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Full text of "An English and Swedish dictionary: wherein the generality of words and various significations are rendered into Swedish and Latin .."

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The Generality of .Words and various Significations are rendered into 



In HUSBANDRY and GARDENING efpecially , obferved, 

Above 2400 Englifh Words traced from their true ORIGINAL GOTHICK, 

And the miftakes of Junius, Menagius and other Etymologians remarked. 

Thereunto is added 

A large Collection of Terms of T R A D E and NAVIGATION 
And an HERBAL or Index of PLANTS common 

to both Nations. 


Dean of Nyk6ping, F.R.S. 
The Second Edition -with lar&e Additions and Amendments. 


Printed at Harg and Stenbro near NYKOPING in SWEDEN, 
by Pet. Momma, Director of HisMajefty's Printing-Houfe. 
10 37 1^ D G C L V I I. 


* - • ■ 1 . . 

* • • •• . • 

5" £2 




U E E N. 





HOW much a Princefs of Your M AJE STY's Qualities contributes to 
the Rife of Letters of all Kinds in a Nation, this prefent Underta- 
king in fome Meafure makes confpicuous. 



I had never imagined a new Edition of this Work, had not Your 
bountiful Incouragement furnifhed a peculiar Ardour in my declining 
Age to execute Your gracious Commands. 

A Dedication is therefore fo much a Debt to You, that it would 
be abfolutely inexcufable to flip an Opportunity of fetting forth Your 
Merits in that celebrious Language, which by Your Aufpices is conjoin- 
ed with our own. 

Your MAJESTY has inriched this Nation with fomany Monuments 
of Love and Value for Liberal Arts, that it will be a Theme for 
Swedifh Annals, and a glorious Example for Ages to come. 

The choice and valuable Collections in the. four Kingdoms $f Na- 
ture, in Coins, Prints and Pictures, have ftirred up the Purfuit of the 
elegant and polite fort of Learning, infomuch, that natural Hiftory 
and the venerable Science of Antiquity feem particularly to diftinguifti 
the happy Period, in which You have bore a Sway. 

The Academy of Belles Lettres for advancing Knowledge of Hiftory 
and Propernefs of thinking and Expreffion , is an Institution, that has 
indeared You to the Commonwealth of Learning, and the Diftribution 
of Henours and Rewards in that Uluftrious Body, has fignalized the Judg- 
ment of the Sex, ot which You are fo great .a . Luftre. 

The excellent Education of the Iflue of the Throne, and the charitable 
Eftablifhments to the fame Purpofe for Noble Children, wherein You 
have followed the Example of Your Royal Confort, our moll gracious 
Sovereign , raife the Brightnefs of Yo u r Day , and difplay that truly 
Royal Spirit inflamed with the Good of Mankind. 



Thefe with a World of other eminent Proofs of Magnanimity and 
Zeal for publick Good, have juftly infpired the great and the witty to 
decree unto You Temples and Worfhip, as the ancients did to their 
Deities beneficent to mortals. 

To follow the Chain of their Panegyricks , and duly fet forth Your 
Merits and Perfections, is far above my Talent. I'm only to join 
with all faithful Subjects in Prayer for the Wisdom from above to 
fupport Your tranfitory Crown on Earth, and qualify You for that 
immortal of Glory in Heaven. I am 

May it pleafe Yo ur Majesty 

Your M j j e s t y » s 

mojl devoted, mojl humble. 

and mojl dutiful Servant 

Jacob Serenius. 



Hennes Kongi.ige M 

Adamfon ( Richard ) Kopman. 
Adeicrants (Eman.) Aflcffor. i G. Hofr. 
Adlerberg(>V. )Prot-Not.i K.Canc.ColI. 
Ahlrtr6m ( Carl Job. ) Mag. 
Ahlftr6mer(7o«.)Com.Rad, R-N.O. 8-Ex. 
Almrotli {Anders) Cafleur. 
Alftrin ( Eric ) D. och Bilk, i Stregn. 
Amnelius (Olof) Mag. 
Annerftedt {Daniel) Mag. Doc. iUpf. 
Arnell (Carl) Stats-Seer. R.afN.O. 
A uri viliius (Sera.) D. Lif-Med. Prof. Upf. 
Barckman ( Carl Guff.) Mag. 
Beiuelius ( Henr. ) D. Arcke-Bifk. i Upf. 
Berch (Carl Reinb.) Cancell. R. 
Bergenhielra (Gioran) Ofw. Com miff. 
Bergftrahl {Job.) M. D. och Affeff.Coll.M. 
Bemdtfon (Bernb.) v. Not. 
Beronius ( Magnus ) D.Bifk.i Calm. 
Bjuggren {Magnus) Bergm.ift. 
Bliedberg ( ) Borgmaft. 

Boman (Otto Fredr.) Kopm. a Ex. 

Borg {01. Carl) 

Brandenburg {Hindr.) Kopm. 

Broman {Carl Gufl.) 
, Bruce {Aid. Gufl. ) M. och Part. iOja. 

Broms {Joach. Wilb.) Adv. Fifcal. 

Burgliman {Lars) Kopman. 

Kongl. Cadet Corpfen i Carlscrona. fo Ex. 

Carlefon ( Edv.) Stats-Seer. R. af N. O. 

Carlsfon {Petter) Bruks-Pat. 

Chriftiernin ( Petr. Nic. ) Mag. Doc. 

Kongl. Commerce Collegium. 

Conradi (G. H. ) Kopman. 

Crempe (Joban. ) 

Cuhlberg ( ) Adv. Fifcal. 

Dahlgren {B.E.) K5pm. 

Dahlman ( Fredr. ) v. Haradshofd. 

Dalman {Fredr.) Ammiralit. Lieut 

Dalman ( ) Cancellift. 

Durasus ( Sam. ) Profeffor i Upf, 

Dubb (Wilb. Job.) Adv. Fifeal. 

v. Diiben ( Bar. 7.) Com. Rad, R. af N. O. 

Edftrand(.W^.)Mag,och Paft. i Helleftad. 


Eek (Peter) Kopman. 
Ehrencreutz, {Joban ) Cammarh. 
Ehrenpreus ( Gr. Carl ) Riks - Rad , Upf. 
Acad. Cancel. Rid. och Com. af K.M.O. 
Ehrenfwerd {Carl) Of. Lieut. Rid. af S.O. 
Ekeblad(Gr.C/rt«)Riks-Rad,Of. MarJk- 

Rid. och Commend. afK.M. O. 
Ekerman ( Eric Laur. ) 
Ekman {Mart.) extr. Fife, i S. Hofr. a Ex. 
Elf (Er/'OM.D.Affeff.Col.Med. 
Englifhman ( Jac. Robert) 
Englifliman ( Georg Leathius ) 
EngftrSm ( Joban ) D. och Bilk, i Lund. 
Ennes ( Carl Job. ) Secret. 
Eurenius {Carl Pet.) Stud. 
Falk (Berendt ) Amm. Cap- Lieut. 

Falkengren(C/;r//?.) Com.Cap.Rid. S. Q. 

Fleetwood ( Bar. Gufl. Miles) Major. 

Fleetwood (Bar. Carl Hartwich ) 
Fornell ( ) Skeps Bygm. 

Forlkal (Job.) D. P. St. Maria i Stockh. 

Funck (Pet. Jul,) Handels-bokh. 

fundahn (Swen) P.P. i Resluf. 

Gartz. (Juftinus) Kopm. 

von Gerthen ( Wilb. ) Capit. 

Giers(Err'c) Bokhollare. 

Grabien (Joachim ) K5pm. 

Grahn (Onert) Kopm. 

Graman ( ) Ammir. Cap. Lieut. 

Grill (Claes) Direft. af Oft. Comp. / Ek. 

Grill (Jacob) K5pman. 

Groen (Warner) Kopman. 

Groth (Lorens) K6pm. 

Grubb ( Carl Gufl. ) Ammir. Cap. 

Gyllenbaat (Carl Cafper) HaradshS/d. 

Gyllenborg (Gr. Uenning) Riks -Rad, 
Com. af N. O. 

Gyllenborg ( Gr. Fredr. ) Prsfident, Com, 
af N. O. 4 Ex. 


Hackfon (Hindr.) Conful. 

Hagerblom ( Stephan ) 

Hallman ( Fromh. ) Paft. i Lillk. 

Hamilton ( Bar. Carl Otto") Ril<s-Rad, 
Rid. af St. Annas o;h N. Orel. 

Haffel (Daniel) 2 Ex. 

Hauswolf tjuftus) D. P.St. Clara i Stockh. 

Hederhielm ( Carl ) 

Hedenberg ( Anders ) Stud. 

Hellingius ( Daniel ) Secret. 

von Hermanibn (Mattb.) Cancel!. Rad. 

Hildebrand ( David. ) Ryttm. R. af S. O. 

Himmelberg (Job. Pet. ) 

Horn (Bar. J. F.) Major. 

Hultman (Peter) K5pm. 

Humbla (Er/c) M. Th. Streng.Prim. P. P. 

von Hopken ( Bar. And. ) Riks-Rad , Rid. 
och Com. af K.M. O. Prsf. iCan.. Coli. 

Jaenifh (Pet. Georg) 

Ihre (Job.) Cancel!. Rad, och Prof. Upf. 

Indebetou (Carl Guft.) Bruks-Patr. a Ex. 

Ingman (Elias) Affeff. 

Julin (Peter) Hof- Intend, g Ex. 


Jonsfon (Joban) 

Kierman ( Guft. ) Borgm. i Stockh. 

Kling (Gabriel) Adv. Fife. 

Klinkowftrom (Leonh.) Stats-S. Com.N.O. 

KlintC ) Ammir. Styrm. 

Knorring (Bar. - ) Cammarh, 

Koulman (Hendr.) K5pm. 

Kreuger ( ) Ammir. Camer. 

von Krufenftierna ( Maur. Adolph ) Com- 
mend. v.Am. Rid. af S. O. 

Konig (Fred.Wilh.) 

Konig (Hindr.) 

Lagerberg ( Guflaf) Major. 

Lagerbielke (Axel) Comm. Rid. afS. O, 

Lidius ( Eric ) D. P. P. i Orebro. 

Lillia (Matth.) Ammir. Cap. Lieut. 

Liljehok (Carl Maur.) Ammir. Lieut. 

Linberg ( Carl ) 

Lisberg (Lars Lars/on) Stud. 

Lundberg ( Zach,) Kopm. 

Lundberg ( ) Warfs-Commiff. 

Lnndgren (Peter) Control!. 2 Ex. 

Lundmark ( Anders ) Mag. V. Paft. 

Lundmark (Job. ) Bruks-Patr. 

Lang (Eric) Sjomilit. Commiff* 

L5fling ( Abraham ) 

L6fwenfkiold(Hew. Ad.) Amm.Cam.Rad. 

Marfkalk (Johan. ) 

Modee (Carl Wilh.) Conflapel. 

Monthelius (Nils) M. P. P. i Esbetg 
Mosberg (Bengt) Kronobefallmm. 
Munck (Fredr.) M. Doft. i Lund. 
Murberg (Joban) Stud. 
Oldenburg ( Frantz, ) K6pm. 
Osbeck ( Pebr ) Mag . L. af W. S k 
Oi\enn3n ( ) Secret. 

Peterfen (Herman) Kopm. a Ex. 
Peterfen ( ) Ammiraiit. CafXeur. 

Peterfon (Johan. ) 
Petersfon ( ) Mag. 

Pihlgard (Paul) Kopm. 5 Ex. 
Pfilanderhielm (Nils) Bergs-Rad. 
Pfilanderfkiold (Nils) Equip. M. R. af S.O. 
Raab (A.J.) Amm. Cam. Rad. 
RaabC ) Mag. 

v. Raialin (Job. ) Warfs- Major, S.O. 
R hyzelius ( And. 01. ) D. Bifk. i Linkop. 
Ribbing (Bar. Joban) Cammarh. 
Ridderftolpe (Bar. Fredr,) Cammarh. 
Risberg (>/:>. Cbrift.) Adv. Fife. 
Robfahm (Carl) Kopm. 
Roman (J, A,-) 
Romberg (.Peter) Kopm. 
Rofeen (Eberhard) M. D. Prof, i Lund- 
Rofeen (Nils) Archiat. Rid. N.O. 
Rofeen (Gabriel) Kongl. Hofpr. 
Rofenhane(Bar.Fm/r. B.) Cammarh. 
Rudenfki51d (Bar. Carl ) Hof- CantzJer 

Rid. af N. O. och Seer, af K. M.O. 
Ruufli ( Guft. ) R . Rad, R . och C af K.M.O. 
Ruuth (Simon) Amm. Lieut. 
Ralamb ( Bar. And. Sisfr. ) 
Scharff (Florent.) M. P. i Torpa 
Scheldon (Gilb.) Skepsbygm. 3 Ex. 
Schenbom (Anders) Direct. 
Schenmark ( Fabian ) 
Schmer (Job. Hindr.) Kopm. 
Schoff (Carl Died.) 

Sidren (Jonas ) M. D. Adj. Acad. Upf, 3. 
Siegeroth (Bar. Carl Ludv. ) Cammarh. 
Silentz ( Gouvert ) Sprakmaft. 
Sivers( Hendr. Jac. ) D. K. Hofpr. P. P. 
v. Snoi!fky(7o7<W) Gen. Adj. Rid. af S. O. 
Spalding (Carl Jac.) Kopm. 
Sparre (Gr. Carl) Amiral, Com. S. O. 
Sparre rGr. Eric) Vice Amir. Rid. S. O. 
Sparre (Gr. A. IV.) Ofw. Rid. S.O. Q, Ex. 
Stahre (Johan) Cap. Lieut. 

von Stenhagen ( Trent. ) Stats-Secret. 
Stigielius (Erie ) M. Regem. Paft. 
Strieker (7*6. Cbrifioph.) M. K. Hofpr. 
Str6mer (.Martin) Prof.i Upf. 
Str6mfelt(Bar.C.H«r.,Landsh. Rid.N.O. 2. 
Swart {Nils) 

von Swedenheim (Adolph) Bruks-Patr. 

Timell ( ) Haradshofd. 

Tingftadius (Job.) M. P. P. i Lunda. 
Tottie (Carl ) Kopm. 10 Ex. 
Trygg ( Olof) Underikepsbygm. 
Tunberg {Olof) 
von Tome ( Peter ) Not. i Hofr. 
T6rngren ( ) Tullforwalt. 

Turning (Job. Mag. ) V. Not. i Hofr. 
Ullholm (Jonas) Theo!. Carlftad. P. P. 
v.Ungern Sternberg Bar. Carl Al. ) Minift. 
von Utfall (Jac.) Dir. afOft-Ind. Comp. 
Wachtmeifter ( Gr. Fred.) Major, 

Walftrom (Eric) M. P. P. i Nork. 

Warmholtz ( CarlGuft.) Hof-Rad. 

Wegerman ( ) K6pm. 

Werderman (Job. Cbrijlapb.) K5pm. 

Weftberg (Job.) Comiff. i Manuf. Cont. 

Wcfterman (Job.) Not. i R. Com. Coll. 

Wefterling (Johan ) Major. 

Wickenberg (Gabriel) 

Widegren ( ) Tullforwalt. 


Winkler (Carl) Kopm. 

Wolker (David) 

Wollrath (Carl) M. P. PiKihl. 

Wretman (Joban ) Kopm, 

Wulfvenftierna (Job. )Cam. Rad R.N.O. 

Zelling ( Anders Magn, ) 

Zetzel ( Pehr ) Med. Dotf. 

Ahrberg (Fredr.) Mag. 

Ohrling (Anders) Bokhall. 2 Ey. 

Ornfelt (Bar. And, Tbeod.) Cammarh. 

Hans Konglige Majestat af Danmark. 60 Exempt 

Becker, Hof-Apotbekare, 
von Berger , Lif-Med. 
\jsmftori(,(Bar.)Geb.Rdd, Min. afConfeil. 
Bothinar, (Gr. ) Cammarh. 
Carftens, Jujlits-Rdd. 
Claffen, Cancell. Rad. 
Dehn , (Bar.)Geb. Rad, Minifl. af Confeil. 
Dincklage, Land-Rdd. 
Freithoff, Secret, i Danjke CanceUiet. 
Fries ( Gr. Wedel ) Ext. Env. v. K. Fr. Hoff. 
Hielmftierna, Etats-Rdd. 
Holfteiri , Gr.) Geh. Rad. &c. 
lfenberg (Job. Peter. ) 
Klevenfelt, Jujlits-Rdd. 
KorrT, ( Bar. ) Ryfk Kejferl Geh. R. Env. 
Ext. ord. och Min. Pl.vidK. Danjk. Hoff. 
Langeb^ck , Jujlits-Rdd. 
Laurwig, ( Gr.) Scboutbyn. 

Arkenhpltz( Job.)Hof-R.Biblioth. i He]]'. 10. 
Biittner , Commif. i Gottingen. 
Gefner , Hof-R. och Prof, i Gotting. 
Gottfched , Prof, i Leipzig, 
Lye (Edvard) A. M. Paft. i Engl. 2. 

Lowfon , Etats-Rdd. 

Luxdorff, Etats-Rad. 

Lycke (Soren ) 

Moltke (Gr.)6fraerHof-MarJlialk. 2. 

NifTen , Siift-Amtman. 

von der Often ( Adolph ) Cammarh. 

von der Often , Geh. Rad. 

Pilo , Prof, och Kongl. Hofmdlare. 

Pleffen , Ofwer-Ceremonie - m dflare. 


Rofenberg, (Gr.~) Rom. Kejf. Min. Plenip. 

Scheel , Cammar -Junker. 

Schouboe , Conferens-Rdd. 

Sevel , Doflor. 

Simolin, Ryjk Kejf. Legat. Secret. 

Wenfen , Cammarberre. 

Wind,He». M. Reg. Drott.Of. Hof- Marjk. 

L A N D G R. af HefXen Caffel. 

Michaelis , Prof, i Gottingen. 

von Schwachheim , Rom. Kejf. Internum. 

raid Ottom. Port. 
Schoepfiin , Confil.Reg.&Hiftoriogr. Franc. 
Totz., Acad. Seer, i Gottingen, 




I^HE Englifh Language is flocked with fo many good Dictionaries, thai there 
is no warit of Words or Phrafes under their heads in an exact Alphabe- 
tical order : But to fuit another language to each , is not fo eafy a tafk 
as a (Impla tranfiation of a continued difcourfe , where You 'may ufe as many 
or as few words , as You pleafe, if You do but render the fenfe of the original. 

By lexicographical laws You are chained to words, and not allowed to in- 
dulge Yourfelf with any other than thofe , which exprefs the idea of the oppofite 
language: So that the Nations You would have underftand one another , don't 
miftake, but exactly hit on© and the fame thing, though each has impofed other 
letters and founds on one and the fame idea. 

This was the great point in view, even when I published my firft edition, but 
having then been ir,3ny years in a foreign country, I found myfelf not feldom 
at a lofs in my own n.uive tongue. I obferved it fince often with concern and 
wifhed opportunity to let out a new one with amendments. 

It happened favourably, that Her M A J ES T Y took a mind for the Englifhlanguage, 
and falling upon this Dictionary , coveted to fee both languages in one cha- 
racter. Her M A j E S T Y fignified Her pleafure to me by the Marlhal of Her Court, 
and offered very gracioufly to be a coniiderable fubferiber, if a new imprefTion were, 
obtained: and that is it, that has given birth to this undertaking. 

How I have performed it, .my reader may judge, I have fpared no pains 
to get it as ufeful and compleat as reafonably can be expected of the firft attempts 
of this nature. But I defire the reader kindly to remember, that, 
as Dictionaries of the fixed ancient tongues have been amended ever fince the 
reftoration of Letters, fo the modern will bear amendments to the end of the world. 

in general, I have aimed at the following three heads, in refpett to the former 
edition', viz. to rectify the faults, to fupply the wants, and .to retrench the fu- 


In particular, as to the Englifh fide of the queftion, I have laid a ftrefs on 
the Etymology , which in the Jaft edition was but a bywork. But as I have 
found by the Revd. Mr. Lye's edition of Junius's Etymologicum , that my flight 
touches on that head have not been unacceptable, fo I have increased it now with 
more than one thoufand for each hundred. 

I have been incouraged to this by correfpondence with the faid worthy gentleman 
and in a manner excited by the late Englifh lexicographer Mr. John/on , that prodigy 
of laboriousnefs and fagacity, who in the preface to his excellent Dictionary complains 

X of a 


of a fcanty knotshdge in the northern literature : as if there could not be made 
mu;h progrefs in the Englifh etymology, for want of hands to bear it out of its 
true native foil. 

I muft own that the judicious Author is aright. The Northern Etymologians 
are not many, for befides Wormius , Verelius and Gudmundus Andrea , there are 
very few that have profeffedly treated the ancient Gothick. 

But with fubmifTion to the Englifh Nation, I make bold to reply, that if there 
ftill were more extant than there is , an Englifhman not born in the Northern 
Languages, or not having been a long while in thofe quarters, will hardly reach 
the point. Camden was a truly great man for his time , and Hickes an honour 
to his Country , not having his equal in this fort of learning : yet both , for 
want of this qualification, are liable to miftakes : though it muft be owned, that 
Hickes is never fo , but when he is mislead by his overgreat opinion of Junius, who, 
as Mr. Johnfon rightly obferves, is full of knowledge , but variety diftra<5t» his, 
judgment , and his Grecian learning is disgraced with abfurdities. 

But I venture ftill to go further and asfert, that none but a born Islander, or 
a Daiekarlian of a long (landing in England, will make a perfect Englifh Philolo- 
guer. The reafon is that there are fo many niceties in the pronunciation of the 
matricular Gothick, nowhere alive now adays, but upon the tongue of thefe Na- 
tions, and nowhere running parallel, but with the modern Englifh, and befides 
fo many local , perfonal and family - names, nick - names, proverbs, cuftoms & fu- 
perftitions common to the vulgar , thata native of thefe countries with a tolerable 
(kill and judgment will touch the mark, with better luck, and lefs drudgery , than 
Junius and Cafaubon , or any of the gre3t pretenders to ancient critick. 

The afpirations of the confonants, fo frequent in fehe Englifh, are the leading 
marks to a Northern, derivation , fo that an Jslander hearing this in the mouth of 
an Englifhman, will go no farther than to his own language, and is fure to find 
either the me word, or the root of it, with very few alterations. Some of thefe 
afpirationsf a are loft in the written Englifh , but kept ftill in the pronunciation (*)■ 


(*) The afptrafed N. is kept with a very foft blowing in rhe word, knife', which the Iilander 
•writes Hnyfr, and pronounces much like an Englifhman, that fpealts accurately. The afpirated R. is 
loft in the Englifh pronunciation , but remn'ns in the Iillandick, which the Englifh Wrack, and 
the Iflandick Hrak make evident. The afpirated I- fo freqient in the Anglo - Saxon , is quite loft 
in the modern Englifh, butkept by the Islanders harder, and the Dalkarh foughter. The latter have 
it mo!> inimitable by other nations, it being not like the Welfb initial double L. which is a 
fought blowing with the lips, nor the Du'ch guttural in the words kalf, halj &c. but a fiill thick- 
er blowing in the throat, very peculiar to this nation. In Swelen it remains promifrwously a- 
mong the provincial people, and nowhere 'with a thicker guttural, found , than in the counties of 
Dalarne and Weriuland. Germans and Danes cannot pronounce it , no more than 
the afpirated W. for which reafon this was a fatal letter 303 years ago in thefe Nations, 
When Engelbrecof, a bcrn Dalkarl, fet it up for a Shibboleth , and whoever could not fay Hvjicl 
befl i korngulff, vat taken for a foreigner, becaufe he could not afpirate the W, nor utter the 
Guttural I. Upon 


fome are yet remaining equal in both languages, and that with fo great a delica- 
cy, that as no nation in the world can pronounce the Englil'h TH like an J 'slander , 
fo none has a greater aptitude to imitate him than a Dalekarl. (**) 

Befides this harmony in the delicate part of the pronunciation , which is ab- 
original Gothick , there are fo many proprieties of the fame matrice indifcernible to 
aliens in the Hiftory and Mythology, Laws, Cuftoms and vulgar expreffions of the 


Upon this »ery Letter L. the late Englifh Antiquary Mr. Hearne has left behind him a 
great miftake. He being confulted by the curious Author of Eboracum Mr. Drake, about the 
word Galmanlitb,, anfwered him that the true reading was Galmanhith , becaufe he had found 
that Leland in his Collections had put an H over L in the lad f> liable {Francis Drake's Eboracum 
printed al London 1736 in Fol. p. if 7. ) This fhewd that Leiand was fo exact a Connoifj'eur of 
the old Gothick , that he knew there was an afpirated I, in the cafe : but Mr. Hearne miftaking 
that accuracy for a total eliflon of L and a fubftitution of H, in the place of it, has put the An- 
tiquarians to much torture in rinding out the true Etymology of the word. My worthy Friend 
Mr. Drake did me the honour alfo to write to me at London, with little or no fatisfafction. 
But when I got his book and faw the circumftances, that there has been formerly a foreft 
near the City of York , called Goitres, extended to the ancient gate called Galmav.lilh, it fell 
evident, that the fignificatioa of this word is as much as porta fyliicolarum or the gate of the 
woodmen, from the Britifh Cal (wood) and the Gothick Hlid (gate) The gate being of a la- 
ter (landing than the wood,, perhaps erected under, or about, the Danifh Conqueft. 

(**) Dalkarls are the Swedifii Highlanders, famous in hiftory for tenadousnefs of old fafii- 
ions and averfenefs to all what is foreign. The true-born Dalkarls are the inhabitants of the 
parifhes of Elf-dalen, Mora and Orfa, between the Lake Silian and the Alps of Norway, Here 
are the only remains in Sweden of the ancient Gothick ftock, whereof the afpiration of the Letters 
L. and W. bears witnefs upon their tongue; an infallible characteriftick of the Moefo-Gothick , Anglo- 
Saxon and hlav.dick. This Dalekarlian language has been the objeit of tile curiofity of learned 
men in Sweden, and not unworthy of the cognizance of the great CHARLES XI, who would not 
be fatisfied with a narrative about it, but ordered a parallel to be drawn up between this , the 
Mcefo-Gothick and Islandick, which was done and delivered to the Chancellor cf the Univerfity of 
Upfal , Count Oxtnjherna , by Profeflbr Enberg in the Year 1693. Tne Original Manufcript pre- 
fented to the King is now in the library of my worthy friend the Hon:ble Mr. W armholli of 
Cbriftineholm , which, as far as I can fee, w r as not known, when Mr. Nesman, a native of Elf- 
dalen , publifhed his pretty dtfTertation on this fubjeft, wherein we find a curious obfervatiou 
upon the correfpondence of the dialects of the Swedifh and Englifh. provinces , it being a nar- 
rative after the late learned Bifhop. RusUeti about a Dalkarlian boy in the retinue of an Englili 
Embaftador brought out of Sweden to England, where he meeting with a North- Country chap, they were 
immediately fo intelligible to one another, that they ingaged in a fet dii'courfe in their refpedtive 
mother languages. To gratify my reader I give the following fpecimen of the dead and living 
Gothick oppofed to the Englifh. 

Math. V. v. 16. Let jour light fo fhine before men, that they may fee your good vaorks and 
glorify your father that is in heaven. 

Mafo-Goth. '" Island Dalekarl. 

Sva liuhtjai liuhat izvar Laatid fo ydart lios lyfa Lstid fo ydot lios lyfa firi 

in andvairthta manne, Ei i andvardi manna fo at their fokie ( folke) (*) fsefs ther 

gafai huaina izvara goda fiae ydar god verk og dyrke bailla fia ydar god gserder. 

vaurftva. Jahhauhjaina attan f5dur (Attin) ydar a Hi- og luft( rofa ) fader (falls) 

izvarana thana in himinam, minum. ydar fafe ir i himblum. 

(*) With the Dalkarl, as with the Englifkman, L. before K is filent. 

4 The P R E F.A C E. 

Northern Nations , that a Stranger will never be at home in a fabrick of fuch a 
fanciful, dark and intricate ftruclure. 

This is it , as I conceive, that has put the Etymologians upon fo many fhifts, 
and made them launch out into fo many extravagancies, that a judicious reader 
cannot befatisted, but allways be fufpechng a plus ultra; for they have either reft- 
ed in the Saxon , Dutch or Francick, which is to demonftrate idem per idem, one 
dialecr through another, or they have bore away upon the Greek or Hebrew , 
which is to claim awceftry beyond the Deluge , whilft ignorant of the next of kin. 

To inftance in a few examples. How can we be fatisfied with the French Refpit 
as a root to the fama word in Englifh ? which, tho' extant in the Norman laws, the 
French may as loon have borrowed of the Englifh, as they of the French: or how can 
the Latin Re/petfus be tolerated as an original of this word .' I think not without begging 
the queftion or the readers eaftnefs of belief. But when we find the Iflandick Hreffa 
(refocillarc ) and Bid (mora) I think we have difcovered fomething , wherein we may 
reft with more fatisfa&ion. The fame it is with the Saxon Eaft and the German 
Oftevn: a moderate judgment cannot accept of it for an etymon of the Englifh 
Eafter ( pafcha ) or the Saxon Eafter-monath. It does but leave You where You 
was; but when You know that Frigga (Gothorum Venus) was called Ajlar, and 
April Aflarmanad , there feems to be a foundation to one degree above an empty 

I'm not fo prefumptuous, as to pretend to all the obfeure receffes of this barren 
philofophy, or to find oat the current of the Englifh language through all its crofs and 
irregular turnings; I have only attempted to bring it one degree nearer to the foun- 
tain-head, the. ancient Scytho-Gothick , whereof the Anglo-Saxon , Francick and 
Alemanick are nothing but fo many dialects. 

This language of the Scythian Goths in Mxfia is preferved in that inefti- 
mable freafure , the Silverbook at Upfal , or the four Gofpels of Ulphiias, than 
which the oldelt Anglo-Saxon writing we know, is about 400 years younger, 
and in courfe a dialed of the fame. 

Had tliefe UipYlan Gofpels been pubiifhed or feen 200 years ago, by the 
curious and learned Mr. Busbeck , when he was fo near the ancient feat of that 
langLnqe and converYnt with the fpokesmen fent from thence to the Grand Sei- 
gnior, he would not have been in fufpence whether thofe peoples were original 
Goths or Saxons planted by Charlemain , for- N of thofe very words penned down by 
him from their moat'is, which he gives us up as good as defperate, he would have 
foun 1 a great d*al remaining upon record in the Ulphilan Goipels , es fpeken by 
the inhabitants of Maefian Tartary above a thoufand years before. The words 
are here fubjoingd (*) and a broken piece of a ballad recited to Busbeck by the a* 


(*) lei, life, h alth, ( Moe.'o-Goth. ) Hails, he hy. (Bland.) Heill, happinefs. ViW. Hail in 
the Diftion. 

Ithy. Fron {Mt'o-G^th.) 'H:tH;, for.ned with the M:Qo:hick , Saxon and 
oanaick adje&ival termination, ijk, ifc. ifeb. 


bove faid Tartars (**) in which I obferve fomething that I think very remarkable , 
viz. the harmony between this and the modern fongs ufed by the common people 
here in the North , at their Yui-games and merrymakings, which the repeti- 
tion of the fame words, and the meter exactly falling in the faid ruftick modulation, 
makes very naturally apparent. Another cbfervation I make of a ftill greater mo- 
ment, viz. the Poetry of thefe Taurick Goths approaching near to that of the Skalds 
in the Edda of Ijland: juft as Refenius and Wormius obferve, that no regard is had 
to quantity, as in Latin, but only to certain leading letters, that are to prefide 
in every diction , and bear the rule of the harmony. 

This is fomething fo curious and worthy of contemplation , that all votaries 
of the northern literature are extreamly obliged to Mr. Busbeck for fuch a difcoveryj 
for by this teftimony of Ulphilan words to fuch an abundance fpoken in the Taur- 
ick Cherfonefs, the true foil of Ulphilan language is afcertained and clearly made 
out that it is no German or Francick dialed, as learned men have contended 
and difputed on both fides of the quefuon , but the fame aboriginal language , then 
living and fpoken by the Gof/.\rfeated upon Alaotis, when Ulphilas was their Bifhop 
and* translated the four Gofpel. (*•**) This 

Mychi, Sword. ( Go thick ) Mclhlr, 

Marzus, wedding. From (Ifland^ck) Mar or Madr , man, by rhefame analogy as the Saxon 

Ceorlian, to marry,'of Ceorl, man. (We"-Go:h.) mannas, the fame, of man. 
Baar, Boy. ( Mcefo-Gorh.) Barn, child. (Mand) Bur, Byr. 
Ael, ftone. (Alem:) Hal (Ifland:) BuUr, a little ftone. (Swed : j Ha'S, rock. 
Rintfcb, mountain. (Liar,.!) Hraun, ftony places. At Mrindu , to precipitate. Brink, precipice-. 
Fers , man. (M:Goth) Voir, (Ifland fc A. -.Six. on ) ver , man. 
Stair, See Stead in the Dictionary. 

Ano , hen, (M:C-oth) Have, cock. (Ifland.) UJna, hen. 
Telicb, foolifh, (M:Go:h) Dvdala, a fool. ( Welfh ) ptal, (Swed. ) Dalig,~ flow, 

Gadeltba, handfom , (-Ifland.) Drfitf, Gool. (Smoland & D.ilek. ) Dult, the fame. With the 

Motfc-Gothick end A-Ssxon prefix: £ . 
Aiochta , bad, evil. (Goth.) Duga ', ( Welfa) Dicbm , to b; good. Dohoa, (Theocifc) good 

quality, with an A privative. 

Wicbigaia, white! (M:Goth. ) Hveits , White. 

Lijla, Utile. (M:Goth. ) Leitils, little. See Little in the Diet. 

Gadariou, fouldier, (Ifland.) Bar, or Daur, fword. (With the Mcefo- Gothick prefix, ga. 

Kilemfchkop, drink out the Cup, From (Ifland.) Kill, Kennel. Saxon, Ceo!, throat, and fcoop, 

Swed. Skopa. See Wachr. p. 1460. 
leb ntaltbaia, I fay. (M.Goth.) Matbljar^, to fay. See Wacht. p. 0.067. 

(**) IV. r a voara ingdolow. 

Scu te gira Galiizu. 

Tloeraijclep dorlna ea. 

(***) This, our great Arch-3ifhop Erik Benzelius in hiyprefice to \fr. Lye's eJi:io-i : ." Ulphi- 
las has • proved, and after H m our excellent polyroathician Mr. Ihre a: Up[.il , nfjlofc jia- 
borate GU _ u is the defire of the whole Nation. 


This glimmering analogy between the Busbeckian Goths and rhofe of IJIand 
is of a very ftriking importance. For the reputed Author of fome part of the Is- 
landick Edda , Odm or Woden ftands in all annals of the Anglo-Saxons and the 
Northern People, as a common Parent. The Alian quarters , from which he is 
recorded as an adventurer into Europe, are iuft the fame above mentioned, accord- 
ing to Sturlefon , s defcription of Odin's ftation called Asgard. 

Now, when a refemblance is retained of words and conductions , which fuch 
a vaft gulph of times and diftances has not been able to fwallow , it feems more 
than a bare probability , that thofe very quarters , that retain the Odinian language, 
are the native ground, from which the famous Gothick is to be repeated, and as the 
Edda of Island and the Ulphilan Gofpels both ftrike into that, as a common cen- 
ter, fo it feems to draw to a natural conclufion, that the Mafo-Gothick and Scando- 
Gotbick are the only remaining primitive dialects of the ancient Gothick ftock , 
from which two all the cognate European languages are to be derived. 

It is upon thefe and the like principles, that I have gone in queft of the 
Englifh Etymology, wherein I have propofedto myfelf the two above mentioned, 
as the true and unaffected Original, and where I have been at a lofs in thefe Scyth- 
ian defarts , I have took recourfe to the modesn affined dialects and the mofl 
pioximate fignitications. 

All with an intent to propofe to, not to impofe upon the judgment of the learned : 
but with large hopes of generous indulgence to many errours, for each lucky hit: 
jf I'm found acceffbry to any improvement of light in the elegant Englifh language, 
when I fhall be exceeding glad to have made fome return for many years hofpi- 
tality injoyed in a Nation, fo generous, fo witty and fo deferving of all the com- 
monwealth of Learning. 

As for the impreffion , I have took all care imaginable to render it as nitid 
and correct as, with fuch a fmalnefs a-nd variety of character, can be expected. For 
the correction and revifal , as my weaknefs of fight would not admit of my 
own conftant attendance, fo I have made it my buftnefs to acquire a fcholar of 
the Homble Mr. Ihre , Charles J. Strand , M. A. who has joined the hand 
of an accurate corrector to that of a very ingenious critick , whofe induftry and 
application in the Englifh and Northern literature will in time prove very 
ufeful to the Publick. 


T I L 


Engelfkan ar wal hufwud -fpraket i derma Orda-bok, men efter Svvenfkan 
ar henne emotfatt, aktar jag min fkyldighet at jemwal nogot orda til Swen- 
fka Lafaren om mit foretagande. 
I Sknf-Lagarne liar jag icke folgt egen eller andras godtycko , utan de witra- 
fte min, fom gifwit fkal och redo for fig, och fom jag icke vvil komma derof- 
wer med nogon i delo , fa bekdnner jagfoljande grundfatfer : men med fardighet 
til rettelfe , fa fnart jag om nogot betre - warder ofwertygad. 

1. At icke forflofa BokfHfwer , eiler i otrengt mai fordubla Confonanter och 
Vocaler, utan der dubbel mening eljeft fkufle bry Lafaren. 

2. At aldrig borttappa den Bokftaf, fom regerar Stam-ordet ; utan behollanhe-- 
la flagten igenom ; efter Lafaren blifvver da minft forlagen med twe-tydiga ord^(*) 

3. At alraminft forindra Skrif- Lagen i de ord , der hela menigheten i landet ar 
enfe om en ftafning. 

4- At icke retta Bokftafwer efter ljud och utfprak , hwar reglor af mera ftadga 
for handen aro. 

Detta har jag grundat pa wiffa begrep om fprak 1 gemen , pa hwilka jag 
finner omogligit at holla hagn och ftyrfel, fa lenge fielfwa orden lida ohagn af wan- 
drande bokJldfv:er, eller defle lampas efter ljud och tycke, mer an efter urfprung. 

Af det olaget aro alia mal-brott (dialecter) i fpraken upkomne , och der- 
ifran ar alt det bryderi wi nu hafwa med ovd-ledningar (etymologier ) i de mefla 
fprak i werlden. 

Sadane oredor , fom grafeligerr forfwara kunfkapen af alia tungomal , och li- 
ka fa af all lardom och wetenfkap , aro marken och arr efter barbariet , hwarutur 
wi alle, forr eller fednare , upftigit: det wiock annu brottas med, faft under et an- 
nat namn ; ty fielfsizold och wardslSfa i wara egna upfolkade tider, aro de fom 
underholla ftridigheten emellan jkrifwa »ch tala hos mannifkor. 

Derifran har intet tungomal i werlden kunnat fig fria; ty det bar mererdels fa 

hendt, fa lenge lardomen warit hos fam, at en tid eller annan nogon flor och 

blyfande Skribent upftigit, fom fatt menigheter> likfom i en daning elltr underfam- 

• het pa fina fkrifter. Om den fam me rakat wara mindre forfartn eller hogsd at 

fkrada bokftafwer, fa har man folgt honom at bade i rett och galit. 


(.*) Flygi ( volatus ) Fljglig finconfiam ) af fyga* Fljkt (fuga ) FlykVg (fugitieus) af 
Fly. Om defle rakas i en mening filhopa, utan at flciljas at med en ftsm - bokftaf i endera, ar La- 
faren deraf brydd. Efwen fom i foljande ord, Lcinder (Regiones) af Land. Under ( lumbi ) 
ii Lend. Hdnder ( manus ) af Hand. Haider ( accidit) af Henda. 


De meft ryktade Europifka fprak hafwa icke mer an Er flag af defTa oredor : 
men wart fprak harTw. Det ena ar det fom att htfd bade pa Bibeln och Lag- 
boken, och 6fw2S bade aflektaoch Jarda ; men far icke andrasj efter det fatt bur- 
fkap genom longlig wane. 

Det andra flaget, fom \\i merendels aro enfamme om , ar det fom orafom 
brukas af den ena och forkaftas af den andra. Der har jag tyckt mig bora 
lagga ftorfta makten uppa , at fafta mig wid nogra wiffa grunder, fom ibdga fpra- 
ket, bewara harkomften och f6rekomma odrygheten : hvvilket ingendera kan fke , 
om ftammarne fpiilas , eller olika hugbilder utmarkas med Jika och famma bok- 

Sa longt har jag driftat mig ut pa detta djup, faft icke otan raddhoga for den 
ftore hopen , fom i hwardera af deffa ftycken torde tanka annorlunda. Men at 
wraka nogot, fom allmanheten redan antagit, det har jag mig icke wagat j ty jag 
holler det for en glomfka af denforfyn, Invar enfkylt perfon bor draga for hela me- 
nigheten, och icke underfta fig at maftra nogot, hwarom den igenom tyft famtycke 
blifwit enfe. 


Om jag haruti nogorftads felat , fa erkanner jag det fielf for fel. Om jag ock 
warit mindre lycklig , la bor det tilfkrifwas owifsheten um grundvvalarne i wart 
fprak , hwaruti wi alle fwafwa , fa Jenge wi ingen redig och grundelig Grammati- 
ca ega , ej eller i war tid torde kunna wenta; fa framt icke war andre Stiernhielm 
Herr Cancellie-Radet Ihre wil taga den fak i hand. Af honom ar nogot rettfkaf- 
fens at fSrmoda med hans flora kunfkap i de ^amlas lagar , hifder , tungomal och 
fkalde-konft, utom hwilken eho fom bjuder til dcrmed , gior , fom den ftore Hicke- 
fius derom fagt, et fanyttigt arbete. (*) 

Hwad frammande ord angar , fa har jag haft for regel at de hwarken b6ra 
ratas eller latteligen brukas; ty pa den ena iidan mifter fpraket fin drygfel, om 
alia frammande ord utmonftras, och pa den andra, fin werdighet , om de bru- 

(*) Si quis Gothici orbis incola de palrii fui fermonis Origine & progrejju reEIe fcribsre 
velit, ad id operis mairicum Lingvanum & anliquitatum Septentrionalium dottrina injlitutus acce- 
dtre debet, ulpote fine qua nihil in Mo operc praeftare poierit, quod aui do&orum expe&aiioni aui 
voiis fuis refpondeah Ouin earn ob cauffum Hs eliam quibus barum Lingvarum injlitutiones Gram- 
matical, quemadmodum fcientiarum fcriploribus, cum ruHqcinio tradere mem eft, mairicum, ex qui- 
buz per varias muiationes adbodi'.rnum ftaium pervencrv.nt , cogniiio neceftaria eft. (Uijfert. Ep.p. ulU") 
AtHickefius haruti haft rett, bewifa fetfporert efcer dero, foai waritobewandrade i de gamla fprlk och haf-l 
der. De f5rk»fta eller omflcapa gamla redbara ord, fijr det de icke kanna dem. Millet fi3r ivdlis dig, tculiu 
honom , wilja de hafwa wdl efftu, "dual ar ban : m?n oretreliga , ty dec ar inkommet nied Chriikndoniea i 
ifran Engelfkan ( ivdl is him) fomfades egenteligea ora de d6<ia, och a> af ofs giordt Ei ord ai 
T«. De wilja ej eller tola namn, voapn, ivatn &c. utan med et e ffir fidfta bokftafwen ; ty de holla de' 
fdr et fel i fpraket, fom ar en dygJ och nitthet g r und»d pa den regel i Litcrarura Runica at alia liquids 
1, m, n, r. inneiluCa fin Vocal i andnn , fa at de gimle flcrefwo nafn, l§g e f5rd?lt mellan f ocfc 
n. Derf<5re ir det at wi ftrifwa Namn, \c\eNamen, efter Tyftan, fom ar lengre bort ifra QOth- 
flea ftamtnen. De wiJja »ck utefluta w , fCfom on6digf i orden jkrifvoa , blifvoa &c. Der bruka-. 
de de gamla fit genomfiungna |5^ at utmarka et lenare ntfprRk p2 orden , och derifran ar detkorame 
»twi behollit bagge, bade f och w, fom ick« b6r indras , efier det ar gammalt och wunnit hafi 
hoi hela 6wenl)ca menigheten. 



kas utan hof och granfkning. Derf6re liar jag fa tankt, at nar" de aro fa hemma hos ofs^ 
at afmogen forftar dem,bora de anfes for aflinge , och ju da for omifteliga, nar 
wi med Et fadant kunna undga Tw Svvenfka. Men deremot nar de icke aro fa 
fikande, bora de in^alunda tolas, fa lenge jcsmgoda Annas i modersmalet; ty de 
omfkapa med tiden wart myndiga Swenfka fprak til et blandmdle, ( lingua Franca) 
fom talas af fkeppare i Medlanika Sjo-laggen. (*) 

I det ftAlle bora wi gidra med ord, fom med gamla hederliga forfader, ndmna 
up de utgdngna , nar de aro tank-digre ( emphatiqu© ) men aldrig bryta dem ut for 
Ipngt ur fin retta art och mening. ( ** ) 

Til detta har man nu mera msd fagnad fed* larda Mans hugwackning , 
hwarigenom fpraket ar anfenligen forbetrat , emot hwad det war i forra 
hundrade- talef, da det gick for et flags vvitterhet at ikrifwa hvvart a nnat framman- 
de ord. Men deremo* har ckt i wara tider dragit ihop en annan krankdom igenom 
en wifr kAtja med frammande fprik(***) fom borgar fig nya talefatt, och z«- 
blomjirmgar ( alfegorier ) , participia och epitheta , de der ftrida mot iprakets natur, 
och driftva det ifra lin gamla Adel til frammande fllgt, Derifran lArer det icke 
en gang i nifta mans - alder aterkallas , om wi icke nu begynna at lagga grund 
i de gamlas alfwarl'amma fkrif-art. 

I begge deffa mal, fkrif-lagarne och tal-fatren, har jag fokt at warja arten af 
fpraket, fa longt fom mogligit warit,uti en fa kinkot och granlagad genftallning fom 
det har ftar emot et frammande. Och har jag altid haft detta med en wifs fruktan 
for6gonen, fom larer finnas grundadt i forfarenhet, at owarfamme ofwerfftttare aro 
de ftorfte fpraklkammare hos ofs och alia andia folk. 

Utan fel larer ingen fornuftig wenta et arbete, fom tol forbetring til werlde- 
nes anda; ty det gar ordiemkare lika med de gamla Arcadier, fom jagade efter 
SoJen och pa hogfta berg funno henne anda lika longt borta. Det betfia af manfkli- 
ga arbeten ar endels och ftyckewis. Det beder jag den benagna LAfaren ihog. 
komma och til flut taga med fig detta Horatii 
------ Si quid novifii reclius ijlis 

Candidas imperii : Si nan , his uteve mecum, 

(*) Porcellain, borde hwarken fkrifwas eller fagas , utan Pqftlfa; ty det har futt allman hafd. 
Ijsks Serviette ,j utan , SalveU 

(**) Run (experimental! ) brukas omfom tneJ forfSk, om det fom an ar outront. 

Skipa lag (condsre leges) brukas, Lageu owiljandes, i Mile f6r handbafwq, vourkjidlla lag. 
(Gnrf fialmer jkipadi fjrjlu Lag. (Kon.Birgen til Upl. L. ) 

(***) Tanke-fatt, fom ar en idea abjlraSfa, brukas emot fprakets art, fa fom concreta. 

Himwelen i flille f5r Gud, fom wi aldrig borde underfta ofs at namna i obundit alfvarfamt tal, 
utan mad H^ns Egil namn, ochicke med Creahtrcn; , ej eller blmda bore Honom uti twetydiga ord 
och fagt Fdrjjnen nar wi mena Gud; Tyforfjn har i wart fprak rwaune bemarkelfer. 

X X Maxims 

Maxime Revtrendo at que Cehberrimo 

Dn. J A C O B O S E R E N I O , 

S. S. Theologis Doflori , Prapofito & Paftori Nycopenfium , denuo Lexicon fuum 
Anglo-Svethicum locupletisfimum edituro , adplaudere volui, 
Oclogenarius licet, refrigefcente vena, 

And. Ol. R^yzelius, 

S. ,S. Th. D. (/ Ep. lir.cop. 

C'udavereTuo fat praela labore* SEREN1, Grammaticique rudes delurpavere verendui* 

f unique Tuos foetus lux cupif cjfe fuos. Higenium Lingvae , qui fuus ulior erit. 

Pro:!it opus nitidum , fplendenttbus addii & aurh Uofpes eras Britonum,plus quum, Tuba Sanila, de- 

Nomina, quae pepcril tarn Tibi clara labor: cennis 

San&a fides, Jludium vtri, mens, turbine nulla Hofpitium praefeus jamque rependit Opus. 

Sede movenda fua : pignora quanta geris ! Mens Tua grata fuofe prodit & indice multo ; 

his motus Britonum Ling-vam difpergis inGrbcm, Anglo-Cot hunnus enim pe&ore totus ades. 

Et venerum quidquid meliea Svada fovef. Hofpitii redit heic nunc tcjjera- quanta ? pereimetn 

E Cothia primus Lingvae revocalur & orlus , Tefucithaec eineri flora fuiura Tuo. 

Jam redit adMatrem fpletidida Nata fuam. Sic lixiffc decet, Patriae prodeffe juvabil , 

El /until adportat dofti ienlamina Mundi. Et fimul ingenium non fepdire fuunu 

Quidquid & ingenii Gens bene nata dediU Sic gelidus Boreas mentes mirabitur itlas, 

Sunt ali qui nojlram qui corrupere loquelam, Quae non exnivibus damna tulcre /»;':. 

Bum fibi fumfcrunl omnibus cffe duces. Vixediu Celebris, ielamperiexe luborum , 

Hi muculam cbartis fed £? illevere magijlris , Nulla quies fumae, quae Tua merces erit. 

DumGothicam Mairempellicis i<iflar habent. 

Lincopia: poftridie Idus Scptembris 1757. 

Amiciffime SERENE 

npUo exemplo, diluifti crimen, non heri primum aut nudius (ertius noftratibus ib exteris obje- 
ct um , nihil apud nos fcribi, & in publicam lucem eoiitti. Haud equidem concefTerim, ibi 
minus eruditionis effe, ubi minus fcribitur. Poffunt hujus filentii alias cauffe effe, quam defe&u-s eru- 
dicorum. Interim hanc maculam, genti Uteris excultae, ut pufatur, parum decoram, pro rata abrter- 
fifti, editis frepius fcriptis utiliffimis & eruditiffimis. Inter h<ec eminet Diftionarium Tuum Anglo- 
Svethicum , quod jam au&um & eCymologia Gothica locupletatum , in publicam lucem edis. Res eft 
immenfi fere laboris, Lexica contexere. Tanto majorem gratiam inibis ab utraque Gente, Lingvas 
ftafce cognatas enucleando, & natales illarum inde ab antiquitate arceffendo. FlorentiiTima Natio 
Anglicans, qure de viris in omni fcientiarum genere doftiflimis gloriari poteft , Tibi fe debere fa- 
febitur, quod htec eruditionis pars nova ceperit incrementa. Noftrates vero gratiffimo animo agno- 
fcent & praedicabunt, viam a Te fibi paratam effe, ad legenda ac intelligenda fcripta ac opera 
Anglorum , quse in omni doftrinae genere, eo imprimis quod ad ftudium Theologicum fpeftat, fo- 
lidifliina exftare, jam pridem fibi perfpectum habent & exploratum. Omnes itaque mecum precabuntur 
ut in publica rei literarla: & eccleSauicaa commoda diu fofpes vivas. Vale. Strengnefi, 
i. 30 Sept. 1757, 

S, S. Th. D. . & Epifc. Strtngn* 



Maxime Reverendum £$ Ampliffimum 


Thcologwn Primarium Gf Senior em Collegii Regii 

Strengnefenfis , 



Dijfertatio Epiftolaris. 

IKJon vulgaris eft argumenti, Tua y doctiffime Humbla, de liter arum per 
•L V Exules Grxcos inftauratione , Oratio , qua Trifecularem expugnatae a Tur- 
ds Conftantinopoleos memoriam, ipjbdie, quo res tarn trtftis, tarn infanda acridity 
tbire , Tibi vif'um eft, 

Triftis Jane res , infanda £$ regnatrici famili<e £$ bonis omnibus Byzanti- 
nis,fed quam interpretari odium Numinis pecu/iare, aut negleclum ipfius gene- 
ris humani, quod per excejjum quendam triftiti<e venire in mentem hominibus 
potuit, equidem nolim. 

Sunt enim in mediis illis calamitatibus vefligia quzdam etiam profpicientis 
generi noftro coeleftis Sapientia, quae videtur, ne de aliis ejus rationibus modo 
faciamus conjecturam , per Mas ipfas urbium ac rerum public arum everjiones , 
eruditionis atque bumanitatis lumen per populos circumtulijfe. 

Quantumvis ergo deploranda Jint gentes, quos vel famis , peftilenti<z , bel- 
lorum calami tates Juis fedibus expulere, vel recentium pojfejforum opprejfu im- 
petus ; inter ipfas tameu ea de re querelas meminerimus , absque iis fi ejfet , 
futurum fuijje, ut intra anguftas paucorum in Oriente £$ in Gr<ecia populo- 
rum fedes hodie contineretur , quidquid efi eruditionis bumanioris ac divine, 
ab bis Europe angulis per reliquas illius partes fufe. 

Admiranda Jute, eruditionis & docfrime fata , mutationes infignes , qua- 
rum perfequi vefligia cJf caujfas ubique omnes conflii, ca/us, error is adferre , 
non. mediocris fapientite fuerit. In praefentia Mud modo univerfm lubet Tecum 
recordari, ab Oriente Occident em verfus curfum £$ progrejjionem tenuijje lite- 
ras, non item contraria via incej/ijje. 

Qute remotijfima eft a nobis <etas ^ velut inventus bumani generis , ea 
Ebraei , Affyrii £jT Cbaldgi , cuftodes quidam liter arum atque antiflites fuere , qu£, 
ab bis bine ad JEgyptios & Pbccnices, bine ad Grxcos gradum cum fecij/ent, 
virile ibi robur ac maturitatem quandam funt ajfecut<e. Eadem , fub fene- 
fcentis quodammodo xvi tempora^ indejn Europae regiones funt transfufic. 


Quantum earum juperatis Oceani fuel/bus in novum Orbcm, Amerkam 
per Hifpanos. Britaimosque prafertim, non tarn cohnos quam inva fores £f do- 
mi uos Jit tranjlatum , fnftituta ibi Schola & Typographic, nefcio an Jam 
doceant ,qutppi qua novisjerviant incolis ,in ipfis vero indigents ad humanitatem 
JiquM poliendis , non dum , quod valde memorabile fit, profecerint. 

Inter illos qui Orientem verf'us navigarunt foli propagata Sapientia me- 
ruere laudem Dani. Reliqui vero omncs non lucis lircraria tantum intu- 
Jere, quantum fplendentis argent i, quo fragile s illas Sinarum teftas tf.narium 
atque gujlus irritamenta reportarunt redemta. 

Sed juvat Mam ab ortu folis ad hefperiam mlgrationem paulo confiderare 


Afjyrios tf ChalcLeos, principes lit cr arum , credibile cji in Alexandria 
Ptolotnaorum Eibliotbeca / itejua yaftationts ejfc diverfatos. Vix cnim veri 

vidctur [mile, (eptingentailla volumhmm, que continuife dieiiur , mi Hi a, JEgyp- 
tia tantum o Grave fapientix thefauros fervajje. Nee abhorret a vero, qui 
^udaorum de religione libros exftare apud fe voluerint , cosdem alia quoque 
Orient ah urn popu forum momimenta ut babeteni, curajje. Nee apparet , uncle per-. 
venerjt ad Gracos, niji per Alexandrinam Bibliothecam Orient alis Bhilojophia 

Quod colonia Gracoruin in Afiam h. e. in Orientem I. a,\tt,ro\r\v (Nato- 
liani) etiam aliquid doBrina Graca detulerc, non tarn reddidiffe, qua olim ac- 
teperant , cenfendi fimt , quam or am fibi adverfam hoflium , quod Tullius ait , 
prafidiis fuis muniiffe : Catcrum verjus Occidentalem tozli plagam mijfos ordi- 
tiarie Gracorum Colonos , tefiis eft Si cilia ciT univerfa ilia magna Gracia 
Italia, Cyreuaica or a Africa, Galhrum Mafflia, teftis eft exceptione major 
de ipfo Gracorum ex AJia adventu, Mofaica -populorum genefis , cui Cadmus 
Gracorum originibus celebratus convenit. 

Sed quocunque appulere, coloni Graci , eo lit eras , humanitatem, difcipli- 
nam illos fuam attulijfc conftat. Primum igitur vicfos a fe et pulfos Juts 
(edihis Italos linguam fuam docuere ; certe fua lingua admiftione regulam fer- 
rnonis Italici conftituere novcm , deinde libros quoque Poet arum, Hiftoricorum, 
Philojophorum fuonan in It all am attulere , quorum ope manfvefactis ferocibus 
Qfcorum Opicorumque, quin Cyclop urn Leftrygonumque animis, alius 
plane popi-lus exortus eft.. 

A -iBa fuit Gracorum difciplinis Italia, cum victoria Afiatica , Macedomca , (*} 
JE'jyptiaca if qua, harifin velut appendices juere , minor es , Romam orbis 


(*) Gc.caa capta feriiui victomn cepit & artes 

li»tulit agrefti Latio Horat. Ep t n, ijf t 


terrarum caput , It all am vero dominorum orbis patriam fecijfent , quemadmo- 
dutn exercitus Italia' linguam literasque fuas in Gallium , Hifpaniam , Germa- 
niamaue Z$ Panne n -partes o.ttulere. 

Lahentt dein viribus c^ vidis fuis Romano imperio , barbarae fcptcntrio- 
nis c^ Occident is G'enter, dum vaftant Italiam, dum monimehta arthim c^ 
literarum deflruunt immifericorditer , ipje tamen , licet prater conjilium & obi- 
ter , quendam velut color em rerum , quibus infultarunt , Cj? guftum fludiorum , 
qu& expulerunt , traxijje videntur : id quod Tkeedorici won minus quam Ulphilns 
exempla probant. 

Neque vero diffimulandum eft , qui feeulis illis in barbariem ruentibus , Cljri- 
jliana facra ad Occident em invexcrunt , eos ipfos quoque literarum ali quid pro\cap- 
tu quemqite fuo\ populis a fe converfis impertiijfe. Sed bee non obftant, quo 
minus belli cladibus , calamitatibus , vaftationibus vel maxima partes in mutan- 
do fubiudepM 'ufarum domic i Ho o vcrfusfeptemtriones promovendo , tribuendx fint . 

Nihil vero her in re notabilius no'cijjima ilia literarum migratione , qu<e 
capta a Tunis 'Conftantinopoli c^ paulo ante facia eft. Non dcdijli in oratione 
Tua, mi Humbla, neque expetles in kac epiftola, plenam earum rerum enarrationem, 
quibus libros implevere viri clariffimi Humfredus Hodius (*) c$T Chrift. 
Frid. Beernerus (**) fed viiraris mzcum fapientem illam dignamque fupremo 
rerum arbitro gubernationem , qua jnijjhs in Italiam legatus Emanuel Chry- 
soloras, ut mijfus olim Romam Alhenis Carneades , obiter eafparfit litera- 
ture Gr£C ct feinina , qme velut hofpitium par are at fugituris in ilium Jinum Gr<z- 
cis exulibus BeHarioni, Georg. Trapezuntio , Jo. Argyropulo , Michaeli 
Apoftolio, ceteris, qui tionjiias tantum fitera's docerent Italos, (***_) Gallos, Ger- 
. manos , fed latinarum etiam literarum inter mortua plane ftudia vefufcitarent. 
Neque enim revivifcere Komana potuit eruditio , nifi ab antiqua matre recrea- 
ta : neque Reiichlinus, Agricola, Erafmus , Bud<eus, ceteris absque Gnecorum 
opera illam vel intelligent vel imitandi Latinos fcriptores jacultatcm ajfecuturi 
unquam fuifent. 

In hac cy pr<zcedentium feculorum flucluatione qu<e non obveniunt Tibi y 
non minus quam mihi , venerabunda admiratione digna? 


(*) Cujus funt de Grxcis illnftribus , Lingvx Grxcx Iiterarumque humaiiiorum inflauratoribus,' eo- 
rum vitis , fcriptis & elogiis, libri duo , cura Sam.Jcbb. edit. Londini 1 742. 

(**j Is drdit Lipllae 1750 de doc~Hs hominibus grxcis literarum Grsccarum in Italia rcuauratoribus 
librum bonse frugis , erudieiopis humaiutatisque glenjsiiuuun , quern juvenis per particulas tdide- 
rat fenex auftiiin perpolitunique 11110 v >Iinr»ine coniprehenfum emifit. 

(***) Nam pofteaquam vaftata a barbsris infidclibus Conflantini civitate, csefoque ejus imperatofe, 
optima viro, Defootis frater Rouiam cum gentis ejus reliquiis confugifret , vix credibile eft quam 
multi noftrorum pene Grseci tfteeli funt, quafi in Africa vel Achaja confueti, facultatemque com^ 
pararint Gracca volumina pertraclandi, /l;^e/;y Decttn'urius de Literatia polilia Lib,\. part. 8. 


Gens barbara & enthufuiftica, Cbriftiani nominis hoflis , ipfa tyrannide 
O ex diis fit mi niftr a r eft aur audi Cbriftianijmi. Eadem Pbilojopbia , quae, olim 
perverfa erat ad corruptionem doBriwe Chriftiatue , revertitur ad ejusdem reftitu- 
tionem. Eodem tempore quo flagitiofa quadam ignavia Chrijliani torpentes fapien- 
tiam negligunt, barbari, Sitraceni pitta, GnecLe vaftatores , Grxcorum fapien- 
tidm Arabicis libris commendari jubent, 

Miraculi inftar funt in immanijfma barbaric homines liter arum amantes. 
Abdalla, Al-Mamon, ille feculo nono prtecipue , cui prozluferat amis Abuja- 
far Almanzor. Hi fane barbaro illi dilemmati obfeeuti non fuijfent , quo ufum 
accepimus Omarum Chattabi F. cum de fervanda an abolenda Bibliotbeca 
Alcxandrina ab Amro exercitus Jui duce interrogatus ejf'et , aut efle in libris 
ea, quae confentiant cum Korano , ita iis nihil opus efle : aut quae repu- 
gnent, ita dignos qui abolerentur. (*) Quod triftij/imum dilemma irrepa- 
rabilem fine dubio jacluram Uteris intulit. 

Quod non penitiis interciderint bona liter £ , quod in media barbarie aliquid 
terte fapientite Gr t cc<e ex Ariftotele & media's fervatum ft , illud Arabian ftu- 
diis debetur at que interpvetationibus. Hi quam felicem, non difputo, terte 
enixam dederunt opcram omni liter arum generi, in quo non ejfet gentilium Dec- 
rum mentio : per bos etiam ad Jud&o's tranfierunt ftudia Pbilofopbi<e, Medic fna, 
Mathefeos : Ab iis Academic condit* Maroccae , Feflbc , Conftantin-^ df in aliis 
Africa , /Egypti, Hi/pania urbibus, ut plures dicantur Arabian, quam inftitutt 
poftea Cbriflianorum , Academic, in quibus millia nobis narrant juvenwn ftudia 

Nee Bibliotbecx deer ant , in quibus Feflanam ab bine tertio feculo babuijfe di- 
cunt millia voluminum duo & triginta- Magnified quadam narrantur qvoqve de Con- 
ftantini Bibliotbeca fervata a Tunis ,Conftantinopoli , in qva codices utriusque Foede- 
ris auro argent oque droit es celebrant ur. 

Illud manet ,ftpere(Je ad bunc diem diligentia & ingenii Arabian plurima vefti- 
gia, qiue fiquis ex catalogis nobilium Bibliotbecarum velit in unum colligere, or dine 
disponer e & examinare judicio , net ille de memoria hominum bene de Uteris merito- 
rum pneclare meruerit. 

Ultima liter arum migratio, qua Occident em & feptentrionem ille pervaferunt, 
etjamfimercatune ULe Zf permutationibus rerum ex parte forte debeatur, t amen ar- 
mor urn bellor unique primas partes tf prxcipuas fuiffe non negabit, qui Got bor urn cum 


(*) Prideaux Connect. Part. H. p.m. 13. 

Dissertatio Epistolaris. 15 

Romano imperio , vel ante Conflantinum velpoft ilium, bella & feeder a ex annalilus 
repetere fategerit , vel quod brevius eft , memorabile illud Scythica pbilofophiae mo~ 
numentum, Eddam noftram IJlandicam, infpicere. Hujus enim Author , ut fertur, Ro- 
manorum arma fugiens Odinus , fapientia apud Scandianos fator Zf parens extitit. 
Quod vero ante ejus adventum altifjima obtinuerit barbaries , divini plane bonores , 
quibus mediocris fcientia fuit except a , baud objeure indie are videntur. 

Et quis eft , qui Gr&carum rerum non imperitus , in Sveo -Gothicis legibus non 
majorem deprebendatfimilitudinem , quam qua vel communibus omnium bominum no- 
tionibus vel cajui cuidam adjeribi pojffit ? Et quidfibi vult lex ilia Veftro-Gotbica, qua 
de hareditate patema eornm, qui fedes in Grxciafixerant , cant urn eft. Nonnc illud 
certe declarat , frequenter id evemfje , uhfamilia, inter primam illam feptentrio- 
nis patriam fuam £f regiones Graca lingva utentes divi/afuerint ? (*) 

Putabimus ne , no/tros majores cum thefauros Gracorum Arabicorumque nummo- 
rum, de quibus Clevteergius nos nofler edocuit (**) in patriam banc fuam referrent, 
nibiletiam Graca Arabic £ que docfrime retuliffe'i jfuvat hie ineminijje maja nummo- 
rum argentijolidi trium marcarum ponderis in agro Tulgarnenfi , Sudermannice no- 
fir £, ad maris Baltbici litora non it a pridem invents , ubi Conftantini Porphyroge- 
niti tarn afper nummus , tarn viva imago fercata eft , qua ft recens de ofpeina Con- 
ftantinopolitana exifet. 

Admonet me ipfa Conftantini mentio illorum Gotborum, qui in aula Conftantino- 
polit ana, inter illas fcbolas palatums tf fat! i ones minifteriorum, militabant, de qui- 
bus obfervo locum excerption in Goettingenfium (Fa ft. 4. pag. 404.) relationibus , ex 
pr&claro opere hujus Conftantini de Cercmoniis aulse fuse: qui locus (cum liber ipfe 
ad nos allatus fuerif) forte digitus cenfebitur eruditorum induftria tf acumine , ut 
voces, formula tf inflituta, qua ibi Got hie a apparent cognationis, ad fuas revo- 
tentur origines- 

Nobtlenomen inByzantinabifloria Qccexyyav , (Barangorum) quosnonjatelli- 
tum modo numero df cuftodum corporis habitosfuijje apparet , fed in primoribus etiam 
annumeratos, quibus urbium prafectune tfducatus crederentur. Hosvero eosdem effe 
quos Woeringos appellavit feptentrio, primus edocuit criticus tf polybiflor incompara- 
bilis Oiavvs Celsius (***) Tales non paucos ex Sudermannia /« Orientem egref- 
fos marmora noftra Runica per omnem terrain teftantur. (****) 


(*) Vid. Caroli Lundii Proleg. in L. L. Upland. 

(**) DifTert. de nummis Arab. Aboae. 1755^. 

(■**) Act. Liter. Svec. An. 1728. p. 484. 

(****) In Sylva Tyf-STEGEX, paroch. WAGN-HaRAD": Styvlcger & Uiahnhtr trexmtntfratrihus 

Juts , juxta viam, illi vitam fmebant in O.iente (Austr-Riki) JurgiVus nevipe atque Stur- 

iiomus 0[timi duces. 

16 Dissert a't'io Epistolar'is. 

Ad illos cum ex ftipendiis If mamibiis magna J at is divitia pervenerint , mi- 
rinn non eft-, ft tbefauros, quales fubinde inveniuntur pecunia Graca Arabicaquere- 
tulerint in patriam ; pertafi enim vel militia vel longi exilii , cum quafttis fangvi' 
ne opibus , adjuos reverftjunt. Sed nee nihil earutn opum credo attuleve , qua inge- 
nio capiuutur, qua cum femel porta fUnt,auferri vivis non poffunt ,[qua comtnunicari 
cumpluribus, uttamen nihil impertiemi decedat, qunrum Te , amiciffime Humbla 
& ' divi tern nee paYuTn cfe, fat is htec ipfaquam Tib/ jam rcmitto, oftendit oratio. 

Facit amor in Te pariter atque in liter as mens , ut optem ill am pat ere pluri- 
bus , Te vel hoc ipfo Jpecimine pluribus innotefcere : bis fcilicet , quibus non licet ex pro- 
ximo videre dtcora Tua, non interejje Tin's praleUionibus ■, quibus nobis interpret es 
praclaros librorum facrorum tf miniftros jormas eeclcfta : bis cpiibus non licet coram 
videre , quam non inflet animum Tuum , quod nimisjape folet , Jcientia , quam ea non 
mimatyfed augeat modeftiam if in fuper lores pietattm: ut vel ex ilia objequaidi 
virtute, quamfts adregendum aptus appareat , ut /i Tui ft miles frit, ft Tuum exem- 
plum fe quant ur omnes Tui ordinis viri, non inde mediocris Dicecejeos noflrafeli- 
titas exftitura fit. 

Qua cumitafint, non privata modo caritate, If fiavJtatibus Tuis, quibus 
fiieumtf amicorum omnium Joles animum officer e, duclns, fed patria etiam amore 
& publico quodamjpiritu impulfus Deum rogo , ut Suis in Temuncribus favere, quid- 
quid agas fecundare , Teque\ ut modo virtutis in loco mediocri fideliter elaborantis, 
it a in pofterum magnorum etiam, in amplijjima provincia , operum effeclricis exemplar 
aliis proponere dignetur. Vale, 

Dabam Lifhoponti d. 15. Aug. 17^-4. 

In Gredby, paroch, Sorunda. Iggo & Tjxo atque Illus fculpjerunt petraiu haiK Fajioni patri 
fuo Afi* lufiratori (As- far a), 

In Gronjlad EsKii.TVSenj!Wf! t Infadus pofuit lapidetp hunc Thurfiam Mcepa: lufiratori (Fauri- 
MAisi) patri fuo. 

Iu Ryckpa R.'iByEX9/';i//i Thruricus confecravit Japiilem f.lih fuis , ingtmis 6ppus>ti*torifais ; ade- 
"i-at enim Ulrifns in Greeeia (Ulrif in GiR^ium) in Omni prada[divifone (ex hoc ulriFo 67- 
btrga pagus hand dubio nomen retinet). 

In Grinda' Hage parocb, Spelvik (Sphlilanf-Vik) Gedruna'fofuit lapidtm Hidinvars Nrtfo- 
rits filiOf (rat iUe in Gracia (i Griku) in or/mi prttda divifion* vid, Pertuglch, in vit, Theod. 

D I C T I O- 

***** *Kj& *KJ?" *KJ$* *K& *K<fr *KJS* ^j& ^jf* **jp ^jf* 
$> >e!S kN -k£k *2h ,►£*, ***, x2*< ??& *iS ^k a, ^ 

«#^ *^X* -J^X* -i^X* -#"*% *T \- ^'H- *#"** ^^ *y>^ ^^ 



A . • 

/-* </*■ tide en irticslus indcfinitus och nota unita- 

/ ^k fis ; brukas in fingulari allena och fram fSr 
■"- -^ alia Subftantiva fingularia med din enda dt- 
jkilnad, at , om de bSrjas med en Vocalls , ligges n 
til fSr betre ljuds fkull , e. g. a Bird , en logel , an 
Eagle , en 8rn , an Hawk , en falk elUr hok. 

Nir Suhritantivum med Adjectivum componcras , ir defs 
retta rum altid fir praedicatum , e.g. an honeft man, 
en irlig karl ; men nSr Conjunftiones as och fo , eller 
ttihcra af Adjecrivis Such och Half gar fSrut , tlifwer, 
fir bare ljuds fkul, defs fi.ille emellan fubjectutn och prae- 
dicatum. e. g. as honed a man as ever iived , fa ir- 
lig karl font nonfin war til. Such a thing , ea fadan ting. 
Half an hour , en half tima. 

A S Sites ock , fafom en nota a&ionis, emellan verbum 
•cA participium praefens , Ex. They fell a drLncking , 
te fine fig til at dricka. He went a hunting, han for 
r i jagt. 

A Brukas ( I ) at utmirka Tid, Ex. Twice a day , twd 
ganger om dagen. Once a year , en refa om aret. 

( 2 ) Loco Prapofrtionis , Ex. Is he a bed ftill ? ligger 
kan Snnu ? I'll go a foot, jag vil gd til fas. 

( 5 ) Safom en particula expietiva , Ex. Many a day 
mongen dag. Many a man , monpen man. 

( 4 ) / fldllet for of the , Ex. It is five a clock, 
klaikar. Sr fern. 

NB.NSr A brukas ifijllet for He , Ex. Here a comes, 
hSr kommer han , eller i fiSllet for Have , Ex. I would 
a fled , jag wille hafwa flydt , dr det fnarare et mis- 
bruk i fpraket , Jom kan tolas i gement tal ; men i 
fkrifwande ingalunda , utan i burlefque eller comique. 
ABACK, Adv. bakpi , til rygga , A Terco. 
ABACTORES. ( Lag-Term. ) gortjufwar 'fomfofa bort 

hela bofkaps-hopen) Abigei. Abaci ed , Adj. bortfofi , 

ABAFT , Adv. ( Skeps-Tcrm. ) achter , achter i fkep- 

pet , A Pvt?i. 
ABAISANCE , S. bugande , drebewisning , VESERA- 


To ABALIENATE ( lag-Term.) afhSnda fig , fSrytra. 
Abalienation , S. afhSndandc , forl&ljandc. 

A, vox antiquiffima Goth, pro EST, vet HABET.A , effen- 
tia , principium , etiam Gothis Articulus defin : Sueth, 
Vulg : A quinna , fxmina. 

*To ABANDON, Moef. Goth. EAKDI, li°atura, vinculum , 
q. d. ? f * B-nd, ex vinculis , folutus , dimijjus. Franco-Theo- 
tifc. Mettre a bandon , plenam vagandi licentiam conce- 
dere. Iia! ; Bjndoae, vinculum ampliun vcl laxam. 

•To ABANDON, V. A. Sjwergifwa , fSrlita , be- 
serere. They abandoned all hopes, de flip te alt 
hopp. They abandoned the Lord, de ofwergofwo Her- 
ran. Abandoned , Adj. forlaten , S/wergifwcn. A» 
abandoned Wretch , en ifvergifwen , lideriig fSlle. 
Abandoner, S.enfom Sfwergifwer. Abandoning, S. 
To ABASE, V. A.jornedrt , fSrring* , forSdmjukt , 
hvmiliare. Abafed, Adj. fSrnedrad. Abafement , 
S.fyrncdr'ing. Bj» To ABASE (DEMITTERE SirffASOS) 
ftryka fegel. 
To ABASH , V. A. komma en at fiatnt , gj or a en fiat , 
RI/sore svffundere. Abafhed, Adj. fny lien , 
fiat. Abafhment, S. flatnande. 
To ABATE , V.A. korta af , minfka , afdraga , rabat- 
tera , detrahere. To abate in account, f.a af pi 
tn rekning. To Abate one's priie , dentpa , kufwa mo- 
del pa en. The price of corn is abated , fpanmalem 
har fallit. To Abate fomething of one's right , gifw 
efter nogot af fin rett. 
To ABATE , V. N. aftagt , tyna *f , f^rminfkas , DE- 
crescere. The wind abates , uidret fagtar fig, dee 
fmylter. The pain abates , verken (larfSre. (jj* To A- 
BATE in one's flcih (uacESCEMe) falla af , mi- 
gr"> g if*" fig- 
To ABATE ( hos Juris - Confultos ) uphifaa , utdSma, 
kullrifwa, abolerE , demoliri. To Abate a Calt- 
le , utdSma eller nederrifwa et Sloet. To abate a writ, up- 
hifwa en reneging. {&■ To ABATE an Eftate ( intrv- 
DERE se) olagligen tilwillafig, inkrXkta en egendom til 
nifia arfwingars flrfing. Abated , Adj. tfdragen, nei- 
rifwen Src. Abatement , 5. afdrag, intreng Oc. 

ABBOT, S.Abbot, abbas. Abbefs, Abbetifsa. Abbacy 
or Abbotfhip , Abbots- Ambete eller werdighet. Abbey 
Klofier , Klofler-Kyrka. Abbey -Land, Klofier-godt. 

To ABBREVIATE, V.A.forkorta , ihopdraga. Abbre- 
viated , Adj. fSrkortad. Abbreviation or Abbreviatu- 
re , S. fSr'Kortning. Abbreviator, 5. flrkortare 

ABBROCHMENT, S. {Lag-Term.) Landskop , fSrkip, 


To ABDICATE , V. A. *fjlg*fig , upfdget , rehvx- 

ciare. Abdicated , Adj. upfagd , affagd. Abdication, 

S. affSgelfe. 
ABEARING ( Lag-Term. ) atbSrd , upforande, CESTVs. 

Bound to good Abearing , ftild under target firgodt 


ABED. Vid. bed. A, T« 




* To ABET, V. A. updgga , uphifsa, anreta, anffifta, hol- 
laparti, befrdmja (fdllan i god mcning) 1NST1CARE , 
jlssiSTERE. Abettor of murder, r3ds-bane , en fom 
cnftSller cller dr deUgtig i et mord. Abetted, Adj. uphet- 
fad etc. Vid. Verb. 

ABEYANCE, S. ( Lag-Term.) Laying In abeyance, egen- 
dom i lift cller fiftfom enom efter lag tilhSrer, men dn ic- 
ke fddt i" taka handom, HJEREDITAS JACENS. 

To ABHOR , V. A. fa/afore , ftyggas wid , wederwilja, 
Abhorrere. OS* To abhor (fastibire) haf- 
wawcderwilja fur en ting. Abhorred, Adj. faj'ad for. 
Abhorrency or abhorrence, S.fky.fafa. An abhorrer 
of women , en qwinno-hatare. 

To ABIDE, V. , blijwa , dwdljas , commorari. 
C5*To ABIDE (perdvrare.) waralenge, dura. Let the 
damfel abide with us , hit blijwa pigona ndr ojj. Gin. 
24. v. rr. To Abide in the woods , bo ifkogen. To A- 
bidein tents, bo i tjdll. 

** To ABIDE, V. A. tola, l\da,firdraga,utfl°x ,PERFER- 
re. Ke can't abide to take pains , Han md iciegjerna 
giSra fig mSda. I can't abide that man , jag gittcr iche li- 
da den karlen. To Abide the firft charge , fid ut fir- 
fit elden. To Abide the touch , holla prof, holla 
ut i Sndan. OS* To ABIDE ( orpERiRl ) wenta , 
Hda. Cr5» To ABIDE (PERSEVERARE ) framhdrda , 
fortfara. Abider , S. inwanare , inbyggare. Abiding- 
place , htmwift , boning. 

ABINTESTATE, S.(Lag-Term)arftagare, ab iittestato. 

ABJECT , Adj. gemen , ringa .jlrakilig , Y1LIS. Men of 
abjefl fpirits ,folk af gemena finncn. Abjectly. Adv. ge- 
ment wis. Abjecls( Subft. ) gathered them felves againft 
me. Pfalm. jy. tj. (vid. Vers. Svec.) wrdklingar, wrak, 
gemcnt pack. Abjeftnefs or Abje&ion of mind , klenmo- 

*** ABLE, Adj.iugtig.godfSre, iDOMEt/s.Ke il avery- 
able man, ban dr en rett dugtig karl. He is able to 
fplit a hair. , han dr god fir at klyjwaet heir. He is ab- 
ble to do thztbufweCs, han dr den fy/lan waxen. cO^AELE 
(opulentUs) rik ,farmigen. They are a very able 
people, del dr el (irmiget folk. 03* ABlE( Validus) 
fir , flark , rajk. He is as able a ma a s any , han dr 
fdftark karl fom nogon. DOABLE (fALENs) I am not 
able to work, jag icke arbeta. Every one as 
he is able, hwar och en ejier Jin formdgo. He is able 
to fpend a king's revenue-, han dr karl at for f Ufa en 
kel riks-caffa. He is not able to pay, han mdgtar icke 
ietala , dr icke folvendo. If he is not able to pay the 
fine, om han icke orkar botum. 0S=" ABLE (solers) e.g. 
A very able fcholar , en IJrd man. An able foldier , 
en braffoldat. An able fpeaker, en wdltalig man. A- 
blenefs or Ability , S. dugtighet , magi , ftyrka fkick- 
lighet , firmdga. 

ABLEGATION, Ablepfy, Ablution , Abnegation &c. 
dro alia gjorda ord ifrdn Grekifkan ochlatinen fom ej bru- 
kas I talande , utan i wetenfkaperne och i bundit tal. 

To ABJURE , V. A. affwdrja , firfwSrja , ASJURARE. 
To abjure the Pope & the Pretender , affwdrja Pdf- 

•To ABET , Goth.BEITA, incita-c { dc avibus vel ca- 
nibus xenaticis ) Beita Hawki , falconem in aves inci- 
tare. Beita Biorn , LL. Sueth. urfum canibus vtnari. A- 
leman. anbeizzan , canes vel aves admordendum in- 

•* To abide, Goth, bid, mora. Moef- Goth, bud ah. 
Sueth. BID A , opperiri. 

*** Able, Goth, AIL, re bur. Afla, roborarc. Suetlt. 
Arias, ttrur*. 

wen och Prctendenten. The Abjuration-Oath , Eden ( t- 
mot Pafwa-magtcn och Pretcndentens rcttighet til Cro- 
nan )fom alle andelige och werldslige Ambctsm&n i Eng- 
land mnfte afidgga , innan dc fa tiltrdda. 

ABOARD , Adv. ( Skeps-Tcrm. ) om hard , lrf NAVl. He 
put himfeifaboard of a Dutch Vestal , han gick cm bord 
pa en holldndare. 

ABODE, S. hemwift , domic ilium. Cood abode, Vid. 
To Bode 

To ABOLISH , V. A. afjkaga , uphdftva , cajjera , til in- 
tetgjira.ABOLERE. rff To abolish (obliterare) 
utfkrapa. My righteoufnefs fhall not be abolifhed (Adj.) 
min rcufiriighet fkalicke arcrwenda. Ef. ti. C. Abo- 
liihment or abolition. S. uphSfwande etc. 

To ABOMINATE , V. A. ftyggas , wdmjas , ledas wid , 
hata , ABOMJNARi , tastidire. Abominated , A-dj. den 
cller del fom dr cnftyggelfe. Abominable , Adj. fiyggelig. 
Abomination , S.ftyggelfe. Abominably , Adv. ftyggeliga. 
Abomination of defolation , for'idclfcns flyggclfc. Maith. 
24. ;,-. 

ARORTIVE, Adj. mlflfSdd , otidigt fSdd , ofullkomlig, 
mijflyckad , abortii'vs. An abortive child , otidigt, 
mifffidt barn. Laft of all feen of me as ofan abortive 
( Subft. ) pa fidftone- fedderaf mig fafom af en then ther 
otidigt fidd dr , i Cor. if. a. An abortive defign , mifflyc- 
hadt anflag. 

To ABORT, V. N.hafwa mifjfall , abortirE. Aborti- 
vely , Adv.i firtid , mifjlyckliga. Abortion, S. mifffall. 

*ABOVE, Prcep. ijwer, ofwan ,SVPER, SUPRA. Vfi- 
ters above the firmament, watnen ofwan efter. Front 
above, ofwan ifran , ofwan efter. His head is frill a- 
bove the water, han holler dnnu hujwudet uppe. If 
he is above ground I'll have him, om han dr of warn 
jord (han ma wara hwar han will) fkal jag hafwafatt pd 
honom. 05" Above (ultra) Thele things are above 
me, desfa faker dro mig fir higa. It is above your 
ftrencth, du ift fir fwag dertil. I fhall foon get abo- 
ve my fellow-lcholars , jag fkal fnart komma ofwer mi- 
ne fchol-kamcrater. A man above the world , en jemn 
man , den fom fmd anftitcr eller fortreter icke kunna rira. 
He is grown above the rod, han. dr wext ifrd rifet. 
(X°f" Above (plus ouam) mcra dn , firmer.. Not 
above feven hours , icke Sfwcr fju timar. I value my 
wife above fortune, min huftru dr mig kdrare dn all 
egendom. A good name is above wealth , godt namn 
dr betre dn ptrngar. I am above fuch filthy tricks , 
jag holler mig for god til fddana gemena ftrek. Oj* ABO- 
VE ( ante ) framfir. Above all , above any thing , fram 
fir alt , fram for alt annat. As above, fom ofwan fir- 
mdlt dr. You fhall have all what is over & above , du 
fk alt f a alt hw ad ofwerfkjuter. Abovementioned , abov»- 
faid. Adj. ofwanndmd , redan ndmd , bemdll. 

To ABOUND , V. N. ifwerflida , wara ymnig , ABUN- 
DARE. * The man abounds in his own fenfe ( is concei- 
ted ) karlen dr ficlfklok , egenfinnig. Abundant or aboun- 
ding, Adj. ofwerflidande , ymnig. Abundance , S.ym- 
noghet , NB. brukas i allmdnt tal at bemdrka en myc- 
kenhct afnogot. e. g. Abundance of people , mycketfolk. 
Abundance of fhips, monga fkepp be Abundantly, Adv. 
ymnigt , ojphycket &c. 

ABOUT , Prxp. omkring , circum. Round about , rundt 
omkrin". That way is ten miles about , den wdgen dr 10 
mil i krok. To cry makreJ about the ftreeu , ropa 


• ABOVE , G«th. A-OTAN , Suprt. 

A B R. 

A B S. 

ut makril pi gatorna. To lie about , llgga kringftrSdd, 
i tordning. A tree fix foot about , et trd fom dr fix 
ftt ifwcpen. Drinck about, drick omkring. OS* ABOUT 
( atud )hoi. Have you got any money about you .' 
Mar du nogot pengar hos dig ? It is not fo about us , 
hos off gdr icke f3 til. Have your wits about you, 
Haf tankarna hos dig. OS* ABOUT (.£>£ , SVPER ) om , 
angdende. A book about Trade , en bok om handel. I 
came to him about his daughter , jag korn til honom 
angScndc ham dour. We bantered him Tlbout his 
riawk-nofe , wi bryidc honom fir hans krokota ndfa. 
All this ftir was about you , alt delta wdfendet 
war om dig. (fj* ABOUT ( CIRCITER , FERME ) in- 
emot , -widpafj. About noon , mot middagen. About 
thirty days , widpaff^o dagar. About the fame time, 
wid famma lid. .^bout fix foot high , wid pafj fix fot 
h&g. About the bottom, inemot hotnen. K°f" ABOUT 'in 
trocicntv) as he was about to fwear , juftfum han 
fkulle fliga fram och gjora Eden. He is very long a- 
bout it , han holler grdfliga lenge pa dermed. what a- 
re you about. 5 hwad har du fir dig? To go about a 
thing, taga fig fire en ting. 
ABREAST, vid. BREAST. ABRICOT, Vid. aprikock- 
To ABRIDGE, V. A. Korta , hopdraga, ABBREVIA- 
TE. To abridge one's liberty, holla en inom Jkran- 
kor. To abridge one's charges , draga in Jin Jiat. 
ITS* To Abridge , pro (mnhibere ) forbjuda. The 
Chriftian religion abridges us no lawful plealures , 
Chrifina Idran affkdr ojj inga fkdliga nigen . Abrid- 
ged , Adj. hopdragen. Abridgment , / kert bcgrep , 
ABROACH, Adj. To fet abroach, fiicka up, lappa 

• ABROAD, Adv.ute, utomlands , TORIS , PEREGRl. 
To go abroad , refa utomlands. To walk abroad , fpa- 
jera ute eller ut. There is a wind abroad , det bld- 
ferute. To fet abroad , utfprida , kundgjSra. it is talk'd 
abroad , detfSges utomgdrds. At home & abroad , hem- 
ma och bona. 

ABROOD , To fit abrood upon eggs, liggapSegg , ( om 

hins och foglar ) 1NCUBARE. 
To ABROGATE, V A.affkaffa, uphdfwa. Abrogated, 

Adj. uphSfwen. Abrogation , S. uphdfwande. 
ABRUPT, Adj. ajbruten , hajlig , PRMRVPTUS. Abrupt- 
ly , Adv. utan ingdng eller forberedelji , hufwudjiupa. 

Abruptnefs , S. fddant infall med tal. 
To ABSCOND, V. N. holla fig undan , fkrymflas , A8S- 

cokdere se. Abfconded, Adj. den fom holler figur 

ABSENT , Adj. frdnwarande , ur wdgen. To abfent one's 

felf, VERB, recip: ejwara tilfiSdes. Abfence, S.Jrdn- 

v/aro. Abfence of mind , tanklofhet. 
To ABSOLVE, V. A. frigjira , frikalla , aflSfa. Ab- 

folved , Adj. frikallad , dficJ/r'.Abfolution , S. aPisning. 
ABSOLUTE, Adj. fjelfrddande , Sl/I JURIS. Abfolute 

Prince, enwoldsherre. (^ABSOLUTE. {PERFECTUS^ Ab- 
'' folute knave , ertsfkelm. Abfolute fool , Irorm-tok. 

I'm abfolutely determined , jag^Jkar al deles fafl heflutit. 

Abfolutenef? or abfblute power, enwdlde. Abfolute 

Eftate , Sdteri. 
ABSONOUS or Abfonant, Adj. ilia ljudande , erimlig. 
To ABSORB , V. A.upfwdlga , upfluka , Abforbed , Adj. 

upfw.flgd. Abforbent medicine. {Term. Med. ) alcalifk 

wicdicin Jam tempererar Jkarpheter i bloden. 

*ab»o»d , Goth. B3.AVT, pcregrc. Brautargangamen, 

To ABSTAIN K N. Hafwa dterholl , afhalla fig frS* , 
abstinere. Abftemious or abftinent. Adj. aterhol- 
lig. Abftemioufnefs or Abftinence, S . dterhoUighet , lufl- 

To ABSTERGE or Abfterfe , V. A. afflryka, rent. Ab- 
fterged, Adj.renad. Abftergent or Abfterfive, Adj.rcn- 
fandi , ( Term. Med. ) 

ABSTORTED, Adj. weldfammeliga frantagen , aftrugad, 

To ABSTRACT , V. A. afdraga Jondra , iniet anfe , ASS - 
TRAHERE. Abftrafted , Adj. afdragen , fSndrad. Abf- 
tracling from trie perfons named in it, utan at anfe per- 
fonerne fom deruti dro n&mdc. Abftrail , S. uttog. Ab- 
ftraftedly , Adv. ferfk'ddt. 

ABSTRUSE, Adj. mirk, fSrborgad.fwir atbegripa. Ab- 
ftrufenefs, S. morkhet. 

ABSURD , Adj. orimlig , narraktig , ABSVRDVS , IM- 
PORTUNVS. Abfurdity, S.orimlighet. Abfurdly , Adr. 

ABUNDANCE. S. Abundant, &c. Vid. To Abound. 

To ABUSE , V. A. miffbruka , firmycket nylja , ABU- 
ti. To abufe one's patience or goodnefs , mifjbruka. 
ens tolamod eller godhet. (£>To ABUSE a virgin , (stv- 
PRARE) krinkami. 05=- To ABUSE (convjciari) trd*m 
ta , bruka mun pd en , fkymja , jmdda. Abufed , Adj. 
miffbrukad tfkymfad. 

ABUSIVE, Adj.trdtofam, Die ax. Abufive language, b- 
vettigrfkamlos mun. Abufivenefs,5. fddan wanart. Abufe, 
S. mifjbruk ,fkymf. To put an abufe upon one, fpela enom 
etfirek , waraowettig mot en. Abufers of themfelves 
with mankind , drenga-flidndare. i.Cor. C.<). Abufively, 
Adv. af miffbruk , eller jorj'eende , i oreit mening. 

To ABUT upon, V. N.ligga eller grdnfa til , gafla cmot , 
ADJACERE. ( Lag-Term om dkrar och tegar )AbutUls , 
S. rdgdngar , dkerfkiften. 

ABYSS, 5. afgrund , Abyfmal , Adj. grundlSs. 

ACADEMY, S. hSgfkola, item rid fdkt-ellerrit-fkoU. 
Academical or Academick , Adj. dertilhlrig. 

To ACCEDE , V. N. ( et Stats - ordfom nyligen drgjordt 
ifrd latinen til Tractaternas tjenfi) The Dutch acce- 
ded to the Treaty of Hannover upon very 'ample re- 
ftriftions, Holldndaren trddde til Hannowerfka Forbun- 
det under flora forbeholl. 

To ACCELERATE, AS. & Neut. hafla , fkynda , til- 
fkynda , kringa fig. Accelerated , Adj. hafiad ,fkyndad. 
Acceleration, 5. haflande. 

ACCENT, S. accent , ljudets bSgelfe. To Accent, V. A. 
accentera , utmdrka med accent. 

To ACCEPT, V. A. antaga mottaga , accipere , T« 
accept a prefent or of a prefent , taga mot enjkdnk. 
To accept a bill of exchange, accepter a , antaga ctwc~ 
xelbref. To accept of an employment, mottaga ent/ea/f. 

ACCEPTABLE, Adj.angendm ,behaglig. Acceptablenefs, 
S.angendmlighet. Acceptably , Adv. angendmliga. Ac- 
ceptation or Acceptance, S. bendget emotta%ande. This 
is not worth your acceptance . detta dr fir ringa fSr 
Eder. He preached with good acceptance, han predi- 
kade med dhSrarenas goda nfi%e. Acceptation or ac- 
ception of a word , et ords forfldnd. Accepted , Adj. an- 
tagen , famtyckt. Acceptation , S. munteligt aviittans. 

ACCESS , S. idtrdde , tilgdng , accessvs. To have free 
accefs to any body , hafwa fri tilgdng til nogon. Ac» 
cefs of an i;ue, JlSng aj frosfan. Acceflion , S. til- 
Skning , fSrmzring. Since his acceflion to the Crown, 
fedan han kom til Cronan, Ace edible , Adj. fom man 
kan komma til. 


A » 

A C C. 

A C C. 

ACCESSORY or ACCESS ART, S. en fom ir delagtlg I tn 
gjerning. COXSOBS , caussa. He is accefl'ory to 
his own misfortunes, han Sr fkulden til Jin egen olyc- 
ka. Acceilority, Adv.flumpewis , utan rett aktj'amhet , 

ACCIDENT, S. hendelfe. Accidental, Adj. tllfSllig , 
ohappande. Accidentally, Adv. af en hendclfe. 

ACCLAMATION , S. (poet. Acclaim ) fSmSgclfes tekn , 

ACCLOY'D , Adj. ifwer-mSttal , tsjesatvrATBS. 
fSges om nSr han Sr bjwerlajlad , och jcmwSl 
om en he/i fom dr fSmfiucktn. 

ACCOLADE ,S. omhalsning (brukas egenteligen om den 
ceremonien fom gj&rcs af Kor.ungzn nSr han (tar nogon 
til Riddart ) 

To ACCOAST, V. A. ISgga i land , att-ellere. 

To ACCOMMODATE , V. A. lempa.Joga, accommo- 
dare. To Accommodate one's felf to the time, fkic- 
ka fig efter iiden.(£r'To ACCOMMODATE an affair (li- 
tem dirimere) bildgga tn fak. oCr Will you accom- 
modate me with this. 5 ( svppeditare ) wil du la- 
ta miq f.l , unna mig delta. Accommodated, Adj. Vid. 
Verb. Accommodation , S. bemtdling , fSrlikning. Ac- 
commodation oflodgings , lagligt herberge Accominoda- 
tely ( Adv. ) to people's capacity , efter folkets for/land. 
Accommodable, Adj. fom kan hilSggas. 

To ACCOMPANY , V. A. fSljefiaga , beledfaga , co~ 

mitari. Accompany 'd , Adj. ledfagad 
ACCOMPLICE, Vid. Complice. 
To ACCOMPLISH , V. A. Jullkomna , fluta , ftrfSr- 

diga , absolvere. An accomplifli'd young man, en 

hurtig Tngling. Accomplishment , S. artig egenfkap hoi 

tn perfon. 
ACCORD, S. famtycke , jiawSde , Sfwerensfiemmelfe , 

forening , consensus. With one accord , enhSlleli- 

ga. Of his o-wn accord ,fjelfmant. 
To ACCORD, V. A. fSrena , bilSgga , compoxere. 

CO" To ACCORD , V. _V. ( CONCPRDARE ) komma Sf- 
wtrens. Accorded, Adj. Accordance, S. Vid. Verb. 

ACCORDING, Adv. j a fom . efter, TROVT, SECUN- 
DUM. According as you deferve, fafom duflrtjenar. 
According to his mind, efter hansfinnc. Accordingly, Ad\: 
Do well cr ill you ftiail be rewarded accordingly, gjSr 
ilia eller wil , dujkall bl-jva belont derefter. 

To ACCOST, V. A. tala til en , angripa , COMTELLA- 
re , agcredi. Accofted , Adj. t'dtalad (fC 

ACCOUNT , S. re I ning, Sfwerfiag , ratio. To keep 
account, holla rckning. To caft up an account , ge- 
nom- eller efterrtkna. To call to an account, holla 
rekenfhap med en, fiSlla til fvars. To pay money on 
account, betala pengar pa reining. It turned to good 
account , man fant g»d rekning deru/id. Hewascall'd 
to an account for taking of bribes, han blef fidld til 
fwars fo r muto-iagande- He has given a very good 
account of him fell' at all times , ban bar alcid ho'.litfig 
braf.rfy* A.CCVVNT ( PRETlUiS ) werde. To make great 
or imail account of a thing, holla en ti*g i fiSrre eller 
mindrt werde. An Author of good account, en god 
Auclor.tfj* ACCOUNT (narrjt:o) berettelfc, tidning. 
To give in account of one's travels , bcfkrlfwa fin* 
rtfor. We havear. account from thence that— ietfpSrjet 
ifrin den crttn at. — What account luve you of the 
Ships that fail'dtothe Indies ? hwad hirer manaffhep- 
ptnfmmftgUdt til Indicn? Cfj'ACCOUHT r RATIo)fkil , 
grand , afi'ttad*. Sht ii& that oa y »ir account , *«■ 

gjorde dct fir Edtr Jkult. None but Heaven can g «4 
an account of the caufes of love & hate, Himmelen 
allena wet ordfakerna til kdrlek och hat. Upon this ac- 
count it is that the Apoftle — i dctta affeende ir 
Apofielens — Upon what account, for hwad orfak ? 
Upon no account whatsoever, pa. inlet fatt eller wis, 
under intet jken. 

To ACCOUNT. V. A. holla clUr gjora rekning, m- 
COUNT (xstimare) holla fore. I account it a great fin, 
jag holler a'et fir en ftorfynd. (XrTo ACCOUNT for ( £A'- 
pljcare ) He accounts for all the phenomena, han 
uplofer , forklarar alia phxnomena. Accountable, Adj. 
anfvarig. Accountant, S. a good accountant, en god 
Ziffer -karl. Accounted, Adj. He is accounted a 
learned man , han holies for en ISrd man. 

To ACCOUTER , V. A. ulreda , tilrufla , mundera , J!f- 
struere. Accoutred, Adj.tilrujlad. Accoutrements , 
S. rujlning , tilbehor. 

To ACCRUE, V.N. hSrkomma , entftS. , eilkomma , til- 
hSra , REDUS'DARE , APPERT1 N ERE. What good will 
accrue thereby.' hwad godt kan deraf komma til wfiga ? 
All thefe thing* accrue to the Lord of the Mannor , 
alt delta tilkommer jord-Drotttn. 

To ACCUMULATE, V. A. fldpaihop , famla. Accu- 
mulated Treafon. S.i kallas uti Parlaments Procef- 
Jen en famling af monga brott, af hwilka intetdera fir 
fig fielft forw-irkar lif , men null alia til/ammans ; efter 
de wifa fSrrddligt npfat. fSrfie och fifle exemplethSr- 
af war Grefwcn af Strafford , fern under en fddan tail 
blcf domd och halshuggcn. 

ACCURATE, Adj. noga , granlagad , omhyggelig , accu- 
ral. Accuracy , 5. noga flit , forgfillighet. Accura- 
tely , Adv. noga. 

To ACCURSE, V. A. forbanna , EXECRARE. Accur- 
fed, f'Srbannad ( Bibel-Term. ) 

To ACCUSE one of or for a thing, V. A. anklaga tn 
for ntgot , acci'sare. Accufer , 5. anklagare. Se- 
cret accufer , hemlig angifware. Accufed , Adj. an- 
klagad. Accufation , S. kSromul, anklagan. 

To ACCUSTOM one's felf to a thing, V. A. w&nj* 
fig wid en ting, ASSVEFACERE. Accurtomed , Adj. 
wan arid. OS" AccufTomed ( VSITATUs) bruklig. Ac- 
cullomable, Adj. brukbar. A well accuftomed Shop, 
en bod der mange bruka at handla , dereft Sr god af- 
gang. Accuftomary , Adj. bruklig , Jom altid Sr uonj. 
Accuftomarily or accuftomably , Adv. ojta , gemenliga. 

ACE, S. Sjf i Kortfpel och ett pa tfirning , monas. 

ACERB, Adj. bitter, hiene-frStande , acerbus. Acer- 
bity, S.bitterhet, Jyrlighe:,Q3* ACERB (subacidds') 

To ACERVATE, V. A. bdra , draga ihop. 

ACHE, vid. Ake. achieve , rid. Atchieve. 

ACID, Adj. fur. Acidity, S. furhet , fyra. 

To ACKNOWLEDGE,' V. A. tilfiJ , erkSnna , ag- 
xoscere. To acknowledge a benefit, crkdnna en wSl- 
gerning. Acknowledgment, S. erkSnfla, erkdn- 

ACORN , S. Sllon , glaks. 

To ACQUAINT one, V. A. or make acquainted with, 

* ICOIK, Sveth. KX.,quercus, xoRif , Semen , granum- 
Mvcf. Goth. ACEAK, jruStu juicuntue. 

A G a 

jrifuaenem tilk.fnna , bereua, kundgjSra , 1MPERTIRE. 
ACQUAINTANCE, S. bekantfkap , familiaritas. 


an old acquaintance of mine, ban dr min gamla be- 
Itani. I'll make you acquainted ■with my defign , /a^ 
■mil firtro. Ehr mil forehafwande. I'll bring or get you 
acquainted with the beft families in Town,y'<z» nil 
fiiaffa Ehr Ickantfkap uti dc betfia bus ifiaden. 
ACQUAINTED, Adj.kdnd, bekant , motus. c5=- ac- 
quainted ( peritvs ) Acquainted with latin ,for- 
faren i lailnjka Jprdket. 
ACQUESTS, 5. aftinge ,forwerfwad egtndom , ACOVI- 

sitiokes (propr. bfringar med hdrsmagl ) 
To ACQUIESCE , V. N. wara nSgd , tilfrids med. To 
acquiefce to the will of Got! , wara tilfrids med Guds 
wilja. Acquiefced to , del man dr tilfrids med eller un- 
dcrkafiar fig. Acquiefcence , S. lilfridswarande. 
To ACQUIRE , V. A. firwerfwa , firfkaffa. To Ac- 
quire riches , wifdom &c.forwcrJwafigrikcdom .firfiand 
&c. Acquired , Adj.forwerfwad. Acquirer , S. en fom far- 
werfwar. rft Acquifition ,S. (IN JURIS PRUDEKTIA ) 
waif f risen egendom. I fcay'd in Sweden fometimefor the 
acquifrtion of that tongue , jag uppeholt mig i Swcrike 
nogon tidal ISra det fpraket. Acquilitious , Adj.fom dr 
firwerfwad. Acquirable, Adj.fom kan ellcr mdlfor- 
To ACQUIT , V. A. qwitia ,frikalla ,frigjira, ABSOLVE- 
RE. To Acquit aprifoner, fria ,frijdga en jange eller ar- 
rtfiar.t (fmjkeraf Tolf Manna NSmd) To Acquit 
one's felf of a prcn.ife , fullhorda fin lofuen. To 

acquit one's felfof an obligation, vara crkSr.fam fir 
tn u.dlg/erning , gjora qenfi igen. To Acquit one's 
felf well of an office , holla fig wdl i fin tjenfl eller dm- 
btte. Aquittance , Acquitment or Acquittal, S. fii- 
kallelfe , qwittens. Acquitted , Adj.frikallad ,frigjord. 
ACRE, S. el wifi jordmatt , nogot mindre in et Swenfkt 
Tunland , jucerUm. Prov. He fits above that deals 
Acres, den fitter ifwer off fom fkijtar akrar. 
ACRIMONY-, S. fyra , fkarphet uti wat-waror. 
ACROSS , Adv. twert ifwer , trauerszm. 
ACT , S. gjerning , gjiromal , ACTIO. A wicked , bold &c. 
aft, en ilak , driflig &c. gjerning. Aft of Parliament , 
Parlaments-act , eller fbrordning. Aft of oblivion , Par- 
dons-Placat. Ac} of grace , et pabud hwarmed all e fom 
£ro fdngslige fir fkuld , afen wifi fumma ,fidllas pafri 
jot. Aft of a play, en act uti et fkddefpel. 
ToACT, V.N. handla ,fidlla fig , bdrafigdt , AGERE ,SE 
cerere. To aft againft conscience, handla emot famwe- 
let. To aft like a wife man , bSrafigwifliga St. To aft a- 
gainft one's own intereft , handla emot fit egii bet/la. 
To ACT , V. A.drifwa pa, upmuntra , AG1TARE. They are 
afted by their inclinations , de drifwas affir.e lufiar och 
tegirelfer. To Aft a play , agera i en comedia. 
drift. A man fit for aftion, en drifwande karl. (^ACTION 
{lis) rettegdngs proceff". To enter cr bring an aflion a- 
gainft one, fidrnma en, begynr.a proceff med en. Toloofe 
one's adion.iappa fin fak. Aftion upon an sppeal, wddjad 
fttk. Aftionable, Adj. This is not aftionable, detta 
mnlet kan icke infidmmas , eller begynnas rettegdng med, 
(£> ACTION (pugna )trefihing , "fdktande. 
ACTIVE , Adj. drifwande , idog , ftink , fnSll , GNAWS, 
Aftivity , S. drift , firdighet. Actively , Adv. med drift. 
ACTOR, S. Comediant. Aftrefs , S. comediantfka. 
ACTUAL , Adj. wSrkelig. Aftually , Adv. wtrkeliga. A- 

ftuary, 5. secretarius stnodi. 
To ACTUATE, V. A.fittatil s Sn l s,d fi f vtfSt 
Actuated, Ad/. aruU In. 

A C U. 

KCVlt.Adj.hvasf-uddig, ACVTVS. 03* ACUtE in reply 
(sAtsUs) fin , hittugifivar. Acute nefs , S.hwafjhtt ,fin- 
het. Acutely , Adv.fint , hwajft. 
ADAGE, S.ordfprdk,, adagivh. Adagial, Adj. 

ADAMANT, 5. demani, ad Ait AS. Adamantine-ties, 

To ADAPT , V. A. hopjemka , foga , ISmpt , tilfamma* 

Pucka, ADAPTARE. Adapted, Adj. Vid. Verb. 
To ADD , V. A. Idgga lil ,forSka , addere. You mud add 
fomething , du mdfie ISgga nogot til. Your filenc* 
added to my fuipicion , dit fiillailgande Skte min mifi- 
tanka. This added to my misfortune , detta gjorde min 
olycka dnnu JlSrre. Addorf , Adj. tillagd. Additional 
duty, tolag. Additional happinefs , JnfiSrrefdllhet. 
ADDITION , S. tilld-ggning , tilikning. This will be a 
great addition to your favours , hdrmcdfSrSkas fiorligtm 
edraforra wdlgjerningar. Addition to a book , tilikning 
aj en bck. God is capable af no addition to His hap- 
pinefs, Guds fdllhet kan icke jirikas. This would be 
a great addition to it, detta fkulle mycktt prydat. Ad- 
ditament , S. Vid. Addition. 
ADDICE, or Adze, fiiarf-yxa , ddxel , H art AG A. 
To ADDICT ones felf to , V. Reap, fid fig til en perfon 
eUer ting , DEVOVERE SE. Addifted , Adj. tdgijuft. 
Mod addifted fervant, tilgifnafie tjenart. 
* ADDER , S.huggorm, ripERA. 

** ADDLE, Adj. torn, vacuus. Addle-egg, windegr. 
Cj* ADDLE (l?fASls)flod,lomug,cnfom ir all i wdggtsr 
och intet i wett. Addle-headed , fjollot. 
ADDLE, S. w'.n-fien , arid a vim 
ADDRESS, S. anighet , fndllhct , fkicklighet , zxdustria. 
A man of good adilrefs , en fom wet wdl atfkickafig ,fidll* 
f'gi r --t£t ADDRESS (DEDICATIO) tilfkrift. 05» AD- 
DRESS (covpellatio) talets (Idllandc til en. Amorous 
addrefles , dlfkogs-bragd, kdrleks-fnillen. HEADDRESS 
to the king, hyilnings-bref ifran provincier och fidder i 
England til en Konung Jom trdder til regtrinren% 
CrJ- ADDRESS (forma dip.ectioxis ) inwifning , 
wijfort der en dr tilfinnnandes. ( nyligen infmygt ur Fran- 

To ADDRESS , V. A. befkicka , befldlla til en wijf on , 
DlRicERE. To Addrefs one's prayer to one, fidlla fin bb» 
til en. To addrefs the king ,gjSra en befkickning , bin eller 
tackfdgelfe-fkrifttil Konungen. Addreiled , Adj. den man 
v/ender fig , eller fidller fit tal til. 

ADELING, vid. AEtheling. 

ADEMTION, S. bort-ellerbetacande: 

ADEQUATE, Ad). behSrig eller fwarandetmbt. 

To ADHERE , V. A. henga u/U , holla fig fajl wld. To 
Adhere to a party or opinion , holla fig widet wifi par- 
ti eller mening. Adhered to , Ad), den eller det mats 
holler fig til. Adherency o>-Adhe(ion, S. widhotlande. 
Adherent, 5. den fom hirer til et parti. 

ADJACENT, Adj. ndfigrdnfande > lillydandt ,' tmderlit- 
gande. * 

ADJECTIVE, Adj./fOMZy ADilcTiruM- Adj«ctiT«- 

ly, Adv. 
ADIEU , S. farvJl , YALE. To bid adieu , i/'nA. 

farwdl. J 


ADDE*. Moef. Goth. NADR, ripera. Soeth- ETTP» 
virus. ' 

add tt, 'Anglo-Sax. tdel, vtum. Gotk. j*. 

BVR, vtl cede, tteutu i, dtfertus. 

A D 1 


To ADJOURN, V. A.upfgtta, utfl.tlla til annan tid, 
comperen din are. To Adjourn the work offalvation 
to a dying hour, upfkjuta fin falighets wSrk til dSds- 
timan. The Parliament adjourned, Parlamentet brSt 
up til en annul dag. Adjourned , Adj. upfkutcn. Ad- 
journment, S. upfk\utande , utflSllning, 

ToADJOYN, V. A.hopfoga,Lfggatil, adJVNCERE. Ad- 
joyned. Adj. bifogad.tillagd. Adjoyning,, 

To ADJUDGE, F. A. dSnta, filla, Jvdjcare, conde- 
mn are. Adjudged to fuffer the punifhment of a 
traitor , at firaffas font en jorrSdare. Adju- 
dication , /°. fSllande , fSrdamande. 

ADJUNCT, 5. detfom tilhorer, tilhSrighet, ADJVNCTVH. 
Adjunction , f. tillSggning , firokning. 

To ADJURE, V.A.befwSrja, hSgeligen tedja, obsecra- 
RE. Ar'.juration f. 

To ADJUST, V. A. fiilla til retta, i ordning, bilSgga , 
Ad jmmodarz. Adjufted, Adj. i ordning fiMd.* To 
Ad,u(l accounts , juficra, jemka, fiuta rekningcr. 

To ADJUVATE, V. A. hjelpa, underflodja. Adjutory , 
Adj. hjelpande , behjeipelig. Adjument, f. tilhjelp. 
Adjutant , /ten offuerare i et Regemente tiler compagnie. 

• To ADLE, V.A.firtjena,MERERl. r PROViNClAl-ord.) 

ADMEASUREMENT, S. (Lac-term.) mdtismanna ord, 
verdering af domaren eller wijfe tilfaite min , ADMEN- 

ADMINI CLE,S.hjclp-rcda. Adminicular, Adj. tilhj clpelig , 

To ADMINISTER , V. A. gifwa, utdela, betjena. To 
Adminifter juftice , Jkipa rett. To Adminifter the 
Sacraments , utdela Sacramcntcrna. TO Adminifter 
occ.ifion of complaint, gifwa ordfak til klagomal. 
OS* TO Adminifter the oath , fiafwa Eden for em 
05" To Adminifter phyfick , gifwa en in ISkedom. 
05* To Adminifter anything, hafwa befiSllning medd- 
ler omfort om en fak , forwalta. 

ADMINISTRATION , fiyrelfe , fSrwaltning. All thefe 
glorious things were done during his adminiftration , 
slid deffa hSrliga faker giordes medan han war wid fiy- 
relfen. Aminiftrator , Adminiftratrix .fSrmvndarc, ftre- 
fl3ndare, forefiinderfka, fullmSktig. Adminiftratorftlip, 
JSrmvnderJkap. fSrwaltning. Adminiftred, Adj. Vid. Verb. 

ADMIRAL, Vid. Sj'o-Regiftret. 

To ADMIRE, V. A. undra pa ,anje med fSrundran eller 
hSgaktning , SVSP1CERE. I admire at it , jag undrardcr- 
p3. I admire her wit more than her beauty, jag 
w&rdar hennes fBrfiind mer in hennet fklnhet. <£f To 
ADMIRE (macni FACERE ) Jljka, tycka om. I admire 
this above any thing, jag tycker om delta fram fir an- 
nat. Admired, Adj. afhollen. Admirer, f. ilfkare > 

ADMIRABLE, Adj. fSrirefelig , unierbar. Admirably, 
Adv. ffrtrcffeliga. Admiration, /. fSrundran. 

To ADMIT, V. A. (ISppa til, tilliSdja , antaga. To 
admit one into one's rooms , flSppa en in til fig. To 
admit one's excufe , antaga ens urfSkt. The feafon 
dos not admt of it, Sntiden tilllter det icke. 
Admiffion or admittance, f. tilfiSd\elfe , tilgang. Ad- 
mitted, Adj. tilliten , tilfiSpt. Admitted into Orders, 
Pre ft vied. 

To ADMIX , V. A. blanda, rSra ihop, ADtdlSCERE. Ad- 
mixtion , blandning. 

To ADMONISH , V. A. fSrmana , warna , admonerZ- 

* T« ADIE, Goth. ADl AST, idiplfii.kilXl'^z.pcrfccU. 

Admoni&er, f. fZrmanare. Admoniflied. Adj. fSrma- 
nad. Admonition, f. fSrmaning. AcimonJhment , 
ADO, S. mSda, befw Sr. DirricVLTAS , labor. We got 
off with much ado, med mycken moda kommo wi indteli- 
gen derifrS. I had much ado to forbear laughing, jag Hade 
ondt fSre holla mig fra. ISje. After much ado, med 
mycket tcfwa~r.tfj* ADO (tumvltvs) Whath ado it 
here? hwad &r hir fir wdfende? \fithout moreada, 
titan -widare krus. 
ADOLESCENCY, S. imgdom. 

To ADOPT , V. A. uptaga i barns fiad , antaga. Adop- 
ted or adoptive. Adj. uptagen i barns fiad. Adoption, 
f. iarnafkap. Adopter ,/t en fom antager. c£> To Adopt 
another mans works, tilegna fig en annart wJrk. 
To ADORE, V. A. tilbedja, dyrka.wSrda, ADORASS. 
0S*To ADORE (valve amare) hogeligen Slfka, holla 
kSr. Adorable, Adj. wSrdelig. Adored, Adj. dyrkad, 
wSrdad. Adorer,/". wSrdare. Adoration, f.dyrkan S/c. 
To ADORN , V. A.pryda, utfioffcra, ornare. Adorned, 
Adj. beprydd. Adornation or adornment, f. bcpryt* 
ning. Adorner,/t beprydare. 
ADORAT, S. jyra fkSlpunds wigt. 
ADOWN. rid. Down. (brukas i Poefi alltna) 
ADROIT , Adj. (et nyligen antagit franjkt ord) 
trtig,Jkicklig, DEXTER. Adroitnefs, /. artighet,Jkiek' 
ADRY, Adj. torflig, siTiEKS. 
ADSCIT1TIOUS , Adj. tillagd , tilkommen , frSm. 

To ADVANCE , V. N. fiigafram , nalkas, trocederS. 
Tu ADVANCE, V. A.gifwaf'rut, in antecessvm da- 
re. He advanced fo much money, han gaj fS. mycket 
pengarfSrut. Kj^To ADVANCE (pROMOrERE)befordra, 
fr&mja, framdraga , gjora ens lycka. He advanced him, 
from a low fortuneto the greateft dignities, han framdrog 
honomfrin enringa lycka, til de hogfia ArofiAllcn. T» 
Advance a defign, bedrifwa en fak. They have ad- 
vanced or carried thefe things to .great perfe- 
ction, de hafwa bragt deffa faker mycket hSgt. This is 
that on which we advance all our hopes , hdruppi 
grunda wi alt w3rt hopp. 
ADVANCED , Adj. gifwen pa handen , bcfordrtd , fram- 
hafd, PRENVMERATVS , PROMOTVs. Advance , f. fieg, 
framfteg. Advancement or promotion, befordran. Be- 
fore his advancement to the Throne , firSn han kont 
pa thronen. 
ADVANTAGE, S- bitnad, nytta , profit, fSrmon, lu- 
crum. 05" ADVANTAGE (AVCTAR1VM ) tilSkning , 
Sfwermal. To take or make advantage of a thing , wend* 
Jig en ting til nytta. It would be no advantage tome, det 
wore mig ingen fSrmon. To fell a thing to beft advan- 
tage , filja nogot til hSgfla pris. rff She dreffes to the 
befl advantage, Hon f&rftar at klSda fig pi betfia wifct. 
05*To-fttewa thing to the beft advantage, fiSllaenting 
i betfia ljus. To let flip an advantage, lata en fSrdel 
ga fig ur hindema. To have advantage of one, hafwa 
Ifwerhand , rSda med en. 
To AVANTAGE, V. A. bSta.gagna, condvcere. It 
will not advantage anjr man to deceive, bedrSgcri 
gjSr ingen rik. He might have advantaged himfelf 
ten pound , han kunde WttL hafwa warit tijo pund fieri. 
betre karl. Wh t advantage h it me ? hwad batar det mig* 
ADVANTAGED , Adi. den fom gjorfig nytta. Advanta- 
geous , Adj. J3rdsUktig, batclig, Advantageoufly , 


A D V 

A F F 

Adr. tZrdclagtigx. Advantageoufnffs , / firielag- 

ADVENT, S. 'Kyr'ko-Term.) ankomfi ,item Advcnts-tid- 
Adventitious, Adj.tilfdliig, afhencklje tilkommen. 

ADVENTURE, S. hendelfe, efwcniyr, wagandc, foreia- 
gande, casus, discrimei;. At all adventures, wag*, wdga lappa. (T> ADVENTURE (COEPTUM) 
foreiagande. Adventurer , S. en waghals. 

To ADVENTURE , V. A. waga\, efventyra, begynna no- 
got, periclitari, si/scipere. Merchants Adven- 
turers, k dpmdnfom handla for egen r:kning och rifico. A.d- 
venturous, Adj.wdgfam, efwer.tyrlig. Adventuroutly , 
Adv. w-iofamllga, efwentyrliga. Vid. Venture. 

ADVERSARY, S. trd'.cbrodei , wederpart. 

ADVERSATIVE , Adj.ftridandc. 

ADVERSE, Adj. twcrt emot , obendgen. Adverfity,/ 
moigdng , olycka. Prov. Adverfity tries friends, 
den profwar man 

To ADVERT, V. ri.gifwaaki, mdrkapa, ADVERTERE. 
Advertency f. uprndrkfarnhet, aktning. 

To ADVERTISE , V. A. warjlio, gifwa wid handen , 
kundgiora, MONERE, SOTVM FACERE. Advertifed, Adj. 
knr.dgjord. Advertifer , / kundgjorare. Advertife- 
ment .f. kundgjSrelfe. 

ADVICE, S.rad, kundgjorelje, CONSILIUM, NOTIT1 A. 
Cj* advice (Nu.\cius)6ud, budfkap. To give, take 
or follow advice, gifwa, taga ellcr folja rad. Advife- 
boat, awit-jacht. 

*■ To ADVISE, V. A. rada, inrada, gifwa lilkSnna, leret- 
fe the contrary, afrada. O^To ADVISE , V. N. To ad- 
vile with one (consulere) radfraga cller radfora (ig 
hot «n-C5 s 'To A.T>viST.(DELIBERARE)6efinnafig, radfora 
medea. To Advife with one's felf, omhygga fig, betdnket 
fig. Advifed with, radfragad. 'Well-advi{ed,fSrfiktig, 
Setdnkt. Ill-advifed, ofSrfiktig, obctdnkfam. Be ad- 
vifed by me, lyd mit rad. I'm otherwife advifed, jag 
har betdnkt mig annorledcs. 'It is advifed from Spain 
that — del fkrifwet frdn Spanicn at 

ADVISEDLY, Adv. wisligen, mcd mogit betdnkande. 
Advifement,/ ofwcrldggande. Advifecrnefs,/ klokhct , 
wishct. Advifer,/ radgifware. 

ADVISABLE, Adj. del man bar rddfSra fig ofwer. Item 
radclig. It is not advifable to travel this road by night, 
det dr icke rddeligit at refa denna wdgen om natte-tid. 

To ADVTGILATE , V. N. bewaka , beforja. 

ADULATOR, S. fmickrare. Adulatory, Adj. fmickran- 
de. Adulation, f. fmickran. 

ADULT, Adj. fullwext , af mogna Jr. 

To ADULTERATE, V. A.forkrdnka, fSrfalfka. Adul- 
terate or Adulterated, Adj. jhrfalfkad, bemdngd. 
Adulterated wine, furfalfkadt , upfmordt win. 

ADULTERER , S. horkarl. Adulterer of vine, fSrfal fa- 
re. Adulterefs , / horkona. Adultery,/ hordom. 
Adulterous , Adj. horifk. 

To ADUMBRATE, V. A. befkydda, afbilda, tekna. 
Adumbrated, Adj. Adumbration,/ Vid. Verb. 

ADVOCATE, S. fSrefprakare, Advocatfhip, f. fddani 

ADOWSON, S. Jus PATRON ATVS wid en kyrka. 

ADUST, or Adufted, Adj. fSrbrend. Aduftible, Adj. 
eldfdngd. Aa\uition, S. forbrennandc. 

*To ADVISE, Goth. AVISAN, InfiruHio, confilium. ri- 
SAN,Monfirare tdoiert, infiruert. TTISE, dux. wis, 

JS brukas icke I Engclfkan , man i de tri fom kommd 
afGre! ifkan ellcr Latinen. e. g. 

jEQATOR , middags - li.iie. Equinox, S. dagjcmning. 
JEcjuinoctial , Adj. 

./ERA, wiffbbrjan af en lidrekning. 

AERIAL, Adj. til wddrel cller lufjttn hSrande. Aero- 
mancy , J. wddcr-klokhct. Aerometry , / 

jESTIVAL, Adj. fommaren tilhSrlg. 

To jESTUATE, V. N. brinna, pSfa, hdfwa fig. 

jETHER , S. liift. Ethereal , dcrtilhorig. 

AFAR , Adv. longt ifril, irocui. Affear. Vid. Afraid. 

AFFABLE , Adj. godudig , ord/juj. Affability , / god- 
tulirfict. Affably, Adv. godtaligt. 

AFFAIR , S.fyfla, beftiiUnig, trdta , fdktning, dlfkogs- 
bragd, neootium ouodVis. To have an affair with 
a , hafwa at befidlla mcd en aw'mna. 

To AFFECT , V. A. trakta, firdjwa, /la efftcr, bemSda, 
bcfXita fig, wiljajyna;, affectare. Toaffeft a particu- 
lar mien, gifwa fig en fcrdelcs min. To affeft to 
fpeak well, bemoda fig at, gjcrna wilja wara, wdlialig. 
(t5"To AFFECT (afficere ) komma cller rora wid, 
beweka. Ail your rethorick dos not affettme, all Eder 
wdltalighet utrettar hot mig intct. To affeifl a Lady's 
heart, r5ra, intaga et fruntimmcrs hjena. 

AFFECTATE , or Affected, Adj. twungen, icke naturlig, 
jjclfgjord, fom har ingtn art, AFFECTATUS. Affected 
ways, twungna maner. Affected piety, fkenhclighet. 
Affeiftednefs or affectation,/ firafwandc utan art. Af- 
fectedly, Adv. pa fddant wis. 

AFFECTFD, Adj. rSrd af cller finnad for nogon, AFFS- 
ctus. I was very much affected by her tears, henncs 
tSrar rordc mig mycket. Every one fpeaks as. he 
ftands affected, hwar och en talar eftcr fom ban dr fin- 
nad. When Court (laves will hurt any body, they 
Hofflinkare wilja fdlla nogon, fdgade ban, dr ilia finnad 
tmot regeringen. To be affected with the fame diftem- 
per, wara\bcfmittad med famma fjuka. 

AFFECTION, S. finnes rorelje, affectVs. To move 
the affections by Speaking, rora folks (inncn med final , 
tfT AFFECTION (amor) kdrlck, w&lwilja. Without 
affection, kdrUkslSs. (jS'affections (cupiditates) 
begdreljer. Affectionate, Adj.gunftig, wdlwillig. Well 
affectioned , Adj. wdlfinnad. Affectionately , Adv. 

AFFIANCE, S. fortroende, fidvcia. To Affiance, trt- 
lofiva, Vid. to Betroth. 

AFFIDAVIT, S. Edeligt witnesmSl fSr en domare, JV- 

AFF1NAGE, 5. metall-fmdltning , rafincring , pvrca- 

AFFINITY , S. forwantjkap , frendfkap. 

To AFFIRM , V. A. bekrdfta , befanna. To Affirm be- 
fore a judge, witna EdeligenfSr en domare. Affirmant, 
f. ( del fammefom DEPONENT i anfeendc til Qwdkare , 
hwilkas blottajakande tages fir edeligit witnesmdl wid 
domfiolarne i England. Affirmation , / bekrdftelfe , 
jaawdde. Affirmative, / idem. Affirmatively , Adv. 
Affirmed, Adj. Vid. Verb. 

To AFFIX, V.A.fdfta wid, afficere. Affixed, Adj.fdjt. 

To AFFLICT, V. A.plaga, tilfkyndaforg, bctunga, f$r- 
fwaga. To afflict on;'sfelf, V. Rccip. awdlja fig. 
Afflicted , Adj. plagad, bedrofwad. Affliction. / forg, 
wedermoda, moigdng. Afflictive. Adj. pldgande, qwdl* 
jande. Afflicter, S. plagare. 

AFFLUENCE, S. ymnighc*. 

To Af 

A F F 

A G A 

To AFFORD, V. A. Sfiadkemma.fZrmS, komma tiiwS- 
i--, . .■ hlditare. I can't afford it !o cheap, yog kan 
icke lemnat j'or fl go./t kip. MyinCOWCS don't afford 
it, min mkomjl to' det icke. I could afford to give 'lim 
a box on the ear, jaghade wSl hog at J13 honom wid 
f'jt. Th : greateft man our age ?ffordi, denflSrjlanun 
i warat.der. Afforded, Adj. li/ladkommen. 

AFFRAY, S., (Lingbytt, pvcna. 

To AFFRANCHIiE, V. A. gifwa enom fin frihet eller 


To AFFRIGHT, V. A.frJkrScka./krSma, perterre- 
fachre. Affrighted, Adj. JkrSmd. 

AFFRONT, S. Jidwordning, Jkymf , oforrett, CONTUME- 
11 A. He is a man that neither gives nor takes affronr. 
Man dr en man fom hwarken ofwerfaller clUr tol at bli 
Sfuerfallen. To Affront, V. A. Jkymf a, mijffirma,fid- 
wlrda. Affronted, Adj. Jkymf ad. Affrontive, Adj. 

AFLOAT, Adj. natans, Ex. To fet afljip afloat,y7<f)>- 
p a tt fkepp ui pd fi3t. Vid. Float. 

AFORE, Prxp. ex. To be aforehand with one, ftrekom- 
ma en. Aforegoing, foregSende. Aforefaid , firenSmd. 

AFRAID, Adj. rddd, timidus. To make one afraid, 
JkrSma en. I'm afraid to fay it, jag ion icke fl gat. He 
is more afraid than hurt, han dr mera rjdd An fkadd. 
Sore afraid , ganfka rddd. 

AFRESH, Adr. pi nytt , devi'o. My forrow^ begins a- 
fn-fh . min forg tlrjar 3 nyo. 

AFT, Vid. Abaft. For & Aft, tchttr och fir. 

AFTER, Prctp.tfier, POST. After his death, tfter ham 
d'l. o3* AFTER {secundum) After the ancientcurtom 
8r good examples, efier gamla wifet och goda exem- 
pel. After the French fafhion, p3 Franfka model. At 
half an hour after five, klockan half fex. 

Noi. Dennt PRAEPOSITION gjur ofta wijf bemdrkelfe 
efier et rerbum , e. g. to look after , JkSia, akta, haf- 
Mia omforg om. To go after , fSljt. To gape after , 
gaps efier, otidigt ilrd en ling. 

AFTER, Adv. fedan, postqvam. An hour after he 
was condemned, en tima fedan han fdtt Jin dom. Af- 
ter I was gone in , fedan jag war ingangen. Corn- 
pofita. e. g. After-ages or After-times, tilkommandc 
tider. After-pains, efter-werk fom barna-fiderfnor haf- 
wa. After-birth, efterbord. Afternoon, efier middag. 
After-dap, efterflSng, item firnyad treffhing. After- 
game , REVENCMl(ifpcl) Pror. AFTMR-ir IT IS EVE- 
RT body's wit, efterrdd dr intet rid. Afterwards, 

AGAIN, Adv. igen , pi nytt, iter, ITERUM, RVRSUS. 
Give me as much again, gif mig Snnu en gang fi 
mycket. Mine is as big again, min 3r Snnu en gin* 
fa fior. To & again, hit och Hit. Over again, pi 
nytt. I will be here again prefently, jag fkal flraxt 
wara hdr igen. To confider again & again, alfwar- 
ligen beianka. Again & Again, manga refor, tidtoch 

AGAINST, Prcep. emot , coyTRA, adversvs. Againft 
the ftream , emot JlrSmen. Againft my order, emot 
min befallning, Over againft , gent eller mil Sfwer. 
To make war againft one's neighbours, fSra krig 
med fina grannar. I'm clear againft it, jag 3r alde- 
Us deremot. To dry a thing againft the fire, tor- 
ka nogot for elden. It is againft all probability 
del Sr aldeles olikligt. A crime againft the State , et 
br»u emot Staten. Off AGAINST (Versus} inemot. 
Againft the end of the week, emot fluict p3 weckan. 
Againft he comes , mot han kommer. Againft the hai/ 
»r grain , me J ilufl, irSft, trugmtnt, nidigt. 

f AG AST, Ad/. fS-Jh-Sckt , JlvSmd, PSXTimirirs. 

* AGATE, S. agai. achatss. 

AGE, S.UfsiiJ, mansiidcr , AZtas. The age of una 
is not fo long as that of a Crow, mSnnifnan lefwer 
icke fa lenge fom kr.ikan. What age are yon of? 
hur gammal 3{iu } Forty years of age, fyratio ar gam- 
ma!. Ct5* AGE ( ADULTA AEtas )'manna-ar, mogna ar. 
"When the king was of age , ndr koHungcnufar myndig. 
Tender age, fpjda dr. Prime of ones age, ens bet- 
fia dr. To be of age, vara myndig. C^f AGE or old 
age, (sENEcrus ) alderdom. He cannot do it (or 
age, han formdr icke gjorat fir Slders Jkuld. A man 
of great age, en Mdtrjligem man, bedagad. Middle- 
aged man , medalders karl. Full age, mogna 3r. Un- 
der age. Adj. ofwermage, tmyndig. Under-age or 
Non-age, S. omyndiga dr. To plead non-age, fSrebdra 
* procejf.erimin.) 05* AGE (secuium) 
kundrade 3r. Such men we lee but once in an age, 
fSdane mdn v/anka icke mer Sn en gdng i hundrade 3r» 
OS* AGES (secula) wijfa SECVLA tilfammans re- 
knade. Te world is divided in feveralages, the gol- 
den age, &c. werlden dr delt i wifja tider, gyllende 
tiden. 0c. AGED, Adj. kommen til wifja dr. (X^- AGED 
(j£tati provectus) gammal, dldcrftigen. 

AGENT, S. Agent. Agent of a Regiment, Regementt~ 
Auditeur. The devil & all his agents, diefwulen ock 
alt bans anhang. Agency, f. gjerning (brukas ieke i 
allmSnt til ) 

To AGGERATE, V. A. To Agglomerate, V. A. (,. 
N. hopa, gjSra i hSg , fitita ilxop eller tilfammans. 

To AGGLUTINATE, V. A. hoplima. Agglutinated, 
Adj. hoplimad. 

To AGGRANDIZE, V. A. gjtra/lor,uph!ga , uphSgd, 
tvEHERE. Aggrandisement S. upl-.Sfwande. 

To AGGRAVATE, V. A. fSrfwdra, JorSka.gjSrafwd- 
rare. This will aggravate his crime, forrow&c.rf«r- 
ta firjw&rar hans brott, forgCrc. Aggravated, Adj. for- 
fwdrad. Aggravation, /". forfwlrande. 

To AGGREGATE, V. A. flrfamla.fld tilhopa i et.fSr- 
ena , intaga. Aggregate or Aggregated, Ar 1 .-. famlad &c. 
Aggregate, f. en fom Sr fSrfamlad eller ftirlcmmad uti 
en wijj gemenfkap. Aggregation, ihopfamling. 

AGGRESSOR, /. den fomJSrft Sfwerfaller, antajlare. - 

AGGRESS or Aggreftion, 5. ofwerfallande. 

To AGGRIEVE, V. A. bedrSjwa, ofarrctta, COATR/- 
STAR.E. Aggrieved, Adj. bcdrlfwad, ofSrrettad. Aggrie- 
vance, /. Vid. Grievance. 

AGILDE, Adj. ogild, impvsf. N£CATUS 'gammal lag- 
term. ) 

AGILE, Adj.led-mjuk.fmidig, fnalb, fdrdig. Agility, f. 
fnallhct, qwickhet. 

To AGITATE, V. A. rtra, holla i rlrilfe. To Agitate 
a queftion, difputera. Agitated, Adj. fom dr i rSrelfe. 
Agitation,/. rSrelfe. While thefe things were in agi- 
tation, medan delta war i gjorning. 

** AGLET, S. liten, tun plJt, bracteola. 

**"■ AGNAIL, 5. bold eller far under nageln,likthorn, 


AGNATION, S. b'.ods-firwantfkap pd mtnsfidan. Agnl- 
tion , /. igcnkSnnelfc. AGO- 

■f AGAST, Sveth. & Anglo-Sax. CAST , Spectrum, q. d 
Spcclri alicujus viju perterrefaaus. 

* AGATE, Goth. AGAT, p:mma. Agxtur, pretiojus. Gii- 
ta, valere. 

** AGLET, Cod-. GLATT, ritrcus. Glia , fplendere 

Sueth. Glatt, dolitus. 
*** AG5AI1, Sveth. A6CA,r« rauert. licit , ■■{(<< 


A i D 

AGO , Adv. fedan , abhinc. Long ago , lengefedan. A 
•week ago , fir en wscka fedan. 

ASOG, Adv. To let agog or a longing, upwdcka dtrd hos en. 
To let one's cuno{ity agog, upwdcka nyfikenhet hos an. 

AGONY , S. dodskamp , d.igslan , qwal. 

AGREAT, Adv.igroff, conjunctim omnia. To take 
a work aijreat, antaga bade/mutt och Jiort af et wdrk 
eller arbete at gjora (entrEprenera) 

To AGREE , V. A. /arena , bildgga , hopfdmja, COMPO- 
nere. I wifb. they would agree thel'e matters betwixt- 
'em , jag Snfkar de wille bildgga dcJJ'a faker emcllanfig. 

To AGREE, V. N. (to, upon or in) komma ofwerens , 
fordraga fig med , concordare. I agree with you 
there , jag holler med Ehr daruti. We agreed to let out 
the next day, wl gjorde aftal at refa ndfia dagen. To 
agree UPON the price, komma ofw;rens om prifet. They 
all agreed TO the juilice of Ills caufe , de go/wo h.onom 
alia rett. To agree UPON a truce, fluta fiillfldnd. To 
Agree in one tune , flSmma ihop. o5f" Fools cannot a- 
gree TOGETHER, dSrarkunna icke fdmjas. 1 agreed 
with him FOR half the profit, ja% accorderade med ho- 
nomomhalfwawinflen. This meatdos not agree WITH 
me, acma niatcn tol min maga icke. To agree WITH 
one'slelf, Kara allid af lika finne ,icke bcjluia den en a 
fi:ind:n och angratden antra. Prov. THKr AGREE LIKE 
DOG AND CAT, de forlikas fom bund och katt. 

AGREEABLE, Adj. likmdtig,$fwercns-kommand:, CON- 
formis. This doifrrine is not agreeable to that of the 
Church, denna Idran dr icke enfc med den wcdertagne i 
fSrfamlingen. 05*" AGREE ABLE (JVCU N dus) behaglig, 
angendm. His company is very agreeable , hans fdll- 
fkap dr mdgta- angendmt. Agreeablenefs , f. Sfwerens- 
flemmdfc , behaglighet. Agreeably , Adv. enligt, likmd- 
tigt , behagligt. Agreeing, Adj. Vid. Agreeable. 

AGREED , Adj. (on or upon) fodikad , beflutcn , afiald , 
Jamiyckt, compos itvs , con civs vs. The quarrel is 
agreed , trdtan dr bilagd. They are agreed, de dro 
fSrlikta. It is agreed that Guflnvus Adolphus was a 
great King, alia lemna Guflaf Adolf at ban war en /lor 
Konung. Agreed, Adv. frill, ma gjora. Agreeingnels , 
f. jdmlikhet , Sfwerensfiemmelfc. 

AGREEMENT , S. forlikning , ofwercnskommelfe , CON- 
SEN t I o. To come or bring to an agreement, accor- 
dera eller fldlla accord til gangs. 

AGRESTICK or agreftical, Adj. lands-bygden tilhorig, 
bondiltig, ohoffid. Agriculture, f. dkerbruk, lands-bruk. 

AGRIOT , S. et flags fura kirsbdr , cerasum ACIdVM. 

AGROUND, Adv. To run aground, lb* pa pa grand, 
firanda. Vid. Ground. 

*AGUE , S.fkdlfwa , frofja , FEBRIS. A burning ague, 
brdnfjuka. Quotidian, Tertian, Quartan ague, bwar- 
dags-hwarandags-trcdjedags-frojja. Prov. an AGVE IN 
THE spring, is PHTS1CK FOR A K I N G ,froffa i wartiden 
dr en medicin. AguifJl , Adj. fom bar frofja och rys- 
ning med fig. 
AID, S. h/elp, underflod , subsidIVM. Royal aid 
(TUBSlDr) bewillning, contribution , font Parlamentet 
bewiljar Konungen. 
To AID, V. A. hjelpa , bifpringa, 0P1TVLARI. To aid 
and aflift in a crime , waradclagtig i en ogjerning. Aided, 
Adj. hulpen. A der , f. tilhjelpare. 
* *To AIL , V. N. male habere. What ails you ? hwad 
fattas dig ? I ail nothing , mig f alias intei. What ails 

*AGUE, M.Goth. AGIS.OG.V, terror. Goth. AGUN, com. 

ptio. AG G , fiimulus. 
**To ail, m: Goth. AGIO, moUfiia. Goth. ALA, timcre. 

you to be fo fad .' hwad waller ? du dr fa olufllg. What 
ails the fellow ? hwad fattas kar'n pa ndfan ? 
AILING, Adj. krdmpot, krafiig , mOrbidus. She is 
ever ailing, Aon dr aldrig frijk. Ail , Ailment or Ail- 
ing , /. krdmoa, nogot fom fattas en til finne eller kropp. 
*AIM, S. mil, ognemcrke , det man mdttar at, met a. 
tfj* To take one's aim well, Idggafinfak wdl an. Ihave 
no other aim , than, jag bar inlet annat dndamal , dtt. 
He mifs'd his aim , ban gick mifiom. I'm quite out of 
my aim , jag bar aldelcs forlorat mil dndamal. To ta- 
ke aim , fyfta , matia. 
To AIM, V. N. fyfta, m'ua , collimare. To ^;m 
at [moliri) ex. gr. I know what you aim at, ja" 
wet hwad du fyfiar pa. To aim at one's deftruclion , 
fyfta pa ens forderf. TO aim at high things , wilja flort ut. 
Aimed at. Adj. p.ifyftxd. Aimer, f. en fom Idgger nogot an. 
AIR , S. wdder , luft, AER. The birds of the air, fog- 
larna i luftcn. OS* - Our defign has taken air, wart firehaf. 
wandc drblefwet kunnigt. A rumour has taken Air, el 
ryktenar kommil ut. (£/* AIR in mufick {modulus ) wifj 
fammanfdttning af toner, melodi. 05°" AIR {symmetria 
vultus) utfeende, min. d5*That man gives;himfelfgreat 
airs , den karlen brojlar fig , gjSr fig mycket til. 
To AIR , V.A.wddra,torka,APRICARE. To air a fllirt, 
torka en fkorta , holla fSr clden. To air an houfe, wd- 
dra et hus. To air drinck, fla kolden af drickaJ | Ai- 
red, Adj. wddrad. Airer, fen fom wddrar. Air-hole, glugg. 
AIRY, Adj. af wdder , AEREUS. t£f AIRr {leVIVS- 
CULVS ) Idtt , tunn, fin , qwick ,ftink. be. och i ond me- 
ning {flygtig) e.g. She drefses very airy, hon klddcr 
fig mjgta fiygtigt- An AIRY man (lepi dus ) en lu- 
flig karl. Airinefs, f. flygtighet i kldder eller athdf- 
wor. To take an airing, ga ut och fSrlufia fig, gd ut i 
frijk luft. 

AIREor Airy, 5. rof-fogelt-bo, Pullities accipitrum. 

AKE , S. werk , dolor. Head-ake, hufwudwerk. Tooth- 
ake , tandwerk. Belly-ake, bukwerk. 

To AKE, V.N.werka, gjSra ondt , dolere. My head 
akes , jag liar ondt i hufwudet. Aking , Adj. werkande- 
To have an aking tooth at one, hafwt at>e til en, 

AKORN , 5. Vid. Acorn. 

ALABASTER, S. albafler , it flags marmor fom finne s i 
Spanien och deromkring , ALABASTRUM. 

ALACK or Alas, inierj. adm. Alackaday , aj da! na, 
f& tror jag , Vm. 

ALACRITY , f. frimodighet,lufl, munterbet, ALACRITAS, 

A-LA-MODE, after nya modet , MORE novo (t ELE- 
GANTI (antagit af Franfojlian. 

ALARM, S. hdrfkri , alarm , TUMULTUS. Alarm-bell, 
fiormklocka. to alarm, V. A.f&rfkrdcka, oroa. Alarmed, 
Adj. forflirdckt. 

ALBE , S. mdfj-fkorla , PODER1S. 

ALBEIT, Con;, fafldn , etjamsi. 

ALCALI, S. alcalifk fait. Alcaline , Adj. ctlcalifk. Al- 
chymy , Vid. Chymyfcry. 

ALCOVE, S. afflengdt fdngrum , CVBILE. 

ALDERMAN, S. enafde ddlfieicnfiad, SENATOR VR- 
Bicvs. To walk an Aldermans pace , gd alfwarfamt, 
taga wiffa fteg. 

ALE, 5. ohl ,fSt-ohl, cerevisia. Ale and beer, ildndning 
B ./ 

*To AIM. Goth., deflinare. Efne, hod. EM- 

NE , nifus. 
** AKE, Goth. EKKE, marer. Rad. Inter j. AH. 
* ¥ *ALE, Goth. AL A, fagfinitrc. AUL, muflum. 



effi:t och linen ihl (mer af Act firra) Beer and 

met a; Act />.:■■ c) Ale-honfe , Krog. 
houfe- Ke. .-.'■-' • ■ , ShL- 

ALEMBIC K, i.difiiller-panna, distillatorivh. 
ALGf EiiA, S. en vtiJJ id af - ten a) 

Ars'?c--J. Algebra. ck. , Adj. A. 
ALIAS, • allenafi , . 

AL'> - mmaneU , pEREcr.isirs.%Cf- It is - 

to m '■'■ Ai,en, f.frdm- 

mande, fom ej Sr na. in {. 

To ALIENATE or Alien , >'•'. .•/. nogdt gc- 

nomj'k.Sn- . . forytra. fjrj* To alienate one from 

another, drag* ens kjerta, ifntn en. Alien ted, W..'/. 

fSrytrad&c. Alienation ,f*afh&ndclfe, kiln ad. 

OCr* Alienation o!' mind, kufwud-JwMgiet , •, 
ALIGANT, S. ei /lags Span/hi win ifrSn Alicant, vi- 

\ : :l IZ1C1AHVM. 
To ALIGHT, V. A. hem one's horfe, frige a f htfitn, 

descexdere ex eqvo. Alighted , A . 
ALIKE, ylrf/'. //'A J , COM.'AR. Alike, .-/./r. ^COt/f , pj- 

riter, lil-a, tillika. To love alike , 
ALIML'.<T, 5. nSring , fade. Alimony, nppehellc fom 

' -ics en kuQru wid tki'.nad i Sgtenfkap. 
ALIVE, Adj.lefwande , rjvt/s. Dead er alive, , did cller 
The be/I mm alive , den bet I 
4ta. He yields to no man alive, Ian ger ingen ejtcr. 
;/' j iv/ii liffom i 
ALL, _-/../. «W, <>•.«.•.■/.? , TOTUS. All the world, helawerl- 
dcn. When all come, to .1, m /?tr. Ke 

is J 11 for liimi'i . fjelj. 

His ( 1 a . -• (take, <i/r rf« A--': : ,■ 
/>M. For good and all, alAelcs, i all fin dar. Ten are 
all that are mii\i.- ;, del faitas icke m:r A~n tio. They 
are all and ail with one another, d: etno 
ihop. By all means, fir al 1 
pltil' .-. It is ail oneto me, Jet g, 

ir det hela J 

all, ingenlJAs. All the better, , ctrc. Ail 

■ witgen , al MPOSll :. :. ;. All- 

. All-faints,;. 
ALLAY of metals, ti'lfats i mc. ille , w/i: . .' t iilio- 
ris , te\ipera-il\ n ' I*o give one's ; 

fome allay , fctgta fin wrcde. To Allay ruetals, If. A. 
'tis i m. -taller. 
To ALLAY , /'. A. upfpJda, dilvire. Vine allay'd, 
Adj.upfpi to ALL A V (sedare) ones grief, 

. 8cc. fagla ens ft el Oc. 

KLLtCTKIlOti ,'S.loikande', tubkande, Allec>ive, Adj. 

fom luckar. 
To ALLEDGE , V. A. citera, anfZra, beropa fig p.", 
AJ.IEC.I.-.L. All edged, Adj. tndragen. Allegation or 
-menr . citation, an.' . • 
ALLEGIANCE . S. trojhtp , E1DEJ.1T AS. to pay alle- 
giance to the King , konung.nom iru..: - holla. 
ALLEGORY, 5. to Allegorize, V. .al, AAj. 

To ALLEVIATE, V. A.lfita Aindrt , minfket. Ailevi- 

. Adj. Alleviation,/: linA'ing. 
ALLEY, S. tro-,gsrSnd,fr.<ifi>-: : "-'- jvgiforticim. 
ALLIANCE, .S. firhnippelfi, ftrbund, PACTUM. 
ALI ]Z.S.f":r- l : 1 nds!Todcr,SOClVSFOZDER.l t. ' " W LIE 
(AFFIX is) en fom Sr itjkritgrad , flSgimg. Allied to 
one. Adj. befwagrad. TuAllie, V. A. firbind* °enom 
Jirdrag , fircna. 

ALLIGATOR, S ct flags CrecoAil, aI tnnor art a*n den 

i Nil-firSneri , vs. 

* ALLODI AL 1 • ..llfri jord , / USD 2 I M- 


'I LLLOT, V. A. tilfSrordna, , tildda, assicx are. 

Allotted, Adj.tildelc. Allotment ,/ A:i fom >!r trtdclt. 

**To ALL(i\>', V. A. gifw.'., bcficlcnom, DARE, COSICE- 

de::f.. To allow a fervant five pound a yoar, bejti 

cnjlhjon f punJ urn .i.-ct. The Court allowed 

him 5c pound dama.-;. tutten 

: : Enom 

CXptKj , ALLOW {AP?RaS.4K\ ) g 

:. jag holler den urj/lgtcn god. C^* T» 
allov,' 'admittere') tola, tilfiSdja. To allov.- in 
account, reining. Will you allow your 

'den I Eden barn 
J jnt Qelfswold? Ct5" I allow it, but,/'.!!; tilfinr del, 
ALLOWANCE, S. underholl, et wifi. fom befias nogon, 
10. Short allowance, fvielr-ranfon , knapparc 
fpisning pa ct fkt Allowance in ac- 

count, bcrcl nir.g, del font enom godigj^res i reining. 
US' There mud be fome grains of allowance , man 
Jar -c'.c wara fit nogrekn.:d dermed. Allowed, Adj. 
• Oc- Allowable, Adj. tillatelig, 6cr$m- 

To ALLUDE, V. A. hafwa aflt'i v.", rata fit tal pS. 

Allude! , Adj. Atluflon, f. Vtd. V 
*** ALLURE, V A.htra til Jig , locka.draga, tubba, 
PEi.iicLRE, Allured, Id), lockad. Allurement,/! lock- 
ire. aI- 
luri : '.. Alluringly, Ad., pa fndrjandc 


iVACK. , S. almanick. Alrrmuhnc, et flu^s robin. 
ALMIGH TY , Adj. alsm tgtig, omxipotem. Almightt- 

.1") , S. mandcl, amycdallwi. Cj* The AL- 
M^sss of che throat (glas dvlje) mandlarne i hal- 

^ rn >, a'mofo -utielare, ELEEMtTsrxARivs (en 

t/cn/l hi.! Hojwci 'ke och England) Almonry, 

j\ rum cller JSmbt \irigt. 

AI MS , S. almofer, eleemosyxa. Almshoufe, fattig- 

hus. A 1. To alk alms, tigga. 

ALMOST, Adv.i ;t ifretn , fere. It is all- 

, del .:> (hart j'< cller. 
ALNAGER , S. en fom uptagcr konungs-fliatten pa ylie- 

ALOES , 5. aloe , ALOE. 

'*♦* ALOFT , Adj. & Adv. hSg , i hSgden , AL TVS , I.V 

ALTVM. Hoife up the fellow , lyjt up karlen 

i u'. ft , ojwan if 

ALONE . id}, alien 1 . :n\am , sol:., a!! alone, hcltaU 

Una. Let 1 •, war flilla. Let hmi 

lirfirc, del if hun 
karl fire. Alone, Adv. aiicr.afi. 


*ALLODIAL, Goth. ALL, omni:- & OD, pofcflio. q. d 

:: J ,paupcrtas. 

KLENOD, cri:ome aoffejionts (pretiofa) 
"Tip ALLOW . ' ' p 1, po.lictri. 

***Tu ALLURE , Sueth. LURA, infiAiofe perfequi. Luder, ,1 

cCca mfidiofa jerarum. 
*** 'ALOFT , Suetli. LOFT , fuprcma contignatio domus. 1 

tO.'TA , cvchcrc. 


A M B 

ALONG, Prtp.'jemt med, tillika , ver,V;a, extM. Along 
the fhore, along the Coaft, Longs m:d firandcn, ku- 

fien. Go or come along, gak eller lorn med. Ct5*Take 
tl;i; alon<j with you, kom ihog delta. To lie along, 
: Sndlongs. All along, framgent, jiadigt. 
ALOOF. Ad*, longl ifrd, E LOXGI.VOI/O. 
ALOUD , Ai\ . hSgt, med hSg rofl , alt a voce. 
ALPHABET, S. alphabet. Alphabetical, Adj. Alphabe- 
- tically, Adv. To Alphabet, V. A. flalla. i fddan ord- 

niag. ■ 

ALPINE , Adj. fom a"r ifrdn Alpifkn bcrgcn. 
ALREADY, Adv. allandan , jamjam. 
ALSO, Coni. jemw&l, ockj'd , ITEM, ETJAM. 
* ALTAR, S. Altarc. 
To ALTER, V. A. jordr.dra , fCrbeira, immutare. To 

Alter one's mind , fordnira fin lanka. To Alter one's 

condition, forbyta fi.t tilfidnd, gifla fig. 
To ALTER, V.N. f&rindras , im.ui/tari. He ftall ne- 
ver alter , ban for&ndrar fig a'.drig, ban blir allid dm 

famme. Altered, Ad). forJndrad. Alteration, f. Joran- 

ALTERCATION, S. twifl, kSbbel , ir&ta, 

xNATE or Alternative, Adj. fom fkcrfkifiewis, 

hn ar fin gang. Alternatively , Adv. ymfom. Alterna- 
te- n , oni khfining. Alternative » /• idem. To Alter- 

n:te, V. N. ymj'a om, hwarfin gang. 
ALTHOUGH or Altho', Con). fajlSn; licet. 
ALTITUDE, S. higd. The altitude of the Sun, So- 

Uns nogd. 05"" He is in his altitudes, ban &r i fit goda 

ALTOGETHER, Adv. alddcs , hth ocA hollit , pror- 

sus , o:.t.vixo. 

1,5. alun, ALVMEN. Aluminous, Ad) . alunhaliig. 

Ro^ch-almn , herg-alun. 
AL'"AYS , Adv. altld, SEMPER. 
**l AM, jag Sr, sou. Vid. To Be. 
AMAIN, Adv. hSfligt , med all kraft , VEHEM EXTER. 
To AMASS , V. A. flSpa ihop , coaceb-.'are. To Amafs 

riches, jkrapa ihop rikedomar. Amafs , fi. hog, hop. 
-id], hopfkrapad. 
So AMAZE, V. ..-. fi i:ka,fldila i foruniran, OB- 

STUPEEACERE. I was amazed atut, jag blef hSpen, 
derifiver. Amazednefs or Amazement ,f. f'r- 

undran , hapenhci. Amazing, Adj. hijkelig, ofwerfwin- 


AMBASSADOR, S. feniebod, ambafiadcr , LEGATVs. 

AMBER, S. • • 'hn.svcciNUM. Amber-sreefe , ambra. 

AMBIDEXTER, S. (Jack on both fides ) fpitsbof, fi- 

lur , fom narrar fia til rengar pa tu fStt for en ting , 

KEBULO. Ambidextrous deal . ; -;7; handel. 

AMBIENT, Ad}. The ambient air, luften omiring off. 
A SOUS, Adj. twelydig. Ambigoufly, Adv. twe- 

'ION, S. Srelyfienhit. To Ambition , V. A. fid 

eli:r , dtru. Ambitious, Adj. Srelyfien , flor 
very ambitious to ferve you, jag fkalhol 

fir en Sra at tjena Eder. Ambitiouily , Adv. pa hog- 
t wis cVc. 
To AMBLE, V. N. ( as a horfe) g'r.gra, tolvtim 

i VCEDERE. An Ambling na,;, en gangarc. 
AMBROSIA, 5. Gudn-dryck hoi Pocterna. 
AMBRY or cupboard, S. liiet fadp , h'rn-fkap (et 

lar.d-ord) CELL A PENUARIA. 

"altar. Goth. ALD, ignis & AR,foc"S. 
**A.M, M; Goth. AM & IM, J'um. 

AMBULATORY, Adj. wandrtnde , fom icke har wift 

t '.hold. 
AMBURY, 5. tutor och blod-bolder pa hefiar act bs- 

fkap, t'ERRtrcA. 
AMBUSCADE or Ambuft , S.fSrfit, itrsipiM. To 

lie in arrbufh, ligga i for/at, insidiari. 
To AMEND, V. A. forbeira , rata, gjSra wederlag , 


PISCERE) retta, bctrafig, xcdzrfas af en fjuhdom. A- 
ad, Adj. forbetrad. Amendment, f. forbetr : ng, 

fSrSndring. r^=> A.MEWDS,f.GOMPE!fiAtlO, 

ning , gcdtgjSrande. He has not made me amends for 

it, han Intel gjort mig del god:. Amends fori 

fauit, betring afetjel. 
AMENITY, S. ljuftighet af en art. 
To AMERCE, V. A. fSlU en til biter , stVLCTARE. 

Amerced, Adj. fiagin pa hater. Amerciament, pen~ 

AMESS , Amice or Amift , S. preficrlig fkrud , VESTIt 


AMIABLE, Adj. IjufiSthifwr ochord, iVAVis. Ami- 
ableneft or amability , ljufhet. Amiably , Adv. Ijufti- 
ga , t'u'niiga. 

AMICABLE, Adj. winlig , wdnkar. Amicably, Adv. 
. ■ii,p'godimancr. Am'ty , /. w unfkap , frcd , cnig- 
hct (om furjil. perfoner ) 

AMIDST, Pr^p. mil pd, mil uti , iw MEDIO. 

AMISS, Adj. ilia gjord , PRAI'US , vitiosvs. Amifs, 
Adv. Ex. To Do amifs , gj'ra Hit. C£y It would not 
be ar.ifs if you did that, det wort icic (3 galil om du 
gjordj To jiidge amifs of a thing, d'ma oreti om 
en fa':. I thought i: not ; mil's , jag tyclte d;t war ickc 
oSfwit. If any thing ihould happen srr.ifs , om nogot 
galil Jfcdle fig tllbSra. Nothing comes amifs to him , 
ha- lager ah til gcda. Pray don't tiV.; it a mil's , &<£- 
re tag det lake ilia rip. 

AMMICK or Ammoniack , Adj. Salt Ammoniack, ctbit- 
tett fall , gjordi af urin , foe &c. 

AMMUNITION, S. krigs-ichSif: Ammunition-bread, 
CARe) en fcldt-hora. 

AMNESTY or Aft of oblivion , Vid. Act. 

AMONG or Amongft , Adv. ibland , hos, IXTER, apvd- 
From amongft , ifran , utur. 

AMOUR, S. Sljiiorr, Slfkogs-plSgning , kirlcks~bragd. 
Amorous, Adj. kjr'ig. Amorift , Jl/karc , kortifan. 

AMORT, Adj. dod , affomnad , bedrojwad , MORTVVS , 


To AMOUNT, V. N. he/ilgafigiil,PRor£-ViRE,EXsi/R- 
CERE. His b:!I amounts to $ opound, nans rckningbclo- 
per fig til to pund. A'.! his fpeech amounts to this, be- 
ta har. s u! lommer derpd ut. Amouar , f. j umma , wer- 
de , inncholl. 

AMPER or Ampor, S. fwu'.nad , hctfighet, TtfMO*.. 

AMPHIBIOUS , Ad/, fom L-fuer pi land ovh i wain. 

AMPHITHEATER . S./kddc-plais. 

AMPLE, Adj. uidlSfiig, anj'enlig, amplOS. An ample re- 
ward, en flor, hederlig bdoning. Amplitude./T widloftighet, 
fiorlek. Amply, Adv. uida, myckci , anfenliga tVc. To 
Amplify, V. A. widloftigareutfora. Amplified, Adj. wi- 
dare uifird. Amplification, f. 

AMPUTATION, S. afflufrandes, 

AMULET, .9. inbilladt prefcrwativ emot troll-konfi oek 
kjusning , fordom burit pd halfen cllcr hSndcrna. 

To AMUSE, V. A. hogleka , roa, uppeholla med fagen 

fnack, isaxibi/s rERBis MViCE&E. Amulement, f. 

B 1 hoglc- 


hoglekande tidsjordrif. Amufed, Adj. hoglekt Cfc. A- 
mufer , f den fom dtt gjSr. 
AN , en artihel , vid. A. 
ANABAPTIST, S. wedcrdSpare. Anabaptifm or Anaba- 

ptiftry , fadan lira. 
ANACHRONISM, S. To commit ah anachronism, 

(IS bom i tiderekningen. 
ANALOGY , S. likhct , hoplikning. Analogous , Adj. 

Analogically , Adv. 
ANALYSIS, S. uplSsntng. Analytick , Adj. 
ANARCHY or Anarchysm, 5. reJISs rtgtring, rcgemente 

uun hufwud. Anarchick or Anarchical , Adj. 
ANATHEMA, S. fSrbanncife. To Anathematize, V. 

A. fSrbanna. 
ANATOMY , S. likrejning, anatomi. To Anatomize, V. 

A. Anatomilt. / 
ANCESTORS, S.fSrfddcr, majores. Anceftral, Adj. 
ifran fSrfddcr kommen, drfd. Anceftral Right, arjrdtt. 
Ar.ceftry , /. afkomfi , anor. 
ANCHOVE or Anchovy, S. anchois , fma infaltad 

fifk. ifran Strat , ENCRAS ICOLUs. 
ANCIENT, Adj. offgammal, vetustus. To grow an- 
cient, aldras. Ancient hihVry, gamla hifloricr. The Anci- 
ents , de gamU. Anciently , Adv. fordom. Ancientnefs 
ot" a family, et flagtcs mongalder. Ancientry, /. ford' 
natiicrs wdfende. Ancient demains, gammalt konungs- 
AN COME , S. mfmi-tyf, furun cuius. 
AND, Conj. och, ET. Bread and butter, fmor och br'd. 
Go and lee, gak oih ft it. To grow worl'e and worfe, 
III alt werrc 'och went. By and by, rSu nu. Now and 
then, da och dS. Yes, and pleafe your Honour .- fit 
fwarar gemena jolket de fSrndmarc ndr de frajga nogot. 
AND if (quid ? si ) And if you fee him ? An om du 


farfe honom da ? AND yet (at 1HILOM1NUS ) And yet 
we are the fame, och dnda dro wi de famme. 
ANDIRON, S.fpisjern , brandjern , ANDAZNA. 
ANEW, Adv.Ji nytt , DENUO. 
ANFRACTUOUS, Adj. krokot , will/am. Antractuo- 

lity , /'. krokoghet. . 

ANGEL, S. angel, angelus. My angelical miflrefs , 

tain Oudinna ( en fprduhoks tal om bans maitrefte ) 
ANGELOT, S. et flags franjk oft. . 

ANGER , S. wrede, trdta, bannor, IRA, JURCIUM. He is 
eafily provoked to anger, han Sr fnarflicken. I know I 
ft ill have anger for it, jag wet jag fkal fa owdja der- 
fSre. To Anger, F. A. fortSrna, reta til wrede. An- 
gred , Adj.fSrtSrnad, retad. Angerly, Adv. wredfamliga. 
ANGLE, S. hSrn, ANCULUS. Angular, hSrntg. 
•ANGLE, 5. krok, hamus. Angling-rod, metfpt. To ang- 
le , fijka med krok , meta. To Angle with a golden 
hook", fijka med fdf-kroken , betala mer dn del drwerdt. 
An;!:r , f. metare. Angling-line , met-ref. 
ANGLICISM, S. Af.Giicis.MLs. 

* 'ANGRY, Adj.wred.ond, IRATUS. Qvicily angry, 
fnarflicken. To be angry with or at one, wara ond pa 
in. I am angry with myfelf for it, jag dr ond r-i 
mig Jjelf dcrfore. Did I ever give you an angry word ? 
S'fi'S d'g nogonfin el ondt ord .' 

A N G 

ANGUISH , S. dngeft, qwal , a kg or ja'Imj. 

ANIGHT , Adv. om natten, nattc-tid , noctU. 

To ANIMADVERT, V. A. gtjwa akt upp.f, ISgga pa" 
finne, vemerka.t£^To ANIMADVERT a tiling upon one, 
(reprehencERe) heftraffa, forwita en fur nagot. Ani- 
madverted, bemerkt. Animadverfive, Adj. Jam der til 
horcr. Animadverfion , f. upmerkfiimhet, beflraffning. 

ANIMAL , S. djur. Animal , Adj. dertilhSrig. Animalcle , 
S. lit et djur. Animality, S. eacultas animalis. 

