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Full text of "The Englishman's Greek New Testament; giving the Greek text of Stephens 1550, with the various readings of the editions of Elzevir 1624, Griesbach, Lachmann, Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford, and Wordsworth: together with an interlinear literal translation, and the Authorized Version of 1611"

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Mr• Koel Lawrence McQueen 

BS 1965 1896 
Bible. N.T. Greek. 1896. 
The Englishman's Greek New 



GIVING yr^V^v'^^ ' 



WITH ""^^L^ L 








Ή aXrjOeLa έλβνθερώσεί ύμάί. — JoHN viii. 32. 


MaltsB terricolis linguae, coelestibus una. 

€l(jirB Coition. 




This work is intended to help tlje devout Englisli reader of the New 
Testament, who may, with a little knowledge of Greek, desire to refer to 
the actual words used by the Spirit of God. 

It has not been framed to teach people Greek, though doubtless it may 
be used towards that end. It is believed that there are many, who, having 
learnt a little of that language in their early days, in after years feel a 
desire to read the Greek Testament, but find that their intermediate occu- 
pations (in Avhich this language was in no way used by them) have caused 
them to forget the little they once knew. 

Certain it is that there is a grossing desire among Christians to refer for 
themselves to the Greek Testament. "We are well aware that some would 
endeavour to discourage all such reference, thinking that all who are not 
Greek scholars ought to be satisfied with the excellent translations of the 
New Testament already in existence. But had all persons thought so, λνβ 
should never have had the valuable "Englishman's Greek Concord- 
ance," and other useful \vorks of this class, especially adapted for the 
help of those seeking to learn from the word itself rather than from the 

It may be true that a little knowledge is a dangerous thing ; yet let our 
object be not to stamp out the little, but to give the means to use it to 
profit, and, it may be, to increase it. A Christian needs the grace and 
help of God to read his English Testament profitably : the same grace and 
help will prevent his using in any other way the present work. 

"We should much deprecate any one making a WTong use of the Greek 
Testament through our means. It is of course intended for private study, 
and not to be flourished before the young and inexperienced. Nothing 
can be more unseemly than for the unskilful to be always correcting 
everybody with their literal translations and various readings, distressing 
simple souls rather than seeking that which tends to godly edifying. AVe 
have remarkable instances of our Lord and His apostles using the words 
of the Septuagint where it is certainly not an exact translation of the 
original Hebrew ; yet where the translation gave the true sense it was 
used unreservedly, and used as scripture : an example surely worthy of all 
to follow. 


Still, who will venture to deny tliat an intelligent Christian ought to 
have his literal translation and various readings for his own study of the 
word ? Certain it is that there are many who know how to make a good 
URe of every scrap of real information touching the words of their God ; 
and we believe that many will know how to api^reciate the present endea- 
vour to aid them in their study of His word. 

That a good translation of the New Testament does not fully satisfy 
many, is not surprising ; for, in the first place, there are several modern 
translations of the New Testament, all supposed to be improvements on 
the Authorised Version, and all purporting to be true and more or less 
literal translations : yet these when compared together are found to differ 
materially; some in the translation itself, and some because of a different 
Greek text having been used. 

Besides this, there are certain points of interest which no translation 
has ever pretended to give. Take, for instance, the word ' master ;' there 
are six diff"erent Greek words translated 'master' in the Authorised 
Version, all with diflferent shades of meaning. Other translations have 
reduced the number, still all perhaps represent different words by 'master,' 
and there is nothing to shew what the word is in the original. The word 
'judgment' represents eight diff'erent Greek words in the Authorised 
Version, and so of many others. Of particles, 'but' represents tivelve 
diff'erent words ; 'hy,' eleven; 'for,' eighteen; ^ xo.,' fifteen ; 'of,* thirteen; 
and ' on, ' nine. 

We do not mean of course that the same Greek word can in all places be 
translated by the same English word ; but the word actually translated, 
in any place, can here be seen at a glance ; and those Λvho are able can refer 
to their lexicons for the use and meaning of any word in question. 

We give the Greek Text, with an interlinear translation as literal as 
may be to be useful ; and in the margin the venerable Authorised Version, 
divided into paragraphs to correspond to the Greek text. 

This work also gives in its notes not only the various readings of six 
diff'erent editors of the Greek Testament, but also these variations in Eng- 
lish whenever the sense is aS'ected thereby, but without attempting to give 
in every case all the minute shades of meaning which a Greek scholar 
will attach to them. Many of these variations may be thought to 
be of no great importance, descending even to the ditferent spelling 
of the same word ; but from this they rise to variations of the greatest 
importance. All are of interest, because they concern the word of 
God, and all are here made available to the English reader— a result 
which we believe has never been attempted in any similar work. 


Thus we have endeavoured to famish the English student with all he 
may require both as to the text of the New Testament, and possibly all 
he requires for its word-for-word translation. Interpretation we have 
endeavoured to avoid. 

We proceed to lay before our readers the detail of our work. 
I. — The Greek Text. 

We have taken the Greek Text of Stephens 1550, which is the common 
text in this country ; but as the edition of Elzevir 1624 is the one often 
called the Received Text, or Textus Receptus, because of the words, 

"Textum ab omnibus receptum," occurring in the preface (though 

this edition, as is manifest by its date, was 7iot used for our English trans- 
lation of 1611), we give the readings of this Elzevir edition in the notes, 
and mark them E, It is the text commonly reprinted on the Continent. 
In the main they are one and the same, and either of them may be re- 
ferred to as the Textus Receptus. 

There are a number of minute variations between the editors with which 
we have not thought it well to trouble the reader in such a work as the 
present ; indeed some of the editors have not kept strictly to one form 
of accentuation, &c., for the same word in every instance. Thus we hav3 
not noticed the variation of θλίφις Avith θλϊφις ; στνλος with στύλος ; κρίμα 
and κρίμα ; ζώον and ζψον ; Μωνσής and Μωϋσί^ς ; Ήσαν and Ήσαν, &c. 
So again in the division of words. We have not recorded such variations 
as ovKiTL and ο Ι'κ In ; A τις and εΐης ; ε'ίγε and ει ye ; μηττοτε and μή ποτέ, 
&c. In all these cases we have followed the majority of modern editors. 

AVith them we have also added the final ν to the third person singular 
and plural in σι ; third singular in ε ; in datives plural in σι, &c. For 
ovToj we have given oh ως, and αύτον where some have avrov. 

Of each of the editors referred to we must say a few words. 

1. Griesbach. — About a hundred and fifty years had elapsed after the 
Elzevir edition of 1624 before Griesbach brought out his Greek Testament. 
During that time an enormous amount of evidence had been collected and 
was available for judging of the true text. The line adopted by Griesbach 
was to classify the Greek manuscripts into three families, and then deal 
with each family as one Avitness. These were the Alexandrine, the 
Western, and the Byzantine. Tha standard of the Alexandrine text he con- 
ceived to be that given by Origen, In this family he placed the ancient 


copies A Β, C ; L of the Gospels ; the Egyptian and some lesser versions. 
The Western recension would be represented by D of the Gospels and Acts, 
by those that contained a Latin as well as Greek text ; the Old Latin and 
Vulgate, and quotations in the Latin Fathers. The Byzantine embraced the 
great mass of other manuscripts, the A^'ersions, and the Greek Fathers. To 
this last family Griesbach did not attach so much importance as to the 
other two. AVhere two of these families agreed in a reading, that decided the 
text with him. Griesbach does not seem to have carried out his rule verj 
rigidly, for the common text must be considered to have leant most to his 
Byzantine family, which he thought least of; yet he appears to have had 
a sort of preference for the common text in cases of doubt and difficulty, 
which prevented so many alterations being made from it as otherwise 
ΛνοηΜ have been the case. We have nothing here to say as to Griesbach's 
rules of classifying the copies ; (it is certain that editors who have suc- 
ceeded him have not put the copies A and Β in the same family ;) we are 
merely relating his plan of action. "His industry," says Scrivener, "his 

moderation his logical acuteness and keen intellectual perception 

fall to the lot of few ; and though they may have helped to lead him into 
error, and have even kept him from retracing his steps, yet on the Λvhole 
they are worthily exercised in the good cause of promoting a knowledge 
of God's truth." 

Griesbach, in his larger editions, encumbered his text with different 
readings, marking them as more or less probable; but in 1805 he published 
a smaller edition (representing his final judgment on all points) without 
any of these gradations in his text. It is from this later edition Λνβ 
have taken his readings. 

2. Lachmanx. — This editor, having little respect for the common text, 
set to work to form a text independent of that, right or wrong. He 
started with the theory of ancient evidence only, thus SAveeping away many 
copies and much evidence, because they dated below his fixed period. 
He did not seek to discover the "original" text in name so much as to 
recover the text as it was in the fourth century. He did not actually 
restrict himself to evidence of or before the fourth century, or he would 
have had but little in any shape ; but his theory being ' ancient docu- 
ments only' he often had but four Greek copies, in some places three, and in 
some tAvo, and in parts of the Revelation but one. Old Latin copies and 
Fathers he added to his scanty stock of evidence. Lachmann being at first 
misunderstood was severely criticised, but since his work has been better 
understood lie has always held a place among the principal editors of 
the Greek Testament. Scrivener describes him as " earnest, single- 


hearted, and a true scholar, both in spirit and accomplishment." Of his 
own work he said, " I may be allowed to hope that my object, undertaken 
with diligence and with confidence of Divine aid, and brought to a com- 
pletion to the best of my ability, will be approved by posterity from the 
utility being known, more than has been the case from this age. "* 

3. TiscHENDORF. — We presume this editor aimed at giving (not as 
Lachmann, the text of any early date, but) the original text as far as he 
could discover it. His plan was this : ' The text is only to be sought 
from ancient evidence, and especially from Greek MSS, but without neg- 
lecting the testimonies of Versions and Fathers. Thus the Avhole confor- 
mation of the text should proceed from the evidences themselves, and not 
from what is called the received edition."* He further diflfered from 
Lachmann in receiving evidence as late as the ninth century, though 
naturally placing more importance upon those copies which were the more 
ancient. He has published eight editions. We copy of course from his 
last. His long and unremitting labours as a Biblical critic are too well 
known and appreciated to need any commendation from us. 

4. Tregelles. — This editor says he purposed "to give the text on the 
authority of the oldest MSS and Versions, and the aid of the earlier cita- 
tions, so as to present, as far as possible, the text commonly received in 
the fourth century. " It will be seen that this almost exactly agrees in 
words with what Lachmann proposed to do ; yet from what Tregelles says 
elsewhere, we suppose he aimed to give the original text, but that he 
judged the best way to arrive at this was to go back to the text of the 
fourth century. Except a feAv cursive copies, he confined his attention to 
ancient evidence. For about thirty years this critic industriously worked 
at his New Testament, and in collating manuscripts for it, and ceased 
not his labours until physically laid aside. 

5. Alford. — "The text which I have adopted," says this editor, "has 
been constructed by following, in all ordinary cases, the united or prepon- 
derating evidence of the most ancient authorities : in cases where the 
most ancient authorities do not agree nor preponderate, taking into ac- 
count later evidence ; and in cases where the weight of diplomatic testi- 
mony is interfered with by adventitious circumstances (such iis parallelism 
or the like), applying those principles of criticism Λvhich appear to furnish 
sound criteria of a spmious or genuine reading. The object of course is, 
in each case, where evidence is divided, to mount up, if possible, to the 
original reading from which all the variations sprung : in other words to 

* Tregelles's Account of the Printed Text. 


discover some word or some arrangement wliicli shall account for the varia- 
tions, but for which none of the variations will account."* There have 
been several editions of Alford's Greek Testament. We give the dates 
of each volume from which our collation has been taken. 

6. AVoiiDSWORTH. — "The text of the present edition," says this editor, 
"is not a reprint of that hitherto received in any impression of the 
New Testament. The editor has endeavoured to avail himself of the 
collations of manuscripts which have been supplied by others, and to offer 
to the reader the result at which he has arrived after an examination of 

those collations He feels it his duty to state, that he has not 

deviated so far from the text commonly received, as has been done in some 
recent editions. Indeed he cannot disguise his belief that a superintend- 
ing Providence has ever been watching over the text of the New Testa- 
ment, and guiding the Church of Christ, as the guardian and keeper of 
Holy Writ, in the discharge of her duty."+ 

It will thus be seen that each of the editors took up more or less a 
diflferent line. Lachmann was the first to cast wholly aside the commonly 
received text, and Bishop Wordsworth has taken it up again, believing 
that God overruled its formation in His good providence. 

Though these editors had each his OAvn plan, in some places, all came 
to one conclusion, pointing out that the common Greek text (from 
which in the main our venerable Authorised Version was translated) ought 
to be abandoned for the one they give. We consider that in such cases 
our readers will be safe in taking their united verdict. Where the editors 
differ, it is not for us to offer any opinion. We are not forming a Greek 
text : had we done so, it would have been simply our own individual judg- 
ment, with little or no weight ; but we have sought to give our readers 
unversed in such matters the best guide we could. We know of nothing 
better for such than to be directed to the united judgment of those who 
have conscientiously laboured in this particular field. 

* AKord's Greek Testament, vol. i., ch. vi. sec. i., 18. We should have 
been glad to give, as here, what each of the editors said of his system in 
his own words (and we have done so as far as we could), but wo could not 
transcribe whole pages. Alford says of Tischendorf and TregeUes, " If 
Tischendorf has run into a fault on the side of speculative hypotheses as to 
the origin of readings found in those MSS, it must be confessed that Tre- 
geUes has sometimes erred on the (certainly, far safer) side of scrupulous 
adherence to the mere literal evidence of the ancient MSS." 

t Preface to New Teatament, vol. i., p. xiii. 


One further remark seems needed, namely, that the date at which the 
editors did their work must be remembered ; for further and important 
evidence (for example the Codex Sinaiticus*) has been discovered since the 
time of Lachmann. If he and Griesbach had had the same evidence as 
Tischendorf, Tregelles, Alford and Wordsworth, their readings might have 
coincided more frequently with those of later editors. 

In recording the various readings of the editors we have omitted those 
which Λνβ judged to be errors, though not pointed out by themselves. 

As to the /orm of the Greek text a few words are needed. 

1. Paragraphs. — We were disappointed in finding nothing like autho- 
rity for where a paragraph ought to be. Ancient manuscripts were no 
help : they have few or no paragraphs. The editors all differed, each making 
paragraphs according to his own judgment. We were therefore obliged, 
after referring to the best examples, to form paragraphs for ourselves. We 
are anxious that our readers should remember that the paragraphs have 
no authority, which they might have had if the ancient manuscripts had 
agreed in the placing of them. 

2. Parentheses. — Most of the editors have placed here and there 
parentheses in their Greek texts. These we have disregarded, seeing that 
there are no such things in the early Greek copies. We have placed them 
in the English where we deemed them necessary to preserve the sense, but 
not being in the Greek they also have no authorit}^ 

3. Ινλέκτεβ Commas. — Some editors mark with inverted commas the 
words that are spoken, and others in a similar way mark the quotations 
from the Old Testament. But in some places it is doubtful where these 
quotations close, and it was thought best to omit them. These also, 
being absent from the ancient Greek copies, have no authority. 

4. Points. — There is no authority any^vhere for the punctuation. There 
are feAv or no points in the ancient copies, and editors naturally differ in 
their system of pointing. We have been obliged to punctuate for ourselves 
as we judged best. We have not attempted to note the difference in the 
punctuation of the various editors, except in places where it materially 
alters the sense. 

5. Capitals. — The only remark needed here is in reference to the 
names of God, of Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. The greatest diflficulty 
is touching the word ' Spirit. ' In some places it is very difficult to say 

* Tregelles had not this codex when he brought out the Gospels : he first 
mentions it in John xxi. 


whether the Holy Spirit as a person or the spirit of the Christian is re- 
ferred to (see Rom. viii. 9) ; and if sometimes a small letter and sometimes 
a capital had been placed to the word ττνεϋμα, in the Greek, persons would 
naturally have concluded that the question was thus indisputably settled. 
It was therefore judged best to put a small π everywhere. In the English 
we have been obliged to put a capital S when the Holy Spirit was referred 
to and so have retained it wherever we thought this was the case ; but in 
some places it is really doubtful, and becomes a question for the spiritual 
judgment of the reader. The Greek will not help in the difficulty, because 
in the earliest copies every letter was a capital. In the other names we 
have followed the usage of modem editors ; putting in the Greek a capital 
to Jesus but a small letter for Christ, and a small letter for Lord and for 

6. Verses. — In a few places it is doubtful Λvhere the verses should com- 
mence. In these cases we have followed Binder's "Greek Concordance," 
though that work does not in all cases agree with itself. 

II. — The Interlinear Translation. 

Very few words will suffice for this. No Tiew translation has been aimed 
at, but rather a selection from the best translations already existing. 

1. The plan adopted can soon be explained. The Greek words have 
always been kept in their right order, and where the interlinear English 
would not make sense in the same order, the words have been numbered to 
shew how they must be read. Thus, "And "related ^to ^them ^also Hhose 
3who 4had sseen [^'it] (Luke viii. 36) are numbered so as to read "And 
those also who had seen [it] related to them." 

To prevent this numbering, and transposition in reading, being increased 
unnecessarily, a few words are often made into a phrase. This has been 
done at the commencement of each sentence, where needed, two or more 
words being joined with a low hyphen. Thus, instead of 

Έγενετο δε τ^ printed ΈγενετοΜ. 

'It 'caino *to "pass 'and ^^^ ^^'^^'^ piimeu ^^^ j^ ^^^^^ ^^ pj^,. 

The words in brackets [ ] are what have been added in the English 
to oomplete the sense where there is no word in the Greek to correspond 
to the words added. 

Where a Greek word occurs v,hich the English idiom requires should 
not be translated, the word stands alone with no English word under it : 
as OTi, 'that,' in Mark xii. 7 ; and ov in verse 14, where there are two 


negatives, which, if both were translated, would in English destroy 
one another; and so of μη, where it simply marks the sentence as a 

In a few places we have been obliged to put a double translation, mostly 
because of the double negatives used in the Greek, Avhere they do not 
immediately follow one another, and so could not be translated by such 
strengthened expressions as 'not at all,' 'in no wise,' &c. In such cases 
we have placed a literal translation below the one required in English. 

Thus— • 


Oit. nothing.) 

2. As to points of grammar we shall trouble the reader with but few 

The Aorist. This tense of the Greek verb has been at all times the 
most difficult to deal with, being translated, in the Authorised Version 
(and by others), sometimes by the present, sometimes by the 2)ast, some- 
times by the future, and sometimes by the perfect. Grammarians say that, 
in the main, it is the indefinite past, and we have endeavoured, as far as 
may be, to keep it to this, avoiding, except in a few places, the trans- 
lation of it as a perfect. We all know what stress is often laid — and rightly 
so — upon the word ' have. * If I say, ' he has cleansed me, ' it is more than 
saying ' he cleansed me. ' The former expression indicates the perfect, and 
implies a continuance of the act, or its effects, to the present time ; 
whereas the latter speaks of an act at some time in the past, without any- 
thing being implied as to its continuance. 

For this reason it appeared unadvisable to translate the aorist as the 
perfect, except in a few places where the true sense would otherwise have 
been destroyed. It is true that the English idiom requires it elsewhere, 
but it was thought best to sacrifice the English for the sake of preserving 
the above distinction. An extreme case will illustrate this point. In 
1 Corinthians v. 9 occurs the word 'έγραψα, ' I wrote ;' and in verse 11 the 
same word precisely — * I wrote ;' but the Authorised Version (and others) 
put for the latter Ί have written.' It is there accompanied with the word 
'now' — 'now I have wiitten.' This is needed for good English ; but we 
have sacrificed the English and put * I wrote' in both places, but have put 
a comma after the word 'now' to make it read not quite so harshly. We 
were encouraged to preserve this unifonnity by the fact of the Authorised 
Version being in proximity, which will make all plain in the instances 
where this uncouthness occurs. 

In a few places we have translated the aorist as a present where the 


sense demanded it. As, for instance, ίγνω, in 2 Timothy ii. 19 : "The 
Lord knows those that are his," instead of " the Lord knew," &c. 

The Imperfect. This is mostly translated as Ί was writing,' or *I 
\\TOte.* But there are a few places where this tense is said to have a 
different meaning. This will be best illustrated by the much-disputed pas- 
sage in Romans ix. 3 : " For / coiild ivish that myself were accursed from 
Christ for my brethren." Here the word for Ί could wish' is in the im- 
perfect. If the learned were agreed as to a translation Ave should have 
kept to the same, but Avhile some translate Ί could wish,' as a conditional 
present, others give * I could have wished' as a conditional past. We have 
thought it best to keep the sense of the simple imperfect as referred by 
"Winer to this passage. " I felt a toish, and should do so still, could it be 

gratified (a conditional clause being understood)." We h&ve put 

"I was wishing." 

The Perfect. This we have kept as uniform as we could, implying an 
act perfected, but continuing to the present in itself or its conse- 
quences. In a few places we have translated it as a present', as in 
Matthew xii. 47, in the sense of 'they have stood and still are standing.' 

The Subjunctive. In this mood perhaps we have deviated further from 
ordinary practice than in any other, but we have endeavoured, as far as 
practicable, to keep it distinct from both the English imperative and the 
Greek future. Thus in Romans xiii. 9 for οϋ φονεύσεις (future indicative) 
we have, *thou shalt not commit murder;' but in James ii. 11, for /^j) 
^ovevayg (aorist subjunctive) 'thou mayest not commit murder.' 

The Peonguns. At times it is important to know whether the pro- 
nouns are emphatic or not. έγώ γράφω and -γράφω are both Ί write;' but 
where the έγώ is put in the Greek, it makes the pronoun emphatic. This 
however is somewhat due to the Avriter's style, and in John's Gospel and 
Epistles, it has been judged that, from his peculiar style of composi- 
tion, he puts in the pronouns where emphasis is not always intended. 
John ix. 27 gives a good example of the same verb with and with- 
out the pronoun in the Greek : ' ' Why again do ye wish to hear ? do ye 
also wish to become his disciples V 

Compound Words. It was found impracticable to ti-anslate these 
uniformly throughout. For instance, if γνώσις be translated ' knowledge,' 
it might be thought that ίττίγνωσις should be ' full knowledge,' &c. ; but 
on referring to a Concordance it will be seen that the latter word cannot 
be intensified in all places, and then to translate it by * knowledge' in 
some places, and ' full knowledge' in others looks too much like interpre- 
tation. We have therefore translated both words by 'knowledge.' In 


the few places however where one of each of such words occurs in the 
same sentence, some distinction was imperative. 

III. — The Notes. 

The references to the notes are marked thus in the text "αντον^^ ; the 
mark " shewing how far the variation extends. In a few places a note 
occurs laithin a note. If words are to be omitted or transposed by some 
editors but not by others, these latter may want to alter a word in the 
sentence. In such cases one tick shews the termination of the inner note. 
Thus *....•'....' "See notes ' and '^ Matthew v. 44. 

This mark — stands for oinit; and + for add; but in some places all the 
editors do not actually omit, some putting the word in brackets as doubtful. 
In that case it is put thus, " — αύτον [L]TTr" ; which means that Lachmann 
marks the word as doubtful, and Tischendorf and Tregelles omit it. In 
some cases, all mark a word as doubtful, and then it could be put either 
thus, SI [LTTr], or [βί\ LTTr ; we have adopted the latter plan. In some 
places the editors mark part of a word as doubtful, mostly in compound 
words. See for instance [ίκ\ζίωϊ,ονσιν read by TrA in Luke xi. 49. 

It will be seen by this that the marks [ ] applied to the Cheek or tJu 
editors in the notes always refer to readings which the editors point out 
as doubtful. They must not be confounded with the same marks in ths 
English text and notes, which always point out that there is no corres- 
ponding Λvord in the Greek. 

In some places where a word is added by the editors, another English 
word is added in the note to shew the connection of the new word. Thus 
in Luke xv. 2, the word ' both' is added ; but it falls between the words 
'the' and 'Pharisees,' therefore it is put thus in the note "+ re both 
(the) LTTrA" to shew that it must be read 'both the Pharisees.' Slight 
variations in the use of the parenthesis occur in the course of the 
work, but we trust the meaning intended will in all cases be plain to the 

"Where long pieces are to be omitted they are marked in the text where 
they commence and where they end, but in the notes the first word or 

two only and the last are named with between. Thus in Luke 

ix. 55, note ' stands, ' — και είττεν {verse 55) ... . σώσαι (verse 56) LTTrA ; 

— 6 yap σώσαι G. The four editors omit the whole twenty words ; 

but G omits only the last twelve. In Luke xxiv. 10, note ' is thus, ' + ή 
the [ . . .], implying that some word must be added. 



We have endeavoured to make the notes as plain as possible for the 
English reader. One point still needs to be explained. For instance, in 
Luke vii. 22 occur the words "and Sanswering ^Jesus said;" but a note 
omits the word 'Jesus,' and then it must be read (as stated in the note) 
"and answering he said." This is because the word είπεν (as already ex- 
plained) stands for both *he said,' and 'said.' Also in verse 27 occur the 
words Ιγω αποστέλλω, Ί send,' but a note omits the word εγώ, *!,' and then 
άποστίλλω is to be read *I send,' but without emphasis on the *I.' 

IV. — The Money and Measures of the New Testament. 

1. Money. It was deemed better not to attempt to tratislate the 
sums of money named in the New Testament, as we have no con-esponding 
pieces to those then in use. We have therefore used the Greek words un- 
translated, and give a list of them here. It is not without interest and in- 
struction to know the approximate value of money and the extent of 
the measures used. For instance, in Revelation vi. 6 we read of "a 
measure of wheat for a penny" in the Authorised Version ; but this 
leaves the reader in doubt as to how far it speaks of scarcity and deamess. 
We want at least to know the value of the 'penny,' and the capacity of the 

The following lists, it is hoped, will be useful ; but approximate \ alue3 
only can now be arrived at. 







d. Jar. 
















7 3 


piece of silver 


7 3 


tribute money 



3 2 


piece of money 
















piece of silver. 

This is the common 

word for silver and 

money, as I'argent in French, 
wholly different coins. 

In dilfereut places it would represent 



2. Measures 

OF Capacity. 








pot (liquid measure) 




measure (dry ,, 





bushel (dry ,, 


com measure* 



measure (dry „ 






measure (liquid ,, 






firkin (liquid ,, 






measure (dry ,, 





It is judged tbat those marked * are referred to as measures independent 
of their capacity : such as " washing of vessels," &c. 

3. Long Measure. Here the names already in use were near enough to 

be retained. 








6 to 9 














οδός σαββάτου 




6 furlongs 

In conclusion, we desire to render thanks to Almightj^God who has enabled 
us to complete what has been a work of some years. For the various readings 
reference has been made to the originals. This alone was a work of labour. 
When we commenced our work Tischendorf and Tregelles had not finished 
their editions (though during its progress Tischendorf, Tregelles, and 
Alford have all passed from the scene of their labours) ; and each part 
had to be collated as it appeared, and some of the other editors, as far as 
we know, had never been collated before. To those who have so kindly 
given their aid we return our thanks and acknowledgments : may the 
Lord reward them. 

Though the work has been laborious, it has been full of interest, and 
we trust to some profit. If our God will vouchsafe to use oui humble 
endeavour to aid to a more careful study of His word, and to a clearer 
knowledge of His truth, our desire will be obtained ; and to Him be all 
the praise and the glory. Amen. 

London, 1877. 


Ε Elzevir, 1624. 
G Griesbach, 1805. 
L Lachmann, 1842-1850. 
Τ Tischendorf, Eighth Edition, 1865-1872. 
Tr Tregelles, 1857-1872. 

A Alford, vol. i. 1868 ; vol. ii. 1871 ; vol. iii. 1865 ; vol. iv. 1862, 1870. 
W Wordsworth, 1870. 
-\- signifies an addition. 
— ,, an omission. 

[ ] ,, in the interlinear translation, that there is no Greek word 
corresponding to the English. 

[ ] signifies in the notes that an editor marks the reading as doubtful. 
" ,, how far the variation in the Greek text extends. 

Text. Rec. refers to both Stephens 1550 and E. 


This differs from the Second Edition only in a few places where the 
translation has been made more imiform. 1896. 



ΒΙΒΛΟΣ γενέσεως Ίησοϋ xpcarov, υωϋ ^Ααβίδ,^ νίον ™fon°ofjesuichf?";, 

BOOK of [the] generatioa of Jesus Christ, son of Darid, — . _ . - . 


of Abraham. 

2 'Αβραάμ ίγ'ίννησεν τον Ισαάκ• Ίσαάκ.δί ίγ^ννησεν τυν 

Abraham begat Isaac ; and Isaac begat 

Ιακώβ' Ίακώβ.δε ίγίννησεί' τον Ίυνδαν και τους αδελφούς 

Jacob ; and Jacob begat Judas and 'brethren 2 Abraham begat 

» ~ f» 'T '!> S.X » / < Λχ •■ ^ ^ rr « ' Isaac ; and Isaac be- 

avTOV 3 Ιουδας.δε εγεννησεν τον Φαρίς και τον Δαρα ίκ gat Jacob ; and Jacob 

'his ; and Judas begat Phares and Zara of begat Judas and his 

της θαμάρ' Φαρες.δε εγεννησεν τόν Έσρώμ- Έσρώμ.δε IZ'^t^-reflfllTo. 

Thamar ; and Phares begat Esrom ; and Esrom of Thamar ; and Pha- 

ίγίννησεν τον'Αράμ- 4.Άράμ.δε εγεννησεν τον'^Άμη'αδάβ'^ Ψ^^^%$^ΓΑ:^^; 

begat Aram; and Aram begat Aminadab; 4 and Aram begat A- 

'ΆμιναδάβΚδεΙγεννησεντυν'ϋαασσών ^αασσών.δε εγίννη- nadabbeia^Niaston; 

and Aininadab begat Naasson ; and Naasson be- g^j^^ Naasson begat 

σεν τόν Σαλμών 5 Έαλμών.δε εγεννησεν τον ^Βοόζ" εκ της be^^BooVoOiachlb"• 

gat Salmon ; and Salmon begat Booz of and^Booz^begat Obed 

'Ραχάβ- ^Βο'όν^.δε ίγεννησεντον^Ώβήδ^^ εκ της'Ροΰθ ^Ώβήδ^' ?J lj"th: and Obed 

Bachab; and Booz ^ begat ^ Obed of Ruth; =Obed S tegaT Darid «« 

δε εγεννησεν τονΊεσσαν 6 Ίεσσαι.δ'ε εγεννησεν τόν ^Δα/3ί5" i^ing; ai"i David the 

•a^d begat^ Jesse; andJes«e ^begat David ^^J^ ^"^ 

rov βασιλέα. "Δαρ(ύ".όί 'ο βασιλενο^^ εγεννησεν τον ^Σολο- the wife of Urias; 

the king. And David the liing begat Solo- L'^P'^ Solomon begat 

,, . ~ ~ ^, ■ _ X 1 ,>, , , Roboam ; and Koboam 

μωντα» εκ της τον Ονριον 7 Σολομων.δε εγεν- begat Abia; and Abia 

mon of the [one who had been wife] of Urias ; and Solomon be- hegat Asa; 8 and Asa 

> «ΤΪ ,3 ' «r. D ' i< . < < > . /3 ' . . ο 1 begat Josaphat ; and 

νησεν τον Ροβοαμ' Ροβοαμόε εγεννησεν τον Αβια' Αβια Josaphat begat Jo- 
gat Roboam ; and Roboam begat Abia ; 'Abia ram ; and Joram begat 
jii » / > h' 4 ' II Ω h> A Ml f' ! ' > »r ' 0/An> : 9 aud Ozia» 

δε εγεννησεν τον'^ Ασα" 8 "Ασα'' όε εγεννησεν τον Ιωσαώατ' begat Joatham ; and 

'and bogat Asa ; and Asa begat Josaphat ; Joatham begat A- 

>j ^ ' s> ' ' > »T ' . Ί ' f • ' < chaz ; and Achaz be- 

Ιωσαψατ.όε εγεννησεν τον Ιωραμ' Ιωραμ δε εγεννησεν τυν ^at Szeiuas ; ίο and 

and Josaphat begat Joram ; and Joram begat Ezekias begat ilanas- 

-'Όζίαν 9^Όζίας\δε εγεννησεν τόν Ίωάθαμ- Ίωάθαμ.δε Ι^'Ι'^^^ΙΖΤΖ^οη 

Ozias ; and Ozias begat Joatham; and Joatham begat Josias ; 11 and 

εγεννησεν τόν Άχαζ- Άχαζ.δέ εγεννησεν τόν ^Έζεκίαν^' frdl^t^efhietS 

begat Achaz ; and Achaz begat Ezekias ; the time they were 

10 ^Έζεκίας^'.δε εγεννησεν τόν Μανασσή' Μανασσης.δε εγεν- ^y^^* '17"^ 

and Ezekias begat Manassea ; and llanasses be- 

νησεν τόν '"Άμών"' ^Άμών^^.δε εγεννησεν τον "Ίωσίαν'' 

gat AJnon ; and A mon begat Josias ; 

11 '^'ίιοσίας".δε εγεννησεν τόν Ίεχονίαν και τονς αδελφούς 

and Josias begat Jechonias and '•'brethren 

avrov, ετΓΐ της μετοικεσίας Βαβνλώνος. 12 Μετά.δε 

'his, at [the time] of the carrying away of Babylon. And after 

» Εναγγίλιον κατά Μαθθαΐον (Ματβ. GW) GLTrW ; [Εύαγ.] κατά. 'Μαθθ. α ; κατά Μαθθ. Τ. 

•> Δαυίδ OW ; AavelS LTTrA. <= Άμ^ιναδάβ Α. ^ Bob? LTr; Bees ΤΑ « Ίωβη& LTTrA. 

' b βασίλ€νς LTTrA. S Χθ\θμώί/α GTTrAW. 1" Άσάφ LTTrA. > Όζΐίαν LTTrA, 

I 'Ολβίας LTTrA. ^ 'E^€Keiav L. ' Έ^εκει'ας L. «" Ά/ιχώ? LTTrA. " Ίωσείοΐ' LTTiji. 
"Ίωσεια? LTTrA. 


βΧιοΓ ^SechoLat '"^'^ μΒτοικεσίαν Βαβυλώνας, 'Ι^χονιας ««ίγένντ/σΡν" τον Σάλα- 

begat Salathiel; and ^^e carrying away of B.ibylon, Jechonias begat Sala- 

bS'i3.Soroba: f^^V}' 2«^αθα}λ.5έ '^ίγ^ννησΕν^^ Tov Ζοροβάβ,Χ- 13Ζορο/3ά- 

bel begat Abiud ; and ^'^^'^ ' °'^^ Salathiel begat Zorobabel ; 'Zoroba- 

and'siiS hesatT' f^^^ ^^ '^ίγίννησεν^^ τον Άβιονξ- ΆβιονδΜ ίγεννησε}^ τον 

ΖΟΓ ; 14 and A^ofbegat ^'^^ ''^^^ ^^S"•^ Abiud; and Abiud begat 

Sadoc; and Sadoc begat Έλιακείμ' ΈλιακεϊμΜ ίγεννηοεν τον Άζώρ• 14 Άζώρ.Οί 

t^^f^/^S^i f^f^^ ^andElifm '^begat_ A^orf and ^or 

begat Eleazar ; and Ιγεννησεν Tov Σαδώκ' ^aSbJK.Sk ίγεννησεν τον Άγε'ια• Άγεια 

^hrranWlatfh^n ,^Τ^ «^^ ' Ζ'^' '^'? ^^^^ , ^^^ = "^^^^™ 

begat Jacob; 16 and δε Ιγβννησεν TOV ΈΧιούδ' 15 Ελιονδ.δί Ιγεννησεν τονΈλεά- 

Jacob begat Joseph -and begat Eliud; and Elind begat Elea- 

the husband of Mary, >x/vm»» < λ/ 

of whom was born ζαρ' Ελεαζαρ.δε εγεννησεν τον "Ματθαν^^ 'ΜσΓθάν".5έ εγεν- 

Jesus who is called ^ar; and Eleazar begat Matthan ; and Matthan be- 

νησεν τον'ίακώβ• 16 Ιακώβ δε εγεννησεν τον Ιωσήφ τον 

gat Jacob ; and Jacob begat Joseph the 

άνδοα Μαρίας, εζ ης Ι,-γεννήθη Ίησονς ο λεγόμενος χριστός. 

17 So all the gene- husband of Mary, of whom was born Jesus, who is called Clirist, 
rations from Abraham ^ ' ^-- , , • » »iA > » o. ^mi 

to David ore fourteen 17 Πασαι ovv ai γενεαι ατΓΟ Αβραάμ εως Άαβιδ^ 

generations ; and from So all the generations from Abraham to David [were] 

David until the carry- , - , < > ν .. ovmi f - . 

ing away into Babylon γενεαι οεκατεσσαρες' και αττο Άαβιδ" εως της μετοικεσίας 

are fourteen genera- '^generationB 'fourteen; and from David nntil the carrying away 

tions ; and from the ^^>v~ ,*» ,i,- , 

carrying away into Βαβυλώνας, -γενεαι όεκατεσσαρες' και αττο της μετοικεσίας 

Babylon unto Christ of Babylon, '■'generations 'fourteen ; and from the carrying away 

are fourteen genara- η ο \ ^ " - ~ <s•» 

tions. Βαρυλωνας εως τον χριστού, γενεαι όεκατεσσαρες. 

of Babylon to the Christ, ''generations 'fourteen. 

18 Now the birth of -i η -n ^ ^» **-r — n •" * ν ' η " 9 -n•- 

Jesns Christ was on 18 Ταν.δε » Ιτ^σου" χριστού η "γεννησι^ ούτως f)v. Μνη- 

this wise: When as his Now of Jesus Christ the birth thus was. 'Having 

ITouMd"" t^'joseph! bl- στευθείσης '^vop" τής.αητρος.ανταΰ Μαρίας τψ Ιωσήφ, ττοΐν.η 

fore they oame to- "been 'betrothed ^for ^his ^mother '■'Mary to Joseph, before 

^th^iihrt^VS συνελθεϊν αυτούς ευρέθη εν γ άστρι. εχαν σα εκ ιτνεύματας 

Ghost. 19 Then Joseph '^ca me 'together 'they she was found to be with child of [the] "Spirit 

^ust wm^Tud uot°wil- «Τ'ου. 19 Ίωσ7)φΜ ό.άνήρ.αντης, δίκαιος ων, και μη θ'εΧων 

ling to inalce her a 'Holy• But Joseph her husband, 'righteous 'being, and not willing 

minded ^1;o'^^ut her ο.''τήν ^τταραδίίγματίσαι,^ φονλήθη ^λάθρα'^ άττολνσαι αυτΊ]ν. 

away^privny.^^20 But '^'''" *® expose publicly, purposed secretly to put ■'away 'her. 

while he thought on OQ ψαντα.δε αύτοΰ.Ινθνμηθεντος, Ιδού, άγγελος κυρίου 

thfangelXtho Lord Λ udHhese «things 'when='he='had*pondered, behold, anangel of [the] Lord 
appeared unto him in ,^ατ ovap Ιφάνη αντψ, λέγων, Ίωσηφ, νιος ■Δα/Βιί,Ι' μη 

Mph?Thou''^'f!on "^of iii_adream appeared to him, saying, Joseph, eon of David, »not 

David, fear not to φοβηθης παράλαβεΐν Μαριάμ τήν.γνναΐκά.σον' τό.γάρ Ιν 

take unto theo Mary .f^ar to take to [thee] Mary thy %vife, for that which In 

thy wife: for that λ » » » . t - at '*> ^\ •' 

which Is conceived in avrn γεννηθεν εκττνενματος εστιν αγιον. 21 τεζεΓαι.οε νιον, 

her is of tiie Holy jj^j. is begotten '■'of [Hhe] "Spirit 'is *Holy. And she ehall bring forth a son, 
Ghost. "Jl And she ,„ ,,, « t«< / i 

shall bring forth a και κολεσεις το.ονομα.αυτον Ιησονν' αντος.γαρ σώσει τον 

son, .and thou shalt ancl thonshalt call his name Jesus; for he shall save 

call his name JESUS : .^ , , ~ . < ~ • ~ . - c\n m ~ is "\ 

for he shall save his λαον avTOV ατΓΟ των.αμαρτιων αυτών. 5:2 1 ουτο.οε όλον 

people from their sins, «people 'his from their sine. Now this all 

22 Now all this was , „ \ λ~ < • ns • < » ~ii ' 

done, that it might be γεγονεν, iva ττληρωΰη TO ρηνεν νπο ^Γου" κυρίου 

fulfilled whioh was came to pass, that might be fulffllcd that which was spoken by the Lord 

tEe "prophet! saying] διά TOV ττροφήτον, λεγοντος, 23 Ί5ού ή παρθένος εν 

33 Behold, a virgin through the prophet, saying. Behold, the virgin 'with 

shall bo with child. » fiv « / ♦* < ' < \ ' » * 

and shall bring forth γαστρι.εζει και τεζεται viov, και καλεσονσιν το όνομα 

a son, and they shall «child 'shall "be, and sh.all bring forth a son, and they shall call "name 

1 γβι/ί/ςϊ begets A. "■ Μαθβά;/ LTXiA. » Δαυϊδ GW ; ΔαυβΙδ LTn-A. *— ΊησονΤΓ. * yeVeate 
OLTTrAW « — yap for LTTif a]. » Βϋίγματίσαι LTTrA. > \άθρ(^ L. » — τοΟ (read I the^) 

τ, II. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 3 

αύτον Έαμανονήλ, υ ίοτιν μεθερμην^υυμενον, Μεθ' ημών ^li^^^^^^^^f^^^' 

'his Emmanuel, which is, being interpreted, *With ^3 terpreted U, God^lfh 

•0" θεός. 24 ^Αιΐγφθείς^Κδί '^6'^ Ιωσήφ άττό τον 'νττνου, ίποί- ρ- 24Thon'josephbe. 

'God. And "having ^been*aroused 'Joseph from the sleep, '^''i'did a^the ang°eTof the 

ησεν ώς ττροσέταζη' αυτώ 6 άγγελος κυρίου' και τταρελαβεν ^°rd had bidden him, 

as had ordered him the angel of [the] Lord, and toolc to[] ^^^iOO^jU^'^o^him^his 

την.γνναΐκα.αυτον, 25 και ούκΛγίνωσκεν αυτήν 'έως ού ber not till she had 

his wife, pad knew not her until ^'""^^^'^ *°''"» ^^^r 

J , I , , , . , II < ' '\ firstborn son: and he 

ίτεκεν "rov" viov ^αντής τον πρωτοτοκον' και ίκαΧεσεν called hie name je- 

ehe brouf ht forth ^son 'her the firstborn; and ho called SUS. 

το.'όνομα.αΰτον Ίησούν. 

his uamo Jesus. 

2 'Γοΰ.δε.Ίησον ytJ^r/yf έ^τος ev Βηθλεϊμ της Ιουδαίας, 

Now Jesus having been bom in Bethlehem of Judaa, -,^ ^τ 

» 1 < <ττ ' f ~ η \ ' »^ ' ' » . » Λ ^ II• Now when Josue 

tv Ίΐμεραις Ηρωδον του ρασιλεως, ιόον, μάγοι αττο ανατολών waabom in Bethlehem 

in [tie] days oflleiou the king, behold, magi from [the] east of Jndreaiu thediiyaof 

, ,, ,. c Λ r ,_, _ , , Herod the king, be- 

■παρεγενοντο εις Ιεροσόλυμα, 2 λέγοντες, Που εστίν ο τεχ- hold, there came wise 

arrived at Jerusalem, saying, "Where is he who has mon from the east to 

Λ. r> Λ» ~»,5>r ./$> > .-,./ Jerusalem, 2 saying, 

ϋεις ρασιλευςτων ιουδαίων ; ειοομεν γαρ αυτού τον αστέρα where is he that isbom 

been born King of the Jews? for we saw his star King of the Jews? for 

>~j \~ <»»ΛΛ ~ >~r>»i' w'e have seen his star 

tv Ty ανατολή, και ηλΰομεν ττροσκννησαι αντφ. ό Ακουσας in the east, and are 

in the east, and are come to do homage to him. 'Having 'heard conio to worship him. 

δε ^'Ηρώδης ό βασιλενςΗταράχθη, και ττάσα Ιεροσόλυμα IZ^hllluhiVMn^. 

'but "Herod ^the *king he was troubled, and all Jerusalem he was troubled, and 

μετ αύτον• 4 και σνναγαγών ττάντας τους αρχιερείς και hiL. '^4Tnd'' when he 

with him. And having gathered together all the chief priests and had gathered all the 

γραμματείς τοΰ λαοϋ, ίττννθάνετο παρ αυτών, που ο χριστός ''^^ξ^ ^['^^ξ "Ί^ 

scribes of the iieople, he inquii-ed of them where the Christ together, he demanded 

γεννάται. 5 O'lM ^είττοί'" αυτψ, Έν Βηθλεέμ της Ιουδαίας. sLuldbl'born 5 And 

should be born. And they said to him, In Bethlehem of Jntljea : they said unto him, In 

οϋτως.γάρ γεγραπται δ ιά τοΰ προφήτου, 6 Και σν Βηθλεέμ, Bethiehern of Jud»a: 

for thus it has been vnritten by the prophet, And thou, Bethlehem, y,_ ^j^g prophet e'And 

γή Ιούδα, ουδαμώς ελαχίστη εΐ εν τοΙς ήγεμόσιν Ιούδα' εκ thou Bethlehem, ίη the 

land of Juda, in no wise least art among the governors of Juda, 'oat \^ least amon*^' the 

σου γάρ ίξελεύσεταη'ιγούμενος, όστις ποιμανεί τον.λαόν.μον princes of Judu: for 
»of «thee 'for shall go forth a leader, who shall shepherd my people a Goveraor Ihat shSl 

τον Ισραήλ. 7 Τότε 'Ηρώδης ^λάθρα^^ καλέσας τους μάγους, rule my people israeL 

IsraeL Then Herod, "secretly 'having called the magi, 7 Then Herod, when he 

■ r, . , , , - , , , *"»<! pnvily called the 

ήκρίρωσεν παρ αυτώΐ' τον χρηνο7^ του ψαινομενβυ αστέρος' wise men, inquired of 

Inquired accurately of them the time of the 'appearing 'star. them diligently what 

„ , , , > ^ » T, /1Λ < τ r-r ni • > timo the Star ΛρρβΒΓθά. 

8 και πεμψας αυτούς εις Βηθλεέμ ειπεν, ΥΙορευθεντες 'ακρι- » And he sent them to 

And having sent them to Bethlehem, he said. Having gone, accu- Bethlehem, and said, 
Λ- <v / 11 . ~ rv/ > . τ>^ r, Go and search dili- 

ρως εξετασατε^^ περί τον παιοιου' επαν.οε ενρητε, gently for the young 

rately inquire for the little child ; and when ye shall have found [him] child; and when ye 

1 '\ ' " > < >Λ Λ > ' 1 ~ have found him, bring 

απαγγειΚατε μοι, οποις καγω εΑσων προσκυνήσω αντφ. me word again, that ι 

bring word back tome, that I also having come may do homage to him. may come and worship 
rv /-><?-»/ ■• ο \ ' » '/I <>^/. him also. 9 When they 

9 Oi.Ct ακουσαντες τον ρασιλεως επορευθησαν και ιδού, ο had he.ird the king. 

And they having heard the king, went away ; and behold, the they departed ; and, 

> ' .< ΤΓ. > - > -v • ~ . , t/ »\ η ' lo, the star, which they 

αστήρ, ov εΐόον εν ry ανατολ•^, προηγεν αυτούς εως ελθων saw in the east, went 

star, which they saw ill the east, went before them, until having come before them, till it 
b" II 1' TT ^ ?*' Trk»?•' ?>» » > t came and stood over 

^ίστψ επάνω ου -ην το παιδιον. \0 ιδοντες.δε τον αστέρα, where the young child 

it stood over where was the little child. And having seen the star, was. 10 When they saw 

εχάρησαν χαράν μεγάλην σφόδρα' 11 και ίλθόντες εις lYth^Se'e^dfn?^"' 

they rejoiced [with] joy "great 'exceedingly. And having come into joy. 11 And when they 

* — ό L. *> eyepOeU having I'isen lttta. <: — ό τ. ^ — τοι» (read a son) ι.ττγα. 

* — αύτη? TOi/ πρωτοτοκον Ι-ΤΤγΑ. f ό βασιλίϋς 'Ηρώδης LTTrA. S είπαν Τ. ^ λάθρ<^ u 

' cf erewra β άκρφίας ltTia. ^ «στάβη LTTrA. 


were come into the ^^^ oidav, 'εδροί/" Γο TTaiSioi' μετά Μαρίας της.μητρος.αντον, 

nousc, tnoy saw itie f , ' ι ι 1 s> • ■ϋ>-/~•ι• r"=>•" 

voung child with Mary '-'^^ lioiise, thoyfoundtho little child with Mary his mother, 
his mother, and fell u-r,} ^c/rZ-.-c^ -^^^^.<-„/,«.v,«^^,. o,,'.-.^.": .»«: ,'-«.„.'ίί^ 

house, thoy saw the 
voung child with Mary 

dlU! and'worsh^^ed ^ ττεσ^ντες ττροσεκύνησαν αύτψ και άνοίζαντες τους 

him: and when they and having fallen down did homage to him: and having opened 

sures ^thS *™nted ^^'^"^povg αυτων ττροσηνεγκαν αύτψ δώρα, χρνσύν και 

ante 'him gifts ; gold '''^'^e-.isiiTo.ii "their they oifered to him gijfts ; gold and 

and franH^Me, and Χίβανον Koi σμνρναν. 12 καΐ χρηματισθεντες κατ 

warned of God fn"a frankincense and myrrh. And having been divinely instructed in 

dream that they ovap μη άνακάμφαι προς Ήρώδην, δι aWiic όδον 

Kd.'ihWtepTrtel'^/--:' -' ^ to ret^^n ^ io^'iieroa, V.y .nothei way 

into theu• own coun- άνενώοησαν εις την. Ύ 10 oav. αυτών. 
try another way. they withdrew into thotr own country. 

13 Άναγωρησάντων.δε αυτών, ιδού, άγγελος κυρίου 

13 And when thev Kow ^having ^withdrawn 'they, behold, an angel of [the] Lord 

were doiarted, behold, '"φαίνεται κατ ΰναρ^^ τφ *Ιωσή(/>, λέγων, 'Εγερθείς τταράλαβε 

nppo^S to Jos^eph ϊη appear.^ in a dream to Joseph, saying. Having risen take with [thee] 

ft dream, saying. Arise, τό τταιδίον Kui τήν.μητερα.αύτοϋ, και φεϋγε εΐα Α'ίγυτττον, 

"•ί.'•*ί^*''^''5 1*® ^?ί?"^ the little child and his mother, and flee into Egypt, 

child and his mother, > ,, ^ » - " r> .. - -λ x « «it ' ? ν -- 

and flee into Egypt, Ktti ισθι ίΚίΤ εως av ειπώ σοι ' μίλλει yap Ηρώδης ζητεΊν το 

and be thou there until and be there until I shall tell the; ^is «about ^for -Herod to seek the 
I bring thee word: for ., . , ., . ' i j </^ τ.> > η > '\ /3 

Herod will seek the TTaioiov, του ατΓοΑεσαι avTO. i4 U.oi ίγεραεις τταρεΚαρεί' 

vounfr child to destroy little child, to destroy him. ■• And he having risen took with [him' 

him. 14 When he arose, , «, , , , , « / , > / ," 

he took the young TO Ίταιδιον και την.μητερα.αυτου νυκτός, και ανεχωρησεν εις 

child and his mother the little child and his mother by night, and withdrew into 

by nieht, and departed .„ , _ , τ > - •' ~ λ ~ «tt ' ϊ " 

into Egypt: 15 and was Αιγυπτον, 15 και ην εκεί εως της τεΚευτης ηρωόον ινα 

there until the death Egypt, and was there until the death of Herod : that 

of Herod: that it might > n- \ « Λ^ « ' η ~ii ' ί « 

be fulfilled which was πληρωθη TO ρηθέν υτΓΟ "Γου" Kwptov δια του 

spoken of the Lord by might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the Lord thiOugh the 
olu orEl^tWe^l προφήτου, λέγοντος, Έξ Αιγύπτου εκάλεσα τον.νιόν.μου. 

called my son. 16 Then prophet, saying. Out of Egjrpt have I called my son. 

t'Lat'hewa^s mocked 16 ΤοΓε Ηρώδης, ίδών '6τι ίνεπαίχθη ύπο τών μάγων, 
the wise men, was ox- Then Herod, having seen that he was mocked by the magi, 

sent'fortwn^d siew ^θυ^κώθί? Xiav, καΙ άποστείλας άνείλεν πάντας τους 

all the children that was enraged greatly, and having sent he put to death all the 

were in Bcthiohena, τταϊδας τονς kv Βηθλεψ και iv πάσιντοΊς.ΰρίοις.αύτής, άπο 

thereof,'' fi-om *'°t wo '^°y-'' that [were] in Bethlehem and in all its borders, from 

years old and under, διετοϊις Kul κατωτέρω, κατά Tov χρόνον ov ηκρίβω- 

whrch ITe^had dilVent- twoyearsold and under, according to the time which he had accurately 
ly inquired of the wise ^^y παρά τών μάγων. 17 Τότε επΧηρώθη τυ ρηθέν 

filled thJt^whTch was ii'l^i^ed from the m/igi. Then was fulfilled that which was spoken 

epoken by Jeremy the o^Tro" ' Ιερεμίου τοϋ προφητοΌ, λέγοντος, 18 Φωνή Ιν 'Ραμά 

propnet, saying, IS In ., Jeremias the prophet, saying, A voice in Rama 

Rn ma was there a voice ■' -Γ λ < ^ > ? ^ λ ' 'η '\ 

he.nd, lamentation, ήκούσθη, ^θρηνος και" κλανθαυς και νδυρμος πολνς, Ι'αχηΚ 

and weeping, and groat ^ns heard, lamentation and weeping and 'mourning 'gi-eat, Rachel 
mourning, Raciiol , ^ .)n»/i\ii \n~ 

weeping for her chii- κλαίουσα τα.τεκνα.αυτης, και ουκ '•ϊ/ϋελεν" παρακΑηϋηναι, 

dren, nnd would not weepinir Tforl her children, and '-not 'would be comforted, 

be com ffirtod, because „ , , , 

thoy ■.n-t: not. oTi ουκΛίσιν. 

because thoy are not. 

19 But Λvben Herod 10 Τελευπίσαι/Γος.^ε τοϋ Έρώδου, ιδού, άγγελος κυρίου 

was dead, behold, an But "having ^died 'Herod, behold, an angel of [the] Lord 

^^frcthS'^a^^iieafn 'κατ bvap φαίνεται^^ τψ Ιωσήφ iv Αίγύπτψ, 20 λέγων, 'Εγερ- 

:ο Joseph in Egypt, in a dream appears to Joseph in Egypt, saymg, Having 

'take'*Vi"*'''Yo1ing 'child θεις παράλαβε τυ παιδίον και τήν.μητερα.αύτοϋ, και πορεύου 

imdhisnirither, and go risen take with [thee] the little child and his mother, and go 

I eifioi' they saw OLTTrAW. " κατ' όναρ έφάιτη in a dream appeared l ; κατ όι/αρ 
φαι.'6ται Tr. η — του (read [the] ) ltthaw. " δια through lttfa w. ρ — θρηνοζ και uttta- 
'^ τ)θ€\ησ€ΐ> L. ' fxiVerai κατ' hvap LTTrA. 


sic γην Ίσοαηλ' τίθνίικασιν.-γάρ oi ζητοϋντες -την φνχην ίΡ'^^ί^® ^""^ '^*,^'1".^1= 

into [the/land of Israel: for they have dW who were seeking the ^ Λ' ΙΖ'^Γ'λ'7^1^1 

του TraiSiov. 21 ΌΜ iyspdUQ τταρελαβεν το τταώίον καΐ child's life 21 And he 

of the little chiia. And he having risen took with [him] the little child and yo"mg chUd and hil 

τιιν.μητίρα.αντοϋ,καΐ ^ϊ]λθεν^^ εις γην' Ισραήλ. 22 άκουσας mother, and came in- 

' his mother. and came into [the] land of Israel. "Having -heard ^° ^Ijf^ '^.^']^^«'*^^ζ^β^ 

^ί 'ότι 'Αρχέλαος βασιλεύει ^tTri" της Ιουδαίας άντΙ ^ϋρώδου chat Archelaus did 
'but that Archelaus reigns over Judaa instead of Herod room of I'Sfot'hSH^! 

τοΰ.ττατρυς.αύτοϋ," εώοβηθη ίκεϊ άπελθείν χρηιιατισ- rod, he was afraid to 

his father, he was afraid there to go; -having -njeen ^divinely Sf thither: notwith- 

, „ , , > , / -. Λ Ν ' standing, bemg warn- 

θείς ct κατ υναρ, ανεχωρησεν εις τα μέρη της Ταλιλαιας, tjdof God in a dream, 

"instructed 'and in a dream, he withdiew into the parts of Galilee : ''β turned aside into 

,Λ .. 1 / > 'Λ Λ ' «-VT ν ' II ί^β parts of Galilee: 

•23 και ίλθων κατφκησεν εις ττολιν λεγομενην ^Ναί^αρετ'^^ 23 and ha came and 

and havin? come he dwelt in a city called Nazareth ; dwelt in a ciiy called 

, „.. , . /i- 5. , ^ , ~ „ Xazareth: that it 

υπως τΐλιφωβΏ το ρηβεν οια των ττροφιιτων, οτι might be fuiniied 

so that should he fnlfilled that which was spoken throuch the prophets, that which was spoken hr 
-. V ~ Λ /I' the prophets, He shall 

Ναζωραίος κληΒησεταΐ. be caUed a Xazerene. 

a Nazarasan shall he lie called. 

3 Έν.ίέ ταΐς.ήμίραις.ίκείναις τταραγίνεται Ιωάννης b 

liow in those days comes John the 

,ίατΓτιστης, κηρύσσων iv TO Ιρίΐμφ της' Ιουδαίας, 2^καν^λε-νων, ^^^-^Ρ ψ°^ d'.'j'** 

Baptist, proclaiming in thlwilderals of Jndaa, and saying, p^^aSg" in\K il- 

Μετανοέίτε' ήγγικεν.γάρ η βασιλεία των ουρανών. 3 0ιτος.γάρ demessof Jndiea,2aud 

Repent, for has drawn near the kingdom of the heavens. For this saying, Repent ye: lor 

J, trtj ~ ' Λ/ the Kingdom or heaven 

ίστιν ρηθεις ^υττό" ϊΐσαιον τοΰ προφήτου, λέγοντος, js at, hand. 3 For this 

is he who was spoken of by Esaias the prophet, eaying, is he that was spoken 

. , ο - , \, , ,^ , , .5,, of by the prophet h- 

Φωνη βοώντος εν Ty ερημφ, Άτοιμασατε rt)v οοον κυ- 8ai:is,Kayiug, The voice 

The] voice of one crying in the wilderness, Prepare the way of [the] °f o^^e ciying in the 

,η> ~ , ,,3 » ~ 1 A ' ' S" • Ί ' wilderness, Prepare 

ριου ευθείας ΤΓΟιειτετας.τριβους.αυτου. i Αυτυς.οε υ Ιωάννης ye the nay of ti.e 

Lord, straight make his paths. And^himself 'John Lord, make his put lis 

τ Λ».ν ,->> ~ '^ y V ' ?. straight. 4 And the 

είχεν το.ενόυμα.αυτου απο τριχών καμήλου, και ζωνην οερ- same Job η had his rai- 

bad his raiment of hair of a camel, and a girdle of ment of camel's hair, 

< >.» ' - •ίν j'z> ~Tii> t and a leathern girdle 

ματινην περί την.οσψνν.αυτου η.οε τροφΐ} ^αυτου ην^^ ακριόες about his loins f and 

leather about his loins, and the food of him was locuets his meat was locu.sts 

^ '\ •> and wild honey. 

xai μελί αγριον. •* 

and ■■'honey ■Λvild. 

5 Tore εζεπορεύετο προς αυτόν Ιεροσόλυμα και πάσα η 

Then went out to him Jerusalem, and ell 

Ιουδαία και πάσα r) περίχωρος τοΰ Ιορδανού' 6 και εβαπτί- 

Judtea, and all the country around the Jordan, and were bap- 

5 Then went out to 

him Jerusalem, and 

all JudiBa, and all the 

V „• ~jt *'!.<..-'- Λ ' .< region round abont 

ζοντο'^ iv T(f} Ιορδαν^° υπ αυτού, εί,ομολογουμενοι τας αμαρ~ Jordan, 6 and were 

tizcd in the Jordan by him, confessing «sins baptized of him in Jor- 

. ~ -,»,«.». \Λ> ~«. ' ..„τ>» °'"^' confessing llioir 

πας αυτών. 7 Ιδων.δε πολλούς των Φαρισαιων και Σαδδου- sins. 7 But when he 

'their But having seen many of the Pharisees and Saddu- saw many of tho Pha^ 
, / )^^/^' i.»~iiT »~ risees and Sadducees 

καιων ερχόμενους επι το.βαπτισμα. αυτού," είπεν αυτοις, come to his baptism, 

cees coming to his baptism, he said to them, he said unto them, Ο 

r, ' ,^~ ..,vj..~ -,,, .. generation of vipers, 

Ιενν7]ματα εχΐϋνων, τις υπεϋειξεν υμιν φυγείν απο της μελ- who hath warned yon 

Offspring of vipers, who forewarned you to flee from the com- to flee from tl;e wi'ath 
Λ ' ) - cs ' y Λ ' 'v II - to come? 8 BiiuEr forth 

Κονσης οργής-, S ποιήσατε οϋν "καρττους αξί ους" TTjg/tera- therefore fmits meet 
Ing wi-ath ? Produce therefore fruits worthy of repent- for repentance : 9 and 

νοίας- 9 καϊ μή.δόζητε λέγειν εν ίαυτοΊς, Πατέρα εχομεν yomL^v^^'^e'^bai^ 

ance : and think not to say within yourselves [*For] father 'we ^have Abraham to our fa- 

■ €icn]\eev entered liti a. ' — cttI {read της Ίου, over Judaea) LT[TrA]. » τοΰ ηατρο% 

αύτοΰ ■ Ηρώδου LTTrA. '■"' Να^ορεθ LTTrW. =■ — και LT[Tr3A. S δια, through LTTrA w. 

' ^1/ αΰτοϋ i.TTrA. 1 -(- ( πάντ€ς] all L. ^ + ττοταμψ river LTTrA. <= — αύτοΰ (read the 
baptism) ι,τ[Τγα1. '' καρποί ά^ιον fruit worthy OLnvAW. 


ther: for I say nnto rhv' Κβραάμ• λεγω.γάη ϋμίν, on Svvarai ό θεός U των λίθων 

inkTsio^t Γο Ais^ , ,^/biaha^: fL• I L/ toW, that ^ able is ^ God from =stone. 

up children unto Abra- tovtojv εγεϊραι TSKva τφ'Α.βραάμ. 10 ήδη.δε "KaV^ η όζίνη 

thr"axei°umVnto **^^^^ to raise up children to Abraham. But already ■ also the axe 

the root of the trees : ττοος τήν ρίζαν τών δένδρων κέΙται' πάν ούν δενδρον μη 

thorefore eTcrj tree ^.^ ^ι^^ ^oot of the trees is applied : 'every 'therefore tree not 

which brmgeth not ^ , ^ , , / , Γ ^ , 

forth good fruit is ποιονρ καρπον καλον εκκοιττεται και «ς ττνρ βάλλεται. 

hown dowii, and cast producinsr "fruit 'good is cut down and lntrf[thel fire is cast, 

into the fire. H I m- _ _ ,_, , , crt ,v < - n > "i- > / . ^. 

deed baptize you with 11 Εγω /iiv 'ρατΓπζω υ^ας" iv νόατι εις μετανοιαν o.oa 

water nnto repent- i indeed baptize yon with water to repentance; but he who 

ance : biit ho that , , , , , , , , , _ > > . 

Cometh after mo is οτΓίσω μου ερχομενος ισχυρότερος μου εστίν, ου ονκ.ειμι 

mightierthani, whose after me [is] coming mightier than I is, of whom I am not 

shoes 1 am not worthy , , , < r,/ ^ r . > ^ < - ,ο • > 

to bear: he shall bap- ικανος τα ΐ'ποοηματα βαστασαι αυτός νμας ραττησει εν 

tizo you with the Holy fit the sandals to bear : he ^ou 'will "baptize with [the] 

fa' whos^'^fan'' 'is'^in ττνείψατι άγίφ και ττυρί. 12 οδ το τττνον εν rg χειρί 

his hand, and he will 'Spirit 'Holy and with fire. Of whom the winnowing fan [is] in -hand 

flS'^^ud llTtife^r his avTOv, Ktti διακαθαριέΐ τήν.ίίλωνα.αύτον, και συνάζει 

wheat into the garner; 'hia, and he will thoroughly purge his floor, and will gather 

the 'i'haffi'^^wi^^nn? τον.σΊτον.α.υτοί) εις την άτΓοθήκην,« τυ.δε αχυρον κατακανσει fire. his wheat into the granary, but the chaff he will bum up 

πυρι άσβίστφ. 

with fire unquenchable. 

13 Tore τταραγίνεται ύ Ίησοΰς άπο της Γαλιλαίας ίιτι τδν 
Then comes Jesus from Qalilee to the 

13 Then cometh Je- Ίορδάνην Ίτρος τον Ίωάννην, τοΰ βαπτισθήναι υπ αυτού. 

rrd.!runto thn. ίο '^^f-^ . /<> '?^^' . , to be baptized by ^ him. 

be baptized of him. 14 o.^^.^'lwtfrf ί/ς'' διεκώλυεν αυτόν, λέγων, Ένω χρείαν εχω 

14 But John forbad But John was hindering him, saying, I ^need 'have 

him, saying, I have , , Τ » / τ e- > i λ < 

need to be baptized of υπο σου βαπτισθηναι, και συ tpxy προς με; Ιο Αποκριυεις 

thee, and comost thou y,y ^γ^^ to be baptized, and thou 'coinest to me? «Answering 

to me? 15 And Jesus .. , , ^ ■, ι « > ' n * . » « « 

answering said unto δε Ο ΐ7]σους ειπεν *προς αυτόν," Αφες άρτι' ουτως.γαρ 

him. Suffer it to be so -ι,^^ 'Jesus said to him, SuflEer[it] now; for thus 

now : for thus it be- , , . , _ χ .« - », / rr< ' 

comoth us to fulfil aU πρεπον Ιστιν ημιν πληρωσαι πασαν όικαιοσυνην. Ύοτε 

righteousness. Then becoming it is to us to fulfil all righteousness. Then 

he suffered him. 16 And , . , / , ^ ΐτ/- ^ /d a < ii • »i ~ W ' '/3 

Jesus, when he was όφιησιν αυτον. 16 'Και βαπτισθεις^^ ο Ιησούς ^ανεβη 

baptized, went up hesuffers him. And having been baptized Jesus wont np 

wltlf -'"Χΐ'ίΙίο fme άπο τοΰ ύδατος, και ιδού, ^άνεψχθησαν" -^αυτψ^^ οι 

heavens wore opened immediately from the water: and behold, were opened to him the 

the's5ii?t^o°fVodT οίφανοί, και είδεν "ro" πνεϋμα "τοΰ^^ θεοϋ καταβαΊνον ώσεί 

scending like α dove, heavens, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as 

naS'a^vor^om ^εριστεράν, Pmi" ίρχόμενον Ιπ αίτόν. 17 και ιδού, φωνή 

heaven, saying. This a dove, and coming npon him: and lo, a voice 

whom ^"l^'^am'^^weii ^'^ ^'^'^ ούρανών, λέγουσα, Οϊιτός εστίν ο.ν'ιός.μου 6 aya- 

pleased. out of the heavens, saying, This is my Son the b«- 

πητός, εν φ '^εϋδόκησα^^ 

loved, in whom I have found delight. 

IV. Then was Jesus 4 Torc '0" Ίησοΰς άνήχθη εις την ίοημον ύπυ τοΰ πνεύ- 

led up of the Spirit in- Then Jesus was led up into the wilderness by the Spi- 

ii^mpt j:;' of"?hrde°v,M' μοτος, πεψασθηναι ύπο τοΰ διαβόλου. 2 και νηστενσας 

2 And when ho had rit to be tempted by the deviL And having fasted 

fortfniShew' ""Γί- V μέρας 'τεσσαράκοντα^^ και ^νύκτας τεσσαράκοντα,^^ 'ύστερον 

ier.';"rran'hungred. "diys ' 'fo^rty and 'nights 'forty. afterward* 

e — και i.TTrAW. 'υμάς βαπτίζω l-TTrW. S -1- αΰτοΰ (read his granary) LTiW. •> —Ιωάννης 
(read lie was hindering) i.tItpaJw. i αύτώ L. J βαπτισθΐΧζ 6e lit. aw. k ΐ{ιθυ<;ίνέβη 
» ^ΐν^ωχθ-ησαν L. "> — αΰτω [φ. » — το {read [the]) •ι(α]. ° — του t[a]. ρ — και LT [τγα]. 

« ηύδοκησα Τ »• — ό Α. • τ€σσ€ράκοντα ΤΤγΑ. * τβσσβράκοι/τα ννκτας τ ; ννκτας τίσσ«ρ. Τγα. 




ν'ώς εϊ τον θεον. 

*Son 'thou •'art of God 

ίττείνασεν. S καΐ ττροσελθών ^αϋτφ^^ 6 ττειράζων ίΐττεν'", Ει 3 And when the tempt- 

he hungered. And having come to him the tempter said, U wid T/ thou be' the 

Son of God, command 
that these stones be 
made bread. 4 But he 
answered and said, It 
is written, Man shall 
not live by bread alone, 
but by every word that 
proceedeth out of the 
, o-^r,,' ^ r> ' ■^.^'/-.^ > month of God. 5 Then 

στόματος θεον. δ Tore τταραλαμβανει αντον ο διαρολος εις the devil taketh him 

to him the tempter said. If 

εΙτΓ^ 'ίνα οΊ.\ίθοι.ουτοι άρτοι -γένωνται. 

speak that these stones ^loaves 'may become. 

4 Ό Se άττοκριθείς έίττεν, Γίγραπται, Ονκ επ 

αρτω μονψ 

But he answering said, It has'been written. Not by bread alone 

ζησεται ^άνθρωπος, αλλ' ^εττί" τταντί ρήματι ίκπορενομένφ διά 

shall ^live 'man, but by every word going out through 

*hini 'the 

[thej mouth of God, 

την ay'iav πάλιν, και ^'ΐστησιν' αντον επι το τττίρνγιον τον 

the holy city, and gets him upon the edge of the 

Ίεροϋ, 6 και 'λέγει" αντψ, Ει υιός εΐ τον Θεον, βάλε σεαν- 

temple, and says to him, If ^Son'thou^art of God, cast thy- 

Tov κάτω' yaypaTTTai.yafj, "Οτι τοΙςΑγγίλοιςΜύτον tv- 
self down: for it has been written. To his angels he 

τελείται ιτερί σον, και ί-ττι χειρών άρονσίν σε, 

will give charge concerning thee, and in [their] hands shall they bear thee, 

μητΓοτε ττροσκόώι^ς ττρυς λίθον τον.ττόδα.σον. 7 Έφ7} αντψ stJue. °°7 jfsuTsaid 

up into the holy city, 
and setteth him on a 
pinn.acle of the temple, 
6 and saith unto him, 
If thou be the Son 
of God, oast thyseLf 
down: for it is written, 
He shall give hie 
angels charge con- 
cerning thee: and in 
their hands they shaU 
bear thee up, lest at 
any time thou dash 
thy - 

against a stone thy foot. 

'Said Ho "him 


lest thou strike 

ό Ίησονς, ΤΙάλιν γεγραττται, Ονκ.ίκττειράσεις κνριον 
* Jesus, Again ithasbeen-ivritten, Thou shalt not tempt [thej Lord 

θεήν σον. 8 ΥΙαΚιν παραλαμβάνει αντον ό διάβολος εις 

'thy. Again *takes *him 'the '■'Aevil to 


δρος ν\^Ί]λον λίαν, και δαίκννσιν αντψ πάσας τάς βασι- 

/ι mountain ■'high 'exceedingly, and shews to him all the ting- 
λείας τον κόσμον και τήν.δόζαν.αντών, 9 και ^λέγει' αντψ, 
doms of the world and their glory, and says to him, 

'Ταΰτα πάντα σοι" δώσω, ϊάν πεσών προσκυιτησ^ς 

"These ^things 'aU to thee will I give if falling down thou wilt worship 

μοι. 10 Tore λέγει αϋτψ δ Ίησονς, "Ύπαγε^, σατανά' 

me. Then ^says 'to*him 'Jesus, Get thee away, Satan; 

γεγραπται.γάρ, Κνριον τόν.θεόν.σον προσκνν7']σεις, και 

for it has been written, [The] Lord thy God shalt thou worship, and 

αντψ μόνφ λατρεύσεις. 11 Τότε άώίησιν αντόν 6 διάβολος' 

him alone shalt thou serve. Then ^leaves •him 'the "devil, 

και ίδον, άγγελοι προσηλθον και διηκόνονν αντψ. 

and behold, angels came and ministered to him. 

12 Άκοίισας.δ^ *όΊί/σοϋς" οτι Ιωάννης παρεδόθη, άν- 
But ''having ^heard ' Jesns that John was delivered up, he 

εχώρησεν εις την Γαλιλαίαν. 13 και καταλιπών την^'Ναζαρετ,^^ 
withdrew into Galilee : and having left Nazareth, 

ελθών κατψκησεν εις ^Καπερναονμ^^ την παραθαλασσίαν , which is upon the"se'a 

having come he dwelt at Capernaum, which [is] on the sea-side, *^2^S*'. *? the borders 

'of Zaoulon and Neph 

unto liim. It is written 
again, Thou shalt not 
tempt the Lord thy 
God. 8 Again, the devil 
taketh bim up into an 
exceeding• high moun- 
tain, and sheweth him 
all the kingdoms of 
the woild, and the 
glory of them ; 9 and 
saith unto him, All 
these th ings will I give 
thee, if thou wilt faU 
down and worship me. 

10 Then saith Jesus 
unto him, Get thee 
hence, Satan : for it is 
written. Thou shalt 
worship the Lord thy 
God, and him only 
shalt thou serve. 

11 Then the devil 
leaveth him, and, be- 
hold, angels came and 
miniBtered unto him. 

12 Now when Jesus 
had beard that John 
was cast into prison, 
he departed into Gali- 
lee ; 13 and leaving 
Nazareth, he came and 
dwelt in Cajwrnaum, 

thaUm: 14 that" it 
ight be fnlfiUed 

εν όρίοις Ζαβονλών και Νε^θαλεί/ί, 14 'ίνα πληρωθη 

in [the] borders of Zabulon and Nephthalim, that might be fnlnllL_ 

< . Λ< s • <TT .1 - J ' \ ' 1 c rt~ iZluch was spoken by 

TO ρηθέν δια Ησαιον του προφήτου, λέγοντος, 15 Γη Esaias the prophet, 

that which was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying. Land saying, 15 The land of 

rr ^ \ ' '--ντ-,ΛΛ' •5>ΐΛΛ' ' ~ Zabulou, and the laud 

ΔαβονΚων και γη 1\εψυαΚειμ, οόόν θαλάσσης πέραν του of Nephthalim, i// the 

of Zabulon, and land of Nephthalim, way of [the] .sea, beyond the way of the sea, beyond 

Ίορδάνον, Γαλιλαίο των εθνών, 16 ό λαός 6 καθήμενος Gentn^'s; "^I'eThe peo- 

Jordan, Galilee of the nations, the people which was sitting pic which sat in dark- 

" — αντω TTrA. "^ + αύτώ to him LTTrAW. » -f ό LTTrAW. Χ ev LTrA. » ΐστησΐν set LTTrA. 

* ίΐτΓίν said L. ^ ^Virev said LTTrA. <= ταΰτά σοι πάι/τα ιτγα. <* -i- οπίσω μου behind 

me g[l]w. e — ό Ίησονς ττι aw ' Να^αράβ Nazarath L ; Na^opefl w ; Να^αρά Nazara ttta. 
Ϊ Κο.φαρναουμ LTTrAW. 


ill the region aad ^° darkness has seen a -light 'great, and to those which were sitting in [the] 

s).adow of death ji^gM χώρψ Kui σκιφ θανάτου, φως άνετειΧεν αύτοΐς. 17 Άττό 

«lat'tiiM Jesus' bogan """ftry and shadow of death, light has sprung up to thorn. From 

to pre.ich and to say, jSte -ηρίατο ο'Ιησονς κηρνσσειν και Xkyeiv, ΜετανοέΙτξ' 

άοΓ'Όν heaveif S"it "-hat time began Jesus to proclaim and to say, Repent: 

hand. ήγγικεν.γάρ ή βασιλεία των ουρανών. 

I'or has drawn near the kingdom of the heavens. 

18 Περιττατών.δί 'ό Ίησοϋς^^ -παρά την θάλασσαν της Γαλι- 

,-.,-. ,, And ^walking 'Je.sus by the sea of Gall- 

18 And Je^us, walk- , _ -, . , ,^, , , % λ / < , 

ing by the sea of Gall- Xauic είδεν δυο αοελώους, Σίμωνα τον λεγομενον ΤΙετρον, και 

lee, saw two brethi-en, lee he saw two brothers, Simon who is .•η lied Peter, and 

Simon called Peter, , ^ , ^>r^^, > ~ fj 'w > ' r>\ > 

aad Andrew his bro- Avopsav τον.αοελφον.αυτου, ραλΚοντας αμφιρληστρον εις 

ther, casting a net Andrew his brother, ousting a large not into 

into the sea : for they y η '\ -r < <\~ ir> ^^' >~Ua- 

were tishers. 19 And Tijv θάλασσαν Ί)σαν.•γαρ αλιείς. 19 και λέγει αυτοις," ΔευΓε 

he saith unto them, the sea, for they were fishers: and he says to them, Come 

Follow me, and I will ,, < / «~<•ν~>Λ/ αι\ r\' fi 

make you fishers of οτΓίσω μον, και τΓοιήσω νμας αλιείς ανυρωπων. 20 Οι.οε 

men. 20 Ami they after me, and I will make you fisher.s of men. And they 

straightway left ihnr »λ> > ,» « s" » \ 'n > ^ οτ τ»- • 

nets, and followed ευθέως αφέντες τα όικτυα ηκολουθησαί' αυτφ. 21 Και 

him. 21 And going on immeil lately having left the nets, followed him. And 

Sr 'two'br^'thr'e:: ^ροβάς ΙκεΧθεν, εΙδεν αλλοι-ς δύο αδελφούς, Ίάκωβον τον 

James i/(e sow of Zcbe- having gone on thence, he saw other two brothers, James the [son j 

broVaJr 'm a"l*hip wUh τοϋ Ζεβεδαίου και Ίιοάννην τδν.άδελφον.αύτοϋ, kv τφ πλοίφ 

Zebedee' their father, οί Zebedee, and John his brother, in the ship 

Muf^he^ called them' Z'^™ Ζεβεδα'ιου τοϋ.ττατρος.αΰτών. καταρτίζοντας τα δίκτυα 

22 And thev immedi- ^^ϊΛ Zebedee their father, mending '-"ηβΐβ 

ateiy left the ship and αύτών' και εκάλεσεν αυτούς. 22 οίδε ευθέως αφέντες το 

lowpdhim!"'' 'their, and he called them; and they immediately having left the 

ττλοΤον και τον.ττατ'ερα.αυτών ήκολούθησαν αΰτφ. 

ship and their fatlier foUowod him. 

abolt^^iu'^'GamTe! 23 Kai ττεριηγεν ^'όλην την Γαλιλαίαν 6 Ιησούς," διδάσκων 

leachingin their syn- ^^^ -went ^about *all "GrJiloa 'Jesus, teaching 

mK^m'ffospei^orthe ^^ ταΊς.συναγο}γαΐς.αύτών, και κηρύσσων το εύαγγελιον της 

kingdomf and healing '" their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad tidings of thi 

aU manner of «'•^'^η'^^^ βασιλείας, και θεραπεύων πάσαν νόσον και πασαν μαλακίαν 

disease amongVh'-'^peo- kingdom, and healing every disease and every bodily weaknosa 

pie. 24 And his fame gj/ γφ λαιρ. 24 καΙ άττήλθεν η άκοή αυτόν εις ολην την Σν- 

S^a• a"ifd'''"\hry '^'^°°^*''''Ι'<="1'''^• ^^^ went out the fame of him into aU Sy- 

bronght unto him all μίαν' καΐ προσίη^εγκαν αυτφ ττάντας τονς.κακώς.εχοντας, 

sick people that, were ri ^^ they brought to him all who were ill. 

taken with divers , , , >, - » ,„ r, ν 

diseases and torments, τΓοικίλαις νοσοις KOI βασανοις συνεχόμενους, ™και" δαιμονιζο- 

and which were ^„ various diseases and torments oppressed, and possessed by 

possessed ivith devils, •; , , , ^ , > >λ ' 

and those which were μένους, και σεληνιαζομενους, και παραλυτικούς' και εθερα- 

luuatic, and those demons, and lunatics, and paralvtics ; and he 

that had the palsy ; > ' c^s- ^>^»/1 >~.-> λλ<»< 

and he healed them, ττενσεν αυτονς Zo και ηκοΑουΗησαν αυτφ οχ\οι ττοΛΛοι αττο 

25 And thjre followed healed them. And followed *Inni "crouds 'gi-eat from 

him tneat multitudes .^-,χ»/ ,. >\ <<, \ ' >'ri' 

oi people from Galileo, της Γαλιλαιας και ΑεκατΓπλεως και Ιεροσολύμων και Ιουδαίας 

and Jrorn DuGapolis, Galilee and DecapoUs and Jerusalem and Judea 

and fro/ii Jti-u.^'alem, , , _,,,,, 

iiiid /row Judita, and Ktti ττεραν του lopOavov. 

friiiit beyond Jordan. and beyond the Jordan. 

muititiides,''''h"'"wont 5 'l^<^vM τούς οχλονς, άνεβη εις το ΰρος' και καθίσαν- 

ηρ into a mountain: But seeing the crowds, he went up into the mountain; and having 'sat 

Ids^dllcfpiescaml mf- τος αΰτοΰ, °προσηλθον' "αύτφ^^ οΊ.μαθηται.αύτοϋ. 2 και άνοί- 

to him : 2 and he *down 'he, came to him his disciples. And haviiiir 

*> σ /coTtqi φως eUev LTiA ; σκότίΐ φως elSey rw, ' — ό 'Ιησούς OLTTrAW. " + [ό Ίησοϋς] 
Je.sus L. ' ' ό Ίησοϋς ϋλτ/ 77J Γαλιλαι'ί? L ; fo ΊησοΟς] Tr ( — 6 Ιησούς τ \) ev οΚ-η rfj Γα\ι\αί<χ 
ΓΓ. Α ; ό Ί-ησοϋς 'ό\ην την Γαλιλαιαΐ' W. '" — καϊ l.TrA. ° προζτηλθαν ΤΤγ. » — αντω L, 


ζας τό.στόμα.αντον έδίδασκζν αυτούς, λέ-γων, 3 Μακάριοί οι tan'^ht Vhcnf^sa' Γ^** 

opened his mouth he tanght them, sayin^?, Blessed [are] the 3 Bussed arf 'the^poor 

πτωχοί τφ πνενματι' οτι αντών εστίν ί) βασιλεία των ουρανών. ^^ ^Ρ'ΐ^^ • ^°^ theirs is 

poor inspirit; for theirs ia the kingdom of the heavens. τΐη. /cCsed art 

4 ''μακάριοι οι ττενθουντες' οτι αυτοί τταρακληθησονται, they that mourn: for 

Blessed thoy who mouru; for they shall he comforted. ed!^5 BlM^eVa^The 

ύ μακάριοι οι ττραεΧς' οτι αυτοί κ\ΐ]ρονομήσυυσιν την ν/)ν. " meek: for they shall 

• Blessed the meek ; for they shall inherit the earth. i°S?"* ^ ^^^ earth. 

, , ' , r. I , T> / .( bBifssed are thoy 

6 μακάριοι οι ττεινώντες και οιψώντες την οικαιοσννην οτι whicii do hunger and 

Blessed tht-v who hunger and thirst after righteousness ; for *^"'st ^ter righteous- 

■ , , ,- , .' , < iiess: for they shall 

awroi χορτασθησονται. 7 μακάριοι οι έλεημονίς' οτι αυτοί he fiUed. 7 Blessed «re 

they shall lie filled. Blessed the merciful ; for they the merciful : for they 

,^ Λ, η ' . /I X ~ 5>' « , < » shall ohtam mercy. 

ίλεηθησονται . 8 μακάριοι οι καβαροι Ty καροκ}.' on αυτοί τον 8 Blessed «/τ the pure 

shall find merer. Blessed the puro in heart : for they in heart: for they 

„ , „ , * „ , . , ' " η ' >ii < » /Ί ~ stall see God. 9 Bles=- 

ΌΒον οψονται. tj μακάριοι υι ειρηνοττοιοι' οτι '*αυτοι' νιοι νέου ed are th ; peacc- 

^God 'shall =see. Blessed the peacemakers ; for they eona of God makers : for they shall 

\ Λ' 1 Λ ' • s• s> ' " !> ^^fi called the children 

κΑη{ίησονται. 10 μακάριοι οι οεοιωγμενοι ένεκεν ΰικαιο- of God. ίο Blessed arc 

shall he called. Blessed they who have heen persecuted on account of right- they whioh are per- 

' , > ~ > • ;3 Λ ' ~ ' ~ τ 1 ' ' secuted for righteous- 

συνης' οτι αυτών εστίν η ρασιλεια των ουρανών. 11 μακάριοι aess' sake: for theirs 

eoasne.s3; for theirs is the kingdom of the heavens. Blessed is the kingdom of 

ίστε, 'όταν όνειδίσωσιν υμάς και διώζωσιν, καΐ είττωσιν πάν ye^^^e» «i^^^shaU 

are ye when they shall reproach you. and shall persecute, and shall say every ievile you, and perse- 

πονηρον'ρημώ'κα&Ιμών--^ευδόμενοι;^ 'ένεκεν Ιμοϋ. 12χαί- ^iiTnS^r^ '^""ο^Ί 

wicked wor<i agaiust you, lying, on account of me. Be- against jou faiselv, 

ρετε και άγαλλιάσθε, 'ότι ό.μισθός.ύμών πολνς ίν τοΙς οϋρανοις' f,"lcerandhe^liceSg 

joice and exult. for your re vvaxd ;. is] great iu the heavens; i; lad : for great is your 

οΰτως.-γάρ έδιωξαν τους προψητας τους προ υμών. 'o^^ecut^eTIhey thp 

for thus fhey persecuted the prophets who [were] before you. "jrOThets which were 

13 Ύμείς ίστε το άλας της -γης' ίάν.δε το άλας μωρανθι/, 'bcior^ 

Ye are the salt of the earth : but if the salt become tasteless, 

tv Tivi αλισθησεται; ε'ις οϋδΐν ισχύει 'έτι, εΐ.μή^βλη- salt have lost 

with what sliaU it be salted ? for nothing has it strength any longer, but to be it°^b'e salted ? ft is 

θήναι' ί^ξω, ''και' καταπατεϊσθαι υπό των ανθρώπων. 14Τω€Ϊς thenceforth good for 

cast out, and to be trampled upon by men. Ye nothing but to be cast 

, ^ ~ , ,%/ ,χ o~ ' ' out, and to be trodden 

εστε το φώς του κόσμου' ου.δυναται πολις κρυβψαι επάνω under foot of men. 

aj-e the light of the world, 'cannot 'a ■'city be hid on 14 Ye are the light of 

; ,J . / . Λ' . < the world. A city that 

ορούς κείμενη' 1δ ονδε κα'ιουσιν λνχνον καΐ τιΘεασιν αύτον is set on an hill cannot 

a mountain situated. Nor do they light a lamn and put it be hid 15 Neither do 

. ,, /-v >Λχ>ι..Λ 'i•»' ~ ~ ™®° ^Sht a candle, 

υπο τον μοΰιον, αλλ επι την λυχviaVf και λάμπει πασιν τοις and put it under a 

under the com me.isure. but upon the lampstand : and it shines for all who bushel, but on a can- 

, .. , ft ■' \ I ' V , < ~ ,/ r\ dlestick; and it gnvech 

εν Ty oiKig,. 16 όντως λα μ-ψατω το.φως.υμων έμπροσθεν light unto all that are 

[are] in the house. Thus let shine your light before in tlie house. 16 Let 

^ y η ' •' " t> • ~ , \ ^ „ . 5, 5, / yoiu• light so shine be- 

των αννρωπων. όπως ιοωσιν υμών τα καΚα έργα, και όοξα- fore men, that they 

men, so that they may see your good works, nnti may may see youi• good 

, ; < ^ , > ~ ) ~ works, and glorli^v 

σωσιν τον.πατερα.υμων τον εν τοις ουρανοις. your Father which is 

glorify your Father who [is] in the heavens. in heaven. 

1 η nr ^ ■ " T\ Λ \ - ^ ' «1 17 Think not that I 

17 Μη.νομισητε οτι ηλθον καταλνσαι τον νομον η τους προ- am come to destroy 

Think not that I came to abolish the law or the pro- the law, or the pro- 

φήτας' οϋκΛίλθον καταλϋσαι, αλλά πλήρωσα•.. 18 αμήν. yap to destroy,™ ""'to'ftfi- 

phets : I came not to abolish, but to fulflL For verily flL 18 For verily I .-ay 

λέγω υμίν, 'εως.άν παρελθγ ό ουρανός καΐ η γη, ιώτα εν η ^d^e^Kh pais, Sot 

I say to you, Until shall pass away the heaven and the earth, nota 'one or or one tittle shall in 

μία κεραία οϋ.μή πapkλθy από τοΐ> νόμου, 'έως.άν πάντα uV^fuanbeftilfiUed! 

one tittle in no wise shall pass away from the law until all 19 \ιπιοδϋβνοα• thcre- 

p Verses 4, 5, transposed LTTr. 1 — αΰτοι (read κλ-ηθ-ή. they shall be called) [LJifxrA]. 
•■ — ρήμα {read [thhigj) lttta. • — ψενδόμενοι L. ' βΚηθΐν having been cast ltT;a. 

' — καΐ Ι.ΤΤγ.λ. 

13 Ye are the salt of 
the earth : but if the 


fore shall break oue γενηται. 19 oc.iav ovv Χύση μίαν τώνΛντοΧών.τοντων Tu)v 

of these least com- < ' -_^ χτ, u nv' i' ^ ii. j ^ i. 

mandments and shall come to pass. Whoever then shall break one of these commandments the 

teach men so, he shall ΙΧαχίστίυν, Kui δίδάξη ο'ύτως TOVQ άνθρώτΓονς, ίΧάχιστος κλί/- 

^e^tingdora οΤ W ^ '^''• and shaU teach '80 _ "men, ^ ^^ least ^ shall 

von: but whosoever θήσεται kv ry βασιΧείγ. των ουρανών ος.δ'.άν ποίηση και 

fh^i the sfme "ifhall ^* caUed in the kingdom of the heavens ; but whoever shall practise and 

iio called givut in the διδάζ?}, ο^τος ukyuQ κΧηθήσεται kv ΤΏ βασιΧεί^ί των 

kingdom of heaven. ghaU teach [them], this [one] great shall be called in the kingdom of the 

20 l• or I say unto you, , "^ ■", , , ,. , , ^ / < ,< 

That except your ουρανών, 20 Χεγω.γαρ υμιν, οτι εαν.μή πεpισσeυσy "r/ όικαιο- 

righteousnoss shall heavens. For I say to you, That unless shall abound =^ight- 

exceed the righteous' , , ,. ^ ^ ^ , , _ , , , 

neas of the scribes and συντ] υαών^ ttXhov των γραμματέων και Φαρισαιων, ον.μη 

Pharisees, ye shall in eousness 'your above [that] of the scribes and Pnarisees, in no wise 

no case enter mto the , ,» ^ > \ ;-> \ ' - > 

kingdom of heaven. εισ€Χθ7]τε εις την ρασιΧειαν των ουρανών. 

21 Υθ have heard shall ye enter into the kingdom of the heavens, 

that it was said by «τ .„ ' " τ>'<'/ί ii ~ ' ' λ» j 

them of old time, 21 Άκουσατε οτι^ψρε^ίψτοιςαρχαιοις, Ου.ψονευσεις 

Thou Shalt not kill: Ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shalt not commit murder j 

and whosoever shall ,v μ « ^ , - ./ - / λλ > > s>i 

kiu shall be in dan- OQ.o.av <povευσy, ίΡοχος ίβται ry κρισει. 22 εγω.όέ 

ger of the judgment: but whoever shall conmiit murder, liable shall be to the judgment. But 1 

22 but I say unto you, >> <~ » ~ •> y > ~'^\u-'~v'~n 

That whosoever is Χεγω υμιν, οτι ττας ο οργιζομενος τψ.αόεΧψψ.αντου 'εικψ 

angry with his brother say to you, That every one who is angry with his brother lightly, 

be in"danger*'of^ the ^^οχος ίοται TO κοίσει' og.d'.av ειπy τψ.άδεΧφφ.αντοϋ, 

judgment: and who- liable shall be to the judgment: but whoever shall say to his brother, 

soever shall sav to his ,<■»-*/ n » » ~• ^ ' f\ ^» λ u -»«■ • 

brother, Raca.ihaii be Ρ«««»ίί^οχος ίσται Tf^ συνεδοιφ' ος.δ.αν ειπγ, Μωρέ, 

in danger of the coun- Raca, liable sliall be tv ι he Sanhedrim: but whoever shall say. Fool, 

shall sS, Thou'^Toi 'ένοχος ίσται εις τήν γεενναν τον πυρός. 23 'Εάν ούν ττροσ- 

shaU be in danger of liable shall be to the Gehenna of fire. If therefore thou 

l'f°'thou'brfnJthy Sft f^V^ το.όώρόνΜον ίτΓΐ TO θυσιαστηριον, κάκεΐ μvησθyς 

to the altar and there shalt offer thy gift at the altar, and there shalt remember 

rememberest thiU^thy -^^.^ ό.άίβλ^ίίς.σου ίχει ΤΙ κατά σοϋ, 24 άφες ίκεΐ το ι 

brother hath 


against thee• 24 leave *-***' thy brother has something against thee, "leave there "gift 

th^™ite/ fmi ^o*t°h'' ^^^ έμπροσθεν του θνσιαστ)φίου, και νπαγε, πρώτον διαΧ- 

wayt fiist 'be rcco/- '^^^ '^*°'"« ^^^ *1<^*•"> ^ "^^'^ SO away, first be 

oiled to thy brother χάγηθι τφ.άδεΧφψ.σον, κάί τότε εΧθών πρόσφερε το δώρόν 

offer th7 gift'TA|r°ee '«««"•^'Ic'l t« thy bV^^^^ and then having come "^offcn- '^glft 

with thine adversary (jov. 25 Ίσθι εΰνοών τφ.άντιδίκψ.σου ~αχΰ, εως.'ότον εΙ 

S ta^'thr^vay with '*^y• ^® agreeing with thine adverse party qui.kly, whilst thou art 

him; lest at any time »fci/ rjj οδώ μετ αντοΰ,^' μήττυτε σε παραδψ ο αντίδικος τω 

the adversary deliver ja the way with him, lest Hhee Melivor 'tlie •^adverse ^^party to the 

thee to the judge, and ^ ," , , , . ^,, ^ < , , > > > 

the judge deliver thee KpiTy, Koi Ο KToirijc σε 7Γ«ρα< y" τψ vπηpέτy, και εις ψνΧακήν 

to the officer, and thou judge, and the judge thee delivci- to the officoi•, and into prison 

be cast into prison. ' ', ^A , ^ λ • . « yy'\n ■ ~/i 

26 Verily I say unto ρΧηθήσγ. 20 αμΐ}ν Χεγω σοι, ον.μη tξεXβyς εκεωεΐ', 

thee. Thou shalt by thou be cast. Verily I say to thee. In no wise >lialt thou come out thence, 

no means come out „ „ , ,, ~ , „ r, / 

thence, till thou hast εως.αν αποοψς τον ίσχατον κοοραντην. 

paid the uttermost until thou pay the last kodrantos. 

27 Ye ' have heard 27 ΗκούσαΓε ΟΤΙ ^ίρρίθη^^ '^τοΊς άρχαίοις,^^ Οΰ.μοιχεύ- 

that it was said by Ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shalt not commit 

them of old time, Thou cko > < ^' \ ' ι ~ tr ~ « /D\ ' ~ > 

shaitnotcommitadui- σεις' 26 εγο).ύί Χεγω νμιν, oTi πας ο ρΚεπων γυναίκα προς 

tery : 28 but I say adultery: but 1 say to you, that every one that looks upon a woman to 

unto you. That whoso- ν > /> - ,i > ~ ii » ν i ' > i , ~ 

ever looketh on a TO ίπιθνμησαι '^αυτης," ijotj έμοιχευσεν αντην εν Ty 

woman to lust after lust after her, already hiv-s committed adultery with her in 

adultery^vi'tΓhej"aΐ καρδί<^''αύτον.' 29 εΙΜ δ.όφθαΧμός.σον ύ δεζώς σκανδαΧίζει 

ready in his heart, 'heart 'his. But if thiue eje, the right, cause "^o ^Ίffend 

^«rd'theefpUk'u «^e» tK^X^ αύτον Kai βάΧε άπο σοϋ' συμψέρει.γάρ σοι 'ίνα 

out, and cast tt from 'thee, pluck out it and ca8t[it]from thee: foritisprofitable for thee th;it 

" νμων η δικαιοσννη ΤΑ.. * ίρρηθη LTrAW. ? — «ΐκή LXfTrAj. » ραχάΊ. ' μ,ΐτ' 
αύτον ei' Tjj όδώ l.TTrAW. •> — σε παραδώ LTJ^Tr], * — τοΐ? αρχαίοις GLTTrAW. Ί αΰτη^ 

LTrAW ; — αύτης Τ. • ίαυτυΰ L 


άτΓοΚηται tv τών.μΐΚών.σον, και μή οΧον το.σώμά.σον βληθ^ able for"thee that "ωί^ 
should perish one of tny membere, and not *whole Hhy ^hody be cast *{ ^hy members should 

εις yUvvav. 30 και ει ή.δεζιά.συν χειρ σκανοαΧΊζει σε, εκκοφον ρ?"^\ ^^^ ί^^*^, ''*?! 

into Gehenna. And if thy right hand cause to Ofiend» thee, cutoff {^^ cart i^to heLL 

αυτήν και βάλε άττο σον' αυμώ'ερει.-γάρ σοι 'ίνα άπόληται ?" -^f^^^^ *^? "^^ί 

it and cast [It] from thee: for it is profitable for thee that should perish ft'^off and cast i°/from 

εν τών.μεΧων.σου, και μή οΧον το.σώμά.σον ψΧηθ^ εις γεενναν.^' thee • for it is profit- 
one of thy members, and not "whole Hhv 'body be cast into Gehenna. '"^^i*? *°'' *^?f *^^'ί °"« 
,,,',,„ ^ „ , ^ ^ , _ of thy members should 

31 8 Ερρίθ/;" c)£, on og.av αττοΧυστ^ τήν.γυναΐίκα.αυτον, perish, andnott^ai thy 
It was said also that whoever shall put away his wife, ^l^ol? body should be 

J., , ~ , . on ' ' -• Λ' . ~ -r i.v « cast into hell. 

όοτω avry αττοστασιον. 32 λέγω νμιν, οτι^ος.αν 3i it hath been said, 

let him give to her a letter of divorce : but I say to you, that whoever Whosoever shall put 

> ^ / , , ^ , - V Λ / ~ awav his wife, let him 

αποΧυσψ την. γυναίκα. αυτόν, τταρεκτος Χογου πορνείας, π^ιει give her a writing of 

ehall put away his wife, except on account of fornication, causes divorcement : 32 but I 

αντήν ^μοιχάσθαι•^^ καΐ^ός.ίάν' άποΧεΧνμίνην '^γαιχήσι;,'^ whos^ver ^ah ^put 

her to commit adultery; and whoever her who has been put away shall marry, away his ^-ife, saving 

~ for the cause of iorni- 

μυιχαται, cation, causeth her to 

commits adultery. commit adulterr : and 

33 Πάλπ' ήκοί,σατε, 'ότι ^ρρέθη' τοϊς άρχαίοις, Ονκ.,ηωρ- '^^ri^:r!s'i^fcZ 

Again, ye have heard that it was said to the ancients, Thou shaU not committeth adultery. 

κήσεις, άττοδώσεις.δε τω κνρίφ τονς.'όρκονς.σον' 3'^ εγώ ^Α^?\ί°• ^.® ^^'^^ 

forswear thyself, but thou Shalt render to the Lor.i thine oaths. ^I C^q gaid by them of 

^6 λέγω ύμίν μή ομόσαι οΧως, μήτε εν τψ ονρανψ, οτι θρόνος ο\ά time, ihou shalt 

'but say to you not to swear at all, neither by the heaven, because [the] throne V^^l ί.°^,Γ^®^ thyself, 

,-Λ~ - ' > - -" « /^«,~ but shalt perform unto 

εστίν τον θεον' 35 μήτε tv τϋ γα, οτι υΤΤΟΤΤΟΟΙΟν εστίν των the Lord thine oaths: 

itiB of God; nor bv the earth, because [the] footstool it is 34 but I say unto you, 

_ , «, / > 1 " /x »f »Λ I 1 ~ ^wear not at all ; nei- 

ΙΓΟδών.ανΤΟν' μήτε εις ΙεροσοΧνμα, οτι ΤΤοΧίς εστίν τον ther by heaven ; for it 

of his feet: nor by Jerusalem, because [the] city it is cf the is God's throne: 36 nor 

/Λ r> X' «X / . ~ Λ~ . / " by the earth ; for it is 

μεγαΧον βασιΧεως' ϋομητε εν τγ.κεφαΧγ.σον ο/χοσ^ς, οτι liis footstool: neither 

great King. Neither by thy head shalt thou swear, because hy Jerusalem ; for it is 

, «, , ' Λ ' n" '\ ~ II or» o» li ^"β city of the great 

ου.δννασαι μιαν τρίχα Χενκ7}ν "ί/ μεΧαιναν ττοιησαι^ 07 °εστω' mug. 36 Neither shalt 

thou art not able one hair white or black to make. ''Let 'be thou swear by thy 

r,,.^, 1^ , /Λ» .!.> > / J head, because thou 

δε ο.Χογος.νμων, ναι ναι, ον oV τυ.δε ττερισσον τοντων εκ canst not make one 

'but ^our *word, Yea, yea ; Nay, nay : but what [is] more than these from h<iu• white or black. 

~ ) 37Butletyourcommn- 

TOV -πονηρού εστίν. nication be, Yea, yea ; 

evil is. Nay, nay : for what- 

38 '-Άκονσατε οτι «ερρέθη/ ΌφθαΧμον άντΙ οφθαΧμον, και trele'coJnetro'fevur" 

Ye have heard that it was said. Eye for eye, and -j^ γ^ ^^^^ heard 

Οδόντα άντι οδόντος' 39 εγώ.δε λέγω νμίν μή άντιστήναι τψ '*>'*'■ ϊ* '^^■^^ ^eeu said, 

tooth for tooth; but I say to you not to resist ^ a tooth for V^oo^thl 

ΤΓονηρφ' άΧΧ' όστις σε ^^ραπίσει επ?'• τήν.δεζιάν.'^σον σιαγόνα,^^ 39 but ι say uuto you, 

evil; but whosoever thee shall strike on thy right cheek, J-^.^^ but Tvhosoever 

στρε-φον αντω και την aXXrjv' 40 καΐ τω θεΧοντί σοι κρι- shaU smite tiiee on 

turn to him also the other; and to him who would with thee go thy right cheek, turn 

Λ~ «, / \o~" i~> ..'to him the other aluo. 

θήναι και τον.χιτώνα.σον ΧαβεΤν, αώες αντφ και το ιματιον' ^OAmi if ai>.y mauwiii 

to law and thy tunic take, yield to him also [thy] cloak ; sue thee at the law, 

, „ , , \ „ -f ,,..„, and take awav thy 

41 και όστις σε αγγαρευσει μιΧιον εν, ϋπαγε μετ αυτού ουο. coat, let him have thu 

and whosoever thee will compel to go ^mile 'one, go with him two. cloke also. 41 And 
.^ ^ , ~ , ,.,,„ , , . rt'\ > > ~ cf ' whosoever shall com- 

42 τψ aiTOVi'Ti σε ^oicov και τυν.υεΚοντα απο σον "όανει- pel thee to go a mile, 

Tohimwho asks of thee give; and him that wishes from thee to bor- go with him twain. 
Λ , , , .. 42 Give to him that 

σασθαι^ μη. air άστραφτες. asketh thee, and from 

row thou shalt not turn away from. him that would bor- 

^ CIS yi^vvcv α.πέλθΎΐ into Gehenna go a-WdV lttta. e ^ρρη&η LTtaw. *> — δτι LTXrA. 
' πας b αττολνων every one that puts away LTTrA, ^ μ.οι;^εν0ηι/αι LTTrA. ' ό he who l. 
" γαμ/ίσ-ας has married L. ° ποιήσαι η μέλαιναν LTTrA. ° ecrrat shall be LA . ρ ραπίζ^ι e'n 
strikes upon LiTrA. "3 σιαγόνα σου ltia ; — σου (read the right cheek) τ. •■ 8ός ltti a. 
• ίανίσασθαι Τ 

12 Μ A Τ β A I Ο Σ. V, VI. 

thou away*' ^^°^ °°* ^^ Ήκονσατε OTL 'έρρεθ/;," Αγαπήσεις τόν.ττλησίοΐ'.σου, και 

43 Ye have heard Ye have heard that it was Baiji, Thoii slialt love thy neighbour and 

xirV^'r Η ^"^^"^ ^th'" y-'-^h^^'^Q τυν.ίχθρόν.σον 144 ίγώ.δε λέγω ΰμΐν, Αγαπάτε τους 

neighbour, and hate 

hate thine enemy. But I say to you, Love 

thine cnomy. 44 But Ιχθρονς υμών, ^Βυλογεΐτε TOVQ καταρωμενονς υμάς, καλώς 

you7 'Lnen>iX' Wels 'enemies 'your, bless those who curse you, "well 

them that curse you, ποιεΙτε '"τονς μισοΰντας ύαας,'" και προσεύγεσθε νπερ των 

do good to them that .^^, to those who hate you," and pray for those who 

hate you, and pray for , , _ mi ?> ' . ~ „ > η 

them which dospiu;- ^επηρεαζοντων νμας και οιωκηντων υμάς' 45 'υπω{^ γεν7]σθε 

ful]yuFeyon,andi>or- despitefuUy use you and persecute you; so that ye mav be 

Becuto you J 45 that ye , , ^ , , ^ ~ , , \, , „^ , ' _ 

may be the children of vioi του.πατρος.νμων Tov εν ονρανοις' OTL τον.ηλιον.αντον 

your Father which is sons of your Fither who [is] in [the] heavens : for his sun 

in heaven: for he mak- , ,- . , , , ν . λ . ^ r> > > ν »> / 

eth his sun to rise on ανατεΚΚει fcTTi τΓονηρους και αγαυονς, και ρρεγει ετη οικαιονς 

the evil anil on the he causes to ri^^e ou evil and good, and sends raiu on just 

good, aji'l =endeth r.iin , , »>, .n >, . . / , > ~ < ~ 

onthejust and on the Kui aoiKovQ. 4b εαν.γαρ αγαττησητε τους αγαπώντας νμας, 

uajust. 16 For if ye and unjust. For if ye love those who love you, 

iovo them which love ■ n< " > . \ < λ - ν ' » mi 

you, what reward have Tiva μισοον εχετε', ονχι και ΟΙ τεΚωναι ^το αυτό" ΊΓΟίουσιΐ' ; 

ye? do not even the what reward haveye? "not ''also ''the "^tax-gatherers 'the "same 'do? 

publicans the same ? λπ »»<> / q ''S>\j<«~ ' ' 

47 And if ye salute ^7 "^'^^ ^^'^ ασπασησβε τους.αόελφους.νμων μόνον, τι ττερισ- 

your brethren only, and if ye salute your brethren only, what_ extraordi- 

o^trsr°aonaUy entire <^ov ποιεΐτε; ούχι και o'l ^τελώναι'^ ^οϋτως' ποιονσιΐ'^^^Β ί^ίτεσθε 

publicans so? 48 Be ye nary do ye? '■'Not 'also *the ^tax-gatherers ''so 'do? ' ^shall *be 

asTo^^^rSr which ^^^ W^~^^ τέλειοι, '^ώσττερ" ο.πατήρ.υμών "ο εν τοις ούρανοΧς' 

is in heaven is perfect, "therefore 'ye perfect, even as your Father who [is] in the heav.-ns 

τέλειος εστίν. 

perfect is. 

ve^onot^your"^L•L8be* '^ Τίροσίχετε'^ τήν.Ηλεημοσΰνην''^ .υμών μη ποιεϊν έμπροσθεν 
fore menf to be seen of Beware your alms not to do before 

]!^^™ ' °^^^^.7^ψ ^''' "^^^ ανθρώπων, προς.το. θεαθήναι αντοΊς• εί.δί.μήγε, μισθόν 

Fath°r°whYchi8°inh°ea- „ '"®°• in order to bo seen by them : otherwise reward 

yen. 2 Therefore when οΰκ.ενετε παρά τφ.πατρί.νμών τφ εν Voii" ούρανοΐς. 2 όταν 

do"nol'toii^dTt^'l yehave'not with your father who [is] in the heavens. When 

pet before thee, as the otiv ποι^ς ίλεημοσύνι,ν, μή.σαλπίσ^ς έμπροσθεν σον, 

hypocrites do in the therefore thou doest alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, 

eynagognes and in the „ , , , _ , 

ptreeta, that they may ωσπερ 01 υποκριται ποιονσιν εν ταΐς σνναγωγαΐς και εν ταϊς 
have glory of men. αβ the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the 

Venly I say unto you, ,, " η y a- < » ~ , η ' . ' ' λ' 

They have their re- ρνμαις, οπως οοξασσωσιν υπο των αναρωπων αμ^ιν λέγω 
ward. 3 But when streets, that they may have glory from men. Verily I say 

thou doest alms, let , ... , , , λ< . ~ λ ~ ■μ ~ 5\ 

not thy left hand know νμιν, απεχονσιν τον.μισθον.αντων. 3 σον.όε ποιονντος ελΐη- 

what thy right hand to you, they have their reward. But thou doing 

doeth: 4 that thine / ^ / < > ' ,.-,„. 

alms may be in secret : /^offi^Vi/r, μη.γνωτω η.αριστερα.σου τι ποιεί η.ύε^,ια.σον, 

and thy Father which alms, letnot*know 'thy "left "hand what does thy right hand, 

Fceth in secret him- , •' r,~ < >\ ' π > ~ ~ , < / 

self shall reward thee '^ oTTwt, ^y oov ή.ελεημοσννη" εντψκρυπτψ' καιυ.παττ]ρ.σου 

openly. go that 'may ''be ' thine '•'aLms in secret: and thy Father 

βλέπων εντψκρυπτψ ^αντός^ αποδώσει σοι ^εν.τψ.φανερψ.^^ 

ό A.nd when thou who sees in secret himself shall render to thee openiy. 

prayest, thou slialt not _ ..^ , „ i, / , ., „ i . . " / 

be as the hypocrites Ο Και οταν ^προσενχ^, ονκ.εσγ ωσπερ οι υποκριται, 

are: for they love to And when thou prayost, thou shalt not be as the hypoi^ritee, 

pray standing in the „ ■< ~ ■, ~ ^ . > ~ 

iyn.igogucs and in the OTi ψιλονσιν εν ταις συναγωγαις και εν ταις γωνιαις των 
corners of the streets, for they love in the synagogues and in the corners of the 

' ίρρηθη LTrAW. » — «uAoyetTe . . . μισοΰι^ας υμάς Ι.ΤΤγΑ. " rot? μισονσ-ιΐ' υμάς OW. 
» — ΐττηρεαζόιη-ων υμάς και ι.τΤγΑ. y όντως so ΐ.ΤιΑ ' ΐθ^ίκοί iKition.s OLTTrAW " το αύτο, 
the same liti aw. b ώς us ιλτγα. •= ό ουράνιος the heavenly LTTrA. '' -f δε but τΓα]. 
• SiKaioavmit/ rigliteousuess OLTTi aw, ' — τοϊς τ. ■ ή σου ΐλΐημοσύνη ρ τ. ^ — αυτός 
LTTrA. ' — ίι> τω ψανιρφ LTTrAW. ^ προσίυχησθβ, ονκ ϊσ(σθ( ως ye pray, ye shall uot 
be ae LTTrA. 

VI. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 13 

πλατειών ίστώτες ττροσενχεσθαι, οττως ^άν'^.φανώσιν τοΙς ^f 1|ίΐθη^^ν^'ΓΊ\^ι^^'^ν 

streets standing to pray, so that they may appear nnto^you, Thiy have 

άνθρώποις' αμήν λέγω vuXv. °*οτι άπένονσίν τον μισθόν ί^βϊτ reward. 6 But 

to men. vrrily I say to yon, that they have =rewai-d e^^'enter^'l^nto^T^y" 

αυτών. 6 σν.δε, 'όταν ττροσεύχ^, ε'ίσελθε είς τό^ταμιείόν .σου, cio.'et, and i\hen thou 

'their. But thon, when thou prayest, enter into thy chamber, "'^^' shnt thy door, 

, , \ V ' -' P'""-^ *° ^^^ Father 

και κλεισας την.θυραν.σον, ττροσ^νξαι τψ.πατρι.σον τψ εν which is in secret; and 

and having shut thy door, pray to thy Father who [is] in thy Father which seeth 

,,, t r>\ ' '~ •■ > '^ secret shall reward 

τφ κρντΓτψ' και υ.ττατηρ.σον ο ρλεττων iv τψ κρντττψ απο- thee openly. 7 But 

.■<ecret ; and thy Father who sees in secret will when ye pray, use 

f ' ,^ ) ~ , ..,,__. , ~ , , „ ο \ not vain repetitions, 

όωσει σοι "εν.τψ.φανερψ . ν ΙΙροσενχομενοι.όε μη.^ραττολο- as the heathen do: 

render to thee openly. But when ye pray do not use vain for they think that 

II ./ ' >n , ^ ~ y ,' , -■ \ \ ■ they shall be heari! for 

γησητε, ωσπερ οι εθνικοί' οοκονσιν.γαρ οτι εν Ty ττοΚνΑογιφ their much speakiug^. 

repetitions, as the heathens : for they think that in ■hnuch ^speaking H Be not ye therefore 
>~> nr Λ' τ < n~ '~.' 'i^e unto them : for 

αντων εισακονσυησονται. 8 μη ουν ομοιωθητε αντοις• your Father knoweth 
'their they shall be heard. -Not therefore 'be Uke to them : what thing -ε ye have 

οΐύεν.γάρ ό.ττατήρ.νμών ων XP^iciv έχετε ττρό τοννμας hiai.°9AiterthifmiS 
for-^knows 'your 'Father of what things ^eed 'ye '■'have before ye ner therefore pray ye: 

αίτήσαι αυτόν. 9 όντως οϋν κροσεύχεσθε νμείς- ηάτερ.ήμών °;\f^*^^y HaUowe'd 

ask him. Thus therefore pray ye : Our Father ijg χΐ^γ name. 10 Ί"ηγ 

ό iv τοΧς ohpavoiQ, άγιασθήτω τό.ονομά.σον' 10 «ίέλθέΓω" ^u°t°e°donTin eartif 

who [art] in the heavens, sanctified be thy name ; let come ^s it is in heaven! 

ή.βασιλεία.σον γενηθήτω τό.θελημά.σον, ώς εν ονρανψ, και ^^^ '"^^^ΰ**^ r'^^^d 

thy kingdom; let be done thy will as in heaven, [so] also for^ve^us our'iebts, 

£7rt 'της^^ γής• 11 τόν.άρτον.ήμών τον εττιονσιοτ' δός ήμΊν ση- as we forgive our debt- 

upon the earth ;^ ^ our bread ^ the needed give us ^ ^O" not iito "^mptatio^ 

μερον 12 και άφες ημϊν τά.οφειλήματα.ήμών, ώς καΐ τ'ιμεΊς t)ut deliver us from 

Lf; .nd^fofgife^is^ '^oJ'Lus.^^ J ^^ ^^^, ^^^ΖΆ.^^ 

'αφιεμεν" τοΊς.οφειλεταις.ιιμών' 13 και μή.εισενε-γκ^α ημάς εις er, and the glory, for 

forgive our debtors ; And lead not " us into fjer- Aiiien. 14 For 

/ ,^^,t_ <~,v ~ ~.(/ -I if ye f orgjve men their 

πειρασμον, άλλα ρυσαι ημάς απο τον πονηρού, ^οτι σον εστίν trespasses, your hea- 
lemptation, but deliver us from evil. For thine is veiily Father will also 

r/D >' ,,5-/ ,,^,5, , , ,^ >'u forgive you : 15 but if 

η ρασιΚεια και η ονναμις και η όοξα εις τονς αιώνας, αμήν." ye forgive not men 
the kingdom and the power and the glory to the ages. Amen, their trespasses, nei- 

U.,-,, ,,,~ ^,/^/ , / ,, ther will your Father 

hav.yap άψητε τοις ανβρωποις τα.παραπτωματα.αντων, forgive your tree- 

For if ye forgive men their offences, passes. 

αφήσει και νμΊν ό.πατήρ.νμών ό ονράιηος' 15 εάν.δε μη 

*wiU forgive 'also 'you 'your ^Father "the *heavenly. but if ^ot 

άώήτε τοΊς άνθρώποις ^τά.παραπτώματα.αντών,^^ ούδε ό 

'ye '-^forgive men their offences, neither 

πατήρ υμών αώήσει τά.παραπτωματα.νμών. 

•Father -^οπτ 'will forgive your offences. 

16 iloreover when ye 

16 "Οταν.δε νηστενητε, μή.γίνεσθε ^ώσπερ" οι νποκριται 

And when ye fast, be not as the hypocrites, 

σκυθρωποί' άφανιζονσιν.γάρ τά.πρόσωπα.^αντών,'^ fast, be not, as the h'y- 

downcaat in countenance; for they disfigure their faces, pocrites, of a sad coun- 

„ ^ ^ , ^ , , ,,Λ/ tenance : for they dis- 

οπως φανωσιν τοις ανθρωποις νηστενοντες' αμήν λέγω figure their faces, that 

so that they may appear to men fasting. Verily I say ^^^y may appear unto 

< ~ ,,r II , , , Λ, , ., -.Λ . t.v / men to fast. Verilv I 

νμιν, ^otl' απεχονσιν τυν.μισθον. αυτών. 17 σν.δε νηστενων say unto you. They 

to yon, that they have their reward. But thou, fasting, h-^^e their reward 

„^ , , , ^ \' < > ' ' ' I -, η '■ 17 But thou, when then 

ακειψαι σον την κεφαλήν, και το.προσωπον.σον νι•ψαι•\^ οπως fastest, anoint thine 

anoint thy head, and "thy *face 'wash, so that head, and wash thy 

i,~ V ~ ' f\ ' ' .i.>%>~ , face ; 18 that thou ap- 

μη.φαν^ς 'τοις ανθρωποις νηστενων, άλλα τψ πατρι pear not unto men to 

tboamayest not appear to men fasting, but to 'Father fast, but unto thy Fa- 

' — άν LTTrAW. "> — oTt LTTrA. " τοψ.€Ϊόι> ΤΑ, " — iv τ<^ φανβρω ETTrA. Ρ βαττολογηστητΐ ΤΑ. 
•1 ελθάτω Τ. ■■ — τη? LTTrAW. » άφηκαμβν have forgiven LTTi A . ' — ότι σον to end of verse 
GtiTTrAW. " — ra napaiT. αντων Ί. 'ώ; LTTrA. " «αυτών L. * — ότι LTTrA. τ ιτ)σ. rots άνβρώ. L. 


a^dthvFatherwiilch f?^ ^Ψ iv τψ^κρνπτψ'^^ Kui ΰ.πατηρ.σον υ βΧίττων tv Γψ 
Beeth In secret, Bhall *^^ who [is] in secret; and thy Father who sees in 

rewardthoe openly. ^κρυτΓτψ" άποδώσει 001 Ην.τφ.ψανερψ.^^ 

secret will render to thee openly. 

19 Lay not up for -,,^ τ., ^ η ν • ~ λ , , , , ~ „ 

yourselves treasures -19 Μ7).{ίησαυριζετε νμιν θησαυρούς εττι της γης, οττου 

upon earth, where Treasure not up for yoorselvee treasures upon the earth, where 

moth and rust doth , ^ /:> - >./y <t' x» ^/ < 

corrupt, and ΛvheΓθ f'/C i^cii ρρωσις αφανίζει, και υττου κΑεπται όιορνσσονσιν και 

thieves break thiOUgh moth and rust spoil, and where thieves dig through and 

upfo^ryoiirseive^treti- kXstttovciv' 20 θησανρίζετε.δε νμΙν θησαυρούς iv οίψανψ, 

sures in heaven, where steal : but treasure up for yoursolves treasures in heaven, 

neither moth nor rust " " » " /^ -« > j 'v * »' \ ' » ^ 

doth corrupt, and ^''^^^ ^^'^^ ^VQ ouTi βρωσις αφανίζει, και οπού κλεπται ου.δι- 

where thieves do not where neither moth nor rust spoils and where thieves do not 

^teaU 21" for^^'where ορύσσονσιν ovdk κλίΤΓτουσιν. 21 οπου.γάρ Ιστιν 6 θησαυρός 

your treasure is, there ^S through nor steal : for where ^is "treasure 

ϊ^22The^'i^htofthc ""«^/^ων," tKsl ίσται ""καΰ^ η καρδία ''ύ/ζώΐ'." 22 Ό λύχνος του 
body is the eye : if 'youi'i there will be also ^heart 'yoiir. The lamp of the 

therefore thine eye be σώματος Ιστιν 6 Οφθαλμός^• εάν ^οδν" ^ ο. οφθαλμό ς. σου 

sSai^e'fuU of^ight! ^ ^o''y ^ is^ *1ιβ ^ eye; if therefore thine^eye 

23 But if thine eye be αττλοΰς ?}," oXov το.σώμά.σου φωτεινον εσται' 2d εάν.δε ΰ 

^h^^'lbe^^Tutdtl^ /-^^^ ,Ι^^. ^-^οΐβ '"^dy "^ light ^ will be. ^ But if 

ness. If tiierefore the όφθαλμός.σου ΤΓονηρος 7j, όλοι-» το.σώμά.σου σκοτεινον εσται. 

light that is in thee be '^ thiie eye evil be, "whole 'thy body dark will be. 

darkness, how great is , •' ^ , i , / , / / / 

that darkness I 81 ovi^ TO φώς TO εν σοι σκοτος εστίν, TO σκότος ποσόν] 

If therefore the light that [is] in thee darkness is, the darkness how great 

24 No man can serve 24 Ουδείς δύναται δυσί κυρίοις δονλεΰειν η.γάρ τον 'ένα 

two masters : for ei- _ No one is able two lords to serve : for either the one 

ther he will hate the , ^ \ ti . / « t r > zi < ν ι 

one.andlovetheother; μισήσει, και Tov ετερον αγαπήσει' η ενός ανβεξεται, και 

ΟΓ else he will hold to lie will hate, and the other he will love; or [the] one he will hold to, and 
the one, and despisn -,, _, , , ^, η η - ^ \ ' 'ir 

the other. Ye caunot TOV ετερου καταφοονησει. ου.όυνασθε θεψ οουλευειν και ^μαμ- 

serve God and mam- the other he will despise. Ye are not able ^God Ho "serve and mam- 
mon. 26 Therefore I 
eay 1 
thought : 

^hftfeS drink• Π ψάγητε ^Kal•^ Wi π'ιητν^^ μηδί τψ.σώματι.ύμων, 
nor yet for your body, what ye should eat and what ye should drink ; nor as to yotir body 

Fs^not^he'^mrmore ^' ίνδνσησθε. ούχι η ^Pυχή πλεΐόν εστίν της τροφής και 

than, and the what ye should put on. "'Not 'thu ''lile 'more 'is than the food and 

26Mio{dThe'^fowrs"of TO σώμα του ίνδύματος; 26 εμβλέ^φατε εις τά πετεινά τοϋ 

the air : for they sow tto body than the raiment ? Look at the birds of the 

not, neither do they οιφανοϋ, ΟΤΙ ού.σπείρουσιν, οΰδε θεριζουσιν, οΰδε συνάγονσιν 

blrnsryet youihea" I'oaven, that they sow not, nor do they reap, nor do they gather 

veniy Father feodeth ^,'ς άποθήκας, και δ.πατήρ.υμών 6 ουράνιος τρέφει αυτά- ούχ 

better than"" they? '"*" Krauarics, and your Father the heavenly feeds thorn: "not 

27 Which of you by tak- {,μ^ΐς μάλλον διαφέρετε αυτών; 27 τίς.δε εζ υμών μερι- 

οηο c^bi't^unto hu ^tt^ ^® *much 'are better than they? But which out of you by being 
ture ? 28 And why take μνών δύναται προσθεΐναι ίπι τήν.ηλικίαν.αϋτοΰ πήχυι> 'ένα; 

ye thought for rai- c^refTil is able to add to his stature "cubit 'one? 

ment? ( oimidor the % > i ^/ ■ ~ >n « ■ 

lilies of the field, how 28 και περί ενδύματος τι μεριμνάτε ; καταμαθετε τα κρίνα 

they grow; they toil j^n,i about raiment why are ye careful? observe the lilies 

not, neither do they „ , „ ^ i, , y f ,, .1 -u • s> m ' α 11 o.^ λ ' 

spin : 29 and yet I say του αγρου, πως "αυξάνει'" ου.^κοπίί^" ουοε "^νηβει" 2!) λε- 

unto you, That even of the field, how they grow: they labour not nor do they spin: "I 

Solomon in all his »,, . ^ „ > μ κλ \ « ' ' ~ Τ'»- > - 

glory was not arrayed γω ct υμιν,οτι ovot Σο\ομων tv πασ^ τy.6ot,y.aυτoυ περιε- 

liko one of those, ^say 'butto you that notevcn Solomon in all his glory wa» 

30 Wherefore, If God r, '\ » •> / on > j.» » ' - > ~ , 

•0 clothe the grass of βαλετο ως εν τούτων. 30 ει.όε τον χορτον του αγρού, σήμερον 

•Jio (ίϋΐιΐ, which today clothed as one of these. Butif the grass of the field, "to "day 

'νρυφαι'ω LTTrA. » — ef τω φαι-ερω OLTTrAW. ^o-qv thy LTTrA. <= — »cal L. <* + σον thy L. 
• — ovv T. ' 7} ό οφθα\μός σον άττλοΰί LTA. Κ μ,αμων^ QLTTi AW. *• ή ΟΙ" I<Tr ; — και t. 

— τι πίητΐ Τ. ^ αύξάνουσιΐ' lttpa. ' κοπιώσιν LT ; κοπιονσιν Τγα. ■" ιτίβουσιν LTTrA. 

η. 26 Therefore Ι ~ u c^.• ^ \ ~ \ ι <~ \ ~ ~ι ~«•^ 

unto you, Take no /^wr^t." 25 δια τουτο λέγω υμιν, μη.μίριμνατε τχι.ψυχ•^. υμών, 
lught for your life, mon. Because of this I say to you, be not careful as to your life. 


δντα, καΐ αΰριον els κλίβανον βαλλόμενον, 6 θώς όντως ^*> *5ί to morrow ΰ 

'which Is and to-morrow into an οτβη is cast, God thus A?'^ot''^uch°'moM 

άμώάννυσιν, ov ττολλω μάλλον υμάς, όλιγόττιστοι ; 31 μη '^i^the you, ο ye of ut- 

arrays, [wiU ho] not much rather you, [ye] of Uttle f aith ? '^not iakl^'no thon^iT^^r! 

ol'v μεριμιτησητε, λίγοντες, Ύί ώάγωμεν, η τι ττίωμεν, ing, "\vhat shaii we 

"therefore 'be careful, saying, What shall we eat? or what shall wedrink? t'• "", °l• ^^ ^^ -''^' ■ "Σ® 

, η ^ ' η ' \ ~ \ »n > drink ? 0Γ, ^Tierewith- 

η τι περιβαλωμεθα ; 32 τταντα.γαρ ταύτα τα έθνη ^επι- al shall we be clothed? 

or with what shall we be clothed? ForaU these things the nations seek ^2 (For after all these 

V ~ II •τ?> 11 ...,.,/ .- IV things do the Gentiles 

ζητεί' οιδεν.γαρ ο.ττατηρ.νμων ο ουράνιος οτι χρήζετε seek:) for your hea- 

after. For knows your Father the heaTenly that ye have need venly Father kuoweth 

τούτων απάντων' 33 ζητεΊτε.δε πρώτον °την βασιΚύαν τον of all these things. 

of -'these things 'alL But seek ye first the kingdom 33 But seek ye first the 

Λ-.,,». /η,-,ν ~ » kingdom oi God, and 

υεον και την.δικαιοσννην".αντοιι, και ταντα πάντα προσ- his righteousness ; and 

of God and his righteousness, and these things 'all shall all these things shall 

n' •~ο/ΐ< y η ' 11'»" ^β added unto you. 

τεθησεται νμιν. 34 μη ούν Ρμεριμνησητε^^ εις την ανριον 34 Take therefore no 

be added to you. '■'Not ^therefore 'be careful for the morrow : thought for the mor- 

rj.yap avpiov αεριμνΊ]σει Va' ηαντΓ?ς." άρκετόν Ty shin tike thoughrfOT 

for the morrow shall be careful about the [things] of itself , Sufficient to the the things of itself. 

ήμερα ή κακία αύτης. f^^X^^:^'^ 

day .is] the evil of it. 

7 Mr/.K-pivere, Ίνα μή.κριθήτε' 2 εν φ yap κρ'ιματι κρίνετε, νιι. Judge not, that 

Judge not, that ye benot judged: ■'with ^what 'for judgment ye judg*. ye be not judged. 

Λ'Λ <> t > ~.> r\' 5 For with what judg- 

κριυησεσθν και εν ψ μετρφ μετρειτε, ^αντιμετρηΰησεται' meat ye judge, ye shall 

yeshallbe judged; and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured again be judged: and with 

• ~ orr>'i'/0\' < '_i < ' ~ ' J η \ - - what measure ve mete, 

νμιν. 3 Ιι.οε βλέπεις το καρφος το εν τφ οφθαλμφ τον it ^laii be measured to 

to you. Butwhy lookestthouonthe mote that [is] in the eye vou again. 3 And why 

άδελφοϋ.σον, τηνΜ εν τψ.σψ όφθαλμψ δοκόν ον.κατανοεΐς ; mote^^hat is°hi thy 

of thy brother, but the ^in ^thine [*own] 'eye 'beam pereeivest not? brother's eye, but con- 

4ή τΓώς ίρεις τφ.άδελφψ.σον,Άφες εκβάλω τό tLlTt ΐη^Μη?:^ 

Or how wilt thou say to thy brother, Suffer [that] I may cast out the eye? 4 Or how wilt 

κάρφος 'άττό" τον.όφθαλμοϋ.σον και ιδού, η δοκός εν τφ fc Lei me ρ^ι "oTt 

mote from thine eye : and behold, the beam [is] in the mote out of thine 

όφθαλμω.σον ; 5 νποκριτά, εκβαλε πρώτον ''την δοκόν εκ ^^^^ ^^f^ thh°e^1)'wn 

thine [own] eye I hypocrite, cast out first the beam out of eye? SThouh.i'-pocriTel 

τον. Οφθαλμού. σον,^^ και τότε διαβλεφεις εκβαλείν τό κάρφος first cast out the beam 

thine [own] eye, and then thou wilt see clearly to cast out the mote and then shaTt^ th'ou 

εκ τον οφθαλμού τού.άδελφού.σον. see clearly to cast out 

out of the ^eye of thy brother. ^ ^ ^ IrotKeye.* °' ^'^ 

6 'Μή.δώτε TO liyiov τοΧς κνσ'ιν' μηδέ βάλητε τονς 

Give not that which [is] holy to the dogs, nor cast 6 Give not that which 

t,,„^ , , IS holy unto the dogs, 

μαργαρίτας νμων έμπροσθεν τών χοίρων, μηποτε ""κατά- neither cast ye your 

=4)earl3 'your before the swine, lest they should pirlf before swine, 

/ II » ί > » , , ^ , / lest toey trample them 

πατησωσιν" αντονς εν τοις.ποσιν.αντων, και στραφεντες under their feet, and 

trample upon them with their feet, and ha-ving turned turn again and rend 

. / J. ... you. 

ρήξωσιν νμας. 

they rend you. 7 Ask, and it shall be 

F7»'..~« >tn' •~ V- .1. given you ; seek, and 

/ Αιτείτε, και οουησεται νμιν' ζητείτε, και ενρησετε' ye shau find; knock. 

Ask, and it shall be given to you : seek, and ye shall find : and it shall be opened 

κρούετε, και άνοιγησεται νμΙν. 8 πάς.γάρ ό αιτών λαμβάνει, OTeth^^°t'^asketi?reMi^ 

knock, and it shall be opened to you. For everyone that asks receives, eth ; and "he that seek- 

Kai 6 ζητών ευρίσκει, και τψ κρούοντι '■άνοιγήσεται." hSi t^t^ to'ocketh *t 

and he that seeks finds,. and to him that knocks it shall be opened, shall be opened. 9 Or 

η ΐπιζητοΰσιν lttfa. ° -π^ν 8ικαιο<τύνην καΐ την βασιλΐίαν l ; — τοΰ Oeov (read its right- 
eousness) μ[α] Ρ μίριμνησ€τβ Ε. 1 — τα (0TOi< the [things] of) LTTrA-W. 'αύτη? A. 'μΐτρηΘη- 
σεται it shall be measured GLTTrAW, ' « out of ltti. " e/c τοΰ οφθαλμού σον την δοκόν 
LXTrA. " καταττατησουσιι/ they shall trample upon ι,ττγα. » ανοίγεται it is opened LXr. 

IG Μ A 'J θ A I Ο Σ. VII. 


simt niun^is^thM-e^o^ 9 f^ ^j^g νίστιν^' ti υμών άί'θρωπος, όν ^iav^ "atVijay" ύυ'ώς 

willhegi^e Or what -'is^thcre 'of 'you 'man who if ^should *ftsk '■'son 

himasione? 10 Or if avTOV aoTOV, μηλίθοί' ίπιδώσει αντφ: 10 ^καΐ εάν ίνθύν 

ho ask a hsh, wiU he ... ," , ' "' ,^ „.•,,, :„„ 1,• _T ' , .. Λ, „ , 

give mm a serpenti — ' ° — • " — " ~ ^=" 

11 If ye then, beiug αΐτήσϊ/," uj) δώιν ίΤΓίδώσΗ αντφ : 11 ΐί ούν ναέϊς πονηροί 

ΙΓοΛΖ unto7o^ heehoulJask,'^ a seipcnt willhegive^ him? If therefore ^e, UT 

children, how much δντες ο'ίδατΕ δόματα αγαθά διδόναιτοΊς.τέκνοίς.ύμών, ττόσψ 

wMch Ui'ii 1ιβ"'βιΓετ'^ 'being, know [how] -gifts 'good to give to your children, how much 

good tilings to them μάλλον ΰ.ττατήρ.ϋμών ό εν τοις ονρανοίς δώσει αγαθά 

that ask him? more your Father who [is] in the heavens will give good things 

τοϊς αίτονσιν αυτόν ; 

to them that ask him? 

12 Therefore all 12 ΤΙάντα oZv οσα.'^άν^^ θίλητε 'ίνα ττοιώσιν νμίν οι 

things whatsoever ye All things therefore whatever yedesiie that '■'should Mo *to*you 

would that men should „ ^ „ > < ., ^ , ^ - , , , 

do to you, do ye even ανϋρωτΓΟί, OVTOJQ και υμβις ποιείτε αυτοις' οντος.γαρ εστίν ο 

30 to them: for this 'men, so also ''ye 'do to them: for this is the 

is the law and the pro- / \ 1 

phets. νομός και οι προφηται. 

law and the prophets. 

13 '^Εισέλθετε" διά της στενής πνΧης' οτι πλατεία ^t) ττύλι/' 

„ . Enter in through the narrow gate ; for vride the gate 

13 Enter ye in at , , / < < ,., < , / , - > /x χ 

the strait gate: for fctti ευρύχωρος J/ 00ος // απαγουσα εις την απωλειαν, και 

wide is the gate, and and broad the way that leads to destruction, imd 

broad is the way, that \ > - > . > - t• > ^ ~ -, λ ct » ' ,r • 

leadeth to destruction, πολΚοι εισιν oi εισερχομενοι οι αυτής' 14: Ότι" στενή ι^ή 

and many there be many are they who enter through it : for narrow the 

which go in thereat : / \ μ ' αλ ' « f j. % ι > / > ν y / r 

14 because strait is the ττυλη' και τεθλιμμένη η οοος η απαγουσα εις τηνζωήν, και 

gate, and narrow is the gate and straitened the way that leads to life, and 

wav, which leadeth un- in / > \ < < > j > 

to "life, and few there ολιγοι €ΐσιν 01 ευρισκοντες αυτήν. 

be that find it. few are they who find it. 

prophet^ which comi 15 Προσεχετε.^δε" άπύ τών ^ευδοπροψητών, ο'Ίτινες έρχονται 

to you in sheep' .S cloth- But beware of the false prophets, who come 

iSf' ravinhi^'^viiveY '»"|θός ίψάς iv ίνδύμασιν προβάτων, εσωθεν.δέ ε'ισιν λύκοι ά'ρ- 

16 Ye shall know theni to you in raiment of sheep, but within are ^wolves 'ra- 

men^u'the^'i^aijes^i ''""T^C• 16 ά.πό τών.καρπών.αύτών ίπιγνώσεσθε αυτούς' μητι 

ttiorn^,'^ or '^ figs of pacioiis. By their fruits ye shall know tliem. 

thistles? 17 Even so σνλλίγουσιν άπο άκαι^θών *στα<ρνλήν " η άπΰ τριβόλων σΰκα', 

eth'^forth good fruit"; ^ο they gather from thorns abunchof grapes, or from tliistles figs? 

but a corrupt tree Π ο'ύτως πάν δενδρον αγαθόν καρποχις Καλούς ποιεϊ' τo.δk 

fi^t 1 Η Α good tree ^^ «^«""^ '^^ '«'^^ **^**^ '^<"'<^ produces, but the 

raTinot bring forth evil σαποίν δ'ενδρον καρπούς πονηρούς ττοιεί. 18 ού.δύναται 

fruit, noithercanacor- ^orrApt tree bruits 'bad produces. «Cannot 

nipt tree bring forth ^, - , _, , . • n . ^^ ^' ί 

good fruit. i9Everj' δενδοον αγαθον καρπούς πονηρούς ^ποιεΐν, ουδέ δενδρον σα- 

tree that bringoth not i^ ajree ''good "fruits "evil produce, nor a =^ree 'cor- 

forth good fruit is , "^ \.• ιιτ,Λ~ΐίί'^ ^ 

jewn down, and cast πρυν καοπους κάλους ^ποιεϊν." 19 τΓαι-"" δενορον μη ποιούν 
into the fire. 20 Where- ^upt 'miits "good 'produce. Every tree not producing 

fore by their fruits ye , λ, , , ^ . ~ λ• '\ ^ c\i\ λ " ι 

shall know them. καρπον κολον εκκοπτεται και εις πυρ (ίαλλεται. 20 ^αραγε' 

Hvuit 'good is cut do\vn and into fire is cast. Then surely 

'"ίίττόιΐ τώι. καρπών. αυτών επιγνώσεσθε αυτούς. 

by their fruits ye shall know them. 

21 Not every one λτ r-. > ~ > \ » tr > > ' \ ' 

that «aith unto me, 21 Ου πας Ο λέγων μοι, Κυρΐ€, κύριε, εισελευσεται εις 

Lord, Lord, shall enter Not every one who says tome, Lord, Lord, sliall enter into 

heaven 1° bu"^he "that τήν βασιλείαν τών ουρανών' άλλ' 6 ποιών το θέλημα τον 
doeth tlie will of my the kingdom of the heavens, but he who does the will 

J — ίσην LTr [a]. " — eav LTTrA. » αίτησα shall ask LTTrA. '' η και Ιχθύν αιτήσει or 
also a fi.sli shall ask LiTrA. <= ίάν τ. "' ίίσβ'λθατβ LTTrA. « — ή τΓυλη l[t]. ^ ^ τί how glti . 
κ [ή πύλη] LT. ^ — δέ but LT [τγα], ' οταφυλά? grapos LTTrA. J evty<elv bear τ. 

^ -♦- [oSi'J now L. ' άρα ye LTrA. '° e<c L. 


