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Full text of "English and Tamil dictionary, containing all the more important words in Dr. Webster's Dictionary of the English language"

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In preparing this second edition of the English and Tamil Dictionary, all 
the words in Dr. Webster's complete work, which are thought to be of practical 
utility to missionaries or civilians among the Tamil people, or to Tamil youth 
who are studying the English language, have been most carefully added to the 
old edition, and each word defined by one or more Tamil synonyms. 

The different shades of signification and some idioms are arranged under each 
word, forming, to a considerable extent, a substitute for a phrase book. As the 
words are divided, accentuated, and defined according to Dr. Webster's latest 
edition, the work will be to all Tamil lads who study English, to a great degree, a 
substitute for an English Dictionary. 

The Tamil synonyms may be depended upon, with a very few unavoidable 
exceptions, as gopd classic words, which are generally arranged so that those most 
common are placed first. 

Mathematical, astronomical, and other scientific words, are those taken from 
native works, as far as such works have been examined, and in foreign words, the 
synonyms are made from pure Tamil or Sanscrit combinations. A single word is 
always preferred to a description. 

In a very few cases, where it was thought the learner would be assisted, repeti- 
tions have been allowed. 

This edition contains thirty-six thousand seven hundred and thirty -seven Eng- 
lish words, being an enlargement of eight thousand nine hundred and eighty-four 
over the first edition ; and sixteen thousand five hundred and eighteen significations 
and uses of words — an increase, in this particular, of four thousand four hundred 
and ninety-seven. Not only as to enlargement, but in respect to accuracy of defi- 
nition, division, and arrangement of the different significations, this edition is believ- 
ed to be a great improvement upon the previous one. 

OoDooviLLE, Jan. 1, 1852, 








A, art. ^(75, ^/i. 

A-back', adv. i^pffnujeuniu^ d/ssreaf 


A-baft, adv. LSI&fresrsssfluj^^d))^ ^uji^^ 
A-ban'don, V. a. eSltLQ^sSlQ^eo^ <ssi<s(sB 

®^&)^ Sl^^^6\)^ l3lfl^^<S0^ (a^60ds6\}. 

A-ban'don-ed, fl. ^<3n-(er^ui^iun(osr^ ^{^^ 
^, <SLA}<surTesr^ (sSIl-uulLi^^ (sSleoQesr. 
as wicked, Q,£fl1z_, ^lu^ Osfru^tu. 
fellow, QsLl.LSij(osry ^wjgar, Qanuf. 

woman, <qjs=(sSIj^lL.<ss)L-, 
A-ban'don-er, s. (SB)S(5:Sl®S)p(su<^y (sSIlL 

A-ban'don-ing, ) <s6)<sB(2SI(ElGD<s5y(ipjbp 
A-ban'don-ment, * i ^^pdeas^ ^(siri^ 

A-hsise^v. a. ^fTip^^^(S\)^ Qu^uu®^^^ 

one's self, ^(^'^ssr^^trj^^^^eo ^ ^eor 
A-base'ment, 5. ^fTi^<sii^ @i^®/? rSfji—^ 
A -bash', V. a. <5seo<S(^^&)^ s^s^uuessr^y 

to be abashed, seotki^^eOy «i_<9r^6U, 


A-bash'ment, s. s^^^ih^ ld'Sswul^, Qstr 


A-bat'a-ble, a. (^<sB)pd<sd3^i^uj^ ^esS 
A-bate, V. a. (^osyp^^eo^ s\^^^&d^ ^ 

in law, LD^^^iOj ^<srr(6ifj^6U, i§d(^^ 

6U, mnp^^Gd. 
A-bate', v. w. ^osS^io^ ^^^^^ ^'^(S 

^eo^ (^(oG)p^60» 
A-bate'ment, 5. (^(ssipeij^^efrdsuD^^essfj 


A-bat'er, s« (^<sDp<sQp<sua!r<j ffsamwu 

essr^l/Qp^nm'^ s^srraSI. 
Ab'ba, s. ^uu<ssr^ iSl^n^ ^ib(oS)^. 
Ab'bess, 5. ^ii)(Sa)/LD, <53)iJ(SZD/x)^^'8su(aS/, <s 

esreoB ld i__^^'260 eSI . 
Ab'bey, s. ^pQ6urTiT(SurT-s:i£)^ ^^sresffturr^ 

Ab'bot, s. LDL-ufi^ LDi—rr^ufi. 
Ab-bre'vi-ate, v.a. ^(3«(5^6i), ^i-.s^ 

to be abbreviated, <s?(t^iej(^^go^ (^^(S 

Ab-bre-vi-a'tion, s. <3?0sswy(^rSlut-i^^ 

Ab-bre'vi-a-tor, s. s?0<s(^Qp€u&n-j (^ 

Ab'di-cant, 5. eSIQQpeijdr. 
Ab'di-cant, a. eSIQQp. 

A t 


t • » 

4 * ^ 

Ab'di-cate, V. o. i§d(^^eOy <sSl tLQeSKSi^ 




Ab-di-ca'tion, s. <aSI(bl<5s>Sj ^(Sfr(Sf^0D<sB. 
Ab-do'men, 5. ^i^enuS^^ Qt^SijaS^. 
Ab-dom'in-al, a. ^L^(suuSlpg}j3;s®^^. 
Ab-duce', 15. «. ^q^^^go^ iSlffl^Q^®^ 

Ab-duc'tion, 5. LSIfFl^Q^®<s(5!Ds^ ^usffl 


of a female, Grv^rflCDS=mru:). 

Ab-duc'tor, 5. LSl<^(o^(ipd(^L£if5rri})L]^ ^ 

A-be-ce-da'ri-an, 5. ^(flsiJifispQunm^ 

SjLL<3=ijQps<ohr^ r5(ayLDfr(^s)<s5sesr. 
A-bed', adv. u®d&j)<suSle0^s=iU(sarLD[TLu. 

Ab-er'rance, ) (Si$?s\)(^<5zo«, <suL^LDrr 
Ab-er'ran-cy, ' ) (TTf-LLi—Lb^ ^gu^jj-, (^p 

Ab-er-ra'tion, 5. ^(Siy^, ^ul/, (Si}(Lg. 
of mind, wiussld.^ ld&^ldujssu)^ llh 



in astronomy, (sSlihuuiSlpifiGij^ S'^ 


A-bet',v. a. ^.^(si^^eo^ ^6^(Sl^60^ ^i— 
uu®^^io,^ giqSIgSKSi^go,) ^lL(SI^60. 

A-bet'tor, s. (3j(oS\<sSl®QpQjm^ ^lL®Qp 
<aiJ(5or^ ^^GssriuiTeffl-) <sSluj(SiJm. 

A-bey'ance,s. ,srT^^(7^<sQD<ss^ ^rfiirurriT^ 
^6d^ <ourr<Qi^unrr^^eO. 

Ab-hor', V, a. ^^^n^di^^do^ Qsu^^^ 

Ab-hor'rence, 5. Qsu^uLj^^0eij(7^uLj^ 

Ab-hor'rent, a. Q<au^dQp^^QrrrT&<sQ 
p^ ^0<QU(7^dQp,f uuSiTuurT<our. 
contrary to, erfirrfresr^ e^djojrr^^ Qpjr 
<^^(osr^ (snlQrrn'^LDrTesr. 

Ab-hor'rent-ly, acZt?. Q(su^uurruj^ epsu 

Ab-hor'rer, 5. Ooj^uQurrekj u(oS)su 

A-bide', V. a. ^Q^^6\)^Qun^^^G0^ ^rr 


by one's word, Q^npsiT^^&)^ Qa^np 



A-bide', ?;. n. ^m}(^^eo^ ^{fl^.^GO.,^(f^^^ 

by a thing, QSlL-rrLDpiSli^^^G).^ s^n^^ 
A-bid'er, s. <surTS^LDUGsur^ijQp<sv<^^ gjQ 


A-bid'ing, 5. /^"Ssu, (Sijn3=LDU6ssr^u<5tDs^ 
A-bil'-i-ty, 5. ^rrrrGssfl^ ^LUGOi^^s^rrLDiT^^ 

Abject, a. pftssrQpefreir^ GrerfJiUj ^iBn^. 
Ab-jec'tion, s. ft-gstld^ Qu^<ss)lci^ ^<sii<s<suD^ 

Ab'ject-ly, acZz?. FP(ssrLDfnu^^Lff<sijfTiJU^Si^ 


Ab'ject-ness, s. ^L^Q/, ^isrruuii), fp^sr 

Ab-ju-di-ca'tion, s. ^ eir (Gf^ <ss) s ^ eS Q 

Ab-ju-ra'tion, s. ^^sm-uSlLLQeSlLLQeiSlQ 

Ab-jure^iJ.a. ^2ssaruSJLLQGSlLl.Q(sSl®^G}^ 
s^u^lSI lL®gSI®^go^ (ipp^iB^(sir<offl(2S 
®^GOy qppp^^p^^go . 