To ANIMATE, V. A.gifwalif. Animation, / lif-gtf- _ 
welfe, fjdlens upwdckelfe i kropp-dmnct.VT To ANIMA- 
TE (or encourage ) Jatta modi en, upmunira. Ani- 
mated, Ad], uplifwad , uphifj'ad. Animation, f. upmua- 
tring. Animofity , S. hetfighet , heftighet, ondfka, hat. 

ANN ATS , 5. ct ars inkvmft af BifkopsdSmen och Prefl- 
gdld, fom fordom betaltes at P3Jwcn , men nu til Cro- 
nan och kallas FIRST FRUITS. 

ANKLE or ancle-bone, S. fot-knyla , ankel, calceus , 


ANNALS, S.Chronikor, FASTI. Annalifts , S. Chronik- 

fkrifware , hcXfdateknart. 
To ANNEAL, V. N. inbrdnna malning />,? glas , yiTRA 
FICTA coo_''ER£. Annealing of tiles, glaferade takte- 
gcls brdnntng. 
To ANNEX, V.A.hifoga,tilldgga, annectere. An- 
nexed , Adj. bifogad. Annexation , S. bijogande. 
ANNIENTED , Adj. (Lag Term. ) uphdfwen , abolitus. 
To ANNIHILATE, V. A. gjora til iatet. Annihilated , 

Adj. til inlet gjord. Annihilation, S. 
ANNIVERSARY , Adj. Srlig, folenn. Anniverfary of a 

faint , et helgons arliga minnes-dag. 
ANNUAL, Adj. arlig. Annuity,/ drlig renta. Annual- 
ly , Adv. arliga. 
ANNOTATION, S. uptekning. 

To ANNOY , V. A.fkada, Swerka , kocere. Annoy- 
ance, S. fkada , fortret, awdrkan. Annoy'd , Adj. fSr- 
To ANNOUNCE, V. A. boda , htndgjira. Announced, 
bodad. Annunciation or Lady-day war fru-dag , Far- 
d.-.v, i Engli . I. 
To ANNUL , V. A. uphdfwa , affkaffa , caftera, aterkalla. 

Annulled , Adj. ufhdfwen. 
To ANNUMERATE, V. A. rekna ibland, infatta i an- 

tal. Annumerated , Adj. reknad ibland. 
ANODINE, Adj. lindrande , DOLOREM sedans. 
To ANOINT, V. A.fmSrja, un gere. The Lord's Anoint- 
ed , Herrans fmorda. Anointer , fmorjarc. 
ANOMALOUS, Adj. olikformig. Anomaly ,/". Anonymous, 

Adj. utan namn , cller den del dSljer. 
ANON, Adv. flrax , pa fiunden , STAT1M. 
ANOTHER , Ad}, en annan, alius. To be of Another 
m\nd, ffrdndra fit finne. One is bigger than Another, 
den cna dr florre dn den andra. One ANOTHER ( SE 
JNVICEM ) To kill one Another, drdpa hwarandra. He 
is juft fuch another as , han dr tuft en fadan en fom. 
They co/t me 10. ftillngs one with Another, de kofla 
mig 20 Skill. Sfwer hufwudct. One after Another, 
den ena efter den andra. 
♦ANSWER, S.fuar, res pons um. To write, give 
or return an Anfwer ,fknfwa , fendafwar. 

To AN- 

* ANGLE, Goth. ANGUL , hamus. ANGULS-AUGI, 
uncus hawii. 

♦'ANGRT, Goth. ANGUR, anguflus. ANGUK , do- 
lor, angersa.v, urumnojus. Vernac. ANGRA, 

•ANSWER, Goth. AKOS-VTOK.excufalio. ANDSWARA, 
rtddtre rationcm facli. M: Goth, andawavkd. 

A N S 

A P A 

To ANSWER , V. A. & 7V. fwara, respoxdere. GS=To 
answer ( SPOXDERE ) war a anfwarig for. <Xj*TO AN- 
SWER 'coxgruere) fwara emot , wara lik emot. 
Will you Anfwer the debt ? wil du fid forfkulden ? You 
can never anfwer ihat , det kan du aldrig forjwara. This 
Anfwers (everal purpoles ,detta ttenar i drjkillig motto. 
I can not Anfwer it to my confidence, jag kan icke 
tagat Sfwer mit famwete. to AniVer in iaw for another, 
comparera , (la til reua for en annan. 

ANSWERABLE, Adj.fomkanfv.aras, Ouod RESPox- 

XI OBXOXIl/s) anfwarig.f^j^A'SSwERABLE (COXSEX- 
TANEUS ) likmdiig. AnlweraMy , Adv. likmdtigt. An- 
fwerablenels , S.likmdtightt. Anfwered, Adj. J'warad. 
Anl'werer , S. Jom fwarar. 

ANT or Emmet , myra , FORMIC A. Ant's-hole or Ant's- 
hillock, myr-fiack. 

ANTAGONIST , S. widerdeloman , motftdndare. 

ANTARCTICK Pole , fodra PoUn. 

ANTECEDENT or Antecedaneous, Adj. fSregdcnde. 

To ANTEDATE, V. A. datera fSrut. Antedated, Adj. 

ANTEDILUVIAN , Adj. & S. fir fynda-floden. 

ANTHEM , S. pfalm , andelig wifa , HYMNUS. 

St. ANTHONY'S FIRE , Rofen (enfukdom)ERYSiPELA. 

ANTICHAMBER, S.'fSr-mak, rESTiBi/ir.'.:. 

ANTICHRIST, 5. Anti-Chriftus. Anri-ChrifKan, Adj. 
Anti-Chriftianifm , S. 

To ANTICIPATE, V. A. gjora fSrut , forekomma. An- 
ticipated , Adj. Antic pation , S. 

AN TICK, S. et fly eke gjordt af gamla tiders konflndrer, 
fynd , antipitel , AXTIOWM. Antick-work , forn-ar- 
be:e. 05°" To dance Anticks, danfa krokdanfar. He is 
a mere antick, han dr en err-harlekin. 

ANTICORE, S. brSflbSld hos h.ffiar , TVMOR MALI- 


ANTIDOTE, S. forgift drifwandc Idkedom. 
ANTILOPE, S. el flags djur med fldlade horn, AXTELaVS. 
ANTI MONARCHICAL, Adj.fnhets-dLkande, fom dr 

emot Enwolds-regering. 
ANTIMONY, S.fpitsglas, stibium. 
ANTIPATHY, 5. naturlig motflre fwighet , owilja ,leda , 


ANTIPENDIUM , S. forhdngfel , fSrldt , item ponti- 

To ^NTIQUATE, V. A. (a Law or a Cuftom) affnaffa 

uphdfwa. Antiquated , Adj. uphdfwen. An Antiquated, 

or ftale beauty , en urmodlg fkSnhet. 
ANTIQVITY, S. forn-hdfd , alderdoms fynd. Antiquary 
. S. forn-dlfkare. 

ANTISCORBUTICK,^;. Antivenereal, Vid. Prima. 
ANTITYPE, S. motbild. 
ANTLERS, S. horn-fprong pa unga hjortar , CORXL'A 


ANVIL, S. fmed-fidd , ixcvs. There is fomething upon 
the Anvil, del dr nogot pa. tapeten. A rifing anvil, et 
guldfmeds fidd med Twd horn. 

ANXIOUS , Adj. dngslig , oluflig , bekymrad. Anxious 
fearch , flitigt, noga fSkande. Anxiety, S. bekym- 

*ANY, Pron. hwar och en , ehwem , t/LlVS. Anything, 
ehwad del ma wara. Any where, ehwad del helfl dr. 
Any one, Any man. Any body, ho fom helfl, hwar 
ceh en. Any thing that you fhallthinck fit, alt hwad 
Itycken likt wara. You may come at any time, kom ndr 
du wil. Above any thing , fram for alt. 

*ANT, M; Goth. AIKS, units. AINOHUN, ullus. 

Jemwdl i filjande meningar. 

Is he any thing the wiler for it ? dr han nogot defl klo- 
kare ? Any thing of a gentleman would icorn to do 
it, ingen hedcrlig man will gjora Jlikt. He is as 
drunck as any thing , han dr aldcles drucken. (X5* 
Any thing will go down with him , han gjSr alt hwad 
I wil f om gierning) han tager alt til goda r om 
mat och dricka ) Any how , pa hwad fdtt det ma wa- 
ra. Any more, nogot mer ,yttcrligare. Any further , 
nogot widare. 

APACE, Adv. fori , fnart , cito. to go apace , gd fly ft. 
It rains Apace , del rdgnar digt. Night wears apace , 
natten flinker fin kos. 

APAID , Adj. well apaid , nSgd , contentvs. Ill Apaid , 
miflhSgd , ilia til f rids. 

APART , Adj. afjides , for fig Jjelf, SEORSIM. 

APARTMENT, S. rum, Jlufwa , afdelning i et hus , 
hypocavstvm. He is in His apartments, har ir i 
fine rum. 

APE , S. apa , simi A. To Ape one, V. A. apa efier 
en , hdrma. Apiih , Adj. wapagtig. Apiilinefs , wapag- 
tighet. Apiftlly , Adj. wapagtigt. 

APERTLY , Adv. uppenbarliga , PUBLICE. Aperture, S. 
opning (Term. Tech.) 

APEX , S. fpitfen pa nogon ting. 

APOCALYPSE, 5. Uppenbarelfe-Boken. Apocrypha. C- 
Apocryphical, Adj. 

APOLOGY, S. forfwar. To make Apology, gjora fit 
jSrfv.-ar. To Apologize , V. A. idem. Apologetick or A- 
pologetical , Adj. der til horig. 

APOPLEXY , S. Slag 'fiukdom ) To fall into an apo- 
plexv , fa flag. Apopleflick. Adj. der til h'ri?. 

APOSTASY , S. affall ifra Idran. Apoftate , f. affjlling. 
To Apoiiatize, V. A. affxlla , forfaka trona. 

APOSTEME, S. iSld, fwulnad. 

APOSTLE , S. Apoflel. Apoftlefliip or Apoftolate, A- 
po/lla-dmbete. Apoftolick , Apoflolifk. 

APOSTUME , Vid. Impofthume. 

APOTHECARY, S. apmhecare. To talk like an Apo- 
thecary , tala fom en qwackfalware. i. e. mycket om 
ingen ting. An Apothecary's /hop, apothek. Apoze- 
me , / et decoctvm. 

To APPAIR, Vid. To Impair. 

APPAREL, S. klddnad, klddbonad , AMICTVS. To be 
in white apparel, wara kldddi hwitt. All my wearing 
apparel, alia mina gdng-kldder. To Apparel, V.A. kldda. 
ApparelPd , klddd. Meanly apparelled, fldtt klddd. 

APPARENT, Adj. klar, tydelig, Sgonfkenlig, coxspi- 
cws. C5 3 " Apparent heir of the crown, likafle arfwin- 
gen til Kronai. Apparently, Adv. Sgonfkenligen, efter 
utwdrtes anfeende. Apparentnefs/I nronfkenlighet. &c. 

APPARITION, S. fyn , fpSke , uppenbarelfe. Apparitor, 
/. Pedell i et Conflfiorio , curfor wid Academien. 

To APPEACH, Vid. To Impeach. 

APPEAL , S. wddjande, APPELLATio.tfj*To lodge an 
appeal againft one, flemma, anklaga en. 

To APPEAL, V. A. wddja.appcllcra, appell A RE. He Ap- 
pealed from the King to the States, han wadde frdn 
Konungen til Stdnderna. To APPEaz , V.A. (accvsa- 
Re) anklaga , angifwa. Appealed, Adj. angifwen. Ap- 
pealant, Appelantor Appealer , appellant, fom wddjar. 
Appellee , S. den man wddjar emot. 

To APPEAR , V. N.fynas, wijafig , APPARERE. To Ap- 
pear in publick , wara ute, wifa fig bland folket. An An- 
gel of the Lord appeared to Him , honom fyntes en Her- 
rans dngel. To Apear in perfon before the judge , 

B j CMI. 

A P P 

A P P 

comparcra, infinna fig perfonligen for domarcn. To 

appear ill the world . , ,r: irr. He lias a mind 

to appear in print ,-h.i-i wilSndtellgen blifwa auSor. 
It appears fo to mc , jag Jet /.'?. The heard be- 
gins to appear on him, han bSrjarf.ijk.igg. To appear 
nil ore, tmot'en fir rata. I will make it 

APPEARANCE , S. utfeende , 'dct fom fynesaf en ting , 
s secies. At ridt Appearance , widfSrfiaanfetndt. The- 
re is no appearance or* truth , det liknar icke fanning. 
He makes but a (mail appearance, han harflSttanfecn- 
de. To make one's appearance in court, comparer* jor 
mien. Day of appearance , (Umraodag. 

To APPEASE, V. A. befreda\tilfredsjl/tlla ,blidka,fSr~ 
fona , miticare. Appeafed. Adj. blidkad tVc. Appea- 
feable, Adj. fom kan /Srfonas. Appeafer , S.fSrfonare. 
Appeafement , S. J5rfcning. 

To APPEND, V. A.hSngawid. Appendant, Adj.wid- 
hSnzandc. Appendix,/, bihang. 

AP1T-NAGE or Appanage, S. yngrc furfiliga barns pen- 
fion , tiler lifgeding, portio. 

To APPERTAIN , V. N. hora til, attikere. Apper- 
tinence , f tiUtSi 

APPETITE, 5. rn.uU.ft , utra. Appetite to drink, torjl , 
luft at dricka. Tolofe one's appetite ,fSrlora matlufien. 
Appetency, f. begSr. Appetitive , Adj. 

To APPLAUD, V. A. hSgeligen bero.-nma, holla forgodt. 
Applaud or Applaufe, bifall , medholl , berSm. To court 
popular applaufe , fSl.a gemene mans berSm eller ynnefl. 
Much applauded, Adj. mycket berSmd. 

APPLE, S, Sple , rOMVM. The Apple of the Eye, o- 
\tnen. Apple-Monger or woman , SpU-monglare el- 
ler monglerflca. Applecoar , dplefkal , titer kSrne-hus. 
Pine- Apple, tall-tiler gran-kott. 

To APPLY , V.A. tillempa, applicare. To apply the 
fable to one's felf , lempa fagin pa fig fjclf. To Ap- 
ply one's felf to fomething , Jla fig til nogot. To Apply 
a plaifter, Idgga an et plajlcr. To Apply one's felf to 
one , foka ens bekantjkap , hjelp , bitride. 

APPLICATION , S.tlllempning, flit, applicatio.ik- 
DVSTRSA. He did it with much application, han gjor- 
dt dct mid mycken fit ock ifwer. To make one's ap- 
plication to one, /Ska en om hjelp tiler rid. Appliable 
or Applicable, Adj. lempelig. Applied, Adj. tillempad. 
Appuet , 5. tillempare. 

To APPOINT, V. A. befiemma , fSrtfkrifwa , statv- 
ere. prazscribere. To Appoint a man todo a thing, 
forefStta en karl den eller den fysflan. To Appoint or na- 
me one for a place , utnSmna en til en bcfiSllning. T° 
Appoint a meeting, fSt'.a mine. 

APPOINTED, Adj. befiemd, fafiJISId , utnSmd. The 
wedding is appo'nted to be next funday, brSUops-da- 
ten Sr fatt til n'tfla Jondag. Appointed time, befiemd 
tid. Vell-or ill-appointed , i eodt eller JlStt til/land. 
Appointment ,f. bcfiSllning , JSrordnlng , fSrp 1 'Sgning , 
ami lining p.i I'm. 

To APPORTION, V. A. ' lag-Term.) jemndcla.fkifta, 
ATQUAL1TER dividERE. Apportioned, Adj. fkiftad. 
Apportionement , S. fkiftt , byte. 

APPOSITE, .-J,//, wtlfagd eller gjord. Appofitenefs, S- 
uu'anftSndighet t ord elter gjtrning. Appofitely , Adv. 
« SI , apropos. 

To APPRAISE, V. A. werdtra, fStta werde eller pris 
pa, jESTIMare. Appraifed, Adj. werderad.Appi3.iter, 
f. werderare. Appraifement , werdering. 

To APPREHEND, V. A. gripa, fafitaga, comprehen- 
S£RE. 0*5* ToAPPREHEND 'svsPICERE)fni'La, mifs- 

tetnka.aj* To ArPREEE VT>(iNTELLJCERE)faita, U- 

grip.i. Apj reben'ded, Adj. fafltagen, befruetad , begripen. 

APPREHENSION* S.fSrfidad, faille, captus. 0# Ap- 

FHHEVsios {slspicjo) frukian, mijftanlc. He is 
duli i .. han Sr trSg at fatta. 

APPREHENSIVE, Adj. fltSU, ISraglig ,qwlck at fatta, 
SAGAX, CI)C;i/S.Cl5'ArPRtHE\Sl'. E ( suspicax) 
e. g. 1 K-as apprehensive of that evil , jag frugtxde den 
olyckan. Apprehenfivenefs , S. IStt begrep , inbillning, 
f rust an. \ ■ ehenfively, Adv. Idttldrigt. 

APPRENTICE, Vtd. Prentice, to Apprentice, V. A. 
fStra i ISra. 

To APPRIZE, V. A. glfwt t'dkenna , berctta , underkun- 
niga , notvm eacere. Apprized, Adj. underkunnigad. 

To APPROACH, V. A. & N. nalkas, komma n,ir . 
appropi.voi'are. The night approaches, det lider at 
aftonen. To approach the king , trSda fram for A'o- 
nungen. Approach, S. nalkande , approch e uli en bc- 
ISgring. Approached, Adj. den man nalkas. Approa- 
chable, fom mar. 'ran komma til. Approachlels , Adj. 
fom man ej kan komma til. 

APPROBATION , S. gillande, bifall. 

To APPROPRIATE , l r . A. tilegna, anflS til. Apro- 
priated, Adj, tiltgnad, anflagen. Appropriation,/! 
ipr ate, Adj. tjenlig, fkiek 

To APPROVE, V.A.gilla.holla med , fiadftfla, ap- 
probare. I do not approve ofyour difcourfe, y'j» tyc- 
ker Icke om Eden tal. To Approve one's felf to one, for- 
1 fig ens goda tycke eller tanke. 

APPROVED of, gillad, befunnen rlgtig. An Appro- 
ved Author, en god Aucior. Approved to be good by 
experience, befunnen god af fSrfarenhct. Approvement, 
/'. gillande. Approver, 5. ^illire. 

APPROXIMATION, S. kommandt nSrlntil. 


APRIL , S. aprll-manad. 

APRON, S. fSrklSde, pr.zci.vctorivm- Cd=ApRO» 

( cassc/la) bly-daekel pd fSngholet af an kanon. 
APT, Adj. Jkickelig, tjenlig , bcqviSm, lempelig, aptls. 

He is a very apt man , han Sr rctt en beqwdm karl. 

{£=• I'm apt to believe it, fag holler dct icke olil.t. 
Obf. brnkas at utmSrka bSgelfer och egenjkaper. e. g. He 

is apt to be drunck , merry, angry, han Sr gtfwen til 

dricka Sec. Apt to forgive, fS.fonlig. Apt to break , 

brS.klig. Aptitude or Aptnefs,/* beqwSmlighet, fkick- 

lighei. Aptly, Adv. lempeliga. 
AQV A i'on'is, fkedwa'.n. Aquarius, f. wattu-mannen. A- 

quatick or Aquatile, Adj. fom lefwer i wain. Aqueduct, 

wattulcdning. Aqueous, Ad\. watnagti?. 
ARABICK, Adj. Arabijk. Arabick, f. fildant fpr.ik. 

An Arabian , 5. en Arab. Arabifm , f. Arabifkt JStt 

at tala. 
ARABLE, Adj. Arable land, plogland. 
ARACK , S. en flark dryck fom gjores i BAT API A vt.lf 

faften af et tru kallu.-i. Taddis, ris &c. 
ARAY, Fid. Array. 

ARBITER or ARBITRATOR, S. m'tesman, Jki'juman. 

Arbitrators, gode man. To put a thing to arbitration , 

underkajia en ting gode mSns utflag. To Arbitrate , ur- 
JkU/a., arbitrera, Arbitrement, f. comprotailj , utflag. 

Arbitrage, f.idem. ArbxtrMe, A dj .fom det under kanfiallas. 
ARBITRARY or Arbitrious Government, enwolds re~ 

gemente. Arbitrably or Arbitrariously, Adv. enwoldlgt. 

Arbitrably , efter godtycko. Arbitrary punidment , 

arbl:rSrl llraffi 
ARBOR , S. fpinnel pi et hjul , axol, AXIS. 
ARBOUR, S. lujlhus aj wSxtndt ISftrSd,^ topi a* 

&1VM. 'ARCH , 


A R R 

ARCH, S.boge, ARCUs. Archer,/! bogejkytt. CT> The 
Arches of a bridge, hvalfbogarne pa en brygga tiler bro. 
Triumphal-Arch, triumph-port. Archuife, Adv. bog- 
-.,;,-. To ArcR, V. A. hwSlfwa. Arched, Adj. hwdlfd. 

ARCH , Ad}. (nSr del ISgges tit nogot annai ord gjor det 
("Allan god moling) e. g. An Arch-woman, en art; ko- 
na. Arch-boy , fkclmjk pojkc. Arch rogue, ertpsAlm, 
Arch-heretcS , er\-kdttare. 

ARCHBISHOP, S. Erke-Bijkop. Arch-Biftoprick,/: 
Erke-Bifkops-d&me. Arch-Deecon, en wifs anddig di- 
cnitet i hwaitftift , hwan idjyjlan Sr ai hafwa infien- 
de Sfwcr kyrkor , Preftgardar &c. Arch-Deacomy , f. 
fad. lag. Archidiaconal , Adj. 

ARCHDUKE, .%. Erkehertig. Arch-Duchei's, fi. Arch- 
Chamberlain , Ofwcr-Cammarherre. 

AHCHITECT , S. byggmSflare. Architeftonical , Adj. 
dsrtilnSrig. Architecture, fi. byggkcnjl. Architiave, fi. 
en term i byggwSJendet. 

ARCHIVES,""-?, archiv, archivum. 

ARCHTYPE , S./Srfie model et af.en ting. 

ARCTICK Pole, Norr-pelen. 

ARDENT, Adj. Ardent prayer, 
bon. Ardency or Ardor, S. ifwer. Ardently, Adv. ifirigt. 

♦ARDERS, S.plog, plogland, arwm. 

ARDUOUS, Adj. fiwSr , befiwdrlig. 

AP-GENT, 5. filfwerfergen i vapn-konflen, COLOR AR- 


ARGIL, S. pofilins-Ur , argiiia. 

ARGOL or Argal,, I eces ritfl crustat.z. 

To ARGUE, V. A. dispuiera,Jluta med JkSl och ben i, 

ARGUERE. He argues very (i'.'lWy , kan raifionerar rctt 
That argues nothing, del bewifir ingen ting. 

Argument ,/! yfc<t7, emneafettal &.-. Argued, Adj. 
Argumentation,/: fiStt ,n 

dUputtra. Argumentati\ e. Adj. 
ARIANISMj ■'<■ Arianijk ISra. Arian , Adj. din join 

deriil fig holler. 
ARiD, A.ij. tcrr. Aridity, f. torka. Aries,/ wSdurcn. 
ARIGHT, Ady. rett, rcueliga , Rl tl. ro judge aright, 

d'ma rett oa. en fak. To fet a ght, fSita til rctta. 

Arighted, Adj. rcttad. 
To ARISE, V. N. fid up', upkomma af, entfia, surge- 

RE, EXOR1RI. Arifeand defend me, up och forj'wara 

mig. Yr.,,oi'.r r , arife from the fea, fugtigheter upfiiga 

ur hafwet. Her-- arifes a new difficulty, hSr yppat fig 

en fwarhct. There arofe differences amongftthem, 

det upborn '.rdtor emellan dim. Arifcn , Adj. upflanden, 

eni 7 ^nden. 
ARI5TOCR ACY, 5. Kerre-Regering. Ariilocratical. Adj. 
ARITHMETICK, S. reinekonfl. Arithmetician,/. rckn*- 

Arithmetically, Adv. 
ARK, S. Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark. The Ark of the Cc- 

venant , fSrbundfisns ark. 
"ARM, 5. arm ,BRACH1VM. He is my right arm, ban Sr 

min hogrct hand. pjr An Arm of the fea, en hafsv.ik. 

The Arm of an oak, en ekgren. Armpit, armkol. An 

Arm-*ull , en famn. 
ARM5, S. wapn, gendr , ARM A. A fire-Arm , Jkjut- Toiaydo-s-^i Arms, lagga ned gewdr. Arniiftice, 
id, wapnhv/Ua. 
To ARM, V. A. hSrkldda , bewdpna , rufla, arm are. 

To Arm, v. N. bey/Spna fig , werfwa troppdr. Armed, 

*ARDERS , Sveth. ARDEB, aratrum. 

* ¥ AR»IS, Goth. ARM, ARUBOST', J«M. M: Goth. 
ARMS, brachium. 

Adj. bewdpHttd.&To fee '.tith an armed eye, fie medglas- 
Sgon eller tub. The Armada , Spanjlca flouan, ,°r irfS. 

ARMOUR , S. bewipnings-fkrud, armatura. Armory, 
f. Arjjmal , tyg-hus. Armorial, Adj. Armlet, /; arnfiiSld. 

ARMY, S. kngsh,ir, EXERCUL's. To draw up an Ar- 
my in battalia, fid la rip en btfr i (lagi-ordning. 

AROM ATI CK, Adj. wJ'tluktande afikryddor. 

AROUND, prxp. omkring, CJRCfM. 

ARQUEBUSE, S. Jkra-bSffa, sclopetvm. 

To ARRAIGN one, V. A. anklagacn, fidlla til fiwars , 
ad tribunal sisTZRE. Arraigned, Adj.mklagad.Ax~ 
r i:;nment, /. anklagan. 

ARRANT, Adj. {ISgges oltid i ond mening tilandra ord) 

e, g. An Arrant-fool, en er( narr. An Arrant-Whore, 
en eri bora. An Arrant-knave, en err/helm. 

AP^R AS-Hanging-; , S. FISmfika T.tpercr if .an arras. 

To ARRAY, V, A. USda , pryda, vestire , or.varM 
( ickentan i Poefi) Kr" To A.RRAY(G0rtspr/Rc ai- 
re) folka, arena. 

ARRAY, S. ordning , distositio. An Army in array, 
en krigsh Sr i (iagt-ordning. Out of array, i oordning. oj*- 
ARRAY ( VESTITVS ) carelefs array, ou-alig klSdnad. 

ARREARS or Arrearages, S. rcfiantier, ballance, obctalte, 
inncfiaende pengar, RESlDl't/M. One-!n arrearage, en 
(am dr ifkuld, pa balance. 

ARREST, S. byfiSttning, arrefi,bSgtande,TRACTIO Z.v JUS, 
compreetensio, I en: Dom, sentejvtia. To Arreft or 
tal e ,n arreft, V. A. arrefiera , inmana. Arretted, Adj. 

To ARRIVE , V. A. komma, anlinda , ADVENJRE. To 
arrive at a place, komma til en art. 05 s To AiF.ive 
(co.vt;.vc£se).W;. Ac - ■ '.■■■ w- 

caulV , 
To... . ... in, lit nogonf ullkomlig- 

het. Arrived, Ad}, anldnd. Arrival, ankomfl. 

ARROGANT, A . n. Arro- 

gancy, f. ftrmdtenhet. Arrogantly , Adv. kSgmodigi. 
. To ARROGATE, V. A.tagafiort p3 fig, floras , tilrehn- 
■ . ■• A igated. Adj. ttlmStt. 

*ARriO\V, S. pil,kolf, sagitt a. A (ho wer of arrows, 
. n pilar. 

ARSE , S. ars, fodEX. To whip one's arfe, bafa rumpan 
pa en. A IhortArie, en liter, fiympare, Arfe-Gut, Ande- 
tarm. Arfe-hole, arsbol. Arfeverfy, Adv. oordent- 

* ARSENAL, S. arfienal , ARM AMEKTAR1UM. 

ARSENICK, S.etfi .tfalt, arsexicvm. 

ART, kon/l, ARi.CS=-ART (.1.-.TUT1A) fiughet. Artful, Ad/. 
l-0"'lig , ling. Artfully, Adv. konficirga, lifieliga. Artift, 

f. konflnar. Artiefs, Adj. enfaldig. 

ARTERY, S. puls-adra, lijs.nira , ARTER1A. Arterial, 
Adj. dcrtil 

ARTICHOKE , S. erd ' >< ha . cyxara. 

ARTICLE, S. artiksl, buf'u-i.-d-r:.'!^. vilkor. TO (urren- 
der up.-n articles, capituUra. CT^ARTICL t (I'V.sctvm) 
e. !". The Article ofde; (lunden. In the very ar- 

ticle ofdanger, mil utifaran. To Article one, V. A. /lem- 
ma, anklaga sn.frTo article, V. A.Jluta, gjira contract. 
Art'cTed , Adj. puncbewis fluten. 

ARTICULATE , Adj. difiinS, klar. To Articulate, V. A. 


*ARROV, Goth. AKTtfiagiita vel arma <ju -vis , tandem pro 
hxreditateipfia accepia, nam Art* etiam efi h,vredn.:s. 

"fARR, Ehorac. Cicatrix. Sueth. JERK, idem. 

•ARSENAL, Goth. AUR , AURFS, fiagitia , & At , 

A S G 


tydtligen uttala. Articulately, Adv. tydeliga, Articu- 
lation. hop-Umpning, fammanledning, 
ARTIFICE, S. konfl, fndlihet , lifljghel , 1XDVSTRIA, 
astitia. Artificer,^ handtwdrkare. "Artifan ,/. idem. 
Artificial, Adj. med konflgjord och like af naturen. Ar- 
tificially. Adv. efter konft-reglor. A rtificialnefs , / konfl. 
ARTILLERY, S.anolleri, apparatus tormextarivs. 
AS, conj.Jom/filfom, VT.SlcVT. As you pieafe,/om Lder 
bchagar. I am as good as he , jag dr fid god fom han. As 
fure as I'm alive, fid fiant fom jag lefwer. As I'm an ho- 
neft man, pSmintra. AS for example, ya/om tilexem- 
pd.tfj* AS yet (ad nvc){si)om,e. g.ASyou 
love me, om I Jlflien mig. Every one as he likes, hwar 
och en efter fit tycke. Cf^AS (Cf.«, qvaxdo) as I went 
along, widjaggick. I will fee you as I go by, jag will helfa 
ptl Eder i min wdg. AS big again, en gang fa fior. aS*AS 
(OVOD ad)K% for me,hwadmig angdr.rj!>AS (tum, a- 
DEo) As rich as he is , fidrik fom han Sr. As clear as 
cryftal, klarfom kriftal. As warm as wooll , warm fom 
till. As foft as filk, len fiom filke. As ftrong as muftard 
flark, ampcr fom fenap. As fweet as honey, fStfom ho- 
ming. AS hitter asgall, icjkfomgalla. As white as (now, 
hwitfiomfhS. As pale as death, blekfom doden. As black 
as the devi! , (wart fom djefwulen. 
ASA FOETIDA, dywelsdreck 'kada afien wSxtiPerfien ) 
ASCAUNSE, Adv.pd fined , pa fida.EX OBLIOVO. To 

look afkaunt orafcaunt, winda med Sgoncn. 

To ASCEND, V. A. fliga up. Afcendable, Adj.fomkan 

befiigas. Afcen(ion-Day, himmelsfidrds-dagm. Afcent, fi. 

There is an afcent of three fteps, der dro tre trappfteg up. 

ASCENDANT or Afcendent , magt,formdende, myndighct, 

Ai/ctorjtas, He lias n great afcendent over him , han 

har mycket at fdga hos honom , mycken magtmed honom. 

To ASCERTAIN, V. A. bejanna , bekrufita , asseve- 

rare. 05 s " To afcertain the price of a commodity, fift- 

tataxapd en wara. Afcartainod, Adj. bekrdftadj reglerad. 

Al'certainer, /. den fiom det gjSr. 

To ASCRIBE, V. A. tilfikrifwa , tilegna. Afcribed , Adj. 

*ASH, S. afik-trd , ERAXIxus. Aften , Adj. af afk. Afli- 
grove , afk-lund, afik-dunga. Mountain-ASH {s ORB us) 
ASHAMED , Adj. fkdmmande, pvdetactvs. I am afha- 
rr.ed of him, jag fkdmmes for honom. Aren't you afha- 
med to look me in the face ? fkdmmes du intct atfe 
mig i anfiktet ? 
** ASHES, S. afika, CUTIS. Afh-colour, afik-Jerga. Afhy, 

Adj. afikot. Alh-wednesday, afk-onsdag. 
ASHORE, Adv. Hand, ix teuvre. Vid. Shore. 
ASIDE, Adv. af fides , SEORS1M. To take or call a man 
afide, toga eller kalla en affides. To lay a project afide, 
lemnaetfirflag. An Afide, f. det fom talas affides i et 
fkdde-fpel. % 

To ASK, V. A.efka,frdga,begSra,fordra, ROC ARE, PE- 
TERE. NB. To Beg, Sr begkramtdSdmjukhei. To De- 
mand, med myndighet, men To Afk kan brukasi alladef- 
fa menmgar,fd at man kanfdga om en konung, HE asked 
assistance of HIS PARLIAMENT, och om en tiggare, 
HE asked my charity. ToAfkone's adv ce, begdra 
ens rdd. To A Ik pardon, bedja om fSrldtclfie eller urfidgt. 
I will afk him, jagwil frdgahonom. Has any body afked 

ash, Goth. ASKUR, arbor. Afkur ygdrafels , arbor 
ficienti at. Edd. 
**ASHES, M. GOth. AT Z G O, pulvis. 

for m* ? har nogon fir 'gat efter mig ? Ct5" To ASK peop- 
le in the Church 'public are matrimonii/}*) lyfa 
f$r brudefolk. What do you afk for this ? huad wdj Aaf- 
wa for delta } Afked, Adj. tegd.-d. A thing not worth 
afk ng, det fom icke dr werdt at begdra. Yon fhall have 
Your afking, dujkafd del du begar. A 5awcy Afker , 
S. nSswificr. 

* ASKEW, Adj. & Adv. p.! fined, traxsversim. To look 
aikew upon one, fie finedt pa en. 

ASLANT, Adv. pu fldnt, OBLIOVE. Aflope, idem. Vid. 

ASLEEP, Adj. fofwande, infomnad, DORMi ens. To ma- 
ke or fall aileep, fiofiwa eller jomna in. To be or lie fa ft 
afleep./o/ud/i'.'-.C^My foot is afleep,mi.i fot Srdvmnad. 

ASP, or Afpin Tree, Afp- L rd , popv lus. Alp or Afpick, 
et flats orm af dodligt forgift, aspis. 

ASPARAGUS, or Sparagrafs , /. Sparis. 

ASPECT , 5. upfiyn, utfieende. A maid of a fweet afpeft, 
enflickafiomjergoitui. The afpeft of Planets. 

ASPTLR , S.'et Tiirkifkijkil'je-mynt, denarius tvrcicus. 

ASPERITY, S. hirdhet, jkarphet. propr. 6- fig. 

To ASPERSE one, V. A. fkdmma, belacka en, DEEA- 
mare. Afperfed Adj. To caft an afperfion upon one, 
-rtma , wanrykta en. 

To ASPIRE at or after a thing, fid efter,, ANN1TI. Afpi- 

- red, Adj. Vid. Verb. 

ASQUINT , Adv. To look afquint, bliga , fe pS fined , 

ASS , S. dfina, asinVs. 05" Afs dumhufwud , tilper , 
inevtus. Afinine , Adj. dfineagtig. 

To ASSAIL, V. A. Sfwerfalla, acgredi. Afsailed, 
Adj. Sfwerfallen. Afsailant. f. fom ofwerfaller. 

To ASSART, V. A. rothugga , radja „ arbores extir- 


* »To ASSASSINATE, V. A. drdpa med fSrfidt, dolo 
occidere. Afsafsinated, Adj.lon-mSrdad. A(sai'sme,f. 
I fin-mjrda-e. 

To ASSAULT, /'. A. Sfwerfalla , an f alia , adoriri. 
To win by afTault , taga in medfiormande hand. Afsault f 
fi. anfall, fiormandepd en fidfining ClS^To go ASSAULT, 
ISpa ibif, ISpa'om hyndor) c ATI/LIRE. Afsaulted , 
Adj. Sfwerfallen. Afsaulter, /. Sfwerfaltare. 

To ASSAY, V. A.probera guld eller filfwer, EXPLORARE 
metalla. Afsayer or Afs ay -Mailer, mynt-proberare. 
Afsayer of weights and mealures, itiflerare af matt och 
wigt. Afsay ,/. prof. Vid. Efsay. 0>TO ASSAY ( TE.V- 
tarl) fSrfiSka, firefia pa. 

To ASSEMBLE, V. A. &■ N. fiamla ihop, komma ihop , 
CONCREGARE, CONVEX IRE. Afsembled, Adj. Vid. 
Verb. Afsembly , fi. fiammankomfl , affamblee. Affem- 
bly of divines, prefimote. Afsemblage of Ideas, famling 
af hugbilder. A beautiful afsemblage of features, mon- 
Za wackra lincamentcr i et anfikte. 

ASSENT, fi. jaawdde , bifall. NB. {fiSges allenafl omha- 
ga perfioner) The King's afsentto an A& of Parliament, 
konungens famtycke, bifall til &c. To Afsent, V. N. 
bifalla , famtycka. Alsented to , fiamtykt. 

ASSENTATION, S. fimickrare, (lawijkt mcdholl. 

To ASSERT, V. A. pdfid, bekrdfta , hdgna , befkydda 


*ASKEW , Goth. skA , panic, disjunct. SKEF, obliauus. 

**To ASSASSINATE, Goth. SAX. Anglo-Sax. SEAX , 
gladius brevior fubalaris , fica. Ab inftrumento cordis, 
prout Ambufll, ab infidiantium more, in fialtu vel du- 
meto fie abscondentium. Skinnerus cum aliis Arabicam 
originem indagat. 


A T C 

He afserted it for a truth , han gafitt lit for he', fan!. 
He afserted their li^ertie , han hdgnadt dtrasfr'thcter. 
A ::tion,/". paji.iende , yirad tanka eller mening. As- 
ferter , h.'gnare , bej'kyddare. 

To ASSESS, V. A.taxera, tribvtvm impoxere. As- 
fefsement, f. taxering. Afsesfor , f. laxerings-man. 

To ASSEVERE , V, A. bekrdfia , bedyra. Afseverarion,/^ 

ASSIDUOUS , Adj.fiuig , trdgen. Afsiduity, /. trdgen- 
het. Afsiduously , Adv. trSget. 

To ASSIEGE, V. A. Vld. to Befiege. 

ASSIGN or ASSIGNEE, S. malsdgande, en annars reus 
innehafware , assic.vatus. Alsignses of a bankrupt, 
Curatorer af en bankrut. 

To ASSIGN, V. A.of-werlemna til en annan. Affigned , 
Adj. Alienation or Aflignement , f. anwismngpd pengar. 

To ASSIMILATE, V. A . forlikna , jemfora , gjora" lib. 
Ailimilated , Adj. AiilmilatiQn , f. 

To ASSIST , V. A. hjelpa , bifpringa, underflodja. To As- 
fift at a Council, biwifla et rad eller radflag. To As- 
fift at a funeral, biwifla en begrafning. Alliftaoce, f. 
hjelp, undcrJtSd. Affiftant , f. medhjelpare i en fyfla. As- 
fifled, Adj. 

ASSIZE , S. coxssssvs jvdicvm. The general Aflizes, 
lands-ting fom holies twd re for om aret i England af de 
zi hoga domare , fom refa omkring i fina wiffa diflriSer 
mch doma i alia mal , jemwdli hog-mals faker utan appel- 
lation. Affizes of weights and meafures , Vid. Affay. 
The AiTize of ■ commodity, taxan pa en wara. AfTized, 
Adj. juflerad , reglerad. 

To ASSOCIATE one'sfelf with another, V. A.ftutafel- 
J^ap eller bolag med en. Allocate, f. medtrcder , for- 
bunds-b r oder. Aliociated , Adj. Vid. Kerb. 

To ASSUME to one'sfelf, V. A. tilwella , pa taga fig, 
arrocare. He asfumes too much to himfelf , ban 
lager for mycket pa fig , gjor fig til. To AfTume a tit- 
le , pdtaga fig en litel. Allumed , Adj. anta°en. 

ASSURANCE or Aflurednefs, S.wifflia.fdkcrhet.cB*- 

pant. 05* ASSURANCE (procacitas )djerfhet, nSs- 
To ASSUFE, V. A. forfdkra , coxtirmare. Allure 
yourfelf it is ib , war wifj pa at del dr fd. Allured, Adj. 
fSrviffad. Aflured'y , Adv. wijferliga. 
To ASS-WAGE, V. A. tV ,V. blidka, fagta fig , mjti- 
care, cosqviesceri. (£5* To AlTwage after fwelling, 
/ 'i'.afig (om fwttlnad) Aflwaged , Adj. 
ASTERISK or Alterism, S. en liten fijerna ,tekn iboker. 

item coxsTELLATie v. 
* ASTHMA , S. and-tdpva. Afthmatick, Adj. and-tdpt. 
To ASTONISH, V. A. fSrfkrdcka, gjSra hdpen , per- 
TERREEacere. Alloniflied , Adj. hdpen. Aftonifhmenr, 
f. fiifpenhet. 
ASTRADLE or aftode, Adv. grenfie , VARiriTVS. In 
Fr r.ce the women ride on horfeback a-ftradle, iFrank- 
rike rida qwinfolken grenfe. 
ASTRAY , Adv. To go aftray , ga wilfe, fiyta omkring , 

errase. To lead aftray , forfora. 
ASTRINGENT or AftricYive, Adj.bindande,forfioppande. 
ASTRONOMY", Stjcrn-kikcri. Aftronomer, f. fliernki- 
kare. Aftronomical , Adj. Aftrology , Aftrologicaj , 

ASTUTE , Adj. li(ll°. 

**ASUNDEP . Adv. ^tfkils, fSnder, ab i.vt'lcisf. To 

•ASTHMA, M.: Goth. \KMA.,fpiritu!. 

** ASUNDER , M- Goth. SUNDRO, Goth. SUKDR, &ri~ 
fim. Sueth. I SOKDER, f.nguiaum. 

examine witneffes afur.der, farhoravltnen fcrfijldi. t« 
take a thing afunder , taga J'onaer en ting. 

AT , prapofitio loci. 

Ex. At home , hemma. At the Hague, i ffaag. At fchool, 
i fcholcn. At my houfe, i mil bus. At fea, til fjoi. At 
the door, wld dSren. 

Temp oris. 

Ex. At break of day , v/id dags-gryningen. Atfunfet, wid 
fol-ber gningen. At firft , i forftone. At Iaft, pa" fiutet. 
At prefent , nu fortiden. At once, pa en gZng. 
Varix fignificationis. 

Ex. To be at war or at peace with one , hafwa brig el- 
ler fred med en. To buy a th ng at fecond hand , kSptt 
nogot af andra handen (gammalt ) At a great rate, dyrt. 
To be at it (dr et allmdnt fdtt at tala om del man alf- 
warliga holler pamed, eller dr begrepen uti wid omialandet) 
e. g. He is at it, han holler nu pa dermed. "f She longs to 
be at it, hon dr nu igen dlfkogdyften. To be hard at it, 
arbeta hardt. What will the man be at ? h.wart wil kar- 
len han ? hwad menar han ? To be at pains of doing a 
thing, gjora fig modamed enfak. To be at a lofs , lappa 
fporet (om hundar) TO be atleifure , hafwa ledig lid. To 
be at odds with one, wara oenfe medei. To be at hand, 
wara wid hand. At my hearing of it , ndr jag horde del. 
At a venture, pa et dfwentyr. At your Command , pa 
Eder befallning. Atleaft, atminfione. At all, aldeles. 

♦To ATCHIEVE, V. A. gjora, utfSra, PATRARE. Sd- 
ges allenafi om flora gjerningar. Achievements , f. man- 
na-rSn , dater , beromliga gjerningar (m heraldry) wapn, 
i.vsicni A. Atchiever, f.fom g/Sr flora gjerningar. 

ATHEIST, S. Atheifl. Atheiftical , Adj. gudlos. A- 
theiiiJi , f. gudloshee. 

ATHIRST, Adj. torflig , SITIEKS. 

ATHLET . S.fdktare , kimpe. Athletick , Adj. 

ATR\VA.KT,Adv.twenofwer, pdtwdran, THAHSVtt.- 


ATOM, S.ofynligt grand , ATOMVS. 

To ATONE, V. A. f'rfona , betala , gjSra fyllefl , EX- 
PI ARE. to atone onesfelf to G)d, forfona fig med 
GUD. (jj* Virtue atones for bodily defeifls , dygd gjor 
wedcrlag for kropfens lyten. Atonement, f. forfoning , 
fynd-offer. Atoner, f. forfonare. Atoned, Adj. forfonai. 

ATROCIOUS, Adj.faSndeiig. Attocloutne(s,j7<dndelighet. 

To ATTACH, V. A. grip*, belSgga med arrefl , PRE- 
hesdeRE. Attached, Adj. griper.. Attachment, 
gripande , arrefl (lag-term. ) 

To ATTACK, V.A.anfalla, angripa , ADOR1RI. At- 
tack , f. anfall. Attacked, Adj. angripen. 

To ATTAIN at or to, V. A. kommatil, forwerfwa fig , 
conseovi. To attain to the knowledge of things, kom- 
ma til kunfuapcn om faker. Attainable , Adj. fom kait 
forwerfmas. Attained, Adj. fattad. Attainment , f. 

ATTAINDER , 5. Bill of attainder, utkafl til en Par. 
lamenr-aH eller dom emot en fom for afwog fk'ld eller 
blifwit funnen med forrddelige anflag , hwarpd bans lif 
ock egendom forwdrkas och hans blod fSrkrdnkes , del 
dr , hans ham fZrlora fit adelfnap och kunna icke drfwa. 
hans e*endom, utan igenomen ny Parlaments-aci. 

To ATTAINT, V. A. anklaga eller dSma for fSrrdder! ', 

PARRICID1I REVM AGERE. Attiinted, Adj.fd domd, item 

ruten. (£> To ATTAINT (corrvmpere) forfklmma. 

C5* To ATTAINT, V. N. (de eauis) flryka fig, fom. 

C heflar. 

*To ATCHIEVE, Goth. ATGERVl, mduflr'iA. Gerfi 
ferlis. Sueth. GARF, dexter. 



hefia - ■ *,;tain:ureof blood, 

' Wa til frcds, DO- 
. £, attlmperare. Attempered, A.lj. tiltSmd. 

.-.,. Attempt, f. ft, i. Attemjjt- 

er , f. fom for/'. 
To ATTEND, V. <scvli re. ro 

Attend to or upon the word ot'G i Gilds 

erd. Attention, upmerkfamhet. Attentivenefs, f. idem. 
Attentive , m,innog, hogad. Atten.. 

Ad\>. med hog ah aklfamhet. 
To ATTEND, <". A. fkSta, medfSlja , wen'a, curare, 
CONCOMITAR1, praistolari. to attend a lick body, 
JkSta en J'juk. To attend a buii; en fyfla. to 

attend one any where, fSlja med en, upwakla en r: -d 
fit filje. Odr" The like punishment attends you, du far 
med tiden j'amma firajfi. III luck attend you , olyckan wa- 
rt med dig .' 
ATTENDANCE , S. •fSlje, upwaktning, fkStfel, c. 

TVS , CORA. To give attendance upon or to one , up- 
wakta en. He had a great attendance , han hade etflort 

. He died for want of attendance, ban dog afw 
fel. To dance attendance, £<! oeh klanka, wenta. Attended, 
Adj. fagad. Attendant,/; upwaktare-, f 

,- efter en. 
To ATTENUATE, V.A. f$rringa,f&rfwaga. Attenuat- 
ed, fSrringad. Attenuating , Adj.fSrfwagande. 
To ATTEST, V. A. bewitna, intyga. Attefted, bewit- 

nad. Alteration, f. witnesbSrd , witnande. 
ATTICK, S. en order i bygg-kanficn, Atticism,/", kori 

oeh godt tal tiler flu at t.i'.t. 
To ATTIRE, V. A.kldda , pryda, ORNARE. Atti 
prydning , utfiofering. Attired, Adj. prydd. Attirer , f, 
prydare. Attires of a ftag , hornen p.i en hjort. 
ATTORNEY, S. ombudsman , fuUmSgtig, pro 
tor. Letter of attorney , 
Attorney-general, en Ambetsman , hwars 
famma Jbm Advocat-Fifialens i Hofrcttcm- 
longt fiorre myn mdes alien r hela 

England. Attorniftip, S.'fttJbl 
To ATTRACT, V. A. draga til fig, winna. You attract 
the eyes and love cf all the world, 1 women alia 
mennifkors gun/1 oeh goda tycke. Attracted , Adj. At- 
tractive, f. egenjkap fom winner oeh loekar. Attrition, 
f. Attractive, Ad), dragande , winnande. 
To ATTRIBUTE, V.A. tUegna. Attribute, /.eg ' . 

Attributed, Ad), tilegnad. Attribution , f. tilcgnelfe. 
ATTRITION, S. iderochangcr Sfwcrfynd,coNTRiTlo. 
To A V AIL , V. A/, gagna, tjena til , uara nyttig , gella, 
cosdvcere. Available, Adj. nyttig, gagnclig. It is of 
litle avai'.ment to me, det gagnar mig lite: , draffoga 
AVANT, Inter). Indign. bort, itt, apace. 
AV ANT-MURE , S. fSrmur , an t em v rale. Avant- 
peach , otidtgt mogen perfika , persjcum prazcox. a- 
vant-courier, fSrel'pare , PRODROMVS. 
AVARICE, S. girighet,fnalhct. Avaricious, gir'tg, final. 
A\ AST, Inter), gifiwint, fort, ccics eaccsse. 
ALoURN, S. mork-brun fif.r*, color ei/scvs. 
AUCTION, S. utrop, auction. AucVioner, /. auhtionift. 
AUDACIOUS , S. Adj. drifiig, djerf, SfwerdSdig. Auda- 

c ty o- Audi cioufnefs , djerfhet, driflighet. 
AUDIENCE , audierrt ," j&rhtr. Audience of leave, af- 
(Keds-fbrh'r. r ty- A great audience, monga dhorare. 

■J-ATTER (Northumbr. ) pus.fianies, ATTERCOr, aranea. 
Sueth. ETTER, virus. 

AUDIT, of recounts,^. us, COfiPVTOM. 

To audit accounts, Ao: ;ap. Audited, Adj. Au- 

- All ■ fom . ■' iditory, 

fi. en fSrfamling af dhSrore. 
AVENAGE, '>■ hofre-rcnta; AVZtlAGii 
To A^'ENGE, V. A.hemnas, VLClsci. Avenged , Adj. 

cr , /*. hei- 
AVENUE, 5. ingSng, tit en on, aditVS. 

"AVERAGE, S. wiQ utjkyld fom en 3bo g/CrJin husbon- 
(loi och\ . . a'ERAcivm. 05 s Avera- 

ge, lika delning fom ereduorer i en bankrut g/Sra fins 
cmellan. Z£°r Average, hafweri , fjojkada Jam pa de be- 
hollne waror delas. 
AVERDUPOIS, 5. viaualic-wigt , tC i/nj pi fk'lpun- 


To AVERR, V. A,. F afi3 , jorfjkra, asserere. Aver- 
ment , pdjldende , bewis. 

To AVERT, V. A. afwenda. Ave: ted, Adj. a/wend. 

AVERSE, Adj. obendgen , ogen t fi ■ ,?> fom icke 

ka.i lidacn ting , co.vtrarivs , At'ERSUs. Averfenefs 
or Averfion , f. firid Tbex , owilja. . 

AUFF , I'tterj. indi ;■:■ . in narr, INEPTE. 

AUGAR or An;.;;r , .9. borr , nafware , TEREBRA. 

To AUGMENT,?'..^. f'r',ka, urn idga. Augmented, Adj.jor- 
$kad. Augm .Titer, /. n'.-'ik are. Augmentation, fit "• 

AUGUR , S., i'J natydare. To Augurate , fpS , 
giffa. Augury, f. fpSdom. Augurat^d , Adj. fpadd. 
'.ellande i et Smbtte, fpddom.' 

AUGU ST , ',, dyr , majefiadig. ' Auguft , / fkSr- 


AVIARY, 5. fc , bur, hSck. 

AVIDITY, S o Srelfe , fnSlheu 

**AUKWARD, Adj , Upagtig , UfSPT.VS. 

Auk/ . i'. objhdr.di • aidly, Adv. pa •- 




AU;' Ur eller mo ta. 

AVOCATION, 5. hinder, • -tm •i£..rnt."' 

To AVOID, V. A. ft .-, e'/itare. Kj* To a- 

ngdom, wi'.i af riket. Qf-^ to avoid by 

ft( il (EXCER3 ■:!.) :;■'■ a ifran fig genom Jlobgang. a- 

vo:d fatan, gak bort J'aian. Avoidance, f. undflygt , af- 

ide. Avoid I, i . . ■ .. idlefs, oundwikclig. 

Avoiding of blond , b! \d- 

To AVOVCH or Avow , V. A.p&fta, f'rfwara, uppen- 
r. '. ■■e:;l:c .t. , asseverare. Avouch- 

ed , fiarkt paflai d.ATrowedly,Adv. uppcnbarliga.Avovr- 
al,/. Avowry or adr\v:ry,f.fSrfwar. 

AVOWTRY, S. hordom , advlterium. 

AURICUL ffion, hemli enfkild bikt. 

AURORA Borealis, S. nordfiken, nordbloJJ. 

AUSPICE, S. hdgn , lefkydd. Under your favourable 
Aufpices, under Eden bentfgna h£gn. Aufpiciously, Adv. 
lyckliea, gunfiii :. 

AUSTERE , Adj. twar ,oljuf, firing. \ufer\ty,f.twdr- 
het. Aufterely , Ah. twin, oblidt. 

AUSTRAL, ddj.fiderlig. 

AUTHENTICK,, Adj. fom bar witsord, z'dtig, trowcrdlg. 
Authenticknefs , fgilti^het. Authentically, Adv. giltigt. 

. A'TH g 

* AVERAGE, Suet'-i. AFSAI) , tributum , cetfus annuus. 

*"AUKWARD, Goth. AUK, pec-is, ii/rnentum&r WEARD, 
A. S. verfus [terminatio Jatis frequent qualitaicm fignans) 
q. d. pecuin'- vtl tardi ingenii, irata Minerva natus.Vel, 
fi mavis a Germ. O war, qver, traverfum, auaft fini- 
flre &■ inepte omnia tra'ii.n. 

A W A 


AUTHOR, .?. uphofsman, begynn ' _ ' are, upfinnare 

Authority , f. myndighet , magt , anfzcnde , frthet cl <.r 
b . ilegium. to Authorize, V. A. befullmdgtega. Autho- 
rifed , Adj. befullmdgtigad. Authorisation, f. befullmdg* 

AUTOMATON , S. fom rSrer fi* fjelft. Automatical , 
Adj. fa befkiffad. 

AUTUMN ,,S. hSfl. Autumnal, Adj. (irukas ickei all- 
: tal. 

AUXILIARY Troops, h;clp-:roppar. Auxiliaries r idtm. 

* AW , S. fruktan . I, REfEREXTIA, 

METUS . To ftandin aw of fomehody, fld i frukian och 
rUdakoga fSr en. To keep in au'. holla isehbr. To Aw, 
V. A. idem. Awed, hollen i gehor. Awful, Adj. fom 
hi* gehor med fig. An fulnefs (fuges egcnteligcn om hSg- 
het och myndighet hos en perfon ) 

To AWAIT, J r id. To Wait. 

AWAKE or Awaked, Adj.wa! :n, waknetd,EXPERECTVS. 
To be awake, wara waken. To Awake, V. A. v. 
To Awake, V. Awakened, Adj. up.. 

Awaker, f. upwdekarc. 

AM'ARD, S.goda mdns utfacc ', dom, SEV- 

textia. TO Award, V. A. :ildoma. Q3» To A•' 
b!ow,;l<l/■,.•r 1 l undan ct (lag. Awarded, Adj.affagd, tildSmd. 

**AWARE, Adj.warfe, aktgifwande, providexs. I was 
not aware or" him ,jag war honor. . You W'ere 

not : man you fpoketo, da wlfle ickebwad 

fSr en man dutalte til. Aware, Iritt Eder,CAVE. 

AW AY, Inter), bort, :ir wdgen , APACE. Away lor fliame, 
fy fkam ! 

To AWAY with a thing, V. A. i ■'_-. ' . ma '.Ida en ting , 
eekre , patj. I cannot away with this sit , jag kan 
u e tola denna luften. 

AWAY, Adv. Away with lnm , bort mtd bonom. 
Away with thefe fopperies, bort med defje galenfka- 
psr.JLzt and away, up och S:, och ut. To runaway, 
lopa hort. To iteil or take away, Jljdla e!Ur taga bor.. 
I will away hence , jag wil bort hdrlfra. 

""AMI, S. fyl,SUBULA. 

•***A\I ::, ■'. agn, , ",.•', rALEA. 

* J, AWRY", Adj. krokot , - 'STO'RTUS. To 

look awry, winda med ugonen. Trie heel of my flioe 

goes awry, min fko-klack ligger fnedt. 
*6,AX or Axe , S.yxa, securis. Broad-ax, bila. Battle- 

»r Pole-ax , hille-bard. 
AXEL, S. axl , axis. Axel tree, axl-trd. Axillary* 

Adj. horar.di til armholcn. 
*7,AY or \ T Adv.ja, etiam. Ay, boutareyou fure of it, 

ja , men dfiu wijf derpd. NB. bn ickt .r man talar 

med nogon fom betre dr dn en fjeif. 

* 8, AY or Ay, Adv. for ewig tid , IX JETERXUM. 
AZURE, S. himmelsbld ferg , COLOR CiERULEVS. Azu- 

red , Adj. af Jddan ferg. Azure-fione, lapis lazuli. 

*AW, Sueth. A G A, difciplina, coercitio, anxietas.Vid.A.°\i£. 

**AWARE, Goth. & Sueth. WAR, cautus. 

""*wi, Goth. AAL , tercbellam. German. SfBU- 

f ***AWN, M.:Goth. AH ANA.Goth. & Sueth. \GK,palea 
*;, AWRY, Sveth. H'RIDA, torq-.urein orbe™.. 
*6, AX, Suethico-Dalekarl. AX , fecuris. 
*7,AY,M:Goth.IAI.Goth.J.iA, ] AKA.,affirmare,zb A, efl. 
*S,AY,M: Goth. Aiv, tenrnum. Goth. A, A, Atid , 

B A 

•ABE or Baby, 5. litet barn , barn-unge, i.yfa.vs. 
Babe of grace, nad:-manfen. 05° BABE (plpa) 
d^cka. Baby-thin gs , barnlekon. Babies, lekon. 

To tiABLE, V. A.bjdbla,prata, fqwalra, Garrire. Bib- 
ler, /. bjdbiare, fan air are , fkrdfwa. 

E VSOON , S. bawian , crxocEPHALUS. 

BACHELOR, S. ungkarl , ogift had , CAZLEBs. Bache- 
lour of Arts , Candidal wid en Acadcmia. 

**BACK., S. rygg , bakdelaffolk eller creatur , dorsum. 
To turn one's back to one, wenda ryggen til en ,f8rldta 
«n , lopa fin kos. He has not a Ihirt upon his back, han 
har icke fkjortan pa kroppen. To fall on one's back , 
folia bakldnges. 05 s The back of a knife , knifs-bak. The 
back of a book , ryggen pd en bok. The back of a houie, 
bik-delen af et bus. He has a (trong ba;k, ban dr fiark 
i ryggen, rik. 1 o break one's back, bryla ryggen af 
en , ruincra en. 


Back-bone, rygg-bafl. Back-friend ,falfk wdn. Back-fide, 
rumoa , rof. Back-yard, bak-gdrd. Back-door, bak~ 
dor , undflygt. He entred through the back-door, fd- 
ges om den fom med oretta och ofortjenz kommer til no- 
got hedersfidle. Back-flairs, lon-trappor. sack-gammon, 
et flags brddfpel med tdrning. 

BACK, Adv. tilbaka, retrorsu.'j. To go or return 
back, komma tilbaka. To go back, wika, gifwafig. I 
ilral! foon be back again, jag Ckal fn.irt komma tilbaka. . 
(FT- r ULL-BACK, / hinder, Jkada,REMOR A, DA MX U.V.I 
have had miny a pull-back in my days, jag bar baft mon- 
gen olycka i min da'r , monga anfioter. 

To BACKBITE,^. A.f^rtala,bakdanta, OBTAECTAR.E. 
Backbiter , fortalare , fkdndare. Backbiting , f. fortal. 

To BACK, V. A. ahorfe, fiiga pd , eller rida til en hefi, 
(sustixerm) undrrflo.ija, hjelpa. Backed, Adj. under- 
' , idriden , paj: . 

T 3 KCKSLIDZ, F.NJ.lti!baka,trefkas,RECALCITRARE, 
terciversari. A Backflider in religion, en affdllino. 

BACKW ARD, Adj. fSrfummelig, trig, secxis. I found 
him a title backward in it, jag fant bonom litet kallfin- 
ntg i faken. To be backward in one's duty, efterfdtia 
fin pligi. A backward fpring , en fen war. Backwards, 
Adv. tilbaka, til rygga. Backwardnefs , /. troghet , JSr- 
fummelfe , jenhet. 

BACON, S.fiefk, lardum. Flitch ofbscon.fiefk-fida. 
Gammon of bacon, fkinka. 05 s I faved m y bacon , jag 
tog min Mats ur fcbolen , jag fiapp wdl derifran. 
* *B AT), Adj. ilak, ond, oduglig, pra vvs. Bad Wine, il.ike 
win. Bad money , falfita pengar, ilakt mynt. Bad times, 
fwdra tider. <£?• to be bad (not well in health ) wara 
opafiig. to keep bad or late hours, komma fent hem. 
Badly, Adv. ilia. Badnels,/. ilakbet,oduglighet. 

BADGE, S. wapn, merke, tekn, IXS1GXE. Badge of 
Innocence, ofkyldighets-tekn. 

BADGER , S. grSfling , taxus. 


To BABLE, Goth. BAB , barbarorum fermo. SABILIORt 
nugx. Vernac : BJEBBA, garrire. 
'"BACK. M:Goth. IBOKAI, retro. Goth. FARA A BAK, 
equum confeendere. 
" *B AD. M: Goth. BAVD, infulfus , fitaus. 

B A I 

B A L 

BADGER ,htkare, fpanmSls-katitUart, frvmentarivs. 

BAFFLE, 5. bedr.Sgtri , mala ?ides. to taffie, V. A. 
f.xera , narra en, gj/>ra til intet , SfwerlSgga en , honJILa, 
delvdere, confundere. To baffle a good 
or dc(ii;n, gi^m en god fak til intet. To come < 
a baffle, komma if ran mid long r.ufa. Baffler, f,l \cdra- 
rare , konfilare. 

*fiAG, S. pafe , saccus. | To put one in a hag,JIop- 
pa en i fihken , Sfwcrmitgtiga en. To give one the bag 
to hold, fixcra en. Cloak-bag, kapp-fack. Bag-pipe, 
fdck-pipa. Bag-pudding, kokad putting, 

BAGATEL or Badinage, lapperi , nvcx (nyjf ISnte ord 
af franfkan ) 

^AGGAGE ,S.lraff,foldaters bagage , IMPEDIMENTA. 
Cj* BAGGAGE (impubICA ) gat-hora , fdt-hora. To 
trufs up bag and baggage, g.i bon med pick ock pack. 

•fBAGGED, Adj. f oneofhis Miftrefses is bagged, en 
afhans frdlor dr med barn. T Ba gg in gIy, Adv. hogmodigt* 

BAGNIO or Bain, X. had, badfiuga, BALNEUM. 

BAIL, S. borgen, lifter-man, VAD1MONIUM , fidejus- 
sor. To be bail for one, ga i god for en. To give or 
put in bail, gifu-a, Jlella iorgen clltr caution. Ckj* BAIL 
or bound in a tbrelt (limes ) ragnn<; uti enjkog. To 
bail one, g.t i borgen for en. Bailable , Adj. font kan 
xttflcppas pd caution. Bailed, Adj. den cller del man. «nr 
i god fSre. 

BAILIFF, S. En wijf magiflrats-perfon e'.'er Ambetsman, 
rR.£r£CTUs.'Xj :, BAiLlFF orBzily (lictoi; 
re , fogdkarl, Jtadstjenare. •: ^iind'ed, .' 

fogde. Bailiwick , f. will d 1 in 

**To BAIT, locka , pellicer'e. C^ To bait a bull 
•r a bear (nrciTAXE)tuffa hundar p& b/Srn r''er tjur. 
ffr* To BAIT or teaze one {OFFENDERS) firtrciaen. 
05" To bait. V. A. on a journey {divers rjti) 
hwilapitn re fa. Baiting-Place or Inn, bttftille, wdrds- 
hus. Bull-baiting, tjur-oek hund-fektning. 

To BAKE, V. A. baka, grddii: , ugn, coquerz 

FURNO. Baked or Baken, er, f. 

ba'are. Baker-k- . Ibent. Baker of Sweetmeat 
Sockerbagare. Baking of Tobacco-pipes , pip-brenneri, 

BALAIS , A Ruby Balais ofenail, ct ISfarc , femre (lags 
rttbin, rubinus balassius. 

BALCONY, S. galleri utan pact bus, PODIt'M. 

"BALD, Adj. kal ,/kallot , t adbar, gzaber. Bald-pa- 
ted , flin-fkallot. To Bald, V. A.fkallaaf, ■■' , '. 
let. B aldnefs, /. Jkalloghet. Baldkite,/. et flags -fogel. 
Bald-rib , jwin-ho. 

BALDERDASH , S.mifkmafk, farrago, to Balderdafh 
wine , bemenga,forfalfka win. 

•"""BALE, S.packa, kopmant-godi , sarcisa. OS 5 " 
B AL.F, (ansa) grcpenhandtag pact embar. To bale water 
out r.f a fllip , Sfa ut wain. 

* 5, BALEFUL, Adj. bedrifwad, bedrSflig, tristjs, fu- 


*BAG, Goth. BAGGE, Sarcina. ragur , gibbofus. 

** BAIT , Goth. BEIT A,incitare.BF.T A, perfequi in judicium. 

'"BALD, Goth. BALA, planities. 

****BALE, Sueth. bAl (Smolandis) BAL, nidus (afe'na- 

tus anferum. BAL A, de an feribus nidijicantipus. 
*5.baleful, M-Goth. balw/an , torque Goth-POL- 

VA ,malediccrc. BOL , BAUL, damnum. Aleman. BAL , 

BAIE,«I BALO. malum, mhliiia,frcua. BaJ-mu..t, 

falfus tutor. Bal-fred, falfa put. 

"BALK,.?, balk, hjelke, rn .i r ■. . y^ z ALK, ( 

■ , /..w. tefd, 6ALK(POS- 

ca) I i i :n it., item oplogtjr 

T ALK , V. A. gd fo.-bi, PR.ITERIRE, OMITTERE. 

Death balks no body, dSdenfpar '■ To balk 

(frustrate) fixcra , nnrracn, kemma en ifran conce- 
pterr.j. ■-.''- T<\ BALK, a woman, bedraga et qwin folk fern 
wentodefig ft (Shafens mandom. To balk a fliop, hindra 
nSringen i en bod. Balked , A Jj. fSrbigangen, narraA &c. 

* * BALL, 5. boll, pila. A ball for a gun , kula , fiycke-ku- 
la. Snow-ball , fnS boll, eld-kula. The ball of the eye, 
Sgnefienen. Wain-ball , twal-kula. 

BALL, 5. dams-mote , bal , chorea. Tomake or give 
a ball , gjora eller holla bal. Ballard or Ballet, /. wi- 
fa.Jong, CANTILENA. 

BALLANCE, 5. wigt, bilanx. rry to put one'sfelfin- 
to theb I'ance with another, jemf'ra fig med en. Ct5* 
T!ie ballance of in account, ballancen afenrekning*^^ 
Baliance or fuipence, owifjhet, oflutlighet. (Xj^Ballanee 
of Trade , handels -baliance. 

To BALLANCE, /". A. wSga , SfwerwJga, betrakta , 
ponderare , co.v idlrare. Hii virtue dos not bal- 
iance his vices, hans ojygde- nfwerg.f dygdtrna. To bal- 
iance an account, faldcra , Jluta en rekning. Ballanced, 
Adj. V,d. Verb. 

BAXLISTER, S.fpolwerk, fkrank. column a brevis Sr 
par>'a. Balluftr.-'de , idem. To Ballifter , V. A. in- 
fkrjnkn med fpolwcrk. 

BALLOCK.S , 5. badar , ballftenar , TEST1CUL1. item 
pung-rafk , scrotum. 

BALLOT, S. en liten kula eller turning at votcra med, 
sph.frula. to Ballot, V. A. votcra pa. dctf&tiet. 
B illoting or ballotation , voterande. 

BALM or Balfam, balfam , BALSAMUM. Balfamick 
or balmy, balfamijk. 

To RAM or Bamboozle, V.A.f.xera, nnrracn, DELUDERE. 

BAMBOO, S. focker-ror , canna sacctiari. 

BAND, .V. band, vinculum. (Xjr'Bands of a wheel , hjul- 
' g. A Book in four bauds , en bok i fyra band. 
Hat-band, hattband. Swathing-band, barn-lindi. Band- 
Dog , bandhund. Trains-bands , borgare-milicen i Lon- 
don. Band-roll, m'njler-rullc. (X^Band offoldiers , et 
compagnie foldater. Bandoleer, _/". bander. Bandage, f. 
i IB la ' , / xndlar f5r et far. 

'fTO . 5. StratrSfware t Italien , latro. 

***BANDROL , S liten fana, VE.riiLUM. 

BANDY ,S.faltr.Ufombrukas wid boIl-fpcl.CLAVA.TOBin- 
dy.V.A. /la en boil. r^-ToBandy a question, flha en trSta. 

To BANDY, V. N. together in a faction, fammangad- 
da fig, F actionem INIRE. Bandy 'd, Adj. fammangad- 
dad. Bandy-Iegg'd , hjul-bcnt. 

****BANE. S.fSrgift, dSJ , fSrderf, VENENUM , MORS, 
pern/cits. They are the bane of humane fociety, de 
Sroen peft f$r mcnnifkliga gcmenfknpen. I will be the ba- 
re of him , jag fkd Hi hans dod. 

BANES , S. lining for brudfolk , spovsalium PUBLI- 
catio. To bid the banes , lyfa, Vid. to Bid. 

"To BANG, 

*BALK. Got'i. BAI.KUR ,/ra;i, lirain agro. 

**BALI, G th. BOLLS, mh vctcrum lignea , Bollur 

jord • r, 'ris, V.dd. 

***B/ DING,1 .-lliim.BA.VT> A, in- 

MtGoth.BANDWO.jfsna iJe &, Banner. 
****B\": ,r Got"' j, ,-,._. b ;i : ir hit:, mors 

inopina. - n . c :d.s euSor. hod. Baneman- Fa- 

<lui-ba;ia, parr...^a. 



*To BANG, V*A.banka,Jl&], dSnga, baja med kepp, 
TIC ARE. sa.ig, 5. flengj flag. Dcr.ged, A.ij. (la- 

BANGLE-enrs, flok-Sron , aures pexlvljz. Bangle- 
eared , (loV-'irad. 

" To BANISH, V. A.drifwai land: ' . tROSCBl- 

BERE. 03 s " To Ba;::fLl"orrow, bor.drifwa forg. Banilh- 
ed , Adj. lilrt> '.agd. He was banifhed Rome, han 
bUf uti'rd ur Rom. fcanifliment, f. land<fygti°': = :. 

BANISTER, Vid. Ball ter. 

BANK., S.uall, landfdfte emotfjon, AGGER. 05=- »KK 
(ripa) firand af enfiod. CCr-B ANK (RUPES ) fandbank , 
fandrefla.rS>BA?iK(coLLVEUs) bank, To 
keep in bank, holla i Banker , Ban quier. 

BANKRUPT , Ad' ; . bankruterare, coxturbator. A de- 
lperate bankrupt, S. en fior bankrut. To turn or beco- 
me bankrupt, fpela bankrut. 

To BANN, V. A. banna, fSrbanna, MALEElcERE. 

BANNER , 5. baner,ftandar, VEX1LLUM. Knight Ban- 
neret , Riddarc af en w'tfj Orden. 

BANNOCK, 5. hafrc-ktika, place.vta aiExacea. 

♦"BANQUET , S. fiort giftcbud, coxvivium. to Ban- 
quet, V. A. gaficrera. Banqueting-houle, gdftbods-fal. 

BANTER , S. fkdmt, gSckeri, locus. To Banter, V. A. 
fkdmta, fpea en, gickas. Bante-ed, Adj. brydd , din man 
gdc'kas med. Banterfom, Adj. jkdmtfam. 

BANTLING, S. bam fodt for egtenfkapet, in tans ax- 


BAPTISM, S. dop. To Baptize, V. A. dopa. Baptifnial, 
Adj. dop tilhorig. Baptiftery , flint. Baptized, Adj. dipt. 

****liAR,S.fiong,bom,/l<!ngr<:l, PESSULUS,obex. A Bar 
of gold or Silver, en fiong guld eller filfwer. (f^ The bar 
©fa haven, bom for en hamn. 05 s Bar in a publick houfe, 
fkrank i en kdllare eller krcg dcr pcngarna betalas. 
Olt" bar(impei>imextum) hinder, motfifind.tfj' The 
BAR ( de juris ccnfultis ) hela kopen af ad-ocater 
och lagkloka.(£r"B AR 'tribuxjl) rctt , domfiol. At 
Ear, for retien. 

To BAR., V. A.boma, rigla , fafiftcnga , OPPESSVLARE. 
Cfi" To Bar the way, ftenga ig. 'to Bar or 

< - :.r ( ) holla ifra, fSrbjuda. 

BARBARIAL, S.enbarbar. Barbarifm , barbari. Bar- 
barous, Adj. barbarljk, ?-.)">. mid. Barbaroufnefs , f. 
grymhct, grofhet. Barb,jCe/! heft if, an barbariet, EOUUS 

To BARB, V. A. barbera , ra l a . TOXDERE. Barber , 
f. barherare. Barbed , Adj. rakad. 

BARBEL , S. barb , et flags ferjk watn-fifk. 

BARBLES, S.fu/ulnad tinder tungan pa keftar , VLCERA 
EOUlx A. 

BARDS, S. de gamla Britanners och Gallers Skalder , 
fombe\refuo deras hjeliars bedrifter och manna-rbn , 


BARE, Adj. bar, blott , naken , XUDUS. (Tr" Bare of mo- 
ney , penninglSs. He Mas condemned upon a bare 
fufpic.on, han blej domd pa en blott m'ijftanke. Thread- 

*ToBANG,M Goth. BANJO S, plaga.Goi,;. BANC A, P AN- 
KA,pnlfare.Bengel, baculus.1 eut.B en GElEy./cftVf. 

**to banish, Goth, bans, inierdtSum. Ateman; b'an- 
NEN, chare. B ANNIRE, LL. Antiq. rele°are. 

♦♦'BANQUET, Goth. BANK, fcamnum. Mos Vctcrum, 
remoti m:n(a, in fcamnis inebriari. 

****BAR, Goth. SPA.RRA, trait, iadi Ital. SSABRA. 

bare , triibttr. Barifaced, -.-•-.' hart anfikte. Barefoot- 
ed, barfc:. -.a^en-roj. Prov. AS BARE 
as A bird's tail , naken font en ■■ 

To BARE, V. A. M, to, \fwa klSierna af en; xu- 
dare- Bare:".eiV,y* nakcn'ict. Barely, Adv. blott echal- 
Icr.i!': , fldit , ufelt. 

BARGAIN, S.kSp, accord, pactum. I n-.uft have it in 
the bargain, jag mafic hafvat pa kopet. I had but a dull 
bargain of it, jag gjorde flSt To fell one 
a good bargain, falja cnom for godt kop. To buy a 
<rood bargain, kSpa for godt kop. You fhall loole 
nothing by the bargain, du fkal intet forlora derpai 
You'll repent your bargain, du Ltr angra lopct. (J5=* 
A BARGAIN (riJT)topp, ware fagr, to Bargain, V. 
A. iSpJlaga, pruta, f.uta kop. To bargain very hard, 
pruta mycket nJr. Bargained, Ad'. ■■■ fpt , accorderad. 

BARGE,' 5 '. (lor bat, flap af tio arar.'xAi'Is vectoria. 

BARGHMASTER, bcrgmdjlire , curator tODixjE. 
Earghmote , bcrgs-ting. 

BARK, S. bark, CORTEX. Iefu:t-bark, China- bark. frS* 
**BARK 'iTAVls) bat. To bark, V. A. bnrkatrd. 
Barker, f. barkare. zark-fat, Sarkt~kar, hos garfware. 

**ToBARK, V. H. JkSUa , LATRA.IE (om hundar och 
rdfwar) Barking, f. fkdllanae, jkdlL-ord , ful -nun. 
Barked at, Adj.fnalLi pa. 

***BARLEY, S. lorn, bjugg, hordeum. Peeled barley. 
hel°ryn. B arley -broth , grynwSlling. 

BARM, bcrma, Vid. Ytft.'c^ B ARM (sixus) barm. 

BARN, S. lada , HORREUM. Barr.-floor, ladu-Uga. j 
The Barn is full (She is «-ith Cr.ild)lsdan dr full 'hon 
dr med barn ) Barn , ixeaxs , Vid. Beam. 

BARNACLE , 5. bromfen fem Hofflagaren Idgger Sfwcr 
ndfan pa en heft, epistomium. Barnacle-bird, ct 
fla°s u ; lag.fs i Skottland. 

BAROMETER , 5. wddcr-glas , barometer. 

BARON, S. Baron, friherre, Baro. Baron of the Exche- 
quer, en domare uti Cammar-Jakerna. Baronefs , f. fri- 
herrinna. B?ronet, en wifj ridderlig titel i England , 
fom dr drficlig , men icke adclig , fordras tooo pund 
Stcrl. drli° inkemft. Barony , f. friherfkap. 

BARRACAN , barkan , el flags ylletyg eller groft Camlot. 

BARRAQUE , S. foUate-hydda. 

****BARREL, S.tunna, kaggc, doitum. cJ^barrel of 
agun (roA.ifE.vr/ fistula) bSJf-pipa. To Barrel up, 
V. A. Idgga tunnor. 

BARREN , Adj. ofruktfam , gall,fkrinn , STERIL1S. f£f 

BARREN {lEJUKVS ) torr , ofmakligi tal eller fkrif-art. 

B3 — enrsfs./" ofruktfam hct. Barrenly, Adv. ofruktfamliga. 
*5,BARRETOR. , S. enfo- ■■ !e> trdlor widdomfto- 

larne , en orclig fdlle , frids-forftSrare , V1T1L1T1CA- 

TOR. Barrefry , f. uph'ifjande af trdlor. 
BARRICADOE, S. fSrp.^ansning, lorica. To Barr'ca- 

doe, V. A. forfkanfa. Barricadoed, Adj. forfkanfad. 
BARRIER , S. flag-bom vid en almdn tidg, clAUSTRUM. 

Barriers, S. wddje-lopp, palestra. 


*BARK, Goth. BARKI, ntvig'um. inde To IMSARK, 

nauim cenfeendere. 
"ToBARK, Goth. BARKI, Guttur. 
""jARLEr , M.Goth. BAR, hcrdcum. Goth. BAR, fruclut 

quicunque. BYRLAR , pinccrna. 
****BARREl, G"th. BERIL,Al?Ma. 

*5,BARRETOR,Goth. BARATTA,f*£*«. Barattomadur, 

B A S 

B A U 

BARISTER, S. advoeat, cavssidicvs. 

BARROWS, t "r, recTiejtmWheel-barrow , fk 
ij.. a B&rro . -hog, fntpt gait, maialis. Barrowgreefe, 

To BARTER, $■ bytawaror, StERCES COMMI/TARE. 
Bartered , Adj. bytt. 

BARTON, S. hSns-bur, c.crr.A. 

*BASE, Adj. gemen,i ■ , i ilis. Bafe extra&ion ,r/r/?a 
afkomll. r^f Bafe-born , wan6Srdig , afoegta feng. 
BASE (/;•! irobus) fkindelig , odrLg , fhclmjk. Bale 
trick , gement fink. Bale action, nidings-wcrk. safe 
foul, gement finne. (£f BASE (iO/!D7£)i -4r.<Rl-'i) 
_/n.?/ , fniken* rf> Bafe coin , /Z.i'« undtrhaltigt mynt , 
item fmapengar. Kr* Bafe court , undtr.rttt. Bafenefs , 
y^ gemenhec &c. Bafely, y<jV. gement, Vid. Jhpra. 

BASE or Bafis, S. grundwal , fot afen pclare. 05* BASE, 
i<ij < mufiken. Bale-viol, bas-fiol. 

BASHFUL, Ad), blyg, vericvnovs. Balhfulneis , /. 
blv.;h:t, blygfamhei. Baihfully, Adv. blygfamliga. 

BASILISK, 5. tafilijk, item a flags fiort fiSlt-ftyckc. 

To BASK in the fun, ligga och mafa , fteka fig i folen , 
fola fig, APRICAR1 AD SOLEM. 

BASKET , S. korg , corbis. Bafket-woman, mongelj\a 
ellcr crbets-qwinna. 

BASON, S. wactub.fcken, tZlVlS.ittm redd fSr Jkepp. 

**BASS, S.halmbolfter, SCIRPICVZ.VM. 

BASSOON , S. et infirument i mufiken. 

BAST, S. baft-rep. Baften, Adj. af baft. 

*'*To BASTE, V. A. (la.btfa, 
BASTE EL1STS JflTH butter, (Utwatn pigifen. • 
To CASTE meat a roafting 'iivmECTARe) drypa pa en 
ftek fir elden. ry^* ToBASTE (lEVlTER CONSUERe) 
i idfli, trakafaJl([krJd.luc-Term.) 

BASTARD , S. borunge , brots-barn, SPVRIVS. Eafrard- 
child , \otgta bam. o''BA(T.ud (advltlp i > i .) 
oegta, oriktig. Baftrad-fruit, frukt af oegta flag. Ba- 

tten FranfSfka. Baftnrd; 
tegta afkomft,lSj to Baltardi/e, V. A. 

ma, ftrfalfka. B altar dized, Adj.J&rfalfkad. 

BASTINADO, S. ktpp-flingar , hugg af kepptr , FV- 
stigatjo. To Baftmado, V. A. prygla. 

BASTION,. 9. baftion, propugnaculum. 

B ASTON , Vid. Batoon. 

BAT, S. klnbba, CLAVA. C&* BAT ( VESPERT1LIO ) 

r-lapp. u rick-bat , ttgelbrott. Bat-fowl- 
ing , • ■ om nattetid.. 
EATABLE; Ad). Batable-ground, twiftig jord , agri 


BATCH , S. A Batch ofbread, en ferm brld ,fomdr gra~d- 

diA p' en zang, COCTUM PAN is. 
BATCHELOR, Vid. Bachelor. 
BATE', S. twifi, trSta, lis. 
To BATE,- Vid. to Abate. 
BATH, S- bad, BALNEUM. TO Bath , V. A. &■ N.bada 

elter bada fit. rfy TO Bath a wound, bada el fir. 

Bathed , Adj. badad. Bathing-tub, bad-kar. 
BATM AN, en vie,taft6 fk'dpund och 6 un\ i Smyrna. 
BATOON, S. kafle, kSfling, bacillvm. 
BATELL or Battle, S. Jeltflag, flagning , prxlivm. 

To give battle , lefwerera en fclt-fiagting. r£t BATTEL 

*BASE, Goth. B<5SSUR , inepti*. 
*"bass , Sueth. fAss , F.lfling , idem. Goth. FIS, patea. 
'"•To BASTE, Goth, B&ST A, pulfare. Sueth. BASta, 

between two {pVlttvui) ettwlgts k.tmp. Battalia,/; 

flagt-ordning. To draw up an army in battalia, - 

en ha" r i flagt-ordning. Battalion,/ batallion afja Coo man. 

•fTo BATTEL, V. A. bli/wafet, pixgi-escere , item go. 
ibctfom b.ijkin.<X*TiiATTr.L,Adj.b,?rjnde, FSRT1LIS. 

To BATTEN, I'.A.weltrafigi trick, T1MO VOLUTAR1. 

BATTER, 5. emntt hwaraf puding ellcr pankaka gjo- 
res , impels a. 

To BATTER, V. A. brecka ,krofla, contu.vdere. To 
Batter with ordinance, bejkiuta med ftycken. To Bat- 
ter down, nedbryta* Battered, Ad), nedbruten c mine- 
rad. f A battered whore, en utjljpad hora. Battery, 
f. batteri af ftycken. 

BATTLE-DORE , S. raket atflS. fjSderball med , feru- 
la, item 

BATTLEMENT, 5. kraxs omkring ofwcrfte delenafmu- 
ren pa e; Ins, PINN.E Ml/Rl. 

BAVIN, 5. Vid. Faggot, To baulk, Vid. to Balk. 

BAULM, Vid. Balm. To baulter, Vid. TO curl. 
"BAUBLES, Vid. Babies. 

BAWD , S. hor-koplerjka ellcr koplare, LENA. BATTD Y . 
orbawdifll, Adi.flem, ob.Sf.vij'k, obscoenVs. Bawdry , 
/". kopleri. Bawdy-houle, hor-hus. Bawdry, f. flem ord, 
ottigtigt fnack. To talk bawdry or bawdily , Adv. tala 
ohbfwijk ord. Bawdy-long , honvifa. 

BAWDKIN or Tinfel, gyllenduk, serici/m avro in- 


BAWDRICK, S.kldpp-flj.zienklocka, tistilli cor- 


To BAWL or Bauze, V. N. bola , wr.ila , Jkrika , BOARE. 
Bawler, f.fkrikart. A Bau ling fellow, enfkrikarc. 

BAUS1N , 5. a great baufin , engor-btmba , fENTROii's. 

BAY, 5. reddfirlkepp,STATIO naviOM. <f T ' bay (ag- 
ger) wain-dam. 05* BAY (lac/ri/s) lager-tret. B*y- 
berry , lagerbSr. Bay-window, rundt jinfter. cr^" I» 
keep one at a hay, fxera en. 

BAY, Adj. rSd-brun, pvsicevs. A Bay-horfe or Bay- 
ard , en fkymlot heft, rfj" Bay-falt , Franjkt fait aj Ba 
yonn ■ 

To' BAY, V. A. brikafom etlamb, balare. item J 
la font en hand, LATRARE. 

BAYS, S. boy. Colchefter boys, boy frin Colchefter, 


BAYL and BAYLIFF, Vid. Bail, Bailiff. 

BAYONET, S. bayonett , pvoio. Bayze, f. et flags fri- 
ferat-tyg , boy. 

To BE , V. N.&- Subft. wara, esse ( irregulare ) I am , 
jag Jr. Thou art, tu Hft , He is, ban if, We are , 
in' Srom , You are, I aren , They arc, dc Sro , In . 
jag war, I have ' ; warit, I ha.! been , /ag 

hade warit , I fhall be, jagjkal wara , Being, uarande. 

Ex. Will you be one?' toil du wara med? How many 
games are you ? hur mongafpcl ha'nl ? You are to bla- 
me for it , dec iirdin jkutd. 1 am to receive money, jag 
fkal tagacmot pengar. He is to be hanged, ban fkal hdn- 
ga. How is it with you ? hum ft,"r del til med F.der ? 
I'm very well , jag .?,• wid «od helfa. cfr Who are you 
for? pa hwilken fiila dren I ? Arc >u i bit of this ? 

;.ir Eder etftycke af delta ? To be at, Vid. A T. Wha< 
is that tome? hwad i3r dec mig an? ffr" Thancks be 
to God , GUD warelof. If fo be that he goes away, om 
fa Sr at han c"r fin wig. To be hereafter, fomjke tiler 
komma Jkal. So it be no trouble to you, om d:t icktSr 
Eder olSgligt. To be to do ,fomfkal gjoras. Ex. I'm to 
go , jag mafte gi. That will never be , dec fker aldrig 
i fin da'r. So be it, ma gjora,ldlf3 fke. 

B E A 

B E A 

NB- De Engelfkd bruka ofta at foga detta verbum med et 
icipitan pr.tfens af ct annat , fdfom i grei 
Ex. lam, I was , I have been, 1 iiiall be rea 
jug holler pa, jag hilt p.i &■<. at l.i/a. Item, med et 
r. prxteritum , fom, da de leggas tllhopa , gjo'-a 
menin^en af et AdjeSivum , Ex. To be loved, 

. not to be cured, oboteli° , net to be matched , 
makelSs. Item, Impcrfonaliter , Ex. 'here , good 
to be eaten in England , man Sier gods oxekStt 

"BEACH, S. firan.l , LITTL'S. [C" BEACH (PROMOX- 
TOR.IVH)nds , lands- udd , font hugger ml fjon. 

BEACON , S.fyr-bdk, wdrd-kafi, s:~ECVLA, 

BEACONAGE, S. fyrpengar. 

BEAD, 5. A pair of beads, rad-band, jM.ESW.I PRE- 
catorI/E. Beadsman, f. tlncman. 

BEADLE, S.fiSfware, jagthund, CANJS VEKAT1CVS. 
"f" A precious beagle, en hundsfot. 

**BEA!C, ndf, ji lib , rostrum. Beaked, Adj. ndbbot. 

BEAKER, 5. bdgare, driks-kdril , cantharus. 

IX, J. I i 'd, blema, PVSTVlA.\Tavea\,V. N.bolna. 

****BEAM, bv:i, bjelke,ds, trabs.^B'ea-».(radius) 
JlrSU. Beamy , Adj.firdlande. Beam of a coach, wagns- 
tifiel. Beam ofa ballance , u ctgbaik. Sail-beam of a wind- 
mill, wing-rd pa en wddc-.pvarn. * 

BEAN, 5. bSna, fas A. Kidney-beans or French beans, 
Turkifke honor. Prov. EVEUY BEAN HAS IT'S BLACK, 
in gen dr ulan lytt. 

BEAR, 5. bjSrn , WRSVS. A file-bear , bjorninna, A bear's 
cub , tjorn-ungc. Prey. To sell tke bEaR's-skin 
BEFORE ONE HAS CAUGHT HIM ijulja fklnnet for'n 
bjorn dr !' 

* ,, To BEAR. V.A. bira,holl 'p,»ORTARE.t?rTO BEAR 
(tol£RA!;- to BEAR children (PA- 

rere) fSda iarn [de an I vngla. lo Bear 

the enemy's onle;, hoUa-utfiendcnrinfall. To Bear a thing 
patiently , lida en <:.-■■ To Rear fruit, hdrafrukt. 

djr" To Bear one good will, hyfa godt hjertelagfSr en. 
rr- To Bear fway or rule, hajwa ."". C^* 

To £ ear an office, jSra et dmbere. c3* I'M bear ;. ur 
charges, jag wilfia far Eder omkoftnad, rry To Bear 
one company j holla enom fdllfkap. 03* Wine thst 
bears water, win pom tolatfp Idas up medwatn. (jj"lt will 
hardly bear that fenfe, det later ndppeligen tydafig i 
den menlng. rff- What date dos that letter bear ? af 
hwad datum dr del hrefwet? 03" To Bear witnefs , bdr* 
witnesbSrd. tf^=- To bring a proie;t to bear, fdltaet for- 
(lag pa en gad wdg ar lye! as. (j^> To Bear refemblance, 
vara lib, jemlik. {jfj* To Bear proportion, fwaraemot. 
To Bear a memory to a thing, intet f&rgdti en 
ting. To Bear in mind, hdfwa i tninne. (X3* This book 
will not bear fecond reading , denna bok bllr man mdtt 
af ndr man Lifer henne en gang. 05= A fable that bears 
divers morals , en fabel fern inneholler monga fedo-ld- 
ror. (yJ5» To Bear toohardupon one ,gd for hardt at en. 
tfr" To be^r one'sfelf upon one's learning, fkryta 8f- 
wer , floras pa Jin Idrdom. 03* To Bear one'sfelf well 
or ill, bdra fig wdl elter ilia fit. 03" To Bear a good 
price, wara i godt pris. 03" To Bear one's age well , 
bdra fina dr wdl. 03=To Bear a good {d.ce,gjora godmln, 
(f?* as far a s my eftatewill bear, fa nidafom min c~ 
^BEACH, Goth. EACKAR, npx crcpldines. 

BEAK, Sueth. PICKA ,pu!fare. PICC, SPIK, flimu- 
lus , clarus. 

***BEAL, Goth. BOLGA, tumor. Bola, bulda , papula. 

****BEAM, H: Goth. BAGME , Goth. l6n , arbor. 

*5,To BEAR, M:G0th.BAIRAN, porta.rc(antiqrisf.S(hyth.) 
Perf, BER, terminatio nominalis, refpendens Suethica, bar. 

gendomtol. Off TO Bear away the price or the beU,w:n~ 
na pr et. To BEAR ON, V. A. ligga panogot. 

83= To bear OUT V.A. holla med , godigjSra , fkaffa 
en wdl tuur en fwdr fak. To BEAR OUT, V. N. kom- 
ct.i ut.fticka ttt(bygg 7e:n.) r />ToBZ ar with one./u;- 
drag, tolamod meden-f/yTo BEAR UP, Ait. under- 
flidja. Ncut.fla .;•, kommafram, fid pa fig. p^ To Bear 
up againft , fid cmot,gj$rafi~t hetfta emot. o5"To BEAR 
DOWN, r r . A.J.fUa, SJwerldgga, hafu-aofverhand, kom- 
ma en at gifwa fwiga. To BEAR down, V. N.fenkafig. 
rj^ to Bear of a Mow, parera undan ct fi'ot. To bear 
towards the coaft , holla dt landet. 

BEARER, S. I'lrarc, bajVli/s. A 1 ill payable to the 
bearer , en fedelfom bor heiaUs til upwifaren, OS* The 
Bearers of a tree , jrugtbdrande grenarna pa ettrd. Bea- 
ring, f. there is no bearing of this , detta dr olidcligt. 
A woman pait bearing of children , en qwinna fom icke 
mer kan fSda barn. 'f~r The bearing ofa town, en finds 
beldgenhet. Bearing date , 

BEARD , S. fxegg, barb a. ' - The Beard of an ear, of 
corn or of roots, (keggeipd et ar eller ritter. Cat's beard, 
morr-hdren pa en kan. Bearded, Adj. fom bar /kegg. 
A red-bearded fellow , en rod-Jkcggot rdf. Beardlefs , 
Adj. ofkdggad. 

To BEARD , V. N.fdfkegg-brofi, barbescere. (Xj' T« 
BEARD, V. A. (BARB AM AL1CV1 VELLERl) rycka en 
i p~ie<;gct , fall a cnohofiigt an. To Beard wooll , klippa 
hals-ragget pd et far. (&• To beard a fluff, walka et 

*BEARN , 5. barn , INF Ays (detta oriet dr i bruk hos 
lands-folket allena, ferdeles i Norra England. ) 


BEASOM or beafom , S.fop-qwaft , scopm. Prov. A new 
BEASOM SVEEPS CLEAN, nya qwafiar fopa wdl. 

BEAST, S. efkdligt creatur , willdjur , BEST! A. tf> 
BEAST (ti/RPIs) en befi , ofornuftig mdnniflia. 05?" 
beaft, etkort-fpel. BeMy, Adj. ofornuftig, otugtig,ofnygg. 
Beaftly defire,/7em, onaturlig lufla. Beaftlinefs , S.flem- 
het , fnafkoghet , ofSrnuftighct. 

To BEAT, V. A. fid, bafa,' prygla, ferire. TO Beat the 
drum, fid pit trumba. To Beat time in mufick, fid ta- 
ilen. To Beat the hoof, fid i jlco (om hefiar) To Beat 
pepper ,fiota peppar. 03* To BEAT (sc/PERARE) Sfwer- 
wlnna,fia i et felt/lag. The Perfians have beat the Turks, 
Perfianen bar flagil Turken. I Beat him five fets toge- 
ther at picket, jag want fern fpel pd honom i piket. 0'°?' 
To Beat flat, uthambra. Csjr" To Beatone's brains with 
or about a tiling, bry fin hjerna med nogot. {fr" To Beat 
a tiling into one's head, intrycka nogot i hufwttdet 
tiler for/ldndet pd en. ff'r'TO Beat in, Neiit.fldigenom (om 
regn~) To Beat one black and blue, bafa en brun och 
bid. tf> To Beat th e price , Sfwerbjuda en. (ff To Beat 
as a hare, Neut. hit ra fom en hare-V^To BeatBACKor 
OFF, drifwa tilbaka. 03" To Beat OUT a thing, foka, 
fnoka up en ting. 05* To Beat one OUT of his opinion, 
fifwerdyfla , komina en pa annan mening. 03* TO Beat 
One out of countenance, fSrbrylla cn.rfj*To Beat UP the 
enemies quarters, alarir.era , anfalla fienien i deff ligtr. 

BEATEN, Adj. flagen, ofwerwunnen, cj£SI>s,svperatvs 


*bearn, Sueth. BARN, infans. Prov. Burned Beam fire 
dreads, brdndt barn fkyr ehien ,' ufius fugit ignem in' 
fans. SERA, M: Goth. B AIR AW, parerc. 

**To BEAT, Goth, BE IT A , bita. mordert. To BEAT un- 
der the coaff, Goth. BEITA firi landit, navibus nititon*- 
tra ventum in terram ferentem. 

E E 




<£?*?. kT f.ft{-tRiTVs)fiitcn, nitt. An old beaten fo'd ; er, 

ea s.'-' ••', veteran. An , innSttwdg. 

' [ur el , ./.• argument. 

Weather-beaten, wSd;rhiten,jol-brdnd. B eater, S.fljtare, 

JKtel. The Beating of the puKe,pulfensftag. The beats 

a watch , feger-knJppar. 

BEATITUDE, S. lyckfaiighet. or beatifical, 

Adj. To Beatify, V. A. gjorafdll. Beatify'd. Adj. 
*BEAU, S. (plur.BQzax)fnushanc,fpre;-h'jk,frr..] 

re, MiiiiiTIR caeamistratvs (et l.Sntord af fran- 
B eauift , Adj. flyglig i Udder clUr Slhifwor. 
BEA\ ER , S. bjtir, bifwer , castor , item bifwer-hatt. 
(£tBEAVES.(MER£.vi>A)liictmal, oitui!. To Beaver, 
/". A. holla et litet mat. 
BEAUTY, S. fagerhei , fdgring ,JkSnhet , PVLCR1TVDO. 
Feu women's worth outlives their beauty, fa qwin- 
jolks werde warar lengre dn deras fdgring, jK$nhct. Beau- 
tifully, Adr. wackert. To Beautify, V. A. gjorajkon, 
pryda. Beaufify'd, Beautifying , Adj. prydd , fnyggad. 
It BECAME, lmpe-f. Verb., to Become , del hende. 
BECAUSE , Conj.firty, emedan,pd da. ouia, Quo.viaM, 
VT.C& because (propier). I did it becaufe of you, 
jag gjorde det fir Ede r 
BECCAFIGO, S. fikon-fogel, ficidvla. 
■"'BECK, S. wink, nut vs. To give one a beck, gifwa 
encm en wink. He keeps him at his beck, h^-: r/jr 
kwad Kan wil med h.onorr.. To Becken, V. A. wink* med 
ban 'en. Becken \l to , winkad at. 
To BECOM.I , V. A.ilifwa, wardaaf, evadere. To 
BECOME, V. N. anfld. Become, Adj. blifwen. 'What 
i one of your bn I at Sr bror din blifwen ? 

That fait becomes you very well,<fcn klddningen fl'tr 
Edtr reu nil. It dos nit become you to fpeak fo, del 
ftar inlet an at tali fa. He is becomea great mar. , han blifw.t en flor man. 
BECOMING , Adj. anfuUdig ,/kickeUg ,fom kldder wdl, 

dlcori's. Becomingnefs , S. anfldndighet. 
BECON. S. VU. Beacon. 
***BED ,S. feng , LECTVs. Togo to or lie abed, g3 eL- 

hrttggatil 'engs.Pro.-. HE THAT GOES THIRSTV TO 
beuVruls HE ALTHY, den foot gar 
up. (Xjr* To be brought to bed, fallai barnfeng. Prov. 
fida i f;i,' och lidiga cp, gjSr rikedom , wishet och Jundan 
jtrory.Cj'Bed in a canon carriage, dyna iflyck-tau ■ 
Bed of a river, kongs.'dra. A bed of carots , parfly ixc. 
mjroi-elUr perfiljc-J'eng. 

Compofita t 
Bride-or nuptial-bed , britdc-feng. Bed of eafe or 
couch, ru-bink. Tr'.ird'e or trukle-hed, (lag-eller fkott- 
feng. Settle-bed, fdU-bdnk. Bed-ftezd ,feng-trd. Bed- 
head , hufwudgard. Beds-feet , feng-fotter. Bed-curtain, 
fparlakan. Bed-rid , fengliggare, wanfo-. Bed-fellow, 
-*are. Lord of the Bed Chamber, Cammar-Herrc. 
Bed-Cloaths or bedding, JengkUder. o3» Bed, bed- 
der or bedetter . underflen i en q\<.arn. 

To BED a wife,-K. A.trdda, Vxo- 
rem iv lectum sibi accjpere. To be brought 
to bed , falla i barnfeng. 

To BEDASH, Ki.i-.To Daft. To Bedawb or bedaggle, Vid. 
Dawb. To Bedew, Vid. Dew. To Beduft , VU. Duft. 
Bedeaded, Vid. Dead. Bedrawled, Vid. Drivelled 
(urmodiga 9rd) 

'lE.lU, Goth. BIOR, curs tenuior. 
**DECK , M: Goth. BI , particula indigi'andj. 
***BED, MrGoth. BADl,i;J7*«.Sveth.BEDDA, flernere. 

BEDLAM , S. darhufet i London, XEXCUXOCHll'M MA- 

\j AcoRi'M-^CfA Bedlam or Bedlamite, en dare, ur fin nig. 
*BEE,5.5i, apis. A f« arm ofbees, bifwerm. Anhumb-o- 

bce, mjod-humla. A gad-bee, broms. Beehive , biflock. 

Prov. AS BUS Y AS A BEE, arbeifam, bejlellfam, fom et bi. 
BEECH, S. bok-trd, fagi/s. Beechen, Adj. af ink. 

Buckmaft, bak-allon. 
BEEF, S. cx-kott, bvbvla. Martlemas-heef, rSkt ox- 

kuti. Beef-eater, kail :s fl.ind-drabamema i England. 
BEEN, I have been, jag hafwer want, FUI. 
**BEER, S. dricka,Shl, potus. Strong-beer, flar'.-Uhl. 

Small-beer, fiagShl. Stale-beer, gammaltShl. New beer, 

fer ECER (sa.vdapila) lik-iar. 

BEESTINGS or Breftings, ra-mjSlk , bjrds-mjSlk , CO- 


BEETLE S.kUppird,fl'iel,TUDEs.<f^- beetle (sca- 

RABEUS ) torndyfwel. Prov. AS BLIND AS A BEETLE, 
blind fom en torndyfwcl. Beetle-headed , fjolloi , ftSkui. 
Beetlebrou ed , fom har legge Sgne-brynen famwdxta. 
item furmulen. 

To BEFALL, V. A. henda, tddraga fig, COrrTllfGERK. 
A (trance accident befel me, jag hade cnfllj'.-.m hcndeU 
fe. Befallen or befaln , Adj. bend. To Befit, Vid. To 
Fit. Befool, J'id.Torool. Befoamed, Vid. Tome. 

BEFORE , Preep. & Adv. fSr,framfor, A.vTE, PRX, CO- 
RAM. Before 1 die, j~5r'n jag d'r. Before all the world, 
fir hcla werlden. Befo.-e and behind , fram och bak. 
Long before this, longt for delta. I love you I 
niyfelf, jag dlfkar dig mer Sn mig Qelfwan. I'll die 
before I put up theafrront, jag wt . dnUdadeit 

fkrmfcn. CO" BEFORE ( AyTEOVAMJ lilforende. 

BEFOREHAND, fSrut, i.\ antecessum.. To give 
money before-hand, gifwa pengar fcrut. To be 
hand with one , fSrekomma en. To be before-har.d. 
in the world, v ara wjlf.lpajf, for fig kommen i fin ■■ 

To BEFRIEND one, V. A. gynna, gjora e.tom v. . 
c rat iam impertiri. OTr* To bef. : e I ne 

ttigifig t~\ '•' imgod. Befriended, Adj.gynnad, 

' * 'To BEG , V. A. & ^V. tigga , uendicari. He begs 
i zeiditovadooTtodooi,hantiggerfiibrodn'iddii 
ir peace , kan tiggerfred. Do this I beg ■. 
jag beder Eder zjSr delta. 1 B eg you r pardon, jag her 
latelfe.^" To^Beg one for a fool, To Beg his eil.ite of the 
king, fupliccra hos Kor.r.ngen omf&rwahiingen af en dares 
egendom. He was Begged to do it, hsn war b-lcn .;t 
Sjj'-at. Beggingly, Adv. pa tiggarc-wis. 

BEGAN, Imperf. Verbi, To Begin. Since the world Be- 
ean , fedzn :. bcgynnelfe. 

****To BEGET,/ 7 '. A. af.a, fSda, c.ig.vere. Tose- 
eet a l'on , afla en foil. 05* To BECET (caussari) 
forordfaka. Plenty b - gjor iiSgmod. 

Begetter, S. afiare. Begot or Begotten, Adj. j'idd , 
afiad. Firft-begotten , firfi-fodd. 
BEGGAR, S. tiggare, mes-dicvs. Crew of beggars, 

tiggare-fflje. Prov. BEGGARS BREED AND RICH MEN 

¥P.ET>,fattig mans barnfitta ofta wid rikas hard. Prov. SET 
THE devil , nSr paddan kommer tilwelle.wet konicle d- 
terAe/fe.ToBeggar, V.A.utarma en Beggared,^.//. utarmad. 
BEGGARLY, ""Adj. armlig , ufel , mendicvs. Beg- 


'BEE, Goth. BY, BY-FLUG ( quafi bygge - fluga 

mufca nidificans. 
,V BE£R , M.Goth. BAR, hordeun. Goth. BIOR, cerevif.a\ 
"'To BEG, M: Goth. BEDJAN, orare. Scot. To» 

****To BEGET, Goth. SETA , parere, gignere. 



garly deaths, jtantiga klddcr. Beggarly doings, gement 

ftrek. Beggarly , Adv. tiggaragtigt , armliga , fattigt. 

Beggarlinefs, tiggarwuUnhci. Beggary, f. tiegeri, fat- 

tigdom. Beggars-velvet, plys. 
To BEGIN, V. A. & _V. begynn.t, birja, ixcjpere. To 

Begin a difcourfe, birja en difcurs. (jj* To Begin the 

world, taga fig fire en handtering , fidtia fit egit bn. 

Ti:ere Began a quarrel betwixt them , en trSta uphom 

emelLtn dem. A new Beginner, f. en ung begynnare. 
BEGINNING, S. begynnelfe . borjan , urfprung , PRl.v- 

cipivh. This gave beginning to the provero, hddan 

kom ordfprdket. 

BEGOT, Vid. to Beget, begle, Vid. Beagle. 

"To BEGRIME, V. A. feu, fwdrts , d£xicrare. 
Begrimed, Adj. fotad. 

To BEGUILE, V. A. narra,bedraga, fixera , DEIUDERE. 
Beguiled, Adj. narrad , pu\ad. 

BEGUN, Adj. begjnt. Begun, Imperf. Verb. TO Begin. 

BEHALF, Adv. Ex. In my behalf, for minjltul, pa mi- 
ni wdgnar , fir mil bet/la. To fpeak in one's behalf » 
tala for en. 

To BEHAVE one's felf, V. Recip.fldlU fig , firafigup, 
S£ cerere. Behaviour, upfirande , dtbird. A man of 
good behaviour er well-behaved man, enfkickelig man. 
To be bound to one's good behaviour , Vid. Abearir.g. 

To BEHEAD, V. A. haishu;ga, decoilare. Beheaded, 

hllsfluvgen. BEHEST (olfol.) Vid. Hefts. 

BEHfcLD, Adj.fedd, Vid. to Behold. 

BEHIND, Adv. &Prxp. efter, bakefter , POST, POKE. 
She ftay'd behind, Hon blef efter. He hid himfelf be- 
hind the , ban sjimde fig bakom taocten. To 
ride behind one, rid* bakefter en. He left a ftinck 
behind him, ban lemnade en flank efter fig. 05 s " Is there 
any thing yet behind ? Sr det Snnu no got fom aterfldr ? 
0$* To rail at one behind his back, iaktalaen.tgr'TO be 
behind hand in the world , fid fig jldtt , warn pa kne- 
ken. I fhall not be behind hand with him in civility, 
jag filial icke ge honora efter i hSfiighet. He comes not 
behind any in learning, ban ge'r ingen efter i Idrdom. 
The difcovery of the longitude is Hill behind, longitu- 
dcn dr dnnu en okdnd fak. 

To BEHOLD, V. A. afkada , bep-Jda , akta pi, befe, 
adspicere. Behold , Adv. fi. T. eheld. Adj. befnadad , 
item Imperfeczum Verbi. Beholder, f. dfkddare. 

BEHOLDEN, Adj. forpUgtad , forbunden , OBL1CATVS. 
I'm not beholden to you for that, jag bar inlet attac- 
ks. Bier for da. Eeholdir.jnefs, f. uarande i jorpligtelfe. 

BEHOOF, S.nytta ,gagn, fordel, commodum. Behove- 
ful,Wi//'.7y«i'ij.05 i It£EHOvETH, V :rb. Imaerf. (EXPE- 
PIT, OPORTEt) det Sr nidigt ,'. gagnar. It behoves us 
to look before we leap , wi hSra koxa firdn wi flyga. 

BEING, S. warelfe,wdfenie, essentia. The fupreme 
Being, det hog/la wdfendet. A thing in being, en ting 
fomdr td.tfj* Perhaps my being here may be an hin- 
drance to you , tor henda min ndrwarejfe dr Eder til 
hinders. (jj» BEING (domicilivm) berr.wifl. He has 
ao (etled being , ban bar intet wifi "hem. There is no 
being for me there, d:t Sr icke en on fir mig.tfj* be- 
ing (Panic-pium V:rbi to Be) warande. Lord Mayer 
for the time being, den regerande Lord Major. Bein» 

*To BEGRIME, Goth. HRIM, adufla fcoria inahenis. 
**To BEHAVE, Goth. HAFE, modus aptus. hAfER , 

cirilis. Sueth. hofwEs, decet. 
•""behind, Goth, ki* o , pofl. M:Goth. hindumi- 

STO , extreme. 
""""behoteth , 5uctn. 3-aOF , necejfitat. 

to come hither , fliolandes komma hit. He was near 
being kill'd , ban hade fit ndr waritom en kali. To keep 
a thing from being done, hindra en tings wdrkfidLig- 
het.Ots' BEING that, Conj. (qi/oxzam) emedan. Being 
that I promifed it, efter jag lofwadc de:. 

fTo BELABOUR or Belam , V. A. fid , bafa , verbe- 
RARE. I belabour'd his bones , jag lade pu Iddret pi 
bonom. Belaboured, Adj. bajad. 

BEL AC ED, Adj. befpeyid, Vid. Lace. 

BELAGGED, Adj. efterlemnad , relictvs. 

To BELATE, V. A.draga ut tiden , fSla , tempi's pro- 
trahere. You are a pretty man indeed to belate us f« 
with a trifle, du dfi ei fkon hern fom fa holler off 
opp pa fena natten fir lapperi's fkull. Belated , begripec 
aj mSrkret. 

To BELAY' a man's way, fidila firfai for en, i.vsi- 


"To BELCH, V. N. rapa , rvctare. to Belchout 
b'alphemies, utfpy hddelfer emot Gud. Belcher, f. rapare. 

"(■BELDAM , S. kdrling, gammal hdxa , YETVLA. 

To BELEAGUER, V. A. beldgra. Vid. To Befiege. 

BELIEF, S. tro , mening, fides, epifrio. The Articles 
of our belief, war tros artiklar. It is a w rong belief, det dr 
en galen mening. Light ot belief, Uttrogen. Hard of belief, 
trig at tro, klentrogen. Eafinefs of belief, ldt;rog:r.!:et. 
Hardnefs o(hi\le(,klentrogenhet. Pad all belief, otrolig. 
To be of a right belief of religion, hafwa retta trona. 

**To BELIEVE, V. A. tro,mena, CREDERE, 0P1XA- 
Ri. He Believed and all his houfe , ban tredde och ah 
hans hus. I B elieve no fuch thing , jag tror ingen ting 
fadant. I Believe fo, jag menar fa. To mske one believe, 
inbilla cnom. Prov. TO MAKE ONE BELIEVE 
en at korpen dr hu'u. 

BELIEVFD, Adj. trodd , credjtz/s. It is believed at 
every hand that , alt folk tror at. It is not to be belie- 
ved how , del dr otroligt hum. 

BELIEVER, en trogen,FIDELls.Believingly, tro. 

BELL, S. klocka, campaka. To ring the bell, ring* 
i klockan. OS* To bear away the bell, winna. fdger. 
Bcil-founder , klockgjutare. Bell-dapper, klock-kllpp. 
Bell-fry, klockflapel. 

BELLARMIN, To dispute with Bellarmia, fupa, dricki. 
{ei j\Smt-ord for B0VTE1LLE ) 

To BELLOW, V. A. rdma , bola , MVSIRE. <X> T» 
Bellow or to Bell, lata fom hjortar i brunflen. 

"""BELLOWS , S. blas-belg. A pair of bellows, puff, 


*** f BELLY, S.buk, vex ter. to be given to one's belly, 
hafwa buken fir fin Gud. Great-bellied , florbukot [om 
en kafwande qw'wna.) When I had a .jrat befly , ndr jag 
war bafwande. As young as /he is , flie has had no lefs 
than feven great bellies, fid ung fom hon dr , f" bar 
hon baft fju barn-fengar. My belly is full , jag dr mdtt 
(later jufi icke fdgafig wid kofwet ) I got my belly full 
of it , jag bar fdtt fa myckel jag lyfler deraf. Prov. 
tal inlet longt fnack. 

Belly-band ( fcr a horfe ) buk-gjord. A Belly-god, 
D eit 

"To BELCH, Goth. BELLA, cum fionitu pelli , collidi. 

»"To BELIEVE, M.Goth. GALAUBJAN, credere. 

"'"BELLOWS, Goth. BUIGIA, i*tumcfcere. M.Gotk. 
BALGEIS , litres. 

*""*BELLY, Goth. BELGR, facculus. BELG, pcra.BELG-* 
WORD , LL, Sueth. intirfeclio foetus ht ulero* 



en Epicurcer , matdyrkare. Belly-a're , lul-werk. A gor- 
helly, en gor-btmba. "J" Belly-cheat ,firkldde. 
To BELLY, K. N. /'l;<Us , /irrn.fl, P2NCVESCERE. 

To BELONG, V.N. hSiatil,ATTisERE. This belongs 
to me, Ana /i5w m/£ (;/■ As for what belongs to Re- 
ligion, religion angar. Belonging, A.lj. lil/iSran- 
dc , iMSrig. 
BELOVED, Adj. Slfkelig, dljkad. He it beloved by 
every body, han dr dlfkad af alia. Beloved, plural. 
Dtirly Eeioved, dljkd ge (Predik-term hos trote/lan- 
terne) Meflieurs, hos Papficme. 
BELOW, Adv. & Prxp. nedre , nedanflre , sui-tvs , 
infra. Is lie below? dr han da- ncdre ? To fit below 
another , fitta nedanflre en ar.nan. It is below you To 
to do, del dr Eder fir gement at gjora ft. 
BELTw'AGGER, S. ftorjkrytare, jactator. 
BELT, S. belte, geheng , gjSrdel ,cincvlvm. Shoulder- 
belt , axel-geheng. 
•J-To BELVER, Vid. to Bawl. 

To BELY, V. A. emot eller genftga , C0KTRAD1CERE. 
Their actions bely Their words , deras gjerningar dro 
twert emot deras ord. To bely one's fell", jSrtala fig. 
(J^ To BEtr or calumniate one, icljuga , belackaen. 
Belied, Adj. belngen. 
ToBEMIRE, V.A.loHa, arena, fSla , inqvin are. 
To BEMOAN, V. A.beklaga, begrdra , r eplorare. 
BENCH, S. bdnk , svbsellivm. cCr - bench {tri- 
bunal) domfiol. Kings Ben;h, en hog domftol i Eng- 
land, item et fengclfe i Southwaik. Bencher, Ajfejjor 
i et Collcgio Juris , en a} de fSrndmfie lagkloke. 
To BEND, V. A. kenda , hrola , boga , FLECTERE. TO 
bend a bow, fpenna up en boga. To bend the knee, 
boga knd. ffj 3 To BEND, V. N. {flectere se) bSga fig. 
To bend one's fift , knyta nifwen. to bend all one's 
wits about a thing , tdgga fig pa en ting med alt 
fit forflSnd. Their ftudies were principally bent upon 
Aftronomy , de ftuderade meft i fljernkikare-kon'len. To 
bend one's brows, hrympa dnnet. The Elbe bends its 
courfe weftward, Elben toper wefter ut. rry to BEND 
BACK, A. cV N. boga t'dbala , fid fig tilbaka. 
BENDABLE, Adj. tSglig. The bending part of a hill, 
fiuitningen , hdllningen pa en backa. The bending of a 
vault, bugten af et hwalf. Bendlet, f.liten bend:. 
BENEATH , Adv. & Prxp. under, nedre, subter, INFRA, 
BENEDICTION, Benefaction, Benefaftor, Bene&- 

clrefs , B enefaclure {brukas fellan man i flirifwande ) 
BENEFICE, 5. Idgenhet , prefigeld, mvnvs eccle~ 
sjasticvm. He is well beneficed, Adj. han har en god 
BENETICIAL , Adj.JSrddagiig , gagndig. This will pro- 
ve very beneficial to you , data ISrer Hifwa Eder til 
mycken fromma. Beneficence, / bewdgenhet , godhct. 
Beneficent, Adj. god, tjenfiwillig. 
EENEFIT , S. wdlgjerning , ynnefi , FAt'OR. (J^ BENE- 
FIT {commodvm) fortnin , fromma. It is a tiling of 
more credit than benefit , afmera heder dn profit, cjp 
BENEFIT-NIOHT , fa kallas {uti Comedic-fprdkel ) den 
aftonen ,pd hwilken auHoren eller nogon affpelarena njuter 
alt del eomedien kaflar af fig. Cj^BENEFIT of the Clergy, 
etfordomdags Privilegium, hwarmedelfi en lagwunnen man- 
■ drdparc blef fri if ran dSdfiraffet och allenafi trend ihan- 
den., om han kunde Ufa latin i gS.hifk fiyl , hwilket Prc- 
ficn med deffa ord fliulle intyga fSr domaren , LEGIT 
vt clericus. Murder is Death wit! benefit of 

__ the C'ergy, mord dr dSdsfak uian all 

V. N.[pROHCiRE) winna, profile. -. . under 

a Miniftcr, hafwa upbyggclfe af en pre/}. A Benefitted 
t:cket in a Lottery, en pris t et lotteri. 
BENEVOLENCE, S. weUwilja , benSgenhet * item bewiLU 

ning t'-l Cronan. 
BENJAMIN, S. et flags gum if ran Africa, item et watn 

at twdita anfiktet med. 
BE'.'IGHTED , Adj. ofuerfallen afnatten , NOCTE OCCV- 
PA Tirs. 

: GN , Adj. lunfiig, wdlwillig. Benign interpretation, 
god utty elfie , til act bet/ia. Benignity,/", wdlwilje. 
BENT, Adj. /.-At, bagd , inclinati's. Bent to or on 
war, krigijk, gifwen lil krig. Heiifii.ily bent to or on 
fomething . han har fan fig oryggcligen del fore. I'm bent 
upon it , j.ig har aldchs bcflutit at g oral. To be.cruel- 
ly bent againft one , vara enom dodeligen hdtfk. The 
Eyes of all men a.e bent on you , alia mdnnijkors S- 
gon die pii Eder , nSrda Eder. B en't ( ir.itead of) Be not. 
"To BENUM, V. A. gjora en walcn {om koU) ALGO- 
re TOB.PEFACERF-. Benummed , Adj. wdlen , itemfor- 
fkrdckt. Benummednefs , f. walenhet. 
To BEP1SS, V. A. bepiija, commingere. I laughed 
till I «as ready to bepifs myfelf , jag fkrattade ft jag 
motle hafwa fprucket. Bepill'ed or Bepilt , Adj. bepij/ad. 
Tc BEQUEATH, V.A. teftamentera, leg are. Bequeath- 
es tefiatar. "lEQUEST , /. {lag-term) del fom dr te~ 
fiamenieradt. Bequeathed, Adji teflamenterad. 
**To BERAY, V. A. folka, arena, cOA T ffCB.cjg.E. 

Beray'd , Adj. orenad. 
»**To BEREAVE one ofa thing, V. A. berSfwa enom 

nogot , FRii'ARE. Bereaved or Bereft , Adj. bertfwad. 
BERGAMOT, S. pergamot, pyrvm bergamense. 
BERR Y , S. bdr , bacca. Juniper-berry, enbdr. 
BERTON , 5. korn-lada. 
To BESEECH, V. A. hSgeligen bedja , OBSECRARE. 

Beleeched , Adj. beden. 
To 3ESEEM, V. N. anfid , dec ere. befeeming , Adj. 


To BESET, V. A. omgifwa, beflalla, circumdare. 

Befet , Adj. omg fu en. Befet with diamond. , befatt med 

demamer. Hard befet , hclrdi dcran. A heel befet with 

nail , en befpikad fko-klack. 

To BESHIT, V. A.befkita,cONCACCARE. f Tobefhit 

one's lelr, fSrtaiafig, forgd fig , jowdrka fin goda 

omtankc. Befllit or BelTlitten , Adj. befliiien , orenad. 

To BESHREW, V.A.SnJkapndr, maledicfre {ur bruk) 

BESIDE or Belides, Conj. utom dejj , dejj'forutan, PRM- 

TEPEA. Cfh BESIDES, Prxp. forulan , PRJETER. Be- 

Rdeshim, fSrutan honom. Except my ("elf and a tsw befide, 

undantagandes mis fjdf och nogre fa andrc. To be befide, 

one'sklf,vara ifrafig, fSrryckt.t&'ltis befide my prefent 

fcope,(fr* hlirer icke tilmin fak, hwadjag nu har for hunder. 

****To BESIEGE, V. A. betfgra , befiaUa, obsidere. 

Befieged , Adj. beldgrad. Befiegers , de fom bddgra. 
*r,To BESMEAR, V. A. befmorja, 1NVNOERE. Belmear- 

ed , Adj. befnwrd. 
To BESMOAK , V. A. Vid. Smoak, Befmutted, le- 

fotad , orenad, Vid. Smut. 
BESO.M or Beefom, (jwafl, wifka , iCOPM. 
To BESOT , V. A.gjSragakn , dementare. Belotted, 
Adj. galea cjord , fupen full. 


*'l oB£SUJi,Gotli.NAUMT,ra, <*g rc - Naumr, infuff.ciiiis. 
**To BERAV, Jsland. HrA , cruditas , cadaver. 
***To BEiiEAVE, M:Goth. BIRAUBAN, rapere. Goth. 

Hreifa , carpus. 
****To BESIEGE, Goth. SIGA, certare. Jsl. SHE, 

pi y .nax . firvor. 
*J,To BEiMEAR, M.Goth. BISMAIT , unxit. 

B E S 

BESOUGHT , Adj. & Imperfi. vcrbi to Befeech, leden. 

To BESPATTER, V. A. beftenkamed orenlighct, con- 
spurcare , prop, (f fig. Befpattered . Adj. fullflcnkt 
med orenlighet , fortalad , fkymfad. 
I To BESPAV'L, V. A. befpy , befpott*, conspvere. 

Tc^BESPEAK, V. A.beimga , beftdlla , mandare fa- 
ciendum, to Befpeak a pair of {hoes , beftS.Ua et p ar 
fkor. to Befpeak a Coach, tinga enwagn. OS" To Be- 
fpeak fome body's good opinion , forwerf'wa fig ens go- 
da tycke elUr tanks. Let me Befpeak your feriou; regard 
to t'aefe things , jag ber Eder gifi noga aktning uppd 
delta. Cjr* To BESPEAK one (compellare) tola til 
en eller med en. ffJ^To BESPEAK one 'in PARTES TRA- 
HERE ) draga en pa fin fi.ii. 

BESPOKEN, Adj.beftd(d,tingad,tilwunnenpdensfidt. 
Vid. To Befpeak. oS=* Thefe are befpoken thanks , 
detta dr twungcn tack. 

To BESPECKLE, V. A. Vid. Speckle, to Befpit, V. 

A. fultfpolta, Eefnot ,folka, flucka. 

I To BESPRINKLE, V. A.befprenga, beflenka, inmen- 

ga , prop. & fig. To fpue. To Befpatter, Vid, To 

Bel'pit. TO Eelpue, V. A. befpy. 

"BEST, Superl. of: Good, betft, optimvs. He is the 
bail man alive, ban dr den betfite karli werlden. What's 
the beft news ? hwad hirer man fSr g'odt nytt ? What 
had I beft do? hwad fikal jag helft gjora ? hwad dr mil 
betfta rdd. To do one's beft , gjora fit bet/la. To make 

' the beft of a bad marcket, gjSra dct betfta af en 
e!ak fak. To make the beft of ones- way, fikynda fig 
del me/la en kan , ingenftids holla fig uppe pa wdgen. 
Beft, Adv. jSrnSmfi , meft. I like that beft of all , 
jag. tycker meft om det. ' 

BEST AIL , S. bojliap , ARUENTA. Beftial , bcftagdg. 
Beftiality , f. tidclig. 

To BESTEAD one, V. A. gjora enom wdnftycke , ac- 

ToBESTINCK, Vid. to Stink, fxtore opplere. 
Befhuick, Adj. upfyld med flank. 

To BESTIR one's felt , V\ A. & Recip. gripafig an, wiil- 
Idgoa fig, OUNEbl MOI'ERE IAP1DEM. 

To "BESTOW, V. A. be/la , gifwa , fSrldna, IARCJRI. 
To Eeftow a new fuit of cloaths upon one, gifwa e- 

. .nom en try klddn : ng. 05" To beftow one's money upon 
ic!e things, legga in find pengar i fafSnga. To beftow 
a kindnefi on om , r gjora enom en wdlgjerning. 1 know 
not how to beftow myfelf , jag wet icke hwad jag fikal 

' taga migfijre at f'Srdrifwa tiden. Qry To BESTOW (;.K- 
PEXDERr-} kofta pa. To beftow a great deal of pains 
upon a work, anwcnda mycken Hit pa et wdrk. Ctj" to 
BESTOW" [.vuPtl'm dare) To beftow a daughter ,gif- 
ta bort fin doter. Eeftowed , Adj. gifiwen , fSrldnt , 
V ! " id, anuend. 

To BESTP.IDE , a horfe , fligapa en heft , EoyuM con- 
scendefe. Beftrid, Ad], as good a horfe as ever 
was beftrid , fid brafi heft fiom nonfin en karl fiatl uppd. 
Beftrider, bcidare , hingfl-ridare. 

**To BET, V. A. wddjas , certare pica-ore. set, 
fi. wad, Name yourb^t, hwad will du wdds ? Betted, 
Ad', fait pa wait. Better, fi. en fiom wdds. 

To BETAKE one's felt", V. A. taga Jig fore , SK APPII- 
CARE. To betake one's felftoa good profeffion,j7a fig 
tilctgodt handtwdrk, ndringsmedel. They betook them- 
felvis to a running fight, detogo til flygten. to betake 

*BEST, M.Gotil. BATISTA, Optime. Goth. BATE, 

"ToBET, Goth. BEITA, contmniti. 


one'sfelf to one's heels , taga til jotters. He betook him" 
felf to Csfar for his protector, han kafladefig under Cs- 
fars befikydd. He betook himfelf to his old trade , han 
grep til fit gamla htndtwdrk. Betaken, Adj. foretagen. 

To BETHINCK one'sfelf, V.N. bejinna , betdnka fig, 
SE recolligere. I bethinck myfelf what to do, nu 
wet jag hwad jag wil gjSra. Bethinking , fi. bctdnkning. 
Bethought , Imperfect, 

"To BETIDE, y. A. henda, contingere. Woe bs- 
tide thee , olyckan ware med dig. 

BETIMES, Adv. i god lid, bittida , BENE MANE. 

BETLE, or BETRE, S. en Indianifk wext fiom kallas 
watn-pepar , piper advlterinVS. 

To BETOKEN, V- ^- betekna , lXDICARE.(ur bruk , 
och i dejj ' ftdlle. To fignify ) 

BETOOK, Imperf. Verbi, to betake. 

To BETRAY, V. A. forrdda , uptdeka, prodere.Hc 
betray'd his Country , ban forrddde fit fddernesland. 
TO betray one's defign ,fSrklicka ens fiorehafwande. To 
betray one's fecrets , uptdeka ens hemligheter. ffjr" TO 
betray one's ignorance, fSrrddafit oforftdnd. Betrayed, 
Adj.fSrrddd. Betrayer', /. fiSrrddare. 

To BETROTH one's daughter to a man, V.A.irotof- 
wa fin doter med en man, DESIONDERE. Betrothed, 
Adj. trolofwad. 

BETTER , S. Compar. of Good, betre, MELIOR. That 
is the better way, det dr betfta maneret. My better 
angel, min fiota dngel( kdrleks ord) I defire no better 
play , jag wil inlet betre fipel onjlia mig. He is much 
the better man , han dr longt betre karl. To grow- 
better in manners or in health , blifiwa fedigarc eller 
firifliare. For better for worfe , Vid. Worfe. 

BETTER (loco fubftantiri) Ex. who has got the better 
of it ? hwem har v/unnit ? Our Betters, de fiom dro betre, 
forndmare, dn vti. 

BETTER, Adv. Ex. So much the better, fid mycket betre. 
I had better not to have told it, jag hade gjort 
betre at inlet tala derom. Ten foot high and better , 
tio fot hog och derofwer. Better cheap , betre kop. 
What fhail I be the better for it? hwad blirjag deff rikare. 
I love you the better for it , jag holler mer afi dig derfore. 

To BETTER, fSrbeira, formera , meliorare. ot°r» 
To better one'sfelf, taga fig, komma fig fore i wdl- 
ftdn.i , fa. betre kop. Bettered, Adj. fSrbeirad, forkofrad, 

BETWEEN or Betwixt , Preep. emellan, inter. Between 
wind and water , mellan wdder och wain. Betwixt you 
and I, off emellan fagdt. Between whiles , emellan hwar 
gang, fil.of-tals. Between both, medelmdttig , af me- 

**BEVEL, Adj. krokot, fined, oBiiQ^rus. Bevel, /. 

BEYER, 5. aftonward, AXTZctENli/M. Beverage, Callar, 
item en blandad dryck. To pay beverage, betala gol- 
bens-kanna for nya klddcr &c. 
BEYY , S.grtx. A bevy of quails , cnfiliock wachtlar, A 
bevy of Roebucks , en hop rdbockar. ff5» A bevy of 
ladies, en hop fruntimmer. Bevy-greafe , hjort-talg. 

To BEWAIL, V. A. beklaga , begrata , DEFLORARC, 
Bewailed, Adj. beklagad. 

To BEWARE, V. A. taga wan, cavere. Beware of 
falle prophets , wagter eder for falfika prophetcr. 


'To BT.riT>Z,Goth.TlJA,fuccedere,prodeffe,it.demt>nftrarti 
^SEvELj Goth. BIFA, mt\crt. Bifanlegur , ntthlis. 


BEWILDERED, Adj.fSrryckt , fim fir u: tiki fin: han 
wore /ran fi° , Tc.nVLt.XVS. 

To BEWITCH, V. A. /inrolla , /Srkjufi , ikcan- 
tare. Bewitched, Ad}, /Srkjufi , i/ra fine finncn. ue- 
witchery,/". fSrkjtisnir.^. 

"To BEWRAY, Vid. to Beray.fjS'To bewray afecret, 
(PRODERE) uptdeka en hemlighet. 

BEYOND, Prsp. S/wer pa andra fidan , TRANS, UL- 
TRA. Beyond the Alps , pa andra f.ian Alpifka bergen. 
Beyond my reach or brains , S/wer mm magi, tllerfSr- 
flSnd. Eeyond-Sea , pa andra fidan hafwet. (&• To go 
beyond one, ofwerga, S/wertriffa en. Beyond roeafure, 
S/wermaitan, utur alt no/ och lag, rikeliga. o3=- To (lay 
beyond one's time, drSga S/wer eat beyond dige- 
ftion , dta mcr in magen kan fSrdraga. They engaged 
themfelves beyond retreat , de lupo fit in at de icke 
kunde draga tilbaka. To go beyond one's depth , go. 
/Sr djupt i waincu- 

BEZOAR-ftone, S. Be{oar-flen, fim/nnesi inclfworna 
pa el flags getter i Perfien. 

To BEZZLE, V. N. (To Tipple) drhka, fipa , /S'.a , 

BIAS, S. Ex. Thz h\zs of abov/l , fid-wigten a/ en ku- 
la i kulrande, PRfcTONDERATlO. 0$* BIAS ( lit- 
CLINATIO) fnedfka yhSgelfi pel fined. To run bias, 
ISpa pa Jned. OS* To cut bias , hugga pJfidnt , pd fined. 
The Bias of all this difcourfe was to ihew, hela dis- 
curfien rick derpa ut at wifia. His bias leads him that 
wav, hans hogsl/er fSra honom dit. 05 s " The BIAS ofin- 
tereil , dri/ten a/ egnenytta. 

* "To BIAS , V. A. bSga , Uda , /Srma en at gjSra nogot, 
intaga ens finne , 1.VCL1NARE. Biafl'ed , Adj. in-a-cn. 
af et parti eller mening. 

To BIB, V. N. drkka o/ta , fiSrpla , POTISS ARE. Bib, 
/. napp , item brSflduk /or barn. 

To BIBBLE, V. N. pS/a , hi/wa fig , ebvllire. 

BIBLE, S. Bibcl, biblia. 

BICANE, S. willdrufwa, VVA AGRESTIS. 

***To BICKER, V.N.irdta, Libia, altercari. 
Bickerer./I triiare. Bickering f. kabbel, tr.lia. ^ 

To BID , V. A. bjuda.bedja, b./alla, JUS ERE. Bid him 
come in , bed honom komma in. To bid one farewell , 
bjuda enom farwil. TO bid one wellcume , hel/a en wil- 
kommen. CCP" To BID the banes of iratrimony , lyfi til 
estenfksp. TO Bid a Holyday , ly/a p<° en helgeda". r*=" 
To BID {offerre) I found it (o dear that I bid 
nothing for it, dct fill/a a\n at jay ISdingen ting ~cr- 
pa. CI 4 /* To bid the enemy battle, mana ut fienden. to 
bid up , at an auftion , bjuda pa , upi.tga en ting p$ 
auction. 05* To BID (invitare) To bid one at fup- 
per , bjuda en til a/tonmnhid. 

BIDDER, 5. bjudare. To fell to the higheft bidder, fil- 
ja til den meflbjudande. Bid , Adj. Do as you are bid , 
gjSr fim du &fl befall. OS* To BID (ixdicere) pa- 
bjuda. TO Bid a fad, b uda pa enfafle-da°. Bidden, Adj. 
buien. Not bidden , obuden. Bidder,/, bjudare. Bidding, 
f. bjudaing. Bidding a price, faliandepa en Kara. 

BIENNIAL, Adj. tu-arig, iwe^gja-ara. 

BIER, Vid. Beer. 

BIG, Adj. fior, tjock , GRAND1S, TVRG IDUS. A woman 
big with child , en hafwande qwinna. To taik bi^, tala 

*To BEWRAT , M.Goth. WROHJAN , accu/are. Gotli- 

WrAka , idem. 
•*BIAS, Goth. BI, extra, AS, veRis. 
.""To BICKER, Goth. SECKIMG, in/ult.uio. BIG- 

CER, irattts. 

B I G 

fior:, Jkryta. OS* TO look BIG, brofta fig , gjSrafig ftor. 
rjjf BIG words, flora ord. He looks big upon me, 
han fier mig S/wer axlen. cO* Togo BIG with a projeft, 
ga ha/wande med et/Srfiag. To be big with exportation, 
g/ora fig flora /or/lag. cCJ 5 ' big witli P.-:de , upblafl a/ 
hSomod. I'm not (cared with your big words , jajr la- 
ter icke JkSma mig af dma flora ord. A projefl fcig 
with ruin, et /alalt forflag. 

Big-napped , gro/tradig. Big -bellied , ha/wande , tmmg, 
bukflark. Big-boded, flor , refig. Bignefs , / fiorltk, 
tjocklek. Bigly, Adv. ftort,/krytagtigt. 

BIGAMY, S. twegi/te. Bigamiit,/: twegifting. 

BIGGIN , S. walk ,for barns hu/wud, ANADEUA. 

BIGOT , S. en flortrogen , widfkepling, en fim tilfiuter him- 
melen fSr alia fim icke dro a/ hans tro , SVTERSTITJO- 
SULVS. Bigotted , Adj. wid/keplig eller graawSrkem i 
/mn/aker. Bigotifm or bigotry , widfkeplighet. 

BILE, S. bSLd,pr , VLCVS. Bilious, Adj. Che-ltri/k, 

BILGE , Vid. Bulge. 

*To BILK, V. A. bedraga , narra , FRVSTRAUI..*'Ak- 
ed in his expectation , bedragen i fit hopp. 

BILL, 5. nSb'o , nS/, rostrum. cj'BH.L (falx) JkS- 
ra , krok-kni/. To Bill as pidgeons , V. N. nS/w as /om 

BILL, S. Sedel, 'schedULA. Bill of fare , up/ats pi 
hwad forn fkal ttlredas , traclamcnts-rekning. Bill or note, 
hand/kri/t. Tailors or Apothecary's bill , jkriddare- 
eller Apothekare-rekning. Bill of Complaint, klagomah, 
kla°ofkri/\\ of entry,inlaga patullen. Bill of exchange, 
wexel, wexelbre/. Bill of parcels, /aSura. Bill of 
Sale, /Srfielgnings-relning. Bill of indiclment , libell , 
klavopvift i brottmal. A Bill in Parliament, utkafl til' 
en Parlaments-aci. Bill of divorce , fkiljobrefi. Billet , 
pollct. To Billet a foldier , inqwartera en fildat. 

* *B1LLET of wood , kSfling , a/huggen qwifl /or brSnsU, 

bacillus. 05" Billet of gold , guldflycke. 
BILLIARDS, S. To play at billiards, /pela bitiard , 


BILLINGS-GATE, fijkare-torgeti London. Billings-gate 
Rhetonck , mongel/k-foack , oweti. 

BILLOW, 5. bSlja, fluctus incens. 

To BIND, V. A. binda , ligare , obstringere. Bind 
him hand and foot, bind honom hunder och /Stter. 05" 
To bind one by covenant or with an oath, /orbinda en 
med contr.itl eller Ed. To bind one's-felf by promife , 
/S-pligta fig med IS/te. 05* To bind a book , binda in 
en iok. Q5* to bir.d a bargain with earneft , fiSfla kSp 
med hand^enning. To binda Servant, to give him ear- 
ne(t,ft,fd(la et tjenfiehjon.ty^To bind one apprentice,/2f<- 
ta en i lira. TO bind one over to the fefiions , antwarda 
en domarenom. To bind up a wound , firbinda el /Jr. 

BINDING, Adj. bindande ,/Srjloppande, ASTRJNGEKS. 
Bind , /. hummd-rox. 

»**BINN,' brSd-eller /panma'ls-kifla , tA- 
narivh. tff binn offkins 'mensvra pellium) en 
dicker af I? jkia, 

* * * *BlRD,S./ogel, avis. Prov. bjrds or a feathsb. 


*1o BILK , Goth. BiLA , deficcre. Sverdu Ikal ald..gbi- 
Ia, gladius nunqtnm falUt. Hid. Herrw. Cap. 2. M.Goth. 
BUAUAN, infiltando illudere. 

**BILLET, Goth. Bit, ra/i/ra. BIl A ,fieuris. 

"""binn, Sueth. BINGE, acervut granornm. A nglo-Sax, 
binne , prafepe. 

****BIRD, Goth. BARD, ala , maxilla. 

B I R 

B L A 

noex TOGETHER , kak'a fSker maka. Proy. IT IS Aw 
fogelfom trdckar i fit egit bo. Prov. A BIRD IN THE 


handen dr betre dn twd ifkogen. To kill two birds with 
one f;one , utreita tu drender pd en gang. "(" A New- 
gate-bird or Tyburn-Bird , en galg-fogel {Newgate dr 
ei fdngeljc i London) Bird-Call, fogcl-pipa. Birder or 
bird-catcher, fogel.fdngare. 

To BIRD, V. N. fanga elder fkjuia foglar, AUCUPAR1. 
Birding-piece , jogcl-bSffa. 

B1RGANDER , S. el flags will-gds , CHENALOPEX. 

BIRT , S. helje-fiundra , RHOMBUS. 

BIRTH, S. bSrd.fZdetfe, hdrkomft, NAT ALES. 05* BIRTH 
(partus) fSdfel ,barnfeng. Birth or Litter, kull , Idge, 
bo fSr ofkdliga creaiurs fodfel. She had (our puppies 
at a birth, hon hwalpade fyra hwalpari en kull. Untimely 
birth, mifffall. (jj* BIRTH (orico) urfprung. This gave 
birth to fuch fevere Laws , hSdan kom den ftrenga 
ftirordningen. Birth-right, (Sdflo-rett. Birth-day, fSdel- 
fe-dag. Birth-place , fodelfe-ort. Birth-wort , Aol-Srt. 
New birth , nyfSdelfe. 

BISHOP, S. bifkop, episcopi/s. Bifhoprick, bifkopsdSme. 

BISKET, S. jkorpa, pants bjscoctus. Sea-bilket, 

BISMUTE, S, tcn-glas, en dlfats iten, MET ALL! CEKVS. 

BISSEXTILE or leap year , Skott-dr. 

BIT, S. bit,flycke, frustvm. A bit of bread, brSds- 
beia. A Tit-bit, en god-bit. Off" Adams-bit, firup-knu- 
lan, kulan pd ftruptn af man-folk. Never a bit, icke biten, 
mldrtg del ringajle. Every bit , hwart grand. o5" BIT 
of a bridle (lupatum ) belt , munflycke pa et terel. 
To bite on the bit , tugga beilet , bita pa en ting, cgjer- 
va gjSrat. to draw bit, be{la af. Without drawing bit, 
man at beta pa nogot fid lie. TO bit the horfes, bezla up. 
The bit of a key, axetpd en nyckel. Bitted , Adj. be{lad. 

BITCH , S. bycka, tik , hynda , tdfwi, CAN IS KS.M1NA. 
OS* A proud bitch, en higfdrdig flyna. f Bitch, et 
fkdlsord pa qwinfolk. 

To BITE, V. A. bita ,mordere (om hundar) tfj* Pep- 
per bites the tcngu:, pepar biter rdtungan. 05* The froft 
bites the grafs , froftcn d'.lar grdfet. To bite off, bita 
"f- 03" To BITE (fallere) be.lraga, draga up en. 

BITE , S. bett , morsus. (&• BITE ( tmposti/ra) be- 
drdgeri. o5* A Yorkfhire bite, en illparig, fluger fdl- 
ie. NB. denna prowir.csn i Enrhn I J~kylLs fir fddana. 
CO" Biting jeft , fkarpt ', bitandc fltdmt. Bitingly, Adv. 
pd et fddam wis. Bitten, Adj. bum. 03=- An hard bit- 
ten dog , en arc> bund. 

'BITTER, Adj. bitter, am^rus. prop. & fig. Bitter as 
gall , befk font galla. OS 5 " Bitter weather , bitten udder. 
A bitter woman, en arg kona. A bitter child , et ilakt, 
argfint barn. Bitter-fweet , fit fur. A bitter fweet apple, 
krifk-dple. Bitternefs , S. bitterhet , hardhet. To in- 
veigh bitterly ( Adv. ) againft one , far* uti hSrda 
ord emot en. 

BITTERN or Bittour , S. et flags for fjSfogel. 

BITUMEN, S. et flags fet och fwafwelagtig jord. Bitumi- 
nous, Adj. beck-eller fwafwel-haliig. 

BLAB , S. en gaper ,glaffer, bladrare , Ovdfwa, GARRU- 
Ll/s. To Blab out, glappa , ofSrfigtigt uttala del fom 
bSr wara otalt. Blabber-lipped, flor-ldppot. 

BLACK , Adj. fwart. nicer. (xj=» a Black deed, en 
Jkamlig gjern':ng. tfj* A Blackday , clycklig dag. Black- 
monday, executions -dag , ndr fdngar ledas ut. 05* 

*8ITTER, M:Goth. EAITRS , amoru*. 

BLACK art, fwtrtkonfi. CT^BLACK letter, gtthijka tiler 
altj'ranfka bokfldfwer. To make black , fwdrta , tola il- 
ia om en. To beat one black and blue , bafa en bud* 
brun och MS. f Black-buried , Jaren til helwetcs. 

BLACKBIRD, S.trafi, merula. 

BLACK-SMITH, S.groffmed, faber ferrariws. 
Blackgard , fmeds-pojke , treff-pojke. 

BLACK , S. fwan ferg , color nicxr. c5"- To have a 
thing under black and white , hafwa fwart pS. h-witt 
(Jkrifteligit) Black will take no other hue./Wrr ferg 
Jkiftar inter. To put on black, klddaj!" i fwan. Blacka- 
more ,f.Morian. ToBlacken, V.A. ty N.fndrta,fwan- 
na. Blackifh , Adj. black , fwartagtig , mSrk. 

BLADDER , S. blddra , bldfa, vesica. The gaul-blad- 
der , gallblafan, 

BLADE of an herb, bladpa en Srt, tolivm. Corn bladed, 
Adj. fddgangeni a*. Blade of a (word, wdrje-klinga. 
Blade of an oar , ar-blad. Shoulder-blade , fkulder-blad. 
OS* BLADE (de honint quovis ) A fine blade, en 
flink, artig, ung karl. An old blade, en gammal fiker. A 
ftout blade, en fly fiver lurk er. A Cunning blade, en flu- 
ger fdlle. 05* A pair of blades , garn-ninda , hdrfwel , 

To BLADE it, ftoltifer*, tagaflortpa. fig , SVPZRB1RZ. 

BLAIN,5. bSld, pefl-bSld, ulcus. 

To BLAME, V. A.bcfiraffa, befkylla , cuiPARE. I can- 
not blame you for it, jag kan inlet ogillat. You are botk 
to blame for it, I hafwen begge fhuld deruti. Your con- 
duct is to blame , Eden upforande dr icke rigiigt. Bla- 
med , Adj. laftad, firaffad. Blamelefs , ofiraffdig. Bla- 
meledy , Adv. ofiraffeliga. Blame , f.jkuld, befirafning. 
To lay the Blame upon one, Idgga fkulden pit en. Bla- 
mer,y. klandrare,fSnalare. Blameable or blame worthy, 
Adj. lafiwerdig , fkyldig til nogot , oforfwarlig. 

To BLANCH, V. A. gjSra hw'ut , blankt , hwit-twetta 
filfwer, DEALBARE. 05" TO BLANCH ( PALL1ARE ) 
Sfwerfkyla, bemantla.tfj* To BLANCH almonds (dEcoji- 
Tl c A Re) fkala mandhr. 05" To BLANCH a place (PRJE- 
terire ) gafSrbi , icke fiiga in pd etfldlle. Blanched , 
Adj. blank gjord , fkalad , £rc. 

BLANDILOQUENCE or Blandiloquy , blidmdle , Ijuf- 
tahghet. To Blandifli , V. A. fmickra , gifwa en fita ord. 
Blandishment , fBta ord. 

BLANK , Adj. btck , /Srbryllad , pallidus , PERTUR- 
batus. To Blank , V. A. fSrbrylla. Blanked , Adj. 
bleknad,f$rbryllad.'£j'6I.ANK(ALBiCANs) blank, hwit. 

BLANK, S. platt , mynt-emne , MONETA NON CVSA. 
(rS* BLANK in Lottery (sors cassa) met i lotteri. 
tf> BLANK in writing (tabula nuda) blanket!, tfj* 
BLANK verfcs, werfirutan rim. Point-blank, Vid. Point. 

BLANKET, S.filt, wepa, lodix lanea. Blanket fori 
child , barn-blSja. 

To BLARE, V. N. rama, mucire. 

BLASPHEMY , S. Gud, hddelfe. to Blafphenie , V. ff. 
hdda Gud. Blafphemous, Adj. hddelig. Blafphemer , f. 
hddare. Blafphemoufly , Adv. hddeliga. 

BLAST of wind, bldfi, wdder-il, FLAMEN. OOBLAST 
in Corn or Trees (syderatio) brand pa fdd elltr 
trdn. (X"r- To BLAST , V. A. (rubicIne ferire) mei 
frofl eller brand fSrderfwa. cd?* To BLAST one's reputa- 
tion , fkdmma ens goda namn , wanrykta en. (J^* T» 
Blalt one's delign , g',ora ens forjlag til inlet. Blaftcd , 
Adj. v/ifnad , Vid. Verb. 

BLAY, Vid. Bleakfifll. 

BLATANT, Vid. b abler. 

I> J "BLAZl 

B L A 

B L I 

♦BLAZE. 5. hafligfiam, ljufna, F LAMM J. To Blaze, 
/'. N. ljufna. Idea up. 05" to EL azE abroad {pirirL- 
gare) Blazed abroad , Adj. tu/pridd, utblifi. Blazer, 
/ en fom fprider ut nogot. 05* Blazing (tar , Jljern- 
fkott , com::. 

BLAZON or Blazonry, S. wapn-konfi ', ARS fjecja- 
L1UM. TO Blazon, V. A. eftcr reglor indcla , forfana 
el vapn eller fkolde-merke. Blazoned , Adj. fa gjord. 
Blazoner,/^ wapn-ritare. 

BLEA or Bleak, J'afwa emellan bark och trdd, CORTEX 

To BLEACH, V. A.bleka i Jolen, lssolare. Bleached, 
Adj. blckt. Bleacher, f. blekare. Bleaching-place, bleke. 

BLEAK, btcK, pallious. 05 s * Bleak wind, kul'a w&dcr. 
Bleak rifli , blek-fjk. Bleaknefs,/ blikhet , kyla. 

To BLEAR the fight, m'rkafyncn , obfuscare. Blear- 
eyed, plir-Sgd, blot'gd. Bleareyednefs, wdtjka i ogoncn. 

To BLEAT , V. X. brdka , balare. 

BLEB , S. blaja , blemma, VESICA. 

To BLEED , V. .V. biSda, s as (.vine rLVERE.To Bleed 
at rhs nofe, blidar.dsblod. My heart bleeds tears for it, 
mil hjerta blSder derofwer. rj^To BLEED one, V, A. 
(sec ARE VEX AM ) lata en'.der. Bleeder,/, dder-ldtare. 
Bleeding, Adj. blodande. A Bleeding heart, omt, for- 
jande hjerta. Bleeding condition , farligt , uj'clt tUftdnd. 
Bleeding , f. ddcrldtning. 

♦♦BLEMISH, S. wank, lyit, ftl, fldck , fkam, nefa , 
LABES , DEDECVs. To Blemi/h, V. A. fldcka. 05= To 
Bleimfl] one's reputation , fkdmma ens goda mamn. 
Blemilhed, fijekad, firklcnad. 

To BLEND, V. A. blanda, miscere. Blended, Adj. 

♦♦♦To BLESS, V. A. wilfigria, BEfkbicERS. BlpUed 
be God , drad ware Gud. 05* Do but blefs me with 
your preience , unna mig den glddjen at beholla Eder 
hoi mis. o5* to blefs one's felf at a tbing, hSget'tgen 
undrafig ifwer en fak. Cf5* To blefs one's f el F in a 

..■ fig Ijckltg uti nogot. Blefs me, Inttrj. -'.mm Gad ? 

BLESSED , Adj. w&lfighhd, nr vr ore ius.Cs!> rheBlef - 
ed , dc faliga has Gud. The king ofMeHed memory, den 
J'^uga Kommgen. Our sleiTed Saviour, with dyrkfiel- 
far:. To be blelled with a good wife , wara lyckelig uti 
en from huftru. Elefiednefs , lyckfalighet. Bleffing, wdi- 
fignelfe. c5" The Blefii.ngs of God , Guds gofwor, adl- 
gierningj-. Bieiled! v , Adv. wdlfi^nadt wis. 

BLEW , Vid. Blue. Blew, Imperf. Verbi, To Blow. Blight, 
Vid. Blaft, 

BLIGHT, 5. hommgs-dagg , brand pa fdd , MEILIGO , 
rusigo. To Blight, V\ A. fSrfkimmj, corrumpere. 

BLIND, Ad,, blind, CXCUS. f A Blind ftory , en mvrk 
fa$A. G5" Blind nr falfe pretence, f-1 i f&rewwidningi 05* 
Blind way , mStk w.ig. CO^ 1 Blind nettle, blind-n&fla. 
Pur-blind or Pore-blind , ndrjjnt. Sand-blind ormoon- 
blind , fiasfynt. Stark-blind ,■ fienhlmd. A man's 

r blmd-f de , ens fwaghet. A Blind , f. fSrewendning, fSr- 
' hlindelfe'. blind role i et It i. 

To BLIND, V. A. f&Minda ,occtECARE. Blinded, 
Adj. fZrblindad. Blindfold, Adv. blindwis. To Blindfold, 
V. A. binda jZr tgon/M.grqp. (ff.g. Elindly, Ady.hlihdt. 
B'lind-man's-huii', biiniiozk , en lek. Bl.'ndnefs, f. 
llindhet , oforfiktighct. 

*BLAZE , Goth. BLYS , flamma. EL Y A, fplendere. 
♦♦blemish , Goth. FLIM, carmen famofum. FLIMT A , 

d ftamare. 
♦♦♦To BLESS , Goth. BLESSA , idem. BLESSAX , bc- 

ncdiHio , confecrali*. 

To BLINK, V. N. blinka ,xictare. Blinckard, f. en 

fom blink ar med ogonen eller dr windSgd. Bbnkng candles, 

mSrkt ljus. 
BLISS , S. lyckfalighet , BEAT1TVD0. Blifsful , Adj. lyck- 

♦BLISSOM , Adj. ISpfk , salax. The Ewe is bliiTom , 

laikan v/'d taga gumfe. To BlilToat , V. N. taga gumfe. 

Bliifoming , /. actus ce..veratio.vis oviuft. 
BLISTER, 5. bl.ifa, updragen afjpanjkflufa, fUSTVLA. 

To Blifter, V. A. £> N. fitta enom fpanfk. fluga e'.ler 

drazaf.g up til en b'dfa. Bliftered, den fom f.i.iant brukar. 

♦ ♦BLITH, Adj. glad, gladly nt , laztvs. Blithnefs , f. 
gladlynne. Blithly , Adv. gladlynt. To look blith on it, 
/i gladt ut. Be blith on your wedding day, war glad pi 
din brollops-dag. 

BLOCK, S. Id: p.i ct trdd, TRUXCVS. Blockhead , dxmb- 
fkalle , pundhuj'wud. 05" A Hatter's block , hattmakare- 
block. 05*10 caft a block in ones way, gjora enom inpaff, 
hini:r. c5"io come to the block, komma til flupflocken. 

BLOCKISH , Adj. durn, trog.sTotiDVs. Blockiftnefs , 
S.dttmhet, Block- wood, Vid. Logwood. 

BLOCKADE, S. beftallandc, en ftads tilflengande af en 
krigshur , l/RSis ciRCUMCLVsio. To Block up a town, 
tilflcnga, beld°ga en flad. Blocked up, tiljlengd. 

BLOOD, Vid. Bloud. 

BLOMARY, S.fmcli-kdrd,iftong-jemsfmedja, MACtll- 


♦♦"BLOOM or Blosfom, S. blomma pi trdd, FLOS. 
Bloomy, Adj. blommot. To Elollom, V. N. blommat. 
Bljftonied , blcnmad. 

♦♦♦♦BLOT, S.fidck, macula- A slot wiih ink , en 
plump, Torlot, V.. A. fidCkq',plump'at'(Lj^ .The paper 
Blots, p.'.-cret : ':-. - : . i^Toblotout, uthlotta, ul- 
fkrapj. B lotted, Adj. fldekad. &e. 

BLOTCH, blema , bSld , tustvla. 

Tj BLOTE, V.N.fwdlla, TUMEscERs.Lloted,f>i.lU-n. 

*r,To BLOTE, V. N. roka ,fUmicare. Bloted her- 
ring, rSkt fill. 

BLOUD or Blood, 5. Hod, vis. The mals of blood , 
hcla blodet i en kropp. To kill one in cold blood, 
d'.Tpa cni kaili blod, utanwrede.oS' BLOOD(sti RPs)The 
Blood Royal, kongiiga blodet. rff \ diUemner that 
runs in the blood, enarffjuka. o5* My Blood began 
to rife , blodet begynte at krdla i mig (ow wrede ) They 
cannot for their blood keep themfelves honed, de kun- 
na ickc for fin d'<d holla Jig d'liga. c5* To breed ill 
blood , fSrbitra en, gjora en hdtfk. 

To BLOOD, V. A. lata dder, yEXAU sec are. Blooded, 

BLOODY, A.-lj. blodig, grym, crvextus. A Bloody 
fight, en blodig firid. Bloody-minded, blodgirlg. The 
Bloody flux, blodgang. Bloodily, Adv. blodigt, grymt. 


~B L E I TH(Ebor.) timidus,Gotb. B L E I D E, trepidatio.Prov. 


torn punggjor blodig kopman. 
*BLISSOM, Goth. BLESMA, Salax. 

♦ ♦EUTH, MtGoth.BLEITHS, mijericors. Gorh.BLIDA, 

benevolentia , blandities. Sueth. BLID , manfvetus. 
♦♦♦bloom, MtGoth. BLOMA,/10J. 
♦♦♦♦BLOT,M:Goth.BLAUTIAN,if£/ere. Sueth. BLOT- 

TA , privare. 
*f,TO BLOTE, Goth. BLOTA, adolerc iVo/i'i.BIOTHUS, 

dtlubrum. BLOSTERN (Germ, infer.) igne ttrrere. 

Minfevus deducit a Bclg. ELOED, fangvis, qui* injuit 

pifees infumati fangrinis eolorm acquirumt. 

B L O 

Bloodhou-.d, blodhund.B'.oodShed, bhds-iagutclfeJ&XaoA- 
wirm, ljum. Bloodi'ucker , blodfug.-re. Bloodthirfty , 
blcdtSrJiig. Bioodfliot eyes , toda Sgon. 
BLOW , S fag, fling, Srfil , ictus. To take a town 
without a blow, taga in en (lad man at fkjuta ett fkott. 
It ib but a word and a blow with him, cm man talar 
et ord allenafi fa wil han flaJJ. cS^ BtEW (infortu- 
nium) alycka, mi': 
To BLOW , V. A. £- N.blafa, flare. To nlo- the fire, 
bafa i .: e : Jen. To How the ho.n, blafa ijncrn. to 
Blow the coals of fedit - . ■' ta, tatderhoUa xpror.rej* 
To puff and blow , fl.ifa , fUmta. G$* To blow the nofe, 
fnyta fig. Gj* To blow as a role (efflorescexe) 
fprieka ut. It Blows, Verb. Imp. del hldfer. OS" Whit 
wind Blew you hither? hwad blafer nu fir vjdder ,ef- 
ter du kommer ? To Blow up a houfe , irlafia et hus i luf- 
ten. crS 5 " To Blow up a city into a tumult, fdtia en 
fladi itpror. CS* To Blowup a mine, lata fpringa en mina. 
KJ* To Blow "ne up , forrada, komma en pa fall. 05* 
To Blow upon , rata , wruka. A commodity Mowed 
upon, en wara fom dr kommen i wrak eller wanp-is. 
Blower, f. blafare. Blowing weather, blds-u-dder. 
Blown , Adj. blSfl, blomflrande i blomma. (Sj* Their 
iniquities are full Blown, deras ondfkos matt dr upfylt. 
*j"BLOWZE, S. flunfa , flor,fet komperfka, CRAND1US- 

cula. A Blowzy wench, en rodbrufig , frodig piga. 
BLUB , Adj. fwullen, tumidus. 

BLUBBER, S. et flags hafsfifk, pi/lmo marixvs. c3* 
Blubber, fjtl-eller hwal-fpdck. Blubber-lips, flabbor , 
flora ISppar. To blubber with Weeping, grata, fa at 5- 
gonen fe u! fem kStt-klir-.rar. 
BLUE, Adj. bid , cazruleus. f a true blue protectant, 
en trogen proteflant. f To BLUE one (pudefacere) 
kom-na en at fl.aina. He looked blue or -blanck upon 
it, han hltf fiat derSfwer. fit will be a blue day for him, 
dit Idrer bli honom en bifler dag. Blued , Adj. flat, 
BLUE, S. blafdrg, COLOR c.ZRLEUS v\u\$k,Adj. biaagtig. 
BLUFF, Vid. Buff, to ElufTe, VU. Blindfold. 
^BLUNDER, S.fel, SfwerUing.fSrfeeyi, , 
actio pr,eceps. A Blunder in chronology, forfeelfe 
- To Blunder , V. tt.flumra, forgo, fig. Blun- 
derbufs , fkra-bofsa, item er. narr , tokcr. 
BLUNKET, S. IjusllStt , syricVm. 

BLUNT , Adj.f.Sg, HEBES. Cj» blunt (rudis) plump , 
fram. grof. A blunt man , en karl fom intet krufar. 

A man of blunt honefty, en drlig man titan krus. To 
T>lunt, V. A.giSra flog. To Blunt the pain, dofwa werken. 

BluntiA , A :. E luntnefs , f. fiSgket , plump- 

h:;. Bluntly, Adv. 
BLUR , 5 fleck , macula, a Blur in one's family, en 
fkam-fieek i jldgten. Blurred, Adj. flecked- To Blur, flec- 

To BLURT out, V. A. glappa, glafpa fram , EFFVT1RE. 

I Blurted out a word which I repent, jag fldpte fram 

et ord fom jag dngrar. 
**To BLUSH , V. N. blygas , rodna i anfiktet, ERVBE- 

scere. Blufli , f. to put one to thehlufh, komma en at 

rodna. She Blufhed at it, hon rodnade dernt.Pror.RLVSH- 

INC IS virtue's COLOUR, rodna Sr dygdens fcrg. 
To BLUSTER, V. N.fiorma,bulra, STREPERE. A Elu- 

iierine wind , flormande wSder. A Bluftering fellow, 

en bullerbas. Bluftering ftyle , hSgtrafwande flyl. 


**To BLUS 

, Goth. BLUNDUR , fomnus. 
H, Goth. BL1GOAST ,pudtre. 


BOAR, 5. Rome, far gait , verres. \Ti!d boar , m'M- 

fwin. Boarifh , Adj. dertilhorig , ofedig , ohofj'ad. 
♦BOARD, S. bord , TABULA. K^ BOARD (assEr) brd- 
de , planka. On Board a fbip , om bord pa et fkepp. To 
cart over board, kafla nogot Sfwer bord. 05" BOARD 
{convictus) koflholl. To pur out a child to board, 
fdtta ut et barn til kofl. Bo.irtl-wages , koflpengar. 'Cf 
board '.coxciLiUM)RSd, Collegium, a member of the 
board, en tedamot af et Collegium. Ct!r* To deal above- 
board , handla uprihtegt, man flerd- To BOARD , V. A. 
(tabulare) brSdfld. cfr To board, V.N.'hospitio 
EXClPl)ga ;// kojt.tfr" To BOARD. V. A. (mospitio 
EXC1PERE) holla kofl. aS^To BO ARD (joCARl)fkJmta , 
kafla bet-ord. Boarder, koflgdngare. Boarding-lchool, en 
fchola, dtr difciplarne hafwa kofl ochldra. 0$* To BOARD 
(j~keps-term. ) (xaj'EM ixiubire) entra. j- To Board a 
woman in the the ftreet, ge fig i (langer med et qwinfolk 
pa gat an. Boarded, Adj. brddftagen, kofihollen, entrad. 
**To BOAST, V. A.fkrytt, Jkrdppa, J act are. He 
Boafts his Icarring, kanfkr'yur af fin Idrttom'.'Bpa&fal, 
f^y ,a S"?- Boafring , Adj. Jkryiande^K Boarting fellow,' 
en fio'rfkryta're, Boafter , / Jcrj tai e. Bcaft, fi. fkuyt. To 
makeaboait of fomething, yfcr^ a f nogot. Bcaflingly, 
A>{~. farytwis , p£ Jkryt, 
BOAT, S.bat, KAricLLA. Ship-boat or IkifF, efiping, jul- 
le. Ferry-boat , fSrja. Fly-boat » fioyr, en wijj art af 
fkepp. Well-boat , fump-bat. Boatfwain, hSgbaisman, 
Packet-boat, pofl-jagt. Boat-itaff, berling. 
BOB, S. a dry bob ,fkdmt , bet-crd, sarcasmus. (Jjr* 

Bob or Ihort Periv.' g, kort reruk . irem Sr-benge* 
To BOB, V.A.fiA, bafa, fsrire.cO*To bob (d elv- 
dere) narra,fixera.-n.rr^To BOB , V. N. benga , fldpa 
efter , peso ere. Bobbed, Adj. bafiad; &c. Bobbin, f. 
knopel-pinne. Bobtail or bobtailed , flubb-rumpot. Cl5* 
Bob-tail , bora. Bobbing , Adj. fldpande. 
BOCASINE, S. fint canfafj , subactum A FULLOKS 

To BODE, V. A. foreboda, betyda, PORTENDERE. All 

this bodes no good , alt delta betyder intet nodt. 
BODGE, Vid. botch. 

