 

— 30sl<9a<9>; 2. <8on§a>, arD<xiJoan<&ac&>; 

3. fSYaajcQsOcyao raflro ojoss^&i. to b. off 
o)a)0§a5ira) sjaacojoasjgj^flggja. to b. 

OUt crojoaflafolcQQai; (aj.osjao^qg) 

o_Dffl(88<s>. to b. in @Q^§a>. to 
b. on credit aso ojoeoaa. -%x 9 n. 

cs^'anocu , aaoggcmcuab. 

BUZZ, V. t. & i. ^2.(8), QQBjOrOCyaSPjo 

ajoagj^aricBsa; 2. ac^ac^dftg^; y. 
aicropdBaa; 4. Q3jcaa6rrfta_io<a>; 5. a@&o 
qoi o_jfQ«^a. n. a£>BD0focj3S)cyo, ac^ 
ac/^&nrai), crojaogycuraraaocno. 

Buz zard (-zerd), n. ftcuggQ^aacco) , 
csc^mnb (2.)- 2. ig§oanb, o)ajo§n6, 003 

By, prep. & ac7. 'sro§s)a>>, <Brz>rtf)s)a, 
cro^Q-iajro) ; 2. ajtploa;oQQ71, ©rji^^l; 
3. <&>scrro, 9Df?i; 4. (ST^jrab, orgjcaTl, 6)<Qto 
6^ ; 5. qjI.oD, ajgrno; 6. (BTOas^aj, goS 

ajRfirt*; 7.igajocTOfoo, ^ejo. b. all means 

cttocoTl. b. and b. <g>S06m, (STD§ajnj)§ 
fOT3) ; aS5)0O, C8Ql)COo, o^s^oaiiilcc^o 
tgs^cnj. b. One's self cro-iao^o, «n 

orftaoa;. b. the b., b. the way q-j^ 
^nm, cLfiscvaaan^. day b. day e"lcn 
igajfoD, en o do (f>£ en oc)o. one b. one, 

piece b. piece aoSroonDocan, ©oo6)a2;o 
oocaocaD, s>aj<8QjS)o. to Come b. csTl 
sa, s)'>)aiajod0O(fli. to do b. siajraa 
0oqa, org)jiirzr)«es<3). to set b. QLTlej 
0foDas(a>, 6ru^aoarn<99c9). to stand 

b. gsmnrn^a. b.-gone, b.-past a 
uDsroo^'. b.-law ao-jnolcB;0o. b.-name 

0Q,(DO0o, a_Jf^ > lQOD(TD®g :: j<b. b.-path, 

b.-way aos Qjan. b.-place, b.-room 

crojaio^jcruoGjo. b. play 0Svi^csy@e_ a> 

a^. b.-speech gosaaov^l. b.-stander 

aiosrrf), crooaaTl. b.-street ©sqjIldI. 
b.-view crojo<5iosnno§o. b.-walk ctd_i 

ao^ensfarao. b.-WOfd 6)jtiog£, qj^i 
O6t2iio^ , Q-ifDloDooroo, crDcra. 

Bye, n. Q-j3fDOcefiiaio^o; 2. cuooro 
aroDajo, @Droljj_pso. good-b. croaioo, roo0 

rao0, Qjfos)§. b. election (&_j<8.toj<&> 

6) airDls^sroTOi^aJ . 





C, gDo^glcfti'gOcftlCBrtoGJ Q<T)DD06>aJTB> 

«rc>d9tftia>o. cu6Twmo. 8aj(5 : 'cnf)'. jd 

C, a. CQQ,, oaroio, 100, .jdOO. 

H. man ajsnglceGorarrb. 

"Ga-bal', «. (cgSoiDoousaoao; 2.0020; 
-3. <§(^o; 4. @02£Tg)6rno. v. £. ^<s><e> 
£j<smo<88<a>. =la, 72. (cgaiDCfcraocno. -ism, 
n. scooQjjOiaiDgjfeTaomo; larucciDaajDcroo. 
t=list, n. scooojjocaiDSteTaat). 

€ab'bage,n.(g§®oDo^°(j.) ; 2.<>>a» 

6oels)obo &>(6)cai. c. head 6)Q_joarDn6. 

"Gab'in, tt. 6>.aAo")ea;aj]s ; 2. <btoo; 

3. (d>g_jejo, <o»o0o. =i-net, n . (ftslsraiaflrob ; 

£@&0; CrD_ld9j0gy§o); 0(Qgn<TOiS; (BTDcfeo 

«D, ojaDjy oq_j§1. c.t council 0(®n 

crue, — croeoeayocoo. C.t-maker «f)g_jo 
uaortfi. C.t WOrk ojf)g_j a _j6Trf); uPlg^euGV 

"Gable, «. <fl)Ou, m^ro^ssQej' 
2. <9-,oan<anoa'<b; 3. ^SfsfccSnmj"). v. £. 
& I; jfrSr^aacmHcLiraro^ocno <sraco;<ei8<e>. 

-gram <9>Sf3b<9flaiTlQJr5T3)0O<Y)o. c.'s 

length c%oa)(&a-KO) 000 . to slip the 

C. <0-'OQJ Qjls®Q_IO<fl^; 0rDld9s<S). 

•Ca-ea'6, n. 6)<Qi06)<as>o tojtig) (b.). 
€ach'et (kash-a), n. qe, -n^oy. 
lettre de C. rooea^dlrtJxsaj&JCDo, rtnsaf) 

€ach-in-na'tion, n. aojoslgfirol, 

■Gac'kle, n. 6)<0>o<asT)ces>ari>; 2. qjocqjo 
§o. v. i. a_joo^<a>; 2. fiiajoglgflrtfl 
<ea<fl>; 3. croo<rooro'\pj saoroo <©)g.<0>. 
=kler, n. n_ion|nm <8<s>oiA 

€a-eog'ra-phy, n. -oflcoracaagyce&icoo. 

€ad, n.«s<9to), aojQ^n); 2. af)<fls>orcn. 

€a-das'tre, ='ter, n. crfiaj^onria, 

crfl&jo 5)S)o_j0oaa1. =tral, a. crflaioaj 
oau croosajouD^. c.l Survey erf) 

Gj0acu o . c.l map quso. 

€a-dav'er, rz. oaaio, oJlerno. -OUS, 
-H5, a. O3Qj(a_)oca0ocQ;, <8(a_)(3)((03aj<g@&, 

Cade, a. s)0K8(fls>o g)@&, gpsmaoo — . 

■Ca'dence, n. oTi^ a-j(o>cr>o; 2. q£)§ 
gjo 6)Qjg_jo, aosm^Qjonsasrao. 

"Ca-det, n. (oraaaeaab, §Dg.cpj0<0>a6* 
2. (STf^cxycuoSjocnfl, aj§oa&<SQjoco@,S0 

eofDnb ' [CTOA. 

Cae'sar (se'zer), n. -nKgjQjajraT), 6)S><3> 

•Ga'fe (kaf'fa), n. dfcfcpfcps^a.. 

■Gdge, W. @5°, Q-J6TS3«)o; 2. fO>SQj° 

tgcf), <s>ofoocpooo. c. of a stair o_isl 
cao. C.-work ©ocnflgjerrf), <bto 


€airn, w. ci_jipcq;<9>^o; 2. ^rai^ 

CJai'tiff, n. «J)Saj<Sjoron6; 2. (Hraro) 
c^nb; 3. crfljiinb, <a>c/aajn6. 

£Ja-jole', U. ^. (g6U^(a0a_jO6rai^ .ajraf) 
<es<S), 0§ o @^^,. =ler, n. 0§o^§l. 
-ment, ='ler-y, w. (gojargraf), ajcmo^o. 

€ake, n. <BTOg_jo, (mas, <8eot/a; 2. oil 

emiio, <9Ȥ. oil-c. oJIgroodBn , to have 

One's C. dough ajogyocrooculdanDSXO) 

€al'a-bash, n. ^jfoojggri (b.); 2. 
■Ga-lam'i-ty, ?i. (sr^ajOTa)', <0)^o, 

s . =l-tOUS, a. <sro)Q_j^j in rt>0oay, (Braa_i 
■Gal'a-mus, n. ^a><& (b.); 2. gaoj 
£5al-Ca're-0US, a. ^}g^3aay croo6aj 





2. crf)oq,a>. v. i. err^>0o<s>, orflQ,^. 
=ci-na'tion, n.eogldfrraemo, ngsojo^o. 

Cal'ci-trant, a. j^oS\^cm- 2.<g^o 

•Cal'{5u-late, ^.^. <&>6mc9s> @^<q>; 2. 

c/36rrf)<93<a>; 3. ailernaTltQQai, (T^ojlcBscQi; 

4. (STD)<3ejojin<e9<3>; 5. crfleEfl<ea<95, fD_afl 

<9s<0i. v.z". oa)6rra<Bi, <&6rnc9s50<9(8iS3: 2. 

ai2iejo oJiOc9>; 3. culaj0rofl<es<a>. =15,'- 
tiilg, a. <&>QD<05)°@scm; g)o_joea>o <srD) 
<3ejo_afl<aaam. =la'ti6n, ft- co6mcr>o, 
c&)6md^^ , , rrflcsuca'o, (Braoaaonoo; (a_)rof) 

cQftl, QjlxjJOrOo. 

•Cal'-Cu-luS, n. ^^jsg-j , (STDcgoTl 
(med-); 2. (^s.^ascoerolrtncry^o 


£!al'dron, n. araagO, <93§<9>o, oj§g.o. 

■Cal'e-fy, u. £. <maar)fqg)<a>; 2. ^so 

c9t8<&. i?.z. rof)(95>o<38<3>, ^so<&. =fae'tion, 

Cal'ends, ??. (/?/.) ©omoo ranayraT). 
Greek C. aoflteaejo QjfDOrtJT3)<froejo. =en- 
dar (-der), n. a_i6Bai3ocoo,, ^oejaTlajfOo 

■Cal'en-der, v. t. @6rrfi (M^lefi^ 

^laocrv)0o<08<a5. w. (goro^DCY)a\)ar^ocr\fi; 
2. gsTrDtsra^ ; 3. — 0laacro0o<9snDQja6. 

•Calf (kaf), 71. ^CTTO<Qj§1, a>S,ftp; 2. 

o®fra0(99§l, (ST^rn— , (0)O5mj.'Ogco— , <oo 
§1— , <aTl0locoej— ; 3. <frS-$yl<2(aTaof?s?>; 4. 
culaigl; 5. o^f^^fafcral; 6. ^a&oral), 
QJ6T£ (««.)• 

■Cal'i-ber, =bre, n. (sano&n&i&QTi 

siofoo qjoo2|§o, — jachcLDrr^oroo; 2. a 6 * 72 
c^sjs cugrno; 3. rserrflsiobo j3joog.Qj ; 

Cal'i-eo, n. ejojggqigisrrf), .nf)§l— . 

Cal-i-ga'tion, n. 0<OTsd>, ^s'bb. 
■Ca-lig'ra-phy, cal-lig'ra-phy (-fi), 

Cal-is-then'ies, n. c^oco;o0o, ej<^ 


-Ca'lix, see Calyx. 

Calk (kak), n. ajosi^<9«. v.£. jiio&t 

6>(frj|<Q), £n<@)06mo 6)QJ<B%<&> (nClllt.). 

■Call, v.t. qj)£)<b%&>; 2. cefiQsrrTl-^ 
Qja»(q§)<&>; 3. ®Ga.'ocoo(@s<0), croe— , ^ 

§najOSC^(9); 4. <2a_l* @3§<0>, — Qjl&l 

t936>; 5. afLaJortf)<9s<a>; 6. q_jo<Si; 7. (off) 
aTlgTl^rLJO^, aO0S3(bajlgnd9Sc&>; 8. a 

0(as6m(a®<3). to C. a bond (ST§)CJ030> 
(a-ja^oroo i^'Oi'Tii) 6)(Q)O§(©a6^0orr) csracflcu 

6)£t,o<§<9$£h (/.). to c. a party <s<s>os 

raTlctfTlfrf* QD383(baDan<ss<o» (L). to C. 

back 0Sc95Tl o£j)§(05d9>, (gSOjej^gJ^cqED&i. 

to c. down (cyoraifln&a^. to c. forth 

@.OJ Sea-' 0C/d1c99<9>, ^<SQjOC/Dlg_pc99<fi). tO 

C. in Q-Dang-pa9<s<9>; ^q_j(Scc;3COo crfl 

a^(&; aTi&^ ajfror^^. to c. names 

jiflforaojoaj, Qjoci!ricfigo6mo 6)^^. to 
C. Off &®aj<efing_p<a8<9>. to C. out ®-ai 
<©){oraTlmo qj)£)<b%<Q). to C. over 6ia 
GrooQamofSrBoomocQr! ffj^dogj^. to C. to 
account cro0ocuocr>o <S-oi3oan(es(&). to 

c. to mind aoaalce?^. to c. to order 
«aj§«». to c. to the bar aja^ 

<8ej0tocBTZn1ej0t95i<a). to C. up crn^a-D 
<Bsc&>; ajos;tSTancno ff>cuce®<05. C. to Wit- 
ness orooaaTlcQiOdBgai. v. i. qj)^)^ 

OJOiOj; 2. <SjdDSlc99(S), (ST3)aLlWj5)j_|§aj; 
3. 6)ji}ar> <&)t6nOcS5, OJCrrD — ; 4. 6>.aJgJ 

ajonb <&ig_pd9<8<ai, 5)jiigj<Q). to C. for <ST9) 
Qjc?>i0oc2;lrDlc9a<©i, ScusnilQjrDla); cur® 
c^ai, <2^Joel_2iajD65i§(e3. to C. on, 
to C. upon <fro6naoab 6^jiig4cS>; ot^qj 
(^ff>g_j§ai; (o_jofJixTii©s<9). to C. Out 
QLTla^d^ - 10 ^! ^3as<©>. n. CLT)§n» caai 
6mcr)o; 2. OLDa^crascyo, — ferasc^oa^ ; 3. 
{STgjajcyajo, CQO; 4. crflsca-ocoo; 5. @.®®)3 
coo, SQjaj; 6. croa3^ooo, (aroe^coamo; 
7. orn<a»raTl, oufol; 8. seaoeD, raTlroasx . 

at c, on c. s.nio8)«fl83au3cfc>. c.-boy 
Gcu&j<9s)oranb. c. of the house at® 

^1[ci_)ocq;o (BTooncaral). c. to the bar a» 
(Sslfijsejocotcusajuao. -ing, ?i. clTi. 




<&>g_im; <8(a.4®rt>a_i6mo, crflSCttiOCOo; <8a_j 

ajajrof), ©<SGjocoo, aw OQ_ioa)o. 

"Gal'lous, a. aroaTL^ <sa_joay, <0>§£_j 
«?@a; 2. <9>cT)cr>0oc&', QG&cengjOcoTa. -neSS, 
72. d^gjpgj ; ■&.<9ncyji^6rno, crDc^oassmio. 

"Gal'low, a. rtQQjG-rigjocBro), mcmaocoj; 
2. (o_)oca;5)0aji3)ocBTa), 6>.nJQc&>)cnocQ;. 

£5alm (kam), 72. rsTocodasxalgjoOTji, oao 
rro)fO), orooQjcooooo; 2. acn^oaoTl, (a_j 
croomro). «. nrf)aajej0ocoj; 2. croaocuo 
migga, aonsfSdOfiDOisalgjofOTO). u. ^. oaaH 

0_p<&8<3>; 2. (STDjOaJiaipQ.paaa). -/]w 

arf. d9>aj<9s)o @so5)^, crooajcooooSasTZDo 
6>S. -neSS, 72. cyaoarc»ro>, crooojcoocno; 
aTl(iC3)0o, crojcroQrm. r/ c ^ x 

"Gal'd-mel, n. rooroea^o, — tSigJfDo 
"Ca-lor'i^, n. a&i22>v<i<a{&\. Qcmo 

(£>«.)• ^al-or-if l€, «. (Oioojairoo (erg) 

ca>, £gpag3cr)<s>o— . 

-Ca-lotte', «a-l6te', n. srooayoel 
00* ©§cm 6><o)0g_p. to assume the 

C. a_io((31ea>o<X2/)fl»<S). 

€a-lum'ni-ate, v.t. & i. o®caa sml 
o_)o<9>, <sToQ-j(c^ran a_jfo«5©<&). =ni-a'ti6n, 

72. ad6rn, aifoa; ©ao^ioSroocusmo. 
*=ni-a't6r, 72. gceti^nb, S)5>oj(^ao,oao£Ln. 

= Dl-OUS, fl!. §c^On^ilOfDig@a, (BTOQJcfif) 

^^ftzl^^ ^- «al'um-ny, 72. a®<£a 
6rrD, <BToouQjiao. 

■Gal'va-ry, 72. cw&jcsoaosnso, qcoo^ajo 
tno<fl3<nm , <2cj2;^ (djboalrak cojocoaocoD arcf) 
^CTUDajo (/?/.). r <£h< 

Oalve (kav), y. £. (cuq^ etc.) 6>a_AC& 

Calx, 72. <fl5iZ0oc2;o, ^J|m^cnJ , , c%o • 

Ca'lyx, n. oaoajraf), Q^^c/Deo, 6nfle3 

<2<fr ' 0W5 ° <*•>• [g^eio. 

•Cam'brie, 72. oo£j ^smaggsrrf); 2. 

€ame, p. £. o/" €ome. 
Gam'el, 72. »^<s»o, g^o (^.). c- 
aird a=«a>o-jcaftfl (2.). c/s thorn a 

ans^sf) (b.). c. backed ^c©^. 
-6-pard ®§<&0on6, — gi@aV-, <&>^)(»>— 

€a-me'le-on, see Chameleon. 
€am'er-a, ?*. b»o, goH. c. obscura 

ja^oco;(2aj6ijrr)6)gj§a^o. in C. cro_j<a>o 
gyafljuorosm (/.). 

£!amp, n. o-joaoa-o; 2. arrora, o-ioglp 

So, fzncnj°; 3. a_jo&ca'a»o<b. C.-COt 

asc9na)§i<jA. c.-chair, c. stool 
-^scrooj. c.-fever o-j<&>ia_|crf). c- 
follower a-joacoj®aiej<9nofont). c. meet- 
ing 1 S)cua^cnjoaif)rsbs)aj_o4@s ejs^eojo 
raocooo. flying c. rofl(aj a _j§oao. to 

pitch a C. ^sofo0sn<aa<a>, o_joaco;o © 
O6og<a>. to Strike C. «naui^l«9a«fl>, o_jo 

"Gam-paign' (-pan'), n. 6)S)0<oioaoo; 

2. <3oJ0d35)g.o; 3. C%aUS50aJo; 4. C%(SDo; 
5. 6)(tftrtT)S)6TB19§ft_J (SdO^Jo. 

€am'phor, n. &>%a«>o (ch.). c. tree 

ajgljfDS^^sl (b.). C. Oil <^ak ro5)5ifmaajo. 

Malay c, c. of Borneo a-j^^gjrao. 

I.£»an, W. o_iocno_)0(fg)o, <ftSo; 2. 6>o_i 
§1, (STD^. y.;. fa)<95fDn_lO(ro)65agn<^) (6T§ 

<flsn6)cue99<fl). -'ned goods «j><&)rDo_)0ig> 

fiosgn^ ©s^cu^ 0oocroo ojtpo etc. 

-'is-ter, n. s)oj§), fffro^. 
11. Can, t7. f. fr. (could, could, pr. 

kud) cftyTlQ^.B,, ^%c9>, (o-^oa^cnoconro^ce® 
t9), oad&oTlc%6ngo<&., croccul<fi9dB>, oolajraraD 
co;o<&5, (SY3)<flic0>, a_io§6 r eo<aj, orna^oooigsreo 
«s>. C.-not but <s>-aJ<2|os)rm orTlajfOTZincszD 

£5a-nal', n. <Srmos°, jiiorat, «oqj°. c. 

lOCk -Q^olj , 06QU. [cLj^aaaOi . 

•Can'ard, 72. a5@&QjrDTa 00000, 6>ojs1, 

•Can'cel, v.t. -ojoqo (srayria2n§<a,; 

2. (BY3ip1(j9S OjO(OT3)0'<es<fl>; 3. <aTlQc98ifii, 

<ai(Brain<es>a<0>, 0o^ — ; 4. ^snj&J^q-j^flS© 
<9i, ariej6!jgco>, CY^crtng_p_pj<o>@.<s>. -la'tion, 
71. orfl&no, (wscaral); ^sajai^gj^fDTOifji. 





■Gan'cer, ^.6^)6^°, <^d95)So(2;.); 2 « *» 

<Bn\s<9>(bouS)(astr.); 3. rarosrijeo, <©>af)c)o 
(Biaro-aT), — ojojy (med.). -ate, v. i< (cy 

Can'did, a. 6>aj@e_; 2. ar-flgB^fiftio 
(St^co;, rrflcg^QjSo— , a_jro0ocoio0,@s_ . =di- 
date, n. @.®q^ocod(3id1, crDDD(Do> / aiin, qqj 
Qpaocnocaiifl; o_iafldQfiio(airfl; jD<80eoroab. 

Cail'dle, n. 6)0tp<ft(oTlrtn, <Sca>orBTon 

aH; 2. seajotons^oao. c.-holder afl 
a«flm° ^o§n, cruooccon. not worth the 

C. oro^ujomcnrarinrroeio^o oQ&jal^otsra. 
C.-Stick ^0^(Dran('Dlda5)orab,Qjla<9« rtnsng . 

Can'dour, =dor, n. ^cusna, ys&S); 

2. o_jro0D(5iDo, crDg^dafiao, crfkzaooajo. 

Can'dy, n. <&><&, sngo; 2. rflsocaT); 3. 
<©>6n§l, eorDo, gp_rtaa_jfO) rg>ejoo. v.t. o_j 

•Cane, n. j^oxA^ g&, aos, <sajy>o; 
2. a>rtncn] > ; 3. cu^l. v.t. ^ro^Siaiospg 
<8ia^)<9a<0>; 2. — ?d§(0>, — S)0se%<9>. C. 

mill <&)foloaj jd&ft . 

Ca-nlne', ca-ni'nal, a. ^cto^qj^ 

<arariart>s>aj§. c. appetite 6)o_iaaaafloo). 
C. madness saajec&o, <8QjcY»oQr)Gu):fiao. 
C. tooth Aajg-jg)*, ^^nbajgj', ^02 
ob — . 

Can'ker, n. q^6irr>o, a^^fi (med.); 
2. tBT35T^eo; 3. oDcfiao, ajy, oj^cSscora ; 
4. <Q1roflro.s9g.aaJ c^octTl; 5. <e>osa-iarfl 
crfl«b ffjjiisl (b.). v. t. ajgnooaaai, a-jy> 

foTlcnO<S); 2. (3<0»S QJC03tf22)<S) ? <sro^<au0o 

<S9<a>. u. i. GaD^ <So_jo<9j, faroycefl — ; 

2. ancBaQ6ir€3d9>;a^(mer)(B8(9>. =kered,a- 

cy6m«a-j§; eracryoa; cage., -y, a. q^J 
fpp — ; <3ga3_i©oQJo-. -OUS, a. <Hroy> 
<e<om, (of)arroce>g.o%<Tn. 

Can'ni-bal, rc.*(^6>a<srancrrf), <r>a> 

asoefl, aoodcfio— ; 2. cro-jegorafteoocro 
(^Oocroeeg®. -ism, n. aoacMj aoocroseoBQ 
mo; (d.rofO), ©g^ito), rooceaiaro eocuo. 

Can'non, «. oJlro©Tls<ara)o<9n , ojefl 
osu<2(a\0(Qsi , <&>ogo — . -ade, n. o-f\a>&h\ 

-er, n. oJ^roaaflcyscaogr). v. £. & i. oil 
raaaD^cusl 6)ojce<8<9), 6>cu^)s>Q_i_n\ cnuS\ 

Can'ny, -ean'nie, a. tso-iocao &@&; 

2. croo0(3^o— ; 3. nry^gpo— ; 4. 6>cro<D 
0J0OC2;; 5. 0icro)c/3<6/ang)fla. no C. orfl 

Ca-n5e' (-nu') n. £>fl8Qj<e, <s^D6rrfl. 

Cail'on, n. aoloo;0o, '^oqgtji'; 2. afl 
oajoa\)(Q_^0D6rr)o; 3. croeo-aJ§o; 4. crom 
SOjaaruoacTlta), — o^rr^^o; 5.«6njDCJO<a» 

s^cf^ab. -i-eal, <2. ^=4is>aJ§, (o_jo 

0Q6irr>j0oeQ;. c.l books orDrtrhSojaajfr^ 
•fi'o. c.l sins an^ooofOocomig^ejocQ/ 

0qOOQ_JOO_J65BcX). -l-€alS, U. (pi.) «60J3 

coa>jii0C2/o. -ist, n. orogoco02c/ao(rrcp. 

-ise, v, t. aj6mjQJ3a003<fi5nOTan<68aj. 
-i-sa'tion, 72. Q-J6mjOjoa<*ino<fj5irtA, aj6m; 
ajoacniDonoo. -ry, -ship, n. ssojoco 


£5an'6-py, n. <S<zejo^, qjI^oooo, 

<80<an§). c. of heaven (smoeoj^o, <Gr§ 

«9>oo805muejo. [rtxg@&. 

£Ja-n6'r0US, a. «0a6)0Ofara), 0cyaro_i 

€ailt, fl. 0OSo, (^GJ; 2. <2<9)06Tlt); 3. 
jai^TiOJ ; 4. rjȤ , jiiaTl^ ; 5. OOOSifrO-I 
fDo; 6. (^)O0jo; 7. QJOC/3 So&oTl, cOjO-JS— ; 

8. aroj^scgjigocfia; 9. q_j§— , <btoq_j— ; 

10. SfiJfiJo. V.t. -alOCaTldDscai; 2. Q_j§iSDcfl3 

aroocroorjri(e8c9>; 3. onoSjCrojfDfsraD^— ; 
4. easoTlsoajo cns^<es<S); 5. Qjlajocnos^o 

■Can-teen', w. ojscaoan^a^s eaaiojo 

(Q)o, auoacojasraftaaj 0a. aTi^aycruDaJo. 

Can'ter, n. AfaDra^rrTOo; 2. ea; 
<©in6; 3. <©)Q_jse<eo)ab. v.t. & i. <qko)\ 
(og>&} (Scucoo msi^ifti, cro ojD^D 6)^^,1. 

Can'thus, n. (eracuoocoo, «a)6D0 ej. 

Can'ti-ele, w. Qjaiciojo^', sjsjaoj 

^foO— ; 2. (j9/.) rarow.ajraacol.'wajtTa 
<9io (Bl.)\ 3. crua^raizncno (Chr.). 




Oan'tle, -Gant'let, n. israooao, soodo. 

€an't6, n. o-iQ^o, (8T3@^ooa;o, c^oro, 


Can'ton, n. tBraooao, qo)(S.) ; 2. qjo 
c/ao, OTO0,eoca;o; 3. (a_i<2e</oo, ^oe^cBs) . 
-ment, fl. S)6)axioOjQJ0O"Ooocnfoo, a_j§og. 


€anVas, rc. fo^^cfclaj, ro§, <aD 
(OTOionb; 2. ^n^fBraegjeflonogig. fsros^n 

gJ0ro(^6Trn, QJ£J— ; 3. .af)(rg)3fiJ61J0O— ; 
4. •ftg-jgjocori; 5. email ; 6. jiD^o. a. 

-Can'vass, n. nr^d9gp o-jrolisoaocJOcT); 

2. rtJlc95>o, Q-iOGo; 3. OTOfSOO-lcaSSmo; 4. 

.af)§ aTlsojoaogg. ojf^l^ao. v. £. & i. 
(BT3;a)06TnTa) <sooo<sg<&>; 2. ajoel<98c&>, (er^i 
<8eLiDjiri<9s<fi}; 3. (for) <aT)sQJoab aurol^ 

-Ca0Ut'ch0U€ (ku'chuk), n. <Srt» of) 
(jco 0fOQ_joa, 'osny<b'. 

•Gap, ft. s>ra>0g_p, tfOODnos)rBTaog_p; 2. 
^<9ic)oisocoo; 3. (0>£jQjn6; 4. ojsrnaao, 
ajceooo; 5. a_iejra)foo ^sejomV ; 6. <8o_jo 
rafl<s>, fwej^jeja); 7. (SrtnoasflQnbo) ro?l 

6)fOT3)0g_p, '®<aaL^'. c. in hand qj6yt> 
cen<scaT3)3^s. to set one's c. af)^ 
fO)_io (Q_)cya3Tran<ssca>. to set one's c. for 

ClDQJOaDORJlQo (OV)<2\<9§<Bi. V. t. S>OJ)0g_p 
@a=<ft., ^sT)— ; 2. ijns)(&)(Bsa>; 3. ajoil 
«es<&>; 4. scaioeflgjoaa^; 5. qQ)<&\<s@ 
&)\^&>\ 6. croacr^ a^-TsraTlayod&aaK 

•Ga'pa-ble, a. sajoascm, (o_}Dajpqj 

gg; 2. o_joqg)0ocay; 3. crooexa^iggg.. 
=bil'i-ty, n. «aacaD, asyHoj ; 6ioj©xyiaa 

Ca-pac'i-ty, ft. <2<0)OcX>, <btos<9«>o; 2. 

CulrrkPgri^rO), @DSo; 3. (J£)a06moac&*aT); 

4. (©osrrf), (o-joci^p, <2<svoco^as)- t 5. orflaj, 
GroojcroD, a«ejocoo, ojscu). =ci6us 
(-shus), a. annr^ofoo(SY9ica;, cueDa-jo^^g, 
@So— ; eryflAJIajlscLKfbo— , <0>oc£j<86njo 
toe— . =ci6as-ness, «. aTloaoejfO); croo 
0(Oi^o. =ci-tiite, v. t. <8oa/oc£.0:<e® 
a>, <8oa<ftf!ea>o<eg<0>, o-JO(®0Oc©3<9>. 

€ap'a-pe, ^ap'a-pie, ad. feto^isjfao 

§ tgslScjDoao, OOQJOanfiUonTOo, CTOQ^CoCOo. 

■Ga-par'i-son, n. <fl^fanra<2<9lJ)0gj , , rsw 

oajoajaaoDfoo; 2. <80ds1qj((TOo. t;. £. ai 
ajflroaa <3«fi>ogJl§(a>; 2. ,o)0cdj<0>. 

€^6,72.^00,^0001^(^0^.); 2. a 


■Ga'per, w. .oio§o, @@gn<95>gT), cprarao. 
to cut a c. @@aias)a^t9s<95. u. £. _aio 

■Gap'il-lar-y, rc- Scftoaor^c&flroo; 2. 

<2<0>OaO<0>OfDrO)g3), — OOOOJOl, OTOc9ffcrt><0O) 

ojoodlorD (an.), a. igslooo* 3<uos)ej 
q%@@, crydagpaoe©, cr^cftflroqea. C. 

attraction s^c^o^caasmo (pA.). 

•Gap'i-tal, w. rDoeacooorD, (cycoooooo 
corDo, (Sr^cruDooo— , (^ejoruDoooo; 2. 3 
<o>rab, !^gjcjoooo; 3.cuGncQ; (8TD<fifiafOo (gr.) ; 

4. GQ_J0(aDce5, fT^o/gO(^)o; 5. <BTOO3^}eJ<0>O 

ijo; 6. <8re@^oca?o. to live on one's 

C. cgrtDrtArancnortjfltesc&t «. «i>&J«flsga; 
2. 0^6rn<Sco;ocOj0oca;. C. punishment 
0fO6rr>c^ltafia; 3. (o_}cooooo (ST^ce;, oD 
soacaao— . -ist, w. i^rmejc^l, cuooldSaof). 
-ly, ad. Q6£\o (St^obT), QjlSoaaaao— , a 
a5i3)0o—; (a_)06m®jaf9eo— . -ness, n. 

6)6)QJu£)c%a o, (cyDCJUOOO^C. "llSe, V./. 

ej (jo 00 (SsD a5Tafl d9s <©) . 

■Gap'i-tol, W. (8l@SfiJOjiloo06mua_io. 

dap-i-ta'tidll, n. (eT3)6)a5)c2;grof3l>, 
«Q)O6)oocfi^0Ofol; 2. anojajflf). 

€a-pit'u-late, v. t. crocrun<e8<9>, 
oolfomoajrola); 2. o\3a\i51oongr^ca«jTari 

=la'ti6n, n. rara(aojoo2;aroo(££>aOo; cnDrruTl 
oolsmca'o; o^g^^Q^o^das)^. 

•Ga'pon, n. onslg-p^ a^Qjob®<e>oyn. 

■Ga-price', n. aaisirrn^asooocin^o 
roo, a.tnooDoA, ^iooj^jo. =prici'dus 
(-prish'us), a. (aio®aa)ocrrD^Jo @@g, mo 
yr)<a><9» 000GJ 6qj(§jJV-, ^J6aiiajisoajo— . 

€ap'ri-corn (-kam), w. 0<&a> o , 0<a> 
foroooal (astr.). 




£!ap'si-eum, n. ga^, a-joasD^a^ , 

■Gap-Size', v.t. 0ol<63<e», 6>rf)j>&: 
V- 1. 0ol6toT^3a_JOc0>, (SjanLrig— . 

Cap'sule, n. a'o^acoo scrgoSiQj 
<&%cm a_jo(g)o (ch.); 2. enfleae^ooao, 

GfOlOs" (6.); 3. (BTQSg-j'ige. 

-Cap'tain, n. o_)Scooco/<Q>nb, od«noafl 
o_\ab (mil.); 2. <0>o^rt&(a_}0osrnl, Qcrvo 
o_ifoD, 'a>g_pcaro)onk', 00240! (naut.); 3. 
caieuojab. -ship, ft. c^djjojjoaroo. 

£5ap-ta'ti6n, n. earorosTBamaioodaea; 
2. 0Snoaaoro^_io. 

£»ap r tion, n. arooSdaaiajo, <e3Q%<9rt>n; 

2. o-TIsIcstzdo, «nsGu ; 3. (5TD'3LUjOce;ra)ajQjo 
.nA<9>o. ='ti6llS (-shiis), a. 6>ra>oo a_jlsl 
<9qod, (fl3§t9«@.@a; Qjlojosaalejo — , (a_) 
<ro^8=Pado<* (cyo&oouo— . ='ti6us-ly, 

«rf. @. ci -> ( QcLi<9>^aoc2ri. ='tious-ness, 

It. (ST^Scflfiao-loalejo. 

■Gap'ture, n. a-D^anao, <sroi\?\cnQo 
<anrat>, raraajciDoroo; 2. 03nooroLD(aJOaJP; 

3. (a_)0a^ cua^, (ftaj^. u. t. aS\s\<&a 
<a>, aj'-yao (ey^ag^, <S)fDcruDo— . ='tor, 
n. Q-DslcSaGmajab, euiauaooc&aarnajnb. 
='ti-vate, v. t. 6w&ocn3<92<a>, cro joafl 

ODo— ; (UOcflrtjfc— , <S0J>QOng_p(99<fi>. =ti- 

Va'tidn, n. 6QJcru)ar>o; rgYas°l0S>a_]=yco7B)rz*; 
Qjui)<&>o>6rr>o. =tive, n. c^faosiuaunb; 
ojc^l^.innb, asonoogwnb. =tiv'i-ty, n. 

■Caput, n. rtnaj; 2. (S^cfig/Socoo. 
€ar, n. ajensl, «rtn«b, (oflojo^l. c. 

of a balloon 6>a_i§a>o, tflTOocfiiri). 

€ar'a-blne, ear'bine, n. s>.oiq«<ow 
<©5i . =bin-eer', n. a3taflfOQ_jsa^oa~). 
€»ar'a-eole, n. cuasroi^ ajas^ a^ 

Qom ®c&>oajsrrfl. 

£5ar'at, n. roconjcrgcaao; 2. Qa-jocrn' 
0000 , (o^jucrojsr^o 24 0000'). 

Oar'a-vail, n. ^(©(d^so, crosouoro 
<fisio<b. -sar-y, n. cro(Q)o, aj^lco/Oijejo. 

€ar'a-way-seed, n. ^auafisiaftaaio. 

€aVbon, n. ^«H, (sraocooroo (en.). 
=b5-na r ce6us, a. raraocooraas croo6rucnu 
<gga,— crooc^(e^0oca;. =nate, >*. rBTaocoo 
rocgajojsrno (c£.). =nif er-OUS, a. <btoo 

C03fo<9iGTOoQ^fl9Ya)0 (ST^CQ;, (BTOoC03roe3o— . 

-l-sati6n, n. <9>r6~)a»r3i;, eoomo. -i{> 
acid <BTOocoDroo@o, (maocoorDogojo^ (en.)- 
-ade, n. g)g9aajig§>n3(or)o (win.). 

"Gar'bun-ole, n. 0o6rrfla>jo, ojrfia. 
raooso, og^— (min.)\ 2. roosa^oa, (o_j 
<S0oOd9®^8 (med.). 

Carcass, n. oaojo; 2. gcouaCLio; 3. 

(SGoOo; 4. (Sodcftalo^. 

€ard, ?z. ^sH^^sajo^ ; 2. jjfl§ , 
nr>Q,<9a ; 3. ajroaa^o. c. board o_iej 
.sxensajo^ . on the C.S crcosc^zo 
catn , cYTicauc2;0occ;'m . playing 1 C.S 
<Bi&)<B%cm&asw) , — jifl§ . visiting 1 c. 

jifloj<a). to have the c.s in one's 
own hands oods^ooljocojo o^^QLjaa 
<g«n§ 0<a >. to play one's c.s well c^ 

caoDscoiD^s (a_)ajfnron<9sta). to show 

one's c.s <9i^)^o(sro>o<o^^. to speak 

by the C. onKmzvQcGKnws a_jo<3). 

£5ar 'da-mom, n. o^aio (b.). c. seed 

Q^ajfot^foi (6.). 

€ar'di-a, n. qqb^suo (an.); 2. (SY3)0d 
oacaoi^o (an.). =a€, a. aQ3e2;aroo6aj 
cau0oca;, oTjac^caranom^ccro), fo<era)3elcro 

rt) 6YD Qu (liJ (Si ODJ . 

•GaVdi-nal, a. (a^coomo tsr^co;, <S(^) 

tfigo— , afiodl^o— . c. numbers croo 
6^,, ©oD «>6^ ig^ejooa; ogjgmo (ar.). 
c. points -ai@§l(B» . c. virtues all 

<SQu<Qio oOjOayo 0lca>o ffJSiCO^o saorD aTicyal 
c^^simsoQcXj. n. nJog-jDCLn^nbo airrofl 

CTOSOoCOo; aJOgJOCLDoJCO <Q)t/l_2jOf3i> Sroa 

0croeoans)ai Qjaflcs^craoocrn, (oraauicflfii 

(cyajfDnb (/?. C.). c. red co^ ^jojaj* 


"Gdre, n. @.i-5ra)fDCLioa<2 6ajocoo, jiil 
aa):(feajo; 2. <2m3§o, Q_jaTla_joajcoo, ®0rsb 

an.a)0rt>o; 3. (C^aU, CT^Bgpo. U. J. ClTl 




.oJ0rt>6)g_j <§<&,, (o^lca^o g3Qj)d9<8<&). tak^ 

C. of ^cQfifldas^. take C- <Ty3£tflc9!g<Si. 
C. for ari-ajoro5)g_|=j<&), (Q-pcQ/^g-j^iSi, 
aDejo)aj(99d95. c. worn -aflawoAaiigga. 
-'ful, a. ^TlcTa)^@g, aD-aiofao— ; ecroo — , 
eaoi^Q-oKScuongnm; aryi}gpo g>@£, (c/epfUJ— . 
be C.l -airoaflo^o. -'ful-ly, ad. eaoi^o 

«J1®ca05)S. -'flll-neSS, U. CT^£gpo, jaifO 
rt»0. -'leSS, a. ^nCTC)D(ftGJo (jDgJOOTa); 

roaoo; crf)q£p.aiora£OQjo a@S, 6Qj(3AjgL_jo 
s —; (graanoLD0DOQ;,(Smo§C5lgjo(aKn. -'leSS- 
ness, A. cryrflgpsiflfts', ^(Sa_i(Qai. 

■Ga-reer', n. eo§<9s>ao; 2. aosloa 

gfto; 3. ao§o, oal(oe)^); 4. (a_)Ojt5T3n, 00 

Sg_j , eflcuDOjaruD. v. i. ra>jro>'O)0ocQn 

Ga-ress', n. ejoaono, rmosejoGJo; 2. 

-Ca'ret, a. afl^><aaol, s^y— , ( . ) 
oQcm crasca-oao. [(naw/.). 

GaVgo, w. afis^raan ; 2. s^qj 
■Gar'i-oa-ture, a. cin^^^ajo, aoo 

Ga'ri-es, n. a@g^as))^ sraocno (med.) . 
:='ri-6us, a. eoD^, txj^csrannm. 

"Gark, ft. <3:uQjajc(Jifi, .nflcrwo^ejo. 

U. t. & I. QjToJorDS^Cycft., (Sr^CJlfiaJSnsl 

Gari, {Jarle, n. raiodasoraab, <sajo<3>. 

^D(ora»ajn6. rcusrno. 

x»ar mine, rc. (S^erajojg-j , m^asem 

■Car-min'a-tive, a. ojoc^oooc/sd^o 

■Carnage, n. oaojo, oilffrno; 2. croo 
aojroo, (sraciajej, siajroaakej, cnoaao. 

"CaVnal, a. S3aD2>ea;e>oce>, oflcmcacro 
caraHaga, <0>o<aajl<&orDo— ; 2. ©ej^aDAo 

«T2)CC;; 3. 03ocrpga« — , (<fhrO(q)Q%g3 . c. 

knowledge asocoo. -i-ty, >i. §3020 

aoo, ©3ojd(Soqjo. -ly, «d. saajoWaoair), 

"Gar-na'tion, n. aooauojsmo. 
GaVni-val, n . cn)3oo)3<aKs<3)oejoao 

-Gar-niv'6-ra, rc. (/?/.) aoocro^oav) 

gco65BcX>. =o-rous,a. aaojo (oflcnoan, 
0oocrcs«fifiQ5rr)0DC%@a ; 2. aoocrumooaa* 
0oca. -'nos-i-ty, ;i. a-ioejgfjfl, <srortf) 


Garol, 7i. OJ0§, <SCT^O(Q)Cnlf^o, OJO 

GjSo^d.^0. f. i. & i. ajroDas^; 2. q_jo 
^1 arc ® cto d caTl <&g <a> . 

Ga-rouse', w. <aeja_)oao s^oejoooejo. 
v.£. & i. £hs\^&&\<£&£t>. -rou-sal, n. 

2>e> a_J0<2m0f3TOQJo. 

Garp, v. t. & i. eagjpdBaA; 2. (at) 6)^ 

OO oJlslcfiScQ), (ftOOo CLjOifli. -er, 11. <SfQ 

Gar'pen-ter, n. (&>z2iDan6, (BrgjoaoaD, 

oao((T^o; fw^; arojysrrfl. 

GaVpet, n. njfoajfaioorD, fDcsnasxTLPl 
fiOi c.-knight (T\jfflj((ylcBjnb, e 5 !^. 
be on the c. f9T9)<sejo^n ; ^Qj^i<S), <&o 
6mo<a>. c.-bagca»o(g)a\}6T22n. c. -monger 

jin^ajsojioajof^l; a\6inca'nb, d&oig^ab. 
y. /. <9icnjlanojlfDla9a). r/ fl?z \ 

"GaVpUS, n. 06TTn<flnSre o , — 6TUn\Uo 

£»ar r ri-on, n. j^smycmQcm Qtoud 
OJo; 2. arfiggDrarrb. 

Gar'rot, n. ©asaj<&)t&nsP65Q (^?.). 
■Gar'ry, v. t. ^jaorro^^oo^^cLjoca), <^) 

§fDT^ — , QJolflcSStQ); 2. <20L_)cf)5)<Qa36 r »g O anS 

cOsa), co(£l6n"Tlca/OcanrDl<03<fb; 3. aiS(^<Q), 
(gjg^d&sosngso-jota), a_risl_oi6^<0ioong — - 

4. (@S — ; 5. aoodl^OJifig^, ajtfxegS), Sjii 

c8s^; 6. crfls«S); 7. eacoDdaacOj, (a^oQ-Tlaa 
<si; 8. 6ruej0ocon 6)5^(&)Qjoa0o<e3<fli; 9. a 
enstxfli, <0iosrr>las(Ss; 10. (reflex) cins<8a<3>, 

6^o_jfroeioQcd). to c. all before one <o> 
scruD^0D<©5i(3^o 93con<fi9(fi>. to c. arms 
o-iss^^o sini^. to c. away ®q_jo 

<s^oa» {naut.)' y Gro)ogjn<sga>, Qjo^l^fol 

(©3(Q>, ^fwodl^dha^. to c. coals ^l 




6rgc6)(tn f5TDoj0ocx)o croacflceeeej . to C. 

coals to Newcastle cuson«e« agj* 

€><&>&&>. tO C. Off 6)<&>06ngS)a_]D(g^g.<&>; 

aD§faran5)<fl5)06ng(<a); 0rt>6rn<a>ort>6rr> 
0ooqfl«s<0). to C. on ajaiDg-pcflaa), en 
S«S®<9). to C. Out ajocara S)<s>osng 
©a_io<&>; 6>jii^aj, orf)c^iadl<9®<8>; crooafl 
g_p«fl8«o>. to C. through on§aul<ab 

«SQ(fl); ren)6><0>c98<0>. to C. up ^c&oq,^, 
'a-i6rrf)ag<0>. to C. weight ^j,0S)s§<9q 

to c. all aracu(B> ojsnsl. to c tale q® 

ce36rrD(95)0^n6. v. 2. s>«a>s>§§<9i8<0>; 2. (cy 
3. fo^ej^ajoaons^o^^. tO C. Oil c§rt>s 

eoojo &06tiri)cm<B>. -carriage (kar'ij), 

n. iijas j a>S(aiO)rob; aurora (gjafl; qjo 

aOmo, Qj6n£lj fns fcl 1 eoaj °? 6)Q_JfD30O 
OOo; <BYOCTdc£QD<Do. C.e hOrSe QJ«ngl 

dBa.-aDfo. -car'ri-er, n. gtfnrtb; Q<a>§ 
«sioran6. C.r-pigeon (Hrost2ijrai>(aj|oaj J , 

letter-c.r fBrastaj^ofonb. -ry-ing, n. 

■Cart, n. -aja§ cusnf), ^afl— , 0i§— . 
C-wright ajsnfl^rmajnb. c.-load 
©as ajsngHcfla ^ .ajracSs) . toput, 

getj or set the c. before the horse (srg> 

Qjo «uoSca'6ng(a) ojipHsxa; ajo<S). -age, 

ft. CU<5r^1conral)<0) l 32;Oo"i6)c9s>D6r@ (Sa-J0<S)fal); 

Qjsng^l^efl. u. £. Qjff^leQTl.irt) (9»ca;ocfl 

6)(flS)0S^<2a_)0<3). t?, f. ajSnglg-JOTrT) tonl^. 

Carte' blanche (-biansh), n. ©gjao 
(@)o gD§ 6)qjq,o <&>sejo$u , (STa<2ejQja_)(@o; 
2. crTl^daaio(^rnlCQUca;o; 3. (Bra<tjf)rolgjo 

(CTZ» (SYadJldfoOfOo. 

£arte'de-vi-site, roo0<scooa;a-j(@o, 
CaYtel, n. <x$&ueM&osi«i qjIso«s>o 

§g_}oo©@@. ^scnjsl (mil.); 2. a_io3JC%(au 
<efii6rn<x)o, c.-ship croraundDng-j'Bl). 

CaYtil-age, n. ©ajoarool, ^ji^o 

(««.). =ti-lag-i-nous, =gi-nous, a. 

@.a-JOcruDloroo6nj ou>0oca;. 

■CaVton, w. ro^l^ <0>sgjo^ u . 
£Jar-toon , ,w.-ori(2)0o^ C 9>; 2. .oTi^o; 

3. a_jrtf)aDocrD(if03a-io. 

■Gar-touch (-tush'), cartridge 

(-trij), n. 6)OJ^]am)a> • 2. <&)orooff>g_j§^j 
3. ajlroaanc^sng^gjgl; 4.a_iseB;o5fl<9g@& 
caJO(®oOBQjoao_j((g)o. ball C. asngroranro. 
blank C. ftojoc&ricsTanro. c. box <0>ort>o 

Car'un-ele, -un-eu-la, n. ^spcoj , 
■Carve, v.t. -aTi^o <5)<a)0(3g)a>; 2. ^ 

ol^ a_i<Sic9s<fi), 6aoaOrolS)ii)(^6)cft,0§<95j<Si; 

3. (gol<ss<fii; 4. croauoa1<95j<9>; 5. crf)02fl 
<9s<fi>. v. i. c/a}gjg_j6rrf) ag)§<9a<fl>, s><a>o 

«JT3> OJffrnl— ; 2. SOjaTl^ §DO_£p (STOfO) 

stokj a_ia3(e9(a). -er, ft. oalg_p, ouo^o 
6>jjj<s^0oocroo (gcfl_^ Q-iaiceacmajnb; qj 
ollca/ aJl^gDg&ajraT). ^arv'ing, ft. oalgj 

Cas-eade', n. (srarracift, (BTOcraajlca-oo , 

I. Case, n. &o, ^sH; 2. Qo_i§n; 3. 

<&, 6)Q_j§lcx2ri(^ 6)CJJiSS(05; 2. (Sraiora?) @.rol 
<ssc9i. C.-knife oJl^oa&fCTBn, (ST3)C%cju 
(flwroroD. -casing, 7i. oocoDsrafc; @.o; 

jj§o. ^a'sings, n. (pi.) awn«fl«»-ii3«T> 


II. Case, n t GCBOCOo, aoa, (BYDgc^o; 2. 
(OTOQJCrUO, <S)0^Jc^ CrOoCOtjO; 3. jaDsSTlflJTO 

conaflfDlaamDcunb; 4, c^ojaooroo (L); 
5. an@<aofl (^r.)- all a C. q®cco)oqqm 
ejo o^gjoo aas<so_joff>ej. a hard C. 6^S)qj 
cQ30jo; ooamo<Q>of5T3)ajnb. in any C. a® 
orcooe&oejo, o^sool^msjcaafclejo. in c, 
in C. that (srossal^cncaiocszjorab, o^orro qj 
afi<anrtd>, ojcaaio, o^aaDral). in good C. 
6)cro<o^<2fatao5)S. to put a C. oQcno 

cLn^io«r!(95j<9j, croasjg^asis*. c. harden- 
ed QD_(6)an a^ B <^3<flsnca ; ; 6nj/S!J")Q%a-j<2a 
c/3o 6)<&>oGng aoej^gjOfura), (SaocaKaraD^ 




■Cash, n. fiueaono, issmjoofoo, n-J6rr> 
6)o_jsf!; 2.6)00(95)0, ^aiglcanfo^gj ; 3. 6)00 
c9y>o aDej; 4. 6>occesiCLnejc9a@g. <j^^iiPlg : J , . 

ready c. 6>oo<9s>o, ooa>«n . c. account 

aJ6YT!<a»simfl96> . c. book ooocXjcuiplcQs) 
6rr><eo '. c.-keep'er, =shier, ft. sueaoon 
asiorarrf), esmjDoral. v>t. o-Tlej 6)oo<9sio 
6)<0>o§d35j<&>, o_iomo 0oq<9>; g.<2eiOCD(o7Bf) 
raloolano o6 s )ce<sn<as>a<&>. 

■Cash'mere, «. ^ocglrarocgajo; 2. arcs 

qjcSi <fraijn&n<gS)6rn). c. shawl <20(nrn) 
roo crooGJ-io. 

■Ca-Sl'no, ft. 6)-qJo1c2;qj)s ; 2. ®COJ0 
cooaoej, <9>gT)£jo; 3. jj)£&§£)- 

Cask, «. alla-j; 2. (casque) oalro 

(croo; ^ej<Sc05)orol<a); 3. <sraa. -'et, ft. 


fBTo^., 6)-oJQ-j . 

■Casque, see under Cask. 

■Cas'S0€k, ft. crf)aiGB;adn; 2. <36tuocjo 

Cast, i>. £. iVd («ast, -cast) ogoiosg 

<9>, jjJ0§<9>; 2. <3000<9sj<9>; 3. (OOQtflfl, _af) 
§ ) ©§<9>; 4. rtn@gfloHn§<9>; 5. 0_105<2<SiO 
(03<9>; 6. 6)<a)Oyn_2jtQ5a<0>, a^fol — , g>g--p 

&n<9>y$1<9a<9); 7. jiioo<a>aJ6si§<^; 8. ojo 
©^y^culce®^; 9. QjlyP <9>; 10- ^QjaXojo 
f0)§)c9(8<9>, 6>aja^CLlOt95j<fl); 11. -aJ0K$E)(fl>, 
CTV50olp<B8<d), Q^gXl^ 6)(9jO§cea(9j; 12. Off) 

«esTlasg.<S); 13. G06rrilc9sj<9>, <9,6rn<9« (g^s 
«&; 14. <erg)<8PJo_afl<9(8<9>, ^)(rofl0l«e5i<a); 

15. CfclcftBac&> g_p99<9>, <2SOc&10OC2f) Qj}(Jlfl 
c9Q<9>; 16. £5@<95)0OCaDfal(93^; 17. rofl^ 
6>£_j§«g3)<9) ; 18. (SaJSoOo) OJ0c9sj<9>; 19. 

Golasuoan^ «a>o§(95j<9>. to c. a horo- 
scope S30fa><9)o coerrTlcSe^). to C an 

animal aon^^A. to c. aside «n^n 
<9s)a<9). to c. a shoe ejoso aj)6ira«o_io<a>. 
to c. away ooc^yl^^a^, auH^— , 
£8a_)<a&f)^— ; 6)o_ioan^— . to c. by 
-ajo^l— . to c. down fl»oip/V- , e8 6in 

g_p«98a». to C. forth a-jorara)o<9ac9>. 

to c. in one's lot with 0S)oookboj 

6)nbo nn t }6lli§8 6Uoa^<^)cX3<95) , a-jafco^ca'ss^l 

^b<9.. to c. in one's teeth cer^Sdoai 

o_!D(95j<9). to C. off <SY5)£r<9ff>g)<9i; a^ 

6tot^-, aT)|— . to c. one's self on 
or upon tfioeoBo oJly>a>. to C. out 
ajoa5T3)0(95na5)a<9); (a_)ar$oan<99<9). to 
C the lead (sr^o <2ooo<9a<9> (naut.). 
to c. the water ^(®o o_irtfl«oaoufl 

<9s<fr (med.). to C. up 6><fr§ ffln-Aoaofl 

(95}c9>; <9>6TOc9s) @S<9>; -nrd§l<9a<9>. v.i> 

.a^6ngef)§<ft; 2. (8r®sajojin«9s<9>, eafo^jp 

<9sj<3>; 3. <S)6m<9a (g}S<9>; 4. QJCg_J ^^j 
00(9.; 5. .nj9 6BT3l<2g_jO<9>; 6. _ord§!(98<9>. 
71. o^O ; 2. a3)ol6OT©O\>0CJOaOo; 3. §fOo; 

4. (o_i<9Tls) £ra9§fljb, ((©ocro) 0on(9arak; 

5. <0)fDo, (SOODjO; 6. jagJgH); 7. 0fiJo; 

8. Q-io^-p, 9. (sroj^taD; 10. ma^; 11. 3 
eueoQjo; 12. -nraocaj; 13. o^ooo; 14. <sono 

§o; 15. OOOao, <93tFf3b; 16. OOOGJ oS\S\ 

j& 6)S)<&>; 17. ao-jo^o. a c. of the 
eye (s^oe&gn^ . the last c. <a§<95> 

6)foTZ» 6>5)c9>. -'a-Way, Ct> O"f)m}OfO0OCO', 

^a_j(ScQ;cco0l^oajra). ft. <Sig_]rab 6)ajogTI 
«5i§ ^saTlral) (ST9)Cojqjo6; ^icaojab; (gc^anb. 
C. iron jiflno^sH, g.f^(95) > lrDlcnJ , . -ing, 
n. QJejaflaad); OJOglj ; OJOgJ Q-jS^oJ 

aaJial. cgnetoil^ojaj. c.g^ voice, 

C.g VOte ro?)(zaoaoois)(a_)oc2;o. 

Caste, ?2. eaofof), Q-)|^ } <9j&jo. c. 
Custom saoftjTlaijoe, sao^ojajcroo. low 
C. orfliiieaofon, orflro— , ra>o6m— . high C 
arak^d^a— , a^^rn— . loss of C. saotoTl 
(g^ . to lose C e30(oTl<2a_\oa), — (fta<9>. 

•Gas'ta-net, n. ao^asr^oao. [ Q0 ^, 
Cas'tel-lan, w. s^og^a-job, «sns>^ 

-Gas'ti-gate, u. ^. <Bro^lc9s<9>, oaltsaO 

<95j(9>; 2. (ST0;<Sd9Qia-n<98<9j; 3. .-oTlfra^aj. 

^a'tion, n. fflro^l, esmuooo; oaocrooo; 
foTlasccT^fab. =ga-t6r, w. c/iDc9m<9>nt>. . 

■Cas'tle (kes'sl), n. <3<9>0§, 6)c9>0(OTa)ao; 
2. (BTOfD0OO; 3. (BTDttUOfif); 4. (jaJ@fOoCOo) 

<s.^<b. c. in the air, c. in Spain 0<sooo 

roosaio, cofooo<9jcrg0o. [6)§srn. 

■Gas'tor-oil, n. <8rQQJ6m6)<9ngg, 6)&>o 

Cas'trate, v. t. as<9s<9), Ag-jo^ldBa 

<9>, <9>orab taTQQ,<9(8?0), — 6)c93§<9), cy^a36rno 





nrf)(9a<a>, cfi36mjDroo<©9<03; 2. tsraojaidOfii 

6tdo orfla9<a>, (stqctos^o— . =tra'tion, 

"Cas'u-al. a. ^oban^iofjTiasiofDra), (sy§) 
a>a^la>03 3Z;. -ly, ad. cag^^o. -ty, 

tt. 6)a_j§mo@g OTOoeoJo; {STOa_j<0>So, 0fO 
6TDO. =U-ist, W* (JO20DCU0aaD3QJ<Sn. 

=U-is-try, ??. — ajlsaj^nnQjlaj. 

■Cat, n. o^, oos^oranb (£.); to 
let the c. out of the bag croja^o 

6>aia'WBra>3«fla<0>. wild C. ®o_iD^5ion6. 

civet c. 6)0o». pole c. <9>@g[gmi. c.- 

gut QjlsmcSfflaiTl. C.-like a^g-josl 
gporjn. -ling, n. a^ass); aflernao 
onfl. c.'s-eye ««» rocoDo (min.). c- 
eyed ©raslral) ca>5rrac9536rranT). c/s-paw 
gDga&soo ; 5)aj0§rorr6; eJCfDo. C.- 

o'nine-tails e>autxT)y>.nie2i§n. c.-nap 
-Cat'a-elysm, n. saej(a_)aa»o; 2. <sn> 
-Cat'a-comb (-kom), ?z. oaucpoo, 

cqwocy)-. [Qjo«no(w^.)- 

"Cat'a-lep-sy, ra. 2.^9033^0, croanrfl 

€at'a-16gue (-log), w. qj§1<9>, (sra 
-Cat'a-ma-ran, n. &&>£ a^o; 2.foDra 

g-Jo; 3. jii65I33So; 4. (Si&JaO&yorDcnrcO, 

Cat-a-me'ni-a, rc. (/?/.) g^n^onDo, 
Cat'a-plasm, w. <s&jo-jo, aio^^ai? 

£5at'a-pult, W. 6)^oooa^QJl^ , , svai 

Cat'a-ract, ??. <BTOf»aj\ af1io§o; 

2. raflalfosraocoo, yi^o, ousejo (med.). 

Ca-tiirrh' (ka-tar'), rc. crflrtTlodfcio, 
eaejssofiao, s>ftnort>§j. (med.). 

Ca-tas'tr6-phe (-&')> n. a_jrtf!ajrara>m 

CrCoSCUo, (5T3O>.0a_Jf5K» , 2laO0Qj\as(m» ;2. 

crcaoajP; 3. (§<o>&jajrtTlajcaYarno (gtol.). 

Catch (kach), (caught, 

Caught, pr. kat) o_jl^l<Ssfl>, ojlaldin^ 

<9),-@§a);2.<ft§(99^; 3. <Stf)C)o<6gtf>, ,3,3 

6rra<Q), g9(£glai;<2GO3.airt>03<aj, (£/)aolcE3aca>- 

4. (oflgJOQai; 5. QJaalAfjTlcegdDj; 6. 6)S)<Q) 
Qjaa0Oc9s<a); 7. a_i<S)rtsa>, ajraano aJlsltSs 

<&>; 8. c0j6ng , _. 9. ogjRj®^. to c. fire <ofl 

g_p^l<ss<ai. to C. it (ffrosTtaaogga., c/aocro 

cn«n^«9>- to c. one's eye ^'aucnTI-ab 

6)a_j§ca). to C. One up cuseoTlcai) a>^rn 

8_JO<8>. tO C. Up Q-Tl^)^ O-JOQtf). 

V.t. iQi^6SB)(SQj^0 &>', 2. 6><3>Dg.tf23)<S>, <ft§ 

«sg«e>; 3. aj6>fl8<a>. to C. at Q-Tl^lg-jDnb 
<^o)z]&n&^ a®cE£<9i. to c. up with ao 

S~l aQ)Qg8<3>. ft. a_f)^)(0T3)o; 2. ©(©O^COTa)' ; 

3. o_ifaTlcxin«ng_j ; 4. o_j§0(otDio; 5. 0imo 
n_i=f(9s>ral>; 6. (Srg;e3a2;o; 7. (S^ao-D^cso; 

8. (pi.) fO)6rajo; 9. aaeia.afio3u. c. -penny 

6)6)ajgn«uoQnT) qj)Q). C.-WOrd &o) 
ajoan . 

Cat-e-chet'i-eal (-ket'i-), a. <s.oio 

«9j3C3T«>)rt>0o:Bj. = chi-sa'ti6n, n. S-niDSSjO 

(OT3)fOQ_lOOo, 6Til33ajOQ_J®90ao. =ChlSe, 

u.^. (BjjoSQjOOJTaroo «a>ipn<9s<9). =ehi3m, 

W. <8jaJ03Qj3rnT3)rt>o, <SOJ®QDO_J3ec/3 <SjiJo 

eejocataraajfr^fljo. =ehist, n. @.a_j3aaaa> 

nb, ao_j«soai. =€hu'men,w. ^lott oo-Tl 

0D3^oa_»c2eoacLJOon, (^3003(0101 (Chr.). 

£5at'e-gOr-y, n. cuaxai)a})cLi ,rtft(a>jo, 
ajlcaac2;3CT9(^a6mo; 2. roiroo, cucno, cruxD 
< oTl. =gor-i-6al, «. o-ieofninsaQ^osm 
<roo6njcaoo tgYgicxy; rrD^gaOo— , crflgg^-afiao 
anno — , aroQ3aj<9>o — , craolfoo — , grq^o— . 
=gor-i-eal-ly, ad. 'onij-Br^caTI, c^ 
<d«»o— , <aTZ>nn.aroo60JCTU3zngj3 5)-jn. 

Cat-e'na, R. croocjuoocrD6tmi32;o, oTl 
cfiaca<^)o6ijaj. =nar-y, «. c^osiiajs^-on 
cs^gg. w. (g)o6uaj3iii3Q_j3ro6u (geotii.). 

■Ci'ter, v.t. (Sdafturno o<9jo§(9s*; 2. 
Sd9fi3i63ratb crooertTl^ ff>a>o§dBsaj; 3. (for, 
to) orooigsrosracXj «onegpoo<sa<e>. C.-COUSin 
eocstoal. -er, ?i. orooe.ra'lascmQjnb. 
-er-ess, »• crooefolasomajcb. 

€at'er-pil-lar (-ler), n. &ml\£\ 




•Ca'ter-waul, v.i. (o^aj) ^ro^<^, cu 

"Cites, n. (pi.) (ScOfosmo-iaocaiDajBcX), 
aTluifl^oaOoroo. [(w»«/.). 

■Ca-thar'tic, w. cuH<s;oj^s)cryo*ttcjoo 

■Ga-the'dral, n. (ST3<i^jc9flas>s)3ajoaj 
cao, (a^coDcn— , QjaOca; a-iggT) (C/ir.). 

"Cath'6-lie, «. oroocuorobTno <sra>car, 
2. crDg^fiaio — , g>eoro snjf^lfl 3$ gg; 3. <2oo 
<acroeocruo6aj(TLC2)oca.'. c. Epistles <saj 

crooia^aosmlcSanmcLint). =lic-i-ty, €a- 
thol'i-cism, n. 0000000^, ^eofDisocuo, 
ajlaajD(TocrojD(^!^rg) o; (gTlar^ ocrf)0oco 
(a_)0D6mo; sooaa^o, — arceoajlaajDcroo. 
■Gat'tle, ft. <e>crrac9ioe_n, ter^saos , 

(scoocoono. c.-louse si^i@a (2;.). c- 

pound <SY2)aj. c.-show tfbcrrodfcoarL^cro). 

■Caucus, n. r&oe3jc&>ogyocaio0oc2; (o_) 

eaocros, v.t. croi2(@§<a>. [ejag.. 

Cau'dal, a. ajorsk<xoo6ajcru)2ocaj, qjo 

Ca\ll, 71. fOiajQJGJ; 2. 6)S)CT)~ ; 3. fO) 

gnf)b99S6):3r3)oar!, corbsojc^cno. 

Caul'i-flower (-flowr), ^. o^gcooqj . 

"Cause, ft. ca>oro6mo, c8qd@, crfla") 
«jkj)o, crooco-oD, sg-jcnraTl, g)a_jocu~); 2. <ora 

f^jOCQ^o, C^QJoOorOo; 3. <fi>00gjo, Q-Tlj^C&io; 

4. ojcoaio, qjoqo, [cyzoemo. to make 
Common C. with <a>o<3pcoiDo scansf) 

<SSc3>. V. t. OOoODtjf) CUfiSf^a:, (SqO@ 

ajocoTlrtflas^; 2. g>g cuo (»«<&>, ^engoag.^; 
3. crooa51gL ; p<03 ! Q 1 . -'less, a. crD_ica;o(§ 
QJ0C&); <9)0(Q6nit2)g£0cva), cyLDOQjlejgg.. 

-'way, n. ons, ajfocnj . ^aus'al, «. Goo 
@<&o ter^ca;, <fi>o«>5mo— . -eau-sal'i-ty, n. 
(Soo^rmjo. -eaus'al-ly, ad- <&>of06m(g> 
0(o_)c9>ofoo. -cau'sa'tion, h. cOiorosmo, 
<2ao@. -cau'sa-tive, a. (Saogajocon^n 

(03CTD, crooeculg_pcei3 cm. n. <&>oro6rr>ojo 

•ail (gr.). C.e verb SaOgs^ca; (#r.). 

€5aus'tie, n. aftsoroo, cfroroo, '<0iorvfl 

<&>' (med.). a. dEboroiggg, ^o_io@an<s«cm; 

2. <d»cf)ar)o (5T3)C2;, a-jaflaoocroo — , aiGjgDrm 
(a_io<9» ). 

■Cau'ter, n. ^§ amoral), q-j^q-P^ §st 

O°l0GLl . -lSe, V.t. J3^s"6)vXl(fl(8<Si, CUfO— . 
-y, n. -a^S 6>OJo95)fZjl), QajDggfltfflrab, cftBiO 
«>(cysc2;ocoo; aj^-sia^rolau , cQ&iorDo. 

"Gau'tion (ka/shun), n. <S)asa>f3l), cry 
cflgpo, cro<B:rx}<eai; 2. @.Og_j°, C^6m3Q0.-£Qo. S3O0JO. v.t. er^^n^a-jsawf)^oas?)^'^^^. ='tious (-shus), 
a. S30(fj>a> &@g, ^smij— , ctdoqjcjuo 

(Do—, b tiOUS-ly ; aci?. 5)2S)^, Q_j^5)(fl«. 
^tiOUS-neSS, >/. -aJfOrmo, (^n6t&)^Sra>f?A. 

■Gav'al-eade, h. <fl3foDfOQ : Jo{a_^Q t ear) 


€av-a-lier' (-ier'), n. &<i£\(o%±s<m 

aH; 2. aosoiD; 3. oflfonb. ='al-ry, ti. 
axaDfOgjs, — sojejo. 

■Give, -eav'ern, n. c^ao, odqdj^o, 

0S; 2. a_l@g, a}<sr§ . y. 2 ". ^oOCa)]f2* 
ouOeSstQi; 2. (in) (tno6nQ<Sajo<&, ; 3. (in) 

"CiVe-at, w. crnSfoocOAgjcnoSa-jcQfti 

(/.); 2. CLTlSfOOCJOOSl^-jOCao. 

€a , ven-dish, yi. <fl»§lgj«s,oanej. 

■Gav'il, n. alvmojoojoao, §nr^<6s)o; 2. 

CyLDOCSdafiflOJo. V. I. 6)QJQ,5)(IS) (G) SsTlcSSdBj , 

<ST3)®daeaaLjl<9s<a>. -er, -ler, «. f^o^asf), 
§ ro o eg (©fa a_i c& ab . 

£!av'i-ty, ^. ^o_io@a, ao§, <&</l. 

"GaW (ka), n. (SjOtQnanfO^rd). v. i. <a>0 

€a-yenne'pep-per, w. ^g_ja*^a^°, 

cuoaaTl— , <©)OCTO)ofDl— . 
• Cease, v.i. feTacucroocrflfi9<si, a§«jg 
<fli, to?lf®<&, erf) cno 3 o_)0(&>, QlT1§(S5; 2. © 
gjO<^j)0<S), Sa-ioroo^iO) Qjrold9>. v. t. crfl 
(Ci2)a>, 0(Oilca;od9(8<d>. -'less, a- gosaTlso 
Cora), (o?lfODiOTa>, crDfDoro^otsrgxa;, nrflmo-, 

Cede, v. t. an§ o 6)<9>o§<8«j(0>, Q^feTi 

Ceil (sel), v. t. ot§1§<0>, cuoajdfc, (BK> 
§o«<a)S«0). -'in?, ?J. 0^1 , 'STOso. 





Cel'a-ture, n. 6><&>or5raS , a-j6rrf), 6)<&,o 

Cel'e-brate, v.t. af)rarafi<9a<Q>, aj<S) 

^<a>; 2. Sa^iocaricse^, cft.^l<es(0j. =bra'- 
tion, n- crgrofl, ^3°^; (sr^xs^oceao, (s% 
jiiofOo. =ted, a. aT)(C^ra)mocfi;, <Sa_i<b 
<3a_>oar>. =bri-6us, a. aflnsralQqjefi, <y% 
<ofl5>g_]§, s)jaicra{)6)<ft.o«ng. ce-leb'ri-ty, 

n. (SflforaTl, (wj'aO, cefltoroftaoab. 

Ce-ler'i-ty, n. sojcora), ^s^jiif^^jo. 

Ce-lest'ial (-'y al )> n. croj^ajocnf); 
2. jif)onc95>oronb. «. croj^lcao (srgjea;, 
elcijio— ; 2. <srgi<0>oua<Drz>nejg£. c. city 
crcj^|lcQ;cQj«saa8Gjo. c. empire -nflro 

Cel'i-ba-cy, w. 160^00^^0, aDajocio 

Cell, fl. 6)xil(S)CQJ (BTOO; 2. (TydBgpfO 
CTU)o; 3. (STO)(j£3)0o ; 4. ODoD. =lar, ft- 

crf)ejco;o, <s>sngo. -'u-lar, a. (btooq%@&, 


Cel'si-tude, ft. jaauroo, a^am^o. 

Ce-ment', w. <oi00ocn;(^§ (c^.)? c*- 1 ^? 

QJ^o; 2. ajlfiJO<aran<9820OCB)o; 3. 6QJ 

o , u 

(TLDo, 5)(9j§ . U. f. S)<Q>6T&) gD=jc&>, <&)02O 

C2>o — , <Sjg v )0aTl<93<&>, OTOo<SCB;O0flg_p(9Sc9j. 

v. i. <a>ea°)rol> (2.nias<9j, ajocf)QBf)rtfi(98«9». 

cem-en-ta'tion,??. sxaGmflsflA, ajiaaoco/o 
Cem'e-ter-y, n. cgoaomcrunGjo, — <§ 

Cen'6-blte, n. 0oojoo\f), crcnrhocnf). 

Cen'6-taph (-taf),^. n^rosmjifiafDo. 
Cen'ser, w. cyQ-j<a.Gjc/do, — gsocf), 

Cen'sor, n. (g)cnjQa-jfzf)<2uaocJO<fro6; 

2. (ST3)(SdaaiaJ<9)nb; 3. 6)«DOO cSjSng' q_j1 

sn^omainf). =ri-al, =ri-6us, a. or^jiio 

fDQJfDl®aaO(JOOOCrOo6njaU)0OC2/; fSTg)3c9£fl 

ajrocroigeg ; (srg)®ceaia_f!c9aaT). =ri-OUS- 
nesSj n. (ST§<3<flftia_icrujisoajo; ^6rn<seo 


Cen'sure, n. ^gj, (srais)(a_)ooB;o; 
(ST3>Scefiia_io, aaocroao; Qjoc/35rru)o. v.t. 
(gT3(Sl(a^oc2/S)g_j5ai; <srDj<2ca!ftia_na9f9>, c/bd 

crcf)(&3<3), <sjooo8-j§k^<qj. =sur-a-ble, 

a. (St9)(Sdaaio.j(a)fDo ter^ec;. [6mcr)o. 

Cen'sus, n. 1 <q>o<2ot)cbq2io(o)\ mcnco 
Cent, w. o§o , cvarmo. ^tage, n. a§ 
ooncnoi^ afW. =ten-a'ri-an, rc. o§q 
Qjeo^gg ojnb. ='ten-ar-y, n. a§o a_fl 
^l_2jra) ; o^ooosng; oartno<26njo(STOQJo. 
=ten'ni-al, a. a§ooo5ng° crooenjcnol^; 
osfOiQJoaiorRnrai^g^; a§o Qjcg;cro0g» 
=tes'i-mal,«. c^^ooaaziaay. ft. qgoolrtk 

aon . ='tu-ple, a. c%tf)ng\. cen-tu'ri- 

al, a. c@oooens crooaajcmfUj. cen'tu- 
ry, n. o§ooosn§ 5 oatmosn^o; o^o. ceil- 

tu'ri-an, w. cafmocuna_jo6, 03^00/1^06. 
Cen'ti-pede, Cen'ti-ped, n. q-j^ 

Cen'tre (-'ter), cen'ter, n. <zf^o, 
cn§ ; 2. ©d^^o (geom.). c. of gravity 

srn— (p/i.)- C. Of oscillation ourtf)<g 

06TD— , ist^snaoa^— • c. of percus- 
sion (SY3)Q^io^ — . v.t. <8<ft(Qg(ora*)fab sjqj 
c98<©j, m^aTld) — ; 2. <TO0oaOrtf*<ea(&>, 
acmocan <Sji3<SQt&, o^csflAfDltas^. v.i. 
6SajT3)(Ti§ajlnA ^aD(9a«a); 2. ®(TrD(S)m <er§ 
(c^cor)_M rrD^cft), ^s'lffJdSftog^daj. =tral, 
a. ®<fr^o"Do6iQjau)0oGB;, no^aTlfzA a@&; 
«<sj^9o— ; <ro(2grt>o— . =tral-ly, «C?. 
<so^j, m^ojlrafi). =tral r i-ty, n. 0©^(tqd1 
«jT), <2&>{£q — =tral-i-sa r ti6n,«. anmo 

<SsDfaTafl<e5)fal); aQ<B>o(j3)cnzo<anah. titrie, 

=tri--eal, a. 0<s©^jO%@g, <8<&>(cq0oo%@&. 
=tri-cal-ness, =tric'i-ty, n. <2&<gQ 
cfuokjfl, 00^,—. =trifu-gal, a. <b<s> 

(Qg^oco oatafoTlq^gg, <2<0j(jigoa_jCO0OO0O 
aw. C.l force s^igg^OGOr/aa&rtJn, S<0) 
(g3OQ_iOD0m— , gr^aa- (ph.). =trip'e- 
tal f a. <?<93ig9o<Q)(ftj6rr)(5@a, <&&>igQ0(f\tD 
0j0ocxy. c.l force eAiogoAciieYnadceoD, 
<3<&>(gg— , 0O^o^lco0^— • (ph.). 




Ceph'a-lal-£y, n. itnaiscuann, — <Soo3 
cu, — <ss(5T0) (med.). 

Cere, v.t. 6>ay> go§<a>, — s^dasa). 
c. cloth 6)2)^<93c/a}ej, — @6rrTl. ce'rate, 

n. a\f)<e\0(2caio, sejoLjmo {med.). 

Ce're-ftl, «• a}oanjCrDo6njau>aoca>; 
2. (/)Z.) onajcuomjo. 

Cer'e-brum, n. ^ajs^ofc, an^qgjjo, 
<scooeo (an.)- =bral, a. rwajs^oft croo 
©qjctuTI^. c.l letter QfUJoojo (gr.). 

Cer'e-mon-y, n. orooqQjorao, coiaao, 

^pCQ); 2. (ST2)jil0roo, g)Q_J_alO(Oo. IlOt tO 
Stand Oil C. <STg>-a)0<2rt>0a_J.nJ0rDo (@S0S)3n 

(s>ajfK0oQ<si), @6rntQ5)2ioc32n. =mo'ni-al, 
a. <8t5)jaio«>croo6njau)0oa^. «.— crflc&ao, 
jiiS65i3 . =md'ni-0US, a. croocn^orDcro 
dOlfOio (8Y§)CQ;; ©rgj-aioraci^qlio— ; (2GJ0 

Cer'tain, a. aolcsuc&o <eirO)CBJ, gaioo— , 
crflggooacojo — ; 2. (oflj^gj^, cruolrao 
<eY5>Qoj; 3. cucr^rov- ; 4. ^Sg_joc>o peg, 

fOf)§o — , Crfl(95il(^S0f5I3); 5. 6>S)<0><&)6ng; 
6. CTflCSUCoTl^J; 7. o^S)(O)0 6&(03, 6Jf03, .nflaj. 

for C, of a C. orflasUGBaoctin. -ly, ad. 
fofl^c&ocan. -ty, ft. crflcsyca/o, rof)^}, 
(^<e^n. of a C.y crf)c®jcQj0DCBn. =ti- 
ttide, w. g.og.J', m)(m\(sjo. 

Cer'ti-fy, v.t. &oa_p_^ ojoa; 2. 

rrflc@jco;o ojrtsqgBdh, croodafi3i6)Q_j§(^(9>. 
=tif-i-€ate, n. crood9fcjo_j(g)o; ©roaj; cro 

nD«n. sale c.e<sejGJcroaT)fa?(Z.). share 
c.e »oaorDla_j(fg)o (com.)- succession 

C.e arol^ajonoo <ft)5o o_n^lg_jocra@@_ wra 
ofl<9>oroa_j(gj)o, ajl^sij 'crDdflarflScfla 

oo '(/.). medical c.e s)S)ojejcrooda^j 


Ce-rule', a. crflejajg^gs. =li-an, 

Cer-u'men, n. a-oig-p, 6>-aiculg_p 

Cess, w. qjoTI, aflAfrfl; 2. jgraaoj . 
v.t. crfl<e}-o)l«<d»^(e>, — .njoqjpjd^. p-.f. 
crfl<q&fl>, af)§«e». =sa'ti6n, ra. crTicolaaA, 
<eroajcroonoo, <cflgLj\ c.n of arms <N&* 

&]crcnrun. = si6n, rc. croaysmo, a_j«n 
(^jccoo, cruza-aT)^ OAo^d^rai. -'ment, 
«. crflaj'of). 

Cess'pool, «. ^a-jassr^', -aigTi^^. 
Chafe, n. arooj , j^s , ©$ao; 2. <o> 

tp^'aii, «fO)0ocr)o; 3. 6>a>Cfca_j > , ®otw»»o, 

<2<3>0a_lo. y.f. £iplc^<3>; 2. (BTOCTOoO^ 

^aJ^QED'S', SQJ^jO OiGXQSSfr, (^<£cfig_p 

<flasi; 3. fmtp<a3(9>. v.i. g>rt»03<s>, 
<3#<a>, <8fO)6ra^ i Sajo t a,; 2. (g<ftf)a#<fli, oil 
0a\$ao @.«rgo<9>, <2(g)Ccoo— . =fer, n. <bto 
a\>aDjS)Q_]§«3®cTr>ajrit>; 6>aj@ao <ej0^cm 


Chaff, w.Q-jfoTl*, ^al, gaa^l. v.t.&i. 

«B9<S>. £='fer, 72. ©OOfOo GaJOcSa^OfOClb. 

='fy, a. gaa^oopj; crooroan^o^ro). 

Chaffer, V.i. a_noac^<a), o_no3<ft<S); 
2. 6)QjQ,S)(a) croocrooral<es(ej. u.^. ^)C2; 
afl(g,QQ;o 6^-a^J 2. c/asnDS)jii^<9i. -er, 
n. Q-DcyaAcmojob; Qjlaja_jo<3y(Tr>ajnb. 

Cha-grm', w. acueaio, ^aiQaJ', 

§(^<o>. t?. z . aDzalc^o s«j)oarro<9>. 

Chain, ?l. -aiSOOeJ, @SfO*; 2. 6)l9l§ , , 

6ajcnD.T)o; 3. ajrol, crDro, aoej, s^srrTl; 
4. <5raacu jLi«5Baj; 5. ojooj (m\). C. 

bridge ^anajoaio. c. gang* jojssEai 

•e5)0(TS6)S @§o. U. t. -al60T3fiJ<Ssf|cp<9>; 2. 

(srasnacaiocSsdaj; 3. g>og_p^ <2jaj<es<Qj; 4. 
c^og_p<fl9<a>. -'less, a. ^scruDalgjoisra); 

Chair, w. <3><2<roej; 2. (sr^cronoo, oil 
Oo, mo^oefl; 3. croooooo; 4. ^rrocroDD 

OOo; 5.(TOlSDm0CQ)d9>fa)Jo; 6.aa» CUDaOmo. 

to put into the C. aoSDanoLQmje&aaj. 
to take the C. ousofuronaDocarifDlasa). 

c.-man (ma^ocruoonb. c.-manship cro 
eoonocad^fwjo. c. days ajoau<^j<S)oajo. 

Chaise (shaz), n. ra6n§ jij^gga <s» 

(oTlroojerril; 2. cross? oigh£). 

Chal'dron, see Caldron. 




Chal'icc, n. ajomo_jo®)o ; 2. faOr®Qj 
roraoy Q_jDmQ_io(g)o, qjIc^Ojj— . 

Chalk (cbak), n. c05f^^^J|rooolJ , , cola 
o§o (rnin.). by a long C. o-jej0S«5B . 
C.-line §D r o : sja§'3l>. u. £. ^5rn3a}J6)<3>D 
er^ (srascaog.0^§^; 2. .njgrosau cua^ 
§<&>•, 3. 6>Qjgg_pag<0>. to C- OUt <a>o 
6rrTl_^Q<S5 0§as(d). -'y, a. SKUjacare), .aj 

Challenge, w. aftacuoeo, acu^ 

QjlgTl, ^<3@&o', ejcra-jQ^iaoafinsrncno; 
2. (srg)oro(Tr)Sj3joe|0 (mil.); 3. (srg)<3casi 
o-Jo. r. t. ©ajoralorro aT!&n<93<9>, a Jcra_i 
e^&ucaroflaTo— , croeocoomc <8.aA3elc9a<e>, 

O^cenralcesa), raXSggO ciJO<9>; 2. (8TOQJ 
<&>3W>o — ; 3. So_l(b <2rA0B\<B2<fh, <BiC>)cU0&S)' 

o_iocaTlas<9> (mil.); 4. QJlsroocjuo q_jo<Qj . 

Cham'ber, ?i. 03&l<a>(gcn, <tdj<&>o 

gy— , aj^lcao; 2. (p/.) CLn^roflc&o; 3. 
(ST2)a\iDonD06mjDQ_jo; 4. cream: , ores* 
5. fBtoo, g>@a°; 6. (pi.) (ergjSGJo^icn^ol, 
(a-jc^foraTiauDGjo. c. of commerce ojo 

cLjO('Ot9io^®mj^i(&a\)e. c. council 
orD_ia30cgp2ejo.aja->— . C. Counsel <sro 
el^cca^Qjces?!^. c.-fellow acrrfl.gj too 
0<rol(93(Tr>ajab. c. hanging" jaTi©fOTalro 

^l&j. c. lye ^(®o. c. pot, c. vessel 

sg^^ajuao. c. practice <srai3l(a_)302;aj 
(9nlf3{>(ci_4(ijiSTan. tO Sit at C.S QjlaDai 

(yasraTlcSsA. -lain, n. c/aeaanstoltaortf); 
&j633cn(cy0o6rrf). -Iain-ship, n. a_j§§Tl 
c2;o(aJ(^faTDTl. C.-maid <&>6r§Q<Qr7). 

£!ha-me'le-on, h. ©sera, ,of)c0>cTrf), 

Cham'ois (sh^m'wa or sha-moi'), n. 


6>jiiQ,0onb, Qjotfgcoo (Z.); 2. g§.ai02io. 
Champ, v. t. i. <disl<93<s>, _niQj<aa<a>, 

Cham-paign' (sham-pan'), ra. o-irog-J' 

Cham'pi-on, n. ©caoauooj , o-iras^j 

ac/asafl; 2. o-jdasaQjoel, a_jaf),g)0oim<9infc>; 

3. culranb, (a_)cijl6ri-)nb. -ess, n. fsra^ 
eij(nr^l. -ship, n. (o_)aj)srr>w_io. 

Chance, n. o_Tlaf), orogc^o, <3ca;o 
coo, ^ajcBDQejyccra) ; 2. im^d^cm^aroo 

(§QJo, (TOoCO-aD; 3. CrOoSaj.OQJCTOQ, an 

ssuo, (sraad^ejo; 4. orcosa.iiC06Yrrifa)o 
(math.). by C. cagajcao, ^^eajscxyo 
cood>, eocvDjQjoaoral). to have a C. rt»rt>o 
ojrtfi<a>. C.-COmer cag ^J cao Q^roraTls; 
ojnb, fgrasjoco^nfe. c. game eofA^gH- 
the last C. ©§<S5)S>rora> onroo, o^<d>o(c^>'H;o. 

the main c. ^^oojerorao, crojsoiao. 
to mind one's c.s ^ano Gonocosri (o_iaj 

(DraDte®^. y. i. croo<SQjlc99<Q>, g) 6"g3c9>, 

a®«%5)<Q>, CUrtfl<0>, <fiT)S(&). U. £. £2}OrflOS# 

ras>§ Q^crro e^Qj^ s^jaj^a ; 2. <2cnaf)=7c0>, 

Chan'cel, w. secuoajc^faronaA e^grn 
f5taTls)aT)an@Dcooj 2. ron^sajfcraiovPo-floo 
S@g.croDejo (Chr.). C table ^^sqj 

Chan'cel-16r, n. (o^cooaoanjocQjDcon 
q_jo6; 2. rQDra,cu^zcro(gDm3LDnb. C. of 

the exchequer 'eo^o^z^]. c. of 
the university croQii^&iocfcoejocJifi 
q-koTI. lord high c. of England n^o 

cfi/oaJlo-jos^QcrorDnfe; roo^.^eajfola.ioaj 
<e>nb. -ship, w. fsras^crorafw-io, (btosu. 

Chan'cer-y, w. (o-jcoonnrn^ocacroDa 
aoo; 2. oDo<JJoro6rnan,oca;<2<e>3S<of!; 3. 
croocjuofoernnnj ocao. 

Chan-de-lier, w. 6ru^oao5uo#!o_jo. 
Chand'ler, w. s)0^<& ^^0^,30^0^. 

Change, v. t. <sseo cufoaK^a). curol 
6rr>0lQ_n<j3s(Qj; 2. ^ajsomfQo QjfTORj®^, 

Qjl<9)0roo — ; 3. 03OQ,(Sj; 4. (with) ©fOTO) 

030,^; 5. jiD^o— . to c hands cu 
(m os)<ai~. to c. one's tune ^cussra 

jjyo <&oa9<0>. V.i. 0OOOo QJfOl<fl>, SS 
Bo—; 2. O"UDltjT)3ee(56re3<0). ??. 03OOo, 

OTonro)rDo, Q_jrjri6rr)D0o; 2. seeo, ojg<eno; 
3. arutftanseeo; 4. (^0—; 5. wra— ; 6. 




.aflgjo; 7. QjfoiacQsScaocccruDDCTno c. of 

climate roo^^oooo. c. of life (c^p 

«&>^«s grgcoaaoojcroaano. c. of milld 

(BT3gn(a_)oco-0oooo. c. of seasons g@3_j 
^zOj. to ring 1 the cs on e><sa>crootD(m) 

a_JGJ{a_)<a)0fO(OTari'til) a_io<9>. -'a-ble, CI. 
0oq,<ro, o_jr?Tl6mo0o &@g; ^Li6t2iiejo — ; 

cr-fioo-jd^^— . -'a-ble-ness, n. af^o 

roo, a_jaf)6imo0o; -oJoojeluo. -ling, n. 
aD^f^o; 6)auosrnn6; .aJaj&jnb. a. 00 
o1sq_jdc2;; 2. aroDlniialgjoOTa). =ger, n. 
0DOQomQjnb; s)a_ionbajc6Trns<Qs)Ofoa6; x& 

Chank, n. odosu" (2.). 

Chan'nel, n. sotos'; 2. crflijorab, <©> 

tfo; 3. <a>sef)§c9s> ; 4. 0O££o, cuy^. V. £. 
jai6ra?><ef)a<s>, orfl^opjl^b ^sHsojo^. 

Chant, v. t. & i. cuo=?(Q>, 6^jijogj<si, 

e3fi_D(9sa). n. qjo§ ; 2. roocoo, orcaafl 
fciamcoocDo; 3. croocrosfartflcafl. -'er, 
n. croouT\(G)&5)$cscfo. -'ress, n. a-joga>o 

(uaxoi). -'i-eleer, n. o^ounbe^oipl (^.)- 

CJha/OS, fl. (5T9)Qjfff)0g^ , (SYD(DCTO)(a^ 

or\o; 2. crnraoAoraoojcroD; 3.<a>GLi<95)o, ro)C 
Q0oo . =ot'lC, a. (23o_io ©gjoccro), ^ 
0o — , (c/ajan.0oe&). 

Chap, ». aJlagj, oDsoj ; 2. elcm 

Iff), jtib\'Qo; 3. (Ol§, ^aS)' ; 4. Q.a}(Trf); 

5. jii60T3D^D, aDejoab, SijAci&sicfo. v. t, 
& i. .nf)QED0>; 2. 6>a_jc§c9>, Qj1@s<Q); 3. 

Chap'el, n. Qjiionca'ojggl, 6)6)SQja 

fiJC&o; 2. (rDJ<&>OCgJ0a9lroo; 3. CO^CQJ&iCO 

6rr>o; 4. raro^icesjso. -ry, rc. a_j§gfla^ 


Chap'er-On, «. oalsroooj^o; 2. ma 
ad-aJOKnsrrT), ojl-niortflerrft. 

Chap'lain, h. (Seiaiocjo^rtb. -cy, n. 

C6rXJ0CO<B>CTUQDmo. -Ship, 72. <36aJ0CO<ft> 
(Q^cy.'OTJrn; — ajroTroT). 

Chaplet, n. (/al(8fDDGja.ofDo, aj^oaT) 

rtflSo; 2. ©3o_j0oaj; 3. 6>_a}Qa_)@gr); 4. 

Chap'man, n. a^ajScemoranb; 2. m 

Chap'ter, rc. (ffra.^ocok), q-jq1io, cro 

££}o, c9>05TTU)o; 2. <36njo(JO(a>$COjOCOo; 3. 

croecososii; 4. — ®co;ococyaoej; 5. croscra 

oacu^o. the c. of accidents eoc^o, 

(ffTOgr^o. y.£. (BTO(3X)jOCa0D<S9c0>; 2. roTl 
rTO(^(0j; 3, (o_)036mo <2^DSnc99d9i. 

Char (or chare), n. ^ejl^_j6rrn. C. 
woman (j^ejndaaoraroran. v.t. aolajfaraTl 
cQa<a>, 6>.ai(g£; 2. a_)6rrTl o^as^; 3. @ 
£f)g_)6rrfl— ; 4. gDnscmejsniotQacS). 

■Char'ac-ter, ?z. (arocafiafoo, (eroaao, 

jiilaCDo; 2. QjsIqj , <S)^jd9fi3roo; 3. aidOfia 
6TT)o, CTOJSOQJo; 4. 0<2mo6t2JaJo, (OXSnbo 
So; 6. OOSg-jQJCrQD; 6. crorakcDsmo; 7. 
crfiai; 8. (c^toT), <Sa_»<b; 9. crood9flflio, croo 

<Qft}j<U(Q)o; 10. 071(^0^06; 11. Cr>DS<3> 

(oraTl^ej cr)oca;<a>rr6, — anocaicsn. v. t. 6)&>v 

gTT^Ices«95. bad C. §9^-ieoajo; §020^). 
good C. oo&janso-J' ; cronao^l. a man 
of C. 00020(01000^, crojQlfo6rxj(aun. want 

Of C. -nJOa-J&Uo. -is'ti-C, 71. Qjl3oacfiDO, 

^^j^6rno, ejdaai6rno. a. (a_^<s^jca>o 
(Srgjce;, Qjd9fa6TDo— . -is'ti-Cal, a. cro_i 
eocuejdafii6mo— , QLTiSaacaaaLricjdl— . -Ise, 

V. t. Qjl(3oacftriQjl(9a<9), CUdBifoTlfol^olcsy 
0OOO(9«<Si; CrOJSDCUo <Q5O6TTna9<03, ^ 

6rno--, Qj6TTfl<ss(&. -less, a. Qjlsoacoio 

3 6TT) * 

^gjO«5T3), .oJOQ-J&ljl^0g . 

Cha-rade', n. aaaaj^ AsaajLD. 
ChaV-eoal (-kol), n. d^rolce^g, ^rra 

(DDfat), (STOoCOOfOO. 

Charge, v.t. eoroo ^j0«j®<fh; 2. a> 

CQ/OQ,^; 3. <6igjl(6s<S>, o^gjlc98<Si; 4. g> 
(araroQjo^lcaodascej, ojerncojo ^qj<^8c0>; 5. 
af)ej<2-aJoe\e<8<&>, @aD— ; 6.«ft6m<9sn6)ej 

y5g<05; 7. <eTO)<2(O0o_n(9s<Q>; 8. <SjOOo J3J0 

(^<Sj, <fliooo_»ja)o Q£Dy>g)(S>, — ojocoTlcfletO) 
(/.); 9. nrTlsjodBa^; 10. (BTO&jakDfoigsngo 
(93<©»; 11. (STg)(^) 01(99(0). y. J« oQ^n<68 

<a>; 2. clD&j Qjijoslceg^; 3. d&>6m<e5Tl6)ejy> 

@db; 4. Q_lg,65Bl<95DS(&8(9>. «. -^05 ; 




2. ft-jfiflojoejon aflcflaeojo, jaaLjooladl; 

3. ajl-aJorasTT), crco«)dBtai6rr)o, jaajroxoojo 
eo; 4. rol®oa;ocoo; 5. (cySfsnjDCOCDo; 6. 

<SG0^S0©fO0O_l6TT)o, <ftOOOJ(g)o (I.)- 7. 

(pi.) cQ>So, oolarofl; 8. @aD; 9. <o>6rn 
(Ssi' ; 10. nolo; 11, (sroelscpjocoo. to 

frame a c. aooqjoo Qjocanasai (/.)• 

C.-sheet ^ooo-srooajerncLj^o (£.). to 
sound the C. (Bra£)3ca;oGOc0>Daog.o &ro 
@(9>. -'a-ble, a. -aj0(Braxora)<8s), (&,g_jlce6> 

(0T3)<65); <ft0003a)0a_16rno 6)jilCgjrora)cfl0, ju) 
fiJQj QJaOlanraTO)^; 6)_a)fiJOJ@ja , QjlejO-D 

^1j2j, eoraaocai. =ger, ft. (srgsrooa-j 
<&>oi>, <&jqoo -ajaajEBODOjoD; (0)gn<Q>; a_is 
tSs-aTlfo (2.). 

Char'i-ot, n. g^*, romo. =o-teer, 

71. S^fOOgTl, ODOfOLQl. [QJfOo, OJrt>0. 

■Ghfl/rism, ft. <BTO(oric/acojcva<0ori, d^ojo 

Char'i-ty, 72. <aroa9<s>cnj, ao^ooo, 

g>a_j; 2. CTOO^-Dai^Jo, georoc/alejo; 3. 
CO20 — ; 4. eomcoaao; 5. ouzaeaujo, 
— <©>o^jo, — oaoej; 6. (pi.) a-j<8ro0a_i<&>o<o 
^aj.-OTOf). sister of C. <8rt>oc/51a_>af) 
ajoajaTl. =ta-ble, a. <&>a86im g>@g, 
(cylfoD — ; (sracrycaJccrigjDajra), ajorojrftijo 
<8<a>D cm o«sra>; cugac/a laio g> gfi , arpaocgjo— , 

8ob;oqj (St^oq;, cUD0al<3>ab — =ta-bly, arf. 

•cotBaocon, 6)ci\><oe3on,0ocan. 

Cha-ri-va'ri, n.a-jrtfiaoocrosa^io^o, 
feroajOLioe.— . 

Charla-tan, ft. (ST^(aTa(a_)uaocro<a»o 
ronb, cvxJosl; 2. (grflQ^ajajab; 3. aoca'o 
ouD, Qjstsji^ab. 

Charm, n. roocoo, <*-io§°; 2. 0fjg)o, 

0(Qg)QJOao; 3. QJOai(a_)®0Q;0ODo, (ST0);S>cai 

6tdo; 4. ooncrgjo, focefu. u. t. auoaio 
(SoeiocanlcQs^; 2- 0(QO)(Brc»Dflri> (510051000 

(ST5)(88<3>, — CTODOAo — , OJOal&jrtfl&sdfr; 3. 
OJOa(DT3)0t9a<S>, C00lg-p<fla<0>; 4. 0OO;<8i8<3>, 
rOO\ng_P<fi9(&, S0DoO)a c p£8<fl>, 0(Q5)(O(Qfil 

coDeDralcBgcS). v. i. 0iQp)Qjoao 6>.ai<2^, 
0®moaoro0oa2Tlrtf)<98<3\ =mer, ft. 0!crg)ajo 
el, aua&lcO>rt>o8s>o(Oob; racrold^ao. ='ming, 
•a. <20oaoorf)cavo (St^cpj, fOBsrrflcpJo— . 

='mingl-y, ac?. 0<soooaort>o (St^cbD, to 
0jo— , roonn^o— . ='ming-ness, ft. <20o 
aoorfloDoiJo, ^ioasrm-io, 0300000. rox 

Chart, ft. ra)S\oJd9>SajDCir^' ; 2. q_j§1 
<9>; 3. o_iso, ooocijlajo-JSo, oroige — . 
v. t. a_iso ojrtx&a<3), cusfBroTlaA <3>06rr>l 
asa>. =ter, ft. <erg)(jD3rao,QrD6U, a>a>6Yr)o; 
«nfO(S) , rooe9os&ro>a_j(g)o; (BYOQJd&ocya— , 
(TO JO<W(CTO) — -, <0jfoTO)(&>; (a_)<SmtejOOJ(d)0 
Cfco; <£>>g_J^ ®<0)QjloT> 6) id) 0^(95)'^, — QJO 

6oT3^l). c.r-party <e>g-jral> 3&s)Qjoaooa>o. 
u. £. roosaDSsrojtu^o i^aio croooaJlaaar, 
2. Qjlsoa^aooj^ooaaocsin 6)<a>o=<69a), <& 
(DT3)<a>coJ3Cttri— ; 3. <a>g_jfzA @ef)<a» — , — ojd 

ChaVy> a. crydegpo^gg,, eaoify).^)— , 
@«T!oa0ocfi;. — i— ly, a<i. jaifo-oiSasraos^s, 

6)06)g^;^jOS<©sfl§ jOYOrolc^l^ . -1-neSS, 

n. rryi^tn, <a>fW(W(ai); @roloao. 

Chase, n. ooocpjo§ ; 2. <s^§o, a_flg3) 

Srooi); 3. (2QJ§C^r®, — gCOo; 4. — CTUQ 
GJo, CTOJ<d)002J<9>0S . v. t. & I*. (SQJgCffiO 
§(0>, acsH^a), Q-TlgssrwA; 2. ajl^l 
8-jono 6)ii3g^<9); 3. qj^I^cq; ao§d9>. ='ser, 
n. <8aj§<95iofonb; Q_nno@sasaDQLinb, 6ao 

£!hasm (kazm), w. o_Dajy , (BTOC/D3 
CJOo; 2. asP^OJ , (C^OOjO. 

Chaste, a. ajofoD^^joggg,, o_j(oiol 
(0_jo^o— ; 2. ^0X51 — ; 3. cojLDDariailc^o 
cb>, g^0l^ofDT3). chas'ti-ty, «. -alDfbl 
(®^f§iD, ao£joosg_j\ ooleaojfO). -'ness, 
w. ool(8§3cfti(aijo, crojjiirtn. 

Chas'ten (chas'n), chas-tise', v. t. 

oalda£tfl(98<s>; 2. OOOT)0<fiS<S>, c^srrfl<0)fDn<99 

<9j. =ner, =tl'ser, n. c^DdOfiiajab, oaocro 

<s>no. =tise'ment, n. caltaea, oaocruooo. 

Chat, v.i. qj«ji3)0oooo o_jo<a), dDsaa 

c£tio — , CrO£pci_n<98i3>. U. crc^ocuo, SiCU 

^IojocpjoI). -'ty, a.o^LDDcroocroofol<98cm. 

Cha-teau' (sha-to'), n. «a)0§, (a_)g 

0031 roo. 




Chat'tels, n. ax^oajroeaocoacrojOT^, 
xi^aj<S), Qjoo^cb. c. mortgage qj 

Chapter, v. t. & i. _oftaej<09<a>, sxdd 
slo%a>, o_jg4c9>slc9e<s>. n. eag_jcr>o, etcno 

S^f?*; 2. cOnci^Qan^. C.-boX CD3 

§^os\ -er, n. qjocq-'o^I. 

Chat'wood, n. -njgg'cji), oTiocQi . 

Chauv'in-ism (sh6v'in-izm), n. (Bra 

— crD-i2aoa(a_JlaT). 

Chaw (cha), v. i. xLiff>ajc93a>, raroc&aj 
<S9<9>; 2. COjOCrDdBQciJ), jiTlaofl^s^osng) 

Cheap (chep), «. aDaicruaoocaiggg, 
— (SjO6T0ro>, .nflejaj u .a T jro36ai3lcQ;; 2. crooro 
algjorisro>, orQejsaoco;. dog C. Qjg.s>fi> 
ccqqdxsuo. c. Jack, C. John ajyeo; 
crooaomo oTlg^arnajnD. -'en, y. t. of) 
&ioljo<0>; — ,-aio p <Q). -'ness, n. Qjlai 

Cheat (chet), n. OA&mcn, aoaao, & 
a_»03L'o, <£hQ_iSo; 2. .njtoflc&'nb, <o>8gnb, 

d|)'2}51a<9«0(OOb. U. £. _aJraf)<Ss3i, ©'WOgjp 
<99<£>; 2. <Sq_J0<©S^>, §D£j3(O)0cft8<3>. U. 2. 

ChQek, U. (.alg)rDoCOo) (STOW-ft; 2. 
JO)S63Qr3b, fJDOacrOo; 3. of)a£}o: 4. mas 
caoao, <fiiol; 5. g> «"§]<&, ojem^flg ; 6. 

-al(g)fD<9si3gH; 7. S)(l_10§ , .ilf)aO) , . to 

take c. ig^naa«). -'mate, 72. (btosIobo 

ay; <8o>oaj_fl. v.t. mQS^&Q&zfr, oro 
^co;oaj3<©8<s>, cu1ej63ra1arf)ajjg)<&>; 2. raf) 
€>ro (Sca^og^tQs^, <srocLia\Doaolgfl < a8<9i. 
C.-roll ci_isrnl<flsioaS5)S <3o_j*clj§\9,. c.- 
WOrk cul^l^cusrrfl. v. t. (^mqcoocdo) 

(3Y0(0C/3 o_JO<Qj, — 5>Qj(9Qt9); 2. fO)SCTQDo — , 

flnssrar^ orfla^cQi; 3. ojaflOc/aoculcea^, 

QtCQCO) (8(D0<QQ<^; i. (BYOSe&O^o S)QJc88d3>- 

5. c/a^orold^^; 6. Q_Da<93a>. v. i. (at) 
cn"^^, arnmo3a_jo<Qi; 2. flnaalrab (2,sp 

<8g_JDc&); 3. I^ScQsio (STOjCOnaflaatf), tSTOa 

g±~; 4. af!gg.(S>. -'er, n. €>>(&& <2cno<9% 
mncunt. v.t. oflaflcoajsrncenggn g^e^o 

<9s<&>; <a>^o:aa0c<fl8<9>; croaj§8 6uoal 
a>cb<9s)aflcY)aoc98a>. c.r board -nigrao 

c^a-ja)^, —a-jso. c.r-work ajajaj^ 

<95i@gna_j6m'l; foraajcTUDocTO^sflcumo. 
-less, a. <a)§(^^sofOT3). 

Cheek, ?i. a>aflc)o, <0>an ch so, co 

StTU3o (an.); 2. CI} D(4a o, (BTOaQSDOfOo. C. 

bone tBra^Dsl, «jios1o)ca^ (an.)- c- 

raTlaoawoBn. c. pouches cojmu«a.308o 
(aw.). C. tooth (Brosm^^, gDro§— 

(aW.)» V.t. COOaE^ o (£bO§(&), e,CD)-J£0 

cuo— . -ed, a. <9)aTl|,@a. -'y, a. col 
c95)oroig@a. hollow cd «e>ans>ao§lca/. 
Cheer, n. ^6u 3 , ^ewsoojo; 2. ascnc— ; 
3. a«naA:o, croscTOD.aoo; 4. (ST^onaaSao 
@<^croocucno, /ScaB36rr)3<Q5)0gj°, crce. ; 

5. <8T®glj Qjlgn, CrC<8nO)Ooftl«aei3<Alo, cru 

00.^moao. what C. a\j6Uo OTS)cm®ca;o?; 
QO)^5)35rr" aTlsoacaio? y.^. ( U p) cro 

«CTO0'£Ef)a :: p<S8<fli; 2. 6)o)CJois)3j§gJ®<a), 

<fli, (BT^fl^fanjOQcDjylcBaaj. to C. a ship 

crco — ; 2. asonoafl^oroigsngoaij 3^ (jaoio 
cofl<ss<&>, racaeaca; o^cmodBscEb. -'y, -'fill, 
a. crogscQal&gg, ^toruoooo— , acD8o^a^o 
©rgjcc;, osteoid oa^roo— . -1-ly, -T ul-ly, 
ad. 0m<sggo6)s, croscrao^ia^a^o. ^ful- 
ness, n. cru(2ao)3aft3o, ^(arooaOo. -less, 
a. <fl36ffT)flfl(g3Qji3gg. r_,s, s n. 

Cheese, W. cuog^DSeOngl, a_joroba_n§ , 

Chee'tah, n. ^^oojaD (2;.). 

CJhem'i-Cal, a. raaoocacTjaTlejsoruosnj 

au)2occ;. c. attraction, c affinity coo 
rtn_ioaicfti6imo, (§(0)o<Q5c(iismo. c. change 

cO3@cuan6mD0o. =ist, n. fooroocaro 
coo(nr^sRsian6, — oao(cr^l. =is-try, n. afla 
oao(fT^o, rocrooc^manej . inorganic c.y 

coog)focrooca;m— . organic C.y eUcuro 
croocmro— . 

Che-miSe' (she-mez'), n. (fT^I<o>g.S)S 





Cheque, see under Check. 
Cher'ish, v.t. <B\a^<zo <a>os<s>, qjoTi 

O-J0eTlc95)<S); 2. (O-JlcQ/'o £0Qjl<ea<&>, fOOTOo 
a3 0S«S>, QJg.f^<9>. -er, U. ®CUDd3fl<3>fib, 

Che-rOOt', w. -ojrtsg , c^tf>c&ri&]r3Y3rirD. 
Cher'ry, a. -ajojar), (^d^^ia^crooa 

3aa. c. pepper coocnoortfi^a^ (£•)• 

Cher'ub, n. (pi. =u-bim) ov&qsnj , 
6)5^aajefmnb (Bl.)\ 2. oarvwaacgj^gg. aal 
eg. =U-bi€, a. bIqj^dcq/. 

Chess, ??. jijgrcocoo. c.-board ^j 

^rDoCQg_JGJd9>. P^y at C. Ji}rg)rt>oC/Do 
CheSt, n. 6)o_J§<Sio, 6)a_l§l; 2. 000 , 

^no6ro® . c. of drawers au&f)g_j u 6>a_j 


Chest'nut (ches'nut), n. aascuai 0fDo 
(£>.); 2. tma 0rD«jraTl5)abo rffcocaT); 3. g»<tb 
Qjc£b ^aTlsankoo. 

Chev-a-lier', rc. (BrooajooruDno; 2. 
ftoSaa-T); 3. ajlroab, GcaocAnb. 

CheW ( ch V0? V.^. & I* ^al5)QJ(99<d); 

2. f5T3cuo>Qj(est95; 8. cDjcrrn<93ai, _nflcrofi 
tes<s>. to C. the CUd <8«n<9»)oB;rD<9a<9»; 
C^0frTl«98<S>. [aQ«9», jjo. 

Chi-bouk', chi-bouque' (-bukO, n. 
Chi-cane',rc. roxogjo, &«»§ , raflroigj'. 

V.l. §(T^c95)o Q_a)ga<9>; 2. Si<a>Ooa&Jo (o_) 
<2ca'ocol(9s<s>. ='ner, w. ^raxesT!, {ao-iocoD. 
='ner-y, n. <e!@as>c9o<ooa&Jo, rof)rtȤ . 

Chick, -'en, -'ling, -'y, n. s^oyH 

<©3OTJ© , o-Jc&ftf) — ; 2. £§nf), 6)S>a_jrO)rtrt>, 

aflsoay, 6mofif)c9>D. c-n-breasted %ooo 
6m)oSis)^. c.n-hearted d)m<v)A 

^eg. C.S-pOX S)a_jo§], a_f){BT3)Qjcryafi, 
Stajoaraocucn) (med.). C.k-pea -oiosmcib 

Chide, v.t. & ir. (chid, chode; 
chid, chidd'en) w)ocn51(9sca. ; 2. <2<e>oa_jl 
<S8<&. to c. hither oa<&>Dafi<fls<03, c/sd 

cnfL^ Quasro®<&). to C. from, to c. 
away oaocnfl^ ojo^TZ!>0(9ga), <by§§")— . 

Chief, n. ^ejQjnb, (o-jaosmn, ^^.nb; 
2. igs^eocoo, ^toraia— . a. (o_)coomo 

(ST^CE;; 2. (8(C^ic£Qo— , ^rtA^c^o— ; 3. OTO 

<§csra>, £00. C. justice onjOayocjolajfoTI 
(cycuronb. -'ly, ad. (a^s^aD^, oil 
Scra^orak, igsyj 0oa2j1. -'tain, ft. «nei 
cunb, (SacoooT), cr>Dca'a>nb. 

Chig-non' (shin-yon'), 72. wajs^cp, 

Chil'blain, n. aio^gp^oso, aj)<e«o, 

Child, «. {pi. ='dren) <9i§), aTlsccu , 

<9i6toto) , 0<0>nb, 0<Qsc)o. new born c. &> 

Sc^sTlSOGU , (SjjJOrO^^gjrWfZ*; 2. (pi.) CTO 

00)^1, oroaooooo, 0c9s>c)o. first C tHrasH 

(SsTIsooj , d&^lsraiojfri). second c. 0Q,<o> 
sHsraigfob. spoilt c. 6>.ai£ja-pgg. 'still- 
born c. jiiog-pea, jiiocus— . from 
a c. a-ajQajo q™®^. to be with c. 
ooe^s^oa). c.-bed, c.-birth (cyoro 
qjo. c.-bearing oDecuoraemo. -'hood 
<ft§n<9nDejo, ^jiAQyo. second c.hd qjo 

ao<^6ajejafflnnfCT). -'ish, a. •a^lcnDj, 
/SoQJig@a, 6ajfijarf)ano fST^co;, crflm^ofoo — . 

-'ish-ness, n. <£n<£\&n£\, 6nj@x51(s<9>s . 

-'less, a. <mDma_j't5j0oa2;, cronro 0000^^3 

fOI3). -'like, «. <ft£f)S><S5>0raTD>; fCT)3^gg)03, 
fSTO CT3 CTD fD STDo— . 

Chill, W. oal^o; 2. oTlo, asa '*; 3* 

aal^eoojo, ora^Qco^jo. c.s and f ever 
aTlogjcrD. a. <0>§fl<b &@a, Q-Do— ; 2. 
calrwo o-Tlsl^, (fta^a-lo fO)§1co;; 3. ufitm 
soqjo ^@a, (STarnjisoojo— ; 4. ^c^ooon 
coD^jofora), s)ff)co^j<afiaca)o Qjasa^cm. 

2. g>raruonD0lgjO(a>o<99d3>, (SY3)oaoeocoo qj 
osa^<a). ='li-ness, n. 0)^03^0, 'wsnajj ; 
tHTOd^^. % ='ly, 0. (fta^'^ga, Qjloa^cm. 

Chi'li, chil'lies, ^g-jrob qa«", 
€hil'og-nath (kii'o-nath), r», <s.oj. 

fD§, ®airo§ (<2.). 




Chime, n. £6YT->lnr>D9<S0&cr>o, ojoSj 

SafilOcftt— ; 2. (pi.) <20gt6X2O(Bre)06rrri(c93 
§o; 3. S-aJ^, SCB/Ogalg-J*. V.t. '50a 

■Ghi-me'ra, n. ^catojoajcruo, 0oco/o 
QjljsjDfoo, g.fooDo, esooorao^o. =mer'i- 

€al, «• (sraeocuo tergjca/, 0l(5^o(g(Wo— . 

Chim'ney, n. «»§a-i', roflaoso; 2. 

a_)<aic9aoon, — cSgtfd)-, 3. Qjla^^nb'o 
aj<e>cr>oao. C. board faflaosgjajtf). 

c. money oj^coeip^QJon. c.-sweep, 
c.-sweeper eesflfiojoflfl. 

Chin, n. ono^l, jiflojAo (an.). 

Chl'na, n. JiflmfDOKjo; 2. ajl6roi3)0 

Chinch, n. (^§, 0<essrr>o (£.)• 
Chine, n. 8ag3)<9a@.5>S (mae's^S'fiu 

511U0. * 

Chink, «. oDgarab, oTlsa?; 2. _afl 

ejgj ,<flTl£4d35K);3.a_j6rr>o, a>ouo . v.t.&i. 
afl 8gH<9g a>, aTl{3a<s>; 2. af)@afob tsros 
c8e<3>; 3. <fine4<sriej<9Q(S>, jxflGJ<x>je&>. 
Chintz (chints), w. fBra^sfl^glej, .afl 

Chip, ?2. o^aJroraa^do; 2. S>Q_ioa<9s>, 

Q3Q>i95) . y.£. OjaJfnroTl<9aocS9(Q), tares 

(SIS)<Q). V. t* CTSQ,oUQl(2g-jO<&, fBTaSCTTO 

«a_io<a>. to c. in @o @§«sj. a c. of 

the old block (Bio -ii^nbo 2ca>nb, fsra^xi 

frCT) <Sa_106)£l(8C&0 (STO02S)CQ; (ScuJOQGJSCOJO 

■Chl-rog'ra-phy (kl'rog-ra-fi),w. p> 

S)CgJ^CBra , SeJSUCDQjls,; 2. OX0£?)(£f)c&>0 

ejeaaismo, Sis^scnoanfob. =rol'o-gy, 
n. oO(T^eo.'ai6mo, fSYgjocOiSOranernCLTlei. 

='ro-man-cy, n< s^assmocSflfob, croocgel 
<&oejd9£Q6TT)o. -ro-man-cer, =man- 

tist, n. fts^soood^nnajnb, croo^e^o 

Chirp, ». iiDaaijy , a_Jtf£tf)od6J^o. 

u.e. .aDsjaivOq^, od6Dj^(9s<Q). -'ing, a. 
€hi-rur'geon, see Surgeon. 

Chis'el, n. agf), <^al. 

Chit, m. 13a, ^a°i<t>; 2. aTisocu , <&> 

§nb, (fesroisTl, sia_jero ; 3. ajoejsrol. y. i. 

i^6>a«^<^, sm^asai. c-chat crogjo 

Chiv'al-ry, n. srac^joigjruDCOOTno, <s» 
foDfOg-jS; 2. 0osaijlcruDocno, — a_jeaf), 
— onsaisl, — cyastaTl; 3. afl gyauro 0^00, 
eocafiaHsimjo; 4. (sr^)C%cooe^ocrco. =r0US, 
a. Gaafogyo a@a, aaooaoeoajo — , 0000 

^OCUOCOJ. [OfDOcftlCOo (ch.). 

€hlor'o-form (-farm), n. seojocoaO 

-Chlo-ro'sis, n. <z$m^\«xo>o (med.). 

Choc'o-late, ft. s>«9)0®cQs>ocro(BTa ,— 

Choice, see under Choose. 

£5hoir (kwTr), n. tooca>c&>cn}oaoio, ojo 
§<&>Dfb; 2. n-jggOeaPirob qjos^o* ejortf)<08 

Ch6ke, V.t. CfaJOCTDo (^s1c9s<9j, 6>XJ>0 
6rrg Q _risl d gi 6)6T3)c0!3t0j; 2. ^ScSg^; 3. 6)61® 
(03<9s<3>; 4. 6t2J(§JUll?§l<99<a>, O3_iOCrO0l^jO 
fOjOdBScSs. t?.Z. aflolj (^§l3g-J0<aj; 2. <0>S 

6t3T^orflcTro— , ai^siSQV- . 7i. oa_ioa"Uo (g§ral>, 

an ea rob, a02i§°- c.-pear aja^soojo) 

as) (6.), 65<05O@a1ajoc95i , Q-jf^loOocruo. 

■Chol'er, n. a_Ofcrao; 2. saj^o, 
<3(g)CCOo. -i-C, o-jlfcrao a@a; (^nbs^o 
o_io — . C.C temper Q-TlajTa^o ; ®^oau 

■Chol'er-a, n. -ogq roTlcroooo, ^ra§n 
a^o 3a_iO(98o, mSff_j ^lano, ^aicoTlfobfcra) 

§n, antQ^-an<0>, 0610^05. 

ChoVtry, choul'try, «. ai^ayou 


aio, co02aooej. 

Choose, v.t. ir. (chose chos'en) 

6^fO)f^l6)6iai3)§«9Q<&, <SQJfiDf6n<a8<Q>, ^c^ 
6)g_J§<fli. V. i. o)f0)fDlo)6I0T3)§d9®ai, fofl^ 

6>g_j§agQj<a); 2. ojos a 61 ^ 3 ^, «s>^1oj— . 
Cannot C. but 6)_oig2p6)fa> crTl(yfDrant32n 

gj, ojiis^ <S)ipl<3y. ='er, n. 6)^)f^iS)6to® 

§d9saDajob. choice, ft. ««n«ri6)6roi3)§ 
aJ*, (oTlnnaj ; ajfQ6mo, ajfOfirncro-io-ai 





an)o; aDfSajdio; (oTlrtflajo craggy ; s>ra> 

ao. to make a c.e of svTnafi6>6ro©§ 

&%&>. a. ajo>o (ST5)cq;, cusrasrnjo — , g^ 
^qo— , aflejsaycflca;; (of) cry^gp^gg, 
^roloao (STgjco;; oJlsoacaoo — , 5^fifl 
^6rorg)^cara). choice'ly, ad. af)<2oj<a> 

3OT3)osis; (Q^®fWj<s>aoc2n. choice'ness, 

n. «s>aioa1c^ o, (o_pca;o. ' cho'sen, a. 
aural rfigo. 

Chop, U. £• (up) gol<fl8«fl>, (0>o)<&8<3>; 

2. (off, down) @«»Bl<9aa>; 3. (up) aJl^l 

_£l Qu)y>6B§<0>; 4. 0OOcTl5)CQ;§<flS!9>, — S)QJ 

(fls«Si. to C. logic fa><S5)e*ro>S)onom ooo 
S.<2a5TD)0S)S auoslaa*©). v.i. 6>QJ^<9>; 
-'. dfcgJd^; 3. (in, out) 0S)<3^ajocsy<s>; 

4. 0oocflcu3S5g<3>; 5. aiajcnj<o>. r. 0a 
OOo; 2. QQJ§ ; 3.d3><&36mo; 4. afle_g.r3b; 

5. (/)?.) gCOSSBg.S>S ^gffp; 6 - ^^o, 
<0>fO; 7. infDo, OJc0>; 8. (BTDCBQJ03Q_J((g)o. 

C. fallen ©^oeoa>o cucm, rro&jftto^ca;. 
C.-house^nbo^ro; ^gfcg^ro. C-logic 
«ft^«finl. -'per, rc. aoj^amojob; 6>o_i§ 

Atma). -'ping, a. aAoy^ea^Aai; 

0ool0oo r )<SaJO!03OT), rtnasDrtfc OTO^ejascm. 

c.g knife ^oj§<a>fnran. c-g block ©, 

■Chord (kard), n. <B>cnf), rtJMQgjf); 2. 
«0g.o, <20^1fa>co_icrfl; 3. ra,oaj (geom.). 

£!h6'ri-0n (ko'ri-on), n. cor§<8a>ow>o, 
a_Tl6TTUj^20o (an.); 2 - <3fo>ofzA. 

-Cho-rog'ra-phy (-fi), n. <sqo&q_»s 

(Sej6UOOo; 2. (Sac^QLJgrpOOo. 

£5h6'rus, n. oDoc&axrooaeio (mws.); 
2. ajgyoTI, <y^3j<s>o (mws.); 3. crooscao 
tosofflocftio. =ral, n. afl^roocoo, croeo 

c/fW, o-io§ . =rist, «hor'is-ter, ». odo 

ca<S)nt): sooDajfW(b, crooafl«noooc3^<a>n6. 

Chose (shoz), n. oroocoooo; 2. ©a 
<frcm (gtnrab, 03oco0cro_i(aro) . C. m 
action ajiajaQorocsrojorat <oTl§oas@g. ctoj 

an» . c. in possession ©adaxuoatgea 
crcococno. c . local ©rtTlsosa ctoodoj)^ 
aoocuooo. c. transitor ©a^cm-. 

ChOUSe, 0.*. (of, out of) 3rtr>og_fl<ds 
<9>, 0_100l(69d3j. ?2. 6)a_i05TD^b, 0OSOO; 
2. jiiraH, (Ty^)o; 3. QJ6T3U<9>nD. 

Chow'chow, n. ajojaroocoonsoBcXi q 
^leaTI§ rsra^o*, ag-jlan§(?n'. a. cuaj 
croocJOcnsracX) ^^Ic^gg.. 

Chow'ry, n. -njcarao, Qojsmu^roo. 

■Chre-ma-tis'tics, w. /?J. ecu,a_j«fi 

ajoejcnxTle.- 2. rt>os>s)e3jC^_igy— . 

-Chres-tomVthy, n. &aooora6m 
croo^oOo, a_joo0oej. 

•Chrism, n. crooqgjor&6)S)<a)ajo, n^o 
on—, cTUxDrtfl(fhrD6rn— , oorr^oajsm— . 

-Christ, n. (gTla^ab, (gTlar^, (sraslaafi 
c&^»nb, rooeaooj. -ehris'ten(kris'n), v. t. 

rrDOOOtQ>Z0o <&>±f)<9$<&) • (Sa_j<b 22§a>. -en- 
dom, n. @HfT^t oorfl 00^50, — rao^o, ^1 

nr^ ocrflajcfe. -'ten-ing, n. n^onog^'jf^o 

ojo; noo0i9>a)6Yr)o. -Christian, n. ^1 

nr^ ocrO, (gTlo^Sca^rTb, — wTl^nb. a. @T1 
a^ ocrfl0o^crDo6rucnJU0ocQ;, (gpa^lca;. C.n 

name ctojctoo go_j*, o^onn— . c.n era 
(gTlnr^osryo. =ti-an'i-ty,w. ^Pn^ onrflao 
^o, <gpir£0!gK>. -'ian-Ise, y . ^. (gTlaroo 
o-Tlca'oaaai. -'mas (kris'mas), n. (gp(T^ 
ojlsiobo aJlocmocte. C.S box crozaomo. 
C.S Carol fanfJ»e3nn3nooran)OJajo§ . c.S 
eve foTlfrseannon roiajmoc)o. c.S tree foTl 
a»@3onsooo(arooj .aflacnajBftio. =tol'6- 
gy, n. (gria^aao^o, -cugfRno. 

€hro-mat'ic, a. Qj^crooomcnDZo 
cQj,ajajoj^faranej@a. -s, n. pi. c^gifl 


€hro'mo, «hro'mo-lith-o-graph 

(-graf), n. aunoJla^cugmforalf^ 'sra^sl^j 

€hron'ic, -al, a- <&oajcroo5mau)0o 
ca;, cro0csy(o-^iS)oro!g@g.; 2. ^Ioeia)oaj0oc2;, 

ansfyocgJOaT). c. disease a-j^asjoQajoD 

sroocoo; ^>S06rnojOii > l(SsmD Sr^ocoo. 

€hron'i-6le, n. ^oejocracroaroaTlaj 
roo; 2. o^taraoorTOo, jiifol(Q)o; 3. eloooj 
(OT3)0omo, — crorol; 4. (pi.) 000^0^0^4 
ct^iQjo, anooajasTaocTOajnr^fdio (Bl.). 




-Ghro-nol'o-gy, n. c&.oejco6rnooo, 
— CD6rn)(a)Qj)e). =ger, =gist, n. -co 
wnVmessianb, .oiflf)(@)</B0(c^p. -ehron-6- 
log'i-cal, a. <95oajoo©(^)06miaoa2;. 

-Ghro-nom'e-ter, n . .^oajiao^caiQ^o, 

€hrys'a-lis, n. ^s ^ (z.). 

£lhrys'6-lite, n. <scoo3(2e<a>o, j^^q 
<siocto)o (min.). 

Chuek, v. t. & i. 6><8)0cen)ceeA; 2. 

S)CUOs\£pfD)(9a<0>; 3. ®(O)06ir^<S5, g)gS)<a). 
ft. Q_iCT)§fat; 2. 0O3O36irjyo; 3. (S(a_)0 
QJOjiD) (^fUTS) , 6)C1_)0CTO ; 4. rtDgg. , <SrtJ)0 
Sngrtsl); 5. jti(Q<Bsi§£ . ='kle, V .t. & I*. 6><£)0 
c95naTlan<98<9); 62>O0Crf)<98<B> J Q-J@608l^p 

rDlc9a«si. n. -aflrol, 0o3aoocr\Do, euro) 
ooocroo. C.e-head 6>o_jfD3ao)ajc2;nb, 


Chuff, n. ea&ab, (ST^fioaronb. a. q 
ooa^-J^gg., ^rasrooepj. ='fy, a. <&>af)c)o 

ftsrarao— , 6> 008 dasxa^ o(0i3). ='fi-ness, ft. 
eag.^-10, rrf).ai(a)_io. 

Chum, n. (roooajocnD, — o_joo1, o_j 

tPCC; _a}S5130<aT). y. | € ©30) <ST0OC0f)rt>b rtj)0 

Chump, n- tg§o, ansterao. c. end 

Church (cherch), n. (gflrr$ ocnlaj 

§&), O^GQJOejCQ/'o; 2. (d^fT^ OCrflcrOS, 

— cru^socao; 3. 0rtnoaf)dB»oa)o. C. land 
a-jg&)cro_irBT» , croeoarojo. c. living 
a_ig@Tlajt0) cyacnjgo. c.-man <26njou3<s>o6; 
crug(e»afDn6; <BYa<lij.(flt&icro@ootoo. c- 

rate nj@&lrnW<wi. c.-service 6)^qqjo 
raocono. c.-wardenaj@gDi§8-jnb,--6>6><B> 

«s»oa»nb. C.-yard ajgalkjocru, c/auao 
nocTuoajo. catholic c, universal c. 
e>o-jog)aroe, (gpa5@<era>cro0n^o. estab- 
lished C. rt>oeaoaflcY)croe. 

Churl (cherl), n. raiodtooronb, (SY§)i3o 
crorrb, ^efl^6rrfice5)0foab; 2. 0^De^a>§ 
Qjah; 3. ojs^jnb. =lish, a. eag.^-A 

(?§a, 0O361OJ(§iJlcB/OC32; ; @D<0OOg)@g ; QjlcfcS 

0o—, a)§g_jo— . =lish-ness, ft . orf).nJ 
(Di-io, a_floajT5iroo; ra)S)omgft-JooolcnDjgo 

QJo, a_D^c95) ; <e>ocf)on.o. 

Churn (chern), ft. o)5)f?T(95)ejo, 2ldot> 
q_jo(Q)o. v. t- <9>say<&), <q>&j<9s<3>. -ing, 
ft. 0LQ(Do, <&>ej<95)d). c.g Stick <fi)S 
(Sdfcorafc, 0cnri\ . [t^jjg (phys.). 

fJhyle (kll), ?z. ro(0O)o)Qj@go, rocroo, 

•Chyme (klm), ??. <ei@aQort>croofl>o, 
a_io.nj<a>o {phys.). 

Ci-ba'ri-OUS, a. <si®noorocrDosa]cai: 

0CC2;, (aficmo^cTD. =ba 7 tion, n. &<qs& 

6YT5o a>i^i<e5)fal). 

Cie'a-trix, cie'a-trice, n. q-jos. 

(Sanofab, qo_jooo, a)fij, qj§. 

Cic'e-r6'ne (or ohiohe),w. QJOg^osl; 
2. QjsAs>0=f); 3. a T )@0c9>c)o ajOSTrTi^ 
S) <S50§c9® cm cu nb. 

Cl'der, w. e3o6iaj0GjO, — rocrco. 

Ci' de-Vaunt (se'de-voh), a. o-iS®ng 
«JT3), (gcnjeniocanranD. 

Ci-gaV, ft. -aj«8§ , aJcSjCBDajiTOOn^. 

Cig'a-rette (-ret), n. ajAcaDai^fWcte, 

Cim'bal, see Cymbal. 

Cim'e-ter, ft. ^ooroo, aj^eniaDo. 


Cin-Ch6'na, w. ©as a^camo, 'aucsTl 
cnooj ' ©jaisH, '<9>j (2^0000^' «fO)oeTl. 
Cin-e'ture, ft- <8>=2l, ojoo , fsrafo6ro®o 

6imo; 2. CLiaCU, (SY3)QJf06rr)0. 

Cin'der, ?2. a>tfl, a>nD«e»§; 2. (n?)<8R 

cn«A, — a»§; 3. — OgjoflD. [ reo (c/i.)- 

Cin'na-bar, n. -oiocoD^ o, rocrocnTlcP 

Cin'na-mon, ??. ^Qa^sajraofs?), <&>q 

C. oil <&>Q3_js>5)raro>Gjo. 

Ci'pher (-fer), n. o^o, ee , (^ 
oojo, ^croocm; 2. morr^l, crflffgoroo; 3. 

(BTOcQfiarao, (BTO<65)o; 4. ^fOSlS^rOTa , C^^O 

cflfiarao, ^ajjeTlaJ*!. C.-key c^o^oaefliro 
rrg(g)o. v. t. & ?'. <Q56rr)<Qn @s<a>; 2. 
c^a^OtQfijfoanaDrob Q^)^@<a>, c^a^aTlajl 
QjocoDcaatQj. a. dDejcBn^orora, eanrTlnrroo 







Cir-ce'an, a. csoLX>Q§&&<&%£\e±o (2ao 
Circle, n. cu§o, ajrorau); 2.;o, 

ajflflcol; 3. 3CO0g.o, &6H§; 4. joi^jo, 
5muaJo; 5. -ajOQOIgo, , -Qj^,* 6. 

cro^aoo, @§o, orj)5jToo; 7. ^jOQo af!^ 
nmajiti; 8. (ergioj^jTOimoj curjTlGLKoTamo; 
9. twn>{a = )Z06mQjz3o 1 cr?\fo(Gi£i — ; 10. qj^j 

QJOAjO; 11. fDD@3)£0GOo. dreSS C. ODO 

s<&)Oaoajc2n^ej s^cegocnxDo. family 

C. — 0@^0CVUOOmo. V.t. -ajOoVr>S<93 

et9fiTl6rno — ; 2. ^joq,^, ajg.:^S)<S5S<3>. 

tO C ill CYflSrODCOlc93<Q>. V. i. xi^OO) 

<s>as)05niTlrDl<fl9ai, railrolQ^<a). ='-clet, n. 

^jjJQ,QJ§o, Qjg}, ®0O1jf]roo; <3GO0g.o. ='-6U- 

lar Her), a. oj rata D<a>oo0 oat, oj§^gg, 
jsrs>sng. a_i06rarg)'m ra>5>am a-joa#om, csyq 
(a_)0o6rr>0oca, (ofl^joTtoejOTaorcro), crooroo 
<s>osroro), !BTouo00O3z/; cuejcSs^ga, Qo_jo 
@s)qj (sirgjca;; croo^^o— . c.r arc o_j 
«Tia5l6usrTu;o {geom.). c.r note, c.r 
letter ajej^o (gj^lc%@s &,(&& . c.r 

saw gi'oi^^QjocX). n. «s)OLjo@a5g_jm. 
='-CU-lar-i-ty, ?*. -nJ(g>og)<aO, ajroroo 

Circuit (-kit), [fir. circle) rc. aj 

y^, turtflcDtorsjnno, (cyacQ&flsmo; 2. qj 
go; 3. cDTlflflSo; 4. 0srauejo, o_)'3T3)an 
CT^oroo; 5. (o_)^faToTlarosQilOfoo, @.<2Q,oco— 
'030060)0^0'; 6. <sracu)<s>oro05mDQJo, (a_} 

C^fQK»l — *, 7. Qj^OJOdhjO, QJOf/3 O^Q&jjQ. 

to make a C. ajo<rTlaro6isiirolc93<a>, Qua 

6OT3) cuynayi^^sn <2a_)0(Qi. galvanic 

C, VOltaiC C. ClTIq, jii aoTl a_>rtflQj(BT3)cr> 

cotaD. =eu'i-tous, a. aiasraigi, -ajocfl 


Cir'cu-late, o.t. ^joq,^, ^joo^cro 

6raifol<99(a» ; 2. c^jOoJldaai, 0^)60130 oQ 
QgScQj, — mS3_jo<9), — saicbaata). y. t. 
cdsq-] 1 fffrgjcDaai, (a_}cnffeuo— . =ting" 

decimal (^ajcBrarnsua0^cTrfi>wo.= lo- 
tion, K« croetaioi^o, (a-jedOsTlsmo; o_i 

ajP; fDc90)oelcro^smo (phys.). 

Cir'-eum, />/• ^joo°, ^ooH, ajrai. 
Cir-eum-am'bu-late, p. i. cuaio 

o>ojcQq<q>, ^jodlnnsaaai. =la'ti6n, ?*• 


Cir'cum-clse, y. £• a_iro~]®^ecr> q^i 
9^, Siiiai— , 00^50— (A/.); 2. ^f§ij)<9>an 
<9sxSj. =Clsi'6n, u. ojrols oiern, 
ejoca>(22io, crgoncst^ (il/.). 

Cir-eum'fer-ence, «• ajroiaa-jrolafl, 

0smDej— , ojfDlQcuc^o. 

Cir'^um-flex, rc. aro-irate^o^ora 
6YD0, e r )3aeio_£}0rt>6rr>.af)a£no. a. .ajocfl 
snLjoaicm, aigjOTJ© — 

Cir-cum-fu'sion (-zhun), n. oj«n 

Cir-cum-gy-ra'tion, n. o-irolojcab) 
(Do, ^jy^a-S'. 

Cir-cum-ja'cent, a. ^joqo o->fmo§l 



Cir-cum-lit'6-ral, a. ^rasa^os 

Cir-eum-lo-cu'tion, ??. oDn^Dfoaj 
grpono, auscoJlnr^orao, (ara'aDsocaierno. 
=loc'u-tor-y, a. ojaaa©. 

Cir-eum-nav-i-ga'tidn, n. i§[<ya 

d9£o!6rn<S)g_j'3ajo§o, cro(^6(a_)Qc0Qil6Tn— . 

Cir-eum-seribe', v. t. ai§«naTiaA a® 
a, ^a^^ajsa*. =scrip'tion, oj 

(OT3)0<aiOfoajlQ_jl, wro^jn<b3a>6U, a_irtfl0o 
6TD0: ({^Q_io, orTlCQiJca'o; fBTargf3Tt3n. 

Cir'sum-speeV*. ^joqo sooo^om; 

=spec'ti6n, ^. nrydagpoTlniofOo, oroooj 
cuocnrw, qJIsojao. =spec-tive, a- §nb 
^astmrab &@a, cr^dgpo— . =spect-ly, 

=spee-tive-ly, <^^- eao^^sc^os^s, an 


Cir'sum-stance, n. ^oiaroostu 

axoo, OTDGucmoo— ; 2. arooeajo, a)0 5yo; 
3. Qjoco_D(TQort>o, aDajfoo; 4. (p/.) /byo 
qjotud, croiflfof), crTlej. not a C. croaro 

0lgj. under the cs ©0 (HtoojcroDcssi , 




casrok. =stan'tial (-shal), a. (Broojcruo: 
o\)o6njou)2!0CQ;; i^fiUj^^oasro); crooecuao 
adWorsrgjco;, dDcLifDo— , ory^o— . c.l 

evidence (9^0L)S.TQaDffjr2aj(zioa2/5i'g>anaj . 
=stan'ti-ate, v. t. (^s^aoajcruDsiT) 

Q^o (Q_)fT$0ajl:99<Ss. 

Cir-eum-vent', v. t. ojosta^ s^ogXi 

<SSdi, -aJ^jTlcSsd), ojod1c93t9). =Ven'ti6n, 

?i. 2> r ®§ •> iso-»oca'o, ojjoeao. 

Cir-cum-vo-lu'tion, n. &«»&; 2. 

Qjg.6rars>Qjyn, Qj3GO_fl(T$3fDo. 

Cir'-eUS, U. <3jftrnfD332J0§<9sg.o; 2. fOo 
CO 0TO£l eJo, fBT3 0)5013° ; 3. (STDSjSCTOasigfl. 

Cist, n. 6)^^-°, s>a_j§l; 2. ea^>S)rf35io§. 
-'tern, ft. arflrsrasn, omosfl, eaejoudca-o. 

Cit'a-del, n. <sa>os, gc£o (mil.). 

Cite, u. £. Qjosxionb a^g_p(G5?<95, ooo 

ea^OdJsTlcSs^; 2. g)G0aOrt)6mo Oni0g4(Qi, 

(a_)2)06rno— , QjIculcQiDornldag^'. =ta'tion, 
n. aig_jcn, aoos3^)OQjooB@g <frgjon; oj) 
oil, (cyiaosYDo; aflcuroo, (o_)(T^oojo. 

Cit'y, n. <u§6mo, mcorao, ojrol; 2. 
ajracuscrun^cb. cit'i-zen, ft. e>a_i'Dfont>, 
oocoroajocrdl, cssoaaruDrrb, rcoe3jd35iDfDab. 

Civ'et, ft- aj^g^, aJ^e9> U , S3OJ0W. 
C. Cat SX2K8 (2.). 

Civ'i€, «. s^aj-orof^jiggg. 

Civ'il, a. a_i§6rncroo6ajcru) 21032;, roo 
C3j — , s^ourofD — , rD0B3.carand> g)@s_. rasesi, 
Qjoarol^ch «r>00°irob raieEflrsi)— - ; 2. isrD6rno 

CtflonZDCQ;, (g>0o g)g£), cr)0COftTl(Q)^Jo — ; 

3. crTlcfoascJiflonZiOCE:, aojocao; 4. m 
caualejo — , agyoe— ; 5. fooe3jiSfasroa\3o6Qj 
aru)j <BT3)C2;; 6. Qjar^cu<ai— , '<3roaoejrt5ira '. 

c. action, c. suit '(sraasajrara ' < ^) QJ 

oDOCQo (L). C. COUrt — Gd9iOSroTl. c. 

year eamojanconfisij g)S63i3,aD oroocuo 
«>6mQjc£no. c. service rooegjSfDSerm 
se^co aj^aj • covenanted c. service, 
cov. c. servant crDcojcaoooJIfw ^se^o 
coo, — &<29joco:rufln6. uncovenanted 
c. service, unc.d c. servant on)(m&a> 

odlai^®8i3coo, — g>3e,oco.TV3iia6. c. war 
(Syd-tos jirslQo, ©QLjoroQ^auo. ci-vil'i- 
an, n. «>3ra,co(Z0Eton>n6; rDosgjSfossmo 
S3j3cocruDa6. ci-vil'i-ty, n. cnscofola* 
foijo; orgjQfQQj , (Bra crdon a2;o, saio^io, 

syoe. civ-i-li-sa'tion, ft. onsc/D^fis, 

ra>_io, a_jrtf)cg£oroo. =llSe, V. t. onotortTl 
-Cla^k, v.t. & i. (2j^t99^, a^j6)^_j§ 

<3>, (OTlejd)?^, <ariG4OT§<Qi; 2. 6)an3Sn32j<a>. 

w. a^, c^yano, aHajaOejc/asicyo; 2. s>cno 

•Clad, p.p. 0/ Clothe. 

■Claim, v.t. (sraxiiQioaaao'an G-ojos^ 

cSScSj, oilq^cttfL^J— ; 2. g.OgJOSin a.JO<8>, 
(0^(T^3Qj1c95}c9j. V. i. (HTDCLi^Sa^lcaiO^n 
(£)&2<&>. (BT3aj^)302>o dhlsc©), — QSng3<B). 

n. stj^; 2. cnjoc&'o, tBTaajaioodo, 'sroaJl 
<^3fDo; 3. (5raaj<&)3c/acruja5r3) . -'a-ble, a. 

(ma o.j<B)3oao ©££, <s^^— . -'ant, -'er, 

■Clam, w- t. esgptOacfr, 5i©6rrasra)5YToaa 
ojoQd*. -'mi-ness, 74. s^sgd » ®§^- 

-'my, «. o_loa£D(§ai 65§f0t> — . 

•Clam'ber, v.i. oJlsl^ «s>ob>qi9>, oj 

OCT!— , (a^ca'3(TO(SOTr2r)05)S— . 

Clam'or, -elam'our, «. orfiaiaTign, 

@<SsTl— , <Srg)3o£13:£ao, (ST^fOaJo; 2. (ST32 
gT), <5T3) <S d9tfiaci_j 3 o£13c01o. V.t. OolajQjl 

alcOssi, ^<0s<&>. v.i. <srg)asd9i, (gr^oj 

GJSCDloLJOtfh, 6nj(Sijni2j§1_^ <SaMB)<B%&. 

-OUS, «. ^TJisga coTl^am, (groajoDjejoflaTn. 
€lamp, n. o<s>§ , o_i§; 2. ; ^ocnj'. 

W. /. a_j§CQnsOq_p(9sc95, 6}<Q><E°S>:9>§ld32<3>; 
2. 0^§ ^§,8). [CT^S«9S^. 

•Clamp, n. <Q)02iZ^. v. i. mozam) 

•Clan, n. (6»eJo, QJoCBo, 3cO0^)o; -'. 

^§0, o-ioTlcai. CS-man ajooaceasra nb. 

€lan-des'tine, a. scosajjo ©ra^, 

fOaoav.0— ; 2. 6sa^^ <y>jii^aT), taiga-icea. 1 . 

€lang, «lank, v.t. wa£)at> §|ai, 
ju1ejof3jc9>. y. i. aTlfijsQgcej. n. (©Dsria 




Clank, n. -aissBejayrsagam wsmo, _af) 
Clap, n. igtpaso, a^; 2. oasnyo; 3. 

5)CU§ , OTasl; 4. 6)S)a>ig§r3!>, — q^os'. 

C.-trap 5)<Q)5rrD, gojocao, jtiv?\. v. t. 
sia^sai, i^sa>, <wsa>, csroslasa*; 2. (to, 
into, np, upon) mti'z)<=> : 2\£h&&>, jajorol— ; 

as**, to C. hands a>g2j£l<&3<a>, giScnj 
sH 6)jti^£». to C. hold of oa_i§mo 
aJlsnoBeiS). to C. up afLaior&6rr> 5)_aJ 

CgjOSVO) fO)SQjlGJC<9ad9>; 6njaU£J3(3S0o)S 
6)nl<^. V. i. 6) S>a>5> (3iOS<9j, rffiZZflfal) ^ 

£|<a>. - per, ?z. 6)5)<35S)350soDQjnb; zsrrf) 

000(95)0 ' ['fcarog'. 

Clar'et, n. g>c®qj<q> (^osmaTieum , 

Clar'i-f y, u. /. &(&&£) 6)«j)&)3£\&$&, 

aJrtJ)g_p-^— , C^<?jJlcQ;3ed3<9>; 2. 6nj1^Tl 
6)«J)^CbT|<Ss<^. V. e. S)fa)gTla2j<9s, CTDJ 

^0oc9»; 2.(a_)a50O3ld9£ < ft. =fi-ea'ti6n, 

qj , (a_)<0>ooso. 

Clar'i-on, n. <9>o.ioa<>, <&>oao(wMs.). 
='i-net, ='i-o-net, n. sausrra, <&tff^ r e> 

Glar'i-ty, n. raTlaasK>, cro j _^i ra>, ^uso 
•Clash, i?.£. & i. <o)Z2f!d> ig§<e>; 2. m 

a^', 2. tg§ ; 8. gDS^rsi), CLp.SfOOCOo. 