πατρός.μον τοϋ iv » ονρανοΐς. 22 ττολλοί ίρυνσίΐ' ^οι Ιν ζ'^^^^ ^giLy wm 

of my Father who [is] in [the] heavens. Many will say tome m ..^y to me ui that day, 

Ικείνη TV V μέρα, Κνριε, κύριε, ου τφ.σφ ονόματι "ττροεώη- ^,"'"'^' ^°/f '.^'^Tf ,7* 

that*^ '' V Lok, ' Lok,W through W 'name ^ ^-iid Vo ^J'^^fy^P^^f ^^"^ ^g 

τεΰσαμεν,^^ και τώ.σώ ονόματι δαιμόνια ίξεβάλομεν, και name have cast out 

«prophesy, and through thy ^ name demons cast out, and ^eviL,?^^and^m^J>y 

τώ.σώ ονόματι δυνάμεις ττοΧΚάς εττονησαμεν \ 23 και derfai works? 23 And 

through thy nAine =works ^of «power 'many perform? And ^^^"h^^/nevlr k,K°' 


τότε όμοΧογησω αύτοΐν,ότι ουοεττοτε εγνων νμας' αττοχωρειτε you : depart from 

then will I confess to thenT, Never knew I you: depart ye ye that work iniquity. 

άττ' εμον, o'l εργαζόμενοι την άνομίαν. 

from me, who work lawlessness. 

24 Ήάς οϋν όστις άκοι-ει /ιου τους λόγους Prowowg,'' ,41• h^^thele^^ayl 

Every one therefore whosoever hears -my ^Λvord3 'these, ings of mine, and 

και ποιεί αυτούς, '^ομοιώσω αύτόν^^ άνίρΐ ψρονίμψ, Οστις φκοδό- f^^^ hfm uiito^a wise 

and does them, Iwillliken him to a ^man 'prudent, who built man, Λvllich built his 

μησεν 'την.οΐκίαν.αύτοϋ^^ eiri την ττετραν 25 καΐ κατέβη ή ^°^;«^^ tTr''ain^tecen- 

his house upon the rock: and came down the ^g^^ ^^^j ^.j^g Qq^^^^ 

βροχή και ^^λθον" οι ττοταμοι και εττνευσαν οΊ άνεμοι, και ^"ί^^ .^^^ beat "^ροη 

rain, and came the streams, and blew the winds, and that house• and it fell 

^ττροσετΐεσον^^ ΤΏ.οΊκίαΛκε'ινυ, και ονκΛττζσεν' τεθεμελίωτο.γάρ notiforitwasfo-auded 

fell upon that house, and itfeUnot; for it had been founded e?er°y onl thit heai^th 

επι την ττετραν. 26 και τνάς ο άκονων μου τους λόγους these s.ayings of mine, 

upon the ro^k. and everyone who hears W_ ^ ^words ^^fn'bl'ukened un°t^ 

τούτους και μή.ττοιών αυτούς, ομοιωθήσεται άνδρί μωρψ, a foolish man, which 

■these and does not do them, he shall be likened to a -man ^foolish, bj-^'^t i^•;^ Ίί^"^ }^'^,Z^ 

„ > r/ V . / , ~, , , , V c, > ^^^ sand: 1.7 and the 

όστις ψκοοομησεν ^τήν.οικίαν.αυτου' επι την αμμον 27 και rain desceudeti, and 

who built his house upon the sand: and t'le floods came, and 

. ,-, . ο > < ΤΛ Λ . y y ,f . the wuids blow, anu 

κατερη η βροχή και tjkUov οι ττοταμοι και εττνευσαν οι beat upon that hou>e, 

came down the rain, and came the streams, and blew the and it fell : and great 

„ X , , ~ ) / , / y „ > τ was the fall of it. 

άνεμοι, και ττροσεκοψαν Ty.oiKigi.kKSivy, και εττεσεν, και ην 

λνϊη;!.•-, and beat upon tliat, and it fell, and *was 

ή ΤΓτώσις αυτής μεγάλη. 

'the ''fall " ^of*it great. 

eta Tr > > ' " w '\ II " Ί ~ ' Λ ' 28 And it came to 

28 Και εγενετο οτε ^συνετελεσεν" ο ΐ}ΐσους τους λογούς pass, when Je.iLs had 

And it came to pass when -had 'flnished 'Jesu- ^words ended these sayings, 

' iv\/ «"Λ ι..νΛ5..^,-., ^--. - the weonle were aston- 

τυυτους εζεττλησσοντο οι όχλοι επι τι/.ΰιόαχρ.αυτου• 29 ην ished at his doctrine : 

"these .astonished were the crowds at hi- teaching: -he ^as 29 for he taught them 

ydp διδάσκων αυτούς ως εζονσίαν έχων, καΐ ούχ ως οι thorny, and not^a. Uie 

'for teacliing them as -authority 'having, and not as the scribes. 


scribes. ^ . , , „ , , , "^'HI- "^^'heu he was 

8 ^^αταβάντι.δε αύτψ^ άττο του όρους, ήκολουθησαν αύτψ < ome down from the 

And when -had ^come Mown 'he from the mountain, ^followed *him mountam, great mul- 
„ ΝΛ.Λ <>r,/% r iN/i<ii / »- titudes followed him. 

όχλοι ΤΓολλοι" 2 κα.• ιδού, λεττρος ^ελθων" ττροσεκυνει αυτφ, 2 And, behold, there 

-crowds 'great. And behold, a leper having come cud homage to him, came a leper and wor- 

Λ» -.r ' > » /ΤΛ 5-' ' η ' .-. T^ - shipped hmt, saying, 

λέγων. Κύριε, εαν θελιάς, δυνασαι με καθαρισαι. 3 Και Lord, ifthou wilt, thou 

baying. Lord, if thou wilt thou art able me to cleanse. And canst m.oke me clean. 

, , , - „ 1 ) - .< 't ~ h λ ' 3 And Jesus put forth 

εκτεινας την.χειρα 7]ψατο αυτού "ο Ιησους,^^ λέγων, Λώ hand, and touched 

having stretched out [his] hand -touched ^him 'Jesns, saying, him, saying, I will: i)e 

θέλω, καθαρίσθητι. Και ευθέως ^εκαθαρίσθη" αύτοϋηλεττρα. mediately his leprosy 

I will, bethouclean.ed. And immediately was cleansed his iepro-y. was clennsed. 4 And 

" -h Τ0Ϊ5 tlie LTTrA. « ίπροφΎ]Τξύσαμ.εν LTTrA. Ρ [rovrousj LTr. <^ ομοιωθησΐται he shall be 
likened LTTr. ' αντοΰτην οΐκίαν ι,τ:τγα.. ^ ?ι\θαν Τγ. ' προσεπαισαν struck against l; προσ- 
iireaav ττγα. ' αύτοΰ rqv οΊκΙαν LTTrA. '^ ereKeaev LTTrA. ^ + αυτών (read their scribesj 
LTTrA ; + (cal oi Φαρισαΐοι and thu Pharisees i. y καΧ καταβάντος αύτοΰ L ; καταβάντος δέ 
αύτοΰ Tr. ^ προσϋλ.θών having come to fhim] ltti aw. ^ — ό Ίησοΰ? (read he touched) 

LTTrA. *= ΐκαθνρίσθη Τ. 



Se""?hon toirno^mLn•; ^ Κ«ί Xiysi ούτψ 6 •ΐησοϋς,"Ορα μηδενΐ είττ^ς- 'άλλ'» τίτταγε, 

bnt go thy way, shoW ^^^ "^^^^ *to*hira 'Jesus, See no one thou tell; but go 

thyseii to the priest, asavTov δέϊξον τψ ΊεοέΙ, και ''ττοοσένεγκτε" το δώρον δ ποοσ- 

Mo'efc'ni^lSfeMoi /^^^-Ιί «'-- to the prLt, and ^ offer ' the giit which ^ «or- 

atestimonyuntothem. εταζεν ^Μωσϊ/ς," εις μαρτύρων αντοΐς. 

tiered 'iloses for a testimony to them. 

5 ^Είσε\θόντι".δε «τψ Ιζ/σοΰ" είς '"Καττεοϊ^αονιζ," ττροσήλθεν 

5 And when Jesus And =having ^entered 'Jesus into Capernaum, 'came 

was entered into Ca- , ^ . , , ^ , r ' , 

pernanm, there came avT([) ^εκατονταρχος" τταρακαΧών avTov 6 και λέγων, Κύριε, 

unto him a centurion, ^to'him 'a 'centurion, beseeching him and saying. Lord, 

beseechmir him, 6 and , a' lO^ > ~ > > >. > f. r, 

saying, Lord, my ser- ο.παΐς.μον ρερληται εν ry otKig, τταραλντικος, οεινώς ράσα- 

Tantliethathomesicli my servant is laid in the house paralytic, grievously tor- 

ofthepaLsy.grievously « ki^ 'li \ ' ' ~ 1 < •τ - ii >τ^ < ^ '\ /Τ η 

tormented. 7And Jesus νιζομζνος. 7 Και" λεγει αυτί^ Ό Ιτίσους, Εγω ελθων θερα- 

saith unto him. Ι will mented. And ^says 'to*him 'Jesus, I having come will 

come and heal him. , , , ο miT- ' ' λ < ii • i < ' η " ^ ύγ ' 

8 The centurion an- ττευσω aurov. 8 ""Και ατΓοκρι^εις" ^κατονταρχος^^ εφη, Κνριε, 
swered and said, Lord, heal him. And 'answering 'the 'centurion said, Lord, 

I am not worthy that , , , , > κ c < , , ' i\ η '\λ < ' 

thou shouldest come ουκ.ειμι ικαΐ'ος iva μου VTTo Tifv στεγην ε^σελθyς• άλλα μόνον 

under my roof: but I am not worthy that 'my 'under roof thou shouldest come, but only 

sOeak the word only, > , „> / ii > » λ ' < ~ r\ > > ' « « 

and my servant shall ^'Τ^ε ^λογον,^^ και ιαυησεται ο.παις.μον. υ και.γαρ εγω αν- 

be healed. 9 For Τ am speak a word, and shall be healed my servant. For also I a 

h^ng"oldier3^lndl:: θρωττός είμι VTTo εξονσίαν", 'έχων υπ ίμαντόν στρατιώτας• 

me : and I say to this man am under authority, having under myself soldiers ; 

rn?toro"thlr!!'omo: καΐλεγω τούτψ, Πορεύθητι,καί πορεύεται- και άλλφ, "Ερχον, 

and he cometh ; and and I say to this [one], Go, and he goes ; and to another. Come, 

ihi8,TndTe"doethrt" '^«j [ρχ^ται' καΐ τφ.δούλφ.μον, Ποίησον τοντο, καΐ ΤΓοιεϊ. 

10 When Jesus heard and becomes; and to my bondman. Do this, and he does [it]. 

'''•i*t "iu''^°\^£'^l i".*^ 10 ΆκούσαςΜ ο Ίησονς εθαύμασεν, και είττεν τοΐς άκολον- 

said to them that fol- . - ,. . ?l , ,τ j i j j 4. tu r i, 

lowed, Verily I say ^'°^ 'having 'heard 'Jesus wondered, and said to those follow- 

anto you, I have not Qovffiv^, Αμήν λέγω νμΐν, 'Όΰίέ εν τψ Ισραήλ τοσαύηιν 
no" ηοΤ ^η IsraeL i"?. ^«"iV I say to you! Not eyen in ^IsrU so great 

II And I say unto you, ^[f^^^■^;\\ zvpov. 11 λεyωM ύμίν, OTi τΓολλοι άπό ανατολών 

£omt"reLfandwe?t! f-^h have ffound. But I^say to you, that many from east 

and shall sit down with και δνσμών ήξονσιν, και άνακλιθήσονται μετά 'Αβραάμ και 

Abraham, and Isaac, ^ ^gg^ shall come, and shall recline [at table] witli Abraham and 
and Jacob, in the king- ^ , </-(,~/-> •^ > - . ~ -ir»tM.. 

dom of heaven. 12 But Ισαακ fcai Ιακωβ tv Ty βασιλειφ των ουρανών' 12 οι.οέ νιοι 

the children of the j^^ac and Jacob in the kingdom of the heavens ; but the sons 

kingdom shall be cast ^ r> ^ > >/^\/-i' ιι>^ ' \ ,y , ,.. 

out into outer dark- της βασιλείας ^εκβληθησονται" εις το σκότος το εξώτερον' εκεί 

ness: there shall be of the kingdom shall be cast out into the darkness the outer: there 

weeping and gnashing , <\n> <</3 ■ -.•*,> ιητ/-<τ 

of teeth. 13 And Jesus fffrai υ κλαυθμος και ο βρυγμυς των οδόντων. 13 Και ειττεί' 

Raid unto the centu- shall be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. And 'said 

ri on, Go thy way; and , ,, ... -a' ' 11 "v> t Ml • ' ' 

as thou hast believed, Ο 1ί;σους Τψ ^εκατονταρχψ," Γτταγε, 'και" ως επιστευσας 

so be it done unto thee. 'Jesus to the centurion, Go, and as thou hast believed 

hfaled'hiThJseifs^e γενηθήτω σοι. Και ίάθη ό.τταϊς/αΰΓοϋ" ^εν ry ωpq, 

hour. be it to thee. And was healed his serrant In «hour 



14 And when Jesus 14 Και ίλθών ό Ίηοονς είς T7]v οίκίαν Πέτρου, είδεν 

was come into I'oter's Ami 'having 'come 'Jesus to the house of Peter, saw 

mo'thei'uidVanrB'ick τήν.ττενθεράν.αΰτον βεβληυενην και πνρ'εσσονσαν, 15 και 

of a fever. 15 And he his wife's mother laid and in a fever; and 

'^ άλλα KGLTTrA. '^ ττροσβρβγκον LTTrAW. « Μωνσης LTTrAW. f «ίσβλβόΐ'το? LTTrA. β αύτφ 
he aw; αΰτοΰ he hrXiA. *' Καφαρναονμ LTTpaW. ' ΐκατορτάρχης Τ. ^ — καΐ LT[Tr]A. 
I — ο Ίησοϋς (read lie says) i,t[ti]a. '" άποκριθίΐς Se LTTr. » λόγω by a word oi-TTrAW. 
"» + τασσόμΐνος placed l. ρ + αντω him i.. 'i παρ' ovSevl τοσαντην πίστιν kv τώ Ίσραηλ 
with 110 one bo great faith In Israel LTrA. ■■ ίξΐΚήσονται. shall go forth τ. » ίκατοι/ιά^χτ] 
OLTTrAW. ' — και LT[TrjA. ' — αύτοΟ (read the servant) LTTr[A]. " άπό της ώρας ΐκΐίνης 
from that hour i. 

Vm. MATTHEW. 19 

ήφατο της χειρός.αυτης, και άώηκεν αυτήν 6 πυρετός καΐ [Z^'tfe^Zther' III 

he touched hCThand, and ^left *her Hhe ^ever; and she aroL Ind ιώη- 

ήγίρθΐ] και δΐηκόνεΐ ^αύτοΐς.' iitcred nnto them. 
she arose and ministered to them. 

16 Όφίαο.δί γενομένης προσήνεγκαν αντώ οαιμονιζομίνουο lewhan the even was 

And evening being come, they brought to him -^possessed ^vith »dem Jus '^^^' "^^^y brought un- 
, , ° , / V , , ' , to him many that were 

πολλούς• και Ιζεβαλεν τα πνεύματα λ>ογ^ και παντας τονς pos.'iessed -svith devlU: 

'many, and he cast out the spirits byaword, and all ■nho '^I'd he ca^st out the 

„ , , ,, ^ ,, .. , spirits Tfith his wora, 

κακώς εγονταα ίθεραπευσεν 17 όπως πληρωθώ τυ and healed ail that 

Til ^were " he healed : So that might be fulfiUed that which ^^^e sick: 17 tbat it 

,, _ , ,, , might be fulfilled 

ρηθέν δια Raaiov τον προφήτου, λέγοντος, Αυτός τας which was -spoken by 

was spoken by Esaias the prophet, saying, Himself the E=aia=, the prophet, 

, η ■ < ~ 'Λ Ο > ' ' '/3' saying, Himself took 

ασϋενειας ιιμων ελαρεν, και τας νόσους εραστασεν. our infirmities, and 

infirmities of us took, and the diseases bore. bare our sicknesses. 

18 ΊδωνΜ 6 Ίησοϋς ^ποΧΚονς όχλους^' περί αυτόν, εκε- 

And -seeing 'Jesus great crowds around him, he com- 

λευσεν άπεΧθεΙν εΙς το πέραν. 19 και προσεΧθων εις isKow when Jesus 

manded to depart to the other side. And having come to [him] one- saw great multitudes 

,T '~Αϊ•' \ ' \ Ω' " ■' about him, he gave 

γραμματεύς ειπεν αυτφ, Αιοασκαλε ακοΑοννησω σοι οπου.εαν commandment to de- 
ascribe said to him, Teacher, 1 will follow thee whithersoever part unto the other 
άπερχη. 20 Καϊ λέγει αυτψ ο Ιησούς, Αί αλωπεκές φωλεούς gcribe^cim^ andtaS 

thou mayest go. And -says ^to^him 'Jesus, The foxes -"holes unto him, 'Master, I 

Ιχουσιν και τα πετεινά του ουρανού κατασκηνώσεις, ό.δέ υ'ώς ^S^soever^'thoifgoest' 

'have, and the birds of the heaven nests, but the Son 20 And Jesus saith tin- 

του άνθρωπου ονκ.εχει ποϋ τήν κεφαλήν kXivij. 21 "Ετερος• ^^of^^^^^^Slf 

of man has not where the head he may lay. "Another the air Λαΐ'ε nests- but 

δε τώικμαθητών^-αυτου^ έίπεν αντψ, Κύριε, ίπίτρε•φόν μοι ^^^ ^°tere^ t^'^iay Λ^ώ 
-and of his disciples said to him, Lord, allow me ^^.^^ jl And another 

πρώτον άπελθεΧν και θά-φαι τον.πατ'ερα.μου. 22 Ό.οέ-'Ίί;σοΰο" of ^^ξ^. ^ψνψ said 

first togo^ and bury my fat W. ^ But Jesus me first ti go Ind'bu^ 

^είπεν^^ αντώ, ' Ακολουθεί μοι, και άφεα τονς νεκρούς θά-φαι my father. 22ButJe- 

said to him, FoUow me, and leave' the dead to bury p^uow me;Tndlet Se 

ΤΟνς.ίαυτών νεκρούς. dead bury their dead. 

their own dead. 

23 Και εμβάντι αύτφ εις '^τό ' πΧοΊον, ήκολούθησαν αύτψ 
And '■'having ^entered 'he into the ship, ^followed *hiin 

οΐμαθηταΐαύτοϋ. 24 και Ιδού, σεισμός μέγας εγ'ενετο εν Ty ^3 And when he was 

•his "disciples. And lo, a ''tempest 'great arose m the entered into a ship, his 

θαλασσή, ώστε το πΧοων καΧύπτεσθαι ύπό τών κυμάτων οί^ί^ΐί ^ b"h°iT^th'-'"" 
sea, so that the ship was covered by the waves; Irosi'a gr'ea" tempSt 

αντο€.δείκάθευδεν.2δκαιπροσελθόντες ^oi μαθηταν^^αντου^ ^^ the sea insomuch 

, . ,- , . . . .^ . .„.,., «^,. . , ., ■ that the ship wa; co- 

vered with the waves : 
but he was asleep. 

awoke him, saying. Lord, save us; we perish. 25 And his disciples 

, s / , 1 - 5> Λ , , >\ ' r ' came to him, and 

26 Και λίγει αυτοΤς, Τι δειΧοι εστε, οΧιγοπιστοί', Τότε awoke him, saying, 

And he says to them, TVhy fearful are ye, [ye] of Uttle faith ? Then, Lord save us: we per- 
, η • 1 ' ..,,/ ^~Λ^' .7/ ^^^- 26 And he saith 

εγέρσεις επετιμησεν τοις ανεμοις και Ty θaλaσσy, και εγενετο unto them, "Why are 

having arisen he rebuked the wiud-s and the sea, and there was ye fearful, Ο ye of 

X / ,Λ c^r, t τ.. „ η in ' Λ ' ^i"l* faith? Then he 

γαλήνη μεγάλη. 27 οι.όε άνθρωποι εθαυμασαρ, Κεγοντες, arose, and rebuked the 
a *calm 'great. And the men wondered, saying, winds and the sea ; and 

π , , τ " a ^w ' - > < Λ '\ there was a great calm. 

ΙΙοτατΓος εστίν ούτος, οτι ^και" οι άνεμοι και η θάλασσα ο; But the men mar- 

What kind [of man] is this, that even the winds and the sea veiled, saying, VThat 

h < / , ^ ,. manner of man is this, 

"νπακουουσίν αυτψ ;" that even the wmds 

obey him? and the sea obey him ! 

I αΰτω to him LTTrAW. x όχλο»' a crowd l. » — αϋτοΰ (read the disciples) lttf. ^ — Ίησονς 
(read he said) τ. *> Aeyet says lttfaw. = — το (read a ship) LTrA. ^ — ot μαθηταΐ [LjTTr. 
" — αντοΟ GLTTrAW. f — "ημάς LTTi AW. β — και L. ^ αύτφ ϋπακονουσι^ liita. 


28 And when he was 28 Και 'ίλθόιτι αΰτφ" εις το ττεραν εις την χώραν των 
i^nto\hecountn^'^o/the And when "had ^come 'he to the other eido to the country of the 

Ger;;-oscnes there met ^I'eoyeanvwv^^ νττηντησαν αϋτφ δύο δαιμΌνιζόμενοι ίκ των 
tV^cl^^ToT^ (^/gesenes, -met "him «two ^posses^ed ^by demons out of the 

the tombs, exceeding μνημείων ί%ερχόμε^> 01, γαλετΓοί λίαν, ώστε μή ίσχνειν τινά 

fierce so that no man ' ^^ coming, -^Tiolent Very, so that not ^as «able 'any 'one 

might pass by that ,« ~ , , r» < >^ ' " % > 

way. 29 And, behold, τταοεΧθεΊν oia της.οοον.εκΒίνης' 29 Kaiioov, ίκραζαν λέγοντες, 

they cried out, saying, to pass by that way. And lo, they cried out, saying, 

What have we to do ^ , / ' ι>τ ~ n • > - /i ~ ■'\ A τ τ. . 

with thee, Je.sus, thou Ti ήμΐν KUi σοι, ' ϊησου, νιε του ί/6ου ; ι/λθες ωοε ττρυ 

Son of God ? art thou "What tons and to thee, Je.sus, Son of God? art thou come here before [the i 
comehitherto torment „ ^^ , , ^ η<-κΤτ» η ^ . > . ~ > /> 

ns before the time? Kttipov ρασανισαι ημάς', 30 Ή.ν.οε μακράν απ αντων αγελ?/ 

30 And tliere was a time to torment us ? Now there was far off from them a hen I 

them an herd of many χοίρων τΓοΧΚών βοσκομενη. 31 οΊ.δε δαίμονες τταρεκαΚονν 

swine feedinpr. 31 So of "swine 'many feeding; And the demons besought 

him, saying, ifThou avTov, λεγοντες, Ει ίκβάΧΚεις ημάς, "^ίττίτρεχί/ον ημΙν άπεΚθεϊν^ 

cast us out, suffer us him, saying, If thou cast out us, allow us to go away 

herd Vsw'ine."32°A^'d ^k την άγελην των χοίρων. 32 Καί εΤττεν αί/ΓοΤς", Υπάγετε. 

he said unto them, Go. into the herd of the swine. And he said to them. Go. 

c^^ne^ouT ttT wem OL^i ίζελθόντες "άττΓ,λθον" είς ^'τήν άγίλην των χοίρων' 

into the herd of swine: And they having gone out went away into the herd of the swine: 
herd^of°^''swine^*ran ''^"' '^"ύ, ωομησεν πάσα η άγεΚη '^τών χοίρων^^ κατά τον 
violently down a steep and behold, '^rushed 'all ^the 'herd "of ^the "swine down the 

^.'r^Vd*°i*th ^wit'^rs' f^QW^^^ ^'ζ ''^^ θάλασσαν, καί άπέθανον εν τοΖς νδασιν. 

sij'j^d they thlt\ept «teep into the sea, .-ind ^ died ^ in the waters. 

th.m fled, and went 33 q\ §'^ βόσκοντες 'έφυγον, καΙ απελθόντες εΙς την πόλιν 

city!" and^ told ever^ ^^"^ο^β"^•^" **^*^ [them] fled, and having gone away into the city 
thing, and what was άπηγγειλαν πάντα, και τά τών.δαιμονιζομίνων. 

bertiljpn to the pios- related everything, and the [events] concerning those possessed by demons. 

31 And, behold, the 34 και ί'^ού, πάσα η πόλις εζηλθεν είς^συνάντησιν^^ ^τφ^^'ίησον' 

wl.ole city came out ^^^^ , ^μ the city went out to meet Jesus; 

to meet Jesus: and ,,,>,,, λλ ,„ ^~ . , 

when they saw him, και ιοοντες uvTov, παρεκαλεσαν Όττως" μεταβγ απο 

they besought Λίϊϊΐ that ^jj^ seeing him, they be.sought [him] that he would depart from 

he would depart out of ^ , , , ^ 

their coasts. των.οριων.αντων. 

their borders. 

9 Καί εμβάς εις Vo" πλοΐον διεπερασεν καί ηλθεν ει\ 

into a ship Hmrpa3.sed .Vnd having entered into the ship he passed over and came to 

over, and canio into his -ηΊν-ίδίαν πόλιΐ'. 2 καΙ Ιδού, '"προσ'εψερον^^ αΐ'τψ παραλντικον 

own city. 2 And be- j j^. ,.^ ^j^ ^^j j„ ^j^gy brought to him a paralytic 

hold, they brouglit to ο ιλ / , > r. < < > ~ » / . 

him a Tiian sick of the επί κλίνης βεβλημενον' και ιδων ο Ιησονς την.πιστιν.αντών 

p.alsy. i.ving on a bed: ^^ ,^ ^g^ lying; and -seeing 'Josus their faith 

and .J.Mis seeing their ^ λ -. ^ ' ' , , » /„ 

faith s;iid unto the ειπεν τφ παραλντικψ, θαρσει, τεκνον, ^αψεωνται" 

siuk of the palsy. Sou, g^i^ to the paralytic, Be of good courage, child; 'have ■'l)een ^forgiven 
be of good cheer; thy , , , η ο i- > ><> ' ^ - , , ■, „ 

sins be forgiven thee. > σοιαι.αμαρτιαι.σον" Ο Καί loov, τίνες των γραμματέων ^ειπον" 

:; And, 1iehol<l, certain «thee 'thy "sins. And lo, some of the soribas said 

of the scribes said , , ^ „τ ^\ , ~ λ ir ^ n'S>< 11 ■ >τ ~ < 

within themselves, tp εαυτοις, OvTOC ρλασ0ί;/χ6ΐ. 4 Και "ιόων" ο Ιί/σουί, τας 

This νιαη blasphom- ία themselves, lliis [iminj bliwpheme-s. And "perceiving 'Jesus 

cth. 4 .\nd. Teens know- , λ / > ~ 1 ν«τ 'm c • ~ ;i ' λ ~ λ ' 

ing their thoughts ίνθνμησεις.αυτω}•, ειπεν ^ Ira.n ' "^νμεις'^ ινΗνμεισθε πονηρά 

eaid, AVhoroloiH tluitk their thoughts, said, Why ''ye 'think evil 

rForwhet^et'i 'casi'.V^ ^v ταϊς.καρδίαις.υμών, 5 τί.γάρ εστίν εύκοπώτερον, ειπείν, 

to say, ΖΆ^ sine be for- in your hearts? For which is easier, to say, 

' ίλθόντος αΰτοΰ ΐ,ΤΤι . ^ Γερασηρωι/ L ; Γαδαρηκΰι/ Gadarcues ΤΤγΑ. ' — Ίησοΰ ΟΙ,ΤΤγΑ. 
•" άπόστειλοί' ημάς send us GLTTiA. " + [ό Ίι^σοΰ?] .lesiis L. _ " άττήλβσΐ' ltp. ρ τους 
χοίρους the swine GLXTr, ί — των χοι'ρωί' ulttiJa]. ■■ ύττάι/τησίΐ' LTtr. « τοΰ τ. 

» ϊι/α L. ' — rh (read a ehip) LTTr{A]• " προσφβρονσιν they bring l. » άφίίνταί are 

fl>ri:fiven vrtr. y σου αί όμαρτίαι LTTrA. ' elirav ΙΎτ. ' «ίδώς knowing LTr. •' 'Ινατί GTW. 
" — VMiis i/TTrA. 


^Άφεωνταί^^ ^σοι^' αι άμαρτίαι' η ΰττύν, ^"E^y^ipaC και ^«° and^walk? 6Βύϊ 
'Have 'been =f orgiven «thee [Hhj] =sins, or to say, ^ Arise and thatyemay knoVthat 

περιπατεί ; 6 ' είδήττ on εζονσίαν έχει ύ υιός τον αν- ^^^ ^οη of man hath 

walk? But that ye may know that authority has the Son °* ^■^^skL','''(then saitii 

θρώτΓον επί της γης άφιεναι αμαρτίας' τότε λέγει τφ πάρα- he to the sick of the 

man on the earth to for^ve sins: then he says to the para- ^iji^^ed and go unto 

Χντικφ, ^Εγερθείς" άρον σον την κλίνην, και ϋπαγε εις τον thine hoW. 7 And he 

lytic, Havingarisen, takeup thy bed, and go to arose, and departed to 

, , , Λ > , r, > . τ , _ his house. 8 But when 

οΙκόν σου. 7 Και ε-γερθεις άπήΧυεν εις τον. οικον. αντον. the multitudes saw ΐί, 

"house 'thy. And having arisen he went away to hi; house. they marvelled, and 

r^ ,r>/ ^^ ' " ■\ y >n ' „ , , r, / c- > /T ' glorificn God, which 

8 ιοοντες.οε οι υχλοι ^^εθανμασαν,^' και εόοξασαν τον θεον, had given such power 

And "having *seen 'the '^crowds wondered. and glorified G-od, unto men. 

τον δόντα εζονσίαν τοιαντην τοΊς άνθρώττοις. 

who gave ^authority 'such to men. 

9 Και παράγων ο'Ιησονς εκείθεν είδεν άνθρωττον καθήμενον 9 And a.s Jesus passed 

And 'TJassing 'Jesus thence saw a man sitting forth fi-oin thence, he 

Ϊ \ ^ Λ ' ;t>- /ί-χιιχ ' *\' y -^ > Λ Raw a man, named 

επι TO τελωνών, 'Marfaiov" λεγομενον, και λέγει αντφ, Ακο- Matthew, sitting at 

at the tax-ofiBce. -Matthew 'called, and says to him, Fol- the receipt of custom : 

λ//-ι t^ ^ ' ' li ' \ ' Λ 11 ' ~ -ir\rr " ' ' and he sai th unto hira, 

ουθειμοι.Καιαναστας'^ηκο\ονθ7]σεν'^αυτψΛΟΚαι εγενετο ioiIow me. And he 

low me. And havingarisen he followed him. And it came to pass arose, and followed 

^αϋτον άνακειμενον^^ εν ry o'lKiq., ^KaV^ ιδού, πολλοί τελώναι t^as.s,°a^MussaTat 

at his reclining [at table] in the house, that behold, many tax-gatherers meat in the house, be- 

και αμαρτωλοί ελθόντες σννανεκειντο τφ Ίησον και Ι^Ι'^ΖΖ Stud 

and sinners having come were reclining [at table] with Jesus and gat down with him and 

τοΐς.μαθηταΐς.αντον. 11 και Ιδόντες οι ΦαρισαΙοι "εΖπον" ^en^^*the^'rhIri^M5 

his disciples. And having .seen [it] the Pharisees said saw tl they said unto 

τοΐς.μαθηταΐς.αύτον, °Αιατί'^ μετά των τελωνών και άμαρ- his disciples. Why eat- 
to his disciples, ^ Why^ ^vith the tax-gatherers and ^ sin- p^blicTm fnd s?nn^8 ? 

τωλών εσθίει ο.διδάσκαλος.υμών,Ι'ϋ^Ο.δε^'Ιησονς^^ άκουσας p But when .Jesus 

ners eats your teacher Γ _ But Jesus having heard ^rthemriheyX i^ 

εΤπεν '^αύτοΐς,' Ov χρείαν εχουσιν o'l ισχύοντες ιατρού, whole need not a phy- 

hesaid to them, "^Not Wd "have 'they =who ^are*strong of a physician, are's^ck^^IS But 'o^e 

'άλλ'" o'l κακώς έχοντες. IS πορενθεντες.δε μάθετε τι εστίν, and leam what (Λαί 

but they who ill are. But having gone learn what is, naeaneth, I will have 

"χιΛ II Λ'Λ y > η > 1 ΤΛ Λ \ r Γ> . mercy, and not sacri- 

* Ελεον θέλω, και ου θνσιαν ov γαρ ηλθον καλεσαι όικαιονς, fiee : f or ι am not come 

Mercy I desire, and not sacrifice : *not 'for -I 'came tn call righteous ^° call the righteous, 
,,,,,,,, - , , , but sinners to re^ient- 

'αλλ " αμαρτωλονς ^εις μετανοιαν. ance. 

[ones], but sinners to repentance. 

14 Ύότε προσέρχονται αντφ o'l μαθηταί Ίωάννον, λέγοντες, 

Then come near to him th(; disciples of John, saying, the discipi'^'^of^John 

^^ιατΰ^ήμεΧςκαί οι Φαρισαϊοινηστεύομεν^πολλά,^^ οΊ.δε.μαθη- saying, why do we an(i 

win- Ve ^'andnhe ^Pharisees 'do fast much, but Misci- the Pharisees fast oft 

J , ^ ^ , . , ^^^ tny disciples fast 

ται.σου ου.νηστενονσιν; 15 Υ.αι εΐπεν αυτοΊς ο Ιησούς, Μη not? 15 And Jesus said 
pies 'thy fast not? And ^said =»to*them 'Jesus, «5^» them. Can the 

%,, ,,,.„ η ~ ■> > " >) children of the bnde- 

δυνανται οι νιοι τον ννμφώνος πενθειν εφ .όσον μετ αντών chamber moum, as 

Can the sons of the bridechamber moum while with them longasthebridpgroom 

, < / )x ' r>v < / t/ > r\~ IS with them? but the 

εστίν Ο ννμφιος; ελενσονται οεημεραιοταν απαρθ^ days wiu como, when 

is the bridegroom ? ^will ''come 'but ^days when will have been taken a wav the bridegroom shall 
,,,.., , , / / - „ , 5, , »", be taken from them, 

απ αντων ο ννμφιος, και τότε νηστενσονσιν. Ιο ονόεις.οε and then shall thoy 

from them the bridegroom, and then they will fast. But no one fast. 16 Xo man put- 

, r, '\\ ' Ό\ ' ' y ' J. ' • < / \ ~ teth a piece of new 

επιβάλλει επψλημα ρακονς αγναφον επι ιματιψ.παλαιφ• cloth unto an old gar- 
puts a piece of -cloth 'unfulled on an old garment: ment, for that which 

"1 ίφίΐνιαί are forgiven LTTr. ^ σον (read thy sins) GLTTrAW. f lyetpe ltti aw. g lyeip« 
arise LTr. ^ έφοβήθησαν were afraid LTTrA. ' 'Μ.αθθαΐον LXTrA. ^ ήκολονθβι Τ• ' ανακβι.- 
μένου avrov L. "^ — καΐ τ. ° ελεγοι/ LTTr. " δια τι'ι,Τγα. Ρ — Ίησοΰς LT^TrJA. ι — αύτοΓί 
LTTrA. ■■ άλλα LT'. 'Έλεος LTTrA. ' άλλα TTrAW. " — eti μ^τάίΌΐαι- GLTTrAW. " Λιά 
τι LTrA. ^ — πολλά LT. 

22 Μ A J' θ A 1 Ο Σ. iX 

tJ^ti fromThe"ga"? ,, «Φ«^ 7."^ ^'T^^'ii'^^f ^'■''" Ι'^'* T^'' ίματίον, καΐ χεφον 

mtnt and the rent is takes "away 'for "its ^fiUingr *ui) from the garment, and a worse 

made worse. 17 Keither (χχίσμα γίνεται. 17 οί)δί βάλλουσιν olvov vkov εις ασκούς 

introM^botUelr'lkl ^«^^ takes place. ^ >-or put they ^.ine ^'new into =skin. 

the bottles break, and τταλαιούς' εΐ.δί.μηγε ρήγνυνταί οι ασκοί, καΐ 6 οίνος εκχεΐται, 

the wine runneth oiit, ,^^^ otherwise ^are* 'the ■'skins, and the wine is poured out, 

and t.'io bottles perish: , , , , , .. „ η 'λ\ ν τ '\ \ - ' > 

but they put new wine και 01 ασκοι ^ατΓοΧουνται'^ αΧλα ^βαΧλονσιν οΙνοί' νέον εις 

into new bottles and ^nd the skins wiU be destroyed ; but they put "wine 'new into 

both are preserved. , , , , / - 

ασκονς^• καινούς, και ^αμψοτερα'^ συντηρούνται. 

,„ „^ ., , , ^^skins 'new, and both are preserred together. 

18 ^Tiile he spake ,->,„- . ~λ \ ~ > ~ -^ ' .- i )λ η < n 

these things unto lo ιαυτα αντουΛαλονντος αυτοις, loov, άρχων" '^ελσων 

them, behold, there 'These ^things 'as-ho^is*8peaking to them, behold, a ruler having come 

came a certain ruler, , , -. » / .i,)„ ii < λ ' " i λ / 

and worshipped him, ττροσεκυνει αυτφ, λέγων, " Οτι" Ίΐ.υνγατηρ.μου άρτι ετελευ- 

saying, My daughter did homage to him, saying. My daugnter just now has 

is even now dead : but >\\ » >\λ' > '/ί ^ - ' > > > > < 

come and lay thy hand τησεν' αλΚα εΚθων εττιβες τήν.χειρα.σον εττ αυτήν, και 

upon her, and she shall died; bat having come lay thy hand upon her, and 

ro^, and" foUoweci ζήσεται. 19 και εγερθείς ΰ 'Ιησούς ^ήκοΧούθησεν^^ αϋτψ 

him, and so did his she shall live. And having arisen Jesus followed him, 

isopes icai οϊ.μαθητάί.αυτοΰ. 

20 And, behold, a ^^^ \^^ disciples, 

woman, which was ^ ui=v,ip co. ^ , , , ^ 

diseased with an issue 20 Και ί^ού, γυνί] α'ιμορροοΰσα δώδεκα ετη, ττροσεΧ- 

of blood twelve years And behold, a woman having had a flux of blood twelve years, having 

came behind him, and » η η ι ~ » •ν t / > 

touched the hem of his θοϋσα οττισθεν ήψατο Tov κρασττεόου τον .ιματίου. αντου. 

garment : 21 for she conie behind touched the border of his garment, 

said within herself, If ^-, ,^ , , , ~ >_, , / „ • ~ , 

I may but touch his 21 ίΧεγεν.γαρ εν εαντγ, Eav μόνον αψωμαι τον ιματιον 

garment, 1 shiUl be For she said within herself. If only I shall touch ^'garment 

whole. 22 But Jesus , „ , λ.Τ/^ s•' f'l ~ ii »■' ^ ' ii - '? 

turned him about, and aiTOU σωθησομαι. 22 O.of-' Ιησονς^' ^ επιστραφείς^^ και ιόων 

when he saw her, he 'his I shall be cured. But Jesus having turned and having seen 

=aid, Daughter, be of , , - „ , ^, , , , , 

good tomtort: thy αυτην ειττεν, θαρσει, βνγατερ' η.πιστις.σον σεσωκεν σε. 

faith hath made thee lier he said. Be of good courage, daughter; thy faith hath cured thea 

whole. And the wo- < > ' /i J. , , , ~ r, i , 

man was made whole ««' ίσωθη V γυνή ατΓΟ της.ωρας.εκεινης. 

from that hour. . And -^was ''cured 'the *woman from that hour. 

23 And when Jesus 23 Καί εΧθών Ο Ίησονς εις την οΊκίαν του άρχοντος, 

came into the ruler's And "having ^como 'Jesus into the house of the ruler, 

house, and saw the , ,^, , >>> λ>»> η i-t ' 

minstrels and the peo- και ίοων τους αυΧητας και TUV οχΧον θορυρουμενον, 

ρΐθ making a noit^e, and having seen the flute-plavers and the crowd making a tumult, 

24 he said unto them, ^^ < i,> / > ~ ii ' » - .»>//, > / 

Give place: for tiie 24 "λέγίΐ auroif," ΑΊ'αχωρειτε ου γαρ αττεθανεν το κορασιον, 

maid is not dead, but says to them. Withdraw, *not 'for *ia Mead 'tho 'damsel, 

lau^Rhcd'hini toBcorl^ άΧΧά καθεύδει. και κατεγεΧων αυτόν. 25 οτε.δε εξεβΧήθη 

26 But when the people but sleeps. And they laughed at him. But when ^hud 'been "put *out 

wlnl iKndTook her όΰχΧος, εΐσεΧθών εκράτησεν της.χεφος.αυτης, καί ηγερθη 

by the hand, and the 'the •'crowd, having entered ho took hold of her hand, and "arose 

the"famo "hereof went '"« κοράσιον. 2G καΐ ΙξηΧΘεν ή.φημη.αϋτη εις ύΧ7]ν ΤΊ)ν 

abroad into all that 'the 'damsel. And ^wont *out 'this "report into all 

^^^^' γην εκείνην. 

27 And when Jeeus ^land 'that, 

departed thouce. two «- ,, . / > ~r\ ~ 'τ ~ > > 'λ ι . -., 

hlJDd men followed 27 Καί τταραγοντι εκείθεν τψ Ιησου, ηκοΧουθησαν *αυτφ^^ 

him, crying, and say- And "passing 'on *thonce 'Jesus, •followed "him 

vid.iiavc mercy on lid. ovo τυώΧοι, κραζοντΒς και Χεγοντες, ΕΧεησον ημάς, "υίί 

28 And when he was *two *blind ['men], crying and saying, Ilavointyou us, Son 

the blind mon'^cameTo Δα/3ί5." 28 ίΧθόντι.δΙ είς Ti)v οΙκίαν, ^προσήΧθον^^ αυτψ οι 

him: and Joeiu saith of David. And having come iuto the houue, came to him the 

> άτΓολλυΐ'ται are destroyed ltti. • oTi'oi' viov et? ασκούς /Βάλλουσι»/ l. » αμφότεροι 
GLTTrAW. •> + «Is {read a corlain rulor) glti . « ττροσ^λθων liaviiig come to [him] l ; είσελθα»/ 
having entered TAW. <' — ότι τ. * ή/ίολουββι LTTrA. ' — Ίησοϋς τ. f στραφείς LTTrA. 

*» !Kfytv said L'lTrA. ' — αΰτω l[Ti]. '' υϊος Δαυει'δ ltTfA ; υϊέ Ααυίδ GW. ' προσήλΟαι* LTr. 

IX, χ. MATTHEW. 23 

τνφλοί, και λέγει αύτοίς 6 Ίησονς, Πιστεύετε 'ότι δνναμαι ?έΙ*Γ i^am'^fe'To Jo 

blind [men], and 'says 'toHhem 'Jesus, Believe ye that I am able tj^is? They said un- 

"roiiro TToiiiaaif Akyovoiv αύτφ, 1>ί αϊ, κύριε. 29 Tore ήψατο ί? ,^™- J^,ty,.^°'L• 

this to do? They say to him, Tea, Lord. Then be touched rteS^eyes, "ay^g Ac- 

Γών.6φθαλαών.αύτών,Χε•/ων, Κατά τήν.πίστιν.νμώνγενη- cording to your faith 

^heir^yes, saying. According to yourfait^ ; ^^^ ^tl^V^ltltf, ^^^^^ 

θήτω νμίν. 30 Και "άνεωγθησαν' αυτών οι οφθαλμοί' και and Jesus straitly 

it toSou. And _ were opened ^ their ^ eyes; ^ -^ c^-^-i them, saymg. 

"ίνεβριμήσατο^^ αντοΐς ό Ιησούς, λέγων, 'Οράτε μηδείς γίνω- it. 31 But they, when 

'strictly 'charged *them 'Jesus, saying, See %o ^one 'let ^^'^y ^^«»β departecl, 

, ■' , ^, >i» ■»/!' \ ^ o' ^ ^ ^ spread abroad hia 

σκετω. 31 Οι.οί εξελθόντες διεφημισαν αυτόν sv oXy Ty fame in all that coun- 

know [it]. But they haying gone out made Renown 'him in all try. 

yy iκείvy. 
"land 'that. 

32 Αυτών. δ k Ιζερχομενων, ιδού, ττροσηνεγκαΐ' αύτφ ^ αν- 32 As they went out, 

And as they were going out, behold, they brought to him a behold, they brought 

η 11 , ^ T^ V' rfcrfc ^ ϊ /3•\ /Ί ' to him a dumb man 

θρωτΓον^' κωφον όαιμονιζομενον. 33 και εκρληυεντος possessed with a devil. 

man dumb, possessed by a demon. And "having •'been ^cast ^out 33 And when the devil 

- r• ' 'Λ 'Λ ' J ' . V 'n ' ' " Λ was cast out, the dumb 

του δαιμονίου., ίΧαΚησεν ο κωφός' και εθαυμασαν οι υχλοι, spake : and the multi- 
'the ='demon, 'spake 'the *dumb. And Pondered 'the^crowds, tudes marvelled, say- 

λέγοντες, i"Ort" ονδεττοτε ίφάνη όντως iv τφ Ισραήλ. 34 Οί.ίέ '^ξ^ ]^ ί^ΙβΓΙ! But 

saying, Never was it seen thus in Israel. But the the Pharisees said, He 

ΦαρισαΧοι ελεγον, Έν τφ άρχοντι τών δαιμονίων ίκβάλλει 1^^^^\ the princTo^ 

Pharisees said, By the prince of the demons he casts out ^jjg devils. 

τά δαιμόνια. 

the demons. 

35 Καϊ τΐεριύγεν ό'Ιησούς τάς πόλεις -κάσας και τάς κώμας, ^5 And Jesus went 

^ And 'weit^'aiout 'Jesus =the «cities «aU 'and the villages', ^S:^^ \^eacS*^n 
^ι^άσκων εν ταΤς.συναγωγαΧς.αύτών, και κηρύσσων το εύαγ- their synagogues, and 

teaching in their synagogues, and proclaiming the glad ^'^Γ ktagdom^'^and 

γέλίον της βασιλείας, και θεραπεύων πάσαν νόσον και πάσαν healing e?ery sickness 

tidings of the kingdom, and healing every disease and every ^^^ every disease 

■Γ ' ) ~ Ν ~ II r./^ .Γ, 1 t>, y 1, ^ , among the people. 

μαλακιαν 'έν τφ λαφ." 36 ιδoJV.δε τους οχλονς ε- 36 But when he saw 

bodily weakness among the people. And having seen the crowds he was ^^^ multitudes, he was 

- ,„ \ , ^ ,t τ «>>■»' II > nioved with compas- 

σπλαγχνισθη ττερι αυτών, οτι ήσαν ^εκλελνμενο^ και sion on them, because 

moved with compassion for them, because they \vore wearied and they fainted, and were 

,, > . ' 1 » < ^ιι 'o > " ' nm ' % ' scattered abroad, as 

^ερριμμενον' ^ωσει" ττρορατα μη έχοντα ποιμένα, οι τότε λέγει sheep having noshep- 

' cast away as sheep not having a shepherd. Then he says herd. 37 Then saith ho 

r\ - ■> - 'r\ 'A > >' i^Mi/ unto his disciples. The 

τοις.μαυηταις.αυτον, Ο μεν βερισμος πολύς, οι.οε εργαται harvest truly ώ ρΐ*η- 

to his disciples. The '-^indeed 'harvest [is] g^reat, but the workmen teous, but the labour- 

ολίγοι' 3S δεήθητε ovv του κυρίου του θερισμοϋ,οπως ^^ therefore 'the Lord 
fare] few; supplicate therefore the Lord of the harvest, that of the harvest, that he 

' εκβάλy εργάτας εις τόν.θερισμόν.αύτοϋ. I^s'into "hS ^ν^Γ" 

he may send out workmen into his harvest. 

10 Και προσκαλεσάμενος τους δώδεκα μαθητάς αύτοϋ, 

And having called to [him] -twelve -^disciples 'his 

εδωκεν αύτοΧς εζουσίαν πνευμάτων ακαθάρτων, ώστε χ. And when hehad 

he gave to them authority over -spirits 'unclean, so as called unto him his 

^ ο '•\•\ ' ' 'Λ ' ~ ' >~ twelve disciples, he 

εκραλλειν αυτά, και ϋεραπευειν πασαν νοσον και πασαν gave them power α- 

to cast out them, and to heal every disease and every gainst unclean spirits, 

.,^\ ^.,',^,. to ca.-t them out, and 

μαλακιαν. to heal aU manner of 

bodily weakne.<<B. sickness and all man- 

2 Ίών.δε δώδεκα αποστόλων τά ονόματα εστίν ταύτα' fhenamisof\het"^i^r^ 

Now of the twelve apostles the names are these: aposiles are these; The 

™ ΤΓΟίήσαι τοΰτο L. " τ^νεωχ^ησαν LTrA^ ° ίνΐβριμτιθτ] ltta- ρ — άνθρωποι^ (riad [one]) 
l^Tta]. 1 — oTi GLTTrAw. <• — er τω λαω gltt:aw. » Ισκνλμ.ένοι harassed gltT'AW 
' ρ^ριμμίνοί τ. ; έριμμΐνοι ττγα, ' ώ? τγ. 


first, Simon, who is ttoCotoc Σίμων ό λεγόμενος Πίτοος, και Ανδρέας 6 άδέΚφυς 

'^^^ew hfs brotS fi^st - Simon who ilciued Peter, and Andiw _ _ •^brorher 

Jamee <Λβ eon of Zeb- avTOV' "Ίάκωθος ϋ TOvTjtBi.8a'iov, κα\ Ιωάννης b άδΕλφος 

WherT3Phmp,and J^'^ •^-"- ^^''^son] of Zebedee. and __ John '^brother 

Baithoiomew; Tho- avTOv' 3 ΦίλιτΓΤΓος, κα\ Βαρθολομαΐος' Θωμάς, και ^Ματθαίος" 

mas andM:itthewthe ij^j Philip, and Bartholomew; Thomas, and Matthew 

pubhcan; James the ^ ' ^ > > r> • ~ , I , \ ^^ , 

son of Alphseus, and ο τέΧωνηο' Ιακωβος ο του Αλφαιου, και 'ΑερραΤος• ο 

Lebbffiiis, whose sur- the tax-gatherer; James the [son] of Alphaius, and Lebbsus whc 

name was Diaddaeus; , > ,, , tv-n ~ j •-,' < ττ- ' ί < > /λ 

4Simonther: naanite, όττικλί/έ/εις βαούαιος" 4 Σιμων ο ^Κανανιτης,' και Ιονδας 

and Judas iscariot. wassumamed Thaddaeus; Simon the Cananite, and Judas 

who also betrayed , , , , , . , , , 

him. '^ "^ Ισκαριώτης, υ και τταραόονς αυτόν. 

Iscariote, who also delivered up him. 

δ Τούτους τονς δώδεκα άπεστείλεν ύ Ί7)σονς, τταρα-γγειλας 

These twelve -sent ^forth 'Jesus, having charged 

αύτοΐς, λέγων, Εις οδον εθνών μή.άττεΧθητε, και εις 
them, saying, Into [the] way of the Gentiles go not off, and into 

ό These twelve Jesus TToXiv ^Σαμαρειτών^^ μή.εΐσελθητε' 6 πορεύεσθε.δε μάΧΧον 

sent forth, and com- ^ city of [the] Samaritans enter not; but go rather 

mauded them, saying, ^ , ,^ «>>>' " 'r "\ r- 

Go not into the way of ττρος TU ττρορατα τα απολωλοτα οίκου Ισραήλ. / ττο- 

the Gentiles, and into to the sheep the lost of [the] house of IsraeL -Go- 

am/ city of the Sama- , ^, / -> / </^-ν " < ^ \ ' 

ritkns enter ye not: ρευομενοιδε κηρυσσετΕ, λέγοντες, Οτι ιιγγικεν η ρασιλεια 

6 but go r:i ι her to the ing 'and proclaim, saying, ilas dxawu near the kingdom 

oTisrael•' T-^nd aTye τώτ Ουρανών. 8 άσθενοΰρτας θεραττεύετε, '^λεπρούς καθαρί- 

go, preach, saying, The of the heavens. Sick heal. lepers cleanse, 

Kni^ln^irthl ζετε,νεκρονς εγείρετε,Ηαιμόνια Ικβάλλετε. δωρεάν ^λάβετε, 

sick, cleanse the lepers, dead raise, demons cast out: gratuitously ye received, 

deriisl'^'f^^eeiy ye have δωρεάν οότε. 9 Μή-κτησησθε χρνσόν, μηδέ άργυρον, μηδέ 

received, freely give, gratiiitously impart. Provide not gold, nor silver, nor 

llr7\ver'^nl!^hla^sk X^'^'^f^v εις τάς.ζώνας.ϋμών, 10 μή πήραν εις ΰδύν, μηδέ 

your purses, 10 nor money in your belts, nor for [the] way, nor 

nevi'neHher'^oioats; ^^^0 χιτώνας, μηδέ ϋτΓοδηματα, μηδέ 'ράβδον' άβιος.γάρ ΰ 

neither shoes, nor yet two tunics, nor sandals, uor a staii: for worthy the 

''^"η^^ " w'^rth^ ^f°his ΨΎ^τ^ζ της.τροφης.αύτοϋ Ηστιν.' 11 Είς.ήν.δ'.άν ττόλιν η 

meat.'^ 7ΐ°'ΆηΓ|° into workman of his food is. And into whatever city or 

whatsoever city or «jiouiyv είσελθ7]τε, εξετάσατε τις εν auTy άζιός εστίν κάκεϊ 

in^Ure"^ who" in°H Ts village ye enter, inquire who in it worthy is, and there 

worthy; and there a- μύνατε, εως.άν ίξελθητε. 12 είσερχόμενοι.δε εις την οικίαν, 

12"vnd XenVe com4 remain until ye go forth. But entering into the house, 

into an house, salute άσττάσασθε avTiji'. 13 και tiij' μεν y ή οικία άζία, κΐλθεΓω" 

it.»13 And if salute it: and if indeed -'be 'the -house worthy, let come 

be v.oriliy, let your , , , , , , , , , > j.. . ■, ■ y, , , , , .^ 

peace come upon it: η.ειρηνη.ίΐμών bTT αυτην' εαν.δε μή -y άξια, ιι.ειρηνη.υμών 

butif it be not worthy, your upon it: but if it be not worthy, 'your 'hjeace 

let your peace return , , , / , . ■ •> h ' > ii > s" ν < ~ 

to you. 14 And whoso- ττρος υμάς επιστραφητω. 14 και ος."εαν^ μη.όεζηται υμάς, 
ever shall uot receive β^^ «you 'let "return. And whoever will not receive you, 

you, nor hear your «, ,, x»/ ,^^^ / :~ ,, ,™ 

words, when yo μηδέ ακουσι^ τους.λογους.υμων, εξερχόμενοι 'Γ//ς οικίας η της 

out of that house or nor will hear vour words, going forth of [that] house or 

city, shake off tho dust ,.. , , ," , ^ > > W - ?. ~ t ^ 

of your feet. 1.Ί Verily πολεως εκείνης, εκτιναξατε τυν κονιορτον *^των.ιτοΰων.υμω7>. 

Ι Vay uuto you, It -city 'that, f,hake οίϊ the dust of your feet, 

shall be more tolerable τρ><>ί ..^i • « ^v>?' 

for the land of Sodom lo αμήν λίγω υμιν, (ίνεκτοτερον εσται γ» Σοδόμων 

and Oomorrha in the Verily I say to yon. More tolerable it shall bo for [the] land of Sodom 

for ^cTty'!"i6%*e" καΙ^ΓομόρρωνΗν ημέρςί κρίσεως, ή τy.7Γόλει.ίκειvy.l6Ίδoύ, 

hold, I send you forth aud of Goinorrha in day of judgment, than for that city. Lo, 

'' 4- Koi and Ι,Τ. ' Μαββαϊος ΙΤΤγΑ. > — Αΐββαΐος 6 ίπικ\ηθ€ΐς LT: ; — ό ίπικληθΐΐς Θαδ- 
δαΐος ΤΑ. ' Kavauaioi Cananaian ltTia. » -|- ό the kgltaw. '■ Ίσκαριωθ l. •" Σομαριτώι/ τ. 
<* νεκρούς eyeipere, λβττροϋί καθαρίζετΐ GLTTrAW. " ρά/3δουϊ stiives W. ' — «στιμ (read [is]J 
,ττ Λ. Β ίλθάτω ττγ. '' iu LTTrA. ' + ίξω out LTTi Α. '' 4- e/c (read from your feet) ι.τ. 

Γομόρραϊ ΤγΑ . 

χ. Μ A τ τ Η Ε W. 25 

Ινώ άτΓοστεΧλω υμάς ώς ττρόβατα kv μίσφ λύκων γίνεσθε ^ ^^^^Ρ V\,e ν* ΐ^"^* 

Ι send forth rou as sheep in [the] midst of wolves: be j-e f ογΓ"^^ Β.Γίβ^ϊ-ρθΜί^ 

ovv φρόνιμοι ώς οί όψεις, και ακέραιοι ώς α'ι ττεριστεραι. and haraiie^s as doTes. 

therefore prudent as the serpents, and harinless as the doves. ^^^ they ^Tu deUv^ 

17 ττροσεχετε.8ί άττό των άνθρώττων τταραδώσονσιν.γάρ υμάς you up to the councils, 

But beware of men; for they wiU deUver you and they will scom-ge 

J , , , , yo'i in their syna- 

£ΐς συνέδρια, και εν ταΤς.συναγωγάίς.αυτών μαστιγωσουσιν rogues; isami yeshali 

to sanhedrims, and in their synagogiies thev will scourge ^^ brought before go- 

< ~ TO \ . > . ' J' ' /3 Λ - 'Ω' η •'«'emors and kings for 

υμάς lo και επι ϊ]γεμονας οε και (βασιλείς αχθησεσθε my >ake, for a testi- 

you: and before governors also and kings ye shall be brought mony against them 

., , - , , , , , ^ „Λ and the GentUes. 

ένεκεν εμού, εις μαρτυριον αυτοις και τοις εθνεσιν. 19 But when they de- 

on account of me, for a testimony to them and to the nations, liver you up, take no 

-,r\ " 5>< 1 ? ?~ Η • ~ » ' ~ « . tiionght how or what 

1Ό οταΐ'.όε ^τταραόιοωσιν^ υμάς, μη.μεριμνησητε ττως η τι ve shall speak : for it 

But when they deliver up you, be not careful how or what shall be given you in 

-. -v / m "^ Λ ' ' < ~ , , / ~ r/ ' Τ1Λ -V ' ^^^t Same hour what 

λαλησητε• "^ΰοθησεται.γαρ νμιν εν εκείνη ry ωρ^ τι ^λαλη- ye shall speak. 20 For 

ye should speak: for it shall be given you in that hour what ye shall it is not ye that speak, 

.1 on ><<~j •λΛ~ 'ΛΛ'- ~ t>tit the Spirit of your 

σετε•^ 20 ου.γαρ υιιεις εστε οι λαλουντες, αΧλατυ πνεύμα Father which speaketh 

speak : for 'not 'ye ^are they who speak, but the Spirit in you. 21 And the 

τοϋ-ατρος.υμών το λαΧοϋν εν υμίν. 21 ΙΙαραδώσειΜ upThe^rortiertoSh! 

of your Father which speaks in you. But "will -deliver *up and the father the 

αδελφός άδελφυν εις θάνατον, και ττατήρ τ'εκνον και εττανα- S shauVise^up^- 

'brother brother to death; and father child: and "will gainst their parents. 

στήσονται τέκνα εττΐ γονείς, και θανατώσουσιν αυτούς. pSt to'deaih'^™2*lnd 

^se 'up 'children against parents, and %vill put to death them. ye shall be hated of aU 

22 και εσεσθε μισούμενοινπό ττάντων διά το.δνομά.μου' ^^ . ^^ut ™ JthaTen- 

Andyewillbe hated by all on account of my name; dnreth to the'end shall 

ό.δε ΰπομείνας εις τέλος, ούτος σωθήσεται. 23 οταν.δε t'^'^aved. 23 But when 

but he that endures to [the] end, he shaU be saved. But when thiJ cuty "tiee^y^Tnto 

Βιώκωσιν υμάς εν ΓΌ.ττόλει.ταΰτη, φεύγετε εις '^τήν.άλΧψ^' ρ another: for verily ι 

theypersecute fon in thiscity, flL to another:^ no^ have |ou4 Jv^^' the 

άμήν.γάρ λέγω ύμΙν, ού.μή τελεσητε τάς ττόλεις cities ot i.,r;iel, tiu the 

for verily I say to you, In no wise will ye have completed the cities ??iL°* ΐ"^" }^ com^ 

-1 . \ <i \ • «Λ η < t\ _ , fl , , 24 The disciple is not 

Vow Ισραήλ εως.^αν' iXOy ο υιός τοϋ άνθρωπου. 24 Ουκ above his master, nor 

of Israel until be come the Son of man. *Xot the serv.^.nc above his 

» ,,, ,«^, ^ ,,,^»^ ,, lord. 2a It is enough 

εστίν μαθητής υττερ τον οιΰασκαλον, ονοε δούλος υττερ for the disciple that he 

Ha 'a ==disciple above the teacher, nor a bondman above '^^ as his master, and 

, ,.,„_, , ^ η - " • • the servant as his lord. 

τυν.κυριον.αυτου. 25 αρκετον τφ μαθητή ινα γενηται ως if they have called the 

his lord. Sufficient for the di-ciple that he become as master of the house 

€?>»>/ .» )~ ,,«_. .</ ,- >o^ Beelzebub, how much 

ο.οώασκαλος.αυτου, και ο Οου7κος ως ο.κνριος.αυτον. ει ^τον more shall they call 

his teacher, and the bondman as his lord. If ^he themof hishousohcld? 

.J ' II π Λ V /3 <> t' 'Λ II ' ~-\Λ 26 Fear them not there- 

οικοοεστΓοτην^ Βεελζερονλ 'έκαλεσαϊ'," ττοσψ μαλλοί' f ore : for there is ηο- 

•master *of *the 'house ^Beelzebul 'they ^called, how much more thing covered, that 

.1 > < II > ~ T/-» nT 1 τ , ο /-i~ ' ' shall not be revealed; 

'τονς οικιακονς".αυτου•, 26 Mj; ουν φοβηβητε αυτούς and hid, th^t shall not 

those of his household? ^Not *theref ore 'ye ^'shoul i fear them; be known. 27 ^VIlat I 

ούδεν.γάρ εστίν κεκαλυμμ'ενον ο ούκ.άττοκαλυφθησεται' ilai.fpeak^-eiiT light! 

for nothing is covered which shall not be tmcovered, and what ye heaJ in 

και κρυτΓτόν b ού.γνωσθησεται. 27 δ λέγω ΰμΊν εν Ty yeVonthfhOufetop^ 

and hidden which shall not be known. What I tell you in the 28 And fear not them 

σκοτΊ^, είπατε εν τψ φωτί' και ο εις τυ ονς άκούετε κη- 

darkness speak in the light ; and what in the ear ye hear pro- 

ρύζατε επι των δωμάτων. 28 καΐ ^μή.φοβηθητε^ άπό 

claim upon the housetops. And ye should not fear because of 

' τταραδωσιν they shall have delivered LTTt. '^ [δοθη. γαρ ΰμΐν ev ίκείνη τη ωρα τί λαλι}•] L, 

" λαλησητε ye should speak ττγΑ. " τη»' irepav the next OLTTr. ν + καν ev rrj erepa (καν 
ίκ ταύτης g) διωκωσιν νμας, ^evvere βΐς την άλλην and if in the next fand if from this) they 
persecute you, flee to nnothero[L]. i — τοϋ LTrA. ' — άν τχ. ' τω οίκοδΐσπότγι l. '«ττβκά- 

Kecrav they have surnamed OLXTrAw. » rois ocKtoxois L. " μη φοβΐΐσθΐ fear ye not otTTrw 


which kill the body, χών ^aTTOKTSLvovTOJV^^ Τι) σώμα, τήν.δε φυνήν αη.δνναμ'ενων 

the iou?? but^ rathS those ^1^° ki^ *^β body, but the ^ soul '^ are not able 

fear him which is able ctTTOKTiXvaC •^ώθβήθ/)Γε."^£ uaWoV TOV dvvaa(.VOV *Kat" 
and body Si^eS. to kill; but ye should fear rather him who is able both 

29 Are not two spar- ■ψνχήν κάί σώμα άτΓολέσαι iv yuvvy. 29 ούχι δύο στρουθία 

1"η- ? Ind one of them ^"^^^ *°^ ^o^^^ ^^ destroy in Gehenna. =rNot ^two «sparrows 

shall not faU on the άσσαοίου ττωλέίται ; καΐ εν εξ αυτών ού.ττεσέΐται έττί την 

ground without your β^^ 7 β j 'are»sold? and one of them shall not faU to the 

Father. 30 But the ,, ^ » . ^ «λ < ~ τ•- χ < - 

very hairs of your γην avsv τον.ττατρος.νμων' 30 νμων.οβ KttL at τρίχες της 

head are all numbered, rrround without your Father. But of you even the hairs of the 

31 Fear ye not there- '' ^ , , , , oi ' τ « . ο λ~ ii 

fore, ye are of more κεφαλής ττασαι ηρωμημεναι εισιν. όΐ μη ουν "φορη^ητε'" 

value than many spar- head all numbered are. ^Not 'therefore 'ye ^should «f ear; 

rows. 32 AVliosoever χλ~ n> ?j' .~ οοττ~ τ " 

therefore shaU con- τΓολλων CTpovUiwv οιαφερετε νμεις. όΖ ϋας ουν οσ- 

fess me before men, than many sparrows better are ye. Every one therefore whoao- 

him will I confess also <>' , y \ » η ~ > η ' ' \ ' 

before my Father τις ομολογήσει tv εμοι εμττροσυεν των ανθρώπων, ομολογήσω 

which is in heaven, ever shall confess me before men, *will *conf ess 

de^^nTe^befoIfS^n! κάγώ Iv αΰτψ ψττροσθεν τοϋ.ττατρός.μον TOV εν ^ οΰρανοΊς. 

him will I also deny "also Ί him before my Father who [is] in [the] heavens. 

which u'^L• heaveL' 33 οστις^δ' αν" άρνήσηταί με εμττροσθεν τών ανθρώπων, 

34 Think not that I am But whosoever shall deny me before men, 

earth *Y^c'imrnot to άρνήσομαι ^avTov κάγώ" εμττροσθεν τον.πατρός.μυν του εν 

send peace but a ^willMeny ''him "also Ί before my Father who [is] in 

sword. 2g^ j.^o^^j^*™ « ουρανοΐς. Si Μή.νο μισητέ otl ηλθον βαλεΐν είρήνην εττι 

vaSancV against his [the] heavens. Think not that I came to place peace on 

father and the daugh- 7.,)^ y«^• ούκ.ηλθον βαλεΧν ε'ψήνην, άΧλά μάχαιραν. 35 ηλθον 
SfdThTlaugSer iii the elrth : I came not to place ^elce,' ' _but "^a^wok ^ "I -^came 

law against her mother γ^ρ ίιγάσαι άνθρωπον κατάτοΰ.ττατρυς.αύτοΰ, καΐ θυγα- 

Κ'1 /iafi 6e they 'of 'for to set at variance a man against his father, and a daugh- 

his own household, γ^ρα κατά της.μητρος.αυτης, και νύμφην κατά της ττεν- 

37 He that loveth fa- ^^ f against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against -mother- 

ther or mother more ° >>/\x~>n' <> « 

than me is not worthy θεράς αύτής' 36 και εχθροι του.ανθρωπου οι οικιακοί 

of me : and he that i^.u^ iher. And enemies of the man [shaU bo] ■'household 

loveth son or daughter ,« »<»,,,« 

more than me is not αύτον. 37 Ο φίλων ττατερα η μητέρα νπερ ίμε ουκ.εστιν 

worthy of me. 38 And ijjjg He that loves father or mother above mo is not 

he that taketh not his ' „„ > < . λ ~ < > " /i ' < , . « . 

cross, and foUoweth μου αξιος' και υ φίλων νιον η ΰνγατερα νττερ εμε ουκ 

afterme, is not worthy of ,ηβ worthy: and he that loves son or daughter above me "not 
of me. 39 lie that find- „ „„ «n χ " • \ /3 ' ' , , - 

eth his life shall lose it: εστιν μον αζιος• 38 και ος ου. λαμβάνει τον. σταυρόν. αυτού 

and he that loseth his 'is of me worthy. Andhothat takes not his cross 

tod u^ Ke thafr^ Kui άκολουθεϊ οπίσω μου ουκ εστίν μου άξιος. 39 ό εύρων 

eeiveth you ruceiveth and follows after mo "not Ms of mo worthy. He that has foxind 

Si;eth'^m'e%eceiveTh την.^Ρνχήν.αϋτον απολέσει αύτην και 6 άπολεσας την 

him that sent me. his life shall lose it; and he that has lost 

prophef tn'hfname ψυχήν αύτοΰ 'ένεκεν ίμοϋ εύρήσει αυτήν. 40 Ό δεχόμενος 

of a prophet shall re- "life 'his on account of mo shall find it. He that receives 

w'ird;^Γn7*he'^ha; ϋ/χαςφί δέχεται• καί ό ίμε δεχόμενος δέχεται τον άπο- 

receiveth a righteous you me receives ; and he that me receives receives him who sent 

T\ rwrhtoous "man στείλαντά με. 41 ό δεχόμενος προφήτην εις όνομα προ- 

AaU receive a right- nie. He that receives a prophet in [the] name ^ of a 

eons man's reward. φ^^.Qy μισθον προφήτου ^λήψεται'" και ο δεχόμενος 

ehall'^ve ίο^ΓηΓΙη- prophet [the] reward of a prophet shall roooive ; and he that receives 

to one of these little SiKOiov εΙς ονομα δικα'ιου μισθον δικαίου 

ones a cup of cold ^ righteous [man] in [the] name of a rightcons [man] the reward of a righteous 

%/ψεΓαι." 42 και δς.^ίάν" ποτίσ^ ενα τών μικρών 

[man] shall receive. And whoever shall give to drink to one 'little *one8 

^ αποκτίνόντων a; ίποκτ€ΐ'νόντωΐ' Ί^ΤΎιΑ. y φο/3ίΐσβ« fear ye ΤΑ. • [και] L.^ » φοββΓσββ 
fear ye i.ttiA. '' + τοΐί the ι|τι]α. «^δί- ι-ΤγΑ. <* καγω αντον ι,τΤγΑ. " + τοϊ? the ι|τγ]α. 
' λτ/μφίται. LTTrA. Κ άρ LTr. 

OVOua uaOnrOV, ««αί»• only in the name 
Ί ^„L,^ i*. j;l«;^i„ of * disciple, verily I 
] name of a disciple, gay unto you, he shaU 


τούτων ποτηριον ^ι/χροϋ μόνον εις 

'of "these a cup of cold [water] only in [the 

αμήν Χεγω νμΐν, ον.μή άττοΧεσγ τόν.μισθόν.αντον. ^ ^ο ^"se lose his re- 

rerily I say to you, in nowise shall he lose his reward. ward. 

il Και εγενετο οτε ετελεσεν 6 Ίησοϋς διατάσσων τοΐς ^ι. And it came to 

And it came to pass when ^ad ^finished 'Jesus commanding pass, when Jesus had 

,« I r> t η ~ ^ τ, , V made an end of com- 

δωδεκα μαθηταις αντον, μετερη εκείθεν τον διδασκειν και manding his twelve 

"twelve ^disciples 'his, he departed thence to teach and disciples, he departed 

, , ~ /N , ^ thence to teach and to 

κηρυσσειν εν ταις.πολεσιν.αυτων. preach in their cities. 

to preach in their cities. 

r> «r-v ?>> >x ' ' ' ' ~ ?> , . » ~ 2 Now when John had 

Ζ O.oe. Ιωάννης άκουσας εν τφ οεσμωτηριφ τα έργα του heard in the prison the 

Kow John having heard in the prison the works of the woriis of Christ, he 

// hs-'ii•» η ■• '-OT )~ sent two of his disci- 

χριστου, ττεμψας '^όνο' των.μαθητων.αυτον, 3 είττεν αντψ, pies, 3 and said unto 

Christ, having sent two of his disciples, said to him, him, Art thou he that 

^-,\T<>' *ri ^^ Λ -wr ■^ y should come, or do we 

Συ.εΙ ο ερχόμενος, η έτερον προσδοκώ μεν \ 4 Και αττοκρι- look for another ? 4 Je- 
Art thou the coming [one], or another are we to look for ? And 'answer- bus answered and said 

θάς 6 Ίησο~υς ύπεν αυτοίς, ΙΙορενθεντες άτταγνείλατε Ιωάννη Ζ*^ jlt'aga'in thTse 

ing 'Jesus said to them. Having gone relate to John things which ye do 

α άκουετε και βλέπετε' 5 τυφλοί άναβλεπουσιν, 'και'' b^a """rece'ivJ \heU! 

what ye hear and see: bUnd receive sight, and sight, and the lame 

χωλοί περιπατονσιν λεπροί καθαρίζονται, ^καί' κωφοί ^ea^^ed'^and ^hl dSf 

lame walk; lepers are cleansed, and deaf jjear, the dead are 

άκονονσιν ^νεκροί εγείρονται, ''και" πτωγοι ευαγγελίζονται' raised ηρ, and the poor 

hear;• dead kre raised, and poo7 are evangelized. ^Πο theuT Γΐί,ϊ 

6 και μακάριος εστίν, ός.^εάν" μή.σκανδαλισθν εν εμοί. blessed is Λβ, whosoever 

And blessed is, whoever shall not be offended in me. ?^^" ''°^ ^« offended 

7 Ύοντων.δε πορευομενων ηρζατο ο Ιησούς λέγειν τοις 

But as these were going -'began 'Jesus to say to the 

οχλοις περί Ιωάννου, Ύί ''εζήλθετε'^ εις την ερ'ημον ; And aa they de- 
crowds concerning John, ■\That went ye out into the wilderness parted, Jesus began to 

θεάσασθαι; κάλαμον ΰπό άνεμου σαλευόμενον ; 8 άλλα ^r4s"oirceinLgToto: 

to look at ? a reed by [the] Λ\-ind shaken ? But What went ye out into 

TL "ΐξί^λθετε" ίδεϊν; άνθρωπον ίν μαλακοΐς °Ίματίοις" ήμφιεσ- i\7Jd'^X^t|n°with 

what went ye out to see ? a man in soft garments ar- ^^^ wind ? 8 But what 

μενον, Ιδού, οι τά μαλακά ώοροϋντες tv τοΊς ο'ίκοις Ι m^othe"! in ' oft 

rayed? Behold, those who the soft [garments] wear in the houses raiment ? behold, thev 

των βασιλέων ΡεΙσίν'^ 9 άλλα τι Ηζηλθετε^ ι/οεΤν; προ- tbat wc^of t c/o?/.i7!^ 

of kings are. But what went ye out to see ? a pro- ψ^τ^ what ^went °^ 

φήτην ;'' ναι, λέγω ύμίν, και περισσότερον προφήτου' out for to see ? Α pro- 
phet? Yea, I say to you, and [one] more excellent than a prophet, ^ou anrinore^^th^n a 

10 οίτος/νάρ" ίσην περί ol• γεγραπται, 'Ιδού, 'εγώ^^ prophet. lOForthisis 

For this is [he] concerning whom it has been written, Behold, I Λβ, of vrhom it is wnt- 

, , ^ .. 1 / , , < ^ii> Behold, I send my 

ατΓοσΓίλλω τον.αγγελον.μον προ προσωπον.σου, 'δς" κατά- messenger before thy 

send my messenger before thy face, who shall f^'^^, wliich shall pre- 

- .J/ » n' 11 '* ' >' < ~ P-^" ^^^ "^'^^ before 

σκευάσει την.οόον.σον έμπροσθεν σον' 11 Αμήν λέγω υμιν, thee, u Veriiy I say 

prepare thy way before thee. Verily I say to you, unto you, Amongthem 

, , , , .. , ,v ,^ , that are born of wo- 

ονκ.εγηγερται εν γεννητοις γνναικων μείζων Ιωάννου men there hath not 

there has not risen among [those] born of women a greater than John risen a gi-eater than 

-T ~. .f, , , ~θΛ' ~ John the Baptist : not- 

Tov ραπτιστον ο.όε μικρότερος εν Ty βασιλείς, των withstanding he that 

the Baptist. But he that [is] less in the kingdom of the is least in the kingdom 

> ~ y _ , ~ 1 Ί ΊΛ ' » -^v ~ < ~ 't ' of heaven is grreater 

ονρανων μείζων ^αντον εστιν.'^ 12 απο.οε των 7]μερων Ιωαννον than he. 12 And from 
heavens greater than he is. But from the days of John the days of John the 

^ δια by (his disciples) LTTfAW. > [και] ltt. ^ [και] L. ' + καΐ and [ljttta. " av 
LTr. ° «^ηλθατβ LTTrA. ° — ίματιοις (read [garments]) [l]tTtA. ρ — «ίσίν (read 

[are]) t[a]. q προφητην ISelr ; (read But why went ye out ? to see a prophet ? ta. 

τ — γ,ίρ fof i^ltta]. • [ίγώ] L. » και (read and he shall prepare) l. » ϊστίν αυτού 6.. 


Sif*dOm"°of^ Teaven '^°^ βαπτιστοϋ εως άρτι, η βασιλεία των ουρανών βιά- 

sufff rech νΓοΙθηΜ^^ά *^^ Baptist until now, the kingdom of the heavens is taken by 

the violent take it by ζζται, Kul βιασται άοπάζουσιν αίιτην. 13 πάντες.-γάη οι 
'^o^er.^.^I^'^U^-^-^^-'^l'--^^^^-}j^'>^-f^ Γ ^Τ , "• , For ad ^he 

prophesied untiiJohn. ττροφηται και Ο vouoQ έως Ίωάννου ""ττροΒώήτενσαν'^^ 14 και 

ΙΐΆΙΙ^ί^Α"::. Ρ-Ρ^^" --^the law Wil =John^ ^■prophesied. And 

which was forto come, εί OkXtTS δεζασθαι, αύτύς ίστιν^Ήλίας 6 μέλλων ερχεσθαι. 

ΙΛ He that ha,th ears to if ye are willing to receive [it], he is Elias who is about to come, 

hear, let him hear. , ^ , ., τ > / n > / ^ ι 

16 But whereunto shall 15 έχων ωτα ^ακουειν, ακονετω. 16 ϊίνι.οέ ομοιώσω 

Ι liken this generation? He that has ears to hear, let him hear. But to what shall I liken 

It le bkeuuto children , , , « / , , r, , ., i 

Bitting in the markets, την.γενεαν.ταντην ] ouoiu εστιν *7Γαιοαριοις" ^εν άγοραΧς 

and calling unto their this generation ? ^Uke 'it =Ίί» to little children in [the] markets 

fellows, 17 and saying, η ' ii Κ ' ~ ~ , , , ~ , _ 

We have piped unto καυημενοις, "και ττροσφωνονσυτοις.εταιροις.αυτων, 17 και 
you, and ye have not sitting, and calling to their companions, and 

danced; we have », ιιττ>>' <~ .,.^ η yn 

mourned unto you, Αεγουσιν, ανλησαμεν υμιν, και ουκ.ωρχ'ήσασσν ενρηνησαμεν 

and ye have not la- saying, We piped to you, and ye did not dance ; we mourned 

mented. IS For John - « - u < , . /i λ τ ο τττ\ η . »τ ' ' > η' 

came neitiier eating νμιν, και ουκ.εκοψασοε. 18 Β.λθεν.•γαρ Ιωάννης μήτε εσθιων 

nor drinking, and they to you, and ye did not wail. For =came 'John neither eating 

sav, He hath a devil. / ' > > ' a ' » τ /-> t-\ λ < < ^ 

19' The Son of man I^V'^^ τΓίνων, και λεγουσιν, Ααιμονιον έχει. 19 ηλθεν ο νιος 

came eating and drink- nor drinking, and they say, A demon he has. ^Came 'the "Son 

hof': 'a man" glutton- τοϋάνθρώτΓου ίσθίων και ττ'ινων^ και λεγουσιν, Ίδον, 

0US. and a winebibber, 'of ^man eating and drinking, and they say, Behold, 

and'slS^e?f.''Buf^! άνθρωπος φάγος και οίνοπότης, τελωνών φίλος και 

doni ί^ justified of her a man a glutton and a wine bibber, of tax-gatherers a friend and 

childieu. αμαρτωλών, και εδικαιώθη y) σοφία άπυ τών.^τ'εκνων^^ αυτής. 

20 Then began he to of sinners. And -was ''justified 'wisdom by ^children 'her. 

wtroli Jol of "w^ 20 Tore ήρζατο όνειδίζειν τάς ττόλεις εν αΐς εγενοντο 

mighty work-i were Then he began to reproach the cities in which had taken place 

pented^^uor^ 2i*^Voe "* ττλεΐσται δννάμεις.αύτοΰ , 'ότι ον.μετενόησαν. 21 Οϋαί 

unto thoe, Chorazin ! ^^^ most of his works of power, because thej' repented not. Woe 

Sa^or"if\'ife\frh^" '^"'' ^^οραζίν'' οϋαί σοι, ^Βί]θσαϊϋάί/•" Οτι εί εν Ύνρφ και 

works which were to thee, Chorazin 1 woe to thee, Bethsaida ! for if in Tyre and 

done in you, had been Σιδώνι ijkvovTO αϊ δυνάμεις αϊ γενόμεναι tv ύμΐν, 
don'^thf-y wOuld^have Sidon had taken place the works of power which have taken place in you, 

repented long ago in τΐ'άλαι av iv σάκκφ και σποδφ μετενόησαν. 22 ττΚήν λέγω 

ο•"'κν("'ι'ΐ "'""^ /^^"^'*• longago in sackcloth and ashes they had repented. But I say 

It :ihaii be more toier- ΰμΐν, Τύρψ Ktti Σι^ώι^ι άνεκτότερον εσται tv ήμερ^, κρίσεως 

able for Tyre and Sidon to you. For Tyre and Sidon more tolerable shall it be in day of judgment 
at the day of judg- ^ < , / / i, h < n «' • -n > - 

ment, than for you. η νμιν. 23 Και συ, ίΚαττερναου/χ," ")/" εως 'του" ουρανού 

23 And thou, Caper- than for you. And thou, Capernaum, who to the heaven 
nauni, which art ex- win- ί " "ϊ I ο η li' ii " ' ' -e S" 
alted unto heaven, "υψωί^είσα,' εως άδον ^καταριρασθήστ^'" οτι ει εν 2.οόο- 
Bhalt be brought down hjist been lifted up, to hades shalt be brought down : for if in Sod- 
to hell : for if the „ i > , . ^ / < ,. , > - μ 

mighty worL„,, which μοις "^kytvovTO" UL ουναμεις αι. γινόμενοι εν σοι," 

have been done in om had taken place the works of power which have taken place in thee, 
thee, had been done in „„ , ., / ~ / n.» \ » > ' < -, ,, 

Sodom, it would have "tuetvav'.av μεχρι της.σηαερον. 24 πλην λέγω υμιν, οτι 

remained until tliis it nad remained until to-day. But I say to yon, that 

day. 2 1 But 1 say unto 1-1 -v ' > ' » , , » 

you, jhat it ,-<iiaii be γy Σοοομων ανεκτοτερον εσται εν ημερ<}. κρίσεως 

more tolerable ior the lor [the] land of Sodom more tolerable shall it be in day of judgment 

land of Sodom in the •. 

dayof jiidgmont, than V ^^^' 

for thee. than for thee. 

" eπpoφήτeυσau LTTrA. » 'HXei'as T. > — axoveiv τ[Τγ]α. » παιδίοις Oi.TTrAW. 

» κα£τιμένοί.'; iv iyopa (market) L ; καθημένοις ev ταΐς iyopais TXi a. ^ a. προσφωνοΰντα toZs 
tTttipoii who ciilliiig to the companions (ίτί'ροις read calling to tlie others Tir) ( 4- [αϋτώι /J 
their a) Aeyowaii' siij' LTTrA. <= — νμίν ιλτγα. '' έργω»/ works ΤΤγ. * Xopa^eiV ΤΤγα. ^ Βηθ- 
σαϊδά I.Tr. κ Καφορι^αοΰμ LTTi AW. •> ^ij LTTrA, fj Λ'. ' — τοΰ LTTrA. ^ ϋφωθηκηη ; 

t-halt thou be lilted up? ι,ττγα ; νφώθης w. ^ καταβηκτρ thou shalt descend LTrA. 

* ΐγεντηθησαν LTTiA. ■' ei' σοι -γΐνόμΐναι L. " ίμ€ΐρ«ν LTTrA. 


25 Έν Ικείνψ τψ καφψ αποκριθείς 6 Ίησονς εΐττεν, Έξομο- g^a^Vered a^la'id 

At that time answering Jesus said, I j thank thee. Ο Fa- 

Xoyovuai σοι, ττάτεο, κύρια τον οΰρανον και -της γ^ς, οτι ^^^J"' Lord of heaven 

praise thee, Ο Father, Lord of the heaven and the earth, that ^^^ hSt hid these 

Ράττέκρυψας" ταντα άττό σοφών και συνετών, και άττεκάΧνφας things &om the wise 

thon didst hide these things from wise and prudent, and didst reveal revealed them imto 

αυτά νηπιοις. 26 ναι. 6 Tran'jo, οτι ούτως '^Ιγενετο ευδοκία babes. 26Evenso, Fa- 

them to babes. Yea. Father, for thus it was well-pleasing t^^er : for so it seemed 

^ , I , « β good in thy sight. 

εμττροσθεν σον. 27 ΤΙάντα μοι παρεόόθηυττοτοϋ.τΓατρος.μον' 27AU things are de- 

brfore thee. All things tome were delivered by my Father. plthlr I'^ndTo" m™I 

και ουδείς ίττιγινώσκει τυν v'lbv εί.μή 6 πατήρ' ούδ'ί τον knoweih the Son, but 

And no one knows the Son except the Father; nor the }^^ Father; neither 

, , , > y t t f y r y \ knoweth auv man the 

πάτερα τις επιγινωσκει ει.μη ο νιος, και φ.εαν Father, save the Son, 

Father =any ^one 'does know except the Son, and he to whomsoever and he to whoeisoever 

/-, /^ , , , , ., , , Λη .. ~ ' ' the Son will reveal 

βονΑηται ο υιός αποκαλυψαι. 28 Δεύτε προς με., πάντες him. 28 Come onto 

*may 'will "the ^Son to reveal [him]. Come to me, all me, all ye that labour 

< , , , > , , , ~ and are heavy laden, 

01 κοπιωντίς και πεφορτισμενοι, καγω αναπαύσω υμάς. and ΐ wiU give yon 

ye that labour and are burdened, and I will give '^est ^jou. rest. 29 Take my yoke 

ar\ " > y ' 1 ,. . ~ ^ 'Λ > > ? ~ .ί upon you, and learn of 

29 άρατε τον.ζνγον.μου εφ υμάς, και μάθετε απ εμού, οτι nfe; for ι am meek and 

Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for lowly in heart: aud ye 

-~»ii> r ,~ .s/ ,€/ ,/ shall find rest un^o 

^πρψος" ειμί και ταπεινός Ty.Kapoiq,' και ενρησετε αναπαυσιν your souls. soFormy 

meek I am and lowly in heart ; and ye shall find rest yoke is easy, and my 

ταΊς.φυχαΙς.νμών. 30 ό.γάρ.ζυγός.μον χρηστός και το φορτίον ^^^^^^βη is lig t. 
to your souls. For my yoke easy and ^burden 

μου ίΧαφρόν ίστίν. XIL At that time 

'my light is. Jesus went on the 

in .„ ' ' ~ ~ ' Ώ « >T - - 1 '/3,i II sabbath day through 

YZ Ev εκεινψ τψ καιρφ επορενθη Ιησούς τοις *σαρρασιν^^ thecora;andhisdisci- 

At that time went Jesus on the Sabbath ples were an hiingred, 

», , ^ , , ^\ η \ ' - 1 ' < and began to pluck the 

cia των σποριμων' οι.οε.μαθηται.αντον επεινασαν, και ears of com, and to 

through the corn-fields ; and his disciples were hungry, and eat. 2 But when the 

f y -^-> / -in' η•!"Λ» ~ Pharisees saw it, they 

ηρξαντο τιλΚειν σταχνας και εσθιειν. 2 οι.όε Φαρισαιοι said unto him, Behold, 
began to pluck [the] ears and to eat. But the Pharisees thy disciples do that 

>■>' tT II >~>T^' < η ' - •ν which is not la^vfiil to 

ιύοντες 'είττον" αντφ, loov, οι.μαθηται.σου ποιονσιν ο ^^ Qp^u tiie sabbath 

having seen said to him, Behold, thy disciples are doing what day. 3 But he said un- 

ονκ^ξεστιν ποιείν kv σαββάτψ. 3 'O.^f είπεν αύτοΊς, Ονκ H^T^^frnvH α^Ι 

it is not lawful to do on sabbath. But he said to them, ^Not when he was an hnn- 

άνεγνωτε τι εποίησεν 'Δα/3ί^," οτε επείνασεν '"αυτός και we^rl' ^Α th him f 4 1'ifw 

"ye 'have read what 'did 'David, when he hungered himself and i^g entered into the 

01 μετ αντοϋ; 4 πώς εΐσηλθεν εΙς τον οίκον τον θεού, και ^"'^^ϊ* ^"^'tvl^i^ 

. , '•,,.„' ττ ι_ J • J^ χι. t J! 1^ J 1 eat the shewbread, 

those with him? How he entered into the house of God, and which was not lawful 

Γούς άρτους της προθέσεως Ηφαγεν,^' ^οΰς" ουκ Ιζόν i]v for him to eat, neither 

the loaves of the presentation he ate, which ^ot "lawful 'it ^as -ni^h him but' only for 

αϋτψ φαγέΐν,οϋδε τοΊς μετ αύτοϋ, εί.μή τοΙς Ίερενσιν μόνυις; the priests? 5 Or have 

for him to eat, nor for those with him, but for the priests only? ho^°that on^the saV 
5 "H ούκ.άνεγνωτε εν τφ νόμψ, οτι τοΙς σάββασιν οι ίερέΐς bath days the priests 

Or have yo not read in the law, that on the sabbaths the priests in the temple profane 
> ryr, οολ~ ,,,/T tbe sabbath, and are 

εν τφ ιερψ το σαρβατον βεβηλουσιν, και αναίτιοι εισιν ; biameless?6But Ι say 

in the temple the sabbath profane, and guiltless are ? ii^to you, That in this 

r. ^ ■ J, . ~ „ - , - - -v II > > -!■•^ « > t< P^'*'^^ is one greater 

D Αεγω.οε υμιν, οτι του. ιερόν ^μειζων^' εστίν ωοε. 7 ει.οε than the temple. 7 But 

But I say to you, that ''than^the "temple 'a "greater is here. But if if ye had known what 

. ' / ) a»T-,N η n'\ ' > Λ ' in this meaneth, I will 

εγνωκειτε τι εστίν, '^Ελεοϊ^" θέλω και ου θνσιαν, ονκ αν have mercy, and not 

ye had known what is, Mercy I desire and not sacrifice, 'not sacrifice, ye would not 

Ρ ίκρυφας Ι,ΤΤγΑ. ι ευδοκία βγενβτο LT. ^ πραϋς LTTrA. • σαββάτοις L•. » ΐίπαν LTTiA. 
' Δαυίίδ LTTrA ; Δαΰιδ GW. " — αύτος GLTTrAW. » Ιφαγον LT. 7 ο LTTrA. « μΐΐζόρ 


ha-»» condemned the κατΒ^ικάσαΓΕ TovQ άναιτίονς' 8 κύριος.γάρ Ισην ''και" τον 

pniltless. 8 For the , 2^^^ condemned the guiltless. For Lord «is 'aUo »o£ the 

Son of man Is Lord 

even of the sabbath σαββάτου 6 υιός τού.άνθρώτΓον. 

^^' ^sabbath the son of man. 

9 And wh η he was ^ ^"* μξταβάς εκείθεν, τ)\θεν εις τήν.σννα-γω'^ήν.αντών. 

departed ^thence, he And having departed thence, he went into their synagogue. 

wenB into their syna- [Q ^αί ίίου, άνθρωπος '^r]v ri)r" χείρα ίγων ξηράν και 
Ewasa^manwWch , And behold, ^a man there was ^the ^ _^ ^hand -having withered. And 

had Λίβ hand withered. έτΓ'ηρώτησαν avTov, λεγοντες, Έ,ί.εζεστιν τοΙς σάββασιν 

And they askedhmi, ^^ ^^^^^ ^^ saying, Is it lawful on the sabbaths 

saying, Is it lawful to , , . „ j hi , » « t>^ » 

heal on the sabbath "θεραττευειν;' iva κατηγορησωσιν avTOV. 11 Ο.οε εΐττεν avroXgf 

days? that they might to heal? that they might accuse him. But he said to them, 

accuBehun. llAndhe „ . _„ „ ,^ , .» „ « „ „„ ' r, f 

said unto them, What Tic ^εσΓαι" εξ υμών άνθρωπος, ος εξει ττροβατον εν, 

man shall there be •v\rhat^8hallHhere*be«of *you ^man, who shall have ''sheep 'one, 

among yon, that shall ,,, >/ - ~ ' η rt ' nm > \ 

have one sheep, and if και εαν εμττεσ^ TOVTO τοις σάββασιν εις βοθννον, ονχι 

it fall into a pit on and if "fall Hhis on the sabbaths into a pit, will not 

the sabbath day, will , ,, , r, ^ ,, ,^ , j-s>j' » 

he not lay hold on it, κρατήσει avTO και 'εγερει j" 12 ποσφ ovv διαφέρει av- 

andlift ifout? 12How lay hold of it and will raise [it] up ? How much then is ^better 'a 

much then is a man λ /3 ^ r/ ff^* -^ι^'/^ο ii \ — 

better than a sheep? θρωτΓος ττροβατον ; ωστε εξεστιν τοις.^σαββασιν^* καλώς 

Wherefore it is lawful ^man than a sheep ? So that it is lawful on the sabbaths ^weU 

bathrys.^'is'^'T^tn ΤΓΟιεΤν. 13 Τότε λέγε» τψ.άνθρώπψ,Έκτεινον ^τήνχεΊρά 

saitli he to the, 'to '•'do. Then ho says to the man. Stretch out ''hand 

llntVd°?e''stretch! <^ov.^' Kai Ιξίτεινεν, και -^άτΓοκατεστάθη^^ υγιής ώς ή 

ed ιί forth ; and it was 'thy. And he stretched [it] out, and it was restored sound as the 



14 ''Οί.ίέ Φαρισαϊοι συμβούλων ΐλαβον κατ αυτοϋ έξελ- 

Bnt the Pharisees °a ^council ''held ''against "him 'having 

council against him, ^orrec," οττως avTov άτΓολεσωσιν. 15 Ό.δk.'lησoΰς γνονς 

stroy iam™*15 But 'gone 'out how him they might destroy. But Jesus having known 

when Jesus knew it, άνεγώρησεν εκεΧθεν' και ήκολούθησαν αντύ 'ογλοι ' ττολλοί, 

he withdrew himself ^(^^drew thence, and followed him =^crowds 'great, 

Irom thence: and ^ ^ ^ , / > ~ 

great multitudes foi- καΙ εθεράττευσεν αυτούς τταντας' 16 και εττετίμησεν αυτοΊς 

lowed him, and lie ^ he healed them aU, and strictly charged them 

hGaledthemall;16aud , , y , -. ,, » ,i x 

charged them that iva μή φανεοον αυτον ΤΓΟίησωσιν' 17 "Όττως" ττλη- 

they should not make that "not "ρηΜΙοΙν ^known 'him 'they Should *make. So that might 

him known: 17 that ^^ , «ίl<^^•ττJι ~ / •»/ 

it might be fulfilled ρωθ^ρ TO ρηθέν oiu Ησοιον του προφήτου, λέγοντος, 

which was spoken by i,e fulfilled that which was spoken by Ksaias the prophet, saying, 

Esaias the prophet, , ,-, i_ ^ , ι ~ .v η ' ' ii ' ' ' η ' 

saying, 18 Behold my 18 Ιοου ο.παις.μον ov ^γρετισα," ο.αγαπητος.μου °εις 

servant, whom I have Behold my servant whom I have chosen, my beloved in 

chosen; my beloved, in „ „ „ > τ^ » i ' ι ' .η' " ~ > i » 

whom my soul is well ov" ^^ευδοκησεν^ η.ψυχη.μου υησω το.πνευμα.μον επ 

pleased : ΐ will put ray whom *has *found ^delight 'my ■'soul. I will put my Spirit upon 

ho'"ha'if"shew'°ju^- auTOV, και κρ'ισιν το~ις 'έθνεσιν άπαγγελεΧ- 19 ονκ.ερΊσει 

ment to the Gentiles, him, and judgment to the nations he shall declare. He shall not strive 

no^oryrnlnther'shlii ohU κραυγάσει, ούδε ακούσει τις εν ταΧς πλατείαις την 

any man hear his voice nor cry out, nor shall ^hear 'any '■'one in the streets 

^ui«afcc''r'hau ho 0ωί/7)ν.αύΓθί;. 20 κάλαμον σνντετριμμενον ού.κατεάξει, και 

not broak, and smok- his voice. A •'rood 'bruised ho shall not break, and 

^en?h'' tl'li' he^scnd ^^'^'^''^ τνφόμενον ον.σβ'εσει, εως.άν εκβάλγ εις νΧκος την 

forth judgment iinto Ά*^ 'smoking ho shall not quench, nntil ho bring forth 'unto Victory 'the 

victory. 21 And in h^s κρίσιν. 21 καΐ "«tv" τφ.ϋνόματι.αΐιτοΰ ίϋνη Ιλπιοϋσιν. 

restored whole, like as 
the other. 

14 Then the Pharisees 
went out, and held 

name shall the Gen- 
tiles trust. 

judgment. And in his name [the] nations shall hope. 

b — «at OLTTrAW. = — ^v TTji/ LTTrA. •* ββμαη * ΰ<ται ; T. • — βσταιΤίΑ. ^ eyeCpeihe 
raises [it] up L. •? σαββάτοι•; l. '' σου την χβϊρα LTTtA. » απβκαησταθη l.tiyaw. 

" €ξ€\9όΐ'Τΐς Si οι Φαρισαϊοι <τνμβοΰ\ιον ΐΚαβον κατ αϋτοΰ LTTrW. ' — όχλοι {read πολλοί 

'iiutiy) ι,τ[Τγλ]. "' tfa tliat LTITA. ° ήρβ'τισα Τγ. °ΐνωΤτ•, — βίς Ι.Α. ρ ηΰΒόιτη 

Of ν ττγ. 1 — iv {read [on]) OLTTrAW. 


22 Tore ^προσηνεχθη'^ αύτψ -ξαψονιζόμ^νος, τν<ρ\ος ,,^^ω^οηΓΐ^ 

Then was brought to him one possessed by a demon, blind -^^^-^ a devil blind 

Kai κωώός•" και εθεράττευσεν αυτόν, ώστε τον ^τυφλόν κται" fi^d dumb: and he 

and duLb, and he healed him, so that the blind and thai thrbl^dTnd 

κωφόν ''καΐ^ ΧαλέΙν και βλεπειν. 23 και εξίσταντο πάντες dumb both spake and 

duU both spake and^saw. _^ ^ And «were Wzed '^all ^^.^w^e'' amazed! 

o'l δχΧοι και 'ίλεγον, Μήτι οϋτός εστίν 6 υιός ""Ααβίδ;^^ and said, is not this 

«the ^crowds and said, =^Thie 'is the son of David? ^he Son of David? 

, _ . 1 ο'ΛΝ 24 But when the Phari- 

24 Oi.ok Φαρισαΐοι ακουσαντ^ς είττον, Ούτος ουκ.εκβαλλει sees heard it, thej-s.iid. 

But the Pharisees having heard said, This [man] casts not out "^ M^ .iloth not 
,»> / >,, - -^ ^v η s^ " -. <> ' cast out devils, but by 

τα δαιμόνια ει.μή εν τψ Βεελζερονλ αρχοντι των όαιμονιων. Beelzebub the prince 

the demons except by Beehsebnl prince of the demons. o* ^^ devils. 25 And 

25 Είδως.δε *ό Ίησονς'' τάςΛνθυμησεις.αυτών είπεν αντοίς, thoughts, and said 

But ■■'knowing 'Jesus their thoughts he said to them, unto them. Every 

__~^.y, Λ,^ p., , - , ~ , kingdom divided a- 

Πασα ρασιλεια μερισυεισα καθ εαυτής ερημονται' και gainst itself is brought 

Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and to desolation; and 

ττάσα ττόλις η οικία μερισθείσα καθ' εαυτής ού.σταθήσεται. dTv^ed'^against it's^if 

every city or house divided against itself will not stand. shall not stand: 26 and 

if Satan cast out Satan, 

he is divided against 

'casts ^out, against himself he was himself ; how shall 

ρίσθη- ττώς οίν σταθησεται η.βασιλεΊα.αύτοΰ ; 27 και ει εγώ sl^and? 27And'&^i b^ 

divided. How then will stand his kingdom ? And if I Beelzebub cast out 

iv Βεελζεβούλ εκβάλλω τα δαιμόνια, οι.υ'ιοΐΰμών εν τ'ινι yeS•^' c^idTen^'^c^t 

by Beelzebul cast out the demons, your sons by whom them out ? therefore 

ΙκβάΧΚουσιν; δια τοϋτο αυτοί ^υμών έσονται Kjotrat." •„α|ρ3^*8 But if /οΊ^ί 

do they cast out ? on account of this they of you shall be judges, but devils by the Spirit 

28 εΐ.δε "εγώ εν πνεύματι θεοϋ" εκβάΧΚω τά δαιμόνια, άρα of God then the king- 
But if I by [the] Spirit of God cast out the demons, then ^°^ you 29 Or" eul 

εφθασεν εφ' υμάς r) βασιλεία του θεοϋ. 29 η πώς δύναται how can one enter into 

has come upon you the kingdom of God. Or how Is able ^Λ*'^°^^-,™?? ® °T^ 

, , axiu. spoil ms goods, 

τις είσέΚθεΐν εις την οΊκίαν του ίσχυρον και τά σκεύη except he first bind the 

anyone to enter into the house of the strong [man] and ^goo;ls strongman? and then 

, _ / I, , , , ^ »,/ , > / he will spoil his house. 

αυτού ^διαρπασαι, εαν.μη πρώτον δησ^ τον ισγυμρν; 3ο He that is not with 

'his to plunder, unless first behind the strong [man]? me is against me; and 

, , , , , ) ~ Kt> f Μ ί^/Λ t > >v , , ~ gathereth not 

καιτοτετην.οικιαν.αυτου ^ύιαρπασει^ 30 ο μη.ων μετ εμού with me scattereth 

and then his house he will plunder. He who is not with me abroad. 31 OTieref ore 

> , ~ , < t , / , , ~ ,v I say unto you, All 

κατ εμού εστίν και υ μή.συναγων μετ εμού σκορπίζει, manner of sin and 

against me is ; and he who gathers not with me scatters. blasphemy shall be 

OTA» ~ \ ' <~ TT- < ' </D\ j' f orgriven unto men : 

01 Aia τούτο λέγω υμιν, ΤΙασα αμαρτία και βλασφημία tut the blasphemy 

Because of this I say to you, Every sin and blasphemy «ραίηίί the iEfo/j/ Ghost 

' , ,Λ ' r ~ ' a ' . ' S" ~ ' i'3\ shall not be forgiven 

αφευησίται^ τοις ανορωποις• η.όε του.πνευματος βλασ- ^nto men. 32 And 

shall be forgiven to men ; but the -concerning ^the^Spirit 'bias- whosoever speaketh 

φημίαούκΑφεθησεται^τοΐςάνθρώποις.^^ 32 και ος J αν" ύπι^ Ι^ΓΙι ^ΐί'Χ .^^ 

phemy shall not be forgiven to men. And whoever speaks be forgiven him : but 

λόγον κατά τον υ'ιοΰ το~υ άνθρωπου, άφεθήσεται αύτφ S^ftThe Holy Ghost 

a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him ; jt shall not be f or- 

ος.δ'.άν ε'ίπ-ς κατά του πνεύματος του αγίου, ^ούκ.άφε- ^^ξ\^^^ Seithw S 

but whoever spealts against the Spirit the Holy, it shall not ^.j^g world' to come. 

θησεταύ^ αύτψ, ούτε εν τούτφ τφ αίώνι ούτε εν τψ μέλλον- ^3 Either make the 

be forgiven him, neither in this age nor in the coming "®® Sooa, an is uit 

n. 33 "H ποιήσατε τυ δενδρον καλόν και τον καρπόν 

[one]. Either make the tree good and ^fruit 

•■ npocrqveyKav they broughr l. = δαιμονι^όμεΐΌν τυφλον καΐ κωφόν L. ' — τυφΚΌν καϊ. 
LTTtA. ' — και LTTrA. " Δαυίδ GW ; Δαυείδ LTTrA. * — ό 'ίησοΟ? LTTtA. y κριταΐ 
έσονται υμών LTTrA. ^ ev ττνεΰματι θεοΰ εγώ QLTTrAW. * άρπάσαι to seize upon LTTi Α. 

'' όρπάσει be will seize upon l ; &ιαρπά(τη he might plunder τ. = -f [ύμιΗ to you a. 
* — τοίϊ άνθρώποις LTTr[A]. ^ eav LTTrAw' f οϋ μη άφΐθ-β in uowise shall it be Orgiven L. 

32 iM A Τ θ A I Ο Σ. XII. 

good; or else make αΰτοϋ KoKov, t} τΓοιήσατε TO δενδρον σαττρον και τον καυπον 

hi.:ir^t'cX:?t:Tor MtB _ good, or ^ make the tnl cornTpt and ^fruit 

the t ree is taiowu by αντονσαττρόν ίκ.γάρ τον καρτΓον τΰ δέ.νδρον γινώσκΕται. 

raliou of vi>r8,^hot "^^^'^ corrupt:^ for from the fruit the tree ίβ^οΛΠί. 

can ye, being; evil S4: Τενίτηματα ίχιδνών, ττώς δύνασθε αγαθά λαλην, ττονηροί 

for*out"ot"the abun- Offspring of vipers, how are ye able good things to speak, -wicked 

diince of the heart the οντες ', ίκ.γάρ τοΐ) ΤΓΒρισσεΰματος της καρδίας το στόμα 

mouth speaketh. 35 Α ifceing? for out of the abundance of the heari, the mouth 

sood man oit of the , , „ , ~ , η ~ η 

good treasuie of the λαλεί, όο Ο ayaooQ ανυρωτΓος εκ τον αγανου (ίησαυρον 

heart bringeth forth speaks. The good man out of the good ueasure 

good things: and an ^ ^, , r, '\^ h < i, - η ' ' • -η 

evi; man out of the ^της καρΰιας" ίκραλλει '^τα' αγαθά' και ο -ττονηρ ς ανθρω- 

evil treasure bringeth of the heart puts forth the good things ; and the τνΐοΰβά man 

forth evil things. , ~ ~ ^ - • ο ' λ \ ' nr» λ ' t- < 

36 But I say unto you, ΤΓος tK Tov τΓονηρου θησανρου έκραλλει πονηρά. 3θ Af γω.Οί 

Th:it every idle word outof the wicked treasure put.s forth wicked thiiijis. But I .say 

that men shall sφeak, < ~ ,i ~ •~ . ν " i ' > ι Ua λ ' w ' " η 

theyshaligiveaccount νμιν, ΟΤΙ TTttv ρήμα αργον oJiav'^ ^λαΑησωσιν^' οι άνθρωποι, 

thereof in the day of to yon, that every -^word 'idle whatsoever "may -"speak 'men, 

ihi^words thou Thait άποδώσουσιν περί αντον λόγον εν ήμέρφ κρίσεως. 37 εκ 

be justified, and by they shall render of it an account in day of judgment. 'By 

beyond craned"" ^^*^* 7"•Ρ τών.λόγωνΜον δικαιιοθησψ, και ίκ τώνΧόγων.σον 

'for thy word.s tliou shalt be justified, and by thy wonls 


thou shalt be condemned. 
38 Tb«n certain of _,.,„,, , τ, ' \ ~ ' ,^ - ^ 

the scribes and of the 38 I οτε απεκριθησαν^ τίνες των γραμματέων "^και Φαρι- 

Pharisees answered, Then answered some of the scribes and Phari- 

saying, llaster, we , ., ^ , a ?• ' > n'\ ' < ~ ~ '?> ~ 

would see a sign from σαιων, Χεγοντες, Αιόασκαλε, θεΚομεν απο σον σημειον ιόειν. 

thee. 39 But he an- sees, saying. Teacher, we wish from thee a sign to sec. 

swered and said unto nn </-\ ϊ•\ > η ■> ι > - -η ^ ^ < 

them, An evil and a- 39 Ο.ΰί αποκριθεις είπεν αντοις, Γενεά πονηρά και μοι~ 

dulterous generation But he answering said to thciu, A generation wicked and adui- 

rndthere^'shriino'sl^J %«λίς σημεΙον επιζητεϊ' και σημεϊον ον.δοθήσεται avTy, 

bo given to it, but the terous a sign seeks for, and a sign shall not bo given to it, 

Jonaaf^o^fora^s'jonas ^ί.μή TO σημεΧον Ίωνά τοϋ προψητον. ΑΟώσπερ.γάρην'ΐωνάς 

was three days and except the sign of Jonas the prophet. For even as was Jonas 

^Λβ'Γϊΐ6ΐΐν• so shall ^'^ "^V κοιλίί/, TOV κήτονς τρεϊς ήμερας και τρεΙς νύκτας, όντως 

the Son of 'man be ^^ ^^^ belly of the great fish thn^e days and tiu-ee nights, thus 

iSts'\''nthrheart^of ^'^''"^ " ^^^^ TOV άνθρωπου εν Ty καρδίί^. της γης τρεΊς 

the earth. 41 The men shall bo the Son ot man in the heart of the earth three 

of Nineveh shall rise ημέρας καί τρπς νύκτας. 41 Άνδρες "ΝινευΤται" άναστΊ]σονται 

g^n^r-a't^n" and shall _ '^''^'• ''"'^ ^^""^ , "i^'•^^"• ^ ^^^," Ninovites shall stand up 

condemn it : iiecauae iv τϋ κρισει μετά τής.γενεας.ταύτης, καίκατακρινονσιν avTrjV 

preachrn<^°of Jonas^ "^ ^^^'j^'^e™^"'* ^*•^ this generation, and shall condemn It; 

and, behold, a greater ort μξτενόησαν ξίς TO κί]ρνγμα. Ίωνά' καί Ιδού, πΧεΐον 

ΐί!'",'.^ '^°""^'* '* ''^1^'^• for they repented at the proclamatiuu of Jonas ; and behold, more 
42 The queen ot the , τ^ λ -> -λ ' . λ' > 

s<.uth shall rise up in Ιωνά ωδε. 42 βασίλισσα νοτον εγερθησεται εν Ty κρισει 

the judgment with than Jonas here. A queen of [the] south shall rise up in the judgment 

tins iTPiKtration, and ,~ ~, , ~ > ' " ~\ η 

sh:Ui ■<;;i I. mil it: for μετα της.γΐνεας.ταντης, και κατακρίνει αντην οτι ήλθεν 

she < am • 1 10111 the ut- with this generation, and shall condemn it; for she came 

irniuu-t, ].art:-i of the , .„ , ~ „ , ~ , ■ n•^ λ ~ ii 

..irth lo the tic των περατων της γης ακονσαιτην σοφιαν°Σολομωντος'^^ 

wisdom of Solomon ; from the ends of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon ; 

tiian Soiouioi M^here'. καί ίδού, πλεϊον ^Σολομώντος^ώδε. 43"Οταν.δε το άκάθαρτον 

4.'3 When the unclean and behold, more than Solomon here. liut when the unclean 

spirit is gone out of ~ ^t"\ η •> ~ ' η ' t' ^ ' > ' ^ 

a man, he waiketh πνίυμα εζεAθy απο τον άνθρωπου, όιερχεται όι ανυόρων 

through dry places, spirit is gone out from the man, he goes tlxrough waterless 

edi nonur4'4'Thpii°he τόπων, ζητονν άνάπαυσιν, .καί ονχ.ενρίσκει. 44 τότε λέγει, 

suith, Ι ivill return places, seeking rest, and iinds not [it], Tlien he says, 

g — της καρδίας Gi.TTrAW. ^ — τά LTrW. ' — iav {read whicli) LTTrA. ^ λαλησουσιν 
shall p]ieak τΤγα. ' -f αντω him ι.ΤΤγΑ. ■" — και Φαρισαίων l. ° Νιι/ευβΐται TTrA, 

" — ολομώΐΌ? OLTTrAW. 


ιΈττιστρεφω εις τον.οΐκόν.μον,^^ 'όθεν ίξηλθον καί ελθον '^^^^eT^i^eaTe οπΤ 

Ι will return to my house, whence I came out. And having come j^^^ when he is cornel 

ευρίσκει σχολάζοντα,^ σεσαρωμένον καΐκεκοσμημ'ενον. 45 τότε ^^^^^'^'if*^, iaSed.' 

he finds [it] unoccupied, swept and adorned. ^ Then ^^ rj^j^^^ ^^^-^^ -^^^ ^^^ 

πορεύεται και παραλαμβάνει μεθ' εαυτόν επτά έτερα πνεύματα taketh with himself 

agoes and ^ take^ ^ i^lth himself seven othir spirits ^^^e^wickefthanS 

πονηρότερα εαυτόν, και είσεΧθόντα κατοικεί εκεί' και γίνεται self, and they enter in 

more wicked than himself and entering in they dwell there ; and «becomes ^^e lilt siai'eTf that 

τά έσχατα τον .άνθρώπον.εκε'ινον χε'ιρονα των πρώτων, ούτως man is worse than the 

Hhe =iast ^of *that =man worse than the first. Thus first Even so shall it 

^ ^ _ ^ , ^ ^ he aL=o unto this wick- 

εσται και τ'y.yεvεq,.τavτy Ty πονηρή,. ed generation. 

it shall be also to this generation the wicked. 

46 "Ert.^as" αύτον λαλοϋντος τοΙς δχλοις, ιδού, ή μήτηρ t,.t^ed™the ^people* 

But while yet he was speaking to the crowds, behold, [his] mother behold, his mother and 

και οι.άοε\<ροι}αντοΰ'\ ε'ιστηκεισαν εζω, ζητοΰντες αντψ λα- ^thour^e3rin?''to 

and his brethren were standing without, seeking ^o "him 'to gpeak ' with him. 

λησαι. M7 ε'ίπεν.δε τις αντψ, Ιδού. ή.μήτηρ.σου και οι άοελφοί ^ '^^ βλοΤΙ^ thv 

'.speak. Then said one to Hm, Behold, thy mother and brethren mother 'and thy bre"- 

σον εζω έστήκασιν, ζητονντ'ες σοι λαλησαι.' 48 Ό.^ε άπο- th^en stand ''"thont 

Hhy without are standing, seeking »to *thee 'to ^speak. But he an- ^'«^'^"^^3%^^^'^^^'^^'^ 

κριθείς εΐπεν τφ ""ε'ιπόντΰ' αϋτψ, Ύίς εστίν ή.μήτηρ.μου ; swered and said unto 

swering said to hil who spoke to hil, Who is ^ my mother? JTmy moth^rT ^d 

και τίνες είσιν οΊ. αδελφοί. μου : 49 Καί εκτείνας την χεΊρα who are my brethren ? 

and who are my brethren? _ And stretching out ^-^ ^^t^hls hUToward 

^avTov^^ επι τούς.μαθητάς.αντον εΐπεν, Ιδον, η.μητηρ.μον και his disciples, and said, 

•his to his disciples he said. Behold, my mother and Behold my mother and 

, ,-- , ^n " , Λ / , r\'\ ~ my brethren! 50 For 

οι.αδελφοι.μον . 50 οστις.γαρ αν "ποιησ7^ το ΰελημα του whosoever shall αο the 

my brethren. For whosoever shall do the wiU will of my Father 

, ~. , ~ ./ «τ-Λ• > which is in heaven, the 

πατρος.μον τον εν ουρανοις, αντος μου αοεΚψός και same is my brother, 

of my Father who [is] in [the] heavens, he ^. my brother and and sister, and mo- 

άδελφη και μήτηρ εστίν. 

sister and mother is. 

13 Έν.^ίέϋ τψ-ημ'ερφ.εκείν^ εζελθών 6 Ίησοϋς "άττό" ^e^sS'outTf thi 

And in that day 'having 'gone *forth 'Jesus from house, and sat by the 

της οικίας εκάθητο παρά την θάλασσαν 2 και συνηχθησαν ^^^^^, ^^e £th- 

the house sat down by the sea. And were gathered together gj.g^ together unto 

προς αύτον ονλοι πολλοί, ώστε αύτον εις Vo" πλοΐον εμ- ^i™• so that he went 

~,. ■, '^ , 1 i ,-, ^ ■. ■ Γ j^i t.• l•! into a snip, and. sat ; 

to him 'crowds 'great, so that he into the ship having ^^^ ^^g whole multi- 

βάντα καθησθαι, και πάς ό όχλος επι τον αίγιαλόν εΊστί)κει. tnde stood on the shore. 

entered sat down, and all the crowd on the shore stood. things tmto^them*^ 

3 και ελάλησεν αύτοίς πολλά εν παραβολάΐς, λέγων, Ιδού, parables, saying, Be- 

And he spoke to them many things in parables, saying. Behold, \°3^^ ^^ ^°^f 4^and 

εζήΧθεν 6 σπείρων τον σπείρειν. 4 και εν.τώ.σπείρειν.αύτόν when he sowed, some 

^ent*out 'the 'sower to sow. And as he sowed seeds fell by the way 

_ , „ , , ,.v, ^ -Λ Λ i > > Η <ii ^^^^' and the fowls 

α.μεν επεσεν πάρα την οΰον, και ^ήλυεν' τα πετεινα "κτσι" came and devoured 

some feU by the way, and ^came 'the "birds and tbem up : 5 some feU 

, , / _ ,^ ^ Λ, , ) X , / Λ cr upon stony places, 

κατεφαγεν αυτά. 5 άλλα. δε επεσεν επι τα πετρωόη, οπον where they had not 

devoured them. And some fell upon the rockv places, where much earth: and forth- 

T ~ >\' «>Λ' 'ν'λ "?' «< "^th ^^^y sprung up, 

ουκ.είχεν γην πολλην, και ευθέως εξανετειλεν όια το μη because they had no 

they had not 'earth 'much, and immediately sprang up because of not deepness of earth: 

» i-t ' η ο ~/-•<Λ' τ•>> Λ ' 'η 6 and when the sun 

εχειν ραθος ® γης' b ηλιον.δε ανατειλαντος εκαυματισθη, was up, they were 

having depth of earth ; and [the] sun having risen they were scorched, scorched ; and because 

1 €15 τον οΐκόν μου βτΓίστρεψω LTTrA. ^ + καΐ and [l]t. « — Se but LTTrA, ' [αύτου] L. 
' verse 47 in [ ] τ. '^ λεγοντι lttta. ^ — αϋτοΰ {read [bis] hand) τ. 7 noijj a. '■ — Si 
and LTTrA. »« out of lt ; — άπο (r<ad e^eX. having gone out of ) Xr. ^ — ro (read a 

ship) LTTrA. ' ηΚβον LTrj ίΚθόντΛ having come a. ^ — ^al a. ^ + της L. 



i^tSawaTVA'S "i^ ^'^^ το.μνΛχΒ^ν ρίζαν ίζηράνθη. 7 dWaJe tireaev ίπί 

Bome fell among ^^"^ because of not haTing root were dried up. And some fell upon 
*u^yup°lnd^chokei ''"^ άκάνΟας, Kai άνεβησαν at άκανθοι και ^άπεπνιζαν^ αυτά. 
them Γ 8 but other fell *^« thorns, and Vew ^up Hhe =Hhorns and choked them. 

into good ground^and 8 άΧΚα.δε tTTEOEv ίπι Ti)v γήν την καλην, και εδίδου καρνόν, 

«oTe au hundredSld; ., ^^^^me ^ fell upon the ground the good, and yielded ioit, 

some sixtyfoid, some o.ukv tKUTOv, ο.δε έζήκοντα, ο.δε τριάκοντα. 9 ό ενων 

^ii^Ht" hear, ^t him ."'"' ^ hundred, another sixty, another thirty. He that has 

hear. ' ώτα β^άκούειν" άκουετω. 

10 And the disciples ears to hear let him hear. 

htSf' X'lJea'Ss? 10 K«i ττροσελθόντες oi (χαθηται^ ^είττον" αύτψ, ^Αιατί^' 

thou unto them in pa- And ^having *come^to[°him] 'the ■'disciplea said to him. Why 

aSiyuSo'themX- ^^ τταραβολαϊς λαλείς αντοίς; 11 Ό.δε αποκριθείς είττεν 

cause it is given unto in parables speakest thou to them ? And he answering said 

ifesKelingrm^i '«{,ΓΟΪς," "Οτι ύμίν δίδοται γνώναι τά μυστήρια της 
heaven, but to them to them, Because to you it has been given to know the mysteries of the 

whos^te^rhath toMm βασιλείας Tutv.ovpavuv, ίκείνοιςΜ ού.δεδοται. 12 όστις 

shall be given, 'and ho kingdom of the heavens, but to them it has not been given. '■'Whosoever 

dan(L^Tut°^hoso^"^r 7"'P ^'^^*' ^οθήσεται αντψ, και ττερισσενθήσεται' οστις.δε 

hath iaot^ from°Mm ^°'^ ^^• ^sliaH *be ^gi^'t^i^ 'to "1ώη> aiid Ίθ shall be in abundance; but whosoever 

shall be tak^ away ονκίχει, καί Ο 'έχει άρθήσεται απ αντον. 13 ^ιά τοντο 

is'lherefore speak ΐ li^s not, even taken away fi-om him. Because of this 

to them in parables : ty παραβοΧαΐς αυτοίς λαλώ, οτι βλέποντες ού.βλεπονσιν 

because they seeing ^^ parables to them I speak, because seeing they see not, 

see not ; and hearing ,,, ,,/>^^ ~ 

they hear not, neither και άκουοντες ούκ.άκονουσιν, ούδε συνιοϋσιν. 14 και άνα- 

do they understand., ,^ml hearing they heai• not, nor do tkey understand. And 

14 And in them IS ful- ~ , ,ι, , ~ < , ,„ j- < \' 

filled the prophecy of πΧηρουται "ετΓ " avTOiQ η προφητεία Ησαιοκ, η λέγουσα 

Esaia^, which saith, By "flUod =^up 'in 'Hihem the prophecy of Bsaias, which says, 

hearmg ye shall hear, , ^ ~ , , , , . ~ \ r>\. t rt\ / 

and shall not under- Axo?j ακονσετε, Ktti ον.μή.σννητΒ' και βλέποντες βλε 

stand ; and seeing ye In hearing ye shall hear, ^nd in no wise understand ; and seeing ve shall 
shall see, and shall not , , , ^ ,,Μ- -.p> /Λ^ < ?.' 

perceive: 15 for this ψετε, και ου.μη.ιοητε. 15 επαχυνθη.γαρ η κάρδια ίου 

people's heart is waxed see, and in no wise perceive : for ®has 'grown *f at -the "heai-t Λ 

gross, and their cars .._/ , ~ > ^ η lo > " «ί^ 

are dull of hearing, λαου.τουτου, και τοις ωσιν" βαρ&ως ηκουσαν, και Tovg 

and their eyes they ''of *this ^jwople, and with the ears heavily they have heard, and 

have closed: lest at an V >/^\\i'v>/ / f^ ^ y . 

time they should see οψθαλμονς.αντων εκαμμνσαν' μηποτε ιόωσιν τοις οψ- 

with their eyes, and their eyes they have closed j lest they should see with the 

aXh'iiuidU^Trsti^d θαλμοΊς, και τοΊς ώσιν άκονσωσιν, και rg καρδίφ συν- 
with tlieir heart, and eyes, and with the ears they should hoar, and with the heart they should 

fndliouwwth^m: ^σιν, και ίπιστρεψωσιν και -ίάσωμαι} αυτούς. Ιβ'Ύμών.δέ 
16 But blessed θί•β your 'iuderstand,andsiiouldbeconvertcd and I should heal them. But of yon 

yoS ^eHrs^^for^ 'they A*"''^"^''" oi Οφθαλμοί, ΟΤΙ βλεπουσιν' καΊ τά ώταΗμών,^ 

heiir. 17 For verily ί bleeeed [are] the eyes, because they see ; and the ears of yoxi, 
say unto you That g^ '^άκοίει.'^ 17 αμήν Jyap" λέγω ΰμίν , ΟΤΙ ποΧλοι προψήται 
righLii^SiLcch,- because they hear. tor verily I say to you, that many prophets 

sired to see ίΛο«β<Λίηί/β ^αι δίκαιοι 'επεθνμησαν ΙδεΤν ά βλέπετε, και υύκ 'είδον'^' 
rotsLr/&?LdIo '^"'i"^"«o'"tmen] desired to see what ye see, and ^'not 'saw; 

hear i/io,sc<Ai>ii7i< which καί άκοϋσαι ά άκούετε, καί ουκ.ήκουσαν. 

Wd'iAcm "''' '^"^^ *° ^«'^ ^^""^ '^^ ^°'*''• ''^'^ ^'^'"""^ '"'*• 

18 Hear ye therefore ' 18 Ύαεΐς oiv άκοΰσατετήν παραβολήν τοϋ ^σπε'ιροντος'^ 

the parable of the -Ye ^therefore 'hear the parable of the sower. 

Bower. 1!) When any -,,^τύ »>/ ν•./ ~ ο \ • <" 

one Jieaieth the word 19 Ιιαντος.ακουοντος Tov λογον της βασιλείας και μη 

of the kingdom, and \VTien any one hoars the word of the kingdom and not [it] 

' eTTut^av T. s — aKoveiv Τ [Τγ]α . '' + αΰτοΰ (read his disciples) L. ' elncw TTrA. 

■• hiL• Tt LTrA. ' — αύτοϊϊ Τ. "" — en {read αντοΐ? in them) GLTTrAW. «> -t- Γαύτών] {read 
iliuir oars) L. " Ιάσομαι I shall heal LTXrA. ρ — νμ.<αν L[TrA]. i ίκουονσιρ urtrt. 

' — -/άρ lor T. » βίδα»» LTr ; ϊδαμ Τ. ' σπΐίραντ(Κ LTTiA. 

all \ 


συνύντος, έρχεται 6 -πονηρός και αρπάζει ^ό Ιστταρ^ιένον ^^ToS^'LeU^k: 

tmderstanda, *comes 'the ^-wicked ^one and catches away that which was sown g^ ^^^ ^jj,[ ^citciieth 

kv Ty.Kapc'iq..avTOV• οΐτός ίστιν δ παρά την οδόν σπαρείς. '^^•'^^ that which was 

in his heart. This is he who by the way was sown. τμΓ is^°he which'^rel 

20Ό.^ί έτΓΐ ra πετρώδη σπαρείς, οϊ'τός εστίν ό τονλόγον ceivedseedbytheway 

Andhewhoapontherockyplaces wassown, this is he who the word received the seed into 

άκούων και ευθύς μετά χαράς Χαμβάνων αυτόν 21 ουκ stony places, the same 

hears _ and immediately ^with /r^ receives it ; ^ ^o i^^^e that Weth^he 

εχει δε ρ'ιζαν iv έαντφ, αλλά πρόσκαιρος ίστιν -γενομενης.οε joyreceivethit;2i yet 

*has 'bnt root in himself, bnt temporary is ; but ^having ^risen h?-th he not root in 

, ^ ~ ^ , < Λ ' )n^ hamsolf , but dureth f or 

ΘΧιψεως η όιωγμον δια τον λογον, ενσνς σκαν- a while: for when 

'tribulation ^or persecution on account of the word, immediately he is tribulation or pcrse- 

.^r>> . ^>'Λ ' r'l cution ariPcth because 

δαλιζεται. 22 Ο.δε εις τας ακανβας σπαρεις, οντος εστίν of the word, by and by 

ofEended. And he who among the thorns was sown, this is he is ofiEended. 22 He 

ό τον λόγον άκούων, και ή μέριμνα τον. αιώνος.^ τούτον among' the thorns is 

he who the word hears, and the care of this life he that lieareth the 

, . , / _ « » _ ' II ^ Λ ' > " ,^„ word ; and the care of 

και η άπατη τον πλούτου ^συμπνιγεν^ τον λογον, και άκαρπος this world, and the 

and the deceit of riches choke the word, and unfruitful deceitfulness of riches, 

γίνεται. 23 ΌΜ επί την ^γην την καλήν" σπαρείς, οϊ,τός fe°blcometh u^?t"^ 

it becomes. But he who on the ground the good was so^vn, this fuL 23 But he that 

εστίν ο τον λόγον άκούων και ^συνιώνος 0»7_καρ- ^^ofttnti^he^that 

ia he who the word hears and understands ; who indeed brings heareth the word, 

ποφορεί, και 7Γ0ΐ€Ϊ ^όΚμεν εκατόν, ^ό".5έ έζηκοντα, ^όΚδε ^^hi^^^iso'^heaJti 

forth fruit, and produces one a htmdred, another sixty, another f^uit, and brmgeth 

τριάκοντα. ^«"i^• ,^ο^"® ""^ i^™- 

" ^,. dredfold, some sixty, 

t^"'ty• , , , , some thirty. 

24 "Αλλ.ην παραβολήν παρ'εθηκεν αΰτοΧς, λέγων, Ώβοιώ- 

Another parable put he before them, saying, ^has 'become 

η < rt \ ' ~ > ~>/Ί' a - ΊΛ» 24 Another parable 

θη »/ βασίλεια των ονρανων ανΰρωπψ ^σπειροντι' καΚον put he forth unto 

*like Hhe -kingdom ^of ''the ^heavens to a man sowing good them, saying. The 

/ , - , ~) ~Λ-'?•' -■ a ' ^ ' ' a ' kingdom of heaven is 

σπέρμα εν τψ.αγρφ.αυτον 2o εν.ϋε.τψ.καθευόειν τους ανΰρω- utened unto a man 

seed in his field ; but while ^slept Hhe ^men which sowed good seed 

πονς ηλθεν αντοϋ ό εχθρός και Ησπειρεν ζιζάνια άνά μέσον whii^^nfen'^ slept, his 

came his enemy and sowed darnel in [the] midst enemy came and sowed 

τον σίτου, και άπήλθεν. 26 'ότε,δε εβλάστησεν ό χόοτος, '^^tTem^'hi^'t^y. 

of the wheat, and went away. And when ^sprouted Hhe ^blade, 26 But when the blade 

και καρπόν εποίησεν, τότε εφάνη και τά ζιζάνια. 27 προσελ- bTought''forth\uU^ 

and fruit produced, then appeared also the darnel. having ^come ^jjgj, appeared the 

θόντες δε o'l δούλοι του οίκοδεσπότου ε'ίπον αύτψ, Κύριε, tares also 27 So the 

*to['him] 'and thebondmen of the master of the house said to him, Sir, hoWer came and ^fd 

ούγι καλόν σπέρμα '^εσπειρας'^ εν τφ σφ άγρφ; πόθεν οϋν unto him, Sir, didst 

^nof ^good J^ 'didrt^hou*sowin_ ^th^ fiirdT whence then L^^ttT/ 'fillf? from 

εχει "^τά'' ζιζάνια : 28 "Ο.οέ έώη αύτοϊς, Εχθρός άνθρωπος whence then hath it 

has it the darnel? And he said to them, ^an*enemy 'a ^'man tares ? 28 He said unto 

r• \ V f r > ~ 11 «->'\ τ them. An enemy hath 

τοΰτο εποίησεν. οι.δε ^δονλον' 'εΐπον αυτψ, θέλεις ουν done thi,. The ser- 

«this "did. And the bondmen said to him, Wilt thou then yams said unto him, 

„, ΛΛ»ν > ' £irw 'r\ >' ir" rx' Wilt thou then that we 

απελθόντες σνΧλεξωμεν αυτά; 29 Ο.δε ^εφη, Ον go and gather them 

rthatl having gone forth we should gather them ? But he said, No ; up ? 29 But he said, 

, ^^' <vv' >y' " '~ - >;ay; lest while ye ga- 

μηποτε συλλεγοντες τα ζιζάνια, εκριζωσητε αμα αυτοις τον ther up the tares, ye 

lest gathering the darnel, ye should uproot with them the root up also the wheat 

_^„ 5"Λ'α' h'ii~D -. with them. 30 Let both 

σιτον. 30 αψετε σννανξανεσθαι αμφότερα μέχρι του ϋερισμον' grow together until 

wheat. Suffer to grow together both untU the harvest ; the harvest : and in 

» — τούτον (reod of lifej lttta. "^ awnviy^i. ta.. ^ καλην γην lttva. f crvvifii 
LTVr. • ο LT. * σττειραντι [whoj sowed LTTrA. ^ inevneipev sowed over ltttA. 

" ίσπβφες Tr. <* — τα gltttaw. • — δοϋλοι (read oi Se and they) A. ^ αύτψ Aeyow- 
σΗ» ea.y to him lTta ; λίγουσιν αύτφ τ. s φησιν says lttta. •» Iw5 until LTrA. 

36 ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΣ. Xlil. 

i^UsStolh^l^e^ '^"' ^^ ''"V" 'f«'PV τον θερισμοϋ ίρώ τοις ΘερισταΙς, Συλ- 

Gather ye together "°'^ "^ *^® '"^^ of the hanrest I will say to the harvest men, Gk»- 

fostthe tares, and bind ΧξζατΒ TTputrov TO. ζιζάνια, και δήσατε αυτά Jeig" οεσμας 

burn them: but gather 

ther first the darnel, and bind them into bundles 

the wheat into my ττρος.το.κατακαχκται αύτά' τόν.δε οΊτον ^σννα•γά•γετε^^ εις την 

"*™• to bum them; but the wheat bring together into 

my granary. 

31 Another parable 31 "ΑΧΚην παραβολήν τταρεθηκεν αντοΐς, λέγων, 'Ouoia 

put he forth unto Another parable put he before them, saying, Like 

them, saying, The , , , r. λ ' ~ Τ ~ / / « χ 

kingdom of heaven is koriv η ρασιλεια των ουρανών κοκκφ σινατΓΒως, ον λα- 

like to a grain of is the kingdom of the heavens to a grain of mustard, which having 

mustard seed, which ^ , „ „ „ , ~ > ~ » ~ λλ ^ ' 

a man took, and sowed ρων ανθρωτΓος εσττειρεν tv τφ.αγρφ.αντου' 32 ο μικροτερυν 

in his field : 32 which taken, a man sowed in has field ; which less 

indeed is the least of » , / ~ / " ? ^ > s» λ ~ 

aU seeds : but when it μεν εστιν πάντων των σπερμάτων, οταν.δε ανξηθτ^ 

is grown, it is the indeed is than all the seeds, but when it be grown, 

ST^blcoTe^th^^tr^; μ^'ϊζον των λάχανων εστίν, και γίνεται δενδρον, ώστε 

so that the birds of greater than the herbs is, and becomes a tree, so that 

^th^br^ches^tt ί^λθείν τά πετεινά του ουρανού και ^κατασκηνοϋν^^ εν τοΊς 

of. come the birds of the heaven and roost in the 

κλάΰοις αύτοϋ. 

branches of it. 

33 Another parable 33 "Αλλην παραβολήν ίλάλησεν αύτοϊς, Όμοια εστίν ή 

^f'kiSdZ^f^rai bother parable ^ spoke he to them, fike is the 

ven is like unto leaven, βασιλεία τών ούρανών ζΰμ?^, ήν λαβοϋσα γυνή ενέκρυχί/ερ 

^^'Y-j'^-^^*i?'^'^*°°^' kingdom of the heavens to leaven, which having taken, a woman kid 

and hid in three mea- , ,. , , , „ τ >v > /\ <'\ 

suresof meal, till the eiQ αλεύρου σατα τρία, εως.ον εζυμωθη όλον. 

wliole was leavened. i^ s^f ι^^β^^^ -seabs 'three, untU ='waB ^leavened 'all. 

.-u All these things 34 Ύαΰτα πάντα ελάλησεν ό Ίησοϋς εν παραβολαΊς τοΐς 

spake Jesus unto the ^'These things 'all spoke Jesus in parables to the 

multitude in parables : „ ^ , , /i \ ~ ™ > n >\ '\ > ~ r»^• ./ 

and without a parable υχλοις, και χωρίς παραβολής °^ovK^* ελαλει αυτοις' 35 οττως 

spake ho not unto crowds, and without a parable ^ot 'he "spoke to them ; so that 

them : 3ό that it might » «~ , <n< s-' ~ j' η \ > 

be fulfilled which was πληρω{)τ^ TO ρη^εν oia του προψητον^, λέγοντος, 

spoken by the prophet, might be fulfilled that which was spoken by the prophet, saying, 

moiuh [n'^Mabiasfi Άνοίξω εν παραβολαΐς τό.στόμα.μου' ερενζομαι κεκρυμμενα 

will utter things which I wiU open in parables my mouth: I will utter things hidden 

i^m'the foi^ndS άπό καταβολης -κόσμου:^ 

of the world, from [the] foundation of [the] world. 

36 Τότε άφεις τους όχλους, ηλθεν είς την οΊκΊαν 

36 Then Jesus sent Then having dismissed the crowds, '■'went ^into *the 'house 

the multitude away, p^ 'IwooDc'" και ^προσηλθον^^ αύτφ οϊ.μαθηταί.αϋτου, λέγοντες, 

houseT'^nd'^is 1^! ' J«-« ! --^ <=--« *° ^^ his disciples. _ s lying. 

cipies came unto him, 'φράσον" ήμΐν την παραβολήν τών ζιζανίων του άγροϋ. 

saying, Declare unto Expound to us the parable of the darnel of the field, 

us the parable of the , ^ , « , , . ~ n <^ ' > \ « 

tares of the field. 37 O.oe αποκριθεις ειπεν "αυτοις," Ο σπείρων το καλόν 

37 He answered and ^jjjj j^^ answering said to them, He who bows the good 

said unto them, He , , < • .v - , /^ / ou • f ' ' > 

that soweth the good σπέρμα εστιν ο υιυς του άνθρωπου' όο ο.όε αγρός εστιν ο 

seed is the Son of man; ^(^^ is the Son of man ; and the field is the 

38thefieldi8the world; , ,>ννχ, > r ' ' •■>~/3λ'. 

the good seed are the κοσμος το.ϋε KoXov σπέρμα, ούτοι «ισιν οι υιοί της βασιλείας' 

children of the king- world ; and the good seed, those are the sons of the kingdom ; 

dom ; but the tares are ^ ^^ ^ y > > , . t ^ ~ ,. „^~. or» Λ ^i Λ.,/3„λ« 

the children of the τα.δε ζιζανια εισιν οι υιοί του πονηρού ά\) οΜ εχΰρος 

wicked one; 3<J the but the darnel are the sons of the evU [one]; and the enemy 

themes ttlevifHho '6 σπείρας αύτά έσην" ό διάβολος- 6Μ θερισμός συν- 

harvest is the end of who sowed them is the devil ; and the harvest [the] com- 

i — τω OLTTrAW. i — «is (?ea(i[in]) [Tr^A. '' ovvayeTe LTr. ^ ' κατασκηνοΐν LTTrA. ""ouoiv 

notning LTTrA. ■• + Ησαίου Isaiah τ. " — κόσμου i-It^a.^ ρ — ό Ίησοϋς (read he went) LTTrA. 
1 ίτροσ^λθαΐ' LTr. "• διασάφησο»' explain LTr. « — αυτοί? ι.ΤΤγα. ^ «σην 6 aneipas αύτΛ L, 

Kill. MATTHEW. 37 

Ηλπα ^ToV' αιώνος ϊστιν οΊ.δε θερισται άγγελοι είσιν. ^^ Ts'Se'th"'^ *?/ 

pletion of the age is, and the harvest men angels are. 40^^^ ^erefoi? ^the 

40 ώσττερ ουν συλλέγεται τά ζιζάνια, και πυρί '"κατά- tares are gathered and 

-Is therefore is gathered ^ the darnel, _andinfire ^is con- ^'t be kTthl Lnd 

καίεται,' οϋτως 'έσται kv ΤΏ συντέλεια τοϋ.αϊώνος.^τοντον.^^ of this world. 4ΐ The 

romed, thus it shall he in the completion of this age. forth iS'^nS '!Sd 

41 άτΓοστελεϊ ό υιός τοϋ άνθρωπου τούς.άγγελους.αϋτοΰ, they shall gather out 

*shaU «send 'forth Hhe ^Son ^of *man his angels, ^ί- ^'^.ι,Ψ^^"'^ ^ 

, /->Λ/ ,-,/ ^ > ^ \ things that offend, and 

και συΧλεξουσιν εκ της.βασιλειας.αυτου πάντα τα σκάνδαλα them which do in- 

and they shall gather out of his kingdom aU the offences iq^^ity ; -42 and shall 

,, ~ ,. - ^<Γ>^o^~ >< '^''^t them into a fur- 

και τους ποιουντας την ανομιαν, 4:Ζ και ραλουσιν αυτούς nace of fire: there shall 

and those who practise lawlessness, and they shall cast them be wailing and gnash- 

, , , ^ , , ~ , < Λ η y » . mg of teeth. 43 Then 

εις την καμινον του πυρός' εκεί εσται ο κλαυυμος και ο shall the righteous 

into the furnace of the fire : there shall be the weeping and the shine forth as the sun 

r> < -^ ,r•' tn > < s" ' λ ' ( e in the kingdom of 

/ίρυγμος των οοοντων. 4d τότε οι όικαιοι ίκλαμψουσιν ως their r^uher. Who 

gnashing of the teeth- Then the righteous shall shine forth as hath ears to hear, let 

if/\ ) ^ η s. r ~ ' )~ tr\ X r him hear. 