BODKIN, S.fyl, pryl, bjr-nal, SUBUla. 
BODIKINS, Inter,: (en Uglig Ed) Bodice, Vid. Bodies. 
***BODY, S. kropp , CORPUS. Big-Bodied, kroppig > 
fior-heppig. Bodilefs , man kropp. Bodily , Adj. lekamr 
lig. Bodily, Adv. lekamliga.t£r' BODY 'vigor) flyr- 
ka, kraft. That wine has a good body, dct uinet bar 
fin goda flyrka. That paper has not body enough, det 
papperet dr f'r Hint. 05" BODY (pars PRIMARIa) 
fornSmfla deUn af en ling. Ex. The Body of a coach, 
of a fortrefs, of a letter , of a book &c. (j5= BODY 
(socJFTAs)«imenfkap,famfund,fiamHngaffolk.A Bo- 
dy politick , et borgeligit famhelde. A great body of 
men , en fior hop folk. The army was divided in three 
bfdies, krlgshdren warfSrdelad i ireflockar. Themonkies 
keep in bodies againft the beafts of prev, aporna holla 
fig ifkoekar emot rof-djuren. A Body of Law , Divinity 
Sec. et fyflem af Lagen , Thenlogien C-c. Any Body , en 
hwar , hwar och en. Every-body, alia mdnnifkor. No- 
body, ingen. A Bufy-body , en fom blandar fig uti alt, 


'BOARD , MrGotb. B AURD , affer, tabula. 
**To BOAST, Gotb. EUSE, BIEsse, rex, dowiinans. 
***BODY, Goth. BODDE, eolonui rufiic*ns. Edd. 
BUA , SICCA, ecdificarc. 



ARdZLJO. o"^ A piir of wOmens bodies (thorax 
tlVLTEBRIS-) awinfolks Itffiyckc cllcr fnorlif fom Jhores 

BOO, S. kdrr , moras, PALUS. Boggy, Adj. fumpig. 
Bog-houfe , aftrdde. 

To BOGGLE at a thing, V. N. fll i betinkandc om , 
waratwchogft , ilesitare. 

BOIL , S. bold, fir, ulcus. An agry boil , en etter-bSld. 

"To BOIL, /'. A. 6- N. koka, coouere. The Blood 
bcile.l within me , bloden jd/le i mig. To Boil away or 
over, koka ban cller ojwer. Boiled , Adj. kokad. Par- 
boileJ , halfkokad. Boiling-hot, kok-het. Boiler, f.flor 
kettel. BoiUry of fait , jalt-kokcri. 

BOISTEROUS , Adj. bificr .hdftiz. , veh emeus. Boifle- 
rous wind , Jlormande wdder. Boifteroufnefs , /; hSj- 
tighet. Boifteroufly , Adv. hdftigt. 

*"BOLD, Adj. bold, tapper , kdck, frimodig, ofSrfdrad, 
strexuus. A Bold foldier , en tapper foldat. a Bold 
ftroke , tapper , manlig gjernlng. NB. fa flges ock 
om et Jtrek draget med en penfel , fom dr fritt och otwun- 
get. Cfj* To be too bold , wara ofwerdddig , item nds- 
wis.l dare be bold to fay , jag torsf<Sga.tXj*-BQiT) , is/- 
SOLENS ) djerf , dum-dridlg. He was fo bold as to call 
me names, han war ft oforfkdmd at han kallade m':g 
Sknamn. ffj* I fhall make bold to difturb him , jagjkal 
laga mig den j'rihet at omaka bonom. A Bold Face, en 
n&swifer , en ndspcrla. To put a bold face, bemannafig, 
taga fig drijlighet til.'ff&Ol.T) (s ECURUs) trygg. A bold 
fllore,<.'i jiker kujl. Boldly, Adv. tappcrt , jlinU , o- 
twun°h, kdekt. To fpeak boldly, tala drifleliga. Bold- 

• nefs, /. tapperhet , djerj'het , jkamljshet , driiiighet. 

**■* BOLE, 'S.fkSl, vas. ABole of punch , en fkdl punch. 

BOLL , S. bal, fljelke , ftdnd , stamen. Boll of flax , 
lin-fljelke. Boll-mong or Bollimong, bhndfld. 

*'*' BOLSTER, S.bolfler, cervical. The Bolder of 
a laddie , fiitet i en fade!. To Bolder one up in his 
wickednefs, holla med en i ens onifka. 

*f,BOLT of a door, S. jkottel , flengel , rigcl, PESSU- 
LUM. APrifonersbolts, handklofwar. to bolt the door, 
bomaigen dSren. Ojr* To BOLT flower (fari.v am cri- 
brare ) figia mjol. (&• To Bolt a cafe (accurate 
F \ A M IN ARE)ger.omhdkla en ftk,"fTo BOLT 
in or out (curs it are) lopa hafiigt in eller ut. Bolted, 
faflgjord , rigUd. „ 

BOMB, 5. bomb , cldkula , ptrobolus. To Bombard, 
V. A. bombardera. Bombardment , bombardering. 

BOMBASINE, S. bomafin, et tyg, pannus BoMsysi.vus. 

BOND, S. band, knut , vinculum. (iJ^bond (sr.v- 
,grapha) handfkrift. To enter into a bond of friendship 
wit.i one, knyta wdnjkaps-band. 

BONDAGE, S.trdldom, (lafweri , SERVITUS. Bond- 
man , Bondflave, TrSl , flat. 

BONE, S. bin, os , offis. He is nothing but Ikin and 
bone , dct dr bara ben och fkin pa honom. I tremble 
every bone of me?, hela min kropp fkelfwer. "j" He 
made no bone of it , han drog intet bctdnkandc derwid. 
CO=" You lazy bones, din lathunder. 

*To BOIL , Goth. BULLA, ebulllre. 

* *BOLO,Goth.B ALBVK, animofus,fortis, audens. BOLD 

konung, Rex potens. Aleman. BALDEN, audere. RUAT- 

B ALD A, audax ca'nfilio. Hemela gebaldet , exli firmati. 
** *BOLE , Goth. BOLLI , BOLLA, poculum. BOLLA- 

HORN, cornu potatorium. Sueth. BULLE, craierafiB'dis. 
"""BOLSTER, Goth. BOLSTER, cumulotio facni. 

BOL, cubile. 
'fiBOir, Goth. BOLLT, pedica. Bult, tudes. 

Back-bone , ryggben. Shoulder-bone , axel-ben. Huckle- 
bone, hoj'tben. Shin-bone, jken-bm. Jaw-bone or Cheek- 
bone, kin-ben , kift. Whale-bone , hwal-ben. Bone- 
lace, J'pe^ar, knytning. To Bone, V. A. bena. Boned , 
Adj. benad. Bonelefs , Adj. bcn'.Zs. Bone-fetter, ben- 
fdttare. Bony, Adj. benig. Bone or of bone, af ben. 

BONEFIRE , S. glSdje-cldar fom aptSndas i gatorne pi 
hogtideliga dagar i London, ignis festus. 

BONEGRACE , S. folhdiia fir btra, usbella. Bonnet. 
f. under-mojj'a , causia. 

BONNEY, S. (Bergs-Term.)fkSl, en SJrafom ingen gemen- 
ikap bar mednogon annan, vena MET ALL1 SEPARATA. 

BONNY, Ad/, wacker , artig , luftig.J'kUkclig, uelll's. 
A bonny bJade , en artig gofie. A bonny lafs , en wacker 
flicka. I'm glaj to fee you look fobonely or bonnily , 
Adv. del ir mig kSrt at fe Eder fa glaalynt. 

BOOBY , S. dumh.uf'witd, lymiiiel, fiorm-iok , STVP1DUS. 

BOOK, S, bok , liber. 05^ TO mind one's book, U- 
fa ftiiigt. CO 5 * To learn one's book , kunnafin l£xz. Ojr" 
Without book, man til. Ejr* To fall to one's book again, 
gifwufig til fiudierna igen. Book of rates , Tull-taxan 
i Jlon Sji-tullen. Cj^ To get into one's books , winna 
ens ynne/l. To run into one's books , drag a fig in i ens 
(kuld. To get out of one's books , komma ur fliuU hos en. 
To Book, V. A. fora tilboks. Booked , Adj. ford til 
boks. Bookilh , Adj. en fom wttrmar i biker. 

Book-binder, bok - bindare. Book-feller, bok-fora- 
re. Book-keeper , bok-b.ollare. 

BOOM , S. bom i en hamn , OBEX. it. majl-trad. 

BOON, S. b'n, PETITIO. (X> BOON (FAVOR)gttnft,yn- 
nefi. Will you grant me one boon ? wil du gjora hwad 
jag bedes af dig. 

To BOON, V. A. wSg rSdja , laga w&gar , V1AS' J.v- 


BOON, Adj. god, bra}, bonus, a Boon Companion, 
ca lufiig gcfsll. To do a thing with a boon grace, gjo- 
ra en ting med godt maner. 

'BOOR , S. bonde , rusticUS. He is a meer boor,|n^« 
ir red bondwulcn. Boorifll , A.lj. bondagtig. Boorifli- 
nefs , f. bondagtighet. 

*"BOOSY or Bolky, Adj. glittug af win tsc. VlNt 

¥ **BOOT, S. JlSfwel, ocrea. A pair of boots , et par 
fioflar. To draw on or pull one's boots , draga pd el- 
ler affiSflarna. Boct-ftrap , fiofucl-ftroppa. Booted , 
Adj. be/lofiad. 

****To BOOT. V. \. bdta. prodesse. What boots 
it ? hwad butar del ? It is to no boot, d.'t bdtar intet. What 
will you give rne to boot , hwad will da gifwa mig cmel- 
laa eller pa kopet. Bootlefs, Adj. oduglig. 

BOOTH, S. bod , Jldnd pi et torg , TABERN ACULUM. 

BOOTY, S. byte, rof , tR.f.DA. To play booty, haf- 
wa hemlgt f'Srftand med en. Boot-haler , /". fnapp-hane. 

BOPEEP, S. en lekfd ballad, LUSVS ouidam. 

BORAGE, S. oxetunga, en 3rt , borago. Borax, fifUg- 
lod , torn brukas i Ibdnine. 


■{"BOOSE, (Eborac.)/T«/^ii! , Sueth. BAAS , idem. 
* B O O R , Goth.B U R ,tugurium.B U.t E , rufticus.BVA,inccle.-r. 
**BOOSV, Goth. BVSS,vegetus , animofm. 
'"BOOT, ocrea, Goth. BOTAR, crepidx, oerex. 
**«»j BO oT, M:Goth. botan, prod:£e. Goth. 
BOTA, idem. EOT, emeitdtii*. 

B R 

B T 

BORDEL, S. horhus , Lilt AX AR. 

BORDER , S. kant , £.Y7\R£Mir^s.CrS = BORDERS, plur. 
' fixes) Undsdndar, grSnfor. oS^To BORDER upon, V. 
N.(ajdjacere) grdnfa ji/.O^ToBORDER, a garment 
V. A. flMBRiARE ) folia , kanta. Borderer ,f. enjom 
grdnfar til. A Bordering Town, en ndrgrdnfande fiad. 

BORD-LAND, S. tafel-gods , tr.edia ad ricTUst 


To BORE, V. A.bara jTErebrare. The bore of a gun, 
kaliber of en bSJfa. Prov. f BOUXED BRIDES SHOULD 
HAVE BORED MAIDENS , hafwande brudar fkulle haf- 
u'j horor til brudpigor. 

BORE, Tmperf. Verb. To BE AR , fie etian Born, Adj. 
bur en , at eodem Verbo. All charges horn , alia omkoft- 
ningarne betake. Not to be born with , fom Intel kan 
tolas. Born withal , wdl liden. 

*BORN , Adj. boren , fSdd, xatVS. The firft-born , den 
fSrfif3dde. A man born to great things, en man font Sr 
fidd til flora faker. Born to an unhappy life, foid til 
clycka. r ff' The good fenfe to which he is born , bant 
medfodda goda forjtdnd. Born before his time, otidigt 
fSdtl. Bafe-born , wanbordig , brots-barn. Still-born , 
dSifSdd. Cvr* To be born again , fodas pa nytt (Bibel- 
Term) Well-born, af hii-.dig hSrkomft. There I was 
bred and horn, der dr jag kldcktoeh buren. 

♦"BOROW or Borough, S. borg , flad , fom fender full- 
mdgiig id Parlamenut . MUNICirfVM. 

* * *To BORROW fomenting of one , V. A. Idna , borg* 

ncect a:~ en , mutuaRI. Borrowed , lam. Borrower, 

f. Idnare. 
****L\OSOM. S.Jhlite, sixvs. In the bofom of the 

Church, i forfamllngcns JkStt. CQ^ A boibm-friend, en 

kjene-wdi.'The wife of'my bofom, min aldrakdrafta hufirn. 
BOSKN , Vid. Eoatfwain. 
BOTANICKS, 5. kunfkap om Srtir. Botanical, Adj. 

Botanift , J. orit-kdnnare. 

• J, BOTCH, S. Upp, klut , ASSUMENTUM. ?5* BOTCH, 

Vid. Bubble. To leave a botch be'iindone, lemna half- 
g)ordt erbe:e. To Botch, V. A. flicka, lappa, klapa , 
i. Botcher,/, Utppare , bonds. Botchingiy , Adv. 
lappagtigt , ofullkomligt. 

•6, BOTH, Pron. begge, ambo. 0> both, Conj.b.He, 
TAM . Ql/AM. Both" by fea and land, bade til land och 
wain. He hbot'i poor and a cuckold, Han dr bddefatiig 
ec f : hant 

BOTTS in cattle, matkar, enbofkips-fjuka, verminatio. 

*7,BOTTLE, \utelje, lag ex a. A Hone-bottle, 

kruka, r.rus. [i^ A BOTTLE af hay {FASCICULUS 
FOZXl)hS-hwalm.To bottlehay, hvalma h'.To bottle off, 
lappa nogot utibuteljer afet fat. Bottled , Adj. afiappad. 
BOTTOM , S. bom, grund, iuhdum. The bottom of 
the fea , (jabot". <£t The bottom of a bufinefs , grunden 
tfenfak. 03f But love was at the bottom of it, men 
kdrlek war fpringfj ddren deraf. "°T* The BOTTOM or 
fettiing of a liquor (SEDIMEXTVM) grundfoppa, dregg. 
ffj^A EOTTOM of thread {glomus) irdd_-nyftan. CO* 

*BORN ,M:Goth. barns, infans. Goth. bAra , par ere. 
•"BOROif, MrGoth. BAURGS, civitas. Goth. BERGA, 

***To BORROW, M:Goth. B AIRGAN, fervare, cuflodire. 

Goth. BORGD , auxilium. 
•""bosom, Goth. baas.Mui. A: Sax. BOSM,finus. 
"(,BOTCH, Goth. BOET A, fareire , emendare. 
»6, BOTH , M:Goth. BA , BATHO , ambo. Goth. BAA, 

B ADA , idem. 
*7,BOTTLE, diminut. a. Sueth. BYTTA. 

BOTTOM to wind thread on ( girgilius ) hdrfwet. 
You'll n>.d at the bottom ofthe account, pd fiuiet Idrcrdu. 
finna. 05" The Bottom of a Valley, ofthe belly, of the 
ftairs &c. ytra , nedra delen af &c. (fj* To ftand upon 
a good bottom, fldpd god fot. To fix one's bottom upon 
one, forldtafigpd en. CO* You don't know the bottom 
of that horfe , dutror inlet h-wad den hefieJt kan fid ut. OS* 
The bottom of a fhip , fkeps-kSl. 

To BOTT OM, r. A. ldggabotn,grunda,fi'dj a, FVNO ARE. 
Bottomed, Adj. grundad,botnad.1:lat-bottome<i,flatboinig. 

BOTTOMLESS, Adj. botnlSs , grundlSs, fundo ca~ 
re.vs. A woman is abottomlels thing, qwinno-lifl dr 
ojwer al lift.. 

BOTTOMRY, 5. Vid. table of Navig. and Trade. 

•JTo BOUGE out , V. A. fv/dlU ut, exti/mescer£. 
Bouge , f. fwulnad. 

BOUGH , 5. boge , bange , gren , RAMUS. To Light upo» 
a bouch , ftiga up pa en gren. 

BOUGHT, Adj.kSpt, item Imperf. Verbi, to Buy. 

BOUL , Vid. Bowl. BowLfter , Vid. Bolft.r. Boult, Vid. 
Bolt. 05=- Bouleverfation , f. ofwerdnda kaftande. 

BOUNCE, 5. brakande, ddn , FRACOR. C5=- BOUNCE 
(jACTANTlA)fkryteri. To Bounce , V.N. braka, ddna, 
Jkryta, fkrdppa. tfj* To Bounce at the door, dundra, 
"klappa hdrdt pa porten. Bouncer ,fiorfkrytare. A Bounc- 
ing Lafs, en grotter piga. 

BOlj'ST>,Adj~.bunden,LiGATUs.v5 : >BOV!<-T} {destisa- 
tvs) drnad. A fhip bound from Port St. Alary to London, 
el fk-ipp drnadt ifrdn Port St. Mary tii>London. Whether 
are you bound? hwarl drnar du dig ? OS" BOUND 
iOBLlCATVs)f$rpHgiad,forbundcn,fkyUiigtil. To be 
bound for one, gd igod for en. 

BOUND or Boundary, S. landamdre, grdnfa, LIMES. The 
bounds af a Country , grdnferna af et land. 05* To fet 
bounds to one's ambition , fideka model pd_ en. To keep 
within bounds ofmodefty, holla fig inom nSflighets grdn- 
f»r. To drinck within bounds , dricka mdtteliga. Bound- 

LIMITARl) grdnfa «;7.P5* To BOUND ( RECALCITRA- 

RE)ft.i tilbaha, Vid. Rebound. Eounded, Adj. ingrdnfad, 
utflakad. BOundlefs, Adj. oinfKrdnkt, odndelig. Bounding, 
BOUNDEN ,Adj.for6indande, obstringexs. According 
to our bounden duty, likmdtigt war pligl oehfkyldighet. 
BOUNTY, S. godhct , frikofiighet , LIBERALIFAS. OS" 
Bounty, en wifs penning, fom Cronan gifwerwid utforfien 
af fpanmal famt infSr/len af tjdra ifrdn Colon iernei 
England. Bountifulnefs , godhet , wdlwillighct. Bounti- 
ful, ymnig af godhet. Bountifully, Adv. wdlwillcliga. 
To BOURD, Vid.To Joke. To Bourgeon, Vid. To Bud. 

Bourn , Vid. Brook, {alia ur bruk) 
BOUT, S. tagt, wefwa, gang, VICES. For this bout, 
for denna tdgten. Do it all at one bout, gjSr det all i 
et ryckande. (£/* At that bout {he was got with child , 
i den wefwan blef hon gjord med barn. Let us have 3 
merry bout of it to day , kom Idt off gjora oft en rolig 
dag. t I muft have a bout with him , jag mdfte hafws 
en tagt med honom , taga bop med honom. 
*BOUTEFEU, S. mordbrdnnare, trdteftiftare , INCElf- 

DIAR1VS. . . 

BOW, S.boge, arcvs. rff Bow for a Viohn , fiol- 

ftrdke. 05" The Bow of a key, nyckel-ring. (X?" The 

bow of a fword, bSgel pd udrje-fefle. Stone-bow, 

mur-brdeka. Rain-bo w, regn-boge. Bow-ftring, boge- 

E ft rer S 

*BOUTETEU, Goth. bSta, accendert. feu, Vid. Fire. 
Suerfi. FTRBTTARE, igr,i ( aecenfor. 

B W 


firing. Prov. io HAVE TTt'O STRINGS To ONF.'s 

, BOW , hafwa flerc utwdgar til utkomfiun en. BOwyer , 

bog-makare , item boge-Jkytt. Bow-legged, hjulbcnt. 

To liOW , V. A. & iV. boga, bSga fig, 1NCL1NARE , 

FL ectere se. Cir*To Bow or make a bow to one, buga 

fig for en. To Bow one's knees, bSga kn.ln. Bowed, 

Adj.bSgd, buckad. A Bow, buck , bugandc. 

BOWELS, S. inelfwor ,yisc era. To Bowel , V. A.taga 

ut ineljworna. Bowelled, Adj. utkrofwad. 
*BOWER , S. fommar-hus , grin-beiScht gang, lof-fal, 


To BOWGE , V. A. fiinzaigenom, perforate. 

HOWL, S. V:d. Bole. The bowl of a pipe, ptph.ufwud. 
Bowl of a fpoon , Jked-blad. 

To BOWL, V.A. bulla, fipela med Hotelier kula, STHJERV- 
lis IUDERE. Bowl,/", klot. Bowler, en fiom fpclar 
med klot. Bowling-green, en grdswall, der kul-fpel holies. 

ToBOWZE, dricka flyfit , fupa, POTARE STRENUE. 

BOX, S. bux-bom , BVXVS. Oj* BOX (cista) lida , afk. 
Poorbox , faitig-bSJfa. "f" Chriflmas-box , J.l-clUr nyftrs- 
gofwa Jom gifwes tjenfiefolk. Coach-box, uagns-lada. 
(X°r° BOX in a play-houfe, Loge i ComedU-hus. tfj* 
BOX in a publick houfe, jkrank , ajplr.r.kadt rum i en 
krog cllcr kdllarc. rf^= BOX on the ear , Srfil. -f To be 
in the wrong box , bedraga fig, fiara wilfie. cfj= A Coun- 
try-box , et litet, ndtt bus pa landet , fiafkfodcrs gdrd. 
(£f To BOX one (PALM A PERCVTERE) orfila, plagga 
up crc.C^ToBOX together(c£^r^«L PVGNis)fdkta med 
knytnSfwen oeh blottad kropp. To Box up, Idgga i lada. 
Boxed , Ad), plaggad be. Vid. Verb. 

BOY , S, pojke , gaffe , pilt , pver. To be paft a Boy , 
hafwa utn'tt barn-fkona. Cabin-Boy , lajut-pojke. Boy- 
ifli , Adj. pojkagtig. Boyiflinefs,' J. barnslighet. Boy- 
i/hly , barnsliga. 

To BOYL, Vid. To Boil. Boyfierous, Vid. Boiirerous. 
BRABBLE, S. trdta, kdbbel , twifi , altercatjo. To 

Brabble, V. N. twifia , trdta. Brahbler, trdtare. 
BRACE, S. par, par. A Brace of Dogs, Hares, Pi- 

ftols &c. et koppel hundar, et par harar , pifiolcr &c. 1* 

A brace of hundred pounds, et par hundrade pund. 03* 

A BRACE (in building) jern-ankare , jern-bidi.rf^ 

The main braces of a coach , dc flora wa^ns-rcmarna. 

To Brace, V. A.fdfta ibop. Braced, hopfpand , fSft. 

Bracelet , f. armband. 
"BRACH,.S. bynda, racka , CA.Vlct/lA. 
'•"■BRACK, S. brdeka , fel » flage , vitivm. 
BRACKET, 5. krafi-bjelke , trojf-bjelke , mutuivs. 
"♦ 'BRACKISH, Adj.brSckot, hack, kerf, faltagtig, 

si/Bsc/isc/s («« warn) Brackiflinefs , /. ktrfhet. 
*j,ERAG, S.fkryt, jactaktia. To be Brag, Adj. 

vara fior pa fig. To Brag, V. K. fhyta. A Brag, Brag- 

gard or Braggadochio , f. en fiurjkijtare , en fkretfwa. 
BKAGGET, S. en wifj dryck af wain , honung , 51 oeh 

kryddor, brukas i Che/hire oeh Lanka/hire. 
BRAID , S. brim , /honing, krus pa kanten af kinder, 

cinxvs. To Braid hair , krufa hflr. Braided, Adj. 

k ant ad, krufad. 

*BO-H'ER,Goth. BVR,penuarium. Jungfru-Bur, gynecaum. 
"BKACH, Goth. RACKE , canix fiagax. Malracke , 

•"BRACK, Goth. BRAKA, violare. BRAK , nefas. 
""BRACKISH, Goth. BREKE , mare. 
•5, BRAG , Goth. BRAGAR , heroes & heroum decantatn- 

res , Pottx, Scaldi. BRAGD, f acinus , in bon-o , ILL- 

IIACO, in malo , fenfu. 

*BRA1N, S. hjema , wctt ..firfl'nd, cerebrvm , itr- 
Cl.vji/.u. To have cracked brains, nara fmafjolloi. 
Good or litle brains, godi eller Jwagt for/land. Io beat 
ones brains about a thing , fluderu mycket pa en fak. 
To break one's brains ftudying , Ufa fig galen. 
That is beyond my brains , del ufwergar mil fur/land. 
* The ciaftieft brain in the nation, dct argafie, ftugafic 
hufwud i hela landcu 

Co mpofiia. 
The brain-pan, hufwud-JkSUn. Brain-fick , Cock-brai- 
ned, Hair-I). ained, f/ollot, hjern-wild. Skittle-brained, 
ojladig. Brainlefs, hjernelos. To Brain one, V. A. fid 
Ut hjernan pa en. 

BRAKE, S. (bar ganflia monga oeh netflatl owifia bemer- 
kelfir ) Ex. Hamp-braka , be\el, at lama hefiar med , orm- 
bunke , handtag pa en fkep>~pump. Som dock mafijkif- 
tar i provincierne. To B .ike hemp, brdka kampa. 

*' BRAMBLES, S. alleh.tnda faggoia bi.Jkar, vepres. 
Brambling, J.fogcl fit kallad , berg-fparj, MONT1FR1K- 


BRAN, S. kli , fvrfvr. Branny ,Adj. kliagtig. 

** ■ BRANC'l, 5. grcn . kamus. Thebranchofa Candle- 
ftick , ljus-arm. To Brand opt, A. £■ N. dela ut i wtfia 
grenar eller luinr , fpnda jig 4 grenar. Branched , gre- 
nad. Branched velvet, blommcr »dt fammet. 

BRAND ,S. brand .eldbr and, TORRIS. Brand-Iron, brdn- 
\ern for ogjerningsman. (JjJRAKD (sticma) brSn-mer- 
ke. (IS* To caft a brand upon one , fSua en Jkamflick, 
Brandrith,/£/n atfditanogotpd Sfwer elden. To Brand, 
V. A. fdua brSnmcrk^oS en/jkJnda en. rXj* To brand the 
Throne , tola ilia om Ofwerheten. Branded , Adj~ utmerkt 
mid ilaki njmn. 1; randed with folly, uimerkt fc*r en dare. 

**^Tn BRANDISH, V. A. jwenga med handen , >'l- 
brare. To Br.indifh a fword , fwenga med wdrja. 05* 
To brand fll ones one, brula mun pit en. 

BRANDY , S. brdnwin , VINVM combi/stvm. Brandy- 
ihop , brdnwins-krog. Brandling , f. das,g-matk, 

*,-, To BR ANGLE , V. N.trdta, twifia, rixari. Brangl- 
er , /". trdtare. Brangle, /. trdta. 

BR ANK,r;j. Buck-wheat. 

BRANT, Adj. (Eborac.) brant , prjeceps. 

BR A.ML or Braiil-wood, Brefilje-trdd, lion I'M BRAS1LI- 

BRASS, ft. koppar , jCS. Red-brafs, obemengd koppar. 
Yellow-brafs, meffing. Brafs-money , koppar-pengar. 
item faljkt mynt. 03* This ientsnee is brafs every bit 
of it, denna domen dr faljk al igenom. Brafsets,/^ arm- 
fmide. Braiier,/. kopparflagare. 

"fllRAT, S. lon-unge, torpar-unge (fSragtligl namn pd 

*C, BRAVE, Adj. braf, kdck , modig, fiink , artig , be- 
Jkedlig , fortrdfflig'DE Qi'Afis eminenti facvlta- 
TE)rf>To BRAVE, V.A. mana,ofwerfalla, jkymfa , 
brawera , floras, LACESSERE, INSULT ARE , OSTEKTA- 
Ri.rf^To BRAVE it (SPECIOSE INGREDl ) ga oeh fius- 
fa. Braved, Adj.manad, tro{ad. Bravery, 5. tapper- 

'DRAIN , M:Goth, QUAIRN, calvaria. Goth. HIARNE, 

"BRAMBLES, Goth. HRAMMUR, ungues ferarum. 
""BRANCH, Goth. RANK, tenuis ts longus. W1H~ 

RANKA, racemus. 
""To BRANDISH , Goth. BRANDUR , Enfis. 

improbus , pravus. 
*6,BRAVE, Goth. BRAHE , jorlis , audax. 


B R E 

het. K""? - A woman's bravery , qwinfolkiprydning , gran* 
tdt. Out of bravery hid, fagdt pd tro\ ciler at Ikymfa 
nogon. Brave or Bravado, f.fiufjare , fiorjkrytare , if- 

♦To BRAWL, V. N. trdia, kifwas , RIXARI. Brawler, 
f.trdtare. Brawl,/ irSta. A brawling woman, entrd- 
tofam awinna. OS* Brawl, ring-dzns. 

♦♦BRAWN, S.fvdl, caelum. Brawn, rull-fylta m:d 
fwdl omkring. Brawny, Ad). ftorlemmad, fwdlagtig. 

To BRAY, V.A.fiSta.punda, pis s are. 03"* To BR A* 
as an Afs , V. A. fkrdna fom en] dfna , RUDERE. 

"♦"To BRAZE, V. A. bronrera, MRARE. 

BRAZEN, Adj. af koppar. MtfEVs. The braien fer- 
pent, koppar-ormcn. A Brazen-face, koppar-dnne, ndswi- 
fer. To Brazen out a thing, V. A. fid pet fig oforfkdmdt, fafl 
man har aldrig fa orctt. To Brazen one down, drifwa 
en med djerfhet if ran ftna Jl\dl. Brazier,/*. koppar-elUr 

BREACH, S.brott , fractvra. Breach, freds- 

' brott. Breach of friendftlip , wdnfkaps-fpjell. 

BREAD, S.brod, panis. Ammunition-bread, Commiff- 
brod. Shew-bread , Jlidde-brSd. Ginger-bread, pepar- 
kaka. rrj=- The Sweet-bread of a breaft of Veal , kalf- 
brds. Sow-bread, fwinbrod , fummel. Bread-corn, brSd- 
korn , fpanmdl. 

BREADTH, S. bredd, latitvdo. of Broad. 

BREAK, S. Break of day, dag-gryning. Break or inter- 
ruption , emellankommande af novot annat. 

♦♦♦♦To BREAK, V. A. bricka, brytafSnder, FRAN- 
GERE. To break a glafs , fid finder et gtas. To break 
one's neck , bryta halfen af fig. To break a funder , 
bryta i in. To break one upon the wheel , rddbrdk.i 

en. CCj* To break a conference, bryta af et famtal , 

a match, et &c. To break one's beauty, fkJm- 
ma ens fkonhet. CtJ" To break or undo one , ruincra en. 
To break one's heart , fkynda en med f org til grafwen. 
I did not tell her at once , but I broke it to her by- 
degrees , jag fade henne icke burdus man jag terkade del 
fram efter handen. To break the Sabbath, a Cuftom , 
the Law , one's oath Src. bryta Sabbaten , en fedwana , 
lager., fin Ed &c. To break the kings peace, bryta 
EdsS'e. His debauches have broken ;:is constitution, 
hans liderlighct bar fkdmt helfan pa honom. To break 
Company , bryta laget. To break ground , opna ISp- 
grajwar i en bddgring. Item bryta up tfrdnen ort och to- 
ga et flyeke fram. To break a (eft upon one, bryenmed 
j"kdmt. To break a bufinefs , fly uta fram, lata om fit 
irende. To break one's mind to one, uptdeka enomfina 
tankar. To break prifon , bryta fig ur fdngelfel. 

To BREAK, V. N. brifta , rumpi. The ice breaks, 
ifen brifter , bdr ncd. tfr- To BREAK ( as 3a im- 
pofthume) fid hoi, brifta. CX*"""* To bre^k with one, bryta 
af wSnfkap med en. ("tjr" I hope the weather will break, 
jag hoppas wdderkkenftdr om.cCr' T° BREAK (bankrupt) 
komma af fig , fpela bankrut. Ck"f* She begins to break, 
hon borjar forlora fin JliSnbet. ff""f" To break with for- 
IOW , for fall na af forg. 

■ To BREAK , i dtfhillige menlngar. 
To break filence , begynna at tola efter en tyfinad. To 
break wind upward , rapa (backward) fjerta. To break 
one's reft , for/iora ens fSmn. To break one's back, 
bryta ryg°en af en , ruinera en. To break a battallion, 
kafla en batalion ofwerdnda. To break a Child ofhis 

To brawl , Sueth. BRY , molefliam parere, 
* ""BRAWN, Goth. BrA, palpebra. 
♦♦♦brazen , Goth. BRATZ, ferruminatio. 
***To BREAK, M.Goth. BRIKAN. idem. 

tricks , wdnja et barn if ran fin wan art. To break 
loofe, futafig ''To BREAK forth into tears or 
outintojoy, utbrifta i tdrar eller glddje.QryLetus BREAK 
OFF here , Idt offfiadna hdr.Q^flf the war once breaic 
OUT, om del en gang brifter uti krig. The fire broke 
out at his houfe , elden kom ISs i ban bus. To break 
out into pimples , fid ut i blemor , finnar.tfj'To BREAK 
IN upon the enemy, bryta inpdfienden. To break in 
upon one's Province , Idgga fig i annars gjoromdl. — - 
upon the refpe&ofa perfon ,forbrytafig:emot rcfpcclen. 

in through a Wall, bryta fig genom en mur — in'r> 

laughter, brifta ut i ISje. tt^* to break one 'sfelf TO all 
pleafures,/oV/aAa allan&gen.tfj'To BREAK THROUGH 

difficulties, bryta fig g;nom fwdrheter. through the 

Law, bryta lagen.tjOpTo BREAK UP (as afsemblies) bryta 
up , fkiljas at. To break up School, gifwa up fcholen. 
The weather breaks up, wddrct klarnar up. To break 
up a Letter, bryta up et href. 

BRE AK-F AST frukoft. To break-faft, V. N. dtafrukoft. 
Break-neck, bradftortning , brant fall, rxj' This will 
prove a break-neck to your dehgn , delta tdr gjora\ 
dina forflag om intet. 

BREAM, S. braxen , ABRAMIS. 

♦BREAST , S. brofl. pectus. She has a fine bread , hot% 
har en fkon halt. To keep a thing in one's bread, hol- 
la en fak innombords. US"* It lies in his breaft, det fidr hot 
honom. <£=■ A bafe and degenerous breaft, gementfinne. 
Breaftcioath, brjft-lapp.BteaY\-plRte,Amb:ts-fkold.rlr.ea{i- 
work , broft-wdrn. Four men abreaft , fyra man hSgt. 

* *BREATH,5.j/i<rci, ande-drdgt, haj.itus. To take.drawr 
or fetch one's breath, draga aitdcn. Foul, ftincking breath, 
ilak ande. To the laft breath, til yterfta andedrdgten. 
His breath is out of him, anden dr ur honom. He is out of" 
breath, han andas intet. (XS'Shortnefs o( breath, andetdppa. 
■f You fpend your breath in vain, all dit taldr fdfdngt. 

To BREATH, V.N.andas, RESPIRARE. o5=- He breaths 
nothing but vengeance, han andas intet annat dn hdmd, 
To breath one's laft , draga jidfta andedrdgten. tfj* As 
long as I breath , /if lenge ja° andas , lefwer. To breath 
th e vein , Spna ddren, gifwa blo.let luft. G^p To BREATH! 
or air 'exsiccare) wddra , torka. a""""* To breath after 
a tling, lengta efter nogot. Breathing, f. andande. 
Breathing fweat, Adj. lindrig fwettning. Breathing- 
hole , and-hol. Breathing-time , ande-rum. 

BRED, Vid. To Breed. Bree, Fid. Breeze. 

♦♦♦BREECH, S.ars-klintar , nates. c5=» Breech of a 
gun, drufwan pd et ftycke.<^To BREECH, V. A.(TER- 
ci/m cjedEre) bafa. Breeched, bafad. Breeches, f. 
brackor , boxor. ■(" To wear the breeches , hafwa hus- 
bondkafiet. Breeched , fom drager bSxor. 

♦♦ f *To BREED, V. A.fSda.alftra, cekerare.^ 
To breed (edi/care) upfida. To breed L'ce , fS. 
lift. To breed ill blood, uphetfa finncn. To breed quar- 
rels, upwdeka trdtor. To breed youth , foftra np ung- 
dom. C5* A worm that breeds in the wood , en matk 
fom wexeri trddet. OS* A Woman that breeds or is a 
breeding , en hafwande qwinna. To breed Teeth , fkju- 
E 2 ta 

♦breast, M:Goth. BRUSTS . Goth. BRTST. idem. 

♦♦BREATH, Goth. BRrs, ardens calor. 

♦♦♦BREECH , Goth. BREK, genu. BRACKA ,BROK,/<- 

♦♦♦♦To BREID or'BREED. 'Ebor.) non degener efje. 
(Goth.) BRIGDA 'vernac. BRA pa) Brigda i 
pi fuafimiliseffe.YouBreedof thegouk.You have ay one 
fong, du brdrpdeoken, har altid famma lite. Pror. Seatt 

B R E 

B R I 

ta tdnder. She is a good breeder, hon <f> mycket afj- 

fam , fruktfam. A breeder of Cattle , en fom ISgger pa 
BREEDING, S. good or bad breeding, onda ellcrgoda 

feder. Bred , Adj. fodd , upfoflrad. Bred a fcholar , uv- 

fSdd wid ftudiema. There was I bred and born . . 

joe hide hlSckl och hunt. Bred within us , medfSdd. 
EREEZE , S. broms , TAB as vs. 
BRETHREN , pluralis of B rother , brukas fillan man 

pd Predikftclen tiler annars i tal til allmSnheten ," el/cfi 

f&%er man , Brothers. 
BREVIATE or Breviary ,S. utdrag,uttog. To Breviate. Abridge. Brevity,/! korthet. For Brevity's lake, 
jir k orthets fkull. 
*To BREW, V. A. brygga , coquERE cEREVisi'Hnt. 

Ojf To brew a plot, fiampla , IJega annogot. Brewed, 

Adj.bryggd. Brewer , bryggare. Br-ew-houfe, brygg- 

hus. A whole brewing, en fiel br^ggd. 
BREWIS, S. brynt brod i ftott doppadt, OFF JE ADIPAT.E. 
BRIAR, S. tSrn-bufke, VEPRts. Sweet-briar , ros-tornc. 

"(" He brought me in the briars, ban fattt mig i wid- 

ISftighet. To leave one in the briars, lemna ti 



tor komma in, utan at klappa pa porten. To Bribe, V. 

A. one's judges , mut. i finadomare. Bribed, Adj. mutad. 

Bribery,/", mutande. One guilty of bribery, en mut-korf. 
**BRICK, S. ugtlfim, later. To make bucks, fid 

tegel. Brickmaker, tegelflagare. Bricklayer, murmdflarc. 

Brick-kill , teg'el-agn. Brick-work, mur , muradt arlete. 
ToBRlCKEN, V.N.brSfiafig, kromafg , svperbire. 
***BRIDE, S . brud , sponsa. Bride-bed, bn . 

Bride-maid, brud-piga. Bridegroom , brudgumme. Bridal 

fong , brud-wifa. 
BRIDEWELL, S. tugthufetl London. 
BRIDGE, S. brygga , bro , PONS. Draw-bridge, wind- 

bro. 05= The bridge of the nofe , nSs-brofn , delnin- 

gen i ndfan. 
BRIDLE, S. betel, frjesum. The head-da!!, the Reins 

and Bit of the bridle , hufwudlaget , ty?.eln och bettet af 

be{let. To give a horfe the bridle , gifwa en heft r 

Cr^ The Citadel is a bridle upon them, Slottct holler 

dent i tvgeln. 
To BRIDLE, V. A. be^la , frmnare. rf> To bridle 

one's palsbns , underkufwafna luflar. To bridle it, kro- 

ma fig (fiSgcs om qwinfolk nSr de filtla hakan i brifiet ) 

Bridled, betlad. 
BRIEF, Adj. kort , brevis. Brief,/: uttdg. Briefly,^</>. 

korteliga. Briefnefs , f. korthet. 
BRIEF, S. Spet bref. item Kongcns mandat om' en Collect 

r flambok. 
BRIGADE , S. nogra batallioner , LEoTo. Brigadeer ,/". 

en offzeerare fom eommenderar en fddan Corps. 
* * * * BRIGHT, Adj. klar,fkinande , fulgidus. A bright 

sight, en ljusnait. Bright colour, lejwande jerg. It is 

bright, del Sr dager. He is a bright fellow, ban <ft en 

galant karl (fSges ock Ironice) To Brighter., pole' a, 
jfkura. Brightness , glans, Brightly, Adverb. 

*5,BRIGUE, trSta, RIX A (ur bruk ) 

*To BREW , Goth. BRUGGA , cercvifiam coquere. 

**BRICK, Goth. BRIKR, paricium ornamenta. 

**M HIDE , M:Goth. BRUTH , nurus. BRIDE-GROOM. 

adjecfa Tcminat, Goth. GUMME , vir , homo. 
*'»*BRiGin ,M:Goth. bairht. Goth, biart, Biar- 

tur, darns , perCpieuus. 
*5,BRIGUE, Got!i. BR!GD, controverp.a , BRIGDA, 

controrerterc. Airman. ERICA, nexa , injuria, tumultus. 

*BRIM, S. brim, brcld , MARCO, of a hat, p'.areor 
The brim of a glafs , brynen p,1 ct glas. Brimmed, 
Adj. A narrow brimmed hat , en fnSfwer halt. Brim- 
rre , et Sf'wertla Jullt glas. 
To JjRIM , asal'ow , ISpa cfter gall , SVB ARE. 

■TONE, S. fwafwel, sulphur. 
BRiNDiCE, S. To drinck a Brindice to one, drieka en 

BRINDLE , Adj. yr, grym , furiosus. Brindled, rSd- 
/• ..n med h:iua fla"ckar(om lejon eller hundar) fARlE- 


**BRi;."E, S.fallake, MURT a. Cfi=- The foaming Brine, f£ 
kall.n /fjf'ivct hosPoctcrna.Brimib orBr\ny,A.ij. falta^tig. 

***To BRING,?'. A.bringa ,tilfSra , AFFERRE. Bring 
him alon.; with you, tag honom med dig. To Bring din- 
ner in , £.S>.i in mat'en. To bring to light , fliaffa fram i 
;. To bring one'sfelf into difrepu'e, f.Utafigi miff- 
credit. To Bring word to one, lata en ucta. To bring 
an action againft one , procefs emot en. That 
br ngs falvation, helfofam. c5" To bring a thing ABOUT 
(in fpeech ) fSra en ting wSl in i fit tal. To bring a 
design about, /ora en fak vi&l uf.KS^To bringFOBTH a 
child, fram-jj&da et foficr. To bring forth young 
ones,_yn»/a. To bring forth fruits , bara frukt. tt5* To 
bring OFF, redda, freljd. To bring off , afrdda. 0$* To 
br'ng OVER , drag.', en til ft parti. rf> To brirrgUNDER, 
unJ.rlufwa. r Xj*To bring one in,draga en 'in uti en fak. 
To bring one in guilty , forklara en for faker, to per- 
fection fullkomma, to Subjection, underkufwa, to a- 
greement, fSrlika , to lite, uplifwa , to a mode or into 
f'afllion , komma en ting i model , one to his death, va- 
ra tnom en fpik i likkiftan , a woman to BED, fSr- 
loffa en larna -ftderfka , accouchera. (J^To biingoUT 
ftoty , fSrtdlja et, Tobring UP a fafhion, komma 

up med nytt mode. Uo bring up a child to one's own 
trade, upfoda et barn til ens egit handtwSrk. He has 
brought up what he did cat,han bar gifwit "fu-er igen, 
hwad ban di. 05 s To bring DO WN or Low , fSiSdmjuka, 
firfwaga. A bringer of good tidings , en glad budba arc. 

BRINK, S. brink, bredd . Marco. To .';e on the very 
brink of a prec pice , ftd pdytterfta kanten aj ct brddjup. 
Upon the brink of ruin , hardtndr under gang. The brink 
of a veil, brynen af en brunn. 

BRIS . ! ,' rlinda, terra is cult a. 

* * "BRISK , Adj. awiek , lifiig , l.ry , helfofam , lufiig , 
katig, vecetus, alacer , &c. We gaveThem a briflc 
charge, wi fatte dem kdekt an. A bnlk gale of wind, 
en fiyfkul. To brifk one's felfup, gjSrafig lufiig. Brifk- 
nete , f. fiinkbet , lufiighct. Brifkly , Adv.flinkt , kSekt. 
To drinck brifkly , drick.'. lufi'tgt om. 

BRISKET, 5. bringan eller brofet pa et fiagt-kreatur , 

BRISTLE, S. horfi, seta. To Bridle, V. N. borfiafig, 
fitta haret d dnda. Otj^ To Briftie up to one, komma pi 
manande wis emot en. To Briftle a flioemaker's thread ,. 
fdtta borft pa en bektrdd. 
»j,BRITTr.E. Adj.Jkir, brScklig, fracilis. Brittle- 

nefs, f. i~korHet. Brittly , Adv.jTiSrt. 
BROACH, Via. Spit. 

i — ~^ —__—______ —- . 

*£RIM , Sueth. BRYN , margo. Goth. BrA, idem. 
"tlllNE, Goth. BRIM, MK. BRIMSALT, nMe/if/uj. 
** "To BRING , M:Goth. BRIGG AN, adferre. 
*"**brisk, Goth. & Sueth. BRASKA, petulanterfe 

, a BRTTA, frail girt. 

"{".BRITTLE , a. d. BRYTEHG 

B R 

B R O 

To BROACH, V. A.fiickaup en tunna, RELTXERE. 
Cj* To broach a Virgin, krdnka mo. C^T To broach a 
lie, a doctrine &c. dikta komma for,'} up med logn eller 
en Lira. Broached or Set abroach, Adj. up/luckcn, &c. 
Broacher, uphofsman af et tal, ISra iller ofanning. 

*BROAD, Adj. bred,LATUS. (T> Broad day-light, flo- 
ra ljufia dxgen. 05^ At broad Noon , mil pa dagen.We 
gave them a broad-fide , m goftfo dcm hela Uget. Cr5* 
A broad conviction, enftark ofwertygelfe. CS* Broad- 
■ . ver , fiden-wdf-uare. * it is as broad as loni, det 
dr fiik famma. To lpeak broad, tala bredt. item ieke 
da ord. Broad-awake, ald:Us waken. Broadly, Adv. 
med full man. Broadnefs, fi. bredd. 

BROCAD J , S. brocade, gyllen-eller filfwer-duk , auro 


BROCK, S. g.-dfing, taxus. 

BROCKET, S. hind-kalf i andra Sret , hixxvlus 

CEP. >'/. 

To BROGUE for Eels, grumla , glSta efter 31, turba- 


BROIL, S. owdfendc, upror , trdta.TURBA. 

**To BROIL, V. A. brdcka pdglod.jieka .TORRERE. 
Broiled , fa flekl. +.. 

BROKE or Broken , Adj. brdckt , bruten , fractus. cS* 
A broken heart, fSrkrosfadt hjerta. A Broken ^weefc , 
en helgdags wecka. Broken meat, (tmningar af mat. Brok 
en Engtifh , bruten Engeljka. Broken-bellied , fom har 
brik. Broken officer, afdankad officer. Broken mer- 
chant, bankrut - fpelare. Broken Lawyer, forlupen 
Ad-.ocat. f/r" BROKEN ' DOMlTUs) tamd , t'dwdnd, 
tihugtad. Broken ware , j"krdp. 

* "BROKER, S. mSklare, koplare. &c. proxexeta. 

Brocage, J. mdkla,e-h\ a, courtage. 

BROOD, S. al(ler , affSda, soboles. Abrood of chic- 
ken' , en hall kyc 'iingar. Brood-Hen, ligg-hona. To 
Brood, V. N. kldcka ut djg. 

»***BPOOK, bdek, renn'el, Rl'-ULUS . 

To BROOK an affront , V. A. tola, fmelta en fkymf, 


BRCOM, S. ljung , GEXISTA. PS* BROOM 'scopje) 
qw.l. Eutchers-broom , mus~torne. 

* 5, BROTH, S. foppa.fod, jusculum. 

*6,BROTHEL-Hcufe . tortus, lvpasar. Brothelry , 
fi. otugts-bragd , liderlighet. 

*7,BR0THER , S. broder , frater. Half-brother . talf- 
broder. Brother by the mother's fide , kStslig broder. 
Brother In Law ,fljufbroder eller fwnger. Foirer-brother, 
fofler - broder. A Brother of the quill , en auilor. 
Brotherhood, brorfkap , enighet. Brotherly kimlnefs , 
broderlig wdnfkap. 

BROUGHT, Adj. (from To Bring ) bragt , allatus. 
Let him be brought to me , fSr honom til tr.. 
Brought to bed, fatten i barnfeng. Brought to pals, 

hi n l.fhedd. up, upfSdd. down , kufwad. forth, 

framdragen. to nought, til intet gwrd to his 

flv'ts , "jorlorad. I Brought, Imperf. Verbi, to Bring. 

EROV, S. bryn, dnne , FROXS. Eye-brow, ognebryn- 

"BROAD, MrGoth. BRAID, latus. 

**To BROIL, Gail. BRUlERo/. BRYSLER, urcrc. Goth. 

BRYS, ignis. BRALA , emacerare flamma. 
"'BROKER, Goth. V.V.E.K A , puerorum more rogitare. 
"BROOK, Isl. ROKA, unda vento disperfa. 

* f, BROTH, Goth. BR Ada, tiqucfacerc.Sueth.v RAD Kaffarc. 
*6, brothel, diminut, a Goth. BOL, Sueth. BORD, 

*7jBRother, M:Go.h.BROTHR. aCelto-Schyth.BRV, 

To bend or knit the brow . mpa 'nnet. to clear 

e brow, fe j has brow enough 

to alferrit, han'drj'rdck nog ai kunna pafld del. To get 
ones livel; / rl e :' ;at of ones brows, ndra 

fig i fin anletes fiwe'tt. The brow of the hill, bergs-bry- 
nen. To brow-beat one, V. A. fe fined ut pa en. I hick- 
browed , font har Jlarka Sgonbryn. Bettle-brou ed , fom 
fier under mufik. 

*BRO\VN, Adj. bn,n, fvscus. A Brown woman, et 
brunett quinj'olk. "f Brown-George , Cron-brSd. To be 
in a brown ftudy , vara i djupa tankar. Brownifl) , 
Adj. brunagtig. 

TojBROVSE, y.A. knoppa afitrdn, fom getter gjora, CAR- 
pere froxdes. B ro wfe or Browze - wood , /. knoppar. 

BROVZED, Adj. fernifad. His face was browzed over 
with an air of Confidence, ban hade fait pa fig et kop- 
par dnne. 

To BRUISE, V. A. flota, gnugga, fSnder-brdcka, cox- 
TUNDERE. To bruife nuts . nSppa rotter. To bruile 
one's arm, /TOM fin arm. To bruile one, fid enombld- 
r.ti. To bruife fait , gnugga fait. Eruifed, Vid. Verb. 
Bruife, fi. /lot , blanad. 

**BRUIT,'5. rykte, fama. To bruit a thing abroad, 
rykta en tin ' ut. 

BRUNGEON , 5. en liten fqwdlunge , ixfans. 

BRUNION, 5. et flags plommon, PRVXLM. 

BRUNT, S. anfall ,rabus, impetvs. item olycka. 

***BRUSH, 5. borfle, rERRicuLVM.Sboe-brii{h,fko- 
borfle. To brufn , V. A. borfta. TO Brufll through, ru- 
fia igenom. To brufl) away, raka undan. To Brufll 
by one, rakaforbi en. <£fIO give one a BRUSH {impe- 
tus) anfdtta en kdclt. 

To BRUSTLE up to one, Vid. To Bridle. 

BRUTE or Brutifli, Adj. ofSrnufiig , befi-agtig. Brutali- 
ty , fi. beflagiighet. Brute , fi. creatur , beft. 
Brur-fllnefs , beflaglighet. Brutiflily , Adv. bejlagtigt. 

BUBBLE, S. bubla, watn-blSdra , fdfdnga, bull a. To 
make a bubble of one, draga up en, f.xera. To Bubble 
up , V. N. pofa , porta up. 

jBUBBY, S. p'lur. Bubbies, qwinnobrSft , pattar, mam- 

BUCK, S. bock, har.neaf wiffa creatur, fa font af getter , 
kaniner &C.MAS. Kj=- BUCK (CERvus) hjort , rd-djur. 
Buckhorn, hjorthorn , item, et flags torrffk. 

COCTIO. A Buck of cloaths , et byke af arena bidder. 
TO Buck cloaths, byka bidder. Buck-afhss, byk-afka. 
buckwheat , bchwete. Fuckmaft , Vid. Beech. 

BUCKANEERS , et Band afofwerdddiga fidllar i JVefl- 
Irdizn , fom drifua fSrbunden handel. 
".ET, S. bruns-dmbar , hama. 

BUCKLE, S.fpdnne, folia, fibula. The tongue of 
a buckle, tornetpd et fipdnne. To Buckle, V. A.fipdn- 
na ib.op. 05=" To BUCKLE together ( coiLU ctari ) 
To e lick) e to one's bufnefs, tdnka med alfwar pa fina be- 
ftdllnmgar. c5» To buckle for war , rufla f.g til krigs. 
To Buckle to one's ways , lempa fig efter en f^rBUCKLI 
or cSJrl (excrxxus) knorla , krus pa hdr. 

BUCKRAM , S. flyfit kanfias , TAXNUS CRASSVS. Buck- 
fom, Vid. Buxom. 

E j BUD, 

»BROWS, Sueth. B RE N NA, urere, quia fiole aduflus talent 

colorem inducit. 
**BRUIT . Goth. BRIEDA, prodere , B RUT, fama. 
***BRUSH,Gofh. EURSTUR,5cc^«. Sueth BORST,/>M« 
♦♦'"BUCK, Goth. BOCKE,a BUCKA,«rf;nr ( . BOC- 

K.E, vir grandis. Jsl. STAREOCKA, magnates. 



Bl'U , 5. brodd, /prong, knopp, GERMEn. To Bud, V. 

A'. knoppas, j'pricka ut. Budded, Adj. knopp J'!. 
BUDGE, S. lam/kin , pellis agnina. cry- judge 

(ffj) en fom fmyger fig in at Jl/Sla kldder i et kits. 
To BUDGE, V. N. gS., knopa fig fort cradum ef- 


BUDGET, S. pdfe, saccvivs. 

BUFF , S. wildoxc , LRUS. Buff-coat, rock af fiUant 
tkin , pa/rock. 

BUFF, Adj.ftyf, oftrfaed, validus. tf>To (land buff 
againft the bolts of fortune,/?a />i iig,tmot lyckans an/lStjr. 

BUFFET, S. Xrfil, colaphus. To Buffet, Srfila. 

BUFFOON, S. narr , p'ul dhcring, MOROLOGUS. Buffoon- 
ry , f. narri, kortwillighet. 

BUG , S. wdgg-Uu , brvchus. Buggy , Adj. full afwdgg- 

To BUGBEAR one, V. A. fkrima en, terrere. Bug- 
bear, f. fpoke , bufe. Bug-word, hotandi ,Jkrdmande ord. 

To BUGGER, V. A.bega Sodomiteri cllcr tidclag , PX- 
D1CARE, COIRE CUM bEstiis. Buggery,/: Sodomi- 
teri tiler tidclag. Buggerer, / drdnga-Jkdndarc , tide- 
lagare. NB. S3, hctcr del i lagen ; men hum det kallas i 
Skriften, Vid. pib Abul'e. 

BUGLE, S. et flags wildoxe , URUS. item et flags glas. 

*To BUILD, V.' A. bygga, jedificare. -f To Build the air, hygga flott i luftm. To Build upon 
one , lyge.a va en , tiltro fig enom. Builder , f. en fom 
liter hygga. Mafter-Builder , bvgg-mdflare. A Building, 
f. en byggnad. The art of building , hygg-konfien. Built, 
Adj. byggd. Dutch built, HolUafk byggd{om etfkepp) 
item om folk fom hafwa plumpt lif. 

BULB, roten af wiffa wexter , bulsa. The Bulb of the 
eye , Sgneffen. Bulbous, Adj. trind-rotig. y 

BULIMf , S. fnalhct, otnSaelig hunger , voracjtas. 

* 'BULK , S. kSg, hop, myckenhet, MASS A, moles. rff 
To fell by thebulk ,J'dlja i groJJ. The Bulk of a man's 
body Jkrofwet pit en>To BULK out, buka ut, 
flit ut , propendere. Bulky , flor, tjock, lung, owig. 

BULL or Bullock, S. tjw.oxt, jaurus. 03* BULL (ser- 
monis incongrvitas) orimligt tal. A (lory of a 
cock and a bull , en kdrlinga-faga. Bull-beef, tjur-katt. 
item otickt qwinfolk. Bu'1-Beggar, /'poke, fkrdmfla. Bull- 
finch , ho-finke. Bull-baiting , hunde-och tjur-fugtning. 
Bull-dog, hund, famdertil dr wand. Bull-fly, fd-fiuga. 

To BULL", V. A. bedra»a ,FRAUDARE. C5*To BULL a 
cow (assiliRE ) befliga en ko 'om tjurar. ) 

BULLEN , S. h ampfljelkar , fkdfwor , caulES fracti. 

BULLET, S. bly tiler jern-kuU, globus. 

BULLION, ingot-guld cllcr filfwcr , AURUM be. RUDE. 

Ofr" Bullion of copper, bctfcl-fnidc. 
*' "BULLY, S. horhus-wdrd , ofwerfittare , cnfomfSi-fS- 

rcr fig,pd f'oM, thraso. To Bully one , tala owettigt 

til en , dundra m'.d en. 
BULRUSH , rorhwafs , JUNCUS. 
BULWARK, S. bolwdrk, munimentum. 
****BUM , S. rumpa, arsklintar , NATES. Bumfodder , 

anvifk, orent paper. Bum-baily , fogd-knekt.. 
BUMKIN , S. bondlurker , bondlapa , INSUB JDVS , A. 
BUMB ARD..S\ a (lags (larkt fmillande flyckc,BOM B.i a d a. 
To BUMB AST one, V. A.prygla, bafa en, fustigare. 

tfr- BUMB A STICK, TH R AS Off I CUS , Adi. flor. upblofi. 

Bumbaflick (tile , hZgtrafwande ftyl. Bumbaft , f.floraord. 

*To BUILD , Goth. BOL , civitas, pagus. 
♦"BULK , Go'h. BAIKE , poitio mercium in 'navi. 
***BULLT, Sueth. BOLA, fcortari. BODLA , torantre, 
****BUM, Goth. GVM.SR,podex. 

*BUMP, S. flag, fling, ictus, f To bump up, V.N. 

BUMPER, 5. brSdd-fullt-glas , CAL1X PLEKUS. 
**BUNCH, S.bundt, knippa, fasciculus. Bunch of 

keys, nyckcl-knippa. Bunch of grapes, win-klafc. Bunch 

on the back, knyl.t pd ryggen. Bunchy or bunch-back'd, 

km-ryggot. ToBunchout , V. N. knyta fig, font plantar. 
BUNDLE , S. bindcl , knyt: , bylte , packe , FASCIA. T» 

Bundle up , V. A. hylta ihop. 
BUNG , S. forund , obturamen. Bung-hole , fprund- 

hol. To liung up , fprunda igen. (jj* Bung of a gun , 

floppen i ct felt-Jfyeke. 
***To BUNGLE, V. A.bSndfa, bdrafigobehdndigtat, 

imperite acere. Bungler , /". bSnas, f'ujkare. Bungle, 

f. fcl , forfcclfe. A Bungler, in politicks, en kladdare i 

Stats faker. Bunglingly, Adv. bonisagtigt. 
BUNN , S. focker-kaka, eggkaka , colly R a. 
BUN TING or Bunten ,5. rodfljerta , rubetra. 
BUOY , S. boya, ankar-m'crke , INDEX ANCHORARIUS. 

To buoy one up, underflSdjaen, supportare. 
BURDEN, S. blrda, onus. His life was a burden to 

him , hans lefwerne war honom tungt. Beaft of burden, 

Sk , dragare. Afllip of great burden ,cf lafl drygt Ckcpp, 

The burden of a fong , versus iktercalaris. 

To Burden, V.A.lafta, beladda, betunga. Burdened , 

laflad. Buidenfom, Adj. tung, befwdrlig. 
BURGESS , S. borgare, civis. Burgefs in the Houfeof 

Commons, Parlamcntsman for en flad. 
BURGEE, S. boraarc i nogon flad utom England. 
BURGMASTER , borgmdftare, CONSUL. 
** "BURGLAR, S. tjuffom bryttr fig in genomics och 

d'rar , effractor. Burglary,/", inbrytandc i kits, ran. 
BURIN, S.graf-flickel, cxlum. 
*S,B'JRLESK, Adj. Burleik <\\\e,fkdmtfan flyl , comi- 

*6, BURLY, Adj. flor , tjock, crassl'S. A Burly man, 

flor.fct karl. f Burly-Brand , flort fwerd , GLAJD1US 


To BURN, V. A. brdnna, URERE. To Burn wood or 
coals , brdnna wed elltr kol. Oj* To Burn lime or bricks, 
brdnna kalk tiler tegtl. To Burn day-light, brdnna [jus wid 
dazen. To Burn , Neut. brinna. To Burn to, brdnna wid. 
f He Burnt his fingers there , ban brdnde fingren pa fig 
dtr. To burn up , brinna tiler brdnna up. Burning , 
Adj. brinnandc. Burning coal , glodande kol. The meat 
fmells of Burning, S. maten luktar widbrdnd. Prov. 
BURNT child dreads the FIRE, brdndt barn Jkyr el- 
den. Burnt-offering , brdn-ofler. Sun-Burnt , fol-brdhd. 

*7,To BURNISH, V. A. poltra fdfwer med flil, POLIRE. 
05 s " To BURNISH or grow. Neut. wtxa til, crande- 
SCERE. This child begins to burnifh , dttta barmt bSrjar 
fkjuia fig. Burniiler, /. polerare. Burniihing-ftick, 


*BUMP, Got'l. BOMPS, iclus. BOMPSA, ferirt. 
"BUNCH , Goth. BUNKE , acervus. BUNGA UT, pro- 

""'To BUNGLE, Goth. BaungUNARLaG, infuavis agen- 

di modus. 
•""BURGLARY, Goth, burg & La?rka, frangert, q. d. 

murorum eJJ'raclor. 
*,BURLESK , Goth. BUR, aula & Leika, ludere, q. d. lu- 

dus aulicus. 
*6,BURLY- BRAND , Goth. BRANDUR, gladius , TO 

BRANDISH a fword , vibrarc tnfem. 
*7,To BURNISH, Goth. FRfNN, politus , puker* 



BURR , S. horr.-roten pa et ra-djur, TVBERCVlVM. item 

orhinna. Burrel-fly, broms , tab anus. 
BORROW, S. kula, hola ijorden, Latibulvm. Cony- 
Burrow, kanin-hol. To Borrow, V.N. grdfwafig in 
i forden. 
To BURST, V. N. brifia , fpricka , rcmna , CREPERE. 
He Buifts with malice, han dr fa arg fa han ma fpricka. 
To Burit with laughing, fkratta fa man ma fpricka. TO 
Burit cur into laughter , brifia uti iS;e. Burft , f. Jprycia, 
uicr-tiande. Buriten or Burft-bellied , tarm .lupen. Eur- 
ftennefs , f. tarm-lopp. 
BURT , S. et flags fiatfifli, rhombus. Burthen, Vid. Bur- 
*BURY , S. hus , hof, gdrd , DOMUS , AULA. 
**To BURY , V. A. begrafwa,SEPELIRE. OS* To Bury 
in oblivion, i ewig glomfka Idgga. 05* If ever I hury 
him, omjag nonfin ofwer-lefwer honom. Bury'd , Adj. 
begrafwen. Burying, f. Lk-procefs. Burial, f. begraf- 
ning. Chriftian burial, Ch.rifilig begrafning fom formenas 
proieflanierne hos de CalholJ~ha. 
BUSH, S.bufke, arbustum. Goofberry bufti , fiickel- 
bdrs-bufke. (Xjr* Tavern-bufll , krans ofwer en kdllare. 
A Bulb of hair, hdrtofwa. Bufhy, Adj. tufkig. 
BUSHEL, S. et matt, nogot mtndre dn en halffpan , 

* * 'BUSINESS , 5. werf , £rendi , befid/lning, forehafwan- 
de y NECOT1UM. A man fit for bufmels, en flink, drif- 
■wande karl. To be full of bufinefs , hafwa my&et at be- 
fidlla. t To do one's bufinefs, gjora filtarf. tfj*To 
■ do one's bufinefs , fid ih;dl ,fSrd:rfwa en. His bulinefs 
is done, han' dr ruinerad karl. 05* In the bufinefs of 
religion, i nvr.d rcligionen angdr. To betake one's felf 
to the bufinefs of a merchant , fid fig til handden. I'll 
make it my bufinefs, fagfkal winldgga mig dervm. Han- 
gin'-bufineG , hale-Car. To come into bufinefs, kom- 
ma uti affaircr. Cfir" She has one that dos her bu- 
finefs for her, hon bar en fom fkoter fig. 
BUSK. . S. ndl, fom qwinfolk bruka fram i fnorlifwet , 


BUSKINS, S. halj-fiofinr , COTHURNI. 
iBUSS , S. pufs, kyfs ,osculum. TO Bufs, V.A.kyfsa. 
ToB'ifs favourly , kyfsa mufiigt , fott. 

BUSTARD , S. t'iddcr, bustardVs (finnes i England 
inz^^'SJes mer dn i Lmcolnfli:re.) 

BUSTLE, S. buller , wdfende , prong, for!, tumul^us. 
rf=- To mak" a buftle in the world , gjora flortwdfen- 
dc iwerld^n. rt°J- A man of buftle, en bcfidllf'am , item 
ilpari° karl. vS* To Buftle , V. N. gjSra wdfendc. Buftl- 
ing, /. Vid. Buftle. 
BUSY., Adj. beftdllfam, fyflofatt , necotiosvs. I'm 
very bufy . jag har rett brott cm. He is as bufy as a bee, 
ban &' fa Cvfla-fam fom el hi. Bufy st prayers, te'ri- 
pen i pnab'ner. Bufy-day, en dag fom man har mycket 
at gjSra pa. Bufy-body , en na r r, fom layer fom honan 
med fnoren. To Bufy one's felf, Idgga fig i nogot , pa- 
taga fig. Bufied , Adj. fyflofatt med nogot. Bufily , Adv. 
med drift och ifver. 

BUT, Conj. men , sed. I went , buthe was notathome, 
iaggickdie, men han war intet hemma. (X^r* BUT (nisi 
Ql/IN, vel solum) bara, man. He gos but feldom 

'BURY , Goth. BUR, firuPmra , enfa. Fata-BUR, prom- 
luarium. Fog!e-BUR , cavea. Rofamond's-Bowre , apud 
Anglos, Sigmls-rcus. , apud Sueeos. 

**To BURY , Goth. BI1GIA, BERGA, tegerc. 

***BU.siNriSS, Goth. B1SN , ingent & grande quid. BY S A, 

out, hdji gar ickc uian fellan tit. She c!:k norli ; r!g hut 
cry, hon gjorHntet annat dn grSter. AHbut him, 
f man honom. Be but ruled by me, lyd mig at bara. 
Life is but fliort, Lifwet dr icke longt. To eat but litle, 
dta ganfka litct. But juft now , icke forr dn nu pa flun- 
den. But fparingly , knapt, belt fparfamt. Nothing (o 
good but what may be abuftd , ingen ting fd godi fom 
icke md miffbrukas. No qusftion but he'll d» it, ingen }a- 
ra, ban will g/Srat. You cannot but know, dig kan icke 
vara obekandt. Next houfe but one , andra hufet ifrdn. 

BUTCHtR, S. ftagtare, lanio. Butchers-meat, ISttaf 
allehanda fiagt-bcj'kap. To Butcher, V. A. flagta, mas- 
facrera , farga. Butchered, Adj. flagtad , fargad. But- 
chery , f.flagtande &c. 

BUTLER, S. kdllare-fwen , fkaffare Sfwer kdllaren. item 
munjkdnk , cellarius. The kings butler , kongent 
kdllarmdfiare , elder munfkdnk. 

BUTT , S. winfat , af izC gallon , DOLltTM. tff BUTT, 
(nota , album) mdlyfidck at Jkjuta at. 'ry-To BUTT , 
'cornu ferire) fionga. Hurt by butting, f./longad. 
To run full butt at one, ISpa burdas pa en. 05 s The 
butt-end of a thing , ytterfla dndan a} ett ting. To butt 
at one, ISpa med hufwudet mot en. Butt«d, Adj. infkrdnkt. 

BUTTER, S. fmor , bvtyrum. Fre/h or new butter, 
ferjkt finSr. Bread (pread with butter , fmorgds. Prov. 
NOT MELT IN HIS MOUTH , ban fer at, fom ban in- 
let kunde rekna til fern. Butter-milk, kern-mjSlk. But- 
ter-Crock , fmorkruka. Butter-whore, en trdtofam kona. 
rutter-fly, fommarfogel. t Butter-box, fmir-dtare , 
item et bknamn fom Engelsmannen har pa Holldndaren. 
To Butter bread, V. A. bredafmSrpd brod. He knows 
on which fide the bread is buttered, han dr in«en tok. 
Buttery, f. flisffcri. 

BUTTOCK, S. Idr ,clunis. The Buttocks of a horfe. 


BUTTON, .V. knarp .fibula. Putton-hole, knapp-hol. 
Bmton-maker, knapp-makare. To Button, V. A. kndp- 
pa ihop. I uttoned , Adj. hopkndpi. 

BUTT RESS , S.fiod , pelare under en byggnlng , ANTERIS. 
item hof-jern. t 

*1lVXGM,Adj. fmidig, bSglig , FLEXIBins (figu- 
rate)lyd':g, lyftlSten , kdt , Slfkogsfull , lufiig. Buxom- 
r.efs, /: tyfildtenhct, Idragtighet , luflighet , odmjukhct. 

**To BUY, V. A.EMERE. To buy of one, kSpa afen. 
Prov. TO BUY a PIG IN A POKE, kopa grifin i fdeken. 
To buy things at the heft hand, k'pa af bet/la handen. 
C°^ To buy one off, muta en. Buyer', /". kopare. 
BUZZARD, S.fiaghSk, accipiter major. 
To BUZZE, V. N. brumma, fnorra . bombilare. To 
Buize a thing about, utfprida en ting. To Buzze into 
one's ears , hwifka enon: i Brat. Buzze , Vid. Burr. 

BY, pratp. medelH , PER. By good luck, af god hcka. 
B y chance , af en hdndel.'e. r}> B Y ( oE , as ) af. To 
be loved by one, wara Slfkad af en. By dav , om da- 
gen. By much , mycket. By the advice of him, med bans 
rod. Bigger by two foot, twd fot hSgre. By one's felf, 
allcna. Ey one a Clock, klockan et. By m y watch it 
is three a Clock , efter mil ur dr klockan tre. By break 
of day , i dag-gryningen. Do as you would be done by, 
handla med androm fom du wil fkalfke dig fjelf. One 
by one , en och en i fonder. I have it by me , jag har 

__^_^^ rf« 

*BUXOM, q.d. BOGSAM, flex'dis. 

**To buy, M:Gotb. bugiak. idem. 


C A L 

a*ct kos mig. (J5*B Y {jvxta ) Hard by, harit ntr. By that , wid dct lagct. He mull be back by mondny , han 
mora tilbaka til mondagen. By this time twelve- 
month, /' dag et dr til. He went by that name, han gick 
under dct namnet. Day by day , dag f ran dag. By no 
mean? , ingalunda. By the bulk , i grofs. By retail , I 
minut. By the way, i wdgen. By reaion that, efter 
fafom. By and by, rctt nu. She had four children by 
him, hon hadefyra barn med honom. To be by, wara 
mtrwaranJc. To iland by one , bifid enom. 

Byftander, en, fomfidr och fir pa. By work or By-job , 
bi-arbetare. By-way , bi-wdg. By-Laws of a Company, 
fkrd-ordningar. By-Mow , ocgta barn, /'om in gift man 
har bredewid. A good uy-blow , ct lyckliet tilfdlle. 
BYAS, Vid. Bias. 

C A 

CABAL , S. Judifka fagor om gamla Teflamentcts hem- 
ligheters uttolkning. Cabalifl , f. Cabaliftick , Adj. 
CABAL, S. hcmligt rad, parti, conciliabvlum. 
To Cabal, V. A.fiifta parti , fldmpla, itemgd ifrdn fell- 

CABBAGE, S.kdl, CAVllS. Cabbage-head, kdl huf- 
wud. To Cabbage, V. N. fljdla af ' et ftycke (om Jkrdd- 
dare ) 

CABINET , 5, Cabinet. Cabinet-Council, Cabinets-rdd. 

♦CABLISH , S. windfdllcn , cadibula. 

To CACKLE, V.N. kakla ,J~krocka fomen hona ,CLOCl- 
TARE. Cackerel,/. et flags ftjk, fomgjSr ISft lif. 

CADE , S. kagge , A Cade of herrings , en kagge fill. Ca- 
de-lamb , hus-lamb. 

CADENCE, S. kSgning och fallande iMufiquen, i dants- 
och ridkonflen, MODULAT10. 

**CADET , S. yngre broder, FRATER natv MINOR. 

CADEU' , S. halm-matk , phryganevm. 

(JADUKE, Adj. dlderbrutcn,fk.rSplig , infirmus. 

CvELIBATE , S. ogift fidnd. 

CAG, S. kagge, testa. 

CAGE, S. bur, hick., cai-ea. To cage, V. A. fdlta i bur, 

ToCAJOLE, V. A. fmickra , abslandiri. Cajoled, 
Adj. fmiekrad , item bedragen. c.ijoler, f. fmickrare , 
mat-ljitgarc. Cajolery , /. fmickreri. 

■fCAITlFF, S. flaf, hunds-fot, [helm, &c. NEFarii/s. 

CAKE, S.kaka, placenta. To> cake , V. N. kaftafig, 
fom jhnkol i elden. 

CALAMIN, S.galmeja, cadmia. 

CALAMITY , S. wederwdrdighct , plagor. Calamitous , 
Adj. wederwdrdig . olycklig. 

To CALCINE, V. A.brdnnatilafka, in C1NEREM RED- calcinated or Calcined , fa brand. 

To CALCULATE , V. A. ut-ekna , fid afwer , CALCV- 
iv.i povere. The fpeech was calculated to the me- 
ridian of the German Dominions, talct war ftildtpd 
Tyfka-ldiderias betfla. Calculation, f. Sfwerflag,utrekning. 

CALENDER,.?, almanack. 

CALENTURE, S. brdnfiuka, morbus solstitialis. 

CALESH , S. halftdckt wagn. 

***CALF ,S.kalf. calves-head , kalf-hufwud. 05* The 
CALF of the lea; (si/ra) ben-kalfwen. 

CALIBER, S. kaliber pa et fkjut-gewdr. 

CABLISH, Gnh. KABLE, K AFL E , bac :11ns. 
**CADET , Goth. KKT),fatus recent. BARNA-KAD , 
infantum multitude, infirma. 

"""CALFof the leg, Goth, calf, xalve, Jura. 

CALICO, S. kattun, Indifh llnne , tela molliuscvla 
de c ALECVTO Indi.z citerioris emporio. 

CALL , S. kalhlfc , uprop af ledamStcrne i en gcmcnjk.ap , 
tilropande af en, i'ocatio. To give one a call , rood 
pa en. C5* Call of Fowlers , fogel-piga. 

To CALL, V. A. kalla , ndmna , APPELLARE, vocarf. 
How do you call that? huru heterdct ? to call one by 
his name , kalli en wid namn. (Jj^roCALL one (acce.:- 
SERe) ropa , kalla en. To Call a Council , fammankalla 
et rdd. Cdr* Let us call another caufe , l.h off tala om 
nogot annat. eff To Call in or back one's word, taga 
fin ord tilbaka. To Call in one's money , draga in ftna 
pengar. To call in or repeal a law ,uphSfwa en lag. To 
Call in question, draga i twifiveUmSl.05" To call OFF, af- 
rdda.qfy' To call FOR one, ropa efter en. To call for 
drinck, begdra dricka. (& To call FORTH framkalla en. 
05=-To call together,/amm4n£d//<j. I call God TOwitnefi, 
jag lager Gud til witses, Tocaila thing to mind , pamin- 
nafig.r^p- to call one to account , fliUa en til rdknhig. to j 
call over anallembly, upropa. C5* To call one up in the 
morning, wdeka en. To call up Spirits, uprefa fpSken. to 
call upon one in one's way, be/Ska en wi.: ...'.-. to 

call upon God, dkalla Herren. Called ,Adj. kallad, ndmd. 

CALLING, S. kallelfe, handcl , handtwdrk , ndrings- 
medel, vocatio, ars. He did it in his calling, hart 
gjorde dct i fin kallelfe. 

CALLIMANCO, S-kalmink, pannus qvidam. 

CALLOUS , Adj. fwdlagtig, tjockhudig. Callofity or Cal- 
loufnef; , tjockkudighet. 

CALLOW, Adj. kal, odunad , ofddrad , iMPLUMIs. 
05=* A callow Vlaid, en iiicha fom ie'e Sr manwttxen. 

*CALM, Adj. lugn , ftilla, trano_villus. calm, J', 
lugn, flillhet, rolighet. To Cairn or Becalm, V. A. 
fagta , ftilla , tilfridslhiila. Calmed , Adj. Jlillad, jag- ■ 
tad. calmnefs , f, . fznnes rolighet. 

CALOT, S. kalott , Iddcrmojja, cudo. 

CALTROP, S.foiangeljMuaEX. CO* caltrop (r.i:- 
bulus } ■ 

To CALVE , V. N. kaljwa, vitulvm edere. Cal- 
, Adj. ka'.j'wad. 

CALUMNY, S. fSrfmddelfe, %-rongt kd'omdl. To ca- 
lumn.ate , la, fkdnda, wrongt befkylla. Calum- 

niator , f. fmddarc., calumniant. Calumnious , Adj. 
fm tdefatn , wr&ngwis. 

CAM AIL, 5. Bijkops-fkrud. 

CAM \RADE, 5. kamerat , flallbrodcr , SOCIVS.' 

CAMBRICK , S. Cammar-duk, LiNTEVM camLracen- 
se TENX/lSSlMl'yi. 

CAME, Import- Verbi, To come. i:ow came that in your 
head ? huru kom det i hufwudet pa dig ? 

CAMEL, S. kamel , camklus. c -miolion , et flags kry- 
pande djur fom fl'igcs lefra af wider. 

CAMLET, S. kamlot , ct flags ylletyg. Vatered-cam- 
let , watradt kamlot. 

CAMP, S. felt , l.fgcr, c astra. TO Camp , V. N. fid. 
Idger.rff CAMPAIN (PLANlTIEs)fldtmark. 'ff CAM- ] 
PAIN (EXPED1TIO militaris) feUtog, hSrfdrd. TO ] 
open thecampain, blgynna felt-toget. camped ,. Adj. I 
po/ferad. ISgrad. Campain-wig , r:s-peruk. 

CAN, Verb. Def.kunna , weta , Possz, scir E. I wil I j 
do it if I can , jag will gjSrat om jag kan. I cannrt , 
jag kan intet. I'll do what or all I call , jag toll ajo- 
ra alt eller hwad ja% kan. He can read and write , I 
han kan Idfa och fkrifwa. It is more than I can tell , « 
det Sr h'yad jag icke wet. Make all the hafte yoy can, A 

fkynda i 

*CALM, Sueth. oUALMi aer gravis & placidus. 



fkynda Jig <kt me/la du Jsan. As fure ?<; can be, utim 
*l luifwel. As foon as can be , fa fnan fom raij igt 
ur. He is as bad as can be , ban Sr fa ilak fom ban 
nogonfin kan v>ara. I can t but laugh when I fee him, 
jag kan icke holla m'.g for loje ndr j.'<g fzr honom. 

CANAL , S. wattuledning , rennel , can Alls. Canaille, 
f. rack , fludder (et franjkt ord) 

CANARY, S. Canari^win, YXNUM CAHAR1CVM. Canary. 
Bird, f. Canari-fogel , item, en bof. 

To CANCEL a writing, jlryka ut , utplana en flirift , 
obliterare , expvxgere. iCt To cancel one's 
power , infkrdnka ens magt. Cancelled , Ad], 

CANCER, S. krJftan .enfjukdom, item sIGNUM COEL . 

CANDID, Adj. uprigtlg, arlig. Candor or Candour, f. 
uprigtightt, redlighet. Candidly, Adv. uprigtigt. 

CANDIDATE, ~S. to ftand candidate for an office, 
fSka , titer flu pa fSrftag til en ijcnfl. 

BIT BILL, BOOK AND C ANDL E,forbanna en til neder- 
fla helwuei. candie-fnurrers . Ijus-faaH Tallow-candle, 
talg-ljus. Wax-candle, ivax-ljus. To work by candle- 
light, arbeta wid ljus. Candle-ilick, ljus-flake. Branched 
Candle-ltick , ljus-crona. Candlemas, kyndelm&fla. 

To CANDY , V. A .candera, befockra , saccharo CO.v- 
D JR£.(X5= TOCAKDV, V'.N. bliftva fom is ellcr chr'flal. 
Candy'd, Adj. canderad. Sugar-Candy, canderadt foc' 

CANE, S. Spanfkt ror , CAJfffA. The head of a cane, 
k.fpp-i \napp. To Cane one , bafa en med kapp. Caned , 
Adj. bafad med k&pp. 

CANEL-Bone of the throat, hals-ben . nacl-ben , tra- 
chea. . 

CANI3AL, S. folk-dtare (et diktadt folkflag) ANTHR*- 

CANICULAR-Days , hundedagar. Canine, Ad), hund- 
v/ulen , hund-lik. 

CANISTER , S. The-dofaafjj a too Jkdlp: wigt. Tea- 
Canifter, blcck-cllcr fdfwer-dofa at hafwa The ut\. 

CANKER , Vid. Cancer. Cankered , Adj. fom bar kra'fwe- 

CANN, 5. hanna, caxtharz/s. 

CANNEL , Vid. canel. cannon , Vid. canon, cannot , 
Vid. can. 

CANON, S. felt-fly eke, TORM.F.NTVM BELL1CVM. To be 
within canon-fliot, warn inom ftycke-fkott. canon- 
bullet ,flycke-ku!a. OS" CANON (cAA'O.v levs) Canick. 
Canon or church-Law, kyrko-lag. cfj* CANON (lu- 
PATL'M ) mur.lag pa el be{el. canonade, f. (kjutandemed 
fiycken. Canoneer ,flyck-junkare. canonical hours, kyr- 
ko-timar. To canonize , V. A. rekna nogon bland hel- 
gonen. Canomfed , Adj. reknad bland helgonen. 

CANOO or Canow,S. el flags Indifkt fartyg , naVi- 


CANOPY, S.himmeli taket , cannopEVM. Cjr" Under 

the Canopy of heaven , under bid himmelen. 
CANOROUS, Adj. hSgljudande. 
CAN'T , en abbreviation af cannot. 
CANT , 5. utrop, auction, avctio. To fell by cant, 

fdl : a til den meflbjudande. 
CANT, S. rctwdlfna , el gjordt , Jiktadt tal , SERMO Fl- 

ctitivs. To fpeak cant, tala rotudlfia. 
To CANT, V. N. tala pietiflifkt, hcligt , utsn mening , 

affect ate L oovi. Canter , /. fkenhelgon. Cantor 

Canting language , fkenheligt tal. 
CANTICLE, S. wifa,hSga wifan. Canto, /. fong , el 

flycke af en fong. 
CANTLE, S. frvstvm. A Cantle of bread, et flycke 

irSd. To Cantle out, dela-ut i fm3 flycken. He was 
'CANDLE, Goth. JCTNDA, QUILDNA, accendere. ILYN- 

D1L, candelt. 

for Cantling out Mufcovy in Palatinates, ban wilU 
jkifta Ryffland i Grcjj reaper. 
CANTON , S. fylke , trisi/s. The Thirteen Cantons 
of Swizerland , de fj Cantuncri Sw'tfferland. To Can:o- 
nize , V. A. dela i fylken. To Canton , V. N. canto- 
nz-a t fom foldaier. Cantred, f. hSrad , tingslag ( brukas 
i Wailis alien afl , efwen fom Hundred i England) 
CANVASS, S. kanfajf , c^,v.v^3/PJI. 
*To CANVASS abulinefs , V. A. nagclfara , genomhSkla 
en fak, evextilare. OS* To canvass for a place 
(Neut. ambirf.) med bragd och flampling /oka en t/enfl. 
Canva,fed , Adj. nagelfaren , genomhicklad. 
CAP, S.-moffa, hdtta , pileus. Night-Cap, nattmoja. 
t To caft one's cap at one, %ifvia fig. Csfr* OrF with your 
Cnp, Boy, moflan af, goffe.Vtas he thirtck I will come with 
cap in hand to him ? tror ban jag wil komma med mofjan i til honom?Cap-n-pe, fran huf.vud til fot. AConfi- 
dering-Cap, et godt hufuud / a karl. To Cap one, V. A. 
t-ga ha-tcnaf en , item lyfta pa hatten for en. To cap a 
pair ofiboes, kappa et par jkor med ofwerl.Sder. f A 
full or" Capping and Crouching, en krusfam karl. Kj^ T« 
Cap verfes , recitera verfzr i kapp. 
CAPABLE, Ad; . mJgtig , fkickelig , cap AX. Capable of 
difcipline , fom kan laras, inrettas. He is not capable 
of doing it, ban Sr inlet god fore at gjorat. C^f Capable 
of envy, afundsfull , afunJf/u':. A haven capable 
ur manv fhips , en hamn fom kan rymma monga ikepp. 
CAPACITY, S.forfland,flnnesflyrka, CAPTLS. A fer- 
mon fitted to the meaneft capacity , en faaan predikan 
fom den enfaldigtfle kan forfla. (X5* I Willi I could ferve 
my Country in fuch capacity, jagonfkar jagfinge tjena 
mil fadernesland i en fadan fyfla. cG 5 " Capacity to take 
tithes , retiiahet at taga tijonde. To Capacitate, V. 
A. gjora en Jkickeligeller formSgen. Capacitated, Jkicke- 
lig giord. 
CAPACIOUS, Adj. rymlig , rum-rik. Capacioufnefs , 

f. rymlighet. 
CAPARISON, S. hefl-prydning , hcfl-mundering , LO RI- 
CA EOVESTRIS. To Caparifon , V. A.mundera enhefl. 
CAPE, S. , lands-udd , PRO MONTOR1VM. CG* A 
fpanill) Cape, Spanfk kapa , chlamys. (£5=- Cape 
o: a cloak , kapp-kraga. 
CAPER, 5. capriol , luft-fprong , tripVDIVM. To Ca- 
per or cut Capers, gjora caprioler. Crofs- capers , be- 
fwdr, olyekor. ffj* CAPERS (fruHus ) c aprifer.\GS* 
CAPER (PIRATA ) kapare , fribytare. 
CAPIAT, S. (lag-term.) inmanings-bref, fri-fedcl pa,[cn 

CAPILLARY, Adj. The Capillary Veins, hufwud-adrar- 
na. Capillary Plants , plantar fom imen bdl hafwa, u- 
ian wexa ttfit at jorden fom bufwudhar. 
CAPITAL, Adj. capital , flor. Capital-cafe, hSom&l. 
Capital crime , hals-fak. Capital letters , flora bokfldf- 
vier. Capital Ihip , rang-fkepp. A Capital, en hufwud- 
flad. Capitally convicled , domd frSn 1' To pro- 
ceed capitally againft one , anklaga en til lifwei. 
CAPITATION, Vid. Poll-tax. 
CAPITULAR, Adj. hSrande til Dom-Capitel. 
To CAPITULATE, V. A. dagtinga, handla on upgif- 

ivandet af en fafl ort. Capitulation, f. dagtingetn. 
CAPON , S. kapun , capo. To Capon , V. A. kapunera. 

Caponed , Adj. kapunerad. 
CAPOT, S. kaput, en term i piquet-fpcl. 


*To canvass , a Goth, kanna , noflt, & vasa, eum 
impetu ferri. 



"CAPRICE or Caprichio , S. kapris , warm, krepjka, 
delirium, MOs affectatus. Capricious, Adj. 
krtpfli. , wurmagtig. Capriciouily , Adv. krcpfkt. 

CAPTAIN, S. Hapten, htfwids man , centurio. Captain- 
General, General en chef, feltmarfkalk. Captain of horfe, 
rytimdflare. Sea-Cap:am, ffi-Kapten. Lieutenant-Cap- 
t.iin.Capnn-Lieutcnant.Cnpta'mih'iptf.Kaptens bcjldllmng. 

CAPTIOUS, jidj. under fundi g , j'narflicken , bedrdglig, 

fndrjande, CAPT10SUS. a Captious argument, ttjpits- 

fum Igt argument. Capttoufneis , f.illparighet , fnarfiic- 

r , konfllandc. Captioufly, Adv. fint, illpangl &c. 

CAPTIVE, S. krigsfangti Captivity, f. fangenfkap. Ca- 
pture, yl pris til lands ellcr J)os, rof, byte. To Captivate, 
V. A. trakta cfier, fdnga , winna (brukas altid figura- 
live ) Captivated , Adj. wunnen , crholkn, fingad. 

CARABINE or Carbine, S. karbin , sclopeta VEll- 


CARAT, S. ct ncdjedels nn{, unci At triens, item en 

wigt af 4. grains. 

CARAVAN ,'S. karawan, Clfcllfkap af refande kSprndn 

i ofterldnderna. 05* A Caravan of the knights of Mal- 

tha , ct fj&tog fom Riddarena afAlaltha gjSra mot Turken. 

CARBONADO, 5. glid-flekt kttt, caro surer trunis 

tost a. Carbonado'd , Adj. flekt pa glSd. 
CARBUNCLE , S. karbur.kcl-fien , pe/i-bold. 
CARCASS, S. ben-rangel, scheleton. ffj* CARCASS 
(cadaver) as , dod kropp. CfS* CARCASSES (; artul- 
Icri-konfien ) bck-kranfar , fom brukas wid beldgringar. 
CARD, S. kort, charta picta. A pack or luit of cards, 
en kortlck. Trump-cards , trumf-kort. (J^ A mariner's 
or Sea -card, fjikort. To play at cards, fpela kort. I 
have very ill carding, jag har ilaka kort, ilakt (pel. 
To deal , pack or cut the cards , ge , blanda ellcr ta- 
ga af kort. 
CARD, S. karda, pecten lanaris. To card wool, 

karda till. Carded , Adj. kardad. 
CARDAMUM , S. kardemumma, cardamomvm. 
CARDINAL, Adj. The four cardinal Virtues, Winds 
&c. de fyra hufwud-dygder , wider &c. Cardinal, f. Car- 
dinal. Cardinalfliip , Cardinals-wdrdighet. 
CARDOON or Cardoon-Thiftle, en fpanfk Sri lik crt- 

fkackor , CI1VARA. 
**CARE , 5. omforg, bclymmcr , flit, CVRA. To take 
care of a thing , agta , hafwa omforg om en tina. To 
take no care, wara forglos , obekymrad. Pray let it be 
your fpecial care , kdra haf noga omforg deront. To 
have a care, wagta fig. Take you no care for that, 
war du man obekymrad dcrom. p?r* To take care for a 
thing, beforja nogot. OS 5 " I fhalltake care never to com- 
mit fuch a fault again , jag jkal agta mig fSr fadant fel 
hSdanefter. fjrj* He takes care to learn what hefhould 
know , han Sr mon at Lira hwad ban bar. 
To CARE , V. A. belymra fig , sollicitvs esse. I do 
not care a pin for it, jag bryr mig icke del ringale dcr- 
om. He cares for nobody , ban bryr fig om ingen mdnni- 
Jka. What care I ? bwad bryr jag mig derom ? I care not 
how much he gets by it , jag miffunnar honom intet hwad 
han winner derwid. eff I do not care if T go along with 
you , jag har wSllufl at ga med dig. Cared for , Adj. den 
man bar omforg fore. 
CARE-Cloth , S. pill , hwite klSde fom fordom holgdcs 
ifwer brude-folk medan mdffan Idfies, album. 

"CAPRICE, Coin. KEPRA, corrugarc frontem. 
?*CARE , M.Goth. KARA, cura. 

.CAREER , S.fulltfpiong,fkiittande af en hefl , ftccdcfom 

en heft ISpcr , CURSUS EOU1. 
CAREFUi- . f.itig, trSgcn, aglj'am , D1LIC ENS. UNCARE- 
FUL (CAVUVs) omtinkt , fSrfigtig. O^T" CAREFUL 
(anxius) hug/lark , tankfull. CarelulnelS , f. flitighet, 
agtfamhct , omidnkjamhet , bekymmerjamhci. Carciully, 
.-,';. fliteliga, aktfamliga, 

CARELESS I Adj. Jorgtjs , fjrfumlig , obekymrad, jlum- 
meraotig,ow3lig,NECLlCENS, securus. (X^He is ve- 
ry carelefs in ms dref. , han klider J ■ ,-. / owd igt. 0§* 
A c.irelefs ftile , en wardslSs-fiyt cller j ki fart. Carelefs- 
nSs , f. forglSshec , owdlighet , flumrighct. Carelefly , 
Adv. ow.:. 

CARESS, S.fmikran, flckcri , blanhimentvm. To 
carets, V. A. fmickra, gifwa fita ord. Carefsed , Adj. 

CARION , S. as, cadaver, item fly na (JkSlsord pa 
awn folk ) 

To CARK. and Care, V. A. dngsla fig , hafwa frdtande 
omforg, AN. ME ct'«^i!£.Carkingcare, j'r.itande omforg. 

*CARKNET or Carkanet, /'. egta halsband, monile. 

**CARL, 5. bondlurk , COLONUS (infimttt J'orlis homo , 
apud Anglo-Saxonas ) A Carl-cat, en katt-hanne, katt- 
bonde , FELIS mas. "f" A nold Carl ,en gammaljkriifwer. 

CARNAL, Adj. k'ttslig (brukas allcnafl figurative ) Car- 
nal defires , koisliga luflar. Carnality, /; kotslig lufla. 
To have carnally to do with a Woman, hafwa kStslig 
bcblandclje med en qwinna. Carnivorous , Carno/ity , 
Carnage, S.-o Poettjka cllcr i wetenjkaperna allcnafl 
b'rtikliga ord. 

CARNAVAL , 5. Luflbarhcterna hts de Pafwifka mellan 
trettondagen och fallagcn , bachanalia. 

CAROB , S. en wigt af en liugu fjerdcdcls grain. Item 
en frukl lik cafianier. 

CAROT, S. morot , pastinaca. OS* A carot, rSdharig 
karl cllcr qwinfolk. 

CAROUSE, S. fiiperi , fylleri , helvatio. To caroufe 

• it, V. A. fup a, fy II a fig. 

CARP, S.karp, CARPIO. Carp-ftone , en fienfiom fir.ncs 
i karpar. 

To CARP, V. A. befiraffa, tadla,dSma omildt , ilia utty- 
da , carpere. He Carps at every body or at everyi 
thing , han har at fdga pa alia , dct dr ingen ting i lag 
for honom. Carped at, Adj. klandrad. Carper f. bcflraf- 
farc , Mandrare. 

CARPENTER, timmerman, paber LJCN arius. Car- 
pentry , /. timmermans-konfl. 

CARPET , S. tarct , tapes. Turky-carpet , Turkifk 
tapet.tfr-The bulinefs is upon the carpet ,fakcn dr pd • 
tapetcn. f Carpet-knight, en weHing. 

CARRIAGE, 5. forfel, vectvra. ON carriage) 

("EHlcr/lt/M) ak-don. -C/> CARRIAGE ( VECTVRJE i 
PRETIUM) forl'n , fragl. d"/* CARRIAGE (CESTUS); 
atbSrd , later, up'tirande. A Bead of carriage, dra- 
garc-SL A fhip for carriage, en lafi-dragare. Carriage; 
for ordinance , fiyck-laweter. The Carriage of a coach, 
ganzen af en wagn. r ^"= The Carriages of an Army,' 
trofjen af en krigs-hdr. Carriages for Artillery, ftycke-i 
wagnar. Carrier, f. forman , fom forcr waror. The 


* CARK NET, Goth. KUERKUR , guttur , fades. QUARK,. 

QUARK A , flruma. 
**CARL, Goth. KARL, vir. KARLM ADR , homo fcxu* 
viril.s. KARLING, homuncio , pygmaus, l KARL, ( in 
XL. iuiiili. ) Mar.tus. 


Dutch are Carriers to all tlie world , Holldndarcn dr 
al werldens forman. 

*To CARRY, V. A. fora, Uda, ferre, dvcere.To 
carry a thing from one place to another, fSra, bdra no- 
got ifra den em oncn til den andra. To carry a man 
to another , fora en pcrfon til den andra. To carry a 
horfe into the ftable , fora en hsfi i fiallei. 
Variz fignifcaiiones. 

To carry IT high, fiuffa , mora Jig jlor , gjora fig til. He 
carries it like a philofopher , han bdr fig 3.1 fom en 
philojoph. To carry IT or get the better of it, hafwa 
tfwerhand. To carry THE DAV or the Bell, winna fegren, 
beholla plat/in. To carry the CAUSE , winna faken. 
To carry it FAIR with one, hollagod min med en. To 
carry it cunningly, ga jlugt til wdrka. To carry a jell 
too FAR, gdfSrwida medfitfkdmt. He carries a mind 

» worthy ofpraife , han har et fiort , ddelt hjcrta. A pil- 
lar that carries FALSE en opaliielig pelare. He carries 
himielf like a fool , han hSrfig at fom en narr. He carries 
all BEFORE him , hai gar izznom med alt hwad han tar 
fig fore , gjor fig mdflare af all hwad han ofwerkomm:r. 
To carry AWAY, woldfamlipa borttag.i , item taga med 

-fig. I carry nomoneyABOUT me, jag bdr inga pengar 
hosmig. To carry FORTH or out, Uda f ram , framhafwa. 
Tocarry one's thought INTO the future, tdnka pit dec 

• To carry OUT an opinion, holla fiiflwH en 
mining. Tocarry ON the war or the (lege vigorously, 
fortjdtta kriget, ellcr bellgringen , med alfwar. Tocarry 
on a bufinefs tecretly , drifwa en fak hemligcn. To carry 

■ on a notion further, drifwa en tinke h'gre. This will 
carry OFF the feu rvy humours, detta ffirer affk'rbjiiggs- 

■ witfkoma. A diftemper that carries people oflfmi 

en fjukdom fiom drager af med folk flraxt. To carry a 
thing THROUGH, gagenom med enfak. To carry a good 

* humour through , wara allid wid godt mod. This money 
mull carry me through, med defja pengar mafic jag nu 
fvjlpa mig fram. 

CARRIED, Adj. ford, vectvs , latvs. rff It was 
carried at laft, that — dnteligen blcf det beflutii , at. To 
be carried on with all one's affeilion in any defign, 
lei;;.- fig pa en fak med all hog. He is too wife to be 
carried away by thefe impertinencies, han drfor klok 
at lata forleda fig af fadar.a darfkaper. The bufinefs 
was carried beyond a contention in words ,Jakcnflad- 
nade intet i ord-trdtor. 

CART, S. kdrra, rEmcvzVM. To fet the cart before 
the horfe, fpdnna karran fir'hcften. Dung-Cart, dyng- 
kdrra. Cart-load , kdniajj. Cart— wheel , kdrr-hjul. 
The Cart-way, wagns-wdgen. Cart-horfe, fldp-hefi. 
•Cart-wright, hjulmakare. Carters, dkare. To Cart 
one , kora ra en. 

CARTEL , S. fegde-bref, item dnrehmarche eller ranfon- 
regUment emtllan twenne herrfkaper. 

CARTILAGE, S. brofk. Cartilaginous, Adj. brofkig. 

CARTOONS, S. or Cartons. The Cartoons at Hamp- 
ton-Court, defkona mdlningar af Raphael Urban, fom 
dro gjorda pa papper , til feendes i Hampton-Court. 

CARTOUCH , Cartridge, Cartoofe, or Cartage, f. 

kardus , llidling , CAPS ELLA ONERIS TORMENTJ. 

CARVE, S. Vid. Hide-Land. 

fTo CARVE, or Kerve, V. N. blifwa kerf, furna , 


To CARVE, V. A. karfwa, fkdra, ISCIDERE. To 
Carve meat ,fkdra fSrc.tfj* To CARVE (scvlpere) 
uthugpa, fn'rda. To Carve an image , hugga ui en bild. 

*To CARRY", Sueth. KORA, aurigare , pellere , reherc , 
KERRA, vehiaihm. Goth. KERA, agere, pellere. 


CCj* To Carve or in-'rave, filcka ut. ftj=> To carve out 
one's own fortune , wdlja fin egen Ire .a, hafwa alt efter 
Snjkan. Carved, Adj.fkuren, uihuggen. Carver, fore- 
fnidare. To be our own Carvers, wdljawdr ccnlycka. 
CCS* Carver in wood or ftone , bildhuggare. 

CARUNCLE , S. kSrtel , wext ikottet, caruncvlus. 

CASCADE, S. wattu fprong, hydravlus. 

CASCAR1LLA, S. bark af en wext pi Bahama-Sams. 
'CASE , S.fak, CAVSSA. Itls apUinC3\~e, detdr klar fak. 
It is not all a cafe, det dr icke fak famma. That isar.- 
other cafe, det dr en annan fak. Put the cafe it be fo, 
om det nu fa. fkulle wara. To argue the cafe pro and con, 
difputera mot och med i en fak. The cafe is altered, faken 
ftar nu annorlunda. There is no dishonefly in the cafe, 
det dr intet odrligl i faken. In cafe of complaint , i fall 
nogon fkulle klaga. A cafe in Law, en lag-fak. A cafe 
of confeience , el famwetsmal. oS* I thinck it a very 
hard cafe , jag tycker det dr mycket hdrdt. As the cat'e 
flands , fom faken fldr , fom del nu fer ut til. (j5» CASE 
(occasio) hdndelfe, tilfdlle.^CASE (conditio) w.l- 
kor , til/land. I pity your cafe, jag beklagar Edert til- 
fiand. You fee how my cafe ftands , du Jer hur det dr 
fait for mig. To be in a good afe , fia fig braf, wara. 
wdl behollen , ward fet och frodig. Were you in my 
cafe , om du wore i mina kldder. 

CASE , S. Uda , fkrin , cis ti/la. Hat-Cafe , hati-foder. 
Cafe of knives , knif-foder. Piftol-cafe , Pifiol-hol;hr. 
Comb-cafe, kamfoder. o5=> A rabbet in his cafe , en kanin 
i fin kula. c5=- A Cafe ofbottles , et fla_fkfoder. Letter- 
Cafe , tajk-bok. 

To CASE, V. A. fioppa i lada , CISTX IMMITTERt. 
05* To CASE (svppoxere) gjora en fuppofition. dS'To 
CASE-HARDEN, V. A. (oBDURARE) hdrda, forhdrda. 
Cafe-hardened , Adj. forhdrdad. 

CASEMATE, 5. fiyeke-glugg , fkjut-glugg pd en mur , 
FENESTRA in muro , unde exferuntur tormenta. Cafe- 
Clot , fkrot , fpik-fkott. 

CASEMENT , S. fonficr , fSnfier-ram , FEtvESTRA. 

CASH, S. kaffa, penning-kifla , caps A. Cr5=- CASH 
'PECVNIa) penningar. Running cafh , rullerande , lo- 
pande pengar i handcl. To run out of cafh , forflo fa fina 
pengar. Cafhier o> Cafli-Keeper , den fom holler kafian. 

To CASHIRE a foldier, caffcra en foldat , EXAUCTO- 
rare. Cafliiered , Adj. cafjerad. 

CASHOO , S. fafien eller kddan af et trdd i Ofi-lndien. 

CASINGS , S. torr fd-dynga, fom brukas til brenfU pet 
wiffa oner i England, STERCVS siccvm. 

CASK, S. tunna.fat, dolium. 05=* CASK {cassis) 
hjelm. Calket,/". lada , fkrin. 

** CASSOCK, S. kasjacka , under-eller lif-kiortel, font 
brukas af Engelfka kyrkans preflerfkap , ABOLLA. 

CAST, S. kafl, SACTUS. A done-cart, et fien-kafi. (&> 
A caft of the eye, blink, Sgnablink. Ct!r" To have a 
caft with one's eye , wara wind-ogd. rry. To be at tlie 
laft caft , wara alleles radlSs. They are men of your 
caft, de dro af lika finne med dig. He gave us a caff 
of his office , han befkref fin befidllning fir off. Caft , 
Adj. kajlad. Cart-away, drunknad , fkeps-bruten. A 
Caft-away or caft-oflf, en utkaflling, en fSrkafiad ( «. 
Cor. p , 27 . firaffelig) 

To CAST, V. A. kafia, tacere. To caft anchor, kafls 
ankar. To caft Lots , kafia lott. The horfe cafts his 
rider, hefien (lar af. To caft a luftre , kafia af fig en glans. 
To caft an ill fmell , flinka. To caft a heat , kafl hetts 
u F_l frdm 

'case, M:Goth. KAS , vas, rafculum. 

* "CASSOCK, Goth. KAST, refits muliebris plicaitt 



fiSn fig- Or" To "ft a mirt before ones eyes , /?<! tlS 
dun/ler fir en. To cart a block in one's way, gjSra enom 
hinder , inpafs. 

Varix fignificationes. 

The court will caft you , retten Lir fSlla Eder. To cart 
one's Adverfary , winn.i pa fin wedcrpart fSrretta.f&A 
calling vote, en flemma ellervotum , fomjkiljer tr&tan, 
roTUM DEC1S1VVM. To caft nativities, rekna pla.ifi- 
ten. To caft an account, gjfira, uirekna en reining. To 
caft in one's mind , grubla, wara djup i tankar. To caft 
a rit'tne , g/Sra en figitr. To caft a Patient's water, 
ietragta en fuk mSmnfias wain. To caft his coat or 
caft off his Ikin , kafla Jkinnct , krypa nr /kin net ( om 
ormar ) To caft her young , kafla , fSda otidigt ( om 
creatur ) Caftling, f. fa dantfoflcr. To Caft Teeth,. Ikju- 
ta tdnder. To Caft or Vomit , fpy. To Caft one's felf 
away , fSrnedra fig , virfika fig i lorten (figurat.) To 
Caft away forrow, Jlfi frfin fig forgen. 

To CAST ABOUT, omhugfa fig , lura efter , fpeja , ut- 
fok/ia, utkundjkapa, £A'firt;us5.(fJ'ToCaft FORTH 
beams, kafla frfi>To caft oft all to the laft 
hour, J'Stta all ting pa ytterfia flundex. OS* To caft off 
the hounds, flfippa hundarna Ufa { i jagt) To C3ft off 
his feathers, fmia , (lappa fjddrarna. To caft IN one's 
dift or Teeth , kafla enom i jattt , forebra enom. Ok?" 
Let us caft in another inftance, ISt off taga et annat 
e.rempel. ffS^To caft a thing 1 NTO form, ffitta en ting i 
/kick eller ordnir.g. To caft into a fleep, JSfwa en in. 
This will caft you into a feaver, detta kaflar Eder i en 
hc^ig f/ukdum-CQ^Have you caftitUP ? har durelnat det 
ofwer? <3°j* To caft up, kafla up , fpy. CO* He caft up 
his eyes , hanuphoffin o'gan.tfr' To caft ThefaultUrON 
one another , fkylla Invar pa annan. To Caft one's felf 
upon one for affiftancc, taga fin tilflyet til en om hjelp. 
To caft /'corn upon one, kafla (peglojorpfi en. (yVTocaft 
DOWN one's eyes, Jlfi ned Sgonen. To caft one 
down, bedrofwa en, bctaga enom model. Dou-n-caft , 
Adj. modpulcn , bedrSfwad. 0$* To caft OUT devils, ut- 
dr'ifwa djeflar. 

To CAST, V. N. Jlfi fig , blifwa wind, obliqvari. 

To CAST, V. A. gjuta, fvndere. To caft a bell, 
gjuta en klocka.Q^r' To caft a writing in another mould, 
fitta en Jkrift i annan form. Cafting-houfe, gjuthus. 

CASTELLAN, S. Slotshot'widsman, prMfecti/s arcis. 
Caftellany , f.ffidant Smbete. Caftle,/. kaftell, fSflning, 
Jlott. Prov. TO BUILD CASTLES IN THE AIR , byg- 
ga Jlott i luften. 

To CASTIGATE , V. A. tugta , nepfa , flraffa, CASTI- 
CARE. Caftigated , Adj. tugtad. Caftigatory , tugtande. 
Caftigation , f. tvgtan , nepfl. 

To CASTRATE, V. A. Jnep.t , gfilla, utfltdra, castra- 
JtE. A Caftrate , f. en fneping. Caftrated , Adj. fnept. 
Caftration , f. fnepning. 

CASUAL, Adj. fom Jker af en hlndelfe , FORTVITVS. 
Cafualty,/t wfidamal, hSndelfe, wfida-dld , mijffdlle. 
Cafually, Adv. af en hindelfe. Cafuift,y^ en fom dr 
firfaren i famwetsmfil. 

CAT, S. katt , latta , felis. Tame Cat , bus-katt. Wild 
cat , wild-katt. Gib-Cat , katt-bonde (hanne) Muft-Cat 
or Civet-Cat, desman-katta. j Cat-in-pan , Sfwerllpa- 
re. Cat-Silver, ftitter-guld , katt-guld. Cat-filh, et (lags 
£Jk i weftra hafwet. Cat's-tail or Catkings , laf fom 
uexer pa hajfel , furu be. item , et flags rS. Catlings , 
fpel-flrengar afkatt-tarmar. Catt-call , fogel-pipa. Cat- 
terwaul or Catter-wauling , f. katt-jammel , Jk'i i 
ISptiden (fig.) owfifendc ,forl. To jo Catter-wauling, 
go. pa gump-jagt. 

Prov. A CAT May look vpok a ki\C , Jet ffig katta 
pa kong. cat TO HER kind, katta brdr pa kin. 


alia jw.n fwarta i mSrhrct. 
CATACOMliS , S. under-jordifka ISgerftSder i Egypten , 

fa ock wtjfa kulor , tre mil frfi Rom, hwarcfi de farfla 

Chriflna g%mde flg i fSfal/elferna. 
CATALOGUE , S. lifla , rcgifter. 

CATAMITE, Ganymedifli pit, PUER MERITORIt/s. 
CATAPLASM or Poultis, S. omflag , utwSnes ISkedcm, 

CATAPvAC.T , S. yrt watn-fall , item flack pa ogat, 


CATARRH, S- fnufwa , hufwud-brott. 

CATASTROPHE, S. flat, utgfiag. The cataftrophe of 
a tragedy , flutct pa en Tragedia. A (ad cataftrophe, 
en beJroflig utgfing. 

CATCH, S. fang, J.fnge , captura. To get a good 
catch, gjSra godt fitngc. To lie upon the catch, ligga 
pa lur. "J" To live upon the catch , fnappa , lefwa pel 
rof. A Catch-Bit, en gryt-fnokare, talrik-flickare. ■)" A 
Catch-Fart, en fwamp-tryckare. 

*To CATCH, V. A. fnappa, fanga , gripa , ARRlfE- 
RE. 05* To Catch one un-awares, hittapa en, kom- 
ma hjwer en ofSrwarjndes. 05* T« Catch or overtake 
one, hinna up en. Ofr" To Catch a fall , fa et fall. To 
Catch cold , fa en forkylnino. To Catch a distemper, 
jaftna for enf/ukdom. To Catch one's death, ja fin 
h&lfot. To Catch fire, fan a eld. ftS* To Catch AT a thing, 
gripa eficr , Jlfi efter en ting, APfETERE , ANNITI. 
I ftiall write nothing that he can catch at, jag Jkal 
ingen ting fkrifwa fom ban kan taga boll pa. cO^ To 
Catch one in a lie , bejlfi en medlSgn. Ca'c'ed or Caught, 
Adj. fangad, gripen , p Shit tad, rajfad. Thief-Catcher, 
tjuf-fnok , fom fnokar up ijufwar. A catching diftemper, 
en fmittfam fukdom. 

CATECHISM, 5. cateches. To CatecHfe,r. A. Cate- 
chet'-fera, fftrhorai Chriflcndoms-fiyekcn. C:techifed, Adj. 
forbSrd. Catechetical , Adj. dertilhSrig. Catechetkally, 

CATEGORICAL Anfwer , flut-fwar. Categorically, 
Adv. rent xt. 

To CATER , V. N. taga til mats , beflSlla om tilrednin- 
gen , OPSONARl. Caterer , f. fkaffare, redefwen. A Ca- 
tcr-Caufin , en talrik (lickare. 

CATERPILLAR, S. flog-magt , gris-matk, r»LVOX , 
item', en wext , SCORPOIDES. 

CATHEDRAL, S. or Cathedral Church, Dom-kyrka. 
Cathedratick , / (lag-Term ) en wiff penning fom beta- 
las til Bijkopen af Clericiet i hans ftijt. 

CATHOLICK, Adj. The, Holy catholick Church, den 
helga allmSnneliga kyrkan. The Catholick Laws of Na- 
ture , de allmdnnliga naturfens lagar. The Catholick 
King, kinungen afSpanien. A Catholick Of Roman- 
Catholick , en Catholik. 

CATTLE, 5. jSnad , horn.bofkap , PECVS. They took 

a hundred head of cattle , de togo hundrade nSt. Fat- 

. Cattle, gSde-bofkap. A ftealer of cattle, en gortjuf. 7 

Cattle or Cracks , hor-pack. Cattle-catching , allchan- 

da konfler at rikta fig. 

CAVALIER, S. Herreman, Riddare , EqVES , fa kal- 
lades ock de af konunga-partiet i inbSrdes krigen ) Ca- 
valier-like, Herra-wule*. Cavaliery , pa Herrawis. 


*To CATCH , Sveth. XATZA, naffa lignta: 

C A V 

C E D 

Cavalry , /. ryttcri. Cavalcade , /. fidt-rldandc , fol- 

CAUDLE, Vid. Cawdle. 

CAVE or Cavern,/, grop, hola , kdlldre , cavern*. 
Cavers , j . gruf-tjufwar. Cavernous, Adj. holig, grcpig. 
Cavity , J', gorpighet , iholighet. 

CAVEAT, S. (lag-Term) To enter a caveat , gjira in- 
laga i en rett emot proeesfens fortfarande. CX^CAVEAT 
{caUTIO ) warning. 

CAVESON, S. grimma* habena lax A. 

*CAUF, S.fij'k-fump, PISCINA. 

CAUGHT, Vid. To Ca:ch. 

CAVIAR Y or Caviare, infyltad romm af Bellengina , en 
fifk i TVolga-ftrimen i Ryjfland, BELLENGINAi OVA. 

CAVIL, S. illfnide , fpitsfund , SOPHISM A. To Cavil, 
V. N. fwinka i tal, bruka fpitsfunder i argument erande. 
05=" He Cavils at every thing he fees , han har at fdga 
pa alt del han fcr. A Cavilier, f. en fom trukar fpits- 
fund. Cavilling , Adj. illfnidig. 

CAULDRON, S. brygg-kettel , lEBEs. Prov. BLACK 
ketiel fotaintetgrytan. Caul, Vid. Cawl. Caulm , Vid. 

CAUSE , S. ordfak , all del fom fSrordfakar nogot annat, 
caUssa. He was the caufe of my misfortune, han 
war ordfaken til min olycka. OS" It IS not without caufe, 
det dr intet man ordfak. cCr" He gave me caufe 
enough to complain , han gaf mig fkdl nog at klaga. 
f?(j* To ftand for the good caufe, wara for det retta 
partiet , pa retta ft dan. ftS* To plead a caufe, talafSr 
en fak , agera i en fak. Do as you fee caufe , gjir fom 
d;i fnner det , elUrf.nner ordfak oeh tilfdlle. (Xj^ When 
I fee caufe , ndr jag fnner tilfdlle. J Tis for this caufe , 
derfore dr det. 

To CAUSE, V. A. ordfaka, caussare. To Caufe a 
rebellion , upwdeka upror emot ifwerheten. To caufe 
fleep, gjira fomn. To caufe love , upwdeka dljkhog. He 
csufes one to read to him at fupper , han later en Id- 
fa for fg under afton-mdltidcn. Caufed . Adj. ordfakad. 
Caufelefs , Adj. faklis , ohemul. Caufelefly, Adv. 
ohcmult , utan jak. 

CAUSEY , S. icrdhro , uphigd wdg pa fink eller dy- 
hotn , via STRATA. 

CAUSTICK , Adj. brennande , fwidande , ( ojn 
Idkedom. A Caufhtk , f. fwidande Idkedom. 

To CAUTERIZE a horfe , fweda bortwdrtor eller wex- 
ter pa en heft , cavterizare. Cauterized, Adj. fwedd. 
Cautere , f. fwed-eller bren-jern at gjora fddan opera- 
tion med. 

CAUTIOUS , Adj. warfam , fSrfigtig. (XS= The Ancients 
were very cautious about declaring of war , de gam- 
laworo myeket granlagade med freds-broti. Cautioufnefs 
or Caution, warfamhet , forfigtighet. Caution or warn- 
ing, warning. Cautioufly, Adv. warfamliga. 

CAWDLE , S. winfoppa med egg och krydder uti for barn- 
fengs-huftrur , caldula. Cawdle for a new -married 
couple , kraft-foppa for nygift-folk. 

To CAW , Vid. To Kaw. 

CAWL, S. tarm-ndt , ifler-hinna , OMENTUM, (ff 
cawl for womens heads ( crinale ) hufwa , miff- 
flycke. The Cawl of a wigg , peruk-moffa. 

CAYMAN, S. et flags crocodil, crocozilvs. 

To CEASE , V. N.dterwenda , uphira , wenda i?en, CES- 
sare. To ceafe from work ,lemna af arbete. The wind 
ceafes, del lygner af. Ceafed , Adj. af-lemnad, afly- 

,'CAUF , Goth. KAF, profundum. KAFA , fib aqua na- 

gnad. Ceafelefs , Adj. ouphortig. without ceafing, oup- 

CEDAR , S. ceder-trd , CEDRUS. Cedrium , ceder-balfam, 
hwarmed de gamla balfamerade fina lik , ferdeles de Egypt- 
tier. Cedrated , fmord med eedcr-balfim for waragtig- 
hetjkuil, fdjbm bSker , paper och lik hos de gamla. 

To CtLEBRATE, V. A. fra , holla hSgtidelig. CQ= to 
Celebrate an Hero , beprifa en hjeltcs bragder. celebrat- 
ed , firad. Celebrious or celebrated, namnkunnig. Ce- 
lebrity,/, namnkunnighet , pris , berim. (Jj* celebrity 
of marriage, brSUops-hogtidlighet. Celebration, f.Jiran- 
de , bepnfande. 

CELERITY , S. fnabbhet .fnellhet. 

CELESTIAL Globe , himmels-glob. The celeftial figns, 

CELIBACY or Celibate, S. ogift lefnad. 

CELL, S. munk-kammare i et klofter , cell A. Cellrift , 
f. kdllare-fwen i et kloflcr. 

CELLAR, S. kdllare , cellarium. Wine-cellar , 'win- 
kdllare. cellarage , hdllar-hyra. CtJ^ Good Cellarage in 
a houfe , godi kdllare-rum i el bus. 

CELS1TUDE. S. hoghet (en titel) 

CEMENT, 5. kilt (et flags ftarkt mur-bruk ) CEMEN- 
tum. To cement , V. A. foga, fdjla ihop (brukas fel- 
lan utan figurative) cemented, Adj. hopfdft , med kitt 

To CENSE, V. A. rSka med rSkelfe , THVRE vaPORA- 
RE. Cenfer, /. rSkelfe-kar. 

CENSURE, S. beftr.ifning , nepft, ladel , CENSURA. To 
expofe one's felf to the ceniure of rhe world , gifwa 
fig blott for folks tal och ci-,dume. Cenforious , Adj. 
tadclfzm. He is a Cenforious man, han dr en karl fom 
gjerna talar oeh domer cm andra. Cenforioulnefs , / 
begifwenhet til dSmande. Cenfurioufly , Adv. tadel-fimt. 

To CENSURE, V. A.bcftraffa , nepfa.foreholla enom fel, 
reprehendere. Cenfured, Adj. beftraffad , nepf?. 

CENT, S. hundrade , centum. To pay intereft at fix per 
cent, betalafex pro Cent intcreffe. Centenary , Aaj. hwar 
hundrade. Centuple, Adj. hundradefalt. 

CENTER , 5. medelpunS, centrum. clJ* Centers, trdd- 
bogar at hwdlfwa uppa. Central , Adj. mcdelpunel til- 
horig. TO Center , V. A. lopa ihop i en pun3. 05=- All 
your hopes and cares do center upon that boy , den 
goften dr dit endahopp ochomforg. Centrifugal, font wil 
ifra medelpunBen. Centripetal , fom wil til. 

CENTINEL or Centry, S.fkitt-wagt, excubitor. To 
fet a centry, poftera en foldat. to ftand centry, ftS 
pd wagt. 

CENTON, S. lapp , lappad rock, CENTO. 

CENTURY, S. et hundrade drs rid , seculvm. Centu- 
rion , /. hofwidsman ojwer hundrade. 

CEPHALICK vein , hufwud-adra. Betony is Cephah'ck , 
betonica dr god fir hufwudet. 

CEREMONY , S. fed, ceremoni , RITUS , CESEMONIA. 
Matter of Ceremonies , ceremoni-mdftare. (x°?° He made 
no ceremony of promising , han lofwade flraxt utan mye- 
ket krus. The Ceremonial law, leritifka lagen. He is 
too ceremonious , han krufarfor myeket. Ceremonioufly, 
Adv. krus-famt. 

CEROT, S. ei flags-plafter , Vid. Sear-cloath. 

CERTAIN, Adj.wiff, otwifwelagtig , klar, tydetie,nkug, 
CERTUS , evidens. A certain truth , en wiff fanning. 
'tis Certain, det dr wifl. I'm certain of it . fag dr wifj 
derpa. A Certain man told me, en wiff man Cade mig. 
A certain thing, en wi£ fak. certain others, nogrt 
andra. Q^" Of a certain, fir wiffo. 


C E R 

G H A 

CERTAINTY, S. wifflict, cestjtvdo. For a certainty, 
liga , med wijjhet. We have now the certainty of 
I. s death , nu har man flker efterrcttelfe om bans dod. 
03=- I would fain be at lome certainty , jag wille ger- 
na hajwa nogon fdkerhet. There is no certainty of 
any thing , det dr ingea ting man kangjora Jig fSrfdkrad 
am. t£r~ To leave certainty and ftick to chance, tiga 
det owifla fir det wiffa. There is no certainty in him, 
man kan inter lit a pd honom. Certainly , tviJferliga.Car- 
titu.i (brukas icke ft myeketfom certainty. ) 

To CERTIFY, V. A. belyga , auejlera, cERTIORESi 
facere. Cj* To certify a perfon with a thing, Idea 
en weta nognt. Certify'd, Adj. atuflcrad , bewitnad. 
Certit'yer, bevitnare. Certificate , f. attejl, mtnestSrd. 

CERTIORARI, S. en befaUning ifrd Rcvifionen til en 
under-rcit at inkomma med aRcrna af en procejf, hwar- 
uti endera oarten tror fig hafwafkll at befwdra Jig. 

CERULEAN , Adj. himmeUMd , qjervlevs. 

CERUSE, 5. blyhwitt, cerussa. 

To CESS, V. A. Vid. to Allefs. cefs ,/. ceded, Adj. 

CESSATION, S. uphirande, dcerwenda. Ceflation of 
Arms , wapnhwila , ftillcfland. 

CESSION, S. ifwerlcmnande , cess 10. A Ceflionary 
bankrupt , en fom eederar BONIS. 

CEST, S. brudbSlte, cestus. 

CESTACEOUS, Adj. af hwalfijk art. 

♦To CHAFE, V. A. wdrma , gjSra bet , calefacere. 

03* To CHAFE (fRICARe) gnuggd. 05* To CHAFE 
(1RATUM reddERe) fSrarga, gjora en ond. U5r" To 
CHAFE V. N. INOIC.VARI, wara ond , ftrarga fig, 
item blifvta hudl&i af ridandc. Chaffern , /■ kettel, kok- 
potta. [Chafer or Chafing difll , gtSd-fat. 05* CHAFER 
(scarabmus ) torndyfwel. Chafe-wax, f. wax-bere- 
darea til figillct i can^liet. 
CHAFERY , S. rdekhird i en ftongjerns hammare , OFFI- 


CHAFF, S. r , PALE A. Chaffy, Adj. agnot. Prov. 
ondt at gildra for gammal rdf , draga ftrd fir gammal katt. 

CHAFFER, S. kram, v/aror , gods, MERCES. To Chaffer, 
J r . A. bandla , item prttta. 

CHAFFINCH , S. boftnkc , frincilia. 

CH AGRIN , S- j'rtrct , olufi , bryderi , ACXD1 A. Vjd. 

CHAIN, S. kedja, CATENA. A gold-filver-oriron-chain, 
guld-filfwer-eller jern-tedja. To bind one in chains , be- 
Idgga en med kedjor. tt5* A long chain of mountains , 
fjell, bergs-ryggar. A link of chain, en leak pa en kedia. 
Chain-lace, trdfl eller /pels. K^Chains or ilavery , f!a- 
weri. Chain-ftiot , lenk-kulor. To Chain , V. A. belSg- 
ga med kedjor. Chained , Adj. bunden med kedjor. 

CHAIR, S. fiol, sella. Arm-Chair , karm-ftol. Fold- 
in T-Chair, flag-flol. 03* Chair or Sedan, portchaife. 
A Flying Chair or light Chariot, en Idtt wagn. Privv- 
Chlir, natt-flol. Chair-man, en fom lagar flolar. C/* 
Chair-man , porrchaife-dragare. rf=* Chairman in a com- 
mittee or the 1 ke, talman , Prefident i en deputation , 
&c. Char-woman, arbetshujlru , hielphjon i et bus. 

CHAISE, S. CHAISE (et nytt ord af FranfifKan , pro- 
nunci 'ras , Schds *) 

CHAT DRON or Childern, S. et mdtt af fienkol , holler 
j6 bufhls. ff^ A Calf's CHALDRON, en del af innan- 
mdtet pd en \aV , viscera vitvlina. 

CHAtTCE. S. tail . v id communion , CAL1X. 

*To chafe, Goth. KAF ,fumus. K.5r,fumi vel nebula 

CHALK, S. krita, crita. Chalk-pit, krh-grufwa. To 

Chalk, V. A. uptekna , mdrkamed krita, DELI ,v£ are. 
(Xj* To Chalk a pUcure , ISgga grundlinierna for et con- 
•ffej. K5*To Chalk out, utrndrka. He Chalked out the 
way before them , ban brotifen , flakade ut wdgen fSr 
dem. Chalked, Adj. upritad , upteknad. Chalky, Adj. 

CHALLENGE , S. fegde-bref, utmaning , liters: pro- 
r0CAT0RI.£.<£j* CHALLENGE ( I'E.V Die AT10 ) an-' 
fprdk.rjS*CA.L,lE.SGZ (EXCEPT lo) jSf, inwendning emot 
nogon eller nogot fir retta (lag-term. ) 

To CHALLENGE, V. A. gjSra aafprdk eller talan pd no- 
got.rE.vDicARE.QOr'To c halle n ge(p rot oca re)ui- 
mana. Ctj^ToCHALLENGE or except againft,y'J/wj, wrS- 
ka. A prifoner may challenge a certain number of the 
Jury , en lifs-flnge kan jSfwa ivija af Ndmden (uppi aide dro partifka)^fiTo CHALLENGE or accufe, 
anklaga. cdr* To Challenge a man's promife , ieropafig 
pd , fSreholla enom'dejfgjorde ISfie. CO* Centries have 
orders to challenge after ten a clock , fkiltwagter haf- 
wa order at ropa wer-da efter klockan tie. Challenged, 
Adj. dtalad , utmanad, wrdkt , jSfwad Sfc. Challenger, 
f. dtalare , utmanare , (re. 

CHAMBER, S. kammire , cvbicvlVM. Bed-Chamber, 
fengkammare. Groom of the' chamber , kammartjenare. 
Chamuer-maid , kammarpiga. Chamber-pot , feng-potta. 
Chamber-lye , pijf. Chamber-Fellow ,ftugu-kamcrat.<£?' 
The Chamber of a gun , krut-kammare pa et ftycke. To 
Chamber a gun , gjSra kruikammare. Cj* Chambering 
and wnntonnefs, kamrar och okyfkhet , Rom. ty. i;. 

CHAMBERLAIN, 5. The Lord great Chamberlain of 
England, Hdf-Marfkalken i England. NB. Lord Cham- 
berlain , (kAter hushollningen wid Hofwet ; men Lord 
Steward (dfwerfta marfkalken ) juftitien. The Chamber- 
lain of London , Stids~Skattmdjlaren i London , font 
ock har infeende $fver barn-penningarna famt largojfar- 
na i /laden. K5" A Chamberlain in an Inn, en uppaffa- 
re uti en gdjlgifware-gdrd eller wdrdsbus , fom har kam- 
rar och fengar om hdnder. 

CHAMFER. S. renna pa en.pelare, stria. To Cham- 
fer a pillar , gjSra rennor pd en pelare. 

*To CHAMP, V. A. tugga , makdere. A horfe that 
champs the bit , en be/lfom tuggar be-tlct ( brukas ej hel- 
ler i annan mening ) 

CHAMP AIN, champion-or champain-country , (ISt- 
mark , ftackt land, PLAKIT1ES. 

CHAMPERTOR, S. en fom kSper proeejjer oshfkaekrar 
dcrmed , REDE.MT0R L1T1VM. Champerty, under- 
holl fom gifucs af en fddan fkackrare til fdljaren , me- 
dan proceffen warar. 

**CHAMPION,5. kdmpe, fdgtare , PvciL. 

CHANCE ,S. hendelfe , lyck-fkott , flump, CASUS, TOR- 
TUS A. It is by mere chance , det Sr jufl en hendelfe. 
It was a pretty chance , det war en artig hendelfe. I met 
him by chance, jag mStte honom af en hendelfe. To try 
the chance of war, firfSka krigslyckan. To take one's 
chance , fid fit kajl. To look to the main chance, /,?r- 
ja for fit bejldnd i lengden , for det angeldgnafle. An ill 
chance , en olycka. Chance-cullomer , en kSpare jom 
icke handlar ftadigt i en bod. A chance-Gueft , en ojor- 
tdnkt gift. 


"To CHAMP the bit^Sueth. KAMPE, equui generofut. 
** CHAMPION, Goth. KAMP, pugna. KAMPE, K APT E, 

C H A 

C H A 

To'CHANCE, V. A. henda , titna , tildraga fig , acci- 
DERE. It ever I chance to meet him , om r.ogonfin /ag 
rakar honom. If any chance to come in, omnogon ra- 
kar komma in. 

CHANCE-Meiiley , S. {lag-term. ) wdda-drap , cmdes 


CHANCEL, .V. hSg-chor, tiler altar i en kyrka, CAXCELLl. 
CHANCELLOR, 5. Cancer, canceliarivs. TheLord 
High-chancellor of England, fh<r-Can-!lern i England, 
fom Sr den hogfte dom . i civile malt och har 

abfolut magt at moderera lag.-i , if ran 

honom gar man per querelitm til ofwerhufei. Chancellor 
of the Exchequer, C ammar-C angler , en domhafwande i 
CHANCERY or Chancery-Court, S. Jufiitite-Rtvifion , 
sc/premvm 1VDIUVM. Chancery-man, jkrifware iden 
retten. The chancery-office , Revifions-Cammaren. 
CHANDLER , S. hokare, subvenditor. Tallow-chand- 
ler , Ijus-monglare. Herring-Chandler, fill-h$kare. Corn- 
chandler, fpanmals-handlarc. chandry , f. ljus-fkap. 
CHANGE, S.omhyte , forSndring, mutatio , vaRIE- 
Tas. OS"* CHANGE or Exchange amonglt Tr iders (EX- 
CAMBil/it) wexel , wexel-curs. c5* CHANGE or (mall 
money , fmd-pengar at gifwa tilbaka. (fj* change or 
Exchange for Merchants, bars. The change of Sealons, 
ars-tidernas forwexitng. The change is very high , wexel- 
tuifen Sr mycket hog. I have no change , jag har intet 
IS I at ge tilbaka. OS*" The change of the Moon , 
*To CHANGE , V. A. byta , wexla, forSndra, MVTARE. 
To change a piece of gold, wexla el guldftycke. To change 
one's apparel, byta om klSdtr. To change its Co- 
lour , forlora 'ergen. To change one's mind, atrafig , 
forSndra fin tanke. Fortune began to change, lyckan 
begynte at fla om. The Moon changes , det Sr i ny- 
CHANGEABLE humour, weather, colour. Sec. ofia- 
digt Cinne , wSder, owaragtig ferg C-c. changed, Adj. bort- 
tytt. I got it changed, jag bytte bort det. Changeling, 
byting. He is a mere changeling, han dr rett en narr , 
fjolUr. Changer , f. pcnninze-wexlarc. 
CHANNEL, S. renncl , canalis. dS* A channel bet- 
wixt two bancks or lands , en jc^el-led eme'lan twSnne 
land. The channel of the River , flromforen. To chan- 
nel , Vid. to chumer. 
To CHANT, V. A. f/unga , cant are. Chanter, fon- 

gare. j CHANTICLEER (c ALLVS ) tupp, hane. 

CHAOS, 5. dodt emne , item forbifiring , oordemlighet. 

**To CHAP,/'. A. remna , Spna fig , fatiscere. chap, 
/. fkrdma , remna. A chap of the ground , et gap , 
remna i jorden. chaps in one's (kin , Jkramor i (kinnet. 
OkrCHAP or chapman {emtor) kopare, fom handlar med 
en. r^> You are a rare chap , du '&!> retta karlea. 

CHAPE, S. The chape of a fcabbard, dobbfko. 

CHAPITERS :n the Common-Law, articlar i lagen , 
ar'ticuli.v5* chapiter in Architecture {capijel- 
Lvs) toppen pa pelare. 

CHAPPEL, Capell, lyd-kyrka, SACELLVM. The kings 
chappel , Hof-capell. The Kings or a Lords Chaplain, 
hof-predik ant. Craplair.fliip ,f'fddan befiSllning. Chap- 
pelry , diftricl [om ligger til et capell. chaplet , /. rad- 
band , item krans , tofs. 

CHAPTER , S. Capitel , caput. gS° chapter {ca- 

To CHANGE, Goth. KINGE , incantatoriut impetus, 
K t n i a N , res miranda. 
**To CHAP , Goth. GAP, GTPA, rorago. 

pitvivm) dom-capitcl. Chapter -houfe , capitel-hus. 
Chapterly , Adv. Capitel-wis. 
CHARACTER, S '. bokfiaf ', jlyl , typvs. 05= chara- 
cter {descriptio, ELOCiUM)frSgd, bejkrifning af en 
pcr } ^n. r-y. character {dic nitas) character , titel, 
wSrdighet. cj* CHARACTER ( typi ) tryck. A fine 
Character, et w acker t tryck. To give the true Chara- 
cter of people, bejkr'ifwa folk rett fom de fro. He is 
grown rich at the expence of his Character, han Sr 
en rik med forlufl af fit goda namn. He has raifed 
his own Character in the world, han har felf for- 
wcrjwat fig fit goda anfisnde. He gave me a good Chara- 
cter of you , han fade mycket godt om eder , gaf eier loforj. To give one an ill Character, ge encm 
JlJ;i ui:nes-iSrd. To Characterize, befkrifua , gjSra 
ens perfonalier. Charafleriltical , Chararteriftick , Adj. 

CHAR-COAL, S. trSd-kol, carbo licnevs. To Chark 

or Charr Coals , V. A. brenna kol. 
fCHARE, S.fmS-fak, necotjoivm. Chare-woman, 

Vid. Chair. 
To CHARE, V. A. kafia ,renfzfSd medkafiraka , Ves- 


CHARGE, S. b$rda,befal!ning,anJSrtroddfyJla,OXVS, 
cvra. To commit a thing to one's charge, anfortro 
enom nogot. He delivered what he had in charge, 
han fade fit Srcnde^ He had the charge of his Educa- 
tion trufted to him , hans upfoftran war honom anfSr- 
trodd. 05 s CHARGE ( OF FlciVM ) Ambele, befallning. 
To perform one's charge well , gjorafin fyfta well. CrS=" 
charge [accztsatio) tefkyllan. The heads of the 
charge hrought againlt him , hufwudpunBerna afklago- 
malen. To lay a thing to one's charge , fkylla pa en , 
bt kylla en for nogot. CrS* The charge af a Bifhop to 
his clergy, en Bijkops formanings-ial til fit prefierfkap. 
05= CHARGE (sumtus) bckoftnad. I have or I am 
at a great charge , jag har flora omkoflninaar. All 
charges born, alia bekofiningar bereknade. CCS* CHARGE 
{impetus) an fall. To found the charge, blafa alarm. 
To return to the charge, ia nytt. 05 s The 

charge of a Gun, laddning af et jlycke. To give the 
Enemv a round charge, anfStta ftenden kSckt. 

To CHARGE , V. A. hd'da, belafla, oxerare. To charge 
a Gun, ladda et flycke. ffj" To CHARGE or com- 
mand {m and are ) befalla, SISgga. To charge one with 
a bufinefs , anfortro enom en fak, beflSllning. He charged 
me to wait on you from him , han befalte mig at 
upwakta eder pa hans wSgnar. (J5= To CHARGE {ado- 
riri ) ga pa , anfalla. The king himfelf charged with 
our Regement, Konun^en felf atlaqxerade med wart 
regemente. (l5=» To CH AUG E ( accVsare ) pdlorda. 
They charge a crime upon him , de fkylla honom for et 
brott , befkylla honom. 05 s To CHARGE {COMMITTE- 
RS) anfSrtro , lefwerera i ens fSrwar. To charge a 
Conrtable with a man ,inmana en, lefwerera en ifSngs- 
ligit fSr/war. 

CHARGEABLE, Adj. koflbar, dyr ,pretiosvs. It is 
very chargeable living in t : me of war , det Sr dyrt »t 
lefwa i krigstider. To be chargeable to one . wa*a e- 
nom til lafl , /;/ koftnad. Charged, Ad',. Vid. Vert. 
A Charging horfe, en ttrids-hefl. A Charger, / et 
fiort fat. 

CHARIOT or Charret, kSrra , wagn , caroffe, rhE- 
da , currvs. Charioteer, kutfk , kSr-Cwen. 

CHARITY, S.lSrleklilGVD ochwSrnSfla. AMOR DEI 


C H A 

fk'artt* SmirmareSn trSjai. 05* CHARITY ( ELE- 
emosyna) almofor. To beftow a charity on a poor 
nan, gifwa almofor. To live or be in charity with all 
A en, Ufwa ijred med hwar man. To be out of charity 
with one, wara cnom gramfe. Charity-School, ham- 
hut , fokn-fchola. 

CHARITABLE, Adj. ktrlig ,barm'iertig , misericors. 
C5=" For charitable ufes , ad plos a/us. Charitablenefs, 
f.-chriflelig k.trlek. Charitably, Adv. kdriiga , barm- 

CHARLATAN,.?, qwackfalfware , circulator , item 
fmickrare, bedragare. Charlatanry, /. fmickreri , bc- 

CHARLES-VAIN, S. karlwagnen , ursa major. 

"CHARM , S. kjusning , incantatio. To charm, V. 
A. forkjufa , gjora kdr, hogeligen fornSga. He had charm- 
ed his Enemy's fword , hart had; fo'giort fin fiendes 
fwerd. Mufick charms the Ear and beauty the Sight, 
mufik fornoger brat ochfkSnhet Sgat. OS" To charm one's 
Ear to another man's Tongue , lata imaga fig af fagert 
fnack. Charmed, Adj. forkjufi , fSrlnbt. charmer, 
kjufare , den fom en dr kdr „ti. 

CHARMING, Adj. forirefflig , hehaglig , ganfka god i 
fit flag, excELLENS. A charming wit, en fortreffehg 
hugfnSllhet. A charming beauty, en fSrtreffelig fkSnket. 
NB. Brukas ockfd i allmSnt tal om all del man tycker 


CHARNEL-HOUSE, ben-hus , ossuarium. 

CHARRE of Lead, en wigt af Uy , fom holler jo gal- 
tar , hwar gait C ftones , : fkilpund m'.ndre , hwar (lo- 
ne 12 fk'lpund. 

CHART A-MAGNA , S. England* Sldfle fundamental-lag 
eller Konun^ens forfdkran. 

CHARTER , S. ipet bref , prlvilegium , diploma, chart- 
er of Naturalisation , naturalifations-bref. The chart- 
er of the Inda-company , Ofi-lndijka Compagniets 
oclroj. Charter-Land, Vid. Freehold. Charter of the 
foreft , Skogs-ordning. Charter-party , ccrtcsartie. 

♦"CHARY, Adj. utwald, kir , dilectus. ct^CHARr 
(cautus) altfam , rddder om nogot. Charily, Adv. 
To keep a t'ung charily , trranneligen wirda en ting. 

•••-To CHASE, V.A.jaga,fSrfol,a, VENARl.FBRSEOVI. 
r-y- To chase 'ikcrvstare) drifwa i guld elUr filf- 
wer. Cf> To chafe the Enemy , forfSlja fienden. To 
chafe away , JkrSma , hafka bort. Chafer ,jdgare, drif- 
ware i guld eller filfwer. Chafe, /. jagt , fkogs-park. 
They followed the chaie too eagerly, de f'Srfolgde 
fienden for ifngt. OS" The chafe of a gun, hela leng- 
den af et fly-ke. eller bSffj. 

CHASM, 5. fwalg, gap, klyft, jordfaU , CHASMA. 

CHAST, Adj. kyfk,blygfam , castus. A Chaft woman, 
en blygfam tjwinna. To have chaft ears, hafwa kyfka 
oron , icke lida (lemt fnack. Chaftity or Chaftnefs, f. 
kyfkhet. Chaftly , Adv. kyfkeliga. 

To Chastise, v. a. aga,tugta,i\raWa, castigare. 

to chaftife a child, agaet barn. Chaftifed , Adj. tugtad. 
Chaftifement, /. tugtan. chaftifer, tugtare. NB. To 
Chaftife , heter i fkriften , To Chaften. 
CHATTELS, S. {lag-term) bona. Chattels real and 
perfonal, liggande : eller gangande fS , lis eller fajt e- 

»CHARM, Goth. KORlN,f/c3ui. KkRA,feligere,opiare. 
♦'chary Goth, ki A R, amans. VernacivAR, dileclus , 
item amans. kArliGA, amanter. 
^•♦•Tp chase, Goth, kosa, Dan. kaas , curfus. 
Sueth. KO$ , pracul. 

C H A 

CHAT, S. fnack, prat, tabvLatio. to hold chatvirh 
one, hugga fijwaller mid en. To chat, V. K. prata , 
fnacka , fqwalrt. She dos nothing but chat , munnen ,'ldr 
aldrig igen pa henne. A chatting houfe-wii'e , enfprdk- 
fam qwmna , en flamra. 
*To CHATTER , V. N. fqwalra , flamra , fkalra, car- 
rire, crepitare. rff His teeth chatter with cold, 
han fryf.-rfd tundrenj kalra i munnen pa honom.The chat- 
tering of birds , fcgla-fqwanr.xndc. I don't love fo much 
chattering, jag tycker icke om fa myeket prat. A chat- 
ter-py , en talande Jk.ata. chatter-wood , fm.itc brent-, 
le , qwi/lar &c. 
To CHA\T, Vid. To Chew. chaw,/, bete. Ereeh. ij. 4 . 
CHEAP, Adj.odyr , godtkSp, riLIS. Meat is new very 
cheap , kott ir nu godt kop pa. I can buy it much cheap- 
er , jag kan fa del /Sr myeket betre kSp. corn is dog- 
cheap , fpanmal fifljes for hund kop.rfj' He makes hnn- 
felf too cheap, han gjSr fig for gemen. Cheapn:fs , f. 
♦•To CHEAPEN, V. A. falka F S , licitari. cheap- 
ened, Adj. falkad pa. cheapener , f. falkare. Cheap- 
ening , /". falkande. 
♦•'CHEAR, S. til-redning , fdgnad med mat oeh dryck , 
APPARATUS. Ve had royal chear, wi blefwo traclerade 
fom prinfar. (TV CHEAR 'vultus) min. A poor chear, 
en fldt min. ojr" CHE AR 'animus) mod. Be of good 
chear , frifli up , war y/id godt mod. What chear? kur 
ftitr til. 
To CHEAR or chear up , V. A. upfrifka , upmuntra, 
exhilarare , A.xiMARE. This will chear him up, 
delta ISi upmuntra honom'Cr'To CHEAR up, V.N.'eri- 
GERE animcm) fatta mod. chear up , frifk up. How 
chear you ? hur fldr til med dig? 
CHEARFUL, Adj. karfK, glad, luflig , frimodig , ala- 
cer. He looks very chearful , hanferfrifktut.c]\czi- 
ful countenance, gladt anfikte. chearfully, Adv. fri- 
modeliga, med lufi. chearfuluefs ,f.frimodighet , glad- 
ly nne. chearlefs , Adj.ogUd , beirbfwad. cheary, Vid. 
chearful. chearly , Vid. chearfully (bdgge obrukliga) 
••"CHEAT, S. bedrdgeri.jUlm-flycke, FRAUs , IM- 
POSTURA. A notorious cheat, et upper.bari bedrSgeri, To 
put a cheat upon one, bedraga , fpela cnom et ftrek. 
OS* CHEAT (impostor) bedragare, fkelm. 
To CHEAT , V. A. bedraga , narra , DEC1PERZ. He has 
cheated me of ten pounds, ban har bedragit mig pi 
tie pund fieri. To cheat one's felf, bedraga fig. To 
Cheat at play, gjora orett i fpel. cheated, Adj. be- 
dragen, narrad. cheater ,fi bedragare. Cheningly, Adv. 
CHECK, 5. tilbaka-hollande , tygcl , hinder, RESTRI- 
CTIO. 05* CHECK 'tesselatio) riming pa et papper 
at forekomma falfka fedlar. The Britifh Parliament is 
a check to the Royal authority, Parlamentet i England 
holler konunja-magten inom fkrankor. To keep a check 
upon one, holla tummen pa Sgat pa en. To give one's 
pafTions a check, kufwa fina hogdrifter. The check of 
confeience, famwets-fS-ewitclfer , famwets-ago. (?r> to 
give the blood a che:k, {Sua blodet iha.1igrorelfe.rfr' 
This is a great check to him, dettaSr en flor knek for 
honom. rfy- CHECK 'repreh ENSIO ) TO give one a 
private check, hemliga befiraffa en. (jj" to take ackeck 
at a tiling , fiicknas ofwer nogot. 

♦To CHE<"K 

♦To CHATTER, Goth. KVTA, diclcriis certare. 
♦•To CHEAPEN, M:Goth. kavpan, emere. 
•"•CHEAR, Goth. KiSr, conditio. 
♦♦♦•CHEAT, Sueth. KYTA, dolofe imponere. 


G H I 

•To CHECK, V. A. holla iUbaka, combers. To 
Check one's anger ,ftyrafit finne. 0$* To Check one's 
talk, falla enom i laUt. I Checked him for it, jag 
nepfte honom derfSre. Checked, Adj. beftraffad , tilba- 
ka hoUen, &c. Kid. Verb. 

**To CHECKER, V. A. btfprtkU, vermicvlari. 
Checkered , Adj. fpreklig , lag J I ruior. C£5" His Reign 
■was checkered with good and evil , hans regemenie war 
blartdadi mcd godt sch ondi. Checker-work , rut-tidrk. 
i Checker-wile, i rutor , ruiwis. Check-roll, husholls- 
lifta hot en Jlor herre. 

CHEEK, S. kind, mala. Rofy Cheek, blommiga kin- 
der. o5"The Cheeks of a Door, dSr-kn,in. ClJ" The 
Cheeks of a Ballance, handtaget pa en wi°t. 0$* Cheek 
by jnll , emellan fyra Sgon. ■{• To go cheek by joll with 
«ne , wara likagod kdlfupare med en. 

Cheekbone , kindben. Cheek-teeth ,oxel-i£nder. Cheek- 
warnilhj/min^. Blub-Cheeked , fom bar plujjiga kinder. 
Hollow-Cheeked, bgliga kinder. 

CHEER , Vid. Chear. 

CHEESE , S. oft , CASEVS. Old or new cheefe, 
tiler ferfk oft. Cream-Cheefe , oft g\ord af fpen-warm 
mjSlk och fat grddde med focker , ingefdra och canel. Prov. 
MADE OF CREAM- CHEESE, du will inbilla mig kor- 
pen dr hwit. Cheefe-Curds , yftc , myffja. Cheefe-fat, 
oft-kar. Cheefe-Cake, oft-kaka , egg-kaka, Cheefe- 
Rennet, lope. Cheefe-monger , ofl-monglare. 

To CHERISH , V. A. dyna , ruga , wdrma , r OV ERE. To 
Cherifli one's children , holla af, fjdfi med fina barn. 
05* Eo Cherifll one's memory , bchollaen uti kdrtmin- 
ne. Ct5* To Cherifll a horf'e , klappa en heft. Cherifiied, 
Adj. Vid. Verb. 

CHERRY, S. kcrsbdr , cerasum. Cherry-wine , kers- 
bdrswin. Cherry-orchard, kersbdr s-trdgdrd. o5"Cherry- 
Cheeks , rSJa kinder. OS" Cherry-pit, en trinda i kind- 

CHES1L, Vid. Chifel. 

CHESL1PS , S. grdfuggor , maikar , fom gemenligen ligga 
under tcgeljlenar itorr gru nd , POSCELLIONES. Cheslip, 
wenflra , eller tarmen , der lope linger uli en di-kalf. 

CHESNUTS , 5, kaftanier, nvces castanea:. Chefnut- 
plot, et ftdlle der de wexa. Chefnut-colour , kaftanie- 

CHESS , S. etfpelflkalladt, fchack fpel. To play atchefs, 
fpela fihack. 

*'*CHEST,5. kifta, cista. A Cheft of Drawers, 
lad-fkap , Cabinei-fkdp. o5* CHEST {pectus) broft. 
She has a fine chelt , hon bar en fkon hals. A chert- 
foundered horfe , enftyfbeni heft fom ock bar qwarkan. 
HollOH-chcfted , ftor-broftad. 

CHEYERIL or clicveril - Leather , bock-hud, pellis 
caprina. 05 s " Cheveril conlcience, tjocki famwete. 


To CHEV, V. A. iLgga,^'TO chew the 
cud [rvMINARE) idisfla. cSr" To chew the cud upon a 
thing , grunda , grubla pa en ting. (T.5* To chew a man's 
ruin , ^.f hafwaude med ens fSrderf. 


"To CHECK, Jsl, KIAKA , avium more lenie gradi. 
**To CHECKER , Goth. SK1AKR, dispar. SKlAcK , 

equus multicolor. 
""CHEST, Goth. IUS, coacervatio. KAST , ftrues. 

Celt, kest, Perf. casti, Goth. & Sueth. kista, 


•CHICANE , S.firtret, ill/hide, illbragd, malitio- 
s A tractandi ratio. Chicanry , idem. To chicane, 
V. A. Ul-bragda , Jpela enom konfter , fortreta. 

CHICK or Chicken,/, kykling, pullvs CALEIN ACEVs. 
A Chick new hatched, en nyff utklackt kykling. Chick- 
en-pox , fma mdfling. 

To CHIDE one, V. A. nepfa , lata ilia pS en, banna 
en, increparE. Chider,/ en fom bannar. Chid or 
Chiden, Adj. bannad , nepft. 

CHIEF, Adj. forndmft, primaries. The Chiefthing, 
del forndmfta. The Chief men of a city , forndmfte fol- 
ket i en flxd. Chief mourner , prcftaf i en begrafnir.g. 
Chief, for Chief commander, General, hSgfta bcfdlhaf- 
ware. Chiefeft , Adj. My Chiefeft care will be to , min 
fSrndmfta , befynnerliga omforg blifwer at. Chiefly , 
Adv. befynnerliga , fSrndmft. 

CHIEVES , S. fma blad pd liljor , stamina. Saffron- 

Chieves , fafrans-blommor. 
.CHILBLAIN , S. Kyl-fdr , pernio. 

** CHILD, S. barn, in fans. He is a fine child , han 

^dr et wackert barn. To bring forth , to be brought to 

Bed of a Child,/".? barn, ligga i barnfeng. Children, barn, 

plur. To be p^ft children , wara ofwer barn-fengs-dr. He 

had two children by her , han hade tu barn mcd henne. 

FOSTER-CHILD, fofler-barn. Male-child, fwen-barn. 
05* A God-child , gud-fon , gud-dotter. oJ» To get a 
woman with child , Idgra et cjwinfolk. To be with child, 
to be great or big wirh child , wara med barn , wara 
radd med barn. 05" To be part a child, haf'wa utnott 
barn-fkona. Child-bearing, £.v. Part child-bearing, Vid. 
part children. Child-birth, barn-fSdfel. To be in child- 
bed, ligga i barnfeng. Child-hood, barndom. Childermafs- 
day, Vid. Innocents-day. Childing, Vid. child-bearing. 

CHILDISH, Adj.barnstig,pvERIiis. To have a child- 
iih look, fe barnsliga iu. Child:flily, Adv. barnslioa. 
Childifhnefs , f. barnslighct. Childlefs , Adj. that has 
never a child , barnlos. 

CHILIASTS, Vid. Millenaries. 

***CHILL, Adj. kulen , frufjn , alcidVs. Chill with 
cold, darrande af kold. CCS* To CHILL, V.A. kyla, gjora 
ryfande , AIGIEACERE. It chills my blood when I 
think of it , blodet ryfer i mig ndr jag tdnker derpd. 05* 
Have I chilled, have I damped his Wit ? har jag qwdft 
hans wett ? 

To CHILL , V. N. ryfa, fryja, alcere. Chilled,^/. 
ryjande, frufen. Chilly, Vid. chill. Chillnefs , Subft. 
froffa. rysning. 

****CHIMBE , S. laggen pa en tunna, EXTREM1TAS 

CHIME, S. a chime of bells, klockeljud, campana- 
Rum modvlamen. To chime the Bells , kimmaikloc- 
korna. f To chime in with one , V. N. holla med en. 

CHIMERA, S. chimere , fnSda inbillningar , flott i 
luften. All that is but a chimera, del drbara inbillning, 
galenfkap. Chimerical, Adj. or imaginary , inbillad. 

CHIMIST, Vid. Chymilt. 


'CHICANE, Goth. Ki.SK.KE., deridentia. KESKIN, irri- 

forius. Sueth. KEXA, verbis infultare. 
"CHILD, M.Goth. INKILTHO, pragnans. KILTHEIN, 

uterus. Goth. KILTING, piger , KELTRING, puer 

imbellis. Sueth. KYLE, pucrulus. 
***CHILL, Sueth. KYLA, Algor. 
*»* ¥ CHIMBE , Sueth. KIMS, afficuli , ex tjuibns do'.ia 


C H I 

"CHIMNEY, 5. //-u , tAMinvs. A chimney* Piece, 

tafia ell.r fpegel Sftvir fpifen. A Chimney-Sweeper, 

Jkorjlens-fegare. Chimney-Money or Hearth-Money , 

""CHIN, S. haka, MEKTUM. A double Chill , ijltr- 
haka. Long-Chinned , long-hakig. To be in the Water 
up to the Chin, /?.-? i watnet up til hakan cO=> A Lady 
that thrufts the Chin into the Neck or that bridle; it 
up, et fruntimmer forn kromar Jig. 

•"CHIN-COUGH, tussis frfo^-en- 


CHINA or CHINA-WARE, S. Ofi-Indifka lerkJril , 
pofllin , vasa sinensja. China-r.ian , that keeps 
a china - fhop , en fom fSljer Ch.ncfikt pojliin. China- 
Orange , Appelcin. 

""""CHINE , S. or Back-hone, rygg-been , spina 
dorsi. A Chine of Heef, ryggfycket af en oxe . 

To CHINE, V. A.bryta ryggen , DORSUM. FRANCERE. 

CHINK, S. or Crevice, remna, rima , item penn:ngar 
och penn:ng~k'ang. 

To CHINK, V. A. gape or chap, gana, remna , f a- 
TISCERE. CS^ To CHINK or found as Money does, 
Hin"a fom pengar. Chinked, Adj. remnid. 

CHIP , S. of Vfood,fp3a afirii, assula. OS* Chips 

of Bread , brod-j'mulor. CXj* Orange-Chips , Citron- 

fical (confiierade) Proy. IT TASTES JUST LIKE 

CHIPS INA PORRIDGE, det fmakar fom fpanor i fap- 

1 1.7 fmak ) A C!lip-Ax, tdlg-yxa. 

To CHIP , V. A. or cut to chips , hugga ifpanor, pr&- 
s EC are. C5* To chip Bread, fondcrjktSra brSd. Chip- 
ped , Adj. fSnderjkuren , hackad. 

CHIROGRAPHER, 5. en betjentiCommon-V\s3S-ret- 

CHIROMANCY , S. or Palmiitry, fpadom afhSnderna. 
Chiromantical , Ad;, dertilh'rig. 

To ' HIRP, V. N. awitrafom foglar, pipiiare. Chirp- 
ing, I' qwitrande. (Yj* To take a chirping cap, dricka 
cr. elidjt I opp. 

CHIRURGION, J 'id. Surgeon. 

*J,CHISEL, .V. hagg-bor, grafitickel, CELT1S. Chifel- 
, grafwet arbne. To chifci , V. A. ut- 
bu'ga , ulgrajwa. 

CHIT, S. or Killing, katt-unge, CATUIVS. tf> Chit 
or fnr-ttv little Boy, or Girl, en j'norl Ming , fnor- 
unge. <Z°h CHIT (lentigo) f'rSkn i anfiktet. 

To CHIT , V. N. fdges om fro eller trS.i n&r det borjar 

I 1 .' ill, Irtmmlfg, CERVIX siRE. 

CHITTERLINGS, 5. a Pudding or Saufage, korf , 

fmakur,", HILLA. (fr" Chitterlings cr cleanfed Guts, 
; mgjordt inmdte. 

CHlTTY, Adj. Ex. Chitty-Face, barn-anfikte , tnmj'- 
fer , PUElLVius. 

CHIVAGE, Vid. Chevage. chivalry , Vid. Knight- 
hood. COU'T OF CHIVARLY, Vid. Marfhal-Cmirt. 
chizel, Vid. Chifel. choak, &c. Vid. Choke. 

CHOCK or Chuck, S. klapp, MEAT/ ATTRECTATIO. 

Ex. A Chock under the Chin is worth two Kiffes , 
et klanp under hakan ttr uerdt twa kyffar. 

CHOCOLATE, S. Chocolate, en dryck af Cacao , en 
Indianifk nSt , AtOZEMA CACAASUM. 

CHOICE, S. wal, electio , optio. To mnke choice 

"CHIMNEY, Goth. KIM, fuligo. KYME, tugurium. 
**CHIN, MGoth. KINNI.Vsl. KIANNE , maxilla. 
'"CHINCOUGH , Goth. & Stieth. KIKNA, fpiritum 

ami tere. 
""•"CHINE, Goth. KINK A , annum nodus. 
*', CHISEL, Goth. K.VISL, bidcns , furca. 

C H 

of a Thing , xiStja et ting. If it Were'In my c! oicc , 
on jagfkulle wAlja. To give one the choice , gifv/t 
emot ii .-u.'j/. The Choice of his Troops, bans betfla 
troppir. iff Take your choice, do what you think 
fit, gjS' hwad F.der behagttr. Q5r" CHOICE orVar.ety, 
Ei. He has great Choice of commodities in his Shop, 
bans bod ur u SI J'ortera i. 

CHOICE, Adj.wacker,Jko'n,ft>rtr£flclig, EXQVIS1TVS. 
Ex. Choice commoditi'?'. , fk'na waror. Choice Ex- 
preflions , utfSkta drd. Choice Men, utwaldt folk. To 
ke?p a Thing choicely, zranncliga agta en ting.J^^'ice- 
nefs 3 f. grantag , aranwdrkenhet. 

CHOIRE, S. or Quire of a Church, hog-chor i enkyr- 
! .1 , CHORUS. 

CHOKE, S. The choke of an Artichoke, det flr&jwa 
i en Ertfkocka. 

"To CHOKE, V. A. awdfwa, svffocare. An Em- 
perour choked himlelf with a Kernel, en Kejfare flork- 
nade af en k rrne. <f?- To Choke or Choke UP a Pipe, 
ti'floppa en pipa. Ch >l<ed , Adj. qw&fd, florknad. Chok- 
ed UP, unfit, upftoppad. A i-ort choked up with 
Sands, en hamn upfylU af fund. Choke-pear , f. or 
Choky-pear , flen-r-dron , winter-pSron. 

CHOLER', S. A humour of the Body , en wStfka i krop- 
pen,galle, elava BiLIs.rff cilOLER or Anger, wrede. 
To be in choler, waraured. If I dobutfeehim , he raiies 
my Choler, bara jag Jer honom, fltgcr gallen. Cholera 
(morhis) f. en mag-fjukdom. Cholerick , Adj. cho- 

To CHOSE, &c. Vid. To chufe, &c. 

CHOP, S.etfiyeke, bit , frustum. A chop of Mutton , 
et flyeke farkitt. 05°" CHOPS or Jiws , k.ifiar. His 
c h n; 1 \i a "■ goin^, minne'i flar aldrigigcn pa honom. 
cfj* To fet one's chops a watering , komma munnen at 
watnas pd c".. (fj* The chops of the Britifh Channel, 
inloypet i Engelfka Canalen. 

T HOP, V. A. o' to cut. fiycka , fkAra i flycken , 
dissecaFZ. To chop a piece of Meat, fonderfkSra 
e , (ly, To Cfin» ( c OMVUTARE ) b\ta. 

~\\\\\ vhith me? uil du byta med mig? a$* 

To chop Logick with one, difputera med en. To chop 
off one's Head, kuppa af ens hufwud? T To Chop at 
a Thing or to take hold of it, hugga, gripa efter. CCj* 
To Chop In or into , for to Pop in , renna in. As he 
was difging,he chopt his Spade upon a Pot of money, 
wid han °rof, jlotte fpiden p.1 en krukj med pengar. 
Chopped, hckad , hackad. The Wind chops about, 

wddret kaftar fig omkring.. 

Chop-Church , /. ISgenhtts-bytt mellan preHer. Chop- 
ping-kni*'e, f.oit-knif. Chinping -Board, or Block, 
hugg-fiock. A Chopping-oi- lufty Boy, en ftor glunter. 

CHOPS, Vtd. Chop, chopt, Vid. Chopped, chord, 
Vid. Cord: chorist, or Chorifter, Vid. Quenfter. 

CHOROGRAPHY, S. landl^aps beflcrifning. 

CHOSE, Imperf. Verbi. To Chufe, ChoCen, \Adj.wald, 

■ ! ■■ :! ■'. 

CHOUGH , S. a Bird, kaja , MONEDULA. 
CHOWSE , S. Ni7.y or Bu'nle, en godtrogen Karr , 
STULTUS. rf±* Chowfe or Trick , et argt ftr^k. To 
r-u? a Chowfe upon one , narra en. 
""To CHOWSE, V. A. or to Cozen, pa^a ,\ narra, 
11LUDERE. Chow led , Adj. narra d. 


"To CHOKE , Goth. KUAK , gula , faux. 
*"To CHOWSE, Goth. K.UISA, m.gari. 

G H R 

C M U 

♦To CHOVTER, V. N. knar r a , gndlla , MVKMV- 
rare. That Child does nothing but chowter, det bar- 
net ejor intet annat an Liter ilia. 

CHRISM, S. hclig fmSrjclfc , chrism A. Clirifinatory, 
f. kdrilct fom dertil hirer. 