Ab'la-tive, (cases) a. ^&)^ cg^^^ 9® 5 g? 

A'ble, a. <aUG0Gi)u(ip<3(re(r^ ^nfTGssfJLLjGfrefr.^ 
QuGOQpefrGfr^ s^iTLDiT^^LUQpGfrefr^ ^^ 
^(syQpefTGfr^ ^tnmp. 
bodied, Qugo^^^ &-ir^^. 
to be able, gj^^go^ ^uj^^GOy Qjfgo 

he is able to walk, /^L-iJu/rssr. 
he is able to read, (sun^uunm'. 
A'ble-ness, s. ©y6^6\)Lj/i), s^fTLDir^^tuu:)^ 

Ab'lu-ent, a. ^^^i^Qs=ujQp^s(ip(Si^Qp. 
Ab-lu'tion, s. (ip(ip<s(^^ ^etfluLj^ ehfBrr 

A'bly, adv. QsLLu^LUfTLu^ fipLDrruj^ <sugo 

Ab-ne-ga'tion s. ld^ulj, ^<5n-(Gr^uis^. 
A-board', adv. Q^rrGssflaSlGO^ Q^ncssBd^ 

err, suugoColdgO. 
A-bode', s. ey/r<F/i), ©?©, g)L_ii), (^L^aS 



A-bol'ish, V. a. ^m (&T,^eii ^ Qo^^^^eo^ ^ 

A-boPish-a-ble, a. ^&r(S(r<s.ff^L^uj^ i§<ss<s 

A-bol'ish-ed,j3r. ^(sir(ofruuLLt—^i§<s5<SLJu 

lLi—^ ^'L^<ssuulLl—. 
A-bol'ish-er,s. ^(Sfr(eT^Q<sij{Tm^sj[^i^^i-i^ 

A-bol'ish-ment, | ^(SfrcGmo^s^ i§<s(^ 
Ab-o-lhion, ^' ^ q^s, ^ifiuLj, (^ 

A-born'm-a-ble, a. ^(7^€U(7^uurT(osrj ^ 

lie, uQQufTUJ^ <3?^^uQuiTlJUj ^ITlh^ 

A-bom'in-a-ble-ness, s. ^(i^^q^^(^ ib ^ 

A-bom'in-a-bly, adv. ^(rK<sij(muufTUJ^ u 

A-bom'in-ate,2?. fl. ^nKsn^rR^^eo^Qoj^ 

A-bom'in-a-tion, s. ^q^<s>j(i^ul^^^QititQ 
iJLy, ^(oirrrs=Ljb^ (^p&^Lh-, Q^u^ulj. 
in a Bible sense, u<5G)s^ c^<5r^, ^s?^ 

Ab-o-rig'in-al, a. ^f5fT^LuiT(Ssrj L^/fo^.^, 

Ab-o-rig'in-es, pi. s. LjjQ^<su(^i^<s<sfr^ <9?lu 

A-bor'tion, S. <S5(T^(SUL£j(al^^ <S(tKUU<fQ<olD^ 

of a beast, ^^^^(^lLu^.^ s<otDrrsan-^',^ 
to cause abortion, <s(t^qjl^^^<50.^ <sqku 

to suffer abortion, <S(7^qjl^^(so^ s(mu 

as applied to trees, &.fiiTsinu<j Qunib 

to grain, sQ^s^rrLU^ SQ^&seo^ Oojeikr 

A-bor'tive, a. ^(Sii(frj><oor^ &^^aSl€\)&)fT^j 


to prove abortive, v.n. ^<3i'^^6\}j^ui^ 

A-bor'tive-ly, adv. ^<su0'lu^ ^ud(^(su 

A-bor'tive-ness, s. l^cF®, (Shq^., urTU^^(sS 

(i^^/r, j^ugOljd. 
A-bound' v. n. Qs=L^^^eo^ L£l(^^eo^ Os= 

K-howM prep, upr^.^ (^fSl^^-, sf-LLu^^ 

this, ^(m^uupfS. 

none about me, <oT(ckGsflL-^^<oSl<50'^. 

A-bout', adv. (ip(^LS!m'(^s.f QlLl—^^ 
L-i—.^<ojps(^os)puj.^ ^(Sfr<siirrs.^ mLLi—fT 
Sy Quneo. 
as around, ^pr^^ih^ @iP? <5F6i)(Si/, <ai/ 

right, ^{flQuirQeo. 

such a time, ^^[Biu<sn<5dih. 

ten, u^^uQuneo^ u^^i3(r<s^<s(^. 

to go, Qun<suQurr(^^<s^-f QurrseiSI^ 

to walk about, ^tfl^eo^ ^-eO[T<si\^GO^ ib 

A-hb\e'^prep. and adv. Qld&)^ ^lujIj ^ 

a month, <s^Q^LDn^^^(^QLDQGO.^ ^0 

computation, s6sord(^d(^(DLDpuLLL^ 
^j (oressrsssflpiB^^^ ^ssssfl^uDrresr^, 
ten, u^^S(^QLD<io^ u^^-ss^sih. 
cited, mentioned, said, QuopOs^rrioeSI 

his business, ^<5srQ<Sij%sos(^QLD<sO[T(osr.f 

as heaven, ^^m-eur^ii)^ e-Lurnh^ ^-^^ 

A-breast', adz?. ^ffl^uji^^'BsssrLUfTUJ. 
as opposite, GT^nfrtL^ ^i^QP'StDniJu^ 

to go abreast, 3=iB<suiTuQu(r(^^<so., ^ 

A-bridge', ?'. a. <9^(^d(^^d\}y (^^s^^ 
to be abridged, (^^(^^©0,<^(T5y5y(^^6\), 



A-bridge'ment, s. ^(v^ssih^ ^i—dsih, 
(^riSuLfy (^gjjiaub^ Qutri^uL\^ <3FrEj 

A-broad', adv. QtsuaflQiu^ ^inDns^ ^ 

Ab'ro-gate, 15. a. j^L^^^eo^ iLirp^^io^ 

Ab-ro-ga'tion, 5. ^ero^si/, ^&ri^uL^^ <5 

Ab-rupt', a. s=®fiujfT(Ssr-f fi(Sl<3?^(n^<sar. 
answer, u(Sl<3S!ss)i—j (^/b^(ss)irj s®(2SI 

departure, ^Q6?^(Trj>djuQu[r^G0^ <f® 
entrance, ^(Sl3k-(irj>dj€U(r^^io. 
manner, Q€>j®Q€ijQuufr(oarQurrfEj(^^ 

person, Q^jesBri—.n^^'^ajdir^ Q(aij®d 
«565r, ^^^^£L/63r, Q<suLLQ<oS)F<smresr, 

as steep, craggy, Q^iEj(^^^rr<osr^ Qfs^ 
ujiTLDfresr^ rS^^LLL-LDfrear. 
Ab-rup'tion, s. a_(SZDz_Q/, i3ifl<si^^ unSI<sij^ 


Ab-rupt'ly, ac?t\ ^Q^ih^rruCourrCoeo., ct 

Ab-rupt'ness, s. <f®^, Qs^mj^^^. 
Ab'scess, s. €^(SI<sslL®j Beoih^y (sSIulj 

Ab-scind', V. a. Q^^^^e^^^ ^^^^eo^t5 

Ab-scis'sion, s. Q®jlL®<sid<s^ Qs^^ulj. 
Ab-scond', v. n. ep<s(fl^^sQ<ssrT<sir(ef^^&)y 

i£><3S)p k^Qu n^ed . 
Ab-scond'er, 5. ^(srfl^^sQ<srT(sirQ<surr^f 


Ab'sence, s. ^eoeorresiLD^ ^(^(sauiy <9«_ 

Ab-sent', (one's self) v. eiJ!T{n£>ed(sSl(Si^<sd^ 

to be absent in mind, Ljeoms'^eorB^ 

Ab'sent, a. ^^eon^y &k.L-<Bl9iTrr^^ ^lL 

person, euirrr^(SU(sn-^ 3?>-L-.(oSliTn^(SiiQsr. 
in my absence, iEneS60G0rr^Q<3n'^.^(sn 

Ab-sen-tee', s. eiJirrr^€iJ<^^ i§i5jQGsr<Sij<ssr^ 

Ab'so-lute, a. <5f^^, ejs^ ^euff-, si-tu^^ 
. iTLDfreorLDrreor. 
certainty, Qp(ipS^s=Lutx). 
deity, ^63^^,5 <5z_(Si/(sfr J (ojs<su6w^^ <5i_ 
(oif<sfr^ <oj <ga u u 6ar . 

lie, ,3f-^^uQurrLu^ uJ=(oa),3=uQurTtLiy u 
®G)ufruj.f QPQSiuQumu. 
monarch, (sjsrr^ufi^ <fff-ujnfiufi^ ^<s^ 

pardon, QpaDLjQun^^-^LiiT<oasruQun 


solitude, ^&!r€srih^&jfl^ (srsnih^ih^ ^esfJ 


Ab'so-lute-ly, ac^v. <3r^^LDrrdj.^^uL\rr6ijn 
Ab'so-lute-ness, s. s?^^ihy <9rUJii), ^sw/? 
Ab-so-lu'tion, 5. i§rEJ(^^6\)^ LD&sresi^uL^^ 

s^esnh^ urT€uuiHsmru3. 
Ab-solv'a-to-ry, a. iDm'eaBds^^ssy (sS 
QLDrT<Fesr(Lp(S(r(srr^ urftsfBds^^ds. 