Clasp, n. s>a>oas>, si aurora , q_j§, 

<Ty®aJ§; 2 « LO0(W33Q$r£no. V.t. O^ 
(9s, SiajDgQEDas, rBTO2t5I3)<9>, 0Sasai; 2. 
(^QdBsaljyisndDs^, 6>a>§V-, (STOjQjloGOano 

Qijj^. c.-knife zsan <a)fotsn. -er, n. 

Class, n. qj^o, oja>, ^=o; 2 - °-> 
gftfoTl, <3(Mp5rrP; 3. sjoraQ, {aJSSQo, oaofflj. 
C.-mate croaoo_iDcn. u.£. raoroo raflro) 

<©9c9>, Qja) — , o-J^as^; 2. (g)0S>g_J§(§I3) 
£6)C>0 §flrtf)asa>. ='si-fy, V. t. fOlfOO foTlrtTl 

<ea<e>, (gjaajy^Ggaja). =si-fi-€a'ti6n, 72. 
Clas'sie, =si-eal, a. <s(^^qo <si@cb», 

(T) (S(^/)<95) ®OO0rDO^.crCo6rU(TU)2OOCy, C2/CL, 

coGjroi^m^crijQ— , ajfoonnmaoco;, aflrnrafV 
^8d§5 3 « eojflaoyaaifla&'ga, rtfliaTtayc© 
crooroo <8Y3)C2;, (a_}0Dsrn«ca'OGO.o— . -'si<5, 
72. a^roo^rnc2;ai(T) QjrOTaflooSD^io^oTiOo; 
ojlsoacaa— ; e&ojan 5OD0c/De.a_i9j«5fcre>!-6. 

Clat'ter, ?2. o^isoas oasnyo, o_js 

a-JS — ; 2. (Sn^iooaso, ggaaso; 3. O^LOD 

croocruorao, ^LDejcDfifai. u.z. oasrylc^s^; 

2. jiTls)&j<9a^, ^^(CTaTlitil) croocrDoi-oldasa). 

•Clause (kluz), n. oj^gj, &o_j— , QJD- 

.oicBio, (a_)(TgOCDo; 2. &a_jQjO(&,o (gr.)- 

Clau'sure, 72. fsroajSfDocuo, (msai'. 

Clav'i-^le (-ki), 72. 0^5)5^^,^6300 

ctodI, ^rflcuDnruDl. 

Claw (kl?), 72. onsiio, @otu;o; 2. 

S)<Q)0Q6OQ, 6)^00,(95). f.^. 20^<a>, OS 
(Bja<&>; 2. o)^i)0fncpj<Q5, aTlc^sTlgricaOcQSid) j 

3. aj&rnran^otfi. C. me C. thee og.^nD 
coro)063T3lca'0fal 6te>DCi3o rooscgo. to C. away 

ua<Q>ortfic0s<3>. to c. (one) on the back 
(one) on the gall aooo ojo^, (5to^^ 

oOiSig_j§(!?®<Bi. c. hack ^aicr^'oricSaofcab. 

Clay (kia), 72. «9»a^0g$\ ^oaag^ ^ 
2. agns'i 6)q_jos1, cugH; 3. seaOo, eiaa 
cftvnb. brick c. 5)^03^°. c. cold 

(OierrortSTS), crns^lajaocH;. c.-marl <2^ii 
sliasrD . C.-pit 051333 «A 

Clean (klen), a. cytnTDTl^ga, oqjs^ 
5^—; 2. <sioo0oo, e.'omal^Dtara; 3.m^, 
> l§c9s) , ^@a, crcozrs^o— . C. leap sv-^o 
S'jS).^,<32j@g., aiscm. 4. (SK>em&D!2\g£i<G®) r 
u$QOo (Sr^rsi; 5. o^sr^o— ; 6. a_)Cifl(fg)o— , 

(rTl20GJo — ; 7. (ST3)jiiOfD®eo^lo @^0tOT3), 

B£Aio— ; 8. oTDnao^zocsi;; 9. ST3)^ ) 'ariary 

sc^c^^ga. c bill of health a^enai 

QJ<£h^QJ,0COnCQri5)g ; j{Tro@g. CrD3d9^ja_l((g)o. 

make a c. breast of it aioocroaawo 

sj^ii^, (feooo croJlairDlaga). c. cut 

(STOSoa^ao, i^^QJQ3o, i'aflSifD; 2. <930QJ !gj- 

sosi.-o), croo0(3iDi<sajra)o5)S. u. ^. ^@jjo 




c9s<fr>. to C. out n-jsmo ^jyojaso t/alaj 
Qjoce&fi}. -'ing, n. ogaif)3>rD6rno; gco 
qsgq&s 0d^°. -'li-ness, n. 6>aj^ljy , 
ajaron. -'ly, a. croaoQjtsrcOcpjgg, erf) 

<3<S2/0S>S. -'neSS, S)Qj^)gLj', ^^Jl; OOgj 

cnsgLj' , — so;fi3 ; ^iooTi (©^(SiJl. -cleanse 

(klenz), v. t. ^(SiJ0:<9s<ej, sxuslg-j qjos 

qoo s^-ai^!,. ^lean'ser, n. ^uulajra 

qH)cm croococno, 5KUslQ-p<QacmQjnb, <%&> 

■Clear (kler), a. svTn&lojgg}, alnrrocm, 

(Q_)CrOnD(20C2;, 065Qef)g_)OftTO); 2. g^c^ao 
<gT3)(32J, C^ic9l3)0— , rofi§o — ; 3. afl<2aJ<3)0 
jagg, <Sio^j<S6ruo(JOo— , 604'UJI— ; 4. aao 

nro)0oc2;, crosowocfinigga, roocossj cecal 

gjOaJTO); 5. mgjQJSTOO <S<£bcXlc93(TD; 6. (jgj 

§lgj0icra); 7. a-iyHcaioo, crflcg£&a&>0oc2;, 
jd'ocdo ^gjocoT3); 8. aooo — ; 9. aroccaaiD 
fri> (aiofio, (Dceao); 10. 0ocu gDgjocara, 
i^s<smo — , <&)ifcQs) — • 11. oro-iorovag) opgg, 
6^1(1?—. c. days <on<&>cnoc)o, (SY^GjO 
QjorDocDelajorcsoQcb 6ayH_ca Cuaceaig gft 
fO) . «rf. gyijcgao (sr^coTl, si^a^QJ — ; 2. 

iSYaSoarfido, ig^QJGBo, (oT\S)CQ. 71. C^oTl 

n^g$o>, aga°. make c. gr^^o cst® 
asa>, 6>fl»gnaj — • in the c. <&&<&&&> , 

joggO^- to get C. off oD^<Sq_jo<&>, 

6xo)o6)<2Q^3(Ui&>. to come off c. ^0001 

cQe<a.. to keep C. from ayns^crn^ce,. 
be C from debt <afeo ojl§l;ora?)<ea<a>. 

leap c. over ^sono-cLio^^, 6>^osos)fw 
gseja^. stand c. 000,^, ^^oq,^. 

-'age, ft. crflcSso. -'ance, n. arflano, 
sxusljy ; (ajg_jral)) 'e<ss)0m) ',§ , 
i&gjSGJDg cro02^n_i(f5)o; croocQfiio^) ajo 
So. C. CUt (a_)<3'TJ>j<&>'a)Q%@S; crooda&fl 

0^00(0). c. headed sqjc/do 0on^pojo 
«ftnD, <&>oc^36Qjocu(g@a. c. sighted 

Qj)<2QJc9:o g)@g., 'On«D J pjcDQJ — . V.t. 

6)<0)&)qj tsrg!<08(95, QQjgTlciy — ; 2. ca 
(§jUc— , s^aJ^^a ; j , — , ffi^hs crfltS?!©-.; 3. croo 

O302-O— , awo&oTlQjaJiCCS®^; 4. 6lQJflijlff) CD 

gflcaflcflsaj, 0^rg^<&>; 5. (of, off, away T 

Out) <2,St95>o Crf]c9(a^, QfCTiOQ,^ ; 6. 2<SjS 

cscuo<ft8^; 7. <a»os CLica<es<Q>; 8. <&)So afls 
<s>; 9. (from) &oo(d]6)g^cm fafl^5)aj§(cj© 

<©>; 10. <&>SCnQ g)@a(£h, — -aiO§<05; H.aiOiS 

0Od9sd), fSY^aocao af]^a>. to c. a ship at 
the custom-house 'eanocru ' cuo^^. 
to c. a ship for action ^q-j^ o_is 
as arraascfr. to C. the land &>%-\rit 
ajOfflDStuloal <2o_jo<0>. to C. up 0ong>paja 
asTl6)(65)o=<Qaa5, a"Ooaaa2;o (ts?la9da>. v.i. 
(up, off, away) fl^^ifc, a»cdinrfl«5i§<ai; 
2. atploj <qDs(95; 3. <Q>ct_jrat> ao^ajorrb 
oroaaojoao— . to C. out <8a-jocon<9na#>, 

i.€leave (kiev) (cleaved or «lave), 

v.i. sa^cQi, ojoq,^; 2. (ara^tes^, cs^i 
os<si; 3. scaocoio (ST^coDfcriag^, ^^iH 
rjno — . 

ii. -Cleave (Wev), (^left or cleaved) 

c89<&>. i?. i. ail@^(&>, Q_ng.^<^; 2. (©f) 

o,^, o_nfo cojc^. -ele a v'ag e, ^. -afield), 

CLDgg.^, o-^lagj'; 2. (Bras.£-i; 3. rD(0T)(65)cQ3 
sydo. ='ver, n. S)CLi5&>(BrQ)), 5)(&)D§a.>oc>o, 
<Q)toToTl— . -cleft, n. oS)^.^ , Qjlgafol), 

■Clem'ent, a. aaoauigoajo a@a, ^^s 
em—. ='en-CV, ^- casa0, qcdj, sxreo^ro); 
m^j (&>Dajaric2oacQao, g^cyaootna^. fs,©). 

-Clep'sy-dra, n. mo^laj^lfos, — aj 

"Clergy, /J. a^CSfDOnrflfmCD^o, SolOJO 
O:c0>e3(T)o; 2. aflSj, a^SjSCOo; 3. o_j3rOD 

ocTlfa^ociJc^ooao; 4. cs6njccjoai(Qj oDonejo. 

-man, 72. a^^ss^^ay, a-jotjOaD, <sk> 

CJlerk ( klark), ^.ao-nsacecocu , 36oj5 
co^rrf); 2. rBTOcaBaa)©tera>ab, cLDa-jonb; 3. o^) 
^0513)' <d>o^nt), c80onojn6, aiemasgjnga ; 4. 
3 en 10 cjo <0) ore aDocsT), o-iggncact-jab. -ship, 

72 . ®6TU0(JO<Jfr(TUQ0CDo; Q^)^f£5IOi 0U6nil. 

€ler'ic, -al, a.^nnavjo 
6OJ(TU)0OC2;; 2. Qa)y>a5ra)'— . c.l work ^ 

yrma (o_;(^jajian. c.l error, c.l mistake 





"Glev er, a. crooz^cjo g)gja, o>s>qj3 
qjo— , 610^^15^ ^za-oi— 5 c&ira^^or.'aajo— ; 
2. g)_af]^o (ST^ca;, ScojdgCjo— ; 3. (Ojcuaf) 

<SC3^3o £@g; 4. (TO^STDo— . -ly, «C?. 

(jyaajpsoaaas, 0^§3(9nD5)s. -ness, ft. 

€lew, -clue (klu), n. agejeng; 2. gg 
ou , &oo . y. £. QjiPlt^osA, cry.ajcn 

"Gli^k, v. i. qsja>, <aT)§c9n§ oasnjul 
oaoiqyo; 2. cuortnlaftanbo 6)<3>og.rnra. 

CJll'ent, 7?. (STS^rmnb; 2. dsflftTl (/.). 

"GlifF, €lift, R. a> (graven g%gg o_joh, 

<S)§CgB<95)0OC2; CTUDGJo. 

•Gli'mate, -clime, n. (gsasuaj, (a_)<23 

oao; 2. a^lscgGo, tsaoaocucrun; 3. gg 

-Cll'max, n. (3>3dooo, <g)®0Drab<e>doo*, 
2. ^^ctooaja^orao (rhet.); 3. isto^qo; 
4. ^rmaaDOjeruo. to cap thee. croa> 

"Climb (klTm), v.t. & i. aSls)^^ 
Ca'Q,^, ajOcf) — ; 2. tf)CB;cf)2g_jO:9>, o^cTl— , 

©acgjDs — . -'er, R. <d>c&QcTOQjrT6; aj«n 
(6.); 0rt>ff>asornranb (2 1 .); <airara (£.). 

■Clinch, v.t. QQ,<a£) aJlslas^, as> 

§1—; 2. Ora^dsd); 3. Qjac99(9>; 4. &0 
a^-p^^j. n. oS\^\(G(Oio\ 2. S^OcSsOiO 

<9«, ejcaofmn— . -'er, n. ^Q^ai aJl^l 
<95omojnb; rof) ^00^032.0, cuoeocra— . 

■Cling, v. ?. (to, together) »s<£>, a_i 
£/lill'i€, ft. c9nSg_pfiJDCB; arenas' oraab; 

2. jin<sri(ai\)oaoejicsinsiej ^^cDa.cSiOTOo. 
-Clill ic, -al, a. <9TlSg_paj3aa', sroDco'jacgo 
orcosiucruoaocQ;; 00)90000 <TDo6aicruf).2}. 
C.l baptism cg^ococ/ag^ocr^oDcrooqggo 

no. c.l medicine, c.l surgery (cy 

(3h<a&i5)«ajQjoSjOcroo, — ^(oxtcycg 32,0 cod 

ejocroo. c.l thermometer sajroao^). 
"Glink, y- £. aHe^^, 05rrfl<99a>. 

£5lip, V.t. ^(©1(99(9), 6)Ojs<&; 2. cS> 

oQ3srrrid93<s», ^jdScSsriang.^; 3. (evgjafloco 
coo s^Qj,. y.z. (it) Q_ioa3<a5, 6&o§a>. 

ft. OOQcSsif^; 2. (SigiS^QAio; 3. Sl^Og. 

lira, oJlslj 4. fl»§, «n^j°. -'per, ft. 

igol<9aaDcun6; a>(gjfl<a>:>3B;fT0)o; aosaja, 

a-JOSricflo^fat. -'ping, ». 5>0J§rai>, (DO 
6TTTjo (gcTldBnrab; rg>6n§ , < Q 3 ^ iS f n0t 

€lique (kli'k), n. ©§aia)§, <9>dBftf), 

■Cloak, ft. ®aai»n, Garaiiejgjoca'o, 
(2,y>— ; 2. ao, sojeano, »yn<fl>yflay. y.;. 
<8zaj»n ©§<©), ^§a», 6ia_jOfBjal5>Qjaa<a>. 

"CloCk, 72. ODDiPl<9»06rrn, oaislaiofoo, 

od^cshocXj. what o'c. is it? ^©a 

6rrTlc32;oairi? <Scnrooo^)(g)32;3cs2ri. C.-WOrk 
aoi^)a>arocry@)o, ay@g_j6rrf). 

■Clod, 71. a>§n, 2Sn63>=3, ajroi)— ; 2. 

crfiejo, (§0); 3. «a_jo§ab, 0scan6. c. 
poll, C. pole ^a_jo|r^a6. 

■Clog, n. rtnscrono, aTlo^o; 2. ojsI, 
<3§l; 3. Qa.uTlca/s), ^gSi^rolgj. y. t. 
aJig^AS^, <g§V- ; 2. (2,S<93<fi>, OTD^S^ 

a»a<^; 3. eDroSJgj^o^®^, 6Qjaul^§l<f)8 
€loi'ster, n. cuag-j ; 2. oosgj^; 3. 


■Close, u. i. (BTO^sasO), ig§l(e9!0>- 2. 
(up) ^§13^(99^, crooSca'Deal^psSsA; 

3. CrO0Oa-f)<38<9>, rofltdg^), (tJn5^<Q5cf>S<dj; 4. 

^jooi(^§a>, — ^<S). a c.ed sea <™ 

^oai^cnTo^eo. y. f . faiaalfsl S-aJrtsai, 
3 cflgj ■§<&>; 2. fHYZ)ajarooaol<93(a>, roflf®(S>; 
3. On_lorarg)c&>, (sroslaJlsn^^aj. to C. 
on, to C. upon «s\7&\(& ©^oeflas^, 
a^'s.&oaji^^. to c. with the land 

<^3_jfoi <&rasca/os§(953!a). n. tara^^-jo, ^ 
s^>, ®-aigl) ; 2. cru0on.jP, fgracuaroomo; 
3. ag^slajrao; 4. ajo9jcro0o^n, cro_ifD 
n_ifa)cno (mws.); 5. Qja^ u ^d-.§lca/ ctod 
ejo; 6. msgj-D. -close, a. (BTaS^S^fO) 
<99nm, o^sflca/lg; 2. ©§6sol3D; 3. aioool 
gjorora, <&0nQ,Tn; 4. ^oojGjgg.; 5. aal 




anejlfoliSarm; 6. <2tDoci^.Qozv\ s^QjcSscm; 
7. o^?>ra§2_j(g@a, ^gn-girg)^; 8. crooasfl 

OJjO— ; 9. (to) (SYO§fOTa; 10. o_JOOC2J3Ca>; 

ll.gioo; 12. ^^SDco.ijoQ^^oaBo@ajio 
(ST^cai; 13. §^£o — , a-jstaio^ gg ; 14. §d<o 
oo— ; 15. d^^asco;; 16. crycOgpo @.@g, 

^5»@o-. c.-banded &oq, s^orn^T) 
«9aaD. c. -bodied ^Qd^igga. c.-fisted, 

C.-handed ©ooos^oooc&sca;. c- 

handedness s&jsso. c. mouthed, c. 

tOIlgued ajoca;S<95)ig@g|, ojofsra o_io 
caocoTD). -ly, ad. <^§(ma ,nn^c3£p0ooafi. 
-'ness, n. s>Qjaurak; cryc9spo; s^^ooo. 

Clos/et, n. (B»o, @.@g.o; 2. £Scnjo, 
0Og_ja). y.£. (sroocoTlfab 2D§sa9<&>, &>&) 

g_p(93(a);2.(TOJ(a)0^|l?!0CQri OTOoCn:OfDlc95?(9j. 

Clo'sure rc. <sras>s«9s>raJ>; 2. s^igd ; 
3. Q_jaD<2ajc^mo; 4. (ofl^; 5. orfifljrarab, 

Clot, n. a>§, QLTlomjuo. y. i. <fl3Q,<& 

<9>, <0)§1c2;3<0j, <9>§gJ")slc93c9j. y. t. <&§! 

•Cloth, n. @6rrT), oal&j; 2. a§&j\ 

Qj((T^o; 3. CrUDOOO— ; 4. <3 601300^— ; 5. 

— oruQonoo. c. of gold <&croaj @6TTn, 
oojonbcrflrooao. -clothe, v.t. {p.p. 

•elad) @.§a_p(fi3a>, Jil2><Sj)&%<ai; &§a_j'o><f*D 
§&2a>; CJ0rtf)g_pc£>ac9>; (groti-flc&ioroaJg^cy 

qa<0>. v. i. qj(ct^o cofolc99<a>. -elothes 

(kloz), n. (/>/.) &§&-j\ jiiacao, oj((t^o; 
ajrogj, aflrtflgj'. C.S-horse ceracc;^ 

-ai§o. c.s line <8YDoojroi>, (sraca; (£*•>. -'i-er, 

ft. SiOOCQ; (QjOfDOb; (0) 6rrT)<ifc 61012)1 iZcasTl Si Ql) 

slg_jo<93orr)Gunb; rpjomdSsoranb; rpjsrrflcas) 

^QJStDsiOfOOb; QJ(nT^OJj3a_13rtf). -'iflg, 71. 
ClOUd, ?i. 20o^lo, tf>3&; 2. <xj<9>, cy 

&); 3. <0>o, «£haa*o; 4. ^§o, crci^aOo; 
5. ciTlajfara , lacmano. c. of S01TOW 

§8allD(TU)t^orOo. C. Of Wai <3£(aU£C0,'o. 

to be under a C. croooaca'CLjs^aaa), 
(BToo_j03ooo 2oortf)§a>. in the C.S 02000 

ft>3£3jO. U./. <QiO<b^^<d>; 2. (2oasca>, 

§D0J3§3i£}9<9>; 3. c05OOfc302c0>j r3TOa_i<sf)'5rafl 

^ad^^^i 4. nrTloo c&)CQ/OQa), .aioai/o 
^cfisca.. y.?. (up) 0^sajDoanan<Q8d,; 2.<a>o6 

aQ)^t9ScQ); 3. 063T3<9>, @Drt8^<a>. C.-DUilt 

croa&g : }0aca>, Qjonr^ajagjoasra). c.-burst 
ainaoflfl. C.-capped (sra^om^aoca.'. 

c.-land otdjo^oojcttud, 02cooo)Gea.o. Al- 
ness, ft. (9)0**2 0neio; Oran\U9)OfOo, 02003 

eo^o; 0«5J3fal). -'let, n, 6>.a)Q«0aeio. 
-'less, «. 6>«nanajga. -'y, a. «>3Qga; 

(S^CljloJ isH^ ; (9)Q,rolra; O_)rtfl(g0o £g£; 
06013 rti!) — j <9)gja&>o — . 

•Clough (kluf), n. oTiaiy , 6>a>ogf), 

^S^tt; 2. QJO.-OKfl^gj; 3. @_as.CU0Oan. 

"Clout, n. @6rTn<05)Sng 0i o_jy?Q3)6rnl T 
^00 g>6rrfl; 2. «9»cTI, gmio; 3. (©oTl 
cdj) ^joo°; 4. «n§, <fl!<ara. c. nail 
Ascaiooml. v. t. 6)o_i3 an<3$<9), ais^o 

SiQJ^ @OT0ai; 2. <SoC/5l2<a>S3C2n ®^Jc03 
<Q); 3. ^jool^ca); 4. {01g-j<9>, (HTasltQgB); 

5. <0iscaio6nol (G)0&%&). 

•Clove, n. <a>032joa^oj , «fi)03aaj (b.). 

€lov'en, p. p. of Cleave, to 

Show the C. foot or hoof ema-iuzoni 

CrOJgSQjO (Q_)rWjcQQl03(S^t9). 

•CloVer, n. 6i^ o^iiisl (£.). in c. 

Clown, n. fcnoancronb, igrosob, ©so 
canob; 2. S)5>a)®(05)3§ o aj6irric9n3fDn6; 3. 
2;0>o0ogn, a-josg <d)OfDab, ajleca3a>n6. 
-'ish, a. (5T3;S3croo rsr^ca', 0§ajroifDo— , 

(gosa^-j^ia. -'ish-ness, n. (gra§ 

arojsoojo, S3g.«j>jo. 

•Cloy, u.£. crf)6> Ojgj (^s"lt99<S); 2. m\ 
aToraDaTD 0§c^9(9), 0§<&g2aj3g.o caTln"ras>; 
3. cQjv'oiranoon^oaacS); 4. <fhaJK»lGuofa3(9>. 

Club, n. qjsI, cos, 5>o_joauna); 2. 

OTUooeio, @§o, 0"Ug; 3. Oj)t))0JJjO. c.- 

fist ojcTg^l. c.-foot (0iq©>3i^). c.-law 

<0)^Jc95) , 6luajo (O_)036n")o, (aY3fD303<0»iO)_lo. 
y. t. eSTTUj'^cQsSS^slcBSc^; 2. ^30,0300 
<0S(9); 3. @Sl(a^ajCaran<93<3), Cf\jaO3C0n<D5» 
<9i; 4. Q-fWfa-^SfBo a_\6TOo aJIf^lgjliSs 

<©>, — jiDejcusdas^. to c. a musket 





orcoo^iaoccn (gj§<S); 2. £>0oOrtfl(a_}-a)CfDo 

aj6Yno s><a>o=<9a<ej. 

"ClU-ek, V. i. 5)(9)0ifi3(B5, o_J0O=t9>. V. t. 

Glue, see Clew. 

-Clump, n. 0rtxg§o, — $§), @5r^ ; 

•Clum'sy, «. 0§ajraraaoc2;, ra)fooa<&>§; 
2. (TOJoljo gog^ororo), Socol — , rerocu&jafia 

61T>o (STgjCH;, (STOOD jiflfOK) — , 65gj)<9s>2lgj0rBT3>. 
= , Si-ly, #6?. QJgJ0S)rO), QJGfcoQ<fr§ , d^CTT) 

rora)fD0ocaf). r'si-ness, H. ajossrilgjocjQ;, 

COifCXScSflS ; ^n.-O)— . 

-ClUS'ter, 71. <ft£J, <9iOO; 2. (gjgo, 

cto6isucq;o; 3. eanonvji^QOo, o-joscfiaoroo. 
y. £. & t. ^^IcoDnridBsjca., ajejcmoeaTlfAfisj 

■Clutch (kluch), w.q-TI^I, o_n^lroTD)o; 

2. {pi.) 6}5><0>, nOSLlo, (BTOCulasOfOo, OJCrdO. 

y. £. c5_Tlblc9s<9>, rerroan^tQj, aa&jQjoaeo 
<Qsja3; 2. (S)6)<&) ^jass<9». v.i. (at) o_f) 

€51ut'ter, ?z. ©oo°0do o ; 2. a^g-jos 
y. i. ojortflQjaj\2p§(0>, <of)<8iPrtrf> 2olaa<0) 

■Clys'ter, n. cun^pro-jscaDGOo (med.) 
2. — eoaj<9>o. c. pipe Qja^l. [a^ 

•Co, /?/". ^s ; crooo, © q_j ; ^sl; oroaoo 

€6ach, n. nooejoscXiQjengn, cr\Do§ — ; 

2. cru_i(9>Dgyc£X03, rsTa<aU)0ri_i <e>nt>. C.-box 

Qj<s r el6)g_j§l. c.-fare cusng^egefl. c.- 

house Qjer^ngiro. C.-man Qjfing)«fl»3rt>CTb. 

c. -stand cus'BkBiaoQj&o. c.-step cu 

crsl^ajlg . v. t. Q-±6 n £\>su\nk tesoyool 

6i(9S)05ng<8aJ0(ft; 2. OVUdftjOgyaoeon a_ldl 

g_pc95j<0). v. i. aje^laroajoro^s^jai^dBj. 

€d'a-et, v.t. orf)6ryauflcBa<fl>, aaotfl 
cb®c&>. v. i. @Sf£jaj reran d9sd3>, scafoeTi 

= ^— , ^(Sizion^ocarifDic&sa). =a-e'tion, 

n. 610)^0^,00)0, 6iojej6njcru3o. ='a<J-tive, 

a. siojajo^orazioca;, on 64jau>3ga; t^s 
(o-^fOjfSTsn^aam, (a^cojfDTaricarifal) s>aG)<&>.ra) 

€o-ad'ju-tant, =ju'tor, w. ctoqod 

cojaxrb, ^srnaMJif); 2. rsra-SiJ, -ftfticrcaoo 
coT) (B. C); 3 - saj®6njoco<s>nb.- 

-Co-ag'u-late, p.f. &o^<e>, <si§°icao 

<#s<©>. y. i. ao'^^aj. 6)fmcraR^3a_jo<9>, 

<9>gpcB8<sj. =la/tion, n. <0>§cojD<e>rsb, <&> 

Coal (kol), n. gDrtSmrzii), <&>rol, a>rol 
<sn§; 2. <a,^ 3) fol, crflaidt3RfDl (min.). C 
black eQjfola&Qjyosz;. #>Q,<aio<&>Q l raro>. c.- 
bed A^rolajraso. c.-field — orflejo. c- 

gaS f5TSoO?0fO6QjQfl9^o, dfcrtflcBJOQjl. C.- 

mine, c.-pit, c-works c^^rDleuorn, 
— &i£). c.-oil ZS) $m£gi ^^g^* c-tar 
rmorb, «a?ld». to haul over the c.s 

arueiocooano <s_aJoa~)<95j(S>, oa<9)0fDlcBsj<9>. 
V. t. ©(TSODfijS^Oees^; 2. (ft^roVrflo 
cSaa). y. /. — (9icajoQdB>. -'ing 1 , n.— <a>co; 
ooroi). «. — tfiaroQcrn; — cTydastDasjom. 
C.g Station ^gjejaicfe <9>rtn<fi>e2/OQ,rm 

■Go-a-leSCe' (-les'), y. /. (0)<za)(& ffijii 
rts<a), —'^^1 6}omDCfy )aBc&>, croo®co;os3) 
(9«jcft>; 2. aos oroocume3o^lasi&); 3.o^a> 
cro^aoca'Zocon jii0Q^<S), Q^aflsaD^^. 
=lesc'ence, n. Q^a-fla5ro6mo; esrroa, 5)o^) 
<£^«», otco3c2;ogoo. =lesc'ent, «. eaoDo 
caD (g^ifojem, oiDoScaoeflasnT). =liti'6n 
(lish'un), ?? a^csflgcauo,— <0)fo6rr)o; 2. cro 

■Coarse (kors),a. ^s !^; 2. o_jfJSrQs) 
mocoj, fff>06rn; 3. crfl.aJ0oay, o_)§. c.- 
grained f5T3)fo§g_jo @Dgjotora>, ancreoroo— . 
-'ly,a<:/. a^oacon^jos)^, ocaaa^scaoas. 

-'ness, »j ^slgj ; o-jracLjaBg-j ; cucai 

a^Jo, a^oacongjscg;. 

■Coast (kost), ji. ojoc^Jo, (sro.'on*; 2. 
asojjfo, cro^Q-oflroo; 3. a>rD (o_)®aoao. 

the c. is clear oroo_ja>so gog-j, oinsfoo 
coo— . c.-guard-^jaaKeKDQjejs.oibjeQjDQj^ 

<& ) g : jf3la5)arGm,o; <0)njral)(S^fSseflQjfodaaio 
aaoruc^jO. y. ^. & i. <Q^aoS\^]^ ao 



: ; 'Coc:-. ;. 

. i 

§<&>; 2. @oig6ij3ora)DQo ff)^)^"— ; 3. odI 
arcrafla* cuyxoO— . -'iiig, n. ra?lrt><98>gj 
®ejo§o, @o^6Uo!S'woq ) o rrfl.'orajrab. c.ff 
vessel ^oigsuoSrmaQo ff)a_ic952am «&>g_|rafc. 

£Joat, n. <0»g_}oea/o, finaal; 2. otqqo 

mOJ(fT^o; 3. QtOSSBQ6)S <2rDO0p; 4. 0fD 

sanaa'sb, 6>a:of); 5. gal, Si^orab, Scojos'; 

6. o^oorafc, ©'my ; 7. Gcuoa. c. of arms 

o-jaaD^xDomo, <aej^e. c. of mail © 

rtficnj a_js^i§, cQicujijo. c. of the eye 
Q_jsajo. c. of varnish a™^. v. t. 

<ftg_J0Q!2Jo a§8=P <flaa> » — CJOrtrig_p(e8A; 2. 
O^C£<fl>, 6>aj3<af)(Xgc9>. "'ing 1 , 71. SOTgLj, 

■Goax (kox), y. /. aco;<99<a), rocnflgjl^ 
QJu»OTaO(99<S); 2. ^nuoco/rmaiorafe oroaa^o 
qj«S(z^<Q), i^sij^foncQ/O^) croaawo— , o_jo 
§lejo<sa<d). n< SiQ-jDaroob, 6)ajD§ob. -'er, 
?2. (geua^oTlcflBorcnb. -'iiig, «. 0§o<@§rak, 

£»0D, 11. (ffTO^Qo; 2. rt»fijajrtb; 3. GJ 
6^06; 4. jaflaKTC&l, QJ^OOb (£.); 5. (0) 

§ A^oDrt) (£.); 6. a>srafcc9joa5) (2:.); 7. a> 

6^0, rg)5H§ j 8. 5)5)aj<2as)3ra?) <2_alr5T3) <9j 

a^agn^ ; 9. a_jc£Qra)oojDmo. -'web qj 
gn^onbajaj, aoooai; <s>6rrf); ©.Ogjl^o 

«5T3i^°, croo^o— . -eobbed (kobd), a. 00 

ooejcrno6toi3), atrH^g. 

■Co'balt, n. (SY3)aLi«ji3)o, acycoog) 
(c/i.); 2. 2>cr)8 oalaj, amsco/oej. 

"Gob'ble, <0>3ngo tS-ilcq® g>OT0<9>; 

2. ajrcrafl(2<a>soeQ!ri roaT>o<03<9>; 3. a_i§rt$) 
oaocoTl ^sr^ocQQ^. ='bler, n. gu&cS\%a 
oncrnoascrnajnb, jaJcasDal an nb; q_i§q_j 

£o'bra,«6-bra-de-ea-pel'lo, ». 000 
coo, cro^o, a/hob («.). mountain c. 

fWcyx (kok'siks), n. Qjorabgea , 
^OCh'i-neal (-nel), n. racO^Qjgr^^o 

6TtT1 (2.); 2. ■ajQJQ-j'.nlOCa/o. 

£Joch'le-a, w. <s>gj$ujgan, — Aoenj, 

— c/aosu (an.)* 

•GO€k, ft. r^Qjnb, jJOQjral, SaiQjrafc; 

2. a^ojmoyf); 3. ADOo«a>o§l; 4. (<yao 

fiTTfl; 5. (SADufij^ftrt*; 6. (oTlrtTiyA 

tfcri, ■— on:ao; 7, ayTHasahaorott^af); 
8. rgjajoano&n ; 9. soodto s^ocorof); 10. 

a T }£}'0>WI; 11. 6>jUQ<8fO)06TTf). C. and 

bull story cQiggcssiLD, oj^csaaoj. c. 
Of the walk fwaiajab; rtDg^oaj^aoenfl; 
sa^oaoaf). at C, at full C. ©AOfflraH 
ojoi.gj, s>QJ^)s>a_jo§lg_jonb aroaOTaloB;; 
©sob a^iggoob— . game-C. ^caocg© 
om®a>oyf|. C.-brained rtnajtjTlrtfL^rt}) 

a@g, ^(©yos — . c.seomb, cox- 
comb GAouTlaj . c.-crow, c.-crowing 

ro>ej<8<95>oyn^!9}am croacao, ojgj^. c.- 
eye ®<fl>Ga&>gj£ . c. -fight ®<a>oyT| <Bra&o, 
— s><a>ofDrafi<9s>rafc. C.-horse arocasfoTto, ^ 

CaOD-flj^jTlrD; — fSOXlo @.@g, SloJOSOS^o— . 

c.-shut o-icaaDcuaj. c.-shut time, 
c.-shut light cn)n^. c.-sure o^g^ 
crflGauoa/o sea, 00^ aogj— . c.-swain, 

SfaiOfinrfl^g-jfib, ^jcS6)0B;0foab. c.-tail 
(go-jslasSQjnb; ^l«s. v.t.&i. <fljajrc» 

6)00 oJlslcSsca,; 2. .aJflf) -ai 6)QJd9aa5; 3. fBTD 

n>an|ml§ tsoooiss^; 4. 6)sr3>g. !6ro^ oos 

<©S<9); 5. ® (01 0<95)1 5) ftbo 6)<fi50COT2n Q_Jo)_pl 
6^QJc9sc9>; 6. cLjgj U (sraranrancBr)cyc9>. 

■Goek'a-trice, n. aTlcma-cgljo; 2. aD 

c£tng@a oroocjunoo, tsrgiaj^foaocQ; ^o^o. 

■Cock'ney (kok'ni), n. 6Soam<fl8§l, 
^^cosjalgjortsracLinb; 2. ejsngnbmcoro 

■Go'-coa, co^o, c.-palm, n. &&&&, 

®c9ifoojdaaio (^.). c.-nut 3'W6si33, ooogH 

®d9>o)o. tender c.-nut ©acnf)<b, a>tfl 
«an . c.-nut oil sxuano^sro. c.-nut 
oil cake s^sseo^jigrDOcos) . c.-nut 
fibres 6>-ni<9>rtfl, (Sj&ko). c.-nut husk 

asrafc, 6)jii<fl)<ol. C.-nut shell jiHro§. 

c.-nut kernel &v>cm. 

•Cockroach (kok'roch), n. ®o (Z.). 

•Go-coon', n. a_i§ aj^>(^5s u . 

CJoc'tion, n. sojoj; 2. s&aismear) 
ono, (BToaTTloOjejo (med.). 




■God, n. <8rtnora?>, ©tooS , fflos ; 2. 5)jii 
olcacajstaTl; 3. ojcfiiemo: 4. (wajcasm; 
5. ana arsiVjo (3.). C.-liver oil &\ 


£!od'dle, y- £. acaeocal <sajQ-n<9s<a>, 
sajan^ o_i(U)0Oc99<3>; 2. 6a>o0arf)(Ss<ft>, 

£J5de, OD^CO00C/a3(CT^o (/.), cozacroo 
aff)-a), onlc2;0o, <rf)a2;0iQ9<XLOo, c^ojooora 
doej (/.)• -Cod'i-fy, v.t. arflc&'2!o Sfoaj 

€6-de-fen'dant, n. @§ (a^foTI (/.)• 

■God'i-cil, n. Brosmaj'@)a»<sc32;o§ cu 
tpl^cai Sjaitcra) qj^q-j (/.). 

€o-ef-fici'eilt (-fish'enl), n. <roaOtf>3 
flf), @S(Q_jc^faTaric9somfa) ; 2. a)6roon 
croo^j, (aj^^O (math.). 

£!o-e'qual, a. cnoaaosy, @eijQ_iean 
&£&, — (aracul^ofOo — . n. croartb. -i-ty, 
n. croatjuo, rge^^. 

-Co-erce' (-ers'), y. t. saoan^ ^sas 

<&>, (STZ>0(oT2)<&); 2. crTl6n 2 lcru5 > l<aa<&). =er- 
Ci6n, n. (SnjejDg^oroo, crflsojcauo. =cive, 

crfiGOjcauccifl^oroo — . 

£Jo-es-sen'tial (-sen'shai), n. ooa.^ 

€o-e'val, «. (with) cro0(a_)32Q>$ga; 

2. a3fD<&)oaiaj©6njoc2;, @^oo%™@g.- »• 
crooosfloj], cro0(a-)oca,(ds)OfQnb. 

£Jo-ex-ist', v. i. 62>3ro<e>o&i(oro sflaTl 
<egca), — ^sn^o^. -ence, ^ . croaODfr^l 
<f*jo, croaOQ-jcaracno. -eilt, a- (@s@.§g, 

£J6-ex-ten'si6n, «. croaajjocuono, 

€of'fee (-fi), rc. «^&J>, eojan, <fbo 
g_p<9sas (6.); 2. <S)0g_p5)6ifora), ^og-ps)^ 

^);3. <9>0g_pS^QJ@go, <9>0g_pQ_J0OO(9>o. C.- 

house <s>ajiajlsi«fl>. c.-mill — s>a_jD^) 

d9®OT) ccj(Q3)o. C.-pot — <»>Ojy a_jo;@o. 
€offer, ft. 5)nJ§l, o)au§dfro; 2. o_j 

Coffin, n. o?aj5>g_j§1. y. t. aaaj 

5)aicf)c&1(3i> c9T)SQI3)<0); 2. (SYoS_niS>CLJ<fi?c0>. 
£!og, W. cDd^OC/aSLlo, jilraD; 2. _aJ(g> 

g_jgj; 3. <a§a, <9iofD (carp.)-, 4. rg>raa&> 
(orgsrrb. y. t. & i. s<a>og_pc9g<&>, cuioeao 
o_ioa5. to C. a die .a^aflrab -oyoTltSga). 
-'ger, n. ^jroTlccynb, &a_iocen. -gei-J 

€o'gen-cy, n. a«3<fln, aogj', aD 

era j sen: 6300^ oacQ/aT). ='gent, a. 6»xiaj(g 
gg , (ST9SJJ5TTu:nrflcQ;o (STD)ca;, crflcfgocracao— ; 

■Gog'i-tate, v.i. jiTlcrcfl«B8<e>, cujoorf) 

=ta'ti6n, n. .aflrro), (ergjsajojiino. 

■Gog'liate, «• ro^3)Croo6iCLioaDigig., ao 
fg6ojcrmajoc32;; 2. @&n cro_ieoQj(5@@: , ^ 
ess »cmo32;, (5Ya<2cnjOon,cn:o6nj(TLUi^@a. 

=Iia'ti6ll, «• ro*<0^crOo6ai(TU)o; gS^jOgJ 

fOT3>~); (srz>02rroo6iojfT\uo. 

€og'ni-Sa-ble (or kon'i-) a. (aracD-ay 

03TBX95), (S6TDOCU.0 (SYgjCQ;, <S©STO>C2;o— ; 2. 
Qj)-a)Drt>6Tr> 5)jil2JfDro)<35), fBT3CUl<S)Dt)j(JLfl 

maoca); 3. ScLJOfiftcro SnonDg (a_)Sajc/<n 
cQjioajcm (/.)• =ni'ti6n (-nish'un), n. 

56TUC;CJOo, (C^QaOSTDo; ©teTOiOOOo, Qjlaj. 

=Ili-sailCe, ?/. (sraolay, (C£>a06mo, (erDQj 
<2&ioa>mo; aoza, a^f06rn; QJTl^iioro6mDa51 
a)orao; aTlfnjjorao, QLTljiioro6m; a-jGaflnn 
ocdo, n_j§. =ni-sant, a. (of) <scoo^i^ 
aocs^, ffiTooloToranro"l<09rm. =nlse, y. t« 

■Gog-no'men, n . rt»oojo§ 3q_j*, <& 
e>- , <9iciyo6nj— ; 2 ajl§— . =mi-na'- 
tion, n. er^-Qaic— . 

€6-hab'it, y./. crotiocuocruo «.ai^, 
©(Tn'l^cLjo^^ ; 2.eD^oeforo)Oc9ROZofQoa2ri 
eflajlcSaa); 3. crooco0o S)j^<^&>. =ta- 

tiOIlj K. crOaOQJDCrOo; CODoSOi'OCOo. 
£)6-here' (-her'), v. i. aneal^ cljoq, 

^cqjocbH — =rence, =ren-cy, n. crooc^fl 
c^fo; (ScaoeDg-j. =rent, a. fmaalrab 

> » 
t t 




c^flSOio— . =he'si6n (-zhun), n. goo 

S-al^J Cr0o6niCTU)o, <S3DO03ng_j ; crooej 

cmcm, croo(SgQrai6mo. =he'sive, a. 
av>o<sgQ.-fl36mig@g ; <t»z^)ral> ojorfls^jod* 
nm, a§ej@&. c.e attraction croo&j 
emo<&>d£i6mo (ph.). C.e force crootsg§ 
emffmodo&on (ph.). 

Co'hort, ft. s) 6) arc cr>jeccoo, /byoskjibjo 
o-jSco/ognajsjgg. 6)6)crom.ooc/ao. 

£;0if, 72. S)rtJ>0g_p, OTQDOnn^iBTaOg-p. 

-'lire, n. oal3raoaj(ar^o. 

"Coil, V. t. -n^Od&aA, QJa^ 5)QJ:99 

<&>; 2. jQjassai. y. i. (about, around) 

joJOC%<0>, ^jOol^OC^cfb. 72. -QjO, QJ&; 

2. <&)6rn), <ft«fan ; 3. cOj^PfaborO^). 

Coin, n- mosrojo, ojerno; 2. (o-jraT) 
aoejo. y. t. mosmj0sl<09ce>; 2. nola^l 
cflaai, croabgjl<&8<9i; 3. <san§<9i. v.i.<&> 
&g.cnz6rr))(as)<B2&,. -'age, ?*. mo6m,0sl 
(9s)rab; cr)06m)O, Q-Jsrno; mo6TOi0sn<99 an 
jiDajaj°; nrD02O6mo. -'er, 72. mobTTTjo 
(BTasHascmcunb; ^ggcnotrrnio — ; croaa?^ 

Co-in-dde', y.£. rg)^jojrtfl6rr>o0o g. 
smo<9>; 2. a <2ro arc 0ca;«5Y3) u croo£Qjl<0si<&>; 

='ci-dence, n. ©^afinr^]^^; crooo-io 

«J)o, OTDoScfcOtOo; (BTaClOtrgjO-JcW, o^gSd^O 

q_jo. ='ci-dent, «. (with) gge^ajlcrofln 
0occi, Q^cQjtfhaejfDTaDejga; (eraa©((3Q-j0oc2;. 
?2. g^jcrooeojo, (5raaa(r^a_ifa). 

Coir, n. J^sl; 2. «93ca<b; 3. <a>ocu. 
Coi'tion, 72. rorafl, S)o)0lqooo, <3£ocoo. 
£Joke, 72. <9>flf).£j A^ro). 
€6-la'b6ur-er (-ber-er), », <&i (a_) 
cytaT»n<fl»Drt>nb. [a_ioil©o. 

•Gol'ail-der, 72. rsroitflg.], rsras^ocfl, 

Co-la'tion, sol'a-ture, 72. oncS) 

<95>f0b, JD'OOOfZll), OJ0dD5)fSl). 

■Gold, n. oalwo, Agn*, «J)srrc>£j ; 2. 
crf)rtna<95>o, jiflfoogj', esajcseocfiio (med.). 

to catch a c. 6^orDa oJisHses^. c. 
sore ^SgfR- to leave one out in 

the C Smod^o-onoflces^, ja Sa_j<a&fi<98(&>. 

a. fai6T7305T3), C/aWo g)£Jja, <3>gT\(b 2. Qj) 

Oeegam; 3. a^as gogjorcre); 4. jssna^o — , 
y^c^oTaf)-—, .ajsrn6><a>§, g>aoanf)ano <bt§) 
cqj; 5. (ffracYTl^o— , axsorcnocttirDaff) a>o — ; 
6. racroalgpcara, arooroaoo; 7. 0030002;,, 
0O3<-ai(3#@&. C. Chill aflosycn). C. 
chisel «^§yi?3@ ©gH, g&ioodo igcflaa 

OD— . in C. blOOd <3<Qj0o_l$aOfg)Q_r)gj0 

sxm, <&>^^@§n. to give one the 

C. shoulder (srarooar&aj (&>os<0>. c. 
blooded (nerrQasroi roce/axggg ; ecaoaPigjo 

<bi», jfcolcnapeanqgg. c. hearted (o_fi 
cao (ftosroia, 0o3eooj^@a. -'ly, ad. ual 

«n@0QjSrQT3)DS^S, @.eDCT\flir>fa)SC2;0o)5, oroo 


■Gol'i^, 72. Qjca'o'sQje on, g>e ra^ej,. 

"Gol-lapse' (-laps'), tj. |. a_i@63olSg_jo 
<Sj, ^@o"3T3l — t (BY30CTO — ; 2. gSSTOTO) 5 — , 
6)0.-10^61019—; 3. o)a_l§OD QJ16T73— . ??. 
^SOj , ClT,^; 2. (Srao_i83C2,o; 3. Vd&afi) 

"Gol'lar (-ler), 72. <ftg ;: J0C2,c^a^'fOTa , , <9j 
gas*® noos; 2. a>6yo(§rfi36rr>o, -oi clDs! 
(il/.), (sraglas, o^srn^ras . c. day <a 
SaooOTroQjQlcucrco. to slip the C. w 

o6)cB6)Q.&>, QjyraTi3g_jOaS<S). C.-bOUe 

<2<O503>a£j, a^^6mgj («72.). V.t. o_Tl 

(QS) aS\s)&*&), CSQJg.— J 2. (Q5y>r3rao^>o 

£Jol'late, y. ^- & i- &>(ism (Soooisaai, ®s 
eoseso Q-jransaaocdl^rnooj^; 2. <^>0 
(CTalfzA (g)§iS^c9a<Q). ='ti6n, n. Q»asro> 
(Smoaarab, o_jrolsoaocuno; aj<^3eoP3mo, 
cuiainoofDo. ='t6r, 72. afcra^sooocSgom 
cuob. =lat'er-al,rt. ojoc©jfaTaTlfoiicrrinnn 

g@g, Q_)'-C/3Jo 6)<0>O5)gS_ — , o_)0Cy3JCrOo6TU 

caoo— ; (5T3ooi^6LioawfOo (Srg)^, qj^o — ; 
(gfflji0£jorara), croo6njcru51rw0oc2;; ^jScjy 
063 ; omen, (jnoajyncs/ooa;. 

Colleague (-leg), 72. cruaoaruDocrfl,. 
— £?£)'- co crunnti, (^§ (o^cyfCTDricasiofoab. 

t < . . , 
' ' ' < I , 

; , ; . • ; V»P<I ; ; 

f f ( 

t f I 

< f t < « I « f 

'•, 104 


■Col'leet, v.t. @^<fl>, ^§i3jRs«8g«s>, 
<&; 3. <BK>od0ocnlefla<9j. to c. one's self 

(Ty(S6DJ0COo QJf0l<S>, fOXSnboSo— . p,|. 

crflc09(Q5. n. (o_)<2ro)j<a5(a_p(aiAar>. ='ted, 
a. ((gjslajarrrisgg. ; crua^TlajTaxaocc;, oao 
craaai^maa. -='ted-ly, ad. a&oao)0m 
<2^os)S. =ti-ble, a. ajaryqjoa&ocftcm. 
='tidn, n. croj^a_j6mo, Scrasurosmo, 
(gj^ls^jearsb; @§o, <2.ajfO30oaoo, s^aeu 
rt>o; (pi.) oS)(6)qj • <srocrd0omo ='tive, 
a. (gj§o <srg)ca;, cruarr^o— , ©a^osfl^gg ; 
(STaad0oooo or^co;; cro0a^TlQjOiir!— (gr.), 
cro^aDOJOjiil— (g r ')', aarTl ^ (^jsHcsi); 

mo0o, arozajDca'— ((/r.). ='tive-ly, at/. 

=tdr, n. rrDtftraT) aJlrDng-jlagarnajat), a_fl 

-Gol'lege, n. crooa^io, crus; 2. a_j 

srruflons^ffrrf), — cu^o; 3. o_Tle,ooaoej, 

ojdosi— , ariQjOGJoojo. the sacred c. 
<0>§Vno&jarue (R. C.). =gi-an, n. oil 
SjoasirO, ciDajoejcQ;a_iodl. ^gi-ate, a. 
qJIqi oajco;croo6QJcnu0oc2;. 

"Gol'let, n. (Sj^ajraD^aj o_i§; 2. 803 
•Col-lide', v.i. (with) <o)0alral> 3s<s>, 

— ftS)^(9i; 2. — @DSQ^<8>. -lisi'6n (lizh'un), 


■Coll'ier (kol'yer), n. a>^fDng_jSYTf) 
<ss)oront»; 2. onlej(fl«(in<9sigjra{). -y, n. on) 
ajflaralairrfl. ^^ ^a^ . 

^ol-li-qua'tion, rc. aroaaxal), oraaTl 

■Gol'lo-eate, v.t. qu^S), crfiraqipj 

<a>, crilcqigjai. =e&'ti6n, n. <g)0c, aruoo 
o_)mo, ojlcODmo. 

■Gol-lo-eu'tion, n. creosoca36mo, cro 
£pa_io, @s°)co;s<2ejo.ajm. 

Gollo-quy, n. arooso^36mo, croo 
oroofoo. =lo-qui-al, a. croosocsnsrncroo 

6ruo\Uo (Sirica;, crDooroofD^lfZjD— , ©"uel — . 

c.l phrase cruocrooroso^a. c.l style 

■Gol-lude', v.i. '^i 6V9»§3oan (cyc^ 

=lu/sion, a. @iffla§, §(j^fi°\ ®3»sef) 
0^°, ^i^(o_}<sc^ocoo. =lu'sive, «• ®^a 

-Go'lon, n. (8raci^g^arirt»D0o (pT.); 
2. 5)a_jra3ffl3S<3i>, cro^ajoQ^o, 0aoomoa^ 

(a?i.)- semi-c. 15^^00X1^000. 

€olo'nel (kernel), n. crca0^po(jo1o_j 
n6, ou3Dg.ooocac9jTb, '^sm^ii)' (mil.). 

•€ol'o-ny, n. <9»s"lsca'oorootgjo, ajt®! 
c9jd— ; 2. a_irt>(sa'jancro!gao;a>o. =ni-al, 
«. (ftslscaoo croosruoauaocsy. =nist, n. 
<a3slscojood9s)Don6, ajcgpaioraora. ajoanD. 
=nlse, v. t. ajrosefyararo)' as^lsca'crig-io 
cSgdh; (srai'TTj rao^ ojra) cruD"!fo0oa2Tl .•0100 
o\D<9sc93. =ni-sa'ti6ll, n. ajslso^ooo, 
oj((g)1<9)OfDo^jQjocroo. v 

£J61'6r, col'our, n. orfloo, Qj|n^o; 2. 

fO(0O)fa_)(TOOQo, (C^fl; 3. _aSDC2,'o, 093^ ; 4. 

<2aj.-mo, oodSjo; 5. eaDraD, anfoo; 6. (pi.) 

6)<S>0^1, tO_103o. Of C. (TflOjytfija-lC^gja, 

(ftciraro); 0l^^ogjaD0oco;. primary 
c.s croa^oj^o. c t blindness ^^ 
cud-oy. c. sergeant, see sergeant, v.t. 

criloo 0ooQ,a), — S)<Q)0§c9s<Q}, jJocojo (gcfls 
(Qj; 2. ajsTrflaa^), raYoeja&ftflcQstf); 3. <as\ 

o_lo 0OOQ,c9>, (SX'QOaTlcUo QLJO(ft>; 4. 
OjM6>QJ<98<9>. U. J. orfloo S)0LI<9a<fl), i^su 

(a_)croaT>(0)C^6i r eD<9i. -a'tidn, a. crfloo 
e><3)0§d9s>.'3b, oft aioyooaA. -a-ble, a. 
<9)0^e95i 0o^)o, Qajrolcm — . -ed, 
a. ^iDca'0l§, crDoo 6)<0>o§rDT3); (Xismlig) 
0ocq;; (9jQ,fm3) rrTloi^ga, 6)Qjgg.<9s)Drt>ar) 
gjoosTra. -ist, w. o®) (usrrfldtooroab; sS) 
(g)®aj6)j<&)CTb. -less, «• crflo0lojOOT3); 
a"UJ alo (ST^co;, arflg^d9fiio— , Qjlsoa^i 


€ol'por-teur (-ter), ?z. ajnr^c&o aS) 
^nmcurrb, (^nTLQan^caD. 




*>Tl(OC£#6>S (ST^STTkAEp, <Q><ipas)<ty6)S— \ 3. 

(WosaoiDCTrfla^ocQ; s> ojQg_j<aKoran6. to 
have a C.'S tooth ^3Sao)3<TrflcQ3carirtfl 

o9«<s>. to cast one's c.'s tooth s>^ 

■Gol'umn (-urn), tl. r®6ab, (T^oSo; 2. 

Co'ma, n. <S2iDaooaia^o, (Seruscocefa 
cb;o, axxrrT) (med.); 2. c^0<8<a>rg><8cuc3a 
cdo {astr.). 

€dmb, rc. ^aj°, aooro aa>ogp, ©o 
rtfl, fOiejajofol; 2. ajraflto^ol} ; 3. cofta 

V.t. -af)<SQ<£b, Jiflajc^, QJ0rt»<3>, -aflcSfl 
. / ofl<SSt05. 

"Gom'bat, ft. (0)<3>rt>3<b, <2a_joro:§o, 

<sa_)3ra , o-is. single o. e_ia3_»Q^(Suo. 


V. £. & z. <2a_)orao§<0>, ff>ajO«8@(Si, 0gj 

6><s»§<a). -ant, n. so_joraoa°i, <SCO)0aUD 

qj , (8T39BD«eoofQab. =tive, &• (QieJoD^aJl 
cao g>sa§i, (a^^roofb— , c^QD jiog^^jo— . 

-tive-ness, n. ^ejooiaXicao, c^qjj.^o 
Com-bine', v.t. <@^<a>, (wzcfi^ < 

c&3<3>, 6anm?(08<03; 2. 6tU(TUn<flQ<a), 6)QJ3(^j 

cruoano<a8<9>. y. j. rtnizalafc (@§<^, —<3j^ 
«»<©), scc;o03n^yocanar!(0s<a>; ^§ 6><95§5ngo 

d88<0>; 2. CJOOm_iO<9>Qa35imo'aa9<anC2;od) OTOo 

<sa»3sf)<da<a>. =na'ti6n, n. croo<8c2;3c/Do, 
s^xi^; ^§«)ia)§, crosUifO), gcojocoo; (§ 
oicrosiaaa^no, coo@— ; (pi.) croa&>ejano 

€om-bus'ti-ble, a. «jfla_p^i<s®cm, 

6>aug2)<2'j_j3<eicm, aoocrflco>o <srg)02;, ea_ioj 
rrflcoo — ; 2. (Sqjcoo 3<0>oa_io Qjasnm, <g 

mo. -ness, =ti-bil'i-ty, n. eaDcrflco; 

<a>-io, e3_iaicrflca,(m_io. -bust'ion (-bust'- 
ynu), n. aoonoo, 'oioqjo, eajejooo; a>ej 

oOo, fflroagT), i&)&J0a_io. 

€6me, p.t« ir. (came, come) qjoI 

<&i; 2. afl)(3ED<a>; 8. (3TO=j<e®<&>i 4. JD&QJO 
<3>; 5. <0>O6TT)Oggan<e>; 6. m?J)<X$)(Gi<&> . 

to C. ajrojcusnb ®@ja, soaTlcorinA— . to 
C. about crooscLDtflsA, s 6r ^3«a>. toe. 
abroad ajro3auacro6Eai3roo 5)jJ5j&; o_i 
roa^03<xy°)aS(Qi. to C. across aiosrasob 
gosajf^lai. to C. after orocrec/^aa 

A ; «i@6)98j,33ngciirtnd9). to c. and go 

ascflaooV- . to C at g.<5 r e3Qgrol<a>; (o^o 

a_fl<9i8<a>; <2an<2rt> QJrtf)(0), 6)<fi>05)@fa — . to 

c. away a-rirtfic^<6>, oj]s®a_n<9>. to 
c. between «3rflQ_p«flea>. to c. by 

<aTlsca>', (&.5aT0 3ajc<&). to C. down g> 

O6oe<9>; r^3^a). to 0. down upon 
fSY^Sce&iajldBsda). to C home aro_icp 

aOrt5Tof)rtjb oQQQISl&i', S6TU3CJO.03Qpjf*n<fi). 
tO C. in (OjSCUCyalasBi; a{J)(qi2)cai ; a<8QjO 
COo (a_)0O_Tlc9i8c9); CU^lSi^-J^^; nnSg_J0 

dDa^<9»; (fycroxTlaad^. to C. into, 
to c. in unto ourtn^ooi^^. to c. 
in for <aT)sjcB>. to c. into eoajosfi 
ta8<&). to c. it over <s a)3g_p<Q®<3>. to 
c. near, to c. nigh a8@Qjro°ia>. to 

C Of g3nol<B8(a); ajC>£l<2Ldzf)(6)<a<&<&>. to 
C. Off qTIsSQ-IO^; 6VO)Ocfl<2g_J3aS(S>; <fl) 

•iHc^ca; a>3^jo crricy'arandQsa); a 6r@ 3<Q>; 
<a>. C. off »yn<e>yncu , cmDaj) ®oj3 

«sb. to c. off from qD^a. to c. 

On qj&(®<b>; <stQ<§<QH20Licf\<a>. to C. 
out ajos)g_j§<o>, aTl^sajoa); ^ 

(I^QJfDncSj; (ST^CQflfra^, (8TOaJCTD0fr)l<9i8<d); 
curoljaiCOJo @S6Sg(fi5; <a)36mOB); OJdBfilo 
aTlslcQQ^. tO C. OUt With (a-jotfl&u 
03<9s<Q>. to C. Over o-idaeao <onrtflc^(fi>. 

to c. over to s^j^s^. to c. round 

Q_l^riQJ <8n_J36)aj CrDo£CLf)<98<fi>; CT\J6US)g_j 

S(a)3CTTo<Q>; Sfwogjldaa^. to C short 

<8a_J0fD3S><m (ST3)<Q>, @Dg^0S)(W— . to C. to 

cuyns)g_|§<0>; crgS6TU3cuo cufol<d>; odq 
a>o @D^<a>, qQ(JJK8<S); @a>cai3a>, jsghssa. 
tO C. tO bloWS <Bro^laJlsfl@§«fl>. tO 
C. to grief (eroo-jooro <2onfDl§>B). to C. 

to a head a_)#><8s<9>; ^y<sa<s>. to c 

to one's self cT\}86mocoo j-iofla>, <o\ 




snfcoso— to C. to pass CTV)ogCiri«9s<fl5. 

to c to the scratch sicn&o^oQ^ &,o 

fg<a>. to C. to time qwj&oqsl)) to_)cy 
fcral«eed9>; g>.nf)<o)0ooBn— . to C to- 
gether ^^IzurAft. to C. true nolo) 
a5TaDc2;oc9), Srorooaj. to C- under £.s^ 
sflrsfleesta). to C. Up <ftcaQ,d9>, <&>co;cfi 

ansQ_]o<3&(We3. to C. up to a(§©cur6l 
<s>. to c. up with q^)(^(9>. to c. 

upon <2aoaf)§<9>; (gT^(^2Ti<a8^); isr^xjc/g) 

C2D«99<0); Cffig_alcaDc9s06nB«9j, Onlail<srisc93. 
V.t. CnDOCLflgJldBsas. tO C. it @a_IOCOJo 
o-JOQ,(Q>. •COm'ing', rt. (BTo^Ocfls) ^s^oqjo 
nb <3 a_i 0(93 cm; QjasajDcrdgg. //. cliocd , 
(a_)^cQftifa); (gpcr^aftortbo rae^goo qj 
racu (Bl.). C.g in (a^sajoaroo, <erg) 
rooiso; curoa?, (srgjaocojo. ='er, ?z. 
Qjroiomajnk. all aoj&joajaso. 

€5om'e-dy, n. ooosdho, aoocrujrt>aro 

noos<&)o, g>gjocrocS>rD— . -di-an, n. odds 
<&><saDroob, <2Qjceao; ^aocrocnanos&s 

■Gdme'ly, a. (sratp^ @.@gj, ©orcoce 
cgjo — , .nicrcno — , <fiiocroD — ; 2. ojlaoWo 
(St^cq;, Scsdoc^o— , <3^c9O)0— . ad. 0«noo 

oDfoo <grg»c&r), &.nf)rcno— . -'li-ness, n. 

€om'et, n. Qjofrf>cy)(Qfi3((g)o, c^0®(Si@ 

€6m'fit, ='fit-ure, n. acyroe^o, al 


"G6m'f6rt (-fert), y. /. oaeeofl^rtf) 
<9$dh' } 2. CnDaT)0C3an<Se<9> ; 3. <a>6naa_n<ds<95, 
(sr§>oajardlp c p<aa<Q), 6)S)coggjS)gj^gg^a^. 
n. orgjoajocroo, cTooomjmo; 2. crgsuo, 

SOWjo; 3. @6YD, jDrtnaf); 4. <S(&)0QTOSl. 

-a-ble, «• anfijo g>@£; 2.o_i<S)Droo— ; org) 
O3_100TO<9)f0o (5T§)CE;; croc^c^i'3%@a, Q- 1 ^ 
^aflgjoajTZJ); S)S)cro_j(oo @@g, crysuo — . 

?*. <2(9)ocrosl; <9i6^rocfifQ. -a-bly, arf. 

fBrDjaa-iocrotsasraiosis, croscroocasSraraoQs, 
crg6U(2(sro)oS)S. -a-ble-neSS, n. <srg)c/3_io 

CTDo, <8dafiQ0o, CT\}fflJDCI3®QJo. -(jr, ?*• ®fo) 

oajcnf)g_p<9eaDajnb; rsrg)c/ajDcro(a_)enb, 

a_]rtf)c^<auora0DQj (BL); <3>aan§n<e5>5n> 
rocaai; ®<siocrosn. -less, a. (srg)c/3_iocro 
000, aro(8(TO)o^i0l^ofara; GQ^Qv\Qsf 
&@g, fBTaccaTlaDocQ;. 

"Gom'ic, =i-cal, a. (^ao<xo<r>anDS<fr> 
croo6tucTU)o (Stojca;; 2. @.^ocrO(Siroo— , a> 
avTla-.o — , crura croo—, .nftfolg-p^cm, <scr> 

"Gom'i-ty, «• ^crcoaiC^STDo, cr>QB/ua) 

fiJo, g>a_).nloa)o, 0Cgp8, CTOGOjiiOfOo. 

■Com'ma,rc. ( (^r.). 

€ora-mand'(or mand'), v.t. &&) 

<9?<9>, (QrD)e%Ta>0a_n(e8(Q>; 2. mSKg2)<0>, (BTO 

(Jona_iaooccrirzn<Bs<si; 3. crojooilmajTari'af) 

6>CUc93<9), GZ^CljljalOfZJo 6)jilroj<ai, (9>0<9a 

«fii, (grD)CJLflcr)faraTlral) g^s^oai; 4. a\)_io(jLfl 

(Do <fiTls<0>; 5. OJOSC^iSj, 6)(9i0=(9s^>. 
y. i. (STOailcQsOroo noSRJ®<&), efDl<Q8<&), CD 
flBron5}<d>o§<89<9>; 2. <9>06rr9(9j, gc^ncx^fji 
Q_jfaTlc!^<0). n. (flig^m, orTlScaocno, aao 
crcooo, (srg)<sauao; 2. (eracul^oroo; 3. cs> 
(org)(w_io, (er^ui^cuirio, moca<0)faijo; 4. 
gmn.'aicruDnfan; 5. <3)3i£, gc^lanaao&jaj); 
6. ef05TDoa<&ra)l; 7. <9»oajrak, crojoa-flmo^ 
Qjaa/CT); 8. arcs cnoca^0)6)a6o (BrouJlmajran 
gj@@. 6>ff)<romj0ocoo; 9. — acrucnocruDDcno. 
a word Of C. c^^^o®joa^orTl(Sc2B;ocoajo«an 
(mil.), -ant, rc. oooopjajfTb (mil.), -er, 
?i. fwejQjnfe, roacocSinb, scrumoaflajfori; 
(flig-jfoiifora'GJCLinb, — mocpj(flinb, t <&iQ_p 
(oraorrb'. -ing 1 , a. moco;c9)oci51<9)oroo no 
s«s®nm; f3T3u51<a)crDS^co r orocLi(g@g; ^onr) 

fO>o (81^)02;, (BT0O9@ejo — . -ment, fl. <& 

g^oo, crn®c2J0^/5o; 6^S)aaja>gjnr), Bt/dy 
s%T3xa.a^^ ©cm (Bl.); (STouila>orao, coo 

cc;a)^jio. the c.ts, the ten cts swd 

®srax9>cte (Z?/.). -reSS, n. moco;<Qn, mo 

€om-meas-'ur-a-ble, a. @^ja_jan 

€om-mem'o-rate, v.t. ©otas^, rm 
rtf)ces3>; 2. (erg)jij(on(es<&), ^(Sioc^eo^^; 
3. (a-jaaocrcDcescQj, ^Qoo^naa^. =ra-ble, 
a. rr^ra6Tr><2caio(A0ocoj. =ra'ti6n, n. ©c 





02, rt^ratssrnoforoQjo; s%ro>oau<a>o, efcraooLj 

&jtP.acDo. =ra-tive, =ra-tor-y, a. 


€Jom-mence', v. i. gseoeai, (SY^roo 

sl<fl®<9i, ajo6~)jy§<&»; 2. &&OJ0C&rtf)cfr,; 

3. (grD)<fliQjaab rtsssjtgcft.; 4. arcq^^ejoooo 
ejoajaQjl (a_)oa_Dc9(8e&>. v»t. cro0oroo<§l 
<9g<9>, {a_)®Qja<>l<as<d). -ment, n. (ST^el, 
(^saip.o, ggjajraTl; croQlj(9iejooaoajoo_iaQn 

€om-mend', v. t. grD<s0g_fi<s<8<a>, cro 

0glp<S(3<9i; 2. (2<a/oco.s>0crra (Q_)(T^oaria« 

<&>, 'aalaJOOBl' S)jii^«e>; 3. QJ0LPPg_JOiQ), 

(a_)oaoa\T!&3<Q>; 4. 6aopj)<9Q<a>. ??. ar^foO, 

(cyoaocro; 2. (pi.) qjosooo. =da-ble, «. 

(Tg^o (ST^CQ;, QJ09.0 — , gQOa^iarflc&o— . 

-action,?/ . ar^<oTl, oa~la_joc&l; Qjo|jC£>6mo; 
(pi.) qdcbooo, (STO<smjca:srr)o. =da-t6r-y, 

a. y§ooe^<2o<sj. c.y prayer 0«ria_}ooo 

-er, n. (a_)aaocro"l<9i8(Tr)Qjn6. 

€om-men'sal-ism, =sari-ty, =sa'- 

tion, n. oDooseoeamo. 

€om-men'su-ra-ble, a. «««> <bto& 

Qj 6\9>0«ng teYOg.<9«0Cljrm; 2. aX)0a_jrtTl 

0O6YDO a @g. -ness, =bil'i-ty, rc. 

(a-j0O5rr)@ajjfO^. =rate, i>.£. oroocoa 
rtxsrn <srog.Gj (SY5;<9sca>, fBiaoaajotno— , <g> 
0Ogj§f^(Qi. a. nrDccooro6rn f5rog.aj 
gg,— (BToaQ-io<fl^o<^nD; OL-jrDl0o6TT) 
g)@g, @^jQLnnr)|lgr^o rgr^cpj, (aTD09a_io 
"Jio — . =ra'tion, n. crviocoorcsim rmog. 

€oiIl'meilt, t>.4. & i. (on, upon) cry 
-aJmajrvos, <BTZ>e"](a_pca;c — , rsY^Scaai 
a_lo— ; 2 . c^ o^j orrf)<S8<0>. = tar-y , « . fry 
j2J<9>(TOo(Q5qOo; CUoSLJjCCDo, (SOcfia.o, S^ltf); 

(/?Z.) c^fnTaoaa)croo(Sc9aia_io, .airtTlig) — . 
=ta-tor, n. Q^os^ocrfl. 

■Gom'merce, n. a^ojso, cu.oa_iofoo, 

5)(S)0@gQa5)0§d95); 2- Cr\300J<flS)o, gDSQJOS , 
G)a_jrOj0OOOo; 3. OTOoCOo, SSOODo. y./. 
OJj0a_i0ft>o nr)S(C>)g)<9>; 2. 6)o_ircS0OQj(9i, go 

ss)qu§<&>. -mer-cial, a. c^oajaraoroo 

6OJCUU0OCQ;, (^cffian^ca,'— . c.l College, 
C.l School crjoajoraajlsjcc/aoej. c.l 

paper &6n§1c&>, 8^jflj@o. c.l travel- 
ler CTO6BaiOrt>^0aJ0«n. [ajQJOd^o. 

-Com-mi-na'tion, n. ^lcaasrrfl, oao 
€om-min'g , le, ». *. (with) %<£\&» 

aires <&>, renzBHrsfc <2-oircs<a). 

^Om'mi-nute, {?•$. 6>a_ios1oa;c<9a<a>,. 

Com-mis'er-ate, p.. t. ajrtfi<moa>ic. 

=a'ti6n, «. eca, ^o_j, c&a-floj. 

■Gom'mis-sar-y, ?i. &>^crxmab, @ 
(SQjOCOoruoat); 2. 6>6)crocnjOci03rDcroo^ofo 
«S)nb. =sa r ri-at, n. 6)6)crocnj0aocrDa\3oe 
ra6rr>o; S)o)crcmjOaDorD croosorD<95n0o<b 

■Gom-mis'sion, see under Commit- 

'GoIn-Jllit , , V. t. (to, unto) agjg^d&aa?, 

<TO0glp<9!8da>; 2. fOiSoTiral) Q^ggjl^ce}; 
3. @§lca02;«S(8<a), '<&)02§Od38c93' (I.); 4* 

Q-oiig^, (a_^(^fBral<ee<a); 5. (refl.) qqjo 

to c. one's self to a certain course 
am ojc£)£h. to c. the honor of 00 

ooSoroo QjrDfOTacas) iQ_)(yrnreO 6)^11^. to 

c. to memory eoo8a_iooo ^.ni^, <s>o 
6T7)0g_jDOo ajcDcssas. to c. a bill colca 
0o_i(jg)o ajrolsoaccumsaRg^ltaaffl). c. to 

paper o0)y><an«cu«98a>. -ment, -tal,w. 

jjlpdBRfat); ajOroc(^aDCnD0jysmQLj@)o, '<SS3 
rob cuoosre ' (/.); (ei©(2ai0^ilOO0OTX3o a^g^l 

anrci; <9)02o, tgpea/, (o-jcyforzfl; <»i§as) , 
Qcfiaio. -tee, «• aDjiiorD<flsaroe, a_i(o r ) 
a_ioai<&> — ; 05)ooorcsoj5^a6o (BSooajfiil 
a_joai<&>nb, — qj;^— (/.)• -ter, n. oro0 

=mis'sion (-mlah'^n), n. <&)02o, (jucy 

(DTOT), (^IcPJ; rrTl(2caOC/)o, iSj^OO, cnj0^1j 
6TD0; ego, eoroo; fBTOCtn^oroaj^o, '<&> 
zaHcmob' <a>g^m(i.); ^o)rToc^GfUDonncrri 
C^c90)aj((g)o; dho^:«rr)_icecaicrvD(§ (/.) ; e 






qj§o. c.n merchant amoral) <s>^:us<95>o 
ranb. c.n of the peace oojocaoroesujl 
<£t)0(t>cn\Qty<&<?3>cLj<@)o. to put a vessel 

into C.n c^(^(65-,o^rab(^)(^«n3n<©K on) 

<&QQjoLQ)&$i&>. to put a vessel out 

of C.n — (OLjo^caroTlcBrirai) crfl6)amoyr)c9®<3i. 
v.t. crTi®caocolc99<a>, on)w <£)&%£*, rgraafl 

<§a$)<fr. =mis'sion-er, rc. (jyrariarflufl, 
<0io^cruunb, l <a>02^ca3nb' <9>g_}cr> cnscqE) 
rmcunb; ^eyejoom g)<se,oto(Tuijfrb, rwej 

€!om-mix', &.f. & i. ©s<e»ajfl2ads>, 

— <0iGLlfTS<0>, (TO02f)(£/3)C. (ST9)d98cdj. "tUTe, 


€om-m6de', n. oaH<3roo(§:a3Sirr>o, 3<&> 
So; 2. QjeDjy 6)q_j§1; 3. O-JOOGoTtagjefi, 

6-qjooDj— . =mo'di-6us, <7. £a_j<3#<a/z» 

(Bwas^ejigge. =mo'di-6us-ness, rc. 

<8ca), o)cro<o<a>gyo. -mod'i-ty, «. 
oolfwo, (eraos^ejo; QjloaoejfO); g>a_ia>o 


roo; (ergiaocojo; jairoasi . 

£!om'm6-dore, ^. cnoafiAscrocnoo 

COo_»«jT>, <0>^^nnoc2;<&>(a_}ao6rrf); 2. (a_j 

€om'mon, a. arooaooojo (Srgjcas cruo 
cjuoro6mo— ; 2. ^ouorsaTlrob g)@g; 3. no 
Sgy — , ©aifliBT^ca', ajfoTioj— ; 4. or\jej 
So — , <sejo^o.aiort>o — ; 5. «jio6tt>, (<yog) 
(O)0ocoj, <SY5)(glg3D.'o^0 > lgjO{cro); 6. jifltara 

(Biaoaoco;, §ctdsq-4@&. c. barrator 

c^jajoOoraigcfiQ. c. brawler d^ajaoaao 
ronb (/.). C Carrier 6)o_)0rg)aj3aO<&>ab, 
.njasjd^oraab (/.). C. Council cncoa>(a_} 
foiVrflcLficroe. c. crier aTiamo^omcu 
ab. c. divisor croo0on2 j aooro«05o(ar. ). C. 

gender rsroefiocoo, & sea— (gr.). claw 

flroaflafl.'tnarflcBJao, ^ojdV-. c. lewd- 
ness o-jrocro^aoaw e/ms&j . c. noun 
croD(Juoa>6rnanoao (gr.). C. nuisance 
(SeJoQ5<aioo_i@cuo, Q_a<SO)oa_i8Qjo (/.). C- 
place cincaa^3(0>oan^o«jR», aroocjcorasro 

oig_j\ c.-place book aicfig^ aja^o. 

C. prayer anDi^oBcroeota^adincnocroo 
^oOo (Chr-). C. school cro<Dnc<b ojo 

ooaoej. c. scold (c/^gJCTr&j. c. seal 

crooo^ige. c. sense <a>3cgj®6nj3(joo. 

aulaai^o. c.-weal, c- wealth rao^o; 

(a_)e3<ihc>o; io_je3oujla_ifWjo. in C. o_A£J 

«9so a@a, 6ia_jo@6)cu— . out of the c. 
(8ToaruDajoa>srn(2Dca>. to make c. cause 

With <8ca'0Sfl(S9<9>, n_>d3£tto C2^JO»d9j. ??. G3 

ooo, crc^aoca/o; 2. ©o.jsrgjsa.^rijlxTUDajo, 

s)s>0TOoano. c. appendant or appur- 
tenant Sa^rtA (BToOJc&>DC/ao (/.). C. in 

gross, c. at large Q-ioraou^—. -al-ty, 

n. crccaonr^samo, a*af)mfogprBio>Qj<b. 
-er, n. cruozonojob, 6)o_j<oronb; <o_ie3'j(a_j 
foTlorflcJol; croaoo^oaauao gogysrarai afl 
SjO-tjuTI. -ly, erf. aroocuofo6rnzocen, cruo 
0osoOion, 0l<ft5iajoQ,o, a_ioiSg_js^o, (a_p 
fficaem. -neSS, «. oroocoorosrn^-io, 
crooaooo.'w; crfl_aj!w_io, (srg)£oarD(a)-io. 
-S, n- (pi.) CTV5c0oan,S3cr>o; (aj033(a_)airi 

orDcLnrnDiS; fBTOjaOsroo, (3d9£06rr>) ; (g$§ 

aTifixri; 6)6>2i womo. to be on short 

C.S Sd9£D6mo <S)O(98<0>. 

€om-m6'tion, n. ©a<ss)^, <^ejoajo; 

2. <0>qjqOo, (SToaaH; 3. SOJOJajOCJul, si^ 

■Gom-mune', y-z- (with) <8rg)art>®ajo 

2. roflrtSCUaSTDlDyo 6)6)<Q>S)<BS)0dz&> (Chr-.). 

=ni-ca-ble, a. rv-josroT^olooDdasisajcm; oj 

^^o^gg. =ni-eant, w. rofiracLMjrcno 
y>oae®sooD~), (^Inr^ onrnorcsoocoo(C7ir.)- 

(BrarTicu s^s^asanQjnb. =ni-cate, 

U. ^. (tO) OL_»5>a&>§<8<8<9i, OO^<05, Q^)(aran<0s 
<&), (SfDOCOo o_l<0>rt80OO3<99c93, — Q_Jrt>«^(S); 

(StdoIoj 6><Qjo§(©S(&>, aTlaLifoo a_joa>; «jT1 
«scijftsraoiPo 5)aio§<©siS» (Chr.). v. t. a_j 
afcsa"! (ST5j<9>, aooOfoleQnoranb— , oruaOfOJC 

o_io ^ssrrTlcee^, @ooocg;soan<98<9»; cu 


02o 6^c&>3§<S8(S5, &fl_J<Ss3rt>o 6>_al<g}£; gOS 
QJOS — , 6VQi3gg56)<9fl3§c9fl— , SjilCTTrifDl 

<ea<^; raoseseanoo 6)s>(0)S)(95i3c)o(Sj (C/^r.)- 




=ni-ca'tion, n. o-j&J^, srocficoriaarab; 

■orai ; ^s"!ca/o3GJOjaim, oruis, crooooio; qj 
TJiazomo, QjlajfOo, dSjrnro^; fo^>ro3QjroTro>o 

oTLimDo. =ni-ea-tive, «• @ocmajoQ% 

.%„',* A 

=muniOn, w. cruocro^o, <^, croao 
Qjocrco; (gpnro, ocrflcroe, — cro^eoce-o; 
<oOaso:fora)oyo, a>,org)<2isoe3mo (Chr.). C.n 
elements to^rwaj<OT»oy:av:o(JU(-n6a>3c)o, ora 

g-jajo ajlstat^o (Chr>). c.n service «jT1 

asaifDrao^crooor^ofDo (Chr.)- C.n table 
aTlfisajtCTznoif ®c5cya, — a_f)oo (Chr.). 
=nism, n. croDlfoTlcro(3iU>_io, s^o^caj^ 
SiseroaQ^cruolroriQjoeo. =nist, n. 
(TODl.'afloru)£?i«njQJoal. =ni-ty, n orco 
0ooo.oaj<9>ooao, s>a_j org) qj eras qjo; ctui^qo 
cao, croe, cu^o, ;g3§o; (the) (cujsaocrcx^ 
aOo, roos3.QL)ocnfl<&>c)o; orojeoajcrc2)ra)-io, 
@ej.(0). c.y of interest 'STa<oiDarDo6Qj 
(TU)o (/.). 

€>om-mute', v.t. 0ooq<3i, ajcSj^ao 

<93<Si; 2. C>a)cS£n0OOQ,<S>, — <fliO<9<8<9>, — ej 

a^cuocQ®^. y. z. ayHcu <an§<&>, 000V- ; 

2. ©(Ts^i^ s><&)0§<99<&>. =mu'ta-ble, « . 
0oooo<ftnm. =mu'ta-ble-ness,=mu-ta- 

bil'i-ty, n. &ooomoi<as><TQn)d>), a_iaf)6mo 
2!oojcruQ. =mu-ta'tion, n. 00000, <ss 

So, ajl<3)0roo, OJfD)6imO0O ; 5>ff><ft0OOOo, 
oaleQfti— . 

■Gom-mu'tu-al, «• o-jroo/^raiaocQ:, asxQ 

5r 2j oc 2) l ? @a - 

■Gom-pact', a. crooc^o&O)0oc2;, croo6n.i 
mOl^gg; 2. (of) ^JjSl £«ngoce;; 3. go^ 
jaeja, (erg)ro§3_jo— , ioDsobIcc:, cBi^pcaocQ;; 
4. 65rg;<Sa!2,0ja, rBTO0(TO. y. £. <e>§lca>o<©9 
<&>, «T30fDTD)l5^Qj(B!8c£b, 65rg)<fl6>V-; 2. CTOo 

sco'oea^g-pdftBcft.. ;/. asoQusn, crocruf), 
<&)0>o<t>. -ly, ad. gjogjocoT), tara^asT). 

-neSS, «• 62>rtS<95>o, ^OgJ , c&>§\ Q^iooo. 

-Cdm'pa-ny, n. (^oooco;, .aJ'snaoraH 
o>_jo, crooaroaDo, rsrccracaotg); 2. G'oio 
y>rrb, rL'sraD'oD, croaocooal; 3. arooaeio, 

^}§o; 4. fSYO oHml^C^ BWimOCO WfBOrb ; 

5. cro^eocao; 6. QjfaTa<fl>crooaoo; 7. <&> 
^ajsi^ci^o*; 8. a-jsogajdfcjy, q^Q 
a-jScaogAsjcto; 9. a^iQ^o*; 10. onos<&> 
oroociaio. -pan'ibn (pan'yun),"- <$§ogfl, 

crcafl; ga-jaosanfi. =pan'ion-ship, 

n, jii65Q0'an(ai_)o; jsajflosaiflcruQOOOo. 

Oom-pare', <;./• ®&JI^ smoaaA, 

6S(aro> — , ra>ororai£\o — ; 2. go-ital^oi aJOifc, 
@aii0o<fisn — ; 3. <Do0Qj)5uacfi35rn itr>ofo 
(wi?j(f^Q_io ouotQj (yr.)> y»t> ®i99<di, 
^eKaoainaTidBa^j. ='par-a-ble, «. & a^<£) 

<S5)oajoD, @^j0ocai. =par'a-tive, a. 62) 
fora ©noocesoT); <woro.ai0.culjiio<2foo(oT§a_io 
(SYgjcai, — croo6nja\Uo — ; ^ajaoeQnoio — ; g. 

«5T3)(ocuojin— , 0@^j0o— (^r.). c.e degree 
gfororoajojin (gr.). =par'a-tive-ly, 

ad. ©rff)focroo6ioj(TU)rDTrar)fab, 0000000.00 
coD, croocoofC5Tr)oQja\iD(Qn . =par'i-SOn, 
n. @.o_i0omo, fa)Ofow0iQ-j^riceai; — oolgrn 

cao; @^i^J); ao_J0, geOQDrC6YT)o, gc^O 

ao)o, fa>orD<ax?.osyjoano (^r.) ; a - 100 ^ 

®5oroo (rket-). beyond c.n <BToa6a_j30 
ca>o <sT§)ca>, (5to@^o— . in c.n of, in 

C.n With 0OQ,gg((5fl<5aT)O5>SOfl5T35 SmO«S5Tl 
QBJOtab. C.n Of hands <£h^d9airoa_inn 

(Saaocom, agj a-jfo^lcaaa. degrees of c.n 

(O>ofora>0.Qjo_an (gr.). 

£!om-part', v. t. af)ecccfl<s8<&>, q-><^ 
agd^. -i'tidn, w- Qjleeaano; ^01. 
-ment, w. a-J»3 , <srooc/ao, (Stdo, (QjggH. 

■Gom'pass, ??. ^oofd, (jyedaailsmo; 
2. (QrofoTi(b; 3. cuag-j ; 4. gc^l06muaio, 
anfroflffDfa); 5. (within) 0lfoifOi_io, ^>'^j 
(W; 6. ODScSft <8CT)0<9ol. C. Card QiCljas) 

(?6iio. c. window c^ft5Tae3oe.ic950. mari- 
ner's c. rt»cyas>. to fetch a c. ^jooi 

QLirDl<a>. V. t. .aJOcfl<28_|0<3), cuejo 6>QJ 
as<9>; 2. (about, round, around, round- 
about)>, cn}<8roocxf)<93<s>; ■>. ojca> 
foroioao^, crooa51g_p<fls^ ; 4. Q-ia<&a<s>; 

5.eOCLnc9(8<0>, CB;(Q^lc98<S). ~eS, 12. 02jgT), 

0^jOfoo (carp.). 

€om-pas'si6n (-pash'un), n. o_i«i 1 




; sxsiam.o 

-ate, a. fsr§)(3ff>g)gja. <a>rrflaj' 

flr&ea;, (BtdhSIc^o-. -ate-ly, ad. <a>ro3 

emScaoJlS, <0>fDg. afltgCUD^S. 

Com-pa-ter'ni-ty, n. cuaaojlrg 
Com-pat'i-ble, «. (with) raraae^aj 

0OCa, (SCX^osflgj £g£, (S^J^— , g).aflraio 

(ST9)3i, Q%o9^)o— . -ti-bil'i-ty, ?z. gob* 

Com-pa'tri-ot, n. roisxibo r&oe3jc9s>o 
dDob, orLJooaafjassnaocr)"'!. 

•Coin-peer', «. @^nb, (rua^-joca 
cruonb; 2. .njajBorof), ©rmotfob, ecroaol 

Corn-pel', v. t. (to) <rPisq£cnu)<m(&>i 
<2aO0l<9s<a>; 2. a_risl_^jcLJOQ ) (9j; 3. 6ajejo 

c98<©j. -la-ble, a. ®ao0"id9s)o<ftom. -ler, 

W. arcoQOcrD(S5)Ort>nb. =pul'sa-tO-ry, 
-pul'sa-tive, a. eojejog^oraaoca, Sooa 
£9 @g. =pul r si6ll, ??. crD^cnuo, croooo 
croo; ojoa«<flns . =pul'sive, a. 6njaio 
^oroo s^c^cm. =pul's6r-y, a. <3aO0o 
£>gg; 6tuo(§Af^— ; mHca0d^g_p<a>o (Srgjca;, 
(^to'Wjocu^o — , ann6Djrruf)raK> — . 

Com-pel-la'tion, n. <B»oe)cu3eo; odd 

03 cocao. =la-tive, n. (SToslcoomcuo 

Com'pend, =di-um> n. croorocroo^ 
oOo, croo®coaia_io. =di-0US, a. crooda&fl 

Com-pen'sate, u. f« a_A<a>roo <a<s>o§ 

(©SsSj, (a_)<a>la£>QJo— , (Q_)DCB/CMlcaT3)o S)jxl 

^Sa'tlOll, ?i. (o-jfoTlsfrorDo; (a_)(oftaoejo. 
g>a_iuaocrof), on<^o. 

Coin-pete', y. i. mes£\(di e>(3ro«n<es 

<©>, gr^fiJjlcB®<&. ='pe-tence, ='pe- 

ten-cyj w- S^cfiD, ©roaorw; aa-jcroraoj 
fceajta, Qj(a>; rBTouoWoroo. (Scaac/v^ (Z.). 
='pe-tent,«« v^^o^p^gg, 0taTicaoca, ro> 
(Br, ajook»j (Braa51(&iofo^@a. =ti'ti6n 
(-tish'un). n. croo0<aicia_irtf)csfia; <So_ioro , 

0(oto(oo, STa>o5)onosra)o^mo a^jem /soojo. 
^pet'i-tor, n. au30<algj'ura T ls9aiDffl5rf); 

Corn-pile', y. £. ©sHa^aa^, ^-i 

S^a^anBOdBsaj; 2. crCoi£0ao)<a8<S!, (QjS\ 

<&%<&>. =pi-la'ti6n, n. croaejrno, croao 
aoraerno; axoaialW^ncnjQo. ='ler, n. 

-Com-pla'cence, =cen-cy, n. c^^\ 

(STfOaJoSOOUo; 2. CTOQ©!^!; 3. OOCtt'O^ejo, 

crgubleio. =cent, a. Biofljaa.-aTI £gg, 

Com-plain', v. i. croa&so o_jo<a>, (Stdj 

<9aa>, 36D3n«9a<a>; 3. (maon.ocao 6><S)0§ 

c99<^; 4. (fiiOOo ^}0(^(9>. -ant, ?i. (3T3 

cn,oo2,ces)0fon6(?.). =plaint',w. c^cromo, 
co/aj)^Q3oa;o; ®raocon, cryeijsans . 

-Gom'plai-sance, w. ^aj^jo^aal 

ajo, sajoc^jo, cropjsmo. =3ant, a. on 
caioalejigejg, (ZxsmDoOrtxaoco;. =sant-ly, 

-Gom'ple-ment, see under Com- 

Com-plete', a. ^giR° (s^ca, a^ 

rtsraTl — , <fljoan^oijT3); 2. <af)cm, croon 'obTl 
cffiocu;. y. i. raf)<9s<9>, fans)<Q?cesc95. crTlcy 
«jran<9S(©j. -ly, ad. a^ajraflc&ocsr), rgro 
<ScyacQao, aancx^o, rof)$fO, l^OCio, (^^QJ 

crao. =ple'ti6n, n. crocc^fflfaO, croas 
ojp. -neSS, »• n^grp-O), oolooj*. roTi 
(3>qj . ='ple-ment, n. ^raema; ao 

ceolgj (math.), moon in her c.t 
Com'plex, a. <BK>$or>&£3Loo g>@a, 

cnDmo^^oroo — , aTlce«0o— , <&<£&£ — , 
Qjlaf!cu0oe». C. fraction aDaaaa^l 
cmlroio. n. ^§o, crustai^c. =plex'i-ty, 
-neSS, ?z. aTlQncotwjo; <Sjyg_jo, (a^cao 
croo. =plex'i6n, n. (jy^'aTi; crflno, cu 
gi^o; ^oja-jo, crojgocuo. 




£!om'pli-eate,tf. (Bto son <aoo coo g aga , 

Qjlcfi30o — , <TQZ2l)iyd)aO'32J. V. I. aS<98 

foioQaooocaaai. = ea'tion, ><• <s>ifc^, 
aJWn^rab, c9>§(95) ; <sraa33(O0(.oo (med.). 
-ness, =pli-eacy, n. croazfl^o, d^y^o. 

-Gom'plice, see Accomplice. 

€om'pli-ment, n. ^oj^ofoo, cues 

OOo, OXg^OfOo; 2. _aA0§QJ0<9ijO, cT^toT)ajo 

<fi«. to make one a c. 6^000000! 
<esj^, aja^dfc. to make one's c.s 

tO (B73)-a}D®fO0a_l_al0fDo a_lO<9>, (S10300J 

ca£ld99<a>. to Stand on C. <3Y<D)jiioroo 
<9i3s<9>. v. t. & i. ojo^ppg-joce*, enjar) 
0orrfl<9«(9>; 2. Qja3lc9ac9>, igsiicr^fan a_j 
oft, =tar-y, a. cn^.aocoj; Qja3roQ%gg . 

•€om-plot', ft. a(Oo<sejo_aioo, eaa^rg) 
6TO0. y. /. & i, (^ssi^sssngod^^, <3(Qg} 

o (jg}§<9i. 

•Com-ply', v. i. (with) cro00roT)«98<fl>, 
<STOcraarortf)ai8<&>, (sroaBQjelc&a^; 2. cuy?l 
6>g_j§«9>, <ergi:uoaj(cytf>ofDo 6)j^(^. =pli'- 
a-ble, «. ojgjgjooo <e»t/lc3^aD; (srocrann 
cao g>@ja, an§s>(Q>o§<99anr>, aTls coca 0002;. 
=pli'ance,=pll r an-cy, n. flracraarafl, <sra 
OfS@Qjo; mcaaalejo. =pli'ant, a. a>a 

£Jom-p6'nent, n. scaocooooao, g>raa 
<or3)(0o, crooconoo, Q_iao(3ioo. a. csauo 
coDooao (ST^co;, crooco^o— , (srgjc^floscm. 

£5om-p6rt', v.t. croao)caa<8>; 2. 00 
S(fl8<3>, 6)0^(0300(^(9,. to c. one's self 

<srg)_airDl(&8(0). v.i. S)a_ioQ,<&8<a> ; 2. (with) 
65d9s<9>, aro02<af)<fl8<9>, scffiocOiaocoDrol 

<9a<9>. -a-ble, a. GCBJOCO, 0OCS2;, (0)<9s). 

-ment, ft. rosg-j , tsroj-ajofoo, 6)a_j(oiao 

000. -a tion, n. cruocgcaoeanoo, cscpjocoo. 

-Gom-pose', v.t. ^^Icg^dsa^, &coj 

ojO(9a<9>, (£$3 a_T) das (9), orTlaaldSsai ; 2. isrg) 
cttT|<ol<9a<9>; 3. j*\S)2x9%<Bi, ronTlcBs^; 4. 

(^0o)g_j§(q©(9>; 5. ua0~l£_p(0a<3), O3OOTO0O 
<99<Q>; 6. (ST3)6Yrflca;d&ftirDo Cn)Oi(qig)&) 

(print.). =p6sed', a. acr>8oaoao)ro)&6jg., 
croocLiCOoooo— , rojcsnboso— . =posed-ly, 

(id. -Ol68JUej0^O«^), CT*>o(g0o ^3}S06)TJ). 

=posed'ness, n. caocrow, cruoojcooooo. 

=p6 r Ser, 7*. iO^CTXD^ 0513)001', COoC/fl-OlfO 

-nite>a6, rooco— ; oa0ono curaaggjCTnajnb. 
= pos-ite, a. crooc^'ceoio (8^32;, croao 
croo— . /i. crcoC2^c90)6aso, — aroocccDo. 
C.e number aflssacnarooeuj. =po-si'- 
tion, /*. aroafcaicDo, cruoscaosanoo; o_f)ro 

.nlOOo; crn6nj(nOCT)0'; OTDoCScaoCO?; CTOoQCy 

ceraa_iao(ai£io; ^raD; (a_j,6aiaauo, ro.a»roo 
e,ocroo; g>sou^i, rrficsiicao. =pos/i- 
t6r, n. (STOcQfiaoo crflfDraral (print.). 

=po'sure, n. ctojoox^o, 0000000000. 

■Gom'poSt, /z. (©§ ; 2. Qjg.o, qj^ 

£)om r pOUnd, n. ajoaaj", Q-iSaJ, 
S^f^OSHd^; 2. @§ , CSCXDOCOo, t&iejg^ ; 3. 

croaocroo (gr.)\ 4. cruocsaDocoo, crooc^cso) 
o-iaocoino (<;/*.)• a. <@§° (Sirgjca, cruocaj 
o90)o— , crt)0oa\n,tj)o— . v. /. croocscojosfi 
p_p<a8t05, ^§l<9«ej(0^(9j; 2. C8caoco(a_)(0)o 
roo 0(O3arr> ^gls^cOscOj ; 3. a!ria>o(Oo qj 
rt8ajj2)<a>; 4. @a_D(98(9j, tgrgjiOsriajTaflcSs^; 

5. ©<bi» ro?l<fl8d9>. to c. an offence ^3 

sfloao<Si, «r.rnl«A ro?ln8<flj (/.). C. frac- 
tion croeEfl^eVm)fo>o(ar.). C. interest 

(@§ ajafloa, — s^o-joej, SicufiScesjg-jariaa. 

c. number crooconocroosuj. c. addi- 
tion — croatofijmo. c. subtraction 
— a^Qja>aiof)o. c. multiplication 

— ojsrnooo. c. division — oorosrno. c. 
word cro0ocroo_)ao (gr.). -er, n. ^§1 
s^asomcuno; afoaoD (@soT)Qjn6; cro 
(YuDg-pces cm qj no . 

■Gom-pre-hend', v. t. <eras<as>)6)<&>o 

633(9), ^C>ao)a_i§(CJJ®c9i; 2. CTy joD^jP (98(d), 
(9jo1(99(9i; 3. ^nnOl(9(8<a», 0aOgapeJO(98c9>. 

=hen , si-ble, a. a^^sroiacgnjioociDlan— , 

(26ojocCjo (ST5)C2;, (aroajcx)0(Osrrflca;o— . 

=hen'si-bil-i-ty, ^. lojonDj^, sojacrfl 

CO)fO)Jo. =hen'si6n, «• OTOS^o; ^jOSiflno; 

(oo ooern 03(90)1; <S6qjoooo, Qjls%T»omo. 

=hen'sive, a. aDa^oroo a@a, (s^saio-ai 
maricyaoaj'a)— , (arosdSnl^-joo^om; 6iajfaul 




'gaatnoygg. =hen'sive-ness, n. gt^fl 
£5om-press', v. t. <SK>0(qB)cft>, s)sr®as 

s^^. -eom'press, ft. @6nfiasan°. 

='si-ble,tf. (sraaascrr), argaaoajam. =si'- 

ble-ness, =si-bil'i-ty, n. croos^o^ 
twjo. ='sion, ='sure, n. ostQz^oxd; 

■Gom-prise', v.t. <s>tft,c@g.a>, rsrascftB 
cft>, @.(2§aalaQai. to be C.d rBrosajQl 
c&f)nf)(aa<ft,. =pri'sal, ft. rerasoBRo; croo 


€om'pr6-mise, ft. raoef), cruorunaj ; 
2. grftTjCrozartno, rn,oo(a_)ojtartnl. y. £. 
crTirDcQsai, cro(Tuf)e98<s>; 2. g.og-j'^caio^ 
<fta<ft>, ajl<0)Sajranajo<sa<a), crocjacao (S^aio 

-Gomp-trol', v. t- see Control. 

-'lei*, ft. &6m<9s> n-AC&)'Sud2UQ<B>C(b. 

Com-pul'sion, =sor-y, etc., see 
under Compel. 

■Com-pune'tion, n. qj,ld, <soao<0> o , 

aae»io, Stcctot \ 2.<2ffljeo, 0<D8®j&c/ao. 

€om-pute', v.t. 0>srn<so ^<ft>, afl) 
qb<3>. =pu'ta-ble, a. toerncrflcfceiocQ;, 

Q^^ajoab a_io§@a. =pu-ta'tion, n. 

co6rnmo, crooQj.o<a)o; <ft.6m<ft>) . =pu'ter, 

= pu'tist, ft. <Bi6TT><ftS> <Q)0rt>nb. 

Oom'rade, ft. orociocuocrdl; 2. _oj6oi3o 

■Con, pf. ®s, crooo, ^o_j; '^sl, a 
fwal.^, aamocaTi. ad. aQjaflraocer), of) 
-sroscoaocof), (ajfon^anzoajTl. 

■Con, y. t. (ByooIq^&j, ^)oo , lc99a>; 2.a_j 

oldest, e>otz2i5)Qj<&d&>. to c. answer 

(Dasreiroo cuoojonb eft) splcy<5n3 0(&). to C. 

thanks nrvraWio^ce,. [rfi^zo. 

■Go-nE'tus, ft. afl^ocroc/acft/afl-, 2- o_i 

£Jon-eat'e-nate, v. t. crco®ca;oBfia_p 

<ftB<©i; 2. <ft;6rnlcft)C)o ca)02firai> <2<&>oc9a<a). 
=na'ti6n, ft. croo®ce;ocoo; jiisjBej. 

■Con'-eave, a. a@g.ajipl«ro©, fffro^o., 
=eav'i-ty, «. <sT^<0)aJg.cLJ , , s)a_iogg. 

■Con-ceal', v. £. 0S)o :fi iff>aj<&B<3>, <scoa 
o^aocaD— , GiojororaT!— . -a-ble, a. Q> 
^.)^SiQj^orib o_>o§@£, <2tooo_jorf)oa;2)3ca; . 

-er, ft. 0S)o^siQjc99aT):ijnt>. -ment, ft. 

0OQJ , agTl^^CUd^rob; ©gOoDso; fDoO 

■Gon-C3de', t>.£. & t. aroaamlaatfi, 
cuynogj^dft,, ajtf6i5g(&); 2. 'BTocr3ajQl<ft3<ft ) . 
=cessi'6n, ft. cru02i?r>o, fHttcraajoao; <ft 

€on-ceit, see under Conceive. 
•Gon-ceive', v. t. co@o tortf)<6<8<ft., 

—^5*^o^); 2. (rD(r^a_n<ft?(ft., c&(Qgf)c95a<&>, 

aaCUOtftScft.; 3. (C/)aOlc93d^, (Zm^gleja 

c&s<9>. t>. /• coensrrTlctt'oaj; 2. (of) ^oodl 

«9s(9>, am>£\{cyo<sj6)Q^<2<£h. =ceiv'a-ble, 

a. (CQnol^jonb ^-io§^, (senjocOjaDca/. 

=ceiv'a-ble-ness, n. ^ooOj^, eoajorfl 

CfiMfiJo. =Cep'ti0n, ft- COfbcJO0f06TT>o; ^ 

g_j>-waD, <ST3)fOo(So; ^/)DaOjaa<ftrari, cuorD6rr>; 
crDtrgo-j-smo, eocum; (f^ajo, eono, cro 

8fcg_jo; fergjO^D.-Do. =Ceit', ft.orDffga-i 
6TOo, OSCDOCOiDo; enjfgJjl; 60,jOJUl®QJ 

odo>; (S.o^DanraJ), eiscnoroora.o; ^aiosora)3 
nrrTlfO-io, ©.^oitrilcsyQjocroo; (srcaoa&oroo, 
^cuoecQ^o. in C-t with raTDOdcroar& 
bocqD. out of C.t with racrcaHgp 
5)^. to put one out of c.t with 

rocrocetfiaayo Qjrtstqgjcft). v. t. ool^miQa 
<s>, ©.rDaoncSsiQ). =ceit'ed, a. eoajooooa 
cftraT)£@a; coq^o— ; ^^foc^ajgjsnilayoca;. 

=ceit'ed-ness, «• nolcoao, (Bronoosoojo, 

€on-Cent', ft- crojdxsaanoo; 2. <8cd:> 

^j-o^, 6>a_ioa»ajr3)o. =cen'ter, =cen tre, 

(gQ^gfi ^0QB71rD r )<9s'Q'. y. t. <z^JOi(sdi)ai> 
<es<ft>. =cen'trate, y.fw a^ian^ @^a>, 
c9ei^; a3Q,<0s<ft>, <ft>^g_)o '^Stft., <&>§1qb;o 




<e®<a>. v. i* anmocoTl gj'gdfc. =cen- 
tr&'tidn, n. e>(®2i)<Bs>rrib, acnfl^^srafc; 

0TDoSC2;083Ono; <Q5§lcQ;0<es)f3l>; OjSo ff)QD 

£5on-cep'tion, see under Conceive. 

■Gon-cern', v.t. croo5T2Jttufl<&8d&>, $-ai 

(TrT)fDl(6i8<d) ; c^6iJi0o<9j, cS>ocgj0oc2rirtfl<e8.e>; 

Ac^^@a(O)3C2r)rtf)<08<&>; 2. (one's Self) of) 
oacrro (Saojlc9Q(Si, qji cru oolites, rc. a>o 

Cgjo, rBTOQJCrOD; (£fi^.OXoCOfafl; 6)COOrt>QJo, 
0OqOD(OT0jO; 2. §DcQQo, fDCTOo, Qj)rfiaoSo, 

_af)ao); 3. Qj(nr3)<e>cruoa£io, Qjioa-iorao. 
the whole C. <0>o^OTBr)rabg>6><£>§Qj6)roo 
anc^o. -'ing, prep. <S3ol_^, ojocD, 

6).nJ0£p, S)cf>>0S™g , QjlcQ3Ca;0OCS2n, CT005OJ 

oruTl^, ©ornra , aJl.nJO'al^gy . -'mentj 
?l. tfiOcgjo, (BTOQjCrUA; S^QjCffOc^a o, (a_)0 

oo)o<e*ejo, (srgjaifl. 

"Gon'cert, n. Scaosfl^, S)n0a)0^o, 
araaa, 'gjooocg; 2. ajoejS0g.o; 3. oroo 

trf)v)'2aQio£Qo. -eon-cert', v.t, & i. 

^s^caotsaiojaTlasai, (sr^sejojan^ fofl_ai 

6)^^. =cer-ti*-na, w. 6>s>(3>(S5nomroo. 
€on-ces'sion, se« under Concede. 
£Joneh, n. (/do6ii , oaoQjo. 

£Jon-Cil'i-ate, t>. £. cuc/aroraocSsdaj, 
^6rr>(e3ia); 2. (o-jcrooang^pcesa, arusoroc 

cftf)g_p<98(35. =a'ti6n, H. (TflfDgJ, fD 

sr^gj ; gP.cQao, ^ag^ra). =a-tor, w. 
av)nruTljyl<&8crnajnb. =a-t6r-y, a. croo 
<3Qa>o83lg_p<990~n; ^ajaa0mofJi£5o (ST^cq;, 
cn30oo3oooa,rt>..— . [o> _ ? g^^ 

€5on-cin'ni-ty, w. cuo.aJd&s^i^, (btdo 

Con-Clse', «. orDodMtfla-^o rergjoa;, .aj 
nsasio— , fmotainagc^nc^gg. -ly, «c/. 

GTCio<8<efioa_i0ocan. -neSS, n. -QjrtSdBno. 

=cisi'6n(-sish'uu), ?2. <3_nrdaono; jjialQo; 
o_s<aaso, jDjcfiftD. 

"Gon'clave, n. c&igloooejcroe a_»og_p 

6>QJ QjraliQsnD crOJAO^^TTTUQ-lo (/£. 

c9j§lnnoej— ; 3. r&noai^scEJOcoo. to be 
in C. roancro^ocoTI 3)S)ea;<fls<&>. 

€on- elude', v. t. aws^aiaA, o^§l 

CoTl§<S>; 2. rBTOS<9sDQaJc9S(Si, g>S)cX> §a5g) 
(Qs; 3. <HT3 0900001(99(01, Q^aOlces^; 4. 

^^s^^kSE}^; 5. (Braajcroocrrig-pcQtsa, 
'ofl(03(0i- 6. 5)_ajga<ai, aroo'JLlgJl^^; 7. 

oo'I^a, ^lajjfflaj^Rggiej. =elu'sion, 

n. faflij, ar\}0oajP; rBroo©0oaoo; faflglj , 
onlgr^cajo; raiso~uoo (I.). in C.n foraaj 
aroooo05car); ^(^(SsxDT^rol). to try 

C.nS a_i(Tfle9fif)_^ ®ClO0(fiS(&), (^)2D^ — . 

= clu'sive, a. (oniflr^caj, ooHcsaicao— , 

OJOQ0OO. c.e evidence ajfiaaaooaaca 
©rrogflaj . c.e presumption orD^o 

eo@)(cy3<»o. =elu'sive-ly, ad. tafl^cao 

coD, aoj-jooon. =elu'sive-ness, n. m\ 

6TDC2;o, SU6TTuD(Wo. 

■Con-COCt', v. i. aacfleeg^, eflg^ao 
c&; 2. ua@jif)QB;oaa<ai; 3. atrstes^, ^ 
aa^gl @«reo(e(a<a>; 4. «»i(&)§l(^3§l— , nrft 
^aHcBgai. ='tion, w . ^gr^o, aoomo ; a<^ 
an'at; a-j^l^-ai ; ool(<3a_i6rno; ^^00. 

€on- eom'i-tance, =tan-cy , n . <s <* 

£±, ODo6njrrvuo; 2. a^a^g^crootToVaiJjo 
(R.C.). =tant, «. a\3oc%fl&O)0oay, <§ 

SC^jgg, (8jiiaTflfDl<9i80nD. ?/. GTOqOCOO0'I, 

{graa36n.inru)o; 2. ^§o^l, jiiOTaoftnl; 3. (Hra 

aagosrno. ttant-ly, ^54. (scaoBfi^, 
€on'cord (-ksrd), n. aoaa; 2. &s 

CTUSl, OOlCOJcao; 3. 5)o_J0fO3CBT3)O, (STOOOJ 

co;o (gr.); 4 - *^a°. =dance, ^. acwoeal 
gj*, @aijfO); 6^ o_j o rts ; Tjro> o (gr.); ajasac 

O8o. ='dant, <7. S^ lJ Q)iQ^fa)g.@@, <3_aJ.£}— ; 
®0a^0OfO^. ='dat, «« g><SOMTO 02 fOK>, 

«Qi^DO(b, nrTlC©Joao. 

€on'c5urse (-lcors), n. cro0oOD0ooo; 
2. aJfOJcfiaorOo, '^so; 3. (ST3(£Oo, rSTOOS; 

€on' crete, n. ®§ , <^§> ; 2. ju^i, 

jijro^)'^§ ; 3. aTis^itfOjO-afl (log.); 

4. 08d98)fD«9fi§n. «. ^efl^S^OCQ;; 2. <0)^1 

caioco;, n£ioo^)ga ; 3. croocuoocry aiAo fSTO) 





q», oDsoacaaajOjoi'V (log.) C. number 
orcocumcroo^j. v.i. &> cm ccp/lra^; 2. 
a)slcao , ^fl(TSc9i, jao&3<a>. v.t. a>sf) afco 
aaa->, <f>?Q,t93^; 2. j^gpcoTlsog^cSsaj. 
-nesS, ?2. g.oc99am cosmo, ^slcao^ 

cm—, ^ere'tion, w. ao^^; <©>§, <©>.§). 
£Jon'eu-bine, ». ^cuyo^, afl^i^ 

SJCU^QLicb, Qjlsoro<9«orDrt5Tafl; 2. ecuoai. 
='bi-nage ( n. QCL)^5)tf>osngnrDlc9»r3b, afl 

•Con-eu'pis-cence, ft. ^oaan^orao, 

— <2_o}cQ3, S3OJD!80OaOo, (gcmSg-j'. =Cent, 

€on-CUr', U.t. ^^cunTta; 2. croo 
scsyceilasA, Q^af)ecLnc9s(9>; 3. 62>c9s<95, 

-rence, -ren-cy, rc. croosco/ocoo, cruaoco 

00 ; 6>a^)<Qi0fD>.o, (STaQOZfoD, (TCaZ^o; 

croaO(a^ajfOT3)mo, croaooc&o; croaocua-.o 
oao, arozio(Jif)a>orao. -rent, «• crono^aj 
jauaJTa>mo jagg.; crcza'wo— ; croao<s>oflfl 
(Sr^cm; arooc^<0<^)o— ; croaoail^ofo^ea,. 
?z. ca3iZ0-aD<QanDQjn6; crooo<a>orol; croao 

€on-eus'si6n (-kusi/un), /?. a^ 

t9no, AailflDo; 2. gcaiS)g^§a5T3flcB;a_l.iOfO 
6TDo (£.). 

€on-demn' (-dem'), v. i. ^3te& 

S^mcTTO (Tjflj^Qg-j^QE)^; 3. (to) c/al(fifiicS> 
^_p<9s^; 4. ajooororasmano 'ofl^^g-j^ 
<3l3a>, fw@g.<a>; 5. crocanortTlsajcSffl oras 
(Ssc9>. =na-ble, a. <srg)8d9ftia_ne6najra 

=na'tion, n. <erg>«c&Bia-)o; ualafiiDaflciri, 
e-?mi:— ; (g^ejo-jaorosimo. =na't6r-y, a. 

- f er, n. aand9fl3Qjl(JLyi(98crnajnb; <srg)<2c£flA 

€on-dense', =den-sate', v. t. s>a>o^> 

g_p(Qs<s>; 2. (sra0(^<Q); ^joscestQi', 3. <9}<jfl 
co;o<flsa\ C.d milk <9j§1g_iorei. v. i. 

<&0,a>a>, (^^<Qs^>, <Si§loB;Ot9>; 2. COO'W-IO 

(Sjoaa6mfara)0fa!> crv>o<sca;osfiaa<9j (cA.), «. 
<&i§lco;oc2;, ff>a>o#>03T3), crooicjgaoco/. =den- 
sa'tion, n. ajsflG&o&arak; (gy^ ; .njroi 
(Ss)o; foisnag-panoe^sngoajcrn a_jao(aiflQj.aj 
cniQocra>f&o(c/2.); coorg>croo<scB;ocoo(c/j.). 
£Jon-de-scend' (-send'), b. i. a_iaaJi 

ails ^o^<0>, BoafiTlsrnio a>os,a>; 2. a>SD 
dBfcTlaadb, ec^ojocoTl s^jing^; 3. crozatyTl 
aaa>. rscen'sion, ?2. ^o^; QOtfiQilsmjo; 

•Con-dl^n' (-din') , a. <sca;o(Ojo (SY§,:a, 

QjlooWc — ; 2. fSroOBtrtga-Jo — , 0^o90)o — , 

fa>(6». -neSS, ??• <scsi/ocOjfa>, cuo^'ok 

-dig'ni-ty, >?. ^srr>jo, cnj^^o. 

-Con'di-ment, n. crco6njcru51, l ^£\ 
6rr^l^ g>£_pef!§^', '(sra^o*'. 

£5on-di'ti6n (-disl/ua), w. oolej, rsro 
cucruD, a\iDl(aD; 2. ejtSfiierno; 3. ctoj 
eoojo; 4. orTlcojiaio, cLJdafiaoraino. on 
C, upon C. (that) o^aaTlrjjb, o^nrn Qjnfl 
d^lfjfe, o_ic9ftio, o^cm orflc@jca'fT5T3nsna'Zi?). 
-al, rt. n_j(e£aD(aioo (ST^ca;; cnlCQiica'rroo 
c^aaoio — ; (ofl^cagyornroi. ??. odoSoqj 
on:^ga_jo igr.). -al-ly, Cid. Q-jft£ai->nD 
laocsTl; mncGya^OTB&aBcrofDl^; (afl^5)g_j 


-Gon-dole', V. t. (with) crcamr,ca_io 

eja_D<99<Q>, §8SLD<99ai. -ment, 7/. n_jf0l 
faiDo_io, .gra>Scgpisocuo; crorRJ)oa_jo. =do- 
lenCe, U. n_jflfi<a>oa_jo, crOQDO^Da_lo. 

■Gon-done', u.^. cOfiaalcSaa), 5)Q_joci 

na'tidn, n. caai0, 'aagd '• 

€on-duCe', v.t. &i. (to, toward) ^^ 

a,, croocjudfco— . =ci-ble, =cive, a. a 

rj»<Q3Cm, (ST3CT3^eJiggg, CTOOCJO^o t3T3)32-', 
g)O_lC5$a9O)0 — . 

£Jon r duet, n. o-jfifla-joejaoo, aDiiio 
rasrn; 2. Gcrconoujlaj'^jSi^Djsajo; 3. 
ajy^KSSsm; 4. 0o^o, crooadl^c; 5. ao 
qj*; 6. onSg_j', aosajsl, s^ci_iob0oooo. 
€on-duet', y. ^. Qjtfn<0>os<9>, @6rr>3is 




aga; 3. (refl.) msa^a, oo-jrraiaoQ,^; 
4. cuoaoao (er^coTlrtflaaa). v. i. QJOoO 

d)o— ; 2. 6>a_iK»2>oQ<&>. =ti-bil'i-ty, n. 

Qjoocrflca;f0)jo, Qjaorooac&faT). =tidn, 
n. cnsrsraTlasi'ci), mc&o; (Qraelajaoooo. 
=tor, ft. oooca;<9>nb, ajjAesSsl; a_irtf)au3 

GJ(S)Ob; OJOaOm^iaObTnl; CTOoCrfltOXTUo 
QOi — ; J5)g^aQJ3aOa>o, ClTIQ. q\ e&rarTl— , Qjl 

e,f3i>aaxn. stress, ft. ansa^aT); ajfjfl 
o_joiiimo Q^ccycmajcX); (@s <3a_j3aiaT> 

■Gon'duit (-dit), n. crfl^rat), o-ioforaTl, 

6&3CU , (fttfrz&; 2. S3GL)30aca'o; 3. OOSgJtt. 

done, ft. nryjaTl, (j^cry (geom.); 2. 
@So, 6)<fl)a§qsH, ualauroo. = eon'ie, 
=i-€al,«. cry^jOdfcofDo g)@gi, ^sog^fl— , 

■Con-feet', n. 0oyroQcu,o, cuajaosroo. 
u. t. 'alooccT!' gereocaacQ,. =fee'ti6n, ft. 

6TUg£)'Qc^arco3caocoo; ozuSyiroooTieLn^ ao 
eji^ejoalAcX), -aloocofr; <seja£)jo, focroaca; 

ooo. =fee'tion-er, =tion-a-ry, n. 'en 

oooin'aRaronb. -ti6n-er-y, «. 0ayroe 

-Con-fed'er-a-cy, n. ^sousH, cro 
(§(^o (/.). =fed'er-ate, v. t. croouTlaJp 

fmaoTlrBb serosa*, crocxsc&csflasa). n. cro 
^ifoi<95)orDnb, croaT); @§ogr). ci. cro6u,ra> 
Cc/)f3bs)a_j§, scaosn^lrtflcsacrn. =fed- 
er-a'ti6n, n. ^sousl, crocrufl; s)og)<% 

£5on-feV, v.t. (on, upon) acuta tscno 

c98<05; 2. 00^(3), ^gjH^^ca.O^as^; 3. 
CrCaDOaTl«9a(0i, g)tO>aia. y. i, (ajSlc&S 

<, crooes.-mlasa. -ee, ft. CSQ 
<Sejo^ioo<9s)DrQo6; (a-jon_fl_2jQjnb. -ence, 
n. ^a_j0oaoo, asjasooDiSsirab; crooeocm 

6TT)o, CrOoOJDeo, (8T3)<SaJ0jiim; (SY^SajD^ii 

ooarus. -ring, pres. p. cnt^an, ao, 

£5on-fess', v.t. aooo croaz aOasaj; 
2. aj~lc/a_j3crocro_f)a>3roo 5)^^a>; qDobjo 
crcaTi£3 32;0occri cro_f)a>fD)asa>- 3. crcrw, 
6)0crro cro00aTlo9S(0>, (ScrxbxjDa); 4. a_io 
o_icro_f)a>orao s^cma. aiaucrosrtflaaai; 
5. a>cnjcrooroo (Sadoasa. (R.C.); 6. (aj 
^cQfiazocSsd^, a>36rrfla:3a>. v.i. a»ooo 
oro_n,Q,^naQ<©);2. cro00:«D<88<S). ='sed-ly, 
ad. a\>Z0.xn(cy<9«oroo, crnscflacual^jos)^. 
='sion, ft. croJlasfoo, croaara>o; oTlaajo 
crocroJla^roo; — (cyaosmo; o_i3a_jcro_fl 

<fto«»o; ajoocrozeiwo. auricular c.n 

aicrucroaroo. c.n of faith aflcajocro 
(Q_}a36rr>o. general C.n cruscwocDn a>ipl 
a$arr> OLjsajcro _n<a>oro(a-jo(aJ£>m. ='s6r, n . 
a_ioo_io cro-fl^rtDcfiecmQLifib; Qjloa-iscru 
cn^oeaaTl; a-joa_icro_f)<0>3foo ®a>s siaa^ii 
mo 5) a s §<0a emeu nb (R. C). ='si6n-al, 
= sidn-ar-y, n. Gicnjcrcza^s (R. C). 

■€on-flde', v.i. (in) stoQcSj. ollf^jo 
croo o)oj«9s<a. y. t. (to) QJlco-icaDls^ 
gjlcsaa), eroaag^^^* =fi-dant', =fi- 
dante', n. (ti_j06m«ci^Qcfl.a>nb, — srr^ao) 
(O); g^)ft6, |(aTl«a». ='fi-dence, n. (in) 

QjlcyajOCrOo, <BT9i(C^)C2;o; <SK).S32;CrOD3mo, 

c/aro6rno; (^c^jscrocrTlcsucaJo, 00)^%, 
0cn8cruQlrofa), ff)6^cjcg3jo; crojc9>32Jo. c.e 

game j^d^^aS . c.e man ^fon^A 
j3j^fi(Sscmajn6. to take into one's 
c.e crojajoijo ojo^ft. ='fi-dent, a. 

Qjlaa-iocroo a@8, a^g^crTlCfiaJcao— ; croo 
(V3O2;0)^3f3TZJ); S)5)CO^o @>@g.; (STO-BTifrn 

CMJcfco— . =fi-den'tial (-shal), a. ajl 

G"D(2C2;3C£jO— ; CTO_»<9)0^o — , rOaDCro,o— . 

c.l communication<m:M0 J 3^aa)ip'3T» , 
— (cyrrasoLJo. c.l creditors, c.l debts 

■Con-fig-u-ra'tidn, n. (ST^^sroo, rst^ 


■Gon-fine', n. (^^.) (qtotjTi*, <btoooo, 

(ojcrnfijo; 2. igol, (Oisai . u. /. (erarg(an»^ 
^Qj<08ca>; 2. OL^§*icon§<0>, fo>scLna)3(9a<&). 
to be cd (a-^croiri(93d0>. v.i. (on, 





with) rtnaalrak 6)^do§~1(^c9«c9), — ma§T3ran 
rolc9s<a.. -less, a. crxftaeBTlgjoajra), isro 
mojuflanocQ;. -meilt, n. 'wscn, em 
nru)(Do; ceDsgj , <sroocooacamo; ^ooo . 

€on-firm', r. ?. aojyhsaA, cmiTto 

•5)g_j§«5B)c0>; 2. <SmrO05)6mCTTO CTUDOO-Tl 

<02<s>, crf!c©jea;oaLjrtnK2S)<s>; 3. croea-wo 

6>(S)0§(9s<Q); 4. aUD)ftflc&>fC6mcrDoC^0fOo 

6)^^ {Chr.). -a-Mc, a. aoftp* 98 * 
<&ot>. craDlrD^^fDlQ-joaba-iQ^gg. -a'tion, 
?*. rroolrt>s>g-)§rara)'3t>; crTlsmcao, aruoo 

OJfno; (TQi51f^l<0>fC6TT)OjiAorOo (Chr.). 

-a'tive, -a'tory,a. crf!c@ica;o ajaDqEscm, 
a o ad _ • -a-tor-y, «. GroiTlrt?la>rt>6m 
cruo cro ortjocruo enjcruf)^. 

€on-fis'eate, v.t. <a>6n§'o><a>=j<e 1 , cro 

QJ<e.C52;OcQs<a>. =Ca'tlOD, W. c0>5ne s)^ 

SOk, S6TTU)0rt)oajjSiCD;0(fl»fBl. 

€on'fit-ure, *«? Comfit. 
"Gon-fix', y.^. £og_p<s8«a>, ^<^§<s>. 
-Con-fla-gra'tion, h. ^lerucco, tno 

otD— , — (cyacao. 

"Gon'fli-Ct', n. oraaj^aA; 2. rtfx&no, 
(So-ioroo§o. v. i. rtnzeTlrtA c?)s<9>, rarooiej 
<09<&>; 2. qjog1<ss<3>, <05ejaol<es<Q>, o-»s 
6>QJs<e>; 3. aorTlcm aero aj^ffirDDCjoaocaD 
afldBad^. -illg, a. oHsroccuo tsrgjcoj, all 
a-jftfl?no — , oQ'ori(b — . 

-Con'flu-ence, eon'flux, ru ane'lcroo 

<3cej;too, ^§ o_jy>, ^yT), <^QjyT|; 2. e3cr> 
arc^ooo, ajns,«)droo €0n'flu-ent, w, 
an-icne"). f/. «j)C3eT1^ <s_ajro3cm; a_ira 


■Goil-form' (-farm'), a. ©ql^o rST§jC2/, 
(BToao^o-jo — . v. t . (to, unto) (Bracrecroa 
roe)C(65j«9j. u. f. (to, with) ^raad^cLjzo 

2. (SYOo^llcaaroeo-^orDo <BTaa9cri;,f ^ (fi 9 i ^i 
— croeooco0oc2rifDn«fi(a<0) {Chr.). -a'ble, 

Cl. (to) (BTOOdO^Sn^OCEJ (Sl®i>)'of)6a<BT3); 

c^cdO)0oca', (CTcBsi; OTaascrora6n">ollej^@g. 
-a'tion, ft. imaoa^n-jsmo; g^xn; (53 
n_io, isrgg^n. -i-ty, n. (to, with, 

between) rsracid^sYrvai-io, rg)eji<zr>, 3^11^4; 
orao^lcaaroeo-aJofOoaaarorDsmo {Chr.). 

€on-found', v. l. crozrf1^0o«fl8<9>, 

ajiPdds^; 2. tarosiaxao^ocan curalc&aa-, 
— o_nnicro~la®<ei; 3. ra>oo 0oooc9s<d), ayra 

(TU)0§f)gJ\9«<&> ; 4. roc/algjl^iflj, noonoo 
OJ)UO<2)3<B%&>. -ed, 6f. (SraaUfOgJggl ; OJ 

gjocDTS), (BT0rufl<bc9jS(m, (groccra. -ed-lv, 

ad. (SC&8&)rt>o fgTDjCfi;, So^JOfOo — , fSTO<B>jCTO)o. 

-ed-ness, w. o-iroligeo, a^gLf. -er, 
€on-fra-ter'ni-ty, ». orcsaooe^ 

ot_io; 2. (gcrtpcuc/so, — nruoo^io. 

€on-fr6nt', v.t. QcnSMborftQ^, <syo 
el^aj^ocon— ; 2. a<j)rofkjJ2)— , svoiQrqg)— , 
<3anrtf)§;&>, aTlsrDoai^ag^; 3, (with) <B>o 
STrflas^; 4. ffi>raroi ®aoo<ss<0); 5. ^sHsku 

^ s^oe^dBs^. -a'tion, -mentjW. <son 

f0ls°)c6R^; <S)06rrTla«fZjb; ^sl^Qj^ 3ii)0 

■Gon-fuse', r. ^. croeEfl^o (srojcssdfc, 
raioo 000 — , (BraQTOjC^ao — ; 2. fffrannUDa^aJ^ 
a9a>, 0tug!jl<si8<a3, ej8fePg_pas<e>. =fused 
(-fuzd'), a. ojflTlfgaYfii. =fu's^d-ly, «r/. 

arOo(g0SfOrD)O6^S, ^(Q)g_J02S05)S. =fu'- 
Si6n W. ^30 000 , (BT30OOO)o, <S)eJ<9s)o; (g 
0o, fBTDOiirog-J , OOO6TD0; (S^OPp, CDOUdo. 

€oil-fute', v. t. (o_jt30cuoal<fls(&), 03) 
foTla^Q_jOdB5; 2. on. ocq;o cljostot^ (£]<sr^o^)0 
aa<d). =fu-ta , ti6ll. «• (Q_)fonaLioeo; (sro) 


€on-geal' (-jel), O. t. a^rgrg)^^, 

2.0(98000 — , 6a^<&)0S)W — , <fligglp<98(d>. 

y. ?". ja° nA® - 10 "^, 0rocLn^ — , cc^c^^x — » 
<Q)§lco;O(05. -ment, n. @.°<^ ( ^; <s>§^ 5 
s^joo)<e5)§. =ge-la'ti6n, 7*. ©.o^so-jo 

■Gon-ge'ni-al, a. 000003000^, @^ 

crojeoQjo a@g, orv)aoo)Oo_io — ; 2. rsracra 
(f3a_i0oc2/, cljooIcc;, <w<9s). -i-ty, W« 
arc -isoqj 000(01-10; scaosflg-j , soa/oa^roK 

=gen'i-tal, =gen-ite, «. ammo^ a@£ 

(QjS^roniO—, crOciOB30OCOJ. 




£Jon-^est', v. t. aamooan ^^a>, &&> 
^In-n^caj, aro_i(g3i-n<93<&>; 2. mocuTl 
coTlrak ro<txa»o foPsag^ooodaaift. -101, n. 
^^is^d^nfab, s^jft^loolfcrafal); <8_aj3fDS)<s> 
S^&A — ^SpftJ i — $oo<&>o(med.). 
=tive, a. «>t&<?>)OQj<sa)o(jUfaTaoej@@ (mtd.). 

€on-glom'er-ate, v.t. &n»^<9», <§ 

^fps^ccroi; 2. crn6njlajC0oca'. =a'ti6n, 

-Con-glu'ti-nate', &.i. o-jocflcasa,, 
oroooai^lg-pc&aai. v. i. aJOQ,^, asa, 
=na'tidn, n. 6a§T&, cruoSCj/gc&io. 

€on-grat'u-late, v.t. flraslajaa) 

<99<o>, a"osoro)o>ttio (a-)(T^oaTl(fis<&>. to C. 
One's Self (a_jcrooel<&8a>, eooDjC/aoafloG) 
cm eoojla®<95. =la'ti6n, w. 0ocdgjojo 
eo, (ajcrooe^rr^oQjo. =la'tor-y, a. 
<8Y3)roa3aJcaO<a>0ooa>, crosarancmo (a_)frgo 

an^cm. c.y letter, c.y address 
-Gon'gre-gate, v.t. @§laja»ag®fl>; 

2. @oniorD0o<Qa«9j, crooic^ocTltes^. y. f, 
croig^^d^, ^slajfcn<»). -ga'tion, n. 

(ScCJOCOo, CTUoo^io, CTOl^aOo. -ga'tidn- 

al, a. croeaggg, crueocrooenjcaueiocfl;. 

■Gon'greSS, n. <@snajrDQj ; 2. «n 
0?T)rofc <g§ro'>, <0jOUo;3. GSocoo; 4. (Scooc/Do, 
(To0o03o, arcs; 5. fooeacroe, (a-jraDonl 
cjlT1— . -ion, ft. cro0oco0cDo, ^sToirooj' . 

"Gon-gTUe', V.t. ajOQ,^, g) aflfaio (ST3) 

ca^ifolcBs^, ^<eo) — . ^'gru-ence^'gTU- 
='gru-ent, a. <£»<ds>, ^.a^o^ga. =gru'i- 

ty, ?*• G^il^, 62»<<?5jO; <V)i±U-V), crOO© 

o^o (geom.). ='gru-0US, a. seaosflgi 
@a, Q^«9Oi0oca, <2jiJ^lc%@g, auocfloa;. 

€on'ie, see under Cone- 
-Gon-jeet', v. i. &<ooD)<&d<a>. ='tu- 

rable, n. $& f OQOarf)c&j0ocBJ, crvjoc/aoaTldBmo 
ojom. ='tu-ral, a. ^ooOigeg., arooc/aca.<3> 
r»0oco;. ='ture, n. &<oano, <era/^l(n^ocn;o, 

ajl.oi3f0o. cro©>g_jo. v.t. & t. g>oarfi 

£!on-join', ^. /. ^0^1^ ®^oef | ^n 
c9®<©j, — $DS)srr>d3s<a>. v.i. (meial^ ®_aj 
r«<&, — <@§<q>. =joint r , a. SiiiCTT), anrrTl 
^^^Iqb. =joint'ly, ad. aoa/3«lg_JOOBBl, 

€/On'jU-gal, «. onajoaocruosnjcnuao 
C2J, socnj^oxicroD^riejga, e 001^00020 
<srg>oo;, eauioi)0o<e5) Gcaoco.o — . -1-ty, 
n. QulQjoaDcroo6iajfru)o, — arcocrooDo. 
^gate, a. m^r>^)QQj, ^co^o— ; cuo@ 
croo6njau>i^@a (gr.). v.t. aTlajooocnDo 
6njcru)o 6i.oJ^ r l<fls<&); ^Ic^c^ajo s^^iio 
Q&ityr.). =ga'ti6n, n. crooScaooDo; 

(23a_jo6^j3ono (gr.). 

■Gon-jun-et', a. croo^da^o (ST3)ca', §> 
^jo— , <8iiicTrnr^lc9aar>. ='tion, ?*. oroo 

(Bca/ocoo, arcmil, 0000030000; scaocoo 

(rt!5^r.); OTOig^caiajQo, CTOo<SO2;dS3<9i0C^j 

cao (gr.). ='tive, a. croosoaioeacdiaoca;; 
^ooSjij^c^^. c.e mood n-jceaioajiQ 
<a>^lco;o(ro3ajo (gr.). ='ture, n. onDoScaD 
coo, croo6njcnuo; crocru) , ^fTO6rno; (sto 

■Gon-jure', v.t. cro^o oojc^ ssao 

qHc&ScQj; 2. (WC^^j0OC2n (BTD(2n_ld9fQl(9^^>; 
3. 0(Q3)QJOGo 5)jlJ(^J<Bi, <9£i^eo— . tO C. 
Up 0(Q5)a5T3ioroJ> (ST3)aJ3aol(99c&); S)(d)§l^ 

§lc%«n?ot9(8<a). v.i. (Srg'Simcans a_jO(d>; 
2. @^l0'rj^l<estQ>, §(ttfto ^§<9>; 3. 

(fJ^QJSeo^jiJ^l,, QJ(j£)<Q\&<9s<Q>. =JU- 

ra'tion, n. (BT3)6m, cro-oso, osouldo; cro 

Si, QJO#l<&ir06mo, g)_2jOSmo; ^s's)^^', 

<§(^o . =ju r rer, n. jpicjgsasejansfoab, 
0igg)Qjoan, (303^)ajlej(S5>3forTb. -ment, 

-Gon'nate, a. 0000030302;, <^a-p 

ocm, eaoncDSfal) ^@g, OLnoaTltanaej— . 
■Gon-nect', v.t. ^aalfob s^d^d., a> 

6>6TT)<fiaa., OrOo6rU(TU)ig<S^3c98c0>; 2. @os 




v.i. ® ains^, (Sjajorrriaficestfr), ctuo3ce/0G31 

^^idBaA. =ne€'tioiij =nex'ion. n. 

crooeojaujo, <S-ai-4i; croocnD^o; s>ea>s°, 
6ojctu)o; 6njnaya>_io, .aio^; eaicnyeamo, 
o_jaTicm, o_ic9fiio. in this c.n s^ croo 


•€on-Illve', v.i. & t. <£>grn gD6)Zc9^ 
<©)• 2. <3*snrf)§ s><3>o§<flg<s>; 3. (at) GooocSao 

ojjo g)<8ojdaei<a>o§<93; 5. dEbsngls) sierra 
«cuasd9>; 6. croaoocaritsstf). =ni'vaiice, 
n. <&6rro-af)e2>fat, <&>5ng)§)5)£jar> <soq_jo; 

€on'nois-Seur' (kon'nis-ser), rc. cri) 
a^6rnab, (a-jojWnnb; 2. c£6m<2eoca3 

€on-n6te', <ajo)«fla«fl>, cry_oDg_j~) 

c9Q<9>; 2. ja^^SCOTalo-JOiO). 

■Gon-nu'bi-al, a. CLnajoaoauosojcru) 
i^gg ; 2. Qaiitodcjueao (erojeo. -i-ty, n. ao 

£5on'quer (-kei*), v. t. e3cari<09<s>, s^oj 

gj<©j; 2. crojoaflno0:«6a«e>, aflo^^flJQ} 
<&>; 3. (d>romjjD0oa3©4J5, a"oaajoe")<98«a>. 

I?. /. (SWOg-pcSgcQi, Q_jfDOI§Qjlc0iE<&>. ~a-ble, 

a. ©acoTlaJonb a_io§gg., axjjoailanaidas) 
fora<fiR. -ess, w« sa^a-uaoeflcrf). -or, rt. 
eacojoaoef). =quest, «• Q-Tlsacao, o>qj 
ooH; (Broaflon0O(95)fol); ca>o^cn51(SiD; cro 


£!on-san-guin'e-6us (-gtrin'i-), a. 

rcceracrooeojcnui^gg , esanm— . =guin- 
i-ty, ?J. fDa^aaruosriKTiDo, <flBa^o6ru— . 

-Con'scienee (-shens), n. s-nj^cT^ , 

0TDJCB;<26OJ0CJOo; 2. 0<3mo«6nJC(JDo, 000 
CJ^Oea&fl; 3. orfl(oTl(26nj3(JOo, COZ0— ; 4. 
eca, 0an^eHcu°. in c., in all C. 
oo^OdaaTl^^afOo, oo.ocaj0ocQr). to 

make c. of, to make a matter of c. 

0oonmoc8fiTl(a-)<a>ofDo 0o(®o (a-jajcoralcesai. 
-less, a- 0m^oc&aOc32D^ofaT3), oaaeboroorf) 
fO)0oeaj. =SCi-en'ti6uS (-shus), a. oojo 
ca/o @.@g, QTloajnr^fO^ — , o_ifD0o«JiDo — ; 0on 
^Odaftn(a_)<&>ort>o (Q_)0^fDian<fl8(TD. =SC1- 

en'ti6us-ly, ad. 0ooc^o£fif!(o_)c9>oroo, 

cojocaaocoTi. =sci-en'tious-ness,w. oil 
od_irr^jfa), a_j^>0otoioo ='scion-a-ble 

(-shun-), a. 0oo^oafiol(a_)<a>oo>(3@ja, on.o 

ceo (SYgjcsi', (8caoc£,o— . =scion-a-bly, 

ad. orfWH <2caoo)S. ='sci0US (-shus), rt. 
(of) ar\j(?6ajo(JOo giga; (Braolcu — , ajrol 

..aicao— . =SCiOUS-ly, at/. 0^86013 

cc<scora)3ff)s, 'Braolscuo^s, 00080^0^0. 
-scious-ness, w. sstuocoo, <s_ai.-oioo 

WJo; (BTaoldJ , rSTOOdfSQJo; 0Smo35QJD 

coo, feraa_jroccD — . 

-Con's^ript, a. <sa_i<b jiiortjrafl^gg. 

=S€fip'ti6n, >/. ®a_j<bjiioraT3)r3}>; rrflsnj 

(TlOG^^o, — CS^LKSOrOQJ. 

€on'se-erate, v. £. (a-jtjricfigl<es<s>, 

aflo^Oo^mD a)g_p<es(S), s>5>aQj<3croajo 

COlOo CtV>0glp<flS<B>; 2. (BTO@^<0filO")3OQn (ol_) 
-oil(figlc9®<dj (Chr.)\ 3. ajsYT^Qjognooas 
<©> (7?. C)*, 4. aTic^aiflcSjariaesd), (a_p0D 
6rnjo fgYgjtQs^, a.:cpjc— . =era'tion, n. 

(a_vuf)c^g; cro0gl]«mo; <eraOijj afiioruDroo 
crooCQ^ofDo. -€rd'tor, n. arooT^orcd9> 

€on-se~cu'tion, n. @si^, (btooqco 
0000, (Brgx^-ao. =see'u-tive,«. "HTaaB 

co-wo OT^cU/, ^soJTlsofnTzn, j^s^caooi^aj 
faeoD; aoej0oca. a_rinb@Sf«cm. =se€'u- 
tive-ly, ad. ^s^fergicaD, f5raa©^)0o— , 

-Con-sen'sus, n. aroc^croza-mo, ft*® 

^0^0. =sen'su-al, «. a_jroa^a)oaf30 aTl 

COOejgg.; Cr0_l3 00330)001^0000; (p/i^/ 6'.). 

€on-sent', /z. <3O80; 2. acaosflgy ; 

3. CTDaa^lo, (810090^. L 1 . /. 5)aQ)<ai0 0\ 

S)o_j§<o>; 2. croea aT)<ssta>, qjip1(S)3_j§<&), 

(3T0O9Cr0oTl<a8<^. =ta-nel-ty, n. S)aQ 

&)<£<&,o. =ta'ne-OUS, a. csc&osflajoco;, 
ajooHcai. ='ti-ent, «. 0m6)cj^O3_|(g@a. 

-Gon'se-quence, n. <©>ocgjo, tiaajo; 

2. (BTOO30oono (log.); 3. <©>0O)6mc£b0'5j 
axo6njaru)o; 4. cojo^siJifoi; 5. oco^^a-o, 
crc _io uilono, oueoJ), arieLiajl<2w>^co. in 




C. crflelrnrao, (htow s)a>o«ns , <bto m Sao 
gojocoTl. in c. of aoroerofBTOio'oi; cm 
ejaocsin. =quent, w. croo(^o, aa 
ejo; oracraaonoo, oro)(lJJ3aro)o. a. croo 

f§^o (ST^CQ;, oQ&Jo— ; (TlflSD OCTO)o— (/.). 

=quent-ly, «c?. (era®) 6)&>o6ng , (gtqw 

<V) — , (8Y0O) ®aO@CU0C2ri, orf)0~)rOTo)o, (STg>a> 

caorab * [aBOajfa). 

"Goil-ser'tioil, n. arooscaoeaono, <bto 
€oil-serve', n. 0cyroeojjo, «s>§lcan 

af)§ crocaxDo. v. t. aroofoaj&f)aaa>, ®a> 

§OJf03S>(0) (Tyaftfla9a>; 2. o_J6T2UCrOOrO 

coTlans sxuaaai, n_J6T&Jcroo(0 Qjl&aaT) 
t98(ft>. ='van-cy, n. <2<Bis'ajfoos)fO) cry 
aaflanrob, ee^n. =V&'ti6n, n. croo 
fOcfifiasrno, Q-jftflajoejcDo. ='va-ble, 
a. croofoafl36rrflcoj 0ooa;, cry a&f) as ocij an. 
='va-tive,flt. crooroaai6rr>c/da<or)>3Lj@g, rt> 

aflOSTT)O<Ol£>0OCB;; a_)y>0CrOocOa&ia>0OC32;, (TO 

igtreoco; — , oooil<S)ro6rr)ajl<Sraocd > lc2JocBJ; 
a^Q^aroiflfon a\)o<T>d9fiiCTr)n_jd9fi3foraOej@g.. 
n. crooroafiiajttb; crotajyQocpjcrooroa&i 6m 
fO)gjfonb, Q_itf , 0(aJlaDn6; croiflfaflarooro 
<fifi36rr> a-ja&jaaorono. =vfi/tor, n. croo 
foa&ja>ni>, a-jr6la_)o&ja>n6. ='v&-tor-y, 
a. crooracQ&isrr)jc/B<0<an<3ij@g. n. o_jrol(@)o 
6rn croocoroo; crooroa&isrncroDejo, crocro. 
croofoafbsrnocrojQ&jo: aj)G.ocroo<oafi)6Tr>o 


€on-sid'er, v. t. af)_a)oaflas<a>, cer§) 

<8eJ3-aT)(93<&>; 2. (£0;&US)Qja8a>; 3. «fl30l 
6)<95)0cfc<9>; 4.6QJQ£)0SOn)aaa>; 5. OLTiej0<xjn 

<9s<&; 6. oQgrgd^. -a-ble, a. ^DcTDTlasxaTo) 

<9S), (8Tg)«ejOjaD<a5)(DTO<65), 6aO(Qs)fDTa<9si ; (a_) 
0O6TDo orgjco;, clD(^^o^; (36U.0 — , S)(X>o 
rocuo— ; (Htoongjo— , cuaflca;. -a-ble- 

IieSS, n. (Sca0C£,'O); 6)COOrOQJo; allGJ; QJ 

Gjlg-jo. -a-bly, ad, cua^ra, <aYou5)a>o, 

©racngjo, cuorooao. -ate, a- cu)_aJ3rr>o 
g>@£i CT y cfi g io — ; a->0<9"0)— ; SCO.'—, ajrtf) 
rO)0a_)o— . -a'tiOIl, ?i. OjladOfOo, <8Y§) 

(SejO^JCD, (C^f^O; (SrgQfOo, 6QJa£)0OCT)o; 
a_)roVo)Oa_jo, g>a_j; ^COOfOCUo; <OT0i^)(aj3 
cao; Saog), crooco^aD, aorosrno; (a_)iof) 
a£>GJo (/.). 

Goil-Slgn' (-9in'), v.t. Q^g_p =e \S)<^c 

§d3®<&, cro0olpaaa>. to c. the body 
to the grave oaajo0os).aigija>; 2. mm 

<80gL_pasa>, (gT30O(T)0ocan Sxajaa-Sr 3. 
— (SYooi(Sa<a>, — a>0B;oo)— (cow.); 4. or?) 
asTtocuasa, orflca^n^— . y. /. cuyHs)^ 
§a>, crozaroTiasa,. =sig-na'tion (-si*-), 

72. (BTO0OOO0OCQn <BYOC&'_pj6V9>0§<9nr5!>; (TO0 
glj6mo; aO^_pdB»^A; 6}Q_pSrol>; ajafiJSTOo, 

cryjija>o. =Slg-Iiee (-sl-ne 7 ), >*. aoc^aso 
cooo, (era0oorricojoc>o; (airoao) /ewco/^an 
§layoj(i6. -ment, n. jiico<Be>zu :£ i6)&>z 
§<S5irai); ^roa^. =Sl-gn6r (-slnor), 
=SlgIl er (-Sl-D'er), ^. j^CQ&s? r0TO0OOT)0O 

coD (aracojtegnDQjab, i^^ejogn. 