CHRISOM , S. Chnflnings-kUder for barn , Ll/STRICL it. 
[fa kallas ock de barn font d' innan modren gddt I kyr- 
ka , efter de all den tiden gemcnl. pldga bruka Chri/l- 
ningi-mojan pa hufwudet) (J^r* Chnfom-Calf , fa kal- 
las , pa nogra flJlUn i England , en kalffom Jlagtas in- 
nan ban dr manads-gammal. 

CHRIST, S. CHRISTVS , werldenes frelfare. Chrift- 
Crofs-Row, or Chrifs-Crofs-Row , alphabetet. 

To CHRISTEN, V. A. Chriftna, dopa, baptisare. 
Christendom ,f. Chriflenhet. Chriltened, Adj. Chrifinad. 
Chnllening , f. do pel ft , barns-ol. To make a great 
Chriltening, gjora fiorc barnsol. Chriiten-name , f. 
Chriflcns narnn. 

CHRISTIAN, S. Chriflen , christiakvs. To turn or 
become a Chriftian , omwendaflg, blif-wa Chriflen. Chri- 
ftian , Adj. Chriftdig. The Chriftian Religion , Chnfl- 
na ld r an. 

CHRISTIANITY, S. Chnflendom. c3=> The Chrirtia- 
nity or" his Death , ham Chrifleliga bercdelfc til dSden. 
Chri/tianly, Adv. Chrifldtgen. 

CHRISTMAS, S.Iul , festum .vativitatis. Chrift- 
mafi-Day , luldagen. Chriftmafs-Box , Iul-eller nyirs- 
gofwa. Chriltrrals -Poiridge or Plum-Porrid»e , lul- 
foppa , JonygjSres i England wid din tiden af rufin, co- 
er och fwlfkon j ire. Chrifimafs-Pies or mincer 
Pic; , M-kakor. 

CHRONICAL, Adj. Ex. Chronical Difeafes (that 
con'.- at certain t;mes by Fits ) fjukdcmar fom komma 
igen pa wilfa tider. 

CHRONICLE, 5. Chrnnika, as kales. To Chronicle, 
V. A. infkrifwa i Chronikor, IN An SALES referre. 
chronicled, Adj. upfkr'cfwtn. chronicler, f. ChrSnit.e- 

CHRONOLOGER, 5. or chrnnolog.ft , tidereknare. 
Chronology, f. tidertkning. chronological, Adj. der- 

CHRYbOCOL, Vid. Borax. 
CHRYSOLITE , S. en &dcl Hen af guld-ferg. 
*»CHU3, S. et flags florhofdigfilk, capito. £5=" chub 
1 or jolt-head , et ftorhufwud. 05* Chub or clown , 

CHUCK, S. Vid- Chock. 
To CHUCKLE, V. N. pSrfa , fma-ftcratti , PRORVM- 


***CHUFF, S. or Country-Clown, en ohyffad bonde, 
ni'STlcus. ChufTy, Adj. or Clou .iilh , bondagtig. 

\ CHUM , S. or Tobacco to chew , tugg-bufj at Idgoa i 
munnen. frustum tabaci. 

■fCHUMP, S. a Piece of Wood, flefli , &c. et flycke, 
bit, FRUSTVM. 

CHURCH , S. kyrka , TEMPLUM. (fp A CHURCH or 
Congregation of Chriftiaus ( Ecclesia ) Chriflen ft<- 
famling. cf> CHURCH ( litvrcia ) Gudstjenfl. (fr- 
Church is done, gwistienflen dr ofwer. Prov. THE 
COD, ju ndrmare kyrkan , jn Ungre fran wAr Her re. 

*To CHOWTER, Sueth. KUTRA, dc leptribus & co- 

■ lumb's. 

""CHUB, Goth. KOBBR, trunculus. 

***CHUFF, Goth. KOFE, Sueth. K.YFFE, cafa, tugurium. 

HILL HAVE A CHAFFEE, liKir war Herri har fin 
kyrka , har bin fit Capell. 


A Church-man or Clergy- man, en andelig man. A 
Church -man or Son of the Church of England, en 
fom bekunncr fig til kyrkan af England. Church-yard, 
kyrke-gard. Church - porch ,/uj - iutka. Church-time> 
kyrketid, Church - lands , kyrle-E^or. church-robber, 
kyrke-tjuf. church- robbing , ky he -tjufnad , helge-ran. 
Church- rat, kyrke-rotta. Church- warden (anciently) 
Church - reeve , kyrkvSrd. Churck - wardenfhip , 

To CHURCH a Woman, V. A. taga huflru i kyrka, 


Adj. tagen i kyrka. Churching , /. kyrkugning. 

* CHURL, S.or Country-Bumkm, en bondlymmel, ACRE- 
MAN, Uiga drengen pa herren , dricka f.lmre eftcr 
det betre. fjj" A Churl or covetous Hunks , en fnat- 
hund, girigbuk. Churlift , Adj. bondagtig. Churlifii- 
ly , Adv. bondagtigt. Churhfilnels , f. 6ondagtighet, 

CHURN, 5. Js«ij, ciRXEA. Churn-fiaff, kern-llif. 
To churn , V. A. kerna fmor. 

**To CHUSE, V. A. kcfa.vdlja, eljgeRE. Tochufe 
a Masifirate from among the citizens, w.iljaen Ma- 
giflrats-cerfcn af ipet. Chule « hi^h you pleafe, 

tag hwilket I will. You will always pick and chufe , / 
will altid waTj.1. &5* Would I were to chufe , jag on- 
jagfiek -.Ma. ctS" He has chofen t.> interpret it 
all to the bed advantage, ban har behagat uttyda dct 
ah til det be' fa. <yj* Chule then , ISt bli da. Let him 
chufe whe.her ire will or no , ban kan lata bli om ban 
wil. CO" He cannot chufe but be miferable, han kan 
cj annars an wara elSndig.t^' I cannot chufe but weep, 
jag kan icke holla mig fran tarar. It could not chufe 
but be a Scandal to the Jews , det kunde icke j-:~..:rs 
dn .vara ludomcn til forargelfe. <jO* I wiil &° that ro 
chufe , j-.g vril %jora det med flic. <3j* To c'. 
tycka -Tier om. To chu.'e Out or to call out, utwdlfd, 
iac.i ut. 

CHUSER, S. wdljare , elector. Prov. beggars 

MU5T NOT BE CHUSERS , tiggare mafle icke wdlja. 

This was of your own chufing , delta war Eden egit 

CHYLE , S. den hwita faften fom blir af maten i magen,, CHYLUS. chylification , f. fddan faft- 

CHYMIST , S. chymifi , chvmista. chymical , Adj. 

cbymijk. chyiruftry , /. chymi. 
To CHYN, V. A. hugga, flita, sec are. 
CICATRIZE, S. o.-Sear, drr, fkrama , cicatrix. 

To cicatrize , V. A. fluta et far , cicatrlceh 08- 

DVCERE. cicatrized , Adj. fom fait drr. 
CAT), .1. Ex. A valiant cid , en hjelte , heros. 
CIDER, S. cider, drick gjord af "nlen , sICERA. 
CIF.LING, S. taket inuti et run, TECTUM. To Ciel , 

V . A, gipfa et tak. 
CILERY, S. !8f-wdrk pa toppen af pdar:, FOLIATl/M. 
C1MBAL, Vid. cymbal, cimeter , Vid. Simitar. 
D j CINCANTER or Cincater,5. Ex. An old ciacan- 

ter , en femtio drs karl, OUINOU AGEN ARIVS. 


churl , Gotb. KARL , fentx pauperculus. 
**To chuse, Goth. kiosa,kesa, dtgcre. M:Goth. 
KAUSIAN, cxpcrirl. 

C I N 

C I T 

CINCTURE, S. or Girdle , gj'-JJ , ciwctura. 
CINDERS, 5. halfbrunna kol, afka , cixeres. 
CINGLE , S. or Girt for a Horle , buk-gjord fSr en hefl. 

cinnabar, Vid. cinoper. 
CINOPER, S. or Vermillion, Zmobcr , en rod f erg , 


CINQUE, S. Ex. The cinque- Ports , de fern ham- 
nar i England font inrettades af Withelm I. Haitings , 
Dover, Hithe , Rumney och Sandwich. 

flON, S. or Graft , ymp , surculus. 

CIPHER, S. or Number, ^ifra. item fXrdold Jkrif-art , 
ciphra. ■(" To ftand for a cipher , fid for .n ;.,'>. i. 

To CIPHER, V. A. or call Accounts, rekna , COM- 
Pl/TARE. ciphered, Adj. reknad. ciphering, f. 


CIRCLE , S. cirkel , krets. OS* A circle of fine Ladies , 
et fdlljkap afwackra fruntimmer. (jj* The Empire ot 
Germany is divided into ten circles, Tyfka riket dr delt 
i 10 Kre^ar. circle-wife , cirkclwis. circlet, /". a 
Ring to put Di/lies or Plates upon, fat-ring. 

CIRCUiT, S. or compafs , omkrets. aS 3 A Judge in 
a Circuit, en domarc pu Tingsrefor. 

CIRCULAR, Adj. or Round, eirkel-rund. 

To CIRCULATE, V. N. lopa omkring i en rund- The 
Blood docs always circulate, blodei loper aliid omkring. 
C5* Money does not circulate, pengarna rullera Intel. 
Circulated , Adj. omlupen. circulation, f. omlopp. 

To CIRCUMCISE, V.A.omfkdra. circumcifer ,f. om- 
fkdrare. circumcifion , f. omjkdrelfe. 

CIRCUMFERENCE , S. or compafs, omkrets. cir- 
cumflex , f. a fort of accent, en accent. CIRCUM- 
FUSED , Adj. omkring fpridd. D f CIRCTJMG IRATION, 
f. or turning about, omfwerjwande. 

CIRCUMLOCUTION , S. omfwep , flera ord fir et. 

To CIRCUMSCRIBE, V. A. or bound, omfkr&nka. 
circumfcribed , Adj. omfkrdnkt. 

CIRCUMSPECT , Adj. or wary, warfzm, omtSnkt. cir- 
cumfpection , f. or warinefs , warfamhet. circumipecl- 
ly , Adv. or warily , uarfamliga. 

C1RCUMSTAN CE, S. omfldndighct. A fad circumftance, 

en ilak omfldndighct. (X5= CIRCUMSTANCE ( con- 
ditio) ens uilkor, til/land. Being under thole circum- 
ftances , viarande i fddant tilfldnd. A fact well circum- 
(tanced, en fak af goda omfldndighcter. d? Being thus 
circtimftanced , warande i detta tilfldnd. circumstantial. 
Adj. omfldndelig. A circumftantial miftake , forfeelfe 
i omfldndighetcrna. To circumstantiate, V. A. omfldn- 
delicen befkrifwa. Circumftantiated , Adj. 

CIRCUMVALLATION, S. Fortifications-Term. Lines 
of circumvallarion , omwallning kring el Idger. 

To CIRCUMVENT, V. A. or deceive, fnSrja, ledr.i- 
ga. circumvented, Adj.fndrd, bedragen. circumvent- 
ing or circumvention, /. fnSrjande , 

CIRCUMVOLUTION , S. or turning about, omgdng. 

CIRQUE or CIRCUS , S. en rund fkadeplats i gamla 

CISARS or Cifers , S. fax, forfex. A good Pair of 
Cifars , en god fax. 

CISTERN , S. en trumma under jord at famla regn-vatn 
uti. Item watnkifla afbly, uti et hus. 

fCIT, S. or citizen , borgare. K"? Thefe fnwey cits, 
delta ndswifa borgar-folket {efter hof-fprdk) citefs , 
f. borgare- bufiru. 

CITADEL , Vid. cittadel. 

CITATION , S. or Summons , fldmning. 03=- citation 
or quoting, citation , andragande i fkrifter. 

To CITE, V\ A. or fummon , fldmma, cittra, andra- 
ga , citarl. Ci>ed , Adj. fiimd , citerad. citing, 
ft mmandt. 

CITIZEN, S. borgare ,Stads-inuanare, civis. A Fel- 
low - citizen , med -borgare. citizen- like ,borgare-lik. 

CITRON or Pomcitron , S. citron, POiv cm citrei/m. 
Citron-tree, citron-irdd. CitTul,f.gurka af citron-fcrg. 
Citron-colour , citron-ferg. 

CITTADEL, S. Kaftell , flott vid en Had. arx. 

CITTERN or Siftrum , f. -titra , CITHARA. 

ClTV , S. Stad, L'RBS , ciriTAs. A chief or Mother- 
city, lutfwudflad. The City of London , Stadcn Lon- 

Not. Alia Stdder der B'ifkops-fSte dr och Stads -privi- 
legier, beta fuller med retta cities , dock kallas Sta- 
den London allena fa per eminentiam och alia andra , 
Town's. 03 s The Freedom ofacity, Burjkap. City- 
Life , 

CIVis, chives, S. ur Leeks , ISkar , cxrvt/E. 

CIVET, S. a fweet Powder ,et flags half am, ZIBETVM, 
gjordt utaf trdeken af Civet-katten. 

CIVICfc, Adj. A cfv:ck crown, corona ciricA. 

Cl\ IL, Adj. or courteous, hSfiig , wdnlig , belefwad , 
godtalig , fedig .VRBANVS. hem kyfii, drlig. CXj* civil, 
or politick, borgelig. A civil war, inbSrdes krig. A 
civil or military Life, borgeligit-eller foldal - lef- 

CI VILI AN , S. en 'font dr fSrfaren i jure civili. 

To CIVILIZE, V. A. To make civil or to polifli , 
upfclka , upftdda, gj'ra belefwad, POLIRE. Civilized, 
Adj. upfolkad. A civilized Nation, civiliferad Na- 
tion. Civilizer, f. en fom civiliferar. &c. civilly, 
Adv. hojliga. civility , f hofiighet. 

*CLACK, "Vid. Mill-clack, crepitaculvm. 05* To 
i'et one's clack or Tongue a going, begynna at prata. 
C^" Will that perpetual clack never lie ftill ? nil d;t 
flammer-lafet aldrig wenda igen. 

To CLACK, V. N. Tomakeanoife like a Mill-clack, 
kLippa fom en qwarnfkruf , (lamra , crepitare. To 
clack Wool, V.A.fkdraaf fdr-merkctpd ullen. clack- 
goofe, V.d. Barnacle, clack,/ Vid. clicket. 

CLAD, Adj. or cloathed, USdd, vestitus. 

* f CLAIM, S. Demand or challenge, anfprdk , talan , 
pajlaendc af rettighet , V1KD1C1M. To lay claim to a 
thing , gjora anfprdk pa en ting. To claim , V. A. or 
lay claim to, pjora anfprdk , pdfld, beropa fig pa. He 
Claims it, han rilegnar fig d'r.t. 05 s To claim or chal- 
lenge one's Promife, pdfld lofwcn och ISf'te fom enom 
dr gjordt. To Claim Again, aterkalla, claimed , Adj. 
pdflddd, dtalad. Claimer, f. den fom gj'r dtalan. 

To CLAMBER , V. N. or clamber up , klamra , klif- 


***To CLAMM, V. A. or ftarve , fweltaenihjdl , TA- 
ME ENECARE. Clammed, Adj. fwelt. 

***» CLAMMY, Adj. limagtig, viscosvs. clammi- 
nefs , f. limaPtighct , fcghet. 

CLAMOUR , S.buller , gny , fkri, owdfende. Clamorous, 
Adj. or noify , bullerfam. What's all this clamour for ? 
hwad dr delta for wdfende ? 


* CLACK, Goth. KLAKA, clanger e ; avium vox propria. 
•"CLAIM, Goth. KLAMMER, lis, contentio. 
* ¥, To CLAMM , Goth. & Sueth. KL AMMA, lorquere. 
**** CLAMMY , Goth. RLE IMA, illinire. Sueth. KL EM- 
MI O, vijeofus. 

C L A 

C L A 

To CLAMOUR, V. N.fkria, bulra. g> To clamour 
agjinft a thing , uiropa emot en ling. 

"CLAN , S. fa kallas et husholl i Shotland , TRIBUS. 
Epicurus and his Clan, Epicurus och hans eftcr- 

fTo CLAN together, V. N. or cabal, fSlla fig ihop , 
g/ora parti, trfitor, upresning , SEDITIOSE CONVE.vire. 

CLANCUXAR or clandeltine, Adj. fecret and clofe , 
hemlig. A clandestine defign , himltgt forthafwande. 
clandeffnely , Adv. hemli'^:n. 

To CLANG, V. N. To found as a Trumpet, k'inga , 
ljuda, clan CERE, clangor,/ ljud af en bafun &c. 

CLANK, S. or Noife of Fetters and Irons, (iammer 
affjetrar, strepitus compedum. To clank, V. 
N. fiamra fiom fjetrar. 

CLAP, S. or Crack, dan, knoll , rammel , strepitus. 
The Door gave a great clap, dSren fmfiLde hardt. 
A Clap of Thunder, [£f CLAP or 
Blow (ictus) flag , fifing. To give one a clap on the 
Breech, ge en et (lag pa rumpan. Gj" At one Clap or at 
once, pa en gang. CO* A CLAP ( GONORRHEA 
VIRULENT A ) dtoppel. 

To CLAP , V. A. orflrike, klappa , flS , COLLJDERE- 
To clap one's "Wings , (la ihop wingarna. 05^ To 
clap (applaudere) To clap an Aflor on the 
Stage, klappa mcd hinder na for en Actor i et fkadefpel. 
They clapt his Wit , de ber°mde , prifade hans u-ett.rry* 
To clap (/ mponere) He will clap what bias upon 
the propofition he himfelf pleafes, han fitter hwad 
ferg pa faken han behagar. n^V To clap or joyn a thing 
on , or to another , foga tilhopa. r fj^ To clap a piece 
on an old fuit , fiftta lapp pa gammal klfidning. (Xr* 
To clap one's hand upon one's Bread, Ifigga handen 
pa b-Sflet. To clap a lock on the Door , ffitta las 
for dSren. 

Brukas i allmfint lal alfkilligt, Ex. 

To clap up a peace, a bargain, an agreement &c. 
fia ihop en fred , et kop , et accord &c. To clap one 
up in prifon , kafia en i ffingelfc. To clap together , 
bylia ihop. Ncut. To clap , flamra, bulra, To clap in, 
rufa in. clapped, Adj. klappad , flagen , &c. 
CLAPBOARD, S. fifif-bord, tunn-flafwar , materies 


CLAPPER . S. that claps his hands for joy, en font 
klappar med h&nderna , plaUJOR. O^r" Bell-CL APPER, 
(malleus campanm) klock- klfipp. c5* The clap- 
per of a Door, port- klapp are. OS" CLAPPERS of 
conies ( VIVARIUM cuniculorvm ) kanin-kulor, 
dcr de yngla. 

CLARENCIEUX or Clarenceux , S. et nisfi Smbete un- 
der Crortan fotn angar uapn och fKolde-merken. 

** CLARET, S. or Claret-Wine, rSde franfkt win, 
VI.VOM rvbrum. 

CLARICORDS, S.Muficalifkt hflrumcnt. 

To CLARIFY , V. A. klara ,gjora klar , c LARIFACERE- 
To clarify Sirrup, klara firop. To clarify, Neut. klar- 
na. It begins to clarify, det begynner at bli klart. Clari- 
fied , Adj. klarad. Clarifying , f. klarandc. 

CLARIGATION, Vid. Reprifal. 

CLARION, S. el fia^s gild trumpet. 

CLARK, &c. Vid. Clerk. Crc. 

CLASH , S. fiirfill , af ketUr eller dylill, font komma u id 

*CLAV,Jsl. KLANDR , faBio clandefiina. 
"CLARET, Goth. , KLAR, vinum. 

hwarandra , SONUS EX COLLISION!.. 05" CLASH 
(contentio) dispute, twifining. 

To CLASH, V. N. or to beat againrt, flota mot , col- 
LIDERE. itemfkrfilla, fwifia , trdia &c. Their Swords 
clafhed againft one another, wfirjorna klingade mot 
hwarandra. Thefe two Parties do ever clafh one a- 
gainft another, de twa hafwa altid twifl med hwar- 
andra. Your Undertaking clafhes with mine , ederc 
fSretagande ar mig til forfang. (Xj* Clafli with one's 
felf , fortala fig. Claflling, f. Vid. To Clafh. 

CLASP , S. a Sort of Buckle , et fpfinne , fibula. 0$* ■ 
The Clafp of a Book , bok-fpdnne. OS" A Clafp or 
Tendrel of a tree , fprong , tclning pa trfid. 

*To CLASP, V. A. or Buckle , fpfinna ihop, conFI- 
BULARE. OS* To Clafp orembrace, omfamna. clafp- 
ed , Adj. hop fp find , omfamnad. 

CLASS , S. or Form in Schools, Claffi en fchola, clas- 
S1S. 05°" CLASS or Rank , rang-ordning. CLASSICAL 
or ClaiTkk , Adj. Ex. A Claslical Author , en auclor 
af forfia rangcn. 

*"To CLATTER, V. N. or make a noife, bulra, ftim- 
ma,fioja, strepere. oS^To CLATTER or Prattle, 
prata,tala. 05=*To CLATTER or difpute , twifia. A clat- 
ter-coat, en pratare. Clattering, /. ftimmande , owfi- 

CLAVE, Imperf. Verbi. To cleave. CLAVER, Vid. 

CLAUSE , S. or Article of Agreement , artikel i et 
contrail, clausula. OS* Claufe or Conclufioa , 
flut , bcflutning. 

CLAUSTRAL , Adj. of or belonging to a cloifter , 
kloflcr tilhorig. 

CLAW, S. klo , ram, uncvis. The Claws of a Lion, 
lejon-ramar. (T> The Claws of a Crab or Lob- 
fter, hummer • elLcr krfifwete- klo. 03" A Claw -back 
or Flatterer , en fmickrare. 

To CLAW, V. A. or fcratch, US, scab ere. oS= To 

CLAW (ADULARl)fmickra. Prov. CLAW ME, CLAW 
THEE . gjSr du mig en tjcnfi , fit wiljag gjSra dig tgen. 
To Claw it off, or to claw itlaway , to fall to it 
brifkly , fkynda fig, gjSra en fyfia fort. 05* To claw 
the Vifhiais off, rifwa ifig maten. <£f His Book is an- 
fwered , and the Author claws him off, hans bok fir 
fwarad , och han har fan fin del. OS* 1 clawed him 
off, I banged him foundly , jag lade pS honom digt. 
Clawed, Adj. klfidd , fmickrad , bafad Src. 

***CLAY, 5. Potter's Clay , kr, lera , arcilla-OS" 
Clay or Dirt, lort, trfick. Clay-land , Ur-jord. Clay- 
p t , ler-grop. To clay, V. A or dawb with Clay, 
beflrvka med ler , DELUTARE. 

***"* CLEAN, Adj. pure or neat, fnygg , hSffad , ru- 
rus , mukdvs. A clean Glafs , rent glas. A clear. 
Room , fnrsgt mm. As clean as a Penny, fin fom en 
penning. Clean Sheets, rena lakan. <£f To make Clean, 
gjSra ren. OS* To wrap up a nafty Story in clean Lin- 
nen , ffiga enful fitga medfagra ord. C&* Clean, quite 
and clean, Adv. rent af, aldeles.cS* The clean con- 
trary Way, aldeles ur wfigen. 


*To CLASP, Goth. KLYPA, arSius confiringere. 
**To CLATTER, Goth. klatraS, in centroverfiam 

***CLAY, Cym. CLAI, terra. Dan. KLEGE-JORD, 

lutum. Goth. & Sueth. KLAKE , g'eba congclatx. 
""""clean, Goth, CLAN, nitor. a radueScMythici, 

hloa , fplendere. 


CLEANLY, Adj. renlig , fnygg , nitidvs. A Cleanly 
Man, en ndll karl. Cleanliness, f. renUghet , fnygg- 
!:.i. Cleanly, Adv. renliga , mill. 

CLE V.NNESS , >'. renhet, PL'Rjtas. The Cleannefs of 
a G.afs, r en he ten af et g'-as. Cleannefs orNeatnefs, 
niithet. 05" Cleannefs or Purenefs of Mind, renhjen- 
tighet , drbghet. 

To CLEANSE, V. A. rent , rcr.fa , \tv\DARE. Ex. To 
ciea.ife the Blood , rena bloden. To Cleanle a Well, 
renfa en brur.n. Cleanfed, Adj.rcnad, renfaJ. Cleanfer, 
f. renfare , renare. Purl is a Cleanfer of the Blo^d, 
malSrt-dricka dr en blod-rening. 

CLEAR, Adj. klar, CIAR.VS. Ex. A clear and open 
Weather, klart wider. A Clear Fire, Sound, Voice 
or Sight, klu eld, Ijttd, r'l eller fyn. A Clear Dif- 
courfe , tydelig discurs. A Clear Eftate , obefwdrad , 
lorn. (Xj* Clear, without Mixture, o- 
bem^ngd. Clear Conference, rent famweie. Clear Head, 
r.nt , upficldadt hufwud. Clear Judgment , rent begre •. 
OkT" I am dear from that Cr.m; , jag Jr ojkyldtg til 
del broitct.rtj* A Ciear Reputation , obefldekadt namn. 
fXj* An Houfe clear from Infection , obej'mittadt bus. cfr" 
To be Clear in the World , wara ingem fkyldig. CO* 
A Clear Forehead, rent, goat anfikte. 03* A Clear 
Coaft, en ren , fdker kitjl (fkeps-term. ) CCS* To make 
a Clear Riddance, gjora fig aldetes af med en fak , 
eller Hi Ha alt i ordning.tff A Clear Title, obefwdrad 
the'.. (J5* 'Tis all clear Gain to me , alt ren winfl, 
03 1 * To make the Houfe clear or to clear the Houfe, 
gjSra rent bus. CXj* To get clear of the port , ISpa 
utur bamr.en. 

CLEAR, Adv. aldeles , omnino. I am clear againft 
it, jag d fcltoch holltt deremoi. oO* To come offclear, 
komrna wSl if ran. ffj* He carried it clear, ban wannt 
fpetet. To ftand clear , gifwa rum. 05* If the Sun 
fets clear , it is a Sign of fair weather , om fblen gdr 
klar ned, dr del tekn til wackert wader. <T5* To have 
a Revenue of a Thoufand pounds clear, ha f via 
arlig iakom't tufend pund , klara pengar. Clear-light- 
ed , klar-igd. Clear-fpirited , upriktig , Srlig. 

To CLEAR , V. A. or make clear , g/Sr-i klar , ren &c. 
bade proprieoch Jig. purificare. 

A Water that clears the Sight , watnfom gjor klar 
fyn. To clear a Metal, fofra metall. ffj" To clear 
a PalTage, s/ora ren genomfart. r*p To clear a Bulinefs , 
uplyfa en fak. cCr* To clear a Difficulty , uploj'a en fwdr- 
hei. CtS" To clear a Prifoner, frifldlla , frikdnna en 
fange. r£> To clear one's (elf from a Theft, gjSra fig 
urtjufwa. r£j* To clear the Table , taga af bordet. Cf5* 
To cWar the Room , gjora rent rum ( bade act. och 
Neut. ) rjj" To clear one's Debts, btiala fin fkuld. 
To clear at the Cuftom-Houfe , klarera ut pa tullen. 
To clear up, V. N. klarna up (om wdderleken. ) To 
clear up, V. A. Ex. come, clear up your Brow, 
frijk up , fe gladt ut. 

CLEARANCE , S. or clearing of a Ship , at the cuftom- 
Houfe , utUarcring pd tullen. Cleared , Adj. klarnad 
fre. Vid. Verb. 

CL&&BER, Ad}. Harare , clarior. Clearly, Adv. 
or wholly , klarliga , aldeles, tvdeliga. 

CLEARNESS , S. or Brightness , klarhet , glans , 
CLAR-'T.ts. rr^* The Clearnels of the Voice, rifhns 
kla'het. rff Clearnefs of Sound , ljudets klarhet. Cf?" 
CLEARNESS or Perfpicuity, klarhet , tyhlighet. Ctj* 
CLEARNESS or Purenefs , renhet. rfV 
torn a Fault, ojkyldighst. Clear-fighted , VU, Clear. 


*To CLEAVE, /-'. A. klyfwa , fSnder-fkdra , r ik de- 
re. 05* ToCLEAVE, P. N. or fplit, klyjwa fig, remna, 
DEHISCERE. Oif To CLEAVE or (lick fa ft to ( AD- 
HAZRERE ) fdjla fig wid , holla fig id. To Cleave .o 
one's wife , holla fig ill un rff A \t'ooii-clejv :r, 
wed- klyf ware, tjj* A Butcher's cleaver, cr. (lag- 
tare-blla. A cleaving or cleft, khfta. Cleaving, Adj. 
font flicker fafl , holler jig til. 

CLEES, S. HlSfwar , vsgul/e bovinje. 

To CLEER, &c. Vid. To Clear, &c. Cleff, Vi d. cliff. 

CLEF T , Adj. a Verba, To Cleave , kluf'wen , remnad , 
Iissits. Cleft, Imper f. Verbi, To Cleave. CLEFT, 
/. klyfta , remna. cG* The cleft of the Breech , jo- 
k lift an. 

CLEMENT, Adj. mild, nddig, wdnlig. Clemency, f. 
nddighet , mild'iet. 

CLENCH, Vid. Clinch. To CLENCH , Vid. To Clinch, 

fCLEPED , Adj. kallad , i'ocATi/s. [El gammalt ord , 
aldeles utur bruk) 

CLERGY, S.preflerfkap,CLERVS.tfj* CLE RG Y or Be- 
nefit ot the Clergy, Vid. Benefit. A Clergymar. , 
preflmin. Clerical , Adj. dertil horig. 

CLERK, S. or Clergy-man, klerk, CLERlcvs. The 
Clerk of the Parifh , klockaren i Soknen. An Attor- 
ney's clerk, en Advocats -fkrifware. A clerk of j/ 
Company, Secreterare af en Societet. Clerk of the 
Kitchen, koks -jk\'ifware , inkSpare. Clerk of the 
Crown, Riks-Can- x Urens Secrete-are fom utfdrdar kai- 
lelfe-brefwen til alia parlaments-fullmdgiiga. Clerk i f 
the Market, jufterare a f matt och wigt. Clerk of the 
Alfizes or Criminal- clerk , Notarius wid Criminal- 
protocollet. Clerkfllip , et fddant dmbete. 

CLEVER , Adj. artig , behdndig , ndti , befkedlig , flink, 
DEXTER. He is a Clever Man, han dr en artig kurL 
A clever Fellow, en flinker gojje. Clever or Clever- 
ly, Adv. artig &c. He does it Cleverly, ban gjSrdee 
rett wdl , behSndigt. 

**CLEW , 5. A Clew of Thread, Trdd-nyflan , aio- 
M us . 

To CLICK, V. N. or to go Click-Clack, kndppa fom 
el ur , CREPITAR.E. Clicket, f. dor -eller port-klap - 

CLIENT, S. client, den font en advoeat fSrer lain 
fire, clievs. The Clients of a Man in Power, en /lor 
mans tilhdngare. 

CLIFF or Clift, S. bergs -khfta, CLtvus. CJf> A cliff 
in Muiick , klaf i mujtken. 03^ Cliff or Clift ofWood, 
a Piece of Wood cleft, klyfta af trdd. 

CLIFT or Cleft, S . remna , fpringa , FISSURA. 

CLIMACTERICAL , Adj. A Man's Clima^erical Year 
is every Seventh Year : but the great Clima&erical 
Year is the Sixty third , hwart fiunde dr dr en mans 
elimaclerijka dr , men del fextionde tredje dr [del flora. 

CLIMATE , S. himmels-flrek , item diflrict af land. 

To CLIMB or to climb up. or get up, V. N. klifwa 
uv , scAXDERE.rfj'To Climb up a Tree, rlifwa tip 
i et trdd. To Climb up a Ladder , klifwa up fir en jlese. 


*To CLEAVE, Goth. KLYFA , KLTFT , fegmentum. 
"CUW, Goth. KLEPR, globofum quid. 

C L I 

C L 

CLIMBER, S. klifiware, scaxdeks. Prov- hasty 


jar hafitigt fall. Climbing , /. Vid. To climb , klif- 

CLIME, S. Vd. Climate. To clime , Fid, To climb. 
CLINCH, S. or quick Repartee, godt ord , lufitigt in- 

fiall , PAROD1A. 

*To CLINCH. V. A. knyta ihop , compuxgere. To 
clinch the Fill, knyta ihop ndfwen. tfj* To clinch a 
Nail, nada en fipik. Clinched , Adj. hopknuten , nadad. 
Clincher, y; one good at Repartee, en fiom fi.nner fig 
wdl. Oj 2 " Clincher , an unanswerable Reafon or Ar- 
gument, owederfiugeligit filial. Clinching, Adj. Ex. 
Clinching witticifm , ordhiitighet. 

To CLING to , V. N. or Slick to, faflna wid, fSJIa fig wid, 
adhjerere. propr. & fig. CLINGY, AJj.or C\zmmy, 
limi'tig , fiafitnande , vjscosvs. 

To CLINK, as Metal does, V. N. klinga , tinnire. 
Clink , fi. klang. 

To CLIP, V. A. klippa, TOXDERE. To clip Money, 
klippa mynt. <$ff To clip a Man's vugs, or leSTen 
his Power , fildeka wingama pa en. Cj* To clip or 
Shear Sheep, klippa far. cry- To clip and coll, or 
embrace, omfamna , fiamntaga. C5"* French Men do 
clip EngliSh , FranfoCer ftympa Engelfkan, Clipped , 
Adj. klipt. Clipper,/, klipparc. Clippings, j'axwrak. 
Clipt, Vid. clipped. 

CLTSTER, Vid. Glider, cliver, fi. a Butcher's 
Knife, Vid. cleaver, cloak, Vid. cl:'-e. To 
cloak, &c. Vid. Tocloke, &c. To cloath , C-c. 
Vid. To clothe &c. 

CLOCK, S. klocka, timklocla , horologjvm. Ct!r* 
What's a Clock ? What a clock is it ? hwad dr klockan .' 
'Tis Four a clock, klockan dr fyra. Clock-maker, 
klock-makarc. clock-making, klock-maleri. clock-work, 
klock-J'pel. c5= The clock of a Stocking, fiwickla pa 
en firumpa. 

To CLOCK, &c. Vid. To cluck, be. 

CLOD or Clot, S. koka, GLEBA. A Field full rf clods, 
en dker full afi kol or. To break the clods , bulla kokor. 
-'( Ciod-Pate, dumhufwud. <f^ Clods of Blood, blod- 
klimpar. Cloddy, Adj. kokig, klimpig. To CLOD, 
V. A. or break clods or clots , Vid. fiupra. 

To CLOD, V, N.or curd, lSpa,yfia,JkSrafy,/3fom 
mj'lk ellcr Hod , COXDEXS ARJ. clodded Blond , Mod, 
fiom har fikurit fig. clodded or clouted Milk, lupen 
mjolk , lopnad. 

CLOG, S. or Hinderance, kinder, 1MPEBIM LXTVM. 
eff A clog hanging about a Dog's neck, hund-hiU- 
iand. That's a fine Efhte , but there's a clog upon 
it , del dr en fil;on eoendom, om nan wore ograverad. 
C5* Clogs nr Wooden clogs, under-fiolor afi trdd, fiom 
Engelfika q-vinfiolken bru ' a. 

To CLOG , V. A. or h'hder, h'ndrc, ^S§ a enom no- 
got i wlgen, impedire. r^ToCLOGor load (gra- 
vare) hcLfitt, betunga. (J - /* This meat clogs my Sto- 
mach , denna maten befu-drar magen. Clogged , Adj. 
Vid. To clog. Clogged w th Bufinefs , Sfwerhopad 
med fyjlor. clogging, ofiwerlafitande , hindrande. cloied, 
Vid. cloy'd. 

CLOISTER, S. fipd^ergdng i et klofler, PORTtCVS , 
item klofler , CLAVSTRUH. 

*To CLINCH, Goth. KLECKIA, vinculo, neclere. Sueth, 
KLJNKA , pejfulus. 

To CLOISTER up , fihta en i klofler , infiluta , iir- 
CLVDERE. Cloiftered , Adj. or Cloiltered up, infilu- 
ten i klofler. Cloiiterial, Adj. dertilhorig. 

CLOKE, S. kappa, kdpa , P ALLIUM. 05" CLOKE 
(pr&textvs) (ken,fiSrewer:dn:n^. Cloke of Religion, 
jken af gudagnghet. Under that cloke, under det jke- 
nct. (fj* A Riding-cloke, awinfolks regn-kdpa. cloke- 
Bag , kapp-fiSck. 

To CLOKE, V. A. or to palliate, bemantla, filiyla, 
tScka, oetecere. He Clokes his Hatred with falfe 
Shew of Friendship, han fikyler fit hat med falj'kt Jken 
afi wSnfkap. To cloke one's Ambition or Perfidiouf- 
nefs , bemantla fin Srelyftenhel , otrohet. Cloked , Adj. 
betSckt , bemantlad , fikyld. 

* CLOSE, Adj. or thick, tSt , deksus. They Mood fa 
clofe to one another, de ftodo fid tiftt tilhopa. A clofe 
Piece of cloth , et titt ftycke kl.fde. OS* He is a clofe 
Prifon3r , han fitter i hirdt f.'lngtlfic. (tj* A CLOSE 
or compared Difcourfe,e/t concis ditctrs. (tj^ A clofe 
Room, et tdppt rum. <£f To keep a clofe corre- 
fpondence with one, hafiwa nr.ra gemenjkap med en, 
holla fiark correfipondence. Cj^ A CLOSE or referved 
Man , jd-ordig, fiom ej fiiger det ban menar, har innom- 
bords. You mull be very clofe, du mdjle ivara ganfika 
tyfl, hemlig.Qfj* CLOSE or dark Weather, tungt,mSrkl 
welder. 0^=* A CL OSE or covetous Man, karg , girig 
man (item nStter om fig) OS" CLOSE and Fad, filu- 
ten,fdfi. OS* A CLOSE Jell, bitande fkSmt. 05" This is 
clofe fultry Weather, detta tir et doj~warmt wader. 
C5* A clofe Fight, fikarpt fSgtande. (Xj* A clofe- 
ftool , natt-flol. tt5* A dofe Coat, lif-rdek. Prov. 
Jogel far intel korn. clofe-fifted or covetous, final, 
Jniken. Clofe-cropt , nSr-klipl. Clofe, fi. or Conclu- 
sion, fltit , befilut. cdr" CLOSE , a Piece of Ground 
hedged about, (re. hage , tSppa. 

CLOSE, Adv. titt, nSr ihop , dense. Ex. To live 
clofe, lefwa ndtt. To draw the Battalions clofe, Jluta 
titt med battallionerna. To write clofe , fikrifwa titt. 
To pull the Bridle dole, draga belief hdrdt tiU To 
Sland , to Sit or to ly clofe together, fit a , filta ti- 
ler _ tigga tStt ihop. Prov. CLOSE SITS MY SHIRT , 
BUT CLOSER is MY SKIN , fikfortan Sr mig nSr- 
mare dn trojan. To Sollow one clofe , fSrfolja en in 
pa hdlarna. To ftick clofe to one , holla fig hdrdt til 
en. To follow one's work clofe, wara trdgen wid fin 
Jyfia. To Study clofe , fitudera trdget. To keep a Thing 
clofe , holla et ting hemligt. To Shut clofe , jluta tdtt. 
Clofe by, hardt in til. To go clofe by the Wind, in 
Sailing , fiegla digt bi de wind. 

To CLOSE, V. A. or conclude, (luta , beflma , cow 
CLUDERE.tfy* To CLOSE or heal up a Wound , hela, 
draga ihop et far. o5» To clnfe IN , infiluta , inldfa. To 
Clofe UP a Letter , Idssa ihop , forfcgla et href. 

To CLOSE, V. N. as a Wound does, draga fig ihop, 
helna , sol idescere.v!j*-To close or agree triTH 
one , komma ofiwerens med en. Crfr" To dole with the 
Enemy , med wdrjan i hand finjj med fenden. Clofed , 
Adi. befluten, Sndad , helad , &c. Clofed IN, influten. 
Clofed UP , forfieglad. 

CT OSELY , Adv. or fecretly, hemligcn , tyfi/eligen , OC- 


"CLOSE, Jsl. *i. Sueth. KLASE, aliquid urele cotxrint. 

C L 

C L O 

CLOSENESS, S. tunghet i luften , tSthtt , hemlighet , 
bak-flughct , fdtalighet. Vid. Adj. 

CLOSER, S. ur/hiljare, decisor. A clofer of debates, 
en ur/kitjeman. 

CLOSER, S. ISn-kammare , /<>« mak , CONCLAVE. 

\ Clofetting, /^ (private Meetings or Intrigues of the 
Cabinet Council ) Cabinets-intriger. • 

To CLOSET , P. ^. The King clofeted feveral ofhis 
Lords upon that entreprife , Konungen holt hemliga 
radjlag med Stfkilliga fina herrar om dct forctagandct. 

■(-CLOSURE, Vid. Inclofure. Clot, Vid. Clod. 

|A CLOT-HEAD or Clot-poted Fellow, S. en half- 
tok , fjoller , BARDVS. 

* CLOTH, S. or Linnen - cloth , linne , untevm. 
OS* cloth or Woolen-doth , klSde, p annus. oS" To 
wear the Cloth , i. e. to wear Scarlet , to be a Mi- 
litary Man , tjena fir foldat. OS* To wear the cloth, 
i. c. the Black cloth or the Gown, to be in orders, 
wara i pre/l-dmbete. OS* The cloth or Table - cloth , 
bordduk. To lay the cloth , duka liordct. To take away 
the cloth, taga af bordet. 


Kj 5 - Cotton- cloth , bomulls-ldrft. OS* Hair -cloth or 
Sack- cloth, har-duk- OS" Tiflue- cloth , filfwer-eller 
gyllen-duk. C?* Hearfe cloth, bdr-kludc. Sear-cloth, 
pldfler -duk. <X> Horfe - cloth, hcjl-kldde. OS* Scarlet- 
cloth , fkarlakan. C5 5 " Meat , Drink and cloth, Wi- 
der och fSda. d5» Cloth-worker , klid-beredare. pS* 
Cloth- weaver, klSd - wdfware. C@° Cloth - Trade , 
klddes - handel. C£5* Strained cloth, mdlarc-duk. 

To CLOTHE, V. A. kldda , rtsriRE. Ex. To clothe 
the Soldiers , bekldda j'oldaterna. To clothe the Poor, 
kldda den fattiga. Clothed , Adj. klddd. 03=" Clothed 
with Majefty and Honour, klSdd med dra och hdr- 

CLOTHES , /. Udder , vestimenta. Mens clothes, 
mam-Udder. Womens - chothes , qwinno -kldder. A 
Suit of clothes , en klddning. ctS* Clothes or Linnen, 
linklddcr. Foul clothes, orent Untyg. To put on one's 
clothes, klifda pa fig. To pull of one's clothes, kldda 
af fig. tfj* To wear plain clothes , bdra fata kUtder. OS* 
Bed-Clothes, feng-kldder. clothes -Line, flrengar at 
torka kldder pa. Clothier , f. klSd- makare. Clothing,/^ 
ktddande. tf> Clothing or Clothes , kldder. 

**CLOUD , S. fky ,moln , nvbes. A Thunder-cloud, 
a Storm-threatening cloud, tjockt , mSrkt moln. clouds 
in Painting , jliy-wdrki matting. Uj* To be under a 
cloud or in Trouble , wara pa kneken. Cloud-com- 
pelling Jove , den dundrande Jupiter. 

To CLOUD , V. A. betdeka med moln, OBNL'BllARE. 
CG* To cloud , Neut. molta. The Sky begins to cloud, 
det begynner molna pa himmelen. Clouded , Adj. mol- 
nad. ojr" A Cane well-clouded, wdl teknadt ror(kdpp) 
OS* Her Eves are clouded with Melancholy, hon fer 
mulen eller bedrofwad in. c£r* A clouded Countenance, 
et forgbundet anfigte. Cloudinefs , /. The Cloudinefs 
of the weather, molnagtighet. 

CLOUDY, Adj. mulen, nvbilus. Ex. Cloudy wea- 
ther, mulit wider. Prov. CLOUDV MORNINGS TURN 
TO FAIR EVENINGS , p3 mulen morgan foljer klar 
afton. (T> CLOUDY, fad or melancholy, bedrofwad , 

"CLOTH , Celt. CLYD , calorificum quodvis. 
**CLOUD, Goth. GlATE, vapor pellucidus. LAUD, hu- 

CLOVE, 5. a fort of fpice, neglika , CARYOPHriLVM 
aromatic. Ctj* A Clove, or eight Pound of cheefe, 
the 32 d. Part of a Weight ofcheefe, en ofi-wigt af 
S Sk alpund. 

CLOVEN, Adj. from to Cleave, klufwen , risst/s. 
Ex. A Cloven-Foot, tweklof. Cloven-footed, tweklSJ- 

CLOUT , S. a Difh- Clout, klut , trafa , pannicvlus. 
O^r* Womens Clouts, qwinfolks Untyg (i deras lid) 
05" A Head-Clout, hufwud-kldde. 05° Clouts, for 
young Children , blojor for barn. 05* Iron - Clouts 
about cart-wheels , band omkring hjul-Jkoning. 

|To CLOUT, V. A. or patch, lappa, sarcire. f 
Clouted , Adj. lappad. 

*CEOWN, S. en bond-lurk, svbagrestis. I have 
got a Clown to my Husband , jag bar fan rett en 
lymmel til man. Clownery ,f. bondfia. Clownifh, Adj. 
bondagtig , ehSffad. To have clownifh and rufcical 
Ways with one , hafwa bondagtiga maner . Clownifllly, 
Adv. bondlikt. Clowniflinefs , f. bbndagtighet. 

To CLOY, V.A.or glut, mdua, sati/r are. Cloy'd, 
Adj. mSttad. I am cloy'd with it , jag dr mitt deraf. 

CLUB, S. or cudgel with a big head , klubba, cLAVA. 
t£f CLUB, at Cards, klofwer i kirt. CO CLUB 
(sy.MP osium ) gille , Tobacs - Collegium. To keep a 
Club, holla et gille. Cttr" CLUB or one's fliare o." a Rec- 
koning , ens del i en rekning , quota , fymbola. To be 
every man his club , betala hwar och en fin quota. Club- 
law , gille-ordning. &*=• Club-law or Cudgelling, kdpp- 
fldngar. ccy All things are carriedby Club-law, <'. e. 
by force, al ting drifwes med wold. Club-footed, 
klunsfotad. Clubfifted , grof-hdndt. 

To CLUB, V . N. or pay one's fliare , betala fin quota 
med fdllfkapet , conferre si'.mbolam. I was fain 
to club as well as others , jag mSjle betala min quota 
fa fom andra. 05* Two men clubbed or joined 
with Mahomet, in making of the Alcoran, two. mdn 
gjorde et med Mahomet at finorja ihop Alcoran. 

D j CLUBBISH, Ad], ofedig , ohSJwifk, rvdis. 

To CLUCK , V. A. as a hen does , klucka fom en h'na, 
glocire. "J - I will cluck him over to me , jagfkall 
wd°l locka honom til mig. 

CLUE, Vid. Clew, f clumberton , f. Vid. Clown. 

■(•CLUMPING, Adj. or heavy ,tungfotad, GRAVIS PE- 
DE. f Clumpingly , Adv. trogt , tungt. 

CLUMSY, Adj. tjock , bdmbig , knubbig , plump „ klub- 
big, crassvs , grandiVscVLUs. To have clumfy 
hands, wara tunghindt. A little clumfy fellow, en li- 
ten knubber. rff- Clumfy, Clownifll , bondagtig, obe- 
hdndig. Clumfily, Adv. obehJndigt. 

CLUNCH-FISTED, Vid. Clofe-fifted. CLVSG.impcrf. 
Verbi , to Cling. CLUNG, Adj. from, to Cling. 

To CLUNG, V. N. (to dry as Wood will do, being 
laid up after it is cut ) giflna fdfom rahuagct trdd , 
arescere. Clung with hunger, ulhungrad. Fruits 
clung , wijfnad frukt. 

CLUSTER , S. a clufter of grapes , en klafa windruf- 
wor, RACEMVs.Qfr' CLUSTER or heap of feveral things, 
en hSg a/ allehanda faker tilhopa. A clufter of Bees ^ 
en krata af bin. A clufter of Iflands , en hop fmd Sar. 


*CLOWN, Goth. HLENNE, mancipium. KLUNNA- 
LEGR, rudis. 


C A 

To come in a clufter or by clutters ,fliockafig. cli 
ed , ./4<//. or in a clufter , jkockad. Clufteriy , _^i/'. 
£*. A Clufterly Vine, sr w:n-irSd fulh af dr. 
Clulterly , Adv. fkock-tals , alt i en rSra. 
To CLUTCH, V. A. jluta, omgripa, fatta, holla, 
arcte complecti. To clutch or clinch the Fift , 
knyta ndfwen. 

CLUTCHES , S. klor , ramar, ungues. o5f* To keep 
out of ones clutches, akta fig for ens klor. c5* To 
fall again into the Enemy's clutches, falla pa nytt i 
fin fiendes hinder. A clutch-fift,_^ en hard-hindt. clutch- 
fifted , a Hold-faft, fom icke gerna gifwer. 
"CLUTTER, S. cr crowd , en folkhop , trengfel af folk, 
StULTlTUDO. C5* CLUTTER or great Noiie ( tu:-iul- 
tus) buller, owSfende. To make or keep a clutter, 
owSj'cndc, alarm. To clutter together, V. N. fI(ockafig". 
Cluttering , /. hullrande , flormande. Clyfter , Kid. 
DtTo COACERVATE, V. A. or, heap up together, 
■ famla , draga i hog , flSpa jhop. 

COACH, S. tSk-wagn , carojfe , curbus. A coach 
and fix Horfes , or only , a coach and fix , wagn med 
fex hejiar. A Stage-coach , pajfage-wagn. A Gentle- 
man's Coach-, herre-wagn. A Livery Coach , carofie 
de remife. A Hackney Coach, hyr-wagn. Coach-horfj, 
wagns-hefi. Coach-box , maga^in i en wagn. C - 
man , kurfk. Coach-hire, wagnshyra. Coach -houfe, 
ivagnshus. Coach-maker , wagn-makare. 
* To COACH one, V. A. or put him into a coach, 
fitta en i wagn, kora en, CVRF.U vehere. Coached, 
Adj. fan i wagn , kord. I law her coached , jag fag 
henne i wagn, 
Dt CO ACTION, S. or conftraint, twon^. 
COADJUTOR., 5. medhjelpare. Ex. A Bifhop's Coad- 
jutor , en Bifkops medhjelpare. 
To COAGULATE, V. A.yfta..^-To coagulate, V. 
N. or to curdle, fkSra fig . ISpna , yfla fig. Coagulat- 
ed, Adj. yfiad , ISpnad. Coagulation, f. yjlande. To 
Coake ts To Coaks, Vid. to coxe. 
COAL, 5. a lort of Fuel , kol , carbo. Pit - coal or 
Sea- coal, ften-}ol. Char-Coal, wed- kol. Coal-pit or 
Coal-mine, kol-grufwa. Coal - man , kol-hokare. Coal 
heaver „ kolhdfware. Coalhoufe or Coal-hole, kol-hus. 
Coal-black , kol-fwart. 
COALESCENCE or coalition , 5. It was debated how 
to make a coalition of Counfels between them and 
Scotland, man ifwerlade hum man matte forena. deras 
r3d-(lag med Skotiarna. 
COAST , S. or fea-coaft , kuft, , ORA MA- 
rjtjma. c5* Coaft of a country, landsort. From all 
coafts , ifran alia orter. OS* A COAST of muttom 
{COST A oris ) framdelen af ei far. 
To COAST along, V. A.& N. or fad along the coaft, 
fegla lengs med kuflen , LEOERE LlTTUS. Coafted 
along, Adj. Icfeglad. 
**COAT, S. a clofe coat, lif-rock , troja , tunica. 
03* A wide coat, paj-rock. oS* A campaign coat, res- 
rock, ofr" A child's coat or upper coat, harn-kolt. A 
child in coats, ham fom gar i kolt. CCJ* Coat-pockets, 
roek-fickcr. 05* A coat or Petticoat, kjortel. 05* A 
waft-coat, weji. 05* A woman's waft-coat, qwinfolks 
liffiycke. CO* A coat of armour , pan-tar - rock. A coat 

*CLUTTER, Goth. KLUTR, controverfia. OKLUTRAD, 

non controverfus. 
"COAT, Goth. KOT, tunica fine mankis. Celt. KUTTEN, 


<j f mail , fjellpanytr. t£r- A coat of arms , wapn , fkild- 
- i.e. A i urn-coat , 5/wirlSpare, fom holler med bdgge 
Smfom. 05* To caft his coat, hyta om (kin , filla hlr. 
CLOTH, ft&ll mun efter matfiicken. 05* To difgrace 
<jne's coat or Gown , fatta en flack pa fin kappa. 
05* A hawk of the firft coat , en fogel l andra Sret. 
"COAT or cottage, koja, casa. A Jheeps coat, fdr- 

h.js, falla. 
To COAT a child , V. A. klida pa et barn , TVyicA 
jnduere. Coated , Adj. paklSdd. K5» A fott- 
coated fifh , lisjkimudfijk. A rough-coated fLfli, hard- 
COB, 5. or Sea-cob, fifii-mafe , en watn- fogel , ga- 
vi a. C5* A rich cob or mifer , en rik niding. cob- 
nut , a boyift. play with nuts , gojfe-fpet med nStter. 
COB-IRON , 5. an Iron whereon the lpit turns , fiek- 

fpets-dyna , cratei/TERII/m. 
To COBLE, V. N. fufka, lappa, pracka , ia'epti 
agere. 05" To coble flioes , lappa j kor. Cobler , /. 
fko-lappare , bonas. 
COBWEB, S. dwergs-ndt, arakeaz tela. c5> Their 
laws are mere cobwebs , deras lagar Sro bara dwergs- 
ndt 'allenafi- for de enfaldige) 
COCAO -NUT, 5. en Indifc nSt, hwaraf CHOCOLATE 

COCHENEAL, Vid. Cutcheneal. 

COCK, S.tupp, hane , callus. The Cock crows, 
hancn ropar. A Cock's comb, tupp-kam. Coxcomb, 
fnushane, niswiftr , fpretthSk. A game -Cock , en fdkt- 
tupp. A Turky- Cock, kalkon-tupp. 05* The Cock 
of a boy , gojj-fnorr. OS* The Cock or Pin of a Sun- 
dial , pinnen pa en folwifarc. tf°> The Cock of a Hat, 
upfiSttningen at en katt. 05* The cock of a gun , hancn 
pa en bSffa. (XS* The Cock or the Needle of a baliance, 
tungan i en wigt. . 05* The Cock of a water-pipe , 
tappen pa en watnpipa. 05° A Cock of hay , ho-hwalm. 
CrS* To tell a ftory of a cock and a bull , fortdlja en 
kdrling -faga. A Pea-cock , pafogel. A wood-cock , 
ulla (en fo'el) A weather - cock , widchane. 
Cock-pit, et fidde der tuppar fikta- Cock-fighting, 
tuppfSktning. Cock-Horfe or children riding upon x 
lYick , kJpp fom barn rida pa. Cock -crowing , hane- 
rop , hane-g.V.d. Cock-throwing at Shrovetide , en lek 
fom brukas wid fafilags-tiden , at kafia efter en bundtn. 
tupp. Cock-loft or garret ,gSlle for hons. Cock-brain- 
ed , or giddy-brained , et pundhufwud. Cock-treai or 
Cocks-treadle, the fperm of an Egg, egg-fro. Cock- 
ftride , tuppflcg. Prov. AT NEW- YEAR A COCK- 
STRIDE , AT TVElF-DAr AN HOUR (om dtgarnas 
forlengning) Cock-boat, liten julle. Cock-flioot or Cock- 
flioottirr.e, qwdlningen. Cock-fure, wiff pa fig. A 
Cock-Sparrow, han-fparf. 
**To COCK, V. A. erigere. To cock a Gun, 
fpdnna up en bSJfa, 05* To cock or to cock up one's 
hat , fitta up fin hatt. 05* To Cock up hay , hwalmt 
ho. Cockade.^ band-ros. Cocked, Ad), upfplnd. 
COCKATRICE, S.bafilifk, basjliscus. Ef. <a. oO* 

A Cockatrice or whore , en hora. 
To COCKER, V. A. to be fond of or indulgent to, 
klema med en , jndulcere. You cocker your child 
H to» 

COAT, Coth. KOT , tugurium. KOTUSG* , in tugurim 
**ToCOCK, Goth. KOXR , coacervatum quid. Suetin 
SKOCK , concurfut quivis. 



too much , . ■ "?■ Cocker- 

ed, Adj. en fom klemas med. 

COCKET, Adj. or r. : ... pel . . njs-wis , piTVLANS. 
. ead, grant huietebrSd. 

CoCKISH, Adj. or BecheroiiS, kat , fkiragtig , la- 


COCKLE, S. et flags Jkalfifk , fnScka, concha. oif* 
Cockle - it-ir, or winding - fairs , windcl - trappor. rrjr* 
Hot-cockles, a kind offport, . .,,'.'. 

To COCKLE. /'. S. or wrinctle as camlet 

lot, CORRUCARI. 03* To COC -LE 

(spun are) fradgas , fkuma fig , fi 

ftorm: ■ Adj. Ex. A cockling tea, fradr- 

gandc Sjo. 
COCKNEY , 5. a nick-name for Londoners, et Sinamn 

pa Londons-bocr ,fwarar emot Siockholms pepar-fdekar. 
tA COCKNEY, nSdc manfen , en klcmcr , en mors- 


COCKREL, S. or young cock, en ung tupp. 

COCQUET , Adj. or wanton, kat, fkiragtig , s.ilax. 
A cocquet, f. en qwinfolks-karl. Cocquetilh, Adj. 
kStagtig. Cocquettry, f. kitja 

COCTlON , S. or Digeftion of Me it, kokning, fmclt- 
nldg i magen. A flow or imperfect cofhon , en trog 

*COD ,S.orrlufk,J~kal,siLl<>VA. Peafe-cod, Ert-Jkal. 
r£f A Mans cods, Jlinfppor , ballftenar. 05=- COD 
{asellus ) kabiljo, torfk. K5* The cod or the Bot- 
tom of a Bay , dndan pa en hafswik. rry Cod or Pil- 
low , kudde, Srmgort. CO' Cod-piece, fUrhiudc. 

CODDED , Adj. as Peafe, gangtn i Jkal , fafom Jkal- 
friikt. Codder, /. or Gatherer of Peafe, Beans 
cvc. en fom plockar erter , honor. 

To CODDLE, V. A. koka fma-faker, coctillare. To 
Coddle Apples, koka Splen. 

CODE, S. or Volume of the civil Law, lagboken , 
codex juris civ. 

CODEBECK , S. en Franjk hatt. 

CODICIL, 5. or Supplement to a "Will , bihang, til et 

CODLINS, S.kok-dplen, poma coctilia. 

COE or Coo , 5. hydda nedre i en grafwajSr malm-brytare. 

COEQUAL , Adj. jemlik, mtdlik. 

COERCION, S. or Reftraint, twong. Coercive , Adj. 
twingande,tilbakaholUndc. A coercive Power, twin- 
gande magt. 

COESSENTIAL, Adj. affamma watelfe , med - wSfent- 

COETANFOUS, Adj. famtidig, fam-aldrig, lik-al- 

drig. COETERNAt , Adj. li'ka cfwig. COEVAL, Adj. 

affamma alder. COEXISTENT , Adj. famwarande. 
COFFEE or Coffee-Berry, Caffe-bSna , CHOAVA. cof- 
fee-tree , Caffe-tntd. Coffee, Cafft-dryck. Coffee-houfe, 

Caffe-hus. Coffee-pot, Caffc-potta. 
COFFER, S. koffert, cista. Ex. The Kings Coffers, 

Konungens fkatt-kamman. Cofferer , f. or Cofferer of 

the King's Houlhold, hof-lntcndcnt , fom betalar de 

ttndra betjentcrna fina loningar. 
COFFIN , S. lik-kifia , sandapila. A Coffin for Books, 

COG , S. a Cog of a Mill-wheel, kugge i et qwarnhjul , 

scuriobuium. Cog-wheel, kugg-hjul. 
To COG, V. A. or flatter, fmickra , adblandiRI. 

05" To cog the Dice , kafia falfk. terning. 

*COD , Goth. KODDE, Sueth. KUDDE , cervical. ERT- 
KCDDE, fdiqua. 

COGENT, Adj. or forcible, twingande , dr' A 
Cogent Motive, et Jlarkt bewekelfc - medcl. Cogent 
Reafons . ftarka Jhtl. Cogently, Adv. med twong. 

COGGED, Adj. fmickrad , Vid. to Cog. Cogger , f. 
fmiekrare. A coeeing Gamefter , en fpel-filur. 

COGITATION, S. or Thought, tanke. 

COGGLE-STONE, S. fma-flen , kndck , calculus. 
■j" Cogmen , Vid. Cog-ware. 

Df COGNATION, S. or Kindred, forwandtfkap , 
erfhtp, AFF1KITAS. 

COGNISANCE or Cognizance, S. ranfakning , ur- 
fkilning [lag-term) cogmtio. To take Cognifance 
of a Thing, ranfaka et ting. This falls under the 
Cognifance of Philofophy, detta kommcr Philofophos til 
at urdeh. CO* Cognifance or Badge, wapn , merke, 


COGNOSCENCE,5.( aPhilofophical word for Know- 
ledge ) et &etcnfkaps ord. Cognofcitive , Adj. Ex. The 
Cognofcitive Faculty • kunfkaps-f$rm8gan. 

To COHABIT, V. fi, or dwell together, bygga och bo 
p.;. To cohabit with a Woman, holla bolag med cm 
qwinna. Cohabitation , I. bolag. 

COHEIR, 5. or Jo'ynt-Heir, medarfwinge. Coheirefs, 
f, fcemin. 

To COHERE, V. N. or hang well together, henga til- 
hopa. Coherence or Coherency, f. There is no Cohe- 
rence in that difcourfe, del ir intct fammanhang i det 
talct. Coherent , Adj. J'ammanhcngande. Cohefion , 
Vid. Coherence. 

COIF , S. kufw'udbonad, capillars. A Night-coif, 
natt-tyg. Coifed, Adj. klddd pfi Atifwudet, 

COIL, S. or Clutter, buller, strepitus. To keep a 
coil , bullra, gjora oljud. Coiled , Adj. lagd i lyngor. 

COIN, S. or Money, mynt , moneta. Counterfeit 
coin , falfkt mynt. 

To COIN Money , V. A. mynta pengar , cur ere .vt/.w- 
mos. 05 s " To coin or invent , dikta nogot ofant. rf^> 
To coin new Words , gjora nya ord. Coinage , f. or 
coining , mi ntning. 

COINES or Quines , S. or Corners of Walls, bSr-. 
nen afmtirar, ANCONES. item handfpikar at lyf-c fyc- 
ken med. 

COINED, Adj. from to Coin, myntad , cusus. Ne 
coined Words , nyfiSpte ord. 

COINER, S. myntarc , monetarius. A falfe coiner, 
falfk. m i ntare. 

DfCOISTREL. 5. or young Lad, en halfwuxen dreng, 

"COKER, 5. en arbetskarl, operarius. Ctj*COKEBS 
or Fifhermens Boots, not-fioflor. 

COKES, Vid. Note;. Coket,f/rf. Cocket. Colander, 
Vid Cullander. Coliander, Via. Coriander. 

COLD, S. Cold Weather, kSld , fricus. cCr- cold 
or Rheum , hufwud-brott , frufwa , * Zrkylning. To Catch 
C I i , fa fnrkylning. 

COLD, Adj. (the contrary of Hot) kail, fr'icidus. 
Cold Weather , lallt wider. To be cold , fry fa. 0-r" 
To kill one in cold Blood , /?<? ihSl en i kallt bled. 05° 
COED (aversus ) kallfinnig , afwig. A cold Friend, 
en kallfinnig win ;row cold , blifwt ha!!. CC^=A 

very cold Fit of Weather, en (lark kSld , winter- fno^ 
ring. Ct^Acold comfort, en fldttrifi. OS* To give one 


*COKER , Goth. & Sueth. KOKA, gleba, quafi glebti 



but a cold Entertainment, ge en fldt fdgnad. Coldifli, 
Adj. or fomething cold , kylagtig. 

COLDLY , Adv.kallt, kallfint, FRtc IDE. Kj'To receive 
one coldly , to give him a cold Reception , ge en et 
jldtt wdlkomme. OS* He fpoke it Co very cold , han fa- 
de dec fd trogt , kallfint. 

COLDNESS , S. kSld, kallfinnighet , friciditas. The 
Coldnels of Water, watnets kyla. 

COLE or Cole-Wort, S. kdl , brassica. Curled Gar- 
den-Cole , krus-kdl. Colet, fid. Collet. 

| COLIBER.T , S. or a Villain made Freeman , en fri- 
gifwen , libertus. 

COLICK or Cholick, S. Colik,flen ,tarm-wrei, colica. 
The Stone-Colick , fien-fjuka. - 

To COLL, V. A. To clip and coll, omhal/a, famnta- 


COLLAPSED , Adj. or decny'd , for/alien , forderfwad. 
A Collapfed Eftate , fSrfallen egendom. 

COLLAR, S. halsband, collare. To takeonebythe 
collar or to collar, taga en wid halj'en. 05"" A Dog's 
collar , hun.i-hahban.i. Collar-days , hogtids-dagar, pd 
hwilka Riddarena af firumpe-bandet bSra deras halskedja. 
0©* A Collar of Brawn , ruU~Jylia.tfj*An Iron collar 
for offenders , hals-jern. f To flip one's Neck out 
of the collar, to get out of a bad Bulinefs , kemma 
wdl if ran en i'.ak fak. 

To CO LLATE , V. A. or be/tow , glfwa enom , con- 
ferre. To Collate a Living, gifwa'enom tnltgtnhet. 
Oj" To collate or compare, jemfSra, (^"Collated, 
Adj. jerr.flrd, gifiven. 

COLLATERAL, Adj. or fide-ways , pafida. Ex. The 
Cardinal and collateral Winds, hufwud-och fid- ■.:- 
dren. A collateral Degree of Kindred, as Uncles, 
Coufins , &c. f.d-ilnlen i forwantfkap. 

COLLATION, S. l'mall Repair or Entertainment , col- 
lars, cONriyiUM.^j"COLl ATION or Co.mparing, jem- 
forelfed D f To COLLATION , V. A. jemfSra , CON- 

To COLLAUD or commend one , V. A. beromma , bc- 
prija en , LAC/DARE. 

COLLEAGUE or Coilegue, S. or Partner in an Office, 
Ambeis-broder , collega. 

COLLECT, S. or ffiort Prayer, Collecla i Pfalmbokcn. 

To COLLECT, V. A. famla , colligere. Collected, 
Adj. famlad. Collection , /. famling. The Sea is a 
great Collection of Waters , hafwet dr en flor watn- 
fimling. A Collective Word , nomen CMcBivum. 
Collectively, Adv. collective. Collector or Colleger, 
/". famlare. 

COLLEDGE or College , S. Collegium. A College in 
an Univerfity , et community wid en Academic. The 
College of Pnydcians in London , Collegium Mcdicum 
i London. Colleger , f. a Member of a College, le- 
damot af et Collegium. Collegiate,/, idem. Collegiate, 
Adj. dertilhSrig. 

COLLERY , S. kol-mila , hol-hytta , caRBONARIA. 

COLLET, S. or Bezel, that Part of a Ring or Jewel, 
wherein the Stone is- let, infaitningen af en ring, po- 


COLLIER, S. kol-fdljare , carbon arivs. Collier 
or "Ship to carry co;:' •. Colliery , f. or coal 

Pits , kolgrufvor. 05" Colliery or coal-Trade , kol-han- 

COLLISION , S. or daihing , fimmanfiotning. 

* COLLOCK, Vid- Pail. 

*COLLOCK, Goth. KOLLA , vafculum fin: auribus &■ 
an fa. 

To COLLOGUE, V.A.fmklra, lenocinari. Col- 
logued , Adj. fmickrad. 

COLLOP, S. kSctfiycke , offula. Scotch -collops , 
Skotjlufri.asf. '( He has loft a good collop , han har 
fSrloral et godt ftyckc. ^ 

COLLOQUY , 5. or Dialogue , famtal. Erafmus his 
Colloquies, Erajmi Colloavia. _ 

"J" To COLLUDE , V. A. or play booty , fpela under 
et ticks. Collision,/, or playing Booty, hemligtfor- 
Jldnd emellan fkelmar. 

COLLY, S. Black, footy fluff that fticks to Pots, 
Pans, 6v. fot , gryt-fot, fuligo. To colly, V.A.or 
To blacken , fwdrta , fota. Colly 'd , Adj. or fmutted, 
fwurtad , fbtad. 

COLLY-FLOWER, S.blom-LU, brassica Flori- 

COLLYRIUM, 5. liquid Medicine to cure Difeafes in 

"the Eyes, 8gon-wa'.n. 

COLONEL, S. bfwerfte , chiliarcha. A Colonel of 
horfe , Sfwerjle af Cavalleriet. 

COLONY, 5. or Plantation, ny-bygge, item folk font 
utrefa at bebo n\a land. 

COLOSS or Colofsus , S. en flor bild. 

COLOUR, S. fcrg, color. Ex. A fine, pleafant, 
and bright colour , en fain , behaglig och frifk fcrg. 
A dull colour, en mork ferg.r&- COLOVR (FACJEs) 
utfeende. His colour changes, han holler Intel fergen. 
She has a frefll colour, hon har en frifk fcrg.tff 
COLOUR (at cards) fergen i kortfpel. A Card of a Black 
colour, et fyart kort. f COLOUR ( species) fken , 
vendnirig. To cheat one under Colour of Friend- 
ship, bedraga en under uufnjkaps-j'k.en. c5* COLOURS 
(insignia ) flagg p& ctfkcp. Item fana. til lands. 
He is run away from his Colours, han har forlupit 
fanan. dS^To fet one out in his Colours, beftrifwa en 
eftcr fir.a dyv.ler. Cfr-When I named Him, her Colour 
rofe prefently , fa fnarl jag ndmde honom , rodnade 

To COLOUR, V. A. or give a Colour, ferga , gifwa 
:, coiorem inducere. r J°y' To colour a 
Map, ilhminiraet land-kort. Oj"" To COLOUR ( ob- 
tendere ) ofv.erfk.yla, bemanda. What can be faid to 
colour fuch Violences ? kwarmedkan man urfdgta fddana. 
woldfamheter ? 

To COLOUR, V. N. or to btufh ,rodna, ERt/BEs ce- 
re. Colourable, Adj. Ex. A Colourable or fairpre> 
tence , fkenbar forewendninz. 

COLOURED, Adj. ferga.!. "ill coloured, ilia fergai. 
Piity-coloured, mong-fergad. 05* Coloured orpaliiat- 
ed , bemantlad. 

COLP, S. or Blow , flag , ictus, item bit ,/lycke , seg- 

COLT, S.kultlng, fSl, pullus. A Horfe-colt, hefl- 
fol. The colt of an Afs , dsne-fSl. Prov. A ragged 

COLT MAY MAKE A GOOD HORSE ,Ct ruggigt jolkan 

Hi en braf hcfl. 
DfCOLUMBARY, S. a Dove-houfe , duf-hus. 
COLUiMN, S. or Pillar , pelare. A Wreathed Column, 

wriden pclare. 05=" A COLUMN, of a Book, column 

i en bok. 
COLURE , 5. a Circle of the Sphere, colurvs. 
COMB, S. kam, PECTEN. Comb-Cafe, kamfoder. 

Comb-Brufh, kam-borfie. Comb-maker, kam-maka- 

re.oS'A Cock's Comb , fnushane. 05=" A Horfe-comb 

or Curry-comb, hc/l-fkrapa.(X!j = 'Flax Comb ,lin- hdckla. 

OS* A Honey Comb, honungs - kaka , fom bien bygga. 
H 2 A Comb 


C"~ A Com!) of Dale betwixt two Hils, et fviank cmtl- 
lan tu .'.nnc h'gder. 

To COMB , V. A. kamma, pectere. To Com!) one's 
head , k.immafit hufwud. c3="To Comb a Horfe , fkrapa 
en heft. Combed , Adj. kammad. o5=» To coiMB or Card 
Wool , kamma, karda ull. ClS* To COMB flax or hemp, 
hdckla lin, hampa. 

COMBAT, S. fSktning, pvona. A fijigle combat, 
enwiges kamp. To Combat, V, N. or Fi"ht, tdkia, 

To COMBER , &c. Vid. To incumber , &c. Comber- 
lorn , Vid. Cumberfom. 

To COMBINE, V. A. or to join, hopfoga. To Com- 
bine , I . N. famman-foga fig med , j'ammangadda fig. 
Combination , f, hopfognino , fammangaddning. 

COMBURGESS , S. medborgare , CONCH'IS. 

COMBUSTIBLE, Adj. or apt to burn , fomkan brinna. 

COMBUSTION, S. or Burning, brand (fig.) upror , 
uptopp, rSrelfer, seditio. The whole Kingdom was 
in a Combuftion , heta riket war i upror. 

*To COME, /'. N. komma, rEsiRE, pervenire. 
To come to or from a Place , komma til c'der fran en 
on. To come to the crown, komma til kronan. What 
does the whole come to > ha/ad komma eller befi'ger 
det fig til in alles ? All his difcourfe conies to this , 
hela bans tal gar bSrpti til. I will fee what thefe things 
will come to , jag bar lufl at fie hwadwil Hi af detta. cdh 
To COME , as a woman, with child (it><i til grSts ) fom 
frigs om hafwande kufirur. rfy- They fwote toobferve 
it, come life, come Death, dc fig edeligen at 
fill derwid i lif och did. vCf That which comes from 
me , r.-iina exaementcr. CtJ^To Come to a fhnmeful end , 
fit en neslig inde. Kj'He comes very well recommended, 
Kan &r u/.tt recommenderad. &*=• When all comes to all , 
efter alt, pa (Intel. O^r" The king's order does not come 
to that, konnngens bef alining gar icke derptt in. You 
■will come to fome milch-el' or other, Eder lir htnda 
nogon olycka. cfr" To come to good , to fuoceed , haf- 
wa framg.'ng.rfy-l defire no more than comes to my 
Share, jag iniet mer ctn det fom kommcr pit min 
del. CO" What does all his cunning come to ? hwar til 
tjena alia bans finheter ? (X5=- I am more obliged to 
you than that conies to , jag ,fr Eder mcra ftrbtm- 
ien ,1n del kan warn. rr^When I come to die, narijg 
iir. rff He came to my Terms, ban btgaf fig til mina 
wilkor. tf> And Come the worft that can come, ISt 
kenda fig det werfia. O^r" To come to Preferment, avan- 
ccra , rt'r.i lycka*efj*To Come to light, komma i ljufet. 
Ofp- How ihould I comeroknow it ? hur fkulle jag kom- 
ma at -weta del ? fjfj" To Come to pafs , kenda fig. To 
Come into Bulinefs, komma nti ajfairer.t&To COME 
AT or overtake, hinna pa. (Xj= To CMnoatoi obtain a 
thing, erholla et ting. ajr" 1 hope fome Work will come 
in, jag hoppas fa nogot at gifira. tff To COME IN, 
to yield and fubmit, begifwa fig. {/^- T o come in as an 
heir, komma in ft fom arfwinge. ffS^Since King William 
came in, fedan Kong Wilhelm kem til Cronan. tf5~ His 
Teeth begin to COME OUT, han: tSnder borja flcjuta'/ig. 
0^ To come out with a dry Jell, komma (ram med 
lortfkdmt. CE^To come out or appear, wifa fig. tfj* 
To come out, as Blofsoms do , fpricka ut( fom blom- 
«<"■) C5" The corn begins to COME up, fiiien borjar 
komma up. To come up to one, komma til en i ens 

'To comb, M.Goth. QUIMAN. Tartar. COMEN, ye- 


fSljc. 03*To come up to a Ship, komma up ■■■ ' 
i SjSn. Ot^Since Christianity came up, fedan C 
domen begyntcs. He eats nothing but what com;; up, 
ban gcr ofifer ah hew ad ban titer. (fj" There's a new 
Fafiiion come up , et nytt mode a"r upkommet. (Xv* He 
c^;;r.ot come up to the Imitation of that illuftrious Per- 
fon , ban hinncr aldrig til den for a manners fotfpor. tey* 
That comes up to the Meaning of this Fable, det 
fivarar til rneningen af denna fablen. tfj* I will make 
his Spirits COME D OWN , jag kufwa bans mod. K> 
To COME ASUNDER, ga finder iflveken. rfp- To COME 
ABOUT, git omkring. The Mind at length came about, 
Sndtcligen wred fig wddret. 05 s What do you come 
about ? hwadwillduha ? 03= To COME TOGETHER op 
to marry, giftafig. Crtr'To COME ALONG ,komma med.\ 
Come along, come along, kom, kom. Cdr*To COME AF- 
TER, tofucceed one in a Place, komai ens ftille. Odr 1 To 
COME Aw AY, ga fin w,fg,fara bort. 03°" To come ON , 
farafort. CfS* To COME FOR w a RD, komma fram. To 
come Forward in one's Learning, gjSra framfleg ifinaftu- 
dier. To come forward, komma fram betrc. CO" To COME 
OTF , falia ,-/'. All my Hair conies off, alt mil bar fab- 
ler af. 05^ This begins to come off, detta bSrjar loflna. 
Cl5" To come off v. kh credit or with lying colours, 
fluta en fak med hedcr. CX5* Do you think to come off 
fo ? menar du du fkal fl'tppa fit. yCr You will come off 
a Loofer , du lar fSrlora derwid. What will come of 
it? hwa J . lir Inf.- bli af ? <£f What will come of thee ? 
hwadfir bli afdig ' r°~- To COME B Y, ga /!Wi'.CO=How 
did you come by it ? bwar hardufatt del? CO 51 To COME 
UPON on? , kommnifwer en. Hecamcnpon me, when 
1 icalr r!io'i;'!it of him , Ian iom vfwer mig , niir jag 
min 1 ;< enta le honom. O^ 71 I o come upon one with Force, 
kom ■ ; 'am '>, wer en, 0^ I never enme upon the 

Back of a better Nag , jag fait aldrig pit betrc befi.rf^ 
1 fll-' 1 r , r it , ja fkal komma pa dig 

for ,: .-' ' f COME SHORT ofor mifs a thing, miffgas, 
mijjlyckas <ni en ting. OS" To come fllort of, to be in- 
<■ . ■ ■■ t . gefwiga. 

J. To come , kommen , appvlsv.i. Prov. 
FIRST COME FIRST SERVED , fi'fi lemmen til tjwarn 
fi:r firfi mala. 0/° The Butter is come, m/Slken fmS- 
rar fig. r^> This Day come Fortnight, i dag i<i -dagar 
til. rff The Linnen-Trade is come to nothing , linne- 
handeln duger ingen ting. r £f He is come ofgood Friends, 
ha '.- kommen af r.ackert folk. 

COMEDY, S. a Sort of Dramatkk Poefy , / Comedia. 
Comedian , f. Comedian!- 

COMELY, Adj. bchaglig , wacker , r.r.ATVs , roRMO- 
sVs, iteihfkickelig. Comely, Adv. bchagliga , wackert, 
fklckeliga. Comelinefs, f. bchaglighet &c. 

COME-OFF, S. Shift or Pretence, undflygt , urfdgt , 
PRjETEXTUS. An ingenious come-off, god, wHl'iittad 
undflygt. \ pitiful come-off, Jaitig urfagt. 

COMER, S. en fom kommcr, ad'.'ENTOR. A new 
Comer, nykommen. Comers and Goers , kommandcoth 

COMET, S. or blazing liar, komet , item kortfpel. 

COMFITS , S. or fweet-meats, confed, tracemata. A 
comfit-maker, fo eke r-b agar e. 

COMFORT. S. trSfi, hugnad , SOLATIUM. 'Tis a great 
Comfort tome , det Si mig en ttS/l, ft/" COMFORT' 
( VOLVPTAS ) nSge , ro , bchaglighet. The comforts of 
this Life, detta lif wets nSgen. He gets no comfort by 
his children , ban bar iti"en hugnad affina barn. 

To COMFORT, V. A.hugm , gldd », trSfta, CO if sol 




1ASU To comfort oris in his Troubles, tr'fla in I fin 

fwelfe. The very fight of him does comfort me, 

larajae fir honom ftl glides jag. 0$* To comfort one 

up , vpmumra, fdtia mod i en. 

COMFORTABLE, Adj. trSJlclig , kugnelig, !i"flig < **- 

fom brud-mdjfjn fSr en gammal kSrlnig. OS* A Comfor- 
table News , hugneliga tidningar. A Comfortable Wire 
and children, from hufiru och turn. To live a comfor- 
table Life , lefwa roligt ocbfornSgdt. Comfortableness , 
f. behaHi'bet , hugnelighet. &c. Comfortably, Adv. 
hugneliga be. He lives very comfortably , han lefwer 
rcti fornogdt. Comforted, Adj. trSflad. Comforter, /. 
troflare. Comfortless, Adj. iro'llos , item bedrofwad. 

COMICAL, Adj. til comedier hjrande , tjenlig , COM1- 
CUS. 05* COMICAL (lEPIDI/s) lu/lig , logelig. 

COMING, S. kommande, ankomfi , advextus. Since 
his Coming, fedan han horn. OS* COMINGS in or in- 
comes, inkomfler. COMING, Adj. (prokus ) Ultt. c5* 
A Coming Stomach , matfragen mage, ttjr" A coming 
Woman, Ida pd tygeln (om qwinfolk.) 

COMMAND , S. befallning , jvssus. I come to receive 
your cor.tmznds, jag kommer at emottaga edra befall- 
nir.gar. CC* COMMAND (PR.ZFECTVRA ) befdl. To 
take upon one the command of the Army, taga Com- 
mando afkrigs-bdren. Or" To have a command or Office 
in the Army, hafwa en BefiSllning i Armeen.^j" I am at 
your command, jag dr Eder tjenare. Qf5* He lias no com- 
mand ofhimfelf, han kan intet fiyra fig. OS* He has 
the command indifferently both of the French and 
Engliili, hem Sr nogorlunda md flare bade af Franfkdn 
och Engelfkan. 

To COMMU'D, V. A. befalla* JVBERE.l command 
you todo \t,jagbefaller'digatgjSrat.rf^-Xo command 
or to have the condu wa Commando. (£?• The 

cittadcl commands the citty , ftaden \an befkiutas ijr&n 
f.ottet. OS 1 * To command one's Paflions , k-unna fiyra 
fig, fina rraffwnsr. r/r" To command a fum of Money, 
lengar uti fit wold. cO'He came tome with a 
tenance, a Fac- ,- :h he could command, 

' . ■ ■ • ; \ a ax fwarfam , fom ban kwtde wara 9 
nur han wille. (i^To command Silence , befall* ljui 
at gifwds. (rj 2 " Your Beauty commands Love and Rc- 
fpect from every Body , Eder fkSnhet drager til fig al- 
ia mdnnlfkors kdrlek och wordnad. We cannot com- 
mand our Likings , wi l.unna icke flyra wara bSgelfer, 
Commanded , Adj.befallt. Commander, f. beftLhafwa- 
re , en fom bar h'gfla commando. Commandment, f. 
bud. The Ten Commandments , de t/o budorden. 

To COMMEMORATE , V. A. begddmninelfe af. This 
Day Commemorates the greateft Blefiing that was 
ever pour'd forth on this Nation , pa denna dagen be- 
tas aminnelfe utaf en af de fi'rfia himmdens wdlgcr~ 
ningar emot denna Nation. Commemoration , dminnet- 
/K To make a Commemoration of a Saint, holla be- 
gdigelfe efter et helgon. 

To COMMENCE, V. A. borja,besynna, avspjcari. 
CS* To Commence an Action or Law-fnit againft one, 
tepynna procefs emot en. To Commence Doctor , taga 
E>odors-grad. cdr" To Commence an Author, gifwa 
fig ut for en AuHnr. Commenced , Ad}, begynt. Com- 
mencement , f. Protrotluns-tiden i Cambridge. 

To COMMEND, V. A. berSmma, beprifa , lAVDA- 
RE. Ex. Every body commends him , alia ma"nniJ~kor 
berSmma honom. Commend him as much as you will, 
his Name is up for a knave, berom honom fa mycktt 

du Will, kan f.r Snda en fkelm. A weli-brsd Man ne- 
ver commends , nor difcommends himfelf , en braf 
karl hwarlen berommer eller laflar fig fijelf. OS*" To 
COMMEND ( COMMENDARE ) recommendera. I Com- 
mend it to yout Trufi, jag anfortror eder det. I Com- 
mend him heartily to you. jag recommsnderar eder ho- 
nom ho"sligen. To Commend one's S.pirit to God, an- 
befalla Gudi fin anda. ffj* Pray , Commend me to him, 
kSra , formS.1 min helming til honom. 

COMMENDABLE, Adj. berSmlig , bepridig , lavda- 
BILls. A Commendable Aftion, en beromlig gerning. 
Your virtue makes you Commendable, eder dygd gjor 
eder berom-w.ird. Commendably, Adv. beromligen. 

COMMENDAM, Ex. To have a Benefice in Commen- 
dam, hafwa tl ledigt kyrko-Ambetc til deff det blir be 
fatt nied en annan perfon. 

COMMENDATION, S. SerSm,pris. I do not approve 
your Commendations of him , jag tycker icke om at 1 
berommen honom. Bjf" Letters of Commendation , recom- 
rr.ndations-brcf. Ct? COMMENDATIONS (sALl'TA- 
Tto ) hchnin°ar. Ex. To fend one's Commendations 
to one , lata fSrmSla fin helming til en. To do one's 
Commendations , f$rma~la ens Letters Com- 
mendatory , reciimmendations-brc;'. Cv/ 5, Commendatory 
(that has a Commendam) en fom befitter en ledig ld- 
genhet. Commended, Adj.ber$r*d, rccommendcrad. A 
Thing to be commended, en bcrom'ig fak. Commend- 
er, f. beprifare. 

COMMENSURABLE,^/'. {jprdmdtnings-Te'rm.) Uka 
i och p r ovortion , eller fom kan m&tas pa er.a- 
handa fdtt. Commenfurare. 'emlik', proportiame- 

rad. My Expences muft be Comme^.furate with my 
Revenues, min a utgifter mafle fwara emot inkomfler- 

To COMMENT , V. N. gjSra Noterofwer. Oj* To Com- 
ment upon , to find Fault with , glojfera ofweren. Com- 
mentary or Comment, f. utldggning. Commentator,/! 
uttolkire. Commented upon , Adj. uttolkad. Commen- 
titious . Adj. or tV Jned , updiktad. 

COMMERCE, 5. handd, omfdtining, ;;ercatvra. 
There is no manner of Commerce in that Country, 
del dr ingen handel i detlandct. rfT COMMERCE (com- 
MERClvyi) gemenfkap , corrrefpondence. I have no 
manner of Commerce with him , jag bar ingen gemen- 
fkap med honom. Commercial , Adj. handel tilhSrig. 
Commercial Effects , waror , handcls-cmnen. 

COMM1NATION,; S. hotelfie. Comminatory , Adj. 

To COMMINUTE, V. A. (Idkarc-Tcrm.)ftnderdela. 
Comminuted, Adj. JSndsrdelad. Comminution , f. fon- 

To COMMISERATE, V. A. hafwa medSmkan , medli- 
dandemed. Commtferating Ey :• . medlidande igon. Com- 
m:(Vation, f. medSmkan, fo. barmelfe. 

COMMISSARY , 5. et flags domare. item andelig eller 

COMMISSION, S. cr Warrant for a Place ,fullmagt, 
VELEGATIO. Ex. To have a Commiffion , hafwa en 
befl 'dining. To lay down or give up one's Commiffion, 
upzifwa fin t'cnfl , laga affiled. To turn one out 
of Commiffion , fdtta en af, tag* ticnflen af en. OS 3 
COMMISSION (xegotii M | u " : : Arende at k$pa 
eller bcflalla'-nogot for en. 05 s Commiffion or Commis- 
fionersin a ftatute of Bankrupt, Comm-Jjarier ofwer 

To COMMISSION or to Commiffionate , V. A. an- 
il 3 Jinn 


flrtro , [Ann en tilen r/i.-t/r, delegare. CommifTionat- 
ed or Commiflioned , Adj. belldlld til en tjenft. Com- 
nihlioiicr,/. ombudsman , ombud. Ccmmiffioners appoint- 
ed to treat with an AmbaiTadour, Commijfarier Jbmfdt- 
tas at traclcramed en Ambafjadeur . The Commiffioncrs 
of the cuftom- houfe, Tull-Commiffarierne. 

To COMMIT, V. A. or to Do, beg." , bedrifwa. To 
commit a Sin, bedrifwa en fynd. 05" To COMMIT 
( mandare, poneri } fdtta. To commit one to the 
Earth or to bury him , jordfdtta , begrafwa en. To 
commit a Th ng to paper, fdtta en ting pa pap-: . 
To commit one to cuflody, fdtta en i fdngelfe. To 
commit a Bufinefs to one , anfdrtro enom enfak.fyfla. 
05" To Commit a Thing to Memory, Idgga pd min- 
ne. 05* To commit one's felf to God's Care and Pro- 
vidence, ka/la fig under Gads firj'yn och firforg. "j" 
To commit Matrimony with one, gift* Jig med en. 
Commitment , f. inmaning i h.iktelfc. 

COMMITTED , Adj. ofwerlefwererad , anfirtrodd Src. 
q5" The care or" him was committed to me , mig blcf 
omforgen fSr anfirtrodd. Committee , f. Ex. A 
Committee of the Houfe of commons, et utfkott af 
undcrhufet. A committee of the whole Houfe (fakal- 
las del ndr hufct if-.verwS.gar nogon angeldgen fak och 
deruti wdljer en talman fflr den gdngen allcna ) 

COMMODE, S. a Woman's Head-Drcfs, qwinfolks 

htifwudbonad , ANADEMA. 

COMMODIOUS, Adj.rn.ikHg , bc.n:-Smlig,lSglig, COM- 
modi's. Commodioufly, Adv. leqwSmligen. You live 
here very commodioufly , hdr lefwen I rcti beqn-em- 

COMMODITY , S. beqwdmtighet, Idglighet. Cr5=- com- 
modity {LUCRUM) winfl , profit. 05* COMMODITr 
( merces ) en wara. To vent ones commodities, [dlja 
Ji'na waror. f COMM OD IT V, the amorous Parts of a 
Woman , et bSjligt ord for pudendum mulitb. 

COMMON, Adj. allmSn , gemen , COMMUNIS. 'Tis a 
common Thing, del Sr en . ■'. He has nothing 

but wlut is common with him to many others, del 
dr ingen ting l.os font ickeirhos andrct. A Com- 
mon Whore or common Hackney, gat-bora, gemen 
bora. The Common Prayers, Kyrko-boner. c5" A 
common Soldier , gemen Joldat. 05* The common 
People, genena folket. 05" At the common Rate, cf- 
ter gdngbart pr'ts. 05* 'Tis the common talk , del dr i 
hwars mans mun. 


The ' "'■ " council, Borgerfltapets utfkott i Lon- 
don. C': ' A common-^wire , Truntma fbm loper under 
tit alia ren-flenar ledas. 05* The Common- 
law, den eamla England* lag, utan nogon fSrdndring. 
05°" The "Common- Pleas or the court of Common- 
Pleas, en Hof-rett i England, uli alia Civile mal. 05" 
A common-Wealth or common - Weal , en Stat , elUr 
Regemente i gemen. item en Republlque i oppofitionemot 
monarch!. A-Common-wealth's-Man or a Republican, 
en Republican , fom dr emot konungaweldet. 

COMMON, S. allnutnnlng , offaft byamark , COMPA- 
scuu.v. Right of commonage, rett til allmdnning - 

To COMMON, V. N. fpifa i Communitet , f.tfom uid 
Acadcmien , cONi'ji'ERE. Commonalty , f. or Society, 
communitet, koflholl. o5* Commonalty or the Com- 
mons', ofrelfe-fdk. Commoner, f. ofrelfe-man {fa 
ktllas alia fom icke Sro af Adelen i England") The Com- 
mons of England , jullmdgtiga af underhufet i Eng- 
land.The Houfe of commons ,- underhufct. q5» A Com- 


moner of a College in an University, ledamot af et 
Collegium vjid Academicn. Commons , /! at a College, 
u/ijfkojl fom be/ids. Commonly , Adv. gemenligen. It is 
commonly fo , det <lr gemenligen fa. Commonnefs, f. 
gemenlighet , allmttnhet. 
To COMMON-PLACE , V. A. or range into Common 
Places , J'Stta under wifja hufwudftycken , ad locos 


COMMOTION, S. or Hurly-burly, upror , buller. 

To COMMUNE, V, N. or to converl'e or talk toge- 
ther, umgas , tala med hwarannan , CON vers ari. 

To COMMUNICATE, V. A.meddela, gifwa del af. I 
did not think fit to communicate it to him, jag fant 
icke rddeligt at gifwa bonom del deraf. 05" To Com- 
municate Favours, gjora enom tjenjlcr. 05* To COM- 
til Herrans nat'.ward. Communicant, f. communicant, 
natc.vardsi.ijl. Communicated , Adj. meddelt. 

COMMUNICATION, S. m7dde!,iing. 05* Communi- 
cation or Intercourfe , handel , gemenfkap. 05* Com- 
munication or conference , fammantrdde ,famtal. Prov. 
NERS, ondt fdlljhapforkrdnker goda feder. Communi- 
cative , Adj. free and open , openhjertig, hjelpfam. Com- 
municable", Adj. fom kan meddelas. 

COMMUNION, S. or Fellowfliip, gemenfkap , fam- 
fund, t;. natc*ardjgdng. Communion of the faints, 
h;lga manna famfitnd. ZC^" To receive the Conn: | 

or the Lord's Supper, bega Herrans nattward. The 
Communion - Table , altare. The Communion-cloth, 

* altar-duk. i he Communion- Cap , kalken. 

COMMUNITY, S. famhelle, gemenfkap. Community 
of Goods , egodelars gemenfamhet. 

COMMUTATION, S. ombyte. Commutative, Adj. or 
by way of Exchange , byte-wis. Commutative Jurtice, 
JUST IT I A C0MMUTATlVA,cequalitatemrerum efficient, 
line collatione perfonarum. 

COMMUTUAL, Adj. Mutual or common, allmdn , 
communis. Commutual Death the Fate of War con- 
founds ( Pope's-Hom. )en lika {allmdn) dod fSrwend:r 
flridsmdns Sde. 

COMPACT, S. accord , fSrdrag , ofwerenskommelfe. Ex. 
The Englifli conftitution is founded upon cornpa<5t bet- 
ween Kin^ and People, which was alio the Founda- 
tion of all Gothick Governments , Engclflta Con.'!:- 
tw.ionen dr grundad pa et accord emellan Konungen .>ch 
folket , jbm ock war grunden af alia Gotliifka regemen- 

COMPACT, Adj.orcloCe, tdc, w SI ihopa fattad , com- 
p actus. A well-compaift Difcourfe , en wdlfattad dis- 
curs. 05" COMPACT [concINKUS ) :vaeker , fnygg , 

To COMPACT, V. A. or clap dole together, packa 
ihop , cons arcin are. Compared , Adj. ihoppac' 
well-compafted Town, en tdt-byggd fiad. Compaitlyq 
Adv. or Clofe , tdtt , flyft, ndlt. 

COMPANION, S. Camcrat, fSljeflagare , sncius. A 
good Cempanion or a merry Fellow, en lujlig buff. A^ 
Knight Cempanion of the Garter, en Riddare af bid 
bandct. Companion in office , Ambets-broder. Compa- 
nion in arms , krigs-kamerat. c5* A Woman Compa- 
nion , et qwinjolk fom man holler f.g til. Companion- 
able , Adj ftllfkaps-lik. 

COMPANY, S. fdllfKap , sodalitivm. To bear or 




■ keep one Company, g/Sra encm fS'dfkap. I fiisl! be 
very g!ad of your Company, edert fdllfkap fktl vara 
mig anpenSmi. To receive Company , taga emot fall- 
fkap. To difmifs the company , (lappa ifrdn fig fit fill- 
fl:ap. To keep good or ill Company , pldga ondt 
ellcr godt fdllfkap. To be good Company , wara ange- 
ndm i fdllfkap. C5=" A COM PANT of Soldiers, et 
jni foldaier. A Company of Merchants, et 
= The company »r Men of a 
Ship, «i A fine COMPANY of 

, en wacker (had foglar. 05* A Company or 
Herd, of wild Beafts , en hop wiUdjur. By Companies, 
Otocklals. Ci? A Company of Stage-players , et band 
af Comedianter. CXj* The Company at a Funeral, en 
■ocefj. OS* A great comp ny of Stars , en fior con- 
fieilation. Ojf I could not get rid of his company , 
•a; kunde honor.. Why do you keep him 

company ? kwarforc umgas I mcd honom ? CO* To 
?. Woman company , holla til med et qwinfolk. 
A C keeper, en rut-i 

J To COMPANY , V. N. i. Cor. e. 9 . Not to compa- 
ny vrith Fornicators , intct hafwa fnaffa ned holarc. 
•ARABLE, Adj. fom kan fSrUknas med. Is that 
arable to this ? drdet at forlikna med detta ? Compa- 
- or Comparatively, Adv. liknelfewis. Compa- 
rative, Adj. en Geomctrijk Term at uttrycka nogot , 
Sr mil emellan betjl och werft , fiorfi och minfl &c. 
it. Term. Gram, 
COMPARE, S. likr.elfe , jemforelfe , comparatio. 

. rrslig. 

To COxMPARE, V, A. or liken, jSrlikna , jemfSra.To 
Compare Cseiar to Alexander, likna Cefar emot 
Alexander. C5" To Compare notes together , jemfora, 
Sfwerldgga med hwarannan. (J5» I am not to compare, 
Neut. or to he compared with him , jag dr icke 
til liknandes mot honom. OTjf" It is not to be compared, 
det kan icke liknas emot. 
COMPARISON , S. jemfSrande , liknelfe , COMPARA- 
TIO. Comparifons are odious , jemforelfer dro forha- 
teliga. In Comparifon of, emot, i anj'eende til. Beyond 
or without Comparifon , oforlikneligen. Ct5* Compari- 
fon , Proportion or Analogy , likhet , jemlikhet. 
COMPART, Compartment or Compartiment , S. (Bygg- 
Term. ) jemnhet , likhet uli ajddningen i byggnad, JEOVA- 


COMPASS or Circuit , omkrets, CIRCU1TVS. To fetch 
a great Compafs , taga en fior omkrets. We were car- 
ried a huge Compafs about, defordcofflongt omkring. 
The Compafs of a Town, of a Houfe, omkre-ien af 
enfiad, et has. OS* In the Compafs of a Year, uli 
ci urging. 05= A COMPASS (prxis xautica) SjS- 
Compofl.oOr*! ftalldo it within that Compafs of Time, 
jag fkal gjSrat innom den tiden. A Thing not within 
the Compafs of Mens Memory, en urminnes fak. 
Without the compafs of any Art, j'om ojwergdr all 
konfi. K?" Within the Compafs of Juitice, fallen i 
dor-.arens magi , hSnder. US* To draw a Thing into a 
narrow compafs , forkorla , draga ihop. rry To keep 
one within compafs 'Ail.) holla en innom fk-ankorna. 
To fpeak within compafs , tala det fiom rSkar faken. 

To COMPASS , V. A. , circuMdare. The 

fea compiles the Land , hafixel omgifver landet. To 
Compafs a BunV.efs , uifSra , til (lut med en fak. 
To Compals one's Defire , vinna fin onfkan. nry* To 
Compafs or imagine the Death of one , flSmpla mot 
ens lif. Compafsed, Adj. befiuten, &c. 

COMPASSES or A Pair of compares, en Cirkel , et 
rument , CIRCIXVS. 

COMPASSION, S. medlidande. To take or to have 
Compaifion of one, hafwa meditdande med en. To raife 
one's Compasfion, upw.icka em medlidande. 

COMPASSIONATE, Adj. or Merciful, medlidande f 
.•us ericors. To Compaslionate , V. A. or pity 
ha/wa medlidande. Compassionately, Adv. medomkjamt t 

COMPATIBLE, Ad] fom kan befid, eUcr draga o fiver. 
ens med et annat. Heat is compatible with Moifture , 
hcita kan fSrli.'.as med vdtfika. Compatibility, fi. or 
Agreeabler.efs , ofwerensdragelfe. 

D| COMPATRIOT. S. lands-nan , medborgare (etord 
Jom icke aldeles dr vedcrtagit ) 

-(-COMPEER, S. Fid. Companion. 

To COMPEL, V. A. drifwa twinga, complilere. 
You fhall never compel me to it, dujkal aldrig twin- 
ga mig dertil. Poverty compels him to beg, fauigdom 
drif'uer honom at ligga. To compel one to his Duty, 
holla en til fin pligt. Compelled, Adj. drijwen. Com- 
pellable, Adj. j'om kan twingas. 

COMPELLATION, S. or calling by Name, kallande 
wid namn. 05 s " Compilation or Force , tvong. 

COMPENDIOUS,^/, or abridged, kort afattad. A 
Compendious Difcourfe , en kort fattad discurs. Com- 
pendioufly , Adv. korteligen. Compendioufnefc, /. kert- 

COMPENDIUM, S. or Abridgment, kort uttog. 

To COMPENSATE, -/-'. A. or make amends for, 
gjora nogot godt , wedergdlla , COMPE.VSARE . 
Compenfation , /. or Recompenfe, wederlag. 

COMPERE, Vid. Companion. 

COMPETENCY or Competence , S. A Judge's Compe- , 
tency , en domares fog at J~k.Srfk.dda en fak wid fin dom- 
ftol (lag-term.) CO* A COMPETENCY or a competent 
Eftate, tarfiig egendom eller utkrmfi. C5* To have a 
compentency or a competent Proportion of Learn- 
ing, hafwa tarfiig Lirdom. 

COMPETENT, Adj. or fufficient , (kkkellg , tjenlig , 
ogad. He is not a competent Man for that Employ, 
h*n dr icke fkickelig jSr den fy/lan. oj" A Competent 
Julge, befogad , beiwdmlig , laglig domare. Compe- 
tently, Adv. or fufneiently, tiifyllefl , beqwdmligen. 

COMPETIBLE, Adj. Ex. This is a circumftance not 
competible to any but him , detta dr en omfiSndightt 
fom J~k:ckar fig med ingen, man med honom. 

COMPETITION, S. anfprdk , fokande af fammafak. 
To (land in competi'ion with another , fokafamma fak 
med en annan. To come in competition or inBallance, 
kemma i jemfirelfe mcd en annan. Compet.tor , f. 
or Rival , fom faker tillika med en annan , m:dwerf- 
vare , medtingare. 

To COMPILE, V. A. or gather from feveral Authors, 
fammanflicka , hopfoka. To Compile a-Diflionary, 
fkrifwaihop enorde-bok. Compiled , Adj. hopfkrefwen. 
Compilement, f. fammanjattning. Compiler, f. fam- 

COMPLACENCY, S. or Delight in a Thing, behig, 
C^> inwertes fSrnSgelfe ned fig ' - de deo ) 

He had a marvellous complacency in the Share 
he had in your A'Teclion , ban war hjerttligen (SrnSgd 
of-wer den del ban hade i edert goda lycke. 
To COMPLAIN, V. N. klaga, ^veri. To Complain 



of one, klag.i ofwcr en. To Complain to one, kUga 
fir en. Complainant , /. kSrande. Complained of, Adj. 
klagad p't. He is very much complained of, man kla- 
gar mycket ofwcr honom. Complainer , /. klagare. 

COMPLAINT , S. kUgan , kdromal, ouerela. To 
put up a Complaint againSt one, anfora klagomdl Sf- 
wer en. A bill of complaint , klagofkrift. OS" Com- 
plaintor Lamentation , qwidandc , jemrande. He makes 
a fad complaint, fun jemrar fig mycket. 

COMPLAISANT, Adj. hSftig , Jede-rik , 
lefwad , URBAN VS. To be comphifant to Ladies, 
wara hoflig emot fruntimmer. Complaifance, f. kjfiig- 
het , artighet. 

COMPLEMENT, S. iHSkning , bihang , svpplemen- 
tuh. Oj* Complement or Accomplishment , fullkom- 
menhtt. The Complement of human Happinefs ,fullkom- 
menhcten af mSnfklig lyckfalighct. OS" Complement or 
whole Number, fulU antal. (Xj* A Complement or kind 
expression, Vid. Compliment. 

To COMPLETE or Compleat, V. A. fullkomna, up- 
fylla, consummare. Kj* To complete my Mifery, 
I hear , at upjylla mil elSndes matt , fd hirer jag. 

COMPLETE or Compleat, Adj. or Perfect, fullkom- 
lig , perfectus. A Complete Victory , en fullkomlig 
feger. A complete Piece of work, et fuUkomligt arbe- 
ker , nSu , v.- SI gjord. Completely, Adv. fullkomliga , 
tilfullkomiighee. Completenefs,/. fuUkomlighet , 
het. Completion, f. or Fulrilling, fullbor.lan. The 
Completion of our Defires , fullbordan af wira Snfk- 

COMPLEX, Ad], or Compact , hopfamlad afflcre, COL- 
lictus. 05" A Complex Body of Laws., et Corpus 
Juris. o5r° Complex Ideas ( in Logick ) Ideer fom &ro 
fammanfattade af fiera andra. Complexly, Adv. or 
jointly , tilhopa. Complexenefs , f. fammanfdttning af 
flerc ferfkilde dclar. 

COMPLEXION, S. or Colour of the Face , Ay, cn- 
Jiktes ferg , complexio. A fine Complexion, en f.n 
hy. A lively Complexion , eniijlig hy. (j^> Complexion 
or Temper of one , temperament , complexion. Compie- 
xional, Adj. der tilhirig. A Body well-complexioned, 
en kropp af god complexion. 

COMPLIANCE, S. from to comply , fogfamhel , efter- 
gifwenhet , OBSEOUIUM. 

COMPLIANT, Adj.medgifwande ,lSttwillig, obseo^uio- 

COMPLICATED , Adj. fammanwicklad. ^Complicated 
difeafes , fjukdomar fom henga ihop med hwarandra. A 
Complication of miferies, en J'amling af elSnde. 

COMPLICE, S. or Partner in an ill aftion , radsbane , 
fambane , form Sr delagtig i en miffgerning , PARTICEPS 

COMPLIMENT, S. krus , fmek-ord, BLAHD1T1X. 
To make a Man a compliment, krufa med en, gjira 
enom en compliment. The King received their compli- 
ment in the mod obi ging Manner, Konungen antog 
deras wirdnads belygelfe ganfka nadigt. 

To COMPLIMENT, V. A. krufa, complimentera, ad- 
blandiri. I complimented him upon his fafe Return, 
jag infkade honom lycka til finankomfi. Complimented, 
Adj. complimenterad. Comphmenter , en fom gjor com- 
plimenter , fom krufar. 

COMPLINE, S. aftonbin tiler den fidfia om dagen i 
Ctikolfktk kjrkait, p&ECCS KESPERTltfjE. 

C xM 

To COMPLOT , V. A. 4V ff. gj'ra mytcri , f.tmman- 
g add a Jig , CONSP1RARE. Complotter , /. en fom del 

To COMPLY, V. N.fogafig, willfara enom, assek- 
tiri , obsequi. To Comply with one , foga fig ef- 
ter en. 05* To Comply with the Will of Goj 
Jig eftcr Guds wilja. To Comply with the Times ,jkic- 
ka J:« eftcr tiden. Comply 'd with, Adj.a:,i man fugar 
Jig eftcr. 

To COMPORT, 'V. N. or agree, komma ifwerens , 
convesire. cO^To COM PORT one's felf, Verb.Rccip. 
bSra fig °u , fkicka fig,upfira fig , SE GERERE. Com- 
portment , f. Carriage or Behaviour, atbord, athif- 

To COMPOSE, V. A. fammanfttta', fSrfalla, COM- 
PON ERE. To Compofe a Tune , f.uu ihop en Jong. Cj* 
keri. oO* To Compofe one's-felf , ge fig tilfreds, item 
aniaga en alfwarfam min. OS* To compofe one's felf 
to Sleep, ISggafig til fomns. cG=- To Compofe or adjuft 
a Difference , forlika , Jldlja en trSta. OS* To Com- 
pofe or fettle one's Affairs y beflSlla om Jit hus , eller 
fina faker. 

COMPOSED, Adj.fammanfatt,COMPOSlTl/s. (tj=COJI< 
TOSET>{tranouillvs) tilfrids, rolig, Jlilla. Compofed 
Countenance , gladt , obrydr anfikte. Compofed for 
his end, beredd til dSden. Compolednefs , finnes lugn. 
Compofite or Compolitive , Adj. fanmanfatl {gram- 
mat. ) 

COMPOSER, S. fammanfdttare , forfattare, COMPO- 
SITOR. (XS* composer or Compofitor (typotheta) 
fittare i et tryckeri. Compofing , fammanfSttning. 
Compofing-Stick , Boktryckares winkelhakc. 

COMPOSITION , 5. en blandning af flerc ting. DE- 
COMPOSITION or Agreement , forlikning, accord. 

COMPOSURE , S. et forfattadt arbete , fammanfSttning, 
compositio. To make a good compofure , fd t& 
vSl ihop ( om fkrifwande ) 05 s Compofure or Tran- 
quillity of Mind , finnes rolighet. 

DfCOMPOTATION, S. or drinking together ,dnks- 

COMPOUND, Adj. or Compounded, Icompositi/s 

To COMPOUND, V. A. compomsre (Gram.) it. 
blanda tilhopa. 0$* To COMPOUND, V.N. oragree, 
komma ofwerens, accordera , IS'IRE PACTUM. To 
Compound with one's Creditors, accordera med fina bor- 
genSrer. He was fain to Compound with his Eftate to 
fave his Life , han nodgades at f'Stta fin egendom i flicket 
fir fit lif. (X5* You muft hang /or it , if you cannot com- 
pound for Beheading , du mafic henga derfore , om du in- 
let kan fa accordera dig til at halshuggas. o5 = Compound :d 
ot agreed with, den man har accorderat med. 

COMPOUND, 5. blandning , et medicament fom Srfam- 
manfatt af dtjldllige ingredientier. 

To COMPREHEND, V. A. innefatta , inneholla. Thjt 
Comprehends a great many Things, del innejattar myc- 
ket. Comprehended, Adj. fattad , begripen. oS* To 
Comprehend, Vid. To Apprehend , or\ to Under- 
stand. Comprehensible , Adj. begripclig. 

COMPREHENSION , S. or Apprehenfion , fattande, be- 
gripande. c*^ An aft of comprehenfion , en Parlaments- 
tH, fom innef altar alia particr. (&' COMPREHENSION j 




( the Uniting of two Seels ) twdnne Setters firining. 
Comprehenuve , Adj. fom har mycket at innebdra, 
wigtig , gen, kort. (XS* Compreheniive method, kort 
fdtt slier mtner. 

D-fTo COMPRESS, V. A. hdfda , gj$ra med barn , 
cray'idare. Corr.prefled , Adj. hdfdad , gjord med 

COMPRESSION , S. hoptfycbiing. The Compreflion of 
the Air , lufteiis tryckning. Compressible , Adj. fom kan 
hopzryekas. Compressives , lorkande medicamenur. 

To COMPRINT, V. A. ( fraudulently to print ano- 
ther's Copy or Book ) olojligen trycka en annanswdrk, 

To COMPRISE, Vid. To Comprehend. Comprised, 
J"id. Comprehended. 

COMPROMISE or Compromize, S. compromiff , COM- 
prbmzssum. To put a Thing in Compromise , fdtta 
en fak under compromijj. To Compromise , V. N. un- 
derkafta jig compromijj. 

To COMPT, Vid. To Count, f Compt , Adj. or Po- 
lite , Ex. A Compt Difcourfe , en wacker discurs. ■f 
Comptnefs or Politenefs , prydelighel. 

COMPTROLL , S. or Contradiction , genfdgelfe , cox- 
TRADZCTZO. Without comptroll , utan genfaga , en- 

To COMPTROLL, V. A. or find Fault with, gjSra 
anmerkning pa, tadla, AN 1MADVERTERE. Comptroll- 
ed , Adj. den fom del gjores upptt. Comptroller, <on- 
irohur. C^* Comptroller or reformer of Manners, 

COMPULSION, S. or Force, from to Compel, pa- 
d.-'.jv. , tv/oug. Compulfive or CompulSory , Adj. 

COMPUNCTION , S. orRemorSe, age , famwets-fiing , 
DOLOR axzmz. A Compunction of Heart, famwets- 


COMPURGATION, S. {lag-term.) befriclfe genom 
Mfiagd ed af en annan. Comp-urgitor , en fom afidgger 
en fadan ed. 

COMPUTATION, S. or Account, rekning , Sfwer- 
rekning. To make a Computation , rckr.a ofwer. Com- 
pute, f. Ex. This cannot come into Compute , deua 
kan itke komma i reining. 

To COMPUTE, V. A. or reckon, rekna ikop , com- 
rt/TARE. Cannot you compute it? kan I intet relnat 
hop ~' Computed , Adj. ihepreknad. All Things rightly 
computed, and juft Abatements made, nttr altar rett 
hopreknadt , och riktigt aj.lrag gjordt. 

COMRADE, Vid. Camarade. 

CON. Adj. emot. Pro and Con , motock med. &j=- cos, 
/. (lag, fit, ICTUS. 

CONCATENATION, S. fammanbindcljc. 

CONCAVE, A j:. or hollow, final ig , urgrjpt. Conca- 
vity , I- or' Hol'ownefs , fkSli% 

To CONCEAL, V. A. (to keep clofe or fecret) fSr- 
dSja , occult are. To Conceal one's Grief, dtlja 
Jtn /orj. To Conceal a Secret , holla en hcnliahet tyfi. 
Concealed , Adj. dold. Concealer , /. d&ljare. QHj* Con- 
con! ?rs , f. that find out King's Lands cVc de fom pd- 
nna Cronojori i privatorum binder utan rett Titel 
(laf-term} Concealing or Concealment , f. dlljande. 

To CONCEDE, V. A' eftergifwa , lemna. 

CONCEIT, S. or Fancy, tanke , inhildning , ZMACZ- 
katio. A pretty, witty conceit, en wacker, wettig tan- 

ke. K> CONCEIT {opinio) omdome , begrep , mi- 
ning. That is my Conceit of it , del dr min mening dcr- 
om. OS 1 " He has put me out of Conceit with it, han 
har kommit mig ur tyckc derfore. 05" To be out of Con- 
ceit with one's Self, vara miffhSgd med fig fjelf. cS* 
Idle Conceits, jjolleri , galenfkaper. 
To CONCEIT, V. A. inbilda fig, tro , imaginary 
To Conceit a Thing , inbilda fig nogot. They con- 
ceit it Sovereign agairrft DifeaSes , de holla dee for en. 
hufu ud-bot emot fjukiiomar. 

CONCEITED, Adj. or affe£ted, utffuderad , affectcrad , 
affectatus , item fjollig. A Conceited Language, 
affciteradttal. Ctj= CONCEATED (pertzxax) enwis , 
enweten. (X5* Conceited of himfelf, proud or puffed up 
( llatus ) inbildrn, fior-god. Conceitedly, Adv. in- 
bildfkt v/is. Conceitednefs,y:y?er inbildning. 

CONCEIVABLE, Adj. or to be conceived , begripelig, 


To CONCEIVE, V. N. undfa, coxciperm (in gene- 
rationc) Ex. To Conceive a Child, undfa, afla et barn.^j' 
To CONCEIVE (PERCIPERE) begripa, tro, tdnka, inbil- 
da fig. I Cannot conceive it , jag kan icke hegripat. I 
conceived it to be quite another Thing , jag holt det 
for en hel annan fak. CXS 2- I humbly conceive that, 
jag holler oforgripeligen fore at. He Conceived great 
Jealoufy of her, han fattade fior nitdlfkan emot henne. 
Conceived , Adj. undf anger. , inbildad , trodd. 0_y- It 
is not to be conceived , man kan icke tro eller tdnkat. 

CONCENT, S. or Conion , famljud , harmoni , con- 


To CONCENTER, V. N. fiSta iho p , mStJS ; en me . 
delpunS. rey- All her Cares did al!to ;e ther concenter 
on her Son , hennes fon war bdde ffrfi och fidfi i hen- 
nesomforg. Concentrick, Adj. f om har famma mcdcl- 

D f CONCEPT , S. uthafl, item wiffa ord- former och 

Termer fom bra -s :.:i publique atter. 
CONCEPTION, 5. undfSende i aflelfen. (&■ The con- 
ceptions of the Mind , tankar, hugbilder. {£=■ A falfe 
Conception or Moon-Calf ,' manads-barn , fom en del 
awinfolk hafwa , falfk hard. 
CONCERN , S. fyfia, angelagcnhel , det fom angSr ens 
vdlfdrd, nucotium , commodum. To fettle one's 
Concerns , ftdlla fina faker i o'dning. It is our com- 
mon Concern, det anoar off alia. The Worldly Con- 
cerns, de wc-' -. B^r" concfrx { cura ) 
bekymmer , omforg. To have a great Concern for a 
Thing, taga fig en fak mycket an. (Xj* CONCERN (mo- 
iMJ|y gg^j j.,JKtJ t »fcfj enhet. A Thing of great Concern, en 
■>■■- en fak'. '^ He understands all the Concerns 
of the Sea very particularly, han [har en ferdeles kun- 
fkap i alt del fom angdr feglationen. 
To CONCERN, V. N. angd, tilhSra, attinere. 
That docs not concern me neither one wny or the o- 
ther . det gar mij icke an,hwarken pa et fi.itt eller an- 
nai. The Puhlick Liberty concerns all the World , 
den allmdnna friheten aagdr alia aidnniflior. It concerns 
the publick , det angar publicum. <fr" To Concern or 
trouble one's felf, bekymra fig. 1 will not concern 
myfelf with that or about that, jag wil icke bekymra 
mig derom. 

To CONCERN , imperjonaliter brukadt. Ex. It concerns 

you fo to do, detdr edernyttigtat gjSrafd. It concerns 

I me 



me as much as you, det gar mig fd mycket an, fom 

CONCERNED, Adj. or interefted, wedcrb&rande, den fom 
ftken angdr, ad quem res spectat. The Parties con- 
cerned, wederborande palter. CXj* CONCERNED or 
troubled, bckymrad. Ex. He feems to be much con- 
cerned , han fermycket bekymrad ut. 05 s CONCERNED 
or affe&ed with , rord. I am very much concerned for 
his Affliction , jag ifr mycket r6rd af hans wedermoda. 
C^* "What are you concerned ? hwad gar dct edcr 
an ? 05 s My Life and Fortune are concerned , det 
angdr mit lif och egcr.dom. t£=. J w ;n no t be con- 
cerned with him , jag wil mtd honom intet hafwa at 
gjora. I was never concern'd in the Bufinefs, jag be- 
fattade mig aldrig med den faken. 

CONCERNING, Pr<zp. angdende , de. Concerning the 
efficacious Grace, om den wdrkande ndden. CO" As 
concerning me , hwad mig angdr. 

CONCERNMENT, S.dliggande, alicvjvs momenti. 
Ex. A Bufinefs of great Concernment, en angeld^enfak. 
dj" He has a tender Concernment for the Publick 
Good , han bar de' allmdnna bctfla mycket om hjertat. 

CONCERT, S. or Concent, Sfwerens-fidmmelfe , con- 
centvs. To aft in Concert with one, gjora et med 

To CONCERT, V. A. Idgga an, Sfwerldgga , rddfld , 
vna deliberare. Concerted , Adj. anlagd , ofwer- 

CONCESSION, S.f&rUtnirig, tilfidnd, efier-gift , fri- 
het. By the Kings Conception, medelft konungens jur- 

CONCH , S. or Great Shell , flort fndck-flial , CONCHA. 

CONCHOID, S. ct flags krokig linea i Geomctrien. 

To CONCILIATE, V. A. forwerfwa, winna, firfkaffa , 
conciliare. This fingle Action conciliated to him 
the Love of all good Men, derma enda gjcrning want 
honom alt Srligt folks ynnefl. Conciliated , Adj. wun- 
nen. Conciliation ,f. forwerfwande. Conciliatory, Adj. 

CONCINNOUS, Adj. mitt, behaglig , artig, prydlig. 
Concinnity , /. or Fitnefs , ndtthct , prydlighet , be- 

CONCISE, Adj. kort,wdlfattad. A Concife Difcourfe, 
en wdl fattad discurs. 

J CONCISION , 5. et gSck-ord pd omfkdrelfen. 

CONCLAVE, S. rummet der Pdfwe-walet flier, item 
hcla Cardinals-fSrfamlineen. 

To CONCLUDE , V. A. gj'ra dndfhap pd , bef.uta , 
rcfolvcra. To Conclude a Difcourfe, fluta en dis- 
curs. What do you conclude from thence > hwad flit- 
ter du deraf? Your Argument concludes falfe, eden 
argument fluter falfkt. To Conclude a Match , befluta 
et giftermdl. '(X5" To Conclude or to make fliort , 
dndteligcn, och at jag mu wara kort. Concluded, Adj. 
if ndad, befluten. 

CONCLUSION, S. dndfhap, flut , flutfats , ydfolgd. 
From whence there may this Conclusion be made , 
dcrutaf ma dragas den pafSlgd. This will be the con- 
clufion of it , delta blir dnden derpd. CO* To try con- 
clufion , Sfwentyra. CS^ Li conclusion or atlaft, dndte- 
ligen, (luteligen. Conclufive, Adj. or \a(l,yttcrfl, fldfl. 

To 'CONCOCT. V. A. or digeft, koka, fmelta._ To 
Concoft the Meat in the Stomach ,fmelta maten ima- 
gen. Concofted , Adj. kokad , [melt. CO* A Man of 
a perfeft and concofted malice, en genom-gallad , bit- 
ter mdnnifka. Concoction , f. fmeltning. Good Vine 
helps the Concoction , godt win befordrar Jmcltningen. 

CONCOMITANT, Adj. mtdfSljande. Concomitant,/: 
or Companion , fSl/eflagare. Concomitance, medfllje. 

CONCORD, S. enighel, inbSrdes godt fSrfldnd. (jj* 
CONCORD, /i.7i//W, Wmo/ii.ctSr-CONCORD (CONTRA- 
CTUS) forening , arrendc-contraB (lag-term) 

To CONCORD, V. N.fldmma ifwerens, forlikas. 

CONCORDANCE, S. Concordans- Bibel. c5> Con- 
cordance, Vid. Concord. 

CONCORDANT, Adj. or agreeing together, enig,Sf- 

To CONCORPORATE, V. N. or grow into one Bo- 
dy , blifwa til et, utgjSra enkropp, mlijwas. Concor- 
porated , Adj. forenad med, inlijwad. 

CONCOURSE , S.farnmanlorp , tilflotande af folk. There 
was a great concourfe of People , der war enftor fam- 
ling af folk. 

CONCRETE or Concreted, Adj. fammanwext. 0$" Con- 
creted or clotted , yflad, fom har fan fig. Concertion, 
f. or joining together, hlandning cllcr famting af mon- 
ga uti et. 

CONCUBINE, S. frilla. Concubinage, ocgta famtnan- 

CONCUPISCENCE or Lull, begdrelfe, lufla. Concu- 
pifcible , Adj. The Concupifcibie Appetite , luftandet, 

To CONCUR, V. N. or help, bifprlnga. God concurs 
with the fecond Caufes, GVD har fin hand i cauffis 
fecundis. tfj* To concur or agree with one in fome 
thing, komma ofwerens , gdlamed en , wara affamma 

CONCURRENCE, S. or [Meeting, fi-,mlwg , more,bi- 
fpringande , famfycke , infiammelfe. (£7* I want your 
concurrence or Approbation therein, jag haae gerna 
edert jakw&de i den faken. 

CONCURRENT, Adj. or confenting, famtyckande , 

CONCURRENT, S. or Competitor, medfSkare , fom 
fSker tillika med en annan. 

CONCUSS or Concusfion , f. cr Shaking, flotande, 
hdftig rSrelfe , item pdlagor utan Sfwerhetcns bcfallning. 
Concuffionary , Adj. en fom til fddant Sr fkyldig. 

To COND, l\ A. warjko , NAr-EM D1RI- 

To CONDEMN, V. A. or to blame, foidoma, ogil.'a. 
To Condemn one's condutr, ogilla ens upjorande.'T* 
Condemn one to die, dxniaen til dSden. C^ 3 To Con- 
demn a Thing for impoffible, dSma el ting fSr omoge- 
ligt. Condcmnable, Adj. fSrd'unlig , fSrkaficlig. 

CONDEMNATION, S. fSrdSmelfc ,'dom. Condemn- 
ed , Adj. dlimd. 

To CONDENSATE or Condenfe, V. A. gjSratjoch CT> 
To CONDENSATE, Neut. tjockna. Condenfated , Adj. 
ihoptjocknad. Condenfation , f. tjocknandeu 

CONDERS , S. ( Hewers or Direftors ) de fom ifran 
hogderna pdkuflen gifwa tekn til fill-fzfkarna hwad wig 
fom fill-leken ftryker fram, HALECVM sTECVLATORES, 

To CONDESCEND, V. N. or yield , begifwa fig, foga 

fig, lempa fig, COtVCEDERE , ACCEDERE. He will 
never condefcend to it, han ISr aldrig begifwafig der- 
til. OS* To CONDESCEND (dignari) wcrdigas gjSra 

CONDESCENDENCY or Condefcenfion,/. bepfwanie, 
fogande , SVI DEMISSIO. Condefcending or Conde- 
Icenfive , Adj. fogande , Com begifwer fig. 

CONDIGN, Adj. wJlfSnjent. To be brought to con- 
dign puniihment, jd fit wSlfortjenta firaff. Condign- 




edly , Adv. wdlfSnjent. Condignedly punifted , Jlraf- 
fad, fom wederbor. 

To CONDITE, V. A. or to feafon , krydda , fall a , 
bringa til god fmak, COMDIRE. 

CONDITION, 5. wilkor, tilfidnd. Whatever condi- 
tion you be in , i Aw ad liljldnd du ma vara. (X5* CON- 
DITION or Covenant, wilkor i et Contract. Upon 
condition that — med del wilkor at. tfj=- CONDITION , 
Nature or Difpofition, Jinnes egcnfkap. Were you 
in my condition, wore da i miitfiJlle. (Jjf* He is in a 
weak Condition , han dr mycket 'fwag. oCf To be in a 
dying condition , dragas med doden. 

To CONDITION with one, V. N. gjSra accord, kSp- 

CONDITIONAL, Adj. wilkorlig. conditionally , Adv. 

CONDITIONED, Adj. ( fpeaking of Goods ) omkop- 
mans gods. Ex. Goods veil or ill conditioned, wdlel- 
Ur ilia conditioneradt , iefkaffadt gods. An ill condition- 
ed Woman , en arg kona. 

CONDOLATORY, Adj. A condolatory Epiftle , Con- 
dolans-bref. A compliment of condolence , f. Condo- 

To CONDOLE with one, V. -N. condolera , betyga 
fit mtdlidande. I condoled with him for the Death of 
his Father , ;'<2£ coidolcrade, beklagade forgen af hans fa- 
der: d%i. Condoleance, Vid. Condolence, Condoler, 
f. en fom tager del i forgen. Condolement, f. condo- 
lans ( ur-bruk ) 

To CONDUCE, V. N. (to avail or contribute) tjena 
til, vta'a nyttig, condvcere. Do you think that will 
any ways conduce to your Happinefs ? tror du at det 
kan g'fora nogol til din flllhet ? 

CONDUCIBLE, Conducing or Conducive , Adj. tjenan- 
de, nyttig til. This will be no Way conducive toyour 
Happinefs, delta kan i inlet mSl furSka eder fdllhet. 

CONDUCT, S. or Management, anforande, uuctvs, 
AllSPiclvis. To be under one's conduct, fid under 
ens band. To have the whole Conduct of an Army, 
hafwa hela anfSrandet af Armeen. fX^r* CONDUCT 
(CESTVs) upfSrande, fidcklighet. His conduct was 
very much blamed, bans upfSrande blef mycket ogilladt. 
A Man that has more Courage than conduct, en karl 
af mera mod dn befkedlighet. fxj" A fafe conduct, fritt, 
obehindradt paferande, it. pajf. 

To CONDUCT, V. A.ledfaga, fSra ,DVCERE. I con- 
d him thither, jag for de henom dit. Conducted, 
Adj. ledfagad. Conducted to the Place of Execution, 
.1 afreitspla-ren. Conductor', f. ledfagare. Con- 
ducting i f. ledfagande. I gave him fo much for Con- 
ducting of me , jag gaf honcm ft mycket for det han 
ledfagade mig. Conductrefs , f. ledfagerOia. 

CONDUIT, S. or Pipe, pipa , watrtlcdning , AQUJE- 
di'ctvs. The Loins have a Communication with the 
Bladder by two conduits , njurarna hafwa gemenfkap 
med bldfan igenom twdnne ror. 

CONE , S. en mathematijli figur Ilk en fbeker-toop , Itdgta , 
co.vus. Conical, Adj. Kjr" To receive cone and Key, 
taga emot las och nycklar ( lag-term om Gift hufiru \ 

To CONFABULATE, V. N. tala , dkcurrera ihop. 
Confabulation,/, or colloquy , famtal , (hack. 

CONFECTION , S. medicinfk compofition. 

CONFECTIONER, S. or Comfit-maker, cor.fect-ma- 
kare , focker-bagare , COSEEctionarius. 

CONFEDERACY , S. or Alliance, fSrbund , forbindel- 

fe {i lagen Sr det ex famman -gaddelfe ) Confederate, 
Adj. o5* To be confederate in a crime, wara i fam- 
rad uti en miffgjerning. The confederates , for Allies, 
de allierade. 

To CONFEDERATE, V. N. Ex. To confederate them- 
felves , forbinda fig med forbund. KJ=» To confederate, 
fammangadda fig. 

To CONFER, V. A. jemfora , gifwa , comparare , 
DON ARE. To Confer a Living upon one, gifwa en 
en Idgenhet. To confer with one , Neat, discurera med 
en. K5* To confer Notes, ofaerldgga med en. 

CONFERENCE, S. conferans , fimm.intrdde af flerauti 
en fak. Conferred , Adj. Vid. To Confer. 

To CONFESS, V. A. bckdnna , tilfid , widgd , FATERI. 
(Xj^To CONFESS, ho/a ens bekdnnclfe.C&To CONFESS, 
Ncut. bikta. To go to confefs , gd til bikt. Confessed, 
or confelt. Adj. tiljlddd , bekdnd , (Xj* It is ConfefseJ 
that , hela werlden tilfldr at. Confefsedly , Adv. eflcr 
alias bifall , tilfidende. 

CONFESSION , S. bikt, bekdnnelfe. That confesfion was 
pumped out of him, man drogden bekdnnelfcn nr honom. 
Confesfion - chair or Confesfionary , biktflol. Con- 
• fefior,/^ or Father-confeflor , bikt-fader. (ij* A Con- 
fesforof the primitive Times or a Martyr, en bekdx- 
nare , Martyr. , 

To CONFIDE, V. A'. fSrldta ellerfSrirSfla fig pd,fSr- 
fdkra fig , confidere. He confides too much in his 
Strength, han d^ifiar fSr mycket pd fin fiyrka. You may 
confide in me , lita pd mig. 

CONFIDENCE , S. or Trult , fortrS/lan , fSrtroende. I 
have an entire confidence in him , jag liar c: fullkom- 
tigt fortroende til honom. To commit in confidence a 
Thing to a Friend , gjor* en wdn fortroende af nogol. 
CO^ CONFIDENCE ( avdaci A ) djerfhet , ndswishet , 
frdekhet. I do admire his confidence , jag forundrar mig 
ofwer bans djerfhet. 

CONFIDENT, Adj. or Cure , wiff , fdker , fSrfdkrad , 
ndswis , djerf, CERTVS , ERETl'S, AUDAX. 

CONFIDENT , S. en irogen eller fSrtrolig wdn , AMI- 
CUS certvs. I am the confident of her mod fecret 
Thoughts , hon fdrtror miz fina hemlizafle anfiag. (Xj* 
The Confident and the Diffident , den godtrogna och 
oirogna. Confidently, Adv. fdkert , wifft , djerft , nds- 
wifi. 05=* It is confidently reported , dit fdgesfor wiffo. 
To fend confiding Perfons , fenda iroget , pdliteligt 

CONFIGURATION, S. A Configuration of Stars, en. 

To CONFINE , V. A. iwlnga , holla tilbaka , innehol- 
na,fdttaen i hdktclfe. X^-To CONFINE, V. N. (cONfl- 
NIS ESSE ) grdnfe. til, wara ndr-grdnfandc. To Con- 
fine a wandering Luff, dempa en oordentlig luft.i. To 
Confine a Man to Prifon , fdtta en i fdn?e<fc Lorrain 
confines upon Germany , Lo/bringcn grStifar t'lTvfK- 
land. (X^ He confined himfelf to one lmall Meal a 
Day. han infkrdnl-te fin mat til et litct mdl om da- 
gen. Confined, Adj. iwungen , i hdktelfe. (Xj 2 " To be 
confined to one Room, wara injlirdnkt inom et rum. 

CONFINEMENT, S. or Confiraint, iwong , fdngelfe , 
tialdom, lands-fiyktighet , RESTRICTJO , 1.VCARCE- 


CONFINES , S. or Borders, grdnfor, coxeixia. OS* 
I i Being 


Being in the confines of Death, warandes p£ fit yt- 
terfta , pa graffens brddd. 

To CONFIRM, V. A.fladfSfla ,bckrdfta:g> To con- 
firm one {in fide Christiana confirm are) 
fcrma , fSrretta fcrmning. 

CONFIRMATION , 5. fladfdjletfe , bckriftelfi. The 
church-confirmation , Kyrko-fermning. Confirmed , 
Adj. Vid. To Confirm. 

To CONFISCATE one's Goods, V. A. kdnna ens e- 
gendom un.LT Cronan , bona froscri n ere. Con- 
fifcated , Adj. or forfeited ,forbruten, fonvdrkad. Con- 
fiscation,/^ confifiation. 

CONFITS, Vid. Comfits 6rc. 

CONFLAGRATION, 5. a Burning or great F"ire, brand, 
afbrennlng , wad-eld. 

CONFLICT, S. or Fight, ftrid, f&Uande, tdflande. 
05=- To conflict , V. N. flnda , t.ijh. A Hero ought 
to conflict with any Danger, en hjelte bir waga fig i all 
fara. OS* CONFLICT or Difpute , t dfiande , luifiande. 

CONFLUENCE or Conflux , S. (Retort of People) 

fammanlopp af folk. dS 5 " The Confluence or Meet- 
ing, of two Rivers, hopfiytandc af twdnuc floder. 

CONFLUENT, Adj.fammanMpande (ffges forndmligafl 
om koppoma , dd monga .blddror lopa bop i en. 

CONFORM, Adj. likmdiig , cnlig med. Conform to 
that , likmdtig det. 

To CONFORM, V. A. gjSra lik , fioga, lempa.&S* To 
CONFORM, Acut, or to conform wie'5 felf, Recip. fo- 
gc fig , lempa fig. Conformable, Adj. lik, likmdiig. 
Conformably, Adv. liimdtigt. Conformation, f.famman- 
fiSUntng. Conformed , A dj. likmdtig gjord. Conform ft, 
f. en fiom fogar fig til kyrko - Idran olh Difii- 

CONFORMITY, 5. likformighet. In Conformity to , 

To CONFOUND, V. A. blandaihop , rSratilftmmsns, 
trafla , forbiftra ,fSrwirra. 05 s " To confound orput out 
of countenance , fSrwilta , gjSra en bc/lSrt elle, 
mande. oJr" To Confound, to deftroy cr wafte , jSr- 
fiora, fSroda. 03* To confound one's Eftate ,fSr/lSJ'afin 

CONFOUNDED, Adj. hopblandad , traflad , hoprSr.i , 
confvsvs. To be confounded , ffc&mma fig, blifaa 
forbryllad. A Confounded or Curled bufrhefs , enfSr- 
bannad fak. Confoundedly, Ad:-. firfkrtStkellgi - 
liga. He fwears Confoundedly , liar, fw&r fSrlkrScke- 

CONFRATERNITY, S. brodajkap%L i 

To CONFRONT » V. A. fiSlld et ting mot et annaf, 
adversvm sistere. The Witneffes confronted the 
Criminal , witnen renfldltes miffdddarert. Confronted , 
'Adj. confronterad. The confronting of Vitneiscs , •*<?- 
nens genfidllning. 

To CONFUSE, V.A. blanda, hoprSra; fSrwllla, coxfu.y- 
defe. Confufed , Adj. or mixt together, blandcd. 
fSrwirrad, oordentelig. A Confuted Style, en oj 
fivl. A conftifed and difmal Cry, et fult ach oprden- 
teiigt (kri. Conftifedly , Adv. oordenteliga , mZri.t. To 

■ fee Things Confufedly, fie filler med oordnirtg. 

CONFUSION, S. oordr.lng , fkatn , blygd , fSrderf. To 
brin" to Confufion , fiSrwirra, komma en pa fkatn. 

To CONFUTE, V. A. to combate or anfwer , weder- 
Idgta. To confute a« opinion , wederldgga en mening. 


ClS 5, To Confute or to baffle a Slander, gjSra fig klar 

if ran et fitjwMer eller forfmddelfe. Confutation, Vid. 

Verb. Confuted , wederlagd. 
CONGE or CONGEE, 5.. Leave or Permisfion, lofi , 

tilftand , PERM1SSIO. 
To CONGEAL, V. A. gjira til is , gjira tjockt , coa~ 

gvlare. K5*To CONGEAS, V. N. ihop-fryfa, CONCE- 

lare. Congealed, Adj. ihop-frufen. Congealing, fi. 

ibop-j'rysning ifiande. 
CONGEE, S. or Bow, bugande , 1NCL1NAT10 cor- 

foris. He made me a great congee, ban bugade fig 

djupt for thig. To congee to one , buga fig for en. 
CONGEE d'efhre, Konungcns lof fir et Dom-Capitel <te 

wdlja fig en B/lhop, venia elicendi. 
CONGENIAL, Adj. ( of the fame kind) af famnu 

fiig , clU-r finne. Congeniality,/; or likenefs of Ge- 

niu . , jinnes likbet. 

CONGEON , 5. or Dwarf, dwerg , tvmilio. 
CONGZR, S. (a fort of Fifli ) hafs-dl , CONGER. 

D| CONGESTION, S. or Heap, famling, bopwrdk- 

■ii . 

DTTo CONGLATIATE, V. N. or freeze together, 

fryfa ihop , // a iltop. 
To CONGLOMERATE, V. A.nyfia, bopwickla , fam- 

man-wrdka , ac c lomerare. 

DtTo CONGLUTINATE, V.A. to glue or join to- 
gether, kcplinui- • fT^To CONGLUTINATE V. 
N. b.c.'limas , fSreni fig , fSrknippa fig med , klibba wid. 
Conglutinatecl , Adj. fSfknippad. 

To CONGRATULATE , V. A. Snflia enom lycka , ta- 
gi del mi ens rtddje. I come to congratulate you upon 
your happy Marriage, jag kommer at onjlta Edcr lyc- 
ka til edert lyckVga gtjtc-mdl. Congratulation ,f. lyck- 
ofl team 

To CONGREGATE, V. A. or gather together, hop- 
famla , kallaihop. Congregated, Adj. jBrfamtad. Con- 
ition., f. J '■$, famling. Congregational, Adj. dcr- 

CONGRESS, S. or Meeting, mote-, fammanlomfi. item 
fdktntr.g , onfall. 

CONGRUENCE or conformity , Sfwerensfidmmelfie, lihi 

CONGRUENT, Adj. or congruous, lik, rimlig , tf- 
ueren Jlirnmande. Gongrnity, Vid. Congruence. 

CONJECTURAL, Adj. byggd pa gjffning. Phyfick is 
a very cor.jefiural fcience , Idkare-konflcn kommer 
mycket an pa gijfwdrk. Conjeclurally , Adj. g'Jfnings- 

CONJECTURE, S. or Guefs, gifining. To go upon 
Conjeflures, bygga pa giffningar. 

To CONJECTURE, V. A. or guefs, gift. To co«- 
jefture one thing from another, giffa et ling af et an- 
nai. V/hat-do you conjecture from thence? hwad »''s- 
far du derutaf? Conjeclured, Adj. giffad. Conjetlurer, 
ft g*. i 

ToCONJOBBLE, V. A. glamma, fprdkamed en, con- 


To CONJOIN, V. A. bopfoga , contvncerb. Con- 

joyncd , bopfogad. 
CONJUGAL, Adj. egienfkap tUHSrig. 
To CONJUGATE, V. A. conjugera (gram.) 




CONJUNCTION, S. <?,- union, hopfognlng , forming. 
Conjunctly , Adv. liljammans. 

CONJUNCTURE, S. lids -wan , fakers beldgcnket , 
temporis ratio. Critical conjuncture, granlagadt tids- 

CONJURATION, S. or confpiracy, fammangaddelfe , 
myteri. item befwdrjcljc , trcllkcnfi. To raife up De- 
vils by conjuration , uprefa djeflar med bcfiwdrjelfe. 

To CONJURE, V. A. or earneftly entr at, hogeligen 
iedja. tf> To conjure or to conjure up fpirits , up- 
refa andar genom befwdrjelfc. To Conjure down fpi- 
rits , befwdrja ncd andar. rff- To conjure, as Prielts 
do , befwdrja (i dSpelfen) (x5= To CONJUBE, Neut. or 
confpire together, fiammangadda fig. Conjured, Ad). 
Vid. To Conjure. Conjurer, f. befwdrjarc , trollkarl. 
f(j* A Conjuring Book , fvartkonfi-boh. 

To CONN, V. A. £■ N. kunna man til, MEMORITER 
NOSSE. To Conn one's LefTon , k::nna fin t e xa. tfj* 
To CONN (terci/tere ) knuffa. cS=- To conn one 
thanks, tacka en, afidgga tackfdgelfe. 

CONNATURAL, Adj. naturlig , med-JSdd. 

Vo CONNECT , V. A. binda ibop, foga tilfammans, fSr- 
fana. connected, Adj. forknippad , hopfogad , jlrbun- 
df. med. Your interefrs are inseparably connected with 
mine, edert och mit inter cficdr ofkiljagtigt fSrknippadt. 

CONNED, Adj. from to conn, Vid. To conn. 

CONNEXION, S. or hanging together, jSrlnippelfe , 
fammanhang. There is no manner of connexion , der ' 
dr intet fammanhang. Connexity, f. relation, Likhet , 
hdnfeendc til et annat. 

To CONNIVE or wink at, V. A. f; genom finger, con- 
nived at, Adj. fedd genom finger med , Sj'v. erjedd. Con- 
nivance , f. fiat/ret. 

ONNOISSEUR , S. ISrd, margkunnig ,jorfaren man, 


ONNUBIAL , Adj. or conjugal , egtenfkap eilh'rig' 
O CONQUEK , V. A. or fubdue, ofwerwnna , under- 
kufwa, subivgare. Conquered, Adj. Zfwcrwunncn 
med hSrsmagt. Conqueror , f. ofwerwinnare. 
CONQUEST, S. erSfring , f-ger , Victoria. A great 
Conquell, en ftor erSfring. There is no cenaiefl like 
that of our own felves , Jegren Sfwcr cfi ' fijelfwa dr den 

CONSANGUINITY , S. blods-frcrdfhap. 

CONSCIENCE, S. famwete, i:em famwets-nyck. He makes 

'■no confeience of his word, ban dr intet m*n cm 

' ord. He makes a confeience to Lie or of lying, ban 

gjur fi>> famwete af at ljuga. In confeience , pa fam- 

wetet. Cjjr' Confeience or inward knowlege of a thing, 

medwaenket. tfj* To dlfcharge one's conic. ence , fiyl- 

lefi-gjcra fit famwete. Q^j* Tender confidences , oma , 

tronoa famweten. Tender confeienced , fiamwets-grann. 

CONSCIENTIOUS, Adj. or juft , iiltie , Jk&lig , fom 

handUr cfter famwetet , REL1C10SVS. Of a merchant, 
he is as confeientious as can be , fir en IS; man , dr 
ban fid famweisgrannfcm nogon. confcientioufiy , Adv. 
famv.etsgrant. Confcientiousnefs , f. famwets- granbet , 

.■ A ftricr Confcientioufnefs , famv.ets-omb.ct. 
iONSCIONABLE , Adj. Vid. confeientious. 00~ 
CONS CIO.vaBLE { X.OVUS ) biliig ,j}:dlig. confeior.- 
ablenefs , f. Vid. confcientioufnefs. confeionably , 
Adv. efter famwetet, billigl. 
ONSCIOUS , Adj. fom wet nogot, dr b.cs fig fjelf if- 


wertygaJ. I am cor.fcious of it, jag wet act wdl. Te 
be confeious of one's Guilt, wara Sfwcrtygad om fit 
brott. <j5r* So many had been made confeious to the 
defign , /iAen war under fid kunnig. Confcious- 
nefs,/i medwetenhet , bemlig , inwertes kimfkap. 

To CONSECRATE, V. A. belga, inwiga. affSndratil 
heiigtbruk, CONSECRARE. (£?• To Confecrate or offer 
up a thing to one , tilfkrifwa , dediccra , upoffra en 
nogot. To confecrate , g,5ra en ododelig. To confe- 
crate a church or a Biillop, wiga in en kyrka , eller 
en Bifkop. To confecrare a Man's memory to pofte- 
rity , gjora ens namnododeligt. confecuteH, Adj. Vid. 
To confecrate. Confecrario.n , f. inwigning &c. The 
Ram of confecration , fyllelfens wddur , Exod. zn. 22. 

CONSECTARY, S. pafSlgd af en bewifad fanning^ 
consectaRIUM. confecuting, Adj. following or Suc- 
ceeding, fom pdj'Sljer {Jdges om ting och icke om per- 

CONSENT , 5. famtyckc , jaqwddc , Assr.vsvs. To rive 
a man one's confent, gifwa encr: fit >,:r:i<,ckc. To^get 
a man's confent, winna ens famtycke. 

To CONSENT to, /'. N. or to agree, famtyckd , gilla , 
assextiri. I Confent to it, jag famtyckcr det. Con- 
sentaneous , Adj. ofiwerens-fidmmande , likmdtig. Con- 
fented to, Adj. Jamtyckt. Confentirg , f. famtyckc. Vid. 
To confent. confenting or confentiant , Adj. famtyc- 

CONSEQUENCE, S. pajUgd. hem angeldgcnhet. To 
draw a conclusion by a neceffsry ccr.fequence , gjora 
en flutfats aj en nodwendig pdf&lgd. A thing of no con- 
fluence, en fiak af intet wcrde. A thing of dangerous 
confequence, en fak af fiarlig pdfolgd. {fj* By Con- 
fequence , i fSlje deraf. Confequent , Ad;. paj'Ujandc. 
Confequential , Adj. fom dragcr pSjUgder. Confequen- 
tially or Confequently , Adj. folgagteligen. 

CONSERVATION, S. befKydd, bewar. Confervator, 

f. befkyddare , bewar are. 
CONSERVATORY, 5. jSrrddsbus , maga-iin , it. dref- 

hus at underholla udanlfi^i v. cxter mi. 
CONSERVE, S. fockcr-conferve , infyltadc faker , S AL- 

C AM A. Cor.ferve of Rofes , Rot'en-ccnferve. 

To CONSERVE, V. A.bewara ,bcjkydda , CONSERVA- 
RE. (Xj'To CONSERVE Fruits, infylta frukt. Conferv- 
ed , ^idj. btviarad. Corferver,/i bewararc. Ccnferv- 
able, Adj. fom kan jorwaras. 

To CONSIDER, V. A. to confider of , Neut. to think 
upon or to take roiice of. omnugfa , befinna , betdnka , 
consider are. To coi.liuer ot'a thing thoroughly, 
lifinna en fiak wdl. Confider what you do , betdn 
hvad du gjor. Confider my prefent condition, befinna 
mit tilftand. 05* To CONSIDER { compensjre) cr- 
kdnna, wedergdlla. 1 ihail Confder you for it, lag 
fkal lemma ihtg dig derjorc. CC? To CONSIDER one 
( jESTIMare ) anfc , werdera, hederweta en. 

CONSIDERABLE , Adj. anfenlig, flor, merkwerdig, A'O- 
tatv Dies Vs. The Fatigues I underwent feon made 
a ccnfiderablc change in my hea!th, de mo.iga jwdr- 
heter \ag utflod gjordt fnart en flor fSrd/iJreng i min bel- 
fa. Considerably, Adv. or much, ar.fcnliga, mycket. 

CONSIDERATE, Adj. betdxkjam .forfiktig , fSrnuftig, 
TRVDENS. He is a very confiderate man, kan dr ,» 
reu fo.-fiktig man. Confiderately , Adv. or ..dvifedly, 

I i It- ■■ ' 



Being in the confines of Death , warandes p£ fit yt- 
terfia , pi griff'" 5 brddd. 

To CONFIRM, V. A.fiadfdfia , bekrdfta.'Cj- To CON- 
ferma , fSrretta fermning. 

CONFIRMATION, S. fladfdjttlfi , tekrijtelfi. The 
church-confirmation , Kyrko-fsrmning. Coorirm.d , 
Adj. Vid. To Confirm. 

To CONFISCATE one's Goods, V. A. k&nntt ens e- 
gendom under Cronan , proscri here. Con- 
flicted , Adj. or forfeited ,fSrbruten, forvdrkad. Con- 
filcalion , f. confifiation. 

CONFITS, Vid. Comfits &c. 

CONFLAGRATION, S. a Burning orgrcat Fire, hand, 
afbrennin* , v. id-eld. 

CONFLICT, S. or Fight, firil , fShaade, tdflande. 
CO*To CONTI.ICT , v. N. flrida , tdfia. A Hero ought 
to conflict with any Danger, en h.jelte Mr u a ga fig i all 
fa-a. CTj* CONFLICT or Difpute , tdflande, twiftande. 

CONFLUENCE or Conflux , S. ( Refort of People) 
fammanlopp af folk. aS* The Confluence or Meet- 
ing, of tuo Rivers, af twdnne floder. 

CONFLUENT, Adj.fammanMpande (figes fZrn.i 
om korpoma, dd monga blitror Ibpa hop i en. 

CONFORM, Adj. likmdtig, eni:g rmd. Conform to 
: , likmdtig d't. 

To CONFORM, V. A.gjSra lik , fioga, lempa.rry To 
CONFORM, Acur, orto conform f, Rccip. fo- 

, lempa fig. Conformable, Adj. Ilk, i:\mdtig. 
Conformably, Adv. likatdcigt. Conformation, f.fiamman- 
JlJllning. Conformed , Adj. likmdtig gjord. Conform ft, 
f. en font fogar fig til kyrko - Idran olh Dijii- 

CONTORM1TY, S. likformightt. In Conformity to , 

To CONFOUND, V. A. ulandaihop, roratilfitmmans, 
trafla , fSrbiflra.firu.irra. oJ» To confound or put out 
of countenance , firwilla , gjSra en b:ftjrt tiler 
man,'.-, rjr* To Confound, to deflroyor wafte, )Sr- 
flSra, fSroda. (£/* To confound one's Ellate ,forfioja fin 

. OUNDED, Adj. hopb'.,n'.:d . trafiid, hopi 
eoMftrsvs, To be confounded , fkdn , 

firbryllad. A Confounded or Cuii-il bu fill eft , er.f'*-- 
bannad j'ak. Confoundedly, Ad.. 
lira. He lVearj Confoundedly, han I'wdr firfki 

CONFRATERNITY, S. brederjkap\{ i andellge faker) 

To CONFRONT , V. A. : tg mot et annat , 

advzrsvsi sistere. The Witnefies confront 
Criminal, mtnen renfldlics mifj.Utd.iren. Confronted, 
Adj. confrontcad. The confronting ofWitne&es; wit- 
nent genftdllning. 

To CONFUSE, V.A. blanda, hoprSra; firw'Ma, coxrt/x- 
dese. Confufe'! , Adj. or mixt to^t'lcr, bi 
. oordemel'tg. K ' Style , en c 

flvl. A confofed and dcfmal Cr^, et full »a o\ 
t'eli't frvi. Confufedly, Adv. oordenn t. To 

fee Things Confufedly, fe faker med oordnin*. 

CONFUSION, S. , fkaM , hlygd , forderf. To 
brine to confufion , fSrwirra, komma en r.i fkam. 

To CONFUTE, V. A. to combate or anfwer , *;der- 
Idita. To connite an opinion, wederbdg^a en mening. 

l°r To Confute or to baffle a Slander, gj'ra fig Uer 

if ran et fijw.iller eller forfmddelfe. Confutation, Vid. 

Ve:b. Confuted, wcderlagd. 
CONGE or CONGEE, 5.. Leave or Permisfion, lof , 

tilftSnd, pER.uissio. 
To CONGEAL, V. A. gjSra til is , gjSra tjockt, coa- 

CULARE. 0>ToCONGEAS, V. N.ihop-fryfa, COlfCE- 
• J.ARE. Congealed, Adj. ihop-frufen. Congealing./ 

ihop-frysning ijande. 
CONGEE, 5. or Bow, bugande , 1NCL1NAT10 COR- 
PORIS. He made me a great congee , han bugade fig 

djupt jSr mig. To congee to one, buga fig for en. 
CONGEE d'euire,A'on«/!».:/w lof fir et Dom-Capitel at 

wdlja fig en Btjkop, venia eiicendi. 
CONGENIAL, Adj. ( of the fame kind) af famm* 

flag , clUr finne. Congeniality , f. or likenefs of Ge- 

nins , fianes likhet. 
CONGEON, S. or Dwarf, dwerg , pvmilio. 
CONGER, S. (a fort of Fifll ) hafs-al, co.vcer. 
D| CONGESTION, S. or Heap, famling, hopwrdk- 

Dff> CONGLVTIATE, V. N. or freeze together, 

fry fa :.';op , t fa thop. 
To CONGLOMERATE, V. A.nyfia, hopwickla, fam- 

man-wrdka , aggiomerar&i 
DtTo CONGLUTINATE, V.A. to glue or join to- 

getiier,Ae; ' -.». rj^To congiuiinate V. 

N. koplimas , fSren.i fig, fo'l.nippa fig med , klibbawid. 

Gonglutinated , A , vad. 

To CONGRATULATE , V. ' A. Snfka enom lycka.ta- 

gi lei ..' to congratulate you upon 

your happy Marriage, jag kommer at Snfka Edcr lye- 

ka til edert lyckliga giftcrmal. Congratulation ,_/". lyck- 

To CONGREGATE, V. A. or gather together, hop- 

fiamla , kallaihop. Congregated , Adj. fSrfamLid. Con- 

gregation-, f. fSrfamling. Congregational, Adj. dcr- 

CONGRESS, S. or Meeting, mote-, fiimraankomfi. item 
fdktning , anfall. 

CONGRUENCE or conformity , SfwerensfiSmmelfe, lik- 

CONGRUENT, Adj. or congruous, lik , rimlig , of- 
;i.'v jldmmande. Gongrnity, Vid. congruence. 

CONJECTURAL', Adj. byggd pa giffning. Phyfick is 
a very conjectural fcience , Idkare-konjlen kommer 
mycketanfdgiffwdrk. conjeclurally , Adj. giffnings- 

CONJECTURE, S. or Guefs , giffning. To go upon 
Conjectures, bygga pa gijfningar. 

To CONJECTURE , V. A. or guefs, giffa. To con- 
jecture one thing from another, giffa et ting af et an- 
nat. V/hat-do you conjecture from thence? hwa-< 'is- 
far du dsrutaf? Conjectured , Adj. giffad. Conjetturer, 
f> i i 

ToCONJOBBLE, V. A. glammd, fprdkamed en, con- 


To CONJOIN, V. A. hepfoga , coxtvxcerE. Con- 

joyned, hopfogad. 
CONJUGAL, Adj. egtenfkap til 
To CONJUGATE, V. A. conjagera {gram.) 




CONJUNCTION , S. or union , hopfognlng , forming'. 
Conjunctly, Adv. tiljammans. 

CONJUNCTURE, S. lids- wan, fakers beldgenket , 
temporis ratio. Critical conjuncture, granlagadt tids- 

CONJURATION, S. or confpiracy, fammangaddelfe , 
myteri. item befwdrjelje , trollkcnfl. To raife up De- 
vils by conjuration , uprefa djeflar med befwdrjelje. 

To CONJURE, V. A. or earnefHy entr at, hogeligen 
itdja. tfj* To Conjure or to conjure up fpirits , up- 
rcfa andar gcnom befwdrjelfe. To Conjure clown fpi- 
rits , befwdrja tied andar. {£=• To conjure, as Prielis 
do , befwdrja {i dtpelfen) gj=- To CONJUBE, Neut. or 
conipire together , fammangadda fig. conjured, Adj. 
Vid. To conjure, conjurer, f. befwdrjare, trollkarl. 
05* A Conjuring Book , fwartkonfi-bok. 

To CONN, V. A. £■ N. kunna man til, MEMORITER 
yossE. To conn one's LefTon , k:,nna fin Uxa. cJr" 
To CONN (eercvtere ) knufia. (£f To conn one 
thanks, tacka en, afidgga tackfugdfe. 

CONNATURAL, Adj. naiurlig , med-JSdd. 

To CONNECT , V. A. binda ihop, foga tilfammans, fSr- 
fatia. Connected, Adj. forinippad, hopfogad , jcrbun- 
den med. Your interefb are inseparably connected with 
mine, cdert och mil inter cffc dr cfkiljagtigt fSrknippadt. 

CONNED, Adj. from to conn, Vid. To conn. 

CONNEXION, S. or hanging together, jSrlnippelfe , 
famman'nang. There is no manner of connexion , der ' 
dr inlet j'ammanhang. Connexity, / relation, likhet , 
hdnfeende til et annat. 

To CONNIVE or wink at , V. A. ft genom finger. Con- 
nived at, Adj. fedd genom finger med , Sfvcrjedd. con- 
nivance , f. fiaiftet. 

CONNOISSEUR, S.ldrd, margkunnig ,forfaren man, 


CONNUBIAL, Adj. or conjugal, egtenfkap t'dh'rig' 

To CONQUER, V. A. or fubdue, ofwerwnna , under- 
Hufwa , subjicare. Conquered, Adj. ofwerwunncn 
med hlrsmagt. Conqueror , f. ofwerwinnare. 

CONQUEST, S. erofring , feger , victoria. A great 
Conqueft, en /lor erofring. There is no conqueft like 
that of our own felves , Jegren ofiwer efffelfwa dr den 

CONSANGUINITY , S. blods-frerdfkap. 

CONSCIENCE, S.famwcte, item famwets-nyck. He makes 
no confcience of his word, han dr Intel v-n cm jma 
ord. Hi makes a confcience to Lie or of Ijing, ban 
gj'r fix famv.ete af at ljuga. In confcience , p.i fcm- 
wetet. 0Sr° confcience or inward knowlege ot a thing, 
medae:enbet. (Cj* To difcharge ones confc.ence , fyl- 
lefi-gjora fit famweie. CS* Tender ccnfciences, Sma , 
tronoa famweten. Tender confcienced , famweis-grann. 

CONSCIENTIOUS, Adj. or juft , billig , fkdlig , fom 
bandlar efter famwetet , RELlGlosvs. Ot" a merchant, 
he is as confcientious as can be , for en i.oinan, dr 
han fa fam-.vcisgrannfcmnogon. COnfcientioufly , Adv. 
fa mv.etsgrant. Confcientiousnefs , f fcmwets-granhet , 
_het. A Itr.ct Confcieniicutnefs , 

CONSCIONABLE, Adj. Vid. confcientious. O^ 
CONSOIONaBIE (_ . S'^v us ) bill ig ,jbdlig. Confcion- 
ablenefs, f. Vid. confcienticufr.efs. confcionably , 
Adv. eftsr famrectel, billigt. 

CONSCIOUS , Adj. fom wet nogct , dr b.cs fig fjilf tfi- 

wertygaJ. I am confcious of it, jag wet del wdl. To 
be confcious of one's Guilt, warn ifwerlygad cm fit 
brott. <Xj* So many had been made confcious to the 
defign , faken war itnde- ft kunnig. Confcious- 
nets , f. medwetenhct , hemlig , inwertes kimfkap. 

To CONSECRATE, V. A. helga, iawiga . aff'mdratil 
heiigt bruk, coxsecrare. 05" To Confecrate or offer 
up a thing to one, tilfkrifwa, dedicera , upoffra en 
nogot. To confecrate , gjSra en ododelig. To confe- 
crate a church or a Bilhop , wiga in en kyrka , eller 
en Bifkop. To confecrate a Man's memory to pofte- 
rity, gjora ens namn ododelig! ConfecmeH , Adj. Vid. 
To confecrate. Confecrarion , f. inwigning &c. The 
Rj-n of conlecration , fyllelfens wddur , Exod. 29. 12. 

CONSECTARY, 5. pdfSlgd of en bewifad fanning* 
coksectarivm. cor.fecuting , .Afii/'. following or fuc- 
ceed;r,g , fom pafiljer (Jdges om ting och icke om per- 

CONSENT , 5. famtycke , jaqwdde , assexsus. To five 
a r :■. one's confcnt , gifwa enom fit fctnty eke. To J get 
a man's confent , winna ens famtycke. 

To CONSENT to, V. N. or to agree, farr.lyckd , gilla , 
ASSEST1RI. I Confent to it, jag famtyckcr del. Con- 
fent—.eous , Adj. ofwerens-fldmmande , UkmStig. Con- 
fented to, Adj. faniyckt. Confentire , f. famtycke. Vid. 
To confent. consenting or confentiant , Adj. famtyc- 

CONSEQUENCE , 5. paJSlgd. Item angeldgenhet. To 
draw a conclusion by a neceffbvy Confequence, gjora 
en jlutfais aj en noduendig pafS'gd. A thing of no con- 
fluence, en fak af iniet werde. A thing of dangerous 
confequence, en fak af farlig pofolgd. tfj* By con- 
fequence , i folje deraf. Confequent , Adj. paj'Sljjnde. 
Confequential , Adj. fom drager pajilgder. Consequen- 
tially or Confequently , Adj. folgagteligen. 

CONSERVATION, S. befKydd, bewar. Confervator, 

f. befk-.ddare , benarare. 
CONSERVATORY, 5. jSrrSdshus, magaiin, it. dref- 

hus el •andirholla utlSndfka wcxter uti. 
CONSERVE, S.focker-conferve, infyliade faker , SAL- 

gam A. Conferve of Roles , Rofen-confervc. 

To CONSERVE,?'. A. bewara .bejkydda , coxserva- 
RE. (Xj* To CONSERVE Fruits, infylta frukt. Cor.ferv- 
ed , ^4dj. bzuarcd. Ccrferver,/i bewarare. Conferv- 
able, Adj. fom kan forwaras. 

To CONSIDER, V. A. to confider oUNcut. to think 
upon or to take rotice of, omnusfa , befnna , betdnka , 
consider are. To confider of a thing thoroughly, 
lifinna en fak wdk Confider what you do , betdn 
hwad cu °jor. Confider my prefent condition, befinn.t 
mil tiljldnd. OS"* To CONSIDER ( COHPENSARE ) er- 
kdnna, wedergdlla. I fhall Confider you for it, lag 
fkal Kcmma ihig dig der j ore. (Cr To CONSIDER one 
( vr ST1MARE ) an fe , werdera , hederweta en. 

CONSIDERABLE , Adj. anfenlig, flor, merkwerdig, J'O- 
tatv vicsu's. The Fatigues i underwent fcon made 
a considerable in my health, de mo.igj jwar- 
bete r ag - : - r gjordt fnart en flor fSrdadring i minhel* 
fa. Cor.hd.erabiy , Auv. or much, ar.fir.liga, myclet. 

CONSIDERATE, Adj. bu&tkfam ,f'orfiktig , fimuftig, 

TRVBENS. He is a very Cor.fderate man. ian Jr in 

rett fSrfiktig man. Confiderately , Adv. or ;dvifedly, 

I J It. ,'■■■ 


fSrnuftcliga , will!;*, befkt lli;a. Confideratcnefs , f. 
gbet, aboga . betSnkfamhct. 
CONSIDERATION , S. bctdnkande, rk.ll , a/fit', an- 
feende J'ir en. The confederation of Death , bctrakian- 
det af dSden. To do a thing without any confederation, 
g/Sra nogot obctSnkfamliga. He did it upon a worldly con- 
ation , hdn gjorde del i werldslig affiku Havealittle 
consideration of me, haf dock litet anfeende fir m!g. 
ffv* To take a thing into confederation , taga nogot i 
bctdnkande. tfj* CONSIDER ATION (REMt/NER.tTJO) 
belSning, ihogkommelj'e. Confidered , Adj. bcldnkft, be- 
ISni , ihogkommen. This is a thing to be Confidered 
of, deiu jlrtjenar bctdnkande. iff You fhall be confi- 
dered for your pains , du fkalt bit Ihogkommen Jor din 
mlda. Confiderer , f. ranfakarc , uiforjkare. 