Ab-solve', V. a. LD(^6sf}^^eo^ eSIQ^'^LUfT 

Ab-solv'er, s. iD(SGr€affuu(Su&!r.y uit<oD(qiS 

QiLfr^esffj un-(suufflarrffl. 
Ab-sorb', w. a. <SiJrTiEJ(^^eo^ (SjtjL^^eo, a. 

heat, srTi5^Q<3SfT<3{r(^^eo^ snih^^eo^ 

humors in the body, ^uj^^eo^ (Su/b/Du 
ueaor^ll^iOy sf-6ujb^^ed. 
to be absorbed, (sup^^eOy <3f-6u^^60. 
to be absorbed in mind, iDesnoL^^iB^ 



Ab-sorb'ent, s. (^L^ds^^<s<s^^ ^.fSi(^ 

s^^^ss^y ^0fSl(^Q^ lirreufTiEjQ* 
Ab-sorb'ent, a. ^fSI(i^<f^^ds^ eurriiis^ 



Ab-sorp tion, 5. s.fjS(^<9f-(smSy <sSl(Lpfa(^ 
in a heathen sense, ^/rii/<F^ujtz), ^gy^ 

Ab-stain', t>. w. ©96\)(5^6U, ^eSln^eo^ <sSI 

Ab-ste'mi-ous, a. e^nj/uuiT6sry^L-<s<s5LDfr 
Ab-ste'mi-ous-ly, adv. fps^uutrib^ ^/_ 

Ab-ste'mi-ous-ness, 5. ^u.dsix)y ^m<sor 

Ab'sti-nence, s. s^^ulj.^ ^(^(osri—d-silij 

as fasting, ^^u(2uns'LDy (sSlir^i})^ QfSfT 

Ab'sti-nent, a. 6^^uurr(sary^L—<ssLDfT<osr. 
Ab'sti-nent-ly, adv. e^^uunib^ ^L—d<s 


Ab'stract, s. s^q^^sld., ^t—dsih^ Q^n 


in the abstract, s0^^(Su<oiD<sujfTs<) 
Ab-stract', v. a. iSlrfl^Q^Q^^eOj <3i-0d(^ 

mentally, <s0^^<su<oS)SLUfTLuuufTiT^^ 
60, LDesr^/biSlffl^^eOy eresoresared^ S0 

as take secretly, ^usifl^^eo^ seuh^ 
61), Qs^rrrr^^eo. 
Ab'stract, a. i3(fl<siin<ssr.f ^€sf}<ss3ii>ujrresry 


contemplation, i5j<srrih^&iBGD^y (ojsrrih 
idea, s0^^uQufT0<s(ry ^^Qesrsmr 


subject, LDrrear^uL9jTLDiT<ssnru3-f ^oTesaressr 

ierm^ (^essruQuLuiTy uemLjuQuLuir. 
Ab-stract'ed, a. LSIffliB^^ Q^ih^^ ^l^lus 

Ab-stract'ed-ly, adv. i3if}(sun^^ ^gsFIQuu^ 

Ab-stract'ed-ness, s. iSlrfleijy LSrfl<siJrT(Ssr^ 


Ab-stract'er, 5. ^(7^di^Q<sijn6Br^QunL^LJ 

Ab-strac'tion, s. iSlffloj^ Quujireij^ iSlrFlu 

mental, LD<osrLJLSffl(Sify s(r^^^<sij(ots)&y ld 

of mind, (57 .5^/5 63)^, (oisnih^ih^ LD6ar<su 

L-.<SB<3SUDy lJD(oSrQ<oiJfT®S<SLDy QiUrTSlh* 

ascetic abstraction, j^/^ei/, eSlL-UJiifij 

<56X), ^IT<S1^. 

as absence of mind, uit(t<s(^.^ ldQ(^s= 

Ab'stract-ly, adv. LSIiffojauj., iSlfflih^^ ^ 

eafl^^y ^6fff}(SiDLC)iurTUJy Qunifiuunuj. 

Ab'stract-ness, 5. ^6sff(otDLD^ LD6sruL9rHeijy 


Ab-struse', a. s^^GOrresr^ '^l^'^-> ^P^ 

s^LDn<o6r^ i£>(oGipQu[T(i^<3{rn€sr. 
Ab-struce'ly, adv. sq^sgohuj.^ nxsiDpOurr 

Ab-struce'ness, s. sq^sgo^ LD€S)pQufT0 

err, ^l^lus(7^^^, 
Ab-surd', a. ^cF^^oj, Sj^^i Lo^uS'esr 

LDrTearyLj^^<s(^<ESIQjTn'^LDn'esry <ss)u^^ 

lULDtreGTy ^eo<3iJi^<ssn'<osr. 

notion, idea, &c. <5S)u^fiLU(5T6sar6aaru3<y 

story, e^(^(SijrT<s<sGD^y sLL(Sl<SfS(oSi^., s 
Ab-surd'i-ty, s. ^.f^^tnih, LD^uSearihy 

Ab-surd'ly, «rfv. LD^uSesTLDmb^ e^ojevrr 

A-bund'ance, s. Linemih^ lSI^^, (sjun&r 

LDy LD<5srr. 
A-bund'ant, a. Luressr^ tSli^ih^y <5Jirfr(S(r 


to be abundant, Q^L^^^eo^ s^^^eo^ 

A-buse', 5. QsQ^eOy i5iLL-uu(5l<ssiSy 
as bad language, <57<F<5r, tJt^uL/,^^©^ 

of a thing, u(Lp^fT<osrQjip<ssix)yQsQy is 



of language, s(7^^^uLjiTLLQ^uujm-Lj 

[TL-®^ Qs=rT/bi-iiTLLQ. 

of property, eSsmQs^eOei^^ j^lSjulj. 

of one's powers, ^^^(S)jiEjQ<s®^^(sd^ 

u (Lp^ u ®s;^&3 . 

as desecration, ^(G^s^irinh. 

of confidence, iBihiSl&esya^^Qiin'SiJD^ 

A-buSe', 2). «. Q<S®^^GOj U(lp^lT<SB(^^6\J. 

by bad language, gj^^eJ, ul^^^go^ 

SlB^^^&) , ^<ci^^^GO f ^lL ®^<S0 . 

confidence, [BiJcii3<s(S6)<s<sQr]-(omLS(^ 

property, Q u tr^^r^ (5S)^^^&} ^ Qun^ 

as desecrate, c5y(C5)<5P/^^^6x), ^(^s=iTrr 

ih u <osur^i]^60 . 

as violate, ^L^^^eo^spui^^^eo^Qs 

one's eyes, .semQi^efflLDQ^fkiseo. 
A-bus'er, s. ^<sf-Q/D<su<^j ^taL^emear^y ^ 

A-bus'ive, a. ^sQpQp^ ^ei^sQp^ sj 

language, ^usun^ih^ ul^Qld[tl^, 
A-bus'ive-ly, adv. uL^uumu^ <3j^^(ij/' 

A-bus'ive-ness, s. ul^ulj^ jifu<surr^ihy 

A-but'ment, s. u neo^^'^^^em . 
A-byss', s. uiT^fTGfri})^ (3[fi» 

as sea, ^l^. 
A-ca'cia, s. QsueOLDnih. 

hollow thorn, ^_<oO}i—Q<su&d^ (^<ssii—.QQj 

solid thorn, eSi-^^eo. 
thorn like the hollow \ 

one but solid and is a > Qp(SfrQ<su&}. 
low, spreading shrub, j 
with black bark, s^Qsiiio. 
with white bark, Q6ij(EkQ€u&). 
with red bark, Qs=(suQisij60. 
Ac-a-dem'i-cal, a. seo&^rfl<35(^rf}uj. 
Ac-a-dem'ic-al-ly, adv. sio&^rfld (^fBuu 

Ac-a-de-mi'cian, s. LDiT(^d>s(^^ s/b 

A-cad'e-my, s, seo^ffl^ seoe^^uuSleSlL- 

Ac-cede', v. a. €^^-^dQafT<sfr(ef^^6\)^ ^ 
<sssrrEJ(^^60.^ S=LDLD^^^i0., 6^ihu®^&). 
Ac-cel'er-ate, ??. ^<sSlnLDu<om^ii^ei)^ ^ 