Gon-sist', v. i. &o_q\ orfl^aj, (g^ 
mo—, gt6r^o<Q5; 2. (of, in) <ST9)<fr, a@& 

<a)0ccr)fon<98<S); 3. (with) Gayosfl^ocBTlron 

&%&. ='tence, ='ten-cy, n . aroocrutn o^>, 

&°8d 5 ^fij ; "?^ad » mjoSca/ooDo; gw 
s°, Qjonr^c^o; Qca-o^ro). ='tent, «. 

CrOinf0^@9, <9>§la2;0C2; ; (Sjii^ag^, <SCC0 

salgd — > ciDaajocrc(a^a;oroo oosasoD. 
='tent-ly, ad. &ogL_jocan, (Sjii^caocoD. 
='t6r-y, n. Sai'ocoo, eras- crosoo^. aai 
(TDG^'(C^r.); (a_)U)oonoQ^<fifii$CB;otOo, 

<a)§lcr)oejcroG^ u (^. C.); aroeoo-irtDaJ^ 

■Gon-so-ci-a'tion, n. &.oo<2^^; 

2. cro^rw^ 3. or\3go(cy'0)loolcjulaoaocoo. 
Gon-SOle', v. t. J^oajcrolgjlasa),. 

CrUoaO)JaOo OJOift, 6)6)CD^S)aJ§K^ih. 

=la-ble, a. <8Y9)oa_iooroorflc32;0OQa;, 03 
0l<eaoD. =la'tlOD, Ai. OY§)cfc_]scroo, @q.j 
ryaoorof). =ler, =la't6r, ». (St^osjdo-Do 
o_ioc32jomajnb, (ST3>(yajoa\)(a_)Go6. =la- 
t6r-y, a. (Br^oajocroairoaocsz;. n. oroo 
nro)_ioocuc<fi9> , — axota^. 

Gon-sol'i-date, u. t. eog_p<9«<a», a 
@<9sa>; 2. ^gns^aga, cruoscaioeolg-p 
aaa>; 3. igoH^^aj (med.). v.t. <&><£) 
cojoc£in<SrLjoa»; 2. (mz^lfol ®jjjcm° armocsi/) 
osaa. =da'ti6n, n. o^aflarolasixfc, a"Oc 

3cSi;:e30Do, Sn)^. 




Gon-sols', n. pi. crotema* <0>sa_j({3)o. 
-Gon'so-nance, =nant, n. cro.jfocrc> 

St^g.OOo; 2. 6)a_J0(TS<oro)o, <2CQ;oe3i ra> ; 3. 

crc^tn, &ras0. =nant, a. Gjii^c^g^, 
(sraoscroofOo csy^cq;, <BY3Crd(f5}a_io — ; cro^o 

^OfOSTDo g)@g., <TD_lrt>®0j2o— ; QJ. ST®PCT> 

oruo6njcru)o— (gr.). n« ajjSTsemo, ao 
£Jon'sort, n. ^§oa\ aroaoojocrol; 2, 

a_J<Z$fl; 3. a_)(Orfl; 4. ®Q2>0e3l^_J , 6)aQ<&. IX) ; 
5. (j^So, <SC2;0COo; 6. @S 6&D3CTr>cft>g ;; |<-£il>. 

Prince C. ajo<fam roDeasroTls&tyJS g^oaT , 
s^otsT!^ 'oxryroonb. Queen C. raoe3a_j 
(UrTl, roo£%ron, 6)<&i^)&S2Z. v. i. (with) 
^S(TrTl_^(^§<a>, e>c®t£)£A a_jc<S9e95. v.t. 
crooScHJoealg-ptSs^; 2. OLDcuaQOo ca>yMg_jl 

<QSd)>; 3. (g}S<2r>_lD<3). 

£Jon-spie'u-6us, a. (o-^aftm rg^ 
<c, g^^o — , <0igrTj irt)l> s)a_»§(m. -ly, ad. 

^0o<fh— . -ness, =spie'u-i-ty, rc. (<y 

'Wjceaiw; oroj_ajfa>, ajjc&oTl. 

-Con-spire', v.t. §Qjgo@§<e», 0otv> 
roo 0<£rofl<88<fr ; 2. Gcaoetfldag^. =spir'- 
a-cy, /i. ^j^s^s , $(c$Qo ; rooeaseooDo; 

crcoscaocoo. =spi-r'a-tor, ft. 0ftro(& 

-Con'sta-ble, n. aru03CJOooDaruoro<efii 
<e>ra_)035rrf); 2.'<8Q_joaflgpo'ifi>orartb (Ind.). 

to overrun or outrun the c. cura 

aflojcul<&K) jiflejaj 6>.ajga<e>, <&>So aS\s\ 
-Con'stan-cy, n. cruifirtxw, 000001 

gjOCQ)*, 2. 0mm>Og_j , S)S)(JUegjo; 3. (TCaOl 
g93<?r>, ajlw«_i(T^w. ='stant, «. eDS^OrOTO); 
0ooornT3), onW.o (grgjcc;; cruolroo — , on}a> 

(V5)(bo — ; .oJ6l2liaJ0lgJoa5T3); Qjl 03-10^101 g. 

@a ; gaicfoi— . ='stant-ly, ad. ©sail 
-Gon-stel-la'tion, ?z. nodo^^o, on 

{©ftKSjraooal ((75.); 2 - <2<jC^>o^r0Drt86>S <@ 

go; 3. scaocon, (£/}aO_aJ3(oo (astr.). 

•Gon-ster-na'tion, n. (sracrurag-j , 

Or\3o(g0o, Q-JfDl<ig0o. 

Gon'sti-pate, y.£. rt»scru£,o curoac; 
<&, 0ai6tucru)o QLira^a,. =pa'tion, n. 
osraro^asio, ^lanf^; 0gj6iqjctluo (med.). 

■Gon'sti-tute, v. t. aruo3a_fla (a <3>, 

afire/iald^cdj; 2. fQigjcaTirtntSs^, <&§&)■. 

3. (SYgjcaKlrDTaDcag^, cri)c®}z£\<a%&>, cucS) 
<&3<Q>. C.d authorities orf)ee/03crc>aru3rt> 

^@a (Brouil<0)DfDl<Q>c)D. =stit'u-en-cy, ?*. 

QjrDltasomojfb, orriscaoea^^go. =stit'- 
U-ent, n. <Bora6m<gro)nb; reroooao, i^su. so 
oao, i^ejcDo^, — o-jaoraiDo; (cyraDcrDcjul 
sxs; orncsuc^asamajnt), an~)3coj383c&>nb; 
<a>c6ftn, Q(U)£}0£) (/.). a , i^ejoooao org, 
c^? — o-jaoc3)£)o— ; erf) ScaotODonaiorD 
(^@&. =tu'tion, n. <tod3q_jodo; rrfl 
©3fcocoo; cnlaaoomo; cruin.-aTl, oj.QjcruD; 
(Seaoi^o , oaf^lfo^^un, — sxrooe^ho, 
— O8o9^1; crgfflju&afif&o; crojsoajo, c^lej 

^6TT)o; QJO^^j 0o, SfOSim Uj QJCTUD; g> 
(SG^OC/D— ; Orflcsi;0o, CJU22)o, (a_)0O6mo. 

-tu'ti6n-al, «. a\)jsoana)o (ST^cai, 
croaoeao— , eao^oejgg; (Doe3.cuz03cra 

OTOOfDo (STD)C2;, CTnQOJ03aaCTOOfoo — ; rDO03i 

qjo^ crcoerunruTl^, — gfosmo— ; oafb^o 
ci\;6Lio'oio0ocB;. n. gejoajrat), or^suasTan 
mogg onsforao. -tu-tive, «• la&Jfi-iQo 
«5Kio (ST3)ca;, cruoa">(9>o — , igsu.0 — ; cn\2s£\ 
cBgnm, orTlcsi)0crrii20D6Tr>ocdl(d>ofDo ggg, 
aruo3n_iono(JLf)<a)oroo — . 

€on-Strain', v.t. <a#^<a>, eruoxulas 

<9>; 2. S^6Taa»t99<ej, ^Q,t6s^); 3. tn§as^; 

4. rrri6rya\in<fl9<a>, %oD&\<a%<£r>; 5. g. 51 ^^ 
(Qsl^lifls^. -a-ble, a. eruejo^oroo 
^jiiQQjonb n_jo§@g, frTl6Ty(TU)o(xflcr)0ocQ'. 

-ed-ly, ad. 6TU aio^yxs cosm. ^straint, 

?2. ff>6T3).tft<e5)0, 0O^6rij(TU3o, CTOOnOCTOo. 

-Con-striet', v.t. qciasito, s>^<a>, 
©ra^cfiaa). ='ti6n, n. Qsratfwasio, ©§ 

<S5)o, @OQ<SS)o. [^Q<99a>. 

-Gon-stringe' (-strinj), v.f . ©q<9s<s>, 
Gon-stru«t', y. ^. gsngo^aj, s)^ 

<est»5, oruDDo_n<03ai. =stru€'ti6n, «. 
s>a>§ o_)6rrTl, crDaaoffrno, croaaogjo, ro^Tl 




o>o; prDza 36rnxricjUo, aTcuomo; <sracr>j 
ca-o, (BTaoDJ32;croo6rL)nru)o (gr.)\ c^osy.o 
mo, <motmco. ='tive, a. cn\22tt6rr>t?><&fa\ 

■Goil'strue, v. t. <8K>mAxf\<a2<&, qjo 

(^j(TOo60JTLUi c£>i06rrrid9®<Qi; 2. OJjOS^OOnl 
(Dsfli, 6^a_lOfWC>0 oTlfolcesdaj. 

■Goil'stu-prate, v. t. enjejorobcroocno 

a>j3jg^tf>, fSYaajfoocLfltostft. =pra'tion, 

n. 6njejofoi)oroot/Do. 

-Con-sub-stan'tial (-'shai), a. @ojj 
cro-iso'-uqea. =stan-ti-a'tion (-sW- 

slum), ?z. nrf!c^4*orocrDoarnltl£,o (theo.). 

£!on'sue-tude (-'swe-tud), n. csrgMiAo 

<Oo, OJtf«9s)o, OTD^ijQOCao. 

■Goil'sul, ft. 'ooe&nrfl^c&^nfc), — (cyfoTl 
orricLD, — a>ogycruDnt>. -ship, 7*. — (o-j 

j3on-sult', v.i. (^slo^ostnojiDee®^, 
( , 3i i o (S-ojoel^ols^tf). u. t. (srg) 

<8aJ3jaiCT)Sjii0el<©3^, (5Toel(a_10CQ,'o— ; 2. 

<&>cns><Qsoc)oa>, a!n^ofDl(93<&i; 3. crflaiQrgTl 
^ta'tioil, n. (ST3sl(o_)ocao (sracn;s;ral>; (Sirg) 
cnScaocoo, c^ajooortfl— -. =ter, n. oro 

<£l(a_)oePJo (BT3300Jcftn<a8(Tr)3Jn6. 

•Coil-SUme', v.t. cr>o<flQ_pd&8<&>, -of) 
.pJdEbgL^, CUJoCrOOOo S)jaJ<g^, Gaolg-p 

u.z. (8T0^6TOi^Sa_ioai, cSftjcoD^ — j eao\ 
^— . =Su'ma-ble, a- ancjajroo (SYgjco;, 
OcQfti^ojo— , -anajajos^oaiam. -r, n. 
foTlcTTTl; aDnnoua<3>nb. =SUmp'ti6n 
(-sum'shun), n. cmc/ao, uas*, g,q!j co;o, 
(BTo</l.p-}rtrt>; <fl£o3!Jo, foo83ca<6£poCLi , cQfiacCJ 

casro (med.). =sump'tive (-sum'tiv), 
a. mooa<S)fo0occ;, mc^o ajascqgDcm; cfiftj 
co;<3)oaruo av>o6njarun_Qj, — -jagg, (med.). 
n, afia^srooaf) (med.). 

£Jon-sum'mate, v. £. a^ reran c&o (9a <©>, 

<s>, crooan a jl<9®a>. =ma'ti6ll, n. cri) 
tyajtaH, 000004), crocr^ajia); (eracroy, 

0ro6n-)o; (SaJ0<a»0ajCTV)0OOo. [g^cno. 

•Con'tact, n. ^ooSjii^, (ara^g_jo, 
-Gon-ta'gion (-ta'j.m), *. n_i<a>ij, g^ 

^aJ^i (med.); 2. <8rooco.if).-S3o; 3. 

o^o-ujcdo. c. of example g^ocroc^o 
o,fl. =gi-6us (-j'is),a. 82ftfei<*iifie&, 

SfDOCOOjlcaao— ; aj<S>rt80T>, aTl.-anaxT) 

boob; c^joo-j^o orgjctt;, gr^c/aeamaK)— . 

€on-tain', v.t. 6>d9>o§g.<9>, qJ1^i,qq 
<s>, (Brassy: to be c.ed fflwsogai, 

acks>g_j5<fl>; 2. (gt2)a>, a<5ng 0(&): a foot 
C.S 12 inches aro^l 12 (B»aocDaj0oom ; 
3.©@as<^, (Bra0.i^<fl>; 4. (re/?.) ctood) 

ean^OTironcamocarifiDld&aa). ^tents', n. 

(pi-) 6>Q_J0OSaS<S5)o, (BTa^foTfO)' ggg.u", jO 

@gOoA — ; ouo(g>ro>, ajeTlgjo, oTlrr^orDo; 
o_jf6l0osroo(^om.). table of C.S S)q_jo 
nsasasK), {Bracr9(^)06Trna). 

€on-tam'i-nate, v. ^. (sray^ rsr^^ 
<e>, (sro^fauo— , cucoido— . =na'tion, 

ftnjo, 0oar)cr).o, <QiO. 

■Coil-temn' (-tern'), y. t. @ ofl<9>on<es 
<&, cTflfDcrtTlcestQ,,^ a)1<ss<S5. -er, n.nol 
03<&)n6, (BToojooocnfl. =tempt' (-tem/), 

n. oufolgojo, @ .ri^l<&)oroo, roTlroqQ^orao ; 

&JS^3. (fljranD^o, JST3cLj03Cr)o; (JuldDsorao, 

crfloa: c.t of court ^oc&arusoculiSaoroo, 

cB^osfoTi (BToaj0oool<fl5)rai). =temp'ti- 

ble, a. crf)a|jO (grojca;, nrfl^o— , siijQtes) 

eocroo— . =temp'ti-ble-ness, =temp- 
ti-bil'i-ty. n. 039 ^jo. =temp'ti- 

bly, «c?. arf!o|)0 (Si^cszTl, orTl^c^o— . 
=temp'tu-OUS, a. crflagoeoam @@g, cuH 

d9s>0roo — , <BT3ana3b0rtflcoj0COj. =temp / tU- 

OUS-ness, n. nolcraosocuo, @ _afl<0)Droo; 

5) 0-106513^0. 

€on-tem'plate, v. t. n^dagi0Dc&) 

(SY^sojojindBaa), cjo.oorri<fi9(0), oj«g^cai 

6TD0 6)ji3<2^; 2. ©0011(918^, a<2§C/a\Qa<S: . 





v. i. j^rRft :£ \o)£h56n£)aP<B2<B>. =pla'tion, 

77. ao\t33aj6rr)o, aDiiioroo, ^Sju, israfSo, 

caOOo; CO. 0COCrf)c£Q ; fO)0^^Jo, (ST5)CT0)f0o, 

(a-jiafldBfia. to have in c.n eooflasa. 
=pla-tive, a. OT2)®ejojiiaoocrco6n)aru)o 
fSY^cai, — -a^QLjao— •, CD. ooocrTlc^g) gft , crfl 
(roja-j 6m era o9ran — . 

€on-tem'po-rar-y (-rer-i), «. &sra 

a>o£j(qEg@ja, croaDCLifSTancaioc^. n. croao 
eflaTl; — n_j<g>o. [temn. 

-Con-tempt', e^c. see under Con- 
don-tend', y. z. scLjoroo^^, a^rias 

tft>; 2. gr^(lijl(fl9c9j ; 3. raiasTlasai, aioel 
(98<a>. =teilt', n. aQraTlrao^l. -er, n. 
Qr^auoej. -ten'tion, n. (Sn^ora, 0«jro 

0>o, craeno; QjiQJOeo, dfcejaOo; fin^&O, 

Q^)ftTloj ; ajoeculrfiieQ/o, — ojIcjuo, —00.0 
cao. -ten'tious (-shus), a. <a,ejQorocroo 
jD@g; 0fOTora£ocUo — ; fa^asiaalQjo — ; was 
croo6njcaDo (SY^ca; ajlcDD8a>ort>6mo — ; as 
Qjooorofcrend) 6)n_i§; qjoso caflascuoab 

Con-tent', v. /. ^ajp«a_i§«s2>a>, 

fg)ajpajf03(Ty®(Q5, crocrscQa)— ; cryeajo — ; 
(cyarooel^Jlasa*; c/a2flg_pasa>; 2. rg 
o^lcaooQjemo S)<0)O§(Sq<95. h. fBYa&joisocuo, 

@c^H; 2. fSTOS^c^o. «. f8YaSeB5)i^@g, qJIq, 
a-flQafloajra; 2. (Sjg^ggfl, (BYa&J£0rof)— . 
-ed, a. ca^aocc;, cro:®c^nc^@g . -ed- 
ly, rtJ. rga^ScaoSiS, (3Q<gQ,aB06^. 
-ment, ?2. rgja-jjp, .'gyoajosocuo, ororrjpdgol. 

CJon'test, n. foiaao, QJOCOJOQo; 2. 
g^(§JJ, 0flJTOO>o; 3. So-jO^, CS^SUo. 30n- 

test', v. t. (oxflsTlasa), ajlcuoal<98<ej; ciTl 
(SfDOCOo a_)oa>; 2. S)o_jo<TS@c9j •, <a>§(3B>cn) 
g^a; 3. ajosnasd9>, c^jQjaoaPasa>(£.): 
to c. an election curasrnocoiDo c&mTias 

a>; ^aDfjrit^ffraroj^g-j oartflaysigjaro (OiasTlas 
<fii. 7J.Z. (with) cuoelaga); <2o_jort>o§a>; g^| 
(2i51d9<8(&>. =ta-ble, tf • OjOSlaaOajOm, qjD 

G(^@g., -ant, ft. qjosI, o^'oOifcaidaaT). 
=ta'ti6n, n. fw<9s)o, ararofOo, <2a_ioro , ua 

6hd; crooria&jo. 

•Gon'text, tt. o^Q^oajrcajcajjcrooiSQ 

gj@g. =tex'ture, n. fsraooas^^, @d 
€on-ti-gu'i-ty, ?z. auo^o^o, oro§ 

g-jo. =tig'u-GU3, a. S)(U)0^)(6 lagam, ist> 

-Gon'ti-nence, -nen-cy, «. (Brssaao, 

<0)®o6oSo; 2. §D jii 0001(CT)aOo, e3l®(tf>(ttf) 

ca>w_io; 3. crDroaorDco.-aO. =nent, a. 

©aDo-; (QJfOio — , o_joran(Q_)'a>.o — ; @S 

jxjeaoco/. =nent-ly, ad. §ogQi2icu)a)<&Rh) 

■Gon'ti-nent, 7z. s^oaoa'o, a_io(S)o; 

2. (§6U5mLo, ajnb<a>ro (geog.). the C. 
cg3fD0gL_jaja83focanTjl) ©c^qocto) aipls^aja^ 

gg fDo^60Bc)o. =nen'tal, «• (§6usmjDo 

croo6ru(Tuf!-gj; c^'SfDog-jsusmjuforaTlajgg.. 
€on-tin'gence, =gen-cy, n. (sro§ 

gJO, SjiJ^; 2. CTOoeOJi (HTOQJCrUD, — g"ud1 

toTl; 3. ojcaaio(fn£ian3o^Qjo(/.); (SYg^a^V 
«a>— , eocojo. =gent, ??. cruoeci'jo, csro 

(TTlCSJJcacrOoSQJo; aoaDoH, aJ)(0)o; scro 
moooao (mil.). a. crooisc^0oca; q,oi> 

^jOfora; (St^(^(2n_£firtr)c98(Tn; oU(©£qo(ok) 
a^aoco; (/.). 

€on-tin'ue, v.i. r^^^ nr ^€a* <ft »; 

2. nrflejnrTliQ^a, goos — , ^ogjocBTlfTn 
(QScQi; 3. 6>jiJ^S)ca>DSH§lrtnc93a>, @Sf©a. 

the army c.d to advance Q^cronojo 

cm^aosnglfDlcesaj, cgsaRO^oDfo'las^; 2. 

@snrro^jij^i9>; 3. rrT;(^a, eflau<3ancs>s 

<8oacaDQ_p«fl8«s». =tin'u-al, «. ©sciTl 
So6^f0>c%@a, ^s^'ST^caj, oilraawrao— ; 
^s^ffis &ga, noisier)— , @sro«s®s 

6)fD— . =tin'u-al-ly, arf. aasgcrica!os>'0), 
Q®®3_loy>o; (^s^s. =tin'u-ance, n. 

=tin'u-ate, a. ^oo®^iicqj@s; gssij 




(gr^ca, nrflrocroroo— . =tin-U-a'ti6n, n. 
@S^, a-D^S^; OoWfO); ig®CTllDS@g 
m , o-jfDlcyjDc^o, {DajiZhfDDooao. =tin'ued, 

(7. gDSCLTlSOfOTO; oflfoDfoTO); g)S_4jC2,0Ca;,^gg. =tin'ued-ly, «c?. gosaTl 

sosv^, crDrDnraroaocoTl. =ti-nu'i-ty, n. 
(STo^^o; @S^; nrflroa3)(o'a>_]o. law of 

c.y 6)$>cncQr®)<^<x>2&o. =tin'u-ous, a. 

<9ecrr>, Socoal^orara, rojSro(OE)So)roc^fag? ; 

(©OjSSGo ^^OCOID); cOiOOU — (£.)• =tin'u- 

OUS-ly, ad. -^jS^d^o, croeosg^oyo, c/ao 
Gon-tort', V.t. ojlrtflcQsjdfc, -oj^£s 

<s>, an©o_j0o«9sn<95)a<95. ='tion, n. eg 

0,(96)0, -aj^&ao, aj(g)'0>, 6)S)QJ(f3a_ijo. 

Con-tour' (-tur'), w. ©o_jo, (st^^ 

<oO; 2. a_)rtf)(Z)06TOo, (Q_)0CTD)j®fD6U. 

"Gon'tra, pf. a® (&)&($, a^roD*, (Q_) 

raf), (sms^ro. -band, ??. agg. graces? , 
^jaaboQjlgoi'croi jiirocQsi . 

Gon-trast', v.t. -ajcoi<es<£>, <O)S)o<03 
a-fl^)<fl$<9>, fw^*©): to c. a habit ora 

&) cafld3©<&. ; to C. a debt <^So Qjo6cg<o>; 

to c. a disease d\mo ceTis^; 4. a^roo* 

co71c9Qa>; 6. ®ejoa_Do_pc93«Qi (#?'•)• V.i. 
^jOS6Ol§c0), <TD<8aft>0_al2iO<9i; 2. c&>rt>0<b6)jil 

<g^, arflcsueoTlaaA. eon'traet, n. <&> 
rao<b, ^sousH, ^ecacroz^roio;\(JMzu 
<srosis, <&)rooDocjooroo;3. aHajoaDnrTlcsuca'0. 
-ed, <7. orco<Sc9fi3a_i0oca'; .ojqotbIqoj; s>.a] 
cflcoj; afoaogyal^ofata, arojocninsnjau) 
c^@a; nrTlf^jQan^, <&>^j06rncrf)c@joa'o a> 
yOsto®. -ed-neSS, h. cro®aa>o.njra^_io; 
^ajsm-^-io. -i-bil'i-ty, n. cro<2a&> 
nrflcojia^jo. -i-ble, a. aroo<2d9£oo_ii(2i3CQ/. 
='ti6n, n. gD^aso, §DQ,ano, Qjeil^fob; 
ajlsldgs)^, croauoamo; aroo®d9fioa__io; 
<8ejoa_)o (gr.). =t6r, n. c9>roo<t>a)oroa6. 

Gon-tra-di€t', v. t. aTifuj^lcmo aj 

o<Q), (^<©s)o— , aTl<SfoocJOo — , arTlfScaiaJldaa 
2. c^fafifqgDcrflgyO}, ra)§(Cg©— . v. I. aril 

Scaicu^ajoc^, (cyroTly^aio— . -er, -or, 
n. cr)l8.-£DCJ0a)n6. =die'ti6n,rc. nrftocfia 
COo, rLjrpg^roQjlro-ODo, ana-irjflrox). 
=die'tive, a. ajla-jflfliwo fST^co;. ^dic 7 - 
t6r-y, a. ajrogr^raaTlrts&Uo— -, 'eracs^ 
csrzh) — ; a_n<3roocoo — . n. cula-jrtflfwo. 

Gon-tra-dis-tin'guish (-gwish), y. 

t. ciTlQjfo^fwajcafitisrneaaacral) SQjcbaTlfol 

s>o_j§(q©<ei. =tine'tion, n. ajj^omDo, 

ajjrofl<3ro<flx>. in c.n euros (T^ocari. 
■Gon-tra-po-si'tion (-zish'nn), n. 0® 

■Gon'tra-ry, a. Q^faD* (srg)^, (a_jfa>l 

^ejo — , 05)ooortS; 2. ajlajfo^lano (er^ca/, 
ciTl«sOx)o— , scaoef)(Q5)oa5T3); 3. aTisraoa) 
fsocuiggg.} Qjl^ronorojca;, aDcSisanoro 
nb—. n. aDn-irtflfaio, ail<2roocjuo, aD 
asdJJo, o^so(@So; 2. (p/.) ajfDgr^foaJ] 
(raau(a^(Tgoo-o. On the C. senna* & 
ol.pi. to the C. agjranroocan, 3qj6>o 
(cya^orao. =ri r e-ty, ?2. s^siQja-jfjflroso, 

C^iro,OCTV)o, (a_)fOn^eJS0QJo; Q-lfOff\jfD 

oDasaoo. =ri-ly, ^ri-wlse, ad. ao\^, 

Qjlo_j^oaroo (srgjcal, (o_)faD^GJo— , (<y 

Gon'trast, w. aria_i«ri(S'tnon_j0omo, 
CLhf&tOcroa-saflsudouocn; 2. Qjjfo^iOCTVJo, 

6)o)3jo-jc§)<&jo. ^on-trast', v. i. qX1o_j 

eijo — . v.t. QJiro.oaroo a(^smo<9a<e>. 

€on-tra-vaI-la'tion, ?i. cuos, *5to 
Gon-tra-vene' (-vei/), p.j. a^foDrao 

c9a<05; 2. nioo^riteQtQi, §5ryej5)o_i^a^(0i. 
=ven'ti6n, n. aTlfSfoccOo, (mscruno, «stq 
roT)^0o, ejoaoaoo. 

€on-trib'ute, v.t. & /. qjoD o)<&.d§ 

<0St9>, Qjlraio — , S>a_Joena98<Si, o>o_J0ro;<9»0 

cgptmno eQOOo^jii^, aj&nio auaDaoan 
t9a<si. =bu'tar-y, a. a-oooaaiDdaanD; 
3a_jooa3(£)>0ocoj. =bu'ti6ll, u. Qjl.tno 
S)iQ)0§(fl5»f7A; Q.)fDl, ScysfiLlfOo; eocDo, cro 





oooc&'o; c^(2jo<a>rao. =bu't6r, n. <a<a>o 
^cesomcLinb; Qjrnra0ocr)Qj(@oxaOocQ;c0jab, 
(a^6mcru)®ej6ij©>nt>. =bu't6r-y, a. 6><e>o 
feasor), cro oODCBTicee cm, ajau<S30ocB>. C.y 
negligence ar>jc§<3z;oC8a_jda&i (/.). n. 
aflroio s><s>o§<e!30-najab, — s><0>o§g_jonb 6qjo 

•€on'trite, a. -altera®, cr9Q,6oT3lc2;; 
2. (STOOBtJioa-io a@£h a_iC@lD(aira)Oajo — . 

n. <8Toaa«j)oo_n. -ness,=tri'tion(-trish'- 

un), ?z.Q_iC®Joa3TaoQ_jo, 0oonr$oa-Jo. 

Gon-trlve', v. t. cro3fcg_p<sa<a>, eoaTl 
<&%&>, crP.eanas^. v. i. s>&>oc/a&jo (o_) 

c^fsr3n<ssc0), eaj;ogf)c&8<9>. =trl'va-ble, 

a. arua&g_^rf)ai'0oGa', rf^gflta^sngo^o 
<Sjot>. =tri'vaiice, ». oro33 3 g_ioo3(a_)o 

=tri'ver, w. caig^i. ao-wa^n. 

•Gon-trol', ». rwsoruDo, (z,s<sj>o; 2. 

<S0(^Qjl-QiOfOo, <2003§o, C3TB(j51<0jOrt)o. V. t. 
O_Jflf)C8oa0tlf)<fi«i<&>; 2. <S0(3bafl.aJOroo CDS 

ag3)<fr;, ean<©s^), (sras<9»(0j, 6Srg><fl9<a>. 
-la-ble, a- «Yasascuortb a_jo§@g, oaoax> 
orf)cB;0ccoj. -ler, n. (eroaflcniaocesam 
ajob, &cqi2)<2oo0(99OT>ajnt>; (SafabQjljiiofO 
<e>rrb; OcUjOQUj (Sfianb, <&>6m<Bst a-jafl3uao 
ao<0>nb. -ment, w- S0<*of).a3ofl>6m; 

flnSOTQQo, OjlSfOOCDo. 


■Con'tro-ver-sy, n. cuoao, rawaao; 

2. raroisH^oc&sgeo; a_f)6TO(Qsio, d&ejaOo; 

3. c^QJaooroo. =veYsial, a. aflcuoao 
a@&, ©TDe'ltcyocaseeo— . c.l divinity 
afic/ajoa\>(a^<tjnaL>osariaj (theo.). =VBTt, 
vA. Qjoeld3a<0>, (STg)SdafiiQ_ric9s<e>, aflsroo 
coaocaTl (a_)or$oaT!c955c9>. =veVti-ble, 
a. Qjoanc9s)a5Ta)<©5), iwtemgga, o"Ooc/acpj<©>ro 

oats;. =ver-ter, =ver-tist, n. «no«esn 
€on'tu-ma-cy, n. a^goojo, o51a»o 

n>o, 0Q(wengj' ; 2. (S^oSfaTliBigjcn &Jo 

oaaoo(Z.). =ma , ci0US (-shus), «. oao 
Oio a@£h faTlfDcn^ofDeoojo— , <8raoncxf)oo 

ness, n. ^^j - 


-Gon'tu-mel-y, n. cdlaaocoo, @ afl 
<9>ofoeoouo, (BTOaoaiiOfDo, orfloa, orao_i0o 
ooo. =me'li-OUS, a. (moejdafijjgoxio 
a@£Li (aracjt51®cfifiio_Jo — , (aroaoafoorao — 
=me'li-6us-ness, n. oj^eocuo. 

-Con-tuse', v. £• -ai^cs®^, ©sta^fi 
tQ®(9>. c.d wound ^j^qj u . =tu'sion, 

a_j (med.). 

■Go-nun'drum, «. ^s&lq, aolg-J*, 

-Con-va-les'cence, =les'cen-cy, n. 

sroocooaooofl, SicrooeaorDoSo. =les'cent, 
a. Gfoocoo <sea0ocs2;, <&i<£)j&. n. <sroo 
tQasto>)r& orfisiaTj^orfloocLiob, d)cno 0o 

£5on-vene', v. i- ^slcurolaj, croo 
<sco;oeal(ai8(9>; 2. croecojocoD ^§<a>, <S3i;o 
co0doqT1 — . v.t. (gjeflajfoacqEDd^; 2. cru 

fwcuoab <a>g_p&8tf>. =vener, ?i. ^§Iqj«» 

a?®nmQjnb, moLDob. ='vent, n. ^sHclj 

(a^l-(i?. C). =ven'ti-ele,«. 5)^^^ 
cdo—. =ven'tion, n. 0000000003, odo 

gcojocoo; <5ejo<0>o^iiorDo, 0^33; (cy^Tloon 
aflscaocoo; crooruTl, @.sou^l. =ven'- 
ti6n-al, a. oolQaiai>(jy<9»ofD(g@a; cusp 

<9no (ST2)C£y, ©OIdI— . 

€on-ve'ni-ence, =en-cy, n. q®ooo, 

©to^iniWio, «2caocOifO), sjono^^o; or\} 

©Jo, <6TaO©@£Jo; gOJADfOo, O\)fflJ0O©®S0 
COo; fWfOo, OTOOOlJiSiOC^o. =ent, «. (W<0^ 
(Si (STgjca', CX^a&Oio — ; 6)S)a~OJfDo jS) 0g ; 
a.a_l®CQ;0COo— ; 6a@c6s)o — ; (BT2>Q3@£Jo (ST^) 
CDJ; <S506)eJ0iin'aio — , a3)gg_Jo — , (O) 61211 3@g ; 

(mo^^a»csy@a> =ent-ly, a<i- a^Tlino 
(SY3)ca>, Gca'oco.o — , arooaj<diooao — ; oDcaa 


•Gon-verge', v. i. arra en<9nlrob Sijiioia 

(Bio^Q-pd&g^, ^§ncu<TS(^«9>. =ver - 
gence, =ver'gen-cy, n* fsro^ad°i af ® 




el<an<A, ^o^. =ver'gent, =ver'ging, 

a. ( (BTO^tqEDcurasam, ©fo3 &\ 
asTlirt) (sraajcroocrTliOaorr). 

Con-verse', v. i. (with) croaocuocroo 
5>-ai<2&, jDOOcroooro^o— ; 2. croocroortflag 
<&>, aT)<2cfc<fiDo a_jo<0>; 3. o_jro)jiic2;o g>sn§o 

<&>, (btoo1c^<&). -eonVerse, «• s>n_jo80o 

ooo, jBoooL-irtfl-aica/o; 2. crooSocfio6rno, ore 
£joa_jo. «. eol^oauo^ga, ojj<of)(g)0o cs^ 
cc/, a^jroflfb — , QjIcUflflraio — , o_jrogr\}(Oo — . 

-lV, ad. Qjlo-Jfjfl^ZlOCQri, 0ol_p^, (BTOSanjO 

cQo. =ver'sant, a. o-ifol-oicoio &@&, 

00^ — ; (with, in) csyooIqj — , Qjjgjfanal — ; 
croo 60)011)1^, o_flc&ic&;0oc2/. =ver-S&- 
tion, n. ons^, 6)n_iro20oooo; croocro 

C£o, gDSQJCS , o_J(^^_oJCQ/o•, QJjOOJOfOo, 

ojo- <ssocoo. =ver-sa'tion-al, a. croo 

eorGn6rr>croo6iQj(ru)o (Sirica), — rtflrafl— . 

•€on-vert', v.t. raTlrtflcSsai, 0ooq,<9i; 
2. Qjl<Q)orooQj«»c^a); 3. aDoa-iocroao 

OOo — , 0(O10OOOo — , CLJd9tfiao 0OOQ J tfli; 

4. 0oancroocTa)fooQjfO3(J2©ce>, oro_i(Soaj0o 

OOo—; 5. (3ToaJaOrtf!(S<3<&>; 6. OjloOjOJ 
6rn0O(fl9c0>; 7. (f^OLjSeeo Qjr03(t$I2)c&> ; 8. 

a_ir6nf3Dcfi3ff>p c; ]§(3E)<a>. v.i. 0cr>nof)rtfl 
ay(0), 0o<T>arDoao)fos>g_j§<9>. ^on'vert, ft. 
0raioQjaio6nfl ) 0O££}raraflro1> Saiomcunb; 2. 
aj^oDca^nnr^ oorD; 3. a_ic8fiao (gj^lc&Qjnb. 
=ti-ble, a. (©o-iseeo ajasraraodaiTn; <byo 
SanjOOOjo 0oooo(fl5nm. c.e terms Q-J 

4oca;Q-jeo. =ti-bil'i-ty, =ti-ble-ness, 

7?.ajrDlsmo0ifa), 0ooQ,Q_iorr6 a_io§@g. crool 

<oTl. =ver'sion, n. 00000, o-jflf)6mo0o; 

0.^00000, 0omcrooao)roo; r8Yaa_iaOfo6rno 

(/.) ; SOQJOCTOfoo. 

-Gon'vex, a. ajoajaajes, on.6^0 

(SY^ca 1 , COsTTU)0(9>0fDo — , 0<2(3X)i oamfoio— , 

<2cooaajs~lQj@a. -'i-ty, rc. a^oojaoj , 
Con-vey' (-va'), v.t. ^0010 si^oeng 

<Sajoa), <9iSojK»lt>)cds)06n§— , s^osngoaatf), 
6i(fi>o5ng5)<ano§t9s«si; 2. qjoxT)<q<8<9>, qjooo 

«0)O <ST5)CBDront0ace>, 0OC£o — ; 3. 5iS)(ft>0OOOo 

6>ji3ig^, aD(^ca/o— , <of)ro s)<&>o§<£3<0>; cro 

0plp<fle<&); 4. ^aolg-paga), CJOf6nQ_p<09 
<Q); 5. (STOCTac£gl<f>S<0> ; 6. (HTOO-JoOrol <©s<&>; 

7. ^soBg_jo<a>. v- i. c&>@g|6>anaTo rn^Tl 

cfl®<3>, a5(e3<Q). -ailCe, Bi <a>SfBTB)<7rt>; OJO 
oOCDo, 0OC/3o; O-JOrtKTXiegjo; O)f)fo , Qj)(g) 

cao (/.); toflrcocjooroo (/.); g>Q-JOCQ:o. 
-ail-cer, n. (^(JOoro6>0^rsg)<e>oroo6. 

-er, 71. QJOoO<0inb, QJOnO<0K); ^)(S) > l0<9S)O 

€on-vi-cin'i-ty, rc. croo^c^o, <bto 

eo;ob, teroC32;f^Qjd9s)o. 

■Gon'vi-et, n. (SiOOcesiofonb, ub)<B£a)TS) 
d>; 2. ja}65T3fi]<9aofonb. <SOTL-vi<jt' f V.t. «fli 
ooo cruooQ-Tlasta), ajootBaofosxDcm iof)j^i 
6)p c j§(J®<&); 2. aia^Qjcno 5)^^c2^<99<9>i 

3. 6)aS)gf)<3ii)ta%<&>, gcnjS^OcQScSs; 4.(BT9Q_j83 

ca^oj^ttS®^. =ti6n, n. ^oos^fnraa^oj ; 
<ftoo<9«oro(f>mnm ^oflgj ; (6r§)<3da&ia_)o; en) 
c@jc2)o, aTlfTajocrDo; ajoo_j®6i:m(JOo. 
=tive, a. crDcsycaiotSYgiCQ;, <S6ruo@^jo— , 'ofi 

§o—. =tive-ness, w. ®6ojo©^o, ao^y. 

£?011-vilice', v. t. d9fl^PS<6s<Q), sacaTld&a 
«9); 2. (SeojoaOjo Qjfo^(jg®<9i, GToaauio — ; 
3. fiLisnuTld&8<35, 'sro6nj(3jUS)0<ro 6)twa^c2n 

c99(Q); 4. <fl300a5)0foff>000m fafl^S)^^^ 

<s>. =vin'ci-ble, a. sstuod^o ajfoaajraj 

«5T3)c9S), QJ 03(013)0 an— ; iST^ScQftiQJj 0OQi . 

=7in'cing-ly, «c?. <?6iajoo^0o<&)fOT3)c65ioj 

§03° • 


■Gon-viv'i-al, «. croajocroo6rncru)0o 
co/, a'^roQjscvQio^io @.@S; 2 - ^^jscruo— , 
croscTOocfiao — . -'i-ty, n. cro^osroo^o 
croo, (Sr^)cr)o3o. 

€on'vo-eate, =voke', v.t. ox>e<&^ 
<qj, ^§ncuaa(oj®cft., aDgTlde^- • =€a'tidn, 

cros (Chr.); cnDc^aie^ooaoejoaroe^'- 

€on-volve', y. £• Q_nfol<flQ<9), ^j^»| 

<&, 0Sdaaa). =V0-lu'ti6n, n. ^nȤ^; 
^jfoacb, oulfol, 0S<ss) . 

•Goil-VOy', y. f. oj^.«22)<sm «Q_jod&>, 

((O); 2. croofOdafij6mo; 3. dftoajrt&cosTDo, 
Qji£)<q8&6m 6^6)crocr).o, ^oau^aj^)^ 

§o; 4. QJOaOOOo; 5. QJ^rffc) . 




Goil-vulse', v.t. ojef)aa<0>, QJ&fla,) 
«nso<99<a.. to be C.d Qjefl^sniocei, 

g_p<S3<©). =vul'si6n, n. ojafl, SAD^rck, 

iBTDa_JfTT>DfOo; <93ej<S«0, Qjlo, (QjOUODo. 

=vul'sive, a. (BYda_inr^o^crco6njau)0oca; 

QjeD a@g, &s &(& — . [§nb. 

Go'ny, 72. igca>f3b,'oaoao (2\); 2. ff)cuo 

■GOO, 17. t. <9iQ,<fi3<3>, <fl)Q,5n§c9>, aiQag 

Gpok, 72. ^ojgj^arDnb, rsro§<95>&<9»3 
rD.ib, 'd&cnflnrfPanoronb, (c^acSsioroob, <ft=f) 

g--)§«b. V.t. 6)QJd99t&>, a_l0^o6)xLJOli, o_J 

jiilcS?^, ro?)ao<5ngo<9s<93; 2. (up)6)<0>§")3# 

c.-maid fflua-jAorofmai. c.-room *» 

§<aa£, ajsaaVrf), '<flicr*flonT, orflos&f) 
( M.) • -ei-y,?i. o_»ojiice>ajfSTal, s^cug-j 
a_i6rrf), (gT3§<ssii3 — , aryeoaortTOo. 

Cool, a. fo>6rrog_j g>g&, <fea°l*— , Q. 

g^o §D£}30Jra>; 2. <S<&)Oa_io — , r&OTUo— , C& 

c^DoraTi— , 6rufai)g-jos° — , croocucuorno & 
ga,eTi8ro>(£glQa;^jo— , foianboso— , s>6)co 
gyo — , g>Q3cnf)msoajo — , CLTl-aJoroa^Qlj 
^)of5Y3>ca', crflga^dMoo— ; 3. ©0020 — , aaimo 

(o-Pc&ckSjosiotji; 5. sri)aO03roo gogjocara), 

seps— , >-Braoo^ora^@a. c. hundred 

(rupees) ^ocaos)^ q^o, a§o cn^gsQ, 
gjlai, OTaJCLisnjnaQ,^^ O§o . 72. c/alrtno, 
<0j§T)<b, >w6r©g_j . y. t. (eT3)OQ,<0j, rai6rrag_p 

<fl®a-; 2. 'O80n^_p^9«a>, 03D(TO)(a>5)Q_j^(C§®(&). 

to c. the heels <j*o<3© sj^glorfi^ca). 

V. i. <SY9)Qt©>, <&(3<e3#i; 2. Oa2f)(98c£b, TO 

6rrflc^«9). -'ing", a. TO6rtag_p<©3om, g>oaa 
watDo ajrt»(3S>rm. C.g" Card gD-O^OlSo 
coo QjfTO(^om <9>3egjo. c.g time <Sc9>o 
a_jo oa0n^_jDnb 0,-aTlefcooQ; od0cq,'o, jds. 
-'ly, aaf. <2<s>oa_io^so5)(a>, crooajcoocr) 
ajraflrtA, <rT)qlp xd 3 roe 3 qjScoioio 5) s, SQJom 
6>0rrn ffjcu^ . -'ness, n. ^6Tiqq^ ; oao 
(10)000^ ; aeocriflcn-oi ; <sro<s>£^ j cjosc^a o. 

Goo'ly, Goo'lie, n. ^afl<e»ofDnb, ^j 
0§ <0>ofonb. 

Goom, 72. (STOSt&nrtfl, §Dgy§<3sflf), © 

Goop,72. cx-flg-j; 2. Gixnotfasr® ; 3. <8<a>o 
jp1(c0si^\ #. £. (up, in) SiTOS^roroflejsas 
<e>, (^5)a<S9©); ^§leTlf«s>; Q^§1<»l§a>, 
onl!2fD3CJulas<9). -'er, n. Q_flg_jgL_j6Trn<aao 
ronb. -ery, n. a-jlg_jg_jsirrfl. 

Go-op'er-ate, v.i. @s>s (o_)<y<Bran 
<&$<&>, <2wo&z\.£A—. =a'tion, 72. @s (o_)c^ 

Go-or'di-nate,a. g^nroconnoaea. 

cro0crnejQBr)aT)«ri<e9(Tn, @^ioail<&oro(g 
@g. u.t. cro0m1ajcan(3 , » o)Qjtesce>; 2. 

a^_j0oc9s(^, (yD^6)3_j§a^<s>. =na'tion, 

t^j 5) g_j§ antral); cro0crQDoar)o; — 00000; 
aro0omocjulaifD6mo (gr.). 

Goot, 72. 6araQj<aj afi<bo_j<efin (Z.). 

Gop, 72. oalsiifDo, 6>«S)0§igS^, fHTo^no, 

G5-paVceil-er,72. cnaaaojAooan, ^§ 
ai«a)Ooal, crt)0aoQOfo)(95)3ronb(/.). =par'- 

ce-ny, 72. @<sej,oaortf! (L). 

Go-part'ner 72. ®§oa\ (@o ^Draab, 

^OQd&j^CUStQnOfDnb, 6i3aOfon«9s)0fon6. 

-Ship, 72. ^OO0(g, <^0 ; ^§(05^^50. 

Gope, ?2. 6)f0)OQ_p; 2. roi§ , (Srgj^oaao, 
(20<3i>o-jro; 3. <S6Qjo(JO<eiQj(rr^o. y. r. 00 
OQ,cS5, <2mfol§<&>, ©S6)cu§<S); 2. (with) 
Q3)«jri(88<3), (So_»orao§<&>. y. Z. ai = 2jQL)S03 
<99<&>; -'. a_i<QifQo S)jaiQ^t95; 8. afl)^n<98<9), 

QQ.»oa»@<£b. -eo'ping;, 72. a«5nj)^^ s >^j°, 

5)«r,0jyV- (arch.). 

G6'pi-6US, «• fBTDCJUl<0io (ST2)C2;, CUO 

rooao— , 6^o_iasa5T3), csrascn^o. -ness, 
72. 6DJc^fm_io, (BT9)CJLn<&jO, ajrola^gn^, 
aDoaaei'oi; fo^cortQjlQaacaio. 

Gop'per, 72. S^jiiaiy, ODO^go (J2?2*72.); 

2. SijiiCTU nOD6YT)jO, 6^5ia_jCTD, <B>OU?> ; 3. 

a " 

6i.aicnj a_io;g)o, — CU§g.o. v.t. G)a\ctu 

C.-as tBYocmseal (mni.). C.-nose <§-aio 
a)0c95^. C.-plate S)jiiaiDfa!> 6)a>o'QTon 
anrt« . C.-smith ^iiiau 6^<a)0^1. C«- 




works — ojsrrfljaoej. ='per-y, a. — e. 
Cop'pice, copse, n, -ajggW-os , <& 

"Gop'u-la, »fr. croo6nj(njo.->_jeo, orooScao 

=l&'tive, a. aroo2caJ063<s><2De2J, arDo<232/o 
oD:(aiD^@g.. ?z. crooSca'OGoa_jQo (gr.). 
=la'ti6n, I). crooSc2;oB3onj, <2jiiij, croo 

6TU(TU)o; ffiSDCOo. 

£!op'y, n. s^a-jfo^o, (STgajH^r,, 6aio 

(Qp«9>; 3. (a_)af), a^rr^^o, i^CCldo; 4. fST5 
mjrtffc, 0Of3);0>; 5. 6)6)&>S>3Vy>(GRJi o_J<0)g_j 

(print.). C.-book (Sicgjdft&KDoejOcrugj 

or^<a>o. examined c, compared c. 

acqEssnootesTlcQ; a_i<frgLj (/.). attested 

c, certified c, exemplified c. oruo 
<B^6)Q^^cmi]<su aj^gj (/.). c.-right 

(BTD^sl^j O_Tlg_}0G3@gi <SK>Q-!<B>0O3o (I.). 

V. t. (out, off) <2m3<9sD o3)^g)<05, au<Q5 

rjf)<aa<a>. v.i. cla&><^ a^as^; (sraa© 
<9jfDld9e<a); au^cm ojfDl<0>. -COp'i-er, 
Cop'y-ist, ?2. oJAS}(afa^@cmcLinb, <xa&> 
gj 0300^06; (BYaas^oral, ^(gftaaaorono. 
-ing, a. a-i^^gj^d^cm. 

€o-quet' (-ket r ), v. £. ajc/a s )«fljrtf)aa<s>, 

<ST§, a>GQ3l as <&, 6)^0612^^, 0CS2J(SS<B). V.i, 

a")«&8<9>. =quette (-ket'), ?z. rflosajfi^f), 

-ry, 7?. 6) < 0i36T2il'3l>, QjJaTlg , 0C2;c95)o, (200 


■Cor'al, ?z. cljclDlpo, (o_)ojoao, an<§ 
00; o-iojlyajoo (^.). red c. ^.aioxi 
ojltfo. white c. ^auggyariyo, a^a_j 

aT)y>o. black C. <frrtf)cnjciny>o. false C, 

counterfeit c. esrybajaTliPo. c.-reef 
o-jujIlpqjoo , Q_iaTiy>aioo, a-jaflipe-f) 

«-» . c.-lme ojojiifgjrio . 

-Cor'ban, n. cu</lajDS°, <snjy; 2. co 

"Gord (kard), n. .aJrt>s', a>co;o , <&>o3j; 

2. ^0.0) c&SHglcQ/Sn^ag, <&>6rrf\-3jQQj . 

3. CLJOOao, 6QjOU>o, Crfl6QJCTU)o, (BY^d&Ai 

6imo; 4. 6Ta)fDrru , asfejcuagl (an.). 
COr'dage, n. <a>co;o , <©>£_] gj^o, <fr<ru. 

OOr'ded <£r>XiJfoS>&>c[\XD, — 6)<QiOen^Snso<Qsi] 

co); ojrooojga. c.-WOod culoa? . -cor'- 
don, ?z. cry((n)o, cTUDDan_af)arx)a_j§; <ao 
aj^SiijQj.Sirrnfo. c.n bleu cngj ^QJgj 

(0>ofDab. c.n sanitaire o-i^^j vjoai^i 

jy"lan<S90D <0)OQjr^s)S5crono.o. 

•Gor'di-al, n. m^LRtA'icroo cuos^nnD 
croocoooo, cru(8cro)3c£oo— ; 2. ^Iojsxdo 
<oiu)o (med.); 3. 0cy:ro0Qjo, — a_io 
nna^o. a. orjaco/earnjO (St^co, 00080^ 

Q^o-, (SC^aO^Q^o-, Orflcg^QJSo— , g 

c^o— ,c3T)9,o— , TC®aro)3cai(Q_)Qo— . -i-ty, 
??.. Qjoraro^n, (BTOcraroDCOo, 0(SmDra5T©3oo. 
-ly, ai. (cylfons^D^S, foiog-j^scaTZ&o^s, 

•€3-re'gent, n. ctoodcuo^— raaeaob. 

€5-re-la'tion, ??. @^6njciay. 

•Go -r el-i'^i 6n-is t,n . 6a s ro ra) (fin a re nb . 

Gore, n. a^)aca.'o, &@g u , d9> tpau , <©io 

OXI , (Q>0«J)f3b; 2. ®<0)(ago, 00^; 3. <9>0Cgjo, 

■Gor-i-an'der, ?2. a^oiaracnjoejaTi, 

"Cork, w. 62.0S 0focs.-nra):raJ); 2. (BYOSgj', 
csTlaiSaa , (oTlrDno96\ . C. -jacket 0.(0)^). 
C.-SCrew roDasceffl ajaf), aTlsorD^ia . 
V. t. <STO5g_} ©§(&, fanfolaft' — . 

-Gor'mo-rant, ?z. ^s^oces)^.); 2 - 

(oTlornligoam-Tb, oaog_jo§'«>o0nb. a. 5104^ 
ga&apgg, fBYan>iOc,a — . 

■Gom (k.;rn) t n. 06rj-Tl, (ftfOJ, qUoto) , 
60^030; 2. CUOC^o, '©D 5°', 3^110^0 (6.) ; 

3. aTljiL, (jBjOO; 4. .^ro°l; 5. anyoiy, <er^ 
6rnl(///ec/.)- C.-ball frajortfl^sng. c- 

bread <s^ioa ©oo^l. c.-popper oo_j3f6l 

<2cb;d5 . C.-rent QJ:r^)Qnog| , . C.-mill «n\ 
(6)<9s)g£ . Indian C. CLDtiJoanoniS^oao, 

(STO jZOpt&nQ.j^O&o. yellOW C. 0STO13&3.21O 

ao. white c, southern c oojga 




<2_a}Dg.o. pop C. 6>n_)0rtf)« ; £l0g.o, (BTOrtflS.gjO 

^o, <0ic<9^<s £ £jog.o, ®Q,afe . v. t. 0oocroo g> 

g-J)Sj O^cQfif)cS®<0>; 2. fO)rol(O>rolc2;0(fl<8<Q); 3. 

a]aOrtfleB;o<B8<fl>., n. aojsH 
ansono (OirDlcaiOcSsom cruoejo. ='ny ? a. 
ci)imjo{j)g|a, gsroV- ; ejaOfol — . 

€or'ne-a, w. (Agpjlsjaj) o^aiaao, 
— 0sttu:&jo, <&)OjiiajSejo (an.). 

-Cor-ne'li-an, n. aascuaj fscoioo 

"Cor'ner, n. <s<a-,05TTk, aej, <2<s>ds1, <g 

<fls> ; 2. ciJOo, (SOODo, ; 3. o$«&>DCTO)o, 

rDaoa^jcroDaio; 4. <a>.£iQjSi<e9§ o)c&>§\ 

in a c. roaocroi<araflflfc. c.-stone <aej 

§l<flg<0>; 3. as^QJSdBnDib 65rtB tfiCgjOCBT) 
QJ0Q|O (m»S.); 2. <©)SQJ0^6>ajO'o7l; 3. 

a>g_}SS)<es)osl<9&oroafc>. rsif PRQ , '« 

-Cor'nice, ?2. oj&<b, (wejoan§ , 4 <si 
£Jo-roi'la, ?2. ©t^c)o, eaio (£.). 

€or'ol-lar-y (-ler-), w. saocr^, <sto 
uil^o, wDc^o (jiDgo) (iV.), -aflaj-ioono 
(£.); -• <sraos0oono, g.f3aOo; 3. g>oucry 
(®o (geom.) 

€Jo-ro'na, n, aflflflso, aajso, oalai 

fDo; 2. (T^oS0(^)o(arc/i.); 3. QnOQ,<&>, (§, 

ojjooj (an.); 4. ary<3yajrt>l(o_)e(as.); 5. 
eaii^So (b.)\ 6. #lQ_i(^a5TO)o. -eor'o- 
nal, n. aTlrtflso, ig<ftSo, 0oai; 6>onodl 
6)c2j^, aiejosocroD) (««.). «• <e»^s 
croo6nj(TU30oc2;, rooeaaflrtfls— , aTlaflsosl 
®cm<ft — • ^lauDou — (an.) . c.l suture 
aiejoscrocnun (<m ). -eor-O-na'tion, n. 

«9Df?flsCJO0fD6Tr)o, Q_J§0(gn(Sc£a<d)O, (SrartflCQT) 

£Jor'o-ner, n. <m&n_jg<o>.<a>orD5rno<2ao_i 
ca3(&n6. c.'s inquest — -<6>ofo6mo<snoj 
cft36rno. c.'s jury — (Borosimosoojrss 

-Cor'6-net, n. ^_igQ_i§o, — aTi^so.. 
i. -Cor'po-ral, ft. s-aiajd&^syjob, 'odd 

QB>«a>nb'. lance C. &ou c aooca;<3>nt>'. C.'s 
guard Q-oJcflcc; c930Qjra{)(a3§o, (STOg^o .of) 

II.£!or'p6-ral, &• c/a«f)rDcrDo6ajniuo cer<3). 
ca>, (Seoocrooc^c&Oio — . oaoaf)rtf)<e»o — , sa 
cuoiaio— , (saoDiggg.. c. punishment 
(SSoowTieafla, 0rosmucf)<Qai, raisoj , (srosl. 
-i-ty, ft. oa:o>]fo~l<ft>ra)_io, 6>S)Garyi<frsf)a* 
noo; croon^io. =po-rate, a. croaoefl 

<Q)0 (BTDjCQ), 0rOoCTUD0a_nftDCrUoQ^o — J — CTDo 
6TUOUf!_2j; Q®<sfl@fO)o {STgCBJ; OXOOOOfO 

6tt)o— . =po-ra'tion, n. crooo^io, croo 

CrUDOajlrOiCrOoo^io, 0000030, OVX^aOo. 

=p6're-al (-ri-al). a. oartflfotggs, eaojoa 
cai (srgico;, eaojoo— ; eaaxn<9so— , tsranno 
(Oia^c— . 

£56rpS (kor, pi. korz), n. <gj§o; 2. o_i 

scostdo, o_j§oao. army c. 6)6)crornjcy. 
qoo. c. diplomatique roo&3(cy^)nrsi 


"Corpse (korpp), 7?. oaro^lroo, GeaOo; 

2. oaajo, Q_ri6rno. c. candle ^gfl-ajs. 

C/Or'pUS, ?2. crafiflroo, (S8aOo; 2. aaOJo; 

3. ajaocaiflo. =pu-lence, =pu-len-cy, 

??. (0)S\, aigmo, (sT'6rK>({9s)o) ( j_] , carsflroaj 
d|fl. =pu-lent, a. 6>Q_»og^ana)slc%ea t 

£Jor-pus'cle (-pus'l), ??. aisrno, mz> 
6TT3; 2. fQo^ax&.smo, Saiorocasr© (an.)» 

£or-ra-di-a'tion, n. rocgls^ii, 

toD fD srn croo <s ca o coo . 

-Gor-re-et', a. o»«H tergjcoj, .-onnsmao— , 
q^o— , (Bc^olojo— , ^LDociTlail— , a-a-^ 
(Oio — , (SCD5)ro ^@g, (Scrxb — , <Sioajlgjo 
fOT3), »(BT3). y./. (2005)0) (Sifg) (6s ^, cyaral—,. 

OrU^iO — , OOjDCQy'C — ; 2. SV-WOO rO?]<flS<©),. 

foDfcsfo^«s>, oooDoasas ; 3. ajti1o)g_j§a5® 
<9>, ^srrflcQjrjr'ffls^} aalc9fiTl(03t95; 4. 00 

OQ,<0>. =ti6n, «. ^flfTO05TD)fcji); O-fliP «J?) 

as)fai), ffisao, 0cooo; oaHcSfia, oaocro 
oo; foTlasfoTS) , arg6iQjf3jUo; ^ojoaooraD; 
jsn^loj'. house Of C.n <a>oroocpaOo. 




under c.n <eT06n_KSx)o atpls><a>, oj^caai 
(Bra6njo.u0occnron<fls)oo. ='tive, a- ®eo 
cfii<^o (srg)CO), ooroo — , oaralcaoasonr); g§\ 

<a>rD5TT)cruotJUcr>o, (a_)6)^ f o.'fi2(JUo. -'ly, 
ad. w(6) (sr^csT), g^o— , <8on<b— , e&L£»o 
(oido— . -'ness, n. ^^^j faTlasfDrajo, 
u$($jS). ='tor, n. c/a1cdfirt<&>ab, ODoa"C(Q>nb; 
(Bts^ a_Dip rtjT)t03(qE)OT>cuafc>; (a_}6^ro:m 


€or-re-la'tion, ?2. ajfog^racroo6ai 
cnuo, @^^j). =rel'a-tive, a. ajrogr^ro 

aroo6njcru)3g£L, 'sroao^o-^oco/. n. tsrz> 
<^fO) ; 2. (a-jfoDcroo 

£!or're-spond, v. i. (with, to) @&>jo 
(SY3)canrol(fl9<o>, crogoao— , croao— ; 2. (to) 

jDnflrmo — , (BT0O3(f3a_jo — , ©<9a<fr, o_loQ, 
c&>; 3. (with) §DSS)OlJ§<05, gDSCLSOS QjlI 
<g£, c95a5T3nSCU0§6ng0<Qi, ^^(^^(^©dBsCb 

ms<i&. member of a society 

<2aifflJ<0>OoCOo. =deilCe, U. 6)(0>O@g.6)(0S)O 

§<0si, 6)n_ioseioooo, d^caroTlsaLjos ; 0®$ 

rm, auogoajo, g)&ij<u). =dent, 7z. o^)^ 
(oraDsojos <3>ort>nb; oejoj^nb. a. ra)<05), 
o_joo1cpj, (SYoaacrooroo (Sr^az;, aLTl<scjoa2;o— . 

€or'ri-dor, rc. nos, ansgjro. 
€or-ri-g;en'dum, n. (pi. =gen'da) 

■Gor'ri-geilt, ft. <20S)g-}O^l, faracreojo 
ooo (med.). 

€or'ri-gi-ble, a. oaroncajodanoajmn, 
foTlfCQrntttajt^asi; 2. aj'j-60T§aD, 65@<85)ig@g ; 
3. c^lcOfiaoscaoc/^ooBr, 4. raflrtSKggojonb 

€or-riVaI, rc. orDaQ0foror6'l, — gr^ttl) 

€or-rob'o-rate, t>. t. uq<£h&\^&', 

2. aog-paa^, cruinfo^g-j^c^Sda), (a_)0o 
6ydo (ero)tSs<s>, gaiDo— . =ra'tion, n. 

CrUDlfO^fj-j^fOTOrtd), GTOxflfO^O), ©Oq-J i 61QJ 

aio. =ra-tive, a. aojy <^or>, cruiflfD 

Oor-rode', v. t. faOorro^a^, (g?$e 

6mono3")g_pd9<8<0>, 6Qj)o_p(0$jia>; 2. roTlcrro 
<of)(0a<e>, 6>jiiejQjipl<S8t9j, <2ro>C5oano cur® 
<t22)<0>, csa^s — . v.i. eaDg_p(08cm'aio 
caTlrDldaacDj ; 2. fonanoaa-jocfr, tOfiaatloi— , 
asm 0LTiEn<Q8<&>. =ro'sion, n. cafiaca>o, 

eaTljgjCSa-j 0(05 rat; (8w0onoo, @ro3au . 
=rd'sive, #. <0fiia2;<0>oro6rn0ocQ;, (Braafl_p^ 

(03g.COjOT), raricno— ; ^QjCig-paiaaT). n. 

anooafSaorg), fffracroaOio. 

€or'ru-gate, *?.*. .aja^^, as&£ 
Qjlyn<0scft), jiio&yxiioejoc&a^. c.d iron 

€or-rupt', «. s><3>§ <ei§cnTic^, otd^ 
<sTlc2;, jiflffRj®; .flllrora-jcojDCQ;; aios^g^s; ^ 
<fia)^C8oLjoca'; 2. 6)fwooocs;, csmrongjOfata, 

CTO'^.0 Qjl§, Qjdijg.0C2J; 3. o_DtfC^gg. 
V.t. 6)(0)§(^<Q), -ofl<fiSc9j; 2. .nflcCTaXSTg) 
(9Sc9>, CrfljiJo — ; 3. (SCTXb 0cTl<93(Q>, — © 

gjOS)fa>caio<fls<05, crcfWio o^ooldBs^; 4, 

fBY36ri;(aO 0OcS9 <0i, (03aQJO(0RlaJT3?l<0S<&; 5. 

aoodlg-p^a), (af)orronoc^0Oc0i3<^; 6. aTlaj 
6^<&)§<es(0). t?.?'. jLfl6roro)ypnQC)j(0>, 6oj1^ 

C8o_j0(9i; ^^n^— , (eToc^<3i;0ocQri— . ~er, 
?i. aj,B3ao<flsoDQjnfb. ='ti-ble, a. cnu^o 
(Sy§)Coj, eefiac^o— ; s."&jocu(©taTO>oa T }ann. 
7i. caaica'i^gg.^, cseooo. =ti-bil'i-ty, 
='ti-ble-ness, n. csa^s , §^o, ooooao. 

='ti-bly, ad* ®<a>s ar>§CDT^(0ncuerDo, qj-so 
ao<0)oOJ6rno, anoc^>(9>fD0ocan. =ti6n, «• ^^ 
s\ o^fo^ariasirat), oto^jSso; moooo;(RYoy<6n 
cai croocjjmo; Qjcaia^-io, (sracro^o, <stq 
on. ocao; 6>6)<0)(^3ejl; (arosnj&Oo. C.n of 
blood aiooo orfl0)rara)(g@& (aTOQj<a>ooaor> 

c^o. -ly, at/. (STOCn,OCPJ0CCQn, S)6)&.tg$ 

ej IcHJorat). -ness, n. g^jo, <2<0jS , ooooao. 
■Cor'sair (-sir), n. <s>srab 6)<0jc@g cBsio 

■Gorse'let, n. aicuoio. 

•Gor'set, 72. .aroaaT), ^ajoca'o; 2. oto 

^(©sjg-jOOa/'o, 6)0S)g2jOr§)(05n— . 

€or r tege (-tazh), ?i. curDlajorDo, i0> 





t»0r tSS, n. (pi.) g^oi^), sio-nqg) 
•Cor'ti-eal, a. -anaaacaeiscB/, (s.-^o^ 

€6-mn'dum, ?2. aroaajai fD(CDo 

£5o-rus'<;ate, y. i. alow a, aa^o^. 
=eant, «. as^-jan^cm. =ea'tion, ??. 

•Cor-vette' (-vet'), ?i. ajsasig-jrai, 

-Ga'sey, a. see Cozy. 

€o's!ne, n. 63,00" (geom.). 

Cos-met'ic, ?z. <B>onof)Qj&Od9>crDoco 
cni, (2o^ose3m>9.(^^ , . -al, a. s>cro<oo3 

•Cos'mOS, n. eaco/ai), (cya-josno, 
©ejoalo, .<ijroo_ajfDo; 2. (T^-QcpaTlej. 

=mie, =mi-eal, a. oT^udjcmosajcruozo^aj. 
=mOg'o-ny, 72. eaio<Bin^^l, eacograbcLj 

fOTaTl; e3COag_jT3T3na-JfDD6TT)0. =mOg'ra~ 
phy (-fi), 72. (O-)Q_l6t3llQj^cr>0, ®GJ3c0> 

aTLijr&srnQjle, ; e3cocn-n02iJ6im r jao(rroo. 

=mop'o-lite, =md-pol'i-tan, n. ^_i 

<23o?>o ^^joa3T3)ajnb; aroqlj3Gaa;ci_nc2;ab; 
aej3d&>oa_nranb. «. crornrocuocruzrigjorara); 
croc3lj(5):xiocro1c2J3C2j;6a'oeogyo &@£; croqlj 

■Goss, w. s^oaao; 2. <a>o^o. rule 

of C. eTiflgac/Dsrrfl^o, <Bro<afiirp— . 

£!os'set, 7?. OTgacBTl^jOfOTa @rg>=flafe§l; 
2. aoacneeia^l. y. £. Q>o2>cn)tB%&>, .^.o 

€ost, t>.£. ir. (cost, €OSt) aTlej 
<sr5)<^, «fiD@ — , crooco cn)ajasKg©cei; 3. 

a\)aonst95>6ngnx)ftnca>. to c. dear cua 

«jio ajrol(0), — (Broaojocno gs^odi, — <scu 
em-. n. Qjlai, i^ajjo, ^jiiejcu , qj. 
eo;o; 2. m^o, (Bj^o, ecuacn, ojiororoo. 
to my C. c^ croons aT3)o<5>s, (Scuamscas 

6)S. CDc^o (Sm^olso QJ6TOO, <&>30)<2<Qs> 
» ■ ~W * 6TT) ' 

sicro. c. free ^caDfoeacnjaocaTi. c. price 

aossBlQajaflej, qnnRA. -'li-ness, n. 
(a_pce;o, eruaQ^^j ^j (BTop\aa)S).£ijaiQj J ; 
cro^oroajcQa). -'ly, a. aflajsco/cflcB;, 

(era 0^ a oca;; <sa£i abases;, als)^^. 

•Cos'ta, n. Qjoral^ca'gj (a??.); 2. © 
ej6i2)roofDj (&.). =tal, a. ajDrjftactt^ croo 
eajcrun.^, ajDrtfleowo-. [cmcunb. 

-Cos'ter-mon-ger, n. ou^o aH^ 

•€os'tive, a. e5ej6iai(TU)^@g, cucaaoa 
tplcaaasra; 2. fjDsH^y, aoaaoco'; 3- @.6im 

Oelay, gO-Sl, n-l O)0l^OtDTO). -neSS, ft. 
0eJ6niCTU)o; QJ06)6)COJgQJ2lgj0^;. 

€5os-tume', w. a^-aiacao, Gcuaa^o, 


€o'sy, a. s?e Cozy. 

I. dot, 72. 6><9>0§fl.TA, jiisa, S>_a}OOg_JfD, 

a^iola^Qjls ; 2. 6)ra>3ycora , tsr^ej, ^^; 
3. @.o, <Qs); 4. 6>jaJQ,Sfrn36rrn, Qjggo. 

-'ter, -'tar, -'tier, n. Aslrabojacnfi. 
='tag*e (-tij), n. ojra, Qjiidlciyajls. 
='tag-er (-tij-), n. OLjroa5i3rDnb. 
II. "Got, n. <e>£f)rak, C36i2iJo, ^(QfliSiglfji; 

2. 6>'0)3=p'3l>; 3. @.0<9sTlSo. 

•Cote, n. 67<0>3sproi>, (ST5)§oej. 

€o'ter-ie, n. jiieaes-ofl^^o, <£)<@) 


"Cott'on (kot'n), n. o-isroiojl, ojas.-QKnl; 
2. ogfab; 3. g)6rrr>. C. plant cLjcoifBTans)^ 
sH(i.). silk-C. a^ag-jsrool, aomo. S.-C. 
tree afTr)^fol<9«, cx^a, @oajojo(6.). c. 
mill Q-jaafmariag^cm c&iQgjo, agaAc»'Q2) 

-Couch, y. t. <ansGgg.a.; 2. (re^.) 
aTlcjooooo s^jii^, a_irocTTD <9Tls<fisc93; :;. 
(BT3§a5TlS)aj<99<si, .nP<Q2&>; 4. (srasasTl 

6);Ud9(8<&>, agH^J — , LD(£) £±\(0}<9%<8> ; 5. 
(in, under) fb^^lcarifai) (a-)(T^3Qjl<9s<0>. 

a well c.ed letter oo^xioiu^rarariej 
gadfciBKn . to c. a spear or lance 

<ft(q®(Tnojawlc2nr(jb <QiO0)9 QLjlslaa^, 
— 6)2j<B2&>. v.i. <sTls<esSi, -oiartflsinrzfl 
aaa^, oacaTlc9S(&); 2. 0Ooroign^daa^>, sdo>cX> 
§lolc99^; 3. <ft(rncvy<a), Qjsrr)6a§aj. n. 




(Sf)S<95i; 2. <S§~lu3b; 3. ,c03ro <0>£prafc, @D 
rtfl<0Kcf)s>§lroi; 4. 05, 03£lo, O^oO. 

€ough ( k °f), ti. <aio>, x^jei, <&>ocroo. 
hooping c, whooping c. 6>«.D«es><fl8ro. 
v. i. <0»ro<98(Q>, ^j^0(9s<fii. y. t. (up) <ei 
ro^ggjd^, <Qj0c»«)d9s<^; 2. ara^ 6> josrg 
_afloejd9e<a>. to C. down c&@g.<99focaora!) 
croocrooroo <3<0>c)od5owo<9a&!. 

■Gould (ko9d), /;. p. o/ Can. 

•Coun'cil, n. «Bt2)3ei3jiicncp-e, ofl.nio 
ro 6m 3 caoc/Do; 2. a^rgTlcros,— qjc^o; 3.(o_) 
<oflarfla51aro(S; 4. (srgjSGJO-oi an, 0(QO)6mo. 
City C, town C. an go roafljaio a srnaruiS. 

c.-board, c. -table (sr^sajojaion— . c- 
chamber 0;gg)0smi)a-»o. c. of war 
onioaj6mca>s. ecumenical c. o-oo 

0oon. oroeoscojoooo (ecch). executive C. 

0n^oj^o, erDsmcrue. legislative C. 

crflefcecrflaaosm— . -6r, -I6r, n. 0£TD)1, 
0(Q^lcn>eoocoo, (6rg)3ajo_ajan— . 

•Coun'sel, 7<. (SY^Sojo-aion, 0(Qgx>rr>o, 

cril^cuSmo; 2. 6Qjaulan3QJ<Sjo; 3. 

— £OLj®e(jao, c^smseo^o; 4. arflgracpjo, 
eouo, rtnog-j^o; 5. raaoarojo, aro_i<&>0Qgp; 
6. oWl^b (I.), in C. rOQDCTDj0OCDn. 

to keep c, to keep one's own c. 

SiQj<a^<&i v. t. (BT3) ® aiojii an a_io<0), 6aj 

(§lTlQ%Q_j3aO(n<£>9^; 2. 0'Q£)l<fls<9>, (BTOsl 

(a-poavo a_ioc^(0>. -lor, n. (ST§) 3 ejojxi an 
<fi«oraab, @.a_iGQoa<©jrrb; 0£rgTl; a_ic9alrBb. 

-lor-ship, ft. 0n3loruQOT)o. 

I. £Jount, V. t. o^)5rra<s>, cosrrTicQS'fii; 2. 

<fii6m<esn§fl5, (ST5)3fO0iJl<D3<&>; 3. Qjl.oJ: 

r61<9sc&>, anl^-xJlagaj, 0oTi<9a<e». to C 
Out fflLrl^ajl^a); (Sr^chso-jorootg^cpjoral) 
(o-)Q-} Gtth larflaaa) a? . u. i. o®oTTv'STOf)(3b 

0D<05j<0); 2. (Oil, upon) (5T2)(^>32ri(Ssa>, 
JD<oa70c9>, (a_)03om0O(©3<Q); 3. .UOGO-lOSo 

6>.ajcaa> (I.), n. coomano, ogjaroo, @<3>; 
2. costttio, aidafejo; 3. au3aa"Oocoan. 
-'er, n. dhsmasi aoraab; ag)grD<s«ol, 

c&(Qg)o; Q_i6rn^06noaT>30aa, aDGJfflfe— , 

-'leSS, a. <0>STD<6S))gJOfDT3>, (eTom OJoTl. 

II. -Count, 7i. g).s(a_)||, aififlmab. -'ess, 
€oun'te-nance, n. ^ojo, ^qjsoxio, 

— (rojojo, c9>o^; 2. <zj&j;a_)aro:eo, (SY^eroo, 
fBrao3@ojo, oroooocpjo; 3. odds.o, eoajo. 
to put in C ftsxjo^o eaorflj-piflaaj. 
Out of C i<j6Uo QjosHcpj, eJS&ja^sng, at) 
Qj.inD^/Ica;. to keep the C. 03an3Qjl 
a»ofo0^gjD'O)lrDl<fla<a). v. t. coaooaAflia 
<9j, (8TactB!ajan<0aa); 2. eoojo ansld9a<Qi. 

-Coun'ter, pf- q^oD*, (cuofl, qJIq-j 
aflzji, ojlsrooco. ad. a®o?\fo (S^caTl, 
o_Tl<&)So— , aTia_jrtf)(3x>— •; 2. 3on<l»ajyn 
aTl§ ; 3. (5Toel^6Li0DC2n, cgoxi aronoTo son 
s>a>. a. ag)^Tl(b <er9)ca, o.ri3roocoo— , 
(a^arijajaio— . n. <&iQLjaT!5>a6o msftcoso 
coo; 2. ^jiirjTl^-p^abo 0Saiy— . -act, 

V.t. 0510-1(^1^0000^ (O_jQ-)-0tanc9(S<a), a® 

<to\s)CQ— , onl^Gi0Dc9s<a). -action, 

??. (o_jinl@&Jo, aDsroDCCo, (uisotudo. 

-balance, v. t. cuslsi^ogjlasa.; @^ 

Q^)(^Tl<b5niejo, — ^(fl«o. -buff, n. @. 

aro^fcnggi . v. ^. <o^:ft>, aasai. -charge, 
-case, -complaint, n. oQ^lraonjocpjo. 
-charm, «. a^osono, 00^0035)0. 
-draw, ».'*. ir. (-drew, -drawn) ^oj 

^njro(9gtQ>. -feit, «. croogc^o, (a_)^Tl0; 
^Q)l0o,; Gajcmcoarol, ®@&i 
0oood96>:raab, jij^lcaiab. c.t coin ^^2 
anoernjo. c.t note — anD^-n, aj|0)o. a. 

<Sa_»D6>&J3$@g., 03-'Ona)leirg)CPJ; ^)(®l0o— , 

^aay— , <a>o_»s<23 xii^@g, saj^io 6)a>§! 
cpj. u.2. (BK>oa>a5rDl<9s<a.; aiaaio^sreo 
<a®ai; <Q>gaao_p§<a>; — ar>36TOio (sraslcQa 

<ft; 0^201098(9). V.t. CT>sl:98<3>, Jii^l 

<si8fl>. -feit-er, u. (sraaedasoral, ^ga^ 
g_p§amajab; —onoot-njo (Era ol<fls an ju nb; 
aj6Taua»ab. -foil, n. (^3) <s»nnl. 
-irritation, n. 6-)a_j3@@Tia5)rob, *&^s>u 
<e«^ (med.). -lease, n. 0cio_»33ocwo 

rao, 0QQ.JO3O (/.)• -mand, w..4. oil 





n. af)3r&:uj<&>g_jcn, 8,6nya»5>Q_}srsTar3b, 
aflamo. -march, v. u assoo^egjoa), 
raflrtTl n\ — . n. (ZS(Q5)o, ajlfraTlfolaj . 
-mine, n. 0Q,@_ro©;o (mil.); — 6>s><s>, 

<&> (mil.); arf)cg}a»0Od0$ca>, tos<6sc&>. 

-movement rc. (a-jioficoaroo, aQ^af)*^ 
(sc^ocoo. -natural, a. (ajd^rafiafirts 

(auaoc^, crojsooj— . -pane, n. Q-itftjy , 

aj(@l<d), 0Q,<2fo61J; (9>§1^ oTl^o.^ . 

-part, n. @e<j(gocoo, (o-JfoT), §Drt>6rn, 
0Q«ro6U, oj^glj ; (fgo-j^aunb; ^6m 
o^f^o, crooDocEJo. -plead, V. t. & l. a® 
roTlrooear) cuo^l(9®<a). -plot, n. tg-jcGuaso 

C2;o, S)<03O(Q5i(95) 6^<Q)0Slral). -point, 

n. cro_ira6)0oo5T9)rDocoo; (9>§lob@srrTI. 
-poise, n. QQ)(&)(i5to,<Bsio', @ej.0oco; 
o(j)fori<b 6ojejo, oDsroocjUo; @ej.o^ 
ono. u. £. rsc8«6)0Og_pc98(Q>; rg>e.i. ca<eraTl 
(Scbjosjs Q^)raTl<fl9'S), ag-jftocftaai. -pole, 
n. <Bcr>6)(Q Qj)a_jr6 5 )'0)o, a(J) toI <txg an. 
-sense, n. zoocxsino. -seal, ^. §§ig6. 

-Sig"n, V.^. ®0^GL)Og_j 5>OJd9s<9>, 0X502 .ID 

6)®)0qj[— . -signature, n. oxjoz™ 

ftcaogj*. -Stand, ft. OjlSfDOCDo, qQ/oTI 

(bsoojo. -statement, w. ana_jnf).o> 

(q_)(T^dqjo. -Stroke, n. a_j<a>raajrcȣj U , 
0Q,5)5)<©). -term, n. Clfla_icg|0(E/a_ieo. 
view, n. (mae^ajcrurflfofl; Qjlsroocoo. 
-VOte, u.£. aD(Sfoo(joc^l(a_jOQa;o a_ioa>. 
n. aajoTl(bjifl§ . -work, w.£. (a-)<oT)(@ 

ejo (a4(^OT3)1(9s<9>. 

£5bun'try (kun-), n. ooos , secac, (a_) 
seoso, raoKjo; 2. ox)_jrro)— , eacBsaoao, 
oro-i — ; 3. too, ano§ a^joo, @ cbmos u ; 4. 
<8aaa<9ao<b, — nrf)ojoox)l<&>c)o, 6)o_jo@B3ooo; 
5. c^jajoooroa_i6Gaioc2/<e5)0<b, '(g&rtfl 1 . to 

put or throw one's self upon the 

Country ^TOfDl^si^sg-paT) crfl^^; 
(grDn^Sffljcr)Q%'@g. aflnrgorocaroflnr) (ma$a_i 

cfi£tilc9s<9>. c, -house, c.-seat eeg^ 
eajooo. c.-language oxueocaj.c. -life 

TOOQJCOXDo. C.-man <Sec/a£5)0O)ab, OXM 

rt)0^«95)DrDo6; TOoasioroat). C.-WOman 

nnos ^ortxaraTl; TOoaflOforaroTl. «. ooos* 

ci_JOK5I2)@ja ; cnOLD($)<8n(0)-\2))§£3(aXO); OX)_l 

r&oe?. 0x06010x00002;. 

■Goun'ty, n. toog^ . 

£!oup (koo), a. 6)o_i§o70@g. (o^cxjcaroD, 
— cQiO^jo. C.-de-gTace (degras) TOejftTO 

0,gji<9i8OT) s)oj^. c.-de-main(deman) 

Qa.l§OT0@@. (ST3)(g)0o. C. -d'etat (de-ta') 
fOo^SfcsTDfaraTlfjil) s>aj§aTogg 00000. 

■GOUp'le (kup'l). ?2. OiSns, gDfoSTTX, 
SQ^S'j 2; gDSIT), <S03OS', @§o, C^c/3o, 

3&c/X3o; 3. (go^O(§«JT3)3c95)nao(b, earuraH 
0o<b. v.t. TO20lnA (J>(e>s<S5, sc&Josa^Ljl 
cflgcS), ^sTls^tfisdfr; 2. QjlajoaOo ^yH 

g_p<flQ'Si. V. i. CGXZZ)^ <3jiifiS<S), ©6TD 
<2_alrt8a>, <8S0(o)d9(8<S). =let, ?i. CXJOJTOlo, 

<2£Qo<0>o, oalfDl6rr). =ling, w. <&§<&» , 

■Gou'pon, w. njaTlc/o^fls , .afl§ qcD, 

€6ur'age (ku/aj), ??. 0fD^ u , oalaio, 
ox)jsocuo- 2. s>6^cu^jo, 6)c/arogyo, @.caTi(b, 
siaogren^Oft-j . v. t. ^s^cuqgjSJaJS 1 ^^. 

=a-geous (-jus), a. o^oj^oa^, ajl 
<g}o— , 000^0^°— . =a-geous-ly, ac?. 

a51rt>rO}<30Q;06>S, (C^fOTOSCaiO^S. 

€our'i-er (kur-). n. <ao§D&nfe, igro 
staj^oronb, g^nb; 2. a_iocnQo_ifjn^iiofo 

■Course (kors), n. caafl, aoso, ox> 
6t51]0fOo, CO0mo, (So_J0<9n ; 2. ajtpl, 00 
ceo; 3. crflajfOToT), nrDc^ioaOo; 4. ms, 

CTXiDlfoD; 5. (DSQJSn, .^rtfl.TOo; 6. OXDiOgj 

eocojo, ojspa»o; 7. fo^roD, (^0o; 8. ^50; 

9. (ffraCT9(g>0o, ^S^; 10. a'Dtfo, igo; 11. 
ajlaouofc, ©(fg^Po Qyig.aiTlo^'cr)' ; 12. a> 

g^g-jocoTi; 13. (SY^rtjraojo. c. of ex- 
change Qcxs Qj36rn)@cr\}in.'ofl. in C. 
^s^ (Brecon, of C. cn>(m<s»o— , rofl^— . 

a matter of c. ox>qob30ocqj <©»o^o. 
in the c. of goscoTlrak, 03©^. in the 
c. of next month QjasoD0oox)a5TBnar) 
<^o. in the c of our conversation 

ax)oi3o.:Q3srr>0<2(l^j. in due C. aJ^laJ , 
<2o_i05)ej, toc0s)OX)0cqo, (gj0oasox)orDo. by 




due C. of law orfloa/aaadcroDrDo. a C. 

of lectures a_ioo<a»5ajafl. c. of study 
ojooaflj&ica'o. mathematical c. cosrrfl 
(OMulejoSjocroo. in c. of time &>o&i'&'2® 
em, ^(acoraosiaj. there is no other c. 

<8QJ6>0 crDc^jooOo ^d&j. v.t. & i. a-flggD 
sasd95, rarecrecozTlastfi, OLjlamos>a» ao§<a>; 
8, (ffr5>sd), roooan§<s>; 3. o-jaocojcarcrircb 
ao§<s>, a_io^<£h. cour'sing, n. anoa»o 
§. -r, n. ©3§<955oronb, <scus<fi5)0^ab; 

£J5urt (kort), n. igooo, (a-p<950rt>o; 
2. SdoGLTlejc^o, 6)^o§oroo, (BTDfoam, coo 

630O3l^o; 3. — Q-Jfolojoroo; 4. — CTQG', 

5. scroaj, qjcbooo, ^siiTrj"^; 6. or^ocs; 
croDDmo, (ST^crDDonno, 'saioscoW, d^®.^ 
ro); m.ocajarog; ooioc^ooronoo; anjoc&ocun 
Q_iab, ao.occ;oa51o_)arooQ^io; 7. (Sd&oSfaflay 
ufl<e>ort>o; 8. n_->ao)sn<TQoejo. to pay* 
One's C. scroojl^orfl^a). to put out 
of C. afl-oJorosm «>_ti}g2pr3flfincQs<d). C- 

breeding <sa>oariej<s>ajtp<95)o. c. -craft 
— fongojo, — 0dl0oca;o. c.-chaplain raoea 

ajaroaoolfwnb. C.-Circular (SaooDgj^ 
cyfOT3)DCTD)QLj((g)o. C.-day aiS^rtflelaj 
croo. c. -dress fl>o«auanlufleBnaA 6>.aJ 
gj<Saru:c>o U3rtf)«<sasn§o ji}0CQjo. C.-fool 

G<o»D0oa^. c.-hand ^s-ajafioj^ioj . 
C.-martial frSicrocTfltf) arin^ororrce 
(mil.), c. of inquiry <&>ogjo3cr>_id» 
<s>— (/.)• C. of the Lord ©ecuoejauo, 

a_«ggp. c.-yard igooo. t?.ii <scrcaj 

S)-ai^<fi>, a^©fl<fis<a>; 2. (rT^<S(a_)0o<ni£>o 
eacarflcQsas anajoaornroTlcTro Sjiioelaaa); 
3. (ST03a_jaftil«9g<35, caiQjaild^^; 4. Qjaal 
<0)fiTl(es(9>, saoool^yldBa^. -'eous (-'yus), 


a- @.a-j_aiofogocuo @.§§l» cronacgjoa — . 
-'eous-ness, fi.rsracramc&o, (Sqjo<^o. -ier 
(-yer), 72. (n^pacrocLicSjnb; culajoaoraig.} 

neb; i^6ij(^<ori<fi«o«)ab. =te-san, *=te- 

zan, n. cosmic, o_jro(fT^l, <scuuaj. 

^our'te-sy, ft. <sejo<^o, (ST^iiioroo, mca 

(y^aioj ajcraono, ayemas.i; s»o.j<&>ort>o, ^ 
srn->, gp-i; sxroosaorvo, sruijgaoaoo. 

c.y title cr)D0Q_j9on. -'ier (-Jffcf)i 
n. fDoeagw.nb, s^oa.'DfijaxSaof&nb: g>a_j 
<&> oca o(0io\ (ST3)(^lrtj)n6. -'li-ness, tz. oro 
eo.aiofDo, an c&>c/£lejo. - ly, a. g)o_i-aJjfDo 
£@g, 0gyoa— . -'ship, n. scroaj, a^ea; 
(BraotocDormocno, 6)a_jsm QasodTl&vnk. 

"GoUS'in (kuz'n), 71. (0TOoSafii-Lj(f3 
a_io: -coz.) Q^jc^ooaBas^c^g-aTan^ad 
e3f5TafTl0<95)c)o raiza^lejgg croo6ojara)>, <S63i 
cfignb, seaicfigraran, cBroaasanb, (eraoaea 
(oroTl; 2. 0010006, 0^0100^, aoc&orofl. 
first c, c. german (s^cegooBsaz^cfe, 
sea, {£g -nraTlc^adea reran— . 

05ve, ft. &ggo, 0S, ojggo; 2. g)c)o 

■Tov'e-nant, n. asanisH, esgcacroaa 
coio, arD(Tu51crncQ)0o; 2. crTlcs2/0o (Bl.)\ 
3. (cyon©^, cnlagzlca»o; 4. airaocb, crd 

(^.). arc of c. croodBftt^a-j^o (Bl.). 

V.l. & t. S)aQ)<9>0(tni5)g_J§<0>, (Q_),an©ST3) 
6).ai<g£, QJ0a3(OT3)o— . ~er, ft. aSCIUSl 

£!3v'en-try, r?. ^o^oaols^ej ara o_i 
§6mo. c.-blue cr>g± crfl&jqgfzA. to send 

to C. o-iarofiajs^cno Q-ai^,. 

-G6v'er, V. t. ^§<Q>, a^^^cOs^, 6>a_>0 
foTl^ai; 2.C8 3)«Ba^; 3. CJOrold8«<Q>; 4. 
0S>O(B8<0>; 5. 6)cuo«S(TK)d); 6. (^-esTldana 
<32j<si, ^an^sroraioytOsd^; 7. <&ocfi(8<S), croo 
fOd9fts6imo S)jxj^; 8. 0ocTroa>a<&» 1 <fifia0^ 

c89<3), <S0OjiDc99ai; 9. Q^)rt^(Q>, 0foTlC2;Od3j, 
6&£J0O<&>, 6^d3)0g^d9i, OJOQ<e>; 10. 0\)o61QJ 

oruflcfl8<0>; 11. ^aii^^d^, wejOBTifal) gD§«Si; 

12. @0 6m3joifls<3>. to c. ground, to 
C distance a>scrra3a_J0<ffc, gfoo— . to 
c. into 0oools">ai<&8:9>. «.ao,(^sl, (BIO 
^saT, oDroloj, o-jsejo, ej3<65)0§ ; 2. aj 


faigj, 0O, I^SQJSo, «QJcS3o; 3. 0OQJ , 

ro<Qfia, O8f06moj 4. <dios ; 5. foflnbo-io^o. 
to break C. ascBn^crTlcnD ajorcroTlo 

sjgai. under c. aotesn&ifaro) . -ing, n. 
0^1, &o; 000^; <80gifo; a^^ad » a 
§8j. C.g party «a»oaj«fcs>6>crDcnjo. 
-let, »« an^g-J', Als«Br.«JS6rnl; 0^1 . 




£56v'ert, a. agflaDejgg, arojtfocgjo 
3. rt)<aaican^ly@a. feme-c, c.-baron 

SfOT§)rDdaaic32nej@g (rrtf), 0ocooh— . ?2. 
radaasoaruD&jo, carc6mo, crusa^o. -ly, 
«r/. cro_i<s>ogyo ^ergcsT), cdcl^o — . -neSS, 
n. cscoco_uo, fooDcn^jo. =ture, n. 00 

QJ , oaft5TDo, <SCOD<l_tmo; 0oC/Dej|OCUOrOQ, 

aT)cL)Ooxflra> (rr^lnrTlej. 

asa-,; 2. <S0ono"lc9!8ce5, o^o/aTlasa). -a- 
ble, a. S0Daocrf)cao «r§ca>, <a)O0,o — . 
=e-t0USj a. tsrojuaggg, S? %— ; ®&J0 

So—, §200OoOo— . -tOUS-ly, rtrf. BR) 

<WjOw>Scb;oo")S, ejss^jo^s. =tOUS-neSS. 
n. fSTg^oocQea; 'srsas) i 200000; Qojoomocfc, 

€'6v'ey (ku'vi), ft. aanDooaT) cgoHsra^ 

2. crof^oDo, argag^crc^aOo. 
I. "Gow, n. a_j^, <scoo, <&>oef), 005, 

0(3)080; 2. 5)a_j5n6&>SfiJ:rr>, — raQ0~Vco 
GJo; 3. £t,s«&(±ju$. young 1 C. iSY^nooju , 
aiS^H, a-Jc^asTlsocu . jungle C <Q05>§ 

os0. c.-boy, c.-herd tfoejlQ^o^nb, 
scooa-joej.Tb; rfhcu^aaofoab. C.-duilg 
_oj:6rr>aio, jiiosrno. C.-feeder ajcg^^ 
ojs<9s)oroab. C.-hearted <#)o»ajocu/. 
C.-hide ojc^SrtSiaorab, 0^-—; s^oo^-ai 
zagP. C.-hag'e, C.-itch mi^csem (b.). 
C.-leech o-JO£5>5>ajejn6. c.-pox scnocu 
rryr?Tl. C.-house ajy^ajo&j, ovaiotp(ora> . 

If. COWj V. t. 6)0flfls<&>, (3T3rD§(0); 2. <fl?) 


■Gow'ard (-erd), w. (£\m, 3o_is n <93S 
ejnb, (SousliBnofonb; 2. 5>o_j06rpTb. -ice, 
-li-ness, n. s^as^jo, sa_isl. -ly, a. 

<£]o»QJ0C2>, fSojsnc^gg. tfrf. #)(030) 


£Jow'er, tf. I. aanoQ, <fljcarof!of)<e?<a>, 

-Gowl, «• 0Ocrom)Ocn5^S)(OTO)OgLjl. 
-Cow'rie, €Ow'ry, n. <q>qjs1, <a>afl 

€ox'c6mb (-kom), ?z. 00^006 6>aio 
g_p; 2. (^©030^, roar, 3. crgagraaTl^p; 
4. a?a.o(DD= 1 c9ROfon6. 

£/0y, a. (STD^SdBno jagg; 2. aiS^o 
Oalftlo— , 03333 — ; 3. (BT3§(o22)(g}S0ro3); 4. 

0ogQ_iopgg, frcnyog. ro— . p.f. cuoaWrtfl 

cdg<3>, (ST3)(0>o2al(9sa>; 2. ro<SaiO§cSi, ©00 

rrTlcSsa). -'neSS, n, oaa>, mcsmo; rsro 

S<S»o, ffl>g)<95)o; ^0>§ ualaJo. 

Goz, n. see Coasin. 

■Goz'eil (kuz'n), v.t. & i. Sro^ogJlcBs 
<a>, 0ca<©sc£). ~age, w. ^o-iocao, jj-oD. 
-er, n. Q_'6i22i(»>ab, 0ocojoo_n. 

€5'zy, a. ^>§@g; s>i»icfloa>; ct^qj^ 

gg.; ^0^(9)0)0032-; 2. qjo^ajoej^ Jo jS 03 ; 


aD«TT)d95>o— ; CTDgj0a_J(O)0gj^Jo — . 

I. €rab, n. sr^srs , d&anSo, Agtlroo (Z.) ; 

aiasDsafoooal («5.)- river c. ojyoTa 

5^'. sea c. as4- . black c. cuc&irai—. 

C.-louse c^lej<Sg_jab, ^-aiggCo-jnb, s>qj 

ii. €rab, u. i. aja^jtfia«<s>-, '-• ^--^8^ 

<9e<Q), 5)6>^gL-J0c99<Di. a. ci^iTlgJgg ; a_J 

oscaoo (St^jcoj; susmiTl-'mo— . c. -faced eg 
6uo ajlplp^, — Q^innyl^, (g^D^ejgg.. 
-'bed, a. ajgflroa'Oo a^g; ori'lracroso 
ajo — , §^glejo — , o)QjQ,'anQ_ns^l : gj, <&*s~l 
^(^cm; -ajCUgligg, ajlfocroo (er^ce;; 

ojl.-fi30c — ; ^j-0Kftl5i«a»§. =bed-ness, 

n. a^fjjo; Qjlraoroo; ^a_)C2/0croo. 

■Grack, V. t. S>a_jo=flcfta<Q>, jifl^a»; 
2. §S6irip c Jlt9s<&), xijcmmo cuosOTSt9>, 
6njaail(g0o— ; 3. cv36T^a_p($a<a<; 4. «n0o 
Cjao_iO(0); 5. (up) GUg.fmang_jO<9j, ck!<9>'J> 

<&>. to c. a bottle A^eaa*. to c. a 

crib ja^zib 2jrn<9a<a», rg)ro<3a(fh. to C. On 
Qjaolp_p(9a<0). v. i* jif)'^ori3Q_joa;, 

6)OJ0§l<8g_J0<3>; 2. T)C/al^3a_10<9j, S)Q-J0 
gTlsrai^— ; 3. i^tP6oT§a); 4. (of) Qjnaj 
ojoa, aflau — , roo^m"— . a. z)<5)<fr£i, 
^on^icrflcazoca. n. o^a_»o^ , CLHggoifc; 

2. SoCOo, <9»OCU ; 3. Si^ ; -i. a^OS.^lcroJ 

roo; 5. <o")£j<e5)0_2jrtj}>, jiD.'3T3)®0o; 6. .btoo) 
(gonronb; 7. Qjcnj*, 5>cuosjQjgjo; 8. ojo 




<of!(CL)Trigc too; 9. _i_i6rr><3y@g<0i§l; 10. 

» » ° 

^0ODS)<Jonrco; 11. sooroSouoas) , crogjo 

ajo. c. -brained s>anomi@fi. c.s'man 

'BTOO^olcaob, o_joroas>oronb. -'er, n. o^o_jo 
§l<9s(majrTt»; s'jQ.jsssQ.ojtaaofonb; .a)S(&)o, 
ausaso; jsemaagjo. -'le, v . t. <sTlQ 
aTlQcSsai, ff>6ra>rtfiq|0>. -'ling", -'le, n. 

(STlQcanQcyaSlGUo, o_jSo_jS— ; Q_ri6ro®06m 

Cra'dle, n. <gr§)<i &><£\a&, svmoslral>; 
2. jDoaflSo, gjcoTiojaruoonoo; 3. c/alo§) 
rtj)-Jo, s)S)aacoajo. y. £. 6)fo^o§^eTlf3l) <sD 
sag2)<&>, 6}roio§lajos<&>; 2. ©ojoooncug. 

"Graft, n. @. r 3(Dn , 6DJ£yo; 2. Qd&'OOa 
ejo, ff)5)aiS^r5T3)0!/1f(3t; 3. asra^ojrsran 
tSnOfb, smotp'ltf&QjaDo; 4. <0j(TV)raf), <Qio_j 

So, QJjO£3o; 5. c&yrafc, £053. Small C. 
6>.alQ<aftrt>o ^fC3<95ic)o. C.s'mail S>S)c0> 5) 0513)3 

y>lfzi<9)crorrt), 6)S)<a><SQ_)&jrf3e>3foab. ='ti- 
ly, ad. g>a_ioca;(ro33Q_jsrr), Qaiooaejsosiao 
6>s. ='ti-lless, n. @,a_j3cojo, e^c&ran, 
6><froc/aajo, S)c&>osl£yjo. ='ty, «. ff>s>ann-j 
err^oaeji, ^o_ioco.o — , <a>a#<aoTl — . 

■Crag", n. <0>='3YZ8<8n^@@_ cljOO, <Qi0513) 
oonorD^mr)— ; 2. &y>as(to , ^6tqo. -'g'ed, 

-gj, CL. OJOO^ga; O-jOJSQ-ifDJg^ — , Q.T1 

cea0o~. -'ged-neSS, n. aj^o_iaBg_j , 
Qjaba_j30c3s).-e35mo, <Q>§gg8d35)gi3o. 

Crake, V. t. & i. c/asr^ldJs^, ginsicQs) 
crTlejangn<9s^; 2. ojacuojocft., (a_)uao 

Oram, u. £. (with) tmoaoj&VrnocBacfr, 

ajonaTI— ; 2. c^sasoao rafloQaj, 0§g_j , Qj 

fTO3CD0g.o— ; 3. 0OO§a_JOOo tt.aJCgp<S9<9j, 

Scaos^s (Qflnrra^,, ajfrnanrrDodQ®^; 2. <a\ 


^PQsrnaajc^oiaiDo a-io'cOs^- ft. onej 
CaHfa!) tfljOTD) IcflRCPJOOfJlL; <a50srr>3p_]3Oo a_jcfl 

^cuHej. -'ming*, ??. oiv^smoJlejOgjo 
cruo; anojajoO'aDa,. -'mer, n. aftienrfl 

Cramp, w. fi^a®, ansnruoo, <gs 

<£*>o; 2. o_j§, _oJ«0T3ej, «AD§.(W3)'; 3. 0,Q, 

<9s> -ai§o, — rr^oj)o (carp.) 4. cflnb 
ojo^ori), Qjg^aieil, ^^raib (mecl.). 
v.t. a^eosD^ajcesda), rsroaajroT)— , ^j^^, 

fO)S0T0Do5)jil(g^; 2. O-lgoang' i^Q,^^; 3- 

(^=n^a5)^(03, cruoscaosflgjlasa^; 4. cfltb 
a.jD.pjfTjb oQ)§^_pd99t95, (Saio^Qjejltes^. 
= py, a. (gj^aj&nagar), (^Irtbajo^ejg^. 

■Crane, n. $>&>z<95) , Qdao.pj, 5)<f>>Docf), 

6DJ^o (2.); 2. fljT)rtf)g_J <9>32;00 ear£TO)o; 

3. faTlrDljy <fl3tpoA. u./. (up) ajafl^iifiiaz; 
oq<9>; 2. as^'^'ua^^). y. {. Q^nrof) 

■Gra'ni-um, n. f^ejcscaos', 05ng 5 a> 
ajoejo^iafr^^o. -era'ni-al, a. ^ej^caos 
crcosrucru)!^. -era'ni-ol-O-gy, tz.^ojo 
aiojlaj, — aao(rruo. 

Crank, y<. ^^d^gJlsH; 2. QjyTtafiflfi 

^pjoA, foTlrolgJ , 0ol; 3. OJ<2(^Da9i'a)\ a'.O- 

S3o; 4. rzr>mrf)cQao, ra)03nRj)oorrn^_jo, (^nb 
(St&oajo; 5. 0Sono<2ejoGJca)_io, 0onCMi3Q_j 
auo; 6. Sraoco). a. (Sfoooflca/oca; 2.. 

jjci^QjQg-j a@a, sxaaj^o— . y./. qj^ 

stot^a-jasrai^ ffly<Q3<3>, ^ocri3gjo<Qi. ='ki- 
neSS, -'neSS, n. oQ^o^OTaTlral) <^^ c |f d 
(8ouO(S?<TncroDlrar) (naut.); oacfraD, 6>S)jx) 

fO)Cn.o, 6^crCfD6U.o. "'ky, a. 6QJ&J0 jSgg, 

^jsm — ; s-ojoarDcaajDcroo — , (Btoctdocjoo 
fDsroois^ta-Jocaio— . -'kle, v. t. &i. cua 

Cran'ny, n. Qjlgarat, jiflrro)^, aTl 
sqj . v. i. QS\s°g ®o_jO(fi>, ^flara5~)s^_j3 
<o>; 2. ojlgaeTlajl) ^sH <&>saa<a>. 

■Grape, ??. <a5Q,foT3)OLj§ j^(Tsc)o@6rn). 

Cra-pu'lencei w. 0Sjn_j3m3roocoo, 

ejoDoH. =pu-l6lIS, «. aisD^seojocjo 
0lgjO(orz», ajoOfolc^ee . 

Crash, y. t. ^n_jo^fl<98=a>, f^caxfis^. 
y. t. jaiSniSoasnys.-aiaosiS aflfirra^cLJos 

<&>, <ai<0'CTTo3a_JD<9>. 71. fDvJOSOOJSOb6nyo, 

6)ajosrat>; 2. cnoodo, s^ajagn^l^. 

Cra'sis, ?J. rQcron-oz0)(c^)6rno; GaoOD 
ojo"OD, c/saflro^o , (aJ^'oT); 2. crojrc. 
mDoruf) (gr.). 




■Grass, a. Qjjrniggg., a-jazam. c. 

ignorance oj=,(goog.^-io. 

-Gratch, n. (SY^ajQjgjo, o_j^5)cot3)d§1, 
€rate, n. ajggfifflanos. [o^ 

•Gra'ter, ?i. (moc/Tflajgli'mfgfflJo, — qjo 
■GraunCh (kransh), v.t. &>s)jq qcfl 

•Gra-vat',n. <^s^cu(nr^o, aurora o_i§. 

•Grave, v.t. 6>c&>5T2if)cB, o-ofiasai, <gifi 

as^a^a.. ='er, n. (araojirfl, co:o.nja>ob, 
aOo, aao.ofl. -'ness, n. (sramo^QaOo, 


•GraVen, n. <#)rt8, .ajsmaai^cuob. 
€raw, B. laHs, ^a-josl; 2. <af)ob 
a - j5re °- [qooffJeesiosrminb. 

€raw'fish (kra'->, -eray'fish, n. *£\ 

€rawl (kral), v. i. ©LPQ^ai, q§i§l 
y>Q£ya>, arf!rt>65i§a>; 2. a_irg)6)a« msasa>, 
Golj^Isoojdsjs— ; 3. <BraoO;)J6TO:9s>o a>o 
errflasa*, a^eflasa>. 7/. go^p^rafc; 2. 
a-,<sr»gl^foTO> ^lnbn_n^1<es»rab. -er, n. 
a-joea^sa&iob; ©yea;© (2.). 

■Gray'on, n. .niocojcsa&o'si), .aTli® 
■Graze, v. t. <3s>sasa>, <aia>aaa-., 6)cuo 

^lC0;0<8!8<9> ; 2. <2aiSQjrW«gS>a>, 6QjaJaC?) 
■0020(03^.; 8. JiDrai3)(eao (Uf®«©iS). &.£. 

(ga'TO; 2. ®^nO(m(?ji), 0OCOjDaTljxi:;(Do; 3. 

<g0o, (saoooo. ='zi-ness, n. 6)a_»ogl 

^JfSb, a&fltSTOo, d9ftl32;o; rtneJcBnO^fafc, (go 

oro. ='zy, a. cQfiflsTrTl^, sojfijacflcn^occ.-, 

-Greak (krek), u. i. afiQaTiQaaas, 

<S)focs^<Qi. v. t. aTlQaTlQasnasa). -'y, 
a. <sflQ<flnQ<escrr>, aifo^nm. 

■Gream (krem), n. o-jog_\os, 05muo; 
2. o_jos, croo<Do; 3. a_jorata_iejaODroo. 
c. faced 06raig>&\oj; <5oa-qg&. -'y, a. 

l_J0g_pS<5>@§L, CTOOfOo— , 0lCT9c9s>o — . 

■Grease (kres), n. asan, _aj§ri3j\ 

-ajScSn. y. t. 0St93<fr, 5)6iacriQ^<a), ^J 

-Gre-ate', v. t. qo^^cpaaai, <2«n3Dcasa>, 

crf!02f)<99d3i ; 2. Aoiismo rsT^ecTinflasa), 

<2aOrg) — , ^Q_Tl<93(3>, g>a»ajoa3a>, a-jrg) 
<69c£h; 3. CrricQ/'alcSS^, (ffT^'cSgaj, O-JSaj} 

S)a>o=jasa>. =a'ti6n, n. cr^c^fl, <8ajoa> 

CO^c^al, Or"f)22)06Tr>o ; afluajo, .oiroOxiJi'oo; 

colaaicao, oolcojalasrsfc; a_j8CLns)a>o§ 
anroi. =&'tOr, n. (crpc^aoaj , Q_i5^ajab, 
orflaaoTnooj . {jrea'ture (kre'tur), 7?. 
cusgj', rr^c^p, gflaj(Q_)osrrri; 0O©a^,nt), 
(STDjcX); fBYgxjc^ptjiab, Gocron6, uaft6rr>DCo 
(U)di- orgi^coo, a_ioaj; <93foD^>, <9»oa, 
etc. C.e-COmfortS (sroaDOJ^aen^do. 
poor C.e croccy. pretty C.e crgaa^. 

sweet c.e aozoo. [cuoai/. 

Gre'a-tic, a. aooaroociOcroajraD^ @.a 

€re'dence, ?2. afioajDcroo, (sr^^^o; 

2. aTlaaJOCT^o, (q_)0ostt>o; 3. (CTigO^^-i^i 

<&(/?. C). letter of c. (sracul^ofoaj^o. 

=den-dum, n. QjlaajDnrrj^aosmo. 
=dent, a. qj\us jDcro^gg. ; sqjodo oTlaaj 
a\D(©scm; oJloajDoroscaocA^Q^ea, (a_jo 
0o«mj0oca;. =den'tial, n. (ijlaajDnroscjyo 

CAW, — Clt)0d9%o; (pL) (TO0da%a_l(g)o, 

(8Toafl<s>oro— . -ered'i-ble, a, afioajo 
cmjo (st^cb;, (o^o0o6Tn,o— . -ered'i-ble- 
ness, cred-i-bil'i-ty, n. ciTloBjocroacaD 

c£,-a>. =du'li-ty, «. cfifiiSTr) xTlaa-ioaroo, 

QjihforiralQji^ofDTa)— . -ered'u-lous, «• 

■Gred'it, n. oilc/ajocroo; 2. <sflfsraD, 
masTTTio; 3. (2xa3*(j)-io; (Scrxb, Qjlaajrr^'W; 
4. 6aj^20CDo; 5. 6300003 JOoflcDo, — fO 
6T©30O; 6. QJiOQ_JOa)CLrioa_loa\)o, <9^So <Sn) 
§i"3b; 7. c9>S<0Taf)0To@& (5101X1031; 8. OJ 
fOQJ &>$m<Bs) , ^(JmcSsTlrtjl) QJfOQJ iSOC/Do 

(com.), take upon C. <a>so qjogsq&. 
to pass to one^ C. aajnflrcfc ajfoaj* 

o_D^i<98A. letter of c-, circular 
letter of c. ojsm.sflg , oTZJOjorei. it 





does yOU C. (sraro" cn^asQckxBs) 00000 
oh&nn, v.t. aDodjaronaaifl', (Q_j0o6rrTl 
<os<a>; 2. 0Dmocurt8(^©<si; 3. <Q)sm&s) 
o^rr^a>caTaT!aA ojrooj o_Tl^)<fla<9s. to C. 

witheaj^gaoono^d^o^ceQ^. ='i-ta-ble, 

a. Qjlod-iDCTOjo fsr^ea;; izoct><s<sjoco,o — ; 
£§oaQior/)ca;o— , 6nja00o<TNg§£. ='i-ta- 
bly, ad. Q-Tindlroto ©Tf^cszT), scaocoio — , 00 

mo— . ='i-ta-ble-ness, n. 61x100000-) 

Ocaoco.'oi. ='i-t6r, 11. Qj0d95) ajloa_icro) 
<s«omijnb; (© s><a)0§caT3)aja6, tg.wejoa^. 
£!reed, ?*. OLTlcyajoaroo, af)c/a_ioarD(Q_) 
0O6TDo, 0o<S^oa-j<2eaacroorDo. 

■Greek, n« e^sdi, <&>srzrt>a_j@g.; 2. 

f€reep, v. 1. ir. («rept, «rept) © 

otrj— ; 2. a_i@6Si3l— , Sq_js1c8c2;oS)S — ; 3. 
aavPsTai^QjaridBs, (sraolaaosirtnajsng — ; 4. 

ci^efl<6s<0>; 5. a_lSasa>; 6. <2<0>Oc)o0C2n<b 

6)d330@^.a). -'er, n. cu^aTI, aiia> (6.); @3 
ipeaoraD, ^0) (2.). C.r-hole <srag., 0S; 

as^lAvp^Qj'. -'ing-ly, 06?. n_l@6Ba) 

£re-ma'ti6n, «. caojaoDmo, —so 

oDo. =mate', y. t. ozcuo earn^Jlt&atf). 

=ma'tor-y, n. xtjs <a>os , .ojsaj; odcu 


€rep'i-tate, v. i. antiafkaastf), s)6t» 

aHc^a. =ta'ti6n, n. aHciaDQy, 6)q_io 

€re-pus'«u-lar, =eu-lous, «. <td 

(T^jO^QJgn^j«S©§g; 2. (D^jCUsroo <j&>o 

€rept, p.t. of Creep. 

Gres'cent, n. fBTDau^jtagab, o^6n»i 
a)—; 2. (BToaojai^Qo^fari; 3. ^asTlfooea 
jiTlaODo. a. ( 8raaUiiHQ9o<0)oraiggig ; qj 

€res'cive, ft. ajaf®ar>, QjGtu)<fl»aT>. 

€res'set, n. <oflae5<an, <af)(fiaorf), aa» 

"GreSt, Tl. C/iflfflJ, <8<9>0iPWj, -O^OJU; 2. 
uaV0(CT^(§:fl36mo, (WaJ(S<Q5)0fDl<di; 3. foTlfD 

(gaDfzA; 4. ajq!] tnoalajrao ; 5. 6i6>cugyo, 
ooaogyo. C.-tile Q<Q><>s&>oS , ajotaraiV- . 
C.-fallen <o>ej'a>o<£/l(n;, siSKOg^lgjocota, 

QnCTD/gOQJiggg. -'ed, ft. Oal<0(OU3&l»>S 

<^o &@a, ^ojd— . -'less, a. (3<9jS0)£jo 
(era; <9jejad]cnanoaa;. 

Ore-ta'ceous (-shus), a. ^^omj 

€re'ti-cism, sre'tism, rc. «s>aaj\ 

€rev'et, n. q*. 

€rev'ice,rc. afl§a<Bk, afiscu , .af)aaJ\ 

■Grew (kru), n. aui^QDo, ctxjoqoio; 
2. ^g-jg^srnlasjOfb, 'ajejoaaT^cb; 3. qj 

-Grew'el, n. o^ejans. c. work ®«» 

■Grib, ??• Q-J&jo, 6)<OiO§n; 2. (BT^ej, 
s^fWoyaJKn ; 3. a^daaspfaJr, 4. o_j(OT3)oca;o; 

5- <0jS)6TO®1firi>, 6)jilOOgJro; 6. &0>C3&>)a> 
gjo; 7, <80Ocft36TT)o, (ST3ci_Ja^)^o; 8. O-JO 
OCrCaO0C2;g_ifT^<S>o. V. t. @§)eD§(fl>; 

2. ©0Oc§alc9<8<3>; 8. ^QaiDfDT3)l(z*rn)orro a_j 

Crib'ble, w. -aigjs, (BWrtDg-i. v.t. 

■Gri-bra'tion, «. (8ra«n«flRrtA,6)(w@ad). 
■Griek, n. anQjaTlQaaacyo; 2. <^^ 

-Gri-ek'et, n. ^g^Si afl^oaao ]^!; 2. 

cuei^, (ga9ooeD, ooo^oeD; 3. ojctoj^I 
€ri r er, see under Cry. 

■Grime, w. crTlCB^aJoa^imo, ^i0)OO ; 
2. <fliOOo, Q-J0fO)«S>o; 3. §c^^, ajoaJo. 
capital C. <a(S6vnu£\<£>£&&s> Soogojoca; 

aiooo. heinous c. a®oo<eiooo. -'ful, 

a. <fliOo<O)rD0ocH;, a^ta^ga. - less, ^7. 
<fi)OO0l^Oi / aTO), rrTlfDoufDocLncsyoca'. Crim'- 
i-nal, n* <aioo<9s»oronb, ojom^nb. r?* 

n_J0<O)<fro (8T3)32J, OlJOOlJo— ; <SiOO^«)o— . 

(fl»Qoor)lan0aroo6iQj(T\u0oai', t (^l0lm^'<A , 





(/.). c.l action 'so-jog?)^ ', 'sojoan 
f^o^Dcajo' (/.)• c.l conversation c^ 

£)jti2ft(QiOoo(l.). C.l law So-ioejl^j° 

rnlcQ;0o, ejoo^im— . ^rim-i-nal'i-ty, n. 
dfcooo, <jd)<osao'SQQjoco ) (0). «rim'i-nal-ly, 

ad. <SiOO<03fD0o^QTl, GJoQ^inoorricQ;0(a_j(fto 

roo. crim'i-nate, v. t. «aooo cuo^, 
<Q i oo<9S)oa>ono<9s>)(Gr$)<9%&>. €rim-i-na'- 

tion, n. d*ooo2rt>oo_j5roo, (8Tonn^>c&;S)g_| 

■Grimp, v.t. 0S&R <2s<95>o<99<s>, 6)6ra> 
61<e®<a-,; 2. qsgftHgjlslasifr); 3. o^^cro 
m.ajronrab gjojoeoi core) arch qq^><o?\<q^<&>. 
n. (a-.rtTic^n^iOJScanofonb; 2. <&>3_jrz&s_ajiai 
coraDfal) (SYg)a<9>6>g. jii<xjf) niS-aitdgcrnojat); 

3. .ajOfcSrcgfWeJ^sl. a. 6)a_10SlsRJl^3CLJ0 

<ftom, So^fQo (STOjoi ; 2. 60jejo£flmo — ; 

Grim'ple, v. t. -njg.<9s<9>, ^jc®|c&>. 
erim'py, a. ^jraeng. 

Grim'son (-zn), n. ^s©^^ , ra<eo> 

OJ6TDO. a. <3>rtfl6»2XjQJg_J0eQ;, SejOodl^QJ 

grnigeg. r. t. ^jOJ3_pc99<ai. u. !■ rc><drt»CLJ 

Grin'eum, «. o_flfol, ojacu . 

Gringe, u. /• ^06rraafl«)n9aj6rn«5i§<©>, 

QomjDnoeion^oroo, a_]oe®crooj. -'ling,??. 
Q_ioerL^83(fi>n6. ='ger, n. o_joe3croaj<&>nb 

Gri-nig'er-ous, a. «fooa^ea. 

€ri'nite, «. <s?§0c%@&, (SfODoaao-ia 
0Dca;Qjofi4@a. -ni-tor-y, a. <3foo0croo 
<sru 0000002;. 

€rin'kle, v. t. ^j^ti9®<e>, ^ra^. 

.ajgOgj • =kled, a. Qjasrot^Q-ja®^. 
€rin'6-line Hen), n. (nr^)<fr§.6>s <sra 

n r )g_jOQJOS, «T3<B)QJ((T0o. 

"Grip'ple, n. (sraotoafflmnb, tgscroxrb, 
^>fo>o-'OKii<9s)^jnb. v- t. (tjraocosocoo xias 
«?©&>, ^scro rerg)c&8#);2. enjejcflgjos^— , 
(cyoa^iingjOS)^— . =pled,«. <s>onosnfi 

CBOCBJ. -neSS, n. 3JSO0) , 2.Q0DO. 

-Cri'sis, w. ejcmo, ^(Q^farao; 2. arc 
oao ; 3. ^r&ocooadWo, ora^ocroomo. 

€risp, a. ^jr®6ng ; 2. »oa^@e; 3. 

» » 

a^TiorroSa-ioiftom, (sroscrro — ; 4. auosocara, 
a-i^a^ocs/; 5. o_i<wc99crr), aflgyi^ggi ; 6. 
e3_iaTl_^ #>«gg)am. v.t. ^jras<e>, s>0S 

<X&c&>; 2. .ajgr)«98<3>, «0g.(g<5n30<fi9ai; 3. 
5)0OrtTl<98!3>. V. I. <80O«nO%SngO<a>, 30 g 

^^(Snosrelfolaaa). -a'tion, n. s>0o<^TI, 
o©Q,65Q(?A, jijrts§fab; 6T3>rDrnj aj&f) (med.). 

-'neSS,«. -Oj^SgTigsl; So^rt>rjj,_io. r'py, 

■Griss'-cross, n? a^^ajKDansro^^so 

(oraaj^nbo ©qjscqjo&o. a. Qjlej6ae5)cr>, 

Gri-te'ri-on, n. (pi. erl-te'ri-a) ai 

da&smo, (a_ie)06rr>o, oryg)o, Qjf^ldafti. 

■Grit'ic, w. c£)srn<3eorftjsfcifo>nb, o_irDl 
SaaoCJOdBjnb; 2. (8T9)<Sd9fiiajca)(Tb, % d£ ^\° 
o_iocs^cmajn6, ^smojo saoraiajo— ; 3. 
^sm<seoAia_jfDl®aaocjocr). =i-ealj^-°-> 
fjn<?tyaoconr)ooroo0<c^j ^@a ; or y d3 gp° &&<& ; 

oroo — , &000 a_io<3^onr>; oj(QifonfD"lsa.ic? 
^sHca;; c9sejoarab ot^cq;, afl.-fiSEo — . 
=cal-ly, £M?. ^(Wj^ocoTl, au«9>ranrDl<sojos 
(^sl; orocru51»5ral), aTlraiacrnejcHnrab. 

=cal-ness, n. foTi§o; siaojcfi^o. -as- 
ter, n. §roo<2cSfl3a-j(0jnb. =icisa-ble, a. 
(BT9)5d9fi3Q_jo o_ioca;(Qra)<sn, ajflfl3uaou.f)<es) 

«5T3)(9r. ='i-clse, ='i-cize, ^.^. o_ir^l«o»o 

(STg)<Sd9fioojl<9Q<0). 17. i. (on, upon) o-ioTi 
<Sv/8ocjomo(a_)cyft5TZftl 6).nJ<g£, (Seo^aao n_io 

<9>. =i-ClSm, U. ^6TT)!2Q0cain_)f^ld9fil, 

W6TT>seo^nosl(a^ocfi;o; o-ii-onsfvaocomoaD 
e,, aTiscujiicna— , (StgjSdSfiaojo. =tique' 
(-ti'k), n. crycegpcLjfonsaaocuoo, qjIgqjjij 

€roak, v.t. (^cua, a^oas) <©>foay<S), 
<05OT)0aa2rifol<©9<s>. y. i. oj^jos)^ c^asiqyi 




€ro'chet (kro'gha), n. oJlom^jy 

«ro). c. hook, c. needle — a^aTl. 

€roek, n. 0sn6a_»o(ro)o, <o,ejo, -aigl; 

2. <&.ejd3s)rtf), (Efra^as)^)!. -'er-y, //. 06nb 

a_iO(fZJ)6oracto, a_risro@06ro— . 

€roc'6-dile, w. ^1©^ i, ®<§™*>, <3 
.o>ej, cn<^)o. c. tears <&>&&, <&>(o.£i(i&, 

<&3 ga oh) oTrecrf 1 <b . 

€r6'«us, n. <^a3s0gj. =eonie, a. 

06TOTO)ajgrDig@a. =Ce-0US, (7. <9J9fc00CUJo, 

€rGB'silS, n. S)S>aj^3»aj6rnnb, <ftS6aj 


€roft, n. ajocnj, QjaQ-J', omos~)#>. 
C. land no^s^o. -'er, n. en<a>o#>ans 
gj <Q>oronb. 

€roi-sade', eroi-sa'do, see under 

CJrom'lech, n. ua)GJo©»sK»oci_i<&.o. 
Crone, «• 6><a>o6ns1; ^(^06^06. r^ 

€r6'ny, n. -oiajaorofl, nooanr^oriW 

Crook, ^. (aOrtn^rab, ojacu , aol; 

2. gDSa&SeQROfti); 3. (BKXSD. (SfilOniDOOOa 

o o 

tfiu. ; 4. ^OJOCQ/o, 0§o, 6)a_J0@g. ; 5. <Q> 

gg.nb, <0)@anaof©s)s arosif). by hook 
Or by C. anioett0ocaf)®§o (STam.oc2;0ocQn 
3§o, aQoSol^cns^ca'aanfijo. y. £. cus)g. 

^(fgqSca;ocoo 6Vni<g^. y. z. cu&a#<9>i «jTl«n 
^a-'. C.-back ©onnb, (gnrfl. «. Qjaeroi^. 

-ed, «. ^a)o§o a@&, cuacu — , aj\3}a_.i 

0OO&; QCTifo «<&§; <d>gg(ST3)ft>o (gig) COS, a) 

raD— . C.-liquor -aj9&>o Qj)§o(ora>0ejo, 
<0)ga~. -ed-ly, ad. cusi&innfgv^cari, qjI 

*5o- . -ed-ness, n. «<a»o§o, oj^ro); 
€roon,«. ^a^^a^oi . v.t.&i. 

"Crop, W. 0^S, Oojo§1; 2. rgjSBalo, 
(STOvCOo: 3. 6Vfl>ocB; u ; 4. qogjo, coo 

cojo, af)a; 5. ^<5)om§<nra»'Oj ; 6. o_ioo 

aiTl*. neck and C (gycucrao, Qjama_io 
6^>. C.-ear o^liano.'wnt), GQolaaooinb, 
6>.aiQfl$olcwnb. -ful 0"lsno).J6Tmg,, 

cocao—, 0>BricB;ooa;. C.-tailed <goiojo 
ejn6. ajoey^olcfljab. y.£. 6>aj§cft>, g> 

6T211o 0,rfl<a8tf> ; 2. c©>(gj)l<ea<&i; 3. <tf>OtO3<0>; 

4. 0j(tQ<a), o><a>oc^<&,; 5. «-a*ael<a!a<e>; 6. 
ailaayl«eaa>. y. i. aJ)a<3tye>. to C. out 

6>Qjal6> t j^Qjnn«d). to c. up c^a^— , 

jDengocaT) — . 

Croquet (kro'ka), n. ©rt»cu<fl> <9>oo 


€ro-quette' (kro-ket'). n. s^iooo, 

•Grore, n. <s<»)o&n ? a@oGJc9fiio. 

€r6'si-er, «. ^erad^ceftiafxiDoooajbl, 
3ei(g)o^at)ooruDocns5mD , <e(6oui>OA€\{S.). 

€r0SS, n. a>y5, (c^ejo, '(^oa u '; 2. 4 ^ 
oa '-oDaflDo, (^fl(^Qjl5)nbo 0rt>6TT>— ; 3. 
c^^croaaDSo, s^cyao, o-jrtflcStfia; 4. a_ismo, 

OOOSn^o; 5. a-jeafLanaCDo; 6. '(^,08 ' 
®staOaj«ft»nr^oeo; 7. ©g-jScaoao; 8. oI\ 
ej60QS)CT)C^gg. QJfO; 9. 00001^)830^. 

c. and pile (®ocro 0c-fian<ri> <s>an. to 
do a thing on the c. ^aojoeaH (o_jqj 
fsraHcas^. to take up the c. «*c^ 

croaa)SoOQg.cra(sajl<99<Q). a. ariGJ«5asvr> 
^@g, (golc2»(0K»lfa{)— ; 2. (BrarrDa^o <erg) 

CQJ, (Q_)fO)"l(^eJo— , Qjla-Jrtfl^o— ; 3. §^g 4 ) 

ajcggg. ^sgol^rgjca;, goa^®io — ; 4. ibto 
amjocnioTlfBiaoo— . c.-action, c.-bill, 
e.-case, c.-complaint, c.-suit «r?» 

<s«3eo§o ^<ssw3oso @.§a (Bramiocojo, — a>i 

ojoooroo. a^arrocY^ocajo. c. armed 

0>5><&>ff><3>?fic2;. C.-bar aTlaj«5a^cr)3^ 
^g 0rt>o. c.-birth an.«30(a_)croajo. 
c.-bite -aifoTi. e.-bow a_»oa^)adoraron, 
jxi&^oa^. c. breed cromfl^wo 

^oil. C. buttock oolmcaorora sanoaiJD. 

c.-cut, c. country AQflaaiipJ. c- 
cut saw ajaTicQ; gDo^cuocfe. c. days 

aroj^oS^oaDbTmslojcrocaralcTro^aaj^g ^ 

cm elajcroo (Chr.). c.-examination, 





C.-question o^^Uarinr^oroo (/.)• c- 
fire aQ(^6)ajs). C.-eye <s<&>oa&)6rn . 

c. -grained (a_j'an<s&i30ig@a; ojipssbo 

.-era, (Q_}ran<a^ai0ocB;. C.-legged jaJcm 
mg-jsneaocon, joJiZBemj-j^c^ocaJI, o_i(otzid 
crocrxaocan. C.-patch <§^g)aj<9s>Dronb. 
C. -piece afla»«5T3<5)fr> ©oj^ <9jcQ36rr>o. 

c.-purpose ajV-irtfl'mraiogj^o. to be 

at c.-purposes ajla-jrtf)ra)0ocar) cofol 
<e9tf>, — fa_j(ywal<esd9>. to gO C.-lotS 

(ajQc^n Qjtpl^ccsir) sajo<&). c. reference 

grorQa_i«riiSaaocJL'm. C.-rOW iBTO<fifiofB0o 
ej, oolejS)c5Ta^>fnT3) . C.-stitch ajQcesHif. 

c.-stroke anajOTeacnofegacuro. c.-tree 

ojrtPaonb (raa?/£ ). C.-week ovjj^o 
<srooa06rr>ajoroo (Chr.). v. t. aflaisjQ 

o3T3o^:t) QjfD(9s<S); 3. <B>snnOvSci_Jo<Q), <st& 

(9&S)rt)— , fOlO)6Tr)o S)_ai:g^; 4. (BTOSm.0 

on.o cQjSorrD ®o_jo<a>; 5. o^roflraoain 
6>_aJgJc9>, <tJ)§<S<Q>S QjnS(^®<a), CLf)eJc93<9>, 
^»§c9s<fi>; 6. QS<9sn<fls>&<©>; 7. (refl.) '(& 
ua ajfD«9ac9>; 8. (out, off, over) <flirarain<95> 
&<0>, <O)S6T0i0}<9>g.<©>. or>'l<flRl<9s>&<fl>; 9. 83Diofl 
^s<a>ajc^<S). to C. the arms o>S)a>Qa> 

^<ss. to c. one's path o^^o %£&$&>. 
to be c.ed in love aTlajoaoarfiagucBjffirafi 

moSocoo ajrol(d). u. t*. QjlejsracDTaTlfab £n) 
ScfistQj; 2. c&'Dfro)S).nj(gk ; 3. croaal^ssarofl 
cs2;oc£^loscai. prep. aTlQjsaQSKr), Qrflca; 

(DTSfl^. ='sing, n. fWf06TT)o, <9»Sg_J ; '(^ 

oa 'ojrt>(flsi<BK; eao'oTlcrDZBn^sTDo; ajy>) 

l^dlayra?), l3<S<Q»oeJS>g_Jrt8Qjy>). (9>Saj ; 

o^)foTl(^io<a5) , aTlSfoocuo; qJIq^o. -'let, 
n. s)AiQ, t (^aa°'. -'ly, ad. aQraD<b «i® 
coD, aDcLjf^l^o — , oa>6n5l3co;o6)S, racru 

(s<srssoo)s. -'ness, 7i. ^^glajo. -'wise, 

o. (^c^o^<aT)ca/ooarh aHajsjasxr), cgolca; 

ajR>n<rt.- -eru'ci-al, a. ^(^:<ssofD(g@g.; <a> 
cfiooo cer^ca', ^)fWjo— ; tafi^— . -eru ci- 
ate, V. t. 85TTuflgJp<98c9>, G£floOlf)(fl8<B>, 

aa_iean<9g ! &. -eru'ci-ble, n. t^w, «»>) 
aia, eea>©>roajrS)dBfici. cru'ei-fy, y. f« 

joalrab rtno^J^ogjcSi, (t/ajaj man® tiioq. 

@o_ieajlas<S). -eru'ei-fix, n. (gTi 

Qjl5)abo^aa0Sf00QO6Tr)(f3Q_Jo; — '(fhoa*'; 

(^Tin^ oorDao^o. eru-ci-flx'ion (-fik'- 

shun), n. (rfjhc/aoSfOOaOffmo, fehc/als>ej 0rz> 
6mo; 0oOO<a>cQQc, <0>dVr)ajri?ldafia. 3ru'- 

ci-form, a. (^.oao^^Ticsygg. cru- 
sade', croi-sade', €roi-sa'do, n. g| 

aacp^OiJo, 0oi—; (Sfuoo)o§o. p. i . Sojo 

roD§<0), c^auo 6>.a)^. eru-sa'der, n. 

SajofDogcQaorarfc, (^c/d3C2;oauoQj\ crux, 
rz. aTlcaaao, (o_jc2;ocrco. 

€rotch (kroch), ??. <0>qj, cBjOJ^o. 
-et, W. <Q)OJO>(9s)0rd; (ST^ajrosn^^TlarDo; 

•Sfmocrnl^Qjooroo. [«>§! (6.). 

-Cro'tOn, n. (rflc^oao, af)«bcu§l, nrf) 
■Grouch, v. i. <QiOn)<sy<Qi , o_i@«5t§a), 

iflScSj; WZ>ad v CQnO)<Q8<fi); 2. 06m«SJ3l(e8<a) ; 

€rOUp (krup), ». cDo^oeD^gp; 2. 

(fljroDfOg-J cfigo; 3. ^faioSngCoTl^GJ ^@g , 

<a)@e a _jgj' (med.). =pier', ?<. foengoaok; 

€rouse (kras), a. ^jq<s« &@&, jj 

6m—, 6>o>cugyo— . 

£Jr6w (kro), ?<. <0>o<am, <fi)D<a>nb (2.); 
2. ^ralcnj'cLjoro; 3. <S^o^f)i^<Qiai>; 4. 
<0jsn»ajej. Carrion C. «Toao)n6<S)0<9s), 
6Tuen<96)0(es). as the C. flies <8ons>ro, oaro 
00^0. to pick or pluck a C. casgara?) 
a3a>. C.-bar <9>SgjofD, ffifoicnj*— . c.'s 

foot igeuajro, sa ro. c.-keeper <9»oi8s> 

CQ/D§V, 0rog_JOQJ. C.-troddeU S3rO^@g. 
[?, /. ®!9>0ipl:^<6}<d>; 2. QJOQJ Q_JO<S); 3. 

crD®rro)o£a(/a6Ti4o a-jos>qj^aj1c9e<Q>. to 
C. over 83ca-crD'sao)D£3o Sita>o@^<S). 

€rOwd. n. (@§o, cni^ooo; 2. aj 
as^aoroo, (SY^cfetotalrocas^ ; 3. (gfol83nno, 
croD0Dcr)j — ; 4. <Qilamroo. v. t. &^<d>, 

fOlgfiiSi; 2. <aTl<98(Ba, S)6T5ja8(Qsa»i 3. <Z>D 

rt>t6®<©>, @rt8/g)S>rt><2a_jo<3>; 4. 6nj(Si)l^ 
§)<fli8<&). tO C. OUt gDb0lgj3S)<O> ci^O 




a5T3)oscp^o<S5, — orilQroraTtocLxaa^. to C. 
sail o^ainb o_jocof)s><&)D§<8ajro)o<3<0). v.i. 

€rOWIl, tl. aJgBC}0Oa); QjlflSfln , (a_) 
foHoriejo; 2. <flTlrtfiSo, Q<ftSo, fD0S3Q 
si; 3. (the) <fiT)(T?)sajfafl, rooeaooj ; 4. 

rO0S3.gDfl>o; 5. (gcfi36rr>o, 0affl0, 6QJq£) 

aoroo; 6. foD<S)Qj , o^rarefl; 7. oalsurDo, 

(ST3'4Qo; 8. 65000,(0), l^aUOQJ ; 9. S^Og-p 

as ; 10. ojgjls>n6o ig^cksocoo; 
SngfD ^Qg_p(S)(99@e ©f® cr)06mjo; 12. a_» 
§oS)Qj§a*(i2.C); 13. (flD^so^'on. C- 
jewels o-iggHaaoisrogrno, fD0S3(§c&36mo. 

c.-land oj«nsofotrfiajo. c.-lawyer 'ore 

amO*' QJ<Sa)f3l>. C.-OffiCe (ftOOoTlrjiOfO 

6rr)CTUDomo. C.-prillce tfTlrtflsooj^ct/a], 
c^ajrooeanb, gga pleas of the C. 
(gpalroorab Qj,QjaoofOo. C.-saw -a*<& 

QJOCfe. V. t. <eT)rt?)So CUfDlgJlcaScQj, Q_1§0 
el«cQ3<a)0 5)jaA^«9>, (STZ>rtfleQ$l§ QJ0iP)<9a<e>; 
2. Qj)(Vi(0) S)<fl>D§d9®<9>, QjlfDiii63QaJ — , OJ 
§0 Qjg.C%o — , 6rD^0ocrDc9i8<&); 3. a^rarofl 

cao(Ss<0). crowned, p. p. & a. <&n«nso 

cortfl-^}; 6iaiag0rtjf) (cyoaJl^; 0x1000^0 

«8i®Q»;^)fO)0(moo— . c.d with conquest 
eacoKTul&LnGggg. c.d with glory 0qo 

■WJo a^sng. -leS8, a. (ST3)(JulQ_Jro^0 r lgjo 
fora. -'let, W. ^jiiQ^iftSo. 

€ru'ci-al, Cru'ci-ble, Cru'ci-fy, 
see under Cross. 

■Crude, a. o-j^c&ooa;, q_io<S)o Ooicgjo 

(0T»; 2. (^6)^_J«3Ta)0a3TO), Q_l^<6iJ)0fBT3); 3. (SO 

flae&'DceaorBra, encmodanoosro); mcmocsT! (ST® 

aejojjD^ls'l^jofota; 4. stfgj^'lslsjO'Bia, 
earflaeaoasro); ®ouo;fia6rr)fnT2flrrrofa)(&>ofCja; 
5. <modlojaj06ro®, 6QJ&0I — ; 6. Goto) — ; 

7. <s>§o a)oca/(g@a. -'ness, ='di-ty, n. 

moci_io<Q>as) • (Q-jo^faioruiD'O)!; a_jooo^g; 

"Gril'el, «. (^fOo (BT^CO), (BYO0OCrdcfiao— , 

<&5olm^oomi@g, ecaco/lgjofOTa; 2. seo^j 
<0)fOo rargiCB;, g>(fj>— , <htoq ) <Qjgj— . -ly, 
ad. (&(bo <srg>coD, <0>d]ono— , «eai0CBilgjo 

Slrtj); Qj&S>fD. -ty, n. (djbfD'Oi, <T)).fla 

rorw. c.y to animals (a-)06rn)no)o(ro. 

='els, n. {pi.) a>sgo0oej (med.). 

"Cru'et, H . o_J^8&> a_IO(Q)o, c9>D.aJ— , 5>.nJ 

€rilise, ft, SJ-aJOlc&tfiQ-p; 2. tf>g_j 

<sqjo§o, ajsas)j_j8&jo§o. y.£. dajgysb 

fBT3(260QOSo gOSWJBDSo 6b0<§d9>; 2. fBTOaiOTJl^ 

cr)S<ea<9). =ser, »• 5)«9)0@gta5jg_jroi), ajStOn 
-Crum, crumb, n. craQan, awa^^n 

(ftl6Tno; 2, rarOgjo, (BTOCTDOfDo; 3. fSTOaJ 

<9s)0aaj . to a C <x^5m0ocQn. v. t. o>5>tdi 
S)<S)05ng i^olcQadfr, osQ,<©Q<a). ='ble, p. /. 
aaq,<99<9>, g>raT)<e8<&>. y. i. aBQ,65i3l<3g_|o 
<©), moa^^iiSQ-jOtQ), 6ia_ioslc%<Si. -Crum'- 


my, a. <&>ocnj @.@a, a_jfmo — . 

€rump, a. ®aba@a; 2. ao^y- ; 

3. 6)0OfDl6TCig). ='ple, V. t. -aJfKS<S), S>6ia» 

Cf)d38<a>. V.i. ^Jf®^.«9), ^J^l^'S'' 

■Crunch, v. t. & i. «&)sn^5)o_jo§lcee 
<0), (QjsI^ jijcu^ faTlaTo<a). 

Cru'or, n. nolsmo (<zw.). -in, n. 
roa80>cft>6rr>o (aw.). 

€rup, «. 6)jxiolay, 5)Q_jo^nrn. n. <ft 
roTlrogj c6y°' -per, n. & «£)(?> zyfts o_ilab 

SOC/Do; QJOfobamg, — (SfOlOfW). 

€ru-sade r , see under Cross. 
■Cruse, n. o_jo(fO)o, (Oi^tft.; 2. <a»3_p, 

€ru'set, n. ^od. 

■CrUSh, V. t. -alS>rt»<9i8d9j, o)6T3>(fl(8(fh ; 
2. gDSn<e8<0>, 6)a_lOS)<9Q<9); 3. (5)360^0 
rOg)c0>, ^S^^i a@d98<fl); 4. 830^^0 

rqg)<a>. tO C a Cup <o*s\<a%&>. to C 
Out nJ1yTl6ra^a»a«o>, onuslylflsA. v. i. 

^S6roi»(SQ_>0<9>, jii(W6T0I^ — , 6&§l<2g_J0<fi». H. 

6)6raroic0sK), .oJroKU ; 2. ajTl«6i8o (oOrocflso, 
g)gEDofWgao, (ST3)c>araTJ»lro<fi5) . - ing^, n. 

6)6T3>rcf)d9s)f0b, 0gaio, S)O_J0S)c95)^jl). 

drUSt, /*• a^Oo 6>ojoal, SfWOS ; 2. 

(HiOojcsftJraDTAjaorrjaRg-ianfaisrno; 3. Souo 
g.; 4. (§0lcsys)S£a_»rolsocoo, — -sojqdI*— 




(geol.)\ 5. <aos , fsr^osforaos , sTasengos 
(2.); 6. s>ojooo (med.). v.t. «a-joa 

= ty, a. — 6}0ofzfl6rcjTg); ajOo)aajo@r!^@g, 

£oqjo— . ='ti-ly, ad. t^nolsaaos^s, §aj>) 
a»<scsra)0S)S. ='ti-ness, /*. siaoralau, & 
og_j • <dj(Q5)traroi«»o, (ro}d9fti*n. erUS-ta - 

ce-ans, n. (pi.) ^cujiia-j 06mloj^o, 


dnitch (kruch), n. Qsowaaaroa^s 
<»>QjfOQjs), — goom ®<3>orab. 

€rux, see under Cross. 

Cry, v.i. oolaKijl§n<a8<a>, '&<&*\q-±o 

<&]&%&)•, 2. <©5roc%<&>, ajlejoJlas^ ; 3. 
oa6qyl(esa>, qro^«fl>, ^<s>. to C On, 
to C upon cul&'^ : £i<sa_j<fit&ri<sa<a>. ^o 
C. out crT)Gaajla~lc9s«3), croa&>So n_io<a,. 
to c out against sr&adBfiiailcasas. 
to C out On or upon csroufl®;aa>a_fl 
<&%<&>. to c. to (a-)0(aiifld3!8<&>. I c. you 
mercy ca&Nal<ss)6rr>o. v. t. g^raraftab 
aDgl^Q-JOca., 'BTo§ooa\D<se«j9>, (ajcrol 
<§ju0oc93<&i; 2. <&>fD6ro^ crooarig_p«S8«Qj; 3. 
£itg$o (^Sc9i, o_jroa^i0Oi©3a); 4. qJIqjo 

aoajfoa^o s>jii^. to c one's self 

tO Sleep <9>rt>6roT^<0irt>6TO^ @.O60Bl®g_J0<fl>. 

to C down a\>oracal^o(WOcQi8a>, Q&ho 
ojocBj. to C. out (a-)<o>ic9ftie)o<9a<a>. 
to C." quits ««nooQ6)Qjcno ax>eB(Ch)<a%<a). 
to C. Up ai&{oraOg_|ad>. n. crf)&iaj)&l, 

QfOckj, oasryo, (gawBfc; 2. c9>ejaOo, @(^ 

ojo; 3. Af^^'ab; 4. (Srgglj u aDgT), 63ay 
(3oa\ocaao; 5. S)<o>6iairtib ; 6. aOsroo i^grab, 
curacn^o; 7. (C^foH, Qjrtsraaoono; 8. <2ajo 
ro aDaH, a-irtflcaa— ; 9. cr>oayo§ aoocall^ 
§o; 10. crfl^ort>cro(^QOo; 11. igyano. 

a far c cua^ragroo. ^ri'er, n. roxgas) 

slaaomcurtk, <sTlgf£o ^§cmcuab. -'ing, 
a. o-jroa^o <sr§ca>; ecaaaoroo— ; (c/^ausxu 

€rypt, n. crflaicao, ='ti«, ='ti-€al, 

a. cdo^o <si®g&, oooavjo-. ='to-gam, 

='tog-raph, rt. (cgruDoiioJi. ='tog-ra- 

phy, n. fficooajjOcaajroaDe.. -ol'o-^y, n. 
soDDo^eocm. ='to-nym, 7i. (cg^onooao. 

£5rys'tal, n. ajaafc, gr^s")<a>o, cry 
ga«s>ocro)o; 2. <&§loaocs^lr®<sa2JO|.@a (SO! 
a0<2<&>O6rnod*)raf); 3. < sj(g^ ) «n2o; 4. ^e^ 
gr^osl; 5. cro-i^croococmo. rock C <& 
(^Ugr^^ld9io. -line, a. Q_jg.ak , <8a_jo6>ej 

g)@g., aj^aSD 5)<0>O«ng 

cro_i oi0oc2;. 


-li-sa'ti6n, n. gr^sl^^ajomo, oila 
®fl*. -Use, -lize, v.i. <a>^l(03<S), cr^ 
sl<3>og>af)cE/ocar) aflac%<3>; v.t. <&>£p 
^_p<es«a>, af)aaA£e<9>; grysn<e>ag)ion cu 

"Cub, ft. gCOdBgsra®', gCO(98§l; 2. 6)ji> 
(©5)Ob, 6)^JCi<95>nb; 3. 5^Q_J6^^n , ; 4. 6)fO)oy: 
«5t3) . V.t. & i. (gCOo) «a_iQ,d9>. 

"Cube, n. <e>«n>fl, oamo; n^\cr)^g_jrj» 
<fl«o. c. root oann^ejo (aw.)- tofind 

the c. root o^inno i^efl(88j«fl>. eu'bie, 

a. <»)Sre)ca;aQJoca. c.C foot ^^"s) 
ca^l. e.c number Q^mmo, a^jnn 
o>g_jrca«es)o. Cu'ba-ture, n. a^lca. 

a^ - [«n-(*.). 