CONSIDERING, Adj. tank ftdl,omtdnkt, cocitabun- 
DVS, circvmspectVs. He has a confidering head', 
/■.an bar ct klokt hujvud. "f He put on his Conlidering 
cap, ban gmbladc , fludtrade dcrpa. 

CONSIDERING , Adv. Ex. Confidering that he is poor, 
i anfeende deriil at ban dr faitig. Conlidering the pre- 
lent pofture of affairs, fdfomifakerna mi fla , cUer i 
anfeende til ndrwarande tiljiand. 

To CONSIGN, V. A. confignera,Sfwerantwarda , band- 
fldlla , ifwergjora , consign are. The whole cargo 
was configned to him , bela laddningen war confignerad 
til honom. Configned to punifliment , ufwerantwardad 
at flraffas. 

CONSIGNMENT, S. gods , fom fend:' fr&n enktpman 
til en an nan , at for de§ rekning firfdljas, MERCES 


To CONSIST, V. N.beflS af,coNsisrERE. Life«on- 
fifts in the union between body and foul , lifwet be- 
fldr uti fireningen mellan kropp ochfSl. This does not 
confifl with what you laid before , detta b.enger icke 
ibop med buad dufade migforr. C5* It confifts not with 
the modefty of a woman tc make prefents to a man , 
del dr icke enligt med blygfamheten , at et a. 
f&rdringar 3t en karl. 

CONSISTENCE or confiftency, S.beftdnd, famman- 
bang. (xj" Thefi' ftories have no confidence together , 
deffafagor hafwa intct fammanhang. OS* CO NSISTENCE 
( CONCRETIO ) famtjockhet, tjoeknande af wat - wa- 

CONSISTENT, Adj. Ex. jl made my ftory as confi- 
dent and plaufible as 1 could , /'<ie gjorde min faga fa 
god , fa facn , fom jag kunde. I thought it more confi- 
dent u ith prudence, jag libit del forjiktigare. Let us 
he confident with our felves, lit off intct fSrtala off 
CG' CONSISTENT {cOACVLATVs) tjocknad , ISp- 
nad. To reafon confidently , Adv. tala med grund. 

CONSISTORY , S. Pajuc-Rdd , Cardinals -m'ote : Si 
kalla ock dc licformcrta fina kyrko-mSten. Confiftoriai 
decree, el beflut af et Jadant mote. 

To CONSOCUTE, V. A.fSrena, ihopfilla , Assoc i- 


fla etler f.UU f.g til. Confociated , Adj. hopfdllad. 
To CONSOLATE, V. A.trifla , consoiari. Confo- 

latory letter , trSfle-brcf. Confolation , /. trSJi. 
CONSOLE , S. /lid eller pelare bwarpd krantfen under 

et taklag huilar colvmna (bygg-term) 
To CONSOLIDATE , V. A. '{ISkare-.erm ) bela. To 

Confohdate a fraftured bone, ISka ibop et brunt ben. 

05*To CONSOLIDA1 E.K.M hcUa,fom etfar eller brutit 


ben. To ConfoKdate two Livings into one, fla ibop 
t\fii ligenheter i et geld. 

CONSONANT, Adj. likmStig, lik. Confonance , f. 5/- 
v.'crcHS~fla'mmclfe , famljttd , rim i vers. To acl con- 
fonant to realbn , Adv. bandla fSrnufiigt , Jlidligt. 
Confonantly , Adv. idem. 

CONSORT, S. make, socjvs. A Confort- fhip , « 
omfeglar med ct annati falfkap. (Jj* CONSORT 
(co-'/i'.v) gfial.. The King and lis royal confort, 
Konungen och hans gemXl. CX/' consort (concer- 
TUs) concert i mujiken. To confort, V. N. bo ibop, 
bolla umg&ngc. 

CONSPICUOUS, Adj. Uar,)Jynlfg, merkwerdig , an- 
fenl'lg. Confpicuoufly , Adv. klarliga, fynliga. 

To CONSPIRE , V. N. fammangadda fig, gjora mytert , 
conjurare. cS* To conspire ( convenire ) 
ft.lmma ibop , komma Sfwerens. They Confpired againft 
him , de lade rad ep-.ot honom. Oj" Ali things confpire 
to his advancement, al ting ftoter til at frSmja bant 
befordran. Confpirncy ,/. myteri, fammangaddelfe. Con- 
Ipirator , f. fammanrotare. 
CONSTABLE, S. byfogde, en jnlliux-betjent i hnar 
fokn pa landei ocbhwart quarter iftaden , PRXTECTUS 
K/iL/'/'Confiable of the Tower of London, Com- 
mendanten affloiteii London. fTo outrun the Conftable, 
fiSfa, fpendera mer an man bar at iicderwaga. 
CONSTANT , Adj.fladig, beftdndig , waragtig , flandag- 
v.g. Conftant in one's refolution , ftadig,fafi i del man 
fire. Conftant rain' , ouph&rHgt rcgn. Conftant 
report, ct ryktc fom warar och inlet fladnar. 05°" Con- 
ftant age,fiadig aider, mogna ar. Conftant lover, 
trogen , beftdndig dlfkarc. To be conftant to one , va- 
ra cnom trogen , ^rlig. 
CONSTANCY , 5. ftadighe} , fran: '-.Srdighet. Conftancy 
in afting , jemnfinnighet ■ at man dr Jig altid lik , hwar- 
kcnfjdj'ar eihr l~ : ar. Conflantly , Ad>. ftadigt, bejldn- 
digt , framhdrdigl. 
CONSTELLATION, .V. enftjem:-hop , fafom karlwa- 

gnen , fju-ftjernorna. &c. 
To CONSTER', V. A. pro Conftrue, fa~tta ihop ef- 

ter fyntaxsn. Conftered , Ad}, ibopfatt. 
CONSTERNATION , S. bcftortning,fo/fdran, forfkrdc- 

kelfe , hdpenhel. 
To CONSTIPATE, K, A. forftoppa .gjSrafor/lopvning. 
Conftipated , Adj. forftoppad. Conftipation ,/". fSrftvpp- 
ning , iboppackandc. 
To CONSTITUTE , V. A. fSrordna , tilfatta. Confti- 
• tuted , Adj.forordnad. Conftituent parts , dclarna hwar- 
af en kropp befiar. Conftituent, f.hujwadman , princi- 
pal , en fom gjor en annan til fulmagtig. 

CONSTITUTION, S. The constitution of the body, 

kroppens temperament. GS 21 The Conftitution of Eng- 
land, Englands regerings-form eller fundamental- lag. 
To CONSTRAIN, V. A. twinga , iruga, compelle- 
re. Conftrained , Adj. iwingad. Constraint , f. iwong, 
truo , moda. Conftrainedly , Adv. or by Conftraint, 
med twong. 

CONSTRICTION, S. fammanknytning , tilhopa~b!n- 

To CONSTRUE , Vid. To confter. 
CONSTRUCTION, S. byggnad , fammanfdttning , uti 

tydning. cO" To make the bed conftruiftios of or put 





the bed construction upon a thing, uttyia en fak ill 
dct beijla. Conftruclive , Adj. fom kan hopfdttas. Con- 
ftruclivenefs , f. 

CONSUBSTANTIATION, S.wdfendilig fSrening , el- 
ler iw dnne ferfkilde tings inbordes forblandning: NB. 
Sa kalla Anglicani dc Liuherfiios Idra om Nattwarden. 
Coniu-bftantial , Adj. medwd/eadilig. 

CONSUL, S. en ojwerhets-perfon i gamla Rom. Confu- 
lar Dignity, fddan werdigket.O^'CO NSUL (among Trad- 
ers ) Confid ellcr factor pa en handels-oru Confulage, 
/. en wiff penning ef in-och ut flieppningcn, fom en Ja- 
djn perfon befids til underholl. 

To CONSULT, V. Ajfddfrdga, radfSra fig med en, 

1ERE alici/i ) wara pS ens bet la , forja jor en. (jj* To 
CONSULT, V. N. (belieerare) tfwertegga , rdd- 
f.'. To coniu!t one's intereft , Jorja for ens betfia. 
lit or consultation, f.rddjlag. Conlulted of, Adj. 
en ofwer. 

To CONSUME , V. A. Ida , fortdra. Time Confumes 
a", tiden Sder alt. To confume one's eftate , oda up 
:dom, forfiofa. ff5= He confumesa way with Grief", 
y. N. han jailer bortaf forg. Consumed , Adj. fottdrd, 
idd. God is a confuming fire, GUD dr en fSrtdran- 
dc eld. 

To CONSUMMATE, V. A. fullkomna ,fuUborda. The 
Marriage is confummated , gifttrmllet dr fullbordadt. A 
man of confummaie learning, Adj. en ganfKa Idrdman. 
Confummation , f. fuilbordan. 

CONSUMTION, S. trdnfjiika, twinfot, lung-fot, ATTRO- 
phia. To be in a deep confutation, hafwa en flark 
tviin-fot. confumtive. Adj. twin-fotig, lung-fjuk. CX5"* 
Confumtion of commodities, warors dtgdng. 

CONTAGION, S. fmiita. Contagious, Adj. fmittfam. 
Contagioufnefs , f. fmittfamhet. 

To CONTAIN, V. A. innehella , rymma , coxtinE- 
re. How many people may that church contain ? hu- 
ru monga perfoner kan wdl den kyrkan rymma? cS" 
To contain one's Anger , flyra fin To contain 
the people in their duty, holla folk et iljdnad. contain- 
ed . A3j. innehollen. 

To CONTAMINATE , V. A. befmitta. Contamination, 
f. befmittelfe. Contaminated , Adj. befmitlad. 

To CONTEMN, V. A. forakta, wanwS'da, coxte- 
mxere. Contemned, Adj. foraktad. Contemner, f. 
fj *a T - 'are. 

To CONTEMPLATE , V. A. befndda , djupfimtgt be- 
trakia. Contemplated, Adj. bzfkadad. Contemplation, 
f. betrakian, begrundan. Contemplatively, Adv. pa bc- 
grundande wis. 

CONTEMPORARY, Adj. mid - eller famtidig. 

CONTEMPT, S.forakt. To fall under a general con- 
tempt , biifwa allmint fSraktad. ocj" Contempt of the 
Court, reltens fi.dwirdning , COXTI/MACIA. 

CONTEMPTIBLE fellow, Adj. en lumpen karl , ge- 
men jlyngel. A contemptible bufinefs, en lumpen fak. 
To think contemptibly of one, Adv. hyfa fSraktliga 
tankar om en. Contemptuous Words, fmSdefuila ord. 
Conte.nptaoufly , Adv. fSrakte'iga. 

To CONTEND , V. A. trdta , tdf.a , twifla. To Con- 
tend for a trifle , trdta om lapperi. He contends 
liim for the crown , han tdfiar med honom om cronan. 
To contend for beauty, tdfla om hwt lkcndera\ dr 
wackrajl. To contend for Maftery, tdfla omhus-bond-ka- 

fiet. Contended for, Adj.tdfiad'om , pajfddd. The two 

contending parties, de twdnne flndigc panier. With a 
joint contention of ftrength, med famnad hand. 
CO>lTENT or contented, Adj. nogd, tiij 'rids , for r.ogdi 
coXTESTVS. I'am content with it, jag dr r,S<rd der- 
med. I'm contented with my fmall fortune, jag dr 
nogd med del lilla jag har. A Contented mind is a con- 
tinual feaft , JornSgdt dr etdagligt gdjlcbod. Eafi- 
ly contented, fnart jornogd. 1 could be contented 
to live here, jag hade ndl lufl at bo kSr. You muft 
be content to do it, du mdfie lata dig behaga aigjotat. 

CONTENT, content tion , contentednefs or content- 
ment, nogfamhet, satis F.icTlo. He gives content to all 
men , han gjor alia til noge, alia mdnnifkor dro nogda 
med honom. Contentment is the greateit wealth, noge 
dr fi&rjla ri'hcdom. I cou.'d give him no content in any 
thing, jag kunde intet gj°-a honom i lag pa r.ogot fill. 
05* The contents of a bcok , inneholtct a fen lok. 

To CONTENT, V. A.firnSga, gjSra en i lag, ani- 
mum extlere. He contents every hody , hwar man 
dr tilfrids med honom. I'll content you for your pains, 
jag nil f'rfkylla dil omak. A Contentful lire, etfSr- 
nogdt lefuerne. To bear a thing contentedly , Adv. lida 
nogot tolcliga. 

CONTENTION, S. trdta, twifi. Contentious , Adj. 
trd'.fam , trdtedryg. Contentioufnefs , trdtfamhet. 
Content-cully , Adv. trdtfam. / 

CONTENTS, S. inneholl, coxTENT.t. The Contents 
of a Letter or of a chapter, innehollet af e: href eller 
Capitcl. Tcbl: of Contents , regijlcr pS en bok. 

To CONTEST, V. N. twifia , dup.-.te-a , distvtare. 
Conteft , f. tu-ijl , disputats. Contefted, A.ij. twi/lad. 
Conteftation , f. twifiande. 

CONTEXTURE, S. The Jews Prayers are a contex- 
ture of places of Scripture ,Judarnas boner dro en fani" 
man(at:r.\ng af flere Skriftens rum. 

CONTIGUOUS, Adj. ndrliggcnde. My houle and his 
are Co:.: . -i bo uS^g I wdgg med hwarandra* 

Cc - .s or Contiguity , f. ndrbeldgcnhet. 

CONTINENT, Adj. dterholUg , ky(k. j,Contine/icy , /• 
lufi-fpdkt, kyfkhet. Continently , Adv. kyfkeliga. 

CONTINENT, S.fafia landet , TERRA flRMA. 

CONTINGENT , Adj. wanfkelig , fom ma henda och in- 
let henda. (X5* Contingent line, en winkelrett linea 
twdrs ofwer en timflen {Gnomon, term.) 05° Contingent 
ufe , uilkorlig Tranfi-ort ( lag-term ) Contingency , /. 
hendelfe , f.imp. Contingently , Adv. af en hendelfe. 

CONTINUAL , Adj. ftadigwarande , ouphSrlig, PERPE- 
TUVS. A Continual rain or fever, ouphorligt regn el- 
lcr feber. 

CONTINUANCE, f. waragtighet , warande. In conti- 
nuance of time, med tiden, i tengden. 03* I faw nothing 
that could invite me to a longer continuance ( or flay) 
in that Country , jag fag ingen ting f,m kunde locka mig 
at blifwa lengre pa den orten. Continuation , f, forifa- 
randc. Continuator , f. en fom fortfdtter et af en an- 
nan begynt och ofultbordadt wdrk. 

To CONTINUE, V. N. wara , fortfara , COKTIXVA- 
RE. To continue in a lewd courfe of life , framhdrda 
i et lideriigt lefwerne. To continue the breed, Idgga 
pa, uppehotla (laget (om bofkap) I ftall not Continue 
long in this houfe, jag Idrer icke bo lengc i delta hus. 

To CONTINUE, V. A. To continue one's tace,fu!l- 



ftVa fit lopp. To continue an officer in his employ- 
ment, leholla en bctjtnt uti dejf bcftdUning. Continue 
our friendship, unn.i migeder pabcgyniawdnfoap. 
He continued talk, han holt fort m;d la'ande. 
CONTINUED, Ad}. A Continued care, en fladigwa- 
rg. Atoms are , as it were , a Continued 
body . tranden dro hka fom en ofindrad knpp. A con- 
tinued Valley to the very leas, en da! fom l&per dn- 
i a ,. ... Continuedly , Adv. fiadigt, fortfa- 

CONTORSION, S. wridning, dragning, krSkning (fd- 
res ftrnimtigen on icrr.marne da de joras utur fir. nilur- 

CONTOUR, S. kant-eller grandlinie pa en malning , 

CONTRA , S. andra eUer motfidendt fidan af en rc- 
g ( handcit-term ) 

CONTRABAND, Adj. ftrbuden , prohibitvs. con- 
traband or Contrabanded goods , firbudna waror. 

RACT, S. contract , fgrdrag , accord, PACTUM. 
To make a Contra.: , g/J'a coniraa. 

To CONTRACT, V. A. fluta accord ellerkSp, VACISCf 

05» To CONTRACT (cO.VTRAHERE) ihopdraga. To 

Contiact one's brow , rynka Snnet. Cdr" To Contrail 

an ill habit , ft en dak wane. To contra^ a difeafe , 

:. To Contrail debts, dragapdfig 

•:. A Contraflion-houfe, et handcls-hus. 

CONTRACTED, Adj. fiuten, acenrderad. The Two 
Contracting parties or contractor! , de iwinne fom (la- 
in accord. Contraction of the nerves, fen^drag. Con- 
tusion of fyllables , f&rkortning, abbreviation af 

To CONTRADICT , V. A.genfdga .motfdga. To con- 
tradict one's fclf, fSrtala fig. To contradict an inch- 
nation , kufwa en lufta. He will not be contraJicbd , 
Adj. han tal ingen p,:nfaga. That news is now con- 
tradicted, det nyablifwer nu 

CONTRADICTION or Contradict , .genfigelfe , tal fom 
intet henger ihop. It is a plain Contradiction! det Srcn 
klar flridighet i tal. He is a great man without all con- 
tradiction , ban dr , utanall twifwel , en fior man. In 
contradiction to all ties of honour, ernot all pligt af 
heder c<.h lira. Contradictions , Adj. gentalig , fom 
gema pladrar emot. Contradictory , Adj. flridig. 

CONTRARY , Adj. genfirdfwig. Contrary wind or opi- 
nions, mot-wind e hr mot-meningar. I: is contrary to 
■ cmjt fundi ftrnufi. Contrariety, 
f. ogenhet , moiflrdfwighet. Contrarilyor Corfrtir 
r* . 

CONTRARY, S. Ex. I'll lay a Crown to the Con- 
trary , jag holler en Ciuna dtremot. To advife to the 
contrary, rada emot. 1 know nothing to the Contra- 
ry, jag wet intet annat. This proves the Contrary of 
what \ ou laid , delta befinnes helt annorlunda dn du 

CONTRARY, Prap. Contrary to iny expectation and 
to the general opinion , twdri emot min fSrmodan och 
huar nans tanke. I will do nothing contrary to my 
honour and reafon , jag wil ingen ting gjSra emot min 
heder och fundi ftrnuft. To ait Contrary to one's pro- 
mife , har.dla mot fit ISfte. To Contrary, Vid. To Con- 
tradict. ' 

CONTRAST, S. twifl, litcn trdta , discepatio. q3* 
C.ONTRAST (i maUing cllcr bygg-kon,1) fSrdndring , 


ombyte,J' wil af dpi -erna,fi>:i fjetfwafiiiningenafdem, 
at det ena ma wara fa lice: iikt det andra fom fke kan. 
To Contrail, V. A.Jd inrctu en malning eller byggnad. 

To CONTRAVENE , V. A. SfwerfalU , ftrbryta fig 
emot, tra.vscredi. Contravener, f. Sfwcrtrudarc. 
Contravened , Adj. ofwenrS.dd. 

D | CONTRECTATION , S. handterande. 

To CONTRIBUTE , V. A. Ex. I contributed toward 
it, jag Seialadj dertil, cllcr gjorde dcrtil. Contnbutary, 
Adj. fkattjkyldig. To put .1 Town under Contribution, 
ISgga en fiad under contribution. 

CONTRITION , S. anger Sfwer find. A Contrite heart , 
el bjdrufwadt hjerta SJwer fynden. 

CONTRIVANCE, S. pdfund , bragd, acendi via. 

He is full of Contrivance , han Sr bragdfam , inlet 

radlis , har monga bchdndiga maner. A pretty Con- 
trivance , et ariigt pdjund. 

To CONTRIVE, V. A. bragda. upfinna , uptdnka . 
anlSgga , EXcociTARE. He Contrived that machine, 
han upfant det konflwdrket. To Contrive a man's ruin, 
anldgga ens fSrderf. To Contrive a defign , Idgga an 
en fak. To Contrive one's retreat , foka fin undkomfi. 

CONTRIVED, Adj. Ex. An ill-contrived houfe , et 
ilia inrcttadt has. A Defign well contrived , en wdl 
anlagd fak. tij* An ill-contrived Man, en led, ogen 
Karl. Contrivement, Vid. Contrivance. Contriver , f. 
He is an excellent contriver, han dr mycket radhit- 


To CONTROLL or Controul, Vid. To Comptroll. 

CONTROVERSY, S. twifl, disput , (Iridigha. Without 
all Controverfy , man al twifwel. Controversial , Adj. 
twifiig. To Controvert, V. A. dispmera. Controvert- 
ed, twi/lad. Controverter , /. (lag-term) utfpridare 
af faljkt ryklo. 

CONTUMACIOUS , Adj. halsfiarrig , tro-Jg , motwiU 
lig. Contumacy, f.motwillightt. Contumaciously, Adv. 
motwilligt wis. 

CONTUMELY, S. Jkymf, fpe.ftrakt. Contumelious 
language , fkymfcligt tal. Contumeliously , Adv. fkym- 


CONTUSION, Vid. Bruile. Convalefcence , Vid. Re- 
covery. To Conveigh, Vid. To Convey. Convenable, 
Vid. Agreeable. 

To CONVENE, V. A. ihopfamla, kalla ihop, COW 
VOCARE. 05"To CONVENE , tieilt. ( CON 1'X.KIF.E ) 
komma .tilhopa. Convened, Adj. honkallad. 

CONVENIENT, Adj. beawemllg, ISgllg, ofwerensfldm- 
mande, lempelig. cOMMO'Di/s , conghui/.i. Conve- 
nient houfe , ISgligt has. Convenient time , Idglig tid . 
Convenient doilrine , anffdndig Lira. Convenience 
or Conveniency , /: Idglight , beqwemligha. Conveni- 
ently, Adv. befwanliga , obefwdrliga", lemptliga , lik- 

CONVENT, 5- klofltr , mos asterivm. Conven- 
tual Church , kloflcr-kyrka. Conventuals , /. kLifter- 

t To CONVENT , V. A. kalla in far retttn , mjdm- 
ma, ciTARL. Convented , infi.i-.:.. 

CONVENTION, S. fammankomfl , conventvs. Con- 
vention of Witches , troll-mote. t£f convention 

{pactum ) 



( pactum ) ofwerens- kommelfc Conventional, Adj. 
befldmd , afiait ■ Conventioner , f. en jom horer til en 
fammankomjl. Conventicle , kdttares hemliga famman- 
• komft. 

CONVERSANT, Adj. Ex. To be Converfant yt ith 
one , umgds med en. 05* Converfant or Verfed in 
Hiftory , fSrfaren i Hiftorien. GO Mathematicks are 
Converfant about greaLnefs , mathematiken har atfkaf- 
fa med fiorlek. 

CONVERSATION , S. umgdnge , gemenfkap , co.vs ve- 
tudo. Evii coaverfation , iUki fUlfkap , ilakt lef- 
tal. To be»in or break off the converfation , bSrjael- 
ler bryta af famtalet. He is no converiation for me , 
not fpeaking Englifb , jag kan ickt kommat'd retta med 
hans umgdnge , efter jag icke kan tala Engelfka. 

To CONVERSE with one, V. A. umgas med en, CON- 
VERSari. Coaverfed with, den man umgas med. Con- 
verfe , f. Ex. I have no converfe with him , jag har 
ingen *emen (hup med honori. 

CONVERSION', S.omwendelfe. Convert ,/*. en om-wend. 
To make converts , giora profeliter. Converted, Adj. 
omwend. Converter , f. omwendare. 

To CONVERT, V. A. omwenda , fJrbyta , converte- 
rs. To convert one from a bad life , omwenda ea i- et ondt lefwzrne. To Convert Heathens , omwen- 
da helningar. CO"" To convert holy velfels into pro- 
fane life, wenda heliga kdrd til gement bruk. Con- 
vertible, Adj. fom kan omwendas. 

CONVEX, Adj. bulig,fkalig utan til, fom et klot , 
COKVEXVS. The convex or convexity of a Globe, 
kullrigheten , det bui.iga af en Glob. 

To CONVEY, V. A. fira ,fenda, fERRE , M1TTERE. 
To convey commodities by water , fora waror til 
fj5s. How could you convey that letter to her } hu- 
ru kunde du fkaffa det brefwet til henne ? r£r* To Con- 
vey one's love or refpects to one. formS'U ens hcls- 
ning til en. oQ* He conveys his CsnCe in plain words, 
ban gij tier fa mining at for fa i klara ord. 0§*" To 
Convey a man away or out of Danger, fkaffa en ur 
wdgen tiler ur faran. To convey one's fell" quickly 
out of a re m , packafig utfort. Conveyed , Adj. ford, 
fend, Vid. Verb. Conveyer, en fom forcr. 

To CONVEY or make over , tranfoortera , bemmulla 
enom nogot , jus dominii trass ferxe. 

CONVEYANCE, S. forjel , vectura. <r> Speech is 
a Conveyance of thoughts , talet Jr tankarnas tolk , 
framfoter lankarna. Conveyance, f tranfport, ofwer- 
Idtanae til en annan. Conveyance of water , watn- 

- Udning. Conveyancer , f. en /on fkrifwer eller upfSt- 
ter tr.tnfporter. 

To CONVICT one of a crime, V. A. Ug-binda , lagwin- 
na en til et brjtt , reum peRAC ere. Convicted, Adj. 
lagwnnnzn. Convicted a lyar , be{lagen med ISgn. Con- 
viitive , Adj. ofwertygande. A Convict , f. en lagwun- 
nen miffdndare. Conviction,/*, ifwertygelfe. 

To CONVINCE one ofhis errour, V. A. ofwertygaen 
om fin wilfarelfe. I am convinced of it, jag dr bjwer- 
tygad derom. Convincingly true , fel-klar , dags-fan. 

CONVOCATION , S. Engelfka kyrkans preJl-mSte , 
fom befiar af Sfwer-och under-hus , fom Parlamentet. 
To Convoke, V. A. fammank alia , ui/krifwa et fadant 
Prefi-m'te , fom fker of Konungen. 

To CONVOY, V. A. convoyera , ledfaga , CUM TV- 
TELA DEDUcere. Convoy'd , Adj. convoyerad. Con- 
voy, /. convoy} To be a Convoy to one, wara ens 

CONVULSION, S./Iag, fen-krympning (enfjukdom) 

Convullion Fits , ryckningar af flag. 
CONY, S. kanin, CUNICULUS. Cony- Warren and 

Cony-burrows, kanin-gard och kulor. ■{■ Cony-catcher, 

filer , fluger fdlle. 
To COO, V. N. knurla fom dufwor, c em ERE. Cooing, 

f knurlande. 
COOK, S. kock eller kokerfka , coqvus. Mafter-Cook, 

mitjier-kock. Cook's-ftop , gar-kSk. Cook-room in a 

fhip , kok-rutnmet i et Jkep. Cook-maid, k&ks-piga. 

05°"To COOH, V. A. koka. To underftand cookery, 

f. jS.-fld fig pa kok-wdfeade. 
COOL, Adj. kail , fwal , FRioiDVs. A Cool-room, 

et fa/alt rum. Cool , f kyla , fwalka. Coolnefs, /wiem. 

The Coolnefs of the night, nattens fwalka, kyla. 00* 

Coolnefs, kallfinnighet. Cooly , Adv. kallt,fwalt , kall- 

To COOL, V. A. kyla, Jwalka, FRICEEACERI. 05* 

To COOL( MODERARE)fakta , flilla. (Jj* To COOL, 

Neni. ( iR ICES cere) fwalas , kallna. GS°" To COOL 

'MITESCERE ) gifwa fig, flakna , ge eficr. 

To COOL the beer, fwalka drickat. To Cool the can- 
non, ISJka flycket. This will cool his courage, delta 
ISr fakta model pa honom. Nevsr fear it will cool , 
pajj pi, det fwalas fuller. Cooled, Adj. fwalad , fwal- 
kad. A Cooler , /. en j'walk-dryck , item kylfat. Cool- 
ing , f. fwalkande. 

COOM or Coomb of corn , S. et fldes-mait , nogot 
mindxe dn enSwenfk lunna , MOD1US ERUMENT1 OUl- 


"COOPER, S. tunn-bindare. Cooperage,/*, tunn-bindart- 

arbete , eller arbets-l5n. 
To COOP up , J'dtta i bur , Itr CArEAM 1SCLUDERE. 

Coop, f. hons-bur. Cooped up, Adj. fan i bur. 
To COOPERATE. V. A. medwirka. Cooperation, /*. 

rnedw Irkan. Cooperated , Adj. medwdrkad. 
COOT, drta, bldfa {et flags vratn-fogel ) FULtcA. 05" 

COOT ( STOLluus ) narr. 
COP , S. hufwud , topp , tofs pa foglar , CAPUT, APEX. 

Copped . Adj. fom bar tofs , item j'petig. 
COPAL, 5. en hwii-gul kdda fom kommer ifrd Brafi- 

COPARCENER or Copartner , bolagsman , companion, 

med-egare af en egendom , socivs. To hold an eftate" 

in coparceny, befitta en egendom tillika med en annan. 
COPE, S. kur-kdpa , caracalla. oS* Under thecope 

of heaven , under bid himmelen. It is the fined thing 

under the cope of heaven , del dr det betfta under fa- 

To COPE with one, V. N. bjuda enom hufwudet , kappas 

colluctari, contendere, f To cope right-hands, 

nappas, fdkta. 05=" To COPE (cambire) byta. Oj* To 

COPE (EMINERE ) flick a ut {fom en bjelkeien wdgg) 
Coping, /. napp-iag , fdklandc. tfj* Coping , fpron- 

get , ofwerfla laget pa en mur. 
COPELMATE, S. et gammalt utflitit ord , for compa- 
nion , socius. 
COPIOUS, Adj.ymnig, rik,copiosus. Copious language, 

rikl fprdk. Copioufnefs of a language , rikhet af tt 

fprdk. Copioufly , Adv. ymnigl. 
COPPEL , S. capell ,fmelt- eller probcr-dcgel fom Guld- 

fmeder bruka , AURIEIC1S CATINUS. 


'COOPER , Jsl. KUPPA , K.OPPR, Sueth. KOPP, A- 
Sax. CTFE, lagena. Germ. KTtFER , doliatiiu. 



COPPER. S. kopyar, cuprum. Red or Yellow- cop- 
per, koppar tUci EB ( AHEHUM ) 
tnggkettel. Copper-nofe , brdnwins^-nlja. Copper tjr 
ordinance . tall. 

COPPERAS, S. w'.ilril, V1CTR10LVM. 

COPPICE or Coppis-wrood , S. fma-Jkog , Jam hugges tiler oil <ylva Cj€DUA 

COPULATION, 5. J'ar::n.:ng.:ng emellan hane och bona, 
COITUS {lag-term^ Copulative, Adj. 

COPY, S. ajjkrift, exemplar, fZrJkrlfi, EXEMPLAR. 
To compare the Copy with the original , jar.jora 
copian mid vr'tginalet. C'.r The Bookfeller has bought 
his Copy , hokjoraren hir kSpt ham man.fieript. Copy- 
money , pengar, fori bet alas for manuj'criptct. To Copy 
out, (krifwa rent, fkrifwa af. 

COPY-HOLD , S. en titulus pojfcjfionis i Engelfka Id- 
gin, font nSjlan fwarar emotfkatte-jrclfe i den Swenjka, 
TRJEHIUM clientale. Copy-hold of inheritance, 
ew.trJeligil Jkatte. Copy-holder, enfom fa Jan egendom 
hcfiticr.rij" This touches your copy-hold , nu kngga dc 
fa Jin fkog , faken gar nig an. 

COQUELUCHOE, S. jebe'rfiom har en hojia medfig, MOR- 

CORACLE, S. et flags liten fifkmbSt , scapha. 
CORAL, S. coral, en wiJJ fltnwexl af ar/kiHiga fer- 

gor , fom tkjuier tit ifrS djupa bergs-klippor : Medelllnd- 

j\af)3nochannoi/lJdes,^- cor AL (cre- 

PITACUt.VM ) barnlckon , Jkallra. 
CORAND, S. 1'iJ. Currans. 

CORBETS (bygg-term) bild-rum i murar , Ay cokes. 
CORD, 5. Jlrek, fifing, chorda. A filken Cord, 

fdkes-flreng , bwarmed de Turkijka hof-nuin ajfSrdas. 

{£/* CORD of Wood , wed-knipp.i. To cord up wood, 

knippa ihop wed. Cordage , tog-wSrke i el ikep. 
CORDIAL, Adj. hjert-flSrkande. K5> A Cordial friend, 

en fSrtrogen h/erle-win. A Cordial, f. bjert fidrkning. 

Cordially , Adv. fortroliga. Cordialnefs , fi. fortrolig- 

CORDOVAN, Adj. Cordovan-Leather, kardowan , et 

flags ltder fa kalladt af Cordova i Spanitn der del tfr 

firjl blifwit gjordt , C0R1UM CORCUBE.VSE. Cord- 

wainer , f. fnomakarc. 
CORE, S. kJm-hus uti Splen (re. rozi'A. ffj^ To be 

rotten in the core , hafwa ilakt gryte i fig , ilak art. 
CORIANDER , S. coriander, coriandrum. 
CORK, S. kork, SVBF.R. To Cork a bottle, korka en 

butelje. Corked, Adj. korkad. Cork-fcrew, kork- 


CORMORANT , S. SjS-korp , corws aovaticvs. 

tfj" CORMORANT ( HELLUO ) en fro/fare , en 5!-bult. 

'CORN, 5. korn,fid , fpanmal , frvmentum. Stand- 
ing Corn, wexande fSd. An Ear of corn , ftdes-ax. 
C^hcORN (cALLUs)likthorn.QryCornotL'alt, falt-korn. 

Corn-field , fides-felt. Cornloft , fpanmals-wind. Corn- 
trade , fpanmals-handel. Corn-Chandler, fpanmnls-ho- 
kare. Corn- Merchant , fpanmals - kandlare. Meflin- 
Corn, bland-fid. Corn-Cutter, en fom fk&r likihor- 

To CORN, V. A. falta , sale coxsire. Corned, 
Adj. faltad. 

CORNEL, S. ha'torn, CORXIS. 

CORNELIAN , S. carniol , en Sdel flen af blek-rSd ferg, 


*CORN,M:Goth. KAVRNO , jrumentum, * Sueth. CRO, 

"CORNER, S. horn, wra , axcvlvs. A corner of 
a flreet, et gat-hSrn. The corner of the Eye, Sgne- 
wran. Corner- (tone , hSrne-JIen. Corner-houfe , horn- 
hus. <Jj* To kifs in a Corner, kjffas kemtigen, £1- 
fka i mjugg. 

CORNET) 5. Cornet, EOVITUM SICjvifer , item Cor- 
neter fom awinfolk bruka , aJer-jcrn for heflar , papers- 

CORNICE or Cornift, S. krans pa en pelare ellcr under 
et tak-lag , PROl ECTURA. 

ToCORNUTE, V. A.gjSraentilhanerej , ALIEXUMTE- 
MERARE LECTUM. A Cornute , en hanerej. Cornuied , 
Adj. gjord til hanerej. 

CORONATION, S- kroning , coronationis sole- 
mn I A. Coronet , f. A Duke's Coronet, en fSrfielig 

CORONER , 5. en wiJJ krono-heijent i hwar provints , 
fom med tolf - manna-ndrnj ranfakar om dttlga -ochwa- 
da-drap , famt fjtlf-fpillingar och f.ika ofJIUn , CJED1S 

( cvUPORALE ) kaik-klide has Papifierna. 

CORPORAL oath , Adj. liflig Ed. To be punifli'd cor- 
porally, Adv. (Irajfaitilkroppen. Corporate , f. fkrof , 

CORPORATION, S. or Corporate Body, borgcrfliap i 
en (lad. A Corporation- Town , en Jlad firm har fin egen 
Magijlrat af Major och Alderman. 

CORPS, S. lik, dod kropp, funus. To accompany a 
Corps , folja et Uk. 

CORPS-de Guard, S. corps de garde, prjesidivm. 

CORPULENT, Adj. kroppig , fiorkroppig. Corpulency, 
f. for^roppighet. 

CORPUSCLE, S. liten kropp .grand. Corpulcular Phi- 
lofophy, et fiStt at doma om. allahanda lings egenfliap , 
utaf rSrelfien cller hwilan af de alraminfta delar och 
particlar , fom Leucippus , Epicurus, och Democritus 

CORRECT, Ad), rctr, riktig, utan fel. He writes 
corrert , Adv. ban jkr.ju-er correct. Correctly , Adv, 
rett. Correctnefs , f. riktighet. 

To CORRECT, V. A. corr'igcra ,rctta ,temperera, nep- 
fia , aga , corrigere. Cinnamon will correct the 
coldnefs of it , cancl tempcrerar kylan dcrafi. 'Tis your 
duty to correct your for*, Jet hirer eder til at aga 
eder fon. Corrected, Adj. corrigerad , agad &c. Vid. ] 
Verb. Corrigible, Adj. fom kan rettas , botas , eller 1 

CORRECTION, 5. corrlgerande . rettand: , fSrb*trande.\ 
CG* CORRECTION( CAST1GATIO) nepfi , bcflrajJningA 
Houfe of correction , tugt-hus. 05* Under correction, I 
Gentlemen , he lies , med edert lof til fSgande , Gode I 
Herrar, han Ijugcr. Corrective medicine, blodrening.i 
Corre&or, f. en fom corrigerar. 

To CORRESPOND, V. N. correfipondera , fwara emot.l 
Correfpondent , Adj. emoi-fwarande , likformig. I will j 
be correfpondent to your command , jag will retta mig I 
efter eder bcfalln:::^. 

CORRESPONDENT , 5. correfpondent, My correfpon-J 
dent in London, min correfpondent i London. Correfpon- J 
dence , f. correfyundens. To keep a private eorre- I 
fponclence with one, hafwa hemligt for/land med en. 

To CORROBORATE, V. A. flfrka , ft yr ka. A cor-l 

roborative- argumenr, et flyrkandi fikSl. 

♦corner, MrGoth. haurn, JsL horn, Sueth* I 
h5rn , angulus. 



To CORRODE, V. A. frjta , updta. Afirua form 
Corrodes metals , fked-watn frdter metaller. Corroded, 
Adj. frdten , Sten. Corroding or corrofive, Ad/.frd- 
tande. Corrolivenefs , f. frdtande egenjkap. 

Df CORRUGATED, Adj. fkrynklad, full af fkrynklor. 
To Corrugate , V. A. farynkla. 

CORRUPT, Adj. fSrkrdakt , fSrfkdmd , oduglig , VI- 
tiosvs. Corrupt principles, iUk an. Corrupt blood, 
forjkdmd bled. o3" A Corrupt Judge, en mut-korf , 
orettfdrdig domare. 

To CORRUPT , V. A. forfkdmma , fSrkrdnka. CO* To 
Corrupt or bribe one's judges , mute fin & domare, be- 
fticka. CS" To corrupt witnelfes , mute witncn. &5* 
To CORSUPT ( IXFICERE ) befmitta. oS* To cor- 
rupt ( depravare ) forUda , gjora en wanariig. 

To CORRUPT, V. N. nana, blifwa fkdmd, PUTRE- 
scere. When the blood begins to corrupt, ndr blo- 
dce bjrjar bit fkimdi. Corrupted , Adj. fSrkrdnkt. Cor- 
rupter, f. forkrdnkar: , mutare. Corruptibility, f.fSr- Corruptible", Adj. f$rkrdr.kcl:g , f'rgdnglig. 
KlEs)war i far. Corruptive , Adj. fom ma forkrdn- 
kas. Ke behaved himlelf corruptly , Adv. kan bar fig 
At fom en Jlcelm. 

CORSAIR, S. or Pirate , fjorofware , TIRATA. 

CORSE-PRESENT, S. or mortuary, likflol , doxum 

CORSLET or Corfelct, S. harnefk , PERIZCX1UM. f 

CORSLETS ' mast ATI ) pikenerare. 
CORTIN , Vid. Courtin. 
DfCORUSCANT, Adj. gldnfande ,fkinandc. D f Co- 

rufcation, f. or flafli , elans. 
To COSEN, V. A. (re. Yid. To cozen, &c. 
COSMET1CKS, S. granlal, item Jungfru-watn at gj$ra 

fin k\. Cofmetick , Adj. or Beautifving, dcr tilb.orig. 
COSMOGRAPHY, S.werldcnsbefkrifwelfc. Cofmogra- 

pher , f. 
*COSSET, S. hits-lamb ellir kalf , fom upfodes utan me- 

dcrs-m'aik , AGSUS SAtJXATUS. 
**COST, S. or expenre, bekoflnad , SVMTUS. I fli 11 

do it to your coft , jag fkall gj'rat pa eder bekoftnad. 

To beftow great coll to fomething , kofla mycket ut pd 

nogot. (£f> He hath loft both h!s labour and coft, 

kan bar forlorat bade arbete och pen^ar. Prov. IT WILL 

NOT QUIT COST, det ISnar ieke mSdan. 
To COST, V. N. kofla, coxstare. His houfe coft 

building above ten thoufand pounds , byggnaden afhans 

hits XoRade 3fwer toooo pund. 
COSTARD . Vid. Cuftard. 

COSTER-MONGER, S. dple-monglare , pomarii'S. 
COSTIVE, Adj. floppande , adstrixgexs , item fSr- 

fioppad. Coft!vep.eff , f. fSrflopning , item forjioppan- 

de egenfkap. 
COSTLY , Adj. ordear, from to coft. koflbar, dyr,flate- 

l i , PRECIOSUS. Coftly, Ad v . kojlcliga , flatliga. 
COSTREL, S. v. in-ftaCka , &XOPHORUM. 
***COT. S. koja, TtfGURiru ( ;t gimmult Saxiflu 

ord) Sbeep-Cot , t-dtta for far. tfj" COT, idl-ragg. (jfr - 

A COT or Cotquean , en karl fom ISgger/ig formycket 

i qw'nfolks-faker. To Cot, Verb, fa gjora. A Cottifll 

man or a Cotquean , Vid. fupr. 

"cosset, Jsl. kuse, vitului. a KU , vacca. Germ- 

KUZ , capella. 
"cost, Goth, kostr, viRus. LL. Sueth. kust , 

alimentum. KUST A, expendere. 
'""cot, Coth. kot, domuncuU. Anglo-Sax. COTE, 


COTEMPORARY , S. famtlda. 

COTTAGE, 5. koja , bak/luga, Vid. Cot. Cottager, /. 
bakfluge-h.jon. f Cottarel, Vid. Cottager. 

COTTON , S. komull , GOSS1PPIVM , item homuls- 

To COTTON, V. N. hitta pd , lyckas, svecEDERE. 
Our Bufinels will not cotton , wdrfak Idr icke lyckas. 
r£r" To COTTON (coxs ENTIRE) accordera. 

COUCH o; Couch-bed, 5. ru-bdnk, grabatus. CO" T» 
Couch , V. N. ligga ned eller lutafig. Couchant, Adj. 
(i wapn-konflen) lutandc. 

t To COUCH, V. A. or Comprize, fSr/atta , fdtta 
ihop , coupoxere. Cjr" To Couch in Writing ,jkrif- 
v/a ihop. 05* To COUCH an Eye (levcoma detra- 
here ) fticka fterrcn. A Letter well couched , wSL 
ihopfatt bref. Coucher , acluarius ( lag-term ) 

COUCHENILL . Vid. Cutcheneal. 

COVE, S. A Pitlgeon- Cove, dufve-bo , triovs co- 
lumbarvu. Covenable, Vid. Convenable. 

COVENANT, S. fSrbund , pactum. To make a Co- 
venant or to enter into a Covenant with one , fluta 
fSrbund med en. The Covenant of Grace, Nade-for- 
bunda. To break the Covenant , bryta jorbundet. A 
Covenant-Breaker , f'rbunds-brytare. 

To CONVENANT, V. N. accordera, paczsci. Co- 
venanted , Ad}, accorderad. 

COVENT, Vid. Convent. 

COVER , S. tdckclfe, TEcr.tEX. c5" The Cover of a 
Pot , lock pa tn gryta. CS* The Cover of a Book . 
bok-psrma. c5=" The Cover of a Letter , om/lag pa 
bref. Gjf COVER 'PRXTEXTVS) fSrcwendning". 

•To COVER, V. A. hSlja , betdeka , fSrdSlja, obte- 
cere, occultare. Cover me well, that I may 
fceit.'.holgmigwdlSfwer, at jag mdfuettas. To Cover 
the Table, duka bordct. To Cover a Sin, ofwerfkyla 
en fynd. The Army covers the Plain , krigs-hdren be- 
tdeker fdtet. To Cover one with an eternal Shame, 
Sfwerkoljten med ewigfkam. 05=- To cover or to horle 
a Mares /A<t tetJeka etfiod. ct^-To Cover ovER,5/Wr- 
hSlja. KMoCOvERor overcaft, V. N. molna, morkna. 
Covered , Adj. hSgld, betdekt &c. Be covered or put on 
your Hat, war betdekt. 05=- A Covering for a Bed, 
fe'ng-tSeke. Coverlet,/: idem. 

COVERT , S.Jkjul, glmsla, vmbracvlvm , lati- 
bulvm. CO" Covert or Cover at Table, Vid. Cover. 
Covert-way ( i fortification ) betdekta wd°en. 

COVERT, Adj. or under the Power of "a Husband, 
under mans wold, sub potest ate yiri. Coverture, 
f. fSddm til/tSnd. Covert-Baron, Femme Covert (Lag- 
term ) lag-gift hullru , adul-kona. Covertly , Adv. or 
privately , hemliga, i ISndom. 

To COVET, V. A. or defire, afiunda , begdra , de- 
SIDER'JRE. Covetable, Adj. begddig. Coveted e Adj. 
begird, djandad. This fort is much coveted , denna 
forten dr mycket begdrlig , blir mycket efterfragad. 
COVETOUS, Adj. begdrig , girig , CUPIDUS, AVA- 
RUS. I am not covetous of Praile, jag dliundar intet 
pris. A very Covetous Man , en g'rigbuk. Covetoufly, 
Adv. firigt. Covetoufnefs , / girighet , trdn»tan. 
COVEY . Vid. Covy. 5 S 

* ¥ COUGH, S. hojla , tvssis. A dry cough, torr-ho- 
K. 2 jla. 

*To COVER, Jsl. & Goth. KOFE, caverns. Sueth. 

KOFWA, KYFFE, latibulum. 
**COUGH Goth, kvef, catarrhus. KOF, fuffecaiie. 

Sueth, qv Aw a , fuffocare. 

C u 


flu. The Chin- C '•• The church -yard- 

Cough , kyrk°.irdihofia , fom drar til efiafu en. 
To COUGH ,/'. N. ho/!*, tussire. To cough out a 

areat deal of phlegm , hofia up en hop Jlem. 
VIN or Covine , S. famm.inflimpling , liflig anligg- 
ning, dolus. Si ALUS. 
*COUL, S. or tub, balja , bylta , embar , Lab rum. 
rtj- COUL , Vid. Cowl. 

COULD, Imperf. Vtrbi, I I Could not love 
her, jag kunde cj ,V_i';j henne. I ftrived all that ever 
I could , jag flrSfwade alt hwad jag fSrmidde. 1 could 
wifh he u'ere here . jag onf^ar han wore har. I could 
have done it, jag hetfwa gjordl del. He was as 
bufy as could be about it, han war ft beflillfam ,fvm 
nogonfin mogligt , diruii. I Could find in my heart, mis; 

COULTER, 5. cr Plow-ftarc, fkir-jernet pi plogcn , 

COUNCIL , S. fammanhomfl , mite , S,°d, eof.clr.iuM-. 
To Call a council, kalia et m'tc. The kind's privy 
council, konunger.s Rid. One of Ms Majefty's Privy 
council, en af kontingens hemliea Rid. A I ->mmon- 
Council, borgare-mSte i London. The council-Cham- 
ber , Rid-Kammarcn. Council of war , krigsrad i felt. 
05" council , Counfel or counfe!lor( adi-ocatus) 
flrefprikare , Advocat. The king's learned council at 
law-, konungens ombudsman. 

COUNSEL, S. or Advice, rid, cc.vsilhm. To aft 
Counfel of one, ridfriga fig hos en. To take Coiurfel 
of a Friend , ridfSrafig med en win. (£5* Take Counfel 
of your Pillow , J'of pi faken, innan du be(ln:;r. r£p> 
To keep counfel, holla tyfi. 

To COUNSEL, V. A. gifwa rid, co.vsulere ali- 
cui. (.Q* To Counfei to the Contrary, afrida. Coun- 
fellable , Adj. font man bor ridfriga fig ofwer. 

COUNSELLOR. S. ridgifware, item en lagfartn. A 
Privy-Counfellor , hemligt-Rid. 

COUNT, S. Grcfue, cov.Ei [uti.ln.ifk titel -} A Ger- 
man count, en Tyfti Grefwe. (&* co'JNT {lag-term) 


To COUNT, /'. A. or reckon, rem.-, xumerarl. 
Have you counted your Money ? han 1 edra 
pengar ? K5" To COUNT ( ducERE ) tycka, holla fo- 
re. He counts himfelf a learned Man, han tror fig 
wara en ISrd man. Count-Book, f. rckenfliaps - bok. 
Counted, Adj. rcknad, hollen fore. He is counted an 
honeft Man , han holies for en irlig karl. He is counted 
a Knave, han pafferar for en bof. 

COUNTENANCE, S.upfyn, anfikte , tacies, ad- 

sttCTVS.rff COUNTENANCE ( s 1/HLE I'AME.V ) un- 
dcrflSd , underholl. A Cheerful Countenance , gladt 
anfikie.C^To put out of Countenance ,gioraen fklm- 
mande , co.vru xvere.\ To Change or alter one's 
Countenance , forwandla fin by. A courtier is nothing 
without the Countenance of the Prince, in hofman 
betyder intet utan fin fferres ynnefl. 

To COUNTENANCE, V. A. holla med, favere. 

■ To Countenance Vice, holla med odygd. Why does 
he countenance fttch Rogr. ;s ; hui rtr han medholt til 
fidana fkelmar? Countenanced , Adj. medhollen. He 
countenanced the Nice.-v Creed, han holt med Nice* 
n: \a Symrolum. ffr* She is as pretty a countenanced 
Woman as one fhall fee , hon ir fa waeker awinna, 
fom nogon will onfua. Countenancer , /. medhollare. 

♦COUL, Jsl. KOGCUL,™ convexa 6 globofa. Vii. 

COUNTER , S. or counting-board in a /hop, difk In 

LUS ) reknepenning , item twdnne Ji kallade fingelfer 
i London. 

COUNTER, emot , CO.vtr^ (en partikel fom m.ffiedeU 
brukas compofitc) To write counter, Jkrifwa emot. 
To run counter, fStta fig emot. To run counter t* 
one's Extravagance , fitta fig emot ms ofwcrjlod. 

COUNTERBALANCE, S. motwigt, jeq_uipondi- 


To COUNTERBALLANCE, V. A. motwSga, wig* 
jemt emot , responhxre. That fmall Profit cannot 
Counterbalance the Lois I have Curtained, den lilla 
win fieri fwar.t, > icke emot min fSrlu/1. Counterbalanced , 
Adj. mot-wigd. 

COUNTERMAND, Vid. Contraband. Cj> counter- 

B ATTERV ,/. Contra-batteri. CtJ^COUNTER-B O ND,/t 
Cor.tra-Caution. cj* COUNTE R-CH ANGE , f. tgenhyte. 
RE. C5= COUNTER - CHARGF , S. /.crimination. 

COTJNTER-CHECK, 5. iterbcfkyUmng ,R£TAXATIO. 
Vo <. ou.nter-check , V. A. Ster-biflraffa. Counter- 
ckeck'd , Adj. itcrbe/haffad. 

COUNTER -CUNNING, S- gen-fiughet , astvtia 


COUNTERFEIT, Adj.cfter-gjord.faljk, diklad , 1MI- 
tatl's , i ICTITH'S. A counterfeit coin or writing, 
. cfterapadfkrift. A counterfeit Friend- 
ship, fal '. winfkap. A counterfeit Devotion, fken- 
helightt. A Counterfeit, f. en jkrymtare , bedragart. 
They play d the counterfeit, dc jkrymtade. 

To COUNTERFEIT, V. A. or imitate :, tfitrgj&ra, fir- 
faljka, loffa , fkrymta , IMITARI , etfingere. To 
Counterfeit one's Hand , Jkrifwa en annars hand falfkt 
efter. rXT* To Counterfeit coin, g/Sra falfkt mynt. He 
Counterfeits being lick , han ioffar wara fjuk. C&° To 
counterfeit Devotion, wara Jkcnheiig. Counterfeited, 
Adj. cftergjord , Ere. J' id. Verb. Counterfeiter,/! or 
Imitatoi , ci fom eftergjor ncgot. CXS" A counterfeiter 
of coin , falfh myntdre. Cour.terfeitly , Adv. Jkrymtag- 

COUNTERFOIL or Counterftock, /. karffiock , Vid. 
Countertally. Counter-fugue , f. mufik-term. Counter- 
guard , /; fortifications-term. 

COUNTER-MAND, S. isjubitio. <£r Counter- 
mand of a Will , af el 

To COUNTER-MAND , V. A. or give' contrary Or- 
ders , ate ,i.' i"rra refallningen , IXHIBERE. tfj* To- 
Counter-mand a V. ill , wrika et teflamentc. Counter- 
manded, Adj. uttftlld, .'r.Jra.i. 

COUNTER-MARCH, S. eontra-marcKe. 

COUNTER-MINE , 5. mot-mina , fom lundrar en an- 
nan , CVRICVLl COSTRAR11. To Counter-mine, V. 
A. mat-minera , coxtrafodere , propr, & fig. Coun- 
ter-mined , Adj. Counter-miner, f. mot- 

To COUNTER-MURE, V. A. mnra emot. Counter- 

mure , f motmur. 
COUNTER-PA!N, S Sfwertiike pa en feng , stra- 

i - LUM. 

COUNTER-PART, S. Dupletttn af en fkrift tiler pit- 

bilk aS, A\ Tl-ORAPIIA. 

COUNTER-PI EA, S. Vicc-vcfa-talan fSr Rctta , RE- 

COUNTER-PLOT, S. or Sham-Plot , falfk tiler diktad 


G U 

C u 

snld'gnlng , at bry den Jinfkylliga med , delvsio. To 
Counterplot, V. N. ftSmpLt nogot fadant. 

COUNTER- POINT, 5. Mufik-Term. cry- Counter- 
point, for a Bed, Vid. Counter - pain. 

COUNTER-POISE, 5. motwigt , itmwigt alouil:- 
bsium. To counter-Poife , V. A. (IdV.a i jemnigt. 
C unter-poifed , Adj. HSlid i it r, ft 

RAIL , /. dubbelt gallerttdrk , mSTICOMFAGO- OS* 
COUNTERSCARP , f. fortifications-Term, Ctfr COUN- 
TERSCUFFLE,/! nirwdnncr anfalla hwar annan , utan 
at kdnnahwarandra. (£> COUNTER-SECURITY, f.fd- 
kerhet fom gifwes enom emot dtn man fjelf gijwit. ffjr 
COUNTERTALIY , f. karfflock. 

To COUNTER-VAIL, V. A. gilU lika, wedergdlla , 
P£.\sar£. It countervails the charge, det dr modan 

To COUNTERWORK . V: A. or Counter-mine, ar- 
eata emot en, Co XTRA XITI. 

COUNTESS, S.grefwinna, comitissa. 

COUNTING, S. Vid. To count. Counting - houfe , 
Couloir. Countlefs, Adj. oreknelig. 

COUNTRY, l-nd.landfKap , RECIO. Otj* COUNTRY 
( RUS ) landsbygd ( i anfeend: emotfiaden. ) 05* A Man's 
our. country, a Man's native country, ens fddernes- 
land. A Remote country , afldgfe, fjerran On. Prov. 
oc.'i et land kar fin fed. To fight for a Man's own 
c II rttry , fSktafor fitfSdernesland. We pafs the Win- 
To Mil , and '.'-e Summer in the country, wi 
d r e i jlade.i om uintren och pa landet om fommaren. 


One's country Language, ens moders-mal. A country- 
Word, et ord, brukeligt pa lands- bygden. A country- 
Houle , gard pa landet. A Country-Life , landt-lcfwer- 
ne. A Country-man , landtman , en landsbo. A Coun- 
try- woman, en awinna frin landet. What country- 
man are you ? hwad landsman dfiu ? We are country- 
men , wi Sre landsmSn. A country Squire, en knape, 
fom bebor fin gard pa landet. A Country -clown or 
country-Bumkin , en grofwer fSlle. A Country-Bal- 
lad or country-Song, bond-wifa. Country-Dances, 
bend-dan 'or, 

COUNTY, S. or Shire, la?Ja°a , hofdinge - iamt , co- 
mitates. England is divided into Forty counties, 
befides Twelve 'in Wales, England dr ftrdelt i 40 for man de iz i Wallis. O^r* A COl'.ur 
or Earldom, et greffkcf.rff- COUNTY or County-court, 
en Rett fom holies af en Sheriff {lands-hifdingen ) md- 
nadigen i bans difirict. 

COUPEE or COOPEE, S. coupe i dans. 
"COUPED or COOPEE, Adj. (i wapn-konfien) affku- 

COUPLE, S. or two of a Sort, et par af fcmw.a flag , 
PAR.. A Couple of Apples , Eggs, et par dplen , erg. 
A happy course of Lovers, et par fdlla uifn.are,for- 
ncgda. Cjr COUPLE {copula) koppel , atkoplahun- 
dar mod. To Couple two Dogs together with a 
couple, kopla twd hundar mod et koppel. A r.-.arried 
couple . hjonlaz. 

Te COUPLE, V. A.fos,aihop , kopla , copvi ixz.rg* 

To COUPLE , kopla ihop 'ofkdliga Crcalur) wiga ihop 

"~ To COUPLE, V. A', or to marry, gift as , hyg- 

ga hjonelag. 03= To COVPLE, para fig , lopa ihop ( om 

ofkSUea C.-ealur ). Coupled , Adj. fammanjogad, koplad. 

To COUPLET, V. N. nma ,y£RsiftcAR£. Couplet, 

/. twdnnerim i n-ers. <&■ The COUPLINGS of a Net 
or the , mafx.or i et nit, jv:/CTt/R.t: R£TIS. 

To COUR, Vid. To Cowr. 

COURAGE, 5. cr Valour, mod, modighet , tapper, 
het , AN1MOS1TAS. I do not want courage, but 
Strength, migfaitasflyrka, menickemod. To|put courage 
into one, upmanna en. To lofe one's Courage, 
lappa, filla modet. Courageous, Adj. or Hour, n»»- 
dio , tapper. Courageously, Adv. modigt, tappert. Coura** 
geoulnes , f. mod.ghet , tapperhet. 

COUR ANT, S. en uiff dans, saltatio. To dance 1 
courant , danfa en fi'dan dans. Cj* A Weekly 
courant of News, en ivecko-awifa. 

COURIER , 5. cr Exprefs, enfpir.nare , nvnciVs. 

COURSE , A J}, grof, crass us. Courfe-cloth , grofi 
klSde. Courfe-Meat , graft kStt. Courfenefs , /. grof- 
het. Covirl'ciy , Adv. grofr. [T> COURSE ( VULGA- 
RIS ) grof, bnr.dagtig. A Couri'e compliment, en grof 
Compliment, (rj* Courfe bran , groji kit. Cj" Courle- 
Bread , groft br'd. 

COURSE, S. lopp , cURSVi. The courfe of Water, 
vatnets loppr. The courfe of the Sun , Moon and Stars, 
folens , manans och fljernornas lopp. The Courfe of 
Man's Life, mSnnifkans lefwernis lopp-CS^j" COURSE, 
kofa , curs i feglande. To appoint a courfe to be 
ttesred, JStta en curs fore atflyra. cb^ COURSE ( ITER ) 
refa til land eller watn. Kj* A Continual courfe of fin , 
it ftadigt fynda-'.opp. Cj~ COVASE(ordo) craning, 
rjng. Every one in his cour/f . hwar och en ifinord- 
ning. By Courfe, hwarefterannan. OS* COURSE (mos) 
wane, fed. It is our Common courfe , dtt ir wdr dage- 
liga Jed. According to the courfe of the World, ef- 
ter werldfens maner. He takes fuch courfes as are not 
pleafing, han bSr fig fa at , at del Sr ingen hugntd med. 
C5» Courfe of Life , maner at lefwa. To fix upon a 
courfe of Life , fta fig til nogot wijjt. He takes quite 
another courfe , hangar hzlt annorlunda til wJga. OS* 
COURSE or Service of Meat, anrettning. We have 
had three feveral courfes , wi hafwe haft ire dtfkil- 
liga anrettningar. Ct5^ A Thing of courfe or common, 
en almdn fak. iff- Words of courfe , fdtt at tala. That 
follows in or of courfe , detfSljer af fig J'/clft. Cl5~ 
Womens COURSES or Flowers {fivxus mulie- 
bris) qwir.fclks fJSd. oJ> COURSE ( ikstitutvm) 
matt, utwdg. I know not what courfe to take , jag 
wet icke hwad matt jag /Jc.i/ taga. CfS* To take bad or 
wicked courfes , lefwa lidcrliga. o5* Or elfe I fhall 
take a courfe with you, eljefi fkall jag wifa dig annat. 
05=- To take a courfe with one at Law , gd til rem 
med en. CS 5 " To follow the courfe of Time, fkicka fig 
efter tiden. fjt/» By due courfe of Law, lagmdtigt, ef- 
ter iagen. 85* To leave the World to take its courfe, 
Llia uerlden hafitfpel. GS* A COURSE of eggs , etegg- 
bo. o5= A courfe, Bed or Lay of Stones in Building, 
grundwal af lien. (j> To be in a courfe ofPhyGck, 
bruka en w iff cur. OS* A Courfe of Humours in the 
Eyes , fluff i agon. K5* To put Juftice into its courfe, 
fkaffa fig rett. 

To COURSE, V. A. or to hunt, jaga med windthund , 
yEKARi. To Courfe a Hare, jaga en hare. cS" To 
COURSE, N:ui. (.vera Kv.\.^r.'nna ofwer en backe. US' 
To COURSE or difpute in the Schools, difpuura i en 

COURSER, S. or Steed, en frifkaUre , en hefi , so- 

mpes. (TV A courser or Difputantin Schools , en 

K. 3 difputant 



difrutant i fkolen. o3* A Horfc - Courfer or Jockey, 
flallknekt , beridare. 

COURT or court-yard, S. gard , gards-rum, AREA. 
03* COURT (platEOLA ) en Ulen gr&nd utan utgdng. 
C5» COURT ( PALATUM ) palati , kungs-hus. 05* 
COURT (aula) ho/, hoffiat , item upwaktning wid 
hjfv.ct. aS* COURT (curia) tings-flujwa , en /alder 
en Rett Jitter , item Retten /jelf. 

Let him wait in the court, Idt honom wenta i garden. 
To go to court, gd tilho/wa. The court is gone to 
Windior, ho/wet ir bortrefi til Wind/or. Prov. FAR 
FROM COURT, FAR FROM CARE, julengre /ran 
hofwet , \u betre. To make one's court to a Prince, 
gjura fin upwaktning hosen Prins. Thecourt has acquitted 
him, retten harforklarat honom/ri. Court-Minion , /a- 
rorit, ho/-(ltnker. The Court-party, hoj'-partitt. 
Court-Ladies, hoj-damer. A Court-vlfit orflion Vifit , 
et ho/-beflk 'kaJHgt) Court-Mifs , ho/-(ltnka. <£t 
Court-nolv-W.uer , fagra ord. Court-like, pa hof- 
wis. A Court-day , dag , /om Retten fitter pS. A Court 
of Guard, Vid. Corps. A Tennis-Court , boll -hits. 
Court-card, m.Uare ( kongen, /run , knekien ) Court- 
Leet ) gdrds-rett « /om odalman ha/wa i England, at do- 
ma i alt fSrutan hjgmab-J'akcr, 

To COURT, V. A. /ria , a.vbire. To court the 
Ladies , jlSllafig in hos /rurttimmer. To Court a Lady 
in ordcrto marry her, j ria til en fiicka. (X^To COURT 
(sollicITare ) begdra, hogeligen bedja. He courts me 
to it, han ber mig derom. Ct5* To Court or ftand for 
a Place , /Ska en bejldllning. Courted , Adj. jriad til 

♦COURTEOUS, Adj. hSflig, wdnlig , god, godtalig , 
VRBAXl'S , FAMIUARIS. CS* Courteous Reader , 
gunflig Id/are. Courteously , Adv. hSfiiga , w acker t , 
galant. Courtefan , Vid. Courtezan. Courtefy , or 
Courteoufnefs , f. hofligliet , mannerlighet , godtalig- 
het, w&nlighct , godhet , gunfl. To do one a Courtefy, 
gfSra enom en gunfl. To live with one upon Courte- 
fy , le/wa pi nadcr hos en. frj- Courtefy of England, en 
titel i Engeljka lagen , jormedelfl hwilken en man , /om 
warit gift til en arfwingea/ Odalgods , e/terldtes at be- 
fitta det i f.n li/stid , om han ha/t barn medfln huflru, 
oaktadt bade hon och barnet Sro dSde. c5* COURTE- 
SY or Curfy ( SVFFRAG1X AT10 ) qwinfolks nigande. 
ler man , /aljkcr hund. 

COURTEZAN, S. bi/.Spet/ka , fSrnSm hora , mere- 


COURTIER , 5. hof-buff , hof-man , AVtICVS , item 
ho/-dame. Courtlinefs or Courtfhip , /' hoflighet ,wac- 
kra maner, /ita ord, kdrleks-tal. Courtly, Adv. 
wacke't , ndtt , galant. 

COLRTIN, S. (fortific.-term) /rontcn a/ en mur emcl- 
lan twdnne Ba/lioner. 

DfCOURTLAkS, S. or fhort Sword, hir/ch-fSngare , 
kort hugg-fwdrd , MACHERA. 

COUSEN or Coufin, S.fidktinge , COGXATVS. A Coufm 
German , fyfkonebarn. A fecond Coufin or Coufin once 
removed , fy/ling , bryllning, tremSnning. 

COVY of Partridges , S. en /hock dkerhSns , agmex 

^COURTEOUS, Goth. KURT, morum cvilltas. KUR- 
TBIS,, humanus. KURTEISl, eivUitas, 

♦COW, S. ko, vacca. A Milk-Cow , mjSlk-k: O 
He is as good as a Milk-Cow to that Sharper, han 
ir en god mjSlk-ko fSr den filuren. A Cow with Calf, 
ikal/d-ko. j To a Cow's Thumb , jufl pi et har. A 
Cowherd or Cow-keeper, /d-herde. 

To COW, V. A. kufwa , fkrdma, gjSra en rddd, PER- 
CELLERE. Cowed, Adj. rdddad, fkrdmd. 

* * COWARD ,S. C a. d. ko-herde ) poltron , en rSddflac- 
kare , pusillan imis. He is a very Coward, hanSr 
reit en poltron. Cowardize or Cowardlinefs , /■ rSdd- 
het , /Sr/agdt up/orande. Cowardly , Adj. poltronag- 
tig. Cowardly , Adv. poltron-wis. 

COWL, 5. munk-moffa , MONACH1 CUCVLLUS. 

***To COWR down, V. N. or to ftoop down, lata 

fig ned , SE IXCl/Rt'ARE. 

By COXBONES^or Coxnouns, was/lapperment (ened) 
***"To COXE, V. A. fmickra , blaxdiri. Coxed, 

Adj. (mick'rad. Coxer , /. /mickrare. 
COY, Adj. or ihy , fliygg, blyg/am , pittcrnStt , AfER- 

sirs (/Jges allenafi om qwinfolk ) Coynefs , /. fkygg- 

het , blyghet. 
COYFE , Vid. Coife. Coyn, Vid. Coin, &c. Coyte, 

Vid. Coit. 

*j,To COZEN, V. A. or Cheat, hedraga , fallerl. 
Cozenage or cozening , f. bedrAgeri. 

CRAB, S. o;- Wilding, fur-Sple, POMVM srirESTRE. 
OS* A CRAB or Crab-fifjl, krabba , krSfweta, CANCER. 
t CRABLOUSE, flat-lus , PEB1CULVS 1XGU1NA1.1S. 

CRABBED, Adj. /ur , omogen, acerbvs. oS* crab- 
bed , ojemn , j~krofiig. A crabbed Style , ojemn jkri/- 
*rt. o5» A crabbed Look, /ur up/yn. To lookcrab- 
bedly , /e /un ut, Crabbednefs , /. ojemnhet , fkroflig- 
het , furhct. 

CRACK, S./pricka, remna, FISSVRA. 05* CRACK 
(fragor) brakande , dan. rj5» The Crack of a Gun, 
J'malkn af et flycke. 05* CRACK ( SCORTUM ) hora. 
dS" CRACK \turaso) /tor ftiry tare. Crack-brained, 
half-galen. t A Crack-Rope , en galg-figel. 

*6,To CRACK, V. A. brdeka, bryta/Snder, fraXGERE. 
Ex. To Crack a Bell , /prScka en klocka. To Crack 
a Nut, knSppa en nSt. To crack a Loufe , drSpa en 
lus. 05* He and I have crack'd many a Bottle tho- 
gether, han och jag ha/wa druckit monga glas win til- 
hopa. OS* To CRACK, Ncut.(FATISCERE ) brifla.fpric- 
ka, rcmna. Thefe Boards begin to crack, dejja bri- 
der begynna at /pricka. That Glafs will crack , del 
gla/et gar fonder. c5» To CRACK ( CREPERE ) braka. 
I heard it crack , jag horde det brakade. To Crack a 
joke upon the Scripture, lh.imta med Skri/ten. GS* 
To C.RACK ( jactare )fkryta. He cracks at a ftrange 
Rate, han /kryter grymmeliga. He does much crack 
of his kindred , han pockar mycket pa fin fldgt. C5* 


*C0W, Goth. KU. Perf. GHAV , vacca. 
» ( :» T >WARD ' Goth - KAUDE , vilis horn: 

To COWR, Goth. & Sueth. KURA , avium more 
^recUnatus quie/ccre , KURA, talis quies. 

To COXE, Sueth. LL. JVefl-Goth. KUSKA , per- 
^jvadere, pelltccre. a KOS , o/culum. 
f.To cozen, G(«h.& Sueth.KJUSA,/VaWr. KO- 
SEN , /a/cinatus. 
*6,To crack, Goth. HRECKIA , pul/arc. Sueth. 
KRAKLA , nugari. 

C R A 

C R A 

Does he think to crack me Out ? mcnar han at fkrd- 
ma mig ? Cracked, Vid. Crack. Cracker or Squit, 
kArngsfs , fwdrmare , rakel. Gj* CRACKERS, to curl 
Hair with, papersl.ippar , at i.igga up har pa. A Nut- 
Cracker, noi-brdcka. (X5= A CRACKER or Crack, en 
fkrytare. f Crackfart, /. dunder-fjcrt. r^r He is the 
Crackfart of t!.e Nsr.on , han p*a:ar jvm en narrom 
fiat i faker , wit fordndra htla nationcn. 

To CRACKLE, V. N. as Laurel, &c. in the Fire, 
fpraka i elden. , CREPITARE. Crackling, /. fprahtade. 

CRACKNEL, 5 . fkoll-kaka , collyra. 

CRACKT, Adj. fprSckt, Vid. Verb. o@" crackt 
( VESASVS ) hufwudfwag, dumb. (J5= CTACKT or brok- 
en Merchant , bankrut-fpelare. 

CRADLE, S. wage a , cuxje. To rock the cradle , 
uagga. CCr* An Iron- Cradle, fpis-jern Jam brukas 
for ftenkol. 

CRAFT or Handy-croft, handtwdrk , jrs mechani- 
cs. CJ* CRAFT ( astvtia) lifiighe! , (lugbet , rdf- 
ftrek. A Crafts-man, en konftnir. A Crafts-mafter , 
konfiig arbetare. No Man is his Crafts-mafter thefirft 
Day, ingen Idrer f.n konfi pa forfia iagen. Craftily, 
Adv. or cunningly , llfteliga ,flugt. f Craftily or Work- 
n.anly, konftrikt. Craftinefs , f.flughet , fpitsfundighet. 
Crafty, Adj. or Cunning, fug, fpitsfundig. 

CRAG , S. or Neck, nacke , cervix, ffj* CRAG (ru- 
tes) klippa, bergsklint. Cragginefs, bramhet. Crag- 
gy , Ad), brant , j~krofiig. 

To CRAM, V. A. fiovpa , upfylla , krdma ihvp , FAR- 
cire. He crammed it in at lad in the Trunk, han 
kramadsdet in pa flutet i kofferten. (X/ > To Cram Poul- 
try, ftoppa, gjoda h.&ns. C^" He crams his Belly as 
much as ever he can , han fiSper i fin buh det mefla 
han orkar. Crammed , Adj. ftoppad , kramad &c, A 
Crammed Capon , fioppad Capun. 


CRAMP, S. kramp , fendrag , SPASMUS. Crampfifll , 
kramp-fifk , TORPEDO. 

To CRAMP, V. A. (to ftraiten or retrain ) krdmpa, 
tilbaka holla, trycla,TOROUERE. Ex. Defpotifm cramps 
both wit and Trade , enwolds-regemente fortrycker ba- 
de weitoch handcl.r£>To CRAM P(VA CO FERREO M 1/ SI- 
RE ) fSrfe med jern-ankare i mur-arbete. Cramp-iron, 
jern-ankare. Crampt or cramped , Adj. tryckt , faflnad, 
plagad af Jendrag. (jj* Crampt or forced Word - , et 
: or.z. Cr^nipt Name , j\ owanligi , jdllfamt namn. 

To CRANCH, Vid. To Crunch. 

CRANE, S. trana, grus. cj=> CRANE 'tolleno) en 
kran at draga up gods med. Crane-Colour , tran-fcrga. 
To Crane up, V. A. winda up med kran. Craned up , 
Adj. upwindad. 

CRANK , Adj. fiyf, ftark , frifli, luftig , SASUS , I.v- 

To C RANKLE in and out, V. N. krdtla fom en orm » 

CRANNY, S. or Chink ,fpringa , fissvra. Crannied, 

Ad', fprucken. 
CRAP, S. pengar, PECUXIA. 
CRAPE, S. krepon {et flags tyg ) 
CRASH, 5. or great Noife , brakande , strepitus, 

(Xi^ CRASH or Conteft ( LIS ) trdta , twill. 
♦To CRASH, V. A. brScka, frakcere. OS* To- 

CRASH, Neut. (strepere) braka. 

*To CRASH, Goth. KRASSA , lacerare. Sueth. Adv. I 
KRAS , de to quod inpartes minimas d.leceratum eft. 

CRASINESS, Vii. Crazinefs. 

CRASS, Adj. or Grofs , rock, crassvs. CrafTituele, 

f. tjockhet. 
CRASY, Vid. Crazy, cratch, Vid. Rack. 
"CRATCHES, S.fpatt pa hefiar , scabies ja* PZDl- 


CRAVAT, 5. krage , halsduk , coll are. A Lace Cra- 
vat , fpets-kalsduk. 

To CRAVE, V. A. krSfja, e(ka , afiunda, roc ARE. 
To Crave a Man's Help , begdra ens hjelp. Shall I 
crave your Name ? ma jag fraga edert nam ' Craved, 
Adj. begdrd. 

f CRAVEN or CHAVENT , S. (obrukl. ord) Vid. Co- 

CRAVING, S. hegdran , petitio. He is never weary 
of Craving, han trotnar aldrig at begdra. Craving, 
Adj. , fom altid fattas nogot. She is a Crav- 
ing Woman , hon dr ct qwinfolk fom fir cldrig r.oo. 
To have a Craving Stomach , hafua en t&rande ma- 

CRAVINGNESS, ojorr.Sgfamhet , omStielighct , dtra , 


To CRAUNCH or Crunch , V. A. to break with one's 

Teeth, hita finder , dextibvs frakcere. 
CRAW , S. ( the Gorge or Corp of a Bird ) krdfwai 


To CRAWL , V. N. krdla , krdka, krypa , REPERE. 
A Worm that crawls upon the Ground, en krypandt 
tnatk. (X5* To Crawl up to the Top of a Tree , kldn- 
ga fig up i et trdi. OS" To Crawl with Lice , wara 
j'Mmtdlus, fa det krdker cm en. Crawler,^ or Crawl- 
ing Creature, krypande d'<ur. 

CRAY-FISH, S. krdfweta', ASTACVS. 

CRAYON, S. pafiel-penfel , PENicmvst. Dcligned 
with the Crayon , anlagd med paftel-mfilning. 

To CRAZE, V. A. bryta, brdeka, con fr:ncere. 
Crazed , Adj. bruten. 05^ CRAZED, galen , hujwud-fwag. 
Crazinefs,/^ kraflighet , brdcklighet. 

CRAZY, Adj. kraflig , krdmpig, galen, toklg , LANG- 
vexs , male sanus. A Crazy and Dileafed State, 
fwagt oeh fjukligt tilftand. 

To CREAK, Vid. To Creek, &c. 

**CREAM, S. grddde , tlos lactis. Whipt Cream, 
fno-mos. Cream of Tartar or purifieJ Tartar , Cremor 
Tareari. C$* CREAM or the beft of a Thing, det betfta 
cf et ting, kSrnm. (X^ The CREAM or Fat of the 
Land , mu/len af landet. fc^ The CREAM or Prime, of 
a Country, forr.dmfte fol'rct i et land. OS* That is the 
Cream of the Bufinefs , det dr hufwud-faken. Cream- 
Cheefe, grddd-oft. Cream-Tart . grddd-torta. 

To CREAiM, V.N. or gather into a Cream , grdddafig, 


CREASE, S. fall, plica. 

To CREATE, V. A. fkapa , creare. God has created 
the World, Gud harfkapat wctl.len. To Create Magi- 
flrnte? , pitta til Magiftratcr. To Create one Sorrow , 
forordfaka enom forg. To Create a Stomach* upwdc- 


'CSAUBES , Sueth. XRATTA, KRATSA , fcalperc , 

Cambr. CRACH , fcabies. • 

**cream, Goth, kreima, fios, cremor* a KRS- 
jiia, maccrart , liquefacert. 


C R E 

ka appeilt. Created, Adj. fkapad. Creation, f. fka- 
velft. 05* Creation of a Magillrate , tilfSttande af en 
Creator or Creatour, f. fkaparc. Creature, 
y: Creator. c3* A great Man's Creature , Creatur af 
en flor herre , fom gjort deff lycka. He is one of his 
Creatures, han Sr et af bans Creatur 'afnor.) CT3* 
A itrange Creature, et underligt djur. 05" To abufe 
God's Creatures, miffbruka Guds gofwor. t To take 
a Cup of the Creature, driekaetglas , taga fig en fup. 

CREDENCE, S. iro , vitsord, fides. To give cre- 
dence to a Thing, gift" el ling witsord. (X3* CRE- 
DENCE or Name , namn. He thereby gained a Cre- 
dence of being a good Chriftian , halt fick derigenom 
na*nn af en god Chrijlen, 

CREDENTIALS or Creditives, S. Creditir-bref , le- 


CREDIBLE, Adj. trolig, trowerdig. It is not credible, 
del Ir icke erolizf. A Credible Witnefs , trowerdigt 
witne. Crediblenefs or Credibility , f. fanno-likhei. 
Credibly , Adv. fannoliki , trowerdeliga. The Thing is 
credibly reported, del ftges fSr wifjo. 

CREDIT, S. cridu, anfeende , myndighet , EXISTIMA- 
Tio , avctoritas . To make ufe of one's Credit, 
bruka ens Credit. He has got the Credit of it , han 
har fin hedren der/Sre. To give Credit to a Thing, 
tro nogot. To give Credit to one or to truft him , 
eifwa enom Credit , fortro honom. cS* It will be much 
for his Credit, det ISr gj'ra honom mycken heder. To 
cranch one's Credit , fkSmma ens Credit. 

To CREDIT, V. A. or to believe, tro, credere- 
I am not apt to credit fuch Things, jag kan icke tro 
fadani. cfj* To CREDIT ( orsarl ) hedra, aftadkom- 
ma heder. That will no ways credit you , del gjSr 
eder fSga heder. 

CREDITABLE, Adj. hede'!ig,\fom ir i anfeende. A 
Creditable Employment, hedtrlig bejlSUning. A Credit- 
able Suit, heders-klidnmg. Creditablenefs , /. heder- 

CREDITED, Adj. Ex. one not to be credited, en font 
- credit har eller gifwas kan, HOMO SVBIESTS. 

CREDITOUR, S. borgenSr , creditor. Creditrix,/. 

CREDULOUS, Adj. godtrogen , fnar-troge.i. Credulity, 
littrooenhet. ' 

CREED, S. Troi-bekSnnelfe , symbolvm. The Apoflle's 
Creed, Apoflolifka Tron- To fay the Creed, Ufa 

*CREEK or CRICK , S. w'lk , hajs-arm, sixvs. Item 
--lats. r^f- CREEK ( spasmus ) flyfhet i nacken. 

**To CREEK, V. A'.ormake a Noife, knarra , stri- 
DERt. I hate this Creeking , jag kan intet tola delta 

To CREEP, V. iV. krypa, serpere. A Serpent that 
creeps-on the Earth , en orm fom kryper pa jorden. 
If I cannot go , I will creep, kan jag icke gel, fa wil 
jag krypa. 03 s To Creep IN , krypa, flingra jig in. fx^=> 
To Creep into one's Favour , ftSlla fig in hosen. Hr* 
You muft learn to creep before you will go, du md/le 
ISra krypa fSrdn du kan gd. 05* To have always a 
Hole to creep out at, hafwa alt id nogon undfiykt. 

*CR£EK, Sueth. krik , Suderm. feptum anguflius in- 
ter agrornm ionfinia. 
VTo CREEK, Goth. K.RIKTA, ftridcrc. 

Knowledge" does infenfibly creep t/pon thofe who 
are defirous of it , kunfkap kommer owetandes pd dem 
fori Iro deff begJrige. 05" Old age creeps ON or Old age 
comes Creeping on, dlderdomen kommer Jljalandes, Cjf" 
■ To CREEP and Crouch ( ADULARl) krypa och kroka 
Jig, fom en talrick-flickare. f He is ready to creep 
into his Mouth, j&ges om en flatcr falfk-racka. Creep- 
er , _/". krypare , krypande Creatur , item laga dpte- 
trin. Creep-hole, f. kryphol , undankrypa, propr. r> 
fig. Vid. To Creep. tt^Creeping and Crouching , kry- 
pande, krufande. 05* A Creeping Thing, krypande 

CREP or Crept, Adj. krupen , Fid. Verb. 

CRESCENT, S. (Herald.) halfmanc. OS* CRESCENT , 
Stor-Sultans wapn. (jj- CRESCENT or The Turks, 

CRESSET or Creflet- light for a Burning Beacon, 
eldtenfyrbdk. 03* A CRESSET to let a Pot on , trefot. 

CREST, kam p.i foglar , crista. OS" The Creft or 
Mane of a Horl'e, heflman. Creft-fallen , Adj. or 
dejeifted, modf'Slt, modfliden, 

GREVICE, S. Vid.^CREvicEor Crevis, 
f. Vid. chink. 

CREW, 5. or Gang, et fSllfkap , en hop, SODALI- 
tivm. A crew of rogues, en hop fkelmar. C5°" The 
crew , of a £hip , befJttningen uti fkep. 

CREWELL, S. twinnadt redgarn. CREWET, Vid. Cruet. 

CRIB , 5. krubba , PR.ESEPE. 

CRICBAGE, S. et kon-fpel, i bruk hos de Engelfk* 
alien a. 

CRIBBLE, S. riffel, CR1BRVM. 

CRICK, 5. Vid. creek. To crick, Vid. To creek. 

CRICKET, S. fyrfa , cryllvs. hem et bollfpel. OS* 
CRICKET (scamnvlum) en lag flol , pall. 

CRICKING, Vtd. Creeking. To crie, Vid. To Cry. 

CRIED, Imperf. Verbi. To Cry. 

CRIED, Adj. Vid. To Cry. Cried unto, anropad. 05" 
Cried UP , beprifad. cS* Cried DOWN , ilia utropad. 
C rier , f. utropare. 

CRIME, S.laft , forbrytclfc , CRIMEN. K Capital Crime, 
hals-fak. To perpetrate or Commit a great crime, 
bega ei flort brott. Criminal , Adj. laflbar. To have 
criminal conversation with a neighbours wife , hafwa 
oloflig beblandelfe med en grannes huflru. A Criminal , 
f en mifjdadare , ogerningsman. Criminally , Adv. lafi- 
barl. Criminalty , f. or Criminal cafe , laftbarhet. Cri- 
minous , Adj. laflbar. 

CRIMP, S. kolhandlare, eller deras Ombud , MERC A- 
tor carbonvm. 

CR1MPLING, Adj. krympling, CLAVDVS. Ex. To go 
Cnmpling, g3 och linka, fom en f/uk. 

"t" CRIMPS, S. Ex. To be in the crimps or to be well 
fet out in cloaths, vara, ujl klSdd , i granna klader , 


CRIMPT, Adj. Ex. Crimpt ribbons, frlferade , krufa- 
de band. 

CRIMSON, 5. karmofin- ferg , COLOS. PVRPVREUS. 
Crimfon velvet, karmofin-fammet. 

To CRINGE, V. N. buga f.g djupt , krufa fom en hund, 
CENlcVLARI. Cringing, f or Cringe , bugande , kry- 
pande. I hate this cringing, jag kan icke tola detia ge- 
mena bugande och fkrapande. Cringing, Adj. krypande. 
A Cringing foul, nedrig jjjdl. 


C R I 

C R 

To CRINKLE, V. 1~. %1'tlyngor, "am in or:-. , cor- 

jc;.:;;. Crinkles . ■ 
CRlPLINGS, S. {bygg-ierm) fned-ftarrar , Tic.v.t. 

ToCRIP?LE, V. ... .. ' LA'JLlfM RZDDLRZ- 

Crippled. , Adj. ftrlamad, Cripplenefs, /. lamhet. 
Cripple, f. krymo'ing. 

CRi'lS, 5. fS-dndring uti en fjukdom, eller d.'t lika- 
rc. ' ~ if, on din Sr 

i, '■'- . CI rifm. Crifom, Vid. Chrifom. 
CRISP, i fR.iciLis. cS* Crifpal- 

mo;.d; , brenda mar. : . . 
To CRISP , V. ..'. knorla, fa, c"!SP.1RE. Ex. Crim- 
ed hair, krufaat hjr. A Crifping-Iron , krus-jern. 
CRISTAL, Vid. Chryftal. Critch, Vid. Crib. 
CRITICAL, Adj. fom aom:r eller tSflfar pit nogct. A 
Critical wit umou'r , judicium , ingenium cri- 
t:cvm. * y or a day of crifis, mer- 

-:::. u5* Critical times , granhgade tidcr. Ofr* The 
critical liour^r minute , din ljufwa fiunden fSr Jfl~ 
■ CrlticSy, Adv. pa wis. Criticifm , 
f. om 
To CRITICISE upon, V. N. dania , examinera , klan- 

dra , Zinzmh&hla, CENSORBM AGERE. 
CRITI Civ or Fault-finder , S. en fom dSmer , criticsrar , 
. A. learned Critick , en Urd criticus. Cri- 
ticks , /. 
To CROAK, &c. Vid. To Croke, &c. Crochet, Vid. 

C; Mar , fpiror pi toppen aj hjorthorn , 


To CHOCK, V. A. fmutja , orena , fota, ixquina- 

CROCK, S. kruka,VAS ricTiLE. A' crock ofbutter, 

fmor-kruka. Crock-butter or Salt-Butter , fait frr.Sr. "j" 

CROCK or colly, Vid. colly. 
CROCODILE, S. Crocodil (etampnibium i Nil-firS- 

men) de Ert£clJ~ka kalla honom Alligator och lniianerni 

■'•arc namn de 11 
Crocodile's tears or treicherous tears, 

i.' tcodils-tardr. 
CROE or Crcme , S. kofot , jc^n.i'r , VECTIS. 
CROFT, S. lomt , tS.ppa wid et has , AGELLUS. 
CROISES, S.or Pilgrims, P. Igrimar, peregrini cru- 


To CROKE, V. ,V. lata fem en groda , eller fom en 
coaxare. Crokins , f. fadznt ropande. cj* The 
Croking or rumbling of the guts with Wind , ramlan- 
de i tarmarne. 

CRONE, 5. gammal tacka, oris vetula. o3* An old 
Crone, en gamntal kSrling , anus. 

CRONY, S. funt- f adder , infyltad wan, amiculus. 
An old crony, en gammal tamerat. 

To CROO, V. N. lata fom dufwor, c EM ERE. 

CROOK, S. or hook, krok , HAXtVS. o3=* A fiiep- 
herd's Crook , herde-flaf. t By Hook and c 
m:d rett ock orf.t. Crook-back or Crook-fhoul 
krokrys;i'. Crook-footed, krok-folad. Crook-I.- 
krokb? :. 

To CROOK, V. A. krika, i.velectere. Crooked, 
A . \kt, krokig. 05=" A Crooked or Crofs nvnd , 
ilakt fnne. Cjr" To gro*- crooked, blifwa , uexa kro- 
kig. ■■'■■' A Crooked':.'oi"e, krok-r.Sfa. Crookednefs , 
f. krokigket. 

To CROOKEL, T. N. Vid. To Croo. 

To CROOL, V. A', to gro#I or muttei , iirnnla , hnor- 


CROOP or Crouper, 5. (fpel-ierm) med.yelpare for 
banj-aeuren. To Croop , V. \. gjg ra pdan fyfla. 

CROP, S. arswext , grida , MESS is. A Crop of corn 
or hay, gro.Un af ho och fid. Prov. A F1SE SHETC, 
AND A SMALL CROP, mycket af halmen och litet i 
-. cr> cao?(^.vj^ flacelli) pijV.-fhaft. o5" 
CROP {ixgluvies) krdfwa pdenfogeL A Bird that 
has a full Crop, enfogcl mtd JKnn krSfwa. -f Crop- 
fi-'< , Sl-j'/uk. 

To CROP, V. A. or cut off, afikirH, afknoppa.fam- 
U, amputare, decerpere. To Crop a horfe , fiub- 
ba en heft , iron eller fwans. (£r" To Crop or gather 
Fbwers , plocka rofor. Cf°r» The Goat Crops the hedge, 
gettn a ■ :- hifkarna. CO* A CROP , f. en he(l fom. 

! ad. Crop-eared, or-klipt. Kj" CROPT 
or Cropped, Ad), fiubbai. 

CROSIER, S. tifk.ops.ftaf, lituus. cr5» crosiers, 
en andelig O'din fom bir en Staf med kors upp.i , it. 
de - ernorna wid fSdra poltu. 

CROSLET or Forehead - cloth , hufwud-duk , erosta- 
T.E. Cfr* Crofs-Crodets (herald, kors. 

CROSLY, Vid. Croffely. crofnefs , Vid. Crofsnefs. 

CROSS, S. kors, crux. To make the fign of the 
crofs, gjSra kcrstekn. He has had many croHes in his 
life , h an har haft mycken moigang i fina dagar. Crofs - 
grained, u-refig , wrongfmt. To fit Crofs-legged , f.t- 
ta med benen i kors. Crofs-bow , armbjjl. Crofs-wife, 

CROSS , Adj. or laid crofs , i kors lagd, traksver- 
sirs. cO* cross or Crofsbrained (morosus ) led , 
fwdr at gjSra i lag, fortretlig , ogin. C&A Crols or 
contrary wind , mot-wind. A crofs Anfwer, kort , 
flackigt fwar. Crofs words , onda , harda , owettira orj. 
A Crofs Bufinefs, fortretlig Jak. A Crofs wife, ond 
huftru. A Crofs child , olatigt , olydict barn. (X5= A 
Crofs day . olyckligdag. A Crofs-path or a crofs-way, 
korswig. Crof.-Matches , gifiermdl emelian brbder och 
fyfirm hus. To have a crofs Fortune , 

ha fa oblid lycUa. oS» A Crofs-Bite or DifappoiiKrr.ent, 
mi/Jlvckan , item bcdrSgeri. 

To CROSS-BITE, V. A. bedraga , narra , FALIERE. 
Crofs-bit or Crofs-bitten, Adj. narrad , bedragen. A 
Crofs-piece of timber or a Crofs-beam , tv/ir-bfelke. 

CROSS , Adv. t.iert emo; , COKTRARIE. (Xj* Every 

Thing goes crofs or falls out Crofs with us, al ting 

J. 'fr- AVien any thing crofs 

bet-wixt the Husband and the Wife, nSr dtt kommer 

owilja emelian man och huftru. 

CROSS , Prep, twert Sfwer , trans. Crofs the Fields?, 
twert Sfwer feliet. 1 went crofs the church, jag dek 
twert i^cnom kyr\an. 

To CROSS, V. N. or to go crofs, TRANS IRE. (&■ 
To CROSS (MOLESTARE)fortreta, ores, g/ora inpajj. 
E~ ir.pla. 

To Crofs the, «? :wcn Sfwer gatan. To Crofs the 
River, fara Sfwer ftrSmcu. To Crofs or thwart one's 
C a ens anfag til UtUU V, ! y do you c 

thus , hwi gjor dn nig icn fortreten ? To Crofs one.s 
Ug< , ■■'.n korswis. 05= To crofs one" 

korfa Jig. 05^ To CROSS orto Crofs Outf oblitE- 
Rare) utftryka. Crosfed , Adj. korfad &c. 



C R O 

CROSSELY, Adv. Ttta, argeBga, perverse. You 
tic very crollcly , du handtcrade mig ilia. 
crossel v , ealet , pi urcitj v.iftt. Croffnefs , f.ond- 
fk» , ■-■:'■-■ • ltdfha. 

CROS'.ET, S. litet kors. Crosflet, item Croft, Vid. 

CROTCHET, S. muficallfk not, simpla. c5* crot- 
chet (ineptijl) wbi iing,Jkalkjtycke.rte}ias 
twenty crotchets and deflgnsin his head, han har tu- 
fende grille r i fit hufwud. 

♦CROTELS or croteying, S. har-lon , stercvs le- 

POB.IZI '!• 

To CROUCH, .' .1, hnga, sr incvrvare. 

•J- To Creep and Crouch , krypa och kr Ska fig. Crouched, 
Adj. Ex. Crouched f.iars , kvrsmunkar. f He got it 
with much creeping and crouching , han fick del dndtc- 
li'cn med fit krypandc, 

CROUCHMASS , 5. or crouchmas-day, kersmdfia. 

CROW, S. krdka, corkix. CO* 1" To give the Crow a 
pudding, kola af, dt. (J3* f He has an ill crow to pluck, 
han har e.: ilak Jak at nappi ■ :1. J 1 have a crow 
to pluck with you , jag ^_" en gfis oplockad med dig. 
eff Crow of Iron , Vid. Croe. 03* Crow's-foot, Vul. 
Caltrop. OS* cock-crow, hant-rop. Scare-crows, 
(krSmtlor, font fiiitas up i Skren, Jpiken. 

*'CROW, V. A'. .'V.'-'. CAST,!RE.t£?-To CTLOwCjA- 
CTARL)jhjl.l. 03* To CROT OY-Jr OUe(S£ EEFERRJl) 

yfwas Sfwer en. 

CROWD ,'S- or Throng , trengfcl , turba. To get into 
tlu crowd, komma in i trengjlen af en In p folk. ( ■ ..= 
|A crowd (. eidici'la )J\:dla. f Ciewder, f. fed- 
lare , fpelman , fiDICL.v. 

To CROWD, V. A. tnnga, premere. You crowd 
me toomuch, duirengtr mig fSrhardt. 05* To CROWD 
all fails, hifia alia feed. 0?" To Croud IN, irenga fig 
in. (Xj** To Crowd a Thingin , trefiga in nogot. Crowd- 
ed , Ad/. Vid. To Crowd-, trengd, fom flttr t 

CRO\VN ; S.kuix, coro.\a. To Come to the Crown, 
kcmm.i nl Liunan. ffj* CROWN ( RECM7M ) Rike. 
Th« 'Northern Crowns, d: Nordijhe Riktn , Cronnrna. 
05* The Crown of the Head, hufwud-kullcn. 05 s A 
Freak took him in the crown, han fick en wurm ,ryck~ 
"'"g- Cl5" A CROWN ( s ERTUM ) krans. CCf The 
Crown ofaHat, r.ait-kull. 05* crown ( mo.\ eta ) 
tn Crona tiler Specie Rdlr. Crown-land, Crono-jord. 
tgor. Crown-fcab, hwir fkabb pa hefi-fotttr. Cr<_un- 
Work (fortficaiions-Tenn) horn-wdrk. 

To CROWN, V. A. krSna, coro.vare. OS* To crown 
or accomplifll with Honour , fulliorda fit wdrk tr.el 
heder. (ff To CROWN or to reward, helSna. He- 
crowned his Valour , han illSntt ham tapperhet. J 
Crownation, Vid. Coronation. Crowned, Adj. krini. 
Crowned Heads, kr'r.ta Itafwadtn, Cro wrier, Vhdl 

To CROYN , V. N.fkriafom hjortar i Brunfitn. 

DfTo CRUCIATE, V. A. pldga, mantra. Crnciated, 
Adj. plagad. 

*CROTELS, Is!. HRODE 6t HRIDIA, quisquilia , 

"cbow ,M:Goth.HRUK hanins , cantus galli. Sue;h. 
SKrAcka , dicitur de gallinis. Isl. KILAvcl KRIA, 
defidtranter optart , rociferari. hue refer, to CRT. 

CRUCI3LE , S. GuUfmtdf degel, >'as fvsoriVm. 
CRUCIFIX , S. crucifix. Crucifixion , f. korsfdfitlfc 
To C aUCIFY, V. A. korsfJ/la , cRVcifiG ere. Cruci- 

iieJ , Adj. korsfSfl. 
-j-To CRUD, Vid. To curd. Crue, Vid. Crew. 
CRUDE, Adj. or mtdigefted, r.f, okokad , crvdvs. A 

crude Matter , ra materia , rahet. The Crudities of 

the Stomach , magens rahettr. 
CRUEL, Ad), grym, llodig , obarmhenig , csvi>£- 

ns. A Cruel Death , en grym dSd. A cruel Man, en 

grym mannifka. 05* 'Tis a Cruel Thing, [del dr enfas- 

'lig fak. 
CRUEL, Adv. grymt , CRI/SELITER. He is cruel mad, 

han ifr r as-wild. Cruel hot, fSrjkrSckeliga hct. Cruel 

troublefome, Sfuermattan fartrctlig. Cruelly, Adv. 

gryml:git,fadiga. To life one cruelly, handtera en grymt. 

Cruelty, f. grymhet , omSnfka. To fatisfy one's 

cruelty ,m£uajingrymhet. A great Piece of cruelty, 

en grym geritiag. 
CRUET, 5. oljepona, Sttkc-krus , lecy'tmus. 
CRUISE, S. kurs , krySfning. The cruife of a Ship, 

kurfen af ct fkep. 
To CRUISE, V. A. kryffa i SjSn, DiscvRS are. That 

ihip is gone to cruife, det fkepet £r utlupit pd kryJJ. 

Cruller, / kryffarc. Cruifing , f. kryffaing. 
CRUM , S. fmola , litet fycke , MICA. A Crum of 

Bread , hr'.l-Jmola. T To pick one's crums or recover 

me's Health, komma fig igen , wederfds. 

To CRUM, V. A. fonderfmclci , friare. Crummed , 

Adi. fmolad. Crummy, Adj. full af fmclor , grynig. 
CRUMB , &c. Vid. To Crum , &c. To Crumble , &c. 

Vid. To Crumb, &c. 
CRUMP or Crump-ftouldercd , Adj. knim , hopdragen, 

jNCVRt'ATVS. Crump-footeJ, krokfotad. Crurrpcd , 

Adj. krSkt. 
To CRUMPLE , V. A.fkrynkta, corrucare. Crumple, 

fijkrynkla. 03* To CRUMPLE , V. N. ( COKR VCARl ) 
Pcrynkas. Crumpled, Adj. flirynklad. My Cravat ii 
all Crumpled , min halsduk dr aldeles flirynklig. 

To CRUNCH, V. A. Vid. to crane)-. 

To CRUNK, V. A r . lata fom en trana , GRUERE. 

CRUPPE or Croupe, S. lend, lumbus EQVIxifs. 
CROri'ER , /". or P^urnp, heft-fwans, cauda. 03* The 
CRUPPER ( CAUDALE ) ryggfiycket af tn fadcl. 

CRUSADE, S. de Chrifinas hurf&d til dtt hdiga lan- 
du. f Crufe , /. krus , pocillvs. 

To CRUSE , Vid. To Cruife, 

To CRUSH, V. A.hofja, hraka , co&TVNDERE. The 
Wheel criiflied him to Pieces, hjulet kroffade honom i 
flycken. 0"5* To Cruih a Party down , undcrtrycka it 
part':. Cruflied , Adj. Vid. To crufh, krofjad. 

CRUST , S.fhorpa , nlfida , CRVs ta. A Crulr of Bread , 
irodfkorpa , cller del ftcarpa af brodet. Item brod- 
fmota. cb* The Rifling -Cruft, for/la flycket fom /hi- 
res af en limpa. Item mcrkt Jom dr pi brSd efter no- 
gon irychnin<* i usnen. 

To CRUST. V. N. fkorpna, incrustari. Crufla- 
ceous, Adj.orCTuttv, fkorpagtig. crufled , Adj.fkorp- 
nad. Crufly , Adj. Crufly Bread ,J"korpnadl irSd. 

y CRUSTY or Captious, tyck-mycken, \repjk, fnar- 
fiicken , tetricus (igementtal) 





CRUTCH , S. krytka, grailje. To go with crutches, 

g& pd kryckor. 
CRY, S.Jkri, rop , clamor. Prov. A great cry, 

AK'D A LITTLE WOOL, ftort rop Oth Litcl all. 05* 
CSV ( fletus ) gnh. 05* A Cry of Hounds, huitd- 
JkalL 05* To Commend one out of cry, out of all 
Cry, upkigatn til himmelen, rofa en. Cryer, f. ropa- 
re. Cryed , Adj. rop ad. 

To CRY , V.A. rope ,/kria, clamare. To Cry Mercy, 
ropa oip. To cry Murder, ropa ut rr.ord. 05* To 

. cry or cnll one, ropa en. 05* To Cry Quittance, 
■odtigen. C5* To CRY OUT, Neut. ropa ut. To Cry 
out Fire, ropa ut Eli (om cldswada) To Cry out for 
Help , ropa kjclp. 05* To Cry out, as a Woman with 
child, wondiis font en a-winna l barns-nod. His Wife 
is ready to cry out , hans huftru Itfrer /hart kcmma i 
varnfing. To Cry out upon one, fkJmma ut en. (Xj* 
To CRT HNToGod, ropa til Herraa. o5*ToCRYUP, 
roja, beromma , uphiga. 05* To CRT DOWN Money, (13. 
ncdpengar. 0§*To CRT DO «'N one's Wife, utj k ''ramj fin 
huftru. Cry'd, ^iif. cried. ~V=>To CRY (fiere) grata. I 
could not forbear cryinj , jagkunde intel holla mig f ran 
tarar. A crying Sin, en himmels-fkriandc fynd. 

CRYPTA , S.hola, kula, graf, tEfUEcRUM. Cryptical 
or cryptick, hemlig , ffrborgad. 

CRYSTAL, S. Crifial. Rock-Cryftal , kergs-criflal. A 
CryftaJ G!af> , cn/lais-glas. The Cryftal of a Watch, 
glaft paetur. Cryftaline , Adj. crijtalin. The Cry- 
ftaline Humour of the Eyes , humor Chriflallinus p.t 

CUB, 5. en unge , bjornunge , kvalp , catulus. A 
Fox.';, cub , en rdf-unge. 

CUBBARD , Via. Cup-board. 

CUSE , S. en lika fyrkamig figar pd alia fdor , timing , 
cvnvs. Cubical or Cubick , Adj. cubik. 

CUBIT, S.etuisft matt, jfrdn armhogen til medeij'ngrtt. 

CUCHANEL, Vid. Cutcheneal. 

CUCK.ING, Adj. Ex. A cucking-ftool , en firajj 

for tr.itojbmma awinfolk , derrr.ed de doppai i watnet of- 

wer Sronen , SELLA URINATOR1A. 
"CUCKOLD , S.hanerej , cvrrvca. A cuckold-maker, 

hancrej-makat e. 
To CUCKOLD one, V. A. gjSra en til hanerej , fdtta 


CUCKOO, S. kuku, gok, cvcvivs. 05* To ling like 
a cuckoo, to harp always upon the lame firing , f/un- 
ga fiimma oth famm.i ( wara trdtalig) 

CUCQUEAN , S. hora, meretrjx. 

CUCUMBER, S. gurka, cucpyiis. 

CUD, S. matfirtipe , rum a. To chew the end, iditit. 
C5* To chew the cud* or think and reflect upan , 
legrunda , fpeculera. You mult, chew the cud upen it, 
du m.ifte t.inka derpd. 

**CUDDEN, CUDDY or changeling, byting , fmi- 

fjollig , F ATI' VS. 

7 To CUDDLE, V. A. kela,fj.ifa m:d , UTDVLGERE. 
CUDGEL, S. knyffel , prygel , kul-pnk , FVSTIS. To 
| lay down the cudgels or to crofs the cudgels , wenda 

igen at fSkta. r5* To tofs the cudgels, gifwa fig. 
To CUDGEL, V. A. prygla, bafa med pak , fvstica- 

"CUCKOLD, Lsl. QVONKALL , idem, a QYOMA, ma. 

Her & KALA, maculare. 
**CUDDEN, lsl. KUTIE, nanus , pumitio. 

RE. 05* To Cudgel one's Brains about a thing, djup- 

finnigt hetSnka. Cudgelled, Adj. puk-jlagen, pryglad. 
CUE, S. tekn til Comcdiantir , n&r de jltola btgynna , 

ANSA. 05* To give one his cue, underretta en farut. 

05* He is not in cue, han Ar icke wid godt mod. 05* 

CUE or Kue, en kSpp i till; ird-fpel. 
In CUERPO , Adv. sine pallio. To walk in cuerpo , 

ga i fkjorcan. 
CUFF, S. manchette , handkrus , manic A. Laced, or 

plain cuffs ,J'pets-eller(ldia manchelltr. 05* A CUFF or 

Fifty - cuff , kujf, /lot. o5* A cuff or Boxen the ear, 

orfzl. To go to cuffs , hindklubbas. 
*To CUFF, V. A. kuffa, orfila , /IS. medhinderna, co- 

J.AVHOS INFLIOERE. Cuffed, Adj. (la gen , kuffad. 
CUIRASS, S. pan\ar , harne/k , lorzca. Curiaffier, f. 

en J a IcwSpnad foldat. CuilTes , f. fkoning om fotter- 

7 CULDEYS, S. et /lags munkar , fordom t t Skottland, 


Df CULINARY, Adj. til koket nSrandc 
To CULL, V. A, plocka ut , seligere. Ex. To Cull 
a fine Notion out of a Book, draga ut enwacker tan- 
ke ur en bok. Where has he culled that ? hwar karhan 
tagit dct ? 05* CULL , /.gallant , upwagtare. 

CULLAN'DER, S. durk-jlag, COLUM. 

CULLERS , S. odugliga far font fluljas ifran hjorden , 

CULLIAGE , S. en gammalfedwana i Skottland , hnari- 

genom Iftrrcn gafs rettighet at Igga fir/la nat'.en ho* 

Bondcns Brud. 
7 CULLION , 5. ball/len, testicvlvs. 
CULLIS, .">. kraft -fad, prejj'adt utur kStt , Jus CO- 


CULLY , S. or Milk-fop ( one that is apt to be led by 
theNofe) en ISttrogea narr, stvltvs. 05* To CULLY 
one, V. A. narra en , ludificari. 

CULM, 5. fot, item et fags fmedkol , FVLIGO. 

To CULMINATE, V. N. fiiga up, upklifwa til l.SgjJa 
fpctfen af nogot. 

CULPABLE, Ad), or guilty , fkyidig , flraffbar. Culprit, 
f. mijfgernings - man. 

CULTC.H , S. ofire-botn pa djupet , NIDUS OSTREJ- 

To CULTIVATE , V. A. or to manure the Ground, 
Iruka , upoila jorden. To cultivate one's Friend/hip , 
holla wAn/kap med en. To cultivate the Mind, upbru- 
ka fSrflSndct. Cultivated , Adj. Irukad. Cultivation or 
Culture , /. brukande , upbrukning. The culture of a 
plant , en plantas /kStfel, o5** The culture or polite 
Education of youth , en ungdems upfofiring. 

CULVER. S.dufwa,coEUMBA. 05* A wood- culver' 
fkogs-dufwa. Culver-tail , tapp , fink uti fogning af 

CULVERIN, S. en tS pundig Canon, colleariha. 

CUMBER , S. hinder , obstaculum. 05* To CUMBER , 
V. \A. hindra. Cumbred , Adj. hindrad. Cumberfome *r 
Cumbrous, Adj.hinderfam, fortretlig. 

CUMMIN, S. kummin. 

D7 CUNCTATION or Delay, drSgsmil , ffiottmdl. 
L 2 To CUNK 

*To CUFF , M:Goth. KAUPATHJAN , mOAtbut raritrare. 

C U N 


To CUNN . J "- d - To c "' in - 65° To cur.n aShip.iu - 

fko enfo> "»<*" r' '•'. -term) 

•CUNNING. S. crSki 

t'i a ) Ufti& »« . «/■$*«• 

CUNNING, Adj. lewis, tragdfam, ftug , Asmrirs. A 
cunning Fetch , « /?a?r /?'</'• OS* A Cunning man or 
D viner , Mo* ff«W< • < r '•' "»■ C' Acunn ;v; Piece 
of Work", et fl g' gi ordt '- 

- • ■"/• OCT lo 
Cart a cunning Look upon one , /« ljufi pa en. 

CUNNINGLY^, Adv. kJokeliga,lifieliga,CALlipE. He 
did it very Cunningly, han gjorde del rat flugt. CD* 
To carry >* or bring it about Cunningly , fpcLa fin fiak 

CUNNT, Vtd. Coney. 

CUP. S. kopp , cvpa. A Silver-Cup, filfwer-tumlare. 
The Cup of a Rofe, hufct af en blomma. (J3» A Cup 
of a Bed, feng-krans. 05=- To take a Cup too much, 
Mgae/i /iir ftrmycket. tt"f*In one's Cup, i fylleri, i 61- 
. A Parting Cup, hsft-Uyfup pa fall-repct. Pro:: 
'many things fall out between the cup 
AND THE LIP , man fpllUr myt munnen och 

glaiet. Cup-hearer, munjTitnk. The Corr.munion-cu;>, 
kalk wid Communion. A Cop-bo.ird . litet fkdp. C.up- 
fliot or Cup-fhotten , UJkJnkt , drucken. 

To CUP, V. A. koppa , vesicare. Cupped, Ad]. lop- 
pad. Cupping-Glais , kopp. 

CUPIDITY, 5. or Hurt, lufta , begdrelfe, atra. 

CUPOLA, S. or round LoOver, ■ ■ torn , 


CUPPEL , S. ca-ell , en iie«:l mid farbens-afka, at pro- 
bers filfwer och guld , r.:s fVSORIVM. 

CUR, Vtd. Curr. 

CURABLE, Ad), from To cure, botelig , Jom \an 

CURATE, 5. or Parfon, [okne-prefl , pa- : • 
curate or Vicar , Viee-Pafior. Curacy ,/. ligenhet. 

CURB, S. kir.d-l.tdp' et i karpt mun- 


i . tkahollande. 

To CURB , V. A. •holla et i tyge'.n , tdmja , RE 

xare. To Curb a youth, tdmja en ungdom. To Curl) 
one's Ambition, / fit/a :ts higmod. Curbed, A.'.-, 
hollen t'dbaka. 

CURBS, hir, fwulnai ; '■ hefi-fStter. 

CURD or Curds , S. yfiad mj'lk , COACVLUM. 

To CURD, V. N. ISpa, yfla fig, concrescere. 

To CURDLE , V. A. yfia , coaculare. To curdle 
Milk ,yfla mjSlk. Curdled ,yflad. Prov. A CURDLED 
LONG CONTINUANCE , en ljusfky ochfminkadc ipwin- 
folk wara icke lenge. 

CURE , S. or Remedy, ISleiom , tot, MEDEJ.A. Arr 
infallible cure for h Tertian Ague, en fdker Idkedem 
fir tredjedags fro/fen. It was the befl cure that ever 
he did , det war den bet/la ew 4 in nonfin gjordcCCj* CURE 
or Benefice ( cvra aximarvm) Ligenhet. K!r* To. 
have a fick Body under cure, hafwa en fjuk uticur. 
-. vt en plugg fir alia hoi ( intet fwarslSs ) 

To CURE, V. A. bota , hela , lika , eurera , SAKA- 

r CVVVlrtt, Goth. K.UNNA, feire , intelligert. 

itr. To cure a fie!:, eurera en f : uk. To cure a "Wour.d, | 

. Her ill Ufage cured me of my Love , 

owett botadt mig fir kArlek. He^cuied rr.e of 

t -. it diftemper . haifcareraAtmigfirdtn fjukdomen. CCj* 

To cure Fifti (sale cosdire) falta ifW. cured, 

Ad). &kt. Prov. WHAT CAN'T BE CUR'D, J1UST 
Bl endUh'D, man m.ijle tola dct man icke l.anjirc- 

CURFEW, S. q. d. (cover the fire ) tap-io-V.o-l a wid 
u ljud kl. S. om aftonen alia has fkuile jlicka 
bi ttden (i Wilhtlmi Conj:i:floris lid i England) 

CURIOUS , Adj. gafam , wetlgirig , nSit , noga , wdl 
wald. Curiofity , J. wcttgirighet , n&tlket , finhct, 

You are a little too curious , du Aft ftrmycket curios. 
Curious Meut , delicat m.u. Curious "Weather , wac- 
f.ert udder, ihe has a curious complex. or. , h.on bar 
en ik'jn iv. To be curious or nice in one's D:et , 
.... j krdjilig i , grcnlagad. To be too curious 
in one's Drefs , klida fig ait for nSit. A Curious 
Author, en upmerkfam aup.or , granlcgad. C5* Too 
( ous or hard to pleafe , granUgad , kini:g. Cu 
i , Adv. curiifi , nitt , konfleliga. (jj* Curiouily 

wrought, konfielisa gjordt. Curioiity or curioufnefs, 
fi. ndtthcl) upmerkjamhet , am^het. 

CURE, S. or curling, kras , knprla, citrciirirVs.t& 
A Ha.r-Curl or Buckle, hufviudlock , h.irlrus. 

toCURL,t?.A.krufa, > :. .■■ tRE. Cr^ToCURL. 
V. A*, knorla fig, crisp ari. Curled, Ad}, knorlad. 

CURLEW, S. et flags watn-fogel, ar<il'aia. 

CURLING, krusnlng, Vii. To Curl. A curling-Iron, 
krus-jefn. V§* Cu ,. " ■ (nedUyft trdd.f^ 

CURLING , de fima brokiga knorlor i pa et 

: ' '. -. 

CURMUDGEON , 5. mdingcr ,flackart , mtti-htmi, mi- 
ser. A curmudgeon- way , \ -win 

•OCK., S. « fSdesmati mid pajj en tunna , ova- 


*CURR, S. garis-hur.d , fid-h:.nd , CAT.'IS CRECARIUS 
1 US. Prov. A CURST CUP.?. MUST 
LED SHORT , . ■■..-: hand mtfftt ha fiackigt band. 
CURRANS, 5, con ', uvje corixthicx. 

LN'T , Adj. lopande, gangbar , vsu receptvs. 
Ex. Current Money, gar.gbart my.-., c^ Cur- 
... .- pris. td 5 ' To take a Thing for 
- , iaga nigot far coi ml. t^j' I am 
not very current, jag mSr icke ret; v..t'. Current, 
Adv. curant. Ex. It rent, det paffcrat ex- 

rant. Cur:;.".: . /'. lop> . ISpande. The Cunentnefs 
or Currency of Money, pengars gSngbarhet. 
CURRENT, S.firin, fled, rii'.-.iEX , rivvs. Cj* 

ig current, ei firid flrSm. 
CURR ED, Vid. Curry'd. 

CURRISH or dofgifh , from Curr, hundwulen , caxi- 
xis. Ex. A currifl) FeHow , en beftagt g , argfint 
bengeL Cur Adv. or roughly, befiagtigt, grofit. 

To CURRY, V. A. cr drefs Leather, garfwa , bcreda 
l.idcr , perficere CORIA. Currier , garf-A/are. <&• 
To curry a Horfe , fcrapa en heft. 03" To curry one's 
coat well, Itixa up en, Piotan fiom han dr fjuk til , 
P'ygla- CS* To curry Favour with one , flSlla fig in 


*CUSR , Goth. KUR , murmur. Sueth. KURRA, mur- 
murare. Belg. KORRE , canis. 



bos cti.G&Yo cv. r.v - ':'• one, Nsut. gjira fin upwakt- 

-. S. -comb, /. hefi-fkrapa. 

CURSE, S. fSrbar.nelJc , fwordom , jis.e. He can 

v fpeak tv.o Words without a curie, ban 

la- icke lata lit ord utanen erf. Curiir.gand iVearing, 

£a*t'- och fwordom. 

To CURSE one , P". A- fS-banna, exsecrarj. 05" To 

cuife .".-.e tc Hell i fSrianna in til kelwete. OS* To 

CURSE , fvidrja. Cliff . -annad. 

A curled Bufinefs , « ! n - . .-.:' :'.:-. Cm 

or abominably, tvcderjlyggliga. Curi'edneis , firban- 

i . \ , o^udagtigket. 

CURSITER or Curiitor , S. en betjer.t i higfia retten i 
England fom utglfwer Refolut.onerna. Curforily , Adv. 
i hafl'tghet. 

CURSORY, Adj. hafligt gjord. A curfory View- , ha- 
ft'.gt , kort ifwerfcende. 

CURST, Adj. flreng , omi'd , n'rd , eerox. Curftnefs, 
f. firenghet. Curftiy , Adv. Jirengt. 

PURSY, Vid. CourteYy. 

CURTAIL, S. or Drab, en otScka , lort-hynda , pro- 

*To CURTAIL, V. A. korta , affkSra, forminfka , 
prop. & fig. dEcutere. To curtail one of a Alember, 
affltSra enom en Ian. 05*" To curtail one's \V 
draga in ens t/ln. c5" To curtail a Kingdom , j'Snder- 
deU ct rike. 05" Cuftom has curtail'd that Right, nj- 
r._-i affkuril den mien. Curtailed, Adj. af,kurzn. 

CURTAIN, S. garden, AVIJEUM. B.-d-Curtains , j'par- 
lakan. 'W indow-Curtains , flnfler-gardmer. To draw 
the curtain , draga igen gardinen. CO* The curtain 
before a Stage, folaten for etjkdde-fpel. 05" Curtain- 
Rod, ten. f A curtain-leifture, fparlakans-l.i'xa. O^r" 
To (land behind the curtain, lura , bemligen uilura an- 
dras germngar. 

CURTAXA , S. Kong Edward Confeffors fwerd ulan 
udd, fom bdres for Konungarna i England, p°i deras 
krSningar fdfotn et Emblema dementia:. 

CURTEOUS , be. Vid. courteous , &c. curtefy, Vid. 
courtefy. curteyne, Vid. curtain. Curtlals , Vid. 

CURTISAN , Vid. courtezan. 

CURVE, Adj. or Crooked , krokig. A curve line , kro- 
kig tinea, curvature, /. or crookednels, krokighet. 

To CURVET, V.N.fwenga mei en hefi , s ALT1TARE. 
Curveting cr curvet, f. Jwcngning. 

CUSHION, 5. hyende , pil-j'sar. -f- To be belide 
the cushion , ISpa fr.'i jit a-gj-nent. 

CUSP, S. ■■:■ . I 'g pa en fporklinge ,:■:—. manans iwas- 
fa hr,r~. Cufi late, Adj. or pointed, uddig , Jpe{ g. 

CUSTARD, S. rgs-kaka, .-.itcgala. 

CUSTODY, S.pruar, fSngelfe. I have his money 
:n cuftody , jag harhans petigar i for war. 

CUSTOM, 5. wena, bru'-. , COXSVETVDO. A new 
cuftom , en nyhet. c5* Cuftom of a tradesman's fcop , 
en krSmares afigSng , trafi^ve. A Barber that has 
good cuftoni , en larherare fom bar nog at gjora. CO* 
CUSTOM ( ■■ectical) lull, cuftom-houfe , tull-hus. 
Cufrorn-fre'" , tullfri. 

CUSTOMABLE, Ad}, vanlig , brukVig, VstrArvs. 
item , fombor fortullas. Cuftomably, Adv. -*anliga. Cu- 
ftomary , Adj. wanlig, b-u'-hg. The cuftomary laws of 
s nation, et lands brukliga leg. Cuftomed ihop , en 
boi fom bar god afgang. 

*To CURTAIL, Is!, KURLA, virgas amputare. KURI 
talis tomus. 

CUSTOMER , 5. en fom altid bandlar med en, EMTOR 
ordin arius , item en tull-fnok , befokare. 

fCUSTREL, S. en trolj-pojke , eller officers - dreng , 
sci-TiEER. cuslrel , Vid. Coftrel. - 

CUT , Adj. Jkurcn , Vid. To cut. f Cut and long-tail , 
den ena med den andr.i.'fj* CUT ( E8RIUS ) lejkJnkt , 
drucken. (fr- He is cut out for a Mathematician, ban 
Si ■ uifkuren fSr en Math ulcus. ("P ["hey are cut 
fo fliort ir. their revenues, chat , deran nkomfter Sro 
fit knappa . at. 

CUT or Cu:tin;,5. bugg, [kfwa ,fkdrande, SCISSURA. 
OS" A CUT {rVLtl us) etfSr, hugg.fQ* euro/- mis- 
fortune (cala.\(ITAs) olycka. ti> CVT {sci-lptViia) 
kopparftycke. Item et flags g'oft blas-inflrumcnt. Cx" CVT 
( SORS ) lott. 05^ To draw cuts, lotia , taga lott. He 
is of the fame cut with the r?fr, ban ir af jamma 
flag. A cut-throat , en hals-brdekare , en fkelm. (Jj* A 
cut-throat (an inn or tavern where they exact upon 
people) et dyrt hund-hol ( om en kdlVare eller c.nnat 
verds-h^s fom tager for rn.j ike: ) A cut-J»urfe , en Box- 
fSchs-iyf , bedragare. 

To CUT , V. A.fkdra , sec are. Ex. Cut me a piece 
of bread , fkdr mig et ftyeke brod. To cut one's hair . 
fkSra bar. To cut in pieces, nederfitbla, httgga, 
cken. To cut, or to be filjrt, {cbialiter) 
Adv. til _>.• gjSra fa- en kort, T> cut or prune the vine , 
i , renfa win-ranhor. To cut a precious ltone; fnida 
en juwcl , C': -a fn demaiTt. C-C 7 ' 1 To Cut corn , to cut 
it down , jkS-a fid. r*> To cut one ftiort , taga or- 
dct ur munnen pn en. To cut fhort , fid eka udngarna, 
< p To mil capers , Jkdra capriolcr. c5" io cut a fi- 
gure, gSra en fignr. <fT To cut the veins, bpna .?- 
dren. (X^ To cut or fell trees , fdlla trdn. c5=- To cut 
or wound , fiira. Cj" To cut or delve the ground, 
bruka jorden. iCf To cut or mangle , ftympa. Bj^To 
cut orlop a tree, qwifiaet trdd. OS* To cut or hew, 
hugga. OS* To cut or carve capons, kapunera , gdlla 
tuppar. fff To cut , / bppa , affkdra. 05" To cut to the 
heart, f&rcrga , fSrbitra en. C^* To cut lots, tafia 
lott. (fy- To cut or fliave the beard , barbera. C.O* To 
cut one work or create him trouble ,fttta enom fy (la, 
ge enom nog at gjSra. To cut the Seas , feglc ifjSn. To 
cut teeth , fkjuta tdnder. 

To CUT, V. N. ft'ta ibop , ?.? genom hwarandra fom 
twalinecr, coincidere. 05* To CUT, fid i Jko , 
font he (la-. 

To CUT off, V. A. one's head , fid hufwudet afen. To 
cut off an army , toialiter fid en Armee. 05" To cutoff 
eir, gjSra en arfios. 0$* To cut one off from an 
Eftateorto cut ort the Entail, idem. OS" Cut one off 
from the church, banlyfa en. re^-To cut off the provi- 
sions , afjhlra ulforften. 05" To cut off the Enemy's 
Ritreat, afjkdra fienden pafjet , undflykten. 05* To cut 
off their communication ,f8rekomma communication. 05* 
To cut rff delays, yfc>i»rf,»/r£. 03* To cut ASUNDER, 
fonderjkjra. 05* To cut OUT a fuit ofcloaths, Jkdra til 
en klidning. To cut out work for one, Vid. fupra. 
0$* To cut UP a capon , Jkdra up en kapun. 05° To 
cut up a dead Body , holla lik-refning. 

CUTANEOUS, Adj. fom borer til huden. Ex. Cutaneous 
diftempers , fjukdom i huden. Cuticle , /• """ bud, 

CUTCHENEAL, 5. en ferg at ferga Jkarlakan med, 
cocHINILLa (dr en matkfom finnes pa et flags fikon- 
trdd pa Bahama-5/jr/ij. 

' L) CUTE 


D A B 

CUTE, unfermcnted wine, mn/l, aarbetadt w'.n , 

ii::vm recess. 
fCUTE, Adj. f.igcs af gemena fclket i JlSLlet for Acute. 
( (.11. ACE, S. htrfch-fdngore , sica. 

!.ER , S. kmf-fmed, fom gjSr allchanda fmdtt fidl- 

cller meffings-arbete , CVLTRARIl/s. 
CUTLETS, S. kotlctter, flekta tunna fkifwor af kalf- 


CUfTED, Ad}, or fcolding, trdtofam. Acutted hou(e- 

u i V, en trdtofam qwinna , JURC IOS A. 
CUTTER , S. hug°.trc, sector. A corn-cutter, fkdr- 

}.!:!, (kirdeman. oS* A Stonc-Cuttcr , en flcnhuggarc. 
CI) l i\\G , Adj. fkdr.-.nde , scindens. Cutting words, 

Utandeord. £/■ cuttings, f. fpSnor,fkifwor,it. ymp- 

awi/lar. Staiie-Cutting , flcnhuggeri. 
CUTTLE , S.blck-ftlk, fom ingen tlod hari fig , SET I A . 
CUZ, S. Contraction a/Coufin. item Boktryckarc cftcrfSre- 

vgne ISgliga Ccrcmonler antagen. 
CYCLE, S. or revolution, crcirs. Ex. Tlie cycle of 

tbe fun, folens omgdng. The cycle of the Moon , 

m.tncns oris'uig. 
CYGNET, S. or young Swan , en ung fvtan , pvllVs 

CYLINDER, S. welt, cylixdrvs. cylindrical, or 

cylinder-like, Adj. weli-wulen. 
CYMBAL, S. Cymbal. 
CYNICAL, Adj.ftrcng, vwer. cynick , f. en Diogc- 

nis cfter -fSljare. 
CYNOSURE , S. karlwagnen , nor-lcAning-.n. 
CYON, S. en liten gren eller ros-Jtjelke , RAMVLVS. 
CIPHER, V.J. cipher. Cyprefs or Cyprus- tree , /. 

Y -ref. 


D A 


kAB, S. or light Blow on the chops, kindpi,/!, 

A LAP A {fdges ockfa om fnafkiga awinfolk) 

A dirty D.ib, en lorthynda. t£f DABS (pan- 

M/s ViLiOR) gement , groft-linnc eller ylle. (T> A 

Dab of dirt, en lort-fijck. A fat Dab, en fct t amp. c3» 

DAB (CITIIARVS) ct flags fifk. (T> DAB -chick 

(mergvs minor) et flags fogel. 

To DAB , V. A. jlti med handen , Srfila , coiaphos 


To DABBLE , V.A.fmu-jt,orcna, LABEM IN FVNDERE. 
Ex. To Dabble one ar to dabble his cloaths , fmu^a, 
orcna ens USder. rff To Dabble one's hands in the 
water , flaflta i watnet med hSndcrna. To Dabble in 
the dirt , V. N. trafia i lorten. f To Dabble or to 
b^- dabbing with one , tagas med en , til at fa en at 
gjSra nogot. o5* To dabble [rvditer conficere) 
bSnh.ifa , Idgga fig i del man ir.tet fSrflar. He Dabbles 
in Phyfick . kan bonhdfar i meduin. Dabbler,/, kld- 
■' , bonhas , fufkare. 

DATE, 5. ct flags ferfk watnfifk, aw a- 

DACTYL, I'll. Date. c5=" DACTrr.oMANcr, et flags 
widjk epeltg fpddom med en ring. Daily logy , f.fam- 

*DAB, Lsl. DAMP, ancilla eraffa. 

tal med te'r.ande pd fingrarna. Daclylonomy , rekning 

pi ftngrarna. 
*DAD or Daddy, S. pappa , P Apt AS. 
**DADDOCK , S.ruten bol aftrdd, STIPES PVTRE- 

F AC TVS. . 

fDAG, S. en liten bSffa, sclopetvm manvaee. 

To DAG (hecp, V. A. lydja fSr,PR^TONDERE. Dag- 
Locks , /. lydje. 

To DAG, Vid. To Daggle. Dagged , Vid. Daggled. 

""DAGGER, 5. dart, pvgio. 

****To DAGGLE, V. A. flip a , hvui trahere. 
Daggled, Adj. fla'pad. Daggle-tail, Adj. fiSp-rsmpa. 

To DAlGN, V. N. werdigas, DIGS ART. 

DAILY , Adj. daglig,qvoTiDl anus. Daiiy experience, 
* dagclig fSrfarenhct. Daily talk , dagdig fyfla. D.iily 
bread, dagligt brSJ. Daily, Adv. ddg'.iga. 

DAINTILY, Adv. krdsliga, hdrliga, lavte. D^inti. 
nefs, / krdslightt. 

* 5, DAINTY, 5. krdsliga ret:cr,r>£EICIjF.C&-DAlNTY, 
Adj. or delicate, krislig, Ltcker. Dainty-mouthed, 
Idcker-mun. 05= D Al NT t or cofily, koftdig , hdrlig. ty"f 
DAINTY {EXIM1US ) wacker , prydc'ig. 

DAIRY or Dairy-houl'e , S. mjilk-hus, lactarjvm. 
Dairy - Woman , Dairy-Maid, mjSlk-piga. 

DfDAIZ, S. or canopy of (late Jiimmel, canopeum. 


*6,DALE , S. or little valley, dal , vallis. 

DALLIANCE, S. or wantonnefs, felfswold , kdtja , 
lascii'ia. Tobe at dalliance, fjol'.a, r.arras. Dallier, 
f. en f/oll.-r , en 

*7,To DALLY , V. N. rifwa galen mun , narras , TRI- 
CARl. To Dally with a virgin , narras med en fl;cka. 
05=' To Dally with wanton language , fm'tkra. Ctj" To 
DALLV, gjora narr af. You do but dally with me, 
du narras med mig. OS* To DALLY, draga tit tiden , 
leda wid nSfan. Let us not dally, Idt off inut plotra 
bort tlicn. 

DAM, 5. Modrtn afwiff* creator, GENITR1X. A calf 
that fucks 'his dam, en kalf (om dir fin moder. OS* 
DAM (AGGER) dam. 

To DAM up , V. A. up , coercere.. To Dam 
up the Water, ddmma. watnet. To Dam up a "Window, 
tdppa igen en fonjler-luft. To Dam up a Barrel, fit 
igen en tunna. 

DAMAGE , S. fkada , forlufl , damnVm. I fufferd «• 
Damage by it, jagled intet derwid. Cofts and damages, 
omkoflnad och fSrlufl. 

To DAMAGE, Vid. To indamage. Damaged , Vid. In- 
damaged. Damafine , Vid. Damfin. 

DAMASK, S. or Damalk-Silk , damafk , OALMATI- 


*D AD, Cym. TAD, Pater, ab antiyiifj. part. Goth. DA, 

txcdlens auodvis. DAD , arnica officia. 
**DADDOCK, Goth. DAUDE , mors, defeclus. item 

DETTA, cadcrc. DOTTIN , firatus. 
'"DAGGER, Goth. DAGGAB-DUR, pugio. d5gL , 

arma qm&vis. 
"""To DAGGLE, lsl. T>ETJA,pendere facere , moure. 

Sueth. DANGLA, hue, iliac motari. 
* 5, DAINTY, M:Goth. DAUTH , epulum. it. DAUNS, 

lsl. DAUN , odor. Goth. DANDI, libcralis. 
*6,DALE, M.Goth. DAL, deprcsfum auodvis. DALEI , 

*7,DALL Y , IsI.dAla ,prolixa nugatio. DUL, inepde. 

Goth. DALLA, adv. indulgentius. 


D A R 

e I'M sERlcVst. A Damafk-Bed , damafk-fcng. Dama'K"- 

Napkin , damajk-firwet. A Dnmafk-Role , en blek ros. 

To DAMASK Vine , V. A. (IS. kolden af win, cale- 

»i/n-.- Damafk, Silkes-tyg i refer. CS* To Damafk a 
orohibitej book, rif\ en forbuden boh. 

DAMASKEENING, S. damafkering , inlijgr.Dig af guld 
oth filfwer i Jimre Mttaller, c zlatvra. 

DAME , S. af gen.n: fol ': i ': tlltt for Fr;; , rc- 
mixa , janwdli lagen. <Zj=- My Dame or my Wife, 
min hitflru. 

Te DAMN , V. A. forlanna, riAM.VARE , item fork afia. 
His Play was damned, bars co media blcf fomafiad. 
Damnable, Adj.forb:nnad,firdef«.elig. A Damnable 
Doftrine, enfirbc.nn-ilSra. Damnably, Adv.forfkr&ekc- 
liga, fafeliga. He is Damnably angry, ban ir for- 
ieliga ond. Damnation , f. fSrdSnttlfi. He fwore 
to it upon his damnation , f. an fwor wid fin fjil. Damn- 
ed , Adj. fSrdomd. The Damned , /. dc fSrdomda. He 
is a Dcrr.neJ Fellow, hen dr ei fSrbarnad karl. 

To DAMNIFY, r. A. tilfoga Jkada, i.vferre da- 
MMCM. Damnify 'd, Adj. (kadad. The Ship was very 
1 damnify'd , fkepet war ilia medjarit. 

•DAMP, S. fultigket , dunfi, ov vapor. c5*Toput 
a Damp tipon one's Spirits , gjora en mod-file , 'dimpa, 
modet. 05° The Civil AVars have put a Damp upon 
Trade, inbordes krigen bafwa gjordt handeln da 

To DAMP, V. A. fukta , tiZ'MlD are. This will damp 

it , or make it damp , delta Idr gjorat fuktigt. cttr" To 

D^mp or D.fhearten one, gjora en mcdfilt. 05°" This 

will damp or allay their Joy , Jetta Lir flicka glidjen 

em. Dampifh , Adj. fitktig* Darr.pnefs ,f, fuktighet. 

f DAMSEL, 5. ac; V.icka, PVEILA. 

DAMSIN or DAMSON, S. u flags fwifkon , prvkvm 

To DANCE, V.N. b A. danfa, salt are. To Dance 
a Jig, danfa en : s. To Dance one about, 

danfa omkrir.g med en. Prov. TO DANCE TO EVERT 
MAN'S PIPE , danj'a efter knars nans p " To 

dance Attendance, wer.ta 'er,g; pa nogot , gd ocb klan- 
}a. Dancer , f. canfare. The belt dancer , fom danfar 
br;. Dance, f. dar.s. 

DANCING, S. danfande, saitatio. To love Dancing, 
tycka om dans. The Art of dancing, dans - kor.fl. A 
Dancing-School , dans-jkola. A Dancing-Mailer, dans- 
mSfiare. Dancing, Adj. "j" To have as many Tricks, 
as a dancing Bear , wara full med pu^er. 

To DANDLE or dance a child, V. A. hiffa , danfa med 
et barn i armarna , ix VLXIS MOTJTARE. Dandled, 

DANDRAFF, DANDRUFF or dandrifF,/". huj vudfko rf, 
TORRIGO. A Dandriff-Corrb , fkorf-kam. 

DANEGELT, 5. en pStaga af king Ethelred til utdrif- 
vande cf dt Danfka fjSrofuare , TR1BVTUM DAXI- 
CVM. Dane-lage , lag ar fom woro i England under Dan- 
fka ufurpationen. 

DANGER, S. fara y efuentyr, pericvlvm, To run 
into danger, gefg i fara. He is in danger ofhisLife, 
ban IS per fara om ft lif. T' u are in no Danger from 
h:m, dn bar ingen fara for honom. 

'DANGEROUS , Adj. farlig, pericvlosvs. Danger- 
ouily , Adv. farliza. 

To DANGLE , V. N. dangla, (links , riviTARE. f To 
Dang:e about a woman , flinka , henza efter et qwin- 
folk. Dangler, fen danker (fa kalla qwinfc'' m en 

DAMP, ab antiquiJJ. Scyth. OU, raporare. iueth. 
CUFWEN, cvaporatus. 

karl , fom Icke friarmed clfwar) f Dangling, Ex. T» 
hang dangling, henga fdnkande. "f Dang-Wallet , Adv. 
or abundantly , ofwermottar.. Dannaught, Adj. duglSs, 

DANK, Vid. Damp. &c. 

* DAP PER , Adj. /link, frijk, acius. A dapper or 

right little Fellow, liten, fn&Ucr , viffer Karl. 

DAPPLE cr DAPPLED, Adj. ipelkafad, color rA- i atz's. Dapple-grey, Svclgril. 

**To DARE , V. N. drifia, tiras , waga , und-rfld fig, 
aufErre. Do, if you dare , gjSr, om du i&rs.\i\ may 
dare to fay fo , om jag tors fa figa. Dare,/Z It does 
me no dare , del gjor mig ingen barm ( Elfex ) (Xj* I 
will lay you what you dare of it , jag holler Ed;r 
hvad I will. CO 51 I dare be bold to tell lum of it,/"iJg 
Mr witga at fSga honom. 

To DARE, V. A. rroja , mane, provocare. 0^ To 
Dare dangers, trora farligketer. rff I dare not for 
my Ears , jag tors intet for mit lif. Daring , Adj. 
i'iftig , wagfam. He is a daring Man, ban dr\en drijlig 
karl. 05 s A. Daring-Glafs, to catch Larks with , et 
flags fpegel, at fanga larkor med. Daringly, Adv.wag- 
faml'iga , modizt. 

* "DARK, Adj.m'rk, Junket, OSscVRVS. Ex. Dark 
weather-, dunkelt wider. A Dark R.oom , morkt rum. 
A Dark difcourie, mSrkttal. c5* A Dark Saying, en 
gata. 05 s It groups Dark , it draws towards Night , 
det m'rknar. Dark or Darknefs , /. morker , propr. Cr 
fg. To lea've one in the dark , lemna en i mSrkret. 
CrV To live in the dark, lefwaokind. Prov. JOAlt 
St fa god fom f run i morkret. OS* To keep one in the 
dark , holla ncgot fordoldt for en. Darkf.ghted , mhrk- 

To DARKEN, V. A.fSrmorka, obscvrjrz. tfT To 
DARKEU, Neat, (tenebrlsczre) m'rkna. Darkned, 
Adj. formS.-ka.i. DarkifJl , Adj. or darkfom , morkagtig. 
Darkly, Adv. m'rkt , morkel-ga. 

DARKNESS, S.mSrker, texebrx. Togo to theLand 
of Darknefs, do , fara til grafuen. 

*»**DARLING, S. hjert-unge, gunftling , CORCULVM. 
She is my darling, hon ir min hjertunge. A Darling 
Sin , en kdr fynd , hemfynd. 

DARN, S. linne-lappar ,SARCJMENTA. 

To DARN, V. A. Ucpa, laga. Darned, Adj. lagad. 
Darner , f. lappare. 

DARNIX, .>. et flags USde. 

DART , S. dart, pil, jacvlvm. To lance a Dart, 
fibula en pit. 

To DART. V. A. kafia, jkjuia med pil, JACVLARU 
Ex. To Dart a Knife or a Dagger, kafia en knif cller 
dart. The Sun darts its Beams upon the Earth , folen 
kaftar fina firSlar p.i jorden. She darts from her Eyes 
a Thoufand deaths , hon gjor tufnde far med fina Sgon. 
Darter,/, bogef.yit. Darting,/, bogefkytteri. 


*DAPIER, Suefh. TAPPER , firenuus. 

**To DARE, MrGoth. DAURSTAN, A:Sai. DEAR- 
RAN. Sueth. t6rAS, TrSsta, andere.lsl. THOR, 

'"dark, Goth. DAUCKR, obfeurus. Anglo- Sax. 
DIORi; , idem. Island. DORKUR , ater , obfcurus.Sai. 
DARKEN, nebulam facere. 

♦"""DARLING , Goth.DTRLING , fanBus. Isl. dAr, 
vehementer gratus. A:Sax , DEOF.tlNG, amiculus, 
Sueth. Dlk, valdc aftimitus. 

D A S 

D A W 

, S. orStroke, flag , f.J.T,. icrus. Atone Daft, 

Daft of a Pen,M ffrek medptnnan. 05* 

A Daft oV Water or Dirt , enfqwdtt watn tlltr ortn- 

r. 35» A Daft of Beer, e« AwAl o7 bl.mdadthop 

med annul. <f? At firft Dzlh , i for/la tag ,pden gang. 

»T0 DASHj .'. ,4. or to hit, fl.i,JlulJ,IMPI.VCCR£. 

To D.iih one's Head againft the Wall, yidV« hufvudct 
mot wdggen. C-"»* To I>ASH (M/iC£Jt£) oiWj. C5" 

Daft one with Water or Dirt, fttnka warn tiler 

Ion pa en. tfj* To Daft one's Hopes, gjora ens hopp til 

To Daft a Thing in pieces, /..? i fiycken. 

Our flip was like to daft, If. AT. againfta Rock, 
r..~r fijit p3 hlippan. 05" To Daft 
2 Project or Deugn , fktmma bort en f'ak. To Daft 
Out or blot out, utfhrapa. oS" To Daft one out or" 
countenance , firbrylia en. Dafted or Daftt, Adj. 
flStt, blandad, S/e. 

* 'DASTARD , S. or Coward , en hare-hjertad, en klen- 

., TVSlLLAKIMIf. Da/cd, Adj. jX'dmd. To 
Daftardiie, V, A. Jkrima. Dallardly, Adj. klenmo- 
tUgi it. 

DATE, S. datum. What Date does the Letter bear ? 
af hwad data .ir brefwet ? 05* A Thing out of date, 
et urmodigt ting. A commodity out of date, en wara, 
fitm Uke Jr gingtor.rrj'To grow out of date , blifwa 
urmodig. OS" A Date-Book , en dagbok. o3* The Date 
of a coin , irtalet p.i et mynt. IXj" DATE , dadel , 
palm-trdd , palm a. 

, V. A. datera. To Date a Letter , datera 
et bref. Dated , Adj. daterad. 

*?* DAUGHTER, S. doter , filia. A Daughter in 
law, fonhuflru, item flyfdoter. A Grand Daughter, 
doterdoter. A God-Daughter, gud-doter. 

* • * *To DAUNT, V. A. or frighten , Jkrima , percel- 

lere. Daunted, Adj.Jkrdmd, r.idd. What makes 
you be lb daunted? htvad gjSr eder fit mod-Jlulen ? 
, Adj. ofirfk'dekt, orddd. 
I. \ . , I id. Jack-daw. 

•j,r> DAW or Dow , V. N. trifwas , blifwa, bt- 
ei/t£, Prov. HE WILL 
S' \ ek. I) AW, han llir aldrig befe. 
To DAWB, V. A. fmeta, fmorja , oblinire. K5» 
T. oawb or Cloak, ifaerfkigla. 0$* To oawb , 
(ADULAin) fltiickra.r&To DAWB (CORRUMPF RE ) 
metad , fmickrad , m.itad. 05=" A 
ith (;,, Id-Lace, <n rock al Sfwer gidd- 
fmidd. Dawber, f. fm:tare. 
: ■ , .'». or Daw a\n$ , dagning , diluculum. prop, 


I DAWN, V. X. dagas, DtLUCESCERE. 

'To DASH, Isl. & Sueth. DASKA , verbera & dura ver- 
ba inftrrt. 
• i, '7oth. dasast , languefcere. datt, 

., DiSADUR,/<;i«s. Belg. DAES, 

. , iners. 

"•♦DADOHTEl , M:Goth. DAUTHAR. confpirant o- 

mntt Dud, Pe.rl. quoque DOCHTER. Germ. 

. , -alio. 

*** •'To DAUNT, Goth. DA, deliquium animi , DANA , 

*f,To WV, or DOW.GotU. DAD, DUDR,v;Ytas. DA- 

LEVSI , r 

c(. d. DAGNA a DAY, M:Gotll. 
DAGS, hi, DAGUK. dies. 

DAY, 5. </j», £Lj., hies, LUMEN. It is broad Day , 
dee dr flora, ljufa dagen. Hjly-Day , beige 
Day, fSkendag, wdrke-dag. Court-Day, Hofdag. Day 
by day, hwar dag. From day to day, jrin dag til 
dag. The next Day, ;:.:j?.: J,i»cn. Every Day , /i».j/- 
dag. Every other Day , hwjr ann.m dag. CCj" To get the 
Day, or carry the Day, winna feU-flagtningcn. CO* 
To lofe the Day, tappa. 03^ Let us make or let us 
have a men y Day of i: , lit off hafwa en rolig dag. 
OS* To Day or this Day, ;' dag. CO* The Day before 
Yefierday, i fSrgar. cO^ The next Day, i morgon. 
fjrj* 'Tis many a Day, pa long tid. 05" This Day 
Sennight or Seven-night, i dag 8 dagar fedan eller 8 
dagar til. Qpy Days, tid, lifs-tid- Ex. This happened 
in iur Days, delta hende i tid. In thofe Days, 
i de dagar. In the Days of old, fordom. To Lay up 
for a rainy Day , ffrfe jig for act tilkommande. 


DAY-BREAK, dag-g r ynir,g. Dog-Days , hund-dagar. A 
Duy- Labourer or Day'i-Aian, dagswSrs-ktvi. A Day's- 
Work , dagswSike. Day-fpring , daaning. 'Tis Day- 
light, del dr dager. Ct^ To burn Day-light, brenna 
Ijus mid dagen. A Day-Book , hus-kladd. A Day's- 
Man , mdtis-man. 

To DAZLE, V. A. firblinda ,Sgonen , cokfuxdEre. 
Dazled, Adj. forblindad. Dazling, [orblindande. 

DEACON, S. cnOrden iEngtlfka kyrkan, D1ACOHUS. 
Deaconftip, /. Diaconat. 

*T^EAD, Adj. did, mortui's. He is a dead Man, det 
dr befidlt med honom. Deed Fleft , dSd-lSn. Dead 
Pay, foldyfom hemfallcr ofjzeerarenfSr d'dc eller rym- 
de foldater. OS* Dead Drink , dufwit dri'eka. frj* Dead 
Water , dSdt , flilU flandande watn. CO= The Dead Time 
of the Year , den tiden af clret , d,l litet dr at fSr- 
tjena. rff Stand, or you are a dead Alan, y?.?, el/eft 
fiStcr jag ner dig. {£=■ DEAD or mimb'd , as Limbs 
are, walen , bortta^tn. 0^ DEAD, trig, tnn;. cO°* 
Struck {Dead, dSdffagtn af afkan. ~t£t Dead P: 
or Mortgage, pant f>;: aldr ''■■■■ ttS* To be in 

a Deid Sie :p or to he dead afleep , fofwa hSrdt. CO* 
A Dead Calm , ftilla lugn. Dead fleep ,fimn-fjuka. OS* 
The Dend Time of the Night , tyfla natten. CO 11 A 
Dead Wall , en mur utan finfler tiler dSrar. f To help 
one at a Dead Lift , hjelpa en ur Jngefl. f To work 
for a dead Horfe or to pay an old Debt, arbdf- for 
gammal fludd. C^r* The dead {mortui) f. de dSda. 
Qfr" deads or Deadheaps ( sasulum ) grus och 
fltnfkerf.vor 1 S' 'i' r v or. The Quick and theDead, lefwan- 
de och d'Ja. Dead , Adv. Ex. To be dead drunk , im- 
ra aldeles druchen , Sfwerldg/tn. 

To dead the Sound of a Mui^cal Instrument , ffSmma 
ljudct af et instrument. To Dead the Spirits, ii 
ftogen. Deadened , Adj. dlfwad, 

DEADLY, Adj'.dSdlig, mortalis , sxtrio 
Deadly Sin, dSdlig f.n.t. A Deadly Dii : 
am. 'Tis a Deadly or fatal Thing ; det 
fak. c??. Y ou aie a Deadly or Man , du d,1 


*DEAD,M:G th. DAUTHS, Isl. DAU». mors, a Scyth. 

DAA, Uquesfcere , disfolvi. Goth. DA, ds. j - i. hue 
refer J'cqucns DEAF, quod a DOFNA fitipefierU 

D E A 

D E A 

en fellfam karl. rr> DEADLY (sUSiMVs )gr'fclig. 
A Deadly Pain, en oiidelig werk. A Deadly Blow, 
et grymt (lag. A Deadly Deal , en fior hop. (£j* A 
Deadly Affront, en ftor fkymf. Deadly, Adv. dode- 
liga, grymmeliga , bitterliga. I hate him Deadly, jag 
hatar honom bitterliga. He is Deadly ftrong, han dr 
grymt fiark. I was Deadly angry , jag war grdfeliga 
ond. 05* It rains deadly hard, detregnar hdrdt. Dead- 
nefs, /. ddlighet. Deadnefs of Spirits , ddlighet, mod- 
fdllighet. S 

DEAF , Ad). d5f ', surdus. 

■f To DEAF or Deafen , V. A. dSfwa , obtukdere. 
Deafifh, Ad), lomhord. Dearly, Ad), or folitary, led- 
fam , long/am , enslig. Deafly, Adv. Longfamt , fir- 
tretligt. Deafnefs , /. dSfhet. 

DEAL, S. en god eller /lor del, COFIA. 03* DEAL, 
delning , kortgifwande i (pel, item fjr-hand. crS 5 " To 
be in a great deal of Trouble, hafwa mycken forg. 

DEAL-board , S. bride , asser. 

*To DEAL, V.N. dela, handla , distribuere , MER- 
cari. He deals in all Sorts of Commodities , han hand- 
lar i al ting. (XT To Deal well or ill with one , hand- 
tera en ilia eller wJl. To Deal kindly with one , hand- 
tera en mildt. (XT I know not how to deal with him, 
jag wet intet hum jag Jkall bdramig at med honom. CTS* 
He is a fad Man to deal withal , han dr en ilak karl 
at hafwa gjora med. f£j» I fll3ll deal with him well 
enough, jagJkaU wdl komma til retta med honom. To 
Deal , or to deal the Cards, AS. gifwa kort. 

DEALER, S. handlare , kopman. o5» A Plain Dealer* 
en god, arlig man. A falfe Dealer or a Double Dealer* 
en bedragare, falfk karl. 

DEALING, S. handel , werf , KEGOT1UM. I have no 
Dealings with him , jag har ingen gemenfkap , handel 
med honom. <Xj= An honeft or upright Dealing, uprik- 
lighet , drlighet. 

DEALT with, Adj. handterad , ACTUS. Ex. Kindly 
dealt with , wdl handterad. Bafely djalt with , ilia hand- 
terad. <XT An eafy Man to be dealt withal, lempe- 
lig. Hard to be dealt with , /war. 

DEAMBULATION, S. wandring ifrdn det ena fldllet 
til det andra. 

DEAN, S. Dom-Probfl , dec anus. t A Rural Dean, 
Lands-Prob/l. Deanfllip , f. Probfl-Ambete. Deanry , 
f. Probfleri. ' 

DEAR, Adj. dyr , koftbar , CARVs. C3* DEAR or 
beloved , kdr, dlfkelig. 

DEAR, S. kdr. My Dear, min kdra , Ml AMtcE (man 
til fin hufiru (f vice verfa ) Dear, Adj. dyrt. It colts 
me very dear, det koflar mig myckct. Oh ! Dear! 
Interj. ah ! Dearling, Vid. Darling. 

DEARLY, Adv.hogeligen , valde. I love Dearlytofee 
him hop along, jag tycker mycket om at fe honom hoppa 
fram. Dearn, Vid. Dern. 

To DEARN , be. Vid. To Darn . &c. 

DEARNESS, S. dyrhet , caritas. The Dearnefs of 
Provifions, dyrhet afmatwaror. .Dearning, Vid. Darn- 

DEARTH, S. dyr tid, hdrda dr , FAMES. 

DEATH , 5. dad, mors. Death is the King of Ter- 
rors , doden dr fSrfkrdckelfens konung. To be at the 
Point of Death , dragas med dSden. To be wounded 
to Death, wara dideligen farad. Prav. AFTER DEATH 
COMES THE PHYSICIAN, komma efter med ho , fedan 

*To deal , M:Goth. DAILJAN, dividere , Goth. f> 
1st. DELA. 

mdrren dr dSd. To put ene to Death, drjps , d'Ja tn. 
To be the Death of one , to caufe his Death , war* 
fpik i ens lik-kifla. To catch one's Death , fa fin hdl- 
fbt. 05" It is Death or Capital Crime, det dr lifs- 
fak. 05=" Upon Pain of Death, wid Ufs-firaff. ffj* To 
lit upon Life and Death, dSma i hSgmdls Jak. 05" To 
grieve one's felf to Death , fSrja fig ihjdl. oj" Death- 
Bed , fbte-feng. 

DEATH- watch , S.wdgg-fmed (en maikfom kndpperfom 
et wdgg-ur) scarabeus domesticus. 

To DEBAR , V. A. or keep out, utflcnga, holla ute, 
arcere. His Phyfician does not debar him of eating 
any Thing, Idkaren forbjuder honom ingen mat. Debar- 
red of his Rights, hindrad ifrdn fin rett. 

To DEBARK , V. N. landfiiga .fdtta i land, J ERR ah 
conscendere. Debarked, Adj.landfligcn, fait Hand, 
Debarking, f. landfdttning. 

To DEBASE, V. A. fomedra, HVMitiARE. cS* To 
DEBASE ( riLEM REDDERE ) fSrringa , underhaltig 
gjora. To Debafe Coin , fSrfalfka mynt. Debafed , Adj. 
fornedrad. Debaiement or Debaiing,/7 fSrncdring. 

DEBATE, S.disput, twifl, controversia. A Friendly 
Debate, wdnlig disput. OS* DEBATE (rixa) trdta , 

To DEBATE, V. N. disputes, fkdrfljda, Sfwcrudga, 

DEL1BERARE. <Xj* To DEBATE .1 Bulinefs (LIBRA- 
RE ) ofwerwdga en fak. 03* To Debate or advife 
•with one's felf, ofwcrldgga hosfigf/elf. Debated, Adj. 
ojwerwdgad. Debating , f. fkdrfkddan. Debater , / md- 

DEBAUCH, S. fylleri , omotteligt drickande , CRAtULA. 

To DEBAUCH, V. A.fSrkrdnka , fkdmma , CORRVM- 
pere. To Debauch Youth, flidmma ungdom. To 
Debauch a Maid, krdnka mo. Deboflieeo/- Debauche, 
/. Uderlig fille. Debauched, Adj. fSrkrankt. A 
Debauched young Man, en bortfkdmd yngling. De- 
bauchery , f. Uderlighet. 

DEBENTURE, S.allehanda Cron-Jkuld , DEB1TA PU- 
BLIC A. hem det fom gifwes tilbaka i tullen, wid utfSn- 
flen af en jortullad wara. 

To DEBILITATE, V. A. or weaken, fSrfwaga. 
Debilitated, Adj. fSrfwagad. Debility,/, or Weak- 
ness , fwaghet , oformSgenhet. 

DEBONAIR, Adj. mild, hoflig , gladlynt , MJTIS , CO- 
MIS , hilaris. Deboift or Debofhed, Vid. De- 

DEBT, S.fkuld , geld , debitvm. To Contract Debts , 
to run into Debt, draga pd fig fk;ld. To pay one's 
Debts , to get out of Debt , betala fin fkuld. cO* To 
be in Debt, wara i fkuld. OS* I am in your Debtor 
obliged to you for this, jag dr eder firhunden for delta.. 
Debtor, f. geldendr , fkuldendr. 

DECADE, S. or Number of Ten , tia , dec as. 

DECADENCE, S. fall , undergdng , casus. The De- 
cadence of theEmpire , rikets fall (nytl ord) 

DECAGON , S. en figur af tio ham, 

DECALOGUE, S. tio Budorden. 

To DECAMP, V. N. bryta up, rycka ISger , C ASTRA 
Moy'ERE. Decamped, Adj. upbruten. Decampment. 
f. upbryiande. 

"To DECANT, V. A. tappa af, hdlla ur et kdril i « 
M annat . 

'To decant, «, DE & Svio-Goth. KAnna, Can- 
t har us. 



innat, TRANSTVUDERZ. Dt'.Sntei, Adj. aftappad. 
Decanter, /. glas-fiajka, chriflall. 
D t To DECAPITATE , V. A. halshugga. 
DECAY, S . firf aliunde , aftagande , deeectvs. The 
Decay of Trade , handclens aftagandt. CTj=- A Eeauty 
gone to Decay , fir fallen fkinhet. My Meiuory is 
gone to Decay , mil minne &r fvrfallit. 

To DECAY, V. N.firfalla, aftaga, DEFICERE. C3=> 
To DECAY ( MARCESSCERE ) wifna. tf°=- Jo DECAY 
(debilitari) blifwa kraftlis.tfj* To Decay wi li Age, 
firfwagas af alder, iff To Decay in one's Efute , 
komma af fig , pa kneken. 

DECAY'D, Adj.firfallen, &c. Vid. Verb. o3» A De- 
cay'd Family, et af fig kommit bus. A Decay'd Build- 
ing , firfallit hui. Decay'd with Are, aldcrbruten. 
Decay'd Wine, firfkXmt win. 

DECEASE, S. or Death, afgang med doden , pbiti'S. 
CT> To DECEASE (mori) V. N. di. Deceafed, Adj. 
afgangen med doden. 

DECEIT, S.bedrSgtrl,fwek , travs. Deceitftil , Adj. 
bedrSglig. A Deceittul Hope, faljkt hopp. A Deceit- 
ful Trick , el argt flrck. Deceitfully , Adv. bed, ".< . 
fwikliga. Dcceitfulnefs , f. bedrSglighet. Dcceivable , 
Ad}, fbm kan bedragas. 

To DECEIVE, V. A.bedraga, r ah ere. cr^ To De- 
ceive or to Cozen, fnur'a. To Deceive or mock, 
gjira narr af. Deceived, Adj. bedragen. OS* You are 
deceived, du bedrager dig. Deceiver, /'. bedraga e. 

DECEMBER , S. Jul-MSaad. 

DECEMPEDA , 5. et fordomdags matt tio foi longt. De- 
cempedal , Adj. tio foi long. 

DECENNIAL , Adj. tioarig , font warar i tio ar. 

DECENT, Adj. anfldndig , fimlig. Decent Garb, an- 
fldndig klidnad. <j5" A Decent Burial, hedcrlig be- 
grafning. Decently , Adv. anfiindeliga , jkickeliga. De- 
cency or Decentnels. f. anfiiSndighet , fSmligbel. 

DECEPTION, S. bedrdg , fwek. 

DECERPT, Adj. afplockad, afrifwen , finder dyckad. 
Decerption , f. afplockning. Decerptible, Adj. fom kan 
afplockas , later finder Jlycka Jig. 

To DECIDE, V. A. urfkilja, df.cidere. Ex. Todecide 
a Bufinefs , gjira utflag i en j'ak. To decide a contro- 
verfy , flita en trSla. Decided, Adj. fliten. Deci'.ion, 
utflag. Decifive realon, (lutanle (kdL 

To DECIMATE a Rejiment, V. A. firaffa hwaf tion- 
de foldat , efterlott. Cl2f" To DECIMATE , V. N. „j$ ra 
lionde. CCt* Decimation or Tithing , tin nJc-gj" mine 

To DECIPHER, V. A. utreda riphcr-bref ', dsscribere. 
To decipher a Letter, deyfrtra et bref. o^r" To DECI- 
PHER or defcribe , befkrifwn, Deciphered , Adj. derif- 
rerad. Decipherer, f. en j'om de-tifrerar. 

"To DECK, V. A.prydat orvare. Decked, Adj. 
berrydd. Deckt , Vid. Decked. 

To DECLAIM , V. N. orera , uitala , declamarf. De- 
claimer, f. uttalare. Declamation , f. oration. Decla- 
matory, Adj. dertilhirig. 

DECLARATION, S. fSrkUrfag. A Declaration of Love, 
kSrleks-betygelfe. A Declaration of War, jirkla- 
rngaf krig. OS" To make one's declaration in Law, 
gjira fin declaration fir rata. Declarative , Adj. Vid. 

To DECLARE, V. A.forklara, kundgj'ra , betvga. To 
Declare one's Mind to a Friend , ipna fit hjerta fir 

•To DECK, Isl. THECR, THECKR, gratuS, acecpluf 
Sueth. TACK, renujlui. 

in wdn. To Declare War , forMara krig. ctjr* To D&i 
clare or to make plain , uttyda. cS^ To Declare one's 
felf, an Heir, gifvafig ut for arfwingc. r {j*To DECLARE, 
V. N. firklara Jig , J'Jga fin mening. To declare for or 
againft one , forklara fig mot eller med en. (jjr* Declar'd, 
Adj.forklarad. Kj* Declared Atheifm, uppenbar gudlis- 
het. Declarer, f. fom firklarar. Declaring,/; Vid. 
To Declare. 

DECLENSION or declination, S.(Grammat. term) nE- 
CL1NAT10. Cj" 1 DECLENSION or Decline , sftc-gandc, 
forfallande. A Decbnfion of Manners , goda feders 
aftagande. Declination,/; or Decay, aftagande. The 
Declination of an Empire, et rikes afiagandc. ttj* A 
Low-Declination of the Head , djupt bugande. 

To DECLINE , V. A. ( Grammat. Term. ) 05* To DE- 
CLINE ( Ei'ITARE ) undwika , draga fig undan for en. 
05° To DECLINE , V. N. ( LABASCERE ) aftaga , fir- 
falU. cr5=" To DECLINE (propendere) bugta, hengt 
ncdfSre.' Declined , Adj. fir fallen &c. rr>*He is de- 
clined in his credit , bans credit fir forfwa^ad. Declining, 
Adj. aftagatde. A Declining Ate, aftagande ar. 

DECLIVITY, S. branthet , flutihei , hSllning. 

DECOCTION , S. et decoTium (medieihifk term ) 

Df DECOLLATION, S. ar Beheading, hahhuggninS 
( om Johannes diparcn ) 

DECOMPOSITE, Decompound, 5. or Double Com- 
pound , fammanfdttning af andra ord. Decompounded, 
Adj. fammanfatt. 

Df To DECOR ATE, V. A.bepryda. Decorator,/ pry- 
dare. Decoration , f. or Ornament , prydning. De- 
corations of the Stage, decorationer pa et fkdde-Jpel. 
Decorous . Adj. jlcickelig , belefwad. 

D2CORUM , S. or Decency, an/Mndighet i ord och 
gjerningar. To keep a decorum , holla fkick. 

DECOY for Ducks, 5. lockbur , flag-bur , ILL1C1UM' 
A Decoy-Duck , lock-fagel, anka. rff DECOY (71- 
IECEBR/e) fnara , lock-bit, bcdrSgeri. 

To DECOY, V. A. or draw in, lura , lisma , ILL1CE- 
re. He decoys you , ban lurar eder. Decoy'd , Adj. 

DECREASE , S. or Diminution , aftagande .forminfkning, 
eiecremexti/m. I find a great Decreafe , jag mer- 
kcr fiort aftagande, CXS* The Decreafe or Wane of the 
Moon , m.inans aftagande. 

To DECREASE, V. N, aftaga , fSrminfkas , decre- 
scere. My Money begins to decreafe, mina pengar 
ga at. Decreafcd , Adj. forminfkad. 

DECREE, 5. beflut , decretvm. The Popes Decrees 
or Decretals , Pcifwtns beflut. A Decree in Chancery , 
Revifions-dom. A Decree of State , en fSrordning. (£/* 
A Decree or Precept of a wife Man, wifa manna ut- 
/tf?4. A Decree or Purpofe , firctagande , firflag. 

To DECREE, V. N. or refolve, beflutd, fatta refolu- 

tion , DECERNERE. 

To DECREE , V. A. firordna , fSlla dom .STATVERE 
(lag-term) What God has decreed we mult fubmit to , 
wi mafic under kafla off Gl/DS firfiyn. Decreed, Adj. 

DECREMENT , S. aftagande , fpillning. 

DECREPIT, Adj. utgammal , alderbruten , v/anfir. De- 
crepitnefs, f. wanfirhet. 

DECRESCENT, S. manans fidfla qwarter. • 

DECRETAL or decretory , Adj. beflut tilhirig. 



D E F 

T» DECRY, V. A. fkinda , wanrykle, DEFAMARZ. 