Ac-cel-er-a'tion, s. ^eSl rf} u lj <, ^(sSIstld^^ 

Ac-cel'er-a-tive, a. ^(S^ffLhuem^uSlp^ 

Ac'cent, 5. ^(o^<3=^mpiOy ^.s^s^rftui^ 

accute, (treble) <sT®^^Q<soiT<oSi<3=^ a_<F<5F 

middle, (tenor) u:i^^LDQ(SU[T(o6i<3=^ ffm 

grave, (bass) u(Sl^^Q6\)rT<ss)s=y ldib^ 

a mark of e^GSIs(^rSluL^. 
Ac-cent', v. a. ^(ssis^uS^mpeo^ &.s=.fiH 

Ac-cent'u-ate', v. a. ^(ssis^uS^mps^ 

Ac-cent-u-a'tion, s. GT®^^Q60rT<sD<9Fy <otQ 

Ac-cept', u. a. <ojpgusQ<35!Tis{r(^^iOy sjisj 

Ac-cept-a-bil'i-ty, > ^^^^ iSlrHtuLDj 
Ac-cept'a-ble-ness, ^* ) ^iLt^ih, ^ul9 

Ac-cept'a-ble, a. ^^inirm^ LSIfflujmrresr^ 
^LLi—LDfTsin'y ^LJiSI^Lnfresr^ s_(ay/F^. 
to be acceptable, €p^^sQ<siT<3[r(^^&)^ 

Ac-cept'a-bly, adv. ^^LDndj^L^ifliULnndj^ 

Ac-cept'ance, s. <3jp€S)<s^ ^rEjQsrffLJL^.f 
Ac-cept-a'tion, s. <sip(oS)<s5y (sipu^ ^mQ 

of a word, ^q^^^ld^ ^(^^^-^ uuj^^ 

Ac-cept'er, s. <ojp^<sBQsrr<^Q<surTek'f ^ra 

Qs[fluQutT<ssry e^LJLidQsrrefr(c<aurTm'. 

Ac'cess, 5. Qs^iTLf^ Qs=iTLDrT6sri})y (suir^^^ 

QJ(7^(otDSy LSIirQ(aiJ<9=ti)yQu^(oS)S^J>ie!DL-^ 
<SD<3By <oJ^y <SUl^. 

to allow access, ^iLi^eSlQ^eo^ epLL® 



to get access, QtLQ^eo^ Q<3=(f^^G0^ eu 

Ac'ces-sa-ry, s. ©_^/f<s55^. (See acces- 
Ac'ces-sa-iy, a. ^^L-fB(oU)^u^<3rr(Sfr^ <oS)<S3f>- 

Ac-cess-i-bil'i-ty, 5. Q s= rr d <9^ i^ lu^esr 

Ac-cess'i-ble, fl. Qs^jj^^-SiS^ ^2sssnu^^ 

GO GO • 

person, ulLs^^gst^ ^6m(oS)LDiJLi<sfr(orr(Su 

to be accessible, e^LL®<sQsrr®^^eo^u 

Ac-ces'sion, s. Q^niniT&srLo^ (?^/f(Si/, Qs^ir 

Ac'ces-so-ry, s. a_z_/5(sro^, ^i—(^urr®j 
^-^<sSl^ ^^boosr^ <3^lL(Si» 
an accessory, ^_L-i5<5S)^ujiTGffl^ <3?i-L- 

QuufrQ-f urEJSfTGffJ. 
Ac'ces-so-ry, a. s^i^ih<sG)^ujrr<osr^ a_/_(S37- 
ULii—f ^.^eSlLurTissr^^'SoSsrujfTSorj-si^LL 

Ac'ci-dence, 5. Qs^n<30eS}ajeo^Q3^n<so<sSl&d 

dsessTthj Qld[TLQJuuit<s>sld. 
Ac'ci-dent, s. g)(S©/_a^^, (sSldQeonb^ ^ 

by hand, (ssisQiDns^Lo^ <5S)<s<oU(ip^ <o6i<s,^ 
Ac-ci-dent'al, a. ^pQs^iuGOiTGsr^ ^uus^ih 

Ac-ci-dent'al-ly, adv. ^pQ<3=uueOrruj^ miu 

Ac-cip'i-ent, s. (3jp^dQsfT(3frQ<sufT(osr. 
Ac-claim', s. sihiSinx)^ ^rrmuLD^ Qsitlu 

Qujfrds^^pio^ ^n'uuifluLj, 
Ac-cla-ma'tion, s. ^[[(surrsrih^ ^iruuiflu 

Ac-cli'mate, v. a. Q^,9=<3?(Suit^^uuu^lL& 

Ac-cli-mat'ed, a. Q^s^s^aiDrBk^. 
Ac-cliv-i'ty, s. <5jppihj tn'^QuuppLD^S'iT 

Ac-com'mo-da-ble, a. s\®^^^<5jpp^^(^ 

Ac-com'mo-date, v. a. ^.us^n^sisaruem- 

as fit to, ^esis^ujLJUGssr^ij^do^ ^^s^r 

Ac-com-mo-da'tion, 5. qjs=^^ ^us^trsrihy 

in language, ^uu'bssr^ ^<su<sdli). 
Ac-com'mo-da-tor, s. ^^(sSdsfTfim^ ev 

Ac-com'pa-ni-er, 5. ^25mdQs=e\)Q6ufT 

esr, <3fi-L^LjQurfQ<sii[T^. 

Ac-c5m'pa-ni-ment, s. ^(sk)z_, Qs^rtLon 

m music, ^fr(S{nli^^d5m-<s5<35 (7^ <sSI J ^^^. 
Ac-com'pa-ny, V. sp^l-uQuit^&), <5l.z_ 

Ac-com'plice, s. ^L-iB(5S)^dsfTrrdr^ ^l^ 
Ac-com'plish, ?^. a. Qs^Lu^Qpu^^^eo^ S 

(oO)p Q<SUp^35<S0 , <3b fTlfliU u u Q^^^eo 5 & 

Ac-com'plish-a-ble, a. i§l(3S)pQ<supp^^d 

Ac-com'plish-ed, a. Qpisf-iB^^ ^iri^, iB 
<35ipQ (S}j pi <osr , 
as well qualified, Q^ppQp&rm^ ^n 

person, Qpih^(su€sry ,ff=[r^rfluj<^^ Q^ 

jB<o!5r<QijS5r^ l5fT<SfFs<oSr^ f§lLj6S3r<^. 

Ac-com'plish-er, s. i§l€6ipQ(sup^Q(3ij nGSTy 

r5i—ULSdQp<aU(^y Qs=LuQp€y€3r. 
Ac-com'plish-ment, s. Q^^^ srriBajQ^ 

^•j cjy^'5^6l)L0, [B(5S)pQ(Q>jppiI>. 

of person, QpuLj^ [BiT<sB^<stl). 
of mind, s^n-^iflujih^ Q^ppih. 
Ac-cord', s. ^(5?5)<9:q/, ^lem-dsihy ^(t^ld 

one accord, epp^osiLo^ fp^LoesruD^ ^ 

own accord, ^/T^<5j^6sr/LD63r^(SsriJi^, 
Ac-cord', u. «. cp^^QjQ^^io^ 'o^^^q^^^ 

Ac-cord'a-ble, a. ^mj^luLjefr&rj^esDs^eif 



Ac-cord'ance, s. ^(SZDc^^ei/, &,L^€kuffQ, 

in accordance with, g)<s2D<F<si//r<5F, «-J^, 

Ac-cord'ant, cr. @(Szo<ff^<a/<sfr(S/r, s^ihiD^ 

Ac-cord'ant-ly, adv. ^<53)<5^(ay/r£i/, ^eusrd 


Ac-cord'er, s. e^^^rT(SD^<sn'JT<^y Sk^il. 