€u'beb, n. Qjorab^a^ , ojdc>>— , ^°) 

€u'bi-l0Se, ». n-l<aafl«<flnej. 

€u'bit, n. <giP6)6)B>; 2. qvfo, <^ao. 

■Gu-ek'old, w. sqjc^q^^s sroraooj , 
at, (il xiioan6rrnc^6>s — . 

€ue'k00, n. aioaJIflft, 3<a)0<s>najo (2.). 

€u'«um-ber, w. «a>dao«n, «s»a»1«>i, 
s>ajg&fln (b.). bitter c. ^ajcg^aagn. 

djjo^aougafol. c. tree eaileiloajlafOo 

(6.). snake o. ajsojajo (^.). stare 

5><a>o§g_prt>{9a (6.). 

£Jud, n. <sto<$)c£\o&$cm fo?)o6, <s«n<9sTi 
foialcrrocm— ; 2. ojocanaflg ii^Aoyiaj. 
chew the C. (Brace; aflo^aj, Sf^asTlcairo 

c98<a>; (of) On)(0ga__n«Se<9 J , aof^(JU,OCY)1 

■Gud^den, n. (er^socroab, oolg^orocro. 

Cud'dle, v.i. Gjiiorrocsnscaaa), q_j@ 
««3l<a6ns<fisda». y. ^. (er^aTlocomo 6) ai 




Gud'dy, n. &$!&, od§so (z.); 2. 
5)ojo§n6, (ssocfisnb; 3. cBsgjaio; a>o_jej 

-Cudg'el (kuj'el), n. AQajsH, c^a, 

ea<^p. V. I*. QjS"l6)<Q>06 r S^l(e8<d). to 
CrOSS the CS <2o_jofi>o§o crf)coJ3<&>. 

to take up the c for fST^rooorn ecu 

«"sH (Sajodriorro a T jo6>g_j§<ai. to C one's 

brains .ai&j^g^. 

Gue (ku), 11. QJOaj*, Oj-Olo; (graooo; 

ai§0; 2. imaQjcnDoanojoa^, cry.nj<9iOLjeo; 

1. gDoCOloio, CryxiKT); 4. 2)0, gDCOo; 5. 
SD a), QJOCrOOO; 6. <S0Oag_j(TO)O§(2c95)Oai . 
P, /. Q-TlmOtaj, 6)0SQ£&dft>. 

Guer'po (kwer'po), n. seooo, in c 
■Guff, v. £. (8Tos1d9ia<a>, <9i<qig)<&>; 2. eg 

2. (Sig-jocoajgyooo. 

■Gui-rass' (kwi-), n. 0Ocfls>aj.aJo, &_a> 
(rrgo6mo, ^gljocroo. =sier, ra. <Q) 

Gui'sine', n. <mo§<8s>a, '<ftcnflcr)V; 2. 

Q_J0jll(&)i<95) 00. 

Gu'li-nar-y (-ner-), a. (BTo<§<fls>acroo 

6OJ0TUD 0OCa ; o_JO_oJ(0iar)8j — . 

"Gull, v.t. aj^raOrtfLoj a0)§<s®c&>, <2cu 

rtJ>lfOl.£} — , OJOI^ — , 5) (O)(0 161019) — . 7?. 

anb, ofl^iinb, (ST^eocrunb. =ly, /*. sea 
.^inb, 0sca;n6. u. £. ^jfaDcSg^, swogjl 

"Gulm, 72. agrafe ajrasng , d^cojea ra)5n§°, 
o>Q-jQ6jg caoca — ; 2. afo3aj<9i arfl&JcSartfl 

Gul'mi-nate, v. t. Qv&vAtD&i) (o_jo 

<d)Q^(d>, o(j)5jnoo— , <$((Jd)c£Q<& — . a. <S0 

^§ cua^on. =na'tion, rc. a'odijj 

Gul'pa-ble, a. <m?>j«&aaa_j<e>roo (ST9> 

Ctt>, Udltflt&lOfSCDJOODjO— ; 2. a>oo<a>roo— . 

-ness, =bil'i-ty, ?*• Q5mu«cujDco.fO), ^ 

OOo. CUl'prit, n. <&oo<snofoab, o_io<w 
Gult, //.. (C^taU, QJ6TD(9s>o; 2. floe/} 

c^ajcruo, jiissoBojiioroo. -US, it, 0o^ 
cro^ysocojo, (Srg>fooaurr> <9s> 0o. 

Gul'ti-vate, u. £. ^fauscojosjs co 

2. $wyaui<88<o>, (o^altSs^, fsraaujocrTlas; 
<fr; 3. .ai 6013 o ai asraTl on© ancorflaaia), o-j«Tl 
xiico;fDTaricTro (cgjeTlas^; 4. a-jcTlgJlasuoj, 
(STo^crDlgJldSaai; ajaf)qg}aflc08<9>; 5. en 

^cua(aja<s>. ^va'tion, n. aspoi', ^.^n 

cacoiDo; cnocof6 > ] 1 a>ro).jo. o_»^lc^ofoo. 

=Va-tOr, ?2. ^rail<SnOfon6; OJrtTlcgQOfO 

Anb, (jnoislojaocainb. =va-ble, =va'ta- 
ble, a. <&)c&£)5> ^<g}(&0) cast, ^ul'ture, 

n. ^^aloLj cyasTaD; faroejoonocno, ^6rrfl 

<e>fD6TOo; Ojrolcg^OfOO, QjlQiOSjOanOo. v. 

t. <g)cafl6>_aj<g^; aTiejogjocroo — . cul- 
tured, a. ariacan§)rtf)«fl»aT>, ^aaalstAi 
qs?j>; (STaSjOcroo roDc0>6io®, Qjle.c^gg. 

€ul'vert, ??. aoayojoejo. 
Gum'ber, v. t. sofO0oci2nr?ncee(a>, <a,s 

ngjo. -some, «• eoroGjea, aDsaruQo 

<erg»CS^. Ojla^o — ; ©@<Dno §3^00513), CP0_J3 

dflmo— . -some-ness, «. (BrocroaOjra>, 
6)ff)cucoi0jo. eum'brous, a. eoroo «i5» 

02;, (gcg^foo— , QJlcai0^63a; gajeaj<9)fb 

0oca. ^um'brance, ?j. soroo, <d)iP<es>, 

£5um'in, n. ef)rc><3>o, a^c^a^o (/j.). 
black c. a>rtfi6iaflrt><fl»o (6.). wild c. 

€u'mu-late, etc., see Accumulate. 

Gu'mu-la-tive, a. ojej^^sl armo 

ecu : 

2. 6OJQJ0 QjaLD^Qjr^mD: 3 


asorn (^f.). c. action @§ ooajo. c. 
poison — aDftio (med.). c. vote 

— ^'S • [ao6JUOOo. 

Gunc-ta'tion, ?*. rtno0ca>o, aicejQj) 




■Cu'ni-form, a. (sracnj(3mc3%@&, (sra 
(rr^o^iaDcaocaj. c. letters org)6)gl|^«5ra. 

€un r ning, a. <BYaolaj , £@a, 0000 

(Otojo — ; 2. Q^foaaajo — , jscuoc&o — ; 3. 

4. raarula^Jiggg. tz. fHYDcfioj , asapi 
jaica;o, i^l§0; 2. rtixgjjo, (ftQ^aa/aD, <a>@g 
corafDo. -]y, ad- @.o_ioc$i;<g'Dro)05)s, jiifaPl 
ojocdTi. -ness, n. 6)(9> , Doaejo, c^o&oiTl. 

£Jup, n. a_ioaoajo^g)o, scsjcdo, n_f) 
6ro®06TT)o, 'Sd&ogj'; 2. ajoailcao; 3. 
e.a_.oor)o; 4. (Qjc^oaseajo; 5.f3ooO«Tl; 6. 
$>cft>ocnj . c. aild can &oo.ni65Bo.'ar)<&>c)o. 
C. -bearer o-jorno-jotrg) Qjoao<0>nb. c.- 
board oJlsrorgiosrrxnrag . C.-b.-love 
aojo<aH)6n T j(au)e%@& sn^aOo. to Cry 

c.-b. aTioaa®^. to be in one's c.s 

cgE)<&>, 6)c&)0cnj S)qj<9%&> (med.). -'per, 
n. s)<&>o<xus)Qj(Q2cmQjcii(med.). -'ping, 

€u'pel, n. <Qub. -la'tion, n. groso 


du'pid, 72. <0>o0saojnb. -'i-ty, n. 

a>O0o, <S0OoOo, 3(o_)0o; 2. eajjO^QoOo, 

csaioso. j-yT)^. 

"Gu'pO-la, 72. Scooaoa^oroo^o; 2. rmo 

£!u', 7i. s>.aimy, oto^o (med.). 
eu'pre-ous, ^u'prous, eu'pric, €u- 
prif'er-ous, a. 6Kaiaaj > g>@&, 6>aicnj , 6><©>3 

6^g — , ^0^0(2/0302;. 

£5ur, n. ajonoocoTl, @>oglj§l; 2. orfl 
oinb, <Bicgejob. -'rish, a. cnoeoTlQaflO 

<BT3); <a>QJacf)cfl<aOT>, §DgTli3, 0300/ ; ©•OaEtoj 
fOi^@g; gtOCTO-KgDOJo— . 

€u'ra-ble, see under Cure. 

€u-ra-COa'(ku-ra-so'), 7?. 0ayfD0ajO. 

-Gu'rate, €u'ra-cy, etc. n. see 
under Cure. 

•Curb, v. t. <a>^6img>osrrns ons<qE).a>; 

2. (BT0Sd9<8<&>, 6a@c9(8cDj; 3. !ST^c)o0O 6) <&§(&); 
4. Om^pg-J^l 6)3J(99(9>. 72. <Tfl$/}aOo, (HTO 

s<fl5io ,fO)ScroDo; 2. <&>slajo§.o; 3. <era;cX) 

0O; 4. S)aD£pg_j^. C.-StOne (ST9)C)O0O. 

■Curd, n. rtDcaJlro , sail; 2. <&§!, <©>§. 

<^sj<a>. v. i. — (gi§<a>, <a>§leQ/oa>. ='dy, 
a. (mottTiraocQ/, c&§1c2jocq/. 

Cure, 72. crydagio, an^oraem; 2. org) 
(aa^^cfia, croeoa_jrana_ioejmo; <36ru3cu 

cSjOlJ Ojf5Tan;3. QS^QJQjO; 4. (SfSOCOaaonrO)^; 
5. 0rtB(Tr> . v. t. s£\£>?\«N5\&5i&> ; 2. S)o_jo 
Q,g_p<flS<e>, c^0ljjj_p<Sg<D); 3. 03OQ<&), <S£G<-> 

ajft8tfg2)<&>; 4. @g_paD§ aryd9fifl<fl9<9>, p_ 
smasTl— . v.i. (O3)aus)aj<0a<3>, c^^caa 

6>.aJ<g£; 2. ftcrcoavo CLUT8(3E)<fli ; 3. <2rt>3 

coo 3<se03<a>. c. all cruc^jSrDos>co f ocai 
coo. €u'ra-ble, a. <s&bo curacm, — qj 
«scora)ocgmD. -eu'rate, 72. croeoS6nj3 
cU(Sinb (eccl.) ; 2. ^a_K26ruocju<sinb, (S6qjo 

cjua.crooDocQin. eu'ra-cy, eu'rate-ship, 

72. arv)(§D36ruoco(Sa30®ej3coo. =ra r tor, 
72. cruorocefi3<a>n6, ajl^ioroaiob; Qj^ajf^l 
aJoej<&nb,'<©i.3o§<b'(/.);fDcftaiD(a»a3Ya)OQLi . 

=rfi'trix, n. rac9ftiO(Q),oTg)fO)j^@a (nr^l. 
=rate-ship, 72. n_jana_jDej<ft)nr\jiiocr)o. 
€u'ra-tive, a. ct\}6Uo Qjf03«^ar>; jiflaTl 

foTOORjiD0DO2/. -'leSS, CI. (T\JfiU6)g_]S0T5ra) ; 

0ascrn g)^oraT3); a_irtf)aooa>o— . ^u'ring, 
72. asmasrinrycfiftndBs)^. fish C.g 0OTUjo 
Q6rn<as>(<&. =rer, 7?. 6i6)aje.nb; j36m<asn 

•Cur'few (ke/fu), «. crocT^jO06rrTl, 

^o<s« J — ; 2. rafl^sl. [rasrncruaejo. 

■Gu'ri-a, n. (St^ctudocdo, rnjDa2jQjljiio 

■Gu'ri-0, 7i. Q<©) ( 3@<Q>oroocorr)o. =0s'i- 

ty,72. (5K>o^Q^(ZJ1; ^miB); QS)QJ(yalc^ o; <ft 

s^^fOfgc^croocumo. -SO, 72. Q^og)^ 
enj&JjlcajiaQjnb, efle»sra)0(T\j. =6us, ff. 
Qm.o ^@@, <^6n"Tlaao — , susmiTlano — ; 
f^ooTi — , c/algjo (ST^caj, jii0^ofOo— , ^^0 
c/aejg-jerrfl — ; (after, of) ©TlsRro>ocT\} — , 

(^^o— , (§^©0 — . c.s arts ag^Qjoeo. 
=ous-ness, n. (c^>a^; <ft^noajo; ^0 





^oroo, s)<£h<3g)a>o, (TyQjQjTrrD, q%(9oT), 

O-f)3oac&ir0i; O-f)B.O30OaOo. 

€lirl (kerl), v. t. .^(03cjc9), a_Tlrtfl(98 
<0>; 2. .a t j5io<98<9>; 3. (Si0j3.(0)o5l(9>o5™3aj 
aa3rzT|(9s<9>, <a»Q,c)o (ST06rrnc^<9> ; 4. aog.f3 

<5n§0<98(9>. t?.l. jaJ(03^(O>; 2. .njKSg. .ojOS 

(3oeQT)(o r l<98<&>; 3. aaoioio^ansoai. ?2. <9iqc>o, 

<BY0a<O>o, _aJ(03c)o2,sl; 2. QJ(g)<2(OSLl. ='ly, 
«. <0iQ,cX) ©_@g; 6S0j3o— . 

Cur-mudge'on (-muj'un), w. ©-doo 

6ig_jooo, o_Tlo|<9®nD. 

Cur-mur'ring', «. ajlQaJlQ^cm. 

Cur'rant, n. si^o^^^ 6013 , ajoa 
aJlgj[0(gorm > lfolg_jy'o, '<9Tla^lcro ' (6.). 

Cur'rent, rc. a^d^o, .aiGjooo, &o§o, 

Qjej; 2. ci^sP, (SY^iO ; 3. ODroT), a0SQJS\ 
rt. 6ay><sno gfia, aogo— ; 2. noScflsam, 

gD^D, mSg-Jga, (W ^,0^161(013); (8Ta</l^ejO 

cpj; 61q_jo@ iiDejgg. ; 3. aruq!j|cro02caio (S% 

cdj, (a_)a\n<ai;o— ; 4. croJl^oaxsoaocAo— ; 
Stiora-, C. money fBioyn^ejoca/ cno 
6TD10. -ly, ad. cnsg-jocsD, 0000000,00 
coT), 6)o_io@5iQj. -ness, n. oosg-j , 
(©aiol. =ren-Cy, n. ofl<2(oo§o; oDraO; 
(ffio</l^^; ooo5rn,o; ooosrrflso; ooosrnj 
o_i^)o; a^(95)o ; 0(of)2_j u , crflfoan . paper 
C.y a_j^g)mo6mio. 

Cur-rie'u-lum, n. ao§(9$>ao; 2. qD 
e.os.ocro(g>0o; a-ioooJricaica-'g-jsfliO). 

Cur'ry, u. £. <sraiorai> q_koi0O(9®<9>, — qj 
6rrTi5)<S5)0(O3(Saa); 2. (OifoTlrasicoj (g)S(98<0). 
C.-COmb (03(Oo_}o, g)rtflanj'.ai 8 ) J y . v.t. 
<0*raQ_J (£!§&}, (0jS<98<9); 2. <8T0Sl<98(O), o_j(ol 

«<as)g_pai8<9». to C. favor ajo§}ejo<e<a<9i. 
n. <b>o), «Oj§oob. c.-powder 0crooej 

61g_jOS°). =ri-er, n. acOIOSIg^Ogjob; S(OlO(ob 
© rOOdBuTl^aT) CDOb . 

■Curse, l>-£. oaa_n<98<3>, (a_J0(Oi(O>; 2. 
<2B0:fiOO QJfD3KJ®a>, aoocrfl— , eoTTuTla-p 
«98(Qi. V. (*. OaOO_JQJO<9» Q_JO(9>, C/aa_lLDo 

6i_aic^(9). n. c/aocuo, (a_)o<9&; 2.(0500.0, 
6l5iaojoalc9fio; 3. 0aOO<9jcQao. the C. 
of Scotland (0>alaaam <9>(orafl5i<ii aoni 
(Oiooajsj&l. -Cursed (kersd), a. oaoaj 

3@&i ($Q™)° aXlsl^, (BY3S)o<fl6)faTaaffi. 
='sed-ly, ad. a-flojjiaocQn, raracuW). 
='sed-ness, ?2. uaoo^ioon^ooloj; <3d^(oi, 

O80o_JQJ0c95> ; 8&DOO1O. 

Cur'sive, a. »o§o g>@a, e.^<es>o— . 
C. hand (0><8egp§cg@a a^tora; orflsng 

£Jur's6r-y, a. aogisTzinejgg; 2. tax® 

g_J0<3S0S1S 61.a»<3&, 61a_)§OT0ga ; ®eJ(/30OCtt>; 

^aucan§yo<m». in a c. manner (@> 

(HJcaTlgyosirai, roDfOdasrirafc. 

Curt, CUr'tal, a. -ajasdaflo (SY^ca;, croo 
©dQfiicuo— , <&)6rn(Qsn(Sejo .ajfoisaBlca;. -ly, 
ad. -ajraadBaaoenn. =tail' (-tal r ), v. f. 

QJOfo^) igol^^g.'Q'; <ft 0,(010(98(0), -0^(03(93 

<9), (O30^c9>a(0). =tail'ment, n. (Ojooj , 
^(03(95)0, crooScoaiQ-iot 

"Our'tain (ke/tin), n. (oilro, (oDrD^g 5 ! 

ai, 00. behind the c. 0000^0002;). 

C. lecture ®o^ edsraoaJlsioo 6i_a]gaan 
O3(O)0rao. the C. falls CJUO-iouanajo^; 
cro0oa_D(9sca>. the C. rises <o>§n <sr$(oo 
elc08(O>; c9.o^jo— . to draw the c. cbto 

(0T3)(llc95) 06TDl§(9), 61aj0(OT3rio1QJ(98(O); (9j 

gj -aHri3)<9), 6) oj&n.gjrQTaodBa <9); (9)gfl <srgi 

(00121(98(0), — (BYOQJCrOOOolg-paadBs. to 

drop the c. (ofl<9sc9>, ooHo^^, ,<sn_iO(0) 

61§ oQCm 61QJ(98(9). V. ^. 0OCalaJO(98(9>, 
fOn(0^glaj ^<98<9s. 

€ur-ta'na, «ur-tein', w. cgoncan^jo 

(0T01 OJOcXj, (9)(036imo — . 

€ur'til-ag:e, n. oj(o^ooo, ojaaj*. 
•Gurte'sy, n. sejo^o, o.qjjiio(oo. 
£/U r rule, a. o.®G^ococroo6iaja\uaocs2;. 

■Curve, n. ojaoj; 2. juoajsrosu. 

V. ^. OJSiatOS'O), (Ojnold9<8(0), Qjl^fl(98<0). 

v.i. Qjaa^(0), <9iaja^(9). =va'ti6n, n. 

oja«on^. ='va-ture, ?i. ®<O)0io, Qj(g)foi. 
CurVet, n. .01050; 2. c9>gf). v. i. 

ajraflSjO-pcyda), oooej <9)0Gjo a-ioH^ a_io 

Oy<0>; 2. <StO0c^l(9)0§(O>. V.i. (O>f0ri(98 
0000(98 <0). 

Cushion, ?2. (oiejcasm, (oiaj<9nsrr>, 
®_a_»cuoaoo; 2. 61(01(01(0); 3. 6i0(orc», (9Tl 





s<9s>; 4. ana qjIcjoo (T)fmao. v.t. rtnaica; 

6TT) 5)CL(95j<9>; 2. (3)ejOQ,5ma#S)S <S0rsi) — \ 

3. 0Oj^ — ; 4. jiioaTltflgroroflrtfldBaia). 

€usp, 71. GrdGUUjtitgQuP.eii (as.); 2. 
a_j£p6>n6o 0,00 (an.); 3. (500. 

"Gus'tard, t?. (HTD5Tru3<Qftf)<T>oan0smi)o. 
C apple (ergjfOTjftl^asi (6.). 

-Gus'tO-dy, n. <9>oojral>, nrytSgpc, org) 
aflcDo, '6ruaro ', fwsQj', '6nj<sa3)oojnr$ '. 
=t6'di-an, n. ^ooj^orDob, ajrolo-ioGJ 

£Jus't6m, n. QjytQno, oalaJo; 2. o_j 

foDaj a^cuso, 5)d9iD(3as)(95)3§(95); 3. sa 

U>0cgjoa, S30rtJO_a}Ort>o, GrO(QX;e0C2/O; 4. _aj 

8a50Q_Tlfol(9s)f3i); 5. (p/.) .Tjg&o. C. -house 

4 .aiaj«s»V, ^»g-jra. -a-ble, a. oosgjga, 

ajaOcuocB; ^8Bdo ajl§fnra<9n. -&Y-V,a. 
©aion<8i®Qa;,|0gaoa— , oosgjga. -ar-i-ly, 
arf. Qj^pa5)(a_)(Q)oroo, ajtjTlcL'Ocar). =mer, 
7Z. 6)ao@aamojcrb, saoa <9>oraob; @ds 
qjos (QiOfonb; (gr^jcb, .nisoBOfafl, aflajoab. 

■Gut, v. t. ir. (cut, cut) igo)c98a>, 
<a)r&35rnlc6a<^; 2. 6)o_is<9>, (BT3Q,c99<s>, tara 
«Tlcsy<S), (^fts^; 3. (go^d^a^, S).aj(aj2) 

<9), 6)(9)0(5JE)(9i; 4. OJrtTl JDS)Si99<05; 5. ©QJ 
eCD^g-J^f^^, QO\2CUg±\&*&>; 6. S)<9>0 

qsjajsrrfl ^jajij^; 7. Qj1ej6ni3o)m s>_aiPi 
<&, ^cDcaicman^jli — ; 8. <a»5^ofal> 0~)sngo'of) 

flfl<9sja>, n_lrtf).<ilC2/0)gjOflSrD) SOQJo m^l 
<9sj(9); 9. QjfO0S)tn §D rtfi<95j(9), aD:S3fD0<9>0 

5)!^— . to c. a caper <2tnscBQ\&>$s>&>. 
to c. the cards &&}<B$cm axoo) tua 
(^^ai(9a<S). to c. a dash or figure 
(Q_^<&)&n^_j ca>o|c9>. to c. down ^qj§1 

^0(9s<9>; ajo^^a^- toe. the knot 

or Gordian knot 00)00 ca>orara)o_ricjoo 
aTl^flao <b?la8<s». to C. lots 000,(95)° 

©§<9), ji?1§— . tO C. Off SCLIS)^ 

(®«s>; 6><s>o^a>, a§<9»)<95)a«9>; qs<9»laoa 

(9>; rtfiSOTUDo Sixi)^; rm(3QJ<TO0CrfiQ_pa5j<9>. 

to C. Out 6)^jfDTariafl<ss(fl); qo)^ (TOJCU 
0D<95j(9); 6)aj§1o)fnTaa^32Dc9sja); cor^go^aa 
<9), (9>5n§o)aL)(95j(9j; 3(0)0^53(9); QS<B%&>. 

tO C. tO pieCeS a).«36rr>0Da3a); 6>(U§) 

S5(9s)0g^<9). to C. rates oolroasanoag^. 
to C. short 6>o_i§nrn crflQaggiS), 0.-ofl 

cq;o(98(9j. to c. stick 6aa1^<so_jD<9>. to 
c. teeth a_i£°ajrtnc9>. to have c. one's 

eye-teeth ao-ioco;] <sr& , s5)(6)Q9&> i c^avaTl 
aonb— . to c. one's wisdom teeth 
o#(9*aajca>$g raDAcs^'a*. to c. under 
aDej (wo^nojl^^. to C- up <&>£& 

6m0C(9a(9j; ©J2fdal(95j(9), OOoa)ft_p(99(9); 

ajiarooorarofl&joasja). y. /. Ai<3$6ngo<9); 

2.0,0^(9); 3. C/o(fT^(a_)(SCS2;0COo 6>iU<^; 
4. ji320§lS)(9jO<Sres1(95j(9j ; 5. <8a_»O<gLa<0j ; 

6. c9>tota o-j(9>c9Qc&». to c. across $00 

6)fOSauiO(9>, c/aSrosm S).aJg4(9>. to C. 

and run 6ru<aus>;y«§o§a>. to c. in 
or into 0®O^j a_joa>. to c. up ©cod 

c^l(9)0§<9); <2oa^l(95)C(9S)3CCn q«j)aA o)QJ 
<3.£ja5j(9). 72. (goloj, S)QJ§°rLJOS ; 2. 
S)QJ§ , 6>(9)0fDT3) , (SiaS); 3. rSY^Scfitftia-Jo, 

@_fiTl(9)oroo; 4. ^lioaj , Qj<il; 5. (go°lojD 

C051; 6. <9>cQ36rT>p, @5rg ; 7. 6)(9)0fnra) jifl 
(g)0, ^iD(Q)l^e, jiflfgjoj 8. (9>fCT3) a_J<9)(9S)<"3l>; 
9. (fgajo, SOcfil, @.§g_p«nt)0 igoH; 

io. o@fljb6)«(fl). a c. in rates crfiroda ' 
(9iO(95)^. a short c. ^QasV ojyn, 
a'os — the c. of one's jib © 
a_>o, <Bi@g ) 'nn. to draw c.s jifl§l§a». 

a. ^dlS)g_j§; 2. 6><9>D<arc>T)eQ:; 3- GJaO 

r61o%ga. c. and dried igcnj@§la 

nstgsDco;. c. away ^aiQja^T qoH^. 

c. glass gr^sndfco. c. grass ^^o%@a 
o-J&j - -'let ^oH^j ©o^n^froa, '<&>§*! 

OTO '. C. Off <9)Q,c9S) QUyT), (8Y3§fDT3) — . 

c-purse (s^oaroejigolaanb. c.-throat 

rmej^olcojob, <9jGjo_iofma)nt). C.-water 
oooocd . c.-work jaTl^OTfto^jfji. -'ler, 
n. <ftfljral i^foajocc; (srgje^coo ^5r^0(9saD 
ojafe, S)c9>ogjab. -ler-y, n. <9>forangfm 

QJOCQ/' (^^C^ga (ST3)C%CU60Qcfe. -'ter, W. 
55(9)0(513) Q_)6TrTl<95)0rOn6, ^§0-4 igo1i9saT) 

ojab, (9>gj 5)(9>o(nroD; ^faroTl, (gonasjem 
cQ/sggjo; iganoragjgj', @.0aroy^°; ajsa) , 
aosl, «jiionc2;(9)^fsb. -'ting, n. qcy) 
c95)rat; (9)^Q26Tr>o, siajOfora ; jgfoa&o. a. 




SQjeon^g^^^fm. [cle. 

€u-ta'ne-6us, a. see under Cuti- 

"Gu'ti-^le, 71. OJO (300)0 rai>, 6njOoD^joi 

iaao (an.); 2. cuos (aw.). =ti'«u-lar, 
=ta'ne-0U8,a. Jti<zncruo6a\cixo2idxu(an.). 

Cllt'laSS, n. 6)jxJQQJDC)o, 6>.o}0§— , 

-o^fol— . c.-fish (U>acan6, <fe<of)raajofif). 

€ut'tle, n. &>(&&); 2. jal«5T3)ajo 
c%mr>cun6. C.-fish e>(&(ii<B> <QOU)a& 

<£)cfo (z.). c.-bone <^sano<9» . 

Cy'-ele, n. (Brg^ooaasmjuejo, sojioa— ; 
2. (Q)Oai^il(^o; 3. Q^coo, <S>gjo; 4. q_j 
SOUOoCOo; 5. GU§o, (^OJTZDo, ^lI^o; 6. j5> 

rag. , aascXxaafofira, -aidTlg ajsngl, (rop^ii 

t^)o. c. of the moon, metonic c. -ai 

(O3QJ§0, — <l_)CgpC2/<a>0£Jo (]9 6^(9i0^jo). 

c. of the sun, solar c. o^qj§o (28 
o)<s>?£io). v. i. (aflrtfl^aj, aocflaool 

<Sg_JO<0>, Q_l^OCO)0OC2n CrOogaf)<9<8«>; 2. £ 

roadoascaDrt) dfcaycfl ©osl(S6}<9>. =-elic, 
=eli-€al, «. Q_i2Joc32;crco6ajcnu0ocsii, 

Cyclone, n. ^jvpaflaaooo , 6)<s>o§ 
a&ooo , '@g_jonb'. =elo-ni«, a. 6>a>o§ 

Cy-elo-pe'an, a. a^ooojo cugDch;, 


Cy-elo-pe'di-a, n. oao(ar^e)6mDajo, 


Cy-elo'style, n. <fl>gyoafiart>g_j«fl> a j° 

Cyg'net, n. <stQa><&cm<B%m9> (z.). 
Cyl'in-der, n* acno&rr^oeo, cus^ 

<srr> ; 2. roog.o, a><fl(8y>aj . 

Cym bal, «. <o>a-ps, ^aj*? ©s^ajrao 

Cyn'i<3, n. a\}6uan«)(eo)n6, sejo<e>o 
jiioro— ; crojo(5i£i6iQj(au); 3. cro^ 6rnarflca 
<9)(i6. t=i-calj a. oa-ioaocro jsoqj0,@£ ; rr\j 
6li^ood1c2)ocq;; croaj6roarDa3@.@g, g-afl 
<S)oroaalejo— . =d-cism, ft. crfiasooalajo; 


Cy'n6-SUre, w. croa^t^l^oaal, (^ 
cunb (as.); 2. Qjyna>a§l; 3. (c/^&ooafl 

Cy'pher (-fer), n. <3Ta<e«o, o^^o, 
sxroonm, £60, (c/ajonjo. 

Czar (zar), n. OcaajjaJ^ajroTaTl. 
-l'na, n. ot^_aj(g)Qj'aTa1crn. -witch, 
-O-witz, n. oca3.a$Qjrt>0S3ab, oa^csTlfo 5 ! 
Socu<S)Ooal. -ev'na, n.>rt>o8a 


D, @Dcflg]<fi3 (S0ca3CQnd) mOGJO06)O3T3) 
OTOcQfiQfDo. QJi6T®3mo. <20-Jrt> : 'Qxfl'. 

a^oroetDo: 'ojd'. 

D, a. 500, (STosroigo , @oo. 

Dab, n. croKcoionb; 2. «n§ , 6)<a>occra> . 
u. f. fo^<a>, 0l^l(9Q(e>; 2. o^^<ft. -'ster, 
w. <£\^<as>nb, nrDojsrnab. 

Dab'ble, y- £. <SiS<3#<3), (o>gn<aate>, S)^ 

COD 6)-ai^. ='bler, 71. 6)QJ@@.n3TZ»lf^ c9s 

a°i<&8CTr)Qjnb; rarogjsRnonb. 

Da-e'oit, n. ^^ocgcflROj^dBROfDnb^.). 

Dactyl, n. sco6mo(^>ros.); 2. ©sia^ 
aDraR*, <&ort*— (an.). 'Og'ra-phy (-6), 
w. fO(cn3aj6uooanej. -i-ol'o-gy, n . <btoo 
^eflca— . -ol'o-gy, n. S)S)(©)crcos%Ta. (Qt^io 
(^•eocfti. -on'o-my, n. (moo^ejcoemooo. 

Dad, Dad'dy, n. (sroa-jnb, (sro^nb, 
fO)0(u>nb, roxTO). 





Dad'dle, v.i. <si®s")onsa3<£>; 2. oj 
Dade, v.i. a-fl^mstOga*, s>a^^— , 

Dae'dal, Dse-dali-an, a. aa^aa&jo 

Dce'mon, see Demon. 

Daff, n. (g§og.n6. v.i. s>a_jo§(aTz»rao 

Daft, a. <2£ocflifa)_io a@a, (gocro)'— •; 

Dagger, n. <3>§oroo, s>.aic§, _a^rtfic&>; 

2. + oQcm aTlajRjQScajoao. to look or 
Speak d.S (&irt>rtn<3cQ;os>s 8ono<98<3>, crTl 
a3®ca;os)S croocroortn<9s<ai. double d. 
£ oQcm §D6mciflaj65ascQ;o&o. 

Dag'gle, v. t. <8n\oo\(& @DQya9<9i, 

V.i. cncr)c^<e>, <s.nio aJlro^.^. d.-tail, 
d.-tailed a^jy^nbo <s?)s)y><BYaooo 
oJlrosng. d.-tail cyr3raf)s><a>§ (nr^l 

Da-guerre'o-type (-ger'o-), n. a«s 

cu<a> jafaoctyosejsumo; — n_iso. 

Daily, see under Day. 

Dain'ty, n. aflaj, (o_pca;o; 2. 
<0>ro0oco; ojQotaiDo, rocroo. a. aro_ioa 
jagg., rocroo — ; ©(Qjoaao (Srgjca;, asooooo 

roo — , (o_pca;o &0B ; 61lsmiftrO)o — , Q'toxO — , 

(a-jorooas>5>Qjcai0jo— . to make d. <0> 

smasTlsaio <£>(0ijocr>^)&ac9>. =ti-fy, u. £. 

fra^D^roo (SYg)(93<3>; QJsmiflfOto — . =ti-ly, 
ad. f®.nf)(9srD0OCan; goto)<8CQ;0S>S; 61) 

smjulrwaoeaTl. =ti-ness, n. g<3^, cro_io 

Dairy, n. ojoejo; 2. <afiolfoc^jOajo 
roo, asxwro (fboranb, scnocunb. d.-maid, 
d. -woman 6>6><tj)rD <eiorocarof), <scooq-T1. 

Da'lS, n. fO)o, oJloo, (6Tl6rn; 2. igsujO 
crcono; 3. aTkojomo. 

Dai'sy, n. araoiaj ajg^o (£>.). 

Dak (or dawk), n. (aiQLjoral, (Brassard. 

d. boat (SYD6tau®<BTao6irrfl. d. bungalow 
'^crooajfol', cro(S)o. to travel by d. 

Dal, n. ajflflg-f, CLjragJ. 

Dale, n. aajc^slajorao, f^o^ra; 2. 
Dal'ly, v. i. &t. aflejoaTlisnoDatoraiorab 

<2fnfD(2cnJ0{9s<Q5, 0l(T)<2(95)§c&>; 2. QAostay 

a>, ^lajDl<9s<a. =li-er, n. GJlaioaflejo 
arcfi, <8aora®aauo(9scTr>Qjab. =li-ance, ft. 
<3ooro(Scnj3<9n , af)g.cB;o§o; f^oacroo, <9so 
Gjajlaosojcno; crogpa_»o. 

Dal-to'ni-an, n. oj^ocnudb. dal'- 
tonism, ft. qj^ocua)^ (med.). 

Dam, w. (gcns5Q^.s)s) oro^fl, «n@a; 

2. _aflo, orasm. v. t. (in, up) jiT)ns)<&. 

d. out <5rasrn«^)§la5T3)§(9s<9>. 

Dam'age, «. ©-oi^o, aomooorn), (3ra 
Q_l<9)So; 2. (pi.) CDc^(a_)(BnaoaJo (?.). 

examplary d.s «QaofDnr»c^o(/.). nomi- 
nal d.s ajo^— (/.). vindictive d.s of\ 
aafiQD— (/.). d. feasant ^oaTlcaoejgig. qjI 
aoo^o(/.). y. t. <8d9>s ajf®«J©<a), no 

orfl— . =age-a-ble, a. <&j*±<V)o curDforaiap ; 

Dam'ask, ?i. ^a=l§ ; 2 - sawg^o® 

6rrTl; 3. oJiorflcrflibxjgg^aLisrDo. v. t. a^ 

Dame, n. (^qDCTUD, <fljaf)nn((Tdl, mo 
CQT)a>; 2. afl§i2a. 3. ©.Q-JO^ocB^crTi; 

Damn (dam), u. ^. &000 ojlcjul<9s<a), 

C^ldafia^g^liQs^; 2. crao_ri(98<S); 3. f0>3^. 

<si;4. onio3)(98<Q». u.2. (a_p<fcc9>. ='na-ble, 

a. oaoajsoyoc^aoay, asrru:— ; ='na-ble- 
ness, =na-bil'i-ty, n. aS)s£ao<2^ocn ) 
«j>, ofljiito)-io, crDg^roi. =na'tion, n. 

oaocuo, oalaaeaoaLDcLD; rnWmocjao, OOfO 

<9jo«nd9fi3; 0aooajora)<Q5o. ='na-tor-y, a. 

cyaldSfiiQjlanasaD. damned (damd), a. 
ooDoaajTariQaDgjI^; oaoo-jigggL, orfljiiao 

CO;; (C^OTjoaal^l^. ='ni-fy, V. ^. <Sji1 
(OtoQjascgiScSj, aoocrfl — . ='num, fl. QiS)(i& 
(T)(^o, 0OCD— (/.). 




Damp, n. OOCDOy, @3<0Oo; 2. ^a^J 
<&, 06TO©°; 3. 0nO£T£pslaj', (SSiieo; 4. 

65nscua> 6Qjo^o. choke-d. ©(0303)00 
fij2ictt— . fire-d. (moocooro<s>03aiea— . 

rt. fOiSTTOg-J &@&, -nJgDg-J — ; Qjlcftioeo — . 

-'eil, v.t. monagcQi, s>QuiO(XjD<98(a>; s)o_jo 
^«9>, eocoo— , 6)S)CJOgycfitfiQca;o— . -'neSS, 

ft. ©00J5O, <ftrof)02; 0STOI3) , I^SfiA. 

Dam'sel,ft. <ejaf)an<aj0oranb;— <S30ortf); 
Dance, v.i. -ajoj^^ojaQca), oqoskdo 

s^^; 2. <^«sra)o§<3>. to d. on a rope 

or on nothing g9c9a aro corals narab 0rcf) 

<ss<^. to d. attendance <a>otafo s^ifi 

Offl^iO). ft. QT)fST3)0, @fCT3) ; 2. qgrOYZft 

a-P§- d. of death <a>oeja§<bcao(S). 
to lead one a d. ooomo^^oroigg^ 
BToajcruD<a>al^ oo5«s©(a>. temple-d. 

S)S)8Qjo§o. SWOfd-d. ajaf)oa<arz»§ . 

='cing, w. cd(ot3)ooo, ooos^o. d.g-girl 

d.g-master cn^cunb, <Dfsra>e&>n6. d.g 

room, d.g school cp^cyaoaj, a»a^l. 
='cer, n. cnfnTD><sin6, nocDratsn. the merry (^Qj(a_}eod9r)rD6rr>6sec)o (as.). 
Dan'de-li-on, ft. »(©aj<0) 06nj©aJ (b.). 

Dan'der, Dan'driff, Dan'druff, n. 

^jsrnoOB, fmajgioo , a^y>or>SQj[ ; 2. 

Dan'dle, v. t. <&><£\<a®&>; 2. ^osaioaTl 
<S8A, aiogn«98<a>; 3. eroroo (Souiocfisa), row 
0arcflg_p<aa<o>. =dler, ft. s^ossycmQjnb. 

Dan'dy, ft. <S0o^a5>oronb, aj^a^aa 
ranb, ssocaiob. d.-COCk (&&&<&? rao0ob, 
orycBfoaD^jgn. d.-hen alcraoeal^p. 

Dan'ger, ft. (eYgjcuajTaS', (gYaaj<9>so; 
2. 5iS)Qjrai0jo; 3. 6><a>o6iajraL in one's 
d. ao»Qj6>nbo (BraaflcnfaraDajl). to do d. 
stoouocbo ajfra«j©(9). -0U8, a. (Sy^qj^ 
r&o (ST^cb;; Qjlcai0o— , (a_}06moo_iocQ;o & 
(a^oruo^l^-pQ^onb s>sra>ro3<fls>o— ; s>0 

(T8c9S)0 <fi3O6T0©. -OUS-ly, «f/. (STDo_1<0jSo 

auroraTzn<aaoj6mo, ^ejoaajocoD. -OUS- 
ness, ft. aDo-ifnToj , (sroa_j(QjSoajcruD. 

Daii'gle, v. i. <S6ra>e4a>, g865§(3), <&& 
§<9>. to d. about or after (sy^^cqTi 

<S6ia>«s®(ft,. =gler, n.6)a_j6n6ajod1, (nr^l 
<sejoGjri6, rrfl^morDnb. 

Dank, ft. (ST^aT), onancu. a. ©0 

Oo g)@g., fa)6TT0g_J — . 

Dan'seuse (dan'sez), ft. oofuraceD. 

Dap, v. i. qjo^ s^efl^^. 
Dap'per, a. .n^aa &@a, 0i§ca» — , 

ftjiMSb— , cyrnraf)— . -ling, ft. <ftgg,ab, 

Dap'ple, Dap'pled, a. ojealaee, 

DaVbieS (dar'biz), n. pi. <d>(£]o0o.. 

Dare, v.i. & ir. (durst, dared) @ 

CTflay<95, 6>SXJOCgj6)g_]=j<&> ; 2. 011^100)1 
<9Q<Qi. V.t. a^06)^_J§a), <TO0OfOoS r l(9i8^; 
2. 0Q«S©rnl^j ts <Q), C0)c9S]rDlcfli8<9>, ©OLjsn 

gjlaga>. to d- larks a-Jce&f)<9>6>a sec; 
6>g_J§f0ia°lg_pSn<9s<9j. fl. rtgcrfloj , c^.inl, 
accDib. d. devil aQrgDo s)jiig|oab 0S^ 
anDtaracunb. d. deviltry <byo (^aj^lca/. 
da'ring, n. si6)(jo<sjQ, sioafogjo, orTleoyo, 
Qjl^j(o_^(^fsran. a. acoTlrtagg., ^ornero® 
ajo^fy^om, scojal^jofsra). ='ring-ly,ac?. 
cxflfDfO)Sc2J06)s, crfi^aajo. = f ring-ness, 

w. SKnsror^og-j , croooocroo. 

Dark, a. aoj&'l£j0l£jo<sra>, ©os§ocq;, 

06OQej@g.; <&)Q,(BT3), Or^l^lSo (ST^CQ;; 2. iSTO 
QT^c^c— , ^a^o— ; 3. (BTOcflQJ @DgjoaJTO), 
o-jongj — , curtflcg^orDo— ; 4. §c^(0)Q5^@a, 

0qdo; 5. §^cafti6mo a@g., ouo\)or)o— , 
croococaiajfDo (5t^ai>, lero^So— ; 6. «&>^ 
<Q506TDoa5T3). d. villain cr?Lii<a>cgejab. 

d. deed ajo^«9»(a_)(^f5ran. a d. horse 

^TorDc^ofaTa (fttoTlfQ;— fSY3)c)o. d. house, 

d. room (eocroAoraoc^aoo. the d. 

ages (o-^OixDcT)<95oejo, (^lrrgcA)«0)o 500 q 

renrot 1500 QJ5>rt>. tO keep d. ©CTTOo OJ 




oca>0!3flrtfl<©sj<9>. n. £DK»c)a, (sroono^ofDo; 
2. (SiarfleaiooQ), <BK>@(sK»oono; 3. OaOcrOjo; 
4. criltfob, -o&oco;. -'en, v. t. gD(oa§o<9a(8> ; 

(d)Qft_p<B3ta>; 0ai>c93<9>, ^fffl <9»061T>05>(0) 
<ST9><98<3>; (STaC^jfl&fZho— ; (g^3_fl<98«0>; cro 
<SCTC»D<fl3goODo QJf03Kg2)<fl>; 0aflro0Oc98<9>. 

u. z*. §Dns<sng°<8o_jo<9>. -'ish, a. <frQ>8_l 

^2f90C2;CSy@a. -'ling, «rf. §Drt»§C5T3) . «. 

§D«8«ni. -'ly, ad. (Biagrxjc^ao (SY^ccD, 
flwcrncQuctto— ; (£}fi>o — -'ness, ft. @2 

rt»c>o; <0)Q,j_^, QJiOroaOo; fOaOO^o; (BTO 

t$ao. prince of d.s (Bracno<9>ora(a_)g, 

aS\UMs$ . -'some, a. gDOSSng; (StDC^ 

<eo)0oea;; (^.crocrxggs. -y, w. <s>3(cyl. 

Darling, n. see under Dear. 

Darn, v.t. ©y>02n§<3>. w. @oy>con 
s<ob. needle ©spo^-ofl. 

Dart, n. (Braou , (STa(nroo; ^jo§ <ftcro)o; 

2. (fi}(0T3> QJ0<9i» > . y.£. _al0§<9), a3)cflC£y(0>; 
2. o^)g^<0), Sio_jotpl<e9(Q5. v.i. a-]0<flg<9>; 
2. ao§<&. 

Dash, n. tfn§ ; (3§rot>; 2. qjW^o, so 

COo; 3. a^QJglj , <gj§ ; 4. JiJO§0, (ST3)(d3?0O, 

r-\ O U 

tSTOS); 5. S)6).nArtJM"]OjO, _ojQ,(05) j 6. OJCTXJ ■ 
(ST3)(8S0Q_jo; ?. S)^lQ,QL)fO (— ), SoCOnf) 
qCDo. v.t. (against) o^)olo%c9>, (3§<s>; 
2. ^d9j(^<9)a<9>; 3. cn\g£ei2M<9%<&> ; ai 

Sfejlg-pd&a^ ; (g^^JIcSgtSi ; 4. S)fO)Q,g_p 

<98(fl>; ^ej^a); 5. (off) cucmajas' 6>.ai 

C^dfr; 6. (Out) <a}(BT20d9»g.ea>. ^. Z. (BT3 

s>£j(&8<0>; csra^lifiga); <sms)fDQ-joa^<e». d.- 
board ajfin§l<3#s>s jii\o<Bb , — asn6cuaj(Si. 
-er, n. <sjs<8d9>ora?>, acne . -'ing, a. 
aflrotmgiga, ^jstd-. -'ing-ly, ac?. 

(cyfWj c6fil0OC2n. -'iSm, ft. ®T0OO0QJ(^ 
(go^lOcftlo, ooo&o. -'y, a. 500^1 0%gfl. 

Das'tard (-terd), n. soj^ld&asejnb, 
(£)(&; arfigjcQaab. a., -ly, a. #lf®«D-io 
jgep ; crfliii(0)_io— . =dise, v. t. ^ksqjd 

c98«S>, SCQJQgJ^aJg)^, SJSKJOCgjdBtfiaeBo QJ 

«»(^©cb>. -li-ness, -ness, -y, n. d)(& 

Da'ta, n. pi. of Da'tum. 

I. Date, n. fljDgg'ofl, a"lQjcroo; 2. crc>0 
c2/o, {©joejo; 3. <srocucol, o^fBroH; 4. (sr^ 
oy^^oajo; ©(os . to bear d. coTlcgj<afl 
^aj^ancfiecQj. out of d. cnsgjlgjo 
ajra. v. t. raflsjyranftaLJeSstf); 2. <3>oaLio 
arflgboari<98<d>. v. i. (from) @S6!5g<d). 

II. Date, n. ©'OaJKD^-jtfo, <Q)0CQtQS); 2. ^<0 

cDTzngjon. d.-palm ©"Ortinna-jno (6.). 

Da'tive, n. jiigcnolaPiSceon, cro^xj 
aoon— . «. s^o^gjonb (BioculAoraiggg. 
(?•); aQ^ocorDTZ^f^nrricTroorflc9no<Sjarn(?.); 

®(9>osfan (frgjfi^^ga (/.). d. executor 
(L). -ly, we?. eom0ocaT). 

Da'tum, ?2. (^/. da'ta) cmmv>o; 

2. G(cra)o; 3. (ST^cooroo, fsraslcruDocno. 

Da-tu'ra, ». g>2ao, a^^^ 3 ? 0o@aio 
(i.). =tu'rine, n. o.ez(st^av><mi (ch.). 

Daub, v.t. <2(0)(88(9>, o_nra§<a); 2. aj 
0aoco;o ©§(9»; 3. jiioccyo — ; 4. (8QJcft3o 
CJOfOl(flQ<05, 06)0^ S)Qjas<9>; 5. (^61J(^(tin 

ojoift; 6. (sraejaajOfDo ^qj^ 6)a>^a>. v. i. 

o_JCT5o; 2. a_l§jin(S)o. -'er, n. a^^fTTO 

cunb; cLj^jintQ) ana ranb; ^suan^ofitQnoronb. 
-'Mg, n. a^aafOi), o^^ , <8«o> a -j'. -'y, a. 
o_iOQ,@g.? <sejn_i0oa2;, a-TlfQ^cm. 

Daugh'ter (da'ter), w. 0<d>cX), aj(Sf), 
§odlfg; 2. cuooaea, (nr^l; 3. ojtgjso^j, 

0«S0<Q)C)o; 4. (O-pCBJQJOSo. d.-Hl-laW 

0<&>s)of)o eo^j, 0«s0<d)cb, o^ c£&. -li- 
ness, w. aj(ro51cruDocno, — eocuo. -ly, 
a. o_j(g)l<3oajig@g.. 

Daunt, V. t. S3QBri{9s<B); 2. 6)5)CJU 
Cgjo ei)(a)§«^(Si, (So-J^lgjIcSsj^, OT0ras<d). 

-'less, a. eca-o go§yocDT3). -'less-ly, ad. 
crfl<kc2J0oc2n. -'leSS-neSS, w. orTlecBro, 


Dau'phin (da'fin). 7l. (uSSngiiSTD) as 
rDlQgflgg raorajtsriaflsoaja>oaal. -eSS, «• 
— (SOf^lsoaj^oaalojcorn. 




Da'vy Jones, n. crc^as^^o. D. 
J.'s locker <e>sfz>b. gone to D. J.'s 
locker jok^ed <a>saf)d>gDs. 

D^W, n. »fJSQJ(9> <Q>0d3a (2.)« 

Daw'dle, v. t. & i\ Qcncso <2a_jo<9®<9>, 
Qcu^la-iOQ%'<a>. =dler, n . crDgjoci_j(9aort>nb. 

Dawk (dak), v.t. (goldBsai, S)<9>o(qED<a>. 
Dawn (dan), t?.i\ scnroo o_ t }&jrca<& ( , 

So, (8roe.ec2;o. 

Day, h. a_j<a>rzrf>; 2. anojcruo, elroo, 
Qjoroo; foTl^-'on; 3. cYflra>j(a_)cy(arar);9>ofijo; 
4. OTO0C32,'o, (QsOeJo, C^ODo; 5. (the) ail 

(saa^QasnoLjcroo. anniversary d. &®> 
ens . astronomical d. orasooorao^o, 
a^qanflAa^jajsHD. born d.s eflxi 
•e^oejo. canicular d.s (srarg.^— . civil 

d. CCOg-J^fak, C5K)@JOCQD.,@))QV)(di (BTOdDfQO 

qg>~)Qjeico. d.-blindness enajoau>™ 

(med.). d.-school alnooarooLjooaaoQj. 
d.-scholar Blonscroajn^oonjQn. d. by 

d., d. after d- encuscroan, e°)<T>£Xf(oQ. 

lunar d. ^TIldH, o_iano. from d. to 
d. a)oej(a,(206rn. Mahomedan d., 

Jewish d- <sranr$0ocr)o igra^ isranr$0o 

mo cus)roo%gg. alojcroo. mean solar d. 
oT3<sooofoo((g)o. one d., one of these 

d.S artflamrzrt), <ero=j5)(9fl, &>a5i&oGio. only 
from d. to d. ^rabd&noeJSKJTOjan , (5T3 

cmom . siderial d. mock, andaaitgpo. 

to win the d. easoDdBsKQi, d^ogycrdlraiil 

Q^6n§o<&. week-d., working d. stance 

oo^ca^jofOTD) dlajcroo. d.-book ooocb 
oj^^nr^aso (com.), d.-break ajaj^A- 
d.-dream 0samfoos3jo, crus^o. d.-fly 
6SfTO(Doc)ooLjooo (z.). d.-labour ®&Ti 

a_j6rnl. d.-labourer ^en^ysrrTl^ofonb. 

d. -light o^ii(a-)<0>ouao, (pi.) <a>$$ • d.'s 
man on^ojab, 0^cruonb. d.-mare 
0ca<e5>o. d.-net s^strTi. d. -spring 
ojaj^; (SyqcdoSo. d.-star Q<3>oocf! 

(as.); cr^^ab. d.-time o-i<3>fal>, o_i(f>)ajb 
<s>oaio. dai'ly, fl« elcu<3crucr>a@&, rgra 
aoalmo — , aVn.aigy0oca;. ad. elooo(o_) 
rofl, onocteS'woQo, crfle^cn. 

Daze, v. £. (galg-pcSsai, ra>rcfl£jl<S8a>, 

Daz'zle, u. t. &fgn<Q£±\%-£\&$&>, — 

V. I. 0QOO(cy(3Q^@g.^OC2nfDl(fiS<ai, ®C/a03 
CQJDfZfb Qjlo^cao S3CTDjyl<98d9j ; 2. <3>5ffi 
<@-5jl<Sg_J0<9>, — 06OQl®g_JO(fls. W. 0oO3 

(o_)£. -ment, w. (srafona*!^. 

De, pf. af), (gr3(i_i, <5T0cd etc. 

Deacon (de'kn), n. ^a_i®6ajocuc&5nb, 
croeo^^cmajat) (eccl.); 2. crusocm 
ldo6. -ess, n. croec^^coianDfoasKsl; 
<SfDooT)o_ioeDa5. -hood, -ry, -ship, n. 

crosoaajt^gi con croooano. 

Dead, see under Die. 

Deaf (def), a. ftjijajls^cb^orora), 
aflsmoay; 2. (to) <&<&> cXjgjo nb 000^ go 

SS^; 4. 0G30OCan <S<Q)cX)cBQnm; 5. (ISjjil) 

6><s>i, .aftoaaoea;. d. and dumb, d. 
mute 6>a-jo§n6. -'en, v.t. 6>.aiQjlsn6 

(ST^asai, (icg)Qj5m0lgjOSifm— ; c/asryo <S<&) 

C^O^.W— . -'en-ing, a. 6).alQ-nSS>S<99 
CTD, <8a^\OfD0OC2;. W. ©^ aJO«®C8CLJ0 
aiO^OcBsifd)" crU-irOQJOaOaiaae&oTl <SjO(98 

cm croovocno. -neSS, n. SisAoS) <3c9>g.:> 

Sg-J'; (sroaacrofDsmsans . 

Deal (del), w. (STOoc/ao, aooOfol; 2. 

6)o_»^0, (ST^cjol^o: a d. of trouble 
afoso-jos. a good d. Qja6>rt>; 3. <s> 

fOTB) a_l<fij(6s)fcj)); ©OS a^^<9si3 f 0^ n b° ©3aC> 

«Tl(d8@g<&.<aTa ; 4. aDeocoo, afleeacno; 
5. o_jfij«0i; 6. OLjl6nj©0fDo. v.t. (out) 
eoC/51<S8fl>, a_j»1§<9>, Cuna.CTinS)<9nO§<a8<3i; 
2. < 95fBTO)'aJd3ic9ia<0>. y. I*. aOaOfol5>QJ<Q8 
<D>, jiflg Q_»a»<9(8<^; 2. (Qj^CUSo 6)^i)^, 
CLU0Q_i3fOo— ; 3. (between, with) 0(S^ 




orucnb (SYgjazDrtflasa), aiog^cruflnb— - 4. 
g3S6)rLj§ai, s>a_jrra0oQa); 5. (with) oq 

(tnic9Q<9>. to d. by 6)Q_ifOT0oQ«9i. to 
d. well by eca;a>c6rrf)a8a>. to d. ill 

by orflc^rom— . to d. in ©ss>oj 

§a> ; ^^ojSo 6i^i<^. to d. with 

scuds—; O3ocrolaaa>. -'er, n. @qss)olj 
§nmojnb; a^ojsaacrarrb; a>rara cLjaias 

ODOJOb. "'ing", 72. a>0C$yo, §DSOJ0S U , 
CUjOO-JOfOo. dOUble d.g <UjOS3o, jildfi). 

plain d.g cn>gjO, curoaccoioo. 

Dean (den), ?i. (a^cjoocmsnjccoainb 
(eccl.); 2. anejoodoajcruooaol; 3. (cyzo 

6rrD, 3<^ab. d. and chapter ^coa 

nos)6)eojoaicc;Q_irDlQ_jo&j<a)cros (eccl.). 

-er-y, 72. (aJ(JO0Cr>C86OJSCJOa) g><8e.0COo; 

— ^ final ;—(5QDo;—<mouf)«9>ort>o. -'ship, 
72. (cycuotsoooo-KSao^ocruDocno. 

Dear (der), a. (dear'er, dear'est) 

OjlejoJls'l^, — o^olco;, .nflajQj'aea; 
2. afioo<2o— , §gj@0ooa/; 3. (cylca/^gfa ; 

4. goo. d. cause ^cg-j^a^o. d. 
wish orjeatajoeioB. d. peril 0qodqD 
aj«na .d.estfoe6aj<au6)6>Qjfo). d.born 

cY)oejf08d>Qj8nfl. d. bought aDaj<2a2j 
olcw, (cycacxsarcro croocul^. n. (a_p 
canb, a>oao)a6; (a-pca, a>oao). a<r/. -'ly, 
ad. ajofaro^a^g^o; (8»afl<fl»aDajdaB . 
-ness, 7i. (a_)lc2;o, 6TUg^^aii(a)j qjO«jt\) 
^o, (sraasraocoo. -y, n . (cylcanb; (a-pay. 
dar'ling, n. eoacnaasl; (tt_pe»nb; (o_p 
co;. a. aoaanok'aec;, <si©<driQj3<BT\)^.cgga. 
Dearth (derth), n. ajQ<of), e^slaaio, 


Death, see under Die. r^. 

De-bae'le, n. s>a_io§r3b, 6aaira_)Qjo 

De-bar', y. t. (from, of) (o_)<SQJcyao 

(W§«9S<S>, (gs<53<9>; <B»a©gQJo ©gjO^OcSs 

A; ajoroTaoaaa>; cTf)<8casu51«a8<8>. -ment, 
n. crfl(Ss)o, (xjoajrajoan^). 

De-bark', v. t & t. a^aflrafc crflcm 
©o«3gc9>, — ©oasa). -a'tion, n. a«s 

De-base' (or -baz) fr. f. <oioy; a, q^ 

ctJgs ' ^^ 

aH 0S)q_j §($©£>, Qjcaoaoasca, araajaocrD 
aaa>. ='ser, 72. QJca;aoi98cmajnb. -ment, 
n. (mascoocofoD, ig^", 

De-bate', v.t. <sa_jsroo§a>; 2. «n<a») 

as a, ajjCUaOrtf)asa>. y. «. (on, upon) 
Qjlajoalaaa), «ei@<8£LJ3.afi<9aa>. n. ®q_jo 
roo§o; 2. qjogo; 3. rtDaaoDsaicwo. ^ta- 
ble, «. cuoeo a@a, oroocdC2;o— . -ful. 
a. axuaoo— . ='ter, n. (roaaanofoab. 
=ba'ting', n. oJlajDao. d.g society 
or club ojlajoacros. 

De-bauch', v. t. & t\ oioeodo (Si^as 
a>, aeDmo— ; aju?]a>rD)asa>; <3Tao_irooco) 
asai. n. (BrofoDeafiasrno; aeicuoooo* 2. 
aansy; 3. @(bt»o§o. =bauched, a. 
sxmzaoslotyoca;, §crnsgj@a. deb-au- 
Chee', w. aj^lcojnb; (nr^lcroAWib. -er, 
n. Qjo^l(fl>«n«98cn)Qjn6. -er-y, n. oraoji 

Z>e befne es'se, a. ^^oaKsa^an , 

De-ben'ture, see under Debt. 

De-bil'i-ty, n. 6»xiejafiiQ2,o, aftflsrno- 
=l-tate, y. £. 6rjjejafiacc;o ojosan3a>, tfifia 
a%-paaa>. =i-ta'ti6n, a. afiflfirrfl 

a-pdBntob, 6ni&jao 5 icr><a>. =i-tant, «. od 

Deb-O-nair', n. c^ooronb, scaocojnb, 
^oaaa^nb. [a _». <fty< 

Deb'ris (deb're), n. 03Qaa°, «oa^a) 

Debt (det), n. a>so, gsmo; aoo); 

2. a?OOo, tUoo^irOo, Q_JDQ_Jo; 3. ©SQJO£°, 

c^ojoooroo. d. Of nature zasmo. 
-ee , n. a>soan<s§5n§cmajnb, (g.mejsa 
(/.). -Or, n. aisanoranb, a>So afls§ 
o^amojnb. .de-ben'ture,72. gsrna_j{®o; 
Aso; aj5rnca'o. deb'it, n. jiDaioj* sd 
corora QayaOcw a>aman (com.)* y.^. 
a»So o^^ga), ajsmasDrafc -afleucu'— 

De-but (de-bu), n- r6Y§)e,<c/3)0o, — m 

sono. deb'u-tant (-tan), «. cosos)? 

(sraroeaBfCTZj) ojasomcunb (ajcfe). 




Dec'ade, n. acya<a>o, QJcto— , q-j^O) 
s)<0>ogjo. =a-dal, a. o_5foro> o-Tlsl^s, —of) 

De-ea'dence, ='den-cy, n. ™oj£, ma 

Dee'a-gon, n. ec/a®:&>osrr)o, eoooijtpo; 
eui>£ez(geom.). regular d. aro0Go3gsa. 

Dee'a-logue (-log), ?*. Q-ifDia^^ 
De-camp', u. £. cuoaeao QajogHas 

-meilt, n. ao^lsg-joas) . 

De-cant', v. t. cL^&crf) &cn&§&>. 
='ter, n. 'qjIsto® '<flja-j~i. 

De-cap'i-tate, v.t. ufiaxs^eo &** 

ra, ^&js)<Q50(^<S); 2. ^seiOCOcoraTlralicrf) 
mo ofl<9s<9>. =ta'ti6n, n. oalrofS jiieo, 

De-eap'6-da, n. eosa-iorm , otfjosrajob 

De-cay', v. i. <aaicQn<9a<9>, -oflc%<ft>, 
o^rtneflagaj. v. t. rooa)g_p<9sc9>. ??. 
<W0J£>, aiOOJ*, tBTD^lQJ , , ooooao; 2. onooa 

De-Cease' (-ses), rc. orflgyosmo, ojo 

<S>, 0fiDc9a<9), fofl^Q-J^dBj, (BT0CT0)rtfl<9a<9>. 

=ceased, a. 0(0^, «a>oaio6VnJ<ro, grrn 

ag_)s. the d.d zfDl^ajnb. de- 
ce'dent, n. g^«g_j§cun6. 

De-ceit', set? under Deceive. 
De-ceive' (-sev'), v, t. jojfoTiaa^, 

(S^OgjlcQga); <a3§(Q8a>; 2. <sonrDo cQjg.Qy^, 

— So_io<9s<^; 3. Qjsrafts)^^^^). =ceiv'- 

a-ble, CI. -al(Tjria_jOo1<99 cm; — OJOQCTD. 

=ceiv'a-ble-ness, n. <9>oa_»Sjo. ='er, w. 

jiifoTlc^rrb, cu6Gai<&>rr6, <&>@gab. =ceit', 
=cep'ti6n, n. o^oo^), Qj&sajnn, j^raD; 
g>({gf)0o, &ojdoq;o. =ceit'ful, rt. cu6tai 

ooc^ig, «n§l«fl8cm. -ceit'ful-ness, n. 
acfioocB/o, c^oeao. =cep'ti-ble, a. -ai 

frrDo-joQ, or), <3ro>og_jlg_jonb a(j)sjg_j<gga. 
=cep-ti-bil'i-ty, n. ajsouarflca'fOi-Jo. 
=Cep'tive, a. c^oajp^gg, 0scpjo— . 

De-cem'ber, n. elacrogyaocroo, co 

0© 0(9»fD— ; 2. (BTOQJCTOomo, (BTOCTTOo. 

De'cen-cy, n. ao-of^o, scoio^-jd; 
2. 0cgpe; 3. aDcncBto, or\DO(0)_n<a>ftn_jo, 
=ceilt, a. ©.jaTlfoio <erg>ca;, Qjlacrirmo— . 
fO)c86), 0cgpeay@{a; an>3to>_ri(Qj0oc2;; goaf) 
&@g, ejcQfissmo— ; 0^jD(SY5)Cq;, ®)(U)o — , 

6)C5_J0(^©QJCO3(t^@g, 0000000,0 oogj. 

=Cent-ly, ad. <2co;o 0^0002;), @.jiiV-cn0o 
oafi, 0raDco;oa5oQj5roo. 

De-cep'tion, see wncfer Deceive. 
De-cen'nar-y (-ner-), n. aidkaw 
<&>o. =cen'ni-al, a. cucm 5i<&o^o <q£) 

=cen'ni-um, n. q-jcokj) s^t&ogjo. 
De'cent, see under Decency. 
De-cen'tral-Ise, =ize, v.t. o-KS3<sa 

<&>; (BracolcQiorao Qjleocdl<flQ<d>. =li-sa'- 
tion, =li-za'tion, n. (snxxPi&ocQcuis&z 
cno, aTlscaocoo. 

De-charm', v. t. ®$G)ij?i&<&&<£t>^&z 
De-cide', v. t. fBtraQf^ajg.^, ®qj 

Q%§)&. V.i. Ojflglj cQjg-fltQSiS', QLn(JLDc9iS<a). 

='ded, a. g^c^o rgr^co;, foflij— , otooodcb; 

0l^O«T3). -'ded-ly, «^/. ^i4<8T9)C2n, ««l 

§o—, orflcsjicffio— . =cisi'6n, n< sojgjos" ; 
(ofl^^g-j^carafal), .'3?laJ , ; aTlafi; cnxTlfo 
an, 0<Smoon1gT^c2/o. =Cl'sive, ci. crTig^ 
caDd^on, rafliitST^ca); cniQnroo— , eusmiD 
«no— . =Cl'sive-ly, ad. (&\%o fSr^coD, 
fiusmiH^o— . =Cl'sive-ness, n. crDcg^ 

Dec'i-dence, n. oS)^ ajrmono, -^o 

too. =cid'u-OUS, a. a^f^fmr), s><3>D«n 
610® ®a_io<fl3om. 

De-Cil'li6n (-sil'yun),72. OT8CiaJ«tOT3)0 
an croooan^gig. cruo^j (Eng>); (ga-jforoja 
o°— (Am. ft /<>.). C 

Dec'i-mal, «. aoa^o (ergjca^, afya^ 
sTrTifwo— , aoaoocyac— . d. arithmetic 

aoa^cosiTD'aic, aroocjoof05m— . d. frac- 
tion aoaooaaiilanlmo, eGcooaoron— , e 





oa«e>— (ar.). d. point eca<&afla§ 
(ar.). d. System aoa^eosromo. d. 
number eoacQja^cajj,— ^errTlrav— ; —el 

cm)v)o (ar.). circulating, circu- 
latory, recurring or repeating d. 

(srojajtaraflrtnauaoouao. =mate, v.t. ac/aoo 
oao a£)=jc03<0), a_i<U)3fDo QJ06og<9); cuasK&o 

=ma'ti6n, w. o-i^orao; e craooc/dao-a^, 


Dec-i-mo-sex'to, n. (i6mo., 16°) 

65fJS ajocaTl (SiSaiocny aj-aflcnDoo^Qfi as 

De-d'pher (-fer), v. t. cDc^afioJI 

so^j0Dt9s<B); 2. (oTlfDlcaotara) Q^^rtsr^ajo 
cqTIiSscQj; 3. 6)a_ioasc>D(anral(98<s>; 4. <s>«n§ 
a_fls1<Sac3i, @cnj6ng 3,93(0,. -a-ble, «• <oil 
^^^^(SnDcijaD, qjochTI^ aoomTlejoiSnD 
Qjcm, (^QDla^oojorr). -ment, n. c^a^ 

Deek, y. t. afirtf)<98<3>, ^§<^; -• oro 

6rrfia£lc93<3>, <groaj9a>fDl<fl9da>; 3. a^oflcro 
«n§l§a>. n. cQjg-jaflsxTbo (S0rsf>cDro>§ ; 2. 

<30ral)(c9S}§', <20ejia>; 3. <Sia^(08nD c9>f5T3) . 

to clear the d.s <s>Qzl^c^'aufDroncnY 
6if»c93ca). to sweep the d. ^§ <& 

^caTl'Zlb SJQJ^ a_j(TD)32;S>(20<as><32Jo <SCY)§a». 

-'er, 7t. (sraejgajralasamajnb; o_jaiais@<9 

De-elaim', v.i. (cycrootolaaai; cro 

30(gauos><a> <9>aT)a)6).nJogj<0>; (a_)croocoo 
(mojj crcfl<ea<s>; 2. ajos>s)cojisajo <e>06rrfl 

(SdQftiajliflaa). u. £. croscoDd) qqj^ (a_) 

fr^0Ojlc9S(9>, — (a_)CrOoC£n<93t9>; 2. .nJOg) 

gjaanaoas o_io8)as<9>. -er, dee'la-ma- 

tor, n. (o_)crooc61, ojoafloaob. de€-la- 
ma'tion, rc. a-jooa>o; fBTOGja&orDGOjtd/a) 
(cycroocoo, (o^aroocooiSjOcroo; ajocal^Jo, 
ajo^iioajfwjo; QjicainajoGo. 

De-elare', v.t. 6)«nanatfla8«a>; 2. (a.) 
rr^ocLri(fls<9>; 3. crocdaaflairolas^, &og_p 

^O-JOrffc; 4. QjlCLirDo— . tO d. Off Cnl 

<Mla2;f3tald)crricrn a-nabojosag^. to d. 

one's self ©oT>cxJd9ffc03S)srna-n (a-J^ 
cQfiiZio<fl8<S). y. i. (for, agaiust) (cyo^ 

cftEoao^; eocoo fariaflay<a». =ela'ra-ble, 

<2. (a^rrgoajcrfloaiaooa;, a_jfDCTO,0o<9arnTa 

<9«. dee-la-ra'tion, «. (cyrr^oojo, o-jro 

CTOjo; CrO^<25rxl0(JOS>^_]^(Sro)(Z5b(/.); OJ0O3 

farao; (o_)<9>scr>Do_)(g)o. ='red-ly, ad. 9^ 
c^o (Brgcnn, (o_)^d9fiao— . =<5lar'a-tor-y, 

a. gr^c^ao^cm, ©.ogupasann; cruooa-jm 
&%&& (I.). 

De-cline', v. u <s»rnl<3$<3>, (wosy>o§ 

c9s<3), cr)cyal(d9<Q), -ojfC36cgc9j, a>yT)ajooo<a-. ; 

3. SVJnorfiSg-jOtf), QJg.sro^ — ; 4. <2 3jS)5ng 

cm QQj<esd>), (^.gflcQaa:. y. ^. (SjorTlcHniSg 

^i ' O)0 ^,'9 j ; 2. (ftO^ <^3«9i; 3. 5>fO>Ool 
<9aS>, <mO<0>OQ,-9>, QJS^IcSscQj; 4. @O_)0 

?l. (mfOSCJOOCOtgTl, cQfilCH/O, ^GOd, QJO(§JJ 

<^o; 2. oaacno (med.); 3. ajeacoKSfDocoo. 
=elen'sion, n. airolau ; guI^, (arosouD 

OD'oTl; QjaQJ ; a_nnbcU0S53f3b; ''0>iOCOo; 

(gjonrafl (as.) ; Qjleofalaoej (^r.). =cliv'- 
i-ty, ?2. fO>2tfro, <sTlyn^fal), c9j§crg(95>o. 

De-CO-Ct', V./- Cl T )^6CQ > ISiCflJ§(S8'9i, <& 

caaocwo 6)Qj<es«Q'; 2. eaol &9<q>, eflsmaDt^ 
(phys.); 3. jj^s Qjf®(^<^, 6njajo@§<a>. 
=tion, 72. (Qjdaaocmo, croorDo (med.). 
D8-€ol'late, v. t. «nej5)<Qior5rari(9« 

&<©>. =la'tion, n. aa")fD® mbo. 
De-col'6ur, v. t. crDoo <^a^, acu|, 

g_pc9®<a). -a'tion, w. crDoo (So-ioasi^; 
D3-€om-pose', y. f. coo/gaJlaoaocoa 

Q_irt8(giS)<3) ; 2. QJCoDg-jlcBQ^, c0fi3 caDg-pcSs 

<S), a^rznang^ceQiei, ^flcaldBsA. v. i. i^ej 
cjoo@<flaao32 J prtricoj i a>; 2. dafiaoj^l^Sa-ioca), 

eajl^— , (8»ip«fln<8g_jo<fl». =po-siti'6n, 
n. cwo@aDsc2;ocoo, aTl^aDo; aicoo, .of) 

Dec'o-rate, y. ^. <BK>Q}?&cQ)<a%&), <g>o 

COf2TlcS9tQ>; 2. 6QJ3g0DCr)CU8ari 6><&>0=?<fl8 

<Q>. =ra'ti6n, w. asmjoono, c^ocod^o; 
(§cm6Tno; ojlaa-oi , ajl<Djjj6SBaj, oS)^^ 
q6. =ra-tive, a. (sratiiaofoo (ST^ca;, 




(§:fi36imo— . d.e art C§}OLO0(QQS]Qj. 

=r&-tor, n. raYaaiaaooroc/alg-p, cgjocoDfD 
<e>n6. de-co'rous, a. c%o9<ao (Sirica, 

(SC&OODjO— , OJOO~)CQ;, <9>0<'OK> (ST^CO», 

(araojscruDOjin.wo— . de-eo'rous-ly, ad. 

CS^d9^)0 (ST^aiT), nOl<OK)— , CT>^QJ6mo; <o> 

cBntoroflrab. de-€o'rum, n. saaoc/Djco), 
CTOQOjilOfDo, a^-an^jO. 

De-eor'ti-eate, y. t. eanoai' a^ld^ 

De-coy', v. t. A^asncsng.^, .ai<ana_n 

jai.-aflcLj <2c2;dcoo; ©fo; 2. @Drosngg_jorarcJri. 
d.-duck Qjoalda.rDsmgjcstfiTl; QLiu§)<&>(6) 


De-crease' (-kres'), v.i. <9j06ro®aj 

rjf)<0>, ■ajflaffle'lSftioce), daftjcoDaaa). y. £. 

<fi2aai)o; 2. jiUQgcafiic^o (as.). =eres'- 

cent, a. <fljO6T0!^<fl3O5TOrcj curaem, ceflaco; 

<3@a. d.t moon coai 32^10306. 
De-eree', n. <&&i<r>, (st®©^; 2. of) 

ail, caflgj (/.); 3. jx1§o, SKUgj' (eccl.). 

v. t. crDcaiiailasai, «jfl^s>g_j§(^(9j, aD 

CLn<&>g_p(9g<9>, crflc2J0o S)QJ<Ss<95; 2. 6)5)3 

QjSa&ococaraortib gjspgoa). y. z". .ai§o 
6>:u<0s<3>. =ere'tal, a. aroc8a3t/acroo6nj 

cru)3 <8T3)C2;, <s>g_}cr>— . d.l money afi 
aflQfOfob (/.). n. crTlcaieio, crflsa&ocoo; 
a-iog-jOQjlsjnbo crv>3G9a8a_i((g)o (/?. C.). 

Dee're-ment, n. ^ja»ces>o, <ftocu ; 

an c^ao. 

De-crep'it, a. earaoanrD&ggj , cuoau^j 
ca&ilsimo— , QjQcaou51<s>mocB;. =i-tude, 

De-ery', y. f. c^cr)<a>6>g_j , §(c22)cei, ano 

ip/lg-jOda), <fljOOoQ_lGc9>, (Sr9)<2d3fl3a_JO — , 

(BTOo-jQJoao— . =eri'al, n. crflcra, (Stoolj 

0O(T)o, OT0ail®<Bfiaa_»o. 

De-eum'bence, =ben-cy, n. <eT)s 

fW>o. =bent, a. aTlsnm. 

Dee'u-ple, n. a_j(cro) w ^fo§l. a.— as 

638DCQ; - [<as sacjooon. 

De-cu'ri-on, n. ojosra ajscaogf).©)^. 

De-eur'sive, a. <o)o<sy>o§ afl^cm, 
— a^ajcm. 

Ded'i-cate, v.t. <sroa8<3>; 2. (cy<afi 

c£gl<0s<3), 0n)®CLiel<99c9»; 3- CrO0jyl(9a<&>. 

=ea'ti6n, n. crD0gLj6rr>D, (o_)<aflc^; cu 
(SfooajaioraaocDo = ea-tee', n. croay 
err>o (cyoajH^QjcTD. =ea-tor, n. crca 

cy<fl>ob. =ea-to'ri-al, =ea-tor-y, a. 

ccoa^&o rsrgjca;, (cyijnf£g2aroo6txicnjuo— . 

De-duce', v. t. onsarafltoasosngSajD 
a»; 2. aTlyris> : jy§<eg<&); 3. (from, oat of) 
(srocraaorrflasai, orngr^canaacS). -ment, 
n. (BToaseiocr)^ =du'ci-ble, a. <sroa9<s2> 
c^aoca-, a^a^^^sr^dan. =duet', v. t. 
ajoSfsrajas) 6)<9)O5n§®OLjo<0); daTltplcOQt©!, <oi 

@^.<Qi; <flnS)0{QS!&), ^J«Sd9(8<d). =dlie'ti6n, 

n. <sraa©0ocno, (sDiflamfai); ^foaoo; <sTl</l 
qj ? &>zz). =due'tive, a. sraassacao 

Deed, n. (cyo^^Tan, <gf\w, <9>o^jo; 
2. Qj]<^(a_)(ytfran, Q_ifDO(a>0o; 3. (a-^cu 
(GttXDUdt&fa); 4. cucrg^} ^6nzi; 5. <ST§) 
(JOOfDo, <Sf06iJ, (Q)f06mo; 6. (BTOOOcfigOOOo. 

prior d. orosn'gTgjcjucfDo, <of)tp > — . in 

d. Qjorr^ajo gtqzu), crTlc®jc2Jo— , ©.sra— , 

Deem, v. t. (ofli^g-j^KS!^, c^doea 

<3)g_p<9St9> ; 2. o^srraa), cnl^OLjldBQcQj. 

Deep, a. (SK3)tp^@a, (9T3tOOCU0DC2J; 

2. ajlnr^ofD^ggi ; 3. ru)06rr>; 4. §^nooDj 
eiocc;, Qjic&O)0^jofara); 5. crcoacaioio g. 

cuo— ; 6. (Osdlaoo (ST^a2;, (bto.tTIc^o— , 
o^groo— , 0qDO; 7. (Q)§caro); 8. afljiicrc_i 
roiggg, tDor«f)rD0oca;; 9. jiia^&@g, <^ 

ifl— . a d. line of operations d\<& 
analejea. d. mourning ^yonejooj 
aj(nr^o. d.-mouthed ^a^^a^^ga- 
d. read on$± ojoig^ea. n. (Bt^iPo, 

(STZ> COOCJOo ; COoi#lfDo; 'J. (8ro(O_^<20aaJo, (5TD 

<scoojsjrao. d. of night araaoroougp. 
ac?. <eT3)tpf5rorif^, (5T3cooaj0ocon. d-laid 

OdajOCTaGJSOSTOJOSJS 6)ji1<3^. -'en, U.^« (8Y3) 

iPo (SY9)<d8<Q); <9>§g-jo — , <a>cflroo — ; cu 





(Si51g_Tl(9«(Sj ; coo^lfDCTYJjroiaocftgtf). v. i. 
(SY9)y>o aj&uld39(9>. -'ly, ad. rer^tfcnraTirab; 
faTl<Q)ay(eT3)ain, (btocjoI^o— ; <&§g_jo— , 

o^OOQjo; COo(#lra0OC2ri; O\>0Z(Olgj<3cnT3>0 

as. d.y reda^stsy^a-jggL- -'ness, ?i. 

(StdcoocOo, Qjlasoejfm, auroral, 0Z0o; all 

C8QJ(9 i 6nj.?ijl. depth, W. <eT9>yo; Qj] 

oaOGJrffi; (STDjeuH^o; o^g^an; (no(i)a>(V>-io' } 
eidOjo. depth'less, a. (Si®y>0)£jocsra); 


Deer, n . gcoo, (9)0§ gcoo (0. ) ; 2. 000b, 
(9)fij0oab, ajggf)0oab(£.). small d. 6>_oiol 
caooocojosjrtS; oo1^oro<9)oijo. d.-skin 00 
ccroorab. d. -hound aascua) ongjj 000 

C&>0§ OOOCOD. d.-neCk ^0^61013) <Q5^raTJJ) . 

d. -Stalker ©alofta* 0onb<8cu§ca.'o§om 

De-face', rf. t. aTi^ajo (sy2)(9s<9j, <& 

(ftgfl-Ao — , ajcQftl6TT)o S)(B)§c9s<S); 2. OOCJdl 

g_p(SQ<a), 0o^(&a<9»- -'ment, ??• 0o<8i,^ ; 

ff)5)QJ(@Q_Jio; ooooae. 

De-fal'^ate, v.t. qol^fta^; 2. 

o3)§(0g)(9)a<S), (ST0O-JciOrbl(9<8<9). V. I. OK) 

Q-joorol^^^tesa). =ea'ti6n, n. <sroa_i 
aofosrno, <S0oce^6mo. =<5a'tor, n. rara 


De-fame', 0. t. aroajaf)«aan6>a_j§<i83 
<a», @cficTl(S®(9>; 2. rBroa_j0oa"Tl(9a<9), §c© 

roO o_jra(^(95, fSYDo_JQJOGo o_»oa>; 3. <Qi 

000 tgirg)®(oon_n<fl8<95. ='mer, n. otoq_j 
aflfcron^gj^a^ornojab, (BTacucuoel. def- 

a-ma'tion, n. (Hraojafl ratal (/.)• =fam'- 

a-t6r-y, a. 0ocr)anooonajra(Sj2>nT>, gem 

De-fault' (-fait'), n. £Sa-J<9ai, @eo 
cnfloofo); 2. <flaooo, SGooaso, 6ioj&u)<S<3>S ; 
3. Gjoo^imo; 4. 6ruo(95n; 5. oOoeafDlg^ocg. 
in d. Of gogpsTOrnjOrtrt), Qj.^iocruo qjctto 

<so_ioctt;Of<A. to suffer a d. aooearao 

<s>o«)nari(9a<a) (I.), v.i, (^o^foraTlaa <9> 

OQj QJfO3«g2)<0), C^jfO^OCrOo— ; 2. aioo^l 

cQga), 6}rmoQ,<a>; 3. aoosartfl^oraTlrtfldaaaj. 

V. t. o).aJCgj 0(00(^1(99(95, @.<8a_ld9fiQ(05OS(e); 

2. aOoS3rtf)6>gjmo (9)0srrf)d&8<9>; 3. qT1§(9) 

gai. -er, n. ooosarb'lgjoajraiQjab; @.®Q-> 
dftpQc95)oroab; 6njO(95n<95)oroab; fffraajoooral. 

De-fea'sance, n. <s«»oej_fl, fsraouea 

C£Ko; 2. crfl<9S)0, 6)6061^^0, (STOCrOOOy 

rt»_io;3. ^sojajfrflaauca-'o. -sanced, -fea'- 

si-ble, a. (BToaDocycLio.aiocynm. 

De-feat', V. £. oocfclo_p<9sj<9), aTlugaJ 
00(99(9); 2. §6i^ej6)g_j§(0^(9), @D^ocgco;o 

(9S(9j; 3. 63Can<98<9), C8ra>0g_p<9<8(9); 4. fO)§ 

(9Q(9). «. nrfl(9iio, ooooao; 2. fiocoo, aTl 
Qfiio, nrn^ej'0)_io; 3. Sroio^, oroajeaeaio. 
='ttire, n. «<o>Dgp. 

Def'e-eate, y. £• a^alcarift^das^, 

c^ru51cB;o<98<9). v.i. 6)(0)&)x#<a>, y$QD 

=€a'ti6n, W. c^(aulc2;0(9ar3l). 

De-fe«t', w. a^ooo, ^oay; 2. <9jooo, 

g-^jo, (9>a»)o. =fee'tion, n. ^so_iafti; 

a-jf^lcaijocoo; aTlcrajoarueocoo. =feetive, 

a. ®(9>s a@a, g.' 0000 — •> ssof^^ — • d.e 
verb aocrxgriaa (</r.)- d.e noun a^ 

0000000 (^rr.). 

De-fend', u. t. (&<%am oo'lae^, oolcuo 
(D6)T)0 ^-aiW; 2. Qj)eJ(93<a>, aDsfDocul 
(9Q.9); 3. t9)0(9g<9>, o_irola_»oeD(9Q(9); 4- 

Q5)raT(98(9); (aianldas^ (I.). = da-ble, a. 
oo1qjo^0ocoj, fD(9fiD<95iccra)c95). = dant, n. 
no) ojoro (9) nb, o_jfQlf0t9fii(9>nb; (a_j(oTl, (a_) 
oDolioqI, o^)foTl<b(9)c9an; aiooos^oa-T! 
fO)nb (/.). ='dee, n- rQc99arSK)0©ean(980T» 
Qjab, (9>oojral)— . ='der, w. roc9fti<9)nb, a_i 

rtf)((gi)0(a>OQj\ -reSS, n. fD(9firTl(930T)QJC)o. 

=fence', =fense', n. roa&i, <scooq_jooo, 


(9)0Qjrab; (a^faTlo-ioao, -roano; orojcarodBfii. 

self-d.e crcjcofDc9fti (/.)• to be or to 
stand on the d.e cnDjcarDdafiKanocon m> 
§0^ oon^^ . =fence'less, a. gsmcon 

gjoccra); Q^faDaQCyorrbajiplcQ/Ofcra). =fen'si- 
ble> a. racaaO^fOTaas), (a^ronojoendanfOTa 
(9n. =fen'sive, ft. «>(9fiio(5ino feraca, onOcuo 
rQ6inoo(oi£)o— ; (5^(^0001^0^6^^0(5100—; 

cro_ica;roc993(9!3@a. =fen'sor, n. (a-j(tn) 

QJ0al(98OT^ Cyc9s»lf3b; fO(9fil(9)ab. 




De-fer', v. t. CTfi<aTalaaj<fl9<a>, nrfl 
§V-, qsd9e6>; 2. (to) croaglpcfleai, a$ 
g_pcQa<a>. v. i. <a>o0cnflg :: p<89c&>, <3oajra orT) 

q^&\ 2.(to) ( fifls>^ < 9 J . def'er-ence, ft. 

ai6m<fls>o. -en'tial, a. cusrraao a^om. 
-en'tial-ly, «c?. 0gyoa<3ca;o<as, aj6m<&s> 
<st!T(5)06)s. -er, B« TOoacrtna-peasrrnojnb. 

De-fer-ves'cence, =ves'cen-cy, n. 

De-fi'auce, see under Defy. 
De-fici'ent (-fish-), a. (dn<oxn>Dajra>, a 

=fici'en-cy, =fici'ence, n. <so_iorao<g, <s>o 
cu. =flci'ent-ly,ao?. ajoojocoTi. defi- 
cit, n. <a>ocu, '(6520"!'. 

De-file', v.i. (sraerrflca'oeaTl ans<9a<a>. 
y. t. <SYOCQ(au2so<9a<0>; 2. <3<a>s oj(Oi(qig)<&>, 
(Sroa_i03<r>o— •; 3. Qj<£Q&o<a%&>; 4. (STOa_l 

©s— , ^jfoo. -ment, w. ©ip<es> , <af) 

engrab. =fl'ler, n. Qj&iQ.d<B®cmcLidi, <bto 
o_\ fDocoHces nm ojnb . 

De-fil-i-a'tion, n. oalc^szocaasmo. 
De-fine', u. £. (Brafafl<bs>aj<&8<3>; rera^ 

(nroncrne3S)Q_j§c^(Q>; 2. <BracLicroocrf)g_p 
anojrtf)«fl9tf>. =fi'na-ble, a. gpo^©^ 

(0TO)CDT3)d&S>, (rDCSU0Qnc95)fST3)(95), QJgTjTlasicara) 

<9n. =fi'na-bly, ad. s>ta)gnojo<aioajgroo. 

=def'i-nite, a, $paj,o (Siqcq;, (oTl^o— , asfl 

ii— ; g^j^o— ; orn«og_j§Raa<ni. d.e 
article (rflcffluaawoaja-jao (tfr.). defi- 
nite-ly, ad. «jT)§o (srgjcon, aj^smiDano— . 
def'i-nite-ness, n. aoicouc&o; g^^. 

def-i-ni'ti6ll, n. ^pa^agjsanaf*; all 

Qjr06TT)o; (ST3(3)Do; OVJJgOQJo; CUiOfi^, &J 

cesisrno (log.)] Qjjceofl. de-fin'i-tive, 
a. crfU*ffliaBO(Bifl<&>0oGB> (#r.). de-fin'i- 
tive-ly,ad. ^^aocaJI. de-fin'i-tive- 

neSS, «. QJifiSoTl, QJsrrufWo. 

Def-la-gra'tion, n, (araaTfisojocjo, 

De-flect', v. t. 6va>orflaa<a>, aja<aa<a>. 

g.<3>. =ted, rt. Q-J&6img); aJTlSJtf^; <9» 

orfisro®. =flee'tion, =flex'ion, rc. ao$ 
(g06mo; o-Tiip; ojaoj . =flec'tion-Ise, 

v. t. QjjO<&)ro6rn^Q_i®eQo @D£jora>o<fla<a>. 

=flee'tive, a. sxmool&scm. d.e forces 

<8T5&<a>dii6moac&on. =flexed (-flexed), a. 
(0)0<2iPo§ Qjastaig>, (8rz><a><3rara>o§ — . =flex'- 
ure, n. qj&cu ; (ftarfl^rab. 

De-flour', =flower', v.t. a^^on-j 

cf)-^d3>g.<s>; 2. sxrooaagyo Sajo&a^, (§ 
ceasrno <&)&&>; 3. ax^itSiOQ^iJio— , <sroo_i. 
rooufl&atf). =flo-ra'tidn, n. &cty) c&ooj 


De-flux'i6n,w. i^5)c95>oan<fl5)^ (med.). 
De-fo-li-a'tion, w. goejotyiinrofl*. 

De-force', V.t. Cn^OQOJCQaC^aSXZOCSu] 

S)5^<S5Qjoao 6iQd(a®<a> (/.); 2. oolca'0Da© 

-meilt, n. c2iOco;roaol<a^6i5)(SjQjoao; cro 
(Ss)oro38eiotocruDS>rit>o (a-jQ^caran^saroDo. 

De-for'est, v. t. «s>os°qjcs2;<ssc9>, — orfl 


De-form', v. t. <2a>oaio5><fl5§c9!3<a>, 

eOcQ^— , Qjl(@aj0O(98a5; 2. goaflgDgjo 
ODOcQsa), fOll(Q>QJ — , -aJCTTOo 6)(0»§(99iS>, (BT3 
Q_)0O(Do QJ053(g£Dtf>. -ed, «. <fl5@O-l0O 

cq;, eocaicorigjotBra). def-or-ma'tion, «. 

Q(Qj0eJoff>tQ5§{9s>rab, Qj1^)^@cljo; (fSjaJiao 

ooo. =f ormed', a. aTi^^oaj^ga, <&<© 
o_j0ocai, ejd9fiQ6mo 6)a»§. =for'mi-ty, «. 

6>S)QJ(23a_ljO, a 10000 ; (SY3)jaJ0f0SoCOo; <Si§0 

daacoi-io; orilca;0ajoaainno; oj^3g.^Jo; So 

De-fraud', v. t. (of) s^oe^dB®^, xu 

fon<aa<fi), cusrainjy q^)§<9s<si, qj^I^ — , 

©roQ_iQoron<98<Q>. =da'tion, -meut, n. 
De-fray', v. t. j&eioX <!S(§6$&., — @a 

§(Q>, — 'OTOtPlas^, — <T)lQ^aDl<99<S5; 2. 

^aj^aj©^. -al, -ment,w. j»r)ejQuisrtA. 




Deft, a. rtD<8s>,'W0OCO; 2. GTUO0 
(ol£iop@g ; 3. 6&rg)(S6)o— ; 4. c^foraD — . -ly, 
<20?. Q-flaOlfOTo (ST^COT), SCQJOOTjO— ; CTOO0 

(^■Sasraoffis. -'ness, n. e> r osS)^io 1 Socol. 

De-fuii^t', a. oToajcrcoorD^, 0ro\gj. 
«. 0rolojQ_nt>. =tibu t n. 0ro6imo. =tive, 
a. c^c^ocn^TlcaiorvioeajCTuD^. 

De-fy', V. t. f0)gg(9>; 2. ©a-ioralcm 

af)gf)c9<8<&>; 3. (BToajd9fia.0o<e8c&>, @§o«S5)0 

rtjf)rtf)<aad3i. n. oilroojoeo. i^fi'ance, n. 

Q^foDeoajo, Qjlfoauoao; ^^laioroo; a 

raroroo. to bid d.e, to set at de «n 

.O°o_lO<0>, — <3)0§<a>. =fi'ant, «. CJO) 

dssiorao &£&, cooc^ o— . =fi'ant-ly, ad. 
cooc^ eoaj<sajT3)os>s. =fi'ant-ness, n. 

(OlSggO , 0OIO3. 

De-gen'er-ate, v.i. ca)06no®<uo<ei; 

QJ cfiag. 005^1 OS <&; ad)oT)<20<&>. a. Qf)aj<93 

06TO®; orooroaoo; ccfljiizo'sv. =a-cy, ft. 
(ST0CJO8ajr^noo, crTl^c^fO), «J)0^. =ate- 
ly, ad. oolggofoo (sr^con, (BToSc&jocdio— . 

=ate-ness, n. ajco^a^-io. =a'tion, n. 

gcfiSjO, Q-JOflOOo, (gc^a , (BToCJO0O3)_lo; (BTD 

o_i<&>aiio, 00000 (phys.). fatty d.n 
6)<^oy5g_J'a_Dslas)frf). =a-tive, a. <a)0£ 

De-glu'ti-nate, v. t. osoocrfi&z&t 
(scusjaj^a^tft. =na'tion, n. sojs>q1i 

De-glu-ti'tion, rc. &<a£&6rr>o goo 
aacal>, of) y: see rat, (^naroooo. 

De-grade', v.t. co>o<£> <s>; ^sa^ooo 

(gocrao Qjrt8(qE)<3); GTUDOOO0OOOo g)£J0rt»0 

<flQ<a; 2. aTlejajoasc9>; <aroq_i0oorfl<98<e>; 
3. g2^)_oj<a)oy3 <©>. y. i, eao<ofls)<a>§c3> 

(biol.). deg-ra-da'tion, w. cruooootg 

c£a ; <o>oj£, orflootn; oac9on dOQica'o; gp_sl 
^rsb; eaotofitgcQa ; (erarocfej (phys.). t 

=gra'ded, a. 0oooad r )ooo <er§>coj, oo 5 ! 

-□Jo— . -ment, ft. cruDoooigooao. 

De-gree', n. oj^I, <s<a>06ml; 2. o_» 

rtJ)0Oo, OtDgJ; tfftOfOfO^o; 3. (BToQJCTOO, 
OXJolraT); 4. fOifoo, QjItoo, (BYo&Qj ; 5. 

aDe,oo_)Scul; 6. ®o°; 7. crucoooo (ar.) ; 
8. goaf), eocoo, tsroooao (as.), by d.S 

(^s06td, OLj^lojslcaiDCBn. d. of lati- 
tude (STo<Q>eJg_jSn, (BTDdaftlOooao. d. of 
longitude nrflgo-jsH, (y^Qj<a>ooc/ao. tO 
a d. Qjas)fo, (sracjul<950oc2n. 

Deg-us-ta'tion, n. fls-ailcajrfiay, r& 

oroo (phys.). 

De-hors' (de-hor, de-horz'), prep, 

§D£J0COTO>, OTOOOj 0OC32D (/.). 

De-hort', y. t. igs<98<fi>, fO)§<ss<si. 
De-hu'man-ise, size, v.t. 0aaca). 

g_joo gDgjO(0)o<9sa>, eccj — . 

De'i-fy, v.t. 6>s)eaf)<0>ro1<93c9>, ^^\ 
ra_io croaaDg^ldaga); 2. (Sr0)rooa5]<a8ia>; 3. 

slc^0ocQ5n(oT^l<9a<S). =if'i«, =if'i-eal, 

a. e"lc^0O(98nrr); ff>siaojfai_io ajg^aacm. 
=fi-ca r ti6n, n. 6)6>aojl<0)ro6rno; OTofanoj 
o3oo. =fied (-fid), a. (ergirooc^o (Bt^cs^, 
6)6)aoj<g)QAio— . =fi-er, n. qbqTi&cq) 
(Sscmcunb. =form, n. 05)aQjcrcogWio; 

S)S)eC8QDc^0CB((3o_No. de'ism, Tl. a^<Q) 

6>s)aoj(m_i0(O)o. de'ist, n. a£B<£>s)S)a 
QjfD)_i0fo^c9ooron6, <s<9)Qj(2ejo3_ifoQJoan. 
De'i-ty, n. «^acuo, 6)6)aoj(a)_io. the 
D.y cnDSc^aajronti. 

Deigll (dan), v. t. ®cojocOj6)oos>ot) 
6rra<s>; 2. acB;®fOiOCTrns)<9)0§t9s<a); (o-^croo 
an<03<S). v.i. foQascgggo S(Oiocrro<Q). 

De-je€t', v. t. <ai&~p\as)o qjosks®<&), 
S)5)COSJcefiiCQ;o— -. -a, n. (pi.) 0aji^((g) 
ajscfe. =ted, «. 000^^11(013), daafl6TrTl 
^, 6iDom0oca;. =ted-ly, ao?. orua9)SSajr3)D 

s>s. -ed-ness,n. (ssuao, §8 6Uo. ='fcion, 

72. aTlcaaoao, 0<2OOOC^|CrCOOo; fO)0!£; (SY9) 

a51; aSf^-'^^^CLi , aoopjo; 0aj^©otD 
oro^ooo; 0aio. -'t6-ry, a. 0ao?^o qj 
a»(5j®oD; aTl'3fOjii<050ocQ;. =ture, n. 
(gro®0®^o. [caaofflAoens (/.)• 

De ju're, a. (BYoOj<&)oaaajipl(96)'; ml 

De-la<5-ta'tion, n. ojoeu <sjsn0ooorab. 
De-lap'sion, «. cifl^, o_iro)ooo. 
De-las-sa'tion, w. (wai^ caaflemo. 




De-lfite', V. t. Q£D§(ara) J o)<3)06 r »§ , <Sa_jo 
<9>; 2. Q_irO«J®(9>; 3. a3 006)g_J§«J®(d); 4. 

msflggjcej. =la'ti6n, w. <fl30oo<2fooa_j6rno; 


De-lay' (-la'), n. ra>o0cruo, aflg.o6Qj 

OOo; 2. 003^0); 3. ftnSOTQDo. V. t. rO)O0Crif) 
g_[.<9i8<S), crnnJTDD^QJtSScQ); 2. Qjlo^o OK03 
(Sg5<a>, S)S)QJ(&ri<9S(S); 3. Oaalg-pcSgcSs. 
V. i. 6)06>g}<2a_JO(0>; rO)6!3y<0>; 6)S)CLi<Bi<Q>. 

-iftg-ly, ad. s^oj^^aaosni . 

De-le€'tate, v. t. (mgrocBlo-paatf), 
2<Jcnoaorz>iaocSs<Q). =lee'ta-ble, a. §doqj 

Ott, aTiaalc^aocQ;. =lee'ta-ble-ness, 

?j. 6)S)Qjoa)ca3jo. =ta'tidll, n. (SY^aoo 

So, gDOQJo. 

Del'e-gate, rc. (a-jajflorflco), ctuoocdo 
aLj'afl. a. on)<xy<&faejo<3j . t>. /. crfltScmo 

CO"1<S3<0), (TQDOCDOCU'an (ST^CsT) (SraCtt)(6S(Q), 
— (BTauAe>0fD6)g_|§(qiS)(9s;2. /3fO30gy]<Q9<Q). 

=ga'ti6l), ft. onteoaotoo; (o_)<dncrfla$l 
<9>cX). =ga'tor-y, a. cruoDmoa_jro>)0oca. 

De-lete', v.t. is>Ss®ty&>&<Q>, 0o<gL<0>. 
=le'ti6n, n. Acarairab. 

Del-e-te'ri-OUS, «. <saoc&i<a>ro0ocB;, 
aoocrriajra^onr), arica3igg&. -ness, n. 

Delf, n. <&<£), tf^yH, (&g^6m, suarf). 

delVe, V.t. <snS)g(d8d9>, <fl»iAaa<fl»; £@g 

6mV-. /2. <s»eng , ^qo. delv'er, n. 

Delft, Delft'ware, n. aS\mw6m 

De-lib'er-ate, v. t. <Bi@<8&]<fl», 
aDjiiorol<39®<S). v. i. jiT)cTO)l(9i8a>. «. 
(ergsajojifl^; ary<flgpo &@g; croocucoo 
(Too—; 2. a>fl8fari(g3§ica;. -ly, arf. ignb<e» 
«8rzn<2ejos)S, crooajcoccnscoraofrs. ness, 
72. cgntd&asrwrai), crooajcoocno. =a'ti6n, 
ri' <srg)<2Q]o_airo, ^nbcQircsrcnrab; ool^oj 
6mo. =a-tive, a. ^^IcacsaiojiridBscm. 
=a-tive-ly, «£?• (SY3)<2aio.a)cn<3cQ;D<ns. 
=a-tor, hi <8YS'2ejOiiicr)(95)oronb. 

Del'i-eate, a. or^suisgicoo g@g; 2. 
racroo — , a^ju)<Q)0)o (Stqw, 3. (Scioaoaoc — 

<3oc61cX#@&; 4. 6)0eTl6KJ!3), <2(T)0a(Qt3)C2J; 
5. 0O§QJO— ; 6. gDOOJo— ; 7. 0®(DOfO5TB3 
<S>0— •; 8. gDg.CQ;; 6QJ&J0 <6i06raT3); 9. CTD 
<£&f)<Sa(BTO)<ej); Q_flcftJ0o g>@g. ; 10.(0)0^000 — , 

g>(W,0oc2j; 11. Qjlsajjijmaaceon^gg, 
ary£gpo— . n. ^s^in^fDajeofaino; 2. erg 
aflcanb. =ea-Cy, rc. rocroo; g^-io, 
<S«T)02; <3<a>D0&(O)jo, g)(/a«n; gj^ro), 
oa©D; CT\J6U<8e0COo, <8fS03O> a}; (TydSgio, 
Q_n®QJ.nlCno; 0300000^,0), eJ0QJ6Tr)jO, 

aoc^^jo. =eate-ly, ad. aryd^<S(0T3)DS)s. 

=«ate-ness, n. q®^®). 

De-lici'6uS (-lish'us). a. QrQmce&Oio 
(srgicQj, gDc3a<e>a)o— , 03anoooroo— ; qjoqj 
6mjc g>@g., 0ocy^o— . -ly, ac/. gc^0o 
cttTl, cro(Saa)3cft)cfba)0oc2ri. -ness, .w. 
crojoa , rD0,<o); seocoajc^l. 

Del'i-^ate, v. t. <gcf)s><a>§<fli. =ga'- 

De-llght' (-lTt') , n. (ST3)ano3o, (91© 
qooqo: 2. cro(Sao)0ca3<9)0f06rno. v.t. q. 

v.i. (in) fDcroo Sraocrradai, ©cruo — , ©c^ 
0Oc9i. -ed, «• 0aDoaro®aa)Dce^o pee, 
a^ngDc^p— . -ed-ly, ad. cro<Siaaoeo, 
££)ocro;2ior3)DS>s. -er, n. (Sr^onceo cu 
«s(^crnajat); ap(^0ooncroa6. -ful, 
-Some, a. (O0jo (SY^ay, 0<snnoQOfOo— . 

-ful-ly, -ing-ly, -some-ly, ad. (sr^cn 
cB&tozow). -ful-ness,-s6me-ness,n. 

rt>0i(w, arop^c^l. -ing, a. <8rarilroo0o 
De-lim'it, v. t. cmcg<Gtt?\<Ti\uMGu\<a% 

— ©§<»). =a 7 ti6n, n. (BYD^ibcrflgr^cB;©. 

De-lin'e-ate (-i-at), v.i. curo^^o 

5rrDcee<9>, ^fav0ocBTl(&>o§<Q); 2. aTloLifDl 

<&>*&>. =a-ment, =a'tion, n. ajraanrab, 

=a'tor, n. jxT)i®o aifoaaomcunb. =a'tor- 
y, a. Qjgn^<Si0oco;. 




De-lin'quent, n. gi<3a-jda&ic9s>:raab, 
a,oo<0>fD0oca;. =lin'quen-cy, n. &<3a_j 

cfifil, aioaaiOOo, 65(5)00 , O_l0fO)c93O. 

Del-i-quesce' (-kwes'), u. t* (sraaD 
6ta® ®o_ic<&>, mens®® s>Qj@g.0o<a>. =ques'- 
cence, n. (BYDafi^rat. =ques'cent, «. 

De-liq'ui-ate (-lik'wi-at), v.i. (era 
eDsra^So_i0(9j . =a'tidn, n. rBraefl^rab. 

De-lir'i-um, w. g>naoao, ssruococBfii 
c&o, cromrO; 2. (g0o, (^ Ai, (goao°. d. 
tremens asejoraoao, <sfi3l(o_)arocrnl. 
traumatic d. (gracud^s— . =lir'i-6us, 
#. cruif) ro 50^jS\ coDgjo rora), .oflrorangao g. 
gg, ®6njDcoc8<95iS — . =lir'i-6us-ly, ac?. 
<ssruocjo0i^jos)fa>. =lir'i-6us-ness, n. 
cro cnrfl. 

Del-.i-tesc'ence (-tes'ens), ??. ©gfi 
^iralasifai), 0oqj . =tesc'en-cy, n. ® 
&)oj\ -tesc'ent, «. agTicinrob g>g&, 

aooTlf^— . 

De-liv'er, v. £. (from, out of) af)§ai, 
<20o.ofld9(8<9>, gi@X)(S)<9$<Q)', 2. (up, over, 

to, into) agjgy)^ 6)<9>O§(9q<0j, 6)5)iS)0OOOo 
S>jii^, S)S)<9>(UC/ao S)s0)O§a9<Q5, aLPlOTJIO) — , 

qTI§ — • 3. q_joc9>, <BTOc"flca7)<9s<a>; q_joo<9)o 
«a>yf!<sa<9>, (cycroocol<fls<e>; 4. (orasH, <ft 
<arc& ) 6><a)0§<Q8(d), q^)c51q%(9j, ^ajsHsiOL'tQa 
<a>; 5. (of) (o-^crocLncflQ^; 6. <d>osrrn<saa); 
7. tgr^Sejojijnas^; 8. cro00rafk9s<9>. 
-a-ble, a. o^gJp^Si^D^cflRoajam; aTi§ 

S><9>0§<2&S)5ngaT>. -ailCe, Tl. f0(6fil, <80Oji1 

mo, antral), crojo««(Qro) o; (a-jcroojo; 
crcocroofOo; fofl^lj , <8ta&)[aAo<suo; gsojocjoo. 
-er, n. rO(SfQ<^ab, g>(3jj3ra<9>no; (a^nr^ocu 
<s>rrb. -y, ?z. <20oj3droo, rodSfia; a^g-p^ 
5i<d)0§<9s)fst, aynsroro) — , q|oo — ; croocroo 
rao, (cynr^oaiaflrafl; Sajo ; a<go, fgrasH. 
Dell, ft. <a)0tf>fa, 6><s>ogjl, 0ejcjz;1§(95i . 

Del-phi€ (-fik), a. ®cooouj0oa2-', bj 

Del'ta, n. ^(Sfiosrro^rtsrarofl, (Sd&o 
errfe— , rmaipV.y seoao. =ti<5, a. fsrau^ 

De-lude', v. t. cro^o smocfltQs^, 
fffrosajauroKjDi?^ .oio^aa^, s-crog^aa^, 

6>_al6ngS),fl)0§)c93(a>; 2. crflg^ejaOcQgai, q^ 

LODOjocSsa). -r, n. -aKaDcpjnb. =lu'si6n, 

W. (BT060)(3iJo, alfSlDi, (gOOTOfl; QJStaDfO): 

QjaroQ: esorfaT, <sra6ru'SDQjVjajocroo. 

=lu'sion-al, a. aooajayoea/. =lu'sive, 
=lu'sdr-y, a. (src>5Ti)©uo fsr^oy, aH^— , 

QJ6tSal<T)— . 

Del'uge, n. 6)aj@g^g_joapo, s>q_job 

6)QJgg.o, (Q_}QJ0aOo; 2. <9>ejoa_)9, 0qDj 
OODOao. the d. (<20n0aO3$S)S «9>0eJf!^ 
S^OCC;) 63eJ(a_}g.<Bk>; V. t. Q<95)\&n&<31i<&>, 

2. (asTldana^t^i orrioc9S(9s, cr>ua~)g_^c9s<fr. 

Delve, v. t. see under Delf. 

Dem'a-gOgue (-gog), tz. eaoncroooa 
fDYOiajojnb, 0r5rora(Q_)0O6rrfl, (a_4ea<9>5)a <0> 
ajoolajlcflscmajnb. =gOg'i«,=gOg'i-eal, 
«. 0csroro(3oQj(g@a- =g0^ r ism, =^og-y, 
n. <©)ejaoS(Q_)ft)5imo. [eana^al. 

De-main', ». crojaoisxn^ajoa^^a 
De-mand A , v. t. ^§i^ u s^oa1a?>a>; 

2. (BTaaj<9>ooa(o_)ca>o(Do — , (STacJolaiofDScarao 
s)S— , foriroc9aoas(a>, oolsi^jcnu'lifis^; 3. 

(gr^QJC^j^-j-J^A; 4. aigjiaaas (/.). U.f. 
(2 alOSl^A, OraSCDJAfl^a). 17. <2oiO 
a.o, 6lO t Jf3xn^§l(a5)'T5b ; SrO)^; <d)gjnr»; 2. 

faTlfo<fl5)d»; 3. afl^jo, ^Dejcu , <sn<£\-2±ah; 
4. (Brocu<9)0aao; 5. <&>So(l,). in d. oratfl 
^ejga.. ond. SjiioeliOsSauDcb. =da-ble, 
a. <3.aioal(Saocyom. =dant,=der, n. s^jo 

al(93orr)aunb, (S^Qje^s^^nmcuab, rsra 

De-mar'^ate, v. t. (stms^^^^^A,. 
oja>— . =mar-ea'tion, =mar-ka'tion, 

(SYDfaTlfb s>Qj(fl5)^5b, — ^Srsi), (mrar^) rnra»l, rero 
(aD(bas)gj , (SQJcilios , ajitanocroo. 




Da-mean' (-men'), v. t. msas©^, 

^jaig^^; 2. (refl.) OOSasA, «o_l«S20(i 

<s>, Qj,ocurtf)cb®<&>; 3. (refl.) ^op, t9>, 
0oon3a*s u Qja»(qi2)tf>; <HTaQjcniQS>a_io 
s^d^. -or, -our, n« msg^, <s>a_ica3 
00000, eoauo, oosajs"). 

De-ment', v.t. 6ajra6l5><&§<a9c9i, (go 

a^DiBadh. n- jiTlOTaxgeiigga. =men'cy, 

n. en^'^jS][Q2io. = f tQ,tQ, v. t. 6qX&S\<£m 

OxalgJOrOTD). =ta.'tiOH, ?2 • (g30fO)-)«S5ircii); (go 

< ^ J . -ed, a. (goaroaDs^^. ='ti-a, ■». 

g) 00080. 

De-mer'it, «. oroojo^fS); 2. raws^o 
f^jfo^; 3. (erg)®cQfiio_j<sc2;ocoifai; sj^oo , 

<SjOOo. o. f . (BTO O.J 0(0)0002; I foHd^daj. 

De-mer'sion, n. %sgq<?&, cst&ang qclaq 

<&)rab; 2, fiJ-32.0. 

De-mesne' (-men), see Demain. 

Dem'i, pf. a-j^-of), rsYo&Oo, (srofo. 

d.-god seam, d.-john ajaflaw n_i 

crflcTfl<bs»g_p. d.-lance 6>.aicflo&v<Bia&)o. 

d.-man aDcmfonb. d.-monde ^ajg_jo 
S^l. literary d. <Bi©av>ej<£/)CYiQrt>.fli<e>n6. 
d.-official aSG^ooDcrTlaiayo ctojctotT) 
aio^o ^sHcb/. d.-rep aonsgj^ofotaraf). 

De-mlse', rc. roflr^QcOiO^^toi), _ojo 

OT3) ; aoODo— ; 'BTOrniOCJUITn^guJ^fiJroiroi); 

cuo^aoorab; 2. 0fo6rno, <a>oejo 6)nJ5jfob, 

— Qjal^jaA, roftao-jSrob, nmS arf)<SS)o; 3. 

jaJ0fnT0)°a_i6ma2;o, <&)06mo, aool(/.). p,/. 

(oflfo S)<Q)0§«B9(S), BOOOo— , acrO.iBK»0rtrt>— ■; 

2. <d)0-5n")(DTDnam 6)cu<d9<&>, (9)06mo jxio 


( 3B) <a>. 

De-mis'si6ll (-mish'uu), ?i. «no^>, <s» 
sgcTI-'Oio; 2. ^(SGjOcoo roosflo)<fro§aaroi>. 

Eem'i-urge, n. 6>s>ecuo, rg)c^p<3> 

raraoou . 

De-mob'i-llse, y. £. o_>§oao s>a_io 

=li-sa'tion, rc. a-j§o&o 6>a_jogn<e«fab. 

De-mo c'ra-cy, n. (a-jeaocuo^; 2. 
(^(oTlarflcol— ; 3. (a_)@3<a)c)a; 4. (cywos 

fo5rr>(a_)026rno. dem'o-erat, ><. (o_)e.o 

on«j_»w^ajdafia<flB3«>nb. = erat-ic,=crat'- 
i-eal, a. (<y03o(a :: )g^jcrDo6ojaru)0oji, 

(a_j830QJ0^(^@g ; (ajeoOCLDaj'^ja-jcafti 
foraTlfoi)S)a_j§; (a_}<2S3oa_i<©>ort>0ocoj. de- 

moc'ra-tise, i>. /. (cye3oafio_j'OTj0o<9aa>. 
De-mog'ra-phy (-fi), n. oo^^ejoao 

Dem-oi-selle' (-a'zei), r. eojoaD^, 

6ajo^a5iofo(aTon, ayoj-oTI; 2. eocrui- 

De-mol'ish, v. t. ©slas^, crfl&jo 
ojf6l^0(Q«ce>, crflz^aj0o<9Qd3>. -er, ?*. 
6)a_joa"l<Q3cmajnb, anooa<Q>nb. -ment, 
dem-0-liti'6n, ft. m^&znk, wayfioj, 
onooao, eocoo. 

De'mOIl, ft. Seauroi, (g(0>o,' ; 
2.«9»ejsaaj'ai. -ess, ?/- o-Doacjif). =mo'- 

ni-ac, =mo'ni-al, «. asja-joaoiifia^oa*;, 
(g«anDo_jeai«g@a. =mo'ni-ac, r». (§<a>%o 
nvjnb, (gocranb. =mo'ni-a-cism, ». (§ 
^^oojeojo. -i-al, -i-an, -ie, a. (§<& 

croo6rucnu20C2;. -ism, w. §g^aDtyajo 
croo. -Ise, «. ^. «(q_j.-ojo @§<05. -ol'a- 
try, n. (g^oraoajoo. -ol'o-gy, «. <§ 

De-mon'e-tise, v.t. ondsrr^zg^oc&o 

as<di, <D05TTflSo orflqsjs.. =ti-3a'ti6n, 
n. cnoernjo o^^cSno^, — ons<9no<g£. 

De-mon'strate, u . t. Aosrnljeajft, 

aTlajrolcSs^; 2. cn51<auoao)i)g_j§f^(e). 
=Stra-ble, «. rrTi^gocTaOavaocan 6)(a)^3in 

dB»oQjcm; grv^aos*. dem'on-stra-ter, 

=Stra-t6r, n. ooia^c&v^<BscnDaLjn6; oafo^ra 
aao^cuoe^joafl. =Stra'ti6n, rz. 6)3)^1 
<^<anfo^;ar>)a)OSd9fiia_j0oc2;5)(a)gn3-i ;eocu 

(cy^cofii^; orolfgijoaoa. direct d.n, 
positive d.n (.Tuooa_jan(Q-)0osmo. in- 
direct d.n, negative d.n cYfks^co-. 
=stra-tive, =stra'tor-y, a. ©.ma^ctfi 
c0aonr), (o_)^cofici0o<ss)ar). =stra-tive-ly, 

ad. g^onroio^c^o. 

De-mor'al-ise, v. t. (sr^jiiofoigooao 

Qj(T»(^<a>, <2cna> @d^jotj)0<6s<si, crfl.-oTl— , 
0g2pas><ai§<9a<0>. =i-sa'ti6n, «. (^>0o 





De-mot'l€, a. ea an sob & as @&, (a_j 
s3ocroo6rucTU)o (Stgjca;, aroocjuorosrno— . 

De-mul'cent, a. (srO)cva_ioaroo cur® 
rqgjoD, ua^g-paaoD. n. oaasKrvocfti 
coo (med.). 

De-mur', v. i. ca>o0ar\51aaa>, oaa£l 

(flSt9>; 2. CTflraT3f)S):Llifl(8<S>; 3. ClDSfDOCOo 

a_joa>; 4. Qjoe1(S9(Q>. v. /. crooaacan 
asa>, «j>o0cn51g_p<eg<0). ?2. arf)rcTa)rtA, cj»o 
0croo; crusa^nOo. ^rage, HJ ^gjaD 
sjfibo (^oaaro^ajaj . =ral, w. j^stm 

aio, jiiocuejio. 

De-mure', a. cooeflroeocuqeai 2 . 

aTlancao onslascm. -ly, arf. ^co^orD 

OlICDOSj <2f5T3)06)S. -neSS, ft. QQlOOSOQJo, 


Den, n. 0S, CDaO; 2. (y«JTZ»l^<a)§ 
SVOXOl, ©jilOOg^fO; <af)O0O^6)S 1QS ; 3. 

s^cro jroaroooano. v. i. CDaocaDrak a_io 
as a). 

De-nati'on-al-ise (-nash'un-), v.t. 


O)0^(gcm OJf03«22)c&>, fD0S3i0QJ<S>0OSo © 

gjormo<fla<0). =al-i-sa'ti6n, «. roo^jigc^. 
De-nat'u-ral-Ise, v.t. crcisoajon 

HS(3>U0O(flSd9>; 2. 5)Q_l'0fO'O)_lo §DgJ0fO)0c&S<e5. 

Den-drol'o-gy, ft. ojaaaoao^o. 

Deil'gue (deri'ga), 7i.QS<B5>^an), QS 
ozonb— (med.). 

De-ni'al, see under Deny. 

Den'i-grate, v. t. <Q>aS\&>Q>%jp<a%£*: ) 

2. <3>OS>g_J§a23)<fii, 03On3aS)S QJf03(qi3)a>. 

=gra'ti6n, ft. aQg-paarol); (groajaflrcrafl. 
=g , ra'tdr, n. mxQa^<Sh\am\s)^%(^crr)' 

De-nize', v. t. shuicqwao s>a>o§ 
asa>. den-i-za/tion, n. sjajforaonoasT! 

roraflaarsfc. den'i-zen, n. rooejjajocrol; 
o)o_j t oraor)DCQflamQ_jro(saf./al; (BY3an.rDoe3.Qjo 
cnjl. v. t. aj,rDQjoa\fica'O&5n-OTand9®0); 
euro <2G go faro) anion s>a^06 r >§QJaT) , cuoglp 

De-nom'i-nate, v. t. <?o_jfDl§a>, mo 

0<Q)fD6imo <Si^l<SQ<&); 2. dDSaa.iia^ ao_p 

<&%<&>; 3. (sraojaoaao — . a. moascoctt) 
^gg, Qjajnoo00ocB;. =na'ti6n, n. ono 
0<Q)rD6TDo; Qjl®oace35mnno0o; rBraelauo 
ooo, aruooan<Sg_]<b; / ox2geo, arocgaocB;o. 
=na'tidn-al, a. cua>c&ioca;, aja>c&n(3i> 
6>cu§. =na'tive, a. ano0eoca;a>o tsrojesy; 

83Ofi3flano0o — ; (a_} l 2<T5.a>onO0c — ; OOO<80O 

(OTgojo— (gr.). =na't6r, ft. Sa_ifDl§am 
Qjab, cnosaog^rarafi; ano0coofol («r.). 

De-note', t>. t. a>osrrflasa>; 2. ^ 

<5^<fl5)0^<e) ; 3. CT^nDg-p^saj. = n6-ta'- 
tl6n, ft. aiolaarafc, Sajraflrtflasirot). =n0- 
ta tiVe,<2. -a^^rglaBOSOT), <9)Ol_o\<O)0SaT>. 

De-noue'ment (-nu'mon), n. ao^o, 


De-nounce', v. t. raTaolaj , Q ( ejo§<e9<o>; 
2. ec2JS)g_j^f^©<a); 3. f8T3)'8da££ici_n<e!g ( ai; 
<0ioo6) a _j§f£^ ( 9 5 . -ment, «. (cynr^oojo; 
cra^oroo; r/l^KsyrD. ='cer, ??• e^v-jaosrrTl 
anoroob, (eroajcuoan. =nun'ci-ate, u. ^. 
<8rg)<8<aflaa_n<88<o>. =nun-ci-a'tion, n. 

ajfQcrajo; (ftooo3fDOa_j6rno, (S'lcaaeTrD. 
=nun'ci-a-tor, n. (sr^Stfiaio.j^nb. 

Dense, a. <sr§rt>§g_|ig@a, a)§lca;oca), 
foTl6TOlt3i;, rrTl6nnaD0oc2;; 2. 6nj(l^lo>a>f , 
0scanooc2;. -'ly, «c?. fafl«jsl Qjlfirse"). 

-'ness, den'si-ty, n. (er^rQ^gjo, crfl 

6nTlajo-a); (Uiororo) 0.0^1000. 

I.Dent, n. 'sra^l; 2. juo^qj'; 3. .aJro) 
(95) , <&>(&. v. t. <fl3ra)(fla<&), Q^ij(^®(S). 

II. Dent, n. enro)o, q-j^ . ='tal, a. enro) 

crco6ru(TU)o (srgjcc;, aoTOio— . d.l surgeon 

acro)5>s)Qjejnb. w.enTOjOcaaifDo^r.). ='ta- 

ry,a. o_j^J , ^g.<9snm. ^ta'tion, w. esowo 
rcmcuo. ='ti-ele, =tie-u-la'tion, n. 

6>jaJolcffiaj^ ; ajrafc^m. ='ti-fer-OUS, 

=tig'er-6us, «. n-j^* ^ smoajon, — g@^. 

='ti-form, «. ecTTOo^fancaoa^. ='ti-frice, 
n. aarwsoaocjooo^gr^o, {a^anrbH. =ti- 
la-bi-al, n. qqccv^o&q oafloroo(^r.). ='ti- 

la-ted,a. a-i^a@a. =ti-la'tion, =ti- 
tion, n. — QjroreA,— igaasifob. ='ti-lave, 




n. <£aiic03Qjor>o, a OB)—, <0>aLfl§arr) ararrn 
(med.). =to-lin'gual (-gval), n. acTOj 
sfloojoafiaroo (gr.). =til'o-quist, n. 
o-j^ajs")^ croocroortf)<9anT>ajri6. ='tine, 
n. earaoaruif), noocoacroajar^ (an.). 
='tist, n. across ojejob. ='tis-tie, 
='tis-ti-eal, a. — 5)S)aua,on)o6T2ja\O0oo2;. 
='tis-try, n. — s>s>ojejo. ='toid, a. a 
rro)o^jraTlca;ocQ;. ='ture, n. 6)<&§)-&(yj§£ . 

De-nude', v. t. ^§a3T3)@ralQ^<s>, no 
anaoae^; gD^ocg^ju^. den-u-da'- 

tioil. n* 0oQj crflcBsio; QJ((T^o @. rsTl co; iZ(J) , 

mc/D0o<f>nf3t, r8ramoo_j<o>o. 

De-ny', y. t. cn\ f Sce&(jS\<Q%&>, otd 

<99<&; 4. ao)roo<3>rDl&8t3\ to d. One's 
self (ST^toraonnroaroano^og^, got^gloa/ 
orfl^aOo s>.aicpj<fl». v. i. rrflScax-iT) 
aetf>, ©S)gjcTroa_jo<d). =ni'a-ble, a. 
rn\'2'£^(jS]&s)^<9i<TD' 1 oolfScancjulaanJKSefis). 
=ni'al, n. rrn<8caacoo, ©gj (<sro£j) q^ctd 

CUDdOn*; QjlSfOCCOo, ^(Qno; j»<2aJd3&f) 

an^; ZQam Q_ioQQj(d>. self-d.l (STOxto 
nolfDcroooo, go aicasaao. =ni'er, ?*. clD 

De-ob'stru-ent, n. cif)<irt).ai6VYX)c£o 

ci;o (med.). 

De'6-dand, n. aitflojos . 
De-6'dor-Ise, =ize, v,t. §$ou>o go 

g^0'O)0<39<9>, (DOOOo <2o_J3(9s<0>. =d6r~ 

ant, a. zerno go^ocDoaarm. =i-sa'tidn, 

=i-za'tion, ?*. §^ou>o <3o_ioc8<s\r3b. 

De-On-tol'0-gy, ft. crflfoOooo^o. 
=gist, n. — O80(rr^jl. 

De-paint', u. £. jof)(gf)c9ia<fl>, cLig^n 

aS(9»; 2. _olOC2/o 3D§(e>; (BTDSQOiOao— . 

De-part', v.i. o_Prtflay<3), (bto<&>gj<&>; 

2. (from) ajos^g <2a_Joa>, ca>0(£j)ca;o<e>; 

3. (from) qj1§<0>, s^oc&tf); 4. crflsjol 

3a_J0c9>, gD&)0.T»0<a>; 5. 0fOl(99<^. tO d. 
With &<2a.i<B£n)<a$<&i. v. t. <2QJalf)rtfl 
(BqiQ); 2. gOCOoSVoJca<fl>; 3. oD^So-JOa); 

4. 'STOnWrtDcSa.Sj. -ment, 71. oJOg-JOS ; 

aooorol, (BTOocrao; cu<&5, g)3e.ocoo, s>.mo 
y>1rab, a_jOQ^,a^o; QJdfcgj ; (^oe^^' . 
-men-tal, a. &<2e,ococroo6rijnu)G5ocQ>. 

=par'ture, rc. ojo^os, culs5><s>o@£fti>; 

0fO6mo; S)t0)OO > ; g> <2a_JcQ£tf)c9s>rat>. tO 

take a d.e <si$-]&fls>abo coroO anVna^ 

De-pend', v. i. raeai^Vrfl^aj, ^.-o 
cttD— ; 2. crnejaTlrali @oaPaQ<a-,; 3. (on, 
upon) nrftaej^ — , (ST^cuoroaocoT)— , org) 
(£/g>can<9a«a>; 4. (on, upon) &oa_f]<&8<9>, 
s^Q<a); 5. <8croaD«fl8(fl). -a-ble, a. cuH 

oa jocnD<sco;oo3j aocttj. ='dance, ='dence, ??. 

©oom ; <a>D06rno, <Soo@; crooooca/o; 
{ffrjo^auo; aflcfcjocroo, <0)(&sxm ; (ergj 

CUOrOo ; rtB c8s)0 ; <TOo03CQ;CTadlfan. ='dan-Cy, 

='den-cy, n. (sr^^cao, rsraaJlm^; @_ 

<9bo ; (STQCtdsn iCTLDo jtSTOOflon 0)063, o. ='dant, 
='dent,«. r®WB\cr> l^om; (on, upon) <er§; 
^con^anaarm, (BTacu^crjiaoQBrioricSfscTn; 
fBTOcnjoa^lms^gjg; crooo^a2JalrD2)oc2/ , . d.t 

covenant or contract a_»afti:xmDrrfi 

c®ico;o. ?/.. tsrgxio^cancesaDajrib, (sr^(^) 

rainbjaoaio. ='dent-ly, «c?. fflToaflooao 

, csjD, (3ram,o(C5)C2;(S(aroios , (@sn. ='der, ?i. 

De-pi€t', V. t. Jifl(Q)oQJfQ<0s=a), cu 

grooQc&>o§c9aai; 2. anauaDoBs^, Q-igip 

aad95. ='tion, n, jif)@o, (©o_jo. ='ture, 

Dep'i-late, v. t. qcqozo o-jolaisa), 
S)fO)0g_j— , ?aj)oejfDl(9«<&). =la'tion, n. 
Qaogcaocenrat). de-pil'a-tor-y, a. srao 
00 S)(Q)oyno^onD. =16us, a. <a>£3<5 r 7§l 

De-plan-ta'tion, n.6®oon-i6)<as)(& i 

De-plete', y- ^. ayn<fla<a>, ojca>cf)a<a8 

=ple'tion, n . es^-^Qcucesid); ^aiocnj'— , 
QjGvd)&(&>«& (med.). 

De-plore', v.t. o_Z6u)<Ba<a>, (o_)ajoo_fl 
<es(S>, o_jnTl.'0)a_n(9s<95; 2. aroa&so q_jo<3>; 

3. a<20Ud9fiD(99(a). V.i. <BY2>aJ(3yo (^OQ^o 





^§dfc. =plo-ra-bil'i-ty, =plo'ra-ble- 
ness, n. ojjcrcooo, <sjsg51fO)o. =plo'ra- 
ble, a. Qjlajoo-J^roo orgjoa;, !SY3fol^o — , 
ajarifaiQj^cenfjjKDtas). =plo'ra-bly, ad. 
®^oas«ro)06>s. =plo-ra'ti6n, n. (a_)ajo 
o_io, smoyn^rtrt). ='red-ly, ad. aijcro 
m<ftrt>03oan. =plo'ring-ly, «cf. (o_)qjd 

De-plume', v. i. gscurab a-jonas^, 
g)-o)j^— . =plu'mate, a. jsojefigjo 
rara>; sifinoa-jQ-iffi.aj. =plu-ma'tion, ?z. 

caotno (riied.). 

De-pone', y. £• & i* cro^oQ^^ 
cuo^, croodOftTi— . =po'nent, n. cro^,o 

6>jiit^Q_joc^omQjnb, arc titj rnroT)® 02 rsb '<* 

De-pop'u-late, v. £. oois^mao^^, 

sacnaoT^OaDo o^^co,, <0js)crf)c93<&>, no 
oalg_p<9s<a>. =la'ti6n, n. eamarooaoo 
roo, cYTlz^ejmooao. =la-t6r, ?*. easono 


corsair orflcrro igcQao<9s<0>, <BYocoj-pj<&>a<S'; 
2. (rcfl.) rosdaa<0>, s>a_)rt»0oQ,a>. rc. no 
Sg_j , eocuo. =ta'ti6n, n. mos <fi;S(crafzA, 
rt>DS3j(g<3o . -ment, ?*. nosrarao, eocuo, 

(5T5)aiDfDo, jiiQjOJo. 

De-p6se', v.t. 6>QjgLjl«ea<B>; 2. oil 
^p_(S>; 3. a\iQD<D(gc^aja»cg®d9>, artflo 
ooocrooogocyao— , (rT)<es<*; 4- crortfyo 5).ni 
<3& o_jo<9), cro^toronsnarti 'c&g^lajra '6><do 
^t9?<^;5.crofgjo 5^ja]^l(9a<9>. u.t. oruodaafl 

OJOft, '<fr.g[]coTO' 6)<0>O§<Qs<0>. =p6'sal, 

fi. anrioQOocrocr)^g(^ J , aflamo. ='ser, n. 
oruooooigcqa QjrzscqsjcmQjat); l .«eigflfBTa ' 
6><9»o§«99amajr»b. =pos'it, y. t. g/oQai; 
6>cu<99<9>, @§(9>; cryda&Tl^j s)qj<93#>, croo 

(^ojdl^— ; CTya&n3_J30t) 6)<9>O§<980>, qj 
830Onc9<»)§ce> ; '<BYo0OOOo' 6>QJd9s<d>; g><So.J 

(SftTi<ft8(flo. 7z. jo'oorob, 0§ j '(sraaocDo' 
ftcuaarcb; QjeaomasTlSfal), rrydSfiDg-jonb 
S><0>o§(fis>rtri); a_J6mc2;o, §d<os ; tusmo 
cry&ftfl<es)fzrt>; 'rBramoiacOT^', '01020000' 

(/.); sueaom, Simuoroo. in d.t, OH d.t 

'(0Yo0OOOo' (ST^QbTI; (TycOari^LJOrrb o>S>0§ 

fara^oail. =pos'i-tar-y, it. 'fflToaoooT, 
ojsrno nryBfialg-io'Tb QjoysEflcaQjTfc); a_io 
sni^c/aoai; cg^oii) or^taaflaarmajnb (/.). 
=p5-siti'6ll, n. ®srab, 5^ojc9s>^), @§raJ>; 
a^ofob; (aj.mdeeaaotQsrak; cruDonooorf) 

(Qsjroi, a_lQQ_n — , g)®?! ^ — 5 crdlooDOCrO 

ootgocrao; ©afl^ ^slcaia^m ; (a-jrr^oojo, 
qjogo; 'd^^roW 1 . =pos'i-tdr, n. 'reio 
00000' oxu^gnmaunb; rrydft&n^jortb s)a>o 
§<9®aT>ajat>. =pos'i-tor-y, n. a_io5ngi 

<0)OdOQJ, Q_K0o_lDrD — ; '(51000001'. =p6t' 

(-po), /;. 6)^o§ldi, ajjoojorooaoej; goto 
aoocrooSOfD— , <&>ejajo; fo^laj6ng") L -pjjQo 
coo (U.S.). 

De-prave', v. t. § ^rias^; 2. 6>s>§(38 
*, i^^tj^f^ 195 ' dep-ra-vd'tion,-/z. 

csaocano, no J liiifa)_io; a_j3flf)<9ar3b (nied.). 

='ved-ly, ad. ajtmao^n. ='ved-ness, 
-merit, n« (BTocoaauo. =pra'vihg , -ly, 

ach ^.-oi^cao<&)foTa)c0s)CLiamo. =prav'i-ty, 

W. <05Oej^iO, C8(S>S , §OJ fOK» , Oolg ) cm'0>, 

(srov/la^l. total d.y e302a_ioo_io. 

Dep're-eate, v.t. oolojorosmotaioo 
3. <ssdioo0ocan (5T3)C8d9fi30Lji<B8<&>. =ea'ble, 

=ea'ting-ly, ad. (^«dOBao^0ocari.=ea'- 

ti6n, n. oolajorosm oroSa-jdOfii, a ( ^*- ):, ' D 
6m—; OLDcruKaa^o, ajlsroocoo; da&50o 

c?o_jdaai; c/ooo_jo. =ea'tive, =ea'tor-y, 

a. (^<8cQtoajc9>^0ocjy;(SYaajlci)a_»oQ%rrn. 

=ea'tive-ly, ac/. (et3)®cefi3aLjC8f3ra)05is. 

=ea't6r, ??. nrf)ojofosm:Sajdaaic9>a6. 

De-pre'ci-ate, v. t. aulaj^ocssce,, 

y. i, ariGL»©^l3^<a), — fmo^cSi; ooo6m,o 

<0>O3#<3>. =a'tiOC, W. aTlej<0jO<9P(75l), 00 

ono— ; qDgj<9soj2jo; «»o^. =a-tive, 
=a-t6r-y, a. Qjleja?o<flsam; 00000— , <a>o 

^ajoagcm. =a-tive-ly, a^/. ^o^n 

o)<Q$)0<5n§ . =a-t6r, ?Z. fOIO^ODQjnb. 




Dep're-dlte, v.t. d^ajijevaig^ftsa*, 

6>^o@@c2T!§qj)<0s<o>; -. foflcrroa>s3a>. y. ?. 
e><8>z$&rsf)^& . =da-ti6n, n. s)<&o§g|, 
(Srgj^ao. =da-t6r, rt. 6><&>oge (Qsnranb, 
(©iQ-'^tSflorenti. known d.r ouaOojocE; 

d?oo<£)iioa>nb, '3<3>cu51\ =da-tor-y, «. a> 
Dep-re-hend', y.£. aj1s1<ea<&>, asooo 

De-press', y.£. ^jg^; 2. ^o^qj 

nsRg©<Q>; 3. Sjgjoao — ; 4. 0030 (srg)c9s<Q>, 
tmaeiocTOJo— ; 5. aDejaiOcaaa, ooca,eoa9d9>. 
a. en ^dfciPlero®, sa^ej@&. ^pressed', «. 

gosloj a_locTlQa. ; ;*(W06m; 5)SK0Qgj:2OO; sgp 

{^00002;. -ing-ly, ari. a<8fi0:fii0 , l^o6)fCD. 

=pres'sion, ?<• <o>-^; -ft^l^o; aiynaj*, 
aj\foceo; §ds1qj°, <05oqj\ =pres'sive, 

a. ai&nolcno gacrng_p<&8nm. =pres's6r, ??. 
De-prive', v. t. §Dgjocgcaoa5i<3>, anocfl 

g_p<S9<3>; 2. (of) <9>g.<Qi, S)5)(fliQJOBo Qjl=j 
(gB)<Qi, <9D§Ora>O(ea<0), 6>a>0§d95)D'Or)rtric99<S>; 

3. cruDoaoo @gjO(^j)oas<a), <BTJ>aJ~)<a>oa>o — . 
=pn'va-ble, a. §D£}0<wo<fla«5T3)<a«), nrflcQs) 

fDrac05). dep-ri-va'tion, n. (sroo-iaoo^o, 

nrflcSjio, gDgjocg; aorole.o, anc^o, 6nj©x51 
ig§; f86ruoa:c9jaru£)omcy?l<s«o. 
Depth, see under Deep. 

De-pulse', y. t. ao^i^^aca.. =pul'- 

sion, ft. 6io^l<S5)(Z5b, rg)(ocaro>ral>. 

Dep'u-rate, y. /. s^alcaTicflsd^, ^ 

«D<flonoa>. =ra'ti6n, ft. 6>.o>anoan<3srak, 

De-pute', y. t. (^^orflaflcaacan erf) 
C®jc3ind99d9>, a-.o^cruocoDcori— ; crflsco/ocd) 
d93<d>; 2. 6)ai^l5)6roiO)§a«ga;. ft. (Q-JfaO 
orflcu), ajo^cniQrtb. =pu'ta-ble, a. crfl 

<3co;ocol(an-j3Tjric9©. dep-uta'tion, ft. c^n 

<3eo>oc/3o; on^eaojcrofiocDc; — eaooo. by 
d.n, in d.n orflcs^«efl)>fnooar), 'siueajocB/V. 

dep'u-tise, =tize, v. t. (a-j^o-fico) 

flJS>tf>. dep'u-ty, ft. (cyraTlorflufl, *6oj 
eejodo', aogycruono, crua030»<o>nt>; ruo 

(Qgflcrtf \jys3oarusoocoo. chamber of 
deputies —(a-jeaocrue. 

De-rac'i-nate, v.t. sajsrao^s <uol 
<ssa>, crnz^ej0o«ft!<fl». =na'tion, n. 2. 


De-rail', v.t. ro?)cLi^ng3rDlcnj , o_io^ 
caDcofccrflcno 6)(0)o6l3g_jo<Q). -ment, ft. 

De-range', y. £. cr>Drooaflujo fSTgas 

s ojo»(js®<es; 3. eryfauiigao— . =ranged', 
a. <g)(2o s)ra)oqics2/, 604^0!—. -ment, 

Der'e-liet, a. oil§ ^asroro), fansft^; 

2. ^q-jos^ocq;, a^aDtSg^ocQ;; 3. gogjofara., 

aroocoaoo, aD§ cSjasro© a^jraii (/.) ; &,s<& 
rsnrrosr^ocao^iDajo. =lie r ti6n, «• ^o 

COo; @i3n_id9£a; (BTOCOOLD^ Jo ; (SiS'zA Off] 

6aol3^5rsoco;oruDejo (/.)• 

De're-lig'ion-Ise, =ize, v. t. axnaD 
De-ride', y. /. ajaPnocnfiaaai, jj! 

rjTlcosa>, &><£\<aji<&z<&>. =rid'ing-ly, ad. 
rrTloascsao^s. =risi'6n, «. iBracuaoocroo, 
<e>a^cQ/0(d5ifa{); ou^laOocroaDcajcao. =ri- 

sive, a. cnlo^BocaD. =ri'sive-ly, « •/. 
jiD^)«cao«s. =ri'sive-ness, ». qoo 

a^o. =ri's6r-y, a. aooa^^fQaaco;. 

De-rive', V. t. (to, into, on, upon) 
S)Qj@g.o ranaTid9a<9i; 2. (from) QasrzoS'.&z 
<a>; 3. a_irQaurt>c2;DCQri ajrbl<&>; 4. ai~Jsa>; 
5. (BTOcra0ocTrice(a(e); 6. coo@<e>o6ira9> (</>'•). 

QoHdaa-^. =ri'va-ble, a. an§oajnm; w> 
cra0Drn1<fi!noajnT); coo@(&)Osrno(Oinrr). =ri'- 

va-bly ad. aflngQjaooD^. der-i-va'tion, 

ft. aiSio; £(OT§CUo; cfhD^jo; ^mOO90O(r>o; QJo 
w>a_joraoaicgjo; egjajTan^?'.); <^GJo; g' 

aoo. =i-va'tion-al, «. sgj <own crooew 




cauaoca;. =riv'a-tive, a. agjcmaoea/; ^ 
aio (STagjoforo), 12,6^0— ; szcn)^ ojasicm; 
aoj, afltpoce;. ft. g)g_jrmo; agycmojeo. 
-meilt, ft. <nroa©2)sar)o. 

Derm, ft. <sfa)oaj , ,^_><sb. ='mal, ='mte, 
o. -oiiz0croo6aj(T>D2iocsi). =ma-tol'o-gy. 

n. -aJ0aaao((TUo. ='mis, ft. iflronra)C®j22io, 

Der'ni-er, a. a§a«s)«5ra), (Bracucrooon 

s^fDTZD. d. resort otoooqs)^. 
Der'6-gate, v. t. <aj<so^3s4i&js>g_)§ 

olj0ootDc99<Q). y. j. (from) <QiOg^ a)j2 32j<3); 

2. aja^fOIJo <3)0S<&>. «. 0OCnoS)<0>§, rOlOSTT). 

-ly, ad. «8a_ioroo<goB>ocan. =ga'ti6ll, ft. 
(of, from, to) fBT5croocyojo<66)rtil); <9iOQj , 

<o>o^>. =rog'a-tive, =rog'ant, =rog'- 

a-tOl'-y, «. CLn&ja)0<&8(Tr); ejo^c3)_lo (STJJ) 

ay, g^jo— . =rog'a-tive-ly, =rog'a- 
tor-i-ly, arf. oanocBsocuoccn. =rog'a- 
tor-i-ness, n. qioo^iqjo. 

Des'eant, n. o_jo§ ,• 2. (o-jcroocoo: 

v.t, croooDl^croodl'mo q-jo§<Q), (@oo 
cofl— ; 2. c^osujoanl<flQa>, crocLnrr^ofOo 

De-scend', u. i. <aT)ipla2j<fl>, ©osoi§ 

<B>; 2. (STaSCJOOCOroO (Q_)0Q_ric9®<S>; 3. <SYo(T$ 
0le93(93; 4. 6&y<0j<S), 6)a_]<52J(9>; 5. CXX0Cn)c98 

<&; 6. (on, upon) (STfD)(g)0l<S8<0j ; 7. <mo 
6rn<sojo<a); 8. eacrfi&aa); 9. <srooj<a>oc7a 

0OQbT1 <9n§<0). U. f. gDOfiSQ^Sq-jOtfi; 2. (0)0 

y> <a>. ='dant,='deilt, a. Qjouasano (ST3)ca; 
gDoeogorr). -'dant, ft. fBYoanasfirocunD, 
orocrooono. ='di-ble, a. <maaoa3)rog_|oso 
ay) <9n§oa3om. =di-bil'i-ty, ft- o_Dg®s 
i^. -ing,&. fwoyom. ='ding-ly, ad. ^0 
6m svojosng . =SCeil'si6n, ft. foio^; <sra 
cr^aooDo; =scen'sive, a. faio^ 
02j@g. =SCeilt', ft. §DOd3ao; (on, upon) 
(Sr^K^ao; aDyn^tzd), (eYosaoocoiafl; @.fei 

De'-seribe', v. £. ajroaaa, Q^)y5@<&; 
2. aTlcLianaga); 3. aoaoaHs^opja). u. z. 
ajgfrjlc93<^. =s«rl'ba-ble, a. ajgr^crfloy 

0OOy, QjlQjrolc965ft5T3)<95l. =S€rip'ti6ll, ft. 
af)Qjro6rr>o; CUSTDCOo; QJ<S), <W(Do. 

=serip'tive, a. 6>ra>a^afl«ft8Gm; oDoura 
3§&? ajgr^anayoay. =serip'tive-ly, ad. 

anajroaocaD. =serip'tive-ness, ft. oj 


De-S<3ry', v.t. gracora nrTlaT)' (0)06129), 

a^sng foDoDc^aj; 2. (ST5)foosroig)rfla2ja>; 3- <3) 

ens qJ1s1(SQ(0), 5>ojgf)ajo<&ac9). ft. <a>oj^. 