Oj* To DECRT or abolift, a Cuftom , sffkajfa en wa- 

na: Decry'd, Adj. 
DECUPLE , Adj. or Tenfold , tio finom , tiofaUig. 
DECUSSATION" , S. korsgang, SfmerJkJrniag , lif- 


To DECYPHER, &c. Vid. To Decipher, &c. 

To DEDICATE, V. A. tilfikrif »i, upofra. To Dedicate 
a Church, dedicera en kyrka til el helgon. To Dedi- 
cate a Book to one , tilfk'ifwa enomen bok. Dedicated, 
Adj. tiljkrifwen. Dedication, tilfkrift. Dedicatory, Adj. 

DEDITION, S. upgifning, Sfwergift. The Deditioa of 
a befieged place , en beldgrad oris upgifning. 

To DEDUCE, V. A. dragapSftlgd. 05=- To Deduce or 
derive one Word from another, derivera et ordefdet 
andra. Deduced , Adj. dragen af be. Deducible , Adj, 
fom kan afdragas. 

To DEDUCT, V. A. afdragst , tfkorta pa fumman. De- 
ducted , Adj. afdragen. Deduction , f. af.irag, afkort- 
ning. Wi;hout any Deduction , ulan fSrkortning. G3* 
Deduction or Conclufion, fiut , pdfolgd. 

DEED, S. dad , gjerning, ACTIO. C5* A DEED(an In- 
strument cr Contrail ) contract , affked. Deeds in war, 
Alter. A brave Deed ,braf gjerning. Taken in the verv 
Deed , tagen pa ferjk gjerning. (jiS* I am n °t fatisfled 
with Words, I am for Deeds , jag dr icke nSgd med 
ord, idt mig fc wd/kligbet. 

"Jo DEEM, V. N. & A. dSma , kolla fire, cekse- 
RE. Deemed, Adj. kotlen fore. 

**BEEP, Adj. djup , profvsdus. A very deep Well, 
en djup brunn. C5" To be in a deep Study , wara i djup 
betraktelfe. C5r" A deep Scholar , en ISrd karl , jom 
ligger djupt. A deep Mourning, djup fiorge-drdgt. A 
deep Coat, en fid rock. 0^* A Dog of a deep Mouth, 
en bund af fiarkt fkall. <£==■ DEEP , bred , eller af wijf 
lengd. A Cravat with a Lace a Quarter of a yard deep, 
kalsduk med et quarters bred fpeis. (£=• A deep Elue, 
mSrkbij ferg. oS=- DEEP or full bodied Wine, fiarkt 
win. ?5* DEET or Cunning , flag , fkarnfinnig. A Deep 
conlpiracy , fiark famtnangaddning. A Deep Notion, 
tn mSrk Deep Houfe , longt bus inat. rfy* A 
Deep way, djup u/.lg. c5» To be deep in debt, va- 
ra furdjupad i I 

DEEP, S. or the fea , djup, kaf , altum. 

To DEEPEN, V. A. fordjuva, profl-.wdare. Deep 
or Deeply, Adv. djupi. c5" Deeply indebted, for- 
djupad i fkuld. D^ep-.eis, f. djuphet. The Deepnin^s 
of a picture , zruniflrckt-i pa et fkUdert. 

'""DEER , S. hjort, ce.~-.-ls. Fallow-Dear, rd-djur. 
A Red-De;r. en hjort. Rain-Deer, ren-djur. 

To DEFACE, V. A. or fpoil, forjkdmma, forderfwa, 
DEFORMARE. OS* To DEFACE or Disfigure, waafka- 
pa , lyta. £°f To deface or blot out one's memory, 
utrota em dminnclfe. Difaced , Adj. -wanfkapad. 

To DEFALK , V. A. afdraga af en fumma , SVSTRA- 
II ERE. Defalked, Adj. afdragen. 

To DEFAME, V. A. or flander , wanrykta , fkdnda, 
defasiare. Defamed, Ad). v, a n -yktad. Defamatory, 
dertilhSrig. D.-famer , f. Jkandare. Defaming , /. or 

D?flm2tlO-! , f'f"-\ l -'Jl'c. 

*To de;m, M:Goth. o omjas , Goth. & Sueth. d6- 
M A , junicare. 

"deep, M:Goth. & Sveth. DJUP, Isl. Drr, pro- 
fundus, a Go'h. D v , locus profundus et roreginofus. 

***deer. M:Goth.DAiHZ, '/«-,!. Goth. 6-Isl. dyr, 
THia, idem. Sueth. Diva. , animal & injpccii, CervHS. 

DEFAULT,.*. fel,irijl, deeectVs. In Default wheie- 

of, i brifl hwaraf. (j^ DEFAULT ( lag- term ) mte- 
blifwande fSr retta. The dogs are at a default, hun- 
darna haf-wa tappat fporet. 
DEFEAZANCE, S. wilkor af et contrail, fom nir det 
Sr fullgjordt , gjir contraclet til inlet , CONDITIO FACTI 


DEFEAT, S. or overthrow, nedcrlag , flag , clad is. 

To DEFEAT, V. A. nederldgga, kafla ofwer Inda , 
proflicare. cS 3 ' To Defeat or fruftiate one's defign, 
gjSra ens firetagande til intet. To Defeat one's 
will , gjSra ens tefiamente til intet , handla emot 
leftatorns mening. Defeated, Adj. flagen, bedragen , 
affkaffad , &c. 

To BEFECATE , V. A. klara , afdrdgga. Defecated, 
Adj. klarad. Defecation , /". klarning. 

DEFECT , S. brifi, fel, odygd. 

DEFECTION, S. or revolt, affall ifrdn Ofwerbeten.$T 
DETECTION , affall ifrdn Idran. Defective, Adj. full 
af brifier , fel. CO" A verb defective, Verbum defc- 

DEFENCE , S. forfwar , befkydd. To ftand in one's owa 
defence , (Idlla fig i fSrfwar. What did he fay in his 
own defence ? hwad hade ban at fdga til fit fSrfwar ? 
05* DEFENCE or Anfwer at law , fwar emot kdranden 
for retta. To fpeak in defence of one , tala til ens 
forfwar. That place makes a very obftinate de- 
fence, denortcnfSrfwarar fig kdekt. Defencelefs , Adj. 

To DEFEND , V. A. fSrfwara , befkydda. To Defend 
one's felf, forfiwara fig. To defend the truth, forfwa- 
ra fannir.gen. To Defend one's caufe , flrfwara fin fak. 

DEFENDANT, 5. ( lag-term) fwarande ,revs. Defend- 
ed , Adj. forfuiarad. Defender , /". forfwarare. De- 
fendrefs , f. for fwar erfka. Defenfative , /. or antidote, 
motgift. Defenfible, Adj. A ftrong and defensible 
place , en befdfl on, fom kan behollas och fSrfwaras. 

DEFENSIVE . Adj. To put one's felf in a defenfive 
pofture , fidlla fig i forfwars-fiand. A defenfive league, 
forfu/ars-forpund. Defsniively , Adv. forfiwars-wis. 

To DEFER , V. A. upfkjuu, differre. t^j- To defer 
To,F. N.{rc\LRARl) uorda, hafwaforfyn fore.Vfhol'e 
judgment I defer much to , fSr hwars omdSme jag har myc- 
ken aktning. I know not how far the Prince will defer 
to my opinion , jag net icke huru wida Herren wil be- 
gifva Hi til min tanke. 

DEFERENCE, S. wordnad, aktning , hoflighet , HOX0R 


DEFERRED, Adj. upjkulen , dilatvs. 

DEFIANCE, S. troiande, utmaning , PROl'OCATlo.T* 
bid Defiance to , trora. QLj=- To live in open defiance 
with one , u-ara ens affagde fiende. (£5* He lives in ope» 
defiance to or againft nature and reafon, ban handlar 
emot alia reglor af nature* och firnufict. 

DEFICIENT, Adj.felande, briflandc. tff I flail not 
be deficient in any thing that may be ufeful to you , 
jag fkall intet efterfdtta fom kan wara eder til tjenft. 
cS* deficient , oformigen at betala. Deficiency, f. 
brifl , ofSrmogenhet. 

DEFILE or Defilee , 5. trongt paff , termoptlm. 

To DEFILE, V. A. befldeka, arena , fmuyi , 1XOVJ- 
kare. o5» To DEFILE or deflour a virgin, krdnk* 
mo. Defiled , Adj. folkad , orenad , kefmittad, forkrdnkt. 
Defilement, f. befmittelfe. Defiler,/; befmittare. 

To DEFINE , V. A. befltrifwt , DEFiiriRE, rty- T* 


D E F 


OCriKB or determine a Controverfy, flita en trita. 
Defined, Adj. bejkrifwen. Definite, Adj. wiff, om- 
fkr.fnkt. Definition , /. bcfkrifning. Definitive , Adj. 
flutelig. Definitively, Adv. fluteliga. 

Df DEFLAGRATION, S. or burning, afbrenning 
( Chymic-term. ) 

DEFLEXION, S-bigning, afdrifning. 

To DEFLOUR -i Virgin, V. A. krSnka en mS , DEFLO- 
mare VIRCI.IEM {lag-term) Defloured, Adj. krdnkt. 
Deflourer , f. m'-krSnkare. 

DEFLUXION , , S. flujf (fjukdom ) 

DEFORCEMENT, S. (lag-term) olaga hSjd af en an- 
nan egendom , usvrpatio. Deforceur , deforciant or 
deforfour , /. olaga hifdare , wolds-Mfdare. 

To DEFORM , V. N. wanfuapa , lyta. To Deform one's 
face, lyte\ en i anfihet. Deformed, Adj. wanfkapad , 
hit. Deformedly, Adv. wanfkapliga. Deformity ,/. or 
Uglinefs , wanjkaplighet , okarfkhet. 

To DEFRAUD, V. A. fwika , bedraga nogotaf en. De- 
frauded , Adj. bedragen. Defrauder , f. bedragare. 

To DEFRAY one, V. A. holla en fri , beiala ens kojl- 
nad , svmtus svgcerere. Defray 'd , Adj. frihol- 
len. Deftager , f. den font befldr kofinaden. 

•J-DEFT, Adj. or Neat, wacker , pulchir. cSfDETT 
or merry (lepidvs) lufiig. 

DEFUNCT, Adj. or dead, afliden, dod. 

To DEFY, V. A. troys , provocare. I defy you to 
do it, jag trocar eder at gjSrat. He defied the winds 
in the midft of the Ocean, ban tro^ade wadrct mil pd 
hafwet. Defy'd, Adj. trotad. 

To DEGENERATE, V. N. wanfldgtas, wanartas.De- 
generated , Adj. or Degenerate, wanartig , fSrkrSnkt. 
Degenerous, Adj. wanflSgtig. Degeneracy, f. wan- 
(ISgiighet. vy Degenerous or bafe practices, gemena jlrek. 

To DEGLUTINATE, V. A. uplSfa limning (propr. 
fig. ) Destination , f. Vid. Verb. 

To DEGRADE, V. A. affdtia en if ran Ambetet , gjSra 
en fSrlufiig fin heder. To Degrade a prieft , taga kap- 
pan af en pre/I. fj^» To degrade one's felf, forncdra 
fig. Degraded , Adj. affatt , fornedrad. 

DEGREE , S. grad, cradus. A degree of longitude 
or of latitude , grad i longitude ellcr latitude. fijr" A 
DEGREE of kindred or confanguinity , fkyldjkaps- 
Ui. Ck?" DEGREE, fleg ,f)it. Ex. By Degrees ,fma- 
ningom , efter handen. The higheft degree, hogfla grad. 
A Degree of heat or cold, grad afhett eller kold. To 
take one's degree in the University, taga gradum wid 
en acidemia. 

To DEHORT, V. A. afra'da, dissc/adere. Dehorta- 
tion , f. afradandc. Dehorted , Adj. afrddd. 

DEIC1DE, S. (figes allenafi om dem fom drdpo Liffens 

To DEJECT, V. A. gjlra modfJlt , avcere. To De- 
ject one's felf, Sngfla fig, ISta forgen fa ofurer-hand. 
{&■ DEJECT, Adj. or "cart down , modfdlt. Deject- 
edly , Adv. Ex. To look dejectedly or dejected , fe 
modfJlt ut. Dejeclion, / modfSllighet , bedrofwelfe. 
There is a great dejeftion amongft them , det Sr en 
fior ftrfkrSekelfe ibland dem. 

To DEIFY one . V. A. gjSra en til gud , dyrka fom en 
gud, DEIEICARE. Deify'd, Adj. reknad ibland gudar- 

DEISM , 5. derat lira fom neka guds erd och wilja inlet 
tnnat In naiurer.t ljus. Deift , f. fritSnkare. 

To DEIGN , Vid. To Daign. 

DEI Y , 5. or Godhead, Gudom , tlWMtir. [t^ A 
Deity , in iihai gud. 

DEJUGATION , S. be/riclfe , fSrfittande i frihet. 
DELACRYMATION, 5. Sgonens rinnande, grot. 
DELACTATION, S. barns ajw&njande frdn amman. 
DELAY, S. or put off, upfkof, cvnctatio. To ufe 

delays, bruka upfkof. C& Make no delay , gjSr inga 

To DELAY, V. A. upfkjuta , fumla, differri. T« 

delay a thing to the laft, upjkjuta til det fidfia. tr5* I 

will not delay my felf in that Matter, jag wil intet 

fSrfumma i den faken. 0$* To DELAY or dilute, 

Vid. To Dilute. Delay 'd, Adj. upfkuten. Delayer, 

f en fom upfkjuter , fumlare. 
DELECTABLE, Adj. ljuflig, behaglig. Deleilablenefs , 

/. ljuftighet. Deleflably , Adv. ljuftiga. Deleftation , 

/. or delight , ljuftighei. Delegacy, Vid. Delegation. 
DELEGATE , Adj. Ex. A judge delegate , extra-doma- 

re , judex vicarivs. Court of Delegates, hogfla 

for ret ten kyrkofaker. 
To DELEGATE, V. A. fenda, befullmSgtiga , fitta en 

i en annars ftille. Delegated, Adj. befullmSgtigad , 

fend. Delegation , /". Vid. Verb. 
To DELETE or DELE, V. A. utflryka, uipldna, fSr- 

ida. Deletion, /. utftrykning , fSrodelfe. Deletorious , 

Adj. tSrande , fSrSdande. 
f DELE or Delfe, S. ftenkols-eller marmor-grufwa, 


DELIBERATE, Adj. or wary, betSnkfam , forfiktig , 
warfam , PRVDENS. 

To DELIBERATE upon a Thing, V. N. Sfwerwdga , 
betrakta. Deliberated , Adj. ofwerw&gad, upfdtelig. 
Deliberately or advifedly. Adv. betSnkfamt , moget , 
upjdteliga. To take a Thing into Deliberation , f. ta- 
ga en fak i beidnkande. Deliberative , Adj. betSnkfam. 

DELICATE, Adj. krifelig , Ucker, grann-fmakig. CjT 
DELICATE or fine, wacker , JkSn , behaglig. A deli- 
cate Weather, wackert wider. A delicate place to live 
in, ljuflig art at bo pa. tfj* DELICATE or effeminate, 
awinlig , wellig , wdllufli^. Delicately , Adv. nitt , fint. 
CS^ Delicately or Delicioudy, krisliga. CkT* I ilept 
delicately , jag foj fott. Delicatenefs or Delicacy, 

DELICIOUS, Adj. Vid. Delicate , ndtt , ljuf , £•(. De- 
licioudy, Adv. krisliga, willuftigt. Delicioufpefs , J. 
krdslighcter , ljufhet , wdllufl. 

DELIGHT, S. lujt, gldd,e,nSge, behag , tidfSrdrif , 
DELECTATIO. That is his Delight, det Sr bans lufl. 
To take Delight in a Thing, finna nSge inogot. 

To DELIGHT, V. A. JSrlufia, fSmSga , delectare. 

ff5"To DELIGHT, V. N. (DELECTARl)fornogafig, 
forlufla fig. I Delight very much in it, jag har befynner- 
lig'it noge deruti. To Delight in Hunting , Sitka jagan- 
de. The Pine-Tree delights in hot and funny Places , 
juru-trid trifives i het jord. Delighted , Adj. f&rluflad 
(re. I was much delighted with it, jag hade Jlortnigt 

DELIGHTFUL, Adj. ljuflig, behaglig, JUCVNDVS. 
Delightfully, Adv.ljufliga , behagliga. Delightfulnefs. 
behaglighet , ljuflighet. Delightfome, Vid. D?lightful. 
t Delightfomly, Vid. Delightfully. Delightlomnefs , 
Vid. Delitrhtfulnefs. 

To DELINEATE, V. A. afrita, aftekna. Delineated, 
Adj. afteknad , afritad. Delineation, f. or rude 
Draught, af riming. 

DELINQUENT, S. or Offender, miffdddare , miffgjer- 
ningsman. Delinquency, f. fel, broil, miffgjernint. 




To DELIRATE, V. N.yra, ward wanwcttig. Delira- 
t\on , f. or Delirium ,yra , hufwudfwaghet. Delirious, 
Adj. hufwudfwag , yrande. 

To DELIVER , V. A.lefwerera , antwarda , TRADERE. 
To Deliver fomething to one , lefwerera nogot til en. 
Stand and deliver (firat-rSf wares ord-form i England) 
To Deliver one's Meflage, fdga , befldlla fit drende. 
CO* To DELIVER or fpeak out in difcourfe , uttala. 
To Deliver a Sermon handfomly, uttala en predikan 
wdl. He delivers himfclf very veil, han har godt ut- 
tal. r£f To DELIVER ( LIBERARE) frla , frelfa , 
fSrloJfa. To deliver one From Bondage , frelfa enfrdn 
trSldom. CxS* To deliver one's Name t» Pofterity , 
lemna ftort namn efter fig. rrj* To deliver a Woman 
in Labour , jorlvjfa en qwinna i barnsnod. C^ To deli- 
ver in Truft, anfortro. To deliver up a Strong Place, 
upgifwa en fdflntng. 

DELIVERANCE, S. hefrlelft , fSrloffning, LIBERA- 
Tio. (£?* Womans Deliverance or delivering, fSrloJf- 
ning i barns nSJ. To wage deliverance , firjdkra lef- 
wererlngen af nogot. 

DELIVERER, S.frelfare, befriare , LIBERATOR. 

DELIVERY, S. Ufwerering, utgifwande , TRADITIO. 
OS* DELIVERY (Eloquium) uttal. Hehasnogood 
•way of delivery , ban har icke godt uttal , Jldta utfSrs- 
gofwor. OS* DELIVER* ( PARTUS) en barnafSderfkas 

To DELUDE , V. A. narra , purra , bedraga. To de- 
lude a virgin , locka mS. Deluded , Adj. narrad. De- 
luder , f. bedragare. 

DELVE , S. Ex. A Delve of Coals , en hop fienkol, i 
en grufwa. 

*To DELVE, V. A. grdfwa under jorden , FODERE. 
Delved, Adj. grafwea. Delver , f. grdfware. 

DELUGE, 5. or general Flood, fior watn-fiod, dilu- 

To DELUGE , V. A.drdnka , submergere. Deluged, 
Adj. drSnkt. OS^Deluged in Tears , drinkt i tdrar. 

DELUSION, S. or cheat, bedrdgeri , narrwdrk. Delu- 
fiv-e or DeluSory , bedrdglig , falfk. 

-DEMAINE or Demesne , S. en titel, fom fwarar emot 
SSterl. The King's Demains, Cron-gods , Konungs- 

DEMAND, S. fordran , begiran , POSTULATIO. To 
yield one his Demands , tilfiddja enom bans iegdran. 
What is your Demand ? hwad Sr eder begiran ? (j^» 
Which I promife to pay upon Demand, hwilket jag 
lofwar at betala w'td anfordran. ?Cf In full of all De- 
mands , til fullo af al fordran. oir" DEMAND or ques- 
tion , fraga , fpSrsmal. frjr" The Demand of Britifh 
Manufactures is very great, Engelfka manufacturer 
warda mycket fokte. 

To DEMAND , V. A. or to ask, efka , frSga , begi- 
ra, fordra , REQUIRERE. To Demand a Debt, for- 
dra en fkuld. To Demind one to Wife , begdra en til 
hudru. rt/=> To Demand a Question , fraga en fraga. 
K5* To DEMAND or lay Claim to, gjSra aifprak. 
To Demand a Prifoner of War , uifordra. en krigs- 
jange. Demandant, f. kirande. Demanded, Adj. for- 
drad , &c. A bufy demander , f. en frdgwis. 

To DEMEAN one's felf, Verb. Recip.fkickd fig, ftiU- 
la fig, se gerere. If you demean your felf well, 
om du bdr dig wdl St. Demeanour , f. upforande , at- 

*To delve , Goth. dAlf , Lotus fuburraneus. A. Sax. 
OAELFAN, fodcre. 

DEMEANS, Vid. Demaine. 

To DEMENTATE , V. A. gjSra galeit , urfinnig. De- 
mentited , Adj. ifrdn wettet. 

DEMERIT, S. fSrtjcnfl, meritum. He Shall be pu- 
niSh'd according to his Demerit, hanfkal bit flrajffad, font 
ban fZrtjent. To Demerit, V. A.fortjenagodt eller ondt. 

DEMESNE, Vid. Demaine. 

DEMI, S. half, semi. Ex. A Demi- God, half- 
gud. A "Demi-Caftor , half-cafior. <£j* A Demy-Ifland, 

DEMIGRATION, S. flyttning. 

DEMISE, S. ( la z -term) did, MORS ( fdges allenafiom 
Kongliga perfoner) OS* DEMISE ( ££oc*7Vo) firar- 

To DEMISE , V. A. Ex. To Demife by Leafe , for- 
arrendcra, uthyra pa en tid , ELOCARE. To Demife 
by Will , teftamentera. 

DEMISSION, S. fldppanie , frigifwelfe. 

DEMOCRACY, S. folke-regering. Democratical, Adj' 
or popular , de'rtilhSrig. 

To DEMOLISH, V. A. kullrifwa , forfiSra , DEMOLI- 
RI. 0^* He has demolifli'd me, han har gjordt mig 
pung-ren. Demoliiu'd, Adj. Vid. Verb. Demolifher , fir- 
fiSrare. Demolishing or Demolition , J. f'SrfiSring. 

DEMON, S. or Spirit, ond ande. Demoniack, f. tn 

To DEMONSTRATE , V. A. bewifa, tydetigen fSrt- 
fldlla. Demonitrated , Adj. bewifad. Demonstration , 
f. bewisning. Demonftrative , Adj. bewifande , klart 
tfwertygande. Demonstratively, Adv. tydeliga. Demon- 
ftrator , f. en fom bewij'ar. Demonstrable , fom kan bt- 
wifas. Demonstrably , Adv. bewisliga. 

DEMPSTER or Demfter, Vid. Deemfter. 

DEMURE, Adj. blyg, femper, alwarfam , VERECUK- 
cus , gravis. "(■ He is asdemure as if Butter would 
not melt in his Mouth , han fer fa mar ut i munnen, 
fom en fimpa. Demurely, Adv. kallfir.nigt , fempert. 
Demurenefs , f. alwarfamhel , forfidld min. 

To DEMURR , V. N. gjSra inwendning eller exception 
i' en proceff, MORAM ACT10NI OBIICERE. 03 s * To 
Demurr upon a Thing or to delay , upfUjuta nogot. 
Demurrer, f. exceptio dilatoria ( i en procefi) Demur- 
rage , /. betalning fir den tid etjkep ligger lengre i hamn, 
in accorderadl dr. 

DEN, S. or Cave, hola i jorden, CaVERNA. 

DENIAL , S. or denegation , forwSgran , afflag , RE- 
pvlsa. A handfom Denial, hSfligt afflag. To take 
a Denial , fa afflag. Denier , /". en fom nekar. Self- 
denial , Vid. Self. ToDenie, &c. Vid. To Deny, &c. 

DENISON or Denizen , S. en fom dr naturalifered ge- 
nom Konga-bref , huitken icke dger famma fSrmonfom 
en naluraliferad af Parlamentet , ALIEHIGENA CIV1- 


To DENOMINATE, V. A. ndmna, gifwa namn. De- 
nominated , Adj. ndmd. Denomination , f. ndmnande. 
OS* The DifTenters of all Denominations, Noncon- 
formifierna, a f hwad namn de md wara. 

To DENOTE, V. A. bemerka. Denotation, bemer- 

To DENOUNCE, V. A. denfinciate or Declare, forkU- 
ra, kundgjora. To Denounce War , forklara krig. De- 
nounced, Adj.fSrklarad. Denunciation or Denouncing, 
/. fSrklarande, 



DENSE , Adj. or Thick and compact , tjock , tit. Den- 

fity , titket. 
DENT, S. uddar i kanten pi nogot , CRENA. c5* 

dent , Vid. Dint. 
To DENT, V. A. gjira udd-kantig , incibere. Dent- 
ed , Adj. udd-kantig. 
DENTELS or Denticles, S. et flycke af Ionifka archite- 

DENTIFRICE , S. taaJ-pidfwer. 
DENTILOQVY, S. lifpning , oricns fining genom 

tdndrcn , BALBUTIES. Dentiloquill , /". en lifper. 
DENTITION , V. tSndernas framfkjuining pi barn. 
To DENUDATE, V. A. blotta. Denudation , Man- 
To DENT, V. A. fimeka , icke tilfii , deneoare. 
He denies it, ban nekar da. OS* To DENY , firwd- 
gra, afflA. Do not deny me that Favour, neka mig 
icke den gunjlen. tfj* To DENY one's felf, figa fig ic- 
ke wara hemma. c5* "Why ihould one deny himfelf 
that fatisfaclion ? bwi fkulle man neka fig del no get ? 
Deny'd . Adj. nekad, be. 
To DE-OBSTRUCT, V. A. or to open (fpeaking of 
the Pores of the Body ) j'Sges om medic amentcr , fom 
Spna forfioppningar af fwettholen. De-obftrucred , Adj. 
DEODAND, S. ft kalhsa'.t det , qwickt ellerdidt.fom 
annan Ijttter did af, ocb bSrer Konungen til af werdet 
at dcla ul ahnofor. 
To DEOSCULATE , V. A. kyffa. 
To DEPA1NT, V. A. or Reprefent, afmila , depiw 

CERE. Dcpainted , Adj. ajmahd. 
To DEPART, V. N. bongi , afrefa, abire. Depart 
the Houfe, packa dig nr bufct. CO* To DETART or 
to depart this Life , afgS med diden. t^j* To Depart 
from other Mens Opinions , wara fkilgagtig i mening 
ifran andra. To Depart from one's Refolution , 
ttmbyta fin firefats. To Depart from one's Reli- 
gion , fa'da ijran fin lira, (jj* I am loth to depart 
from you , jag fluljes ogerna wid cder. To Depart 
with a Thing, lemna et ting. Departed, Adj. Vid. 
Viri. >C^* He is departed this Life , ban dr did. De- 
parture, /. afrefa, did, afgang. 
■f DEPARTER , S. guld-och fdfwer-refnerare, pvrga- 

TOR MET ALU. Depart, /". en fad an refinering. 
To DEPASTURE, V. N. afbeia, detascere. 
To DEPAUPERATE, V. A. utbloita, utarma, gjSra en 

feutig. Depauperation , f. utblouning. 
tTo DEPEACH, be. Vid. To Acquit. 
D t DEPECULATION , S. Cron-ijujnad. 
To DEPEND upon, V.N. befiu af, DEPEXDERE.rry- 
tiETEND or rely upon a Man, firlata fig pi en. I 
depend upon you , jag liter P S eder. cfr They depend 
*n the French for every little Faftion of Cloaths , 
de retra fig efter Franfofen i alia fmi moden af kUdcr. 
C5» He has little to depend upon, ban bar icke flort 
at wederw.'ga. rry- To depend Off, beflS af. rjj" To 
I'EfESD, wara anh'.hgtg (om en procefi) 
DEPENDANCE , S. or dependency, f.undergifwenhet, 
bejlacnde , tilhSrigbet. This is one of its dependancies, 
data dr et af dejf tilbingbeter. <r> Every Moment we 
our dependance upon Him , wi merke hwart 
tgntblick win befiind afhonom. The fooner we know 
our dependance , the better, ju forrwifi weta hvad 
wi fko'e holla ojfwid. ju betre. His Army is his whole 

*j£8!2£T5l. A "o t irU >" fig tl °" pS fin a~mc. 
DEPENDAN f, S. en f an dr ,ilgif wcn . Dependent , 

D E P 

Adj. afhengig. Depending , Adj. enhemgig. fj^ It ha* 
been long depending, det bar vrarit lenge i wdriet. 
D t DEPICTED, Adj. afmilad. 
DEPILATION, S. or pulling off of Hair, utryckandt 

af hir. Depilatory , Adj. deriilborig. 
DEPLORABLE, Adj, beklaglig, Smkelig. His Condi- 
tion is deplorable , bans tilfiini dr reu Smkeligt. De- 
ploration . f. begritande. 
To DEPLORE , V. A. or bewail , begrita , beklaga. I 
deplore your Condition , jag bcklagar edert tilfiini. 
Deplored , Adj. bcklagad. 
To DEPLUME , V. A. afplocka fjddrarna aj foglar. 
Deplumed, Adj. bar , plockad. Deplumation , /. ptock- 
ning. it. en fjukdom kallad Ptilofis. 
To DEPONE or give Evidence, Vid. To depofe. 
DEPONENT , S. or Witnefs , w'une ,fom intygtr nogttt 

fir retta , TESTIS. 
To DEPOPULATE , V. A. or unpeople ,firhdrja , fir- 
fiira, ideldgga. Depopulated, Adj. forhirjtd. De- 
population , f. bdrjande. 
To DEPORT or demean one's felf, V. Recip. upjirt 
fig, bdra fig at, se CERERE. D f Deportation , Vid. 
Tranfportation. Deportment , /". upfirande , atbird. 
To DEPOSE, V. N. vitna, intyga , TESTARI. 
To DEPOSE , V. A.afjdttja, exauctorarl. To de- 
pole a King , affitta en Konung. Depofed , Adj. af- 
DEPOSITARY , 5. nedcrlagsman. 

To DEPOSITE, V. A. mderfdtta , anfSrtro, inldgge 
nogot bos en , deponera , COMMITTERS. Depofited > 
Adj. nederfatt , mlagd. 

pofitum , f. iniagsfS. 
To DEPRAVE, V. A. forverra, firkrdnka. Depraved, 
Adj. forkrdnkt. Depraver,/: firkrdnkare. Deprava- 
tion of manners , goda feders firkrdnkelfe. 
To DEPRECATE, V.\A. afbedja. To deprecate God'*> 
Judgments, afbedja Cuds bemj'ikning. Deprecation, 
f. afbon. 
DfTo DEPRECIATE, V. A. uadcrverdera, fSrringa* 
pretium 1MM1NVERE. Depreciated, Adj. under- 
To DEPREDATE, V. A. rofwa ,plundra. Depredation, 

f. rifweri , plundring. Item ctrohet i Crono-upbord. 
DEPREHENSIBLE/^Y/. fom kan mcrkas , eller fgr- 

To DEPRESS, V. A. or thruft down, 'ntdtrycka, fS- 
nedra, foroimjuka. Depresl'eJ , Adj. nedtryckt &c. 
Depression , J'. neitrycVning, be. 
To DEPRIVE, V. A. herifwa, betaga , gjira forlu- 
flig , privare. To deprive one's felf of one's Plea- 
fures , firneka fig fit noge. Deprived, Adj. forlufiig 
gjord. Depriving or deprivation, berofwande , item, 
aff.ittandc fran Ambetet. 
DEPTH, 5. djup, profunditas. The depth of the- 
Sea, hafftlts djup. The Briny depths 'poetic. ) idem. 
Cf/* The depth of a B-dttaiion , higden af en batallioa 
ifran fromen. The depth of Lace, be. hredden af en 
fpets. rff i n tne d e p t h. of Winter., mit i urintrcn.c^ 
To fwim beyond one's depth, fim^a for longt padjupee. 
To DEPTHEN , V. A. or to deepen (to make deeper) 
firdjupa , gjiradjupare , propukdaRE. Ex. To depth- 
en an Harbour, gjira en hamn djupare. Depthened , 
Ad/, d/upad. 
Df DEPURATION, S. »r Creaming, renfelft, "ning. 


D E P 

D E S 

To DEPUTE, V. A. fenja, befidlla, bejVcka. 'De- 
puted, Adj. beftdckad. Deputation,/^ befkickning. 

DEPUTY, S. en befkickad , delegatus. The deputies 
of the Town went to him , fladcns deputerade gingo 
til honom. He is my deputy, L'/i dr min fullmdgtig , 
fubfiitut. OtJ" A Lord-deputy or Vice-Roy , en under- 
konung. dj" DEPUT Y-Governor, en under-Governeur. 

DERELICT, Adj. or forfiiken , ofwergifwen , jbrldten. 
Derelict Lands, obygd,$dt-mark. Dereliclion , f. of- 

To DERIDE, V. A. or mock, hegabba, forfmdda. To 
deride Religion , forfmdia religionen'. Derided , Adj. 
furjmddd. Derider, f. bejpotiare. Derifion, f. or Mock- 
ing , gabbzri. 

DERIVATION , S. aficdnir.g. The derivation of a Word' 
el ords aflednlng. Derivative , Adj. fom ledes ifrdn e c 
annat. Derivatively, Adv. genom aflednlng. 

To DERIVE , V. A. af.tda. From whence do you de- 
rive that \Tord ? hwarifrdn leden I dct ordct ? 0$* 
The Blood he derives from his noble Anceftors , dec 
Sdla Hod han ledsr ifran fina fSrfddcr. K°rTo DERIVE, 
V. N. komma ifran , urfpringa. Derived, Adj. afiedd. 

■fDERN, Adj. enslig, Udfam, SOLITARIES. Itemgrym- 

To DEROGATE, V. N. jSrringa werdct pd et ting, DE- 
traxere. To derogate from one's felf, jorringa fig. 
To derogate from a Man's Honour or Credit , qwjl- 
ja ens hedcr och goda namn. Derogation, f. afdrag , 
fSrmin/kning. Derogatory, Adj. fom denil bidrager. 


DESCANT, S. discant. To fing defcant , f/unga dis~ 
canten. CfJ" descant ( parapbrasis ) longt tal, 
utldggning. He made a long defcant upon it, han ta- 
lade lenge derSfwer. 

To DESCANT, V. N. upon a Thing, utldgga, tala 
Sfwer en Jak, Enarrare. Cr^ To descant or give 
one's Thought upon one's deftiny , fSga e ni Sde, fp3. 

To DESCEND , V. N. nederftiga. (&■ To defcend to 
Particulars , komma til de mindre omfldndigheter. cO» 
To DESCEND or come of an Ancient Family, h.'ir- 
flamma af gammal dtt. Cdf" To deicend into one's felf, 
gd til fig fjelf. I would not defcend or ftoop , to 
fpeak with him, jag wille icke gjSra mig fa gcmen at 
tala med honom. Defcendable , Adj. fom kan neder- 
fiigas. Defcended, Adj. nederfiigen , afkommen, dttad. 

DESCENT , S. or going down , ncdcrfligande , descen- 
sus. To make a decent upon th_' Enemy's Country, 
gjora landftigning pa enfiendetland. tfj=- A DESCENT 
of Ground ( declivitas ) fluttning. 05" To be of a 
noble DESCENT {PROGENIES ) wara af ddel hdr- 
komft. {ft* He is noble by four defcents, han har 
fyra adtliga anor. 

To DESCIPHER, V. A. Vid. to decipher. 

To DESCRIBE, V. A. befkrifwa. I will defcribe my 
Mifery to him, jag wil forefidlla honom mil clSnde. 
Pray, do you defcribe him to me, kdrc gif mig en 
iefkrifning om honom. Defcribed , Adj. bcjkrifwcn. 
Defcribcr , /. befkrifware. Defcribing , f. Vid. To 
defcribe. Defcription , f. befkrifning. 

To DESCRY, V. A. fkonja , merka longt ifrd , CON- 
STICERE. Defcry'd, 'Ad], mtrkt , utkikad. 

To DESECRATE, V. A. ohelga, ofkdra, uanworda. 
Defecration, f. wanweri. 

DESERT, S. fori}enJ!,werde,MERlTVM.<g*T)t.SZKT, 

Vid. defart , &c. desfert. 
To DESERT', V. N. rymma, Bfwerlipa , EFFUCERE. 
( om fldater ) Deferter , /. ofwerlSpare , rymmare. De- 
fertion , f. Sj'werlSpande , rymmande. 
To DESERT, V. A. ofwe r gijwa , forldta, DESERERE. 
He deferred me in my greatest Extremity , han Sf- 
wcTgafmig i min yiterfia nod. Deferted, Adj. Sfwer- 
gijucn , forldten. 
To DESERVE, V.N. & A. fSrtjenai mereri. He 
deferves to be whipt , han jortjenar pijk. To deferve 
well of one , wara wil fonjent af en. ftjr 1 As every 
one deferves, hv.iro:het. cfter fSrtjenflen. Deferved, 
Adj. fonjent. Def:rved!y, Adv. o; juftly , Ttttwisliga, 
fkdliga. Deferving man , v/Slfortjtnt , meriterad ptr- 
J'on. Defervingly or defervedly , vjijortjent. 
DESHABILLE, S. Vid. Ur.dreVs. 
DESICCAT1YE , Adj. or apt to dry, uttorkunde. 
DESIGN, S, arflag , upfat , fSretag ande , anliggning , 
1NSTITUTUM. tfj* DESIGtf ( SXEAtPZAR^) rrunl- 
ritning , utkaft. To do a Thinfl through deiign , gjora 
nogot upfdteliga. To have a deiign in one's Head , 
hafwa nogot i finnct. Tohave a deiign upon one , ISg- 
ga nogot an emot en. He has done it with a deiign 
or in order to prejudice me, han har gjordt del med 
upfat at Jkada mig. 
To DESIGN, V. A. or to appoint, dma , destina- 
RE. OS 3 " To DESIGN ( MAClllNARl ) anldgga , an- 
JlJlla. 0> To DESIGN ( Effingere) ISgga grund- 
lir.eer , gjora utkaft. Deiigned, Adj. irnad , anlagd , 
&c. Vid. To Defign. Defignedly , Adv. upfdteliga. 
Defigner, /. anlSggare. Dc%ning, Adj. ilia finnad , 
arg , liftig. Deiignnicnt , f. upfat. 
DESIRE, 5. dtrd , dftundan , lengtan, desiderium. 
I have a great defire to fee him . jag lengtar hSgeli- 
gen at fe honom. He has all Things to his Heart's 
dehre , han bar all dct bans hjert'a Snfl'.ar. CO* DE- 
SIRE (petitUM ) begSran. 05 s 'Tis my Delire that 
you forbear the Ule of thofe Things, i gjoren mig til 
wiljes om i Idtcn blijwa fddant. 
To DESIRE, V. A.-afiunda, SnfUa, fid efter, dtrd, 
desiderare. I defire to have the Honour to fee you, 
jag dfiundar den dran at fe eder. To defire a Thing 
eariieftly or paflionately , h'geligen dfiunda. 05" To 
DESIRE (petere) begdra , bedja. I defire you by all 
means to come , jag ber eder fSr al ting at komma. I 
defire that Kindnefs of you, jag ber eder om den god- 
heten. Did not I defire you to go thither ? bad jag ic- 
ke eder gd dit ? Defired, Adj. &c. begdrd , Vidf To 
Defire. Defiredly, Adv. begdrliga. 
DESIROUS, Adj. begdrlig , cupidus. To be defirous 
of Honour, Riches or Learning, dtrd , heder, rikedom, 
eller ISrdom. To be defirous of nothing fo much as 
Peace and Quietnpfs , dtrd intet hSgre , dn fed 
och rolighet. Defiroufly , Adv. begdrligen. 
To DESIST, V. N. or leave off / wenda igen. Defin- 
ing , f. affldinde. 
DESK, S. difk, hylla, ABACUS. 

DESOLATE, Adj. Sdelagd, enslig. trSfilos , bedrSfwad- 
A Defolate Country , et Sde-land. To make a Country 
defolate, Sdeldgga et land. To be in a defolate Condi- 
tion , wara i et bedrofligt tilfidnd. Defolation , f. or 
Ruin , /SrSdelfe. fxj" Defolation or Grief, forg , be- 
drofwelfe. Defolately, Adv. Sdsliga. 
DESPAIR, S. fSriwifian, desperaiio. To fall into 
Defpair , /alia i jSnwifian. 


D E S 

D E S 

To DESPAIR. V. N.fSrtwifla, desterare. I defpair 
of it, jag gjSr mig inut hopp derom. Defpaired of, 
Adj. miJtr'Sflad on. Defperado, f. en SfwerdddigfSlle, 

DESPERATE, Ad]. fSrtwiftande , exspes. OS* De- 
fperate, gifwen forlorad. To be in a defperate Con- 
dition, warauli /Sriwifladt tilfiand. OS* DESPERATE 
'exitiosvs ) farlig , iUk. A Defperate Difeafe, 
en farlig krankhct. A Defperate Bufmefs , er fSrtwiflad, 
ihk fak. To look defperate, fe fSrtwiflad ut. tt> 
A Defperate Attempt , et firtwifladt tilbod. (jj* A de- 
fperate fmoker, en flor-rokare. 

DESPERATE, Adv. Ex. He is defperate angry, han 
&r grymmeligen ond. 

DESPERATELY , Ads. or in Defpair, med fSrtwiflan. 
05* desperately , farliga , grymmeliga. To be de- 
fperately dek , warn elSndigt f]uk. He drinks defpe- 
rately , han fuper fSrlrtrickeligen. To be defperately 
in love with a Virgin, wara hSgeligen kir i en fiicka. 
05* He is defperately in Debt , han &r jbrdjupad i 
fkuld. Defperatenefs , f. or Fury, grymhet. Defpera- 
tion , f. or Defpair , foriwiflan. 

DESPICABLE or Defpifeable , Adj. fSrahtelig. A De- 
fpicable Fellow, en gemen fiker. Defpicably , Adv. 

To DESPISE , V. A. or flight , fSrakta, wanworda , fe 
Sfwer axlcn , DESflCERE. Deipifed, Adj. fSraktad. 
Defpifcr, f. 

DESPITE, S. or Dcfpight, fSrakt, cos-temtvs. c5* 

DESPITE or Spite, fortret. In Defpite of me, at 

forircta mig. Defpitefully , Adv.jSraktcliga , afarghei. 
To DESPOIL, V. A. afhSnda, betofwa , spoliare. 

Ex. To Defpoil one of his Subftancc , berSjwa en fit 

goda. Defpoiled, Adj. bcrSfwad. 
To DESPOND, V. N. or defpair, fSlla moiet , fSr 

twifla, despo.vdere asimum. He begins to defpond, 

han borjar blifwa modfilt. Defpondence or Defpon- 

dency , /. modfillighet , fSrtwiflan. Defpondent , Adj. 

DESPOTE orDESrOTES,5. en Ottomannifk Prins el- 

ler hSfwidsman. 
DESPOTICAL or DESPOTICK, Adj. enweldig. A De- 

fpotical Government, enweldig re cing. Defpotically, 

Adv. enweLieliga. 
To DESPUMATE , V. A. affkuma , klara , rcna. 
To DESQVAMATE, V. A. fjjlla , it. i median, af- 

fkrapa hwad fom Sr JhadadtjpS. ben (re. 
DESSERT, S. efter-mdte , confeel, mensa secvnda. 
To DESSICCATE, V. A. or Dry up, uptorka. Dcf- 

(iccated , Adj. uptorkad. Defficcating or Defliccation, 

f. uptorkande. 

To DESTIN or destinate, V. A. Srna , emna. De- 
ftinated_ or Deftincd , Adj. Smad, emnad. Defla- 
tion , f. irnande. 

DESTINY , .V. or Fate , Sde , tatvm. To bewail one's 
Deftiny , beklaga JUSde. He had a cruel Deftiny, han 
hade et grymt Sde.. 05" Deftiny - Readers , , 

DESTITUTE, Adj. forluflig, herSfwad af, PR1VATVS. 
05" destitute (deserti/s) firlaten. To leave 
one deftitute , Sfwergifwa en. Deftitution , /. forlatan- 
de , Sfwergifwande. 

to DESTROY, V.A.^fSrSda, kuUrifwa , fSrflSra , 

DESTRVERE. To Deftroy a City, SdelSgga en flad. 
To Deftroy one's Health , forderfwa fin helfa. To 
Deftroy one's Clothes , JrtSmma fina klider. To 
Deftroy one's felf, gjSra af med fig. Deftroy'd , 
Adj. fSrflord. Deftroyer , /. forderfware , fSrJISrare. 
The Deflroying Angel , mordingel. 

DESTRUCTION, S. fSrSdelfe , odelSggning. (^DE- 
STRUCTION or Slaughter, flag, jlagming. Deftruftive, 
Adj. forodande , forderflig. 

DESUETUDE, S. or Difufe, afwSnjande, on/ana. 

DESULTORIOUS or desultory, Adj.ofiadtg ,fl y g- 


To DETACH, V. A. {krigs-term) detacher a , af- 
fenda en tropp foldat.-r pa wis/l werf. Detached , Adj. 
detacherad. Detachment,^ detachement. 

D f DETAIL , S. or Particulars , befynnerliga omflSn- 

digheter af en Jak , PARTICitlaria. 
To DETAIN, V. A. or Keep, qwarholla, detinere. 
To Det.iin one a prifoner , holla en f.ingen. dj" To DE- 
TAIN or make (lay , uppeholla en. What has detained 
you folong there ? hwad mon hafwa uppehollit eder der 
fS. lenge? (X5* To DETAIN, hindra. You detained 
me from proceeding any further, du hindrade migifra 
widarc fortfarande, Detained , Adj. hindrad. Detainer, 
f. en fom Ixindrar , uppeholler. Detention,/; awarhol- 

To DETECT , V. A. uptScka , 'upptnbara, Detefted , 
Adj. uptdekt. Detection , f. upiSckning. 

DETENSION or Detention , S. Vid. to Detain. 

To DETER , V. A. afJkrScka. Deterred, Adj. afkrdckt. 

To DETERGE, V. A. or rub off, afflryka. 

DETERIORATION, S. fSrwerrande. 

DETERMINATE or Determinated, Adj. flhen , fluten. 
Determinately , Adv. fluuliga , fafl. Determination , 
f. flut , uijlag. 

To DETERMINE or Determinate, V. A. dSma , fluta, 

urfkilja. tfj* To DETERMINE, V. N. ( CESS ARE ) up- 
kora. To Determine a Law-Suit , inda en reitegang. 05* 
To DETERMINE or defign , befluta , g/ora for/lag. De- 
termined Adj. domd, hefluten , ernad , &ndad. 
DETERSIVE, Adj. or Clearing, Vid. To Deterge. 

To DETEST , V. A. or Abhor , flyggas wid , detest a- 
RI.C&To DETEST Vice ,/lyggas wid odygd. Deteftable, 
Adj. wederflyggelig. Deteftably , Adv. wederftyggcliga. 
Deteftation , f. wedcrfiyggdfe, 

To DETHRONE , V. A. deihronifera.. Dethroned , Adj. 

To DETRACT, V. A. or Slander , fSrtala , caev- 
mniari. To Detract one's Neighbour , fSrtala fin nS- 
fta. 05* To DETRACT ( DETRAHERE ) afdraga. A 
Lady takes all you detraft from the reft of her Sex , 
to be a Gift to her, et qwinfolk tycker al ting wara fig 
gifwii fom blir afdragit af hennes grann-pvinnor. 05" 
To Detract from one's Right , draga nogot afensrett. 
Detracted , Adj. afdragen &c. 

DETRACTION, S.'or Slander, fSrtal , hakdantning, 
OBTRECTATio. Dctrafter, f. or Slanderer , fortala- 
re , bakdantare. Detractive, Adj. bakdantantandc. 

DETRIMENT , S. or Damage , fSrlufl , fltada , fSrfang. 

Detrimental, Ad' . fkadclio . 
D f DETRUDE , V. A. utflkta , utfkjuta. D f Detruded, 

Adj. utflStt. Detrufion , /. nedfiSrtning. 


D E V 

D E V 

To DETRUNCATE, V. A. hugga af .halshugga, fiym- 

DEVASTATION , S. odeldggning , fSrSdclfe. 

To DEVEST, V. A. afkldda, frdntaga. To D evert 
one's (elf of one's Right , gifwa fran fig fin rctt. OS* 
To deveft ones felt of one's Carnal Affections, 
iortldgga fina kitsliga begdrclj'cr. Derefted , Adj. af- 
klddd , frdntagen. 

DEVIATE , Adj. ( or varying from the Senfe of it's 
Primitive ) afwikandc fritn jlam-ordets mcning. 

To DEVIATE , V. N. afwika , aberrare. To De- 
viate from Truth , afwika fran fanmngen. Deviate , 
f. afwikandc. Deviatory , Adj. or Devious, afwikandc 

DEVICE, S. pafund , 1NVENT10. 05 = DEVICEffi- 
bvla) diktad faga. (X5°" DEVICE ( TECHNA ) fint 
Jfrek , flughet. A Man full of Devices , en fug, 
bcjlagcn karl. o5> A Device, Vid. Devife. 

DEVIL , S. or evil Spirit , djefwul, diaeolvs. A De- 
vil incarnate , en djefwul i kitsfkcpelfc. Who the De- 
vil would have thought that ? hwem fkulle haf- 
wa troit det ? To give one's felt to the Devil, gifwa 
fig djefwul en i wold. 

The DEVIL, det wore hln 'ct gcment crdcfdtt) He'll 
do it r The Devil he will, menen 1 han gjlr det ? jo 
Vllsfl ock. Prov. THE DEVIL REBUKES SIN, djef- 
wuUnftrajfar fynd. Prov, HE MUST NEEDS GO WHOM 
THE DEVIL DRIVES, den mafic wdl undan j'om den 
onde fojer. Prov. HAPPY IS THE SON, WHOSE 
FATHER GOES TO THE-DEVIL , lyckligt barn, hwars 
fordldrar farit til helwetet. Q5" The Devil's Bones, 
terningar. Prov. WE MUST GIVE THE DEVIL HIS 
DUE, man mafic cj gjSra bin mcra fwart in han dr. 
OS" She is a Devil or a Devil in Petticoats, hon dr 
en djcfwuls kona. 

DEVILISH , Adj. djcfwulfk , ilak , ond , arg , D1ABO- 
Llcus. A Devilifli Device, ct fatans pdfund. A De- 
vilifh Humour, ct ilakt finne. A Devilifh Rogue, 
en arg fuclm. Devilifli , Adv. djcfwulfkt , grymme- 
liga. He is Devilifk proud , han dr grdfcliga hSgmodig. 
Devilift , Deviliflily , Adv. pd djcfwulfkt wis. He lies 
devilifhly , han ljuger fSrbannadt. D'vil.'fhnefs , f. djef- 
nulagtighct. "f Devilfliip , /. Ex. His Devilfllip (on 
fatan ) Devil's arfe ( peak ) en omdtelig under- jordifk 
kola i Derby/hire / England , hwarom dro dtfkilliga 

DEVISE , S. finr.e'ild , tdnkefprdk , EMBLEM A, desi- 
gn ATio. cfr- devise (lec atvm ) det fom dr lemnadt 
genom Tc(l.:mcntc. 
To DEVISE or to invent, V. A. uptdnka, pdfinna, 
EXCOGITATE. He devifed it, ban uptdnkte det. Of/" 
To DEVISE (imac.inari) inb'.llafig , gijfa til, pa- 
kitta. (X5* To DEVISE ( EORMARE ) formera , tilfk*- 
pa. CO* To DEVISE { DELIBERare) ofwcrldgga , 
rddgjora. CCj=- To Devife to one by will all one's 
lands and Tenements , tcflamemera enom all fin cgen- 
dom. Devifed , Adj. uptdnkt (re. 
DEVISEE, S. en fom fdtt genom tcfiamente , LEGATA- 
RIES. ' 
DEVISER, S. pdfinnare , inventor. Fid. To Devife. 
DEVISOR, S. ufiator. » -f Devoid, Vid. Void or 

DEVOIR, S.or Duty, pligt, fkyldighet , debitVM. 
To pay one's devoirs to one , afidgga fin fkyldighet 
hos en. 

To DEVOLVE, V } N. hwdlfwa , falla til. That ertate 
devolves to him , den e^.indomen faller til honom. 

To DEVOLVE, V. A. Ex. To devolve a truft upon 

one , anforno enom nogot. Devolved , Adj. tilfallcn. 
Devolutary , f. en fom tilcgnar fig en ledig tjenfi. De- 
volution , f. tilfallandc. 

D| DEVOTEE or Devoto , S. cm widjkcpelig Jkrym- 

To DEVOTE, V. A.wiga, helga , tilegna , cONSEcra- 
re. To Devote one's Youth to the exercile of arms, 
upofra fin ungdom til krigS'Sfningar. To Devote one's 
felf to the lervice of God, upofra fig til Guds tjenfi. 
Devoted , Adj. helgad, tilcgnad, upofrad. (0=- Devot- 
ed or accurfed , forbannad. 

DEVOTION, S. gudsfruktan, andakr. He is at my 
devotion, han fidr under mil wold. D "J" Devotional 
Adj. anddktig. 

To DEVOUR, V. A. upfiuka , devorare. cr> To de- 
vour (DILAPIVARE)foroda,fSrf!Sfa.O^To DEVOUR 
or opprefs the people , j&rtrycka folkct. 0$* To Devour 
books , wara Ids-girig. Devoured , Adj. upfiukad. 

DEVOURER, 5. upflukarc, vorax. c5=- devourer 
or fpendthrift, fib" fare. Devouring, Adj. flukandc. 
Devouringly , Adv. (lukagligt. 

DEVOUT, Adj. or Godly, gudelig , anddktig, relt- 
giosus. 03=" devout or bigotted , jkenheli^. De- 
voutly, Adv. anddktigt. Devoutnefs, f. anddktighet. 

DEUTERONOMY, S. femtc Mofis bok. 

DEW, S. dagg^, ROS. Dew-lap, den hengande hudcrt 
under oxe. A Dew-fnail, dagg-matk. Mill- 
dew , honungs-dagg. 

■f DEWCE , S. or Devil, hln ondc ,' malvs genius. 
Dewce take you, hin ondetage dig. Dewce take him 
for a Rogue , hin tage den fkelmen. 

DEWCE , S. dufen i terning, DVAL1S. 

DEWY, Adj. med dagg befprcngd , roscidvs. 'Tis 

Dewy , det dr daggot. 
DEXTERITY, S.'behdndighct , JkickcUghet, finhet, fnil- 

le. Dexterous or Dextrous , Adj. bchdndig , fkickclh. 

Dexteroufly or Dextroufly , Adv. behdndigt , fine lit , 

mid fnille. 
DIABETES, S.pif-f.Sd, en fjukdom. 
DIABOLICAL, Adj. or Devilifli , djcfwulfk. Diaboli- 

c.illy . Adv. pa djcfwulfkt wis. 
DIADEM , S. or Crown , Crona , ellcr konungslig huf- 

DIAGONAL , S. en lineafrd det ena hSrnct til det andra. 

Diagonally , Adv. pa fddant wis. 
DIAGRAM, S. Mathcmathifk figur. 
DIAL , S.folwifarc, timfien , horologivm. The Needle 

of a dial, pinne pd en tim/len. The Dial of a watch, 

liffer-taflan pa etur. Dialling, f. timfiens- makcri. Item 

DIALECT, S. wifj art af tungomdl , fprdk-brott. 

DIALOGUE, S.famtal. To Dialogue, f. N. fkrifwa 

DIAMETER , S. fkiftc-linca uti en cirkcl. A tree that 
is fix foot Ln diameter, et trdd fex fot m'tt igenom. 

DIAMETRAL or Diametrical, Adj. twert Sfwcr , mit 
emot. Diametrically oppofite , mit emot fldendc. 

DIAMOND, S. demant , An am as. A true or counter- 
feit Diamond , en cgta ellcr oegta demant. Prov. it 
hardt emot hardt. G5" Diamond at cards , ruter i kort. 
Diamond-cut. demtnt-fiipning. A Diamond cutter , de- 

DIAPASM , S. dcsmans-pulrcr, 


D I A 

D 1 F 

DIAPASON , S. en oSav i DIAFENTE,/ en 
awint i mu/iken. 

DIAPER , Adj. rofot, variegatvs. Diaper-linnen , 
drill. Diaper-Napkins , drSIl-fcrweter. 

DIAPHANOUS, Adj. tr Tranfparent . durkfiktig, genom- 
/kinctig.PEL lucid vs. Diaphaneity, f.genom-Jkinciigbet. 

DIAPHORETICK, Adj. or caufing fweat, fvett-drif- 

DIARRHOEA, S. or Lask , durklopp. 

DIARY, S. or Journal, dagbok , D1AR1VM. 

DIBBLE, S. redjkap at fStta ylantor med , POST1NVU. 
C3* A dibble to bruft one's hat (verriculvm) 

D t DICACITY , 5. or Talkativenefs , fprSkfambet. 

DICE, S. plural, of Die, terningar , ALEJE. f To fet 
the dice upon one , narra en. Dicer , f. or dice-player, 
tern'ng-fpelare. Dicing , f. terningfpcl. 

DICKER, S. decker, eller tio flunn , DECZ/RJA PEL- 

To DICTATE, V. A. 'to tell one what he fliall write) 
diHcra. To Dilate a letter , didcra ei brcf. Dictated, 
Ad), dicierad. 

DICTATES, S. bud, reglor. To follow the dictates of 
reafon, folja fSrnuftets reglor. CJ" To go contrary to 
the dictates of one's own conscience, handla emot 
fma famwtts rSrelfir. e 

DICTATOR , S. en Romcrjk Ofwerbet. Dictatorial, Ad,. 
dertilASrig. Item myndiq , grStmyndig. 


DID , lmperf. Verbi. To Do. Ex. I did love , jag Slfka- 

D1DAPPER or dab-chick , S. dyk-fogel , colysibvs. 

To DIDDER , V. N. darra, trepidare. 

DIE, S. terning , ALEA. To play at die ( pbir. ) fpela 
lerning. A throw at die, el kafi. cCr" It was with- 
in a turn of a die , del flodalhr.aft pa el Sga. rrj" D I E 
(color, TiNcrur.A) ferg. Die-Hou.;, fcrghtu, C&* 
Aj crime of a dteperdie, cngrofmi/fgjcrnii 

*To DIE, V. N. dS , mori. To Die a natural death, 
Hifwa fot-d'd. To Die for love, do af kSrlek. Let 
me die if it be not true, jag nil d$ dcrpii , a! del Sr 
(ani. When is he to die } nSr fkall ban ga ut .'(ohm 
UfffSnge) He dies away , ban dor bcrt. 05 5 " To die 
(sti/PEFIERi) .dofna , foilcra kraftcn. 

**ToDIE, V. A.jerga, TixcERE. To Die black, 
blue, &e. ferga fwart , bl'tt trc. Di?d , Adj. fergad. 
Died black, fergai fwart. Dicr , f. fcrgare. A w„oIIen- 
Dier, ylle-fergare. A Silk-Dier, fdkes-fergare. 

***DIET, S. or Food ,foda , mat och dricka , victus. 
fX> diet (dimta) diet. (£5* diet {comitia) her- 
redag , riksdag. Diet-Drink, ISkc-dryck. 

To DIET one , V. A. holla en til wiff diet , DIJETAM 
kjstrare ) holla kofl fo' en. 

To DIET, V. N. fpifa , prakdere. Ex. Where do 
you diet every day ? hwar fpifen lorn dagarna ? Dieted, 
Adj. fpifad , hollen wid diet. 

To DIFFAME, V. A. wanryUa , danta. Diffamatory, 
itanrykielig. Diffanvtory Lil.ell , pafauil fmlde- 

To DIFFER, V.N. wars olik , (kiljaUig , S '••'■">. 

*To DIE, Goth. DEYA , mori. V~:d. fupr. DEAD. 
**To DIE , Goth. TIA. Sueth. TE, oftendendum preebere. 
***DIET, Goth. D1A , DT, lac pratert it. fumere, 
SMClh., DIJA , ret pecuarii minora. 

This differs very much from that, de'ta Sr ganfka 3t- 
fkilligt ifra del. He often differs from himfelf, ban ta- 
lar oj'ta emot Jig fjelf. They differ a little , dc Sro li- 
tet atjkilliga. ttS* We differ about this , wi Sro/kiljag- 
tiga hSrom. 

DIFFERENCE, S. or Difparity, atfkillighet , olik bet , 
atjkdnai. |Tj» DIFFERENCES falling out {lis) trdm, 
cenighct , agtigket. 

To DIFFERENCE, V. A. Stfkilja , distjucvere. 

DIFFERENT, Adj. at/killig , olik. This is very dif- 
ferent from that, delta Sr my cket atfkilligt ifra det. S» 
many different opinions , StJhiUiga meningar. Different 
Nations have different cuftoms, hwart och et land bar 
/in fed. Differently, Adv. atfkilligt. Differing, Adj. 

DIFFICULT, Adj. fwZr, beJwSrlig , mirk. Difficultly. 
Adv. or hardly , fwSrl'tga, Difficulty , / fwarhet. OS" 
Difficult}' or Doubt, iwifwelsmal , fivtir knut. 

To DIFFiDE a Thing, V. N. mifftro. Diffidence,/: »r 
Dillruit , mifftroende. Cj* Diffidence or timidity , r&dd- 
het. Diffident, Adj. or diftruftful , mijftrogen. ffj* 
Diffident or fearful, ridd. Diffidently , Adv. med mi f- 
troende , r&ddhoga. 

DIFFRANCHISEMENT, 5. ( of a city ) fSrlorandc sf 

To DIFFUSE, V. A. utfyriia?, fSrdela. niFrv.vDS- 
re. Diffm'ed , Adj. utfpridd. (j5=- A Diffufed ftyle , 
widlyfttg fkrifart. Diffufedly, Adv. wdlyftigt. D.ffu- 
(ion , f utfpridandc. DifrWfive f A.i). flor , wida flric- 
kande. A Diff.ilive charity, n-ida jlrdckandc k&rlek. 

*To DIG, V. A. or to delve , gr.ffwa , roDERE. To 
Dig the ground, grSfwa i jorden. Digged, Adj.grSf- 
wen. Digger , f. gr&fware. 

To DIGEST, V. A. fmclta, kola, digerere. To 
Digeft one's meat or Victuals, fmelta maun. CIS* To- 
DIGEST or fet in order, futta i ordning.rfj*To DIGEST 
or put up an Aff-ont , t.iga til goda, fitjlja en (kymf, 
Digefled . Adj, fmelr. ■ f.jom befordrar fmelt- 

ningrn. Digeftibie , Adj. fun kan fnu ' 

DIGESTION, S-. /helming. Ill degeffron, ilak fm:h- 
n'mg. Di-;eitive , Adj. I'id. Digefler. 

•j- DIGHT, Fid. to Deck , or fet off. CS* Dight me or 
wipe my Breech , firyk mig bah. 05° A Digit, Vii. 

DIGIT , S. fa kaHas alia tal til tio. item trefjcrdels turns. 
matt och en ti:te del /SrmSrkelfe af Sol eller mane. 

D fDIGLADIATION, S. or Fighting with naked 
Swordi , wed bar wSrja. 

To DIGNIFY, V. A. or Promote to dignity, uphuga 
til nogon bede' ■', provehere. KB. fSges meft om an- 
deliga Handel. Dignified or dignify 'd , Adj. uphogd. 

DIGNITY, S. werdi;bet, werde. C^f DIGNITY (nobi- 
litas) add,Sdelhet'cO^B j g NIT Y (Af UNVS ) hedersflSllc. 
Digtytary , f. en Prelat , eller enfom bar nogoe af de ho~ 
gre Ambe-en i En°dlka Ivrkan. 

To DIGRESS , V. 'ifra faken. Digresflon , /. lem- 
n.inde af faken. 

To DIJUDICATE, V. A.urdela , dSma emellan twSnne. 
r^ To DuumcATE or to dlfringu'fll , fkilja. 

DIKE. v. or D'tch , dike, graf, fossa. OS" DIKE 
O' Caufey, jnrdbro, nrhogdw.ig. Dike-Grave or Dike- 
He' ve , Graf- TnfpeSor. 

To DILACERATE, V. A. jlycka , flnderjlita , /:>« 

i ftycken 

*Tod; u , Guth. DIJ, Sueth. DY , locus voraginofut 
6- deprcsfui. 

D I L 

D I L 

iflycken. Dilacerated , Adj. findcrrifw-n. Dilaceration, 

f. fSnderrifwande. 
DILAPIDATION, S. (Lag-term) husrota. A Parfon 

guilty of dilapidation , tn prcfl font roter ned preflgdr- 

den. To dilapidate , V. A. rota ned. Dilapidated , Adj. 

DILATABLE , Adj. fom kan ulwidgas. 

DILATATORY , Vid. Dilater. 

To DILATE, V. A. utwidgt, dilatare.^ To di- 
late, V. \N. utfirdzka fig. CCJ* Theie are the two 
Topicks he lias made choice of to dilate upon, defla 
tro de twdnne fyeken han har wall at tali ofwer. 
DILATER, S. et Jeidfridrs redfhap , DlhATORlVM. 
DILATORY, Ad). drSgfam. Dilatory Pleas or Exce- 
ptions, exceptiones dilatorix. 05=" A dilatory Man , !/i 
irSg , longfam karl , fSler. 
fDILDOE, S. kdia awinfolks tidfurdrif, PENIS SVC- 

DILEMMA, S. et fndrjande argument, fortretlighet , 

DILIGENCE, 5., fndlhet, aktfamhei. Diligent, 

A ij. flitig. Diligently , Adv. fliteliga. 
•DULLING, S. el barn fSdt i fina jjrdljrars dlderdom , 

morsTz/cn, proculls , amasius. 
To DlLUCIDATE, V. A.uplyfa, forklara. Dilucidated, 

Adj. uplyfi. Dilucidation , f. uplysning. 
DILUTE, Adj. blandad , upmcngd, upfpddd. 
To DILUTE, V. A.upfpdda mtdwatn. To dilute Vine, 

Ida win m:d watn. Diluted, Adj. upfpddd. 
**DIM, Adj. or dark, mark, OBSCURUS. Dim Co- 
lour, mSrk fcrg. Dimmed , Adj. formSr&ad. Dimnefs, 
f. mSrkhct. Dim-lighted, mork-ogd. (x5=- To burn faint 
and dim , brinna morkt. 
To DIM , V. A. formotka , obfvscare. That dims my 

iiqht, del morkar mln fyn. 
DIMENSION, S. matt, mJtning. 
D| DIMICATION, 5. or Skirmiihing , fkirmisflan , 

To DIMINISH , V. A. firming, VIMIS'UERZ. c3*To 
DIMINISH, V. N. (dimisui) fSrminfkas , aftaga. 
Diminished , Adj. forminfkad. Dirr.inifhment or Dimi- 
nution , f. fSrtniafkning. Diminutive, J', diminutivum. 
Diminutive, Adj. linn, ringa , firaktclig. 
DIMITTY, S. parkum (« flags tyg) PAXNUS QV1DAM. 
DIMPLE , S. et litet trindt hoi , eller grop i hakan , 
MEXTl FOSSVLA. To dimple, V. A T . gjora fmd gro- 
par. Dimpled , Adj. fma-^ropot. 
DIN, S. or Noife, dan , klang , SOX1TVS. \V r haf a din 
is there? hwad dr der for dan ? To make a din, ddn- 
na. "J - 1 fliall ftill your din, jag fkall ftoppa mun.ien 
pa dig. 
To DINE, V. N. dta middag, traxdere. I have 

dined , jag har dtit, Dining-room , matfal. 
***To DING, flSia emot , illidere. To ding Plate, 
[Id at /ilfwer.c£**To ding one's Ears with a thing per- 
petually , holla et trail ,pldga en dageliga med famma lat. 
DING-DONG, S. bing , bang ( klocke-ldt ) Ding- 
dong , Adv. tdtt ihop. 
DINNER, 5. middag, PRAXD IUM. Prov. AFTER D1S- 
hwila dig pd middazen , r'r dig pa aftonwarden. To eat 

*DILLING , Goth. DILK.UR, DILKIN, agnus LaHans. 

**DIM, Coth. DIMM*, caligo. Sueth. DIMBA , ne- 
bula. Anglo-Sax, DYM, olfcurus. 

***To DING , Goth. DEING A, tundere. Sueth. DENGA, 
pulfare, Isi. DETJA, motiiare t (fr.fuiij'afe. 

one's dinner, dta middag. Dinner - time , midddgt- 
DINT, S. tryckning ,, merke , iupressio. 05 s " 
DINT ( ris ) magi, kraft. To get a thing by dint of 
Sword, winna nogot med fwerds-dgg eller hdrs-magt. 
This Controverfy muft needs be decided by dint of 
Sword, denna trdtan mdUe fkiljas medwdrjc-uddcn.CTj* 
The dint of adifcourfe, krafunaf et tal , hufwud-mdlt* 
af en discurs. (jj* DINT ( VESTIGIUM ) merke, fpor. 
To dint , Vid. to ding. 
DIOCESS, S. Stift. c5» Diocefar, ( he that inhabits 
within a diocefs ) Stifts-broder. Diocefan, f. Bijkop. 
To DIP, V. A. doppa , immergere. 05* To Dip or 
mortgage, an Eftate, pantfdtia en egendom. To |dip 
one's Bread in the Sauce , doppafit t brSd i fddet. (J^* Ta 
dip into a Book, ogna i en bok. D "|" Dipper, f. $k- 
namn pa wederdopare. 
DIPLOMA , 5. Spet bref, patent , mdftare-bref. 
DIPT, Adj. or dipped, doppad. 
DIRE, Vid. direful. 
DIRECT, Adj. or ftrait, rdt, fnor-rdt. In a dire« 

Line, fnSr-rdit. 
To DIRECT, V. A.ordinera, fldlla , fiyra, DIRIGE- 
re. To direft one's Actions to God's glory , fldlla Ji- 
na gje.-ningar til Guds dra. To direil a Letter to one , 
fldlla et bref til en. To Direct or ihew one hew 
to do a thing , wifa en hum man fkall gjora no- 
got. To direct or to bend one's Courfe toward* 
a Place , fldlla fin kofa til en ort. To direct or to 
fteer one's Courle at Sea, fiyra fin kofa til fjSs. I 
pray God direft you for the bed, Gud fiyre edcr til 
det betfla. Directed , Adj. fldld , flyrd , wifl. 
DIRECTION , S. fiyrelji , anforande. He has the dire- 
ction of that Affair , han har flyrelfen af den faken. 03* 
DIRECTION {assigxatio) adrcjf. The direction of a 
Letter , adrejfen af et bref. tfj* To follow one's 
directions, jolja ens bcfalning. (Xlr'Pray give me dire- 
ctions how to do it, kdre, wifa mig hur jag fkall gjorat. 
DIRECTLY, r.or indirectly , Adv. hwarken direcle eller 
indireSe. 05* DIRECTLY { C02VFEST1M ) genafl. He 
came directly to me, han kom genafl til mig, TheSu* 
fhines directly upon their Heads , folen fniner dnda 
rdtt pd hufwudet pd dem. Directly againft , twert emot. 
Directnefs , /. rdthet , dnda fram. Director, f. fly ra- 
re , wife. Director , Vid. Conder. 
DIREFUL, Adj. grym, fSrfkrdckelig , DIRVS. 
DIRECTION, S. or Robbing , rlfweri, ran. 
*DIRGE, S. lik-fong, NJEN1A FVMEBRls. 
**DIRT , S. orenlighet , fkarn , trdck , CttLNVU. Ct> T» 
get the dirt off of one's Face , fkaffa lorten af anfiktet. 
j To throw dirt upon one, tala fkamlofi dl eller om 
en. Dirtily , Adv. or bafely , gement, fait. Dirtinefs , 
f. or dirt, orenlighet. C(5*Dirtinefs orBafenefs , gemen- 
het , nedrighet. 
DIRTY, Adj. lortlg , oren , flem , oterug , IftPURUS. 
OS* DIRTY ( vilis ) gemen. 0t/" To do one's dirty 
M'ork, gjora ens hund-fyfior, lata brukafig i gemena ftrek. 
Jo DIRTY , V. A.folka, orena, IXOUINARE. You dirty 

my Linen , du orenar mil lintyg. 
To DISABLE, gjSra oformogca^iXFiRHARE. 05" To 
N 2 difable 

"DIRGE, Goth. DYR, carus. DYRK.A, corurn cem~ 

fere , colere. 
**dirt , Goili. dirt , ccxnum.1 DRiTT (apud Scotos) 

D I S 

D I S 

difablc a Ship , eafera et fktp. 00*. To difable the 
Guns of a Battery ,. ruintra et batun. Difability, o- 
ftrmogtnhet, wan'firhet. ($3* A dii'abled Creature, en 
krympimg , wanfSr. 

To DISABUSE, V. A. or undeceive., komma en pd 
rett menins 'Sen , ERRORE ABSOLrERE. 

To DISACK.NOWLEDGE, V. A- neka, ieke wiJgS, 

DISADVANTAGE, S. nakdel, ftrlufi, a S*5*>*?~ 
commodum. Diladvantaged , Adj. fSrfSrdelad. Dil- 

dvajiatageous, Adj. mindre gagnelig , fkadeltg. Dd- 
advantageoufly , Adv. obeawdmliga , utan fardel. 

D1SADVENTURE, I'U. Mifchance. 

To DISAFFECT, V. A. miffUka , ogill* ,. " ,p f°V: 
B £. c(S- Nothing ought to difaffeit us againfta lawful 
King, intet bSr fdlta ojf emot en U .: tfwerhet. 
DifafFefted, Adj. ilia finnad. The difaffe&ed to the 
Gorernment , dc ilia finnade mot regeringen. Difafte- 
i\\on,fi afwoghet. Difaflfiftionate , Adj. ilia finnad, 

To DISAGREE, V. N. oflmjas, discrep. ire. They 
begin to difagree , de bSrja flrfiS fig ilia med hwajan. 
To difagree with one, ftrjlifig ill.' med en. Difagree- 
able, Adj. twer , motwillig. o5* Difagreeable or un- 
pleafant, obehaglig , led. Difagreed, Adj. fom dr ioe- 
nighct. Difagreement , ofdmja , oenighet. 

To DISALLOW , V. A. or diflike, ogilla , rata , SE~ 
PROBARE. Difallowed, Adj. ogillad. Difallowing , /*• 

D|To DISANCHOR, V. N. or weigh Anchor, lyfta 
ankar , solvere. 

DfTo DISANIMATE , V. A. or difliearten, gjoraen 

To DISANNUL, V. A. or make void, caffera , gjSra 
ogiltig. DJfanulled, Adj. ogillig gjord. 

To'DISAPPEAR , V. N. or vaiiiih , fSrfvinna , evase- 
scere. Difappcared , Adj. f&rjwunnen. 

firandf.iua en, f.xera en, frustrari. Praj , don't 
difappoint me , kire, fwik mig ickc. OS* To disappoint 
one's defign, gjSra ens anflag til intet. He wUI be 
difappointed , Adj. det IS'r ieke ga an for honom. tfj* 
To be difappointed or mifs of one's aim , mijflyckas. 

DISAPPOINTMENT , S.\firek,fixcrahde, frustratio. 
rft DISAPPOINTMENT (cal ami tas) motgang. This 
World is full of Difappointments , denna werlden dr full 
med wedermSda. 

To DISAPPROVE, V. A. or diflike, misjlika , ogilla, 
jmprobare. Difapproved , Adj. ogillad. Dilapprov- 
ing , f. ogillande. 

DISARD , Vid. Dizzard. 

To DISARM, V. A. gjSra wapnlos , dearmare. Dif- 
itmcii , Adj. wdrjelos gjord. Difarming , /". Vid. Verb. 

■fDISARRAY'D, Adj.fidld i oordning , CONFUSUS. 

DISASTER, S. or Misfortune, mifjfdllc , olycka, 
infortunium. Difaftrous, Adj. »r unfortunate, 

T» DISAVOW, V. A. or Difapprove, ogilla, rata, 
improbare. 05* To disavow (delegare) neka , 
wedcrfaka. Difavowed , Adj. nekad , wederfakad.. 

To DISBAND, V. A. afdanka, exauctorare. To 
disband the Troops , , afdanka tropparna. fj^r To DIS- 
BAKD, V. N. (separahi) fSrfkiagras. Disbanded, 
Adj. afdankad. Disbanding , / afdankning. 

DISBELIEF , S. or Diffidence, twiftaa , mifftroende , 


To DISBELIEVE, V.. A. mifftra , tweka, diftide. 
RE.rf^-'Vo disbelieve (rej i cere) intet tro. I neither 
believe, not disbelieve it, jag hwarken tror ttter intet 
tror det. Disbelieved, Adj. intet trodd. 
To DISBURDEN, V. A. aj'borda , aftadda , £XON era- 
re. Disburdened, Adj. aj-laddad. 
To DISBURSE, V. A. or lay out, ISgga ut , expen- 
dere. I have already disburfed a great deal of Money, 
jag bar redan lagt ut en ftor del penningar. Disburie- 
ments , /. utbetalningar. 
DISCALCEATED , Adj. afjkodd. Difcalceated Friers. 

barfota-mutd ar. 
To DISCAMP, 6c Vid. To decamp, &c. 
To DISCARD, V. A. or turn off, caffera, affkeda , 
exauctorare. To Difcard a Servant, affkeda en 
DISCENT, S. (lag-term) Ex. To make one's Difcent 
from one's Anceftors, wifa dr.ftelig hdfd och befit- 
ning pa en egendcrm , DESCENSUS H CREDIT AR1US. 
To EilSCERN one thing from another, V. A. atfkil- 
ja emellan et ting och et (Jj=" To DISCERN or 
perceive , fSrmerka , fkSnja. Difcerned , Adj. Vid. 
To Difcern. Difcerneri /. fom atfkiljer. Difcernible, 
Adj. fom kan merkas. Difcerning , Adj. Jkarpfynt , 
DISCERNMENT , S. or the decerning Faculty, urfkil- 

ningsgafwa , omdSme , judicium. 
To DISCERP, V. A. franflita. Difcerptible , Adj. fom 

kan franjlitas. Difcerp ^tion, f. franjlltande. 
DISCHARGE, S. friflgelfe, qwUtenee, frigjSrelfe , 
ABSOJ.UTIO. <Xj' discharge (dimissio) affked. 
rjfr" DISCHARGE or Firing of Guns , afjkjutande. 
To DISCHARGE, V. A. or to acquit, frikalla, fri- 
gjSra , absotvere. To difcharge one that is charged 
with a Crime , frikalla en ifranen bcfkyllning. To dif- 
charge one's Conscience, gjSrafic famwete fyllefi. To 
difcharge one's felf from a great Obligation , aflSrda 
fig en fkyldighet. uj* To difcharge a Servant or a Sol- 
dier, affkeda en tjenarc slier foldai. (J^ To difcharge 
or releafe a Prifoner, fleppa los en fange. cij* To 
difcharge or exempt one from Duty, undankalla en 
ifrun defj plikt. oj" To difcharge or fire a great Gun, 
fkjuta afet/lycke. C5 = ' To difcharge or pay a Debt, 
afborda en jkuld. To difcharge the Houfe , betala det 
man JSrtdrt i et hits. OS 1 " To difcharge one's Duty, 
J'ultgjura fin pligt , utretta en Jak. ClS" A River that 
.difcharges or empties itfelf into the Sea, en flod fom 
jailer uti hafwet. Difcharged , Adj. frigjord , affkedad, 
betalt &'c. 
DISCHEVELLED. Vid. Diffievelled. 
DISCIPLE, S. or Sholar, ISrjunge. Difciplinable, Adj. 
fom kan Idras. Difciplinarians , f. or Puritans , Puri- 
DISCIPLINE, S. or ftrift Order , ordning , tugt, fpdkt. 
The Difcipline of War , krigs-tugt. Church-Difciplinc, 
kyrko-ordning. Ctj* DISCIPLINE (Inftruftion or Educa- 
tion ) underwisnini , upfofiring. 
To DISCIPLINE, V. A. underwifa ,rettaaf, ikstrv- 
ERZ. To Difcipline an Army , inretta en krigshdr.(£r- 
To DISCIPLINE or fcourge , pifka ( Jafom fker i klS- 
firen) Difciplincd , Adj. imdcrwifl , inrettad. Our Sol- 
diers are well difciplined, wara foldatet dro braktetil 
god ordning. 
To DISCLAIM, V. A.affSga fig ,renuxciarz. Dif- 

claimed, Adj. affagd. 
To DISCLOSE, V. A. uptdeka , kundgjora, 2.KYZLA- 


D I S 

D 1 S 

Jt£. To difclofc one's Heart to one , Spna fit hjerta 
• far en. To difclofe a Secret , upenbara en hemlighet. 
CO* To DISCLOSE (excludere) utklScka. 05* To 
DISCLOSE, V. N. (CERMIKARZ) kr.oppas. Difclofcd , 
Adj. uptdekt , &c. 
To DISCOLOUR, V. A. uttaga rettafergen af nogot. 

Difcoloured, Adj. fom forlorat fergen. 
To DISCOMFIT, V. A. drifwa pa fiykten , profli- 
care. Difcomrited , Adj. pd fl)kten drifuen. Dit'com- 
riture , f. en IrigskJrs nederlag. 
DISCOMFORT, S. forg, wederwrdighet , MCEROR. 
To DISCOMFORT, V. A. qwMja, oroa, fSrireta, 

AFFL1CERE. Difcomforted , Adj. qwald , oroad. 
To DISCOMMEND, V. A. lafta, vituperarz. Dif- 
commendable , Adj. laflbar. Difcommendation , f. la- 
fiande , jkam , blygd. Dlfcommended , Adj. laflad. 
To DISCOMMODE, V. A. oroa, i.vcommodarz. 

Difcommod.'d , Adj. oroad. 
DISCOMMODITY, S. or Inconveniency , oro. 
To DISCOMPOSE, V. A. try, oroa, gjSra olufiig , 
ixovietaRE. The lead thing difcompofes him, del 
stinfta i werldcn gjor honom orolig. DiSconipofed , Adj. 
brydd , oroad. ttj* Difcompofed or indifpofed, kr&m- 
pot , opafiig. Difcompol'ure ; f. orollghet , olujl. 

To DISCONCERT, V. A. fSrbryUa, perturb are. 

Difconcerted , Adj. forbryllad. 

DISCONSOLATE, Adj. or Comfortlefs , trSftlos. 

DISCONTENT, S. miffnoge , parti, ctj" DISCONTENT or 
Sorrow, forg. c5* A Difccntent or diicontented 
Perfon , en mifjr.ugd. 

To DISCONTENT, V. A. fSrtreta, firolufta. Dif- 
contented , Adj. miffnogd, fortretad. The discontent- 
ed People or Party , de miffnSgde. To have a dis- 
contented Look ,- fe fSrtretadut. CTj~ To bear a thing 
with a diicontented Mind , tola nogot med tungt hjer- 
ta. C5 = ' To live a difcontented Life, lefwa ofSmogdt. 
Discontentedly, Adv. ofornogdt , fSnreiliga. Difcon- 
tentment, Vid. Difcontent. 

To DISCONTINUE, V. A.afbryta, afiemna . ikter- 
mittere. Discontinued , Adj. nfumnad. Disconti- 
nuance , afbrott. 

DISCONTINUOUS , Adj. nfbnuen. 

DISCORD, S. or Difagreemer.t , ofamja , oen'ghet. To 
be at Difcord , mi'sfSmjas. CS" A discord ( in Tunes 
er Voices) oldie i toner och rofier. Diicordant , Adj. 
olatig, ilia laiande. A discordant Voice , olatig roft. 

To DISCOVER , V. A.upldeka, upenbara, DETECERE. 
To difcever a Secrete/- confp : racy (to make a Discove- 
ry of it) uptScka en hemli^het. To difcover one's 
felf ', gifwa fig kunn'g. And the thing difcover'd itfelf, 
faken-w fade fig fijelf. 05 s To DISCO V ER r J.VfE.viRE) 
iinna , hitta pj , merka , forfid. ChriSropher Columbus 
difcover'd SirSt of all the Ne«- World , Columbus fant 
fSrfl pa den nya werlden. Difcoverable , Adj. font tan 
paf.nnas. Dikovered, Adj. pdhittad. Difcoverer , f, 
angijware , fSrklickare. 

DISCOVERY, f. or Finding out, rSn ,fynd, pdhittan- 
de , uptunlande , jnventio. To make the Difcovery 
of a Country or of a Conspiracy , uptScka et land 
ellcr fammangadning. r^±- You fhall notfare the worfe 
for your Difcovery to me, du bar in°en faraom du up- 
tdeker del for mig. He made a full Difcovery of him- 
felf to me , ban gaf fig aldeles kuanig for mig. 
To DISCOUNT, V. A, afdraga, sibtramers. 

DISCOUNT, S. or Deduction, afdrag, DETRAeTfo. 
Diicounted, Ad), afdragen. 

To DISCOUNTENANCE , V. A. ickegifua medholU 
Irndra , FROKTE NUBILA EXC1PERE. To dlfcouil- 
tenmce Luxury , hindra Sfwerfiodet. Difcountenanced, 
Adj. hindrad, lilbaka holLn. 

To DISCOURAGE , V. A. hetaga enom model , ANI- 
mum adimere. To difcouraye an Undertaking , hin- 
dra , l&gga fiz emot et fSretagande. 

DISCOURAGEMENT , 5. modets betagande, a- 
nachdcl, hinder, motftand, forlufi. Dii'courager/. hlndrare, 

DISCOURSE , S. tal , fitmtal , discurs. C# A Difcourfe 
or Treaiife of Divinity, en and.llg traaat. 

To DISCOURSE, V.K. tala, discurrera, ifwerldggt, SER- 
MOCIX AR1. To difcourfe on a Subject, tala om en fak. 
05=" To difcourfe or talk with one, discurrera med en. 

To DISCOUF.SE a tHng , V. A. argumentera offer en 
fak. tx5" To difcourfe a Man, discurrera med en. Dif- 
courfed of, Adj. omlalad. Dlfcourfive, fom l.orer til 

DISCOURTEOUS, Adj. or unkind, ohSflig , iavr- 
bakus. Difcourte^ufy , Adv. ohSfiiga. 

DISCOURTESY, S.mijfi i, fortret, injuria. You 
have done me a great diicourteiy , du har gjort mig 
fior fortret. 

DISCREDIT, S. or Difgiace, wanhidcr , DEDECVS. 
It will be much to your dHcredit, del lar gjora eder 
mycken wanheder. 05* DISCREDIT 'inclementia ) 

To DISCREDIT , V. A. wanhedra , wanrykta en, IX- 
r am are. Discredited, Adj. wanryktad. 05°" To DIS- 
CREDIT (diffidzre) Intel :ro. 

DISCREET, S. fSrnuftig , fSrfihig, oiscretus. Dif- 
creetly , Adv. fornufteliga. 

DISCREPANT, Adj. or rppugnant , firi£g. 

DISCRETION, S.fSrnuftighet, bejKedlighet^, PRVDEN- 
tia. The years of Difcretion , myndiga dr , mogen al- 
der. C5=" DISCRETION or Will (arBITRZUM) behag , To yield one's Self to one's Difcretion, 
underkafia fig ens behag. To Surrender at Difcretion , gif- 
va fig pa add och or.dd. 05" Ufe your own i>ifcretio« 
in it, gjor deruti fom edcr lehagar. Difcretionary ,Adj. 
Ex. A difcretionary Power , oinfkrivkt magt. 

To DISCRIMINATE, V. A. urfkilja, dtfkilja, dis- 
tixovere. To difcriminate one's felf frem others, 
fkilja fii frdn andra. Discriminated , Adj. dtfkild.T>\{- 
crimination , f. fi.dnad. OS* The times of Discrimi- 
nation, parti-tider. • 

To DISCUSS, V. A. orexamine, flit a , genom-hdkla , 
DISCUTERE. To difcufs a BuSineSs, flita en fak.V)\(- 
cufsed , Adj. fiiten. Difcufsion, 

DISDAIN, S. or Scorn, ftraki , wdmjelfe , fasti- 

T DISDAIN, V. A.fSralta, wederwerdas, FASTID1- 

RE. Difdained, Adj. foraktad. DiSdainSul , Adj '. fpoifh. 

Difdainfully , Adv.forakteliga. Difdainfulnefs, ffpotfk- 
DISEASE , S. or DiSlemper , fjukdom , morbus. C5* 

The foul Difeafe , venerijW fjuka , franfoferna. 
To DISEASE, V. A. or to trouble , bry , oroa, TVR- 

BARE. DiSeaSed, Adj. fjuklig , krdmpot. D 'fDifeaL 

ednefs, [. fjukllgh.ct. 
To DISEMBARK , &c. Vid. To Difimbark , tVc. To 

Difembogue, Vid. To DiSimbogue , (fc.To rifengage, 
N J ire. 

D I S 

£•,:. I'.. I. ToDifingage, &c. To Difentangle , (ft. Vid. 
To ri . vc. . 

t - 5TEEM , S. wanwtrditad, cokteutvs. Tobring 
e ei i . file eo i fSrakt. 

To DISESTEEM, V. A. wamvirda, viliiendere. 
','',■ ^dd. 

DISFAVOUR, -!>• ogunfl, Disri.jci.NTiA. OS* dis- 
favour (l.\l--Rl)ANlT.4s)ol:5jUghct.O!j'DlSFAVOVR 
( ijtFO/i.vir.w ) wjnjkaplighet. 

To DISFAVOUR , f. ^- wara gramfe, miflgynaa, ovis- 
se , fastidire. Disfavoured, v4<//'. mijfgynnad. CO* 
To DISFAVOUR i Hrf. To Disfigure. 

To DISFIGURE, V. \A. wan/kapa , lyta, deforha- 
rf. To disfigure one's Vacc,l;tacnsanfiktc. Disfigured, 
Adj. lytt ient, f. lyte. 

To DISFOREST, V. A. uthugga , utdSma en fkog{lag- 
tcrm ) . . 

To DISFRANCHISE, V. A. (lag-term) borltaga privi- 
• . n-RE civitatis prii'are. Disfranchised, 
. utdSmd. Disfranchifement , f. utd'm.-.nde. 

To DISFURN1SH, 6v. Vid. To Unfurnifli. 

To DISGARN1SH, V. A. Vid. Garnifli. 

To DISGORGE, V. A.fpy, kajla up, vomere. c5* 
To difgorge itfclf into the Sea, ISpa uti hafwet (om 

DISGRACE, S. wanhedtr, fkymf, dedecvs. How 
came lie to bring fuc'i i Difgrace upon fiimfelf? huru 
kom ban .. icken pa Ji? ? He is aD:l- 

grace to his Friends , ban Sr en jkam j'Sr fina winner. 
C5* DISGRACE cr Disfavour, ogunfl , onude. To be 
in Disgrace at Court, vara i ondd uid hofuct. 

To DISCiRACE, V. A.fkdmma, g/oraenom ikam , DE- 
decorare. You difgrace your Relations, Iwanhedren 
eder flSgt. To difgrace one's fell", Jkamma 'it Jig. 05* 
To DISGRACE or to brand with Infamy , wanrykta, 
gjSra .r-;/Jj. Difgraced, Adj. wanhtdrad , fkdmd. 05" 
Difgraced a; Court, i v,i.i kofwet; 

DISGRACEFUL, Adj. Jkamtig, nanhei.:rlic , COKTV- 
mfliosvs. A difgraceful Suit of Clothes , en Jul 
HSJring. Nothing can be more difgraceful, intei Ian 
njM tr.zr fkam ' Difgracefutly , Adv. (kamllga , 
wanhedeiiiga. Difgraccfulnefs, Vid. difgrace. Difgracer. 
f. en fom giSr fkam. 

To DISGRADE ,■ Src. Vld. To Degrade. 

■j-To DISGRUNTLE, V. A. fSrtSma, gjlra fiicken , Disgruntled, Adj. fSrtSrnad. 

DISGUISE, S. or Counterfeit Habit, JSrkl.idd habit, 
lar<'a. 05* DISGUISE or Pretence, firewendning. 

To DISGUISE , V. A. firUdda . fSrJtJLla , persona- 
re. (Xj 1 To DISSUISE or altera thing, fSrandra 
forncn af nogot. o5* To DISGUISE or conceal one's 
intentions .JSrdSljjfit up fit. Difguil'ed , Adj. firUddd 

DISGUST, S. or Diflikc , owilja , ofmak , FAST1DI- 
trtt. H<c took a Difguil at me , han fattade owilja til 
mig. To take fome Difguft at , wjra ilia tilfrids 
rued en fak. 

To DISGUST, V. A.fattawederw;ija,fSrakta,FA- 
s Til ire. Difgurted , Adj. den mm h'ar wedcrv/dja fS- 
re. CO" Dilguficd at a thing, ilia tilfrids nud et ting. 

DISH, S. difk,fat, patina. A Did of Meat orFift, 
e" fat tiler reit kStt eller ffk. CfJ- DISH or Courfe 
of Meat, anreitning at mat. orjr- A DISH' or Porringer, 
en fktd. try- A dish ofCofTee or of Chocolate , en kopp 
eaffc tfc.tfr- You have done it in a Di/h or neatly , 
in har gjordt da ritfw&U Pror. THE DISH WEARS 

D I S 


IT'S OWN COVER, lock efter lytta. f Fools which 
each Man meets in his Diflt eadi day , tokar fum man 
finner hwar dag. f To lay a thing in one's Diih ,fS, 
wiu , farekafla enom nogot , kajla enom i fatct. 
Clout , difk-trafa. 

DISH-Vaft or Difll-water , dijk-watn , fkuror , ovis- 

To DISH up, V. A. Sfa up , IJgga up maun , 1NSTRV- 


DIS-HARMONY, 5. or Jarring, ofSmja, oenigket , 


To DISHEARTEN, V. A. Jkrdma, gjHra khnmodig, 
EXANIMARE. Dillieartened , Adj. flu-itmd, modflulen. 
Why are you lo diflieartened ? hwi laten i model fjup- 

■f DISHERISON, 5. or Disinheriting , arfios-gjSran.U , 


To DISHERIT , Vid. To Difinherit. 
DISHERITOR, 5 en fom gjSr arfiSs eller undangdr f 

nom ens arf, ixtrusop.. 
DISHEVELLED, Adj. en fum har hengande har , CRlm 


DISHONEST, Adj. odrlig, fkelmfk, improbus. A 
difiionefl Man , oiiiigkarl , flulm. Difljoneft dealings, 
ft^-'.mjkagjcrninoar. K^ DISHONEST or unchaft, okyjk, 
Idttfirdig. Diilioneftly , Adv. oSrliga , okyfkliga. 
Diflionefty , f. or Knavery, fkelmeri, hedrSglighet. A 
great piece of diflionelly , el fl.orijkelmf.yckc. cO* 
Di/honefty, okyjkhct , l&ttfdrdighet. 

DISHONOUR, S. or difgrace, wandra, wttnacdtr,i>3r- 

To DiSHONOUR, V. A. or difgrace , wanhedra, y/an- 
worda, dehonestare. Difjionourable , Adj.Jkamlig. 
Difhonourably , Adv. fkamlga. Diihonoured , Adj. 

To DlSiMBARK, V. A". Jiiga pit land , exscende- 
re. ojr - To DISIMDARK o/-go 01T, from an Under- 
taking , afjla med ct fireiagande. Difimbarked , Adj. 

To DISIMBOGUE itfelf , V. N. falla ait , sz exoxe- 
R4RE {om enfloi) OS* To DISIAIBOGUE {navigare\ 
ftgta ri' SjSs, 

To DISI>.XHANT , V. A. om°jura fSrkjusning , propr. 
(r Jig. exca.vtare. Difinchanted, Adj. Vid. Vcri-. 

DISINCLINED, Adj.obcn.1gen , ogen. They are disin- 
clined one to the other, dc Sro ogen. 


To DISINCOURAGE, V. A. Vid. To Difcourage. 

To DISINGAGE , V. A. ISs-gjira , reda m, solvere. 
Difingaged, Adj. ISsgjord, frig/ord. Difingagemcnt , 
f. frigjorclfc. &c. Vid. Verb. 

DISINGENUOUS, Adj. oredlig , ljumjk, Jkrymtagtig. 
Dilingemuty, f. oredlighec , Jkrymtan. Difingcnuoufly, 
Adv. oredeligcn. 

D1SINHABITED, Adj. obebodd , Sdt , vesertss. 

To DISINHERIT , V. A. gjSra arflU , exhjehedake. 
Disinherited , Adj. arftis rjord. 

To DISINTANGLE, V.A. ISsgjSra, propr. & fig. sol- 
yERE. To difin tangle the Hair, reda hdren. c3* T« 
dilintangle one's feif from a fcurvy Bufinefs, reda /z> 
ur en led fak. Difintangled , Adj. Udig gjord. 

DISINTERESSED or difinterefled , Adj. owdidag, icke 

Difintc-reflednefs , /. owJUdughtt. Dilintereiledly, man 
enfkyldi nytta. 


D I S 

D I S 

To DISINTER, V. A. affitrdcka, deterreri. 
To DIS1NTHRONE, &e. Vid. To unthrone, 6c. To 
• riifintricate , &e. Vid. To difir.tangle , &e. 
To DISINVITE , V. A. afledja , deprecarj. Dif- 
inviteu , Adj. afbeden. Difinvitation or Difinviting , 

f. afbcdjande. 
To DISJOYN, V. A. findra, fordela, DISJUXGERE. 

D: s j oyned , Adj. fondrad. 
To_DISJOi\T, V. A. draga ur led, deartvare.^ 

To DISJOINT { dividere) fonderbyta en egendom. 

Disjointed, Adj. utur led. 
DISK , .':. p. ens c'.ler Manans jj r.lige del , DISCUS so- 
us vet LUKjC. 
DISKINDNESS , S. otjenfl , fkada , xoxa. To do one 

a di'kindneis, gjSra enom 
DISLIKE, S. miffhag , ofimak , FASTID1USI. 
To DISLIKE, V. A. or difallow, hafwa ofmak JSre , 

cgiUa , ide tycka am , avers ari. Difliked , Ad:. 

Vid. Verb. 
D t DISLIMBED , Adj.lemlSs gjord, demehsratvs. 
To DISLOCATE, V. a. or put out of-joint, Vid. 

To Disjoint. 
To DISLODGE. V. A. utdrifwa, kSra ut pa dSren , 

kcspit") ejicere. ^ To diflodgc a Stag, drifwa 

1 • ■-. hjort. CE°r To difiodge E Camp , rycka IJger, bry- 

u up. D. 'lodged, Adj. utdrifwen. 

DISLOYAL, Adj. otrogen emot ed och ISftcn, PERFJ- 

iifloyal to his Prince , a 'Wire to her 

, en under/Stare ntrc^cn mot fin Sfwerhct , och 

n emot fin man. D:floyally , Adv. otrogit wis. 

Difioyalty , /'. oirohet. 
*DI 5 MAL , Adj. fiygg , fSrfkrdckelig , bcdrSflig , dirvs , 


"{■ DIS?»IAL, S. et namnfom genjene folket gifwer en lik-be- 
fidllares betjent. Difn;ally , Adv. /fyggctiga. 

To DISMANTLE a City, V. A. nederrifwa Murarna 
afenfiad, y.(EXl A diruere. Dismantled , Adj. Vid. 

f *DISMAY , S. rdddhega , fruktan , TERROR. 

T DISiMAY , V. A.g'firj ridd , fkrdma, PERTERP.E- 
EACERE. Difmay'c! , Adj. firfkrSckt , jfwerrumplad. 

To DISMEMBER , V. A. or pull in pieces, flycka ,frdn- 
fllta, propr. 6> fig. L ACER. are. Difmembered , Adj. 
P.- t -d. 

DISMES or Difrrs, Vid. Tenths. 

Te DISMISS , V. A. or fend away , afjkcia , fSrwifa, 
DiumEPE. To difinifs one from his Impioy , af- 
fikeda en ifran fin t'lenfl. r£°f To DISMISS or put away 
one's Wife (repi'djare) f'rfkjuta fir. hvfiru. aJi To 
ttifmifs a t! ing without any Reflections upon it, lata 
tt ting jara man upmerkfamhet. Difrr.iiled , Adj. afijhe- 
dad , &:■ Zf> He was difnr fed the Court, ban blef 
•firwifad hofwet- Diin-.hfir? . f. affkedande. Difmisfion, 
/. effiked. Difmift, Vid. Dilmiiled. 

To DISMOUNT, V. A. or to unhorfe another, flit- 
11 en ur fadelen , deturbare equo. of?" To DIS- 
MOUNT a Cannon , kafia etfiyeke af ' wagnen. Cttr"To dif- 
mount one's Prejudices , taga en ur fina inbildningar. 

DISMAL, a Goth. DVS , Dea nox'a, numen ultorium, & 
MAI. MtGoth.MEL, tempus praf.nitum. Inde DISMAL, 
q. d. dysas MAL, dies rindiSx. 
"dismay , Sueth. DUS , fiupor.Svlo-Golh. DliMA- 
DUR , attcnilus. 

To DISMOUNT, V. N. oraligJit, Jligj «/ b.ejten, 

ex eodo descend* i. Difmounted , Adj. affligen. 

To DISNATURAUSE , V. A. gjSra en flrUtfiigfin bor- 

gare-rett , privare MUX1C1P10. 
DISOBEDIENT, Adj. or undutiful, olydig, contit 
max. Difobedie.nce, fi. olydnad. Difobediently, Aiv 
olydigt. Ex. To carry one's felt difobediently, bdra 
fig olydigt cit. 
To DISOBEY , V. A. intet lyJa, morem non ce- 
sere. To dilobey one's Father, wara olydig mot fin 
fader. Difobcycd , Adj. fori ej warder lydd. I won't 
be difobeyM, jag tol ieke olydnad. 
To DISOBLIGE , V. A. gjSraotjen/l , mijfnoge , OFrF.x- 
dere. Disobliged, Adj. jirtornad , mijfhagad. Dif- 
- obliging , Adj. olji.f. Dubbiigmg Ways , oljufwa ma- 
ner. Difobligingly , Adv. oljuft wis. Difobligation , f. 
otjenfi , gjordt miffnSge. 
DISORDER. S.eordningyofkick, C0NFVS10. (rJ^DIS- 
ORDER (Trouble or Wandering of the Mind) 
orolighet. (rj* DISORDER of drink, r CRAtVtA)fu~ 
fighet af driel andc. 
To ^DISORDER, V. A.fiSlla i oordmng, oreda , COK- 
FVKDERE. To difordcr a watch , JiSUa et ur i olag. 
That diforders the I et kommer magen i olag. 

ffJ'To DIsO.lDcR {lxouiETA&E)orca,Jortri!a, bry. 
He diforders the whole focicty , hanoroar hclafiamfun~ 
da. Di'Wclored , Adj. fun Sr i clag. 
DISORDERLY, Attj. oordcntelig , propr. & fig. INORpi- 
xa TVS. A Diforderly houfe, et liierligt Aas.A Diforderry 
Man, en oordentlig karl , oredig , liderlig. Diforderly, 
Adv. oordentliga. 
DISORDINATE, Adj. Vid. D : ';:c!erly. Difordinately, 

To DISOWN, V. A. nek a , t ::ficiari. Idonotdifown 
my doing of it, jag nekjr icke at jag gjordt det. To 
difown on2 for one's foil , intet erkdnr.a en for fin fon, 
Difowned , Adj. nek ad , intet widkdnd. 
To DISPARAGE, V. A. lafia, fSrakla, V1TVPIRA- 
RE. To Difparage one's Commodities, rata ens waror. 
Difparaged. Adj. faraKtad , ratad. Difparagement , 
f. 6c. pCr" Tis no difpsragement for you to 
do it, det dr ingen fikam for eder at gjora det. fj^* A 
difparagement in marriage , fornedringi giftermdl. Dlf- 
parager, /. ratare. 
DISPARITY, S. .-/-inequality , olikhet, djsparitas. 
T DISPARK , V. A. utldgea en park, dissepire. 
DISPATCH, S.fnetlhet, afftrdandt 1, bejtdltning, EX- 
peditio. He is a man of quick difpatch , han dr en 
fnabb.fnell karl L fit wdfettde. To make a quick dfpatch. 
find it afgjSra. 05* Difpatches or letters, breffkap font 
h5ra til ens aff.irdande. 
To DISPATCH a bufinefs, V. A. beftdlla , afgjSra tit 
fiak , expedire. C(j* To difpatch a Courier , affdrd* 
en enfpdnnare. "f To Difpatch a man or to difpatch 
him out of the way , (Id ihjdl en. c5" To DISPATCH, 
V. N. (FESTIXAR£~)fkynda jig. T)iCpatched,Adj. affdrdad 
&c. Difpatcher, f. ajdr'dare. A Difpatcher of bu- 
fn.efs , fhell karl. 
•fToDISPEND, (re. Vid. To Spend, &c. 
DISPENSABLE, Adj. font kan difpenferas. 
DISPENSATION, S. or exemption, undent agande , 

frigjorclfe fran lagfens pligl , D1SPEXSATIO. 
DISPENSATORY", S. Apothecarr-bok , djspensa- 

To DISPENSE ?with , V. A. difpenfera , DlSPENSJRE. 
Pray difpenfe me with it, kdre, urfdgta mig derifrd. 

€? He 

D 1 S 

D I S 

(£* He fliall difpcnfe with me for not believing 
what he fays , han lit urfitgta mig om ,ag taut tror 
fionjm.C^To DISPENSE (di STR1BU ERE) utjhfta.Dil- 
penfed with , Adj. dijpcnferad. 05» Dilpenfed , ut- 
fnijtad. Difpenfer , /. utjkifiare , &c. 

.SPEOPLE, V.A.Sdcldgga, fSrhdrja, DEP0PU- 
LARl. Difpeopled, Adj. firhdrjad. 
To DISPERSE, V. A. forfkingra , dtssipare. To 

I fom fpr. — 

. ThcDifperfionof the Jews, ludarnas jSrjkin- 

pr/n t T . 

To DISPIRIT , V. A. gjora modfSh , exanimare. 
Difpirited, Adj. modfilt. 

To DISPLACE, V. A. rubba , /Utt* ur fit rum, Dl- 
MOi'ERE. C5" To DISPLACE or turn out of an 
Office, fdua af tjenfien. Difplaced, Adj. lagd ur wa- 
it" &C. 

To D1SPLANT, V. A. or to pluck up, uprycka , 


DISPLAY, S. or explication, uttjdning, explica- 

To DISPLAY, V. A. or fpread wide, fprida , utwek- 
U , EXPAfDERE. To difplay one's colours, l&tablS- 
fii Jin f.agga. 05* To DISPLAT or declare , firkUra, 
i difplay an intrigue, liptdckaenanLtg^ning. 
To DisrlAV or make a fhew of one's wit , wi- 
U forfiand. Difplay'd , Adj. fpridd, uttydd. 
D1SPLEASANT , cV«. Vid. Unpleafant. 
To DISPLEASE, V. N. or to difcontent, mijjhaga, 
D1SPL1CERE. To DifpleafeGod and the world, miff- 
h.:°.i (ride Gud och m&nn'fkor. Difpleafed , Adj. mifflia- 
ifed or angry, fSrtSrnad. I am dT- 
pleafed with him, jig dr ond pa honom. Cj" To bo 
• difpleafed with one's felt", war a miJfnSgd med fig fjdf. 
I leafure, for difcontent, miffnoge , onace. To do 
a difpleafure to one , gjSra tnom fortret. 05* to incur 
the King'i difpleafure or indignation , falta i honun- 
gens onadc. 
■]• DISPORT, S. or paltime, tid-fordrif, jocus. 
■J-To DISPORT, V. N. to Dilport one's lelf, forlu- 

Jla fig, LUDERE. 

DISPOSAL or Difpofe, S. beflyrning, magt ofwer no- 
got, Dliposuio. I left it at his difpofal or difpofe, 
jag lemnade del under hans hand. 05* I am not at your 
difpofal , du har Sj'wer mig intet at bcfalla. 

To DISPOSE of, V. A. gjSra med et ting efter beSag, 


fkicka. (Xr* To DISPOSE {o R DIN ARE) fkicka, ftdlla i 
trdning. To Difpofe of one's Eftate by will, forordna 
om fin egendom mcdelfi te/lamcnte. To Difpofe ofanother 
.\ money, beijena fig af annars pengar. To Dif- 
pofe of a thing or to give it away , gifwa bort no- 
got. (XT' To difpofe rjf a daughter in marriage, gifta 
bo-t fin dour, rff- How will you difpofe of your 
felt"? hwad har du lufi atgjSra? fordrifwa tiden med? 
(fr" To Difpofe of one's time, anlSgga fin tid. a" 7 * 
To dispose of ahoufe, or to let it, hyra ut et hus. 
rff- To Difpofe of one's fon to a fchool or a trade, 
Jdtta fin fon i fchola eller til et handiwork, oj* To 
ofe of one or to fend him away, afjkeda en. c5» 
I am yours to difpofe of, jag dr aldeles edcr tjenare. 

DISPOSED, Adj. redo, firdig, hugatt, paratvs. 

Difpofed to be merry, i lufiigt finne. Dilpolodto cry 
or to vomit, redo at grata, fpy. Pioufly difpofed, 
gudfruktigt aS* Well or ill difpofed in health, 
Ma eller wdl til p off i heljan. 05 s Difpofed or fet in 
order ,i ordning fatt. o^" Difpofed Of, fild , for- 
ytrad , &;. Difpofer , /• en fom beflyrtr. 

DISPOSITION , S. or order , Jkick , befldllning , fSr- 
ordn ; ng. tfj* Difpofition or inclination , bigelfe. Oj* 
Difpofition of body, krops cllzr helfas befkajiiihtt. (J5* 
Difpofition of Mind, finnes befkaffenhei. 

To DISPOSSESS, V. A. drifwa frdn btfittning, sx- 
pellere. r£f- To Difpoffefs of an Error, komma en ur 
fina willfarelfer. Difpofiefied , Adj. utdrifwen. 

DISPOSURE, S. Vid. Difpofal. 

DISPRAISE, S. laflande, fSrswitelfe , vitvperii/m. 
rfr- I have feen as fine faces, no difpraife to yours, 
edert anfikte ofortaldt, jag harfett rett fa wackert forr. 

To DISPARISE, V. A. or difcommend , lafta, tadla, 
VITVPERARE. Difpraifed , Adj. laflad, tadlad. Dif- 
praifer, /. laflare, tadlare. 

DISPROFIT, S. or lofs, fkada, forlufi , DAMNUM, 

ToDISPROFIT, V. A. fSrfSrdela , fkada, INCOM- 


DISPROOF, 5. wederlSggning , REPUTATION 
DISPROPORTION, S. olikhet, ojemnhet. Difpro- 
portionable or Difproportionate , Adj. ojemn. Dif- 
proporfionably , Adv. ojemt. 
To DISPROVE, V. A.wedcrldgga, retvtare. To 
difprove an argument , forldgga etjkdl. Difproved, 
Adj. wederlagd. 
DISPUTABLE , Adj. ( that may be difputed ) fom kan 
disputcras. Difputant , /. fom disputcrar. Difputation, 
/. disputation. Difputative , Adj. trdtofam. 
DISPUTE, S. iwifl,trdta, nlscEPTATlo.CS> Beyond 

all difpute , ofSrnekeliga- 
To DISPUTE, V. N. or quarrel, difputera , twi/ia , 
disp'Jtare. rx> To DISPUTE, V. A. (to contend for) 
efterfiS. , tdfla med en om nogot. Difputer , /. dlfpu- 
fTo DISQUALIFY , V. A. ' to render unqualified or 
incapable) gjira , forklara en fir ofkickelig , affdtra, 
I.vcapacem REDDERE. Difqualified , Adj. wanfor , 
ofkickljg gjord. Difqualification , otjenlighet , egenfkap, 
fom gjSr en wanfor. In England two things difqualify 
a Prince from the Government, viz: if he is net 
compos and if he is a Roman-Catholik , I England 
dro tu ting fom gjira en Prins ojkickelig til regerinven, 
nemligen : om han dr tokot och om han dr Catholik. 
DISQUIET, S. or difquietnefs , oro , fSrtret, forg , 

To DISQUIET, V. A. or to trouble, oroa , fortrett , 
befwdra, inquietaRE. Difquieted , Adj. oroad Crc. 
Difquieter, /. oroare. 
DISQUISITION , S. or ftriflt inquiry, fireng , under- 

To DISRANK (to put out of order ) P.dlla ur fin ord- 
ning, perturbare orbikes. Difranked, Adj. 
DISREGARD , V.A. or ffght, ftrfma, forakta, SPER- 

k/ere. Difregarded, Adj. fSrfmddd. 
To DISRELISH , V. A. intet tycka om , improbare. 
I Difrelifli that, act behagar mig icke. Difrelifhed, 
Adj. ofmaklig funnen. 


D I S 

D I S 

DISREPUTATION or disrepute , S. wandra , fketm, 
opprobrium. To bring one's felf into difrepute , 
fi&Li fig i mijfcredit. Difreputable , Adj. wankederUg. 

DISRESPECT, S. ohSfiighet , forakt, incivilitas , 
COKTEMTUS. To Difrel'pecr , V. A. wanworda , ohSf- 
ligt handtera. Difrefpeftful , Adj. ohSfltg. A Difrefpeft- 
ful anfwer, ohSfligt fwar. 

To DISROBE, V. A. afkldda, exvere. To Difrobe 
ones felf, V. X. afkldda Jig. Difrobed , Adj. afklddd. 
hem naken. 

To DISSALT, V. A. (to make a faked thing, frefli) 
gjSra J alt lis , sale privare. 

DISSATISFACTION, S. or difcontent, mijfnige , fir- 
tret, displicentia. Diiratist'a&ory , Ad/, obehaglig , 

To DISSATISFY", V. A. miffniga , firtreta , displi- 
cerl. Dulatisfied or Dilfatisfy'd , Adj. mijfnogd , for- 

To DISSECT, V. A. fSnder-fkdra , vissecare. Dif- 
fered, Adj.f5r.der-fx.urcn. Difleftion , /. fonder-fkd- 
rr- ':■ Dil - lor, f. fnarare. 

To DISSEISE, V. A. drifwa en ifrdfin egendom, DETRV- 
dere. Diileifed , Adj.drifwen. Diileifee , / en font dr 
utdrifwen afbefittningen. Difteifin , /. (an unlawful dif- 
poltesfing ) olagligt drifwande ifrdn egendom. Difleifor 
and Difteiferefs , f. en fddan drifware. 

To DISSEMBLE, V. A. & Neut. Idtfa, firftdlla fig , 
liaz.e ) bemantla, ofwerfkyla. To difTemble Sin , was 
never the way to have it pardoned , at ifw-rfkyla fyn- 
den , dr icke wdgen at jdhenne fSrlSten. He is a great 
diffembler , han Ir en fior fksymtart, I hate dillembling', 
f. A diffembling Man, 
en fkrymtarc. DilTemblingly , Adv. pa firfldldt wis. 

To DISSEMINATE, V. A. or fpread about, kring- 
fprida. DifTeminated , Adj. kringfpridd. Dillemination, 
f. fpridande. 

DISSENSION , S. or diicord , oenighet. To fow dif. 
fenfions amongft Friends , komma oenighet dftad emel- 
Ian winner. 

DISSENT , S. ftridande mening , SENTEKTIA co\TRA- 
ria. To diffent . V. N. or dilagree in Opinion, *j- 
ra dridig i mening. Diflentaneous , Adj. ftridande. 

DISSENTER, S. font dr af ftridande mening (fdkallas 
alia Nonconformifter i England. ) 

DISSERTATION, 5. traHat , discurs. 

To DISSERVE one, V. A. or do him a prejudice, giS- 
ra enom otjenft , firfordeta , iycoMMODARE. Dif- 
ferved , Adj. ilia betjent. DilTervice, J', otjenft , fSrtret. 
That does great diflfervice to me, dee gjor migftor o- 
tjenfl. DiiTerviceible , Adj. fom gjor otjenft. 

To DISSETLE, V. A. tutba. ft'dlla i oordning , per- 
turb are. Dilfetled , Adj. rubbad. 

To DISSEVER, V. A. or part , dtfkilja , fSndra , se- 
crecare. Two Provinces diflevered by a River, 
twdnne landfcaper itfikilde med en flod. 

DISSIMILAR, Adj. af olika flag. Dlffimilitude, for 
unlikenefs , olilhet. 

DISSIMULATION, S. or diflembling , jkrymtan , fSr- 
ftalning. To ufe diffimulation , fSrftdlla fig. 

To DISSIPATE, V. A. or fcatter, firjkingra, bissi- 
PARE, propr. & fig. This will diftipate or remove 
your Fear , delta ISrer borttaga eder fruktan. To diftipate 
the H'jniurs , fordrifwa wdtfkorna. 'DifTipated, Adj. 
fSriTdngrad. Dls(ip3Uon,f.f$rfkingring. Diifipable, Adj. 
fom kan jorflungras. 

DISSOLUBLE , Adj. fom Un up'Jfas. 

To DISSOLVE , V. A. uplSfa. Fire diflblves all Bo- 
dies , elden uplofer alia kroppar. (J^ To diflolve or 
dillipatc a Swelling ,fSrdrifwa en fwulnad. To dilfolve 
the Parliament, afjk-.da Parlamcntet. To dufolve a 
Spell , omgjSra en fSrkjusning. 

To DISSOLVE, V. N. or to melt, fneha , liq^ve- 
scere. A Metal that diliolves, en metal fom fmeiter. 
rfj* A Swelling that diliolves , en fwulnad fom Idgge'r 
fig- OS' To dilfolve in Pleafures, gifwafig up til wdllutl. 

DISSOLVED, Adj. Vid. to dilfolve. The dilfolved Snow- 
does drench and foak the Ground , den fmelta fnon 
wdtfkar och upbiSter jorden. <j5" To be dilfolved ia 
Luxury, drtnkt i ofwerfiod. Difiblvent,/: det fom up- 
lofer. Diifolving , Adj. uplofande. 

DISSOLUTE, Adj. or lewd, liderlig , losagtig , IStt- 
fdrdig , DissoiUTUS. A dillolute Life, ISH lefwerne. 
Diltblutely, Adv. liderliga. Dulolutenei's,/. liderlighee. 

DISSOLUTION, S. or feparation of Parts , uplosning. 
05^ DiiTolution or breaking off, afbrytande, affkajfande 
(fig.) A diilolution of Marriage, egtcnfkaps-flulnad. 
The dilfoiution of the Parliament , ParUmentets af- 
fkedande. 05* Diilolution, Vid. DilTolutenefs. 

DISSONANCE, 5. oldie i toner. 0$* dissonance 
or Contrariety, ftridighei. 

DISSONANT , Adj. or jarring, oldtig. op^ dissonant 
(coktrarius) ftridig. My opinion is diiTonant from 
yours , min menina dr ftridande mot eder. 

To DISSUADE or DillVade, V. A. afrdda. DhTuaded 
or Diffwaded , Adj. aj'rddd. Dilfuader or Dilfwader , 
f. afrddare. 

DISSUASION or DilTwafion , f.afrSdning. Diffuaiive 
DiiTuafion ordiflwaiive, Adj. A Difiuaiive, 
f. el fkdl tjenligt til afiddande. 

DISSYLLABLE, 5. etord af twdnne ftafwelfer. 

DISTAFF, 5. (Idnda, ten, COLVS. A DiftafF-full, full 
fldnda. To fpin from a DiltafF, fpinna med (Idnda. 0^. 
The Kingdom of France never falls to the diftafF, 
or to a Woman , Frar.j~ka Kronan faller icke til fpdtt- 
rocken , i. e. qwin-fidan. 

To DISTAIN, VU. to Itain. 

DISTANCE , 5. widd, afidgjenhct , DISTAtfTlA. 05* He 
was a great diftance from thence , han war longt der- 
j' At a diftance, pd longt ho 11. ttj* To keep one 
at a diftance , holla en ifidn fig , icke lilftddja for ndra 
bekantjkap. 0^* To keep one's diftance, taga refpe~ 
clen i akt. 

To DISTANCE, V. A. fdtta dtfkils,pd tu hoU , di- 
stas-ter po.vere. Diftanced , Adj. fan dtfkils. OS* 
Diftanced or out-ftript, in a Race, efterlsmnad , fom 
blifw.r efter pd en wddjoban. 

DISTANT, Adj. longt ifrd, lika longt if ran. 

DISTASTE, S. Vid. Diflike. <r>-To give diftafte 
miffhaga , fSriorna. 05* To take diftafte at fomething • 
blifwa fticken ofwer nogot. > 

To DISTASTE, V. A. mifjhaga , displicere. c3> T» 
DISTASTE or to take diftafte , fSnSrnas ofwer nogot. 
Diftafteful , Adj. mifjhagelig , fSrhatclig. A diftafterul 
News, obehageliga tidningar. 

DISTEMPER, S. or Difeafe, Jjuka , fjukdom , mor- 
bus, tfj* distemper or Troubles of Eftate, fjuk- 
dom , i en regerings-kropp. OS* DISTEMPER ( T1H- 
crvs aouaticvs) watnferga (i mdlning) 

To DISTEMPER-, V. A. or put out of Temper , gjSra 

Q, Ml 

D I S 

D I S 

tn end, ilia til mods, perturbare. 03* To Dis- 
temper or trouble, oroa. Diftemperature , /. otidig- 
hct. Diftempered , Adj. or Tick , fjuk , oroad, JSibryl- 
To DISTEND, V. A. uifirdcka, extendere. To d in- 
tend a Bladder with "Wind , upbldfa en bill fa. Dif- 
tended. Ad). utflrSckt. Diftenfion , f utftnlckning. 

To determinate , v. a. orfeparate, atjkiija, 

infkrdnka, fiuia , determinare. Dinerminated , 
Adj. Hijkild, (yc. 

To DISTHRONE, V. A. Vid. To unthrone. 

To DISTIL, V. N. drypa , stillare. 

To DISTIL or ("till, V. A.diftillera, D ESTILL ARE. T>\Ki\- 
labk, Adj. font kan diftilleras. Distillation ,f. diflillation. 
Diftilled, Adj. diftillerad. Diftiller, /. diftillerare. 

DISTINCT, Adj. or dear, tydelig, klar , rcn , D1ST1N- 
CTVS. A diftinift Pronunciation , rent ut-tal. OS"* DIS- 
TINCT from or different, dtj'killig. OS* DISTINCT 
or feparate , at/'kild. 

DISTINCTION, S. or difference , itfkilnad. Kj= A Man 
of great distinction or note, en fSmdmman. c5* DIS- 
TINCTION or feparation, it/kilning. 

DISTINCTIVE, Adj. or diftinguifting , dtfkiljandci A 
distinctive Mark, Jkilje-mcrke. Distinctively , Adv. 
urfkilnings wis. 

OlSll'SCTLY , Adv.or clearly , tydeliga.rrJ'DiSTitiCT- 
LY, or*by itfelf ,ferfkildl , fSr fig fjelft. Diftinclnefs, 
/. Ex. The diftincrnefs of Pronunciation , renhet, i 

To DISTINGUISH, V.A.or todifcern, dtfkilja, dls- 
cersere. To diftinguifh one thing from another, 
fkilja da ena frlin del andra. Djftinguifliable , Adj. font 
kan dtfkiljas. Diftinguifhablcnefs , /". fidan egenfkap. 
Distinguished , Adj. nifkild. 

To DISTORT, V. A. wrida , wrenga mun cller Scon , 
DISTOR^C'ERE. Diftorted, Adj. wrengd , ryckt. Diftor- 
tion or Diftorfion ,obebaglig kropfens wrengning. j- Dif- 
torquemer.t , idem. 

To DISTRACT, V. A. jSrftora , oroa, DISTRAHE- 
RE. C@* To DISTRACT or to make one mad, gjSra 
en galea. c3* To distract or rend the Church , 
gjSra partier i Gnds forfamling. 

DISTRACTED, Adj.fSrflXrd, oroad. OS* distracted 
or mad, galea, ifran fig, ffjf" DISTRACTED or rent, 
, dragen i partier. He is ready to run derailed , ban 
Hirrett nugalcn. C£3* A diftrafted Houfe , el bus fon- 
dradt emot fig fjelft. 03* Diftrafted Times , oroliga ci- 
der. Diftraflednefs or diStra&ion , f. forfiSrdt finnz. 
Distraction or diforder, oro , oordning. 

To DISTRAIN , V. A. or to attach , pant a , arrefiera , 
byfStta , arrresto tenere. Distrained, Adj. 
pantad. Diftrainer, f. en font gjor arrefl. f Dif- 
traught , Vid. distracted. 

DISTRESS, S. or attachment, arrtfi , arrestvs. Cr5* 

DISTRESS ( AFFL1CT10NES , ANGUS Tl jE ) motganf, 
■wederwerdighet , nod. OS* DISTRESS (pericvlvm 
ifAt'FRAGii) f/Snod, ISgerwall. Signal of Diflrefs , 
fignal for hjelp, ndr etfkep dr pa [decrwall c hr i nod. 

To DISTRESS, V.A. fidlta en ilia ul, trycka , bedrofwa, 
affligere. Diftrefled, Adj. ilia utfl.Ud , bedrofwad, 
uti nld. They were diftrefled for Forage, de woro i 
flort trongm.'l for forage. To be in a diftreffed Condi- 
tion , wara i et ufeh tilftand. 

Jo DISTRIBUTE, V. A. or divide, utdela, distri- 
3VERE. To distribute Alms , dela almo for. Diftributcd, 
Adj. uideh. Diftributer , utdclare. Distribution , /. ut- 
itlnint. Diftributiye, Adj. dcrtilhSrij, 

DISTRICT, S. or extent of a jurisdiction , lag- 

faga, TERRLTORluti. The Pages and Lackies of chief 
Minifters , by imitating their Mafters, become Mi- 
nilters of State in their feveral Diftri-fts , de forndm- 
fie Minijlrars och lakejer apa efter fine Herrar 
och Sro dfwen JaliUga minifi'ar hwar i fin wrS. 

DISTRUST , S. or diffidence , mifftroende , mifftanke , 
svspicio. To difiruft, V. A. mifftro, I Diftruft him, 
jag tror bonom i:ke wdl. Diftrufted , Adj. mijfuodd. 

DISTRUSTFUL, Adj. miftrogen, suspicax. Dif- 
truitfully, Adv. miftroliga. 

To DISTURB , V. A. oroa , fSrfiSra , fSrtreta , tvr- 
bare. To Difhirb one's Joy , forflSra ens glddje. To 
Difturb one tbat fpeaks , falla en i talet. To Difturk 
one at Work, fSrfiora en i fit arbeie. That Difturbs 
me, del bryr mig , bekymrar mig. To Difturb the 
peace of the kingdom, forjlora den allmdnna landsjrt- 

DISTURBANCE, S. or Diforder, buller, owdfende. A 
Disturbance of the Mind , finnes oroligbet. Difturbed , 
Adj. fSrftord, ire. Difturber , /. forftorare. &c. Vid. 
To Difturb. A Difturber gf the publick peace ami 
quiet, allmdnna f re Jens forliirare. 

DISVELOPED, Adj. Vid. unfolded. 

DISUNION, S. fSndring, oenigbet , dissidivm. 

To DISUNITE, V. A. fSndra , gjSra miJf/Srfidnd , SE- 
V. JV. ( separari ) gd utfr^ils. Difunited, Adj. j"Sn- 
drad &c. 

DISUSAGE or Difufc,.?. afwdnjande, desvefactlo. 

To DISUSE, V. N. afwdnja fig, DESVESCERE. To Dif- 
ufe wine, n: in j a fig af med win. Difufed, Adj. af- 

D'lT, Abbreviation af , Do it. Much good may d'ityou, 
wdl bekommc edcr. 

DITCH, S. dike, fossa. (JS* He'll die in a ditch, 
ban far ingen god dnde. 

To DITCH, V.N. dika,FODZRE.<&*Toi>iTCV. in or 
about, V. A. 'FOSSA m UNI re) omh.drf warned en graf, 
Ditcher, f. dikare. Ditching , f. dikande. 

DITION, S. or, dominion, Idn , ditio. 

DITTO , famma flag , IDEM. 


DIVAN, S. flora Sultans rad. sl'PR. HEN AT. TVRC. 
D t DIVARICATE , V. N. fkrefwa, gd ul med benen , 


To DIVE, V. K. dyka, vrikare. 05" To diti 
into a bufinefs ( EXPLORARE ) grundeiigen ulforfka en 
fak. To dive into one's Purpofe, utleta ens fort- 
hafwande. Diver , f. dykare , item en fj$-fegel. 

DIVERS, Adj. atfkillig , diversus. In divers places, 
p if dtfkilliga oner. Of divers Colours , af dtjkillig 
ferg. Of divers kinds , af allehanda (lag. 

To Diversify, v. a. Atfkuiig gjSra. Diversified, 

Adi. atfkillig gjord. 
DIVERSION, S. or Recreation, ro , tidfSrdrif, RM- 

creatio. rfj* To give the Enemy a diversion, 

gjSra fienden direrfion , afbrdek. 
DIVERSITY , 5. Stjkilligha , diversitas. Diverfly, 

Adv. "7 °;fkilligt wis. 
To DIVERT, V.'nwtnda, AVERTERE. (Ct To 

divert ( RECREAre) roa , forlufla. a> To divert to 

other Studies, Neut. wenda fig til andra fiudier. Di- 
verted , 

D I V 


Terted , Adj. forluflad , &c. Diverting, Adj. ljufiig , 
behaglig. Divertingnefs , f. ljuflighet. 

To DIVERTISE, V. A. fSrlufia , recreare. Di- 
vertifement, /". or Paftime , fSrlufining , tidfordrif. Di- 
verting, Adj. forluftande. 

DIVES, S. den rika mannen , Luc. 16. 

To DIVEST, &c. Vid. To deveft, &c. 

To DIVIDE, V. A. dtU,Jkifta, byta, dividers. To 
divide a thing into four Parts, dcla i fyra dtlar. 05* 
To DIVIDE (sepaRare) j~ondra, fonderdela. To DI- 
VIDE, V. N.(lif partes abire } delafig. They have 
divided thenu'elves into two Bodies, de hafwa deli fig 
r lu partier. Divider , f. delare. 

DIVIDEND , S. en fumma penningar , fom kommer at 
delas emellan flere , PECUNIA dividend A. 05" DIVI- 
DEND orflure, Lott, del. 

DIVINE, Adj. or godly, Guddomlig , himmelfk, DIVI- 
KUS. 05" DIVINE or excellent, fortrdffelig, hertig. 
Divine, f. en andelig per fen. 

To DIVINE, V. A. or foretel, fp' , divinare. o5* 
To divine or to guefs, gijfa. Divined, Adj. fpddd, 
giffad. Divinely, Adv. Guddomliga, herllga. Diviner, 
/'. fpdman. 

DIVING, S. dykeri, VRINATIO. Diving-Bell , dykare- 
klocka. Vid. To Dive. 

DIVINITY, S. or Deity, Guddom , divinitas. rcy- 
divinity (theolcgia) Theologie. To ftudy Divi- 
nity , (ludera Theologien. 

DIVISIBLE, Adj. fom kan delas. 

DIVISION, S.delning. 05* A Divifion of Soldiers, 
en Brigade foldater. (J5* DIVISION, divifion i mufi- 
ken. 05" DIVISION ( Lis ) trSca , oenighet. c5» DI- 
VISION or going into Parties, parti, fplit. 

DIVORCE , S. egienjkaps-fkilnad , divortivm. A Bill 
of Divorce , fkiljobref. 

To DIVORCE, V. A.fkiljos wid, asdic are. To di- 
vorce one's Wife , fk'djas wid fin huflru. To divorce 
one's felt from one's beloved fin , Sfwergifwa en 
fin fSia hemfynd. She is divorced (Adj. ) ifrom her 
Husband , hon dr JkUd ifrd fin man. They are di- 
vorced , de dro fliilde. Divorcement, f.fkilnad. Divor- 
cer ,f. en fomjkiljer. Divorcing, f. 

To DIVULGE, V. A.utfprida, divvlc are. Divulged, 
Adj. utfpridd. Divulger, f. utfpridare. 

DIURF.TICAL or Diuretick, Adj. piff-drifwande. 

DIURNAL, Adj. or daily, dagclig , diurkus. The 
diurnal Motion of the Heavens , de himmelfka krop- 
pars dageliga rorelfe. Diurnal , f. dagbok. 

D1ZZARD, S. en fjoller , fine , stupidus. 

DIZZINESS, S. fwimning, vertico. I was taken with 
a Dizzinefs , jag fick en fwimning. Dizzy , Adj. fwi- 

To DO, V. A. gjora , facere. Ex. To do one's work, 
gjSra fit tarf. To do one's beft or endeavour, gjora 
fit beifla. To hive to do with one , ha/'wa at gjora med 
en. Prov. SELF DO, SELF HAVE, Com du kokar,fa 
far du fupa. c5*To DO or difpatch a Bufinefs, befidlla en 
fak. o5* To do or deal well by one, handlawdl med 
en. o5* How d'ye ? How d'ye do ? How do you do? 
hur flar til med eder ? 05* To do one a good Turn , 
or a Kindnefs , gjora enom tjenji. o5" This won't do , 
this won't do your work or ferve your Turn, delta 
dr icke nog , del forflar icke for dig. It would not do , 
del gick ej an. C5* Your Letter will do much with 
him, edert brefldrer hafwa flor wdrkanhos honom. 05" 
Do but come , kom bara. o5* Pray do , kdre gjor. 

05* I wifli he m3y do well, jag Snfkar honom ma gd wit. 
That Suit does very well upon you, den klddningen. 
fiar eder wdl. C5* Will you do as we do ? will du to. 
til goda med oJJ ( .ir et Engelfki compliment til en font 
kommer in under maltiden) o5* What's here to do > 
hwad drhdrfSr wdfende? 05* What have you to 
do with it? hwad har du at gjora dcrmsd ? 05- What 
had we beft do ? hwad fkal man gjora ? o5* To have 
carnally to do with a Woman , hafwa at befidlla med 
et qwmfotk. 05* DO with me as you iliall think fit, 
gjor med mig fom eder godt fynes. 05* To do meat, 
laga til mat. o5* To do again or to do over again, 
ater gjora.QO*To do AWAY the Ruft, iorttaga roficn.tfj* 
To do OPEN, opna. CO* To do ON or put on , an- 
fdtta. 05* To do OFF, aftaga. 05* To do UP , Idggm 
ibop. 05* To do OVER or daub over, ofwerfiryka. 
To do over with Gold, Silver or Lead , Sfwerdraga ' 
med guld , fdfwer eller bly. 05* To do AMISS, Vid. 

NB. To DO, dr ock et Verbum auxiliare ndr man will 
lata med eftcrtryck. Ex. I do love you , ;'j» dljkar 
eder hogeligen. I do hate her, jag hatar'henne of hjertat. 

DO or Doo , S. or ado, wdfende, buller , TVMUL- 
TVS. Ex. To keep a heavy do , gjSraftort wdfende. 05* 
I have done my do or my Endeavour , jug har °jort 
mil bet/la. 

DO-ALL, S. Ex. He was the Do-all in that Bufinefs, 
han war factotum i den faken. 

To DO AT, ^frf.Todote. Dob-chick, Vid. Dab-chick. 

DOCIBLE, or Docil, Adj. Idraktig. Docility, f.ldr. 

*DOCK , S. or Tail , fwants , cavda. C5* DOCK (po- 
dex) rumpa , arsklimor. 05* DOCK ( vitta equi- 
na ) J'wants-lSder for hefiar. 05* DOCK (lapathum) 
fkafwegrds. o5" Dock or wet-DOCK (na vale) docka 
for fkepat ligga uti. o5* Dock or dry Dock, docka 
at bygga Ckep uti. 

■j-To DOCK, V. A. (lubba,fkdra af fwanien , excau- 
dari.-\ Docked , Adj. flu'bb-rumpot. Strong-docked, 

DOCKET, S. kort inneholl af en widlyftig flirift , SUM- 


DOCTOR, S. DoBor. Doftor of Divinity , Law or 
Phyfick , Doctor Theologix , Juris eller Medicinal. To 
take one's Degree of Doctor , tapa Doctors grad. Do- 
ctoral , Adj. dertilhSrig. DoclorVhip , f. DoSorat. 

DOCTORS COMMONS, S.Ammiralitets-rctten i Lon- 
don , jemwSl ock en andelig Rett , der egtenfkap ock 
arffkap profwas. 

To DOCTOR , V. A. ISka, laga, medic ari.- Had 
not I Doftor'd him now and then, he would have 
been gone before now, hade jag intet lagat om honom 
da och d,i', fa hade det warit befldlt med honom longt fSrr 
Sn nu. Doclored , Adj. omlagad. Docloring , f. omlag- 
ning, pyfllande med en. 

■f DOCTRESS, S. en klok kdrling, fom brukar qwack- 
falweri , vetula empiric a. 

DOCTRINE, S. or Learning, Idrdom. 05 s DOCTRINE 
(prmceptum) bud, reglor , maxim. Do&rinal, Adj. 
Id ro full. 

DOCUMENT, S. or precept, bud, Idrdom. D f To 
Documentice, V. A. Idra, underwifa. 


*DOCK, Island. DOCK, vallicula , Goth. DOK, lo- 
cus -voraginofus. 

D D 

D O L 

DODDER, S. diirt, hlnigrSs, CASS7TJ. 

fTo DODD1E along or to doddle about, V. N.tuua 

torn barn, VAC1LLARE. 
To DODGE, V. N. Up" hit och du , pr&varicari- 

Dodger , /. en fom fi gjSr , in fp'fogel , chicancur. 

Dodgery , fddan art oeh w&fcndc. 
DODKIN, Vid. Doitkin. . 

DOE, S. ra-get, dam A. <&• A Doe-rabbet, hona af 

To DOE , VU. To do. Doer , /. gjirare. An Evildoer , 

illejerningsman . 
t To DOFF , V. A. or to put oft,lSggaaffig , exue- 


'DOG , S. hund, canis. OS* A Marty-Dog or Band- 
Dog, Engelfk dogg. A Houfe-Dog, gSrds-hund. A 
Bear-Dog, bjirn-hund. A Bull-Dog, ijur-hund , font 
brukas at jdkta medtjurar. A Setting-Dog , fogtl-hund. 
try- A Lap-Dog , knS-hund , barn-racka. OS" Dog- 
cheap, hund-kZp. Prov. to tlat the dog 
l>- THE MANGER, fom hunden w'td hSftacken. Prov. 
I OVEME, AND LOVE MY DOG , den mig cfljkar, mti- 
fleSljka minhund. Prov. WHAT, KEEP A DOG AND 
BARK MTSELF ? ftwad , holla hund , och J~kSlla j )elj ? 
PUDDING, hungrig hund iter lortlgt fimir. Cj* A 
DOG or Andiron, fpisjern.$y* A Dog of Iron, kramp- 
•cm, ankare i murar. f To nave a Do g in °, ne ' s bel " 
ly or to be dogged , wara wld Halt mod. f A meer 
D 0l , in a Doublet , en mashund, engemen Imndsfot , en 
lorl-Stare. Prov. AN OLD DOG WILL LEARN NO 
THICKS, faftingt, Lira gammal hund fata. Dog-tricks, 
fkelmftrck. CO* to Sleep dog-fleep, lotsafofwa. f He is 
an old Dog at it , han dr en gammal f.kcr , (luger hund. 

A dof-fifh or Sea-dog , fit-hur.d. Dogs - ear , hundSra, 
Dog-weary, troll fom en hund. Dog-days or Canicular- 
Days , hundt-dogar. . 

DOGE, S. Ex. The Doge of \ cnice or the Doge of 
Genoa, hSgfla Sjwerhets - perfonen i Venedig dler 

To DOG one , V.A-filjaen , fnoka efter e n , A TERCO 

DOGGED, Adj. efterjolgd, efterfnokad, assecta- 
TUS. Ctj" DOGGED orfulk'n, fur-mulen, ilia til mods. 
Doggedly, Adv. furmulit. Q$* Doggedly dealt with, 
ilia handterad. Doggednefs , f. furtnuUnhet. 

"DOGGER, S. en hukare med en mafl , et fiartyg , 

DOG GET, Vid. Docket. 

DOGGISH , Ad], or Currijli, hundwuten , caninvs , 

propr. & figw- 

DOGGREL, S. Rime-doggrel , fiS. och fid, qualis 
QUALIS , ilak wen eller rim. 

DOGMA , S. lSra,la~ro(lyckc. Dogmatical, Adj. ISrdom 
tilhSrig. To dogmatife , V. A. Lira, underwifa. 

DOING, •>• gjerning, gjoromal , ACTIO. Vid. To do- 
I don't like" thefe'doings , jag tycker imet om delta 
wSfende. Ct5* You make fine doings , / gjoren fikona fa- 
ker. (Xj* To be taken in the deed doing. Hi tagen pd 
ferfik gjerning. t£r 'Twas your^ doing that l^had fuch 
a Husband, del war edert gjSromdl at jag fick fadan Man. 

DOING, Adj. gjSrande. Ex, To be always doing, 

*DOG, Islands, DOGGER, canis. Sueth. DUGG, idem. 
"DOGGER, Isl. DUCCA, n*y'a pifcaUria. DUG- 
SAMAJt , ntuttt. 

hafwa dlt'id nogot tit fyfla. 'T:% a doing , iet Sr I 
arbete. It has been long a doing, det har lenge warit 
i wSrket. ffj" To keep one doing , gifwa enom dage- 
ligen at fyfla. 

DOLE, S. or Share (from to deal) lott , tortio. K 
dole Meadow (wherein divers Perfonshavea Share)- 
by-eng , fom fierc grannar ega del uti. 05= DOLE {DG- 
xvm) flunk, gofwa, fom en Herregifwer fit folk. Dole- 
fifl), fijit, fom beftas matroferne fom fara pa fifk-fdnge 
i Nor'rfjin. Dole-bote, Vid. Smartmoney. 

DOLES, S. aker-lindor , rimfor mellan akcr -tegarnty 

DOLEFUL, Adj. forgfull, bedroflig, tristis. A dole- 
ful Story , en bcdrSftig hifioria. A doleful Voice , en 
forgclig r'ift. Dolefully , Adv. forgeliga, 

*DOLL, S. docka, pi/epa. 

DOLLAR or RIXDOLLAR, S. Riksdaler, thale- 


Df DOLOR, S. or Grief, forg , bcdr&fwelfe. Dolo- 
rous, Adj. or painful , forgelig. The dolorous way, 
tvJgen fom Chriftus gick til horfcl. Doloroufnefs , f. 

DOLPHIN, S. Ddphin, pelphinvs.sCt The DOU 
p H I N or Dauphin of France, Kron-Prinfen i Frankrik t , 

•(•DOLPISH, Vid. Doltifli. 

DOLT, S. or Blockhead, et dumhufwud , BLENNVS. 
Doltifh, Adj. bondwulen , dumb. Doltifijly , Adv. dumbt, 
Doltifhnel's, fi dumbhet. 

DOMAIN , S. Un , EEr-DVM. 

DOME , S. or Cupola ( a Term of Architecture) hipel, 


DOMESDAY, Vid. Dnomfday. 

| DOMB^SMAN , S. bikt-fiadcr , cONEEssioNARivs. 

DOMESTICK, Adj. hus tilhSrig, vomesticus. A 

domtftick Animal, hemtamdt Creatur. CO* Domeiliclc 
News , hem-iidningar. Domeftick ,fi. or Menial Servant, 
husdrtng elkr piga. 
DOMICIL, 5. or Manfion-honfe , hemwifi, domici- 

1.1V M. 

To DOMINEER, V. N. or bear Rule , hcrfka , regera , 
imperitare. You flian't domineer over me, du fkat 
icke dundra , hcrfka ofiwer mig. 05 5 " To DOMINEER 
(insolenter Ac, ere) gjSra fig flor.Dom'ineertd over, 
Adj. dominerad Sfwer. Domineering, Adj. fom f&rh&f- 
n-tv fig , grfitmyndig , 

DOMINICAL, Adj. Ex. The dominical Letter, fiSn- 

DOMINION, S. herfkap , regcring , DOMINIUM. 05" 
DOMINION ( TERRITOR1UM ) land , herfkap. Th« 
King's dominions , kenungens undcrlipgandc Idnder, 

DOMINO, S. eanonitli hufiwa, cucULEUs. 

DON, S. en Spanfik lite!, fa myckel fom hem. 

DONATION, Vid. Donative. 

DONATISTS , S. et flags kSttare. 

DONATIVE, S. or Gift, donation, gofwa, fikink , 


DONDON,5. en gammal fipSckflunfia , fETVLA ORES A. 

DONE, Adj. gjord , r actus. The Bufinefs is done, 
fiaken Sr gjord. K5°" Done , 1 yield or agree to it, ware 
fiagt , jag fiar derwid. 05* When he found that there 

.'DOU, Cotli. DAUU, utjL, AymfAa quedam. hdi '■■ 


vas no good to be done, nSr han fant at Intel godt 
kunde utrettas. 05* When all is laid and done, all 
ting wdl Sfwerwdgadt. (X5* - 'Twill be wiiily done of you, 
I gjSren klokt deruii. Cdr" I have e'en done with you , 
jag will Intel mer hafwa at gj&ra med cder. OS 5 " Eafie 
to be done , Ida gjord. That may be done , gjorlig. 
It fhali be done, "det fkallbligjordt. I fiall getit done, 
jag Jkill laga del blir g'ordt. oj* Church is done , Gurfj- 
tjcnflen ir {lutcr., tf°f DONE (cocrus) kokad,flekt , tsc. 
(om mat) Meat underdone, fSr litei kokadt J. for. Over- 
done , fSrmycket kokadt. This meat it not done enough, 
delta kottet dr icke fylleft kokadt. 
DONEE , S. den , fom fafl egsndom dr fkdnki til, do- 

DONOR or DONOUR , S. Vid. Feoffor. 

DON'T or do not. I don't love it, jag tycker icke om 
del. I don't care for it , jag footer icke derom. 

DOO , Vid, Do. 

"DOOM , S. Dom. fentents , sentestia. A heavy 
doom, en fwdr d"m. Dooms -Man ,deLomar.. Dooms- 
Day, domsdag. ■{■ Dooms-day in the Afternoon, dom- 
daiis-morgon , i. e. ad Calendas Grxcas. Dooms day, 
or dooms-day-book , fX kalias jordbokcn Zfwer Eng- 
land fom upretiadts af Wilhelm Conquefior , dr toSC 
och dnnu forwards uti Cammar-Collcgio ( Exchequer ) 

To DOOM, V. A. or lentence , doma , judicAre. 
Doomed , Adj. d'md. 

♦"DOOR, S. dor, jama. A Street-door, port. A 
Back-door, bak-dor. A Folding-door or two- leaved 
door, fall-port. To knock at the door , klappa pd por- 
ten. He lives r.ext door to me, han dor ndfta hufet 
til mig. OS* This is next door to it, det dr icke lo'.gt 
1 ifrd. 05~ 'Tis is next door to it , detdr ndftan fa godt 

fom. OS* To get within doors , gd in i hufet. To keep 
within doors, holla fig hemma. To go out of doors, 
gd ut. To turn one out of doors, kSra en pa dSret. 
C5* A thing out of doors or out of date, utur hruk , 
gammalt. 05^ Within doors , inom - dors { inom Rddct ) 
Cj* Without doors, atom Rddet. 
Door-keeper, durwaktarc. Door-bar, porC-ftengcl. Door- 
fill, trofkel. Doorcale, dSr-foder. Door-pofts , dSr-trdd. 

DOR , Vid. drone , & Beetle. D | 0$* A dor , at Weft- 
minfter-School , lof ur fcholan. 

*»*D "f-To DOR or ftun one, V. A. gjoTa en dumb, 

DORADO , S. en gldnfande hafsfil~k- item en karl fom 
fer wdl ut och bar inlet mcmbords (era peruk-flock ) 

DORICK , Adj. Dorick Order , en af de fern orderne i 

DORMANT , Adj. fofwandc, dod , DORM1ENS (figur. ) 
Money that lies dormant, that lies dormant in Cafh, 
ofruktbare pengar. Dormant tree , twer-bjelke. 

DORMER , S- Ex. A dormer Window , fSnfter pa ta- 
ket , fenestra ixtecto. Dormitory, Vid. Dorter. 

DORMOUSE, aker-rotta , clis. He fieeps like a 
dormoufe , han fofwer fom en gris. 

»**»DORP, S. by, PAGUS. 

DOP.SER or dofier, S. drag-korg . DORSUARIVM. 

DORTER, S. fof-kammare i klo/ter , DORM 1TOR1UM. 

'DOOM, MtGoth. domjan , judicare. 

"DOOR , M:Goth. DAUR, Goth. 6" Isl. DYR, DUR , 

""ToDOR, Goth. cVSueth. DARA, infatuare. 
••"DORP, Goth. THOkF pagus. Sueth. TORP. tu- 

gurium. a Sueth. TORF , cafpes , ex Quo cafar ftruxet'e 



DOSE , S. en dos I medicin , dosis. 

To DOSE , &c. Vid. To doze , t>c. Dofen , Vid. Dqm«. 
Dofser,/. Vid. Dorfer. 

DOT , S. Ex. A dot of Snivel , en fnorwarpla , MUCI 
CRUMUS. fj^DOT (PVNCTVM)puncl. To dot, V. A. 

DOTAGE , 5. galenftiap ,griller .delirium. Dotard, 
f. an old dotard , en gammal Narr , en ftolle fom gift 
fig med en ung piga. 

•To DOTE, V. N.gainas,yra,grillra , DELIRARE.vHr 
To dote UPON one, hSgeligen dlfka. Doted upon. 
Adj. k$°t difnad. Doter-;!, Vid. Dotard. Doting, f. 
Vid. Dotage. Doting , Adj. Ex. An old doting Man, 
en "ammal tok. Dotingly , Adv. fjollagligt. Dotifh , 
Adj. den fom fjollar. 

DOUBLE, Adj. dubbel ,- duplex. A double Sole, duS- 
bel f.Ua. Double Beer, dubbdt-Sl. 05 s " A doubleHoul'e, 
et bus med tu rum pa botnen. t To be doubie or to be 
married, i».;ra gift. A double Manor married Man, 
gift man. 0j* DOUBLE ( FALLAX ) falfk, bedrdglig. 
A double dealer, en Iredragare, en fom drager kappOn 
pel bada axlar. 

Double-ed»ed , tve-ds,gaa. Double-tongued or double-, 
heare'ed./om har iwa tun'or i m;inncn,faij"k-racka.'DoiMe- 
Chin, ijcer-haka. DonWe-chinn'd, enfom har iilcr-haka. 

DOUBLES, 5. Copia af en Jk-ift , exemplum. qO" 
Doubles or Folds, foliar {propr.) twetydiga ord (fig.) 

DOUBLY , or Double , Adv. dubbelt. Ex. A Horfe 
thet carries double, en hefl fombdr at ridapa baken. I 
oave double the Price, jag betalte dubbelt. To lie double, 
ligga two. ihop. To fold double , Idgga , wikla ihop. 

To DOUBLE, V. A.firdubla, ceminare. TodouM* 
apiece of Linen , Idgga et (lyeke ttnne dubbelt. To doubl* 
the Soldier's Pay, fordubla foldatens fold. oS* To 
double a Cape , Jegla omkring en lands-udd. 05*' To 
double the Gard, fordubla wakten. (ry- To DOUBIB 
(''ElfATOREM FRUSTRARl) V.N. holla falfkt flag, fom 
en hare. * To double with one , hykla , fkrymta. 
Doubled , Adj. Vid. Verb. 

DOUBLER, S. or large Platter , fort trdd-fat , pati- 
na L10NEA. 

DOUBLET, S. troja, thorax. \ To putoneina ftone- 
doublet , filla en i fangelfe. 

DOUBT , S. twifwel, owiffhet, DUBIUM. Without doubt, 
without all doubt, utan all twifwel. No doubt but— 
det dr ingen twifwel at ju — 05°" DOUBT (DlFEIrvL" 
TAs) fwarighet , et fwart mal. OS* I make no doubt 
on't , jag twiflar icke derpd. 

To DOUBT , V. A. twifla , dubjtare. I doubt it 
very much , jag twiflar mycket; derpd. d5* To Doubt 
dr to fufueft , mijftdnka , tro til halfs. Doubted, Adj. 
'Tis very much doubted , det twiflas mycket. It is not 
to be doubted , det dr otwifwelagligt. 

DOUBTFUL, Adj.twifwelagtig , DUB1US. (jj? DOUBT- 
FUL ( JNCERTUS ) owijj. Doubtfully, Adv.twifwelag- 
(igt, Doubtfulnefs ,f. twifwelagtighet. 

DOUBTLESS, Adj. otwifwelagtig , wiff , CERTUS, JK- 
dvbitatus. Doubtlefs , Adv. or without doubt 
utan twifwet. 

DOUCET, S. et flags egg-oft, ARTOGALA.CO* DOUCETS 
(testiculi cervlni) ball-ficnar pa en bjort. ^j 

DOUCINE, 5. liftwdrk Sfwer kranfea pd en tak-for , 


•To DOfE, Goth. DATT, animi remiffio. D&DIKs 

D U 


DOUGH , S. dcg, past J. Dough-baked ,half-grSddad. 

*DQUGHTY,Adj. mo Jig, tapper, dugtig.fORTis (obfol.) 

To DAUK, Vid. To Duck. 

DOUN , &c. Vid. Down , &c. Douty , Vid. Doughty. 
Douzen, Vid. Dozen. 

"DOVE.l dufwa,coiUMBA. A Ring-Dove/rj'/i£- 
dujwa. A Turtle-Dove , turiurdufwa. A Dove-Houle 
or Dove-Core, dufwe-hus , eller bur. 

DOVER (a Name of a town, ufed in this proverbial 
expression) en f/S-fiad i Kent, hwarifran detta ord- 
fprSket kommit : Dover Court, all i'peakers , none 
Hearers , DOVER Rddfiuga , alia lata, ingtn hirer. 

DOW, Vid. Dough. 

DOWAGER, S. en konungs dlerjlor herres enke-fru. The 
Queen dowager, enke-drotningen. A Countefs dowa- 
ger, en enke-grefwinna. 

DOWDY , S. a very dowdy, en madufa , lurifa , felt 
awi nfo Ik , c raxdiuscvla. 

DOVER, S. or jointure (that which a wife has of 
her husband for her life , after his death) lifrentafom 
gijwcs en huflru vid manfens did, item hemfSlgd , DOS. 

DOWL, Vid. Down. 

DOWLAS, S. tjocki linne, paxxvs livtevs. 

DOWN, S.dun, Piz/.M.r. A Dou-n-Bjd , </im-/£/i«, C5" 
down or (oft hair, fmi mjUk-har. 


grislapen hSgd, grSnbach. Cj* do wns ( molls are- 
X aria) fandbankar omkring landfSjiet wid fin. 

DOWN , Adv. ned , neder, deorsum. Ex.-To go Down, 
gd ned. To lie down, Hgea ""*• To fit Down, fitta 
ned. To fet Down , fitta ned. To fall Down , falla 
ned. To pay the Money down , Idgga , bttala pengar 
ned. To drink one down , dricka en ofwerdnda. The 
wind is down , wSdrei bar lagt fig. 

DOWN , Prapofitio. Ex.' Togo down the wind, kom- 
ma a f fig' He is a little down the wind, ban dr litet 
pa 05* Down with your breeches , ned 
med b'xorna. 03* Down with him , (la ned honom , 
lit off ha hanom ur wdgen. f Down in the Mouth, font 
har icke ct ord at fdga. (£=■ To have the palate of the 
mouth down, hafwa tur.gfpdn nedre. oJ» Upfide down, 
af^ogt. rfj* Down upon the nail , redbai a pengar . (Jj* 
Down the itream , utjireftrimen. cr> This will never 
down with him, det Ur ban aldrig fmelta. 

X Down-look, bedrtfwad upfyn. A Down-look man, 
en font ftr bedrtfwad ut. Down-hill, utforbacka. Down 
lying, Vid. lying-in. Downfall,//;//, undergdng. 
To have a great downfall, fa et fiort fall. Down- 
right, Adv. dnda ned. 

DOWNRIGHT, Ad), upenbar , klar , handgrlplig , ma- 
nifestus. cr> downright (umplzx) redlig, 
dnda (ram. A Downright Contradiction , en upenbar 
tontradiHion. He is a downright man , ban dr Snda 
fram , man complementer. cr> A Downright thaw, et 
i to. Downs, Vid. Down. 

DOWAWARD or Downwards, Adv. nedfZre , deor- 
• Look downwards , fe ned. 

DO\VNY,/(rf/.rf M ,j, plvmosvs. A Downy fruit, 

'DOUGHTr Goth.DUGR, virtus, valor. Anglo-Sax. 

DrGUTH.Th eot ,r c . DWGETH re[ dugatha, virtu,. 

DOHTA, pra-flantia. 
f *DOVF a praeipiU volatu. Sueth. DUFA ? icn,invola- 

re inaliqvem. 

frukt fom har fmJ fjun. C$* Downy beard , mjSlk. 

Jkdgg , pa ungt folk 
DOWRY, Vid. Dower. 

DOWSE, S. or blow on the chops , Srfl, colaphVs. 
To DOWSE one, V. A. S'filaen , colaphos itviRiN- 

CERE. Dowfed, Adj. Srfilad. 
DOXOLOGY, S. loffong. 

DOXY, S. bora, landsloperfka , MEP.ETRICVLA. 
To DOZE, V. A. komma en at forfkrdeka, , fuimma 

eller fofwa, ATT0N1TUM REDDERE, S0P1RE. Dozed, 

Adj. firjkrdckt , fwim-nad. 

DOZEL or Dofil, S. luft-tapp , SIPHO. 

DOZEN, S. diqin , duodeclm. A Dozen of eggs , et 
dittin eegS A baker's dozen, bagare dtrtin, tretton. 

DRAB, S. gat-bora, prostibvlum. To Drab, V, 
N. hora. 

DRAB, S. -roft ylle-tyg. OS* drab ( auctarium 
vELI ) litzn jocka. 

DRAFF, S. draf, fwin-mat , SEGISTER1VM. t Draffy, 
Adj. or filthy, oren. 

DRAG , S. or hook, drag, krok, hake, Vxcus. A Drag- 
Net, nSt , garn fSr fogcl. OS* DRAGS 'SAVI AP- 
PENDLXTIA ) dynor i en timber-fiotta. 

To DRAG, V. A. or draw by force, (llpa , draga, 
trahere. To Drag one to prifon , (Up a en i fa'n- 
gelfe. r£f To DRAG, V. N. (appendere) fletpa cfter. 
Ex. That lady's gown drags after her , fruns kjortclfiS- 
par efter henne. r^j- To DRAG (PISCARI 0STREAS ) 
(ansa aftror. 

DRAGANT, Adj. Trajacant-kada , CVMM1 TRAOA- 


To DRAGGLE, V. A. (ISpa efter fig , PERTRAHERE. 

A Draggle-tail , en flSp-rumpa , odugligt awinfolk. 
Draggled , Adj. fulpad. 

DRAGOMAN, S. Turklf< tolk, interpres tvrcicvs. 

DRAGON, S. drake , draco. 05* Sea-Dragon , en bafs. 

ftfk. Dragons-blood, en kada , font brukas til rod ferg. 

DRAGOON or Dragooner , S. dragon , DiMACftA. To 
Dragoon , V. A. pl.iga en med inawartering af drago- 
ner. Draie , Vid. Dray. 

DRAIN, 5. watnlopp , aflopp , EL1C1N1VTA. 

To DRAIN, V. A. uttorka , afleda , aftappa u-atn , EX- 
s ice are. To drain a ditch , uttorka en graf , dike. CO* 
To drain a fin , aftappa et kdrr. o5» To drain pew- 
ter newly fcoured, torkafkuradt tenn. * To drain one's 
purfe , toma ens pung. Drainable , Adj. fom kan af- 
tappa,. Drained, Adj. torkad , Vid. Verb, propr. & fig. 
Drainer , f. uttorkarc. 

DRAKE, S. and-drake, anas mas.(£?* A duck and a 
drake , et fpel med flat fqwdtt-fien pa aatnet , fmorgafar. 
Cc5* t To make ducks and drakes with one's money, 
lidcrLgenf5r(lofafinapcnnlngar.r£f- A DRAKE or gun , 
et (lags fkjut-gewdr. 

DRAM, S. et qvintin , drachma. Oj* A DRAM of 
any liquor , en fup. cr> Not a Dram , icke en droppe. 
He is not a dram the better, ban dr icke et bar betre. 

DRAMATICS , Adj. or belonging to the ftage , fkade- 
fpel tilbSrig. 

DRANK, Imperf, Vid. To Drink. 


D R A 

D R A 

*DRAP, S. or thick cloth , tjockt kldde , paxkus. 
DRAPER, S. a woollen Draper, en klddes-krdmare. MER- 
cator Paxxi. A linen Draper, idrfis-krdmart. 

DRAPERY", S. kldde - mdlning yd et conterfej. Item 
blom -eller lof-wdrk i bildlhuggeri, PAXXARIA, YOLUTA. 

DRAUGHT, 5. dryck , flurk pd en gdng, Hunk , HAV- 
STUS. All atone draught, alt i en gdng, i eniryck. tfj* 
The draught or itiokes ofletters (ductus ) Jkrif- 
ning af bokfidfwer. c5° The DRAUGHT of a cartel 
(DELIXEATIO ) gruhdritning af et Cafiell &c. OS* 
or abitract of a writing (EXEMPLAR) copia. cS"* A 
DRAUGHT of fifties [j actus ) et warp, en drdgt fi- 
fkar. OS" Mend your Draught , tag en (lurk til. OS" 
To have a quick draught , hafwa fnell afgdng med 
win eller 81. 00=" To take a rough draught of a con- 
trail , gjora utkafl til, eller taga dit forndmjla af et 
eontraS. OS* A DRAUGHT or pull (xJSVs) dragande. 
tff A DRAUGHT or detachment of fo!diers,<r detache- 
meat foldater. 35"* DRAUGHTS (JUG a) felar for Skar. 
A Draught-Horle , drag-heft. o5* draughts (lv- 
dus latruxculorum) dim , brddfpel. To play at 
Draughts , fipela i hrSde. Draught Board , brdd-fpel. 

To DRAW, V. A. or to pull, draga , fldpa , TRAHE- 
re. The horfe draws the cart, hefien drager kdrran. 
Cj* To DRAW or to pull out, rycka tit. To Draw 
the tongue, rdeka ut tungan. c5=" To Draw one's 
fword, Hotta wdrjan. He Drew fighs and tears from 
the beholders, han bewekte fina dhorare til fix 
och tdrar. To Draw cuts or lots, lotta , taga lotl. To 
Draw water out of a Well , pumpa eller winda up wain. 
To Draw wine or beer, lappa win, SI. To Draw blood, 
lappa blod , lata dder. * To Draw blood out of a (tone, 
draga olja ur fienen. 05" To DRAW (PELL1 cere) dra- 
ga , locka, tubba. x£t To draw (pers yadere) Sfi- 
wertala. 05* To Draw a bow , fpdnna en boge. OS" 
To Draw one dry, gjora torn, (fj* 'Twill be hard 
to draw cr reduce this fubjec"t into method , del blif- 
wer fwdrt at f5ra djtta i god ordning. C5"" To Draw 
a-fowl , taga ut inelfworna pd en fogzl. 05* To Draw 
a woman's breaft, di , fug a patten. oO" A plaifler that 
draws , drag-pldfier. G$> To Draw TO a head , Neut. 
mogna , font en bold. 05* To Draw to a head , ihop- 
famlas. 05* To Draw to an ilTue , draga til et flut. 05" 
To DRAW a pi.lure ( DEPIXGERE ) mala, afmdla , 
conterfeja. He Drew me, hangjorde mil conterfej. CjP 
To DRAW or draw UP a writing, fdttaup enjkrift. 
05* To Draw a circle with a pair of compaiTes , gjora 
en eirkel. Of;* To Draw BIT, afbe\la. "|" To Draw blood 
of one or jeer him out of his fkii , fkdmta hdrdt med 
rn , fkrubba up en. c5* It is time now to draw toward 
3 cor.cluiion of this debate, del dr nu tidal gjSra en 
Snde pa denna disputen. ofjf" To Draw breath , andas. 
Xff To Draw near an end , draga til dndfkap. (J5» To 
Draw Nigh, nalkas. 05* To Draw back , V. A. draga 
tilhaka. 05" To Draw back, Neut. draga fig til ryg- 
[i,prop. Oc. fig. 05 s To Draw FORWARD, framdraga. 
He has done his utmoft to Draw me IN, han har gjort 

*DR.AP, Goth. DRApri, cultus corporis. Germ. Infer. 
DREPEUCK., nitldus, decenter vefi.tus, Ital. DRAP- 
PO , pannus , unde cum arte denominatio in B ritanniam 
invecia. Efl. nimirum medix latinitatis, forfian ab amiquato 
auodam & deperdito vocabulo, quod contexere /ignificayit, 
%t Goth. CRAPA) nxtura efi terfuum, focma. 

fit ytterfta at fa mig in. cS*To Dra w AWAY, bort-draga. 
(X5» To Draw away, afhclla , fSrfora. OS* To' Draw 
ASVXDER. , draga °u:',<ils. 05°" To Draw TOGETHER, 
hopfamla. 05 s To Draw On , anfora. OfJ^-To Draw on , 
Neut. or Draw Near, nalkas. *To Draw on, ligga ifjdltc- 
get. The night draws on, del lider at aftonen. oj* Thefe 
things draw on belief to thofe enthufiafts , delta blif. 
wer trodt ibland de der Enthufiaflerne. 05* To Draw UP 
a petition, gjora en b8nc-jk.rij t , fuplique. To Draw 
the articles , fdtta up arti-lar. 0$* To Draw up an 
army in battalia , fi.illa up en krigshdr. 03" To Draw 
ALONG, draga med fig. 0f/*To draw forth or to Draw 
OUT, gd ut , gd finwdg. 05 - To Draw out a thing in 
length , utbreda. ffj* To Draw out the time, draga 
ut lider.. 