ήλιος εν Ty ρασιλεκ}, του.πατρος.αυτων. Ο έχων ωτα 

the sun in the kingdom of their Father. He that has ears 

^άκούέΐν" άκουέτω. 

to hear let him hear, 

44 Ήάλιν" όμοια εστίν ή βασι\εια των ουρανών θησαυρφ dom rf^Wen^is^e 

Again Uke i= the kingdom of the heayens to treasure unto treasure hid in a 

<εκρυμμένψ εν τψ άγρψ, ον εΰρών άνθρωπος εκρυφεν, Sn^hath^oSn^ 

hid in the field, which having *found 'a ^an hid, hideth, and for 'joy 

Kai άπό της χαράς αύτοΰ υπάγει και ^πάντα οσα έχει ^?J^.9^ ι^°*1^+'*?* 

and for the joy of it goes and aU things aa many as he has fl^, and buy eth that 

ττωλεΤ," και αγοράζει τον Ay pbv. εκείνον. field. 

he sells, and buys that field. 

45 Πάλιν όμοια εστίν η βασιλεία τών ουρανών άνθρώπφ 45 Again, the king- 

Again Uke is the kingdom of the heavens to a man dom of heaven is like 

' ' y — > * ' ^ /-» h'^ * ' 1 " unto a merchant man. 

εμπορφ, ζητουντι κάλους μαργαρίτας• 46 "ος εύρων' ενα seeking goodly pearls', 

a merchant, seeking beautiful pearls ; who having found one 46 who, when he had 

πολντιμον μαργαρίτην, άπέλθών πεπρακεν πάντα οσα ^^t'^pi^ce, S^a^d 

very precious pearl, having gone away has sold all things as many as gold all that he had 

εΐχεν, και ηγόρασεν αυτόν. ^^^ ^°"-•'* ϊ*• 

he had, and bought it. 

47 Πάλιν όμοια εστίν ή βασιλεία τών ουρανών σαγήνη 

Again uke is the kingdom of the heavens to a dragnet 

βληθείσ^ εις την θάλασσαν, και εκ παντός γένους συναγα- 

cast iuto the sea, and of every kind gathering 47 Again, the king- 

γοΰσγ' 48 ην οτε επληρώθη άναβιβάσαντες'^ '^επι τον dom of heav^i is Uke 

together; which when it was fiUed having drawn up on the ^st into^the sea ^ 

αίγιαλόν, και* καθίσαντες συνέλεξαν τά καλά εις ^άγγεϊα,' gathered of every kind: 

shore, and having sat down they gathered the good into vessels, 1^,7^^'' '^'^f '* '^f^ 

, -^ < «V °o Λ r\ " " ' ~ Ν ' ^^'1 they drew to 

τα.οε σαπρα εξω εβαλον. 49 ούτως εσται εν Ty συντελείς shore, and sat down, 

and the corrupt ^out 'they=cast. Thus shaU it be in the completion and gathered the good 

->~ ,, ,,s ,, _, into vessels, but cast 

του αιώνος' εξελευσονται οι άγγελοι, και αψοριουσιν τους the bad away. 49 So 

of the age: ^shall *go 'out 'the "angels, and shall separate the shall it be at the end 

, , , ^ r- ' - -Λ « Λ Λ ~ , , of the world : the an- 

πονηρους εκ μέσου των δίκαιων, οϋ και βαλουσιν αυτούς gels shall come forth, 

wicked from [the] midst of the righteous, and shall cast them ' and sever the wicked 

,» 1 / ~ /.,~./ <Λ/Ί< '< from among the just, 

εις την καμινον του ττυρος εκεί εσται ο κλαυυμος και ο so and shaU cast them 

into the furnace of the fire : there shall be the waUing and the into the furnace of 

/3«,. ' - - ' 5 ' fire : there shall be 

ρρυγμος των οδόντων. waiUng and gnashing 

gnashing of the teeth. of teeth. 

' — ToC (read of [the] ) LiTrA. "" καίεται is burned οτγδ. » — τούτον (read the age) lttt[aJ. 
' — oKOveiu [L]T[TrJA. ' — πάλιν [lJtTta. "■ η-ωλεΐ πάντα οσα ίχβι LTTrA. ^ evpiovSe GLTTrA. 
* -Η αΰττ|ΐ/ it l[aJ. ^ και βπι τον αίγιαλόν L ; €πι τον αΐγιαλον [|καΙ] Α. « oiyyT) ΤΤγα. 

38 ΜΑΤΘΑΙΟΣ. Xlll, XIV. 

th'emSve^yeunTei δ1 ^Αέγει αύτοίς ό Ί,,σοϋς/ Συνηκατε ταντα πάντα-, 

stood all these things? "■^^i's 'to *them 'Jesus, Have ye understood 'those ^thinge 'aU? 

Yea^ Lord^'f"" Ά ^έγοι/σιν αϋτψ, Ναί, ''κύριε." 52 Ό.ίε 'είττεϊ/'ΐ αΰτοΧς, Διά 

said' he linto" them, '^''^y say to him, Yea, Lord. And he said to them, Because of 

^K^'iLTru7tedun- ^°"''" '^"f γραμματεύς μαθητευθείς Ηίς την βασιλείαν' των 

to the kingdom of ^^^^ every scribe discipled into the kingdom of the 

heaven is like unto a ovpavwv ομοιός t^Tiv άνθοώπω οίκοδεσπότΌ, όστις ίκβάλλει 

rideiwUchbrSth heavens^ W Jis ^ to a man^a master of a house, who puts forth 

forth out of his trea- Ik τοΰ.θησαυρον.αντον καινά και παλαιά. 

sure thinos new and ^^^ ^f his treasure [things] new and old. 

53 Και Ιγενετο οτε ετέΧεσεν 6 Ίησονς τάς παραβολάς 

53 And It came to And it came to pass when '■'had ^finished 'Jesus T)arable8 

pass, tliat when Jesus , ~.λ .>» . f •* ^ 

tiad finished these ταντας, μετήρεν ίκεΧθεν' 54 και ελθων εις την πατρίδα 
parables, he departed 'these, he withdrew thence ; and having come into ^country 

thence. 54 And when ,„,.,- ,,, ~ ~,^„ i>n/ 

he was come into his avTOv, ίοιοασκεν αντονς εν τ^.σιιναγωγ^.αυτων, ώστε ^εκπΚητ- 
owncountry,he taught 'his [Own], he taught them in their synagogue, so that 'were 

them m their syna- η ii > > > \ ' ττ '/i ' t ,, „ 

gogue, insomuch that τεσ^αι" αυτονς και λέγειν, ΤΙοβεν τοντφ η.σοφια.αυτη και 

they were astonished, ^astonished 'they and said, Whence to this [man] this wisdom and 
and said. Whence hath <»,/ ff>r'> < ~; -^ 

this inaw this wisdom, «t ονναμεις; oo ονχ οντος εστιν ο τον τεκτονος νιος; 

and tfiese mighty the works of power ? 'not 'this 'is *the®of 'the 'carpenter ^son? [Is] 
works? 56 Is not this m » mi < ' , ~ ^ , „ / r < . ? ν , ν > ~ 

the carpenter's son? ουχι" η.μητηρ.αυτον λέγεται Μαριάμ, και οι.αδελφοι.αντον 

is not his mother not his mother called Mary, and his brethren 

br^bronr7aLes,^a^ 'ϊάκωβος και °Ίωσί)ί,•" και Σίμων και Ιούδας; 56 και αι 

Joses, and Simon, and James and Josea and Simon and Judas? and 

te'^lre^'they notTii άδελφαι.αντον οΰχι πάσαι πρΙ>ς ψάς είσιν, πόθεν oiv τοντφ 

with us ? Whence then 'his *sisters 'not ^aU "with %s 'are? whence then to this 

thtngi^/Tr^Aud^t^hey '^^^'^" πάντα; 57 Kal ίσκανδαλίζοντα εν αντψ. Ό δέ 

were offended in him. [ma'»] 'these ^things 'all ? And they were offended in him. But 

ttSim'^Aprophe'tis''not 'l^'^»^? ^^^^^ αντοις, Οΰκ ίστιν προφήτης άτιμος εί.μή 

without honour save Je^ns said to them, *not -Ίβ 'a ^prophet without honour except 

in his own country, ly τϋ'^.πατρίδι.^αντον" και εν ΤΏ.οίκία.αντον. 58 Και ονκ 
tfA^'^^iZtT^y^ /^'-i^'^^'^onntrj and in L [ow^] honse.^ And «not 

mighty works there Ιποίησεν ίκεΊ δννάμεις πολλάς διά Ηιν.απιστίαν.αύτών. 

beUef** °* *'^^^^ "^" ''le'did there 'works ■'of "power 'many because of their unbelief. 

14 Ev εκείνφ τφ καιρφ ηκονσεν 'Ή,ρώδης ό "^τετράρχης' 

ΧΤν. At that time ^^ that time heard Herod the tctrnrch 

W-'tf of*the famTof '''^^ άκοήν Ίησον, 2 και εΐπεν τοϊς.παισιν.αύτον, Ούτος εστίν 

Jesus 2 and said unto *'^® fame of Jesus, and said to his servants, This is 

his servants. This is Ιωάννης ό βαπτιστής' αντας ηγ'ερθη άπυ των νεκρών, και 

Άη^'^ΙΤΛίΧ JO^ ^^^ Baptist:' ^ he \ 'JleJ from the de^d,_ and 

and therefore mighty διά TOVTO ai δυνάμεις ενεργοΰσιν εν αντφ. 3 Ό yau 

themselves in W ^''"'''"^β °* "^ *^« ^"^^ of power operate in him. 'por 

3 For Herod had Uid Ηρώδης κρατήσας τόν'Ιωήννην εδησεν ^αΰτύν'' και ^εθετο 
hold on John and Herod having seized John bound him and put 
bound him, and put , ^J^,^,, *,«, 

him in _ prison for tv φνλακτ;),^^ δια Ηρωδιαδα η/ν γυναίκα 'Φιλ/ττττου" 

Herodias' sake, his [bim] in prison, on account of Herodiae the wife *PhiIip 

brother Philip's wife. „,«.._,_ ^-n . ,~.. , ,, 

4 For John said unto του.αοελφου.αυτου. 4 ελεγεν.γαρ ^αντψ ο Ϊωανν7]ς," Ουκ 

him, It is not lawful Of 'his ^brother. For 'said Ho *him 'John, »Not 

for thee to have her. «y , „ , , c τ/- » /ι'•\ . ν > 

5 And when he would εί,εστιν σοι εχΕίν αυτήν. ο JLai οελων αυτόν αποκτεΐναι, 
have put him to death, 'it "is lawful for thee to have her. And wiehing 'him 'to'Jdll, 

β — j^eyei αΰτοϊϊ ό Ίησους LTTrA . •» — Kvpie LTTrA. * Xryei says L. ^ i*' ^ϋ 

fi<uTi\eC<f in the kingdom l ; ttj /SaatAeio to the kingdom ottta. ' ΐκπ\.ήσσεσθαι 

IiTTrAW. "» ούχ LTTrA. ■■ Ιωσήφ Joseph LTTrA. <» -<- ϊδίο OWn T. Ρ — αύτοΟ 

(read [his]) LTTrA. i τβτραάρ)(η<: τ. ' — άυτον τ. •' εκ ttj ( — Tfl τ) φνλακν 

απίθβτο in the prison put, [him] aside LTTrA. ' — Φιλι'πτΓου [τ] a. 'ό (— ό t) 

Ιωάννης αντψ LT 


ίφοβήθη τον δχλον, 'όη ώς προψητην αυτόν είχον. ^^''^■^,^ 
he feared the multitude, hecause as a prophet him they held, counted him as a pro- 

6 ""γενεσ'ιων.δε άγο/χένων" τον'Βρώδον,ώρχησατο ή θνγά-ηρ ^^^'^^,Χ^^^^,,^^Ζ 

But a birthday being- celebrated of Herod, ^danced 'the daughter -^^^^^ ^^g daughter of 

τηςΈρωδιάδος iv τφ μεσφ, Kui ηρεσεν τφ'ΗρώδΏ' 7 'όθεν Herodias danced b^ 

' 3,f.^erodias ^ in th" VidsV and ffeased ^ ^ nJrod;*' Whereupon ^°e7od r"' hereSon"^ 
μεθ' όρκου ώμολόγησεν airy δούναι ό.^ϊάν α'ιτησηται. 8 Ή.ίέ promise ' ^irh an oaih 
with oath he promised to her to give whatever she should ask. But she s^e^ouM alkT'^l^'Ijid 
ΤΓροβιβασθεΖσα νττό τής.μητρός.αύτης, Αός μοι. ψησίν, ώδε she, being before in- 
being urged on by Ter mother, ^Give me,' she says, here f.^^l^^^^f^^^^'^^e're 
έτΓΐ τήνακι την κεφαλήν Ιωάννου τον βατττιστον. 9 Και John Baptist's head 

upon a dish the head of John the Baptist. And ma charger. 9 And the 

f , ^ , ^,,1 y „ . % king was Sony: never- 

^ελνττηθη'^ ο βασιλεύς' όια^δε τους όρκους και τους theiess for the oath's 

='was •'grieved Hhe ^Tiing ; but on account of the oaths and those who sake, and them which 
, ,,^ ^/^~ -I r\ ' ' I sat with him at meat, 

συνανακειμενους εκελευσεν δοθηναι' Κ) και πίμψας he commanded ιί to be 

reclined with [him at table] he commanded [it! to be given. And having sent given her. 10 And he 

,^ .^ι>τ' > ~ \ ~iT ^ > ' Ο sent, and beheaded 

αττεκεψαλισεν ^Tov Ιωαννην εν Ty φυλaκy. 11 και ηνεχνη john ia the prison. 

he beheaded John in the prison. And^was^brought 11 And his head was 

, ,^^,~I.' '>f'/i - ' ■'' brought iu a charger, 

7].κεώαλ7].αυτου ετΓΐ ΤΓίνακι, και εοουη τψ κορασιφ και ην- and given to the dam- 

'his ^ead on a dish, and was given to the damsel, and she sel : and she brought 

\ t '^ t a ^ •\/Ί' ' A ^ f '^ it to her mother. 

εγκεν τ^.μητρι.αυτΐ]ς. 12 και προσελϋοντες οι.μαΰηταί.αυτον jg And his disciples 
brought [it] to her mother. And having come his disciples came, and took up the 

^pav TO ^σώμα," Kai ΐθαφαν '^αύτό• και ελθόντες άπήγγειλαν and'^'w^en^t \^d*"\oid 

took the body, and buried it ; and having come told Jesus. 13 When Jesufi 

τψΊησοϋ.13^καΙ άκουσας 6 Ίησονς άνεχώρησεν εκείθεν Sety ' sW^f^ol 

[it] to Jesus. And ^having ^eard 'Jesus withdrew thence desert place apart. 

iv ττλοίφ εις ερημον τόπον κατ. ιδίαν. 
by ship to a desert place apart. 

Και άκονσαντες οϊ δχλοι ήκολούθησαν αντφ ^ττεζ•^' 

And having heard [of it] the crowds followed him on foot 

, V ^ ,^ _ , ^_ , . V Λ /I > f< >-r ~ II T-^ Λ λ And when the people 

ατΓΟ των πόλεων. 14 Και ίΐ^ελθων Ό Ιησούς'^ είΰεν πολύν had heard ίΛοβό/; they 

from the cities. And having gone out Jesus saw 'great followed him on foot 

V -v < , ^ , ri ' ' ο > ' ii ' 'Λ ' - out of the cities. 14 And 

οχλον,και εσπλαγχνισθη επ ^αυτούς, και εΰεραπευσεν jesus went forth, and 

'a crowd, and was moved with compassion towards them, and healed saw a great multitude, 

-ονς.άρρώστους.αύτών. 15 Όχρίας.δί: γενομεν7]ς ^προσήλθον^ compIs?ion°^*'towid 

their infirm. And evening having come came them, and he healed 

αΰτφ οΐμαθηταΐ'αύτον,^^ λέγοντες, "Έρημος εστίν 6 τόπος, "^ξ^^ ξΐ"^^^ eveni^gt 
to him his disciples, saying, Desert is the place, ^^ disciples came to 

καϊ ή ωρα Η]δη παρηλθεν" άπόλνσον ^ τους όχλους, 'ίνα ^i.t^&_™d'?he 

and the time already is gone by : dismiss the crowds, that ^jjjjg j^ jjQ^y pg^t ; send 

απελθόντες εις τάς κώμας άγυράσωσιν εαυτοίς βρώματα. ^^t^^y'^ly^go^f^; 

having gone into the viUages they may buy for themselves meat. ^^^ villages, and buy 

16 "Ο.δε^^'ίησονς είπεν αύτοίς, Ου χρείαν εχουσιν άπελθείν themseuts ' victuals. 

ButJeius said to them.' ^Χο ^Wd Hhly -Txave to go away : 1^^^^^* J-- -J^^^^^^^ 

δότε αύτοίς ύμεΐο φαγεΊν. 17 Ot.Oe λε-γουσιν αΰτψ, ΟίικΛχομεν depart; give ye them 

give ^o ^them 'ye ' to eat. But they say to him, We have not t» ^unto him We 

ώδε εί.μή π'εντε άρτους και δΰο Ίχθΰας. 18Ό-θέ είπεν , Φέρετε have here but five 

here except five loaves and two fishes. And he said, Bring loaves, and two fi>hes. 

, , - . , , , ^ " \ ' 18 He said, Bring them 

/ioi ^αυτούς ώοε. 19 Και κν^ευσας τους όχλους ανα- hither to me. i9And 

^o^me 'them here. And having commanded the crowds tore- he commanded the 

Ν Λ~ ) >n 1 ' II r, < I \ ίΟ ' ' ' " multitude to sit down 

κλιθηναΐίπι°τουςχορτους,^^^καν λαρων τους πέντε άρτους on the grass, and took 

cline on the grass, and having taken the five loaves the five loaves, and the 

* veveCTiois δβ γενομίΐΌΐ? LTTrA. » άν LTrA. y λυττηβείς being grieved LTTrA. * — Sebut 
LTT A. * — τον LTTrA. *> πτώμα corpse LTTr. <= αντόν him ττγα. ^ άκουσας δε LTTrA. 
« πΐζοι Τ. f — 6 'Ιησούς {read he saw) LTTrA. s αΰτοΐς GLTTfAW. "^ προ<Γηλθαν LTr. 

' — "αντοϋ (read the disciples) lttta. * παρήλθε»/ ήδη τ. ' + οΐιν thereioie t[aJ. 

"' — Ιησούς (read he said) τ. " ώδε αϋτοΰς lttta. « τοΰ χόρτου LTTr. ρ — καΐ glttfAW. 


two fishes, and looking και TOVQ Svo ίχθΰας, άναβ\ίΐ\^αζ Ης τον ovpavov '^ΐ.νΧό-γησίν'^^ 

ed, and brlke', and give ^'^d ^^^ two fishes, haTing looked iip to the heaven he blessed ; 

the loaves to Awdis- ^a/ κΚάοας 'έδωκΕν Touj μαθητάΐς τονς άρτους, oi.Sk ua- 

ples to the multitude' and having broken he gave to the diKciples the loaves, and the dis- 

20 And they did all θηταί τοίς ϋχΚοίς, 20 Kui ίφαγον πάντες και ίχορτάσθησαν' 

eat and were flUed : ^j ^^^ ^^ ^.j^^ crowds. And -ate 'all and were satisfied j 

and they took upof*^^, , _ ^- , ^/^ 

the fragments that re- και ήραν TO ττερισσενον των κλασμάτων, δώδεκα 

mtiined twelve baskets and they took up that which was over and above of the fragments, twelve 

full. 21 And they that •' \, «i . ii ' Λ' τ » j. ' - 

had eaten were about κοφινονς ττΚηρεις. Λΐ oi.ot εσυιοντες -ήσαν ανορες ωσει 

five thousand men, hand-baskets fuU. And those who ate were men " about 

beside women and ,.. , _ ^ , «, ., 

chiidien. ττεντακισχίΑίοι, χωρίς ^γυναικών και τταιόιων." 

five thousand, besides women and children. 

22 Καί ^ίύθέως" ήνάγκασεν ^ΰ Ίϊ^σοΰς" τούς.μαθητάς."' αϋτοΰ^ 
And immediately ^compelled 'Jesus his disciples 

22 And straightway ίμβήναι εις "^το^^ πΧοΧον και προάγειν αυτόν εις το ττεραν, 
Jesus constrained hia to enter into the ship and to go before him to the other side, 
disciples to got into a „ _ , χ / , .> -> λλ < > \ ' \ 

ship, and to go before εωζ.οϋ ttTToXvay τονς οχλους. 23 και αττολνσας τους 

him unto the other until he should have dismissed the crowds. And having dismissed the 

side, while he sent „ . , > r> > » « > ">■' ' ν η >λ / ' 

the multitudes away. ογΚονς ανεβΐ] εις TO ορος κατ Λύιαν προσευξασυαι. Οψι- 

23 And when he had crowds he went up into the mountain apart to pray. *Even- 

sent the multitudes ^, / / r I-.Λ^»•^^^~ »^•r' 

away, he went up into ας Of γενομένης μονος ην εκεί. 24 Γο.οε 7rAoiovi;di/ ^μεσον 
a mountain apai't to ing 'and being come alone he was there. But the ship now in [the] midst 
pray : and when the ^ η ^ > -r w r, ν r .,~ / τ , 

eveitting was come, he τ)]ς θαλάσσης ην, ρασανιζομενον νττο των κυμάτων ην yap 

was there alone. 24 But of the .sea was, tossed by the waves, * was 'for 

the ship was now in , / t « ^^e- rt^ ' ^\ , λ ~ ~ ^ 

the midst of the sea, έΐ^Λϊ'τ-ίος Ο ανεμος. 25 ίεταρτ^.οε ψνλακ-^ της νυκτός 

tossed with waves : 'contrary -the =Vind. But in [the] fourth watch of the night 

trL?!''25'^d''iu''the ''άτΓί^λθεν" ττρος αυτούς *ό Ίί^σοϋς," περίπατων επι ^της θαλάσ- 

fourth watch of the ^went 'to *them 'Jesus, walking on the sea. 

S! wXTon''?he σί?ς." 26 ^καΐ ίδόντες αυτόν οι μαθητα? εττί ^τήν θάλασσαν" 

sea, 26 And when the Ajid ^seeing *him 'the ■'disciples on the sea 

S^g οΓΐίιβ ^a ττεριττατοΰντα εταράχθησαν, λέγοντες, "Οτι φάντασμα ίστιν 

they were troubled,' walking were troubled, saying. An apparition it is : 

sa:nng, It is a spirit i ^^• ^^^ τοϋ ώόβον 'έκραζαν. 27 '^εϊΜως^Ιδε ελάλΐ]σεν ^αύ- 

f°ar.2TBut straight- and through fear they cried out. But immediately -'spoke Ho 

way Jesus spake unto ^qIq ό Ίϊΐσοϋς," λένων, θαρσεΐτε, εγώ.είμι, μή.φοβεϊσθε. 

good'che™it^8 Ι• "them 'Jesus, saying. Be of good courage, I am [he]! fear not. 

be not afraid. 28 Anci 28 ' λτΓΟκριθειςΜ ^αύτφ Ο ΤΙετρος i'lTTEvJ^ Κύριε, εΐ σύ.εΐ, 

rnd''said?LTd!'ifit™ And answering him Peter said. Lord, if it be thou. 

thou, bid me come un- ι^έλευσόν με ^ττρός σε ελθείν" επι τά ύδατα. 2d Ό.δε είπεν, 

to th.« on the water. ^^^ s^ *^^ββ 'to ''come upon the waters. And he said, 

29 And he said. Come. , ν < >, < ii - / 

Ana \.ii€n I'cter was Έλθέ. Καί καταβας από του πλοίου "(/' Ιίετροί,• περιεπα- 

eome down out of the Q^jne. And having descended from the ship Peter walk- 

■hip, he walked on the , , , „- i'\n~ ι - ' 'τ ~ on /3λ ' sj 

water, to go to Jesus, τησεν επι τα νδατα, 'έλθειν'' προς τον ϊησουν. οϋ βλεπων.όέ 

30 But when ho saw ^,^ι upon the waters, to go to Jesus. Bnt seeing 
the wind boisterous, , „ u , , > ο ' λ > > *- / 

he wa-s afraid; ami Tov ανεμον ^ισχυρον" ίφοβηβη, και αρξαμενος καταπον- 

beginning to biuk, ho the wind strong he was affrighted, and beginning to 

save ' me!^"^!ii Ijid τίζεσθαι εκραξεν, λέγων, Κύριε, σώσόν με. 31 Έύθεως.δί 

immediately Jesus sink he cried out, 8»ying, Lord, save me. And immediately 

stretched forth Λώ t /r ** » ' * ~ >\'/3 i-- ^\' 

hand,. and caught him. Ο ί7]σους εκτεινας την χείρα επελαβετο αυτού, και λέγει 

and said unto him, C Jesus having stretched out the hand too k hold of him, and says 

Μ ηί•\όγησΐΡ LTrA. ■" παιδίωμ καΐ γυναικών h. " — ΐνθίως Χ. ' — ό Ιησούς (read 

he compeileu) CLTXrAW. » — αϋτον (read the disciples) QTXrAW. »■ — το (j-eada 

8hip)Tr. ^ σταδίου? πολλούς άπο τής γης άπεΐχει/ muny stadia from the land was dis- 

tant Xr. yfiXOtv LTTr. '■ — ο Ίησους (read ho v/vin) OLTTrAVf. * riji' θάλασσαν 

LTTrA. >> oi 6e μαθηταΐ tSocTe? αύτ6(/ L ; iSoyrei Se αυτόν X. <= της θαλάσσης lxTiA. 

•* ΐύθύς LXXr. '■ ό Ίησονς αντοΐς l; — ό Ίησοΰς Χ ; αντοΐς [ό Ίησοΰς^ α. 'ο ΙΙΐΊμο; 

elnev αύτω h. « βλβεϊι- πρόϊ σε LXTiA. *> — ό LTXrA, ' και ^Affef and lie vvont χ. 

k — ισχυροί' χ. 



αντψ, Όλιγόπιστε, ΐίς.τί εδίστασας; 32 Και ^ίμβάντων ^^°^ "^ ii"'e ^η'^^. 
to him, Ο [thon] of little faith, why didst thou doubt ? And "haTing ^entered aoubt ?° 3' Ami* wh^^ 

αυτών εις το πΧοΊον εκόττασεν 6 άνεμος' 33 οί.δε εν τω they were come into 

'they into the ship ^ceased 'the ^wind. And those in the *^® I^^P', ,!,',"^' '■"^^'•^ 

s ' „'ΛΛ' 1. ' .~Λ/ ,.Ν^^ ceased. 33 Then they 

πλοιψ '^ελυοντες ττροσεκννησαν αντψ, λέγοντες, Αληθώς that wore in the ship 

ship having come worshipped him, saying. Truly came and worshipped 

^ - ,, , him, saying. Of a truth 

σεον νιος ει. thou art the Son of 

«of ^Ood 'Son thou art 1 God. 

34 Kat διαπεράσαντες νλθον °είς' την γήν" "^Γεννησαμέτ/ u And when they 

And having passed over they came to the land of Gennesaret. ^ere gone over, they 
,, - V 1 / > ^ e » ?> - / 1 . , ; Came into the land of 

35 και επιγνοντ^ς αντον οι άνδρες τον.τοττου.εκεινον απε- Gennesaret. ίό And 

And ha\-ing recognized him the men of that place sent when the men of that 

X ) f/\ \ / > < \ / ) ~ place had knowlede-e 

στειλαν εις ολην την.ττεριχωρον.εκεινί'ιν, και ττροσηνεγκαν αυτψ of him, they sent out 

to all that country round, and brought to him inro all that eountry 

ττάντας τους κακώς.εχοντας- 36 και τταρεκάλυυν αύτυν 'ίνα brought unto*him''aU 

all those who were ill; and besought him that that were diseased; 

μόνον α-φωνται τον κρασττίδον τον.Ίματίον.αντον• και ?ha't^^hey^mifht υ^ 

only they might touch the border of his garment ; and touch the hem of his 

'όσοι i'lxbavTO διεσώθησαν. !Γ^^?"ιί''ι'"''^'\'°^^^ 

' ~ , , ' , as touched were made 

as many as touched were cured. perfectly whole. 

15 τότε ττροσερχονται τφ Ίησον ΐοί" άπό Ιεροσολύμων 

Then come to Jesus the *from ^Jerusalem ^"V• Then came to 

, ^ <^ ~ u \ ' ΤΒΛ-'Λ' Jesus scribes and 

'γραμματείς και Φαρισαιοί," λέγοντες, 'ζ^ίΛίατι' οι μαθηται Pharisees, which were 

'scribes "and ^Pharisees, saying, Why ^disciples of Jerusalem, saying, 

,3 / . / Λ ~ η I > 2 Why do thy disciples 

σον τταραραινονσιν την τταραόοσιν των ττρεσρντιρων, ου transgress the tradi- 

*thy 'transgress the tradition of the elders ? *not tiou of the elders ? for 

< / 1 ~ »>~iie< » >/T r></-^^' they wash not their 

γαρ νίπτονται τας.χεφας.^αντων" όταν αρτον εσθιωσιν. 3 Ο.ΰε hands when they eat 

for ^they ^ash their hands when bread they eat. But he bread. 3 But he an- 

άποκριθεις είττεν αντοΊς, ^Διατι" και νμεΐς παραβαίνετε την them^ y^^y do'ye^also 

answering said to them, Why ^aLso Ve 'transgress the transgress the com- 

εντολήν του θεον διά τήν.παράδοσιν.ύμών ; 4 Ό γάρ yo^S.^tStion?^4^FOT 

commandment of God on account of your tradition ? For God commanded, say- 

θεός Ηνετείλατο, λέγων,' Τίμα τον.πατερα^σον' και την ^/d m°o°th!^ fa^nd * He 

God commanded, saying. Honour thy father and that curseth' father or 

μητέρα' και Ό κακοΧογων πάτερα η μητέρα, θανάτω τε- tTe'^d/ath.'^^B^St yl 
mother ; and, He who speaks evil of father or mother, by death let g^y, "Whosoever shall 

λεντάτω, 5 ϋμεΊς.δε λέγετε, "Ος.άν εϊττ^ τψ πατρί η τη i=ay to Λί* father or Λώ 

Mm die. But ye say, Whoever shall say to father or ^y whktsoe-Ter" t^ti 

μητρί, Aivpov, 'ό.εάν εζ εμοϋ ώώεληθης, ^καΐ" mightest be profited 

mother, [It is] a gift whatever by me thou mightest be profited- : and ^^j^^jj father w his 

ού.μή ^τιμησ-ρ^^ τον.πατερα.αϋτοΰ ^η τήν.μητερα.αύτον"' mother, he shall be 

In no wise honour his father or his mother: •''"**• "P^^^ have ye 

£»>> ' ΐ'Λ<ιι~Λΐ~ ?•> ' ' iiade the command- 

6 και ηκυρωσατε ^την εντοικην τον θεοΰ δια την πάρα- ment of God of none 

and ye made void the commandment of God on account of ^ra- effect by your tradi- 

Λ .,_,,v. 'Λ -h ^' u ..- tion. 7 Ye hypocrites, 

οοσιννμων. 7 ιποκριται, καλώς "προεφητενσεν" περί νμων well did Esaias pro- 
dition 'youi•. Hypocrites I well prophesied concerning you phesy of you, saying, 

«TT i Λ' ο r'T-i 'V 11 < Λ < τ Λ - ' 8 This people draweth 

Ησαΐας, λέγων, ο ^ Εγγίζει /ioi" ο.λαος.οντος "τψ στοματι nigh unto me with 
Esaiae, saying. Draws near to me this people with *mouth their mouth, and 

) ~ ^11 ~ -x - - < ?>< i" ' ~ ' ' ' honoureth me with 

αυτών, και τοις.χειλεσιν με τιμφ' η.δε.καρδια.αντων πόρρω their lips ; but their 

'their, and with the lips Tne 'it "honours ; but their heart far heart is far from me. 

' αναβάντων having gone up ltttA. ™ — ελβόι/τε? t[|a]. " ini TTr. " + eis (read at 
Gennesaret) TTr. ρ Τΐννησαρέθ lw. 'J — oi LTTr. ' Φαρισαΐοι καΐ -γραμματείς ττγ. 

» διά τι LTrA. t — αύτώμ (read the hands) τ[τγ]. '' elnev said LTr. " — σου (read 

[thy]) oltttaw. » — και L•TTΓ[A]. y τιμήσει will he honoui• ι,ττγα. ^ — η την 

μητβρα αΰτοΰ l[a3. » τον λόγοι/ the word LTr ; τον νόμον the law τα. " ίπροφήτ^νσεν 

Ι/ΤΤγα. "^ — 'Έγγίζΐΐ μοι GLTTrA. '^ — τώ στόματι αΰτόιν και SLTTrA. 

42 Μ A Τ -θ A I Ο Σ. XV. 

9 Bat in vain they do ^ττέγει άττ' kuov. 9 σέβονται με, διδάσκοντες 

M^Z^ttTcom- i<>'^^^y ^°^ ^^\ W in vain thoy worship me, teaching [as] 

mandments of men. διδασκαλίας ίντοΚματα ανθρώπων. 10 Και προσκάλεσα μένος 

10 And he called the teachings injunctions of men. And having called to [him] 
multitude, and said , ^ J^ _ , ^ , , , , , 

unto them, Hear, and γον οχλον είττεν αυτοΐς, Ακονετε και σννιετε. 11 ον 

understand : U not ^^^ crowd he said to them, Hear and understand 1 not 

that which goeth into , , , , , / ^ , ν λ 

the mouth defiieth a το εισερχομενον εις TO στόμα κοινοί τον ανθρωττον 

man ; but that which ^jj^t which enters into the mouth defiles the man ; 

oometh out of the ,...., ,, , ,«, 

mouth, this deflieth a αλ\α TO ίκτΓορευομενον εκ τον στόματος, τοντο κοινοί 

man. but that which goes forth out of the mouth, this defiles 

τον άνθρωτΓον. 

the man. 

12 Then came his dis- 12 Ύότε ττροσελθόντες οΊ.μαθηται.^αύτον^^ ^είπον'^ αύτψ, 

ciples, and said unto Then having come to [him] his disciples said to him, 

him. Knowest thou ,-ντ?> " 'λ. - , t \ -^ > > t>\' 

that the Pharisees were Οίοας oTi 01 Φαρισαιοι ακουσαντες τον λογον εσκατοαλι- 

offended, after they Klnowest thou that the Pharisees having heard the saying were of- 

u^^ut *he ausweni σθησαν, 13 6.δk άτΓοκριθεις είττεν, ΤΙάσα φυτεία ην ουκ 

and said. Every plant, fended? But he answering said, Every plant which •ηοί 

Father h'^th not pTani εφντενσεν ό.ττατηρ.μου ο.ούράνιος, ^κριζωθησεται. 14 άφετε 

ed, shall he rooted up. 'has 'planted 'my "Father ^the "heavenly, shall be rooted up. Leave 

thlit S iS-s ^fjo^Q' ^^.^v'^'j^'r ""iif^f ^^f^T' ''if'^^^ Λ^ιΐ'^Η" 

of the blind. And if them; *lc,aders 'they ''are 'bhnd of blind ; ^blind 'and '^blind 

the blind lead the ί,ανυ(η•χ•^,άμφότεροιεΊςβ6θυνονπεσοϋνται. 15 ΆττοκριθειςΜ 

bito the ditch. 'Γδ Then '^ /leaS, "both^ ^into a pit ^ wiUfall. And answering 

answered Peter and ^ Πέτοος είπεν αίιτώ, Φράσον rjulv την.παραβολήν.^ταντην.' 

TntoT^C'S^f:^. ^-^\ , -id^tohim. EWnd tUs ^h^; parable. 

16 And Jesus said. Are 16 Ό.δε} Ιί}σοΰς" εΐττεν, Άκμήν και υμείς ασύνετοι εστε ; 

ye alBO yet without But Jesus said, «Still »also Ve 'without «understanding 'are? 

understanding? 17 Do i, • μ ^ „ ~ , . , ° . 

not ye yet understand, 17 "ουπω" νοΕΪτε ΟΤΙ παν TO ΐίσπορευομενον εις το 

that whatsoever enter- »not*yet 'perceive »ye that everything which enters into the 

eth in at the mouth , ' , / ^ . , .^^ ./-»/\\ 

goeth into the belly, στομα ίΐς TTjv κοιλιαν χωρεί, και εις αφεδρωνα εκραλλεται; 

and is cast out into mouth into the belly goes, and into [the] draught is cast forth ? 

the draught? 18 But , „ , .. , , , _ , , 

those things which 18 τα.δί. εκπορευομενα ί /c του στόματος εκ της 

proceed out of the But the things which go forth out of the mouth out of the 

mouth come forth ^,,e.» >~ ^ ^ ^ η m'» 

from the heart; and καρόιας ίξερχΕται, κακεινα κοινοί τον ανθρωπον. ly ίκ.γαρ 

they defile the man. heart come forth, and these defile the man. For out of 

19 For out of the heart ~ $■/ )v> j > ' ' j' 

proceed evil thoughts, της καρδίας ίξερχονται διαλογισμοί πονηροί, φόνοι, μοιχειαι, 

mnrders, adulteries, the heart come forth "reasonings 'evil, murders, adulteries, 

fa[fj''v^\ness, bSh^- ττορνεΐαι, κλοπαί, -φευδομαρτυρίαι, βλασφημίαι. 20 ταϋτά 

mies : 20 these are the fornications, thefts, false-wilne.'^slngB, blasphemies. These things 

m" n'f b^^'^to elt^witil ^«''T'"'' ^" κοινοϋΐ'τα Tov άνθρωπον το.δ^ άνίπτοις 

nnwashen hands de- ^^^ they which defile the man ; but the 'with 'unwashed 

fileth not a man, χερσίν φαγείν ού.κοινοΐ τυν άνθρωπον. 

21 Then Jesus went ^'"^"<^'^ '^""^^ ^''f^' "i"* J^"' , , '""''■ , , , , 

thence, and departed 21 Kat ίξελθων ίκεΐθεν Ο Ιησονι: ανεχωρησεν εις τα μέρη 

into the coasts of Tyre ^,a. going forth thence Jesus withdrew to the parts 

and Sidon. 22 And, , , ^ „ ^^ . . ^ / > ir , > χ 

behold, a woman of Tj;poi» και "Σιδωνος. 22 και (Ο* υ, γυνή Χαναναια απο 

Canaan rame out of of Tyro and Sidon; .and behold, a "woman 'Canantean from 

the same coasts, and ^ , , , . ^ ν ■\ η ~ l» ' iim»~iix' 

cried iniio iiini, say- των.οριων.ίκεινων ίξέλθουσα ^εκραυγασε^^" '"αντψ," λέγουσα, 

iiiK, Ilive iwc-rf.y on those borders having come out cried tohim, saying, 

Die. ο I;<.rd, l/i'iu R(m ,,-- , , , ,, ",, . ,τ-»,.,, < λ ' ~ ί 

of Hivi ' ; my dau•.!- Ελεησον με, κύριε, "νιε Δαριο '^ η.νυγατηρ.μου κακώς οαι- 

t<!r is gri• vously vcx<:l Have pity on me, Lord, Son of David ; my daughter miserably is poB- 
witb α devil. 23 Bui -v ίΛ•-» </~v r»» i » 'r\ t ~ \ > \ 

he answered her not a μονιζρται. 23 O.Of ΟΌκ.απεκριθη avTy λογον. και προσ- 

word, And his disci- .sessed by a demon. But he answered "not 'her a word. And having 

e — αυτοί (read the disciples) lta. ' Κίγονσιν say lttpa. « τνφλοί eiaiu όδη-γοί νττ. 
" — ταντην (read the parable) ltti{aJ. ' — Ίησοϋς (read he 8aid)LTTrA. '^ οϋ not ι/γτγ. 
' ϊκμαζΐν ITr ; ΐκμαξΐν Τ. '" — αύτω LTTrA. " vie Δαυίδ ι :W ; υΐος Λαυείδ LTTrA. 

ΧΥ. Μ A τ τ U £ W 43 

€λθόντες ο'ι.μαθηταί.αύτοϋ °ήρώτων'^ αυτόν, λίγονης, ^oul-ht^im ^'sayinl" 

come to [him] his diBciplw asked him, saying, Send her away; for she 

Άπόλυσον αντην, OTL κράζει δττισθεν ημών 24 ' άποκρι- ^^^^^^"^^^iJ^^^^^ 

Dismiss her, for she cries after us. But he answer- 

I am not sent but unto 

θΗςέΙττεν, Οϋκ-άπίστάλην ειμή εις τά πρόβατα τα άπολωλότα the lost sheep of the 

ing said,' Iwasnotsent'_exKto%he/sh';ep the ^ lost ^ ^ ^cZHl^^'^orl^^ 

OLKov Ισααήλ. 25 'E..6i ίλθοϋσα προσεκννει αντψ, ped him, saying, Lord, 

of [the] house of IsraeL But she having come did homage to him, «^elp me 26 But he 

/ / /:>'/- r» t ϊΓ\ ' A ' - ' 2'il*'*^'ered and said. It 

λέγουσα, Κ,υριε, βοηθει μοι. 26 Ο.οε αποκριθείς είττ^-ν, Ουκ is not meet to take the 

saying, Lord, help me I But he answering Baid, «Not children's bread, and 

,,., ^ , Μ Λ τ ~ < » ~ ' ' 3 Λ - ^'^ '^'^^^ *' *o "io&s. 

Pi ariZ' καλόν" λαρείν τον αρτον των τέκνων, και ραλείν 27 And she said, Truth, 

'it ••'13 good to take the bread of the children, and to cast [it] Lord : yet the dogs eat 

Λ-5 'TT SJ τ -V- ' ' ^ ' • ' °* ^^^ crumbs which 

τοις κυναριοις. 27 Η.οί είττεν, Isat, /cuptg• και.γαρ τα κυναρια fail fiom theh• mas- 

to the little dogs. But she said. Yea, Lord: for even the little dogs ters' table. 28 Then 

. ,, > , ^ I , ^ / , , ^ ,γ Jesus an-iwered and 
tadiii ατΓΟ των ψιχιω^» των ττιπτοντων απο της τραπέζης said unto her, ο wo- 

eat of the crumbs which fall from the table man, great 2^ thy faith: 

) ~ oo rr ' ' /)-''! ~ -r , •- be it unto thee even as 

των.κυριων.αυτων. 2o ΐοτε αποκριθείς υ Ιησούς ειπεν αυτή, thou wilt. And her 

of their masters. Then answering Jesus said to her, daughter was made 

^Ω γύναι, μεγάλη σον ή π'ιστις' γενηθητω σοι ώς θέλεις, ζο^? om t a very 

ο woman, great [is] thy faith : be it to thee as thou desirest. 

Ka'i ίάθη ή.θνγάτηρ.αυτης άπο της.ωρας.εκείνης. 

And was healed her daughter from that horn•. 

29 Kat μεταβάς εκείθεν 6 Ιησούς ήλθεν παρά την θάλασ- 29 And Jesus depart- 

And having departed thence Jesus came towards the sea ^d from thence, and 

~ T-i \ Λ ' ^ ' ο 1 > •, « J 'Λ came nigh unto the sea 

σαν της 1 αλιλαιας' και αναρας εις το ορός εκαθητο of Galilee ; and went 

of Galilee ; and having gone up into the mountain he was sitting QP into a mountain, 

• ~ ηί\ - ~> Λ . ~ .- Λ Λ \ ' " /Τ '■'■iid sat down there. 

ίκει. ό\) και προσηλθον αυτφ όχλοι πολλοί, έχοντες μεθ μ And great multi- 
there. And came to him ^crowds 'great, having with tudes came unto him, 
N/ j\' ^ ' w ' ^ t I .. having with them those 

εαυτών χωλούς, τνφλους, κωφούς, κυλλους, και έτερους πολ- that were lame, blind, 

them lame, blind, dumb, maimed, and ^others 'many, dumb, maimed, and 

\ / ^ ,1 " ' * 1 II y 1 ^ ^ '5* r ~ ' τ ~ Ί manv others, and cast 

λους, και '^ερριψαν^^ αυτούς πάρα τους πόδας "του ΐ7]σου• them down at Jesus' 

and they cast down them at the feet of Jesus, feet ; and he healed 

ώστε 'τους όχλοι.,•" θαυμάσαι, ^ξ^^^^^;^^ 

80 that the irowds wondered, ed, when they saw the 

βλέποντας κωφούς λαλούντας, κυλλονς ύγιεϊς, ' χωλούς περί- ^^J\o'lt^hlie 

seeing dumb speaking, maimed sound, lame walk- the lame to walk, and 

πατοϋντας, και τυφλούς βλέποντας και "εδόζασαν'^ τον θεόν ^ M^^^a'd'^th' G**^ 

ing, and blind seeing ; and they glorified the ' God of Israel. 32 \'heii 

Ισραήλ. 32 Ό.δέ.'Ιησούς προσκαλεσάμενος τους μαθητάς "^f^^ ^^ψΑ his disci- 

of Israel. But Je'sus having called to ' [him] ^^ iaiscip'les ψΖΤοοΖ'.ΖΐΛ 

αύτον εΙπεν, Σπλαγχνίζομαι επί τον οχλον, 'ότι ήδη the multitude, because 

'his said, I am moved with compassion toward-s the crowd, because already ^^^^ ""thr^^^d ^^^^ ™d 

^ήαερας^ τρεΙς πυοσμενουσίν μοι, και ούκΛχουσιν τι φάγω- have nothing to eat: 

^days 'three they continue with me, and have not what they may ^,^^ ^ ^^^^ ^i?* ^^^^ 

, . Λ - , , / , Λ»% / , Ν Λ- them away fasting, 

σιν και απολυσαι αυτούς νηστεις ου.θελω, μηποτε εκλυθωσιν lest they faint in the 

eat; and to send away them fasting I am not willing, lest they faint ^^7- S3 And his dis- 

' .> . ^ ~ fir, -,, ^ » / , -, , ^ » , > ~ 1! TT /Λ ciples say unto him, 

εν Ty υοψ. όό Και λεγουσιν αυτφ οι.μαθηται.^αυτον," ΙΙοθεν Whence should we 

in the way. And "say *to '^him 'his "disciples. Whence have so much bread in 

■-.,-,,„ ^ „ ■■ '■ \ ~ the wilderness, as to 

ημιν εν ερημι^. άρτοι τοσούτοι ώστε χορτασαι οχλον τοσούτον, mi so great a multi- 

to us in a desert loaves so many as to satisfy a crowd so great ? tude ? Μ And Jesus 

Q I ΤΛ • \ ' . , -, t .^ ~ -pT , „ „ y-.c ^^ saith unto them. How 

34 Kat λέγει αυτοις ο ΐ7]σους. Πόσους άρτους έχετε; ΟιΜ many loaves have ye? 

And ^says ^to ''them 'Jesus, How many loaves have ye? And they And they said. Seven, 

είπον, 'Επτά, και ολίγα ίχθύδια. 35 Και yέκελεvσεv τοις 35 l^dTe commanded 

said, .ucven, and a few small fishes. And he commanded the the multitude to sit 

° ηρώτουν ίττιχ. Ρ Ι^βστιν it is allowed lta. 'i ίριψαν t. ' αΰτοΰ of him LTirA. » τον 
όχλοι/ the crowd ta. » _). ^^1 and lttpa. ' έδόΐα^οι/ τ. " -ήμέραι GiTTrAW. » — αυτοί 
(read the disciples) [LJifirjA. y παραγγ»ίίλας τ<^ όχλ,ψ having commanded the crowd Liir. 


doiTO on the ^"^T?• ογλοις" άναττ^σίιν έττί την γήν 36 'και λα/3ώι/" τους επτά 

BevOT loaves and the crowds to recUne on the ground ; and having taken the seven 

flshes,andFravethanke, aoTOVQ Krti TOVQ ίγθΰας," εύχαοιστησας έκλασαν και ^ϊ(5ωκίν" 

gave\'"o'his"diTcip'ie^ ^°^"^^« ^^^ *^^ ^^^^• having given thanks he broke and gave 

and the disciples to the τοΐς.μαθηταΐς.'^αύτον,^^ οι.δε μαθηταί ^τψ δχλ<^." 37 Και 

multitude 37 And to his disciples, and the disciples to the crowd. And 

they did all eat, and , , , , η < τ ^ 

were fiUed: and they ttpayov TTuvTsg, και ίχορτασθησαν Kui ^ηραν TO ττερισ- 

took up of the broken a^j^ ij^y a,^^ were satisfied ; andtheytookup that which was over 

meat that was left _ ~ ν ' ii < < '?> \ ' oo > s•' 

Boven baskets full, σενον των κλασ/χαΓων" cTrra σπυριοαί^ ττΑηρεις. όο ot.oe 

38 And they that did and above of the fragments seven baskets full; and they who 

eat were four thousand , n> r '% " ^ ^ f ~ ν 

men, beside women εσθιοντες ήσαν τετρακισχιλιοι άνδρες, χο)ρις 'γΐ'ναικων και 

and childi'en. 39 And ate were four thousand men, besides women and 

he sent away the mul- », .. _,„ τ^ > ' \ ' » " > o•' '/3 Ρ ..' 

titude, and took ship, τταιδιων." 39 Και αττολυσας τονς όχλους «tvefSif• εις το 

and cam« into the children. And having dismissed the crowds he entered into the 

coasts of Magdau. ^^oTov, καΐ ι)λΘεν εις τά 'όρια ''Μαγίαλά." 

XVI. The Pharisees ship, and came to the borders of Magdala. 

c^es cTiii^., and temi"" 16 Kai προσελθόντες οί ΦαρισαΊοι και ΣαδδονκαΊοι 

ing desired him that And having come to [him] the Pharisees and Sadduoees 

Bfg^'"^from"'"'h^a^n'! τεφά^οϊ^Γες Ηττηρώτησαν^^ αυτόν σημεΧον εκ τοϋ ουρανού 

2 He answered and tempting [him] asked him a sign out of the heaven 

it'^'Tve^nLn'^'y™'' ίΤΓίδεΐζαι αύτοίς 2 6.δε αποκριθείς είπεν αντοΐς, ^Όψίας 

/ίωιϊ/ 6« fair weather': to shew them. But he answering said to them. Evening 

3°And^uU^ ^ ^^^' 7^'*^ομενης λέγετε., Ένδία- ττυρράζει.-νάρ ό ουρανός. 3 και 

It will be toul weather having come ye say. Fine weather ; for "is 'red 'the "heaven. And 

today: for the sky is ττρωι, Σήμεοον νείβών' πυρράζει.γάρ στυγνάζων ύ ουρανός. 

h^ocHtl'Trfand^! atmVning, 'YoXy 1 st'orm ; ^ afHs^rJ " noivering Hhe ^hWen. 

oern the face of the ^υΊΓοκριτα'ι) TO μεν ττρόσωπον του ούρανοϋ γινώσκετε 

sky ; but can ye not Hypocrites I the «indeed 'face =Of »the «heaven ye know [how] 

dtscerm the signs of the , ,„, .^ , ^ , η \ λ < 

times ? 4 A wicked and διακρινειν, τά.δε σημεία των καιρών ου.δυνασθε, 4 γενεά 

adulterous generation ^ο discern, but the signs of the times ye cannot I A generatioC 

seeketh after a sign ; ,, _,y™ , ~ > s• a' 

and there shall no sign τΓονηρα και μοιχολις σημειον εΐΓίζητΕί' και σημειον ον-οοϋη- 

be given unto it, but wicked and adu tcrous a sign seeks, and a sign shall not be 

thesign of the prophet ,^,,, ^ ,_.._-. ./ ιιττ^ 

Jonas. And he left σεται ar)Ty, ει.μνι το σημειον ϊωνα '"τον τνροψητου." t^ai 

them, and departed. given to it, except the sign of Jonas the prophet. And 

cipie^werfcom^;fh; >^αταλιπών αύτονςάπήλθεν. 

other side, they had leaving thism he went away. 

forgotten to take 5 ji^ai ελθόντες οΊ.μαθηται."αύτοΰ^^ εις το πέραν επελάθοντο 

said unto them. Take And ^having' come 'his ^disciples to the other side they forgot 

heed and beware of αρτους λαβείν. 6 ό.δε.'ίησοϋς είπεν αύτοίς, 'Οράτε και προσ- 

οχή leaven of the Pha 

'loaves 'to ^take. And Jesus said to them, See and 

risee.s and of the Sad- 

ducccs. 7 And they εχετε άπο της ζύμης των Φαρισαίων καί Σαδδουκαίων, 7 Ο'ι.δε 

reasoned among them- f ^^^^ 1^ ^^ ^^^ Pharisees and Sadducoes. And they 

eelvi:s, sivying, yi IS bo- , , , ^ , ,1 ^ , , / 

cause we have taken διελογίζοντο tj' εαντοΊς, λεγοντΐς, Οτι αρτους ουκ ελα^ 

no bread. 8 Which 

reasoned among themselves, saying, loaves ^not 

when Jesus perc<-ived, \i\ <> _» >~ι.τ> 

he said unto them, Ο βομεν. 8 Γνους-δε Ιησους ειπεί' °αυτοΐς, Ύι δια- 

ye of little faith, why '•'took. And having known [this] Jesus said to them, Why rea- 

reason ye among vour- ^ ,y « , . ^ t» » „ \ , 

selves bec.iuse ye have Αογιζεσσε tv εαυτοις, ολιγοπιστοι, οτι άρτους ουκ 

brought uo bread? son ye among yourselves, Ο [ye] of little faith, because loaves ^not 

9 Do ye not yet under- „,,, / /^ ,, rw » ~ > ^^ / . ' 

stand, neither remem- PfcAaper€;" 9 oυπω.1wειτε, ουοε μνημονεύετε τους πέντε 

ber the five loaves of 'ye '■'took? Do ye not j'et perceive, nor remember the five 

' eAa/Sii/ he took LTTr. » -(- καΐ and lt. '' eSiSov TTr. <= — αντοΰ (read the disciples) 
Γε]τ[τγ]α. ** τοις όχλοι; to the crowds ττγα. * το π(ρισσβΰον τών κλασμάτων ήραν LTTrA. 
'παώίων καΐ γυναικών Τ. « ίνέβη he \vent lip OTrAAV. •> Μαγαδάν Magadan LTTrA. 

' ίττηρώτων Τ. ^^ Όψίας .... ίο end of verse 3 [τα]. ' — νποκριταί lttia; + καΧ 

and i. " — τοϋ προφήτου LTTrA. " — αύτοΟ (I'ead the disciples) ι,ττγα. ° — αύτοΐς 
OLTTrA. ρ βχβτί yo have l. 


άρτους των ττεντακισχιλίων, και πόσους κοώίνους εΧάβετε: the Are thousand, and 

loaves of the five thousand, and how many hand-baskets ye took [up]? t^ ^? ^ 10 NeHher 

10 ουδέ τονς επτά άρτους των τετρακισχιΚίων, και πάσας the seven loaves of the 

nor the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many t°^ thousand, and 
,- , , ,, , , „ how many baskets ye 

'^σττυριοας ίλαβετε; 11 πως ον.νοεΐτε οτι ου περί took ηρ? η How is 

baskets ye took [up]? How perceive ye not that not concerning it that ye do not nn- 

n τ t ~ . , ,1 . , ~ V ' ~ ^ r derstand that I spake 

^αρτου" είποί' υμιν *προσεχειν" απο της ζύμης των Φαρισαιων it not to yon concern- 
bread I spoke to you to beware of the leaven of the Pharisees i?o , bread, that ye 
,^5..< , Tom' - »' >T t should beware of the 

και2.αοοονκαιων•, iz Ιοτε συνηκαν οτι ουκ.είπεν προσεχειν leaven nf the Pharisees 

and Sadducees? Then they understood that he said not to beware and of the Sadducees? 

> ^ ~ y/ , ~ „ 11 _ ,^ ^ ,,..,-,« ^ ™ ~ 12 Then understood 

απο της ζύμης νου άρτου J^ 'αλλ" απο της διδαχής των they how that he bade 

of the leaven of bread, but of the teaching of the tJiem not beware of 

jf. ' ' v^ t^ ' the leaven of bread, 

Φαρισαιων και Σαδοουκαιων. . but of the doctrine of 

Pharisees and Sadducees. the Pharisees and of 

13 Έλθών.δε 6 Ίησοϋς εις τα μέρη Καισαρείας της ^'^'^ s^^^ducees. 

And ^having 'come 'Jesus into the parts of Ciesarea 
ΦιλίτΓΤΓου ήρώτα τονς.μαθητάς.αύτοϋ, λέγων, Τίνα ^με' 
PhiUppi he questioned his disciples, saying. Whom *me jg ,5^^^ j^^^^ ^^^^ 

Χεγουση' οΊ.άνθοωποι είναι τον υ'ιον τον άνθοώπον; 14 ΟΊ,δε into the coasts of Cx- 

'do^onounce nnen «to '"be the «Son 'ofWn? And they ^'Fe''\?^^PPi'^6*«>ed 

_„,,,, \ rt r ».( ^^■'^ disciples, saying, 

*εΖ7Γοΐ', ' Οι.μϊν Ιωαννην τον βαπτιστην ^άλλοι.δε ^Ηλιαν" Whom do men say that 

said, Some John the Baptist; and others Elias : I the Son of man am ? 

« ?\ «T ' "v «' ~ ~ ,^> » ~ 14 And thev said, Some 

ετεροι.όε Ιερεμιαν, η ενα των προφητών. 15 Αεγει αυτοις,*• say that thou arts ohn 

and others Jeremias, or one of the prophets. He savs to them, the Baptist : some, E- 

'-v ~ 5•λ ' \> 7 n/>K>i /i'< r'li Ti' lias ; and others Jere- 

Ύμεις.δετινα με λέγετε είναι; 16 ^ Αποκριυεις.δν^ Σι- mias, or one of the 

But ye whom *me 'do ^e pronounce to be? And answering Si- prophets. 15 He saith 

TT' τ ^'T< » «<% -/!«, _ unto them. But whom 

μων Πέτρος ειπεν, Συ εΖ ο χριστός, ο υιός τον θεού του .,ay ye that ι am? 

mon Peter said. Thou art the Christ, the Son of God the 16 And Simon Peter 

ζώντος. 17 "^Καϊ αττοκριθείς" ό Ίησοΰς εΙπεν αύτψ, Μακάριος ^ou art the ct^Tsti 

living. And answering Jesus said to him. Blessed the Son of the living 

εί, Σίμων ^Βάρ Ίωνα," οτι σαρξ και αίμα ονκ.άπεκάλυ^Ι^ίν .?^wer^'a^faid^ 

art thou, Simon Bar-Jonas, for flesh and blood revealed [it] not to him, Blessed art 

σοι, αλλ' δ.πατήρ,μον ό ίν «τοις" οϋρανοΧς. 18 ΚάγώΜ i^!^"°aid"'1Cd 
to thee, but my Father who [is] in the heavens. And I also hath not revealed it 

σοι λέγω, οτι συ εΐ Πέτρος, και έττΐ ταύτ^ rg πετpg, οΊκοδο- ^ther*^which^*is "^η 

to thee say. That thou art Peter, and on this rock I will heaven. 18 And I say 

μησω μου την εκκΧησ'ιαν, και πνλαι ς,δου ον.κατισχνσονσιν ?.^ο unto thee,^That 
build my assembly, and gates of hades shall not prevail against ^g^ this rock I vnU 

avr7]c. 19 ^καί" δώσω σοι τάς ^κλέΐς^' της βασιλείαα των build my church ; and 

it.- And I will give to thee the keys of the ^ kingdom ' of the ^^^^tlrevauS^Ut 

ουρανών και ο.^ίάν^^ δήσγς επι της γης, εσται δεδεμενον ΐ9 And ι wiu give un- 

neavens: and whatever thou mayest bind on the earth, shall be bound to thee the keys of the 
1 - > ~ r « I > 1 / , , ~ ~ V kingdom of heaven : 

tv τοΙς ονρανοίς' και ο.'εά*'" \vσyς επι της γης, εσται and whatsoever thou 

In the heavens: and whatever thou mayest loose on the earth, shallbe shalt bind on earth 
- , , \ , ^ ^^ / L• Λ '•, ti ~ η shall be bound m hea- 

λελυμετον εν τοις ονρανοις. 20 Τότε "οιεστειλατο" τοις μάθη- ven: and whatsoever 

loosed in the heavens. Then charged he ''die- thou shalt loose on 

~ 1 . ~,i κ r> , „ „ , , „>, - 1, earth shall b^ loose;! 

ταις ^avTOV^^ iva μηοενι ειπωσιν οτι αντος εστίν '^ ιησους in heaven. 20 Then 

ciples 'his that to no one they should say that he is Jesus charged he his disci- 

t , pies that they should 

O χριστός. tell no man that he 

the Christ. was Jesus the Christ. 

1 σφυρίδας L•. ^ άρτων loaves LTTrAW. ■ ; (tJie question ends at you) προσέχετε δΙ but 
beware lttta. * των άρτων of the loaves lTfa ; των Φαρισαιων καΐ '^,αδδονκαίων of the 

Pharisees and Sadducees τ. ^ άλλα TXrAW. "^^ — με [lJttfa. ^ elnai> LXTr. -^' ol l. 
•'Ηλεία»/ τ. » -h [ό'Ιησονς] Jesus (says) L. ^ και αποκριθείς yf . <= αποκριθείς δε LTTrA. 
^ΒαριωνάίΤλ. « — rots (read [the] ) ι, [TrJ. ^ — καΐ t[a]. β κλείδας LTTrA. '' άν LTrA. 
' άν Tr. ^ επετίμησεν he earnestly charged l. ' — αντοϋ {read the disciples) ι,ττγα. 

■" — Ίησοΰς gltttaw. 


forth^e^n*^Jeeui'to 21 ΆτΓΟ τότε ήρζατο "υ'Ίησοΰς δπκννειν τοΧς μαθηταις 

shew untS his (lisciplos, From that timo began JesoB to shew toMisoiple* 

how that he must go avTov, oTi δέϊ avTov "άτΓξλθέϊν εις Ίεροσόλυ/^α," και 

s^er ma^T things^ of ''"* that it is necessary for him to go away to Jerusalem, and 

the elders and chief τΓολλά τταθεΊν άτΓο τών ττοεσβυτεοων και αρχιερέων και 

CMiw^SeTafsed '^'•^'^^^^i^g^ ^°'^^ff^^^ ^^^ "^ elders ^ and ^ chief priests ^ and 

again the third day. γραμματέων, καί άτΓοκτανθήναι, καί τη τρίτν ήμερα εγερθήναι. 

22 Then Peter took "^ Scribes, and to be killed, and the third Wy to he raised- 

him, and began to re- . ^ -, / , \ t r χ t, » ■, 

bnke him, saying, Be 22 και ττροσλαβομενος avTov Ο YlsTpoQ i*ryp?aro" '^επιτιμ^,ν 

It far from thee, Lord: And "having ^taken 'to [«him] *him 'Peter began to rebuke 

this shall not be unto , ~ ν » «τ\ / ' > \ •/ 

thee. 23 But he turned, αυτψ, Αεγων, Ιλεως σοι, κύριε' ου. μη ίσται σοι 

and said unto Peter, him, saying, [God be] favourable to thee, Lord: in no wise shall be to thee 
Get thee behind me, „ oo «^ s>« ^ < τ ~τ-τ' "λ.•. > - 

Satan: thou art an TOVTO. 23 O.oi στραφείς ειττεν τψ ΤΙετρψ , ιτταγε υπισω μου^ 

offence unto me : for this. But he having turned said to Peter, Get behind me, 

thou savourest not the ~ / »v .. , _ τ ii " > , ~ > 

things that be of God, σατανά, OKavoaKov 'μον ει•" ΟΤΙ ov. φρονείς τα 

but those that be of Satan: an offence to me thou art, for thy thoughts are not of the things 

jSu's unto hiTdfsci- TOO θεον, άλλα τά των ανθρώπων. 24 Ύότε ύ Ίησοϋς εΙττεν 

pies. If any man will of God, but the things of men. Then Jesus said 

denyhiifseS', andt^ak^ τοίς.μαθηταϊς.αύτοϋ, El τις θέλει οπίσω μου έλθέϊν, άπαρ- 

up his cross, and follow to his disciples, If any one desires after me to come, let 

will sive MiTiifeXiU ^ησάσθω εαυτόν, και άράτω τόν.σταυρον.αντου, και άκο- 
lose it : and whosoever ^i^^ deny himself, and let him take up his cross, and let 

my^sakrshaii^flnd^it^ '^^^^^*'"*^ A*ot• 25 ος.γάρ.^άν" θtλy τήν.^Ρυχήν.αύτοϋ σώσαι, 

26 For what is a man ^^^ follow me. For whoever may desire his life to saye, 

profited, ii^ he shall «ττολέσει αύτήν ος.δ'.άν άπoλεσy τήν.\Ρνχήν.αΰτοϋ ένεκεν 

and lose his ο\νη\οιι1 ? sl^*^ lose it ; but whoever may lose his life on account of 

or what shall a man Ιμοΰ, ευοήσει αυτΎΐν' 26 τΊ.-γάρ ^ώφεΧεΊται^^ άνθρωπος, εάν 

£rsoul?''^l7''For the °^^' shall find it. For what is-proflted 'a^man, if 

Son of man shall come tov κόσμον oXov κερδηση^ ΓηνΜ:<1>υχ>)ν.α{)τοϋ ζημιωθΰ'^ η 

ϊ?*ί^® ?3u^ *** ^'^ the "world 'whole he gain; and his soul lose? or 

Father with his angels; , », r ., ^ 7 / , ™ , ~ ^_ ,-ν 

and then he shall re- Ti οωσει άνθρωπος ανταΧΚαγμα της.ψυχής.αντον ', 21 μελ- 

ward every man ac- what will 'give 'a ^nan [as] .an exchange for his soul? For Ms 

cordmg to his works. , ,<, ~ > r> <■ » η ^ -^'^' 

28 Verily 1 say unto λει.γαρ o Όίος τον.ανθρωπον ερχεσβηι iv ry όυξ^ του πατρός 
you. There be some «about 'the '■'Son ^of -"man to come in the glory ^'Father 

standing here, which , ~ χ ^ > /λ > ~ < ' , r. , < > 

shall not taste of αυτου μετα των.αγγελων.αυτου• και τότε αποοωσει εκαστψ 
death, till they see the Of '•'his with his angels ; and then he will render to each 

Son of man coming in , , ~y > ~ «o ' 4 < \ ' < - ν ' ' 

his kingdom. κατα την.πραξιν.αυτου. 2o Αμήν λέγω υμιν, ' εισιν 

according to hie doing. Verily I eay to you. There are 

Τίνες '^τών ώδε εστηκότων,^^ οιτινες οΰ.μή γεύσωνται θανάτου 

some of those here stiuiding who in no wise shall tasto of death 

εως αν ϊδωσιν τον υ'ιόν τοΰ άνθρωπου ερχόμενον εν Ty 

until they have seen the Son of man coming in 


his kingdom. 

17 Καϊ μεθ' ημέρας 'έζ παραλαμβάνει 6 Ίησοΰς τον ΐίετρον 

XVII. And after 8ii And after '^days 'six 'takes »%vith ["him] Vesus Peter 

days Jesus taketh , , , r> ^)/ ^»^^^ >- >> > 

Peter, JameH, and John (Cat Ιακωβον και Ιωαννην τυν.αοελφον.αυτου, και αναφέρει 

his brother, and bring- and James and John his brother, and brings up 

eth thoin up into an,,, „ <i\\ • >^, c\ < 'n 

high mountain apart, αυτους εις ορος υψηλον κατ Λοιαν. 2 και μετεμορφωϋη 

2 and wa.s transfigured them into a 'mountain 'high apart. And he was transfigured 

before them : and his „ « , ^ < "\ ι < ' . ~ » < γ,λ 

face did shine as the εμπροσοεν αυτων, και ί\αμψεν το.προσωπον.αυτου ως ο η\ιος, 
βαη, and his raiment before them, and ^shone 'hie *£aoe as the sun, 

" — ό ι.[τγ]α. ο βΐί Ιί^οσόλνμα απβλθίΐν ι,τΤγα. Ρ — ήρ^ατο Α. ι αντφ βπιτιμαν 

λβγίοί' Ι, ; λί'γίΐ αντω ίπιτιμων says to him rebiikiug [him] a. ' «T e^oO ι-ττγα. • ea» 

LTTi Λ. ' ω<Ι)€\ηθησ€ται shall be profited lttfa. ^ + oti that lt. " των S)Se βστώτωκ 
Οΐ,ττ A ; ωδβ βστώτβϊ W. 



τά.δ^Λμάτία.αντον ΙγενετοΧενκά ως το ψώς. 3 και ιδού, ^ώώ- Γ**?^^^^?* ίί*®^*^^*• 
and his garments became white as the light; and behold, *ap- appSxed unto them 

θησαν" αΰτοΐς ί'Μωσ^ς" και 'Ηλίας, ^μετ αντον σνΧΚαλονντες. '■ Moses and Eiias taik- 

peared =toHhem 'Moses ^and ^EUas »wth ^bim 'talking. mg with him. 4 Ttien 

. Λ , ^, < / τ > - , , , anflwered Peter, and 

4 ατΓοκριθείς.δε οΤΙετρος ειττεν τψ Ιησου, Κύριε, καΧον εστίν said unto Jesus, Lord, 

And answering Peter said to Jeans, Lord, good it is ?* ^^ good for us to be 

, - r,> τ . Λ'Λ h ' „ -r^ ~ , here : If thou wilt, let 

χιμάς ωοε είναι* ει ί/ίλεις, "ττοιησωμεν'' ωόε τρεις σκηνας, us make here three 

for us here to be. LE thou v.'ilt, let us make here three tabernacles : tabernacles ; one for 

, ---, -11 ' < ri ' <η•Λ ' s e •τ. > - *^^' ^°^ Ο'^β ^°^ ^O" 

σοι μιαν, και "-Μωσ^" μιαν, και ^μιαν slKiq,. ο Άτι αντον ses, and one for Elias. 
for thee one, and for Moses one, and one for Elias. While yet he ό 'VVhiJe he yet spake. 
Λ Ν - ,^ , _,'\ «_, ill ' ' > / . Deholrt, a bright cloud 

λαλονντος, ιδον, νεφέλη ^φωτεινψ ίπεσκιασεν αντονς' και overshadowed them: si)eaking, behold, a^cloud 'bright overshadowed them: and and behold a voice out 

jj. / , V , ~ ^ >\ ^ ' r\- ' ' < < / or the cloud, which 

lOov, φωνή εκ της νεψεΚης, Αεγονσα, Όντας εστίν ο.νιος.μον said. This is my be- 
lo, a voice out of the cloud, saying. This is my Son loved Son, in whom I 

< ) • > r f > T> ' II ο ) ~ > / η r• -rr \ ani well pleased : hear 

Ο αγαττητος, εν ψ ^ευοοκησα'" ^αντον ακονετε.^^ ο Και ye him. 6 And when 

the beloved, in whom I have found delight : ^him 'hear ^e. ΑηΛ the disciples heard it, 

άκονσαντες οι μαβηται Ηττεσον'^ επι πρόσωττον.αύτών, και LT wCTe^sore^afraid,' 

hearing [it] the disciples fell upon their face, and 7 And Jesus came and 

Ιφοβηθησαν σφόδρα. 7 και 'ττροσελθών ο Ίησονς Η',^Ρατο^^ safd^l^ise! an'Sbe n"t 

were terrified greatly. And having come to [them] Jesxis touched afraid. 8 And when 

αυτών, Vaiii εΙπεν,'Έ^'ερΘητε, και μή.φοβεΐσθε. ^'Έ,πάραντες theU-eyes*the?lawS? 

them, and said. Rise up, and be not terrified. "Having ^lifted *up man, save' Jesns only. 

δε τονς.οφθαΧμονς.αντών ονδ'ενα εΊδον εί.μή τον Ίησονν 

'and their eyes ''no *one 'they "saw except Je«ns 

9 Και καταβαινόντων αντών '"άττό ' τον όρονς ενετείλατο 9 And as they came 
And as^wereMescending 'they from the mountain ^charged tain° Je™3 ch^ged 

αντοΐς 6'Ιησονς, Χεγων, Μηδενί εϊττητε το 'όραμα, εως.ού ό them, saying. Tell the 

^hem 'Jesus, saying, To no one teU the vision, until the Jjision to no man, until 

~ , Λ , 7 , ^ , , the Son of man be 

νιος τον άνθρωπου εκ ι/εκρών "avaoTy.^* 10 Και εττη- risen again from the 

Son of man from among [the] dead be risen. And ^ask- dea,d, 10 And his dis- 

/ , . . /-, - , ~ I, ., / m ' ~ < ciples asked him, say- 

ρωτησαν αντον οι.μαθηται°αυτου," λέγοντες. Τι oi)V οι γραμ- ing, Why then say the 

ed *him 'his "disciples, saying, Why then "the -"scribes scribes that Elias must 

~ Ν / « D«rTA ' 11 s.~ >\/i~ - Ti </-» f- fij*st come ? 11 And Je- 

ματεις λεγονσιν on ΡΗλιαν" οει ελθειν πρώτον; 11 Ο δε sus answered and said 

'say that Elias must come first? And unto them, Elias truly 

„>T ~ II > Λ > τ r ' ~ II ='TT\ ' ii ' » shall first come, and 

^ Ιησονς" αποκριθείς ειπεν ^αυτοις,^^ "^ Ηλίας'• μεν έρχεται restore all things. 

Jesus answering said to them, EUas indeed comes 12 But I say unto you, 

t ~ 11 i > ' r τ ο Λ ' .Nj I ^ t/ That Elias is come al- 

^πpoJτov και αποκαταστήσει πάντα- rZ λέγω ΰε νμιν οτι ready, and they knew 

first and shall restore all things. But I say to you that him not, but have done 

jtTT\ Ί * ^ T\ Λ \ y ■) f τ / « >\ -V ΊΙ f / unto him whatsoever 

^ Ηλίας' ηδη ήλϋεν, και ονκ.επεγνωσαν αντον, ^ αλλ ^^ εποιη- they listed. Likewise 

Elias already is come, and they knew not him, but did shall also the Son of 

σαν iv αντψ όσα ηθέλησαν όντως και ό ν'ιός τον άνθρωπου ia^Then^the^disc^pSe 

to him whatever they desired. Thus also the Son of man understood that he 

μέλλει πάσχειν υπ αντών. 13 Τότε σννήκαν οι μαθητα'ι ότι fi^h'TBapt^r °* 

is about to sutfer from them. Then understood the disciples that 

ττερί 'Ιωάννου τοϋ βαπτιστοΰ εΊττεν αντοΐς. 

concerning John the Baptist bespoke to them. 

14. Και ελθόντων ^αντών^^ προς τον όχλον προσήλθεν were^me^th'emtX 

And "having *come 'they to the crowd ^came titude, there came to 

* ώφ0η LTTtA. y Μωι)σής LTTi AW. ^ 'Ηλείας Τ. * στ/λλαλοΰντες (συΐ'λαλ. Τ) μβτ' 

αύτοΰ LTTr. b τΓοιησω Ι will make lta. « Μωϋσει LTTrA ; Μωϋσρ w. d 'Ηλι^ ("Ηλεία τ) 
μία»'L•TΪΓA. '^^ φωτός of light G. ^ ηύδόκησα LTr. β άκουετβ αύτοΰ ITTrA. ^ βττεσαι/ 

LTTrA. • προσήλββν came to LTTr. ^ και άψάμενος and touching lt ; καΐ ήψατο ir. 

' — KaiLT. >» « SLTTrAW. " «vep^ be raised LTTrA. ° — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) 
LTTr. p'HAeiai/T. ί — Ίησοΰς (j'eoci he said) LTTrA. >■ — αύτοΐςίΤΤΓΪΑ]. » 'Ηλείας τ. 
* — πρώτοι/ LTTrA. » άλλα TrA, '■ — αύτώι/ LTTrA. 


WiLglo^toS «^ir ανθ^<^7Γος γονυττετών -αντψ,' Ιδ καΐλεγωρ, KiW, 

and savins' 15 Lord *ο "him 'a *man kneeling down to hun, and saying, Lord, 

have mercy on my son: ί\έΐ]σόν uov Tov v'lov, OTi σέληνίάζξται Kui ^κακώς ττάσχει'" 

sore vexedT'^for' oft- h-^vo pity on my son, for he is lunatic and miserably sufEers : 

times he faiieth into τΓολλάκις.γάο ττίτΓτει είς TO ττίο, και πολλάκις ε'ις το νδωρ. 

the fire and oft into for often he falls into the fire, and often into the water, 

the water. 16 And I ^ ^ , ^ ^ ^ y , , r, r 

brought him to thy 16 καί ΤΓΟοσηνεγκα αυτόν τοίς.μαθηταϊς.σον, καΐ ουκ.ιιουνη- 

disciples, and they j^^ I brought him to thy disciples, and they were not 

could not cure him. , ^ /> . λ , t^^ . > ~ t 

17 Then Jesus answer- θ ήσαν avTov θεραττενσαι. 17 Αποκριθεις.δε ο Ιησούς ειπεν, 

ed and said, Ο faith- ^ble him to heal. And answering Jesus said, 

less and χ)βΓΛα'Γκβ - , » , », , ,t , « 

generation, how long 12 yevsa ατΓίστος Ktti οιεστραμμενη, εως ποτέ ^εσομαι 

shall I be ^vith you ? ο generation unbelieving and perverted, until when shall I be 

how long shall I suffer ^, , ^ ,, „ / > /v < ~ / ' . ^ -r ν 

you? bring him hither μεθ υμών, εως ποτε ανεξομαι υμών; ώερετε μοι αντον ωόε. 

to me. 18 And Jesus with you ? until when shall I bear with you ? Bring to me him here. 
rebulcedthode%'il: and τ « ττ- ^ ' ' ι ~ < ΐτ ~ > fy~\n > ' > ~ « 

he departed out of lo Kaj επετιμησεν αυτψ ο Ιησούς, και εζηλΰεν απ αυτού το 

him: and the child And -rebuked ^him 'Jesus, and went out from him the 

was cured from that ^/ <'λ 'η• ^ , \ ~ r, ■, , 

Tery hour. 19 Then οαιμονιον, και ίθεραπευΰη ο παις απο της.ωρας.εκεινης. 

came the disciples to demon, and was healed the boy from that hour. 

"V^y^couiduaTwe^cust ^^ ΤοΓε ποοσελθόντες οΊ μαθηται τψ'Ιησοΰ κατ. ιδίαν εΖττον, 

him out ? ao And Jesus Then ^having *come 'the -disciples to Jesiis apart said, 

causeoSoui^^'bkief" "^iart" ημείς ούκ.ήδυνήθημεν εκβαλεΐν αυτό ; 20 Ό.δε.ηησοϋς" 

for verily 1 say unto ^^7 "we 'were "not able to cast out him ? And Jesus 

S^aCTa^^o^^muittrd *'«^'^^'^" αύτοίς, Ala τήν^άπιστίαν" υμών. άμήν.γάρ λέγω 

seed, ye shall say unto ^^^^ to them, Because of ^unbeUef 'your. For verily I say 

iSive h'en'^t^yondlr ^f^~^^' ^^^ ^^^"^^ π'ιστιν ως KOKKOV σινάπεως, ερεΐτε τψ ορει 

place • and it shall *° 7^^> ^^ y^ have faith as a grain of mustard, ye shall say •'mountain 

remove ; .and nothing τούτφ, ^Μετάβηθι ίντεϋθεν^^ εκεΐ, και μεταβησεται- και ονδ^ν 

n^^oyou! 2naowbeit 'to -this. Remove hence thither, and it shall remove ; and nothing 

this kind goeth not άδυνατήσει νμϊν. 21 ^οΰτο.δε.τυ.γενος οϋκΛκπορεύεται 

fMUng. ^'^^^"^ β^^Ι ^^ impossible to you. But this kiAd goes not out 

εί.μή εν προσευχή και νηστεί^,.^^ 

except by prayer and fasting. 

abld^hfoiUa^^ JesS ^^ «Άναστρεψομενων^δε αυτών εν Ty Γαλιλαί^, είπεν αύτοϊς 

said unto' them The And while "were ^abiding 'they in Galilee, "said •''to^them 

betra°ed'^'^'into'^^\h^ ^ Ί)]σοϋς, Μέλλει ό υιός• τοϋ άνθρωπου παραδίδοσθαι είς 

handJof men :°L'3 and 'Jesus, *is '"about '^the 'Son 'oilman to be delivered up into 

they shall kiu lum, γεΤοας ανθρώπων, 23 και άποκτενοΐισιν αυτόν, και τϋ τρίτυ 

ehfu be Ιμ aiat [the] hands of men. and ^ they will kill him ; and the tW<f 

And they were exceed- ημ'ερ^, ''έγεοθ/}σεΓαί." Και ελυπήθησαν σφόδρα. 

ing sorry. ^^ he sha\l bo raised up. And they were grieved greatly. 

24 And when they 24 ΈΧΘόντων.δε αϋτών είς ^Καπερναούμ' προσήΧθον οι 

were come to (. aper- And "having ^come 'they to Capernaum "came 'those'-wht> 

naum, they that re- , .^ " '' ^ , > u τ i « s- 5> ' 

ceived tribute nuniey τα οιδραχμα λαμβάνοντες τφΤΙετρφ και '^ειπον, Ο διδασ- 
came tb Peter, and *the '^didrachmas "'received to Peter and said, '•'Teach- 

Baid, Doth not your , . λ ~ i mi ^'^' ot• i ' -ντ ' τ/- ' 

master pay tribute? κολοςυμων ου.τελει Va" δίδραχμα ; 25 Λέγει, Ναι. Και 

26 lie s.aith. Yes. And or 'your does he not pay the didrachmas? He says. Yes. And 

when he was come into „ > ~\ η \\ ' - ' ' ' u.a ' < • 'r 

the house, Jesus pre- "Ότε ε/σζ/λ^ε^" εις τήν oiKittv προεφθασεν αυτόν ο Ιησούς, 

vented hiiu, siiying, when he entered into the house -"anticipated *him 'Jesus, 

■VNliat thiulcest thou, ., ,„, tv-..^' •ολ~~ ~,,, 

Simon? of whom do λέγων, Γι σοι.δοκει. Σιμών; οι βασιλείς της γης απο τίνων 

the kings of the eartli saying, What thinkest thou, Simon ? The kings of the earth from • whom 
take custom or tribute? \ /3 ' ,^»~ ,>^,, ,^λ)> 

of their own children, λαμβανουσιν τ(\η ή κηνσον; απο των.υιων.αυτων, η απο 
or of strangers ? 26 Pe- do they receive custom or tribute ? from their sons, or from 

» αυτόν GLTTrAW. Τ> κακώς βχβι is ill LTr. ' μΐθ' νμων ίσομαι LTTrA. " δια τι LTTi AW. 
*> — Ίησοϋς LTTfA. <= Aeyei he says LTTrA. '' ολι-γοπιστίαν little fuitli ltTia. « Μΐτάβα 
ίνθΐΐ' LTTrA. ί — verse 21 τ[τγα]. β 'Σ,υστρεφομίΐ'ωΐ' were abiding togotlier lttp. 

*> άραστησΐται he shall riseagiiin L. ' Κουψαρναοϋμ ltt aw. '' elnav LtXrA. ' — τά τ. 
■" ftireAfloi'Ta ciiteriug lt ; ίλθόΐ'τα having couie Τγλ. 


των άλλοΓρίων; 26 "Λέγει αϋτψ'' °ό Πέτρος," Άττό των αΚ- ^an^^^s''je°^aith 

the strangers? ^says =^o *him 'Peter, From the stran- unto him,' Then aa-e the 

λοτρίων. Έφη αυτφ ϋΊτησους. Ρ'Αρανε" ελεύθεροι ει'σ/ν οί children free. 27Not- 

gersr ^dSo^hiin 'iesus," Th^inU free ^ axe the -^^^Π& ^ w! 

υιοί. 27 ' μήβσκανδαλίσωμεν^^ αυτούς, ττορευθεις εις go thou to the sea, and 

wna. But that we may not ofEeni them. having gone to ^p \he fl°sh that fe-.t 

""rov" θάλασσαν βάλε άγκιστρον, και τον άναβάντα πρώτον cometh up ; and when 

the sea "cast 'a hooS, and the ^eoming *up %rst 1^^,.^=^;.* ,^^Γ.!? >.^ 

mouth, thou shalt find 
a piece of money : that 
take, and give unto 
them for me and thee. 

ίχθύν άρον και άνοίζας τό.στόμα.αύτοϋ ευρήσεις στα- a piece of money : that 

^h take, and having opened its mouth thou shalt find a sta- ^^^ f^^*L5^T,*!i fh^ 

τηρα' ίκέϊνον λαβών δός αύτοίς αντί ίμοϋ και σου. 

ter ; that having taken give to them for me and thee. 

18 'VjV iKUvy ry •ώρ^" προσήλθον οι μαθ7]ταί τφ Ίησοϋ, 
In that hour came the disciples to Jesn^, 

λέγοντες, Τις άρα μείζων εστίν εν τώ βασιλεία των ου- -X-Vin. Attheaanie 

spying, Who then [^he]Veater • is in the kingdom of the hea- *\^/ ^<;^^^«jt^^^;^/^^^^ 

ρανών; 2 Και ποοσκαλεσά μένος *ό Ίί^σοΰς" παιδίον, εστησεν mg,Who is the greatest 

vens? And "having ^caUed no [^him] 'Jesus a Uttle child, he set ^ *^^ ^^'^P'? °i 

y \ 1 I , >T> <>' •~ '< ' heaven? 2 Ana Jesus 

αυτό tv μεσφ.αύτων, 3 και εΐττεν, Αμήν λέγω υμΐν, εαν.μη called a Little child 

it in their midst, and said. Verily I say to you, Unless unto him, and set him 

, , , , T.> > ' > >Λ η > In the midst of them, 

στραφητε και γενησθε ως τα παίδια, ου. μη εισελΰητε εις 3andsaid,VerUyi8ay 

ye are converted and become as the little children, in no wise shall ye enter into unto you, Except ye 

, ^ - , ^ , ~ J .1 TV , i be converted', and be- 

την ρασιλειαν των ουρανών. 4 όστις ουν ^ταπεινωσ?^' come as uttie children, 

the kingdom of the heavens. 'Whosoever therefore will humble ye shall not enter into 

, ,, , ^, ~ ^ , , , ,„ , ^ rt the kingdom of hea- 

εαυτον ως το.παιόιον.τουτο, οντος εστίν ο μεΐί,ων εν Ty ρασι- yen. i whosoever 

himself aa this little child, he is the greater in the king- therefore shall humble 

-./ - , ~ m '"w»'iii'>- τ I•' ~ himself as this little 

λει^ των ουρανών, ο και ος.^εαν^^ όεξηται ^παιόιον τοιούτον chUd, the same is 

dom of the heavens; and whoever will receive 'little 'child ^such greatest in the king- 

" ; 7 \ ~ > / . / , , ^/ . /-. .\ Λ> η ? Ν ' dom of heaven. 5 And 

εν' επι τψ.ονοματι.μου, εμέ ύεχεται' ο ος.ο .αν σκavCaλισy whoso shall receive 

'one in my name, ^me 'receives. But whoever shall cause ^to 'offend one such little child in 

sva των.μικρών.τούτων των πιστευόντων εις εμε, συμφέρει ^^uz^hosolh^i 

'one *of Hhese *llttle 'ones who believe in me, it la profitable fend one of these little 

αύτφ 'ίνα mh^^^^y ^ύλος όνικός ^έπι" τον ^^iri^itSr^fS 

for him that should be hung *a ^millstone ^turned 'by *an ^ass 'upon i,,^ ^^^ r^ millstone 

τράχηλον.αύτοϋ, και καταποντισθ•^ εν τψ πελάγει της θαλάσ- 'ζ^ξζ ^n'ii^i^hew^ 

nria ^eck, and he be sunk in the depth of the sea. ^o-n^^ed in the^deptlb 

σης. 7 Ούαί τφ κόσμφ άπό των σκανδάλων άνάγκη.γάρ of the sea. 7 Woe unto 

Woe to the world because of the offences I For necessary off ences 1 f or Tt^muBt 

*έσΓΐν" ελθεΐν τά σκάνδαλα^ πλην ούαί τφ.άνθρώπψ.^εκείνω^' needs be that offences 

it is »to*come'the ^offences, yet woe to that man ί°°1^ ! but woe to 

V J τ \ /Γ. „ >r.<•/ nt / ^'^** ™•ΐ'ΐ "7 whom 

01 ov TO σκανδαλον έρχεται. 8 Ει.ύε η.χείρ.σου η ο.πους.σου the offence cometh ! 

by whom the offence comes I And if thy hand or thy foot 8 Wherefore if thy 

?.>'v » I h.Mi ^/t>'^ ' ^ ->' hand or thy foot of- 

σκανοαλιζει σε, εκκοψον °αυτα" και βαλε απο σου• καλόν fend thee, cut them 

cause»toOffend'thee, cutoff them and cast [them] from thee ; good off , and cast «Aewi from 

, , .>n-- > > V. ^.«ΛΛ/11 η tliee : it is better for 

σοι εστίν εισελϋειν εις την ζωην ^χωλον η κυλλον,ΙΙ η thee to enter into life 

for thee it is to enter into life lame or maimed, [rather] than bait or maimed, rather 

.v/ ~ «:>/ 'f» ,-t\ n~ >,-«.* than having two hands 

ουο χείρας η cvo ποοας έχοντα βληβηναι εις το πυρ το αιωνιον. or two feet to be cast 

two fiands or two feet having to be cast into the fire the eternal, into everlasting fire. 

9\ > < t . η \ ' -< Λ 'V »ν•\ >> ^Λ'•»9 And if thine eye of- 

και ει ο.οφυαλμος.σου σκανοαλιζει σε, εξελε αυτόν και ραλε fend thee, pluck it 

And if thine eye cause "to ^offend 'thee, pluck oat it and cast out, and cast it from 

άπό σου• καλόν σοι εστΊν μονόφθαλμον εις την ζωήν th^ 'to^ente^^i^to liS 

[it] from thee ; good for thee it is one-eyed into life with one eye, rather 

° «πόχ^οςίό' and having said LTTr. <» — ό uerpos lttta. p'ApayeTrA. ι σκαν- 
Ια\ίζωμ€ν Τ. ' — τήν {read [the]) ltttaw. » ήμερ? day L. » — ό Ίησοΰς ττγδ. 

'ταπεινώσει LTTrAW. " αν LTr. » iv ηα-ώίον τοιοϋτοί' ( — ν τ) LTTrA. > jrepi about LTTr; 

ιΐΛ/ΐΐΐΐΌΐυ» LxiTAw. oiv L.1T. * €v τταιοιοί' τοιούτον ^ — ν i) L•ττrA. ) nepi 

βίς to A. ^ — έστιν {read [it is]) ltta. » — €κίίνψ {read to the man) LTTr. 
it (and cast [it]) LTTrA. " χχ,χχ^ν η χωλό»» lt. 



than haying two eyes ει'σελθείν, η dvo Οφθαλμούς έχοντα βληθήναι εις την 

iSe lOT^keWthat to enter, [rather] than two eyee having to be cast into the 

ye despise not one of yeevvav Tov TTVooc. 10 ΌοατΕ μή.καταφοοίήισητΒ ενός των 
i'^raVuntoy^oTth^at C^ehenna ofthe fi/e. ^ ^ L• ^ ye d Jpise not ^ ^ one 

in heaven their angels μικρών. Τ OVT ων' λέγω.γάρ νμΧν, ΟΤΙ Oi.ayyiKouaVTOiV ^iV 

do always behold the ^f ^j^^^^ ^^^^^ ^ f^^ j ^^ ^l^^t ^heir angela in [the] 

face of my Father ^ ~ n ?. \ ^ on ' \ > ~ ' 

which Is in hearen. ονρανοΧς^ Οία.τταντος ρλίΤΓουσιν TO πρόσωπον τον.ττατρος.μον 

H For the Son of nian heavens continually behold the face of my Father 

Is come to save that ^ , , „ ,,.ιλα » < •> ~ > η ' 

which was lost. 12 How TOV kv ovpcivoLQ. 11 'ήλθεν.γαρ υ υως τον άνθρωπου 

think yo ? if a man ^^o [is] in [the] heavens. For is come the Son of man 

have an hundred ^ , > > ν ' ii to rr' < ~ S ~ ' > 

sheep, and one of them σωσαι TO ατΓολωλος." 12 Γι υμιν.όοκΗ ; tav γενηται 

be gone astray, doth to save that which has been lost. What think ye ? If there should be 

he not leave the ninety >λ' • ν ό ^ λ η~ '■> yy < ~ 

and nine, and goeth Tivi ανθρωπφ tKUTOV προρατα^ KM πλανη^/γ εν εξ αντων, 

into the mountains, to any man a hundred sheep, and be gone astray one of them, 

and seeketh that which » < f > j ^ ii » <r> ' ii » > ' " 

isgone astray? 13 And ονχι ^α0εις" TU «εννενηκονταεννεα" επι τα ορη 

if so be that he find it, [does he] not, having left the ninety-nine on the mountain*, 

Ζ'%ΙϊΙΙΪ^'ί^οτΓοί "" -πορευθείς ζητεΊ το πλανώμενον; IS και εάν γενηται 

ihat sheep, than of the having gone seek that which is gone astray ? and if it should be 

S^^not^'^irtri?! ^νρεΐν αυτό, αμήν λέγω νμΐν, ΟΤΙ χαίρει επ αντψ μάλλον 

14 Even so it is not that he find it, verily I say to you, that he rejoices over it more 

ther^hich* ίΓίί hea- ^ '^'^' '^^~''^ «εννενηκονταεννεα^^ τοΧς μή.πεπΧανημ'ενοις. 14 οδ- 

ven, that one of these *1ΐ8,η over the ninety-nine which have not gone astray. So 

Little ones should ^^^ ovKAGTLV θέλημα έμπροσθεν τον πατρός ^νμών^ τον 
^'' it is not [the] will before ^Father 'your who [ie] 

εν ονρανοϊς, 'ίνα άπόληται ''εις" τών.μικρών.τοντων. 
15 Moreover if thy in [the] heavens, that should perish one of these little onea. 

agai-t thS ?oTnd 15 'ΈάνΜ άμαρτήσ^ ^ίς σε" ό.άδελώός.σου, νπαγε «mi" 

tell him his fault be- But if *8in ^against *thee 'thy '^brother, go and 

alL^^: *if he shiu hew «λδγξον avTov μεταζύ σον και αντοϋ μόνον, εάν σον άκονσ'ς, 

thee, thou hast gained reprove him between thee and him alone. If thee he will hear, 

he^iu*not'hear^^ ^κίοδησας τόν.άδελφόν.σον 16 εάν.ίέ μή.άκovσy, παράλαβε 

«Λβτι take with thee one thou hast gained thy brother. But if he wiU not hear, take 

or two more, that in n^g.^^ σοϋ" ετι ενα fi δνο°, 'iva επι στόματος δύο μαρτύρων 

the mouth of two or ".,, ^^ ,. -j j. j.u i. rj.v λ ' ^i. r j. ' K " 

three witnesses every ^^^'^ *^''° besides one or two, that upon [the] mouth of two witnesaee 

r °Λ "^iT α'^'γι "i'f 'ί" V τριών σταθγ παν ρήμα. 1 7 kav.ok παράκουση αυτών, 

shaU nog-le^' to hear <"" °* ^^^^ ^'^^ ***^•^ ^^'"^ ^<""'^ ^"* ^ he fail to listen to them, 

them, tell it unto the Ρείττέ" TO εκκλησία' Ιάν.δε και της εκκλησίας παρακούσυ, 

le^tfhelrlhi^n^lh, tell [it] to tie assembly. Andifakothe assembly he fail to listei to. 

let him be unto thoe ^στο) σοι ωσπερ Ο εθνικός και ο τελώνης. 18 Αμήν λέγω 

rpubUc^an.''''r8"verily '''*''*™^^^°*^'''' " the heathen and the taxgatherer. Verily I say 

I say unto you, What- νμΙν, οσαΛεάν" δήσητε επι της γης, εσται δεδεμενα εν 'τω' 
soever yeshall bind on to you, Whatsoever ye ehaU bind on the earth, shaU be bound in the 
eiirth shall bo bound , , ^ ,; . < \ r , , ~ ^ » , 

In heaven : and what- ονρανψ' καί Όσα,εαν λνσητε επι της γης, εσται λέ\ν μίνα 

βοονοΓ ye sbiiU loose heaven ; and whatsoever ye shall loose on the earth, shaU bo loosed 
on earth shall 1)0 loosed , -,, , ~ ir» γτ'\ ii \' < ~ «» . » ^ / . < 

inh(3aven. 19 Again I kV 'τψ ονρανψ. lU •ΠαΛΐν" λ(γω νμιν, ΟΤΙ εαν όνο ^υμών 
say unto you. That if in the heaven. Again I say to you, that if two of yon 

two of you shall agree , ,, , , ~ » . , , 

00 em th as touching σνμφωνησωσιν^' επι της γτ/ς περί παντός πράγματος ου.εάν 

any thing tliat they may agree on the earth concerning any matter whatever 

shall ask, it shall be , , , i ~ , ~ , 

done for them of my αιτήσωνται, γενησεται αντοις πάρα τον.πατρος.μον τον 
Father which is in they shall ask, it shall be done to them from my Father who [ig] 

«1 iv τω οΰρανω iu the heaven [lja. « — verse 11 ltiv[aj. f άφησβι (read will 

he not leave) LTr. i? ίνβιτήκοντα evvea LTTr ; ivemjKovTaei'vea w. ^ + καί and LTr. 

'μoυmyLTl. ^ ev LTTr. ' — βίς σβ lt[a]. "» — καΐ οι,ττγα. " — μβτά. 

σοΰ l; μετάσβαυτοΰ with thyself τ. " + μ^τα σου L. ρ βΐττο^ τ. ι άν LTrA. 

' — τω LT[Tr]A. ^ * a^rju verily l; ττοίλιΐ' άμην TrA ' σύμφωνη σωσιν ίξ ΰμων L* 

τνμφωνησουσιν ϊξ νμων of you shall agree ττγα. 


iv ονρανοίς- 20 οί.γάρ είσιν δύο η τρεϊς σννηγμενοι εις two^o?*ti^eJ°' ^^S* 

in [the] heavens. For where are two or three gathered together tmto ered^ together^ iif^my 

TO εμόν όνομα, εκεί ειμί εν μίσω αυτών. name, there ωη I in 

my name, there am I in [the] midS of them. *^« ™^''* °* *^«™• 

21 Τότε ττροσεΧθών ^αντφ 6 Πέτρος εΖπεν," Κύριε, ποσάκις 

Then having come to him Peter said, Lord, how often 

άμαρττ,σει εΙς Ijxk δ.άδέλφόςμον i^cii άφί]σω αύτφ; 'έως g^ ^hen came Peter 

shaU'sin «against ^e 'my "brother and I forgive him? until tohim and said, Lord, 

έτΓτάκις; 22 Λέγει αύτψ ο'Ιησοϋς, Ον.λεγω σοι εως επτάκις, how oit shall my bro- 

eeven times? 'Says ^to «him 'Jesus, I say not to thee until seven times, aid*! forgTve^WmpTili 
^άΧΚ'^^ εως εβδομηκοντάκις επτά. 23 Αιά.τοΰτο ώμοιώθη seven times ? £2 Jesus 
but untU seventy times seven. Becauseof this «has Wome «Uke ^Jt'^^^t<'^^™'|^^^J 

η βασιλεία των ουοανών άνθρώπω βασιΧεΐ, ος ήθελησεν seven times- but, 
^θ "kingdom »ofnhe 'h4avens to a man a king, who would ^^til seventy tunes 
~ \ » , ». /■» y ~ CXI > t ' 5,, , ~ seven. 23 Therefore is 

avvapai.\oyov μετά τών.οονΚων.αντον. 24 αρζαμενον.δε αυτόν the kingdom of hea- 

take account with his bondmen. And ■'having ^begun 'he '^en likened unto a 

,„,,,,,_-, ^ , , certain kmg, which 

σνναιρειν, ""προσηνεχθη' ^αυτφ εις* οφειλέτης μυρίων would take account of 

to reckon, there was brought to him one debtor of ten thousand Ws servants. 24 And 

. , ^_ , , ^, , ~ , 5, ~ , when he had begun 

τάλαντων. 25 μη.εχοντος.οε αυτού αποόονναι, ε- to reckon, one was 

talents. But 'not ^having 'he [wherewith] to pay, ^com- brought unto him, 

,^ ).</„)- 1 n~ < < ~ which owed him ten 

κελενσεν αυτόν ο.κυριος^αυτου•^ πραυηναι, και την γυναίκα thousand talents. 25 

manded *him 'his lord to be sold, and 'wife But forasmuch as he 

, > ~ii ^ < ' ^ ' " .7 II ^ > '^ had uot to pay, his 

*αυτου" και τα τέκνα, και πάντα οσα 'ειχεν," και αποΰο- jo^d commanded him 

'his and the children, and all as much as he had, and payment to to be sold, and his 

/»*• ir\rk > ■»•<'> *•> Κ / > - wife and children, and 

θηναι. 26 πεσων οϋν ο δουλος° προσεκυνει αυτφ, aU that he had, and 

be made. Having fallen down therefore the bondman did homage tohim, payment to be made. 

λέγων, 'Κύριε/ μακροθύμησον επ' ^έ/ιοί," mi πάντα «σοι fSuXZ^andwor"- 

saying, Lord, have patience with me, and 'all *to thee shipped him, saying, 

άποδώσω.^^ 27 σπλαγχνισθεΐς.δε b κύριος του δούλου ^[h' m^e'^^and^'i'^n 

'I*will*pay. Andhavingbeenmoved with compassion the lord bondman pay thee all. 27 Then 

'εκείνου" άπελνσεν αυτόν, και το δάνειον άώήκεν αύτφ. ^^^ }°^^°^J}^} Ι?^Ζ 

._,. , , ,. ' , 3., ., ,,~ ' -, . «^ vant was moved with 

■of "that released him, and »the «loan 'forgave "hhn. compassion, and loosed 

28 Έξελθών.^ε ό.ίοϋλος.ίϊκεα'ος" εϋρεν ενα των συν δ ούλων ^'/ ^ *°ί| ^But^t^ 

But having gone out that bondman found one bellow «bondmen g^me ^ servant ^ went 

αντοϋ, ος ώώεϊλεν αύτψ εκατόν δηνάρια, και κρατησας αυτόν out, and found one of 
Of^Tils, who owed him a hundred denarii, and having seized him ^hich owel^Ml^ an 

επνι-γεν, λέγων, Άπόδος ^μοι" 'ο η" οφείλεις. 29 πε- hundred pence: and 

hethrottled[him], saW, Pay me what thou west. ^Having «fallen ^^'^^^^^^^^^^«^y^^• 

σων οϋν ό.σύνδουλος.αύτού ^είς τονς.πόδας.αύτον^ πάρε- throat, saying. Pay 

'down «therefore 'his "feUow ^bondman at his feet be- ^^^''^is^Tuow^- 

κάλει αυτόν, λέγων, Μακροθύμησον ΙτΓ Mjiioi," και ™7ravra" vant feU down at his 
sought him, saying. Have patience with me, and all g^. ^.^'^■j.J'''^ Have 

αποδώσω σοι, 30 Ό.^έ ούκ.ίίθέλεν, "άλλα" άπελθών εβαλεν patience witS'me, and 

I will pay thee. But he would not, but having gone he cast I γ^ΙΙ pay thee aU. 

, , , ., , „ -1, , n~ V . X» 30 And he would not : 

avTOV εις φυλακην, εως°ον" αποδψ το οφειλομενον. but went and cast him 

him into prison, until he should pay that which was owing. into prison, tiU he 

ni >f' nί^ t ' ^ Ν » ~ii ' η ' II should pay the debt. 

31 ιδοντες ^δε οι.συνδονλοι.αυτου" τα '^γενόμενα" 3ΐ So when his feUow- 

•Having «seen 'but ^s ='feUow «bondmen what things had taken place, servants saw what was 
,% , r, , ,τ, > >N /τ ί" ' J ~ ' r ' ~ II done, they were very 

ελνττηΰησαν σφοΰρα' και ελθοντες ΰιεσαφησαν τφ.κυριψ.'αυτων" sorry, and came and 
were grieved greatly, and having gone narrated to their lord told unto their lord all 

" ό Πίτρος eln-ev αϋτψ LTTrA. ' άλλα LTrA. '^ νροσηχθτη was conducted lTta. ' els αύτώ Τ. 
/ — αυτοί) {read [his] lord) ττγΑ. ' — αυτοί {read [his] wife) t[a]. ^ a ξχ^^ he has ltia. 
*" + ίκΐΐνος {read that bondman) τ. <= — Kvpie ι,τΤγα. <• εμβ Tr. ' αποδώσω σοι ([σοι] a) 
LTTrA. ' — έκΐίνον {read of the bondman) l. ε — «elvo? (read the bondman) l. 

'' — μοι LTTiAW. » el τι if anything QLTirAW. ^ — eis τους τΓοδας αύτοΰ OLTTr[A]. ' t/xe 
LTrA. " — πάντα [L]TTrAW. ^ άλλ' EG. " — oi LTTrA. Ρ ovv (therefore) αύτοΰ oi σνν- 
δουλοι L ; ovv οι σΰι/δουλοί. αύτοΰ ττγα. ^ -γινόμίνα were taking place τ. ■■ έαυτώι/ ιλτγα. 


that wae done. 33 Then τ^-άντα ra γενόμενα. 32 Τότε ττροσκαΧεσάμΐνος αυτόν 6 

hTd caued him «aid ^ ^^at had taken place. Then *having «caUed «to (Thim] «him 

niitohiin, othou wick- ^ρ^ος.αυΓοϋ λέγει ayrip, Δούλε ττονηρέ, πασαν την όώειλήν 

^erMthktdeuXl ^ ;*'^'^*";^^ fy' tohim, «Bondman 'wicked, aU ^ ^ Meht 

canae thou desixedflt ΙκΒίνην άψηκά σοι, έττεί τταρεκάλεσάς /ιε• 33 ονκίδει και 

thou aUohf^e had '*^^** I forgave thee, since thou besonghtest me ; did it not behove «also 

compassion on thy f el- σί Ιλεησαι TOV.trvvdovXovMov, ώς '^καΐ ίγώ" σε ήλεησα; 

lowseryant, even as Ι Hhee to have pitied thy feUow bondman, as also I thee had pitied? 

had pity on thee? »/»>./ ,- ,,> ,, ^ 

34 And his lord was 34 και οργισθεις ο.κνριος.αντου ιταρεόωκεν αυτόν τοϊς βασανι- 

wroth, and deUvered And being angry his lord delivered np him to the tormen- 

him to the tormentors, ^ „ . xii > s - ~ ' Ij. λ ' » ' ~ Η oc λ" 

till he should pay aU σταις, εως/οβ" ατΓοοψ παν TO όφειλομενορ ^αυτψ.^ 35 Ούτως 

that was due unto tors, until he should pay all that was owing to him. Thua 

him. 35 So likewise ,< , «_,> / ,, ι i~,, ,..~ 

ehaU my heavenly και ο.πατηρ.μου Ο "ίΤΓουρανιος" ποιήσει υμιν ίαν.μη α(ρ7]τε 

Father do also unto also my Father the heavenly will do to you unless ye forgive 

you, if ye from your t> ~,5,-..~,~,, ^ r,^t^ _, 

hearts forgive not εκαστος τψ.αοελφψ.αυτου απο των.καροιων.υμων ^ταπαρα• 

every one hia brother each his brother from your hearts "of. 

their trespasses. 

πτώματα αυτών. 

fences 'their. 

XIX. And it came 19 ^"^ ίγενετο οτε ετελεσεν ό Ίησοΰς τους λόγους 

to pass that when And it came to pass when *had 'finished 'Jesus ^ words 

th^ sa^gs,^!' de^ τούτους^ μετήρεν άπό ^τ^ς" Γαλιλαίας, και 7)λθεν εις τα όρια 

parted from Galilee, *these, he withdrew from Galilee, and came to the borders 

and came in^ the γης Ιουδαίας πέραν τον Ιορδανού. 2 καΐ ήκοΧονθησαν αύτφ 

yond^ Jordan ; 2 and of JudsBa beyond the Jordan : and «followed ''him 

peat multitudes foi- βγΧοι τΓολλοί, καΙ ίθεράπευσεν αυτούς Ικεϊ. 

We'dthem'thSe.''' -^c'owds 'great, and h^ healed ^ them there. 

3 Και προστίΧθον αύτψ Όί" ΦαρισαΧοι πειράζοί'τες αυτόν, 

3 The Pharisees also And ^came *to 'him 'the "Pharisees tempting him, 

came unto him, tempt- < ν ' « > ~ n -n» »y h ' η ' » ' \ ~ > 

ing him, and saying KUi λεγοντες '^αυτψ,^ Ει.εξεστιν °ανθρωπψ απολυσαι την 

unto him, Is it lawful and saying to him, Ig it lawful for a man to put away 

Ws '^wife^ *for" every γυναΐκα.αύτοΰ κο.τά πάσαν α'ιτ'ιαν ; 4 ΌΜ αποκριθείς εΤπεν 

cause? 4 And he an- his wife for every cause? But he answering said 

them'^'^ave^y^e'So? «^«ύΓοίς," Ούκ.άνίγνωτΕ 'ότι 6 ^ποιήσας^^ άπ άρ- 

read, that he which to them. Have ye not read that he who made [them] from [the] begin- 

Snitn?"e^*'theS X^~1Q ^9^^^ '^«^ ^^^" ίπο'ιησεν αυτούς, 5 και είπεν, «"Ενεκεϊ/" 

male and female, Sand ^^^S male and female made them, and aaid. On account of 

ehali a man leave fa- 
ther and mother, and 

^shall *leave 'a ■'man father and mother, and 

shall cleave to his wife: 'ττροσκοΧΚηθησεται^^ τΏ.γυναικΙ.αύτοϋ, και έσονται οι δύο εις 

^One'flihTeWhere- ^ «hall be Joined ^^ *' Sohiswife, ^ and 'shaU 'be 'the'two ^for 

fore they arc no more (χάρκα μίαν ; 6 ωστε ούκ'ετι είσΐν δύο, άλλα σαρξ μία' ο 

λντ^ΐα ' thcrefwe ^Ood '^^^^ °°®'' So that no longer are they two, but «flesh 'one. MTiat 

hath joined together, o^v Θεος συνίζευζεν, άνθρωπος μή.χωριζετω. 7 Αεγουσιν 

let not man put asun- therefore God united together, *man 'let -not separate. They say 

der. 7 They say unto , ~ u , /> τ. ~ ^ r>Λ > > 

him. Why did Moses αυτψ, Ti ovv «Μωσης" ενετειλατο οουναι ριρλιον απο' 

then command to give ^o him, WTiy then ^'Mosee 'did command to give a bill of di- 

a wntmg of divorce- , ,,.« i.>'iir..' '~ ",^ ^-.r ~ u 

ment, and to put her σΓασιου, και ατΓολυσαι "αυπί^; ο Λέγει αυτοις, Οτι ^Μωσης" 

away? 8 Hesaithunto vorce, and to put away her? He says to them, Mosee 

them, Moses because of , , ^ ^, t ~ ι r ι ..,,ν-, 

the hardness of your προς την. σκληροκαροιαν. υμών επετρεψεν υμιν απολυσαι 

hearts suffered you to in view of your hard-heartedness allowed you to put away 

put away your wives: , ^ . ^ , » > ~ j.» > / ,i 

but from the begin- τας.γυναικας.υμων απ ο,ρχηζ όε ου.-γεγονεν όντως, 

ning it was not sa your wives ; from [the] beginning however it was not thus. 

• κάγώ LTTrA. ' — oi L. ' — αύτώ LTrJi. ^ ουράνιος LTTr ; [β7Γ]ουρά»Ίθ9 A. 

" — τα ιταφαπτώματα avrSiv OLTTrA. 7 — τήί Β. « — oi LTrA. * — αυτ<^ LTTrA. 

h — ανθμώπω {read one's wife) i.TA. «^ — αύτοΐ? LTTrA. •' κτίσας created Tr. « Ένΐκα 

LTTrA. f κο\ληθήσ€ται LTTrA W. If Μωύσης LTTrA w. i» — αύτην LTTr. 


9 ΧεγωΜ νμιν, »ori" δς.άν άττοΚνσ^ τήν.γυναΐκα.αύτον Uo.^cive7 sMJ ^«^t 

And I eay to you, that whoever shaU put away his wife away his wife, except 

''εί* ^μή έτΓΐ TTopvet^," και γaμησy αΧΚην, μοιχαται' "καί ^' *« *«?, fomioation. 

If not for fornication, and shall marry another, commits adultery ; and ^th&r commftteth^- 

o άπολεΧυμενην γαμησας uoiYarat." 10 Αίγονσιν duitery: and whoso 

hewho»her[Hhiit.*isrputWy''iilrrie8 coiUits adulteiy•^ _ W^ ^^way dotV^ommh 

αντψ οι.μαΘηΓαΙ°αντον,^^ Ει όντως εστίν η αίτια τον άνθρώ- adultery, lomsdis- 

to'him 'his 'disciplee, If thus is the case of the man ciples say unto him, If 

^ ^ , - , _ the case of the man be 

τΓου μετά της "γνναικός, οΰ.σνμφερει γαμήσαι. 1 1 Ο.δε είπεν so with his wife, it is 

with the wife, it is not profitable to marry. But he said ΐ^οζ ξ"»^ to manj. 

, , , - , , - 11 >\\» 11 But he said unto 

αντόΐς, Ov τταντες χ^ωρονσιν τον.\ογον.°τοντον,'^ αλλ them. All men cannot 

to them. Not aU receive this word, but [those] receive this saying: 

-,- -1^»»%»- " > \' ^*'^e ^"^y *" whom it 

οΐς δεοοται. 12 εισιν.γαρ εννονχοι οιτινες εκ κοιλίας is given. 12 For there 

to whom it has been given; for there are eunuchs who from [the] womb are some eunuchs, 

\ y / η » I > > ~ «' which were so born 

μητρός ε-^εννηυησαν όντως, και εισιν εννονχοι οιτινες from their mother's 

of [their] mother were bom thus, and there are eunuchs who womb : and there are 

, ,Λ ' \ ^ t η ' ' > .- Ί some eimuchs, which 

εννονχισθησαν νπο των ανθρώπων, και εισιν εννονχοι οιτινες were made eunuchs 

were made eunuchs by men, and there are eunuchs who of men : and there be 

1/ < ^ ^^ ' -n \ ' ~> ~ eunuchs, which have 

εννονχισαν εαντονς δια την ρασιλειαν των ονρανων. uiade themselves eu- 

made eunuchs of themselves for the sake of the kingdom of the heavens. nuchs for the kingdom 

< ? ' ~, r of heaven's sake. He 

Ο δννααενος χωρειν χωρειτω. that is able to receive 

He who is able to receive [it] let him receive [it]. ti, let him receive it. 

13 Tore ^προσηνεχθη^^ αντφ τταώία, 'ίνα τάς χείρας 13 Then were there 

Then were brought to him little children, that [his] hands Httfe child^Jn*that™ 

έτΓίθη αντοΐς, και ττροσενζηται' ol.^f μαθηται εττετίμησαν should put Λ« hands 

he might lay on them, and might pray ; butthe disciples rebuked on them, and pray: and 

,- Λ ' r•^ ' ~-» ,»./ ^ 1 tlie disciples rebuked 

αντοις' 14 ο.δε. Ιησονς ειττεν^, Αώετε τα τταιδια, και μη them. 14 But Jesus 

them. But Jesus said, SufEer the little children, and %ot said. Suffer little chil- 

dren, and forbid them 

.γάρ.ΤΟΙοντων εστίν η not, to come unto me : 
for of I ■ 

'do forbid them to come to me; for of such is the for of such is the 

ο \ ' - > „ t f -,Γ y y η ■> .»~ ' ~ ii kingdom of heaven. 

ρασιλεια των ονρανων. 15 Και ετηυεις *αντοις τας χείρας" is And he laid Am 

kingdom of the heavens. And having laid upon them [his] hands hands on them, and 

» '/I > -Λ departed thence. 

ετΓορενθη εκείθεν. 

he departed thence. 16 And, behold, one 

16 Και ιδού, εις προσελθων ^Ιπεν αντώ,^* Διδάσκαλε Ρ?™« ^^ said unto 

ijvvii vIj χη-•-ι -J iv- 2m i. him, Gooil Master, 

And behold, one having come to [him] said to him, ^'Teacher what good thing shall 

"αγαθέ," τι αγαθόν ποιήσω 'ίνα ''ίγω" ζωήν αιώνων ; ^/°' *?*ί.ί Ρ^? Y'^f 

•good, what good [thing] shall I do that I may^have life eternal? he^^fa unto him. Why 

17 Ό.δέ εΐπεν αντφ, *Ύί με λέγεις αγαθόν; ονδεις αγαθός caiiest thou me good? 

And he said to him, Why me calleit thou good? no one [is] good l^^haTS"" Qod^ Inl 

ε'ι.μή εις, ό θεός." εi.δk θέλεις ^είσελθεΧν εις τήνζωην,^^ if thou wut enter into 

except one, God. But if thou desirest to enter into life, life, keep the com- 

/ II 1 > X / / II » K« ^^ > mandments. 18 He 

^τηρησον' τας εντολας. 18 'Λέγει αυΓ<ρ," Ποιας; ° Ο.δε. 1η- saithuntohim,Which? 

keep the commandments. He says to him. Which ? And Je- Jesus said. Thou shalt 

_ _ , , , , , do no murder, Thou 

σονς είπεν, To, ου.^ονευσεις• ον.μοιχενσεις' shait not commit a- 

sufi said, Thouehaltnotcommitmurder;Thou8haltnotcommitadultery; dultery,Thou shalt not 

,,.,, >iT. / TO' ^ ' steal. Thou shalt not 

ου.κλεψεις* ον.ψενοομαρτνρησεις' W τίμα τον πάτερα bear false witness, 

Thou shalt not steal ; Thou shalt not bear false witness ; Honour "father 19 Honour thy father 

,. II » ^ / , , # < \ ' ' and thy mother : and, 

'■σου" και την μητέρα' και αγαπήσεις τον. πλησίον. σον ως Thou shalt love thy 

'thy and mother ; and Thou shalt love thy neighbour as neighbour as thyself. 

' — ότι LTrA. ^ — ei GLTTrAw. • παρβκτος λόγου ττορνεία? except for cause of for- 

nication L. "> — /cat b ίπο\€λυμ€νην ναμ^σας ΜΟίχάται Τ[τγ]. " — αύτοΰ (read the 

disciples) t[a^. » [τοΰτοι/] l. ρ προσηνεχθησαν LTTrA. ι + αντοΐς to them Τ. ' ίμέ Τ. 
« τάς χείρα? αυτοΐ? LTTrA. * αντω elnev LTTrA. " — ayaOe LTTrA. ^ σχω LTTrA . ^ Ti 
μβ ΐρ(ύτά<; nepl τον α-γαθον ; eU εστίν ό αγαθός Why askest thou me concei-nlng the good ? 
One is good (+ ό 0€0ς God w) GLiTrAW. y eis την ζωην εισέλθει»' ltthaw. ^ τηρεί ltta. 
" ίφη αύτω he said to him l ; — λ^γει αντω τ. '» + φησίν he says τ. <= — σου qltttaw. 


20 The young man asavTOv. 20 Aiyst αύτψ ό νεανίσκος, "^Πάντα rai/ra" 

ΰ^ίηΛνβ^^ tl»y-«• ^SaVe^HoehixnHhe ^oungW, AU the« 

kept from my youth «έώκλαξάμτ^ν" 'έκ j/eorT^rog-uoV ' τι ίτι υστερώ; 21 ^Έώτ^" αΰτω 

sfieTi^liduntoK ^iavelkept from my youth. what yet lack I ? ^ ^Said Ho^him 

If thou wilt be perfect! 6 Ίησοΐις, Εί θέλεις τέλειος είναι, ϋτταγε ττώλί^συν σου τά 

ρ and seU that thou ijesua, If thou desirest perfect to be, go sell thy 

hast, and give to the , , ' % rvx », < </c. η ν > 

poor, and thou shait νπαρχοντα και δος " τΓτωχοις, και έξεις θησαυρον έν 

have treasure in hea- property and give to [the] poor, and thou shaH have treasure In 

ven: and come and . , ί„ , ,, ~ > > /λ λλ Ά ' ί• < 

follow me. 22 But ^ονρανφ''' και οενρο ακολονσΕί μοι. ΛΛ Ακονσας.οε ο νεανίσκος 

when the young man heaven; and come foUow me. But*havlng 'heard 'the "T^oung^man 
heard that saying, he . , .. , η i > ~-» /> \ / -t ^ » / 

went away sorrowful : Vov Aoyov" ^ αττηλθεν λυίΓου μενος, ΐ]ν.γαρ.εχων κτήματα 

for he hud great poa- the word went away grieved, for he had '-^osseselons 

sessions. \ > ' 



23 Then said Jesus 23 Ό.^ί Ίησοΰς έίττεν τοίΐς.μαθηταΐς.αντοϋ, Άμην λέγω 

^*Μ τ ' n^^^'Slfn' ^d Jesus Said to his disciples, Verily I sly 

Verily I say unto yon, ^ ^ ^ n . x / . y r, 

That a rich man shall vuiv, OTi "ουσκολως ΤΓΛουσιος" εισελευσεται εις την βασί' 

hardly enter into the ^^ ^j^^^ ^^-^ difficulty a rich man shall enter into the kingr- 

kingdom of heaven. . •; ' ^ , ^ ^. >>, ^^ λ » . - „ , , , , 

24 And again I say λειαν Tu)v Ουρανών .χ^τΓαλιν.οε λέγω νμιν,^ ενκοττωτερον εστιν 

unto you. It is easier ^^^ of the heavens. And again I say to yon, easier ia it 

through the eye of a κάμηλον διά τρυττηματος ραφίδος "διεΚθεϊν,^ η ττλού- 

needle, than for a rich a camel through [the] eye of a needle to pass, than a rich 

the kingdom of God. σιυν Ρ εις τήν βασιλε'ιαν "^τοΰ θεοϋ" ^είσεΚθεΙν." 25 Άκούσαΐ'τες 

25 When hie disciples tnun into the kingdom of God to enter. ^Having ^eexd 

exSedingiy Ymaled! δί. οΊ.μαθηταί.'αύτοϋ^ εζεττλησσοντο σφόδρα, λέγοντες^ 

saying, Who then can 'and [this] his disciples were astonished exceedingly, saying, 

^heYdiLm.'lnd-'^a^ Τίς άρα δΰναται σωθήναι; 26 ΈμβλεφαςΜ ο'Ιησοϋς 

nnto them, With men Who then is able to be saved ? But looking on [them] Jesus 

vrttV^God""!!!^ th'ings είττεν αύτοΐς, ΙΙαρά άνθρώττοις τοϋτο αδύνατον εστίν, παρά,δΐ 

are possible. said to them, With men this impossible is, but with 

θεψ ^πάντα δννατά^^ ^εστιν." 

God all things possible are. 

plter'^'^d safdTnto 27 Tore άττοκριθείς ό Πίτρος είττεν αύτψ, Ιδού, ημείς άφή- 

him, Behold, we have Then answering Peter said to him, Lo, we left 

fowiuhee ! what^shau '^«/^^j^ πάντα και ήκολουθησαμ'εν σοι- τι άρα ίσται ήμιν; 

we have therefore? aU things and followed thee; what then shall be tons? 

thti"^ Vo^r^'l'^^a" 28 ΌΜ.Ίησοΰς εΙττεν αύτοΐς, Αμήν λέγω ύμίν, 'ότι νμεΐς οι 
unto'' yoi*" Ίΐαί '^yo ^^^^ Jesus said to them, Verily I say to you, that ye who 

which have followed άκολουθήσαντες μοι, εν Ty "παλιγγενεσία," Οταν καθίσγ 

«οή whpu the'son'^of ^°•^^ foUowed me, in the regeneration, when shaU sit down 

man hiiaii sit in the ο υιός τοϋ άνθρωπου ίπ» θρόνου δόζης.αύτοΰ, καθίσεσθε 

S-^aUo ^alllit^'Si *^^ ^f of man upon [the] throne of his glory, ^ 'shaU «sit 

twelve thrones, judg- και ^ύμείς" ίπΐ δώδεκα θρόνους, κρίνοντες τάς δώδεκα ώνλάι 

ing the twelve tribes ^also ^ye on twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes" 

of Israel. 29 And ~ »» '•\ c\i-\ > ~ •ν ii > ~ > > "ii > r> \ / 

every one that hath Tov Ισοαηλ. 29 και πας ^ος•" αφηκεν '■οικίας, η" αδελφουν, 
forsaken houses, or of Israel. And everyone who has left houses, or brothers," 

brethren, or sister.s, «,»^,, , „ , ^ ιιλ» - 

or father, or mother, η αοελφας, η πάτερα, η μητέρα, *η γυναΊκα," η τέκνα, η 
or wife, or children, or or sisters, or father, or mother, or >vife, or children, or 

lands, for my name'n , / κ ^«i π ~ j. > » / ii f •, / 

sake, shall re.:eivo an αγρούς," *=ενεκεν" του.'^*ονοματος.μου," ^^εκατονταπλασιονα 

hnnd)i'ilfold,iinilp)iall lands, for the sake of my name, a hundnulJold 

'' ταϋτα ηάντα LTr. • €<^»;Aafa LTTrA, f — ck ν€Οτητός μου LTTrA. • λί'γει saye L. 

*> + Tols to the LTiA. ' ονραΐΌίζ Rliej heaveus TiA. ^ — toc λόγοι/ τ. ' 4- [τούτοι»] 

{7-ead this word) la._ "» πλούσιος ύνσκόλως LTTrA. » + oTt that T. » «ίσίλβίΓι- to enter 
OTTiA. Ρ + £ίσ<λθ(ΐ*' to enter L[Tr]. q των ονρανων of the heavens LTTrA. ' — ίΙσΐΚθΐΐν 
LTTrA. » — αΰτοϋ {read the disciples) oltttaw. ' δννατά. πάντα τ. » — eaTi»- (read [are]) 
GLTTrAW. " waXivyeveaiq. T. » οΰτοί yourselves TTr. > όστις LTTrAW. » — οικίας η ΤΤι δ. 
^ η γυναίκα LTTrA. ^ + η οικίας or houses τΤτΑ. « evexa Τ. d» ϊμον όκόματί? Τ. 

• ττολΧαπλασίονα λήμφεται many times more shall receive lttfa. 


λήψεται," και ζωήν αιώνων κληρονομήσει. 30 iroWolSe !?ί®"*„„ everlasting 

shaU receive, and life eternal shall interit ; but many ^at are ^^ ah^'Z 

έσονται πρώτοι ίσχατοι, και ίσχατοι ιτρώτοι. 20 Όμοία.γάρ J^st jandtheiastefta^ 

'shaU^be ffirst ^ fast, ' ^and ^ iLt /first. ^ ^" , ^or ^lile ^ ^tn^lL ^kefveV 'l 

έστιν ή βασιλεία των ουρανών άνθρώπφ οικοδεσπότη, όστις like unto a man «Λα; ώ 

18 'the ^ngdom -^of «the ^heavena to a man a master of a hoSae, who t°ent°out e^ly in the 

ίζηλθεν άμα ττρωϊ μισθώσασθαι Ιργάτας εις τον αμπελώνα morning to hire u- 

wentont with [the] morning to hire workmen for Vineyard y^f ^^g^A^d whJ^'h^ 

αυτόν. 2 σνμφωνησας.δε μετά τών εργατών εκ δηναρίου την had agreed with the 

'his. And having agreed with the workmen for a denarius the laboorers for a paony 

,, ,, \ > \ > s > Λ~ > ~ η Γ y ^ ^'^'^' ^^ ^^°* *•'>^™ 

ιΐμεραν, απεστειΧεν αυτούς εις τον.αμπελωνα,αυτου. 3 Και into his vineyard. 

day, he sent them into his vineyard. And 3 And he went out 

,l>/i< ' f » II ' " Ti ''\> < ~ about the third hour, 

έζελθων ττερι 'την" τριτην ωραν, είοεν άλλους εστωτας and saw others stand- 

having gone out about the third hour, he saw others standing iug idle in the market• 
, ^ , .. , , Λ σ ' ' II t <'v^ ' < place, 4 and said unto 

εν Ty α-γορφ αργούς' 4 ^κακεινοις" είπεν, Υπάγετε και them ; Go ye ai^o into 

in the marketplace idle ; and to them he said, Go also the vineyard, and 

t«>x. ^.M \«>> tf 5>' •~ whatsoever is right I 

νμεις εις τον αμπελώνα, και ο.εαν y οικαιον όωσω υμιν. wiu give you. And 

ye into the vineyard, and whatever may be just I will give you. they went their way. 
-.^i '~\/i TT'Ah'yAn» ' " '5 Again he went out 

Ο οι.ΰε απηλθον. Πάλιν" εξελθων περί εκτην και about the sirth and 

And they went. Again having gone out about [the] sirth and ninth hour, and did 

I' / A " >' ' / /^^-r>!■>^^!•' likewise. 6 And about 

^εννατην'^ ωραν, εποιησεν ωσαύτως. 6 ΤΙερι.δε την ενδεκατην the eleventh hour he 

ninth hour, he did likewise. And about the eleventh went out, and found 

^ωραν" εξελθών εψν άλλους εστώτας ^αργούς," και λέγει TnHA^'^^fo'A 

hour having gone out he found others standing idle, and says "Why stand ye here 

αΰΓοΐς, Τί ώδε ίστηκατεολην την ήμέραν αργοί', 7 λεγουσιν sSr^^^^him? bLS 

to them, Why here stand ye all the day idle ? They say no man hath hired us. 

αύτφ, "Οτι ουδείς ημάς εμισθώσατο. λέγει αϋτόϊς, 'Υπάγετε ge ^J'g^'^j^^*?^^*^^^^; 

to him, Because no one Tia 'has ^Tiired. He says to them, Go vineyard • and what- 

καΐ ύμεΧς εις τον αμπελώνα,'"^ "και οΛάν y δίκαιον λή- g^^ir e^rece^e*' 8^0 

also ye into the vineyard, and whatever maybe just ye shall when ^even°'w^' come, 

ψεσθε." S '0•ψίας.δέ γενομένης λέγει υ κύριος τον άμπελώνος the lord of the vine- 
receive. But evening being come «says Hhe nord^of*the ^vineyard ^tTward Caliche L^ 
τψΛπιτρόπω.αύτον, Κάλεσον τους εογάτας, και άπόδος °αύ- boiirers, and give them 

^ to his steward, ^ ^CaU the _ ^/rkmen, and pay^ ^^^-^ tZ^li^'^Ta 

Γοϊς" τον μισθόν, άρζάμενος άπό τών εσχάτων εως τών first. 9 And when 

^ [their] hire, ^ beginning _ from the Ust _ unto ^ the ^hey^ --«^tha^^-^ 

πρώτων. 9 P/cat έλθόντες" οι περί την ενδεκατην leventh hour, they re- 

first. And 'ha ving 'come 'those [«hired] ^about *the "eleventh <=eived every man a 

„ «Λ /o . < Γ. » ΙΛΛ' ?>ii < penny. 10 But when 

ωραν ελαβον ava δηναριον. 10 '^ελθοντες.δε οι πρώτοι the first came, they 

•hour they received each a denarius. And ^having *oome 'the •'first supposed that they 

, , „ , ■. , ■. , , ,1 ^ ^/> ο . ^ > ^ should havo received 

ένομισαν οτι ^πλείονα ληψονται'^' και ελαβον *και αντοι more ; and they uke- 

they thought that more they would receive, and they received also themselves wise received every 
. , J. / II η Λ O' ?' ' ' y ' - man a penny. 11 And 

ava δηναριον.' 11 λαβοντες.δε εγογγνζον κατά τον when they had receiv- 

each a denarius. And having received [it] they murmured against the ed *'. they murmured 

> » / 1 ck \ ' K'r-. II τ < )« ' atrain-st the goodman 

οικοοεσποτον, la λέγοντες, ' On" οντοι οι έσχατοι μιαν of the house, 12 say- 
master of the house, saying, These last one iug. These last have 

w 1 ' ^ J» _ t ~ > , Μ > / ~ wrought but one hour, 

ωραν εποίησαν, και ίσους ^ημιν αυτούς εποιησας, τοις and thou hast made 

hour have worked, and ^equal "to 'us *them 'thou ^ast %iade, who them equal unto us, 
/3 I y Γ3 ' ~,/ ,, » wTn<r-i which have borne the 

βαστασασιν το βάρος της ημέρας και τον καύσωνα.^ 13 ο.δέ burden and heat of the 

have borne the burden of the day and the heat. But he day. 13 But he an- 
» η ^ τ t »^ ^-N-iit^-,- >»τ^«. ,. Bwered one of them. 

ατΓοκρι^εις ^είπεν ενι αντων," Εταίρε, ουκ.αόικω σε' ουχί and said, Friend, ι do 

answering said to one of them. Friend, I do not wrong thee. ^Not thee no wrong -.'didst 

' — την {i-ead [the]) gltttaw. β καΐ «eiVois τα. 'ι + δέ and (again) ττγα. ' ίνάτην 
LTTrAw. ^ ^ — ωραν LTTrA. ' — apyovi GLTTrA. "^ + [μου] my (vineyard) l. ° — καΧ 
h iav ^ Βίκαιον λήφΐσθα LTTrA. ° — αύτοΓ? τ[Τγα]. ρ (Κθόντβς δε L. ι καΐ ίλθόντΐς ΤτΑ. 
' irKelov λ.ημ.φονταί LTrA ; ττλβίονα λημψονται Τ. » το ([το] α) ανά. δηναριον καΙ αυτοί ΤΤτΑ. 

' — ότι LTTr[A]. " αΰτοϋ? ημίν LT. " ; {read hast thou made, &c. ?) l. » evl αυτών elnev T. 

ί)6 Μ A Ί fc> A I Ο 2. XX. 

not thou agree ^th ξηναρίου συνεφώνησάς uoi; 14 άρον τό.σόν leai 

U%a3^ that thine is, 'for *a 'denarius »didet '-"thou «agree 'with *me? Take thine own and 

and go thy way: I will 'ύτταγε. θίλω.^ίί" τούτω τφ εσγάτφ δούναι ώς και σοι' 15 ^ή" 

i;rn^utot^^e.lri^ f\ ^-'^^^ t-t^s lasl^ ^ give as also to thee : or 

it not lawful for mo ούκ.ίζεστίν UOI ^ποιησαι ο θέλω" εν τοϊς εμοΐς; ''εί" 

mine ^wn ? 'Ίβ thine '^. ^* ''°*^ ^''^^ ^^"^ ""^ *° "^^ '^^*'^ ^ "^^ "^ *^** "^^^^ ^^'^ °^® '' 

eye evil, because Ι am ο.όώθαΧμός.σον πονηρός εστιν ότι εγώ αγαθός είμΐ', 1Q ούτως 

ζ°°'ϊ''^ ^^^° *ΗΙ^* nhine^eye *evil 'is because I good am? Thna 

shall be first, and the „ , „ , , " > λ / 

first last: for many be tGovTtti 01 ίσχατοι ττρωτοι, και 01 ττρωτοι εσχατοι' '^πολλοι.γαρ 

called, but few chosen. shaU be the last first, and the first last: for many 

είσιν κΧητοί, 6λίγοι.δί ίκλε /croi." 

are called, but few chosen. 

17 And Jesus going J 7 R^^ άναβαίνων Ίησοϋς εις 'Ιεροσόλυμα τταρελαβεν 

SI twelve" dhcipfes f^^ "going^p 'Jesus to ierusalem took 

apart in the way, and ^ούς δώδεκα "^μαθητάς^^ κατ. Ιδίαν 'εν τϋ δδφ, καΐ^^ είπεν αντοΧς^ 

S)\d,"we go ^' to Je- *^^® tyfo\^r& disciples apart in the way, and said to them, 

rusaiem; and the Son 18 Ίδού, άναβαίνομεν εις Ιεροσόλυμα, και ό υιός του άνθρώ- 

tia ™d°unto Λ^οωΙί Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and the Son of man 

priests and unto the τΓου τταραδοθησεται τοις άρχιερεΰσιν και γραμματεΰσιν, και 

scribes, and they shall will be delivered up to the chief priests and scribes, and 

condemn him to death, „ > > f /ί / n -1 r» > r• ' » ^ 

19 and shall deUver κατακοινουσιν avTov ^ϋανατψ," 19 και παραόωσουσιν αυτόν 

him to the Ghentiles to they will condemn him to death, and they will deliver up him 

mock, and to scourge, ~. un > > > ~v ^ ~ » 

and to crucify him: τοις εβνεσιν εις TO εμτταιξαι και μαστιγωσαι και στανρωσαι' 

and the third day he to the Gentiles to mock and to scourge and to crucify ; 

shall rise again. , ~ / < r _ > / „ 

και Ty τριτυ ημερ^ ^αναστησεται." 

and the third day he will rise again. 
20 Then came to him ^/-^. m' ~-\ η , ^ , , ^ <~rr/o!>' ν 

the mother of Zebe- "0 ToTE ττροσηλϋεν αυτφ if μήτηρ των υιών Δερεοαιου μΒτά 

dee's children with her Then came to him the mother of the sons of Zobedee with 

Ind'drirSnirtahl τών υιών.αύτης, προσκυνούσα και αίτοϋσά τι ^'τταρ'" αΰτοΰ. 

thing of liim. 21 And her sons, doing homage and asking something from him, 

wiiTthou1°lhe'S 21 OM εΙπεν αύτν, Ύί θέλεις-, Λέγ€4 αντψ, Eiπk 'ίνα 

unto him, Grant that And he said to her. What dost thou desire? She says to him. Say that 

iiT^^the^ one'^on "thv καθ'ισωσιν Ό^ΓΟι" οϊ δύο υ'ιοί μου εΐς εκ δεξιών.^σου^^ και εΐς 

right hand, and the '^may'sit 'these ^wo *80na *my one on thy right hand and one 

other on the left, in |ξ ευωνύμων^ Iv τΏ.βασιλείί^.σου. 22 ΆποκριθεΙς.δέ 6 

Je^uT'^fniTered and ΟΙ» [tliyJ left in^ thy kingdom. ^ But answering 

said, Ye know not Ίησοϋς είπεν, Ούκ.οιδατε τι αίτεϊσθε. δύνασθε πιέίν το 

able to*^(Snk of'^the '^'^^^ ^^^^> Υθ know not what ye ask for. Are ye able to drink the 

cup that I shaU drink ττοτήριον o εγώ μέλλω πίνειν, "'/cat TO βάπτισμα ο εγώ 

■'fwv.*?, t """^^fw cup which I am about to drink, and «the «baptism 'which *I 

with the baptism that ^ , < , ~ / 

Τ am baptized with? βαπτίζομαι βαπτισθήναι; Αεγουαιι/ αύτψ, Αυνα- 

They say unto him We bani '"baptized [' 'with] 'to ='be «baptized [*with] ? They say to him. We are 
are able. 23 And he ^ mi χ / . i > / / > η 

saith unto thorn. Ye μέθα. 23 "Kat" λεγει αυτοΐς,Τομεν ποτηριον μου πιεσθε, 

shall drink indeed of able. And he says to them, ^Indeed "cup ^my ye shall drink, 

my cup, and be bap- „ ν , .3 , " > ' /d -y ο η' η u 

tizod with the baptism "icai TO βαπτισμα Ο εγω ραπτιζομαι ραπτισυησεσίίε'" 

that 1 am baptized and the baptism which I am baptized [with] ye shall be baptized 

with: but to sit on χ t'i /v ' ? ν ~ , ,v . > η ii » 

my right hand, and on τοΜ.καθισαι tK οεξιων.μου και εί; ευωννμων.Ρμου' ουκ 

my left, is not mine [with]; but to sit on my right hand and on my left ^not 

to give, but /i »/irt/< ύε » '\ηί~ 'λ λ» τ ./ ,,- 

^Ven <«</(«« for whom εστιν εμον'^ οουναι, αλλ οις ι/τοιμασται υποτου 

it is prepared of my 'is mine to give, but [to those] for whom it has been prepared by 

y — Sk but W. » — η LTr[A]. » δ θέλω ποιησαι LTTrA. •> η or EQLTTrAW. c — πολλοί νάρ 
eliTLi' κ\ητοί, όλι'γοι fie ίκλΐκτοί τ[Τγα]. ^ — /«.αΛ)τά5 TTr. * καΐ iv Tfj όδψ L'lTrA. 'eis 
θάνατον Τ. « €γ(ρθήσεται he shall be raised ΤΤγα. ^ απ LTrA. ' [οδτοι] h. ^ — σου 
(read [tby| rifilit liund) lt. ' + σον thy (left) GLTTrAW. " — καΐ το βάπτισμα, 

ο ίγώ βαπτίζομαι, βαπτισθτιναι. OLTTrA. " — και LTTrA. " — και το /3άπτισ^ια δ βγω 

βαπτίζομαι βαπτισθήσίσθβ OLTTrA. ν — αου (read [my] left) LTTrA. 1 + τοΰτο this 

(is not mine) ta. 