Ac-cord'ing, pr. uu^^ ;g<ss^ <3jppuu^. 
to it, ^^eoru/^, j^uuts^^ ^^d(^^ 

to one's word, Q^npuu^, 

to one's wish, LD(5sr^mui^^ eSl^uu 

Ac-cord'ing-ly, adv. ^uuu^Qlu^ sj^ 

Ac-cord'i-on, s. ^<oS)s^<s<s0eSluSG)i^ 

Ac-cost', V. a. s^ifi^^uQusf-^eo^ Qu<ffF 

as call, ^GSiip^^iso^ .^^uiSlQ^d)), 
as approach, Qs=(t^^eo^ Ql-®^(S\). 
Ac-cost'a-ble, a. ^^u^s^^ss^ Q<sfij^^ 

Ac-couch-eur', s. iL(r^^^<S)jm^ t3rr(^^ 
Ac-couche'ment, s. tSlir^s^euu:)^ iSiirc^^ui' 

Ac-count', S. <5633r<5(^, ^-^^!i<snn^LD. 
of expenses, Qs^60(s^<s<s(om<i(^. 
•of a transaction, (sSlujrui^QjrreOfT^^ Q<f 

current, <sijjr<QijQs=&)<oij<ss^ssrs(^j Qsrr 
estimation, w^ul^^Qu^ld^, ^(^^. 
on account of, /^ii?^^LD, (^rS^^- 
on account of him, ^(susSiSl^^sth^ ^ 

on no account, Q<su6asri—m})^ <ai..z_n;^, 

to balance, s<5Gsr<s(^u L^LL(Sl^e\). 
Ac-count', v^ a. i5r6osr^u^&)^ ld^^^go^ 

as esteem, (STem^ii^eo^ ld^^^so. 

to render account, sesard^dQsrr®^ 

^60y S(oSsrdG)siTULj<2S^^eo, 

to account for, <^^Ms=frev^^e\)y S 

Ac-count'a-ble, a. Qufr^uumssr, si— 


person, <ouG5>'sQ<3^n<sO(soQ(QU(smu^uj6^<ssr^ 

Q-^^ir(5ij fT^ ^Q u rr^u u rreffl jS L—(G^&fl , 

Ac-count'able-ness, s. sl^qdld^ ^-^^n 

Ac-count-a-bil'i-ty , s. Qu [rgnu lj , u mrth^ 

Ac-count'ant, s. s(^sar<s<3s&!r^ s<osar<i<suiSI 

head or chief, s^LoiSlsrfi. 
Ac-count' book, ,s6ssr<S(^uLi^^<sih. 
Ac-count'ing, s. £s<3SsrdQ(Sl(o5)s.y S6ssrd(^ 

Ac-cou'ter, ) QunnsQ^n<sOLD<5isS^ 

Ac-cou'tre, * ' j a), QsneOLD&sS^eo^ 9 

Ac-cou'tre-ment, s. Qu n itsQ^s neoih^ 

Ac-cred'it, v. a. rsihuMff^ih^io^ s_^^ 

Ac-cred'it-ed,a. f5Lhu^^d<s^SL-giJ^iq&r&r. 
Ac-cres'cent, a. j)j^<3Buu<SiQp^ Q^g^Q 

Pf <sj^Qp, (sii&r^Qp. 
Ac-cre'tion, s. <aue(r(T^0D<s^ jtf^sffluLjy 

Q^ppUij (oippw. 

in law, ^uiB^^y a_i_/!r«sro^, ^ffl(SS)U). 
Ac-croach', V. fl. <sT&i'^^(2(r(Gf^^eOy srio 

Ac-croach'ment, s. creo'Sso^sn-^ero.s, ^ 

uarfluLj. (See encroachment.) 
Ac-crue', V- a. Qs^^^do^ s^Q^do^ &.6ssr 

as profit, siT^}]^60y ^QDL-^e\)y Quit 
eS^GOy U60mu(9i^60. 
Ac-crii'ment, s.. jfj^srHuLj^ Qufr6SI<sijy 

Ac-cu-ba'tion, ) ^//?ev, s^nujGijy s^iriLi 
Ac-cum'ben-cy, ' } LorrGsrih. 

Ac-cum'bent, a. ffnuuQp. 

Ac-cu'mu-late, V. a. sp^iLQ^eOy ^itlL 




property, <Sjc. Q6Fsrfl^^(s\). 
as debt, <9i- m^^^eo . 
Ac-cu'mu-late, V. n. s;^(bl^(SV^fifi(G^^<so^ 

Ac-cu'mu-late, «, s^QQ/d^ Qs^^Slp. 
Ac-cu-mu-la'tion, s. ^k^u-L-th, ^QrnL&y 

(^(sSl<Si^^ <SLLQuufT<Sl^ (^(sSlujeo. 
Ac-cQ-mu-la-tive, a. sf^LLQQp^ ^QulLQ 

Qp^ Q<fiT<sQp. 
Ac-cQ'mu-la-tor, 5. s^LLQQsuiKsk^^ffL- 

Ac'cu-ra-cy, s. ^lLi—ud^ s=(fl<, Qfsn^ Qs= 

Ac'cu-rate, a.^z_l^_zjD/7"(S2jr, S^ntounDnGsr^ 

Ac'cu-rate-ly, adv. ^LLL-LDtnu^ ^(su^sn 

Ac'cu-rate-ness, 5. ^lLl—ld^ s^rfl^ ^lLi— 

Ac-curse', v. a. ^lSI^^go. 
Ac-curs''ed, a. Qsm^tu^ QslLl-^ Q<s 

Ac-cu'sa-ble, a. (^pp{^s'iTiT^^d>sk-u^uj^ 


Ac-cu'sant, 5. (^ppLhiSlu^dQp^u^, @ 
/bpt^s=mT^^Qp(SU6sr, (sSlsun^. 

Ac-cu-sa'tioii, s, (^pp^Qs^iT6\), (^/bp-S^ 
s^mLQ, Qposipuun®. 

Ac-cu'sa-tive, (case.) s. ^Q^up^ssao^ 


Ac-cu'sa-tive-ly, adv. ^Lq^LfOsfraJsr®. 

Ac-cu'sa-to-ry, fl. (^pp(^<9=fTiT^^Qp,(^ 

Ac-cuse', V. (^pp(i^Qs'rr6\)^^e\)y uifi 

u9®^60j (^ppthurrfft^^io. 

unjustly, u L^ <3s l1.®^&) , (s^ppt^^fTtL 
®^60j ^LLQi—ppiDrrdj, ^lL^sslL 


Ac-cus-ed, a. (^pp(^s^nLLL—uuLLL-. 
person, (^pp(^<spaLLL-uuLLL-<suQ5r, 

Ac-cu'ser, s. (^pp(^<s=rTLL®Qp(aU0fr, eu 

Ac-cus'tom, V. a. uLp<S(^^e0^uiiSlp^^io. 
Ac-cus'tom-a-ble, a. uipssLDfTGsr^ <sii<sfr 


Ac-cus'lom-a-ry, a. (suL^ddsiLrrear, uLpds 
Ac-cus'tom-ed, a. uL^Q<ssr, uLp<S'SLLfr<osr, 

to be accustomed, ui^dsLDn^eo,ui^(d^ 

^(5\), <f[T^^^e\)^ uuSleoio. 
Ace, s. c?(ssr^, ^^J^ 

of cards, jfiLLL-dsQ^n&aSlQeVfrpxs^p 

A-cerb'ate, v. a. Ljeffluund(^^6\), •srriTU 

A-cerb'i-ty, s. s_<sDpuL^, ^-dQsruD, Lj<srf} 
uLf, sQiht-ieffJuLj, 

of temper, sQGDLD^'SLp.uj^ism'ih^QpiTQ. 
Ache, s. QfBfT, <qjgS), Q<35rr^, a_2isTrQ/, 

Ache, V. n. Q[5n(^^-G0j (su<5^^^&)j Qsrrfi 

as suffer grief, ff(^<s^<sSl^^&)^^<iQ^^ 

A-chiev'a-ble, a. Q<9=iULu<ssp^t^uj, rsi^u 

A-chieve', 25. a. Qs=uj^(ipL^S{^^GO, ^tu 

A-chiev'ment, s. iSla^pQsuppih, ibl—u 
lSIulj, ^0(G^Q^iij<oa)s, ^(osarQL—iT 

A-chiev'er, 5, [5L-.uiS\sQpQj<shrj fSleiDp 

Q<Qijp^(v(Sij rrisur, s^^<ssr. 
Ach'ing, 6'. (?/5/r, (5^^, <ay€i^, Qstr^. 

Ac'id, S. i_/(5f^, LjofluLj, 

in chemistry, ^jin'Sij^LD, Qs^uJiirr., 
A-cid'i-fy, 1). fl, LjorfluufTdsso. 

A-cid'i-ty, ) ^ o • 
Ac'id-ness,--- h«fl, H«fl^H- 

Ac-knowl'edge, v. a. ^^^^Q<srr&r(^^ 

a doctrine, <^s<sQ<sn(3(r(^^eo, ^iejQ 

Ac-knowl-edg-ing, a. ^nStdssisuSKSlQp, 

Ac-knowl'edg-ment, s. ^^<5?(5s)<fF(ii?®(S2D<57, 
ejpL-i, s_i_<sorLJ®(oroc5, ep^^sQ'Sn&r 

written, <ss)<s^^lL®.. 

verbal, evirdjQuyrrifi, QLDfTLfiLLji—(Ssrufr 




Ac'rne, s. &^^^,^'^oulj, ^evB. 

in disease, «®<s5)LD,c£®/E/(S»d5,^^<5/r?uL/. 
A'corn, 5. Qp&(Lp<sfr<orr(s£l^^. 

Ac'orUS, S. (oUS=LhLj. 

in natural history, s=(Lp^^iT!§€\)<s<s6Vj 


A-cous'tic, a. s:^^s=fT^^rr^^d<3s®^^. 