The Draw-back of a canon, hinterdclen af en flycke-wag*. 
Draw-Game , f. fpeUfom pd nytt mdfie begynnas. Draw- 
Bean , f. et fpel , wind, at upfora laddning. Draw- 
Bridger , /. wind-bro. Draw-latch, f. Jhottel pd en 
dor. A Drawnet, Vid. Drag-net. 

DRAWER , S. kdllare-fwen i et wdrdshus eller kdllare. 
Vid. Verb. A gold-drawer, guld-dragare. CtS^A. Draw- 
er , en fom gj$r ritningar. 05" A Tooth-Drawer, 
land-brytare. Cfr* A pair of drawers, under - byxor , 
larfodcr. <^f DR AWE R (LOCULUS CVRS OR)fkott-la\- 
da , i et bord , &c. 

DRAWING, Adj. dragande ,TRA HEX s ,Vid.Verb. The 
art of DRAWING (pictura) rit-eller mdlir-konflen. 
0fj= drawing or with - drawing room (atrium ) 
formak. oS* A Drawing-room or affembly , in the 
drawing-room, &c. at court, affemblee wid et hoffl 
Drawing, f. dragning. 

To DRAWL out, V. A. drdlla, neglicenter tra- 
here. To Drawl out one's words or to fpeak dream- 
ingly , tala drSmagtigt. "J - A Draw-latch , en fom fd 

DRAWN , Adj. dragen. OS* A drawn (word , btottadt 
fwerd. 03= A drawn battel , flagtning med lika forlujl 
pd bdda fidor. o5" Hang'd , drawn and quartered, 
b.ngd, inelfworna utfletni , och fall pd fiegcl. 

DR AY , S. drag, fldpa, kdrra , TRAHA. OS* A Dray 
or fled, drawn without wheels, fldde. A Dray-man. 

*DREAD , S. fkrdck , fruktan, terror. To have a 
dread upon one's fpirits, hafwa en rdddhoga pd fig. 

DREAD , Adj. fSrfkrdckelig , h8g, ''ENERANDUS. CCJT 

Dread lbveraign , hog Herre (de Rege) 

To DREAD, V. N. frukta , rddasfore , PERTIMESCZ- 
RE. I dread his power, jag rddes fSr hans magt. He 
dreads me , han dr rdddfSr mig. Dreaded , Adj. fruk- 
lad, den man rdds fore. 

DREADFUL, forfkrdckelig ,TERRiBlLis. The dread- 
ful judgments of God , GUDS flrenga hemfSknmg. A 
dreadful fight, en fSrfkrdckelig fyn. To look dreadful, 
fie grymt ut. Dreadfully , Adv. ftrfkrdekeliga, grymt. 
Dreadfulnefs,/, forjkrdckeiighet. Dreadlefs , Adj. o- 

DREAM, S. dram, soMxiuM. My dream is out, jag 
bar fan min drSm igen. cCf DREAM or idle fancy, 
(okot inbildning. 


•dread, Goth. 6- Island, thr k, moeror. Sueth. TRA* 
Ikaka, vr« marore confumit 

D R E 

D R I 

To DREAM, V. A.drtma, somniare. I dreamt a 
pleafant thing laft night, jag hade en lufilg drum i natt. 
05* To DREAM (ixsakire) raja, yra. Dreamer, 
J', drimande. A dreaming fellow, en dromare. 
Drcamingly, Adv. drSmagtigi , fSligt. 

To DREDGE, V. A. bryna af en flek med 'pifirlit mjSi , 
ASSAM 1KSTRVERE. Dredger , f. ftrS-dofa. 

DREDGERS, S. ojlerfijkare , ostrearvm piscato- 


■fDREERY, Adj.oluftig, led, utmsrvs. Dreerinefs , 
Adj. eluftighet. 

DREGS , S. or lees of any thing , dregg , fex. Dreg- 
gy , Adj. dreggot. c5* Dregs of the people, /ladder., 
pack. 05* Dregs of a fever, efier-flappen af en feber. 

To QREIN, Vid. To drain. 

To DRENCH, V. A. or give a drench, gifwa like- 
dryik, POTIONEM DARE. iff To DRE NCH or bathe, 
bada , blSta, fukta i wain. Drenched or Drencht, Adj. 
Vid. Verb, 05" Drencht in tears, flytande i tarar. 
Drench, /. likedryck for en heft. 

DRESS, S. or garb, klSdning , prydning , CVITVS , 
ORNATVS. 05" The drefs of a woman's head, qwin- 
folks hufwud-bonad. A nlght-drefs, nalt-habit, natt-tyg. 
"to DRESS, V. A. kldda, anklJda, vestire. G5» 
To drefs or trim , putfa , accommodera. 05" To drefs 
old Clothes , flicka gamla kl&der. 05* To drefs a d. ad 
body , fwepa et lik. 05* To drefs fifli , raifa fifk. 05" 
To drefs victuals , laga mat. iff To drefs a wound , 
fSrbinda el far. iff To drefs a child, anfa , linda et 
barn. 05 s To drefs a garden, anfa en trddgard. iff To 
drefs a vine, bejkjrawinrankor. iff To drefs leather, 
bereda ISdcr. iff To drefs flax, anfa, hdkU lin. Dreff- 
ed, Adj. klSdd , putfad , (re. 

DRESSER, S. tilredare , l.vsTRVCTOR. Ex. Dreffer of 
meat, mairedare , kock. Dreffer of Leather, lider- 
bcredare. 05" DRESSER ( ABACI'S CVL1N ARIVs ) 

DRESSING, S. lagande,tilpyntning ,cvltvra. DrelT- 
in» Knife, kSks-knif. Dreffing of meat, matredning. 
Drcffing-CIoath , qwinfolks nattyg , klSdningt-linnc, 

DREW, ImperfeS.. Verbi. To Draw, 

To DRIBBLE, V. N. Vid. flabber , 6- Drivel. 

DRIBBLET , 5. en litcn I'umma , litcn fkuld , PECVNIO- 
LA. To pay a great debt by driblets, be'.ala en (lor 
fliuld ptockewis. Dribling , Adj. Ex. A dribling debt, 
Vid. Driblet. 

DRIED, Imperf. Verbi. To Dry. 

DRIED, Adj. torkad , lorr , siccus. Dried to 
powder, torkad til pulfwer. iff Dried up, uptorkad. 
The well is dried up , brunnen ir uttorkad. 

DRIER, S. torkande , siccaks. 'Tis a g r eat drier, 
delta torkar ftarkt. 

DRIFT, $. or purpofe (from to drive) mil , dndarr.Jl, 
fSrehafwande , pafyftan , scovus. I underftand the 
whole drift of the bufinefs,/«£ fSrftar hwart ut hela den 
faken oil. Drift of fnow , fnidrifwa. Drifts of ice, 
irtf-is. Drifts of i'nnd,fand-dref. To go a drift, drif- 
«i, flyga. iff Drift of the foreit , upfikt pa hwad bo- 
fkap gdr p3 bete i en allmSnning-fkog. 

DRILL, S. drill, liten borr , CESTRUM, iff DRILL 
or baboon (an overgrown ape ) en gammal apa. 

*To dress, Goth. DftAs, foemina decora. 
TRUSlO, omare. 

To DRILL, V. A. drilla ,borra ,perfoRare. To drill 
a key, borra en nyckel. 05* To DRILL or intice one, 
locka, reta. 05* To DRILL a company of foldiers , 
Sfwa, inrctta el Compani. iff To drill one ON, hol- 
la en up medfagra ord. 05* To drill one's time away, 
fSrnota , plotra bore Jin tid. Prilled, Adj. Vid. To 

DRINESS , S. torrhet , torka , siccitas. Drinefs of 
weather , torka , tort wider. Drily , Adv. 

DRINK, S. dryck , dricka , roTUS. 05* To be a kttle 
in drink , hajwa nogot i fluren. iff Give me fome 
drink, gif mig litet dricka. Without meat or drink, 
utan mat , eller dryck. iff PHyfical drink, Uke-drjck. 
05 s1 Drink-offering, drick-offr, 

*To DRINK, V. A. dricka, tot are, bis ere. To 
drink a good draught , taga en god dryck. To drink 
drunk, hand to fift or to drink hard or deep , dricka 
ftyft, hdrdt. To drink one's health, dricka ens fkal. 
To drink a health, dricka en J~kal. I drink to you, 
jag dricker eder til. To drink round or drink about, 
dricka omkring. This Wine drinks flat, V. N. delta 
winet fmakar flatt. This beer drinks -well , delta olet 
fmakar wSl. 05* To drink OFF or drink UP , dricka ut, 
i botn.QCr* To drink one DOWN, dricka en ofv/erSnda. 
05* To drink down forrow , t!Sta forgen. 05* To drink 
in an error, infupa en wilfarelfi. To drink away one's 
time, fupa (In tii hon. Drinkable, Adj. or good to drink, 
fom later dricka fig. Drinker , f. dr'.nkare. 

DRINKING, S. drickende, potatio. Hani drinking , 
a drinking-bout or-match,fup-kalats. A drinking-gln.fs, 
drycks-glas. A drinking-cup, drycks-kdrjl. A drinking 
companion , fup-kamerat , fup-broder. A drinking gof- 
fip, en fyll-bytta 'qwinfolk fom gerna ISpjar) 

To DRIP, V. N. drypa, stillare. Dripping ,f.ftek* 
flott. A dripping p3n, fiek-panna. 

Te DRISLE, Vid. To drizzle. 

**To DRIVE, V. A. drifwa , fSfa, kSra , AGERE. T» 
drive a cart , kSra en kdrra. To drive hearts to pa- 
fture, fSfa bofliap wall, iff To drive the country, 
plundra landet. o5^ He drives all before him , Inn gar 
durch fom en HollSndare. gar igenom med alt hwad halt 
tar fig fore. o5* The wind drove us afhore , wSdret 
dref o£ p.Handet.rffT o DRIVE (c0.\tPELLE-R£)drifwa, 
iwinga. He drove me to that neceflity , ban dref mig til 
den nSdcn. o5* Te drive a great trade , drifwa ftark 
handel. c5* To drive a nail , drifwa en fpik. 05* Jo 
drive to delpair , drifwa til fSrtwiflan. Prov. HE MUST 
Devil. 05" He went as fail as he could drive, hart 
fkyndade fig ft fori hannonfin kunde.rff To drive AT 
fome-thing , iragta efter nogot. 05* To drive away the 
time , fordrifwa tiden. 05* To drive ON , fortdrifwa. 
Drive on, coachman, kSr pa korfwen. rt5'To drive OFF 
the time, upfkjuta, utdraga tiden. He drives it off tFom 
day to day, h an fkjuter del up frSn dag lit dag. To 
drive out, drifwa ut. To drive a nail in , fla in en fpik. 

To DRIVEL, V. A. dregla, salu'am emitters- 
Driveller, /. or a driveling fool a nizy, en narr , tok. 
Drivel, /. dregel, fpott. 


To DRINK, M.Goth. DRIGCKAN, bibcrt. DRAGGK, 



D R 

D R 

DRIVEN, Adj. Jrlfwen, twungen, n'dgai, TVltVS , COA- 
ctvs. As white as the driven (now, kwit fom fnt- 

DRIVER , S. drifwpre, ABACTOR. A coachman who is 
a Ikiiful driver , en kSr [wen fom forfiar at wdl handtera 
tomar. cS* DRIVER. (TUDEs)dref, tunbindare-redfkap.r 

"To DRIZZLE, V. N. befukta , iRRORARE. DrizzI- 
ino , Ad). Ex. A drizzling rain , et fuktande regit. 
Drizzly , Adj. befuktad mid regn. 

DROIL , Vid. Drudge. To Droil , Vid. To Drudge. 

DROIT, S. utlaga , fkatt , tribvtum. The droits and 
p;rquifites of the Admiralty, Ammiralitets - rettighe- 

DROLL, S. luflig kamerat , fjelfsuolding , COIfGER- 
RO. 05* A DROLL or farce , nach-fpel. OS* To turn 
a thing into droll and ridicule , fa nogot af medfkdmt. 

*»To DROLL, V. N- fkdmta , narras , joc^r/. Drol- 
lery , f. or joke , fkdmt , narri. 

DROMEDARY, S. dromedarius , DROMVS. 

***DRONE, S. watnbi,\bifluga , fVW.idj'DRONE 
(bardus) en trog , dumb karl , drSner. "f A mere drone 
of a husband , en man fom hujlrun eafferar. Dronilh , 
Adj. dronis. 

*'**To DROOP, V. N. firwifna, affalla , MARCE- 
scere. 05* To DROOPor to be afHi&ed , wara oluflig, 
hedrofwad. Ct5= To DROOP (tabescERE) ajtyna, taga 
af, blifwa maktlSs. Drooping , f. bedrofwelfe, maktlos- 
het. Drooping , Adj. afmatiad , fSrf alien. 

DROP, S. droppe, cvtta. By Drops, Drops after 
Drops , droppewis. CCj* DROPS (ORKAME.VTA COLU- 
MN arum) knappar ochblomwdrk pa pelare. 

To DROP , V. A. & N. or let fall, fdlla efter fig , IS- 
tafalla, DEMITTERE, perdere. To drop anchor, 
kafla ankar. I dropt my watch , jag fSlde mit ur. cSr" 
To drop a w<*rd , fiila ct ord. You dropt a word, du 
Idt et ord falla. (f> To drop one's argument or to let 
it drop , fldppa fit emne. Cj* She dropt him a courte- 
iy , hon neg for honom. C^j* He is promifed the tirft 
employment that drops , honom dr lofwad den forfla 
tjenft fom blifwer ledig. 05= To drop IN , fdlla, kafla in. 

To DROP, V. N. drypa , sriiLARE. The eaves drop, 
taken drypa. c5=" To drop with fueat, drypa af fwett. 
05=' To DROP (excidere) undfalla'omord) OS* The 
caftle will drop or furrender of courfe , fdflningen Idrer 
gifwa (ig af fig pelf. 05" To drop IN or OUT, ftjdla 
fig in eller ut . OS" To drop OFF, mifla fin tjenfl. OS^To 
DROP or to drop off, troppa af, do. Dropped, Vid. 
Dropt. Dropping , drypande. Vid. To Drop. 
DROPPINGS of a veffel , S. detfom dryper af en tunna , 
cuttuljE. Droppings of wine or Beer, idem. Prov. 
NOSE, gSmma Jjelfwa ndsdroppet 'omen karg mdn- 
niilca ) 
DROPSY, 5. watnfot , hydrops. Dropfical, Adj. wat- 

DROPT , Adj. irupen , fallen , stillatvs, iapsus. 

To DRIZZLE, Goth. DREITIL, guttula. DREITA, 

lac emungere. 
»*To DROLL , Sueth. DRULLA -gift, Ai/rWo. Isl. 

DRELLUR, ignobilis. 
*'*DHONE , Sueth. DrSnA, de peeudibus fubmugien- 

tibus. Goth. DRYN , mugitus. Anglo-Sax. DRAN, 

Germ, trane , fucus. Sax. DROENEN , mu (fit are , 

"♦**To DROOP, Isl. driupa, lugere. 

Dropt from tris 'clouds , fallen ur jkytt. 05* Thatbufi- 
nefs is dropt or fallen ro the ground, den faken dr 
ncdlagd.rfrThe difpute is dropt at laft , twtften dr 
Sndteligen faren. 

'DROSS, S. flagg , scoria. The drofs of lead, %- 
flagg. Drolly, Adj. faggot. Droffinefs, /. orenhet. 

DROVE, S. fd- drift, bofkaps-hjord , ARMKNTVM. 
Drover, /. en fom drifwer bofkap, ox-drifware. 

DROUGHT, S. torka , siccitas. We have had a 
great Drought , wi b.afwe haft en flark torka. o5* 
DROUGHT (sitis) tSrfl. I got a great Drought 
upon me , jag bar en flark tirft.. Droufy , (fc. Vid. 
Drowfy. Drouth , Vid. Drought. Droughty , Adj. 
torr , torflig. 

**DROVY, Adj. trumpen, furmulen, TRISTIS. 

To DROWN, V. A. drenka , mergere. To drown 
one's felf, drenka fig. 0?> To drown one's cares in 
wine, drenka fin forg i win. (Jj* To DROWN or ta 
overflow a Country, if-werfoda et land, fdtta under 
watn. 03* To DHOWS (OB fus care) fordunkla,for- 
mSrka. The light of the fun drowns the light of the 
ftars , folens ljus fSrdunklar ftjernornas. 05* To drown 
a noife, dempa, dSfwa et buller, oljud. tfj* This is fo 
great news that it has drowned all other news, del- 
ta nya dr fa flort at alt annat deruti dr bortglimdt. 
Drowned, Ad. drenkt, &c. drunknad , forgSngen. 

To DROWSE, V. N. flumra , fofwa , DORM1TARE- 
Dro wfinefs , f.fomnagtighet, fSmnfjuka, it. lathel , trSg- 
het. Drowfily , Adv. trogt , jomnagtigt. 

DROWSY, Adj. or fleepy, fimnig , tung , 
LENTUS. C5* The drowfy difeafe , fomn-fuka. 

***ToDRUB, V. A. (or beat the foles of the feet 
with a flick ) (la en under fotbladet med kdppar , PLAN- 
TAS PEDUM EUSTICARE. 05* To DRUB or to Cudgel, 

****DRUDGE, S. (one that is appointed to do all 
mean offices )fldp-dreng , Jldp-piga,fom gjSr del groffla 
arbetet , MANCIPIVM. He is a very Drudge, 
he is made a Drudge of, hern dren flaf. tfj* A Drudge 
in a kitchen , kiks-piga , kSks-pojke. OS* A Drudge 
in a Ihip , kajut-pojke. 

To DRUDGE, V. N. trdla.Jldpa, flafwa, EAMViAM. T» 
drudge on a thing, arbeta hardt pa nogot. To drudge 
up and down for one, lopa hit och dit fir en. 03* 
To DRUDGE or fifll for oyfters, filkaoflror. Drudger, 
f. oflre-fifkare. 

DRUDGERY, 5. fldp-fyfia, servitvs. To do one's 
Drudgery, gjSra ens fldp-arbete. OS* While he was 
put to the drudgery of fwearing, medan han mafle 
gjora fldpet af men-ederi. 

DRUG, 5. drogerier, AROMATA. Ofr" DRUG {MERCES 

rej ICUIJE) oduglig wara , wrak. 05 s Where knavery 

is in credit, honefty is fure to be a drug, der bedrd- 

geri bar Sfwerhanden dr drligketen altid i wrak. It'growS 

p a very 

"DROSS, Isl. TRIS , TROSS, qvisquilix , fcobs. 
**drovy , Moefo-Goth. draiban, vexare. Sueth. 

Kon. Styr. drofdr, infirmatus. bedr6fva, 

***To DRUB, Germ. TREFFEN, fer'ue. Isl. TRAF. 

moeror. Sueth. DRABBA, conftigere. 
""dhudge , Island. DRAGST, ancilla bajula. Goth. 

DRUSSE , homo vtlis. 

D R U 

■ YSfT Drug , iel kommer 1 wrak (fig.) U ' ,r W <">» S '- 
dadt. Druggirt or Drugller, f. mattrialifl. 
Df DRUGGERMAN, S. en Turkifk Tolk , inter- 
files TURC1CVS. 

Drugget, s. drojet, tannus ovidam. 

DRUID, S. en Prcfi tiler Philofoph iUand dc garni* 

Gaiter och Britanner. 
DRUM, S. Trumba, tympanum. To beat the Drum, 
113 d3 trumba. The beats of a Drum, trumb-flag. 03* 
The Drum of the ear , Sr-hinnan. OS* A kettle-drum, 
Puka. 05* DRUM or drummer, trumbflagare. Drum- 
fticks, trumb-pinnar. 
To DRUM , V. N. or beat the drum, (13 'pa trumba. 
Drummer, f. trumbflagare. Drumming, /. tpumbfiag. 
Drumfter, Vid. Drummer. 
DRUNK., Ad), or fuddled {from to drink) drupken , 
iBRivs. Half drunk, half-fuller. Dead drunk,' Sf- 
werldgjen. To make drunk , dricka en drucktn. Prov. 
EVER DRUNK, EVER DRY, ju mera man dricker 
ju mer will man dricka. o3* Drunk with the hopes 
of fticcefs, drucktn af hopp om lycka. o5> DRUNK 
( EXHAUSTVS ) ul-drucken- All is drunk out , dct 4r 
DRUNKARD, S. en dnnkare , fyllhund eller en Jyll- 

hynda , hellUO. 
DRUNKEN, Adj. drucken, ebrius. A drunken man 
or woman, drucken karl eller qxvinna. ftor, DRUKKHS 
FOLKS SELDOM TAKE HARM, drucktn karl far 
fellan ilia. l£? A drunken or drinking fong, /. ol-wi- 
fa. Drunkenly, Adv. faj'om drinkare, pa fyllhunds-uis. 
DRUNKENNESS, S. dryckenjkap, fylUri , CRAPl/LA. 
♦DRY Adj. torr, utiorkad, slcci'S. try- duV ( IK- 
sipidus) Ex. difcourfc, ofmakUgt tal. f£t A dry 
fountain, uttorkad killa. c5» Dry-goods , torr-waror. 
rt*?- DRY {SIT I ens) torflig. OS* The dry land, tor- 
ra landtt , fafta landel. tf? He went over dry , han 
mick Sfuer, torr-jkodd. OS* 'Twas a Spirit that liickt 
the cows dry, en tomi-bis diddekona . ff$=* 

A dry nurfe, torr-amma. Item en fom upwaktar cr. barn- 
ftnv-huftru. Oj* A DRY or cunning jeft or bob,jf« 
(klmi. t He got nothing but dry blows , han ha- 
rt to'rra flingar, blef torbultad. o5* DRY or penurio IS, 
kart , girig. "(j5* DRY or referved , J'Srbehollen, font 
har bakom Srohen. <&■ DRY wine ( detmcatum ) 
mfdrSogadt , obemengdt win. Dry-fliod , torr-Jkodd. 
To DRY , V. A. torka , siccare. 0*3=- To Dry up , 
uptorka. OS* Dry up your tears , flryken hart cdra tS- 
rar , iorJ med grSt. 05" To DRY , V. N. {arescere) 
torkas . blifwa torr. The Cow dries, kon finar af. 
•J- To DRY-SHAVE, V. A. bedraga , eallere. 
DRYADS, S. or wood-fairies , Jkogs-ra. 
DRY'D, Vid. dried. Dryer, Vid. Drier. Drying, f. 

A drying-yard , en gard der man torkar linklader. 
DUAL, Adj. twdggja. Dual-Number. Num. Dual. 
•♦To DUB, V. A. bewdpna, dubba , arm are. Ex. To 
Dub or make a Knight , dubba , Jl'i en til riddarc. To 
Pub a cock , Jkdra kamben af en tupp. 
DUBIOUS, Ad), or doubtful, tviifwelagug , owiff. Du- 
bitation , /. or doubt , twiflan. 

DU C AL . Adj. fSrflelig. 

"DRY.M.'Goth. THAURSVS, Jucus. In, THAhA, 

•'To DUB, Isl. &• Goth. DUBBA , imbuere, DOBB / 


Duchefs ,' 

DUCAT, TO.' ducket. Duee, Vid. dewce, 

Vid. dutchefs. Duchy, Vid. dutchy. 
♦DUCK , 5. and, anka, ANAS. A wild duck, wild-and. 

A tame duck , anka. OS 5 " My duck , min docka , mir. 

kdra {kdrleki-ord.) 
To DUCK, V. A. & N. dyka , gS under watn , VRI- 

nari. To duck one into the fea , doppa en i j;on. 

(j5* To DUCK ( S£ INC V tfl* ARE ) boga , bucka Jig. 

To duck with the head , boga kufwudtt. f To duck 
or concee , ajora revcrens. Ducking , /*. ra-fpringning 
(fkcps-Hraff) Ducking-itool , en flvl hwar pa man Jit- 
ter trStofatnma cwinfolk ock doppar dem i watnet Sf- 
wer oronen {el Jlraff brukligt i England ) 
DUCATOON, S. dflkaton {werd, ,. fchil. Sterl.) 
DUCKET or Ducat, S- dukat {wcrd 9. fchil. 6. pence. 

S'.crl. ) 
DUCKLING, S. and-,mz,e,TVLivs anatis. 

DUCKT , Adj. or Ducked, doppad i watn, Vid. Verb. 
DUCTILE, Adj. fmidig, fom Liter IStteligcn fla fig 

med aammar. Ductility , f. en j'iidan cgenj'kap. 
DUCTS, S. Canal, wainledning , adra , gang.\ 
♦"DUDGEON, S. dolk, litcn hirfchf&ngare , SIC A. 
■j* To take a thing in dudgeon or ill part, taga 
nogot ilia up. \ Dudgeon -haft , Jkaft , fdflt pet 
en dolk. 
♦♦♦DUDMAN, S. fpoke, fpok, larva. 
DUE, Adj.Jkyldig, debitvs. Ex. Money due , geld. 
There is io much due tome, migbor fa mycket.g^* 
due {jvstvs) wederb'rl g. To do a thing with due 
reverence , g/Sra nogot med wederbSrlig wordnad. OS* 
To ask for money before it is due, fordra pengar in- 
an dc dro forfallne. Cf5* To do a thing in due time 
or in due feafon , gjora nogot i r;uan tid. A Bill 
of exchange due, en fS-fallcn wcxel. CSS* Done indue 
form , gjord i fit relta jkick , ^ordning. 
DUE , S. fkyldighct , rettighet , debjtvm. To 
give every one his due, gifwa hwarjom och enom dee 
honom lilhorer. To remit iomewhat of one's due, gif- 
wa nogot efter affin rett. Prov. WE MUST GIVE 
THE DEVIL HIS DUE, wi bSre gjora fjelfwa hin 
rett , ej gjora honom j'wartare dn han dr. Duenefs , f. 
DUEL, S. enwtges kamp , duel I , svEiiuM. Duellift- 
or dueller, en dusllcrare. To forbid duelling , forbju- 
da dueller. To fight a duel , duellera. 
**«*DUG , S. or teat of animals , fpene pa creatur > 

uber. To fuck a dug , di , fuga en fpene. 
DUG, Adj. or digged {from to dig) grdfwen. 
DUKE, S. FSrJIe, dux. Dukedom,/. forfiendSme. 
fDULCARNON, S. en fwarighet , hard knut , DI- 
LEMMA. I am at du'earnon or at my wit's end, jag 
dr aldeles radios. 
To DULCIFY, V.A.JSrfSta, edulcare. Dulcify 'd. 

Adj. ftrfStad. 
DULCIMER, S.hackbrdde, sambuca. 


*PUCK, Goth, t-ok, locus voragino/us. 
"dudgeon , Goth. THEGN .minifler. armiger. Germ. 

DEGEN , enfis. Cfr. "Wacht. Glosf. Germ. p. 267. 
'"dudman, ex Goth, daud , mortuus, £• mak, 

♦♦♦♦dug, Sueth. DECGA, UiTt nutrlre. 

D U L 


"DULL, Adj.fiig, hebes. A dull razor or pen-knife, 
flig rak-knif eller pen-knif. 03* »ULL 'sTVPlDt/s ) 
dumb , trig. A dull Wit , dumbt , trigt fSrji.inJ. A 
Dull fpeech, ofmakligt tal. A dull ftile., «">5 Jkrif- 
art. air* DULL (roRP/i'fi) tung,'fiel>- Age and 
ficknefs will make a body dull, 'alder och fjukdom 
gji.-a en mSnni/ka tung. (£> DULL (pjger) lat, trig. c3* 
BULL {insipidus) ofmaklig , flat (om fmak ) 05* 
llVLL (St/BTRISTIS ) oglad , bcdrofwad. Ctjf" DULL 
(o.B.sct-'.Kt'.s) n6VA. Dull weather, morki, tiknigl wddcr, 


CtS* A dull piece of work, et ledfamt ftycke arbeti. To 

iir.g with a dull tone , fjttnga med trig rifl. A dull 

noife , dumbt buller. A glafs that begins to grow dull, 

en fpegel, fom birjar mi(la glanfen. Dull fight, fwag 

fyn. A candle that bums dull , et ljus fom brin- 

nir mirkt. A dull colour , mult, oliftig, did ferg. There 

is now but a dull trading , det drnu firtiden fldt han- 

dd. Dull of hearing, lom-hord. Dull of ap- 

prehcnfion, ojwick,fom trigt fattar, dumb. Dull-witted, 

ide-r. Dull-pated , et dumbhufwud. 

To DULL, V. A. gjora en dumb, trig, HEBETARE- 

05» To DULL or to dazz!; with over much li»ht » 

blenda,forblinda. c5 = ' To dull a looking-glafs , firtaga 

glanfen pa en fpegel. 03 s " To dull the hearing or to deafen, 

gjira en do/ elter lomhird. "f Dullard, Vid. Blockhead. 

DULLED, A.lj. trig gjord, &c. Dully , Adv. dumbt, trigt. 

To walk but dully, ga fakta. He writes but dully , 

' ban jkrifwer tort. 

DULNESS , S. Vid. Dull. K> Dulnefs of wit, dumb- 
het, iff" DULNESS or flownefs, trighet , owardighet. 
05» Dulnefs of a book , en boks oduglighet. 
DULY, Adv. wedirbirliga, RITE. He was duly convict- 
ed , ban war rikiigt lagviunnen. rff DUL Y or ex- 
actly, riktigt , noga. He goes duly to fchool at fix 
a clock , ban gar i Scholan exact klockan fex. 
**DUMB , Ad), dumb, mallls, MVTVS. 0^ A dumb 
creature, ofSrnuftigt creaiur. 03* To ftrikeone dumb, 
fioppa cnom-munncn til. Dumbly , Adv. pd dumbt wis. 
Dumbneis , _f. dumbhet. 
***DUMP, S.or fudden-aftoniftment, beflirtning, for- 
[krickelfe , STUPOR. To be in a dump, wara beflirt. 
OS" A melancholy dump , fwarmodighet. To put one to 
his dumps , firtreta , gjira en oluftig. Dumpiih , Adj. 
melancholifk. Dumpifhnefs , f. melancholi. 
DUMPLING, S. klimp ifoppa , mass A. hem et (lags 

fma-puding man egg. 
DUN, Adj. brun, cafianie-brun, FVSCVs. 
DUN-fly or dun-bee, S. geting , vespa. tfj* Dun in the 

mire , fom bar kort kdrran i lorten , ilia deran. 
DUN, S. en ftreng och befw.irlig penning -krdfwaret 
hjen-kldmmare, IMPORTVXUS postvlator. To Dun, 
V. A. Jlrengt fordra , dageligen ifwerligga , yrka pa be- 
talning , krdfwa. 
*** "DUNCE, S. tolp , lymmel, pundhufwud , bardvs. 

Duncery , f. tolpagtighet. 
DUNG, S. dynga , godfel, F1UVS. A cart-load of dung, 

*DULL, M:Goth. DWALA, /lullus. DWALMAN, in- 

fanire. Goth. DUL EN ,fatuus. DULR , ftultitia. Sueth. 

DAL , DALIG , lorpidus. 
*»DUMB, M:Goth. DUMBS. Svio- Goth. DUMBE, 

mutus homo. 

"DUMP, Svio-Goth. DEMPA, eohibere , fuffocare. 
""dunce, Sueth. DUNSER, homo pede gravis, 
fcjBVKSA , iiiditer gradi. fl,DUN , /onus. 

et latf dynga. OS* To Dung a field , V. A. gida en 
Aker. Dunged, Adj. gidd. 


Dung-hill, dynghig. A man raifed from dong-hill , 

en fom nyjf kommit up ur lorten, af ringa a/komfl. 

Dung-hill fowl, Lem-fogel. Dung-fork, dyng-grep. 

Dung-farmer or torn -turd, hund-gubbe , privet-renfare. 

Dung-cart, dyng-kdrra. 
DUNGEON, S. or dark prifon , ty/-kdllare , mirkt 

fdngelfe, GVRGVST1VM. 
DUNNECK.5. en liten/ogel, fom utliggcr andra foglart 

ungar, CVRRUCA. 
DUNNY, Adj. fufig i ironen, lomhird, SVRDASTER. 
DUNSICAL, Adj. tUpagiig , bardus. 
* To DUPE , r, A. or to cozen , narra , bedraga , 

DUPLICATE, S. copia, afjlcrift. Duplication, /. du- 

DURABLE , Adj. or lading, waragtig. A durable peace, 

wa'agtig fred. Durablenefs , /. waragtighet. 
DURANCE , S. or imprifonment , arrefiering, inmaning , 
Sjkcarceratio. To be in durance, wara i fdngd/e. 
DURATION, S. warande. A thing of long duration, 

•(•To DURE, V. N. wara, rdcka , dura , dvrare. 
■f DURESS , S. hardhet , olagligt /ir/arande med en, 


-J- DURGEN , S. dwerg , nanus. Ex. a little durgen , en 

liten karl. OS* DURGEN ( 1 0.MELLA ) liten qwinna. 
DURING, Prap. mcdan , dum. During that eclipfe , 

under formorkel/en. During my ftay there , under mil 

DURST , Imper/. Verbi. To Dare. Ex. I durft not go , 

jag tordcs ickc gd. "f You durft not do it , du tors uke 

DURT, tyc. Vid. Dirt, &c. 
**DUSK, S. Ex. the dusk of the evening, fkymnin- 

gen s crepvsculvm. $5* dusk , Adj. Vid. Duskift. 
To DUSK, V. A.firmorka, OBSCURARE. 
To DUSK, V. N. mirkna, fkymma , blifwa fent , 

obten ebrari. It begins to dusk , detbirjar morkna. 

dufknefs , f. morkhet. 
DUSKISH or dusky, Adj. mSrkagtig , TENEBROSVS. 

It begins to be duskifll , det birjar qwellas. 
***DU5T, S* floft,damb, pvivis. To make aduit, 

to raife a duft , upwdcka damb. To gather duft, dam- 

bas. To lay the duft, fa ned dambet. cr> We are 

but dull and aflies, wi dre ej annat dn ftofi ock afk*. 
Saw- Duft, fag-fpan. Pin -duft or File-duft ,fil-fpan. 

The Duft or fweepings of the houfe , fopor. A 

Duft - man , en fom bortfirer fopor frd dirama. A 

Duft-box or fandbox, fand-biffa. 
To DUST , V. A. or cart duft upon , kafla damb pi , 

pul^ERE conspergere. You duft myhat all over, 

du dambar min halt all full. Dufter, /. damb-borfle. 

Duftinefs , /. dambighet. 

p i DUSTY , 

*To DUPE, Isl. DAUFR, infipidus. DEIFA, infatuarc. 
** dusk. , Svio-Goth. dyster , A:fax. DEOSTRA , 

obfcuTus. a Celt. DU , nigredo. 
***dust, Goth, dvst , pubis, b.ida DUST, equi- 

fire ((rumen inire. 


E A G 

DUSTY , Adj. dambot, ruiVERUlENTUs. Dufty road, 
dambot wig. To grow dufty , blifwa dambot. 

DUTCH , S. HollSndCk , itemhollSndfkt fprik. To fpeak 
Dutch , tala Hollindjka. 05* High-dutch , hSg-ty/ka. 
Dutch , Adj. Hollindjk. A Dutch-man , en Holl&nda- 
re. A Dutch-woman , en HollSndjka. 

DUTCHESS, S.Forftinna, ducissa. Dutchy , f.fSr- 

DUTIFUL or duteous, Adj. lydig , hSrfam , obse- 
rves!. A dutiful child, lydigt barn. 05* Dutiful 
carriage, lydigt, wordfamt fSrhollande. 05" Dutiful 
towards God, gudfruktig, gudaktig. 05" DUTIFUL 
(ACCVRATl/s ) noga i fina fifiors firrcttning. Duti- 
fully , Adv. lydakteliga , hSrJamt. DutiiulneCs , /. 
lydighet , hSrjamhet. 

DUTY , S.pligt, fkyldi'hct , tjenfi , wSrdnad, VEBI- 
tum , obs EQi/iuit. To do or perform one's duty, 
gjSra fin pligt. To pay one's duty to one , afiSggafin 
uSrdnad has en. The duty of one's place , ens imbets 
pligt. <X5" To prefent one's duty or refpe&s to one , 
lata fSrmila fin wSrdnad hos en. 05* My duty to ye 
( en ord-form fSr barn fam dricker til fina forSldrar ) 
C5* A loldier upon duty , en foldai p3 wakt. OS* Hard 
duty, hardt arbete. 05" DUTY ( rECTlCAL) Tail , 
tmgelder i tullen. 

DWARF, S. dwerg , nanvs. A Dwarf-tree, etlogt 

DWAS-light, S. lykt-gubbe , JGIflS FATVUS. 

•To DWELL, V. N. uppeholla fig pit en ort , wifias , 
bo , habitaRE. Wheredoes he dwell ? hwar holler ban 
til? I dwelt three years in that houfe, jag bodde tre ir i 
det hufet. I would not haveyou dwell longer upon that 
fubjeft , boll icke lengre mi mid den faken. 05" To 
dwell upon a fyllable , holla, fiadna wid en fiafwelfe. 

DWELLER, S.inw.inare,iiABiTATOR. incola. Dwell- 
ing, f. boende , waving. o5* Dwelling, Dwelling- 
place or houfe , wSnings-rum , bus. 

DWELT, Vid, To dwell. A Houfe that may be dwelt 
in , et bus, font man kan bo mi. 

•*To DWINDLE away, V. A. or to decay, twina 
tort, tabescere. It dwindles away to nothing , det 
faller hort til intet. Dwindled away , Adj. fSrfallen. 

DY or Dye , Vid. To Die. Dyal , Vid. Dial. To Dye. 
&c. Vid. To Die , &c. 

DYING, S. fergande, TINCTVRA. The art of dying , 

DYING , Adj. en font dSr , MORIBUXDI/s. A dying 
man , en minnifka i f/Sl-toget. To be in a dying con- 
dition , Hgg^pa del ytlerfia. o5* The dying words of 
one, em ytterfia ord. 05" DYING or languifhing eyes, 
mattt , dSda Sgon. 

DYKE , Vid. Dike. 

DYNASTY, S. or principality, herfkap, land. 

DYSENTERY , S. or bloody-flux , durchlopp , rSd-fot. 

DYSURY, S. pijjirong, orsvRiA. 

•To dwell, M:Goth. DULTHS, fabbathum. Goth. 

DWOL , mora. Sueth. DwAlJAS, commorari. 
**To DWINDLE, Jsl. DVYNA, eesftre , iefinere. a 

TUVNNK , tcnuil. 

E A 

EACH, Adj. hwar och en, VKViqVlsoVE. Oa 
each fide , pa hwardera fidan. Each of us , hwtr 
och en af off. Each one , hwar och en. To lore 
tach other , dlfka hwarannan. 

*EADELMAN , S. adelsman, KOBlus (Anglo-Sax.) 

**EAGER. Aij,fkarp , fur , ACER. 05* EAGER (FRA- 
CILIS) brickllg, Jk5r. 05* EAGER { rEHEMENS ) 
ifrig , hdftig. He was too eager upon it , han war alt 
fir het derpa. An eager defire , hiftg, hogelig aftun- 
dan. 05° EAGER (esvrieks) hur.grig. 

EAGER , S. Ex. The Eager of a river, forfen , heftig- 
hcten af en fiod , assti/s. 

EAGERLY , Adv. hiftigt , ifrigt , be. Vid. Adj. To 
difpute eagerly , disputera ifrigt. tCf Eagerly bent on 
a thing, hugjiark , innog pa nogot. 

EAGERNESS, S. furhet , fyra, ACIDITAS.O^ EAGER- 
NESS (vlhementia ) bjjtighet, ifrighet, 

EAGLE , S.Srn, aovila. c5*The Roman Eagle, Romcr- 
Jka S/nen. Eagle-eyed , jkarpfynt. Spread-Eagle , 
fi.ikt orn. Eaglet , f. Srn-unge. Eagle-ftone , Srn-flen. 

»**EAM, S. morbroder , fadder , wen, AVUNCVLVS , 

SVSCEPTOR , AMICUS ( obfol. ) 

EALDERMAN , 5. alderman > Jarl* adelsman , hos de 
gamla Saxsrna* 

**»*ToEAN T V. N. orbringforth lambs, lamb a , A- 
gnvm rarlre. The ews begin to ean, tackorna be- 
gynna lamba* 

* 5, EAR, S. Sra, AVRIS. A good or a quicK car, 
fint, fnelt Sra. To give one a box on the ear,gi/wa 
en et flag wid orat. To give ear , Una Sronen , gifwa 
ljud, hora til. I am undone, if that comes to his ear, 
jag Jr fSrlarad , om del kommer fSr hans iron. 05* To 
have the Prince's ear , hafwa Forfiens Sra. "j" He is 
deaf of that ear, han horer icke pa* det Srat. C5*" EAR 
{sehsatio AVD1TVS ) gehSr i mufiquen. Prov. AN 
HUNGRY BELLY HAS NO EAR, hungrig mage 
borgar inter. Prov. HE HAS A FLEA IN HIS EAR, 
han bar loppor i Sronen. 05* Dog's-ear in a book , 
hund-Sron, eller wekna blad i en bok. "f" To fall together 
by the ears, fa hwarannan widSronen. f To fet together 
by the ears, fdttafolk i hSret p3 hwarandra. 05* He 
has brought all the criticks about his ears , han bar 
dragit alia criticos pa fig. "f To be in love up to the 
ears or over head and ears , wara kSrfom en katt. j 
To be in debt over head and cars, waraifkuld S/wer 
Sronen. j - I dare not for my ears , jng tSrs icke fSr 
mil lif. 05" The ear of a Porringer , Srat pa ta 


"EADELMAN , Goth. EDLI , indoles, ingenium. 4D.U- 

MAN, maritus legitimus. ADALK.ONU , uxor legitimm. 
**E*G£R, Gothico-iueth. EKNA , acssfere. EKES, 

acidus. M:Goth. AKEITHIS , acetum. 
***EAM , Isl. AMMA, avia, Sueth. nutrix. 
****To ean, Scano-Goth. 6na , ; idem. 
*},EAR , M.Goth. AUSO , Isl. EYRA , auris, ab TRRA 

rel HURRA, malum atris fufurrum exprimens ?*<«• 





Ear-lap , or-tibb. Ear-wax , ^ir-uax. Ear-ring, or-ring. 
Ear-knot, or-band. Ear-picker, ir-flef. Ear-wig, 
klocka, or-math , en fmal fwart matk med tu horn i 
dndan. Ear-witnefs , dhires-w'une , fom fjelf hSrt. 

'EAR. S. ax , [ides-ax , SPICA. 

To EAR , V. N. g.i i ax , spicas emittere. Eared» 
Adj. ax-lupcn. 

**To EAR, V. A. or till the ground, odla , bruka jor- 
den, colere terram. Earable , Adj.fom kan plogas. 
Ear-land , plog-lar.d. Eared or tilled , Adj. plogd. 

EARED, Adj.fom har asne-Sron , flaccus. 

***EARL, S. Engelfk Grefwe , comes akglix. 
Earl's Lady , Grefwinna. Earldom , /". or County , 

*** "EARLY, Adj. tidig, trxmatvrvs. He is an 
early man or an early rifer, han Sr en man font fiar 
biniaa up. cdr" In thofe early times, uti de firfia ti- 
derna. rgr* An early fpring, tidig viae. 

EARLY, Adv. bittida , maxe. Ofr" early or loon. 
fnart , i tid. To go early to bed , ga / feng i rid. (J^* 
Early in the fpring , fSr/ia war-dag. Earlineft , f. 

To EARN, V. A. forijena , forwerfwa , MERER1. To 
earn one's bread, forijena fit brid. You earn'd it ve- 
ry veil, du fSrtjcnic det wdl. OS* To earn, V. N. 
(visceribus commoveri ) Ex. My bowels earn, 
jag har h erteligt medlidande. OS^To EARN (coacl'Lari) 
yfias. crS=" To EARN (lege re sriCAs)axa up. Earned, 
Adj. firtjent. 

*5, EARNEST, Adj. alfwarfam , hogad, SEDVlus. I 
am very earned in it , jag dr i fulit alfwar dermed. To 
be earned in one's work, Idgga hogen uidarbetct. (jfj* 
EARNEST ( VEHEMENs)ifrig, nitijk. C^/* EARNEST 
( magxi momexti ) wigtig. An earned bufinefs , 
tn angel&°cn fak. OS* He was very earned with me, 
han hill harii an med mig. I was not very earned 
with him to day, jag bad honom icke myc^et at bli 
'war. To make earned fui^ to one for a thing, hige- 
ligen bedja en om nogot. (Jj^ EARNE5T ( VEGETVS ) 
ftink , friflzj rr.odig. 

I . NEST,5. alfware. Ex. In good earned, I fulit alfware, 
SERIO. Tobe in good earned, tala rett alfwarfarr.t. C5* 
EARNEST or eirneft-money (arrha) ernfi, faflepen- 
ning , fom gifwes p3 handen. 
'EARNESTLY, Adv. higeliga , fliteUga, serio. tf=- 
Earnedly to intreat one, higeligen bedja en. To fpeak 
a thing earnedly or ferioufly , tala nogot alfwarfam- 
siga. CO* iTo look earnedly upon fomerhing , fe flint 
pa nogot. 05° Earnedly to drive againd , fta hardt 
ttr.ot. Earnednefs, f. or vehemence, h&fiighet, if'ig- 
hei , alfwarfamhet. 

*EAR , M:Goth. AHS , fpica. a Goth. AR , provenius 
anr.uus. ARBOT, Sacrificium Frigga; oblalum , ob 
felicem fruzem. 

**To EAR, M.Goth. IRIAN. Goth.ARjA,Sueth. Arja, 
arare. AV.T), aratio. ARDER, aratrum. 

***EASl, Goth. JARL ,fummus nobilhatis gradus apud 
veteres Scandinavos. JARLAR , Vlri illujlres , Rcgibus 
proximi, ut in Grxco-Romano Imperio Nobilislirr.i. 

""EARLY , Goth. AR , Principium rerum in creauone. 
AR, diluculum. ARLA, mane. 

*J, Earnest, LL. Sueth. Antiq. ARA , prafeclus regit. 
ARUNTI , negotium. Isl. EYR A , pacifci. Sueth. ERNA, 
defiintre. A: fax. EOB.K ,fidaUu , hue refer, errand. 

EARNING, S. firtjenfl, winfi , LVCRVll. 05=- EARK- 

ING (coagvlvm ) lipe. 
*EARTH, S. jord , terra. The Heaven and Earth, 

himmelen och jorden. To commit one to the earth, 

jorda , begrajwa en. 


Fuller's-Earth , fap-lera, fom brukas at twStit ylle med. 
Potter's-earth or clay, krukmakare-ler. Earth-worm, 
regn-dagg-maik. Earth-quake , jord - bdfning. Earth- 
apple ,jord-dple. Earth-bred , aj jorden kommen. Earth- 
Flax , Berg-lint 

To EARTH , V. N. gnifwa fig in i jorden , fom rSf- 


EARTHEN, Adj. af jord, terreus. Earthen-ware' 
fien-kSril. An earthen dift , ften-tallrik. 

To EARTHEN, V. A. begrafwa , jorda , Hl/M ARM- 
Earthened, Adj.jordfSft, jordad. Earthing, f. myllning. 

EARTHLY or earthy, Adj. jordijk, af jord. Earthly 
things , jordifka ling, oj^ An earthly man , an earthly 
minded man , werldsligt finnai man. Earthly minded- 
nefs , wcrldslighet. OS* To fmell earthly ( as a dying 
perfon) lukta lik, fom de dide. 

**EASE , S. ro, mak , bcqwemUghet , gf/£J. To love 
one's eafe , dlfkafin ro. To live at eafe , lefwa med mak. 
OS* ease (leximentum ) ( of pain ) lindring. To 
give one fome eafe, gifwa enom lindring. Ok/* EASE 
(solatium ) trifl. 05" To do a thing with eafe, gji- 
ra nogot med beqwemiighei. OS* To have a writ of 
eafe, vara fldld pi fri fot. <£t Little-eafe , trongt 
flng-hoL 05* At heart's -eafe , efter Infkan. OS* A 
chapel of eafe , annex , redkyrka. 

To EASE , V. A. Una , leVare. To eafe one's grief, 
lindra forgen. To eafe one of his burden , Idtta ens 
borda. To eafe one of all his troubles, frelfa en ifran 
all wonda. To eafe one's felf or to eafe the- belly, 
Una fig , gjira fin tarf. Eafed , Adj. Idttad, lindrad. 

EASEL, S.ftaflette fir el conterfey at fta pa under m3r 

EASEMENT, 5. or eafing, lindring, ISttning , leva- 
mes.<£j* EASEMENTfsfsnrw) rett til fd-gata och 
dylikt t,enom andras egor (lag-term.) CS" EASEMENT 
(cloaca) aftrdde, hemitgt hus. To goto the eafement , 
gdpd hufet. D t To do one's, eafement, gjira fin tarf . 

EASIE , Vid. Eafy. 

EASILY, Adv. Idtteliga, beqwemliga , facile. o5* 
Words and promifes went very eafily from hint, ord 
och iiften falde han icke dyrt. 

EASINESS, S. Idtthet, facilitas. C3* Eafinefs of 
belief, IStt-trogenhet. 0^ Eafinefs of dyle or expres- 
sion , godt fire at fkrifwa eller tala , flytande fly I. OS* 
EASINESS or gentle temper of a man (mansvetvdo) 
ljuft , fromt finne. 0$* EASINESS ( traxovilLITAS 
A.vJMT ) finnes rolighet , fSrnogfamhet. 

**"EAST, S. ifier,0RiE.vs. The funrifes in the e ad, 

folen gar up i ofier. Eaft-wind , ifian-wdder. Prov. 

P 3 -WIND 

*EARTH , M:Goth. AIRTHA , Goth. JAURD. Sueth- 
olim EARD, terra, ab &R , pulviseulus vtl fi maris 
ab AR , principium rerum. Fdd. 

"ease, M:Goth. azeits , A:Sax. Eath , facilis. 

***EAST, Isl. ISTVR, Goth. EYSTER, triens, unit 
llifkA SALT, mare Bdihicum. 

E A S 


MAN NOR BEAST, ujlan wind dr tiwarken god fir 
tlltr fd. 

♦t WITH , S. PXtk, Pascha. Eafrerncxt, ndfia Pajk, 
- tfk-dag. Eafter-eve , pdjk-altoa. 
Eafter-we vtckan. Earter- offerings , Pafk- 

offcr , p.ljkpenningar. 

EASTERLING , S. cnfombor ijler ut i England, item en 
ifrin }1an r --ftdderna, en Sficrldnainz (Sa ballades ock 
m ;n del afgamla Saxarne.) CO" EASTERLING, 
Vid. Sterling. 

EASTERLY or Eaftern , Adj. Sjlcrllg, 

ly or an eaftern wind, Sfterlig wind. The caftern 

countries, efierldndcrna. The Eajr-Country r - Trade , 

landeln p.lSler -f/Sn. The eaftern empire , Ojler-riket. 

Eaftward, Adv. tier ut. 

EASY , Adj. ISn, facilis. A thing eafy to be done, 
tin gjord. 05* EASY ( SOClABlLls) fri,fSlfkaps-lik. 
q^> EAST ( C9M1S , affabilis ) godhjertad , wen- 
hSflig. An eafy man to deal withal, in god man, 
foglig. OCj An eafy man or a man eafy in his circum- 
ftances , crt man i godtftand. Eafy to be intreated , 
fom later litt bedja fig. Eafy to be fpoken to , 
godtalig. 03* E AS r (tolerabhis) drdgclig. OS* 
Eafy of belief ,litt-trogen. 05* An eafy or clear ftyle, 
titt , fiytande Jfyl. CCj> An eafy rent, lindrig hyra , 
Trend:. CS* An eafy labour, lindrig, l\cklig barnfeng. 
rry- Thi'. horfe goes very eafy, denna heften bdr Idtt. 
rry- You flljll never live eafy, in that family, du 
Idr aldrig lefwa ntgd i del kufet. (jj" As eafy as kifs 
my hand, IStt , man befwdr. 

*»To EAT, V. N. dta. ldere. fr> To eat well , 
dta och dricka wdl , bolLf god difk. r£r* Jo EAT 
WELL {BENE SAPERE) fmaka wdl , lata wdl 
Sta fig. C5* To eat 1 good meal , gjSra en god m.iltid. 
To eat one's dinner , flipper , Ere. dta middag, afton- 
v/ard. \ To eat one's v. ords , rygga jinj ord. \ I'll 
make him eat his u ords , jag Jkall kora konom del i 
halfen. (J^* To EAT or feed as cattle do, dta , beta 
fom bofktp. Ruft e3ts into iron, rofl. frStcr fig in i 
jem. 05" To eat up , dta up all. cS* To eat up or eat 
INTO, upfrdta. * To eatupa country, upfrdta, for- 
oda el land. 

EATABLE, Adj. or good to eat, matnyttig , fom later 
dta fi". • epulis. Eatables, f. mat-war or. 

EAT-BEE, 5. bi-fogel , fom Stcr bi , apiaster. 

EATEN, Adj. Sten. Eater, /. dtare. A great eater- 
en frojfare , fiordtarr. 

EATING, S. dtande , comestio. To forbear eating, 
holla fig ifran mat. (&■ Eating and drinking , dta och 
dricka. An Eating-houfe , gdr-kok. 

*** EAVES or Houfc-Eaves, 5. tak-fot, imbRIcame.v- 
tum. OS* The Eaves drop, taken drypa. OS" The 
dropping of the eaves , tak-dropp. 

To EAVES-DROP, V. N. or hearken at the window 

*EASTER, ab ASTAR, cognomen FRIGGAE, qua & 
Dea amo'is Veteribus. Edd: Hujus feflum celebra- 
batur mer.fe Apr Hit propter ea ASTAR -manad rocato, baud 
fecus ac & memoratus bodiernus a Gratca Aphrodite. 
Vacht. p. 1174, a M:Goth. URREIST , refurrexii. 

*"To EAT, M.Goth. ETAK vel 1TAN, Isl. ETA, 
edere. ETT , cibus. 

"*iAVEi, atlsl. auf, vel&F, ex, yeletiama M:Goth. 
ANA, Goth, A,Sustli. A, fiuviut. 

or door, lura, fld p3 lur wid dSr , eller ftnjlcr > 
svbauscultare. Eaves-dropper, j~. lurant. 
EBB, .9. Ebb, reflvxus maris, f To be in a low- 
Ebb or in a low condition , wara- pa kneken. * Tiie 
crown was then reduced to the lowed Ehb of it's 
authority, kronan war da kommen i fldtajh anfeende, 

-j- To EBB, V.N. aflopa (om hafwet) REFLl/ERE. tfj* 
My foul has never ebb'd from its conftant principles, 
mil finne bar ■■ aldrig wikit ifrdn deff befidndiga grund- 

EBBERMAN, Vid. Hebberman. 

EBBING, S. or ebb, afiSpande, deflvxus. Ebbing,' 
Adj. 'tis ebbing water , floden ISper af. ff!/* Money is 
ebbing and flowing, pengar lopa til och frdn. 

EBONY, S. ebentrd , hebeni/m. Ebonift , /. cr. font 
dcruti arbetar. 

EBRIETY or EBRIOSITY, S. dryckenfkap , fylleri. 

ERULLITION, S. upfjudning, uppSfande. A great 
Ebullition of the blood , en fiark jdsning i blodet. t£f 
The Ebullitions or tranfports of an unruly appetite, 
ojlyriga luflars uprar. Ebullition of wrath , Sfwer~ 
ISpande wrede. 

ECCENTRICAL, Fid. Excentrical. Eccentrick , Vid. 

ECCHO , S. genljud , echo. A good Eccho , et godt 

To ECCHO again, V.N. gifwa genljud, resonare, 
Cj^To eccho, V. A. (ultima verba reddere) 
repetera defidfta Jlafwelferna. Ecchoed , Adj. repctcrad* 

ECCHYMOSIS, S. fwallkotti ogonen. 

ECCLAIRCISMENT, S. uplysning , fSrklaring , EX- 

ECCLESIASTES, S. Predikareboken. Ecclefiafticus , 

kan tilhorig, andelig. Ecclelialtick , f. or churchman, 
en andelig man. 

ECCOPE, S. en Urns affagning , xesecatio MEM- 

To ECHE, Vid. To Eke. 

D t ECLAT , 5. Ex. He was a man of eclat , han war em 
namnkunnig man. An Action of eclat , enftorgjerning. 

ECLIPSE , S. fSrmorkelfc. To be in an Eclipfe , war* 
firmorkad. c5* During the unhappy Eclipfe of this mo- 
narchy , under denna monarchies olyckliga lilfiand. 

To ECLIPSE , V. A. or to obfeure , fSrmSrka , OBUM- 


RE ) fSrdunkla , Sfwertrdffa. Eclipfed, Adj. formorkad. 

The fun will be eclipfed, folen kommer at formorkas. 
ECLIPTICS, S. djurkretfen , ECLIPTIC A. 
ECLOGUE, S. herdaqwdde. 

D -j- EDACITY , 5. or greedinefs of eating , frofferi. 
EDDISH, S. anwdgs-hS , foenum cordum. 
*EDDY , S dyning , gjol , watnhwerfel , roRTEX, AOU A\ 

retrocedens. watn-flod Jom dr pa fomliga fidllen e- 

mot flodernas lopp , ferdeles w\d jlrander och uddar. 

05° ZOTiY , Adj. Ex. An eddy-wind, bak-wind , wini 

fom bldfcr cmot hufwud-winden. 


*EDDV , Goth. & Isl. IDA , IDUKAST , yortex 


E D G 


'EDGE, S. ttgg, acies. The Edge of a knife, 6nlf& 
dgg. 05" Shall juftice turn her Edge within your hand ? 
cttwifan f&rlora fig iedra hdnder ? 05" The Edge 
or brink of any thing, kanten af nogot. 05" The 
Edge of a garment , brum , fold pi ei kldde. OS 5 " The 
Edge or outftandmg ridge o; a vault, ryggen af et 
hwalf. The Edge of a book, brddden af en bok.tff 
That fruit blunts the edge ofthe chojer, den frukten 
foruger gallens fxarphet. CO* To take off the edge of 
wit , gjS^-a dumb. OS* I warm my drink to take off 
the ed>>e of the cold , jag warmer drickat at fla af 
lylan. To take off the edge of the ftomach, ftilU hun- 
gren. 05"° To put a whole army to the edge of the 
fword , fa en hel krigihdr med fwerds-dgg. 05° To fet 
an edge , fiipa. 

EDGED, Adj. dggad, filpad, hwajf, acvtvs. Two- 
ed;?d fword , twe-dggadt fwerd. 

EDGELESS, Adj. flog , oflipad, hebes. 

EDGE-;ocl, 5. Sgg-jtrn, ferrvm acutvm. 

EDGE - wife or Edge -long. Adv. pa lengden , lengs- 
tfttr, IS LONGUll. 

To EDGE, V. A. folda , prxtexfre. 05" To edge 
in 'ixtRVVERE) infaita. 05° To EDGE {cEdere) 
gifwa rum. 05* To EDGE (occare) harfwa. Edged, 
Adj. fold ad, kantai. Edging or edging-lace , lift eller 
fpets pa kanten af et kldde. 

ED'BLE, Adj. Vid. Entable. 

EDICT, S. pSbud, placat, EDICTi'M. 

EDIFICE, 5. byggnad. 05* Edification,/^ or improve- 
ment in faith , uptyggelje. 

To EDIFY , V. A. or to build, bygga, jEDlFiCARE.tft 
ToEDIFY (/ kstrvere) upbygga andra. Edify'd, Adj. 
uvbyggd. Edifying, Adj. upbyggelig. 05" ToEDIFY, 
V. N.{JED1F1CAR1 ) blifwa upbyggd. 

■fEDlSH, Vid. A.'ter-Math. 

EDITION, S. or impresfon, uplag af in bok. The 
firft edition of a book , forfta uplagan. 

EDITIONER or EDITOR, S. the editor of a book, 

EDOD ! Interj. ah nej ! OH ! 

To EDUCATE, V. A. or bring up, upfida, uptugta. 
Educated , Adj. or brought up , u^f^dd. A child well 
educated , u £1 uptugtadt barn. Educating or Educa- 
tion , f- uptugtan , upfoflring. 

To EDULCORATE, V. A. fSrfSia (Cbym.) afkoka 
filtet. Edulcoratton , f. af: oining. 

EEK., Vid Eke. To Eek , Vid. To Eke. 

BY THE TAIL, fians ord Sro hala fom Slar. An Eel- 
pie, Sl-paftej. An Eel-powt , ei fogs fma SI. An 
Eelfpear , trcuddig gaffel. Eel-back 'd Horfe , en heft, 
med Jwart SI mat ryggen, 

E'EN, Adv. efwen , juft , ndftan , modo. I was e'en 
dead when he came , jag war hardt dod ndr ham 
horn. He went out e'en now . ban gick nu pa ftunden 
tit, 05" E'en a little before flie died , litet fordn hon 
afled. c5* M'e are e'en forward enough of our felves 
to wrangle, wi Sre benSgne nog af ojj Jjelfwa til 
twedrSgi. rfr- 'Tis e'en fo , det £r juft fa. 

*EDGE, Antiqulsf. Scytfi. vox. Cambr. A.WCH. Turc. 

UG , acies. 
**EEL , a Sueth. HAL , lubrkuu 

D t EFF ABLE , Adj. utfdgelig. 

To EFFACE, V. A. or blot onf, m/fryki, uiplXnt , 

exfvngere. Effaced, Adj. utftruken , utplSr.aj. 
DfTo EFFASCINATE, V. A. or bewitch, fSrtrolla, 


EFFECT, S. wdrkan , utreuning , fullbordtn , £E TE- 
CTUM. 05" EFFECT (REAPSE) wdrklighet. 'Tis the 
fame thing in effect , det dr i jjelfwa wdrket det [am- 
ma. A thing of no effect, en onyttig \/ak. c5* 'Tis t# 
no effect or to no purpofe , d.-t dr fSfdngt. <jy- l a 
words to this effeit , meddeftaord. rry- To take effect, 
lyckas, tagalag, ga an. Yourcounfel has taken good 
effect , edcrt rSd bar lyckats. 03* The EFFECTS or 
goods of a merchant (merces) eff'eder , kipmansgods, 
OS^ EFFECT ( FIX IS ) dnde. 

To EFFECT, V. A. or bring to pafs , utretta ,wolU* 
wdrkftdlla , fullborda , efficlre. Effected, Adj- 

EFFECTIVE, Adj. wdrkfam , fom glttcr nogot utretta , 
army of fifty thoufand men effective, en krigshdr 
af joooo flridhare mdn. Effectives , / ftridbare man. 
Effectively, Adv. ir.frkeliga , fullkomlioa. 

EFFECTLESS, Adj. kraftlSs , utan vdrkan, INEFFI- 
CAX. Effeftlefs words , krafilofj ord. 

EFFECTOR, S. M. Effecrrefs , J. F.fom nogot utrettar. 

EFFECTUAL, Adj. or efficacious , kraftig , wdrkandc 
The Effectual grace, wdrkande nSden. Effectually, 
Adv. or Efficaciouflv , wdrkeliga , krafteliga. To 
Effectuate, &c. Vid. to EffecT , &e. 

EFFEMINATE, Adj. qwindt, weklig, miflmanlig. Effemi- 
nacy , /. qwinlighet , weklighit. 

To EFFEMINATE , V. A. or foften thro' voluptuous" 
net's , gjora en qwinfk. , weklig. Effeminated , Adj. qwinfk 
gjord. Effeminately, Adv. or wantonly, pS qvinjkt 
wis , wekliga. 

Dlf EFFETE, Adj. utnStt, font wendt igen atfoda, £f- 


EFFERVESCENCE or Effervefcency , S. apfjudning, 

it. hetfighet i nogon finnes rSrelfe. 
EFFICACIOUS , Adj. wdrkande , kraftig. Efficaciouf- 

nefs or efficacy , f. wdrknn , kraft. Efficience , f. wdrk- 

famhet. An Efficient caufe , wollande, wdrkande orfak. 
EFFIGIES , S. or picTure, beldte , bild. To be hanged 

in effigie , blifwa hen%d in ejfigie. 
To EFFLAGITATE, V. A. ejht , utbedja fig. Efflagl- 

tation , f. utbedjjnde. 
EFFLATION, 5. rapning , RVCTATIO. 
EFFLORESCENCE or EfHorefcency, S. uifprickande af 

en blomma , item prydligheter i tal ( FLOSCVLI ) 05* 

Efflorefcency of a dil'eafe, en fjukdoms utfiag i fidekar. 
EFFLUENCE or Efflux, S.flSd, utflytning. Effluxion , 

EFFLUVIUMS, S. mdunftningar. 
EFFORMATION, S.bddande, utbrytning. Efformed , 

Adj. bildad. 
EFFORT, 5. ftort bemSdande, yturfta fSrmaga , Ifl- 


D| EFFRONTERY, S. or impudence, Jkamloshet , 

ndswishet, 1MFUDEXT1A. 

EFFULGENCE, S. tldnkande, flarkt och hafligt fram- 

EFFUSION, S. or fpilling, utgjutclfe. A great effufion 



Of blood , M flor blods-utgjutelfe.gtETtVSlO* C«" 
B,/r/0 ) fSrtidens drick-offer. 

EFT, 5. Ma, L4CKMTA. 

+ KPTSOUNS , Xi>'. />•>" «« " 7 '"'' IDEHTIDtM. CO* 

T EFTSOONS («»)»/«• 35" EFTSOONS (c * f£ - 
ST1M ) ftrax, genaji. ■ 

EGG 5 e«e oi-i/m. The white, the yolk and the fncll 
a." an egg, hwlta* , H-* "ch fkalet af et egg. To lay 
an egg, •«'/>*• A hen that fits upon eggs, en nSna 
fom %ger r .1 egg. A nem-U* egg, fo»"B- Afta ' e 
igg , gammal, egg. A wind egg or addle-egg , «W- 
<». A rear or a rathe egg, Ufi kokad' egg. Poched 
eggs » firlorade egg. Egg-Iau^e, Cgg-fM- 

To EGG on, V. A. updgga , reta , ^c/r^RS. I Egg'd 
him on with ftjch fair promifes , jag upmuntrade honom 
med fS wukra ord. Egged on. Ml- updggad , retad. 
Egger on,/. r««re, updggare. 

EGLANTINE, 5. or fweet briar, tSrnbufke , rofen- 

EGREGIOUS, Adj. fSrtrejfelig , ftdtelig , herlig {bru- 
kas ockfl ironice ) An egregious; neglect , en llor wSrds- 
iSshet. An Egregious knave, «n/?or /fcc/ra. Egrcgiouily, 
Adv. firtreffeliga, artigt , befynnerliga , hSgeliga. 

EGRESS or Egreflion, S. usgang. To have iree egrefs 
and regrefs, hafwa fri gang. 

EGRET, S. et flags fogel , af hJgers flSgie, ASTER1A. 

EGR1TUDE, S. opaflighet, oluftighet, fjukdom eller forg. 

To EGROTE, V. N. gjSra fig fjuk , dissimu lari 


EGYPTIAN , Vid. Gipfy. . 

EGULA, S. droppfwafwel , fom brukas i kli.lmakeri. 

EJACULATION, S.fuckning, kortochifrig bon.tfj* A 
prayer full of pious ejaculations , en bSn full af an- 
diktiga fuckningar. Ejaculatory, Adj. utfprutande.E\i- 
culatory veffels , vafa ejaculatoria. 

To EJECT, V. A.utkafla,EJicERE. oS* To eject (ex- 
tELLERE POSSESSIONS ) drifwa {lag-term) Ejectment, 
/. drifning. Ejected, Adj. utkafiad. Ejeflion,/. ui- 

EIE, Vid. Eye. 

♦EIGHT, Adj. atta, octo. Eight hundred, Jttahun- 
drade. Eight-fold , atta dubbel lagd. Eighth , Adj. den 
Sitonde. Eighteen , Adj.aderton. Eighteenth, Adj. den 
adertnndc. Eightieth , Xi/. aitationde. Eightly, Adv. 
fir del attonde. Eighty , Adj. or fourfcore , Sttatto. 

EiLET hole, S.fnor-hol, ansvla. Eire, Vid. Eyre. 

tEISIL, S. dticka, acetvm (obfol.) 

*♦ EITHER , Adj. endera, altervter. I am not fo 
flrong as either of you , jag dr icke fa flark font en- 
dera af eder. If cither of them will, om endera af dem 
will. Kt* On either fide, pa endera fidan, pa den ena 
fidan eller den andra. 

EITHER, Conj. antingen ,aut, sive. An exereife either 
of the body or the mind, en Sfning antingen af kroppen 
eller finnet. Either he is a wile man or a fool, han 
ir antingen en klok man eller entok. I will have either 
two or none , jagfkall antingen hafwa bdgge eller ingen- 
*d:ra. 'Tis more than either you or I could have done, 
del dr mera in du eller jag hade kunnat gjSra. 

•eight , M:Goth. athau , Isl. Atta , oHo. 
•♦either, MtGoth. aithau, Isl. atha. Goth. 

£DA ODA , aul. 

E L A 

D t EJULATION , S- tjutande , grctt. 

fEKE, Conj. Eke aifo, ah ! ja , etiam. 

♦To EKE, V. A. or to augment, Ska , fSrmera, AU- 
GERE.Qj'Toeke OUT, tilfiicka, fSttaet flycke til, fk-irf- 
wa. 03°" All ekes or helps , alt hjelper , <i/i kommer 
til matta. 

ELABORATE , Adj. utarbetad med flit. An elaborate 
piece of work, w.ilutarbetadtflycke. Elaborately, Adv. 
med ftor flit. Elaboratory , Vid. Laboratory. Elabora- 
tion , f. ularbeining. 

To ELAPSE, V. A. flinka fin kos , lida , prmierla- 
bi. Elapfed, Adj. fSrlcden, fSrflutea. 

ELASTICK, Adj. fpSnftig. Elafticity , f. fpSnfiighet. 

ELATE, Adj. or Elated, hSgmodig , upblajl , ELATVS. 
Qry- A man of elate mind, en karl af h&gt finnc. 
Elation , f. hogmod. 

To ELATE, V. A. upblafa , gjSra Hgmodig, Iff FLA- 
RE. To Elate ones felf, V. Rec. yfwas , gjorafig ftor. 

ELBOW, S. arm6oge, cubitus. To lean on one's el- 
bow , luta (ig pa armbogen. ff> To be always at one's 
elbow (to keep clofe to one for fome end or other ) 
henga altid efter en. Elbow of a wall be. rygg af land 
eller mur. To have elbow-room , hafwa beawemt rum. 
Elbow-chair, linilol, armlol. f Elbow-greafe or pains, 
ar bete, flit. To fljake the Elbow , wjra gifwen til j pel, 
fpela flarkt. Elbow-ftaker , f. ftorfpelarc. 

To ELBOW, V. A. kuffa med armbogen, CVBITO SUM. 
Movere. The Phoenicians , who were the old inhabi- 
tants of Canaan, were elbowed out by the Hebrews 
into a fmall flip of land on the fea - coaft , Phoeni- 
cierne , de gamla Canaans inbyggare blefwo utkSrde 
af de Ebreer til en liten rimfa land wid hafskanten. 

ELDER , Adj. (from old) ildre, senior. Ex. An eldet 
brother, ildre brodcr. t£> In thole elder times, i de 
gamla tiderna. OS* In elder years , i dldre 

ELDER , S. Ex. an elder of the church , en afffirfam- 
lingcns dldfte , u\us E senioribus. 05" The Elders 
or fathers , farfdderna. CS" ELDER or eldeft at play , 
Vid. Eldeft. 

ELDER or elder-tree, S. hylle-ud, flSAertrd,SAMBVcvs. 
Elder-berry, fidderbdr. Elder-vinegar , fidder-deief.a. 
Elder-fyrup , fldder-firap. f Elder , Vid. Udder. 

ELDERSHIP, S. fSrflfSdfel, primoce.vitura. 05* 
Elder/hip or office of Elder of a church , et kyrk- dmbete. 

ELDEST, Adj. dldfl, dldfte krodren , natv maxi- 
mus. cC~- Eldeft at play , fom fitter i forhand i fpel. 

ELECT, Adj. utwald, electvs. The Lord Major 
e\e&,den walde Lord-Major. The Eleft , f.or faithful, 
de utwalde , trogne. 

To ELECT, V. A. or to chufe, kept, utwSlja, E Lie ere. 

ELECTED, Adj. utwald, ndmd , denominatus. 

ELECTION, S. wal , utkorelfe. Eleftive , Adj. an ele- 
ctive kingdom, wal-rike. Elector , f. wal-man. 

ELECTOR , 5. Churfirfle. Electoral , Adj. ChurfSrfllig. 
Their Electoral Highnesfes,i/4rjj Churfotflcllge Durch- 
leuehtighcter . 

ELECTORATE, 5. ChurfSrflendSme , Churforfie- wer~ 
dighet. Eleftorefs , f. ChurfSrftinna. Eleclor/hip, f, 


♦To EKE , M.Goth. AUKAN, Isl. AUK A,' augcre. a 
copula, OCH. 


ELECTRICITY, 5. EliSrlfk* Eldtn, hvlrwli ifwti 

header at kroppar draga til fig eilcr drifwa frin fig 
wiffa andra. Ele&rical , Ad), dertilhorig. 

ELECTUARY, S. latwerg, mos , eiectvarw.m. 

ELEEMOSYNARY, Adj. almofor tilhSrig. Eleemofy- 
nary , f. almofe-magaTin i tt klSfler, &c. fid. Almoner. 

ELEGANCE or Elegancy, S. prydligheti tal. OS* ELE- 
GANCE (elEcaxtia) ndtthet, tirlighet , finhet. Ele- 
gant , Adj. prydelig. ff5* Elegant, fin, ndti , wacker. 
Elegantly , Adv. wackert , n&tt , prydligt. 

ELEGY , S. forge-qwdde. Elegiack , Adj. dcrtilhorj;. 

TS ) grundtn af en konft eller wetenfkap. He is in his 
element , han dr i fit element. Hunting is his element, 
jagt dr bans lufl. The elementary fire, elementarifka 

D t ELENCH , Vid. Proof. Elenftical, Vid. Convi&ive. 

ELEPHANT, S. elephant. Knights of the elephant , en 
ordenaf Daafka riddarc. Prov. TO MAKE OF AFLT 
AN ELEPHANT, gjSra flora hogar af tt fandkern. 
Elephantine, Adj. elephant tilhSrig. 

To ELEVATE, V. A. uphSga, elevare. «j» To 
ELEVATE (EXHILARARE)frSgda, gjora glad(om win) 

ELEVATED, Adj. uphSgd , hSg , flor. High elevated 
thoughts, hSga, flora tankar. (&* He is elevated ,n his 
own conceit, han tycker mycket om fig. He is a little 
elevated erhehas taken a merry cup, han har liter i 
hufwudet. Elevation,/", of the pole , polens hSgd. Eleva- 
tory , f feldfk&rs inflrument. Elevator, uplyf tare, item 
•wiffa Mufcler, fom tjena at uplyfta den delen der definnas. 

ELEVEN, Adj. ellofwa , vndecim. Eleventh, Adj. 

*ELF, S. plur. Elves', elfwor , tomt-rar , fma - djeflar. 
Item bufar at fkrdmabarn med , DAZMOX IOLI. £j* ELF 
(pvmillio ) dwerg. 

D|To ELICIT, V. A. utdraga , utlocka, extrahe- 

ELIGIBLE , Adj. fom man ma utwdlja. 

To ELIDE , V. A. utjlSta , item utefluta en vocal. 

ELISION, S. Ex. The elifion of a vowel, utlemnande 

af en vocal. 
ELIXIR, 5. elixir, extract, Ot/INTA ESSENTIA. Elixa- 

tion , utkokning. 

ELK , S. elg , ALCE. 

ELKE , S. ris-cller fmi-ek , SMILAX. 

**ELL, S. engelfn aln af J fot y. turn. 

ELLIPSIS , S- aflong figur , oval. Item Rhetorifk figur. 

Elliptical, Adj. dertilhorig. 
ELM or Elm-Tree , S. aim , VIMVS. 
*** EL-MOTHER , S. flyfmodtr , NOVERCA. 
ELN , S. et matt af 3. fot 1. turn, 
ELOCUTION, S. tal, ordefJtt. 
ELOGY , S. or panegyrick , heders-tal. 
To ELOIN , Vid. to Eloyne. Eioined, Vid. Eloyned. 
To ELONGATE, V. A. fiytta ifrSn , wida fSndra. 

Elongation , f. en planets afflind ifrin folen. 

*ELF , Goth. aLF, genius. ALT An, genii domeflici. 
Ang!o:Sax. SE - .Elfenne , Najades. Belg. ELF, 
ALF t> ALVE, item ELB & ALP, incubus. 
'*FLL, M.Goth. AILEINA, ulna. 
**EL-MOT:iER , a Goth. ALA, nutrire. a. d. nutrient 

E L 

To ELOPE, V. N. firllpa (lag-term) om en huftru fom 
fSrloper fin man, DESER.ER.E maritvm. Elopement, 
f. forlSpande. 

ELOQUENCE , S. wdltatighet. True eloquence confifU 
in fpeaking what is fitting and no more, rete wdlta- 
lighet beflar deruti at man talar det fom pasfar pa fakert 
och icke mer. A mafter of eloquence , en wdltalig man. 

ELOQUENT , Adj. wdltalig. Item wdl fattad (omen 
discurs ) Eloquently , Adv. wdltaliga. 

To ELOYN, V. A. (lag-term) fSrwifa , bort-kSra , f Sr- 
drifwa, AMANDARE. Eloyned, Adj. fSrdrifwen. 

ELSE, Adj. annan , alius. No man elfe , no body 
elfe , ingen annan. Some where elfe , nogon annorfid- 
des. No where elfe, ingen annorflddes. 

*ELSE , Con}, eljefl, alias. Go your ways or elfe I 
ftall fall upon you, gi din wdg, eljefl kommer jag 
pa dig. Either drink or elfe be gone , drick , eller gi 
din wdg. Elfewhere , Adv. annorflddes. 

■fTo ELT,V.A. elta up brld , fla up deg-emnen , PIKSITARE. 

To ELUCIDATE , V. A. uplyfa , fSrklara. Elucidated, 
Adj. fSrklarad. Elucidation , f. uplysning. 

D t ELUCUBRATE , Adj. utarbetad. 

To ELUDE , V. A. or wave , liflcliga undgS.fwika. Elud- 
ed , Adj. liflcliga undgdngen. Elufory , Adj. Vid. 

ELVES , Vid. Elf. Elvilh , Adj. flygg , led , lik en 

ELYSIAN , Adj. Ex. The Elyfian-fields , de Elyfeifk* 
felten i Beotien. 

'EM, en abbreviation af Them. Ex. I love'em , jag dl~ 
fkar dem. I am above 'em , jag holler mig betre dn de. 

EMACERATION , S. utmcrglande , ohyllc , aftagande 
i hull. 

To EMACIATE, V. A. or make lean , utmagra, ema- 
cerare. Emaciated , Adj. utmagrad. 

To EMACULATE , V. A. laga ut fteckar pi kldder , 
rengjora , Pi/RCARE. 

EMANATION, S. or flowing out, utflytning. The(e 
are the emanations of the Royal juftice , dettadr wdr- 
kan af konungens rettwifa. Emanative or Emanatory , 
Adj. fom utflyter, eller kommer af el annat. 

To EMANCIPATE, V. A. or fet free, frigjSra, fSr- 
klara myndig. Emancipated, Adj. frigjord , myndig 
fSrklarad. Emancipation, f. or letting free, frigjSrelfe. 

To EMASCULATE , V. A. or geld ,fnSpa , gdlla , ca. 

fwaga. Eniafculated , Adj. Vid. Verb. fnSpt , forfwa- 
gaJ. Emafculating or Emafculation , fnSpande , &c. 

To EMBALE, Vid. to Imbale. To Embalm, Vid. T* 

To EMBARASS, V. A. befwdra, inleda i befwdr , IK- 
tricare. Embarafment , /. befwdrlighet. Embarasfed, 
Adj. bekajad , befwdrad , i fonrctlighet dragen. 

EMBARGO, &c. Vid. Imbargo. To Embark, (tc.Vid. 
To Imbark, &c. To Embafe , &c. Vid. To Imbafe, (ire. 

♦^EMBASSADOR, S. ambiffadcur . fendehud , LEGA- 
TES, f The Velch Embadador , gSken. Embasfadrefs, 
f. en Gefiindts fru. Embasfage orEmbasfy, f gefandi- 
fkap. To go upon .1:1 embasfy, g.? pi en amba!Tu.U. 

Q ' To EMBEL. 

*ELSE, M-Goth. aTm^ alias. Svio- Goth. ELLA, 


EMBASSADOR, M.Goth. ANB AHTS, minifler. Svi»- 
Goth. AMBATS , fervus. AMBT; of'cium. 

E M B 

E M I 

To EMBELLISH , be. Vid. To Imbellifli , tr« 
'EMBERS, 5. afkmSrja, falajka , TAVILLA. Ex. hot 

embers, cldmSrja,het a[ka. The Ember-weeks , de Jy- 

ra faflc-tidcr. 
To EMBEZEL, Vid. To Imbezel , be. 
EMBLEM, S. finnt-bild , emblem a. To Emblem, V. 

A.fireftdlU, fSrebilda. Emblematical or Emblematick, 

Adj. fir.nebildig. 
EMBLEMENTS', S. grSda , Srswext ( lag-term) 

{pro actu coitus) She polluted her marriage- bed 
■with lewd Embraces, ban befldckade fin egta feng mid 
ecgta kdrlek. f 

KB. Sdges jemwdl om ofkiliga Creautr. Ex. Xenophon s 
mares would never admit the Embraces of an Afs , 
while their manes were on , Xtnophons mdrar mile 
eldrig lata befliga fig af dsnor f3 lenge de hade fina behollna. 
To EMBODY , be. Vid. To Imbody , &c. To Embold- 
en , be. Vid. To Imlxolden , be. To Embofs, be. 
Vid. To Imbofs, be. Emboued, &c. Vid. Imbowed. 
To Embrace, c>c. Vid. To Imbrace , be. Embrafure, 
Vid Imbrafure. To Embrave, Vid. Imbrave. To Em- 
broider , &c. Vid. To Imbroil , crc. To Embrue , be. 
Vid. To Imbrue , be. 

EMBRYO, S. ofidt barn , fom dnnu icke fitt finfkap- 
nad. Ct!r* A work in embryo, halfgjordt arbete. 

ToEMBUE, be. Vid. To Imbue, be. 7 To Emburfe, 
Vid. To Reimburfe. be. 

EMENDATION or amendment , S.fSrbetring , eorrige- 
randc. Emendator , f. f'Srbetrare. 

EMENDALS , 5. beholning, Soldo af en kyrke-rekning. 

EMERALD, S. fmaragd , smaracdus. 

To EMERGE, V. N. komma up, komma fig fire. Ex. 
The nation can hardly emerge from the prefent abyfs 
of debt , Naiioncn kan n.lppdlgcn komma ur fin nfir- 
warandc flora Jkuld. cr> To emerge (accidere) 
hen da . tima ■ lildraga fig. 

EMF.HGENCY, S.h'endclfe, tilfdllighet , res NAT A. 

EMERGENT, Adj. ofSrmodid , plStslig, ikopinus. 
An emergent occafion or bufinel's , en ofSrmodad hen- 
ddfe. Emergent-year , forfla aret af et tidc-hwarf. 

EMERIL or Emery , S. fmirgel, SM.IRIS. Item glasmd- 

EMEROD, Vid. Emerald. OS* Emerods or Piles, Vid. 

EMERSION , S. en fenkt krops upflytnlng. Item Solen 
ellcr ma'.cns ut».?ng ur en formSrkclfc. 

EMETICK, S. vomitiv. 

EMIGRATION, S. utflyttning. 

EMINENCE or Eminency , S. h'ghet , werdighet. A 
perfon of eminency , en hog perfon. CtJ* EMINENCY, 

EMINENT, Adj. hSg , anCenlig , flor, namnkunnig. An 
eminent man in learning and wifdom , en\jirtrdffetiga 
ISrd och wis man. Cjr" A town eminent for loyalty, en 
find berSmlig fSr underfail'g irohel. iff Molt eminent, 
h ?»w5nj/?/?. Eminently, Adv. f&rtrSjJcliga, befynnerliga. 

EMIR, S. en Turkifk flr/fe fom leder fin hdrkom/l ifrdn 
Mihomet, och bdr grin Turban, PRINCEPS TURCICUS. 

•EMBERS, Isl. EYMYRIA, minutx prunx. ab EIME, 
ignis b AR. Sueth. OR, particula terreflris minima. EM- 
BERWEEKS, Isl. EMBRUwlKA, a feflo quodim his 

diebus confveio. 

EMISSARY, S. en utfh'ukad , lefpejarc, fpion, emis- 


To EMIT , V. A. or fend forth , ulfenda , uidrifwa. 
Emitted, Adj. utfkickad , utdrifv/en. Etnisfiou , f, ut~ 
fkiekning, uidrifwande. 
EMMET, S.pijj-myra, FORMICA. 
EMOLLIENT, Adj. lenande, liadrande. An Emollient 

f. en lenande Idkedom. 
EMOLUMENT, S. or profit, nytta, winjl , LVCRVM. 
EMOTION, S. upror, finnes rorelfe. 

To EM PAIR , be. Vid. to Impair, be. To Empale, Srt. 
Vid. to Impale, be, To Empanel, Ore. Vid. to Im- 
panel, &c. Emparlence, Vid. Imparlence. T« Er»- 
pei h , &c. Vid. to Impeach, (re. 

EMPEROUR, S.Kejfare, imperatom. Emprefjt, 

EMPHASIS, S. wigt, eftertryck i la!. To fpeak with 
an emphafis , tala med eftertryck. Emphatick or Era- 
pha'.ical , Adj. eftertrycklig, bemSrkelig. Emphatical- 
ly , Adv. eftertrycktliga. 

EMPIRE, S. Ri'ke , he,jkap , imperium. TheEafter* 
Empire , Ofire-Rtket. OS* EMPIRE (potestas) magt , 

EMPIRICAL, Adj. Ex. An empirical rloflor , en l£~ 
karc, fom ingen ISrdom har , utan allena fSrfarenheten. 
Empiricifm , / en fadan feel af Idkare. An Empirick, 
f. or Quack , en qwackfalware. 

EMPLASTER , S. plafler, empiastsvm. 

To EMPLEAD , be. Vid. to Implead , be. Employ, Vid. 
Imploy. To Em, oifon , Vid. to Poifon. To Empo- 
verifli , be. Vid. to Impoverilh, be. Emprimed, Vid. 
Imprimed. To Emprifon , be. Vid. to Imprifon, be. 
To L'.mprove, be. Vid. To Improve, be. Emptied, 
Vid. Empty'd. 

EMPORIUM, S. kSping, flor kSp-och handeh-ftad. 
London is the great Emporium of England , London 
ir England* f&mSmfte handeh-fiad. 

EMPTlON, S. or buyinjr, kZpande , EMTIO. 

MAKE THE GREATEST NOISE, toma tunnor lem- 
ma meft. fry- EMPTY ( PUTIIIS ) oduglig,fd-nyttig' 
An empty hope, fafSngt hopp. The empty pleafures 
of this world, denna werldfems fdfingligfl nSgen. An 
empty or a fliallow man, en dumb-fkalle. His let- 
ters are empty , bans bref dro rett torra och inlet godt 
i dem. OS* To have but the empty title of a King, 
hafwa intet utan blotta namnet af konung. 0-5^ The 
town is very empty , del dr ganfka litel folk i fiaden. 

To EMPTY, V. A. iSma, evacuare. To empty out 
of one vefsel into another , tSma ur et kdrit i et an~ 
nat. Empty'd , Adj. tSmd. Emptinefs,/". tomhet , ditmb- 

EMPYREAL or Empireal , Adj. Ex. The empyreal, 
or the higheft heavens, hogfla himmelen. 

EMROD , S. glas-mdflare-demant , SMYRIS. 

EMRODS , S. or piles , gyllende adren , hazuoa-. 

EMRY . Vid. emeril. 

To EMULATE, V. N. tdfla med en, xmuiari. (£> 

To emulate ( ini'idere) afwundas. Emulation,^ 

tdflan. Emulator , f. idftare. 
EMULOUS , Ad;, tdflande. a5* emulous {inyidvs) 

afwundsful! , miffunfam. Emuloufnefs, f. tdflande. 

To EMULGE , V. A. utmjUka , emvigere. 


E N A 


EMULGENT vein, Adj. rn'iSlk-Sdcr, texa emvl- 

cexs. Emulfion , f. like-dryck. 
EMUN'CTORY Veflels, S.fd-hol pd kroppen. 
To ENABLE, Vid. to Inable, be. 
To ENACT , V. A. Jiadga , befiuta , decErxere. 

Enabled , Adj. Jtadgad. 
To ENAMEL, V. A. amelera , ixvrere. Enamelled, 
Adj. amelerad. Enameller , /. amcUrare. Enamel,/*. 
ENAMOUR'D, be. Vid, Inamou'd. 
ENARRATION, S. or recital, fSrtdlj ande. 
To ENCAMP, be, Vid. to Incamp , be. To Enchain, 
be. Vid. to chain up, be. To Enchant, be. Vid. to 
Inchant, be. To Enchafe, be. Vid. to Inchafe, be. 
To Encircle, be. Vid. to Incircle, be. To Encline,, 
be. Vid to Incline. To Enclofe, Vid. to Inclofe. To 
Encomber, be. Vid. to Incumber, be. 
ENCOMIUM, S. or priile, lof-dikt, heders-tal. Enco- 
miaft , f. en fom gjSr heders-tal. To make one's enco- 
mium , gjor ens heders-tal. 
ENCOUNTER, S. an/all , kamp , treffhing , fektning , 
ftrid. , tugs a. They had a very fliarp encounter, 
ie hade en Jlark treffning. CO* ENCOUNTER (OCCUR- 
sus) mSte. 
ENCOUNTER, V. A. befekta. c5» To encounter, V. N. 
treffa ihop. 03* To ENCOUNTER (c-BVlAXl IRE) mSta. 
Encountered, Adj. mSu. Which way foever we turn 
our felves, we are encountred with fenfible demon- 
ftrations of a Deity, ehwart wiwende off , mSta off 
klara bewis af en Gud. 
To ENCOURAGE, be. Vid. to Incourage, be. Encreafe, 
ire. Vid. Increafe, &c. To Encroach, &c. Vid. 
to Incroach, be. To Encumber, be. Vid. to Incum- 
ber , be. 
*END , S. dnde, riNis. oS"* END {scotvs) dnde- 
mdl, dndejyfte. 05* END" {exit us) utgdng , dnd- 
fkap. The end of the world , werldfens dnde. To 
make both Ends meet , husholla fparfamt. To go to 
the! further! end of the world, gd til werldfens dnde. 
I have it at my tongue's end, del liggcr mig yterjl 
pa tungan. To put an end to a thing, to make an end 
of it, Snda, fluta en fak. To come to a fliameful end, 
fa en ilak Sndelykt. The end of an orator is to 
perfuade, en orators dndemdl dr at ofwertala. To 
compafs one's ends, winna fit dndemdl. To what end 
was man created } til hwad dnde blef blef mdnnifkan 
(kapad? To the end, that, til den dnden,at. oS* To 
, make an end of one, drdpa en. He will be made an 
end of, ban blir drdpen. 05* So there will be an end 
•f him, fa blir del flat med honom. (X5* To make an 
end with one , (luta , komma til (li,t med en. "f To 
have the better end of the (raff, bafua ofwerhand. q3» 
To no end , fSfdngt. 05" He is there moft an end , 
han dr altid der. OS"" Come, an end, kom , fort. o§» 
He cares not which end goes forward, han aktar in~ 
let hur del gar. 05* It made my hair fbind an. end , 
hdren ftodo mig a dnda derojwer. c5^ He tfnows no 
end of his means, han wet inoen dnde pa fina rikedo- 
mar. "World without end, ifran ewiohet til ewighet. 
03* Folks have got it by the end, folket bar fait rS- 
ken deraf. ojf* What comes on't in the end ? hur Idr 
det lykias ? tfj* To be all for one's own ends , foka 
bar a fin egen nytta. (&• An Ends-manor woman, kld- 
des-monglare, eller monglerfha. 

*evd , M:Goth ANDEi. Svio-Goth. ENDE , finis, ab 
Isl. AN, defectus. 

To END, V. A. dnda, (luta , eixire. To end a dif- 
courfe , (luta et tal. To end a quarrel , dnda en trdta. 
To end a caufe by trill, fluta en procefs. cr - /" To END, 
(fixiri) V.N. komma til (lut. When will our troubles 
end? ndr Idr wd (org dndas ? Prov. ALL is WELL, 
THAT ENDS WELL, dr dndengod , fa. dr all ling godt. 
To ENDAMAGE, be. Vid. to Indamagc, be. To En- 
dear, be. Vid. to Indear, be. Endeavour, be. Vid. 
ENDED , dndad , jluten , termixatus. oS* The ending 
of a controverfy , flutct pd en twifi. 05* The ending 
or termination of a word , dndandet af et ord. 
ENDEMIAL, Vid. Epidemick. 
To ENDITE , be. Vid. to Indite. 

ENDLESS, Adj. odndelig , ixfixitus. An endlei* 
number , orekneligt tal. Endlefs torments , odndeliget 
plagor. tt5* An endlefs man, en fom aldrig fluter det 
han besvnner. 
To ENDORSE, be. Vid. to Indorfe, be. To Endow, 
be. Vid. to Indow, be. To Endue, be. Vid. to In- 
due , be. To Endure , be. Vid. to Indure , be. 
To ENECATE, V. A. dSda. Enecated , Adj, dSdad. 
ENEMY , S. or foe , fiende , motfidndarc , HOSTIS. A 
profeffed enemy , upenbtr owen. He is an enemy to 
himfelf, han dr fin egen owen. 
ENERGY, S. or force , kraft , eftertryek. Energetical, 

Adj. krafiig. 
To ENERVATE, V. A. fSrfwaga. Enervated, Adj, 
forfwagad. Enervating or Enervation, f. forfwagande. 
To ENFEEBLE, be. Vid. tolnfeeble, be. To Enfeoff, 
be. Vid. to Infeoff, be. Enfire , Vid. Infire. To 
Enflame, be. Vid. to Inflame, be. To Enforce, be. 
Vid. to Inforce. To Enfranchife, be. Vid. to Infranchife, 
be. To Engage, be. Vid. to Ingage, c>c. To En- 
gender, be. Vid. to Ingender. 
ENFILADE , S. famntanfdttning i en rad, fdfom afrum, widlyftigt famtal , DISPOSITIO IX s ER1 EM . rjj* 
ENFILADE (foriif. term) en linea fom kan heflrykas 
medfkott. To Enfilade the curtain, V. A. befiryka en 
linea med fkott. 
ENGINE, S. konjlwdrk , MACHIXA. C£r" ENGINE 
(techxa) illbragd, knep , flrek , fined. Engineer,/ - . 
konflmdftare , krigs-byggmdfiare. 

ENGINED, Adj. lagd pa flreek-bdnk , EQVVLEO IM- 

ENGLISH, S. or Englifh tongue, Engelfka , lixgVa 

axglica. To (peak Englifii , tala Engelfia. Engli/h, 

Adj. EngelOt. An Engl-fh-man , Engldndare , Engels- 

man. Englifll-woman , Engldndfka. 
To ENGLUT, be. Vid. to Glut, be. To Engraft, be. 

Vid. to Ingraft , be. Engrailed , Vid. In»railed. To 

Engrave , be. Vid. to Ingrave , be. To Engrofs , 

be. Vid. to Insjrofs. To Enhance, Vid. to Inhance. 

To Enherit , be. Vid. to Inherit. 
ENIGM , S. or riddle, (porsmdl , gata , mSrkt tat. 

Enigmatical, Adj. or dark, mork. Enigmatift , f. en 

(om (ramfldller fporsmal. 
To ENJOY, be. Vid. to Injoy, be. To Enfoyn , be. 

Vid. tolnjoyn, be. Enlaced, Vid. Inlaced. To 

Enlarge , be. Vid. to Inlarge , be. To Enlighten, be. 

V'td. to Inlighten , be. 
To ENLIVEN, V. A. uplifua, fdtta mod tut en, axi- 

mare. Enlivened, Adj. uplfwad, up(rifkad. 
ENMITY, S. owenfkap, fiendfkap , iximicitia. 


E N 

E N T 

To ENNOBLE. V. A, adla .kobilitare. Ennobled, 

Adj. adlad. Ennoblement, /". adLande. 
ENODATION , S. uplSfning af knutar tiler fpors- 
mil ( in husbandry ) knyl-hyggning pa trd. 

ENORMITY, S. or heinoufnefs , flygg'lfe , grufwelfe. 
OS* ENORMITY or enormous crime , fwfir forbrytelj'e. 
Enormous, Adj. ohlrd , fiygg, Enormoufly, Adv.utur 
all hof oeh lag. 

'ENOUGH, Adv. nog, satis. I have enough of it , 
jig hjr nog deraf. 05* This will be enough to live 
on, delta dr nog at lefwa pS. 05 s " More than enough, 
IfwtrflSdigt nog. C3* Sure enough , wis/l nog. 'Tis true 
enough , det dr jam nog. CfS* 1 know it well enough, 
jag wet det ganfka wdl. 

ENOW , Vid. Enough. Enqueft , Vid. Jnqueft. To En- 
quire , be. Vid. to Inquire, (re. To Enrage, be. Vid. 
to Inrage , be. Enravi/bment , Vid. Inravi/hment. To 
Enrich, be. Inrich, be. To Enroll, be. Vtd. 
to Inroll , &e. 

tENSAMPLE, S. mSn/lcr , modell, exempiar. 

To ENSHRINE, Vid. to Infhrinc. -N 

ENS1GN , S.fdnrik , SICNIEER. ffj" ENSIGN ( I'EXIL- 
J.VU, fana ( de Engelfke bruka i de(f ftdlle Colours) 
(Xj* ENSIGN (SJGNVM ) miSrke. 

To ENSLAVE, c>c. Vtd. to Inflave , be. To Enfnare, 
be. Vid. to Infnare, be. To Enftall, be. Vid. to In- 
rtall, be. To Enfue, &e. Vid. to Infue, be. En- 
tablature, Vid. IntablatureTo Entail, be. Vid. to Intail, 
be. To Entangle , be. Vid. to Intangle , be. Entende- 
ment , Vid. Intendement. 

ENTER, prxpofitio infeparabilis. Ex. Enterprife , En- 
tertain , be. 

To ENTER, V. N. b A. gS in , mtrare. Ex. To 
enter upon an action , begynna en fak. To enter a room , 
j<? in i et rum. * To enter upon an eftate, taga be- 
fiin'ing af en egendom , hafda in. OS" To enter into 
2 league, inga fSrbund. cO» To ENTER ( 1/fSCJcI- 
JERE ) fSra til boks. o3* To enter a fcholar in 
the univerlity , fkrifwa in en djdkne wid Aeademien. 
K/" To ENTER or lift one's fell" a foldier, ge fig til 
foldat. tfj* To enter an afhon againft one , begynna 
proeef emot en. 03* As they were entring upon the 
dividend, nSr de fkulle fkridaid dtlning. OS* It never 
entred into my mind, det kom mig aldrig i Ixogen. C£j* 
To enter into orders, bhfwa prefl. tfj* To enter into 
bond, gifwa ftrjkrifning. cSr" To enter goods at the 
cuftom-houfe , gifwa an gods i tullen. Enterable , 
Adj. Ex. goods enterable at the cuftom- houfe , gods 
fom icke Jr fjrbutttt til in/SrJ'et. 

ENTERED, Adj. ingingtn , infkrifwen, Vid. Verb. 

ENTERCHANGE , be. Vid. Interchange , be. Enter- 
cnurfe , be. Vid. Intercourfe , be. To Enterfere, be. 
Vid. Interfere, be. To Enterlace , be. Vid. to In- 
terlace , be. To Enterlard , be. Vid, to Interlard. To 
EnterKne. be. Vii. to Interline , be. Enterlude, be. 
Vid Interlude. To Entermeddle, be. Vid. Intermeddle. 
To Enterm : s;le, Vid. to Intermingle, &t.To Enterplead, 
b:. Vid. to Interplead, &;. 

ENTEROCELLE, S. brock, herxia. 

ENTERPRISE, 5. fSretagaaic, c<EPTt'$>To ENTER- 
PRISE, V. A. (AC.GREDi)fjretaga tig, taga nogot i hand. 
Enterprifed , Ad/. fSretagin. Enterprifcr , f. tn 

'iHOUGH, M:Goth. GANAH,/if«.lsl. KOG , Nc5cD, 
/»/»«. V*S Mt'jusjime, 

fom nogot firetagtr. Enterprifing , Adj. fSretagandt , 
tiltagfen, J'om wagar nogot wid foretagandet. 
ToENTERR, be. Vid. to Interr, be. 
To ENTERTAIN,, V. A. hyja, taga i bus , hospitiv 
excspere. OS* To entertain or keep good fer- 
vants , haf» a godt hits-folk. C5 = " From this moment I 
entertain or hire you , ifra denna fiundtn tager jag dig 
traktcra, fagna. frjP" To ENTERTAIN or believe a 
principle, an opinion, be. antaga en mening. Ct$* T» 
ENTERTAIN (REC1PERE) emottaga. CXS/" To Enter- 
tain} or have ill thoughts or an ill opinion of one , 
hyfa ilaka tankar om en. o3* They entertained the 
time with toying , de fordre/wo tiden med kortwill. O^* 
'Tis below you to entertain contefts with him , du 
6(1 for god at hafwa nogon trdta med honom. Enter- 
tained, Adj. hyfi , trakterad, mottagen, Vid. Verb. 
ENTERTAINING, Adj. behaglig, luftig, iucvndws. 

Entertainingly , Adv. luftigt, roligt. 
ENTERTAINMENT, S.traktament , v/dlkomme , HO- 
SPlTiUM.Tbere we met with very good entertainment, 
wi blefwe der wdl fdgnade. Cj* The ftudies of Na- 
ture met with little Entertainment, fiudium phyficum 
blef intet aktadt. 0^/* He gave me entertainment , haa 
undfick mig i fit hus. He gave us a noble entertain- 
ment, har. trakterade off herliga. A Houle of enter- 
tainment, wdrdshus. 
To EN THRALL, be. PVJ.toInthrall, be. To Enthrone, 

be. Vid. To Inthrone , be. 
ENTHUSIASM, S. fwermeri, enthufiafieri , galenfkap , 
Enthufiaft , f. enthufiajl , fwermare. Enthufiaftical or 
Enthuliaftick , Adj. gifwen dertil. Enthufiaftically > 
Adv. fwermagtigtm 
To ENTICE, cVc. Vid. to Intice, be. To Entire, be. 
Vid. To Intire, be. To Entitle, be. Intitle , 
be. To Entomb , Vid. to Intomb. 
ENTRAILS, 5. ineljwor, intestina. 
ENTRANCE, S.intog, ingang, iNTROiTUs. He made 
a folemn entrance, han holt et prdktigt intog. At the 
entrance into the port, wid inloppet i hamnen. Entrance- 
money, infkrifnings - pengar. (x3* Entrance upon a 
new life, lefwernes fordndring. F^f ENTRANCE (llfj- 
T2VM ) bSrjan. At the entrance of Chriftianity , wid 
Chriflendomens borjan. 
To ENTRAP, be. Vid. to Intrap , be. Entreague, Vii. 
Intrigue. To Entreat, be. Vid. to Intreat, be. To^ 
Entrench, be. Vid. to Intrench, be. To Entruft, 
be. Vid. to Intruft, be. 
ENTRY , S.j~Srjluga , Jwale, vestibvivm. CtS* ENTRY 
(INTROITUS ) ingang], intog. He made his entry ia 
great pomp and fplendor, han gjorde fit intog med flor 
flat. c5" An entry upon an eftate , Vid. to Enter. 
Forc.ble entry, hemgang. Of/* ENTRY 'RELATIO Ift 
tabulas ) regillrering. cCr" ENTRY 'stationes 
VENATORVM ) holl. 
To ENTWINE, V. A. or wind about, omwinda, ejs- 
wckla , INl'OLVERE. 

To ENUCLEATE, V. A. or make plain, tolka , 
uiloj'a , fSrklara , envcleare. Enucleated, Adj. 

To ENVELOP , be. Vid. to Invelop , be. To Enve- 
nom , c>c. Vid. to Invenom , be. 

ENVIOUS, Adj. afunds-full. nitifh, lKvlDl/S.llnvioviC- 
ly, Jdr, afundi-fullt, Envionfnefs, f- a/and-Jjuka. 


E N V 

E Q. U 

To ENVIRON , &c. Vid. to Invlron , fi-f. 

To ENUMERATE, V. A. uprekna. Enumerating or E- 

numeration , f. upreknande. Envoice , Vid. Envoyce. 
ENUNCIATION , S. uual , ytrandt. 
ENVOY , S.fendebud, iecatvs. c3* The envoy 

or conclunon of a ballad, ordfldfwe wid (lutet af tn wifa. 
ENVOYCE, S. factum ( kSpmans-term ) CATALOCUS 


ENVY, S. afund , isviDlA. Envy is the tax a brave 
man pays to fcrubs for being eminent , afund dr dtn 
(Ontribmion font en braf man betalar til gemena finnea 
for del han dr i anfeende. 

To ENVY, V. N. miffunna, ikvidere. To Envy 
one's happinefs , afundas pa ens lycka. I neither envy 
his wit not his fortune , jag miffunnar honom hwarken 
kans firfidndelUr Lycka. Envy'd, Adj. mijfunnad. Prov. 
BETTER BE ENVY'D THAN PITY'D, betre wara af- 

andad An Smkad. To Enure, Vid. Inure. To Enwrap 

Vid. to wrap up. 
EPAULE , 5. (fortif.) hSrn pa hoflwdrfet, AKCVLUS. 
EPAULMENT, S. brSfl-flycke (comer/ ej) half bajlion , 

upkaflad jordwalL ( fortif. ) 
EPHEMERIS or Ephemerides, S. AJironomif/ia Tabel- 

ler pd formorkelfer &c. 
EP1CK., Adj. heroifk. An Epick poem, en hSg art af 

dikl om hjeltar (re. Epicks , /. fadana vcrfar. 
EPICURE, S. Epicur , en wdllujiig , fdker minnifkt. 

Epicurean, f. en fom til denfcHcn dr bcgifwcn. Epicu- 

rilm,/. fadan Idra cller lefwerne. To Epicurize, 

V. N. lefwa pa dct fdttet. 
EPIDEMICAL or Epidemick, Adj. allgemen. An Epide- 
mical difeile, farfot, lands-fjuka. 
EPIDERMIS , S. den ytra grofwa huden. 
EPIGRAM, S. of-werfkrifielleren kort och wdl fatt dikt. 

Epigr anuria tut , f. en fom fddant fkrifwer . 
EPILEPSY, S. f aliunde fo t. Epileptick , Adj. brottfdl- 

EPILOGUE , S. or conclufion , beflut, flut-tal. 
EPIPHANY, S. or twelfth-day , trettonde-dagen. 
EPIPHYSIS, S. Sfwerben , utwext af ben. 
EPISCOPAL, Adj. bifkop tilhSng. An Epifcopal habit, 

b'ifkops-fkrud. Epilcopacy,/ bifkops-dmbete. Epifcopate, 
s-dome. Epilcopalians , f. de fom holla fig til bi- 
r.i, kyrkan af England. 
EF1STLE, S. or letter, bref, epiftel. The Epiftles of 

the Apoftles , apoftlarnas epifllar. Epiftier, /. en fom 

lifer epifllama i en domkyrka. Epiftolar or Epiftulary, 

Adj. epifllar idhorig. 
EPITAPH, S.graffkrift. 

EPITHALAMIUM or wedding fong, S.brude-fong. 
EPITHEME, 5. utwerles Idkedom cmot inwertes fjuka. 
EPITHET, S. bi-ord. 
EPITOME, S. or abridgment, kort begrep , uttog. To 

Epitomize , V. A. or abridge, draga ihop ikorthet. E- 

pitomized , ihop-dragen, 
EPLOYE , Adj. utfatt, far Sgon lagd ( Herald, term) 

EPOCH , 5, or date of years, tidc-hwarf , wijj bemdrke- 

lig artals-tid. 
EPOD , S. et flags harpe-dikt. 
EQUABLE, Adj. jemn , fiadig (Mathemat.) Equah'e 

motion , jemn rurelfe. Equably , Adv. jemt , fladigt. 

Equability,/ jemnhet , fladighet , ordentelighet, noghet, 

jSmd. Equablenefs,/ fo-mSgenket, alflledes luia rata fg. 
EQUAL, like, lik, lika. Pompey is equal to 

Csfar, Pompcjus dr fd god fom Cafar. c5r* EQUAL 
( .cgt/f s ) rettwis , billig. To be equal to one, gjSra 
enom rett. fjj* EQUAL (congruus ) jemnlik , fom al- 
deles paffar fig (Mathem.Tcrm ) Equal, Adv. lika mid. 
Ex. He prizes it equal with any other , han holler 
del lika dyrt med annat. 

EQUAL, S. like, make , jemning, mqvaLIS. He has 
not his equal, han har icke fin tike. 

ToEQUAL, V. A. cVAT.ormake equal, gjSralik, X.QVA* 
RE. (XS* To EQUAL (PAR ESSE ) fwara emot. His 
ftrength equal'd his courage, hans flyrka fwaradt emot 
hans mod. Equality,/, likhct , jemnlikhel. 

To EQUALIZE, V. A. gjSra lik , exazquare. Equa- 
lized , Adj. lika gjord. Equally , Adv. lika , jemlikl , 

EQUANIMITY, S, or evennefs of mind , likfinnightt, 
Jinnes jemnhet uti alt huad enom ma henda. 

EQUATOR , Vid. Equator. 

EQUATION, 5. jemkning. 

EQUERY, S. konungens fiall-knekt, ftall-dreng, hingfl-ri- 
dare , STABULARIVS REGIUS. Equerry or Ecury , f. 
kongligt flail, hem Sfwer/lall-mdllarc. Vid. Querry. 

EQUESTRIAN , Adj. Ex. An equeftrian figure , en rid- 
derlig bild. The Equeftrian order, among the Romans, 
ridderliga orden ibland de Romare. 

EQUIANGULAR, ,4a!/'. likwinklig. Equicrural or Equi- 
lateral , Adj. likfidig (om Mathematifna figurer) 

EQUIDISTANT , Adj. lika longt ifra. 

EQUILIBRIUM, S. jemnwigt. Equilibrious , Adj. lik- 

EQUINOCTIAL, Adj. Ex. the eqtiinoilial line, dag- 
jemnings-lin'un. Equinox , f. dagjemning. 

To EQUIP, V. A. utflyra, utrufla , 1NSTRVERE. To 
Equip one with money , fSrfe en med pengar. 

EQUIPAGE, S. or furniture . utredning, ruflning, re- 
fig tyg , troff , apparatus. To be in a good, or bad 
equipage , v/ara wdl eller fldu fSrfedd , utftyrd. (J5* 
Tea-equipage , Te-don. Equipment or Equipping of 
a fleet ,/". utruflande af enflotta. Equipped, Adj. utruftad. 

EQUIPOISE, S. or equal weight, Lika wigt , Aioyi- 
liBRiu.M. To Equipoife , V. A. jemnwiga. 

EQUIPOLLENT, Adj. lika gellandc. Equipollence* 
I Igiltighet. 

EQUIPONDEROUS, Adj. af famma wigt och \tyngd. 
E:;uipor.deracy , f. jemnwigt. 

EQUITABLE, Adj.fkdlig, rettwis . Idlig, upriktig, 
jzouus. To pafs an equitable judgment upon a thing, 
dima rettwifl om nogot. Equitableneis , /'. bdlighct. 
Equitably , Adv. billigt. 

EQUITY, S. billighet , rettmdtighct , xoyiTAS. The 
court of equity or the court of chancery (fa kallas 
den retten J'om jemnkar lageni firenghet ) c5" In equity 
of conftruifHcn , efter billigheten at doma. 

EQUIVALENT, Adj. jemngod. Equivalence f. or equal 
value , jemn-godhet. To give an equivalent,/", gifwa enom 
nogot jerrr.godt. 

EQUIVOCAL, Adj. twe-'ydig. Equivocally, Adv. 
twe-tydivt. To Equivocate, V.N. tala tuc-tydigt. Equivo- 
cation or Equivoque,/, twe-tydightt , twe~tydigt ord. 

ERA, 5. Tide-hwarf , epoch. 

To ERADICATE, V. A. uprycka med roicn , utrota- 

To Eradicate a difesfe, utrota tn fjukdom. ToEradi- 

Q 3 care 



cite a vice, utrota en odygd. Eradicated, Adj. utrotad 

Eradication , /. utrotning. 
To .ERASE , V. A. utfkrapa, eradere. Erafed , Adj. 

.,pjd. Erafement or erafing , f. utfkrapning. 
*ERE , Adv. (Sr , firdn , antecivam. Ex. Ere I could 

go , fSran jag hunde gS. Ere I fhould do it , heldre dn 

fag Jkulle gjirat. aS* Ere long, ere it belong, icht 

lon%t til. Ere while, undertidcn. 
To ERECT, V. N. or fet up, uprcfa, upretta, eri- 

cire. To creel a flame to or for one, upfdtta ens 

Hid. a5* To ERECT (jedieicare) bygga. 
ERECT, Adj. uprett, rak. Ere<ft flowers, blommor font 

11 cxa reti up,fafom Tulipaner &c. Erecler, /. or Erecfor, 

uprefaxe. Erected, Adj. upreft. 
ERECTION, S. or fc-ttingl [up , uprefande , upfdttan- 

dc , fidende af penis. K5* ERECTION or building , byg- 
ERt.MITE , Vid. Hermitc. 
EREPTION, S. voldfamt bort-rSfwande. 
t ERGOTISM , S. or much arguing , fchol-fuxerl, fchol- 

trdtor , P.iDAMISMLS. 
ERMINE, S. hermelin, lekfcn , lekatt , MVS POSTICUS . 

05* Ermins , hcrmeltn-fkinn. Lir.ed with ermine, fodrad 

med hermelin. 
To ERODE, V. A. gnaga, upfrdta, fortdra. Eroding 
:nde medicamenter. Eroiion ,' f. gna- 

gning , framing , fb':. 
To ERR , V. N. or miftake, irra , fara will, gd affike- 

des , errare. Errablc, Adj. fom Idtuligen mifftager 


ERRAND, S, drende , werf, leH.Uning , XEC0T1UM. 
To go on or upon (to do) an errand, beftdUa et 
drende. 05" To lend oneon an errand , fenda en et dren- 
de. 05" To go on a fleevelefs errand, komma ttlbaka 
med ofSrrcttadi Srende. f I'll do your errand to your 
matter, jag jkail fdga din husbondc hwad du dfl for 
en karl. 

ERRANT, Adj. or wandering, /5s drifwande , vaoa- 
BVNDVS. Ex. A kni j,t-crrant , en wandrande riddare. 
tf> Errant juftices , kringfarande domare. ffj 5- Errant, 
for Arrant, Vid. Arrar.t. Erafed, Vid. Erafed, 

BRRATA, S. tryckfel. 

ERRATICK or Erraticnl , Adj. , £Jt- 
ra.vs. Erred, Jmperf. Vcrbi. To Err. ,A thing erred 
in , en fak fom man farit wild uti. 

ERRONEOUS , Adj. irrig , falfk. An Erroneous opini" 
on, oriktig mening. Errorwoufly, Adv. irrigi , falfkt. 

ERROUR, S. or miftake, irring, wilfarelfe. To lie un- 
der a great error, bedraga fig grymmeliga. To fall in- 
to an error, falla uti en wilfarelfe. 03' Error in an 
indictment , nullitet i flcmning eller kdromdl. 

"(■ RST , Erft while, Adv. or heretofore, fordom, olim. 

ERU3ESCE£.XE or Eru.Sefcency , S. 'blygd, fiathet , 
rodnande. Erubefcent , Adj. flatnande , rodnande , bly- 
gci . 

ToERUCT, V.N. rapa, eructare. Eruclation , f. 

n ~nin&. 
ERUDITION , S. or learning, Idrdom. crj* Places of 

Erudition, hfig- feholar. 
ERUPTION , S. utbrott. 
ERYSIPELAS, S. rofen (enfjukdom.) 

*IRE, A:fax. 2R£ , frius. Compar. a Goth. A tempus 
continue Jiuens. 

ESCALADE, S.ftorm, utan fSregangen beligring, ex- 

ESCAPE, 5. undflygt , rue A. To make anefcape or 
one's eicape, taga flykten , undkomma. 05* ESCAPE 
(ERROlfy fSrfeelje. He committed a great efcape , 
nan fSrfag fig mycket. dj* To make an efcape or t* 
let a fart , fijppa en f/ert. 

To ESCAPE, V. N. or make one's efcape , fly , rymma , ■ 
undkomma, Efeuoere. You fhall not efcape, du 
/kail intct flippa. 05" To ESCATE . V. A. or avoid a 
rnifchief, undwika nogot ondt. c5* To efcape .one's 
fight, komma undan ogonenpaen. OS" The faults that 
have efcaped the prefs , tryck-fel. Efcaped, Adj.und- 

ESCAR, S. fKara, drr , CICATRIX. Efcaroticks , /. 
hopdragande faker i medicin. 

♦ESCHEAT , S. dana-arf , fom tilfa'der Iord-drotten af 
bans linings -m$n , ejtcr Engelfka lagen , hjereditas 
caduca. Efcheated, Adj. Ex. Efcheated goods, for- 
fallen egendom. Efcheator , f. ea betjent fom fidant 

To ESCHEW, V. A. or avoid, fky , undwika , undfly, 
evitare. Efchew evil, and do good, fly det onda 
och gjor det goda. Efchewed , Adj. flydd. 

To ESCORT, V. A. med wdpnad hand fSlja , ledfagx 
nogon igenom farligare fldllep. i krigs-tider. Efcort, f, 

ESCOUADE, S. en tredjedcl af et compagnlc fot-folk , 

ESCRIPT orEfcrit, S. aflkrift. Efcritoir , Vid. Scritory. 

ESCROLL, Vid. (Scroll. 

ESCUAGE, S. abo-rett , hwarwid innehafwaren forbindes 

at folja agande herren i krig pa deff egen bekoflnad. 
ESCULENT, S. mat ,Sta. Efcutcheon , Vid. Scutcheon. 
ESNECY, S. {lag-term) tag-retten i arfddning , IUS 0- 


ESPECIAL , Adj. befynnerlig. Efpecially , Adv. befyn- 

nerltga , ferdeles. 
ESPIED, Vid. Efpy'd. Efpier , Vid. Spy. 
ESPLEES , S. 'lag-term) rentor och afkomfler afetgods, 


ESPOUSALS, S. fdflning,fo rlo fining, SPOSSAE1A. 

To ESPOUSE , V. A. trolofiwa, fidfia, DESPOXSARE. 
* To efpoule one's felf to one , trolofwa fig med en. 
Kj" To EsroUSE a man's caufe (patrocinari) 
antaga fig ens fak. Efpouied , Adj. trolofwad, antagen. 

To ESPY, V. A.fpeja, fkonja , dispjcere. Efpy'd, 
Adj. fSrmdrkt , uptSckt. Efpial ,f. wakt , ward pa hog- 
Idndte fidllen, at taga wara pa de forbigaende. 

ESQUIRE, S. den femfla ridderliga titel i England (for- 
dom wapn-dragare) ARMICER. OS" Efquiry , en fa- 
dan werdighet. 

To ESSART, Vtd. to Affart. Effay , Vid. Affay. T» 
Effay, &c. Vid. to Affay. 

ESSAY , 5. or trial, fSrfSk , experimentvm. 

ESSENCE, S. warclfc. cO ESSENCE or fpiritchymi- 
cally extracted , Chymifkt extract. 

ESSENTIAL, Adj. wdfendtelig. An eflential property* 


*ESCHEAT, Goth. SKATT, cenfus, tributum. SKATT- 
KONGR, regulus , vafallus. Anglo-Sax. SCEAT, Ale- 
man. SCAZ , divitia , mobilia. 



wSj'endtelig tgenfkap. The efTential.' of religion , wd/cn- 
det af religionen. Elfentiality , f. wdfendtl.ghct. sZiien- 
tially , Adv. wdfendteliga. 
ESSOIN or Elloine , S. (lag-term ) laga urfdgl for ute- 
bLfwande , essonium. To Elfoin , V. A. urfdgiaden 
bortowarande. Elfoined , Adj. urfdgiad. 
«"• ESTABLISH, V. A. or fettle, upreita, fladfdla , 
utfSita, stabilire. Eftabhfher,/. uprettarc. Eftaalifti- 
ed , Adj. or fettled , uprctiad. cS* Eftablifhed or 
decreed, be/luten. c£r» Eltablifliment, inrttiaing , an- 
ordning , flat hos en For/le eller Herre. 
ESTANDARD , Vid. Standard. 

ESTATE, S. tilftSnd, wilkor, SORS, STATUS. 0^= 
ESTATE (bona) egcndom. C5* ESTATE ( OR DO RE- 
GIT I ) Staid, Riks-land. 0^ ESTATE {donatio) 
rofwa , tgeniom, gifwen med wiffa wilkor ( lag-term. ) 
To he in a low eftate , vara i jlitt tiljland. A real 
and perfonal eftate, ISs och faflegendom. An acquired 
eftate, aflinge. The four eftates of the kingdom, de 
fyra Riks-fldnder. To have a great eftate , hafwa en 
flor egendom. (jS* An eftate left one , tefiamente , arf- 
fkap. 05* Man'j eftate , manna-ir. 
ESTEEM , S. aktning , wSrdning , existimaTIO. Ihave 
a great efteem for his brother , jag har mycken hSg- 
aktning fir ham broder. To be in great efteem, wara i 
flort werde. 0"5r* To raife a man's efteem of a thing , 
bringa nogol i anfeende hos en. 
To ESTEEM, V. A. werdera, aktd , jestimare. I 
efteem honour above life , jag werderar dran mer Sn 
lifwet. C5=* To ESTEEM {of IN ARl) holla fire, mena. 
ESTEEMED, Adj. or valutd, werdcrad, aktad. ££/* 

ESTEEMED or accounted, hollen fSre. 
ESTEEMER or Eftimator, 5. werderare, aktare, ESTI- 
MATOR. Eftimate , f. werde. frjr" Eftimate or eftima- 
tion , werderin;. To nuke or take an eftimate of a 
thing by its efFefts, werdera nogot efter deff werkan. 
To ESTIMATE, V. A.' or value, werdera, jesti ma- 
re. Eftimated, Adj. werderad. 
ESTIVAL , Adj. fommaren lilhorig. 
ESTOVERS, S. en lifsfanges underholl af deff ' eg'it gods. 

Lsti wedfangs rett af annars fkog {lag-term) 
ESTRADE, S. flrat, landswdg , via recia. Item et 

aflfngdt feng-flelle, eller dyl.kt i et rum. 
To ESTRANGE, V. A. afhtnda, frSnwenda , AL1E- 
Nare. To eftrange one from another, draga den enas 
finne ifr' den andra. To eftrange one from an agree- 
ment, holla en if ran firliknine. Eftranged, Adj. af- 
wend , 6c. Eftrarg :men' , f. afwendaide. Eftrangers , 
f. {lag-term) de font faken icke angSr. It. frdmlingar , 
ESTRAY, Vid. Aftny. 

ESTREAT , S. a'fkrfft af et original, EXEMPLAR. 
ESTREPEMENT, S. akrar och lands utmagring genom 
Jldndigt faende. Item en egendoms fZrwerring af h:res- 
mannen, til ret a egareni forfdng , DETERIORATIO 
ESTUARY, S. fandbank , grund, fidldndt flSlle. 
ETAPPE, S. forage , fom gifwes en krigshdr wid en durk- 
marchc.coM meatus. Etappier,/. den fomhSrom befiyrer. 
To ETCH , V. A. or to grave with aqua fonts , ingraf- 

wa med fkedwatn , inscVLPERE. • 

ETERNAL, Adj. or everlaftin? , ewig. An eternal 
kappinefs, ewig falighct. Eternally, Adv. ewinnerliga. 

Eternity, /. ewighet. c5* I am fooled t» eternity, 

jag blir alt for et fixerad. 
To ETERNALIZE or To Eternize, V. A. or to make 

eternal , gjSra odSdlig, immortalitatj consecra- 
' RE. Eternifed , Adj. odSdlig gjord. 
ETrilCKS, 5. or morals, fede-lSror. 
ETHERE.AX, Vid. Ethereal. 

ETHNICK, Adj. or heathenifli, hednijk, PACANVS. 
ETYMOLOGY, S. orde-urfprung. Etymological, Adj. 

dertdhSrig. Etymologize , V. A. upleta flamorden i 

f rak. Eiymologift , /. fom derpd arbetar. Etymon, f. 


To EVACUATE , V, A. uttSma. To evacuate or purge 
the humours , renfa bort wdtfkorna. To evacuate a 
place, Sfwergifwa, refa if ran en ort. Evacuated, Adj. 
tSmd. Evacuation , f. uttSmning , turgering. Evacuant 
medic:nes , affirande medicamenter. 

To EVADE, V. N. or run away, undkomma, redid. 
fig , EVADERE. 

To EVADE, V. A. or elude an argument, fwinkat 
Jlingra fig undan et argument , T EROIVERS ARl. Evaded' 
Adj. undanflingrad. Evading , f. Vid. To Evade. 

EVANESCENT, Adj. Vid. disappearing. 

EVANGEL , S. orgofpel , ewangelium. Evarigelick , Ad/. 
ewangelifn. Evangelift , f. ewangelifi. To Evangelize » 
V. A. predika Ewangelium. Item bdra glada ttdender. 

EVANID , Adj. wifnad , item mall (om fergor.) 

To EVAPORATE, V. N. or fteam out, utflima , af- 
dun/la , ga up i dunflcr. Evaporation , f. dunflning. 

EVASION, S. undfykt, undan-rymme, nSd-hjclp.EvaCive, 
(Adj. ) argument, fliprigt fkdl. 

EUCHARIST , S. Naitwardens Sacrament. Eucharifti- 
cal , Adj. dertilhorig. 

*EVE, 5. dagen for en hogtidsdag , V1G1L1A. Chrift- 
mas-eve, Jul-afton. 

EVECTION , S. uphZgclfe , berom , item (i Aflronomien ) 
ojemnheten i manens rarelfe. 

''"EVEN, Adj. lika, jemn , Mqvus. An even weight', 
jemnwigt. An even number , jemt tal. Prov. EVEN 
kning gjSr leng!la wenner. cr5=" Now wc are even , now 
we are upon even accounts , nu dre wi qwitt , ingen- 
dera har at fordra af den andra. Cfr" To be upon even 
terms, hafwa ingen fSrdel, wara lika med en. C^r* To 
come off upon even terms or to part even hands , 
komma ofwerens pa (kdlisa wilkor. Itemfkiljas at med lika 
lycka pa bada fidor (om kdmpar ) (yy* Even temper , 
jemt, of&rflordt finne, lika i mot-och medgang. (fr 1 His 
difcourfe is notaltogether even or of an»qual ftrength, 
hans tal di ic l e jemt dnda igenom. Ct^ 1 To be even 
with one , gi'ra en fa godt igen , htmnas. (~°r* To 
make even with one's creditors , heiala fina creditorer. 
C^* even {planus ) Jldt. o^r" Even with the ground 
lika, femn med jorden. rf^ To make a horfe go an 
even pace , holla en hefl til jemn sang. 

EVEN , 5. jemt , par. Ex. To play at even or odd, 
I'pela udde eller jemt. Evenly , Adv. jemt. 

*EVE, EVENING. A:Sax. jEFEN, vefper, ab Isl. A A, 
paufare , refpirationem dare jumentis. AFANGA-DAG , 

**EVEN, M:Goth. IBN.Isl. JAFK, atualii. EFJiA, 
flare promisfis. 


E V I 

EVEN, Eventide or evening, S.afton, vesper. At even, 
wid aftonen. Even-long , afton-pjalm. 

EVLN or E'en, Adv. (panicula expletiva) It were a 
ftanic even to l'peak ot" it , det wore efwcn en Jkam 
at tala derom. cO* Even as , ftfom. (£>■ Even on, 
reti fram. <£f Even DOWN, rat ned. ffj* Even SO, is evenfo, det dr fa . Kj* Even now or e'en 
now, nu firaxt. 

To EVEN, V. A. jemna , .SQUARE. 05* To EVEN 
or ballancc accounts , f.uia reining. CO" To EVEN or 
to lay even with the ground , nedcrrifwa til grunden. 
Evened , Adj. jemnad. 

EVENING, S. afton , qwell. To wakk in the evening, 
fpa^era om aftonfiunden. Prov. THE EVENING 
CROWNS THE DAY, inden kroner wdrket. The 
evening-ftar , afton-fijernan. Evening-tide , afton-flod. 
Evening-work , qwels-arbere. Morning and evening- 
prayers , morgon och afion-boner. 

EVENNES5, S. or likenefs, likhet , jemnhet, &OVA- 
litas. tfj* E\ ENNESS or imoothneft", Jl.tthctT ^j" 
Evennefs of temper , finnes jemnhet. 

EVENT, S. or accident, hendelfe, eventus. cry E- 
vent or fuccefs, lycka, fortgtng. Eventual, Adj. 
hendelfe tilhSrig. Eventually, Adv. pa ail hendelfe. 

To EVENTILATE, V.A.frta, genomhikla, venti- 
iare. Eventiiation , f. wanning , genomhdkling. 

*EVER, ./ semper. Ex. It will ever be Co, 

det blir altid J'd. It' ever I chance to (peak to him, 
om jag nogonjir.jdr tala mei honom. As much as ever , 
fa mycket fom nogonfin. For ever , for ever and ever , 
ewinnerliga , A oc\o. ND. denna partikel hrukas ofta i 
fidllet fir Any. £.v. Is there ever a room to let ? dr 
der nogot rum at hyra. As foon as ever I can , jafnart 
fom jag nogonfin /.an. Queen Mary of ever blefjed me- 
mory , Draining Mai ia glorwirdig/l i aininnelfe. ft5=> 
Ever iince, ever after, all fe-ian. Ever and anon, 
fran tid til tid. 7 Or ever, fir Ja. Or ever the 
earth was, for Jr. jorden war. 


Ever-Groen , A !j. fom dr altid grin. An ever-«reen' 

f. trd^ fom ar grim winter och fommar. 
EVERLASTING, Adj. ewigwarande , jeteknvs. The 

everlafting life o- death , emnaerligt lif eller did. 

Evcrlaftingly , Adv. ewinnerliga. Everlaftin»nefs , /. 

ewighct. Everliving, Adj. odidlig. 

To EVERT, V. A.kaflaifwerdnda, ideldgga. Item fir. 
Andra. Everuon , /. or overturning, nederrifwande 
fSrJtBring. ' 

"EVERY, Adj. hwarochen ,<>uilibet. Everything 
by it felf, hwartoch et ting frfkiUt. Every man is apt 
to fail, alia mdnntfkor-dro jelagtiiga. Everyday, hwar 
dag. 05= Every one , every body , hwar och en, alia. 
FOR VS ALL, det fitter hwar fig. rrj* Every other 
day, hwaran dag. (T> Every with, every bit, every 
thing , hwar hit , alt ihop. That's every with as "ood, 
det ir alia da'r fd godt. Cr> Every where, alUfiddes, 

EVES, rid. Eaves. Evet, Fid. Eft. 

EVER, Goth. JtVE , perrsttuum JTrr 

. evert, M.Goth, hwas, Isl. fr Sueth hwor 

HWAR, HWAR, quisque. HWOR, 

To EVESTIGATE , V. A. upleta, utreda. Hem methodic:, 
uplifa firefaite upgifter. Eveftigated , Adj. upfikl , 

To EVICT, V. A. ifwerbewifa , ifwcrtyga , EV1NCE- 
RE. Evicted , Adj. Sfwertygad. He'll hold his eftate 
till he is evicted out of it by law, han b eh oiler fin e- 
gendom til defj han blir lagligen utwunnen. Eviction , f. 

EVIDENCE, S. klarhet, tydelighet. OS* EVIDENCE 
(Testimonium) witnesmal , laga bewis. To give 
lingular evidences of one's gratitude , Idgga fin tack- 
famhet a daga pa befynnerligt J'Stt. There are ftrong 
evidences againft you , det dro fiarka bewis emot eder. 
A true or falfe evidence, fant eller falfkt witnesmal. 
OS* EVIDENCE (testis) witnt fir en rctt. He is not a 
proper evidence, han dr icke witnesfir. 0^* EVI- 
DENCES ( instruments testantia) paper, do- 
eumenter , jkrijteliga bewis, Crc. 

To EVIDENCE, V. A. or to prove, bewifa, proba~ 
re. Evidenced, Adj. bewifad. Evidencible , Adj. fom 
kan bewifas , bewislig. 

EVIDENT, Adj. klar, tydellg, fullflSndig. Evidently, 
Adv. klarliga. Evidentnefs , f.fullfldndighet, tydelighet. 

*EVIL, Adj. or bad, ond, ilak , MALUS. Prov. EVIL 

ilakl fHlfkap firkrSnker goda feder. 

EVIL j .V. ondt , malum. What evil have I done? 
hwad har jag gjordt ilia ? 'Tis a great evil , det dr en 
fior olxcka. 05" The evil or the king's evil (struma) 
en fjurdom. Drowfy-evil , Vid. Drowfy. 

EVIL, Adv. ilia, MALE. Prov. EVIL GOT, EVIL 
SPENT, orett fangit gods rSckcr icke lenge. "J" Evilly, 
Adv. ilia. Evilnefs , f. ilakhet. 

To EVINCE, V. A. bewifa, trobare. <r> To E- 
VINCE ( EECUPERARE ) lagligen dterwinna nogot. E- 
vinced , Adj. bewifad. Evincibly, Adv. owederfdgeligen. 

EVIRATION , 5. Jnipning, manlighets minfkning , nan. 

doms bctagande. 
To EVISCERATE, V. A. draga ut inelfworna. 

EVITABLE , Adj. fom kan undflys , undwikelig , und- 

EULOGY, Vid. Elogy. 

EUNUCH , 5. fniping. To Eunuch , V. A. or caftrate, 
fnopa , gdlla. 

EVOLUTION , 5. ( Krigs-Term ) et regementes rSrelfe 
til en (lagtordning. Evocation , f. or conjuring up of 
fpirits , befwdrjelfe. 

EVULSION, S. or pulling, upryckande. 

EUROPE, S. Europa. European, Adj. Europeifk. Euro- 
pean , f. en inbyggare i Europa. 

EUPHONY, 5. behageligt ljud. 

"EW, 5. tacka, bengfa , oris fcemina. The ewe is 
blisfom , tackan wiltaga gumfe. An ew-lamb , gymmer*- 
lamb. a> Ew-tree, Vid. Yew. To Ewe , V. N. Umba, 

EWER , S. watn-fai , tmbar , guttus. 

EWRY , S. fatbur fir konungens duk-tyg. 


*EVit, M-.Goth. UBILS, malm. Goth. SOL, infor- 
tunium, dira. 
"e»', Isl. Ar , ovis famina. 

E X A 

E X G 

EXACT, Adj. noga , exact , accural , EX£uislTVS. 05* 
EXACT (sedvlus) aktfam. Exsiftnefs , f. (lit, om~ 
/erg, noga firfarande. ,ExaftIy , Adv. noga , aktfaml , 
rett, jufi pa 

To EXACT, V.A.fordra, exicere. c5* To exact 
upon Oiie or to exacl in the price ( pretivm auge- 
RE)fiegra, fninnai prifet , holla for dyrt. Exacted, Adj. 
fordrad. Exacted upon , jkinnad. Exaclor, f. fkinnare. 
ExaiKng , Adj. fordrande. kSj" To cxercife exaction 
upon the people , be;'wara, bciunga , trycka folkcc. 

EXACUATlON, S. hw&ffning. To Exacuat*, V. A. 

To EXAGGERATE, V. A. gjSraflSrre, fSrfwdra, mcr 
utmdla en fak , dn den dr. Exaggerated , Adj. utmdlad. 
Exaggeration , f. utmdlande. 

D t To EX AGITATE , V. A. or to rex , pldga, awiljt. 

To EXALT, V.A. or to lift up, uphSga. a?" To exalt 
one , beprifa , lofwa , rofii. g5* To exalt a mineral , 
bringa en mineral til higre grad. Exaltation, f. or 
lifting up , uphSgelfe. Exalted, Adj. uphSgd, uplyft. 
CfJ* Exalted , hSg, flor. 

EXAMINATION, S.fSrhSr, Sfwerwdgande , pr'fning. 
A ltrlfr examination, en fiark ranfakning. Examina- 
tion of confeience , famwetts ranfakning. 

To EXAMINE , V. A. or to aft queftions , fSrhora , 
frdga. c£f To examine or to weigh, Sfwerwdg* , 
underfSka. To examine the witnesfes , forhSra witnen. 
To examine a bulinefs , under/Ska en fak. Examined , 
Adj. forhSrd , ofwerwdgad. 

EXAMINER, S. firhSrare, exami.vator. f Who 
made you an examiner? hwad kommer del dig wid? 
hwem har gjordt dig til fkrift-faier ? 

EXAMPLE, S. efterdime, exempel , mSnfier , model. 
To fet a good or bad example, gifwa godi ellerilakt 
exempel. Take example by him , tag exempel af honom. 
As for example , til exempel. To make one a publick 
example , androm tilwarnagel , affiraffa en. Exampled , 
Adj. det man har Exempel pa. 

To EXANIMATE , V. A. or to kill, d$da , drSp*.<&- 
To exanimate or to difcourage , fSrfkrdcka ,gjSra mod- 
fdlt. Exanimated , Adj. dSdad, fSrfkrdckt. 

EXANGUIOUS, Adj. or bloodlefs, blodlSs. 

EXANNUAL Roll, S. refi-Ungd pa fak-Sren {lag-tern.) 

To EXASPERATE, V. A. fSrbitra , hogeligen reta til 
wrede. He has exafperated him • han har firbilrat ho- 
nom. Exafperated, Adj. firiitrad. Exafperation , f. 

To EXAUCTORATE, V. A.affdtta, ifrantagaen dejf 
kail och werdighet. Exau&orated , Adj. affate. 

EXAUGURATION , S.ofkdrande , wanwirdning , ohel- 
gande , PROFASATIO. 

EXCANDESCENCY, S. hafiig wrede, hetfighet. 

To EXCAVATE, V. A. urgrSpa,uthulka. Excavation, 
f. or making hollow, urgropning. 

TpEXCECATE, V. A. forilinda. Excecated, Adj. 
forblindad. Excecation , /. forblindelfe. 

To EXCEED , V. A. Sfwergd , SfwenrSffa , excedE- 
re. I will not exceed that fum , jag wil icke Sfwcr- 
fkrida den fumman. r£f Our liberality mud not exceed 
our ability . war frikofiighet mafie icke ga lengre dn 
fi-mnian. Exceeded , Ad). Sfwergdngen. 

EXCEEDING, Adj. or excesfive, Sfwergdende, h$g. 

flor , S1M1US. Exceeding or exceedingly, Adv. or to* 
much, ganfka myckct , tfwermottan. I am exceeding 
tired , jag ir ganfka tritt. He writes exceeding well, 
han fkrifwer ganfka wdl. (Tj* So exceeding proud he 
is , fa ganfka hSgmodig dr han. 

To EXCEL, V. A.Sfwenrdffa, excellere. Heexcels 
every body, han Sfwergar alia. OS* To EXCEL, V. 
N. vara befynnerlig i en ling , fSriraffelig. He excels 
in every thing, htn dr MAjlare i all ting. 

EXCELLENCE or EXCELLENCY , fon,Sffdighet, if. 
werldgfnhet. 03* EXELLENCY , Exellens (en Amhas- 
fadois titel) CS* In a degree of excellency , pdfartrdffe- 
ligt wis. 

EXCELLENT, Adj. fortrdffdig , ganfka god, rar , (,e. 
Excellent fruit or wine , fortrdffdiga godt win , frukt. 
An excellent fpeech , ti fSrtrdffiliga godt tal. Excellent, 
Adv. Ex. 'Tis excellent well done , det ir ganlk* 
wdl gjordt. Excellently , Adv. fSrirlffeliga. 

EXCELSITY , 5. Ughet , hogmod. 

EXCENTRICAL or EXCENTfiICK, Adj. f>m afwi- 
ker ifrdn retta medd-punkten. Excentricity , f. Jddans 

EXCEPT or faring, Con] .undantagandes, trmter^uam. 
Every one has done his part, except you alone, 
hwar och en har gjort fin fyfla foruian du aliens. fx5* 
EXCEPT (nisi) r".ed mindre. 

To EXCEPT , V. A. undantaga , utcfluia , excjpere. 
I except no body , jag tager ingen undan. Cf5* To 
EXCEPT againft the witnesfes (exceptionem obji- 
cere ) jdfwa , wrdka witnen. <£j* To except againft 
a jurisdiction , undandraga fig fwaromdl jSr domftoUn. 
Cj* This he exceptt agair.ft, han gjor inkafi emot delta. 

EXCEPTED, Adj. undantagen. (Jj* Excepted againft , 
wrdkt , jdfwad, fom inkafi dr gjordt cmoi. £f5» Such a 
one excepted , enfddan undantagen. 

EXCEPTION , 5. undantagning , torbeholl , undflykt. c5> 
In exception to the general rule , emot allgemena re- 
glan. c5^ Exception againft a witnefs , jdf emot et 
witne. kS* An exception in any contrail, forbeholli 
et contract. To bring in an exception in law , gjSra i/r- 
wendning i enprocefj. 05* To make an exception againft 
a thing, gjora inkafi emotnogot. o5* To take exception 
At a thing , ftiknas ifwer nogot. 

EXCEPTIONABLE , Adj. fom kan inwendas emot. 
Exceptious, Adj. fnar-fiicken , kori om hufmudet. 

To EXCERP, V. A. or pick out, utdraga, EXCER- 
PERE. Excerption, f. utdrag, utdragande. 

EXCESS, S. ifwerfiod, omntt, ofwerfkott , EXCESSUS. 
To run out ia excefs , ga Ufi pdSfwerfiod. 05* EXCESS 
(intemperantia ) omdttelighei. 

EXCESSIVE, Adj. S/werflSdig , formycken , flor. A« 
excesfive pain, en flor werk. An excesfive love, ett 
flor kdrlek. Excessively , Adv. fortrdffdiga , ofwerflt- 
digt. Excesfivenefc , f. ifwerfiSdighet. 

EXCHANGE ,S. byte, permvtatio. CG~ exchange 
(EXCAMBIUM ) Bors , der handlande komma lilhopa. 

You lofe nothing by the exchange , du fodorar intet 
wid bvtct. To make an exchange , gjSra byte. Prov. 
EXCHANGE IS NO ROBBERY , byte dr icke -if- 
weri. A bill of exchange , wexd-lrej'. The roya! ex- 
change of the city of London , Borfen i London. 

To EXCHANGE, V. A. byta,fkifta, tufka, PERMUTARE. 

r^j* To exchange words , wexla ord. To Exchange 

goods , wederfkifta tods. l£f- To exchange kisfes , 

R kyffas. 

E X C 

E X C 

■lyfas. 03" They exchanged fom: guns , dc loffade ni- 
gra ftyckenpi hwarandra. Exchanged, Adj. bytt, tufkad. 
.Exchanger, /". or banker, wixlare. 

EXCHEQUER, S. Kongl. Rcnt-Cammaren i England, 
mar-Retten , item en aniclig rett angacndc Ttfiamcotcn , 
der Arkc-Bifkopcn af York prcfidtnr. 

EXCISE, 5. accit , census. An Excife-man. accis- 
betjent, beflags-karl. Excitable , Adj. fom kommer un- 
der accifen. 

EXCISION, S. or deftroying, fSrfloring, EXCIDIVM. 

To EXCITE, V. A. upwdcka, uprtta, anftktd, exci- 
jare. Excitation , f. upwickande , anrctandc. Excited, 
Ad. upvdckt. Excitement , /. ttpretande. Exciter,/. 

To EXCLAIM , V. N. or cry out, fkrU ut, uiropd, vtbrifla 
i rop , exclamare. To exclaim againlt irrjuftice , fo- 
pa ut emot ereltwifa. Exclaimed ag inn*, Adj. d.-n man 
utropar emot. Exclaimet, /. u-.ropare. Exclamatory, 
Ad]. fiorjKrikand; , utropande ( om fitt at lata och prc- 
dika) Exclamation,/ utropande, ar. 

To EXCLUDE, V. A. utfluta. To exclude an heir , 
gjSra en arfiSt. Excluded , Adj. or fllut out, utjluten / 
&c. Exclusion, /T utflutning. 

EXCLUSIVE, Adj. utjltitande. An ex'dufiVe vote, ut- 
flutand'. ro~. Till funday exllufiv'ely . Adv. til foida- 
gen cx.'.tftve- 

•:CQGITATE, V.A.uptinka. Excogitated,^'. 

uptir ■■ 

To EXCOMMUNICATE, T./f. ianfyfa. E*commumcat- 

ed , Adj. banlyft. E- - :tion , /. banlysning. 

DfTo EXCORIATE, V.A.fl.1, afhyda. Excoriation,- 

/. or fretting of the fkin , hudlbfa. 
To EXCORTICATE, V. A. barka , taga af barbtn. 
EXCREMENT, S. *fdck,Jkitj dyngd. Excretion, /"• 
fkitande. Excremental, Adj. dcrtilhSrig. Excrementi- 
tious , Adj. der af k»ntmandc. 
EXCRESCENCE or Excrcfcency, S. utn :xt , uarla 
eller dylikt. " He has no faults but what are excre- 
fcencies from virtues , f. ham jel dro intei annat in 
formycken dygd. 
To EXCRUCIATE, V. A. pitta, plSgtx, marierd. Excruci- 
ated, Adj. pinad. Ex:ruciatir.<; , Adj. Ex. Excruciating 
pains , marterande plagor. Excruciation , /. martenng , 
To EXCULPATE, V. A. tnJkylU Exculpated, Adj. 

EXCURSION, S. or digresfion, afjkridande _ frr.n httf- 

wudfaken. CO* EXCURSION (ERl/PTio ) utfall. 
EXCUSE, S.urfSgt,enfkyllan,EXcUSATio. Excufable' 
Adj. fom kan urfigta;. Excusatory * Adj. til urfigt 
' hong eller tjenlig. A bnd excufe is better than none , 
en flit urfigt ir betre in mien. He alledged for his 
excufe , han androg til fin urf.igt. Faint excuies , fwag 
To EXCUSE, V. A. Vfdgta, enfkylla. He excufes- 
himfelf upon account of his age, han urCigiar fig mid 
fin alderdom. OS* To excule one , urfigta en. c5* 
- When Mountains cry out, people may well be exculed 
the apprehenfions of fome prodigious birth, nJr ber- 
gen wondas , ma man ickc undra om folket wentar no- 
got ofanteUgtfofter. rff To EXCUSE ( DISPE.VSARE ) 
firfnona. I uifli he would excufe me from writing , 
jag inj\ar kan wdie fkena mig ijran (krifwanic. He> 

had] rather excufed himfelf from that imployment , ha* 
hade heldre urfigtat fig f ran den tjenflcn. 
EXCUSED, Adj. urfigtad. oS* Excused ordifpenfed 
with , forfkonad. 1 defire to be exculed , Jag her eder 
urfigta mig. Excufer , / urfigtare. 
EXCUSSION, S. utflStande , , noga fnar-. 

EXECRABLE, Adj. wabrflyggeHg. An execrable crime, 
en flvgg mijgjtrning. Execrablenef's, f.wederfiyggelighe^ 
ToEXECRATE.K. A.forhanna,fi y ggas wid. Execration, 
f. ftyggelfe , fhrbannelfe. To be the execration of one's- 
own country , vara en ftyggelfe for fit egit folk. 05* 
To averr a thing with horrible execrations , fwirjt- 
pa nogot med g'ymma cder. 
To EXECUTE, V. A. utfora, w.-e:ti , exeoui. To 
execute one's orders or deflgn , utfora ens bcfelning,- 
tller fa upfat. Cj" To execute an office , befirida et 
Smbete. <^j" To execute a ■w\\\,fdaa et Teftamente i 
form. To execute a will r efterkomma , futtbarda et 
Teflamentc, CO* To EXECUTE or put to death, a 
malefaflor, exi^icra, afretta. {£> To execute a vil- 
lage for not paying the contributions, panta en by 
for obetaldt fkatter. 
EXECUTED, Adj. exeguerad, pantad , fullbordad , ut- 
fSrd , i wirket fiild. oSr" In no Country there is 
better Laws, and no where They areworfe executed 
than in England , intet land bar betre lagar dn Eng- 
land , och ingenfiides blij'wa d; femre handhafde. 
EXECUTION , 5. utfSrande af en fak. OS* EXE- 
CUTION (SUPPIICJI CAPITAL1S IXFZ1CTIO ) afret- af en mifjdadafe. oS» EXECUTION (arrestus} 
byfittntng , arreft af ens perj'on och egendnm. To put 
a thing in execution, fullborda, utfora nogot. OS* 
EXECUTION (VASTATIO) for' "l.r.f. The 

cannon did great execution , artillcriet gjorde fienden 
Jlor afbrdek. CCr" A writ of execution , ut-mainings- 
bref. Executorial, d}" The place of execution , afretts- 
plats. The Execution- Day , afrctts-dag {fa kalla ock 
pigorna i London fina tuitt-dagar. Executioner, f. 
iodel , fkarprettare. 

EXECUTIVE, Adj. til utmltning hSrig. Ex. Executive 
power , poteftas executiva. 

EXECUTOR , 5. en fom Tcfi^toren ndmner til fit Tefta- 
mtntes f:.Ubordande. Item fy/le-man. Executorship, / en 
. Executrix, f. foem. Vid. Executor. 

EXEGETICAL, Adj. or explanatory, til fcrklaring, 

EXEMPLAR , S. or pattern, mSnfier , model, cfterfyn. 

Exemplarily, Adv. pa Eximp!ari(kt wis. 
EXEMPLARINESS or Exemplaritjr, 5. ofiraffeligftet.Ex. 

Exemplarity of life , Eiemplarifkt hfuernc. 
EXEMPLARY, Adj. Eiemplarifk , oft'raffiiig. An exem- 
plary punifhment, Excmplarifkt flraff. C© => To make 

one exemplary, gjora exempel af en. 
EXEMPLE, Vid. Example. Exemplification, S. anfS- 
■ rande af exempel. An exemplification of letters patent, 

affurift af opet bref. Exemplifier , /. en fom aadrager 

To EXEMPLIFY, V. A. bewifa med exempel. CT> To 

exemplify or to write out , affkrifwa. Exemplify'd r 

Ad). Vid, Verb. 
EXEMPT, Adj. or free, fri, befriad, exemtvs. 

Exempt from all charges , fri fran alia omkoftningar. 

Exempt, f. en af lif-gardet fom dr wakt-fri. 



E X I 

To EXEMPT, V. A. or free , fria ,'undantiga, ZXt- 
ItLRE. Vray exempt me from it, kdre, fria rr.ig dcr- 
ifrdn. Exempted, Adj. fried, undantagen. Exempting, 
f. Exemtior. , f, idem. 

To fXENTERATE, V. A. tagaut inelfworne , 
T £ K 4 R E . 

EXEQUIES, S.lik-leg&ngclfe, b.'grafning , EXE^VIJE. 
Exequial, Adj. dertilASrig. 

EXERCE?>T , Adj. Ex. a closer of law exercent, 
tr. advocal font practiferar in foro. 

EXt-RCilE, S. krops zller finnes , manna-rykt , 
EXLRciriu.M. To make or ufe fome exercife , hafwa 
nogon ifning. The military exercifes , krigs-ifningar. 
C*r* The exercife or function of an office, dmbetes 
ftrrtttning. .r^ Latin exercife , ifning i latinjka 
- EXERCISE ( MOTJo) rirelfe , motion ( i 
dietcn ) 

To EXERCISE, V. A. tr train up, ifwa , exebce- 
RE. To exercife foldiers , exercera foldater. To exercife 
an office, ifwa et dmbete. 0§* To exercife one's wit 
or memory, Sfwa fit firfldnd eller minne. To exercife 
one's felf with \fwa O r-.:i jagt. The fol- 

diers exercife, V. N. foUatcrna exer'etra. Exercifed, 
Adj. if wad. Exerciser , f. ifware. 

EXERCITATION , S. ifning fom fker efter bruk. 

To EXERT, V. A. wifa, he.xu.fa, & daga Idgga , 
SXERERE. Now- exert your ftrength and courage , 
wifa nu din flyrka och mod. (J^ To EXERT one's 
felf (axxiti) gripa fig an , bemidafig,m:difwer bewi- 
fa fig. C3" To EXERT or ftir up one's felf in devo- 
tion , gjSra fin guds-ijenfi mtd ifwer. Exerted , Adj. 
wifad. Exertion, f. beuisning , wdrkan. 

To EXFOLIATE, V. ft. hlyfwa fig i ISf och ktyftor, 
font ben 'Chtrurgifk Term) Exfoliation , f. ft Jen klyf- 

To EXFREDIARE, V. A. gjira upenlart uold,bry- 
ta edfire ( lag-term ) 

To EXHALE, V. A. dunfla ut , kafla dunflcr ifran fig, 
exhilare. Exhaled, Adj. utbldfl. Exhalation,/. 

To EXHAUST, V. A. tSma, flifa , exhjvrIRE. To 
exhauft the King's treaiure , uttima piattkammarcn. 
He has exhaufted his father's eftate , han har forflifi 
fin faders egendom. <j5* To Exhauft the air of a re- 
ceiver , utpumpa wdiret utur en recipient. Exhaufted, 
Adj. firflil. Exhauftions , f. fitt at bewifa tw&nne 
fiorheters likhet , af motfatfens orimligbet. 

To EXHEREDATE, V. A.gjira arfiis. Exheredated, 
Adj. arfiis gjord. 

EXHIBIT, S. pdfkrift til communication i revifions- 
retten ( lag-Term ) 

To EXHIBIT, V. A. framdraga , wifa, upte , EXH1- 
BERE. rf?* To EXHIBIT ( lag-term) forete et Docu- 
ment til Rettens pafkrift. 05" To exhibit to God a 
religious worfiip , tjena Gud med andakt. Exhibited , 
Adj. framwifad. 

EXHIBITION, S. framuisning. oZr" EXHIBITION or 
allowance given, flipendium eiler almofa , item fSre- 

To EXHILARATE , V.A.frS ? da, muntra , gjora glad. 
Ex'n.'arated , Adj. frigdad. Exhilaration , f frigdande. 

To EXHORT, V. A. rada , firmana , upmuntra , til- 
. Exhortation , J. tiifiyrkan , firmaning , upmun- 
ive or E 'hortatory , Adj. dertilHSrig. 
E JiOrtcr , f. cr. fom firm-njr. 

DfEXICCATION, S. uptorUing. 

EXIGENCE or Exigency , S. nodtorft, xecessitas. 
According to the exigency of affairs , efter fakernas 
nodwendighet. (Xj* EXIGENCY or Exigent ( a pinch 
or ftra:t) trongmil , nod, befwSr. To bring one to 
an exigent, en ilia ut. Upon fuch an exigent-, 
/. i fadant nSdfall. Cj» Exigent or expedient, utwdg, 
meiel. 05" Exigency {lag-term) offentelig fiemning , 

EXIGUOUS, Adj. liten , rin'a. Exiguity, f. rinofiet. 

EXILE , Adj. tun , klen , Jin , fuhtil, fwong, svbtilis. 

EXILE, 5. lands-flyktigkel, EXILiVM. During his exile, 
under bans lands-ftyktighet. 05* An EXILE or exiled , 
en biltoger , fridlis , fogelfri. (£/* EXILE (locus in 
QUEM qi/is relegatvr) ort , dit en foruifes. 

To EXILE, V. A. drifwa i lands-flyktighct , PROSCSI- 
BERE. Exiled, Adj. biltoger Ugd , dr'ifwen i lanisftyk* 
ti°het. Exilement , f. landsflyktighee. 

EXIMIOUS, Adj. fSnrdfflig, utwald , felfynt, utfokt. 

EXINANITION, S. tomande , til intct gjorande , fo r - 

To EXIST, V. N. vara til, ega befidnd , beflS 'i f /C lf- 
wa wdrket , EX1STERE. Exiftence ,/ or being, wSrk- 
ligket , be/land. Exiftible , Adj. fom kan bitfwa war- 
To EXISTIMATE, V. A. holla fire. Exiftimation, f. 
natnn , rykte, f'dgd. 

EXIT , S.Jlut pa et fpel, exitvs. hem affked. They 
will have Their exit, de ja fit affked. He has made 
his exit, han har gait fin wdg. j He has made hfs 
exit, han dr fin kos 'did) 

EXITIAL , Adj. flrdtrflig. 

EXODUS , S. andra Mofis Bok. 

D| To EXONERATE, V. A. afbtrda , IStta bordan. 
To exonerate one's belly , gd til fiols , gjora fin tarf. 
Exonerated , Adj. afbordad. 

To EXOPTATE, V. A. af hjertat injka , tnnerligaS- 
fiunda , ejter'.engta. Exoptabie , Adj. infkans - wtrd. 
Exoptation , f. infkan , atrd. 

EXORABLE, Adj. fom later bedja fig , forfonlig. Exo- 
rablenefs , /. fddan finnet befkajfenhet. 

EXORBITANT, Adj. omdttelig , ofwer fina grSnfur 
piridande,fomdr utom hof och lag, ofwer hofwan. Exor- 
bitancy, /. omStteCighet. An exorbitant price , omdite- 
ligt pris. Exorbitantly , Adv. utur hof och lag. 

EXORCISM, S. befwdrjande. Exorcift , /. befwdrjare. 

To EXORCIZE, V. A. befiwdrja. , uUrifwa djefiar. 
Exorcized , Adj. iefwuren. 

EXORDIUM, 5. ingdng til et tal. 

EXORNATION, S. beprydning, utfirande. 

To EXOSSATE, V. A. bena , utplocka benen. Exosfi- 
tion, f. bentns uiplockning. 

EXOTICK, Adj. frdmmande , utlindfk. 

To EXPAND, V. A. utjlrdeka , EXtANDlRE. To 
expand it felf, utjlrdeka fig. rf> To EXPAND ( IX- 
PL1CARE) utwekla, ipen ligga. Expanded, Adj. ntflrdekt. 

EXPANSE, S. flrdckt, widd. The expar.fe of Heaven , 
himmelcns firdekning , fSfie. Expanfion , f. utflrSckning. 
Heaven is an expanfion of fluid matter, himmelen Sr 
en utflrdckning af fiytande emnen. 

To EXPATIATE, V. N. tala widliftigt om en fak. | 

To EXPECT , V. A. afwakta., firbida , went* , txtt- 
R 2 CTAJt.1. 



fT.tRt. I have expected you thefe two hours , jag 
har wenttt eder i twa lima'. I expected you would 
write to mo , jag wentade du fkullc [krifwa m:g til. c5* 
Things will fall out better than you expected , dctlo- 
per bctrc af fin du tfinkte. 
EXPECTATION, S. wentan , fSrmodan , hopp. To be 
in expectation of fomething, Ufwa i hopp om nogot. 
Contrary to all men* expectation , ii»(rt emot alias 
fSrmodan. To anfwer one's expectation , fwara emot 
ens fSrhopning. 05* In expectation of the day of judg- 
ment , j wentan pfi yterfia dagen. 

EXPECTED, Adj. wentad. 05* HeisexpeCted today, 
han Kent a s i dag. Greatthings are expeCted (torn you, 
man lofwar fig flora faker af eder. 

To EXPECTORATE, V. N- rakla up, fpotta ut jlcm 
ulur maven. Expectoration , f. utfpottning. 

EXPEDIENT, Ad}. nSdig, rfidelig, tarflig, VT1L1S, 
It is expedient , del fir rfi.leligt. He knows befr what is 
mod expedient for us, han'rwet betfl hwad off" nyttigt fir. 

EXPEDIENT, S. utwfig, rad, medtl , MEDIUM. To 
find out an expedient, upfinna nogon utwfig. 

To EXPEDITATE , V. A. fkfira ut bollama, eller de 
ire klor af fram-fStren pfi de flora hundar , at de icke 
fkola jaga p3 Cron-parker , EXPEVITARE. 

EXPEDITE, Adj. fnaib, behfindig, wig , EXPEDITVS. 
05* EXPEDITE or'aCtive, drifwande , bcflfilfam. To- 
expedite, V. A. or difpatch, afffirda , piljkynda „ 
fnabt fSrretta, 

EXPEDITION , S. or difpatch , afSrdande , fn abb fir- 
rettning, festinaTIO. 05* A military Expedition , f. 
felt-tog. A famous expedition , ryktbar gjerning. 

EXPEDITIOUS, Adj. or quick, fnell , hurtig , ffirdig, 
fnabb , ALACER. Expeditioufnefs , f. drift, huttig- 
htt. Expeditioufly , Adv. or quickly, fort , fnabt. 

To EXPEL, V. A. or drive out, utdrifwa , EXPELLE- 
RE. To expel the wind out of the riomach , drifwa 
wfidret ur magen. Expelled , Adj. utdrefwen. He was 
expelled Rome , han blef utdrefwen af Rom. Expeller, 
f. uldrif ware. 

To EXPEND, V. A. Ifigga, tiler kofia ut , EX t Elf- 
dere. Expended, Adj. utlagd. 

EXPENSE oz-Expence , S. koflnad, omkojlning ,svmtus. 
Idle expersccs , onSdig koflnad. 

EXPENSIVE, Adj. or chargeable, dyr , koflfam , ca- 
rvs. 05* EXPENSIVE or extravagant , yppig , ftSsag- 
tig. Expenfivenefs , f. dyrhet. 

EXPERIENCE r S. fSrfarenhet. He is a man of great 

experience , han fir err man af fior fSrfarenhet. Prov. 


kar m&Qe klpa well. 
ToEXPERIENCE, V. A.fSrfara.fSrfSka, experjri, 
EXPERIENCED, Adj. rSnt , fSrfSkt , BeprSfwad. 05» 

Experienced or (killed, Sfwad , fSrfaren. 

EXPERIMENT, 5. fSrfSk, rSn, experimEktvm. Cfff 
To EXPERIMENT , V.A.fSrfoka, utrSna, gjora fSrfSk, 

EXPERIMENTAL, Adj. af fSrfarenhet, oehfSrfSk kom- 
men , pa jSrfok grundad. Experimentally , Adv. af 
fSrfarenhet. Experimented , Adj. prlfwad , fSrfSkt. 
Experimenter, /". en fom fSrfSker , probertr. 

EXPERT, Adj. or fkilful , fSrfaren, kiok , mtrgkunnig, 
exhrtvs. Expertly, Adv. or fltilfully , Uoktlif 

Expensed, f. or flail, klokker. 

EXPETIBLE , Adj. legfirlig , mSdan werd. 
To EXPIATE, V. A. godt gjSra , fSrfona, EXPIARS. 
To expiate a Crime or for a crime, fSrfona et brott. 
Expiated, Adj. forfonad. Expiable, Adj. fom kan for- 
EXPIATION, S.fSrfoning. 05* Expiation (hostia 
EXPIATORIa) gamla Teftamentfcns fSrfonings - offer. 
Expiatory, Adj. fSrfonande , tilfridsfifillande. 
To EXPIRE, V. N. upgifwa an dan , aflida , item upho- 
ra . ISpa til find a (om hyres Contract Crc.) EXSPIRARE. 
Expired, Adj. findad , kommen til (lut,dod. Expiration, 
or Expiring , f. findc , utgang , dod , andant utblasning. 

To EXPLAIN , V. A. utfSra , uttyda , fZrklara , EX- 
Pile are. Explained, Adj. fSrklarad. Explainer , f. 
fSrklarare, uttolkare. Explaining or Explanation , f. 
forllaring, utlfigning. Explanatory, Adj. deriilhorig, 

EXPLETIVE, Adj. An expletive particle, et upfyl- 
lande ord~. 