ττατρός.μον. 24 ''Και άκονσαντες^^ οί δέκα ήγανάκτησαν Father. 34 And when 

my Father. And haying heard [this] the ten were Indignant were movTO" WitwS^ 

ττερί των δνο αδελφών. 25 ο.δ^.'ίησονς ττροσκαλεσάμενος dignation against the 

about the two brothers. But Jesus having called =^0 Phim] V^" ^'"''^,ΐ^Ι^; ^5 Bat 

, , „ , , ^ )/i ^ , Jesus called them ?ίηί<> 

αντονς εΙττεν^Οιοατεοη οι άρχοντες των εθνών κατακυρίευαν- ^im.andsaid.Yeknow 

'them said, Ye know that the rulers of the nations exercise lordship that tl'S princes of the 
, ~ . . ΛΛ V /v > ~ ΛΛ . Gentiles exercise dc- 

σιν αυτών, και οι μεγάλοι κατεξονσιαζονσιν αυτών. 26 ουχ minion over them, and 

over them, and the great ones exercise authority over them. Not *hey that are great ex- 

« .fill t" II ' • ~ . 'Λ>»" V»' Μ /τ\ »> ercise authority upon 

όντως ■Oe" ^εσται tv νμιν αλλ οςΛίαν" θελ^ ^εν them. 26 But it shall 

thus however shall it be among you ; but whoever would among ^^o* t)e so among you : 
» ~ II ' > η -r" II • - s> ' . c\n \ r\ „> , li but whosoever will be 

f/xiv" μέγας γενέσθαι, ^ίστω» νμων διάκονος 27 και ogJsav'^ great among you, let 

you great become, let him be your servant ; and whoever him be your minister ; 

n'\ » « ~ « ~ ,w II « ~ t> «,^ „r» tf 27 and whosoever will 

θελγ tv νμιν είναι πρώτος, ^εστω" νμων ΰοι>λος• 28 ωσπερ be chief among you, 

would among you be first, let him be your bondman ; even as let him be your ser- 

ό υιός τον άνθρωπου ονκ.ηλθεν διακονηθηναι, άλλα διακονή- son*of malT^c'lml not 

the Son of man came not to be served, but to serve, to be ministered unto, 

σαι και δούναι τήν.ψνχήν.αύτον λύτρον άντι πολλών. ^^XXl^meTrl^om 

and to give his life a ransom for many. for many. 

29 Και ίκπορενομενων αυτών άπο "Ίερινώ" ηκολονθησεν ^^ -^^ as they de- 

And as^we;e3goTng*out 'they ^ from^ Jeiic^o *followe'd Κ SiSdffol! 

αύτφ ϋχλος πολύς. 30 και ιδού, δύο τυφλοί καθήμενοι i°^ed him. 30 And, 

«him 'a»crowd «great. And behold, two bUnd [men] sitting behold, two blind men 

,,,»,,, ,1 $ ~ f κ sitting by the way 

τταρα την οδον, ακονσαντες οτι Ιησούς παράγει εκραζ,αν, side, when they heard 

beside the way, having heard that Jesus is passing by cried out, that Jesus passed by, 

λέγοντες, ^Έλέησον ϊ)μάς, κνριε,^^ *ϋ1ός" *^Δα/3ίδ." 31 Ό.δε.δχλος Have mercy on us, d 

saying, Have pity on us. Lord, Son of David. But the crowd Lord, thou son of Da- 

, , , ~ tf / t •s^ -v „» ""- 31 And the mul- 

επετιμησεν αυτοις iva σιωπησωσιν. οι.όε μείζον ^εκρα- titude rebuked them, 

rebuked them that they should be silent. But they the more cried because they should 

y 11 Λ ' f'TTv ' < - ' μ <• < < 11 rf A /D'Mi ΟΛ T7- ^ hold their peacc : but 

ζον," λέγοντες, ^ Ελεησον ημάς, κύριε,• '^νιος' °Aapio''. 32 Και they cried the more, 

oat, saying. Have pity on us, Lord, Son of David. And saying. Have mercy 

» < ._ -,•>./ , / \ .χ m' η'Λ on us, Ο Lord, ίΛοΐί son 

στας ο Ιησούς εψωνησεν αυτούς, και ειπεν, Ύι θέλετε of David. 32 And Je- 

having stopped, Jesus called them, and said, What doyedesire sus stood still, and call- 

s ποιήσω νμιν ; 33 Αεγονσιν αύτφ, Κύριε, 'ίνα ^άνοιχθώσιν^^ What will ye thaT i 

I should do to you? They say to him, Lord, that ^may "be ^opened shaU do unto you? 

^μών oi οφθαλμού 34 ΣπλαγχνισθεΙςΜ δ'Ιησονς ^φατο Lor'J'^ '^χίτ" ^y'^s 

Our -eyes. And moved with compassion Jesus touched may be opened. 34 So 

τώνΗφθαλμώνΚαύτών και εύθ'εως άνφλεφαν 'αυτών οϊ ^Χ^:^'1η"Π^5 

their eyes ; and immediately "received "sight 'their their eyes : and im- 

ό^θαλ/χοί," καΐ ή^ολονθησαν αυτψ. ^^^If^ ,geu: eyes 

"eyes, and they foUowed hun. they followed him. 

21 Και οτε ηγγισαν ε'ις 'Ιεροσόλυμα και ήλθον εις Βηθ- xxi. And when they 

And when they drew near to Jerusalem and came to Beth- drew nigh unto Jem- 
, i. , ν ~ ,Λ ~ / t|, >, ~ , , •. salem, and were come 

ψαγη ™προς^^ το ορός των ελαίων, τότε "ο" Ιησούς απεστειλεν to Bethphage, unto the 

phage towards the mount of Olives, then Jesus sent mount of Olives, then 

J, , η ' η Ν / » ~ ηττ ' /» II ' ' ' ' ^^^ Jesus two disci- 

ovo μαθητας, 2 λέγων αντοις, °1Ιορενθητε^^ εις την κωμην την pies, 2 saying unto 
two disciples, saying to them. Go into the village, that them. Go into the vil- 

„. « 11 ' - < η >/!' II • ' " <v j> / ^ lago over acralust you, 

^απεναντι'^ νμων, και '^ευθέως" ευρησετε ονον ΰεδεμενην, και and strai-htway ye 

opposite - you, and immediately ye will find an ass tied, and shall find an ass tied, 

•v^ > , ~ .. / r« ' ' Ί1 ο ' ' ' and a colt with her: 

πωλον μετ αντης' λυσαντες ^"αγαγετε^^ μοι. 3 και εαν loose them, and bring 

a colt with her; having loosed [them] bring [them] to me. And if lAem unto me. 3 And 

' άκονσαντΐς δέ ΤΑ- ■ — Se GLTTtA. * iarlv is it LTr. » av LTr. " νμων of you A- 
« βσται he shall be LTTrA. y av lttta. » εσται he shall be LTTr. » Ίερβιχώ τ. •> Kvpie, 
ίλίησον ημάς LTr A ; — Kvpie T. " vie LT. •* Δαυίδ OW ; ^aveiS LTTrA. * ίκραξαν LTTrA- 
' Κΰριβ, ΐλίησον ημάς LTTrA. S + [iVa] that la. •> άΐΌίγωσιν LTTrA. ' ot οφθαλμοί 

ημών LTTtA. '' ομμάτων LTTrA. ' — αΰτων οί οφθαλμοί LTTrA. ™ ets to LTTrA, 

" — ό Τ. ° Πορβνβσθβ LTTrA. ρ KarevavTt LTTr. ΐ evdi/s Τ. ■■» άγ€τ« LTr a. 


if any w-m say ought ^-jg. j/utv εϊτΓτ/ TL, ΙοέΙτε, "Οτι 6 KvoioQ αυτών χρείαν 

ThKrahathneefof anyone to you say anything, ye shaU say, The Lord ^of «them ^leed 

them; and straight- ^ygf »εΰθέως".ίί ^άτΓοστελεΐ^ avTovg. 4 Τουτο-ίί ^ολον^^ νέ- 

TAU^this waa doM '^^• And immediately he will send them. But this all came 

that it might be ful- yovBV 'iva πΧηρωθη TO ρηθίν διά τον προφήτου, 

fill^d^which was ^ρ^ο- to pass that might be fulfilled that which was spoken by tho prophet, 
saying, 5 Tell ye the XiyovTOQ, 5 Έΐττατί ry Θυγατρί Σιών, Ίδον, 6. βασιλεύς. σον 

daughter of Sion, saying. Say to the daughter of Sion, Behold, thy king 

Behold, thy King com- „ ' ^\ ' ,, mi . ^ /d < ' < « > ™ ~x 

eth unto thee, meek, ερχεται σοι, ττραυς ^και" ετΓψερηκως ίτη ονον και ^ ττωλον 
and sitting upon an comes to thee, meek and mounted on an ass and a colt [the] 
ass, and a colt the foal ,, , ν ' <-» ττ η' ?- < /ί ' ^ ' 

of an ass. 6 And the υιον νποζνγιον. Ό ΐίαρευθεντες-οε ot uaw/rai, και τι οΐ)7σαΐ'- 

disciples went, aud did fo;il of a beast of burden. And 'having ''gone 'the ''disciples, and having 

as Jesus commanded Λΐχ '>•ιι>~''τ - η » < 

them, 7 and brought τες καθως ^προσεταξεν^^ αυτοις ο Ιησούς, 7 Jjyayov την 

the ass, and the colt, done as ^ordered Hhem 'Jesus, they brought the 

and put on them their „ , > ~x < ' 'Λ v' ' η ' ~ \ < ' 

clothes, and they set ovov και Tov TTwAov, και ίττεθηκαν ^εττανω" αντων τα ιμάτια 

Mm thereon. 8 And a ass and the colt, and put upon them ^'garments 

Ip'rTad'^ttfelg.Snts ^αντών,'^αιΗ'κεκάθισεν'' Ιττάνω αντών. 8 ό.δί πΧεΙατος 

in the way ; others cut 'their, and he sat on them. And the greater part [of thej 

thTtiJ's'^TndTtrf^e™ οχλορ ΐστρωσαν εαυτών τα ιμάτια εν Ty οδφ, άλλοι.δε εκοττ- 
iAemintiieway. 9And crowd strewed their garments on the way, and others were cutting 

irent'before^ami that '"'"^ κΚάδους άτΓο τών δένδρων καΐ ^Ιστρώννυον" εν Ty 

followed, cried, say- down branches from the trees and were strewing [them] on the 

i^^K- Hosanna to the ^ξ^,-J 9 p[^^ ογλοι οΐ ττροάγοντες'^ κάι 01 άκοΧουθοϋντεί. 

son of David : Blessed ' » j χτ_ '^ j ^i. " • V r j ^i, ^ n ■ 

is he that cometh in '^^^• ^^^ *^® crowds those going before and those following 

the name of the Lord ; εκοαζον, λέγοντες, Ωσαννά τω υίφ^Ααβίδ'^^ ευλογημένος 

SriTirdwhen^h; ^<^'« ««Ting out, saying. Hosanna to the Soi of David ; blessed 

was come into Jemsa- ό ερχόμενος iv Ονόματι κυρίου' 'Ωσαννά εν τοις 

m™ved^sa*^n '''whols Ο] lie who comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. Hosanna in the 

this? iiAndt'heuiui- ΰψίστοις. 10 JLai είσελθόντος.αύτοϋ είς Ιεροσόλυμα εσείσθη 

titude said, This is highest. And as he entered into Jerusalem *was "moved 

Jesus the prophet of ^^ , m' ' r η /^< r» " λ 

Nazareth of Galilee, ιτασα ί/ TTOAif, λέγουσα, Ύις εστίν ούτος] 11 Οι.δε όχλοι 
'all "the ^city, saying, Who is this? And the crowda 

ελεγον, Ουτός εστίν 'Ίησονς ό προψήτης,^^ 6 άπό 'Να- 

said, This is Jesus the prophet, he who [ia] from Na- 

^αρίτ" της Γαλιλαίος. 

zareth of Galilee. 

12 Και είσήλθεν ^ό" Ίησονς εις το ιερόν \οϋ βεοϋ," και 

12 And Jesus went ^^^ ^entered 'Jesus into the temple of God, and 

into the temple of God, Ιζίβαλεν πάντας τοί'ς ττωλουντας και αγοράζοντας iv τω 

th\Vs^^vir"ouS /^^i»»^' , f"" '"^r r"'"^ '^"^ , ''"^^^ "" '^ 

in the temple, and Ίερψ, καί τάς τράπεζας τών κοΧλυβιστών κατεστρε\(/εΐ', και 

ojerthiew tlie tables temple, and the tables of the moneychangers he overthrow, and 

of the money changers, , n' ^ ^ ' . / , , 

and the seats of them τας Καθέδρας τών πωλουντων τας περιστέρας. 13 και λέγει 

that sold doves, 13 and the seats of those selling the doves. And he says 

said unto them. It is , ^ , </-» τ ' τ ~ •» λ ' 

written, i\iy house αυτοις, ΓεγρατΓται, Ο.οικος.μου οίκος προσευχής κλt]θη~ 

shall be called the to them, It has been written. My house a house of prayer shall be 

house of prayer; but, >^;. / ii '> > ~ ,^,^, 

yo have made it a den σεται' υμειςΜ αυτον ^εποιησατε σπηλαιον λyστωv. 14 Και 

of Ihicvds. H Aud the called; but ye it have made a den of robbers. And 

blind aud l)io lame ~\ λ » ~ .> ' > Λ < • ~ t ~ > >λ / 

eamo to him in the προσηλθον αυτψ τυώλοι και χωλοί εν τφ ιερψ, και εθεραπευ- 

temple ; and bo healed *came ''•to'him 'bund 'and 'lame in the temple, and he healed 

them. 15 And when .» -ic'tS•' Γ<•»-~ '• 

the chief priests and σ€ν αυτους. lo Ιύοντες.όε οι αρχιερείς και οι γραμματείς 

icribes saw the won- them. But 'seeing 'tho'chicf priests *and "the "scribes 

• evOvg TTr. ' άττοστβλλει he sends O. " — δλο»' lttpa. * — και a. " -f ίττι on 
LTTrA. ' σννίταξΐν «lid direct ltfa. y in' LTTrA. * — αντων [lJitpa. * ίπΐκάθισαν 
they set [him] κ. •• ίστρωσαν strewed τ. "= -|- αύτον him LTTrA. <* Δαυίδ GW ; ΔαυεΛ 
LTTrA. • ό προι^ητης Ίησοΰς LTTrA. ^ Ναζαρίθ ELTTrAW. Κ — ό LTTrA. '' — τοΰ 

θΐοΰ LTr. ' ποιειΤ€ make LTTrA. 


τά θαυμάσια α εποίησεν, και τους τταΐδας ^κράζοντας εν τω 4?ί*^ things that he 
the wonders which he wronght, and the children crying in the ^j^'^in^tte^t'e^fe 

Ιερψ, καΙΧεγοντας, Ωσαννά τφ νίψ 'Δίτ,βίί," ήγανάκτησαν, ^^^ saying, Hosann» 

temple, and saying, Hosanna to the Son of Darid, they were indisTiant, *« tlie Son of David ; 

ia <mT II >~». / /-r ^' .^. *"^y '"'^'■e '^^'■e dlS- 

lO και ^HTTOv'^ αυτψ, Ακονεις τι οντοι λεγονσιν ; Ο.ΰε.Τη- pleased, 16 and said 

and said to him, Hearest thou what these say? And Je- i^ntoWoi.Hearestthoii 

~ \ / . ~ ,, ' » ?>' > > «^ » / what these say? And 

σους \εγειαυτοις,Ναι' υνόεττοτε ανεγνωτε, Οτι εκ στόμα- Jesus saith unto them, 

sua says to them, Yea; "never 'did "ye read, Out of [the] mouth ^^^ 5 ^^"^^ T^ never 

' ^ rt \ V ' t ^».τ^^ read. Out of the mouth 

TOQ νηττιοιν και υηΚαζοντων κατηρτισω αίνον; 17 Και of babes and suck- 

of babes and sucklings thou hasit perfected praise? And lings thou ha?t per- 

^ > y % yy~^n xy ~ /-y ' T» Λ ' V fccted pralse ? 17 And 

καταλιττων αυτονς εξηλθεν εξω της πόλεως εις Βηθανιαν, και he left them, and went 

haying left them he went out of the city to Bethany, and out of the city into 

'\ ' η > -w Bethany ; and he lodg- 

ηνλίσθη εκεί. ed there, 

passed the night there. ^ , , , , , 18 Now in the morn- 

18 "Πρωίας".ίέ "έττανάγων'' εις n)v ττόλιν επείνασεν, ingas he returned into 

Now early in the morning coming back into the city he hungered, ig A^'d^^^hen heltw a 

19 και ίδών συκήν μίαν εττι τ~ης υδον, ηΧθεν εττ' αντην, και fig tree in the way, he 

and seeing "fig-tree 'one by the way, became to it, and came to it and found 

.5.V -, ,~., /ΛΛ/ y -K > . nothing thereon, but 

ουοεν εϋρεν εν avry ει.μη ψυλΧα μόνον και Αε-γει avrg^ leaves only, and said 

nothing found on it except leaves only. And he says to it. ^^^o it. Let no fruit 

η X»- ' ' ~ ^ ' > « y~ -rr » >v• / Λ ^°^ °^ tliee hence- 

^ Μηκετι εκ σον καρττος -γενηται εις τον.αιωνα. Και εζηρανθη forward for ever. And 

Never more of thee fruit let there be for ever. And *dried ^p presently the fig tree 

~ £^Λ „ , , s, , , η < > Λ » withered away. 20 And 

παραχρήμα η σνκη. WKai ιόοντες οι μαθηται εθαυμασαν, when the disciples saw 
'immediately "the ^fig-tree. And seeing [it] the disciples wondered, i<, they marvelled, say- 

»' TT~ ~ 'y ' η ' --Λΐ'ί Λ^ i"^• 'S.ow soon is the 

λέγοντες, Πως παραχρήμα εζηρανθη r/ σνκη; 21 Αποκριθείς fig tree withered away ι 

saying. How immediately is dried up the fig-tree I "Answering 21 Jesus answered and 

T.<<>T ~ f >^I.^•v/ «., )>» / said unto them, Verily 

οε Ιησούς είπεν αυτοις, Αμήν λέγω υμιν, εαν εχητε πιστιν, ι gay unto you, π ye 

'and Jesus said to them, Verily, I say to you, If ye have faith, have faith, and' doubt 

και μή.διακριθήτε, ov μόνον το της σνκής ποιήσετε, do^thfs ^^λΙ^λ" ώ S^ 

and do not doubt, not only the [miracle] of the fig-tree shall ye do, to the fig tree, but also 

άΧλά καν τψ.ορει,τούτφ ειπητε, Άρθητι καΐ βλήθητι tW8^mo?ntain?Lrtou 

but evenif to this mountain ye should say. Be thou taken away and be thou cast removed, and be thou 

εις την θάλασσαν, γενησεται' 22 και πάντα οσα.«»άν" ^raiibein^e! lUnd 

into the sea, it shall come to paas. And all things whatsoever all things whatsoever 

αιτησητε εν rg προσευχγ, πιστεύοντες, 'λ^ψεσθε." J^ii^nrve^ha're 

ye may ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive. ceive. 

23 Και ^ελθόντι.αΰτφ^^ εις το ιερόν προσηλθον αντφ ϋ3 And when he was 

And on his coming into the temple there came up to him, [when] ?C™ chief" prfestTand 

διδάσκοντι οι αρχιερείς και οι πρεσβύτεροι τον λαοϋ, λέγον- *^β elders of the peo- 

teaching, the chief priests and the elders of the people, «ay- g^/ ^"^t^'^j;^^^"^'^^^ 

τες,Ένπο'ιαΙζουσία ταντα ποιείς; και τις σοι εδωκεντήν said. By what antho- 

Ing, By what authority these things doest thou? and who to thee gave thm4?1ind who all 

εζονσίαν.ταντην ; 24 ΆτΓοκριθείς.'ίε" δ'Ιησονς εΐπεν αντοΐς, thee this authority? 

this authority ? And answering Jesus said to them, 24 And Jesus answered 

, , , ^ , » » , tt η ) \ « / > ί and said unto them, I 

Ερωτήσω υμάς καγω λογην ενα, ον εαν ειπητε μοι, καγω also wiu ask you one 

«Will «ask »you 'I "also 'thing «one, which if ye tell me, I also thing, which if ye tell 
« ~ > ~ J / )v ' ~ " Λϊ- > /-> ' '^β' I 1° 1^'^^ ^''^^ ^'il* 

υμιν ερω εν ποιΐ}. εζουσιψ ταντα ποιώ. 25 το βάπτισμα teiiyoubywhatautho- 

to you will say by what authority these things I do. The baptism rity I do these thinge, 

_ .T ' fn τ >v > ~ Λ »^ . Λ / 25 The baptism of 

^ Ιωάννου πόθεν ην ; εξ, ovpavov, η εξ ανθρώπων ; John, whence was itf 

of John, whence was it ? from heaven, or from men ? from heaven, or of 

^. J.. f -v /y „ )|i ί ^ , , 1-^ , „ men? And they rea- 

Ot.oe όιελογιζοντο ^παρ" εαντοις, λέγοντες, Εαν ειπώ- soned with themselves, 

And they reasoned with themselves, saying. If we should saying. If we shall 

>r^r ' ~ , ~ < ~ - Λ -π τ > ' / say. From heaven; he 

μεν, Εξ ovpavov, ίρει ημιν, ^Διαη" ονν ουκ.επιστευσατε wiii say unto us. Why 

say, From heaven, he will say to us. Why then did ye not believe did ye not then be- 

^ + Toil? {read who were) lttfa. ' Δανίδ GW ; Δαυβίδ lttpa. "» elnav LTTrA. 

" Πρωί TTr. ° ίπαναγαγων LTA. Ρ 4- Οΰ LT[a]. <i eav Tr. ' λημψεσββ LTTrA. 

» «λβόντοϊ αυτόν LTTr. ' — δβ and L. ' -J- το that lttfa. "^ iv among ltt. » δια τί lttta. 


tVX^^.L^nf^^i^ α^-τψ; 26 ΒάνΜ ξίπωμεν, Έξ ανθρώπων, φοβούμεθα τον 

ΖΐΆΐ7^%^Χτ ωιη? butif weehouldsay.From men, we f θί7 ^ the 

°^'^'ΊΊ''.''^?ν*Ρ'''*' όγλον' TravTeg.yap '^εχονσιν τόν'Ιωάννην ως ττοοφήτην.^^ 

f^li:elS^StSaTd:-^titnde;^ f or a/ ^ \old John '^ i ^a puphl. 

We cannot tell. And 27 Και άποκριθίντες τψ Ιησοΰ ^εϊπον," Ούκ-οΙδαμεν. Έφη 

Neither ten I%ouTy , ^* answering ^ Jesna they said, We know not. ^ -Said 

what authority I do avTOiQ και αύτός, OvSk iViu λίγω νμϊν εν τΓοία εζονσία 

these things. 28 But -toHhem =•ε180 'he, Neither h 'teU you by what authority 
what thmk ye ? A cer- „ ΛΓ.'ί><< r-~»/i - v,/ 

tain man had two ταυτα ΤΓοιω. 28 Ti.ds υμιν.οοκει ; άνθρωπος^ είχεν °τεκνα 

eons ; and he came to these things I do. But what think ye? a man had "chUdren 

the first, and said, ,s, „ „ ,,, >/»i ~ / τ m/ r/ 

Son, go \vork to day in owo," ""και" τΓροσελθων τφ πρωτφ είπεν, Ύεκνον, υττα-γΒ 

my vineyard, 29 He Η wo, and having come to the first he said, Child, go 

answered and said, I, ''v ' ~> >~'d ii an «i-i ?ϊ > λ < 

wiu not: but after- σήμερον εργαζον εν τψ.αμπελωνι.'^μου. 29 Ο.δέ αποκριθείς 

ward he repented, and to-day work in my vineyard. And he answering 

to^^the second! °and έίττεν, Ού.θελω' νστερον.'δε" μεταμεληθείς ά-ττήλθεν. 80 ^Kai 

said likewise. And he said, I will not ; but afterwards having repented he went. And 

^^rrfnrwenTnot! ττροσελθών^^ Τψ ^^Εντερψ^^ εΙττεν ωσαύτως, ό.δε άττοκριθεις 

31 Whether of them having come to the second he said likewise. And he answering 

KthlrP^'^ThTy^sa^y «^^εϊ/, Ένώ, KvpiV και ούκ.άιτήλθεν. 31 Τίς έκ των δύο εττοίη- 

unto him. The first, said, I [go], sir, and went not. Which of the two did 

v?rn/fsay"S^toyou; ^'^^ ^^ ^'^^W<^ ^«^ ιτατρός', Akyovctv ^αύτψ:^ 'Ό ττρώτος." 

That the publicans ^^^ ''"11 of the father? They say to him. The first. 

the^ki^SmTa^ ^'^""t?^^ ο'Ιησονς/Αμηνηγω yiv.dTioi τελώναι καί 

before you. 32 For Says *to*them 'Jesus, Verily I say to you, that the tax-gatherers and 

John came unto you „[ ■jj-opvai TTpoayovoiv νμάς είς την βασΐΚείαν του θεού. 

Susnes^^Ld ye^bel ^^^ ^^^^^^ go before you into the kingdom of God. 

lieved him not : but 32 ί/Χθεν.γάρ ^Ίτρος νμάς Ίωάννης^^ εν όδφ δικαιοσύνης, 

S^rl^rs'Se^dhim: ^- "--« /^^ *^«- '^^^^ in [the] waj of righteousness. 

and ye, when ye had και ονκ.ετΓίστεύσατε αύτψ, οϊ.δϊ τέΚώναι και at ττόρναι 

seen it, repented not ^nd ye did not believe him, but the tax-gatherers and the harlots 
afterward, that ye , , ,>,.»/ i in \ ' η " 

might believe him. ετΓίστενσαν αντψ' νμεϊς.δε ιδοντες ^ον^κμετεμεΚηθητε ύστερον 

believed him ; but ye having seen did not repent afterward• 

του ΤΓίστευσαι αντφ. 

to believe him. 

33 Hear another pa- ^3 'AX\r]v τταραβολήν άκούσατΒ. Άνθυωπός "rtc" fiv 

rable : There was a Another parable hear. A "man 'certain there was 

whicWantTaS- οίκοδεσττότης, 'όστις εφντενσεν άμττελώνα, και φραγμόν αντφ 

yard, and hedged it * master of a house, who planted a vineyard, and *a 'fence *it 

round about, and dig- ττεοιέθί^κεν, καΐ ώρνζεν iv αύτφ Χηνόν, και ωκοδόμησεν 

fndbiliitTt'rerrand P^-^^^d^about, and dug in ^ it a winepress, and ^ built 

let it out to husband- πύργον, και "ίξέίοΓο" ovTov γεωργοΊς, και άττεδήμησεν. 

^°it^? 34° a°nd * to^-e*•. and let out it to husbahdmen, and left the country. 

when the time of the 34 οτε.δε ήγγισεν ο καιρός των καρπών, άπίστειλεν τους 

fruit drew near, he j^^ ^^ ^ n^. ^^g ^^^^^^ ^f the fruits, he sent 

sent his serviints to, ,_, , <\3~» 

the husbandmen, that δονΧονς.αύτον ττρος τούς γεωργονς Χαβεΐν τονς.καρτΓονς.αύτον. 

they might receive the his bondmen to the husbandmen to receive his fruits, 

fruits of it. 35 And „- , ν r•' < < ^ ί 'λ , ~ „ , 

the husbandmen took 35 και Χαβοντες 01 γεωργοί τονς.όονΧονς.αυτου, ον.μεν 

his servants, and beat And ''having *takcn 'the ^husbandmen his bondmen, one 

one, and killed an- »^ ,» t^, , / « «i >^ λ ο '\ «λ '> 

other, and stoned an- ίόειραν, ov.OB αττεκτειναν, ov.oi ελΜοβοΧησαν. 3o παΧιν 

other. 36 Again, he they beat, and another they killed, and another they stoned. Again 

sent other servants ./λ«λ% ?>'\ >' ~ ' <>' 

more than the first : αττεστειΧεν aXXovQ δονΧονς ττΧειονας των πρώτων, και εποιη- 

and they did unto ho sent other bondmeu more than the first, and they 

y ώς προφητην εχουσι»' τομ Ίωάννην LTTrA. ' tlnay Τ. » + τις {read a certain mau) L•. 
•» δυο Te/ci/a L. <= — κα\ T. Ί — μον (r€(ui the vineyard) TTr A. • — 6«but[L]T. 

f προσ^λθων δβ ι.τγγα. s βτ«ρφ other OTAW. ■» — αύτω LTTrA. ' ό δστβρος he who 

afterwards [obeyed] LTr. '•^ 'Ιωάννης προς νμας LTTrA. ' ούδ« (read did neither 

repent) LTr ; ού[δβ] a. ■" — τ« gj ttfaw. " «icfieTO TA. 


σαν αντοΐς ωσαύτως. 37 ύστερον.δί άττίστειΧεν ττμος αυτονς ti»ein uiewtse. 37 But 

did to them in like manner. And at last he sent to them them hi* sonf^^^ 

τον.ν'ών.αΰτοΰ, λέγων, 'Έ,ντραπησονται τον.νιόν.μου. "^^^y ^n reverence 

hiBSon, saying. They will have respect for _ my son. ^ ^^rhSkbanoS'en^^aw 

38 ΟΪΜ γεωρ-γοι ίδόνης τον ν'ών είττον ϊν ΙαντοΙς, Οδτός the son, they said a- 

But the husbandmen seeing the son said among themselves, This mong themselves, This 
, , - _ , , , , , ,1^ ^iie "eu' ; come, let 

ίστιν κληρονόμος' οευτε, αττοκτεινωμεν αυτόν, και ''κατά- us kiu him, and let u& 

is the heir : come, let as kill him, and gain pos- ^^'^'^ 0° Jiis iaherit- 

,. , ' , . - ΟΛ < > ο ' . » ^ce. :39 And they 

σχωμεν" την.κ\ηρονομιαν.αυτον. 3\) και Χάροντες αντον caught him, and cast 

session of his inheritance. And having taken him Λ^"* cOt of iho vine- 

,„,,T ^ »v ~ > > - < . ί jn•' τ yi^Til. and slew Aim. 

i^ijoaXov ίξω του αμττελωνος και απεκτειναν . W orav ουν 40 When the lord 

they cast [him] out of the vineyard and killed [him]. ΛVhen therefore therefore of the vine- 

«^ η ' ' ^,-^ , / , ^ yard Cometh, what wDl 

ikvy κύριος τον αμττελωνος, τι ποιήσει τοις γεωργοις he do unto those hus- 

shall come the lord of the vineyard, what wiU he do ^husbandmen bandmen? 41 They say 

1 I-, i ' > ~ Tr < ~ ' \ ' unto him. He will mi- 

εκεινοις ; 41 Αεγονσιν αντψ, Κακονς κακώς απολέσει serabiy destroy those 

HoHhose? They say to him. Evil [men]! miserably he will destroy wicked men, and will 

αυτούς, και τον αμπελώνα Ηκδόσεται'^ άλλοις -/εωργόϊς, J^to°'O\h« h^band- 

them, and the vineyard he will let out to other husbandmen, men, which shall ren- 

οϊτινες άποδώσουσιν αύτψ τους καρπούς Ιν τοΧς.καιροΐς.αύτών. their^asoM.^jLM 

who wiU render to him the fruits in their seasons. saith unto them, Did 

42 Λέγει αύτοίς 6 Ιησούς, Ούοεποτε.άνεγνωτε tv ταΐς γρα- ^criptil^es "^ ihe'^tone 

'Saye *to*them 'Jesus, Did ye never read in the scrip- which the builders 

ψαΐς, Αίθον ov άπεδοκίμασαν o'l οίκοδομούντες, ούτος ^^come^' the^ head*^ of 

tnree, [The] etone which ^rejected 'those 'who ^build, this t^e comer f this^is the 

ε-γενίιθη εις κεφαλήν γωνίας' παρά κυρίου ky ενετό αύτη, lord's doing, aud it is 

become' hW 'of [/he] corner : fro'm [the] lW '^was^ this? Sl^erefore'^eaTSo 

και εστίν θαυμαστή εν όφθαλμοΙς.ήμών ; 43 Δίά τούτο λέγω 7οη> The kingdom of 

and it is wonderful in "^ our^eyes? _ ^ B«<=,^'»^« «f_ thi^ _ I sly g^^ ^^^J^ ^«/g^^ ven 

ύμϊν, ΟΤΙ άρΘήσεται άώ' υμών ή βασιλεία του θεού, καί *« a nation bringing 

to you, that ^BhalI*beHaken 'from =^ou the kingdom of God, and ^"'^ft^e fruits there- 

' , •^ , ° , , ' of. 44 And whosoever 

οοθησεται εθνει ποιουντι τους καρπούς αυτής. 44 i/cai shall fail on this stone 

it shall be given to a nation producing the fruits of it. And «haU be broken : btit 

, . , , , X ,r, ~ ηΛ r ' . , ,< ^, , on whomsoever it shall 

Ο πεσων επι τον,λιθον.τουτον συνσλασθησεται' t<p ,ον.ο .αν fail, it wiii grind him 

he who falls on this stone shall be broken ; but on whomsoever to powder. 45 And 

/ ^ , , / i - ,τ^ ^ . / II I when the chief priests 

πεσy, λικμησει αυτόν. 4o 'Και ακουσαντες'^ οι and Pharisees had 

It shall fall it will grind to powder him. And Tiearing 'the heard his parables, 

. , . .. , ,0 \ ' ' ~ " they perceived that he 

αρχιερείς και οι Φαρισαιοι τας.παραρολας,αυτου έγνωσαν ?pakeofthem. 46 But 

'chief Trieste *and 'the •Pharisees his parables knew when they sought to 

•I \ t .. \ I Af ^ y •• >> ~ lay hands on him, they 

OTi περί αυτών λέγει. 46 και ζητουντες αυτόν κρατησαι, felred the muititnd^ 

thAt about them he speaks. And seeking him to lay hold of, because they took him 

ίψοβήθησαν τους όχλους, ^ίπειδή'^ 'ώς" προψήτην αυτόν εΐχον. ***' * Ρ''°ρ'^®'^• 

they feared the crowds, because as a prophet him they held. 

22 Και αποκριθείς 6 Ιησούς πάλιν είπεν ''αύτοϊς εν πάρα' xxti. And Jesus 

And answering Jesus again spoke to them in para- aiiswered and spake 

o>~ii\' < 'Λ <-iN' . unto them again by pa- 

ρολαις, λέγων, 2 Ωμοιωθη η βασίλεια τών ουρανών rabies, and said, 2 The 

bles, saying, "Has 'become *like 'the =»kingdom »of *the 'heavens kingdom of heaven is 

> η ' ^ Λ ~ " ' ' ' ,,-.,« like unto a certain 

αννρωπψ ρασιλει, όστις εποιησεν γάμους τψ.υιψ.αυτου' king, which made a 

to a man a king, who made a wedding feast for his son : marriage for his son, 

3y , I ^ .«/x ,-x» , >3 and sent forth his 

και απεστειλεν τους.δουλους.αυτου καλεσαι τονς κεκλη- servants to call them 

and sent his bondmen to call those who had been that were bidden to 

' > » ' » » »Λΐ Λ >\ Λ ~ > TT 'Λ the wedding : and they 

μένους εις τονς γάμους, και ουκ.ηθελον ελθειν. 4 Πάλιν would not come. 4Α- 

invited to the wedding feast, and they would not come. Again gain, he sent forth 

απεστειλεν άλλους δούλους, λίγων, Είπατε τοΙς κεκλη- ^f'^TeTth^m'wwS 

he sent other bondmen, saying, Say to those who had been are' bidden. Behold, I 

ο (τχώμ,ΐν let US possess LTTrA. Ρ ίκδώσΐτοι. GLTTrAW. 1 — verse 44 [l]t. ■■ ακούσαντα 
Si T. » βπ« ττγδ. ' cic for lttta. » iv παράβολους αυτοί; LTTta. 


ner ^ my^oxen ^"d'^mv /"^^^'i>"' 'ί^ού, τό.άριστόν.μον '//Γοί/χασο," οί.ταϋροί.μον και 

fatlin-iore killed, and incited, Behold, my dinner I prepared, my oxen and 

aU things are ready : ^^ σιτιστά τεθυμενα, και ττάντα 'έτοιμα' δεϋτε εις τους 

Hi^e. Λ But theV ''^^ *'^*^*^*^ *''^** are killed, and aU things [are] ready ; come to the 

made light of it, and γάμους. 5 Οί.δε άμελήσαντες άπήλθον, *o"./z6v εις τον 

to^^his f^nTYnother redding feast. But they being negligent of [it] went away, one to 

to his merchandise: 'iSiov aypov, ^o".ds '^είς^ τήνΛμτΓο^ίαν.αϋτοϋ. Q ΟΪΜ λοίΤΓΟΪ 

β and the remnant his own field, and another to hia commerce. And the rest, 

took hia serrant-s, and , , ^ ,•. , _ „ ^ , . / 

entreated them spite- κρατ7]σαντες τονς.οονΧονς.αυτον ύβρισαν και αττεκτειναν. 

fully, and slow ίΛβτη. haring laid hold of his bondmen, insulted and killed [theml 

7 But when the kmg „ _. . , ^, < ο > . η » ' η < ' ι « 

heard thereof, he was 7 * Ακουσας.οε Ο ρασιλευς" ωργισση. και πεμψας τα 

wroth : and he sent And having heard [it] the king was wroth, and having sent 

forth his armies, and , ,^,,- , ,,, ,. 

destroyed those mur- στρατευματα.αυτον απωλεσεν τονς.φονΗς.εκεινονς, και την 

derers, and burned up his forces he destroyed those murderers, and 

their city. 8 Then saith /■» , ~ > / λ m' λ ' ~ ? '\ > ~ «λ 

he to his servants. The τΓΟΑίν.αυτων ενεπρησεν ο Ύοτε Αεγει τοις.οονΑοις.αυτου, Ο 

wedding is ready, but their city he burnt. Then he says to his bondmen. The 

they which were bid- > ' η ι ■> <?.\ -ν/ >τ_ 

den were not worthy. \^^v γαμος ετοιμος εστιν, οι.όε κεκΚημενοι ονκ.ησαν 

9 Go ye therefore into ^indeed 'wedding ^f east ^ready *is, but those who had been invited were not 

manyls yfshairand! "^'oi' 9 τ^ορεΰεσθε οϋν Ιττί τάς διεξόδους των οδών, και 

bid to the marriage! worthy ; Go therefore into the thoroughfares of the highways, and 

went" our'into'thi '^^^νς ^άν\ενρητε, καΧ'εσατε εις τους γάμους. 10 Καί 

highways, and gather- ^^ many as ye shall find, invite to the wedding feast. And 

edtogether^aiUsmany Ιζ^Χθόντες οΊ.δοΰλοιΛκεΙνοιείςτάς όδονς συνήγαγον ττάντας 

bad and good : and the ^having *gone 'out 'those "bondmen into the highways brought together all 

wedding was furnish- οσους εϋρον, τΓονηρούς τε και αγαθούς' και εττΚησΒη ο 

whrn thfkingcan^n as many as they found, "evil 'both .and good; and ^became "fuU 'the 

to see the guests, he '^■γάμος^^ άνακειμίνων. 11 εΐσεΧθων.δε ό βασιλεύς θεάσα- 

TadtTon a wedding ^we/dinQ ^feast of gnWs. And Wng Mn 'the =king to see 

garment: 12 and he σθαιτούς άνακειμ'ενονς είδεν εκεϊ άνθρωτΓον ουκ ενδεδυμενον 

saith unto him Friend, ^-^ greats beheld there a man not clothed 

how earnest thou in ,, ^ , , , > ~ < 

hither not having ένδυμα γαμον 12 και λέγει αυτφ, Εταίρε, ττώς 

a wedding garment? with a garment of [the] wedding feast ; and he says to him, Friend, how 

And he was speechless. j ~^ η τ ?> > « ■> > «/-» ^^ 

13 Then said the king ΐίσηλθες ωοε μη έχων t' 'ua γάμου; Ο.όε 

to the servants. Bind didst thou enter here not having au.. .^«nt of [the] wedding feast ? But he 

him hand and foot, and , ,„ τλ'Ητ <o-\<ii~i> ' a' 

take him away, and εφιμωθη, 13 τυτε °εΙπεν ο βασιλεύς'^ τοις οιακονοις, Αησαν- 

cast him into outer was speechless. Then said the king to the servants. Having 

darkness: there shall ,~,^ ^~ •» > \ >ii'/d'> ( 

be weeping and gnash- τες (WTov τΓοοας και χείρας 'άρατε αυτόν καθ' εκβαλετε ' 

Ing of teeth. 14 For bound his feet and hands take away him and cast out [him] 

manv are called, but >^ ' \ yv ' , ~ » <\/i> >< 

few are chosen. «ις TO σκοτος TO εξώτερον' εκεί εσται ο κλαυθμος και ο 

into the darkness the outer: there shall be the weeping and the 

βρυγμός των οδόντων. 14 ττολλοΐ.γάρ είσιν κλητοί, όλίγοι,δε 
gnashing of the teeth. For many are called, but few 


15 Then went the ''^°"'^- ^ _ ^ 3 .> ,-χ , - 

Pharisees, and took 15 ToTC ΤΓορευϋεντες 01 Φαρισαιοι συμβουλών ελαβον όπως 

counsel how they Then having gone the Pharisees -counsel 'took how 

mightontanglchim in ,, ., >>/ τ,^«> 'λν .- 

At» talk. 16 And they auTOv τταγιοευοωσιν εν λογψ. lb και αττοστελλουσιν αντψ 

sent out unto him their him they might ensnare in discourse. And they send to him 

dinciplea with the He- , η < ' ~ - ~ <ττ τ ~ σ\ ' ii a s- ' 

rodians, saying, Mas- τονς.μαθητας.αυτων μετα των Ηρωόιανων,^λεγοντες,^^ Αιόα- 

ter, we know that thou their disciples with the llorodians, saying. Teacher, 

tiie way *of God Tn σκαλε, οΐδαμεν ΟΤΙ άληθϊ)ς εΐ, και τ})ν όδύν του θεοΰ ίν άληθείι^. 

truth, neithor we know that true thou art, and the way of God in truth 

" ήτοίμακα I have prepared LTTrA. » S? LTTrA. y OS LTTrA. » eirl LTXrA. 

» ό δέ βασι\(ν<: άκουσας L ; ό δέ βασιλεύς ΤΤγΑ ; καΐ άκουσας 6 βασ. W. ^ iav LTTrA W. 

" ννμφίον bridechamber τ. <* ό βασιλ,ίύς tlnev LTTrA. ' — άρατβ αύτον και LTTrA. 

' -♦- αϋτον bim LTTrA. t \ί•γοντας LTTr. 


ίίδάσκΗς, καΐ ου μέλει σοι ττερί ούδενός, ού.γάρ βλίπεις 1^°^ ^°^ ^/ '"°" ; for 

teachest, and there is care to thee about no one, * or ^ot Hhou lookest ^°°^,π^§^|^_ ^7"^^ 

εί'ς πρόσωπον ανθρώπων' 17 ^'είττί" ονν ήμίν, τι σοι ^^ therefore, what 

on [the] appearance of_men ; tell therefore^ us, what 'thou *f^f *^ ^JP^^J^^^If^ J* 

doKsi; εζεστιν δονναι κήνσον Καίσαρι η ου; 18 Τνονς.δε unto Cassar, or not? 

•thinkest? Is it lawful to give tribute to Casar or not? But='knowing 18 But Jesus perceived 
, , , , , / V < their wickedness, and 

Ιησούς την.πονηριαν.αυτών είπε ν, Tt με πειράζετε, νπο- said, Why tempt ye 

'Jesus their wickedness said, Why me do ye tempt, hypo- ^^' ve hypocrites ? 

, ,' ^ , n'%i 19 Shew me the tribute 

κριται; 10 εττιοειξατε μοι το νόμισμα του κηνσου. Οι.δε money. Ajid they 

crites ? Shew me the coin of the tribute. And they brought unto him a 

, ~ i. / an. ^ \ > > - i m' penny. 20 And he 

προσηνεγκαν αυτψ δηναριον. 20 και λέγει αυτοις\ Ύινος saith unto them, Whose 

presented to him a denarius. And he says to them, Whose [is] is this image and su- 

, , > „ , . > . ' o-i ι ' k ' ~ li Tr ' perscriptiou ? 21 They 

η.εικων.αυτη και η επιγραψη; 21 Αεγονσιν'^αντψ,' Καίσαρος, say unto him, Cesar's. 

this image and the inscription ? They say to him, Casar's. Then saith he unto 

™ / •. / > - Ά 'S- -r > XT ' f/- ' them, Bender therefore 

Τοτε λέγει αυτοις, Αποδοτε ονν τα Καίσαρος Καισαρι, unto Ctesar the things 

Then he says to them, Render then the things of Caesar to Caesar, which are Caesar's ; 

«at τα του θεον τψ θεφ. 22 Και άκοΰσαντες εθαύμασαν ?hings"that are God'l• 

and the things of God to God. And having heard they wondered ; 22 ^VTien they had 

και αφέντες αυτόν ^άπηλθον^^ ^-^ J^^a^'lfl 

ani leaving him went away. left him, and went 

23 'Ev iκείvy ry ήμερ<^, προσήλθον αυτψ ΣαδδονκαΧοι, °Όί" ti^eirway. 

On that day came to him Sadducees, who 

λέ-γοντες μή.εΐναι άνάστασιν, και επηρώτησαν αυτόν, 24 λέ- 23 The same day 

say there is not a resurrection, and they questioned him, say- came to him the Sad- 

A S' Λ rniT ~ II τ 'υ' ' fl ' ' ducees, which say that 

γοντες, Αιδασκαλε, ''Μωσί/ς" είπεν, Εαν τις anoUavy μη there is no resurrec- 

ing, Teacher, Moses said. If any one should die not tion, and asked him, 

/ n, r, ' < ' i> \ ^^ ,~, ^ 24 saying, ilaster, Mo- 

εχων τέκνα, ° επιγαμρρευσει ο.αδελώος.αυτου την γυναίκα ^β said, if a man die, 

having children, ^shall*marry 'his brother *wife having no chiklfen, 

,_ >, / , ,,5,-^,« Tt-iTT Μ hisbrother shall marry 

αυτόν, και αναστήσει σπέρμα τψ.αδελψψ.αυτον. 25 Ησαν.οε his wife, and raise up 

'his, and shall raise up seed to his brother. Now there were seed unto his brother. 

><~< «'ίΛ.'. '■ - η ' II 'Λ' 25 Now there were with 

παρ ημιν επτά αδελφοί' και υ πρώτος ^'γαμησας" ετελεντη- us seven brethren: and 
with us seven brothers ; and the first having married died, the first, when he had 

σεν, και μή έχων σπέρμα άφηκεν την.γυνάΊκα.αϋτοϋ τψ S^df and, hT^^iglTo 

and not having seed left his vrif e issue, left his wife unto 

άδελφψ.αύτοΰ. 26 ομοίως και 6 δεύτερος, και 6 τρίτος, ^,e*'th?second Κ 

to his brother. In like manner also the second, and the third, and the thh-d, unto the 

εως των επτά, 27 νστερον.δε πάντων άπεθανεν '^KaV^ ή γυνή. ol^afuhe wo^n dfe^d 

unto the seven. And last of all died also the woman, ^jg^, 28 Therefore in 

28 έν ΤΏ 'οΰν άναστάσει" τίνος των επτά εσται yvvij; the resurrection whose 

»In Hhe Hherefore resurrection of which of the seven shall she be wife ? ^yen? for they all 

πάντες.-γάρ εσχον αυτήν. 29 Άποκριθεις.δε 6 Ίησονς εΙπεν iiad her. 29 Jesus an- 

foral/ h^d her.'^ ^ And aUering Jesus ^ said Ε^,ΎΤίο'^,'^ο? 

αντοίς, ΙΊλανάσθε, μη είδότες τάς -γραφάς, μηδέ την δύναμιν knowing the scrip- 
tothem. Ye err, not knowing the scriptures, nor the power qoT' "so" For^il^e 

του θεοΰ. 30 εν.γάρ rg άναστάσει ούτε -γαμοϋσιν οΰτε resurrection they nei- 

of God. For in the resurrection neither do they marry nor ther marry, nor are 

,y η ,Λ>,, ' ■' \ t -iivn ~ii ' w ' ~ given m marriage, but. 

Ίκγαμιζονται,^ί αλλ ως άγγελοι Vov" ^θεον» εν ^ ουρανψ are as the angeia of 

are given in marriage, but as angels of God in heaven God in heaven. 31 But 

, ^, ,r,,~. / .^ -^ >>> as touching the resur- 

εισιν. 31 ττερί-οε της αναστάσεως των νεκρών, ουκ.ανεγνωτε rection of the dead, 

they are. But concerning the resurrection of the dead, have ye not read have ye not read that 

, </^^ <~ '< -η~Λ' πΛ »τ-ι ' > which was spoken unto 

TO ρηθέν νμιν υπο του θεην, λέγοντος, 32 Εγω ειμί you by God, saying, 

that which was spoken to you by God, saying, I am 32 1 am the God of 

^ ewbi/ T. ' + Ίησονς Jesus (says) lt. ^ — αύτώ t[a]. ' αττηλθαν litta. 

•» — oi (read saying) LTTrA. ° Μωνσης LTXrAW. <> + Iva that l. ρ γήμας LXTrA, 

q — καΐ τ[Τγ]α. ' άναστάσει ονν lttia. ' γαμίζονται ltTta. ' — τοΰ ltTta 
' — θ€ου LTrtA]. * + τω the lttta. 


rfl^^a^itheGod ^ ^^°^ 'Αβραάμ και ο θεός Ισαάκ καΐ 6 Θεός Ιακώβ; ουκ 

S Jacob? God is not the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob? »Not 

the God of the dead, ioriv *ό θεός" ^θεος" νεκρών, αλλά ζώντων. 33 Και άκου- 

Ssind when the muU '« '^°^ ^"^ of [the] dead, bnt of [ths] living. And having 

titude heard ίΛΜ, they σαντες 01 ovXoL ίζεπΧήσσοντο tTTi τΏ.διδανη.αντον. 

were astonished at hi8 j^^^^.^ ^j^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ astonished at his teaching. 

doctrine. , ., , , ^ > > ~. 

34 Οι.οέ ΦαρισαΙοι ακονσαντες οτι ίώιμωσεν τους Σαό- 

34 But when the -g^^ the Pharisees, having heard that he had silenced the Sad- 

Pharisees had heard , / η t r . > r . » < 

that he had put the oovKaiovg, σννηχθησαν εττι.το.αυτο, 35 και εττηρωτησεν 

Sadducees to silence, ducees, were gathered together, and «questioned ['"him] 

they were frathered _,„,.« » /v ,/,,%, n 

together. 35 Then one εις εξ αυτων 7'ομικος, ττειραζων αυτόν, ^και λέγων," 

of them, which was Ά lone'Of ^thern *a 'doctor "of 'the "law, tempting him, and saying, 

lawyer, asked Λιτή a Ai-'\ ' '^^ r^ , - / 

question, tempting 3ο Αιόασκολε, ΤΓΟία εντολή μεγάλη tv τφ νομφ; 

him, and saying. Teacher, which *comniandment [4s ^the] ^great in the law ? 

36 Master, which is „ ,^ «,,_- >~ii»4 ' ' »λ' 

the great command- 37 'Ό.οε.Ιί/σουςείτΓεί' awry," Αγαττησεις κνριον τον νέον 

ment in the law ? And Jesus said to him. Thou shalt love [the] Lord *G«d 

Thou'^shait '\ove the Tov tv οΧ^'^τψ.καρδ'κ}. oov, και iv '6\y Ty.ipvxy.aov, και kv 

Lord thy God with all 'thy with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with 

i^^sou?an"d''^th:u o\y Ty.havo'i^.aov. 38 αύτη 'εστίν -πρώτη και μεγάλη^^ 

thy mind. 38 This is all thy mind. This is [the] first and great 

S^n^me^tl^t^rthe" ^^To^. 39δεντερα^^^ όμοια aύτy, 'Αγαπήσεις τον 

second is like unto it, commandment. And [the] second [is] like it. Thou shalt love 

^•°hb^m■\9^«^v'=el•e' ΊτλησίονΜον ώς σεαυτόι^. ΑΟενταΰταις ταΐς δυσιν εντολάίς 

40 On these'^two'coml thy neighbour as thyself. On these two commandments 

mandments hang aU g^^^ ^ νόμος ^κα'ι 01 ττροφηται κρ'εμανται.^^ 

phet^"" ^^ ^'**' all the laC and the prophets ^ hang. 

41 Σννηγμενων.δε των Φαρισαίωΐ' εττηρώτησεν 

risees WMe *gatlwred ^^^ ^having *been ^assembled «together 'the ''Pharisees •questioned 

together, Jesus asked avTOvg υ'Ιησοΰς, 42 λέγων, Ύί νμίν δοκεΐ περί τον χριστού; 

them, 42 saying, What e^hem 'Jesus, saying. What *ye 'think concerning the Christ? 

thiiLk ye ot Lnrist r ./? r )~m~fA/0'?>ii^oA' 

whose son is he ? They rivoQ vioQ iOTiv ; Αεγονσιν αυτφ, Του.Δαριο." 43 Λέγει 

say unto him, The Son j whom ^son 'is *he ? They say to him. Of David. He says 

of David. 43He8aith , ^ ,,^ ^ r, λ»,ιμι > / „ / > « > ~ ii 

unto them, How then άύτοις, Ήως ούν 'Ααβιο" εν ττνενματι ^κνριον αυτόν καΚειγ 

doth David in spirit to them, How then 'David ^in *spirit 'Lord «him 'does'caU? 

call him Lord, saying, , _ t,<ii' ~ ' ττ-'η >?v~ 

44 TheLoRDsaidunto λέγων, 44 ΕΖττεν °o" κύριος τψ.κυριψ.μον, Kafjov εκ οεξιων.μον 

my Lord, Sit thou on saying, ^Said 'the '■'Lord to my Lord, Sit on my right hand 

my right hand, till I„ „ „^ i»n' i• 'ill"•— S-..^^,. 

make thine enemies εως.αν θω τονς.εχθρονς.σου 'υτΓοτΓο^ιον" των.ττοόων.σον. 

thy footstool ? 45 If until I place thine enemies [as] a footstool for thy feet. 

Lo^fhoris'^'he^u 45 Ei οϋν ^Ααβιδ' καλεί αύτΰν κυρών, ττώς νίός.αύτοϋ 

8οη?' 46 And no man If therefore David calls him Lord, how his son 

^ f word, nefther i^Tiv ; 46 Καί ούδεΙς ίδννατο ^αύτψ άττοκριθήναι^^ λόγον, 

durst any man from is he ? And no one was able him to answer a word, 

toi* anT moll^q^. ούδί ετοΚμηοεν τις άπ εκείνης της ημέρας ίττερωτήσαι αυτόν 

tions. nor dared anyone from that day to question him 


any more (lit. no more). 

ΧΧΙΠ. Then spake 23 Τότε ό'ίησοΰς Ιλάλησεν τοΐς όχλοις καί τοις. μαθηταΐς 

Jesus to the multitude. Then Jesns spoke to the crowds and to ■'disclplee 

2°ayi*ng,^Ti,e^'scHbM auTov, 2 λίγων, Έττΐ της ΐΜωσέως" καθέδρας εκάθισαν οι 

and the Pliarisees sit 'his, saying, On the »of ^Moses 'seat have sat down the 

m^t^T^ Μ Joy^ γραμματείς καί oi ΦαρισαΙοι' απάντα οϋν οσαΤαζ/" ειττω- 

theybid you observe, scribes and the Pharisees; all things therefore whatever they may 

X — έ θςος {read he is not) T. y — deb? LTr[A]. ^ — και Ae'ywi/ LTTr. * ό ίβ 'Ιησον* 
ίφη αύτψ α; ο Se ϊφη αυτφ LTTrA; ίφη αυτω Ίησοΰς W. ^ IrfjJ Α. "^η μβγάλη και 

πρώτη LTTrA W. d _ δβ and τ. • κρΐματαικαΐ οι προφηται LTirAW. f Δαυίδ OW ; Δαυβίδ 
LTTrA. S καλΐΐ αύτον κνριον ΐΎτΑ ; KoXei κνριον αύτον Τ. ■» — ό (read [the])^ LTTrA. 

' νηοκάτω under (thy feet) lttt a. '' άποκριθηναι αύτφ LTTrA. ' Μωνσίως LTTrAW. ■»• iav TW. 


σίΡ νμιν "τηρείν,^^ "τηρείτε και ττοιεΐτε' κατά.οί τά.ίργα.αΰτών 'Λοί observe and άυ: 

teU you to keep, keep and do. But after their works their λ° oiks : ^o- Ihey 

μή.ττοιε~ιτε' λεγονσιν.γάρ και ού.ττοιονσιν. 4 δεσμενονσιν ^γάρ^^ ^^r^ and do not. 4 For 

do not; for they say and do not. '■'They'bind 'for they bind hea^y bur- 

' , \ i. r, ' < » Λ' > < < ^^ ^'^^ grieTous to 

φορτία βαρέα %σι δυσβάστακτα, και εττιτιθεασιν επί τους be borne, and lay lAem 

burdens heavy and hard to bear, and lay [them] on the °^^ ™™'^ shoulders ; 

• ~ . Λ / ~ ^^\ >^ < ~ II > Λ'Λ ^^* they themselves 

ωμούς των ανθρώπων' ^τφ.οε.δακτνλψ.αυτων" ον.θελονσιν will not move them 

ehoulders of men, but with their own finger they will not "^^^ one of their fin- 

, / _ , <^^ X „ , ~ ~ < , gers. 5 But all their 

κινησαι αυτά. 5 παντα,οε τα.εργα αυτών ποιουσιν προς το works they do for to 

move them. And all their works they do to be seen of men : they 

θεαθήναι τοΙς άνθρώποις. πλατννουσιν ^δ'ε' τα φυλακτηρια iacteries,'\nd enlarge 

be seen hymen. "They-^make •'broad 'and ®phylacterios the borders of their 

,~ , »/ , / j,,^; - >-..- garments, 6 .and '.ova 

αυτών, και μεγαλυνουσιν τα κρασπεοα ^των.ιματιων.αυτων ihe uppermost rooms 

^their, and enlarge the borders of their garments. at feasts, and the chief 

6 φιλοΰσίν νε" την πρωτοκλισίαν εν τοϊς οείπνοις, και τάς g'if^es.^V and ^^τ- 

^love 'and the first place in the suppers, and the ings in the markets. 

πρωτοκαθεδρίας tv ταϊς σνναγωγαΐς, 7 και τους ασπασμούς εν men, * Kabbir^EabbL 

first seats in the synagogues, and the salutations in 8 But be not 'ye called 

ταις άγοραϊς, και κα\εϊσθαιΰπ6 των ανθρώπων^ ραββ'ι,ραββι•^^ Masi!='r, ^eieToir "s^i 

themarket-places.aud to be called by men Sabbi, Rabbi. and a!'i ye arebreth- 

8 υμε\ς.δε μή.κληθητε ^ραββί'" εΐς.γάρ εστίν υμών 6 ^καθηγητής, ■ ;^°;^ j-ou^^ther^upon 

But T'e 'be -not called Rabbi; for one is your leader, the earth : for one is 

? ^T'i^'' "'^'Ί'^/' ^^'^^ i^'i^''' '^^'• 9 ri Tf ri^"^../"'^ fn heaven'"io"Sir 
Uie Christ,^ and all ^ ye brethren ^ are. And ^father -not be ye called m.asters : 

καλέσητε υμών ΙπΙ της γης' εΐς.γάρ εστίν ^ό.πατήρ.ΰμών,^^ for °^S}^. ^°^J?^}^^' 

■call ^ ^your[^any«one]on the earth; for one is your father, ^ t^'h!? iV^reatesi amon| 

"0 εν τοΊς οίφανοΐς.^^ 10 μηδ'ε κληθητε καθηγηταί' '^εΐς.γάρ you shall be your ser- 
%vho[is]in the heavens. Neither be called leaders; for one vant. 12 And whoso- 

. >, ) - Λ ' < ' < ^> /v < - ^'^^^ shall exalt him- 

νμών εστίν ο καθηγητής,'^ ο χριστός. 11 ο.δε μείζων υμών self shall be abased; 

•TOur 'is leader, the Christ. But the greater of you and he that shall hum- 

, ^ - , ίΛ f ^< , I , < > Λ' ^le himself shall be 

εσται υμών διάκονος. 12 οστις.δε υψώσει εαυτόν ταπεινωθη- exalted. 

.shall be your servant. And whosoever will exalt himself shall be 

σεται' καΙ 'όστις ταπεινώσει εαυτϋν ύφωθήσεται. 

humbled; and whosoever will humble himself shall be ex.alted. 

13 (14) 'Όϋαΐ.'-'^έ' ύμϊν, γραμματείς και ΦαρισαΙοι, ύποκριταί, ΐ3 But woe unto you 

But woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, scribes and Pharisees^ 

OTi κατεσθιετε τάς οικίας των χηρών, και προφάσει μακρά ^^°tif '*®1• ^°d^m^^^f 

for ye devour the houuses of widows, and as a pretext ^at ^great ^length heaven against^'men: 

προσευχόμενοι' διά τοϋτο ληψεσθε περισσότερον κρίμα." for ye neither go m 

'praying. Because of thie ye shall receive more abundant judgment, fe" ve tifem°'tha"are 

14 (13) Ovai^ ΰμΐν, γραμματείς και ΦαρισαΙοι, ύποκριταί, οτι entering to go in. 

Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, for 14 \\ oe unto you, 

r, , > » η - ' η ' scribes .and Pharisees, 

κλείετε την βασιλείαν τών ουρανών έμπροσθεν τών ανθρώπων hypocrites! for ye de- 

ye shut up the kingdom of the heavens before men; vour widows' houses, 

. ~ , , > / η , iv , , » . ' and for a pretence 

ύμεις.γαρ ουκ.εισερχεσθε, ουδέ τους εισερχόμενους αφιετε make long prayer : 

for ye do not enter, nor even those who are entering do ye suffer therefore ye shall re- 

,..„,,, _^,,,^ ~ >^ -' ' ceive the greater dam- 

εισελθειν. 15 Ovai wuii», γραμματείς και Φαρισαιοι, υποκριται, nation, is Woe unto 

to enter. Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites, you, scribes and Pha- 

„ , - η 'Λ < . V < - .» risees, hypocrites I for 

on ^περιάγετε την θάλασσαν και την ξηραν ποιησαι ενα ye compass sea and 

'for ye go about the sea and the dry [land] to make one land to make one pros- 

n — Tqpelv LTTtA. ° ποιήσατε και. τημεΙτ€ LTTrA. Ρ δέ but LTTrA. 1 — και δυσβάσ- 

τακτα τ[τγ]α. ■■ αΰτοΙ δέ τω δακτυλω αντών but they themselves with their fingpr l ιτγα. 
' yap for LTTrA. ^ — τών ιματίων αντών LTTrA. " δέ LTTrA. "• ραββί LTr; ραββΐί Τ ; 

pajSjSl [ραββί] Α. ^ ραββΐί Τ. y διδάσκαλοϊ teacher LTTrAW. \~.° XP'-f'"^ Glttfaw. 
'^νμών ό πατήρ LTTr. ^ ό ουράνιος the heavenly LTTrA. '^ 'ότι καθηγηττης υμών εστίν ei? LTTrA. 
<* Verse 13 placed after 14 ε ; — verse 13 LTTrA. « — δέ but κ. f + δέ but (woe) elttfa. 



eiyte, and when^ he u ττροσήλντον, Kui OTUv γενηται, ποιέϊτε αυτόν υιόν γε- 

^ofol/mor^'the child proselyte, and when he has become [so], ye make him a son of 0*. 

of hell than your- Ij/vjjg ^ιττλότερον νμών. 16 ΟύαΙΰμΙν, ό^ηγοΙ τυφλοί, οι 

^ou,^i/e bUnd'yWes'! ^enna twofj)ld more than yourselves. Woe to you, 'guides 'blind, who 

which say. Whosoever λέγοντες, Ός.άν όμόση iv τω ναφ, ούδεν ίστιν ος δ' αν 

^eHtTsTothiii^i^but "'"J'• Whoevershallswear by the temple, nothing it is; but whoever 

whosoever shaU swear ό/ίόσ|; Iv τφ χρυσψ τοϋ vaoiJ, όφείλζΐ. 17 Μωροί και τυφλοί' 

by the gold of the tern- shall swear by the gold of the temple, is a debtor. Fools and bUnd. 

pie, he is a debtor I , ,, , >, ,« ,, , , , , » , , , i , , „ ,. 

17 re fools and blind : «γις^.γαρ "αείζων" εστιν, ο χρυσός, η ο ναός ο 'ανιαζων" 

for whether is greater, for which ^greater 'is, the gold, or the temple which sanctifies 
the gold, or the temple , , ^ ' «/-v k- > < ii > ' > ~ r^ 

that sanctifieth the Tov χρυσον \ 18 και, Ος^εαν» oμoσy tv τψ θυσιαστηριω^ 

gold? 18 And, Who- the gold? And, Whoever shall swear by the altar, 

soever shall swear by , j,, , . " j' « » ' > ~ ^ > ~ , , , ~ 

the altar, it is nothing; ovoEV εστιν ος.ο MV ομοσ^ hv τψ οωρφ Τψ ίττανω aVTOV, 
but whosoever swear- nothing it is ; bntwhoever shall swear by the gift that [is] upon it, 
eth by the gift that is > , '\ -t η \ » >ii J^ ' ' < ~v i .v „ 

upon it, he is guilty. Οφείλει. 19 'μωροι και'ΐ τυφλοί, τι γαρ μείζον, το οωρον, 

19 Ye fools and blind : is a debtor. Fools and blind, for which [is] greater, the gift, 

the^Lft.^or'the'^^aui V TO θυσιαστηριον TO άγιάζον TO δώρον ; 20 ΰ olv ομόσας 

that sanctifieth the or the altar which sanctifies the gift ? He ^hat 'therefore swears 

fo^Lfiuib^The ^^^ Τψ θυσιαστηρίφ ομνύει εν αυτψ και εν ττάσιν τοΐς επάνω 

altar, sweareth by it, hy the altar swears by it and by all things that [are] upon 

^^2fAnd whosoBhili «ΰτοΰ- 21 και δ ομόσας εν τφ ναφ ομνύει εν αύτφ και εν 
swear by the temple, i•^• And he that swears by the temple swears by it and by 

sweareth by it^, ^and ^φ ^κατοικοϋντι^^ αύτόν' 22 και ϋ ομόσας εν τψ ονρανψ 

therein. 22 And he that liuawho dwells in it. And he that swears by the heaven 

•hall sweaj by heaven, όμνύει εν Τψ θρόνψ τοϋ θεοϋ και εν τφ καθημενω επάνω 

olXdfand by ω^ ^^^^^^ ^7*^^ ^^<'^ of God and by him who sits ^ upon 

that sitteth thereon, αϋτού. 23 Οϋαι ύμΐν, γραμματείς και ΦαρισαΙοι, ύποκριταί, οτι 

scri^°lnd Phari^; ^*• ^^°® *°7°^• '°"^^\ , '^f*^ Pharisees, ^ hypocrites, for 

hypocritesi for ye pay άποδεκατοΰτε TO ηδύοσμον και TO άνηθον και το κνμινον, και 

tithe of mint and anise ye pay tithes of the mint and the anise and the cummin, and 

and cummin, and have ,, \ r> t ~/ < , ,, 

omitted the weightier αφηκατε τα βαρύτερα του νομού, την κρίσιν και '^τον 

matters of the law, ye have left aside the weightier [matters] of the law, judgment, and 

judgment, mercy, and „^ ,, > , , ~ η >'s> ~ > ~ » 

faith: these ought ye ελεον KUi τήν πιστιν' ταυτα° εόει ποιησαι, κακεινα μη 

to have done, and not mercy and faith : these it behoved [you] to do, and those not 

to leave the other un- „ > ., ' ii λ^ < ^ ^ ^λ ' η •ιι ? -λ 'v ' 

done. 24 Ye blind Ραώΐίναι." 24 οοηγοι τυφλοί, ΐοι" όιυλιζοντες τον κώνωπα, 

guides, which strain at to be leaving aside. ^Guides 'blind, who filter out the gnat, 
a gnat, and swallow a ' ji ' λ ' λε rv ' > • ~ ~ « 

cameL 25 Woe unto Tijv.ok καμηλον καταπινοντΐς. 25 Ουαι υμιν, γραμματείς και 

you, scribes and Pha- but the camel swallow. Woe to you, scribes and 

ye make c?ea "the out- Φαρισαΐοι, ύποκριταί, οτι καθαρίζετε TO εζωθεν τοΰ ποτηριού 

side of the cup and of Pharisees, hypocrites, for ye cleanse the outside of the cup 

^'frrfun'oT^ei"^ «cai της παροψίδος, εσωθενΜ γ'εμουσιν ^έξ" αρπάγης και 

tortion and excess, and of the dish, but within they are full of plunder and 

risei^anse firKttta; 'ακρασίας.' 26 Λαρισαίε τυφλέ, καθάρισον πρώτον το εντός 

which is within the cup incontinence. -"Pharisee 'blind, cleanse first the inside 

onteide'^o/'^them'^m'av τοϋ ποτηρίου^και τής παρο-φίδος,^^'ίνα γενηται και τό εκτός 

be clean also. 27 W<» of the cup and of the dish, that 'may 'become ^also' the -Outside 

unto_you, scribes^ and "αυτών^^ καθαρόν. 27 Ούαι ύμΤν, γραμματείς και Φαρισαϊοι, 

for y^'^'^aro f^e'^unto Όί *them clean. λΥοβ to you, scribes and Pharisees, 

whlted Bcpuichres, νποκβίταί, ΟΤΙ ^ παρομοιάζετε^^ τάώοις κεκονιαμενοις, ο'ΐτινες 

i^ttif-^iard'^i^ hypoc'iites, ' for fe L like ^sepnUres 'whired, which 

ore within full of d(jad ίξωθεν μεν φαίνονται ώραΤοι, εσωθεν.δε γ'εμουσιν οστ'εων 
wien'j bones, and of aU outwardly indeed appear beautiful, but within are full of bones 

Κ τί L. ^ μ€Ϊζον L. '■ άγιασα? sanctified LTTrA. ^ av LTTrA. ' — μωροί καΙ [^LJTTrA. 
" κατοικησαντι dwelt in OTtaw. η το eAeo? LTTrA- ° + Se but QLTrAW. Ρ άφίΐνοΛ 

to leave aside lttfa. i — oi (read filtering out. . . . swallowing) ltta. ' — ίξ h [τγ], 

• αδικίας mirighteousness OW. ' — καΐ τ^ς παροφίδος ΤΑ. ' αντοΰ of it LTTrA- 

* όμοιάζΐτβ LTr. 


νεκρών και πάσης ακαθαρσίας. 28 όντως και νμύς 'έζωθεν ^yf ^o'outwSdi? 

of [the] dead and of aU nncleanness. Thus also je outwardly appear righteous unto 

utv φαίν^σθε ΓοΖς άνθρώτΓοις δίκαιοι, ίσωθεν.δε '^μεστοί ίστε" men, hut within ye are 

indeed appear to men righteous, but within '^U 'are Siqtity!'^WoJuSo 

ντΓοκοίσεως και ανομίας. 29 Οΰαι νμίν, γραμματείς και Φα- you, scribes and I'ha- 
of hypocrisy and lawlessness. Woetoyou, scribes '^'^d PJ.a- ^^^4^|. ^^Po^^tf^! ^^^ 

ρισαίοι, νποκριταί, 'ότι οικοδομείτε τους τάφους των προφητών, tombs of the prophets, 

risees, hypocrites, for ye build the sepulchres of the prophets, chref^the righteous' 

και κοσμείτε τα. μνημεία των δικαίων, 30 και λέγετε, Εί ^ήμεν^^ so and say, if we had 

and adorn the tombs of the righteous, and ye say, If we had been been in the days of our 

, , , , , _ .. , fathers, we would not 

kv ταΐς ημεραις τών.πατερων.ημων, ονκ.αν.^ήμεν^' ^κοινωνοί have been partakers 

in thR days of our fathers we would not have been partakers ''^Λ them in the 

, ,, , ^ ,, ^ - m " - blood of the prophets. 

αυτων'^ εν τφ αιματι των προφητών. όΙ ώστε μαρτυρείτε 3ΐ Wherefore ye be 

with them in the blood of the prophets. So that ye bear witness witnesses unto your- 

,_„,,, ^ , > ^ , , selves, that ye are the 

εαυτοις, οτι υιοί εστε των φονευσαντων τους προφητας' children of them which 

to yourselves, that sons ye are of those who murdered the prophets; killed the prophets. 

-^ , . ^ Ν ^ ^ , -, / « ~ oo "j 32 Fill ye up then the 

32 και υμεις πληρώσατε TO μετρον των.πατερων.νμων. 33 οφεις, measure of your fa- 

and ye, fill ye up the measure of your fathers. Serpents, thers. 33 Ye serpents, 

/ ΪΛ.Ν. .>../ >\.*/ ■>. ye generation of vi- 

γενι)ϊ]ματα εχιδνων, πως φνγητε απο της κρίσεως της γε- pers, how can ye escape 
offspring of vipers, how shall ye escape from the judgment of Ge- the damnation of hell ? 

εννης ; 34 Δια τοϋτο, ιδού, εγώ άττοστελλω προς υμάς προ- Τ s^a'uiToy^^vro. 

henna? Because of this, behold, I send to you pro- phets, and wise men, 

φητας και σοφούς και γραμματείς' ''καΟ^ k'i αυτών άπο- ^F'^them^ye sTaU^MU 

phets and wise [men] and scribes ; and [some] of them ye will ^nd crucify ; and some 

κτενε\τε και σταυρώσετε, και εξ αυτών μαστιγώσετε εν ταΐς ^^^^^ξ^ voifr syna- 

kill and crucify, and [some] of them ye will scourge in gogues, and persecute 

συναγωγαϊς.ΰμών, καΐ διώξετε άπο πόλεως εις πάλιν' ^^^°™'^^*^^*^^*J^ 

your synagogues, ^ and wiU persecute from ^ city to city; come^lUheMght^S 

35 οττως ίλθη εφ' υμάς πάν αΐμα δίκαιον ^εκχυνόμενον" bloodshed upon the 

so that should come upon you aU [the] =blood 'righteous poured out ofrigh^ous Abel unto 

έτΓΐ της γης, άπο *^Γθΰ" αίματος Άβελ τον δικαίου, εως του the blood of Zacharias 

upon the earth from the blood of Abel the righteous, to the ^°^ °* , Barachias, 

„ , , _ / ,N , / yy~, whom ye slew between 

αίματος Ζαχαριου υιού Βαραχιου, ον εφονευσατε μεταξύ τον the temple and the 

blood of Zacharias son of Barachias, whom ye murdered between the altar. 36 Verily I say 
~ s .. η I e\r» ' > \ ' < ~ ri " ν unto you. All these 

vaov και του θυσιαστήριου. 36 αμήν λέγω υμιν, ήξει things shall come upon 

temple and the altar. Verily I say to you, *shall 'come this generation. 37 

,„,,, , , nm <-r \ ' Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 

^ταντα τταντα" επι την.γενεαν.ταυτην οΊ Ιερουσαλήμ, thou that kiiiest the 

^hese =*things 'all upon this generation. Jerusalem, prophets, and stonest 

,^ \''> ' < ,' '^/^/D■»~ them which are sent 

Ιερουσαλήμ, η αποκτεινουσα τονς προφητας και λιαορολονσα vmto thee, how often 

Jerusalem, who killest the prophets and stonest would I have gathered 

,, -.i ,)/ / >n"\ ' thy children together, 

τους απεσταλμενονς προς αυτήν, ποσάκις ηθέλησα επισυν- evenasahengathereth 

those who have been sent to her, how often would I have gath- her cbdckens under her 

~ \ I « / (1 ' « 11 \ wings, and ve would 

αγαγειν τα.τεκνα.σον, ον.τροπον ^επισνναγει ορνις'^ τα ηο^ι 38 Behold, your 

ered together thy children, in the way ^gathers ^together 'a '-'hen house is left unto you 

νοσσίαΜαυτής υπό τάς πτέρυγας^, και ούκ.ήθελήσατε; ^Tjyou, γβ fhaii not 

her brood under [her] wings, and ye would not 1 see me henceforth, till 

38 ιδού, άψίεται ύμΧν ο.οΐκος.ύμών Ηρημος.^^ 39 λεγω.γάρ ^rthat coL?h to th^ 

Behold, is left to you your house desolate ; for I say uame of the Lord. 

ύμΊν, Ού.μή με ιδητε άπ'.άρτι εως.άν Βίπητε, Έ,νλογη- 

to you, In no wise me shall ye see henceforth until ye say, Blese- 

μ'ενος b ερχόμενος εν ονόματι κυρίου. 

ed [is] he who comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. 

» βστε μβστοί LTTrA. y ημeβαGLTTrAW. * αυτών κοινωνοί LTrA. '^ — καΐ ltttA. 

•» βκχυννόμενον LTTrA. •= — τον w. <> + on that g[a]w. « πάντα ταΰτα ltia. ^ όρνις 
ίτΓίσυνάγει LTTrA. s αντης TfxrjAW ; — ίαντης (read [her]) L. *> + Ι^ανττις'} her (wings) L. 
> — 6ρημο5 L. 


XXIV. And Jcsue 24 Κ«ί ΙζεΧθών ϋ Ίί/σοΰς ^εττορεύετο άπυ τον Ίερον," καΊ 

romrtc'temSlTrand And going forth Jesus ^ ...n^t away from^ the ten.ple, and 

his disciples came to ττροσηΧθον οΊ.μαθηται .ίΐυτοϋ έτΓίοεΤξαι αύτφ τάς οίκοδομάς 

Λΐίίΐ for to shew hiiu tganie *to Phlm] 'his Μί8ϋίιι1θ3 to point out to him the buildings 

the buildings of the _ , ~ ^ . ^^ ι.τ ~ n t . ~ ^ > πλ . / 

temple. 2 And Jesus tov ispov. 2 o.osJ Ιησονς" UTT^v avTOiQ, Ου.ρλετΓετε "^παντα 

said unto them, See ye ^,f the temple. But Jesus said to them, See ye not all 

not all these things f _ ii > ' λ ' < ~ ' < ' ^ n- ^^ \ 'n ' ' \ vi 

verily I say unto you, ravTU y^ αμήν λέγω υμιν, ου.μη αφεθγ ωόε λίθος επι λιϋον 

There shall not be left these things? Verily 1 say to you, not at all shall be left here stone upon stone 

here one stone upon „ > η mi \ r\' η tr η ' ϊ•ι » ~ , , 

another, that shall not ος ου"μψ.καταλνϋησεται. ό Καϋημενου.όε αυτόν εττι τον 

he thrown down. 3 And which shall not be thrown down. And as "was ^sitting 'he upon the 

as he sat upon the „ ^ i-. ~ ~\ η ' ~ ■ η >n > if \ < 

mount of Olives, the opovQ των ελαίων ττροσηλθον αυτψ οι μαυψαι^ κατ .ιύιαν,λε- 

disciples came unto mount of Olives ■'came ""to 'him 'the "disciples apart, .sr.y- 

TeU ^us!"wh^'n '^sh°n γοντες, Είττέ νμίν, ττότε ταύτα εσται ; και τι τυ σημεϊον 

these things be? and ing, Tell us, when -these ^things 'bhall be? and wliat [is] the sign 

:tty''cL•uXL•fo"i της.σης παρονσίας καΐ ΡτΓ/ς" σνι^τελπας τού αιώνος; 4 Καί 

the end of the world ? of thy coming and of the completion of the age ? And 

tn^safruntoThcm ατΓΟΚριθύς d Ίησοϋς εΐττεν αντοΊς, Βλέπετε, μή τις υμάς 

Take heed that no man ansΛvering Jesus said to them. Take heed, lest anyone "H-ou 

manvMcome^nmy -^^^vnoy. 5 ΤΓολλοί.γάρ ίλεύσονται Ιπι τψ.όνόματί.μον,•λε- 

name, saying, I am 'mislead. For many will come in my name, 

Christ; and shall dc- yQ^T^r Έγώ είμι Ο νριστός' καΐ τΓολλονς πλανήσονσιν. 

shauίfea7ofw^^inl «^yi"- Ι am the Christ ; and many they will mislead. 

rumours of wars: sec Q Μελλησετε.δε άκονειν τΓολέμονς και άκοάς πολέμων, ΰρατε, 

Wed-^for^ aU V^e J^ut ye shall be about to hear of wars and rumours of wars. See, 

thi7igs must come to μή.θροεΤσθε' δεί.γάρ ^πάντα^^ γενέσθαι' αλλ' ονπω 

pass, but the end is not be not distiu-bed ; for it is necessary all [these] things to take place, but not yet 

yet. 7 Tor nation shall , ,λ - >τλ η' < "η r' Ml "Ω 

rise against nation, toTiv TO τελος. 7 Εγερθησεται.γαρ έθνος "^ετΓΐ" εθι^υς, και 

and kingdom against jg ^j^g g^^^ For-shalPrise''up 'nation against nation, and 

kingdom : and there ον'-'ΟΛ' >" λ'β'Λ Μ 

shall be famines, and βασίλεια επι βασιλειαν' και έσονται λιμοί ^και λυιμοι• 

pestilences, and earth- kingdom against kingdom; and there shall be famines and pestilences 

quakes, in divers , , , , r, ' ^^ ~ . . > j- 

places. 8 All these <i?e και σεισμοι κατα τόπους. S παντα.όε ταύτα αρχή ωόι- 

the beginning of sor- and earthquakes in [different] places. But all these [are] a beginning of 

rows. 9 Then shall r\ m ' r»' ' ~ ' r\\ ' ι »' 

they deliver you up to νων. 9 Tore παραδωσουσιν υμάς εις θλιψιν, και αποκτενονσιν 

be afflicted, and shall ihrocs. Then will they deliver up you to tribulation, and will kill 

kill you : and ye shall <~ y « r\ > <«/ t~ii'/i~ ?> 

be hated oi all nations νμας' και εσεοθε μισουμενοι υπο πάντων Vwi^" εθνών οια 

for my name's sake, you; and ye will be hated by all the nations on account of 

many be offended^ιnd τυ.ΰΐ'ομά.μου. 10 και τότε σκανδάλισθήσονται πολλοί, και 

shall betray one' an- my name. And then will be offended many, and 

on''e'another.^''n Α^\ΐ αλλήλους παραδωσουσιν και μισησουσιν αλλήλους- 11 και 

many false' prophets one another they will deliver up and will h.ate one another ; and 

deceive m a uy^^'^ii'^And ^ολλοι -^ευδοπροιρηται ίγερθήσονται, και πλανήσουσιν πολ- 

because iniquity'shall many false proiihets will arise, and will mislead 

many 'shau'Vax^coh/ ^<^^'ζ' 1^ και Οιά το.πληθυνθηναι την άνομίαν, ^φυγησεται 

13 But ho that shall "^-luy ; and because shall have been multiplied ]awlessnoss,''will "grow "cold 

endure imto the end, ^^ αγάπη τών πολλών 13 δ.δε υπομείνας εις τελος, 

BaTed^'^'"ll A^d this 'ί^β ^^^°^β ■''of «the ^many ; but he who endures to [the] end 

^i?^rf V*"^ *^^"^ ^\°^f °•"^ οΐ'τος σωθήσεται. 14 και κηρυχθήσεται τοϋτο.το.ευαγγελιον 

uU the worid for 'a ^'° shall be saved. Ami there shall bo proclaimed these glad tidings 

^^^tneκκ unto all na- •j-,'^^• βασιλείας tv ολ^ Ty oiKOinavy, εις μαρτΰριον πάσιν τοΧς 

'ί'^'" • , '"' ""j",!!'''^' of the kingdom in all the habitable earth, for a testimony to all the 

vu .11 .SCO εθνεσιν κα\ τότε ήζει τυ τέλος. 16"θταν οΐν ΐδητε το 

','"','"'"'''',"" "^ί nations; and then shall come the end. ΛλΤιοη therefore ye shall see tho 

dcsolaticiti, spoken of ' , , , ,, _ 

by i>a)iiei the ))rophet, βδελυγμα της ερημωσεως, τυ ρηθέν οια Αανιηλ του προ- 

stand in the holy place, ubomination of desolation, which was spoken of by D.aniel the pro- 

'^ άττϋ (e/c out of l) τού iepov enopevero LTIYA. ' άποκριθίΐζ answering (he said) LTTrA. 

"> τοίτα πάντα ι,ΤϊγΑ. » — μτη GLTTiA'W. ° + [αντον] θ1 him L. V — της LTTrA. 

S — πάντα Ι,ΤΤγ[α]. ' err' Τ. ^ — και λοιμοί LTTiA. * — των Ε. 


φητου, 'farof;" Iv τόπφ άγίω' ΰ άνανινώσκων ^νοεί- (whosoieadeth,iet>iiiii 

phet, stamliiig in [the] -^place 'holy (he who reads let him un- ^'^"Γ*'''^'^ί?- i*^-^^^" 

, , , ^ J Λ ' / '^ tnem winch oe in 

τω'" 16 τυτε οι εν ry Ιουδαία ώενγετωσαν ^έττΐ" τά Jui^a flee into the 

derstand), then those in Judea let them flee to the inountains : 17 let him 

« ,-,,,-Γ., , o'i-r/ which IS on the house- 

ορη- η υ am του ύωματος μ?)7ΐ€αταί5αινετω αραι Vt" top not come down to 

motmtaius ; he on the housetop let him not come down totakeanythin" t-ite any thing out of 

J ~ -la <<> -• - «. ,/°^^ house : 18 neither 

tK τΐ]ς.οικιας.αυτου' lb και ο εν τψ αγρφ μή-εττιστρεψατω let him which is iu 

out of his house; and he in the field let him not. return ^^^ fie^<i return back 

, , τ a < < ' . . - Tr> . > <>. ~ . , , t^o take his clcjthes 

οτΓίσω apaL ^τα ιμάτια auTOu. Vj ouai.Ci ταις ίΊ•.γαστρι.ε- la And woe unto them 

back to take "g-armente 'his. But woe to those that are with *^^at are with child, 

/ ~ fl Λ '/ ' > , - ^ , , and to them that give 

χονσαις και ταις υηλαί,ονσαις εν εκειναις ταις ημεραις. suck iu those days! 

child and to those that give suck iu those days. 20 But pray ye that 

->r> ' /!!>'" ' ' ' . > t ^ ~ ^, your flight he not in 

•20 τΓοοσευχεσέ/ε.Οε iva μη.γενηται ιι.ψυγη.νμων χειμωνος, μηοε the winter, neither on 

And pray that -^ay •'not ^be 'youi• "flight in winter, nor the sabbath d^y: 21 for 

Hv'^ σαββάτψ. 21 Έσται.^άρ τότε ^ θλί^ις μεγάλη, οία ^ού irfb'iS, ^ucfts 

on sabbath: for there shall be then -tribulation 'great such as '•'no: was not since the be- 

γέγονεν" άττ' αρχής κόσμου εως τον νυν, ουδ'.οϋ.μή i^^it^^^^^ 

'has been from [the] beginning of [the] world until now, no, nor ever ever shall be. 22 And 

γενηται. 22 και ει.μή εκολοβώθησαν αί.ήμεραιΛκεΙναι, ουκ "^^Ι^ be^dfortelS'' 

shall be; and unless ^had ''been ^'shortened 'those ^days, *not there should no flesli 

άν.εσώθη ττάσα σαρξ• ΰιά.οε '''(>^ζ ^'^^^'^'''ovi; ^tecV'sf-'i^'thosId^t 

•there 'would have been saved any flesh, but ou account of the elect shall * be ^ shortened! 

κολοβωθησονται αΊ,ήμεραι.εκεΙναι. 23 Τότε εάν τις υαιν ^3 Tiieu if any nian 

^shall-'be^short^ened ^ ^' those '^days^ ^ Then if anyone^ to you fg^^^^V;!^^"^;^^!^^^^^ 

εΪ7Γ7/, 'I^oti, ώίε όχριστός,Ί] ώ£ε, μή.'^πιστεύσητε^ 24'ΕΎευ- believe Λ not. 24 For 

say, Behold, here [is] the Christ, or here, believe [it] not. "There Vill ^^j^^f^^^^|^l|/^;^ 

θήσονται yap "φενδόχριστοι και •φευδθ7Γροφήται, καΐ δώσουσιν piiets, and shall shew 

*arise 'for false Christs and false prophets, and will give f'®** ?'^^ *^^ T"^' 

< / „ Λ ~ II > ^ A ders; insomuch that, 

σημεία μεγάλα και τέρατα, ώστε ^ττλανήσαι", ει δυνατόν, και if tiii^ere possible, they 

=sign= 'great and wonders, so as to mislead, if possible, even shall deceive the very 

, , V . o- ". ' ' . ~ 4/^ > > - „ e-ect. 25 Behold, I 

τονςεκΧεκτους. χοΐΰου, προειρηκα νμιν.'ζοεαν ονν ειττωσιν have told you before. 

the elect. Lo, Ihavefoi'etold[it] toyou. if therefore they say 20 VvTiereioiO if they 

t ~ »tS> ' ' - > / > / - '>"\n 'T? ' ' shall say unto you, 

υμιν, loov, εν Ty ερημφ εστίν, μή.εξελθητε' Joov, εν Behold, he is in the 

to you. Behold, in the wilderness he is, go not f ortii : Behold, [he is] in desert ; go not forth : 

. r ^n t, . t , . >v' behold, he is in the 

τοις ταμειοις, μη.ΤΓίστευσητε. 27 ωσττερ.γαρ η αστραττη εξερ- secret chambers; be- 

the chambers, believe [it] not. For as the lightning comes lieve it not. 27 For as 

> > ' Λ ~ ' , ' " ^ ^ „ the lishtning• conieth 

χεται απο ανατολών και φαίνεται εως ουσμων, ούτως out of the last, and 

forth from [the] east and appears as far as [the] west, so shiuetli even xuito the 

ίσται^καί" ?'/ τταρουσια τον υϊοΰ του άνθρωπου. 28 οττου-^γαο" Γο?αΐΓο?ίΚοη*ο{ 

sliallbe also the coming of the Son of man. For wherever man be. 23 For where- 

εάν y TO -πτώμα, εκεί συναχθήσονται oi αετοί. 29 Εΰ- l^^T^m The^eagies 

maybe the carcase, there will be gathered together the eagles. "Immedi- be gathered together. 

θεως δε μετά την θλίψιν τών.ήμερών.εκείνων ο ΐ']λιος σκοτι- the^'^tribuiltion'^of 

ately 'but after the tribulation of those days the sun shall be those days shall the 

σθήσ^ται, και ή σελήνη ού.δώσει τύ.φ'εγγος.αϋτης, και οι ^^ ^^ darkened, and 

darkened, and^ the moon ^ shall not give her light, ^ and the gi^^ ™e°°i^glft, and ?he 

άστ'εοες πεσοΰνται ^άπο'^ του ουρανού, και α'ι δυνάμεισ των ^^^^ shall fall from 

stars ^ shaUfaU from the heaven, and the powers " of the ^Γ^^Τν'η^,ΧΓΐ^,^^ 

ουρανών σαλευθήσονται. 30 icai τότε ώανήσεται το σημεϊον shaken: so and then 

heavens shaU be shaken. And then shaU appear the sign of'the^SoTof'^mir^S 

ΤΟϋ υ'ΐοϋ τοϋ άνθρωπου εν 'r(p" Ουρανφ' και '^τότε" κό- heaven: and then shall 
of the Son of man in the heaven ; and then shall 

' έοτώς EG. " νοείτω ; does he uiiderstand ? Tr. » eU LTr. y κα-αβάτυύ ltt:-. 

* τά the thmgs glttiaw. » το ίμάτιορ garment LTTr. *> — ei> OLTTrAW. « ουκ 
«γένετο Τ. <* πιστευ'ετί L. « πλανηθηναι. Τ ; πλανασβαι (read SO that will be misled) Tr. 

* — Koi LTTrAW. β — yap for LTTrA. *■ (.< OUt Of T. « — Τω LTIrA. "^ — τότβ Τ. 


all the tribes of the d/ovTat ττάσαι αϊ φνλαι της γης, και δφονται τον ν'ών τον 

shlii^^tKon of ^*il =^11 the tribes of ihQ land, and thejshall see the Son 

man coming in the άνθοώτΓον, tpvouevov f ττί τών νεφελών του ουρανού μετά δυ- 

clonds of heaven with ^ ^coming on the clouds of heaven with 

power and great glory, ^ % τ«/ν n>~ «-i > . > ~ , , »> 

31 And ho shall send ναμεως και οοξης ΊΓολΧης. 31 και αττοστεΚει τονς αγγεΚονς 

Ms iiugels with a great ^j. ^^j ^ j 'great. And he shall send ^angels 

sound of a trumpet, ^ , _ «Λ i ~ η /-. ^ , 

and they shall gather avTOV μετα σαλτηγγος άφωνης" μεγάλης, και εττισυναζουσιν 

together his elect from ij^jg with 'of *a ^trumpet "sound Veat, and they shall gather together 

the four winds, from ,,» ,,~,^ / ,/ ,• » 

one end of heaven to τονς.εκλεκτονς.αντου tK των τεσσάρων άνεμων, απ άκρων 

the other. 32 Now learn his elect from the four winds, from [the] extremities 

a parable of the fig , ^ »< „ „ , ^ „;-. » » > r-v 

pree; When his branch ουρανων εως "" ακρων αυτών. 02 ΑτΓο.όε της συκης 

is yet tender, and put- of [the] heavens to [the] extremities of them. But from the fig-tree 

ceth forth leaves, ye 

know that summer is 

nigh: 33 so likewise learn the parable: When already its branch is become 

all' thes^e"th?ngs,''know απαλός, και τά φύλλα Ηκφύ^,^^ γινώσκετε 'ότι εγγύς το 

that it is near, even at tender, and the leaves it puts forth, ye know that near [is] the 

S'^unTo l^u'^'This θέρος- 33 όντως καΐ νμεΊς, όταν Ιδητε ^τΐάντα ταντα^"^ 

generation 8ha!ll not summer. Thus also ye, when ye see all these things, 

thfngs^^'be '^fiiifi^Ued*^ γινώσκετε ότι εγγύς Ιστιν ίττι θύραις. 34 αμήν λέγω ΰμϊν,^ 

35 Heaven and earth know that near it is, at [the] doors. Verily I say to you, 

mv^'worfs '^shaU not ού.μή τταρελθ/^ ή.γενεά.αυτη εως.ΰν πάντα ταύτα 

r)a"ss awav 36 But of la no wise will have passed away this generation until aU these things 

that day and hour γενηται. 35 Ό Ουρανός και ή γι} '^παρελενσονται,' 

nL^TheanTel^oThea: «^^ΙΙ^^β taken place. The heaven and the eirth shall pass away, 
ven, but my Father οΊ.δεΑόγοι.μου ού.μή παρελθωσιν. 36 ΐίερι.δε της ι'ιμερας 

only. 37 Bui as the ^^ j words in no wise shall pass away. But concerning "day 

days of Noe ivere, so , , ^ ^ ^^ , i, , Λ . ^^ . 7> λ ~ 

shall also the coming εκείνης και ■'τ/ίς ' ώρας ονδεις ο'ίοεν, ουδέ οι άγγελοι των 

of the Son of man be. n^^^f^ j^^^ ^^^^ i^^jjy ^(, ^j^^ knows, not even the angels of the 
38 For as m the days , ^ . , . / t n / on"/-> »!>iii < < ' 

that were before the ουρανών, * (ΐ.μή ο.πατΊ}ρ. μου^^ μονός, οι ϋσττερ. 06 αι ημεραι 

flood they were eating heavens, but my Father only. But as the days 

and drinking, marry- ~ , , ~ " " «, mi < ' ~ , ~ ~ . λ / 

ingand giving in mar- του.Νωε, ουτως εσται ^Kac^ η παρουσία του νιου του ανΰρω•- 

riage, until the day of Noe, so shall be also the coming of the Son of 

that Noe entered into oc -r " ii ^ τ > ~ < / ^ ^ ^ ^u 

the ark, 39 and knew που. 38 ^ωσπερ" γαρ ήσαν εν ταις ημεραις' ^ταις προ" 

not until the flood man. -As 'for they were in the days which [were] before 

came, and took them •,..-, < , >. 

aiiaway; so shall .also Tov κατακλυσμού, τρώγοντες και πινοντες, γαμουντες και 
the coming of the Son the flood, eating and drinking, marrying and 

8haiuwobe'int1?efiS '«κγα^ί^ονΓες," άχρι ιις.ήμέραςεΐσήλθεν Νώε εις η)ν κιβωτόν, 

the one shall be taken, giving in marriage, until the day when ■'entered 'Noe into the ark, 

iTTwo'wonimshaUbe ^9 και οϋκίγνωσαν, εως ηλθεν υ κατακλυσμός και ηρεν 
grinding at the mill ; and they knew not till 'came 'the ■'flood .and took away 

Lnd°"t1ie^'otho'r*'^hift' ^παντας, ούτως tVrat^'/cai" ή παρουσία του νιου τον άνθρωπου. 

4:ί Watch therefore: *^ » ^^^^ shall be also the coming of the Son of man. 

hou/*voar\ord "doth ^^ '^''^^ '^'^*' tWvrai" iv τψ άγοφ• '•ό'' εΓς παραλαμβάνεται, 

come. 43 But know ^^"2° *^° "^^^ ^° "* ^^^ ^®''^• ^^° **°® *" **^cn, 

tills, that if the good- ^ai ''0" εΐς άφίεται. 41 δύο άλήθονσαι ίν τφ'μύλωνι'^^ μία 

man ot tne nouse had ^nd the one is left ; two[women] grinding at the mill, one 

παραλαμβάνεται, και μία άώίεται. 42 Γρηγορείτε ούν, οτι 
is taken, and one is left. ΛVatch therefore, for 

ούκ.οϊδατε ποίφ ^ώρ^" ό.κύριος.ύμών έρχεται' 43 εκεΊνο.δ^ 

ye know not in what hour your Lord comes. But this 

' — φωιτής {read a great trumpet) τ. «" -h των the Tr. «» ίκφν^ are put forth ltfa. 

" ταΰτα πάι/τα TTr. Ρ -|- ore that LTr. 1 ΤΓορβλίύσβται QLlTrA. ■■ — της GLTTrA. 

• + ouSe ό νιος nor the son lt. ' — μου {read the Father) αιττΓ[Α]. "• yap for (as) LTr. 
" — Koi i.TTrA. » ώϊ as LTA ; ώ? so Tr. > + ίκίίναίς {read those days) L[Tr}. 

» — ταϊϊ προ {read of the flood) a. » -γαμίσκορτίς I, ; γαμίζοντίς Τ. "^ — και LTrA. 

" etrofTai δύο LT. •* — ό LTTrA. « μν'λω LTTjA. 'ημέρα day LTIYA. 


γινώσκετε, on ει yBei 6 οίκοξεσττότης troiq. (pvXaicy ^"thiel^wouU^omi 

know, that if *had ''known 'the "master Of *the*hoTise in what watch he would hare watch- 

6 κλέπτης έρχεται, ίγρηγόρησεν.άν, και ουκ άν.εΐασεν ^διο- ed, and would not havo 

the thief comes, he would have watched, and not have suffered »to *be broken upf 44" Xhere- 

pwynvat" την.οΊκΊαν.αντοΰ. 44 iia.rovro καΐ νμείς γίνεσθε fore be ye also ren.iy : 

Jdu^nhrough ^ '^his^house. ^ Wherefore also %e ^ 'be J"/ ,hiS'^ noTthrSo"^ 

Ietoiuol' OTL η.^ωρα ού-ίοκεΤτε" 6 ν'ώς τον άνθρωπου έρχεται, ofmancometh. 45Who 

ready, for in what hour ye think not the Son of man comes. then is a faithful and 

V « < < < , Λ -Λ , , V , vnse servant, whom 

45 Τις apa εστίν ο πιστός δούλος και φρόνιμος, ον κατε- his lord bath made 

Who then is the faithful bondman and prudent, whom ^has ^\^J^ «'^er his house- 

< / i ' -11 > ' - kfl ' II ' - ~1? ?' II ^°^^' ^" ^^^ ^^^^ 

στησεν ο.κνριος.αντον επι της. θεραπείας .αυτού, τον ^cioovai" meat in due season? 

*Eet 'his 'lord over his household, to give -^^ Blessed is that ser- 

, .. , , , ~ An ' < »N ~> 1 ., ,Λ vant, whom his lord 

αυτοις την τροφην εν καιρφ ; 4ο μακάριος ο.ΰονλος.εκεινος, ον when he cometh shall 

to them the food in season ? Blessed that bondman, whom find so doing. 47 Verily 
y\ a y > / , ~ t , _ ~ ,/ ii.jn>i«I SS.J unto you, That 

εΚΰων ο.κνριος.αντον ευρησει °^ποιονντα όντως." 47 Αμήν he shall make him 

'having*come 'his ^ord will find doing thus. Verily ruler over all hisgoods. 

\ ' t ~ „ , , ~ ^ . / , ~ / 48 But and if that evil 

Αεγω νμιν, οτι επι πασιν τοις.νπαρχονσιν.αντον καταστήσει servant shall say in 

I say to you, that over all his property he will set his heart, My lore 

αυτόν. 48 ' ε'ιπν 6 κακός δονλος ΗκεΙνος^^ kv Ty tt/na\r!^iUt^nil 

him. But if ^should *say ''evil ^bondman 'that in smite his fellow.-er- 

καρδί(;ι.αντον, Χρονίζει ^υ.κνριός.μον^^ ΗλθεΙν," 49 και άρζηται S wUh ihe^litmk- 

his heart, 'Delays 'my ^ord to come, and should begin en ; 50 the lord of thai 

τνπτειν τους συνδονλονς'^, Ησθίειν'^.δέ καΐ ^πίνειν'^ μετά των f Sa^whin heioXt^ 

to beat [his] fellow -bondmen, and to eat aad to drmk with the not f οΓ^Λίτη and in an 

μεθυόντων, 50 ηξει 6 κύριος τον.δουΚου εκείνον iv ήμερα ^°^ that he is ηοό 

drunken, «will 'come 'the =lord ^of Hhat Mjondman in a day ' c^tTi^ asunder, a^ 

y ον.προσδοκ^, και εν ωρα y ού.γινώσκει, 51 καΐ appoint Aim his por- 

inwhich he does not expect, and in anhour which he knows not, and grifes^there shalPbe 

διχοτομήσει αντόν, και το.μ'ερος.αντον μετά των νποκριτών weeping and gnashing 

will cut Hn Hwo 'him, and his portion with the hypocrites "* teeth. 

θησει' ίκεΐ ΐσται ό κλανθμος και ύ βρνγμός των οδόντων. 

will appoint: there wiU be the weeping and the gnashing of the teeth. 

25 τότε όμοιωθησεται η βασιλεία των ουρανών δέκα 

Then «will 'be 'made ^like 'the ''kingdom ^of '•the 'heavens [to] ten 

παρθενοις, άίτινες λαβονσαι τάς.λαμπάδας.^αντών^^ εζηλθον j^y ThenshaUthe 

virgins, who having taken their lamps went forth kingdom of heaven be 

είς.^άπάντησιν^^ τον ννμφίον. 2 πέντε.δε ''ήσαν εζ αντών^^ Ukened unto ten vir- 

^tomeet ^ the brid^^oom. And five We 'of them S^'J^^.twent forth 
^φρόνιμοι," και ^αί" πέντε ^μωραί.' 3 ^αϊτα'ες" μωραί, λα- ^ο meet the bride- 
prudent, ^ and ^ five^ foolish. They who [were] foolish, hav- ^°^°^-^2^f'^dJ^^ej^ 
βονσαι τάς,λαμπάδας.^ εαυτών," ονκ.ελαβον μεθ' εαντών fiye were foolish. 

ing taken their lamps, did not take with themselves 

3 They that were f ool- 

_ , , ,η. r, .r^ y ~,/ ί*1ι took their lamps, 

ελαιον' 4 αι.δε φρόνιμοι ίλαβον ελαιον εν τοΊς αγγειοις and took no oil with 

oil ; but the prudent took oil in ^vessels ^^^¥^ ■ .f ^^* ^'^'^ '^se 

-1.^., «..N /»> i , .. „ - ,v T>> ~ took oil in their ves- 

'^αντων" μετά των.Ααμπαόων.'^αυτων." ο χρονίζοντος. όε τον sels with their lamps. 

Hheir with their lamps. But ^tarrying 'the ^ While the bride- 

.' ./ y ~ >''/!?. η ' κ groom tarried, they 

νυμφιου, ενυσταξαν πασαι και εκαθευΰον. ο μεσης.οε all slumbered and 

'bridegroom, they "became -drowsy 'all and slept. But in [the] middle slept. 6 And at mid- 

\ I " >T Γ ' ' .• »» II '»" night there was aery 

νυκτός κραυγή γεγονεν, Ιδον, υ ννμφιος ^έρχεται," εξ€ρ- mide, Behold, the 

of [the] night ^a *cry 'there 'was, Behold, the bridegroom comes, go bridegroom cometh ; 

β ^ιομυχθηναι TTr. ^ ov Sefcetre ίόρα LTTrA. • — αντοΰ (read [hisj) ltTfa. 

* oiKeretas LTTrA. ' δούναι OLTTrA. ™ οίίτωϊ ποιονντα LTTrA " — ΐκΐΐνος (read the 

evil bondman) τ. ° μου b κύριοζ lttta. ρ — iKOelv lttt. ? + αντοΰ his (fellow 

bondmen) LTXrAW. ' ΐσθίτ} should eat GLTTrAW. s „^^γ^ should drink GLTXrAW. 

' εαυτών LTr A ; αυτών TW. " ύττάΐ'τησιΐ' ltTiA. ^ ΐξ αυτών ήσαν LTTrx. » μωραΙ foolish 
LTTrA. y — αί EGLTTrAW. ^ φρόΐΊμοι prudent LTTrA. a ai 5e but the L ; αί γαρ for those 
who Ti- ; αϊ yap for the TA. •= αυτών GW ; αυτών LTrA ; — εαυτών Τ. β — αυτών (read the 
vessels) LTTrA. <i εαυτών LT ; αυτών Τγα. ^ — ίρχςται LTTrA. 


7Thln''aii°t'hose^: Χ^'^^^ ^'ζ-άττάντησιν ^uvTovJ^ 7 Τότε ήγερθησαν ττάσαι αι 

^ns arose, and trim- ίοι^Ιι ^ ^ to meet ^ ^him. Then arose all 

medtheir lamps. 8 And παρθίνοίΛκείναι, KUi ίκόσμησαν τάς.λαμττάδαςβαύτών.^^ 8 aiM 

the wfse Give u'f'of those virgrins, and trimmed their lamps. And the 

yonr oil; 'for our lamps μωραΐ TOiQ ώοο^ίΜΟίς ^είττον," ΔοΓΕ ϊ/μΐι/ tK τον Λλαίον. ναών, 

tre^^answered^a?. f-l-\^<'^^« ,P-<^f^ -i-^; ^^- - «f youroil,^ 

ing, .Vof so: lest there oTi αί.Χαμττάδες.ήμώΐ' σβεννυνται. 9 Άπεκοίθησαν.δε αϊ 

be not enough for us for our lamps are going out. But ^answered 'the 

and you: l)ut go ye , τ,;γ' • > ii > ' t ^ < 

rather to them that φρονιμοι, λεγονσαι, ΜητΓοτε Όυκ" αρκεση ημίν και νμϊν' 

soil, and buy for yoiir- -prudent, saying, [No,] lest -^not 'it^mavsiijuce forus and you: 

selves. 10 And while ' η vs.mi ~λν • » -> ~ ^ > / 

thry went to buy, the τΓορει^εσοε.'^όε" μαΚλον ττρυς τους ττωλουντας, και αγοράσατε 

bridegroom came ; and but go rather to those who sell, and buy 

tlioT that were ready , ^ -in > > λ\>~> / ->/-> ι 

went in with him to tavTOiQ. lu απερχομενοη^.οε αυτών αγορασαι, Ί]λθεν ο 

the marriage : and the for yourselres. But as ^went 'away 'they to buy, ^came 'the 

door was shut. 11 Af- ,/ . \ , ,f > -■\ η , , ^ , , , 

terward came also the ννμψιος' KOI ai ετοιμοι εισηλθον μετ αυτού εις τους γα- 

otlier Tirgins, saying, "bridegroom, and those ready went in with him to the wedding 

liOvd, Xiord, open to ^ ' \ ^' /i * λ ' 1 1 *' λλ w i mi « 

us. 12 But he answer- μονς, και εκΚεισθη 7/ θύρα. 11 νστερον.δε έρχονται 'και" αι 

ed and said, Verily I feast, and ^was ''shut 'the ^door. And afterwards come also tha 

you'^oc. ^°n"'w'ch λοιτταί παρθένοι, λεγονσαι, Κίφιε, κύριε, άνοιζον ημΙν. 12 Ό2ε 

therefore, for ye know other virgins, saying, Lord, Lord, open to us. But ho 
^^'Z{;^r^n\Zίll^''^^''9^^^k^l^^ίv/Aμήvλkγωΰμlv, οΰκ.ο!οα νμάς. IS Τρη- 

of man cometh. answering said, Yorily I say to you, I do not know you. 'Watch 

γορεΤτΡ. ούί\ 'ότι ουκ.οΐδατε την ήμεραν ονδε την ωραν "^ίν 
therefore, for ye do not know the day nor the hour in 

14 For the kingdom y ό v'lbg Tov άνθρώπον έρχεται J^ 

of heaven is as a man which the Son of man comes. 

country°^wL° clued 14^'Ώσπερ.γάρ άνθρωπος αποδήμων εκάλεσεν τονς.ίδίονς 

his own serraucs, and For [it is] as [if] a man leaving the country called his own 

hisgoods. 15 And*unto ^ούλονς, και παρεδωκεν αντοΊς τά.νπάρχοντα.αύτοϋ. 15 και 

one he gave five ta- bondmen, and delivered to them his property. And 

i^o^.rothcr' οΓ; y-F^»' *^^'^«»^ ^^^^^ τάλαντα, (pJk δύο, φ.δε εν, 

to every man accord- to one he gave five talents, and to another two, and to another one, 

iftT *°and%\Taigh\way i''^"^^^^ κατά τήν.ίδίαν δύναμιν καΊ°άπεδήμησεν ευθέως. 

took his journey, to each according to his respective ability ; and left the country immediately. 

\® '^\ the*five ^ta^ ^^ πορευθείς" °SV^ 6 τά πέντε τάλαντα λαβών ΡεφγάσαΓο" 

lents^went and Traded And ^having ^gone 'he who the five talents received trafficked 

with the .-arae, and |y αύτοΊς, Kai '^εποίησεν'^ άΧλα πεντε^άλαντα.'^ 17 ωσαύτως 

tolents T7°And'likI! ^'^ *^«™• """'^ ™^*« "^^^"^ ^^^ *''^^'^*^• In like manner 

wise he that had re- ^KaV^ τά δύο Ικερδησεν ^και αυτός" άλλα δύο. 

cei2,-ed two he also also he who [received] the two ^gained '■'also 'he other two. 

gamed other two. , '• r» \ y \ η y » ν > ~~ii ^ 

18 But he that had re- 18 ο.οέ TO ev"' λαβών απελθων ωρνζεν'^εντί] yy," και 

ceivcfl one went and But he who the one received having gone away dug ia the earth, and 

digged in the earth, ,, , i ,i , . / ~ ' > ~ ιγ»λι ' J'v ' 

and hid his lorcVa ^απεκρνψεν" TO αργνριον TOV.Kvpiov.avTOv. li) Μετα.οε"χρονον 

money. 19 After a loner tid the money of his lord. And after a ^time 

time the lord of those \ , η « < ' -, in /\ > < λ / 

servants cometh, and πολνν" ερχεται Ο κνριος των.ΌονΚων.εκεινων, και συναιρεί 

reckoneth with them, 'long comes the lord of those bondmen, and takes 

20 And BO he that had „ > , ^ > / » c\r\ < \ λ ' ' ' ' ' 

received five talents "^μετ avTOJV λογον." 20 και προσελθων υ τα πέντε τα- 

came and brought -with ^them 'account. And "having ''come 'he who the five ta- 

i'ngrLord,*thou''dehvI λαΐ'τα λαβών, προσήνεγκεν άλλα πέντε τάλαντα, λέγων, 

eredst anto me five lents received, brought to [him] other five talents, saying•, 

f — αύτου {read [him])TA. S έαυτώι/ LTTrA. '' etTrai/TTrA. ' οϋ μη not at all LTrAW. 

k — 5e but QLTTrAW. ' — και L[TrJ. •" — ei/ jj ό vib? τον ανθρώπου έρχεται GLTTrA. 
" άπΐδήμησεν. ίνθίως πορζνθΐΐς left the country. Immediately having gone τ. ° — Se and 
FlI τ [τγ]. ρ ήργάσατο ΤΑ. ι (Κΐρδησεν gained LTr. f — τάλαντα LTr[ α]. ■ — και 

[lIt. * — και αυτί)? ltti{a]. " + τάΚαντον talent L. " γήν [the] earth ΤΤγΑ. 

» εκρυψβν LTTrA. J ττολυν χρόνον Ι.ΤΤγΑ. ^ λόγον μετ' αντων Ι.ΤΤγλ. 



αυτφ υ.κυριος.αντου, 

* 10 °hiin 'his ^Lord, 

Κνοιε, πέντε τάλαντα μοι τταρέοωκας' 'ίδε, άλλα πέντε 
Lord, five talents to me thou didst deliver: behold, other five 

*τάλαντα^^ έκέρδησα ^εττ' αύτοΤς." 21"Έφη.'^δε^^ αυτφ ΰ κνρως 
talents have 1 gained btsides them. And ^said *to %im '=lord 

avTOV, Ευ, δονΧε άγαθί και πιστέ, έπί υΧίγα ης 

'hi?, ν,'βΐΐ ! boudman irood and faithful, over a few things thou wast 

πιστός, επί ποΧΚών σε καταστήσω' εϊσελθε εις την χαράν 

faithful, over many things thee Λνίΐΐ I set : enter into the joy 

τοϋ.κυρίον.σον. 22 Προσελθίϋι/.^ίέ" και 6 τα δύο τά- 

υ£ thy lord. And having come to [him] "also 'he who the two ta- 

Χαντα '^λα/3ώ^'" εϊπεν, Κύριε, δυο τάΧαντά μοι παρέδωκας' 

lents received i-aid, Lord, two talents to me thou didst deliver ; 

'ίδε, άλλα δνο τάΧαντα έκέρδησα ^επ αντοΊς. 23 Έφΐ] 

behold, other two talents have I gained besides them. ^Said 

Eu, οοΰλε αγαθέ και πιστέ, επί 
Weill bondman good and faithful, over 

6Χ•ίγα ής πιστός, ίπ'ι ποΧΧών σε καταστήσω' εΙσεΧθε 

a few things thou wast faithful, over many things thee will I set : enter 

εις την χαράν τον.κνρίον.σου. 24 ΤίροσεΧθων.δέ και ό 

into the joy of thy Lord. And having come to [him] -also 'he who 

TO εν τάΧαντον είΧηφώς εΙπεν, Κύριε, εγνων σε 'ότι σκΧηρός 

the one talent had received said. Lord, I knew thee that *hard 

ει άνθρωπος, θερίζων 'όπου ουκ.ίσπειρας, και σννάγων 

'thou -art ^a "man, reaping where thou didst not sow, and gathering 

'όθεν ον.διεσκόρπισας' 25 και φοβηθείς, άπεΧθών έκρυψα 

whence thou didst not scatter, and being afi-aid, having gone away I hid 

τό.τάΧαντόν.σου εν rg yy' 'ίδε, έχεις το σόν. 26 Άπο- 

thy talent in the earth ; behold, thou hast thine own. *An- 

κριθείς δε υ.κνριος.αύτον εϊπεν αϋτψ, ^Πονηρέ δοΰΧε'^ και 

Bweriug 'and -his ^Lord said to him, Wicked "bondman 'and 

οκνηρέ, γδεις 'ότι ΟεριΖω 'όπου ονκ.εσπειρα, και συνάγω 'όθεν 
^slothful, thou kue west that Ι reap where I sowed not, and gather whence 

ον.διεσκόρπισα ; 27 έδει ^οϋν σε" βαΧεΧν ^τό.άργιφιόν .μου 

Ι scattered not ; it behoved -therefore 'thee to put my money 

τοΙς ^τραπεζίταις'^• και εΧθών εγώ έκομισάμην.άν το.έμον συν 

to the money chaugers, and coming I should have received mine own ^vith 

τόκφ. 28 άρατε οΰν άπ αντοΰ το τάΧαντον, και δ ότε τψ 

interest. Take therefore fi-om him the talent, and give [it] to him who 

εχοντι τά δέκα τάΧαντα. 29 Τ^.γάρ έχοντι παντι δοθή- 

has the ten talents. For ^ who ^has 'to ^every 'one sh.all 

σεται, και περισσενθήσεται' ^άπϋ δε τοΰ^^ μή.έχοντος, και 

be given, and[he] shall be in abundance; "from 'but him who has not, even 

δ ί'χει άρθησεται άπ' αΰτον. 30 Και τον άχρεϊον δοΰΧον 

thatwhichhehas shall be taken from him. And the useless bondman 

^ΒκβάΧΧετέ'^ εις το σκότος το εξώτερον εκεί εσται 6 κΧαυθμός 

cast ye ont into the darkness the oater : there shall be the weeping 
και 6 βρυγμος των οδόντων. 
and the gnashing of the teeth. 

31 "Οταν.δέ iXey 6 ν'ώς του άνθρωπου εν τγ.δόζϊ^.αύτοϋ, 

But when ^comes 'the ^.Son 'of ''man in his glory, 

και πάντες οϊ ""άγιοι" άγγελοι μετ' αύτοϋ, τότε καθίσει επί 

and all the holy angels with him, then will he sit upon [the] 


talents: behold, I have 
gained beside them five 
talents more. 21 His 
lord said unto hiai, 
WeU done, t/ioit good 
aud faithful servant ; 
Thou hast been faith- 
ful over a few things, 
I wiU make thee ruler 
over many things : en- 
ter thou into the ioy 
of thy lord. 22 "Hg 
also had received 
two talents came and 
said. Lord, thou deliv- 
eredjst tmto me two 
talents : behold, I have 
gained two other ta- 
lents beside them. 
23 His lord said unto 
him, Well done, good 
and faithful servant ; 
thou hast been faith- 
ful over a fev,- thingi, 
I will m:ike thee ruler 
over many things : 
enter thou into the joy 
of thy lord. 24 Then 
he which had received 
the one talent came 
aud said, Lord,! knew 
thee that thou arc an 
hard man, reaping 
where thou hast not 
souTi, and gatheiiny 
where thou hast not 
strawed : 2.'i and I ΛνΒ5 
afraid, and went and 
hid thy talent in the 
earth :' lo, there thou 
hast that is thine. 
26 His lord .lu-iwered 
and said unto him, 
ΓΛοίί wicked iind sloth- 
ful servant.thou knew- 
est that I re^in where 
I sowed not, and ga- 
ther where I have not 
strawed : 2/ tho.i 
oughtest therefore to 
have put my money to 
the exchangers, and 
then at my coming I 
should have received 
mine own with ustiry. 

28 Take therefore the 
talent from him, and 
give it unto him which 
hath ton talents. 

29 For unto every one 
that hath shall be 
given, and he shall 
liave abundance : but 
from him that hath not 
shall be taken away 
even that which he 
hath. 30 And cast ye the 
nnprofitable ^ervunt 
into outer darkness : 
there shall be weeping 
and gnashing of teeth. 

31 When the Son of 
man shall oonie iu his 
glory, and all the holy 
angels with hiin, then 
shall he sit upon the 

» Ι^τάλαν^α] Tr. *» — ctf* αυτοί? LTTr. <= — 5e and GLTTrAW. d — 6e and τ. « — λ,ο.- 
^ών (read [received]) lttta. ^ Δοΰλε ποιτηρζ l. s ere ovv ττγα. '' τά αργύρια τ. 

' τραπΐζίίταις Τ ^ του δβ but of him who LXTrA. ' eKjSaAere GLTTrAW. ■" — oyioi 



sSbeLchiite ^«'^«^ ζόζης.αύτοΰ, 32 και -σνναχθησ^τα^ ψττ^^οαθ,ν αύτοΰ 
be gathered all na- tlwone ofhis^lory, and shall be gathered before him 

tions: and he shall ττάντα τά ίθνη, καΐ 'άώοριεΤ" αυτούς άττ' άΧληΧων, ώσπερ ό 
from* anothe^™ as°°a *^^ the nations, and he will separate them from one another. as the 
shepherd divideth his ποιμήν άώοοίζει τά ΤΓοόβατα άτΓΟ των Ιρίώων, 33 και στήσει 

^l^nd^he^haU B^oTthe sbeP^'^'-d separates the sheep from the goats; andhewiUset 

sheep on his right τά μεν πρόβατα tK δεζιών αντοΰ, τά.δε ψίψια ίζ ευωνύμων. 

??°?'i"^U'?il?°**v''i'i the sheep on ''right ''hand 'his, but the goats on [his] left, 

the left. 34 Then shall , , ■o^^ > ^^' >~ < 

the King say unto 34 Ύοτε tjOfT Ο βασιλεύς τοϊς εκ δεξιών αυτού, Δεύτε, οι 

them on his right Then ^will*say 'the ^king to those on -right ^'hand 'his, Come, the 

hand. Come, ye blessed ,..,.. , , , , , 

of my Father, inherit ενΑογημενοι του.ττατρος.μον, κληρονομήσατε την τ/τοιμασμενην 

the kingdom prepared blessed of my Father, inherit the '■'prepared 

for you from the f oun- t~/->\' >- ^•ν~ / «->- ' 

dation of the world: νμιν βασιλειαν ατΓΟ καταβολής κόσμου. ύΟ επΕίνασα.γαρ, 

.'ώ for Ι was an hun- ^for*yo'i 'kingdom from [the] foundation of [the] world. For I hungered, 
ijred, and ye gave me ,)?/ / . ^,^/i «> • / yi 

meat: I was thirsty, και ίοωκατε μοι φαγειν' εΰιψησα, και εποτισατε με- ξένος 

.T,nd ye gave me drink: and yegave me to eat ; Ithirsted, and yegave "to^drink 'me; aslranger 

ye'^ook me7n f'se M^ ήμην, και συνηγάγετέ με' 36 γυμνός, και περιεβάλετε με' ησθε- 

Jted, and ye clothed I was, and ye took ^iu 'me ; naked, and ye clothed me ; I was 

^ite^d'^mef'fwas^in νησα, και επεσκεφασθέ με• iv φυλακ?) ίίμην, και Ρ?;λθεΓε" ττρός 

prison, and ye came sick, and ye visited me ; in prison I was, and ye came to 

SSfr^h^el'x^ ai'r /*«' 37 Τότε άτΓΟκριθήσονται αύτψ οι δίκαιοι, λέγοντες, Κύριε, 

him, saying. Lord, ™6. Then will answer him the righteous, saying, Lord, 

hnngred^ Tnd^^^fed "''^''^ σε '^ειδο^ίεν" ττεινώντα, καΐ Ιθρεφαμεν, ή δι^ώντα, και 

tJieef or' thirsty, and when *thee 'saw ^we hungering, and fed [thee]? or thirsting, and 

Ί8 When^**w w^*th^ ^ ετΓοτίσαμεν ; 38 ττότε.δε σε εϊδομεν ξένον, και σννηγάγομεν ; 

a stranger*^nd°took &ave [thee] to drink ? and when ^theo 'saw "we a stranger, and took [thee] in ? 

ifteein? or'nakcd and η γνμνόν, Ktti ττεριεβάλομεν ; 39 ττότε.δε σε εϊδομεν 'άσθενή,^^ 

whfntwtlLfsict - -^"«Ι. -f \cUed[We]? And when ^thee w[^we sick, _ 
or in prison, and came ή Iv φυλακή, καί ήλθομεν ττρός σε', 40 Και αποκριθείς 6 

i'heKinglhall'answer °'' ^"^ Ρ"«,°^• "J"^ f'"^ /° ί'^*^ ' , , ^^ answering the 

:ind say unto them, βασιλεύς έοεί α.)7-οϊς, Άμην λέγω ύμίν^ εφ'.'όσον εποιήσατε 

Verily Ι say unto you, jj-jng will sav to them. Verily I say to you. Inasmuch as yedid [it! 

Inasmuch as ye have , , , > ^ λ h )λ / i . > / " 

.lone ti unto one of ενι τουτων τών.αδελφων.μου" των ελάχιστων, εμοι εποιη- 

the least of these my to one of these my brethren the least, to me ye 

ijrethren, yeh.avedone j-, m' >~ < ~»v > / -n- > η > > 

it nuto me. 41 Then σατε. 41 Ύοτε ίοει και τοις εξ ευωνύμων, ΤΙορευεσθε απ 

shall he say also unto did [it]. Then >viU he say also to those on [the] left, Go from 

them on the left hand, , _ , . „ , > , ~ , > , > < 

Depart from me, ye εμου, ^01 κατηραμενοι, εις TO πυρ το αιωνιον, το ητοιμα- 
cursed, into everlast- me, the cursed, into the ftre the eternal, which has been 

ing fire, prcparod for / ~ i• /j t\ \ - t i\ >~>«>' / 

the devil and his an- σμενον τψ οιαβολψ καιτοις.αγγελοις.αυτου. vZ επεινασα.γαρ. 

gels : 42 for 1 was an prepared for the devil and his angels. For I hungered, 

hungred. and ve eave vjir./ / . ~ )t>'i \ ii - / 

me no Aieat: I was '^^' ουκ.εοωκατε μοι φαγειν εδιψησα, και ουκ.εποτισατε μν 
thirsty, and ye gave tnd 3'e gave not tome tooat; Ithirsted, and yegave''not''to*drink'me; 

™.stranJer"anayJtook ^^ ξενος ΐ'ιμην, καί ού.σννηγάγετί με' γυμνός, και ού.περιεβά- 

me not in :' nnk(?d,.an(i a stranger I was, and ye took ^not ^in 'me; naked, and ye did not 

sfck?in,Unpr™on7nd ^^^^ f^^' ασθενής, καΐ iv φvλaκy, και ούκ.επεσκεφασθε με. 

ye visited me 'not. clothe mo ; sick, and in prison, and ye did not visit me. 

aiao^aiiswer'^h'im sa^^ ^^ '^^'''^ άποκριθήσονται ^αύτψ^^ KOI αύτοί, λεγοιτες, Κύριε, 

ing. Lord, when' sa^v Then *will 'answer 'him '•'also 'they, saying. Lord, 

^/athirst''" I'unpred, ττότε σέ ε'ίδομεν πεινώντα, ή δι-φώΐ'τα, ή ξένον, ή γυμνόν, ή 

ger, or naked, or sif'k" ^^en ^thee 'saw ''we hungering, or thirsting, or a stranger, or n.iked, or 

or in prison and did ασθενή, i] kv φυλακΏ, καΐ ού.διηκοΐ'ήσαμεν σοι; 45 Τότε άπο- 
Λβθ? 46'Th.n'^Hhairhe ^^^^• **'"'" Ρ"«οη, and did not minister to thee? Then will 

anuwer them, saying, κριθήσεται αύτοΐς, λέγων, Αμήν λέγω ύμίν, εφ'.'όσον ούκ.ίποι- 

Yenly Ι Bay unto you, he answer them, saying. Verily I say to you. Inasmuch as ye did not 

° σνναχθήσονται LTTrA. « άφορισβι τ. Ρ ηΚθατΐ LTTiA. ι ("ώαμ^ν Τι . ' άσθενοϋντα 
LTTrA. » [τώΐ' ά6ΐ\φών /αου] L. *■ — οί Τ. " — αύτώ GLTTrAW. 


ήσατΒ hi τούτων των ίΧαχίστων, ουδέ ψοΙΙποι^^^ nofto onVol \heieasi 

[it] to one of these the least, neither to me did ye [it]. And ^f these ye did it not 

άπελενσονται οίτοι εις κοΚασιν αιώνων οΊ.δε ύίκαιοι ειςζωήν ^? ™e. 46 And these 

'shall ^go «away «these into punishment eternal, but the righteous into life everlasting''^ MnSh- 
α'ΐώνίον. ment : hut the right- 

eternal, eons into life eternal. 

•26 K«i εγ'ενετο οτε ίτελεσεν 6 Ίησοΰς πάντας τους χχγι. And it ca-ne 

And it came to pass when ^ad ^finished 'Jesus all to pass, when J&sus 

Χόγονς.τούτονς, εΊττεν τοΊς.μαθηταΙς.αύτον, 2 Οίοατε 'on μετά ^^^^tf s^ld S 

these sayings he said to his disciples. Ye know that after his disciples, 2 Ye know 

δύο νμερας το πάσχα γίνεται, καΐ 6 υιός τον άνθρωπου ]hl^f^^?O7the%:si 

two days the passover takes place, and the Son of man over, and the Son of 

τταραδίδοται είς.τό.στανρωθήναι. 3 Τότε (τννηχθησαν οι deified"'*''! T^en°as! 

is delivered up to be crucified. Then were gathered together the sembled together the 

άρχιεοεΊα ''και οι γραμματείς^^ και οι πρεσβύτεροι τον λαον ^^?^ priests, and the 

chirf priest's and the '^^ scribes and the ^ elders '^ f ^^•'^ l^^'^P'^ T^T^^le unto til 

εις την αύΧήν τον άρχιεοέως τον λεγομενον Καϊάφα, 4 και palace of the high 
to the court of the high priest who wL called Caiaphas, and g^apiJs 4Tnd*'''con'i 

σννεβονλεύσαντο 'ίνα τον'Ιησονν ^κρατησωσιν ίόλ^," suited that they might 

took counsel together in order th;it Jesus they might seize by guile, ^'"^^ vfl* Λ^^ °'^^5 Β '^t' 

και άποκτείνωσιν. 5 'έλεγον.δε, Μή iv τΰ εορτΏ, 'ίνα μή they said, Not on the 

and kill [him]; but they said, Not during the feast, that ^ot feast da^, lest there be 

, , ,. ^ \. an uproar among the 

ϋορνρος γενηται εν τφ Χαφ. people. 

*a "tumult 'there ^e among the people. 

6 Ύον.δ^.'Ιησοϋ -γενοαενον εν Έηθανίφ, εν oiKiq, Σίμωνος 

Now Jesus being in Bethany in [the] house of Simon 

τοΐ'Χεπρον,Ι προσήΧθεν αντψ γυνή ^άΧάβαστρον μνρον was '^i^iT BethSny,^^rn 

the leper, ^came *to 'him 'a •'woman, an alabaster flask of ointment the hou^e of Simon the 

εχρνσα' ^βαρντίμον,'• και κατεχεεν επί "τήν.κεφαΧήν^αντον J^'' Jm^a^'wom^ 

having, very precious, and poured [it] on hLs head having an alabaster 

άνακειμένον. 8 ίδόντες.δε οι.μαθηται.^αντον^^ ηγανάκ- ^^"tmLt.'aL^oted 

as he reclined [at table]. But seeing [it] his disciples became jt on iii^ head as he 

τησαν, Χεγοντες, Εις τι η.άπώΧεια.αντη ; 9 '^i}iiVaro".yap τοντο ^^ ^1•"^? ' • ι % ? w 

indignant, saying. For what this waste? for^could 'this il, they *'had"uidig'na- 

^τό.μύρον πραθήναι ποΧλον, και δοθήναι ^ πτωχοΐς. «on, saymg Το what 

'ointment have been sold for much, and have been given to [the] poor, g'^^^his oiiitmenr 

10 Γνονα.δ'ε 6 Ίησονς έίπεν αύτόΐς, Ύί κόπους παρέχετε ™i?ht ijave been sold 

But knowing [this] Jesus said to them. Why trouble do fe cause the ^o^S^' lo Whin jl° 

ΤΏ γυναικί; εργον.γάρ καΧον ^είργάσατο^' εις Ιμ'ε. 11 πάν- sus understood it, he 

to the woman? f or a "work 'good she wrought towards me. n^ said unto them, Wiy 

, , , » /v < t < Tn ) / trouble ye the woman ? 

τοτε yap τονς πτωχονς έχετε μεθ εαυτών, εμε.δε ου πάντοτε for she hath wrought 

ways 'for the poor ye have with you, but me not always ^ ^SP^ '^°^^ "P°° °^e. 

» ΊΛθΛ~ <Γ' ,/ »,,_ 11 For ye have the poor 

έχετε. Iz ραΚουσα.γαρ αυτή το.μυρον.τοντο επι του always with you ; but 

Τβ hare. For ^n "pouring 'this [*woman] this ointment on ™θ ye have not al- 

f / <,, j/ ,/ in ' ^ \ > ways. 12 For in that 

σωματος.μου προς το.ενταφιασαι.με εποιησεν. 13 αμ7}ν Χεγω she hath poured this 

my body for my burying she did [it]. Verily I say ointment ou my body, 

« ~ <i > < /^ ~ ^ > /Λ ~ t ,i\ shedidiiformyburiaL 

νμιν, ο-ου.εαν κηρνχθγ το.ευαγγεΧιον.τοντο εν οΧψ l3Λ^erily ι say unto 

to you, Wheresoever shaU be proclaimed these glad tidings in all you. Wheresoever this 

τφ κόσμψ, ΧαΧηθησεται και ο εποιησεν αύτη, εις ΙΓ^ thewhofe^worid' 

the world, shall be spoken of also that which ^did 'this [*woinan], for there shall also this, 

μνημόσννον αντης. '^^^ ToH "fo'/'^^ 

a memorial of her. memorial of her. 

^ — #cai ot γραμματείς LTTrA. » δόλω κρατήσωσιν GlTTtAW, y έχουσα αλάβαστρον 

μνρον LTTr. ^ πολυτίμου LT. » της κΐφαλης LTTr. b — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) 

iTTrA. = έδΰνατο ΤΑ. ^ — TO μνρον glttiaw. e 4- tqI^ (read to the poor) lw. 

' ηρ-γάσατο Τ. 

76 Μ A Τ θ A r Ο Σ. XXVI. 

tw"'v^'"^"• iTrt "j d's ^^ Tore ττορενθης εΐς των δώδεκα, υ λεγόμενος Ιούδας 

iscario't went onto Then '"having "gone 'one '-Of 'the *t-.welve, =^who 'was 'called "Judas 

thechief priests, isand ' ίσκαριώτης, τΓους τονς άρχιερεΤς, 15 είττεν, Τι θίλετε μοι 

wHl ye ^τβ ^θ, and ί 'Iscariote, to the chief priests, said, What are ye willing ^e 

will deliver him unto δοϋναι, ^κάγώ" ύμΤν παραδώσω αντοΊ' ; Οι.δε έστησαν αντφ 

nantod^^th'hnn°foi" '^"''^'^^' ^'^'^'^ to you will deliver πρ him? And they appointed to him 

thirty pieces of silver, τριάκοντα apjvpia. 16 και άτΓο τότε εζητει ευκαιρ'ιαν 

16 And from that thirty pieces of silver. And from that time he sought an opportunity 

time he sought oppoi- „ ; , - . ^ etf j 

tunity to hetray him. tva avTOV ΤΤαραδψ. 

that him he might deliver up. 

17 Now the first rf^// 17 TyJt Trpwrj/ τών.άζνμιον προσηΚθον οι μαθη~ 

of the feast of un- Now on the first [day] of unleavened [hread] came the disci- 

leavened hread the ,.»,_ ~-\' }ι'•-ιι-γτ~/τλ ' ' ' 

disciples came to Jo- TOi τφ Ιησου, λεγοΊ'τες "αιιτψ," Ιίον θέλεις ετοιμασωμεν 

sus, saying unto him, pies to Jesus, saying to him, AVhere wilt thou [that] we should prepare 

"^Vliore wilt thou that , ~ '< / lo '/-» '^" "^ <λ^ / > 

v.-o prepare for thee <^oi φαγειν TO ττασχα; lo 0.c)£ ειτν^ν, Υπάγετε εις την 

to eat the passovcr? for thee to eat the passover? And he said, Go into the 

tL^dtyto™ch*^man" τόλιν προς TOvMlva, και είπατε αντφ, Ό διδάσκαλος λέγει, 

and say unto him, The city unto such a one, and say to him, Tlie teacher says, 

fs^fSfi'^fike'^p Ό.καφός.μον εγγύς εστίν' προς σε ποιώ το πάσχα μετά 

the passover at thy ^^7 ti™e ^near 'is ; with thee I will keep the passover with 

pie'""^ lo'AndThe dis- τών.μαθητών.μον. 19 Και εποίησαν οι μαθηται ώς συνέταζεν 

c'ipics did as Jesus had my disciples. And ''did ' the '^disciples *as ^directed 

appointed them ; and αντοΐς ΰ Ίησονς, και ήτοίμασαν το πάσχα. 

pasJo^v ^ 't"°™ =Jesus, and prepared the passover. 

^, 20 Ό-φίας.δε γενομένης άνέκειτο μετά των δώδεκα\ 

even ^was come he ^^^ evening heing come he reclined [at table] with the twelve. 

sat down with' the 21 και εσθιόντίον.αύτών είπεν, 'Αμήν λέγω νμη', οτι εις εξ 

drd'llt hefaW Veiir ^""^ as they were eating ho said, Verily I say to you, one of 

I say unto you, that νμών παραδώσει με. 22 Και λνπούμενοι σφόδρα ηρξαντο 

one of you shall 
tray ηιεΓ 22 And they 

you will deliver up me. And being grieved exceedingly they began 

were exceeding sof- λέγειι-' αντφ ^'έκαστος αύτών,^^ Μήτι εγώ είμι, κτιΊριε; 22 Ό. δε 

rowful, and began to say to him, each of them, h 'am [he]. Lord ? But ho 

every one of them to , „ , _ <r^ i r> ' ι > . ~ i, ~ r,\ f 

say unto him. Lord, is αποκριθείς ειττεν, ο εμραψας μετ εμού 'εν τψ τρνβλιφ 

it Ι? 23 And he .in- answering said. He who dipped with me in tl-.e dish 

swered and Si'.id, He , - ii τ ' t> ' t-n • > < < - » λ ' 

that dippeth Λώ hand D/v χείρα," οντος με παραόωσει. 24 ο μεν νιος του ανθρω- 

with me in the dish, [his] hand, he me will deliver up. The ''indeed 'Son '-of 'man 

the same shall betrav ./ n\ > ..-..f,^ 

mc. 24 The Son of man TTOf υτταγει, καθως γεγραπται ττερι αυτόν, ουαι.όε τψ 

goeth as it is written goes, as it has been written concerning him, but woe 

ihatmanh"y^°om'the άνθρώπψ.εκείνψ δι' οϋ (') νώς τον άνθρωπου παραδίδοται' 

Son of man is betray- to that man by whom the Son of man is delivered up ; 

for thar'nmn"if^*'he KaXov T]v αύτψ εί ούκίγεννήθη ό.άνθρωπος.εκεινος. 

iiad not been born, good were it for him if ''had ''not 'been "born 'that "man. 

betTavedhlfr/.n'^we'?- 25 ΆποκριθεΙςΜ Ιούδας ό παραδιδονς αύτυν είπεν, Μητι 

ed and said, Master, is And answering Judas, who was delivering up him, said, 

him^^ThmiVasha"i'° *yw «'>^ '^ραββί f Λέγει αύτφ, Συ είπας. 
mm, ihou hast said. .1^ «am [he]. Rabbi? He says to him, Thou hast said. 

26 Έσθιόντων.δε.αύτών, λαβών 6 Ίησοϋς "τόν^^ άρτον, 

2Γ) And as they were And as they were eating, '^having ^taken 'Jesus the hread, 

brea"i%nd° blessed"//, Ku't εύλογησας, 'ίκλασεν και "^εδίδον^^ τοΊς μαθηταΊς, 'Vai'' 

and brake t7, and gave nnd having blessed, broke and gave to the disciples, and 

s!aid,Ta^^cSt^^tCs'is ^πεν, λάβετε, φάγετε' τοϋτό εστίν το.σώμά.μου. 27 Και 

my body. ' 27 And he said. Take, eat ; this is my body. And 

thankiVn?'g'a"vl!rio λαβών '^TO^ ποτήριον, 'καί" εί'χαριστήσας, εδωκεν αντοΐς, 

thcni, saying. Drink li:iving taken the cup, and having given thanks, he gave [it] to them, 

R και ίγίο τ. '' — αντω ϊ/ΓΤι aw. » + μαθητών disciples ΐ-τ, '' eU t'/c -στος each 

one LTTt Α. ' τϊ)»' χείρα ίν τω τρυβλιω Ι.ΤΤ; Α. '" ραββ(( Τ. " — τον LTTrf α]. " 8ονς 

having pivcn LTTr. ρ — καΐ lttf. ' ι — το {read a cup) ττγα. '' — καΙ i.[TrJ. 