A-COUS'ticS, S. S^^^^IT^^ffLD. ' 

Ac-quaint', r. a. ^r£}(^^^io^ Q^rFliud 

one's self, ^jSl^id. 
Ac-quaint'ance, .9. ^r£lQpsu)^ Qs'ir^^d 

as a person, ^tSQps(ip<s(r(3fr(5U(osr, uLp 

with things, ui£)<5«LD, ulSI/d^, ul^u 

Ac-quaint'ed, a. ^n^ih^^ uL^Qecr, ©in: 

Ac-qui-esce', v. n. s^ldld^^^go, ^<sro<F^ 


Ac-qai-es'cence, s. s^udld^ld, ^esaidsu), 
Ac-qui-es'cent, a. ^u:)LD^dQp,^6sarfEj(^ 
Ac-quir'a-ble, a. Q(5S)L—ds^^ds, Qup 

• • 

Ac-quIre', r. a. ffihun^^^&i, Q^i^d 

by labor, &_(oS)Lp^^6\). 

a language, spp<sOy uLSl60e\}, 2_(sroLp^ 

a name, QuQirQ^^d\), QunQu^^eo, 

a fortune, property, &c. ^srv^s^LnufT 

acquired property, s^ihun^^inuD, Q^ 


Ac-quir'er, s. ^ijjUfT^dQpsueur^ ^<3S)i— 

Ac-quire'ment, ) s^ihu^^, s=LDun^^ 
Ac-qui-si'tion, ' ) ujld, Q^lIi—ld, ^ 

Ac -quit', I', a. (sSIQ^'2ffoujfT<si^;g&), {§<s(^ 
^eo. (^ppi-Sld\)'^etQuj(dr^^iT^;S&). 
one's self, <3u<s\ieouiEj<s[rLL®^<s^, ^un 


acquit one's self faithfully^ iSLcSl&sciS 

Ac-quifment, ) €S1Qgs)<s, e£lQ^'bs\i, (^ 
Ac-quit'tal, ^' | ppiJleo'^Qiudrp^n 


Ac-quit'tance, .-?. ^L-dr^nui^, Qs=d^)^ 
A'cre,5. €^'iTitLLL-eO'3(rss)€ij— ^^00^ ^sl 

Ac'rid, 5. SITITULj, S^Q^pULf. 

Ac-ri-mo'ni-ous, a. snnLDiresT, s^sFuurr 

taste, snuuD^ S-6w^iJL/. 

word, s!-®Q<s=rTeOj Q,sBfT®(i^Qs=fTe\)j s® 


to be acrimonious, ^g^p^^go^ snff^ 

Ac'ri-mo-ny, s. sninh^ ^osipui^, sQ 

GiDLD, srHuLjj srr(r^(oG)s^ smruLj. 
A-cron'ic-al, a. (5LL<3=^^ir^^iu^^^LD» 
A-cross', adv. (^^jsQ^. 
A-cros'tic, s. Q^^nseiSl uSQ(GU)dT^-^oo 

A-cros'tic-al-ly, adv. ^^^rrse^iurruj. 

Act, S. Q^LU(SGiS^ Qlfl<oOiUUj f5L-<35(oSiS., <SfT 

rfliUih, <s0LDUi^ Qq^^^ojud. 

of government, sLLL-'^fr<3=s=LLL-Lh, S 


of a play, iBu.<oor^^m-Li>^<3f>-^^. 

in the very act, (oe)<sQLnujtumij. lSIit^^ 

Act, V. a. i?i—uiSl^^eo, Qs'iu^eo, ^lup 

the hypocrite, ^uurrs^fririDUGsor^u^ 

precisely, rigorously, sssanj^^ihush- 

selfishly, ^msar(3urri^uurTiT^^(sOj ^pS 

QgSTSLD nib f5 L-^^GO . 

the rogue, s<sfr<sfnhu<om'^}]^G0^^(7^6un' 

gSI^^ggtldu gsst s^i s^go . 

under pretext, Lnmui}>u<5m^}j^G0, ^n 


with eye sendee, (ipsQpm&£'^s(^ 

Act, l\ fJ. rEI-.d(^^GOy fflJ0)U<sQ^jS<30, 



act on or afteci,. ©-^;ai^6v, ^frd(^^&v, 
on the stage, iEi-.i3snLn®^(S\), ^hiejQ 

Act'ing, i Q<SRdj(5G)S, QfH<ss)Lu, S(y^uo 
Ac'tion, ' ^ ih, fSi^j^eo)^. 

at law, (sui^&(^, <si9<suiT^L£), (sSlinn^'&Lu 

th, iSlirrr^. 

as battle, Qutrir, il^^^i}). 

dramatic, fSfTL-sih, sk.^^^ ^SiBujih. 

in oratory, jajiSlrBLULb, <2S)dsG/LL>LLJS!TLL 

in mechanics, ^tud(yj<sso, tBi—^s^iM. 
Ac'tion-a-ble, a. <siiLpd(^dQ&^<Siin<3sr, 
Ac'tion-a-ry, \ sk..LLQ<3SiuiTufrffl, <sSI 
Ac'tion-ist, ' f ujfTurrjT^^^!i—€6rufEj 


Ac'tive, a. (Lp-jupQuuimsr, <sF[TdQrrQT)^ujfr 

Lutreor. •< 

person, s'^d<35(our,(ipLup^iLj&T€fr^'&n'j 

verb, Q'9=iLJuu(SlQuiT(7^(ef^<oSiL-ujisSl2s!n'. 
Ac'tive-ness, ^ <9T£^^r^'ui^^ Qpiup9>., 
Ac-tiv'i-ty, ^' S s^frdQir&D^. 
Actor, s. fB L-sQnosiK^^ Qs^LuQpxsuesTj 

stage actor, sk.^^rTU^, ^^^ek, jfjiSI 

an advocate, Stuirtu^/Tii^rrecTj urfli's 
Act'ress, .9. Q<3PdjQp<2UQrr^ rsL^uiSldQp 

€U<3(r, fSfTL^sd<S€Ssfl<oS)<Sj IBl—eSTLDIT^. 

Act'u-al,a. fSs=LDfT<osr,S<3-s=LULDiT<oar,SL.'S(ra(r. 
cost, Q'SFm'pQ^&xsi^^ s-(Sfr(o{rQs^€0(oij. 
success, c:g/^«L_6\)ii), Q^^j <SijfnuuLij 

Act'u-al-ly, adv. Q.(2fr<sfruij^,Ss=i£nujfQLD 

Act'u-al-ness, 5. a-6ror(S3)LD, fol3=Lb, Qlduj, 

Act'u-atcy. a. (bl-^^^go^ <sj<sii^60. 
A-cu'men, s. <9?i-it(o0)ld, iy,<ssil), (sSJQeusLD. 
mental, LD(ssrd<5?^iT(oi^LDy<S(^^^j, u^^^, 

a man of acumen, (sSIQ^Q^ S(^d^^n 

A-cute', a. s^ir&DLLLurrGsr, Qp'hssru^mGfr^ 

accent, (5T(£i^^s\)(ssis=. 

intellect, <3f^fflujLj^^, eiSQisusLh, u^^ 

^, (sSlpu^^. 

pain, sQQfBfT, <a)j^Q{siT, (^/b^. 

person, <sSIQ(quQ, 3^i£ih^s^<ssT^ <3?>-rflLusBr, 

sensibility, <3^dom-^ Si-QjTfT<fih, ek-d^^ih-, 
in music, <ot(SI;S^Q6\)it<oS)^. 
A-cute'ly, adv. s^^rrfnu, su^^rruj, sk-ir 


A-cute'ness, ,v. <3?^it<oS)ld, sQqdld, ^eissr 

intellectual, <sSI/bu^0, ^gds. 
Ad'age, s. ulpQlditl^, qp^Qllitl^, ^ 

Ad-a'gi-o, s. <o:Sl<sfrLDL9.^ub, L£)fh^(s:S<5(D<f. 
Ad'a-mant, s. (Sud^rrLD., <os:€uiid<sGO. 
Ad-a-mant'ine, a. <ss)isurrLD{T<s^, Qpcfluun^y 

Ad'ams-ap-ple, s. Qsnu^LDa^'^^^^'hsw-, 

in the throat, @i7"6i;fii/3syr, sQ^s^^Qpts^ 

A-dapt',u.«. ^G6i<f<svfT<i(^^eo,^i6sms(^ 

to be adapted, ^<oS)^^eo, s^^^So, 
A-dapt'a-ble, a. ^<SD,fd<ss<3?^is^uu,^(oissr 

A-dapt-a'-tion, .s*. ^<ss)3'(s^^<ojpp^m(SS)L£), 

^isasrdsih, ;^(^^Q. 
Add, t\ a. s^lLQ^so, Q^rrd^s)), Q^rr<S5)s 

by quotation, QwpQ.s[TQfr, (^Q^^ddstr 

Ad-den'dum, 6'. ^^uib^ld, LjpesroDL^, 

Ad'der, .9. GSlffliuesrufTUiLj. 
Ad'di-ble, a. Q<3=rfdsd&h-U^'u. 
Ad-dict', V. uLp(^^<so^ <s=[T^^^GO, uuSlssi 

Ad-dict'ed, a. uLpQ6sr,utjSlQFp,^muih^, 
Ad-dict'ed-ness, ) s^n^'^/s^, s^rr^uLj, 
Ad-dic'tion, * } ^friLiei^, s^n^aih. 