Des'e-erate, v.t. crooo^ofo^mjo 

orgjaga), raYocaauo— , ajflengrtft— ; oxf) 
coo— , teroSoyoo^o — . =ter, =t6r, ft. f^ 
e^laarmcuab. =€ra , ti6n 5 ft. (BTOc^ 

@iJ0O<95)(3l>; CTOoCTO 0fDQ.£Oio; aoaTlonjo; 

i. Ds-sert', ft. see under Deserve. 
Il.Des/ert, n. arraigan, (cfajrrMa-jaaoao; 

2. QJfDOCTOrao, f5T3f06m.o, orfl 0^00(0-^(88 

tj&o. a. 0as(gancroo6njcru)0oc2;; 2. g>'3o_i 
aftTl^j; 3. fairoloa (ergjco, rrflcg^ajo — , (c^ 
mjo — , afleecno — . v. t. 6)s>a>an§<Sn a. 
(2a_ic9fin<6aa); aun^l^ai; 2.a_i§og.(OTarirtA 
cnlonn C8a_jo(g^a^. de-sert', V. i. a®fjo 
too qj1§ — , rLjgo&ajranijkaolcTn aosl 
Gojoas. -er, ft- oTlg sajoig^a^nDQjnt); 

aj§0g.fSK»lf3l)CrnaT) 3a_IO<gkg.6KJ©Q-int>, <&> 

^s^c&anz^l'obnrriorn— . = r tion, ft. 2.2°-^ 
dBflsflasifljl); a_j§og.foran^onl(Traga aos°l 

®g_J0(fl5) ; (STDCTOOLDroiJo; OolfDoaacrUlTian. 

=ser'trice, =ser'trix, n. asojaafl^ 


De-serve', u. i. <Sca;o(£,0Oc9isa); o_jo(g) 

0Oc9j; 2. ^^ t fi3lc9i8<d). V. 2. 0-10^)000251 

rtf)aaa>. ='ved-ly, ac/. Qo^oc^o (sr^caTl, 
aDadl^o— . =/ved-liess, n. <sca;o(o,fa), 

q-jo^-o). =ser'ving, n. Q^teQ®). a. 
crg^^iggg.; ®ca'o(o,0ccai. =ser'ving-ly, 
ad. ®co;oc£,0oc2n. ='sert', ft. sca>oc£,«j>, 
q_io@^i»; erotica;. ='sert-ful, a. org 

Des-ha-bille', Dis'ha-bille (dez-a- 

bel), ft. fwa5)jii0ca;0lgjOCBj, Q-jasraTlfra^ 




Des'ie-cate, v.t. g>5rr>0s<&>, aajcoin 

^j(Oian§<0); 2. GuaocaTl^-pasaj. v.i. &6nr> 
«5t§<0>. =eailt, a. g)srr><eaam. ?2. <8c/ao 

ceoSkfr-O-ftlCJOo. =€i'ti011, 72. &6rr)dto(&; 

&6md9«fto. =ca-tive, =ea'tor-y, «. asm 
D3-sid'er-ate, y. t. org^nc-flces^, 

<sau6ms>0arr> eo.iTl(9s^; 2. §D£j06)(O) en,} 

■<aiflig§<fl». =sid'er-a-ble, «. ©^jpaaana 
ob«r. =a'tion, w. (bt^cuc^jo, eioj^ijl^g . =a- 

tive, a. m. rUOtt}£><3>0ocB>, 3cusngHcuf03aT>. 
n. © jjoaTlraaca'o; 33 jiiofaifl^tgTicai^r.). 

=a'tum, 72. (/?/. =a'ta) <ftoaj@gfw , 01® 


Qj O2»i(20 CO/ - (01 . 

De-Sign' (-sin or zln), y. £. otdj® 
n_io Qjr0o9ig<9j; 0O(5_)<£>32j<5 r £O<Q9<e>, (ngd-jlcQa 

<s>; 2. a)06TrDc9Q(9>, on)aMo£)(&%<&> ; 3. crfl 
20l<9»<di, (SY9)3ejOjaDc9sai; 4. (for, to) a 
®§Od]d9®<0>. y. |\ CH; 1 Qtfn<9a<9>, SoaTl<S9<Q), 

6>_a>g2jono (ST5)®ajo^ri(S8c9i. d.for o-jos^gj 
§<a>, ffiajoajonb crflcsn32T!(S9<3). n. cuso, 

0Ofg)c&; 2. (STO) < 00, <S0QJo;.3. (OKQOjo, 

^§ 6)<a>§ ; 4.@.<S§aao; 5. ozDgjfjycyajrefl. 
=a-ble, a. (cys^ancBncaraeQsi; ajc^fanafl 
^oncaoajcm. des'ig-nate, a. orflcsBi 

C&n_2j. p. I, (3TDSCa;0g.o Q-J06TOT3) cQjOScQi; 

-o^en^aaog^. sojfD ajoa2j<e>;CT^_af)o_p<9a 
<a>; Qj^fo^rol^ q_joc%<9> } (Q_)®m<a)croDo 
mo—; (to, for) cn)am zv\;S£3<9$<&>. des- 
ig'-na'tion, n. oryaioo, crTamJc^o; afl 
ffic^ocoo; ®a_jft ; aruDomo; (srotaioo, (a_j 

®co;ocoo. des'ig-na-tive, des'ig-na- 
tor-y,«. ^osnilasimD. des'ig-na-tor, 

72. onlgr^^dBaornajnb. -ed-ly, aci. 0008 
cv^Qliiaocan, <2Qj6ms}0arr)' acu^ . -er, 
n. croafcg^<ss(Tnajnb;ftT>Q3)t9s)0fDn6. -ful, 
-ingj a. <ftn^^1c^@g, (^§ smssnso 
agon. 72. o-oa^g.jmo; ory(Q)Q_j6rrfl. 

Des'i-Iience, n. (Bronco, (srocucroo 
cdj, =nen-tial, a. orocuaroo 


De-Sire', v. t. dB>o«$rariro~)<a8<fr, qjostcdsI 
3. (eY^ajc^^gj^^, (SYo.u<d>ou&s>£_j§(&>; 4. 

gD^jostoia fgsoTlc&sai. n. rocroo, (81® 49000; 

2. <O)0g^gyo, (BTO3n_ic9fia; 3. ® ^loaTi.-fil 
cfto, (a_)caiiOC/a; 4. <SK>.'o">iOC® 1 @S02oaOo; 

5. <ssxi3o. =3i-ra-bil'i-ty, /*. <&>o0j<to; 
©onflo^o. =3i'ra-ble, a. @3^ioscno 

COjO (ST^COi, ooloio— , CS^cdOjo— , OOgj. 

=sl'ra-ble-ness, n. ao-ofl-a^o. =3i'ra- 
bly, «(/. aTladlwaacan. =sl'rous, a. 

(STgj^OoOo @.@g, (Bra3o_id8tfil— , <220aOo— . 

=si , rous-ly, c/ri. (wog^s.-ctaoas. =31'- 
rous-ness, 72. @q^\. 

De-Sist', V.i. (from) 6S«^6TOi3) orvl^ 

a>, aH§(&>, 0^<&3<&>, o-n^iQj. -ance, 

n. 0sl, coaaa, ajlabajoesB^. 

D8Sk,^. <S0co, o^^rar^ffiaco; 2. qjocc; 

OOQ-jIoo; 3. (a_)(TOoGO— ; 4. (26DJOCX)SaiO 

®Q|0COo. d.-WOrk Q®^«5Ta (cyQ^OTaTl. 
Des'6-late, a. aSajcafitO^i crDis^ 

OOo (ST3)CQ;; 2. SCQ;aa)fDo— ; 3. (C^^o— , 

mioao — , sio-jognsro©', 4- oydoooldo (St^) 
cq;, a^aiOcdjl — , cro6in^^joa3ro), oarasroo — ; 
5. QJS^3OQcflm0oca;; 6. (fl50Qjo;a>. y. i. 
(c^rn^o (Stg)(&a<a>; 2. q_iosp — . -ly, ad. 
ojoyocoTl. -ness, n. q^<s>octo oi_io. 
=la-ter, =la-tor, n. cuotpoasomcunb. 

= la'ti6ll, 72. 93OOQJOOrO0n^OWO<9S)(^; GOO 
COo; o^gcQjOCnno, SC2;aBD(oo; (C^^fO-jSQLOo. 

De-spair', v. i. (of) (rnroooaoa-j^, 

(ero<Ar51ejcaio<9>. v. t. (sracosxaj&lcxjja). 
7-2. (erojcraoiSotoo, (sroiplcTflej- -er, «• 
(grgjaaoecmnb. -iiig, «. ^ a^osoco^gg., 
fflraip1cTfleja^«ng. des'per-ate, a. <srg) 

OSCaiOO; 0010^0000^^0(01©; (on<a)^§°lc^; 
aLn<2aj<0>0oo; (^6iiaro_iso;ij(g@g., ossd 

6)Qj^l6Targ). des'per-ate-ly, ad. ^oarab 

©gJOSitn, OolQjrCTftl — ; jS (oSaJTOiOSVB. deS- 

per-a'ti6n, 72. (STgx/eoroaolroxw-io; (STOiofl 

6)s>cu52jo. des-per-a'do, w. ^abob, © 

fo3S)aaj§Qjnb, jD(oaoTi(ol6T0i3)Qjob. 

De-spatch', Dis-patch' (««p»oh')j 

y.L 6TU(§iJg ;; J0®S0S)S S^jiK^; « L;COo .O?l<08 
<9>;(BTOajarO0Orfig_p<9!8<3>; 2. (HToCtt) : pi'a>a , 3^ 
(0>, <aTl(O(S<fl5)0S)S (Sra3ic9(8<»); 3. (612)5)^1 § 

(o"— , d&jfara — , <a>g_joo— ; 4. <0>lo ojyHiSs^, 




S)ajDgj<0>. v.i. 6ru<ao5)g_]§c9j; <s>ogyo rofl 
cSs^; (a_)aj<aYDn — . n. Q'O-ica.cSflraft; 2. <bto 
ca;^ (Sjgcactii), crfld^o; 3. tsajcom, oa](a£) 
ot, eao'^-ai; 4. (cy.-yfaraTlfaTori^; 5. tsra 
slca'nra)fo<9s)OTa) , — ojraraizonoo; 6. (pi.) 
^<sejoaDaroo6nja\02oce; s&jeumo, roo^.iso 
ro — &>q-±ct); 7. <^cnriQjrsTa)(2onoo. d.- 
boat «ra 6t2ii srcT3)06rrTi. d.-box ^TJta 

6)ci_Jsl; CQ/D^SigJsf). -(JI", 72. (OraCCceg 


De-spise', v.t. cirflracroo <fros<ft>, (SY3) 

<9s<3>. des'pi-6a-ble, a. crn^oroo rsrg) 

ca», ofljajo— , OTObTD. des'pi-ea-ble- 
ness, 7i. <rfi^ijf?j>_jo, cu.-ftj&rtn-io. des'pi- 
-ea-bly, atf. crDc^aocHn. -spi'ser, n. 

crfla3a>no, cul anonf). =spfsing'-ly, ad. 


De-spite', /?. ailsa)ocoo, <se_»cfloo, 

gD'Ooi) ; @ _aA*la>0(Do. ill d. <BTOaic9aij0OC2n. 
ill d. Of @§0da5l05)fO); aflsroocol^so. 
in your d. nrflsxm Qja)5)Qjas)0S)a). 
v.t. Q&3)% : £\<&$<&> ; aj £LTlas<d>. prep. 
a3)arrf)^o, ^§o-e5)05)fa>, aQftrTlroDCBri, aT) 
<Sfooco(2ocan. -ful, a. a_»<fra2jga. -ful- 
ly, ad. ^D'Od^j^scassis, siajQSgjDSiS. 
-ful-ness, n. Q-flaroccoo, cnflr&uoarao. 

De-spoil', v.t. (of) aJlsH^ojolaa 
<o>, {ffroo-jaOfol(S!8(fi>, 6ia)0@aa2Tl§(9>. -er, 
tt. 'RracLJaoorol, ajcu^csaofonb. -ment, 
=spol-i-a'tion, n. s><05D@&, <sran_iaorD 

De-Spoild', V. £. (0T3tflrrriejca'O<a>, 

6>QO)gijo 6)Qjsnooj(d). ='dence, ='den- 

cy, n. nrTlfooco, (aroyflarflaj. -eilt, <?. 
(6T3)c/aca'00. -er, 72. fBT^aaco/oocunb. 

De-spon'so-ry, n. anaioaonrficaiea; 

Des'pOt, 72. CrD_lCOjDuf)#>3fDl; 2. (a_J 

S3oi_flac^n6, crD(^«^c9>ab. -at, n. 
ODjaDoculoj^o. -'ie, -'i-cal,a. ctoj 
co;oa51(0jOfDo g)@a, (aio®ara)oarrflra)_io— ; go 
^oaaoroorooQjoycTnj^rO'WCSZjga. =po- 

tiSlll, /2. 3CTD_1 cJoCA^CLJ^o, o><ao=rt>QJD 

Des'pu-mate, y. /. & i. oj^^^aja 
63^<sj. =mati5n, n. a_j^g_p^ smgH 

Des-sert/, n. fuej ooo^o, aoejocio:> 
rao, ^ouajocrDno. d. spoon ajejoooo 
anrosngl; oo§(ora»fDo ajtploa;^. 

Des'tine, Des'ti-nate, v. t. (to, for) 
^nbm1grnc2riasca>, — m)<sj<£)<a%&>. ^afleao 
crP^^ajas^. =ti-na-ble, a. #igJp^o 
<si@ai>, cifluiV-. =ti-lia-bly, ad. ignk 
orn^pcaoaQcroorDo. =ti-na'ti6n, 72. <gnb 

0~f)C/3>lQ2>o; @_CS§030, 'O^Og-jqjijo; 0^)303^1)5^ 

cmcroo&jo, ejoan . =ti-ny, n. o-Tki5>, 
eva, soco.0. 

Des'ti-tute, y. ^. aGa-idOfia^^, en± 
@jS)%s[)(ri) (grg)<6s<Bj; 2. (of) @^croj— , qd 

aJC.ioCOo Qja»Rg®<9). a. (of) (BTOmOLDo 

go— ; ffl^owa. =tu'ti6n, n. aiai^rofc, 
5)6ra).T»aao, (sroanc^o^, crTlfoocjooro o->_io. 

De-stroy', De-struct', v.t. &€\^ 

&>&<Xy<Q>, <mc/alg_p<S8(Q>; 2. (C^COjO rgT^as 
«&>, ^DgjDS)-^— ; 3. Oolz^QJo— ; 4. Q^SiOgJd). 

-er, n. mooa<&rtb, 'grocTO)<a>n6. =strue- 

ti-bil'i-ty, 72. noaajro^jo. =strue'ti- 

ble, a. <do3j0ocq;; (Doalg^idsn.'aTaas). 

=strue'tion, 72. gosHou , odowjo, (o_)3 

cao; (c^cojo, crooaooroo. ^strufi'tioil- 
ist, n. nofyal^pteenm co^m^g^ rob. 

=strue'tive, «. (of, to) (Dc^lajn^cm, 

nDOCrTl^J 03305^ OT), 0(O6mc9ifD0OCa/. 72. ^ 

s^ u ojo^nmojob. =strue'tive-ly, ad. 
mo^^ncSncoToidgsiQjgrDo. =stru€'tive- 
ness, 72. moaao, (05^0. ^stru^'tor, 

r. noooa^nb. [®crojao (me J.). 

DeS-U-da'ti6n, 72. aTlcaanriA, orotrn 
Des'ue-tude (des'we-tud), 72. cuy; 

Des'ul-tor-y, a. jg@al«@galms 

c09cm; 2. acTT^laArrnrrn (as)oooonrflfaJ> @ 
@^.cm; (^0os><9>§; (BTaaruo6aja\t)23ai/, q_ 
(SgcaalgjoasTD); 3. Qjtpn^foioolca', <&o^ 




crooeajcrLUzn^jo.-sTa). =tor-i-ly, ad. (g> 
00 / ~)&jos>(O>, ojctocljos . =t6r-i-neSS, n. 
(g)2o gggjooo), (eroaco60jau)o. 

De-tach', v.t. nS\(€\&%&>, <3cu<s)aLi§ 

<2cb;oco1c98<9>. v. i. oJlnTlsTaig)' <2a_io<a>, raro 
<&)cnD — . -a-ble, a. <3cuoin (oltssjoaj cm. 
^tached (-tachd), a. 6>aj$cy5>oc&oca;, 
crco6ojcru)0oo. -ment, n. <s QjolflflTl^ 

ob; (^®^<9i0ol^c9<a)a)6)Cr0Cr)j0, — S)CY)<0 

cosTDo; ojlfOce^Tl, 5)o>ajf03c^io. 

De-tail',??. s>.o)cflca6UTmi)o, — fsraooao, 
-aTlgjO; 2. (pi.) QjlojfOo; 3. Q_T)ajro0o:ai 
ujgnrjan; 4. (o_)3^<airol<2caocoo (mi/.); 
b. cri)tydtt^s)crccr))0 (mil.), in d. af) 
Qjroo aTlajfDaoca^. p. £. Q^)6n^lo)a2;oTTn 

g_}OC%c9>, QjlQJfDo oDajroiaocajl o_JO<3^(9>, 

sc&oafi<8s<9> (mil.). 

De-tain', v. t. o_n^1 = 2] , 6)oj«s«<9j, saao 

§c9s)0:O)lfbn<S5j(Qj; 2. (OlSSTOia crf)ftE)(9>, i^S 

asio Qj(03(qE)(9>, <mo0<Ti51a ;; p(93<9>; 3. iois 
:ii\(& 5)Q_i«9s(95. -er, n. arkqacrncuao; 
oQjOC2/roarf!<w 6^(9>ajoao ((?.). =ten'ti6n, 
//. OljIsI^j QOJ<95>fsi>; (OlSCroOo, (tno0croo, 
OiSQj . 

De-teet', v. t. <£f>^ a_Tlsl<9s<95, — «eTl 

S<0>, @COJ 5n30<9sj<9>; 2. <fl)OO0 ^J0(^©(9). 

='ta-ble, ='ti-ble, a. <a»6ns a-fislanooj 

cm, ^cnjsngo^crn. =ter, =t6r, n. rpjaaj 
s^o^omojnb. =tee'tion, n. @au U (9ri 
§itA, sxmgTlaj . =tive, a ^cnjsnsoa^ 
ojoab croo(?.«jiDj(5@a. n. <9iooo @cnjsngo 
<95jcmcun6, — 5va)g0c2n<9anT>cuab; -oJoranb. 

De-teY, v.t. ®cas>aj§rsTon i$s<9ac9>, 
ao-i^-paa^, (^5c9s<9^. -ment, «. «n 
sctudo, s'HcftisrrD. -rence, n. <o)S<tuoo. 
-rent, a. Qs&zcm. «. ^scroDo. 

De-terge', v.t, sxu^yoasja^is^os 

<T))<9(8<9i. ='gen-Cy, ». ^(SiJ^ClJfOiqgSaT) 

^srno. ='gent, a. ^@jJlcaoc9snm. tt. 6>QJ 
^g-j ojasasgcm cruocoooo, — e>v<muoo. 
De-te'ri-6-rate, v.t. «nop <&>, o)^ 

§<022D<9>, Ji?l'DT3)CQ/D 1 99a>. U. /. QJ:fttao<0>, 

o>(9)§ 3o_iO(9), offon eoai. =ra'tion, n. 
(3K>co0^_io, Qj > £Da^-»o. =o'ri-ty, //. 

cr)]_ajroi_io, ocflcryo). 

De-ter'mine, v.t. ^la^^a_j§(D@<9>, 

fBT3(aT!<b5)aji93!95, sajfoOroldSsja ; 2. (sracu 
cTOocrn^_p(9s<9), croiaon^lcasasdh; 8. ^ 

O-lo CrTl5rDCar)(69<9), (SY^^^S^aJ^QED^, 
rofl^^aj^O^ao, (g)05>g_}§RS2)<e>; 4. (to) 

cuy1<an§ag_j§(qi2)c9>, an5«^a, crTl6ia^ 

(TUn<98<0-,; 0. GU^iTjTlronjy (STOO^a, 
— Cn\(t§hC$u)<a%<&) ; 6. foflgj <9ig_Pc95j(9); 7. 

fofl2jao(rn<95j<95. v.i. (SToajcrDoorri<9S(9>; 
2. (on) fofl^coTtaejcqE)^. =min-£- 

bil'i-ty, n. nrTig^cB;!B>-io. =min-a-ble, 

a. rofl^s^a-j^raraoc&an, (sraQjcroocrTlgjl 

<95)0<93om. =mi-nant, a. ^I^qjitsks® 
cm. =min-ate, y. ^. ffliaaicroocr^ajl 

(95}<9j, ^ofl^SlgJ^fP^dBj. «. (ZjD§o (STgjca, 

^,^. — ; anlc®jca'0(oiD<9--c — , crflqljoeo— , 
crTlcT^ocraca'o— -; orflc^QaaC^gg. =min- 
ate-ly, ad. fa?1^caoc2;l;CTflc^QaaSCQ/05)S. 

=mi-na'tion, n. ofl^sia-j^OTafBi); oroao 

Ojp; @.«3T\^0at")o, crDc^cfti; (2008 GTUDlro^); 
Qjla51, fO^aj ; SOD OCrTi gbcao; (S^iiOfD 

ADD^ (med.). =mi-na-tive, «. ^m> 

6)a_j§«ggcm; 'ofl^caocQ;. =niined (-mind), 
a. aoooaJTa, <a>§<ura>. =mined-ly, arf. 

De-test r , v. t. crooaafla-joa, (9jooo 

jaj0(§E)(9>; 2. S)QJQ,(9St9), (HT0Oa_J <9)0S<9>. 
='ta-ble, a. (BT0Oaj , '8T9)Qa, ^g^o— . 
=ta'tl6n, n. S^OJQ^ , iBTOOTOnOjO. 

De-throne', v. t. a^fioaooaxenasrafi 
rabcrnnT) (Oi@^.(9>, rooeft^Jo ^g.^^, ctudo 
(T)(07aTlrt)J>rrriaT^ Q_n^(9Q!9). -ment, ?J. 
a\noaoocrcm(gd§ . 

Det'6-nate, v.i. oxusn^cLjo^ai, <g 

iP601§<9i. y. t. 5Kl]Sf)S>rLJO§l<08<93. =nfl, - 

tion, n. ^4PǤno, cdjctTI. =ni-sa'tion, 

71. CQiP(9S)0. =nISe, U-^. & »• SiQJSl^O-JO 
§ 1(93(9). 

De-tort', y.£. ferotoioo 0cf)<88<9», — 00 
oQ(9j, saio^ana^a). =tor'tion, =tor- 

Si6n, 77. 0oHq_J O , (S(9>0§o; 0on<95)f7lb, <2d9iD 





De'tour, n. cuacu , (tsTlrtflcu . 
De-tra«t', d. t. AojAiajja, ©si 

<figB>, (ffraajtsflfnTaTl^^-j^KS©^. v. i. (from) 
Qcfij6TDo a_joc%<a>, arfiaalcas^. ='t§r, 

='ting-ly, ad. g=aoj aoo^l. =trae'tion, ?z. 

firrfl. =trac'tive, a. arflcr>.a>5)a_i§«ggcTr). 
=trac'tor-y, «. (ffroo-jaflfotzfi^gj^djacm, 


Det'ri-ment, «. ffi_a\<wo, <s<9>s°, ooo 

rrfl, gDoano. =tal, «. <Dc^<Q)fQo <srg)cai, 
De-trfti6ll (-rish-un), n. (inypm® 

De-trude', v. t. g.2a<a>, ^>@^.^, qj! 

^•fr- =tru'si6n, n. f^earak, aJorBrao 
<Bto«k. =tru'sive, a. <v)&£)zf\§cm. 

De-trun'eate, v. t. aajslasj&aga*, 
s-oaalasa). =truii-ea'ti6n, ?*. (0>ej 

Deuce, n. osng', ©rag, ©6rn, ssaos ; 

2. , a,<g«no. ='ced, «. 6>5);i_jCfcD-af) 

Deu-ter-og'a-my (dfc-t8r-),n. ajm 

ajpcuoaOo. ^O^'a-mist, w. cvjcrxtKijlcuo 
ool-wnb, — qj1:uoqo1w. 

Deu-ter-on'o-my, n. eSidtfiwcr^o 

cqjo, <m§curnTD)CYig_i(T$<0}O 1 <30DS)cfc o^)^ 
roDco; (SYDstaJOo ojnr^<Q)o (Bl.). 

Deu-ter-os'eo-py, n. eooDssiaocno; 


Dev'as-tate, p. £. (c^^o <st§<9s<&>, 

anafloa — , cnudljylcfls<e>. =tati6n, n. 

De-vel'op, =vel'6pe, p. t. @o<9s^, 

qj1s(oed<&>; (cy^j<Qaiiaoa8(S);2.a(nTgar i g_p 

<98<9>; 3. ua_f332>0O0d9©(&>, QJd-UlgJliSadQi, 

<er^<a&l(DTa>f)d&9.a>; 4. oraslo^ul <&$&§&>, 
2. <3>o6moggrtf)(a>. -ment, n. ajlaocroo, 

De-ver'gence, see Divergence. 

De-vest', see Divest. 

De'vi-ate, v. i* ojyTlaja«9a<s>, <2ana\j 

c63<0j. v. t. 6)<a)oo)<9%&,. =a'tion, n. 

CDiplsVmOOfBb ; (eYO)jil0a)(goCOo, — ejooai 

ono;a_T)iP, svmoo , cftDoo. de'vi-ous, a. 

Qjg.sroi3>, ^ocTls^_jO(ftcm; (srastudDo (&Q 
cqj, flraoo-. =vi-0US-ly, a'i. 5)b>oo3 
chH. =vi-OUS-neSS, n. cu^aY; (ffrasru 
djjo, Q_T)y>. 

De-vice', n. see under Devise. 

Dev'il, W. o-jluao-al , 'S>5>cvarBT»onV 
(AT.), 'crooasraonb'; 2. igroafoiaoQj , §'j<o>o; 

3. Q_JO>2)§c^nb; 4. 0oDOQ-JD^a)o; 5. (the) 

rofl^j'oisjcm, ojoTlcaiaj^ia. d- may 

Care (St^SifD^o (@§0<9s)DfOra), — s.t-isIchTI 

^ornra. the d.'s tattoo ajlroey^<B)D6re' 

i?l<S). printer's d. ora^sngjOTrriaso 
mob. to play the d. with aojQcul 

6)6)<xj(jQo^S)&^6rr>o croaigjld&s^i. -ish, 
a. 6>5><a>0oa2;, §t^w3^@a; cua 
s>fo, o^ooajo. -ry, ;/. 6)6)Q-i(jd'jsiP,<&><Q 

(arii), — 0rO_liS0QJo; 0aOOa_)DXJl^o; oS\(JdO 
jiiQj^o. "try, 11. ^5)o_iW50jin(9>(a_)aj 

asian, §(^oro jsoclio. di-a-bol'ie, di-a- 

bol'i-Cal, Cl. S>S);&>0DCB;, i2-2O0§ 

c^fw^@a. di-ab'ol-ism, ?i. 6>s)a_iua3 
jirica.^6rno;(§<2tjioa_'0Qjo. di-ab'ler-y, 

De'vi-ous, see ^^n^er Deviate. 

D3-VlSe', V. t. (8T9)<fl8<S>, OTOaj 

_aflc98<Q>; (yd)&\&%&; 3. aJOcfb, oTiajrol 

<93<9>; 4. @if0QDl(98<S); 5. '650^ t5ta ' (^QJo 

d9i, 00^0—, (Ty;@o 5)jaj^(0>. n. 2iO>sm 

a_l^l(S)CQ;Of^ 6><0>O§<Ss>'3b; 2 . ' 62> tayOTZD ' ; 

3. 'aa^fm3)o^j' 6id9jo§OTa cu^. =Vlce', 

aul; croaig_jcno; ^6, <0)ayo6rujxria£Do; 
0Smoroo©3.o; aD3moa(©5)D^; farail(o_)o 
cao; rangl} , . dev'l-see, «• 'aa^r^ro>o'i5b , 




<&n§lca;Qjab (/.). -vl'ser, n. (ST^sajo^Tl 
e&sa-najob, cro3&3gjd>nb. =vi'sor, n. 'a 
croi r5T35orab' ^<&)0§d9somajo6. 

D3-Vl'tal-lS0, v. t. eflcuanocrao ojroj 
($©<&>, en) sfeflcu 00 as <a>. 

De-vo'eal-Ise, p. t. cro-iroo ^gjos>^ 

De-void', v.t. gogjo^DoBaai, aiAs® 
<a>, orf)(Si8<Q). a, (of) ^gjofora, foaoVtno 

Dev-Oir' (dev-ar'). ?2. $o, 0^03; 
CU22o; 2. @.aj.ol3fJ>o, CTO^DfOo. 

De-volve', v. t. areata,, a!1if a>, a 
^<03<05; 2, (upon, to, into) .aj0(iji2)<05, a^g 
g_p<9scS), cro0glp<98<9>. 1?. i. (on, upon, 
to, into) aJ'lgss^aaocsjn <flf)s=a), oroon 

ao)foo'Qj<s>ooa0Daail— . -ment, dev-o- 

lu'tion, n. «s)<&)Ojoao, ojlgsos^, oro^ 

De-VOte', V.t. Sma»<9), <5Toolpd99tfi, 
QJiP^aJOS 5><&>O§(09<3>; 2. (JQ<iS\<Q%<B>; 3. 
(reft.) CTO0glp<98<S), o^g_p^ 6>:Q>D§<B9<3>. 

=v6'ted, a. !o_).'O)lcfi^ifa50DCQ;; (ST3rtnlrt>6r@3 

mg§g, j)5).ua>ocojo— , sa^iTi — . ='ted-ly, 

ad. s<Wla^Qli<d)o. dev'6-tee, n. saoinb, 
<3>s> euro oaf), 0.'o>orncfQ^@gQjnb. =v6'ter, 
n. a^08^ab; (ST^ fD OCJul (QSODCLI ab. =v6'- 

tion, n. (o-j.-oHeasra), (a_}raf)c£g, arfic^g; e 
cdoTl, (c^au, (erg-aruD; (ajlcao, racroo; 
s>5)eajofDJCunno, (cycKJinm; aj)upj@Da>o 
gyo, SesonoTi^cjio. =vo'ti6n-al, a. s 
ceraDa^c^i<a)0oca/, (c^ao^gg.. =vout', a. 
6iS)B qjscq;o g)@g, — sa^aTl — ; go/ocra-ira 
aD-aio^o— ; SdaoTlci^fD^vroo <st§)C2;; on) 

gjgyo— . the d-t croi^i^^a juSoaoTlcs^ 

@£QJ<b. =VOUt'ly, Orf. (jC^aOo^o; 

a_ifD0jc3K)0ocQ/ r i. =vout'ness, ?2. SceoH, 

De-vour', p. £. raTicrn ai&aijaj, clD^ 
«sg<s»; 2. a_f)s).jy -af)gs)a>; maalg-peQa^; 
3. (Sir3)cDraf)<d>a§<9>. -er, w. <3c9fla<3>aJ!>; 6n,j 
gafiQ. -ing-ly, a<i. 6>a>o<of)<3ca>os>s; 
oil y> sjb ana (©si oj §mo . 

De-vout', see under Devote 

Dew (du), ft. 06TO® ; 2. <OnsrTD£j ; 
y. £. 06roi2) <5>nucDjcQ>, — oj1^<Q), mmd3®a>. 

d.-claw si^iQ^acnj'. d.-drop zem 

gj)gftH- d.-fall 06tora) sxvjcgjrab, — o/)^ 

cmsooroo. d.-lap <o>os. d.-worm 

(§mocoo, cYflojaraDft (-2.). -'i-ness, f». 

06rnr^3g crooliaD. -Vj a. 06iqT^ gfi ; 05101^1 
SicmocaTa; 0n30oa2DQjascTr). 

Dex'ter (dek'ster),a. Qj&jfiocoqi^ga., 
Qjaj^QaaxSs) <2-aicnr>. -l-ty, n. ajejs)5)&> 
cuc/ao; <0>ro6><ei<ooaejo, croo0(niDjo; 60^^x51 

S)S)QJ(SQJo. -OUS, a. 6)Z6)\Q0<V)<as\o @.@a, 
6>o)(&3aytay{S5)o — , 0l§c9s) — ; JilDg^jo — ; 

(SaacaD— . -OUS-ly, rtc/. ^I0<w ) oro03ain, 
^jo@^3fora)OS)S. -OUS-Iiess» «. «^qjs 
ojo, (cyoajp. 

Di, pf. |2«s, ejca. 

Dl-a-be'tes, «. Ara.'aO^igpsrDocDo, ^ 
(S>(Q_)«0aoo (med.). =bet'i€, =bet'i-eal, 

a. (Q_^<S0QOcroo6njau)0ocx2;, — sraoco^gg. 

Di-a-bol'i€, etc. and Dl-ab'ler-y, 

see under Devil. [a., cro^ra— . 

Dl-a-eaus'ti6 (-kaz-), n. cojcrflan 

Dfa-dem, ». <BD«flso, 0d33So; 2. rao 

03-01-10, CUO^. V. t. <£h\C§\So UJrol^-p 

Dl'ag-nose, =nos'ti-cate, v.t. & i. 

iSfoocoo (rDsocrrid9sa), aj^aisrno <snoD<e^i 
(groocoo crflsmcoj^dascft.. =n6'sis, n. <srosco 
(TTlaocoo (med.);' aTlGcUiiimo, aya|po_i 
«n«a5ocooo. =nOs'ties, nrTlaocDo. 

Di-ag'o-nal, n. a^srasu, &«g$o 


Di'a-gram, n. ©q_ic, q-jso, ^(©o; 
Sc9fi3((a)o, ca/(Q5)o. 

Dl'al, n. cry^Qeisn.diorDo, jaraocao— ; 

Di'a-lect, n. eo.-ai; 2. eojaoougao; 
saoaeo^a; o_>§— , ij/)d0jo. =lectal, 

=lee'tic, =lee'ti-cal, a. eaAioralwlcroo 

6tUCTU)0OCQ;. =lee'tlCS, /Z.p/. (O)<d5)cya0((T^o. 





El'a-logue (-log), n, croeeo.^srno, 
oroccuoeo; 2. crooSo^isrDf^lonazriejgg 

Dl-am'e-ter, n. ajjocroo, afiso, 

&d><20)6}A (geom.); 2. cugro , °^icdo. 

=met'rie, -met'ri-eal, a. c^jocrocrooonj 

ctld0o<2); (mft^cTrTlfzriaanrn, <2cns)co qQ)(q 

eococ^^g. =met'ri-eal-ly, ad. s^qj 

ejo, <2ms>ro. 

Di'a-mond, n. Qj'@ra(ODo, s>s>cl>(& 

<ssigj (min.)\ 2. aigfl^am c&carenflA ©as 

eaoftsTi. black d. A^roi. d. drill qj 
^fj^roybroo. glazier's d. ^gf^sl <g 

olaarm oji@,o. 

Di-a-pa'son, «. aujojoc^a^o (mus.). 

Dl-apVa-llOUS, a. 0™-^° ter^ea;, 
^_)croomo— , g> @gTii?rf> @ si <e>:6rra cm. 

Di-a-ph6-re'sis, n. oilcc;^ , sYD.'ofl 

savjao (med.). =ret'ity =ret'i-eal, 

a. <2crojaaj&o<a>0cca;. n. <2 arc j9qj(1j-) 
s^foc&icoo (med.). 

Di'a-phragm (-fram), n. aDesacn 

aflrtnoOOo, af)®Og3<3>.alg0o (««.); 2. 0O. 

=phrag-mat'ie (-frag-), «. aT/seacrxin 

ra)0(DC8(aTO)3§ ajorDcai. [(med ) 

Dl'ap-noie, a. <2croj9e3CY)<9>0oe2j 

Dl'ar-€hy (dl'ar-ki), n. ajcaoo51c&>o 
rQo, ejcasroerno. 

Di-ar-rhe'a, =rhce'a (-re's), n. m> 

(aDoroorao, cgcuoan , g3 o<z&, Qjai'olg.d9so 
(med ). =al, ft. (STDt(ncroofDcrco6njfao 
aoco;. =rhet'i€, =rhfJBt'i<5, «. anaroflcroa 
rao ^s^c^acm (med.). 

Di'a-ry, n. elaoajrnrazoaoo, noocfeal) 
curoo, eYn.ajafl. «. foasancuaroo crfl 

^om. =a'ri-al, =a'ri-an, a. alno^i 

Dl'a-Stase, n. 0cy:af)<&>a) oac&tffcl 

Dl-as'to-le, n. aQaJlaocroo, ^ojd 
arorbb (phys.)-, 2. a 5 )^ 0oa<s>r3l) (^r.)- 

Dl-ath'e-sis, 7?. saoo^o (med.). 

Dl-a-ton'ie, a. fBT3d^crcja>o cruo'siaj 
tuD^j. d. scale crojraoc^a^o (mus.). 

Di'a-trlbe, ?j.a r )i£iajoeo, rBTacLflSdesi 
Dib'ber, Dib'ble, n. & <do\b; ©aTiou 

Dice, o/Die cuaTls. y. /. o_j 
Dick'ens, ft. or inter. a_Tl'jaojjj u . 

Die'tate, p. t. n^c>s)&w3)SP'&\<&%&>', 

r0af!<9s<^; 2. <frgjp<99(£j. 6>.nJ0gjl5>am0§ 

<fi9(95. y. /. tsrg)e»jRDDo_jl(Q8<a. ; fsratol^D 

rDjiDcOsA. «. <frg-}ro. =ta / ti6n, n. <srg> 

o&erotgj^rara, 'SaiSig^rnTfr. =ta't6r, «. 
aig^Hcescrncunb; croq^oCLn^oari. =ta-t6'- 
ri-al, a. o^^oculajoroo g>@&; l m3nn 
aBDoroo — , c&>ca<3scm, (er^sssrao^ruzocQ;. 
=ta't6r-ship, n. oroQ^ofdlcthoaD^jo. 
=ta't6r-y, a. dhg-ptsanm, afl'jacegonr). 

Diction, n. qjocoocoI, qjo^c^ ; 

Die'tion-ar-y (-er-i), n. crnQ^j«mnj9, 
fffroa^orDoal, c/o6m3<d)0cyao. — croo^/5000, 
crasmoo-'aTl; 2. (STOAorDo^laTlajfasmo. 

Die'tum, n. {pi. Die'ta) raflaj > <3ra 

©^(o-jocffio; 2. (a_)0o6mQjoc^.o. 

Did, p. ;. 0/D0. 

Di-dac'tie, =ti-cal, a. &o-j<2ecd&o 

(SYgjoa;, (o_^ , 36iruoujono<oiod3>o— , (310OjUi0o_i 
c9i0— . =ti€S, W. /?/. f8ra(lOj0n_l<e5Oa0((TCo, 

Did'dle, v.t. s^a£]^<Qi, s^og^.asda*. 
=dler, «. -ojfoficano. Jeremy d.r cuai 

Di'do, 72. ^tuocao, 5id9jow>ejo. to 
Cut a d. s^fooaejo (a^sca^co"^^. 

1. Die (dT), y.t. zr. (died, dead) en) 

s^laj0Dca); 2. eflcurr6sn,j3ch, ^jo<Q), 
rol(99<S), nnos rrflsos^, (ararujoai'o ajfjDa^, 

rofl5^g_J§d., g-oD51^_j§<a): 3. cr)(Jd)<Bst<a>; 3D 

gjo^ajca'oa): 4. uigraai, <ft&f)srrr)<92£5; 




5. aJlroarco ajrDl<3>; 6. crojo-w^o (o_)o 
a_Tlc9aa>; 7. (a way. out) fOllcm ®a_JO<0j, 

aaffCTs — ; 8. aflgyo 6>a>§ — . to d. 

in the last ditch 0rol<9ssajoao 6>o_io 
rages*, to d. out (g)<8<26rr> dBfiaeafi.^ 
<2a_ioa>. dead (ded), a. nn)a%Ql:ju0oc», 
©flajcrflgp.-aTC), .airsta, Grtfl^; 2. eacuoo 

<ffig;ca>; 3. grw.@^o— , COD.llto— ; 4. 6>S>.aA 

(CT.oo. ^IgjOfSKJ); 5. eoraaoca'; 6. <xo_iroajo 
oOi&iiagjocaTa; 7. ojQejalgjoasTra), ^sssBlasTl 
ScSsam; 8. (a_je©gjo(OT3), eflojaitfifia 
sn")o — ; 9. t5><&>3 <Sqljoc2;, 6)ajoafl6iai9>; 10. 
Q^<Q>nfl(tjf)oaoc^, aoooal^ofOTO); ll.orflc©j 
cc/o (Sirica, o^smo- , 6)rav.">oo(sra>; 12. 0ro 
6rnaifO0oat; 13. isrg; fatal <3is£)ojab §d^jo 

<BK»; 14. 0laa<Bso— , «£\&<a?>c — ; 15. OajO 

ro-auo <Sa_joccj; 16. .aiai en alg^-ma. d.d 
ahead csensico igain<oi> (nattt.). d.d 

born jiicaiSg-pea. d.d-calm 0000030 

cram, <&)0Oo csavajejo gD£jo'ffnrtfl<a5><d>. 

d.d-colour runaa^gjo^ajirpo. d.d- 

hand s>5>ai0oooocula>o(o0n^Ov'5Ya):L)CTb. 

d.d-hearted ^j6m3><s>§. d.d heat q_i 

cTO^faroDfafc acTrils) .^<^&> ; gej.gacsuo. 
d.d horse ^9a\qj<q><&s) cem^oczo 6)<&o§ 
cora o_i6rr>o. d.d-house c/aoj^oH. d.d- 
langliage crooarDoro cnSg_p^orsT3)SOfi3, 
cijroorwon— . d.d-letter azrobaTlfijocTO 
<9siorD5)m iflififB aO §0^013) » (Bras' ; msaso 
(BracrTlca0o, — c&>g_jm. d.d level firts 
<2a_ioS)ej o_jft>aT>!a_) , 2auao. d.d-lift on) 

Q^SaO0"lgjOCBT3)COnej. d.d-light ajgjej) 

torn S3oejaic&p'w<&". d.d load crTlcsuaj 

eor&o. dd-lock «nscrooo, (gsd}ro. d.d- 
march aj]ejoo_jaj3e,«a£io.i*io. d.d- 

pledge ajsmca-o, <a>06mo. d.d-reck- 

oning <3>£jejg& stenrflc&'cob. d.d-shot 

CDgj5>QJsWoronb, 6)cud3<8Si0CTTo (of)^iy 
ggooj^l. d.d-wall Qjooriob §DgjDrsra» 

-aj0!D°. d.d- water ^o-jsejo^senjog. 
5"jDanrr> ^j^l^j . d.d-weight <fr§<sra> 

jaj0S ; (30fr>(5@ajairDa5i' ; QJOaOCDa£lCDo. 

d.d-wind o^on^oon. d.d-wood a 

5m<s* 0(oo. d-d W0rk8 <0>g_jafl<ali jaifo 
<&5) crflD^S'jatftto 6>ajgg(Brann^']5)'Oi <Qio 

STTDOmSOODo. tO b3 d.d 0ral«9Sdh. fld?. 

0rtfL2jsa_»o5>fij, (ero^jcrao. d.d-drunk 
cooctb)^; 0r6^jy-aj«b. dead'en, v. t. g^ 

(Q_)OCa0D<eS(9j; c9ftlCHna_p(&9a>; 0^a»<SiO 

<&3a>; sajcoo^ — ; aflgyo ^a^; ^aa* 
0lgjOfa)O(tJs<£h. dead'ly, a. 0ro6ma<ro 
0oca', onooa— ; a^rorao, g>(££)0cca;; @)sm 
SBsoajraj; 0<^moca;. d.y enemy (o_)06m 

03{Q. tfC?. 0rtfl-Q_lC£4£g. (S-l_JOS>ej; 0(O6TD 

airozocaT); ^^nzoaT); o^ooajo. dead'- 
ness, n. crfls^laj w_io; crflscsuOTCD-oijo, 

0o3^, @<sna^ic93oay, (sro^Qij. death 

(deth), n. cnle^lajD-uaxiD, .nJoaj\ 0ro 

6TOo, g(B>.; 2. gDgjOyQ;, tOfiaCBJo; 3. 0(o5m 

oTlcoo; 4. 0fD6rnSoo^; 5. (sra>crB)(Qjrrb; 
6. (aJo6moa_i3ca;o; 7. <0iaia_joo~)c9>o, cna> 
qO(B1i ; 8. (5T3)ta^l<a)0fo6mo; 9. g^i@^j 
00 32/' <^:^jo. civil d-th rao^ig^", 

^a-i^ra^jmc^o. g^i 1 ^^, 

igrodLicrDoarxsraocoo., d-th- 
knell 0fjTl^pr6l(fl9cnoJ)xiaT) (BTsrflcQTl^-jo 
oagg 05TTTli5§(ot. zrosmft 

fo0OCO/' (ST3SI, — (QitBrao , — 5)QJ§; CDOaacQjO 

ro6rno. 0(o«r>scrojao. 
grapple (a.josmra:efiic05n3£§a®a_joK) J . a>o_joejo. in life efl 

cuoacuo.'s man 0(D6mvala£Li en 
SK^nDOjnb. aroamaflfoxos* 

sn^xost. <^ojqo ^Qdj^r^, ^^ 

(gjjjoa_iocroo.'s door e^lDjscucroo 

(Do. 0fo6TD9j(303a2;S>QJ§ . 0fo6rr>^omcD. 
g^ajafosTDo. s>^og^ 

QJ0O3@gia>gjCD; crflroooa. 

0ro6TD<s>ro0o^ ^olcu . the gates of (/acuasiA the second 
cD<oa>c/<n<e£B. spiritual a-no-ia, 
na-rt^o; (SY9)(OTena5 0(O6mo. to b3 the Of 0rO6TD'Dl(3nnT) (SaD^QJOCari^<08 

ai, 6)^D^a>. death'ful, <nt. ajejs^ 
ojSiar); zn^o <sr&<&. death'less, a. 

csro0(w,o— . deatVlike, a. g^^^o— , 

ecaatofoo— . death'ly, <^. 0(o6m9>foo 
rerg>3i, cDooa<a>roo— . dy'ing, «• -o-is^ 




n. 2ro6imo. dy'ing-ly, ad. 0rtfi<fleo(o_} 

<3>0foo; 0O)6m (TO 0Ctt>(BTO> . 

II. Die (dT) , n. n_i<e^ls, <Q>f03, ^ocqjo, qjo 

fO; 2. 6)jilolcQ;jii^f06U5mUo; 3. SOODio, 

aca, (Scaocno. the d. is cast ^.oicgjc 
oiizi) crDc^ooOialgj, o-flauojosaeonb an 
(o0lgj, aooo_£po60J3]. 

Dies, ?z. <Q>® = 2J ( ^©^ 0f3ra > en ' :i - lcr tt°. 
I.Dl'et, n. crDiWjOaoofDo, iScQ^o, <8iso 

£§jo; 2. qljOT^jo; OOgprtDtQa. v. t. & f« 
ScQftl&TDo <S)tpl<98<S>; 2. cuKOIjOiO o^)§(flS(95; 

oogpfblaa— . =e-tar-y, a. &<Q£a6m 
croo6njau)0ocQ;; ajca^aocc/. =e-tet'i-e, 
=e-tet'i-eal, a- a-i(siD, croosojaiuaoca/. 

=e-tet'l€S, Tl. ojca^j^ao; — U30((Ttio. 

H.Di'et, n. roosacros. 

Differ, i?. t. (from) «ee).aJlrtflaB 

<0>,- 2. (from, with) ScajosflaaoroflfDlteace), 
fSrDSl(aJOQa;<Slgeig5rsO(0>; 3. <a)ejocfi<Bg<9>, 
<s>ejcnjai. -ence, ?<• cseeo, Qjj^jocroo, 

a(g03gOQj ; QJ38o, (Brogl(O_}0CaJ(2(Seo; QJO 

eaflcanaDo- &jcafii<smo, ajlsozcaso; sua 
ceso (ar.). v.t. Qjj(w.ocro6)g_j§(^dj. 

-eilt, «• (Q_)SfZn.<S'0 OT5)Ca/, (ST3fg)£ijO — ; 

(erernjo— , grjajiroo— ; c^)^jocro^@a. -en'- 
tial (-shal), a. <2<serry_a!<a>0DCB;; Qj.rovD 
otdo ajOK'^®cm, ajtSifoDfoltSiacm, (cys^r. 

cqi^ocq;. -en'ti-ate (-sin-at), v. t. qj<b> 

dQfiismo o_joq%<e>. -ent-ly, ad. «3qjs)o(q_j 
<S)Ort>o, o_iejajlco0oc2n, 5)ajt3Qjs)o. -ilig- 
ly, ad. sees^sttnoain. 

Dif'fi-eult, a. aTlcftKZo g.@s_, (cyo&o 
(Too—, (STo@i)_ionoo— ; 2. a-.olaocrojeo 
qjo—; 3. (BTO'of^tn.o — ; 4. t/aoo.o— . -ly, 
«c?. (a-^ca'D ® arc no. =eul-ty, n. afl^flaao, 

(0_)C2;D(TOo; a^OciOjOT; gflm««flnS , Qcftfl 
-ojrab; i^Scflao, ^SCTQQo; QjoGo, c/asrp; 
/)£. CLiej^fSb, S>5Y3)r03a»o, ftS^cQsO^rtfc. 

Diffi-dence, n. oojoc/aoa;o, oaafc; 2. 

-5}SKUQgjcfifilC2;o; Q-T,OO0a>o, eJS^OSOQJo. 

=deilt, a. So_jslg>ggi, c£\asxfr— ; ojloo 
c&'o— . -dent-ly, arf. oaafcSocoQS. 

Dif-fraet', v. t. <^arf)a_p<8a<fl>, oil 
Dif-fuse', &.£. ojrc^(&. », t. c^jo 

o_Tlas^. «• a_S(ocm; 00100^(61^02;, aj, 
cg^ejo— ; ajd^l^ea. =fused', a. ajfO 
S>c9s>— ; S)ci_jo@o)oj— . -neSS, H. o-jfogj, 
aDnr^ofoo. =fu'si6n, ft. ojjOcljooo, o^c 
ajcQj^srno, aflnrgfosmo. =fu'sive, a. 
o^)6ci3o O g)(oi©ar); coofooa^acoj. =fu'sive- 
neSS, ft. o-JfOa-j ; (BT3'af)Qjo.nJ<0iar>jo. 
Dig, v.t. ir. (dug, dug)06m0o"i 

(9ad9>, ^iD@^.<S), S)(9jO(^<&>, <fl>"lff>acds<95; 

2. <ft<flceQ(Qi, ajyH^^^as-S); 3. <eOsmo u 
(8^D05nga), — ak^sc^. to d. down <«5 
yH^ aol^^A. to d. from, out of, 
out, up ^yHs^^astf), aTxags^^tSQ.S). 
to d. in 0grp ^^ <f»>, cuac— , s^orsran^ 

§t05. y. I. S^QddsScSnO^ a_16TT)la<j)§<9gca:, 
5)<Q)0(^a); 2. CSTQ^JO-iOCT)]^ 0_jdl(3®<^ 

(U.S.). n. <aajT3) ; (^raDsroi^ o-jblascm 
cunb. ='ging, ?z. ajyn^^^cQnfi*; <&yT); 
p/. eojool; j;/. (a^^aoao. 

Dig'a-mist, ?i. c^ooojlojoooo^ni^ 

om OT3)c)o. =a-my, n. o^aoolpajoioo; 
ajooqlp qjoqdIoto OJ<TUQ . 

Di-gest', y. ^. (g)05)g_j§a^<0), ara 
aa<&); 2. efl6rrTlg_pce!8<95, seaoajTsfl^ ao 

eTla_pcai8<S) (ph?/S.); 3. <2OOgglaJ0c&8<ft> ; 
COjOa-D<9s^; 4. ©.SX^og^dBj; 5. CTOaffl 

tflsai; 6. ^jyjccri<es<a) (med.); 1. qj&j 

0O<0); 8. C/30~)c98;9j. y. /. eoolc98d9s. W. 

crooiooaoo, So^iorfiaojocb. ='ted-ly, ad. 
^00ocan. -er, n. (^0o)g_j§(^amQjn6; 
(BracrnlajO-Uai 6S ( 0ca:cuo, — o-jaccoioo. =ti- 

biKi-ty, n. aaDoo.^jo. ='ti-ble, a. 

eflg^ldBBtoTDjifln. =ges'ti6n(-jest'yun), 7/. 
(Braod(g)0sTr>o, c^oooo; e^lo-jooo, aaoooo 
{phys.); -oigjo 5)ojd95)f^, c^^&s)ak(med.). 
='tive, a. aQOooaroo6Ojaru)0oca;, ead~)<9s 

cm. d.e apparatus 800500(0310^6380)0. 

n. aaooooj@ij<S)a_iaD(oijDo. rdaadOs. 

Dlght (dlt), v. t. artEd&8<a>; 'BraQjaajaTl 

Digit, 71. S)S)<S>Qj1(oey ; (QjDfZjb— ; 2. 

ojlroej<9>ejo (| 'srao^aio); 3. o^^o\idooo 
crooewj («r.) ; 4. (ryoi<S)&j, .03,03— (as.). 




Dig'ni-fy, y. t. enjrjQaocrfla®^, 

aOl05)g_J§^a5, n\D3(r)0OOOo 6)cfrO§(0S0>. 

dig'ni-tar-y, n. axaoocrfl, 000006; rare 
@£,da&ia6. dig'ni-ty, rc. aorn^^, S(£9 
rfig^; <20aO0fa«.o; acacrnajear!; 0Q ° 
<o)_jo; sico'oraajo, (a^tnoajo; qjgj1cb;ctudo 

nrH; (cyaosmo. to stand upon one's 

d.y §roe)0onno <s>os<0). 

Di-gress', p. i. aD§ /anrDlc^a*; cul-m 
ca'o ^fOiOcDgjoo^ai; ixoo6ri)cTU)oar , § a(j)y> 

jg<S); 2. (SOOQ^i^S^OQaj; S>rWOO 6)jilcgy . 

=gressi'on (-gresh'un), 7i. rmrocroofsm 
ctido, (sramj(Q_)(T^oajo; &joaa\mo, anoo; 
f5Y3(aiDoari)(8^rn^ocrDo ($t.). =gres'si6n- 
al, =gres'sive, a. cruo6njcnoo afl§°a_A 

Dike, Dyke, n. -ojo&j°, ©oc^, ®^os ; 

2. .aflo. y. t. _af)o5>05§<ft ; 2. jyi09J toTlQ, 
0s. 17.2. (3i"lS)a<9s<3>. 

Di-lac'er-ate, v.t. <&?1q<0>, o-joI^ 

.oilgsDA. =a r ti6n, n. jifloa^A. 
Di-lap'i-date, 0. £. a-joy>ocs<30>, <2<a,s 

ajrarssjas; 2. a,olj c^o s>_ajca<a>, ^^1<fl®a>. 

V. I. sflgTT^l^j 3a_i0<&), <S<0>S°clj OQ,(9>. 

=da-ted, a. o-ivpaa^gg, <2<a>s'a_jr>cf)QB;, 
^gRffUj- =da'ti6n, ?«. ojoiPOdRrab, cdco) 

$<0>s Qj«Sfara)«A. 

Dl-late , y. t. cue^Dcaaa-;, ciDrr^oro 

00030,, OJ^o 6>Qjjj_p<9aa>, af)glpfls<fl>; 

2. ojlrr^afL^ qjo<3^(S>. y. i. ciTloaoejaodSi; 
2. (on, upon) e*laei03C2n croocroofrTlcSa^, 
auajlar^oroo (a_\rr$oan<030>. =ted, a. of) 
rr^oroo (er^ea;, ojp.j'o?— . dil-a-ta'tion, 
=la'ti6n, «. culnr^orao, an<&oorv)o. dil'a- 
t6r-i-ly, «rf. croocija>oo30oairi, rmoaoro 

(S'orajo^s. dil'a-tor-i-ness, rc. anaco 
of), Qjlaosrunoo. dil'a-tor-y, a. rfloai 

or^^)'0)_jo asja, ftr)o0aroo— ; croocucoo 


Di-lem'ma, ??. ajl.^100, gaojaao, q^ 
so, 6ry<a^lq§°, an^gjo. horns of ad. 

<0).£p§lo<9nOCY9o 0f^fCTZJn§ rg)<yoCT9o O-JOSH 

Dil-e-ttan'te, n. (pi. dil-e-ttan'ti) 

ajlejo^g^ranb; ^ocooroajlejonb. 

Dil'i-gence, n. &roruoaOo, e&oicj>ov 
cc/gj&U; 2. O&fODo, OToiaujoancriflajo; 3. 
©roacuai noDGjrojcXjQjs^l. to do one's 

d., give d., use d. ajro)^a~i<B8<9>, 

(Q_JCa'(Dnl«fl8«9». =gent, a. &fOTOOoOo & 

@g, ©soic/)©— ; (gcaTiOTj® (^^(sraTlaacTn. 
=gent-ly, ad. afaruooDcsccrc&osis. 

Diriy-dal-ly, v. 1. 0~kr>8<8»5° crf)^ 

<&>, StDfoo <Sn_1308<0>. 

Di-lllte', i;. /. «OOglp<flfidJ> ; 2.01)^0 
<feO<09(S>, flQJgao^=|0>. 6?. I. <8CDd9Q(3). 

a. SoofOTO), £if)g2jo«fljosrois). ='ted, a. &m 

fhP=2J, <s>§ajo <ejo^. =lu/tion, n. son 
Di-lu'vi-al, =vi-an, a. saaiicyacc 

croo6nj(nu0occ;; 2.03ej(a_)ac2^nTaoej« r BocQ;. 

Dim, «. a^Jslcfi;, ^r®6ng 5 raT) 0^0)0 
&.&&, 0y,Sfab— ; 2. ajsnbajej^fBb— , gc^l 

asoaj u — , 0cB6m<ainca;oQB/. d.-sighted 

<&o^<05OSTmg). y. ^. 0600^(08(05, @f®§o 
<ega>, (§,§<»), 0od9®<0>, (cy e ^ o (0i3c0); 2. 

<9>0^ — , 03<TESO0S<9>; 3. 6TXJ(liJ > l0C2;c0S<0j. 

v.i. <0io^<03O6ro® ojnD(0j. -'ly, ad. 
6oeajocaTI. -'ness, «. 0^ra^, i^s^b; 


Di-men'sion, n. (/>?.) (^acu , q_i 

rol0O6n")o; orflao, aflroTl, ajsmo; qjIct^o 

rZJo, a-if^g-J , QJaTlgJo; 2. Q^jcDo, SiCO'OfB 

qjo, (o_)o^^,^, crooroo. space of one 
d. crfiao. space of two d.s crfla 
qjo afl^c^o. space of three d.s 
crfla qjo QjWn^o oojmojo. d. lumber, 
d. scantling, d. stock ojsrrTicoTOfoao 
caTl ©ocm 0foo, a-j6rrflr5ro)roo. 

Di-min'ish, v. t. ^^q^o^a; 2. 

©DP <9), 6)QjeJo (0iO<08(0>, CTUD3CD0— , 00 

mo—, 'sracjul<0>oroo— ; 3. og)§(Dra <9>&<xy<9>, 
cftlyn<08(0>. y. z. <aj06ta® curtflft. dim-i- 
nu'tion, n. S^jilfiraioanaA, <0)Oas>rai>; «J)0 

5£j.f^>; orflmfw, <o)o^, <9joqj\ di-min'u- 
tive, <7. S)^iiolc2;; tfragjOJO-oflcojocnj^r.): 




cumo; (sragjoTJicaooZio (gr.). 

Dim'i-ty, n. <ar®ajca> ufl^ls^srTfl, 


Diin'ple, n. coymjuo^ocoo, a^GLilcX) 
(Saifl, CT3srnc9sy^i, aoamdBayH; 2. ajy?!. 

Din, n. a^, oasi^yo; fsraaj^, cos&j 
<Do. y. /. 2]iP<9s<0>; 2. nrflaiCirign^a-i 
■oc%s>, a^ajraflfab— . to d. into aJl^om 

S)<0*3§d3s<fr>. y. I. i^SP65i3<fr, tu_icrfl<es3>. 
Dine, v. i. ^'oern <Qiipl<S9<9>, cgcarajo 

yo— , tjflnb— . to d. with Duke 
Humphrey a-Jslsrrfloaosg^Da,. p. t. 

gKiOTlfs^O^tfieifr, CrC^aTlcfliSdaj; 2. roH 
OT3 3>, gcOeasmo ^LfHd&Scifc. d. OUt -^63130 
roT|03(8^O§^S a_JO5)0 jDSYTg' rDOTDl<Ssfm 

Qjab. di'ning, a. s<Sfii6m-> #i«A&8am. 
din'ner, k. &v6rn , g.urajoifo. din'ner- 

iess, <7. o-j^lsrrncaoai. 

Ding, y. *. ir. (dang, dung) ^tcfl 
«ro® AaoicBj; 2. qtj>as«a>. to d. (any- 
thing) in one's ears ajlacm^o a_n 

v.i. 06rrf)igcj<0>, — (BT3s~i<08cQ>; 2. <a>c/acn 
06rrfl2,sral>, — ryasqjo. d.-dong o^jsngs 


Din'gey, Din'gy, Din'ghy, n. &a» 

cute 5>.ajcf)ay s-aioerrTl; 2. <3>g_jaT)s>aj s>.ai 
o)zb 'cucesocro '. 

Din'gle, n. sd^sjbIcb; (ouidco, etnio) 
ca— . -dan-gle, #<:/. <bto2631333o ©<S6si3o 

So <SY9)SlS)o9<s>36ng } _nA36!&13Sl5)c95i06n§ . 

Din'gy, «. ^an^rrrioig^; 2.<s^jo 

a_DrD5n? i §D^> 65131 COJ. 

Dink, a. cyaran&gg., s>qjs^^j j — . 
-'ly, ad. ajraraHaiocan. 

Dint, w. 6>cu§ , si<e>3rora; 2. o>oj§1 
5)a6oaj§; 3. oaeaoTl, @oan°. by d. of 

Dl'o-cese, n. ©sojd&, isra^afiis 

aft9>orD(Q_}<pe'-0o (Chr.). =oc'e-san, fl. 

@.S-ij<a.cruo6ajau)23ca', gosajd^scaos 


<8-aJCIT>. /?. (BT3^d9£Qnb; (pi.) ©SXl 

<a)Calral)5)a_l3 <25rii3CJO<9>.UaDo; — S3mS313c)o. 

Dip, U.t. (3<03d>>, g^CUdBsdi, mmc98 

§<&>. 5)a_i§<o»; 4. (out) $<e«)5><B;§<ea<9s, 
2&>o(Ui&>; 5. a_)6Tr>cao 5)aj<es<^>; asssrna 
^J3^<^. tO d. Snuff aJ<a>eBn&is>£jos"i 

.ijocQnaD§a». to d. the colours aao 
Alcana* fSTDilcuojjo s>.ai^ (riaut.). v. i. 
^6313(0), .-greens <So_j3<9j; 2. ^easTl^cas^d. ; 
3. (in, into) ®moc03ta>; 4. (in, into) <3ej 

(Sco 5CT)3d9St9j, Brt»Qjkl">0OC2r) — f 5. .TJ>3^ 

<&>; 6. OLj(0j32nej5^g_j35 1 Qj3carian§s>. 11. 

Q&SKT&- 2. fOiO^, -o"£g\ -nJrtTljij'; 3. $)?> 

<f<Qirf>\(6\ -'per, n. i^tasamcunb, s^sczs 
amojab; (9)«>5ngl, (oiolTI. -'ping, n. 2> 

Diph'thong (dip'thong), n. crojra 
S-D^jo, — a\)o(S3J;3Co>, — arocrufl; a\)o(3^ 

Di-plo'ma, n. cruD3nocrD0 9%a_i3)"! 
<a>, <BcaocO)fa>3oroo^£cja_j|5)o. 

Di-plo'ma-cy, n. raosanncan, ooscas 
q-jdob;o; 2. (Starry 1^3^ f^tjncrTl(jLriajt£o. 

=mat. =mate, =ma-tist, ?<. cm ^sojs 
fOfr^efcroxTb. =mat'ie, =mat'i-eal, a. 

f03^m3iicrooQuonJ:Z3C2., ctqq :oo3o_j tt>. — ; 
ejo— . =mat'ie, y?. (eYarn,rD3^(cyxnlcr)i 

col, — ouDsmoa-i.-an. =mat'i-eal-ly, 

ad. focrajm^nrytuxa^aiOfoo; ^ajo'S^ffm. 
=mat'l€S, n. <x£(oov)cncmzcrocr> jjla.. 

Dip-set'i€, «. eoooeam^zoTi;. =so- 
ma'ni-a, ?/. asoDSroscoo; 0e,<g3cro) J 

Dire, <7. (ST3)a_jraiejt9fti5m^@a, — ^ 
sd&>o (srgiCQ;; 2. ecaafcrao— , «Q^i3rOo— , 
<9)d^coo — , sifooQo — , (srgjO-jg^rao — . 
-'ful,<7. d)&a>o—, (ggffij^foo— . -'ful-ly, 
ad. (BTOoflassiJS.'nras^s, (Scasjraasajn. 

-'ly, «C?. a^)23CBT), 5><0>3§08CB;OS>S. 




Di-reet', a. sonaro&gg, s>_ojoqj— , 
CDaajo foDf^riajo gggjoraroi; (Sta^iSTO); 2. 
arTlc^oLjseoQjo g>@g., a-iroao^o— , ouloo 

(OK50 — ; S. crODdSfiaDrai); Sl'OignCLi (ST^jOOi, 

gr\^c^o — , (rflm^ooaCBto — ; 4. ©sra.'moQj 

^lca'3c». d. discourse, d. quotation, 
d. speech <g>aeo:«i6mo, <td_i— (gr.). 
d. evidence arood9f*ns>-oi§ncij' (!..). d. 
examination (^maaf)orkpa>o (/.)• d. 

tax cTflajcrfldajroT). v.t. (Sandra terras 
2. cuyHtSjos^, — foOrtri^ s^o^cSgcQi, ms 

(^©tS); 3. ODoOcrTlgmCQritQQtS); 4. Srtflas 
<D>; 5. (Qjg_pt99^, (ST3;e^ro)D0Ljld&s93, g)OJ 

GeoaleOssfii; 6. Sa^aflajocroo a3)y>@<0>, 

<2q_joc3>. ='ter,='t6r,w. cr)oca;<9»nb, a_jfol 
cLJOSJAab, (BraO^j cQflanb. -'ti6n, ?2. ens 
corafig_j , a-jrola-joajmo; <9>g_jan, -aJ§o; 

(SZl^aDeJDaiDo, — aQJ^CDTO) ; COaT); 00002; 

<&>cros, a_irtTlcLJOGj(e>— . ='tive, a. ens 
ajroT)(9aam, cusAaiosaD. -'ly, ad. <Scr> 
6)a>, s).aJos)qj; qsd Lcocain aocoTl; (BTam.croo 
6njcru)o (ajsos^ov, OTfcqao (Sr^coTl, (cywj 
dQfiio— , Oro^alcD — ; W5)(TT); ajraaoasio 
(O_)<a>0f&o; ajrOCTOiZlOCOn; g)S6)OD, c£&l 

€tdo. -'ness, w. 6^aioqj ; ajfoaocaino; 
<2ajcoa>. ='t6r-ate, ft. onoca'&i^jojooo 

C&aiOTDlS. =t6'ri-al, «• OOOCQ^fOiJo CTOo 

erucTufl^, (SarabaD-aiofOo— ;mo3i'aiDa51<a>o 
rt)i^@g. ='t6r-ship, 7?. cnoco;<3>crooocno. 

=t6r-y, 71. -nlgo; (a_)D«n£)mocrDo^r)QOo; 

<8a-j<bajlaurt>o q_Ȥ1(B>, (SafzAajlejocrogj 
si«e>; mocBJ<S)cnj(S. = 'tress, ='trix, n. 

Di-rep'tion, n. ^oji^, iBraa-jaoro 

«mo. =rep-ti'ti6us, a. 5><9j0@&can§anr>. 
=rep-ti'ti6us-ly, ad. onjOcarDanY^ao 
eoTl, snjejog^oSfosrn. 

Dirge, n. @8su;yog , aulejoajaflOTo, 

cg'jaom— . -'ful, a. cgoaocncroo6nj(TU) 
aoay, aTl&Joajiggg.. 

Dirk, n. a>§oroo. d. knife aj&flc&) 

Dirt, n- <Saio , <^otfgo, aajo, .nigf), 
<a>£-J; 2. crTijajr^jo; 3. ©ooo. to eat d. 

ji?]>-aR))<8^§ (STOOD 25130 aflftf)<d2 3>. V.t.Q 

eflcDo orgasm, dir'ti-ly, ad. c^-aaS) 
(Sc^socoTl; ooljiiisoajfcran^l); gpooosca/o 

s>s. dir'ti-ness, ??. rrflaj oi_io, moy&s) . 

dir ty, a. <s.aio n_f)(Osng 5 5>_a»o<ara)ca;ocB/, 
q^-srofls^s, gtoo^iluo (ST^oo/; assart— , 

a^c&iaJlsn^ ; ej61^g&, @D <0OOS)-_}0OOC2>0 
C2J; S>cft>0§9fc0OO @.@g, ^000,0 S)tfiO|.o— . 

p.l. (5TO^<t35>D(9st0j; <a)06>^j§K5©d), 0om 

<2t9S)S° QJdS(^(&). 

Dis, ;^/*. SqjqIiss , ajlsraocoo, (jy(oD, 
afl, o^)fan«b, (era, orflA. nrTig . 

Dis-able, v . t. cyac&rori^ai^aga), (bto 

<S3yOCA'O^CQr]gjOS)fW — , afi3CQT)3_pc&8<9), <2& 

s Qjfraa^ta>; 2. <BTOcroocy(sr§)<a8<9>; (Btooj 

<Q>OC^0lgjO6)in— (/.); 3. orTl^DfDo — ; rtJ)0 

tp/lgjoay^, <ftocu ojocs^<a). =a-bil'i- 
ty, n. (o-joa^PdDsoaj , fficaoc^'WQQngjocffl, 
(Soaneals^s . -ment, n. (HtdscO'OCo.^. 

Dis-a-buse', f. ^. (sraonjauo raflag^, 

Dis-a-c-eord', ?2. clT1!td02^o, ©^osfi 

g_pgjOcg. -ant, a. S-oJ^congjO'Dro), sa 

Dis-a€-^us'tom, w. t. oraj^ooDo 00 

oq,<S5, a_)«J^CLJ , — , agjyoejpgjocjgQjijcg^. 
DlS-a-dorn', y.^. oroaiBjOfDo crflcss 

Dis-ad-van'tage, n. ^00^; igsa»o; 

ja^mo; (sronnas^ejo, SicroOiQi^jcQaocL! ; 

2. <2_al(CT>o, qOOCtTI. y. ^. m ^o QJrtB 

8J®ca>; (^S<fl9(Si. =ta'geOUS, «. ©rano 
cra^fijaocjy, QOocrDcLi«s(^©aT). =ta- 
ge6us-ly, ad. (eraae^ajan^oo)^, 6oj 

Dis-af-feet', v.t. (a-paao 6)(Q>§cfia«>, 

gtmo — , SCTDoOffD^jotnocSs^, orflrocroo ea 
orf)g_p<S8<9>, aTlSfDocjOo — , fga^ls^s qj 

rtBGSJgiSi' 2. (^ja®c95iS — , CT\J6U3<fi5)S — . 

=ted, a. aTlfocroo (S.-mDcrronD, rooeaedoTl 





<B»osrorg). =fee'ti6n, n. fQoru<3d95>s , 5>qj 
0,^-j , dTlsraccoo, (BTacrTlc^o; on^ajsans . 

Dis-af-firm', v. t. qcoj o^o6^cv^cm 

aS\n-\(£\®)o o_jo<3#<S), rrflScaaufl&aa); 2. 
§6njaj5)g_j§«j®<a5(/.). -'ance, a. cn\%#a 

coo; §64i^^aj§fOT3)f^ (£•)• -a'tion, n. 

crTlScfiacuo, QJsmuroo. 

Dis-ag'gre-gate, v. t. <©§o o_f)of) 

«99<&, e1orrna_p<9a<a>. =ga'tidn, w. soj 

ollOS°, QjlfSC^OODo. 

Dis-a-gree', y. i« crozaranaaDtartj) §d 

ojlo-jfa'lxniaocttri — ; 2. <sYOi£)(a^oc2J(nrDf!(B!> 
aeald95»(Q5, ansroocjooe^^ocB/o o_ioc^<9>; 

fO)cB50c99<S), #>&JoOle9s<0); 3. a_jooorof!fif) 
£$<&). -a-ble, «. <SjairO0O5T2D, (Sjii^can 
gjotCTD), (cyaTl^ajaocs;, o_ioooraro>; <sroo 
g_j curo3Ql2)cm, ao<9fiomo — ; OTocrDc^0oca(. 
-a-ble-ness, n. rocrcxsaas ; ' 
-a-bly, ad. Q-joooajT^aTlcuo, ^aicigj 
(S^oaDajT^anajgnoo. -ment, n. ®^J& 

®<Qs>S , <Sf3Bo, OJ.fa\0CrDo; fSTDSCB/ICO. JD; 

ojlcreza^o, <src>£l(a_pea;<2iseo; qjsso, ro 


DiS-al-lOw', V. t. crDZ0rori(9siO5)fW 

aacQj. -a-ble, a. croaa.-aTigjoab n_io 
storms), aroadlyonb— . -ance, n. <sro 

Dis-an-i-ma'tion, «. esnatai^lgjo 

Dis-an-nul', y.£. §s4l aiS) 8zJ§ a ® <fl, » 
aiio, crflcDno. 

Dis-ap-pear' (-per'), ».*. aocfi3 a _jo 

«a>, rrncTrV<Sa_jo<e>; 2. a)Osrr>os)fm— , 'sro^o-j 
fOJjcfificiZOca). -aiice, n. gogjoft'oxSajo 

Dis-ap-point', v. t. (SYgjoaoeocoo qj 
asxg@)<B> ; 2. qjoiSs ^-^oficSi; 3. rol^o) 

0Od9Q<^, f0)§c99<e>. -meilt, 71. @D -^3^0 

coo, crTi^ajfa)jo, qjI^o; (SYgjC/aoSoc/D 

Dis-ap-prove', v. t. croaa'oflaeao'o^ 

oTlcBSiSi, ajlSraoCOo ajOQ^cSj, (ST3>Ss9ftlQ_n 

c9®<^; 2. (wg^ce,. =prd-ba'tion, =pro'- 

Val,W. QlD arc 00^0; (BT^-ScOfija-jo. =pr6'- 
ving-ly, ad. oro<zz<a)2>)g±osi>o). 

Dis-arm', y. £• <sy3>q%cjoo sicu^ylasiSj, 
2. <8ao<fi30ngyos)«n— . ='ma-ment, « . <sr& 

<3#(JOo 6)QJgJl<95)f3l». 

Dis-ar-range', y. £. <era^0ao<88a>, 

(BraourOgJl^A. -ment, «. onoo 000 , 

Dis-ar-ray', ra. (g>0<s<ss)s, maorrfi 

S^fWOOfai), CTDo(g0o; 2. j*S<2GV<9®C>QJ , QJ 
(TT^ oCflcDfO). U. t. (g)0o 6VaiOC"fi<88(9>, 

(5TD(STrT!— ; nODmOQjlcO0O<99<&). jiTi'Ololg.p 

Dis-as-so'ci-ate (-so'sin-at), v. t. 
Dis-as'ter, n. ^no^jpy>, <§§ua, 

crTleocojo; 2. oD^o, fsrao_j<0)So. v- t. 
nrDeoWio cuasf^a), ^QoOg-ptf— , <seo 

c&3o— . =as'trOUS, «• c9>oaJ!2(SR§@a; §8 

oUcQirDo tergjco;, ecaahroo— 1 =as'tr0US- 
ly, ad. a>oej$<es>snnD ^aaojemo, '49a£) 

Dis-a-VOw', v. t. fTfl?caiafla8«S), cru 
02<an<9s>ofanro)<99<3), §D6>^jrrn , Q_joQ%<0),cTfl 

Cg^oftO^i — ; 2. §05)^07^ 6)(0)§[\cSu)cB2<Q). 
-al, W. CTfltS^aCOo, ools^icjoorDc^dii. 

Dis-band', v.t. 6»uau)0tfl«98«fl», aD 

<2CttJDCOo OJflSfl23)d>, (l_n an^ca.c0S<0); 2. 
(2ojo<0>, -af)'tf)OlSgioa>; ajSS^ifto Qjl§<9>. 

Dis-be-lief (-lef'), ?2. <8raajWjocroo; 
edBflTlcan^jo(g|. =lieve', t?.f. aDoDJcnfl 
<s»o(orirol<flsa);e<efl»ricari^jofmo«a». =liev'er, 
n. (ffroaTioajocrol. 

Dis-b0S-ea'ti6n, n. a)OS crfltQunnrT;^ 

0Oc95irsi), ^a^orflceafai). 

Dis-bur'den (-bu/dn), v. t. eoroo 
nrflaaa), ^jasloascdj; 2. 0(d^j° @ocm 
a_ioca^(0); <er3)oajDcroo (ajoci_n«ss(3). y. z". 




DlS-burse' (-bera'), v. t. -oDajcin 
§<©>." officer -aDejoj 6>jijg^nm 
g>®e,ococmarrb. -ment, n. -aDejcuyn 
c9«rai>, -aflajaj . 

Disc, 72. see Disk. 

Dis-eard', v. t. fa>gsTl<fl»aa2j«fl>, cu 
6Trf)a_f!rtfi.£j'<S}g.a$<3i, o_T)§ — , g)Sa_jdaaf) 

Dis-Cern' (tliz-zern'), v. t. aDSQjjaTl 

-i-ble, a. <^06mo<fl3aD, raTlrjn^cnca'oop; 
(teem, -ing, a. fanfol^olcu &g£, ^ D 
<5j®6ajocoo— . -ment, ft. aD«cu.aJono, 
cry degp 6104 £j51, oj<0>faf)rtfloj , oj)<sqj<Sjo. 

DlS-Cerp', v.t. Jif)a3f)<e5>&c^<e5, afl 
oltOng.^^; 2. ©QJajlfDl(a8<S). -sion, n. 

Dis-charge', n. .ajas ceDyndaaflA, ju 
rccSsTloas)^; 2. 6">ojsls)Q_jo§ral>; i^iPasio^ 

3. aiOOOoloJOraSTDo; 4. <9)So Qjl§rab; 5. 
a_)6YrTlQ-ri(^ri<95)rs{), crf)<95>o; 6. JD(ti;ort>6mo, 

®0o_ajmo, crojofwigo) o; 7. ayHoj ; 8. 

aJcSswyalg ; 9. (gpOQJo, $a_J0<6si . y. /. 
-QJ0S $jDOd9Q<Si, .airDoto — ; 2. <2<TO06)<&5>oy> I 
<es<Q), o>ajS)6)a_J0§lc9g<a>; 3. 6&iPloJO(©3<0>, 

<aooarfiajoro6Tr)o Qja8(^<&; 4. <o>So afl 
spa>; 5. ajoajTa!§t&; 6. rtDSOjlrabaolam 
aTI§(9»; 7. oQ)^«a), 6)QJSlo)Qjd9g<fi J ; 8. 
QjlaTtoooQ,^, — (§64jais>a-j§^<9i; 9. 
nolo} rcraTl (6$ <a> ; 10. ou6rrTlQ_n«r!<eQ(S); 11. 
o_jo(ora>oc9s < 9>; 12. oo)<2rc>ocLf)<0a<fr. v. z. 
isoroo rrflcesa^j &yn<ag<6); Qcucpjcft. 

Dis-Cl'ple, R. ualc&^nb, 03'>rno<e«n6, 
ojtei oranfl ; 2. reraodxiioan, roiLoocorairrb. 
-ship, n. c/alcft3.fa)jo. 

Dis'ci-pline (-plin), n. gajsaoao, 
cunejoejcaroo, 6Ta4&inQr)<3>oaroo; 2. <graad 
crofObrno; 3. a?l<^S(95>o; 4. foTlfreajT^fob ; 5. 
c/sldQfia; 6. aDe,, a-jo")^ \ 7. ajgalc/alcafia ; 
8. estTUjOOo, roicu^ . v. t. jDrutsa ualt&s ^, 
Qj)e,^\f)g_p<9a<fl>; 2. c/<f)<eflal.£} oja 
(r^i<S5; 3. cronao^o crdlaf!3_p«9s<&>, croeo 

jilOfOo — ;4. Q-J§^ncalc6tai(Q)gjld9s<Ss. =plin- 

ari-an, n. aisnuTlra^gg c/jftS; ^2j(Ss)0 

Dis-claim', y.£. &®o-idaflal<s8<e>; 2. 

$fO>-4}ajl§<e>, ^fDrarDQjienooo— ; 3. 6")<s>o 

§d95)0'o0rDld9!8<&; 4. tfraQJ<&>003o Oo"!<8:&3 
Cult9Q(fli (/.)j 5. £(Dra)rt>QJialra)--lo a^g^O 

«jf)rtfld9e<ft> (/.). 

Dis-elose', v. t. 3§O-flrtf)<0aa>; 2. 

@)0<fi8(fl>, ^slcrfldBs^,, 000^ — ; 3. S>QJ 

csfiio— . =eld'sure (-zhur),^. s>ajgf)sig_j 

Dis-Col'dur, v. t. crfloo 0000^; a>o 
co;0(9st9s; 2. .aJoca/oc&>cQ;oQ ) a>. =c61-6r- 
a'tion, ?2. rrTloo 0000^; ajgrna-jaiii; 
c9>0. =€0l'6lired, a. crflOo a_ia>CTD;a> 
afflao a-JO<^lca. 

Dis-eom'fit, v. t. -aflrmolcaatf), ©osl 

(©3!Qi, <SfOl0g_p<Bs«9j; 2. ;0>3O 0OOO(03<fli, q 

s<9ao aja»agg<Sj. =fit-ure, w. ©iWfi^, 
(grao_iS3C2Jo; iois <2cQjS , oDq^o. 

Dis-eom'fdrt (-fert), v.t. ^s)od^ 

fifiacajo euros (3ED<a>, <ftffnolra)o — ; 2. 5)S>cro_i 

fO<s<95iS0(Sfi<S). «. (^cafl^fat, cr\;6iisa5iS . 

Dis-eom-mend', v. t. (ST3)<8cafiiaJl«98 

a>; 2. rocro®c95)S cuas(t^tQ>, aTlsroocuao 

Dis- C0m-p6se'> y. ^. nooonoajlcoo 
(ffrgjaa^), ro>oo 000 — ; 2. «&>ej(&5)o qjits 

f^©<fl>, S)5)CU)JrD(S<96)^— ; 3. OTUD3OO(g(^0 

(03<a), Qj6rrTl(i_rif^ri(Ss<0). =po'sure, n. 
0m8<9>ej<65)o, (sracrunOjo, 6)Qcro_irofi(fi5)S . 

Dis-con-cert', v. t. 0000000X10000 
c9a<o>, el(rnlg_p«98<d); 2. (g0ng_p«ss(a>, ai 

Dis-con-form'i-ty (-farm-), n. «m 

Dis-eon-gru'i-ty, w. <sseo, rsra^ao'o 

Dis-con-nect', y. t. «een^_p«98<9», 
croo6njcru)o Qjl§f^®c95, SQJalTlfo)<esa>. 
=nee'tioii, n. sojoJos . 





Dis-eon'sd-late, a. (Si^oa .1000000, 
crooGS^c^o s.@g, awoTlasaJo— ; 2. ££p 


Dis- eon-tent', n. (^a^is&s , aa 

crog^^l; 2. acngcrojcnJDmcBn^ocg. 
-ed, a. (Braejoeoojalgjofara. y to £. (sraai 

-ment, n. rg>-4jP 3<9, ' sU ' orDg^^laaooj , 

Dis-eon-tin'ue, y. *. crnn^a>, tsraoj 
crconrrigjn<99<&>, Ojl=i caig.oy<9>, g><3a_»cSfif) 
&%<&). v. i. (Sjii^maoo <2o_i3«s>, gs^j— , 

^icmi<99<9>. =tin'u-ance, w. crflorn 

<Sn_Jo<e>ra!>, colfararab; sajo-jos , elrnvo}. 
=tin-u-a'tion, n. crfl<w»aj|>, sajolios. 
=ti-nu'i-ty, n. scao^j-^cssocu '. 

Dis'eord, rc. elcm^, ojteraocoo, oj 

iPc9s) ; 2. <?0gj<9aooj , CrOJrtNgoCOo. 

='dance, ='dan-cy, ??. <sseo, s^i^sas) 

s, c^a&^lisocoo. ='dant, a. <BTOa_JCrD-»fO 
0OCgJ, (O}0g.oS>(ft>3; ^zalftb <SnifO0(OT3); dTl 

o_ir^l(O)0oc». ='dant-ly, a<^. a^icnTI 

£J0S) CO). 

Discount, n. <an«na_j°, qjocaTI; 2. 
3^0 a-jaflca; 3. OLjaDoaajlono. at a 
d. rocroo ©gjortjra, oJDgyo — . v.t. «ef) 

y^O? 6)<&>0§<&9<a>, QJDGoltSXU^ — ; 2. Q_i 

aTlc/a^ako o3)Cy&a<e>; 3. c^ab^sfl orflgn^ 

CoTldgcQj; 4. < S>6m<05n.'3b •'0)@^<9). 

Dis-eoun'te-nance, n. oaWocuo, 

cnosrrTlg-p^tej; 2. osxjogyo 6)<0>§&8<0>; 
<9siQ5i(0) — ; 4. aDaj<Q9<&). 

Dis-eour'age, v. t. 6)S)co^o 6><0>§ 
a, <gs<fl9<e>. -ment, n. g>(2Ti(bs>(0>§ 

Dis-eourse' (-kors'), n. oooeo^i 

6mo, crooorooroo; 2. oroocroofDaTlej-, 3. 
(a-)croocoo; a_ioo<&>o; (a_j6nj(TU)o. v.i. 
arDocrooaf)<ss<a>, crooeoc&isrno <9>\f\<B%&>; 

2. anojaDeSs^, (a_)arootol<93<a>. y. t. 
fa_)nr^0Qjlc98Si, croooroortfl<93<a>. = 60Ur- 

ser,rc. ^croocol;rt>j»i<fl>nb. =«Dur'sive, 

a. (STaa90orrfl<9aonD; aroocruortflasam; croo 
so con 6rn(f3 a_j 00 aw. 

Dis-€OUrt'eOUS (-kort'yu*), a. B^pa 
gogjorora), ^oj^jofD'jalajo — . -ly ? ad. 
ffiTOmojxiorD0ocDn. =€OUr'te-Sy (-ker-ti-), 
n. (Biaooojiioroo, 0gyoB(98oaj , crfleagyoao. 

Dis-e6v'er, -t. @ocrn o)Oj<9s<a>; 2. 

QQJ^tSitO^S'SS^; 3. <&>061TK>f9>, <&>S)6r£Cg3) 
«S», <9j6n§ aJls^asdfc; <T£Cr^Sn£3<B2<&>', 4. 

o-irtfldOftfldaaS). y. i. <9>osrnoa2;fD^<Sj. 

-a-ble, a. <&)06mOT3)<©5>. -er, ?i. Asr^ajl 

sLjycunb, terg)3j0oa2n <3>6ngajnt>. aoD 
«a>ofoob; a>0Kjo_ifzD3cy80CJO<a>nb. =e6v'- 
ert, ??. e.oTgjradBfiaoanGjgyorCTaQjcto, <a>c^ 
«fl>, qJIcjooi (^.). -ture, n. crflc^p 
QjooocruD^<tjn (/.). -y, n. (q-^'^j^ 950 

8.00(^6^0(2^ (eraolcu ; rao^ajfolsoao 


Dis-ered'it, ?2. aTlc/ajoaroec&oc/^a 
gjoiWOcBsxnl); QLTlaajaxriasio^; 2. oraa_» 

0OCDO. V.t. QT\udJCTO)<a&d&'& §D(£)<BS<Q>; 
2. (aJ0O6rrTl<95)O6)'a^— ; 3. Qui ua J 00001^0 
fO10«6i8t9>, <SnOf05i^OnD OJOS'Ig®^, — QjlaJO 

Dis-ereet', a. cr^&gpo &ea, sojaul 

qTISOJAo— ; 2. (a_)<2^«30 crgjCB/. =€rete', 
a. (a_)®^iifl>o — , Qj^.-aO.^n^ Q_jo(3^om. 
={}re'ti6n (-kresh'uo), n. (<ys^a)ro); aj 
a>faf)rtf)aj , enjaiD; iDsxijiicno; cro_i^ 

flj):Qg>«i>jo. age of d.n aj(9>(onrflaj§a 

(ojoca/o. at d.n crTlcsilcai6aB^aomo0lgjo 

6ia>, 0oog^ , <sa_jo5)ej. =ere'tion-al, 

=Cre'ti6n-ar-y (kresh'nn-er-i), a. C^ 
cBraioSn-io&aj 6)_aicgjoa3cnD, ^trw(TO_i0fm 

Dis-erep'ance, =crep'an-cy, n. aTi 

ant, «• anos(2D0o(2;, ese^ga. 

Dis-erim'i-nate, y./. (sseQ^^^ 

<Q8dBj. a. (a_j(2 r 2;<Qi0OCtt;; aTlSaa^ieJdaefl 




6TT)^@&. =Iia/ti6ll, n. QJ<Q»Tn\(£\CLi , foTl 
fOl^olaj' ', aDsCLl-aiOno, <Wrt><3£eo; (a_) 

<s^<S5aj«e£Q5rr>o. =na'tive, a. <sse5>g_j 
§, (cys^jaiejdaaisTrxggg.. =na't6r-y, 

Dis-€ur'si6n, ?t. ajoeo, croocroorao, 
(ST^sajD^iifDoanaaofij^). =eur'sive, a. 
croaTlfT^oroo aroocrooraldBscm, aTlcfdcao 

aD§ — , (ST3 g) 0^1 (g 6)0 §1513) o_JO<3#nT>; QJ 

yTiojvpncaocQn cuo^l<s9CTr). =-eur'sor-y, 
a. SiziospHaj <o>orao — . 

Discus, ??. .aj<g)o. 
®oaoa5"l<es(S> ; 2. ancuoel<9s<9>; 3. ajgyo 

<3&<a>; 4. Qjl§ <e)g.<3##>; 5. (oOcTTOai, 
tolfi^ Q^dh. -€US r si6n (-kush'un),?2. 
Q_J^SoaO(JL/OT); <XUoQJD8o, aj^oSeJOjaiCT). 

Dis-dain', n. (srocolSdOfoa-jo; 2. col 
(Baorao, crflos; 3. cus^ o; i. gjs^. r. £. 

2. o51<S5>fD > lce3<B5, 5>QJQ,£J <S>0ScQj. y. Z. 

€roi^l0omo fiooDas^. -fill, «. crficrao 

SOOJo g>@£3, (BTDaOgBraTl— . 

Dis-ease' (-ez'), «. cT\}6u$as>s°, ora 

oroaOio, fera^cro^aLiio; 2. ojjocol, gscdo 
coo, e^looo, asmjuo. v.t. ef)cr>o aS\s) 
c9sa>; 2. enjftuligao curt»fljjB<a>. =eased' 
(-ezd), a. (Sroocoo egg., — a_Dsns)aj§. 

Dis-em-bark', y. t. & L &(z>&5) @o 

<ea<e>, — soossga,, <e s rt>a_jOQ ) <3>. =ka'ti6n, 

Dis-em-bar'rass, y. f. oD^ao rofl 


<es(d5, croooacao a_)rtf)aoar>(99<9>, qj)§qj1 
<aa<9>. -ment, n. crDoc/aca;a_irtf)aOoroo, 
aTlo^crnQJorowno. [{QQ(fh> 

Dis-em-beirish, y. t. «nz>&J9fcoroocrf) 

Dis-em-bit'ter, y. ^. aaa^ souo 
Dis-em-bod'y, y. f. ©ojo a>g.<xya>, 

r3rauaa)lrD)cB>0t99<&>; 2. o_j§og.o ^ajo&H 
<S9<&>. =bod'i-meilt, n. <ett>udc§)c§)e> 

Dis-em-bogue'(-bog'), v.t. & i. & 

#><&nafly><a>, ea^aTls^as^; 2. aisoTlrab 
6)^icTn «^3a»<a>. -ment, ?/. »y><esK>. 

Dis-em-bow'el, y. t. asa? ojocmao 
<S9<3>, — a^cma a>gc%a>. -ment,w. <0jS 
Qej§<fl5)(3b. [asp^ -. 

Dis-em-broil', ». f. <ft§«9n 'rofl<esd»>, 

Dis-en-a'ble, y. £. cflftfl6rnlg_p<fla«> : 

2. <8oacfti , i6)a»§aa«fl». [jplasa*. 

Dis-en-am'6ur, v- t. <s(n_)06rucm)0 

Dis-en-chant', v. t. Z'^addm) crfl 
(QS'Q'. -meilt, n. 0iQO)<TriQjDr&sroo, 

— Q0O.aiOOo; 0OOO 0!Q5)o. 

Dis-en-eum'ber, v. t. eo^o or?l<sa<9). 

-€Um'brance, n. an<^cr9lQLjo^6rr)o; 


Dis-en-dow', y. t. eomo ^sryej^y 
§(^<o>. -ment, n. eoancrf)a>Dc0>rt>srno. 

Dis-en-fran'chise, y. /. s)o_i<ort>OTjo 
©gjOfwoasa). -ment, ». s^o_j'ofDf?r)ji 

en c^ao. 

Dis-en-gage', y.e 1 . 6>«»)§tf)cfls<fl>, al^ 

§aTl<9sa); 2. Qjan^^^efiaa), atf^jo -of) 
* .0 

<09c3>; 3. <gS<9s<&>. y.z. OTOdSjCm <Sn_J0a>, 

clT1§— . =gaged r , a. ©yHajea, c»_» 
^gaged'ness, w. crv)_io(miQgjo; ^q^q 

ifl^^. -ment, n. an§fO)rz*; oraajcro 
roo, ancr)««9«s . [rtnoyp «&. 

Dis-en-no ble, y. i. <fi3&Jao 5 l(r)0oas t 9 3 , 
Dis-en-roll', y. 1. Q-j§na)ccn^cTfinm 

Dis-en-slave', y. ^. (ro^iaajo^i^jo 

Dis-en-tan'gle, y. ^. aj^csn rafl(0s<d>, 

jxiaaaj— ; 2. 6n T jdiil(g§ , ~, ajfon(g0o— . 
-ment, n. an§ra»n*. [rac^a. 

Dis-en-thral', y.^. cro_iDra>(Qo\o qj 
Dis-en-throne', y./. crdloaooarucD 

Dis-en-ti'tle, y. ^. fsraaj<&>oo30n^o^D 
Dis-en-tomb' (-tumO, y. ^. w>cuo 00 




Dis-es-tab'lish, v.t. ©a<99^, ■*&) 

#>oro rural raknnlarn a-jlrulascQj. -ment, n. 
cro s o uS) &•■ o ru cro j o «n 'rm o . 

Dis-es-teem', ». fufifacn^ofuo, &cb 

crflaa; 2. aj rUo. u. £. 6njaQ0orrfi<3no 
6>roi g3ful<03c05, QJ<^5)QJ(9no5)'ai — ; 2. erf! 

ma'tion, n. crTio3. 

Dis-fa'vour, =v6r, n. rucroda&icao, 


fflTBODOSfUo; 2. SJaOJI^&JjO, gpcQaSiSnS ; 

3. cnlgay, ^DonoOjC. u.£. (sraad^ajial 

m0ronful<9S(9>, QjlSfDOCOo c9sOS<S>, (BToOO) 
<£Qo— ; 2. Qj)(fU3a-J2)0c9s<3>. 

Dis-fel'low-ship, a.(. @^Ic8j»4p1cbo 

ranaTl(Q9<05, GTOoDQJDCrDo @.®CLJe9ftflc99<0j, 
Q-lS^l^i S>CU<Q®c9>. 

Dis-fig'ure, v. t. ^(©ajaoasd); 2. 

OJc£Clg.0<9S<9>, {SOdDo QjfUJCU^A. =fig-U- 

ra'tion, n. <sa>oejo a^s^rai,, (rujo^o— , 


Dis-fran'chlse, v. t. (STaaj<Q>ooac © 
^omo<sa<9>, ^oj'Ofo.'ui-io <a>acsy<si. -ment, 

7i. (BYaaj<a)Ooannc^o, 5>a_j<orura>j — . 

Dis-fur'nish, v.t. <TOO0oms>0§rnra 

a^g.^^; 2. <2C3y0COifU)C0ngj0(W0(98<Q>. 

Dis-gorge', v.t. g>azP ,9R & a & ,fl, 5 -a© 

§1<99<9>; 2. 0S<98ns><9»o§a-p<08<B>; (a-joeo; 
aajlfurao S)jij^1<9S(0j. 

Dis-grace', n. iBrarrfl<$ao, (£_)crooe 

<2<9s>S ; 2. cSYoa_j03<T)o, OOOSmSaaS ; 3. 
Qtfi^jo, <QiOQJ , gVOOOo; 4. rffTOCDOefDo. 

v.t. rocrosaas <a>og<9); 2. fsroajiaocnltda 
<&>, crflcB^cas&i; 3. rerg)<sa&ia_n<e8<£>. -ful, 
a. <fl} 00^(510)02;, 2>ono(2(9ns — ; o_joootura. 
=gra , ci6us (-shus), a. (&raorf)c3a0oca>. 

Dis-guise' (-giz'), v. t. (sojcfi^o ao 

OQ«fl>, — C0rtfl<93<3>; 2. CT>sl<99<3>; 3. 0S>O 

_2iS>aj<£®<a>; 4. (Braaojoaaca). ?2. -oscm 

<2QJ:£C1?, 0Q,— , SQJ^aaaoOOo; 2. (QjOO-J 
Sjo; 3. aioOrtfi. 

DiS-gUSt', V.t. (at, with, by) <BT0S)O 
qj euros (Uj®<9>, qqjQ,2_j — , crflfucroo — ; 

anflgfOTOo; 2. S)alSn^_j ; 0Or>oa_f)rU§f3b. 

-fill, <?. oraaogjgg., (Bra<2rao.aJ<a>22CE;. 

Dish, ?/• fuioajo, «n &!<©>; 2. edo^jo, 

QlT1Qj1cJO0OCQ.' (Sd9fil6rnn->eO(Ul£)o; 3. <Qis£\ 

qj u , <&*/!; 4. fiurrDeanass dc/do. v. t. 
aTlgcrija>; 2. ca»iflajOt98tSj; 3. a,Scd8<0>; 
oooalgjlceaa). to d. out «T>&)<&>z£)<rfi 
crflcrn adfcortfiaflacnjda*. to d. up <bto 
^gj'ura crflcrn ro")gn<0>a2T)a)O<3aaj. 

Dis-hal'low (-16), p. J. (Brac^&uao 

Dis-heart'en f-hart'ii), y. /. aaco 

ejyo gDg4ora>o<ss<a>5 0mg^)5"l<33<^. -mentj 
n. rtnoaacu^o, Sojisl, cdssjTrflnno. 

Dis-her'it, v.t. oS\gg)S£±mf#M>o6z 
Di-shev'el, y. t. (Oiej^siBia^l^^A. 

Dis-hon'est (-on'est), a. acoraa<9» 
§, curuKoasinangjjofura; 2. j^uTlgea, oj 
5taim— , <»is r lej0oc»; 3. 00000 a<a>§, Jiio 
r6l(Q)c^aL51cQri^ocnra. -'ly, aJ. aigojo 
coTl, jjifaDcsyocDTi. =ty, ?<• Snoro <2<3>s , q_j 
r^)0O{U2£)t^soaJ , ; <0ja^->, <btdqj1u&.jctq<3>; 
oj6tsucr), cufura ; enso^ seo^ao. 

Dis-hon'our, -hon'or (-oa'er), «• ®ra 

a_j0ocr)o, 0ocn<S<fl5)S ; 2. a 6r ^ < ^ Q -^s"i(ano 
<j£ (com. ) • u. ^ • (BTOou0ocYficSs«O), 0omooo 
crflajfTS(5j®aj; 2. a^jAlo (St9)<©8<q>, otI^o 

foo— ; 3. (BTUa_lfU0(ji1<99(Q>; 4. g>6ngl<3>a-fl 

si «9oo«jDrol«fl8<o> (co m.). -a-ble, a. 00 



ooo«<a>§, mia|jo (ST^)C2- , , cn^fl^o— , 


Dis-horse', v. t. <ftr6nrt>aJ 0f3ra °°^ 


DiS-il-lu'si6n (-zhun), u.i. 0ocpjob; 
<&>oQ<a>, 0®(DofDoe8jonrfl<9s(fli. -Ise, v. t. 
2iQU)uo<Bf£\ gD^otaioiQad^. -ment, n. 


Dis-im-prove', v.t. Qj^ao«Q8a>. 

-ment, w- (ffroscooc/jron, <o\o^. 




Dis-in-eline', v. t. (from) acr>^° q 

c&flg_p<98(9>, (ffraorDc^o Qj<T»(g©<0, rocro 
•Scans' — ; 2. cr\}QJS<os)S— ; 3. fST0<a)OQ,a>. 
=cli-na'tion, n. Groan) ^o, aangjj <?(0>s° ; 
@.cscb ^a (9800^, aocBjo, ©aoa ^; cryaj 

<3c05>S . 

Dis-in-fe€t', v.t. a^oaflajlcaio so_io 
<9s03, s^ocog-ja)^ afl<eaa>, — ar>§(980>, 
oa/aula2;o<9S(0>. ='tant, n. Qjoo2jo3j<ajJ J l(0> 
•s^fD'o.^icjOo, c^aLfl<sirD6rna_iaD(oiDo, cuoay 

Dis-in-ge-nu'i-ty, =gen'u-6us- 

Iiess, ?i. ocfisonoo-jocaio, ofl.oi6iQj<3Ajl, s,^ 

cS^H; 2. SCQ.'OOD.^d&SOClj'. =gen'u-OUS, 


«. Sca i o(Oj'a) {jDgjofljra, (Scnro— ; c9>Qja 

Dis-in-her'it, v. t. aJlg^sii ©&p 
fO)o<ea<a), (BTOaj<s>ooao— . =her'i-tance, 

71. <BToaj(9>ooaigc3a\ 

Dis-in'te-grate, o. £• ^mAg-pasa*, 

<^ca:6m0o<s«<S), aaQ,(99<&>. =gra'ti6n, 
Dis-in-ter', v.t- <9»sfls>«sy§«Ba<0>, oa 

QJo aorgpcfr. 

Dis-in'ter-est-ed, «. crojotoiosnj 

2. orDgB^cefiflaocQ;. -ly, a<#. ajdOfiaSisao 
go gjosv-o), (g6ua_]<0fiao— . -neSS, 72. otojo 

«JK3fDaOlty)fO;_lo, orrigBfl|(Qfti(SOCLlo, a_10rt>O_J 


Dis-jee'tion, n. onoc/ao, (c^c^o. 
Dis-join', v. t. sqjs)q1i§«^<&>, oD^n 

(©aa>. v. i. a_nrjri6Tatg) <3o_jO(9j, (STod^on — . 
-joint, a, 6oj(tu)0oo. v.t. arocnuig 

o)<98<0>, 6QJ(TLDo — ; 2. o^g_J 6>'OTOcf)(0a0>, 
2>S3(980OOO(9S(0; 3. (Sjil^CCngjO^OceS!©). 

=jun€t,«. aJlfDlao©, elnrrn^. =jun€'- 
tion, w. sxiolios , aTlscaocoo. =jun«'- 
tive, a. n-flrtfl<08om, <3ajraflrcfl(9aonr>. 
n. aHQcB/ocnoc^ca/o ((77*.). 

Disk, 71. -ai(g)o; 2. ajrrujejo; 3. ai6mo. 

Dis-llke', n. rarocrflc^o, a^jy; 2. 
crflrooruo, s)Qjq,g_j ; 3. (o-jcrooe^oaj', 
6>5>a_ii36U|o; 4. rocro cafiacao. w.£. gotm 
®<9&So<Si, goc^algjoronrDl<9s<&>, orflrocruo 

<S>0§<S- : ; 2. CrO02.-ar)<Ss>OrtJ^rtf!<98(9>; (6rgj<3<0fil 

Q_D(98(d>; 3. QajQ.gj' <3^onrnl<esd9>. 

Dis'lo-eate, v. t. cruoejo aooQ,(0, 
s>fwool<93<a5; 2. gag<9a03oo<09(0> (med.). 
=€a'ti6n, n. 6>^oorafl>; @.^<a» (med.). 

Dis-lodge' (-lo/), v . t. o-ioglpso all 

^3OJO(050OOO(93(0, OrflasHs^Qj (98(05, <fli^l 
Crf)(93<0>; 2. ©DSn<08i©5, OODCQ;o§(9). =l()dg'- 

ment Hoj-), n. ccf)<a^)s)CLi<ae>(d; <9is1 

Dis-loy'al, a. an&i£t&to>\<siJ)§£v«m, 
-BToariLO-inr^^aea; 2. <seoaoaTl^iioroo — ; 
3 Q_jofoO(a^^o ©gjoojra. -ty, ??. otojo 
aliScarailcen^o^, (5TDoTla3_lCT^.-W; (cxj.w 

Dis'mal, a. ec^aajroo (sr^co;, fsraso^io 
roo — ; 2. aflcmoeo Sia? ajjcromo— ; 3. 

(^OoD^JliP— . -ly, CM?. (20^833^2002)1. 

Dis-man'tle, v.t. ^wrD ^rolo^A, 

— (sraiildas^* aocmao<es(9>; 2. gosl^aig. 

<32j<9), 6)O-10a^«939>. 

Dis-mast', v. t. (S^&jlsinbo <5)(95oaii' 

Dis-may' (-ma r ), n. ecao, ^ItoTl, <sq_j 
*n, QaoscX); 2. (9?y>a-jo; 3.qlT1o; 4. (Dooao. 

V.t. ©o_l^lg_pd9s<9i, m§<08(fli, 6)6Ta)§l(98 
<9>, (Q<£)ftS)<&3<Q>' } 2. alO)S<9i, 6)5)COg2jo 6)(9i 

§(93(05. 7j. |. Qo-j^l^ (^Q«9i(0), — ^rro 

Dis-mem'ber, v. t. (BwocoaTla^a 

mo S)jiig^(0», rarooc/DSocno QjfW«^(9>; 2. 

6)JSTTUn<98<0>, @«r^l<9«0j; 3. CrOo60JCriDo 
(STO Q,<08(0). 

Dis-miss', v. t. oroc^^^aQ^^, a_»o 

6Taig>CQ;(98<9>, aTlS^d^O^d&S^; 2. <T)1(080), 
o_Dr6l<98(9> ; 3. 2) < 2 C >-J<8 fi ^ d 9® < 9 > ? af\&S))<&s> 
a<32j(0). =sal, n. oruooonigcQa , nrfldBsio. 
=miss'i6n (-mish-un), n. Q_jO6t5®ca(0s)a)i>; 
a®Q|OCocr?lc05)o; fO)0acol. 




Dis-mount', v. i. <ftforira<»lo6a§<9>, 
<eT)iplQ^<Q). v.t. ro^oip «a>; 2. ai^lfSgj 
O03T3) colam <ef)t£l<6acfl>. 

Dis-O-bey'(-ba'), v.t. <BroascrorD]<35>3 

=be'di-ence, n. (sroa3cro(o6TD3<&5>s u , 
ejoa^icDo. =be'di-en-cy, w. <sraaD 

(Scca^'WJo. =be'di-ent, a. OL-iosrorajorsl) 
saicXxQmoOTa, fsracrdarof06rno s)<3>§, afW 
Sce^al^jocsTD), aj£P6oeoiarz». =b3'di- 

ent-ly, ad. (eToCT9arurD)<9flOS)(0), (^socSno 

Dis-O-bllge', u. £. ^o-J-aioroagoaj' 
<b>o§<b>; 2. rocroSdBos curra(^(Q>, nrflfo 
cruo— . =o-bli'ging, a. tBTocD3eroQj3c&>, 


Dis-or'der, n. <^02<bbs , (sra^ao; 

2. CDOCD30lT!cOo, <a>0O 03O ; 3. jif)ra><i<98>S ; 

4. cnlcaJiaejoQeimo; croeiocoom— , <a>ej 
oarab, (^ejou ; 5. (T^fiDSdan^, SfDOCOo. 
v. £. (g)0«(9si5 u (ST^d^aa-), OT32>onro)o— ; 2. 

CT\J6U3(Q5)S Qufl»(^<ft; 3. 860JGCD>3iarUD3 

cn.-oTBTlfaiornfrn crfl<9s«a). -ly, a. <g>0o 

6DgJ3(0T3), <af|y>°<30(3b— ; (BTOypla/oriCSyga; 

nola^aaDsroccoo (o-j.ajtCTaTlaganD, c&ejnrf) 
«9som. ac?. (g)0<2<s«soeBn, 


Dis-or'gan-ise, =128, v.t. «o_joa°i 
&s<a>. -i-sa'tion, ??. ooDonoaDcuaoifls)^, 

(g>0<2<9aS . 

Dis-6wn' (-on'), u. £. ^5iabos)fwom° 
oiDe0faT)(e5)O(orif6^c88<&), crflScaictTliSsd*; 2. 

fm@gOg_JOC^<S>;3.6>S>ai5iaS)0@aDi'OrifO > l<fi9(a>. 

Dis-par'age, u. t. ^o^ <a>, sds'W 

0_JO<3£9); 2. anfiJ<9>SiOc9s<0>, 03000—, ocfl 

(Di20cS®<S); 3. n«36rn(9iQjanar)aA aDcuooOo 
6)jii^l<S9<&>. -meilt, n. <fliaio 6)(&5§ qjI 
ojoqOo, (5ra^e.ijcroo6njau;o; gp^o-io, 

<Sa_)3foOCg; (to) (SToO-JgSCDo, aflcB. 

DlS-par'i-ty, ft. (between, in, of, as, 
to) (BTogj^rO), (^(UijOCrOo, ajroO/^roSSGo. 

DlS-pas'si 6n (-pash/un), n . oaDrra)0or> 
gg , SXTCO^fJn; 2. 6)o>QJ(oQODjO, Qjlfoofrovl. 
=pas'si6n-ate (-pflsh'un-), <?. roscootfl 
mziocQ;, afifoo&rari^eg ; cDHga^d9fii0o:yj, 
ignbculculcQngjotaTa); 3. oasrrcaofSY^coj, croj 
cruDo— . 

Dis-patch', n. see Despatch. 

Dis-pel', u -^- -afi<a>o)<a8<fl>, .aflcrrfiaa 

Dis-pense', v.t. aDaoan^^-^ 5><q>3 

§<9s^>, cla&cso! — , cD^a*; 2. 0(Diam u ^ 

§l(35)eJfaron^(95)0=(esS>; 3. @.a_»SC2;0CO5)^i 
§8®<fi), onscqgStf); 4. (cyocacgaflrtsrox) o>_aJ 
(g^; 5. (from) 6£!=p"):ij0c98<9>, <203_af)d&a;&>. 
17. i. CD]a2/0o 6)QJ<9%<B>. to d- With «► 

<aaTI«98«9>. =pen'sar-y, ?/. ao^^coan 
(^cacruDajo, cu22i0asa"n aaoej. =pen- 
sa'tion, n. dDeDfOo, <3raocrao; SiSiecn^ 

<0\o, — t&gjl^o, — <Oig_jOO; (aJ<a>SCDo, 
(BTOOncon^y , (5T3)ii33fDCLliQjarUO, CU03 — : 

oiiploj , saoiiimo, fgracreajoeo. 

Dis-peo'ple (-pe'pl), v. t. crfle^cD 
0o<9s<a), <ftsnc^lgjofo-)oa8(Q). 

Dis-perse', l?./. .nf)a>o)as<a>, ^Tlarn 
asa-., Q_irt)(JS®<a»; 2. gDgjD^D(Qgc&). v. i. 

ajlfolc^eej, jiDfDolQg^Ocd); 2. cgfoxui) BO 

(Do 6)jii^«9). =per'si6n, n. o-Dro^rafc, 

Dis-pir'it, u. ^. oroanaoaftio a^^toa 

(9), — ©gj0ra)0<©8c9>, SJSJCO'SJO <2o_J3d9Ste>, 

^ii6Baieao ojfoi^ai; 2. am^^lsl^aia 
c%<a>. -ed-ness, ?2. (srs^^cu^o, ^raTl, 

Dis-place', v.t. cruDajo aooQ<s», 03 
ooloJQjcQga), crfltSsTl — ; 2. foOcasDgJOfOias 
(03<d); 3. (Tfld95Tlaja.fo03Can onl^ai, 
CrODOmo 'HTOtUaOrolasai; 4. CrflcSaib, a_D 
(S)j£ (fta^cQj; 5.65351^ — , o_JOOT3)3(9Sc0>. 

-ment, n. auoej0sooo, crflcSRo; a^imo, 
esrao (ph.). 

Dis-plant', v. t. o-jffl^^acqjioj, 

sjo-iorol^ — , oonz^ejo (STjoiSsa); 2.00^9^3 
mo—, eanonrn^ooo 6)jai^. -a'tiOD, «• 
s>o_i3fola»rafc; ajslcrTlcano. 




Dis-play', n. (oj^d9fiQzo<an^; 2. 

gc^OOTOo; (8TOSC2>0g.o; SVaigloj ; 3. (STQ) 

ajDo6mroo, saoajoao&Jo, rr>o|yo. v. t. 
ajlsnsroTl^csrrflcSsa*, o.jraag3)(ft>; 2. «e>o 

30o^l<o>o§<0>. y. t. OQLjasse^o— , 6)5® 

Dis-please' (-plez'), y. t. (with, at) 

QjfaaKaSdfc. =pleasing, «. ^jnoslcuaBC^ 

on, a-jfolecuo— . ^pleas'urec-piezh'ur), 

n. OTonrTl^o, rocrosass , <2a>oa_io; 6vin 

Dis-plume', v.t. gscurab o_\o]aaa>; 


Dis-p6rt', u. I. an<2moan<ss<S), <&&) 

(98<a); 2. 6><a>D®ng Sajo^aa*. »• QjltSOOD 

So, (Soorosaojocea . 

Dis-pose', v. t. arflcauaAaaa*, cn\ 
<2c&)oaflc9!9<a>, crf)(qE)a>; 2. (gja^g-j^QS) 

<9>, .aJ§o 6i(0)S<&; 3. (afl^Qg-J^S^^; 4. 
<3>aSror)S)QJc68a>, Orfld95Tl — ; g>a_j<2cojoafl 

caatf); 5. (to, for) <2rtr>omoa>, .ojoc%<3>, 
oocnys)Qjd9«<&!, so aulas <e>. to d. of «£\ 
-aJ^&J^Q®^ 6i<&>o§asT3) a>g.Q£$a>, ff)Qaj0D 
ooo s)^jg^<s>, Qjl/g^ai. =po'sal, n. 
cn)(G(0)(tii ; ero6mo, cuf^lcuoajano, ms 
coraTlg-j ; ^^-j ; 6>s>a>0oooo; (srg;aflooo, 
(5raa51<9jof0o. =posed (-pozd) a» ra^g^ 
o^o £gg, eoauo— , 2cr»^°— . well d.d 
cngy croDl^jTlconftil)— ; crgsuo— ; (ajleao— ; 
aca— -. =po'ser, 7i. 6)-ajg^nmajn6, s>a>o§ 
agcmajab^rorooau , (sraconaiortf). =po- 

Si'tlOIl (-zish'un), 71. 6)<£>0§c9s>(3l, S>S>a>0O 
OOo; Jii§o, (g>0o, OTUoWl; ((y^'af), CT\D 

ooeacosmo; soqjo, roiog^cgjo; oalejo, gtoj 
socuo. =po'sure, n. raflgLjoaa'ab, ^aj ; 

Dis-po-ssess' (-zes'), y. t. (of) <sra 

CLJoO <Tf)asa>, a_n^f)jy a_JOQ,<S>, 6)6)(S)QJ'J3 
0~lgjOro>o asa>; 2. asPlgjlasa*, ai^lcoTlo 
c6ea). =SSes'si6ll (-zesh'un), w. 5)S)<3>qj 

Wo $Dg_}0rO>cas>i'al>, <Oi(2QgjOOo, (ST3rLJQOa> 
6YT)o (/.), ©tPlg_p(95)(^>. = S0r, ??. &>$<$& 
OOasOfCab, tSTOaJaOOfD) (/.). 

Dis-praise', n. <eT3i<safti<i-»o, c/aocro 

no; 2. nrfloa, (8too_jqj:8o. y. £. tsraofl 

Dis-pro-por'tion, n. (Bracraa-iofairo 

aOl.-a>fO)Jo, QsAj&Q&dS , goCO^asOCU ; 
2. QjlcTO0(O)_lo; 3. (8Q_J0fO0Cg;, <ftOQJ , 

S)<a» egg. as "wooo;, cljooocq;. y. t. <SjoJ^ 

o J^ 

<2c9flS Qjr03«J©<&), (SoCO)S)<Q)§(CS®ai, (BT0G3 

a_iotCT)o gogjormocsaca). -a-ble, -al, -ate, 

a. SCB;0S3lg_j ^g^003Y3), {HTQOBaJO^o— ; 
®Q-J0rD0fDY3); eoC^l6")<ft§, aic9fiQ6rr>o— ; Q> 

ana Qjroocma. -a-bly, -al-ly, -ate-ly, 

Dis-pr6ve', v.t. aonrao<S)fDldasa>, ctH 

(Scfij CO S)(GRS)§T\QJ 6)<3)0Cj<9s<&>; 2. (ST3)Safil 

a_fl<Sa<9>. =prOOf r , «. q^)(^<^ ^ra^a^Q-i , 
crTlScajCO^fCTagrioj , (Sr^ScBfiiajo. 

DiS-pUte', V. i. QJOalcQaaSi, QJjQJaO 

§<&). u. t. croocuoeo S)^i^(a>; 2. o^foTl 
d-ioal<sg<&>, nnlScaicontSg^, cYilrDoainTlcfl® 
tQj; 3. <3a_iort>o§<&>; 4. S)^Q ) fara)'orfl^j (s <d>. 
n. <a>ejo3j , qjoso, <mtOs)o, crooajoso; 2. 

<©)&jaoo, c^auo. beyond d., without 
d. crn^osaocon. =pu-ta-ble, a. cue 
en<S5)a5Ta<e5), cuoai^gg.; croooaaic0>rt>0ocfi;y 
(BTosl(cycca(2iseo ®gg, ro)<Q5)o — . =pu- 
tant, n. QJoeH, ^oasD^nb. «. ojlcuoe) 
agcnD. =pu-ta'ti6n, /^. cw<es)o, dTlajo 
eo; ^c65)3e.ocroo, cuocojoeo. =pu- 

ta'tious (-shus), =pu'ta-tive, a. «*<&> 


Dis-qual'i-fy, V.t. (for, from) Scpjo 

(erg/as^, (Sajofoosi^ — , 5><fl>ogg|GoVJr> — , a-* 

OO0S)fO)— ; 2. (STOCUlB»OfDo o^)§CT3) <0>g.C% 

<&>, (BTOQjaiooao gDgjowoastQi. =fl-ea- 

cfi3.o, fa>SOrUQo, (BTOOJOJOeo. 

Dis-qui'et, n. 6)^av>_»rt)S<9s)S, «ra 
(SdioororDo; 2. .aflcrosajejo, tergicun; 3. 
<9i±p&si . y. /. flroejaojfab (ST^dasa), S)o>a\)_i 





roStdsiS — ; 2. (gC&o Qjra(qE)(9); 3. (5T3CTO 

aOj«5>2-)srajg<9>. -ly ? ac?. s^sxxDjraal 
gjoo)^, 'SQjajejoaf)332,-os>s. -ness, 
=e-tude, n. ^ojajejocul, c^o&iajo, <aT) 
slajo, .ajstauaio. 

DiS-qui-sfti6n (zish'un), n. nrydBgp 
o-jralsoaococoo, a^sroansajjiimo; 2. 
aTlQjfDeiDca (o_j6ojctu)o. -al, -ar-y, a. 
a_jrtf)suaococr)0(5)£>o rstgjcai, — crDo6nj 
moo— . =qui'si-tive, a. ajl<saj.a»aooo2 

Dis-re-gard', n. cu^^o-i^o^, 6dj 

900onnogD^joaai; 2. aj^o, frflra. y.£. 
@^fl^rDl(Ss<a., ^§o<0s)O.-arifolc9s(9>; 2. col 

{T^OrD0Oc9i3(0». -fill, a. (BTd&Jd9^0O(esOT), 

aeocnflcosoojigga; Q_i<9>5)o_ic95)o;aro). 

Dis-rel'ish, ft. rts-aflsajs , g.<snac&i 
<93O0li ; 2. aojQgLj , 0(naar)ro§flA. v.t. 

Qjl®rt>3CUo S^OCTTOcQj, S)aJCigJ , — ; &0<Os>0 

COo ojrol<9>. 

Dis-re-pute', n. (roruaflraiafl, aocn 
<990qj . =rep'u-ta-ble, «. 03000 sv^s, 

(gqgflraran^gg ; 0oms<95)S , Qjaa(^cm. 
=rep-U-ta'ti6ll, ft. (3TOa-i0oooo, <sroa_iajo 
so, e^raTI. 

Dis-re-Spe€t', n, colaa^peo, (btoooo 

erOQJ , ail(dS)0<T>o. U. £. QJ6mas)o (<9>0§D 

foDfifltSsce), snioQaocoo— . -ful, fl. uaa^ 

gDgjOtOKJ), ao^OCOo — , Colo9g03, uil(6s>0 

roo—. -ful-ly, ad. 0gps®£ios>ra>, qj 

6TT)<6s>o — . 

DlS-robe', v.t. &i. qj^o arolajja); 
2. (BTO&jaa>ofl>o mgjOfOiO(99<0); ojsqjI— . 

DiS-rOOf, U. t. <2(2a\fi>6>a-J0gri<9g<Q>. 

DlS-rOOt', U. £. <20JSfDC6)S SIclAOCQ)^ 

Dis-rout', v.i. ao^l(93<9>, @ro(®«fl>. 
Dis-rud'der, 0. t. -ajaaocb ag)§cq© 


DiS-mpt', «. fSTOSOT), S)a_JO§laa;, <gcfl 

=mp tion, ft. 6)a_]c§rob, ajl@g.flri), aflo . 
=rup'tive, a. ssa'lg.p.eaam, slcnfla-p 


DlS-sat'is-fy, v. t. rga^ajroaraYaofoTI 
rolc&s^, rajc-L^tS^s <2ro)o<rro<9>, §d -^A. oSo 
odo— . =sat-l'S-fa€'ti6n, w. rg)a_f)3<3>s , 
ajroleojo; oroaol^o. =sat-is-fa€'- 

t6r-y, «. CrO<2C7O)0cfi3o gD£}0(OT3), fg)a^l — , 

Dis-seet', u. £. igol<93<9>, aiAismo 
(B5caD6m03(5a(9>; 2. c9f)ol®mo<9?<a), — o_i 

(2080051(68(91; 3. Qjl(£/)ciold9®a>. -ed, 

a. susmuo fiusn-uuaooa;. =see'ti-ble, a. 
f^englaaoojoD. =tiflg, a. igo1<9aar>, 
«eflQom. ='ti6n, n. o&qjo (Sflorab, af) 

dlgcD<9»f3l); Qjl(£OaOo. 

Dis-seise', =seize', v. t. (of) axs^j 

ooajtaotiA 6) 6)(9>Qjaa6)ga§ fulfil, sruej0a 

ccT>— (/.). =sei-see', =sei-zee',w. <s>s^ 

OOfOTZDOaA QJ(Tg S)6)d95QJO?>o 6ia_)OS$2iOC2; 

(un6 (/.). rseis'in, =seiz'in, n. « 

cscgjooo, 6Tualo^o_)0^6m0oc2.• s>5)«9iaj 

c/ao(/.). =seis'6r, =seiz'6r, n. ^s^j 


Dis-sem r ble, y.^. 0o^ u ^aj(98(9>, so 

QJo COSslaaeSs, CU.Oci^l(9iOS!S>. p.f; <sqj 
cS3o (J0f0l(fl9<9j, gggHfi^ <6ig^o (©ir03g(S). 

=sem'blaiice, n. ®cuAi(joofol:Tn_jo, do 
q_jSjo. =sem'bling, a. c^oea'soaj^ga. 

Dis-sem'i-nate, t?. t. an<awaaa», oil 

roiCi(9>, Q_jro«s©(9s; 2. ((ycnflv'auo <srg;<9S(d), 

ajfonxjo— , cLijoajlgjl<93(9». =na'ti6n, 

rz. ajog.f3i>, (a_)nr^oajo, (a^crooraorno, 
<saeioja36mo. =na'tive, a. o^axo^cm, 

Dis-Sent', v. t. (from) g)<-oira0occn 
eoajlt9s<s>, ac»asflc95)0'a)lfold9s«s>, faros! 

(O-)0<Sj<2&eQGng0<&) ; 2. feT^^iiOfOQJi'^iOOrU 

igengotf), culaajacro— (ecc/.); 3. otojsoqj 
OLjlasOU^s^oa). n. Qjlcro 02^10, ril am <m, 
elnDoelr^oca'o; croeoscunlios (eccl.); 
crujeoojc^j^jocroo. =sen'si6n, n. ora 

el(Q_JOCaiGLjl(Sa>OCJUo; ^ird°lQo; (0>eJaOo, oa 

©go; (ftdQfiol, aj^lctti; qjIcuogo. =Sen'- 

sious, a. ^lcmnnaea? -arileo— . =sen'- 

ter, ?z. QJlQ_jr6 5 lf0^osl(a_)Ocaanorarrb; (ffra 
saD^ca/crosojiiofOfZDiooDl, 0,^ajla_jfD 5 l^j)(9s)O 




(tcfo (eccl.). =sen'ti-ent, a. c8caoef!<es»o 
rnro), fiDar>o-s > l(a_)oca^@a. n. slama/aT). 
=Sen , ti6us (-shus), a. <9»ejaO(a_pea/o a 
@a, Q_ri6rr)6si§crr). 

Dis-ser-ta'tion, n. q-joo<^o, (q^gtoo 

coo; (a_46njnru)o; 2. ojjosyjoroo. -al, 
a. (a^6njCTU)oroosaj(TU)o (Srojcc/, (a_)6njau>3 

od^ajo— . -ist, =ser-ta'tor, n. (a_)6nj 

rnDtSiab; QLJ.063J.0OOn. 

Dis-serve', v.t. (sa^afldaaoranrtflas 

<&>; 2. «ao^3o v'SJrtSfOTgjtfii, <3 ff>Og_p<03<0>, 

noc^sjgj^c^^. =ser'vice, n. 3a>s , 
s^jfmo, oosooi. =ser'vice-a-ble, a. 

<2ao.-f£i(0)fa0ocB>, ao-KScaiocozl^jofara), @.-ct> 

Dis-sev'er, v.t. cQ<sng)&i&, a^SiSs 

<0>; 2. ailrol-gj <fl>a<3&<&>, (SajraflrtTi-sy — ; 
3. <sl(Trf)o_p(e5j<&>. v.t. a_Tlfol6iaig) 3a_i0&>. 

=sev-er'ance, =sev-er-ment, n. csojcuo 
s*, @lcrrva>. 

Dis'si-dent, n. 2^c>jla_if6 r )'ai<fl«oronb 
{eccl.). a. sca'oefltanocara, (seel-gflafl 
<d3om; (BTaao.0 (rn^co;, gorairoo — . =dence, 
n. i£\cmas)- a^siSKUa-jrtfW.o. 

Dis-sim'i-lar Her), a. (srargjajjo 
(eTOjca;, Q-fla-iro^tfo— , Q.i.ra>.ocrco)g_j§; 2- 
aflajltjoaocpj, «»fo<2eeigga. =lar 'i-ty, 
=si-mil 'i-tude, n. (sraorua'znjo, sseo, 

(ST3GfD^o_i foafflrtJ)^ Jo. 

Dis-sim'u-late, v.i. on^iasaj, <&> 
o-jsaocoD eooD(fls<a>. =la 7 tion, ?2. soj 

Dis'si-pate, w. /. jnOgaa», .af)<Trfig_p 

<9Se9>, o_\0Ocf)c9aa<3#<&>; 2. §OlIiCB;o Si.altg^. 
9»t. ^TlfOlO^Sg-JO^, ajcoTl^cSn-jo^, @3gj0 

6)fO)— ; 2. cnsoooaJlcjoaocQriSgjoaj. =pa- 
ted, a. a, "jflaiajoeealcfe; svaiaaosliBrgca;, 
qsH cb/ nb — , @au s><&>§, <3a-joas>6rr>o— . 

=pa'ti6ll, 71. ,nf)aU>flA; §CJjC2;o, CJOJoCTO 
OOo; $CLJ0rB5)Q2i)(avOUT>o, 8,OJ (OTO) ; eO(T> 

•sans . 

Dis-so'ci-ate, v. £. an«caiosfia_p<fl8 

«Sj, (Oi02f)ral> Q_Dan<ss<d>, croaoajocrvjo afl§ 

OnDojOOTB); a\)aOQjocroaTlroc9yal3^@g[; cro 
aOQjoa\)>'aTanaT) a-jooo<ara>. =S0'cial 
(-shal), «. crocgeoc&ciflrtS&oaocB;; crojo 

(oifl6nj(tJl^@a. =.-so'cial-lse, =so'cial- 

Ize, y. £. s^afzs<95)0lajo<o)O(O8<^. 

Dis'so-lute, a. gcmsgjgg, ©roizao^l 
fSY^coj, <2ajo<8sT)fol— . -ness, n. So-jo 
cflnoa'ianacno, ^s^cojororoo; cLn^ea/ejaoj 

DiS-SOlve', V. t. Qj)^nrf)«88i9», i^aj 
cjoo@<95)g.ocs2ri a_naTl(8!8<^; 2. aflscaoeal 
g_p«fls<©>; 3. (8racucR)ocrrig_p<9S(9), crflqH) 
<&>, oJlrolas^; 4. aruooojaxoo mQQt&z^, 

<SOUolDrtn<98<S); 5. g»(TSasc9j, <BTOaf)c9ac9>, 

<e>ej(9s<S); 6. 5)rma > l c 2n<ss^; 7. aj)^j0n 

aicsTl^ <so_joa>, eaD^ — , (STO&flc^<a>; 2. 
daaDernl^ Souocft, cOfiacoDasc^; 3. §d&jo 

fO)0(ft. =SOl'veilt, a. @(®<83Cm; QaCflg_p 

<9®aD. dis'sol-U-ble, a. eo^aoco;, cm© 
Gjlsroig) SciJoaiaTj^meaolSgjOcfljCTn^SOl- 

u-ble-ness, =sol-u-bil'i-ty, n. moan 

.pjrtib, aicao. ^SO-lu'tion, w.®qjqJos U ; (Bra 
aTl^rat, oDejoajfo^jo; (rgajoortDroo, cu^f) 
srnoao; oro(§oQLn®co;ocoo; ^o'aJInTicarei; 
0fo6iDo-, (jyaai'o, ono(yao. dis-SOl'ving, 
a. a^^^fy * 9 ' ^; <Q'06im3(a)0(ftcm. 
view e^a-j^eoscfeoojij^tgjo. 

Dis'so-nance, n. aaa^ocD'wcro-iroo; 

2. S)a_loaS(OT3)(2(95)S . =liailt, CL. (O)0ao 

s)<o>§, (BTD/Ljarojroaoaz;; (from) au^oorc 
6)a_j§, Qjlo-ifb^ltnaocsz/. 

Dis-suade' (-swad'), v. t. ^s^»o o_i 

oc%<e», Qj)aj(9s<fi>; 2. (from) aon^ aoool 

C95K0), (5T0(Sn(o_)CCQ;o 6)'OiOcDca80). =Slia'- 

sion (-swa'zhun), n. ^s<s«o, asamo, oXl 
aiamo. =SUa'sive (-swa'siv), a. 0003^ 
aoofiom, Qj.oQjcaTa<fl»o (BT^cc;, crTls.iaacJO 
(Q50 — . 

Dis-syl'la-ble, n. a-icojocefiiforLjao. 
Dis'taff, n. SiCLi^ajtaaj, Q_D^lfora»ai 

(u;.); 2. (QjpQj^o. descent by d. 






Dis-tain', v. t. crfloo s>t9>o§<9a«e5,— 00 

Dis'tal, a. Q^^TlfO^asralejga. 

Dis'tance, n. g^o.; 2. rawororao; 3. 
bcoq)&s) • 4. ciTla-jdflraio; 5. raioziGroo; 
6. so^omo; 7. rDcrodSfijcoo; 8. ceraa^. 
to keep One's d. arn&jcaiolsroig) (ffTOAcm 
nrV)^^. v. t. (srad&ftaj s>qj<9s<3>; 2. 
ara^&sngcm <2(&ocnn)<3%&>; 3. ^croflcrfl 

^jA. to keep one at a d. rm^-orf) 

6)QJ<99<Qi, «ra§g_pd9«af0rirQl(9s^j. ^tant, 

a. aroi^gg., (sra&jcm, a-flafleroro) ; (srD)<0> 

Qj)a_jfif)rav>— -. =tant-ly, ac/. (sraa^&j 
crDnm , (eTO§(fls)3S>tfj>. 

Dis-taste', ft. «S-aD®<^s u , <8ra3f0o.a) 
<9)o, Qcutigj ; 2. crflracroo, ^radl^fsb; 3. 
cr\j6iJ©<Q5)S . v. t. ffJQjQg-j <8^ocTro^, nrfl 
rocroo— ; 2. CLnsfoouoogarrfljylcSs^, (g^tfl 

a-Pc6sdh; 3. (T8jifl5)<0i§(a]3)<8;, fDOTOo — . V. U 
(®j£)<2<frS <2(O)0CnO&>. -fill, #. 0CT)o a_j?)rt> 

SOTO; fDCT\Tl(65)0CDTa; o5)ea)<$gQ$£i . 

Dis-tem'per, v. t. <scq,oodo a_flu>a_p 
<S9<ai; ^j^^^odlasa); 2. t^exScBns qj 
«»f^(a>, orgaLKScDss'— ; 3. o&I&jo qjIscBsio 

&8<a>; 4. ajoDrtfla_nslg_p<99<35. 71. §££p 
GJo; 2. CT\JS!Jt2t95)S , <2fD0(7)o; 3. gcosroo 
COo", 4. Q_naST3)3(©S)0Q_Jo, <2<g)0CJUo; 5. <0> 

qjqoo, 0(5roroo. =per-a'ture, n. <a>oai 

6U<2<flaS ; 0CT)g(&)eJ<fl5)o. 

Dis-tend', u. £. ollaj)«9*<a>, o_jgroo 

<e>, gcrof) ojral<d5. =ten'tion, n. ol) 

Dis'tieh (-tik), n. roflng ajrtflQ%@& 

Dis-til', u. t. qjdoqsSj, <&)0^<a>; 2. 
§docT)oo Qj]yn<93<95. v.i. ^ggTlc^ocan 
Qjl^t9>, ajorta<e>. -la-ble. a. cuoool 
ff>ca§<Qs)oagom. -late, n. 6oqj<05o. -la'- 
tion, n. ajoocvsx&easirab, a.D^, ro>§ 
6)(&Ȥrsb; gDoriloo Qjtarafc; Soajd^o. 

-la'tor-y, «. Ao^pcrragg. =til'ler-y, 

n. (ejo^croDaio, — ajro, ' '<3>o<S5)C6rrfl\ 

DlS-tinet', a. <sea^g_j§; 2. (btoscqjo 
g.!^gg.; 3. (from) $d_(Q)(Z>o <6T3)Cb;; 4. (a_) 

c8f^a^o— ; 5. 6)(0)&)3j— . =tine'tion 

rc. Qj#>fm)rtf)Qj ; oTlsajniono; aDsc® 
^•aio; <SSQo, QjifO^ocroo; ©^cfigm, QjeTi 

g_jo, Sana. =tine'tive, «• (a-jstwjc&ao 
=tine'tive-ly, =tinet'ly, ad. (ys^tSio 

(eYgjOaH; gr^a^o— , 6)(U)&)CL1— . -neSS, 
71. C^tfi<a\ QT^c^rtrt; Qf&htU). 

Dis-tin'guish, v. t. tsrascQ/oao «£\(£\ 

3. &jd9fi35n-)o ^d^ac^olo^aj; 4. a^^oaro 
^iy^f^' 31 ; 5> (by» for) <&f)raiain a 61 ^ 3 
c9sc9j. (C^-qH — . v. i. (between) ajd&fariiTfl 
^o^o^a^; ^(TSfnranfonoqjaj. -a-ble, a. cu<&> 

^fO)C%@a. =guished (-gwisht),a. (a^ 
c8rtPi<0>o (STQica;; ciT)(C/^fa)o — , aflTSTaTlffjgjg. 
-iugf a. (ajs,^j(9)0 (sr^jca, c£\<2ub£Qo— . 

Dis-tort', v . t. Q_ri656rn«S9<a), sa^o^ 
<&>; 2. Qj(g?o (STP)<es<S); 3. Qjliifgajo— , 
(BTOCOlDo 03OQ,<&>. =t0r'ti6ll, ?l. 3<fi>0§f^); 

<8<Q>o§o; §racsi£io; Quacu ; ^j^Ono, S)S)cu 

Dis-traet', y.^. 6)fwornd9®<d), a_firtft 
<99a); 2. (C5>@>u^^oon(98<e), aD(9>s0ocee 
c9>; 3. ^algjlaaa); 4. (gocrao<99<&. ='ted, 
a. ^ricoro)i@0^@g. ='ted-ly, «c?. 6iajf3jul 
@i23fDTOios)s. =tra-e'tion, ?2. (jc^'auso 

COo, QJ. l^)^; f^OO 000 , cDoaooaTicuo; 

oroaa^, (g06rno; rST^.aTljQjjcasejo; ^ornn . 
Dis-train', v.t. ecrD6){y§<z®c9», nrfl 
60jcru51<ss<^; 2. 'e3ajP'6>-ai^ (/.)• -er> 
?j.'e3ajP'o)^jQ^omQjnb(/.). -t,?i. 'e3aJ^l' 
(/.). dis-tress', n. 'wajp' (/.); <aracro 

<iO,o, SQjeoO, CTOaBoSo; (3T3fDl(^'a>, <ftiP 

cfin ; (STOCUcQjSo. v. t. ®ojemff>g_j§«g2)a>, 
(5j3croQDjff>g_j§(^a; col^rycTuTlasaj ; '03 

ajp'ajaj^c/.). dis-tress'ful, a. §8sua-i 

rDQjaz>0oo2;, oraolc^o ^@a, qj^oagjo — . 




dis-tress'ing, a. §8 6U:frfDo te^ou; mra 

OrOoDjO— . 

Dis-trib'ute, v. t. a_i<&i<68<3>, eocol 

^Si^O^cSS-S), ©DaOrjflo>.al<3& — ; 2. COS 
0g2)<3); 3. Qj^>uTlfDl<93^', 4. (BTOdSftit'Oo 

aJlrtflcOQa* (pri?it.). v. i. a-)8BTI§<8>. 

=trib'u-ta-ble, a. ©DaorDla-aioHoajcm. 

=trib'u-ting, a- a-j<3>carz» S)<s>o§<eacm. 
=tri-bu'ti6n, n. ojI/sdcoo, a-Jd3ia«(3l>; rsra 

O9'^j06mo; GSOOo, (JO02o; <BT&c0filfDo Cl_f)rtfl 

<&«ol> (print.). =trib'u-tive, a. afl 
eDco^^^^o^tagom; aDseam (t/r.). ?i. 
ciTlseaanajeo (^rr.). =trib'u-tive-ly, 

Dis'triet, ?2. «>£), t cuTlnron £ 9| 0, ,'@ 
<©sTlsV; 2. (o_)S8crdo, eocoo, ousmjuo. 

Dis-trust', n. oaafc, 6>5>cogy<ss}OQj ; 
2. (sroanttojocroo; 3. crooaacs^o. v. t. 
cu\^jcrdlc95>3raflrtf)c98(0>, aTloajocroo 6)QJ 
<spo-aDfbn<fl!8<fl>, croooacaDce®^. -fulj «• 
«5>cju<s^£J 0(aro) i coaaC^ga; Q-Tk/ajocro 

0lgjO(OT3); <TOooaC2ri<£>snT). 

Dis-turb'. u. t. ail<e»S0oa8<fl>, <sraaro 
QD.ff)g_j§(^©!^, oTl^o Qja8tf23><fr; 2» (g 

0o— , a>aj(95)o— . =tur'bance, n. qs 

<0«o, QJlnao; 0OO8 <3>QJ<S5)0, fmso 000 ; 
<£b9.)aOo, <9>eJOOJo, 0(OrOfOo, Q_1S. 

Dis-u'ni-6n (or -y an), 72. aTlacaoc/Do, 
gqjqIios ; 2. elom.-o), a-flafl^^; 3. 
jh£)Bo. =u-lilte', v.t. croo6rx)au»o afl 
§(bB)<9j, — «BraQ<9s<0), a_f)rtf)<6ia<fr, elcrrTl 

a_f)rtflOTJT3> <3a_»0d&>. = u'lli-ty, 72. -acHeo, 

Dis-use', Dis-u'sUge, 7?. anW <sa»o 

COo, £OJ«Ctt'OC0o5DgjO<gf; 2. ODSgj— , QJ 

y<8s>o — , (BTO r r)o_aioroo. =use, u.2\ g>a-» 

<3;Q;OCOa)£}OZJ>Oc93<0); fBTOSjOGTOo g>®OJd8tftfl 

Dis-val'ue, v» t. c£\&&\o&%&>. 00 
000—. 72. «roa_j0onoo. =val-u-a'tion, 

Dis-yoke', y. /. 3)a>§Qj§an ssiov)<a8 
<a>, (ffroalcflacoxb-, oddho Q^^ae^; 2. <bts 

Ditch (dich), 72. <3fO)os, .moej ; 2. 
ima^riiP . v.t. _aiDej'<af)ci<3>; 2. (HroafUp 
<2aiosnga, ; 3. Aunaf)en§«fl». u. t. <sa>3 

Dit'to, n. sagjsl, Gag-iA c ^'- a ^- 

Dl-U-ret'ie, a. i^(g)cu&us>033i 
(med.). n. ^(©aj^j^-D^coo {met). 

!Dl-ur nal, «. ajtSiab croo6tijcau0Dca;, 

Q_J<9)&J5)(0T3); 2. alcT) nQjfoTlc%gg ; 3. &rt>° 

aHajaroo orfl^om; 4. alaicnDasismasTl 
cm° <sqd@cuoc2;. d. motion of the 
earth (galenas crojcao foTifDl^d). -ly, 
at?, elm aaj'oD, el oj (screen. 

Dl-va-ga'ti6n, n. aui^ls)TOOo<ab; 2. 

Di-van', «. o-i^aaoo, gofolamasgnd); 
2. (QTO)(8ej0jaicncrus, airrajoaoaj; 3. (ajrrap 

Dl-var'i-eate, v. j, fDeneoorin o_n^n 

cs^cQ), <S5cura0ocarU-; 2. fmaalfoi— . u. ;?. 
^fraoao6UCQ;ocQn a_Harid9sa>. a. (O)02Tl^ 
Q-ri(ol6io®lrol<esarr). =€a'ti6n, n. ros^o 
coTl oJlfonco;^, scuojos ; ajcajedjino; (era 

Dive, P,t. igsog^, 0ODo e>.n]c$<e>; 2. 
(SYTjjfaociya), a cfe (SajoaHas-a). u. t. <%<9% 

&, org) ip a>. 1 bell 03^08^(^0 

Carj0)0. Tl. ig«JB^. =Ver, 72. (^55Q<fl5)D 

foob; (sracoocoo ais^ojnb. 

Di-verge', y. i. (^201^ .■srodhorn'saja 
<o>, — a-flrtflsraig) — ; 2. aTl§0OQ ) ai, <SS3o 

curaia.. -ment, =ver'g:ence, =ver'- 

geil-Cy, 72. (SQJolios , cvTlrolj^'-afi ; ®<se 

cooTi, c^^jocroo. =ver'gent, «. <& 
zalrisl (BTOaicmtQjcm (Sojoajcrn; ojiiiiiocro 
6^^_j§. =ver'ging, «. (5TOd9>crn ®a_ioa)OT). 




Dl'vers, Dl-verse'i a. o-j&KijkuaocB/, 

-ly, ad/. a_)ej(o_)c^oSfD6n-). di-ver si- 

fy, v. I. Q_jaiajlcjOo <5^(9saj, anoono(cy 

(0)000—, c&>a^0cS3o— ; <2<S8o QjaSCTg)<Q), 

aoooo— ; ajjmocros^jy§«5®<0). =ver- 
Si-fi-€a'ti6n, n. afl<&>oa>o, <338o; aD 

-ai"l(Q)«»_io, ^ajocoao. =ver'si-fied, a. 
^Q_jooro)fDaLnsoacaii^@g.. di-ver'si-ty, 

n. cno<Do^>-io, OK^joaroo. ajlcuaflOTo ; 


Di-vert', v. t. cuaa#<3>, <oT)rtfl;%e>, 

o>ro}OQ,<a>; 2. qj1§ aoQ,<3>; 3. ^gjcrul(9a 
<&; 4. rocnflg-paadfc, <e>gng_p c8s(&>. -er, 
n. roTlr6n<93nmajnb; rocnflo c Jl<9aonr)Qj.'Tb. 
='ting, ='tive, a. @.ajoaro<0iroo (er^eo, ro 

cn51cft)o— . =ver'sion, a. foTifoloj , ql>& 

Oj , 0OOOo; (BY0(TOo6njaU)o; (9>&1, <2cr)fD 

Souoaa , culscDDeo. 