λέγων, Π/ετε ίξ αντον ττάντες' 28 τοϋτο.γάρ εστίν τό.αΐμά. μου, i^^^^T^Vood^ of \κβ 

sayin-, ^Drink^of "it 'all. For this is my blood, ^ new testament, which 

*rb^^ της 'καινές" διαθήκης, το ττερί πολλών ""ίκχυνόμενον" ε/ς J! ^^^^ Ρ^. ^^ψ' ,^"' 

iL-i _r »■_- „,.^ * „i,;»v ί«- ™„^•π• in -τ^^-,-,^ηΛ ^,-,ί- ί^•. tne remission οι sins. 

that of the new coyenant, which for many is poured out for 

29 But I say unto you, 

bioiv αμαρτιών. 29 λέγω.ίε ΰ/ίϊν, *ori" οΰ./ί^ ττίω απ ΐ ■<^iii not drinkhonce- 

remission of sins. But I say to yon, that not at all will I drink hence- 

the vine, until that 

άοτι L• τούτον τον ^γεννηματος^^ της άμπελον, 'έως της ήμερας day when ι drink 

fourth of this fruit ^ ^ of the vine,_ until /^ay _ l^/|-^-lfti^-„i" 

εκείνης 'όταν αντο πίνω μεθ' υμών καινυν εν Ty βασιλείς τον so And when they 

•that when it I drink with you new in the kingdom |l^'^ sung an uymn, 

, , )ν~Λ η > y » ~ they went out into 

πατρός. μον. 30 Και νμ^ισαντες εζϊ]λθον εις το ορός των the mount of Olives. 

of my father. And havine sung• a hymn they went out to the mount -^^ Then saith Jesus 

•^ ,..' ,.) ^ , «^ r unto them. All ye shall 

ηλαιών. 31 τότε λέγει αντοίς ο Ιησονς,ΤΙαντες νμεις σκανοα- he offended because of 

ofOliTes. Then ^says ■■'to*them 'Jesus, All ye will be me this night : for it 

^_,_,,,, .^ ,, , , is written, I will smite 

λισθησεσθε εν εμοι εν Ty.vvKTi.TavTy. γεγραπται.γαρ, the shepherd, and the 

offended in me during this night. For it has been written, sheep of the flock shall 

__ / „ , , < , T> r\' II ' ' iD ''β scattered abroad. 

ΐΐαταξω τον ποιμένα, και ^οιασκορπισυησετα^ τα προρατα 32 But after ι am risen 

I will smite the shepherd, and wiU be scattered abroad the sheep again, I will go before 

nci 'jx '' n~ ' 'y '~ you into Galilee. 33 Pe- 

της ποιμνης. 32 μετα.δε τυ.εγερίΐηναι.με προαξω νμας tar answered and said 

of the flock ; but after my being raised I will go before you unto him. Though all 

εις την Γαλιλαίαν. 33 ΆποκριθεΙς.δε b Πέτρος είπεν αντφ, 'oeZu^^^li^^eT^Jet 

into Galilee. And answering Peter said to him, will I never be off ead- 

Ei "KaV^ πάντες σκανΰαλισθησονται iv σοι, εγώ ουδέποτε hL,^erUy\Tay unto 

If even all will be offended in thee, I never thee'. That this night, 

σκανδαλισθησομαι. 34 "E0r? αύτφ 6Ίησοΰς,Άμήνλέγω σοι, l^rshait'deny'me 

will be offended. =Said ^to *him 'Jesus, Verily I say to thee, thrice. 35 Peter said 

'ότι iv TavTy ry νυκτι, πριν αλέκτορα φωνησαι, τρις "^^^^^^'^^^ wTth'thee^ 

that during this night, before [the] cock crows, thrice ygj. .^^ j ^^^ ^gjiy 

άπαονήση με. 35 Λέγει αυτφ ό Ώετρος, Καν δεγ με *e?• ,,^ί^^,Τ^*?!*^''' 

thou wnt deny me. 'Says Ho "him 'Peter, Even if it were needful for me '^'"^ "^^ ^5^ '*'^°'I'^®°• 

συν σοι άποθανείν, ου. μη σε άπαρνήσομαι. 'Ομοίως ^ και 

with thee to die, in nowise thee will I deny. Likewise also 

πάντες o'l μαθηται είπον. 

all the disciples said. 

36 Τότε έρχεται μετ αυτών 6 Ίησοΐ>ς εΙς χωρίον λεγόμενον 35 Then cometh Je- 

Then comes with them Jesus to a place called g^g -^^j^ them unto 

'Γεθσημανη^^ καιλεγει το7ς μαθηταΐς^, Καθίσατε αύτοϋ,'έως.οϊ^ «• ?'=*<* called Geth- 

-,.,'' " ,, ' i ,, '^ J. . 1 c.i 1. i-1 semane, andsaithunto 

Githsemane, and he says to the disciples. Sit here, until ^-^^ disciples, Sit ye 

άπελθών ^προσενζωμαι έκεΐ." 37 Και παραλαβών τον ^^ere, while ΐ go and 

having gone away I shaU pray yonder. And having taken with [him] K^k wUh him p'e- 

ΤΙετρον και τους δυο ν'ιονς Ζεβεδαίου, ήρζατο λνπεϊσθαι και ter and the two sons 

Peter and the two sons of Zebedee, he began to be sorrowful and f ^^^^Zl'^Jtl^^^t^ 

° , t I ' to be sorrowful and 

άδημονεΧν. 38 τότε λέγει αύτοϊς^, ΤΙερίλυπος εστίν η.ψυχη.μου very heavy. 3S Then 

deeply depressed. Then he says to them, Very sorrowful is my soul ^^'^^onf i^'exceediif ' 

εως θανάτου' μείνατε ώδε και γρηγορείτε μετ εμον. 39 ΚαΙ sorrowfni, even unto 

wen to death ; remain here and watch with me. And rteath : tarry yc here, 

, , V V > ^ » ) ~ , and watch with me. 

'^προελθων" μικρόν επεσεν επι πρόσωπον. αντον προσενχο- 39 And he went a little 

having gone forward a little he fell upon his face pray- farther, and fell on 

, , , --, , ; 11 » T. / ' . l• Λ /T 11 his face, and prayed, 

μένος, και λέγων, ΤΙατερ.^μον^" ει δννατον εστίν "τταρελ^ετω" saying, ο my Father, 

ing, and saying, my Father, if possible it is let pass if it be possible, let 

,,,-, , ~ -., ,».< nt^ ,-v-y) ' this cnp pass from me: 

απ εμον το.ποτηριον.τοντο' πλην ονχως εγω θέλω, αλλ. ως nevertheless not as I 
from me this cup ; nevertheless not as Ί will, but as will, but as thou wilt. 

■■ — TO LTTtA. ^ — καινής t[a]. "^ ίκχυννόμβνον LTTrA. ^ — δτι LTTrA. y yevTj- 

ματος LTTiAW. ^ 8ιασκορπίσθησονται LTiiA. * — και GLTTrAW. b + Se and 

(likewise) w. <= ΤεθσΎΐμανΐΙ LTrAW ; Τεθστημανΐί 1. <* + αυτοΰ of him L. ^ + ai/ L. 

f eicet ττροσευ^ωμαι LTTrA. s + ό Ίησοΰς Jesus (says) w. ^ προσελθώι/ having come 

towai-ds [them] ττγ. ' — μον my τ[Τγ]. ^ τΓαρελθάτω lttfa. 


tL^dSteTndfiSd- ^"• ^^ ^"' tpX^rai ττρός τους μαθητάς και ευρίσκει αύτονς 

eth them asleep, and *^°^^• -^^^ he comes to the disciples and finds them 

saithuntoPeter.What, καθεύδοί'τας, και Xivtt τφ ΐίετρψ, Οϋτωα οϋκ.ίσγύσατε uiav 

^th 4' o^^ne hour^ sleeping, 'and sa^s ^ ^ to Pe'tir, Thus" were ye'^not able ^ne 

41 A\^atch and pray, ωοαν γοηγοοήσαι μετ εμού ; 41 γρηγορεΧτε και τΓροσεννεσθε, 

^:^^^^^^ ,^^ Υγ^^ Cith Lp ^ ^^Jat^h and %4. 

indeed ts willing, but tva μή.εισεΧθητε εις ττεψασμον. τυ μεν πνεύμα ττρόθυμον, 

thefleshwweak 42Ηθ that ye enter not into temptation: the -indeed 'spirit [is] ready, 
went away again the ,^,,„,/^, , ,^ , ^x» 

second time, and pray- η.οε. σαρξ ασθενής. 4:2 UoXiv εκ-οεντερον απελθων ττροσ- 

ed, saying, Ο my Fa- ι,^^ tjjQ flesh weak. Again a second time having gone away he 

ther, if this cup may , , , ,,»,' ~iv / 

not pass away from ηυξατο, λέγων, ΙΙατερ.μου, ει ου.ουναται τούτο Vo ττοτηριον 
me, except I drink it, prayed, saying, my Father, if ^cannot 'this =cup 

thy will be done. \ /i ~ m > » > ~i >λ v , . ■ n' > /-.-λ 

43 And he came and τταρεΚθειν '^ατΓ εμου εαΐ'.μη αυτό πιω, γενηθητω το θέλημα 

found them asleep pass from me unless ^it 'I ■'drink, ''be 'done 'will 

were heavy. ^44 Έαά <^ov. 43 Kttt ϊλθών "εΰρίσκει αύτούς πάλιν' καθεΰδοντας, 

he left them, and went Hhy. And having come he finds them again sleeping, 

ertte'thiidt^imefsay- voav.yap αύτών.οΐόφθάλμοι βεβαρημένοι. 44 Και άφεις 
ing the same words. for ^were 'their ''eyes heavy. And leaving 

his discipie™!and saith <^^'τοΰς, "άπελθών πάλιν^^ προσηΰζατο τ^εκ.τρίτον," Tov αύτον 

unto them,' Sleep on them, having gone away again he prayed a third time, ■'the ^same 

?esT;behoidr^hehZ ^^yov ε'ιπών'^. 45 τότε 'έρχεται ττρός τονς.μαθηιάς.^αϋτοϋ,^^ 

is at hand, and the "tiling 'saying. Then he comes to his disciples 

w'i.f>,!fri.^^^^*r^*'^ K«i λέγει αυτοίς, Καθενδετε ^τό\λοιπυν και άναπαΰεσθν 

into the hands of sm- ,'^^^, 'c-i j^, j. 

ners. 46 Rise let us ^^^ says, to them, Sleep on now and take your rest ; 

be going : heboid, he [^Qy «γγικεΐ' »"/ ίόρα, και Ο vioQ τοΰ άνθρώποο παραδίδο- 

IS at hand that doth , ,, » i ' ' = ix, .■" j ^i, ο i" ■ "j τ j 

betray me. ^°• has *drawn*near 'the -hour, and the Son of man is delivered 

ται εις χείρας αμαρτωλών. 46 ίγείρεσθε, άγωμεν ίδον, 

up into [the] hands of sinners. Rise up, let us go ; behold, 

ΐ]γγικεν 6 παραδιδούς με. 

"has *dra^wn *near 'he who is delivering up me. 

47 Και ετι αύτυϋ.λαλοΰντος, ιδού, Ιούδας εις των δώδεκα 

47 And while he yet -^^^ *yet 'as ^he ^is siwaking behold, Judas, one of the twelve, 

ofthe ^tW/lve^'ca^e^ ηλθεν, και μετ αύτου 'όχλος πολνς μετά μαχαιρών και ξύλων, 

and -with him 'a great «"Ί^ιβ, and with him a -crowd 'great with swords and staves, 

multitude with swords f^^j-^ ^^y αρχιερέων και πρεσβυτέρων τοΰ λαοϋ. 48 ο.δΐ 

Aiefprllstsaude'lders *'°'" ^^^ c^ef priests and elders of the people. And he who 

h*\^Tb^t*'' ^d^^ παραδιδονς αυτόν εδωκεν αύτοΐς σημείον, λέγων, "Ον.'άν" 

gavethenfa'^s^, sa^ was delivering up him gave them a sign, saying, Whomsoever 

ing. Whomsoever I φιλήσω, αύτός ίστιν κρατήσατε αυτόν. 49 Και ευθέως 
Kr^ldhri^S Ι"^"^^^-•. ^« /*-= -- ^Γ , And immediately 

49 And forthwith he προσελθών τφ Ίησοί) είπε ν, Χαίρε, ^|όα/3/3ι," και κατεφίλησεν 

came to Jesus, and having come up to Jesus he said. Hail, Rabbi, and ardently kissed 

said. Hail, m.aster ; ,, <m> ~ τ ,~« i ,> ~ 

andkissedhini. 50And αύτον. 50 ο.δϊ.Ιησοΰς είπεν αυτφ, Εταίρε, εφ ''^" 

Jesus said unto him, him. But Jesus said to him, Friend, for \vhat [purpose] 

Friend, wherefore art , , i > r> \ . ~ , , 

thou come ? Tiien came τταρε»; Ύοτε προσελθοντες επεραλον τας χείρας επι 

thoy, and laid li.ands art thou come? Then having come to [him] they laid hands on 

on Jesus, and took ,>-^ ~ ,,/ ,/ m -ir y "^ ' 

him. h\ An. I, behold, Tov Ιησονν, και εκρατησαν αυτόν. 51 Και ιόου, εις των 

one of th(!in which Jesus, and seized him. And behold, one of those 

were witli Jesus ,,-^™,, ,^,» ,/ 

stretched out Aii hand, μετα Ιησου, εκτεινας την χείρα απεσπασεν την μαχαΐ" 

and drew his sword, with Jesus, having stretched out [his] hand drew '■'sword 

and struck a servant > ~ . > t, ^ ? ~\ ~ > > > j ~\ 

of the high priest's, P^^ αυτου, και παταξας τον όουλον του αρχιερεως αφειλεν 
and smote off his ear. 'his, and smiting the bondman of the high priest took off 

' — TO ποτηριον LTTrA. "' — απ ίμοΰ [LJTTrA. " πόλιΐ' «vpev αντού? again he 

found them LTIrA. » πάλιν άπελθων LTTiA. Ρ — €<c τρίτου [lJ Α. <l -|- πάλιρ 

again τ. •" — αυτού (reod the disciples) lttpa. • — το [τγ]α. ' i.av τα. 

* ραβββί τ. "δ GLTTrAW. 


αύτον το ώτίον. 52 τότε λέγει αντψ ό'Ιησονς, Άττόστρεφόν to 1^1° Put up^'i'ai'n 

his ear. Then "says ^to *hun 'Jesus, Eetum ^^y sword into°hU 

*σου την μάχαφαν^^ εις τόν.τόπον.αντης' ττάντες.γάρ οι λα- ?^^^''^^^^^^ϊ^^^\\ 

thy sword to its place ; ^ _ for all who parish ^thlhe swor^d. 

eovrec μάχαφαν iv ^μαχαίοα}^ άττολοϋνται. δ3 η δο- 5^ Thinkest thou that 
toke [the]'^ sVord by[the^] s^ovl^ shall perish. , Or think- ^^°'^j^^°;^P^^y ^^ 

κεϊς ΟΤΙ οΰ.δνναμαι ^άρη" τταρακαλέσαι τόν.ττατέρα.μυν, shaU presently give 

est thou that I am not able now to call upon my Father, {^^^'^ of'''''angelI? 

και τταοαστησει μοι * ^ττλείους" '^h' δώδεκα "^λενεώνας" άγ- 54 Bat how then shall 

and he ^illf Ornish to me more thantwelTe legions ^^ of *^j;=[i^Pt-- |;« J-1; 

γελων; 54 ττώς οϋν πληρωθωσιν ai γραφαι 'ότι όντως be? 

angels ? How then should be fulfilled the scriptures that thus 

δύ γενέσθαι ; 

it must be ? 

55 Έν εκείνη to ittpq. είττεν ό'ίησοϋς τοΙς όχΚοις, Ώς εττι 55 ΐη that same hour 

In that hour said Jesus to the crowds. As against said Jesus to the mul- 

Λ » »>ί"Λ/ι II ' - «>"Λ ΛΛ/3~ titudes, Are ye come 

AyaTT/v ^εξηΚσετε μετά μαχαιρών και ί,νΚων σν\Ααρειν με\ out as against a thief 

a robber are ye come out with swords and staves to take me? with swords and staves 
/>, , , c , t -. I, „ 1 η V ' ϊ> S" ' ~ ' ~ I, for to take me ? I sat 

καθ .ημεραν ^ττρος νμας'^ ^εκαθεζομην διΟασκων εν τφ ιερψ," daily with you teach- 
Daily with you I sat teaching in the temple, ing in the temple, and 
, , , , , _„ ~ r>, ,ί-» / " Λ ye laid no hold on me. 

και ουκ.εκρατησατε με. 56 τουτο.ύε όλον γεγονεν ινα ττλη- 56 But all this was 

and ye did not seize me. But this all is come to pass that may done, that the scrip- 

Λ^ , . y ■>. .~ m' ' a 'h ' tures of the prophets 

ρωθωσιν ai γραφαι των ττροφητων. Ιοτε οι μαϋηται" πάντες might be fuiiiUed. 

be fulfilled the scriptures of the prophets. Then the disciples all Then all the disciples 

> . ί , \ «, forsook him, and fled. 

αφέντες αυτόν εφνγον. 

forsaking biTn fled. 

57 O'lM κρατησαντες τον Ίησοϋν άττηγαγον -προς Καί- 

But they who had seized JesTis led [him] away to Cai- 57 And they that had 

άφαν τον αρχιερέα, οπού οι γραμματείς και οί πρεσβύτεροι i^m awJyTo Sh'a^ 

aphas the high priest, where the scribes and the elders the high priest, where 

σνιή,χθησαν. 58 Ό.δε.ηέτρος ήκολονθει αύτφ 'άττό" μακρό- *?aVs wer'eassemblei 

were gathered together. And Peter followed him from afar ss But Peter followed 

θεν, 'έως της αυλής του άρχιερεως' και είσελθών 'έσω εκάθητο ^^J'^^^^^B'^'^^^i^^ 

even to the court of the high priest ; and having entered within he sat and went in,' and 'sat 

μετά των υπηρετών ίδεΐν το τέλος. 59 Οί.^έ αρχιερείς ^και ο'ι with the servant»^ to 

with the ofiicers to see the end. And the chief priests and the the cUrf^priests, an'd 

πρεσβύτεροι^^ και το συνέδρων 'όλον εζητουν φενδομαρτυρίαν eiders, and au' the 

^ ^ders and the "sanhedrim 'whole sought false evidence ^^^s' a'S* jS'S 

κατά του 'Ιϊ]σοϋ, 'όπως ^αύτόν θανατώσωσιν,' 60 και οϋχ to put him to death ; 
against Jesus, so that him they might put to death, and '-^ot 5^a,\'^oug'irmanyfTlle 

ε^ρον '°^καΙ' πολλών ^φευδομαρτύρων προσελθόντων^^ °ούχ witnesses came, yet 

'foundPany]:even many false witnesses having oome forward ^ot th^'Lt^camTtw^o fake 

ε^ρον.^'' 61 νστερον.δΐ προσελθόντες δύ ο ^φενδ ο μάρτυρες witnesses, 6ΐ and said, 

'they^foundCanvl But at lAst having come forward two false witnesses This/e/tow said, I am 

■' - ■'■' ^ , ^ , , - a - ^^1® to destroy the 

είπον, Ούτος εφη, Αυναμαι καταλυσαι τον ναον του υεον, temple of God, and to 

said, This [man] said, I am able to destroy the temple of God, build it in three days. 

, .. , ^ > ~ „ , ^ ~ , / oit ΊΓ ^ ' • ^2 ^°^ the high priest 

και ΰια τριών ήμερων '^οικοόομησαι αυτόν. θ4 Και αναστας arose, and said unto 

and in three days to build it. And having stood up him, Answerest thou 

,, \ τ i~«-i)^- ' ' ' -z ' nothing? what is it 

Ο αρχιερενς εΐπεν αντψ, Ουόεν αποκρινι^ ; η οντοι σου yahich these witness 

the high priest said to him. Nothing answerest thou ? What '-Hhese 'thee against thee? 63 But 

^ την μάχαφάν σου LTTrA. ? μαχαίρρ LTTrA. * — άρτι TTr. » + άρτι now ΤΊτ. 

*> πλείω LTTrA. <= — η (reaci [than]) [LjTTrA. '' λεγιώνωι^ τ._ ^εξήλ.θατ6 ζ,ττΓΧ. f — ττρος 
νμίζ τ[τγ3α. ε ΐκαθίζόμην ev τω ΐβρώ διδάσκων L ; eu τώ ίβρώ έκαθΐζόμην διδάακων τΤγΑ. 

^ + αύτοΰ of him [l]. ' — απο Τ. ^ — καΐ οϊ πρεσβύτεροι LTTrA. ' αυτόν 

βανατώσουσιν LTTrA ; θανατώσωσιν αΰτον νί • " — καΙ GLTTr. ^ προσε\θόντ<αν 

\Ρ€νδομα.ρτύρων ίΤΧίΑ.. ° — ονχ eipoi' G^LJTTrA. Ρ — ψενδομάρτνρες ΤΤιΑ. 'i αύτον 

οΙκοΒομησαι. Τ ; — αΰτοί' ΤιΑ. 


Jesus held his peace. 

And the hiffh priest υ , ., < ■ i., τ> j. χ •, . ■, • • 

answered aud said un- do ^witness ^against? But Jesus was sileut. And answering the 

to Wm 1 adjure thee άρχιεοενς eIttsv αν-ψ, Εζοριάζω σε κατά τον θεοΰ τον ζώντος, 

tLu teVY'ifs whethei _l"&h Priest said to him, I adjure thee by ='God 'the =Uving, 

thou he the ciLTist, the 'ivu ημίν UTTyQ. ii av έΙ ό χριστός, ό νιος τον θεοϋ. 64 Λέγει 

saith unto him Thou *^'^* ^^ thou teilif thou art the Christ, the Son of God. ='Says 

hast said: nevertheless αύτφ ύ Ίησονς, Σν έίιτας. ττΧήν λέγω νμίν, άτΓ.άρτι οφεσθε 

Ι say unto you, Here- at^'him 'Jesus, Thou hast said. Moreover I say to you. Henceforth ye shaU see 
after shall ye see the , , ^ ~ \ η ' r\' ■> ^ J^ t, / 

Son of man sitting on tov viov Tov ανθρωπον καθημενον cK δεξιών της ονναμεως και 

the right hand of j^jjg Son of man sitting at [the] right hand of power, amd 

power, and oommg in , , , , ^ ^ ~ , ~ ^ / < , 

the clouds of heaven, ερχομενον ετΓΐ τών νεώέλών τον ονρανον. 65 Τότε ο αρχιερενς 

δ5 Then the high priest coming on the clouds of heaven. Then the high priest 

rent his clothes, say- ,.,,,„ ,,/ , ~ \ ι ,"^ ii > ολ 

ing, He hath spoken οιερρηξεν τα.ιματιαΜντον, Αεγων, ^ ϋη" ερ\ασφημ)]σεν τι 

blasphemy ; what fur- rent his gai-ments, saying. He has blasphemed ; why 

ther need have we of „ , „ , „^ -, , , ^ r)\ 

witnesses ?behoid,now ίπ χρειαν εχομεν μαρτνρων; ιδε, ννν ηκουσατε την ρλασ- 

ye have heard his bias- anymore ^need 'have*we of witnesses? lo, now ye have heard the blas- 

ye?™^They answered φημίαν "avTOvJ^ 66 τί νμϊν.δοκεΐ '^ ΟΊ.δε άτΓοκριθεντες εΐπον, 

and said, He is guilty phemy of him. What do ye think? And they answering said, 

of death. 07 Then did i-,-, η ' ■> ' nn m' > ' ' * ' 

they spit in his face, ί^νοχος UavciTov iOTiv. o7 Ύοτε ενεπτυσαν εις το πρόσωπον 

and buffeted him ; and Deserving of death he is. Then they spat in -face 

t^/r'^paimTo"'*the^ αντοΰ, και εκολάφισαν αυτόν, οι.δε "^ψράπισαν," 

iiands, 68 saying, Pro- 'his, and buffeted him, and some strucli [himl with the palm of the 

Shriit, Who islle that 68 λέγοντες, τίροφητενσον ήμΤν, χρίστε, τις εστίν ό 

smote thee? hand, saying. Prophesy to us, Christ, Who is he that 

πα'ισας σε ; 

struck tliec ? 

69 Ό.δε.Πετρος Ηζω εκάθητο^^ εν Ty avXy, και προσηΧθεν 

69 Kow Peter sat But Peter ''without 'was "sitting in the court, and -came 

and °a *damsel^"came «i"'ip μ'ια.παιδ'ισκη, Xkyovoa, Και σν ησθα μετά Ίησον τον 

unto him, saying,Thou *to=^hira 'a '"'maid, saying, And thou wast Λvith Jesus the 

uf^Gaiiiee. '"ίο^βίΓΐίΙ Γαλιλαίου. lO'OM ηρνησατο 'έμπροσθεν ^ πάντων, Χε-γων, Ονκ 

denied before ίΛβ/Μ all, Galiltean. But he denied before all, saying, ^Kot 

what°' ι^^°ΙίινίΙ°' o^^« '"' λέγεις. 71 ΈξεΧΘόντα.δε 'αντόν^^ εις τον πνλώνα 

71 And when he was ' I "know what thou sayest. And "having ^gone ''out 'he into the porch 

gone out into the ^-ξ^^, avTov άλΧη, καΐ λέγει »Γθΐς" ίκεΊ, ^Καί" οϋτος 

porch, another 7naid ., ... , ,," ,•. -jt τ ' χ χι ^ν «ι ^ι.• r -. 

saw him and said unto "•''■^^' '^'°' 'another [-maid], and says to those there, And this [man] 

them that were there, Λ^ wg^^j, Ίηαον TOV Ναζωοαίου. 72 Και πάΧιν ηρνησατο 

with-Je^^s Τ Na- ^'^«^ith Jesus the Na^ar^an. And again he denied 

zareth. 72 And again c„gQ'ii Όρκον,'Ότι ούκ.οΐδα TOV άνθρωπον. 73 ΜεΓα μικρον.δε 

he denied withan oath, !^.^^ an oath, I know not the man. After a liUle also 

I do not know the man. ^ ' ^ , ^ . ^ , > \ r\~ 

73 And after a while τΓοοσελθόνΓες οί εστώτεο είπον τψ llerp<^, Αλί/θώς 

came unto Λίί« they 4 i^go ^ 7^ο[8ΐιίω] 'those^who ^'stood-by said to Peter, IVuly 

that stood by, and , , ,„ , ^ ., « , . λΛ ' ϊ>~λ ' 

said to Peter, i^ureiy και σν ίξ αυτων εΐ' και.γαρ η.λαΧια.σον οηΧον σε ττοιει. 

thou also art one ^jg^ ^^^^^ of them art, for oven thy speech ^manifest -thee 'makes, 
of them; for thy ^ ^ ^., , „ ^ . ' _ ,v 11 < . ' ",-ν » -^ 

spooch bewi-ayeth thee. 74 Tor€ ήρξατο °κατανασεματιζειν και ομννεα', Οτι ονκ.οιοα 

74 Then began he to Then lie began to curse and to swear, I know not 
curse and to swear, , „ ^ ,^ > » .n/ u '\' '. ' nir 

sa:/iVy, I know not the TOV ανθρωπον. Και *ευ^εως" αλέκτωρ εφωνησεν. 75 και 
man. And iramedi- the man. And immediately a cock crew. And 

ately the cock crew. , / « < -rr» ~ < ' f -11 'τ ~ ' ' σ• » ~ii 

76 And Peter remem- εμνησθη Τίετρος TOV ρηματος^τον" Ιησον εφηκοτος καυτω", 

bered the word of '■'remembered 'Peter the word of Jesus, who had said to him, 

Jesus, which said unto ,i„ , ,>, , . ~ > . / , 

hiui, Before the cock On πριν αλίκτορα φωνησαι, τρις aπap^n}σy με• και 

crow, thou slialt deny Before [the] cock crow, thrice thou wilt deny me. And 

me thrice. And he iv \λ> >iy « \ 

went out, and wept εζελθων ίζω εκλανσεν πικρως. 

Liittcrlj-. having gone out he wept bitterly. 

6 — άποκμιθΐΐς Tr. '■ — otl Ι/ΤΤγα. " — αύτοΰ [L]TTrA. * ίράπισαν LTTrA. » ^κάθητο 
(ξω LTTrA. >' + αϋτώΐ' them G. ^ — αύτοί' [LJTr. » αΰτοϊς to them aw. ^ — και Τ. 
"' iJ.(Ta LTTi A. '' καταθΐματίζΐΐν GLTTrAVr. * ΐνθύς Tr. f — τοΰ LTTiA. 8 — αντω [ι.]ττγα. 


27 Ilpojtac.Se yevouh'nc, συμβούλων ίΚαβον -κάντιο οι xxy^i- "mifin the 

_^' Aid Bxcrning/being come, '^^un.,el 'Ho'Tk^ '-U "the fhrcSfflriestTknd 

apyifoiic και οι ττοεσβντεροι του λαοϋ κατά τον Ίησον, eiders of the people 

«chief *priesis ^and «the '^ 'elders '^ «of "the '"people against Jesua, ^^ 'to'^ut hfm^to 

ωστε θανατώσαι αυτόν 2 και δήσαντες αυτόν άττήγα- death: 2 and when 

«ο that they might put to death him ; and having bound him they led ί^^ί" ^'^^ ^°.^'id him, 

vov και τταρεδωκαν *αυτον' ''ΤΙοντιφ 'ΠιλαΓω ' τψ and delivered him to 

away [him] and delivered up him to Pontius Pilate the Pontius Pilate the 

, , governor. 


3 Tore ίδών 'Ιούδας 6 '^παραδιδονς'^ αυτόν οτι κατ- 3 Then Judas, which 

Then 'having 'eeen 'Judas 'who ^delivered *np *him that he was had betrayed him, 
,„ \ Λ « ., > » I II ^ / > / when he saw that he 

εκριϋΐ], μεταμε\7]θεις "απεστρεψεν" τα τριάκοντα αργυ- was condemned, re- 
condemned, having regretted [it] returned the thirty pieces of pented himself, and 
~> ~ <n~ii r> ' J \ ' brought again the 

pia τοις αρχιερευσιν και "τοις" ττρεσβντεροις, 4 λίγων, thirty pieces of sUver 

•ilver to the chief priests and the elders, paying, to the chief priescs and 

"Εμαρτον παραδονς αίμα Ράθώον". Οϊ.δί εΐττον, Ύί sinn?d ^in^iijaf '/ havl 

I sinnod delivering up "blood 'guiltless. But they said, "What [is that] betrayed the innocent 
προς ημάς ; σί' Ίδφει.' δ Και ρι^^ας τα άpyύpιa ^K«f/?aVto7s Tsee 

to us? thou wilt see [to it]. And having cast down the pieces of silver thou 1 ο thnt. 5 And he 

nv τψ vay" άνεχώρησεν,καΐ άπελθών άπηγζατο. 6 Οι.δε Sver'Sth^e't^S 

in the temple he withdrew, and having gone away hanged himself. And the and departed, and 

αρχιερείς λαβόντες τά apyvpia ^εΖττοί'," Ούκ.ίξεστπ' βαλεΊν ,Τι^'^β'Ι^^ώ Λ^ 

chief priests having taken the pieces of silver said. It is not lawful to put priests took the silver 

αυτά εις τον κορβανάν^ ίττει τιμή αίματος εστίν. 7 ^νμ- Zt'i^^i ll^tol^. 

them into the treasury, since [the] price of blood it is. ''Coun- them into the treasury, 

βούλιον δε Χαβόντες, ήγόρασαν εξ αυτών τόν άγρόν του ^f??^^}^ ^^ }^%^\}^ 

eel «and «having ^aken, they bought with them the field of the °^k "couM^ei and 

κεραμεως, είς ταώήν τοΧς ζίνοις. 8 διό εκλήθη ό bought^th them the 

potter, for a burying ground for strangers. ^\-herefore ^was «called Kgers in eNrh^""^ 

ά•γρός.εκεΧνος αγρός αίματος εως τΐις-σημερον. 9 τότε fore that field was 

'"t^it 'field iLi of blood to thi.d'ay. Then ^"«f, The field of 

> f η \ < T- « / / / blood, unto this anj. 

ίττληρωθη το ρηθέν οιά Ιερεμίου του προφήτου, λεγον- 9 Then was iuiniied 

was fulfilled that which was spoken by Jeremias the prophet, say- that which was spoken 

,«^_ , , ,, , , „ by Jeremy the prophet. 

Toc, Kat ελαρον τα τριακοΐ'τα αργύρια, την τιμήν του saying, And they took 

ing, And I took the thirty pieces of silver, the price of him who ^^^ thirty pieces of 

/ ,v , / ) X 1 .V Jx '> -1/-, V silver, the price of him 

τετιμημενον, ov ετιαησαντο απο νιων Ισραήλ, 10 και that was valued, whom 
wassetapriceon, whom they *set 'a "price •οη' of ["the] ^<ons *ofM!srael, and they of the children of 

«J. .»..,, ~ , r\ ^ I v> Israel did value: 10 and 

εοωκαν αυτά εις τον aypov του κεραμεως, κάσα συνεταξεν gave them for :he pot- 
gave them for the field of the potter, according as 'directed ter's field, as the Lord 
/ appointed mo. 

μοι κύριος. 
*me ['the] "Lord. 

11 Ό.δε.Ί7]σοϋς 'earT;" έμπροσθεν τον ήγεμόνος• και επηρώ- 

But Jesus Btood before the governor; and ^ques- Π And Jesus s:cod 

,v ,, , .., _,, ι./ΊΝΐ -ν before the governor : 

τησεν αυτόν ο ηγεμων, λέγων, Συ ει ο βασιλεύς των and the governor asked 

tioned *him 'the "governor, saying, "Thou 'art the king of the him, saying. Art thou 

't ί ' «/-w 5" 'τ ~ » . » > ~ II ■«-< » Λ ' •• c\ -rr y the king of the Jews? 

Ιουόαιων; Ο.δε.Ιησονς εψη ^αυτψ,^^ Συ λέγεις. 12 Και And Jesus said unto 

Jews ? And Jesus said to him, Thou sayest. And him. Thou sayest. 

i~ - fi ,,<v.„, . <tr~ii 12 And when he was 

εν.τψ.κατηγορεισυαι αυτόν υπυ των αρχιερέων και ^των πρεσ- accused of the chief 
when "was ^accused 'he by the ciiief priests and the el- priests and elders, 

βυτερων, οΰδεν άπεκρίνατο. 13 τότε λέγει αύτψ ό ^Πιλάτος,^^ ιΙ ThTn 'said °PiUte 

ders, nothing he answered. Then "says ^to *him 'Pilate, unto him, Kearest 

1 — aiiTov ltttA. ^ — Ποντίω TTr. ' Πειλάτω Τ. •» παφαΒούς had delivered up LTr. 

° Ιστρεψίΐ/ TTiA. » — toIs LTTrA. Ρ άθωον LTA. 1 όψτ; LTTrA. ' eU τον- vaop 

into the temple τττ. « είπαν LTTr. t «σταβί} lttta. ^ — αΰτώ τ. " — των t[a]. 
» Πιλάτος LTr ; Πΐΐλάτο; Τ. 


thS'sa''°thev'^witnM^ Οΰκ.άκούεις Ίτόσα σον καταααρτνρονσιν; 14 Και 

agaiLt thee ? 14 And Hearest thou not how many things «thee «they ^witness 'against ? And 

he answered him to ούκ.άτΓΒκρίθη αύτψ προς ονδί εν ρήμα, ωστξ. θαυμάζειν τον 
πΓαΛ thaTThe' govern he did not answer him to even one word, so that ^rendered 'the 
nor marvelled greatly. Ί/γζμόνα \ίαν. 

"governor exceedingly. 

15 Now at «Ααί feast 15 Κατά.δε ίορτήν είώθει 6 ήγεμών άπολνειν 'ένα 

the governor was wont Now at [the] feast ^ was *accustomed 'the ''governor to release one 

^opiV^^a '^pri'soner! τψ οχλψ δέσμιον, ov ήθεΚον. 16 εΙχονΜ τότε δέσ- 

whom they would, to'the *mnltitude 'prisoner, whom they wished. And they had then a'pri- 

ifot^fe'p%o''ne'ritn' i"OV ίττίσημον, λεγόμενον Βαραββαν. 17 συνηγμίνων 

ed Barabbas. 17 There- soner 'notable, caHed Barabbas. "Being *gathered together 

gatle7ed'?ogetlVpi- "'^^ αύτών εΐπεν αύτοΐς 6 τΠΟ^άτος," Ύ ίνα θέλετε άττο- 

late said unto them, therefore 'they 'said "to 'them 'Pilate, "Whom will ye [that] I 

i^el^osTLfo youl ^^^'^ V'»' 5 Βαραββάν, ή Ίησοϋν τον λεγόμενον χριστόν; 

Barabbas or Jesus release to you ? Barabbas, or Jesus who is called Cbriet ? 

which is called Christ? IQ ήδει.γάρ OTi διά ώθόνον τταρίδωκαν αυτόν. 19 Καθ»?- 

for enV the^^hld de- For he knew that through envy they delivered up him. «As *wae 

Uvered him. 19 Wben μξ-μον δ^ avTov ΙτΓΐ Γοϋ βήματος άττεστειλεν προς αυτόν η 

ihe7ndg^1n'se^,Ws ""i^i'^^*;^« , - the judgment seat ',,,^ 4o Jinn.^ 

wife sent unto Mm, γννή.αύτον, λεγονσα, Μηδέν σοι και τφ δικαίψ 

rwthin to*^do vrtth ^i* "^^^, saying, [Let there be] nothing between thee and ^righteoua 

that just man : for I εκείνψ' ΤΓολλά.γάρ ετταθον σήμερον κατ δναρ δι 

have suflered many «that [man]; for many things I suffered to-day in a dream because of 

things this day in a , , ' , , ^ , , ' , „ , 

dream because of him. avTov. 20 Oi.of αρχιερείς και 01 ττρεσβντεροι έπεισαν τους 

20 But the chief priests him. But the chief priests and the elders persuaded the 
and elders persuaded « » „ , , , _, r,r}~ « ti »τ ~ ' λ 

the multitude that οχλονς iva αιτησωνται τον Βαραββάν, τον.δε. Ιησουν απολ- 

they should ask Barab- crowds that they should beg for Barabbas, and *Jesus 'should 

bas, and destroy Jesus. » m > λ ^ t>i < < it > ~ rri' n'\ 

21 The governor an- εσωσιν. 21 αποκριθεις.οέ ο ηγεμων ειπεν αυτοις, Ύινα θέλετε 

swered and said unto 'destroy. And 'answering 'the ''governor said, to them, Wbich will ye 

them. Whether of the > \ ~ r./ > \/ i~ i-v'f\»T η.τ» ->^~ 

twain will ye that I «""o των ουο απολνσω υμιν; Οι.όέ ^είπον , ^Βαραββάν. 

release unto you? They of the two [that] I release to you ? And they said, Barabbas. 

^id. Barabbas. 22 Pi- λλ * ' » - < v-rr λ' iim'r ' »x •* % 

late saith unto them, 22 Λεγει αυτοις ο ^Πιλάτος," Τι ονν ποιήσω Ιησουν, τον 

What shall I do then "Says Ho *them 'Pilate, What then shall I do with Jesus, who 

^UedcS?'r^^ali ^^γόμενον χοιστόν ; Αίγονσιν^αύτψ' πάντες, ^ταυρωθητο). 

say unto him, Let him is called Christ ? They "say »to *him 'all. Let [him] be crucified. 

^™or^'^s^d*^Wby'' ^^ '^-^^ «=ί/7ε//ώι^ιι εψη, Τί yap κακόν εποίησεν ; Οί.ίί 

what evil hath he -^^ the governor said, What "then 'evil did he commit ? But they 

d°^®?^"t they cried ττΒρισσώς εκραζον, λέγοντες, Στανρωθήτω. 24 Ίδων.δέ 6 
Let him'be'^crucmea.' *^^ ™°'"'' °'"*^'^ °^*' saying. Lot [him] be crucified. And =seeiug 

24 WTben Pirate saw ΓΠιλάΓΟ^" ΟΤΙ ούδέν ώώελεΐ, άλλα μολλον θόρυβος γίνεται^ 

nothini^ but^'^^'^ai 'Pilate that nothing it availed, but rather a tumult is arising, 

rather a tumult was λαβών 'ύδωρ άπενίχίατο τάς χείρας ^απέναντι" του δνλου, 

rdwashed^/.^han'ds h-^ving taken water he washed [his] ^^ hands before the crowd, 

before the multitude, λέγων, *Άθώός" είιιι άπο τοϋ αίματος ^τοϋ. δικαίου. τοντου'^'^ 

s.aying, Ι am innocent gaying, Guiltless lam of the blood of this righteous [man, 

of the blood of this ,_,„ ,, ^, _,■.,- 

just person : see ye ίο υμείς οψεσθε. 25 Και αποκριθείς πας ο λαός εΙπεν, Ύο 

it 25 Then answered ye wiU see [to it]. And 'answering 'aU *the»people said, 

all the people, and , ,„,,,_ , , , , < , ^ η /% rn ' > »n 

said, His blood be on αΐμα.αυτου εφ ημάς και επι τα.τεκνα.ημων. 2ο Τότε αττελυ- 
ns, and on our chil- gig blood [be] on us and on our children. Then he re• 

dren. 26 Then released , ^ , _, ^^- • x« Ί - ^ λ> / 

he Barabbas unto σεν αυτοις Tov Βαραββάν τον.όε. Ιησουν ώραγελλωσας 

them : and when ho leased to them Barabbas ; but 'Jesus 'having 'scourged 

had Rcourped Jesus, he ι r. κ λ - 

delivered him to be παρεόωκεν iva σταυρωθγ. 

crucified. he delivered up [him] that he might be crucified. 

Τ Πιλάτος LTr; Πβιλάτος Τ. ' elnav TTr. » + τοί' TTr. *> — αύτω LTTrA. 

• — Tfyeixitv {read and he said) ττγα. •* κατίναντι LTr. • αθψό^ lta. f τούτου [τοί 

SiKaiov] L; — τοΰ δικαίον {read of this [man] ) τ[τγ]α. 


27 Τότε οι στρατίώται τον ήγεμόνος, τταραΧαβόντες /^J^®" *^® soldiers 

Then the soldiers of the governor, having taken with [thera] ^Ιη^Ιη^ΓιΙοΤοη^οη 

τόν'Ιησονν εις το ττραιτώριον, συνηγαγον έττ' αυτόν οΧην tail, and gathered un- 

Jesus to the pratorium, gathered against him all ^ j^-^i"^^ 28 A^d 

την σπείραν' 28 και Ηκ^ΰσαντες' αυτόν ^ττεράθηκαν αντώ they stripped him, and 
the band ; and having stripped him they put round him P^* °^ ^i™, a scarlet 

Λ ' f ' u ^ry , ^ 7 V ' , V > /Λ ^°^^• 29 And when 

χλαμυοα κοκκινην" 29 και ττλεζαντες στεψανον εξ ακανθών tiey had platted a 

a ^cloak 'scarlet ; And having platted a crown of thorns crown of thorns, they 

2 in ' < i ^ -v > . ~ > 'Λ L•) < , P'^'' *' upon his head, 

έττεσηκαν εττι ^την.κεψαΚην .αντον, και καΚαμον εττί την and a reed in his right 
they put [it] on his head, and a reed in hand : and they bowed 

Λνιιι>~ ^ ' » η >~i)/ *te knee before him, 

όεί,ιαν^^ αυτόν και γονυπετησαντες έμπροσθεν αυτού ^%νε- and mocked him, say- 
aright ^hand 'his ; and bowing the knees before him they in?. Hail, King^ of the 

παιζον^^ αντψ, λέγοντες, Χαίρε, ""ό βασιλενς^^ των Ιουδαίων spit upon him, "^an? 

mocked him, saying. Hail, king of the Jews I took the reed, and 

0--, > » / ' ' ' "N /3 ' '^ ^ " smote him on the head. 

30 και εμτΓτυσαντες εις αυτόν ελαρον τον καΧαμον και ετνπ- 3ΐ And after that they 

And having spit upon him they took the reed and struck had mocked him, they 

» < ^\i t ~ m ir ' <' '' V >~ took the robe off from 

τον εις την.κεώαΚην.αντου. 31 Και οτε ενεπαιζαν αυτ^ him, and put his ο^-η 
[him] on nis head. And when they had mocked him raiment on him, and 

"έξέουσαν" aijTOV την χλαμύδα, "καί" ίν'εδνσαν αυτόν τά «Ι^λ^.^''''^ '°"^- 

they took off him the cloak, and they put on him 32 And as they came 

ϊμάτια.αντον• και απήγαγαν αυτόν εις τό.σταυρώσαι. ^^ of^(>rene°"stoon 

hla own garments ; and led '^away 'him to crucify. by name : him they 

32 'Εζερχόμενοι.δε είψον άνθρωπον ΚνρηναΧον, ονόματι ^"^f "|^ ϊηά" wh^n 

And going forth they found a man a Cyrensean, by name they were come unto 

"Σίμωνα" τούτον ηγγάρευσαν 'ίνα apy τόν.στανρόν.αύτον. eothL^'^thaf^s^to^a^' 

Simon ; him they compelled that he might carry his cross. | τ,^^β of 'a slmU' 

33 Kat ελθόντες εις τόπον λεγόμενον ^Γολγοθά,^' loe" εστίν 34 ihey gave him vin- 

. >.. . -. '(7, «,'ι•. •.., . e^ar to drink mmeled 

And having come to a place called Golgotha, which is ^j^fj ^^^ . ^^^ ^^ 

^λεγόμενος κρανίου τόττος," 34 iCtu/cav αυΓψ ^ττίεϊν" 'δξος" he had tasted ?Aereo/, 

called =of^a «skull 'place, they gave him to drink vinegar ^ ^d'" they °cn^a^ 

μετά χολής μεμιγμενον' και γευσάμ^νος ούκ-^ήθελεν^^ ^πιεΐν." i^m, and parted his 

with gaU mingled; and having tasted he would not drink. garments, casting lots: 

, r.\ } \ .^, \ i f , tnat It mignt be rol- 

35 Στανρωσαντες.δε αντυν ΰιεμερισαντο τα.ιματια.αντοϋ, fiUed which was spo- 

And having crucified him they divided his garments, ^?^ ^^ 3®, P^^oP^e*. 

w'3 'Λ'ν II \~ .X" \ O- ' ' D' < ' They parted my gar- 

"ραλλοχτες κΚηρον *ινα πΚηρωυη το ρηθέν υπο ments among them, 

casting a lot ; that might be fulfilled that which was spoken by and upon my vesture 

, , , , / / < ~ ', did they cast lots. 

τον προφήτου, Αιεμερισαντο τα.ιματια.μου εαυτοις, και 36 And sitting down 

the prophet, They divided my garments among themselves, and they watched him 

ι y y , , » ο Λ Λ ~ II ο/3 Tr ^ /I ' thsTe ; 37 and set up 

έπι τον.ιματισμον.μου εραλον κληρον. 3θ Και καθήμενοι over his head his accu- 

for my vesture they cast a lot. And sitting down sation written, THIS 

Ts τ "R s Tm TTTTc 

ετηρουν αυτόν εκεί. 37 Και επεθηκαν επάνω της king of τηβ 

they kept guard over him there. And they put up over JEAVS. 38 Then were 

.■v~>-<)/ >- ' rv-'> there two thieves cru- 

κεψαλης.αντου την.αιτιαν.αυτου γεγραμμενην, Οντος εστίν cified with him, one 
his head his accusation written : This ie on the right hand, and 

Ίησονς ό βασιλεύς των Ιουδαίων. 38 Τότε στανροννται σνν ^^°^^^^ °^ *^^ ^^^• 

Jesus the king of the Jews. Then are crucified Tfith 

αύτφ δύο λγσταί, εις εκ δεζιών και εΙς εξ ευωνύμων. 

him two robbers, one at [the] right hand and one at [the] left. 

39 ΟΊ.δε παραπορενόμενοι ίβλασψήμουν αυτόν, κινονντες passed by reviled him, 

But those passing by railed at him, shaking wagging their heads, 

< ',\> >~j/-\<\» </-v >' • \40 and saying, Thou 

τας.κεφαλας.αντων, 40 και λέγοντες, Ο καταλνων τον ναον that destroyest the 

their heads, and saying. Thou who destroyest the temple temple, and buildeet 

Κ ΐνδνσαντ€<; having clothed L. ^ χλαμύδα κοκκίνην πβριίθηκαν αύτψ LTTtA. » τη? 

κίφαλής ττι Α. ^ ίν τη Βΐξιξ LTTrA. ' ίνεηαιξαν Τ. •" βασιλβΟ Ο king νττ. 

" ΐκδΰσαντ6ς having taken off τ. ° — και Τ. ρ Τολγοθά Ττ. ^ ό OLTTrAW. 

' κραι/ιου τόπος λεγό/ΑβίΌς LTTrA. * nelv Ί. ^ οίνον •ντΊηβ hTTr. ' ήββ'λησβχ' LTTr; 

«θέλησΐν Α. " βαλόντ€ς having cast lta. » — Ινα πληρωθ^ to end of verse glttta. 


th^elf^*lf''thou*be '^"^ ^^ τρισίν ήμεραις οικοδομών, σωσον σεαυτύν. ει ν'ώς 

the Son of God, come ^^^ ^ **^β days buildest [it], save thyself. If son 

4^°Lik?.^θ^a?so''the ^^^ Tov 9bov,^^ ' κατάβηθι άτΓΟ Tov στανρον. 41 Όμοπος 

chief prieste mocking ^^°^ *''* "* ^°^' descend from the cross. ^In -^like ''manner 

him with the scribes a^^ ^^jii ^^ αρχιερείς ίμπαίζοντες μετά των γραμματέων και 

^ved othersThi^elf '^^'^ ""^^ *^β ''^ief priests, mocking, with the scribes and 

he cannot save. Π he ττρεσβντερων ελεγον, 42 "Αλλους εσωσεν, εαυτόν ού.δυναται 

tet hi^now come ^^i^r,/^ said,^ ^ Others he saved, himseli he is not .able 

down from the cross, σώσαι. ''ei" βασιλεύς Ίσραηλ εστίν, καταβάτω νυν άπο τοϋ 

hto. 11 H^tamsted ώ *° ^''^^• ^* '^^ "^ ^^'^^^ ^^ ^• ^®* ^'"^ descend now from the 

God; let him deliver σταυροί), καΙ'^ΤΓίστεύσομεν^^ ^αύτψ.^^ 43 ττ'εποιθεν ΙττΙ ^τον θεόν'^^ 

him now, if he will cross, and we wUl believe him. He trusted on God: 

have him : for he said, < / λ ~ f ' ' η ' ni\ » > - ' » η ~ 

I am the Son of God. ρυσασθω νυν 'avTov,^^ ει θέλει αυτόν, είττεν.γαρ, Οτιθεον 

44 The thieves also, lethimdeliver^now 'him, if he v/iU Hiavc] him. For he said, *Of°God 

which were crucified . ,, ^.^rϊ^^^'>^ ^<■v << n' 

with him, cast the ^ιμι υιος. 44 Λο.ο .αυτο και οιλ-^σται οι ^συσταυρωσεν- 

eame in his teeth. 'I^am^Son. And [with] the same thing also the robbers who were crucified to- 

τες" ** αύτφ όJvείδιζov ^αύτψ.^^ 

gether with him reproached him. 

45 >row from the 45 Ά'ΤΓο.δε εκτης ώρας σκότος εγενετο εττι πάσαν την 

sixth hour there was Now from '-^sixth ['the] hour darkness was over all the 

darkness over all the ~ « „ «,, / ί jr» ^ ?•> ' l' ' ir " 

land unto the ninth 7^}^ εως ώρας ^εννατης'^ 4ο ττερι.ΰε την ^εννατην" ojpav 

hour. 46 And about land until [the] "hour 'ninth ; and about the ninth hour 

criedTithaio^vol•^ ""άνεβόησεν^^ ο'ίησοϋς φων^ ^εγάλ^, λέγων, °Ήλί, Ήλί," 

saying, EM, ELI, =cried 'out '.Tesus *with *a 'voice 'loud, saying, Eli, Eli, 

^Mhaf is°to say,^; °λα/.<ά" ^σαβαχθανί ;" τοϋτ 'εστίν, θεε.μου, θεέ.μου, 'ί'ινατί' με 

God, my God, why lama sabachthani? that is. My God, my God, why me 

mT? 47''lome*oTtiem ^Τ'^ατέλιττες ; 47Ύινες.δε τών Ικεΐ Ηστώτων'^ άκοϋ- 

that stood there, when hast thou forsaken ? And some of those who there were standing having 

ιϊί ""^ηοΆ^^οτ '^«"^^ί' ΐλεγον,'Ότι ^Ήλι'αι." φωνεΐ οίτος. 48 Και ευθέως 
Elias. 48 And straight- beard, said, *Elias ^calls 'this [^man]. And immediately 

rnKkayun^'d />«^wj/ εΓς έξ αύτών καΐ λαβών σττόγγον, ττλήσας.τε 

tilled it with vinegar, having 'run 'one "of ^hem and taken a sponge, and filled [it] 

and put Λοη a. reed, όξους και ττεριθείς καλάμψ, επότιζεν αυτόν' 49 οΊ.δε 
Α9 "nfe^rest said Έβί '^*^^ vinegar and put [it] on a reed, gave 'Ho ^drink 'him. But the 

be, let us see whether XotTTot ^ίλεγο?'," Άφες, ϊδωμεν ει έρχεται '"Ηλίας" σώσων 

^as will come to save ^^^^ ^^/^^ j^^^^^. letussee '^omes 'EUas to save 



50 Jesus, when he 50 Ό.δ^.'ίησοϋς πάλιν κράζας φωνγ μεγάλν άώηκεν 
loud'^voiw -ΗΤΐίϊΓάν And Jesus again having cried with a 'voice 'loud yielded up 

the ghost. Μ And, be- TO πνεύμα. 51 Kat Ιδού, το καταπ'ετασμα τοϋ ναοϋ εσχίσθη 

hold the veil of the rj^jg-i spirit. And behold, the veil of the temple was rent 

temple was rent m ^ , •'-,„,,„„ ^ „ , , , ^ , , „ 

twain from the top to '^είς ουο" ^ατΓο" ανωί/εν εως κατω^' και »/ γη εσεισϋη, και 

the bottom ; and tha jnto two from top to bottom ; and the earth was shaken, and 

earth did quake, and , , » / λ (-λ > > ~ ' ' η ν 

the rocks rent ; 52 and ai ττετοαι εσχισβησαν, o2 και τα μνημεία ανεφχθησαν, και 

the graves were οι>οη- the rocks were rent, and the tombs were opened, and 

ed; and many bodies >n . / ~ ' ' ' τη ' ' η ii -o > 

of the saints which ΤΓοΛλα σωματα των κεκοιμημενων άγιων ■ ηγερυη,^' οό και 
slept arose, 53 and many bodies of the =f alien 'asleep 'saints arose, and 

y θΐοϋ el h. * + Koi and lT. » [Se] και Τγα; — Se καΐ [l]t. •> — βΐ ΤΤγα. 
"^ πιστίνομΐν we believe t, ττιστη/σωμβν let U3 believe τ. ^ ίπ αντόν on him ττγ ; en 

αΰτω w. « τω βεώ I.. f — αντόν Τ[τγ]. s σννστανρωθΐντες Ι.ΤΤγΑ. •• -(- σνν 

with (him) LTTtA. ' αυτόν OLTTtaw. ^ ένατη? LXTrA. 1 ίνάτην LTTrA. "" ίβόησεν 

cried Tr. "Ήλι ήλΐ Ι,Α ; ΉλεΙ ήλεΐ τ. ° λ-ημά L ; λβμά ΊΤγΑ. Ρ σαβακθανί L ; 

σα/δαχθανβί ΤΤγ. ι IVa τι Α. ^ eaTr^KOTiov ΎΤτ . * Ήλβίαν Τ. ' βίτται/ LTr. 

' 'HAet'as Τ. " €15 δυο -placed after κάτω ΤΤγα. * απ Τγ ; — άτΓΟ τ. y* ηγίρθησαν 

XXVIL Μ A Τ Τ Η Ε W. 8δ 

ίξελθόντες ίκ των μνημείων μετά τήν.εγερσιν.αντον, είσΐ]\- ^^™^ °?^ ?es*urrStiIn 
having gone forth out of the tombs after his arising, entered and went into the holy 

Θον εις την άγίαν ττολιν και ενεφανίσθησαν ττοΧΚοΊς. <=ity, and appeared 

into the holy city and appeared to many. ^^ " many. 

54 Ό.δε ^εκατόνταργος^^ και οί μετ αντου τηρονντες ^ '^ο^ ^iien the 

But the rentnrion and they ^ho with him kept guard over ^^°^"^°J?^ ^^^ ^^ 

τόν'Ιησονν, Ίδόντες τον σεισμον και τα '^γενόμενα,' watching Jesus, saw 

Jesus, having seen the earthquake and the things that took place, *® eartliquake, and 
, ,? , , ~^~ y,n ~ '' II r - those things that were 

εώοβηθησαν σφοδρά, Χεγοντεα, Αλι/Οώς °θεον νιος" ην ούτος, done, they feared 

feared greatly, saying, ' Truly ^Gtod's *Son «was Hhis. greatly, saying. Truly 

^,. T„ ,Γ, , \ ~ >Λ . , , /Λ /Ί ~ t^i^ '^^ t^e Son ot 

55 ΈΙσαν.δε εκεί γυναίκες ττολλαι απο μακρόθεν ΰεωρον- God. 

And there were there ''women 'many from afar off looking 

„ ,^/Λ ~>T ~>>~•η\Λ' ? 55 And many women 

σαι, αιτινες ήκολουσησαν τψ Ιησον απο της 1 αΧίλαιας eta- were there hehoidtng 

on, who followed Jesus from Galilee miu- afar off, which foi- 

, ^ _Λ > * τ ,,'<-»;!• s- ^ ' ■ lowed Jesus from Ga- 

κονονσαι αντψ, 56 εν αις ην Μαρία η Μαγοα\ηι•η, και iiiee, ministering unto 

istering to him, among whom was Mary the Magdalene, and him : 56 among which 

T,, / , - »T Ό < r'T -11 ' r I / ^ W.1S Mary Macdalene, 

Μαρία η τον Ιακωρον και '^ Ιωση^^ Μί?"/Ρ» I^Cli V I^V^VP '"t"'' and Mary the mother 

Mary the *of 'James *and *Jo3es 'mother, and the mother of th.• of James and Josea, 

• - rw ο ^ ' 11^" the mother of 

νιων Δεβεδαΐον. Zehedee's children. 

sons of Zebedee. 

57 Όφίας.δε γενομένης ?ιΚθεν άνθρωπος πλούσιος άπό 

And evening being come ''oame 'a ^man 'rich from 57 When the even 

J,. Λ / 11 » t-r ' t\ \ > ^ ρ ' /!' '^as come, there came 

"Αρι^αέ^αιας," τοννομα Ιωσήφ, ος και αυτός ^εμανητενσεν a rich man of Arima- 

Arimathea, by name Joseph, who also himself was discipled thasa, named Joseph. 

~»T -ror λα• - fTT > ' II ' ' ^ - who also himself was 

Τψ Ιησού. 58 οντος προσελθων τψ ^ΙΙιΚατψ -^τησατο το σώμα jesus' disciple: 58 he 

to Jesus. He having gone to Pilate begged the body went to Pilate, and 

του Ίησου. τότε b «^Πιλάτος ' εκεΚενσεν άποδοθηναι ^το σώμα. sul^Then PUate^com- 

of Jesus. Then Pilate commanded to be given up the body. manded thebody to be 

59 fcai λαβών το σώμα ό'Ιωσήφ Ινετυλιξεν αντό' σινίόπ jo^ep^h^had^t^l^n Λθ 

And having taken the body Joseph wrapped it in a "linen ^cloth body, ho wrapped it in 

καθαρή 60 και εθηκεν αυτό εν τψ.καινψ.αϋτον μνημείψ ο ^ο '^TiaM u in°hi 

'clean, and placed it in hie new tomb which qt^^ jjg^ tomb, which 

έλατόμησεν ίν Ty πετρ<^• καΐ προσκνλίσας λιθον (ΐέγαν .^^erol^a^heToulS 

he had hewn in the rock ; and having rolled a -stone great ^ great stone to the 

^Ty Oipg, τον μνημείου άπηλθεν. 61 ην.δε εκεΧ ^Μαρία f^fi^^^art^l'^Pei^^^ji 

to the door of the tomb went away. And there was there Mary ^-^^^.^ P^^ ^.j^ry Mag- 

ή Μαγδαληνή και ή άλλη Μαρία, καθήμεναι απέναντι τον daiene, and the other 
the Magdalene and the other Mary, sitting opposite the ^S the sepuS.*' 



62 TyJk επαύριον, ήτις εστίν μετά την παοασκενήν. 62 Xow the next day, 

Now on the mon-ow, which is after the preparation, that followed the day 

, , , ^ , . ^ . mTT preparation, the 

συνηγθησαν οι αρχιερείς και οι Φαρισαϊοι ποος ™Πι- chief priests and Pha- 

were gathered together the chief priests and the Pharisees to Pi- risees came together 

■^ , ,, η \ ' -rri >'Λ «,~ unto Pilate, 63 saymg, 

Aarov, ' 63 λέγοντες, Κυρΐ€, εμνησθημεν οτι εκείνος Sir, we remember that 

late, saying, Sir, we have called to mind that that tha* deceiver said, 

,, »«ν-.•«ι> ~.» >/ r. t ' while '.iew«s yet aiive, 

Ο πλάνος ειπεν ετι ζων, Μετά τρεις ημέρας εγείρομαι. ο4 κε- After three days ι will 

deceiver said whilst living, After three days I arise. Com- rise again. &1 Com- 

, r 7 ■y r,~ ^ '. " ~ ' < ' mand therefore that 

λευσον ουν ασφαλισϋηναι τον ταφον εως της τρίτης ημέρας• the sepukhr.; be made 

mand therefore to be secured the sepulchre until the third day, sure until the third 

)^ Λ» < ft ' η » -II η > II -ν ' ( ' ' d^y, lest his disciples 

μηποτε ελϋοντες οι.μαθηται.^αυτου" "ι^υκτοςΐ! κλεψωσι.ν αντον. come by night, and 

lest 'coming 'his ^disciples by night steal «away 'him, steal him away, and 

* €κατοντάρχης Τ. » γινόμενα were taking place LTTfA. '' νϊος θΐοϋ LTrA. J= Ίωστ)φ 
Joseph T. <* Άριμαθίίαζ W. e έμαθητΐνθη LTTr. ^ Π^ιλάτω Τ. S Πιλάτο? LTr ; 

Πβιλάτος τ. *> — το σώμα {read [it]) T[Tr]. ' -ί- ev in (a linen cloth) τγα. ^ ^ + ίπι 

over (the door) L. ' Μαριάμ τ. ■» Πιλάτον LTr ; Πειλάτον Τ. " — αντοΰ (read the 

disciples) τ. ° — νυκτο? qltTta. 


He iTli^en^from^the *"^ ειπωσιν Γω λαψ, 'Ίίγερθη άπο των νεκρών και εσται 
dead: so the last error *°^ ^7 to the people, He is risen from the dead; and «shaU »be 
tht^fiist "^ef^Pibfte ν^σχάττ] πλάνη χειρών της πρώτης. βδ'Εφη.'Ρδε^^ αντοΐς 
said nnto them, Ye '*^β "last 'deception worse than the first. And ^said ^o *them 

have a watch: go your ό ΊΠιλαΓος," ΈγΕτε κουστωδ'ιαν' υπάγετε άσώαλίσασθε ωα 

r^eTn^Msot^; ^ 'Pil'^t^' Y^^-« -^-d: ^ Go' maa [it as] secure ^ 

went, and made the οΐδατε. 66 Ο'ι.δΙ πορενθεντες ήσφαλίσαντο τον τάφον 

thestX^^'settSf 3^'™°'^'^*'''^• ^«^t^^y having gone made «secure 'the "sepulchre 

a watch. ' σφραγίσαντες τον λίθον, μετά της κουστωδίας. 

'sealing "the 'stone, *with *the •guard. 

28 Όφε.δε σαββάτίον, τ•^.επιφωσκούσγ εις uiav 

XXVIII. In the end Now late on Sabbath, as it was getting dusk toward [the] first [dayl 

of the sabbath, as it ^ - , r,r ' ii < ττ % λ < « « »λλ ,. ' 

began to dawn toward σαρρατων, ΐ]λθεν ^Mapia η Μαγδαληνή και η αΧλη Μαρία 

the first day of the of [the] week, came Mary the Magdalene and the other Mary 

week, came Mary Mag- λ ~ , / , 

dalene and the other βεωρησαΐ TOV Ταφον. 
Mary to see the sepul- to see the sepulchre. 

2 Kai Ίδον, σεισμός εγενετο μέγας' άγγελος.γάρ κυρίου 
And behold, "a 'earthquake 'there *was *great ; for an angel of [the] Lord 

καταβάς εξ ουρανού, * προσελθών άπεκνλισεν τον λίθον 

«1 J 1. u υ i.v having descended out of heaven, having come rolled away the stone 

2 And, behold, there ,,,„„, % > /λ » ' » ~ τ r,v . >τ.ί . 

was a great earth- 'ατΓΟ της θυρας,^ και εκαθητο επάνω αυτόν. 3 7}ν.οε η'Ίοεα" 

quake : f or the angel from the door, and was sitting upon it. And *was 'look 

of the Lord descended , -, , , , , ν » r> , _ .. , < mi ' 

from heaven, and came αυτου ως αστραπή, και το.ενόνμα.αυτου λευκον '^ωσει" χιών. 

and rolled back the »his as lightning, and his raiment white as snow, 

stone from the door, .>,^, ~,o »~>'λ . ~ ^■,./ 

and sat upon it. 3 His 4 απο.ϋε του φοβου αυτου εσεισυησαν οι τηρουντες, και ^εγε- 

countenance was like And from the fear of him *trembled 'those "keeping *guard, and be- 
lightning, and his rai- » mi ' c »» λ < ?λ < » > τ 

ment white as snow : vovTO ωσει" νεκροι. Ο Αποκριϋεις.οέ ο άγγελος έίπεν ταις 

4 and for fear of him oame as dead [men]. But 'answering 'the mngel said to the 

Md^beram^'ls*^^ γυναιζίν, Μή.φοβεΐσθε ύμεΤς' οΐδα.γάρ 'ότι 'Ιί]σονν τον εσταυ- 

men. 5 And the angel women. Fear not ye ; for I know that Jesus who has been 

trthriomen!"Fear ρ^μενον ζητεϊτε. 6 ούκΛστιν ώδε• ήγεοθη.γάρ, καθώς εΙπεν. 

not ye : for I know crucified ye seek. He is not here, for ne is risen, as he said. 

wach'^warcrucmed: ^^^^^^ ^^^^ rbv τόπον 'όπου εκείτο yb κύριος. ^^ 7 καϊ ταχύ 

6 He is not here : for Come see the place where "was *lying' the "Lord. And "quickly 

Come"^ee* thi'^price ^ορευθεΊσαι είπατε τοίς.μαθηταϊς.αύτοϋ, 'ότι ήγερθη άπο των 

where' the Lord lay. 'going say to his disciples, that he is risen from the 

teu'his^diS^J'tha^ ''^/ΡΓ" ""i i^vi^t' .''^^"Zf "''"^ 'i^ '^'^ Ταλΐλαίαν ίκεΧ 

he is risen &om the ^^'^^ '< '^^^ behold, he goes before you into Galilee j there 

dead ; and, behold, he αϋτον οφεσθε. ΐδού, είπον υμϊν. 8 Και *Ιξελθοί)σαι" ταχύ 

GTlrleeVth^^e AaU*ye ^"^ ^* ^*^ «^• ^ο- ^ ^^^'^ **>^•^ ^^^ ^^ '^'""^ ^<>°® °"* quickly 

see him: Ιο, I have απο Tox) μνημείου μετά φόβου και χαράς μεγάλης, εδραμον 

SJted-qu'icWy^OlJ ^»- *^« ^"-^ ^*^ ff , -f "i^y . •^-*; tfy'- 

the sepulchre with άττανγεϊλαι τοίς.μαθητάϊς.αύτοΰ. 9 '^ώς.δε επορεύοντο 

and" dW nS"To'' brm ' *° **"" ^^^^ *" ^* disciples. But as they Were going 

his disciples word, άπαγγεΐλαι τοΐς.μαθηταΐς.αύτοΰ,^^ KOI ΐδού,^ο^^'ίησοΰς '^άττήν• 
gAndasthoy went to to teU [it] to his disciples, *also 'behold, Jesus met 

tell his disciples, be- ,, , ^ ^ , ,r Γ . t ^ « \ λ - . / 

hold, Jesus met them, τησεν^ αυταις, λέγων. Χαίρετε. Αι.δε προσελθουσαι «κρα- 

saying, All hail And them, saying. Hail I And they having come to [him] seized 

they came and held , ., , /^ % / . ~ -,'λ / 

him by the foet, τησαν αυτου τους πόδας, και προσεκυνησαν αυτψ. 10 τοτΒ 

and worshipped him. hold of hie feet, and worshipped him. Then 

10 Then said Jos'iK un- -^ , >~»»w ~ ,,» ^3~n </ > '\ 

tothcm, Ik- not afraid: λεγει αυταις ο Ιησούς, Μή.φοβεΐσθε υπάγετε, απαγγείλατε 
go teU my brethren "snys 'to *them 'Jesus, fW not : Go, tell 

Ρ — δέ and OLTTrAW. q Πιλάτος LTr ; Πειλατος τ. ■■ Μαριά/Α τ. _ " + και and ΤΤτ. 
» — άπο της θύρας JjTTrA. » eifiea TTr. ™ ώς LTTrA. ^ l•γevηθησav ώς hTTrX. 7 — ό 

•cvpio9 (read lie was lyiug) τ[Τγα]. _ ' άπ^λβοΰσαι having departed ττγα. • — ώς Si 

inopevoi'To anayyelXat τοις μαβηταϊς αντον LTTtA. *> — ό ΤΑ. ' νττηντησίν ΤΤτ. 


τοίς.άδελφοΐς.μον 'ίνα άπελθωσιν εις την ΤαλιΧαίαν, ^κάκεΐ" με *^** *^ey so into Ga- 

m7 brethren that they go into GaUlee, and there me they see me ^^" "^^ 
■hall they see. 

11 ΤΙορενομενων.δί αυτών, ιδού, ηνες της κουστωδίας έλ- n ^ow when they 

And as 'were agoing Hhey, lo, some of the fruard hay- ^^'"^ going, behold, 

Λ / . < '\ - > ' Ν II ~ . ~ „ some of the watch 

Όοντες εις την ττοΜν 'απηγγειλαν" τοις αρχιερενσιν ατταντα came into the city, 

lag gone into the city reported to the chief priests all things ^^'^ shewed unto the 

% / in « Λ' ^ ~ oliief priests all the 

τα -γενόμενα, vz και συναχθεντες μετά των πρεσ- things that were done. 

that were done. And haying been gathered together with the el- 12 And when they were 

a ' ο '•\ ' \ a ' > r I \ JIT. assembled with the 

ρυτερων, σνμρονλιον.τε Καροντες, αργύρια ικανά εοωκαν eiders, and had taken 

dera, and counsel haying taken, Tnoney 'much they gave covmsel, they gaye 

*• ' 1 Λ χ ' T-iw rf t r\ \ ί « larere money unto the 

τοις στρατιωταις, 13 λέγοντες. Είπατε οτι οι.μαθηται.αντου soldiers, ΐ3 saying, 

to the soldiers, saying. Say that his disciples Say ye, His disciples 

νυκτός ελθόντες έκλεβαν αυτόν ημών κοιμωμένων 14 και S h^i ^a^'whSe 

by night haying come stole him, we being asleep. And we -slept. 14 And 11 

εάν άκουσθυ τοϋτο ^πί" τοϋ ηγεμόνας, ημεϊς ττείσομεν «αύτόν^^ η^β"^!, we^°^I 

if *be 'heard Hhis by the goyernor, we will persuade him snade him, and secure 

και υμάς αμέριμνους ποιήσομεν. 15 OLii λαβόντες τά ^h^monef anW^M 

and *you *free 'from "care 'will =^ake. And they haying taken the they were taught : and 

αργύρια εποίησαν ώς ίδιδάχθησαν. και Ηιεφημίσθη' ολόγος i^nly'r^^te^among 

money did as they were taught. And =is ■'spread ^abroad ^report the Jews until thu 

οϊιτος παρά Ίουδαίοις μέχρι της σήμεροι^. ^y• 

'this among [the] Jews until the present. 

16 ΟΊ.δί ένδεκα μαθηταΐ επορεύθησαν εις την Γαλιλαίαν, 

But the eleven disciples went into Galilee, 

εις TO opog ol• ετάζατο αύτοίς ό'Ιησοϋς. 17 και ίδόντες ,.^^.'^,^^^ ^^% eieyen 

to the mountain whither 'appointed ^hem 'Jesus. And seeing Sto Gam<^, in*o *a 

αυτόν προσεκύνησαν ^αύτψ'^^ οΊ.δε εδίστασαν. 18 και προσ- mountain where Jesus 

him they worshipped him: but some doubted. And haying f; InTwhTn^hey s^ 

ελθών ό Ίησοΰς εΧάλησεν αύτοις, λέγων, Εδόθη μοι ^^ι ψ^7 worshipped 

cometo[them] Jesua spoke to them, saying, ^Ha8*been»giyen*to 'me ^™i8 a^^ j^sua ca^ 

πάσα εξουσία εν ούρανψ και ίπΐ ' γης. 19 πορευθεντες "Όΰν" and spake unto them, 

'aU 'authority in heayen and on earth. Going therefore s^y^ig. -fH Power ia 

η ' ' ^ "η n/D -y „ , , . > given unto me m hear 

μαθητεύσατε πάντα τα εϋνη, ραπτιζ,οντες^' αυτούς εις το venand inearth, 19 Go 

disciple all the nations, baptizing them to the ye therefore, and teach 

„ - , ,-,_,_,, , all natlonfl, baptizing 

όνομα του πατρός και του υιού και του άγιου πνεύματος, them in the name of 

name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit ; the Father, and of the 

£>Λ ?> !- ' > > - ' " , > / Son, and of the Holy 

20 διδάσκοντες αυτούς τηρειν πάντα οσα ενετειΧαμην Ghost: 20 teaching 

teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I commanded them to observe all 

« ~ , >} / > 1 Λ» < ~ > / , . / » ~ things whatsoever I 

υμιν και ιδού, εγω μεΰ υμών ειμί πάσας τας ημέρας εως της have commanded you: 

you. And lo, I with you am all the days until the and, lo, I am with you 

\ r _ > ^ α• » ' II η alway, even unto the 

συντέλειας του αιώνος. °A/ii7v."P end of the world. 

completion of the age. Amen. Amen. 

<i KoX ίκΐΐ Τ. e άνήγγιιλαν announced τ. ^ υπο LTr. ^ e — αύτον (read [him]) τ[τγ]. 

•» ίφημίσΘη is spoken of τ. ' + ήμφας day ltta. ^ — αύτφ LTTrA. 1 + της the ltta. 
m — qJiv θ[ί]τΐΤτ^Α. » βαπτίσαντΐς having baptized Tr. ° — 'Αμήν QLTTrA. ρ + κατά 
Μαθθα'ίον according to Matthew τγα. 



ov τού θεοϋ•" 
Son of God : 

THE beginning of 'ΑΡΧΗ Tov ευαγγελίου Ίΐ]σοΰ χριστού, hn 

a^stX Son of gT; BEGDv^'DiG of the glad tidings of Jesus ohrist. S< 

2 as it is written in 2'ώς" γεγοατΓται εν^τοΐςττροφήταις,^^Ίδον,'Ίγώ^^άποστεΧΚω 

fL^r^rmeSentr as Jt hV^een written in the ^ro^ets, Behold,' ί send 

before thy face, which τυν.άγγελόν.μον ΊΓΟο ■^οοσώπου.σον, ος κατασκευάσει την 

Se^'"theT 3 The my messenger beforP thy face, who shaU prepare 

voice of one crying in όδόν.σου ^ΐμττροσθίιΐ^ συν.' 3 Φωνή βοώντος ίν τυ ίρημω, 

the wilderness, Pre- thy way before thee. [The] Toice of one crying in the wilderness, 

pare ye the way of the ,, ,.,,, , ,^, , .^ 

Lord, make his paths Ετοιμάσατε την οοον κυρίου, ευθείας ττοιειτ?. τας τριβους 

straight. Prepare the way of [the] Lord, straight aiakt -pathfl 



4 John did baptize 4 Έγενετο Ιωάννης^ βαπτίζωνίν ry ερήμψ, '"και" κηρύσ- 

in the wilderness, and ''Came ^John baptizing in the wilderness, and proclaim- 

pre.nch the baptism of ,q , , > „, , » _ , 

repentance for the re- 'Twj-' βατΓτισμα μετανοίας εις αφεσιν αμαρτιών, ο και 

mission of sins. 5 And iug [the] baptism of repentance for remission of sins. And 

there went out unto iy / ν t \ ~ < i^ ^. , , >tit, 

him all the land of ίζετΓορευετο ττρος αυτον πάσα η Ιουόαια χωρά, και οι * Ιερο- 

Judaea, and they of went out to him all the "of ^Judiea 'country, and they ofJe- 

ίίΓ baptS^'d of him in σολυμίίται,^^^και ίβαπτίζοντο ττάντες^^ Ην τψ 'lopdavy ποταμψ 

the river of Jordan, rusalom, and were '•'uaptized 'all in the "Jordan 'river 

e'^^dfe watcio": '"^' «"^0^'" εζομολογούμενοι τάς.άμαρτίας.αντών. 6 -/,ν.ίέ'' 

ed -n-ith camel's hair, "^'y iiim, confessuii: their oil.;. And 'was 

skin^bou^t^if loins* '^'^^^^^ης ίνδεδυμενος τρίχας καμήλου, και ζώνην δερματίνην 

and he did eat locusts' 'John clothed in hair of a camel, and a girdle of leather 

"°* ^'d ^""^^'The^*^ "^^Qi- τήν-οσφνν.αντον. και "έσθίων" ακρίδας και αίλι άγριον. 

cometh onr^'ghtier a^o^* ^^^ loins, ^ nnd^ eating ^ locusts and Vney 'wild, 

than I after me, the 7 K^^i ίκηρυσσεν, λίγων, "Έρχεται 6 ισχυρότερος μου οπίσω 

I**am*not'^worthy°to And he proclaimed, sa/ing. He com.^s Λvho [is] mightier than I after 

stoop down and un- μον, ου οϋκ.είμι Ίκαρνς κύφας λϋσαι τον ιμάντα 

loose. 8 Ι indeed have ^j whom I am not fit having stooped down to loose the thong 

baptized you with , ^ , , , i , i, . -, , . ~ , ., t> 

water: but he shall τώΐ'.νποδηματων.αυτου. S εγω ''^jiiv^^ ίβαπτισα νμας'^εν' υδατι, 
baptize you with the of his sandals. I indeed baptized you with water. 

Holy Gliost. 

αύτός.δε βαπτίσει ύμας 'tv'^ 

πνευματι αγιφ. 
but he will baptize you with [the] -upirit 'Holy. 

9 ^Καί" ίγίΐ/ετο εν εκείναις ταϊς ήμεραις ηλθεν Ίησοΰς 

9 And it came to pass And it came to pass in those days [that] "came 'Jesue 

in those days, that Je- .,.^.ν.ι~.,•»Λ• »'^ '/^»<^». / 

sue came from Naza- ατΓΟ 'Isa^apfr'' της Γολιλαιας, και εβαπτισθη 'υττο Ιωαι/- 

reth of Galilee, and from Nazareth of Galilee, and Λν;ΐ8 baptized by John 

was baptized of John , , ., t, / , τ i\ < w • /i' i ' ο ' τ ' mi 

In Jordan. 10 And νου εις TOV Ιοροανην.' 10 και ""ευθέως' αναραινων^απο^^ του 

eiraightway coming in the Jordan. And immedi.itely going up from the 

np out of the water, „,. ,^ v' »> ' '^ 

te saw the heavens νδατος, ειδεν σχιζομενους τους ουρανούς, και το πνίυμα 

opened, and the Spirit water, he saw parting asunder the heavens, and the Spirit 
ΐίκθ a dove descendinir „ « .,, . η - ,> >ii > ' ττ > j < ••< ' 

•aponhim : 11 and there ^ωσει" περιστεραν καταβαινον Ηπ αυτον 1 1 και φωνή "ίγενε- 

came a voice from as a dove descending upon him. And a voice came 

» F.uayye'Atov κατά Μάρκον GLTrAW ; κατά Μάρκον Τ. *> — υϊοϋ του θΐον Τ ; — τοΰ LTi Α. 

e καθώς accoi'diug as ττγ. ί τω (— τω [Tr]GW) "Άσαΐα τω προφήττ) Isaiah the prophet 

GLTTrAW. e — ^y^^ τεοάίποσ. I send) LTrA. ^ — ίμπροσθίν σου glttfAW. 8 + ό 

ΓΓγα. *> — καΐ [Τι]α. ' Ίεροσολυ/αβΐται Τ. '' πάντε?, και ϊβαπτίζοντο OLTTi Α. 

' ύπ αΰτοϋ ev τω Ίορδάι^ ποταμώ ττιΑ. ■" και TfU LTTrA. " + ό ΤΤιΑ. " ίσθων ττγα. 

Ρ — μ.ΐΐ> [LJTTi Α. 1 — ev (read ύδατι with water) τ[τγ]α. ■• — tV (read πνευματι with [thej 
Spirit) [LTrjA. • [και] L. ' Να^ορέθ εΓγλυ, " (Ις τοι/ Ίορδό^ηΐ' ΰπο Ιωάννου LTTrA. 

" ei9{i9 ΤΤιΑ. » ίΚ out of LTTrA. Χ ώ? GLTTrAW. ' ei9 OU LXTiA. ■" — eyeViTO 

(read [camej) τ. 

L MARK. 89 

ro^ εκ των ουρανών, Σν d ο.υϊός.μον 6 αγαπητός, iv ''^" ^®^^^^ hef^l '^!^°^ 

out of the heavens, Thou art my Son the beloved, in whom j^ whom ΐΊΙη wSi 

ευδόκησα. pleased. 

I have found delight. 

12 Kai ''εϋθνς'' το τΓνεϋμα αυτόν ίφάλλει εις Τ7)ν ίρη- ΐ- And immediately 

And immediately the Spirit ^him 'drives out into the wilder- Jnto'^'^the "^Tdern^ 

μον. 13 και ην ^skeV kv Ty ΐρήμφ ^r) μέρας τεσσαράκοντα, is And he was there in 

ness. And he was there in the wilderness ^days 'forty, |^® %'''^^' t^*d'* f%^^ 

ΤΓΗραζόμενος υπό του σατανά, καΐ ^ν μετά των θηρίων και tan ; and was T\-ith the 

tempted by Satan, and was with the beasts; ana 'nild beasts ; and the 

, „ ^ , , » .. angels ministered unto 

01 άγγελοι όιηκονονν αυτψ. ' him. 

the angels ministered to htm. 

14 ^Μετά-ίέ" τό.παραϋοβηναι τον Ίωάννην ηΧθεν ό Ίησοΰς 

And after =was ^delivered *τιρ 'John came Jesus !■* ^o^^' after thaS 

, < η Λ Λ ' ' ^ > '^ σ ~ rD \ ' Johu was put luprison, 

εις τήΐ' ια\ι\αιαν, κηρύσσων το ευαγγεΑιον ^Τ7]ς ρασιΛειας jesus came into Gaii- 

into Galilee, proclaiming the glad tidings of the kingdom lee, preaching the gos- 

~ Λ ~ τ r h V \ ' ii<'/-v Λ ' < ' < » pel of the kingdom of 

τουθεον, 15 '^και λέγων, Otl πεπληρωται ο καιρός, και ήγ- ood, ΐ5 and saying, 

of God, and saying, ^Has *been ^fulfilled Hhe -time, and ha? The time is fultiUed, 

<o>' ~/-i~ ~ ^ ',•' " and the kingilora of 

γικεν η ρασιλεια του βεου• μετανοείτε, και πιστεύετε εν τω God is at hand : repent 

drawn near the kingdom of God ; repent, and believe in th_ ye, and believe the 

εύαγγελίφ. 16 ^ΐίεριπατών.δε^^ παρά την θάλασσαν της Γαλι- ^^^!ck by thTsea of 

glad tidings. And walking by the sea of Ga- Galilee, he saw Simon 

λαίας είδεν Σίμωνα και Άνδρεαν τον άδελφόν ^αύτον' »/3άλ- t'^l et^Ung" nit into 

lilee he saw Simon and Andrew the brother of him cast- the sea : for they were 

λοντας^^ "^άμφίβληστρον' εν Ty θαλασσή ^σαν.γάρ -αλιείς- Sf^.to'ti^' S 

ing a large net in the sea ; for they were fishers. yg after me, and I will 

17 και είπεν αύτοίς ύ Ίησοϋς, Αεντε οπίσω μου, και ποιήσω ™sh^^ of men ^is^l^d 

And "said 'to *them 'Jesus, Come after me, and I will make straightway they for- 

ϋ/ίας γενέσθαι "άλιεΤς" ανθρώπων. 18 Και "ευθέως" αφέντες Hi^^^^^l^i^-^^^^^ ^ 

you to become fishers of men. And immediately having left when'he had goEo\ 

τά.δίκτνα.^αύτών^^ ηκολοΰθησαν αΰτψ. 19 Kai προβάο Ji"le farther thence, 

-their nets theyfolloweJ him. ^^ having gone' on ^| ^^-^^J;'™^^^*^^^^ 

ΗκεΊθεν" ολίγον εΐδεν Ίάκωβον τον τοϋ Ζεβεοαίου, και lus brother, who also 

thence a Uttlo he saw James the [son] of Zebedee, and ^'^'^''^.'^e ship mend- 

, / ,,»v^, ,~ < , y . .^.,. "1= their nets. 20 And 

Ιωάννη^' τον.αΰελφον.αυτοΰ, και αυτούς εν τφ πλοιφ straightway ho called 

John his brother, and these [were] in the ship them : and they left 

.y ,5,, „„ - r -n- 11 ' 'Λ ' ' ^^^1^ father Zebedee 

καταρτίζοντας τα οικτνα. 20 και ^εοθεως^^ εκαλεσεν αυτούς' in the ship with the 

mending the nets. And immediately he called them ; hired servants, and 

> , / , / .~„or-~ 1 ~Λ, , went after him. 

και αφέντες τον πατερα.αυτων Ζερεοαιον εν τψ πλοιφ μετά 

and having left their father Zebedee in the ship with 

των μισθωτών, άπήλθον οπίσω αύτοΰ, 

the hired servants, they went away after him. . . , , 

m ΤΛ , , ' ' ST/- ' II ' t 'Λ' 11 - 21 And they went 

21 Και ειστΓορευονΓαι εις '"Καττερναου/ιι*" και 'ευέ/εως" τοις into Capernaum ; and 

And they go into Capernatun ; and immediately on the straightway on the 

Ό,ο ,r ' Λ η ' II w • ' ' 'S"i !i m ' sabbathday he entered 

σαρρασιν ^εισελθων^ ^εις την συναγωγην εδώασκεν.*' 22 και into the synagogue 

sabbaths having entered into the synagogue he taught. And and taught. 22 And 

>5--./ ,,-.5,5,.^,™, ,Λ.ν, ,, they were astonished 

εξεπλησσοντο επι ry. διδαχή. αυτού' ήν.γαρ ο ιΟ ασκών αυτούς at his doctrine : for he 

they were astonished at his teaching : for he was teaching them taught them as one 

'IV'.•' ^ . ' t ~ X ctn ir ' V - that had authoritv, 

ως εζονσιαν έχων, και ουχ ως οι γραμματείς"". 23 Και 5^ 7]ν and not as the scriba. 

as ■■'authority 'having, and not as the scribes. And tliere was 23 And there was in 

*> σοΙ thee LTTrA. = ενβεως LW. ^ — εκεί GLTTtAW. « τ^σσεράκοντα ημέρας ττγ ; 

ήμεραί τεσσε. α. ^ καΐ μετά LTrA. S — της βασιλΐίας [LJTTrA. ^ — και λέγων Τ ; — και Α.. 
' και παράγων and passing on lttfA. ^ τοΰ Κίμωνος of Simon l ; 2ιμωΐΌϊ TTfaW. ' αμ- 
φιβάλλοντας casting around OLTTrAW. '" — άμφίβληστρον {reatl [a net]) ττγα. " άλέίΐίΤΑ. 
° εν^5 Τ. Ρ — αυτών {read the nets) LTTr[A]. 'i — εκείθεν [LjTTrA. ' ευθνς τΤγα. 

" Καφαρναουμ LTTrAW. ' ευθύς Τ. *' — εΙσεΚθων Τ[Τι•]α. "' έδίδασκβ^ εις ττιν συναγωγην 
ΤΑ ; — τήνΕ. » + [αυτών] {read their scribesj l. y + ενθνς immediately τα. 

90 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. 1. 

i^'tharun^SspW?, ^^ Γ^-συναγωγ^.αύτ-ών άνθρωπος εν ττνενματι.άκαθάρτφ, και 

and he cried out ^^ their synagogue a man with an unclean spirit, and 

^1 n^'^'^hit h^te -^ άνίκραζεν, 24 λέγων, ^Εα," τι ημΧν και σοι, Ίησοϋ1^αζαρηνε\ 
to°do 'with^ th^^ thou he cried out, saying, Ah I what to us and to thee, Jesus, Nazarene? 

Jesus of Naaareth? ^λθίς άτΓοΧεσαι t) μάς ; Όΐ^ά" σε τις ει, 6 άγιος 

^oy usVltoow thee art thou come to destroy us? I know thee who thou art, the Holy [One] 

who thou art, the Holy γοϋ θεον. 25 Kat εττίτίμησεν αυτφ 6 Ίησονς, ''λένων," Φιαώ- 
^s'X%et^, οί»»•^ „ ^^ , ^«^f^^-i -^^-, ■•^--. -y^^. Ββ 

saying,Hoid thy peace, θητι, κάι έξελθε ίζ αύτοΐ'. 26ΚαΙ σπάραζαν 

and come out of him. gjient, and come forth out of him. And ^having «thrown «into »convulsiona 

26 And when the un- , , , ~ ^ > '/i < /v n /-v 

clean spiiit had torn avTOV TO ττνενμα TO ακαθαρτον, και "κραξαν^^ φωνγ μεγάλη, 
him, and cried with 'him Hhe ''spirit 'the *unclean, and having cried with a '■'voice 'loud, 
a loud voice, he came ,v~n/i hivh > - c^n ν >λ r, ' r> „ / „ „ 

out of him. 27 And βί,ηλθεν °εξ" avTOV . 27 και εθαμρηθησαν "^πάντες," ωστΒ 

they were all amazed, came forth out of him. And ^were ^astonished 'all, so that 

insomuch that they fv~ii .»>iii,>»iin» r^/i 

questioned among ^(Τυζητειν" "ττρος" "αιτους," λεγοντας, Ύι εστίν τούτο; 

themselves, saying, they questioned together among themselves, saying. What is thisf 

What thing is this? !'<??«« \ » .< n > )v / « ~ » 

what new doctrine is τις η οιοαχη η καινη αντη, ΟΤΙ κατ εξουσιαν και τοις πνευ- 

this ? for with au- what teacMng 'new 'this, that with authority even the spirite 
thority commandeth . ~ > η f 11 %« / »~ 

he even the unclean μο-σιν τοις ακαθαρτοις επιτάσσει, και υπακονονσιν αντψ; 

spirits, and they do the unclean he commands, and they obey him I 

mediately ^hif"'"iame 28 ^Έζηλθερ.δί^^ η άκοή avTov 'εύθϋς" "' ε /ff ολην την ττερί- 

spread abroad through- And went out the fame of him immediately in all the 'around 

ro^d^'lout GaE" X^pov της Γαλιλαίας'. 
'country Galilee. 

29 And forthwith, 29 Kill "ευθέως" έκ της συναγωγής °εζελθόντες ηλθον'•* 

when they were come ^^^ immediately out of the synagogue having gone forth they came 

out of the synagogue, ^ , , ^ , •' , , ^ , \ > > rt , > / 

they entered into the εις την οικιανΣιμωνος και Ανδρέου, μετά Ιάκωβου και Ιωαν- 

hoiue of Simon and ι^^ο the house of Simon and Andrew, with James and John. 
Andrew, with James < τ>, η < xr,' ' ' ^ 

and John. 30 But Si- vov. 30 η.οί πενθερα ζ,ιμωνος κατεκειτο πυρεσσονσα' και 

mon's wife's mother ^nj the mother-in-law of Simon was lying in a fever. And 

lay sick of a fever, and „ »n' n >' > ~ < » ~ m ^ λπ' 

anon thev tell him of Ρευ6/εως" λεγουσιν αυτφ περί αυτής. 31 και προσελβων 

her. 31 And he came immediately they speak to him about her. And having come to [her] 

and iook her by the j, ,/ / -~ <n»~.ii ''^~. 

hand, and lifted her ηγεφεν αυτην, κρατησας της.χειρυςβαυτης'" και αφηκεν 

ηρ ; and immediately he raised up her, having taken her hand. And ^left 

the fever left her, and > < ι < r >/i' ii < ? ' » - oo >/-> ι ' 

she ministered unto οωτην o πνρετος "ευθεως,^^ και διηκονει αυτοις. 32 Οψιας 

them. 32 And at even, *her 'the "fever immediately, and she ministered to them. "Evening 

They" tought'''unt*o ^^ γενομένης, οτε «ί^υ" ό ί^λιος, εψερον προς αντόν 

him all that were dis- 'and being come, when went down the sun, they brought to him 

were^' ^slesseT ^th 'ζάντας τοιις κακώς έχοντας και τους δαιμονιζο μένους• 33 και 

devils. 33 And all the ί"•^! who "ill 'were and those possessed by demons ; and 

Ά7τ^\ΓΤΛοοτ *^1 ^^^^^ O'^'/ ίπισυνηγμένη ί/ν" προς την θύραν. 34 και 
34 And he healed many *^° "'^'*'Ι' 'whole 'gathered 'together 'was at the door. And 

that were sick of di- Ιθεράπευσεν πολλούς κακώς.εχοντας ποικίλαις νόσοις, και 

oui ma'^y dcX; and he healed many that were iU of various diseases,^ and 

■uttered not the devils δαιμόνια ΤΓολλά ίζέβαλεν, καΐ ούκ.τΊφιεν λαλεΐν τά δαιμόνια, 

faiewhii'iu^'^'''^^^ "demons 'many he cast out, and suffered not »to*speak 'the •'demonB, 

ότι ηδεισαν αυτόν. 

36 And in the morn- because they knew him. 
Ing, rising up a gi-eat or τ^ ^ >. .« n λ ' > < '^■~^Λ 

while before day, he 35 Kot πρωί ^ ίννυχον^\λιαν αναστας εξιιλθεν και 

went out, and departed And very early while yet night having risen np he went out and 

' — Έα LTTrA. ' οΐδα /xeV we know τ. •• — λίγων Τ. " φωνησαν ΤΤγΑ. ** απ' 

from L. β απαντίς ΤΤγΛ. f σννζητΐΐν LTTrA. 8 — προς Τ. ^ αυτούς Ε : εαυτού? 

LTrAW. ' διδαχτ) καΐίΜη Λ new teaching LTTrA. Ι' καΐ ίξηΚθβν LTTrA. ' [«ΰβί»?] Τγ. 

"" + πανταχού everywhere τ[Τγ]α. " ΐνθύς LTTrA. ° ίξεΚθων Τιλθβν having gone forth 

he came ltf. ρ ΐύθύς LTTrA. i — αυτής (read [her] h:ind) LT[Tr]A. ' — ήθέως TTr. 
• βδνσβι LTrA. ' T^v οΚη η πόΚις ίπισννηγμειηη LTTrA. ^ ίνΐ'νχα LTTrA. 

I, II MARK. 91 

άπήλθεν εις ίρημον ι όττον, '^κάκεϊ" προσηνχετο. 36 και ^° a solitary pia<», 

departed into ^desert 'a place, and there was praying. And 36 And Simon andTh^ 

^κατείίωξσν" αυτόν ^ό" Σίμων και οι μετ αντον' 37 και ^hat were with Mm 

•went 'after ^ «him ^ 'Simon -and ^those * with ^him ; _ and Ir^Cd the"? t'hey h^ 

'ευρόντες αύτόν^^ λεγονσιν αντφ, "Οτι πάντες '■ζητοϋσίν σε." found him, they said 

having found him tHey say to him, All seek thee. for°^^"^3s"AntM 

3S Χεγει αϋτοΐς,'Άγωμεν^ εις τάς εχομενας κωμοττόΧεις, said unto them, Let us 

And he says to them. Let us go into the neighbouring country towns, g^ into the next towns, 

,. „ , ,^1, ,„ , - . ri>v Ν /> η 11 «Λ> T^ ' "^°'^ ^ ^^y preach 

iva '^κακει κηρύξω• εις τούτο γαρ '^εξεληλυθα." 39 Και there also: for there- 
that there also I may preach ; =^or ^this 'because have I come forth. And ^o^e came I forth 

.T II / f' -- ~ I, , ~ > -,^ , 39 And he preached 

"ην κηρύσσων 'εν ταις.σνναγωγαις.αντων εις ολην την I UAi- m their synagoguee 

he was preaching in their synagogues in all Ga- throughout all Gali- 

,. , , , ,Ν / > /3".^ lee, and cast out deyils. 

λαίαν, και τα Οαΐμονία εκραΧλων. 40 And there came a 

lilee, and the demons casting out. leper to him, beseech- 

,n -rr ^ ' » '<> ' Λ~ >vo< iug him, aud kneeling 

40 Και έρχεται προς αυτόν λεπρός, παρακαλων αυτόν ^και down to him, and say- 

And ^omes *to ^him 'a '^eper, beseeching Mm and iug unto him. If thou 
> ' nh Ml \ ' > ~ c(/-. I r nr^. j> / , wilt, thou canst make 

γοΊ/νπετων αυτόν, '^καν^ Κεγων αυτψ, Οτι εανθεΚτ^ς δννασαι me clean. 41 And Je- 

Imeeling down to him, and saying to him, If thou wilt thou art able sus, moved with com- 

με καθαρίσαι. 41 'Ό.^έ.'Ιί/σοϋς" σπΧαγχνισθείς, εκ- hand^'^'and^ touched 

me to cleanse. And Jesus being moved with compassion, having him, and saith unto 

τείνας την χεΊρα ^xpaTO αντοϋ^^ και λέγει 'aurtp," cie^k.^TA^d^ls s^n 

stretched out [Ms] hand he touched him, and says to him, as he had spoken im- 

θέλω, καθαρίσθητι. 42 Και -^είπόντος.αύτοΰ,' -ευθέως" άπηλ- ^^^.ti" ^οΛΤέ! 

Ι win, be thou cleansed. And he haying spoken, immediately depart- and he was cleansed.' 

θεν απ αυτόν η λέπρα, και Ηκαθαρίσθη." 43 Και εμβριμησά- ^^^ed Mm'^'ln? 
ed from him the leprosy, and he was cleansed. And having strictly forthwith sent him 

μένος αύτψ, ^ευθέως" έξέβαλεν αυτόν, 44 και λέγει αύτφ, ^fo''iin^'*Serthorsay 

charged Mm, immediately he sent away Mm, And says to Mm, nothing to any "man : 

"Opa μηδενί ΐμηδεν" εΐπης' 'αλλ'" ϋπαγε, σεαντόν δείξον |>ϊΐΐ go thy way, shew 

See to no one anything thou speak ; but go, thyself shew and^ offe°r for^"thT 

. . ^ (/ti. nothing) , . _ ^ „ cleansing those thingi 

τψ ιερει, και προσενεγκε περί τ ου. καθαρισμού. σου α προσ- which Moses com- 

to the priest, and offer for thy cleansing what -or- manded, for a testi- 

' y •!««■ ~ii» / > ~ A f fr^ ^\ ' V •%. η \ mony unto them. 

εταζεν 'Μωσης, εις μαρτύρων αντοις. 45 Ο.δε εζελθων 45 But he went out, 

dered 'Moses, for a testimony to them. But he having gone out and began to publish 

»„y I ΛΛ » ' s- J 'V > Λ ' " ί* much, and to blaze 

ηρί,ατο κηρυσσειν πολλά και όιαφημιζειν τον λογον, ώστε abroad the matter, in- 

began to proclaim [it] much and to spread abroad the matter, so that somuch that Jesus 

μηκέτι αυτόν δύνασθαι ^ψανερώς εις πόλιν" είσελθείν enter iStothTcitTbut 

no longer he was able openly into [the] city to enter ; was without in desert 

'άλλ'ιι ίξω -ΗνΗρήμοιςτόποις^'^ήν,καιήρχοντο προς αυτόν fhiL^'to^"'' erS^ 

but without in desert places was, and they came to Mm quarter. 

'■ττανταχόθεν." II. And again he 

from every quarter. entered into Capema- 

2 Kai ^^πάλιν είσηλθεν^^ εις '^Καπερναονμ^ δι ημερών, and it was noised that 

And again he entered into Capernaum after [some] days, he was in the house. 

*"και" ήκούσθη 'ότι "^"εις οΓ /eov" εστίν 2 και "^*εΰθέως" συνη- many were'^^glthei^ 

and it was heard that in [the] hooee he is ; and immediately were together, insomuch 
Λ •\ \ / r/ f -. ^», that there was no room 

χθησαν πολλοί, ώστε μηκετι.χωρειν μηδέ τα ^ receive them, no, 

gathered together many, so that there was no longer any room not even not so much as about 

" /cal e/iet L. ^ κατΐδίωξΐν T. J — ό τ[Τγ3α. » είροι-αντοι/ και fouud him and ΧΤγα. 
» σ« ζγιτοΰσιν LW. ^ + άλλαχοΰ elsewhere ΤΤγα. « καΙ Uel GW. ί ΐξηλ.θον Ι came forth 
TTrA. β ^\Oev he went ΤΤτ. ' «ίς τα? σνναγωγάς glttfaw. S — καΙ yowneroiv 

αυτόν L[TrA] ; — αυτόν τ. •» — κα\ τ[α]. ' και and LTTr. ^ αϋτοΰ ηφατο LTTrA. 

' — αύτω Τ. ™ — ΐΐπόντος αυτού LTTr. >» ενβύ? ΤΤγα. <> ^καθΐρίσθτ) τα. ρ ενθΰ<: 

LTTrA. <ί — μηδέν L[Tr]. ' άλλα LTTrA W. ■ Μωϋσήϊ LTTrA W. ' βίς πόλιι/ φαν^ρως Τ. 

» άλλα, LTrA. ^^ in TTrA. "a [tjv] L. ^* πάντοθΐν LTTrA W. " 6Ϊσηλ0€ν πόλιι/ LW • 

tiσe\θωι' πάλιν he having entered again ττγα. »* Καφαρναούμ ltttaw. ba — ^^^ 

lL]TTrA <=» iv OlKif LTTr. da — ενθεως [LTrJT. 

92 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. , II. 

the door: and he ττρος τήν OvpaV Kui ίλάλει αντοίς TovXoyov. 3 ΚαΙ ίρχονται 

unu)them. \', InalhcY ''^^ ^^^ ^°'^^ ' ^'^^ ^'^ spoke to them the word. ^Vnd they come 

come untohim, bring- e^^^g αύτόΐ', τταοαΧυτίκΰΐ' 0έροΐ'Γες,'' αιρόμενον ύττΰ τεσσάρων. 

^a!sy!whieh washoi^l - ^-= ;aVra.y.ic ^-bringing. ^ ^bo^ne by ^ fou..^ 

of four. 4 And when 4 καί μή δυνάμενοι ^7Γ|θοσεγγίσαι" αύτψ διά τον οχΧον, 

they could not come And not being able to come near to him on account of the crowd, 

nigh unto him for the ^ ^ ° ^ , ^, ^ , , t, / ν 

press, they uncovered άττβστίγασαν Ti)v στεγην οπον i}v, και εξορυζαντες χα- 

the roof where he was : they uncovered the roof where he was, and having broken up [it] they 
and Λvhen they had •' u, , ~ , < ^ i- -> ^ 

broken Λ up, they let Χώσιν TOP ^κραββατον^ ^c(p φ' τταραΧυτικος κατεκειτο. 

down the bed wherein let down the couch on which the paralytic was lying. 

the Kick of the palsy •,^»»>,,ι<) ~ ^ r j ~. s > ~ > 

lay. 5 When Jesus saw 5 '(Οω^.Οί' υ Ιησους την.τΓίστιν.αυτων ΧίΎει τψ παραλυτικφ, 

theh• faith, he said And -seeint,' 'Jesus their faith savs to the piu-alytic, 

uuto the sick of the ^, l . / η i < < ■ η nt-rr ^' 

palsy, Son, thy sins be TsKvov, ^αψεωνται'^ 'σοι αι.αμαρτιαι.σου." Ό ασαν.οε τίνες 

forgiven thee. 6 But Child, %ave ''been ^forgiven ^hee 'thy -sins. But there were some 

there were certain of^ ,>-,λ/ .,v^y» >.. 

the scribes sitting Tojv γραμματέων εκεί καθήμενοι, και ϋιαλογιζομενοι εν ταις 

there, and reasoning in of the scribes "there 'sitting, and reasoning in 

doth thit" j'nan Uiu^ καρδίαις.αΐ'τών, 7 Τί ούτος όντως ΧάΧεϊ "^βΧασφημίας^^; 

speak blasphemies? their hearts, Why '^his Pman] *thus 'does ^speak blasphemies? 

bifGodoniy^?lw τίς δύναται άφι'εναι αμαρτίας, εί.μή εΐς, 6 Θεός; 8 Και 

immediately when Je- who i-. able to forgive sins, except one, [that is] God ? And 

Bp^'i^Thiir'they ^so "^νθεως ίττιγνονς 6 Ίησονς τφ.πνενματι.αντον 'ότι °οντως'^ Ρ 

reasoned within them- immediately -knowing 'Jesus in his spu-it that thus 

th^T'A rttrye ^"^W'^oi-rai iv εαυτοϊς, '^εΐττεν' αύτοΐς, Ti ταΰτα δια- 

these ' things in your ^^^S i^e reasoning within themselves, said to them, Why these things rea- 

^f'Si^'ie tola'^^t'oth^ Χογίζεσθε εν ταΐς.καρδίαις.ΰμών; 9 τί εστίν ενκοττώτερον, 

sicrof^the°pTlsy,°2% *°'' -^'^ '" your hearts ? ^ which is ^easier, 

sins be forgiven thee ; fiVfiv τφ τταραΧυτικφ, '^Άφεωνταί^^ "σοι" α'ι άααρτίαι, 
take°up''thy bid, ami ^° ^""^ *" ϊ^° paraljtic, ^Have •'been ^forgiven «^thee ['thy] ^simi, 

walk? lOButthktye η εΊττεΧν, ^"Εγειοαι, "κα^^ άρον ^σου τον κράββατον^^ και 

&fmaTha\hpowei - ^''-^. ^-«,- ^ and take up _ thy „ -- V , ^""t 

on earth to forgive ^ττεοιττάτει' \ 10 'iva.cs είδητε οτί εζονσιαν έχει ο υ'ώς τοϋ 

Bins, Oie saith to the ^^^., but that ye may know that ^authority ^has 'the^Son 

BICK of the palsy,; , ^ , ^ , , , < ~ - „ , - \. 

η I say unto thee, άνθρωπου ^αφιεναι εττι της yi /ς•" αμαρτίας, λέγει τφ τταρα- 

Arise, and take uji thy ;!^£ -ί^αη to forgive ou the earth sins,— he says to the para- 

bed, and go thy way ^ . _ _^ , ., , ,„ ii « mi -r ^ y ',30 ' n 

into thine house. Χντικψ, 11 Σοι λέγω, ^εγειραι," ^Kar άρον τον^^κραρρατον' 

12 And immediately lytic. To thee I say, arise, and take up '■'couch 

he aror^e, took up the , „ , , _ , -■ ^^ τ/- ^ > ' /ί h ' n' mi 

bed, and went forth σου και νπαγε εις τυν. οικον. σου. 12 Και ηγερθη "ευθέως, και" 

before them all ; inso- »thy and go to thy house. And he arose immediately, and 

much that they were „ ^ „ 'ο/τ i '"~\λ <■' ' ii ' 

all amazed, and giori- αράς Tov ^κραββατον^ εί^ηΧθεν ^εναντίον» τταντων, 

fled God, saying. We having taken up the couch went forth before all, 

never saw it on this r/ ^ ν η / » ^ ν / ν * /λ ' f]^ ' ιι 

fashion. ωστε εζιστασθαι τταντας, και δο^,αζειν τον θεον, "λεγοι/Γας," 

so that -were ^amazed 'all, and glorified God, saying, 

"On ^^οΰΰ'ετΓοτε οϋτως" ^Η'ίδομεν.^^ 

Xever thus did we see [it]. 

13 And he went forth ,„ ^, . >v~>/i ά a■^ mi > n'> , ~ t 

again by the sea Hide ; 13 Και ίξηΧθεν παΧιν^ΐ'^τταοα' την θαΧαοσαν, και πας ο 

and all the multitude And he weut forth again by the sea, and all tho 

resorted unto him, v> « > y r >»$•'? >' ί<τ/-• 

and he taught them. οχΧος ηρχετο προς auTov, και εόιόασκεν αυτούς. 14 Και 

14 And as he passed crowd came to him, and he taught them. And 

• προς avTOv φέροντ€ς παραλυτικοί/ LTi- ; φΐροντΐς προς αύτον παραλντικον ΤΑ. ^ προσ- 

eveyKai to bring ιιο;ΐΓ Τ. Κ κράβαττον LTTiAW. '' οπού whero ltti-_a. » και ΐδώι/ Τ. 

^ αφίΐνταί are forgiven LTTr. ' σου αϊ άμαρτίαι GTTi α ; σοι αι ά/χαρτίαι [σου^ L. 

■" ; /3λασφϊ)μεΐ" {read Why does this [man] ihiis speak? he blasphemes. j ι.ττγλ. " €υθύς 
i.TTrA. ° — οΰτως L. ρ + αΰτοι they (are reasoning) g| a J\v. ί λί'γβι says ttia. 

■■ 'Χφίΐνταί are forgiven ltiv. • σου thy (sins) Gtt; av-'. ^ 'Eyeipe ; 'Eyeipov TrA. 

" — Ktti G[Tr]AW. »■ TOi' κράβαττόν σου LTTrAW. * ijnaye yo T. > ζττΐ της^γης αφι,ίναι 

GLTTrW. ^ eyeipe QLTTrAW. " — και G[l]ti'iAW. *> Kdl evOiii Tl'rA. '' ϊμπροσθίντ. 

■' — λί'γοι/τας [l]A. '* οϋτως οΰδεποτί TTrA. '•' «ιδαμεμ Lrri Α. Κ* ets tO Τ. 

II. MAR Κ. 93 

τταράνων εΖίεν ^Λευϊν" τον τον ΆΧώαίου καθηαενον ΙττΙ το ^y- ΐ"'ε saw Lot! the 

passing on he saw Levi the [son] of Alphaeus sitting at the at"the^eS'of"c^? 

τεΧώνιον, και λέγει αντψ, ΆκοΧονθεί μοι- Και άναστάο tom and said unto 

tax office, and says to him, FoUow me. Aud having arisen ^i™' Pollo'^.i^e. -^d 

' , -^ , • , , II V > ~ii /I > ^ arose and followed 

ηκολονθησεν αυτψ. 15 Και 'εγενε-ο' ^εν.τψ-κατακεισυαι.αυ- him. is And it came 

he followed him. And it came to pass as he reclined to pass, that, as Jesus 

, ,«.,/ 1- ^>^^^~ >< ^''^^ "-t nieat m his 

Tuv ij> Ty.oiKia.avTov, και TToWoL τελωναι και αμαρτω- house, many pubUcans 

[at table] in his house, that many tax-gatherers and sin- ^-^^d sinners sat also 

^, , ^,-.~,_^^,- together -mth Jesus 

\oi σννανεκειντο τφ Ιησου και τοις.μασηταις.αντον' and his disciples : for 

ners were reclining [at table] with Jesus and his disciples ; there were many, and 

^»/ y \ ' \ 'n 'i'~i£» >m<i• *"®y followed him. 

1)aav.yap ττολλοι, και '■ήκοΚονΌησαν αυτψ. lb και οι" -γραμ- 16 And when the 

for they were many, and they followed him. And the scribes scribes and Pharisees 

^ η < , , ^ I η .Γ,/ η > - ■> fL•! Μ < saw him eat with pub- 

ματεις"και οι Φαρισαιοι, ° ΐϋοντες ι^αυτον εσίΛοντα' μετά iicans and sinners, 

and the Pharisees, having seen him eating with they said unto his dis- 

~ηΛ~ •' Λ~ιΐ'^ ~ η ~ ' ~ ciples. How is it that 

των '^τελωνών και αμαρτωΑων, ελεγον τοις.μαθηταις.αυτου, he eateth and drinketh 

the tax-gatherers and sinners, said to his disciples, with publicans and 

Ti" on μετά των ^τελωνών και άμαρτωλών^^ Ισθίει 'και slS^heard Yf.Te'Lftt 

Why [is it] that with the tax-gatherers and sinners he eats and unto them, They that 

Trim;" 17 Καϊ άκουσας ο'ίησοΰςΧέγει αύτοϊς, Ου χρε'ιαν ^eed ^''^έβ phvlfcian" 

drinks? And '-Tiaving ^heard 'Jesus saj's to them, *Not 'need but they that a"re sick : 

εχουσιν οί Ισχύοντες Ιατροί, αλλ' οί κακώς έχον- rigreoSs?but 'stnerl 

-have 'thej• =who ^are "strong of a physician, but they who iU are. to repentance. 
τες. οΰκ.ηλθον καΧεσαι δικαίους, άλλα αμαρτωλούς ''εις 
Ι came not to call righteous [ones], but sinners to 

/ΐίετάνοιαΐ'. ' 


18Καί Ί'ισαν οι μαθηταΙΊωάννου και 'Όΐ των Φαρισαίων" 

And '"were 'the -disciples ^of * John 'and *those ''of *the "Pharisees 

νηστεύοντες' και ίοχονται και λεγουσιν αυτψ, ^ΔιαΓί" οί μάθη- }\^^^ the disciples 

fasting; and they come and say to liim. Why ^the ^disci- Phai-rs^s us'^ed to fasti 

rai Ιωάννου και οί^ των Φαρισα'ιων νηστεύουσιν, ο'ι δε σοι and they come and say 

pies *of -^ John «and nhose «of ^-the '"Pharisees ^ 'f^st,^ ^ 1^•^* *^7 dSdpfcf^^hn^and 

μαθηταΐ ού.νηστεύουσιν ; 19 Και είττεν αυτοΧς 6 Ίησονς, Μη of the Pharisees fast, 

disciples fast not? And ''said ^to 'them 'Jesus, but thy diiciples fast 

., ,,, ,~. / >, ^ot ? 19 And Jesus 

δύνανται οι νιοι του ννμφώνος. εν.ψ ο νυμφιος μετ αυτών said unto them, Can 

Can the sons of the bridechamber, while the bridegroom with them the childi^n of the 

, , „ , Λΐ> < ~ « > bridechamber fast, 

εστίν, νηστενειν \ οσορ.χρονοί' ^μεθ εαυτών εχουσιν τυν νυμ- while the bridegroom 

is, fast ? as long as with them they have the bride- is '^^it^ tliem ? as long 

^, , , -, , ^^^ ,. , τ^, . / ,/ as they have the bride- 

01OV,'• ου.ουνανται νηστενειν 20 ελεΐ'σοι^Γαι.ύε ι/μεραι όταν groom with them, they 

groom, they are not able to fast. But will come days when cannot fast. 20 But 

, /i~ .>,^. ,/ ,/ the days will come, 

aTraptjy αττ αντων ο νυμψιος, και τότε νη- when the biidegioonj 

will have been taken away from them the bridegroom, and then they sh;ill be taken away 

/ ' r' ' ~ . , Μ ίΓ»ι h M• > ? » » '/o\ from them, and then 

στευσονσιν ίν^εκεα'αις ταις ^ιμεραις." 21 "και' ουόεις επψλημα shaU they ΐη those 

will fast in those days. And no one a piece days. 21 ίΤο man also 

c • ' ii ' ' , d> > < ' II ' < p' ' Λ ~i'. ' i' ' eeweth a piece of new 

'δράκους" αγναψον '^εττιρραπτεΓ εττι ^ιματιψ.παλαιψ^' ει.δε.μη, cloth on an old gar- 

of ■■'cloth 'unf ulled sews on an old garment ; otherwise, ment : else the new 

αί'ρει ^ τυπληρωμα^^^αύτοϋ^^ TO καινον του παλαιού, και talMth^away'from the 

'takes *away 'the ^filling ^up ^of ^it -new from the old, and old, and the rent is 

^ Aeveiv TA. » yiVerai it comes to pass TTrA. ^ — ev τω τ[τγ]. l ί^κολονθουν they 

were following ΤΤγα. "' — οί τ. " riuv Φαρισαίων οϊ the Pharisees TTr. " + καΐ 

also [ijTTr. ρ on εσθίει L ; on ησθίΐν that he was eating ττι•. q αμαρτωλών και 

τελωνών LTrA. "■ — 1\' ιτγΑ. ^ αμαρτωλών καΐ των τελωνών LTr. * [καΐ TrtVei] l 

" — els μ€τάνοι.αν GLTTrAAV. "■ ot Φαρισαιοι the Pharisees GLTTr.\ΛV. » Δια τι LTrA. 
y + μαθηταΐ (οι the) disciples TTr a. ^ ϊχονσιν τον ννμφίον μΐτ αντών(μεθ' ίαντών L) LTTrA. 
a sKeivjj TTj ήμερο that day GLTTrAΛV. '^ — και GLTTrAW. c ράκκονς L. d επιράτΓτβι 

TTrA. e Ιμάτιον παλαιόν LTTrA. ^ + αττ' αυτοΰ from it a. S -^ απ from LT. 
^^ — αύτοΰ [τγ"1α. 


™* m n°'utt th ^w Χ^Ψ^^ o'Xt<^i^« γίνεται. 22 και ούδΐΐς βάλλει οίνον νέον εις 

whi™into^old\otUes^ -worse 'a rent takes place. And no one puts =wino 'new into 

else the new wine doth aatcovQ παλαιούς' εί.^έ.ΐίί?, '/ύ/}σσει" υ οΐΐ'ος ^6 νευς" τονς άσ- 

t^'^^nel^UetaSd -f- , .'"Ι* ' otherwise, ^burats^ 'the'wine ^ew the skiiui, 

the bottles will be κοιις, καΐ 6 οΐνος ^εκχέΐται και οι άσκοι άποΧοϋνται• ""άλλα 

marred : but new wine and the wine is poured out, and the skina will be destroyed ; but 

mnst be put into new _ » , , , » ο » 

bottles. olvov νεον εις ασκονς καινούς βλητεον.^^ 

"wine 'new "Hnto "skins *new is to be put. 

23 And it came to 23 Kat kykvETO "τΓαραπορενεσθαι.αντον εν τοΐς σάββασιν^ 

pass, that he went And it came to pass that he went on the sabbath 

through the corn fields r,, .„ / ^ n» f < η ^»~|l η"?-» 

on the sabbath day; cia των στΓοριμων, και^ηρζαντο οι.μαθ}]ται.αντον ^υδον 

and his discipliis began, through the com-flelds, and ^began 'his "disciples [their] way 

The Tanf" of ° corn' TTOieTv τίΚλοντες τους στάχνας. 24 και ο'ι Φαρισαΐοι ίλεγον 

24 And the Pharisees to make, plucking the ears. And the Pharisees said 

said unto him. Behold. » -■ *τ ? ' "* ni n *• '/o/^ »> > "v 

why do they on the ^ι^τψι Ιοε, ΤΙ τΓοιουσιν %v^^ τοις σαββασιν ο ονκ.εξεστιν; 

sabbath day that to him, Behold, why do they on the sabbath that which is not lawful? 

Ts'^i^i'helaM'liSio 25 Καί 'αύΓος" «έλεγεν" αύτοΐς, Ουδέποτε άνίγνωτε τι εττοίη^ 

them, Have ye never -^Λ he said to them, ^Never 'did *ye read what -did 

whenleh*a?nled,aifd '^^^ *Δα/3ίδ," δτε χρείαν εσχεν και εττείνασεν, αυτός καΐ οι 
was an hungred, he, 'David, when need he had and hungered, he and those 

*^1 t^®^,**"»^ S^'"^ β^τ' αυτού; 26 ^ττώς" είσηλθεν εΙς τον οίκον τον θεοί Ιπι 

with him? 2b How ".,, l-o ut.V..j-ru i. J^/^J■ 

he went into the house "^^^ ^^/ ^ ^°^ ^^ entered ^ into the ^ house ^ of Qod in 

A*!,•^?^ ^^ *!^^ '^'^Tf°i! Άβιάθαρ ^Tov^' άρχιερεως, καί τους άρτους της 

priett, and diieat the [the days of] Abiathar the high priest, and the loaves of the 

shewbread, which is προθέσεως ίψαγεν, ους ούκ.ΐζεστιν φαγεΤν εί.μή ^τοίς ιερεϋ- 

for «ΐθ Drifts ''^ and Presentation ate, which it is not lawful to eat except for the priests, 

gave also to them aiv,^^ Koi tδoJκ:ε^' κάί τοΧς συν αύτφ oiaiv ; 27 Καί ΐλεγεν 

which were with hini? ^^^ even to those who with him were? And he said 

27 And he said unto , >//->/i »> «λ >/ >< 

them, The sabbath was αυτοΐς, To σαββατον oia τον ανθρωπον εγενετο, ^ονχ ο 

made for man, and to them, The sabbath on account of man was made, not 

not man for the sab- „ „ . , < 'zD/d ->o " / . , 

bath : 23 therefore the άνθρωπος oia TO σαββατον. 28 ώστε κύριος εστίν ο 

Son of man is Lord also man on account of the sabbath: so then Lord is the 

of the sabbath. , » » , ^ / > ~ ,tn' 

νιος του άνθρωπου και τον σαββατον. 

Son of man also of the sabbath. 

IIL And he entered g j^cj^ εΐσήλθεν πάλιν εις "τί^ν" σνναγωγην, καί "^V" ^κεΐ 

ΒΌ^ ;' an°d there^M "^^ he entered again into the synagogue, and there was there 

a man there which had άνθρωπος εζηοαμμένϊΐν εγων την χείρα, 2 καί ^παο- 

t^Ty'^'vatched-'Mm' ,^^^ /witLVed^' 'having [^his] 4aid, ' ^ and _ t^y 

whether he would heal ετηρονν" avTov ει * τοϊς σάββασιν ^θεραπεύσει αυτόν, 

him on the sabbath were watching him whether on the sabbath hewiUheal him, 

day ; that they might „ ^ , ., , _ , - , ~ > λ ' 

accuse him. 3 And he iva *κατηγορησωσιν" αντοϋ, 3 και λέγει τφ ανθρωπφ 

saith iinto the man in order that they might accuse him. And he says to the man 

which had the wither- ~ f,v > ° , ~ ii „^τι π > > 

ed hand, .Stand forth, τψ 'ίζηραμμενην εχοντι την χείρα, ^Εγειραι" εις το 

4 And he saith unto who -^vithered 'had 'the hand. Arise [and come] into the 

them, Is it lawful to , .,■„-»>' > ~ *,-,v ~ '/3^ h - /> 

do good on the sabbath μεσον. 4 Kai Αεγει αυτοις, Άίεστιν τοις σάββασιν ^ αγαθο- 

days, or to do evil? to midst. And he says to them, Is it lawful on the sabbaths to do 

save life, or to kill? _.,« _ ,,., .. _ ^<i\ 

But they held their ποιησαι, η κακοποιησαι; ψνχήν σωσαι, j/ «ττο/οτειναι ; Όι.όέ 

peace, ."i And when he good, or to do evil? ^life Ho ^save, or to kill? But they 

had looked round a- > / - < /θ•\ r ' • < ' • ~ in \ 

bout on them with εσιωπων. 5 και περιβλεψαμενος οντονς μετ οργής, '"συΛ- 

anger, being grieved were silent. And having looked around on them wiih anger, being 

' m^ei will burst LTXrA. ^ — ό νέο<; LTTrA. ' άττόλλυται #cal oc ασκοί ϊθ destroyed 

aud the skins τΤγΑ "" — άλλα. . . . βΚητΐον τ[Τγ]α. " ainov eu τοΙς σάββασιν παρα- 

TTopeiieaflai (διαπορΐΰΐσθαι LTr) LTTrA. " οϊ μαβηται αΰτοΰ ηρξαντο LTTrA. Ρ όδοττοΐίΐν ί. 
1 — ei' LTTrA. ■■ — αντος [LjTTr. • λί'γβι he says LTTr. * AaveiS ltti a ; Δαυίδ cvv. 

'■ [πως] TrA. "^ — τοί) LTTrA W. » τούϊ tepets T. y + καί and ττι A. ' — την (read 

[the] ) τ[τγ]α. • — V (read [was]) L[Tr]. *> παρΐτηρονντο L. = 4- ei/ on (the) τ. <* ββρα- 
Trevei he heals τ. * κατηγορήσουσιν they shall accuse LTr. ^ τηκ χ^ϊρα Ι;(οι/τι ξηράν ltpa ; 
την ξηράν χβΐρα εχοι^ι Τ. S Εγβιρβ OLTTrA. •> άγαϋον ποιήσαι Τ. '» σννλνποΰμβνος ΤΑ. 

III. MARK. 96 

λυπού/χενος" Ιττι ry ττωρώσει της.καρδίας.αντών, λέγει τφ their'heart?'^hrLitt 

grieved at the hardness of their heaxt, he says to the unto the man, Stretch 

άνθρώτΓψ, Έκτεινον τήν.χεΤρά.^σον.^' Καϊ εζετεινεν, καΐ forth thine hand. And 

man. Stretchout thy hand. ^^ he stretched out [it], and ^^^^^™^'^'*^ '4^°'J4^ 

^άττο/τατεστάθη" η.χείρ.αυτον "ΰνίί/ς ώς r) αλλτ?." 6 καί έξελ- stored whole as the 

»wa8 «restored »hifl »hand sound as the other. And having ph^^'isees wen? forth! 

θόντες 01 Φαρισσίοι "ευθέως' μετάτών'Ώ.ρωδιανών συμβονΧιον and straightway took 

gone out the Pharisees immediately with the Herodians ==counsel counsel with the He- 

"έττοίουν" κατ αντον, οττως αυτόν άττοΚεσωσιν. how they might de- 

Hook against him, how him they might destroy. «troy him. 
7 Kat ό'Ιησονς^άνεχώρησενμετάτών.μαθητών.αΰτοΰ" ΐττρός" 

And Jesus withdrew with his disciples to , 7 But Jesus with- 

,_,. , .., -^ ~n .^ ~•ηΐΛΛ' drew himself with his 

την θάλασσαν και πολύ ττληθος αττο της Ιαλιλαιας disciples to the sea: 

the sea; and 'great 'a multitude from Galilee and a great multitude 

r' \ 'n η » > ~ II • > Λ ~ >T s- ' ο » > ^ «τ from Galilee followed 

^ηκοΚοννησαν" ^αντφ," και απο της Lovcaiag, ο και αττο 1ε- him, and from Judisa, 

followed him, and from Judea, and from Je- 8 and from Jemsalem, 

^ / > > r ~ ), 5, / \ I - >r ί ' and from Idum»a, and 

ροσολνμων, και απο της Ιόονμαιας, και πέραν τον Ιορόανον from beyond Jordan; 

msalem, and from Idumea, and beyond the Jordan ; and they about Tyre 

και ΌΪ" ττερι Ύνρον και Σιδώνα, πλήθος πολύ, ''άκονσαντες^^ multitude? when ^t'hey 

*nd they around Tyre and Sidon, a 'hnultitude 'great, having heard had heard' what great 

'όσα -έτΓοίει» ^λθον προς αυτόν. 9 και είπεν τοίς.μαθη- *Το^1>. 'findTe 

how much he was doing came to him. And he spoke to his dis- spake to his disciples, 

ταϊς.αντοΰ, 'ίνα πλοιάριον προσκαρτερ -g αντφ δια τον should'' wi^'^on ωώ 

ciples, that a small ship might wait upon him, on account of the because of the multi- 

δχλον,'ίνα μη.θλίβωσιν αυτόν. 10 πολλονς.γάρ εθερά- ^^^^^^l^^ f^°^^ 

crowd, that they might not press upon him. For many he ^e had healed many"; 

πενσεν, ώστε επιπίπτειν αΰτφ, 'ίνα αντοΰ αχΡωνται, 'όσοι insomuch that they 

healed, so that they beset him, that him they might touch, as many as to^tOuch Wm^ as many 

εΐνον μάστιγας' 11 και τά πνεύματα τα ακάθαρτα, 'όταν αυτόν as had plagues. 11 And 

had scourges; and the spirits the unclean, when him ^'hey^'^^aw '^hto,''flS 

Ηθεωρει^ προσέπιπτεν^^ αύτψ., και ^εκραζεν' , ^λεγ οντά, ^^" Οτι σι) ^°y^ before him, and 

they beheld, feU down before him, and cried, saying. Thou ίί?®ο' ^'^^^"'i ,o"a^ 

y t , y ~ η " > < ) / ) II \ theSonofGod. 12Anii 

ει ο νιος τον θεού. 12 Και πολλά επετίμα αντοΊς, ινα μη he straitiy charged 

art the Son of God. And much he rebuked thes:. so that ^ot them that they should 

, , s 11 κ / ^°^ make him known. 

*avTov φανερον^^ °ποιησωσιν ''. 

'him ^manifest Hhey "should *make. 
13 Και αναβαίνει εις το όρος, και προσκαλείται ους 

And he goes up into the mountain, and calls to [him] whom . Ρ ^^^ ^^ f o.etb ^p 

Mn \ > ' Γ > ~Λ Λ y , f , J > . / >^t° * mountain, and 

ηθελεν αντος' και απηλθον προς αυτόν. 14 και εποιησεν cailethiinioAimwhom 

"would 'he; and they went to him. And he appointed ^e would: and they 

.,- „ _ » , ., , t/ . />» > t came unto him. 14 And 

οωοεκα ινα ωσιν μετ αντου, και ινα αποστελλγ αυτονς he ordained twelve, 

twelve that they might be with him, and that he might send them that they should be 

/ ,_,» Jv'An I \ t Ml 'with him, and that he 

κηρνσσειν, lo και εχειν εξονσιαν '^θεραπενειν τας νόσους και" might send them forth 

to preach, and to have authority to heal diseases and to preach, 15 and to 

εκβάλλειν τά δαιμόνια. 16 ^ και επεθηκεν^τψΣίμωνι όνομα^^ sicknesses^ ^d to cast 

to cast out demons. And he added to Simon [the] name out devils : 16andSi- 

TT' .11^ <'T' /O ^ -Γ^οί' ''τ' mon he surnamed Pe- 

Ιίετρον 17 και Ιακωβον τον τον Ζεβεοαίον, και loJavvηv ter ; 17 and James the 

Peter ; and James the [eon] of Zebedee, and John son of Zebedee, and 

τον άύελφόν τον Ιακώβου' και επεθηκεν αντοΧς ονόματα janfes; an/°he^^suT- 

the brother of James ; and he added to them [the] names named thptn P.oan- 

'' — σον (read [thy]) hand τ[τγ]α. ' άπεκατβστάθη gltttAW. ™ — ΰγιη; ώ? ή άλλη 
GLTTrAW. η evOvi TTrA. ° ίποίησαν Τ ; eSiSovv gave TrA. Ρ μετά των μ-αθητων αύτοϋ 
ανΐχώρησεν GLlTrA. "ϊ et? GLT. ' ήκολούβησεί' LTrA ; ηκολοΰθησαν placed αβ€Τ 
Ιουδαίας Τ. » — αϋτψ [&]ττγΑ. ' — οι [L]TTr[A]. » άκουοντες hearing LTTrA. 

* TTOiel he is doing ΤγΑ. ^ έθεώρονν, προσέπιπτον LTTrAW. y έκραζαν LTTrAW. ζ λβ- 
γοντ65 Τ. » φανίρον αΰτον GW. •> ποιωσιν ΤΤγα. « + [δτι τηδεισαν τον χριστον αντον elvai] 
because they had known him to be the Christ l. ^ — eepaneveiv τας νόσους καΙ ττγΑ. 

• + και ίποίησΐν τους δώδεκα, and he appointed the twelve τ. ^ όνομα τω Ίίαωνι τΤγα. 

96 Μ A Ρ Κ Ο Σ. III. 

Ζ^'όη^:Χ%'ϊηα ^Βοανεργές," 'ό ίσην νίοΐ βροντής- 18 καΐ Άνδοεαν, καΐ 

Andrc^T, and Philip, Boanerges, which is Sons of thunder ; and Andrew, and 

Ma'tuiiri^andiTi'^mas^ Φίλ^7Γ7ro^', και ΒορΘολομάΙον, και ^Ματθάίον,^^ και θωμάν, 

and Jamp's^tho scm 'of Philip, and Bartholomew, and Matthew, and Thomas, 

AipiKuus, and Thad- και Ίάκωβον TOP τονΆλώαίον, και θαδδαϊον, και Σίμωνα 

CanaanUe, 19™nd Ju! ^""^ ^^^^ ^^« ^8°°^ °^ Alphaeue, and Thadd»as, and Simon 

das iscariot, which -j-ov 'KavaviTTji'," 19 Kol 'lovSttv ^'Ισκαοιώτην,^^ oc και τταρε- 

alsc betrayed him : ^j^g Cananite, and Judas Iscariote, who also delirer- 

δωκεν αυτόν. 

ed up him, 

Και^ίρχονται^^ εΙς oIkov' 20 και συνέρχεται ττάλιν " όχλος, 

And they come to a house : and ^comes Hogether 'again 'a -crowd, 

^jid they went into ίόστε μήΜνασθαι.αντονς.^^ώτε'^ άρτον φαγεΐν. 21 και άκοΰ- 

muSecor^th to! -*'^'^* they are not able bo muc£^as ^ «b^^ead ^toW And having 

gether again, so thnt aavTSQ 01 Trap avTov ίζήΧθον κρατήσαι αυτόν 

they could not so ^eard [of it] those belonging to him went out to lay hold of him : 

much as eat bread. , ,t >v' > « 

21 And when his ίλζγον.γαρ, On εζεστη. 22 Και οι γραμματείς οι άττό 

friends heard cf it, foj. they said, He is beside himself. Ana the scribes who from 

they went out to lay , , ^ , ti^ -^ \ ν r, ^^ « 

hold on him : for they ιεροσολυμοη> καταραντες ίλεγον, Οτι Βεελζεβονλ έχει' και 

said, He is beside him- Jerusalem came down said, Beelaebul he has ; and 

self . 22 And the scribes ,/_. , ^» ~^ / lΛ)/>^ it./ 

which came down On tv τφ αρχοντι Tiov δαιμονίων εκραλλει τα δαιμόνια. 

from Jerusalem said, By the prince of the demons he casts out the demons. 

He hath Beelzebub. ->o Tr > •\ ' > » > ο \ ~ >'-v 

.and by the prince of *«3 Και ττροσκαλεσαμεΐΌς αυτούς tv τταραροΚαις ελεγεν 
Che devils casteih he And h.aving called to [him] them in p.arables he said 

out devils. 23 And he »~tt~S" ~ ~'/3'λ> ni 

called them unto him, αυτοις, ΤΙως δυναται σατανάς σαταναν εκραΚλειν ; 24 και 

.and said unto them in to them, How can Satan ^Satan 'cast -out? and 

tan'^ciuft ουΓρα^αη? ^"^ βασιλεία εφ' εαυτήν μερισθγ, ού.δύναται σταθήναι η 

24 And if a kingdom if a kingdom against itself be divided, *i3 *not 'able to 'stand 

iteeif!'^ha-? kL^gdom /3ασίλεί«.ίκείν)/• 25 και εάν οικία εφ' εαυτήν μερισθ?), °ού 

cannot stand. 25Άηά 'that '"'kingdom : and if a house against itself be divided, *not 

.^gainst^^itseLf^^'^that ^^^αται^^ ^^σταθήναιή.οίκίαΛκείνη'^^ 26 καίει 6 σατανάς ανέστη 

house cannot 'stand. ^is*able *to 'stand 'that^house: and if Satan hasri.senup 

u^ ^a^liifst^^hlmseiT H' «««^'"«^ '^'^"^ μεμερισται,^^ ού.δύναται "σταθήναι,^^ άλλα 

and be divided he can- "■a-'^iiist himself and has been divided, he is not able to stand, but 

not stand but hath an τεΧος εχει. 27 ^ ^ού.δύναται.ούδεις^^ ''τά σκεύη του ισχυρού, 

enter into° a^'s^rone '^^ '^^^ ^'^^• ^^ °'*® ^^ *°^ ^^° *^ *^^^ ^^"^ goods of the .strong man, 

man's house, anil spoil εισελθών εις τήν.οίκίαν^^.αύτού, διαρττάσαι, εάν.μή πρώτον 

wm°&^t' bind* the ^^'''^**^®"''^''^'^*'^'^° his house, to plunder, unless first 

strong man ; and then tov ίσχυρον δησ^], και τότε τήν.οΐκίαν.αύτον διαρττάσει. 28 ά- 

he mil spoil his house, the strongman hobind, and then his house ho will plunder. Ve- 

28 Verily I say unto ,.,,,..„ / >/τ «>< 

you. All sins shall be μην λέγω υμιν, ΟΤΙ τταντα αώεθησεται ^τα αμαρτήματα τοις 

forgiven unto the sons ^ily I say to you, that all ^shall "be 'forgiven 'the -sins to the 

of men, and bias- , ^ ^ , η > n ^ -r a\ j. > »" n , « ii o> 

phemies wherewith υιοις των ανθρωπων,^^ και * ρλασφημιαι 'οσας^^αΐ'" ρλασ- 
soever they shall sons of men, and blasphemies whatsoever they shall 

pheme : 29 but he that , , _ „ «v i' η /o\ . ' ' > 

shaU bias-phemo a- φημησωσιν' 29 ος.δ .αν pλaσφημησy εις το πνεύμα το 
gainst the Holy Ghost have blasphemed ; but whosoever shall blaspheme against the Spirit the 
hath never forgive- „ , ν ». t \ .~ ιι'\λΊι " ' h» ii 

ness, but is in danger uyiov, ουκ.εχει αφεσιν εις TOV auova, '^aW" ένοχος °εσην" 

of eternal damnation : Holy, has not forgiveness to eternity, but "liable ^to 'is 

30 because thov said, > / - - π nr\ tr w> ττ -* ■ » * λ " 

He hath an unclean αιωνιου 'κρίσεως" 30 ΟΤΙ ελεγον, Πνευμα,ακαθαρτον εχει. 

spirit. eternal judgment ; because they said. An unclean spirit he has. 

ε βοαί/ηργ€5 LTTrA. l» Μαθ^αΓον LTTrA. ' Καναί'αΐον Canan;i3an i.TTrAW. ^ Ίσκαριώθ 
i.TTrAW. ' epxerai he comes T. <" + ο the (crowd) ltia. " μι, Si lTiAW. " οϋ δυι^σβται 
will not be aV)le ΤΤγΑ. ρ ή οίκια ticeinj σταθήναι {στηναι ΤιΑ) Ι,ΤΊ'γΛ. 1 ΐμερίσθη, και he 13 
divided, and τ. ■■ στηναι ττγλ. » + άλλ' but ττιλ. ' ονδεϊ? δύναται olti w. " ΐΐς την 
οΐκίαν τοΰ 'κτχνροϋ ^Ισίλθΐον τα σκεύη TTr. " τοις ν'ιοις τΰ>ν ανθρώπων τα αμαρτήματα 

OLTTrAW. » + αΐ the GLTTrAW. y όσα LTTrA. ' eav Τγλ. » άλλα LTTrA. •> έστα. 

shall be τ. <■ άμαοτηματος sin (i-ead guilty of eternal sin) lttfa. 

Ill, IV. MARK. 97 

31 ^'Epvovrauovv^• ^o'l αδελφοί και η.μητηρ,αντον,^^ και 31 There came then 
^ Then come ^ [his] breth/en and "^hl. liother, and ^tl,^ef ^^^/^^^^^ 

ίξω ^εστώΓες" άττεστείΚαν προς αυτόν, ^ώωνονντες'• αυτόν, jng without, sent unto 

•without ^>«tanding sent ^ to ^ him, _ calUng^ ^ him.^ fe^dtl^ltS 

32 και εκάθητο όχλος περί αύτόν^^ ^είττον.βε' αντφ, Ιδού, ^at about Mm, and 

And ^sat 'a '•'crowd around him: and they said to him, Behold, ί?!?^ ,^*^^•^^,.^"*^" Η™' 

, , ,,,-., 1, «1. ν - ' η < Behold, thy mother 

η.μητηρ.σον και ΟΙ.αδέλφΟΙ.σον '^ ίξω ζητονσΐν σε. 33 Κα» and thy brethren ^ith- 

thy mother and thy brethren without seek thee. And ""^ . ^^^ for thee. 