To EXPLICATE, V. A. P'id. to Explain. To Explicate 
or difintangle , utreda. Explicated , Adj. fSrklarad. 
Explication , Vid. explanation. Explicator - , Vii. Ex- 
plainer. Explicable , Adj. fom ISter utreda fig, 

EXPLICIT , Adj. or exprefs , uttryckelig. In explicit 
terms , med klara och lydeliga ord. Explicitly , Adv. ty- 
dcliga, klarliga. Explicitnefs , /. klarhel , uttryckelig- 

To EXPLODE, V. A. med fpeforkafia , wrfika , fSrakta , 
fordSma. To explode a vice upon the fiage , utfhfim- 
ma en odygd pa fkadeplatfen. Exploded , Adj. ftr- 
kafiad. Explofion , f. fSrakt , fSrkafiande. Item tf- 
fkjutning, fkott, fmell. 

EXPLOIT, .9. brag J , idrott , hjclte-dat , manna-rSn ,. 
factum PRAiCLARVM. To exploit , V. A. fSrrclta , 
xufSra nof>oi. 

To EXPLORE, V. A. utforfka, ranfaka, IXpiora- 
RE. Exploration ,f utforfl^ning. Explored, Adj. ut- 
forl'kjd, ranfakad. Exploring r f. Vid, Verb, 

To EXPONE, Vid. to E- pound. Exponent, hSgnings- 
teknet i Algebra. Exponential, Adj. firklarande. 

To EXPORT, V. A. or catty out, mfora , Mxpox- 
tare. To export commodities , to convey 'em out 
of one country to another , Jcnda waror ifran del tnm 
landet til del andra. 

EXPORTATION , 5. utfSrfd , utfendning. To pay for 
the importation and exportation ,betala in-och utgeendt 
lull. Fxported, Adj. utfend , utford.. Exporter,/; en. 
handlande pa utrikes oner, fom ut/riickar waror. 

To EXPOSE, V. A. utffitta, l.tgga SpetfSr alias Sgony 
exponere. To expofe a thing to fale , holla nogot 
fait. To expofe the hoft , uphSga ho/lien. Off' To EX- 
POSE or turn a building to the north, ftfilla en bygg- 
ning emot norden. 05* To EXPOSE ( PROS TiruERE, 
TraducERe) befkfimma , wanrykta en. 05* To EX- 
POSE or venture one's life, wfiga fit lif. To expofe 
one's felf to danger or death, g'ifwa fig ifara.'J^ 
To expofe a child , Ifigga bort et barn.- 

EXPOSED r Adj. utfatt , utfkfimd. Expofer , f.utffittt- 
te. Expofition , f. or explication, uttydning , fSrklf 
ring. Expositor, f. or expounder,- uttolkare. 

To EXPOSTULATE, V. A. & JV. btfv,dra , btklaga 
fig , ordwexla med en. Did you ever expoflulate the 
matter with him? har du nogon fin fSrtkollit honom, bi- 
klagatdig Sfwer denfaken. He began to expoftulate -with 
him about it , han begynte talafktrpt til honom derom. 



Exportulatuig or Expostulation , /*. klagan , hcfwSr $f- 
wer nogot. 

EXPOSTULATORY, Adj. befwSr , tilial clLr klagan 
tilhSrig. OS* An expoftuiatory fellow , en ord-djerf? 
pockande kart. 

To EXPOUND, V. A. & N. utlSgga , tyda, forklara, 
uttolka, explicare. To expound the (cripture,/o/-- 
klara Skriften. To expound Upon an augury, utiyda 
fpadom af foglar. Expounded , Adj. fSrklarad. Ex- 
pounder, f. ttttydare. 

EXPRESS, Adj. utiryckelig , bisertvs. Expresfly ,• 
Adv. rent ut , uttryckeliga , tydcliga. It is expresfly 
faid, del Sr uttryckeliga fagdt. In exprefs terms * med 
uttryckeliga ord. 

EXPRESS, S. or courier , enfpSnnarc , nt/scit/s . 

To EXPRESS, V. A. or declare , .uttrycka, utfSga , 
EXPRIMERE. To exprefs one's felf or to exprefs 
one's mind, ytra fin. To exprefs love to one, be- 
tyga kSrlek fir en. t£f To EXPRESS ( depikcere) 
jorcfi&lla, afbilda. Cj" To EXPRESS or Squeeze out, 
krama ut. 

EXPRESSED , Adj. uttryckt , fgreftSld , Oc, It cannot 
be exprefled , det kan icke utfSgas. 

EXPRESSION , S. ord: - fStt. A fine expreffion , 
et wackert tale-fitt. (Jj* My blood chill'd at that ex- 
presfion , bledet kolnade i mig wid det tain. C& EX- 
PRESSION ( DEPICT 10) mdlning , affk'ddring. 05" 
EXPRESSION (PRESS JO ) utiryfining , utkramnlng. 

EXPRESSIVE, Ad], lempelig, font vil uttrycker tn 
mening. To ufe expreffive terms , bruka uttryckeliga 
orde-j'Stt. An expreffive image, lifligt , naturligt belSte 
tiler bild. Expreffivenefs , /; uttryckelighet. Expreft , 
Vid. ExprefTed. 

To EXPROBRATE, V. A.firewita, fSrebrS , jirekaffa. 
Exprobration, /. or upbraiding, firebrielj'e , firewi- 


DfEXPUGNATION', S. erS/rtng. 

EXPULSION v Stutdrifwandt, firjagandf. An expuInVe* 
medicine, drifwande ISkedofH. 

To EXPUNGE , V. A. utpldna , korfa tfwer enfkrift, 
utflryka. Expunged , Adj. uiftrukcn. 

EXPURGATORY , Adj. renfande. Expurgatory index, 
Pdfwcns for.ekning pd dc bjker, hwilka de Caihnljka 

■ ej fa ISfa. Expurgation, f. rening , item Chjmijk Ji- 

EXQUISITE, Adj. utfSkt, utwald, finrSffelig. Exquisite 
meat, utwaldt kSit. Cj* The moft exquifite tor- 
ments , d: forfkrSckligafle pUgor. Exquifitely , Adv. 
or rarely well , ifwermdttan wSl. 

EXQUISITENESS, S. fSrtrSffedghct, prmstastia* 
The exquilitenefs of the work , arbetets forirSffelig- 

To EXSIBILATE, V. A. ytra misnSgewidet fkadefpeU 
begabbande wifa fin harm. 

DfTo EXSICCATE, V. A.uttorU* Exficcated, Adj.- 

or dried , uttorkad* 
EXTANT, Adj. befintelig , jSrhanden , font drill. That 

is the beft piece extant, del Sr det betfld fly-cke fom 

Sr til. The works of Xenophon now extant , Xeno- 

phons wSrk fom nu finnas. 

EXTASY, S. dwala, dSning. To be raviShed , into an 
extafy, komma uiom fig, dana. To be in an extafy , 
*ara uiom fi;. Extatick , Adj. dXnanie, Extatick vifi- 
♦»* t Jadans fyner. 


EXTEMPORAL or Extemporary, Adj. oberedd, icke 
SfwcriSnkt. Extempore, Adv. man fSrcgangen beredel- 
fe , extempore , pa fri hand. 

To EXTEND, V. A. utflrScka , utwidgt. To Extend 
ones conqueft , utwidga fina Sfringar. The Ruffian 
Monarchy extends itfelf foutherly as far as the Ci- 
fpian fea, det Ryfka riket flrdeker fig fSdcr ut til Ca~ 
fpifka hafwet. OS* To EXTEND (possessore^ ex 


Tl/R ) werdera egendom til Jkulds betalning. 
To EXTEND , V. N. utflrdcka fig , EXtitfol.- 

EXTENDED, Adj. utflrdckt. Favours extended to all 
mankind), ynnefl fom flrScker fig til alia mSnnifker. 
C5r" Extended ir valued , werderad. 

ERTENSION , S. or ftretching, utflrSckning. 03 s 
EXTENSION (spativm) rymd. Extenfional or Ex- 
tenfible, Adj. fom kan uifirSckas. Extenfive , Adj.flor, 
H/id-firSkt. Extenfivenefs , widd , utflrSckning. 

EXTENT, S. widd, amplitudo. o5* To fee the 
extent of the embaiTador's power, at fc hum uida en 
AmbaJJadors magt flrScker fig. (ry EXTENT (lag-term) 
verdering af egendom til Crono-fkulds betalning. 

To EXTENUATE, V. A. flrringa , fSrklena. To Ex- 
tenuate a fault, fSrringa et fed. Extenuated, Adj. 
fSrringad. Extenuating or Extenuation ,/ fSrringandt. 

To EXTERGE, V. A. aftorka, afgnida. Exterfion ? 
f. aftorkning , afgnidning* 

EXTERIOR, Adj.ytrc, utwertes. 

To EXTERMINATE, V. A.fSrwifa, bortdrif wa , It. 
utrota , EXTERMJXAREi Exterminated, Adj. fSrwifl, 
fSrflSrd. Exterminating or Extermination , f. fSrwis- 
ning, forftSring. Exterminator, f. forvifare. 

EXTERN o.- External, Adj. utwertes. External Medicines^ 
utwertes ISkemcdcl , faj'om omflag &c. Externally, Adv 
or outwardly , utwertes. 

To EXTIMULATE, V. A. Sgga, uphetftt, iipmant' 
Extimulation , f. uphetfande. 

EXTINCT, Adj. or dead , did, utgingen. Tnat fami- 
ly is extinft , den fISgien Sr utgangen. 

EXTINCTION, S. ut/lSckning , foridelfe. The extin-- 
clion of natural heat, utflSckning af naturliga hetan. 
glSdheta mctallers ISjhning (Chyrt. ) 

To EXTINGUISH, V. A. uifiScka,- extixgvere. 
(J5* To Extinguish- the natural heat, utjlScka natur- 
liga hetan. ffS* To Extinguish a rent , inlSfa en renta. 
OS* To EXTINGUISH or deftroy, uphS/wa , til intet 
gjSrd. * To Extinguifh a paffion , dSda en begSrelfe. 
Extinguifhable, Adj. fom kan dSdas , utfSckas. 

EXTINGUISHED, Adj.utflSckt. Extinguifher , f. Ijus- 
flSckare ( wSrktyg derlil ) Extinguishment', /". ulflSckande. 

To EXTIRPATE, V. A. uprycka med rlttir , utrota, 
fSrgjSra , extirpare. To extirpate an herefy, utro- 
ta et kStteri. Extirpated, Adj. utrotad. Extirpating 
or Extirpation , f. utrotande. Item enfSrfkSmd lems af- 
hwigning. Extirpator,/? utrotare. 

To EXTOL, V. A. prifa, herSmma, uphSga , EXTOL- 
lbre. To extol one, to raifehim up to the Iky , up- 
hoga en til himmelen. Extolled , Adj. uphSgd. 

EXTORSION, S.fkinneri, prefning, wolds-ocker. Ex- 
torfioner, f. en fom preffar ut penningar , tager oloftig 
renta, wolds-ockrare. Extorfive gains, med wold ock 
orett fangen winning. 



To* EXTORT , V. A. laga'ned wold af en , utpina , 
afprefa, tXTORQlfSRE. To extort a thing from one, 
utprcjfa nogot of en. Extorted, Adj. utprcjfad. Ex- 
tortion , Vtd. Extorfion. 
EXTRACT, S. }':d. Abstrafl. 0j= A Chymical ex- 
• tra cl , cAyl - '. Ct*> wtsact (.v,<l«;k) 

M/ ; , ... c,*n man W • ' I ' 

To EXTRACT, T. A.mdraga, i ktr.ahERE. ExtraQed, 

Ad), utdragen. . " extracted , af adelig 


(ntOGBMES) afkomft , in. Extractor, f. mdragare. 
Item fcldy ktyg. 

EXTRAJUDICIAL ■ Adj.fSrchafd wid obefogaddomftol. 

EXTi' ' , Adj. uttii mmfindc 03" EX- 


EXTRAORDINARY, Vid. Extraordinary. Extraordi- 
, :a ,;: , , lynnerliga. Extraordinaxiaef^ 

/". hefynn . i "»< »*"• 

EXTRAORDINARY, Adj.oiaalig, ogemen,Jlor. An 
extraordinary beauty, en ogtmen fkinhet. An*mbat- 
iadox extraordinary', Ambaffadir extraordinit. Ex- 
.traordiuaries, f. or extraordinary expences., _ extra 
ut-gifter. E.\!r;< i fidv. tfviermotian. It is ex- 

traordinary cold weather, del dr grifeliga kallt. 

EXTRA-PAR OCH/AL, Adj. fom tilingtnfoln hirer. 

EXTRAVAGANT, Adj. dtragtig , tohot, orimlig, 
werdidh, li.tMODER.ATi s,ixs4NlfS. An extravagant 
man , in gaicn, ofkickelig , liderlig karl. To do extra- 
vagant things, lira fig felfamt at. 55" EXTTtAVA- 
GANT or rambling thoughts, ofiadiga tankar. eS" 
extravagant orexcesfire, omnitdig , mom i .. 
fa",. Ex. An extravagant rate, . CcSr" 

EXTRAVAGANT (PRO DIG VS ) flosagtig , oordentc- 

To r.XTRAVAGATF , 7". A', ta/a/otot , g/<M/»a, c<fi- 
rire. Extravangance , f. omanc!it;l^t. Extravagantly, 

To EXTRA\ ASATE , V. N. (to go out of it's proper 
vefsels) komnu ifa. As loon as the blood 

ins to extrav fate, fd fnart blodet begynner ISpa 
'-orna. Extravafsted , Adj. Vid. Verb. 

EXTREME, Adj.ytcrfi, hSg.H , ganfka /lor. 

EXEREME , Adv. ganfka , kigt , alt, Sr mycket , valdE. 
He is extreme fick, han dr ganfua f/i.f . An extreme 
feftfciu, ganfka fint hull. An excreme fnarp winter . 

EXTREME, S. dct yurfla af nogot, extremism. Pro- 
digality and avarice are the two extremes , /ISsagtig- 
het och girighet Sro twanne extrema. To go from one 
extreme to another or to run upon extremes, gdifrdn 
del ena extrzraum til dtt and) a , icke holla medel- 

EXTiU.MELY , Adv. fanfia , Sfwermdttan , VALDE. A 
man extremely mil'eralle , en ganfka e'.Sndig man. I 
am extremely concerned about it , jag dr ganjka be~ 
kymrad derom. I love it extremely, jag tycker ganfka 
mycket derom. I furTer e> tremely , jag lidcr altfSr mycket. 

EXTREMITY, S. detyurfia, dnde. The extremities 
of the body , yterfie delen af kroppen. CO" EXTRE- 
MITY (nimivm) fSrmycket af nogot. To bring things 

. to (ad extremities , fire faker til ilak utgdng, c" 
EXTREMITY or fad condition, uphilning, ftrl'dgenhet. 
I it. reduced to this extremity, that I mult make 
my efcape, jag dr nufS Ula utfatt, at jag mdjlc tagaflyktcn. 


fEXTREE, Vid. Axle-tree. 

To EXTRICATE, V. A. utwekla , utreda. Extricated, 

Adj. uiredd. 

EXTRINSECAL, Adj. utwertes. Extrinl'ecally , Adf 

To EXTRUDE, V. A. utdrifwa, utflSta. Extrufion , 
fn'ing , utfiStning. 

EXTU13ERANCE, S.fwulji. Extuberance of the Bones, 
rben , benens utwexande. To Extttberate , V.N. 
upfwella. , /. or fwelling, fwcllande. 

EXUBERANCE, S. ymnighet , tfwerfiid , abvndan- 
TIA. Exuberant, Adj. or plentiful , ymnig. 

To EXULCEKATE, V. A. or fret, fdra, frSta. Ex- 
ukerated, Adj. farad, far, iSldtg. Exuieeration , f. 

To EXULT, V. N. hofwera , gUdias , EXULT ARE. 
Exultancy, Exultation, f. or leaping for joy yfrSgde- 
betygelfe , glddje-fp'rong. 

To EXUPERABLE, Adj. Sf 'wermnnerlig , fom later kzf- 
v/a fig, Exuperation , /'. ofwerwinnande. 

To EXUSCITATE, V. A.upwdcka, Exul'citation , f. 

♦EVE, S. oga, ocvlvs. A line eye, fint 5ga. At the 
leaft twinkling of an eye, wid minj}a ogneblick. A caft 
of the eye , ognt-kafl. d5* To have a cart with one's 
eye, jkela med Sgat. To look upon one or to fee one 
with a good eye , fe sodt pa en. * To look upon one 
with an evil eye, hafwa ondt Sga til en. C^T* To have 
an eye or to keep a firift eye upon one, hafwa wakandt 
tga "pa en. * An eye ur a regard nuft be had to 
the laws of civility', man m.xfle akta hifli?hets regtor- 
na. * You muft have an eye to or mind your family , 
dit mafic hafwa omforg for'dti h-.a.rfr To have a thing 
in one's eye , hafwa noaot i finnet. \ \ ou may put 
it all in your eye, du gjSr dig flfdngt hopp derom. QTr" 
EYE (FENESTEILA ROTUSVa) Iruld-fonfli' i hwalf 
vc ! iufwerd'rar.C?y'EYE(rOKAMEN TURRls)toni-glugg. 
C / > EYE {apertvra) ipning (med.) item oga af en 
ymp. <£f EYE (^PE.v TIPt ) affiu pa en bokflaf. C& 
EYE or water of a precious (tone ( tocus) flraltn af 
en ddeljien. CS* EYE of a letter, Sglan pa en bohf!.:f. 
C3* EYE or loop, Sgla. rry- The eye of a needle , 
nSU-oga. 03* Eye of fowls , en kull nyff uiklAche /oS 
glar. crj* Eye of the volute, me.ielprickcn i Mfwdrk pa 
pclare. Kj" Artificial Eye, forefldlnings- glafet i en. 
Camera obfeura. rff Cat's or Sun's eye , en ftor oval 
ddel flen. cr> Hare's Eye, fumn med half-Spna Sgon (m 
fukdam ) Cf> The pope's eye , den feta biien inuti et 
far fir. o5* The eye of a plant , hjcrt-bladctpa. enplanta. 

EYES (plur.) To open and filut the eyes , Spna o:h fluta 
Sgonen. riS" To open one's eyes, feup ,m£rka fit fel. 
* To ftut one's eyes, fe genom fingren. CXS" EYES 
( visvs ) fyn. To cart one's eyes upon a thing, kafla 
igoncn pa nogot. To take off one's eyes from a thing, 
wenda &«onen ifrdn. qO* Every body's eyes are upon 
you, du har alias Sgon pa di«. Prov. Ttt'O EVES SEE 
PETTER THAN ONE, <w<? or.onfe mer in el. Prov. 
wilja ha mer dn kar. fordraga. Ofj* Eyes ra 
bread or cheefe , fma , pipv°a hot i off och brSd. (Tjj* 
EYES (cokspicilla) glasSgon. CC^ To be wife ia 


' FU ' M:Gorh. 6- Isl. augo, oculus. Isl. EIGA» 
aicuratiui infpicere. 


one's own eyes , vara fjelf-klok. f To cart fliee-ps 
eyes at one , fe trdget pd en. cO" Goat's eyes , Sgon 
fom hafwa fidckar pd hwitan. 

£ye-fight , Jyn. "V'ithin eye, inom Sgnc-fikte. The Eye- 
ball, Sgne-jienen. The Eye-lids, Svnc-lockcn. The Eye- 
brows , Sgne-brynen. Eye-hole, Sgne-holen. The Eye- 
firings, Sgne-banden. Eye-water, Sgne-watn. Eye-(alve, 
ognc-fialwa. Eye-fore, Sgnc- fjuka. hem fdck 
(fig. ) ink aft. A man of conference is an eye-fore to 
an arheiir , en famwets-man dr en nagei i $gal fur den 
gudlSfe. The Eye-teeth , Sgne-tdnderna. An Eye-dap , 
fkygg-lapp for wagns-heftar. £ye-witnefs, dfyna witne. 
Eyc-fervice, Sgne-t/enfi. 

To EYE one, V. A. ft flint pa en , fyna , ACRITER 
inspicere. To eye a thing , gratlfka, gifwa aht pS en 
ting. He eyed it very narrowly, ban fynade del gran- 

y To EYE-BITE, V. A. kjufa , fSrtrolla mid ogoneni 

EYED, Ad}, fom har oson , OCULATIS. i y°f EYED 
(i s s pectus , scrutatus) fynad. Black-eyed , fom 
har fwarta ogon. Grey-eyed, fom har grd ocon. One- 
eyed ,■ en-ogd* Pink-eyed , fmd-bgd. Goggle-eyed , 
ttt-5gd. Blear-eyed , rod-eilcr 

SiY ESS , S . ung hok eiler falk,fom nyff dr tagen ur boet , 

EYET , S. holme, insula pa&va. Eylet-hole, Vid. 

*EYRE , S. judicum itinerantiim ctfia. oS° ruirices in 
Eyre, domare, fom hafwa hand Sfwer Crono 
The Eyre or juffice-fcat , orten, dcr fiddandom holies. 

**EYRIE,5. roj-fogle-ndftn nidus avium rapacjum. 

F A 

FA ( a muiical note ) en not i mufiquen. 
FABLE, S. fabel, dikt, faga, FABCLA. fa 
fable (xua) f under, drafu el, ofanning. Pal 
Fabulator or fabulifi , diktare , upldnkare af Fabler. 
I To FABLE, V. A. dikta , fSrtdlja fabler , fabulari- 
Fabulous , Adj. fabelagiig , diktad. Item dfanri. Fabu- 
loufly , Adv. fabelagtigt. 
To FABRICATE, V. A. fammanfmida , iyggd , upffra, 
FABRIC ARE. Fabricated, Adj. byggd. Fabrication , f. 
FABRICK, S. hyggnad, E4BRICA. A fiatcly fabrick, 
en (Idtclig byggnad. OS^FABKicr. (iKfENTIo) pifuni* 
Fabrics-lam's , kyrl o-godt , anflagne til reparation. To 
Fabrick, Vid. To Fabricate. 
DjFABRILE, Adj. icrn-fmide tilhSrig. 
FACE, S. anf.kte, anlete , tacies. To have a good 
face, haf-.u i" go^'t anfi'te. To fly in one's fare, ffy- 
ga , rufa pa en. I will jnftifie it to his face, tag w'd 
' pdftd detfor hans agon. (fa FACE ( PnysioxoMiA ) 
anjlktes fldlning , utfeende. To put on a new face, fe 

EYRE. Goth. ARE, curator negotiorum. AIR17, Dele- 
gati Regis. LL. Sueth. pasfim. 
**EYBI£ , Isl. AHE , AREW , Sueth. 6RN, eauiltt. 


anr.crlunda taSnfSrr. Pro'.. TO SET A GOOD FACE 
ON A BAD GAME, w'-fa god min wid ilakt /pel. f 
To carry two fac«s under a hood , bedrSgeligenumgis, 
<£r~ face (pr.esextia) afyn, ndrware. Before the 
lace of God, infSr Gud. That was done in the face 
of the whole Town, del gjordes i helaftadens afyn. la 
the face of the fun , upertbarliga. oj* FACE or flate of 
affairs, fakers .tilfiand och befkaffenhet. The face of affairs 
is very much altered , fakernas tilftand ir myeket for- 
dndradt. lhar buiinefs has two faces, den fallen har dubbelt 
anfeende. 05=- FACE (f roxtispicicm) fronten, ellerfi- 
dan af en byggning. rff FACE or appearance ,fken, an- 
feende. To have a face of religion, hafwa fken afgudaktig- 
het. 05* face or confidence, mod, modighet , nds- 
wishet. To lay one on the face, Srfila en. I fhall fee 
your face -no more , jag fcr cder iele mer. He dares 
not fhew his face, bin tors icke wifa fig. They drink 
together face to face in the tavern, de fupa ihop pet 
kdllaren knS. cm knd. I fpeak'well of him before his' 
face and behind his back, jag talarwdl on honom ba- 
de i ogotien och -It carries a face of horror, 
det fer r.ogot forfirdckeligt nt. Never fo wretched a 
face of things, aldrig fag man fa elandigt. A brazen 
or hold face , koppar - inne (om en Jrdek och ofor- 
JkSmd mdnnifka) c5" FACE or wry face, grinande. 
To make face., gfina. fj^ Face- painter , conter- 
fejare. Face-painting , center fejande. 
To FACE, V. A. ogna , fe flint pa en , wtueri.'SjS* 
To face a pair of f!eev£« ( plicare ) kanta, brd- 
ma el par rock-drmar. ?ff To FACE, V. N. {vERGERE) 
wcta at, wenda fpetfen nt {om en byggning) To face 
every way , gjo-a from pSallafidor. To face the enemy, 
gd fienden under Sgonen. tfj* To face a card , wenda- 
em et kortblad. O^To face ABOUT ,fe /jgomkring. Item 
fia fig til annat partie eller mening. OC^ To face One 
OUT or DOWN or to outface him, fid pdfigidetyt- 
ierfta , gen faga en i Sgonen. To face out a lie , frdckt 
_ pdfld en logri. 

FACED, Adj. Ex. A card faced, omwendt kcrt-blad. 
Fair-faced, af wackert anfil.te. Ugly-faced, af fulf 
anf.gte. Bold-faced or brazen-faced, ndswis , oblyg. 
T ■:. ■■■-'.iced , twe-fiktig. Bare-faced , med blottadt anfikte* 
Facede , fronten af ct bus. 
FACETE or FACETIOUS, Adj. (kdmtfam , rolig,kort^ 
■j. Facetioufly, Adt. or pleafantly , fkdmtfamliga. 
Facetioufnefs , f. flidmtagilghet , korjwillighet. 
JjACIL, Adj. ld:t, facilis. <£t facil or eafie of 
belief, latirogen. oS* facil or eafie of addrefs, god- 
talig , wdnlig. 
To FACILITATE, V. A. Idtta , hefrdmja, gjSra IStt. 
I fhall endeavour to facilitate the m^ans to it, jag 
fkaii'winlSfga niig at ?/or.i utwdgarna Idtta. Facilitated, 
Adj. Idtt gjord. Facilitatingor Facilitation , IdttgjSran- 
de. Facility or faci'enefs, f. Idlthet. 
FACING, 5. Ex. CC5=* The facing of fleeves, tyg.fom 
fdttes pd upfiag. /offering. 05= The facing of a "build- 
in", frdnten af et hits. 
FACINOROUS, Adj. or wicked , fkclmftt, fkdndelig , 

FACT, S. or deed, dad , gjerning, wdrk , FACTUM. A 
rr.arter of fact , fanfirdig fak. An heinous fact , o- 
gjerning. illbragd. Taken in the faft , bar Stagin , 
tagen pd ferfk gjerning. 05* FACT (summa) fumman 
af mitltiplicercde tal. 
FACTION , S. upror, mytcri, fammangadning. To kee P 




up a faflion, blSja under et upror. rff FACTION 
(sicta) Sec! .Jk'djakiighet USri och gudsijcnft. 

FACTIOUS. Adj. or I'editious, fiurfk, upfiudfig, upro- 
A Ficlious fpirit , uprorifm Jinnc. FacTioufnefs , 
f. upro'righet, i.y fludfighet. 
-FACTITIOUS, Adj. or artificial, konfilad , icke af na- 
turen , utan med h&nder g/ord. 

IPSO FACTO (Ug-term, Unt afl.uinen) 

FACTOR, S. ombud, commijfienSr. Fiftorfllip , f. en 
J'ddan firn alining. Factorage , f. lin, fombefias et (3.- 
dam unhid, CG* FACTORS, tal fom dro upgifne til 

FACTORY, S. faHori, kSpmans contor, manufaHori. 
Mod of the trading nations in Europe have factories 
at Surat, mdficdc'.s alia handlande natloner i Europt 
hafwa fine faciorier i Surat. 

FACTOTUM, S. lirat omkring enflor initial-Bokfiaf, OR- 
y amentum LITER.!. Item hufwudman, hufsvudfakelig. 

FACULTY, S. firmigenhet , krajt , naturlig egenfkap 
eller gofwa. rft FACULTY (immusitas) frihet , 
privilegium, The Faculties of the foul , fdlens krafter. 
His Faculty lies notably that way, han har fior gofwt 
deruti. The Faculties of divinity and phyfick, Iheolo- 
gijke och Medicinifkc Faculteterna. 

•fFADDLE, S. Ex. Fiddle-faddle , Upperi, KVG£. 

To FADDLE, V. A. /eke, fiella med, lvdere. To 
Faddle a child, kela med et tarn. o5=> To FADDLE 
(lNEPTUS vacaRE) anwenda liden p a Upperi. Faddl- 
ed , Adj. kelad med. He is a great faddler of child- 
ren , han ir grifeliga barnkSr. Faddling , /. kelande. 

*To FADE or fade away, V. N. firwisna, flacce- 
scere. This flower begins to fade, denna rofenwisnar. 
Her beauty fades away, henntvfkinhet fnrfaller. o3°* 
To FADE or to decay, faint, mattas, aftaga. 

FADED , Adj. or faded away, firwisnad, flaccidvs. 
A Faded flower , fSrwisnad ros. A Faded colour , ut- 
gangen ferg. 

♦*To FADGE, V. N. or agree ,paffa,komma ifwerens, 
lempa,fg,'Ekire. He cannot fadge with his 
■wife , han kan inlet firlikas med fin hufiru. 

FADING , S. Vid. To Fade. Ex. An excefllve heat 
caules the fading of flowers, fir fior heta kommer 
blomflren at wifna. Oj* FADING, Adj. forfallande , 
viifnandc. A Fading colour, en forfallande ferg. 

♦♦•FADOM, S. ( a meafure of fix foot) famn , et 
matt af C fol , OROYA. 

To FADOM, V. A. funda , mita djupet, ExrioRA- 
R£ rvxpvN. To fadom one's defign, utgrunda , ut- 
forfka ens up fat. Fadomed, Adj. fundad ,mdtt. Fadom- 
ing, f. fundande , utforfkning. 

t To FAG, V. A. fid, bafa,item aga barn, I'Erbera- 
RE (it cement ord) 

"""FAG-END, S. Ex. the fag-end of cloth, fiumpen 
eller fiufwen, EXTREMITAS. * The 
fag-end of the week, dnden pd weckan. 

FAGGOT, S. k/lippa, en bunt ris , bangar, FASCtS.K 

♦To FADE, Goth. FAD, defeclus. 

**To FADGE, M:Goth. FATHS , adminiflrator. A:Sax. 

FADJAN, ordinare. Isl. FE DG AR , familiariler unit't. 
* **FADOM, Goth. FADMUR , complexus , grtmium. 

FADMA, amplecii. 
♦""FAG-END, & FAGGOT. Sueth. TAGGOR , plicX, 

rccesfut intimi. FAGGA pi fig, fe onerare. 

Faggot-flick, en kipp utur fadin hunt. Fagjot-ftand, 
bandet om fadant. A Faggot-man, en fom fadant fdljer. 
CO" FAGGOT ( PORTIO CHALYBis ) en knippe fi-il- 
flengcr af 120 fnalpunds wigt. OS 1 * FAGGOT [miles 
SUPPLETORIVS) minflrings-knekt , blind foldat i rote. 

To FAGGOT one, V. A. binda en hinder och fitter, 
I'l kc IRE ( firdirifware - term ) 

To FAIGN, &c. Fid. To Feign. 

FAIL, S.brifi, fcl , defectvs. Ex. without fail , o- 
felbart , hel wisfi. 

To FAIL, V. S.fela, delinhuere. 05* To fail 
or fin through ignorance , mijfhandla af ouetenhet. To 
Fail in one's duty, efterfdtta fin pligt. To Fail of one's 
word or promife , brifia i ord och loften. CS" To FAIL 
(deficere ) tryta, mangla. The wine began to fail, 
winet bigynte tryta. (Xj* To FAIL ( COXTVRBARI ) 
fpela bankrut , komma af fig. 

To FAIL one, V. A. fwika en , frvstrari. Myheart 
fails me , modct faller fir mig. My ftrcngth fails me, 
kraftema forfalla. 0^" I Al a " fail you , du fkall intet 
hitia mig fom du tror. Failed , Imperf. Verbi. Fo Fail. 

FAILING, S. fcl, fwek , lapsvs, frustratio. To 
bear with one another's failings, undraga med hwars 
annars fwaghet. 

FAILURE , "S.brifi, mangel, bankrut, defectvs. Upon 
failure of which , / bri/l hwaraf, i tnnor hendelfe. 

♦FAIN, Adj.fSgen, lyfien , cupidvs. I was fain to 
do it, jag war glad at jag fick gjirat. Prov. HE HAS 
HIMSELF , den fern har ilaka grannar mafie frifa fig 

FAIN, Adv. or willingly, af hjertat, gcrna , libeh~ 
TER. I would fain travel , jag wille gerna refa. If 
I would never to fain, om jag wille aldrig Ja gernt. 

To FAIN, Vid. To Feign. 

♦•FAINT, Adj. matt,fwag, half-did, LANGV1DVS. 
C3* FAINT (LASSUS) trott. 05* FAINT «r flack, 
flak , kraftlis. CO" A Faint blue , blek - bid ferg. #3* 
Faint weather , tungt wdder. To burn faint and dim , 
brinna mirkt , dunkelt. Prov. PAINT HEART NEVER 
■WON FAIR LADY', blyger drcng friar fellan til wac 
ker piga. 

FAINT-HEARTED, Adj. hSpen, rSdd , bly g , fSrfagt, 
modfiulen, METICULOSI/S. Faint-heartedly, Adv. firm 
fa°dt, blygt. Faint-heartednefs , f. blyghet , rdddhet. 

To FAINT, V. N. blifwa wanmdgtig , h.fpna , ddna , 
aftaga , falla af , blifwa eftcrlaten och ofirmigen i fina. 
forrettningar. Fainted or fainted away, Adj. wanmSgtig, 
mastlos. Faintly, Adv. matt ,ftvagt , blygt , firfumligt. 

FAINTNESS, S. or w ^aknefs , fwaghet, matther, LANC- 
yor. Cj" Faintnefs of weather, ddf-heta. 

***FAIR, Adj. tick , fager , waeker ,fkon , pulcher. 
A Fair room , wickert rum. Fair weather , wackert 
wider. Fair words, fagra ord. Prov. FAIR WORDS 
BUTTER NO PARSNIPS, fagra ord fylla inter magen. 


*Fain, M:Goth , FAGIKON, gaudsre. Goth. & Anglo- 
Sax. FyEGIN, Ixtus.'lia. FAIGENt 
hilariter excipere. Sueth. fAgnA , delegare. 

••faint, Isl. fAne. Sueth. fAne , fatuus, a fa, 

"••fair, M.Goth, fagr, appofitus. Goth. fAgia, 

purparc. F^EIGR, FAGER, pulcher, venuflus. FA,- 
CrAdur, difenus. FEGRA, ornarc. 

F A I 

F A L 

anfikts dr half medgifi. * To be in a fair way, vara 
pd zod wdg at gjira lycka. 35* Fair or light hair , 
ljuji hdr. cc> A Fair or fpecious pretence , fkenbar 
firewendning. c5* Fair or clear water, JMarr wain. 
05* FAIR or reafonable terms, bdlig betingan. 35* 
fair (caxeidvs) upriktig , drlig. To play fair play, 
fpela drlig:. A Fair wind , god *.vind. To give one a 
fair hearing , hSra en gunftcliga. 35* A Fair or flat- 
tering tongue, lot, (mi ■■■' It tunga. Fair-fpoken, 35* To ufe Fair means, bruka goda maner. 
He took by foul means what was refufed him by fair, 
ban tog mcd onda hwad ban icke kunde fa* med goda, 
A Fair man , en man af ljus hy , item drlig. 05* To 
give one a Fair warning , fdga en drliga til. To give 
or.e a fair fall, Jla en omkuil utan forfdt. 35* Fair 
dealing , tro , drlighet. c5* I fliall be very fair with 
ye , jag will handla redeiiga mid edcr. 

FAIR , S. uackert , pvlchrvm. To joyn together the 
fair and the foul , foga ihop fult och wackert. Fairnefs, 
f. fkoihet , tdckkit , ljufl anf.kte och Ay, item upriktig- 
her, drbarhet. Vid. Adj. Fair. 

FAIR, Adv. waekert , wdl , pulchre. To write a thing 
fair , fkrifwa rent. To keep fair with one , holla god 
min med en. To ipeak fair tj one , ta'.a wdl wid en. 
To play fair, fpela rent. To drink fair, intet fwika 
i dryckom. To Hand fair for a great fortune , wara pd 
god wjg at gjS-a flor lycka. To put fair to be a great 
man, fta pa fprong at Hi en ftor man. Prov. FAIR 
AND SOFTLY GOES FAR, tolig och toglig marl 
trifs. Fair-conditioned, god-fint. 

FAIR , S. marknad, A'V.VDI.V.E. Prov. TO COME A 
komma ndr marknaden dr all. A Fair-day, marknads~ 
dig. A Fair-town, marknads-flad. 

t FAIRAND-man , S.flafkarl , iisdrifware, lifter karl, 
i'agasvxdus ( farande man ) 

FAIRIES, S. eifwor , Vid. Fairy. 

FAIRING, 5. marknads-gof'wj , xexivm. A bride's 
fairings , brude-prdl , jkrud. 

FAIRLY, Adv. rent, drligt , iircEXUE. To deal fairly 
with all men , handla drligt med hwar man. 
FAIRY, S. rd , tomtgubbe, gexivs. 35* The fairies 
of the water, Sjl-rdr, hafs-fruar , hafs-mojor. The 
Fairies of the hills , bergs -gitdinnor , bergs-rdr. Fairy- 
Circles , elf-danfar. 

FAISABLE, Vid. Fealible. 

FAITH, S. tro, SIDES. C5* FAITH (dOCTRI X a) td- 
ra. 35* FAITH (fidelitas ) drlighet , trohet. I have 
»ot faith enough to believe that , jag har icke ftark 
tro nog at tro del. I have no faith in the miracles, 
jag tror inga underwdrk. The Chriftian faith , den 
Chrilna iron. The public'*, faith , fides publica. 

FAITHFUL, Adj. trogen , 'ordhollen , pdlitelig , redlig , 
nous. A faithful fervant is a treafure , en trooea 
tjenare dr guld werd. (55* Faithful or conftant in 
love, trofa<likdrU\.rff The FAITHFUL (FIDELEs) 
f. de tro^na eller utwalda. Faithfully , Adv. troliga. 
Faithfulnefs, f. trohet. 

FAITHLESS, Adj. or unbelieving, wantrogen , du- 
Bll/S. 35* faithless ( pe rfidus ) otrogen , trolis. 
Faitlilefnefs , f. oirohet , trolSshet. 

*FAIRV ,Isl. FER uppa man, incubus. A:Sax. FERHT, 
genius. Goth. FIOR, vita. Sueth. BJIra , Ephialtis 

f FAITOR , S. rid. Vagabond. 

FALCHION", S. krok-fabel, sic a. 

EALCON, 6-c Vid. Faulcon. 

FALDAGE or fbldage, S. fri/iet at fdtta up fo'.lor fir 
far , Jbm frelfemanncn fordom tilwellade Jig pa alia 
fina bonders egor, inom ra och ror , faldagil tin. 

FALDSTOOL, S. enftolwid altarct, pa hwilken konua- 
garna i England falla pd knd wid kroningen. 

FALL, S. or falling , fall , lapsus. 35* fall or ruin, 
undergdng , (ham, nefa. He is dead of his fall, ha» 
dSdde af fallet. A fall of water, wain-fall. Since the 
fall of the Empire , efter rikets undergdng. The whole 
nation is grieved at his fall, hela nationen beklagar 
bans fall. Adam's fall, Adams fall. 05° FALL (men- 
sura geodETje) landmdiare-mdti af 'y.fot. rjj* The 
FALL (AVTUMXVs)hoflen, ISf- fallet. 05* FALL (fi.V- 
BRl.t MVLIEBRIS ) falbolan , pikering pd fruntimmers 
Udder. To get a (M, falla, fact fall. To give one a 
fall , fdUa , fid omkuil en. To wreftle a fall with one, 
brdtias med en , item disputtra* t£j* A fall or wood , 
fdltc (i jkog) Fall of ftars, Jljern-fkott. Downfall, 
undergdng. Pit-fall , fdlla, rdf-g'op. 

To FALL, V. N. falla , dimpa, Labi. To Fall one'* 
full heigkt, falla dnda ned. 35* To FALL (mukerk 
PRiyARl) afflttas , afdankas, fduas ifrdn tjenflen. 05* 
05* To FALL (yiLESCERE) falla (om werde) Rents 
of land and houfes fall, hus-hyror och arrenden falla. 
05* The waters fall , watnet aftager. 35* The fhip 
is fain to Gravefend, fkepet dr nedgdngit til Grave- 
fend. 05* To fall a doing of fomething , begynna at 
gjSra nogot. 05* To Fall a tree , Vid. To Fell. To 
fail a fighting, begynna at fidjj. * The motion fell, 
da blcf iniet mer deraf. No indecent expreffions ever 
fell from him, aldrig nogot ohSfwifkt ord kom ur ham 
mun. k To fall a ncte in mufick , taga en not l.lgre i 
tnufiken. 35" To Fall or to come to one's fliare , 
falia en til lott. C5* My horfe fell under me, min 
hefl (lupade under mig. "f" Fall back, fall edge, del gti 
gd hur del will , kofla hwad del will. To fall aileep , 
fomna in. 35* To FALL (fieri) blifwe. , warda. To 
fal lick, blifwa f)uk. To fall poor, warda fatlig.r£j* 
To fall a facrifice , blifwa upofrad. rr5* He let fall 
fome expreffions to her relations, hanfdlte nogra ord 
til hennes jldgt. 05* To let fall the deiire of a thing, 
lata fara f.n dtrd til nogot. 35* His fears fall upon 
him, del hanfruktar, wederfares honowi. To Fall-a-board, 
rufa til bords och dta fndle. Item fid, bafa en. 
To FALL away or :o fall ia one's tlefh falla bort, 
aftiga , magras. 05* To fall away from one's Religion, 
ajfclla ifrdn fin Idre. 35* To FALL DOWN, dimpa, 
falla ned. To fall down the flairs , falla utfSre trap- 
porna. To fall down at one's feet , falla enom til fat. 
We fell down with the tide , wi lupe ned med floden. 
35* To FALL IN love with one, blifwa kdr uti en. 
To fall in with one , fid fig til ens mening eller parti. 
Ale fell in with Cyprus, wi under in Cyprus. 
To fall in with the enemies , kemma til trdffhing. We 
fell in (at fea ) with two French men of war, wi 
trdffaie twd Franfka irlcgs-fkep. To fall in hand with 
a thing, flretaga nogot. To fall in . fjunka (om en 
byggning ) His cheeks fall in, bans kinder falla in. If 
any living falls in his gift, he has promifed to confer 
it upon me, om nogen Idgenhet blir if en , fom ban kan 
bortgifwa , (re. To fall in , infiemma. This circumftanca 
falls in with his depofition , dennaomfidndi^hetenfiem- 

F A L 

F A L 

mtr in med harts witnesmil. 05* To TAIL INTO one's 
hands , fall* i tat hinder. We fell into their Camp , 
wi filte in ' deras liger. To fall into a fweat , birja 
fwettas. To fall into foul weather, raka ut iilakt wi- 
der. To fall into a paflion , wredgas. To fall into a 
gallop, begynna at lipa jemfiia. To fall into a trade > 
begynna en Handel. 05" To FALL OFF , falla af. To 
fall off a horfe , falla af en heft. To fall off or quit a 
hulinefs , tfwergifwa en fak. o5* To FALL OUT , 
uifalla. He fell out at the window , han fill ut gtnom 
finflret. 05* To FALL OUT or come to pafs , henda, 
fke. It fell out unluckily, del hende fig olyckliga. It 
will fall out better than you expeil , det ISrer gibetrc 
in du tinker. To fellout with a friend , bryta af wen- 
fkap med en. They fell out mult grievoufly , de begyn- 
te en farlig owenjkap. Ct5* To FALL TO , to fall to 
it, birja, fireta^a nogot. To fall to work , ga til arbcts. 
My horfe Fell to capering, min he<i begynte gjira luft- 
fprong. 05* They fell to it, and eat heartily , de gre- 
po til och iio mid flor appetil. To fall to pieces , fal- 
la finder. j To frill to piece? , (la kull itgnen , falla i 
barnfeng. To fall to one's faare , uifalla, blifwa en 
til lott. To fall to one's bufi iefs , begynna fit arbete. 
try- To FALL VPOS , falta upp't , anfalla , antafla. I 
fell upon the table , jag fill pi bnrdet. They fell upon 
us delperately , de fSllo pi off htrdt , grcpo off flarkt 
an. He fell foul upon me, han ifwerfill mig. 05* To 
fall foul upon oriQ another, drifwa hwarandra om bord 
lorn jkep i en flrSm) It will fall heavy upon me, det 
ilir mig en fw'r latl. Tj* To fall irpon an expedient, 
hitta pi en uewig. c5* To FALL UNDER, faV a un- 
der. I fell under him, jag foil under honom. This falls 
under our confederation , wi hafwe dsrta at betrakta. 
To fall under a burden , f/unka under en birda. To fill 
under one's difpleafure , raka i ensogunft. 05" To fall 
under an acculation, blifwa befkvlt. 05* To FALL 
TOGETHER by the ears , raka hwarannan i h.'rct. 
05» To fall SHORT, bedraga fig. We fell Hurt of 
our expectations, wi blefwc bedragne i war wentan. 
We fell fllort of pro virions or our provifions fell fliort, 
wi komme til korta pi prowiant. Whatever I can fay 
for you, will fall fllort of your merit, alt hwad jag 
kan figa tit edert berim , ir fir litct. 

FALLACIOUS, Ad), fwikful , bedrigllg, liflig. A 
Fallacious exprelfion , fophiflifk exprcjfion , fnirjande 

FALLACY", 5. /wet, bedrig , lift. To put a fallacy 
upon one , (13 dunft for en , kon/ligt bedraga. 

FALLEN , Vid. Fain. Falling , /. fallande. A Falling- 
out , wenfkaps-brott. Falling, Adj. den fom faller. 
The Falling-ficknefs, fallaade-fjukan. 

FALLIBLE , Adj. fom kan fela , irra. Fallibility or 
falliblenefs , f. bigelfe til irring , fel. 

FALLOW, Adj. ljus-gul, favvs. 05" fallo'w 'i.v- 
cviTVS ) fom ligger i iride. A Fallow-field or fallow 
ground , trides-girde. 

FALN, Adj. fallen, lapsus. The price of corn is fain, 
pnfet pi fpanmilen ir fallit. Fain cheeks, infaljia 
kinder. , 

FALSE, Adj. falfc , falsvs. o5* false ( advl- 

TERATV<)'i-fa , 'T i ad.CC5' PALSE (f£»f 1DV s) \ bedrig- 
lig, trolSs. A falfe report, falfks rykte. A fa'fe wit- 
nefs , faf'kt what, A falfe coiner, falfk mvntare. A 
woman falfe to her husband, en awinnafom ir o'rogen 
emotfin man. o5* Falfe Latin , fkomakarc-latia. A Cilfe 

mutter, Hind karl i mSnficr - rullen. 05* A falfe im- 
prifonment, ofkiltg arrefi. Falfe claim, oretimitig for- 
dran. A falfe bray , man-wSrk. Falfe-hearted , falfk , 

FALSE, Adv. faljkeliga. To fpeak falfe , tala ofant.rry- 
To fwear falfe , fwSrja ofant. 05* To play falfe ,fpt- 
la orett. Falfely, Adv. bsdrigtiga. 

FALSHCJOD. S. or Falfity, falfkhet , ISgn , perfidia, 
fraus. Falfenefs , /. falfkhet. 'Tis a palpable falfhood, 
det ir upenbar logn. 

To FALSIFY, V. A. firfalfka, corrvmpere. Ta 
fallify a wilting, begi crimen falfi, mi'Jbruka annars namn 
och jkrifier. fj!/" To fallify wares , fSrfalfka waror. C£j* 
To falfify a thruil, gjSra enfaljkfiSt (ifiktandc) 05" T» 
FAtSiF r {conFUTaRE) wederligga , bewifa faljkheten 
af en fkrift. 

FALSIFV'D, Adj. fSrfalikad , advlteratvs. Falfi- 
fiahle , Adi. fom kan jn'rfaljkas. Fallifier , /. fSrfal- 
fkare. Falfifying or Fallifkation , f. forfalfkande. 

To FALTER, Vid. To Faulter. 

*To FAMBLE in one's fpeech, V. N. ftapla , fiamma , 
bedraga fig , ledfna , fela i utfSrande a f fin a wirk. 05* 
To FAMBLE ( TEROIvers ari) fwinka, lifiigt firiiga, 
icke wil)a ut med fanningen. 

FAME, S. rykte, fama. 05" FAME o r reputation. 
ryktbarhet , ftort namn. To get a fama, fa fiort namn. 

FAMILIAR, Adj. bekant , wenlig , hemmelig , fortrclig, 
Spen-hjcrtisr. He is a very familiar man , han ir en gan- 
fka wenlig karl. To make one's felf familiar , gjora 
fig fSrtrollg med en. To grow too familiar, blifwa alt- 
fir bekant. Ok/* FAMILIAR or common, gemen. 05* 
FAMILIAR (appositvs ) lilt, naturlig. 

FAMILIAR, S. hus-gud, tomt-ra , EAR. 

FAMILIARITY ,S. wenlighet , fortrolighct , bekantfkap. 
TEMPT , fir flor bekantfkap fidcr /Sraki, 05*" Fami- 
liarity between Pen'ons of the two fexes, /"<5,-- 
mycken bekantfkap f olofiig kdrleks^kdndel emellan man 
och qwinna. 

FAMILIARLY, Adv. bekant, wcnliga , firtroliga , I a- 
MILIariter. 05* To write familiarly , firifwa rent* 
tydcligt och otwungit. 

To FAMILIARIZE , V. A. werfwa fg kunfkap , gjira 

fig hemma i faker. 0-5" To FAMILIARIZE (FAM1- 
LIAR1TER COWERS ARl) ftilla fig fSrtrolig , item 
winna en annars firtroende, 
FAMILY, S. bus, w'.ardnad , hushoU, httsfolk , hwardags* 
folk, famiiia. I dine at home with my Family, 
jag 1'pijar hemma med mil folk. Cl5" F A.MILY or lineage, 
fiam-hus , Stt , hirkomfl. The Royal family, kongligt 
hufct. He is of a good family, han ir af wackert folk. 
05* The family of love , Jit kallas Nicolai af Amfler- 
dam efterfiljarc , fwermare, font upkommo dr if to. Fa- 
milift, en fom fig dertil holler. 
FAMINE, S. hunger , trongmil, dyr tid,o-ar, FAMES* 
To FAMISH, V. A. uthungra , atfwelta , fame EIVE- 
CARE. Ex. To Famiui i town , uthungra' en fiad. 05* 
To FAMISH , V. N. ( FAME TERIRE ) fwelta ihjil. 
I am ready to famifli , jag ir uthungrad. 


qui nihil narrart novu. Das. K AMBER , cui liagya fxpe 



FAMISHED, Adj. uthungrad , fwulten, £MARCIDVS.Ta- 

milhing , f. fweltande. Famifhment , f. hunger. 
FAMOUS, Adj. ryktbar , namnkunnig , berimd , fSr- 

trdffciig , clarvs. A famous writer , en namnkunnig 

Scribent. A famoas Inn,cr bekant herberge. Famoufly. 

Adr. f&rtrdjfcliga , beromliga. Famoulnefs , f. namn- 

FAN, S., fljkta, folfjdder , kafl-raka , VENTI- 

iabri/m. To cool one's face with atari, fwalkaan- 
fikiet med /ol - fjdder. T« winnow corn with a fan, 

wanna fdd med wanna. 
la FAN, V. A. or winnow, wanna , fidkta, fENTl- 


FANATICAL or Fanaticfc, AJj.fwermagtig. Fanatkifm, 
f. fwtrmeri. Fanatick , /. fwermare. 

FANCY , S. inbildnings-kraft , fantafi , IUAGINATIO. 
(O* FANCY (jfOTJo) tanke, hugfdlle. 05" FANCT 
(//C.Vf vrfM CEREBRI) narragiig inbildning, gril- 
Itr , capris. 03* FANCY ( INGENIVM ) faille , p3- 
funds-gofwa. CO* F ANCY ( IN rENTUM ) pdfund. (O* 
FANCY ( CVT1DO ) luji , begSrelfe til nogot , tycke. 
To have a quick fancy , htfwa en /hell imagina- 
tion , inbil-nings -kraft. 'Tis but a meer fancy , del 
dr intei anna: dn inbildning. To live according to one's 
•wn fancy, Itfwa efter fit egit hufwud. I had a fancy 
to go thither, jag tykte jag hade lufl at gd dit. To 
take a fancy to a thing, fatta tycke til nogot. His 
fcncy lies extremely for travelling, han har (lor lufl 
*t rcfa. If he takes a fancy to you, your bufinefs is 
done , on han f attar tycke til dig ,fd dr dinlycka gjord. 
g^* His cloaths are extreme rich and of the bed fancy, 
bans kldder dro ganfka rika och i beifla fmak. Fanciful, 
Adj. grilrig, jelfam. Fancifulnefs , /. felfamhct , grill- 

To FANCY, V. N. inbilda pg, imacinari. CO* To 
FANCY (DELECTARI Ahiouo) finna noge uti , tycka 
om , hugfdllas at- He fancies himfelf a great man , han 
tror han dr ftor man. That's the thing I fancy, det 
ir hwad jag dlfkar. I fancy her above all other woman, 
jag tycker om henne fram for alia ar.dra qwinnor. CO* 
I fancy you are in the wrong, jag tror da har orett. 
Fancy'd , Adj. inbildad , omtyckt. 

*FANE , S. fiSgd, wdderwifare, TRITON. (O* FANE 
(templum) tempel. 

FANG, S. klo , ran, unguis. (O* fangs »r fore- 
teeth , fram-tSnder. 

**To FANG, V. A. fdnga, grip a , PREHENDEEE. 
Fanged , Adj. bewdpnad 'obrukligt ) 

FANGLED, Adj. £x. New-fangled, ny/J pdfunncn, nyba- 
kad, recess. Fangles, /. New-fangles, ny a fa- 
ker , nya Idror. 

FANGOT, S. en packe Lewanti/ka waror af too til jot 
Centners wigt , FAS CIS. 

FANION , S. en liten fana , fom bdres framftr trofen , 

FANNEL, S. flits eller upwek, font prefler under me/fan 
bdra p3 wenflra armen , ORN AMENTUM MANIC ALE. 

FANTASM or Phantom , S. fpSke, fyn, spectrum. 0O* 
FANTaSM (figmentvm ) grundlts tanke, luft-flolt. 

FANTASTICAL or Fantaftick, Ad\. jantaflifk , felfam. 
fan atjcvs. A fantaftical fellow, en fantafl. Fan- 
taftica'Iv . Adv. fantaftila, felfamt. Fantafticalnefs or 
Fantafticknefs , f. fetfamher i finne. 

*FANE , Temphm, M.Goth. FAN, Dominus. 
* favo , Goth. FANG , captura. M.'Goth. fahan, 

FANTASY , S. or Fancy , Inbildning, phantasij. 

FAR, Adj. ordiftant , fjerran, wida afldgfen , longt borta, 
remotus. To travel into far countries , re/a i fjerran 
land. o5*FAR or late(i ervs) fen. Ex. It is farinthe 
day, det dr Jent pd dagen. 

*FAR , Adv. fjerran, wida, longt bort , PRoevt. That's 
very far, det dr ganfka longt bort, longt fin ^kos. Fat 
from fea , longt tfrdn hafwet. Far from home , longt 
hem i/rdn. As far as , fd longt fom- This is far 
better , delta dr longt betre. By far , wida wegnar. 
Far diftant , longt afldgfen. How far is it thither ? 
hur longt dr det dit? This way is not fo far about 
by a great deal , denna wdgen dr icke fa longt om- 
kring. So far as is poilible , fd wida mSgligt dr. S» 
far as I can guefs, fd wida jag kan gi/Ja. As far as I 
fee , fd mycket jag kan fe. As far as I hear , fa wida 
jag fSrnimmer. CO" Far be it rrom me, longt ware det 
frdn mig. This came as far as from the Indies, del- 
ta dr kommit fd longwdga fom frdn Indien. It fell 
out far otherwife , det hende fig longt amnorlcdes. 
C@* Far and near or far and wide, ndr och fjer. 
cCr" Do you know how far he will fpeak, wet 
du huru wida hans discurs Idrer gd. 05* Thus far we 
agree together, fd wida dre wi enfe. CS=* Thus far 
of thefe things, fd mycket om delta. Farfought, rot- 
faren, longwdgad. A far fetched commodity , en wars 
longt ifrdn kommen. * A far— fetched difcourfe , longt 
ifrdn tagen discurs. A far-fetched expresfion , til faken 
icke hSrande orde-fdtl. 

* "FARCE, S. gyckle-fpel , putferi , nachfpel. &c. mimi. 
05* FARC! ( FARRAGO ) pSlfa , korf, mifch-mafch. 
Farced , Adj. or fluffed , fyld, fioppad. 

FARCY or Farcin, S. far och fwulnad under buken, fom 
heftar fd af fdnk bctes-mark , PET1MEN. 

FARDEL, S. en knippa , bundt, liten packe, SASCINA' 
A fardel of land, en fjcrdedel af et Yard-Land. 

FARDING, Vid. Farthing. 

FARDINGALE, S. walk, korl flyf-kjortel , C1NCT1- 


FAR DING-DEAL, S. fjcrdedels tunland, fjer dings-land, 


FARE, S. kofl , fpisning , r ictus. A good or flendef 
fare , god eller f!dt kofl. A bill of fare , anrettnings- 
lifla. To be reduced to hard fare , nSdgas at lefwtt 
hdrdt. CO* FARE {PHARUs) fyrbdk, wdrd-kafe. CO* 
FARE ( PORTORIVM ) for-l'n fom gifwes rodare och 
hyr-ku/kar. To pay the waterman his (are, betala ro- 
dare-pengar. CO* FARE (i'Ecti) folk fom blifwa rod- 
de eller kSrde. A waterman that has got never a fare, 
en rodare fom intet fdtt handsol. 

To FARE, V. N.fara ilia eller wdl, vivzRZ. To fare 
delicioufly, lefwa krdsliga. He (ares very ill or very 
hard , han lefwer rett hdrdt. rff To FARE (fALERE) 
md,wara wid helfa eller ohelfa. How fare you or how da, 
ye ? hur fldr til med dig ? Fare you well , farwdl med 
eder. CO" To fare better than another, wara i betre 
tilfldnd dn en annan. CO* It fared with him as with 
me , det gick honom fom mig. CO* It fares with plea- 

fures , as det gdr med rolig'xeter , fom 


"FAR, M.Goth. FAIRRA, A:Sax. FEOR, FTRR, prt>- 
cul. Isl. fAr, FYRR, remotias. a FARA , ebire , 

**FAECE , Isl. FERGAN, gcfiicuUtio, FAS.geflt*. 


FAREWELL. Adv. farwdl , vale. e5* fareweii ,- 

f. afked, farwdl. To bid one farewell, bjuda en farwdl, 
\aga afjked af en. <r> This wine has a fed ferewe 
with it, Ai« win" W «n dak efitr-fmak. tareuell 

the laws it" uV' 4r u<« msrf /<i?<:n am man tcke 

FARM. S. bond-gird, htmman , afwtlsgard ,VRJEDIUM, 

VILLA. CO* FARM ( CONDVCTIO) Itga, artnde. 
To FARM. Vm A. or to take .to farm, Itga, arrendcra, 
fKJEDivtA cosducere. To farm the king's revenues, 
arrendcra kron-rtntorna. C^To FARM Out, give to farm 
or to farmlet ( ELOCARt) utlcga , arrtndcra tort, 
firpakta. . 

FARMED, Adj. arrendtrad , cokdvctVS. Farmed out, 
tnarrenderad. , 

FAR MER , S. bondt , arrtndator , cotoyus. A farmer s 

wife, bond-huflru. Farmerly , Adj. bondagtig. 
FARR , Aid. Far. 
FARRIER. S. (fliooer of horfes ) hof-f.agare , ierra- 

•FARROW, S.gris, pORCELLVS. Afow with farrow, 

en gris -dlstr fu 
To FARROW or to bring forth pigs, V. N.grifa, PORCEL- 
IOS paRERE. The low has farrowed, J'uggan kar giijat, 
FaRSANG, S. en Ptrf.jk mil, parasamga. 
FARSE, Vid. Farce. 
t FARSET ,5. ki/la, Idda, cist a. 
FART, S.fjtrl,fs, CREPITUS vextri*. 
To FART, V. N. or let a fart ,fjtrta , pedere. Fart- 
er , f. fjtrtare. A (linking farter , en fisbulter. 
To FARTHEI. , V. A. Ex. To tartrrel 1 fail , Stfia ei 


FARTHER, Vid. Further Farthed , Vid. Furtherf. 
FARTHING, S. halftire, fitrdidtterijxf ehfiyfwer , Js- 

sis. A bral's farthing, koppar-halfSre. He has not 

left me a farthing , ban haricke lemnat mig en halfSrt. 

Farthing - - fattin , fmala filkesband. 05* A farthing-deal 

of land , f/trdedtis tunland. 
FARUNDEL of land, Vid. Farthing- deri. 
FASCIA, S. en rad ftenar utan pi en byggning at ut- 

wifa afdtlningen , abacus, oj* fascia or Swathe , 

feld/kdrs-bindtt. Fafcicular, Adj. dertdhorig. 
To FASCINATE, V. A. firkjufa , firtrolU.- Fafcinafc. 

ed, Adj. forkjuft. Fafcination , f.- firkjusning. 
FASCINES, S. risknippor, fajkiner {fortif. term.) 
''FASHION , S. wis, fdtt . modus. In this fafhion , 

pa det'J wifct. CO* FASHION ( COSSU ETUDO ) bruk , 
mantr , fcdwane. This is our fafnion, fa dr wart ma~ 
ner. CCJ* FASHION ( DECORUM) mode. New fufhion, 
n\ti mode. A new fafliion init of clothes, nymodig 
ktddning. After the French fafhion , <r/t<;r franfka mo- 
del. To follow the fafliions , rata fig efter model. 'Tis 
quite out of faijiion , del dr al deles ur model. (£> FA- 
SHION (ficura) geflalt, anfeend: , Jkapnad. Cj* 
fashion (dicsitas) heder , werdlghei. People of 
fafliion, people of good fafhion, anfenligt,' hederligi 
folk. rCf FASHION, Vid. Far. in. 

To FASHION, V. A.fKapa, form are. 

FASHIONABLE, Adj. nymodig, pet mode , DECORUS. A 

'fUROW , Sueth. FARRE , verrts. Smol-Sueth. 

F.iRRJA , por cellos par ere. 
**FASHION, Sueth. ol. FANSUV, modus, ab aniiquo 

FANS veil ANT ,forma rei,unde hodiernum OFANTE- 

W G , immenfus , informu. 


FaflVionible fiut of clothe* , kUUnmg pet mod!. A 
Fafllionable man, en fom hfwer eficr model , en htderltg 
man. Fafluonably , Adv. pet mode. 
IASHIONED, Adj. fkapad, formerad , FORM ATI'S. 
The youth is well fafiioned, ynglingen bar en wacktr 
fkapnad. , , 

FASHIONER, S. Ex. f The king's fafliioner or taylor. 
konungens fkriddare. A Fafliionift , /. or faflnon- 
monser, en jam gjS> nja moden. 
*FAST, Adj.faft, tJt, tixus. oS* fast (cirus) 
tehdndig, fntll, fnabb , gefwind. aj" FAST(fi*ai^) 
orSrlig* Hadig. tt^ FAST ( CLAUSUS) lyckt , "Iflutcn. 
Fad knot, hard knut. A Faft writer, en fnabb fkrtf- 
ware. It is fad, del Sr tilfiutit. Is the door faft ? dr 
dorcn flitter. ? _ , ■ 

FAST, Adv. faft, firmiter. Tie it foft, bind del faft. 
To hold faft, holla fall. 05= FAST {mvltum) ftarkl, 
faft mycket. To boil fad, koka ftarh. a> FAST or 
fwiftly, gefwindt. Don't write fo faft, fkrif icke ft 
fort. I'll do it, as faft as 1 can .jjgjkall gjSrat, fc\ fort 
fom jag km. To ftand faft , wara faft fldndande. 
(X5» To ftick faft , henga wld. OS* He is faft afleep ,• 
han ir i en djup fSmn. 0$* To play faft and loofe , o- 
redeliga umget. * Some men make nothing of playing- 
faft and loofe with oaths , fomt folk aktar menederi 
'wen ting. 55* A hold-faft in a wall , ankart i en 
mur. 05* I ran away as faft as I could , jag lopp bort 
fa fort Jom jag kunde. 
*'*FAST, S.fafta, jejuXiu.m. To keep a faft, holla 
fa/la. To break one's faft, frukofiera. dj" FAST 
(PRYMKES1VM ) fJJla pet en bat tiler fkep. 
To FAST, V. N. fa/la, JEJUKARE. OS* To FAST (r£- 
cipiscERe) gjSra bot och betring, bekctnna oeh afbed- 
ja fida fyndcr. CO* To faft one's fell', V. P.. to death,- 
fafla jii ihjSl. To faft away a difeafe, fafta bort en 
To FASTEN, V. A. fa ft a , hJfta, ligare. To faften' 
a th ng with a nail, f.iffa medfpik. tfy" To faften a 
ftake in the ground, Jia'ie ijorden. 0^ To faften 
Cramp-irons, 6.-. with lead , fmeltably, omkring kramp-* 
jern , &c. Cf5* To faften one's eyes upon a thing, 
fffta oj:oncn pa ncgoi. (J?" To faften a door orto make' 
it faft," tillycka en dSr. 03» To fa!':en UPON a thing, 
(preh ekdere) hfgga hand pa nogot. C5* To faften 3 
crime upon one, tiUSgga en I.ift,be(kylla. Cfjr" To 
faften an obligation upon one, gjora en fig forpligtad. 
C5* To faften an advice upon one, rada en , gifwt 
To FASTEN, V. N. f.iJaf.g, flrblifwa pa en ort,sE~ 
dew figere. Fafbned , Aij. fSJl (re. Faftening , /. 
fd'l 'an de. 
FASTER, S. en fom faflar. OS* FASTER, comparai. 

of Faft. 
FASTIDIOUS , Adj. en fom for aktar andra , hogmodig , 
item ofmaklig , wtderwerdig. Faftidioufly, Adv. pa fir- 
dktlizt wis. 
FASTING, S. faftandt, SEJUN1UM. Fafting-day , fafle- 
dag. 05 s - FASTING (plexus) fSrfdkran. Fafting- 
men , giflan. 
FASTING, Adv. pet nykter maec , SINE C1SO. To go 
out fading , ga ui faftande. Faftly , Adv. Vid. Faft. 


*FAST, M:Gorh. FASTAN, fervarc , 

fastr . firmus. 
**FAST,M:Goth. fastan, Sveo-Goth 




. F AST A, jejji- 


F A U 

FASTNED, Vid. Fattened. 

FASTNESS, S. fajlhet , firmitas. rry- fastness or 
ftrong hold , fdflning. Item en ortfom man icke kan kom~ 
jij sd fir omliggande moras, cj" FASTNESS (>'£io- 
citas) wighet , fnabhei , haflighit. 

FASTNING , Vid. Fattening. 

•FAT , Adj.fet , kroppig , diger ,?ikcvis. A fatwoman, 
el fat qwinfelk. To make fat, g.Srafet. 0$* Fat-guts, 
fd karl, ifier-buk. CS* FAT (cOPIOSVS) frodig, ym- 
nig. C5* A Fat living, fit ISgcnhet. 

FAT, S. fetma , frodighet , tixgvedo. 7 If I don't do- 
it , ali the fat will be in the tire, om jag intei gjor 
dct fa blir el farligt vi&fcnde af. 05* FAT , Adv. felt. 
Ex. Fat ted , gSdd. 

FAT, S. fat, kolfat , vas. 

FATAL , Adj. fatal, farlig, dodlig. 0$" The fatal filters, 
dSd-och ides-gudinnorna. Fata lift . f. en fom tror alt 
henda af ode. Ex. Hom:r was lb great a fatalift, as not 
fo much as to name the word Fortune in all his works. 
Humerus hade fa flark tro om Sde! , at han ald'ig fa 
myckel fom n&mt del ordet lycka i alia fina w.i'k. Fa- 
tality, /. odnalag, fkickelfe. Fatally, Adv. genom ode, 

FAtE, S. or deftiny, S dt , fkickelfe , fatl/m. rpy The 
Fates or fatal filters, nornor , nalkyfiar , PARCX. 
Fated, Adj. befiemd. 

•'FATHER, S. fader, pater. oS* fatheX(jiw* 
VEKERAXDUS ) danr.eman , gammal , hederlig karl. 0^" 
FATHER ( PATROXL's) gynnart ', fo'fwarare , fom bAr 

, faderlig omwardnad. Prov. TO TEACH ONE'S FA- 
THER TO GET CHILDREN, eggst mil ISra bSnan 
werpa. Prov. SUCH A FATHER SUCH A SON, Splet 
icke loagt fran trdt. K/* The fathers of the church, 


Fathers-fide, fSdcrnc. Father-confefTor , hikt- fader 
God -father, gud- fader. Fofter- father, fofler-fader. 
Gran'! - father , far -fader. Our fore-fathers, wdra 
firfddcr. Father-like , faderlig. Father-in-law , fwctr- 

^o F-VTHER, V. A. or to own , antaga for fon , ad- 
opt .ire. He was willing to father that child , han 
war icke obenlgen xtblifwabarnfader.c£f To FATHER 
( PATROCINARl ) Idgga fig ut fore , forfwara , dtaga 
fig en annans wd r k fom -wore del ens eget. c5* To 
Father a thing UPON one, lilegna enom nogot. He 
fathered his crime upon me , han lade jinfkuld pa mig. 
C5» She fathers her child upon another man, Hon be- 
kSnner pa en annan. 

FATHERLY, Adj. faderlig , tatersvs. Ex. Fatherly 
care, faderlig imforg. Fatherly, Adv.) faderliga. 
Fa:' erlinefs , f. fadzrlighet. Fatherlefs, Adj. }a~ 

FATHOM, Vid. Fadom. 

FATIDICAL , Adj.fpdendc, fSrutfJgande.' 

To FATIGATE, V. A. trltta, maita, moda , E ATI CA- 
KE. Fatigated or tired, mSdd , mattad , irittad , matt. 
Fatigable , ultrSitelig. 

*FAT , IsT. FEITR , pihgvis. a fAda, alcre, pifccrc. 
''FATHER , MrGofh. FADREI.V, parentes, familia,con- 

venttmibus omnibus Dial.Scyiho-ScanA. a FC,T> h.parert; 

vel. (i mavis, a FADA, A:Sax. FADIAS, ordinare, unde. 

M-;Goth. FATHS, adminijlrator ,Jummus in officio. 

FATIGUE, S. mtla, arbete, trttthet, patigatIo. The' 
fatigues of a long voyage , befwdret af en long refa. 

FATTED or Fattened, Adj. gSdd, saginatvs. To 
kill the fatted calf, (lagta gSde-kalfven. 

To FATTEN, V. A. goda, sagikare. To fatten 
cattle, goda bojkap. 0&* To FATTEN, V. N.(cRAS- 
sescere ) fetna, tjockna. Fattening, f. gSdande, 
Fatty , Adj. fet, oljagtig. F'atnefs , f.fetma , frodighet. 

FAUCET, S. tapp, siPHoy. Spigot and Faucet , twi- 

FAUCHION, Vid. Falchion. 

FAUGH, /i/, fy> Jnterj. indign. EHEV. 

FAULCON , S. pag-hok , ACCIPIT^R MATOR. C3 3 
FAUICON (TORMLST. BELL.) falkonet 'i artillcrie} 
Faulconer or Faulkner, f.falkoner, font jagar medfalk. 
Faulconry,/^ or hawking, falk-jagt. 

FAULT, S.fel, brott , CULPA. Ctj* FACET (ERROJi) 
wilfarelfe , irring. A fault of the printer, tryckfel. 
'Tis your fault , you are in the fault , del dr din 
fkuld. OS* It fhan't be rriy fault, if you are not con- 
tented , det fkal icke wara mi n fkuld, om du ifl mijfnagd. 
You bear him z grudge only becaufe he tells you of 
your faults , da hatar honom bara fir det han f'ger 
dig dina fel. To find fault , tadla , befirajfa. To be at 
a fault in hunting, lappa fparet. A Fault-finder, 

To FAULT, V. A. hSkla, tadla, tala pX, carperz. 
Ex. If you fault any thing, om du talar pa nogot. 

To FAULTER, V. N.fiamma, balbvtire. c3=- To 
FAUE.TER in one's legs ( titvbare ) ragla, flapla. 
ftS* To FAULTER or fall in one's defign , mijflyckas. 
(X5* To faulier in one's anfwers, fSnala fig, wafa 
tweialig. CXS" To FAULTER or to miftake , irra. C5* 
To FAULTER or to' give over, uphSra ,upgifwa. To 
Faulter (as threfters) irofkaandra gangen pa laget. 

FAULTERING;, Adj. (lammande, fiaplandt , felande, 
balbutiens, titvbas s. Faultering, f.fd, felan- 
de , ftaplande. The faultering of the fenfes , finnens 
fel. Faiilteringly , Adv. Ex. He fpeaks faulteringly , 
han ftamma r . 

FAULTY, Adj.faier, brctslig , fkyldig til, OBKOX1- 
VS. He is never faulty, han bar aldrig fk-ild. C5* 
FAULTY ' vitiosVs) full a f fel, ilia lytter. Faaltinefs, 
f. felagtightt. Faultlefs , Adj. ofiraflig, den mane} har 
nogot med fail at fdga pa. -f Faultily, Adv.fulltmedfeh 

FAUN, V'ld. To Fawn. To Faun, Vid. To Fawn. 

FAVOUR, S. gunfl, ynnefl, wenflycke, FA'-'OR. CS" 
FAVOUR ( STVD1UM ) tilgifweihet , beivdgenhet. CS" 
FAVOUR {SUBSLDIUM ) h&gria'd, under'ioi, hjelp , bi- 
ftand. rff' FA VOUR( LEMNISCUS ) bandros , fom wid 
br&llop 6-c. (kdnkes-C-y- FAVOUR {FACIEI habitus) 
min , anfeende, anjlktes :• • ■ 


To do one a favour , gjSra enom en tjenfl. I fhall take 
it as a great favour , jag (kail holla del fSr en fior 
gunfi. To get the laft favours from his miftrefs, njuta, 
yterfia gunjicn af fin kdrefia. Pray , Sir, give me the 
favour of your name , war fix god och fig mig edert 
namn. I am in his favour , I am in favour with him , 
jag har bans gunfi. To curry favour -with one , to 
creep or get into his favour , f.Slla fig in hos en. Bv 
the favour of the wind or of the night, medelfl nat- 
ten cller windens tilhjelp. Ofr* By yourfavour or leave, 
med edert tof. To wear a favour, bira faworer, -uen- 
S f Jkof 

F A V 

F E A 

fkaps-tekn. With or under your favour , it is notlo, 
vforgripeligen , del ir ickc (3. With favour of the an- 
cients , de gamlasheder ofirkrinkt. OO* To appear in 
favour of an opinion , holla med en mening. The Gods 
have a favour for Ui, Gudarna iro ojj benigna. C3* 
To fpeak in favour or in the favour of one , tali til 
em bet/la. 

To FAVOUR ,'V. A. gynna, wara enom gunftig , tA- 
vere. C5" To favour (assistere) bijtS , hjelpa, 
fii pi ens fida. ffr - To favour (assimilare) »«- 
ra lik en. CO* To F A VOUR (coKKirERE) holla med, 
rida til en annart mijjgjerning. 

You favour him too much , / Sren konom alt fir gun/Jig. 
Favour me with your advice , unnen mig edert rid. 
To favour an opinion , holla med en mening. He fa- 
vours his father, he is [like him , han Sr lik, liknar 
fin fader. Cfif 1 Favour me with that , gjor mig den gun- 
fien. fX/* To favour a difeafe > ruga en f/ukdom. 

FAVOURABLE, Adj. gunjlig , tUgifwen, hew 'gen, god. 
<j5» FAVOURABLE (s icvn Dus) heforderlig , hjelpfam. 
A favourable wind , en god wind. A favourable op- 
portunity , god ISgenhet. Favourablenefs , /". gunflig- 
het, godhet. Favourably, Adv. or kindly, gunfieliga , 
hSfiiea , wenliga. 

FAVOURED, Adj. gynnad , den fom gunfl bewifes.rff 
FAVOURED or Countenanced, hulpen, undcrflSdd.rtj* 
Well-favoured , wacker , tf godt anfeende. She is a 
well-favour'd woman, hon Sr el wackert, behagligt 
awtnfolk. CfS* Ill-favoured , ful , obehaglig. Well-fa- 
vouredly , Adv. wackert , angenSmt. Ill-favouredly , 
full , ledt. Favourer , /". gynnare , gynnarinna. 

FAVORITE, S. gunflling , clieks. 

FAUSEN , S. fior 31, ANGV1J.LA MAJOR. 

FAUST1TY, S. godlycka, wSlgang (aflatinen) I wifll you 
length and fauftity ofdays , jag 5nJ"kar edermonga goda 

FACTOR, 5. gynnare, patron, hSgnare, befordrare. 

FAWCET , Vid. Faucet. 

FAWN, S. dogghjort, hjort i forfla 3ret , CERWLUS. 
To Fawn, V. A. kalfwa (om hjortar) i 

To FAWN upon one , V. N. fmikra, fmilamed en,ftSl- 
la fig efter ent finne , ADVIAR1. Fawned upon, Adj. 
fmikrad med. Fawning or flattery , fmikran. Fawning, 
Adj. fmikrande, A Fawning man , en fmikrande man. 

FAX , S. hSr , cri.vis ( Ohfol. utom i wifja tilnamn , 
fSfom Fairfax (fc. ) 

DfFAY, S. Ex. By my fay, pi min ira. 

FAYTOR, Vid. Faitor. 

■f To FEAG one, V. A. hafa en, verrerare. 

•*To FEAL, V. A. hllja, gima , beticka, OCULTA- 

RE (Ohfol.) 

FEALTY, S. fruktan , bifwan , rSddkoga , TIMOR. T» 
be in fear, fla i fruktan. A panick fear , beflirtning, ha- 
fiig riddhoga , fkrSmfcl. To ftand in fear of one ,fruk- 
ta fig fir en. To put one into I great fear ,injaga /lor 
(krSck hes en. There's fear , man har at frukta. There's 
no fear of war yet , det ir intet krig at frukta innu. 
For fear , Adv. or left , af fruktan at. 

*»*To FEAR , V. N. frukta, ridas , befara, timere. 

"fax, Tsl. fax, Juki. Edd. TAXE ,/ubatus , item No- 

m;n Viri. Torft. Wik. Saga. 
•*To FEAL , MtGoth. F1LHAN. Sueth. tlim FALA , 

"•"To FEAR, M:Goth. FAURHTAN, timere. Isl. FAR, 

triflu. a Sueth. fara , pcriculum. 

He fears neither God nor Devil , han rides hwarktn 
QUD eller bin onde. 1 fear, it is too true, jag fruk- 
ter det ir alt fir fant. The phyfician fears his life , 
likaren hSr fara om hans lif. c5* To FEAR (dubi- 
tare) twifia. I don't fear but that he will come, 
jag twiflar icke at han wil kemma. Cf3* T« FEAR, V. 
A. (terr£R£) Jkrima. 

FEARED, Adj. or had in fear ,fruktad , reformida- 
tvs. To make himfelf to be feared, gjora fig fruktad- 
05* FEARED or made afraid , fkrSmd. 

FEARFUL , Adj. rddd ,JSrfagd , timidvs. 0$* fea r- 
FUL (TERRIBILls ) grSfelig , forfhickclig , grym. 
A fearful fight , grymt fpedakel. To have a Fearful 
look , fe grymt ut. 

FEARFUL , (Adverhialiter) grymmeliga , TAIDE. She 
is fearful ugly , hon ir grymt ful. 

FEARFULLY, Adv. or dreadfully , grymmeliga, H0K~ 
ride. (J^* To look fearfully , fe grymt ut-C^r" FEAR- 
FULLY or cowardly , klenmodigt. Fearfulnefs, f. ridd- 
hoga , klenmodighet. 

FEARLESS, Adj.oridd, »f$rJagd,ef$rJkrSckt , JXTSE- 
tidus. Fearlelnefs , /. modighet. Fcirlefly , Adv. •- 

FEASIBLE, Adj. ( wich may be done ) mSglig , iiklig, 
gjirliq , possibilis. Fcafiblenefs , f. likhet , m'gclig- 
het, gjorlighet. I don't queftion in the leaft the feali'ale- 
nefs of the thing, jag twiflar icke det ringajle pi 
gjirlighcten af faken. 

FEAST, S. Jlor maltiJ , prSktig an<-ettning , collats , 
gSflcbiid , coNVivivu. To keep a feaft upon one's 
birth-day , holla collats pa Jin fidelfe-dag. Prov. 
ir 13 godt fom et gi/lebud. CT> FEAST (DIES TESTVS, 
fejl, higiidsdag. The feaft of Chrift's nativity, Juli- 
kigtidcn. Snull-feaft , talrik-flickare , fmarotfare. 

To FEAST , V. A. traktera, wilpliga , fdgna en , cott- 
vivio excipere. To feaft one fplendidly , traktera 
en herhga. 03* To FEAST, V. N. (epvlari) gajle- 
rera , fnja , lefwa krisliga. He feafts every day , han 
lefwer i dagligt fus. OS"" To feaft like an Emperor, 
traktera , eller bli trakterad fom en Prins, Jliteliga. 

FEASTED , Adj. trakterad, coyrtrio EXCEPTUS. We 
were highly feafted , wi blcfwe flateliga' trakurade. 
Feafter, /. den fom irakterar eller gar tilgifl. Feafting , 
f. fut och dus , traktering, wilpligning. To love feaft- 
ing , tycka om trakterandc. 

tFEASTING-PENNY, 5. flidfel, fom gifwes tjenfle- 
folk (ftflc-penning ) 

FEAT. Adj. w acker , artig , BELLVS. OS* A FEAT or 
odd kind of man (ri/Titis) en lappare. 

FEAT, S. bragd, gjerning , forrettning , F ACINUS. Ex. 
Famous feats of war , beromliga dater , hjeltc-bragdcr. 
tCj* Feats of activity , behindiga gjtrningar. cS* T» 
do feats, gjira jer-tekn. 

FEATHER, S. fjider, plum a. To pluck a bird's fea- 
thers off, plocka en fogel. Prov. BIRDS OF A FEA- 
THER FLOCK TOGETHER, lik a foglar fkockas gerna. 
flinga enom i hjertat och le i fynen. ■f To laugh at it 
feather , fkratta at minjlaord. 03* FEATHER (T1TU- 
ius hokorarius) heders-titcl. f That's but a fea- 
ther in one's cap , det Sr allenafl en fjider i hatten (en 
briAlot titel ) 03* A plume of feather , fjider-bvfke. 


F E A 



A Feather-bed , dun-feng. Down-feathers , dun. A Fea- 
ther-maker or Feather-teller, fjdder-krdmare. Fea- 
ther-footed , ludtn om fStren fom el {lags dufwor. 

t To FEATHER one's nelt , V. A. famla , Idgga hop 
rikedomar , OPES COXQUIRERE. He feathers his neft 
with it , han fpdcker fin pung dermed. 

FEATHERED, Adj. fiddrad, plum atus. -f He is well 
featheted again , han har taga fig up igen. Feather- 
edged ({in carpentry ) tunn i den ena kanten ( om brd- 
der , }om dro fnedfkurne id prifmatifkform) Featherlels, 
Adj. ofjddr&d. item , plockad , naken. 

FEATLY, Adv.ndtt.artigt, elEganter. He has done 
it featly , han har gjort del artigi. Featnefs, /. or 
neatnels , ndtthet , artighet. Item jclfamhet. 

FEATURE, S. lineament , likeame.vTa ',ruLTUS. She 
has got excellent Features, hon har Jkona lincamen- 
ter. Featured, Adj. Ex. Weil-featured, fom harwae- 
kra lineamenter. 

FEAVER, S. feber, hetfig fjukdom, FEBRIS. A burn- 
ing feaver , brcn-jjuka. Intermittent Feaver , froffe. 

FEAVER1SH, AJj.febrifk, febrilis.gS* A feaverifli 
diltemper , en krankhei fom har feber med fig. 

t To FEAZ , V. A. Vid. To Feag. 

To FEBRICITATE, V. N. ligga i hetfig f,ukdom. Fe- 
brifuge , Subfl. & Adj. Jom drijwer feber. 

FECES or Fecutency, S. dregg , fjex. Feculent , ./M/. 
dreiz'ig , weierwerdig. 

FECUND, Adj. frukibar, ymnig, birande. Fecundity, 
f. fruktbarhet , ymnighet. 

FED , Ad), /odd. ndrd, PASTUS. Prov HE IS BETTER 
FED THAN' TAUGHT, han har mcra wd'gar dn wett. 
CCr" To be full fed, hafwa furajwet fullt. tfj* I Fed, 
Imperf. J'erbi. To Feed. 

FEDERAL, Adj. fSrbund tilhSrig. Federation, f. fSre- 
ning, fSrbundi-flul. 

*FEE or Fees, 5, Ifin , arfwode, fportlar (f'kallas 
alia wanliga omkofiningar , fem giSras i ntrc°ang , til 
adiocater , betjenter I retterne Oc. Jum DoHorcrs we~ 
dergellning af patienur och flere utgifter jom gifwas 
of heder och ej af pligt , HOSORARiUM. rff A phy- 
ficians fee, Idkare-lon. To give a doctor his fee, be- 
tala Ifkare-lSn. A lawyer's fees , Advocats arfwode. 
0r5*" Fees or vails, drikspengar. c5=> FEE ( F EUDUM ) 
forldnings-gods. Fee-fimple or Fee ablolute , fritt Idn. 
Fee-tail or Fee conditional, fom man bctalar wiff ren- 
in fore. OS*" FEE ( FEUDUM ABSOLUTISM ) Sdteri. 

To FEE, V. A. betala, forfkylla , belona en, PEA'StO- 
aem care. To fee the phyfician or the lawyer, 
betala IJkaren ellcr advocaten. 0"5" To FEE or to biibe 
one , muta en. Feed , Adj. belSnt , mutad. 

**FEEBLE, Adj. fwag, ofSrmSgen , magtlSs , BEBI- 
lis. To grow feeble, bltfwa fwag. The feeble-mind- 
ed, de fwaga, fwaefinta. Ctjr" FEEBtE , f. Every 
man hai his feeble, hwaroch en har fin fwaghet. Feeble- 

*FEE, Goth. fA , pecunla , opes. Vox ifla Goth'isolim 
eodem fenfu £r modo , ac hodie Anglis, ufitata. e. g. 
LAKAR1S fA , medici premium. BREF-FA, pecu- 
nla pro Uteris folvenda. vAd-FE , pecunla pro appel- 
tatione. M:Goth. faihus, opes , posfesfiones. 

*'*FE^BLE, Isl. FlFt , fiolidus. FIFLA, infatuare , 

nefs, f. or weaknefs, fwaghet, ofSrmSgenhet. Feebly £ 
Adv. fwagt. 

FEED or FEUD, Vld. Fesd. 

♦To FEED, V. A. foda, ndra , mata, fplfa, beta, 
pascere, alere {prop. & fig.) ' He feeds him 
with emptinefs , han fpljar honom med wdder och wind* 
To feed the catties , fodra , baa bofkapen. (£?• T» underholla, wtd magi holla. Water 
t thatfeedsa pond, watn, fom rinner til en pujf. To feed 
the fire, holla elden wid magt. 

To FEED, V. N. dta , fpifa , vesci. They feed upon 
nothing but herbs and roots , de lefwa wid intet 
annat dn Srtcr och rStter. He feeds like a farmer, han 
duer fom en fpantals - trSfkare. I fee the cattle feed, 
jag fag bofkapen dta. To feed high. gjSra fiarka mal. 
C5^ To FEED ( pincvesclre) blfiwa fct, tjockna , 
taga til. rff 'Tis cheaper to feed one's belly than 
one's eye, masen dr Idttare fSmogd , dn tg<xt. 

FEEDER, S. en fom dter , ellcr ger dta. c£t A dainty 
feeder, en krdsmagad, Jom dtcr krdsliga. A high feeder, 
en fior-dtare. A greedy feeder, frcjfare, tom-jkrof. Vtd. 
To feed. 05" Feeding , bete , foder. Feeding - place , 

To FEEL, V. A. kdnna, sektjre. I feel a greatpain 
in my fide , jag kdnner en fior werk i min fida. C5* 
How do you feel your l'elf? huru hefinnen 1 tder * 
OS* To feel a fick body's pulfe, kdnna pulfen pd en 
fjuk. * To feel one before-hand, to feel his pulfe 
about a bufinefs , utforfki , utleta ens tanke om en 
fak forut. (Xjf* To feel a maid or to fumble her, Idn- 
na, taga pd en fitcka. rry. To FEEL (sektiri ) V. 
N. kdnnas. Ex. To feel foft , kinnas len. To feel 
limber , kdnnas mjuk och blot. 

FEELING, S. kdnfia {et afdefem fxnnen} TACTUS. 
OS* FEKL1NG {ATTRECTATlo)widrSrandc. Zj* FEEL- 
ING (lucrum ) formon , nytta. The feeling he had 
in thole Iaw-fuits,Dro/f/e/I han hade af de procefferna. Ct5* 
The pulpit may be made to have a feeling in the cafe 
as well as the bar, ds andeliga met kunna hefltckas fi 
wdl fom de uerldstiga. ' Thole that will not mend by 
instructions mud be reclaim'd by feeling, den tckewilt 
lyda rdd, md/le lyda pjjkan. Fellow-feeling, medli- 
dande. hem med-wmfi. Feelingly, Adv. empfir.deliga. 

FEEND, Vii. Fiend. Feagary, Viet. Figary. Feet, f. 
pluralis of Foot. Feid, Vid. Feud. 

To FEIGN, V. A. fSregifua, loffa , dikta , gjora likt , 

FEIGNED, Adj.diktad, forfidld , fictVS. A feigned 
or counterfeit hatred .fSrjldldt hat. A feigned name, 
diktadt namn. OS* A feigned treble , falfk difcant. c5* 
A feigned matter, diltadfak, faga , fabel. 05* Feign- 
ed holineis, Jkenhelighet. Feignedly , Adv : pd firfidldt 
wis. Feigner, /. diktare. Vid. To Feign. 

FEILD, Vtd. Field. Feift, &c. Vid. Foift, &c. Fe- 
landers , Vid. Filanders. 

FEINT, 5. fSrfiSlning.falfktJken.forewcndning, losfan- 
( i fdktare-konften ) 


*To feed, M.Goth. FODAN , alere, pafcere. Suetft. 
f5aj, f&DA, gigncre, nutrire. IsL FODR, pabulum. 

F E L 


FELDIFARE, S. et Jlags kramsfogel, C0LIVR10. 

DfTo FELICIFY or To Felicitate, V. A. gjora en 
jSll.jS.-nSga, BEARE.tfj-To felicitate (gratula- 

ri) lyckonJka,beiygafin fdgnad ojwer en an nans lyeka. 

FELICITATiiD , Adj. lyckliggjord, beatus. His reign 
was t'clititated by thefubduing of his enemies, nans rege- 
metiie blcf lyckligl mcdeljl hans Jiendcrs underkujwanje. 

FELICITY , S., lyckfai.ghet. 

"FELL, Ad;, grym tgrufwcltg, ATROX. Fellnefs , srym- 
het , grufwelighet. 

"FELL, S. hud , fkinn, peliis. Fell-monger, pels- 
handlarc , bundtmakare. The fell's or ftreaks of a cart, 
hjuls-litar. Vid. Felly. 

To FELL, V. A. fdlla, hugga ned, SUCCIDERE. To 
fell a tree, fSlla ei tr,i. I Jh.ill fell you down, jag 
[kail kajla dig ofwerdnda. Fellable, Adj. Ex- A fellable 
tree, irl, j'om kan f Silas. Felled, Adj. jdlld , ned- 
kuzgen. Feller, f. ned-huggare, Jkogshuggarc , Vid. 

JELLON , Vtd. Felon. 

••"FELLOW, S. HaHbroder, socius. Fellow-fervant, 
med-tjenare. Fellow-Ioldier, krigs-kamtrai. A good fel- 
low , en gcd konipatiion , lujlig broder. School-feliow, Bed-fellow ,feng-kamerat. 05* A FEL- 
LOW or colleague in an office, Smbets-broder. Cc5* 
A FELLOW or partner, hoUgsman. 05* Fellow-fub- 
jecls, mfdborgart. To play the good-fellow, fit pa, fr.f- 
u, lefwa litjligt. 05" The fellows or fellies of a wheel 
'apsides ) bjids-l'nar. CX$* fellow 'par) make. He 
has rot his fellow, hans make Sr icke til. 05* I loft 
the fellow to this glove , jag firlorade maken til den- 
na bandfken. NB. p3 forakteligt wis brukas del falunda : 
Whatails the fellow? hwad fatias karlcn ? He is a fine 
fellow, ban Sr reita karlen. Meddle with your own 
fellows, holl dig til dina gelikar. 

Diverfit Signif. 

A young fellow , en ung dreng. An old fellow , en gam- 
mal Hitler. A lorry fellow, en kraslare. A hafe fellow, 
tn nidrig karl , gernen gS/'er. A fancy fellow, en nds- 
wis bengel. A covetous fellow, eh girigbuk, Jn.1l- 
hund , niding. A wrangling fellow , en trdtj'am J'Slle. 
A naughty fellow , en fkelm. A ftrong fellow, en 
bjefe. A great he-fellow, en Jlor lurker. 

To FELLOU', Vid. to match, Followed , Vid. matched. 

FELLOWSHIP,.?, foflerbridra-lag. fdljhtp , gemenfkap, 
io< ilfas. To joyn in fellowship with one, ga i 
oolag; ftSllafg tilhopa med en. Ct5* The fellowship of the 
Holy Ghoft, den H. Andes JeUgtighet. oSs* fellow- 
ship (of a College ) ffipendium wid <.n Academie. (Xj* 
To love good fellowlhip, tyeka om godt fSlJkap. 

FELLY, S. "Ex. the fellies of a wheel, bjuls-lStar , 


FELLY-MINDED, Adj. grym, atrox. 
FELOde fe {lag-term) fjtlffpiUing, qui S1SI VIOLENT. 

*FELL, A:Sax. FEILE, erudeiis. ah Isl. fala, pa- 

ridum redder;. 
"fell, M:Goth. FILLS, Isl. FELLDn, peliis. a Goth. 

JALA, M.Goth. FILHAN, legert. Celt, pil, exuvix, 


fellow, G»th. FELAG , fodalitium , communitas. 

S FyLCA, feaui. 

FELON, S. mijjd'dare , ogjerningsman , lagminnen tyf , 
FELO. OS* A felon or wifhlow on the finger ( rv- 
RUNCULl's ) bSldwidnagelroten. Felonious , Adj. mtjf- 
dadig. Felonioufly, Adv. pd fkelmfkt wis. 

FELONY, S. mdingswSrk, lifs-fak, hSgmdls-fak , cri- 
men CAP1TALE. 

FELT, Imperf. Verbi. To Feel. 

FELT , Jilt , lan a coctilis. o$* A felt or hat, 

baa. felt-maker , filiate. 
FEMALE, S. bona, fcemina. The male and ."female , 
man oeh awtnkin. The Female lex, Adj. qwinliga ki- 
FEME COVERT, S. adal-kona , lag-gift qwinna , hu- 
Jlru (lag-term) Feme-Sole, ogij't owinna , fuemikj 
FEMININE, Adj. af ' awinliga kSnet. Ex. The feminine 

gender, genus faminmum. 
"FEN, 5. kSrr , moras, flotmilfe , gung-fly , PALUS. 
**FENC£, S. gdrdsgSrd, sees. CO" fence ( val- 
lum) bolvcrk , brS/lwSrn. There's no fence againfl 
flander, nan bar intet wSrn emot baktal. QCj* A fence 
of pales , palijad. o5"* A coat of fence or a coat of 
mill, fjellpantfar. CfS* This is a good fence for your 
head, detta Sr en god hjelmfor dit hvfwud. Ct/* FENCg 
{occult AFOS. FURTI ) lyf-gomarc. 
To FENCE, V. A. gSrda, inflenga , hdgna in, tSppa 
omkring, SEP1RE. CO^" To FENCE (MUNIRE ) beji- 
Jia, omfanifa. * He has fenced himlclf in with fo many 
evafions , ban bar fSrJctt fig med fS manga und-flyh~ 
ter. 35* To FENCE (DEFENDERS ) befkydda , J'Srjwa- 
ra. Fenced, Adj. injlengd, fkantfad omkring. Fence- 
month , fSrbuden tid at ja%a i en Park, fom Sr ft da- 
gar jor och efter midjommar , da hindarna kalfiva. 
To FENCE, V. N. f.lkta , digladiari. Fencer , f. 
Ex. A good fencer ,en god fSktare. A Fencing-fchool , 
fdkt-jkola. A Fencing-mafter, f.ikt-mdfiart. 
•To FEND off, V. A. afwenda , parera undan , dii'ER- 
terx ictum. OS* Don't ftand fending; and proving 
or juftifying your felt", gj6r intet J'a myekct prat fir 
dig. Fender, f. jern-p^ena, fom Idgges fram fSr en flen- 
kols-eldjlad , at holla afkan if ran golfwtt , PLUTEL-S- 
FENDING, Vid. to Fend. Fsnn. , Vtd. Fen. 
FENNISH , Adj.morafig, kdrragtig , fumpig , PALUDO- 
sus. Fenmen , marboar. Fenny , Adj. or full of 
fens , kdrragtig. 
FEODAL, Adj. J'om hirer til el Ida . FEVDAL1S. Feo- 
dary , en Aquarius (om bSlt reziftrtn Sf'wer alia Konun- 
ga-godfens werdcoch florlek , af'fliaffad i K. Carl II;s. tid. 
To FEOFF , Vid. to Infeoff. Feoffcd , Vid. infeoffed. 
FEOFFEE, S. en fom fatt ewdrdelig donation , FIDE- 
JUSSOR, rff Feoffee in truft, en Jidei-commiffa- 
FEOFFMENT , S.cwdrdellg donation, fom gir til barn 
och arfwingar , fidei commissio. CrS* Feoffment iit 
truft, fde-CommiJ's. Feoffer, /. en fom gifwer donation, 
FERAL. Ad}, wild, grym, f&'flvdclelig , FERUS. Fe- 

ritv , f. grymhu. 
FERK.IN, Vid. Firkin. Term, Vid. Farm. 


*FEN,M:Goth. FANI./atum. Goth. FEK. A:Sax. FEJTlf, 

"FENCE, Goth. FANS, impedimenta. 


F E T 

To FERMENT, V. K. e,-tow-ork, jdfa. Fermentation 
tr Ferment , f. jdsning. cS 5 " The whole kingdom is in 
a great fermentation , heist rikct fidr i Jlarh jdsning. 
Fermented , Adj. jSfen. 

FERMORY, frV. Infirmary. Fern, Vid. Fearn. Ferny, 
Vid. Fearny. 

FEROCITY, S. grymhet , wildhet , terocitas. 

FERREL , Feril or Feriol, S. Ex. The ferrel of a canei 

dobjko , A NX VL VS. 

Ferret, s. ukfen, ukatt , viverra. cO^ferret, 

Ferret ribbon or flurt, halffiden-band. 

To FERRET , V. A. njfja ,fnoka, S1SCULOS RIM AM 
AUG VLO S. 03* To FERRET ( VE XARE) fSrlreta. Cj» 
To FERRET ( EXJG1TARE) fifa , pddrifwa. Fer- 
reted, Adj. fnokad , fSrtretad , Vid. Verb. 

FERRY, S. fdrje-fidlle , trajectus. Ferriage,/. 
fdrje-pengtr. A Ferry-boat, fdrje-bdt. A Ferry-man, 

To FERRY over , V. A. f.lrja Sfwer , trajicere. 
Ferry 'd over, Adj. Sfwer-fdrjad. 

FERTILE, Adj. .fruktbar , bdrande , TERTJLJS. 05* 
FERTILE ( INGENIOSVS ) qwick , fintlig. A fertile 
country, ymnigt land. Fertilenefs or fertility , f.frukt- 
barhci. To fertilize , V. A. or make fruitful, upodla, 
gjSra fruktbar. 

FERVENCY, S. brunft , hue , ifwer , nit, hdftighet , 
EERVOR. Fervent, Adj. brinnande , ifrig , hdftig. A 
fervent prayer , ifrig bSn. Fervently, ifrigt , hdftigt. 

D f FERVID, Adj. or hot, fjudande , bet, brinnande, 


FERULA, Vid. Palmer. 

FERVOUR , 5. hetfighet , ifwer, eeryor. Ferule, 
K,rf. Ferrel. 

FESCUE, S. pek-flicka, fESTUCA. 

FESSE , S. bindel, gj'rdel i el wapn , FASCIA. Felled , 
Adj. omeijwen med en fddan gjordel. 

To FESTER, V. N. bolna, waras , TVTRETIER1. It 
fellers, dec bolnar. <gj- To FESTFR 'IN PEJUS PRO- 
ZABl) flrwerras, blifwa werre , fom el fdr, da der 
fldr fig til dSd-kott. Feftered, Adj. bolnad. Fettering , 
f. bolnande. 

Df FESTINATION , S. Jkyndan. 

FESTIVAL, Adj. Uflig, glad, hSgtidelig. Feflival , /. 

FESTIVITY, S. luftighet , gladlynnt , drejrggd , frSgde- 
fefl. Feftivous , Adj. or merry, luflig , gladlynt. 

FESTOON, S.lof-wdrk,blomwdrk, COROLLAi {byg-term) 

FETCH , S.ftrek , puts , ill-grep, knep , tic fix a. This 
was one of his fetches, delta war et af bans grep, A 
cunning fetch, et (lugt jlrek. A deep fetch, et ilfun- 
digt (Irek. cfj- Fetch for fitch, Vid. fitch. 

•To FETCH, V.A. hemta, bringa, AFFERRE. Fetch memy 
hat, hemta min halt, 03" To fetch a compafs or cir- 
cuit, taga en omgdng. QCj> To Fetch or take a walk, 
fpatfera. fxj* To fetch one's breath , draga anden.tfj' 
To fetch a blow, tagafwigc, ndr man will fa til. OCr* 
To fetch a figh , fucka. (£f- To fetch a leap , taga 
fp'ong. C5* This plate will featch us fome money , 
delta fdfret kunne wi gjSra pengar af. QO' To FETCH 
(MERCES ASTV AVFLrre) lurendrdga fig til waror , 
inla/la mera Sn betingadt dr (handcls-term ) 05f" To fetch 
AWAY, taga burt. Cj* To fetch UP, hinna p3. 

*To fetch, A:Sax. feccan, Germ, fassew. Sueth. 
FATTA, iomprehtndere. 

tfJ*To fetch DCWN, taga ned. 0X5* To fetch IV, UZ 
bringa. CrS* To fetch OUT, uttaga. (dr To fetch 
OVER, bedraga. OS* To fetch OFF, afhemta. To 
fetch off the filth , taga ban Jlemmet. Death does fetch 
men off very often in tire midft of their jollity, do- 
den bortrycker ofta mdnnifkor mil uli der as hSgfia glld- 
/»• OS" To fetch one off of his opinion , fSra en ifrd. 
fin mening. Fetched , Adj. fSkt , brakt , &c. Fetcher , 
/. jokare , tilfarare , bringare. Fetching of water, hem- 
tande af wain. 
FETCHES, Vid. Vetches. 
Df FETID, Adj. fiinkande , FOXTiot/s. 
FETLOCK, S. hof-fkdggpi heftar , ivba uncularis, 

item kar-leden , ndjl bofwen. 
To FETTER , V. A. fjetra, (Id i fjetrar , coMPEDiBtrs 

vincire. Fettered, Adj. fjetrad. 
FETTERS, S. fjetrar, flafweri , compEdES. g3» Fet- 
ters for horfes , klumppd hefiar , fjeuerfkak. 
FEUD, S. dodligt hat, outftSckelig bittcrhel, AMARITVDO 
( hela fldgtens faman - gadning at hemnas blods -utgju- 
telfe , fordom i norra England) To create feuds in a 
ftate, fd oenighets frS uli del allmSnna. Feudbote , we- 
dergeldning , fom fordom gafs fSr fidlande af upror , 
item omkofiningar wid blods-hemd. 
FEUDAL , Vid. feodal. Feudary , Vid. feodary. Feu- 
datary, Vid. Feodary. Fever, Ire. Vid. feaver , &c. 
FEUMETS or Feumishing , Vid. Fewmets. 
**F£W , Adj. jd , pavci. In few words, medfd ord. 
In few days, i fd dagar. A (zw,f.nogot litct. Few- 
nefs, f. ringhet, luet acital. 
FEWEL, S. brenfle , fomes. * To add fewel to the 

fire , gjuta olja pd elden. 
FEWER, Comparatirus af few , fdrre , pavcior.Es. 

I have fewer than you , jag bar mindre dn du. 
FEWMETS or Fewmilhing, S. hjort-iynga , FIMVS 


***To FEY meadows ( Eborae. ) rodja engar , prata 


FIB, S. liten ofinning, dikt , MEXDACIOLUM. 

To FIB, V. N.fkarfwa, tala ofant fkdmtewis , FAtSE 
L0(IVI. Fibber, f. en fom fd gjSr, flidmrare. 

FIBERS , S. fmd dder-ror , item ftrenger eller trddar pa 
rSiter , fibr.z. Fibrious , Adj. or full of fibers ,fuU 
af fddana firengar eller trddar. 

*"*FICKLE, Adj. ojladig.'ldtfnnig, fiygtig , LEris. 
Ficklenefs , 5. ofladighet- Fickly, Adv. ofladeliga. 

FICTION, S.diktan, faga, F1CTIO. Fictitious , Adj. 
updiktad , fabelagtig. 

FIDDLE, S.fedla, fiol, fidicvla. To play'upoa 
a fiddle , fpcla pd fiol. Fiddle-firing, j!o/-/rVrn». FiHdle- 
ftick , Jirdke. f A Fiddle-ftick , laperi. f Fiddle- 
faddle , wifch-wafch. 


*FEUD , Goth. fAd , odium, difplicenlia. Aleman, 
FEHED vel FEHDE , idem. LI. Longob. FAIDA , 

inimicilix indlHx. item vindl&a mortis. Sueth. FEGD, 

* ¥ few, M:Goth. favai. Goth. & 1st fa', pauci, 

S:Goth. fat, paucum. a VA , FA , part, prirativa. 
♦**To FEY, Vid. FAIR. 
♦***To FICICtE , Goth.FUKKA, Suetfl. FI'CA./V*- 

cipitanter Jefiinare. Hue refer To fIDOE, it. To FIG. 

F I D 

To FIDDLE, V. N. fpeh pUflol, iidibvs cANtRt 

rjff To FIDDLE (NUGARI ) narras , g.Ukas, pracka. 
DtFIDELE, Adj.trogen, trofajl , fidelis. Fidelity. 

/. or faithfillnefi , irohet. 
To FIDGE about, V. N. ISpa hit och dit , aldrig wara 

flilla, DISCURRERE. 
FID-Hammer, S. fko-hammar , malleus. 
FIDLER, S. fedlare , Jpelman , FIDlCEN.tfj' FIDLER 

(INEPTIIS VACAHS ) lapparc. 
IIDLING , Adj. beUlfami olid, 1NEPTE SEDVLUS.Lx. 
Afidlingvman, en fjejker , narragtig karl. Ct> Addl- 
ing bulinefs , fak afittot werdc. To be (idling up and 
down, fjejTta, ISpa befldlfam mid ingen ting. 
t FIDUCIARY, Vid. Truftee. Fie, Vid. Fy. 
FIELD , S. fdt , fjdll, flitt , flit - mark , CAMPUS. A 
fruitful field, a fruitful corn-field, bSrande mark dlcr 
Iker , fddes-fjSll. KS* A field or meadow, eng. K5» 
Fields in a city, allmJnna tomter i en /lad. 03* Field 
for armies, felt-lSger. To take the field, begynna et 
felt-tog. uj" We won the field , we remained mafters 
of the field, wi behUlle fcliet. * To challenge one in 
the field, mana ut en. rjff FIELD (proelium) flagt- 
ning. A field was fought, man kom til flags. Field- 
piece or cannon, felt-ftycke. Field-officer in an army, 
generals-perfon. ff>* FIELD or fhield, fcltet ellerfkol- 
den i et wapn {herald, term) Field-ftaff , lunt-flake. Field- 
works , upkaflade wdrk wid bddgringar. Field-mouie, 
felt-mui, /kogs-blacka. 
*FIEND, S. ond ande , malus gexius. The devil is 
a foul fiend, djefwulen dr en Jul fiende. CT°r" FIEND 
( IS1MICUS ) fiende. 
FIERCE , Adj. grym , wild , yrflnt, smVUs. The Tyger 
is a fierce creature, Tigern Sr et grymt Creatur. He 
is a fierce man , han Sr en grym karl. CE5* A fierce 
fight, en grymflrid. Ct5* FIERCE ( vehemens) hdfiig. 
05" A Fierce or boifterous wind , hdftig florm. Fierce- 
ly, Adv. grymmdiga. Fiercenefs , /. grymhet , trotfig- 
het , h'gmodighct. 
FIERY, Adj. glSdande, af eld, 1GNEUS. The fiery 
meteors, dd-metcora. The fiery dart? of the devil, 
djefwulens glSdande fkott. The fiery bufh , den brin- 
nande hufken. c5* A FIERY or hafty man, en hcifig 
larl. 03* Fiery nature , hetfig natur. fjj* A fiery red 
face, et eld-rSdt anfikte. 
FIEST , Vid. Fizzle. To Fieft , Vid. To Fizzle. 
FIFE , S. pipa , TIBIA. 

FIFTEEN, Adj. fernion , ouixdecim. Fifteenth , Adj. 
den femtonde. Fifth , Adj. den femte. tfj* A Fifth- 
monarchy-man , en fom holler Idran om tufer.d- driga 
riket. 0"5* A FIFTH or fifth part, en] femtedel. Fif- 
tieth, Adj. femtionde. Fifty, Adj. f emtio. Fifthly, 
Ady. fSr det femte. 
FIG, 5. fikon , Ficus. item wnrtan (en fjukdom hot 
heflar ) | I don't care a fig for him, jag bryr mig om 
honom ingen ting. Fig-tree , fikon-trd. Figpecker , 
fikon-fneppa (en fogel) 
To FIG up and down , V. N. fjecka omkring, lopa hit 
och dit, CURSITARE. rjfj* To FIG, V. A. Ex. ~f To 
fig one in the crown with a ftory, prata enom nogot 
i hufwudet. 
FIGARY , S. wurm , griller, PHANTASM A. He took 
a figary to do it , han fick en wurm at gjSra det . He 
has many a figary , han har monga griller. 

•fiend, M:Goth. fiands. Goth, fund, A:Sax. 
FKO.nd Sr FTND, hoflis, Isl. FJ.ANDE, fatanas. 

F 1 G 

FIGHT, S.bardag, treffning , feUn'tng , find, Jrat~ 
nin°, PUGNA. Sea-fight, JjS-flag. Land-fight, felt- 
flagtnin*. Cock-fight, tupp-jektning. They betook 
themfelves to a running fight , de logo td fitters. 
»To FIGHT, V. A. flrida, fekta , flSff, puck are. 
To fight a duel or a battle, dueller a , eller holla et 
feltflag. To fight the enemy , lefwercra fienden en flagt- 
nina, To fight hand to hand , flits man emot man. Prov. 
FIGHT DOG, FIGHT BEAR, trdt min bror oeh jlaff 
min (helm. To fight one's way to the crown, win- 
naKronan genom wapn. To fight it out, fkilja tritan 
med fla%. 
FIGHTER , S. fcktare , flridsman , kdmpe , PUGNATOR. 
Ex. He is a great fighter, h an dr en flor fcktare, flags- 
kSmpc. Fighting , // kamp, fektande. He hates fight- 
ing , han lias ogcrna. 
FIGHTING, Adj. fektande, PUGNAX. A hundred 

thoufand fighting men, toooao ftridbara mSn. 
FIGMENT, S. dikt , upfpunnen ofar,ning , inbildning. 

Figmental , Adj. inbildad. 
FIGURATION, S. daragtig inbildning, CH1MJERA. 
FIGURATIVE, Adj. forblommerad. Figurative expres- 
sions , forblommeradt tal. Figuratively , Adv. or in a 
figurative fenfe, i fddan mening. 
FIGURE, S. forefldlning, figur. OS* FIGURE ( FOJt- 
MA ) geflalt , fkapnad. 03* FIGVRE (l.vcisvR a) kop- 
parflyckc. ffj* FIGURE (statua) bild. dS* A fuit 
of hangings with figures , fldmfka tapetcr. ttj" Figure, 
Ex. An odd figure of a man, en underlig perfon. ff5*' 
A figure of grammar or rhetorick, figura grammatics 
vel rhctorica. 05"* A FIGURE (in arithmetick) en \ifra. 
CrS 21 FIGURE o/- appearance, upfSrande. Ex. To make 
fome figure in the world, Jura Jig flort up. 
To FIGURE, V. A. blommera , bilda , forefiSlla , rt- 
gvrap.E. To figure velvet, blommera fammet. 03*' 
The ancients figured Love in the form of aJipdy , de 
gamla fSreJldlte k&rleken under geflalt af en^pfle. Fi- 
gured , Adj. jafonerad. Figur'd velvet , fafoneradt 
fammet. Figuring , f. fafonering. Figure - (linger , 
FILAMENTS, Vid. Fibers. 
FILANDERS , 5. en fjukdom hos falkar. 
FILBERD, S. et flags flora hafclnoter, NVX AUIL~ 


berd-tree , lambert-not-irS. 
To FILCH, V. A. fnatta, kurra , fma-fljSla , SUFtV- 
RARI. Filcher , /. fnattare, fpitsbof. Filching ,f.fnat- 
teri. Filchingly , Adv. pa fnattewis. 
FILE, 5. of foldiers, en tinea, et led foldaler , DE- 
CURIA. 05= FllE(LlMA')fl. C5* FILE ( in a regifter) 
en flnltrad hwaruppa acler och fkrifter flickas. A File- 
leader ( the head-man of a rile ) frSmfla karlen i el led. 
File after file, led ejter led. CO" FILE (ordo) rang, 
ordning. (jj* A file or tope of pearls , perl-band. 
File-duff, fil-fpSn. 
To FILE, V. A.fila , L1MARE. Off- To ftle a thing to 
one's account, fora en no^ot til rekning. Ofr* To 
file UP a writing, upflicka en J~krift pa traden. cS* To 
file OFF , to file ASUNDER , fila, troppa af. Cjr' The 
troops begin ro file off, tropparna begynnd at man he- 
rd af. Filed , Adj. filad. Filer , /. flare. 

*To FIGHT, M.Goth. FIAN , odisfe. Isl. FEIKN, 
yehementia nimia £■ nociva. Item FEIGR, Sueth. FEG, 
meribundus. FEGD, btllum. 

F I L 

F I N 

FILIAL, Adj. fanlig > till ALU. Finally, Adv. fat*- 

FILL, S.Jylnad, mStthet , lyfimSte, satwratio. Take 

your fill of it, tag fa mycktt du Orkar , lyfler ieraf. 
Beads do eat but their fill, Creaturen dta fig icke 
mer dn mdtta. 

To FILL, V. A.fylla, implere. (T> To fill a to- 
bacco pipe, ftoppa en pipa. (Xj* Fill me fome drink, 
fkdnk i for mig. C5* To FILL, V.N. (iMPLERl) up- 
fyllas. The cask fills , tunnan blir full. The tou'rt 
begins to fill , fladen bSrjar bli full. 0$* To fill one's 
helly , dta fig mitt. To fill up the number , upfylla 
antaltt. To fill up a place with honour, bekldda etfidl- 
le med heder. Filled or filled up , Ad), upfyld. 

TILLFMOT, Subfi. Adj. (the colour of a dead leaf) 

foliemorl-ferg , COLOR FUSCUsCf EVANIDVS. 

•FILLET, S. or hair-lace, hdr-band , crinalE. C3* 
FILLET or band of cloth , hufwud-bindel. (X5* FILLET 
(in architecture) fyrkanten, Sfwerfipd en pelare. (X3°* 
FILLET (PIST1LLUM ) pijlil, trddarna, fom fid up i 
Homfter. A fillet of veal, fyld kalfjlck. (X$" FILLET 
(a book- binder's ornament on a book) forgyldning 
pd en bok. Filetted , Ex. a filletted pillar , en pelare 
med krants. 

FILLING or fillinjT-up , S. Vid. Verb. iff filling, 
Ad), mlttande. OS" A Filling fort of drink , mStiande, 
upbldfande dricka. 

FILLIP, S. ndsjlyfwer , fingerknepp , TALITRVM. (X3* 
FILLIP (IXEBRIATIO ) uphctfandt af win och fiarkt 

To FILLIP one, V. A. ge en ndsfiyfrar , talitra 
inflicere. Fillipped , Adj. fom fait ndsfiyfrar. 

**FILLY , S. (a filly-foal or young mare ) ung-mdr , 


FILM, S.hinna, membrana. o3» The film of the 

brain , hjernc-hinnan. 
FILOSELLA , S. et fags groft fiden-tyg. 
FILTER, S. kdrleks-drick, F1LTRVM. 
To FILTER or Filtrate , V. A. fila , krama , kryfla i- 

genom , saccare. Filtration, f. fining. Filtred, Adj. 

***FILTH, S. orenlighet. stercus. 03* Filth fwept 

out of a room , fopnr. 
FILTHY, Adj. oren, fnafkig , SORDlDUS.rfj* FILTHY 

(o R s c d. N V s) grof, otdck , (lem, oanfldndig. Filthy d f- 

courfe, ohSfwifkr ml. 05 s Filthy lucre, fiem'winning. 05* 

A filthy deal of ugly fluff, en hop fiemheter. Filthinefs, 

f. orenlighet , flemhet. Filthily , Adv. orenliga , fiemt , 

fult , juleliga. 
FIMBLE-Hemp, S. hamp-gallre , cannabis jestiva. 
FIN , S.fii'k-fSn , tinna. The fifhes fwim by the help 

of their fins, flfkarna fimma med fina fdn. Finny, 

Ad), fom har fdn. The Silver-finny race ( Poet. ) fifk- 

FINAL, Adj. dndtclig , (lutelig ,finalis. A final vowel 

or confonant, dnde-bol-ftafi. A final caufe, dnde-orfak, 

dndc-mdl, (lut-fak. Finally , Adv. fluteliga , dndteliga, 

fSr tiet fidfla. 
FINANCE, S F'anCka fkjttkammaren , ftscus regis 

calltarum- Financer or Financier , / Re^t-rndflare. 
FINARY, S. hdrd i en hammar-fmedja , fmelihird, V- 


*FILLET, IsI. fila . levivenfe. 

BILLY, Isl. FIL, pullus equinus. FILIA, equa foeta. 

y "filtjt , M~:Gbth'. fuls .putris, foetidus. IsJ. FYLA, 

foetor. Sueth. clim eilska, inquinare. tVl , turpis. 

FINCH, S. (el namn fir dtfkilliga fmd fong-fogUr) 
Gold-finch (aurivittis) fieglifa. Green-finch (cuo~ 
Ris) grSn-fifka. Bull-finch (rubicUla) domherre 
Chaff-finch (frincilla) bofinke. 
To FIND, V. A. finna , hitta pi, Invenire. T» 
find what one looks for , finna del man fSker. To find 
one guilty , finna en fkyldig , fdlla en. To find one'* 
felf well or ill , befinna fig wjl eller ilia. To find 
fault or to find amifs , Vid. fault. 0$* To find (pro- 
videre) be/Id , fleppa til, firfe en med. His trade does 
not find him bread, nans handel fSder honom icke. I bad the 
taylor find the lining and buttons , jag bad fkrdddaren 
Idgga til foder och knappar. To find one bufinels, gif. 
wa en nogot at firtjena. (Jj* To find the bill , fkdr- 
fkada en flemning om han ir fkdlig eller ej. C5» To 
find talk or difcourfe in company , roa etfdlfkap med 
tal , finna pa at fdga. 05* To FIND ( deprehende- 
RE) merka , fSrftd. I find him or by his difcourfe, 
that , jag forflar , merker pa bans tal , at. (X^ He 
finds himfelf in a condition to undertake it, han fer 
fig i (land at kunna pataga fig del. (t5* I'll make you 
find your tongue, jag (kail fa mdl i munnen pa dig. 
•j" I fhall make you find your legs , j ag fkatl fdtta fo- 
ter under dig. o5* To find in one's heart. Ex. I can't 
find in my heart to go thither, /'ag har icke famwete at 
gd dit. I could find in my heart to go abroad, jag 
hade wdl lufi at gd ut. To find OUT, pdfinna , hit- 
ta. To find out an expedient , pdfinna et medel. r£3» 
To find out one's way , wdgleda fig. 

FINDER or finder out, 5. upfinnare , INVENTOR. (Xj* 
A Fault-finder , Vid. Fault, rry- Finders , befSkare 
(lag-term.) f Findy , en wacker dag (pro fineday ) 

FINE , Adj. wacker ,JkSn , bellvs. r/> fine (decen- 

TER VESTlTVs)nStt, wdl klddd. (Xj* FINE (TENUIS, 
subtilis) fin, grann. o3» fine (ex^uisitvs) fgr- 
trdfiig, braf, utwald. aS* FINE (elegans) artig , an- 
genSm, behaglig. A fine man, en jiatelig karl , dugan- 
de man. A fine woman, en jiatelig qwinna. Fine wea- 
ther , fklnt wdder. Fine clothes , waclra Udder. He 
goes very fine , han gar rett wackert klddd. Thefe. are 
fine doings, hdr dr wackert arbete (ironlce) You are 
a fine man to forget me thus, du Sfl en [kin man, fom 
fa fSrgdter mig. Fine cloth, fint UJde.'cG* FINE or 
refined (depuratvs) klar , fkir , r C n. O Fine and 
foft, len. 03* Fine bran , fint kli.rry- A fine breath- 
ing fweat , en pafelig fwett. (£* T nave a fine 
time on' t , fid fig braf ,hafwagodadagar. C5" To have 
a fine way of jelling, fkSmta artigt. c3" A fine fpun 
gentleman, en artig , galant karl. CC5» A fine fpoken 
gentleman , en wdltalande man. 

FINENESS, S.finhet, ndtthet , artighet , Vid. Adj. 

FINE, S. bSta , fak$re , penning-pligt , mvlcta. To fet 
a fine upon one,y7a en pa bStor. o5=- fine ( arra) 
fiddfel, fdfiepenning. (X5» FINE ( formula proprie- 
TAT1S ) hcmmulls-formular. Finable, Adj. tilbStor far- 

In FINE, Adv. fiuteligen , tandem. 

To FINE, V. A, klara , fkira , Intra, PVRGARE. To 
fine a liquor, klara en drick. K5* To fine a metal, 
fofra en metal. 

To FINE, V. N. bSta , pligta , MULCT AM persol- 
T 2 VERM.^ 

*To FIND, M:Goth. FINTHAN, Svio-Goth. FINNA, 
reperire. a FUN,FON, ignis. Hue jejerfcauens, FINE) 

Isl, fynmr, renujlus , poUtui, 

F I N 

F I R 

TERE. C* To FIVE , V. A. (MVLCTARE)flitnpa 
bitor. He fined for Sheriff, han bine fir det at han 
icke wille tjena fafom Sheriff. NB. ndr en bltr wald 
til Sheriff (flathollarc i London, eller Executor i Pro- 
rincierne) eller nogon annantjenfl, och icke will tjena 
fit Sr, mifle han betala nogot wisfi , om han fkall flip- 
pa. Fined, Adj. ttlagdmed biter. 

To FINE-DRAW , V. A. floppt , ytra ihop , fint ihop- 
/Jita flycken af klSdcn eller tyger , AD Poll TV RAM 
sarcike. Fine-drawer, /. en fom det gjir. Fine- 
drawing, fftopning .ytring. Fine-drawn, Adj.ftoppad. 

FINELY, Adv. heriiga ,(kint ,wacien , njtt, ELEGAN- 
TER. Indeed it is very finely done, det dr fannerliga. 
rett w3l gjordt. I faw him finely drunk, jag fag ho- 
nom rett drucken. T He is finely brought to bed , han 
Sr rett artigt deran. 

FINERY, S. iirat,granlSt,ORSAM£NTVM. Item prakt 
i U.ider. Finery , Vid. Finsry. 

FINESS, S.fned, honjl-grep , FRAVS. 

To FINE-ilt, V. A.jujleraet hifuel-jern i trdt, TER- 


flGERE (fnickarc-tcrm.) 

FINEW , S. fiik ,fiem , MVCOR. Finewed , Adj.jlemmad. 

♦FINGER, S. finger, digitus. The ring-finger, hu- 
firu-fingret. A finger's breadth , fingers braid. * The 
finger or doing of God, CUDS fin^r. f He has 
more in his little fingerthan thou haft in thy whole, 
body , han har m:r i fit minfta finger dn du i dm hcla 
krop. t To have a thing -it one's lingers ends, kun- 
na nogot pa fina fingrar. \ Ycu will do it with .1 wet 
finger, det kofiar dig ingen m'da. f My fingers itch 
to be at it, mina fingrar klia pamig atgjora^ del. Prov. 
TO HAVE A FINGER IN THE PVE, hafwa fin hand i 
fi'dct. Prov. HIS FINGERS ARE I.IME-TT1C5, han 
har longa finrar. 1 '11. make you feel my ringers, jag 
Jkalllira dig kinna minaknogar. till make you find 
your fingers, jag fkall komma dig at arbcta. Finger- 
nail , Kid. Stall. 

To FINGER, V. A.fingra, handtcra, COKTRECTARE. 
They finger none of the King's money, kongens pen- 
gar ga icke genom deras hand, f How woud I finger 
him , jag jkiille fkita honom fom han Sr fjuk til. Fin- 
gered . Adj. handterad. Light-finger'd , tjufagtig. 

FINICAL, Adj. fempcr , fom har tv/ungna Sthirder , o- 
■ IScker, zraanwArkca ,AFFECIaIVS. Finicalnefs , 
f. fidant firholtandc. 

To FINISH, V. A. dnda, (lata, lylta , fullborda, ri~ 
aire. To finiih a pifture .fullborda, draga flut-flreken 
af et conterfej. 05* To finiftl Down a wall , rappa , 
firnya en mur. Finished , Adj. dndad , fiuten , full- 

FINISHER , S. den fom Idgger fid/la' handen wid nogot, 
PERFECTOR. The finiflier of the law , fkarprtttaren. 
finisher (by watch-makers) den fom fitter ihop 
uren , fedan de dro fdrdig-gjorde. 

FINISHING, S.fultbordan , CONSVMMATiq. The finish- 
ing of a picture , flut - arbetningen af en malning. 

FINITE, Adj. dndelig, omfkrdnkt , fixitus. A finite 
being , et dndeligt tvdfende. 

FIN OR or Finer, S. finerare , en fom fofrar guld eller, MITALIORVM PURGATOR. 

FIR or Fir-Tree, S. furu-trd , P1XVS. 

tapire , prehenderc. 

"FIRE, S. eld, IGNIS. $!f- FIRE (l.vCEXBIUiu) wddeld. 
A bonefire, lufi-eld. To make a fire , gjira up eld. To 
fet a houfe on fire , tenda elden pa et has. To be on 
dxc,brinna. A houfe all of a fire, et hus 1 brand. He 
threatened them with (ire and fword, han hotade den 
medeldochfwerd. C5" St. Antohny's fire, rofen (enf/uk- 
dom) Ct5* St. Helens, Hermes or walking fire, lykt- 
gubbe.Vj- Give fire, gif fyr. <£r Fire of 'the mind, 
qwickhet ,finnes eld, hetfighet. f If I don't do it, all the 
fat will be in the fire, om jag inlet gor del, fa dr 
elden i alia blana. 


A fire-fan , eld-fkerm. A fire-room , eld-rum. Fire-arm, 
fkjui-gcwdr. A fire-fhip . brennare. Fire-lock , biff-las. 
The fire-pan , fdng-pannan. fire-brand , eld-brand. ? 
Afire-br.nd of (edition , en uprors -fliftare. Fire- 
thong< , eld-tong. Fire-fllovel , eld-fkofwel. Fire-fork, 
eld-qaffl. Fire-new or brand-new, fpillerfle ny. Fire- 
wo 1 k, fyrwdrkeri. Ftre-ma&eT.fyrwdrkarc. Fire-wood, 
Irenn-wed. Fire-drake , lykt-gubbe , item et flags fyr- 
wdrkcri. Fire-ball , hand-granat. "(" Fire-bare , Vid. 
B.-acon. Fire-kiln, ugn. Wild-fire, ful-Jlaget. 

To FIRE, J'. A. gjora up eld , ant nda , accenders. 
To fire a houfe, fdtta eld pa et hus. 05* To FIRE 
or to /hoot, gifwafyr. To lire a gun, fkjuta af et flycke. 
To fire upon the enemy , jKjuta pa fienden. Fired , 
Adj. amend. 

FIRIR, S. antendare , accessor. Ex. A firer of 
houfes, mordbrennare. Firing,/". Vid. To Fire. OS' 
Firing or fewel , brcnslc. 

ToFIRK., V. A. fid, bafa, FERIRE. 

FIRKIN , S. kagge.enfjerdedelsf.mnadricka, AMPHORA, 
hem Sm'r-eller fapficding. Firkinman , en fom fdljer 
fwag-dricka an' ar-tals och fSr-fcr hushollcn med dricka. 

FIRM, A.'.j. kdck , fafl ,f!adig , or'<rlig, firmvs. Firm 
flefh , fafl I.Stt. A firm bread, hard part (icleblit) 
The firm land, fa/la landct. Fnmly, Adv. fafl, befldnaigt. 
Firmnefs, f. faflhet , kdekhet. Item tdthct. 

To FIRM, Vid. To Confirm. 

FIRMAIVTENT, 5. oriky,fdflet,luft-rymdcn, FiRMA~ 


FIRR , Vid. fir. 

FIRST, Adj. fSr1,PRiMVs. In the firft pi ice , fir det 
firfla. At the firft fight, i firfla fikte. P'ov. FIRST 
COME, FIRST SERv'D , den fom fSrft kommer til 
qwarn far forfl malt. He is the firft or head man of 
the town, kan dr den forndmfla i fiaden. tff Firft- 
fruits , forftling. cS* The firft-fruirs of a benefice , 
forfia arets inkomfter af en Idgenhct , fom r England hi~ 
ra Cronan til. Firft-born , forfl-fidd. Firft- Coufin , 
fyfkonbarn. Firftling , forfiling , firftfodd. At firft , at 
the firft, ifirflone. 

FIRST, Adv. firft och frdmfl, TRIMVM. 03* FIRST 
or lad , fnart eller fent. He will come to_ it firft »r 
Ian , han kommer dertil fnart eller fent. 

FIRY, Vid. fiery. 

FISC or Fifque , Adj. rcntekammare , F IS CVS. Fifcal , 

Cammaren tilhSrig. 
* ♦FISH T S. fifk , Piscis. The fcales , gills and fins of 

a fiih 

*FIRE , Isl. (f Sueth. FTR, vox amiquifi. Scytho- 

*FISH, M.-G«th. FisKS , pifcis, eonfenfu omnium Dial, 


F I S 

F I T 

a fi/h , fjellen , gelen och fdnen pa en fifk. The foft 
and the hard roe of :ii)i . mjolken och rommen pa Jijk. 
Fi/h-fpawn, fjk-rom. Frefh-water fifk, ferjk-watn- 

fJk ' , r 


Sea-filh , falifjS-fifk. Shell-ftfli , Jkal-fijk. A Cray-fifl), 
krdfweta. Fifh-pond or Fiftl-garth , fijk-dam. F:fh- 
day , fifk-dag, Fifh-tub, fifk-balja. Fiftl-market , p k- 
torg. Fifll-monger , fijk-kopare. f Fiil-garth , jijk-flujf 
eller fior dam. 


The bed fifb fwims near the bottom, i djupafie watnet 
gar jlridafle filken. I have other fiih to fry, jag har 
andra fifkar at fjelU. 

To FISH, V. A. fifka, piscari. Tofifh pearls , fifka 
perlor. j" To fid in troubled waters, fijka i grumlot 
■nam. * To fifh Out a thing , utforfka nogot. Where 
has he fifhed that out ? hvrar har han w&drat uv del ? 

Fiflred; Adj. fnkid. 

FISHER , 5. or fifteiman, fifkare , piscator. The 
King's iiiher, is-foget. Fishery, f. fifkeri , item hus , 
der filk J'altas. 

FISHING, /. fifkande, fifkc, tISCATVRA. To go a 
fifhmg, gd och fifka. Here's good filLing, hdr Sr godt 
fifkt. Fifhing-line , fijk-lina, rcf. 

FISHY, Adj. fijk-rik,piscosus. A fifty lake, enfifk- 
rik fjo. 

To FISK , V. tf.fiefka, ISpa , cvrsitare. To fifk 
one's tail about , « uka rumpan. When he fliould go 
to fchool he rifks away , ndr han fkulle g,i til 
Jkolen , (linker han hort. To fifk Up and Down , ISpa 
hit och dit. •(■ Fifker, f. or truant, lathund , drej-not. 
({j* A hiking gosfip , en by-lSperjka. 

FISSURE, 5. or cleft, fpricka, remna , TlssuRA.tfj* 
FISSURE (in f'urgery ) flag" , fpricka pa ben. 

FIST, S. knyt-ndfwe , pVgnvs. To rtrike one with the 
fift , (la en med kny.ndfwen. f To greafe one's fift , 
ieflicka, muiaen. To drink a bottle with one, hand to 
fill, dricka kapo . glas »« alas med en. Club-fifted, klubb- 
kdndt, fio'-nifwot. Clofe-fifted , njugg, knapp-hindt. 

FISTICK. nut, S. Wdlfk pimper-nSt , pistacium. 

FISTULA, S. fiflcl, djtipl Jar, item rSr, pipa , FISTVLA. 
Fiftulous, Adj. denilhSrig. 

FISTY , Adj. Ex. To fight at fifty-cuffs, flSs medkiyt- 
ndfwama, pvgxis certare. A good fifty-cuffs, en 
fom (Idff digt med handkraft. 

**FIT , Adj. Ugom , fallen til, bedwem , fkkkelig, lem- 
pelig , aptus. Th.-fe fhoes are very fit for me, deffa 
fkor dro rett Ugom St mig. He is fit for that employ- 
ment, han Sr den fy flan wuxen. tfj* FIT (tempesti- 
rus) radelig , ijtnlig. If you think fit, om I jinnen 
radl'igt. Is this, think you , fit to be fpokert ? tycken I 
dtt later fSga fig ? (rj 1 * FIT (pARATi/s)fdrdig , redo. 
A virg n fit for a husband, giftwuxen Jungfru. Fit to 
die, beredd at do , ofkicklig at lefwa. I am not fit to go 
out, jag dr icle i jland at go. ut. Every thing is fit, 
alt dr redo. CfJ* FIT ( JEQUVs ) billig , fkdl'tg. It is 
fit for you lo to do, du har fog at g/ora det. tfy- FIT 
(conorVvs) anfidndig. A thing not fit to be named, 
det fom icke med hoflighet kan ndmnas. Wore than was 
fit , mera dn fig borde. 

*To FISK , Isl. FUS, promtus , cupidus. FTSA. Sueth. 

f6sa , infligare. 
**FIT , Isl. &■ Goth. FIT, nexura. FITIA , confucndo 

neclcre, FITLA , adpararc. FITE ,\opir» Uria. 

FIT, 5. arbetande och an/liter i en fjukdom, CONFLlcTVt 
inter N ati/ram if morbum. A fit oi an ague , an- 
fiot af en frojfe. Cr5".To do a thing by fits and girds, 
gjora nogot ofladigt , Jkoftals , pa owijfa lider. (£/* 
FIT (RAPTUS ) ryckning , plotflig lufla. If the fit takes 
me , if the fit comes upon me , om del kommer mig I 
hufwudet. tfr" To be-in a drinking fit or humour, kaf- 
wa fan fig fore at dricka och fupa. Qj* A fit of very 
hot weather , he:t, dof-warmt v/dder. r£f- A fit of love, 
kdrleks-fiuka, kdrlcks-brunfi. CO* A mad fit, a fit of 
madnels, yra, galenfkap , raferi. A fit of the mother, 
ttnfloi af modren. In a drunken fit, i fyllan. In z 
fighting fit, i flagstnals-yra. In a fcolding-fit , i irdt- 
yra. Come, ftrike up and give us a fit , wdlan, fpel up 
en corant. 

To FIT, V. A. lempa, bcreda , fk'icka , laga , beqwem 
gjora, APTARE. To fit every thing for a journey, 
Jkicka alt i ordning til en refa. You muft fit your 
humour to it , dn mafle lempa dig dercfter. o^» This 
doesnot fit my turn, det pajfar fig icke for mig. 05=- To 
FIT one (par PARI REFERRE ) ge en fa godt igen 
{om en owettig) 1 fitted him, jag gaf honom fit godt 
fom han fende. c5= Pray fit me with that, kdre , Idt 
mig fa det. Ctjr" To FIT or match, para, fortera ihop. 
(Xjp- To fit Out a fleet , utreda en flotte. Ctj* To fit UP, 
Jidda til retta, lilpynia, inreda.tfj* To FIT, V. N.{coN- 
crvere) fpeaking of clothes ,flioes ire. pafj a fig, wa- 
rd I igom, font fkor , kldder tyc. Thefe ftoes fitme er 
fit my feet , deffa fkor dro lagom at mig. 

FITLY , Adv. tjenliga , lempcliga , APTE. 

FITNESS, S. tjenlighei, lempa, APTITVdo. Fitted, 
Adj. tjenlig gjord, paffad, lempad. Fittednefs , lemp- 

FITTING, Adj, fkickelig , anftdndig, lagom, APTUS. 

FITCH or Vetch, 5. wick , trandrt, via A. tft FITCH 
or Fitchew {viverra) et fags lekatt. o5r" FITCH 
(PEIVICILIVM ) malarc-horfle , penfel. 

FITCHET, S. fpets, udd^cvspis. Ex. Crofs-fitchet, 
fpetfigt kors. 

FITTER, S. bit , bete, fiycke, SEGMENTVM. To cut 
in fitters , hugga i flycken. 

*FIVE , Adj. fern, nuiN^VE. 05- Five- foot , fijern- 
fifk i wefira hafwet. 

To FIX, V. A. fdffa, ftadga, fjgerS. To fix a gun, 
rikta et fiycke. (^ To fix a bufinefs , befluta , gjora 
aftal om en fiak. To fix a day for a bufinefs , 
fdtta dag til en forrettning. ff> To fix one's felf 
fomewhere , fidttet fig ned nogorfidds , til ndring. 05* 
To fix upon a fit (ubjecft , wdlja nogot tjenligt emne. 
OCT" To fix upon a refolution , fatta et befiut. 05* 
To fix an ill report upon one, fprida onit rykte om 
en. Fixation , Vid. fixing. 

FIXED , Adj. fdft, befluten, fiadgad , fixvs , DECRE- 
Tus. The fixed ftars, fix-ftjernorna. Fixed bodies, idta, 
fafla kroppar. OS* Fixed upon or made choice of, 
utwald. cS=- FIXED or intent, p'tckhogad pa nogot. 
Fixednefs , /. dhoga. Item kroppars fafthet. Fixt , Vid. 

FIXING or Fixation, 5. fladgande .fSrordnande , fdflan- 
de, F1RMAT10. Item Chymifk operation at gjSra krop- 
par fafla. 

FIZGIG, S. ljufler, HARPAGO. C5* FIZGIG or fisgig 
(LVSl/S FVERIlIs)et pojkfpel. Item et flags fyrwdrken. 
T 5 


*FivE, M:GotIi. FIMF, A:Sax. FIF , juin^ue. 


•To FIZZLE , V. A. prutta , fifa fakla ,/ma-fiJa , 3VF- 

PF.dere. Fizzlcr , /. fifare. Fizzle, fmS-fis. 
**FLABUY, Adj. blSt, flatng , pluftg , mollis. 

D t labie . / Vii - Fin - 
FLACCID. Ad). Jiapp , j'wag, fSrjallen, iLACCIDUS. 
** 'FLAG, 5. Vid. Sjo-Regift. (&* flag ( cannaz 

species ) et flags hwajf. 
To FLAG, V. A. Jirfwaga, /lappa , maim, langvj- 


RE ) wij'na , flrfala , aflyna (prop. & Jig.) Flagging 

ears , htngandc iron. * His ftile flags , hans ftyl dr 

FLAGELET or flageolet , S.pipa, fistula. 
FLAGITIOUS, Adj. la/lbar , neslig , fkdndelig , FLA- 


FLAGON, S.flajka, lace* a. A flagon of beer, Sl-flajka. 

FLAGRANT, Adj. brinnande , hit , ELAGRANS. 05r" 
FLAGRANT ( VEHEMENS) if rig , hdftig. OS* FLA- 
GRANT (MAKIFESTUs) klar, upenbar. 05*FLAGRANT 
or notorius, ilia beryktad, fasltg. Flagrancy or Fia- 
grantnels , /. hete , hdfiighet , klarhel , Vid. Adj.] 

**'**FLAIL, S. flaga at trSfka med , TRIBVLA. 

* J, FLAKE , S. flinga, eldgnifla, SECMENTUM.SCIKTIL- 
la. K5* A flake ot fnow, fno-flinga. o5* A flake of ice, 
is-fiinga. Flakes of Cod-fifh, fmd ftycken af kokad torfk- 

To FLAKE , V. A. fkala , decorticare. 

*6,FLAM, S.faga, drafwel , ISgn, foreviendning, FIC- 


FLAMBOY , S. fakla , eacvla. To light one with a 

flamhoy , lyfa en med fakla. 
FLAME, S. ISga , flamma. * He is the univerfal 

flam? o:"al! the fair fex, hela konet dr uptdndi til ho- 

nom. K5* To fet all in a flame, fticka alt i brand, 

fdtta i fZrwirring. 
To FLAME, V. N. ISga , Idgas, flammam emitte- 

RE. The fire begins to flame , elden begynner laga up. 

* A foolifh zeal that flames out into rebellion, etda- 

ragtigt nit font utbrijlcr i upror. Flaming or flamy, Adj. 

Idgande , brinnande. 
FLAMINGLY, Adv. bitterliga, grymeliga, FLACRANTER, 

Ex. Flamin^ly impious, forfkrdckeliga ogudaktig. 
FLAMMIFEROUS, Adj. eldfdngd , ikflammabilis. 
FLANGE, 5. et par jernjkrufwar at hdjta tunnor med, 


FLANK, ,V. Ijumfke , ilia. To fet upon the enemy in 
the flank, anfalla fienden pd fidan. The flank of a 
baftion , fiian af en baflion. Flankonade or Flanconade, 
anfall pa fidan. 

To FLANK, V. A. or flrengthen with flanks, Jldrka 
p.' ftdorna , latera prAlMVSIRe. Flanked, Adj. 
med fidvdrn firfedd. Flanker,/, [id-wdrn. 

FLANKS, S. broil pa ryz°cn af heflar , VULS'US EQUI- 
NUM. hem plethotijk fjukdom. 

To fizzle, Goth. FTSA ,/tifftare. Fis, flatus. 
"FLABBr, S»eth. FLABB , bucca, labium pendulum. 

FLABBIG, biuculcntus. 
** *Ft AG , Sueth. FIAGE , flatus. flAgta , venio a- 

"""FLAIL, Smoland. Goth. PLAGJEL , tribula. 
*;,fLAKE, Isl. FLAKA, diff cinder e . FLAK., Sueth. 

FLAKE , porno disfeHa. Hue refer FLITCH. 
•6, FLAM, Isl. FLAM, f lit*., carmen famojum. FLIMT, 

nuga) infamis, 


FLANNEL, S.flancl , fannvs lasevs tzriDKitsis. 

A flannel ftirt , flanel-Jkjorta. 

FLAP, S. flag med flata handen, alafa. To give one 
a flap, orflla en. 05* FLAP (PENDVLVM.) flabb. Ex. 
{&■ The flaps of a Ihoe, plSj'ar. 05" The flaps of the 
ear, or-tib. 05 s The flap that covereth the whittle 
of the throat, tungfpen. ■)" To give one a flap with a 
fox's tail (to gull him) fpela en et puts. C5* A fly- 
flap , flug-j'mell.t. 

To FLAP , V. A. plitta, fld en med flata handen, r AL- 
MA percvtere. 05" To flap or to flap down, V. 
N. ( propekdere ) floka, j'om en hatt. Flapped, 
Adj. (lagen , orfilad. Flapping , / Vid. To flap. 

To FLARE, V, N. fladra fom et ljus for wddret , FLtf- 
ctuare. (X^.To flare in one's eyes, bhga , fe fiar- 
fynt pa en. Flaring, Adj. fSrblindande. 05 s " A flarin' 
fop , en grann fprett-hSk. 

*FLASH, S.hafligt, hiftigt utbrott , IMPETUS. 0> 
A tlafh of fire , en uplagandc eld. Cf5* A flafll of light- 
ning , en bltxt. CtS* A flafh of water , watn-jawalp, fom. 
flyger in utien bat. Qry A flafli of the eye ,Sgne-blink. 
He has fine flafhes of wit, hanhar fina v/aekra injall. 
CCf FLASH ( Jactaxtia) jhryt , loft prat. A man 
that is but a flafh , an empty man , et tom-fkalle, en 
fidt karU . 

To FLASH, V. N.blixta, ljunga, emicare. OS"" To 
FLASH 'assilire) favialpa til, fom watn. 

FLASHY, Adj. plo'.flig , haflig , SUBITANEVS. o5* 

FL ASHr or waterifh (i.vsipidvs) fkell,watnagtig. ffj» 

FLASHY (FATVVS ) utan fSrftdnd i fit tal. Flattings, 

f. fadant jaack. Item narrwdrk och ofmaklighet af mat. 

FLASK, S. flafka (fSdan , fom Florentiner-win kommer 

uti) LAGEWA.. Item kruthorn och lawet-dyna. 
FLASKET, S. flor korg , CALATHUS. 
FLAT, Adj. fiat, plait, fldt , planus. Flat country, 
flakt land, tfj* FLAT 'ittsiPlDVS ) 0$" A Flat or 
plain difcourfe , fldtt tal. * A flat kind of pleasure, 
en mager ro. * A flat tafte , flat , did fmak. (J^* FLAT 
or dead drink, fiatt , dufv/et dr'uka. oSr" FLAT ( EX- \ 
PLANATUs) utbakad , uttdnd , utpenad. I toldhimflat I 
and plain , ja% fade honom rent sit. * To give one a 
flat denial , gifwa plait nej. * A flat voice , lag 
flemma. O^ To take one in a flat or plain lie, beflS. 
en med upenbar lign. (X^ The flat fids of the l'word , . 
det flata af wdrjan. 


Ex. To Lay a' thing flat on the ground, Idgga nogot 
fiatt pa marken. * A flyle that falls flat here and 
there, ojcmnftyl. To found flat , ljuda flail. Flat-nofed, 
fiat-ndfot. Flat-bottonvd, fom har flat botn. Flat- 
footed , platt-fotad. 

FLAT, 5. flakt land, PLAttiTiES. K5* flats or Hal- 
lows at fea, flata, brennir.g i f/Sn , fand-refwel. o3» 
flat (lamina tectoria) tdck-plat, plat jom ijcnar 
til fkjul offer dorar. Item galleri. 

To FLAT or To Flatten , V. A. gjora flat , utpena , 
complanarf. To flat pieces for coining, fla plattar 
til mynt. o5°" To flat (insipivum redoere) 
gjSra ofmaklig, IcrtfkSmma (om tal och mat) 

FLATLY , Adv. or downright , rundt ut. He flatly de- 
nied it me , han gaf mig plan nej. 


*FL ASH , Isl. FLAS , prscipitantia. Sueth. FLVX , fu- 
blio, auoi aFLYGA, vi/lare. 


F L E 


FLATNESS , S.jemnhet af marl , tLAMTlZS. (& Flat- 
nefs of drink , dufwenkct. ctx" Flatnefs of difcourfe, 
magcthet af discurs. 

FLATTED, -Adj. or Flattened, flat gjord , (Idiad, pia- 
svs. * His fpirits are funk and flatten'd to the lowed 
degree imaginable , ham mod dr aldcUs nedfiaget. 

FLATTER (Comparative af flat) 

♦To FLATTER, V. A. fmikra, holla med en i defi ga- 
Unfkapcr , BLAND1RI. Flattered , Adj. fmikrad. Flat- 
terer ,/". /miAra™ , mai-ljugare. Flattering , A dj, fmi- 
krande. Fatteringly , Adv. fmikeragtigt. 

FLATTERY, S. dnne-lof, fmikran , ADULAT10. 

FLATTISH, Adj. flatagtig , Vid. flat. 

FLATULENT, Adj. windig, fomfirorfakar wider, riA- 
tvlentvs. Ex. Peafe and beans are flatulent meat. 
trtcr och honor dro windig mat. Flatulency , Flatulent- 
nefs or Flatuofity , f. windighet, flinhet afwdder. Fla- 
tuous , wddz'-jlinn. 

"'To FLAUNT, V.N.yfwas, gjSraflgfior , laga myc- 

ketp.lfig, brifla fig, 1SSOLEKTER SE GERERE. f 

To flaunt it, fiutfa , prunka, fwantfa , flohifera. A 
flaunting woman , et fiutfandc qwinfolk. A flaunting 
fuit of clothes , en prdl.mde klddning. 

FLAVOUR , S. hehaglig lukt eller fmak pa win , mat 
eller drick , odor sVAfis. 

***FLAAJ', S. flag a , fel uti en demant , ririUM. 05* 
A flaw of wind , hy , hafiigtwdder. C£^ Flaw in a deed, 
nullitet t cnaH. cS^ FLAW (fissvra) fpricka, flaga. 


hud, fom wexer. wid nagel-roten. A skin that has no 
flaw, et fkinn utan fel. Flawy, Adj. flagot , fel- 

. *gti%. 

FLAWN , S. e'g-pankako-, calatyrvm. As flat as a 
fia-rn, flat fom en pankaka. 

FLAX. S. I'm, llSUti. To drefs flax, anfa I'm. Un- 
dresfed flax, hSr. c3* Smoaking Flax , rykande weke, 
Ef. 42. 3. OS* Flaxcomb , hdkla. Flax-man , lin-krd- 

FLAXEN, Adj. afl\n, lir.nen , L1XTEVS. Ex. Flaxen 
{heels, linne-lakan. Gjf FLAXEN or fair hair, ljufl har. 

FLAY, Vid. Flea. To Flay, &c. Vid. To Flea, 6rc. 

****FLEA, S. loppa, pvlex. To catch a flea, taga 
tn loppa. Prov. to Have a flea in one's ear, 
hafwa loppor i ironen. 05* FLEA or fat of fwine, 
, ifler-kaflen pd ctfwin. Flea-bite, lopp-hett. Flea-biten, 
lopp-biten. * That was but a Flea-bite to you , det 
aktar du fd mycket fom lopp-hett. Flea-bit or Fleabiten, 
Adj. fpreklot. Ex. A fleabit horfe, fpreklot heft. 

To FLEA, V. A. fid, DEGIVBE RE. Kj; To FLEAorfo 
ftrip one of his money, fk'mna, draga up en pd pen- 
nin°ar (fig.) Flead ,fiddd. Fleaer, fldare. Prov. EVERY 
rdfien kommer fd ofta for gilret at han faflnar en gang. 

* 5 ,FLEAK , Vid. Hurdle. 

*To FLATTER , Isl. F LADRA , adulari. F L E T E , adula- 

trix. FLYTIA, efferre. Sueth. flAder, nugx. 
"To FLAUNT , Isl. PLANE, import unus , fatuus. FIEn- 

SARAR , gnathones. 
""FLAT, Isl. FLAGA, diffecare, veluti terram vomere. 

FLAG ,vefiigium hujus diffcBionis. Sueth. FLAGA f:g, 

'"*FIEA, Isl. FLO, pulex. Vox aptius forte c'erivanda 

aFLYGA, volare, auodh\. in prat, habet. FLO, quam 

a FLT , fugere. 
*;,FLEAK , Isl. FLEKE , rates, trater. FLACK, tabula 

mavii.a flak A, diffc'micre. 


feldfkdrs rcdfkap , til tandkittets rcnsning. OS" FLEAM 

or hame , hofflagares ddcr-jern. 
*FLECT, Adj. fleckot , fpreklot , VARIEGATUs. 
FLED, Adj.flydd, rymd , (VGA ELapsus. He is fled, 

han har flytt , rymt. 
**FLEDGE , Adj. (fit to fly out of the neft) fullf,d- 

drad, volvcer. 
To FLEDGE, V. N. blifwa full-fjddrad , PLVMESCE- 


hop find faker for en ond id. 
FLEECE, S. ull-fdll , ullkappa pdfdr ,veilus. Fleece 

of wooll , ull-ragg. 
To FLEECE one, V. A. plocka fjddrarna af en,fkinns 

en, SPOL1ARE. Item klippa far. Fleeced, Adj. klipt. 

Fleecy, Adj. fom bdr ull. Ex. A fleecy flock, cm 
***To FLEER, V. N. fiina, grina at en, IB RIDE- 
RE. Fleering, f. fi'mande. Fleerer,/. fiinare. A Fleering, 

Adj. or impudent fellow, en nJswis bengel. 
FLEET, S. fiotte , classis. A fleet of menj of war , 

en orlogs-fiotte. To put out a fleet, ru/la ut en fiotte, 
FLEET , S. gillflugan i London , et fdngelj'e for fkuldni- 

rer , CARCER LOtfD. 
**** FLEET or Fleeting, Adj. fnabb , velox. Fleet 

dogs , fnella hundar. 
To FLEET milk, V. A. fkuma fiotcn af mjSlk, DLSPU- 

MARE. Fleet-milk, affiStad mjolk. 
tTo FLEET, V. N. ftyta , flvitare. 05" To fleet 

or to remove from piace to place , fiyta omkring, wa~ 

ra r.u hdr, nu der. Fleeting , Adj. en fom wandrarom* 

kring. Our fleeting days , wart fiygtiga lefwcrne. 

FLEGM, S. flem, Flegmatick , Adj. flemmig, plusfig. 

*5, FLESH, S. kott , caro. A tough flefh , fegt kStt. 
Raw flefli , rait kilt. Dead-flefli, dSd-kott. * Theflefli 
kottet (oppofuum emot ande) Thepleafures of the flefli, 
koifens wdllufl. c5* To gather flefl) or grow plump, 
blifwa fet. God made fle/h , GUD worden kott. * To 
go the way of all flefll or to die ,gd allwerldfenswdg, 
C5* Flefll of an apple ■, alt det fom dr inom fkalet af 
et dple. Flefll-colour, kot-ferg. Fleftl-day, kit-dag. 

To FLESH, V. A. dgga , irritare. Tofleftione to a 
thing , upreta, dgga en til nooot. 

FLESHED, Adj. or encouraged, upmumrad, dggad,lfr- 
citatvs. Flefted in roguery, inbiten i Jktlm/lyclen. 

FLESHLY , Adj. kotflig, carnalis. Flefhly pleafures, 
kotfliga lufiar. Fleflily given or given to the flefll , be- 
gifwen til kotflig lufta. 

FLESHY or full of flefll, kitfull, carnevs. Fleftunefc, 
/. kotagtighet. Fleftilefs, Adj. mager. The fleflly part 
of a fifll , kotdelen af fifken. 


*FLECT , Svio-Goth. FLECKR, FLECK, macula. Isl. 

FLECKA, ovis varii coloris. 
*" FLEDGE, Isl. FLELGR, VolucrU. a Svio - Goth. 

FLYGA , volare. 
***To FLEER, Isl. FLYXA , fubridere. Sueth. PLIRA, 

oculis petulanter luderc. 
'"'FLEET, Isl. FLIOTR , citus, CiUr. TLTTA.,fefti- 

nare. Sueth. FLITIG, fedulus. 
*J, FLESH, Isl. & Sueth. FLESK, caro pingvior , lardum. 

a Svio-Goth. UK, JVLGoth. leik, A:Sax. flesc. 

caro animata , addito F & fibilo. S, ingeniofe fatii dtri- 

vat Wacht. p. 456. 

F L 1 

JXF.TCHER , S. pil-maktre , SAGTTTARt/M FABRI- 

FLEW, Imperf. Verbi. To Fly. C5* flew, Vid. Flue. 

FLEXIBLE, Adj. ISglig, Idtt-fdngd , Idragtig. Flexi- 
blenefs or Flexibility, biglighet. Flexion or Flexure, 
/. bZoeifc , bSgning , krSkning. 

•To FLICKER, Tirf. Flutter. Flie, Vid. fly. To File, 
. to Fly. 

FLIER, S. Ex. The flier of a jack, fwengaren pd en 
ftekwendare. * He is a high-flier at all games, ban 
Idgger fig uli all , font farfwen i hmar lek. 

FLIGHT, S. flygt, volatus. Swift of flight, fntll i 
fljgten. 03* A FLIGHT or company of birds , en Jlnock 
f'oglar. 05* FLIGHT (CVRVATVRA SCALE.) fwengen 
i en irjpra.tfj* FLIGHT (fvga) flykt. To fave one's 
fclf by flight , frelfa Jig med flykten. (T> FLIGHTS 
( of fancy or imagination in poetry tic. ) j'antajier , 
in/all of allehanda art i fkalde-konfl. Flight-Ihot , fil- 

**FLIM-FLEM, S. lapperi , narri, nvcm. 

FLIMSY , Adj. /lalrig , v/ek , fwag , matt, LANGVlDVs. 
Flimfincfs, wekhet, fwaghet , ftatrit;lict. 

•*'To FLINCH , V. A. & N. afftd, Sfwergifwa.ldta 
fara, gi/wa fwiga, disjstere. To flinch and quit an 
undertaking, lemna et fSretagande. U5°" To FLINCH 
or quit the fight, taga til fiykten. (&■ To FLINCH 
(i'acillare) wakla, fwinka , fwigta , icke vara up- 
riktig och ftdndfaft. OS* To flinch back , draga fig til 
rygga. Flinchcr, /. en f linker , item en fom Jwiktr i 
iryekom , (Ijil jig bort ur lag. Ov* Without flinching 
or fear , ofirfk.r3.ckt. 

••••FLINDERS, S. fmdfiycken, fmutor, IRVSTVLA. 
All to flinders , alt i fmdtter. 

* 5, FLING, S. kaft, jactvs. cr5» To fling (falle- 
RE ) fninna i kort-och terning-fpet. * A fling of fa- 
tire , bet-ord. ■(■ Every word he fpeaks he has a fling 
at fome body or other, ban talar icke et ord, titan 
at pika nogon. (jj* Fling of a horl'e , fprong af enyr 
To FLING, V. A. (lenga, kafia, jacere. To fling a ftono 
at one, ka/la enften at en. (O* To FUNG, V.N. (cALCl- 
TRARE) (13 Jf', fombeflargjlra.QCj* To fling AWAT, V. 
A. wrdka.fSrkafia. CO* To fling away or mifpend one's 
money, fSrfiSfa flr.a pengar. o5» To fling away (or 
Down ) one's life , da.-li^awaga fit lif. To fling away, 
jV. get bort. He rudely flung away from the company, 
hanftal fi> ifr'm Jdljkapct rcti oartigt-CO" To fling OUT 
a paper to the publick, lata utgtl en fkrift. CO* He 
flung UP nil at once, han Sfivcrgaf all pa en g3ng. To 
fling up the farm, upfdga arrendet. Flinger,/. kaflare. 

FLINT or Flint-flone , 5. flinta , silex. f He could get 
oyl out of a flint , hat kunde gjSra fig pengar af den 
aldrafndlafte. A Flint-glafs , kriftal-glas. Flinty , Adj. 
ftenagtig , ftenhdrd , item obeweklig. 

FLIP , S. en Engelfk fomans-drick , af SI, focker ocb 

•To flicker, A.Sax. fliccerian, Germ, flic- 
kern, motitare alas. Sueth. FLEKKRA , motitare. 

•'fLIM-FLEM, Vid. FLAM. 

***To flinch, Isl. FLANA, prxceps ferri. Sueth. 
FLAKKA, FLANICA, vagus ferri. 

••'•FLINDERS, Goth. FLINGA,/fnrfc«./7.STio-Goth. 
FLINGA , fchidia. Isl. FLEIN , cuneui, hafla bifida. 

*f,To FLING , Sueth. FLENGA., jacere. hem cum pra- 
Cipitantia ferri. Isl. FLEIGIA , jacere. efr. To FLINCH. 


FLIPPANT, Adf.'lifitg , fiink ,pratfam, gldttig, yccB- 

TVS. A flippant woman , en fiink kona. A flipptint 

tongue, en fiicU tunga. A flippant difcourfe , flytan- 

de tal. 
FLIRT, Vid. Flurt. Flit- milk, Vid. Fleet-milk. T» 

Flit, Vid. To Fleet. 
FLITCH, 5. flake , affkurit fiycke, PORTIO ABSCISSA. 

A Flitch of bacon , en flefk-fida. A flitch of wood , 

et fiycke trd, 
•FLITTER, 5. lapp, klut , (larfwa , trafa , PANNI- 

cvlus. A fuit wore all to flitters , en utnUu klddning. 

A flitter-moufe or bat , flSder-mus. 
FLITTERING, S. tjudrad heft, t^uvs in pascva 


FLITTING, Adj. Vid. Fleeting. 

fFLIX, Vid. Flux. 

ELOAT, S. flotte , rates. Ex. A float of wood going 

up or down the river, timbcr-flotte. r£p A float to a 

filhing-line, flotc pa mct-Jpu. CO" Afllip that is a float, 

et fartyg fom tlr pa flol ( af grund) 
To FLOAT, V. N. fiyta , flanka hit och dit , TLVCTVA- 

■RE. K5* To FLOAT or be in fufpence , wara wan- 

kelmodig , cmcllan hopp oik fruktan, wild-radig. Cj* To 

FLOAT Cflvitare ) Ugga ISs ( om t dndar pi en w£f) 
To FLOAT, V. A. fenka , ISgga under wain, SUB- 

MERGERE. OS* To FLO AT (COLARE) fila ifraa 

FLOATED , Adj.fenkt, svbmersvs. All the meadows 

are floated, alia engarna (la under watn. 
FLOATING, S. or Flotages, flytande waror, Rlf 

kat antes &c. Vid. To Float. Floating, Adj. Ex, 

a floating bridge , fiot-brygga. 
FLOCK, S. flock, hop, caterva. A Flock offlieep, 

en far-fkock. A Flock of geefe , en gas-fkock. 05* A 

Flock or multitude of people, en folk-hop. OS* Flock 

of wool, ull-knippa. A Flock-bed , ull-feng. 
To FLOCK together, V. N. fiockas ihop , fkocka fig, 
ftrfamlas , congregari. They flock to himfromall 

parts , de komma hoptalt til honom ifran alia ortcr. 

Flocking, f. 3 flocking of people, (kockning af folk. 

Flood, Vid. Floud. 
To FLOG, V. A. fla, gifka , baft', VERBERARE. 

Flogged , Adj. bafad. 
FLOOK, 5. klon pa et ankar , VKCVS \AtJCBORM. 
••FLOOR, 5. golf, pavimekti/m. cS" An houfe 

that has two rooms of a floor, et hits fom har tu runt 
pa botnen. The ground floors, ncderfia waningen.^j' 

A FLOOR or. a barn-floor, ladu-loga. 
To FLOOR , V. A. golf-Ltgga, golftva, contarvia- 

RE. Floored, Adj. golf-lagd. Flooring, /. golfning, 

FLOREE, 5. fltumct i en ferg-panna , SPt/MA. 
FLOREN, Vid. Florin. 
FLORENCE, S. llorentiner - win. FLORENCES, f. 

FLOKET-filk, Vid. Ferret. 
FLORID, Adj. blomft-rande , item fSrblommerad j PLO- 

RlEVs. A florid ftile, utHomjlrad, fwajfande fkrif-art. 

Floridnefs, prydeli'het i tal och fkrifwande. 


•FLITTER , Isl. FLET1A, pannus gr osfus & rudis. FLET, 
IcBifiernium vile. Sueth, FLITTER , ' difcriminalia. 

**FLOOR, Goth, flor , pavimentum. Sueth. Flbus- 
FLOOR, pavinentum bovinum. 



A FLORIN, S. en gulden (et mynt af dtfkilHgt vrcrdc) 


FLORIST , S. blomfler-fitmlare ,f»m mcdUommor ungai, 

FLORY , S.jkryteri, Jactantia. 

FLORY ,-Vid. Flurry. Flotages , Fid. Floating. Flore, 
Vid. Float. To Flote , Vid. to Float. Floting , Vid. 

FLO TSON or Flotzam , S. flyt-fd , fkeps-brutit gods , 
flrand-wrak, MERCES NAUFRAGM. 

FLOTTEN, Adj. affkumad. Flotten or fleet milk, 

♦FLOUD , S. fiod , flodande , ik