Div'es, n. <ST2)ajoo60jfosa5oaj3aoaj6oi3 
£g.oS)s eflaDcescm cocrfl^nb, (rgafleanb. 

Di-vest', v. t. Qj(fr^o (sroif\<&2&>, 

OOODo (STD)(03tf>; 2. gD£jOS>fO)— , cO>a^«Sj, & 

ip1g_p(fls<9). =ti-ture, ^- aj((T^og) roles; t>l>; 

§D£J0CgaL'0(9S)fDb; atf1g_p<S5)rob, orflano. 

Di-Vlde', V. t. Qjl(§SC0l<fi8<S), a_l«0)<Bg 
<a>; 2. Q_»aan§<Qj, eocoo o^ca^; 3. <BTO 
twlfODoaTifDl^tOj; 4. (Wizalrab 3£e~)<ss<a>, 

— -Offil8lc9s<&) ; 5. o_JcQfiai) ;avlfDl(fiS(a); 6. 

aj^o— , qjcS)— ; 7. aor6n<asc9> (ar.). v. i. 
aJ)rtflo%<3>, (T_iaft.ocoD rarirtflQ%<a>; 2. s^j^ 
qj1§<s>; 3. «nea\a& svaioci<e>;4. 6&oaOrtT)<9» 
(aj§<&, (go — ; 5. jifl§l§a>. dividend, 

W- aooorjfi, Qjl.-aio; ejoso; ooogyo (ar.). 
=vis-i-bil'i-ty, 72. afieosajto) (ph.). 
=vis'i-ble, a. ajtaianoajam. =visi'on, 

U. QjlSOCOo, SOCOo 5)_a}Qgjrob; Sa.'aJOs'; 
(BTO"oOfO , (D§_g^QJfO; a_l9& \ jifdlOo, £\ 

cmfO); a^a^ocroo, «eeo; a> <a&f ia_f)rtfl 
cojrab; aoro laarsb, aorosrno (ar.)'. cuuj2o 
anfsl); (sarumosocoo (mil.); a^&uasjjy 
rri)ic85}so; (cycroocoaTleocoo. long d.ll 
e^ocioDfoemo (ar.). short d.n 109 
aro-i— (ar.) . =visi'6n-al, a. ajAaacm ; 

(Q_)SaaaroToT!nT) g)@g, fiUsmjuasTalrrn — . 

=Vlsive, a. socoo ajolagcm; g1nmra)<3^ 

sircodasnm. =vl's6r, n. oOorDtf>nb («r.). 

Di-Vllie', v. t. ignb^§l (Btoo)q%<Q), 

— <0>O6rra<fr, ^'0aOnd9s<fb; 2. 6*1(1^1309000 

o_JOQ%«&>, (cyajjxric9s<9i, igoDrncBncDsa); 3. 
SnajjZOd9(8(Qj. y. i. (a_)u& o 6)Qjc98<05, c/o 

aiooo (Sonsasai, ejc9fia6mo o_ioc%(a>; 2.tgnb 
(S^nomo<a>, aidafii6rr>o <&>osxtq&>; 3. ^<oadl 
(9S(3). ?z. <SQjeQ_i5TruTl^rr6; 2.<26njoa , >a)n6. 
a. aloj.0 (8Y3)ca', 5)s^eaD(3io — ; 6)o>eoj<a> 

g^l^Oio— ; <$)o)QajCfO0CUCr)CrDc6riJCTU)o — , 

QJlo^Sjjo— ; enajjo— ; 6^s>saj@ajjo — , 
oro_iy|)c&o — , rBTo-anzooasra) — . div- 
1-Iia'tidn, n. (cyaa o, ejeosserno ©mo 
cSnral), — a-joco/rak; WKfeono, ejdafiasYDo, 
^nfenryiiim. =vlne'ly, aa 1 . eHajjo (StQiobTI, 
ajfol^fauo— ; ^^qoj^-o^o— . -ness, 
n. eHajj^jo. =vl'ner, ?z. cya<ftm(Bno 
foab, (Q-^^ (Snofonb, ej<flai6rno o_jo<3^rm 
cnab. =vl'ner-ess, ?z. ajdaaisimo o_iocxy 
rmajcb. =vill'i-ty, n. elajjrauo, 6)5>e 
cu^'Oijo; 6)5)gqjo, eacos^odnb; (Seojra); 
onn@Jjnb, cruj^canb; f5Toa:ciBcaio)_io; 
SQjaanaGteraomo, 6)5^QQjCLr!ej. 

Di-VOrce', v.t. ajlajca06rumjoo ora 

Q(Qsa), ^<SQ_ld9fiQ6TT)^|ls 6>(3>0§c83<S>, £0 

crDo6ruau)o cul^ai, on. ocao 55(QiO§(93(&), 

fSY^jalOfOo— ; 6)0oyTl— , — 5)jxlDg4<^ (i/.)j 
2. Q_nfjT)(99(9>; '^. CT)lc93<S), QQ)§fOta> (0)^ 
C%'(&>. W. a® a - J <^&lSTr)o, 6T3)0C32;o 6)<d)0§ 

(65)^; S>aOiPn— (il/.); fSrg>JiJOfDo— ; 2. oD 

cuDaosaD^roanaT); 3. sojqIios , a_Dro) 
^rdi. -meilt, n. aTiojooosao^iimo; soj 

• o 

Q-JOS . 

Di-Vlllge', U. t. QJfOOUo rST^(QS(9j, 
(aJCrolaUo— , fCaOa^jO <x^oam — ; 2. (BTO 

cf)cari(&8,&, ; 3. aflrorondSscSj. v.i. a_)foa^i 
aocqflrta^. -ment, «. 5)Qja^ajo<95)fab. 

Di-VUl'si6n, n. nJol^^^dBsjral), o-Tl 

rolas)^. =vul'sive, a. ajoto^^cSsam. 
Diz'en, f. ^. <Saosla2/oeaf) g^gjlcsecd), 





Dizzy, a. roi&J aDrol^r^ £@ja, — nj 
ooflA— , <S0ooOoajcro.o— ; 2. foi&jfoT!rjn 
^rab cut® eg® cm; 3. aflscuajo g}£}oa$ra). 

<955<3>. =zi-ly, a<i. ®0OaOO&jCro,<2cBTO)OS>S. 

=zi-ness, n. taxu<Bs>o, c80DaQoejcru.o. 

I. Do, n. Ditto afljcrrxaTtorrbo arooca&f) 

II. Do, v. t. ir. (did, done) 6>.mc^<e>, of) 
cu«s^d&>; 3. <ToocLfiQ_p<99ca>, croogciTl 

g_pcB8<0i; 4. (&)<9®&, 0^oOc2;Oc9sai; 5. a_)0 
cDiO SJjii^cS), ©OJCLn<9s<B5; 6. (eTOjiQsnrnTBf) 
<&a<0i; 7. <8in)0g_p<98<Q», -n.\faT)<fi9<0}; 8. QO&) 

«es^. to d. homage, honour, favour, 

etc. cu6rr)(Qs)o <9)0=<a.; (ojlano — to d. 
justice <rflfonnos(??©<Q>; aJlaolrmaocaD 
(o_jcyfaran<fl9<S). to d. to death 0ro6rno 

ojfl»«j@<&>. to d. away, to d. away 

with aScu-aaflcSstf), ajl§ J <05g.c%^. 

to d. on cortfi<fl8<3>. to d. off «wtfl 

<SS<9s. tO d. intO ©aj^5T3n&J0<99(ft). 

a.v. rrT)Cffi]ca;o(3K)aK>: I d. sav SO sra>o 

d. you love me? crfl q^qod (sn^oon 

tesarrosouo? ajlu51ca«aD<&o: d. be quiet 
ans^oi^Df^lg^pab ; rrD(S.-a3CJU0(5ir)<&>o: I d. 

not wish to see them a@<n)<a* <eroaj 
5>o> dfcosnao-rb aoofrjpgj. to d. one's 
best or diligence GiS&dfcScmsscmao&o 

ca'(orfit99«». to d. one's business * 

LQ^yHasai, (SY^5rroo6'><i_j5rro0gjOt»o<ea<0>. 

to d. one shame oooemscss)^ cures 

«S®<9-'. to d. over o^e-fl^s^a^ces 

(S>; f&5ngO0rO) 6)_o)oa<3); aU^<S>, <2«2)<B2 

<&>. to d. up g>co;(qE)<&>; (^§)6>a«s<a>; 

cafi§<e>. what to d. with o^orcasoj 
®n§? to have to d. with cruoeoj 

ctxdo, <a>ogyo. d. little ojg.<s>a> a_io6roi3 
wagjo «jii^ar>Qjnt>. d. naught or 
nothing 0^)can6. u. i. ans<a8c9>, «qj 

o_joQ<a>. how d. you d. to-day gocm 

orfl5aec)o<S5) QQ)60Qn5)mcQn«n<©scTro? that 

will d. (Broo)° 0oO. to d. for (done 
for) a_jOQ,<e>; <e>oogjo (af)ro3«d>, crnA)<o% 

&>• to d. without ($sosvo> <Qiipl 
«§«», to have done oroaooJlas^, 
moajcrDonrfl^jljasA. to have done 
with (of)<aa<£>>, a^TlcaotsscQi. well-to-d. 
QJ<05^@g, (r>a_iorsT^ , aja»fora — , 3 to fob— . 
n. ©asarorab; 2. -aifoTlcanb. d. all cro 
Q^oaJlajoijaaDranb. -a-ble, a. s>.oig2jo 
<&cm. do'ing, n. Ajojc^'O)', gjpca/, (a_j 
cyanaf); (p/.) cTnsgj. done, p.p. of 
do. S)jijcs^, rofloD; f8TO63T3lsinn tosxtd. d.e 

brOWn ^.aJfings^Qcfl^ STO0OQ>3o_I0Cari. 

d.e for TOg.<m (So-joecD; cucgo, cuaolcao; 
mc/al^ <2o_jocbT), 0^^—. d.e up 
^cljo^stcio) ; ceftflsrrfl^ (So-iocaTI. -'er, 

cncaOiSsrmcLinb; <&>ogyaruonb. 

Doc'ile, do'cile, ^ajdlgjltaoo^crn; 

2. o_icf)<9scm: o_jO6rotD)0f<3{) <2<&>c)g^rm; 5)0 

7 CO® 

r03<9sxg@g_. doc'i-ble, a. ag)^£_jrarar)rob 

Q-JOlc9sCm; (BYaSd3s>iggg. dd-Cii'i-tV, 

=ci-biKi-ty, =l-ble-ness, n. cunsjoojo 

crum, Q-JqIq-j 00900. 00^^ ; $D6m<Bs\o. 

I.Do^k, n. Qjodxsaool; 2. s^oejo. 
v.t. (DQcSaca,, ^dl^ajg.^"^; 2.<fljo 
-2^— ; <onyns)Qj§<flaa>; 3. oooa^g_p<ss<fii. 

II. Dock, n. (&>Q_jrab3<S)0.t)fl, tscooel; 2. 

dry d. <&>ra<Sd9»oraf). wet d. <^s<scQ«a 
cad, cLjys<9s)0^Tl. d.-yard tQigjfal) s>aj 
g_pc&3aT) (SaiOfaH. v. t. <a>g_j(ab ®a»o.'aO 

DOCk'et, ^. <a»0°lg_J , _oj(33d3«o, (TOD 

roo, (So^io.^icyo*; 2. mQd9»; 3. Qjlcul 
a , oofDo(/.); 4. (a_)ajfaror)ajlojfDo ajsla>. 
On the d. imgjcsejojin^Qurtsmo, &>-** 

<5& — . V. t. CrOOfDo aJO5>0 <&iC))<9§<Q>\ 2. 

croo(Sc9fioa_jo nr3)^(oTl5)Qjd3stQ>; 3. roQdan 

Doe'tdr, «. o-ismjulanrrb, ^"^8, cvao 
(rrLH; 2. oroq^j(a)ejoaaoejcQri5^aj@.cQ.nT) 6ru 

o£)0oana_j8an; 3. Sis^cue.nb, nDtaTlajro 

<sndb. D. of Divinity (D. d.) o^cud 5 ! 




Ao-jsmulronb. D. of Laws (LL. D.) 
<jo02cyao^-. D. of Philosophy (Ph . D.) 
sn«njc/ao(n£— . D. of CivilLaw (I>.C.L.) 

roo^j— . D. of Science ( (q_j 
^inloaa^— . D. of Medicine (M. p.) 
<»s>cuajua3(a^— . D. of Music (D. if 08.) 
crooc/fl'o>c»o(rr£— . d.'s Stuff 3jl<3rt)_aJ 
6><9j<ocfiaceo; aasanr)'. y. £. nfltfTlrtsnf) 

<S3Sj, OOOT>3<9Sc9>; 2. QJsmiSWcTUDOOOo 
6)<0)3§«9S<9>; 3. <^@^f5T3)^o fl-al^; (d^sH 

<9siaj«^<£b. u.£. 6)6>a-sejo 6>.aiQ^(&>. -al, 
a. 5)S)ajejCTroga; ojTmju^moga. -ate, 
-ship, ??• ajsmiTlfwcroDomo. -ate, V.t. 
a_i6mjul^cno<e9<a). -ess, -'tress, ft. aTl 

■gffvTl; 2. ji^jeTl'OTOamSroflSrafl, 6)6)QJSjO 

Doe'trine, ft. n-io)a-J\ afiajosjocroo; 

2. $Do_j5eoao, Qriaa-iocrocLn^Qcao, — (cu) 

0oemo. =tri-naire', =tri-na'ri-an, «. 

o-jfoTlcoJ g>a_)38aa<a?>3rarib. =tri-nal, #• 
{Da_i5ec/acroosnJcru)03OB;; QjlejOSjOcro— . 

72. QT)<^JD<T0Clfl:ftJC2>o, — Oij aJOTUO. 

=tri-nal-ly, ad. ©o-jseuatrsja-jo <8y§cbTI; 
Doe'u-ment, ft. <8fDsu, (BY^cooroo, (tt-j 

0O6TT)o, *fD6mo; 2. jDa_l(2euac; o_\0Oo. 

=men-tal, =men'tar-y, a. <sT§coorc>o 

aroosajcnuiaooHJ. d.y evidence csroeuo 

6) ^§OOJ . 

Dod, Dodd, v. t. (go1^®(0>, ooQasA. 
='ded, a. s)a-<oaQj)gLpa5rc»; ra>3^lcangjo;ora). 

Dod'der, u.£. & t. aflo<ee<3>, oo^a^ 
tSi, §Dg.<3><s>- =dered, a. aaQjSOBlca;, 

Dodge (doj), v. t. & i. aimootenaag 
<S), 0orTl<B5)a ( 2%<Q>; 2. aouscajforanrab ay ^ 

61010) c05g.C3^<95; 3. &)Qg_(GfO)(Qo <SjOSc05, rf>) 

(g)l0o (a-jscas colter, n. s^oortA, 3 

60B^>; 2. (DaJSCB-'o, ^'tgfleio. 

Dod'i-poll, ft. 0/uonb, s)a_>3§ab, 3 


[ — ® 0)3<tli>. 

Doe (do), n. 0onb<sa_is. d. skin 
Does, 3rd per. sing. prs. of Do. 

Doff, V.t. (aTOyn^t^aj(B®<a), a^sroraO 
§<si; ay^^ <&>|J3& < 3>, crTHSsTldanas^; 
2. cu(frco <sroy?l(B9(ft); 3. g&so-jafiTleada,. 

V. I. g)§g_Jtp)c9s<3>; 2. S>O}Og_p5>:a; = (98(0i. 

Dog, ft. onooaD, oaJDQj , c^ooaab, 
q_j§) (£.); 2. oolg^oranb; 3. jiisoQoraTl. 

a dead d. &njsc&':co2)gj i 3:aro>roV, ^ 
g^orao. a d. in the manger «»ooW 

asraiojob. d.-ape (S^gjsnbsjrosTO (2.). 

d.-cheap ojas>«> cruaose&^ga. d.-flea 
m o coTi ^ jaiggi . d.-Latin o-j^esai. d.- 
louse ooss^nb. d.'s-meat qq^^, 

(tnssrnaoon-oo. to give or throw to 

the d.s ai3s)<e*a<xB<a>. to go to the 

d.S envd)^ Gci_\o9>, (Cft}-Tnj333iTl — . d.- 

bee ©12)61163^00)^ (j.). d.-bolt exios 

crTlcD^rortb. d.-cart aootesuflro 0<s>s 
cm fos^i'-oj^ajs 1 ^. d.-days (pi.) ®ra 
.w,rfl3<Q53&jo. d.-draw 03nbsoj§. d.- 
eared ^s&joo^ ^aiasoaicw (ojcrftfljo). 
d.-fancier cnacaTlia-pcB/nb. d.-fox <sr& 
6nbs)O J <05!'Tb (z.). d. -hearted (^rcw 
c^@a. d.-hole ^a. d.-rose <^a§ 

a_irrflnrflib ojgg^o (b.). d.'s-ear <9)Sajo 
cmlairtbo i^ejzSdan'. d.-sick CL\&6)fo 
crg6U3(6si§@a. d.-Sleep ^@@C%o<9no; 

cmc^odto, <si|m a^s^fz*. d.-tooth ^ 
^coj^ (an.). d.-trick gcorrojso 
qjo; (^ro-01. d.-weiry (erop^rnno cfifiil 
srrfl^. u. /. a-Tln^sraa), ct)30q;3§^; 
2. 0S6sra35)o) o_n^sas<Q); 3. onsig^saos 
@S ®aj§co;D§a); 4. 6Qj'aul^§n(flsS>, (BTD 
crooDj^^j^a^.S). -'ged, a. <fljsn5^^so 
qjo @.@g.; Qjsaal — , crTlc^Q— , a_f!flt)0O 
o3«5T3). -'ged-ly, ad. ajsualsaao^s. 

-'ged-ness, ft. orficfg, qjomH; cruQ^isroo 

<OTV)3qOo. "'gish, rt. 0036)^3(013), (^fr>§ 

ollaiigea. -'gish-ly, a^. igrasescu 
<s«5ro)3S)s. -'gish-ness, n. ooscoTlcroj 

Dog'ger-el,ft. aj^c&oa^o, — sg^s^o. 




Dogma, n. g)a_»3ec/ao, rgro<3)(a_pc2/o, 
010 > '-• rr y@°? ttTlcif), (a_)0:6rn.->, anfl 

^uooTOo; 3. (srof\tau>o. =mat'ie, =mat'- 

i-eal, a. g)a_i39c/aarDo6rua\Uo <srg,:2/, 
{a_)0ooTnoa©croorso— ; <sracuW.orDo.^Q!jo — , 

<&>§_jano(25a_jo— . =mat'i-eal-ly, ad. oao 
a^o (sr^con, jyogj'— . =ma-ti'cian, 
=ma-tist, =ma-ti'ser, n. ^ruGac/a^ 

nr^oQj^nb, (o_)0D6imo (i_jOCi^amajn6, anfl 
auonroridBgcmajrrt). =mat'i€S, n. &o-j 
sacra cruoafflru), (gpnr$ ocrftajluajscrecifl 

^3^orooacflcn(^/^o/.). -tise, p. /. craoo 
Q-D^ q_joq^<3>, Q6Ta3ri6K3Tg) — , atflauorro)"! 

e9s<Qi. y. £. (a_}0D6rn03oal cuioa>. 

Dol'drums, n. pi. <&ioo\^«svb<an 
sfsb. to be in the d. £(200^0^3 

svan §DrtTl<fl9&>, 0lms)(35)S — . 

I. Dole, n. iggffljo, culejooLjo. -'fill, 
-'s6me, a. §8QJ&>fDo (SY0}Oy, aJfO^I^Oa-J 

&cqo— , cUjOnDrrxg@£. -'ful-ly, arf. (§g 
aus.-oroiDQS. -'ful-ness, tt. (^croaoo, 


II. Dole, y. £. CTdggn^f&^ffls^, tgra^o 
•fioaorcf); 3. eldam, aroQ^c6rrf!, cju00>; 

4. ora^DrD , 0T3,-cnnc9ngj o . d. beer,d. bread 


Doll, Dolly, ?J. o-ioaj, 'S)6ru302i , ,a_ J 3 
ajo^fl. d.y-shop o_jtpcB;aroo0oroo oil 

Dollar (-ler), 7*. ro«ng° £Ci;yl<0>&9££ 
(eTD30rDl<e5i 5) oj^alcDosm. o. 

Dol'mail, ?J. crTlejcc.%1. 

Dolor, Dolour, n. sonocu , <38 6uo. 
=rif'er-ous, =rif ie, =rif'i-eal, a. ®qj 

emaja»KS©an, c^crumo— . dol'o- 

rous, a. aijcrunoo &gg, c^o<s,ej _, §8 
fflj^a>03CQ;. =rous-ly, ad. scuecmc&o 

Dolphin (-fm), n. ajSratojcml, a# 

Sl (2.). =net, >^. 51ci_j3gm5°l. 

D51t, n. (Sso^onb. 6)xJo§rrb, dTI§ 
o^cHgl. -Ish, a. oJVucl'm.Kggg . 

Dolus, n. a^a-TLajcrDo, jiiaTl. 

Dom, s?v/'. <Bracun^oroo, uotf>, fDoea.o; 
orool aTl. 

Doma-ble, ft. 6>0fO2<8s>3ajrm; 2. §d 
6n")oagom, 5)0fO36OTgom. 

D6-milill' (-man'), «. (0383, o, Ojo^, 

ea,o; 3. crflejo o_iocnj3)c)o, (§0); 4. ©3 
ref) <w_io. public d. ^ascrTlajo, a_isng} 

fo(§0"l. right of eminent d. cro<e*3ro3 

aegg fBracJul^ofOo (/.). 

Dome, n. sojodo, crflaaDsnD.i; 2. 
AofSScoocLjroo. domed (<lorad),a. <©}og 
(ScoDn-jroiggg, ^oeo^faTlcaoca;. domi- 
cal, a. <&o(SSCODajfD0^ ) 'on^@g. 

Domes'day (dumz'da), see doom's 
day under Doom. 

Do-mes'tie, a. (£aoaroo6Tuaru)0oa&, 

carai — ; 3. cro_ic^.io uocrofoiogjgyo — ; 4. 

sab; 5. crojcpcio.'DKjn'al) ^sngoaffTlca 1 , — roo 
^.foraTlfat)— . ?2. alls aj6rrTl<5n3raa6, emo 
ej.<95i:rDab, <93^1^_j§f^ ; ^rjDcfisnnQjcX), 
©f03«3T3)"l, eoaul; -,(pL) crojr&segjfaroriej 
sngDdBsDca; jiiraasi , @6TT^^J[a)(eft , . =ti-eal- 
ly, ad. cpoo^)32j0o^n, <ro_ia)Ocgj03CQn. 
=ti-eate, v. t. cpaDaj2croo_i(^rijiica'o qj 

fOi(tS©(0); <TO_lCTD)03^n\ / aT2»lc69c9j; 6i0^J3a8 

<&>, §D«rr><9s<9i. =ea'ti6n, ^. «0as<S5>rab; 
cpaOQjocroo. =ticl-ty, n. ellajroo. 
Dom'i-cile (or -cile), u. ojoa-ocruDo 

OOo, 0O3lfOo, (SajCDo, oils ; 2. a"UQl«)a_J3 

oj , «>3©3io (/.). t'. t. crurflfOo a_iojj_j3<ea 
C9J, oruDlra03Qan fO)30a\Dc9s^, (fijsncanoa 

(JJ®<a>. -Cill-ar, 72. afls a_J67T) > l<95)0ran{i, 

g.mab. -cill-ar-y, <7. ojocrocruoDm 
croo6njou)03ca;. d.y visit sajooscyao 
cono (/.). -cil'i-ate, y. Z 1 . cruQlfoaooofi 





glp«98<fr; 6>0>ro3«9s<a>. -cil-i-a'tion,?z. ^ 
Dom'i-nate, vt. ^ooflcTfl^ea, ; 2. qjo 

nosa^A. =nance, =nan-cy, ?z. ^^ 

oeg-o), £jou°; (BTTCJol(©>ofOo. =nant, a. 
(uo^od, fgftfiascm, (Sroujld&ofoo onsrffg) 
<rr>; ^croiVrPg^arn, (a_)6nj&j«flc$k@g. =na'- 
ti6n, n. Qjt^, fBYg.a^Q-jr^o. fffroafl^o 
rt>o, (0)fOTD)CLi.o, <s^5)cfig-a>; fcrroaj^oo 
i^gg a_jro):£t3; {pi-) crD.i^e&'S^rcflfab 
anso^o (#/.)• =na'tive, a. <sroafl 
<djcfoog)@a, (fhfOTDia'io — . -neer , v. t. & i. 

(over) (BT3CJLD<d)0(T>o oo^!d8<&i, airoTzrci-iio — , 

s(f\^z<Bsi<Q>. ^neer'ing", a. <efltf0«ga) 
cuo^cm, '3Toaos& ) rald9som. =neer'iiig- 
ly, ad. (stQoD2Z f oi]s^osiS. =in'i6n, n. 

g>cm-oT), (goaT, QjaTlg_jo; raceme, <TOD[go 
Wj'o; (p/.) <S(^>ceQoroj(g'a>a.^o (Bl.). 

=Ilie, ??• ^rtfccnDLGOb; <S6O.10CU(9»nb. 

Do-min'i-eal, a. snMcajooj^aooaQj 

nnDo (ergjcoj, (ditargjcuorocr^aJd^o — ; 2. 

ojsq'jbI^. d. prayer ^^{o-jofsicnn 

(Chr.). d. letter ffloaoaoo^ a^.nJ<8>DdBfla 

=mill'i-ean, ?2. sroofccroecarto&j 6br&ia-)<0> 
crornjocnfi (/?. C). 

Do-min'i-cide, ». ateazscnao^ ; 

2. — qO(TO)OQJ 

Dom'i-n6, r?. afOjaTaJo oolsfooaj 
(TOo; 2. (Trrp<0>jB5>S QjleJOO-Jl^S o_»So; 

3. <2QJca3QJ(arOo, ®a_j(£6Do; 4. e>K8QJ<9i 

Don, v. t. cj0fip.<es<9>, (srasTrDc^tft., nJ 
Do'nate, y.£. o^o^xSg^. eoooc sjjoj^. 

=na'ti6n,«. (^aocr>o;eocr)o,<S)a\)oraar)jO. 

dOIl'a-tive, ». coiaao, eoono. tf.eoooo 

«ti§1cb;, — ffltaco;. =na'tor, =nor, n. eo 

mo 6^(9io§c9siomQjnb. aoroiooj , aocr)<&> 
cDraooj' (/.). =na'tor-y, n. ^als^ocb 
aTlslcaojob (Z.). done, <7. notice;, 
^feT^* =nee', n. eocno <aTl§lc&Q-nb (/.). 

Don'key (-ki), n. &^ui (2;.); 2. 
Doo, n« (a-^ocu (£.)• 

Doo'dle, w. <3onrDSauoas) <aofort6, <u 

Doom, n. ^gj\ Qjlail, oaldafiaoaTl 
ail; 2, i-cnejcoTtoej^rorD) , ©'st/ajroajg^l 
fff>o; <©)0ej(S(flw& ; aalcftftt; 3. moaao, 0f& 

c98<s>; 2. oa")odfii— ; 3. — orrigr^canas^, 
QLjl^a-^pdas^; 4. colaj^aTloiaisai; 5. 

ru>ajQ2Ti£)eji£fg)(fr.. dooms'day, n, <jS\ 

c^fiiDajlajl, KfCoTDanojaroo; <stQO^rn^o 

wajicrftzcQcnotiiiChr.). d.s-day-book 

IDc9? . 

Door (<lor), n. Qjo^n^, {a_)C8ajw> 
mo; 2. (0>-aiai o , orTl(ti, ajo^oTlfi5ta_jej<©>; 3. 
(a^sajoacnao^o; 4. oils . in-d.S, 
within d.S Qjlglnm^faia , f3TZ>d^rcTD) . 
next d. to (era^ajta, (GK><sz(d>Q-\<9s)(Q@)@& T 

6)fO)0§. out of d.s, without d.s, 

OUt-d.S Qj s lslcmajorora , QCua^cBnfsb; 
fSTo<0>^aj, g^>fo; SajoS^oajTl. to lay 
at one's d. aooo _aj<2(O22!<0>, (eTg>®^fii 
oLjlasa^. to lie at one's d. aioo^o 

renb (STO) (271(^1(08(05, ^ajTZDraajoel— . d.- 

case, d.-frame <&>§na. d.-cheek, 
d.-post <^i"ia<eoo^Q. d.-keeper qjo<a>nb. d.-nail QjO'DnaPcn" c$^ 
cuonb ajD-oflaTlsnei^b ^Do^fo^agnm ^aio 
scaoerrTl. d..— sill ajotfTlfzAajsl, g>za<z> 

o_jsi. d.-stead aio^n^, ^jex^riejea 

ojOfoTlrab qol. d.-way (o-jSajcrooocuo 

■an^. d.-yard (9TitF5id95>igooo, qjooTi , 

^s^ej— , ^azro^forzn— . -'ing, n. (3>§lg.. 

Dor, ?i. <a^oj(0) qj<5^° (2-.): 2. (Sign, 
a^0Doa; QjaJSng^^o^cOnrei. to give 
One the d. .a>0oo&fiva.aa<a>; aTl^— ; 

Dor'naant, r/. ^oosral^seeaam- 2. 
fffra nn6oT9o-'CT2n, talsngoraro), cro_jaruii0o«g^ls 
cBsctd. 3. rDooav-ZDcan^rteam-), ©.§§0^ 
(9TlS(93fm, ijrifro Qjarn§lgjOOT3). d. 




partner (a-jo^'oraTl s>.oJegjos>TO 3 .-to rak (?s 

§o, a_D§o, s^tDS^^ (arch.). =mi-tive, 
a. sDoaao ajflSflggon. ?t. ^oasTlmoggL 
0fO3nrn, onl^es on s^g.ftKJUo (med.). 
=mi-t6r-y, n. &Oea»o, c/acanncpaOo; 
— uaotu; c/aoaocr>o. 

Dor'sum, n. ojoo, g^^ (arc.). 

=Sal, a. a_nnbQjo3fOT3) g) g&, i^g)<&>rni?n — , 
n_^)a6eoco«JT^ft , — , a^^o aroosojcruTl^. 

Dose, /?. aof©; 2. ij><9s-.<sk>£qj , 0") 
TO0D31— , aoaoro), ojW.o; 3. aonggla&j 

0On0lgjO0mS£rm6)S Q.aJScgjSnslOJraam 

to . y. /. 0O(@caD<ss<^; 2. zc&cm s)<s>o 

§as<9i. — <SiSng_pc99 3i; 3. (3f)a9O)<e>0 SOTO 

Dos'ser, n. ^§, 5><&>o§, oj§1. 

D6st, 2ttcf. per**. s^rca. 0/ Do. 

I. Dot, Dote, n. (fr^lcuroo (/.), <3>ocfc 
ojb-mo(J/.). ='tal, a. (fryiaoano (5T3)co, 
— crcobrucTLul^. ^-ta'tion, w. (cr^lcuano; 


II. Dot, n. QjVr^, <^«3T3) , ajggp, <flicfl, 
nrfifcra) ; 2. S).aiolc2/TO , jif)0l§ u . y. £. 
<93roran§<a; 2. rrJggn^fqigA. v. I. <Qi 
rBroTl§(Qi. -'ted, «. o_jggTl<ei(ararica;. 

Dote, Doat, v. i. sso-ftiTOjo (o-joj 
o5Tzr.lte^ce»; 2. (o_)oc2;^a51^.oS)<e50l5^g , 6iaj 
(SAfl0o3l«fls«a>; 3. s> on o si os#<&>; 4. (on) <s>srr> 

c9s)gjoff>t» 3a^ao)as<&>. =tage, =tar-y, 

«%§3o OLjlqgDo^ QJ0fiLO<fri iVSlC/dJSQJo; 6)000 
Slj^ftb*, 0fO)l0Oam<8O^aOo, (BTOTOl®(a_)0o, 

cuofaro&ijigao. ='tard, ='tant, n. qjo^o 
-'tard-ly, ad. 6r^(§i51o>s>Qj<&-.£ij<3raTZ>>off>s. 

-'ted, «. <3S0. ft! TO _!($££; o^TO&f)^. 
='ter, 72. 6r^(aA51<SeJ0O_log>§£QJob; <S0^ 

ao(gao— . ='ter-y, r. ^ooosn^rat. 
='ting, «. 6nj^3xn6)6)Qj<©)Pi.o @.@g, «eo 
:ft5TO_ic— ; (STDiwlsor^ooo— . ='ting-ly, 

aef. <8(o_)0(go«ao>36)s. ='tish, a. enj^aul 
S)d&>§, eruajao^looaoca;. ='ty,a. a^TOeD^. 

Dot'ter-el, w. a^ga-jcuroTirai) aJlsl 

3_jonb <a>ificsyom arcs o_jdBflcfl (Z.)\ 2. <& 

Dbub'le, a. gorasflcaoco;, §pro§f).£j; 

2. ^srrxergica', ^§o— , g^roerr)— . 'seao 
S ' — ; 3. ro6n§ culCDo — , raro <fr rata <fr coral 
<3^o aJOfSra auifOToTlQ^o— , <fi)O_jS®0OJ(^@g . 
d. -dagger if q^od @6mo_f)ejra5e<a]ol. 

d.-drum n^eng. d.-standard 5) 

arroo 5>aj@gna?jo ono6rr\2>o&). d.-star 
©ernoDcQfti^o (as.). d.-time aoso 
(mil.), ad. rosr^na, rosng' qj§o, ®ra§l 
caocfiTl. v. i. ^ro^^^; 2. (up) 0S 

d^a^, j2jf03S^; 3. ©rt)£f!cQ;0Qa;lfjf)<9s<&>; 

4. ^jodlsgjoa). t?.i. ^^glcaocoT) S)a_J 
as<fljd)i; 2. cuamQjyncee) TOOorn^ajo.©-, ; 

3. jiifan<flsa), <3tJiogjlc99<a). to d. Upoil 
oo§Qjlaio<Q5ri ^raso co ajra oononDo 6)ajsH 
o)Qjtfis<& (mil.), n. ©ra§l; 2. asa^ ; 
3. foTlfol^fob, 0ol^jral>, jaa_ioco;o; 4. tok^ 
^io6, <8csuoS)ejc^@g cu nb, arogaaab; 5. 

k 6Ti)efol) , . d.-barrelled ©rag^spejeg. 
d.-dealer ^.oncanb. d.-dealing joifoTl. 
d.-decker gQrt>§fljra)§ c%(au«6n i jrab. d.- 

dye fosngnSiiioca'oigdgsnca', (&>§oji)oca/ 

cg@a; >'oO(3>6Tai3> (a)ggnt>). d.-eyed <a> 
ggdtogro &@&. d.-faced ra^ ^aj— ; 
<&)oa_)Sjo— . d.-handed ®«»6>o)«a:--; 
(SiggforafDo— , jiiro?^-. d. -headed ©^ 
§;w^qj— . d.-hearted ojetaion— . d.- 
minded emaiJljiioaj^o— . d.-quick 
aoso, cLjo-g^ (mil.), d.-threaded 

aJlfDn^o^ejga. d. -tongue ©^scdoqj , 
Ojjoeeo. -neSS, u. ©fo§; dSia-jscgoojo. 
='let, n. gD<sm; (feg-jocan. ='ling, /i. 
fjDrosglaatfjb, 0Sc35)ral>; 0olg-J , raOfolQ-] . 
d. a cape (gnnoQL^^iOfriiScao^cfh (naut.). 
='ly> a d' ©^C^ 03 ^; jiifoTlajocBn. 

DOllbt (<lout), V.t.&i. aUoUQQQl^<&9 
<S), .aJ6fflUGJi>a_)$(&); 2. SCQ/S>g_J§<0), Oa«Tl 

c96)<0); 3. aTlcya-ja\ri<as>DS><m @Dfol<s®<a), 
<TO02(nT!tQ5)O6iTO— . to d. not but aroo 
uaca'o SD&J. w. axsosoOo, jiJ6«aiajo. 





cyaafc; 2. crooadcacrQiflofl, — cruaomo; 3. e 
cao; 4. <grg,3d9fiao_io. no d. crTl^oaaca'o, 
caflajroaom. out of d. aroouae&o go 
gps)ra>. -'a-ble, a. crooodcs^t^raiaoctt.'. 
-'fill, a. rofl^cangjorBTa, croooaeQ^foaoco;; 

-'ful-ly, ad. cr\Douaca;<8cBraDS>s. -'flll- 
ness, ft. c^jcaoOcon^oc^; (btq<t)1c®>)oq;o. 
-'iflff, fl. aroooaQBrid&aonn, oaa&c^gg.. 
-'ing-ly, ad. crflCBUa&algyoa'O). -'less, 
ad. croooaoa;«>QcritCT>0ocBn. 

DOUCe, «• <26OJ0CUo £@g, ©OjlSjJl— , 

aDcDcao— . =ceur', «. ocro«D0j«n, onc^odl 
cljo; (a_jfm)oDaio, crczaocno, aTlasfm . 

Dooche (dush), ?2. jjiWlrarooraioo 
6^cu@ao (Braslanrat; 2. ajnr^fl (med.). 

Dough (do), n. <Sjyij0oaj u , a_D§ ; 

2. ^d^D^faTacroocoono. to have one's 
cake d., *. u. Cake, d.-baked nr»^ 

Qjgrno sasd&ocoro); 6nj(gjjl05cgj Qgft . d.- 
face #l«s, rtnaobosalgpasracunb; a_i 

fo>o. d. kneaded <a»a>.ajaaay <sojos>&j 

&@&, O_i<0)o— . d.-nUt ^CTOQggJo. 

-'i-ness, 71 . <utno, a_jwfla. -'y (do'i), 

QQKDo — ; Qjl&Cm. 

Dough'ty (dow'ti), a. g>-3<9»°&@&, 
©s>cosjo— , cijl^jo— . =ti-ly, ad. ajrao 
^0scBrao5)s. =ti-ness, ft. c.«il«><o>, 

QJarxi . 

Dou-loe'ra-cy, n. ©rasnaQjo^. 

Doupe, n. «fTOQj(Q) <a,o<95) (z.). 

Dpur, a. g>OQj £@&; 2. <9»cTlm0ooa;, 

Dpu'ra, ft. aosau<©> raflro (6.). 

Douse, u. £. 6>Qjgg}caranrtjb (2,c9s<&>, 
(STO)^.<Q); 2. rt»oy> <&; 3. (ffratf^ si<sio§<0s 
<s>. y. i. 6)cu@a caraTlfgii ajly><a. 

Dove, ft. (jyoaj', <»><sauo^)o (2.); 2 « 

<acn3<D0) nb. soiled d. <soj<^. d.-COt, 

d. cote (a-jo^s . d.-eyed 6>cro«30j«n 
c%@&. d.-let (a-joaaOTj®. d.-like c® 

(lAflfigfi, aarcDaj^— . d.-tail a»irt>aoflnb 

ajo^o^gj' (carp.), dov'ish, a. <2bo 


DowVger, ft. (rr^lcoaoo @.@& aTi 
cjoqj, cru jcQiOgjj arc _i(jj©@a—; 2. (a_jg— . 

queen-d. ^okj— . -ism, ft. aTlcjoaj<o>_io. 

Dow'dy, a. a_i(a_)j^aDco;. n. cia^j 

oA(a)p. =di-ly, ad. c^am)s<&)S^zf\. 

=di-ness, a_i^aj_aieajcft3o. =ish, a. 

Dow'er, Dowe'ry, Dow'ry, n. qo 

(Do, Qjroo, (a^DOjjp; 2. (cropcucDo, ^ocra 
(^ocqD) q_j6tdo (i/.); 3 - aDcjOQjcro_iajT» 
(/.)• ='ered (-erd), p. «. eocoo th)<i\s 
@g, (njPcocno— . =dow'ress, «. (n^kjucn 
foraTlnrn tare Qj<fl<lE/3i% sag (nrjfl. 

Dowle, f». a-iafcflays>s smo^J, — © 

I.Down, ft. 0O§QJ«fDO0o; 2. a_idaftTi 
C$s>S SJfOia^-j, — -a^S (S)qjo<9?S); 3. (^a 

4. aHsan; fwejca'6m', l>. crgsuo. v. t. 

6^rm03_jOOnOc9S(9>. -'i-UeSS, 71. 0O§QJO, 

olJ'Wo. -'y, a. ojgj ^@a, g^rouo— ; 
CT\}6Llo — ; ^OJDCSiJo — . 
II. Down, ft. (/?/.) n^^1<&sam°. 

ill. Down, ad. fows«>o§, «flfl««>o§; -'• 
rt^o^PfST^', iwos^y, <flfls>tP; 3. <8TaslQuTlaA, 
(ffrasnQjoaxaiandi; 4. (ffronro,^^; 5. ora 

co00oc32n, (wo^coTif^. the rain came 
d. s)o_jc^. the moon is d. flnaoro, 
a"l^. come d. to us curtfla). boil 
d. <^Qc9§<d). to fall d. Qjly«a>. to 

load d, «flj(OT3)1caj0toran orrio«98<d». he 

went d. to town gojocbTI. go, come, 
pounce d. on or upon <st$)<&&&>i<9>, 

oo6T3y<a>. d. with 6>a_jo§ri<a3 < , i nrfl 

<ss<^. to be d. on <se_i^6>a_j§ca>. 
cry d. §:ftjjo.a-jo3#a>. to cut d. $<fl 
^<a>ac^<^. up and d. saejo a?lyo; 
(Brassy al6sgo; .ojoqo. prep. ^ofi^o§ , 
afls^os; (ojycsnrab) iroSLPOg . d. the 

country , 5T3iplQ ; a 3 oa)§g. d. the sound 
«a>seT;<saA<Qn . v. t. gp_od99a>, <fiTlipl«9s<fl), 




woijp <a>; 2. aol^^cO), wgalcon^dEh; 3. 

<7. <9i6nol.Uio (ST3)CQ;; 8. rtjf)-4}— ; 3. <oT\ 

«y>o=j@g; jiiosrots). d. in the mouth 
@d _^osocoo g)g&, <ftsigol^>o— . d.-bear 

(0>oyj> a>. d.-cast f^suo cuo^W, «noj 
' w0 ?&tP C2; ' (BTOScootgdajwjo g)@&; ejs^g— , 

GC2)o— . d.-COHie Q^l^, <BTOa_)630B;o. 

d.-fall Cljl^R; CxTleJcSsO^o; {BYOa-J<ef)(nrari; 
mooao. d.-falleil (c^rn^0oca, tno^oj 

oolca;. d.-hearted aco^glslfiio©. d.- 
hill Altfi^raib, ©O(6s)o. d. -lying &o 

<esf)s)rrbo Smoo, at the d. gooo 
Scnocu croaca/o. d.-pour qj^io, ay>, 
0o«f|. d. -right (-rlt) aicorcnsxTo, son 

^fO^OSyog" ; JDSS)(Y); (St^siiOOio gDgp 

asro); aj^, croocaaiofai). d. -sitting ©fiTl 

g_J , gDrtttCBTCJio. d. -StairS fa>05)iPa5raj<3 , 

0oana>c^s)s fmos>«>. d. -stream ino 
3tpo§. d. -stroke <9fl6>u>£p@&ajfo. 
d.-trod, d. -trodden jaiajls s><a>ogg. 

am, g^n — ; oa<s>ofOo o^oo. d. -weigh 
eoro0ocon«n<98c9j. rc. joZ. (srascoocowl. 

-'ward, -'wards, otf. <sf)<stfo§ ; <RTa<sauo 

coroD (ergjcoD; o-jrooojro— . -'ward, a. 

Dowse (dous), v. t. ig<fia<fr, OT^'^ <a. ; 
2. (sro^l<eg^. i?. i. <sTl6Tr)oolom <QiOo) 


Dox-ol'o-gy, n. 6)6)eaja^a0, sor^o 

(Q)ofl^o. =log'i-eal, «. 6)«aoj(^<zjn 

anocc;. =gise, f.2. — <ra(afla.jO§c&>. 

0<2-fcO3l<flsDS(fl®<a>. V.t. @.0630^i(fl5i</lc99 

«e>; 2. <2cB(ZJ)Qjro3(qg)<a>. m. crf)6o0ca;<esio. 

dozer, n. &o<s«o g}d*n. ='zi-ness, 

/*. 0ca<e«5>o, OT3)Gja^o. do'zy, a. rrflQo 
0ca<fi!Pi^@a, jaod3s> ajoolcai. 

D6z'en (duz'n), ft. oD^eng^ q_»q5) 
o)<snggroo, gDorsoo', 'acsaab'; 2. <fljS)o. 

a baker's d., a long d. a-i™)z^cm. 
=enth, ((• oj (05)6^005)0513). 

Drab, ft. ofLii ^n^l, q^rBTofls)(S.§— ; 
2. euro—, <&)O(g!0n; 3. aasajd^srrf); 
4. 6).ajaa6rr6ornoo. p. /. ojra(arupcroocro 
^o 6)^}^a). -'ber, n, §cms3_j u <s>oa)nb. 
-bish, rt. 0sn6orf)oo g>@e_; (Sqjwsoc^j 

Drab'ble, r. t. <8.aioolan§ cusfltea 
c&>; 2. 0encr)0Od8®<a>. y. /. ^sng&f)§a>. 

Drachm (dram), 71. '8o0; 2. see 
Dram. = ma, a. ajraortDcn^oej^cara) a 
ob 6)_aJC)lc2; 5) qj gaP) no o errs o. 

Dra'-e6, ft. ^gsgj crflaia^raktrflarn 
S)o_io65i§orr) (o^soojocxg; ^gfUiS. 

Draff, 71. o^jylrab; 2. 0§ ; 3. ^g^o; 

4. ^osnoTQjggo. ='fish, ='fy, a. orn^r^o 
Draft, n. ojeD, ajooomo; 2. sxoioTi 

S)6ro®§fOT3) S)5)CrOOO.o; 3. (9TOQJ0&J, "S^i 

o_i(g)o (com.); 4 - <^y^aj\ <^^l^plaJ , ; 

0. QulSo; 6. o_)<&>gl] , <9>fOS ; 7. ^hgjral) 
650§QJ0nb <SQJ6in|CTr) cQjtfo; 8. <0iOOO (^QJo. 

a. QjoaooDrsTraTlanr) S)(&s(Tr); 2. <0>o®ooo 
§o croosnjcaul^. v.t. auroag^; 2. ro 

jiDc9^<S); 3. o_l§Og.o 5)<a5S<&); aJSCQJO^ 

a)S)g. 6)ra>aTls)6roig) < jpie9t93; 4. (STOQjoejQ)<Q50 

§cfX8^ (C0772.). 

Drag, v. t. §D6>y>^ u ajef)<aig<05; 00)0—; 

CUGJ— ; 2. <Q)§C%S!Sq<Sj; a^^^^^^i 
3. 6njfSJj1l^<S§0S)5 (fttpl^Li'^sa), (SQjeCT) 

3<a;D6)s-. to d. an anchor on^roo 

QJP-flsroTS <2oLJ0<ft). V. 1. QDtPQ^ai; 2. (a_) 
caioSCTDCD (j9>U>l6raTg) Sa_JO<0); 3. 'O)SOf\iD0O 

ceDrzflas^; 4. a>focuajajl^(0j. n. qjgjI; 

2. Q.)£U; 3. SDrQCDSre^ 4. g^^g-jej^; 
5. (^§1, QJ§an° ; Qjl^o; 6. gDS)i£d3sirtrt>. 

d.-man ajejcLfl^d^oranb. d.-net <&>ro 
Drag'gle, v. t. s^odloii @sl goo)iP 

Drag'6-man, Drog'man, Drog'6- 
man, n. £§o.-fi3ooo)roc9noa)n6, fa^g%30<e5)3 
roob, a_Deo.«D, ^ob.-ftT). 

Drag'on, 72. anto^ocroglio {myth.); 

'-• (t3aJ6TT)6U, d&>eJciOt»S)DfOiWDri; 3. ^gH 




(soaao) u (z.). flying-d. 6>a>og§n^lnb. 
-nade, n. s)a>o§g, <3roi(g)0o. 

Dra-goon', >2. aj^nrDQ-jsco/oan; 2. 

aascua> (cyscu (2.). u-c. 6>a>o@&ca;l§ 
Drain, u.f. aiefis>.2j§<ft8<e>; oio<98<e>; 

@DgjD^")O<08^; 2. QJOolc&8<e>, $D6TO<escQ>; 

3. ajsmo ^gjo-aiOcBaai; 4. (graafian. 
u. i. (g>S0srr> a^<flTl!Sg_jo<d), ajoQ<a>. ?i. 
rrfl(95)o, 62>#>a«o; 2. _<uoaj , aoou , Sro^os . 
-'a-ble, a. auooldBBDajcm. -'age, rc. 
o^cu@g.o cusaarab; raos^maiTl^&i orflsiroo^ 
<fi»o, cY)a^cu,ojarua; crfl5><z>o^<9n crooaol 

<0>,6ST3C>a: (Tiena_) SGC/ao: -<i3GL)o <0g.COK^ 

(med.). -'er, it. o)cu@@.o xiOtOanmojnt); 
<sras_njocfl. -'ing, B. fflcugao qjooI 
aara**. d.g pipe Q-j3(araD, aooj", ajsprab. 

Drake, ft. (STgsnbajooooj , — ouooto) , 

— Gucora,— fm^sl. ducks and d.s s>cu 

Dram, n. 0fl»ar> qsano, a^takiuejo, 

<Qfi r gft)g^Qg_|l(QaCariS; 2. teragjo ; 3. 6S0B 
.QjcSsDrtfl; 06,0. d. -Seller -oJ3rt>30a>CD.O 
Q-JOrtfl. d.-Shop -aJ0fO032/<es)S. v.t.&i, 

7?. -ajaalralaj^laatab. 

Dram'a, n. moS(9)o; 2. 1 g^crooscuo; 
3. cnos&>%s)?cLDG5B&>. dra-mat'ic, 

=mat'i-eal, a. — croosruonjuo (SrgjCQ/, 

(cy^cefiao— . =mat'i-eal-ly, a. ooos 

<9>o (2a_i35^ej, aDosa><2$}3a_i6m; grvjd^a 

aocoTi. dramatis person®, n. mosa> 

asraflaej cr>3ce,a> cnacaaTlaoib. -tist, n. 
cn3sa>o fOjiDascmcunb, cr)3Sa>aiaLf). 

-tis/a-ble, -tiz'a-ble, a. crMs<a>o s>a> 
§oa>onr>. -tis-a'tion, -tiz-a'tion, n. 

— ®<S>§fjfc. -tlSe, -tlZe, V. f. — '8Yg ) <5s^, 

— rD-oflasa. -tur-gie, a. anosa> uHsjO 
croo6rucni)0oc2;. -tur-gist, ?? . — oao((T^l. 
-tur-gy, n. -aDe,. 
Drank, p.t. of Drink. 

Draper, ft. rtssrrflaajyaisaaor&nb- 
=per-y, n. gjerrflasngsaartrf); — aj.3a_io 

(Do; g)6rrf); rgsrrPl^aaSJngeft C/0)oGO3fQo, 

Dras'tie, a. &snb a£}ej 5).ajgijaT>, 
oilc^o &@g; a\)a£iej0oa2/ (med.). n. 
<Qo61m0DCBJ aflsra-nj^ajo^cjoo (med.). 

Draught (draft), n. Qjaflaarab; ^ua> 
aa a>srara>r3i>; 2. ajejQjfifl<ss>rot>, — ij) 

Od(al>; 3. a»slaa(ab, aisH; 4. (5Tg):g)0o; 
5. a_JS0£o oa>£}<ob; 6. Qjroaa'sb; 7. QJO 
qocdo; 8. 5 laba_rislanD)o; 9. 6)S)crom. 
(SOCOo; 10. gDO-ftn , 03(Q); 11. (uSo; 12. 
fBTOQJDej (COm.); 13. <0)DOO°(5SlJo; 14. QJS 

QDaomaTiaD ^aisam gcoo; 15. 0Ooj(O; 
16. a)Q_j3ej03>'OK»)nT) <8.ij5ng(Tr)<9>tPo; 17. 
(sTlsplaj (cow.); 18. (^J^fDocoD) <d)f®crfl 
flt3®o, — o)jjg_J . on d. a_j)g_ja2r)f3b orTl 
o^. a. soroo cuajlcQgam; 2. <o>3®ooo 
§o croo6njanol^j; 3. cu ro as am .'0^^ g)a_i 

(ScaOcdltflSCTT); 4. 0^1^0271^00^01)' oQ) 

§«jra). d. -horse, d.-ox s^roaJ5relcem , 
6)<&»snm <fl»raflra (<s>oa), ayom— . d.-net 

£± cuaKf^(9s; 2. o^)§fDT3) «n)<fls<a); 3. ojro 

atA. d. -house aogLj^. d.s-man qd 

fosf)6>02;yfara) aisrorrf); cuso ajro<QaaD 
QJflb; (fii^COnd^aj <9)«». 72. pi. ©asojidi 

a>al. ='ty, «. <a>ooo (^fiuaoca; crgojal 


Draw (dra), (drew, drawn) 

QjeTl(Qs<&), go 5) tfcescSj ; 2. (srgxejoaflcSsa); 

3. OJfIS(^®<Q), <Sxil0rDQLja8ag2>a>; o^)§(09di, 

(Sc93oa»(&; oj aDs^.^^aQ^; 4. (ojdc)o) qi 

OS<0>; 5. OTD S) (75TO)§(S9c&); 6. C8aD0l^y a_JO 
CQTia8<a>; 7. <STOCr30OCrric98<0>; a_JcTlcfli3(S>; 8. 
a_)6mo QJ36Qg<Si, — 0S(9sD o^)§(©9^; 9. OOQ 
cQn <0T1s<q>, (ScrosSraTl — , Gm§i3); 10. OOQ 
(Qsno)§§cSSc0>; 11. 6iVPl(ea<d5, Q-IOCT>(08<9>; 

12. (ftSfsb o(j)§ajr3) <a>gco^^; 13. oajcnfl&a 
<9>; 14. aJc9)ajen<Qs<Si; 15. <S>aifl — ; It). a_j 
Socufoaaai, jiT1q)o— ; 17. cusTTlaaaj; 18. 

(D-oDcSsa*; 19. 6)OJ@£«JK»lf<3b (XD3STD (©0? 

as<^ (naut.). to d. a bow oTIgJai 
s)ai<9saj. to d. a cover assnacQaa). 




to d. a curtain a^ &>&<%&; ao^(©s 

<&>. tO d. a line rffraaOrt> J S)Qj3a0>, ^pa^ 
^a-j^^g)^. to d. back <as<6nlajo«jt§^). 
to d. breath o&joctoo <9>yn<ss<&>. to 

d. in ojafl^^dfr ; (0j§d&8^. jjoal<a)'TTl 

«ds^. to d. interest ajaDoa^sngoA. 
to d. off aJInb^uossg^. to d. Oil & 
eng D<esT! roraf) <flsi>». to d. (one) Out g. 
ojocaforaiooiej @£gol;^<©>. to d. Out 
crfl^(0>. tO d OVer ajua-wraoasd^. to 
d. the long bOW aiejooanl cuocsg<a>; 

^ao-ioco/V- . to d. (one) to or onto 
(something) <n.nA5gpte9<e>, ©fajsroajl 

c©s^. to d. up oa)yranc3^«ngo<98d9j; ora 
■€rrfl caocon orTla^ai. v. i. ajaf)c0sj<3>; 

2. <S(0)Dfblo)ca§c6s^>; 3. ojoal<9>rolc98<9j ; 
4. 5)a_n£$3 a> (med.); 5. o-jaxai^plsraig) 
<Sa_J0c9i; 6. Qj03ro3<fl>; 7. .afl^o QjrOcSs 
<S>; S. .njrtS53l§{9>; y. jaJejlcQgft),, 
qj«T1<0>; 10. (on, upon) (sracuoej a®<$@&>, 
j>-ng\9»— (com.) ; 11. (ajsngl) e>o§£b; 12. 

oQjg^cgrarira}> (0io^c&>. to d. away ^cnTl^ 

<2o_joai. to d- back a_y^<3ca< , 3s , erf! 
§ya>; — ®x_o<£r>. d. level orflrDcaocoTl— ; 

oQ.'Dl^ng-jl^ltes^. tO d- Off 6i</loTOtO) 

(Yfl^-ft. tod. on ^<sqqjo§ s^g^dfc. d. 

up (BrasrnlcaosTl crf)g)_4>>. to d- near, 

d. nigh, d.towards rera§_*a£h. to d. 
together aorrn^ ^§a>. to d. to a 

head ©flast^^,©, ^gngsng,.), o_jy) 


<ds<3) (med.); ojocSjo (SY5)<0\ ra>r_o— . fi_ 

CUGD<ewf3b, JJGJ); I'. 000,(951 , _hff), __f)§ ; 

3. cro003_- , <_a_)3r& u ; §Dfoasocoo_io eq_in<9s>3 
rarai^ojjo; 4. 0s_>s}\_j3__o. d.-back 

<fto.ij', g^mo, o^soxiDo. d. -bridge 
as<0s) ci_idgjo. d.-cansir sojoaaemo 

6>_>.§o_o_. d.-CUt £>oos>a5)0<t5ra> . d.- 

loom, d.-boy 6_on<&sorab rt»rfi, — 0$o 

(w;.). draw'ee, //. (eraajoejcijran-ncuao 
(com.). -'er, w. ciiafliSsaDxint); 0^0 
<_-i<_brt80T>Q_ob; jiD^o Qj<_-<flsaT>c_irtD; 
<_ra _jo__ «ra caj<6s cm cu at> (co/rt.); (/>/•) 
oratfldasiDrabuJij; cuefla_j\ chestofds 
QjeTl^-j ff)Q_»3<dn. ~'ing, n. ajefldfcval); 
_fl(Q)oa_r&<_>5vi3l>, __T);gj)o; -hcnjlajeflasrab; 

mo 6>(£>5>= l <Ssv'ol>. dg-rOOm §Daflg_p; 

ojiascrn <©)0*; ^€\&s\-i^. drawn, p. 
p. of draw, d.n-butter arai<&* 5)m 

coT). d.n-fowl aiSaS or?l<£*na_ <2_bo<jn. 

d.n-game, d-n-battle ©assoco.ijo ea 

CHTl<9s>ofora) cs^^iJo; aro00oc_u <a>&\ 

Drawl (dral). y.£. & /. ©ip^QjaP 
&f)_y croocroofDld95j(9>. ??. §D_?5roi_)TCio 

Dray (dra), d.-cart, «. 0-000000 
ajsr^l. d. -horse _iira_>naj_Ln<e8cnr> <_* 

fcrTlra. d.-man croDaDonajsngltanafDnb. 
-'age, n. cusnglcarirak crooaoooo -bS^rajrak; 
<&)S(-5TO) @a.Tl. 

Dread (dred), v. t. £c_j$£_j!§_b, 6^ST2> 
§<_h, oo§soi§cOi, (galcesjSi. u. 1, < 
(&&>£». n. i_n_r), (g0o; ecaio, oaBD. <z. 

f3CQ;®DfO0OCQ); 2. GUSTD-too g)@8, C/33Bj — . 

-'a-ble, «. eca^o-jsaraxen. -'ful, a. e 
cfi'S3or)(e>0oc2j. -'flll-ly, ac?. s<3)<&Oi®osu). 
-7ul-ness, n. ecaa^fOfw. -'less, a. £ 
oaalgjofflra); ee0oco;. -'less-ness, n. 
ooleca'o. d. -naught oflronb, <2o_j^1 
eoTigjoraracurrb; rtsisl^@6rr)l. 

Dream (drem)^ «. rrojn^o, <^ r )oooaj ; 

2.0ltoK3.o.)jl^jorou, 0oa2;os0oaoo. d.-land 

03OOOrDOS3iO, 03CQJOSejO<^o, 0l«5^O — . 

v.i. & t. ir. (dreamt, dreamt) cro_i 

ajo aiosno^, crD-jQ-TlcSsc*; i. ojj'oi£>0ocar! 

ool^cLjlas^. to d. away, d. out, d. 
through 5).uq,6) a;cnj0ca;o ^a^'^- - er, 

?y. cnjjfxjo ai06TTDar)Ojn6; 0ocao30oaD!Q5)O 
ranb. -'ful, a. OTOfaflcro-i^^ea. -'i-ly, 
ar/. £0(9«o ^tJOQl^dB^aW, orooojcjJoon 
(oraHrab. -'i-neSS, /«. crojn^o ijoruD. 
-'in° , -ly, ad« aTlmo.ij' <&$"£ ^^o«^ . 

-'leSS, rt. 0\)Jc^o dh36m0.'O13), CO3OlD0OCfl/. 

-'y, a. (srocjuH^o arojr^o<a>5rraoo-i; 03003 


Dr^r (drer), <7. SQa;S 3 (l>03C32;, Q^jCrO 

000 a@s, jiTliTOstSjojo — . - i-ly, fid. 
eooo^oaiGjSruraioftS. -'i-ness, n- ^9) 
cul, oj^oao. -'i-some, a. oroa>n^ 
00^. -'y, a. 3Sfflja>fDo or^oa;, (ST^oil 
^ifOo— , sca»>rDo— , SQ^lDOo— . 




Dredge (drej), n. <0>sejslojofol, rsre> 
slojofolocSnog, 6S0BQj(& cuai, <?§rn <2<&>o 

Dreg, n. &_voa&, aflso; 2. crflggoro 

eocoo, jajsr^l, ^aiajo°. -'gi-ness, n. 
a§ . -'gish, «• (Siasno&oQa/. -'gy, a. 

Drench, y. f. enjejaoccTl ^s^g-pdasc^; 
?2. cuooolcffio, o_jo(D(fl3o; 2. 0aa<m . 

Dress, v. t. ^,2iS)Q^^(^&- 2. ©coa 

c9s<ai. rznogpootQg&j; 3. oncmoca<s<0>, orflo 

QI3)a>; 4. (BTOrtT)<855<0>; 5. .(SjalO^oJOOcTl 
^QJSng_J0<fig<a); 6. @.§^_p<»8(9); 7. oalejo 
QjO»R3I3><&>; 8. C^rDl^g_j§«5®<B); 9. <SCTio)CQ 

crDo^tft. (mil.); 10. a^aftafiscrn' siai 
^aa^A (wed.). to d. up, to d. 
Out sao^lca/DCDT) a§g_p<8a<a>. to d. a 
ship ag-je-Tlrai) cuoroog.o s><a>o^laicXs ojo 
g_p<99a>. v. i. O8foloa;ocari crT)^t9s (mil.); 

2. QJ(CT^o CJU«Tl<fi8<9>. 7i. QJ((Ty!o, _aJ0C&o; 

2. (0^1<s>gs>s ®0ejaaTl, ©§g-j°; 3. QJ(cr^ 
coofQ6rno. d.-eoat oJlnbescoo 0O(Q)o tmo 
^,<^g& a^ocbo, (gagd"l<ssgt_joca'o. d.- 
goods (Broaanoolejajraroo. d. -maker @cm 
a»ofDnb. d.-making£§a-j°rg)arr>ro?>. -er, 
n. mcmD^tsnDQjnt); ran^joooaacmajnb; _aj 
0QDn«98nmojnb; 6>6>o.jej croooocon (med.)\ 
ecftai&mcro:cum«5r3c)o aaEasDoiOLiaacm 
(S0u3; — Q_io(g)fora)§ . -'ing, n. oj(cr^o 
aj»)0«)o; ^ol^ajgrai) (nied.)-, qj§.iz)s(^> 
(agr.)- (^sonb, «e>ol, ^joo ; <0>aoo1g 

<95>frf>; (g)oCO0rOQ_j6rrTl; caldQfil, C&SCTOm. 

d.g-case es-aiasa-aygl. d.g-gown 

aonrolca mam), d.g-room Qj(C7^CJOofO 
<sm$cf). d.g-table — <80c/a. top d.g 
■ugo cuooofai). ='sy, a. ^osWoooT) g. 

§osia o jij0c^orr). drest, p. p. of dress. 
Drev'il, see Drivel. 
Drew, p../. o/Draw. 

Drib, »• /■ <a>ocm° oy)§d9®<a., (sra^og^ 

0OCaTl — ; 2. fSY3a_AaOrtf)<&8<&>, <0)«fls<Si' 3. 

Drib'ble, y. c. ©ocfioci afl^ai.. 

y. t. @@gn@@gTlca>ocs2n g)oon<flga>. #; 

^oofai0y. drib'blet, drib'let, n. 
Drift, n. a'cgo, a^aao; 2. a^can- 

Cfce&raf!; 3. CO-oD; 4. eJD<95) ,g®§OBo; rtDO 
£-J0jyo, (HT0(51Do, OTOOfOo; 5. 6Sy5<£b!<8a_10d3} 
omtO) ; 6. gCOi^§o, o_jc39fiai(^so; 7. <0)gj 

2. o_iool(c95§a). y./. a^d^TlSgjoa; 2. 
^crxiort>0Cc9s(a>. «. a^an^gjoaicm. d.- 
way cno^oeTlao^o' d.-wind 6ifTsaj> 
coo ^jtPeJl(Q5)0oo . d.-wood aeD^ 
Qjom0foo. -'age, 7t. agifal) coro^CL^l& , 
(3a_joa)fal>; ©^(BDojcTr) croocucDo. -'less, 
a. §><2§oao j^gjoa.o), ajOcOfl"— , <9jogyo — 

Drill, y. t. @a<39<3>; 2. fBrogj cuflg-p 
asdfr; 3- (eY5)Qs^(Juo«.ocTDo oalaDgJ^aaaj; 

4. vSaaO0@|0(TOo— . V.i. OY3«. crul<Qs<0). 77. 

^f^gjemo, @a<9snm cajQ^o; 2. tsrg)^ 
cx)o(§,ocroo, '<0>cu3farai '; 3. (Seaooe.ocrco, 
c^jocq;o0o; 4. aasaj<S5 gsTTD. ='ling, «. 

Drink, y. i. ir. (drank; drunk, 
drunk'en) ajblaa^, ®Q,mj<si, 3zoqsc9>; 

2. (PSjaJltSsa), ejaorDlcaoaj. to d. to <8T»- 

<S), Q_j0mo ff)jLj^(9s; 2. CT3<£hfD3<Qi, QjaD^^ 

^<9s<3>;3. (SToadsoridagaj. to d. down 
cajblcj^o^ t/30mo ojasc^a. to d. in 

fSraaS(§aT!d99d9>, CrTl;tr»iO 6)O_irO30DQ<S). to 

d. oflP, to d. up ara QjeTia» ajbl < fta<&,. to 
d. the health of, to d. to the health 

Of 0o GO aioO .0)0(^1 <£)Sl<flS<S>. n. o)Qj@go, 

<fl}S>lg_jon6, oljocoo, cuoroao; 2. e>o±auoo- r 

3. asjo. d.-money, d. penny rtngpjlatsl. 

d. -offering ajcnrfloa'daBotg (81.). in d. 
aGjoJI^nfolce®^. strong d. 0Qjo, jijd 
(Docq;o. -'a-ble, ci. (SsS^g^ortb ^,an. -'a- 

ble-ness, y?. <9}sncsn,-ura)asn\ -'ing, 

7t. fUSOno; ejaOfolc2;OaifJib; tfajCrDgJaDfQo. 




d.g-horn ^a i ncnja3.oo"), t Qjcnj''. drunk, 

a. as^, aajtZDcnoco;, ejaor&T^ga ; c§ 

druilk'ard (-erd), n. .fiisHcanb, 6>cuo")cpj 
nb. drunk'en, «. ajaortflci-n^l^, ajsl^ 

<861QJ0(JOo 5)<fi>§; 0000510©; <Q*S)3iJ0Q^G n g r J'XU . 

drunk'en-ness, n. (STO0ej o , ejaofzf), 
Drip, v.i. goQ*, a afl 098.S-.. y. **• 

g>00^<9fi<fi>. 71. @.00 ; 2. SDOo)ajggO. 

-'ping", 7t. g>oorsl>, gp.ooloo afliprai); 

Drive, y. £• tr. (drove, driv'en) 

aosl<fi9<fii, 6SCSd3>; 2. S)TS)§C\<9%ai ; 3. (<BY5) 

6ttD) rjDOdastfii^.ais^naostfii, cusnglccTlral) 
cfijCd'orD^cfinoSTg <2a_iO(fii; 5. entf$jS)%'£}<92 
<fi>, 06T3>ra3(fifi(fi>; 6. oos«^<a>; 7. ayHdBs 
<&>, gogjOiandBscfij; 8. <3onroo <fi>3_ (%<&>. to 

d. one mad (goos) ojn^ig_p<93<fi5. v.i. 

<&)<9S))«Sftf))fc<9£) OOSd3Sd3), g>\£n0OC2r) <2o_J0 

<fi>; 2. aosl^-BRo^re — ; 3. ajsnglcroajc 
rol svajc$<&>; 4. (at) (S.oogjOcauDo (^>jal(fis<fi». 

to let d. <SY§!(rf})!2lc&9<fi>. r?. cusnglcro 

QJOrb"), — OTV)6!2UDfOo; 2. Qj5n3)p_pcO) ; 8. 

a^ncofoTl; foDracfin, eojaogjos ; 4. (d3}§o; 
5. 0rtK-aT9f)rt>g_]o. driVer, ??. 6}osn<figarr> 

QJflb; (aflQjS^n 6S05ld9scmQjnb; Qj5r^|d35)0 
ft>o6; 0)f0ia^«980miU0b; Qn_aJ0rcT)g_J <fiiDfO 

a6", '<2z(0^1'. driVing 1 , a. £«o<ssga, & 
Driv'el, y.«. @ad^ ©^fyy^^; 2 - 

o>OO0eT)cj2j<fii. ;?. g>0>rf)s>rooi£<9s>o; 2. 

SXTOOSl^fBb, jaTl6)ej<fisif3l). 

Driz'zle (driz'l), y. z. oiDQ.-fi', (mag-jo 

gujo 5>Q_JQQj<fi>, O_J0Q,d>. y. £. O_J0OQ,(fi'. 

77. -ojoorafcacp; 2. 0sroiay . driz'zly, ct. .mo 

0<$> jSfija ; OOOOQJ— , CT\}6L10^Ocara). 

Droll, ci. (T>crold3>0oc2;, (SooroSttuocfia 

@g, jaTlfOldBnfaTaicDn. /?. <2<fi>O0O0,1, OlDq 

cai<fiiob; 2. o_»oaj. v.i. <&>&}&%<£*, «S)Qo 

U8(fi>DS<fi>, 051*300060 — ; 2. <&i§T\ , 3l3<B®<Q). 
V.I. «^O0§ Cl T }OS)p c -J§<fi5, <3<fi)O0O&_ Ic&Otfij. 

='ler-y, ft. (oaroo, cuteoooeo; ajoos ; 

o_joQjd35)gn, cucaj^.W. z'ling-ly,^- 
^0ooaca;ocQ!r i . ='lish, «• aTlsonoa^gg.. 

Drbm'e-dar-y (-der-), w. 6&§<s,o, a 


Drone, u. (ST^srrf^^rrf)^} (£.); 2. 
(SY^roonb (SoosHcb;^ roil otto orncurrfc); 0sl 
cQ;o6; ?>. i^iPtfiao. y. 1. (^3„<fi>, <>; 
2. CT\)joA^Q^a5T3noa;ocQrir6nda3d35. d.-bee 
^snkaroxrfl^^.). dro'nish, dro'ny, 
a. aslcsgga. dro'nish-ly, atf. 0^1 


Drool, y./. @a-joejoarigjltfis<fi 1 . 
Droop, v.i. flnairmaix* a>, — <fi30ol<fis 

c&>; 2. daall6Tr)lcfi9c£b; 3. gD jii OSoCOo 

©(Oioonocfij, Q^icrcooo— ; 4. (8ToQjxuoorr>: 
d9s<fi). 72. tmai^oy? rob, <fi)Oolg_j'. -'inff- 
ly, a^Z. fsrascjoo^fiiiooocB;^. 

Drop, n. @@gTl, oJlas , g.oo°; 2. 
6rrTl, (S6T3)fiJo; g>sng. 3. ra)0j3 omesi'^rajo; 
4. gQcfisi 0foo; 5. (oTlfD^gleJ, 0O; 6. (/;/.) 

eoojo)<fi)rocfticjuo; 7. afl^g. d. by d. 

(fiiSo^goB-ocoD. d.-lake -ojCUg-j jiJOCao. 
d.-letter fCT>g_parir&i) sa3§cmalfi»lsejd3» 

ro^^OT)<32J6i5i <fi)CCTO) . y. £. a ^"^^* 

qjooq,^; 2. aflyp <e>, ©§d^; 3. orf)<fi» 
(fi>. as^-J^^as^? qj1§ d*g.(3?ja); 4. oryzij 

mo^d330§d9fi<fii- 5. iO>D^d3j; 6. a£j)^TjTlCPJ 

C2.<es(fi); 7. 6^ajQ,a>; 8. zsm)(Zsrr)]csi'ocsu] 

mt> &&>(&'&*&>. to d- a vessel (ca>p_jr3i>) 

gaoriS32.o§(fi}. y./. gponafl^cfi); 2. of\ 

6irro<2a_jOd3), Qjl^cfi); 3. S)a_jg^(fij; 4. 0fjTl 

cQfi<fi); 5. 000m ®a_io<fi), ang — ; 6. (in, 
into) orf) 5) oo 32; orara> (Soofoo QjiTltfi); 7. au 

Q_CJ2J<fi); 8. eJOdBnlral) o^)rolfO)05)^(2aJ10d3>; 9. 

<gr§)tfigfineo<e>. to d. astern d3jp_j»^> 

n_ncnnajo(3^od^. to d. down — a^y 

CS2T|f3l) rt3>03yo§ «0§a>. tO d. Off fiO«JQl 
<2jyo«fi»; 0rold3sd95. -'let, «• S)-aiQg 

gsTl; d3>6TT0OO°l*. -'piftg', )l. CL?1^, Qjl 

iP.'si); (p/.) gco<6s>oc^c, oJlg, jiicsm^o. 

d-g-£ire ©saTisosi^ (^00 QJ1§ , ^cusl 

6>ajd9arzri>. -'ping'-ly, ac/. fgpjgnco^sagn 

caacoD. dropt, j>. p. of drop, -'wlse^ 





Drop'sy, ». qj1«9»o, orfW, afldfWo; 
asoooarao (med.). =si-eal, a. 0®ooo 
aroo ^@a, crflro — , oflssralca'; 0<2aorj8fo 
aroo6T2j(nD2oc2;. =sied(-sid), a. crf]co ou 
cm aJ)63B^ca'. 

DrOSS, n. aTl§o, <q?1so, ce>o, g^cm; 

2. jilSngl, ^JQJO . -leSS, «• ^HsalgJO 

ana. ='sy, «• a-'Ogga, <sflsab— . ='si- 

Drought (drot), drouth, n. qjo 

cV, g)6rr>c9s>o; erf] (ba_jst2uo; 2. eoaDo; 3. 

caaioizo. ='ti-ness, //. <BTaooofy^l. ='ty, 

i. Drove, £>.;. 0/ Drive. 
II- Drove, n* mD^otiTi^so; 2. sag® 

d3n36>S<g§o. ojejgj, 3^sy ; 3. (DSCTn 

£o_jD(3icm o-jrz»^t)oroo; 4 . mD^oeilcutpl; 
5. rrfljyorot> (agr.); 6. c&>gL) 6)<tiG%3)cm 
zg. dro'ver, ??. <s>crro3>oaf)£>s)g. 6>o» 
gf)^ ffJcaiosn^SfiLjoajcmQjab. 

Drown, u.e. igsaBl^oaj^. y./. s)-jj 
garaiaTlrob igcee^; 2. <&>Q_r)o)sTOig>oy><fl3<9>; 3. 
(rTliZcmizo^; 4. ^<of)s)^)og^&; 5. a.^ 

S <3> do t95> 0) <99 <05 . 

Drowse, u. i. 0ca , <05>c3sn§3 C & M ^oceao 

@.O(B5> @_<Bs)f3b. ='si-ly, ac?. 032;<en!2iBT3n 
^>s. ='si-ness, ??. 0c&c8 1 s«.o. = sy,a. en) 

<®«jjacm; soj&iflaocBjigga. d.y-head, 

«. cYneD0c3td9s>o. rfsra^l 

Drub, V. t . OJ^|S)<S>D«n3^)(9s«0>. ft- 

Drudge (druj), y. 1. ro>06maj5rrfl<3»cte 

5TrU)o 6)niQ^«D», ^S^CScljQ,^. y. /. (away) 

^6T3)f03«5sl ^tfH^^sd^. ?z. cncdTUae 

nmojob, A^^wnWoronb. drudg'er, 

n. ais^csojol. = *er-y, n. (sraaujoooo, 

o-JOS ; (YfLuja-jcyiisran, ^sngjysrnl. 

drudg'ing-ly, ad. arceansfljosis, esrrufl 
~ <j 

_2j S><a>D5r>g . 

Drug", n. eram?, jBToajaDb)— ; 1L10V- ; 
0-J-3J— ; 2. QLDejcaioa>DtcTa) jxirod^. #. {. 
fcsoD ^c&io§t9s<0), — scroaD^'lcBa:©). v.t. 

2(&Cm 6)ca,05re J (g,XL10CA?oS)<^§Cq©B); 2.530 

o9n<aifD0D32-' croococno5).^o5ng J rrTloo 6>&>z 
§<b?c&>; 3. 0O(@(BT3CJin<9 3 <ifl-£j u atj-erjcoo 
saDOjIg-pasa). -'gist, ?*. e.^£3(joc^o 
Q_iofol, 0fi»cm a>^ajs«95):fonb. 

Dril'id, ft. c^fO0rm(T)(6Djlf5taOCTJ.0.QiD 

^nb. -ism, w- l (^oDnaj>'0o^o. 

Drum, n. tojtisng, 0§ao, «<§rtfi; 2. 
Q^ajld32crrn (an.); 3. eam^§o; 4. <si© 

^na51(^§o. y. I. CQS<&>, 6^^0S.£h, (STOSl 
<fisA ; 2. <sT)grno (^^<Qi (/.) ; 3. (for ) (StdScdj 
eafl : ai'oos<ei8<a-'. v.t. (gyd9s<^; 2. (out) 

3. (np) aTia'WK^aj. d.-beat 6)jiis^ 

S)<d)0S , taTl|roo^§rZ)b. d.-head ^jaJ5r© 

s-mrasrab. d.-COUrt-martial Go-jotfna 
faT3T)o)ej os)crorrf)(Q) m.ocaQjliiiD^sm. 

d.-stick ^^6^^,05,3^, -'mer, n. s)^ 

sngdtaoroab, <z§&<QvocQd). -'ming", n. 
<s)ajO§ , eg § rob. 

Drum'ly, a. <^eje9s@g., cfriiissYfica). 

Dry, a. ^smsaanca', ajosrej ©ruggjo 
qjooIcb', cLjaTlrob go^oOTai; 2. cuoEDoa/, 
cr¥)(D qjocDcq;; 3. dhocu 0oolco;, — cuool 
C2;; 4. aooOi^ga; 5. <fl>STOCT?lfjr)gprara>; 
6. cuod^csyea (med.)\ 7. rocroaoo; '8. 
t^^daea, cftodlcnjo— . d.-blow o_j 
rjfldBsTl^Oi'cn)) (Htasl, (SaioraojajagD.-ora)— 
(med.). d.-light g^^0oca «ws"1(q_)o 
Qio, crfl fl 3^d9fia03ca— . d.-measure cud 
cr^caa.^j'. d.-wine acyrocal^'VBia 

aJflsra®. y./. @srn<09(S5, (Stojoq,^, gjoj 

«J^<0), ^Sd33^. tO d. Up o^QJggo OJ 

to d., to d. up (a cow) <©>oqj 0ooq<&. 

V.i. &6m-Wr§<0i; 2. (up) OJOolSg-JDcQi; 

3. ®^o^1^°— , cacgfuJ'— . d.-beat 

<a>dlm0oc2r) (BrasHcesai. d.-boued 000 
crofOQ£flfoiocruii1c3%gg . d.-dock O-JOO 
'<2coorafl\ d.-eyed <&>arraorflro ^uodlca-. 
d.-fisted ^cusrn^Jiggg., ijlssuamocs;. 




d. -goods g)«rrTLajrt><9n . d.-nurse <& 

cflaooO, '(gr^cor. d.-rub cncrx&nos)®) «& 
s^ «ajsn^jo<98ih. d.-shod aorabcnm 

<3V36)!3). d. -StOne (QilZZOZL'O (^S05)X» <Q> 

gj u Si<&§lroj. dried, a. ^.timsaralcB/, g) 
6m<a£)w, ^smtSft. drl'er, dry'er, 72. 
@.6rnt95?cmcunb, ajro^cmra* . drl'er, a. 
c. d. rsYocin<0>o ^6m6celca'. dri'est, 
a. s. d. o^ooajo faemsoanco;. -'ing, a- 
curocfe jD@<a, — QjfTOtfgsam; <8ojc/do org> 
Q,nm. -'ly, ad. §Dc$ao §D£jos>ra), rDcroo— , 
.aiog^cgjo— . -'ness, ?i. g.6rnc95)o. 

Da'ad, n. e_fia>_io. §oro§. 

Du'al, a. rD6ns U iST§(», svaejcoo— , 
fDsr^icrogg, ^rce, e_n. d.-number 
ailcujiicDo (gr.). -ism, w. s>5>a-jai 
cuoso. -ist, ft. — a-ioal; ©tracruDocnig 
ggcunb. -is'tie, a. o) 6)3 j'oi 0002;. 

-'i-ty, n. a-ficosrno, s)S)ajtr>o. 

Du'ar-ehy, n. ejcaocxflcLj't^o. 

Dub, u. £ <?icsaiilQ_jean«a)0§(99<Oj; 
2. cruDDoneioono— ; S. aTi .ai oral <©$(&> ; 4. 
ajl§rid3<8<0>; 5. _aj0cor)rf)5><a>, (BTDsrnlcBDa® 

<%y>GSq<Q>. 71. (BTO^l, S)QJ§ ; 2. Crf)<bd3®<5ng . 

-'ber, n. cue aula ocad^nb. -'biiig, ft. 

nuaQjl(Q_^eonoo; 0]a©crD0o<9nrab; <Si6iOTgn 

CoTlSfCb, (0)OCTcJ)6O133^(QS)fZ)i) (w.). 

Du'bi-OUS, a. faflicQn^joflJTa, crcooa 
cao jsaja, ^J6taituo— ; 2. crosa33jD<fr>ra0o 

oruocyacaoruDDcoo — . -ly, ad. crooaaco; 
<S)fO0ocon. -neSS, Hf. crcooacacrojcn^. 

=bi'e-ty, 7i. tBraorflcaucao. -os'i-ty, 
*. croocyaca'QJOcQn , — (sroojcruD. -bi- 

ta-ble, a. — 8oorg)(S)0oca>. =bi-tan-cy, 
=bi-ta'tion, « . orooud^o. =bi-tate, u . i. 

croouzouo <2(artcno&). =bi-ta-tive,a. croo 

Du'cal, a. s. u. Duke. 

Due'at, n. &>($ OLjrao.tDm^QLjDnfenno 
err^o; 2. — 5)Qj@a"l— . =a-t0On, n. 

Duch'ess, ?*. Duch'y, n. s. u. Duke. 

1. Duck, n. aaaon, ^rgjSrt^rab; 2. ro 
§ gsrrfl. 

H.Du€k, f-^. ^<6y'^2a;§cS8^; 2. fOifii 
O-Tlsl^ g)ajgftf5I3Ti'iA l^aaih; 3. rO>ej<0> 

crflcaacs*; fa>ejca;03~) msifi?^. u.L s>u 

(^6G1§<&> ; ro^GJ 6) :u@g3 OTsTlrcA Qdastfi; 2. raiej 

'cuo.-m^ ', 'orgjal'; ©0)6^(2;.). to make 
d.s and drakes, 5. u. Drake, to 
play d-s and drakes ^^ai' cdsktwqjI 

O30O<&8<^. d. -billed a_jraom Si&O&v 

o.m. d. -legged ^(^aonA—. -'er, n. 

(^soecOsiofDnb; ^(QsomaLiati; a_ioa2a\)aj 
«sio6. -'ing, n. (g<8n«jb. d.g-stool qjo 

@g ^asa>T3»ljyej«ai. -'iing, n. (argja^cSs^l 
Duet, /<• <fr^rat>, cL-iocoran, aaoj , 00: 
ac ='tile, a. agjcQ^o @.@g., (BTOCBcro 
rosmo-, aTlSCOCQKjn— , qjooti^ocoI) ®<9i 
cXu am ; Q_i^(^@a ; (wgpnrfl§o<S3(m. = tile— 
ness, =til'i-ty, n. o_ic©la, 0cao; a^ 


Dud'der, v.t. a^caoob ^sra^l.eaA. 

y. /. QJlOd9<ad9>, CT)§63l§d9>, OSiasHSg^O^. 
Dude, ^. G0OSn(Ss>orao6, (STD«>!Qi fDO 

cu6n-)nb, aj^argaB^nb. du'dish, a. S0o 


Dudg'eon (duj'un), n. qjocXj^JIs !, (9> 

asrangjlsl; 2. <9>§oroo; 3. oljc^, <3a)0a_io, 

cr?lracroo. a. a-j§ro>rD0oco/. [qj<0). 

Duds, w. pi- afloagasrrfl; 2. qj.^ 
Due, «. <^So ^a_j§lra"l<99nm, — (srgjco;; 

2. cn.oeo;o— , ariaonfmo— , cscaoc^o— , 

f0)«9n; 3. 0^(81^00;, ^)WjO— , 0)102/0003 

croorao— ; 4. ajosrora qoj^, orriCSiJcan^ ; 
5. tfaorsfsrgjea;, i^gljo— , <©;Drosrno — . ad. 
smsiro, ^ ) ^i0oai , l. /2. <QiSo, aiS0(c).), 

(go, ^(SiD^SamSngtn ; 2. <©irOo, jajaBoo; 3. 

<8®dcoo. d.-billaiSjyla (com.), du'ly- 
ac?. oTlcicn.^o (ergiCBri, (Scaoc^o— , ouraV- ; 
ojianoj Sruos^aj. -'ness, n. a^So, go; 
culoolao. du'ty, n. igo, <a>So; {o_)o_j 

26* » 




«&«»), ajf?n. specific dy (a-)^^^ 

-aja&o. on d.y (cy^OTaOcoriajlrDlcSsorn. 
du'te-OUS, a. qocrP.q^cmPimcm; ojenm 
<eno g>gg; aDucucoj-oi— , (BrocLfloDaooa;. 
du'te-OUS-ly, ad. o.ismto'smno&s. 
du'te-ous-ness, n. eiajaoaomo. du'ti- 
a-ble, a. j2j%oa@^, — ojlsgsngam. 
du'tied Hid), a. — &@g. du'ti-ful, 
a, <stQCtdax)co6rno— , ajsrnoeoo— ; 30 <a>rt8 
nnlffl^c^aD. du'ti-ful-ly, ad. (sroaa 

Du'el, n. g_jo9_i^(§>uo. trial by d. 
ejcBjQ%aofljjaoej@a /oflglj* . -ling, w. 
aja3J5%(§ajo. a. «ro»>o a$s>o<&8rm. -ler, 
-list, n. e Jo3_i3^^0o S)njg^rmajn6. 

Du-en'na, «. agaLKoficxgsjs n-jrtTiradMo 

cfisea (nr^l, (Broa©_aJoaf)6rrf), (sroadoj 

Du-et', rc ©asojai o_jo§ . 
Duff, r. ^sp^asoj', o_D§ u . 

Duffer, n. cnscm t&^ojso s>_a]cdj 
amaunb; 2. .aiijricaiaf). 

I. Dug, ??. nr^cmo; 2. (sraaTls. 

II. Dug, />.£. of Dig. 

Dug'out, /z. <e?yn._^ engages; 3(5)0 

6TrD; 2. — C^aO. 

Duke, n. rt)0S3(a_Jjl; 2 - 6Q5aj|, ODD 

s Qjoyn. to dine with D. Humphrey 

s.u. Dine. -'dom, rc. ©sqjo^; raoea 
lajgcrunonoo, — o_>eaT). -'ship, //. — aj 
eajl; rt>oK»(a_j£. du'cal, a. roosa^g 
ojlorraga; ^oets^g.'aijo croosrucruf)^. 
du €al-ly, ad. fooe3(a_)gaTl(Tn u aim3)aj 
gnoo, — scao^aoQaD. duch'ess,7i. raoea 

^5b)g(n^fl- dUCh'y, ?Z. tt083(aj£fty>jo; 

raos3(a_jj|cir!s>nrbo sdsqjo<£. 

Dulcet, a. iTSj3LTl<SifD0OCa; 2.@2CTUo 

&@£, ^sr^raoruo— . =ei-fi-ca'tion, n. 

0c^rD0o«esrd). =ci'fied, a. 0coroo cuas 
ajrafiaa. =Ci-fy, p. t. <2cyft0o<es<9>; (a_) 
crcoslgjlcfieca,. =cil'o-quy, n. ajoogcy 

fi>o, mgj auoces . 


Dul'ci-mer, n. »r& a_ia> <s>aif)ajoa 


Dul-cin'e-a, tt. (o-jpcn,', ojloajocro 

Dul'^o-rate, v. t. acyroo ojas^^. 

=€0-ra'ti6n, n. 0cyrD0o<9ar3L 

Duli-a, n. ^s>a3jg^nao6)roc^o oDc^ 

(R. C). 

Dull, «. 0a36Qj(?jJlcaoca;, (j/)oaO,c/>> 
o&raTi gogjocora, sn,}(aul5)<&)§; 2. zceco^i 
co;oeB>, &eocuflcr)(a)Q%@a; 3. semccoorfl 
cnaocoi, raoco— ; 4. ^.ors coD^o'Dtd); 5. 
caaoGa), asoaajgg ; 6. eaajDojaocainaoca;; 
7. rccroalgjoroia; 8. ^sejgg. y. £. ^ 


-£i£9<3> £}<!£, d3>, 0O30Od92d9j; 2. 0O3 0} OJ08 
(qEDtf), ^}Sm^ai§(98<d); 3. 06TOlc^^; 4. 
^>CrC0n^Ormo<69<&), fST^&ja^^gJ^KJ©^. 

u. f. 6ojfaulaoa|jo aj«n<&>. d.-brained 

6)auo§rrjoc2;, 6iajf§iJlcan^Da3T2y). d.-brOW- 

ed <fljsnol(w^@@.. d.-eyed <95sm06CBncQ;, 

<6>grn1rab ^eoan^afow). d.-head ^od 

aob, s)a_)05^nt). d.-sighted ^^0^ 

ojej^sjgg. d.-witted 0Saz;anoea;. 

='lard, n. 1500a nfe. a. ®so:&i(ai_i3@&.. 
-'ish, «. a>crco (ai06rots. -'ness, dul'- 

ness, 11. 0oc^o, & sna ^ateaoQj', crfiscsu 

(Sca'o^s, crns^lQj0ocori. 

Du'mal, a. 0,@g.@a_; 6)ajofara)fa{> 6^«9> 

§loaj. du-mose', du'mous, a, %&%.o 

Dumb (<ium). a. ^^0^ (ei®c&>, 6>o_jo 
§nb — , Qjocorigj oasra), croocroo^Tlgioab qj 
orTlcaofnTa; 2. ^s^oajta), gi^TlQaoSorma; 
3. ^econgyoajra). deaf and d. £00 
mocsa oj-aiaTlsob. d. -animal QJoajngLjorara) 
sag®. d.-show <9>Ln<aign, (srg;§<e5iLjQ. 

to strike d. fwan^sojocSj. d.-bell 

seooogj oaroocsiri^gg 6^^<s>eofOo. d-- 

found, dumfound o-\c6)^tzo Qja8(^d9>. 
d.-founder, dumfounder culngcswo— , 
ra)f?Tlg_j — . -'ly, ad. alsreos)^, s>0om 
0OC2D. -neSS, 71. £ f O0,w_io, 6)Zromcyfcno. 

dum'my, «. a^cHTlgjOfnra), 0151^3^31; 




^aflcfljocB/, &>§£)<&%$&. n. a<o0nb, ©.00; 

Dumps, n.p'. 0co8<0>6n51^>o, (QY^aJl; 
2. 03cnDraow,o; 3. crf)m&U. u. £• ©sH 
c0s<©5; 2. ^ 0$al caTl^«Q); 3. ©nDocaTl sijiio 
rtTlaa«d). dunip'ish, «• 0ocb,o a@g, <s^ 
obo— . dum'py, a.«nsl^<ftQ'mocsy; 6>cu 

Dum'pling, «. are «eoeajo, arc 

i. Dun, Dune, n. a3)<a>rt>o, s^cfica^ 

orn ; o^sAsscm . 

II. Dun, v. t. & i. 6Q,j@Jul^§l<fia«s>, Q-JO 

agcmcunb; 2. cof)f&c9«3cBK'3l>. 

in. Dun, a. a^QaJ'jardoaaxsage, goao«>Q 

g^oca;. -'nish, «. <0>q,<*a-jos§«jra) crflo 

Dunce, W. (HtooI^j <S306ro©ajnb, 0S 

ca-nb. -'dom, n. 0oso$r3)(&o. =cer-y, ft. 
6ryaul0Dcra^o. ='ci-eal, a. <zcq6c^®jS) 


Dun'der-head, Dun'der-pate, n. 

0Sco;nb, ossoaaarrb. ^headed, a. eryaifl 


Dung, rc. -aiosrrx^o, cuao, gco<©s>o 
(£qo. y. i. _aiosm<Si0l§<e>. d.-hill <»j 

g_j<©9crn ; -nioa. d.-meer ajac&a 61 ^ • 
d.-yard cua^ooo. -'y, a. d^^ea; 

Dungeon (-jan), 72. ^oraoc^ooo, <& 

Dun'ny, a. & nysT\sd> (stdjcq;; 1300a 
Du-o-dec'i-mal, n. o_i(Qn)6n§3s>0jo 

crn ; 2. a_jaaflf035)g_)ro3<95ic95)6rn<Qa (ar.). 
=dec'i-mo, n. arcacLjo^QTl <0>sej3cru oj 

(OgjC^OCsD 0S«&Kls@a ciJCT^dfoo. 

Du-o-de'num, n. aj^jooaca'o (a??.). 

Dupe, ?*. asocasnb, 6>nuo§nb, q_i^ 
gja>0O(Oiin. v. t. ^aifoDcQadh, fi_iorTl<s^<&).. 
='per, n. .nn>rican6. ='per-y, ??. -aioTl. 

Du'ple, Du'plex, a. mn^ors&j, 
@)rc^i— . =pli-eate, v. t. ©ra^uea 


<Q>, — aQ^<Q2<Q). It. @eJj03CH/rO) ; Q_»ifli 

oglc&oco;. =pli-ca'tidn, ft. ©(&§! 

(9»>rcA; 0s<QRob, 0s<©n. =pli-ca-tive, 

a. ©ro§lc9acTr). =pli-ca'ture, /*• as 
<a^. -plic'i-ty, ». eJleoojo; ©racus 

<0S) , ©00^) <8<&)S. 

Dure, v.i. erf 1 ej nri I g^d*. ©os — . 
a. <e>cflmo (9Tg)CQ/, aTl^i0o— ; (STD<ajj_iom 

qea. =ra-bil'i-ty, n. crflgj, ©os, 

GTQjQla)^. ='ra-ble, «. or^aj.Tol^cm, 
aog-j a@@ 5 (SY?cQfiica03cai, aooo^gyD. ^sta. 

='ra-ble-ness- ^2. ao&j\ ©«os. dra- 
bly, «d. crutTlrtX) (S^ccTl, jiilroo— . 
='rance, n. orTlg^ ; rmsoj , 6tunuicr)o; a 
ro'ojtf) ^sI^^sttTI. =ran'te, prep. <&>o 
aieorasoao. =ra'tion, n. ©05° •, @s^i, 

nrfl^OT; ool^omc&oajo. ='ra-tive, fl. 

^S.^Ql'OC^; «J?loTn§1^0flJTO). =reSS', ?2. 

(o_^cc.ocmo, 6iaj(aul^§ ; sojaio^ofOo, 6QJ 
cnumo, aooo 6).aiQ&ocra§3a cn)sa£X\JOi(L). 
v.t. cn\6q£ccv5\<B$<to. =res'sor, n. <Q\ 
000 s)^ja2jonb cnl6njcruD(9soma)nb (I.). 
='ring, prep. <a»oejo, ^oajfareTlfafc, §ds 

cuHresb, ^sgas®cDYo>Dao. =ri-ty, w. @> 

Dur'bar, ?i. croeo05mjua_io; 2. 0000 
naofb rma^lajge (gsWoj^. roowaveg^ ; 


Durst (derst), p.t. r/Dare. 

Duse, n. §i3<a>o, SQaj.-o^. 

Dusk, a. ctoo0oc2jo @)<T8sn§, — <a-.q, 

flJTB), gDf03Sa3S° (BTO^COTO), tftCi«a_J3S — . 
n, 0^fflb, GUCtm ; ajejajOilo, (a-lSD'Wo; 
crucnOjO^aja^^o; 2. goa^QiJ crfloo. 
v.t. {DD(T»gnas(©>. v.i. @fwsoa>. = kl- 
\y,ad. goaajQadoaH. -'ness,='ki-ness, 

w. gososrafDo ^oscb; ©aa^Qgj • = kisb, 

a. o^'oioado (Sic^'oio). ='ky, o. <^Qja^i 




_2JO <QjOGUCC», <8TOg_jo 9Drt»g.gg3; ffig.8B:Q) 

gjoca', a^dcnrHo^ig ; ^colorflosTOra); 
Dust, «• 6>o_iD^, cygH; 2. 0gr£ ; 

3. (gal, oaoBccno; 4. sngo; oracruiTl; <sa 
ooocuoalrmo; 5. crTiouoroo, .ojsnil; 6.crfl 

si;8.mo5m)0, o_i6mo. down with the 
d. o_j6rno 6)oo&s)o o!da>o§<es<S). gold d. 
a-no^o^ja&l. in d. and ashes cu&n 

CQJ^SSUSrOtaoSiS, rSY3Clc)^0CLJ3r0Ta0oiS. to 

bite the d., 5. u. Bite, to raise 
or kick up d. @.(3sa\>d> (er^ces*©), ejao 
a—, to throw d. in one's eyes <ft 

errTlffll) fra-josTlcO/ls^, S.woeal^S'Q 5 - v.t. 

6XT) w 1 0=1 

slali^o,^; 3. cya\-p<9s<»>. to d- 
One's jacket ST&s"l<e3<s>, oBldaftf)<s«<e>. 
d. -brush 5>a_ios1rg)S<e8arr> <Qi£± . d.- 
man ratts-l^ ajDrtaamcunb. a. -pan S-^J 
o igoo. -'er, n. m><£)^ cuoroacmajrrb; 
@So9snm ®)6m ■, saejos. = / ti-ness, 
?i. 5Q§° 5"uo^l^o crilosraigxruiTI.-oD. 
~'ty, tf. 5>a_J35la-lOolc2>, — nrfloeraig); 

— (ST^anlca'; izsrrbnrflo^gg . 

Dutch (cluch), a. SlaDO^jCTOi rooW. 
croo 61^0x012000;, ejrro)<S5)oas«s. D- Con- 
Cert onorooaTlcjOo, aotsraoasxinb s> u 
<2cxjs>o cuogocaT) oQ^ocuraao Standi)^ ojo 
§rm aruccoluKScaocoo. D- courage &J 
oDrtftosxjGgyo. D. door '^olajo.oTl'ab, (Stq 

©-. D.-foil, D.-leaf, D.-gold, D.- 

mineral, D.-metal Q-n^gfaraiaTis <&>s 

&jocto . n. (pi.) ejcn3)<9so<b; 2. ej(TO>sonQ3. 
Dwarf, n. (Siolctt'O) 5 , <fi)g^ob, ^sngrtb, 

OJOZCDnb. U. t. 3_!g.rtor{nOc9a<Q>, (BTOfO=|&>, 

<feQ,^:c93<&. t\ i. AQ^ia. = 'fish, a. 
stoics;, cSsolco;. -'ling, n. dfcQafcganb. 

Dwell, v. i. ir. (dwelt, dwelt) ^o 

d39<0>, QjCrblcQg^, <O)O0Cn.ri«B8«S>; 2. <QiS\ 
a_iC<9S<&>, — 3Dr61c99a3. tO d. in (SY^i^S) 

ccD^roldSs^. to d. on, to d. upon 


tgQ,Q)<fb a_r)sl<9s<9>. ='ler, ». orflcuocnf 
(Sisl^oTb. -'ling, n- ojo^ylso, sojcoo, 
ajslcuDnrijy ; oia-jorotDjo. d.o'-h.OUSe 

c^aoo. d.g-place ojoglpso. 

Dwin'dle, v. i. d33 0SKn©:2oLjo<&>, raTroeD 
5rorg) — , jxjroissBl'^; 2. Qjlem <2o_io<s>; 

3. dOfilOOntSsca.. V. t. cdO<d5d9i; 2. o^a_)0 
§lc9s<&); 3. jiD'OiO^dBs^. ft. <a»0_£yr3t>; 2. 
cdSaOQJO. -ment, U- fOO^, <BiOQj\ 

Dye (di), y. £. -aiocao «.-m<fl8<9i, — go 

<§^, Qjgrf)o Aca-oQ<s>. to d. in the 
grain, to d. in the wool on^aj^o 

n. ^joco;o, Qj|n^o, oafc , orfloo. d.-hOUSe 

jiioc^qon. d. -stuff ^ocqj^^°. d.-wood 

iiiocao ^s^ocSgom zroo. -'in 01 , n. -ai:cc;o 

Dyke, ^e,? Dike. 

Dy-nam'ics, n. ^jejmoaD^o. =ic, 
='i-Cal, rt. — c^O(rr\2oroo6njau)0Doc.'. 

Dyn'a-mite, n. ojDoarrorm ; s)q_j 

Dyn-a-mom'e-ter, k. oa<e/aTi2oaj(Q> 

Dy'nast, ?/ . cuo^fmajafa, ooos cuoipl, 

QDSQjo^ancraab. dy-nas'tic, dy-nas'- 

ti-cal, a. rt>DS3cuoua croo6njcTu:0oc2;. 

dyn'as-ty, w. qjo^, «Tfoa.ri<&)0(Do, a>o 

Dys'en-ter-y, n. fOe&ojoo^oroDrao, @. 
='ter'ie, =ter'i-eal, a. «>dMt.o ^crozes 


Dys-men-or-rhe'a, n. ^ffBoaje 

ojo, roeBoi^r^inb (met/.). 

Dys-pep'si-a, Dys-pep'sy, n. <sra 
qjoc^ (med.). =pep'tie, =pep / ti-cal, 

a. f8T3crnlaoo?.i^@g, c^aosTrTlnroosaj 
cTufL^. n. (^o06n"Tl<9floa>ab. 

Dys-u'ri-a, Eys'u-ry, n. ^@^> 

|So, jsracgrtD (med.). =u'ric, <7. ^(® 





E, gfioaflrftt SO-^aCoDrtli (8T0 SOU 3 051. "0135 

sraoQfiirDo. rrojroo. <2a_iro : '©q'. cd^o 

(DSTTlo: @2, §D<d; o(3). 

Each (ech), a. or a. pron. ©o<sroo 
art; aofSroofOifaiaab-, 2. aosroo. e. and 

every o^gjoo. e. other fsracsc^orr^o. 

Ea'ger, a. ^-abjasja; 2. .wag^o— , 

(c^ftij— . -ly, at/. cuo&rcnssc&'Oois. 

Ea'gle (e'gl), n. a>y>«e>nb (2.); 2. 

ajrDoroxnsooErts&s cojeao. e -eyed 
nrycQ^pg^laga. e.-sighted @«>g 
<%p— . e. -winged eaj«>«n— . ='gless, 

?/. oio_j6rr6^.^(&) . =glet, tt. t^^te86tai3j . 
Ea'gre, Egre (e'ger), ?z. ounb«jrirt>, 
(Ollro0O&J; agjoororoTlrD. 

I. Ear (Br), w. 5>jjiaTl, a»oon (aw.); 
2. (C3)Qj6rr)o, crojroCDocroro- 3. a_flsi, 

ojlas^. about the e.s crodlo_io. 
e.-finger 6> ^>o° oTlfo«*. e--trumpet 

(C2)Qj 6m cry (g$)o. to give 5i.aian 

6)<s-o§as(0>. to have one's e- croj^o 

up to the e.s 3«JBleBfiroi<Ba<a>. e.-ache 
oi^ajlceersia (med.). e. -bored «&>oio" 
<©)mToTic2;. e-cap sijaiafteo. e.-drop, 
e.-ring <a>og)a_i, <ei6noaa , (fhsasiob. 
e.-drum sioidTiceem-ri (aw.), e.-lap 

<0>O(O>' (aw.)- e.-pick 6)^a-pS.T5Ta)0«ns). 

e. -reach, e.-shot a_jo6ro®orab sair^crr) 

groo. e. -shrift aicnjaooroo (R. C). 

e.-sore e^^^soorco. e. -splitting 

sioiaflsScSaam. e.-waX5)j>iaT)a_p(aw.). 

e.-wig orTiaQgr'cflacnDcijrrf). e. -witness 
crojaro s>j3Aci?\s)<&i5n£' <s<05§QLiob. eared 

(erd), a. S>-alCins%@g). -'leSS, a. ol-al^ 

n. Ear, w. <o>.BTiro (&.). e. -cockle .*» 

^1 (y.). y. /. <o>-oflrtf)§<fli, #> TjT'dasaj. 

y. £. a^<s>. -'a-ble, a. ^^oi.aiegjo^ 

on. ~'ing, n. <fl><an<flRrab; g>^Q-> • 

Ear'i-ness, w. <S(a_)ra>,3ca/o. 

Earl (erl), n. ^g.ajfon6. e.-dom 
(ty^curoajean; (cygQjrDsirrbo 2dsojd^>. 

Ear'ly (er'li), a. <8mrDS>;3T& g>@&, <b>c 
aisirara— ; 2. terg,Gj0oc2;; 3. rwaaarozco; 
fOKa'&gg; 4. cgou— . ad. <Sarvo3'aro>, 
sqjca)o; 2. goa^oca-anaDrtft. e. in the 

morning oocmrooaDaai. -ear'li-ness, 

ft. <%<ru ; sao^/)^. 

1. Earn (ern), v.t. croarx>oal<ss<0), oocaH 
_aj6ngD<98<a>; 2, (o_)3a_ric98<3>. -'ing, w. 
(/?/.) crocnjoajo; ^af); ^«nrab. 

II. Earn (ern), y. 1. 51 ox^-ora) <2q_jo^>, <g 
olsTOtg> — , 

Earnest (ern-), w. oicoorociio, orflcgft 
cm: in e« aiogyrarafkili; 2. (SYD^oroo^.). 

e.-money f sra^cfcio(/.). a. <jc^au&@a, 

OfOTODciOo— ; 2. 0<m8o^Qll0DCQJ; 3. arflc^ 

c^@a. -ly, ad. fBio§jcH0ooan. -ness, 

Earth (erth), w. ©saJD^o; 2. (@eTl; 

3.06m ; 4. OO0S U ; 5. SlSOefW.aflrttlcao; 
6. c3gjd^o; 7. 0D£3o. e.-hunger agrriooa. 

e. -light (§fc^s (as.), e.-oil 0^^^* 
e.-bank -ofto, siajoea*. e.-board 

5i<&oy> (agr.). e.-born 5130^0031. 

e.-bred orfl^aocB. e.-quake, e.-quave, 
e. -shock (§<a>cruo. e.-work sic^o^ra) 

&o. e -WOrm (gOOOCOo; 62)<0OO51q_jdOO. 

what on e- shall I do? srcsonb a®crtf 

51,01^50-10. v. t. 0o& (oroftac) &&)&$<&>: 

2. (up) ALPljifl^A. p.i. 0oao «&wn 
«es<fl>. -'en, a. 0gTJ , 6>d»o«^g5nso«8»lca;. 
e-n-hearted eco/caigjowa); tys^ga. 
e.n-ware esnba-jo^o. -'i-ness, w. afl 

jiISoojo. -'li-ness, w. 5iejo<an<3>soo-o; 
05raai(Oi-io, m'^jroraijo. -liilg, n. 




js^nb. -'iy, a. 0snf>0oao (sr^co.', eacvoa 

C&o— , 030© :sAo>o— , 6)og)ool:Sio— ; O"0o 

d^jo — e.y-minded eacufi<o>aDCB/. «o?. 

Ease («)', W. oysuo; 2. CrOJCTOQrO); 
3. rST^uaJOOTDo; 4. GTO_10fJD$Tg) o; 5. (BTO 

omoaocroo; 6. aigl^io. at e- sjsxtoj 
roaocoH. ill at e. (Srgjoflscaosis. to 
Stand at e. flraerntaroiOoosi.'B) crojcruD 
aocaH orfl^dBj (mil.), with e. ofl)^a-j 
00 sT). y. f. & /. (of) oaaHgJlcSs^; 2. 
ajo^ :u0d9s<Q>; 3. (Sto^P^^A. -'ful, «• 
<srg(oa_]3cro23@g.. -'ful-ly, ac?. e>s)cro_i 
«>0Dca'\ -'ful-ness, //. ojI^octoTI. 

-'less, a. <s>5>cro_irs0laprcra. -'ment, 

• mm M 

n. cosmo; 6>cro'o<sig2iOQj<9jO-7do (/). ea - 
si-ly, arf. oO)^aJ-'OK^<d», Qj)ce30o ^so 

5>fw; arDOQj(joom0:ccn. ea'si-ness, it. 

<dx>. ea'sy, a. nr\jsu^@g; Q^agjo (St^i 

eaocB;. e.y-chair -oJoos^staiGj. e.y- 
Ea'sel (e'zi), ri. jiTi^ocuofDo. 

East (est), n. (OTltf'jBn, a^Qlj8ld9a. 
«. <aOy>5>cen. at?. <sOtp<s<95)05 . v.i. <bT\^> 
<s<Q5iD§ <sa_io<S). - r er-ly, a. <sTliP<95>n{>. 
a<i. o_^c^Gl<95> u 6)<&)05)@g.. -'em, a. a^qli 

slflsnejga. -'ern-most, «. o^ooqjo 
dBTitfdBaga. -'ward, -'wards c-werds), 

ad. aTV:P<2<S5)D§ . 

Eas'ter (es'ter), ??. (gHar^ ciTtanbo aj 
onraanmscnoOToajcnock (Chr.). 

Eat (et), 27. i. jr. (ate, eat'en) <ofi 
^oasd^. to e. humble pie arfiascaaa 

/SjLTlt93<fl->. tO C Of 6&0aOrtf)l>ncn0 3>. 

to e. one's words ojoan sojosigj a>o 

ggjo <ST9((fi>orBn)fDl(esa». to e. out fofltota 
<&>ac%<a>. y.s*. £<fifia5imo <e><Afle<s>; 2. ok 
^Tls^omo^. to e., to e. in, to e. 
into Aocm <£hac^«9>, <af)cm — . -'a-ble, 

a. (oTlciaoabrffxQru ?*. (/;/.) eafiojo, tuaj 

d^o. e.g-house <2.niooo a^co. 
Eau'-de-Co-logne' (o'de-ko-ion'), >*. 

ao^aid^ nscz>\&&c(T\d> . -Vie' (o'de-ve'), 

12. jx!0fD0C2;o, 'OOcQtf '. 

Eaves (evz), n. (pi.) @do; 2. ^6rri) 

so_ioa, QjrtD^o (an.), eaves-drop, 
eves'-drop, n. g?o^cu@ao. v.i. &>£) 
^cnicm <2<a»doi «). e.-dropper aa'W 

rrflcm (ScSjcXjcSsomaunb. e.-dropping 
Ebb, n. ©o<fiy,o, (ScueJlccriodasin; 2. 

d9£o^o. e. and flOW ^30<9«^o a^OO 

otjo. e.-tide SQjaDcxiriodjs-.o. y. ?'. ®.xi 
<©s^. a. ©Oc©5io 5iQj<es.-m. <fli03$cm. 

Eb'on-y, Eb'on, «. cftnTlarDo (b.) <z 

2. <S)Qf5T3). eb'On-lSe, t?.<. <&>Q,g_pd3<8<d>, 
<£haTl0fDo <Sa_lD6)0J (gjg;{9s<95. 

B-brl'e-ty, n. mbaeX, 0ot». =bri- 
OSi-ty, ??. ej.iOfolcalaio. ='bri-6us, 

Eb-Ul-Ii'ti6n (-lish'un), 71. a_i w«8R(Bb; 
2. Q-jrm^ aa.lOoTO'Zjl), q_j-o>; 3. coTlag-J . 

=lience, ='lien-cy, n. aj.-^^ 0olcfo<3b. 
=lient, «. foriaj^^ajoKom. 

Ee-cen'trie, a. eaucgo ^-aiocrica; 
2. <Sd9>^gc^^oaroo g>§a; 3. ^®§c/ase 
8o— ; 4. aj.'onQj Q.U)Oo1cQ;; (o^S.'Oliaj 

cro_ieo:ui^@a. n. e^icgseacynjKDo; 2. asm 
croococro6rncrojeoajig@g.CLjnb. =tri-eal, 
a. <8<a>icjg$seo @@a, ^0®sso— . =tri- 
■eal-ly, ad. cns^^ozm qTIcjuo. =trie' 
i-ty, n. (Braaroo0ocr)jOa]&jo. 

Ee-ehy-mo'sis (ekki-), n. <»-,okqjo 
aHaj, ^6m^° (>ned.). =mot-ie, a. 

(Si OK QJ 3 gfl ^ CTOo 6DJ CTU) ; co; . 

Ee-ele'si-a, n. c*oe, a_jg@n. =areh, 

9Z. O-JgftHoj Qj^QloDiOs) 003 Ob, <95OJ.0f0 (S.). 

=as'tes, n. oroeo^_)cr\:ocdlaj(T^iS5o(/j>7.). 
=as'tie, =as'ti-eal, a. crceocroosnicau 




03ca ; G"osoa5)<Q)00tm^lfol) s)oj§. =a8'tie, 
n. croso36njocjO(&n6. -as'ti-cal-ly, ad. 

OTL S 3 .al § (a_) <Si 3 fDo . 

EC-Crit'iC, 77. QJ0S)anOcftlCJDo(77?ea\). 

Ee'dy-sis, n. ^gjgn^a^^; 2. ao 

s~ (Z.). 

Ech'6 (ek'o), ft. ao^oooeD, \cyv)~) 
<jo_iTfl; 2. ^rora)fDo, cru02a>o. to ap- 
plaud tO the e. 6aia£)3mf0o 5>S)<0>S><&3 

§lcuoyp a>. v./. 0D5>oocafl c-Ljosigj^aTl 

<9S^; 2. (SYgjajTSraTl^ a_103^<Qi;3.(STDoCO V ic&> 

ra^e®^. p. t. 0oo)oooeTl3^6Pgo<fii. -less, 
a. (cyoDa>jorn @^ofaro>; eiQusl- . 

E-elair'cise, v. t. gr\^03caac8\ 
-cise-ment, n. 6vwgf)cil\ 

E-clat' (e-k!a'),72. eao^l, (srojoDosnj 
roo, s^oejoaoejo; 2. a^'aTl; (STDcrafooco 

Ec-lipse', w. 0oD6mo (as.); 2. a 
oaT; •flioau. solar e., e. of the sun 
oryi-££)ao6TOo. lunar e., e. of the 
moon jdm^q— . total e. o^st$— . par- 
tial e. ajocfej— . annular e. &°& 
6td— . visible e. (o-i^j <eeo— . invis- 
ible e. ajotooa*-. cycle of e.s i^o 

^ma-i^jocao. y. t. 0o<8a<a>, (Srgjj^sal 

<9Sta), (^)0\j'ld9s<Q»; 2. SoaoSa5OdBSc0i; 3. 

a-QLTlsima (Soaoe1(08<a>. v. I. (^/)aD6rr)o 

E-elip'tiC, «. (^000)1^(^,0, — 0rrru; 
ejo (as.), (gcxjcTLOoaj'. a. (g>oaof)q_) 

fDTOioCrOoauCTuD^; 2. <^a06ro<TUc6njaU> 

E-eon'6-my, n. cpaoonea-o, — @ro 

6TDO, — mQaCT^(Q)o; 2. (8T3)CQ.QJiCaera6mo; 

3. (a_)0O6TOo, cryjgjo; 4. oj.coy^'iTjW, 0^ 
(matjca-o, cry agio, domestic e. cpao 
cDcaaDaj, — w>o(o^o. political e. rao 
^nDcaojlej, _oao(fr^o. =nom'ie, 

-nOm'i-Cal, «• Cp<iDCrDo6rDCrU)03CQ;; — S 

m^j^uau<si' croo6nja\i)0DC2;; (^0000 Jlai 

0oa&. =nom'i-cal-ly, ad. .afiGjQj .o^ 
<s«^§. =nom'ies, //. cpooerosmoJiaj ; 

O083, a-jaT!ci_jDejnn(/ao((T^o. = €On-0-m'ist, 
■a. mi lejQj ^a>j!95)orDnb; raosaionafcuaD/rru 

nsnnb. =nom-isa'tion, =nom-iza'tion, 

7*. croci£iej(a--i(scajocoo. ='6-mIse, ='<j- 

mize, v.t. 0n<^0ocs2Tl jiilaiajQ^d.. @ro1 

i/30OOBn CQaOd&SCgjo OOSC^tQi. =0-mi'- 

ser, =o-ml'zer, n. 0l'mojjcacfia3fDnb. 

Ec'pha-Sis (ek'fa-), 7?. gr^d^(p-j|(T^o 
Qjo (rhet,). 

Ee-pho-ne'sis (ek-fo-), n. .-ofldMaso 
oa36rr>o (rhet.). 

Ec'sta-Sy, n. o-nroaioajo; 2. rer^on 
soaonaoeo; 3. croo(g0o, (gsatt ; 4. j> 

rtTy° (med.). =stat'ic, =stat'i-eal, 

a. ojoraojoa,o (sro>c2;; (groiao oe^^o — . 

<=y ^7 w o\j 

=stat'i-cal-ly, ad. o-irt^ocncraS'BTooas. 
Est, Ee'to, />/. 6aiaol<b, Q_jral; CL.J 

Ec'tad, «. oJO6)0 g>g&, 6)QJqD N @DCO 

ojra — (aw.). 

Ee'tal, a. (S0f3^)/soco>^Jta , a@g, ajo 
6)Z— (an.). 

E«'ta-sis,?2. eja^ ^^sajo<95i irh(pros.) . 

E€-u-men'i€, =i-eal,^cn:3CJ03 

a>5rr>03cai; 2. a\2qlja\)e3amosnj(TU)03c^ 

Ec'ze-ma, «. rai^^smo (med.). 

E-da'cidUS (-^a'shus), a. fa0aTfl<e3 
^gg.. e-dac'i-ty, W. 6njgdafi3, <srou\3oa. 

Ed'der, t?. (ffTasmoTl, oro^ljo (z.). 

Ed'dy, 7?. -Qj^laj , ai^- e. wind 

E'den, n. nQ&<&> (Sai3§o, ssaxauo&io. 
-ic, a. (uraa^cnflraii ^gg. -Ized, a. es 
co. retain^ ej fcianca' . 

E-den-ta'ta, n. pi. ecrofaaoloigco 
ssBch (z.). ='tate, ='tu-16us, a. qj^P 

gj0(OT3).= ta'tion, 72. a_JgJ<e>-4n3L»(3b. 

Edge (oj), 7z. ojocd ej; 2. qcn, (Braroj; 

3. 0.-a^>; 4. ©jilO.gfOo; 5. (BT8OO0. to 

be on e. nrTlnsTao ^^oego^nfD^<es'&). 





to set the teeth on e. a-j^ o^gT)^ 

«9§c9s; 2. !gYOrt»5>_aJr5ig)!a>; 3. SSTSejo 61QJ 
c99<a>; 4. (afOTDOoCfl^-jl^^, <93rar3ris>g_j0 

crofl<esa> (iV.). edg'y, «• ^safcoa-j^gg. 
Ed'i-ble, «• SQuaTl^ raTioeiDob ra> 
(9s), gcedBnsrncnraTlann a-iorDa^. =bil'i-ty, 
-ness, n. Seoe3oo ]a2.'fai_io. 

E'di^t, n. rDceaaaDcromo, nrfl§ , <of) 
gj , 00)0*00. -al, rt- raosacebraconcoj. 

Ed'i-fy, u. £. ou6YiTlcDn<9s«a»; 2. a 
Q-iseoal^ogjlaQ^. p. t. (SToslcyaol 
(jyooJl<9sa». =fi-eant, a. a^ern^cm. 
=fi-ea'ti6n, n. aroxTlrarai; a_jrtf!c^ort>o. 
=fi-€a-tdr-y, a. fiogj^escm. =fice, n. 
«<9>§lso, ofl)§a_J', 0aa)roo. =fici'al, «• 
rrng0o6mcroo6aj(TU)0ocH;. =fl-er, ?i. &o 
g-^-Qacmounb, coSsrno^c&o QjrtSOTgjom 
Qjnb. -ing, «. (b»(^)cli^jd<&0ocq;. -iiig- 
ly, arf. ^ogjlas)fDT5)a5)Qjgmo. -ing- 
ness, n. cruel ro5>g_j§ ana rri>. 

Ed'it, U-£. iC^CYlflOeljas do n_jrtT)<308D 

co)^ fQ-J<rdl>UOo «jii<2^; 2. aj.Tsra 00 an n_i 
(TO)o ro^n^^*, Q-j^)oci5 , la_j'Tr>io aiaol 

<9q<s>. e-di'ti6ll (-dish'an), ;j. n_ifzD®w>o 
aol^ (Q_)a\n@ju0oaBlcB; ajrr^<djo; a col 
amaiocain^fBTo^ Qjon^o-jrr^Anrostaicoo, 
o-jftjTlgj . =i-t6r, n. «40,Tic(a-)jii3fo<^nb; 
ro^.jfl>nb; aJ((O)0(Xfla_inb. =t6'ri-al, «. 
rojijmocrooeojnxoaocE ; a_j:g)ocola_iani— . 
n. oj(®ocolQ_j<sej6u. =to'ri-al-ly, ad. 
(i_i(g)<9>(OTg)fa)-i3a51ajOfO(a_)<a»oroo. =i-t6r- 
ship, n. o_j(jg)<d)OT2)fa)Jo; (C/xnc— . 

Ed'u-eate, v.t. ufi&oPi^ aja«2a> 

<a>; 2. a_idlg_p<aia<&); 3. oQjrSjtflafli&oaruo 

QJfCQC^a); 4. QLjaDc^CfOo — ; 5. CTOa;6mo 

<eragjcr\ng^<9sca»;6.an9j— . ='ted,r/.aD 
SjO^ocroo (an<s>5tnig), ojo'q-J^. = e&'ti6n, 
?j. a_JOrno, aDej0«|0croo; (Broolaj* ; cruoal 
^fia; orgcyalejo. higher e.ll aaA^cQaafl 

ejOSjoaroo. secondary e.n 0000000^— . 
primary e.n (a_pLo#ia>— . =ea'tion-al, 

a. aDe^oSjOGrucroo6njcTU)0oca;. =€a'ti6n- 
jst, ?i. (8ro@^j0Q-i<a>nb; .•ffizxi^oo-'dBj'jac.nro 

©nanb. =€a'tive, 8. fsias.ooroof5i£)o 'erg 

C2>, QjlOjOeoCBAo— . =ea r tOr, «. lBYO©Oj3 

a_j<Q>nb, cdob. 

E-duce', y. £. (a-^^defiazcasd^; (f^ 
o_n<88<a). =du'ci-ble, a. (cy^dafiazoaas 
Qjorr). e'duet, ft. crooroo; 5>oial6>a-i 
sra> . e-du€'tibn, ?*. (a-}fa^<fl!&i0Das)roi>. 
=du€'tive, a. QjeDa^^cflsar). 

E-dul'ed-rate, p. £. 0cya>0oa«<Q> ; 

2. ^diDaaocSsa). 

Eel, ft. (STOjfDfab (2.). 

Ee'rie, ee'ry, a. &<sv&>(q2>zq& ; 
«n_isia^@^. ee'ri-ly, ad. t£)&3(z><2i<&\. 
ee'ri-some, a. Gfl.ansaogsa^oco;. 

Ef'fa-ble, a. {a^cr^ooTl^^as^ast; S)^ 

Ef-face', i"./. 0302,1^° cBjao^^, ^s- 


61013 — • <Si06Tr)3^3(6S<d), f8TOQJ.!0O)23<0£(a); 

2. arD^QadlascSj, 0oa8zooo(es<&). -ment, 
Ef-feet', a. cc)S£Ai<&.f?i\; 2. aic0£t> 

6YT)o; 3. <S)3^o, aOGJo; 4. fST3aaSQjo; 


5. 6Qjejo, cro3'3^o; 6. (to) •^3g_} r £jo; 7. 
crooroo; 8. croro>_io; 9. (pi.) ^fa>aA. for 
e. Ean^nTlrat) c^foTlai^S)<£teQjarDo. in e. 

cB-LDoaftO'TOBTi'?*. of no e., of none e., 

to no e., without e. cyTl^ejo (sr^caTI, 
ojLOsaTrtA. to give e. to croscyii: 
ces<S), ouQeTig_pifla(S). to take e. anafi 
cae<a>, aj.oQaj. y. t. g|a^(9?A, croo 

CJUl^_p(Bsa> ; 2. (DSg_jOflS<0>, orD.ieaDyl 

astSj, arjeDg^icOaai. ='ter, ='t6r, n. otud 
aria_p<88cmQjnb. ='ti-ble, «. croso^a) 
rozsco;. ='tive, a. crcanGjo (;, 
oro3@^o— . ?*. c^orasmo; Sa-iorosa^; 
ajsmo. ='tive-ly, ad. f^gt^0o^. 
='tive-ness, //. croscmaijo. ='tu-al, a. 

3o_ioaHCTr), (axon. ='tu-al-ly, ad. oro 
vioaj03oQj|rr^o. =tu-al-ness, n. croo 

©X\o. ='tU-ate, W.^. CrOaC&J0C<Q3<6>, 

axjaaflgjlcseaj. =tu-a'tion, n. orDc^ 




Ef-fem'i-nate, v.t. ^ajforoarfno <&>& 

_#<e>, (O\pa\)_]<_.oaj0o<9sc&>, 6n)__io &o 
<&>*■&>. v. i. OT3)6m>tJi jtalgjo {ro<S5. a. t<vS\ 

6r_j_jo_f)(r>0oa_; 2. croejtirno g>@a, <8(a_) 
0o—. =na-Cy, ft. 6);_yoa8 t -__.0]gjO(g, 

ttflrtS'-OlJO. -ly, rtrf. 6>CrO f D0i'_l<2C_JOS)S. 

-ness, n. <sr§5m.oual&jocg. 

Ef'fe-reilt, a. c_jo®<0TaxQs§g (phys.). 

Ef-fer-vesce' (-ves'>, v. i. a-nm^? 

S)c__060g_h; 2. fljfl&jg]' QJrtThflj. =Ves'- 

cence, =ves'cen-cy, n. njwj'flojo 

ajefab. =ves'cent, a. aaroa^gg, <__«»__ 
asoD. =ves'ci-ble, a. c_j'aiQjr_(DTa<Qs>. 
=Ves'cive, a. «£)&££ cuasicm. 

Ef-fete' (-fet'), «. (aroaQGJo igrgjcoj, 
orfl^ejo— ; 2. Qjc@jj<^j(g@a; 3. <QSazao 
a_ioola_; 4. «nrtfloaoa_. 

Ef'fi-ca-Cy, ft. culcgjo, aoaooooigjo, 
cro^n-io; 2. aoaio, arD3co_hoa<£waT). =ea'- 
Cious (-shus), a. <-aej(a_)e2>oc_j. =ea'- 
Cl6us-ly, ad. croo®^«s>ro0oaan. _ea'- 

cious-ness, re. vjysoajo. 

Ef-fici'enee, =fici'en-cy (-fish-), w. 

=fici'ent, a. <fl)oga(a_)oa-fi &@a, _D§ 

c9s> — , (TOO0(DtojO — ; tfbOgyraraflnD CRajOnT). 

n. i^ai(9iOfo6Tr)o, c8od@. ^fici'ent-ly, 

ad. <2 era cecf) 3 c&/ds>s. 

Ef'fi-gy, ft. (a_)<af)0, (TUJ^OJo; QlD 
^QciOo. =fig'i-ate, y.^. Q-D^aOo g)6ingo 

(©3_h; si«o>5ggO<e8<9>. =fig-i-a'tion, n. 

oTli^aOi^sngOjenfab; (a_)<_f)0. 

Ef-flate', f. t. _hooo orTloeea-h, go 
•on_ulglp«98«fl). =fla'ti6n, re. ctDglpanrtA. 

Ef-fl6-reSCe' (-res'), p. |*. o_)C_P,§<9>, 
o_^c99_h. =res'ceilCe, n. aggecpasitfife; 

Efflu-ence, =en-cy, n. «#>taao, a 

(OTgQu'o; 2. g>0Orafc; '83QJ<9jo; 3. r_Q_Jo. 

=eut, a. (a_)QjQ_)1_>som. //. 'vaosuscne") 
(geog.). [moooo. 

Ef-flu/vi-um, Hi {pi. =vi-a) §o_^, 

Ef'flllX, >J. <~>^_*no, 6&ejicfi*>'Bi>; 2. 
gpojuo; 3. jiiejo; 4. (q_)QJ0qOo. -'ion, /<. 
6}__t3ftf)_jLl'3i>, (o_JQJOaOo; {BOOT) CufOJCTO<_)' ; 

9 roDan - [mo. 

Effort, >/. ^)0o, (a_)C_J(_r)o; (5T3(3JJ_J0 

Ef-fron'ter-y, re. cul<snoroo, coo^ o. 

Ef-fulge', v. t. etoD^Oo-jneQa-b. r. i. 

_aao(_l(93-h. =ful'gence, «. «.-m«^, 

aonofl. =ful'gent, a. (a_)<0>oaao a@_>, 
<ero)/_— , aa'i^oD. =ful'gent-ly, ad. 


Ef-fuse', a. ^. 5a_)cuQ£TiaJl«9s«fi». v. i. 
ay<s»<_o, s)_iioralc^_h. =fu'sion, ». a^ 

_k imed.). =fu'sive, a. e^iofol^cm. 
=fu'sive-ly, arf. a^aD^anosng . 

E-gad', int. aosooo, qdo, oQcra^! 

E-gest', v.t. cuicrosfelaadh; 2. 0_j 
^(®o aTlaros^nd*^. -a, ». /?/. 0-J 
<^(Q)o. -'ion, «. cularos^cYio; aej^i® 

Egg, n. 153, 'BrasmDo. e.-plant oj 

yfoTlon) (^.)- e.-shaped OTOsmuo^-on 

caocQj. e.-shell ^§®«n»o& . the white 
of an e. ff>cug&,s>c_g&a««s. the yolk 

of an e. astasias, -yajoj". v. t. aQrtfl 

E-glom'er-ate, v. t. <^oo&\&$£n, 

E'gO, n. btoqOo; iaraoOo(_)^_jo. 
-ism, «i cro_io(oio6r_j<au); (BraaoaaoO. 
-ist, ^2. 'STaaoaa'ailcfiwsrDnb; fO)5)nm®^_jo 
ooi. -is'tie, -is'ti-eal, a. crojcioin 

6nj©iDa@a; ^nbj_»fD(0)o— . -is'ti-cal- 

ly, ad. (BYDcio_2)i_fl(SG_Jcs>s; cro_ico_36nj 
aul<8ca'03)S. eg'6-tism, n. &®oS)cncm 
socuo, 'BTOoOo— ; (STg>ay0CT^<_r). eg'6-tist, 
u. fSToaoeajorzD; (8rg)(ai0(a_jc/oocro<£bab. eg- 

6-tis'tie, eg-6-tis'ti-eal, a. cuoogea. 
eg-6-tis'ti-cal-ly, ad. rtnn_n§a*c»3 

E-gre'gi-ous, a . cucnn^, ^«nl 

o>q_j§; 2. ^rocoia. -ly, tfa*. crxmocsyl, qj 
gjo5)(_). -neSS, ?/• 3o__oro o>. 





E'gress, ». ajoa-jos, co0ono. v. t. 

Eh (Or a), int. <SaO, 6}05>oO0. 

Ei'der, e. duck, n. araaj<a> a>sefi 

rc>Sng (z.). e. dOWll <9iS&flrt>6n§Q_l8_]\ 

Eigh (a), int. (St^qdd. 

Eight (at), n. oO)§, cerarf^o. #. 
qQ)6Tt6. ='teen (a'ten), «. Q_j'an5^(D§ . 
a. aj'oD^msnf). ='teenth, tf. curoO 
Qnosoiasxara). 7?. o_jroi iS)m§os)ajoam . 
-fold, «• a^slrosl, a^sraseora. eighth 
(at'th), 7i. o£) §002(013)-^ ; o^)§^)s7ejocm . 
a. aQ)§o06>rara). eighth'ly, atf. a0)§a 
0S(OT3)fmocan. eifirh'ti-eth, a. afflsTDrwo 

057fOT3); QQ)6nDaD^eJDGmDCQ;. 72. ag)6TDuTl 

6)ajocm . ='ty, ti. oieroui . a. o^)6m 


El'kon, n. (a-9'ori0, 6aHo6Qjo. 

Ei-ren'i<5, a. 0000000000 &@g, oao 

nra) -oi — . 

Ei'ther (or I'ttier), a. & pron. (0 

6"£)s)ejocm , foSHg 05)0) DOT) , roS^-fl^a^S)^ 

aaDojo; a^finafclejo, cug^gso, (srg^rDaaTl 

GJo; ro6nglS)ejO(OOC)o; 2. £DK», @3fg)o (BTO@o, 

rosngo; 3. &o: he neither loves nor e. 
cares for him <3Yooja-n u (srQ^j&m sro^ 

qD0^, aTljiiofoajo spg^. conj. »o-f ©0, 

e^o: he is e. writing or reading ora 

Qjob og)^rg)(fli!2c2J0 Ojo<™ <2cao o>.aJeQ|<Tro, 

— a3)yrg)<aiCQ;0<&iS)§ Q_)O(gLCQ;O:0>o)§ — , — a® 

^gj&iS^cojaariejo ojotgj ^^caaaTlejo — . 

E-ja«'u-late, v.t. oq^a; 2. &^ 

ftnaTlral) cLJoaijd); 3. S3a_n<9a<&>. v. i. o_io 
6im^§<&>. =la'tion, 7?. a^o ; g> .ojoroemo; 
eao_j ; oiaoWrtA (phys.). =la-t6r-y, 
a. s>a_i§cno@^ ; s)jxiQ,cuo^Li<&)ig@a; oDcro 

E-je€t, y. t. a_JO«jr0)0c9!3<9>, ^g^cQi; 

2. atplo_p<95>a,, @o<Q9<s> (/.). =je«'ti6n, 

72. (0>@a«A; CL^OVW^CDoiphl/S.)', <gc^°. 

-ment, 72. oo a l<&sK>; &>y?)q^]^a^(l.). 
Ej-u-la'tion, n . aTlajoajo, qoafla^. 

Eke, v.t. (out) ajaul^jlasd), (gjs 

E-lab'6-rate, v.t. cnear)_w<sngoa9s<a>; 

2. fSToaU JOOOH^ OO ODD (95) (0j. a. Q aT) 
6KJTO) (ajcyroran^, m^d8£tt2roTO05)S @.«ngo 
c9sTlcs2;, ^ro^.0 <srg)CE>, n_\rjf) -gif?r.o — . -ly, 

ad. CTU3aOCrD3roT3>06>S, OJ^Iijfo0O<32; I. 

-ness, 7z. aroa^rsron. =ra'tion, 7?. 02; 

(ODo; o_jfDlcg^oroo; ci_irol6rno0e (phys.). 

=ra-tive, a. g)^o m^w, ancuroo— . 
e.e faculty oJisajjaj en oa<e<an. ora- 
tor, 77. a_jrtTiqgy)rt><a>ci(>. =ra-tor-y, «. 

olj rjfl cgj^ fo <»> ca . 

E-lapse', v.i. (Qitpisroia ®Q_jo<a>, 67^ 
g^^. =lap'si6n, tz. <a>«nc»rab. 

E-las'ti^, =cal, «. rsroy>ajg&; 2. 04 
q^oruDlfoi^ co0j0ood, ojeDcsijaT). e.- 

fluids aruDlfwiauDoo-j<&ieQjj6aec)o. ='ti- 

eal-ly, ad. oroiP(SQjos>s. el-as-tic'i- 

ty, -neSS, 77. cSToif U°; COjUDOOTUdIi^D^Jo, 

cruifl'aDco^ro); crOoDmaa(0<2ft1. 

E-late', V.t. &CB;(3b<£b; 2. a_56>a<ds 

a>, oiojoese^o <eso§a^. a. ^oacm; 2. 
©f^ocroo ^§@; S. ooncogeo.uc— . =la'- 

ted-ly, ad. €T3)ooo3s«jro)05)5. =la'ted- 
ness, 72. fto-jossa^o. =la'tion, ?7. a 
iju.wanjo. =la'tive, «. a^^^^^rn 

o-yjai<S)0ocst; (gr.). 

El'bow (el'bo), n. 6>5><a><g§ («72 .) ; 2. 

cua^Lj. e.-chair ^67<&><s5>®aroej. e.- 
grease <^^«9s>°. e.-room ®so, o\xiajo. 
at the e. cncmma<$&£>s>. out at the 
e. QjfiJ-^jejga. v.t. fon<©sjcd>, <0)(qg)d&>. 

to e. one's way (aQ<95n<ara»k>c9sn oos 

t&s^. y.Z. Qja6toronrol(©sj<di; 2. a ^^ 01 ^ 
<BsD 00Sc95i<d>. 

El'der, a. [see Old) ^ad°a@a, «w 

cjon^^ooao — ; 2. ojca'OTj'i^tDTa, «^. 
cfig^_ji3@@. n. ^(STaxinb, aio^erDQjnb; 
2. a^ojfl<&ob; 3. i^g_jnb, e30foTl<9s)0fo6rr)au 
nb; 4. <36ruocO(0>ab. -ly, ad. crv)O0ornj. 
(a_)OCQ;o o>_aJOT>. -ship, 72. «ra.*QU>_io, 




El'dest, a. (see Old) offiooojo (q_jo 

El Do-TiX'do, n. 0oOo S)o^)^aj^j(a_j 

E-lect', v.t. S)<V)a})'3)6m>'2<&z<&>; 2. 
Qjaf)<es<s>; 3. cri)c&2i)<9%&> . a. ojcd^. 
n. ojc6)ceQCib; 2. (pi.) rocaafloxMC/tr.). 
-ailt, -or, n. curtflaaomaunb; ojraemo 
aj^>3UBig@aajnt>. ='ti6n, >?. svprcftosro© 
§^_j J , ajrosmo; QjfD^<95>.-3l>; ^^a\)J0^ 
iQOj.o; ajl<3QJ<fbo; i^aT^groc&o ( Bl.). to 

make one's e. syonrol<5)6TOro)§d33<9i. ='tion- 

eer, v.i' ajrosmo_jro'l{ic/3)0o Q-aicg^. w. 
ajro5rn^O)0d35)oronb. ='tive, a. S)ra>rol 

6^6TOTO)§(flaaT); QjrD6rncrOo6QJ(Tl0o (SY^Oa;; 
6>aQ) aA&>o— . R. S)a£) a)H c0>Qjl rQ3C2;o. 

e.e affinity, e.e attraction (o^s^d* 

cruo9Qlc^oca,Qa36n^o. ='tive-ly, acf- &>(&> 

c6)6)smg>^^ (a^aio^o. -tor-al, =to'ri- 

al, a. Qjro6rr>ocaio0oc2;. =t6r-ate, w. 
spS(a_)(3afi_»o; ajrosrnoojt&joc'alcosrno. 

E-lee'tri€, =eal, a. ajle. ri\ cdraTicroo 
omanuo (er§)C2;, — 9300.0 — ; 2. S)sra>si^_p 
<Q2cm. e.-fluid alls, m ceraTl, alnm^. 

e.-light auiej^lajo. e.-railway, e.- 
tramway afie. rd<a>so. =eal-ly, ad. 

aloDralxSrLjDSiGj; 6^5Ta)s«ejo6)s. =ciail 
(-shan), n. Qjls.^r^(Q)SbTanb. =tric'i-ty 
(-tria'i-), u. o!He.<-au/a<e<<)n, alcTDfab — ; o_Tl 
Qi aio&0)loao(fruo; ff>sra)§ld9a(Tn g6mo. 
=tri-fi-a-ble, a. oJla. ^jc&fon o^^ 
israaR. =tri-fi-ca'tion, =tri-sa'tion, 
=tri-za'tion, n. ojle. ^ <sojuaooo. 
='tri-fy, ='trlse, ='trize, v.t. qj^ 
^oeoiTlscH/'g.ptes^; ts>6T2>§)ancQ8e&>. v. i. 

E-lec'trd, pf. af)e. m teoHcojoejgg , 
ajle.o). e.-guilding a)cm«ab ooojoab 
<%&£ . e.-meter cu)s.<ub0o;(g). e.-mo- 
tive ana.sfe3m<s><2Dce; e.-motor oTls. 
s^mdhcaq^o: cifle. a^&jnr> 02/0^)0. e.- 

pathy cLDs.^i<fl5 , i'aT\3(wgd.)' e.-plat- 

ing alonofafc ^aj@^l^<ssi . 

E-lec'tu-ar-y, n. <2fiJoOjo, roooo'coj 
ooo (med.). 

El-ee-mos'y-nar-y, a. s.h. Alms. 

El'e-gance, =gan-cy, n. -ojomo, 

SoodI, <20osH; 2. 5>tS)fo@<&)0Dca' croocoono. 
=g*ant, a. aTlc/alcqao (Srgjcoj, rostw^o— , 
0®mooOfoo — ; racroQjocroooc^gg. =gant- 
ly, ad. 03oooro0j0ocon, (8roip<2<aos>s, 

El'e-gy, n . <2oao <&><&> a_T)rw, a.'Tlejoo_)CO , 'l 

*roo. el-e'gi-ae, ^gi'a-ealjr/.d&roasmD 

focroi^gg.; (ojejoojairoo rsrgjca;; (a_]ejoo_j 
cQiocaino — . ?z. (a_jejoo_)!S£§o<&>o. =gi'ast, 
=gist, n. (a_)ejOQj«a>aj\ =gise, =£^6, 
y.£. an&Ja-n<S(8<Qv, (Saao<^arooof]itno o_jo 

El'e-ment, n. ^ejo, (a_)0osmo; 2. 

(^Qjcuog) (ch.); 3. rmfaocoo; 4. (^aifa.)^ 
roO, ro^a-ijo; 5. (p/.) i^ajrry(g)o, (sr^rooeo; 

6. (/?/.) Soaio-fiacuoib; 7. o_j6t?ai(@^6CB 
gfl^t) anrn ; 8. <&ooo , qjoc^; 9. (o_)o^) 
foicrooiitn), OTD-jeoajoolej; 10. (pi.) qj) 
cyajo; 11. (pi.) .-orircaajitKfioy) nrooco 

OOoSBcb (Chr.). V. t. (gj5lg>6rj§ocSia<&>, 

^^os 1 ^ — . -al, a. a_j6tai(§fai0ca-o (grg> 

00, 6)S'Dfari<&)o— . =men'tar-y, «. o®a> 

(§rO)o — ; (STg)ejQ_l0O0rDo6OJ(TU)o — , <8T§e. j 

a_)6t^ll(§l^y)croo6nJa\D0^(3^ , . 

El'e-phant (-fant), ?^. -aroioo, coeao, 
&>c$\ (z.); 2. eoroo. e.-seal a»sejoon 
(2.)- e/s tusk «Yg)ano^<6s)oaaj u , eaoo. 
= r ti-ae, «. ^a_irjD<ss)oejgg (med.). =tl'a- 
sis, «• 6>o_)ro1(e5)Dfaf), 0001 , cos3.oJ02o 
(med.). =tine, «. c/Dfe«@)£yj0O32;; QjeTI 

C2J; n^j(T)<S0olcC/'. e.e Step (313)00^00)0. 

=toid, =toi'dal, a. oDeao^^nc^ga. 
El'e-vate, v. t. 5)o_jooa))<a8<Q5, e^ 

C0I3)<^; 2. <BiOa,OOo 6^fiBjO§<6i8<Q) ', 3. SlSlOO 

5. OTOJfOo ^COKO^ih; 6. ajoOrtf)cuo<6<8<s>', 

7. cd»o<es<^. =va-ted, «. afTrn^oio (erpDoa*, 

s^c^go— . =va-ted-ness,//. a'ooD.ojjo. 




=vati6n, n. g>aMBK»rci>, <er§<2rt>0aO6mo; 
^co;^, <2((Jd)<£Q(0); ^otj'O) cruel raTl; qqqj 
roo, <0jnm . =va't6r, n. Q.<&(&@aF>Qjnb- i 

&_<&(&$ cm cH;(Qg)o. =va'tor-y, a. ©.co; 

E-lev'en (-lev'n), n. Q-jfoO^aoocrn ; 
6)mocrnls)ajocmoca;. ?z. a_j<of)s)anoaTf)5)fijo 


cm . 

Elf, ft. GaJ'WDg.o; <SaOJ,^»; .SjgljyO 

corc&nb; 2. (ftggnb. v. £. <9j§(9nla)0(9a(9>. 
-'in, -'kin, n. a3§lg_poao_aj° ; 6)_aiQ,(95)rrf). 
-'ish, elv'ish, a. <9isl_jyocarz»S)cr> cga_io 

6)ajQ%gg; <BT303O3;fia0OCOj; (Se0aO6DJ(?in 

c%@g. -'land, ??. (=}tg(®><2&io&>o, o_jof?«o 

&o. -'lock, ft. a-flflnrflawg^l; ©3S. 