I > ,n , , Ν / II m/ > ' ' .«nil . .* Ν ^3 And he answered 

^αττεκριθη αυτοις, λέγων," Ύις εστίν ιι.μητηρ.μου "^ψ οι αδεΑ' them, saying, Who is 

he answered them, saying, Who is my mother or ^reth- P^y , mother, or my 

,1 „ . ^ , ΟΛ ί ' « ' Λ ί - brethi-en? 34 And he 

φοι "uov" ; 34 Kat περιρλεψαμενος °κυκλφ τους ττερι looked round about on 

ren my? And having looked around on ^in*a ^circuit Hhose "who arotmd them which sat about 

, V ,, η ' Λ ' η*τ t> II < ' « < ' •^ •\ . ■ him, and said, Behold 

αυτόν καϋημενους, Λέγει, ^ Ιοε," η.μητηρ.μον και οι αοελφοι my mother and my 

him were sitting, he says. Behold, my mother and brethren brethren I 35 For who- 

fv-.xn'iin ' r ^ f\'\ II ~n~ τ >?>> soever shall do the 

αου• 3d OQ^yap .av ποίηση ^το υελημα" του θεού, ούτος αόελ- wiUof God, the same 
'my : for whoever shall do the will of God, he ^ro- Is my brother, and my 

. ' > > 7 Λ J ' « ii > ' ' ' sister, and mother. 

φας μου και αΰελφή.^μου' και μητηρ εστίν. 

ther 'my and my sister and mother is. 

4 Καί ττάλιν Ίφξατο διδάσκειν τταρά την θάλασσαν' και 

And again lie began to teach by the sea. And 

t ' Λ II ' t ■> >' \ V •\ ' η " > > w' IV• -A-nd he began 

^σννηχθη" προς αυτόν όχλος ''πολύς," ώστε αυτόν ''ε/χ- again to teach by the 

was gathered together to him a '-"crowd 'great, so that ho having sea side : and there was 

βάντα εις το πλοΧον' καθησθαι εν Ty θaλάσσy, και πάς ο Peat^mnmtud'i,"' so 

entered into the ship sat in the sea, and all the that he entered into a 

όχλος προς την θάλασσαν επι της γης =^ήν." 2 και εδίδασκεν ^: '1°-^^ the who^l 
crowd close to the sea on the land was. And he taught multitude was by the 

αυτούς εν πάρα βολαϊς πολλά, και ελεγεν αύτοΐς εν Ty ^t- heVaugMtTemLtSv 

them in parables many things, and said to them in ^each- things by parables and 

δαχγ.αύτον,3'Ακοΰετε• ιδού, εξηλθεν ό σπείρων ^τοϋ^' σπείραι ^o^'^trimi" a^Hearke^*^• 

ing 'his, Hearken: behold, went out the sower to sow. Behold^' there went 

4 και εγενετο εν.τψ.σπύρειν, ο.μεν επεσεν παρά την όδόν, ο•^* » sower to sow : 

And it came to pass as he sowed, one feU by the way, „<Γν,^ iL^o?^L^Jf!?i 

^ __ ' ■' •" as no sowed, some leU 

και ϊιλθεν τα πετεινά ^τοϋ ουρανού" και κατεφαγεν αυτό. ^J the way side, and 

and came' the birds of the heaven and devoured it. *e fowls of the air 

, J < \ ^ κ f > came and devoured it 

6 '^άλλο.δε" επεσεν επι το πετρώδες, ° οπον ουκ.είχεν γην up. 5 And some fell on 

And another fell upon the rocky place, where it had not ''earth ?tony ground where 
, , ., ,y , -. V\ ^ >" ^ 'n A ^^ had not much earth ; 

πολλην' και '^ευθέως' εί,ανετ^ιλεν, δια το.μη.εχειν ραθος°^ and immediately it 
'much, and immediately it sprang up, because of not having depth sprang up, because it 

, " , , / Λ 11 X t. , had no depth of earth: 

γης• b ^'^^ιλιου.δε ανατειλαντος" Ήκαυματισθη,^ και όια 6 but when the sun 

of earth ; and [the] sun having arisen it was scorched, and because of "^as «P. it was scorch- 

, , „ , , „ , „ , „ _ < «N Λ »' ' σ« 1 II ed ; and because it had 

το.μη.εχειν ριζαν εξηρανθη. 7 και άλλο επεσεν εις ^τας" no root, it withered a• 

not having root it withered away. And another fell among the way. 7 And some fell 

, / Λ > ) / ο ; ». Λ. > r ν , / ^ among thorns, and the 

άκανθας' και ανερησαν ai ακανθαι, και συνεπνιξαν αυτό, και thorns grew up, and 

thorns, and ^grew *up 'the "thorns, and choked it, and choked it, and it yield- 

% » « f ο > ha "Λ Λ II " ' ' ~ r ed no fruit. 8 And 

καρπον ουκ.εδωκεν. 8 και '^'^αλλο επεσεν εις την γην την other fell on good 

fruit it yielded not. And another fell into the ground the ground, and did yield 

Ί και epyrtvrai LTrAW ; fcal Ιρχεται Τ. «ή M'^P «ΰτοΰ και οι αδελφοί αντοΰ GLTTrW ; οί 

αδελφοί αϋτοΰ και η μητηρ αύτοΟ Α. ^ στηκοντες ΤΤγα. S καλονντΐς LTTrA. •> ττερι αύτον 

όχλο? LTTrAW. » καΐ λεγουσιΐ' and they .say lttiaw. ^ + και αϊ ( — αϊ w) ίδ^λφαί σου 

and thy sisters lt[a]w. ' άποκριθίΐς αύτοΓ? λέγει answering them he says ττγα. " και 
and LTTr. ° — μον [τγ]α. " του? ττερι αύτοι/ κνκλω LTTr. Ρ Ίδον L. 'i — yap 

forL•τ[τr]A. r τα βεληματα (read the things God wills) Α. ' — μου my lttiA. 

* συνάγεται is gathered together lttiaw. " ττλεΐστο? very great TTrAW. " εΐ? το ( — τό 
TTrW) πλοΐον ίμβάντα LTTrW. » ήσαν were ΤΤγα. y — τοΰ LT[Tr]A. ^ — τον ουρανού 

GLTTrAW. a και άλλο LTTrA. '' + Και and [LTtJa. « ευθύ? LTTrA. '^^ + της L. 

ea και δτε άνετειλεν ό ήλιος and when the sun was risen LTTrA. f» ΐκαυματίσθησαν they 

were scorched τγ. e» — τά? ο. ''» άλλα others τα. 



frmt that eprang^p καΧήν' καί εδίδον καρπον άναβαίνοντα και ^αυ^άνοντα* καΐ 

brought^'lorth,' sXe ^°^^' ^^ yielded fruit, growing up and increasing, and 

thu-ty, and some sixty, ^ψερεν ''?v" τριάκοντα, καΙ ''fi'" Β^ηκοντα, και •'εί/" εκατόν. 

9 Ai^d°'he*° i^r unw ^«""^ °°« *^^^^' ^"^^ °°« ^i^^' ^^^^ «''β a hundred. 

them. He that hath 9 Kott tXevfv 'aiTOif," ""'O Ιχων" (Sra άκονειν άκονετω. 

^r^WA^dwhen^ -^^"^ he said to them. He that has ears to hear let him hear. 

was alone, they that 10 ""Ore.ii" έγένετο ''κατα/ίόνας," ^ήρώτησαν^^ αυτόν οι ττερι 

were about him wth ^^^ ^i^^^ j^^ ^^^ ^lone, 'asked «him 'those '■'about 

the twelve asked of , , , ., ^ , ^ , ry \ ' u ■%■% < "> 

him the parable. avTov Gvv TOiQ οωοεκα '^τήν τταραρολην. 11 και έλεγεν 

11 And he said unto 31^;^ «with Hhe «twelve [as to] the parable. " "And he said 

them, Unto you It IS , ^ ,-. ^ .j,,,^ ^ < / 11 - /3 \ ' ' 

given to know the mys- avTOiQ^ Ύμιν '^οεοοται jviovai TO μνστηριον^^ της ρασιλειας 

teryof the kingiiom of to them, To you has been given to know the mystery of the kingdom 

God: but unto them „,>_,, ^, ^ „^ , ο > ~ c mi ' 

that are without, all Tov θεου' εκεινοις.οε τοις εξω, εν 7rapaj3o\aig ^τα'^τταντα . 

these things are done of God : but to those who are without, in parables all things J 

in parables: 12 that / τλ " /->λ ' ο•\ ' \ \ «^ . \' 

seeini,' they may see, γινεται' 12 iva μλετΓοντες [5λετΓωσιν, και μη ιΟωσιν και 

and liot perceive ; and are done, that seeing they may see, and not perceive ; and 

and'not^und^rftandi άκούοντες άκούωσιν, και μη συνιωσιν' μήττοτε εττιστρέ-φω- 

lest at any time they hearing they may hear, and not understand, lest they should be con- 

fnri.v'sirihoutd «Ttv, και άφεθy αύτοΊς Vd άμαρτίίματα." 13 ΚαΙ 

be forgiven them, verted, and 'should *be 'forgiven *them [HheirJ -"Βΐηβ. And 

them^Vnow'^^ye^not ^£y£t αντοΐς, Ούκ.οΐδατε την.τταυαβολήν.ταντην ; και πώς 

this parable? and how he says to them. Perceive ye not this parable? and how 

then will ye know all ,^άσας τάο τταραβολάς γνώσεσθε: 14 ό σττείρων τον \oyov 

Foweth ihr^woTi all the' parkbles ^iiU ye know? The sower the word 

15 And these are they (γττείρει. 15 ovTOiM doiv 01 τταοά τήν ΰδόν, OTTOv σπεφεται 

the'wo^Ms^own" but «°^«• And these are they bf ^ the way, where _ is sown 

when they have heard, q λόγος, και οταν άκοϋσωοιν, ^ευθέως" 'έρχεται 6 σατανάς 

Satan Cometh immedi- ^-^^ ^^. ^^^ ^-^^^ they hear, immediately comes Satan 

ately, and taketh away ' , -^^ , , , ^ ,, , , 

the word that was καί αίρει TOV \oyov τον εσπαρμενον ^εν ταις.καροιαις.αν~ 

sown in their hearts. ^^ ^ j^ ^ „ the word that has been sown in their hearts. 

16 And these are they •' , , , , , , , , , / r> 
likewise which are τών." 16 και οϋτοι ^εισιν ομοιως" οι ετΓΐ τα πετρωόη 
sown on stony ground ; ^ji,j these are in like manner they who upon the rocky places 
who, wlien they have , » « > / < ^ ' ν ' /T ii > 

heard the word, imme- σττειρομενοι, oif οταν ακουσωσιν τον Αογον, ^ευίίεως" μετά 

diately receive it with are sown, who, when they hear the word, immediately with 

gladness; 17 and have ~ -, η ' ' ' in >>» t,y,t 

no root in themselves, χαράς λα μβανονσιν avTOV, 17 και ονκ.εχονσιν ριζαν εν εαυ- 

and so endure but for joy receive it, and have not root in them- 

when^lifflictii^'^OT^r- τοΙς, άλλα ττρόσκαιροί είσιν είτα γενομένης θλίψεως η 

secution ariseth for selves, but temporary are ; then having arisen tribulation or 

mediXiyVefare'S: διωγμοΰ διά τόνλόγον, ''εύθέως^^ σκανδαλίζονται. 18 καί 

~ ' ' "And these persecution on account of the word, immediately they »re offended. And 

sown*^amon?thorusl "oiToi" είσιν o'l "εις' τάς άκανθας σττειρόμενοι, οϋτοί 

such as hear the word, these are they who among the thorns are sown, these 

worw^md'tht'deceij! ^'^i^ 01 TOV λόγον ^άκούοντες,'^ 19 και ai μ'εριμναι του 

fulness of riches, and «re they who the word hear, and the cares 

the lusts of other αίώνοο.'^τοντον^^ και 71 άττάτη τοϊ• ττλοντον και αι ττερι 

&eVeworrand?t of this life and the deceit of riches and the ^ »of 

hecomoth unfruitful, τά.λοιπά ίΤΓΐθυ μίαι εΙστΓορενόμεναι '^σνμττνίγονσιν^' τονλόγον, 

which' !α'Γ«ο^Ό°^ 3„,,,rnhings 'desi/es entrringin /^ choL^ ^ the^ wird. 

srood ground ; such as και άκαρτΓος γίνεται. 20 και ^oProi" ε/σιν ot επι τήν γήν 

and unfruitful it becomes. And these are they who upon the ground 

» ανξανόμενον LTTrAW. '' €19 A ; etS unto TTr. ^ — αντοΐς QLTTpAW. " 0? βχβι I.TTrAW. 
" (cat ore LTTrA. ° κατά μάνας LTTr. Ρ -ηρώτων LTrA ; -ηρώτονν Τ. ι τάί παραβολάς 

tlie parables τΤγλ. ' — γ^ώι/αι LTTrA ; το μνστηριον δβδοται ττγΑ^ ' — τα Τ. _ ' — τα 
αμαρτήματα {read [thoir 8ins]) [L]TTrA. » ^νθνς ΤΤγΑ. " ev αΰτοΐς iu them τ •, βίς αντούς 
ill them Τγα. » ομοίως «ΐσΐν Τ. / «νθύς LTTrA. ' άλλοι Others GLTTrAW. » «jrl about τ. 
*> ακονσαντ^ς heard γΤγα. <= — τούτου this GltTiA. '^ σννπνίγουσίν ΤΑ. • CKeifOi 

those TTrA. 

IV. MARK. 99 

την καλήν στταρίντ^ς, οϊτινξς άκονουσιν τον \6yov και ^^ ^^? -ντοψ, and 

the good have been sown, such as hear the word and fortlT^ fruU° 'some 

Ίταραδέχονται, καΐ καρττοώοροΰσιν, ^IeV" τριάκοντα, και ^'tV thirtTf old, some sixty, 

receive [it], and bring forth fruit, one thirty, and one ??'^,^°?1"' himdred, 

» / > Λ II Γ , \ ti 1 / Ana ne said unto 

ίζηκοντα, και ^£?'" εκατόν. 21 Και ελεγεν αύτοίς, ^Μήτι ''ό them, is a candle 

siity, and one a hundred. And he said to them, =The ^'""^^ϊ'* ^? ^^ P^* ^7^' 

. , „ , „ , , , ,^ η >v < ^ der a bushel, or under 

λύχνος έρχεται iva νττο τον μοοιον r£t/y η υπο την » hed? and not to be 

*lamp 'comes that under the corn measure it may be put or under the set on a candlestick? 
, „ , . , » / •, /T-M Λί^ > ' 22 for there IS nothing 

κΚινϊ]ν ; ονχ iva επι την Χνχνιαν ^εττιτεθψ ', 22 ov.yap hid, which shall not be 

couch? [Is it] not that upon the lampstand it may be pat? for not manifested; neither 

> ' V II ' itMi 1 > . r„ n~ > »i ■"■*3 any thing kept 

tOTiv Vt κρνπτον, Ό" εαν.μη *" ψανξρωθγ' ουδέ secret, but that it 

'is 'anything hidden, unless it should be made manifest, nor should come aliroad. 

, , , , , )\>' " η ' - "\ /ί I 23 If any man have 

tytviTO αποκρνφον, αλλ iva "εις φαΐ'εροί^ tAug. ears to hear, let him 

has *taken *place 'a 'secret ^thing, but that to light it should come. hear. 24 And he said 
c\n " " r > ' > ' '-» < T7- ' "Λ > ~ unto them, T.-ike heed 

23 ΐ-ΐτις έχει ωτα ακουειν, ακονετω. 24 Kat εΑεγει^ αντοις, what ye hear: with 

If anyone has ears to hear, let him hear. And he said to them, what measure ye mete. 

r>\ ' , ' ' ' ) ? / ~ Λ| / it shall be measured 

Βλεττετε τι ακουετε. εν φ μετρφ μετρειτε μετρηθησεται to you : and umo you 

Take heed what ye hear : with what measure ye mete it shall be measured that hear shall more 

υμίν, ''και ττροστεθήσεται νμΐν^ ^τοϊς άκονουσιν.^' 25 ος.γάρ "iav thafiTth, to him Jhaii 

to yon, and ^shaU ^be 'added 'to^ou "who '•hear ; for whoever be given : and he that 

fW δοθήσ^ται αύτψ-καΐ ος ονκ.εχει,και δ έχει ^ζ^, If t^^Z ^Γη 

may have, ^shaU ^be ^given 'to "him ; and he who has not, even that which he has that which he hath. 

άρθήσεται άττ αυτόν. 

shall be taken from him. 

26 Και ελεγεν, Ο'ύτως εστίν ή βασιλεία τον θεοϋ, ως 'εάν" the^ Mngdom "of ' God! 

And he said. Thus is the kingdom of God, as if as if a man should cast 

άνθρωπος fioKy τον σπόρον εττι της γης, 27 και καθέναν ^ΙηΓ^έοηΐΓΧρ! 

a man should cast the seed upon the earth, and should sleep and rise night and day, 

και εγείρηται νύκτα και ήμεραν, και ό σττόρος *βλαστάν^ sprlnflnd^'^ow^uli 

and nse night and day, and the seed shotild sprout i^g knoweth not how. 

<ai μηκννηται ώς ονκ.οΐδεν αυτός• 28 αυτόματη ^γάρ' η γη fi^fo^l^tofh^'- 

aad be lengthened how ^'knows^not 'he; ^of ^itself 'for tlie earth gg^f. ^.^^ the blade, 

καρποφορεί, πρώτον χόρτον, "είτα^ στάχνν, "έΙτα' ""πλήρη then the ear, after that 

brings forth fruit, first a blade, then an ear, then fuU ^^ 29 But^hen the 

σΪΓον" εν τω στάγνϊ. 29 οταν.δε ^παραδφ^^ ό καρπός, fruit w brought forth, 

cor^^ in the ea^r. ^ A^d when »oflers%srif 'the ^uit. iXI^'^t^.ieHefS^ 

^ενθεως'^ αποστέλλει το δρεπανον, 'ότι παρεστηκεν ό θερισμός. cause tiie harvest is 

immediately he sends the sickle, for has come the harvest. come. 

30 Kat ελεγεν, ^TtVi" όμοιώσωμεν την βασιλείαν τον θεον ; so And he said. 

And he said, To what shall we liken the kingdom of God? ί^^'"®?^''^. ^^?^ "^l 

■\» / rt -> ' )'• ' y, > liken tne kingdom ot 

ή iv '^ποιφ παραβολή παραβαλωμεν αϋτην;'^ 31 ως°κοκκψ^^ God? or with what 

or with what parable shall we compare it ? As to a grain comparison shall we 

/ „ ,1 ^ , , » II compare it? 31 It μ 

σιναπεως, ος, όταν σπαρ^ επι της γης, '^μικρότερος" like a grain of mus- 

of mustard, which, when it has been sown upon the earth, less tard seed, which, when 

/ ~ / Λ» < Μ ~ ,,_-.„ nc\ < it is sown in the earth, 

πάντων των σπερμάτων '^εστιν^'^των επι της γης ο2 και is less than all the 
than all the seeds is which [are] upon the earth, and seeds that be iu the 

„ - > r> ' < ' f / ~ Λ / earth : 32 but when it 

οταν σπαργ, αναβαίνει, και γίνεται 'πάντων των λάχανων is sown, it groweth up. 

when it has been sown, it grows up, and becomes "than 'all *the ^herhs and becometh greater 

,y ,, X ^ - , ~. ,.. „ f Λ < < than all herbs, and 

μειζων_" και ποιεί κλάδους μεγάλους, ώστε δυνασυαι νπο shooteth out great 

'greater, and produces branches 'great, so that ®are 'able 'under branches ; so that the 

' tv in TTr. S + oTi that Ta. •' ϊρχ^ται 6 λΰχνο? LTTrA. ' Τΐθη LTTrAW. ^ — Tt 

{read it is not) [L]Tr[A]. • — δ LTXrA. "" + Ίνα that lt[a]. ° e\9ri εΙς φανερόν ττγα. 

° — καΐ προσ. νμιν G. Ρ — τοΐ? ακονονσιν GLTTrA. ι έχει has LTTrA. •■ — έάΐ' ΤΤγα. 

■ /Βλαστό LTTrA. * — γαρ LTTrA. ' elrev Τ. "" πληρηζ σίτος LTTrA. * τταοαδοΓ LTTrA. 
y βϋβϋς ττγα. * Πώς how ττγα. » τίνι αυτήν ναραβοΚ-η θώμ^ν what paraole shall we 

represent it? LTTrA. *» κόκκον a grain GLTrAW. c μικρότ^ρον ov being less LTTrA. 

^ — €στΙν LTTrA. « [των έττΙ της γης] L, f μΐίζων (μΐΐζον Τ) πάντων των λάχανων LTTrA. 

100 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. IV, V. 

lodK^ under th^ ώ*Ζ "^^ OKiav avTOV τά irtTHva τον ουρανού κατασκηνονν. 

dowof it. 33 Andwith "'^^ ^shadow *of Mt the birds of the heaven to roost. 

many such parables 33 Και TOiavTUig παοαβολαΤς τΓολλαις έλάλει αύτοΐο τον 

snake he the word unto , , ... α • »? ' ^τ ■ • . . ^ 

them, as they were ■^'^ with "such parables 'many bespoke to them the 

able to heiir tV. 34 But \όγον, καθώς ^ήδύναντο^^ άκούξΐν, 34 χωρίς.δ^ -τταραβοΧής 

7^ltT\e ^not'^imto ^°''^' *^ *^^^ "^^^ ^^^^ *** ^^"' ^*** without a parable 

them : and when they οΰκ.ελάΧει αυτοίς' κατ'.ίδίαν.δε ^τοΧς.μαθηταΐς.αύτοΰ^' εττελυεν 

were alone, he ex.- gp^j^g γ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^jj^m . ^^^^ ^p^^j ^^, ^^ disciples he explained 

his disciples. πάντα. 

all things. 

35 And the same day, ^^ ^«ί ,^^Τ" ««^fotf έν έκείν^ Tyr)fikp(f, όψίας γενομίνης, 
when the even was -^^^ he says to them on that day, evening being come, 

come, he saith unto ΑιεΧθωμεν BiQ TO ττεραν. 36 Και αφέντες τον δχλον, 

imt™' the other ^si^e" IJet ns pass over to the other side. And having dismissed the crowd, 

36 And when they had τταραλα/ίβάνουσιν αύτόν ώς i]v εν τώ πλοίφ' και άλλα 

tud'e "thf too™ him *^®y **^® '^*'* [them] him as he was in the ship ; ^ako 'other 

even' as he was in the «^sH ^ττλοιάρια" 'i^**" μετ avTov. 37 KUi γίνεται Χαϊλαφ 

ship. And there were n,yt gn^a.!! ships were with him. And comes a =storm 

aLso with him other , , /χ „ . ?>mi / > ό λλ » « .ι ~ 

little ships. 37 And "^ανεμον /ιεγαλϊ/," "ra.oe κύματα εττεραΧΧεν εις το πΧοιον^ 

there arose a great a^f -wind Violent, and the waves beat into the ship, 

storm of wind, and „ „ . » » j. 'y η 11 00 ' X ' ' η' 'ii ~ ' 

the waves beat into ωστε °avTO ι/οη γεμιζεσθαι.^* 3o και ην αυτός Ρεττι" Ty ττρν- 

the ship, so that it was ^q t^at it already was filled. And *was 'he on the stem 

now full. 38 And he , , > , / -v /> ' s- . ' η ? ' ii 

was in the hinder part μν^ επι TO ττροσκεφαΧαιον καθενοων και '^όιεγειρονσιν" 

of the ship, asleep on on the cushion sleeping. And they arouse 

awakeTim.'^and say αύτόν, Kul Xkyovaiv αύτψ, Διδάσκαλε, ου.μεΧει σοι 'ότι 

unto him, Master, him, and say to him, Teacher, is it no concern to thee that 

we'^^rishrsg And'he άποΧΧύμεθα; 39 Και διεγερθείς εττετίμησεν τψ άνψψ, 

arose, and rebuked the we perish ? And having been aroused he rebuked the wind, 

Ihe''LrPeacT,bes'^ καΐείπεν Ty OaXaaay, Σιώττα, τνεφίμωσο. Kai εκόττασεν υ 

And the wind ceased, and said to the sea, Silence, be quiet. Aud 'fell 'the 

caim^^To^Andhe^said ανεμος, και εγένετο γαΧήνη μεγάΧη. 40 και ειττεν αύτοϊς, 

unto them. Why are '■'wind, and there was a '■'calm 'great. And he said to them, 

ft^ that^^'^^have'^no ^i δειΧοί εστε "Όντως; πώς ούκ" έχετε ττίστιν; 41 Και εφο- 

faith? 41 And they Why fearful are ye thus? How «not 'have'^'ye faith? And they 

feared exceedingly, βήθησαν φόβον μέγαν, και εΧεγον ττρός.άΧΧηΧονς. Ύίς 

orher!"*^TmUe; feared [with]^=f^r Veat. ' and sai'd^ 'one to another, ^Who 

of man is this, that ^^^ οντός εστιν, οτι καί ό άνεμος καΐ ή ΘάΧασσα 'ΰττακονου- 

waobeyhiiS? ^^^"^ '''*^>' '^^• that even the wind and the sea obey 

σιν avTip ; 


5 Καί ηΧθον εις το πέραν της θαΧάσσης, εις την χωράν 

ν. And they came And they came to the other side of the sea, to the country 

over unto the other ^ »r. ^^ ~ n λ ^ .I'v •\λ' > ~ii ' - λ ' 

side of the sea, into των ^Γαδαρ7]νων.'' 2 και ^εζεΧθοντι.αυτψ'^ εκ τον πλοιον, 

the country of the Ga- of the Gadarenes. And on his having gone forth out of the ship, 

darenes. li And when » ^/ n «, » / n > - i — ' *' η 

he was coiue out of 'ευθέως" '^απηντϊ]σεν" αντψ εκ των μνημείων άνθρωπος 

the ship, immediately immediately met him out of the tombs a man 

ofThe 'tomb^r man εν πνεύματι.άκαθάρτψ, 3 ος την κατοίκησιν εΊχεν εν τοΙς 

with an unclean spirit, with an unclean spirit, who [his] dwelling had in the 

amo\°g^ttottsfan§ ν^^^/μείοις•" καί ^οίτε" -άΧύσεσιν^^-ονδεϊς^ήδννατο^^ αύτόν 

nomancouldbindhim, tombs; and not ev6n with chains anyone was able him 
no, not with chains: (/t<. no οηο") 

g eSvuavTO LTr, h τοις ιδίοις μαθηταΐς to his own disciples ta. ' — δέ lttJa]. '' ττλοΓα 
ships OLTTrA. ' ^σαν τ. >" μεγάλη άΐ'εμου LTTrA. " καΐ τά LTTrA. ° ηδη -γίμίζεσθαι 

το πΚοΙον ah-eady was filled the ship LTTrA. ν eu in OLTTrAW.^ ί eyeipovatv they awake τΧγα. 
' ; οϋττω 'not "yet LTr. " αύτψ ΰπακοΰβι τ ; υπακούει αύτώ Τγα. ' Γερασηι/ώΐ' Gerasenes 
LTTr; TepyeaitivSiv Gergosones a. " ίξΐΚθόντος αντοΰ LTTr. " — eύθeως l ; βνθύς τ[τγ]α. 
'" νιτηντησΐν LTTr. " μνημασιν (— ν OW) GLTTrAW. y ούδβ LTTrA-W. » άλυ'σει with a chain 
LTTrA. a + ovKSTi any longer (lit. no longer) ltttaw. *• «δυι/ατο lttta. 

V. MAR Κ. 101 

δησαι, 4 δια το αυτόν πολλάκις πίδαις και άλνσεσιν δε- ί}^'^^'^^ ί"'^* 5^ 'ί?? 

to bind, because that he often with fetters and chains had f^tt'ew andchafnsTnd 

δίσθαι, και διεαττάσθαι υττ αντον τάς άλνσεις, και *^« ^^^^'^^ ^'^d ^^^ 

been bound, and «had «been ^torn «asunder 'by «him Hhe ^chains, and him and ^ the fetters 

τάς ττεδας σνντετρίφθαι, καί ουδείς '^αυτον ισ%υ£ ι^" δαμάσαι' broken in pieces : nei- 

the fetters had been shattered, and no one him was able to subdue. Ϋ"^^ ί'?"^'^ ?'ψ ,*^" 

^ , > ^ € ; 1 η > ι ^Β,Ώΐβ him. 5 And al- 

5 και ^βιατταιτός" νυκτός και ημέρας εν τοΤς ^ορεσιν και εν ways, night and day, 

And continually night and day in the mountains ana in ^^. ^^^ ^^ t^'c. moun- 

,. τ 'V ^ ' < y \ 'η tains, and m the 

τοις μνημασιν^' i]v κραζων και κατακοτττων εαυτόν λιθοις. tombs, ci-ying, and 

the tombs he was cryinsr and cutting himself with stones, cutting himself with 

r, n-,-^ ^Mi \ )t - , , ,n "tv V Rtones. 6 But when he 

Ο * Ιόων.ύε" τον Ιησονν αττο μακρόθεν, εύραμεν και προσ- saw Jesus afar off, he 

And having seen Jesus from afar, he ran and did rim and worshipped 

t „ y ~ » rr < 'V ~ '>>,- iLm'i• him. 7 and cried with 

εκυνησεν>^αντψ," 7 και κραξας ^lovy μεγαλ-^'^είττεν^Ύι εμοι a loud voice, and said, 

homage to him, and crying witha'voice 'loud he said. What to me AVhat havo I to do 

. ' / »T ~ ' > ~ η ~ ~ , I , 'IV ' with thee, Jesus, thou 

και σοι, Ιησου, υιε του υεου του υψίστου ; ορκιί,ω σε τον son of the most high 

and to thee, Jesus, Son of God the Mo^t High ? I'adjure thee God? I adjure thee 

by God, that thou tor- 

^_ .,, .. - mentmenot. 8 For he 

by God> ^not -me Horment. For he was saying to him. Come forth, the said unto him, Come 

ττνενμα το άκάθαρτον, εκ του άνθρώνου. 9 Και εττηρώτα*^spir?t?°9 And 

spirit the unclean, out of the man. And he asked he asked him. What 

αυτόν, Ύί ίσοι.δνο//α" ; Και ^άπεκρίθη, λέγων,' Άεγεών' If^^^LTs/yit^.'^^^y 

him, ΛVhat [is] thy name? And he answered, saying, Legion name w Legion :' for 

Όνομό.μοι.-^ οτι ττολλοί εσμεν. 10 Καί τταρεκάλει αυτόν ^e'bJs'ough^himmt^h 

my name [is], because many we are. And he besought him that he would not send 

πολλά, Ίνα μή "αύτονς^^ άποστειλ^ εξω της χώρας. 11 ην.δε countiTTi Now°therl 

much, that not them he would .send out of the country. Now there was ^g^g there nigh uuto 

ίκεΐ προς °τά όρη άγελη χοίρων μεγάλη βοσκομενη- 12 και ^^?,fof\wfne'feeding* 

there just at the mountains a ■'herd ^of ''swiue 'great feeding; and 12 Aud all the devils 

τταρεκάλεσαν αυτόν ^πάντες οι δαίμονες," λέγοντες, ΤΙεμφον besought him sayiug, 

^ ^sought ^ =him 'all She 3^βςοη,,''_ slying, " ^n^d ,«^^ ^ L"S entlr^n'o 

ήμας εις τους χοίοους. Ίνα εις αυτούς εΐσέλθ:ομεν. 13 Και them. 13 And forth- 

^us into the ^wine, _ *at into them we may £ter. ^ ^-^ S.-Tn^dt^ul^S 

επετρεχΡεν αύτόΐς '^εϋθεoJς ό Ίτ^σοΰς." καί εξελθόντα τά spirits went out, and 

^aUowed Hhem ^immediately 'Jesus. And having gone out the «'^'6'"^^ into the swine: 

, > ' Λ > ~\ η ' < ' - r/ ^nd the herd ran vio- 

ττνευματα τά ακάθαρτα εισήλθαν εις τονς χοίρους' και ωρμησεν lentiy down a steep 

spirits the unclean entered into the swine, and ^rushed Pl^ice into the sea, 

, , , , „ - , > Λ "v rT i> (they were about two 

η αγέλη κατά του κρημνού εις την θάλασσαν ^ησαν όε" thousand;) and were 

'the'-^erd down the steep into the sea, (now they were choked in the foa. 

5>'> ,,, '~ΛΛ' -, A urt' Γ Ml 14 And they that fed 

ως όισχιΑιοι' και εττνιγοντο εν Ty θa^aσσy. 14 "Ui.oi the swine fled, and 

abouttwo thousand), and they were choked in the sea. And those who told ίί in the city, and 

β/ , , , li " , ' ■a > ' -v ,' ) < in the country. And 

οσκοντες ^τους χοίρους" εφυγον, και ^ανήγγειλαν" εις την they went out to see 

fed the swine fled, and announced [it] to the what it was that was 

/^ . , ^ . / . Tf,'y~\n 11 'f ~ ' ' > done. 1.5 And they 

ΤΓολιν και εις τονς αγρούς, και ^εξήλθαν" (Οειι^ η εστίν το come to Jesus, and see 

city and to the country. And they went out to see what it is that liim that was possessed 

γεγονός' 15 και έρχονται ττρός τον Ίησοϋν, και θεωρονσιν S^d'lhe^egiony'sitti^ng^ 

has been done. And they como to Jesus, and see and clothed, and in 

τόν δαιμονιζόμενον καθήμενον ^καίΙΙ Ίματισμενον και σωψρο- ihpy""^wore'^*afraUi! 

the possessed by demons sitting and clothed and of sound le And they that saw 

νονντα, τόν.εσχηκότα τόν ^λεγεώνα-^^ και εφοβήθησαν. 16 καΐ 

mind, him who had the legion : and they were afraid. And 

<= ίσχυεν αντον LTTrAw. ^ διίπαντοζ AL^ « μνημασιν ( — ν GW) καί. ei/rot? opeaiv GLTTrAW. 
' Koi 'ώων τΓγΑ. δ αυτόν Λ. *» λέγει he says LTTrAW. ' όνομα σοι lttfa. " Ae-yet 

αΰτώ he says to him OLTTrAW. ' Aeyiiov LTTrA. ■" + «στιν is L. " αυτά TTr. 

" τω opet .the moxintain GLTTrAW. ρ — πάντες gw[l] ; — πάντες οι δαίμονες {read they 

bes'ought) TTrA. 1 — ευθέως 6 Ίτησοΰς {read he allowed) [L]TTr[A]. »■ — ήσαν δε [L]TTrA. 
» καΐ ot LTTrA. ' αυτούς thom GLTTrAW. * άττηγγειλαν told GLTTrAW. ^ ηλθον 

they went LTTrAW » — και LTTrA. y λεγιώνα LTTrA 

102 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. V. 

it told them how it ξιηγη(}αντο avTOiQ 01 iSovTSQ, ττώς ϊγένετο τω 5at- 

po=sisse°d wHh the'de- ''related 'to «them Hhose =who ^had «seen [Mt] how it happened to him poa- 
Til, and ο /so concern- μονιζομίνφ, καί ΤΓΒρΙ τών χο'φων. Π Kui ήρζαντο τταρα' 
^e^^hesvM^'to^-^y ^^^^^^^^^^°^''^^^''°^'^'^^^^ ^^° swtne. And they began to be- 

him to depart out of καλέΐν αίιτυν άπεΚθεΊν άττό τών.ϋρίων.αύτών. 18 Και 

their coasts. 18 And j^ ^ to depart from their borders. And 

when he was come into ''>="=^" ^ ,,„,,-^ ,. ,, , 

the ship, he that had '^ίμβαντος avTOV εις TO TTAOLOV, τταρεκαλει αυτόν ο 

been possessed with ^i^a^ying^'enteTei 'he into the ship, "besought ^him 'he ^ who 

the devil prayed him " „ ., '«-iiinb" iill 

that he might be with δαιμονισθείς, iva ^y μετ αντον." 19 "ο ύέ" 

him. 19 Howbeit Jesus 3^^,^^ «been 'possessed «by ''demons that he might be with him. But 

suffered him not, but . „,.,,,.. , , »\\ ^ -v ' > ~ "λλ > « 

saith unto him, Go '^ Ιϊ^σους" ονκ.αφηκεν αυτόν, άλλα λέγει αυτφ, Ττταγε εις τον 

home to thy friends, Jesus did not suffer him, but says to him, Go to 

and tell them how _ , , , , \ λ ' ' ^ ii > ~ " ρ 

great things the Lord οίκον.σου ττροςτους.σους, και'^αναγγειλον^^ avTOig οσα ''σοι 

hath done for thee, thy house to thine own, and announce to them how much for thee 

pa8^siono*nth^e.'^20ASi ό κύριος^ Ηποίησεν,^ καΐ ήλίησ&ν σε. 20 Και άπηλθεν και 

he departed, and began the Lord did, and pitied thee. And he departed and 

ho^^^efttϊιh,fs7^VP^aτoκηρύσσeιvtvτyAεκa7Γό\ει, οσα εττοίησεν αύτψ ο 

had done for him: and began to proclaim in Decapolis, how much ^had Mone «for "him 

all 7«en did marvel. '^^^f^jj^. ^^i ττάντες Ιθαύμαζον. 
'Jesus; and all wondered. 

21 Καί haiTipaaavTOQ τον 'ίησοΰ ίρ τφ πλοίφ ^ττάλιν εις 

And having ^passed *over 'Jesus in the ship again to 

was ^s^ed'^o'VTr Jata TO TTspav,^' συνήχθη ϋχλος ττολνς iir' αυτόν, και ηι> 

by ship unto the other the other side, *was leathered 'a -^crowd ^great to him, and he was 

itedTntEtm^i^^nd τταρά τήν θάλασσαν. 22 Καί Κζο^' 'έρχεται εις των άρχι• 

he was nigh unto the by the sea. And behold, comes one of the rulers of 

there ^co^th one" of συναγωγών, ονόματι Ίάεφος^ και ίδών αυτόν, ττίτττει προς 
the rulers of the eyna- the synagogue, byname Jairus, and seeing him, falls at 

gogue,Jairusbyiiame; το^,ς.ττόδας.αυτοΰ' 23 και 'τταοεκάλει" αϋτον πολλά, λέγων, 

he fell^at htrfe^; his feet ; and he besought him much, saying. 

23 and besought him "q^^ το.θνγάτριόν.μου εσχάτωςίχει' 'ίνα ελθων 

mtle daughter"' lleth ^^7 li"le daughter is at the last extremity, [I pray] that having come 

at the point of death : ίττιθίίς ^αύτη τας γε7ρας," 'οττως" σωθΰ καΐ 

k^ThVhancLs°'^n her^ t^^u wouldest lay on he? [thy] hands, so that she may be cured, and 

that she may be heal- ">ζή(τεΓαι.ΙΙ 24 Και άπηλθεν μετ αντον, και ήκολούθει αύτψ 

ed ; and she shall live. ^^^ ^,^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ j^g departed with him, and «followed "him 

24 And Jesu8 went »/i> ο > > -,γ xr ' ' n ii 

with him ; and much ογλος ΤΓολυς, και συνεθλψον αυτόν. 2ο Και γυνή "ης" 

people followed him, la 'crowd ^'great, and pressed on him. And a -woman 'certain 

and thronged him. , </ n „« ?. / ? w c\o ' \λ ' η ~ 

25 And a certain we- ούσα iv ρυσει αιματος "ετη οωοεκα," χο και πολλά παοουσα 

man, which had an being with a flux of blood ^years 'twelve, and much having suffered 

issue of blood twelve , , ν •» ~ > ~ < s- ' ' ' η ' ~ ii 

years, 26 and had suf- υπο πολλων ιατρων^ και οαπανησασα τα.παρ .*'εαυτης" 

fered many things of under many physicians, and having spent ^her 'means 

many physicians, and , , », > , \ η ~ '\\ ' ~\Λ ' > -~ 

had spSnt all that she παντα, και μηδέν ωφεληθεισα άλλα μάλλον εις τυ.χειρον 

had, and was nothing «all, and in no way having benefited but rather 'to «worse 

Sew"wArse?'27"vtn ίλθοΰσα, 27 άκούσασα 1 περί του Ίησοΰ, ίλθοϋσα Ιν 

she had heard of Jesus, 'having '■'como, having heard concerning Jesus, liaving come in 

hi^d! Ind^touS hi^ τψ οχλψ όπισθεν, η^ατο του. Ιματίου. αντοϋ- 28 ελεγεν γάρ, 

garment. 28 For she the crowd behind, touched his garment ; for she said, 

but hisVotrs^'sriV'Ori -^mv ravi)uaria.i..airoi) αψω^αι," ^^^θησομαι 29 Καί 

be whole. 29 And If but his garments 1 shall touch, I shaU be cured. And 

^ ίμβαίνοντος [was] entering LTTrAW. " μ€τ αυτού ^ lttfaw. >> και and QLTTrAW, 

e — •Ιΐ)σοΰς (reaii he did not suflFer) o[L]TTrAW. <> ^π-άγγειλομ tell ltttaw. «o κνριός 

σοι ΤΤιΛ. f nenoirjKev has done olttpaw. « et? το nepav ττάλιι/ Τ. •» — ίδοΰ [ι,]ττγα. 

» παρακαλεί he beseeches τχγα. ^ τάς χείρας avrji ltt. Α. ' IVa in ordei• that ltt. a. 

" ζή(Γη may live lttpa. ° — τις lttpLa]. _ ^ " δώδίκα. ίτη τ. ρ αντης OLTrAW. 

S -i- τα the things T[a]. ■■ eav άψωμαι κάν των Ιματίων αΰτοΰ ΤΑ. 

V. MAR Κ. 1U3 

"εί-θίως'ΐ ίζηράνθη η ττηγή τοϋ.α'ίματος.αύτής, καΐ ϊ^νω tlta'of hIrVlood°wa; 

immediately was dried up the fonntain of her blood, and she knew dried up ; and she felt 

ry σώματι OTL larai άττό της μάστιγος. SO xal ^εύθίως ^^s^^^eafed^ oi'^\hat 
in [her] body that she was healed from the scourge. And immediately pia<Tue. 30 And Jesui 

ό Ίησοΰς, ίττι-γνονς iv έαυτφ την ΐξ αύτοϋ δνναμιν |™™n|seiiYlj.^t^°^tnf 

Jesus, knowing in himself [that] the -^out ^of "him 'power i^d 'gone' ont'o/ him, 

ίξελθονσαν, επιστραφείς εν τψ οχλφ, ελεγεν, Ύίς μου η-φατο tymed him about in 
had gone forth, ha-ring turned in the crowd, said, AVho of me touched \ν^ο ^'^touched ^my 
των ιματίων; Ql Και ελεγον αύτω οΊ.μαθηταΙ.αύτοΰ, Βλέπεις clothes? 3ΐ And his 
the garments? And Wd ^o ^hto ''his ^disciples. Thou seest S^'lft the muMl 

τον οχλον σννθλίβοντά σε, και λέγεις, Ύίς μου ηφατο; tude thronging thee, 

the crowd pressing on thee, and sayest thou. Who me touched? ^Q^hed^me? 32 Vnd 

32 Kai πεοιεβλέπετο ΐδείν την τούτο ποιησασαν. 33 ή.δε he looked round about 

And he 'looked round to see her who this had done. But the ^° see .^ler that had 

_ , , ,., ,s , ,, > done this thmg. 33 But 

γυνή 0ορ/]σ6ίσα και τρέμουσα, ειουϊα ο γεγονεν επ ' the woman fearing 

woman being frightened and trembling, knowing what had been done upon and trembling, kiiow- 
7 - -^ η \ ' >~ ^- ,-.~ ing what was done m 

αυτγ, ήλθεν και προσεπεσεν αυτφ, και είπεν αυτφ πασαν her, came and fell 

her, came and fell down before him, and told him all down before him, and 

'\ ' η o^ < f V -I ' ~ w/^' II • ' told hmi all the truth. 

την αληθειαν. 34 ο.δε ' είπεν αυτ•^, "^θυγατερ," ιι.πιστις.σου -μ And he said unto 

the truth. And he said to her. Daughter, thy faith her, Daughter, thy 

, , „ . . / < „ Λ . , , ^ ~ / faith hath made thee 

σεσωκεν σε' νπαγε εις ειρηνην, και ισ(/ι υγιής απο της μαστι- whole ; go in peace, 

has cured thee ; go in peace, and be sound from ^scotirge and be whole of thy 

oe'T^ '~ΛΛ- » '< -> plague. 35 While he 

γος σου. 35 Ετι αντον.λαλουντος, έρχονται απο του αρχι- yet spake, there came 
Hhy. [While] yet he is speaking, they come from the ruler of from the ruler of the 

συναγώγου, λεγοντες,'Ότι ή.θυγάτηρ.σουάπίθανεν τι ετι (Sf°wh?ch* said. Thy 

the synagogue's [house], saying, Thy daughter is dead ; why still daughter is dead : why 

σκυΧλεις τον διοάσκαλον ; S6 ' Ο.δε.' Ιησούς ^ενθεως'^ ^άκοΰ- Master^ln *fiirther ? 

troublest thou the teacher? But Jesus immediately, having 36 As soon as Jestis 

(τας» τον λόγον λαλούμενον λέγει τψ άρχισυναγώγψ, Μη ^r'lpokLrheMhh 

heard the word spoken, says to the ruler of the synagogue, *Not nnto the ruler of the 

φοβοϋ' μόνον πίστευε. 37 Και ούκ.άφήκεν ούΰενα ^αύτφ aSul^^^njy ^beiieTe! 

'fear ; only believe. And he suffered no one him 37 ^^^ he siiffered no 

„ • _ τ ■ J τ u save Peter, and „ ^^^,^, 

to accompany, except Peter and James and John ^^^ John the brother 

τον άδελφυν Ιακώβου. 38 και ^εογεται*'• εις τον οίκον του «ί ■^ΐϊ'!^•.,?^•^^'^ ^% 

^. , ^,'^ ί τ > 3 ι' ■^ i ii- ι_ n ±χ. Cometh to the house or 

the brother of James. And he comes to the house of the ^^^ ruler of the svna- 

άρχισνναγώγου. και θεωρεί θόρυβον, ^ κλαίοντας και f°^\^^\^l'^^^\^^ 

ruler of the synagogue, and he beholds a tumult, [people] weeping and ^^^"3,^^ wailcd^eat- 

άλαλάζοντας πολλά. 39 και είσελθών λέγει αΰτοΊς, Ύί ly. 39 And when he 

wailing greatly. And having entered he says to them. Why ^'^^^^co^^i^^^e ^^Uh 

θορυβεΐσθε και κλαίετε ; το παιδίον ονκ.άπεθανεν, άλλα ye this ado, and weep? 

make ye a tumult and weep? the child is not dead, but the damsel is not dea<^ 

,^ , < T> . /-> Λ 1 ff/ but sleepeth. 40 And 

καθευόει. 40 Και κατεγελων αυτού. Ό*\δε εκβαλων 'άπαν- they laughed htm to 

sleeps. And they laughed at him. But he having put out all, scorn. But when he 

, , _ , , had put them all out, 

τσς," παραλαμβάνει τον πάτερα του παιδιού και τ7]ν he taketh the father 

takes with [him] the father of the child and the and the mother of the 
, , , , , „ , , , ,/ TV damsel, and them that 

μητέρα και τους μετ αυτού, και εισπορευεται οπού ην το were wth him, and 

mother and those with him, and enters in where ^was 'the entereth in where the 

f/o.) / iijT» ' ~ > ~ damsel was lying. 

παιδιον ^ανακειμενον.^^ 41 και κρατησας της χειρός του 41 And he took the 

^child lying. And having taken the hand of the damsel by the hand, 

^-v ' " ' ~ rn Λ Λ ' h ~ .11 " ' Λ ' and said unto her, 

ιου, λέγει αυτι^, Γαλιθα, "κον/χι*" ο εστίν μεθερμήνευα- TaUtha cumi; which 

child, he says to her, Talitha, koumi ; which is, being inter- is, being interpret- 

s €υθνς TTrA. ' — en' (read to her) [LJTTrA. '' + Ίησοϋς Jesus L. "^ ©νγάτηρ ltta. 
» — ΐνθίως [L]TTr[A]. > παρακούσας having disregarded TTtA. « μετ αυτοί with him 

TTrA. » άκοΚονθησαι to follow l. *^ + τοι^ TTrA. <= έρχονται they come ltttaw. 

"• + καΐ and GLTTrAW. * αύτοϊ LTTr. ' πάι/ταϊ GLTTiAW S — ανακ^ίμΐνον G[L]TTrA. 

^ κονμ Τ ; κοϋμ TrA. 

104 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. V, ΥΙ. 

0(1. Damsel, I say jtvov, Ύοκοοάσιον, σοΙ λέγω, 'tyfipai." 42 Και '^ευθέως" 

'.^^ And ''iTr'aightw Γ'-*^'1• Damsel, to thee Ι say, ^ arise. ^ ^ And immediately 

the damsel arose, and άνεστη TO κοοάσιον καΐ ττεοιεττάτει, ήϊ'.γάρ έτων δώδεκα. 

"""■'^^«d^^for^Khe^was ^^.^^^ ^j^^ iamsel and walked, f or she was ^years 'twelve [oldj. 

years. And they were ^ai ίζίστησαν ' ίκστάσει μΕγάλ•^. 43 και διεστείΧατο 

astonished with a ^^ ^^ amazed with ^amazement 'great. And he charged 

great astonishment. -"-"J• ^^ ^ _^ ^, 

43 And he charged avToiQ TtoXKa Lva μηοΗς "^Ύρψ TovTO' και είπεν 

them straitly that no j^gjjj much that no one should know this; and he said [that some- 
man should know it; ^ >~ > ~ 
.^nd commanded that δοθηΊ^αΐ avvy (payeh'. 
something should bo thing] should be given to her to eat. 
given her to eat. , ,„,.,, , ^^ ^r>-\n ii ' ' -s• , - 

.^,. . , V i. Ο Koti ιζηλθεν εκτειέ'εν, και "?;λ^εν" ε/ς ■ηιν.ττατριδα.αντου' 

VI. And ho went ι ι , ^ ^ ^ι. ι ■ ^ . • r ' -. 

out from thence and And he went out thence, and came into his [own] country ; 

came into his own ^cti άκολονθοϋσιν αντφ οΊ.μαθηταΙ.αντον' 2 και γενομένου 

ρΓμ^ιΪΓ^^- -* , -i^l^r *':''". ''his^disciples. ^ And W3,„^e 

when the sabbath day σαββάτον ήοζατο °iv TO συναγωγή δ id άσκε IV ' και^ ττοΧλοι 

tlach"Tn the^^s'^Aa- 'sabbath he began in the synagogue to teach ; and many 

gogue: and many άκούοντες εζεπ\ήσσοντο, λεγορτΕς, TloOsv τοντψ ταντα; 

hearing ntw were as- hearing were astonished, saying, Whence to this [man] these things? 

tonished , saying, From , , , , , ^ η ~ > - ii " ii ' ^ ' 

whence hath this wian και TiQ Ί] σοψια η δοθεισα '^αυτφ, on" και δυνάμεις 

thi:scthing3?andwhat and what the wisdom that has been given to him, that even "works *of*power 

wisdom IS this wliioh ^ ^,.» ^ ;-./ ι η > -»> 

isgiven unto him, that τοιαυται δια των.χειοων.αντου 'γίνονται ;' 3 ονχ οντος εστίν 

even such mighty «such by his hands are done ? ^not 'this 'is 

works are wi'ought by , , . ., ,τ,, , ,'^^ ,^ i-mi't "o ' w't ~i, 

his. hands? 3 ts not Ο τεκτων, Ο υιος ^Μαρίας, ^αδελφος.οε^^ Ιακωρου και ^ Ιωσ?/ ' 

this the carpenter, the the carpenter, the son of M.iry, and brother of James and Joses 

son of Mary, the bro- x>, /;. >■»-<' >> »< ''?λ^>>-τ5. 

ther of J.'imes, and K^^^i^ Ιουοα και ζ,ιμωί'ος ; και ουκ.εισιν αι.αόε/Κφαι.αυτου ωοε 

Joses, and of Juda, and and Judas and Simon? and are not his sisters here 

hir sTsters^'herrwith ""poQ Vf^^Q \ ^'^'^ εσκανδαλίζοντο iv αντφ. 4 *ίλεγεν.ίε" αντοΧς 

UR? And they were of- with us? And they were offended in him. But -'said -^to "them 

Jesus'lud^unioihem! οΊησοϋς, "On οϋκ toTLV ττροφήτης άτιμος, εί.μή εν ry 

A prophet is not with- '.Tesns, 'Not 'is 'a *prophet without honour, except in 

own^cauntry"and^a- TTaTpiSiJavToV^ καί Iv τοΧς ^συγγενέσιν^^ " και εν Ty 

mong his ownkin, and his [own] country and among [his] kinsmen and in 

.5'And\e°could'^there οΙκί(τί.^α.ντον^^. 5 Kal ovK ^'ήδννατο^^ ΙκεΙ '^ούδεμίαν δύναμη' 

do no mighty work^ ^'*^ [own] house. And he was -able *there 'not any work of power 

save that he laid his ττοιΓ/σαι," ει.μή ολ'ιγοις άρρώστοις εττιθεις τάς χείρας 

KaXh^ea^'rUAen!: ^ο ^ «-^pt on ./few Tnftrm having laid [his] h^anis ^ 

6 And he marvelled Ιθεράττευσεν. 6 καΐ ^ίθαύμαζεν^^ δια τήν.άττιστίαν.αύ- 

boiicT^Aiul he went >>e healed [them]. And he wondered because of their unbelief, 

round about the vil- rwj^' καί ττεριηγεν τάς κώμας κνκΧφ διδάσκων. 

lages, teaching. And he wont about the villages in a circuit teaching. 

7 And he called ΐίπ/ο 7 Kai ττροσκαλείται τους δώδεκα, καί ήρζατο αντονς 

him tho twelve, and ^^nd he calls to [him] the twelve, and began them 

beg.m to send them .,., ^^t^'^ ,~,v - ~ / 

forthby twoand two; ατΓοστελλειν όυο.ονο, Ktti toiOov αιιτοις εξουσιαν των πνεύμα- 

and gave them power to send forth two and two, and gave to them authority over the spirits 

over unclean spirits; ~.n» r>< ' > , ■. « »,, 

« and commanded των των ακαθαρτων' 8 και τταρηγγειΚεν αντοις ινα μηΰεν 

them that they should the unclean ; and he charged them that nothing 

take nothing for their „ , i^, > ' • 'o? ' < f ' 

jounuy, save a staff αιοωσιν εις οδον, ει.μη ραβόον μόνον μη 'ττηραν, 

only ; no scrip, no they should take for [the] way, except a staff only ; no provision bag, 

ttor'purse "g'but 6e p) aprov," μϊ) εις τήρ ζώνην χαλκόν 9 κάλλ'" ΰποδεδεμένονς 

Bhodwithsandal8;and nor bread, nor in the belt money; but be shod 

' fyeipe GLTTrAW. •< ενθνς TTrA. ' -I- (νθνς immediately Τ [Tr]A. •" γνοί lttpa. 

" epyerat. comes TTrAW. " διδάσκειν ίν rij σνναγωγη ττγ. ρ + οι the τ[α]. "ϊ τούτω 

to this [man] ττγα. ' — ότι olttfaw. ' ^ γινόμΐναι Tr. ' + της ττια. " καΐ 

άδβλφοί LTTrAW. «■ Ίωίτητος LTTrA. ' και eAeyei/ ;ind -^^aid LTTrA. >' αύτοΰ LTrAW ; 

βαυτοΰ Τ. ' σνγγΐνεΰσιν TTr. » + αύτοΰ his (kinsmen) [lJtttA. *> αύτοΰ LTTrAW. 

= ίδύι/ατο TTiA. <* τΓοιήσαι ούδεμι'αΐ' δυιαμιν LTTrA. « «βαΰαασεΓ Τ. ^ άρτον, μη 

π-ηραν TTrA. Κ άλλα T.TTrAW. 

VI. MARK. 105 

σανΜλια' καΐ μή.Ην^νσησθέ^ dvo χιτώνας. 10 Και ίλεγεν °ο *^d h" ^''d""*^ 

with saudalfi ; and put not on two tunics. And he said them, In what pla« 

αϋτοΊς, "Οττου.'έάν" εΊσε\θ7]τε εις οΐκίαν, ίκεΐ μένετε 'έως αν soever ye enter into 

to them, ^Vherever ye enter into a house, there remain until tiU jWep^T from 

ίξίλθτ^τε εκείθεν. 11 και ^οσοι.άν μή.δέξωνται'* νμάς, μηδέ thft ρΐ»<»• ιι ^^<ϊ 

τθ go out thence. And as many as will not receive you, nor whosoever shall not 

, < , , > Λ » ,y \ ~ receive you, nor heal- 

άκονσωσιν υμών, εκττορευομενοι εκείθεν, εκτινάξατε τον χουν yon, Λvhen ye depart 

hear von, departing thence, shake off the dust thence, shake οίϊ the 

, , ,* \^ , ^ , > > .^ 1 > > dust under your feet 

τον ντΓΟκατω τών.ττοοων.νμων^ εις μαρτύρων αυτοις. ^αμήν for a testimoay a- 

which[is] under your feet, for a testimony to them. Verily gainst them. Verily 1 

V» . , , ,/ •«n^' "T-. '»< >t< say unto xon, It shall 

λέγω νμιν, ανεκτοτερον εσται Έοοομοις η 1 ομορροις εν ΐ/μερφ be more tolerable for 

I say to you, more tolerable it shall he for Sodom or Gomorrha in d.iy Sodom and Qomorrha 

Λ - >\ > / \\ ic\ tr ^ ■'y \ Π' tn' ' i" the day of judg- 

κρισεως, η τγ.πολει.εκειν^}." 12 Και εξελθόντες ^εκί]ρνσ- ment, than for that 

of judgment than for that city. And having gone out they pro- city. 12 And they 
If „ / II 1 ο > f ' Λ Λ ' "" ,o Λ Ν went out, and preached 
σον iva ^μετανοησωσίν. ΙόκαΐόαίμονίαΤΓΟΑλαεί,εραΛΑον, that men slionld re- 
claimed that [men] should repent. And ''demons 'many they cast out, pent. 13 And they 

και ήλειφον ελαίφ ποΧλονς άρρωστους και εθεράπευον. and auoiiued wUi oii 

and anointed with oil many infirm ajid healed [them], many that were sick, 

14 Και ■ηκουσεν ό βασιλεύς 'Κρώδης, ψανερόν.γάρ «^^^λ i^caiod ?Λβη«. 

And *heard =Hhe ^king 'Herod [of him], for public 

έ-γένετο το.ονομα,αυτοΰ, και "ελεγεν," "Οτι Ίωάνν7)ς ϋ βαττ- 

became his name, and he said, John the Bap- 

/y ,,, ~ > ' Λ 11 ' ? < ~ ) ~ 14 And king Herod 

τιζων Ρεκ νεκρών ηγερθη.," και ΰΐα τοντο ενεργού- heard ς/ Λ/ηι ; (f or hit 

tist from among [the] dead is risen, and because of this 'ope- name was spread a- 

f », / , ) - τ - * A Λ ^ η "\ "/-» r•ττ^ ' 1' broad :) and he said, 

σιν ai δυνάμεις tv αυτψ. lo Αλλοι'^ ελεγον, Οτι '^ Ηλίας' That John the Baptist 

rate 'the "works 'of *power in him. Others said, Elias was risen from the 

J / "x > ^^ <rv «'/-> , ' ci ' Μ » *> Μ ' r - dead, and therefore 

έστιν αλλοι.δε ελεγον, Οτι προφήτης ^εσην," hf ως εις των mighty works do shev. 

it is ; and others said, A prophet it is, or as one of the forth " themselves in 

προφητών. 16 ΆκούσαςΜ ό Ήρώίης ^εΖττεν," ""On" bv Th^utL κΊ^Τ !!fd 

prophets. But having heard Herod said, =Whom others said. That it it 

ένώ άττεκεφάλισα Ίωάννην, οϋτός Ηστιν αύτός^• ήγερθη '^^Γρ^^^ίΓΊΠη' 

η *beheaded 'John, he it is. He is riseu when Herod heard 

>-k νεκρών.» 17 ΑύΓος.γάρ 6 'Ηρώδης άττοστείλας Jp'oi^^h^J'^'ibehilt 

from among [the] dead. For 'Tumself 'Herod havmg sent ^,^ι . j^g jg risen from 

ζκράτησεν τον Ίωάννην, και εδησεν αυτόν iv '^τψ φυλακή ^ himfeH*had sent^ortL 

seized John, and bound him in the prison, .^y^^' ^^^^ hold upon 

δια 'Άρωδιάδα την γυναίκα ΦιλίπτΓοντοϋ.άδελφοΐι.αϋτοΰ, fo^n. and bound him 

on account of Wodias the wife of Philip his brother, sake?h°s bTothe^Phi- 

OTi αυτήν εγάμησεν. IS ελεγεν.γάο ό'ΐωάννης τώ'Ήρώδιι, lip's wife : for he had 

her he had married. For Wd ' 'John ^^ to Herol '"'^"'^d her. 18 For 

„ , _ , ^ ^ _ John had said unto 

On ούκ.εξεστίν σοι εχειν την γυναΧκα τοϋ.αδελφοϋ.σου. Herod, it is not law- 

It is not la^^-ful for thee to have the Λνίίβ of thy brother. ful for thee to have 

^,,, thy brother 8 wife. 

19 H.oi. Ή,ρωδιάς ενεΐχεν αυτψ, και ^/θελεν" αυτόν απο- 19 Therefore Herodias 

ButHeroiUas held it .against him, and wished ^him 'to had a quarrel against 

, , , - , . r < / ^ 1 τ ~ » him, and would have 

κτειναι' και ουκ.ηδυνατο. 20 ο.γαρ. Ηρώδης εφορειτο τον killed him; but she 

"kin, and was not able : for Herod feared could not : 20 for Herod 

,_ , ,., , , « ^ »,/ > »i \ feared John, knowing 

Ιωαννην, ειδως αυτόν ανόρα δίκαιον και ayiov, και thathewasa justman 

John, knowing him [to be] a man just and holy, and and an holy, and ob- 

/ , / , , / ) ~ Λ Λ ^ h > ' 11 ' served him ; and when 

συνετηρει αυτόν και άκουσας αυτού, πολλά "εποιει, και he heard iiim, he did 

kept "safe 'him ; and having heard him, many things did, and many things, and 

'' ίνίύσασβαι Ε. ' ίν LTr. ^ eavfor av ί ; ος αν τόπος μη δβ^ηται whatsoever place 

will not receive τΤγα. ' — άμην λέγω .... τβ πόλίΐ ϊκείιτβ G[L]TTrA. ^ ϊκ-ηρυξαΐ' ίύτα. 

° μΐτανοωσιν LTTrA. " ekeyov they said t. ρ ίγηγΐρται (has risen) « νίκρών LTTr ; ίκ 

νΐκρίον ανέστη Α. q 4- δέ also LTTrAW. ■" 'HAetas Τ. * — kariv [lJtTta. ' — η QLTTrAW. 
" eAeyei/ TTrA. " — Ότι LTTrA. ^ — έστι;'" αύτος G[L]TTrA. y — ex ΐ'ίκρώ»' T[TrJA, 

« — 77J gltttaw. » €^iJT€i sought l. ^ ηπόρει was at a loss [aboutj τ. 

106 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. VI. 

2Γ^ά whin ^^"^L• '/^έως avrov ηκονιν. 21 και γενομίνης ημερας.ενκαφον, "οτ?.^ 

venient day was come, ■"^'^'i^y ^™ heard. And *being =coiiio 'an '-'opportune May, when 

that Herod on hie Ηρώδης τοΊς.γΕνεσίοις.αύτου δύπνον ΗττοίξΟ^ τοις με-ζιστασιν 

SrtoYis^lordsfMgh f^^-^f ^ on his birthday a snpper made to Vcat ^en 

captains, and chief avTOV KOI TOiQ χιλιάρχοις κάί τοΙς ττρώτοις της Γαλιλαίας^ 

lland'whentheiuugh' ''''' and to the chief captains and to the fixst [men] of Galilee ; 

terofthesaidHerodias 22 καί είσέλθούσης της θυγατρος αυτής τήςΉρωδιάδος, κάί 

^^iiplSseTHerod^n^d , ^nd "having 'come "in 'the daughter 'of ^herself %erodias, and 

them that sat with ορχησαμίνης, ^και ήρεσάσ?/ς" τφ Ήρώδ?} και τοΊς σννανα- 

Mm the king said nnto having danced, and pleased Herod and those reclining 

the damsel, Ask of me , ,_ t ri \ \ w ~ > ν ' 

whatsoever thou wilt, κΒΐμενοις, 'f/TTcr Ο ρασιΧζνς•^ τψ κορασιω, AiTijaav μξ 

and I will give ιί thee, [at table] with [him], ='said Hhe '^king to the damsel, Ask me 

23 And he sware unto « , , f^,~. \ τ. f r -,r» ^ » . ~ tf 

her. Whatsoever thou o.iav υίΚ^ς, και δώσω σοι• 23 και ωμοσεν avTy, Οτι 
shalt ask of me, 1 will whatever thou wilt, and I will give to thee. And he swore to her, 

give it thee, unto the ,< , , . , ~. , , „ , , -on/ 

half of my kingdom, o.tav με αίτησες, όωσω σοι, εως ημισονς της ρασιΑΡίας 

24 And she went forth, ^Yhatever me thou mayest .ask, I will give thee, to half of ^kingdom 

ther,''what^iiaiiTa?k? /^ου- 24 t'H.^f " ίζελθονσα είττεν τι^.μητρι.αυτϊίς, Τί "^α'ιτη- 

And she said. The head 'my. And she having gone out said to her mother. What shall I 

25 An.f X^ came^ln οομαι^ Ή.^έ είττεν, Ύήν κεφαλήν Ιωάννου τον ^βαπτιστον." 

straightway with ask ? And she said, The head of John the Baptist. 

a^d ^s^ed" sayin^'ir^l 25 Καί εΙσεΧθοΰσα Κυθίως' μετά σπουδής προς τον βασιΧεα, 

will that tiiou give me -^d h.aving entered immediately with haste to the king, 

tLTea^/o?Johffhe ?/Γ^σαΓ0, λέ/οζ/σα, θέλω 'ίνα 'μοι δψς εξ.αύτής" επί πινάκι 

Baptist. 26 And the ^^^ asked, saying, I desire that to me thou give at once upon a diah 

!^ ZTfJ^^^^^i^^ T"hv κεφαλήν Ιωάννου του βαπτιστοϋ. 26 Και περίλυπος 

sorry :i/et for his oath's , ' Γ j j. τ ι. j.i, τ> i• 4. « j β "« ii 

sake and for their ^^° hend of John the Baptist. And ^very "sorrowfnl 

eakes which sat with γενόμενος 6 βασιλεύς, δια τους 'όρκους και τους 

ject'lier!^*^27 And im- C^^hile] *made 'the =king, on account of the oaths and those who 

mediately the king '"συνανακειμένους^' ούκ.ήθελησεΐ'^αύτήν άθετήσαι.^^ 27 και 

Td^TmmS'rhfs ^«'^^^'^«,•'^^**^^^^^-'^^,^"^^^^^ would not «her ^ 'reject. ^ ^ And 

head to be brought: "ευθέως" άποστίίλας ό βασιλεύς ^σπεκουλάτωρα" επεταζεν 

?:°^.,^® Τ?'** '^°'*ί,!^" immediately ^having "sent 'the "king a guardsman ordered 

headed him in the , , , ~ «r. Γ ^^M > \/>» > 

prison, 28 and brought %νεχθηναί την. κεφαλήν. αυτου'^ . 28 *o.of' απελθων απεκε- 

his head in a charger, to be brought his head. And he having gone be- 

and gave it to the dam- , ,,,.v-.~,» , ^,,- 

sei: and the damsel φαλισεν αυτον εν Ty φυAaκy, και Ί]ί'ε-γκεν τήν.κεφαλην.αυτου 

gave it to her mother, headed him in the prison, and brought his head 

29 And when his disci- , ν , . ,,ί , , , , , , 

pies he.ard qf it, they επι πινακι, και εοωκεν αυτήν τφ κορασιφ' και το κορασιον 

came and took up his upon a dish, and gave it to the damsel, and the damsel 

corpse, and laid it in » ^ > ^ ~ , , .. ^„ , , , < Λ ^ 

ft tomb. εοωκεν avτηvτy.μητpι.aυτης. ''Z\)Kai ακουσαντες οι μαθηται 

gave it to her mother. And having heard [it] 'disciples 

αυτοΰ 'ί^λθοϊ'," και ήραν τό.πτώμα.αύτοϋ, και εθηκαν ^αϋτο'* 

'his came, and took np his corpse, and l*id it 

εν 'r^" μνημείψ. 

„„ . , , , in the tomb. 

30 And the apostles ^^ ,^ , , < , / λ , , ,, - , 

gathered themselves 30 Και συνάγονται OL αποστολοι προς τον ΐησουν, και 

together unto Jesus, And ^are "gathered 'together 'the 'apostles to Jesns, and 

and told him all things, , > ^ , ^ , „ mi f ' ' < ■," ii 

both what they had απηγγειλαν αυτψ πάντα, ^και" οσα εποίησαν και ^οσα" 
done, and what they they related to him all things, both what they had done and what 
hadtaught. 31 And he <»,,^ ^ -,τ ^ „ ■r ii>~ a- '•^ »« 

said unto them, Come εδιδαζαν. 31 και ^είπ^εν" αυτοις, Αευτε υμεις αυτοί 

yo yourselves apart they had taught. And he said to them, Come ye yoorselvee 

<= δ τβ L. <* €ΊΤθίησβι> LTTrA. * Tjpeaef she pleased LTTrA, f ciTrei' δε ό βασιλΐυς L ; ό δβ βασι• 
A.ev9 tlrrtv and the king said ττγα. e κα\ and ττγΑ. •> αίτησωμαι should I ask lttfaw. 
* βαπτίζοντας TTrA. "^ ηθύ<; LTTrA. ' ef αυτής δώς μοι LTTrA. "" ανακ«ιμίνονς reclined 

[at table] ΤΤιΑ. ^ ίθΐτησαι αντήν ΤΤι a. ° ίνθνς TIrA. Ρ σπεκουλάτορα LTTrAW. 

1 evejKai [him] to bring ττγΔ. ' + \_ίπΙ πινάκι] on a dish l. • και (read and having 

gone he beheaded) κττγα. » ΤιΚθαν ττγα. " αντον him τ. ' — τω {read a tomb) 

EGLTTrAW. " — και LTTrAW. » — οσα Τ. 7 Aeyei he says TTrAW. 

VI. MAR Κ. 107 

κατ. ιδίαν εις ίρημον τόπον, και ^άναττανεσθε^^ ύλίγον. ^Κσαν into a desert piacb and 

ατ,α^ i^t„ iiiCf io„i„.» η,,Λ «.<=t , hVh. ,t^_ rest a while ; for there 

apart into ^desert 'a place, and rest a little. '"Were 

were many coming and 

yap oi ίρχόμενοι και οΊ νπάγοντες ττολλοί, και ονδε φαγείν ^^ϊ"?".- '^^^ t^ej had 

W --^hose "^coming «and^those «going many, and not even to eat to eat'^32' A^d'^'th^ 

^ηϋκα'ΐρονν.^ 32 και άττήλθον ^είς ερημον τόττον Τψ departed into a desert 

had they opportonity. And they went away into =^desert 'a place hy the as'^nd'^,^!^^ P""^g*|aw 

ττλο/ω" κατ .ιδίαν. 33 Και είδον αύτονς υπάγοντας '^οΐ δχλοι," tiiem departing, and 

ship apart. And ^saw *them 'going 'the =^crowds, ^^^^^J kaew him, and 

, ,, , > < 11 Λ Λ ' ^ ν ~ , ν ~ ^ ^^^ ''^^°ο'' tmther out 

χαι "επεγνωσαν" ^αυτον πολλοί, και ττεζ^ απο πασών των of all cities, and out- 

"^and «recognized ^lim ''many, and on foot from all the f^ent them, and came 

.Λ ^ Γ, . ~ f < ~Λ Λ ' ' II ο < ~Λ together unto him. 

πόλεων συνέδραμαν εκεί, 'και προΐ]\θον αυτούς," ^και συνηλ- »ι And Jesus, when he 

cities ran together there, and went before them, and came to- came out, saw much 

„ , , ' η OA ' 'f ΛΑ' h τ^ < 't ~ •.' \> people, and was moTed 

βον προς αυτόν." o4 κται εξεΚϋων "ειοεν ο Ιΐ]σους πολύν with compassion to- 
gether to him. And having gone out *saw 'Jesus *great ward them, because 
Μ \ \ I Λ in 1 > i J ~ Μ fi τ thev were as sheepnot 

οχλον,και εσπλαγχνισ^η επ ^αυτοις,'' οτι -ήσαν ha^^ng a shepherd: 

'acrowd, and was moved with compassion towards them, becaase they were and he began to teach 

ώς πρόβατα μη έχοντα ποιμένα' και ήρξατο διδάσκειν αυτούς ssSid'when the d^ 
as sheep not having a shepherd. And he began to teach them was now far spent, hia 

ΤΓολλά. 35 Καί ήδη ωρας.πολλής ^γενομενης,'^ προσελ- ^^^ sal^'oCi^ 

many things. And already a late hour [it] being, com- a de=ertplaco, and now 

θόντες ^αύτφ" οΐμαθηταΐ.^αΰτοΰ' "\εγουσιν,"Ότι 'έρημος εστίν ^' L^l 1h^^ away 

ing to him his disciples say. Desert is that they may go into 

ό τόπος, και ήδη ωρα.πολλή- 36 άπόλυσον αυτούς, 'ίνα about°°and\ito°'the 

the place, and already [it is] a late hour ; dismiss them, that village3,andbuy them- 

άπελθόντες εις τους κνκλφ αγρούς και κώμας, άγοράσωσιν hl^vl^nothhig^to ^aT 

having gone ''to ^the 'in 'a ^circuit country and villages, they may buy 37 jjg answered and 

εαυτοίς "άρτους•^' τι Ργάρ" ώάγωσιν ΐοΰκ.έγουσίν." said unto them, Give 

for themselves bread; '-^something 'for to eat they liave not. fhey Sy°,^to M^ 

37 'O.^f αποκριθείς είπεν αύτοίς, Δότε αύτοΐα ύμεΧα ώαγεΧν. ■'I'aii we go and buy 

But he answering said to them, Give ^o ^hei 'ye" to eat. wo?th of brea§!Tnd 

Kat λ'εγονσιν αύτφ, 'Απελθόντες άγοράσωμεν ^διακοσίων give them to eat? 38 He 

And they say to him, Having gone shall we buy two hundred ^'''^^ ^°"^° '^em. How 

/ I V > ^ > t ■Λ f many loaves have ye ? 

δηναρίων" άρτους, και *οώ^εν" αύτοϊς φαγεΐν ; 38 Ο.δε λέγει &ο and see. And when 

denarii' of bread, and give them to eat? And he says they knew, they say, 

~ -r-r ' X " < ' , ,1 ,/?v , . Five, and two fishes. 

αυτοις, Πόσους άρτους έχετε ; υπάγετε ^και'' ιοετε. Και γνον- 39 And he commanded 

to them, How many loaves have ye ? go and see. And having them to make all sit 

\ > , π' 'ί''/τ f>r.r^'''v >~ uown by companies 

τες Αεγουσιν^ , ιίεντε, και όυο ιχυυας. οΜ Και επεταξ,εν αυτοις upon the green grass. 

known they say, Five, and two fishes. And he ordered . them ^^ ^^d they sat down 

_.^^ιlr / /,v^»,/ in ranks, by hundi'eds 

^avaKXivar παντας συμποσια.συμποσια επι τψ χλωρφ χορτψ. and by fifties. 41 And 
to make ^recline, 'all by companies on the green grass. when he had taken the 

jf^ ■ X' ' II ' ' V > Ml ' < > V > Ml five loaves and the two 

40 και ^ανεπεσον' πρασιαι.πρασιαι, ^ava" εκατόν και ^ανα" ashes, he looked up to 

And they sat down in ranks, by htmdred.s and by heaven, and blessed, 

' 4TVN^' y I u \ \ r, / and brake the loaves, 

πεντήκοντα. 41 και Ααρών τους πέντε άρτους και τους δυο and gave tliem to his 

fifties. And having taken the five loaves and the two disciples to set before 

Ιχθύας, άναβλεφας εις τον ούρανόν εύλόγησεν και κατεκλα- 

fifihes, having looked up to the heaven he blessed and broke 

σεν τους άρτους, και εδίδον τοΐς.μαθ7]ταΧς.^^αύτοΰ" 'ίνα ^παρα- 

the loaves, and gave to his disciples that they might 

' άΐ'απανσασθΐ TTrA. » eiieaipow LTTfa. '• ev τω ττλοίψ βίς ερημον τόπον L. <= — oi 

όχλοι (read they saw) OLTTrAW. ^ ίγνωσαν knew ltfa. * αυτούς them τ; — aUToi/GLTrA. 
^ — καΐ προη\θον αυτούς Ο. S — καΐ σ-υνηλθον προς αΰτόί' QLTTrAW. ^ — ό Ίησοΰς {read 
he saw) OTTpaW ; [ό Ίησονς] eiSev l. ' αϋτον; LTTrA. ^ -^ινομέιηις τ. ' — αΰτω Τ. 

"' [αύτοΰ] L. " ελεγον said ΤΤγα. ° — άρτους [LJTTrA. Ρ — yap [LjTTrA. ι — Όύ /c 
Ιχουσιν (read buy for themselves something to eat) [LJrriA. ' δηναρίων διακοσίων GLXTrAW, 
^ δώσομει/ shall we give LTrA ; δώσωμεν Τ. ' — και [ljTTfa. ' + [αύτω] to him l. 

"^ ανακλίθηναι. L. » όνεπεσαν TTrA. y κατά LTTrA. ^» — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) TTrA. 
^ τταρατιβώσΐΓ ΤΑ. 

108 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. VI. 

them J Mid the two Q^jaiv" αΰτοΤς• καΐ τους δύο ΐχθύας εμεοισεν ττάσιν' 42 και 

fishes diyided he a- ..r ..i, .j i.. 'Si. u"j• -j , η . i 

mong them all. 42 Aud set before them. And the two fishea he divided amoug all. ,\nd 

they did all eat, and ίψαγον πάντες, καΐ εχοοτάσθησαν' 43 και ιφαν ^κλασυά- 

theT took up tweWe '*'^« '*'"• ^^^^ were satisfied. And they took up of £rag- 

baskets full of the των^ δώδεκα '^κοώίνονς^^ ^πλήρεις," και άτΓΟ Tu>v ιχθύων. 44 και 

£,he"'"'44' A^d° they ™®'''* ^^^^^^ hand-baskets fuU, and of the ilshea. And 

that did eat of the ijaav 01 φαγόντες τονς άρτους ®ώσεΐ" ττεντακισχίλίΟί 

loaves were about five 7^ere 'those "that ^ate*of "the «loaves about five thousand 

thousand men. 45 And , ν f > η ' ii > / . η < ' ~ 

straightway ho con- άνδρες. 45 Και 'ευθεως^^ ηναγκασεν τονς.μαθητας.αυτον 

strained hia disciples men. And inuaediately he compeUed hie disciples 

to get into the ship, ,^>~ >va~ > » , ^ , Τ 

and to go to the other εμρηναι εις TO τΓΑΟίον, και Ίτροαγειν εις το πέραν προς Βηθ- 

side before unto Beth- to enter into the ship, and to go before to the other side to Beth- 

gaida, while he sent a- ...>,,/ , , _. , ■. , i ^ « \ , r> > > ν / 

way the people. 46 And σαιόαν, εως αυτος ^αποΚυσψ τον οχλον. 4ο και αποταξαμενος 

when ho had sent them saida, until he should dismiss the crowd. And having taken leave of 

away, he departed into , ^ y ~\ η > i» 'y η aii rr - ' ι ' 

a mountain to pray, αυτοις, απηλθεν εις TO ορός προσευξασΰαι . 47 Και οψιας 

47 And when even was them, ho departed into the mountain to pray. And evening 

thrDuisVof^he''8^'! γενομένης, l]v το πλοΐον tv μεσψ της θαλάσσης, και αυτός 

and he alone on the being come, ^was'the "ship in the midst of the sea, and he 

[hem t'oiiit^'inVow! μόνος Ιπί της γης. 48 Και ΗΊδεν' αύτονς βασάνιζα μένους 

Ing ; for the wind alone upon the land. And he saw them labouring 

and'St^'toe fourth ^^^ ^Ψ έλαύ^εΐϊ/, ^ν.γάρ ο άνεμος ενάντιος αύτοις• 'και' περί 

watch of the night he ^'^ the rowing, for ^was 'the "wind contrary to them ; and about 

wX'ns nwn the^se"^' τετάρτην φνλακήν της νυκτός ίρχεται προς αυτούς, περιπα- 

and would have passed [^he] fourth watch of the night becomes to them, walk- 
by them. 49 But when ^j)^ ^^j-^ γής θαλάσσης, και ηθελεν παρελθέϊν αυτούς. 49 οΊΜ 

npJnTlZ,e^theymp. '^^ ««^ «;« ««^' ^^^ '^°^]^ havepassedby them. ^ But they, 

posed it had been a Ιδύντες αύτον ^περιπατούντα επί τ^ς θαλάσσης,^^ εδοζαν ' 

5^'7or'?hey"'ui °" W «-^^ ^^^ ^^'^^^ , , °'^ '^^ ^'^Ι thoughts 

him, and were tron- φάντασμα '"είναι," και άνεκραζαν. 50 πάντες.γάρ αύτον 

atp'l'' hi^^alked'^^fth ^'"^ ^iPP'^rition 'to =bu, and cried out : for all "him 

them, and saith nnto °εΙδον,^'' Kui ίταράχθησαν. "και ευθέως" ελάλησεν μετ αυτών, 

them, Βθ of good cheen igj^^j^ ami were troubled. And immediately bespoke with them, 

it is I ; be not afraid. ' ,^ ~ i/> </D~0 

ji And he went up και λεγει αυτοις, θαρσειτε' εγω ειμί, μη.φορεισνε. 

unto them into the ^^d says to them. Be of good courage : I am [he] ; fear not. 

ship ; and the wind _,,,,,/,-, < > < > ι ^ , < . / < 

coasod : and they wore 51 Και ανερτ; προς αυτους εις το πλοιον, και εκοπασεν ο 

sore amazed in them- And he wont up to them into the ship, and ^fell 'the 

selvee beyond measure. ., y ^ > .^i «ii > * ^ »y 

and wondered. 62 For ανεμος' και λίαν ΐ'έκ.ττερισσου" εν εαυτοις εξισταντο, 

thoy considered not "wind. And exceedingly beyond measure in themselves they were amaaed, 

ioave^f'fOrthei'rheaH '^και ίθαύμαζον'^^ 52 ον.γάρ.συνήκαν επίτοΧς άρτοις' '•jV.vap" 

was hai-dened. and wondered ; for they understood not by the loaves, for ■ was 
^η.καρδία.αύτών^^ πεπωρωμενη. 

63 And when they 'their "heart hardened. 

came^t^'t^thTiTan'ddf 53 Καϊ διαπεράσαντες 'ηλθον επί την v/Jj/" ^Γενησαρετ,^^ 

Gennesaret, aud ilrew And having passed over they came to the land of Gfennesaret, 

wheu%hey''wero\ti^e καί προσωρμίσθησαν. 54 και εζέλθόντων. αυτών εκ τοϋ 

out of the ship, and drew to shore. And on their coming out of the 

etraightwaytheyknow ^^^,^^^ f^ ,^,^^„ '^^^^^^^^ „^^^^w^ 55 -^τερίδραμόντες^' 

through that whole ahlp, immediately having recognized him, running through 

a;^i°begln'1o'c:^'y ολί,ν Γ^ν.^7Γερίχωρον".έκείνιρ/ Μ/ρξαντο επίτοΐς^κραββάτοις^^ 

about in beds those all that country around they began on couches 

^ κλάσματα A. <= κοφίνιαν ΎΧ. '^ πληρώματα ΤΤτ Κ. « — ώσεί Oi,TTrAW. ^ηθνς TtrA. 

s άτΓολυ'ει di.smisses LTTrA. ^ 15ωι> seeing ltTfA. ' — /cat LTTrA. ^ eVl τής θαλασσή? 

π^μπΓαΊονντα Τ. ' + δτι that Τ. ■" ίστιν it is Τ. •> tUav TTr. » /cat «ύβύί LTia ; 
ό δέ ΐνθυς τ. Ρ [ίκ περισσού] Tr. q — /cat ίθανμαζον [l] ττγΑ. ^ ■■ άλλ' ην but was TTr. 

» αΰτων η καμδία LTTrAW. ' «πι τη»' γηι/ ίιλθον ets Τ. " ΤβνιηησαρίΤ LTTrAVf. " -\- [οί 

άνδρας τοΰ τόπου e/cetVovJ the men of that place L. » nepieSpa^of they rau through XTr. 

y χώραν (omit arouud) ττγα. « + και aud TTr. • κρα^άττοΐί LTTrAW. 

VI, VII. MARK. 109 

τους κακώς.ίχοντας πφιφέρειν, οττον ήκουον 'ότι they "he^d "he'^w^ 

those that were iU to carry about, where they were hearing that jg i^d whithersoeTer 

*=^εΤ" Ιστιν. δ6 και όπου "^άν" είσεττορευετο εις κώμας η ' '^^ entered, into vu- 

there hewas And wherever he entered into viUagea or co?l'try° they iS thi 

(ii^heiB.) ^ ^ ^ ^ - f. /n II . . Λ - sick in the streets, and 

πόλεις η * αγρούς, εν ταις αγοραις ^ετινονν" τους ασϋενουν- besought him that 

cities or fields, in the marketplacee they laid those who were sick, they might touch if it 

, ,^ , « f/ η - 'J. - were but the border of 

τας, και ιταρΐκαλονν αντον ινα καν του κρασπεόον τον his garment: and as 

and besought him that if only the border many as touched him 

,,,„„• ^ tt no•./ ,1 , . were made whole. 

ιματιον.αυτον αψωνται' και όσοι αν <ίη7Γτοντο" αυτόν 

of his garment they might touch ; and as many as touched him 


were healed. 

7 Kai συνάγονται προς αυτόν οι Φαρισαΐοι και τίνες 

And are gathered together to him the Pharisees and some 

των γραμματέων, ελθόντες άπό 'Ιεροσολύμων' 2 και ίδόντες ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ 

of the scribes, having come from Jerusalem; and having seen ggther unto him the 

τινάς τών.μαθητών.αντον ^ κοιναΐς χερσίν, Wovr εσην" PWsees, and certain 

some of his disciples^ with defiled hands, that is came froS'j^ll^ 

άνίπτοις, •'ΐσθίοιτας" ^άρτους, "^εμέμχί/αντο'^^ 3 οΊ.γάρ Φαρι- 2 And when they saw 

unwashed,^ eating^ ^ bread, ^ they found fault , for the Phari- --«^ o^f^ ^«^jf^«Pl« 

σαίοι και πάντες oi 'Ιουδαίοι^ εάν.μή ^πνγμψ νίύ/ωνται τάς that is to say, with 

gees and all the Jews, unless with the fist they wash the unwMhen han(^,they 

J J _ ^ , \^ f ouna lault. λ r or the 

J, ουκ.εσθιουσιν, κρατούντες την παραδοσιν των πρεσ- Pharisees, and all the 

inds, eat not, holding the tradition of the el- Jews, accept they wash 

_ , , . > II . ~ > 1 < ο ' their hands oft, eat 

βντερων 4 και "αττο" αγοράς, εαν.μ?] ραπτισωνται not, holding the tra- 
ders: and [on coming] from the market, unless they wash themselves dition of the elders. 
, , „, < «ΛΛ ΛΛ ' 1 " 'Λ /o 4 And w?>en they come 
ουκ.εσθιουσιν' και άλλα πολλά εστίν α παρελαρον from the market, ex- 

they eat not ; and "other 'things 'many there are which they received cept they wash, they 

.. η ^ , y y ^ , .. , η > eat not. And many 

κρατειν, ραπτισμονς ποτηριών και ξεστων και χαλκιων ^και other things there be, 

to hold, washings of cups and vessels and brazen utensils and which they have re- 

•\ ~ u Γ „y II > - >' '.*. ~ '• oeived to hold, as the 

κλινών" 5 'ίεπειτα" επερωτωσιν αντον οι Φαρισαΐοι και οι washing of cups, and 

couches : then question him the Pharisees and the pots, brasen vessels, 

γραμματείς, Άιατί" ^οΊ.μαθητα'ι.σον ον.περιπατοΰσιν'' κατά thf °*phSisees* ^nd 

scribes, "Why ^hy ^disciples 'walk -not according to scribes asked him, Why 

την παραδοσιν των πρεσβυτέρων, άλλα 'άνίτττοις" χερσιν Z^,Zs\lf^ett 

the tradition of the elders, but with unwashed hands dition of the elders, 

εσθίονσιντόνάρτον; G'OM "αποκριθείς' εΐπεναντοΙς,'^'Ότι'^ Stn h'^dst'^en; 

eat bread? But he answering said to them, answered and said nn- 

καλώς ^7Γροε0ί7Γει;σεν" Ήσαιας περί υμών των υποκριτών, EsaiM^proSfe^ied*^ 

Well prophesied Esaias concerning you, hypocrites, ^^ hy^Kaitea, as it 

ώς γεγραπται, ^ Όντος ό λαός" τοΊς χείλεσίν με τιμά, is written, This' people 

as it Ls^been written. This ^ people with the "^ lipe ^ hoiToir, ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^ 

ή.δε.καρδία.αντών πόρρω άπεγει απ' εμοϋ. 7 μάΓηv.δk σεβον- he&Tt is far from me. 

but their heart far is away from me. feat In vain they wor- l^^^^^l^l^'^^^ 

ταί με, διδάσκοντες διδασκαλίας εντάλματα ανθρώπων, teaching /or doctnnee 

ship me, teaching [as] teachings injunctions of men. ^^60°°™^*^^^!°*^°^ 

8 Άφεντες.^γάρ'^ την εντολήν τοϋ θεοϋ, κρατείτε την πάρα- aside the command- 

For. leaving the commandment of God, ye hold the tra- ment of God, ye hold 

^ \ , r, ' κ ο , ν ~ ' ' . the tradition of men, 

δοσιν των ανθρώπων, °ραπτισμονς ξεστων και ποτηριών, και α* the washing of pote 

dition of men, washings of vessels and cupe, and and cups : and many 

c — tKel LT[Tr]. <1 eav T. ^ + eis into [L]TTrA. ^ ϊτίθβσαν TTrA. ε ήψαντο LTTr. 
^ + oTi that TTr. » τουτέστιν la. ^ ίσθίονσιν they eatTTr. ' + τους lttta. 
m — έμβμψαιτο (read verses 3 and 4 in parentfiesis) qltttaw, ° τηικνα often τ. ° άπ ltta. 
ρ — και κλινών Τ. 1 και and LTTrA. ' δια τί LTrA. • ου ττβρίίτατοΰσιν oi μα^ταί σου ΤΤτΑ. 
' κοινοΛς with defiled GLTTfaW. ' — αποκριθείς ΤΤγΑ. '" — Οτι [ι]τ[Τγα]. » lπpoφψeυσev 
LTTrA. y + ότι τ. «Ό λαο5 ουτοϊ L. » — γάρ for ΐΤΤτΑ. ^ — βατΓτισμούϊ 

π01€ΪΤ€ Τ[ΤγΑ]. 


other such like things άλΚα τταοόμοια τοιαντα ττολλίϊ ττύΐεϊτΐ.^ 9 Και ίλεγεν 

^to%heii''FuU weU ■-«'ther nike [things] ^such 'many ye do. And he said 

ye reject the com- αύτοΐς, Καλώς άθετέΙτΕ την Ιντολήν τοϋ θεοϋ, 'ίνα την 

mandment «^ ^«f- to them, Well do ye set aside the commandment of God, that 

that ye may keep your ' ,^, ,„ ,,,, , 

own tradition. 10 For Trapaootnv.vaojv τηρ7ΐσητε. 10 'Μωσ//ς -γαρ ειπεν, Ύιμα 

th°^^fathOT*^' a^°'^th' your tradition ye may observe. For Moses said, Honour 

mother; and, AVhoso τόν.πατερα.σον καΙ τί)ν.μητερα.σον καί, Ό κακολογών ττατερα 

curseth father or mo- thy father and thy mother ; and, He who speaks evil of father 

ther, let him die the , •' , , , η .-^ ~ τν, λ , , , ,, 

death: 11 but ye say, Ύ\ μητερα θανατψ τελεντατω. 11 Ύμεις.ϋε λέγετε, Εαν εΐ7Γ{/ 

If a man shall say to or mother by death let him die. But ye say. If ^say 

his father or mother, „ ^ ^ , λ ~ / _^ ^ ^ „ , ^ ^ 

It is Corban, that is to ανθοωτΓος τψ TTUTpi η Ty μητρι, Κορραν ο εστίν, δωρον, 

say, a gif t, by whatso- 'a*man to father or mother, [It is] a corban, (that is, a gift,) 

ever thou mightest be ,v,, ,j,,~ > . \ n~ -ι<λ Λ '\, ' ' '_.- 

profited by me; he ο.εαν ίξ εμου ωφελφ^ς 12 °και ουκετι αφιετε 

shallbefi-ee. 12 And whatever from me thou mightest be profited by : — and no longer ye suffer 

ye suffer him no more >v >τ>< ~ ~ ,p,-,|, , ^ ,,.«,, 

to do ought for his fa- avTOV ουΟεν τΓοιησαι τφ.ττατρι^αντον^^ η Ty. μητρι J^avTov,^^ 

ther or his mother : him anything to do for his father or his mother, 

13 making the word of (lit. nothing) 

God of none effect 13 ακυροϋντες Tov λοΎον του θεοΰ τη.7Γαραδόσει.ΰαών υ 

ii^^which^^e hav^ making void the word of God * by your tradition wiich 

delivered : and many τταρεδώκατε' Kui παρόμοια TOiavTa πολλά ποιείτε. 

irild when^ heVa'^d ye have delivered ; and^ ^like [things] '■'such 'many ye do. 

called aU the people 14 Kai προσκαλεσάμενος ^πάντα^^ τον δχλον,ελεγεν αύτοίς, 

unto Aim, he said unto j^^ having called to [him] aU the crowd, he said to them, 

them, Hearken unto , , ; „ / < h ' > ^>/ 1 «f 

me every one of (S Ακουετε" μου παντες, και "συνιετε. 15 ουοεν εστίν εζω- 

ϊ/οΐί, and uuderstiind: Hear ye me, aU, and understand: iJothing there is from with- 

15 there is nothing ~ , « / . / . . / «v r. / 

from without a man, θεν TOV άνθρωπου ειοπορευομενον εις αυτόν, ο όυναται 

that entering into him ^ut the man entering into him, which is able 

can deflle him : but ■ , , ^ « > λ λ < χ u > ' > > > - ii 

the things which come ^avTov κοινωσαι'*' άλλα τα '^εκπορευομίνα απ αυτού," 

out of him, those are him to defile ; but the things which go out from him, 

they that defile the , , ^ , ,, , , ~ ^ " η i ο m " 

man. 16 If any man ^εκείνα" εοτιν τα KOivovvTUTOv ανΰρωπον. ΐΌ'^ει τις 

have ears to hear, let those are the thingrs which defile the man. If anyone 

him hear. 17 And when w τ » / » ' u i m -rr \ *> > ~\ /\ > n τ 

he was entered into εχει ωτα ακουειν, ακουετω.^^ 17 Kat ore εισηλθεν εις " οίκον 

the house from the have ears to hear, let him hear. And when he went into a house 

■Deonle. his disciples > \ ~ >/ λ i ' > > > λ > > ~ ■> > ~ 

aikedhim concerning a^^o TOV οχλον, ίπηρωτων avTOV οι.μαθηται.αυτου ''περί της 

the parable. 18 And from the crowd, ^asked *him 'his -disciples concerning the 

^e've^ii» ^ttiout un: τταραβολης^ 18 και λέγει αύτοϊς, Οντως καί νμεΊς άσύνε- 

derstauding also ? Do parable. And he says to them, *Thus ^also -^e ''without Ήιη- 

^Usoe^Si;>rOm ^0^ ^, έστε ; ού.νοεΪΓε orj πάν το έξωθεν είσπο- 

without entereth into derstanding 'are? Perceive ye not that everything which from without en- 

the man, li cannot p^youevov ει'ο TOV άνθοωπον ov.dvvttTai avTOV κοινώσαι ', 

defile him; 19 because r Γ • ^ χ. " ■ ^ -ui x.- j. j ci « 

it entereth not into *β" iii*» ^^^ ^ '^^'^ is not able him to defile ? 

his heart, but into the iQ '^^^ ούκ.είσπορεύεται avTOv εις την καρδίαν, αλλ' εις την 

into ' the ^'°U-aug°ht because it enters not -"of "•him 'into '■'the ^heart, but into the 

purging all mc^ats? icoi\iav' KUI είς TOV άψεδρώνα εκπορεύεται, ^καθαρίζον'^ πάντα 

ΙωΛ comeUi''out of ^«"y• -^nd into the draught ^ goes out, puriiying all 

the man, that defiieth τά βρώματα. 20 Έλεγεν.δε, "Οτι τυ ίκ τον άνθρωπου 

the man. 21 For from ^j^ ' i^f ς^ And ho said. That which out of the man 

withm, out of the ^ \ , ^ ~ ν - η " η ' 

heart of men, proceed ίκτορευόμενον, ίκεϊνο Koivol TOV ανθρωπον. 21 ίσωθεν.γαρ 

evil thoughts, .adul- ^^,^ f^j-^jj ^hat defiles the man. For from within 

teries, fornications, , ^/ • η ' <f\ '- <? 

murders, 22 thefts, tK της καροιας των ανθρώπων οι όιαΚογισμοι οι κακοί εκ- 

covetousness, wicked- ^ut of the heart of men -reasoning.s 'evil go 

πορεύονται, "^μοιχεΊαι, πυρνεΊαι. φόνοι, 22 κ-λοτταί," πλεον- 

forlh, adulteries, fornicatioiiK, imirdors, thefts, covetous 

<= Μωϋσή? LTTrAW. Ί — Koi i-TTi [aJ. « — αύτοΰ (read [hia]) lttfa. '' πάλκ/ agaia 

LTTrA. ti άκοΰσατβ LTTrA. '' avvere LTTrA. ' κοινώσαι αυτό»' Τ. '' e/c τοΰ ανθρώηον 

ίκτΓορευόμεΐ'α frotn the man go out LTTrA. ' — ΐκβίνά τ[Τι•]. " — verse 16 ί^Τγα^. 

» + τον tho (house) τ. » την παραβολην the parable LTTrA. Ρ καθορίζων ΙΤΤγα- 

* πορνβίαι, κλοπαί, φόνοί, μοιχ€Ϊαι TTrA. 

VII. Μ A R Κ. Ill 

εζίαι, πονηρίαι, δόΧος, ασέλγεια, οφθαλμός πονηρός, °^^' deceit, lasciri- 

desires, wickednesses, guile, licentiousness, an eye wicked, bTas^einv'^nrid' f^^' 

βλασφημία, ύττερηφανία, αφροσύνη' 23 πάντα ταϋτα τα ishness: 23 all 'theee 

blasphemy, haughtiness,^ folly: ^ all these ^t\^LKTme%Z 

ΤΓονηρά ίσωθεν εκπορεύεται, Kai κοινοί τον άνθρωπον. man. 

evils from within go forth, and defile the man. 

24 'Kai εκείθεν" άναστάς άπηλθεν εις τα "μεθόρια" 24 And from thence 

And thence having risen up he went away into the borders J^^ arose, and went 
ΠΛ' t '-«:>?- II > ' ΛΛ' ' r ' II ' ' .!" into the borders of 

Τύρου ^και Σιοωνος". και εισελθων εις ^την" οικιαν, ονδενα Tyre and sidon, and 

of Tyre and Sidon; and having entered into the house, no one entered into an house, 

„>rn\ II - ' > IT ' t> ' η η \ η ~ ^r •. ' ' *°" would have no 

''7/θελεν" γνωναι, και ουκ.^ηοννηυψ λαβείν. 25 ^ακονσασα man know t"<.• but 

he wished to know [it], and he could not be hid. *Having "heard he could not bo hid. 

,,, V ,,_TT ^Λ' »~ .,25 For a certain wo- 

yap^^ γυνή περί αυτόν, ης ειχεν το.υυγατριον.αντης ττνευμα man, whose younj 

'for 'a *womau about him, of whom *had 'her ^little ^daughter a spirit daughter had an un- 

άκάθαρτον, ^έλθοϋσα" προσεπεσεν προς τονς.πόδας.αύτοΰ' him!^and'c.iraeandfeU 

unclean, having come fell at his feet, at his feet : 26 the wo- 

26 ^.dk ή γννή'^ Έλληνίς, ^Σνροφοίνισσα^^ τψ γένει' και ™^phen'ic?a^b^''n^ 

(now ^as 'the '■^woman a Greek, Syrophenician by race), and tion ; and she besought 

ήρώτα αυτόν 'ίνα τό δαιμόνων ''εκβάλλι^^^ εκ της θνγατρός g^^ fo^th ^Ι^Ττ^π 
asked him that the demon he should cast forth out of ^daughter out of her daughter. 

αυτής. 27 ''ό.δε.Ίησοϋς εΖττεν" avTy, Άφες πρώτον χορτασ- L^te-'t'thrcMCn 

her. But Jesus said to her, SufiEer first to be satis- fijgt i^q filled : for it 

θήναι τά τέκνα' ου.γάρ ^καλόν εστιν^^ λαβείν τον άρτον των the^chirdrcn's*°bre*^ 
fied the children ; for not good is it to take the bread of the ^^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^ ^^(^ ^ 

τέκνων, και ^βαλεΐν τοις κυναρίοις.^^ 28 Ή.^έ άπεκρίθη και dogs. 28 Aud she an- 

children, and cast [it] to the dogs. But she answered and hTrn'^Tes" Wdt'^et 

λέγει αύτψ, Ναι. κύριε' καιβγάρ^^ τά κννάρια νποκάτω της ^he dogs under the 
says to him. Tea, Lord; for even the little dogs under t^e *^°|^^^^^*^^^^29 And 

τραπέζης ^έσθίει' άπό των φιχίων των παιδιών. 29 Και εΖττεν h^e said unto her. For 

table eat of the crSnbs of the children. And he said ""^ IV^^f^Z J^l 

, . y way ; the devil is gone 

αύτη, Ala τούτον τον λόγον ϋπαγε' εξέλ7)λυθεν 'ro δαι- out of thy daughter. 

to her, Because of this word go ; has gone forth the de- 30 And when she was 

,, , )/Λ } \ come to her hou.>ie, she 

μονιον εκ τής.θυγατρος.σου^ 30 Καϊ απελθούσα εις τον found the devil gone 

mon out of thy daughter. And having gone away to P'^t. «nd her daughtei 

τ .- rk»? ' 'ί-ΛΛΛ' ' 'fl laid upon the bed. 

οίκον.αντης, ενρεν *ro δαιμονιον εξεληλυθος, και την θνγα- 

her house, she found the demon had gone forth, and the daugh- 

rkpa βεβλημένην επί της κλίνης J^ 

ter laid on the bed. ^ , , , 31 And again, depart- 

31 Και πάλιν εζελθών εκ των ορίων Τύρου ^καΐ Σιδώνος, ingfrom the coasts oi 

And again having departed from the borders of Tyre^ and Sidon, ^^ and^ S^don,^ h* 

Ι^λθεν" ™7Γρός" την θάλασσαν της Γαλιλαίας, ανά μέσον Galilee, through th» 

became to the sea of GalUee, through [the] midst ^^dst of the coasts ol 

^ , , ^ , , , .V « Decapolis. 32Andthej 

των ορίων Αεκαπολεως. 32 και φερονσιν αυτψ κωφον ° bring unto Mm on* 

of the borders of Decapolis. And they bring to him a doaf man that was deaf , and ha« 

, , ^ _ , \ ti ^ n~ ^^ impediment in ml 

°μογιλαλον," και παρακαλονσιν αυτόν ινα επιθ•ρ speech ; and they be- 

who spoke with difilculty, and they beseech him that he might lay seech him to put hi» 

, ~ , ^ r\n > > \ o' , ^ > » ~ hand upon him. 33 And 

αυτψ την χείρα, όο και απολαρομενος αυτόν απο του he took him aside from 

on him [his] band. And having taken away him from the the multitude, and 

' "ΕκΐΙθΐν he TA. » δρια LTTr. » — και 2ώώνος ΤΑ. ' — -την {read a houso) LTTrAW. 
" Ίΐθέλ3\σ€ν Τ. » ήδυνάσΛ? Τ. ? άλλ' evW? άκονσασα but immediately having heard 

ΤΤγα. ' €Ϊσ•€λθοΰσα having come in τ. » ή δέ yvirq ην lta ; ή γυνή Se Tjv Tr. b Ivpa 

φοινίκισσα Ο ; 2υροφοινίκισσα LTW ; 2υρα Φοινίκι,σσα Τγα. ■= ίκβάλτ} GLiTrAW. <* κα- 

ελεγεν and he said LTXrA. ^ίστιν καλόν LTTr a. '' τοΐ? κυναρίοΐζ βαλ^Ιν γτγα. s — yaf. 
for [L]TTr. *> Ισθίονσιν LTTr aw. ' βκ τη? θνγατμό'ϊ σου το δαιμονιον τα. ''το τταιδίοι 

(the child) βεβλημένον επΙ την κλίντην και το δαιμονιον εξεληλυθός LTTrA. ' ^XOev Sie 

Σιδωνος he came through Sidon lttfa. >" βις unto GLTTrA. ° + καϊ and LTTr. 

• μογγιλάλον Tr. 


put hifl fingers into his gyXow κατ'.ίδίαν, ί'βαλεν TovQ.daKTvXovgJ'avTov" εις τάώτα 

LTched'hU tn's^Tel -wd apart. he put his fingers ^ to ^ 'ears 

34 and looking up to avTOv, KUi TTTVoag ή-ψατο της γλώσσης.αύτον^ 34 και άνα- 

heaven, he sighed, .j^j ^^^ having spit he touched his tongue, and having 

and saith unto mm, ' ,, ^^/v <\' ,~»„ «/ 

Ephphatha, that is, βΧεψας €ΐς TOv ovpavov εστεναξεν, και λέγει αντψ, Εώφαθα, 

Be opened. 35 And looked up to the heaven he groaned, and says to him, Ephphatha, 
straightway his ears •" , nir -r^ » η »λ' ii ,- 'η ii > - 

were opened, and the ο.εστιν, Αιανοιχθητι. 35 Και '*ευΰεως ^ΰιηνοιχίάησαν" αυτού 
string of his tongue that is. Be opened. And immediately were opened hia 

was loosed, and he , , , ^ . >\ 'λ < ? < ~ λ ' ' - < '\ 'Λ« 

spake plain. 36 And he ai ακοαι, και * εΚνθη Ο δεσμος τ7]ς.γλωσσης.αυτου, και ελαλει 

charged them that ears, and was loosed the band of his tongue, and he spoke 

they should tell no , «~ r»/-. > "^ '\ , ~ r/ s• < t » .11 

man : but the more he ορθως. 36 και ΰΐεστειλατο avTOiQ iva μηόενι ^ειπωσιν" 
charged them, so much rightly. And he charged them that no one they should teli. 

thly^'Tnbiifhed' ^u] oaovM "avTOQ^' avToiQ διεστίΧΚετο, ^μάΧΚον πρρισσότερον 

37 and were beyond But as much as he them charged, exceeding more abundantly 

w^n^Hehith'S εκηρνσσον. SI καινιτεριτερισσώς εξεττλησσοντο, λέγοντες, 

all things well ; he they proclaimed [it] : and above measure they were astonished, saying, 

rS and tted^l Καλώς πάντα ττεποίηκεν και τοις κωφούς ττοιεί άκούειν, 

to speak. *Well *all ^'things »he ''has ^done : both the deaf ho makes to hear, 

και ^τούς" άλαλους λαλέϊν. 

and the dumb to speak. 

vni. In those days \S 'Ev ίκείναις.ταις.Ίΐμεραις ^τταμπόλλου' δχλον ϋντος, 
the multitude being ;' In those days very great [the] crowd being, 

nothinTto^^aW^I και μή εχόντων τΊ φάγωσιν, π^οσκαλεσάμενος ^ό'ίη- 

oalled his disciples and not having what they may eat, -having -Oalled "to [^him] 'Je- 

^fo them, '^'l hive σονς' τούς.μαθητάς.'^αντοΰ" λεγει αΰτοΊς, 2 Σττλαγχνίζομαι 
compassion on the aus his disciples he says to them, I am moved with compassion 

Sey 'h^ve now °Cn ^^Tt TOV δχλον' OTi ηδη ^ίμέρα^ τρεΙς προσμένουσίν ^οι," 

with me three days, on the crowd, because already -days 'three they continue with me 

^^t^• ^3 and^lf '^I'^fend t^cLi ουκίχονσίν τί φίιγωσιν' '3 και ten' απολύσω αυτούς 

them away fasting to ^'^^ ^ave not what they may eat ; and if I shall send aw.iy them 

their own houses, they ^^ήσγ^ις» ΰς οίκον.αυτών, εκλνθήσονται Ιν Ty όδψ• ^τινες.γάρ^^ 

for ™rs of them fasting to their home, they will faint in the way ; for some 

came from far. 4 And αύτών^ μακρόθεν ^ΜΚασιν." 4 Και άπεκρίθησαν αύτω οι μάθη- 
SlLfFrtmwhem'Tal of^hem ';-om^far are come. And ^ 3,^^ered ^hi,n -^disci- 

a man satisfy these γαι αΰτοϋ, ''Πόθεν τούτονς δυνησεταί τις ώδε χορτασαι 

men with bread here ,^ ,^^- γπιβηοβ ''these 'shalinje *able ^'anyone %ere to satisfy 

in the wilderness f*^ , ,..,,, „ 

5 And he asked them, άρτων 67Γ .ερημιάς ; 5 Και *ετΓηρωτα" αυτούς, ΙΙοσους έχετε 
How many loaves have ^th bread in a desert? Aud he asked them. How many =have ^e 

ye? And they said, , , «, i « 1•^ / λ ,^ > 1 ' > n ~ » \ 

Seven, c And he com- αρτους ; Οι.δβ "είττοϊ^, ΕτΓτα. οΚαι ^παρηγγειλεν τφ οχλφ 

manded the people to 'loaves? And they said, Seven. And he ordered the crowd 

sit down on the , ^,,™.. <no< ,.,., 

grround : and he took αι^αττεσειν 67Γΐ της γης' και λαρων τους επτά άρτους^ 

the seven loaves, and to recline on the ground. And having taken the seven loaves, 

gave thanks, and „, , , „ ^ > '5-'s. ~ ^ ^ , ~ „ 

brake and gave to his "^ευχαριστησας εκλασεν και εόιόου τοις.μαθηταις.αυτου, ινα 

disciples to set before having given thanks he broke and gave to his disciples, that 

eet"iLm'* before the "τταραθώσιν*" και παρεθηκαν τφ δχλψ. 7 και 

people. 7 And they they might set before [them]. And they set [it] before the crowd. And 

SSd'he'bSdf'Ind "εΖχον" ίχθύδια ολίγα' και^- ευλογησας '^Ηίπεν πάρα- 

commanded to set they had small fishes a few; and having blessed he desired *to*be *set 

ρ — αύτοΰ {read [his] fingers) τ. i — ενθβω^ [L]TTrA. ■■ ψΌίγησαι> LTTrA. 

• + ΐύθύς immediately τ. * λ«γωσιν ττγΑ. ' — αντος (read he cnarged) ltttaw. 

* + αύται they lttta. * — τον? ttta. y πάλιν πολλον again great litta. ' — ό 'Ijj. 
σους OLiTrAW. » — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) ττγ. ^ ήμίραι OLTirAW. ^ — μοι 
l[ti]a. <* ντ^στις τ. « καί Tive? and some LTTrA. ' + ίπο from (afar) tttA- 
«ηκονσι EW ; eiaiv are A. •> + δτι ΤΤγΑ. ' ηρώτα ΎΎτα. ^ Λπαν ττγΑ. ' παψαγ' 
■ye'AAei he orders ltTfA. '" + [και] and l. " παρατιθωσιν TTrA. _ " ΐίχαν LTTrA- 
Ρ» -I- ταύτα these L. i» elnev παρατεθήΐ'αι και αυτά L ; αντα elirev και ταύτα παρατιθέναι Ττ; 
αντά παρΐθηκΐν he set these before [them] τα. 

VIII. MARK. 113 

Qelvai και αντά^ 8 'ίφαγον.δί^^ και ίχορτάσθησαν. και |^sTt w ^^fl^t'^^d 

«before ['them] ^also Hhese. And ihey ate and were satisfied- And were filled : and 'they 

fipav περισσεύματα κλασμάτων ΐτττά «σττυρίίας." 9 l]aav2i ^^^^^ξ^Ι*^? ^"^^^^ 

they took up ^over *and ^aboTe 'of -fragments seven baskets. And "were "^^^^ basketl!% And 

*οΐ ώανόντες" ως τίτρακισχίλιοί' και άττεΧνσεν αυτοΰα• *^®y ^^^^ ^"^ eaten 

•those ^who^had^eaten about four thousand ; and he sent-=away 'them.' ^| ; and hi sent 

10 Και 'ευθέως" Ιμβάς^ εις το πλοΧον μετά των μαθητών '^^^^^'"^■y• 

And immediately having entered into the ship %vith Misciples he ej^rod^'utf a ISp 

αυτού, ίιλθεν εις τα μέρη Ααλμανονθά. 11 και ίζηλθον οι with his disciples, and 
'his, he came into the parts of uilmanutha. ^d -went «out 'the ^^^^^^°^^f P^»;!^* 

ΦαρισαΊοι και ηρξαντο ^συζητεΐν^^ αύτψ, ζητονντες τταρ the Pharisees came 

^Tharisees and began to dispute with him, seeking from *°estion°'^witif ^ him 

αντοΰ σημείον άπο τον ούρανον, ττειράζοντες αυτόν. 12 και seeking of him a sign 

him a sign from the heaven, tempting him. And from heaven tempting 

, , , \, ^ , , , , „ him. 12 And he sighed 

αναστεναξας τψ.7Γvevμaτuaυτoυ λέγει, Γι η.γενεα,αυτη deeply in his spiiit, 

having groaned in his spirit he says, Why -this ^generation and saith, Why doih 

,v .^^» _i~ii >5>Λ' ~ this generation seek 

^σημειον έττιζητει; αμήν λέγω ^υμιν," ει.όοϋησεται τ -g after a sign? reniy ι 

*a *8ign 'seeks ? Verily I say to you. If there shall be given say unto you, There 

/ ~ in -wr y >-.< >' ll'/^^ shaU no sign be given 

■γενε^,-ταυττ^ σημειον. 13 Και αφεις αυτούς, ^εμρας unto this generation. 

to this generation a sign. And having left them, having entered 13 And he left them, 

,^ I, u , , \ ~ II > ~\ Λ ' • ' ami entering into the 

ΤΤαλίν" "εις το ΤΤλοίΟΙ/" απηλθεν εις το ΤΤεραν. ship again departed to 

again into the ship he went away to the other side. the other side. 

, . ^, , , - , rt > ο ~ - , , , .. ./ U Now the disciples 

14 Και επελαϋοντο λαρειν άρτους, και ει.μή ενα αρτον had forgotten to take 

And they forgot to take loaves, and except one loaf bread, neither had 
, f n> ' ~i -Λ' TC ^'- '^^ they in the ship λνίΐη 

ουκ.είχον μεθ εαυτών εν τψ ττλοιψ. 16 και οιεστελλετο them more than one 

they had not [any] with them in the ship. And he charged loaf. 15 And he charged 

αντοίς, λεγων,'Οράτε, " βλέπετε άττο της ζύμης των Φαρισα'ιων ^5' bewZifOf^thl 

them, saying, See, take heed of the leaven of the Pharisees leaven of the Phari- 

και της ζύμης 'ΈΙρώδου. 16 Kai διελογίζοντο προς άΧληλονς, Tu^^ol'^i'iui'^Ty 

and of the leaven of Herod. And they reasoned with one another, reasoned among them- 

'^λέγοντες," "Οτι άρτους ουκ «εχο/χεν." 17 Και γνούς because '^Lvf η^ 

saying. Because loaves ^not 'we -have. And knowing [it] bread. 17 And when 

ίό Ίησοϋς' λέγει αύτοϊς, Τί οιαλογίζεσθε 'ότι άρτους ούκ ^^ο'^ΓΛί^ί^^^οη 

Jesus says to them, "Why reai-on ye because loaves Tiot „g_ because ye have no 

έχετε; οΰπω.νοεΊτε ούδε.συνίετε ; ίίίη" πεπωρωμενην bread? perceive ye not 

'ye'Tiave? Do ye not yet perceive nor understand? Yet hardened ffand?*^^h.a\? ye^o^ur 

εγετε την.καρδ'ιαν.νμών \ 18 οφθαλμούς έχοντες ού.βλεπετε; ^eart yet hardened? 

hi'veye yoiiheart?' / ^ ^yiT _ hiving,^ do^enotsee? J^^^f^rd^^v^glar^! 

και &τα έχοντες ούκ.άκούετε\ και ου. μνημονεύετε', 19 οτε hear ye not? and do 

and ears having, do ye not hear ? and do ye not remember ? When {9 -ξγ^βη /bra^ the 

τονς πέντε άρτους έκλασα εις τους πεντακισχιλίονς, ^ πόσους five loaves among five 

the five loaves I broke to the five thousand, how many thousand^ how many 

, , , Λ ' Η » ' > ~ baskets full of frag- 

κοφινονς ^πλήρεις κλασμάτων'^ ήρατε; Αεγουσιν αυτφ, ments took ye up? 

hand-baskets full of fragments took ye up? They say to him, They say tinto him, 

... ^^ ,( u«<,i , . % 1 > , Λ/ Twelve. 20 And when 

Δωοεκα. 20 Οτε-^οε" τους επτά * εις τονς τετρακισχιλιονς, the seven among four 

Twelve. And when the seven to the fotir thousand, thousand, how many 

, ,- .. , Ν / » τη/-»< ϊ>> baskets full of frag- 

ποσων σπυρίδων πληρώματα κλασμάτων ήρατε; ™υι.οε ments took ye up? 

of how many baskets [the] fillings of fragments took ye up? And they And they said, Seven. 

1 iht-1 ' ot t^ ' "Λ I ~ ηττ ~ II ο ' II ' 21 And he said unto 

είπον," Επτά. 21 Και ελεγεν αυΓθΐς,°Πως" °ou' συνιε-ε; them. How is it that 

said. Seven. And he said to them, How ^not 'do ^ye understand? ye do not understand ? 

' και Ιφαγοι^ lttt, » σφυρίδας L. * — οί φα•γόρτίς (read and they were) τ[τγ]α. 

^ ΐϋθνς LTTrA. ■" -f [αντοϊ] he L. ^ σννζητΐΐν LTTrA. y ζητεί σημείον LTTrA. ' [ΰμΐν] Α. 
» πάλιν €μβας LTTrA. ^ — το LTrW ; [ets πλοΖον] Tr ; — ets το πλοΐοΐ' (read ΐμβας having 

embarked) τα. <= -|- [και] and l. ^ — Aeyo»^es lttta. • Ιχουσιν they have ltta. 

' — ό Ίησοΰς (read he says) τ[Τγ]α. e — Ιτι lttta. i» + καΐ τ. ' κλασμάτων πληρίΐς 

LTTrAW. ^ [δέ] TrA ; και Τ. ' + [άρτον?] loaves L. ■» και λέ-γουσιν Τ ; και λίγουσιν 

αντφ and they say to him a. " — Πώς τα. «> ούττω not yet LTTrA. 


Beth^di'' TnTttiey ^2 Kui άρχεται" εις ΒηθσαΊδάν και ψερονσιν αύτψ τνώΚόν^ 

bring a biii'id man unto ■^'^ becomes to Betbsaida ; and they bring to Mm a blind 

bim, and besought him ^^rt τΐαοακάλονσιν αυτόν 'ίνα αυτού αχί/ηται. 23 και 

to touch him. 23 And , •. •. ~ , . , . ^χ ^ , ■ , '■ \ ^ ^ , l μ 

he took the blind man Lman], and beseech him that him he might touch. And 

by the hand and led ίπιλαβόμενος της χεφυς roT; τυφλού '^ίζηγαγεν'^ αυτόν 

&Ώά when he had Ipi^ talong hold of the hand of the bUnd [man] he led forth him 

on his eyes, and put ^ζω της κώμης, και τΓτύσας εις τά.όμματα.αύτού, ίττιθείς 

hf asked himThe 81^ """^ °* ^^° '^"*^''' '^'^^ having spit upon his eyes, ^ having laid 

ongiit. 24Andhelook- τάς χείρας αύτψ επηρώτα αυτόν ε'ί τι ^βλεττει.^^ 24 και 

ed up, and said Ι see ^^-^ i^ands upon him he asked him if anything he beholds. And 

men as trees, -walking. , rt\ > ι '^ n/ \ > η ' " ' ^' ? 

25 After that he put αναβΚεψας ίΚεγεν, Βλεττω τους ανθρώπους, *ort ως ύεί'όρα 

hti hands again upon having looked up he said, I behold the men, for as trees 

his eyes, and made , ^ _ . ,. ., ,„ ., 

him look up : and he ορω» ττεριπατουντας. 25 Είτα τταλιν ^εττεθηκεν" τας 

was restored, and ι gee [them] walking. Then again he laid [his] 

saw every man clearly. ^ ,, χ > η \ \ > ~ %„>/ >%> 

26 And he sent him χείρας ετΓΐ τονς.οφθαλμονς.αυτου, και ^εποιησεν αυτόν ανα- 

away to his house, hands upon his eyes, and made him look 

into'ii'e town, nor ten /3λέψαι." και "^ άποκατεστάθη,^^ και ^ενεβλε-ά/εν^^ ^τηλαυγώς^^ 
it to any in the town. up. And he was restored, and looked *on 'clearly 

^απαντας^ 26 και άπ'εστεϊΚεν αυτόν εις ^τ07'."οΙκον.αύτοΰ, 

all [men]. And he sent him to his house, 

λέγων, ''Μί/ίέ" εις την κώμην είσίλθγς, '^μη^ί ει'π■yς 

saying. Neither into the village mayest thou enter, nor mayest tell [it] 

Tivi εν rg κώ/^^." 

to any one in the village. 

27 Και Ιζηλθεν δ Ιησούς και οΊ.μαθηται.αντού ε'ις τάς κώ- 

And "went ^forth 'Jesus and his disciples into the vil- 

μας Καισαρείας της Φιλίππου' και sv Ty όδψ επηρώτα 

27 And Jesns went lages of Caesarea Philippi. And by the way he was questioning 

fntO *^he^ towTis^^ of τονς.μαθητάς.αυτού, λέγων "^αΰΓοΓς," Τίνα αε λέγουσιν οι 
Ciesarea Philippi : and ^is disciples, saying to them. Whom •'me 'do 'pronounce 

by the way he asked ανθοωποι είναι: 28 Οΐ.^έ ^άπεκρίθησαν" ^, ^Ίωάνν7]ν Tov βαπ- 

nntoS'WoTdf ^^en to be?' And they aniwered, ^ ^^ John the Bap- 

men say that I am? ^KjT-ny και άλλοι ^Ήλίαν'" άλλοι.δε 'ενα" τών.προώητών. 

Jo^fhfllptstTbut "«t; and others, Β lias ; ^ but others, one of the prophets. 

some sai/, Biias ; and 29 Kai αυτός ''λέγει αυΓοΤς,'! Ύμεϊο.δε τίνα με λέγετε 

others, One of the pro- ^j^^ j^^ t„ ^^ B^t ' ^^^^^^ .^^^ i^q «ye «pronounce 

pnets. 2y And he saith , λ,ιι < / / > ~ , » < » 

unto them, But whom elvai', ^ Αποκριθεις'^οε" οΤΙετροςλεγει αυτψ, Συ.έΙ ο χριστός. 

say ye that I am? to be? '^Answering 'and Peter says to him, Thou art the Christ. 

And Peter answereth , , / , ~ κ t- < \ ' π ^ 

and saith unto him, 30 Και επετιμησεν αυτοις iva μηοενι "λεγωσιν" ττερι 

Thou art the Christ. ^^^ he strictly charged them that no one they should tell concerning 

30 And he charged , ~ „, τλ < « >- it' f , » j. - 

them that they should αυτου. 31 Και Ί]ρζατο διδασκειν αυτούς οτι οει τον 

tell no man of him. him. And he began to teach them that it is necessary for the 

31 And he began to,, _,„, \\> n~ »>* n~ 

teach them, that the υιον του ανθρωπου τΓολλα παΟειν, και απούοκιμασοηναι 

Son of man must suffer gon of man many things to suffer, and to be rejected 

many things, and be „ , , , ^ r> ι < η• > ' « n« ' ' 

rejected of the elders, °απο^' των πρεσβυτέρων και ν^αρχιερεων και Ρ^ραμματεων, και 

and o/the chief priests, of the elders and cmef priests and scribes, and 

and scribes, and be > λ~ > ^ ~ t r > ~ . net _' 

killed, and after throe αποκτανθηναι^ και μετά τρεις ημέρας αναστηναι 32 και 

days rise again. 32 And to be killed, and after three days to rise [again]. And 

o^Syi"^ *And"iCor παρρησί(^ τόν λόγον Ιλάλει. Και προσλαβόμενος ι^αύτόν 

took him, and began openly the word he spoke. And "having Haken *to ['him] *him 

Ρ έρχονται, they come lttfa. <i ίξήνΐγκεν he brought forth ττγα. "■ βλέττΐΐς thou 

beholflcst a. ' ως BevSpa a. » ίθηκΐν TrA. " δΐί/Βλεψει/ he saw distinctly TTrA. 

"■ απίκατίστάθη L ; άττεκατί'στί) TTrA. » ίνΐβΚ€πΒν LTTrA. > δηλαυγώς Τ. ' άπαντα 

all things LTTrAW. * — rbv OLTTrAW. b μη not τ. « — μηSk «ώμτ; Τ. <* [αντοΐς] Tr. 

* ίίπατ spake τα. f + αντώ λεγοι/τβς to him saying lttfa. e + ότι τα. *» 'Ηλβίαν Τ. 
' OTL els i.TTrA ^ ίττηρώτα αυτούς asked them lttta. ' + και and i,. ■" — Se LTTrA. 

° elniocnv L. ° ύττο by LTTrA w. P» + των of the OLTTrAW. 1» ό Ilerpo? αντον LTTrA. 

VIII, IX. MARK. 116 

ό Πέτρος" ήρζατο επίτιμων αυτψ. 33 ό.ίέ ί-πιστραφύς και ^°^Q^^f^^' ^f^^ 
^«Peter began to rebuke him. But he, ^ turning ^ and ^^οΤί and Yooi^^'^on 

ίδών τονς.μαθητάς.αντον, Ιττετ'ιμησεν ''τω' ΤΙέτρφ, *λένων," 5^, disciples, he re- 

«eing ^ ^isdiciples, reb^Sed ^ ^ Ρβί^]^' sa^ng,' ^^t,ee"b'ehin^5^!; 

"Τπανε οπίσω μου, σατανά' on ον.φρονεΐς τα Satan: for thou sa- 

Get behind me, Satan, for thy thoughts are not of the things ^haf'^be^of God but 

τον θεοΰ, άλλα τά των ανθρώπων. Λβ things that be of 

of God, but the things of men. ™eu. 

34 Kat προσκαλεσάμενος τον οχΧον συν τοΐς μαθηταΐς 

And haTing called to [him] the crowd with ^disciples ?f ^^ '^'^^^ ,^« ti"d 

. ~ τ . t ,,;x^ II Λ/Λ > / >Λ /% ~ 11 ) called the people M« ίο 

αντου είπεν αντοις, * Οσης" ί/ελει οπίσω μου "ελβειν,^ απαρ- Aim with his disciples 

'his he said to them, Whosoever desires after me to come, let also, he said unto them, 

, „ , , , , , , , , - . vMiosoever will come 

νησασβω εαυτόν, και αρατω τον.στανρον.αυτου, και after me, let him deny 

him deny himself, and let him take up his cross, and himself, and take up 

άκολονθείτω μοι. 35 ος.γάρ.^άν^^ 9t\y την.-φυχήν.αύτοϋ me. 35 Vor whosoever 

let him fellow me. For whoever may desire his life will save his life shall 

>Λ» ,/ n^>nv'\'ii<vi ' )~ lose it ; but whosoever 

σωσαι, απολέσει αυτήν ος.ΰ .αν ^απολεσ^" την7ψυχην.αυτον shall lose his life for 

to save, shall lose it, but whoever may lose his life my sake and the gos- 

« ) ~ , .M , ^ , I τ 11 ' > ' pel's, the same shall 

ένεκεν εμού και του ευαγγελίου, ^οντυς" σώσει αυτήν, save it. 36 For what 

on account of me and of the glad tidings, he shall save it. shall it profit a man, 

36 τί,γάρ "ωφελήσει^ ^άνθρωπον ''εάν κερδησψ τον κόσμον ^^oie worid,Tnd \^1 

For what shall it profit a man if he gain the "'world his own soul ? 37 Or 

aov mi ''ζημcωθy^^ την.^χήν αϋτον ', 37 «^ τι δώσει S^eVctnge^for^iS 

'whole and lose hisBonl? or what shall ^give soul? 38 Whosoever 

άνθρωπος αντάλλαγμα τής.ψυχής.αύτοΰ ; 38 'ός.γάρ.^ίιν'' Sed" of' me" and of 

'a -^an [as] an exchange for his soul ? For whoever my words in this a- 

iπaισχυvθy με και τους εμονς λόγους εν τψγενε^.ταΰτ•η ^^^^^:^^^ Γ V^^ 

may have been ashamed of me and my words in this generation gj^^ giiall the Son of 

ry μοιχαλίδικαΐ άμαρτωλφ, και 6 νιος του άνθρωπου έπαισ- man ^ashamed, when 

the adulterous and sinfnl, also the Son of man will be ^^ jj^g Father with tS 

χυνθησεταιαύτόν/όταν Ιλθ» εν to So^y τον.—ατρός.αντοϋ holy angels, ix. And 
ashamed of him when he shall come in the glory of his Father Yerily I saTuato y^' 

μετά των αγγέλων των άγιων. 9 Καί 'ίλεγεν αντοΊς, Αμήν That there be soma of 

with th4 angels the holy. And he said to them, Verily them that stand here, 

, ,r . , ' - tv < / ,1 which shall not taste 

λέγω υμΐν, Ότι εισιν τίνες ^τών ώοε' εστηκοτων, οιτινες of death, till they have 

I say to you, That there are some of those here standing, who Pf^n the kingdom of 

, , , r, ' >i η vtv ^ τ \ ' ~ God come With power. 

ον.μη γευσωνται θανάτου εως.αν ιοωσιν την ρασιλειαν του 

in no wise shall taste of death until they see the kingdom 

θεοΰ εληλνθυΐαν εν δυνάμει. 

of God having come in power. 

2 Καί ^μεθ'^^ ημέρας εξ παραλαμβάνει 6 Ίησοϋς τον 

And after -days 'six -^takes -with [^him] =Jesus 2 And after nix days 

, κ ■ \ > ' r> % L• » II > ' V > ' Jesus taketh loith him 

ΙΙετρον και Wov' Ιακωρον και ^ΤΟν^^ Ιωαννην, και αναφέρει Peter, and James, and 

Peter and James and John, and brings up John, and leadeth 

t \ > Μ < I •\ \ > >r>/ / > them up into an high 

αντονς εις ορός υψηλον κατ .ιόιαν μονούς' και μετεμορ- mountain apart by 

them into a ^mountain 'high apart alone. And he was trans- themselves : and he 

, η η Λ >~ ί% > 11' >~l>/ 11 ■was transfigured be- 

φωθϊ] έμπροσθεν αντων, 3 και τα.ιματια.αντου ^εγενετο" fore them. 3 And his 

figTired before them; and his garments became raiment became shin- 

/^ ο ^ < Λ ' m ' ' II τ , , , , ~ ing, exceeding white 

στιλβοντα, λενκα λίαν '°^ως χιών,' οια γναφενς επι της as anow ; so al no fiU- 

Bhining, white exceedingly as snow, such as a fuller on the ler on earth can white 

■■ — T(p LTTrA. » Koi Xeyet and says τΤγα. * Et tis If any one ltp. » ίκολονβΐΐν to 
follow QTTrAW. " €av TTrA. ' άτΓολβ'σει shall lose TTta. y έαντοΰ ψνχηι/ GTrW. 

' — οίτο? GLTTrAW. » ώφελβΐ does it profit ta. ^ + τον the (man) LTriAjw. = κΐρΒη- 
σαι to gain ta. ^ ζημιωθηναι to lose TA. « τί yap δοΐ άνθρωπος (read tor what, &C. ) TTr ; 
τί yap [δώσβι άνθρωποςΐ Α. ' eav LTTrA. S ώδε των ΤΤγα. '' μετά LTTrA. ' — τον W. 

k — τον QLTtA. • «γενοντο LTtAW. '^ — ώ? χιών ΤΤγα. 

116 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. IX. 

'^^™' / unt*^ them YHQ ού.δνναται° λενκάναι. 4 και ώφθη αντοϊς °'11\ίας' σνν 

Euias^ with mioses : a^nd earth is not able to whiten. And «appeared ^to "them ' I•: .las «with 

they were tfUking with ΡΜωσεΤ," «rat Tfaav '^συΧΚαΧονντίς^^φ'Ιησον. 5 και αποκριθείς 

answered and said to '^oses, and they were talking with Jesus. And "answering 

Jesus Master it is 6 UkrooQ λέγει τψ'ίησον, "^'Ραββί," καλόν εστίν ημάς ώδε 
f^dVefurmake't^'Ce '^^'^^ ,-^«, *° •^-^' , ^"^bbi, ^ good ^ it is fo^us here 

tabernacles; one for είναι' KO.i τΓοιησωμεν ^σκΊ]νάς τρεις," σοι μίαν, καί ΡΜω- 

thee, and one f or Μο- to bo ; and let us make "tabernacles 'three, for thee one, and for Mo- 
ses, and one for Elias. ^ , > ,.,ΤΛ / I, / Λ . \ *tv / -v Λ ' 

β For he wist not what σει" μιαν, και ^ Ηλίο." μιαν. ο ου.γαρ.-ρδει τι ^Aaλησy^* 

to say ; for they were ges one, and for Eliaa one. For he knew not what he should ear, 

sore afraid. 7 And , , » rt » m \ i ι "v > /v 

there was a cloud that ^ησαν.γαρ εκφοροι. 7 fcai εγενετο νεφίλη εττισκιαζονσα 

overshadowed them : for they were greatly afraid. And there came a cloud overshadowing 

and a voice came out , _ , ^n λ ν _. ^ » ~ _, '\ ,,> ' η ^r ' 

of the cloud, saying, αυτοις και ^-ηλΰεν" φωνή εκ της νεφέλης, ^λέγουσα," Ούτος 

This is my beloved them ; and there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This 

Son : hear him. 8 And . t , , , , , ,, -. / noi'-iv' 

suddenly, when they εοτιν ο.νιος.μον Ο αγαττητος' 'αντου ακονετε " S Και εξαπινα 

had looked round a- is my Son the beloved : 'him 'hear '•'ye. And suddenly 

bout, they saw no man /o\ ι ' > ' > ■>' τ? » 'νλ «π ^ «τ - 

anv more, save Jesus ΤΓερψλεψαμενυι ουκετι.ουΰενα εΐόον, "άλλα" τον Ιί]σονν 

only with themselves, having looked around no longer any one they saw, but Jesos 

9 And as thev came ' Λ' < •~ r» V>ta ο ' ?^n > ~ » » ' ii - 

down from the moon- μονον μεθ εαντων. 9 ''Καταβαινοντων.δε^• αυτών 'απο' του 

tain, he charged them alone with themselves. And as ''were 'descending 'they from the 

no'Un Vh^a^inS «Ρ«"ί διεστε'ιλατο αύτοϊς Ίνα ιχϊ,<5ενί ^διηγησωνται Ά εΐ- 

they had seen, till the mountain he charged them that to no one they should relate what they 

from^tiSdeaTTo And ^o*''" ^'V^ ^''"'^ ^ ^'^? ''^'^ άνθρωπου εκ νεκρών 

they kept that saying ^e,d seen except when the Son of man from among [the] dead 

with themselves, quea- avaoTy. 10 καΐ Tov λό-γον ίκράτησαν προς εαυτούς^ *συζη- 
othOT^whaTthe ris^g ^® risen. And that saying they kept among themselves, quee- 

from the dead should τοϋντες" τί εστιν TO ίκ 1'εκρών άναστηναί. 

Sked him saS "°'"'^^ ^^** ^« *^e "i""""^ 'among [*the] 'dead 'rising. 

Why say the scribes H Καί επηρώτων αύτόν, λέγοντες, ^"Οη" λέγουσιν ? οι νραμ- 

comef^'riCdte^ni And they asked him. slying, That ^say ^the iscribes 

swered and told them, ματεΐς ΟΤΙ ''"Ηλίαν" δεϊ ίλθεΐν πρωτον ; 12 Ό.ίέ ^αποκριθείς 

Elias verily cometh that EUas must come first? And he answering 

first, and restoreth all ,1 , ~ Lt λ / τι i • n >λ λ > ~ > λ 

things ; and how it is είπεν αυτοις, " Ηλίας" '/«εν" ελθων πρώτον, '^αποκαθιστφ 

written of the Son of gald to them, Elias Indeed having come first, restores 

man, that he must , >., / >^^^^ „,,,, 

suffer many things, παντα' και πως γεγραπται επι τον νιον τον άνθρωπου^* 

and be set at nought, all things ; and how it has been written of the Son of man 

That EUas is indeed iva ΤΓολλά πάθ^J καΐ °'^εζονδενωθγΛ 13 αλλά λέγω 

come, and they have that many things he should suffer and be set at nought : but I sey 

done unto him what- < „ ,/ > ι,<ττ\ ' η t\ '\ n ^ > / . -. » 

soever they listed, as νμιν, ΟΤΙ και " Ηλίας" ίληλυϋεν, και εποίησαν αυτψ οσα 
it is written of him. to you, that also Elias has come, and they did to him whatever 

Ρ^λ/θέλί/σαν," καθώς γεγραπται έπ' αυτόν. 

14 And when ho they desired, as it has been written of him. 

he saw α great multi- 14 Kai Ί^έλθών" προς τούς μαθητάς '^έΐδεν^^ δχλον πολύν 
tude about them, and A-nd having come to the disciples he saw a 'crowd 'great 

the scribes questioning , , / ^ - .• ν - ii tn ' ~ n i - > 

with them. 15 And ττερι αυτους, και γραμματείς *^συζητουντας "ακΓοις.'' Ιο και 

straightway all the around them, and scribes discussing with them. And 

ffi him,'woregreatiy ^'ευθέως" ττας ύ οχλος '^"ιίώί/" αύτυν '^Ηζεθαμβήθη," και 
amazed, and running immediately all the crowd seeing him were greatly amazed, and 

■> + όντως thus τΤγα. <> Ήλβίας Τ. Ρ Μωνσεΐ LTW ; Μωνσϋ ΤτΑ. ι συνλαλοΰι/τβς Τ. 
' "Ραββΐί ΤΑ. » τρ«Ϊ5 σκΎ]νάς LTTrA. ' 'Ηλείο Τ. ' αποκριθχί 1ΐθ should answer ΤΤγα. 
"^ ίκφοβοι yap eyevovTo for they became greatly afraid ι,ττγα. • iyevero τ. f — λέγουσα 
QTTrAW. • ακούΐΤΐ αύτοΟ LTTrA. ■ ft μη L. '' <al καταβαίνόντων LTTr. •= e/e L. 

Ί a eiSov διίίγησωΐ'ται LTTrA. « σννζητονντίς LTTrA. f Ό τι wherefore LW. ^ S + oi 

Φαρισαϊοι καΐ the Pbariseea and [l]t. *» Ήλβίαν τ. * ίφη said τίτα. '' Ήλβίας τ. 

' — μίι> τ[τγ]. ™ άτΓοκαβιστάί/ει LTTrA. "» ; (read and how has it been written, Ac.) lt. 
°» i^ovSetrqejj ( ; A) LTrA ; eioveeiO)9rJ T. P» ηθΐΧον TTrA. 1» ίΚθάντΐς TTr. ^ » tUov 

they saw TTr. "» σν^^ητοϋι/τας LTTrA. '» προς αυτούς with them TTr. "»■ ίΰθύς TTrA. 

"* 'ι60ντ€ς LTTrA. " ϊξΐθαμβή&ησαν LTTrA. 