Ad-di'tion, .9. 3?^LLi—.€0^Qg:iTd<5!D'S,si^ 

m arithmetic, 3h-LL(Sld-^<sms(§y ^r£^ 



Ad-di'tion-al, a. ^^<osrLDn<osr, sf^u^uu. 
Ad'dle, a. u^^utl^/s^, uQ^^neor, ^ms^ 

eggs, 3fi-Lp(ipil.QDL-, 

Ad-dors'ed, a. (ip^QsrrQ(ip^srTLU, Ljp 

Ad-dress', 5. iSliTS=iEJ<3SL£if Qs^ni-o, Qus=s?. 
as dexterity of hand, (oSirSs^^iTLoiT^^iu 

to a letter, Qix><sO(sSleons:iJD, QijD6\)<SijfT<? 

in a petition, Lnm'i^LL®, (sSesBremu 


pleasing, s^n^iflujLo^ iBfTSffsthj ^s^rr 


as skill, s=injDiT^^Luu3, (^Lis=t}>j <3^^ 

in courtship, (surr^(^sQsLLL-isOy^iTiB 
Ad-dress', V. cf. Qs^ireos^^eo, Qu^^io. 
an assembly, i^rr^isQ^^eo^ l9its=iejs 

a letter, QLD(S\)eS\eoiJs=u:>QuiT®^e^. 

by letter, (STQ^^ujr^eSl^^G^, 

as prepare, ^iu^^LDiTS(^^QOy ^lLl. 

Ad-duce', v. a. Qsn<sm®(SU(i^^io, siril. 

authority, ^LLi—friB^ijsfTLlQ^eOy ^ 

proof, ^^^fTL-^QarrQ^^er), ^uu 

reason, SiutrujfkjsnLL^^io, fSujrTUjisj 

witness, s^frLL^uSlQ^so. 
Ad-duc'tion, s. Q<srT(sm-Q<su0(SS)Sy ^nil. 

Ad-ept', s. Q^r!S(osr<sii(^, uu9^p<5u<sar,s^ 

Ad-ept', a. <9=iTLLiT^fiLUi^<sfr<3(rj Q^/^lear, 

Ad'e-qua-cy, > (ouni^^, ^sjdcS 

Ad'e-quate-ness, ' } <sidld, ^(5^, ^7<ssw 
to, ^(f^s;^, Qun^uu^. 

Ad'e-quate, a. QuniB^, Qunfitu, ^(^^ 

Ad'e-quate-ly, adv. ^(^fiiUfTtii, s^Sujn 

Ad-here', 17. w. up^^eo, ^l1®^&), Q,9= 

to an opinion, ^pui^i^^^iOj <sSlL-n^ 

to religious rule, ^^s=ffl^^io, ^rr^^ 

Ad-her'ance, 5. ^lLQ, up^, <s=iTrrL\, 
Q^rrL-irLj, Q<a^nLL(T<oBnJD^ ^2iossr<Si^, l9ujl 

Ad-her'ent, s. G'^/7/5r^<a/(Ssr, ^Q^^euesTy 

Ad-her'ent, a. Q^rrL-irufreur, Qs^irwrrsar 

Ad-he'sion, s. ^l1®(szd«, up^(SB)s, iSI 

Ad-he'sive, a. ^LiQQp, u(S^s=ujrT(sar, l9 

<9f-LSls?LJurTiSsr, up(^(5sr. 

plaster, Qs=it<ss)6ij, ^lL(SI^(Ss:it<oS)€u. 
Ad-he'sive-ly, adv. §>LL(Slf5^m-^S6)LDUJinUy 

Ad-he'sive-ness, 5. e^Li(Sl<s6iSyup^(o>j)<Sy 

Ad-hor-ta'tion, 5. Quir^uLf. 
A-dieu', s. <sSI<ss)L-.y =gy^uL/. 
A-dieu', adv. <sSI(stDu.ujrTiu. 
Ad-in-fi-nl'tum, a. (tpu^sSlmnSI, ^en-isii 

Ad-ja'cent, a. ^(7^srT<ssry ^LusonesTj Q 
t-.L^(sary ^LE'uuynesTy ^Q^^. 

Ad-jecf, ?;. fl. Qs'tTS(^^60, 6^l-uQuit 

®^eOy sfL.L—s^Qs=n<s(^^io. 
Ad'ject-ivc, s. &.rfls=Qs=rTio^ Quiu^ifls: 

Q'ff^rreOy uesarLis^Qs^rreo. 

pronoun, ^ffluiS/SI^. 

verbal, eSl'^ssr^Q^iTG^Sy QuQjis^s^ih. 
Ad'jec-tive-ly, adv. usmi^s^Qs^ne^eOfTiLy 

Ad-join', V. a. Qs^n^^&i^ cSySssar^^eb, <si_ 

Ad-join', V. ?z. Qs^ir^eOy ^'^Essr^edy s^®^ 

Ad-join'ing, a. c5y®^^, ^iueOfreary ^(^ 


Ad-joum', V. a. (fi^>^^;S><o\), ^im<5a\Q<Sij 
'EerrdQ'S gst^ S^'^^^eo , ^(su dsosrQu it 

Ad-journ' merit, s. iQ^^^sGnsu^^eo^ ^<sn 

Ad-judge', V. a. ^ft^^eo, SiUfTLui^iT^^ 

Ad-judg'ment, s. SiUfnu^^nuLj. 
Ad-ju'di-cate, v. a. ^nuL^&^Q'fneoedeO, 

Ad-ju-di-ca'tion, s. (SLurraj^^irui^, [^fi^ 

Ad'junCt, 5. ^(oSiL-^ ^'BsSSr, &-US^IT<SSSL£). 

in grammar, ^(sdi-.Qlditl^. ^<oi^l—s= 

Ad'jmict, a. ^^m-Lurr(osr. 

Ad-junc'tion, s. Qs'fr^^&(S5)<s, Qs=iT<i<su 

Ad-jimc'tive, a. Qs^j^^ds, ^(b)^^, ^ 

(SSiL-LU 17(5^1'. 

Ad-junct'ly, adv. <gs_L_, Q<sprr, ^q^l-iuit 

lily Q-L-ih<oS)^ujrTUJ. 
Ad-ju-ra'tion, s. ^dsm-uSlQesis. 
Ad-jure', v. a. ^'SioSoruSi®(oSl^^(50, ^^sm- 

to adjure a demon, &c. ^'qdi^^^&), 

Ad-jur'er, s. ^^oSsruSKSlQpeiKour, j)i<soiLpd 

Ad-just', V. fl. ^ffldsL-Q^eo, Qs^uuGfffl 

to adjust accounts, S6m-<S(^UL£LLQ^ 

€0j iSeUST'S 


Ad-just'er, s. ^(v^^^Qpeum', rst—^^Q 

Ad-just'ment, s. ^q^^^gs)^, ^03srd(^ 

Ad'ju-tant, 5. Qy^^^(sfr<s^^(ssr, 
Ad-ju'tor, s. ^'SssoTQjisor, ^^^eSldsnirm', 

Ad-ju'to-ry, a. ^.^(sSJiLjisirefr, 

Ad-ju'vant, a. ^^ei^Qp, 

Ad-lib'i-tum, adv. ^jlLl^uuu^, iSltfluj 

Ad-meas'ure, v. a. ^(^wsi^eo^ ^lLu-ud 


as apportion, uQiT^e\), uriiQ®^&). 
Ad-meas'ure-ment, s. ^<sn-(s^®<SB)<s, ^ 

<3{r(Qij, ^lLl-ld. 
Ad-min'is-ter, i\ a. rBL-uiSl^^do, Qjp^n^i 

correction, ff,smi^^^eo, ^dQ'2corQ<F 

justice, ifif5L-.LJLSI^^6\), ^^Q^§ii 

medicine, LOQF^rs^Qsn^^^eo, ldq^ib^ 

an oath, s^^^uuihu(oSsr^}](sSl^^GO. &^ 
^LUiEJ&n^U^eO, s^^^LU[sjQ<SfT(Sfr(em^ 

relief, ^^^(sSlQs^uj^ed, s=<srrLU(^Os^LLj 


Ad-min'is-ter (to) v. 72. s-^<sij^&), ^u<s 

Ad-min-is-tra'tion, 5. (el-ulSulj, uuitld 
ffluLf, ,srrrRLU(sSls=rTir'SG5Grj ^jis=frLL&. 
of government, ^rrn-fQinuifluneo 



of justice, [§^(sSl(Sfr<ssi}), ^^eSs^nir 
letters or power of, &_/i9(SZ0LD^^^^<ay 

Ad-min'is-tra-tive, a. Fr-Qp, Q<3p§^^^ 

Ad-min-is-tra'tor, s. iBL—uiSldQp(QU(sar, u 
rrrrLDffluLj<s5srrir(o3r, (oSls^fTir'Ssssr'SrTrrear. 
of an estate, ^^rfl(oO)LD^^^^(SusfTrr(5sry 

Ad-min-is-tra'tor-ship, s. ^_^qs)id^^^^. 