E-lic'it (-lis'it), t>.£. S)QjgTl:ij3<99<3>; 
^eni* oJlsl(9a(0>. =ta'ti6n, ?*. 6)augT)ajo 

E-lide', v. t. ®ajoa_jl^_pces<S) (^r.). 
J=liSl'6n, n. SaioaJo (#r.). 

El'i-gi-ble, <7. curD6rn<2caooDj0oc2;; 

CSTOaO'OX^gg j 2. <U)(9tt, Cl_JOolc2). =gl- 

bil'i-ty, =ble-ness, n. scasc/^rw. =gi- 

bly, a<#. ®caoc£,0oc2r). 

E-lim'i-nate, v.t. «ng@<s>; af)§<s> 

g.^<^; 2. crflroo<9ifjnc9s(a>, Stuoa-jl^Jlas"©) 

(math.); 3.£D3a_j(9fif)<99(9); 4.(9)30000 

cy) 15)^^(93(95; 5. ajlcroB^ldgsifr (phys.). 

=na'ti6n, n. aTlcrosfejcno (phys.)', ®&jo 

a-io (math.); (9T3Od0omo. =na'tive, 

c7. oulcrosfeng-paacnD (phys.). 

E li'te (e'let), w. (a-;0O6TTflcu^o, <sca>o 

E-lixir, n. ro arc oca mo; ajloal6)c3a<o 
coicjoo (med.)\ 2. cru;are>\ crooroo. 

Elk, n. <9>S0oab, @dqj\ 0GJ0onb(s.)' 
Ell, r. Q®(9iSecao 3 q&iggg ©cd* g) 
6rnleojg.Qj . 

El-lipse', n. (STDsmucytarao, @.o_i— , 
@o_i0TmjLituo (geom.); 2. (srocrosaojo 
(c/r.); 3. ^aoa-jCTLOoaj' (as.). =lip'- 

S1S, fl« ®QJOo_Jo, (STO@^0®fDOa_>o (gr.). 

=lip'tie, =lip'ti-eal, a. ©tdsttujo^'O)! 
(Srojco;, tj)on§ajso— (geom.); ®GJ3a_i^@^ 

(#r.). =lip'ti-eal-ly, <7<i. ^)oeicy<aia 
0ocoTl; fffracrweQjl^fO/OCszri. =lip-tic'i- 
ty, n. ajftjra)6)5>QQ©jo. 

Elm, n. §DrDlaxi<9>a):9fi3o (£.). 

El-0-eu'ti6n, rc. (a-jcroocoo; 2. qjo 
(rffcjooo; 3. QjDoaW-io. -ar-y (-er-i), 
a. ojo^o^g^o crooenjoaul^. -ist, ft. 

ajooal, cuDjiioQjab 

El'6-gy, n. ajrof), aj<a>g>. 
E-lon'gate, v.t. ofl^, efiabnyi 

asa^. v. i. (8ta&>cm c8fi_iD<ei. a. crflsnaTl 
rol(0som. ^ga'tion, n. e !^^^*, crfl 
&o; ggS-ai; aJInbajosoraral); §fDo. 

E-16pe', v.l. &&)£! ®cuo(g^ao%<fli. 

sl(s a _io(g^g.c%c&). -ment,?z. agT)^ u (SQ-jo 

El'6-quent (-kwent), a. ajoa^o^^o 

^@g, QJOd9)O0C^jO — . -ly, ad. QJ0S)5)COJ 

sojS(nro)OS)s. =quence, ?2. Qjoo2riro)_io, 
cuoai§fa)jo, Qjonjoej.wjo. 

Else, a. & pron. 000 , 3aj5)o, oj 

gj, (BTDmj. ac?. & COllj. fmDgJOS)^, (^ 
S05)fOi, a^OS)0, 0O(S)0C^, (510(0)^0^), o^) 

cm rtj)6)cmca£j; 2. «Tdg : j05rai3)0'a}), o^gjo 

cgp'ti, <sragLjoc2nnscTTo 6)Qj»r)fzA. -'where 

(-hwar), ad. 0S)oo6o§o, 000 QjSgjSQjo. 

C8Qj6)D Q^)Qjl6)S5)C2,»ne4o, <8QJ5)0 q^)C1j1 

s)sc^o; 000,0. e.-wliitlier 0OO QJ®^ 

SSCOTOxQso, 0S)OO65QOCT9o. e.-Wise <S>3^0 

E-lu'ci-date, v.t. &v)&)qj m&&s>&>, 

cjr^-^o— . =da'ti6n, n. QjlajfD6mo, 

a^^ocrio. =da-tive, =da-tor-y, a. 

qjic9yo> 0oc99 cm. =da-t6r, n. cu.06u.orrn. 

E-lllde', V. t. @.O_l0C2;(BT3)0«5b 6)(0)Ool 

bto&a^, cgwog-p^Gouoc^aa^^, aa^ 
^cgcuofTO^; aynsrmo) <9>$<9). =lu di- 
ble, «• ^fmoolsgjoroojejcm. =lu'sion, n. 

6)(tJ>Ool(9siacacab, 6)rtJiOol<?g_J0f0i'3i); ©</! 

,21 rat; &o_)oaio. -lu'sive, a. cs-aogjl 




=lu'sor-y, a. joirafl— , axuso-, .ajocTl 
E-lu'tri-ate, v. t. (martf)<es<&>, c^'ixfi 

caoaaai. =a'tion, n. ojsIs)^^, o$ 

E-lys'i-um, n. ©ecusajo^o, 6>s>ai 

ejOCTUo, nOCBUOno; 2, CIUJ^o, <220<flcfiao; 

3. £ocn, nruDDmo, crgsucruDejo. =i-an, 

Qj3ejD<3i@ejj izoco;. 

E-ma'ci-ate (-ma'shi-), y. t. ^aeTl 

•6TOT3! <Sa_JO<03, ceflaCOri^ — , @.fO3(0ri3g_JO(&). 

•y. /. ©v/aocaflg-pces^. <7. S)0af)6Tmg), o^ 

Em'a-nate, v.i. ^octooj^^, ojo 

orn^curtTiaj. =nate, =nant, =na-tive, 
=na'tor-y, a. ^^aTl^ cu^am. =na'- 

tion, ?*. ojogjos , crfl^acno; ft^to, 

E-man'ci-pate, M< <B»LPLeTafi§ 

(Q), CrO_»0'^^?.O 6)<0>O§t&S>c£i, fBTDSlacOTD) 

ooo <Sn_jDt99S>. «. cro_iD^niQ5).o c0Tl§lca>. 
=pa'ti6n, n. aocro^tszonicno, an§ru)(3l!. 
=pa-t6r, n. qj) 2 2)0 sd<&> rib. g>au3ro<&>nb. 
=pa-tor-y,«. eoor^'S0o-QJca>0o^;. =pist, 
n. ftnsaTlra^Tflom aDs ajomajab. 

E-mas'-ea-late, v. t. cy^smo < 

s"l<Ssa3, <0>oaji flftsA, g)S<99<9>; 2. oinj'o 

6TTUjmDca; (BT3;6m.w_j0^of5rO). =la'ti6n, 
7i. @.Sc65>rab; on ^oorOdBj-o) jo; <er§.6m<ai_i0n 
gjooo;. =la'tor-y, <7. o^Aiems^araeo oni 

Em-balm' (-ban/), v. t. crgcocnoo 
aj,u£<&>; 2. aaajo rrycocTU)5oT3alJ J cry e&Ti 
<9®<a>; o. crgcnaauo &aajoc9a<3i; 4. rr^ro 
6TD oolGunrria^ca). -ment, n. oaajro 


Em-bank', &•{. .afiosvftsifc; 2. ro> 
^<es<oi; 3. «iooftan§<a>. -ment, n. j£\ 

OoJl^^rcjb; -aflo, QJOS. 

Em-baV, y. /. <era^g)§<0), aoso 
cruf^)— , o^^<e>; 2. roi<§<Ba3>, orflasrafafc 

Em-bar'go, ??. a^saio^onlsroocjoo; 

C^0a_A&fO(OlS<TUOo. U.t. (aijySeJDSo cgs 
c9®c9>, QJj0a_»0fOo— . 

Em-bark', y. £. <&-gjd> <&>co;oci«>; 

2. gtGSjOcdlgJlas^; (aJSTDo) QSt92<£h. 
V.i. <0>a_jrat> <S>C2;Q,a>; 2. (o_)<SQJC/a)<08<0>, 

as>c^§«a>. =ka'tion, =ea'tion, w. & 


Em-bar'rass, v./. (gaigjpasA, qko 

&*&>.; 3. 6njaLT!(g§lejO(flaa>; &5o aTisl 
g-paa^. -ment, rc. a_irol(gao, tuns 

6013^; ^QiiPo-jo, <QiiS&s\ ; ^^(Biauej^fat), 

a_j sm 5) sra> ^ <ar. o . 

Em-base'ment, ?<. «no^g, otdscuo 

od^, ocflmmjo. [sador. 

Em-bas'sa-dor, n. see Ambas- 

Em'bas-sy, n. fDoe3f^^(TflcjuncruDo 
one, —,oc/3>; 2. rooegjg'tf) ; S.aTlaoa 
ca^QjcaTaizocDo; 4. fc^oflcrflculgjrDl Al; 
5. (^foflrrTloilajocrocTUDejo. =sage, n. 

Sfw" ; QJf5TOi0OCY^o. 

Em-bat'tle (-bat'i), v.t. ouoaco'o @do 

Em-bed', v. t. <sn&\ p <&>, Q-j-aDcesai. 
-ment, n. (sro^^^, o_j.'of!(Ssif?A. 

Em-bel'lish, v. t. eocD)Qj«a«®a», 
oxroo— . -ment, ??. oraai ®3fol<9j)f^; 
c^ocooroo, (g.-ft36rno. 

Em'ber, a. i^^crn 0ocroo (gj^scriJocX) 
g>6ngod&)cro. e.-days smoooj sncucroo 
(R.C.). e.-week «mDCTij'a r lxicro^@g 
f5rg)^cu§o (R. C). 

Em'bers, n. pL foflasicr)^. 

Em-bez'zle (-Wi), v. t. (a^aftO 

3-jont) <0f)sf)cB>3'Chrol>) tffrai-JaO^nsijLi^cQs^, 
(^oajocro xj6KiiancQ/orol)) Qmnh o_iofi<a>. 

-ment, ??• (OToo_jaoa)6mj. =zler, t?. (sk> 





Em-bit'ter, v. t. -^a>g_)oa9_j>, q___n 
8_p«se«fl>, §8 6jDa_p<fl8<9>. -ment, n. 

5>S)d3sg_jOc95)f3?); §§ 611 SoOOj). 

Em-blaze',. =bla'zon (-biazn' , v. t. 

0las<9aWeja&5rold9g#>, (g)ocof_r)a3<_b, al 
onoeioo:<99<0>; 2. o_j9aji-af!a£Do ajroasa.. 

=bla'zon-ment, rc. c/ojocoorao. 

Em'blem, w. a_1__na5)o__.»)_a>o; 2. 
<s«ol, (Srascc/ogo. y.£. aio)a_a>, (TD__n>. =mat'ie, =mat'i-cal, «. a> 
o)(8t®qb;, a-cofi-smo— . =mat'i-eal-ly, 
«d. (8wscsi»oa0-a_n. =mat'i-cise, =mat'- 

i-Clze, t>. £. <eYaSQ-,oa0oa_n c_fl__.3rt>n cSs<£h. 
=ma-tist, ft. £-ice___6TOo croa3c.g_p<fisnmaj 

nb. =ma'tise, =ma'tize, v. t. a»ona_jo(e_ 

a^__Tl^_p(03(fi), orasccvogo <T08feg-pa_a>: 
Em-bloom', =blos'som, v . t. c^^o 

6) (9) SH-i GJ _3d OH tfiS <fi> . 

Em-bod'y, v. £. (©o-jasasnajranasai; 

rD°las<fi>; 4. SQoDo aroaj>g_pa_a>. =bod'y, 

im-bod'y, v. i.>. =bod'i- 
ment, n. <9Y5;aj<^n.}g_]§ajra(a-; (ergj^foO; 

(SQaOo; CrO0tfifi_.f?)])(a3Q_jo, (afOTCol. 

Em-bold'en, y.£. _.a(jue^5^§<t2g)a>. 

_ ' I 

-er, 71. olo-fo^o QjraQSnmojao. 

Em-bos'om (-buz'um), v.t. <erano_fi 

(fbrAsficfb, ^QcX^Ogjaaj; <2(a_40<3OJra35)S 

agr_T|d93<fi>; 2. __jod)a_a<3gai, aoasa>; 

Em-boss', l». £. 6^_^or_or_on- > g_joaori<flQ 
<_h;2. ^ajofti-bofaron £c_i;a^<fii. =boSSed' 

(-bo&t ), a. 6>_3i0fDT3) Q_l_rnlc2;DCCV, 6>a_J3 

^00)^0^. -ment, n. fta-Azanah, 

Em-brace', V. t. (sr^oT\ococno ff>___<_^ 
<£h, 6.<_h§lg_p_fla8«-h; 2. a_jool«<fl5)OC)oc_h ; 
QJOOTO&t.o <£bOS<fi>; 3. 6>5)a>5)a$>3c)o , CTO_fl 

<fi>aT)c98<fi>; 4. (_TOajaio6r_Jl<98<£b; 5. -ajodl 
Qjg.O%<£h; 6. _0S)do§(_8©<&), aroo^9aol<fia 
(£b; 7. QJ_P6_T303O.cfi8<£b, (510 tlf) CD 3 a!_a>. 

v. i. <__j6mfl»<_b. =brace', -ment, n. <sroj 
Em-bra's ure, ». a_fl<_u , c_nsc_j. 

Em'bro-eate, t>. ._ ws^, aJir&s 
a>, <s.^c9843., a^ft (n.ed.). =ea'tion, 

ft. c__jc/_.-afc, 0§cr>o; d3}.Pn_j , <s>6)ar>_uo. 

Em-brog'lio, see Imbroglio. 
Em-broi'der, tut. cun__n©z.a_r) @ 

cnofi>, __D(g)-rai3)Qgjf_. 6)__)caj. -er n. 
__flt@a$TaagjaA Sajfijaaaraab. =der-V, ?2. 
(__Ti__ri®(^nT)f_i, j_n@ajraQa.-a.; oJljail 

Em-broil', t>.£. a>_u3ajajranfij3a_<&);; (fhejaOfCTanaA jdsicXj ^tfyj® 
a>; aj_caaa>; 2. ®§p__»_u«2a>cai. = broil', 
-ment, n. a?_Pg_jo, onso 000*, fsraagf). 

Em-brue', _*ee Imbrue. 

Em'bry-o, =on, 7..<£bra., e/_e-__fi.Truo; 
2.-_a. in e. (QT^>«_uo 1 _n :a i QjrDla i , co@n 
^rold-sia*. nr. aiasgjlsn^; 2. inknS\ 
_ni_vCaDo6i_jartO0oc_t; 3. aDaj-croo ((L)Da_n 
_afi_flgyoana. =Og'o-ny, n. a.asojoa>f__. 
=ol'o-gy, n- co@c_Jl_TT-uo»c(n^o. =on'ie, 

rt. ^l_Jctjn5TT_DCTV)o6r_Ja-OaOC_y; fST^raoSo 


E-mend, u. ^. ajndsa^a>, (Dcmoasj 
a>, c^(Ujno_;oa_a>. =da'tion, w. tDern) 
a>ra6TDo; fonnsajrara.. ='da-t6r-y, «. af\ 

Em er-ald, n. c_j =2 4an^ J , o___2j, 0o> 

ajia>raajr)o (tiiin.). a. o-j^crnoiggg. 

E-merge', u. ^. ^__jo«jQnc_j«na>, o_) 

OS) i_l_i —j a{_^c_n : ej , — , a>o_moa>. 
= gence, n. 6^c_jo«jj_n__jfDfa}), (Q__) 
= gen-cy, ft* (e^a>fr^_^(a_ja^.a-__aj>; (ma 
_Tlc_vno)rDOQj(g,o, 6ryfaLn_g§ . ='gent, «. 
a.06TD0^gfc.(Tr); fffrosTlca'acorotPiDay. =gent- 
ly, flc/. f_TOsnc_vacorQ2oc2n. ='gent- 
neSS, n. <5ro_nc_v(TCoa)o, (Bio^iocuanio. 

Em er-il, n. assmobl^dlasnrn 6)3>cu 
roo (min.). 

Em'er-ods, =oids, n. pi. ^^0 

u51, ^ejasfK, Bra^a^ . 

E-mer'sion, n. «a_jo63_ricLift)fai>; @.q 

C2.'o; 2. '4QaO6YnS0O__JCT)o, a_J(D(b(a_^.^, 

■£&&&) (as.). 




Em er-y, n. 6&0Q_j?smral>; 2. qd(6)cw 

Em'e-sis, n. -aiasf), 010000 (med.). 
e-met'ie, a. oi0or)<ai0oo&>. n. oj0<j>cyvo 
'fincuo (med.). e-met'i-eal, «. -nasp 


E-meute' (-miit'),?j. 0(3roroo, aioog. 

Em-i-ea'tion, n.6>fwd^<s»rai), ajoofab. 

E-mie'tidn, //. ^©aaotflaj' ; 2.^ 
(®o. =mie'tor-y, «. ^(©ojojj.a^oca;. 

Em i-grate, V. f. ajroSGuaasroi' (Tool 

foojoa-oo ^.ai^. =gra'tion, ??. oj«> 

33V8CO(?mo; Q_JfD<2aaaa9Sl'3(S2;OOo; curt) 

seoaojocrocooaid^.cJo. =grant, =gra'- 
tor, n. a_jfD<sGaaajocrucooial. =grant, 

#. — COO0l<&>o)g 6)<9>35ng (SoJOAnT). 

Em'i-nence, «. aca/^, a^^o; 2. 
(Socm^o, sana, <S(^^qxh; 3. ^sprooai 
6ajc^0omajo^ri (/?. G\). =nen-cy, rc. 

OJfif)$_]o, tffl'OTcA =neilt, a. ^CQ/fD^gg; 

on^.moooow^^tfQrmcsyga. =nent-ly, 

ad. a^ooxjo, mcmccon, rsrorafl(/a<2;0ocEn. 
Em'is-sar-y (-eer-i), n. .ojoranb, erf) 

-ship, n. -rLio<T><&>ra>jo. 

E-mit , y. £• a^osig-j^ciDdasai, fag. 

ojcascfb; 2. oj«ri(fl». -tent, =mis'sive, 

«. oD^on, ajocorood^am. =mis'si6n 
(-mish'un), n. aflsrab; (cuaroort>6rr>o, a 

Em'met, rc. ^aou (2;.). 

E-mol-les'cence, n. 009010; ecu 
^jo. ='li-ate, v. t. ojfW0o<9sc9j. ='li- 

ent, «. 0o§cuo ojaacqEsnm. n< <e»^a5j 
(med.). em-0-li'tion (-lish'un),/2. rgro 

E-mol'u-ment, ??. (a_)raf)a^ejo, co 
ougo, aj-oroH. =men-tal, a. aioeo & 

E-m6'tion, n< 0ar>8<fl-,aj<9sK>, 0<smo 
ofl<e>ofoo, o_jfol(g0o. -al, a. 0<r>mTlg 

Bno &@g, aroo(g0o— . =mo'tive, a. 

(@0O— . 

Em-pale', y. t. oflggLpdBaaj; 2. ro> 

olrr>3^<d), «CL.'af)6)<d>S<a>; 3. Qjg^— ; 

4. a^so-ioa,©,. -meilt, n. soiaD; 

Em-pan'nel, see Impannel. 

Em-pawn' (-pan'), V. t. a_j6rncB;o 
Em-per'il, v.t. (BYOojocB;rcraf)ajo<e9;fr. 

Em'per-or, *. w. Empire. 

Em'pha-sis (-la-), n. frrooicoorosrno; 
2. s)oD<orciQjo, gruo.-o). =sise, =size, V.t. 

cro_irofiofo2rarc»o5)s a-^folesai; g>o&J , )_sy 

q-jo^<&. =phat'i€, =phat'i-eal(-fat-), 

(W^ea; aerjg^crn (0>§cm. =phat'i-eal- 
ly (-fat-), ad. a^sano^s. 

Em'pire, n. j^^a-'rorcincTUDoooo; 2. 

(ScOiOCQ;, «TDCJLT)<QiOrDo; 3. 0^0^063.0, 0aOO 

roo^jo, ^(^cLirsranrtnjo. em'per-or, n. 

^j^ajfaT^n, ODo^gos , •'Bioculfooeanb. em'- 
per-or-ship, n. -ni^cLforaricrunsaoo. 
' em'pr3SS, n, ju^ajfORftlorflj 2. .ai^a.* 
foTOTia_j(anl; 3. caie30Dana5Ta). 5ee Im- 

• Em-pirle, =pir'i-cist (-si8t),n.«» 

O3(SQj«*T0)nb; 2. fHrac/dO(rro5>^Qjs,nb, <&> 
§<9s>— . =i-eal, a. 'STaGBSQjortDo.uo csrg; 
co; ; a_jaf)_a3<sca:o(cjriajo--. =i-eal-ly, ad. 

fO)y?d3(noS1d9>05r^ 5 fSYoc^O({TO0aCf2ri. =i-Cism 
(-Siztll) ; Tl. Q_JfQ > l.alCQ;0O( : ^o; fBTOOaOKTO 

6)6)QjBj ; (gYoSjoanje%ro>oooQjoeo. =pi- 
ris'tie, o. a_)f6 J )(Sdaftiocar§aj03C2;. 

Em-plas'ti€, a. ojoci@g. n. 0^ 

5n.}cnDS)<Qi'0cBaujo (med.). fag^. 

Em-plead', v.t. aiooo orgiSfooaJl 

Em-plOy', l>.i. @.a_jSCQ;0Cold9<S(£h; 2- 2. 
©ejOCO^cyltQsa); 3. 0Vns><0s)S a ](»s<S); 4. a_i 

em^^^-paaa*. to e. one's self a«ejo 

cdldBea), (cyajraTan<98<a). n. (a-)ajrarofl, 
^<se,ocoo. to be in one's e. ajsirH 

&>)<&>. -a-ble, a. ao_j(Scf2'Ocd1<65>,-ara)<0si. 

=ploy'e, =ploy'ee, n.&e, <&«»?(*>; «ojg.» 





^siorDnb. =ploy'er, re. (cyajforon<9» 
ODQjnb, cas3i2omn6. -ment, n. gaj 
<Scaocoo- Q-JsrrD, s^otplrab; g.<se,ocoo. 

Em-poi'son (-poi'zn), v. t. cul^o 

s)&d<z<&&<&>. -ment, n. aD^o oca.o§ 
Em-por'i-um, n. a^ajsoruoejo, 


Em-pov'er-ish, see Impoverish. 
Em-pow'er (-pow'r), v.t. (btooD^o 

<9>; 3. <2oa.-f£f!aja»tfgS<f*. [6>w>«o<£jO. 

Em-prise', re. aJl^a-jajioran; 2. 

Emp'tion (em'shun), n. aD^cao. 
Emp'ty (em'ti), a. a^stcns, anrroal 

gjO(DT2n: on an e. stomach ^ajQo aicn> 

Ocflrak; 2. (Of) ®gy0f013); 3. ^CUC^o 6}S)<&> 

ca»032;; 4. <&>ogyo gogjoraro), crooa>o— ; 5. 
0lc3io.C2/OCQ.'; 6. (STOaoejo (SVgjSH; nrflgi 
ejo— ; 7. <93oay@£»; 8. cuorr^aj0gLjOtDT3). 

e.-handed ^ojQ&ga- 3 ^- e.-headed . 
(er^sejo-oion ^gjoasrai. e.-hearted e 

ea— . /?. »^lsroT3)ci_jDig)o. v.t. aiplc©9 

<3>, OJSvCm ^g.^^; QD3«JT3) — . v. 1. 

a^aTls^ftacSj; a</lajo<s-. ='ti-ness, 
72. ayHa"; 0300;, izItsii^'wjo: bn^Oxfl 
®<&s . -ing", 7i. ayHaarab; 05. 

Em-pur'ple, -y. f. roce^cu^zDcaa^. 

Em-pyr'e-al (-pir'i-), a. 3<n«eao0 
cao (ergjco;; 2. (btqotTIzc&o— ; 3. cro_j^ 
<sejoce3oroo6aja\i)o— . =re'an, n. (Soiseao 
sajO(Q>o. a. cruj^n<2ejD(93aroo6ajcTU)0ocs2;. 

E'mu, E'meu, E'mew, n. &>&&& 

«3«0>gL_j<fifian (2.). 

Em'u-late, v. t. g\3@ifl<9aa», 130® 
Qjont) (c/^zlag^, eaoAyoob — , 0m)rol 
<9s<£>. =la'ti6n, ft. <2o_jorD , 1 6ra>o3mo erf) 

(erc<T^c&'. =la-tive, a. gr^iautx&ga. =la- 
tive-ly, «rf. sraiDSnoo rrflsan a3)om° 

=14t-ory, a. <sojoro3@a. =li-tress, re. 

<Sa_iorD ^orofOTon. =16llS, a. (of) 63«cu 

E-mul'sion, re* da£tf!fD(o_)oca> a<o;&i 
cjoo, aj^aaT ; 2. ajocacroo. =mul'sive, a. 
0o§qjo Qja»Kg2)ar), Q_»oej <3o_jo5)ej g) {aa : 

En-a'ble, r>»*. dfctflajsngaaaa), ^o_p 

a-^)ajas«^a>; <oic9$)a>o<98a>. -ment, ??• 
<Q)</1qj ; ©oacoalce; 0(95^ rat. 

En-a-Ct', v.£. <SjgLp(0aa>; 2. <rf)c&0o 

(5T3)c9acS3, — ^S^oas^; 3. S>ji]gaai; 4. -BT3 

elm32n«9sa>. =ac'tive, «• ct)13^0ctD 
02O6rr>Daf)c&>Droi3@j2. -ment, «. orTica'0 
nroDDo-jmo; crf)oa>0o, (cy0o6rno; ojIcjlT). 

En-am'el, n. #loa«fls><ri, o_j^©,°ci^ 
oarab; 2. s^ogj^^", t&aLDs^^^ ; 3. aTl 
_an^g>g_j6rrTl; 4. e(raa>o_aJo, ce>Djiio_iSo 

(OUDo (an.). V.t. <6iOJiJ(cSS}=fi=y!Q>; 2. cu 
gmo d&c&oq,^; 3. (SjaTlsnajn^^; 4. ^ 
6u$eja_imo 6)jj(^. =elled (-°ld), o.. <&> 


En-am'6r, =am'6ur, v. t. (of, with) 
0cb. , «ss(9i, ojc/ol^fjDdasd^. -ment, re. 

S03aODCTU)O>; CUC/ifWjfDSTDo. 

En-eage', v.t. ^£)eT\^A, &S&&&. 

En-eamp', v. i. tuoaa^o goo6oga>, 
— (BYosncss<0>. 7j. t. — (srasng_p<es«ft>. -ment, 
72. a_jog.cao ^Qososral);'o. 

En- ease', u. /. ^o-j^lcanraJ) @o§a>; 2. 

^occTlral — . -ment, ?v. aocszTieDsrab; 2.0. 
En-eash', u. ^. mosrn,zocc71 aoQSv. 

-ment, «. ©oj^clj^o 0001 rLjsmo s)s>o 

En-eave', M. <^aazi\^ aa^aJpaa*. 
En-ceinte' (an-san') ^7. co^ea, co 

eienrfica/aoa;. (5^00° an.). 

En-cephVlon, =los (-sef-), n. <^aj 
En-chain', v.t. jusoopj^TI^^; 2. 

En-chant', u. ^. 0^g)cot3)o^ ajoaforao 

(93<S>, QJO^)(9>ro1<9siOt; 2. 0CQJ<98<9>, fOCnTl 

g_p(08^, fsrg)Onn3o ©jorrigyl^es^. -ed, 




-er, n. 0£rg)auoQ\ -in<r, a. a^oaca^ 

cs&gg ; $0Oaocrf)ca03ca,. -ment, n. 

(Qgjcuoao, 0ofD6mo; cr^osooo, 0(gg)6uj 

•cnoono; 0<Scr>3oOrt)'ai.Jo. -ress, n. org) 

En-chase', &. £. <8TD( ^&7J ) c9, ; '-• ^^ 
En-cir'cle, d. /• c^rorao cua><fls<&>; qj 

En-elose', v. t. aoeQn&n§<8j, raras 
(Oko^^i^, <sT3<^rDT3> Qcu<es<^. =elos/ure, 

9|. QjgOJ ; 6)(S>§lmc9>o; (STD d) QE! gg < / 0> , 

En-eo'mi-um, «. a^-on, aja>^. 

=mi-ast, ft. 9Q o oefl as cm qj ot>, Qjcral. 

=mi-as'tic, =mi-as'ti-eal, a. (a_)oao 
En-eom'pass, y. /. ajoq,^, ojg 

C3^(9>; (cyecOfiTlerno q^l)^, — -3>cu(fls<Q). 
-ment, n, ajgaJ , (Srojcurasroo, ^oorak. 

Eh-eore' (an-kor'), arf. or int. © 

Crfll&o 62>fDlo96)f3i). 11. (BY§)QjcaT3Kr>D(aiC20az; 
Qj)§fl. U.£. gQ0a^1(6Qa>. 

En-eoun'ter, v.t. <8crirtfl§<&>; a®®)} 

<6s«a>. p. t. gDS5)a_j§<9i, (avz0l^<0>36rra<&>; 

S^O-JDrOJrtSc&j. ?2. (rfJ}Sl<Q$)3tf; ; jDOS ig§ ; 
2. <Sa_J3(03§o, <X2j@JJo. -er, n. qQ>t£\ 

En-cour'age, v.t. s^uo^^^ 

-ment, n. 6)5)co^o (gjsrab; g)<aro3ao<3o 

rDsmo; flwoa^ajo. =eour'ag-ing-ly, 

ad. (srao3(@ej0ocQri; 6)6>cogyo earrDd9»(DTZJ) 
<9»QJgrno. [«2®a>. 

En~era'dle, y. £. ^^o§lej^ aTis 

Ell-Crim'son (-krin/zn), y.f. ^jQJ 
2_p(9s<jEb. (ST3'O?6Yr>0O(9s<&i. 

En-er6ach'(-krocli'), y. I. (on, upon) 
O9y>coj,<d>, <0><3cgj(i<&>, (BT3 wl(^0"l<O9d>>; 2- <a> 
cgp§<&>; 3. (BTaa-joOfo^al^^as^. -er, n. 
(5Y^(^)0l; <8YOo_iaOOrtfl. -ing-ly, tf<i. ASCgJ 

ooaseoTl. »-ment, ??. aiScgpoo, <eY9;(g} 

06TT)o; (BTO'oflfD Office) (/.); <B10ajo£)fa>o. 

En- crust', v.t, 6>Q_»oai>^<s>. -ment, 

7<. aJOo 6^a_J0gTli 6>a_)3raO, <2a_j0g; (&SrtA. 

En-eum'ber, v. t. eoroo ^0(0®^, 

^Sd&sio CUfCQ(^<d); <&)tf<e8<Q-., GLTlAi^g-p 

<f>s<fli; 2. <&iSo ^j08j®«s>, <aiS^jraTlejoc9s<ai. 

-ment, =eum'brance, n. -oiiaaaj; <o>s 
cruDo, <$§>, *so. = eum'bran-cer, ». 

QJ(^ <e)SajraTlejo<ssomQjnb, aoimo o_j6m 
cao .njocoigamajab. 

En-cy€li€,=eal,a. ^a-jog^aj^gg, 

croocoorDsmaoca. n. a_irDarD.<2aj6uooo. 

En-cy-elo-pe'di-a,=pae'di-a, n. aD 

S9naOOT)CTflaei5my, <9j ej C8 <0) 3 U3P, 0^9,00 

sr^nTi; 2. cLnajo^gj-aids. -cal, =pe'di- 
an, =pe'die, =ps'di-eal, a. mocDsafi 

ca3CQaroo6ruaru)o (eY0,c£j; croQliariGjOoroo 

(^)qoo- . =pe'dism, n. 0000^ qj^o 

crTlaei'TmyrDjiicn; crog^QjlSjOajlc^rascno. 

=pe'dist, n. QLn«sTaocncrf|Qai5rrujfDAi(0> 
ab; croali(/a:((ToefcTO>flb. 

End, //• (SWOOo, (8T3(g)o; 'BTD^fD , I8T3 

qjcjoI; 2. OToajcrosmo, cro0oojjp, <ofl-4i, 
6a§aj ;■ 3. aaajo; 4. 6b§iQno, larocTWjo, 0ro 

5mo; 5.m3(/d<ft,orD6mo; 6.&J3<65i , rtnOgyCgjo; 

7. soacaalgj , g> oiHi^o. an e. aifora 
6)an; ^s^^oca;). e. for e. acf 1^0 
ooios . e.s of the earth g^(o-j®aoao. 
in the e. e^casio. on e. «iffira>s>cr), 
6wo§6OT55cd. to the e ^Sl® 5 *^ 

ens,. . . (BraraJflo. to make both 
e.s meet da>so ^sos^ c&ipn^^^, 
aTaQO^asyHcesBi. to put an e. to 
(oflaad), (aroajon)3<Trig : j > i<6s<&>. v.t. m\ 

<QSd&), CrO0iyl<98ai, n^(aT9ri3J;0<98<£h; 2. 

fsraQjcroomo crfl^d); 3. mcolgjlaaai, 

6)<&}3aj<0>. 17. f« <0?)<T»<0>, (0>OGJo oQ)(^®a>. 

-'all, n. o_jfD0cuca)3mo. -'ing 1 ,^. ®§ 
qj" j ^g-j ; nnsoao; 0fD6rr>o; o-jesnrwo, 
(o_)^ca;o(^?'.). e.^-day afosmalajoma. 
-'less, a. <o?)foorBTO>; orTl^o OT^ca', oao 
oajro^o— ; fffracnrro)o— , (BrocoQjai)— , raw 
<or>ro^3cara; cn^ej03cs2/, <9>3^0lgjo^U). zo^^subqj. -'less-ly, ad . a 
§<Q5)0n^35)fU), ^Ds;iTls35^f0>. - less~ness, 

72. crf)'2j<TO. -'long, ad. & prep. S)cr> 





<§S513o)<Y), Orf)&.1$T2r:art>. -'mOSt, CI. 'ST3 

oo^fa @.@a; snjQDgroo— • -ways, 

-'Wise, rtC?. <S»«3T3)«m; S)OO§60Q5)OO; gg 

oro) ai ^ <s nm o <dsi 2 coTl . 

En-dan'ger, V. t. fBroaj<0>srnT»laj3 

cO«<&>; 2. (SaOrftto QJO»«J32)c0i, S0CO0 — . 

-ment, n. <6r§r>_irara> , terDo_jocao, 00^0. 

En-dear' (-tier'), v. t. (a_fic&'o curates) 
a; 2. oDejAca>ofi(fl>. =dear'ed-ly, -ing- 
ly, ad. aj3«m3^<8(roaod)s. =deared- 
ness, r?. <so$aoo. -ing, «. (cylcaisga; 

3(a_}30og_ioe<9>0ocB>. -meilt, n. (o_ <r )'ofl; 

racroo. a word of e.t <s(o_)0cuonn; 
roosajoejo. name of e.t etzzans^co . 

En-deav'or, =deav'6ur (-de/er), 

v.t. (^g)ialces<e), co;(arfl<seca>; g)crflcx^<©>. 
to e. One's self y&cgflonrBfl<e>o§<a». 0.1. 
(STO(§>UaDafla«ca>, {DroTruoao\a®<Si. n. ($jq> 

00, (a_)Q2,«5r)o. to do one's e. aajscgj 

SngfO) 6>_aJCa<a>; (fbO^jOfoino .-B7o<aO_10Crfi 

En-dem'ie, =i-eal,a. i^ys^&o (srg) 
cb>, aviaosao— , <seaaS3o— {meet.). =dem'- 
i-e, ra. (a_)S^te>(Sfoocoo (med.). 

En-der'mie, a. aiaazos^smc^gg. 
(med.). e. method -ainzBodascuta-) 
(Scaocoo (med.). 

En-dict' (-dlt'), -ment, en-dlte', 
see Indict, Indite. 

En-do-ear'di-um, n. apecaocrog 
^nmo (an.). =ear'di-ae, =ear'di-al, a. 

oT)aca;3(T0)g -aj22>(TOo6nj(TU)20Ca, aC)3COjO 

aros^rn^aocB; (med.). 

En-dog'a-my, ?*. crDjaiaiaflauooDo. 
=m6us, «. cro.j<&»aifaraf)fob 0o(@o aflojo 

aOo S).a)<acm. 

Sn-dorse', etc., see Indorse, etc. 
En-dow' (-dou'>, v.t. ($.&(& cro^ad" 1 

t9s<e>, — (a_)(oTlcfiQla3<a>, a_nsroooLj<Q-.ofoo 
-mno ©c^jo o><f*>o§cag<d>; o 5 j>'araf!<9fl Qfmrab 
oTlrol^ 6>aj<8a«a>; (rr^lcomo 6><a>o§<ea<Qi; 

2, (with) eOQOo 5)<eiO§<e9<05; curoo— , (a_) 

nrooao— . -ment, n. Qjo_^3ocno; crc2) 
eocaaro_jtaTa) , ajsrooa-jd&oro eiao3ojjo; 

(rr^lcuooo; (o-joajpaTlSoa^aio, sq^%jS\ 


En-due', v. t. (with) aoa^-ai, ojroo 

5)<Q5o§(Sst0>. -ment, n. ^o-iocufoo, rma 
od^QaOo, (a_)crcoeo. 

En-dure', 0. i. ©os* arfi^A, a-fi 

ai— , cruDlrD6)g_j§ai; 2. croocT^cYfl 

^(S), 6)a_iOQ,tSSc&>; aJaff)<S9d9i. =du'ra~ 

ble, a. oruaD|0oca;, ^o-jcQjd&noajam. 
=du'ra-bly, ad. croaocrfloBjaoean. =du'- 
ra-ble-ness, n. ao-io^a. =du'rance, 

11. QD'OS ; CTUDlfOcW; OTOaOlaBa'ai, (3&S2. 

=du'rant, a. sxn^aoaOo croaolagam. 
=du'rer, n. s^cmo-g^o g>@g.ajab; <oaio 
craft— . =du'ring, a. ©oscrfl§)b,crn; 
^lnei«fififl0c%§a. =du'ring-ly, ad. <©fiQ 
0Sai'O6)5. =du'ring-ness, n. taflaoaofl. 

E'ne-ma, n. c^aocL)n£p(a_)'30B>ocoo, 
'o-ficr^orDV <sms\&5)0& (med.). 

En'e-my, n. oaraj, 000000b, of) 
aroocul. the e. oa^s^^crccr^o. en'mi- 
ty, n. a_j<S), ajlsraocuo, 00000, cys;©^; 
aQ'an&soQjo, 0<oTo^o. in-im'i-cal, 

'manooz)^aj0ocQj. in-im'i-eal-ly, «d. 

0Q > tj)ari3_joa2n, ojlsroocuSfOTzno'DS. 

En'er-gy, n. &@e<9« ,6rxiajo; 2. C8(73 

caf), 6^^CUSOJo; 3. ^^nl.'OIOOjO, j2,jQ,-en' ; 

4. ucxeoTi (pA.). =get'ic, =get'i-eal, 

a. j^Q, ^j Q,^ ^ia; a'O.Ofl — , ^o-joojfl— . 

=get'i-eal-ly, ad. ^.^ooofisc&o^s. 
=get'ics, w. ca<»rt)ncoo(fT^o ()[?/«.)• =ner'- 

gie, =gi-eal, a. (a_)QjcnTD)<Qi0oca;; aajaiz, 
@g.=glse, =gize, P« i. aoas^o^daj, ',a_) 
o^.-DT!»l<S9<ai. y. ^. ^j6Tr)^s<Bi, eruaio qj 

E-ner'vate, v.t. 6ajaj0najowoc9s<9 5 , 

o)5)co^d9foco;o curajK^ai, (flflalerrTlg-p 
as^, gccTlfo 5)ca>§K@(S3. «. oiQjajaolon 
0OC3H, g.r3d9snajoo5T3). =va'ti6n, n. siuejo 
S)c95^<sa(?jl); fST2)6m l -o)_i0najOCB;. =va-tive, 
rt. ua a9Ya!T) £» o<99 am. =V0US, «• a'OcBnoo. 

En-fam'ish, v. t. a-]§l«Tfians^ 

<9i, (ergaOOfoo 5)<&;O§aPO.^JnaD<08<9). 




En-fee'ble, v. t. <sfl3l6rn\-p<es£>, ua 

a^?* &<=}<&%&>, 6iQjaj(icf)on0o<980>. -ment, 
n. eruaicOtozajo. [c9al§<». 

En-fet'ter, y.£. sojcruTlaa^, ^6W3&j 

En-fold', s« Infold. 

En-f6rce', VVti 6ru&j <0)OS<0>; 2. on) 

CrO0Cl51g_pd9si<Qj ; 3. oQol3?,<&j; 6SOSl<9®<0>; 

4. enjejs^^qS)-^, 6ia.iaio(@S(0j; 5. ens 
g_jO(Ss^, onscqgSc&i. v. i. eruejo o^g^i 

cos<Qi. a. ozxfioH. -a-ble, =for'ci-ble, 

«. (DS^jctQnoaicTn; onn.sQjraultSKOcycrn. 
=f6rced' (-fored'), a. cri)sa£OVjisto)oei$£, 
£cr>8o^o^0§yofmra). =f6r'ced-ly,0<i. (Sao 

<2$(OTO>0o>S. -Hient, n. OnlsQJfaDo, 6TU 

aj6Qjcaco (5.); cnsgjO'Qnd); (ojscaotoo; 
$aO0o. =for'cive, a. (rnsDjcautrgajaoca;. 

En-for'est, y. t. «e>osoc98<9>. 
En-frame', y. /. -nAscnranroh 5d§<©>, 

En-fran'chise, y. /. otojo^iq^o 

o^o^cOs^, ^s^ft&crflrrn oj")§<0>; 2. 

S)a-JOrora>Jo o)<£ho§(QS(9>; 3. (S_a)(9!8<0>, CTqJ\ 

&>(£\<&%&>. -ment, n. sajcaosaocuano, 
En-gage', y. 2. ajod^ 5><9>o§<©3(0>, g. 

Ojj_j — , crflcroiic&o Q^iitg^; 2. qjIojooO 
^oroTlcm crTlaajcBn<a8^; 3. o_i6rnl<B5iO(99<9>, 

5. g><2GjOCo)g_p<090-, ; 6. g)SKX> §(DJ3)<&>; 7. 
Sa-joSrsg^; 8. (0i§<08c&. v. I. QJOC/3 
fSIO)o ffJjili^; SrQSia^dD,; 2. £CTc)o §c&> ; 3. 
(<yQ^f3ran32/'ld) o^S)^^; 4. C%aUo 6).al 
^; 5. <0><§ 60131 eoflrtfl (03 <fr. -gaged' 

(-£*jd ), a- a_)6rrTl -013)1 ra <9g gg ; ajsrrfl 
coDra?) agjs^j^; Qjlajooocnic/ojjca'o cQjyH 
6TOI3, ajosroto) 5)aj_gj; nsra -oOccgjfaup @g , 

racroo— ; aff><^§; <8<s_jo<8a>oo. =ga'ged- 
ly, ad. ^ogj^Sforaos. =ga'ged-ness, 
n. <o&u, c^c^ooofl. -ment, n. c^6)^ 
srab; crflcsuca-o, ajocacorao; cfrraofc- ciD 

CUOaOCrnOOilcao; <0>O<3ljo, (oJ^fSraii; (Q_) 

sajoanoo; o%<auo, o-js. =ga'o*ing, a. 
<s an onoro 2 oca;, ejoo_i6Tn,(g@g. =.o*a'gins i '- 
ly, «f/. gpdsadfcroaocB;). 

En-gar'land, y./. ^qjcbTI^a. 

En-gar'ri-son, v. t. a>oo_ifaba_is 

En-gen'der, v.t. agjoa^jidBs^, « 

nnlg.p^aga); 2. jDSngo,^^ i2,g.8--p<&8<£>. 
y. t. &g_jOQ n .<Q9<£h, g>aOJ0<3>.; 2. (ST^a^g 

En'gine, n. (o^oojp; 2. ca^o, &.i_j 
•ffcrosmo; 3. (srg^coo. e.-driver, e.- 

man WQQcnozi&iib. v. t. ca^o t^Qj 

<fi®<^. en-gi-neer', n. crQ'@&sto>d). oS) 

gjoao(rrul; ca,'rjra)onoce;ainb; 0")§<95>rtb, c9>o 
<3ycrooco<0>nb. y. £. crflizaosrno-i ry'oi^ 
s^joj^; c2-!Cj5)g_j6TTfl — ; <eiog^o croocbi^_jl 
«es^. mining e.r ojrnloBo^sssraTb. 
en-gi-neer'ing, n. QHQgxmozi^^-.^o; 

oalg^cyao^t, cry^ojls,. civil e.g cn\ 

20O5TT)Qu1e,, i^^j oaO((T^o, oa1^j'730((TOo. 

bachelor of civil e.g oalgjoao^ (a_) 
oJlemrtb. master of civil e.g wfi&i 
w>o(o^^f». mechanical e.g ca^aTl 
Sj. bachelor of mechanical e.g a* 
(Q5) aulQjO(ajajl6m at». mining e.g ojan) 
coo(0^o. =ner-y, ??. OB;(rTg)nnoca'<Si«J>-io; 
cs^.?ijoc^C)U6aQc)o; co;^ra)o. 

En-gird', ^gir'dle, =girt', v.t. ^ 

En'glish (in-), a. ©o^Dawfoo^fOTZjTl 
ej@s_; 2. ^Do^lreOpOS^rt) crooenjcruTl^ ; 3. 
(8to» cuooaeamo^. n. (the) ®o^l:go oro ; 

2. 5)0^1^3° so .«!. the King's E., the 
Queen's E. g)o^) ^tfirab ^ausocaa. y. /. 

alcon^o.ioc^^. -ism, 7i. gDo^lcao r^l 

(on. -man, n. ©oggl-.a^ofo.ib. -woman, 

En-glue', y. ^. o-joolcoga), aglasa^. 

En-gorge', v. t. cn\o&%£»\ 2. foflorra 
a>, any6OT§(0>. y. t; (jrro&j^scaos^s tafl 
oto^. ^gorged' (-?orjd'),«. an^ajra^loi; 
fo<eo)o orf)o6TaTa>; <8jiiofoo0)§lc32; (med.). 
-ment, n. ^^5013^, S)a-jro3nuflorn, 6qj 
£<QBa; «jjjoro«d>§fiA (med.). 




En-grave', v. t. efDroraniub^dioc^a), 

a_j'an<9!3efr. ^rEved.', a. o^o-ora a_i6rnl 

cs^ocqj. -ment, n. — ojsrn). =gra'ver, 

n. — a_ism)<9nDrt>nb. =gra'viflg, ?*• s><s>3 

rtJT3)<tii>; S)<fr>0fl5T(J> ajsrrf); _aTl(cg)o. 

En-grOSS', v.t. ajej'n,0(9s<9>; 2. (jgj 
S<0>; 3. a_j<0j5VBra)y;g)c©>, 'fHTo£rgejo<9s<a>' ; 

QJO6OT§ai;6..'ST3'tjr'(g)0l5) : gj§(fl8(0). 

hand ongj<fr>cgjd9fiaroo. -er, n. -Bttg^ai 
ygoDQjrrb; aj^gjslcaocan ojc6ogcm 
Qjnb; Qch'Q^\ Qjc6tJQl<j95»ac%nmQjnb. 
-ment, ft. a^raia; sroeu. 

En-gulf, v.t. 3<9sn<fl»aaga>, afiy> 

En-hance', t*. /. &a»fl8a<&>}<a»ctt'OQ<a»; 
2. Qjf^iD^JI^^, ."BTocon<9)0O!©9<©). e.ed 
punishment «Yacute>oa'l<afla (/.)• d« i. 
o)Q_i^s<Qiai, aj@xf)<6s<j&i. -ment, n. 6)o_io 
ooxai)-, oYOjculcfrjO. 

En-har'bour, v. t. ores®) -wo (ojooj) 

(99<&>, ajD&3c9>. 

En-heart'en (-b&rt'ii), i>, f. asico® 
En-hun'ger, y. f. af)c/»g-fldBe«a». 

E-nig'ma, W. c&>Sa&>LO, <20-5>o_J3(03c)o; 

2.foooa^j , 00210. =mat'ie,=mat'i-eal, 

«.0os>o_jort8c)o(srg)ea;, g^Ov-jDjc — . =mat - 

i-eal-ly, ad. ^"UDooinaoean. =ma- 
tist, n. <a>sa&ixi<0»oronb. =ma-tlse, =ma- 

tlZe, B.£. <0>S8fti[jDCQ/OCQ;l 0_J03#<&>, 0OOJO 

cbH— . =mat-og'ra-phy, =mat-ol-6- 

gy, ?/. <&)S3&LQoaDei. 

En-join', v. t. <a>g_p<3e<a>, <srg)g*>ro>D 
o_n<B8<S); 2. an«rDc(.i5"]<9e«9> (/.)• -ment, 
)t. QjrtSfaf), no.sgaao, t/aoaroroo. 

En-joy', y. f. <0Ysaro_iel(9aa>, flroaQ 
3aDces<&>, foarolcSsja); 2. giSngo^; 3. $£0 

coH(©3d). to e. one's self (t\;&jo sao 
-a-ble, a. or\;Qj(n_)e2DOQ/'. -ment, n. 

(8Y0 OS 3(30030, (TOriSc^cp; SCCOjO. 

En-kin'dle, 0. t. rof) fc psn _p<6a<a>, 

En-large', t>.£. Qjej.trotaa^, qj&uI 
Q_p<fl8<9>; 2. aDoaoejo recast©); 3. gtojo 
fav^s^^^d*). to e. an order oro 
qjcjoH cr)l3 r "i^<95)o§<es<d) (/.). to e. one's 
self annr^«n^° q_joq%^. to e. the 

heart aosogyc/a^aio (ftosA. v.i. aiaj 
fwod^; 2. crooJlnr^ofDo njo^<9). =larged' 
(-larjd'), «. Qjfauljy; cuacDo^X)^, Qjl 
ssialca;. -ment, n. aDcT^lgn^'w, ojafi 

p_Jo; of)«S5)o; Qj&LXDCU , afldSiOCTUo; CUDJO 
fO).Q3).o; ^lnei(fyCT\iDOQ_Jo, QjlcurD6TT)o. 

En-light'en (-Ht'n), v.t. (Q_j<e>oo?n 

p_p<S3<9j, (O_)(9)0Cyao 6)(0>O=c98<9); 2. (BYaol 

0^ — ; 5)o ^a^caTi^ — ; saxioojo ajrajqajtQi. 

-ment, «. (O-J^OC'So; (BTOcTiCIj', S6UJ0CCo. 

En-list', v. t. ^iioa^<s>, o-j§l«o>conrai 
a3)^@<9>; 2. n-igoafsrai^ Q^B^faTl^a) ; 
3. rSToad(^tiriQ_p<d9<s>; crcauoala?^. y. I. 
ajsoafwaHfal) S-aKra^; 2. ca.ot^o'oiDo g. 
OTOCaoltSs^). -ment, fl. ^uofora , ajso 
g.^ioHfoi (S^iirDrti; a_i&3^a) Srosu. 

En-liv'en l-H/n), u. ^. eflaDgJIas 

<0>, o>6) aJ£nnn.o Qj(TO(^<0); 2. CfC®CT0)3 

^ao sacrflgjlcdscfh. ^^ a.^cOsa). 

En-mesh', y.^. ajejcarifoi) 6)q_i§cs® 
En-mossed' (-most'), a. ^Joj 

En-n6'ble, y.^« «fte/lcnfm curojc^ 
a>, <2(cg)reQioi— ; a-jacLriff)a)D§t6S(0>;2. ail 
(Saa^i5>g_)§«®<a). -ment, ft- <dja/l<D 
0casiful>, a^ 1 ^ 5101 ^; s^ajoaY-fOjo; o_jaaTl. 

En'nui (Sn'.wi), n. rnlsc^jcono.aijo, 
a3nacQ30)gjocs;, jxiSgj', 0a3o>. 

E-nor'mi-ty, n. (^aaTlafODcco; 2. 

(ST^ClT1(0)jo; 3. SciQlofoO), SlCOOfoOJo; 4. 

s)5)ajrD3Q^o. =nor'mous, a. <BToa^a^o 

(SYD)Ca;; ri_\0(O)<Q)O— ; &t££o— . rrUOr'mOUS- 

ly, «<f. ajgjoro, 'Bro-Wjo5 , l<a>?oc2n. 
E-nough' (e-nuf 7 ), e-now' (-nom'fc a. 

0gDca/o32;, sajongnm, .^«9n. ad. cg^-J^ 
^o3ajoao; 2. (JOoroogo, ananDocaT); 3. wfo 




^oj6TTg(SQjoao. int. 0-oTl! eiioO! 

E-nounce', p.i. ojoq^, (tyn^oaf. 
(6e a>; 9. ^^fbOcescfe. -ment, ». (jy 
nr^oojo. =nun'ci-ate, v. t. (a-jcruDoo-fl 

v. i» o\(BfOiZocsf\ 2>£±(6)i9$<q>. =nun-ci- 
a'tion, n. (o_icruDoa_)m ; ^^ofosmojj 
tBoO; (o_^0c6rnaj3<£bjo. =nun'ci-a-tive, 
=nun'ci-a-tor-y, «. (a_)CToooo_jnoo©Q-i 
0ocs2;. =nun'ci-a-tor, «. (cyarumaLjainb. 

En-quire', etc., see Inquire, etc. 

En-rage', v. t. ®<a»oo_f)a_f)<e8<fii, <sa>o 
a_>o Q-:ro3(gm)aj, — earrDgJldBsas. -ment, 

R. <2(g)CCJUa-joa>QJC'a.o. 

En~rap'ture, y. ft. «®c^ oeo sarnl 
g_p(©3d>, aj^0oono3o— . =rapt f , /?• a. 

crosnroo^QauoroQjc^j^^. =rav'ish, y.ft. 

crci3("ra)O(ajcroo(g0o QjasK^d). =rav'ish- 
ing-ly,rt<:/. (erg)^) Daa>ro0oean. =rav'ish- 
ment, W. (Sro,rno3Dof)<2fDa,o, (a_)<20:eo. 

En-rich', y. ft # . cocnajoroD&ga), s>a£) 

3. QJa0l§ai, aCiQJ(cye0Oc99<Si; i. ©staO 

noo auoajDaHcegta). -ment, n, 5)z®uv> -jcgj 
qj^uoo; cua->arog(ti51; rmrDejaaoroo. 

En-r6be', y. £. -oJ0can<aaa>, (Hraejafo 

En-roll', y.ft. a-j§\&>ear)ral> a^yrga,, 
— juo^<0j, — s^iascft). -ment, ??. -oao 

En-root', v.t. QQj(@mo<Q). 

En route (-rut), aJSPloaoooin; (Sojo^o 
QJ^«a» • [ctoo, 3 <ga>. 

En-sam'ple, ?<• ©aoaoresmo, gc^ao 
En-san'guine, v.t. ajjoroajlro^; 

En-seonce', v. ft. 0oa!3<e>, ©gflg-p 
En-seam' (-st'm'), v.t. garn^s^-, 

Eh-Seni'ble (ari-san'b!), flrf. «8rg.dEh 

yoas, anmoona [ttaaflaaa,. 

En-shield', y. £. <w§a8a>, ao«fle<&, 

En-shrine', y. ft. iros^o^aftflaaa.; 
En-shroud', v. t. -ajorf)s>«ejisia>, « 

En'sign (en's in), /*. ^flsosl, cjUj83o; 
2. (ffraSCQJOao, ifljolj 3. a_>8CLn_af)a£no; 

4. a-jgo&ajraTtoej (a)06rng><2e.oco:TUDab 

(mt7.). e.-bearer cjo_i«ojoacD (mil,). 

En-slave', v. t. tBraslaagj^oggja,, 

(SYasHacaoas^. -ment, n. aocnfl<s>rt> 

En-snare', y. t. &&>sm\<9%&, cuej 

En-sue', v. t. a_fig3)Sf03<e>. y. i. qj 
ipIqcq; cufoltQj, (STO^'arcS' oroosaTltasai; 
ooGjl<e!8«e>. =su'ing, a. clktood, (STa§cnrz». 

En-SUre' CahnrO, y, ft, crfiCGMca/Ojy^ 
(?S®<S), rrflCQUoajo cuna(^a>, fofl^caocQaaj. 

En-tail', n. iq$^&> aS)cis)sJ&i§ ) zo 

(/.). y. £. fSK>QJd9sOOa0OC2n 6)<^0§(9£(9»; 

2. a_joroou^03can on)cm^<B%<a) ; 3. ^iO 

En-tan'g'le, y. ft. -aflcORoaga., <fl3yc9s 
C&; 2. <feyg_j0o<e9ca). -ment, n. <fla§ 
<9a ; (g0o. 

En'ter, y. ^. ^y scubas ^, gcfeo^ 

<9»<fii; 2. (SjxifTSai; 3. o^6)glj§ai; 4. {a^O 
oJIdaaai; 5.cft)S(DJ®<0), <S_aJa84h; 6. ^oJOCOIg) 

<S); (into) (O-jSQJC/aldBgai, ^S)cX>S<Oi; 

(into) (8r9,aejojaD(98«fl>. en'trance, n. 

(a_)3a)ODo; ^_)<sajaaoooa©Qjoeo; ojoioOob, 
QJtpl; (SY^rOoSo. en'try, 7i. ^a_)3Qjoao; 

g)S<05)o; jiiOaSTO) , SftdUo^^^COTarob; <?rD5U, 

oraaifoiraJ'aisasiral) (/.). en-tree' (&n- 

tra'),?i. (ajaoj'j&noaroaaiaio. en-trant', 

«. (o-jUQJC/arnotairf), @L®0a_iorDnb. 

En-ter-al'gi-a, «. (BT^^^ei 

En-ter'ic, a. «s«s^ct\:o6qj(tu)0ocq». 
e. fever afl^ew-iroo, croonrT), nua- 
ija-icrn (med.). 




En'ter-prlse, n. c&ono, o-iral^zo; 

2. aflrow), 0OD5^miDfZSt&so. v. t. ro>oril 
aj/aj, (grDsa^aj, ajosYgj^c^. v. i. 

sing, a. rg>an)sroig> a-josYgj^cro, <2s1<9s>a 

En-ter-tain', v.t. fca-jcoQd*; 2. cuo 

alp<fl9<3>; 3. aj«rrTi(9w syqj(8sj<&>;4. oro^rjfl 
<S9t0>; 5. f00rolQ_p(S8t95; 6. cro_f)<sifDl(88 
C&,; 7. orfl(rgaJl(9S(9> ; s^sorrocai. y.f. 
(ST2)foTl(5iDiocS)0§<a>; croeja3yn<es(0i. -ihg, 
«. foot))<&0oca j . -ment, n. (Braocola^o 
roo; cro^ofoo; croe. ; <^gn, aTlSonoao, 

rtXXDo; a_)6YT"fl(85> oJCUdtortrt); Q-jSYtTI- 

En-thral', = thrall', y./.a3cnfl«9,«n 

ascQ5, <arasl0cn;o<B8!9i; see Inthral. 
Ea-thr6ne', y. t. croloooo croon roYaTlrzib 

®O»a^t03, i13oe3OQJOc02(9j, QJOiPldasai; '2. 

BTO(?^j^fiQ an Dd&acd». -meilt, ft- crvDo 
QOoa"Ocn'jSrDoaOsrr)o, /SYartfleaTIg cuo^. 

=thro-ni-3a'tion, =thro-ni-za'tion, 

n. (STO©£,cQfticruDocr)OTr5)oaRf3l). =thr6'- 
nlse, =thr6'nlze, v.t. cnflyaoocroon 
asraTl^ @rrao5®a^; (SYO^iJ.dQfianruDsfDfaYao 


En-thu'si-asm, n. (sy^scuujo; 2. oyd 
^9j0aro<W\ 0ron§<s<a»1; — (gsors) ; 3. <gr§) 

OOCT3o; (SY^oOOGo; 4. fflfSTOOoOo, <B>Od 

ooo, c&qgpcrofl; 5. croscTOoS-ftioaaoso. 
=ast, ». 0rt»(go(TO.ib, (srao^ocrod^nb. 

=as'ti€, =as'ti-eal, «. (SYgjcroa&oTi a@&; 

En-tice', v.t. aioal<9>a>n(9s<e»; ^rarco 

aOlg_p(95j<&>. -a-hle, #. «0OQOlfO)03'^fl 

(vo&icm. -ment, n. ajualsjrosrno, (SY§) 
<0>aii6mo; <S0OoDaTlca3Cfi;o. =tl'cer, w. 
oj c^l d>iD (8a o ronb. =tl'cing, a. 0<son3 
aDrozocH, 1 . =ti'cing-ly, ad. aaoaoarfl 


En-tire', a. <SY3,crO(&>&jo (SY5)CQ;, <sy8 
<8oacfi3o— , a^grr^o— ; 2. ScfrCuajo— , y^ 
aoo— . n. tgtpaiab. -ly, aef. coftaro, 

(SYp5 < 8 ) Q_j35iS , ) a_jfO03(OYc03C2n. -neSS, W. 
Q-JfDla^gTT^rcn; C2;LD3C0K)o; a^(8>3lC/)rzn. 

-ty, ft. a^'oraTI, cro0ic/)ra). 

En-ti'tle, t?. £. 0x103002^^ s>#>3§ 

d9s<8>; CSn.jrc'aJOC^tQjj — ClTI^^®^; 2. 
(BY3QJ<0>3C/ao g.6rti3(89(8>, (2 CSfc 3 C/3 . (9) — ; 3- 

En-ti'tule, v.t. auronjo^ai. 

En'ti-ty, ft. &6na, <si&rr£l<8«jo; cro 
rtDjo, currjo) =ta-tive, a. cro3<8&i3(3l> 
<o)(O)j0oca>. =ta-tive-ly, ad. crfljjgo 
60JCT\U23^2D, ctoj3i-o>. 

En-toil', y. £. ajejcBTl^ aj§<8s<&>; <syj> 
En-t6mb' (-torn'), v. t. ^gpcaTld) 

6)uif)S(9), <8)yn^§(8>. -ment, n. <&<£} 

.^psrab, oacuo 0O6^jjjg2jr3b, c/a ^s on (g^ca/. 

En-tOm'ic, =i-eal, a. aflscrooenj 
cru)j (SY3)cq;. ='to-moid, a. a?)s@^o— . 
=to-mol'o-gy, n. aflsc33(nr^o. ^ 2 .) 

En-to-zo'a, rc. p/. e3ora<e?lsQj^o. 

En'trails, ». pi. &sa&zooj, ^rca ; 

2. (BYaCTO)f§3C/Do. 

En-train', v. t. cuen^ ^d^s^ sojs 

(Si; 2. fO?1cu engl^ca oq<8i. y./. — (Qica; 


i.En'trance, s. u. Enter. 
ii. En-trance', v.t. a_joraojc^o ains 

«^<8>; 2. C86OJ3C00 ^^^(t^^; 3.600(101 
g_p<8s<8j; (SY5)onn3a_)3rDQJaa,o Qja»(^©<8i. 

-ment, ?2. S0OoO3ejcrOjo; (5Y3>oncY3ti_irol 


En-trap', y. i. sY^sYrTicorifji) <$&&> 

6)£-\<=j(Qf3)&- ; ^Q_)0C2;(aYD)0fS() a_Tlsl(8a<8>, <8? 
§(88c8>; <8)»^d95i(8). 

En-treat' (-tret'), v. t. <sra5a_i:aftf) 

(8sj<8i, 6Y<8)6t3yai; 2. (a_}0(51£>OnCtt>0'Sl> (o_^0 
a-Tl(85i<8j ; 0On Ct^QjOSRJ©^. y. i. <$)0*s\ 
<8s<9i. -ing"-ly, rtC?. 5><8>68afl5)<85)36ni J . 

=treat'y, n. fBYo®a_ic8fii, (SYotaioon. 

En-tre-pot (an-tre-po'), n. a-ios^ 
(&iaaoaj; 6)<&3§l^t) (P.). 

En-trust', see Intrust. 
En-twine', In-twine', v. t. oJ)«>) 




E-nu'ele-ate, v- 1. a^fics®^, fl^o 

(Ufa) — . 

E-nu'me-rate, v. t. «s)grro<a>, &><xr> 

G.^oScrnosraocrnoaA— , aflajrD0o:ari— . 
=a'ti6n, n. o®gT)a&, cofjrnnoo; aJHcurao; 

E-nun'ci-ate, <?£c, s.z*. Enounce. 
En-ure', see Inure. 
En-vei'gle, y.£. Qjo£)<e>rtf)<fla<9»; see 

En-vel'op, v. f. ao ®§<s», ©oobD 

6pe, ft* g.o, 'ai3<S5.3§ '; i^srA, ojrtf) 
<S3j^io; Qjod)on«fi3f{g)OQjf06rr)o (as.). 

En-ven'om, t>.£# ojlaaaoao§<8),— «rm 

<9sd9>, — <^gj^<&; 2. Qjl<2roo(juo eacrflg-p 

En-vl'ron, v.t. ^joq^, ^,#><q>, qj 
g.o#<0>. -ment, w. ^oo° qj§o; ojrjfl 
oraolo^. ='vi-rons, =vl'rons, rc.pZ. <btd 

EnVoy, ft. §f^nb; rDoS3crf!c% ! c9^>)ab, 
— (o_^fof)arf)af). 

En'vy, n. (of) (Broadly, cbosrnoo^, 

^O-JDCidasiOO^; 2. a_jc0>; 3. <2o-J0(S . V. t. 

<BTOary:a!<Qos<3>; 2. (Seuolaaca.; 3. goood! 
<0s&>, <Q)0odaari{S9-a». v. /. (at) (sranry^; 

6)gLJ§<Q>; 2. QjlSf^OCJCo &$3j\&si&>. enVi- 
a-ble, «• (BTOCryCffli<8.JnO(m'BTa<95); §D af\ 

<95)TSttx&n. en'vi-OUS, a. (of, at, against) 
<Bra:ryco;g>gg; afiSfoocuo— ; (Branr^^Gaio 
cnrflcescm; (HW^eao^fmc^gg.. en'vi- 
OUS-ly, ad. (Bmcr^zvzwj&s. 

En-wrap' (en-rap'), v. t. ^joq,^>, 

«Qj3<aricsy«o», cvj^gjlasa>. -ment, n. 

E'on, iE'on, ??. Q^coo, ^gjo, (Bronn 

Ep'au-let, =lette (ep'a-iet), r?. <©> 

sgoo'srasm^ 2. (eTOocrooaiaaDoroo (mil.). 

E-phem'e-ra (-fem'e-), n. eracnado 
cucrfl (med.)\ 2. o-joooeaorof) (2.)- 

e-phem'er-al, #• aa>° alcucroo <23(©o 

cYfl^om; dBfiasrrTlAaoctt', alcuscrooo 
a&gg. n. Q®<&iOaol<^(Q-jOTrnl, caaierrfi 

#>— , ojooo (z.). e-phem'er-ist, n. to 

6rrTi^<95>Dfonb, ^aO-nJorDajftflsc/ooco^ob. 

Ep'i€, ?z. ciilfo^fon^cijsmano, 2)qod 


Ep'i-eure, ft. oaoa-jo^rt>o0nb, (geoea 
an(a_pc2jc6; rr\j6incQ;a6; aTlcfi3c&ocroce<a>rr6. 
= eu-re'an, a. aaraoisfifltergjoa;, aTl^jcaaj 
cnjsab— . 

Ep-i-dem'ie, =i-cal, a. ojairscm; 
2. ff»Q_io@c^,r.a_\<©,2ioca. =dem'i-e, n. 

Ep'i-derm, =der'mis, «. o_>rtfU» 
eeio,fmj«fl» , aanooj (aw.). ='mal, ='mi€, 
a. jaJizacroosnjcnuiaoec;. 

Ep-i-gas'tri-um, «. (sarabojc&o , 

(SYD^ooac&o (<2?2.). 

Ep-i-glot'tis, ?«. s>-aio cr>3<9n(an.). 

Ep'i-gram, w. ®jijo *an<oi, aja^<a>3 
c^jo; QOoavj<a>ajl'0); 2. Q_i§fa>_ieocm5rr)o. 

=gram'ma-tist, n. aj^<&ajn. 

Ep'i-graph (-graf), «• calejooaocro 

ooo; 2. <ftc5laj0(%o. ='grapli-y, ?i . oaH 


Ep'i-lep-sy, n. tsroo_iar^oroo (inert.). 
=lep r tic, ??. (Braa-ja^orDSraocol; — a ; o.-fti 

CUo. «. rBTaa_JO^)DroorDo6iaJTLt)0OCe;; (BTO 

aja^o^iggg. e.C fit oraoja^oroo. 

Ep'i-logue (-log), w. croaoaj^cuo 
<fb,o, @.Q_icrooaooa)o. e-pil'6-glse, e- 

pil'6-glze, v.t. croi2glj(smajo<^o o_iocs^ 

E-piph'a-ny (-pif'a-), n . (jy ^) tSfil ^ 5 
2. (o-jAoazicnQlscnoOTrucLio (Chr.). 

E-pis'eo-pate, w. (Brai^<oaicruDDmo; 

2. — QJ^o; 3. — QJOi£<B>oeJo; 4. @DSQJ<3i. 
y.t. (sro^VxcQ£a CfUDoooo QJoolcSs^. =pa- 

cy, n. — ox)iS2srD«r)o. =pal, =pa'li-an, 

a. (BT3^ cflftinBOfOigg ; (Bra£^j<efii. =pa'- 





li-an, n. (Brat^jdQfijcroeooc/Do. =pise, 
=pize, v. t. (BToe^cefiamocdn (a-j-aflaBglc&g 
<9>. v.i. 'Bra@>UjSd9fiaosejOCOo nos(@ifl>. 

Ep'i-sode, n. <&ld, ^.o-jald. =so'- 
di-al, =sod'i€, =sod'i-€al,a.&^<&Loo 


E-pis'tle (-pis'l), «• Q-J(®o, (SQJSU 

noo, (flidl (Syr.)- 2. eejsumojnr^o 
(CAr.). =pis'to-lar-y H«r-i), a. ®eJ 

Qjanauo6Qja\JO(2oca>; Q_)(Q)l<Q5 6^c2;yf3T3r!mD 

=pis r t6-le-ail, n. (S&JfiUdOiOb. =pis'to- 

let, n. 6>jaiQ3ajffljono. ep-is-tol'i€, 

=is-tol'i-cal, a. Q_j((g)l(Sjoroo6nj(ru)Z)ocB;. 

=pis'to-lise, =pis'to-lize, v. t. <saj&j 
cnG>z$Q&. =pis'to-16-gra-phy (-fi), 

Ep'i-taph (-taf), n. A&osaejea a® 
^>cor» , cgjaaonoenaj); oy> ro em era ocro mo. 
u.£. crort>6rnc/aocn}nn5)0y>rg)(Qj. 

Ep-i-thal'a-my, =tha-la'nii-um, 

n. 0ocoejg_jo§ , o_jrol5mcQjaflfoio, qjIqjd 

oD — . 

Ep-i-the'li-lim, n- <sroc&>s>coro)ofifl, 
(BTOCTOCS2J0ao (aw.)* 

Ep'i-thet, n. aTlaoa^asmo, ^sm 
cuo.aJ<Qx>; 2. croDonoSgjro , Qjl®w>cea 
ernSgjro. v. t. an<2c/ace36rn0oc2r) q_j 
oc^a>. -ie, -'i-€al, a. c£\<zut>c&i6vr> 


E-pit'6-me, n. crooroo, .ajroj^o, 
'®oeio^cuo(b'. tmise, =mize, v. t. 

ser, =mi-zer, =mist, n. crooi^ao^nb. 
E'pO€h, n. <s>oajc9s)6m<9s) , c/scQjo; 2. 

Q_n<3C/3:fi3(B>0ajo, <&>oejo. -al, #• C/3<05 


Ep'ode, ?i. ao-icdn^o, — cooooo. 
Ep'som salt, e. salts, n. aica>ola 

ascm agj (med.). 

Ep-u-ra/tion, n. ^©iil^rosmo. 
Eq'ua-ble (ek'wa-), a. arD°<8a_io6)ej 

c^@a, @^j0ocq;. =bil'i-ty, =ness, n. 

E'qual (e'kwol), a. @^,0ooa/, arcta, 

aro (SojoQej g>@a, ®o_ios)aj- 

2. 0raH 

cffiocc;, (a-pa^jpcxygg, (ScLjoasrm; 3. cn\ 

gB^d9fi30OC2;. 72. @^jO; 2. g)ejj-m. t?. £. 

©g-pies^, @^i0O(09a>; 2. @a»j0ocaD o_i 
<&>rao S5jiJ^<0j; 3. arora QjrjTlta). _ 'i-ty, 

7i. ^aij'CD, croa^jo. =i-3a'tion, =i-za'- 
tion, n. @^0oc9s)d>. -ise, -Ize, v.f. 

©q_jo (GY3)(©3da); g)GJjo— . -ly, a<i. ©ro 

<2O_106>GJ, @ejj0OC2ri. -neSS, 72. @&'j "O). 

E-quan'gu-lar, E-qui-an'g'u-lar, 

a. @^j®<&)06na@g (geom.). 

E-qua-nim'i-ty, n. 0cr>gn_io<a>ro>, 
— uaocroxo), cQfti0. =qua'ni-m6llS, a. am 

E-quate', v.t. @^o tsrojce®^, 0000 

(Do—. =qUa'ti6ll, n. CTOZ^Ao; CrO003 

c9(»rab; saflsacoerr^^caranrak are socoo 

E-qua't6r, n. (§0©^,<sro6ii, aDcaa 
ojrab— . =to'ri-al, «• (g0(a^<2fofiucroo6ai 

Eq'uer-ry, Eq'uer-y (ek'wer-i), n. 

ajoOroejocpjo; 2. <sroa8_ia_joej(9>at>. 

E-ques'tri-an, n. faraoa-io^aicab; 
ajfaTlfD'croajDoTl' 6>aj^amxinb. a. <&raD 
fDorco6njnru)0oc2;, cSj^fD'crcajofDn' — ; 2. 

<fl}faOro^JD(^ga' -ism, n. <oavi)]cQ l cro 

ojof^l'Qjlej, — osjQjecuo. =ques'tri- 

enne (-en), tz. <93^nfO ; a^aj0(iri'<Q5)0forDrbri. 
E'qui, pf' g>^j, 6aro sa_j3^ai<3ij@a, 

E-qui-bal'ance, n. cro0.o@a5)o, © 

ojra)oeicr)o. v. t. Q^imo ©g_p<9s<^, ^ 

(9S50 — . 

E-qui-dis'tance, n. @^§roo. =dis '- 
tant, a. @&ijgra^@a. 

E-qui-lat'er-al, a. cro0gea32j@@ 
(geom.). n. ro^gea (geom.). 

E-qui-lib'ri-um, n. cn30ra@as)o; 
2. aro0crnej; 3. crncsyejcroDn-ar!; 4. cruifl 

E-qui-mul'ti-ple,?*- @e^T)a_ja»«9»o, 




E'qulne, E-qul'nal, a- <&«»)«>«<» 
orooetuTuD^, — <2ojo5)ajc%@@_. e'qui-dae, 

n. pi- (5T3OaJQJO30. 

E'qui-nox, n. oS)c£QCLiak&,oeio. ver- 
nal e. sacfisancfiQajrab— • autumnal e. 

r® ajoaflcfQ curat)— . =nO€'tial (-shal), a. 

cseoacqE&gg ; Qjlc^Qj^oeJ(t2®<5ngo<&orr>. 
e.l line qjI^qj^^o, Qj}cfi305nu)&Jo. 

e.l point fsrocaooo. 

E-quip', v.t. s^og-j^sa, croosan 
<Qa<3>; 2. -aiacoTicss^. eq'ui-page (ek'- 

wi-), n. oroomooDo; jiiacaio; a-jfoTojoroo; 
3(Qioej3aOGJo. -ment, n . aasaso, CS<&>0 

E'qui-poise, ». eorDcro0ra>.jo, @^j 
ra>; 2. QQ)faTl(b6Qj&jo. 

E-qui-pol'lence, =pol'len-cy, w. @ 

e»j6njejo; 2. afjgaoraico. =pollent, a. 

E-qui-pon'der-ance, =pon'der- 

an-cy, n. ro)^.a£icno, £ort>cro0ca>jo. 

Eq'ui-ty (ek'wi-), n. (8Toajaioc«@^ 
ra>; od.ocojo, cjc02o; 2. tmoajd^ooao (/.); 3. 

crfVofinnjoayo (/.). e. of redemption 

QJ CTVj Q-f)o)«Hg§aJ0Cr9@2i. <SToQja>0OdO (/.). 

=ta-ble, «. ct^«jT1(8T9)cq>, npn^cofioo— , 

nr>jOCQ;o— . =ta-bly, ad. cn^ocaaocaTI. 

E-quiv'a-lent, a. @^o rargjca, cro 

/*. a{cro)(a1 , ; '6ruerai>'; (a_)032.c@f) 


«jto)o; 2. g)^jO(oiDo. =lence, =len-cy, «. 

rg)£jifa>, arD0fWjo; gD&ii6Uj&Jo, — crooe^j. 

E-quiv'6-eal, a. mocnofairio ©@g, 
B-icpjoaaDo— , <Bra<aio<rflcsucB>0l£jocara); 2. 
crooazcadBjfoaoca'; 3. croocfccaTl(9s>ajYa><8R. 
-ly, «(/. crooaacBiotaioaocan. -nesS, w. 
(mroiT^iCMJcacruDlrari. =<5ate, v. i. Q-icao 
(oioaooaT) a_ioQ%a>; o_jfo0O(Oioo qj!§ otdo 
crDortf)<as!0>, a ^^3 o-joc^(S». v./. e_icpjo 
coir)0Oc88rfb. =ea'ti6n, ». scnrc<8a>socoj 

qjo(S« , @.fl»§\ = ca-tor, n. <a>@cu o_io 
c^cTTDQjab. =ca't6ry, a. cscnro aasocoj. 
=qui-voke, -qui-voque (-ltiri-?oke),n. 

Er, Sllf. S).alQ^nT)Qja6, <©>DfDl, <ft 

?D ^^ Qj0 - [sojo; 3. aoajo. 

Era, 71. <Q>OfilOrt)o£o; 2. Od<9>0, (5T0 

E-rad'i-Cate, v. t. cro^ajo nrflasa), 
soj<srj)0S)s 6>a_iortfl.gj a>&ocya>; 2. ana ej 

0O(fl8<s>, moalgjlasai. =<5a'ti6n, n. crfl 


E-rase', v.t. ao^a&ccya), jaj^s^n 

<e»g.ceya>. =rased', a. ra)S6raia ajasrotg), 
a-flarTlang.OTJig). -ment, n. crflc65!o, 00 
(g^rat,. =ra'ser, n. ao^oncunb; 00^ 


cm o_>uaKgs)5n3o, c o6iojo '. =ra'sion, 
=ra'sure, n. zxg^ak, oflawo. 

Ere, prep. & ad. qau , (gaajocfiTl; 

(gS)OU raiS)OT); 2.. . . ^OcXjqQ^Q-Jo. e.- 

long (wc0crolcaioo)fO), e. now 
Q_i6ngo, ^cujo, aHg^s. e. that Qcw . 
e.-while, e.- whiles ^6)0^01^. 

E-re-et', v. t. <scd6)CQ crn«^c&), (fefOTao 

slg_p(9S(a>; 3. aJdOj^ai; 4. 6)S>U>gyo 
OJ«S«®c9i; 5. OTOGB0OOrnc98<S'; 6. OTODD 

oJlaaai. -in^ shop co;(rrg)oz>oaj. y. 1. 
cTj^ancTn orD/c^a). a. <scns)co rrD/g^cTT), 
ornaTorn — ; ^. <20£J|§ <smo<Sacm; 3. a/1 
ro<o)a@S; 4. eso^Qtw — ; 5. <ft«5T9)Sim crTl 
^cm. =ta-blti, =tile, a. &<&as(0i3<aicm. 
=ter, n. crfliaaasTrTlanb. =til'i-ty, »• 
aca;^. ='ti6n, n. rnlaDfCTajfai); ojsrrTl 

CQTl(fi5)^); CfUDOO-lOOo; 6)S)C0^5)g_j§a3rafal); 

actyij; aogj; orflcnao; aa)<£orTf)g_i ; en) 
02O6TOO; 6)<S5§lSo, 6i«Si§ Q-JCTtD. = tive, 

a. orflana^an, £cadicm. -ly, «J. 

Er'e-mite,^. crorojocrol. =mi-tage, 
n. (SY5)(^5)0o. =mit'ic, =miti-cal, 
cmit'ish, a. Qjoro(cycfXiD0oca;. =mit- 
ism, n. Qjom(a_^oruDo(O2)0o. 

Er'go, conj. or ad. orofo) 5)<S)0«ng % 
{gTg)a>caort*. [(Z.). 

E-ri'ci-us (-shi-us), n. (geanba-ionrn 

E'rin, n. (SYoc^g^os^roo^o. . 





Er'mine, n. ^aigg. crflfcnnscari (z.)\ 
2. ofl(bmo(2n (SCMZjtiZZo; 3. cnjoc&ouf! 

E-rode',u.^. 'oTIcTn «s>a3g<a>,<9jocm— . 
-ro'dent, n. 6>o_ioga"l<99am aosam 

{med.). =ro'sion, n. eoLflj^ Ga-io<&«*; 

(Bro50^eo. =ro'sive, <2. raDcrnc&ac^aD. 

E-rot'l€, =i-€al, a. (Brscrarooco'S.rdcQa 

c%'@g, — aroosnjcrtuaoce;. =rot'i€, n. 

(5YD OB fO CD <Oi C^j o . 

Err, V. f . S)fWOQ,a5, tBTOaJ6W© CC)S<92 

<S)j 2. eJo<9K a_fl6>y><98a>* 3. s^ 
<o>, (STOoajauanBTi^ _aio§<Q>; -4. nwoo 
s)jai<2^, <9jooo— . -'a-ble, a. 6)&>otf\ 
<2g^o<^oa3nm. -'a-ble-ness, n. oD^. 
-'a-bund, =rat'ie, a. oj^tooOc^ea; 
(xnoscToocTrnfmjigea ; (^00 6i<0>§. ='rant, 

QjejoiBYgjai', cgrocora; .ojooncrosiajTf^rm. 
='ran-try, w. rm?>ej6W@mSd35v?il); ^a>(Q_) 
ojuron (gD^stmg) (DScaDrab. =rat'i€, n. 

«no8oo)Darfi. =ra'tum, ??• (p/- =ra'ta) 

(BtoeojlJUo, qjIsp. =r6'ne-0US, «• 'Htostti 

<auo (sro)ce;, ^aaj*— . =r6'ne-ous-ly, 
tfrf. 6)fO)ooocon. er'ror, n. sxoioo , 

='r6r-ist, n. <BYD6»:u<ai>(a_pcanb. 

Er'rand, n. §«», onlssaocoo; qjosto) 

Erst, ad. ©©8)03 oqh; 2. (gen?, *u 
«ns, <»n^s. at e. <era>QjO. now at e. 

©(2^yoc)o. e.-while fljra-TacusifB, $d«5) 

QJS>fD, §D<S(£J)0So. 

E-ruet', E-rue'tate, v.t. a«Tuefl 

§<&>, e^s<a>. =ta'ti6ll, w. Q^axia^o, 
<S(^§nA; (5Y3crrTlQ_iQli^(cyajOQDo (geoL). 

Er'u-dite, a. cy.gjBreDaea, <eracfi 
qj— , oDej— . -ly,a<7. cu aft .nice; (Basra o 
6>s. -ness, =di'ti6n (-dish'un), n. afi 

Er'u-gate, «. sara^^oosra, ^ja°> 
oj— ; (^IciBcroaoca. 

E-rug'i-nous, a. ^oigajdaflasmo a 

E-rupt', v.t. s)a_jo§las<0); ajoasra 
rcDggcSj. r'tion, n. ajoQajsrat; orat/Tfl 
(o_ja.!0aDo; S) 5> arc cnj o(^2)o; <s>qjc8*o; 

6>i3_J0§r3l>; (oujaiOOLJo; S)Q_J0CTW3?) ; jiJ00SrO3 

coo {med.). ='ti6n-al, «. 6>a_iD§ls>asra 
oliSgnm. ='tive, a. ^ajosl^csDo^^ar); 
oa_jocronojasnT) {med.); (ffracrnl(a_)ajOQD 

Er-y-sip'e-las, n. (BrocrnlajlGroglio; 
^caftoag-if* (med.). {med.). 

Er-y-the'ma, n. ^jcugjG^ocoo 

Es-ea-lade', rr. QaoMani&tooimil.). 

v. t, o(86rn > l.aiortn<es>:a;Qfl>; awlrab a>carTl 

Es-eape', ».^. 6imocfiav^l3^a>, ff>m 

(c/^UjocTlrak SiQ-isoQ.'axs-uoa'. y. I. (from, 

Out of) 6>f0^od1 fOc9fio5)3_J§<0i; 2. 0>O^) 
3Z)Da^«SS^: 3. jaA0^1®2_jO<^ (/.); 4. 

fDSTDo, fiaiplcu', ©3Sl«^_J0<Sn J 2. (BY36aj 
(SDo; 3. CTD0!2)(5^jo; 4. ^IOSIiSq-JOcD^ (/.); 

5. S.aJO^, <S-aionD <Sa_iOt0>ral). =ea pa- 
ble, a. avpl^ ^aiogacuonb o_io^@a. 
=ea-pade', n. <^^rifQK©@a<^); ^oscrao 

arilrmJo, Sio^ornlcft'Qjocroo. -ment, n. 

Es'^har (-kar), n. 6)Q_io-oo {m'-d.). 

Es-cheat' (-chet'), w. sanaliSsisecQral) 
(^.); 2. (moxi^oa^loQTl^oS)^ crodDnoroleej 
d35>S6W3(?jl>. 'o^cro^oo '; 3. a-js^DrDroroflaj 
ssroHco; (§0"l; 4. (SrgiSocQ/'o. y. i. ojTjarc 

cQsiSfolSGJcQ^SSOg^ {I.). V. t. QJOJO-J 

6reoa>f5T3nejS(99<S) {1.). -a-ble, «• S6TTUD0 

Es-chew' (-chu/), u./. asojcoftTlcsa 

-ment, n. <srzs&>ar) cn)^^, Qjs^mo. 

Es'-eort, n. o-JoTlcuorDo; cuipnc^err); 
<9i3Qj^j ro oro ; 2. flxafia, d^oojey . es-€Ort', 

V.t. ^OOJeJOCoTl <goJ0c9>; @S<2g_J0te5; @ 
6TOCQ}3C2nrtfl(69^. \{QeOm.). 

Es-crlbed', a. a^om* qjcq^a 




Es'crow (-kro), n. aQ^rtjfl a^cruo 
Es-eu-la'pi-us, see JEsculapius. 

Es'€U-leilt, a. rtjTlaT>o<a>am. n. <s 

Es-€lltch'e6ll, 72 . <9jeJ-af)ciCDn_)(g)o, 

E-SOph'a-gUS (-sof'a), n. 6)^osng, 
&<B£a6nioni&o (an.). 

Es-6-ter'ie, =i-eal, a. (cgruoo m$ 
C32», scoocl^o— . =i-cal-ly, ad. raantro, 
aocoT). =teVi-cism, 22. aszaoo-jsat/ao. 
=ter'i€S, n. (cgSruDOojcssoao, o^cx^oao 

Es-pe'cial (-pesh'al), a. (o_)3r^c£ho 
, st§,cb>, ciTl3oa^3o— . -ly, ac?. aD-soa-flD 
qDci51cq/0C2D. -ness, n. (0^000000.0. 

Es-pla-nade', n. aaexmocno; 2. aj 


Es-pouse', y.f. aDciJOaoo crTicsncoD 

<&3<a>; 2. <8QJ§f)<3>l£"l<e9(£b; 3. fSTOQJ&Jo 
6nfl«fl9<e>, Q-JcSfilo a<J)=<98<e>. =p01l'sal, 
?i. (/?/.) ajlQJOaOrrriCQJlQaJ.o; a_l0SYrf)iO>aO 

6tno; Q_j(saioQjejo6Qj(T5o. -ment, a. 

ajrtflsrncao. =pou'ser, n. zemcudnrib; 
ajcfifiio ajlsltegrrncurrf). 

Es-py', v.t. grorora crfloT? «o»06nDiS>, 

65rt> <2(D0cj35) — , gc^lcSzTlfat a_iraf)a#<&>; 2. 
n-jroflazDrtSam <8000<S9<9>, 6500°— . y. {. 
aJrtfiSooocu]^ — , a_»oa3T3n«rid9Q«S). =pi'al, 
)i. <Q50tg, gc^l; 6J.OO cSjoninb. 

Es'pi-6-liage, n. aodlsrab, floo° 
c2cr)D<esfab, .aiofoa^raroT). 

Es-quire', n. 6njaQ0omcuo_an, 
— ctoqocdo; raosa 0000.^0063(0^. r. /. <0>o 

Es'say, n. aucoino, (^00; 2. (a_)6iaj 
nru)o; 3. 0000 <soooanrab. /j. /. (^0) 

<99<S>, (a_)CQ,(0Tf)c9!a<3i; g) fo ^ (8 m 3<98<a>, 

0ooocf)c%<9>. -ist, n. (a_)6Qj(TU)a)ob. 

Es'sence, n. crooroo, eflojnfc, a^wrab; 

2. arotnjo, croajroi \ 3. aflcgjo; 4. <^svu> 

ejo; 5. o_j<TTi0ao. es-sen'tial (-rtai), «. 


fOT3); (Bratt\DOJO?i0OC&; a"D_lSi^C%@g. 

(med.). e.l character ejceaismo. e.l 
oils 6>6>rti)ejo. =sen-ti-al'i-ty, =sen'- 
tial-ness, n- rojocoooojo. =sen'tial-ly, 

Es-tab'lish, r. f. gmg_p<9a<e>; 2. 

crUDDa_r)c9«<0i; 3. OrflC2)0~)d9<£<£b; 4. CTUCfl 

roaocoT) o_io<es<0j; — o).aica<0>; orTi^ej<6®(03. 

-Hieilt, n. OTUDOajOOo; CTUolra^g-j^ 

raroxab; orucflcaO; crooaruo^tjfl, artnojiCu 
oruo; Q_jsrnl<0s)OfD , (a^CL)(o"bjajcT03ao) 
rt^jo; CQaOo; c^aomcaanQ.'jQjcroD; {Q_) 
cyfaraTloruDaJo ; c/aoej. 

Es-tate', w. orflaj, (SraajcrOD; 2. 
cruirifwl'Seso; 3. (o_j0o6irTl; 4. crojfora ; 
5. rooKj^oogjo; 6. (pi.) cu^°; 7. fsracu 
•BjotocrTlej (/.)• the fourth e. Qjasra 

Es-teem', ». ^. anaj^ajcssa,, aj 
&i— ; Qjlej0faTl(e9(Q); 2. 6ruor)03crOd3gcft>, 

(ajlca'o eOQjlcQgcQj. U, t. i8Y3 (§^'00001 

(99(0>, QjljaJOfD^tSgaj. 72. 0(0^1^ , OjIqJ; 
2. 6OJ^0omo, QJomcQao; fBTDOd'^eJOS) 

(a^ocsio. -a-ble, «. ©aiaQeoonsoacc/T) 

fwc^gg. es'ti-ma-ble, «• anej0(jTi<95) 

fDratSn; Qjl£L5SC2JOlc2>; QJC^0CCa. ?J. 

aTieoacaio. es'ti-ma-ble-ness, n . em 
^zomscao^fO). es'ti-ma-bly, ad. 

gQDQ^aocoin. ='ti-mate, t?. f. aTioja-oD 

a^jy. =ti-ma , tion, ». aDajaaD 
.©©rab; afoDg-j ; (&>o^; 6Tu^0omo; gio 
ado. =ti-ma'tive, a. a<aTla_jonb tcuo 
Ojpc^gg.; ai^Dg-j oroo6aj(TU)0oca . =ti- 
ma'tor, n. arieja'an<9scmQjn6; .aflejaj 
«©) 6TD <flsTl § cm cu nb . 

Es-thet'ic, -i-eal, a. (sraGj^oroa^o 

6QJ(T\U0OCQ;. =thet'iCS, 72. (^oCOOfOOLDe,. 
ES-tOp', V. t. (WSO\lD«g_J§iOT5i>> (/.). 

-pel, n. ro^scruoo, ojoef^scruDo (if.). 

Es-trade', r2. ^Ism. 

Es-trange', v. t. tGToaioQ<d), ^na^^ 

QJOS^dh; 2. g)a_j<80Q;0COo «eeQg_j§iiQ3 




<3>; 3. (8T3Cn.oaf)m5>g_j§QBD!9S 4. (STQCQx&O 

qjo ajas(^a>, ocrod9fcica>o— . =tran'ged- 
ness, ??. (btooojSoqjo; arifsraocoo. -ment, 

Es'tu-a-ry, n. (Brayn^ffljo; sa^saA, 
Es'tu-ate, u. t. a_j^<9s<B5, 0oY32j#5. 

Et-cet'e-ra, =c9et'e-ra, etc., a. 

Etch (ech), v.t. fa anal rat s><a>o coed aj, 

— QjfD<98ai. U. 2, 6V9>0cOTO) 5 o_>6rrf)S).aJai(. 

-'er, 72. 5)&)0(aro) o_j6rrnt95)oraab. -'iilg, 

72. -af)((3)o 5)d9i0raT3)fi3k; S^OCDTO) Q_JSrn); 

E-ter'nal, a. <si®Bj cT0)a£?lar>o (srojca,-; 
2.col-a>.o — , fsraa^jo — ; 3. 0ooo0lgjorBra>; 

4. 0ooo, cgroana, (BwroD. some e. villain 

s)5)ecuo;>o3_ifO0gjofOT3)'O) . -Ise, -Ize, 
v. £. ctD^j0d<99^). -ly, ad. ag^arxsmn 

<BSO. =Ili-ty, 72. <8rt])QyCTU)aiQD\<U) 

ttnjo; crri(Wj<w; rasm omagra 3 @a en) 

gj; <8to0^j^_io. =ni-sa'tion, -iii- 
za'tion, n. on^o^rosrn, — (flflnnof). 
=ter'nise, =teYnize, u. f. orfla^cuas 

E'ther, ft. cuoG2j, <81@}<9>dc/8o; 2. '©<D 

«nA' o^crr) aro* eocu^o. =the're-al, a. 

cuoc^croo6nja\D2)oc!y ; eaajojfeooaajtoDejga ; 
orDjy|lca'0ocQ>; ejaqj'SrgjcQ;, <BT§(O0(ra} 

qjo-, nrydagio— . =the're-al-ism,=the- 
re-al'i-ty, n. Q.jo32j(rs}ajo, rgr^foxa— . 
=the-re-al-i-sa'tion, =the-re-al-i- 
za'tion, n. Qjoca/c^jcruol-ori. =the're- 

al-ise, =the're-al-ize, b.ft ©oau<s>0o 

«03<9>; QJOC^fST^cSsA; f8T0O8rtf)rtfl— -. -lSe, 

-ize, v. £. 'goa-a^V (i§an 6oajca>0o<980>; 

Eth'ie, =i-eal, a. crflraflcronaiicnDao 
ca'; <erg,_*J9rt>— . =€al-ly, ad. crf)faf)ca/ 
od(TODfO0oc2n. =i€S, n. crflfaTcrooorD^, 
CJOZ0aaD(crOo, ^smcrTlaoano. 

Eth'ni€, =ni-eal, a. moano0oO9cftiaj 

(^OooorDocjoa^nb— . =ni-eal-ly,ac?. allajl 

co<fliejoa9croort>0ocBn. etn^-no-g^ra-phy, 
72. oofD<aejaac((T^o. eth-nol'o-gy, n. 

(T) fO <5) ej aD QJ ft 6TT) o . 

Eth-C-1'o- gy, ft- crflroTloao^o. 

Et-i-quette'(-ket'),7i. cdsoj^I, <sirD) 
jjiorDfjflfaD, — co02o, aroeo-aioraa-jauafl. 

Et-y-mol'o-gy, n . o&sryoao^oCgrr.), 

ajsaogjasTaTl— ; o_ia<a)osnu)o. =log'i--eal, 
a. Qj.g_j^ranQrinfi3CQ;0ocB;. =gist, n. od 

Eu'^ha-rist (u'ka-), 72. 'aflrtsajraraoiP 
<9>02o, — aroooi^orao, '<9}Q,6njocr>' (Syr.). 

Eu'-elid (u'klid), 72. <8c9fil(Q)C/DSTT-f)ra> 

c^o(rr^o; (ScSfiatgjcosrrfloio. -i-an, a. 
®<8fia(©co6Trfl?»a\)o6rua\D0ooQ;. e.nspace 

Eu'16-gy (r/io-), n. ^raD, aja^. 
=log'i€, =log'i-cal, a. QjcBnooaTl^ocB; 
0oca;. rlog'i-cal-ly, ad. (Q-)oaoarocao 
cbTI. =gist, n. qjc&\, (a_)oaooro<S5a6. 
=gis'ti€, sgis'ti-cal, a. <snr^o(Q)orv>o6ni 
<TLU0OCO». ='gi-um, 72. ^oO, 0ocoejcuo 
<^o. =glse, =£126, V. t. ajo^ngjoc^ 

Eu'nU€h (u'nuk), ?2. aQn-srauab, CDnjo 
croc&ab. -ate, v. t. emsmu'enjo curoa 
a^(0). -ism, 72. majocro<S)^_io, jgjl 

Eu-pep'sy (u-), w. a^tumo, aoDcn 
oaeB^aD (med.). =pep'tifi, a. istacm) 

Eu'phem-ism (u'fem-), 72. aoc/Dsan 
<&<?)nc2;ajaa)0a)o, aocoejojodh.o. =is ti<>, 
=is'ti-eal, a. 0ocosajoa9O)ncroo6njfru}03 

CXW. =lSe, =lZe, V. t. 6^OTOfO0jQJI«95)OCX2n 

a_jo(S2j(©>. 0ocosaioce<oncQjocs2n — . 

Eu'pho-ny (u'fo-), 72. croj^(20aooo; 
(SismroarDo; ajoQj6m)CTV)_iroo. =phoil'i€, 

=phon'i-eal, =pho'ni-6us, a. crojrDajo 
Qj6mj!^@g., ©cnj0oay. =pho'ni-6us- 
ly, a«f. <e)srnfQaro(s> / oTao5)s. 

Eu-ra'si-an (u-), 72. soro^flcBcgsraD 

qj, 0002^(05) arDCTOoooo. 




Eu-re'ka (u-re'ka), int. An§l<83_|0 

Eu'rope (u'rop-), n. c^-oo^ , oTIejo 
<oroTl. =pe'an, a. c$3raoQ_j , QoQSraojjj , 

ciTlaioasron. n. ajlajorarafldanorortb. =pe r - 

an-ise, =pe'an-ize, v. t. oDajofotan^a 

ed 1 ^^- [(wed). 

Eu'ryth-my (u-), n. oooaol^^o 

Eu-sta'ehi-an (u-sts'ki-), a. ^g^o 
arornoacroosnjcauaoca (an.). G. n tube 
^gn^ocrocrnDao (an.)- [raraerno. 

Eu-than-a'si-a, =than'a-sy, n. cro 
E-vae'u-ate, v.t. aipl^'^ao^, 

-Q-kSjOT) — ; 2. gDaj0fO)3<99(&>; 3. Q-florOSfejl 

<sa<a>; 4. aD§ 3o_jDa>; 5. rsroyn&aai, a, 

cularus^cDo; 2.3ouda£o)<asrai>; oilcros^l 
<oh>, aajo. =a'tive, a. ayHaj cuascora) 
cm, CLT)c8a>_ajar>o— . =a'tor-y, rc. aflsra 


E-vade', u. £. s)(0)oola5)g.<3^<£h, ayf) 

sra© <eia^^. y. 2. (from) 3_njoom <frg.C^ 

<e>, atp"i6io© 6)«s>ogg.(a>. =va'di-ble, 

=va'si-ble, a. ay^srora^aooaJKacen. =va'- 

SlOn, ?*. g)n-J0QO/o, ClTla, ; (g«5T3)c9fl£.C2/r3{>. 

=va'sive, a. ^(BsDslcaoc^, sso-joea^eg. 
=va'sive-ly, a#\ (ajpid&yfiajoean. 

Ev-a-ga r ti6n, n.cro6!aiorDo, <8Y^alsraIg) , 

Ev-a-nesce'(-Des'), v. j. ora^^caai 

ao<&, ©Oj0fwo<&). =nes'cence, rc. (BTO(a_j 
^(efia'XD; daajCTrDjfljinjo. =nes'cent, a. 

(8T2)Qjlc2;0C32n 3ojO<03Om, §Daj0S).O"> — ; (SI© 

(aj^asitfoca;. =nes'cent-ly, atf\ ma 

E-van'gel, ft. oryajDfBrcn; orgaf)3oa 
cQio. -'i-an,a. sor^o^acaaoea;. -'ie, a. 
crg;ift<3u»:a3<arar)aj@&; (T\jQjl3oa.-flacroo6ni 

<TU)0OCO. -'i-Cal, a. CT\JQj]<3C/3cB36aT3gn 

gj@&; oryajlsc/acfloooBarooraaDcaj; orycul 
<3oaca3cro^(<5@&. e.l church oryafteoa 
csacros. -'i-cal-ism, n. oryansoaeaaooB 
orof06n->o. -'i-cal-ly,a(/. nr^ariifyacfia^ 

<s>orao. -'i-cism (-sism), -ic'i-ty(-is'i-ty ), 

??. CT\jari3oa.anorv>^o. -ism, n. ccqjS) 
3o3oa3 3Qi3ioca36Tno. -ist, w. oryo.f)3oa 
caiAnb, a^ajl3wjrQ3(a_)crDo(ol. -is'tie, 
a. ory^soacaosaQgnajga ; orgaf)3c/a,-fi3 
3Q^iDrfi26mcroo6njfaDaoca. -i-sa'tion, 
-i-za'ti6n,n. oryajc(oroo(cycrDorosrr)o; org 
Qjl*oa*a3c^oa_jmo. -Ise, -Ize, U. /. org 
ajl3oacQ3o @.o_j3aaal<08<9>, (gTlrn^ orrflaa 

y^o— ,— 3aQiocftfl<98d). y.2. crgailsoaja^o 

E-van'ish, v. i. dhosrr>o5)rtn 3q_joc9>, 
©&jo«rtn— , aocaco/OCDD— . -ment, rc. 

E-vap'6-rate, t?.t. ^ailcpjoc^rta^; 

cosmos) a)—, y. ^. <a)Q,<eata>; 2. ot^oq, 

a>; 3. (n_)(T^0'.uncQ3c9>. =ra'ti6ll, n. <3i 

QeQad); (er2;Qric2;o<95if3l); oy^clD. =ra'- 
tive, a. <QiQ > <mcm. 

Eve (ev), E'ven, ?z. odot^, 6>s>cu<fli 

3omrDo; 2. a^roQjfSTOjejonocXj. e.n-SOng 
cnorr^jOdofl a3T3)OOo, — qjobooo. e.n-tide, 
e.n-fall oroonxjo^oaio, rmooroflsoofOo, ^ 
QjoroD— . e'ven-ing", n. orDoca;o<Q>oejo, 
6)6)Qj<Qicmzs ; rffracr^zooo^oaio; cQfiaco;— . 

e.g"-star ^'^>a6. 

E'ven, a. onlraom, ca)S)§o>uja; s>a> 
3ajos)ejc%'ga; 2. aruoTD-f)^ cd 6rr>3@g ; 3. 
@auo <erg)C2;; 4. orflge^cflfioo — , aafifl— , 
§Dfo°(3ocoQjo afara; 5. orTlc^asfco fST^ca; 

6. ©rag—, Q%-cao— . on e. ground @ 
&j,oa3'^Gj3ajT3)05)S. e.-handed o-jaai 
seealajoojTO). e.-minded ^ajiJin^'Dro) 
ooocpj, oaoora>socu(^@a. v.t. orDoxigajcQj, 


txjo>^_j (erg><dst9j; 2. @&ho— , ©g-jo— ; 3. 
oaof) — , o^faraTl — ; 4. araro) onSd9®(9>. u. t. 
@ajj0ocorifiricee<Q>. -ly, aJ. @e.i.o org) 

COT), ^)fa\o — ; ^2250 — , 3<Q>QJfiJo — j 3CLJ0 

ajo, ao+^^S) &o] Soacaiajo, o-ftocro 
c^o; ro^^om. -ness, n, o-jrag_j , eTlcB 

E-vent/, n. crOoSQJo; 2. aiO^Jo; 3. 
aoaio. -ful, a. cin^,oio>aDCB/, aDsoa 




dEQ633|i@g.. -less, a- arc>oaoan,aoaz>. 
-U-al, a. ooejasco;; cu<ils>o&> &@g., csyd 
ojaroocoo— ; crooeajoadcroorDiaocai (/.). 
-u-al'i-ty, n. crooec^joajcruD. -u-al-ly, 
ad. ©§aTlflA. -u-ate, tf.i. cruoeoJldBs 

t0>; ^03riCLn<esc9i. -U-a'tlOD, ft. cm&Jo. 
Ev'er, «C?. arol<9nejo; 2. o^)Sg_J0y>o; 

3. Q^snmcoso. as much as e. they 
can o<])-ig)<9>Apic^(8 0o f8TO{g). e. and anon 
@5(^5s, ajaisg-jo^o. e. in one ©s 

au)sos><a>. e. SO ^(©aaoeaoejo. for e. 
Q^scmcaao. for e. and e. ag)5)ar>2<m<e9o. 

for e. and a day crceosg^o. or e. 
ig^cnj. e.-during crfir^j 0ocQ/. e.-green 

croGoa-j^yc^ocQ;, gnej^roTiroocDTa). e.- 

greens (pi.) <g>ocooraej ?!)<&,&. e.-living 

<sraara)jo (SYgjca/, crfl^o — . -more, ad. 

aQ)<2Q^0<fo. for e.-m. oQSCm&ao. 

-last'ing, a. cn)(o\o <sr&ca, (erorornao— ; 
#loei«9)OGJ03Cori a@a; crTls^m— . w. crfl 

<^ifw. the e.g s)s)aojo. 

E-verse', e-vert', v. t. acfl^ajaog 

<a>, mozDg.pisesA. e-Ver'sion, ft. onorjao, 
afiica'o. e-ver'sive, a. (of) arfl^aj 

Ev'er-y, a. & a. pron. q^)^oo ; ao 
Sfoo^roo. e.-each aosraortBcaranb. e. 

now and then ^s^s. e.-body a® 

g^oojmo. e.-day enaj<2cro<T> ^gg, aroo 
cuorQ5rn0occ.'. e.-one fioafDortstaroNTb. 

e.-thing otd^&jqjo. e.-when c^^o 
y>o. e.-where o^gjosa^o; a^gr^aocon, 

Eves'drop, Eves'drop-per, 5. u. 

E-vi-et', v. t. ©tfla_p<ea<a>, (aslcoTlo 
ce®<ai(/.). e-vic'tion, n. ©yDo-pa^, 

Ev'i-dence, n. c^caoD, g^ooroo; 
2, crooafiTi; 3. awaloj. circum- 
stantial e. fBTOQjScroDoKJTgQjaoay 6)m 
alaj° (/.). conclusive e. n^(arapQB>ocw 

^^anaj°, orDc^joeaDCBJ— (/.). Crown's 

e., King's e., Queen's e., State's e. ao 

q_j croo<Q&f)(/.). v. t. o^gflcon^^; <&.& 
6rrfl<ei3«9). =den-cer,w. croocafiaH. =dent, 
a. SLDiJtiCQo (Sr^co/, ff^ 3 ^ — i g^alajeg. 
=dent-ly, tfd. grv^aocaTI, raf^cD/DOBD. 

EVil, CL. §c^, <2QDcfl3a>rD0oC2;, (ST3) 
eQOOJED; 2. fOrin0(8T3)Ca;, QJcfl3c)o— ; 3. aii 

crucnc&roo— , '(sr^curoixairao— . e. times 

o o 

grfig^o&Jo. e.-eye <e>S6rno , <^§rn ffJcQjO 

earab, <e>rtf)»gf£. e.-speaking gc&i 
6mo, go . the e.-one o_noD3^ J , croo 

(oraoob. ft. ea>s , seo^io, (6rao_j#>so; 

2. §0mSg_j , o_JOCl_lo; 3. SfDDCOo, d)cna. 

king's-e. a^aDO). a<Z. seocaao (srg> 
coTI, raTlna— . e.-favoured <B»(©cLf)cB;3ai/. 

e.-minded <seoooofUjoro$@a. -ness, 

n. .-oTlna, (srgje&ocg. 

E-vince', v.t. eaaAaadfc; 2. 6)«na^ 
oin<S5<e>, gr\^^aocan<&>o6riTlc9s<a>. -ment, 

??. ^^a !^ - e-vin'ci-ble, a. a -^ a") can 

d^oa^ar). e-vin'ci-bly, «rf. gr^^aocaD. 
e-vin'cive, a. c^jeiaaoeflecm. 

E-vis'cer-ate, y. ^. ^srabcr^lcsg^. 

Ev'i-ta-ble, a. aynd35>3<a»om, crncuo 


Ev'o-eate, v.t. anan<98«>, aTia^ 

cuas(^©<9). = ea'tion, ??. oTia^, c9aj6rr> 

noo. =ca'tive, «. ana^<s®nD. 

E-voke', v.t. ana~l«fla<e>; 2. aDa^ 


E-volve', y.^. aD«S)cnfl3_pcfis«3», g^ 
c^0Oc9(8<Q>; 2. o^os^gjcjQjljj-pdaaiei. v.i. 
aTlsasai, aDrol3^«s>. ev-6-lu'ti6n, n. 
aDrcriaj , aD^ocroo, cuai; ^(c^isrrD; 
(^&fl<e>ro6rno («r.); croifl^Tiaoooo, qj) 
rr^rosmo (mil.); sflojajnTifiTnoao-io^cnj 
g^jo. theory of e. eflajan^oarocjuiaa 
croffiDg^o. ev-o-lu'tion-al, =iu'tion- 

ar-y, «• eflojo-i^TlsroDa aTlce^caaDCQ;. 
ev-6-lu'tion-ism, n. eflajaJlAocrocj 
02>qjo8o. ev-o-lu'tion-ist, ??.— qjosH. 
-ment, ??. ojl<a>ocroo, o-joroaijgyo, gjs^. 

Ev-ul'sion, 7i. a-iol^aflieft'z*, ^ 



Ewe (u), «. Qa_j§m3s° («.)• 





Ew'er (u'er), n. eaaiajoigjo, aS\g) 

Ex, pf. a^O:0T3) , firuoolfb. 

Ex-ac'er-bate, v.t. s^oo-fig-p^^ ; 
2. arcocoo cuao)a_p<9a<B». =ba/tion, n. 

(a_) ! 5<ft>0a_)Cno; GrtJOtOQjfP-DCDo, o_JDfDl 

c9svf^>. =bes'cence, *. s^ocuq-ksjjctoo; 

Ex-ac'i-nate (-sin-), v. t. «s>oau°afl 
<9sc9>. =na'tion, «. «&>oofu crflcos)^. 

Ex-a^t', «. arBro>; craroloro)^; 2. cry 
cfigpo— , rf^o— . v. £. (from) <g§W 

«6iaro3c9s<^, rsT3Q_jaOrtfi<99<a,. ='ter, ='t6r, 
?i. faroaJoDorol. ='tiiig, a. susmiTlfmo 
&@&, aiodlc^o— . ='ting-ly, ad. <fr#gon 
<storajo©s. ='tion, n. aolsnjcauo, <Sao 

00 ; OTDcuaOrasrno ; (SKXLjQgWo. =tl- 

tude, ft. d*)<Wj<a>, eiJsrruftsno. -ly, ad. 
carol <St§oflT), Socol— . -nesS, ft. <e>6rrfi 
t/ao; o_ifD0o(oijoo. 

Ex-ag'ger-ate, y. £. ^§1®^^^; 

2. cug (Brando o%a>. =a-ted, a. (STaraTlaj 
gn^ooa^QCQ/; csmrDffidhg. =a-ted-ly, ad. 
csonro ®<q>sdcqj1. =a-ting, a. ^ojraasTl^j 
oo^cm. =a-ting*-ly, «<:/. (STOfaTlcugr^m 

CSWOCOD. =a'ti6ll, II. <@O2JDO)0O(^rai); (BTD 

oTT) 7 

(rhet.). =a-tive, -a-tor-y, a. <@§^£-j 

ocaom. =a-t6r, ft. (5ra:oriaj5mm<95>Droab. 

^ " 6TT) 

Ex-alt' (egz-alt'), y./. @.C2J(OT2)a>; 2. 
«9>caoQa>; 3. aj&'P fii, ar^(oTl<S8<a>; 4. 
a^cr\Tlcfi<8<3), @@^.<9j; 5. oa6qyo ^co;(o^(a>; 
6. ^ai51cu.-o<88<e>; 7. (gyp^l&s^. =ta'tidn, 
ft. o^'of); gco;^; qjIc^jo (gjs«A; ;fj}no 
coraD^nbo a^aroolof! (as.). =ted, <7. 
g>cacm, ^aolac^gg.. 

Ex-am'ine (egz-), p. /. turtfldaaflcea 
dEh, ci_>rtf)3c/aocLf)(98<3>; 2. ar)ar$ro~lc£>®a>, 

(Sjiioe^o «.fliQ^a». ^am'in-a-ble, «. o_i 
rtfi®oaoaf)<o»o<3>ar>. =am'in-ant, =am'i- 
na-tor, =am'i-ner, n. ajrtfldaftuftnb, q_j 

rB s lc9aioca.faTao'jLj ; aflrr^o^— . =am'i- 

nate, =am'i-nee, n. ^rtflsaaaotoLf), oj^fl 

•aaflrmr*. =am-in-a'ti6n, w. n-j«?ld9fi3, 

o-irtDsoaocjom; a?.rr^oroo, oroscnj^i 

b-noo. e.n in chief, direct e.n (a_;Loe> 
oTIovioroo (/.)• cross-e.n aQ^aTlo^o 
rao (1.). re-e.n, re-direct e.n a^ao* 
af)(T$orDo (i). =am'i-ner-ship, n. a_j 
ra^co&id&aruoocno, — ^sejocoo. =am'- 
in-ing, a. aTlaiiorcbrnsijiig^arn; ajrjfl 

Ex-am'ple (eg:z-), n. BoraflrtTI; 2>or3) 

<3>; 2. Qjtp<&>)o, aflj^SCDSQjsl; 3. gc^3 

crao; 4. ^ssaorosmo. for e. geo^^ra 

6TT)o, y. ^.g(^OfTO)o (SY3)(QS(Q5, ^eDaOfZ) 

srno— . =em'plar (-pier), n. 0org<0); g. 
sooo«)6rr)o. =em'plar-y, a. 23or^<^ isy^ 
coj, gc^onroo— ; ajoloj^crraga; (graasB) 

cs;(3oca. e.y punishment &6\cnu&\ 
«£q (/.)• e.y damages (stdcjuI^od 

cf§o (/.). =em'pli-fy, y. /. ^GooOf06Tr> 

Ex-an'i-mate, v.t. ornsfeJlcuaoasA, 
^©jij.'ox^o «!ac%c9». =ma , tion, «. afi 

s^jfaimrmjo, crDasfgrDOoDo. [(wet?.). 

Ex-ar-ti«-u-la r ti6n, n. &§&£ 
Ex-as'per-ate, v.t. ®<s>ooj »jafl 

U_p<9s<9); 2. aidlmaTlSfODCJOo ajrojtoj©^. 

=a'tl6n, /l. (o_^S<Q)On-Jmo; g.^S^Otuo; 

Ex-ear'nate, =car'ni-fi-eate, v.t. 
{BTooara r )«Tica'Od99(0). =ear-na'ti6n, = ear- 
ni-fi-ea'tion, n. c^fD 5 ]ro^ocoo, ^TafTa^fl 

(6) tJ>_J0QJPJo6OJa")o. 

Ex'ea-vate, »./. Sfmosngai, <ftyn<aa 
a; aiipl^^^casaj. =va'tion, n. <a»ip) 

Ex-ceed' (ek-sed'), y. /. (&>an^<a); 
2. OTo^jr)(^)0lt9s<a.; 3. (Bracul<a>e)o<e>. v.i. 
(Sio.-oOtb (Oi$c08<&); 2. croc^ocundhofolcaod). 
-ing, a. ^em^lstjjoa^gg ; (BTacroocoo 
a>6Ti")0oca' ; axflacangjOfOTa); oraco'li^o, ma 
foTI. a^/. (Bra-gjOflAaoQan. -ing"-Iy, ad. 
aj&6)a>. =0688' (ek-ses ; ), n< fer^conc^jo, 

6QJ0QQei,o; (BTO-oD^jao; 0l^0)gjOC^; 030 





or$l, alc&ou , <sseo. =ces'sive, a. 6)n_j 
f03«na>; cooaicaoco;. =ces'sive-ly, ad. 

Ex-cel' (ek-sel'), v. t. oajQ<9>, a1o«S) 

='cel-lence, n. cuaOyo, ad^csara); 

(30O2; 03ojOO<O10jo; O^STOn; (6nJaQ0OOO 
ZoQCU) Jo, (OpfiBajSl, fBTDSSQ . ='cel-leil- 
Cy, W. CUOjaf)) ©(jC^reg-O); (6rDag0OOOQJO 
.nfl) 6ru^0onns)g ; j§, (sraese . ='cel- 

leilt, «• oS)u£)c%&o (ST^Ca;, g>O5TD)0o— ; 00 

gj; 01^(05^; Qjgjorcro). ='cel-lent-ly, 

ac?. fBT3 xsTlascao (Srgjcon, 6QJaQ(SocoV-. 

Ex-cel'si-Or (ek-sel'-), a. <9>co;o1c9s) 
eo>o~] <2ajo<&irm, <20gy§ ®0gjs — . 

Ex-cept' (ek-sept'), y. t. ©yn^acu 
e9Q<a-., arfldDsT) — , ojs^lcQaa). y. j. (to, 
against) CLTISrooco^sngo^, cro 02 -^0^0-0^1 
rtflagai. prep. 6&tp1_^, <sroS)onj, clTIooo, 
(ero^os^fO). conj. rsro^os)^, (arg^'Sto^o 
6) ■ai, a^is)<s>. =tant, a. &><J>)cuo<92cm. 
=tiiig, prep. & conj. auT^, &tp)s><fl>, 
(#jS0SVO}, (STogjosvoi. = Cep'ti6n (-shun), 
ft. (oJ/'oflSaanCJOo, or^'@ajoneiooo, a_fl<P; 
(to) ay^Qj ; (a_)(Srov<S)rO); (ffT9)(Sc9fiQa_io(/.); 
(to, against) QLTl3ra:cJOo. =Cep'ti6n-a- 
ble, a. (era)3;Q£aoj<0>ro0ocQ>. =cep'tion- 
al, a. fBTOa^o^o (srg)C2;, (aj<2o\<a>o— , <bto 

croocoorD6mo— . =cep'tion-al-ly, ad. 

O-Dsuacftiofa}), (a_)(SfO2ja)0ocQn. =cep't6r, 
71. (Gire>)<2d9£oa_)c&)nD. 

Ex-Cerpt' (ek-serpt f ), v. t. 6)mco\ 
6^srora)§cSs^; ag)§ajro> q_mt><x&&>. =cerp'- 
tion, n. croofoo, croo^naoo; <sTDoofld> ) 'cno. 

Ex-change', n. 0ooorab; 2. 00000, 

(aJ.'ofla-Kjgjo; 3. gDSQJOs"; 4. js 6*731(0) 
(com.); 5. ajraT3)<S)<S32;ocoa\)Ooooo. e.- 

broker crooog-J*. in e. a-\&a>o. bill 
of e. (byocuohi, &sngi<&>. par of e. @^j 

Q-Dqj. y. t- (for) 0OQ<&); o_j<S>fDo 6)<&0 
§<S®a>, — QJ06O1§<S5; acarc^OQ,^. y. 2. 

0ocn(S5n^a>. -a-bil'i-ty, n. 00000. 

-a-ble, a. 0DOfaro)c95); 0oooa5raafl. 

Ex-cheq uer (-chek er), n. ssmmroo, 

6JJS30OO; 2. q^ey, <ei@nvp. chancellor 
of the e. e^<9)osj0!Qgn. 

Ex-cide', Ex-clse' (ek-slz'), y. t. q 
olj^j a)g.c%ai, — orfl<fis<9). =cisi'6n, «. 

6U5TTUJOO0, orflasio. 

Ex-Clse' (ek-siz'), rc. -ojaa>o; <03tDTaa>. 

y. £. ^j9S3o ^0(^ca>; «9sfDo — . e.-man, 

e.-ofBcer .njaax) jD<sa,ococrunn6. 

Ex-Cite' (ek-slt'), y. J. &6imr3b<0>, 
©g.<9s<^, ^ranjoodlojldasaj; 2. (g0o ajroa 
(o@(0), 0oo(MJ5taia)o— ; 3. ©.s^jeDg-p 

<©9c9>; <Sc0jOQ_lo g30rn^_pri99<3: ; &&iaOo — . 

=Cl-ta-bil'i-ty, n. ^sgoi, tgobts^oo-Jo; 

goatSno. =ci'ta-ble, a. <2<©)0Q_joooalaj 
<2,@a. =ci-ta'tion (-shun), 71. &%j 
fijmo, a<nT\)0Qolg_p<95i'd». -ment, n. a 

OJTOOaOo, (S^SfcciLjen^o; aTl(g0o; SoO<g. 

=Cl'tingj a. eajsjooaDce^n^ga, ©.csroo 
Qoe3oo<S)0oco;. e.g causes sroocosoo^ 
(med.). =ci'ting-ly, ad. o-jrtfi<g23(ora>3 

SIS; ^raTO0aOl^^<95)OT^(9«QJ|rT)o. 

Ex-elaim', y. t. & 1. ©asDyocxgd^, 
(BTaioocron^o-ioc^ai, oolejo-jl^l<©saj;2. 
(srg>3caaia_nd33tSi. n. oolejcula^- =ela- 

ma'tion, n. ^s^aj, ^cdnrob, gqoio^io; 

<eT<3)5d&&ioLjo; (srgjcsu^ocraa^fosmcyasr^o. 
sign of e.n, e.n point <3t3>csui.afiamo 
(^r-)- =€lam'a-tor-y, a. (mosaooaro 

Ex- elude', v. t. (from) ajo (0^ (BTa«S8 
<Qi, — 5)Qj(09!Q); Qjnej<fig<d); i^saga^; (g}§0 
roTlfbl(9S(ej; ro^eflasa); 2.6iojQ,<S). =elu- 
sion, n^ oo 6 )<0s>o, (gem, ^soroDo; (a_)aro 
qjo; aTleroefeloto. =elu'sion-ar-y, a. 
6njocf)(^ofO(0)0oa2;. =elu'sive, a. en) 
Saicjo<S)o (erg>c2;; Gro_ioain3).o— , cro_i<3io 

^o— ,(a_)(S:02jaio— ; !5Y&onjf(y«ojaacr)0l^o 
ana; (of) ^sosi.-ai, as/ls)^, . . . am aj, 

o«)0. =elu'sive-ly, ad. (a^s^AaocBfl. 
=elu'sive-ness, n. (cys^ai.w. 

Ex-eog'i-tate, y. *. fsr^sejo^n^ 

(0>o5noc95, orr , ^33.i_ri(S8<e>. =ta'ti6n, n. otdj 
<3aj0-aino; ao-joca-o, ory(g)o. 




Ex-eom-mu'ni-cate, v.t. (gcf£<a> 

^^ojtes^. =cant, ?i- (gcqgob. = cap- 
tion, n. (gd^, croeo(gcQa , c^oroflafl 

Ex-eo'ri-ate, v. t. <2rt»oej ^ra1<s3«s>, 

~3»Q_joa^<99^. =a'tion, n. Gwoajrol 

cSsinA; faraajaofosmo. r (sgemo. 

Ex-cor-ti-€a'ti6n,7*. ^aae^r^mo, 

Ex-eres'cence (-kres'ens), n. igy>; 

2. &n_iecLio. =€res r cent, «. g^or^ca;; 

Ex-erete', v. t. aJ)cros&fid9a<fl). 
=«re'ti6ll, n. qjIotos^ooo; aflcrus^ ) 

<u)o- 0ejo, (sra(30@Ojo. = r -ere-meiit, n. 
Ex-eru'ci-ate, v. t. esmiria-p«aa<Q>, 

Q-flOD, cirf)oCrD, <SS8io. 

Ex-Clll'pate, t?.i« <ftooorf!ojoro6rno 
s>jai^j«a>, an) <B§OdaLDc2;oc9s<Q5. =pa'ti6n, 
n. ajooorTlxiofosrno; asplcu , ce&i0. 
= pa-tor-y, a. <a}OocrriQjof06rr)o 6)sa 

Ex-cur'sion, n. a t jo a _jos u , ca>o<@>; 

2. ^Gjocursb; 'cruojortfl'; 3. (BTocruo6njanoo 
ajoaurab. -ist, ??. ©.ejcojamauab, arc 
68aiortD. =eur'sive, a. crosffluofDjaJloBJo 
jagg., — qjoctooo— . 

Ex-€USe', y. £. <ftooorTlcLi3rD6rr>o ff)j3j 
o^^, nrTlisgocfinca'o^srnaT) qjos(^<&; 2. 

<afiA0)cQs<&', l 0Og-J 'o)<e>D§c03<0>; 3. fitflcUO 
«©Sc95; 4. (0>6m jaDaga); 5. d8tfla0<8.aJOel 
<03:9>, f8T0Qj)C0a_JOQ%<S>. =€USe', 72. «Qfil0, 

atplcuD«S5)fak; 2. (btdqlDcu, 6&ip1(Q)ip)ay; 

3. aroaocoomo; 4. ajfifiaooroo. Usa- 
ble, «• cS£tt0l«Q5JfBra>an, 6Sfcp1CL)0<SfifDT3)<9n. 

Ex'e-€rate, u. /. iq^oaa, oaa_n<&8<9>, 
6)QjQ,(©9<£b. =cra-ble, a. onooao ouTIs! 

=cra'tidll, ft. (a_)0c£>5> , gbojloo, c/boo-jcud 

Ex'e-Cute, y. ^. <Tooan i Jl < sa<a); 6)^u 

SSJi^^raTl 6&g_p§«9>; 3. <a>£jOOmSfB]2):9>, 

aJIcxfl — , (jo)cQBa— • 4. ®a>6mu£\<B&i — , 
@^<95Tls)ce5)0gj<o>; 5. <uo§a>, <#]§<e>. v.i. 
((o-jOjajTaTl) o>f)<e<89>; 2. a_jo§<0>. =€U-ta- 
ble, «. onlojfcjronasiOQjom. =€U-tant, 
n. fSY^coofoo a^yajfl a^Jl^rmajnb; q_jo 
§ a_jo§aDojnb. =eu'tion, n. axTkajj), 
a^rarafl, (sraodcfigoroo; 0ro srn wOdamms 
ana fob; (cyajfOToT); cul(ju]oosanzj)^b, uf\ 

<Sfia— , <9)g_jOD— (<?.); (STgjCJOOfDo a#)^rtjfl 

6)asiD§c66)f3b (/.). to do e.n <©>o<io ens 
RggS). ='ti6ll-er, w. 5)jii^jcmQLja6; 0o> 
6m'jal<afiacr>s8®cmajnb. ex-ee'u-tive, 
a. <&)0<qo onsc^oT); srosrncrDodajcru: 
0oay. 72. <2t&>acg, isofoojoool. ex-ee'u- 

tor, «. (o_) QjfCT3)d9D 06; afaeTmoaocromo m 

sc^aDQjnb (/.). ex-e€'u-tor-ship,/2. 

0fD6rnaj(gTl<e)(Q_)c&)OfDc (Sso^jo ooscnsQjo 
crsgg. fBraajlasOfDo. =e€'u-tor-y,a. fffraa© 
c£gDon<TUo6iojcru)0Dca.'; QjiPl5)c2; cdsq_}0 
C0@g (Z.). =ee'u-trix 3 n. 0f^6Yr)aaocro 
mo anscnaomaLicX). 

Ex-e-g'e'sis, n. qjj 0^3000, aTicufD 
6YD0. rget'ie, =get'i-eal, «• 9^ 0^0 

odo fSTgjai;, Qjlajf06rno — ; ojjosujoonaruo 


Ex'em-plar-y, s. u. Example. 

Ex-empt' (egz-emt'), v.t. asplcuodBs 
<a>; @Dgjcano<S9<9>. 72. 65»i1o-i <0Tl§lcQ;Qjnb. 
a. feTOcroDCOofDsynzoca'; 2. ©yHcu fergjtflsTl 
cpj, — <sn§lcpj; 3. (o_^3(Wj<9jCro_joaj)n^).o 
^@g. =emp'ti6n (-em'shan), 72. G>if\ 
qj , O-D^faifsb. 

Ex'e-quies (-kwiz), 72. pi. c/guaocn 
(gpCB/, ^G(9>— , oaojoroonQjorDo. 

Ex'er-cise, 72. (^00, a^rooaoo; 2. 

fBToSjoarvjo; 3. qj.ocq>o0o, (Ssooosjocroo; 
4. cQ->e2)o, (^Jlca;, fergijiifoerno; 5. cuooo; 
6. Q-if^ldafio. v. t. (cyco;ajrriaa(Q), $)a\qsq 

<Qi, ©f5rUOaOl(03<ai; 2. (BT0SjCrin^_pa8<S), 

oalaTlaJltS®^; 3. <3oft>s>Q_]§<?23)<0>; 4. en 
505®^. y. /. (f25)al(93<9>; o_irjTljiiCQn<0sai. 
=ci-si-ble,a. 6)jii2joajcm,cnsan3)o<Q»cm. 





Ex-ert' (egz-),v.t. (BTO(ao_iocrT«es«9>, 

a®^. to e. one's self a_irtf)(wj>jAaa<a>. 
=er'tion, «. (a-jcacano, (sraaujoano, 


Ex-hale', u. £• oajocroo afi§<9>; ofi 

v.i. o-joff)^_j^t93, (eT3(o_j^j(ficQaiaoa5. =ha- 
la'tion, n. crDaajocroo; §rooaD; qjooto 

ro, oooooo. 

Ex-haust' (-hast'), y. t. ajoraroi <&g. 

C^tQi, QJOol^ — ; 2. ayT)c94cQ>; 3. (of)<OT3> 

saio-aTlasA, — QJo^<a>. a. cOfiTlenTl^, 
rmarm, g^cssoo. -ing, a. aaflsrno cu 
fOiQSDom. -ing-ly, «d. <a>&cm <Sa_)0cd)o 
QJ6TD0. -1011 (-jun)j«. QJCcOnra}), Qjool 

='tive-ly, ad. a^fnafioaiooon. 

Ex-hib'it, p.<. <a>c6rrf!<&3<0), (o_)^ 
<B£a<2o<Q%&>; 2. (8fDQU<a)35nrfi<9s<&, ejc9Si»0o 
caD cro_f)<9>afl(Q8c9> (Z.); 3. <scroajlg-pc9e<a> 

(med.). to e. a foundation afiejo 

ejocroocoino crojasra 6><0>o§<93<a>. ??. <S)0J^; 

2. a^^S^DgJ; 3. eJtfi^j'2fD61] (?.). =bf- 

ti6n (-bisb/un), ft. <&>3J£; <9>oi^>croococD 
65scX); ^o^P^aro); ec^onuaoej; aTlPjO^jO 
croocoiDuaau&o; ®a%cm G)&>o i =j£fi)a& (med .) . 
=bi'tion-er, n. caaajaoLTiGjOfaicl. 

Ex-hil'ar-ate (-er-a$), v. t. &<2O0 

cfinlg-pcSa^. V.i. (BY3) CO 03^(98 <9i. =antj 

a. asna^ogsireodBscnD. n. ^gjocro^ro 
orDocoroo, — aiogyo. ^a'ting", a. rsrg,nn 
osa-raizoco;. =a'tidn, n. crosarroo^DgJl 

(9S)fSl); 30OSo, (ST^CDaao, g>3n0:S3o. 

Ex-llOrt', V. t. aCoTOOaCrig-pcflSA, (a_) 
<26QJOCJOlg_pc03<0). y. f. 6njau)3&a_)<28 

ryal<95j<3>. =ta ti6n, n. ^(STDSes^Tlas)^; 

6Qj(aula^n_jaeoao. ='ta-tive, ='ta-tor- 

y, «. (cy(S6n.)ocOc93 0oca'. ='ter, ?i.&n-i 

Ex-hume', p.*. asyn^^^; oa 
qjo 0o^<^. =ma/tion, n. oacuo 0oaro)rc?>. 

Fx'i-gence, =gen-cy, n. (st^qjc^jo, 

$§ , ro^ro^. =gent, a. ®Kis)®jau)a>o 
(&§<&, rgra^oojc^o— . rgi-ble, a. cg§l 

^ 3^108^(135)00^07-). 

Ex'lle, ?/• CT)DS <B>SrtJT3)d>; (a_)QjO(TOo, 

nJfDQjoaroc; 2. foce3)(gcQanb; 3. crojseoa 

ra^jOCOl. t>. /. OOOS (0>S(I^(^, rQoe3ji3Ta1f?i 

crOrrn a^O(OT3)0<95j<&). -ment, n. rooesi 

Ex-ist', v.i. &e™§o<a>, ©f^lcesjaj; ef) 
Qjla5j<&i. ='tence, ;/. a5na, cruiilfan, 

<BTD(T^pra)Jo; CTDoSOJo, (maQjOTOjD ; £^1dj1 t 

(cyoernl. ='tent, a., sflcuntgigg^ 

cBT3fr^ltJ)_io— ; rO^OGJn— , mScflanT). 

='ting", «• ^Sg-joy^sj.'DTa), tfDg^oajoxaro). 

Ex'it, n. aJOg-JOS , ODZOOo; 2. 0rt> 
smo; 3. Qjipl; 4. 0osro® , rnln^lOv^O)moca , ) 
(<ir.)« ex'c-unt, (GnQj&cn)^®)^. 
e.t om'nes oagyocurao— . 

Ex'6-dUS, «. aJOgJOS , CQJOfQ); 2. 

^ ap3C2/f(5b e3m60T3c)o(95) al-^npcori.'aticrncTia 

sreoCQ; a^Og_J0S (Bl.)\ 3. aJOgJOs'a^ 
<T$<Q)o (^/.). 

^/^C of-fic'i-O, n. &®fj-cocrf)&jcanral>. 

Ex-og'a-my, /?. o-jraaiaisoja"!. 
Ex-on'er-ate, v.t. eo^o ©odBsd); 

2. <9jOOcrflojof06mo Qj(03cqi2)<a>, ajaTlooo 
rao 6)ji)^<a); 3. s><f)ojo<9^&>. =a r ti6n, 
n. <6?oo®zo.nicr)o, arTiJgo^itnjo. 

Ex'o-ra-ble, a. acn^a^cm, (ST^y 

Fx-or'bi-tance, =tan-cy, n. ibtooO 
(g)0o, (ergicdlc^o. =tant, «• ajroDcu 

£hO\mo— . =tant-ly, ad. &>6)cno (BT^ctol. 
Ex'or-cise, y. /. a^TO^ 30 ^^? 

(rfl<S5)^ <93ipld93a>. =CiSm, W. 03OOf3b 7 

a^osnno. =cist, =Cl'ser, "• 0£9;ajoal. 

Ex-or'di-um, n. (er^^oso, ^q-jc^o 
croo, S'oiosc^o. =or'di-al, a. (^ajajro 
rsrojco;, ( — . [cootjo. 

Ex-or-na'ti6n, n. (ffroaiaBDOfDo, cg)o 




Ex-or'tive, a. aal^ curiam, <sDy> 

Ex-6-ter'ie, =i-eal, a. ojoaacsa@a, 
Q_irocrojo (ST3)C2;; 2. crg^aaOjo— . =ter'i- 
Cism (-sizrn), ??. ci_iraScTOj0a_j®9oao. 

ex o-ter-y, «. 6>o_jorg)a>3cgjo. 

Ex-Ot'i€,=i-eal, a.*cm(3onj®eu^0oca', 
o-jrosac/arora) orflcn" ajnnr). =i-cism, n. 
cu fO ®e ual co; an _io . 

Ex-pand', o. £. ojIs^a, Qjlrr^f)^ 
<9s<Qi. =panse', n. aulas o am; aDr^loj , 

qjI-woodo; (sr§)ihoaao. :=pan-si-bil'i-ty, 
??. Qjlnr^ra6nflcQj'W-jo. =pan'sion, n. 
aTl<0)OGroo; ajlrr^lgrn'ai; goso; oj&onn. 
=pail'sive, «. Q_nsrt»cm; curocm, afl 
oaoajaoa^'. =pan'sive-ly, atf. afla^l 

Ex par'fe, a. arts ojcq&^ogq;, 0Q,<3> 

dBtfial aOOS3af)gjO«jr3); aOOB3rtf)QJoaJTO) (£.). 

Ex-pa'ti-ate (-pa'shi-at), v. i. o-iro 
€><&> CTQ6Qlira)<B2<Q> ; 2. CJOorOOgo (O-)(T$0 

o^ja. v. t. a_jfQ(qi3)<9j, ools<9). =a'tion, 
Ex-pa'tri-ate, v.t. cnosd^scgs)^; 

crDjraosa.rarariratarflcrn a-jorarznoc&asi; 2. 
{refl.) s^o-jforartnjo @.<2ajd&&fl-2j <0sg.Q%<Q>. 
=E'ti6n, n. cnos dfrscararai), cro_isac/d 

EX-peet', U- £• «9j0fflR^rtTld9!8<a>; 2. 
(©lOocfifiolcOa^), (SYjjoal.^pfjflifis)^, cul.aiortfl 
c99<fii, <£baa@<&). -a-ble, <2. <Q>oa5T3nof)<9a 

ccrd)(S5>. Stance, ='tan-cy, n. <2mo<0yno_jo 

(Onfob, <&orOTaTlrolg_j , (STgj^oocafQ. ='tant, 
a. crTirtflcafii^ga, (cyo^ooa — . n- (SY^oal 
^folesomcuab. =ta'ti6ll, n. m^a^oem 

CTU)o, — Q_jOOao; (SYg>(C/}aDo, §D joJ, (BTOSl 
ajOoftto; (S^C/aOQjlrfiOCPJo. 

Ex-pee't>rate, v.i. «£>aoo fgQ-ifr, 
♦frocsmeTl^ — . =ra'tion, n. ^ocesDcQsrzil), 

•froDo @Qjral); aioTio. =railt, 71. <fr>oi2> 

oo^ro'D^icJOo (met!.). 

Ex-pe'di-ent, ^. <sx)toa)&g£, 6oj 

aD^_jOS — ; 2. fDQ-JSaacCQ^ffia, q_iooIq^, 

•'010— . n. 00^30, &q_jocdjo, a^cdoTi. =ence, 

=en-cy, n. ^smo, Geo; 3 00^, crflQ^ooOo. 

-ly,ad. C&(SLDDan^o,(QT3CTS^aJo«a.)06)eJ. 

Ex'pe-dlte, u. t. aj>s<Tuoo afl(6s<Q), 

o^l.g-Jo reY^as^, ual(ag)o — ; 2. (HTOSlca' 

cTO)ft>0oQan (sraca.©8(a). «. raisnruogTIgyo 

(CTJ3); 2. GOJGOa^ga. -ly, rtC?. ©.UCOo, 

fofl(0_)2occn. =di'ti6ll (-dish'un), n. ®QJ 
corn), eruaugjos ; nrTlscaocoo; caoro), cs# 
euoa/o®. =di'ti6n-a-ry, a. crosraioraonl 
Q^<0O)2ocoj. =dfti0US (-dish'us), a. «J>J 

oTl'moDanaea, jjcja»'— . =di'tious-ly, 

ac?. <2.xj<Scoao, ea:^r)-cn3cojo5)S, (BrasH^oj 

Ex-pel', v.t. «ng^iO); 2. 003§lrtAcrn 
cm ajocoraocegBi; 3. (g^ aigjlag^, crTl 
c99<si; 4. fa)§<&8>aj; 5. @To:a'<a9a>, qj1§<s>. 

^pUl'siOll, 72. CrfldBsio, (WjO(/)o; (g^*. 

=pul'sive, a. fjng^am; crf)<o®cuorib ora 

Ex-pend', u. t. -onej^y^jii^c^, — © 
§<0), — (sraOjaa^), — (srgcegai. v. i". jaTlii 
Qjo<sg^3(a>; 2.c^cq;o 6)joi^<&5. ='di-ture, 
72. .nflejCLi , c^jC3i;o. =pense', n. .ojl&J 
cu; oilej; on^o. =pen'sive, a. jafi 
fiJ3j@a; Qjlai(2ca/o1c32;; §c^ cojo s^ni^rm. 
=pen'sive-ly, «c?. (aroculc&^nejs uos^s. 

Ex-pe'ri-8lice, n. (Braoeeajo; o_jfjTl 
sfcTftomo; 2. o-iraljiicaio, o&Igjo. t 1 . t. 

2. c^le-ridasKSj. =enced (-c-nst), a. o_j 
roHjiicao g)g&, (8T3Si0aroo — . 

Ex-per'i-ment, n. ojnfldafia, (o-jaota 

COo. v. 1. (on, upon, i 1, with, by) o_i 

ra 5 ld9fiTl : Qj s.moiflaS), (cycsoa'ocol^ — . =tal, 
a. njr^ldBftiocroosiajcrLOo (St^cq;, o-jr^dOfiio 
cmno— ; SiS)<&>ai<s^. =tal-ly, (l^« o_jrtfl 

Ex-pert', a. a_ioT!jiicy-o £@@, o??l 
ejo— ; 2. eaosm^jo — . n. (graces qj 
BPsTaib; a_iafi.oiQQ.o ^ggajn6, aDsc^OTb, 




(Q_)Qjl6mn6. -\y y a. 6)S)Qjaaaoj<2a5ra)os)s. 

-IieSS, Tl. 6)6)00 o_J6Yr>j0, CTDO0(O^.o. 

Ex'pi-ate, y. t. (Q_)ooacMltBT3io6)jiimj 

<9), o_ifDloOoroo — ; 2. a^(3Af)<0ifDlcSs<0}, o_j 

6mj0oOo 6).oJq^(9>. =a-ble, a. o_irDlaDrtf) 
<9s)0<9inm. =a'ti6ll, n. (a-jrofloaooof), tseo 

cQ3(Q_)0Ce<C@nfOra)o; a_J0aja_lftf)aO0roo; (OJO 

co;C®f)rara>(9)£0o. =a't6r-y, a. &o_joa0 

000(3100 (SYgiCQ;, a_lfjTlQOOra(0)G — . 

Ex-pi-la'tion, n. c&qj^, sao^ismo. 

Ex-plre', v.t. oonuaja\fl<93<a>, g> <i) _»o 
croo cfripldasdfc; 2. aTl§<9>; 3. rBroojcruo 

0"f)g_p<88tf>. v i. OaJOGTUo af!§<9>; 2. 

g.'o&O-jc/ajocruo— , (cyo6imn6— , 0rtf)<9sc9>; 
3. raf)ro3(9j, ooc/al-y (ga-jo^; (STDajCJul^spl 
e^<9>. =pi'ra-ble, a. <of]arn u <ga_)0(9)cm; 
fffrooj arc ooongjl (95)oa3 cm. =pi-ra'tion, 
re. jD^-iocroo, ooHoajoaDo (phys.); (sro) 
ofl-, ojocsy; cysacyo; accsmo', (ffracuoroo 

ooo, ooo'jao. =pi'ra-tor-y, a. a^ j0 
crocrco6Djau)0ocoj {phys.). =pi'ring, 
a. nolcajarolcQsjaT); (ST^Qjlcan^aT); ,(a_jo 
6ima6 oJ1§od; raraajcrooa-flcSsja-n; zco) 
(QsScruocX) a_i06rora),(gToOjcroooo6)(Z3T3). =pi'- 
ry, ». <9)oejoQjafl. 

Ex-plain', y. t. o-jro(OT3)(9); 2. OTjc^i 

2>o<93(9), cLriojraic9sj<9>. to e. away on 

Qjra6TT)CCT3)0ro?) aTl£30O §D£J0CQ;5)jiJCQJ<9). 

y.f. croaocooooo <xjo<xy<a>. -a-ble, «. 

GJjc9O)0Cc9S)OCljnT); OTO0OCCOOOo O-JOC&o 

«9»om. =pla-na'tion, n. 6>«na^ajo«9»'*, 

6>flJ)§T)Qj ; C^OSLJ.0000, (BTaflJlDO ; 0_106TOTS) > 

<o?li95j(Bb, oD0oujonoo. =plan'a-tive, 

=plail a-t6r-y, a. ajioeajjoooo (Sy^icq;; 
cro0oa3omo— , 6)(n)gnaj , aja»(5^nm. 

Exple-tive, a. ci^«m\<a$&& ; oolfo 
oinzocpj. w. oolfotaijQQ_iGo; ajosaJ^emo. 

Expli-eate, y. t. ojlcurtf)<9a<9>, qj,o 
^jOcrflcfls<a>. =-ea-ble, a. 6)ij)a o l0J0d35)0 
cyan. =€a'ti6n, ?*. cujoe^oorT^ral); 

(stocsIdo, ojj os^oooo. = ea-tive,=ea-tor- 

y, ft. gr^^0o<9aar), foTls0ocpj. ^plic'it, 

a. QJjc9To)o OT^OD, O0lm)oaaC2;o — ; C2.LD0 

(oico— . =plic'it-ly, «c/. 6)fo>anQjoQaD. 