IX. Μ A R Κ. 117 

ττροστρεχοντες ήσττάζοντο αυτόν. 16 και ΐττηρώτησεν ^τονς *° ^^, T^'^'sk d^t^ 

ranningto [Mm] saluted him. And he asked the scribes, WhatVLtion 

γραμματεΐς,^^ Ύί ^συζητείτε" προς "αύτονς;" 17 Και ^άττο- H^^^ l^rJnllitafe 

scribes, ^ Wiat^ discuss ye with them? ^ And ^ ^-i^- answered and said! 

κριθείς'^ εις εκ τον 6χ\ον '^έίττεν,*^ Αιδάσκάλε, ηνεγκα τονν'ιόν Master, τ have brought 

Bwering one out of the crowd said. Teacher, I brought "son ^^^^ ^^th ^ dumb 

fiov προς σε, 'έχοντα πνεύμα άλαλον. 18 και οπον.^άν" αύτον spirit; 18 and where- 
my to thee, baring a '^spirit 'dumb; and wheresoever him ^^^eLeth ''^^• ^^S 

καταλάβτΊ ρήσσει ^αύτόν'^^ και αφρίζει, και τρίζει τους hefoameth,andgna8h- 

it seizes it dashes =down 'him ; and he foams, and gnashes «th with his teeth, and 

, ,« / t , ~ η < V ' < ο. τ II - η ~ Piiieth away : and I 

οοοντας. αυτόν, και ξηραίνεται' και κείττον" τοις μαυηταις spake to thy disciples 

his teeth, and is withering away. And I spoke to ^'disciples that they should cast 

„ t \ } rt f-K ^ > .» Tr> </-v !>i ' ^^^^ out; and they 

σον iva αυτό ίκρα\ο}σιν, και ονκΛσχνσαν. Ιυ Ό.όε απο- could not. 19 He an• 

•thy that it they might cast out, and they had not power. But he an- swerethhim.andsaith, 

_ , , , ^,, ., , T^ < » >f > , < ~ faithless generation, 

κριθείς '^αυτψ λέγει, Ω γενεά άπιστος, εως ποτέ προς υμάς how long shall ι be 

Bwering him says, Ο ''generation 'nnbelieyingl until when with you with you? how long 

shall I suffer you ? 

εσομαι ; «ως πότε ανέχομαι υμών ; φέρετε αύτον προς με. bring him unto me. 

shall I be ? until when shall I bear with you ? Bring him to me. 20 And they brought 

^„ -^ , » , , , , / > >j I ' ' i 'Λ' bim unto him: and 

20 Και ηνεγκαν αυτόν προς αυτόν και ιόων αυτόν ^ευυεως ^hen he saw him. 

And they brought him to him. And seeing him immediately straightway the spirit 

% ~ II 1, ) ' V II y > ' ' > \ ~ tare him : and he fell 

TO πνεύμα^* ^εσπαραξεν" αυτόν, και πεσων επι της on the ground, and 

the spirit threw "into 'convulsions 'him, and having f aUen upon the waUowed foaming. 

γης εκυλίετο άφρίζο:ν. 21 Και επηρώτησεν τόν.πατερα.αΰτοϋ, | athSf HoV ϊοη? is^ 

earth he rolled foaming. And he asked his father, ago since this came 

Πόσος χρόνος εστίν ώς τοντο γεγονεν αυτψ; ΌΜ είπεν, ^a°id°Of!i^hiid^° A^d 

How long a time is it that this has been -svith him ? And he said, ofttimes it hath cast 

^ηαώιόθεν. 22 καϊ ποΧΚάκις "^αυτον και εις πψ εβαλεν και j^^™ '°*° *watos,^to 

From childhood. And often him both into fire it cast and destroy him : but if 

ΐίς ύδατα, 'ίνα άπολέσγ αυτόν °άλλ'" εϊ τι "δύνασαι," t^ou can«t do^any 

into waters, that it might destroy him: but if .anythijig thou art able gjon on us and help 

βοηθησονημίν σπλαγχνισθεις i,f ημάς.^'Ο.ψΙγ "-.ff/^^^^^ 

[to do], help us, bemg moved with pity on us. :'• AnaJe- jj^^g^ ^1^ things are 

σους είπεν αύτψ, Ύό ει °δΰνασαι}^ ^πιστεΰσαι, πάντα δυνατά P°f?i^^^, '^'^ ^™ Ψ'^ί 

βΠ8 said to him, If thou art able tobeli-ve, all things are possible straightway the fa^r 

τψ πιστεύοντι. 24 ίΚαΐ" 'ευθέως" .οάξας ο πατήρ του of the child cried out, 

to him that believes. And immediately coing out the father of the ^o^d I believe -help 

παιδιού 'μετά δακρνων^^ ελεγεν, ϋιστεύω, 'Κύριε," βοήθει thou' mine uni^iief. 

little child ^with t^s^ sai^, _I believe, ^ Lord. ^ help ^5^ When ^Je^sus ^ saw 

μου. TO. απιστία. 25 Ίδών.δε 6 Ίησοϋς Ότι επισυντρεχει ' runninf? together, he 

mine unbelief. But ''seeing 'Jesus that ^was ■'running "together rebuked the foul 

„-,, , ^ , ri ' \ • ' - spirit, saying unto 

οχΧος, επετιμΐ]σεν τψ πνενματι τψ ακαβαρτψ, λέγων αυτψ. him, Thou dumb and 

'a^crowd, rebuked the spirit the unclean, saying to it, deaf spirit, I charge 

, / II > » τ > ' II "r -\ Λ thee, coine out of him. 

To '"πνεύμα το αλαλον καικωφον,^^ εγω ^σοι επιτάσσω,^ εξελϋε and enter no more 

Spirit dumb and deaf, I thee command, come into him. 26 And the 

,„„ , _ , , ' 'Λ Λ > . / £%£> τΛ ' »Λ ' spirit cried, and rent 

^Νξ" αυτόν, και μηκετι εισελuyς εις αυτόν, λό Και *"κρα- him sore, and came 

out of him, and no more mayest thou enter into him. And having out of him: and he 

„ „ , ^^ , „„ ry „ hii ' ' II '^--ΛΛ . ^ '^^^ as οπθ dead; in- 

ξαν," και πολλά ^""σπαραζαν^^ ""awrov," εξηλθεν και gomuch that many 

cried out, and ^uch 'thrown "into 'convulsions '■'him, it came out ; and said. He is dead. 

ίγενετο ώσεί νεκρός, ώστε '^^ πολλούς λέγειν 'ότι άπεθανεν. 

he became as if dead, so that many said that he was dead. 

y αύτοιίς them GLTTrA. ^ σννζητξίτβ LTTrA. " αύτον? Ε. *> άπβκρίθη αύτω answered 
him LTTrA. c — etnev LTTrA. d eav LTTrA. e — αυτόν (read [him]) τ. ^ — αντοΰ 

{read [his] teeth) [LJrrrA. e elna ττγα. ^ αύτοΐ? them OLTirAW. ^/'το πνΐΰμα εΰθϋί 
LTTrA ^ συν€σπάραξεν LT. ' + e/c since LTTiAW. <» /cat eis πυρ αύτοΓ τα. ° άλλα Τ. 
» Βύνη LTTrA. Ρ — πιστεΰσαι ΤΤγ[α]. ι — και [L]T[Tr]A. ' (νθυς ΤΤγΑ. » — μετά 

Seucpvktv LTTrA. ' — Κύριε GLTTrAW. ' + ό the (crowd) Τ. " άλαλον και κωφhl' 
ητίΰμα LTTrA. * επιτάσσω σοι ΤΤτΑ. y» άττ' from L. »» κραζας OLTTrAW. *» σπαράξας 
OLTTtAW. •"• — aUToV G[L]TTrA. <» + TOVS the LTTrA. 

118 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. IX. 

27 But Jesus took him 27 o.Ss.'hmovQ κοατήσας ^αύτον της χειρός' ήγεφεν αυτόν, 

hSfuprandTe^^e But Jesus, hiVingtaken him by the hand, rLLd^v 'hua, 

και άνίστη- 
and he arose. 

28 And when he was ; 28 Και ^είσέΚθόντα.αντόν" εις οίκον ο'ί.μαθηταί.αντοΰ 

hrmsdiL'^\e''dwS , ,^d when he was entered ^^ into a house ^ his disciples 

privately, ^vhy could ^εττηοώτων avTOv καΓ-ίίίαν," i'Ort" ημείς ούκ.ήδννή- 

not we east him out? ^^j^^d him apart. Because [of what] ^we 'were not 

29 And he Raid unto )ολ »'«γ»τ7->τ >~m~ »/ 

them, This kind can θημεν εκβολεΐν avTO ', 29 Και είπεν αυτοις, Ύοντο το γένος 

come forth by nothing, ^ble to cast out it ? And he said to them. This kind 

but by prayer and , , χ. , χ, / 'y\n~ > « > ~h • ' ii 

fasting. εν ονδενι δύναται εξελθείν ει.μη εν προσευχή "κται νηστειφ.^^ 

by nothing can go out except by prayer and fasting. 

30 And they depart- 30 'Καί s/cei0Ev" εξελθόντες •'τταρετΓορεύονΓο" δια της 

ed thence, and passed And from thence having gone forth they went through 

through Galilee; and „ ν \ ' > > «n > " I ~.ii oi >*'!> 

he would not that any ΤολιΧαιας' και ουκ.ηθελεν iva τις ^νψ" 31 εδιδασ- 

man should know it, Galilee; and he would not that anyone should know [it] ; '"he ^as *teach• 

31 For he taught his > ^ ^ , , ~ ^ "n > - «>-. < > \ 

disciples, and said unto κεί/ γαρ τους.μαυητας.αυτον, και εΚεγεν αυτοις, Οτι ο νιος 
them. The Son of man ing 'for his disciples, and said to them, The Son 

^n^ ^oF'meii," and TO^ άνθρωπου τταραδίδοται εις χείρας ανθρώπων, και 

they shall kill 'him; of man is delivered into [the] hands of men, and 

wid^he 'sha'i^riie «ττοκτενοΰσιν αΰτόι^• και άποκτανθείς, '^Ty Tp'iTy ημερ(}}' 

the third day. 32 But they will kill him ; and having been killed, on the third day 

that sa^n'gfand were άναστήσεται. 32 O'lM ήγνόουν TO ρήμα, και εφοβοΰντο 

afraid to ask him. ^^ '"^^ arise. But they understood not the saying, and were afraid 

33 And he came to aVTOV Ιπερωτησαΐ. 
Capernaum: and being %im 'to ^ask. 

Sem! mTt ^wM^lt 33 Kai "ίϊλθεν" εις °Καπερναονμ'^' και εν Ty oUig, γενόμενος 

that ye disputed a- And he came to Capernaum ; and ^in ^the *hou8e 'being 

^ria/i'^'Sthe^ Ιττηρώτα αυτούς, Ύί εν Ty όδψ ^πρός εαυτούς^' διελογίζεσθε; 

held their peace : for ho asked them, What in the way among yourselves were ye discussing ? 

&utedTZongThem- 34 OUk εσιώπων προς άΧΚήλονς γάρ διελεχθησαν ιέν 

selves, who sliould be But they were silent ; ='with ^one 'another 'for they had been discussing by 

he'saStanfcatied JV ^^Ψ^' ^ίρ , /^"^^'^• ^5 καί καθίσας εφώνησεν τους 

the twelve, and saith *^o way, who [was] greater. And sittmg down he called the 

unto them If any man ^(^^f^„^ Kct^ X^ygj β^,τ-ο^ς^ EJ j-ig θελει πρώτος εΙναι, εσται 

i^we^shall be last of twelve, and he says to them. If anyone desires ^first 'to ■■n)e, he shall be 
all, and servant of aiL ττάντων εσγατος και πάντων διάκονος, 36 Καί \αβών 
and^set hb^ Γη the '"^ '^^^ '^^^ "^^"^ ""^"^^ 'servant. And having taken 

midst of them: and παιδ'ιον έστησεν αϋτο kv μλσψ.αυτών' KOI εναγκαΧισάμενος 

when he had taken a little child he set it in their midst; and having taken »in[^his]*armg 
him in his arms, , , _ , «%,,,,,, ^ / ^, , 

he said unto them, αυτο έίττεν αυτοΧς, 37 Ος.'^ίαν" εν των ^τοιούτων παιδιών" 

37 Whosoever shall 4t he said to them, Whoever one of such little children 

receive one of such ., » % ~ • » / i < ?' ν η i > n > , 

children in my name, δεζηται επι τφ.ονοματι.μον, εμε δέχεται' και ος.^εαν" εμε 

receiveth me : and shaU receive in my name, me receives ; and whoever me 

whosoever shall re- -, n . > \ f >νλ < > ' '\ ' 

ceive me, receiveth not ^οεί,ηται, ουκ εμέ οεχεται, αΚΚα τον αποστειΑαντα με. 

me, but him th:it sent shall receive, not me receives, but him who sent me. 

Bwered him, saying, 38 '^Ά7Γεκρίθ>].ίέ" αύΓ^'ό"Ίωάννϊϊς^λέγων," Διδάσκαλε, εϊίο/Λ€ϊ/ 
Master, wo ssaw one And '■'answered ^him 'John saying. Teacher, we saw 

casting out devils in _ ~ , , , > ο />> i• ' v» ' • \ η - 

thy name, and ho foi- Tiva^ τψ.ονοματι.σον εκροΚΚοντα όαιμονια, 'ος ονκ.ακοΑονθει 
loweth not us : and some one in thy name casting out demons, who follows not 

** ■'^5 χ€ΐρος αύτοΰ bis hand lttf. * εΐσβλβόι^ος αΰτοΰ LTTr. ^ κατ Ιδίαν ίττηρώτων αυτόν 
LTTrA. e Ό τι wherefore LW. '' — κ,αΐ νηστεία τ[κ\. » Κάκεΐβεμ LTTrA. ^ ΐπορ^νοντο ίλτ. 
' yvoL LTTiA. •» /χετά τρεΓξ ήμ-έρας after three days LTTrA. ° 7ι\θον they came LTTrA. 

° Καφαρναονμ LTTrAW. Ρ — προς εαυτούς LTTrA. ι [ev rfj οΒω] L. ' αν LTTrA. 

' παώίων τούτων of these Uttle children τ. ' δίχηται should receive ττγα. ° απβκρίθη 
[δέ] L ; ϊφη spoke (to him) ττγα. » — ό glw. " — λίγων τ. ^ + iv iiltttaw. 

y — OS JOVK ακο\ουθ€Ϊ ήμίν Ο. 

IX. MAR Κ. 119 

Hulv" και ΗκωΚνσαμΐν'^^ αυτόν, ^οη ονκ.άκολονθεΐ ήμΤν." ^* '"ν^?*^,, ^'"ι ^*^ 
Q, and we forbade him, because he foUows not 'L•. iSi^'s^Baf J Jus sa^id* 

39 'O.Sk.'Inoevc εΖττεν, Μ?).κωλύετε αυτόν' ούδεις.γάο εστίν i^ortid him not: for 

BatJeeus ^ said, ^Forbid not ^ him; for no oL %here is ^ do'a SS^iS 

υς ποιήσει divauiv Ιττί τψ.ονόματί.μον, και ΰυν7)σεται ™y name, that can 

who shall do a work of power in my name, and be able r?^'^^T« ^6*^''^^ i,®^L "^ 

, Λ ~ ' ^ ο " . ; - Λ, V ,..„., ™e. 40 For he that 

ταχν κακοΚογησαι με. 40 oq.yaQ ουκ.εστιν καυ °υμων, υττερ is not against us is 
readily to speak evil of me ; for he who is not against you, for' °\ ^^ Part- 41 For 

, , ' / , , „ / < - / whosoever shall give 

°υμών εστίν. 41 ος.-γαρ.αν ττοτιστ^ υμάς ττοτηριον you a cup of water to 

you is. For whoever may give "to ^drink 'you a cup drink in my name, 

„r. t ~ii , / , J „ ,f ~ , , . > » because ye belong to 

ύδατος εν ''τψ".ονοματι.°μον,^' otl χριστού εστε, αμήν λέγω Christ, verily ι say 
of WBter in my name, because ^Christ's »ye =are, verily I say pnto you, he shall not 

, ^ „, , f, »/ „ , /,^ > ~ JΛτ7-^'^'^ lose Ms reward. 42 And 

νμιν, ^ου.μη ^απολεσγ τον.μισθον.αυτον. 42 Και ος.αν whosoever shall offend 

to you, in no wise should he Ιοίβ his reward. And whoever one of these Uttle ones 

«-.' " ~ ~»~li ' ' that believe in me, it 

σκανοαΚισ-^ ενα των μικρών » των "ττιστευοντων εις is better for him that 

may cause *to 'offend 'one 'of 'the *Uttle *ones who believe in amiUstonewerehang- 

> / 11 > / > , ~ ~» X , , \\ 'n Λ ^ 11 ed about his neck, and 

t)U€," KoXov εστίν αυτψ μάλλον ει -περικειται ^λιθος.μυλικος'' he were cast into the 

me, good it is for him rather if is put a millstone sea. 43 And if thy 

\ \ / Λ J •« Λ rtf n\ » * η '\ hand offend thee, cut 

ττερι τον.τραχηλον.αυτου, και ρερληται εις tijv ϋαλασσαν. j^ og . it is better for 

about his neck, and he has been cast into the sea. thee to enter into life 

43 Και kav ^σκανδαλίζ^^^ σε ν.χείρ.σου,άττόκο^^οναύτήν Τ^Γ^Ι^Ιο ϊο^^Ι 

And if 'should "cause "to Offend *thee 'thy ^hand, cutoff it: hell, into the fire that 

καλόν ^σοι εστιν\• κυλλόν '-εις την ζωήν είσελθεϊν,^• ed?'«^w^rtheir 

good for thee it is maimed into life to enter, [rather] worm dieth not, and 

ή τάς δύο χείρας έχοντα άττελθειν εΙς την γεενναν, εις το ^^ ^^i^a °if ?hy?ooi 

than the two hands having to go away into the Gehenna, into the offend thee, cut it off : 

TTvo TO άσβεστον, 44 "οττου ο.σκώλιιξ.αντών ον.τελευτα, και j* j* ^^Ι^Ζ *?'" *^'^«.^<' 

,~,, ~,,,' , .-, ■ J• ^* J enter halt into life, 

tire the unquenchable, where their worm dies not, and tjj^jj having two feet 

TO πυρ θύ.σβενιη)ται.^^ 4δ και εάν ό.ποΰς.σον σκανδαλίζω **'.^,*'α^* Ψ^° ^®^• 

the fire is not quenched. And if thy foot should cause »to 'offend shlu be quench ΓΙ": 

σε, άττόκοφον αυτόν καλόν ° '^ εστίν σοι" είσελθείν εις την 46 where their worm 

'thee, cutoff it:^ good ^ ^ it is for thee to enter into ^ t^r'e' is not' quenchld' 

ζωι)ν χωλόν, ή τους δύο ττόδας έχοντα βληθήναι εις 47 And if thine eye 

life lame, [rather] than the two feet having to be cast into out^^t^^r'better^for 

την γεενναν, %ίς το πυρ το άσβεστον," 46 ''οττου ό σκώληζ thee to enter into the 

the Gehenna, into the fire the unquenchable. where ^worm kingdom of God with 

, ~ , > ~ , , - , ο ί u An < I . < one eye, than having 

αυτών ου.τελεντα, και το ττυρ ου.σρενννται. 47 και εαν ο two eyes to be cast 
'their dies not, and the fire is not quenched. And if into hell fire : 48 where 

,, f\'v " /o \ ' ' \ ' their worm dieth not, 

οφθαλμος.σου σκανοαλιζ^ σε, εκβαλε αυτόν καλόν and the fire is not 

thine eye should cause ^to -'offend 'thee, cast out it: good quenched. 49 For every 

,,,, //ΐΛ > \ r\ ~ ' <ΛΛ' - one shall be salted with 

'σοι εστίν μονοφθαλμον εισελΰειν εις την ρασιλειαν του fire, and every sacrifice 

for thee it is with one eye to enter into the kingdom shall be salted with 

η ~ •^r^/),/Ί^ <" ^>n~ ' " ', salt. 50 Salt is good : 

θεου, η cvo οφθαλμούς έχοντα βληΰηναι εις την γεεν- 

ofGK>d,[r»ther] than two eyes having to be cast into the Gehen- 

vav ^Tol• ττνρός," 48 όττου ό.σκωληζ.αύτών ού.τίλευτ^^ και το 

na of fire, where their worm dies not, and the 

ττϋρ οΰ.σβ'εννυται. 49 Πας.γάρ ττυρι αλισθησεται^ "^καί 

dre is not quenched. For everyone with fire shall be salted, and 

ττάσα θυσία άλι αλισθησεταϋ^ 50 καλόν το '^ίίλας," 

every sacrifice with salt shall be salted. Good [is] the salt, 

* εκωλυομεν TTrA. ^ [otl ovk άκολουββί ήμΐν] Tr ; δτι ονκ ήκολουβει ημΐν because he wa.s 
not following us τ. ο ημών us ETXrAW. <= — τώ GLTXrAW. ^ — μου (read [my]) gltta. 
« + oTt that [L]TTrA. f απολέσει shall he lose LTr. s + τοντων {read of these little ones) 
LTTr[A]. *> πίστιν «χόρτων have faith a ; — ets έμβ τ. ' μύλος όνικος, millstone turned by 
an ass lTTtA. ^ σκανδαλίσγι τ. ' ecrriv σε LTTtA. •» βίσελββίν eis την ζωην LTTrAW. 

η — verse 44 τ[τγ]. ° + [γαρ] for l. ρ εστίν σε LTTrAW. q — εις το ττνρ το ίσβΐστον 
[L]Trr[A]. ' — verse 46 τ[τγ]. ^ σε έστιν ΤΤγα. ' — τοΰ ττυρός LTTrA. " — kou 

πάσα θννία. όλΐ άλισβησεται τ[Τγ]. ^ όίλα Τ. 

120 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. IX, Χ. 

i'o'kfssauUtwW 1«^?,ΐ;^ ""λ«ί" «^«^«^ ρνηται, ίν Hvi αυτό άρτνσετε; 

mth will ye season it ? °^^ " '"^ ^*1' saltless is become, with what it will ye Beoson ? 

one with another. Have in yourselves salt, and be at peace with one another. 

X And he aro^e ^^ ^Κάκεϊθεν" άναστάς 'ίρχεται εις ra όρια τής'Ιονδαίας^ 

from thonco, and corn- ^^^ thence rising up he comes into the borders of Judasa, 

Judffli bv^le°farther ^^*" '^°^" ^^P"^ ''0^' Ίο/οοάνου" καί ^συμτΓορεΰονταύ^ τταΚιν 

side of Jordan': and ^^ ^^^ other side of the Jordan, And come together again 

Wm^a °?in ^^and* ""^h" ^'X^^'' ""P^? avTov, καΐ ώς είώθξί πάλιν ΙδίδασκΐΛ/ 

w^ "won^ ' he ta'nght ^'''o^^*^ *° him, and as he had been accustomed again ho taught 

them again. 2 And the avTOVc. 2 Kai ττροσελθόντεο ^oV^ ΦαρισαΙοι '^ίττηρώτησαν^ 

Sraskld'Sm?^'it t^^-• . „^d doming to ^ [him] the Pharisees ''Iskad 

lawful for a m^ to avTov Bi βζεστιν avdpl γυναίκα άττολϋσα/, ττειράζοντες 

tern tin'^^him 3^d ^^^ ^ ^* *® lawful for a husband a wife to put away, tempting 

he answered and said αυτόν. 3 όΜ άποκριθεις είττεν αΰτοΧς, Τί ΰμΐν Ινετείλατο 

unto them, "Wliat did him. But he answering ' said to them, "\That 'you 'did *comniiind 

Moses command you? , ~ ,, ^< ^> - η r ~ , / ι η η r3\ ' > 

4 And they said, Moses "Μωσί/ς , 4 Οι.ϋ£ ^είπορ,^ ^Μωσης εττετρεψεΐ' βιβλιον αττο- 

euffered to write a bill ■•'Moses? And they said, Moses allowed a bill of di- 

of divorcement, and to , , , « . n- ~ ^\ , η ^ •ιι »τ 

put her away. 5 And στασιου γραψαι, και απολυσαι. 5 SKai αποκρωεις ο" Ιησούς 

Jesus answered and vorce to write, and to put away. And answering Jesus 

said unto them, i or the _ ,.^_-., , - ^,.^» ι t,. 

hardnessof your heart είττεν αυτοις, ΙΙρος τήν.σκληροκαρόιαν.νμων εγραψεν υμιν 

he wrote you this pre- said to them, In view of your hardheartedness he ^Tote for you 

cept. 6 But from the s)^> / f% , ^ ^y >~ / « % 

beginning of the ere- την.εντολην.ταντην' Ό ατΓΟ.ύε αρχηζ κτίσεως αρσεν και 

ation God made them this commandment ; but from [the] beginning of creation male and 

male and female. 7 For λ~λ > ' > < ii < η ' ii η «> ' \ ' ι 

this cause shall a man σηλυ εποιησεν αυτους '^o θεός." 7 ένεκεν τούτου καταλείψει 

leave his father and female "made 'them 'God. On account of this shall *leave 

mother, and cleave to^n < r t " \ . r \ \ -v 

his wife ; 8 and they άνθρωπος τον.ττατερα.αυτου και την μητέρα, ^και προσκολ- 

twain shall be one 'a -man his father and mother, and shall be 

n" mo?e''twain7but ^ηθήσεται^^ ^ιτρός την.γυναΧκαΚαϋτον, 8 και ίσονται οι δύο 

one flesh. 9 What joined to his wife, and ■'shall *be 'the ■'two 

jofned''''tog?th^er,^"'i «'^ «^«P*^" f^'"^' '^στε ούκέτι είσιν δύο, αλλά μία σαρξ. 9 δ 

not man put asunder "o'" 'flesh *one; so that no longer are they two, but one flesh. \ATiat 

Ms^cip^sasLd^lT ^,^^r ^i'^^ "Tf'^'^i''' άνθρωπος μη χωριζετω. ΙΟΚαιΗν 

again of the same tliei"efore God united together, 'man 'let 'not separate. And in 

'""th^' th '^wh'^" ''^ oi'fci^c" πάλιν οΊ.μαθηταί.°^αύτοΰ^^ περί ^τοΰ.αύτοϋ^^ "ίττί/- 

soever^shaU put away the house again his disciples concerning the same thing 

his wife, and marry ρώτησαν^' αύτόν. 1 1 καΐ λίγει αύτοίς, "Ος.Ρέάν" απόλυση 

Xltery agSfher '^^^^'^ **'""• And he says to them. Whoever should put away 

12 And if a woman τήν.γυνάϊκα.αύτου και yauijay άΧλην, μοιχάται ίπ' 

ϊ. ν ζ^*' aivay her jjjg y^^ ^u^ should marry another, commits adultery against 

husband, and bo mar- , , , , , ,,»/.,,►* , I, ,.. 

ried to another, she αυτην. 12 και tav '^■γυνη απολνσψ τον.ανδρα.αυτης ^και" 

committeth adultery. ^or. And if a woman should put away her husband and 

13 And they brought ^γα^>;θ|/ άλλψ," μΟίχάταΐ. 

young chil dren to him, i^o married to another, she commits adultery, 
that ho should touch ,„ „ , » . ~ »,, t< „ ι , ^ 

them: and /tis disci- 13 Kai προσεφερον αυτψ παιόια, iva αψηται αυτών' 
pies rebuked those that And they brought to him little children, that he might touch them, 

brought i/icj/t. 14 But . t.> λ . > ' ~ ,» τ ^ 'j• < μ 

when Jesus saw it, he oiM μαθηται ίπετιμων τοις προσφερονσιν. 14 ιόων.όέ 

was much displeased, But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. But having seen [it] 
and said unto tlicin, f >. ~ > / < τ > ~ > . . , ^, 

Suffer the little child- Ο Ιησους ηγανακτηοεν, και είπεν αυτοις, Αψετε τα παιόια 

ren to come unto me, Jesus was indignant, and said to them. Suffer the little children 

'^ όϊλα Τ. » όίλα LTIYA. y και eKsiOev LTPrAW. ' και and LTTrA. « σνι/πορευοί'τοι τα. 
•> — οι GLTr AW. <= ίπηρώτων were asking LTIYA. '' Μωί^σήϊ LTTtAw. « elnav LTTrA, 

^ enerpeipev Mwiitnjs LTTrA ; Μωϋσήϊ iner. W. g ό δέ but ΤΓγΑ. ^ — ό βεός (read he 

made them) [L]TTr[A]. ' — καΐ προσκοΚληθήσίται τ. ^ rrj γυναικί l ; — προς τημ 

SvaiKa Τ. ' eis την οΐκίαν LTTrA. ■" — αΰτοΰ (read the disciples) [L]TTr[A]. " τούτον 
is LTTrA. ο ίττηρώτων were asking ta. ρ iv LTTfa. ί αΰτη απολνσασα she putting 
a"way otta. ' — καΐ ττγα. • -γαμησγι άλλον should mairy another lttta. 

χ. MAR Κ. 121 

ϊρχεσθαι ττρός με, Vai" μή.κωλνετε αυτά• τών.γάο.τοιούτων ^^'^ forbid them not: 
to come to me, and do not hinder them; forofsnch dom οΓθ«<ί 15 \^S^ 

εστίν ή βασιλεία τον θεον' 15 αμήν λέγω νμίν, ocJkav' ι say onto you, \vhe- 

13 the kingdom of God. vrrily I Bay to you, ^Vhoeyer soever BhaU not receive 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ . ^, , , the kingdom of Groda3 

μ7].οεξηται την βασιΧειαν του θεοΰ ως παιοιον, οϋ.μή a little chad, he shaU 

BhaU not receive the kingdom of God as a little child, in no wise ^°\ ,^ΐ*"^, therein. 

, , , , , ~Z , , , , 16 And he took them 

εισελσ^ εις αυτήν. Ιο Και εναγκαΧισαμενος αυτά, '" πρ in his arms, put 

shall enter into it. And having taken =in L^his] *arm.s 'them, Λ« hands upon them, 

. , , ^ > ■ > . , \ / ) /• ^^^ blessed them. 

τίθεις τας χείρας ετΓ αυτά ^ηνλογει αυτά. 

having laid [hie] hands on them he blessed them. 

17 Καί εκπορενομενον.αύτον εις όδόν, προσ^ραμών εις καί 

And ;; 3 he went forth into [the] way, ^running up 'one and 

γονυττετησας αυτόν επηρώτα αυτόν, Διδάσκαλε άγαθε, τι ,, α λ >, ν 

kneeling down to him ^ ^ asked him, ^ -^Teacher _ 'good, what g^'^^X^^^? f„« ^^ 

ποιήσω 'ίνα ζωήν αίώνιον κληρονομήσω; 18 Ό.θί-Ί7?σοΰς way, there came one 

shaUIdo that life etomal I may inherit? But Jesus f^?i^'*• f'^'^v^^• 

I , , , V , \ , y to him, and asked nun, 

εΐττεν αύτψ, Τι με λε-γεις αγαθόν, ουδείς αγαθός εί.μή ^οοά Master, what 
said to him. Why me callest thou good? No one [is] good ^^ept ^^^^^^ ^^^^^^.^^^^ I ™^^ 

εΓς, ό θεός. 19 τας εντολάς οΊδας. ί'Μϊ/./ίοιχεύσ^ς• is And Jesus said unto 

one, God. The commandments thou knowest : Thou shouldest not commit ^^^™• ^'^J callest thou 

, , . > » I ™^ good ? tfiere is none 

μη.φονευσ^ς'^ μη.κλεψ^ς• good but one, <Λαί w, 

adultery ; thou shouldest not commit murder ; thou shouldest not steal ; thou ^°Ί• 1^ Thou knowest 

, , ., , , , , , , the commandments, 

μή.-ψευύομαρτυρησγς• μη.αττοστερησ^ς' τίμα τον Do not commit adui- 

shouldest not bear false witness ; thou shouldest not defraud ; honour tery. Do not kill, Do 

. , Λ/Λ </-» S" Η ' η > h τ II not steal, Do not bear 

ττατερα.σον και την μητέρα*. 20 Ο.δε ^αποκριθείς °είπεν" false witness, Defraud 

thy father and mother. And he answering said not, Honour thy father 

,~.»,- >-_ , «Η'^,Λ?-' ' ' ' and mother. 20 And he 

αυτψ, Αώασκαλε, '^ταυτα πάντα" ^εψνλαξαμιρ' εκ νεοτητος answered and said 

to him, Teacher, "these 'all have I kept from "youth unto him, Master, all 

oi «/-» i' 'T - ' .o\ ' / . ~ > ' > » ■ these have I observ- 

uov. 21 Ο.ύε. Ιησούς εμβλεφας αυτψ ηγαπησεν αυτόν, και ed from my youth. 

'my. And Jesus looking upon him loved him, and 21 Then Jesus behold- 

.7 > ^ c-r, ρ 'i « ^ ff 't Μ /^ iner him loved him. 

είπεν αυτψ, Έ,ν «σοι ι^στερει• υπάγε, οσα έχεις πωλη- ^η^ ^^^^ ^^^^ him! 

said to him, One thing to thee is lacking : go, as much as thou hast sell One thing thou laok- 

σον και δός ^οίς' τττωχοΤς, και 'έξεις θησανρόν εν ^^ ' tf^^er thou h^" 

and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treaaure in and give to the poor, 

ούρανφ- και δεΰρο, ακολουθεί μοι, «άρας τον σταυρόν^ 22'Ο.δέ t °etsSr i?^eaveni 

heaven ; and come, follow me, taking up the cross. But he, ^nd come, take up the 

στυγνάσας επι τψ λόγφ άπήλθεν λυπον μένος' ήν.γάρίχων ^°^nd°he wa3**ra™at 

being sad at the word, went away grieved, for he had t)xs.t saving and went 

κτίσματα πολλά. 23 Καί περιβλε-φάμενος ό Ίησοΰς λέγει τοις ζ^^7 grieved : for he 

^ssessions 'many. And looking around Jesus says 33 .aSI'^ Je^is^looked 

μαθηταΐς.αύτον, Πώς ονσκόλως οι τα χρήματα έχοντες εις round about, and saith 

iohisdisciples,^ How difficultly those -^^ric^es 'having into ^*^,^^;|^^1^"?1Γ;• f^^^l 

την βασιλείαν του θεοΰ είσελεύσονται. 24 Ο'ι.δε μαθηται εθαμ- have riches enter into 

the kingdom of God shall enter I And the disciples were as- ^®^°^ ^^^ dLci iei 

βοΰντο επι τοϊς.λόγοις.αύτοΰ. Ό.δ^.'ίησοϋς πάλιν αποκριθείς were astonished at his 

tonished at his words. And Jesna again answering words. But Jesus an- 

, , ., v^ , ., ^ / > / , ; y Λ ' swereth again, and 

λέγει αυτοις,"Ύεκνα,' πως ουσκολον εστίν ^τονς πεποιυοτας saith unto them, chiid- 

says to them. Children, how difficult it is [for] those who trust ren, how hard is it for 

, ,,,,, , H. < 3Λ' -Λ~•>/Ί~ them that trust in 

ετΓΐ "^-οις' χρημασιν εις την βασιλείαν τον βεου εισελυειν. riches to enter into 

in riches into the kingdom of God to enter I the kingdom of God ! 

^_ , , , , , ^ Λ , 1 ~ i, Ν ~ 1 , II 20 It is easier for a 

2o ευκοπωτερον εστίν καμηλον 6ia '■της" τρνμαλιας 'τ/^ς" camel to go through 

Easier it Is [for] a camel through the eye of the the eye of a needle, 

t — και GTTrAW. " av LTTrA. "^ + κατ€νλόγ6ΐ he blesses [them] ττγΑ. » erAoyei 

αντά he blesses them lav ; — ηϋλόγει αυτά ΤΤγΑ. y Μη φονενστ;?, μη μοιχεΰση? L. 

Ι + (7ου thy (mother) LT. * — άττοκριβίΐς τ. •> ίήτη ΤΤτΑ. "= πάντα ταϋτα L. 

^eφύλaξaL•. « σβ thee ΤΑ, ' — rois lttaw. 8 — άρα? τον στανρόν J^lJttt. ^ τΐκνία L. 
' — τούϊ πετΓοιβότας enl τοις χρημασιν τ. ^ — τοις lttaw. ' — της (read an eye of a 

needle) LTrW. 

122 ΜΑΡΚΟ Σ. Χ. 

ίο βηΐβΓίηίοΛβ 1^ Ρ^Φ'-^ος °*είσελθεΙί/, " η πλονσιον εις την βασιλείαν τον θεοΰ 

dom of God. •■ 26 And needle to pass, rhan [for] a rich man into the kingdom of G-od 

they^were aatomshed ζΐσελθέίν. 26 OiJa περισσώς ίζεπλήσσοντο, λέγοντες Trpoij 

amo*ng"^^hemselv^ *** enter. And they exceedingly were astonished, saying among 

Who then can be saved? kavTOVQ, Knl τίς δύναται σωθήναι; 27 'Euβλέ^ί/ας-''δί" αΰτοΪΓ 

upontLmTaith.WUh themselves, And who is able to be saved? But locking on them' 

men it is impossible, ό Ίησονς λέγει, Παρά άνθρώτΓΟίς ° αδύνατον, άλλ' ου τταοά 

tuh'' GoT'aU thinS ^^'"^ '"η• ^''^ "''^'^ '^^ ^^ impossible, but not with 

areposeible. 28 Then Ρτφ^^ θεφ' ττάντα.-γάρ δυνατά Ίέσην" τταρα τω θεώ. 28 'Kcu" 

Peter began to say Qq^ for aU things =^oesible >are with God. And 

unto aim, L•o, we have »„ ,, \/i> >/< 

left all, and have foi- ηρξατο Ό ΤΙετρος λεγειν" αύτψ, Ιδου, ϊ/αείς άώήκαμεν ττάντα, 

lowed thee. 29 And -„egan 'Peter to say to him, Lo, we left all, 

Jesus an-wered and , , , ; η \ ^ < > 

said. Verily I say unto και ^ήκολουσησαμεν" σοι. 29 ' Αττοκρισεις-οε υ Ιησούς είττεν,'^ 

you. There is no man and foUowed thee. But answering Jesus said, 

that hath left house, , ν λ f < ~ i <? / i .< , ^ , , « > ^ λ > 

or brethren, or sisters, Αμήν λέγω νμιν, ονοεις εστίν ος αφηκεν οικιαι>, η αδελφούς, 

or father, or mother, Yerily I say to you, No one there is who has left house, or brothers, 

or wife, or children, '>)5ι^.' „» / λ / u»» ~ nn» η 

or lands, for my sake, η αόελφας, "ϊ/ πάτερα, η μητερα,^^ ^η -γυναίκα, η τέκνα, η 

and the gospel's, 30 but or sisters, or father, or mother, or wife, or children, or 

he shall receive an > / »« , ~ , „ -, , ν , „ „ , , i \ / /i 

hundredfold now in αγρονς, ένεκεν εμου και ' τον ευαγγελίου, 30 εαν.μη.λαρη 
this time, houses, and lands, for the sake of me and of the glad tidings, that shall not reoeive 

brethren, and sisters, < λ' ~ i - ~ , .- ν'ΐ-Λ 

and mothers, and εκατονταττλασιονα νυν εν τψ.καιρψ.τοντψ, οικίας και αόελ- 

children, and lands, a hundredfold now in this time : houses and bro- 

^*th^°worw"to^come Φ^^ζ ί^"' ά,δελφάς και ^μητέρας' και τέκνα και αγρούς, μετά 
eternal life. 31 But thers and sisters and mothers and children and lands, with 
Xlf b^'last Tand^he διωγμών, καΐ εν τψ αίώνι τφ.ερχομενφ ζωήν αιώνων. 31 ττολ- 

last first. persecutions, and in the age that is coming life eternaL *Many 

λοί δε έσονται πρώτοι 'έσχατοι, και "^οίΐ' έσχατοι πρώτοι. 

'but *shall ^be ^flrst last, and the last first. 

32 And they were in 32 ^Ησαν.οέ tv Ty 6δφ άναβαίνοντες εις Ιεροσόλυμα' καΐ 

the way going up to ^^j ^l^ey -^Q^e in the way going up to Jerusalem, and 

Jerusalem; and Jesus _ , ,,,,_, ,λ /-, - κ mi 

went before them: and ήν προαγων αΐ'τονς Ο Ιησους, και εθαμβονντο, "και" 

theywereamazed;and -was agoing "on "before Hhem 'Jesus, and they were astonished, and 

as they followed, they .x^~ >.o~ < >o' 'n< 

were afraid. And he οκοΧουσουντες εφορουντο. και παραλαρων πάλιν τους 

took again the twelve, following were afraid. And having taken to [him] again the 

and began to tell them ^,^ „„ ,~λ» , ,λ» , ^ 

what things should οωοεκα, ηρί^ατο αυτοις λέγειν τα μέλλοντα αντψ 

happen unto him, twelve, he began them to tell the things which were about ^to *hiin 

33 saying, Behold, we ο / . qq «^ 'j ' ' /d ' ' «τ <■» ^ 

go up to Jerusalem ; συμβαινειν 33 On, ιδου, αναβαινομεν εις Ιεροσόλυμα, και 

and the Son of man 'to '^happen : Behold, we go up to Jerusalem, and 

shall be delivered unto '>v ~,λ/ S/v' ^ < ^ , 

the chief priests, and ^ ^^ος TOv άνθρωπου παραόοθτισεται τοις αρχιερευσιν και 

unto the scribes ; and the Son of man wiU be delivered up to the chief priests and 

thev shall condemn r• -^ ι "- ^ "- » ^ /» ' \ 

ωώ to death, and shall '^^ις γραμματευσιν, και κατακρινουσιν αυτόν θανατφ, και 

deliver him to the to the scribes, and they will condemn him to death, and 

K'mock Vim'l Ώ τταραδώσουσιν αυτόν τοις έθνεσιν, 34 και εμπαίξουσιν αύτφ, 
ehaU scourge him, and will deliver up him to the Gentiles. And they will mock him, 

ar^^^sh^n km"^ hi™'• ''"^"^ μαστιγώσονσιν αυτόν, και εμπτύσουσιν αντψ,^^ καΐ άττο- 

and the third day he and will scourge him, and mil spit upon him, and will 

shaU rise agam. κτενούσιν ^αύτόν'^^ και hy TpiTy t)μέp<jί^^ άναστησεται. 

kill him ; and on the third day he will rise again. 

35 And James and λ•-ι/-χ ' >-^'¥',o ^'τ/ ..«h 

John, the sons of Ze- 3o Και προσπορευονται αυτψ Ιάκωβος και Ιωάννης »οι" 

bedee, come unto him. And come up to him James and John, the 

■n fiteXfletf EGLTTrAW. ° — δβ but TTrA. " + [τοΰτο'] this [is] L. ρ — τω TTrAW. 

5 — έστιν (fead [are]) TXr. "^ — καΐ glttiaW. * λε'γβιι/ ό Πέτρος Τλ. *■ ηκολονθηκαμΐν 
have followed LXTrAW. ' αποκριθΐΐς (omit but) ό Ίησοΰς elnei/ glti w ; ϊφη 6 Ιησούς 

Jesus said ( — άττοκ. 6e) TA. *" η μητέρα, η πατέρα LTTrA. » — η γυναίκα LTTrA. 

y -τ eVe/cev for the sake G[L]TTrAW. ^ μητέρα mother LTr. » — ol glw. »> ol δ• 

and those ΤΤι•. "= — τοΙς l. "^ και έμπτυσουσιν αύτω, καΐ μαστιγώσονσιν αύτοι/ LTTi Α. 

e — αυτόν {read {him]) [L]T[Tr]. f μετά τρεις ημέρας after three days LTTrA. s — ol A. 

χ. MAR Κ. 123 

νιοι Ζεβξδαίον, λέγοντες^, διδάσκαλε, θέλομεν 'ίνα ο.Ιάν ^^^?' ^^*®'"'th^® 

sons of Zebedee, saying, Teacher, we desire that whatever ^"'uldest do for us 

αίτησωμεν ^ ποιήσγς ημϊν. Ββ'Ο.δε εΙπεταντοϊς,Ύί θέλετε 7'^^^°°ΤΙ^α ^\ *^'*μ 

wemayask thouwotddestdoforus. And he said to them, What do ve desire ^^"0^" them T^at 

^ποίησαί αε" νμϊν; 37 Οΐ.δε ^εϊπον αύτφ, Αός ήμΐν, 'ίνα εΐς would ye that ΐ should 

to 'do 'me for yon? And they said to him, Give tons, that one d» for you? 37 They 

_ , , / 1 n, , saia unto mm. Grant 

■*£« ίεξιώι/.σου" και εΐς " εξ '*ίυωνυμων^'σον" καθισωμεν εν imto us that we may 

at thy right hand and one at thy left hand we may sit in sit, one on thy right 

^,1 «^ I Λ, > ~ t » •. Λ> >'/ ' hand, and the other on 

τΌ.οοζν.σον. 38 Ο.δε. Ιησούς είττεν αυτοις, Ουκ.οιόατε τι thy left hand, in thy 

thy glory. But Jesus said to them, Te tnow not what &1?!7• 38 But Jesus 

,•'-'., η ^ , , « , » - η Ml > said unto them Te 

αιτεισθε. δννασθί ττιειν το ποτηριον ο «γω πίνω, ίκαι" το know not what ye 

ye ask. Are ye able to drink the cup which I drink, and *the ask: can ye (irlnk of 

-, , ry > % r» >v m r\~ ihe eup that I drink 

ρατΓΤίσμα ο εγω βαπτίζομαι, ρα7Γτισΰ7]ναι ; of? and be baptized 

"baptism 'which *I ^am '"baptized ["with], Ho ^e ^baptized [«with] ?- with the baptism that 

^ ^ I am baptized with ? 

39 Οΐ.ίέ ^εΐποί'^^ αντψ, Αννάμεθα. Ό.δέ.Ιησονς ε'ίττεν αντοΊς, so'And they said unto 

And they said to him. We are able. But Jesus said to them, him, We can. And Je- 

Ίό '/ifv" ΤΓΟτηριον ο εγώ πίνω, πίεσθε' και το βάπτισμα Ye shall indee°d driS 

The^indeed 'cup which I drink, ye shall drink ; and the baptism of the cup that I drink 

δ ίγώ βαπτίζομαι, βαπτισθήσεσθε' ^0 το. δ ε.καθί- tin'lLTi Ιί'Ιΐ^ 

which Ι am baptized [with], ye shall be baptized [with] ; but to sit tized withal shall ye 

σαι kK δείιών.μου imi" έξ ενωννμων.'μον' ονκίστιν εμόν ^t^on mf righ?hL'd 

at my right hand and at my left hand is not mine and on my left hand 

δούναι, άΧΚ' οΐς ύτοίμασται 4.1 Και άκουσαν- ^^-^^^^J-^^^^^^^ 

to ^ve, but [to those] for whom it has been prepared. And having ;;;g„, f^^. ^^^^ it ig 

τες oi δέκα ήρξαντο άγανακτεΐν περί Ιακώβου και i'i®P?^®'V^^"v^ii®'^ 

heard [this] the ten began to be indignant about James and began to be much dS 

Ιωάννου. 4:2^6.δί.'ΐησοϋς προσκαλεσάμενος αντονς'^ λέγει P^^^f*^ ^}^^ James 

John. But Jesus " having called to ['him] Hhem says calkd tW "o 1^ 

αύτοίς, ΟΊδατε οτι oi δοκοϋντες άργειν των εθνών and saith unto them, 

to them, Teknow that those who are accounted to rule over the nations 3^-5^°"^ that they 
' ., ^ < / , ^ / wnich are accounted 

κατακυριεύουσιν αυτών και οι.μεγαλοι.αντών κατεΕουσιαζου- to rule over the Gen- 
exercise lordship over them ; and their great ones exercise authority ^^^ exercise lordship 
, , f/ »., » II > < >>Λ' °'''^'" tfaem; and their 
σιν αυτών. 43 ουχ ούτως δε ^εσται' εν υμιν αλλ great ones exercise 
over them ; not thus however shaU it be among you ; but authority upon them, 
η ,.< II λ'> ^ ' /I ' 1 ' < •. » ,-v / 43 But so shall It not 

ος.'^εαν^^ θελ•^ ^γενέσθαι μεγας^ εν υμιν, εσται ^ΰιακονος be among you: but 

whoever desires to become great among you, shall be ''servant whosoever will be 
, ^ Η ΛΑ < « Λ-ν π n'\ h' ~ II ο ' η II - » ?reat among you, 

υμών.'' 44 και ος.^αν^ θελ^ °υμων" '^γενέσθαι' πρώτος, εσται shaU be your minister: 

'your; and whoever desires of you to become first, shall be 44 and whosoever of 

/ ϊ.~Λ ^c >,<<. _,^, 'ΤΛ/1 you will bethechief- 

παντων οουΧος 4o και.γαρ ο νιος του άνθρωπου ουκ.ήΑθεν est, shall be servant 

*of 'all 'bondman. For even the Son of man came not of all. 45 For even the 

s n~ '>\'? ~ <J~ '/ ' >- Son of man came not 

διακονηθηναι, άλλα οιακοΊτησαι, και ΰουναι την. ψυχην. αυτού to be ministered unto. 
to he served, but to serve, and to give his life but to minister, and 

Χύτρον αντί πολλών. ΤοΆ'^ί' " '■*°" 

a ransom for many. 

JO tr - d" II ' e>T '11 - ' ' , - 46 And they came 

4o Kat "έρχονται" εις ^Ιεριχώ•" και εκπορενομενον.αυτου to Jericho : and as he 

And they come to Jericho ; and as he was going out went out of Jericho 

> » -i_ , η ^ ., η - y - x»> < ~ with his disciples and 

απο * Ιεριχώ," και των.μαθητων.αυτου, και οχλον ικανού, a great number of peo- 

from Jericho, and his disciples, and a ^crowd 'large, pie, blind Bartimsus, 

f««rn ' T> ' «r'll j><hft 1 'Π ' ' the SOU of Timssus, sat 

'νιος Τίμαιου Βαρτιμαιος bq" τυφλός °* έκαθητο πάρα την by the highway side 

a son ofTimEeus, Bartimseus the blind [man], was sitting beside the begging. 47 And when 

1» + αύτω to him [lIttfa. • + σβ thee ltttaw. ^ «-οιησω I should do ltt ; με 

ποιήσω Τ. ' elirav LTTrA. "" σον eK δεξιών TTrA. ° + σον thy T. " αριστερών ττγΑ. 

Ρ — σον (read [thyl left hand) [lJttfa. i η or LTTrA. ' είπαν lttfa. ' — μεν ττγα. 
' — μου (read [my] left hand) GLTTrAW. ^ και ηροσκαλεσάμενος αντονς b Ίησοΰί lttta. 

^ «στιν it is LTTrA. * av LTTr. J μέγας "γενέσθαι ΤΤτ. « νμών διάκονος GLTTrAW. 

*■ eav ΟΤγα. "^ ev νμΐν among you l. <= είναι to be LTr. <i έρχεται he comes l. ^ Ίερειχώ Τ. 
f + 6 the (son) ltttaw. s - ό (read ablind [man]) lttfa. •>» + προσαίτης a beggar ττγα. 

124 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. Χ, XL 

he heard that it was όδόν^ττροσαίτών." 47 καΐ άκούσας (Jri Ίί/σοϋς ό ''ΝαζωραΙός" 

beg^ °to c^"iit, and ^''■J"' begging. And having heard that Jesus the NazarKan 

Bay, Jcsns thoii Son Ισην^ ήρξατο κράζίΐν καί λέγειν, ^'0 υίος" '^Ααβίδ," Ίησον, 

onme «ITdmlny ,,ί* ^Λ^- ^^ »'«&*° to cry out and to say, Son of David, Jesns. 

charged him that he (',»• r ie> aq ir ^ > ' .~λ^,.' 

should hold his peace : tAiijffoj' /xE. 4o Και eTTfrijUwv αυτ*^ τΓολλοι iva σιωττήσ^• 

but he cried the more have pity on me. And 'rebuked 'him 'many that he should ha silent; 

a great deal, 2%ί«ί Son , ^, >\ ~ ~> \ » ν λπ» i m » /^'^ n »•% ' • 

of David, have mercy 0-Ot 7Γολ\ψ μαλΚον ίκραζξν, Tu ^AafiiC, ίλεησον με. 

on me. 49 And Jesus but he much more cried out, Son of David, have pity on me. 

stood still, and com- .p. ^r •• • • »τ ~ η τ » < j λ~ ii « 

manded him to be 49 Και στας Ο Ιησονς ^είττεν αυτόν φωνηθηναι•" και 

called. And they call And 'having ^stopped 'Jesus asked for him to be called. And 

nn^to^him,X°of''Sod ψωνονσιν Tov τνφλόν, XkyovTEQ αΰτψ, θάρσει• 

comfort, rise ; ho they call the blind [man], saying to liim, Bo of good courage ; 

hrc-tlnraway\"i^ °ίγ€ΐραι," φωνΒΪ σε. 50 'OM άττοβαλών τόΑμάηον.αύτοΰ, 

garment, rose, and rise up, he calls thee. And he casting away his garment, 

Ss^^aSred' tnd ^άναστάς' ί]λθεν7Γρός TOP Ίησοΰν 51 και αποκριθείς 'iXkyu 

said unto him, What having risen up he came to Jesus. And answering '■'says 

^^nto"" thee ?''' The αϋτφ 6' Ιησούς, ^^ Ύί 'θέλεις ττοιησω σοί;^^ ΌΜ τνώΧός 
bUnd^man said unto to*him 'Jesus, What dost thou desire I should do to thee ? And the blind 

him Lord, that^i ειττει-- αύτψ, ^'Po/3/3oj/i," 'ίνα άναβλε•φω. 52 Ό.δ^.'Ιη- 

right 52^ And Jeras C™^•^] said to him, Rabboni, that I may receive sight. And Je- 

said unto him. Go thy αοΰς εΤττεν αύτψ, "Ύπαγε' η.ττίστις.σου σέσωκεν σε. Και 

StheIwMe.'Ci "" , -ί^ /«^i-' «°> , , ^^^ί•^^*^ ^^ has healed thee. _ And 

immediately he receiv- 'ευθέως" άνέ/3λεψει\ και ήκολούθει ''τφ'ίησοΰ'^ εν ry υδψ. 

ed his sight, and fol- immediately he received sight, and followed Jesus in the way. 

lowed Jesus in theway. •' , „ , ,v , , > ' n > η > 

XL And when they 11 K«i οτε ίγγιζονσιν εις ^Ιφουσαλ/;/^," ^εις Βηθφαγ}] 

came nish to Jerusa- And when they drew near to Jerusalem, to Bethphage 

!Sd' Be"than?!^af the f«' Βηθαρίαν,'^ ττρός TO δρος των Έλαιών, ^άττοστέλλει" δύο 

mount of Olives, he and Bethany, towards the mount of Olives, he sends two 

i^*^d*cip°ies'' 2^and Τ S)V. μαθητών. avTOv, 2 και λέγει αντοϊς, "Τττάγετε εις την 

saith imto them. Go ο* bis disciples, and says to them, Go into the 

your jv.ay into «le ^K i,^^^^j^ χην_κατεναντι υμών και ^ευθέως" είσπορενόμενοι εις 

&ad as*'soon'^M'ye°be village, that opposite you, and immediately entering into 

T*fi*^fi Λ^^° it^'f ^d "'''")'^ ευρησετε ττώλον δεδεμενον, t<p' ov ουδείς^ ανθρώπων^ 

hereon never man '* ^^ ^'^ ^^'^ ^ '=°^*• *''"^' "I*"" ^^''^ ^° °^^ °* ™^° 

sat; loose him, and κεκάθικεν '^λύσαντες avTOV^^ "^άγάνεΓε." 3 και εάν tic ΰμίν 

^^^^.1"^'.^;-,^7^^1 has sat: having loosed it lead [it]. And if anyone to yon 

any man sayuntoyou, ^ ___ ^ ti t / _ , 

Why do ye this? sav εϊττη, Τί τΓοιεΊτε TovTO ; ειττατε, * On" ο κύριος αυτόν χρείαν 

nled"^of*\h^'"•^ ^and ®^^' '"^^ ^''^'^ *^'^^ ^■''^' '^^^ '^°^^ """^ *'* *'°'^ 

straightway he will «χει* καΙ '^ευθέως" avTOV ^άποστελεΧ^^^ ωδε. 4 '^'Απί/λθοϊ^.ίέ," 

send him hither. 4 And 1),.^^ and immediately it he will send hither. And they departed, 

they went their wav, , _ υη < n ~> t. ?> ί \ \» \ η η' «y ! % 

and found the colt tied Km ενρον^ Tov^^ ττωλον οεοεμενον ττρος Ti)v uvpav ίξω εττι 

by the door without in and found the colt tied at the door without, by 

a place where two ways _,,« ^>/ »» r. / -,>~< 

met ; and they loose TOV αμφοδου, και λνουσιν avTOV. 5 και τίνες των εκεί εστη- 

him. 6 And certain of the cross way, and they loose it. And some of those there stand- 

themthat stood there , „^ > ~ m' -- λ ' ' ~\ a r\• ϊΐ 

said unto tliem, AVhat κοτων ελεγον αντοις, 1 1 ττοιειτε λυοντες τον ΤΓ ωλον, Ό Ό ι.οε 

do ye, loosing the colt ? ing said to them, What are ye doing loosing the colt? Andthey 

6 And they said unto _,„ τ ii > ~ n' nn' 'Λ ii < 'τ ~ . ' >j~ 

them even us ""είΤΓΟί'" αυΓΟίς καθως ""ίΐ^ετ-ειλατο" Ο Ιησονς' και αφηκαν 

commanded : and they said to them as '•^commanded 'Jesus. And they allowed 

> — προσαιτών TTrA. ^ 'Ναζαρηνός LTTrA. ' Yte iTTr. •" AaveiS LTTrA ; Δαυίδ OW. 

" elwev, φωνησατε αΰτόί' said, call ye him TTrA. " eyeipe OLTITAav. ρ άναττηδησας having 
leaped up LTTrAW. <i αΰτώ ό Ίησοΰς elnep Jesus said to him ttiA. ■■ σοι βελεις ποιήσω; Τ. 
• "Ραββοννί GLTTΓAΛV. ^ ίΰβν? ττγα. " αΰτω him GLTTrAW. " Ιεροσόλυμα LTTrAW. 

» καΙ ei? Βηθανιαι/ LT. >' άττίστειλει/ he sent L. ^ ενθυς TTrA. =ι + οϋπω not yet {read 

no one yet) LTr. ^ + οϋττω τ. <= λύσατε αντΌν και loose it and lttfa. '' φβ'ρβτβ 

bring TTrA. " — Ότι LTTrA. f εύβύϊ LTTrA. κ άτΓοσ-τί'λλβι he sends OLTTrAW. 

•» + πάλιν back TTr. '■' και άττηλθον LTTrA. '" — τοί' (read a colt) olttaw. ''^ — ttjc 
(read a door) Tr A. ^^ είπαν τ. "» eiTrei/ said LTTrA. 

XI. MAR Κ. 12δ 

αυτούς. 7 και "τ/γαγον" τον ττώΧον προς τον Ίησοϋν καν 1" *^®™ ζ°• ^J -^ 

them.' And tL/led^ the ^ colt Γο ^ ^e^. And iKusTnl^stXl* 

Ρέττεβαλον" «υτώ τά.'ιμάτια.αντών, και εκάθισεν εττ' '^αντφ'^^ garments on him; 

they cast upon it ^ ^ their garment^s, and ^ he sat ^ on it; TiiTmannpr^d 

8 'τΓολλοί.ίί" τά.ϊμάτια.αυτών έστρωσαν εις την όδόν aXXoi.Sk t^ieii• garments in the 

and manv their garments strewed on the way, and others J^^ ' J^^^ ?^^^l ί?^ 

. „ . , ^ ?./ t. Λ V , down branches ofE the 

^στοιβάδας' ^εκοπτον^^ εκ των''οενδρων, '^και εστρωννυον trees, and strawed 

branches were catting down from the trees, and were strewing f^^* IV; ^^^ "^^^y• ^ ^^^ 

, - , ., ^ , , , , , , ^ Λ - *^^y *^*^* '^ent before, 

εις την οΰον." 9 και οι ττροαγοντες και οι ακολουθούν- and they that foi- 

rthemlon the way. And those going before and those follow- lo'^ed, cried, saying, 

\, V ,Λ ' 1 "/^ ' .N ' < Hosanna; Blessed is 

τες εκραζον, '■λέγοντες, Ωσαννά• ευλογημένος ο he that oometh in the 

ing were crying out, saying, Hosanna I blessed [he] he who name of the Lord : 

, / , , , , τ rv ' Λ ' ' ' 10 blessed be the king- 

ερχομενος εν ονόματι κυρίου. Ιϋ ευλογημένη ή ερχο- dom of our father 

comes in [the] name of [the] Lord. Blessed [be] the com- David, that cometh in 

' /J \ ' η> ι ' 'Ί ~ \ t ^ the name of the Lord : 

μένη βασίλεια >εν ονόματι κυρίου' του.ττατρος.ημων Hosanna in the high- 

ing kingdom 'in [*the] 'name *of ['the] '"Lord 'of "our ^father est. 11 And Jesus en- 

^Δα/3/5•" 'Ωσαννά ίν τοΊς ^ίστοις. Π Και είσήλθεν εΙς lnfi^O\lT^^^u\ 

*Davu Hosanna in the highest 1 And -entered ^nto and when he had look- 

'Ιεροσόλυμα -οΊησοΰς καί" εις το ιερόν και ττεριβλεφάμενος :?/?Ss!''^d Tw 

♦Jerusalem 'Jesus and into the temple ; and having looked round on the eventide was come, 

ττάντα, Ηώίας^^ ηδη ούσης της ώρας, εξήλθεν εΙς Βηθανίαν ^^"^^thUrtwefvei"" 

all things, late already being the hour, he went out to Bethany 

μετά των δώδεκα. 

with the twelve. 

12 Και Ty επαύριον εξελθόντων αυτών άπο Βηθανίας, 

And on the morrow ^having ^gone *out 'they from Bethany, 12 And on the mor- 

, / TO ' 'S•' ~ c 'n " J 'Λ\ '■°^> ■«'hen they were 

επεινασεν 13 και ιδων συκην '^ μακρόθεν εχουσαν ψυλλα, come from Bethany, 

he hungered. And seeing a fig-tree afar off having leaves, he was hungry : 13 and 

TN /J > » d < ' II » ' ~• > 'Λ Λ ' ' ' seeing a fig tree afar 

ήλθεν ει apa °ευρησει η" εν αυτ^' και ελθων επ off having leaves, he 

he went if perhaps he will find anything on it. And having come to came, if haply he 

αύτην, ουδέν εΐ'ρεν εί.μή φύλλα'^ ^ού.γάρ.Ί]ν καιρός" σύκων, thereon: and^hen he 

it, nothing he found except leaves, for it was not [the] season of figs, came to it, he found 

14 και αποκριθείς «ο'Ιησονς^^ είπεν αϋτγ, Μηκετι Ηκ σου εις ^°^^1ΐξ t^* of7g^ 

And ''answering 'Jesus said to it. No more of thee for was not j/et. 14 And 

τον αίώνα}^ '^μηδεις^^ καρπόν φάγοι. Και ήκουον οϊ μαθηταΐ fafd unto^il^No man 

ever =any ^one ^fruit 'let *eat. And ^eard "disciples eat fruit of thee here- 

(ht. no one) , , ,,. , , after for ever. And 

αυτοϋ. 15 Και έρχονται εις Ιεροσόλυμα• και εισελθων his disciples heard ίί. 

'his. And they come to Jerusalem ; and =Tiaving ^entered \^ -^^ ^^^J °ο™« *ο 

u.,, -, „ , , , Λ «ν » ο'ΝΛ ^ \ ~ Jerusalem : and Jesus 

"ο Ιησούς εις το ιερόν ήρξατο εκβαλλειν τους πωλουντας went into the temple, 

'Jesus into the temple he began to cast out those selling ^^d began to cast out 

,1, ,v > ^ , -^ ,, rv ■. >> them that sold and 

και ' αγοράζοντας εν τψ ιερψ' και τας τράπεζας των κολλυ- bought in the temple, 

and buying in the temple, and the tables of the money ^iid overthrew the 

o«,,,/i<^ ^ ../ , , tables of the money- 

ριστων και τας καθενρας των πωλουντων τας περιστέρας changers, and the seats 

changers and the seats of those selling the doves of them that sold 

/ I τ ,1 X ) w , η ^ ' ~ doves : 16 and would 

κατεστρεψεν lb και ουκ.ηψιεν iva τις όιενεγκ^ σκεύος not suffer that any 

he overthrew, and suffered not that anyone should carry a vessel man should carry any 

Sia του Ίεροϋ. 17 και εδίδασκεν, '"λέγων" "αύΓΟΪς," Ου iem'pL. ^"''^d te 

through the temple. And he taught, sayiag to them, "Not taught, saying unto 

ο φερονσιν they bring ττγα. ρ «ττι/Βάλλονσιν they cast upon gmttaw. <3 αυτόν lttta. 
■■ KCLL πολλοί TTrA, ' στιβάδας LTTrA. ' κο^αντ€ς having cut [them] down ttta. 

" αγρών fields TTrA. ^ — και ίστρώνννον eis Tijv όδόΐ' TTrA. » — λέγοντΐς [LJTTrA. 

y — €v ονόματι, κνρίον GLTTrAW. ^ AaveiS LTTrA ; Δαυίδ GW. » — ό Ίησοϋς καΐ (read he 
entered) lttfa. •> όψέ τ. = + άττο from lttfaw. ί τι eipTJaei. LTTrAW. « ^ [μόνα] 
only L. f ού yap rjv b καφος l; ό yap καιρός ov<^v TTrA. 8 — ο'Ιησονς (read he said) 

GLTTrAW. ^.ΐΐς mv αιώνα ίκ σου LTTrA. i οΰδεί; Ε. k — ό Ίτισοΰς GLTTrAW. 

' + τους these LTXrAW. ™ κα\ e\ey€v and said TTrA. ° — οΰτοΐς [l]a. 

12ϋ ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. XI. 

ίβΓ'Μ? bo^l Λ^ΰ ., rf7P°''^''«tv °"0'-'" ό.οΖκός./ίου οίκος προσευχής κληθησεται 

be called of aU nations 'has -"it been written, My house a house of prayer shall be caUed 

the house of prayer? ττάσιρ τοΙς tQvwiv. νμΐίςΜ ΡεττοιήσατΕ^^ αντβν σττηλαιον 

^llltMl^eTliAnt *«-» *^« -*--? ^-* ^« . -ade it a'den 

the scribes and chief Χνστών. 18 Και ηκονσαν οι '^γραμματείς καΐ οι άργιερεϊς," 

SthowthV'iight of-^'--• ^^ :^«-<1 [«it] «the '^"-B^iibes ^.niH^e'c^a^^riesU, 

destroy him: for they και ίζητονν ττώς avTOV 'άποΧίσονσιν'^^ εώοβόϋντο.γάρ *avTOVf^^ 

feared him, because aU and they sought how him they shall destroy ; for they feared him, 

ΙΠΘ people Wa»S aStrO- ^ '^ u ^ tf \ ίν\' η y \ isi\ 

nished at his doctrine, 'on ττας" Ο οχλος '^εξεττλησσετο^ ετΓΐ τΏ.διοαχη.αντοΰ. 

19 And when even was because aU the crowd were astonished at his teaching, 

come, he went out of „,,,,, , , , ^ " 

the city. 19 Και '^ore" οψί ίγενετο Ηξεττορενετο" εξω της ττολεως. 

And when evening came he went forth out of the city. 

20 And in the mom- «rv ττ- < ν »- ' ι τ^ 

ing, as they passed by, 20 Και ^ττρωι τταρατΓορενομενοι εΐοον την συκην 

they saw the fig tree And in the morning passing by they saw the fig-tree 

dried up from the ,j. / , ' y ~ λλ »' λ< <tt' 

roots. 21 And Peter εξηοαμμενηρ εκ ριζών. 21 <cai αναμνησθεις οΤΙετρος 

calling to remem- dried up from [the] roots. And "having ^remembered 'Peter 

brance saith unto him. > / > ~ -<x> o/5'ii»»i> < ~<\ / >v' 

Master, behold, the Λέγει αντψ, * Ρα/5ρι," ιδε, η σνκη ην κατηρασω εζηρανται. 

fig tree which thou says to him, Rabbi, see, the fig-tree which thou cursedst is dried up. 

away!^''22A^*Je -us 22 Και άποκριθεις ''Ίησοϋς λέγει αυτοίς, "Εχετε πίστιν θεον. 

answering saith unto And ^answering 'Jesus says to them. Have faith in God. 

God"' 2^ 'For^CeriW 23 άμήν.^γάρ' λέγω νμΤν, 'ότι ος.άν εΐττ^ τψ.ορει.τούτψ, 

say unto you, That ϊ"ογ verily I say to you, that whoever shall say to this mountain, 

whosoever shall say "Αρθητι καί βληθητι εΙς την θάλασσαν, και μή.δια- 

irnto this mountain, „,',,' , ,' ,, ' ^ . . ^, , '^ , ,, . 

Be thou removed and -^^ thou taken away and be thou cast into the sea, and ehall not 

be thou cast into the ^ριθη iv τΌ.καρόία.αντοΰ, άλλα '^τΓίστεύσ?/ οτι *^α" ^λέγει" 

dTukiihishetrt, but doubt in ^ his heart, ^ but shaU believe that what he says 

shall believe that those γίνεται' εσται αύτψ ^oJaj^ εϊτΓ^." 24 διά.τοΰτο λέγω 

thinge which he saith ^^^^ . ^^^ ^y^^y^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ whatever he shall say. For this reason I say 

shall come to pass ;ne^^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

shall have whatsoever νμΐν, ΤΙάντα οσαβάν^^ '^ττροσευχόμενοι αιτεΐσθε, ττιστευετε 

hesaith. 24 Therefore to you, All things whatsoever praying ye ask, believe 

I say unto you, \Mmt , ' ^ , ,, , « • «r < " \, ' 

thinge soever ye desire, oTi ^λαμβάνετε, και εσται υμιν. 25 Και orai' "στί/κ/^τε" 

when ye pray, believe that ye receive, and [they] shiiU be to you. And when ye may stand 

that ye receive them, , , , « ^ > „ 

and ye shall have iAcm. προσευχομενοι, αφιετε ει τι έχετε κατά τίνος' ινα και 

25 And when ye stand praying, forgive if anything ye have against anyone, that also 

praying, forgive, if ye, ,..v< > ~. ^ > . - «~ ν 

have ought against ο.ττατηρ.νμων Ο εν τοις ουρανοις acpy υμιν τα παρα- 

any : that your Father your Father who [is] in the heavens may forgive you "of- 

also which is in heaven , , ^ ^^n !'!><« ~ » »j' >s.»< t t ~. 

may forgive you your πτωματα νμων. 2o 'ει.βί νμεις ουκ,αφιετε, ουόε ο.ττατηρ.νμων 

trespasses. 26 But if fences 'yo^^• B^it if ye forgive not, neither your Father 

ve do not forerive, nei- f >^~i> ~ > , ' > ' c~ii 

ther will yovu• Father εν ""Γοις' οΐ'ρατ'οις αφησει τα.παραπτωματα.υμων^ 

which is in heaven for- who [is] in the heavens will forgive your offences. 

give your trespasses. gy ^^, άρχονται πάλιν εις Ιεροσόλυμα• και εν τψ Ίερψ 

27 And they come ^nj they come again to Jerusalem- And in the temple 

again to JeruRalera : ^ , _ „ \ > ^ • > ~ > 

and as he was walking περιπατουντος.αυτου έρχονται προς αυτόν οι αρχιερείς και 

in the templo, there as he is walking come to him the chief priests and 

come to him the chief , ^ , , ο ' λο ' ii\ ' ii » ~ 

priests, and the scribes, ol γραμματείς και οι πρεσβύτεροι, 28 και "λεγουσιν" αυτψ, 

and the elders, 28 and the scribes and the elders, and they say to him, 

autCrity^Toesf thou 'Ev 7Γ0ΐ> εζουσ'ιφ ταΰτα ποιείς; ''"κα? τις σοι ^'"τήν εζουσίαν 

these things? and who By what authority these things doest thou? and who thee 'authority 

ffity 'To do\h:^ τ-αύτ/,ι. εδωκεν,' 'ίνα ταϋτα ποιγς ; 2[) ΌΜ: Ιησούς 

things? 29 And Jesus 'this gave, that these things thou shouldst do? And Jesus 

ο _ "Ort L. Ρ ττβτΓοιηκατβ have made ΤΤγα. i άρχιβρει? καΐ οί γραμματεΓ? lttfaw. 
■• άτΓολεσωσιν they might de.stroy lttfaw. » [αΰτόΐ'] L. ' πάς γαρ for all ττγα. " ίξ€π\ησ- 
σοι^ο Τ. " όταν TTr. » e^enopevovro tliey went forth LTr. y παραπορΐνόμΐΐΌί πρωΐ LTTrA. 

^''¥αββΐί ΤΑ. » -t- ό OLTTrAW. ^ — yap for LltTr]A. « πιστευτή ΤΛ. <^ ό what TTtA. 
•^ AoAet LTTrA. ' — ό iau flirj) TTr[A]. 8 — av LTTrAW. »' προσίύχΐσθΐ και ye pray and 

LTTrA. » ίλάβ€τβ ye received LTTrA. ^ στηκβτ€ ye stand LTTrA. ' — verse 26 ττ» 
m — ^ojj L^_ η ίλίγοί' they said TTrA. "^ rj or ta. p* eStoKtf τηι> efovatai' ταντην LTr. 

XI, XII. MARK. 127 

'άτΓοκριθείς" είττεν αντοϊς, Έττερωτησω '^ύμάς κάγώ' 'ένα λόγον, ^^^m f^^'^^^ 

answering said to them, "WiU ^ask *you Ί also one thing, ^^ (,f you one ques- 

και άποκρίθ7]τ'ε μοι, και ϊρώ ίιμϊν εν -ποίψ ίζουσίφ ταϋτα *^°°•/^!^ answer me 

and answer me, and I wiU teU you ty what authority these things what authority Τ do 

τΓΟίώ. 30 To βάπτισμα ^'Ιωάννου Ιζ ovgavov ήν η εξ these things so The 

I do: The baptism of John from heaven ^as it or from ^-f P^^^^ °f ^J^hn^^^ 

ανθρώπων: άττοκοίθητε μοι. SI Και ^εΧογίζοντο^^ ττρός εαν- men? answer me 
men?^ ansWer 'me. ^ And _ they re_asoned with them- ;;^^^d^t^y^re^asoned 

τους, λέγοντες, Έάν ε'ίιτωμεν, Έξ ουρανού, ερεΐ, ^Αιατί^^ ing, if we shau say, 

selTes, saying, If we should say. From heaven, he will say. Why J^^-^^^^'then^ "^ 

^o5v" ονκ.ετΓίστενσατε αΰτφ] 32 ^άλλ' έάν" εϊττωμεν, Εξ ye not heUeve him? 

then did ye not believe him? but if we should say. From 52 But if %ve shall say 

, - , , ^ > Λ / t/ II I - .Of men ; they fearea 

ανθρωττων, εφοβονντο τον λαον 'ατταντες .yap είχον τον the people : for aU η*«ί 

men,— they feared the people ; for aU held counted John, that h« 

, , ,f „ , τ nrt > > Λ' ViN ' was a prophet indeed. 

ίωαντην ^οτι όντως' προφήτης ην. 33 και αττοκριϋεντες "λε- 33 And they answered 

John that indeed a prophet he was. And answering they and said tmto Jestis, 

...... ~ II ^ , XT. ^^ ,^,,-, - , Λ ' ii-\ ' We cannot telL And 

•γονσιντφ Ιησον,'^Ονκ.οιΰαμεν. Kai'^o Ιησονς αττοκριαεις" λέγει jesus answering saith 

say to Jesus, We know not. And Jesus answering says unto them. Neither do 

,~ ^)^. >«>/ <~, />ς- / - ~I tell yon by what 

αντοις, Ονδε εγω λέγω νμιν εν ττοκ;/, ει^,ονσιςί ταντα ττοιω. authority Ι do these 

to them, Neither -I 'tell you by what authority these things I do. things. 

12 Και ηρζατο αντοΐς εν τταραβολαΐς '^λέγειν," Άμττελώνα 

And he began to them in parables to say, *A ^vineyard XII. And he began 

p) J / Η η , >n , ' ' *„,.y^ . to speak unto them by 

^εψυτευσεν avβpoJ^Γoς, και ττεριευηκεν φραγμον, και ωρνί,εν parables. Α certam 

planted 'a ^man, and placed about [it] a fence, and dug man planted a vine- 

«>/ \»r' ' ^ f^y'^ w '* yard, and set an hedere 

ντΓοΚηνιον, και ψκοΰομησεν ττνργον, και 'εξεόοτο αυτόν ^^^^^ ^ j^^^ digged α 

a wine-vat, and built a tower, and let out it place for the winefat, 

γεωργοΊς, και άπεδημησεν. 2 και άττ'εοτειλεν ττρός τους feut^'i^'t Ίο Sa^dl 

to husbandmen, and left the country. And he sent to the men, and went into ii 

γεωργούς τψ καιρφ δονλον, "ινα τταρά των γεωργών IZT^^e^mll 

husbandmen at the season a bondman, that from the husbandmen ^.jjg husbandmen a ser- 

X«/3y άττό ^Tov κάμπου^' του άμττελώνος S^oiJJ'' λα- --JVe'^^om^^Ch!^^. 

he might receive from the fruit of the vmeyard. But they having landmen of the fruit 

βόντες αυτόν έδειραν, και απέστειλαν κενόν. 4 και πάλιν of the vineyard. 3 Ana 

taken »him >beat, and sent [him] away empty. And again ί,^^^ j^m, and sent A?m 

άπέστειλεν προς αϋτονς άλλον δουΚον κάκεϊνον ^λιθοβολή- away empty. 4 And 

he sent ^ t^o them another bondman, and him ^ 1--^-=- ?fem^αnothlr"el•v?nί 

σαντες^^ Ηκεφαλαίωσαν,^^ και ^απέστειλαν ήτιμωμενον.^'• and at him they cast 

stoned they struck on the head, and sent [him] away having insulted [himj. |^•^Υή the hea°d and 

b και 'πάλιν" άλλον άττέστειλεν' κάκεΤνοι^ άπ'εκτειναν καΐ sent Λίτη aw-ay shame- 

And again another he sent, and him they killed ; also fnlly handled. 5 And 

II «/ » Μ i>i > ' again he sent another ; 

ττολλοΰς αΚλονς, ™Γθΐ'ς" μεν δεροντες, ^τονς .δε ^αποκτεινον- and him they killed, 

many others, =^some 'beating, and ''others 'kUling. and many othera ; 

, „ _ ,, „ ,, , ,, , ^ η < - II beating some, and kill- 

τες. 6 ετι °ovv ενα ^viov έχων' αγαπητον ΐαιτου," ing some. 6 Having 

Yet therefore ^one ^son 'having "beloved "his *own, yet therefore one son, 

άπέστειλεν ^^καΡ αυτόν ^^πρός αυτούς εσχατον,'^ λέγων,' Οτι sent him also last unto 

he sent also him to them last, saying, them, saying. They 

, , > , r _ , -, s• . t < ta τ will reverence my son. 

εντραττησονται τον.νιον.μον. 7 εκεινοι.ΰε οι γεωργοί ΐιπον γ But those husband- 

They will have respect for my son. But those htisbandmen said men said among them- 

>■ — αποκριθείς TTi A. ' κάγα) νμας L ; — Kayio (read lirep. I will ask) TTrA. ^ * -1- το 

LTTrAW. » διελογί^οντο LTTrAW. "^ Διά τι LTrA. » — ofiv LTrAW. ? άλλα {read but 
should we say) ltti aw. ^ ττάντβ? L. * όντω? δτι ΤΤγα. *> τω Ίησοΰ λeyovσLv ττγΑ- 

C [άτΓΟκριβεΙί] ό Ί-ησονς L ; — αποκριθείς TTrA. ^ λαλεΐι/ LTTrA. « άνθρωπος ΐφντΐυσΐν Τ. 

f ίξέδζτο ΤΑ. S των καρπών the fruits TTrA. •> καΐ and LTTrA. > — Κιθοβολήσανης LTTrA. 
3 ίκΐφαλίωσαν Τ. ^ -ητίμησαν insulted LTr ; ητίμασαν ΤΑ. ' — πάλιν GLTTi Α. ^^ "^ ου? 

LTTrA. ° αποκτ€ννοντ€ς GLTTrA. ο — ουν [lItTtA. ρ Ιχων υ'ών L ; εΤχεν υΐον TTrA. 

•ϊ — αΰτον LTTrA ; αύτοΰ W. '^ — και [LjTTrA. "* Ισχατον προς αντονς lttta. ^ προς 
ΐαυτονς €ΐπαν TTrA ; είπαν ττροξ ίαυτονς L. 

128 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. Xll. 

selves, l^iis is the heir J -j^-pog eavTOVQ,^^ "On ούτός ίστιν ύ κληρονόμος• dsvrE, άπο- 

an™^'the "fnheritance *™oii& themselves, This is the heir: come. let uu 

shall bo oiirs. 8 And κτείνωμεν uvTOV, καί ι'ιμών ϊσται r) κληρονομιά. 8 και λαβΰντες 
^^ί^^Τ^ ^^^Α ^^^ kill him, and oiirs will be the inheritance. And havin? taken 

killed him, and cast ^ ^ ' ^)v'/^■^ >> ~ > 

him out of the vine- ^avTOV άττεκτΕΐναν, και ίζββαλον '" ίξω του αμπελώνας. 

yard 9 What shall ^^ tj^ j^^g^ Oiini], and cast forth [him] outside the vineyard. 
therefore the lord of ^ •' , , , ~ > , ~ ιλ ' 

the vineyard do? he 9 Ti ^οδί^" τΐοιησει Ο κνριος Tov αμττελώνος; ελευσεται και 

will come and destroy What therefore will do the lord of the vineyard? He wiU come and 
the husbandmen, and ,., , , ,r./ ^.^~ ►λν 

will give the vineyard ατΓολεσει τονς γεωργούς, και ϋωσει τον αμττέλωνα άλλοις. 

unto others. 10 And ^ju destroy the husbandmen, and will give the vineyard to others, 
have ye not read this ,„_,«, , ^ ^ / > » . ,η r. 

scripture; The stone 10 Ουύε Γην.γραώην.ταυτην ανεγνωτε; Αωον ον 

which the builders re- ^Not ''even Hhis 'scripture 'did ^e ^read? [The] stone which 

jected is become the ,^, , , ^ ~ - ''η•.-\' 

head of the comer : απεοοκιμασαν 01 οικοοομουντες, ούτος εγενηθη εις κεφαλήν 

11 this was the Lord's *rejected 'those "who ^build, this is become head 
doinff, and it is mar- / ■■ i \ > , ι η » η 

veiious in onr eyes? -γωνίας. 11 τταρα κυρίου εγενετο αυτή, και εστίν Οαυ- 

12 And they sought to of [the] corner : from [the] Lord was this, and it is won- 

fear^dtU^S': foi /^a<^") «^^ οφθαλμοϊς.ημών. 12 Καί Ιζητουν αυτόν κρατήσαι, 

they knew that he had derful in οτιτ eyes. And they sought him to lay hold of, 

Ssi'themfand'lhe^; «^«ί '^φοβηθησαν τυν οχλον tyvwaav.yap 'ότι ττρος αυτούς 
left him, and went and they feared the crowd ; for they knew that against them 

their way. ^ή^ τταραβολήν είπϋν' και αφέντες αΐιτόν άπήλθον. 

the parable he speaks. And leaving hira they went away. 

13 And they send 13 g^^ άποστελλονσιν ττρος αυτόν τινας των Φαρισαίων 

the°Pharise'ef and of And they send ^^ ίο him^ some of the pWisees^ 

the Herodians, to catch και τών 'Έίρωδιανών,'ίνα αύτον άγρεύσωσιν Χόγφ. 14>Ό£.^6" 

Η And" when "'they and of the Herodians, that him they might catch in discourse. And they 

were come, they say (Χθόντες λεγουσιν αύτψ, Αιδάσκαλε, οΐδαμεν Οτι αληθής εΐ, 

know that t'hou'^' .art ^'^■"°^'^°'^^ ^^^ to him, Teacher, we know that true thou art, 

true, and carest f or no καί ov μελει σοι ττερι ούδενός' ου. yap βλέπεις εις 

^?•τ^•^°^^^^ο^^^^^Άτά- ^ there is care to thee about no one ; for -4iot Hhou nookest on [the] 
est not the person of , , η ' >■» λ • > > »n η ' < < ^^ ~ Χ ^ 

men, but teiichest the προσωπον ανθρώπων, αλλ tTT άΧηθειας την οοον του θεού 

way of God in truth : appearance of men, but with truth the way of God 

Is it lawful to give .^,, _„„ ^ ^ ^^ , .» ll'^''^cf~ 

tribute to, or οιύασκεις. ^εζ,εστιν ^κηνσον Υίαισαρι oovvac η ου; 15 όωμεν 

not? Ι.ό Shall we give, teachest : Is it lawful tribute to Caesar to give or not? Should we give 
or shall we not give? , ,-.^ <^T><h'^'ii >~ .<» ■, 

But he, knowing their 7j μη.οωμεν ; O.os "ειϋως" αυτων.την.υποκρισιν είπεν 

hypocrisy, said unto or should we not give ? But he knowing their hypocrisy said 

them, Why tempt ye , ^ ,„ , r ν j ' ' ? ' " " f 

nie?bringmoapennj-, αιτοις, Ti με πειράζετε ; φέρετε μοι όηναριον ινα ιόω. 

that Ι may see ti. to them. Why me do ye tempt ? Bring me a denarius that I may see [it]. 

it. ^ndV.c saiYh°unto 16 O'lM Ί/νεγκαν. Καί λέγει αντοΊς, Ύίνος ή.είκών.αντη και 

them, is this And they brought [it]. And he says to them. Whose [is] this image and 

ίΓοηΤ AnVXeytfd V επιγραφή; «^OLii" ^είπον^^ αύτφ, Καίσαρος. 17 «Καί 

unto him, Ciesar's. the inscription ? And they said to him, CsBsar's. And 

ing^ai/'nnto'Xm; άποκριθείς ύ" Ίησοϋς είπεν ^αντοϊς," ^^Άπόδοτε τά Καί- 

Render to Ciesar the ""answering 'Jesus said to them, Bender the things of Ca- 

sarWnTtoGod^the <^«ρος"Καίσαρι,κ:αί τά του θεοϋ τψ θεφ. ΚαιΗθανμασαν" 

things that are God's, ear to Caesar, and the things of God to God. And they wondered 

And they marvelled at l-j^' αϋτΰ). 
at him. 

18 Then come unto 18 Καί 'ίρχονται Σαδδονκάίοί προς αυτόν, οίτινες λεγουσιν 

him the Sadducees, And "come 'Sadducees to him, who say 

r"^^eotfon';i'nd?he; άνάστασιν μή-εΐναι' και ^επηρώτησαν^ αυτόν, λέγοντες. 
asked him, saying, a resurrection there is not. And they questioned him, saying, 

^ ineKTeivav αυτόν TTrA. * + αντον him LTTrAW. » — oCv TA. _ y και and (read 

they say) lttta. » + eive oiv ήμΐν tell us therefore h. » δούναι κηνσον Καίσαρι LTr. 

•^ ΐδώΐ' having known τ. c[ot5e|L. ^ elnav ι.τττΑ. « ό δέ and (Jesus) LTTrA. 

' — αύτοϊς Λ. S Τά Καίσαρος άττόδοτε TTrA. •* ίθαύμαζον LTrA ; ίξΐθανμαζον greatly 

wondered τ. ' ΐτηηρώτωι/ lttfa. 

XII. MARK 129 

19 Δίίάσκαλε, ''Μωσ^ς" εγραφεν ημΐν, 'ότι εάν τίνος άδέ\- ^ο^^'''^°Τ^°ώ'^ 

Teacher, Moses wrote for us, that if ^of anyone a bro- brothe/die, and Teave 

ώος άτΓοθάνν και KaTok'ncy γυναίκα και ^εκνα /x?).a0y," his γϊίβ behind him, 

ther should die and leave behind a wife and children leave not, that hk^mher shjuki 

'ίνα λάβ» ό.άδίλφός.αύτον την γυναίκα ^αύτοϋ''^ και take his wife, and raise 
that '•should *take 'his ^)r other the wife of him and the^ 2rNow %he?e 

Ιζαναστησυ σιτερμα τφ.άδελώφ.αύτοϋ. 20 επτά ^ άδεΧφοΙ were seven brethren : 

^οίοΩΓ,τ, ^c,1a tn hia V.rnt>.pr Sn-TPn brnttirPT, and the first tOok a 

raise up seed to his brother. Seven brethren 

wife, and dying left 

ήσαν icat ό ττρώτος ίλαβεν γυναίκα, και αποθνήσκων no seed. 21 And the 

there were ; and the first took a wife. and dpng f-^'T^ ^PJi^ ^^^ί^'^'ί^ 

, ' , i^-i X t ^ » *\ ο J ' y ^^^< neither left he 

ουκ.αφηκεν σπέρμα• 21 και ο δεύτερος ελαρεν αυτήν, και any seed: and the third 

left no seed ; and the second took her, and likewise. 22 And the 

, , - , , r>< > > > ~ 11 ' X • ' seven had her, and left 

απεθανεν, "^και ονοε αυτός αψηκεν" σπέρμα' και ο τρίτος no seed: last of au the 

died, and neither he left seed; and the third woman died also. 23 In 

, __ , „„ ,, > X I < < • .1 Ml > ' _! ~ the resurrection there- 

ωσαντως' 22 και Ρελαρον αυτήν οι επτά, ίκαι" ουκ.αώηκαν fore, ivhen they shall 

likewise. And ^took *her Hhe 'seven, and left no rise, whose wife shaU 

r' 'II ' m' Ό " ' ' 11 no ' ~ ghe be of them? for 

σπέρμα, 'εσχατψ πάντων ^απεθανεν και η γυνή." 23 εv.τy the seven had her to 

seed. Last of all died also the woman. In tlie wife. 24 And Jesus 

» τ 1 ) / ~'i > -, ,, / , ^ „ answerins said unto 

'■ουν αΐ'αστασει, orav αναστωσιν, τίνος αυτών εσται them. Do ye not there- 

"theref ore 'resurrection, when they shall arise, of which of them shall she be fore err, "because ye 
γυνή; οΊ.γίφ επτά εσχον αυτήν γνναΊκα. 24 'Και αποκριθείς ^_ """neither '*''?§; 
wife ? for the seven had her as wife. And "answering power of God ? 25 For 

ό'Ιησοϋς είπεν αϋτοίς,^^ Οΰ διά.τοϋτο πλανάσθε, μη είδότες ^^ the^dead^th^ 

'Jesus said to them, ^Not "therefore *do ^ye err, not knowing neither marry, nor are 

τάς γραφάς μηδέ την δύναμιν τοΰθεοϋ; 25 'όταν.γάρ εκ SlaVth^a'Sdf which 

the scriptures nor the power of God? For when from among are in heaven. 26 And 

νεκρών άναστώσιν, ούτε γαμοϋσιν οΰτε ^γαμίσκονται,^ a^ touching the dead, 

[the] dead they rise, neither do they marry nor are given in marriage, ye'not read in^the book 

άλλ' είσιν ώς άγγελοι ^οί ' εν τοΙς ούρανοΐς. 26 περι.όε 9^ ^°^i ^°\ί° *^^ 

but are as angels who [are] in the heavens. But concerning ^^ gaying^I anrthe 

των νεκρών, 'ότι εγείρονται, οΰκ.άν'εγνωτε εν τυ βίβΧω God of Abraham, and 

the dead, that they rise, have ye not read in the book JJe God of Isaac, and 

/ 11 τ / Ϊ, ' . t r, r ^^^ ^°^ °-^ Jacob? 

^Μωσ£ως," επι ^τής" βάτου, °ως είπ ν αυτψ υ θεός, 27 He is not the God 

of Moses, [in the part] on the bush, how ='spoke ^to "him 'God, o* the dead but the 
, , , , ^ » /-> < < Λ > > t «Ml C^odof the bving : ye 

λέγων, Έγω ο θεός Αβραάμ και *=ο" βεος Ισαάκ και *^ο" therefore do greatly 

sayiug, I [am] the God of Abraham and the God of Isaac and the err. 23 And one of the 
η - »T 'o ^m > " > II Λ • ■» >ΝΛ < γΙλ V 11 scnbes came, and hav- 

θευς Ιακώβ ; 27 Ονκ.εσην "^o" θεάς νεκρών, aWa "θεός" ing heard them rea- 

God of Jacob ? He is not the God of [the] dead, but God soning together, and 

„, .,^ Til >, Λ ~/^ΛΩΤ7-> >/!' perceiving that he had 

ζώντων ^υμεις ουν" πολύ πλανασΰε. 2οΚαι προσελθων answered them weU, 

of [the] living. Ye therefore greatly err. And ^having *come ''up asked him, Which is 
- ^ / ,/ ,^f,v / ii.r>'^'ii the first command- 
ite των γραμματέων, άκουσας αυτών ^συί,ητουντων," *ειοως" ment of all? 29 And 
'one'of^he Scribes, having heard them reasoning together, perceiving Jesus answered him, 
„ Λ ~ h > ~ ' '/Ί I ' ' ' ' TT ' ' » The first of aU the 

on καλώς '^αυτοις απεκριθη,^ επηρωτησεν αυτόν. Ποια εστίν commandments it, 

that well them he answered, questioned him, ΛYhich is Hear, Ο Israel ; The 

'πρώτη πασών εντολή^^ ; 29 ^^Ό.δε.'Ιησοΰς άπεκρίθη^^ 

[the] first *of ^.tU 'commandment ? And Jesus answered 

^aur<p," "On πρώτη ""ττασών τών εντολών," Ακουε, 

him, [The] first of all the commandments [is], Hear, 

^ Μωϋσης LTTrAW. ' μη άφβ τέκνον leave no child ta. ™ — αντου TTrA. " + oiv 
therefore ew. » μη καταΚιπων having left behind no tttA. ρ — ϊλαβον αύτηΐ' [lIttta. 
1 — καΐ TTrA. "■ ίσχατον LTTrA. « και ή γυιτη άπεθανίν LTTrA. ' — ονν ΤΓγΑ. 

» — όταν αναστωσιν [L]Tr. ^ ίφη αύτοΐς ο Ίησοΰς Jesus said to them ττγα. * γαμίζονται 

LTTiAW. y — οι GLT[Tr]W. ^ Μωϋσίως LTTrAW. "• TOV OLTTrAW. *> πω? TTrA. 

" — ό LTrAW. d — βεος GLTTrAW. « — νμεΐς ονν (read πλαν. ye err} τ[τγ]α. 

^ σννζητονντων LTTrA. s ΐδών having seen lttt. '' άπεκρίθη αύτοΓς TTrA, ' προχτη 

νάντων ΐντοΚή GLW ; έντολη πρώτη πάντων TTrA. ^^ απεκρίθη ό Ίησονς TTrA. •* — αντ^ 
τ[τγ]α. ■"* πάντων ίντολή GW ; πάντων [βίτολή ίστιν] commandment of all is l; ίστίν 

{read [The] first is) ttta. 



Lord our God is one ΊσραηΧ' Kvoioc ο.θεός.ήμών κύριος εις εστίν. 30 και 

Siovfthe^Lorit^y , I-el = Cthe] L^rd our Go^ ^j^^,, ^ ,,,3 .^. ^ ^, 

God with all thy heart, άγαττησΒίς KvoLov τον.θεον.σου έξ 'όλης τής.καροίας.σου 

and with all thy soul, thou shalt love [the] Lord thy God with all thy heart 

and with all thy mind, ^ ,^, „.. ~ ι ~ ν ,v "\ ^ , 

and with all thy και εξ οΚης της.ψυχης.σου και εξ όλης της.διανοιας.σον 

strength: this w the ^^^ ^^^γ^ aJl thy soul and with all thy mind 

first commandment. , ,„ „^ _ , , „ ' > λ ' n 

31 And the second is Kcii εξ ολης της.ισχνος.σον. "^αυτη πρώτη εντολή. 

Like, JKimeZj/ this, Thou and with all thy etrength. This [is the] first commandment. 

Shalt love thy neigh- „, „ ,„ ^ » η < ' ii » " \ >/ > - \ 

hour as thyself. There 31 "και" OiVTipa Po/ioifl" *ίαυΓϊ;," Αγαπήσεις τυν πλη- 

is none other com- ^nd [the] second like [it is] this : Thou shalt love '^neigh- 

mandment greater , , ' ■»*• 'v » "λ -v » λ < 

than these. 32 And σιον σου ως σεαντον. Μείζων τούτων άλλη εντολή 

the scribe said unto hour 'thy as thyself. Greater than these another comm.andment 

him. Well, Master, , „ ολ τ/- < τ , ~ , ' τ^- λ ~ ? t ' 

thou hast said the ονκ.εστιν. 32 Και ειττεν αυτψ ο γραμματεύς, Καλώς, όιοασ- 

truth : for there is one there is not. And ^said ''to ^him 'the ^scribe, Right, teach- 

God : and there is none \ > > '\ /i.' » τ ii " τ ' «η ' ii > 

other but he: 33 and ί^αλε, επ αληθείας 'εΖττας" on εις εστίν 'θεός,'' και 

to love him with all er, according to truth thou haet said that *one ^is 'God, and 

iuthlTnder''s?andin?! ούκίστιν άλλος ττλήν αύτον. 33 και το αγαπάν αυτόν εξ 

and with all the soul, there is not another besides him : and to love him with 

?frength,*and*to lovl «^ί/ς τής καρδίας και εξ Ολης της συνέσεως ^καί εξ ολης 

his nei"'hbour as him- *11 the heart and with all the understanding and with all 

wifoll'burn? offe^ing"^ l^^ Ψ^Χ,*^?" '^«j ^.f, ^^I^^ ^J^ 'fX'^^f, KCti τό αγαπάν 

and sacrifices. 34 And *e soul and with all the strength, and to love [one's] 

when Jesus saw that γ^^ ττλησίον ώς ίαυτόν, ^ττλεΐόν" εστίν πάντων των όλοκαυ- 

ΐ5, heTald u^ridm' ueighbour as oneself, -more 'is than all the burnt 

Thou art not far from τωμάτων καί Vail•'' θυσιών. 34 Και ό'ίησοΰς Ιδών ^αύτόν^^ 

^'d'^no^mrafterrtai f --^^ -«^^ *^« -;"^<^«• "^^ ^ ^«»^^ ^^^^f ^ 

durst ask him any οτι νοννεχώς άπεκρίθη, είπεν αυτψ. Ου μακράν εΐ 

question. tlj^t intelligently he answered, said to him. Not far art thou 

από της βασιλείας του θεοϋ. Και οΰδείς.οΰκετι ετόλμα αυτόν 

from the kingdom of God- And no one any more dared ^him 


'to -question. 

w^ ^ndf^fdww?* ^^ ^'^' αποκριθείς ό Ίησοϋς ελεγεν, ίιίάσκων εν τψ Ίερφ, 

hT taught in the tem- ^^^ -answering 'Jesus said, teaching in the temple, 

pie. How say the Πώς λεγουσιν οι γραμματείς οτι ό χριστός υιός ^ίστιν Ααβίδ^^ : 

Ihe Son of^'vid? How say the ''^ scribes that the fchrist 'son 'is of David? 

36 For David himself 3G αύτός '^γάο" "Δαβίί" ''είττεν" εν 'τω ' πνενματι "^τω" άγίω, 
^^frfoRoS tomy ^^-". V ^David ^ said by^ th^e ^ Spir'tt^ the ^^ ooly. 

Lord, Sit thou on my ^Ειττεϊ^" *ό" κΰριος τψ.κνρίψ.μου, ^Κάθου" εκ δεξιών.μου εως.άν 

right hand, till Ι make sg^id Hhe -Lord to my Lord, Sit at my right hand until 

thine enemies thv , . ο / < / .s „ ~ ^ - «-,»>> 

footstool. 37 David θω τονς.εχθρους.σου «υποπούιον'' των.ποόων.σου. 37 Αυτός 

therefore himself call- ι pi ace thine enemies [as] a footstool for thy feet. -Himself 

eth him Lord; and u τ u ^ ^ r>^ τ^ ^ > . > / > 'n i <^ . - 

whence is he ihm his "ovv" ^Αα[3ιδ' λεγει avTov KvpioV και πόθεν ^υιος.αυτου 

son? And the com- 3(^j^grgfQj.Q 'David calls him Lord, and whence his son 

mon people heard him , h τί- < < > \ >/ .» >< , ~ , ^, 

gladly. εστίν y Και ο πολύς όχλος ι/κουεν αυτού ι/όεως. 

is he ? And the great crowd heard him gladly. 

38 And he said unto 38 Και ^ίλεγεν αυτοίς εν τy.διcaχy.aύτoϋ,'^ Βλέπετε άπό 

them in his doctrine. And he said to them in his teaching. Take heed of 

Beware of the scribes, ~ ι ~ η \ ' ' λ ~ 

which love to go in των γραμματέων, των θελοντων εν στολαις περιπατειν, και 

long clothing, and love the scribes, who like in robes to walk about, and 

•> — αϋτη πρώτη εντολή ΤΑ. " — καΐ [L]TTrA. Ρ — όμοια ΤΑ. ") αύτη (read [is] like 

it) LTr, "• είπες Τ. ^^ — βεός (read he is one) OLTTrAW. ' — «u ef δλτ;? της ψνχης [l]t. 
" περισσότερο»' abundantly more ττγ. " — των OLTrAW. » [αύτοί'] Τγ. y Δαυβίδ 

εστιΐ' TTrA ; ίστιν Δαυείδ L ; έστιν Δαυίδ GW. ^ — yap [L]T[Tr]A. » Δαν«1θ ι,ΤΤγα ; 

Δανΐδ OW. >> λέ^ει says w. <= — .^ώ GW, " λεγει says βττ. • — ό {read [thej) LTrA. 
' κάθισαν TrA. s ΰποκάτω {read beneath thy feet) a. •» — ovv [L]TTrA. ' αύτου eortr 
•>ιϊός TTrA. '^ €V T^ δώαχγϊ αύτοΰ έλεγε»/ TTrA. 

Xir, XIII. Μ A R κ. 131 

ασπασμούς εν τοις ayooalc 39 και ττρωτοκαθε^οίας ίν τάϊς salutations in the 

salutations in the marietWes ^ and '^ Orst seats' Sn the' rhfcS;fS ^^-^ 

σνναγωγαϊς και ττοίοτοκλισίας kv τοΙς δείπνοίς• 40 οι ^κατεσ- synagogues, and the 

synagogues ^ and first plaoes at the snppers ; who de- ^eTtsT" fo wS d^ 

θίοντες" τάς οικίας των χηρών, και προφάσει μακρά "«Our widows' houses, 

Tonr the houses of widows, and as a pretext ='at ^great «length °•^^, *°7 * pretence 

, τ η,Λ ' I II ' ' make long prayers: 

ττροσευχομενοι' οντοι ^Κηψονται ττερισσοτερον κρίμα. these shall receive 

'pray. These shall receive more abundant judgment. greater damnation. 

^T T7- • /I' n< 't - Ί r. ' „ - V Λ ^1 -^^d Jesus sat 

41 Kat καβισας "ο Ιησούς' °κατεναντι τον γαζοφυλα- over against thetrea- 

And ^having 'sat *down 'Jesus opposite the treasury, sury, and beheld how 

/ in' ~ ' » \ /3'\•\ >> » \ V >' the people cast monev 

Klov εν^ωρει ττως ο όχλος ραλλει χαλκον εις το γαζοφυλα- into the treasury: 

he saw how the crowd cast money into the treasury ; *nd many that were 

V >Λ<Λ' "^Νλ \\'jo >>Ν/Ί- rich cast in much. 

Klov και τΓοΛλοί πλούσιοι εραλλον πολλά. 42 και ελθονσα 42 And there came a 

and many rich were casting [in] much. And *havLng ''come certain poor widow, 

' ' < "/3 Λ Ν 1 ^> Hi T. / and she threw in two 

μια χήρα πτωχή εβαλεν λεπτά δυο, ο εστίν κοοραντης. mites, which make a 

'one *T\-idow "poor cast [in] 'lepta 'two, which is a kodrantes. farthing. 43 And he 

43 και προσκαλεσάμενος τονς.μαθητάς.αυτοϋ ΡΧέγει" αντοΐς. dis"ipies"'tnd""8aUh 

And having called to [him] his disciples he says to them, unto them, Verily I 

'Αμήν λέγω νμΧν, on ή.χηρα.α'ύτη ή πτωχή πλεΐον πάντων ^^[, ροο° widow St^h 

venly I say to you, that this 'widow 'poor more than all cast more in, than all 

ψεβληκεν" των ^βαλόντωί^ εις τυ -γαζοφνλάκιον. 44 ττάν- ^^^ξ "^^^f^ treTsi^^'^ 

has cast [in] of those casting into the treasury. ^All ^ f^^ alltfieJ'^Tcist 

τες yap εκ του περισσεύοντος αντοΐς εβαΧον αντη.δε in of their abundance ; 

^f or out of that which was abounding to them cast [in], but she did cast in aU Ihat 
εκ τής.ΰστερήσεως.αύτής πάντα 'όσα Είχεν εβαλεν, *?ιβ had, even all her 
out of her destitution ^all *as *mnch 'as 'she 'had 'cast [''in], l^'^'^^^• 

oXov τον. βιον. αυτής. 

'"whole ®her "livelihood. 

«θτΓ<' ' ,-, -,~^, ,.> ΧΙΠ. And as he 

\ύ Καί εκπορευομενον.αυτον εκ τον ιερού λέγει αυτψ went out of the tem- 

And as he was going forth out of the temple *says *to Tiim pie, one of his disci- 

είς^ τών.μαθητών.αντοϋ, Αιδάσκαλε, ϊδε, ποταποί λίθοι και M^te^Le what m^- 

One =of -^his *disciples, Teacher, see, what stones and ner of s'tones and what 

ποταπαΐ οίκοδομαί. 2 Καί »ό Ίησοϋς αποκριθείς' εΐπεν αύτψ, g'^S JesuTln^eri 

what buildings I And Jesus answering said to him, ing said unto him. 

Βλέπεις ταύτας τάς μεγάλας οίκοδομάς ; ού.μή άφεθy'' SiSVthereS 

Seest thou these great buildings ? not at all shall be left not be left one stone 

λίθος επί "λίθφ' ος ού.μή.καταλνθ^. 3 Καί καθημενον ^Ρ°° ηοΤ Whro^ 

stone upon stone which shall not be thrown down. And as ''was ^sitting down 3 And as he 

αύτοΰ εις το δρος των Έ,λαιών κατ'εναντι τοϋ ιεροΰ, '^επηρώ- sat upon the mount 

'he upon the mount ofOUves opposite theteWe.^ ^-^^- tLT^plTv^^r'^l 

των' αυτόν κατ .'ιδίαν ^ΐΐ'ετρος και Ιάκωβος και 'Ιωάννης και James and John and 

ed 'him '"apart 'Peter ''and ^James «and »John «and ^^^^y 4 T^U uT 

Άνίρεας, 4 ^Έίπε ήμΐν πότε ταϋτα ίσται ; και τι το when shall these 

'Andrew, TeU us when ''these "things 'shaU be ? and what the *^^^1 H"" ^.^^ "^^^^ 

^ „ /^» / ~ Λ Λ •. 3Λα« 6e the sign when 

σημειον όταν μελλγ ^παντα ταύτα συντελΰσθαι ; all these thing» shall 

sign when «should ^be «about 'all " things to be accomplished? t« fulfilled ? 5 And Je- 

_ ,_ ,,, ,- - ft . η ' II I, » - » y > ' •τ.-ν ' ^^ answering them 

6 Ο.οε. Ιησονς "■αποκριθείς" "αυτοις ΐ]ρξατο λέγειν, ΒλεπεΓε began to say. Take 

And Jesus answering to them began to say, Take heed heed lest any man de- 

/ I ~ Λ/ r> •\Λ<ρ«ιΐ'Λ' ,,~ ceive you : 6 for many 

αη τις υμάς πλανησ^. ο πολλοί, γαρ" ελευσονται επι τψ shaU come in my name, 
lest anyone "you 'mislead. For many will come in saying, I am Christ; 

» / • > ί t/^ 5 / > ^ > Λ . .. / and shall deceive 

ονόματι. μου, λέγοντες. Οτι εγω ειμί' και πολλούς πλάνη- many. 7 And when 

my name, saying, I am [he], and many they will ye shall hear of wars 

' κατεσβοντε? TrA. '^ λήμψονται νΤΎτΑ. " — ό Ίησοΰ? [LJTTrA. ^ anevavTL Ττ. 

Ρ elnev he said GLTTr. i ejSoAev did cast [in] tTr. ' /Βαλλόντων LTTrAW. » -f e/c of Τγ[α]. 
' αποκριθΐΐς ό Ίησονς L ; — άποκριββίς ΤΤγα. " + SiSe here Lir. ^ Κίθον TTr. " ίττηρώτα 
TTr Α. ^ + ό τ. y einov LTTrA, ^ ταΰτα πάντα συντελεΐσθαι L ; ταΰτα σνντΐΚΐΙσθαι πάντα 
TTrA. * — άτΓοκριβεΙς TTrA. *> ηρξατο λέγειν αντοίς LTTrA. <= — yap for τα. 


Md ramours^of^ware, Q-oi/fftr. 7 οταν.δί: ^άκούσητί" ΤΓολεμονς και άκοάς ττοΧεμων, 

for such things must "nislead. But when ye shall hear of wars and minoars of wars, 

^n''^t'fc^'^*^/^ew^"^ μν-θροεϊσθε' δεϊ *γάρ" γενέσθαι' αλλ' ουττω το 

^ion shtn rise a- be not disturbed ; »it ^most "needs ^f or come to pass, but *not »yet [Ms] 'the 

gainst nation, and τελος. 8 ΈγΒρθήσεται.γάο ϊθνος ^έττί" ίθνος και βασιλεία 

S)m• and^t*hCTe^aU ''^'"*• For ^shall «rise ^ιρ 'nation against nation and kingdom 

be earthquakes in di- £7ri βασιΧείαν ^KttV^ ίσονται σεισμοι κατά.τόπους, ''και" 

vers places, and there against kingdom; and there shall he earthquakes in difEerent places, and 

shall be fammes and "^ . , / b > μ » ^/ 

troubles: these are εσονται \ιμοι 'fcat ταοαχαι." *^αηχαι^^ ωύινων ταντα. 

the beginnings of sor- there shall be famines and tronblee. Beginnings of throes [are] these, 

rows. 9 But take heed , ^ , «, i , „ , ^ . 

toyourseives: for they 9 Βλεττετε.οε νμέίς εαντονς. 7Γαραοωσουσιι/.'γα|θ" νμας εις 

shall deliver you up ^^^ take heed ye to yourselves ; for they wiU deliver up you to 

to councils ; and in the ,/ ' ,^/n >>>< » 

synagogues ye shall be συνεδρία και εις συναγωγας' δαρησεσθε, και εττι ηγεμόνων 

beaten : and ye shall sanhedrims and to synagogues : ye will be beaten, and before governors 

be brought before ru- y r, ^ , n> ^ >i ,_, , .~ 

lersand kings for my και ρασιΚεο^ σταθησεσβε ενεκεν.ίμον, εις μαρτυριον αντοις' 

sake, for a testimony and kings ye will be brought for my sake, for a testimony to them ; 

against them. 10 And , ^^ ^ °, , , ./n «^ ~ ~ ii n~ 

the gospel must first 10 fcat εις τταντα τα εϋνη "^όει ττρωΓον" κηρυχυήναι το 

be published among all and to all the nations must first be proclaimed the 

nations. 11 But when , ,- ,-,„<» *mi „. ' n « - ? s ' 

they shaU lead you, ευαγγελιον. 11 '^οταν.οε" "αγαγωσιν" νμας τταραόιόοντες, 

and deliver you up, glad tidings. But whenever they may lead away you delivering [you] up, 

take no thought be- , ~ > \ \ ' η ii -Λ - ~ ,.ll 

forehand what ye μη.ττρομεριμνατε τι Χαλησητε, τ^μηδέ μελετάτε " 

shall speak, neither do he not careful beforehand what ye should say, nor meditate [your reply] ; 

whats^er"*ai/be άλΧ' οβεάν' SoQy ΰμΐν εν εκεΊvy.τψωp(}, τοντο λαλείτε- 

given you in that hour, but whatever may be given to you in that hour, that speak; 

L^'^nowf t^!t s^k! ον.γάρ Ιστε ύμεϊς οί ΧαΧοΰντες, άΧλά το πνεύμα το Άγων. 

but the Holy Ghost, for %ot ''are 'ye they who speak, but the Spirit the Holy. 

lhaU°iJtr*av%hI''bro- 12 'τταραίώσει.^έ'' αδελφός άδεΧφόν εις Θάνατον, και πατιφ 

ther to death, and the -A^^d "wiU Meliver *up 'brother brother to death, and father 

father the son; and ^'^^vov και ετταναστησονται τέκνα εττι γονείς, και θανατώ- 

ΪαϋιΤίΛβίν parents^ c^ld ; and -"ViU «rise *ηρ 'children against parents, and will put to 

and shall cause them (χονσιν αύτούς' 13 και εσεσθε μισούμενοι υπό πάντων διά 

13 A^d^ ye shallb^ death them. And ye will be hated by aU onaccoimtof 

hated of all mm for γο.ονομά.μον ο.δε ύπομείνας εις τεΧος, ούτος σωθήσε- 

u'that'thaU endure my name; but he who endures to [the] end, he shaU be 

unto the end, the ^ai. 14 "Orav-^t ιδητε TO βδέΧνγμα της ερημώσεως *το 

same shall be saved, ^^aved. But when ye see the abomination of the desolation which 

14 But when ye shall , „ , , , ^ „ , u , c ^ h » > ? ~ 

see the abomination of ρηθέν VTTo ΑανιηΧ Tov 7Γρο0ϊ?Γου," ^εστος οττου ου.οει' 

desolation, spoken of ,y^ spoken of by Daniel the prophet, standing where it should not 

by Daniel the prophet, , , , , / . > ~ >τ $> ' j 

Standing where it ο αναγινωσκων νοειτω' τότε οι εν Ty Ιονοαι^ φεν~ 

ought not, (let him (jjg ^j,o reads let him understand), then those in Judaea let 

that readeth under- , ,» ,-e_t.,ii>. ~r./ ι 

8t.and,) then let them γετωσαν εις τα ορη' Ιο ο 'Οε ' εττι του δώματος μ?] κατα- 

that be in Judsea flee them flee to the mouniaina, ''ho 'and upon the housetop 'not 'let "him 

to the mountains: -, , ^ , , , , „ ϊ.^ τ ' ν Λ' ii ν ^ ' ii '„ 

16 and let him that is βατω *εις T1JV oiKiuv, μηδέ ^εισελθετω" 'apai τι" εκ 

on the housetop not come down into the house, nor go in to take any thing out of 

go down into the house, ^ , , , ~ , /-. ν < > > > ' « " π ' ' __„,./. ^_, . 

leithor enter <Λ«•«η| της.οικιας.αυτον 16 και ο ειςτοναγρον'ων^' μη.ετΓίστρεψατω 

to take any thing out his house ; and he that in the field is let him not return 

let^him^thaVis'in'the είς τά οπίσω άραι τδ.ιμάτιον.αύτοϋ. 17 οΰαι.δε ταΐς 

field not turn back to the things behind to take his garment. But woe to those that 

h£'g^eni.° ^uVu εν.γαστριΛχονσαις καΐ ταΐς θηΧαζονσαις εν 'εκε'ιναις ταΐς 

woo to them that are aie with child and to those that give suck in those 

•i a/couere ye hear of Tr « — γαρ t[ti]a. ' eir' TA. κ — καΐ TTtA. *» — #cat_T[Tr]A^ 
i — και ταραχαί LTTriA]. ^ άρχ>7 a begiuning i.TTr. ' — yap for τ[Τγ]α. " πρώτοι/ SeZ 

LTTrA. » και όταν and when LTTrA. " SymaiP GLTTrAW. Ρ — μηδέ μ«λ€τάτβ [LjTTriA]. 

1 w L•. " και παραδώσει LTTrA. « — το ρηθΐΡ ύπο Αανιηλ. τοΰ προφήτου θ[ί]ΤΤΓΑ. 

* έστως EG ; εστηκος L ; έστηκότα ΤΤγΑ. " — 6e h[Ti]. " — είς την οΐκίαν [l] τ. 

» βΙσ«Κθάτω lttt. χ τι Spat Τγα. « — ώι/ {read [is]) LTTr. 

XIII. Mark. 


ημεραις. 18 ττροσενγεσθε.δ^ 'ίνα μή.γενηται '^η. φυγή. ναών '^*^ <^ί^ *°Ί tc 

days! And pray that ^^ay ^not ^be Vir ^ight ^ho™ ^d^ys 1 l^^^d 

χειμώνας. 19 iffovrauyap αί.Ύΐμεραι.εκεΊναι ΘΧίφις, οία ντ&Ύ ye that your 

in winter ; for *shall ^e ['in] 4hose Mays tribulation, such as ^Ψ^} ^^ not in the 

, , / , > > ~ / κ τ II » winter. 19 For m those 

βυ.γεγονίν τοιαύτη απ αρχήζ κτίσεως °ης" εκτισεν ο days shall be affliction, 

has not been the like from [the] beginning of creation which 'created ^^^^ ^ '^^ not from 

Λ > .. - - V . > / ΟΛ < > > .. / ^'^'^ be^nning of the 

θεος εως του νυν, και ου. μη γενηται. 20 και ει. μη '■κύριος creation which God 

'God until now, and not at all shall be ; and unless [the] Lord created unto this 

> \ Ό u \ t / f ■Λ ■) f η - ' V tivae, neither shall be. 

ίκολορωσεν'' τας ημέρας, ονκ.αν.εσωθη ττασα σαρξ• 20And except that the 

had shortened the days, there would not have been saved any flesh ; Lord had shortened 

άλλα διά τους εκλεκτούς ους εξεΧεζατο. εκολόβωσεν τάς should brsaved : bu- 

bnt on account of the elect whom he chose, he has shortened the for the elect's sake. 

ημέρας. 21 Kai τότε lav τις υμίν είττ^, •^Ίδού^• ώδε ο he'Ch 'shortened 

days. And then if anyone to you say. Behold, here [is] the days. 21 And then if 

χριστός, ψ Ηδού,' εκεί, ^μή.τηστενσητε. 22 ίγερθησονται ^οί, L^heretcSst" 

Christ, or Behold, tliere, ye shall not beUeve [it]. ^here ^will *arise or, lo, he is there ; be- 

^yap' ψυδόχριστοι koV^ φευδοττροφηται, καΐ ίδώσουσιν" σημεία ^Zt Ch^iT^J^I^ 

'for false Christs and false prophets, and will give sign- prophets shall rise, 

και τέρατα, προς το άποπλανφν ει δυνατόν ^και" τους ίκλεκ- ^°^ wonders "^to'^ 

and wonders, to deceive if possible even the elect, duce, if it were pos- 

τοΰς. 23 ύμεϊς.δε βλέπετε' Ί'ίού," προείρηκα ύμΊν πάντα, ^ihie! even the elect. 

W-^ye^ -take heed :^ ^ lo, I haye ^retold to you all things. ^hoW, ί have^f oreTold 

24 ™'Αλλ'" εν εκείναις ταΤς ημεραις, μετά την.θλίύίΐν.έκείνην, you aii things. 21 But 

„ ^-* - *^r 'f ■ ,^^^' that tribulation,' Sat^^luten.'^^e 

ό ήλιος σκοτισθήσεται, και ή σελήνη οϋ. δώσει το φέγγος san «hau be darkened, 

the sun shall be darkened, and the moon shall not give night ^^? ^^\^ ^"°^ ,ϊ'ΐ^ 

, „ , , , , not give her light, 

αντης, 25 και οι αστέρες "του ούρανον έσονται έκπίπτοντες.^^ 2.5 ana the stars of 

'her ; and the stars of the heaven shaU be faUing out, heaven shall fall and 

, , , , , J / ^^^ powers that are 

και ai δυνάμεις ai εν τοΧς ονρανοΐς σαλευθησονται. ύ» heaven shall be 

and the powers which [are] in the heavens shall be .«haken ; ^J^S®^• ^6 And then 

_ „ , , „ , , , , _ , „ , , , shall they see the Son 

2d και τότε οψονται τον νιον του άνθρωπου ερχομενον εν of man coming in 

and then shaU they see the Son of man coming in ^^e clouds with great 

νεφέλαις μετά δυνάμεως "πολλής και δόξης.'• 27 και τότε ITILa then shfirYe 

clouds with *i)ower 'great and glory ; and then send his angels, and 

> ^ ~ ί > »-. η , _ I, , , , „ , shall gather together 

αποστεΚει τονς.αγγεΧους.Ραυτου,'^ και επισνναξει τους his elect from the four 

he will send his angels, and will gather together winds, from the utter- 

>> 'π»"Ίΐ» •* ' > f »> Μ mo.'it p'^rt of the earth 

εκλεκτονςβαυτου" εκ των τεσσάρων άνεμων, απ άκρου to the uttermot part 

his elect from the four winds, from [the] extremity of heaven. 2H Xow 

γης εως άκρου ουρανού. 28 Άπό.δε της συκής μάθετε flTtree^^when^ her 

of earth to [the] extremity of heaven. But from the fig-tree learn branch is yet tender, 

την παραβολήν όταν ^αύτής ήδη ο κλάδος^^ απαλός γένη- filVyXow'^ra^ 

the parable : when of it already the branch tender is be- summer is near : 29 so 

ται, και Ηκψν^^ τά φύλλα, 'γινώσκετε' Οτι εγγύς το θέρος ^VnVihaii Se ^heJe 

come, and it puts forth the leaves, ye know that near the summer things come to pass, 

εστίν 29 όντως και ΰμεΐς, Οταν "τ-αΐτα ϊδητέ^ γινόμενα, ^^^ a^**thV^do(frs' 

is. So also ye, when these things ye see coming to pass, 3Q yprlly I say unto 

γινώσκετε ότι Ιγγνς εστίν επι θύραιο. 30 Αμήν λέγω ΰμΧν, y°^}> ^^^ {-^ϊ^ =e°e- 

know^ that near it is, at [the] doors."^ 7*^1:Γ Isay to you, ί^'°^ ^^^^^^ f^^i^f^^^^^ 

OTi ού.μή παρέλθ^ ή.γενεά.αντη, μέχρις ου ''πάντα 

that in no wise will have passed away this generation, until all 

_* — ή φυγή ϊ/μων (read it may not be) LTTrA. '' ην LXTr. " βκολόβωσίν κύριος Τ. 

d ISe TTrA. e — ή TA. ' ISe LTTrA. S μη πίστηίβτβ believe [it] not GLTTrAW. 

'' Se and τ. ' — ψευδόχριστοι καΐ a. J ττοίήσουσιν will work ta. '' — καΐ τ[τγ]α. 

' — ISov [L]TTrA. "^ 'Αλλά LTTiA. " ίσονται ίκ τον ουρανοί ηίπτοντΐς LTTrA. ° και 

6όξης πολλής L. Ρ — αύτον (read tlie angels) [L]TTrA. ι — αΰτοΰ (read the elect) ττγα. 
"■ η6η ό κλάδο? αύτης LTr. • ίκφύγι EOT. * γιρώσκίται it is known a. " ϊδητί 

ταντα LTTr. ' ταίτα πάι/τα TTrA. 


iTb shaii^Tsraway'^ ταϋτα' γένηται. 31 ό ουρανός κα, ή γη "τταρε- 

bS, my words shali '^«^e things shaU have taken place. The heaven and the earth shaU 

not pass away. 32 But λευσονται*" οΊ.δί.λόγοι.μοί) ον.^μή^' ί'τΓαρέλθωσιν." 32 ΉψΙ.δβ 

houjknowethnoman, Pass away, hut my words in no wise shall pass away. But concerning 

no, not the angels της.ημΑοαςΛκύνης ^kuV^ της ώρας, ούδεις οΐδεν, ovde *οΐ άν- 
neUher''the"son'''hut that day and the hour, no one knows, not even the an- 

the Father. 33 Take ye γελοι" ''οΐ" Iv ονρανψ, ούοβ <) ν'ιός, Η.μή ϋ ττατήο. 33 Βλέττετε, 

heed, watch and pray : g,gis those in heaven, nor the Son, but the Father. Take heed, 

for ye know not when , « _ , ' /i n . «i % / < / 

the time is. 34 For «Λβ aypvTTVEiTE Ktti ττροσεΐίχεσθε'" ονκ.οιδατε.γαρ ποτέ ο καψος 

Son of man ts as a man watch and pray ; for ye know not when the time 

taking a far journey, , oa ' " Ω ''S• .^,,./ 

who left his house, and toTLV. 34 ως ανθρωτΓος ατΓοδημος αφεις την οικιαν 

gave authority to his ig ^ as a man going out of the country, leaving -house 

servants, aud to every , ~ > ^ » ~ t> /^ > ~ λ >v - a ^• t ' 

man his work, and avTOV, και όους τοις.Οουλοίς.αντον Ti/v ίζουσιαν,'^καί' ίκαστφ 

comm.anded the por- 'his, and giving to his bondmen the authority, and to each one 

terto watch. 35 Watch ^ « , ~ , ~ ^ , , ,^ „ 

ye therefore: for ye TO.tpyov.avTOV, Kui τφ υυρωρψ ίνετειλατο iva -γρηγοργ. 

know not when the his work, and ^the ^door-keeper 'commanded that he should watch, 

master of the house c\e -*• τ. ί >/ ^ \ » < r ^ > / 

cometh, at even, or at 35 γρηγορείτε ovv ονκ.οιδατε.γαρ ΤΓοτε ο.κνριος της oiKLug 

midnight, or at khe Watch therefore, for ye know not when the master of the house 

morninji^s^'lestcom! ΨΧ^ται, «όψέ, η ^μεσοννκτίον,'^ η άλεκτοροφωνίας, i] πρωί' 

ing suddenly he And comes : at evening, or at midnight, or at cock-crowing, or morning ; 

^h"at'i'S"fnto yo";." I ^^ μη ίλθών εξαίφνης ευpy υμάς καθενδοντας. 37 «ίΡΜ 

say unto all. Watch. ^^st coming suddenly he should find you sleeping. And what 

νμΐν λέγω, ττάσιν λέγω, Γρηγορείτε. 

to you I say, to all I say, AVatch. 

XIV. After two days -t λ t^t ^\ ^ ' ^ > «y < ϊ' 

was the feast of the 14 Ην.ίε TO πασχα και τα αζνμα μετά δυο 

passover, and of un- Now it was the passover and the [feast of] unleavened bread after two 

leavened bread : and •' »>v' <> - << ~.« 

the chief priests and νμψας' και εζητουν οι αρχιερείς και οι γραμματείς πως 

the scribes sought how days. And 'were ^seekiug 'the ^chief priests *and *the ^scribes how 

by^cr^f^'andtntA^ «ΰτό»/ iv δό\φ κρατησαντες άποκτείνωσιν 2 εΚεγον Μέ," 

to death.' 2 But they him by guile getting hold of they might kill [him]. '■'They ^sald 'but, 

tt: fest toeie"an ^^ iv Ty iopTy, μήποτε 'θόρυβος εσταύ^ του Χαον. 

uproar of the people. ^o*" i° ^^e feast, lest a tumult there shall be of the people. 

3 And being in Beth- ^ ^"^ *^*'™^ ^^''^^ ^^^ 'ΆηΒανκ}, εν Ty οΊκίφ Σίμωνος τοϋ 

anv in the house of ■^^'^ -being 'he in Bethany, in the house of Simon the 

Simon the leper, as he Χ^προν, κατακειμενουΜυτοΰ^ ΊίΧθεν γυνή έχουσα άΧά- 

sat at meat, there came ,"' v'tj rii-uiTs ιί u• i 

a woman having an 'eper, as he reclined [at table], ^came 'a''woman havmg an ala- 

aiabaster box of oint- βαστρον μύρου νάρδου πιστικής ποΧντεΧοϋς' ''καί" σνν- 

vfn-y predous^'and she ^'^^*^^'" ^"^^ °* ointment of -nard "pure of great price j and having 

br;ike the box, aud τρίφασα Vo" άΧάβαστρον, κατίχεεν αυτοΰ ™κατά^^ της 

poured ι< on his head, ^^^ίοη the alabaster flask, she poured [it] 'his 'on 

4 Aud there were some ^ ^ ™ ,< , 

th.'it had indignation κεφαΧης. 4 ησαν.δε τίνες άγανακτοΰντες προς.εαυτους, "και 

within themselves, head. And ''were 'some indignant within themselves, and 

and said. Why was ,,,/<,,» „ » , , 

this waste of the oint- Χεγοντες,'Έις τι 7ΐ.απ(οΧεια.αντη του μύρου γεγονει> ; 

ment made? Sfor it saying, For what ^this ^w.aste *of 'the «ointment 'has been made? 

might have been sold _ , ., , , „_ , , 

for more than three 5 ηΟυνατο.γαρ TOVTO " πραθηναι επάνω ^τριακοσίων 

hnndi-ed iwnci;, and for it was possible [for] this to have been sold for above three hundred 
have been given to the ,. ' η " t- /λ- ~ ~ «n>/0~ii 

poor. And they mur- Οηναριων,^^ και όοβηναι τοις πτωχοις• και %νεβριμωντο^^ 

mured against her. denarii, and to have been given to the poor. And they murmured 

6 And JeKus said. Let i ~ /» </-v *< >τ ~ τ " » j > ' , , ~ r 

heraione; why trou- «iTy. Ο O.d^t- Ιτ^σοί'ς εΖττεϊ/, Α^ετε αυτήν TL avTy κόπους 

hie ye her ? she hath at her. But Jesus said. Let ■'alone 'her ; why to her trouble 

" τταρβλίΐίσβται GW. » — μη ΤγΛ. y παρίλίύσονται ΤΤγΑ. ' ij or qltTtAW. » άγγελο? 
an angel a. *> — οί ττγα. <= — και ττροσβνχεσβί LT[Tr]A. <* — και LTTrA. * + ^ 

either TTr Α. ^ μΐσοννκτιον ττγ\. s ό lttha. i" γάρ for LTTrA. ' «σται 

θόρυβος TTrA. ^ — /cat τλ. ' τον LTW ; TTjf TrA. ■" — κατά (read αυτοΰ on his) 

LTiTA. η — καΐ \€•γορτίς τ[Τγ]α. ο -h to μνρον ointment GLTXrAW. ρ δηναρίων 

τριακοσίων LTTrAW. ι ίνΐβριμοΰντο Τ. 

yiV. MARK. 135 

ιταρίχετε; καλόν tpyov 'εΐργάσατο'* ^είς εμε^ 7 πάντοτε.γάρ wrought a good work 

do ye cause? a good work she wrought towards me. For always the°^ poor with^ you 

τονς πτωχούς έχετε μεθ' εαυτών, καΐ 'όταν θέΧητε δύνασθε always, and whenso- 

the poor ye hare with you, and whenever ye desire ye are ahle j^g^^® } 7®κ™» '^ '^° 

^αντούς^^ εϋ.ττοιήσαι• εμε.δ'ε ου πάντοτε έχετε. 8 δ 'εΖχεν" ye have not always. 

^them Ho ^do good ; but me not always ye have. What ^Oonld ^,^^^ ^?-\^ "^,ο^β ^^lat 
„ „ , , >^ r, / τ , ~ „ . s^ie could : she i.s come 

"αυτί?, επαησεν προελαρεν μνρισαι ^μον.το.σωμα εις aforehaud to anoint 

'she, she did. She came beforehand to anoint my body for py ^°5y^° '^^ bury- 

, , ^ ' η ' ' T>' . ~ .' ," i o~ uig. 9 Verily I say 

τον ενταφίασμον. 9 αμήν' Αεγω υμιν, οπον*αν^ lajpvxuy unto you, TViieresoever 

the buriaL Verily I say to you, "Wheresoever shall beproclaimed t^^is gospel shall be 

, , /^ . - 11 • fi-, V ' . « . / preached throughout 

το.ευσγγελιον.*ΓουΓθ" εις όλον τον κοσμον, και ο εποιησεν the whole world, this 

this glad tidings in 'whole Hhe world, also what 'has *done also that she hath done 

„ ■» \ Λ ' ' ' > ~ shall be spoken of for 

αντη λαληθησεται εις μνημοσννον αυτής. a memorial of her. 

'this ['woman] shall be spoken of for a memorial of her. 

10 Και •'ό"Ίουοας ^ό ' '^'Ισκαριώτης,^^ ^ εις των δώδεκα, ίο Aud Judas isca- 

And Judas the Iscariote, one of the twelve, not, one of the twelve, 

, Λ Λ % < > " ^ > ^ went unto the chief 

απήλθεν προς τονς αρχιερείς, ινα 'παραδφ αυτόν priests, to betray him 

went away to the chief priests, that he might deliver up him unto them. 11 And 

, ^ , 5,, , , , , , , ,, when they heard li, 

αυτοις. 11 Οι.οε ακουσαντες εχαρησαν, και επηγ-γειλαντο they were glad, and 

to them. And they having heard rejoiced, and promised promised to give him 

, ^ y I «,~ .,u/ •. ( , ' )v money. And he sought 

αυτψ apyvpiov δούναι' και εί,ητει πως 'ευκαφως αυτόν how he might con- 

*him nnoney Ho 'give. And he sought how 'conveniently %im veniently betray him. 


'he "might ''deliver "^up. 12 And the first day 

τ η Tr < ~ / ; » ^ > y / f , / of unleavened bread, 

12 Και 7-y πρωτι^ ι/μερφτων αζυμων, οτε το πασχα ^^βη they killed the 

And on the first day of unleavened [bread], when the passover paesover, his disciples 

εθνον, λεγουσιν αύτφ οΊ.μαΘηται.αϋτοϋ,Πυϋ θέλεις ^it thou t ™t w'^go 

they killed, ^say Ho *him 'his 'disciples, Where desu-est thou [that] and prepare that thou 
απελθόντες έτοιμάσωμεν 'ίνα φάγγς το πάσχα; IS Και ^ver Mslld he sS 

going we should prepare that thou mayeet eat the passover ? And eth forth two of his 

αποστέλλει δύο τών.μαθητών.αύτοϋ, και λέγει αύτοίς, 'Γττάγετε ^to^them ^ο ye^tnto 

he sends forth two of his disciples, and says to them. Go tjje city, ' and there 

εις την πόλι 

into the city, 

βαστάζων ακολουθήσατε αύτφ, 14 και οπου.^έάν" είσελθη, Ι^ ^^, wheresoever 

• , ί,ι t•^ a, , ?he shall go m. sav ve 

carrying ; ^follow ^ him ; ^ and ^ wherever he may enter, ^^ ^he goodman of the 

είπατε τψ οίκοδεσπότ-ς, "Οτι 6 διδάσκαλος λέγει, Ποϋ house. The Master 

say to the master of the house. The teacher says, Where ^^t^^.'^j^^^^/^'^t^^^ 

εστίν TO κατάλυμα ^ 'όπου το πάσχα μετά τών.μαθητών.μου ι ebaii eat the pa-^^s- 

is the guest-chamber where the passover with my disciples iJ^irdHiT^^lTThew 

φάγω', 15 και αϋτδς ΰμΙν δείζει 'άνώγεον" μέγα έστρω- you a large upper room 

I may eat? and he 'you 'will 'shew an upper room large, fur- furnished and pre- 

k" II I' ~i • ' ' ~ Ίί? ΤΛ ' 'ν~ΛΛ < pared: there make 

μενον '^ετοιμον." ^εκει^ ετοιμάσατε ημιν. 16 Και εξηλθον οι ready for us. i6And 

nished ready. There prepare for us. And went away ^lis disciples went 

η V „ , ~ ,, > ΤΛ η > 1 >\ ^ - Λ 1 forth, and came into 

μανηται. αυτού," και ηλσον εις την ποΚιν, και ενρον καυως the city, and found as 
his disciples, and came into the city, and found as he had said unto them: 

» , ~ . . - > / τ _-,_,,• , and they made readv 

είπεν αυτοις, και ητοιμασαν το πασχα. 17 Και οψιας the passover. 17 And 

he had said to them, and they prepared the passover. And eTening in the evening he com- 

' " ,~s,»<[, TO'' ' eth with the twelve. 

γενομένης άρχεται μετά των δώδεκα- 18 και ανακειμενων is And as they sat and 

being come he comes with the twelve. And as 'were 'reclining did eat, Jesua said, 

■■ ηργάσατο Τ. ' iv ίμοί tO me GLTTrAW. * αϋτοίί LTrA ; — αντούζ τ. » ίσχ€ν 

GLTT.AW. '^ — αντη (read είχεν she could) [£]τ[Τγ]α. ' το σώμα μου lti-. y + δέ 

and (verily) [L]TTrA. ^ eai/ ta. » — τοΰτο (read the glad tidings) [lJitfa. J» — ό 
LTTrA.w. <^ Ίσκαρίώθ τα. '^ + ό the TTrA. e τταραδοΖ αΰτον L ; αΰτον τταραδοΓ ΤΤγα. 

^αύτο»/ ίϋκαίρως παραδοί LTTrA ; αντΌν evK. παραδω W. g άν LTrA. ^ + μου (read my 

g^est-chamber) [lJitfa. ' άνάγαιον OLTXrAW. ^ [_!τοιμον'} L. ' και eKeZ and 

there Τγα ; κάκΐΐ τ. <^ — αύτοΰ (read the disciples) T[Tr]. 

Ui'• και απαντήσει νμίν άνθρωπος κεράμων 'ύδατος ^^^^f pitcher^of 

7, and 'will 'meet *you 'a -man a pitcher of water ^ater : foUow him. 


Verily I say unto yon, αντων Kai ίσθιόντων "εϊττεν 6'ΐησοΰς,^ 'Αμήν λέγω 

^^^^th^'mrlhaVbt [«at «table] 'they and were eating ■'said 'Jeeus, Verily I say 

tray me. 19 And thev {,μίν, ΟΤΙ Εις έξ νμώϊ' τταραδώσΗ μΐ, ό εσθίων μετ .εμοϋ. 
began to be sorrowful, to you, that one of you will deliver up me, who is eating with me. 
and to eay unto mm -'' ^ •^ ^ ^ ,.„ ^, 

one by one, 7« it I ? 19 "OL^t" 'ί'/ρζαντο Χυπέϊσθαι, και λίγειν αύτψ, εΓς ^καθ n ε?ς, 

and another said, la ^^^^ ^hey began to be grieved, and to say to him, one by one. 

It I? 20 And he an- ^ "^ , , ^ .-λ λ r' > ' i. on '/-w "^i r • 

swered and said unto Mi/ Ti εγω ; ^Και αλλος, Mry τι ίγω ; 20 Ο.ΰε "^αττο- 

them, Λ ίβ one of the [Is it] I? And another, [Is it] I? But he an- 

twelve, that dippeth ,, χ „ , » ~ iir . > ii ~ ? ' !• < » Λ 

with me in the dish, κριθείς" είττεν uvToiQ, Εις »εκ ' των διοδεκα, ο εμραπτΘ- 

21 The Son of man in- gwering eaid to them, [It is] one of the twelve, who is dip- 

deert goeth, a.s it is ,,..,, , ,^^ , οτ ^ < i < < ~ • η ' 

written of him: but μενος μετ εμου^ εις TO τρνΙόλιοτ. 21^1} μέν νιος του avUpio-rrov 

woo to that m.'in by ping with me in the dish. The ^indeed 'Son "of ^mau 

whom the Son of man ,, ^ ■, , ,,_,,j,,, 

is betrayedi good were ντταγει, καβως γεγραπται ττερι αυτόν οναι.όε τφ 

it for that man if he *goes, as it has been written concerning him ; but woe 

a never een orn. (^ρβρύ'^'φ,εκείνφ δι ol• 6 νιός τοϋ άνθρωπου παραδ'ώοται' 
to that man by whom the Son of man is delivered up ; 

Kokov '"l]v^^ αυτψ ει οίικ.ίγεννήθη ΰ.άνθρωττοςΛκεΙνυς. 
good were it for him if *had *not 'been *born 'that ^man. 

22 And as they did 22 Και εσθώνπον.αϋτών, λαβών *ό Ίί/σοϋς" άρτον, 

eat, Jesus took bread. And as they were eating, ^having -^taken 'Jesus a loaf, 

i°and^RaTeTo''t'hem ^^λογ/'/σας εκλασεν, καί ϊδωκεν αύτοΊς. καΐ είττεν, Αάβετε, 

and said. Take, eat :' having blessed he brake, and gave to them, and said, Take, 

thisismyWy.23And γφ,'ιγ^τ^-η τοϋτό ioTiv τδ.σώμά.μον. 23 Καί λαβών 'τό" 

he took the cup, and '', ,,, , <,' .ii. ■_' ^ i _ ^v 

when he had ^ven e^t , this is my 'body. ^ Ano^ having taken the^ 

thanks, ^e gave it to ττοτήριον, ενχαριστήσας εδωκεν αύτοΊς' και επιον εξ αϋτον 
drank of U. 2^ And «°Ρ' having given thanks he gave to them, and they «drank ^of *it 

ho said unto them ττάντες' 24 και εΐπεν αύτοΐς, Ύοΰτό εστίν τό.αΐμά.μον *ΓΟ" 

??^ifr^w°^'^„f 'all. And he said to them. This is myblo(5 that 

the new testament, ^ , « ν .« , / 

which is shed for τής "/cati'/jg" διαθηκης, rb "^περι πολλών εκχννομενον. 

many. 25 Vcriiy I say ^f ^j^g ^^^ covenant, which for many Is poured out. 

unto you, I will drink , , ^, > / > . / > 

no more of the fruit of 25 αμήν λέγω νμίν, ΟΤΙ ονκετι.ον.μη πιω εκ του 

the vine, until that Verily I say to y(ju, that not any more in any \visa will I drink of the 

day that I drink it , , '' ,, ^ , ,, « - . / , , „ > x 

new in the kingdom '^γεννήματος" Tt]Q αμπέλου, εως της.ημερας.εκεινης όταν αυτό 

of &od. fruit of the vine, until that day when it 

πίνω καινον εν Ty βασιλεί<} τοϋ θεον. 

26 And when they I drink new ^ in the kingdom ^ of God. ^ ^ ^ 
had sung an hymn, 26 Κα/ υμιτησαντΕς εζήλθον εις TO ορός των Ελαίων. 

they went out into And havinif sung a hymn they went out to the mount of OUves. 

the mount of Olives. , ' . , ./ , * > v^' η 

27 And Jesus saith 27 καί λεγει αύτοϊς ο Ιησούς, Οτι πάντες σκανδαλκίθησίσθε 

unto them, ΑΠ ye χ^^ "mx\s Ho «them 'Jesus, AU ye will be oflfended 

shaU be offended Tje- /, ~ > / , r- , ■ r ' - 

cause of me this night: ^tv εμοι^ ^εν ΤΊ^.νυκτι.ταντ\Γ" ΟΤΙ γεγραπται, ϋαταί,ω τυν 
for it is written, I wiU j^ ,^^ in tjii>. night j for it has been written, I will smite the 

smite the shepherd, , ^^ ,\r < 'o ii,»i\\> 

and the .-heep shall be ποιμενα, και ^διασκορπισΰησεται τα προρατα. 2b Αλλα 

scattered. 28 But after shepherd, and will be scattered abroad the sheej). But 

that I am risen, I will , ,, n~ > 's' <~ ' >τ-ι\\• 

go before yon into μετα τυ.εγερθηναι.με. προαξω υμάς εις την Ι ηλιλαιαν. 
Galilee. 29 But Peter after my arising, I will go before you into Galilee, 

said unto him, Al- ^„ t^ ^\ -r-r > » . > ~ υ,τγ > >ii ' ί λ Λ' 

though all shall be 29 Ο.δε.Ώετρος εφη αυτψ, ^Kai ει» παντες σκανδαλιοθησονται, 

offended, yet will not But Peter said to him, Even if all shall be offended, 

d J 

unto him,"Veriiy Ϊ say άλλ' ovK εγώ. 30 Καί λέγει αυτψ ό Ιησοϋς, Αμήν λέγω σοι 
this yet not 1. And "says 'to *him 'Jesus, Verily I say to the 

" ό Ίησοΰς ΐίττΐν ΤΑ. ο — Οϊ δέ {read ηρξαντο they began) τα. ρ κατά τα. <ϊ — καΐ 
άλλο?, Μη τι εγώ ; ΤΤι•. ' — αποκρώΐΐς LTTrA. » — c/c (read των of the) Τ[Τγ]. 

' + ■"?'' Χ^Ψ'^ ^''β hand l. " + δτι for TiTr]A. " — ην [l^TiJa. » — ό Ιησούς 

[l]t[ti]a. y — φάγ?τε GLTTrAW. » — TO (rmrf a cup) LTTrA. » — τί» [l]ta. 

b — καινής TTrA. "= ΰπίρ πολλώ»» ίκχυννάμ,ζνον l; Ικχυννόμΐνον vnkp ποΚλών ΤΤγα. ** γβνή- 
ματος TTrAW. ' — ev έμοί TTrA. ' — tv TJj i -νκτί ταύττ] [l]tTi AW. Κ διασκορπισθησοντΜ 
τά πρόβατα L ; τα πρόβατα διασκορπισθησονται TTrA. *' Ει καΙ ΤΤι Α. 

XIV. MARK. 137 

ΟΤΙ ^ σήμερον Ην το νυκτί.ταυτυ,^^ πριν η δις άλεκτοοα day, even in this night, 

that to-day in thu night, before ^that twice [the] cook' S? tht sil^U den^ 

φωνήσαι, τρις ^άτταρνήση ub.^'^ 31 'O.^i 'Ικ.πεοισσοΰ ελεγεν me thrice, si But he 

crow, thrice thou wilt deny me. But he Vehemently «said spake the more vehe- 

~ΝΛ II «τ, ' r^ ?>' II Λ - . / meutly, If I ί -hould di6 

aaXKov,^^ Eav '"^μΐ.δεη" συναποθανζίν σοι, ου. μη σε ^th thee, ι win not 

Hhe *more, If it were needful for me to die with thee, in no wise thee $^Ρ^ *^^^ i^ ^^y "^^e. 
„ , , ,11^/ >>, , / ,^ Likewise also said 

^αναρνησομαι^ Ωσαντως.δε και πάντες ελεγον. they all. 

will I deny. And in like manner also 'all 'they ^spake. 

32 Kai έρχονται εις χωρίον °ol• τό^^ όνομα ^Γεθσ7ιμανή" 

And they come to a place of which the name [is] (Jeth, emaue ; 
/cat Χεγει τοΧς.μαθηταΧς.αντον, Καθίσα-ε ώδε, 'έως προσεύξω- 

and he says to his disciples. Sit here, wliile I shall 30 α_ j t},g ^^ 

μαι. 33 Κσί παραλαμβάνει τον Πετοον και ΐτόν" Ίάκωβον ^ pi*<=e which was 
pray. And he taGs Peter and James '^^^^^ Gethsemane. : 

, , , „, , „„ y η '-, i\ "■^^ "® saith to hlB 

και Ιωαννην ^μεθ εαυτού." Και ΐ]ρξατο εκθαμβεΐσθαι και disciples. Sit ye here, 

and John with him : and he began to be greatly am.ozed and J^'^^}^ , ί ^'^ί^^ . Vr^J• 

. ? - rt . , Λ / , ^ -^ ,- , , . , , 33 And he taketh with 

αοημονειν. 34 και λέγει αυτοις, ΐίεριλυπος εστίν ΐ). ψυχή. μου him Peter and James 

deeply depressed. And he saya to them, Very sorrowful is my soul and Jolm, and began 

<i η ' ' ~ ^ V ~ η Ε ti- > « ^ to be sore amazed, 

εως θανάτου' μείνατε ωδε και γρηγορείτε. 35 Και ^προελ- and to be very heavy ; 

even to death; remain here and watch. And having gone ^4 and saith unto 

i-i 1 II ^ t» II ' V ~ ~ ' ' " > them, ily soul is ex- 

ϋων" μικρόν ^επεσεν^ επι της γης, και προσηυχετο ινα, ει ceeding sorrov^fui un- 

f or ward a little he fell upon the earth, and prayed that, if to death: tarry ye here, 

», / ) i.. η ' ' ' - < " o£» ' "Λ and watch. 35 And he 

ίυνατον εστίν, παρελθ^ απ αυτού η ωρα. 3b και ελεγεν, went forward a little, 

possible it is, might pass from him the hour. And he said, and fell on the ground, 

'4/3 . ο ~' ' ' T> ' ' > ' and prayed that, if it 

Αββα,ο πατήρ, πάντα δυνατά σοι- παρινεγκε το πότη- were poesibie, the hour 

Abba, Father, all things [are] possible to thee ; take away 'cup might pass from him. 

ριον^άπ εμοϋτοϋτο•' άΧλ' ου τι εγώ θέλω, άλλα τί σύ. Il4er, aU &^\^*β 

^from "me 'this ; but not what I will, but what thou, possible unto thee : 

37 Kat έρχεται και ευρίσκει αυτούς καθεύδοντας• και λέγει τφ f^om mrfnevertheS^ 

And becomes and finds them sleeping. And he says not what I will, but 

Ώετρψ, Σίμων, καθ ευ ΰ εις ; ούκ.ΐσχυσας μίαν ωραν γρη- ζ^comlτh!'L•i' έ^Ι 
to Peter, Simon, sleepest thou ? wast thoia not able one hour to eth them sleeping 

γορήσαι ; 38 γρί^γορεΐτε και προσεύχεσθε, 'ίνα μή.^είσελθητε' ^f^^n 'l^eTst ΛοηΙ 

watch ? Watch and pray, that ye enter not coulde'st not thou 

εις πειρασμόν. το μεν πνεύμα πρύθυμον, η.δε σάοξ Ζ?'^^^ ^°^^ hour? 

into temptation. The 'iTdeed^ 'spiri^ [is] ^ead^ but the flerh f|st ye enter i^?o^mp- 

άσθενήα. 39 Και πάλιν άπελθιον προσηύζατο, τον αυτόν tation. The spirit 

weak. ^ And again having gone away he prayed, 'the ^same flesh ifwl^k?"' 39 *Aid 

λόγον ειπών. 40 και '■ΰποστρεχΡας εϋρεν αυτονς '^πάλιν" again he went away, 

Hhing 'saying. And having returned he found them again ^^^ prayed, and spake 

A 'f - > < > Λ ' » ~ 1 /D /D ' ' the same words. 40 And 

καθευδοντας' ΐ]σαν.γαο '^οι.οώθάλμοι.αυτών' '^βεβαρημένοι," when he retmncd, he 

Bleeping, for^'were' 'their ^eyes heavy; found them asleep a- 

και ουκ.^δεισαν τι °αυτψ αποκριθωσιν. 41 Και έρχεται were heavj,) neither 

and they knew not whiat ''liim 'they -should 'answer. And he comes ^^* they what to an- 

. : ,x, .~χ^/Ί'ϊ> ρίΐΛ < > swer him. 41 And he 

TO τρίτον, και λέγει αυτοις, Καυευοετε το' Κοιπον και cometh the third time, 

the third time, and says to them. Sleep on now and and saith unto them, 

> ' η ' ' 7Λ Λ ' " »ί• ' t'f Sleep on now, and 

αναπαυεσθε. απέχει' ηλθεν η ωρα' ιόου, παραΰιοοται take your rest: it is 

take your rest. It is enough; has come the hour; lo, *is •delivered 'up enough, tlie hour is 
<<\ ~ t η f t 1 -v ~« •\ - AC y I come : behold, llxe Son 

Ο νιος του άνθρωπου εις τας χείρας των αμαρτωλών. 42 εγει- of man is betrayed into 

'the 'Son 'of *man into the hands of sinners. Rise, the hands of sinners. 

ρεσθε, άγωμεν ιδού, ό παραδιδούς με '^ηγγικεν. ίο, he^that betrfylth 

let UB go ; behold, he who is delivering up me has drawn near. me is at hand. 

* -f συ thou OLTTrAW. J ταντη η? wktl LTTrA. ^ μί απαρνηστβ LTTtAW. ' έ/ίττερισσώς 
βλάλει LTTrA. "" δ07 με LTr. " απαψνησωμαι Τ. «> ώ L. Ρ Τ€θ(Γημανίί LTTrAW. ι — τον 
GLTTrAW. ' μ£τ' αυτοϋ LTTrA. • ιτροσελθών Ττ. » eninrev ΤΑ. " τοΰτο απ έμοϋ LTTrAW. 
" «λ&ητβ ΤΑ. » πάλιι/ ίλθων again comiug la ; eAflwc Ττ. ? — πάλιν LTrA. ' αντων οι οφθαλ- 
iiolT. ■ κατο)3αρννόμ6νοι LTTrAW. •> άττοκριβώσιν αντώ LTTrAW. * — toLTtAW. ^fjyyiaevX. 


*?j^d immediately, 43 -^^l *ε?';θέως" ίτι. αύτοϋ.λαλονντος παραγίνεται ^ Ίον- 

Tome^h Juia'L, one of And immediately «jet 'as ^he 'is «peaking, ^ ^ comes up Ja- 

the twelve, iind with ξαζ^, siQ ^u)v^ tCjv δώδεκα, Kttl μετ αυτοί) ονλος 'τΓολύς" 

n™e ^trsword^ and ''=*«• '°°° '^^^"^^ °^ *« *7«^^«' ^""^ ^^^ ^™ ^ ^""^^ 'S^eat, 

staves, from the chief μζτά μαχαιρών καΐ ζνΧων, τταρά των αρχιερέων και των 

She"eMers%'4And '^*'' swords and staves, from the chief priests and the 

he tbat betrayed him γραμματεοπ' και ^τών^^ ττρεσβντερων. 44 δεδώκει.δε ό 

had given them a scribes and the elders. Now 'had "given 'he "who 

token, saying, Whom- , , 1 , 11 > - λ ' "r^ •> 

soever I shall kiss, that ΤΓαραοιοονς avTOV 'σνσσημον' αυτοις, λέγων, Ov.av 

fame is he ; take him, 3^,j,g •'delivering *up *him a sign to them, saying, Wliomsoever 

and lead htm away , , , 1 > . / > > / 1, 

safely. 45 And as soon φιλήσιο avTOQ iOTiV κρατήσατε avTOV, και "ατταγαγε-ε" 

as he was come, he i shall kiss *he 'is ; seize him, and lead [him] away 

him, and salth, Master*^ ασφαλώς. 45 Και εΧθών, 'ευθέως" ττροσελθών αύτψ Χεγει, 

master ; and kissed safely. And being come, immediately coming up to him he says, 

their hands on\im, "'Ραββί, ραββί " καΐ κατεφίΧησεν αυτόν. 46 ΟΊ.δί "εττέ/^αλον" 

and took him. i7 And Rabbi, Kahbi ; and ardently kissed him. And they laid 

one of them that stood ,,) > > λ λ .» . ~ n . ι / > / An nr ?' 

by drew a sword, and ^ST aiTOv τας χείρας αυτων,'^ και εκρατησαν αυτόν. 47 Εις.οε 

smote a servant of the upon him "hands 'their, and seized him. But ^one 

hiiear"^48Aifd''jesu1 **"?" τ-ώ^ τταρεστηκότιον σπασάμενος την μάχαιραν 

answered and said 'a "certain of those standing by, having dravm the sword 

οο'ΊίΓβ out,'"as t^lin^t ίτακτεν Tov δοϋΧον τοϋ άρχιερΗος και άψεΐΧεν αντοϋ το 

a thief, with swords struck the bondman of the high priest and took ofiE his 

aii^d_^M;M staves to^take r^^iov^ 48 Kat άτΓοκριθεΙς Ο Ίησοϋς είττεν αύτοίς, Ώς επι 

with you in the tem- ear. And "answering 'Jesus said to them, As against 

?ook mf no!'• but the ^Ψ^'^'^ Ηξήλθετε" μετά μαχαιρών και ζύΧων σνΧΧαβεΙν με; 

scriptures must be ful- a robber are ye come out with swords and staves to take me? 

filled. 00 And they all 4(j καθ'.ήμεοαν Ίΐμην ττρός υμάς tv τφ Ίερφ διδάσκων, και 

5lTntth^^?onowfa , ^ψ , ί--, ^'^ r ''^ *^^ Τ^' '^^°^''^^• ''"' 

him a cert:iin young q{,iq Ικρατησατε με' άΧΧ' ίνα ττΧηρωθώσιν α'ι γραώαί. 

cloth calt^about^^AS ^^ ^^^ °°* ^^^ ™® " ^^* ^^^ ^^^ *^^* "^'^^ *^® 'fulfilled 'the "scriptures. 

nnked body; and the 50 Kat άώέντ^ς avTOv ^πάντες ί'^υγον." 51 Και "εΓς τις 

young men laid hold ^^^ leaving him all fled. And one a certain 

ou him : 62 and he left , x /λ . /-> /3\ ' ^' > ν 

the linen cloth, and νεανίσκος "ηκοΧουθει αντφ, περιβεβλημένος σινοονα επι 

fled from them naked, young man was following him, having cast a linen cloth about 

γνμνοϋ• και κρατοΰσιν αυτόν "ot νεανίσκοι• 52 ΰ.δε 

[his] naked [body] ; and *seize 'him 'the "young ^men, but he, 

καταΧιπών την σινδόνα γυμνυς εώνγεν ^άπ' αυτών.' 

leaving behind the linen cloth, "naked 'fled from them. 

53 Kai άττηγαγον τον Ίησονν ττρός τον αρχιερέα' και 

And they led away Jesus to the high priest. And 

63 And they led Je- συνίρχονται ^αύτφ πάντες οι αρχιερείς και οι ^πρεσβύτεροι 

SUS away to the high there come together to him all the chief priests and the elders 

priest: and with him ^, ° » ^ , r ^ < r-r' >> 'Λ > \ ' 

were assembled all the και 01 γραμματεΊς.^^ 54 Και ο Πέτρος απο μακρουεν ηκολον- 

chief priests ;.nd the and the scribes. And Peter from afar off fol- 

eldors and the scribes. _ , ^ „ „ > > 1 \ ^ ~ > ' < τ 

54 And Peter followed θησεν αυτψ εο)ς εσω εις την αυλην του αρχιερεως- και ην 

him afar off, even into lowed him as far as within to the court of tho high priest ; and he waa 
the palace of the high _ « , ,,,.>,< ~ «λ / 

priest: .and he sat with "^συγκαθημενος" μετά των υπηρετών, και (θερμαινόμενος προς 

the servants, and sitting with the officert,, and warming himself at 

wanned himself at the κ » n . ~ - r- ^^t ^^ > ~ • "\ » ' 5> 'v 

fire. 55 And the chief "ro" φως. o5 Οι.δε αρχιερείς κα I όλον το σννεδριον εζητουν 

priests and all the the fire. And the chief priests and "whole 'the sanhedrim sought 

council sought for wit- (lit. light). 

* €ϋθΰς LTTrA. ^ -1- ό LTrAvv. Κ + ό Ισκαριώτης Iscariote LT[Tr]A. ^ — ων LTTr[A]. 
' — ηολύς [LJTTrA. '' — των τ. ' σννστημον Τ. ■" anayere LTTrA. ■> 'Ραββί LTr; 

ραββΐί Τ ; ραβββί [ραββΐί] Α. " ΙττέβαΚαν Τ. ι> τάς χ^ιρα•; in' αΰτον L ; τας χΐΐρας αϋτώ 

ΤΤγΛ. •> — τις LTrAW. ■■ ωτάρίον LTTrA. ' ίξηλθαΤΐ LTTrAW. ^ ΐφνγον πάντ€ς TTrA. 

" ν€ανίσκος τις lit. * σννηκολούθίΐ wan, following with LTTrA ; ήκολούθησ€ν followed w. 
" — οϊ veaviaKoi (read tbey seize) LTTrA. » — άπ" αντων [LJiTr. J — αΰτω Τ. 

* ■γραμματίΐς και οι πρ(σβντΐροι L. " σννκαθήμΐνος Τ. ^ _ jq ε. 

XIV. MARK. 139 

κατά τον Ίησον μαρτνρίαν, ζΐς το θανατώσαι αυτόν και ονχ '^^'h^^lTL^thT^ul 

against Jesus testimony, to put to death him, and -not found none. 50 For 

Ίεϋρισκον.ι 56 πολλοίγάρ 'φυ^μαρΗψονν κατ αϋτον, ^es^agaYns/him.tat 

'did find [any]. For many bore false testimony againrt him, ^^^^^ witness agreed 

και ϊσαι ai μαρτνρίαι ούκ.ήσαν. 57 και τίνες άναστάντες ξξ^^^^^^ΐ^^ξ- certtfn^ 
and alike their testimonies were not. And some having risen up ^^^ y^^^^ ^^^^^ witness 

Ιύ/ενδομαρτίφουν κατ' αντοΰ, λέγοντες, δ^'ΌτιήμεΧς ήκονσα- agaiuBt him saying, 

,' -,','.'^ -iT-• • •πτ_ ι,«„-,ι 5» "β heard mm say, 

bore false testimony against hun, saying, We iieara j ^.^j (ie:,trov tlus 

μ,εν avTOV λε-γοντος, "Οτι εγώ καταλύσω τον.ναον.τοντον τον temple that is made 

him slying, _ ί will destroy^ this temple ^ the -th^ands,^and^wi^h- 

χειροποίητον, και οιά τριών ημερών άλλον άχειροποίητον biiiid another made 

Lone] made with hands, and in three days another not made with hands ^^^^om han.^.^ .03 B^iit 

οικοδομήσω. 59 Και ουΰε όντως 'ίση ην η.μαρτυρία.αντών. witness agree together. 

I will buUd. And neither thus alike was their testimony. 60 And the high priest 

, , , , ,,,.,,- Btood up m the midst, 

60 Και αναστας υ αρχιερενς εις *γο ' μέσον εττηρωτησεν and asked Jesus, say- 

And *having'^stood^p 'the -"high priest in the midst questioned ing. Answerest thou 
, _,., „, , ,.vi ,_, notliing .' what vs it 

τον Ιησονν, λέγων, Ουκ avroKpivy ονΰεν ; τι οντοι σον which these witness 

Jesus, saying, Answeresl thou nothing ? What ^these *thee against thee ? 61 But 

„-,_-,<>/ < f , 5.V > ' 1 he held his peace, and 

καταμαρτνρονσιν ; ol Ο.οε εσιωπα, και ^ονοεν αττεκρινατο. answered nothing, α- 

'testify ^against ? But he was silent, and nothing answered. gain the high priest 

__ /» I , , ) / ) ' > λ ' > ~ ■^ > asked liim, and said 

Παλίν αρχιερενς εττηρωτα αυτόν, και λέγει αντψ, ζν ^^^ο him, Art thou 

Again the high priest was questioning him, and says to him, "Thou the Christ, the Son of 

£Z ό χριστός, 6 ν'ώς τού εύλογητον ', 62 Ό.ϋεΛησοϋς είπεν, j^e!uf SVam^: tSd 

'art the Christ, the Son of the blessed? And Jesus said, ye shall see the Son of 

Έγώ εΐμι. και δφεσθε τον υών τον άνθρωπου «καθήμενον ^^^^ hand'^of "pVe^ 

I am. And ye shall see the Son of man sitting ^nd coming in the 

εκ ίεξίών" της δυνάμεως, καΐ ερχόμενον μετά τών νεφελών ^"^Inthihi-h^priesi 

at [the] right hand of power, and coming with the clouds j.gjj^ j^i, clothes, .ind 

τον ovpavov. 63 Ό.^ί άρχιερενς διαρρηζας τονς.χιτώνας.αντοϋ ^'^^j^hefwUnfsses? 

of the heaven. And the high priest having rent his garments g^ •' γ^ ^^^^^ heard 

λέγ€ΐ, Τί ετι χρε'ιαν εχο μεν μαρτύρων ; 64 λ/κούσατε ^r/jg the blasphemy : what 
says, What any more need have we of witnesses? Ye heard the alUon^emned him to 

βλασφημίαα'" τί νμίν φαίνεται : ΟΊ.δέ πάντες κατέκριναν he guilty of death. 

blasphemy:' what toSou 'appears? And they all condemned ^pjf'on TL fnd ίο 

avTov ^είναι ενοχον θανάτου. 65 Kai ηρζ,αντό τίνες εμτττνειν cover his face, and to 

him to be deserving of death. And -began 'some to spit upon buffet him, and to say 

, u , , , ~ „ ^ Λ ^^^° h'™' Pi'ophesy : 

αντω, και περικαλνπτειν '^το.ττροσωπον.αντον,^^ και κόλα- and the servants did 

him, and to cover up his face, and to buf- strike him with the 

, ,..,,, / ii< ' palms of their hands. 

ίΗζειν αυτόν, και λέγειν αυτφ, ΐ1ροφ7]τενσον• και οι νττηρεται 
et him, and to say to him. Prophesy ; and the oflacers 

ραπίσμασιν αυτόν '^εβαλλον. 

with the palm of the hand ^^im 'struck. _ ^ ^ ^ , 66 And as Peter was 

66 Kat οντος τονΥΙ'ετρον °iv τη αύλη κάτω, έρχεται μία beneath in the palace, 

And •-'being 'Peter in the court below, comes one there eometh one of 

~ , , ,,5,~ 'tt' the maids of the high 

Til'V τταιοισκών τον αρχιερεως, 67 και ιοονσα τον ΐίετρον priest : 67 .-ind when 

of the maids of the high priest, and seeing Peter she saw Peter warming 

, ° ^ , ^ , , , _ himself , she looked up- 

θερμαινομενον, εμβλεψασα αυτφ λέγει. Και συ μετά τον on him, and said. And 

warming himself, having looked at him says. And thou =with ^the thou also wast with 

Ναζαρί/νοΰ °Ίησον ΐισθα.^^ 68 Ό.δε ήρνησατο, λέγων, ΡΟΰκ' esBut he denied, say- 

*Nazarene 'Jesus 'wast. But he denied, saying, ^Xot ing, I know not, nei- 

-.< „ , „,,i > ' , ' >M Ν ' rr ^ 'y~\n "y ther understand I 

oiOa '^ουδε εττισταμαι ^τι συ' λέγεις. Και εξηΧΰεν εξω what thou sayest. And 

Ί ^know nor even understand what thou sayest. And he went forth out he went out into the 

Ί -ηνρισκον LTrA. « — το (read [the]) glttvaw. f ονκ απΐκρίνατο ovBev TTr. s ΐκ 

Βίξιών καθημΐνον GLTTrAW. •' την βλασφημίαν I,. ' ενοχον eivat TTrA. '' αντοΰ το 

πρόσωπον τίγα. ■" ejSoAoi' w ; Ιλαβον (read received him with buffets) lttta. "κάτω 
ev TTJ av\jj TTrA. " ησθα τοϋ Ίησον LTTiA. ? οίτε neither (know I) ltifa. i οϋτ• 

norLTTrAw. ■• συ τί lttiA. 


^w^ ' eg^nd'^a maid ^'^ '^^' '"'poavXioV *και άλεκτωρ Ιφώνησεν.^^ 69 Kai ή τταιδίσκη 

saw 'him again, and into the porch, and acock crew. And the maid 

began to say to them i^ovaa αυτον^πάΧιν Ίψ^ατο Xkyiiv TOIL, "'καρξ.στιικόσιν.'Ότί 

ο«β of *themT' 70 And seeing him again began to say to those standing bv, 

he denied it again, qvtoq ίϊ, αϋτών ioTiv. 70 "Ο.ίέ TTokiv ηρνΰτο. ΚαΙμΕτά 

rtej that stood by^ahi This [=one] ^of nhem Ms. And he again denied. And ait.r 

again to Peter, Surely aiKOov πάΚιν οί τταοεστώτες tXeyov τώ Πετοω, Αληθώς 

thou art one of them : ^ ^^,^ {^ those standing by said to Peter, Truly 

for thou art a Gall- ^ , . ,, λ^ - «•-»/' 

lean, and thy speech εξ aVTWV €i" Kttl.yap ToXlXaloQ εί, "^KUi η XaXia 

agi-eeth thereto. 71 But from among them thou art, for both a Galilean thou art, and 'speech 

he began to curse and , 'v η «i .^f> » f 'a Ύ ' i' ' f. 

to Bwear, saying, I (Jov υμοιαζει, 71 O.ct ήρξατο αναυεματιζειν και ^ομνυειν." 

know not this man 'thy agrees. But he began to curse and to swear, 

72 And the second time On ΟνΚ.οΐδα TOV.avQpOJTTOV.TOVTOl' OV XkyET-. 72 Ktti ^^ 
the cock crew. And I know not this man whom ye .speak of. And 

Peter called to mind .t. / ,\ , , ^ , .->' 'λ<έ-τ' τ - 

the word that Jesus εκ.οεντε^ον αΧεκτωρ εψωνησεν. και ανεμνησυη ο ΙΙετρος Wot, 

said unto him. Before the second time a cock crew. And '^remembered 'Peter the 

the cock crow twice, ' ' τ i τ > ~ < », - »/^ . in / 

thou Shalt deny me ριψατος ου ' είττεν αντψ ο Ιησούς, On ττριν αΧεκτορα 

thrice. And when he word that *said ='to "him 'Jesus, Before [the] cock 

wep"f * *^''''°°' ^' "φωνησαι δίς" ^a7rapvi]ay με τρις'" και έττιβαΧών 

crow twice thou wilt deny me thrice ; and having thought thereon 

XV, And straight- he wept. 

the chief priests held 15 Και *εύθέως" ^ΙτΓΐ Γο" ττρωϊ συμβούΧιον ^ποιήσαντες^^ 

a consultation with And immediately in the morning "a 'counsel *haviug ^formed 

the elders and scribes • > ~ , -, λ ' ' f ' > 

and the whole council, o' «P%tf|Of'C μΐτα των ττρεσρυτερϋη' και ^ypaμμaτεωv και 

and bound Jesus, and 'the "chief ''priests with the elders and scribes and 

carried him awav. "λ > 'f t>' ^»x~>' \ 

and delivered him to oAov TO συνεϋριον, ΰϊ]σαί^τες τον Ιησονν a^rηvεyκav και 

Pilate. 2 And Pilate "whole 'the sanhedrim, having bound Jesus carried [him] away and 

tho WngS' th^ Jews" "^αρεδωκαν ir<p" ''IliXary." 2 και εττηρώτησεν αυτόν ό 

And he answering said delivered up [him] to Pilate. And "questioned ^him 

"'.''°3Aild^'uie'chief 'ΠιλάΓος. Σύ εΙ 6 βασιΧεύς των 'Ιουδαίων; ΌΜ άττο- 

priests accused him 'Pilate, ^Thou *art the King of the Jews 7 And he an- 

he Ti^^'d "nothing* κριθείς ίείττεν αντφ,^^ Συ Xέyεις. 3 Kai κατηγορούν αύτον οι 

4 And Pilate ask^ swering said to him, Tiioa eayeet. And '^ere ''accusing 'him 'the 

^«•esr^'o^n^thi'^^? «ΡΧ'^ρεΐε ττολλά" 4 ΰ.δίΆΊιΧίίτος" ττάΧιν^ίττηρώτησεν^^ αύτον, 

behold how"° many ''^^^^^ ^priests urgently. And Pilate again questioned him, 

things they witness a- ^Xeyujv,'^ OvK awoKp'ivy ούδεν ; ιδε, πόσα σον 

foms yet^^'answered ^^7"'*''• Auswerest thou nothing ? See, of how many things «thee 

nothing; so that Pi- '"καταμαρτνοοΰσιΐ'.^^ δ'Ο.δ^'Ιησοϋς οΰκ'ετι.οϋδ^ν άπεκρίθη, 

at^^teTTc'ist' he^r"^ '^^^^ "witueas ^against. But Jesus not any more any thing answered, 

leased unto them one ωστε θαυμάζειν Tov "ΠιΧάτον." 6 Κατά.δε ίορτήν άττεΧυεν 

prisoner, whomsoever «ο that "wondered 'Pihatc. Now at [the] feast he released 

tlioy desired. 7 And , .. „ ^, ^„ , ~ „ « τ i, . χ , 

there wag one named αντοις ενα οεσμιον^ "ονττερ yTOuvTO. 7 νν.όε ο Xeyo- 

Barabbas, which lay to them one prisoner, whomsoever they asked. And there was the [one] call- 
bound with them that „ r,r>~ , .. ' ^ ,. J!" ^ , 

had made insurrection μενος Βαραρρας μετα των ^'σνστασιαστων" οεοεμεϊ^ος, 

with him, who had ed Barabbas with tlie associates in insurrection bound, 

committed murder in „ , ~ / . , / a ^ „ > ^ r ,, 

thr> insurrection. 8 And οιτπ'ες bv Ty στασει fovov ττεποιηκεισαν. ο και '^αναροησας'^ 
the multitude crying who in the insurrection murder had committed. And crying out 

aloud began to desire > » >, « y ' ~ η λ ' r ' < ι, ' - > ~ 

him to do as he had » "χλος• ηοξατο αιτεισθαι καϋως 'αει" εττοιει αντοις 

ever done unto them, the crowd began to beg [him to do] as always he did to them, 

" [/cat αλέκτωρ ίφύίΐτησ^ν'] L. * ηρξατο πάλιν τ; — πάλιν Α. ' παρβστωσιν ΤΤγΑ. 

^ — <cal ή λαλιά σου ό/χοιάζ6ΐ LTIYA. '^ όμννναι OLTTi A'W. y + ευθνς immediately LTTr. 
■ το ρήμα ώς ΐ,ΤΓτΑ ; το ρ),μα ό W. » δΙς φωνησαι LTrA. ^ τρις μ« απαρνήσγι LTTrA. 

<= ίΰθνς τ'ΓτΑ. <' — έττΐ το (read πρωί early) ltti[a]. « 4τοιμάσαντ€ς τ. f -|- τών the τ. 
« — τω LTTi Α. '■ Ιίειλάτφ Τ. ' ΙΙίΐλάτος ι. i αΰτώ λέγει to him says ΤΤγΑ. 

ι• ϊττηρώτα ΤΤγΑ. ' — λέγων Τ. >" κατη-γοροϋσιν they uccuae LTTrA. " Πβιλατον τ. 

" δι/ ποψιιτονντο Τ. Ρ στασιαστών LTTi Α. ι άναβάς coming up LTTrA. ' — άβι Τ. 

XV. , MARK. 141 

9 ό.ίέ.'Πιλάτος" άττεκρίθΐ] αύτοίς, λέγων, θέλετε άτΓοΧνσω ^^^^ ^s"^' '^ wm'l^ 

Bat Pilate answered them, saying, 'Will ye I should release that ί release unto yon 

υμΐν τον βασιλιά των 'Ιουδαίων, ΙΟ'Έγίνωσκεν.γάρ otl δια ^,^^-^\'^^-^^J^^^l 

to yon the Kin? of the Jews? for he knew ttaUhrough ^j^^ "^^j^i^/ p^..^^^ 1^^^ 

φθόνον τταραδεδωκεισαν αυτόν o'l αρχιερείς. 11 o'l.ok άρχ- delivered him for en- 
envy «hadMeUvered'up «him Hhe ^chief =1)riests. _ But the chief ^ J^l^Bjiy he ^<=^^«f 

ιερείς άνίσεισαν τον ό\λον 'Ίνα μάλλον τον Βαραββάν ρΐβ, that he should ra- 

vL•u stirred up the ctowd that father ^ B^^abba^ '^Z'f^Z.V^l 

άτΓολύστ} αντοΐς' 12 ό.δί.'ΤΙΐλάτος• ^αποκριθείς πάλιν" Pilate answered and 

he might release to them. And PUate ^ answering ^again saW ag^n ^unt^o them , 

'είττεν" αύτοίς. Τι ούν "^θέλετε -ποιήσω *δν λέγετε" ΐ shall do unto him 

said to them, What then will ye I should do [to him] whom ye call whom ye call the King 

^ -y/ > ^ ' Λ«'^^ 'Λ » V 7Ti' ° ^'^^ Jews .' 13 And 

7 βασιλέα των Ιουδαίων ; 13 Οι.οε παλιΐ' έκραξαν, ζ,ταυρω- they cried out again, 

King of the Jews? But they again cried out Cruci- Crucify him. 14 Then 

f , , . «^ »<> X / I, »^ > - m' . » ' Pilate -aid unto them, 

σον αύτον. 14 Ο.ΰε.'Πιλατος•" ελενεν αντοις, Τι γαρ ^κακον -why, what evil hath 

fy Mm. And Pilate eald to them, AVhat nhen 'eril he done ? And they 

, / u ^< •^^ κ ' II .." V Γ v^ ' ' cried out the more 

ίποιησεν" ; Οι.οε °περισσοτερως" ^έκραξαν;' 2^ταυρωσον αυ- exceedingly, Crucify 

did he commit? But they much more cried out, Crucify him. him. 15 And so Pilate, 

' τ rr <Λ t-^ .TT \ ' II ,o Λ ' il ~ » Λ ' willing to content the 

τον. 15 0.δε.*ΤΙΐλατος'^ βουλομενος '^Τψ Οχλψ το people; released Barab- 

And Pilate, desiring 'to *the ^crowd ^hat *which ['was] has unto them, and 

Ίκανόν ποιησαι}^ άπελυσεν αΰτοΊς τον Βαραββάν και πάρε- he^had "^couT^'d^^^ 

'satisfactory Ho ^do, released to them Barabbas, and de- to be crucified. 

δωκεν τον Ίησονν, φραγελλώσας^ ίνα σταυρωθγ. 

Uverednp Jesua, having scotirged [him], that he might be crucified. 

16 ΟΊ.δε στρατιώται άπηγαγον αυτόν εσω της αυλής, ο i^f h^lwav imlfThl 

And the soldiers led away him within the court, which j^^jj called Prieto- 

εστιν πραιτώριον, και ^σνγκαλοϋσιν^^ ολην την σπείραν' riiim: and they call 

is [the] prffitorium, and they caU together =Vhole 'the band, bXd. ""l/^d they 

17 και Ηνδύουσιν^^ αυτόν πορφύραν, και πεοιτιθεασιν αΰτψ clothed him with pur- 

And they put on him purple, and placed on him P^^' »°<^, Pl''"«<^ ^ 

, > ' η r f t ,„„ , <y crown of thorns, and 

ττλεξαϊτες ακανθινον στεφανον, 18 και ήρξαντο ασπαζε- put it about hi^ Aead, 

having platted [it] ^thorny 'a crown, and they began to sa- 18 and began to salute 

r, , , r, Λ- ~. T-' τη >" him. Hall. King of the 

συαι αυτόν, Χ,αΐρε, ^ρασιλευ ' των Ιουδαίων 19 και ίτυπτον Jews ι 19 And they 

lute him, Hail, King of the Jews I And they struck smote him on the 

,„, .., ,., y , > , - ^Λ' head with a reed, and 

avTOV την κεφαλήν καλαμφ, και ενεπτνον αυτψ, και τιϋεντες did spit upon him, 

his head with a reed, and spat on him, and bending and bowing their 

, , / , -^ c>r\ τ V •' ' ' y ' ~ knees worshipped him. 

τα γόνατα προσεκννουν αυτψ. 20 Και οτε ενεπαιξαν αυτψ, 20 And when they had 

the knees did homage to him. And when they had mocked Mm, mocked him, they took 
,y,n , y \ , / , > ί t. » \ «off the purple from 

εξεύυσαν αυτόν την πορφυραν, και ενεουσαν αυτόν τα Mm, and put Ms own 

they took off him the purple, and put on him clothes on him, and led 

i.» ' Λ if T\ 11 \ ijvf 1! 1 y tt V ' him out to cmcifv 

*Ίματια.τα.ιδια•^^ και Ηζαγουσιν^^ αυτόν ινα ^στανρωσωσιν ι^^,. 2ΐ And they 

Ms own garments ; and they lead 'out 'Mm that they may crucify compel one Simon a 

ίαυτόί/." 21 και άγγαρενουσιν παράγοντα τίνα Σίμωνα Κυ- b^comSlg'I.ut ofthe 

Mm. And they compel "passing "by 'one, Simon a Cy- country, the father of 

ρηναΐον, ερχόμενον ^άττ'" άγροϋ, τον πάτερα ' Αλεξάνδρου και ^^^^ ^^^ * ross^'^^' 

renian, coming from a field, the father of Alexander and 

'Ρονφου, 'ίνα apy τόν.σταυρόν.αυτοΰ . 

Rufus, that he might carry Ms cross. .„ . , , , . 

_- ' , , /, . < „x, X n~ii ' " ' 22 And they bring 

zZ Και φερουσιν αυτόν επι ^ΓοΚγουα τόπον, ο εστίν Mm unto the place Gol- 

And they bring Mm to 'Golgotha 'a =^lace, wMch is gotha, which is, being 

η / / / r>i^ Tj- > ' *' Ϊ ' ~ interpreted. The place 

μεβερμηνευομενον, κρανίου τόπος. 23 Και εύιόουν αυτψ of a skuiL 23 And they 

being interpreted, "of 'a *sknll 'place. And they gave him gave Mm to drink wine 

8 Πειλάτο? Τ. » ττάλιν άττοκριθείς LTTiA. ^ e\eyev ΤΤγΑ. " [βελβτε] Tr. » — δ»» 

λέγετε lt.-. y -|- τον the LTTrAW. ^ + λεγοντε? saying L._^ ^ εττοιησεί' κακόν ΤΤγα. 
'' ττερισσώϊ GLTTtAW. " ίκμαζον L. ^ ττοιήσαι το Ικανον τω δχλω Τ. ^ συνκαΧονσιν Τ. 
' ένδιδιίσκουσιν LTTrA. ? ο /3ασιλ€υ? OaW. ^ ιμάτια αΰτον L ; ίδια Ιμάτια αντον Τ. 

' άγουσιν they lead L. ^ στανρώσονσίν they shall crucify lttfa. ' — αντόν τ. 
" ατΓο LTr. ■» TOf Γολγοθάΐ' τ ; Γολγοθάν Α ; [τον] Γολγοβά Tr. 

142 ΜΑΡΚΟΣ. XV. 

Siirherer^fvedTnoV °'^'^^'^" έσ/tιυpv^σ/iέvov οίνον Ρό.ίί" ούκ.ίλαβεν. 24 Καϊ 

24 And when they had to di-uik -medicated ^ with *myrrh 'wine; but he did not take [it]. And 

crucified him, they <\στανρώσαντες αυτον^^ 'ίιεμέριζον" τά1μάτια.αυτοϋ, βάλλον- 

caJting lo?r"upon having crucified ^ ^him thef divided h^ garments, ^ caet- 

them what eve^ man τες κληρον εττ' αϋτά, τίς τι άρη. 25 ^v.Sk 

it was the third hoiS ^""^ * ^°* ""^ ^^'"^• ^^ο [and] what [each] should take. And it was [the] 

and they crucified him, uipa τοίτη, KUL ίσταύοωσαν αυτόν. 26 Και i]v η ίτηγραφή 

tfon^of ^hi^^iccu"^ ""^""^ '^^^^• *°d *^«y crucified him. And «was 'the ^inscription 

tion wa< written over, τής.αίτίας.αύτον Ιπι•γεγραμμεν7], Ό βασιλεύς των Ιουδαίων. 

™Β KING OF THE s^f 4},jj, 5jjj.(,^ga^ti(,jj written up, The King of the Jews. 

JEWS. 27 And with ^_ „ . , , ^ ~ .^ / ^ , ,t , ^ „ 

him they crucify two 27 Kat συν αντφ σταυρουσιν όνο MjOTag, ενα εκ δεξιών 

thieves ; the one on his And with him they crucify two robbers, one at [the] right hand 

right hand, and the , „ ,y , , > ~ «o . > ' ν 'λ > > 

other on his left, και ενα it, ευωνύμων αντου. zo *και εττληρωΰη t/ γραφή 

28 And the scripture and one at [the] left of him. And was fulfilled the scripture 

was fulfilled, which < \ ' τ/- > < < > ^\ ' η u λπ x^ ^ 

saith. And he was '/ Κεγουσα, Και μετά άνομων ελογισθη.^ 29 Και οι 

numbered with the which says, And with [the] lawless he was reckoned. And those 

transgressors. 29 And / > η\ .ι > / ~ » , λ \ 

they that passed by παρατΓορενομενοι ερΚασφημουρ αυτη>ν, κινουντες τας κεφάλας 

railed on him, wag- passing by railed at him, shaking ^heada 

^yfng^Ah.^^hou t^t ^ϊ>τών, καΐ λίγοντες, Όύά," ο.καταλύων τυν ναόν και "εν 

destroyest the temple, 'their, and saying. Aha, thou who destroyest the temple and in 

thL ^St''ao'\ave ^Ρ^σίί/ ήμίραις οίκοδομων,^^ 30 σωσον σεαυτόν, "καϊ κατάβα'' 

thyself, and come three days buildest [it], save thyself, and descend 

sfTike'^e^a^oThe ^'^^ '^^^ σταυροϋ. 31 Όμοίως.Ηε^^ και o'l αρχιερείς, ίμπαί- 

chief priests mocking fro™ the cross. And in like manner also the chief priests, mock- 

\ri\b*The°1icriber^He ^^^^^C ττρος αλλήλους μετά των γραμματέων, 'ίλεγον," Αλλους 

t&vea others'^•' himself '"^ among one another with the scribes, said. Others 

he cannot save. 32 Let 'ίσωσεν, tavTOV οΰ.δύναται σώσαι. 32 ό χριστός ό βασιλεύς 

rSescend now from he saved, himself he is not able to save. The Christ the King 

the cross, that we may Χτ-οΰ" Ισραήλ καταβάτω νΰν άττυ τον σταυρού, ίνα ΐδωμεν 

see and believe. And f jgr^el 1 let him descend now £i-om the cross, that we may see 

they that were cruci- , , , . , , , ^ ., 

fied with him reviled και ΤΓίστευσωμεν^. Kai 01 συνεσταυρωμενοι^ αυτψ ωνειόιζον 

him. 33 And when ,^^^ believe. And they who were crucified with him reproached 

the sixth hour was , , ^ \ r, • ^mi " •' ' > ' • ' 

come, there was dark- avTov. 33 "Γενομενης.οε" ώρας έκτης, σκυτος εγενετο εφ 

ness over the whole ijim. And *being ^come ['the] "hour "sixth, darkness came over 

land until the ninth ,,. , ~ ,γ „ «> ' . ί> λ ^ - a rr 

hour. 34 And at the ολην Ti]V γψ>, εως ώρας '^εννατης"• 34 και τγ ^ωρφ ry 

ninth hour Jesus cried all the land, until [the] *hour 'ninth ; and at the hour the 

with a loud voice, say- i / n i,>/ < »τ ~ ^ ~ '\ r\ ' ii f'-n\ j- 

ing, Eloi, Bloi, la- iVvaTy^^ εροησεν ο Ιησούς φωνρ μεγάλη, 'λέγων," ' Ελωι, 
ΜΛ SABAOHTHANi? ninth ^cried 'Jesus with a "voice 'loud, saying, Eloi, 

preied,'M?Tod?my Έλωί," «λαμμά' ^σαβαχθανί •,^' ο εστίν μεθερμηνενόμενον, 

God, why hast thou Eloi, lama sabachthani ? which is being interpreted, 

Bomf'o"'"?hemMiat Ό.θεός.μου, ο.θεός.μου, είς.τί ^με ίγκατέλιττες' ; 35 Καϊ Tivkg 

stood by, when they My God, My God, why me hast thou forsaken? And some 

hOid'he'iiiltifEiPae: τών ^τταρεοτηκότων^^ άκούσαντες ελεγον, ^Ίδού^ -Ήλίαν" 

36 And one ran and of those standing by having heard said, Lo, Elias 

Sar'Kuw/on ^ωϊ'ίϊ• 36 Δρα/χώί/.^ί "εΓς" "Vai" γερσας σττόγγοι^ ύξονς, 

a reed, and gave him he calls. And '^having 'run 'one and tilled a sponge witli vinegar, 

to drink, saying, Let ττεριθεις ^"^τε" καλάμφ ίΤΓοτιζερ αυτόν, λέγων, "Αφετε, 

alone; let us sec whe- .„ .ς ,^?,-,. , , Γ" •, Γι ■ ι ιν• '■ τ 'χ ». 

ther Klias will come 'having ^put[ 'it] ^on 'and a reed gave "Ίο 'driuk 'him, saying, Let be, 

to take him down. 'ΐδωμεν εί ί'ρχίΓαι Ί'^Ήλίας• καθ^λειν αυτόν. 

let us sec if -comes 'Blias to take down him. 

ο — πΐ€Ϊν ττγα. ρ &s δβ who however τΤι•. ι σταυρουσιν αύτόι/, και they crucify 

hira and ττγα. f διαμερίζονται they divide glttfaw. » — ve?-se 28 τίτΓ]Α. ' Ούά τ. 
' οϊκοδομώι/ τρισίν ημίραις LTTrA. "' καταβάς descending ι/γτγα. » — δέ and QLTTrAW. 

y — του LTTr. '■ + αύτω him L. » 4- συν with (read crucified along with) lt. 

*' κα'ί γινομένης LTTrA. <= e»'ar>js LTTrA. <^ evarj) wpqt LTTiA. * — λίγων TTi A. 

'Έλωι βλωι LTA. ε λεμά LT ; λαμά TrAW. '' σα/3αχθαι/€ί ΤΤι . ' έγκατελιττίϊ με LTTia. 

' τΓαρεστώτωι/ Τ. 'ΊδεττιΑ. ■" Ήλείαΐ' Τ. " τις TTrA. "» — και L[Tr] » — τ« 

LTli Α. Ί» 'Ηλείας Τ. 

XV, XVI. MARK. 143 

37 Ό.δε.'ίησονς άφεις φωνήν μεγάλην ίζέττνζνσεν. ^"{;^ tioud toice^^and 

And Jesus having uttered a °cry 'loud expired. ^^^^ ^p ^j^g ghost 

38 Aai TO καταπ'ετασμα τον ναοΰ εσχίσθη εις δυο, 'άττό' άνω- 38 AndtheTeil of the 

A^dthe ^ veil ^ of the temple was rent into two, from top ^^^Ι^^^^^^^^^-^^^^ρ i^ 

θεν εως κάτω. 39 Ίδών.δ'ε 6 κεντνρίων ό τταρεστηκώε the bottom. 39 And 

to bottom, AQd «having «seen 'the ^centurion *who "stood »by ' ^^^'l *^t^ centurion, 
, > / » „ „ / ,v> which stood over a- 

εζ.εναντιας αύτον Ότι όντως *κραζας^ εζεπνευσεν. είπεν, gainst him, saw that 

"opposite 'him that thus having cried out he expired, said, "^^ -° "'«"i out, and 

, „ 11 < ^ τ /I - Λ -I ii V gii'^e up the ghost, he 

Αληθώς ^ο.ανθρωτΓος.οντος νιος ην θεον. 40 Ίίσαν.δέ και said, Truly this man 

Truly this man ^Son 'was of God. And there were also "^'^^, the Son of God. 

, , /Λ /-i ~ > - „T II > T,»^ ' 40 There were also wo- 

γνναικες απο μακρουεν ϋεωρονσαι, εν αίς ^ην" και mapia men looking on afar 

women from afar o£E looking on, among whom was also Mary off : among whom was 

t T,, ^ .. , y -..'„', ~ 'r / ,^ ~ ~ - Mary Magdalene, and 

η Μ.αγοαλ7]νη, και Μαρία ^η• ^τον ΙακωΙ^ου τον μικρού και Mary the mother of 

the Magdalene, and Mary the *of ^James *the ^less "and James the less and of 

->•, ~, / ^ vi \ ' j-i '> -7 Ί " τ I -• T-i Λ Joses, auA Salome: 

^ ίωση μητηρ, και Σαλωμη, 41 αι 'και' οτε ην εν Ty 1 αλι- 4ΐ cwho also, when he 

'of 'Joses 'mother, and Salome ; who also when he was in Gali- was in Galilee, f ol- 

\ ■ ' \ ' η ' ~ 'S ' '- >"^^ λ\> lowed him, and minis- 

Aaig, ηκολουθονν αυτψ και οιηκονονν αντψ, και αΚλαι πολλαι tered unto him ;) and 
lee followed him and ministered to him, and "others 'many many other women 

„» /D ■* » ^ > *x /Λ which came up with 

ai συναναβασαι αντψ εις Ιεροσολνμα. Mm unto Jerusalem. 

who came up with ^ him to Jerusalem. _ 42 And now when 

42 Kai ήδη όφίας γενομένης, επεί ην παρασκευή, the even was come, 

And already evening being come, since it was [the] preparation, -DreDaration ^hat is* 

b εστίν ^ττροσάββατον, 43 ^ήλθεν^^ Ιωσήφ ό άττό tho day before the 

that is [the day] before sabbath, came Joseph who [was] from *'^^^'^^f' ^^ Joseph of 

. η ' > / r, , ,- . ) > τ Arimathiea, an ho- 

Αριμαθαιας, ευσχήμων βονλεντής,ός και αυτός ην ττροσ- noiirahie counsellor, 

Arimathiea, [an] honourable counsellor, who alio himself was wait- ^hich also waited for 
J, . ' /D Λ ' ~ η - Λ ' ' ~^ Λ « ρ tlie kingdom of God, 

οεχομενος την βασιλειαν τον θεον τολμησας εισηλθεν ττρος'^ came, and went in 

ingfor the kingdom of God, having boldness he went in to boldly unto Pilate, and 

drr λ ' , . / , ^ ~ .T ~ ^ ^ < '-' ei-r \ ' craved the body of Je- 

^ιιιΚατον και ^τησατο το σώμα του Ιησον. 44 ο.οε.ΙιιΑατος sus. 44 And Pilate 

Pilate and begged the body of Jesus. And Pilate marvelled if he were 

, Λ / ,, , „ - , f, , X / , already dead : and 

εθανμασεν^^ ει ηοη τεθνηκεν' και τνροσκαΚεσαμενος τον calling; unto him the 

wondered if already he were dead ; and having called to [him] the centurion, he asked 
/ ) / , Λ ' ( '\ w ' ' ΐΛ ^ c ' tim whether he had 

κεντνριωνα εττηρωτησεν αντον ει 'τταλαι" αττεθανεν' 45 και been any while dead. 

centurion he questioned him if long he had died. And 45 And when he knew 
t J ^ -- / 5 ^ ' ^ η ^ i-^ it oi the centurion, he 
γνονς απο του κεντνρίωνος εδωρησατο το &σωμα^ τφ gave the body to Jo- 
having known [it] from the centtirion he granted the body seph. 46 And he 

•Ιωσήφ. 46 και άγοράσας σινδόνα, ^καί καθελών ^toA^^'^t'lH 

to Joseph. And having bought a linen cloth, and having taken ''down wrapped him in the 

αύτον ενείλησεν Ty σινδόνι, καΐ ^κατεθηκεν^^ αύτον εν Ι^^:ρλι?^«'αΜίΠ.ί 

'him he wrapped [him] in the linen cloth, and laid him in hewn out of a rock, and 

^μνημείψ,' 'ό ήν λελατομημενον εκ πέτρας' και προσ- Soor of^h°e°s'epSicCe' 

a tomb, which was cut out of a rock, and roll- 47 ^^j Mary Magda- 

εκύλισεν λίθον επί την Θνραν τον μνημείου. 47 ή.δε.Μαρία ή ΙΤ^^^βψ^^ ^ί^-^?: 

ed a stone to the door of the '^ tonTb. And Ma^y the ^relie waflaW 

Μαγδαληνή και Μαρία ^Ίωσ^" εθεώρονν πον ^τίθεται.' χνι. And when the 

Magdalene and Mary [mother] of Joses saw where he is laid, aabbath was past, Ma- 
«Λ-, ,Γ, / ~ r> -t ' -,r <T.,r •^^ .^T Magdalene, and 

lb T^ai οιαγενομενου του σαββατον, Μαρία i) Μαγοαληνη Mary the mother of 

And ^'being'past 'the "sabbath, Mary the Magdalene James, and Salome, 

- Tir ' < .1 -II »x 'o ^ •«-! Λ ' > ' had bought sweet 

και Mapia η "rov" Ιάκωβου και Σαλωμη ηγορασαν spices, that they might 

and Mary the [mother] of James and Salome bought come and anoint him. 

αρώματα, 'ίνα ελθονσαι άλείφωσιν αυτόν. 2 καιλίαν πρωϊ the morru^ the ^fir™ 

aromatics, that having come they might anoint him. And very early da (/ of the week, they 

' άπ LTrA. » — κράξαζ Τ[Τγ]α. * ovtos ό άνθρωπος LTTrA. ^ — ^v (read [was]) τ[ΤγΔ]. 
" [η] Tr. » — τοί LTTrA. y Ίωσητο? LTTrA. ^ — Koi LT[Tr]. » ffpoj σάββατον LTr. 

•» ΐλθων having come ltTtAW. = + τον ΤΤγ. ^ Πειλάτοί' τ. « Πειλάτος ϊθαύμαζ^ν Τ. 

' ηδη already LTr. κ πτώμα corpse LTTrA. '' — και LTTrA W. ' ίθηκ€ν LTr. '' μνηματι Τ. 
' ή 'Ιωσήτοϊ LTTrA. ■" TifleiTat he has been laid LTTrA. " — τον τ[Τγ]. 


came unto the eepul- o^;^^ μιάς^^ σαββάτων έρχονται ί-ττΐ το Puv/jueTov," άνατεί- 
tti^BuL• 3 ISd'they '^'^the first [day] of the week they come to the tomb, ^harin^ 

*"i^ w\?'^^i, ^}^^% Παντός του ήλιου. 3 καί 'έλεγαν προς ίαυτάς, Ύίς άποκυλίσει 

nl^^away the stone "'■'^^'^ '*'*® '^^^• ^^^ *^*^ ^^^ among themselves, Who wiU roU away 

from the door of the ήμίν rov λίθον Ηκ της θύρας τον μνημείου ; 4 Καί άνα- 

sepulchre? 4 And f ^^j. us the stone out of the door of the tomb? And havin» 

when they looked, ^ , , „ » „ , , , _ " 

they saw that the βλεψασαι θεωρουσιν οτι ^αττοκεκυλιστα^ ο λίθος' ην.γάρ 

stone was rolled a- looked up they see that has been rolled away the stone : for it wa* 

way : for it was very , ,- ^ a ' \n ~ u ' » ~ τί 

irreat, 5 And entering: μέγας σώοόρα. Ο και *εισελθουσαι" εις το μνημειον, εΐοον 

into the sepulchre, -igreat 'very. And having entered into the tomb, they saw 

they saw a young man , ^, , „5,„^ οολ» >< 

■itting on the right νεανισκον καϋημενον εν τοις οεζ,ιοις, ττεριβεβλημενον στολι/ν 

side, clothed in a long a young man sitting on the right, clothed with a *robe 

they^'werr^-ighted. λενκήν' icai Ιζεθαμβήθησαν. 6 ό.^£ λέγει αύταΐς, Μη 

β And he saith unto 'white, and they were greatly amazed. But he says to them, "Not 

ed^°Y? seek* Je^f ^of έκθαμβεΐσθε. Ίησοϋν ζητείτε τον ^αζαρηνον τυν Ισταυ- 

Nazareth, which was 'be amazed. ^Jesus 'ye "seek the Nazarene, who has been 

iTfs^io'therVfben.i Ρ^^μ^^ον' ήγίρθη, οϋκίστιν ώδε' ΐδε 6 τόττος οττον ίθηκαν 

the place where they crucified. He is risen, he is not here ; behold the place where they laid 

^^wa^.teUWs'dS- ^^'^^^' 7 'άλλ'" ύττάγετε, ειτΐατε τοίς.μαθηταΐς.αύτοϋ καί τψ 

eiplee and Peter that ^>•^• But go, say to his disciples and 

^to^°GauiS^°^*tifere Πέτρ^, OTL ττροάγει υμάς εις την Γαλιλαίαν εκεί αυτόν 

shall ye see him, aslhe to Peter, that he goes before you into Galilee; there him 

said unto you. 8 And οφεσθε. Καθώς εΐττεν νμίν. 8 Καί έξελθοϋσαι ^ταχν^ 

ly,^ anT fled fro^^the ^^^^ ^® ^'^' *^ ^® ^'"^ *-° ^°^• "^"^ having gone out quickly 

sepulchre; for they ϊφνγον άτΓΟ τοΰ μνημΐίον εΐγεν^δε'^ αΰτάς τρόμος και 

Sd: ne^ithrr^'safd" *,^«^^«•1 from the tomb. And 'possessed Hhem Hremking "and 

they anything to any ίκστασις' καΐ ούδενΐ Όύδεν' είτΓον, ίφοβοΰντο.γάρ.^ 

Mwtn ,• for they were ^.^m^^ement, and to no one anything they spoke, for they were afraid. 
, , ., (Hi. nothing) 

9 Now when Jesics ^Άι^αστάς.ϋ'ε ττρωϊ ττρώτ^ σαββάτου εφάνη ττρώ- 

was risen early the Now having risen early [the] first [day] of the week he appeared first 

he'^^appca^ed^ LsT^o Tov Μαρί^ Ty Maγδaληvy, ^a<p'" ης εχβεβλήκει επτά δαιμό- 
Mary ila^dalene, out to Mary the ilagdalene, from whom he had cast out seven demon». 

of whom he had cast ιλ^'Κ λ~>' \ ^ >»* 

seven devils. 10 And Via. 1\) ίκεινη^ τΓορενθεισα αττηγγειλεν τοις μετ αυτού γε- 
ebe went and told She having gone told [it]tothose who with him had 

irtth him, ^M they ^ομενοις, ττενθοϋσιν και κλαίουσιν. 11 κάκεΐνοι άκούσαντες 

mourned and wept, been, [who were] grieving and weeping. And they having heard 

ihe^hVhTardthli «J•^,, ^V,. ''''L 'i"^^" V"' ""t^"'^ H'^'T'^Tn.. '^^ ΨΐΨ 
he was alive, and had ''^"*' ^^ ^^ alive and has been seen by her disbelieved [it]. And after 

been seen of heYbe- raWa δυσιν Ιζ αυτών ττερητατοϋσιν εφανερώθη εν ίτ'ερφ 

that he "appeared S "-'"^''β things to two of them as they walked he was manifested in another 

another form unto μορφή, πορευομενοις εις άγρόν. 13 κάκεΐνοι απελθόντες απ- 

ra?ked,imrw:ntin% f-m!' '^goSg into [the] ciLtry ; and they having gone 

the country. IS And ήγγζιλαν τοίςλοιποίς' ούδί Ικείνοις επίστενσαν. 14'Ύστερον'' 

they went iind told ιΑ told [it] to the rest; neither them did they believe. Afterwiirda 

unto the residue : nei- , , \ „ > / λ ^ > / 

ther boUevod they ανακεψενοις αυτοίς τοΙς ένδεκα εφανερώθη, και ώνεΐ' 

them. 14 Afterward as "recUned [-'atnable] 'they to the eleven he was manifested, and re- 

he ai>peared unto the . ,, , , ^ ,» «, „ 

eleven as they sat at οισεν την.απιστιαν.αυτων και σκλΐ}ροκαρδιαν, οτι τοΙς 

meat, and upbraided preached their unbelief and hardness of heart, because «those *who 

them with their unbo- ^ , .»> ι ri>>' ^^-τr^τ 

Uef and hardness of θεασαμενοις avTov εγηγερμενον ονκ.επιστευσαν. 15 Και είπεν 

heart, because they be- «had '.^een 'him "arisen 'they ^believed *not. And he said 

lie ved not tliem which , , __ „, . , / „ zv < > 

had seen him after ho αυτοις, ΐίορευθεντες εις τον κοσμον άπαντα κηρύξατε το εναγ- 
was risen. Ιδ And he to them. Having gone into ^he *world 'all proclaim the glad 

° /u,t(f των LTr ; TJj μι^ των Τ. Ρ μνήμα Τ. 1 άτΓΟ from LTr. ' ανοίκΐκυλισται ΤΤγΑ. 

• «λβοΰσαι having goue a. * άλλα lttfa. " — ταχύ GLTTrAW. " γαρ for lttt. 

• — ovSev I.. y + κατά. Μάψκον according to Mark Tr ; [ewayye'Aioi'j κατά Μάρκον glad 
tidings acc( .rdiug to Mark a. ' — verses 9 to 20 t[a]. » παρ' LTr. >> ..^ g^ and (she) L. 

• + δβ and (afterwards) LTr. ^ + ίκ νεκρών from among [the] dead L. 

I. LUKE. 145 

γίλιον πάση TO κτίση. 16 ό ττιστεί'σας και βαπτισθείς σωθήσε- said uato them, Go ye 

tiding toaU the creation. He that believes and is baptized shaUbe ^^^Jhe "^μ^Ι^ο 

ται' ο.δε άπιστήσας κατακριθησεται. Π σημεΧαΜ τοΙς ^Ζ^-^^^^^Ι' ^%^^ 

saved, and he that disbelieTes shall be condemned. And ^signa Hhose ^hat baptized sITaTlbe^ved^ 

πιστενσασιΐ' "^ταϋτα παρακοΧονθησει^Κ εν τψ.ονόματί.μον δαι- hat he that beiieveth 

'beUeve 'these ^shaU *f oUow : in my name de- ?°* ^^ψ- \e damned. 
, ,τ^-, ^, ΛΛ' f ^17 And these signs 

μονια εκραλονσιν -γΑωσσαις ΧαΧησονσιν 'καιναις'' shall follow them that 

mons they shall cast out ; with ^tonpues ^hey *shall ^speak 'new : ^Hl'^^ ' ^^ ™^ name 

,^» ,~ Λ η > > > .. s^"*^ ^^^7 cast out de- 

\ϋ^ο<ρεις αοονσιν' καν υανασιμον τι πιωσιν ου.μη rils ; thoy shall speak 

serpents they siiall take up rand if Meadly 'anything they drink inn ο wi -β '^'^h iiew tongues; 

, , I, ^^ / , , , > , I . / ~ > Λ' ^ 18 they shall take up 

αντονς "ρλαψει•" επι άρρωστους χείρας επιθησονσιν, και serpents; and if they 

them shall it injure; upon [the] infirm 'hands 'they "shall *lay, aud drink any deadly 

■V ^ ,i„ thing, it shall not hurt 

καλώς εξουσίν. them; they BhaU lay 

'well 'they ^shall ^be, hands on the sick, and 

19 Ό μεν ούν κύριος^ μετά το λαλησαι αύτοΐς ^άνελή- they shall recover. 

The ^indeed therefore 'liOrd after speaking to them was taken ,„ „ ^. 

, , , , . J 'Λ » \ »• ~ - Λ ~ 1^ So then :itter ihe 

ψθη" εις τον ουρανον, και εκαθισεν εκ οεζιων τον θεον Lord had spoken unto 

πρ into the heaven, and sat at [the] right hand of God. them, he was received 

ort,~ ίίίνΛ/τ ,/». - ~ / np into heaven, and 

20εκεινοι.δε εξελθόντες εκηρνξαν πανταχού, του κυρίου σννερ- sat on the right hand 

And they having gone forth preached everywhere, the Lord working of God. 20 And they 

,,•./ oo- s>,~, ΛΛ' ■"«'It forth, and 

γουντος, και τον λογον ρεραιουντος οια των επακολονυουν- preached every where, 

with [them], and the word confirming by the 'following ^pon the Lord working with 

/ 1 ' » ' II them, and confirming 

των σημηων. ' Αμήν." the word with signs 

[*it] 'signs. Amen. following. Amen. 

™Τό κατά Μάρκον tvayykXiov. 
The ^according *to 'Mark 'glad •'tidings. 



ΕΠΕΙΔΗΠΕΡ ποΧΧοΙ επεχείρησαν άνατάξασθαι ζνη-γησιν forasmuch as 

F0BA.SMT7CH AS many took in hand to draw up a narration many have taken in 

^^^'- ^i" ^.■VI^'^^.^''PXK^l .''" Ψ^^ '^Ρ^Χ/^"- ^derfdecLrSnof 
concerning the *which ^have *been ^fuUy ^believed 'among '*U3 'mat- those things which are 

των, 2 καθώς παοεδοσαν ήμίν οι απ άοχΎ\ς ^ο^* surely^ believed 

ters, as they deUvered [them] to us, they ^om [nhe] 'beginning t^™ delivered'' tiiem 

αΰτόπται και νπηρέται γενόμενοι τοϋ λόγου, 3 ίδοζεν fJ^^*^ y^\ which from 

«eye-witnesses 'and «attendants 'having *been of the Word, it seemed good eyewitnes^s"Lndmin- 

κάμοί, παρηκολονθηκότι άνωθεν πάσιν ακριβώς, κα- inters of the word; 

also to me, having been acquainted from the first with all things accurately, with al8o*^-r^f°had*i^- 

θεζης σοι γράφαι, κράτιστε Θεόφιλε, 4 Ίνα ίπιγνφς feet 'understanding of 

method to thee to write, most excellent Theophilus, that thou might est know ^^ thmgs from the 

, -r , r\ Λ' '>'N '^^'■J' ^"*• '^° write 

περί ων κατηχηθης λόγων την ασφαλειαν. unto thee in order, 

•coneeming "which *thou*wast '"instructed ^of[*the] 'things 'the "certainty. ™ost excellent Theo- 

- ,„ , , ~ , , •ττ '? h "O \' ~ V^^^, i that thou 

5 Εγενετο εν ταις ημεραις ΰρωδου °του' βασιλέως της mightest know the 

There was in the days of Herod the king certainty of tho^e 

»_«/./ >> rw ■ 'y 'j ' things, wherein thou 

Ιουδαίας ιερεύς τις ονόματι Ζαχαρίας, εζ εφημερίας hast been instructed. 

of Judsa a priest 'certain, by name Zach.-irias, of [the] cotirse 5 THERE was in the 

■Άο'. ^c' '>~ii' ^ η ' > k ' '< days of Herod, the 

Αρια" και ^η.γυνη. αυτού" εκ των θυγατέρων Ααρών, και το uig of Judfea, a cer- 

of Abia, and his wife of the daughters of Aaron, and tain priest named 

^ παρακοΚονθτησΐΐ ταΰτα L ; ακολουθήσει ταντα Tr. ^ — καιναΧς Tr. S + καΐ ev ταΐ? 

Xepaic and in the hands Tr. >> β^άψτ) should it injure glttaw. > -|- Ίησονς Jesus Lir. 
^ ανΐΚημφθη LTrA. ' — Άμην EGLTrAW. ™ — To κατά Μάρκον ΐϋαγγέλιον EQLTW ; 

Κατά MopKoc Tr ; Εΰαγγελιον κατά Μάρκοι» [aJ. 

» Εΰαγγ€λιοΐ' ([Εΰαγ.] α) ίίατά Αουκάΐ' GLTrAW ; κατά Αουκίν Τ. b — τοί) ΤΓγ{α}. 

« γννη αϋτφ LTTr.i. 


146 ΛΟΥΚΑΣ. 1 

z.charias.ofthecourse ονομα.αυτης 'Ελισάβετ. 6 ΐισαν.δε δίκαιοι άμώότεοοι Ηνώ- 

wo^of" the daughters her name Elizabeth. ^ And they were «jnet 'both' be- 

of Aaron, and her τηον' τοϋ θεοϋ . ποοενόμζνοι iv ττάσαχς ταΐς εντολαΐς και 

rA^odirywerTboih f<>- »°^. --"^^^ '^ ^"^ the commandments and 

righteous before God, δικαιώμασιν Tov Kvpiov άμΐμτΓΤΟΐ. 7 και οϋκ.-ην αντοϊς 

walking in all the ordinances of the Lord blameless. And there was not to them 

commaniUnents and , ^i / < >-r-i\ ό - ii ~ , . / 

ordinances of the Lord tekvov, KauoTi ^f/ ΕλισαρΒτ ήν'^ OTSipa, και αμψοτεροι ττρο- 

blameless. 7 And they ^ child, inasmuch as Elizabeth was barren, and both ad- 
had no child, because ^ ^ , , ^ , , , ~ τ ο 'τλ ' ?i . 

that Elisabeth was βεβηκοτες kv ταις.ημεραις.αντων ήσαν. ο Εγενετο.δε εν 

barren, and they both yanced in their days were. And it came to pass in 

were now well stricken .,, , ,, , ^,„ ~»j / ,_„ 

in years. 8 And it τφ.ιερατενειν.αντον εν rg τάξει της.εφημεριας.αντον έναντι 

came to pass, that fulfilling his priestly service in the order of his course before 

while he executed the ~ η ~ r\ < ^ "/i ~ . > ,-\ 

priest's office before TOV θεον, 9 κατα TO εθος της ιερατ>^ιας, ελαχεν 

God in the order of his God, according to the custom of the priestly service, it fell to him by lot 

the"custom°'or^the TOV θνμιάσαι είσελθων εις τον ναυν τον κνρίον 10 και 

priest's office, his lot to bm-n incense, having entered into the temple of the Lord. And 

Xn^he^ut iXthI ταν TO πλήθος Wov Xaov f;v" προσενχόμενον 'έξω Ty utpq, 

temple of the Lord. all the multitude of the people were prayiug without at the hour 

ift^e' o'f' th°'pe^ple rov θνμιάματος. 11 ΜηΜ αύτφ άγγελος κνρίον ε- 

were praying without of incense. And ^appeared 'to 'him 'an -angel 'of [*thej ''Lord, stand- 

n And thereVpMlS^ed "''"'^f ^'^ δεξιών TOV θνσιαστηρίον τον θυμιάματος' 12 και 

unto him an angel of ^^S at [the] right of the altar ^ of incense. and 

the Lord standing on Ιταοάγθη Ζαγαοίας Ίδών, και φόβος εττεττεσεν επ αυτόν. 

alUrof^Lensl?2i^d *wasWubled'Zachar^^^ fear fell upon him. 

when zacharias saw 13 ΕΙπεί'.όε τΓοος avTOV άγγελος, Μή.ώοβον, Ζαχαρία' 

SfefrriluSS: But^said C ^him Hhe 4ngel, Fear not, ^Zacharias. 

13 But the angel said βιότι είσηκούσθη η.δεησίς.σον, και η.γννη.σου Ελισάβετ γεν- 

unto hi!u, Fear not, ^jg^ause has been heard thv supplication, and thy wife Elizabeth shaU 

ZachariMs : for thy , , , ," . , , „ , -, ,^ , ,. 

prayer is heard ; and νησει viov σοι, και κολεσεις το.ονομα.αυτου β ΐωαννην. 

thy wife Elisabeth ^^^^ a son to thee, and thou shalt call his name John. 

shall bear thee a son, ^„ , r>\\' » xn,,,~ 

and thou Shalt call his 14 /Cat εσται χαρα σοι και αγαλλιασις, και ττοΛΛοι εττι ry 

name John. 14 And ^^^ he shall be joy to thee and exultation, and manv at 

thou shalt have joy , , „ , ^ , τ r « ^ > ' , r 

and gladness; and ^'γεννήσει .avTov χαρησονται. lo εσται.γαρ μέγας ενώπιον 

many shall rejoice .at his birth shall rejoice. For he sh.all be great before 

his birth. 15 For he . „ , , , , , / , ^ , , 

shall be great in the ^Tov'^ Kvpiov και oivov και σικερα ον.μη πιγ, και 

sight of the Lord, and the Lord ; and wine and strong drink in no wise shall he drink, and 

shall drink neither , > • \ λ ' ./ > -ν - ι 

wine nor strong drink; πνενματος αγιοιι πλησθησεται ετι εκ κοιλίας μητρός 

and he shall be filled with [the] ^Spirit 'Holy he shall be filled even from [the] womb ^mother 

rvenfromhfJm^her*s avTov. 16 και πολλονς τώ}' υιών Ισραήλ επιστρέψει επί 

womb. 16 And many 'of -his. And many of the sons of Israel shall he turn to [the] 

raei''sh,an'h^*'turi\^o KVplov τον.θεον.αντών . 17 και αυτός προελενσεται ενώπιον 

the Lord their God. Lord their God. And he shall go forth before 

iore Mm°ii the^sp^u ^^^rov iv πνεύματι Kai δυνάμει ^'ϋλίου, " επιστpέ^i^aι καρδίας 

and power of lilias, to him in [the] spirit and power of EUas, to turn hearts 

fa^hers^to^echiidren'' TTufrlpwv ΙπΙ TEKva, και άπειθεΐς εν φρονήσει δι- 

andtheSeSto of fathers to children, and [the] disobedient to [the] wisdom of [the] 

the wisdom of the just; ^^ίων, ίτοιμάσαι κνμίφ λαόν κατεσκευασμ'ενον. 18 Και 

prep.ireYf or the Loni righteous, to mate ready for [the] Lord a people prepared. And 

18 And Zacharias said ^j-^^y Ζαγαοίας προς TOV άγγελον. Κατά τι γνώσομαι τοϋτο\ 

b^sC^Ttoow^w'? ^said 'Zacharias to the angel. By what shal II know this ?^ 

for I am an old man, ίγώ.γάο €('ut ποεσβντης, καί ή.γννή.μον προβεβηκυΊα iu ταΪ5 

and my wife well ' ^ '^ f^ ^^ an old man, and my wiie advanced in 

BtricKen in years. ^ ^ , , „ > .t .• 

19 And the angel an- ήμεραις.αύτής. 19 Και αποκριθείς ο άγγελος ειπεν αύτψ, 

swering said unto him, her days. And ^answering 'the ''angol said to him, 

<» εναντίον TTrA. ^ ^v V { — ή I^Tr]) Έλισάβΐτ LTTrA. ^ V τον λαοΰ OLTTrAW. 
β Ίωάνην Tr. '' yeveaei OLTTrAW. ' — τοΰ {read [the]) OT[Tr]w. •' 'Ηλεία Τ. 

I. LUKE. 147 

Ένώ είμι Γαβριήλ ό τταρεστηκώς ενώπιον τον θεον• και ^^ am Gaoriel, that 

I am Gabriel! who ^tand before God, and ^„*/^'),^^ ^^^| P^^'^,^^^ 

όττεστάΧην ΧαΧήσαι ττρός σε, και εύαγγελίσασθαί σοι *° speak unto thee, 

I was sent to speak to thee, and to annoi' nee '^glad ^tidings *to nhee g^a udtnj^.'\^0 5^d^ 

ταϊ'τα. 20 και Ιδού, ίση σιωπών και μή οννάμενοςΧαλήσαι behold, thou shalt be 

'these: 'and lo, thou shalt be silent and not able to >peak dumb, and uot able to 

„ „ , , , _ ! n' ~ > > / speak, untii the day 

άχρι ής.7]μερας γενηται ταντα' ανθ .ών ονκ.επιστενσας that the.-e things shall 

till the day in which shall take place these things, because thou didst not believe ^^ performed, because 
•' „ \ /Ί ' ' < . , ~ t^lOii behevest not my 

τοΤς.Χογοις.μον, οιτινες πΧηρωυησονται εις τον.καιρον.αντων. words, which shall be 

my words, which shaU be fulfilled in their season. fulfilled in cheir sea- 

Λ-, rr - - ' > ^ s• - > Γ, ' < 'fl ' y ' ^ο'ϊ• 21 And the people 

21 Και //v ο ΧαοςπροσδοκωντονΖαχαριαν καΐίθανμαζονεν waited for Zachaiias, 

And^were 'the*people expecting Zacharias, and thev wondered at and marvelled thai he 

,v , < , ~ - Λ,Γ» '^Λ/Ί' Γ' >"]>?' II tarried so long in the 

τψ.χρονιζειν.αυτον εν τφ ναφ. 22 εί;,εΧθων.όε ουκ.^ηόυνατο" temple. 22 And when 

his delaying in the temple. But having come out he was not able he came out, he could 

..^~ ,~ >)/ t/> ' t J• 1 not .sixiak uut'i them: 

Χα\7]σαι αυτοις' και επεγνωσαν οτι οπτασιαν εωρακεν εν and they perceived 

to speak to them, and they recognized that a vision he has seen in that he haif seen a 
~ <.^τ^ / >~ Ni>' ./ vision in the temnle : 

τψ ναφ' και αυτός ην οιανενων αυτοις, και όιεμενεν κωψος. for he beckoned mito 

the temple. And he was making signs to them, and continued dumb, them, and remained 

23 και εγενετο ώς επΧησθησαν ai ήμέραι της λειτουργίας camf to'pasf that'! as 

And it came to pass, when were fulfilled the days ^service soon as the days of his 

αύτοϋ άπηΧθεν εις τον. οίκον. αυτόν. ^SetheTpar?: 

'of "his he departed to his house. ed to his own house. 

24 'ΜετάΤε ταύτας τάς ημέρας σννέΧαβεν 'Ελισάβετ η 24 And after those 

κ ow after these days ''conceived 'Elizabeth days his wife Elisabeth 

>.~ r 'o<< ~ ' \' conceived, and hid her- 

γυνη.αυτου, και περιεκρνρεν εαντην μήνας πέντε, λεγονσα, self five months, say- 

'■'his 'wife, and hid herself ^months 'five, saying, Lng, 25 Thus hath the 

25 "On όντως μοι πεποίηκεν °»ό" κύριος εν ήμεραις αίς l^li^ days'wLrein'hl 

Thus to me has done the Lord in [the] days in which looked on me, to take 

επεΊδεν άφελείν ""τό'.ορειύός.μον εν άνθρώποις. m'^n"^ mJn."^^^' '''"'" """ 

he looked upon [me] to take away my reproach among men. 

26 Έν.οε τψ μηνι τφ εκτψ απεστάλη 6 άγγελος Γαβριήλ J',tt"fh?angel G^ 

And in the month the sixth was sent the angel Gabriel briel was sent from 

°νπό τον θεον εις πάλιν της Γαλιλαίας, ι) όνομα ^Να- 

by God to a city of Galilee, whose name [was] Na- reth, ""27"to a virgm 

ζαρ'ετ,^^ 21 προς παρθένον'^μεμνηστενμ'ενην^' άνΰρΐ ψ όνομα espoused to a man 

zareth, to a virgin betrothed to a man whose name ^ph^^of '^thl hoSe of 

Ίωσήώ, έξ οϊκον Άαβίδ'" και το όνομα της παρθένου David; and the vir- 

[was] Joseph, of [the] house of David, and the name of the virgin p^ATthe alag^el came 

Μαριάμ. 28 και είσελθών ^o άγγεΧος^^ πους αυτήν ' είπεν, m unto her, and said, 

[was] Mary. And ^coming 'fte 4ngel ^ to her said, ^^Ιΐ^'^^ΖοΆ tTe 

Χαίρε, κεχαριτωμενη• ό κύριος μετά σον, "'ευλογημένη Lord is with thee: 

Hail, [thou] favoured one 1 the Lord [is] with thee, blessed [art] tressed art thou a- 

, , , t r>> >.s r, / mong women. 29 And 

σν εν γνναιξίν.'^ 29 Η.οέ ""ιΰονσα^ ^οιεταράχθη επι when she saw Λϊμ, Λθ 

thou amongst women. But she seeing [him] was troubled at '^^^ troubled at his 

~> / 1 ~ I > Λ Λ /v ^ „ t , , saying, and cast in her 

τψ.λογφ.αντον, και οιελογιζετο ποταπός ειη ο ασπασμός mind what manner of 

his word, and was reasoning of what kind might be ^salutation salutation this should 

1 ni\ Tr ^ y ' " Λ ' ~ T.;r ' J /o - Tir ' bc. 30 And the angel 

οΐ'Γος. ΰϋ Και είπεν ο άγγελος avTy, Μη.φορου, Μαριάμ' said unto her, Fear 

'this. And ^said 'the ^angel to her. Fear not, Mary, not, Mary : for thou 

τ r ' > ~ /I ~ m ^ τ ' V \\ ' / II bast fouml favour 

ενρες.γαρ χάριν πάρα τψ υεψ' 31 και ιοον, ^σνλλη-<\/ψ with God. 31 And, be- 

for thou hast found favour with God ; and lo, thou shalt conceive hold, thou shalt con- 

» \ \ I V t / \•\/ ^/f y ^ ceive in thv womb, 

tv γαστρι και τεξ-^ viov, και καλέσεις το.ονομα,αυτον and bring forth a ton, 

in [thy] womb and bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name andshalt call his name 

• ίδΰνατο LTTrA, " — ό (read [the]) LTTr[A]. ° — rb ΤΤγ[α]. <> ίπο from ττγα. 

Ρ Ναζαρ4θ LTW. 1 ίμ.νησγ6νμ.4νην LTTr. ■■ Δαυείδ LTTrA ; Δαυίδ OW. « — ό άγγελο? 

itxr]!. * + ό άγγ£λθ5 the angel τ. ' — ενλογη/αεντ} σν ev yvvon^Lv τ[Τγ]α. "^ — ίδονσο 
ΟΤΤγΑ » έπΙ τω λόγω δΐΐταράχθη GTTrA. y σνλλημψτ; LTTrA. 

God unto a city of 
Galilee, named Naza- 

148 ΛΟΥΚΑΣ. I. 

JTESua 32 Ηθ shall 'inffovv. 32 οντος ίσται μίγας, και υιός νιΐίστον κΧηθήσε- 

ellteTthe Son of the ^««'^«• ^^ ^'^'^^ ^^ ^'■^**' ^""^ ^°° *** ^^^^'^ Highest shall he be 

Highest: ana the Lord -^af και δώοΕί αύτψ KvoiOQ 6 θεος Tov θοόνον ^Ααβιδ^^ 

God shall give unto ^,g^^^ ^^^ ^^j^^^ s ;^^ «j^i^m [-n.jjg-| 2^^,,^ sq^^ the throne of Darid 

hun the throne ot his ' ° »o\/ >^^τ > i;o> 

father Davi.i : 33 and τον.ττατρος.αύτον, 33 και βασιλεύσει εττι τον οίκον Ιακωβ εις 

he shall reign oyer the j^j^ father : and he shall reign ovor the house bf Jacob to 

house of Jacob for ^ ^ , , ^ >» >•. 

ever ; and of his king- τονς αιώνας, και της.βασιλειας.αυτου ουκ.ίσται τέλος. 

dom there shall be no ^j^g aees, and of his kingdom there shall not be an end. 

end. 34 Then said „,„,%',, , , , .. > ^^ „ _ , , 

Mary unto the angel, 34 Είπεν.οί Μαρι.αμ ττρος τον αγγελον, Ιίως εσται τούτο επει 

How shall this be, see- But ^said 'Mary to the angel, How shall ^be 'this since 

tng I know not a man ?„. , , n^ -wr ^ > η " ' " λ τ >■» 

35 And the angel an- avopa ov.jivojaKOj ; 35 K«i ατΓοκρΜεις ο άγγελος είττεν avTy, 

swered 11 nd said unto a man I know not ? And answering the angel said to her, 

her. The Holy Ghost π- - " • \ ' » « < i j- / < ι - 

shah come upon thee. Πνεύμα ajiov επελενσεται ετη σε, και ύνναμις υψίστου 

and the power of the [The] 'Spirit 'Holy shall come upon thee, and power of [the] Highest 

Sfwthee^r'therefore ετΓίσκιάσει σοι' διο Kui TO γεννώμενον*" άγων κλ7/θί7- 

also that holy thing shall overshadow thee ; wherefore also the "bom 'holy *thing shall be 

ii^ellfubetiieTthe ^erat υ'ιός θεού. 36 και ιδού, 'Ελισάβετ η^συγγ^νήςΚσου καΐ 

Son of God. 36 And, called Son of God. And lo, Elizabeth thy kinswoman =aleo 

lusabeth,''^he''"h'^iS «ΰΓ/; '^σννειληφυΐα' υίόν εν '^γήρι^'.αύτής• και οίτος μην 

also conceived a son 'she has conceived a son in her old age, and this [the] month 

in her old age : and ^' ^^ ^^^i^ ^^^^ ^ καλούμενη στείρα' 37 ΟΤΙ ουκ άδυνα- 

idSi her, who wa^ 'sixth is to he? wh^ [was] called '^ barre^n" for not "shall *be 

called barren 37 For ^^gj ^^ρά «τω θεώ" τταν ρήμα. 38 ΈϊπενΜ Μαριάμ, 

Ti'm^posibtTsi^dSpossibleewirh ^Go^ 'any ^fc And W 'ΧτΓ 

Mary said. Behold the , ^ , , . ,. ^ (W. every) ^ , , ,^ , 

handmaid of the Lord; Ιδον, η οουλη KupioV γενοιτο μοί κατα τοφημα.σου. 

be it unto me accord- Behold, the bondmaid of [the] Lord ; belt to me according to thy word, 
ing to thy word. And _, , , ~λ « , > > ~ < - > 

the angel departed Krti (ίττηλθεν ατΓ αυτης Ο αγγελος. 

from her. And departed from her the angel. 

39 ΆναστασαΜ Μαριάμ εν τάϊς.ημ'εραις.τανταις ίττορεύθη 

And ''rising *up 'M.ary in those days went 

in'thotrday'f.'aTdwen? €'ff τήν όρεινήν μετά στΓουδης, εΙς ττόλιν 'Ιουδα, 40 καΐ 

into the hill country Into the hill-country with haste, to a city of Judah, and 

SjliKoandenter^ είσΑ^λθεν εις τον οίκον Ζαχαρίον και ήσττάσατο την 'Ελισάβετ. 

ed into 'the house of entered into the house of Zacharias and saluted Elizabeth. 

Zachariae, and saluted ^j ^^> εγενετο ώς ήκουσεν h) 'Ελισάβετ τον άσττασμόν της 

^ZtopLtVt, And it came to pass as Wd 'Blizaboth the salutation^ 

when Elisabeth heard Μαρίας," Ισκίοτησεν TO βρέφος εν τΌ.κοιλία.αύτής' και Ιττλήσθη 

ihrblt'taTe:^*!^^; ofM^lry,'' 'leaW 'theXie in *' her wSmb ; ^ and 'wae'fllh^d 

womb; and Elisabeth πνεύματος άγ'ιου η 'ΕΧισάβετ, 42 και άνεφώνησεν 'Sφωvy" 

n'oly Gholt •" ^2 and *^'*^^ Ι^'"'*'''^ '^Ρ""^' °^°'^ 'Elizabeth, and cried out with a ^voioe 

she spake out with a μεγάλη καΙ εΐττεν, Ευλογημένη σύ εν γυναιζίν, και εύλο- 

loud νοί(•β, and said, ι^ ,/ ^ ^^ g j^j Blessed [art] thou among women, and bloss- 

Blessed art thou a- , , ^ ., , ^o « 'r 

mong women, and γημινος Ο καρτΓος της-κοιλιας.σου. 43 και πονεν μοι τούτο, 

blessed is tli•• fruit of ^^ the fruit of thy womb. And whence to me this, 

thy womb. 13 And „ _ „ , , „ , / κ n j ^ »^ » ' 

whence is this to mo, iva ίλθ^ η μήτηρ του.κυριον.μου ττρος °με" ; 44 loov.yap, 
that themotlioroCmy that should come the mother of my Lord to me? Forlo, 

Lord should come to,,, , ,.,, -, ,,τ' i > 

me? 44 For, i..,asxoon ως εγενετο η φωνή τον. ασπασμού. σον εις τα.ωτα.μον έσκιρ- 

&3 the voiof! of thy ag came the voice of thy salutation into mine ears, leap- 

salutation sounded in ,, ,x\/ </3', n'• ~ >' ac < 

mine ears, the babe τησεν hv αγαλλιάσει TO ρρεώος tv τ^.κοιλι^,.μον. 4o και 

leaped in my womb for ed in exultation the babe in my womb ; and 

joy. 45 And blessed ?θ , , / ,t „ » ,/ „~_ 

she that beii wed: for μακάρια η πιστευσασα, ΟΤΙ εσται τελειωσις τοις 

there shall bn a perfor- blessed [is] «he who believed, for there shall be a fulfilment to the things 

mance of those tilings \ λ > ' > ~ ' .„'„, 

which were told her λελαλημενοις avTy τταρα κυρίου. 

from the Liird^ spoken to her from [the] Lord. 

« Δανείδ LTTrA ; Δαυίδ OW. » -i- [e<f σοϋ] of thee i.. ^ <Γυγγ«νίς ltw. _ ^ ovveiKr)- 

φβν Tr. '' y>?pei OLTTrAW. • τοΰ θεοΰ ΤΤγΑ. f τον άσττασμόν της Μαρίας η Έλισάβ€Τ 

LXTrA. κ κραυγή with a "cry ττγα. *> ίμί ϊ. ' το βρέφος ev σγαλλιάσ«ι Ow. 

Ι. LUKE. 149 

46 Και έίττεν Μαριάμ, Μεγαλύνει η.φνχη.μον τον κνριον, „*β ^^ Mary said. 

And said M^,^' 3^^^^ ' ^^^\JZ ,^, I^ord, ' ^^i^d^lr ^fg 

47 και ήγαλλίασεν τό.ττνενμά.μον liri τω θεώ τφ.σωτηρί.μον' spirit hath rejoiced in 
and ^e^ted _ ^ 'n.^ ^sp^it^^ in "^Gol ^rajB^^or^.^ ^Ά^^'^^^Δ'^^^Ι 

48 Ότι εττεβΧεψεν επΙ την ταπε'ινωσιν της.^ονΚης.αντον' ίδον lowestateof his iiand- 

For he looked upon the humiliation of his bomlmaid ; ^lo i^aiden : for, behold. 

/ , , ~ _ , , ' r\ tj from henceforth all 

γαρ, αττο του.νυν μακαριονσιν.με πάσαι αι -γενεαι. 49 άτι generations shall caU 

'for, from henceforth 'will «count >me «blessed 'all ^'generations. For me blessed. 49 For he 

, , , , ^ _ i , ~ , y „ y » *"** ^ mightv hath 

ετΓΟίησεν μοι *^μεγα\Βΐα'' υ ϋννατος, και uyiov το όνομα done to me great 

*has ^done ^o ■'me «great "things Hhe ^mighty ^one, and holy [is] =name things ; and holy is his 

' ~ crv > V «Λ , «, ) , 1 ^ ... name. 60 And his 

αυτόν o\j και το.εΚεος.αυτον εις γενεάς 'γενεών τοις mercy ώ on them that 

'his ; and his mercy [i.s] to generations of generations to those fear him from ginera- 

, η I ■, , Ft 1 , , )/-»/ .- tion 'O generation. 

^^ορονμίνοις αυτόν. 61 εττοιησεν κράτος iv ρραχιονι.αυτου' si He h:uh ishe^ed 

fearing him. He wrought strength with his arm, strength with his arm; 

5> / t , , » , ., , ^ he hath scattered the 

οιεσκορπισεν υπερήφανους oiavoicf. καρδιας.αυτων. proud in the imagina- 

he scattered [the] haughty in [the] thought of their heart. tion of their hearts. 

52 καθεΧΚεν δννάστας άττό θρόνων, και 'ν\Ρωσεν ταπεινούς, the mighty ft-"m the^ 

He put down rulers from thrones, and exalted [the] lowly: 8eats,and exalted them 

53 πεινώντας Ινεπλησεν αγαθών, και πλουτοϋντας hfuhfiUefth^'hiS^ 

[the] hungry he filled with good things, and [the] rich with good things ; anii 

εξαπεστειλεν κενούς. 54 άντελάβετο Ίσρα}]λ παιδός αύτοΰ, empty^away.'^'^M'He 

he sent away empty. He helped Israel 'servant 'hie, hath holpen'his ser- 

μνησθήναι Ιλεονς, 55 καθώς ελάλησεν προς τους ^^^Ve ''^f χ^ T/cy"; 

[m order] to remember mercy, according as he spoke to 55 as he spake to our 

πατερας.ήμών, τφ 'Αβραάμ και τφ.σπέρματι.αύτοΰ ""είς τον ^nd^^o his'^s^d^'^ 

our fathers, to Abraham and to his seed for ever. 56 And Mary a- 

αίώνα.•^ δ6ΈμειvεvSk Μαριάμ συν aiJTy -ώσεί μήνας τρεϊς, ?^t montfi'and'' «- 

ever. And ^abode 'Mary with her about ■'months 'three, turned to her own 

και ύπ'εστρε-^εν εις τόν.οϊκον.αύτής. ^°'ΐ^®• 

and returned to her house. 

57 ΎγΜ:Έλισάβετ επλήσθη ό χρόνος τον.τεκεΐν.αΰτην, ^j -^^^ Elisabeth's 

2<^ow to Elizabeth was fulfilled the time that she should bring forth, full time came that she 

και ίγεννησεν υιόν 58 και ήκουσαν οι περίοικοι και οι συγ- andshe brougbTf οΓώ 

and she bore a son. And ''heard 'the -neighbours and ''kins- ^ son. 68 And her 

γενείς αυτής 'ότι εμεγάλννεν κύριος τοίλεος.αύτον μετ co^j'^^li^ard^^ow ae 

folk 'her that ^was Wgnifying ['the] =Lord his mercy ^ with LoTdTa/shewed^eat 

αυτής, και συν'ιχαιρον αύτη. 59 Καϊ ίγένετο εν τη °6γδόη mercy upon her : and 

her, and they rejoiced with her. And it came to pass on the eighth agXfd η'^πιΓιο pa^i 

ήμερί}}^ {{λθον περιτεμεϊν το παιδίον και εκάλουν αυτό that on the eighth day 

day they came to circumcise the little child, and were calling it cise^h?child°andt^v 

επί τψ ονόματι τον.πατρός.αύτοϋ Ζαχαρίαν. 60 και άπα- called htm Zacharia.?, 

after the name of his father Zacharias. And 'an- J^^r the name of his 

,, ,- >->. Λ/ »/ father. 60 And hie 

κριθείσα ιι.μητηρ.αυτοϋ εΐπεν, Ούχι, αλλά κ\ηθησεται ρ ϊωαν- mother answered and 

swering 'his ^mother said, 2io ; but he shall be called John, said. Not so; but he 

,, ^ , y , , „ , r> - , > ~ shall be called John. 

νης. ol Και '^είπον' προς αυτιών, Οτι ουδείς εστίν 'εν Ty 6ΐ And they said unto 

And they said to her, No one is among the ter, There is none of 

/ u <» χ ~ ~ > / / /ΐίΛ »-i-i ' t^y kmdred that is 

συγγενείς:.' σου ος καλείται τφ.ονοματί-τουτφ. ό2 Ενενευον called by this name. 

kinsfolk of thee who is called by this name. "They ^made «signs 62 And they made signs 

J,, ~ , , _ , , , „,- Λ ~ η . > ' „ to his father, how he 

όε τψ.πατρι.αυτου το.τι αν.υελοι καΚεισϋαι 'αυτόν." would have him called, 

'and to his father [as to] what he might wish ^o ^be "called 'him. 63 And he a.<ked for a 

> > / Λ » I Λ ' π'τ ' π writing table, and 

και αιτησας πινακιοιον εγραψεν, λέγων, ρ Ιωάννης wrote, saying, HL« 

And haviag asked for a writing tablet he wrote, sajTng, John name is John. And 

εστίν ^το^^.όνομα.αύτοϋ' και εθαύμασαν πάντες. 64 Άνεφχθη.δε 64 And^MTmouth was 

is his name. And they ^vondered 'all. And was opened opened immediately, 

^ μeyάλa LTTr. ' /cat yevea? and generations ττγΑ. ™ βω? αίώΐΌ? G. " ως LTTr. 

ημ^ρα τη bySorj LTTrA. Ρ Ίωάνης Tr. 1 elnav TTr. 

the kinsfolk lttta. » αυτό it LTTrA. * — το τγ£α1. 

ήμ€ρο τη νγδότ} LTTrA. Ρ Ίωάνης Tr. ? elnay TTr. ' e/c της σνγγβνείας from among 


150 Λ Ο Τ Κ A Σ. Ι. 

and his tongite /oosed^ το.στόμα.αντον παραχρήμα και ή.γλώσσα.αΰτοΰ, και 

praised^ God!^ 65 And '^ mouth immediately and his tongue [loosed], and 

fear came on all that tXaXsL εύΧογών Tov θεόν. 65 Καί εγίνετο εττΐ πάντας φόβος 

S*: ITauS 1^-Poke. blessing Ood. _ ^ And /came 'upon *all ^'fe^r 

sayings were noised tovq περιοικονντας avTOVQ' Koi kv οΧτ) τη όρείΡΏ τής 

abroad throughout all ^jj^gg ^jj^ dwelt around them; and in = whole 'the hill-country 

the hill country or J u- ^ ^ ' ^ ^^ _ ^ 

daea. 66 And all they Ιουδαίας διεΧάΧίΐτο τταντα τά.ρηματα.ταντα' 66 καί 

that heard </i«w laid of Judaea "were ^being «talked 'of 'aU ^these Hhings. And 

iA«w» up in their hearts, , , , , , , ~ ^ - , ^ ■» / 

saying. What manner tOsvTO τταντες 01 ακουσαντες εν Ty.KapOKf.avTwv, λε- 

of child shall this be I «ι^ί^ pthem] *np 'aU -who ^heard in their heart, say- 

And the hand of the '" ■'^" „ , ^, - „ -,^ < L f 

Lord was with him. γοντες, Tt apa το.παιοιον.τουτο εσται; Και ^ χειρ 

ing, ^Vhat then -^this "ωίΐβ ^child 'will =»be? And [the] hand 

κυρίου ην μετ αντοΰ. 

of [the] Lord was with him. 

67 Και Ζαχαρίας ό.τΓατήρ.αύτοϋ επΧησθη πνεύματος 

-_.,,. - ., And Zacharias his father was filled with [the] ^Spirit 

Zacharias was filled άγίου, καΙ ^προεφητενσεν,^^ λέγων, 68 ΈύΧογητός κύριος 6 
with the Holy Ghost, .jj^j and prophesied, saying. Blessed be [the] Lord the 

and prophesied, say- _ , .^ , ,^ „ , ,7 , , ' \ > 

ing, 68 Blessed be the θεος του ΙσραηΧ, ΟΤΙ εττεσκεψατο και εττοιησεν Χυτρωσιν 

Lord God of Israel ; (Jq^ of Israel, because he looked upon and wrought redemption 

for he hath visited and ., ~ > ~ rtn < " ' , , ^ , _ ~ii 

redeemed his people, τψ.Χαψ.αυτον' ου και ηγειρεν κερας σωτήριας ιιμιν εν 'τφ 

69 and hath raised up for his people, and raised up a horn of salvation for us in the 

for us in the house of ο'ίκφ ^Δα/3ίί" '^τοΰ^^.τταιδός.αύτοϋ' 70 καθώς εΧάΧησεν δια 

his servant David ; house of David his servant ; according as he spoke by [the] 

70 as he spake by the , ^ t , u ^ λ , > >^ ,~ >-. 

mouth of his holy pro- στοματος των άγιων °των\απ .αιώνος προφητών αυτού' 

phets, which have been mouth ^holy "since «time 'began ''prophets 'of^hisj 

since the world began : _.. / y^in^t.^ ,> \ / 

71 that we should be 71 σωτηριαν εξ εχθρων.ημων και εκ χειρός πάντων 

saved from our ene- salvation from our enemies and from [the] hand of all 

ΏοΓε^ιι thaThlte τών μισούντων ημάς' 72 ποιήσαι εΧεης μετά των πάτερων 

ue ; 72 to perform the those who hate us ; to fulfil mercy with ^^athers 

fTtKandtolme'T >/i«^v, mi μνησθηναι διαθήκης άγιας αυτοϋ, 73 ορκον ον 

ber his holy covenant ; 'our, and to remember ^covenant *holy 'his, [the] oath which 

aware to^'oOT^father '^Η'Οσεν προς Αβραάμ τόν.πατερα.ήμών, τοϋ δούναι ήμίν 

Abraham, 74 that he he swore to Abraham our father, to give us [that] 

«Tafwe^ern-^'deHver: ^4 άφόβως εκ χεφός ^τώνΚεχθρών.'^ήμών^^ ρνσθέντας, 

ed out of the hand of without fear out of [the] hand of our enemies being saved, 

our enemies plight λατρεύει)/ αύτψ 75 εν ΰσιότητι καί δικαιοσύνη ενώπιον αύτοΰ 

fearV in holiness and we should serve him in hoUness and righteousness before him 

righteousness before ττάσας τάς ήμίρας ^τής.ζωης^^.ήμών. 76 Καί συ^ παιδίον, 

£i"vti^'dthJu,lu^ -^ , '^- .^=^,^« ofour^life.^ A^d thou, little child, 

ehait be called the pro- προφήτης ΰφίστου κΧηθηση' προπορενσ^.γάρ προ 

phet of the Highest : prophet of [the] Highest shalt be called ; for thou shalt go before [the] 

for thou shalt go before , ,, / <?< >~ „n - j. ~ 

the face of the Lord προοώπου κυρίου ετοιμασαι οδονς.αυτου' 77 του οουναι 

to prepare his ways ; f^ce of [the] Lord to prepare his ways ; to give 

77 to give knowledge , ....%,,„, ,/ e ~ ,.„ 

of salvation unto his γνώσιν σωτηρίας τφ.Χαφ.αυτου εν αφεσει αμαρτιων.αυτων, 

people by the remission knowledge of salvation to his people in remission of their sins, 

oftheir3ins,78through _^ ^ , ., , ,^ , /,_,.,, τ > ' ι 

the tender mercy of 78 Cia σπΧαγχνα εΧεους θεου.ημων, εν οις επεσκεψατο 

onr God ; whereby the through [the] bowels of compassion of our God, in which has visited 
dayspring from on , .» , -v \ > ν " ; rrrw ' j ~ - ' ' 

high hath visited us, y]μaς ανατοΧη εξ νψους, 7» επιφαναι τοις εν σκοτει 

79 to give light to them us [the] day-spring from on high, to shine upon those "in ^darkneea 

and in'the"shadow°of καί σκι<^ θανάτου καθημένοις- του κατευθϋναι τους 

death, toguideoopfeet *and •1η ["the] 'shadow "of "death 'sitting; to direct 

" + yap (read For also) LXXrA. » ίπροφήτενσβν LTTrA. _ y — τω (read [the]) LTTrA. 

' Δαυβιδ LTTrA ; Δαυίδ QW. » — τοϋ LTTrA. ^ — τών TTiA. = — των LTTrA- 

«* — -ημών {read of [our] enemies) [L]TTrA. « — της ζωής (read all our days) GLTTrAW, 

* + &e also TTrA. 

I, π. L υ κ Ε. 151 

πόδας. ημών εις oSbv ειρήνης. 80 Ίό.δε τταιδίον ηνζανεν go A^dlheThiid^Tw 

our feet into (.the] way of peace. And the little child grew ^^^^ waxed strong in 

και εκραταωντο πνεύματι• και ην ίν ταΊς ερήμοις εωο l^^^i l^fwv^ !ί^ *^! 

and wasstrengthened inspirit; and he was in the deserts until [the] d?sertstmtt^day^of 

ημέρας άναδείζεως.αντον προς τον Ισραήλ. raei. 

day of his shewing to Israel. 

2 Έγενετο.δε iv ταΙς.ήμεραιςΛκείναις εζηλθεν δόγμα π. And it came to 

And it came to pass in those day* ^ent *out 'a ^decree pa^sm those days, that 

, , ' ' Λ ~ ' there went out a de- 

παρά Καίσαρος Αυγούστου, απογραψεσθαι πασαν την cree from caesar Au- 

from CKsar Aiisrustus, that should be registered all the gnstus that aU the 

, , ίΛ Γ' " < II ' V h ' ' ' Μ < world should be taxed. 

οικουμενην 2 αντηβη .απογραφή ^πρωτη εγενετο" ηγε- 2 (^7«ί this taxing was 

habitable world; this registration first took place when first made when Cyr&- 

, „_,,;_- ' r η ' ' ' ' Jiius was governor of 

μονενοντος της ουρίας 'Κυρηνιον.' ο και επορενοντο πάντες Syria.) SAndaiiwent 

*wa3 'governor *of 'Syria 'Cyrenius. And ^went 'all to be taxed, every one 

, ' J Λ " ' ^ If'?•' '\ ^ ' A ' ο S" " iiito lii'5 own city. 

απογραφεσθαι, έκαστος εις την.'^ίόιαν .πολιν. 4: Ανερη.οε και 4AndJosephaiPowent 

to be registered, each to Ms own city : and ^ent *up "also np from Galilee,^ out 

'Ιωσήφ από της ΤαΚΐΚαίας εκ πόλεως 'Ναζαρέτ" ε'ις την reth, into Judaar?nto 

'Joseph from Galilee out of [the] city Nazareth to the city of David, 

Ίουδαίαν, εις πάλιν ^Ααβίδ' ήτις καλείται Βηθλεέμ, διά T^emt ^l^cLf^hl 

Judaea, to a city of David which is called Bethlehem, because was of the house and 

το.εΐναι.αύτόν έξ οίκου καΐ πάτριας ^Ααβίδ,'• 5 "άττο- s^^o^be UxcS'''^th 

of his being of [the] house and family of David, to re- Mary his espoused 

γράί^/ασθαι" συν Μαριάμ Ty "μεμνηστενμενρ'^ αΰτφ Ργυναικί," X^fi^e'Uf ^olt wiJ^ 

gister himself with Mary who was betrothed to him as wife, -^jj^t while they were 

οίσ?^ ίγκύφ. 6 Έγενετο.δε εν τψ εΤναι.αντονς ^^^re, ti^e days ^ere 

she being great -nith child. And it came to pass in the [time] they were shoX^ be delivered! 

εκεί επλήσθησαν a'l ήμ'εραι τοϋ.τεκεΐν. αυτήν 7 και ετε- Ι -^^ she brought 

there ^vere «fulfilled 'the Mays for her bringing forth, and she brought and ^vraOTed Wm'^Tn 

κεν τον. υ'ών. αυτής τον πρωτότοκον, και εσπαργάνωσεν swaddling clothes, and 

forth hereon the first-bom, and wrapped "in Waddling *clothes Ifi i him m a manger : 

,/ <,»Λ ,,,.>, ,^, Γ- because there was no 

αυτόν, και ανεκλινεν αυτόν εν '^τψ φατντ^, διότι ουκ.ήν room for them in the 

'him, and laid him in the manger, because there was not ^'^"• 

αντοίς τόπος εν τψ καταλνματι. 

for them a place in the inn. 8 ^ud j jjej-^ ^.gj,g j^ 

8 Kai ποιμένες ήσαν εν Ty χώρα ttj aiTy, άγραυλοΰντες herdnbidrniTn^^he 

And shepherds were in the ''country 'same, lodging in the fields geld, keeping watch 

και φυλάσσοντες φύλακας της νυκτός επι τήν.ποΊμνην.αυτών. °Τ^^ ^ o^And'^i'^ th^ 

and keeping ^ watch by night over ^ their flock ; ^ Si|elOf theLOrd°caiae 

9 και 'ιδού," άγγελος κυρών επέστη αντοις, και δόξα upon them and the 

and behold, an angel of [the] Lord stood by them, «ud [the] glory 1^°^^°*^^^^°^"^*^•: 

κυρίου περιελαμ-φεν αυτούς' και εφοβήθησαΐ' ψόβον and they were sore a- 

of [the] Lord shone around them, and they feared [with] '^ear ^^,^^^• 10 And the an- 

, - < * ^ rt η '^ ■> ^^^ ^^^d unto them, 

μεγαν. 10 και είπεν αυτοΧς ο άγγελος, Μή.φοβέϊσθε' ιδον Fear not : for, behold, 

'great. And 'said *to ^hem 'the =angeL Fear not ; ^lehold I bring you good ti- 

, . Ν /v < ~ ° ,^ r, ,- dings of great ]oy, 

yap, ευαγγελίζομαι νμιν χαραν μεγα/.ην, ήτις εσται which shall be to all 

for, I announce glad tidings to you [of] ''joy 'g^reat, which shall be people. 11 For unto 

.v^-.,,,, , , η ' " ' ' "' y°u is born this day 

παντι τψ λαψ• 11 οτι ετεχϋη νμιν σήμερον σωτηρ, ος εστίν in the city of David 

to all the people ; for was born to you to-day a Saviour, who is a Saviour, which is 

/ , '\ . A /O'•^ II no ^ ~ • ~ Christ the Lord. 12 And 

χριστός κύριος, εν πολει ^Ααβιο.^ 12 και τοντο νμιν this shan be a. sign ηη- 

Christ [the] Lord, in [the] city of David. And this [is] to you to you ; Te shall lind 

r ...t/ ο • . > ' tv' the babe wrapped in 

TO σημειον' ενρησετε βρέφος εσπαργανωμενον, ^^κει- swaddling clothes, 

the sign : ye shall find a babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, ly- lying in a manger. 

s — ή LTTrA. ^ eyeVero πρώτη Τ. ' Κυρίνον Cyrenus L. ^ έαντοΰ (read his city) LTTr. 
1 'ϋαζαραθ L ; Να^αρέθ ΤΛν. ™ Αανάδ LTTrA ; Δαυΐδ GW. η άπογράφεσβαι ι,. 

" ίμνηστευμέντ] ιττγα. Ρ — γυναίκί LTTrA. 1 — Tjj (read a manger) LTTrA. ' — Ιδού 
Τ(ΤγΑ]. » Δαυείδ LTTrA ; Δανιδ Gw. ^ -f και and [L]TrA. " — Kei^evov T. 

152 ΛΟΥΚΑΣ. II. 

waf^^twiJ^^'e! Α^^^"^" ^^^ '''f " Φ'^'^ν- 13 Και εξαίφνης Ιγένετο σνν τψ 

a multitude of the '°" "^ ^^^ manger. And iuddenly there was with the 

heavenly host prais- άγγέλφ ττΧηθος στρατιάς ^ovpttviov," αΐνούντων Tov θεόν, 

14 Oloiy'to Godin the =^"^61 a multitude of [the] ^oet 'heavenly, praising God 

highest, and on earth και λΐγόντων, 14 Δόξα kv νφίστοις θεφ, και ετΓΐ γης 

waM'mIn irAdii ^^-Ι, «^f^^^; , «^lory in [the] tighest to God, and ^ on ekrth 

came to pass, as the είρήι^η, Iv άνθοώτΓΟίς ^εύδοκίο.^^ 15 Και Ιγενετο, ώς άττήλ- 

from^hemSTea^ ϊ*'**'®' ^ ^^'^ good pleasure. And it came to pass, as Mepart- 

ven, the shepherds said 9ov άτΓ avTotv εις Tov ovpavov 01 άγγεΚοι, ^καΐ OL άνθοωτΓοι'^ 

one to another, Let us ed «from Hhem «into 'the "heaven 'the Mangels, that the m<;n 

now go even unto , ' ., τ ii » >λ \ /> a '\ λ ,> , .. 

Bethlehem, and see 01 ποιμένες "εΖτΓον" ττρος αλλήλους, Αιελθωαεν όή «ως 

this thing which is the shepherds said to one another. Let ns go through indeed as far »g 

come to pass, which „ rw ' \ » ?> \ • ~ ~ \ ^ « « 

the Lord hath made Βηθλεέμ, και ιοωμεν το.ρημα.τοντο TO -γεγονός ο ο 

known unto us. 16 And Bethlehem, and let us see this thing that has come to pass which the 

they came with haste, / , / < . i rt xr <■ uy\ η ii ' > 

and found Mary, and κνριος εγνωρισεν ημιν. Id Kat "ηλθον^^ σπενσαντες και 

Joseph, and the babe Lord made known to us. And they came having hasted and 

lying in a manger, ^i-* n' ■»«- i \ \ f-r '. ^^-o'. ' 

17 Aid when they had "ανευρον" τηι^τε.Μαριαμ και τον Ιωσηψ, και το ρρεφος κει- 

seen it, they made found both Mary and Joseph, and the babe ly- 

SrTwch°wa^'toid' μ^^ον kv Ty <paTvy. 17 Ι^όντεςΜ ''διεγνώρισαν» 

them concerning tide ί^ο In the manger. And having seen, they made known abroad 

Sewd^wond*ere5 '^ερί TOV ρηματος τοϋ λαληθέντος αύτοίς περί του 

at those things which concerning the saying which had been told them concerning 

^Tpherds'^iiButliiry T^fti^i^ov.TOVTOv. 18 Ktti πάντΐς 01 άκούσαντες ίθανμασαν 

kept aU these things ^^^^ little child. And all who heard wondered 

and pondered i/ie»i in ^^pi ^{jjy Χάληθέντων ύττο τών ΤΓΟψΐνων προς 

sheph^wds returned^ concerning the things which had been spoken by the shepherds to 

gioriiying and prais- αύτούς. 19 n.5i.*Maptau" πάντα σννετηρει τάφήματα.ταϋτα, 

tZiithirth^ih^ *^«-, But Mi, '^ "all ^'kept*^ Siesysayings, 

heard and seen, as it 'συμβάλλουσα" kv ΤΌ.καρδία.αύτης. 20 και κέττέστρεψαν" 

was told unto them. pondering [them] in her heart. And ^returned 

o'l ποιμένες, δοζάζοντες και αίνοϋντες τον Θεόν επΙ πασιν 

'the ■■^shepherds, glorifying and praising God for all things 

οΐς ήκουσαν και '"εΖίοι/," καθώς ελαΧήθη προς αυτούς. 
which they had heard and seen, as it was said to them. 

21 And when eight 21 Kat οτε επλήσθησαν ημεραι οκτώ του περιτεμεΐν Vo 

eXX'ctrcumcSg And when were fulfilled 4iye -eight for the circumcising the 

of the child, his name τταίίίον," καΐ εκλήθη το.ονομα.αντοχ) ' Ιησούς, το κλη- 

Zhth^'t^^ .^^Τ^Λ little Child, ^as*called 'his "name Jesus, which [he] was 

wriicn was so named ^ ,, ^ -.^λ n~ii»<2 " 

of the angel before he θεν ύπο τοΰ άγγελου προ του '^συΧληφθήναι" αυτόν εν ry 

was conceived in the ^^j^^ y,_ ^he angel before •'was 'conceived 'he ίμ the 


22 And when the ' , . ,i . ■» / λ t « » - λ ~ i > - μ 

days of her purifica- 22 Kat οτε επλήσθησαν ai ημεραι του.καθαρισμον.'αυτων" 

tion according to the An d when were fulfilled the days for their purification 

law of Moses were , , , mitr ' » > ' '< '"i ' 

accomplished, they Kara TOV νομον ""Μωσεως, ανηγαγον αυτόν εις Ιεροσο- 

brought him to Joru- according to the law of Moses, they Ijrought him to Jemea- 

salem, to present him ^ ~ ~ / «« η ' ' 'η 

to the L•or<^ ; 'SA (as it λύμα παραστησαι τψ κνριψ, νό καΰως γεγραπται εν " 

is written in the law lom to present to the Lord, as it has been written in [the] 

malothat'o^neth'th^ νόμψ κυρίον, "Οτι πάν άρσεν διανοίγον μήτρα ν αγιον 

womb shall be called law of [the] Lord, That OY&cy male opening a womb *holy 

'^'^andUi offer Ι^Ζ^τί Τψ κυρίψ κληθήσεται' 24 και τον Sovvai θνσίαν κατά 

ftoe according to that Ho "the 'Lord 'shall '-nbe ^called ; aiul to offer a sacri flee according to 

w — η^ {rea/i a manger) GLXxrAW. » ovpavov of heaven Xr. y βνδοκίας of good 

pleasure lttfa. ^ — καΙ ot άνθρωποι [L]T[TrA]. " ίλάλονν τ. ι» ήλθαν TTi Α. 

« ανεΰραν ΤΤι•. •* ίγνώρισαν they made known ltiya. * Μαρία LTTrA. ^ σννβάλ- 
λουσα Τ. e υπέστρεψαν GLTTrAW. *> Ιδον τ. ' αυτόν him GLTTtAW. ^ σνλλημφθήναί 

hiTiA. ι αυτί? {read her purification) ε. ■" Μωϋσβω? LTTrAW. " 4- τψ the l. 

π. L υ κ Ε. 153 

το είρημένον εν ^ νόμψ κυρίου, Ζεύγος τρυγόνων 7^*^^ t^ τ**^λ^ ^^* 

that which has beea said in [the] law of [the] Lord, Λ pair of turtle doves of^tledoves, ot tw'i 

η δυο ^νεοσσούς' περιστερών. young pigeons. 

or two young of pigeons. 

25 Και ιδού, '^ην άι^θρωττος" εν ΊερονσαΧήμ φ όνομα 25 And, behold, there 

And behold, there was a man in Jerusalem whose name ^^^ * man m 

, <»/i - T,' \>\/3/ lem, whose name was 

Συμεών, και ο.ανθρωπος.ούτος δίκαιος και ευλαβής, Simeon ; and the same 

[was] Simeon; and this man [was] just and pione, man ΐί,•<ω just Mid de- 

« , , ^ ~ ,-r f\ , ~ vout, waiting for the 

προσδεχομενος τταρακλησιν του Ισραήλ, και ττί'ενμα consolation of Israel : 

waiting for [the] consolation of Israel, and [the] 'Spirit ^^^ the Holy Ghost 

,, τ II . . » / ίΛΛ V - > ~ / < < wasuponhim. 26 And 

'αγιον ην εττ αυτόν' 25 και ην αυτψ κεχρηματισμενον υττο it was revealed unto 

•Holy was upon him. And it was to him divinely communicated by him by the Holy Ghost, 

, _./ ,,~^ p. , κ Λ that he should not see 

του πνεύματος του άγιου μη.ιοειν θάνατον ττριν^η death, before he had 

the Spirit the Holy that he should not see death before seen the Lord's Christ. 

»« . \ / ckn ' t> η > - / 27 And he came by the 

10^ τον χριστον κυρίου. 27 και ηλυεν εν τφ ττνευματι spirit into the temple: 

he should see the Christ of [the] Lord. And he came in the Spirit and when the parents 

>(./. >> -,> ~ < ~. f'T brought in the child 

€tff TO ιερόν' και εν.τψ.εισαγαγειν τους γονείς το τταιδιον Ιη- jesni, to do for him 

into the temple; and when ^brought *in 'the ^jarents the little child Je- afterthe custom of the 

σονν, τοϋ.τΓοιησαι.αύτούς κατά τό.είθισμένον himup^inidsViS^nd 

sua, that they might do 'according *to ^what ®had 'become ^customary blessed God, and said, 

του νόμου ττερι αυτού, 28 καΐαΰτος εδεζατο αυτό εΙς τίις άγκά- ^ou°thy ^ei^ant"de- 
®by'°the''law 'for ^im, he also received him into "arms, part in peace, accord- 

λας^αντον,^^ και ενλόγησεντ6νθεόν,καιεΙπεν,29'^ΰν απολύεις mfne^e^es^hivl^seen 

'his, and blessed God, and said, ^ Now thou lettest go thy s^alv^Tion,°3i which 

τόν.δοΰλόν.σου, δέσποτα, κατά τό.ρήμά.σου, εν ε'ιρηνς• Λοη hast prepared be- 

thy bondman, Ο Master, according to thy word, in peace ; j^^ie • ^32 a*^\ight to 

30 ότι είδον οι.οώθαλμοΊ.μου τό.σωτηριόν.σου, 31 ο lighten the Gentiles, 

_ for 3tave*seen ^ 'mine ^^eyes ^ thy salvation. which ^tple'^^jl^i^^f^thy 

ήτοίμασας κατά ποόσωπον πάντων των λαών 32 φώς Joseph and his mother 

thou hast prepared before [the] ' face of aU the peoples; alight S^^^^thich were 

εις άποκάλυφιν εθνών και δόζαι^ λαού.σου Ίσραηλ. spoken of him. 34 And 

for revelation of [the] Gentiles and glory of thy people Israel. Simeon blessed them, 
„^ ,,. , τ »>T «11 « < / ■„, . ~ii Λ 'V . , and said unto Mary his 

33 Kat ην ^^ Ιωσηφ^' και η.μητηρ.^αυτου θαυμαζοντες επι mother, Behold, this 

And ^ere 'Joseph ^and ^his *mother wondering at chUd is set for the fall 

>Λ / < > ~ m ^ y\ ' ^^^ rising again of 

τοις λαλουμενοις περί αυτού. 34 και ευλογησεν many in Israel; and 

the things which were spoken concerning him. And blessed for ^ -"i?^ which shall 

> 1 •Γ, / < τ ^ nr ' ^ I , _ be spoken ag.ainst ; 

αυτούς Συμεών, και είπεν προς Μαριάμ την.μητερα.αυτου, 35 (yea, a sword shall 

*them 'Simeon, and said to Mary his mother, pierce through thy 

>xt>'r ~ ' ~ >)/ -νΛ^ own soul also,') that 

Ιοου, οϋτος κείται εις πτωσιν και αναστασιν πολλών the thoughts of many 

Lo, this [child] is set for [the] fall and rising up of many hearts may be re- 

εν τψ' Ισραήλ, και εις σημεωι^ άντιλεγόμενον 3δ και σου ^δε^' ^®* ^ ■ 

in Israel, and for a sign spoken against ; (and of thee also 

αυτής τήνι^υχήν διελεύσεται ρομφαία' Οπως άν.άποκαλυ- 
Hhy 'soul ^shall "go Hhrough 'a "sword ;) so that may be re- 

φθώσιν εκ πολλών καρδιών διαλογισμοί. 
vealed of many hearts [the] reasonings. 

oc T/-'T "a j~ η ' ^ '>' 36 And there was one 

3d Και ην Αννα προφητις, θυγατηρ Φανουηλ, εκ Anna, a prophetess. 

And there was Anna a prophetess, daughter of Phanuel, of [the] the daughter of Pha- 

φυλής Άσήρ• αϋτη προβεβηκυϊα εν ήμεραις πολλαΐς, ζήσασα ^τ: "shl^ wlf^cf "ί 

tribe of Asher, she was advanced in ^days 'many, having lived great age, and had 

Τετη μετά άνδρός^^ επτά άπό τής.^παρθενίας^^.αύτης, 37 και ^Ten^e'^^^^^^^^er 

"years 'hvith *a ^husband 'seven from her virginity, and virginity ; 37 and she 

" -\- τφ the LTTr. Ρ ΐΌσσούς τα, q άνθρωπος riv Τ. » ^v ayiov GLTTtaW. 

' η iv Ί ; av Ίτ. * — αυτόν {reoA [his] arms) [LjlLirAJ. ■ -i- ό L. ▼ ά πατήρ αΰτοΰ his 
father οττγα. " — αϋτοΰ (read This] mother) ΟΤγα. ^ [Si] LTr. > μετά άνδρο; 

ίτη LTTr. * wapOeveias A. 

154 ΛΟΥΚΑΣ. II. 

luaia widow of about ^αϋτη^^ ΧΠΡ^ *^ώς'' ίτών όγ^οηκοντατεσσάρων, i) ουκ 

™? which depart^ ^^^ [was] a widow 'about *years 'of ^eighty-four, 'who'not 

not fiom the temple, άφίστατο '^άπο" Tov Uoov, νηστείαις και δεήσεσιν λατρενονσα 

fa3ting7andprayer8 "departed from the temple, with fastings and suppUcationa Berring 
night and day. 38 And vvKTO Koi ημεραν 38 Ktti ^avTtf^ avTy.Ty cjpq, ίΤΓίστάσα 
ianTgre^Lk'Uel f•^*»* ^'^'^ ^^^ ' ^ , '^^'^ she ^ at the same hour coming up 

wise unto the Lord, άνθω μοΧογέΙτο τφ ^κυρί^," καΐ έλάλει ττερΐ αντον ττάσιν 

and spake of him to gave praise to the Lord, and spoke concerning him to aU 

all them that looked . , . , > μ «τ \ ' 

for redemption in Je- τοΐς τΓροσοβχομενοις ΑΌτρωσιν ίεν" ΙερουσαΧημ. 

rusalem. those waiting for redemption in Jerusalem. 

39 And when they 39 Και ώς ίτίΧεσαν ''aTTavT-a'L'ra" κατά τον νόμον 

had performed all And when they had completed all things according to the law 

things according to , i . < / in» \ τ-ι \ λ ' - 1 < ii '\ 

the law of the Lord, Kvpiov, ^υττεστρεφαν" εις την Ταλιλαιαν, εις 'γϊ/ϊ/" ποΧιν 

they returned into of [the] Lord they returned to Galilee, to *city 

Galilee, to their own ,,, , ^ „ „^,. ν ' η «λ m> ^^ ^' >' " » > 

city Nazareth. 40 And "^αυτων "ΝαζαρεΓ. 40 Τϋ.οε παίοιον ηυί,ανεν και εκρα- 

the child grew, and 'their [-own], Nazareth. And the little child grew, and became 

fined with ^wisdom! ταιοϋτο '^πνίνματι^^ πΧηρούμενον Ρσο^ίας," και χάρις 
and the grace of God strong in spirit, being filled with wisdom, and [the] grace 

was upon him. η ~ ■r > » ' ' 

σεου ην εττ αυτό. 
of God was upon him. 

41 Now his parents 41 Kat ίτΓορεύοντο οΊ.γονεΐς.αϋτοΰ κατ. έτος εις Ιερουσαλήμ 

went to Jerusalem And ^went 'his parents yearly to Jerusalem 

every year at the feast .^t .^ .v / .^^ ^fί >/ y -^ ^'^ 

ofthepassover. 42And Ty εορτγ του πασχα. 42 και οτε εγ ενετό ετών ΰωόεκα, 

when he was twelve at the feast of the passover. And when he was '^years [Old] 'twelve, 

UTo J°eru.aiem S '^άΐ'αβάντων' αύτών ^εΐς Ίεροσόλυμα^^ κατά το εθος της 

the custom of the feast, ^having "gone 'up *they to Jerusalem according to the custom of the 

foiiSed^'the da^s.^'ts αορτής, 43 και τελειωσάντων τάς ημέρας, εν.τφ.ύττοστρεφειν 

they returned, the feast, and having completed the days, as Returned 

S *^fn"iii^afem • αύτοιις ϋττεμεινεν «Ίζ/σοΰς" ό παΙς εν Ιερουσαλήμ, καί 

and Joseph and his' 'they "remained 'behind ^ Jesus ^the ''child in Jerusalem, and 

S's^uh^^'lu'nolin'' ^ovK.tyvuj Ιωσήφ και ή.μήτηρ.αΰτοϋ•^' 44: νομίσαντες.δε αΰτυν 

him^to have"b«?n in ^knew[^it] "not 'Joseph "and ^his "mother ; but supposing him 

the company, went a v^j^ ^y συνοδίο. ε'ίΐ'αι' ηλθον ήμίρας ΰδόν, καί άνεζητουν 

they^ sought^^^him'' a- ^^ ^^^ company to be they went a day's journey, and sought 

mong their kinsfolk αυτυν iv τοΙς συγγενεσιν και ''εν" τυΧς γνωστοΐς' 45 και 

45 ^And '^*wbeir*'th^v '"™ among the relations and among the acquaintances: and 

found him not, they μή ζνρόΐ'τες ^αύτον^ ΰπεστρεφαν εις Ιερουσαλήμ, ^ζητονντες^^ 

J^rusalem'^'^ '*seekin° ^°^ having found him they returned to Jerusalem, seeking 

him. 46 And it came to αυτόν. 46 Kat εy'εvετo ^μεθ'^^ ήμερας τρεΊς εϋρον αυτόν εν 

pass, that after three j^i^ And it came to pass after "days ' three they found him in 

days they found him ^,^ ^„, , , ^,,.> ,^ ,./ 

in the temple, sitting τφ ιερψ, κασεζομενον εν μεσψ των οιΰασκα\ων, και ακου- 

in the midst of the jjjg temple, sitting in [the] midst of the teachers, both hear- 

doctorw, both hearing , , ^ , , ,_ ,y, j. ' 

them, and asking them ovTa αυτων και εττερωτωντα αυτους. 47 εξισταντο.όε πάντες 

questions. 47 And all jng them and questioning them. And ^wcre "amazed 'all 

that lioard him were ,,/ ,-,,x ~ / ,..,, 

astonished at his un- 01 ακουοντες αυτου ετΓΐ Ty συνεσει και ταις αποκρισεσιν 

derstandinii and an- '■'those ^hearing ''him at [his] understanding and ^answers 

thp^^y'^si/w him, \h^ αύτον. 48 Ktti ίδόντες αυτυν εζεττλάγησαν και "πρυς αυτόν 

were amazed : and his 'his. And seeing him they were astonished : and to him 

S^^'why '^h"a^t° th^u ή.μήτηρ.αΰτοΰ εΙπεί/," Ύέκνον, τΊ εποίησας ήμΐν όντως; 

thus dealt with us? his motlier ^aid, Child. why hast thou done tons thus? 

b αύτη herself TTr A. c eW up to LTTrA. d — άπο (read left not) TTrA. • αύτη "W ; 

— αντη {read άνθωμοΚ. she gave praise) lttfa. f θΐώ {read to God) LTTrA. e — ev (read 
[in]) Ι,ΤΤγ[α]. '' πάΐ'τα TTr. » — τα Τ. ^ ΐπέστρεψαν Ύ. ' — τη ι/ LTTrA. ^ ■" εαυτώμ 

LTTrA-VV. " Na^ape'e TTrA^W. <» — πνευματι LTTtA. i' σοφία TrA. >i αναβαινόντων gyiog 
up LTTrA. ■■ — €ίςΊίροσόλυ/Αα τ[τγ]α. " [Ίησοΰς] \. ^ ουκ ί-γνωσαν oi -γονείς avTOvhia 
parents knew it not LTTrA. " eti/ai if rfj σννοδία LTTrA. "" — ei/ QLTTrAW. ' ^ αύτόΐ' 
(read [biiii]) o[L]TTrA. y αναζητούντες ltti a. ' μετά TTrA. » είπεν προς αντον 

1) μήτηρ αΰτοΰ LTTrA. 

π, III. LUKE. 155 

iiA ^■l^iPf'' "^Ί'^ όδννώμενα Ιζητονμίν σε. 49 Καί itavesSfthtL^o"^ 
behold, thy father and I distressed were seeking thee. And rowing. 49 And lie said 

εΐπξν rrpbg αυτούς, Ύί on ίζητεϊτέ με ; ούκ.^8είτε on ^^° *β^'?όι^?,Γ mi? 

he said to them, Why [is it] that ye were seeking me ? knew ye not that ^^^ ^^ ^no^\hiit'^i 
kv Tolc τον. πατρός. μου δει είναι με: 5ϋ Και αντοι must he about my Fa- 

in^ the_[affiairs] of my Father' ^ it hehores ^=Ho ^be 'me ? And^they ί^'ΓηΧΙ^" ^ot 

ού.σννηκαν το ρήμα ο εΚάΧησεν αντοΐς. 51 Και κατεβη the saying which he 

nnderstood not the word which bespoke to them. And he went down |P^^^ ^^'^"ΐ^ο^^, t^^em. 

μετ' αυτών και ^\θεν ε/ς ^1:^αζαρετ'" και ήν νττοτασσό μένος with them, .ind came 

yrith them and came to Kazareth, and he was subject to Nazareth and was 

,~ ^ t > ,~»,// ^</ iij-,1 subject unto them •- 

αντόϊς. και η.μητηρ.αυτον διετηρει '^τταντα τα.ρηματα'.'^ταυτα but his mother kept 

to them. And his mother kept all . these things ?U tliese i-^ayings in 

) ~ ^, ,.,_„,,_ , ef- > her heart. .'i2 And Je- 

εν τγ.καρδκ^.αντης. 52 και Ιησούς ττροεκοτττεν ® ^σοφια και sus increased in wis- 

in her heart. And Jesus " advanced in wisdom and dom and stature, and 

,χ , II , , < Λ ~ < ' A ' iJi favour with God 

^Atfci^t, ' και χαριτι τταρα υεφ και ανσρωττοις and man. 

stature, and in favour with God and men. j-j-j• -^^y^ jjj ^jjg j^, 

3 Έν ετει δε ττεντεκαιδεκάτφ της ηγεμονίας Ύιβρρίον teenth year of the 

»In ^year'now[^the] «fifteenth of the government of Tiberius ^^Jf^ "^JTibenus^CaB- 

Καίσαρος, ηγεμονεύοντος ΤΙοντΊον ^ΠιλοΓου" της Ιουδαίας, iseing governor of Ju- 

CEEsar, ^being «governor 'Pontius ^Pilate of Judffia, diea, and Herod being 

,, ~,i~ >Λ' < '- ;!.>' ^^~ tetrarch of Galilee, 

και "τετραρχουντος^^ τι^ς ΤαλιΧαιας Ηοωβου, Φίλιττπου.δε του and his brother Philip 

and -being -tetrarch "of 'Galilee 'Herod, and PhiUp tetrarch of Ituraa and 

,s. Ν ^ ~ , - h - π ~ 'Γ ' ' m , of the region of Tra- 

αοεΚφου.αντου "τετραρχονντος" της ίττ^υραιας και ίραχωνι- chonitis, and Lysanias 

his brother berug tetrarch of Itursea and -of "Tracho- the tetrarch of Abi- 

T, , ,. '~>»i->\~h ~ II lene, 2 Annas and Cai- 

τιοος χι^ρας, και Αυσανιον της Αριληνης^τετραρχονντος, aphas being the high 

nitis ['the] Region, and Lysanias ^of «Abilene 'being tetrarch, priests, the word of 

c\ \i > > I V " ί \ liTT- •• ' i II ' ' ' ~ Grod came unto John 

2 'ετΓ αρχιερέων Αννα και^Καιαφα, εγενατο ρήμα the son of Zacharias in 

in [the] high-priesthood of Annas and Caiaphas, came [the] word the wilderness. 3 And 

η ~ > < i»T ' II ' m ~i r? ' . > > ^ , , .he came into all the 

ϋεου ετΓΐ ^ Ιωαννην^ τον ^του' Ζαχαριου υιυν εν Ty ερημφ• country about Jordan, 

of God upon John the ^of ^Zacharias 'son in the wilderness, preaching tlie baptism 

3 και Ί]\θεν εις πάσαν ''την'' περίχωρον τοΰ 'Ιορδανού, rIniS'S'sini; 4 as 

And he went into all the country around the Jordan. jt is written in the 

κηρύσσων βάπτισμα μετανοίας εις άφεσιν αμαρτιών 1°°^^^ Ι^Ι Zophet 

proclaiming [the] baptism of repentance for remission of sins ; saying. The voice of 

4 ώς .^ γέγρατΓΓαι kv βίβλφ ^όγον 'Ήσαίον τοϋ rneip^'aie^elh; 

as it has been wnttMi m [the] book of [the] words of Esaias the way of the Lord, make 

προφήτου, -λέγοντος,' Φωνή βοώντος εν τη ερημφ, ^^|,erTvaW'htfit 

prophet, saying, [The] voice of one crying m the wilderness, fiHed, and every moun- 

Έτοιμάσατε την όδόν κυρίου' ευθείας ποιείτε τάς τρίβονς tain and hiu shall be 

^ Prepare ^e way of [th^] Lord ; ^straight 'make ^ ,/p^ths _ ^^Ι,'^,^^'ΐ' beladl 

αντοΰ. 5 πάσα φάραγξ π\ηρωθήσεται. και πάν 'όρος και straight, and the rough 

«his. Every ravine shall be filled up. and every mountain and ^^^^«ΛαΜ^δβ^^ made 

βουνος ταπεινωθήσεται- καΐ 'ίσται τα σκολίά εις shall see the salvation 

Mil shall be made low ; and «shall ^become 'the ^crooked [places] into of γ°^- 7 Then saidhe 

, . .V , > / rt \ » I '•o *^® multitude that 

ΗνθεΧαν," και ai τραχείαι εις υόους λείας' ο και οψεται came forth to be bap- 

a straight [path], and the rough into ''ways 'smooth ; and =shaU *see ti^ed of him. Ο geue- 
, „ , , ~ rt ~ _ ,,„>. τ ~ ration of vipers, who 

πάσα σαρζ το σωτήρων του θεού. 7 Έλεγεν ουν τοις hath warned you to 

'all "flesh the salvation of God. He said therefore to the flee from the wrath to 

, , „ Λ ,j r,-^ . > 7 - T-i ' come? 8 Bring forth 

εκπορενομενοις οχλοις ραπτισθηναι υπ αυτού, 1 εννηματα therefore fruits wor- 

^coming ^out 'crowds to be baptized by him, Offspring thy of repentance, and 

,5,^ ,,,5,^ '~j ,,,- ΛΛ' j~ begin not to say within 

εχιδνων, ης υπεοειξεν υ μιν φυγείν απο της μελλούσης οργής; yourselves, We have 

of vipers, who forewarned you to flee from the coming wrath ? Abraham to our f a- 

*> ΐίαζαρέθ TTrAW. c τα. ρήματα πάντα L. ^ — ταντα these [L]t[a]. « + eu τη in 

(wisdom)q'. f -ηλικία καΐ σοφία Tr. s Πειλάτου Τ. ^ τετρααρχοϋντος Τ. ' επί 

αρχιερεω? GLTTrAW. '^ Καιφα L. ' Ίωάνην Tr. ™ — τον GLTTrAW. ° — ττην (read 

every country around) ltfA. ° — λίγοντος LTTrA. ρ ei^etas straight [paths] LTTrA. 


yotTThatGofTs'lbie ^ ττοιησατΕ oJiv καρπούς άζίονς της μετανοίας- και μη 

of tiiese stones to raise Produce therefore fmits worthy of repentance ; and "not 

upchiidreniintoAbra- άοζησθε λίγειν tv Ιαντοϊς, Πάτερα ίχο μεν τον 'Αβραάμ' 

thra^e^s laid' unto ^^ to say in yourselyes, [*For] f ather 'we =4γβ «Abrahaii 

the root of the trees : λίνω.νάρ νμΐν, ΟΤΙ δύναται 6 θεός εκ τών.Χίθων.τοντων 

X7h 'brfngeth not for I say '^ to yon, that "is^able ^ 'God from _ these stones 

forth good fruit is iyeipai TiKva τφ'Αβραάμ. 9 ηδη.δε και η άξά'ϊ] ττρός την 

hewn down, and cast to raise up children to Abraham. But already also the axe to the 

into the fire. 10 And ,,„%,.,. ^ ^ ^ -, » > 

the people asked him, ριζαν των οενορων κεΙται' TTttv ovv οενορον μη τΓοιονν 

saying, vpiat shall we root of the trees is applied : 'every 'therefore tree not producing 
do then? 11 He an- , > , π . / ^ i ~ /d /λ-» , 

gwereth and saith unto καρτΓον '^KoKov^* εκκοτΓτεται Ktti εις TTvp ραλλεται. 10 Και 

them, He that hath ■'fruit 'good is cut down and into [the] fii-e is cast. And 

two coats, let hmi im- , , ,, ,»> >» m'r./ u 

part to him that h