Ex-p]5de', tf.f. foflQjlsn^QQUOS^; 
2. 6)QJ^1— ; 3. 6>a_10§l6)rnTO)On(93 9); 63_1 
Gf)(9sj<9). V.t. (eYSSfBT3)0^1(9s<95; 2. ,-^gg 
<9), (^,031(95) (9^; 3. 6)CU5lS)aJ0s1<9S!(9,; 4. 

eruejogyxsrosm 6bosl<9a<9). =plo'si6n, 
71. 6)o_jo§foi); 6)OJSlo)auO§^; (ST^gA*-)'. 
-pl6'sive, a. 6)OJSl6)a_J0SOD, (GT&&) 
c930T). ft. ^CU^l^gJOS CTDOCJCOOo. 

Ex-ploit', ii. ajl^[a_)ojajra)1, 6)oaro 
^jo, afleacao, o_jroo(g>0o. y.£. (o_)oo_D 

c9sj<9), crO0CX51gJl(9sj(9i; 2. g) Q-JSC&OCO^-tj 

§(5^<9); 3. mjOQafDodl^0oairi (S%eow 

JiiX-plore', y. ^. fBToSmjcan^Sa.jO 
c9»; 2. <erg)fD0Q^<9), ajfoHsoaoculaa^. 

=pl6 rer, n. fBrasoojaoa^nb, crosrguoral; 
o-iaDscraocu^nb. =plo-ra'ti6n, n. cqo 
^,o(Smjca36rr)arC6t2)jofoo; ajfolscyaocuoo. 

Ex-p6'neilt,?*. q^&S)crvo&sro>(math.); 
2. (Q_j(oncrDaD; 3. ojjo^ocrfl. ='tial, 
a. o^^lD arc o©feTD)aroo6ajnru)0 oca;. 

EX-p6rt', y. ^. c9jC0JOo1c2JC2;(95J(9i. 
=tatl6ll, 71. <9>C2;ocncsZ;CC/c95)foi, o^OO0 

foD; 2.;oo1oaicsi' ( 95jaro sAcq&s? . ='ter, 

7?. JilfD(95) (9)CPJOolc2<'Ca<98CmQjn6. 

EX-pOSe', V.t. <9j0^a5)9a2D S)Ql)c939i; 

ai06rrD(98<9i; 2. rg>onm 6)ajt9s<9); 3. tsraaj 

<9)So CLlft)fOTa(9na_;6rDo 6)Xlc9S(9>; 4.<9jOOO O) 
§l<9g(9>; 5)0JCQn^ SitfeOggTlaSda.; 5. <SYJ>) 

SdaEQa-icoK^lam ^SQjrD3(aj®<9); 6. o^orara 
<st§)<99(9>, 6)ajal^fara»— ; 7. gojc^o— . 
=p6'ser, n. 6) ojalsiaj^K^aDOj at). =po- 

Si tiOIl (-Zishun), n. (9i05TTD(95if^; 6)fO)gTl 

caT) (95) foi, Qjjoe^onoo; (9)0^^00). =pOS r - 

i-tor, n. cu^os^ooon. ^pos'i-tor-y, a. 

cujO6^jonoarDo6njmi)0O32;. =po'sure, n. 

^CUgTl^g-J^CSI^foi); (8(9>S rtr>§05T»<95)OOnej; 
<9>0OO 6)c9?0ggf^), o^OUCoDfoi) — , 06TCJTg> — • 
5)Qjan.Qjo fO)slt95)fat. 

Ex-pos'tu-late, v.t. (with) enjfaxD 

0_10C^(9», (SY§3d9fbo__n(98 1 9>. ^la'tloil, Tl. 

6ioj(aijlcqjQ_j3a(yao, ^smsao^io. =la'- 
tor-y, a. (a_)S6tuoco<9)0oca/. 




Ex-pound', v.t. a-maflaAesA, ojjo 
6^>o<rf) <09<a>. -er, n. c^.d6w.octD. 

Ex-press', v.t. oS)^)^^-, 2. ojo 
coDasa); 3. ^qu^ixjzoqs^]^)^^', 4. 

(Tg^DgjIcagtQj, t£h051lfl<9s<ft>; 5. (reji.) o__l 

O6T0tg>cflcQn(Q9a>; 6. (a_)nr^ociD<6Qca), o_joc% 
c&»; 7. (Bra^)ainO)fO0OG2n (Si©32;ce<8<0>. a. <0> 

(0\o (SY^CO;, @)&J)0— ; 2. g^^o— , Orfl^o 
03C2J0 — ; 3. (a_)3<zj>.<Q)o— . n. (a-jS'asai 
ermnb, — (srosrsu^ofDnb; 2. — qjoqOOOo, 

— raflcusng); 3. — Qj(CTO>0OCr)o, (STO^IcO; * 

croft— . ='si-ble, «. (a-jnr^oariamoajaT). 
=pres'si6n (-presh'un), n. ajliplaL'fiA; 
o_JOCJ2n<6nd); (aJCT^Oajo; <§0QJo; QJO <Bs) . 

past e.n, beyond e.n Qjo-aAora?l™0o<32;. 

='sive, rt. (of) cry.oJ<0>0OG2J; (STOcaiflogjgg, 

(BTjxaiccLjc^l— . ='sive-ly, «c?. 'ofl^cao 

Ex-pugn'(-pur/), u. t. <8T§<g,ri1aaa» ; 

2. S3CX2Tl«j9e<Sj. 

Ex-pul'sion, 5. w. Expel. 

Ex-punge', u. ^. ^S6rora) a)a^<^, 00 

^ — ; 2. OOO^l^.p^ — , rtJ?]S)ft> {JDgjO.IDO 

<0a<0>. =pune'ti6n, n. 0003^; orfld&5K>. 

Ex-pur'gate, v. t. og<aifloB;o<88<a>; 
gcMjo crfl<ft8«9>. =ga'tion, h. c®ratf)d3> 
raeroo. = ga-t6r-y, a. rofko3(oraf!m cmo 

Ex'qui-Site, a. 6>ra>rtfls>6toi3>§(aT3>, qjI 
<2(/acfiao fSY3)C22;, (BTO'onc/acQJo — , asonooo 
rt>o— ; 2. (HYZ> ?Tj CTO)o— , c9>cflaOo — ; 3. <&> 

^jo— , cryd^o — -ly, ac?. (Bto^ctcdo 
(Si® cof); go col — , aTlsc/acaso— . -ness, 
n. Qjlo^ld^'w, eocol. 

Ex-sic'eate, v. t. (st^oq,^, g6m 

dBea^. =<5a'ti6n, n. @6rr)(Ss)o, curacfe . 

=ca-tive, a. cu^rm. 

Ex'tant, a. ^nRincrn^cTr); 2. @d 
<2g_joc>a s»@g|, Sad.-ftfl^fQlasnm; 3. a_jro 

Ex'ta-sy, e^., see Ecstasy, etc.. 
Ex-tem'po-ral, =ra'ne-6us, =rar- 

y, a. cgnmo3GJDjiinr) ^gjoo)(m, ara&sio— ; 

2. roi^oajo cljostoto), '(na^ern^^o (era) 
ca, oroca (od^^o — ; 3. cro0®ca<o.nflrtT)o — . 

-tempo-re, «<#. (w^^sm^'oric&ocQri; 
(gsicmofTOceoo gogjos^. =tem'pd-rlse, 

=rlze, v. t.'frmro&CLj 6)^^, em 

(§JJg_JDsf)(Bb £>>6ngO<08c&j. V. I. (0)^^ecr> 

(o-^croocoo &jQi<m. 

Ex-tend', v.t. orf]s<a>, (3<3:tdo§ Si oi 
ej^sa*; 2. aDcT^orao (ST3)<9sc9>; 3. cudijl 
g-pc9S(©>, tGrduS)<aiZo<B2<Q>; 4. Q^g©a>; 5. 
m^as; 6. ^§ ^jsp aj&LflgL_p<B8<a>. t».z. 
6>.nj^<05, oQjc^d^. -ed-ly, «c/. oTlcrjjf) 
g£0oeaTI. =ten'si6n, n. Qj)w>oei&i<Bs)«&; 
CLrinr^rD6mo (ph.); aDc/aofcuroi; arilsrob, 
crDcLri(aTO)fai; gDSff)a.D§a5^jb. =ten'sive, 
a. qj&TIch;; clTIosogjo 'ergicc; isracjulax)— . 
=ten'sive-ly, ad. (stdu51<qio, aia^o, 

<joofooa0ocan. =tent', w. aTlnr^oroo; a> 

eDgjo; (BTaaaj*, 0§ . to a great e.t 

©k>cjoI<9>0oqbTi. to some e.t 6&s)§oo)<a5>. 

to a certain e.t &<s§so, <Qi06)^os)as). 

Ex-ten'u-ate, v. t. <son02K6Y3)<s«<9j, 

^aao — ; 2. aeaono <Qio<99<Qi, ^co^roojo— , 
a(cr)^ — • v. i. 6>0aTlQ%<a>; 6atp)<&>yr)Qj 
o_ioc^(Qi. =a'ti6n, ??. Qjgrno dfcoaarab; 

Ex-te'ri-6r, a. ajos>0^@a, em 

nolfb; 2. (srorn,o (Si® ay, ©rairoo— . ?z. 
a^oeocoo, S0f3i — ; 2. ©cucaao, (6Tr3>jiiDrDo. 

Ex-ter'mi-nate, v.t. a^oa5Tao<0s^; 
2. cDaalgJIdBgai, (c^r^j 00(08^). =na'tion, 

«. orDa^Gjmooao. 

Ex-ter'nal, a. 6njo.-iDj0oca;, o^os)0 
coj@g, <xjo(5T3) rrflorroga; 8. (Brann.0 (BYgjco^; 

3. S3CUfl<ax)— ; 4. CrOo6DJ<SCTU)0(JngOJo — ; 
5. £D<CT>(D0— . «. (pi.) 6ruoao.oajcrun. 
-ly, ad. 0^05)0, <0>o^cf>n . 

Ex-tin'guish (-gTiah), v.^. ®njue0 

(valg_pd9Sift), @3gJ0'WD<98ca>; 2. 00^ (01^ 

co^a). -a-ble, «. ^'O'aOdBffla'^Jonfc fi_io§ 
eajcnaTa-p^ajaajonb— . =tinet', a. 

£§64jej0ocorV-. =tinc'tion, ?i. s)0>§<e5)(^, 




Ex-tir'pate, V.t. &r^ej03c9s<ffc, <sru 
(grosses ojol^i nrflc99<ai, cnu£)Q : ^)<B2<Q>, 
©^jo<go»o«fla«S). =pa'ti6n, ft- ooliz^ej 


Ex-tol', V. t. ^ca«^(Qi, SXJuJDnonjy 

a_)03^a>, qjslp <&>, (a-joaocrcflcQs^. -lei, 
w- oJ <9v p emeu ab. 

Ex-t0rt', U-£- 6OjeJ2103in a_IOQ,<9>; 

<see,o 6)_qj<3^ a_jo32Tl <©?<&>; 2. /se&>5}g_}§ 
fmraricaci-iaOf^lcSg^ (L). ='tidn, n. <2ao 

Ex'tra, pf. ojos)2i, <9>aDfiiB®, caracul 
c^gg, auionaDot— ; 0)si<a>_2j, (gcrofleQ;. 


a^ggra) . 

Ex-tra^t', v. £. Qjena)^§<es(0>, 6>o_jo 
rtfl<9s<9>, a_iol(99<s>; 2. ojlyTlermg) q^)§<Ss 
<Qi, ajoool — ; croforo) — ; 3. Qwafl^OTJigj^ 
<9ad3>; crOo(^)aO n c9a<^. tO e. the TOOt 

(xjaul^aio &>06rro&> (math.), n. ouoto^ 

§,-ara)0) ; '<25a£13aa3QJ^<b , , .ojrOJcfisio; <Q)&M 

cq;o; 6)S)ro)Qj ; Qjoc/ao. ='ti6n, n.o.\o\ 
(Ssi'si), s)Q_jorol<95)i'3?); gjrariajo; crocora) . e.n 
of roots o^H^&jo <&)06m^ {math.). 

Ex-tra-di'tion (-dkh'un), n. eosi 

e. treaty <8tf>3(gcro0gl|®5rr>osaoj^\ 

Ex-tra-ju-di'cial (-dhh'ai), a. m* 
Ex-tra-mun'dane, a. a-jsrasiej'o.sri 

Ex-tra'ne-OUS, a. croo6njcru)o rsrooo, 

(STOjCLflmo — ; 2. <HY30n. 03CE;. 

Ex-traor'dl-Iiar-y (-tror'di-ner-), 

«. (ST3CTOD030«)5imo (6Y3,CB;, (qJ3OTj<9)0 — , 

(Brao^Qljo — ; 2. (a_)S<Wia>onnc%<fl<&)nb— . 

72. (pZ.) (a_)<2 Wi<Q>arDoGO3)l(0>c)o. 

Ex-trav'a-gance, =gan-cy, ». (ma 

foTlfbdhScmcDSforajo, QjtpnouTlsi^r :: ^cr)Sg :; j ; 
2. (g^ejoj ; 3. §ot)SqJ', a)«j>rfl^jocg. 

=gant, a. (§cmsgjag, csTOsaszlgjocara); 
C03foog. f 3>-io aas, ^^lejaj s>.a)gyaT). 
72. <g)0o S)(&§Qjab, ^^ejoj <9)oronb, rcno 
earaaarf). [(/%*.). 

Ex-trav-a-sa'tion, «. <s.aio(BS)a>§d> 
Ex-treme', a. (srocr) corona @.@g, ^ 


fQ«5T3) — ; 2. 62>§<S5>S)fl5T3), ©TOfTO). ; 3. SDC0T3) 

0o (STg)^; (BTOCO0O — ; (573-0)), 0qDD; aioTl 

otmo), 0§ smoolce;; (srooooo^caocaj, g. 
(cr)^na#gg; 4. (S^cuejo afla_irtf);tn0oesy. 
e. unction (Broaden® .^d&o (/?. C.). 
n. otdooo; 2. rata raj rotaT); 3. (sraaroscusro 
smfto$jf,; 4. (p?.) xTlo_jfifl^i0oa2; <&>z<g} 

60T3c)o; 5. f5TOtr>j0a_JfOT3) . in the G. 0aO3, 

a_io§(SggS5)OT3)Dgo. < -ly, «<f. o^OOOJO, 
cugQra, (sro^jCTOo. =trem'i-ty, n. mo 

ca.oey (an.); g>,sJo, g^ra); 0aOO5nj©ijl 

Ex'tri-eate, y. t. a'au^as**? «> 

csaTlasai, ojl§ajlc9gai; 2. (m^oQtQj. 
=ea'ti6n, 72. ^iPg-jo rafltQarok, <SiiP<e5) — , 

Ex-trin'sie, a. ajos)0Q%gg, smo 
Ex-trude', y. t. ajoforas-os^, «« 
gg(9j. =tru'si6n, n. ^ocoo. 

Ex-tu'ber-ance, n. qjIcbbo, qy>, 

oTIecjul (med.). 

Ex-u'ber-ance, =u'ber-an-cy, ». 

t/a_igyo, crge°liefiio. =ant, a. c2j®ldc^o 
(BT?j)ca;, a-i«Tla^g^o— , ajc^So— . =ate, 

Ex-ude', u- ^. & i. Qjonm cur^lai, 

a^p^cSj, ojoroTa) ajfoitfi. =da'tion, w. 

, o _ ,0 

Ex-ult', v.i. croscTOo^sf)^ @gg<Q>; 

='tant,a.croeaTO3dsoa_j«fligaq§a. =ta'- 
tion, w. (HY3^ocY3nao, agJ oS£TO:)aaDSo ? 

Ex-USt'ion (-ust'yun), n. aooono, s 




Ex-u'vi-a, n. (pi. ex-u'vi-ae) a 
gupgH, 6aos° (2.). =a'tion, n. a^-pai 

Eye (T), n. ojcfitfiTi^go (.2.); 2. «& 

grn, «cd-@o (an.); 3 - <0>°&> 9^; "ti 
dBgpo; 4. ®mo§o, imasl^oca'o; 5. (?fin>, 
qQ)C&\o) ; 6. (C^raO; 7. 0CBTl^a_flari<Qsi6rn , 
jx)(£5<&o; 8. (afl reran s^abo) <g&; 9. oqj 

^l<fi90lg_JQJgJ@gTl; 10. S>tQ> 0(3 0513) ; II. 

CT^iii"l<9(8y; i2.@&,<sjy>; 13.cro«sia ; 14. 
orfloo. v. t. sonod9s(Qi, rrydaaC)<B9<3>. u. j. 

<a»06no<&. e.-ball <e>6rai'ipi. e.-beam 
sonoso. e.-brow<^sn6ajfDl<&)o. e.-cup, 
e.-glass «a)sn6<flTi|roo. e.-doctor gcd 

t@)6)o>ajeiab, <£*6nb nTl&^tsro&toocQnb. e.- 
drop ^SS crfiro . e.-flap a^raTiro^ornS. 

saioao. e.-glance <s<r>o§o. e.-glass 

65oo<9s)sroS; <a»y>efls>nbo (eigroosH; <&)$& 
eisrrf), — alyH. e.-hole <£' , J', ©d^oa^ 1 ^' 

e.-lash ©0, o-jc&£a2i. e.-let ^-aio,a_io 

roo; s^olca a_n^a<fls y5 - e.— lid. <&>snb 

sajoa. e.-piece <e»tpef)s>aj ^smo^i. 
e.-reach &si§mqg&cma\iOa . e.-salve 

(aiSTrfsSiov^ejo. e.-servailt gc^pscroaj 

<a>nb. e.-service gc^ e.-shot 

Gmoso, <0>oi£; (Sroel^scao. e.-S0re 
<B)6n6(c^£D; Aooo, e.-string <&>6nbsfo 
rQou°. e.-tOOth ®^ad§y, <&ejjy^°. 

to cut one's e.-teeth 6njf§xn«cuas<a>. 
e.-wash,e.-water<^6n6cuoro. e.-wink 
&$!fil j£)ea(&. e.-witness s^oda&f). 

e. of day, e. of the morning, e. of 
heaven oryiob. e.s of a ship o^ 
strTicao. by the e. cooroo&o. half an 

e. «9iO^<9QOXl ; (ffrOfDcBsism , (Tgd3flpfin<a I 

gjoasraxsonogo. to catch one's e. %@ 
(aocnDfab 5)o_j§«s®<a,. to find favour in 
the e.s of (a-jcrooeo £i£)<B%<£h. to have 
an e. to f^ogjca^^-j^^; or^jaftfiasaj. 
to keep an e. on <2cno<an)s)<95>o&3<9>. 
to set the e.s on soncceg^, d^oocean 
<m&. in the e. of the wind <a>oooi 

QCTDrtyDroocori. eyed (id), a. <3>snaga. 

eyen, ». (pi.) &%m<&>&). ey'er o'er), 

n. ©noDcfiscmojob. • [wgas . 

Ey'rie, Ey'ry (e'ri or I'ri), n. &$ 


QJ. 6miCT)o 

F, ©o^olcaTlfai fsr§)oo0S)(5ra) <BYa:afi3rt>o. 

<mo: o^fwoo3o 1 od ' (Sajos>ej. 

Fa'bi-an, a. (auacnS)^^ Qan&fi 
asnrn. f. policy e^o^icT^^^-Jo. 

Fft'ble, 71. 6)<Q>^<B>m, £0-100— ; 2. 
cfrOQ^^Cj ; 3. O_JiPcnjra06Yr)o; 4. 6>OJ0 
&& . V.i. c&>LOS><a>Sc&>, 6)<3>=fl_2j0<B9<fl': ; 

2. ajjoeao q_>o(3^<qi. v.t.cns)<B%<&>; qJ)0 

a^o-JOOfla*. fab'u-list, W. <^LD5)<^^cm 

ojnb. fab'u-llse, -lize, v. i. <&>los><0> 
^a>; — ajoc^'.©). fab'u-lous, a. ooosjo 
'Btojcsj;, oro99)g_jo— ; ajostotsofjil) QDoa-jorul 
i&nororo), (STO^cx^lcOjaoca'. f,s age o^oo 
qjo cvjro 0^0)0000 CO/' <e>oejo. 

Fabric, /?. <£>xn"), o_iOTrfi; 2. g.sej° ; 

3. o4D§it-l 5 4 - @6TTD^ro<Sn J ; 5. Ooli203 

smo; 6. fo-ai<noo. fab'ri-eate, v.t. q-j 

<&jaQJ3C2^ CTD20n<BS<Q>; <0j@gOCOOfOo — . 

=ea'ti6n, n. crnaaosmo, rojiion; ^^§1^ 
0^0) , <Q)gg<fls) roil, <&>aiU , S® ^ • 
=Ca-t6r, Mi a 6 ^ 3 ^ ^ - 10 ^ rD^io>n6; 
Si <& §1 c% fi 1 ^ o (Sa om qj nb . 

Face, «• QfflJo, ^a>o (5.), a^s" (A*.) ; 
2. i^nbsocoo, aZBfOo, (^sucuoroo; 3. <&>o^, 

clJOo; 4. SOQJo; 5. CCOc^ o; 6.1^6^(0^ 

croaso. f.-cloth oaojcaroncnnbo ^fiUforoH 

§od jgerrfl. before the f. of ^sum* 
<2ono<ss0. in the f. of (gaifi<3i>. to 
the f. of Qcr>s)(Q. from the f. of q 

aaTlrolcTflcTn . f. to f. ^fiuo^Qjaoain, 





i^ffijeoojlfj*, (soooTis . to f. the enemy 
ua(£gsojos <soooD§<9>. to fly in the f. 
smrtf)§da>. to make a f. ®&>06Mg>cno 
<&o^a5. to set one's f. against an 

(SfDocoo cn)§^<&>. V.t. o^)(tfT!(95c&) ; 2. 
CJOD<^ o <0jDS<S); 3. SOOS)rD gDrtflcSga), (SYZ> 
el^euaocfiTl— ; 4. ig6JJg_p§<S>; 5. <Stt>&>u£) 

ej5)Qjc9s<si; 6. <S0S)aJ— ; 7. ^.raajronaladdag 
<e>; 8. ^OaTlc^0oocc0s<a). to f. down coo 
o^ «3T3)0fe* als^stoiOtSsai. to f. (a thing") 
Out uaooio <&)03<a>. y. e. <SQj^3ocr»s*ltQs 

«&>, — 6)(d>S<Q>; 2. (oflrtfl^cfij; 3. o^foDraOQari 

rrTl^a). faced (fast), a. geuggg. fa'- 

Cer, ft. OOOSj (QsOfDnb ; «Qj0J (BTOfi_ie8C32;o. 

fac'et, fac'ette, «. <3&jo, ai6mo. v.£. 
i^eujio 5><^o«s©tQ5. fa'ci-al, a. ^6ij«s@@g, 

(^eQJcroo6nj(TLD(2iOC2;. facing", ft. g.O; 6)(W0 

Fa-Ce'tioUS (-se'shus), a. <2cna><2auo 
£aoe&>, aDsnncao g>@£; 2. ^TlfolgJldBsaD. 
-ly, ad. fO^oc/aaaocBT). -ness, «• ocro) 

Fac'ile (fas'ii), a. a3)ga=l ffl®®? 

ej^— ; 2. g)6m<95>o g>@&, Gaio^o— ; 3. 

QJSP<95)0— ; 4. ©(03(65)0— , ©QjCOtn— . fa- 
cilitate, v. t. oO)&&-1 (8T 9) a9 ® <9> ? ^e- 1 

(So—; fsraaojDcno ^jfr£(6sai. =cil'i-ty, 
n. S)gto'0iSj^o5 fmy<95)o,crco0(oTr)io; ro^snbo 
salgjocm; (pi.) (Broos^ejo; nncpjgoajo. 

Fa€-sim'i-le (-K), n. »aj $6; 2. <a> 

Fa^t, ft. aiD^Jo, CLKT^ra); CnDoSOJo; 

(BTaajcruD; 2. ©onrt> , o^ldotodo; 3. oil 

qj«>o; 4. ©.-mancu (/.)• as a matter 

of f. Q-iar^cmcarirab, cTydagpcarani-oi). 

Fa-e'tion, ft. o_i<sfiio, (g?,o , ajfolcaa; 
2. elcmrav =ti6us (-shus), a. <9><Q£a) 
oSiaPiz^cm; a>ejaOo eaorflgjliSsjom. 

Fa€-ti'tious (-tish'us), a. ^©leio 
(srojco;, oalg-jcrTlizal'mo— ; 2.(9j@gi; 3. ono 


Fdd tO, QJOQ^tncond); <Q)0^o6^«^0S^ . 

Fae'tor, ft.<s>oi<Tuonb, 'egpafV; 2. 
'ffraoaso, eoea.o, a)6rnio (a?".); 3. ^ocgjo, 

<2aog). -age, n. 'egpail'Qjso, ffifaa . 

= t6r-y, ft. O-JQSnsl<0>C/aoeL]; 6^<W3iPlfo1)— . 

fa€-t6'tum, ft- orog^ajaagrwjnb. 

Fa-e'lll-ty, ft. (a-pa^l; 2. 0OD8u> 
<&&)), (BToOO)8<d5rt)6mo; 3. Qjfoo, 6>5>QJ(S 
QJo; 4. (BYDo51(0)OfDo; 5. (BTaOdOJOeo; 6. 

aHejOocoo; 7. ajla_icoTO0os3o; 8. croo^ 

Fad, w. (g0o, (gocra . 

Fad'dle (fad'i), v. i. <s>gnc9sja>. u. £. 

©O0frTl<9s<9), aiOgflc99<S>. 

Fade, V. i. QJ0bl®p_|0<B>; 2. 06oBl<8g_}O 

a>; 3. (^306m dafiacoTltSsca). y. £. ajosa>. 

fa'ded, a. qjd§o ojooIcq;, 0*313100;. fa'- 

ding, a. cuo§o ojlsH^; 0«3i3ejDco;. n. 

QJO§o, 0«3T3fOb. 

Fadge (f«j), v.i. a_ioQ<d), &)^sgg<o>. 
Fse'ces,Fe'ces (fe'oez), ^oogj , 

0s ; 2. 0fijo. =cal, «• 0aioroo6n.i(TU) 
Fag, V.i. (0)&(V3&>; 2. (BT3 ?X) j 3rn)a&- 

as; 3. eocroajrBraTI s)j^^. to f. out 
a_f)rtf)c!%sa&<&>. v. t. cfifif!6Trno_p<95j<0); 

2. ajs^gjerDl 6^^^1a5j<a). 7?. <fl?6ngo_j 
errTlcQyoonb; 2. (sroODjoono. f.-end © 
&ao)ej; (sraaOjo; ^ja^lo^o. -'ging, ft. 

Fag'ot, «. ^jgaej u , Qjlotf^dfcs ; 2. 
«roio<s r el, <9na?Qjl. u.i. s><Q)§oc0s<ai; qjo 

Fail, y. i- sajoroos)^) Qjron<&-, ©gjo 

6)OT!8Q_J0a); 2. (of) <ftOQ^<ai, (5s<S^o<a); 

3. cros&JOjZi&osxG) <sq-J0(&); 4. daaflerrTl 
^ — , dQfiacaT)^ — ; 5. 0<iTl<9s<a>; 6. crTl 
^aj0o<6); 7. Swooo'eojDcSj; 8. 61 wool 
<Sp_jO<ft>, a-jltf^ScLJO^; 9. e^OJoal °^)§ 
<sa<a. u./. <fl3DQj CLirDlai; 2. <aO§oom 


(2o_)0<Q5. 7Z. 6)©00 ; ^So_Jt9fi3; 2. 0fD6mo. 

-'ing, n. ajocu, g^io; <sraococ; cn)ao 
cn^-io. a. ceaflsmoajoo^ca 1 . f.g health 

Crg6U2<05)S , c9fi3l6TT)o. -Ure, U. ©^OCg; 

ejoQ^lcno; ^®o_ia£o; s.rr.oaj_D, rsroajsa 
ceo; dQfiica'o; e^ajDa^ca-o^^; qj%. 




Fain, a. racroo &m, m^—; 2. <g 
a^p— • «G?. (woukl) crO<2O*0)0:SJ<8:3T3)0S>S, 


iji o g-j ^ <s fora o Q s . 

Faint, a. <oiacm, <80oaooejcrOjO &gg. ; 

2. S)6> CO ^dOfOOZ'o — ; 3. 0O3o(3T3)Ctt>, 065)3 
(Bt> — ; 4. SaJCfco — . 71. ®6lQJOCO«<0nS . 
y. z'. (away) £6ruocOo S)<e>§<0>; 2. cfifial 
SYrn^ Soljo^) ; 3. <Qi06tr>o€)(U) — . v. t. 
cefif)6rrDg-jl(9sa>; Qs>cogyo <QjOca8<0>. f.- 

hearted ^)rt8<ou$ga. f.-heartedly 
<so_isl3a^os>s. f.-heartedness ecao. 

-'ing, fl. <20OqjOOQJCT^o. f.g fit SSQJOCO 

<S(0s)S o . -'ly, ad. (srag-^ocan; daaflem 
3aJK»0S)S; uaafc®<32;o5)S. - neSS, ft. <§,-a^; 

I. Fair, «. y&igo (6Y§)C2>; 2. 0<Bonoao 
rt)o — ; 3. 6)QJS«5T3); 4. S)Qjfl8aoano &@g, 
(S.^0^ — ; 5. @om^ (Sty®); 6. oOjOCPJo— ; 
7. aioajsrnjo g>gg|, (sroas^ejo— ; 8. qm 
ceoH— ; 9.^airoScemslgjoa3TOi; oo^anaroaooa/. 
f. -haired ^Qjsna^ooco; <s<9>oao ggg. 

f. -minded c^occpo—. f .-natured cro^ 

6mo&@&. f.-one rrgcranD. f. play crflga^ 
dBdij'WJojorflcnn. f. -spoken ®aioc^o@.@a- 
f. -weather ayQja>a>0oca; en ^j^oajftJta 

ao®o <a>06TTOaD. f .-weather sailor <sq-j 

ro ao(Q)(g@a ta>2_j(8ajo§<65i0fonb. f. world 

oicroosoc^cniDl.oD. from f. to mid- 
dling oooaooojo oogj. the f. sex (nr^l 
<&>cX>. ad. 6icu§j~)q5\(i& gx±<%&o (SYgjecfi; 
ca'LDoroino— ; 0cgpe— ; <Bracrc>@ajo — ; q_j 

fO0O(sioo— ; C®(So— ; Socdl— . f. and 

Square «oos)ra, 6)6ia>o)o2;ocQr). to bid f. 
<2a_jos>ej ©.woorroai, eoQJo c9506ytd<^. to 
Speak f. <2ejo^j0oc2;l a_ioa#<&>, cpJLOotmc 
0OC2D— . w. ^arDoas^jo; or\}03rtfl; (a_p 
ca; 0ocogjo; (c/gf). the f. <&&&&»; ((T^l 
cu^o. v. t. £oc/flco;o(ea<s>, oom">od3s<a>. 
-'ish, a. crDoaoanjo oogj. -ly, a& oo 
odocqD, ^&R° <srg>con, Q[^<^o— ; raroaa 
^aio — ; (2oofD u — , c/afol— ; ctooojcjooooo — . 
-'ne8S, ». oolaaairai; oo,oco;o. 

II. Fair, n. -oiora); 2. ^faroo-io; 3. <&>o^ 
jycroj. after the f. ^o^o <0></)6raro>®c/a 

F&i'ry, n. cacftftfi; <9»ncTnrD(cro a l; ®0o 

oolool. a. c^cfitfial(Q>5)g. AOM^gg. f.-land 


Faith, 7?. oJlc^jocroo; orgxje^^o, s 

c&oTl, ^3>ao; 2. 0.1»o, 0O££jo; 3. Qjloo-i 

nr^ro>, ®ooro ; 4. (STgjcrojQ; 5. cro(Wjo, ojo 
<s« , Qjocarsrao; 6. a°aj'- in good f. 
@.fora0CLrioajoarOi0ocBri. int. oolcsycojo! 
aror^jo! -fill, <7. aflu»-jocroo jagg., (Stj) 
(|c^cq;o— ; Qjl'ja_inr^foi — ; ScaoP— ; o_Tl 
(vajocro ; 2c2;ofA0oc2;. the f.l ^aoaad^co; 
ro, oalc^joaoro . -'ful-ly, «<:Z. xD(ya.jnr^ 
OT®cpJ05iS. -'ful-nesS, n. Qjloajn^-TO. 
-'less, a. djlaajsaroo ©^joforo); SceoTl— ; 
ajoco$nam u ®ooro — ; aDaajrrQ^— ; cro_io 
&\&<&<£\ — ; cljo (arioso— , o-JcarSlo^'tr.o — - t 
0oca>ca>cc2;. -le6S-lj,ad. Qjstaioocaocan. 
-'leSS-neSS, n. -oi-dT), aTloajocrocLJo 

^^°- [jimbI. 

Fake, V.^. OJ6Tan<99<9>. ?2. ©.OJOOio, 

Fal-ea r tion, w. oj^ra), ojaoj . 

Fal'chion (-shun), ?i. <Q>§ofoo, (sracnfl 

Fal'-eon (fal'kn or fa'kn),?2. fooeao&l, 
(jyoa_psrica;nb(2!.)' _r y^ ?2 - Qt}@&°®cl»§. 

Fall, v. i. ir. (fell, fall'en) oil^a», 

a^Has^; 2. crooc^oocoo ojl^ai; 3. a 

yaTlS^OScej; 4. jiiO(S), d-l§ <2o_J0(O>; 5. 
OO0nag<B); 6. a_Tlod93(9i; 7. <fliO<3^<Q), «no 
y><&>, cQaicoDcSQcft) ; 8. (So^o^cQj, oooal.jy 
<2a_)0a>; 9. O-n^dDSg-jO^; 10. mQem&D 
cnroTlroi) _aiO§<&, CLjl^ifcSsai; 11. ((^fillo) 

qjo§<q>; 12. <efdl5rrT)c9«<S5; 13. ojoTI^; 
rBra(0>s>p_|§<f*; (er^QQflas^: to f. asleep 
g)o<S5K) ojoDdh, ao6aol3gL_jo<S); to f. 

into a passion <2ca>oo-jo ojran<si, sa^oo-D 

^<3a_Jo<a); to f. in love tmooafootoo 

03Oolc9®(05; 14. CTOolSCulai8<f>); (BTOOJCTOO 
aol<e<8<0>; 15. (ST3)^; 16. rgS6ag<&>; 17. 
aHs(0>; S)5)<a)Qjaa0os^o<Q>; 18. ctojotoo 

(ST3)<0>; i9. (uosroia <2o_jo<e>. tof.aboard 

of (Qjg-jejt^ck) rmaalrafc ^§l®g_joai. to f. 

among (bto^s)^^^. to f. astern oS\ 

od^lrtA ter^«^o<d). to f. away aaeflc^ 

<fi>; 0OJTOfDl<&8<0>; ClTica-JOTOi^OCOo 6^jjJC^ 





<&>; cnt£).£± 3o_IO<3>; (§)<22l6rn<B£a<SL?\<B%<&). 
to f. back o_nnt)QJ063r§«>; QJDa^Sirtnool 

nosaa^,. to f. back upon <BT0302;o 

(O_)0rj_n-59(S^; (SfQVQ)Q£f)<93<9>. tO f. Calm 

<&)DOo v\&(®dh. to f. down cnzcQ^ci) 
<ss<fr; nrD^ysra) afiy><9>. to f. flat crfl 
^ej0:3^o<9>. to f. foul of rjDZEflrab g 
^<a>; — <^=,65§<9>; Q^)t)n(9sa). to f. from 
(i_f)rrSaj365g<9>. to f. home fsrad&sasron 

^ qj&cb^; — Qjly>A. to f. in oo-jo&I 
<sq-io^. to f. into one's hands (&?><& 

S)^<~?&,. to f. in with ecg o) cao^osro 
<a>; 3oa'088)<e8<s>. to f. off Clfl6rr) U <2a.J3<3> 
$><2ciA(3£n)^ <&>g.ay<0>; §D£joS>fO) SauOs0) 
Qjlaa_ioorO'aiiDC/Do 6)_aioa«ei; Qj1§ ^gic^a* 
<fl»06TCJl3> <2a_j3(3>. tO f. OU '5ra<»i6i^J^<S) 

a3)(qg)<3>; ^oTlnaonb g>S63g<9>; Q^j-aTlgljonb — 
§Doe3T3lajro1<9}. to f. Out <a>ejadl(Bs<^ 

<TOo/SO_n<38tSi; (SYD6TrriQjl§ (2a_i0<ei. tO f . 
OVer 0faTCaTl(9s<9>; o_Jc9ftlo Qjl§<9>; AS 
CTT) <So_)rj<&>. to f. Short <2a-» O0)o sm QJ 
oTl(fr. to f. through cnlg^ajo raro) 

®gjjo<a>. to f. to @S65J§<&). to f. under 

rsTDCO^Vnao^las^; Qjl^scaieiomon^; g. 
6>c*>«g<s>. to f. upon (Srg)(g>i2l<98<s>; (c^> 

gflas^; «9iCQ/(69<0>, y.£*. Qjl:jP <3>; 2. 
<a)3t£> <&i; 3. <QiO<9$<&>; 4. S)a_jQ,(Sj; 5. (§ 
o\£p§<&). 72. Qjl^>, ajruKDo; 2. ooo 
oao, a.Tismo; 3. (8TDCJ08a_jfOKno; 4. oa(@ 
QJCfi>0O(©jraJ); 5. <0iOCU ; 6. GTOJ(DQ_)«n 

cno; 7. jajoriaj ; 8. (/?/•) raraosan, eaej 
(a_)a_iOfmo; 9. ©^(Sfls^rofob; 10. <O)0{^; 
11. groTl.^; (/^lcy^lfD<9>oaJo; 12. 6)a_JCgjOJb; 
Qjotao; 13. 0O)o <3o)<95)0jb; 14. a_loa_l 
(uroflojb rara^s^soA. to try a f. '<0><T$V 
o_fls)<es<es &§£ 6)&>c;<&>. -'en, a . aTism 
<8ajocoi; o_jon_iajn>TloA (graaiS)g : j§; (c/ajOOj 

0OCQ;; Q_J§ <So_10<3D. -'illg, ft. Cu)^', a. 

ajl^an. f.g away, f.g off, see to f. 
away and f. off. f.g sickness (s^ou 
nr^>oo)o. f.g star sitSjog^la^nb. f.g stone 

ojomc/alej, s^oggT^rrb— . f.g tide 
SQjeftccOo&io. f.g weather 0«>c0s>ofijo. 

FaHa-cy, n. (snsru&uo; 0OC32;; .ai-oH. 
=la'ci0US (-shus), <7. si'znoo <srg)Ca>, al 

Fal'li-ble, tf. oJlyojojo^om, 5)-o) 
00—, aj6Tajai0oc». =bil'i-ty, n. (g0o; 

Fal'low (-15), a. «0)aj1§(rfloqea; 2. 
{a)oflo^oca•. f . deer aoa cu<a> 0onb (%.). 
n. (OioTlaa crflaio, g)y>aj . v. t. @.^@s 

False, «. ajgoj ajoc^om; 2. <2cdcq 
5)<9j§; (STOQjlcya jrr^<0)Q%@g ; 3. <&>§*. ajoca>; 
4. d9>a_)S(<5@& ; <&-@gt; 5. (srasayajuo isrgjca; 

6. <BTD!0>QO>6rDo — , ®)(?S)Ax — \ 7. fHT3o_l0r\Dj 

0)0— (mus.). f. imprisonment (btocy^o 

ca;0oca> rtjiscu (/.). f. key 0Q,a>o$ -amors*). 
f. personation (GfQxhaoooo (I,), ad. 
(Siaojocal, <^OLjS£oQj3roTO)os)s. f.-faced 
<a<GQ_j^j^@&. f.-hearted Qjstaicn^ea. 

-'hood, n. Qjjoeao; ajnaajoaro^sraim; 
«ojcftrjo. -'ly, ad. <d) fffrgjcoD; 5),o) 

OO — ; jaitDlQj — . - neSS, 71. (5T2>arOrtTio; 

Qj6Gaicn; <Bra6w@x)o. fal'si-fy, u.t. 
c9>acLJ0(Sa^>; a^acuocari (Q_^nr^oxn<6a<e>; 
— ;D<sngo<98<a); <a>aQjo5)smcm 6)^al32^<9s 

<&)\ QJ0<9n 5)(WOQ(9); ^'WOolfigsia^'^; 
(BTo6ni(SjU0O(9nlojr3fl(S8<ai; <s^gg.0CJU0O)o orD 

oaooo s)Jii^. fal'si-fi-a-ble, a. && 
cijo^oajnm. fal-si-fi-ea'tion, n. ^> 

(Q)l0o; <s>g.^o<65)oi; (Braarofo^ajoao; fsra 

6ojau0o<9«)oA. fal'si-fi-er, ?j. <a>@@.nb, 
(BjacucrriaalcQsomajnb. fals'ism, n. 
o^oeao. fal'si-ty, '/• scncQQ&s, • 


Fal'ter, u. t. crcooacaDceaa), aTlaftl 
ajl<9snQ_iOQ%<d); 2.Qinoc9«^; 3.aa&l(Ss<s^; 
4. (8o_ioo>os) 1 'a) cuoTliSi. v. t. gosolfl-jo 
c%<ft, cog Q0oeaT|a_ioQ^<9i. n. odo0ctco; 
aDo; anasi . -ing, a. oTloaeg.; ciTi 
d9«— . ?i. ©s^i; oaa*. -ing-ly, «<f- 
oDcasTl xTltflsTl. 

Fame, ^. ($^«jTI, Qj , ara)0oono; 2. <efl 
(orafl, ca'oam) . v.t. (C^'oria_jO)(^<S); 2. 
c^oa^naa^). fa'mous, a. (for) (t^roO 




6>£-j§, <3cLj<k'3cLjD(m. fa'mous-ly, ad. 

Fa-mil'iar, etc. s. u. Family. 
Fam'i-ly, n. aj)§«&>3ro°; aiayosai 

«SQC)0; 3. £0Cgj32Jo SfDT3)0ajo 0<95>g^o; 3. 
QjOUdo, <Q)&Jo; 4. Qjooaojofoau^o, (O)0QJ 

ynajlajrao; 5. ro->o;Do§ <a>oraob; 6. ojc^o. 

f. circle ^ayoeruo. f.-man aj®<fi>a 

[(G)ie)<ai?s eg qj ob; cro-ic^ao^n^nb. in 
a f. way ^ayoonjanoTKs!) e>asi(m)G)cn 

®a_jo^Qj. in the f. way we^ga. 

fa-mil'iar (-mil'yer), a. <Q3ajfDT3)lfab £gg.; 
«eiOjyo6TUfcranrti() — ', n_iroljiio2;o— ; ©srn 
(©no— ; oosajoca;. f.r spirit ca-cflftTi. n. 

juGSByri), a»ej(ssoj(w. fa-mil-i-ar'i-ty, 

n. 00(0), saio^o; (^o/.) a®g.isrc>o; nrDza 

ioeo. fa-mil-iar-i-sa'tion, fa-mil- 
iar-i-za'tion, n. o-irDnnJcao, ro)ip<esvo. 
fa-mil'iar-lse, fa-mil'iar-Ize, v. t. 

Q_ifDlaiCQJo Qjasa^<0>; oalajo — . fa-mil'- 
iar-ly, ad, 00<o)(2g&'os>s. 

Fam'ine, n. ca£ao0o, a_j6taio, oaQfoD; 

Fam'ish, y.£. o_i§n6rrT!caP§ sv9»ogj<fl>; 
2. aTloa^jl^ 6Dj(iJjli^§n(SS(9); 3. fflgjo 
fTOOcSsT) S)<fl6)OgJ<0>, 6)<&0§c8$)0S)rO> 5)<Qi0gJ<Q5; 

4. d9Qio0o qjoj3(QEj)<q>. y. 2- fL-ispffrrfl 

§D^c9>, — £9riSd99ca>; 2. ^SiOJGOaOfOTfaOfBK 

Qjejo^dD,; 3. ©&}os^— . -ment, n. 

cefi3O0o, QJOo, dOS^rafcoLjlajO. 

Fan, n. Qjlcfccfi, Qjlajog., _ajy>orf>, 
'oja^'; 2. cgoo, ^oo°<QTlslf3l). f.-palm 
^s^-jm (b.). v.t. qj1^c9>; 2. OTenrragLjl 
<es<&>, 'eTgioajcnfla-paaa--; 3. <3>ooo af)ua 

t&>; 4. Q_iOOQ,<9>, rtSOQ,^; 5. SSJaflgJl 

-QscS), ajglTl^pc^^. -'ner, tj. gaoq, 


Fa-nal', n. e^ojo^oSo. , 

Fa-nat'i€, a. 0ra>6)<s)QjfDoco,o g>@ja, 
— (gonro — ; 2. rsTaraf)crO(S*a)] — ; 3. raraoruo 
coorD6rr)CS2JOC2J (SToe)(a_jceB;o— . n. exm 
(gooo>n6. =i-eal, a. fSTOfaOcroo&oTlc^gg.. 

=i-eal-ly, «t/. 0<ois)6)Qjrt>ocA®roTO)os>s. 

=i-cism, n. 0^«§ooo)°. 

Fan'cy, ». cn\^a-\6muo<o<&\; 2. cx> 

a&g-jo; 3. asooorooeejo; 4. (BTOsflc^ao; 5. 
fooroo, ojoorooo. the f. (fi 0^88 curs. 
y. 2. crfl^rLJlifls^. u. £. eoaDcescei, 
a\)a& J g_[la9ce>; 2. <>ooToa>; 3. 

CUral^ $o_10<£>. a. 2)<Sm0f05TS3d93O (ST^CHj; 
2. (HTOo^Qllo— . f.-ball QjlculcX)C8Qjcfia 

(pasTao. f.-fair saaaono^oo). f.-free 

(srocrarootos.oj^cangjocBTa). f.-goods mo 
onoQ.)6TTif5j®6rTfl. f.-sick <fr30Goooaj@g,. 

f.-work -aTifSj-o^^iaj . =cied (-sid), «• 

©twoonraixgrgiCB;, eflra^— . =ci-er, n. cru 
»>g_j<9K3rt>ob; (Q_floaob. =ci-ful, a. <Sra>s 
ornlcaQjocroiggg • 0smoroo»jo (ST^co 1 ; ms 

Fane, ft. 0o?f)fOo, 6>5)eajoejcao, <2<9£o 

(©o ; 2. (SV&O^l; 3. <d>000 tQjOgl 

Fang", ft. 0-J£j\ ^«DOO; Boj^o; 2. 
Qjlc^a_j^ ; 3. a_l£ps>nbo (2ajfO° (««.); 
4. Si<S)0Q,d36). in a f. ^QSralCDJ, <Sj§ 

«sq)0oI6ib©. to lose the f. eaaica^rg) 

fDIzfl5)ej QQJ@g.o fofloT) (So_JOa). V.t. & 

to f. a pump eaejcaiajjcnraD;^ gtcuggo 
oono<ssd>. fanned (f^ngd), a. aj^° 

^@g, an^iyoj —. 

Fan'gle, n. oj@0, (g)ocooroa_j6nn. 
=g"led (-gld), a. cg^oOcoj, <20o^ica;3ca. 

Fan'tasm, w. rr>l(£53a_)6mo, 0l(3toj3iso 

QJo, 0oa2,OarijilOfDo; 2. 08ODOttLQag)r£jcn, 

axj&g^o. =tas'tic, =tas'ti--eal, a. qjd 

nrgaj0gjofoT3), 02000^0^00(2;; s-oionTTl 
coiajooxjiggg.; an^)--ai(@Q_»0oca', pstqcm 
52J— ; j3j6tjaiQJSocui^gg. =tas'ti€, u. 

o^oattZLTi^n. =tas'ti-eal-ly, arf. isra 
o^c^^'oficaocQn. =tas r ti-cism, «• ^^ 

(SoojooTDrm-jo. =ta-sy, n. <3fO)onmra6, 

Ool(f03a_)6imo; S^OGTnlcQ'ClJOCrCo; QjloD 


Fan'tom, ^ee Phantom. 

Far, a. groaoca;, «TD(S>fnej ©@&; 2. 
<GYD<Q>aj— ; 3. ana_jr5fl.w0OCfl;. f. about 

ojipnan§<0>or). f. between g^cna^. 
by f. Qjg^fo (BTaafl<&)o. ad. §<>>«>; 2. 




ara<S'T5T3)oao; 3. (sraoj~l(3>gotoo; 4. orat^j 
a51<d>0ocofi. f. -fetched croaDe30gjO(nra; 
OT3croocuoro6m2<ooai; crfltrcga.fl.^jengoasri 

ca. f. most q^ooqjo (3ra<S5^e.i@ : @a. f. 
Off rarc><3is>ej, (BTOcQiam . f. other sacu 
ejo <HTDan,0ocoj. f.-seeing grog<3al a 

@a ; ^nb<B>o^— . f. -sighted grog 
o^l— ;6nj<aui@aa-o»— . f.-sightedness 
6Q#£jS\ , &<za'a\. f.-stretched a>«m<9n) 

Sejo crfl^ca. as f. as ffi>oao, Q0fQ)(8CQ;o 

fflta®. f. and near oa^osoji. f. and 

wide culcooejaoc&n. from f. grofBra>° 
orflarn\ -'ther, a. (9rau_fi<a>o gro^gg.; a 

an ; (srarai ^soo^fiD, go erf), no f.r lalsng 
rw(o>°, 0(^1. -'ther-most, -'thest, a. 

Farce, i'- t. crf)oc0s<0>, foisng_p:0s<3>. 

72. OOlo, n^fOSmo; 2. clJO0§ <3>LO, oOO 

crcj onosce>o ; 3. <8<s>og_proo§f), 000000(0)0, 
sajrf=o— ; <9>a°). ='ci-eal, a. fiooo^j(&> 

fDo (STOjCPj; (STDa^Q^o— ; QJOrr^CL^gjOtBTa, 

3da>og_pfoo§lcpjoco;. ='ci-cal-ly, ttc?. «>> 

Fare, P.*. <8o-io<a>, crosrairtficesA; 2. 
<5Y9;c9j. ^aTl<fl9<Si, oroo£OLf)c9s<0>, Gcnrtflcj 
<&>', 3. crgoTltSQ^, ro0las<9>; aoajSca&i 
ojo <a)yn<es<9). tz. auyHcaogj); 2. (^afl; 
3. g>ascro<7>l>; 4. cutntaaonno; 5. <3d9%o; 
6. <sa>oa°; 7. 5 )nba_js. bill of f. seoegj 
aDajfOo. -'well, ???£. nr>nT>oQBr)rtf)(8s>s>§, 

O^£0Cr^; CTOeJOo; ??. CTOJCT^l, 0OGD&1 

auocas) ; aTisajossB^b, — s^(Q)0@g.rai>; a. 
oJlsc2;ococn3c6nj(TU)0ocpj; 6&§<95>ff>ajra. 

Fa-ri'na, n. aocu , o_fl§ , 030°, g«o 
ogj°. far-i-na'ceous (-shus), «. aooj 

(So_J05)GJ &&L, SXuo^l— . 

Farm, n. a_>o§o, QjOfDo; 2. a_io§ms 
g_j , Si^o^fSfrooj^ocao; 3. a-iosg-jooxi , 
o)a>oy>crf)fijo; 4. ^coTlcroQajo, —(gal; 

5. <03O5T3):&>. f.-hOUSe ^)CfiQn<95)0r06>nbo 

ojIs . f.-stead <a>ao_jro, ^a&jos . 
f.-yard #>ao, d^aigooo. v. £. onsg-p 

cm 5)<Q)0§(9s<&i, ajo^ajroricnri a3}g_pe03<a>, 

— 5)<a)0§c99<95; 2. — aj06^§aj; 3. axoraa) 
cojocqT) S)(9>o§(ead9} ; 4. <S3fma)(9j a£)§d9sd3>. 
— o^^a^; 5. ^oaflajugga). to f. let, 

to let to f. cuorDOTalnr> , 6)<9>o , g<Sa<a>. 
V. i> ^coflra^c^foiran 6).aig^, crflaio ons 

<9s«oj, ojoou «flTi6>a«98<a». -'a-ble, a. 

^.BaltQn sjdSjO^anocijnm; (QirnTa^as^ — . 
='mer, n. ^-aflcs&oroni); <ftslcpJonb; <eiasra> 
«9»(95)0iDnb. ='mer-ess, ». g^laaoro 
foral. -'mer-ship, n. ^^crooaco^o. 

='mer-y, n. <a>ao, ^ag-jro, qjIs*. 

-'ing, a. ^)caricru!o6ni(TLL)0occ;. n. rf^.-af) 
(ojo^ijraf), ^.cucroocao. 

Far-ra'go, R. croaEfi^ajeataioo. 
=rag'i-n0US, a. moooocroocucosoBcXi ^ 

Far'rand, n. <s®jisomo } cno£cns$jl . 

FaVri-er, n. 'ejos'^oranb; 2. «ejos' 

6i6)QLJQjfTb, gCO — . y. I. 'GJ0S'(a_^QJfOT3n 

(^.ai^. -y, n. '&J05'(o_)CLjfcnjn; gcojiD 

Far'row (-ro), ??. a_ia7fl<fl9§i(^§o. 
v.t.&i. (o-icrn)) QnjQ,^. a. orgjeng 
Ga_icTl^otara) (<-s_i^). 

Fart, n. cual, <Bra3(joocuoc^. y.f. 
Qja^Q-n§<Q>, — gD§<S>. 

Far'thing, ?^. raT3fo5)5)ti_i^r9sgg ao» 
@ogglai cnosrn.o; ^ojcrDc^ o)S <d>oSej: 
oorol; 2. (8TDg_jo; 3. crTlejasTDns^rtbo 6aro 

^^ - [pJOOJOS. 

Far'thin-gale, n. (o^la>f s>s «»sl 
Fas'ci-nate, u. ?. 0ca<a8<d), (saoooH 

pTlc9s<&); 2. cuaala)ron<S3(3), (er^eljiiofoo 
SJ^i^. =na-ting, «. asmsooroaoai'. 
=na'ti6n, «. Qjaala)rosmo, 0njD)o; <30o 
oomo; rocrCo, (g0o. 

Fash'ion, n. eocoi, aofoTlrol; 2. <2qj 
daaad^foTl; 3. <erg)^Lioroo, ooSq_j , oru^pjQo 
ca;o; 4. crcna^oQ; 5. oalaio. after a f . 

o^rwooBo; e>o> ojlcjco. f.-monger org 

oaroon^l. v. t. <®n_f!<ft8<9i, (Sr^^on 

65g_J§«2®<0); 2. (to) ^(SnrOlOcflSiSj, 5);9>0gan 
c99(35; 3. OJiPc95)(Q_)<9>0fao ©St^o^a); 4. 

<9>acLiocQn crnz0l(99<9>. ~a-ble, a. oos 




OJSlcaOCQ;; (TOSy g) && , QJiP<9s>o (StQCSL ; 

S0Dbl— ; cronacgpec^ga. n. (pi.) cg)o 
coora<95)OfD . -a-bly, ad. cro^aoca^ 
<fi>oo>o; s^osncojocon. =i6ned (-unti), a. 

0OroTlrtf)CQ;DC2;, 0§)ej@a. -leSS, a. IS 3:03 

I. FaSt, y. I. a_J§l6TrTl(QnSc69(Q>; 3. <2cr>3 day ioj^o, sonoou . n. o_j§1 
sfi?\\ 2. Qcmcru , jDa_jcu3croo; 3. <2<no 
cm c£oejo. f.-day aojajscrualajcroo. 

to break one's f. (tyoroxab <9><S\<m&, 

II. Fast, a. ao^, aruolroo <si©a&; 2. s 
Go — , ©; 3. gaicftj) — , ojlc/d_iar$ 

<0)— ; 4. crflOo <So_J3(Q)3f3TZn, .aJSCOJo— ; 5. 
4O0Oi0(23(U'; 6. (BTDS (95)01^00513); 7. o)"0) 

azos^cojoc^. f.-handed ©oooo^ga. 

f. and loose cn^roro^csTlgJiotDTa, .oioaj^j 

^@g. to play f. and loose sooracs^ 
s d&o^a--; ^io_)ajr^— . hard and f! 

<<0>g_jf<*)mnnr) gio^sctjocoj. to make f . 
@.og_p<sa^, ff>a^<9> (h«m£.). ad. go 

^jos)ro>, g^Oaiaiocan. f, by ? f. beside 

(STa§5)a5), oro0 <r la_jo. n. <siool; ^cao , ^ 
«jraej. -'en(fas'n), y. £. 6ve>s<3), &og_pces 

A«a»i to f.n a charge or a crime 

Upon one <0io0(0s)ococnz5)6mcm cuos 

<m&- to f.n one's eyes upon ^ggf ^ 
^crfigys*, cruolfoaocari— . -'en-mef, >*. 

6)d9j§ ; anvils) ; 6?>3S3aUrt&; S)(£b3d9S); fO>3 

qj , o^§ . -'ness, ft. goiD'O); afloaj 
■rr^'O); @.@a°; isQaocaaruoejo; <s^o§; 

Fas-tid'i-6us, a. ^oo^^^gs; 

0os«0s) a^tqgjascnoceaar). -ly, ad. 
6OJc^6iismulfai0oc5in. -ness, ft. fg)Ojp 

(08OCLI , g>fZJ>i'0). 

Fas'tu-OUS, a. rsrannafoo.-oo agg, 

Fat, a. 5><9>3$fa-iSa, ^CDQcTl^QJ^; 

2. to)^.^, oJ,c3alg>@&; 3. QGJgmgjc/a— ; 
4. 0CBo <ST§)CO, ffJa^OlDiO— ; 5. oOGJoJ 
c^2.@a, QJgo— j 6. (QTDjeocao— ; 7. 6)a® 

aa_i^o— . f.-brained 0o3siqj'3jj1 ot^co;. 
f.-kidneyed stoJogDasrasloanb— . f._ 
witted s)a_i3aronb— , <Qjos^@g. n. ®&>o 

(gDcOaio. y. £. o_Jcea1cQ,0(95j<9>, fO-)S r )g_p 

c9s<&. y. I. 6)<Q>0<;Pqj[ 6)QJ<B%&>. -'ling, 
72. S)<95 3^>gl@a aj^tasDSDQJ , — ST^cflnb 

<Qj§1. -ly ? ad. oJcbTIscojosjs. -ness, 
n. ^ojosmajrasn, Qjgrno; Qaioygj ; cuao, 
o)aQ)cra_i^o. -'ten (fat'n), v. t. (OiSl^paa 
(9>; QJa0n§a>. y. /. ojcBfls^ai<98<Q>, (0)Sl 

c9s<9). -'ty, «. ff><a.3^g-j > 2.@g, s^ancoT!— ; 
aufU3cOT3). ^tu'i-tOUS, «. ssocsa^j 
qgg. =tu'i-ty, n. 6)Q_j06r^caTaroo; 0cb 
6ry<ain. -'u-OUS, a. 6iQ4f%ul0ocrajoa@a, 

(2S3,-fiD(0>_lo — ' 0OCS2.'CB)3CQ;. 

Fa'ta mor-ga'na, n. Aomwaio, a 

Fate, W. 'BTOgc^o, SOCOiO- 2, (5Y3o030, 

e</a; 3. nnooao, 0fi>6mo; 4. ro^&jcan^ajy 
fors) , qTiclTI. fd'tal, a. (gajaia^gjlfaio 
(8i®coj, oDcul— ; (enr^aj^iDo— , 0O)6n^<Q> 
(t>o—. fa'tal-ism, n. ■srog^ajoao; 6)S)B 
Qjocxfloo^. fa'tal-ist, 71. (BTOgcea^UOGl. 
fa-tal-is'tic, a. (BTogcejcuoacrvjosiajau) 

0oc0j. fa-tal'i-ty, ». (^aoajiip, §§ 

OS; ana_J05T3) ; 0fO6mo' H 6)6>3QJ<9>g_pano. 
fa'tal-ly, ad. Qj\cjS)Q5)a6):V)o- (SY3)n_l 

g^roo (sr§)QQn, 0ro5n";ca>roo — . f a'tal-ness, 

n, fsrag^o; i§c^oajo. fa'ted, a. esc^ 
ao^lao0oca, ciTla^isa-jo^Gj curoacm; s^s^a 
Qjoaflan0oco;. -ful, a. (£/)aO£ : p ( i>g>@@5 

Ool(§3C/DiO— ; lBYg)a_lOT\) Jil<Qi03Ca;. 

Fath'er, n. e3on<Q>a6, ^o'aiab, (STO-qA 
nb 7 o-jWooj', .-oicto), fSYag-job; 6niogj, 2. 
8-1 (A/.); 2 - (^-) f^c^axnaora ; iwejaj 
naofo , rfhoro6imajn03rt) ; 3. ^)d9fiiifa>oaj , 
n_iroHa-ioeJ:£bab; 4. 6ri]^03nr)aj3jaD; 5. 

g> <1_1 3 a c^Q 3 QJ , QoTQJOCUanb, '0-10^^1', 

(sro^ch(C/u\); 6. pi. ("the) croiSoo-Tl^o 
Qj(Chr.); 7. (0)3fO6TD(§^nb; 8. (the) o_D 




-moajocE> Q&BQjo (theol.). f.-land cro~i 

o)d^jo, nS)(V)<2a<jdo. adoptive f. e™ 
c&cib, <so_jooo^n6. natural f., pu- 
tative f. oraanajooooflejaind) sacrf)^ 
«ft§1c^s)S rsro Mnb. spiritual f. fsrg) 
(O^lc^aJ^ocD . step-f. a~T)oc95>oraTC» ^ 
fib. f. in God (m^tata^SjaJltnoaj (rara 
(aUid9fiacno@g. 6ru^6)ooncL)Ojin). f.-in- 
law fsro^Bocagjnb, <Brz>g_j ^nb, s>a_j|rn£j 
nb, oaj^foob. f. of lies mdax)v\(GK») 
nb Q_^l<woQJ , , o-Tlado^i'. f.s of the city 
ooOTraoo^naofb. most reverend f. in 

God 6OJag0ocn20olaQ; fergjfaT^l^cLjlfmo 
qj ((q-jcjoooooQvU. dafianeocesg^ tsrejopgioro 
ojo^D). the holy f. ojoq^ocu (i?. C). 
t>. t. eaarflgjld&a^; rsro McnDQqf)asa>; 2. 
es>ajrzȤas<0>; rzr>5)abo <0^gf)eQ;^S)6ma^n , cu 
ocadfc; 3. <a)S>abo<a)o<S)6rocrn — : 4. <8K>_nS 
s^nn <9n^<&). to f. on, to f. upon &cct3) 
fDOjoG^rmjo aroa&>g_p<eg<ei; araog^s <ftEfl 
co;os)6Yr)CTr) Qjlj3jooriiSs<9»; — g ) 'oflcE>os)sm 
fm — . -hopd, ?/. o_f)ra)cniQocno, 6)5)n_i(fS)o 
ufl<aorDo, oJ1fg^)_io; oJlf^saoao. -less? 
n. reTO_a^aolgjOfST»<Q}|f), rsYBanoLOdgsef). 

-less-ness, n. fBromoLQ^jo. -li-ness, 

?2. oJlfgxioraro^jo. -ly, a. <hto M6>amo 

fOTOij S>ff)a_JrgcS); clS\(V)S3QJo g) gg ; QJOrOTV) 
^jo— , SOB;— ■ <7fZ. a_Dfgg0QJSfOT3)0S)S. 

-ship, n. a-flrayaijo. 

Fath'om, n. (ergjosH, 000 , (eYg>&°(ST3) 
yo, — 6>ajggo; 2. 6Qy&S)<as>asscafti . v.t. 
ociLjotaraDgJlslaQ^, qjstdo <2aoD<0a<3>; 2. 
(ero>y>o (ffrag.nD— ; 3. £@solcs#<&>, %f)ao\ 
casdBj. -a-ble, a. (QQacflaaDojam, 6iaj 
1x51(^)0519)0 a? cm. -less, a. <er^tf>(2oo; 
•BTraoDocuo (ffrgjca;; rata (£9 00 0.0—. 

Fa-tlgue' (-fig'), «• <aa?)6mo, (er^aj 
crcjo; 2. (srralij-iomo. y. £. rtn&^ojas 
«^a>; cefiflsrnlg-p^^; 2. egnuTlgjldasai. 

Fau'ces (fa'sez), n. pi. <9>6nomoQo, 

6)v>o6ns (an.), fau'sal, fau'cial, a. 

<S>6gOCrOo6T2J(TU)o (STO)(£;; <&>5£0 o — . 

Fault (fait)', 71. ^foroo; dfcooj ; 2. 

§^o; 3. 6>ra>oo°, &000. f.-finder 

jsg.snooceonDajob, <sr0}<2dafiaa_i<a>ab. f.~ 
finding <fijooo a_io:&'ral); 5)®of) u oj) 

s)<9$)fsi>. at f. Qj\£aft«S(to\a& <Sl§<9>; 

sv-a)ocfl<2g_j0c&>. to a f. c&.6TO<95n<2aJO, 

(BT9^n^° (ftsnm. to be in the f. s)ts) 
oo°<e>oronb (ST^)s>. to find f. with f8r^ 
ScefiKx-flcSs^, (ftooo o_jo^<ai. for f. 
of QDQoaman tokens . = 'ti-ly, arf. <er?> 
&2j@jjt2oz£). ='ti-neSS, n. <QiOQj, fsra> 
60j(§jjo. -'less, a. OTOsnjOijo gogjoraro); 
<&>a»)o— ; oarol(ST5)C32;, gy-avo— . ='ty, a. 

cSsOQj @.@3_, 



•; Q-jOOO.'OTDi; (SYO; 

Faun (fan), n. cuon secure, fau'na, 
?i. ef)ajB3Dejo, 0f.osf)Qj6ai3c)o. fau'nal, 

a. gcos£lajcroo6Tunu>0oc2;. 

Fa-vel', w. $fiu<Tgrafl. to curry U 


Fa-vo'ni-an, a. ajslsTorsoonb ^000 

oroo6n)cnjuo (gr^co;; 2. aaoaoo— , 2030 — .. 

• Fa'vdr, Fa'vour, ??. s^o, fDovio, 

oj-fifiio; 2. croaDOCQ/o; 3. g)a_)<&>orDo; 4. 
^n_i, Sea; 5. rf>>a_JOCLnaa}Ca.'o; 6. <20^a£> 
^DaCDo; 7. (^SU^Q-lo; 8. Q_jdQtai3(SQo (/.) ; 

9. <£t)<tfO) . in f. of c^srno (BT^oaD, (araofr 
@ejo— . in f. with croonoca>o(>><a>o« r >3 ^ 
^(oroooOo—. to Curry f. <8aroajo_f)sl 

<9s<^. with one's f., by one's f. ^. 

QjC^sngoCoTls . V. t. (a^CrODel(99(a., (5Y9> 

Graaj <a)0§(O), GOdQftilemjo — ; @6rr)c99<a>; 

©(^O-JcQBjo (©i06TT)l(fisa»; 2. fSTOGB^en 

<9s<s>; 3. (^61j^q_jo av - crarifD"l<08©>, <8o_io 
sjejcanaDceaa). -a-ble, a. ^o-Jggg, 

gDc^ao— , ^S0OC2i; OT3CT9^&Jo @.@a 7 ^ 
613110— ; S)Cr0fDO3^j0 — . -a-bly, ad. (9T& 

O3(@aj0DCQn. =VOUred (-verd), a. o_id9fi» 
l^@a, 6)a)05rsSiS)c9> (ST§)02>; (fOjaJiggia, C8o_J0 

s>ej s^ocrrooD. well-f.d (Tg®o_Ti ter^cffl. 
ill-f.d aj@o_n— . hard-f.d <^<efloa 
eocuggg.' -er, n. i»a_ja)0f6l, (btdob^&D. 
-ess, ^. &a-Jd&oafl6rrf). -ing, a. fsroaa 
(^endBgom. -ite, n. gjc^nb, (S.toqj 
^nb, (o_0c2;ab, (a_)1cm; pi. <9)Q,c)oorriro; 




<2a-j<eeo 3aio(TR>nrr)Qjnro(3a^ocTroaD,oi ). a. 
rDcroo g>@&, (o_pcwo— . -it-ism, n. ojo 
roo-J&£fio, CLJd9fia(3(gQo. -leSS, a. ^gg 

Fawil (fan), n. 0onbd3i§n, ©g.0on6 

(2.); -• Q-.no03GJQJ6rpo; 3. ^fflJaTOtfjTl. 


f.-coloured oJ^ocofijajgn^ga. v.i. 
(0Dnb)6)ajQ,c9j; 2. (on, upon) <2<TDCLia_n^) 
<m<&>. -'er, n. qsuflSraflamoronb. -'ing 1 - 

ly, «C?. 5)<S)0SiSn(3GJD51S. 

Pay, u. /. o^^fora qo\ &<£\<9%&>, no 
rmoeoT) @§n3,3j(9i8<^ (carp.). 

Fea'ber-ry, n. 6>oo^p<es> (£.). 

Fe'al-ty, rc. cms30ocTy v o_fLof); oro_io 

Fear (fir), ?2. sea;o, «oljsI; (er^cdl; 

2. eotyigfl&^Ti; Qj6rn<s«o, oaa*>; 3. scqj 
SqO@, <srg>a_j<ara}\ f. -naught uflronb. 
for f. oafflD^gfi^, ajl.niortfl.spg . y. £. 
so-j^la®^, (gcflasc©); 2. oaaaDces^; 

3. igcaiD)g_|§(^d9>. v. /. eca;5)g_j§<&'. 
-'er, ft. say^gj^cmajnfc. -'ful, a. sea 
t^@a; r/lasfST^jca; ecaeam.o— ; swm 
<D(&o— . -'ful-ly, #tf\ eaBafcroao-aT). 
-'less, a. crflfbayaoeo/, asicjugy^gs.. 
-'less-ly, ad «aj^iajn^jo6)rtn. -'some, 

Fea'si-ble (fe'zi-), a. croo(2L)j03ca>, 
6)jaiQpJonb <9>iplc^cm, n_\06St§@a, rrildjon-Oj 
0oco;. =bil'i-ty, »• cra<©M^, nrflajcsrafl, 
crflciicoOo. =bly, ad. a_jo6ai3 ©cuo^oi. 

Feast(fest),?2. @.OTfDQJo,(BTD^lcQ;ara)fDo, 

6>o_irt»moc)o; 2.croe., aflrtsrrn , crog^oroo, 
cScQiog-j ; 3. crogacQo), g<^o. f.-day 
aDscoaftjelcucroo. u. i. o-jcroflseosaano 
«o»y^l(69<d), Qjlrojorrosrraa,; 2. (gn^l^g-j^ 
<a>; (srar^oonaso s.^oorro^. y.£. crog^ 
rtflas^, Qjla»arTg)g<9), auaj<£>yn<fl«<e>; 2. 
gcQQ0o<0a<e). -'er, w. <SiSos3nn(T\j6inc2;nb; 
croeja></l(e<8nT)ajn6. -'ful, a. sq^o^oo 
g.g&, aforoQjo— ; gc^aaocaj. fes'tal, a. 
fBTa^lcarrorDo croo saicruflsi, jdcotoojo — ; 

<2o^\ocftio &@a, g>^ooroo— . fes'tal-ly, 
«6?. fSTgi<saaocftiSforo)o6)s. iSee Festive. 

Feat (fet), n. <e>20o, (£flea>, (o-jaj; 
fcraT); 2. croDaOcroo, ojod^zo, 0H§0. 
«. 0l§a8i°gD@g., oroocadi^o— . -'ly, «r/. 
cyrorafic&ocar); cruo0(oio. Sf5ra)os>s. -'ness, 

Feath'er (fefh'er), n. rtsajaj", s>mo 

a_j; 2. CU^o, crOJSOOJo; 3. (BTa(fT^a_i 

(@o; 4. <si^riro<es6ta2n®foo0o. f.-bed gscu 
rabcrrio^d^stea. f.-brained ej^enj. 
djilca'OQQ/. f.-edge 'mora, ajDcoTlrDraej. 

f.-head seo-aanb. f.-headed ghzic^ 
qea- f. -heeled ^msm^ga, sokoo— ; 

^ggndBsja^tSacm. f.-pated enjfi^^jft.^. 

f.-weight ej^eoroo. a f. in the cap 

6ruqQg)oa")o, ajeaDjinacno. to be in 
full f. Saos^caocaTl g)$<rjra> ^i0^<£h. to 
be in high f. <eT9)nna3CLja>ajoacnoa); 
6>«cju^j3caTOio6)s ©rD^da). to Cut a f. 
QjaxToo^lasca). to shew the white f. 

cuej 6)<S5§<a>, — 5^oj<esc93; 2. (sro&ja&fiflces- 

<Bi- 6)(OiDG5B<ti> 6)QJ<B$<Q>; 3. ej^OJD(953<fh, 
o_JOg_p«Qs«fi»; 4. CTOOUOGiO ^Sr^otegai ; 

^srno s>jiiQace>; 5. (cucaoa)) goernS-oi 

(®&. to f. one's nest (sro^.o^obo <g 
{95)^^^. to tar and f. a person «ro 

a_l0OCTfld9!8<^, a^laftfiTltQS^. !?• t« (out) 

o o 

^CUaj ^a<e3dh, — STD)OQafc; 2. 6) O^dSCOTa) 

o • o 

Qa-J0<B5; 3. !U\sn& 0ejrt^<&; 4. gojaj 
3ojoQ&jcor!f6^<6(8<ei. =ered (-^rd), a. -of! 

o o 

@g; cg)ocoofoo— . -i-ness, ??. ^qj^ ^ 

gg cniDloTl; 0ogcyo. -ing", n. <^sns 
ejrnrad*; o-jqlj , o^s. -y, a. asojaf) 
6)cmoraro>; ^Qjejga. 

Fea'ture (fe'tur or fe'ehur), n. Qsu 
(r^O-Jo, — eocuo; 2. (pi.) 336U0; 3. org 
^'oTl, oTl3a3,-fi3o; &jtafia6mo. =tursd 
(-turd), a. (ST^^'nncaioca;; ^Q3n_iQLn«(ya<ai 
iggg.. -ly, a. (oa-jaflsoafao a@g, fio 
col—, ^sutovjo— . 

Feaze, v.t. aS\co\$is&&<&>. 

Feb-ri-fa'cient (-fa'ahent), crif'er- 
6us,=r]'f'ic, ='ri-fuge,^^c.,5.w. Fever. 





Feb'ru-ar-y, n. rasngsa^cora mo%[\ 

(bo a?o£o; oDOftJOOo 5)6>sA[(U)o. 

Fee'u-la, n. aooi, ogo, ^orzA, 

6)o_iosl. =lent, «. <&> ej as @a, <a>ej 6tsi3l ca; 

jiigl'STg)^, s>.oioasra>— . =lence, =len-cy, 

?z. <8_aJo , 6)a5orora; 0§ u , g^cai). 

Fee'und, a. aDOTOsooavjoQjomonocQ;; 

=date, ='di-fy, y. t. <s)a_ioo ^curajajai ; 

2. tuDejcyaJlajaaa^a). =dfi/ti6n, n. 
cosrgogjoamo; <ioejaj(3jjar>. =di-ty, 
«. an<sajDg_j3aa»ro)_jo; aocnnsanoslojlLu'l; 
<BT3fan(Q_)croajo; f^gjasam c/aaraD; (a_)cro 
QJ— ; aj^l; o.Jcg^g.'W-lo, COoraoa^-io. 

Fed, p. t. of Feed. 

Fed'er-al, «• asoiisncroosujaruf)^, 
Qt£<SLicrc2a(Q-)o — ; 2. a^cmf!(9>rooc-ficr)Ortj|> 
(m0al«A (S-aJOD; 3. croooraQ36)ff)ana)2!(tn. 
croo6T2jau)2)ocB; 4. arooa&aoiaroocrucnan 
a>o^|Soro— . -ist, n. ®a®<&>®'OhC03GZjSoasi 
aajajefl. -ism, ». an>ocruD3S>s>ma>0'rojO. 
-Ise, -Ize, y. £. g>sousnca.o<3l> aamo 
coD <2^Lic9stS>. =ate, a. ar\2o<3^c9*a)zoc2>, 
g>sau^la&srab <2_ajam. =a'ti6n, n. &sou 
^lcroo6njou)o; crocruf); 6)a(])a>0tf»j clio^p. 

Fee, n. Qjar^cua>, ffliga^fi; 2. (a_jfo»"l 

aoejo, l oJlcro '; 'earofoV; 3. ajroroTliga'); 
<QiS)z; 4. eanaoaj^Daao. f.-estate olD 
R»(onTI(@0l. f.-farm ^ao^nnl&jo; oao 
c/aj-o^ajaouao. f.-farm rent oa3oa_i 
rtneafBaeacoo, n^o^os . f.-simple ea 
na(§0l. f.-tail ail^s^^o-^^a-j^^l 
co;— . y. £. (ajafl6)a>3§«flea>, fo_jroC!ac 

Fee'ble, a. daaalwrfUj, 6ia.»aiacf)cn 
aoca-, 2. ^j6yr>^<0)§, .ajQaalgjawa. f.- 
minded 6nj&uloaaori aiosror^; jiistsiigj 
(soaj^gg. -ness, /2. doaflsmo, a^su 
©<fl5)b . fee'bly, acZ. ^^ni^rnjalgjo^^. 

Feed, u.*. tr. (fed, fed) rafloo,^, 

3a_i3cfiflg_paaa>, aflc/Bgj <aflc98(9» ; 2. rg 
oXI^O-j^Kgaa), (SY^oai-aflaaa); 3. aojiifi 
<?§— ; 5)<a>o§aQ<S), Q^)faT3D<aa<S); 4. <8a_jo 

OQ,a>, Q_J3an«98(95; 5. ®2(g^<a,- 6. S)CU£3g. 

^4° a-d^ <s>o^a>, (of)nbs>a>o§<a8a>, — g?. 

§c9>. D.f. raflonoa>, <ST9)a03rt>o a>tp")<9ia<a)- 

2. (on, upon) g>ajs£l:Lf)<98a>; 3. <2zzy 
cuoab ajH§a>; 4. ajd^laojasa*, rwsl 

<es<Q). ft. (ST2)aQ3rDo, foflnb; 2. (SZ^rd; 

3. fitS&51T)0 cft^r)c05lf3t. f.-bag 'SO^SDJO', 

'artnooj'. f.-head <2a_j3caia>gafij'„oac2,o. 

- er, 7i. *2n_JooQ ) nmQja6; a>aicuoas3ronb; 
a rm) s aolg_p as an ajrtb; foOarrormajnb; rail 
cnoaDgagg); (BTaQ,asajoa9@g_ g oospore) 
<Saj30Q,nmcLirrb; ^0-1^^^, «a_is«:a3ai— ; 
Sajo^tiasao^o, goj-, — aD.^3cu;o. 

- ing^, n. foflocf); rofloorab; eaaismcroo 
cuono; 30^/ri. f.^-bottle (?ai<99jy). 

Feel, y. t. ir. (felt, felt) g^c^lasai; 
2. (out) 6)ro>3§a>, ^wsg'fSmsasai; fmsaj 
£d\ 3. Swocrroaj, fOTOOQSQriasaj, ^s^sai- 

4. <BTOcfl3^a>, ^oolasai, 0CT)fnT)ejca>; 

5. a>06rraa>. to f. the helm -ajaasorn &> 
@60Bl6S3§a>. v. i. 6vwo§cf)3$a>; 2. m 
^a^, 5)a)3@^a5; 3. <2ai3moa>, ^cng3a>; 
4. S6ru3fjo jasngcai, crTicsycsuo— ; 5.o^oc^ 
majiasra!) s^smoa^. to f after <^a=P 
smsasai, foTlf06roT3) — . to f. of s)fo>o§ — . 

71. fBYaCTdSQJo, (BTOolaj'; 2. gr^COS5OJ0 

coo. - r er, n. <£)<jd) (CT>gJlm3<b {Z.)\ o_i 
oflaaiccsicajscgjo. -'ing*, a. (8toQ\\ciJ ^ 
sag; osojem— ; ;?. ga^scfe'^ o, a-oon 

cfldJ ; <S61QJ3(JOo, (HTaaSSOJo, (8^0!^; 

(SY9)'3'oi, ai^ssm; esojo. fellow-f.g 
crooD^sajo, rf>>cLj. -'ing^-ly, ac?. o_i 

Feet, n. pi. of Foot. 

Feeze, v.t. ajlroligQ.asa; 2. mos) 
asa>, oalafoDasaj. to f. up <sa>3a_fl 

Feign (fan), v.t. ssoilasaj, crfl© 
o-Dasai; 2. anslaga>; 3. miSa^najssai. 
feigned (fan<l),a. asca-o (srgjca, oj.oe3o— . 
-'ed-ly, «c/. <a>(gf)0o (argjcon, onoSjc — 
-'er, n. onsnaanDQjao, 0oca;3o_n. -'ing, 
a. a>3a_jSj 0scai, caLc:(aiD0^3fsro). -'ing- 
ly, ad. g.ouioca'0Da2n. feint (fant), ?z. 




oooSjo, «9m_iSo; aynaitplau , ao_iocao; 
^o_Joca03C2; 6ao«5Brab. 

Feld'spar, Fel'spar, Feld'spath, 
Fels'path, n. ©ro(go (jnin.). 

Fe-lic'i-tate, a. eoc/OjC/aoeficaoca;. 
v.t. eoc£jo qdom(^c05, cro3cra)oc«in^_p<9s 

<&>; 2. 0oCOejCUO(fiS) 0_10C%'d3j; Sid^OSngO^^. 

f. one's self cro«croo.-fl3l<a8«S). =ta'tion, 

il. (Brarilojoa^o; or^'of), (o_)</aocm. =tOUS, 
a. socojo &@g, cru<scTO)o.«oo — ; crooa 

(O^jO — ; CT\je1c9fiflo (ST^CQ), (SCB/3CO.O — . 

=t0US-ly, ad. (ST2)(Da3(Scara)0o)S. ='i- 
ty, n. sxro^gotyDio, cuooi w, crgQUDOSSiSo 
coo; ronei; -njogscgjo, focroo, a!s\<z>jb£co. 

Fe'iis, ?i. ao^ofDQj^o; 00)0000, 
ajaD, o^ (2.)- feline, a. aos^oo) 

1. Fell, p. t. of Fall. 

II. Fell, a. (£brt>«no%@&; i3ca;aa)(oo(SYg)ca;, 

rnlgC2>o — , c9j3O3f0O— ; 2. QJD6T310g) gg, 

^sg^iSJ — • ■ ness, n. <&ocTlmjo, ^^q^. 

III. Fell, U. <8<0)3o_lo, ftSitfioJ ; 2. (20)30 

o o 

Q@a S'WOQJ ; 3. ajOOcescm , Qa_JO§a_jOO; 

4. as\di\ijb crfl&Jo, _ai@aj — . 

IV. Fell, u.£. raio&^cafis&j, aj1 ( p <s>: 
foo (grD«S9<fi>, qqj^cQ); 2. asasTlK^cTrocQ). 

-'a-ble, a. <gcf)<e«<ara>«fl». ='ler, w. 

a>o ^jolaacmcunb. ='ling, 71. 0Sc9s>)(gi2) 
cm rob. 

Fel'iOW (-10), ft. .a)6SB3(oT), 0l(®o, 
@§0^1; CTVJaOOCari; (gjO <Q>0O)ab; 2. on) 

^oronb; 3. or\D0a6, @^j r ib; crojeacno; 
croojcsia^nfc; 4. aeaoajbTra!) aoo, §D6rn 
caTirab — , g)6rn; 5. (srgia j ojlajonb; 6. 
QjlajOdoejoajaajlanoroat); 7. croQlicQjaio 
oaoejoocoo; 8. crosoocoo, aroarm, ab. 
f.-citizen croao^cijOforTb, a<2roa_i§6m 
asoranb. f. commoner aTlejotmifl. f. 

creature croaa^i^p, cmoo— . f.-coun- 

tryman aro_»<2eoacruonb, fooS3j«Bs>DfDnb. 

f. -feeling (BToSQgjCSOQJo; S^o^)<a)Zr^o. f.- 

mortal <2a_jDS)ej<3yga 0CB.*n. rib, g^ano 
ea<— . f. -student cruaO3@^0CHn, ouoD 

o_joo<a>nb. f.-labourer, f.-servant, f.- 
workman ®§ (fyc^BTorioBsiororib, — eo 
oroab. f.-pa8Senger — cao^asoronb. 

bed-f. ^s<flsns<98(Tn (8T3>a°. play-f. 
®s<8na^<aacmojnb. my good f. *®<2sz, 
jiisoeorofl. to play the good f. ^g> 

tfstf); ©ffmco;0(08(Q>. -less, a. (gj^P^js 

«JT3); (8T0@^| O (S^C&J, (BTOmnnjO— . -like, 
a. @^o — ; _al«JBorancE;0<9arBTZ&(e*. -ship, 
n. 6)s>0(g)l; @36rnd9s)o, croocro^o, (gjSDQQ;; 

<@° ; (^gogAftcXi; <a)<\^oem<as\ia) • ©jst^ 
a^oro ;*aT)ajC(aifilcjroaooca'CUcr)o; ejos3.ard 
sajl.incosrTflano (ar.). good f.p aavo 
ooogo, ^o . v. t. <gprr$ ocrTlcroocro^ 
anzflrob <8.aicas<9> (Chr.). [qjs . 

Felloe, Fel'ly, «. jii^toronanbo 

Fe'lo-de-Se, n. asr^astsoDc^ooj , ctoj 

Fel'on, ?i. o^ooaooo eijii^cunb, 
Qjnb<0iOOo— (/.); 2. a_io«j>(05rib; 3- <6)</l 
oosiio, Qjlforalxflsas (med.). a. §c^^ 
a@a, ajsiaum— ; cro_io0n/g<e^ancQr)gj3cai3)- 

fe-16 r ni-6us, «. §c£Q6n^&6)®zi)os <®s) 

COi; o^OO(9iOOo (SYOjcq;; roo63<2(eoaOo— . 

fe-lo'ni-6us-ly, «<:/. Q-iofWc&an^iofD 

®OT3)0S)S. -ry, 11. a-jOr^<95g_jran^i3; (BiS 
QJcfrOfOaoiS ^§o. -y, U. <9iOOo; ci^J 

ooiftooo; 0ro6moald9fi3OSco;ocOi0oca— . 

i. Felt, p.t. of Feel. 
II. Felt, ?2. ^i02c^laj, 3fDO0— , ^sH 
aj'— ; 2. aaleJS)(OTaog_p; 3. Stnoej . f. 

grain 0ro^o. v. t. s>0so%(&, <o>slg_jo 

Fe'male, w. (cr^fl, qoj^ , oJls ; 2. 
s>a_j6nb0roo (6.)- f.-dove (o_pa-ps. 
f.-elephant o-jlslc^ocn. a. 6>r>_..5nb, 
(nr^lcao32;; (rr^l<S)<rc^ (n occra>, (cr^leaajigga- 

f.-rhymes ajcaoadfcyooroo. f.-screw 

'.aJ a _psrorg) , . -Ise, -Ize, V.t. i^)^io<Df) 
asw?l(ei8<9>, (rm'lcQ;oc2n croafcgjl<69d>. feme 
(fern), //. (fTUp. f.e-COVert aTlaJoaol.w. 
so^j. f.e-SOle a^^oaTlm"); <0>rnj<0>; aTl 

cooj; (^<e«). fem-i-ne'i-ty, «. (f^go 
srno. fem'i-nine (-"i"), a. (cr^lflTsca. 





fwaoai; orassSfto @.@g; s^GrcDCBCgjc — ; ®(o_) 

0o — ; 6ruaialflonfa5 — ; (£)(&iV)-Ao — ; ®03S) 

(a_flato— ; (nr^lejloo)(@o-j0ocx2; (#r.). 
?2. (cr£\; (fr^leTiooaajSo (gr.). fem'i- 
nine-ly, ad. (^cfcad^oanaaig^o. 

fem'i-nine-ness, fem-i-nin'i-ty, 7?. 
(fT^lcro-jeocuo. fem'i-nise, fem'i-nize, 

p. f. (n^lcn3_ie3Qj0C(88a>. femme (fem), 

w. (n^l. f.e de chambre eocnfl, © 

Fe'mur, w. (pZ. fem'o-ra) &.*& 
crao), ^s^ca^ (#rc.); g>s. fem'o- 
ral, «. rgscofiejgg,, aoc^cniolcroosiojau) 


Fen, n. ■ajg>a_j , arflajo, ts>iPlp_jos, 
<&>yn<easng . -'nish, -'ny, cr. ff>s)<&>a_j3 

slfoi) g>§a; ©ooo — . 

Fence, n. axeea, aooj ; a_jrcn.aJ; 2. 
(SojgT), <©T)i3, <sTls53B ; «YoaT)y> • 3. a_l 

az>oo , 6iajocoj <a>g.aflajle • 4. ^asi 
1 C0T3) ' «=J' 

6^^aO^Simio; 5. <9ig.<U l^'Olfai) S)S)cfbQJU80 

o)Qj<6!SomQjnb;— cT^tfifiTlcDsom craaejo(/.). 
f.-titne 6)a^o«scnoar> <3>3aio. S)a_jQ,cm— . 

to be on the f. <^da&ns.^jfoos>ra) ©«n 

<6s<Sj. y.£. i»§(68<9>, <©>3<sa<&>, rocaeold^ 
<&>; 2. <8QjeI)o><fr>S<&>, ajos<s^ora<&). to 

f. the tables <onrojcu»'onracy>3<airf)<fr>o>a 

(o_)« 6at3(jula_p<&aa> (Chr.). y. i". (Sjo.-cra 
6)<e>:@2<&>, fo>§(99<9i; 2. ausgs.oaroo s^-ai 
5^<fi», ojc&oq,^; 3. ajoeHcfieai. -'less, a. 
(gajeTlazDgjoaTO); ^o^rgsca. fen'cer, n« 
«Q_»o^ <a>oronb, <ai^@|3cnn. fen'cina*, 
?i. t9>g.aDajlej, ajs^ocxjellc/aca^jsnruo; 

QJ33o, rmc9S)o; <SQJfif)3d9s>3aJ ; 3Qjaf)S)<d> 

§«*; (soj&D. f.g-school a>artf). f.g- 

master ^rts<9Bcfe(iV.),<s>anca;^nb(6\). 

Fend, v.t. (off) qs«98«9>; fai§<9s(Q>. 

y.t. o^)faDas<0), <w§rBra> crf)eye>; flj>§l<9» 

aC%c&>. -'er, n. 'of)0O;6>rtnfo r )<9>; QjSng] 

Fen'er-ate, p.*. o_jef)oa«fl» 6)ca>3§<99 

<e>, fflojoajajlcrn — . =a'ti6n, «. ojeDoa 

<9si 6><a>3§<96)'3b; Q_iaDoa, S)a_13£J. 


Fen'nel, n. ud^<9t^- } ajaflca; sflfo 

<^o (b.). Azorean f., sweet f. 510-1 

Fen'u-greek, n. aejaj, s>ajoa>cao 

Feo'dar-y (fu'der-y), rt. crua03ca/<3) 
ob, a(^3c^g_pc9sar)Qjnb. 

Feoff (fef), V. t. Cfc3ua_lf£»o 5><9>3§d9i8<9>; 

(8»§i«g-jo— . 71. see Fief. ='fee (fe/f5», 

w. ranaceD^laycunb, <ft^la— (/.), -ment, 
7?. <ftsl0S3nao; Aslaeanactooroo (/.). 

Fe-ra'ceous (-shus), a. aoej(o_)eo 

Fe'rce, n.pL 030001^3 ore 03^ (2.). 
f. -natures <a>3§°gcoo. fe'ral, a. «>0 


rra6oT3305T3), (©53§ . 

Fer'forth, «c?. (erocula)03on. as 
f. as <s>yno%-<8ar>s3;ara)oao. SO f. asao, 


Fe'rine, a. <^o§ , s>0rwsoT33ajro>; a(^/p. 
?z. <a>3§ gCOo. 

Fer'ment, tz. cga^a-p^frn oviscjo 

noo; 2. ojroig-j , /oTla^ , <^ej<fl«o; 3. 

ci^aiy ; ct9fo. fer-ment', v. t. oja^i 

<a>, ^a^^- v. i. tija^il s>a-»3gs)<a>, 
OSfD^— ; 2. 0rr>gd3>ai(fls>o ^s^s.d), ou 
rol(g0o— . =ta-bil'i-ty, n. cLj^dasom 
^6mo. =ta-ble, a. a3fog. <sreo < fljar >? 

aja^azj — . =ta'tion, 7v. a^a°i<fl«*rai), ^j 

<Q)-Qi 6)Q_j0oT513fo1); <S>ej<9no, (g0o, Oij3<fljejo. 

=ta-tive, «. Q-j^ajfD5(o^cm, aja^a^ — . 

Fern, n. Q-inDSi^sl, rLjmsi^sn (^.). 
f.-shaw ajonsi^^dBBos . -'er-y, rt. 

Q-jma^bTstoraoco. -'ti-€le, '?• 2Ci, (QjS 
(Bmgjga). -'y, a. ojcnsj^slc^ag. 

Fe-roc'i-ty, 72. <a>3§oa<o>-io, ^eij 

<wjo; a(&O i ^5 5)<^)'3g^o, <9>cm^)jo. =r6'- 
C10US (-shu>), r/. ecoja&jfoo (ST^oq;, sn^is 

roo— , (d*.rt>o— ; 6njgc8fQQ%@a. =ro'cious- 
ly, ad. o)<9»o§rD03can. ' fe'rous, «. <sg 

.airm^gg, <ai3S3a^-io — . 




Fer 0118, Sllf. (O_)8o (ST^ca, 0300 fro— . 

Fer 'ret, n. s>:u^&*\cS\ (z-). v.t. 

<V)CC(i%3}<3)- f 2. (Out) 0OCnjflo^)=.<d8<d., aoCToTl 

Fer'ri, Fer'ro, suf. tsracas, qdcq) 

cnj@g. fer'roilS, «. (BrosoL0P3OO,o tergjca;. 

fer-rug'i-ndus, «. — <ac°jo— ; 6>.ajaTfio 

3@&- [S>«&§. 

Fer'rule, w. -ojoo°, cug^, ^jo, 
Fer-ru'mi-nate, v. t. ^§lcif)a<fl8<9>. 
=na'tidn, n. oDa^n«*, crooaasl^_p<9s)f3l). 
Fer'ry, n. <8fowsrrfl<8»soj ; 2. asoj 
soiosrrfl. f .-boat — s^own). f.-man 
— <s> s qo) cm qj ab. v. t. — -<9>s(qi2>(ej, ®<mo 
6rr)V-. y. 2. <0jSqj a)S<a8<a.. fer'ri-age, 
?i. — (gjefl. fer'ri-er, ?z. d^soj^ofonb. 

Fer'tile (-til, -til), a. cgd|pa@a, 

cuao— ; 2.aneJ(jyao (Si^jca, — grtfiroio— ; 
3. crogiaul— . -ly, ad. aoaiajflHO) <erO) 

csiD, 6Tu^ajo— . -ness, =til'i-ty, n. 

crooar^o, cuaajc^l, cuao; crooroo; 
o\}e)<flftifw, crogaifl; ojcg^a^Jo; <sqj 

to™. =til-i-sa'tion, =til-i-za'tion, n. 
cuaials^; g^amo. =til'ise, =til'- 

lZe, V.t. oJc^cpCLJfKKgS)^; Qjao^jiiaSeSj; 

ag^oelgjliflaa*. =til'I-ser, =til'i-zer, 

rc. ajc^najroic^crnojab; cuao. 

Fer'ule, n. &<£\&6)&. (srasHasaD oj 
si, zi^foaj . v. £. (srosnagiS), o^iceafl 
<es)<e>. =la'ce0US (-shus), a. u^ro&fl 
6)cmo<T5ra>; 6SDSSa_»os)aja^@a. 

FeYvent, a. a$ao &@a, ^s°-, 

CSQJCljOm; 2. agjcoloj j»@£L» @.C3TO0aDo — , 

^cgftofwTl— . -ness, =ven-cy, n. %n> 

au, faiog^g2J i 6Jj»io^, <af)cB£atai. -ly, ad. 

^Q,^jQ,sa_joQs. =ves'cent, a. o^as)^ 


FerVid, rt. (Bro-ai.g^ga, a-j-aiifiscrr) 
< 0>coiraricfl6)fD , lc%cm' 2. aicy)o (srgica', <of) 
teftio— , a^^n^oooo a@a, sjsjcufooc/yo — . 
-ly, ad. 6).aJos'>t2ca>o5>s. -ness, w. 


Fer'vor, Fer'v5ur, n. cscuajf!*, acu 

coi^, (Si^)^; 2. «<dron^ff>ajfOoc^o, iofl 

Fes'ter, 0< I; oj^f <es<a>, .oiejo Qd9>^ 

<Q>, (Q_)Sr)O0D<S>; 2. Qjl«5T§<a), .afl^tfe, f3K> 

y<fl)<a>. ?;. £. ajgrnotes^. fl. <0ifO3, aj 

Fes'ti-nate, a. 6axaua_|o§ga. =na'- 
tion, 11. csqjcow, (uH^ano. 

Fes'ti-val, fl. araruojo, enajfls an oc)o, 
oraslcaawcoo. =tive, =tiv-OUS, a. 

<8aeao:eao ^ga, crocsaroo.^io — ; jararucu 
a\)o6rijcru)(a3cai. =tiv'i-ty, n. a^joc^o, 

Fes-t001l', n. ajge^aoai, ej-aio— , <3^o 

CD6imo. V. t. <2^DfD6TT)o ^<eg<Q), f5To&i89j 

coltegA. -y, a. Sfoiocosrno o)(9j^1c2;, 

— <2n_)06)tU<3Zjag. 

Fetch (fech), v. t. Q^os^ajfola,, 

<Sa^OC£lP\S)<Q>r)Gn£ — - £n\S(Qi- 2. dTlaJ^ls 
<&>, — a 5 ^ 5 ^^; 3. (to) CT\}<S6)QJ0CJOo QjfiS 

(C^c9>; 4. <ai@alcori§<j&>; 5. 6)jx)g^^, Qj 
C03rtJg)<3>; 6. S)jiigJ<Qi, afl)(t^<0); 7. <STCJ(fl9<fl>, 

a^^Offis^. to f. one's breath oajocroo 

cuejl(Sa<s>. to f. a blow (BTosHtSs^. to 

f. a compass aja^cBo-ioa). to f. a 
leap ^3§<e>. to f. a sigh s>cn§ajlajl§ f. headway (g®ouo§ <so_jo<ft.. to 
f. sternway ajtf)ac»o§ — . to f. out 

aTl<sia\rig_p<a8(a), sirwal^'Ss^- to f. 
up QQ)<ora")a_psn(e5jdi; cyflaga<0>. v. i. qQ) 

(^<Q5, (ST2)QQflfC&<0>; ^<SCTUO^(Sa_JO<Qi; <^Tl 

f6lc^a). to f. about x^oola3T&n.Tfl3$<0>. 

to f. and carry o_josscrv>oj s>jiio^<a>. 

n. a ^ 30 ^ ! 6><o>'oc^ejo, Qjlao-i ; 0oca' 

c9s>o^. f. -candle @a1 r ^§, g^,a'la_»o. 

Fete (fat), n. a(WV)ajo, <soao.^io, 
a"08j. v.t. cro§j B) r61<9a<0>. 

Fe'tich, fe'tish, w. (a^-oTicxncj) 
oDo; 2. (saunb, e^lcunb. -ism, =cism, 
n. (aJ^o'Tlcul^QaOorOGCUor); «BYOca>lta_p 
a&o, — Sasoin; (^aiDOjlaajocroo. -ist, H« 
(^^faflcLri^naDorDDCJU^crt). -is'tic, a. 

— aTl49aOOCO3CJUCr)CrOo6QJaU)0OCQ. . 




Fe'tid, a. ooooo^gg. -i-ty, -ness, 

n. g^cnoo. =t6r, n. ^cq , oooooo, 


Fet'lock, ft- <ftfoTlrD<es>6rr>8ajarab, (ftfoT) 

f& <9n 6)D 993 fab <S (b 00 . 

Fet'ter, n. eiajraoo; 2. (pi.) .niOTBej, 

Qjlej60T3 , fO)g.; 3. (a_)ran6DJ(TU)0, rmsaruno. 
<&>; 2. fw§c9s<a>. 

Fet'tle, v. t. & i. ancmD«as<S5, e>as 
in fine f. croscrao.-fissroroosis, s)S)(jogy 


Fe'tus, foe'tus, ??. «&>«», coea-f) 

6ttudo. ='tal, a. c/DeQ_ri5nu!crv)o6TUfau2io 
a^. =ta'ti6n, ?2. t&fraajoa^rat, corgo. 
=ti-Clde, «• coeo <a>ej(05)C3t. 

Feu (fu), n. (yforoTlcrriGJo, aDas 
taroT)— , (fiiblaeanao; 2. ^ojqo 5)<d>oy><BTroQj 

dfoocjao. -'ar (-er), n. <B*s)zeicl£); ojo 

§oosgJ} <3>oronb. 

I. Feud (fiitl), 7i. <fteJ3-j<0>, Qjoaag_j<Q>, 
rt>c&0)g_j©>; 2.<©jejQOo, c/aegD; <&>§oQ-J<0>, 


II. Feud, ft. cftsleiesna fsrox«a>ouao (/.); 
2. —(gal. ='dal, «• — crup6ojau)!aoc2;. 
='dal-ism, n. aj^aoru^eocojo, — otDcb.' 
210. ='da-tor-y, ft. (fljsnadSaslc&onb. 

Feu'de-pie (fu'de-zhwa), agyocro 

<20<8eJrtfl; 2. — 6>QJS\ 6nJoD0uOO— . 

Fe'ver, n. ajcrfi, @a_irdo; 2. sojoj&jo 
oil, o-irtHigizio. ardent f. cfrdlaoeajfoo. 
eruptive f. (srosg&iooajaon, ounryfolg^ 

of), bilious f.a-n<ora>a_jrni. inflamma- 
tory f. aoaojynrfl. intermittent f. aD 
§ ajcrfl. malarial f., f. and ague 

ejo— , Qjlog-jonl, (ftejtQnlgjorn, fgjggg^j 

ofl, q-jooIc^o clDoc^o. phlegmatic f. 

c9>oc63Jrt>o. puerperal f. (a_)crocug_jarn. 
remittent f. Guinea asajroo. slight f. 
^o^rab, no^orab. typhoid f., enteric 
f. aul-fag-jcrf!, ojcruaweajfoo, (sro-oTlcroo 
rog_jnol, crearnn-iofoio, croarrfl. f.-blister 

ajcrfl^EO'ab. v. t. ajcrf)Qjrt»(5i2)<3>, rm 
o_j1g_pi9siSi. -ish, a. ^O^fijgg ; S3_irD 
crooeruaxDo rSYOiaz;, — ejaitoem^gg; @.5td 

rtjra; (SYgaflc^ga. -ish-ness, n. #>o^ 
rab, gDacnjcrf); ter^af), <moa_]o. -OUS, a. 

Q-JO0la_fls).2j, — |) @g. ; B3 J<2fDOgjO3(S)0oai'. 

feb-ri-fa'cient, fe-brif er-6us, feb-ri'- 

fie, a. e3_irae3maj0oc2;, cuaolcufojcgsjoT). 

feb-ri-fa'cient, n. e3_ifoca>cra<£ho. fe- 
brif 'u-gal, a. S3_irt>aDOrt><a>0ooa>. feb'- 
ri-fuge, ft. e3_jrQaoofo5) t a>'o.-ftafjOo. feb'- 
rile, «. e3Jfocroo6n)a\t)0ocsj;. 

Few (fu), a. fsrog-jo, <as>o; r^asi&so 
<2ci_ifD , ^Dejfo . a f. fBrogjo, -aflaj. in f. 
-^Sd3*T!g_j OOTrgio fab, ^jasdOnfoTaTlfab. no f. 
raracul&K), wofSon^o. the f. (Bta^o-j 
cfifiio. - ness, «. (erog_jfiD, jijfojasio, 

<930QJ . 

Fi'anCGe (feansa), n. 06rncuo§), cul 
QJ0QO^JT^n(Tn , crDCBiicQn^cudo, saaraTlfOg-j 
foljiiQa'o <s>tplsioi3)CLicX). 

Fl-as'e6, ^. (STO0oos)o, 0lf3&.,S0ooao. 

Fl'at, ?i. fo^glf, tf'fejo'), clTIcuI. 

Fib, n. 6)n-n§£i , c©6m, s)cusl (iY.), 

-'ber, n. S)a_ia@gn6. 

Fi'ber, Fi'bre, w. mora , _aj<&>r6l; 

o 00 u 

C%£1 ; 2. 6T2)focnJ ; g^cSS) , S^aOST3ta j »Og_J . 

f .-faced o-)ora 6} n-jooro^ (Sao stood, fi'bri- 
form, a. — so_jos>£jo%@a. fi'bril, n. 
^jiicimofo . fl'brin, >?. oooronbo-ioa 
(pliys.); 0oocroooora. fl'broUS, a. ood 

o ' u 

fO g)@g, — S)<&iOSre — . 

Fib'u-la,n. (pi. fib'u-lae) c^ofabQjsrn 
5)C2;^ , o\iDoa_jo-)ocruDl (an.). 

Fie'kle, a. croQlrofmcongjOfaTB), .ojooj 
^o &@g. f.-minded <aflflsnrf)<9»6ryisir) 
ca;oay. -ness, ». jii6tai£Lio, jiia_iejfO). 

Fiction, /2. oo)(TO3n_i6rno; 2. oias^ 
ld, «s>oo > — , <95oaja\Do, ^'oTl; 3. oroaaigjo; 

4. cujO03o. -al, ='tious, =ti'tious, a. 

QJ<&)6ro^3) , — , ^(gf)00oca-. =ti'tidUS-ly, 




ad. m1e2io6rr)0oc2D. ^i'tious-ness, n. 

Fid'dle, n. <sianf)ajoe,o, qJIstd, <&Tl 
croroo, crooraocol. f.-bow, f.-Stick of) 
emoT)^, oaoafla>o. f .-string" Qj)sn-><9» 

oaT. Scotch f. jiDrDsca . to play 

first f. ^OCUOb (ST3;.C2nrDl<S8<S), <BT33'^).TC 

foob— . to play second f. ookoookbqj 

0oco;1 (cy<y:oran«B(B<e». f.-dee-dee SaocoT!, 

Q^£ds. f.-faddle orn^ofo^jo; 1300& 

©Jo a_iOC^(&). t?.l. O-H sxr> $)s<&; 2. (gco 
rDoCgo_J0<ei8<9). V. t. Qj16TDQJ0C2D<95<9). 

Fi-del'i-ty, ?2. aDoa-inr^, <sar>rD°; 

2. ee^aTl; 3. (uotaD^foijo, a_j«3rfl— ; 4. 

Fidg'et (fij'et), v. i. ^a«s»<B>, av>j 

CTUfl'O)C2n^Dranftnc&3<0); jii6GaieTl<6Q<&). 72. 
6)o)<TQ-ia><S&s>S ; 2. (/?/.) §Dg.aao. =ti- 
ness, n. raToorojcruD-a), ^oa_)^,o. =e-ty, 
«. 6)o)cro_ifQ0]gjoajr3>, (SQuauejocolc^gg . 

Fl-du'ci-al, a, aTlc&.J3<n>o &@g., 
<e^<^zi)o— , swooo-; 2. afloajanflcs^ 
g-p^j. -ly, «ri. ajloajocro<2Dcon. =ar-y, 
a. 00)^003 caasca, aTioa_iocroig@g ; afl 
oaj3cro(arof!<2caral) a^gg-p^. 72. (Sfosagj 
<&>oronb; jD'oroog.nb, cro^aocon. 

Fie, Ml*. -af#l, S>o08 6)oO§. 

Fief (fef), 72. C^corAga); 2. (a^roD 

Field (feld), n. aicaaT, ofiajo; 2. 
ojg^os , 6>Qjg !o(a_)<28c/ao, 6)6>a<TJi3cno; 

3. QJCB;rt(l(a_)(SS(yDo* 4. <So_JDfis)g.o; 5. 02J 

@iJo; 6. Qjlaa0fiJ(a_)<2GO3o; 7. <9s3i£— ; 
8. fBTOOQ^eJo, fO)fDo, ro>6Silo; 9. aJ(T0)COi 

oj^o. f.-artillery, f.-piece, f.-gun 
cus^Q-pfoaBn. f.-colours S)&>os). f.- 
cricket $$s (£•)• f.-day o%<aoojjo 

croelajcroo; ajorara) (a^Qjfpron<52jgg — ; 
Q-)6rr)l(granrDd9s 0^ — ; crosaroociin— . f.- 

glass ®rt»s«s8y>«Aa;g^o^). f. -marshal 

(ScruonocLriaj^Qjranb. f.-mouse <a>o 
Ǥail. f.-officer o-isonocaamb, cog. 
Qjoeofl. f. -sport <&>al; ooocao§ . f.- 
WOrk 6) £f. oam&o, 06rrb3#>3§. coal-f. 

^^^(tyasoao. ice-f., f. of ice ©y 
&cm Qona a _jrt> a _5'. f. of view <a>^frt> 

c^^o^la^o^. to keep the f. o%<au<> 
take the f. q%<uj @s6ogc^. y. ;. q_j 

Fiend (fend), 72.£(££>c/a(£g; 2. r03<fltfix 
cronb, a_f)c/33_ai°. -'ish, a. s>6>ajc/ao^fl 
<a>o <6TD)C2;, <sra,-oD§^fO)^gg. -'ish-ly, 
ac?. 6)s^ajryaojin<e)(aocQn. 

Fierce (fers), a. ecaafcrao (SiQjca;, 
<2omocQo— , ^(qqo— , a>«oo<?>o— ; 2. <s^,o 
coo &@g,a s odlcT) J o— , (Afo©— ; 3. (eratof! 
(wog^^o— , cuoeima— . -'ly, ad. ^<s»o§ 
roaotHH. -'ness, n. <Q6hv\, 6><sio§<a. 

Fler'y, eic. s. u. Fire. 

Fife, n. <fl3^rab, eaj6rra, ^flcrfl. u. z. 

Fifteen, a. Q_jfoTlcr)6®u. n.<xja£\cr> 
6)6t2!Jsnoo. ='teenth, a. o-j^Tlnnssiioia 
oiiSTa)- aJfaTlcnsrsiDral) anmocB;. n. Q-jraH 

Fifth, e^c. 5. w. Five. 

Fifty, a. rarocnj'w , 6)oqcw<® . n. <sn> 
ou^q^st^o, — o^amcroo^j. =ti-eth, 
a. OTOmj^oa^fora); (SToauoTl^ajoomo^. n. 
(macnj^os)ejocm . 

Fig, 72. (eTZxaraflaroo (i.); 2. (oraforaTl 
jj_jiPo(6.); 3. orfl^oroo, a^gj , fg)6rno; 4. 
<8Qj:£tto, (rgaJo. f.-leaf (BTarnreDcfinaj;. 
a>@g.(Diro)Oig. f.-tree (maajraDaroo. 

Fight (fit), (fought, fought, 
pr. fat) (with, against) 6)ajoro?@a), 
<sa_iofDo§a>; 2. ^.aiQtara) 0^1^^, q^'oTI 
fara°— . to f. shy ail^ S)a_ioro3@<s>, 
(BTO<0>s)ajcrf)/gka). v.t. a_iss)Qjs<a), o% 
©ijo ff>_ajg^<3>; 2. ajoaHcOs^; 3. <Qiejodd> 

^§<0j; 4. <So_iOfOO§o CDSC^cSs. tO f» 

one's way ^ouofrotoi croocung_[l<fis<B). to 

f. it Out fofl^XiS^ra 6)o_i3rt»ry)<ej, CTOD©% 
(?so3QJoao — . n* ®o_ioni u , cq^auo; 2. oa 

6^D, (BTOsHo-j^; 3. <0)eJaOa\)jS3QJo. 

running f. c/a(^ajls>cr) aJ"lg©scno@g 
c%(auo, fofl^caocSjccara)— . sham-f. <^a^ 




ajs,c8»a\js. f.-wite fiioslo-fisiasea 

nS)y>. - r ing, a. <%QJO(sr£)cm <2o_jocm; 
c%(§JJo cnsascm, Q^aufBraflrab 5>a_j§. 

a f.g chance c^auo o®<6>ornc^ioQO0ocan 

nflagam cruokffl. -'ing-ly, tftf. aTlsroo 


Fig'ment, «. g>'©l0o, croa&g-io, ono 
Fig'ure (or -ur), n. ©tuo, jarao 

CO;, (Srg^'oTl; 2. <TO_l(fO}aL_»o, (a_)roT)0; 

8. aofg)3>, -nf)((g)o; 4. <2afla;g)o (geom.)', 
5. (Stoqjctud, cruel rof); 6. ouna, (cyooo-io, 

(800^1; 7. fBTDcSsio, qQ)|TOo; 8. aTl&J; 0. 
cgnbaidl, (a_)rofl j^i oca, crfitf ej ; 10. csto&s 
efoor&o; 11. e3oroia>o. f.-caster, f.- 

flinger seajOfoficajaacronb. f. -flinging 
eao.xna-o cosrrTlaa'Tjl). f.-painting acre 
caa.-aflsgjo. f . of speech ouoa^oaj&oroo. 

f. -weaving jifi^amca . to cut a f. 

aflgssiga), Qjl^-jnmca*. p. t. <gs>aS\ 

a®ai, ^(TOfeTgtQsdh, £0;fi3— ; (SYg^'OD — ; 

rrfl{@n-jl<ss<^'; 2. (maajafcrolas^; 3. o^) 
emo a>o§a>, cosrrflaaa); 4. a)6rrpasa.i; 5. 
cry an^_p<fl8<aj; 6. ignkaiosa), — a>d~lasa>. 
to f. out cTflcyforan<S)0bT©<9>; Gosrrfl^ — . 
to f. up &>6m<as) <&<=,&>. v. i. Soaosl 
aaa>, afla«5ga>; 2. gjtgflao svo^. 
=U-ra-ble, «. <e^ l a j )'ofl6>a_]§fl3Taoa>cm. 
=U-ral, a. -afltgjflrOK) (8Y3>cq;, (f^oLjcryan 
«no— . =u-rate, a. cmg^oroa^.^c^ga. 

=u-ra'tion, *?. ©Q_inrflg^c»o. =u-ra- 

tive, a. ([gojaio <erg)CQ/, g>a_i0— ; eocuo 

<31flo — ; QJOc&oej©! 'Oio— ; jiTltfCJcrUoSQJ 

(t\bo— . =u-ra-tive-ly, «tf. ao-j0 

iST^caD, eoojccoioo— . =ured (-urd), a. 
(gja-jigga. =u-rine, n. 5>jiiQ(cy«an0. 

Fi-la'ceous, «. cnoraaaosngea. 
fil'a-ment, «. onoro°, o§ej\ [(z.). 

Fil'an-der, n. ara cua>gcoo, ; a>»>ro>' 
Filch, u. £. •aflgjoas>aciJ , 6>.aig^a>, g) 

ly, ac?. <20ocQ36im0ocQD. 

I. File, n. .nioej , (BTDsrrTl, crflfD; 2. <2^ 
6ml, fBY3§l; 3. (3Yasfl<9maif); 4. OLj=fla>. 

f.-leader ^joaTifei aamoaafa. f.-march- 
ing «w5rTflcns(8rao. Indian f., single f. 
•nioaioaiD. rank and f. ajsavognai^o, 

(a_)(ytaT3Tl(9n0fD . V. t. OJiPld3s> QJ</lai'0Can 

axiasa), <g)05)g_}§caran cru,aafla3a>; 2. 
<S6rDocxrijyl(9a<Q> (/.); 3. s^oSfoTlconrab 
cro_f)a>folasa>. srasucaoaaa- (I.). v.i. 
QjyHas ajyHcaocariansaaaj. to f. with 
rg>scm — . 

II. File, n. mocoo; 2. gicuocan. f.- 
CUtter (Biaroo $a seasonal nt>. v. t. roo 

Qg<0), <2\Od<92<&); (8td6m<&%&> ; 2. (off) ft>3 

Qjlacusng-jocea^. filing, ??• rooaTica; 


Fil'i-al, «. a^^^a, ajosoai^gg, 

CLj(Q)l— ; 2. 0<&3Ob (SY9)Canf0l<j98OT), 0a» 

c)o— . -ly, a<i. aj^soQjforarif^, cvJ(qTi— . 
fil'i-ate, v. t. es>tara§cQs(a), 0anao«d8<s>. 

fil-i-a'ti6n, n- aJ(®'OiJo, cvJIqTI^-Jo; (3T3 

^aoo <afliij6>g_i§<qg8a8 (/.)• fil'i-cide, 
?2. a T )(®QDfro)DQj', aj(sp— . fil'i-e-ty, 

Fil'i-bus-ter, n- Aaj^asicfDnb. y. i. 
(SiQj^cQnofonnocan onsasa^; 2. (rPiCB;0rrn 
02o6mwscroDo a^ic^a^. 

Fil'i-gree, n. «a)croaj ) j»fl!g)faTacgjcab. 

Fill, V. t. crflvO<98<fl», nrnosroTgnroldBaa*; 
2. (JooroDgo a<&o§«ea(9s; 3. aiaJHsra® s.-uo 
<o>- 4. gc^0oasa>, f^a^pxiasccgsa); 5. 
cruDocino QjofPcSgai, cruDom'^ranroldBQai; 
6. aynancm' (sr^sig. nrncaucDTleSsa); 7. 
a>ajaj)orr) ajoco/)aais§asa>; 8. ^djgai, 
rrP<Sj«s©a>. to f. in <3-aAS)caTZ»#>(|sa>. 
to f. OUt Qjlnr^sr^o or^as^, ojanrfV- . 
tof. up aG)yg)a>; rrTlod9®a); OT^aa orfl 
c®jcana8a>. u. t. oS1oa^a>, cuorooao a 
srea^ j 0§d_j QjftTia); 2. crTloca 1 o.ja>n» 
a>. to f. up arflaicm curala). n. crTl 
oqj , o-TlslgL-j^ , ©ojsngcmtgj). = ler, »• 
crfloascmajfrb; a^rasrno. ='lin^, ?2. o^fD 

6YDO-, &1S(W.). 

Fil'let, n. q€\ oa^cm cn:s; 2. o_i 

§; 3. a3)£p£jO<STfr 0OoO\)asi-'fi36mo; 4. <Qt 




o^lrQ^grn. 5. gssrrflsinbo oj^ {arch.), 
v.t. «<S)s<d>; (BTrDejaaooTices^. 

Fil'Hp, V. t. «^iiO§<&); ^(D0^1(B8<fl5, 

t, -ajsmsjascqgDam crcocoroo. 

Fil'ly, n. s)ti_j6i^93'on^<sa§l (z.). 

Film, n. o_ios; ^S'A; 2. oj^oob 
Qjejmofo. v. t. a_jos5)c9>o6n3 ^<&>. 

Fil'ter, n. (Brora^y, <gTOrtT)oa'os; q^jsttTI 

a-joo-fi. =ter, =trate, v.t. mdc6)<9%<&>, 

oj^l^d&5§<&), s)-a>gH)cBn<9!8<9>; ^(?ijlcQ;D(S3 
a>. i?. 2. £f3Q<a>. =trate, ft. (Brarol^ 
«j) ; u$q6)cs2)z<bs?\<$jS) aj@^o. =tra/tion, 

Filth, ra. <s^o°, (moreen , ^a^l; 2. 
^>rv^io, cu^ia^-Jo, (Brao^if). -'thi-ly, 

#G?. aeTlaoaDcal. ='thi-ness, n. cy coral 
«<o>s ; 0Deflonjo, (oflsng^. ='thy, a. <sro 
^<fls> (srgjcs/, .nflcora — , (gra^sDco, qj 

Fim'bri-ate, v.£. cerar® (0>arro<a>, oil 

€5Bf3b 6)QJ<9g<fb. 

Fin, n. <$\cbA\o&! '. f,-back as 
eaisH (£.). f. -footed eaDGjfuoe^ga. 
- ny, o. .<if)o<ftga; 0^roi cuajforaT!^ 6>o_j 

Fl'nal, a. a§<enafora, rera.Ljarooor> 

6).-0T3); 2. (ofl^fSYgjCa;, crDorgo'jdCaJo — ; 3. 
GJ0d96^ — , &<3§uao— . f. CaUSe (STO)Qj<Q>0 

<osmo, (^ai(8aO@. fi-lia'le (fi-nala), n. 
crv)0oajp, a>ejooao; oumsoal. -'i-ty, n. 
<af)^; crTlCfguca'o, rn^6m , 32;o; <0>ocgjd3joro6rr> 
ctcosojctilo. -ly, ad. ©§<esio, a§oi^raJ), 
©TOQjcruomo; s^cuejo, orTlaaajaDcori. 
fine, /i. a§aj\ oroaoajp. in f.e ©§ojo 
coD, j2ja»<95ri^jO(9>^o^6Tr)Brid). p. £. & i. 
«Taajcroocrfl<9s<0>, croeiglpeSgA. flne'- 
less, a. (OYDiuaruotDofflgjoraira), (mooOfo — . 

Fi-nance', 72 . <ga>5)Qj§ai u , raoea.oJl 

rt>IOJ, — <SoTTU)0rt>o; QjrOQj ; QjrW0DOT)o; 

2. (/j/.) <%rv)(&, o_j6rno; 3. OY9)ca»aij 
^oao(nr^o. =nan'cial (-nan'?hal), a. 

ssmjjofD croooruaxuaoctt; ecui^ocgj — . 
=nan'cial-ist, =nan'cier, n. ans^e 

tsnuDOflfl, <3smiJDra:>jLiioro<0>ab; (SijjicBrj.'.cn/ 

c/d0(a^s%ra>a6. =nan'cial-ly, ad. e^j 
crcosajrouaocon. =nan'cier, v. t. Qqj. 

Finch, n. e>(b Qj<9^ 6)h^q ) ci^cBea)(z.). 

tO pull a f. 6>(i_jO§n0O5)fD-ai'aO<93<e>. 

f. -backed ajfO£@£, ajeaV-. 

Find, 0.*. eV. (found, found) &o 

<Q>;3. ajDrDsrotg) ca>06rK>a>; 4.(a_)oa-f)<Qs<0); 5. 
(SD^a, &sngo<sr. to f. time sanroo— ; 

tO f. meanS Orflc^OaOo— ; 6. 6><9>0!§cS3<9>: 

he f.s his nephew in money q-jstdu 
§«s>, fofl^^gj^c^^: they f. him 

guilty <a?oo<8ncrao")os)srncrn <5TO'sl(a_)oca 
(aocoJlflflcSsarro. to f. out a®^" -j_T1^1 

<ss<a). to f. fault with <a»ooo o-joq%<3>, 
(5Yg)(2caaicLjl<fl9i}i. how do you f. 
yourself to-day° oolsrac^ oQ6bb\ 
6)cn<sf)K>)<a%cnz>. v. i. ^]^s>^^(^£h (/.). 
n. &6ng &)£}($>; 6)QJ^J , , arTlcjul. -'ing, 

71. <3)6n§a), <9D§^CQ;fa^; pZ. a_)6rrilQ2;33& 
CUo; QJ<Qi, l^waj ; jiTlajQJ ; foflglj , fST3 

I« Fine, a. crccn^srQZocQ), c^(aifiea>o<95) I 
ca; crTlaaiiio (St^ch;, CLTl3oa^2o — , ascno 
aorao— , eocoV- ; mgj; 2. (2(yaosa aiSHco;, 
saosltergjcsn; 3. aDjajl(g)o — , ..aia^o 
roo — , aroo0(mo|O ^@g, 6>c9>'Doaejo— ; 4. 
GcnaDcB;, <8cr>0a st^cb;, rry^gpo— , &jq^~; 
5. i^_ar^@g&;6. 0ooo — . f. arts AejooTl 
e.,(TOoc/3l / ai — , wTlgj— , jaTl((g)6^0if tora» . f. 

goods ®0w3)fDo ^sTrn^rDcss) . f. stun 
0la©arod9s02Dcao. f.-day o)Qj<es)0<Do a 
@a ^Iqjotoo, 6)010271^—. f.-draw CD 

amOCoD ©SPOO;^S<&). f.-diawn nJ0O)OfD 
<ScCTa06^S Qjro^l, ^)(@l00OC%Sn23(SsnCffl. 

f .-grained (ST^^o £@g . f. -featured 

@a_idn<3cy8cfiio — . f.-Spoken QJOCO-Tl 
suacaio— . f.-spun sooazc^ocBri a§oo; 





a* coil qj ail .^j; 0oco;caJocB/, Qjarj^cojgjo.'cra). 
f.-still aiO_^<0>, qjooq,^, gDoa9<3>. 

:££&>. -'ly, ad. isotoliergjeofi; emiza— . 

-'llGSS, 72. Qjl<Sc/ara3o, ^6mo; Si^gHcD , 

yj^lil; 0OOO ; t^jaiQ ; <SCD<Z2i ; -aJOO)o, 

<S0osl. fi'ner, w. ^©^flc&otSaarnaLjnb; 
gr^So QQjdBeamcLinb. fi'ner-y, n. eocoi, 

Cg)oCOOrOo; <30OSl. falling, 71. C^fSjjlo&O 

<S5)(^, groso 5} ajsarai). f.g pot aoa, 

II. Fine, Tl. (Q_)0C2/C@n^ro)o; a_jly>; 2. 03 

OBdaao, odlajfi95)oc^ , c&wcmaf). v. t. oil 
tf^g_p<99(S), o_n^tPg_p<aa<fli. v. i. ail 

in. Fine, >i. 5. u. Final. 
Fin'ger, n. 655><Q)Qjlroaj u ; z. o^icufl 

<^orDcr^iiD; 3. iffrooo^ejo, aflroej' ; 4. qjo 

ejojocaor)o)^cueajo. second-f., fore-f. 
^s^osrrn, ^sng°GLrifoej u . middle-f. 
m§- . ring-f. ajaTkg)— , <s0ot>T)<?>— -. 
little-f., ear-f. 6)_oi^-. f .-alphabet 

(5rD)o(^odaaifO0Dej. f. -board qjIotoszj 

as ^sj^gjej^. f.-bowl, f.-glass 

6)G>&> (fh^ainm o_i^a^Q_ic(®o. f.-post 
ojiAojDstarao . f. -reading <Hrocru)oca&i 
rap. f. -steel a> coral ca; 6rr>. to bum 

one's f.s oncfQSiQ^^&i. to have a f. 
in ^sfi^d*, &&<&§<&,. to have at 
one's f.'s ends cn^ ooic®jco)o @.<5n§ 0t9l , 

^61iGrOD0OCQnfDl<S9^. 17. t. G>(O)0§<&>; a£) 

§c93<&; 2. <9>gf)<9s<3>; 3. ojoe.o cuocaTl 

<09a>; 4. C20Oc^l(Ssa>; 5. .oJ0;m 0fO(a_)Q-J 

coreO S)_cug^a>. v. i. &<=>&>. =gered 
(-gerd),a. QJlroej@&. -er f n. <80Oc^ooj°. 

-mg, U. gV^o; QJ0ejQJ0CS2;or); jil0^orD 


Fiii'gle-faii-gle, n. crfi^oro^jo, 


Finish, v.t. ^?laa(0), cn^gLpcesaj, 
;W>ajoroocrrig_pa9!a); 2. aJforaflca;o<S3<&>; 
foT!c&.Qj ajftscqiojai; 3. s>aj^lg_j'— . vi. cro 

0Oa-D(9s<Q5, 6i§6Qgt9j. ft. 6i^CD , (3Y0CTO).o; 

crccD^f5ran;2.0lad<d5)o;3. roflgj. =ished 

(-is lit), «. O-jrolo^gr^o (8T9)Q2.', J&raijg; 
oQQo — . -er, 71. (0)1(95 ag am Qjrt6; ajgycu 

crooooo. -ing*, n. ao^yo. a. <BToajaroo 
oospore), fi'nis, 71. 00000^1. 

Fl'nite, rt. (Brorg);arong>@£, <btdqjct\)o 

f" — J ^ na ^ 0DCQ; - f. verb a^^ ( ^lc2; 

(#r.). -ly, ad. ^la^o (ergjooTl, arTicsu 
ca>o— . -ness, n. oroQjcroocoo, rsroao^o, 

Fir, n. seojaoraa, 3aojfO)ofO0fOo (/3.). 
Fire, ft. rofl, «rracrnl, Qjoofl; 2. rof) 

c9«mej ; 3. OTOOTTlcfrDOCJU ; 4. g>'^cto^CU , , 

$<9>oo_Ao, jj^s ; 5. t^cQpcrof!; 6. (BToaaroo 

(Oo; 7. Srtfigag^ • 8.mc9fi3(ra)o; 9.<3ic^o, 

ajstaiooril; io. aajsl. blue f v red f., 
green f. afmog-j''. f.-arm Qm&st . f.- 

ball ^ilslS(OTO)3<flS<5 r S, «jf)e99§,S5); Q)a>0ggO 

0^06. f.-blast aifolcarai). f.-brand <ofl 
6rrf)d3noronb. f.-brigade, f.-company 

(Bro(/nirod9taios)5)crocO|0. f.-cracker -oJ 
sa^o, o_iS(Sno. f.-damp rsraocoofoeaej 

OJD32J. f.-drake rBTOC/nlcrOgljo; 5)c9iO 

ggli^lnb; cuosmo. f. -drill (srafosrnl, 
fufl^fozal. f.-eater (a>^aa>§ ana,<9s>2 
rorrb; <9>aiaO' v Q_pco;a6. f.-engine ea&J 

CH;(QD)0, 'SSOJOCTU'. f.-fly 0lcma0lGf36CB' 

(z.). f. -insurance 'araaTf| 1 f]0. f.-irons, 

f.-set 6ve>osl^. f.-lock roflsasTaotfft , 
jil<Q5) Q<9n)<2(GtO)0<a£ . f.-man e3£JCQ;'rrg)<0> 
ofo; <-oTl^§l. f.-new aj^aDcQ;, <2<s>oslc2;o 
csy. f.-office f8Tocmle ff l0croDajo. f.-pan 

6) COrtflSgJ OS . f. -place (BT3§gj , foflfOTftl 
6TD. f.-prOOf raflg_psl<SnOfBT3), (BTOaDciO.00 

cm. f. -side fff»o§9-j coDsm; orojeajmo; a* 
ayo6ruellQjaoo; c^odct\j6Uo. f.-stone 
^licfin i^(Q5>l<5s>£j . f.-water -uJorooca/o, 
ooan'. f.-wood culoa^. f.-works <»> 

rol0ro3om (o_)<2c2<ocqo, 6^ajsls)(95)§ . f.- 

worship (BTooTTjOfoocoan. submarine 

f. 6njajDajocrnl. on f. a^rolazjcm; 8 ^3 
coa-joraajf^o a@g.; «(a_j0— . running 
f. crTlrottajsl. St. Anthony's f. aTl 
crogjo. to set on f. fo?l«<95)0§.(5j®a>. 
tO take f. <9>(333)t0>; ®<BiOa_n<esi^. 




V.t. c&>(BT2)flc9a<0>, -Oj§<&>; 2. .n^s3S>OJ(9Q 
ift; 3. a£)rtf)<6s<0>, <8<9iDa_flg_pc0«<e>; 4. _aj 

6rr>ajfl8agg><0;, 5)^jjfa)onio — ; 5. aDotdTl 
§<&>, --o?l(^s<fli; 6. (a_)<Qi3aa1gJl<9s<ft; 7. 
S)ajsld)Qj(93(d); 8. auo6rno ajl§(a> ; 9. ^ 
s 6)qjc9i8<Q). to f. up raftgjlsflg-paaaj. 
V. i. «fi)g^\£)<9®<Q>; 2. <2<&>0o_Jo 83-ifiTl 
<&8c&>; 3. S)QjSls>Q_>0§ld8«<Q>. to f. Up 

(^@x51(Qi8<9». fi'rer, n. 6><a>oggl 6>cu<aaam 
aiab, rafl — faring', n. ^cusH; 6>qj^ 
6)OJ«8arat>; -=^5— ; -^,2.— ; > / of)S) c ano§ 
aarab. fier'y ( flr'i), a. (BToarflaca-aocB;; 

^^@&J o^rjTlc^om, g)g%3_ieflc9Q(TO; 6>_ol0 
Sl^gg.; ^J5im— , -ajQ,<S5) — ; s>n_\o@acm. 

fier'i-ness, n. o)_ojos~), ®<&oq_jo. 

Fir'kin, n. djlgj; 2. arc <srogaj\ 

Firm, «. gogjgg; 2. orflcsuaio org) 
co;, cruiTlrcio— , (Zoooasra; 3. ca>§lcaoca); 
4. g^^gg. n. crijoa_ioracruoa^\o; <@o 

jQj^QJSo; cOs^QJSCrODeJo. V.t. g>Og_p 

«fis<©>. -'ly, «J. coinlraiaoccr). -'ness, n. 
Fir'ma-ment, n, rsrasncrouocno; 2. 

qjocdo, {STOo6mrao, (SY^^ocaojlfDlcu , <sro) 
tftoaaasTas , (SYg^DuaaTl.inoaoo; 3. qjoo$0 
sttuj&jo. -al, a. croj^lca-'caoca 1 . 

Fir'man, u. rooeaoaccruono, crf)§, 

First, a. (ei®ejS>cBT3), acrnoo; 2. 0I 
ftc&j^, (STa^QCO6irnj0oca; 3. (gcnflejgg. 

at f. blUSh (DSOSiS <S>D6YTD<SOQJ0c)o, (61® 

ej5)djro> smo^foralcrn . at f.-haud (Sen 

o>fD, <?OOral§ ; 6)6)<&i0OOO5>fO). f. day 

6Taooa;oo^>. f. floor <w o5>y> erf) aj; aonoo 

^§°- f.-fruit, f.-fruits (m^Qjooejo, 

— (araoasojo. f. mate, f. officer a>^ 

• aiSdamg-jDjSGjOcocruQanrab ftsreoaab. f. 

name ctojctoo «o-jro . f.-watch (erg^ 

coiO0o. f.- water g.rcT3>0rtxor)o; ^fOKnao. 
ad. (Sr^ejOocoD, (gcruoeBT). at f., at the 
f. <erg>8jo. f. or last ajgj®a_joyo, qq 
3g_j06>sP8Bf)ejo 6ar61t9s)fot. f.-born <e>s) 
6toto^> (STgjca; 6)0^0 — . f. class acmco 
(U)(0o. f.-rate ^crofloB; armoo wroo 

a-js<es>8_jrBb. -'ling;, n. (gco)<a)ffl6rorafab; 
(sr^ej^cxjrcroTl. -'ly, a<i. (SY^ejaocQn. 

Fisc, w. rt>oe3jgsmi)oroo. ='cal, «. e 

6TTU)OfO(TOo6riJ(TU}0DCa', crf)<0)fon— . n. £ 

6TTUD0fDl, 'ajsaonbefl'. 

Fish, n. 0roi^o, 5 lrn ; eaajeagg) (2.) ; 
2. pi. 0°1roroooB) (as.); 3. 0OTO}03oaroo. 

f.-bellied <&o/sc^@&. f.-bone tf)n5q@a . 
f.-culture 0rm\5jfDcetfia. f.-curing <£)o© 
6ma»<3i>. f.-curing 1 yard 6fla6a>&o, — ^jo 
aj- f. day <sooDncu qHcdg-uo. f.-garth 
<fli6r^i(o-)§cQ5)^, (Sso^^ejcss)^. f.-hook 
^sr^ai . f.-line ^«^<9»g^i. f.-maw, 
f. sound tflnt>6>ajo§l. f.-monger ^ 

nb6)<S5§n, — an^nmojab. f.-oil s^fton 
|rn, Qjlaaasro. f.-pot aifi^o.aflaLiej. 

f.-spawn ®6mo. f.-story &m&»iA- 
f.-slice, f.-trowel dftdb&asttS). f.-wife, 
f.-woman $)&>masrto). neither f. 

nor flesh (sr^enozg^ S)Q_j6TO0gjOf5TD), amo 
0gjo«jro;. v.i. a^nba-Ds )o9s^, ^s^tiT'i 
§<o>, QjejQjlc^tf); 2. orosmjcficTlasA. 
v. ^. <S(G)Vsnf}6)QQ)<2<a$<9i- } 2. rrycfigp0ocxy i 
roTlf06rot3) (ScdocQ(3<05; 3. ajc99<a>. -'er, - r er- 
man, n. (^InbcjJlslceoaDCLinb, gaacuab. 
-'er-y, ?i. a^obajl^asrao; — aJTlsn^om 
cruDejo; — ajlslu_jocrs@a mroQj^ooao (/.), 

-'i-fy, u. ^. 0@roj0o<e8(Q>. -'i-ness, v^. 

0cot^j o<Q)orac ; t&g.Qj'. -'iug", // . i^lnbaXI 
slasrao; — Q-flslcflgcm auomo. a. — a_Tl 

slasom. f.g-fly «ft@acon«>. f.g-line 

jiira^ ja^sngej . f.g-net ^labcuej. f.g*- 

rod ajo^si^ej . f.g -smack 0^063^0 

nbmoQOD; <& (Sr^jca;, iHYOcrooeaso— . 
Fisk, v. /'. @§i§n : gjo=p<d>, <v±&pl<Bs>$0 

Fis'si6n(fish'un),?z. jiflaa)', an@aaj\ 
fis'sile, a. ^flcTOod^mr), a?)oo<fl)nD. fis'- 
SUre (fi8h'ur),7?.. Qajog', oJlajy . v. L 

Fist, n. ^d^fl; 2. ^r* Q^nmnry^ 

^0, ^^caxBao^. hand over f. <sqjcoo, 
^scnsl. v.t. S5ff).©)0sain)<a8«?®<fi>, i^a^i 





^(^lc%(auorDo6Qj(TU}0oca ! . ='ti-euff, n. 

Fis'tu-la, n. ass, (8cuy>o; 2. crf!(b 
<fliif>rab; 3. mocuDlgJim, (Q_)srno. anal 
f. ecooaroo (med.). 

I. Fit, a. (®<os>, o-joolca;, csyason terg) 

CB;; 2. <0)Cg|3O— ; 3. g>.flif)raio— , Qjladl 
<0)o — . V. t, 6)<&)d&f\(B$i<B), (OHBftV) <SQ) 
<9%3> ; a_lOQ0QO— . tO f. Ollt CrDoSrtfl 
<9Sd3>. tO f. lip JiMZGf\(Q2G>. V.l. <SZiJ0 
C/O,0D32r)rjnd98(3>; 2. f_JOQ<Q). ?2. 8-aJ^}, 

<scao«jfa); ao-afl^o. -ly, «<i. Gcaocoio 
(OrgjcaD, g>_afl<a>o— . -'ness, w- sca/ocni^. 
- ter, ft. @am<fls)Dfoab; gD^lau ajsrrf) 
arofoab. -'ting, n. <8<e>og_| ; pi. aco 
£_j6ytT). a. «j>c9b, a-jocflea;. 

II. Fit, n. ©rasH, 6>qj§'; 2. (SfODco^-psl 
ajraio, GfDocoo(g)i2o: f. of fever a_jcrD, 3. 
^-ttfa, r8Tan_i(T£>ort>o: fainting f. saoooo 
ajcro.o; 4. cuorDQjoaio; 5. 0<2ro3<S3CD:>, 
SDajaTlajOfDo; casismc^cg^ocrafl; 6. 6>ra} 

olawfzjb. f. of anger <3<9>oa-jo<0»a)o. f. 
of melancholy -nficTOo^ocrao. f. of 
laughter -afirtn<arafi§d3s>o, .aflnTieajocjo. f. 
of madness (gDaro . a drunken f. &ioo 
nn^zoao. a f. of flame raflonoao. 
by f.s, by f.s and starts ao^rao^ 

as-fZjb, ©S<95Tl5)S,(^)0Qjla8(iiJ>2lOCQn. -'ful, 

a. ©racruDlrao (sr^ca, .niSGaiejo — . 

Fitch, Fitch'et (fich'et), Fitch'ew 
(fioh'u), n. aro qj<s> <&>gg roDorns^fla, <s> 
g^H; Go-ioasant) o^^ (2.). 

Five, a. (Brassy , a_»smio. w. <Bra5>6iaii 
§mo. f.-fold a_jsi2iiS)o, (srastayra; <sro 
s@flrD§l. fifth, a. rsrasiauo aurora, o_i 
6TBU0", (erast2iios)ajo(mocC/. ??. (erossifl 
oiejocm . fifthly, ad. (BrasvaiozfwoQoTl. 

FiX, V. t. @.Og_p<63(35, Q_ifaTli69c9), (STO 

a)j3 <&>, (ftyH^p^; fmoc9s<0i; 2. <aTI§ 
0Od98t&, rafljgjojgj^c^a), orficQiiaLriag^; 

3. (C5>1iJ6)QJ<SS<9); q^<SjO^/5^J)®CQ/06)S <SCT)3 
<99<9j; 4. (g)00O<9afl>, _aJ§6)a_] §($©}&>. 
V. i. Orfl5)GJc93<a>; QJCnn«e5<S); CT\lCrifO0O(S5 ; 

2. g>0(&8:9>, c95§laiJ035. to f. On raf)_4} 

aul^§ . -'a-ble, a. 6)oj^ qS\^)q^\<q5)0 

<QiCm. -a'tlOn, 11. 6)S>CrUOCgjo; <9i§l3^0 

&>a&. -'ed, a. <TU£f)rDo (SY^ca, oolaguejo— , 
<gram<95K> ^^o.-ma), ©a^o— . f,d fact 
(o^aroVao^ogyo. f,d stars (cru£flra)m 
d9fi3|g)o (as.), -'ed-ly, ad. croo)co(zzQsf), 
aooosi^. -'ed-ness, -'i-ty, n. cn)cm 
aj.^jo; crflc^g; (Brosrras^ij. -'ing, n. 

&Og_pcfl6^; pi. UQoLOjCOo. fix'ture, 

n. ^a_i<9>ro6mj, (sroadsajcnjOj; oxiDlro^; 

Fizz, n. (c^^o^o, jiflooo. r. i. 

gig ajo6rr>>; ©ggn^nsijy^ . ='zle, 
v.i. (c^^ofoial^a); (Bra0oaa)0o^la»<&>. 

tO f.e OUt «CO3Qjl(ST3)<2^0d9>. n. 6)Q-l0 

asio, (BracrooaUjo, (ro^scoaiD. 

Flab'by, a. ajfo^^gg, g^.uoca; @ 
s^. =bi-ness, n. ora-poj; ^sDg_j . 

Flac'cid, a. gojj^^otara), <&§ 
3-jo— ; 6iuejo— ; oj-^igga. -ly, ad. 

<sra<f qjochTi. -ness, -'i-ty, n. ©s^a-j , 

I. Flag, v. i. (Hraspstots) ^65gdj, ^fisal 
<9sTls<9ad>>; 2. 0m^psl3^a>; cQfia32n(9s<9>. 
y. i. (^Q,<S5)) <0>O<083>, QO&5) -- ; 2. dafis 5 ! 
6Trn3_p<6s 9> , 0<D£T^sl(93'S>. "'gy? <^« 

dafiflsrrn^; oalLDlaio tergjca;; -flig-J— , ^ 
jiTicaMgjoajra). -'gi-ness, n. (Btovpoj'; 
5)S)w>L£najjo. -'ging, a. 6OJGJQcflno0ocB;; 


II. Flag, w. 6^<a)C^I, si^osn^o, qj'wo 

a>. f.-man s><9>os1,snort>nb. f.-oflficer 

cLj5«Bs>3_jfal)(STonnoan3CS2;<Sjab. f.-ship 

aJScQn^f^^^aronOjrnacsy^cSfflgL-jreJ). f.- 

staflf 5><9 5 osl0rao. f. of truce cro 
auncoje3o. national f. c^^<s^<^. 
red f. (sr^o-i'OTgiiit^-ariacDD. to dip 
the f. s^^o^ica'O'ab ajoolcsga. to hang 
out the white f. a\>(rujnas>3ajcstfcn<e9<3>. 

to hang the f. half mast high or 
half-staff an&j3a_js><9?>o£f! races', to 




strike or lower the f. ajy?6sg<9>, ma 

aiVnfta-) ■§<©>. yellow f. '(g)oaon , s><flaos1; 

v.t. 6><&0^!c9jOSrrri(69<a); 2, 6)&>o£)gloc& 

HI. Flag", n. a_JDQj O <0igj U , (&&<&)£}. 
r. t. ajoQjai, a_j§(69(d5. f.-stone a-io 

QJ (9>gj . -'gillg, 22. ^gj Q-J§031^QJi/l. 

Flag'el-late, v. t. Aizz^ft&osng 

rara^lc£>s<&>. =la'ti6n, n. asrQSoojsl, 
«fl<efia. fla-gel'li-form, «• amrtflca/, 

@fOTZ». =gel'lum, 72. Q_iganS>&S)OSl. 

Flage'o-let, ?2. <ejsp^, (g^gn^aLisno. 
Flag'i-tate, v.t. &i^jS\^£\^ s^io 

elcSg.©). =ta'ti6n, n. crPsojanoo, <of)rD 
<as>o<9aftl>. fla-glti'oUS (-jish'us), a. crfl 
_a>o (Sy^cq;, (ffracueio— , (sroaaiej— ; ^c^aro) 
<32J@g ; a_)0(Ol<Siob (ST3)CQ;, <§cii rmanb — ; Ql) 

cftocX)— . =giti'6us-ly, «c/. crD^o <s® 
coD, aisfeo^roo— . =giti'6us-ness, n. 

Flag'on, n. asnb&g^), eraerrf). 

Flagrant, a. -^am, eajoflcftgcm; 
o>a_jo@g.nm; raf)d3&i0ocB;; 2. cnsg-jocanaf) 
<9scm; <3iejc/arafc (grgjca); 3. (a-jarolfauo— , 

ajaiDja; o_jofO) <0j0ocq;. =grance, 

=gran-cy, n. eajoej; eo&ia&rofmjo, s>coro 

roojo, &%/)&). -ly, flflf. o^(SS0S)S, <2o^Q 

Flail, n. 6)0<af)<2c9s)oar, o_j£j «»£p 
<sas>oai , o^ cava) fpls) (Q^og