Ad-min-is-tra'trix, s. iBu.uiSdQpeij'Sfry. 


Ad'mi-ra-ble, a. (sSliuuurr(5sry m^ds^^ 
ss, eSiusa^^ds, QLnn<3=<f^^d<s. 

Ad'mi-ra-ble-ness, s. ^^s'UJLDrr(osr^. 

Ad'mi-ra-bly, adv. eSlujuufnu, (sSltuds^ 
^ds^nuj, ^^s^ujLDrrdj. 

Ad'mi-ral, s. Quirnssuup'Sf^LLu^^^ 

Ad'mi-ral-ship, > Qunirdsuuppms 
Ad'mi-ral-ty, * ) ^^^^qjud. 
Ad-mi-ra'tion, 5. ^ds=rflujih, ^^<g^ujih^ 



Ad-mire', v. n. sSiu^^eOj QLDLU<f<9^^6\), 

Ad-mlr'er, 5. QLDUj,f<3?Qp(SLi&5r, (sSiuuissp 

Qs rr(Sfr(Gr^ Qp su <sGr. 
Ad-mir'-ing-ly, adv. (sS^^iuuunuu, ^^<3= 


Ad-mis-si-bil'i-ty, s. <5j/b<s^^d<s^, Qiurr 
Ad-mis'si-ble, a. Gjpa^^is, QuuirsQuu 
Ad-mis'sion, 5. <sjp(ss)^j ejjbi-j, <ojp^<ss 


as allowance, ep^^dQsiT<3fr(Gf^<5S)s^^ 
Ad-mit', V. a. <ojpg}j<sQ'Sn&T(^^&)^ 5?^<^ 




6V, ^^l^UL- 

(2SIQ^6\}, ^l 

into society, s^<ss)uuS/b'3k.LL®^eOj ^ 
Ad-mit' ta-ble, a. Q^ir^^dss, QiufrdQuu 
Ad-mit' tance, s. ^l.lLQ3=&)^<o6)<s, s^lL 

as concession, €p^^<sQ<srr(siT^<ss)s,^ 

Ad-mit'ter, s. €jp^<sQ<sn<sfT(^Qp(Su^, 
Q^irdQptsiK^j ep^^sQs fT<sfr(^Qp<SiJ 
<sar, ^i_iEjQsfT(SldQp(SU(osr. 

Ad-mix', V. a. s(oO^^<s\)^ Q<9fit^^g0j m-iL. 

Ad-mix'tion, ) ^f^iL®^ s<so<3S)<sus seo 
Ad-mix'ture, ' ) ulj, Q<s=itsid<su. 
Ad-mon'ish, i*. a. Lj^^Qs^fT6\}^^60j <5r<9= 

Ad-mon'ish-er, i*. QuiT^<sQp<oij(^, <oTs= 

s=ffl<iQp(SU(^j aemL^<SBQp<ou&sr» 
Ad-mon'ish-ment, ) <5T<3'<9=rfl<s6!DS, <sj3^ 
Ad-mo-ni'tion, * ( s=ffluLj, som-i^u 

Ad-mon'i-tive, a. s6mru^uLj<sfr(3frj <oTs=^ 

rfl u Lj <sQ<ss^su rresr, 
Ad-mon'i-tor, s. <5T3=<3=(fliQp(Sudr. 
Ad-mon'i-to-r}% «, erJ^s^fffuurresTj sgsbt 

A-do', S. €^69UTQ^rTi\)'bo\)f ^€\)LJLjj (^(^ 

Ad-0-les'cent, a. eusrr^Qp, Qaj<s{r<3U6sr. 
Ad-o-les'cence, s. Qin(s{risu<osri})j ^mihLSl 

A-dopt', v.a. <oT(S^^dQ<sfTefr<^^io^ .fih 
LD^^^eo, <5jp(^^ed. 
as se\ect,0^ff} f5Qj^Q^^6\) ,<s}j rHs (^^6\) . 
a child, £56ur^rrd<3560, ^-ffl^^fTd<s60j ^ 

A-dopt'ed, a. <5jpp^ g7®^^, €i-<aS.sifl^^. 

child, LD(i^<g:G53^ITULSI<3(r'8sfr, ^-ff)€S)LDU 

iSleir'Serry <3i-(aSisrr!TuiSl(S{r'2efr, euetriTULju 


son, ,si-(s:S<35iTirL^^fiir<^j Qurrei^aJLj^^ 

daughter, <9?eS!,sfTirLj^^!H. 
A-dop'tion,s. Gjpi-j,s=rT^Q(n^rrfTLL&j(DLD 
pCosrrefT, L^^^jT<3?(sSlsmrih. 
of sentiments, s(f^^^sQ<50BriEJS(SOj ^ 


of a child, Li^^jr^eSlsniTLiD. 
of a name^QuLuir^rFluL^ , rBrTLD^mT2sssr. 
A-dor'a-ble, a. eutsssrfijs^^ss, ^^dsjs 

A-dor'a-ble-ness, 5. (S\iGssnEjs^^ds^<^ 


A-dor'a-bly, adv. (sy&jsrdsLDfTilj^ uessf} 


Ad-o-ra'tion, s. /FLDsyudJ/TiTijb, (Suassrd'SLD^ 

LSirfTiT^^'2esr, <s^k^'2is5r. 
A-dore', v. a. (Bin&fusifl^^id, O^trQ^^sv^ 

A-dor'er, s. u€5i^Qp<sxi(m-y (ayessr(Ej(^Qp 

eu<s5r, (sulSIu®Q (SUIT GST. 
A-dorn', ». a. ^€\)fsj<sffl^^e\), ^osS^eo^ 

Qp u iSl^^eo , Qs=fTU^^^<so J Lf '2i5sr^eo , 

the head, (^lLQ^go, ^(sssf^^ev. 
A-dorn'ing, ) ^eOiEJsrffuLjf QtEJsrr 

A-dorn'ment, ' i rftuL-j, (suit dre^^u 1^,9 

A-drift', a. iB^k^^ eSlLLQuQurre^, ^d 

(^sQ<SlLl-, <5T(£}ULLt—. 

A-drift', adv. iSl^uurruj, (sS\®ulL®, eSl 

l-uulL®, (StQulL®. 
A-droit', a. €=n^[fluu, <oS)sd&L£lLLi—(T'Ssr, 

(^Ll.rSFLDfTiosr, ff^LDird^rTiSsr, QslLi^ 




A-droit'ly, a6?y. .sFiTLDrrs;^uJLDfnu, (^^<? 

A-droit'ness, 5. s=fT^ffliULh, <os^<ss=&lSIlL 

A-dry', a. ^nsQp<s(r(M^ (sSl l—huj^^, 
Ad-u-la'tion, s. qpsldqst, Qps^i^^, ^<f 

Ad'u-la-tor, s- QpsLDmQusi-Qeiitjm, ^i 

Ad'u-la-to-ry, a. (ips^^^Lurr<osr, QpsLo 

Ad'u-la-tress, s. (ip<SLDekQu<ff?<zjrr(Sfrj 

A-dult', 5. ^6friTtB^<su€^y SijmuLDrr€sr<QU 

ear, ud(^6iJisor, (^Loireor. 
A-dult' a. (si'emTiB^, u<s(^(Si]LDn(osr, lSjut 


age, ud(^<suu(7^<QiJil), sSIQ(3ijsuq^<qijud, 
A-dult' ness, s. u<S(^<suud^ LSirrnuuih, 
A-dul'ter-ate, y. a. <s56\)^^&)j <sGOuLjn'<S(^ 

A-dul'ter-ate, fl. QsQ^suulLl^, seou 
urresr, LDiT<omi—, ^^^<sQ<selLi—, 

A-dul'ter-ate-ly, adv. seouunib, ^puSl 
€\}eOfr<oS)LDUJmu, ^irQsL—miij 

A-dul-ter-a'tion, s. <s6\)ulj, SGfrtEi<SLh, <f 

A-dul'ter-er, 5. (sSlu-a^mrosr, ^irir^^^k. 
in scripture, (sSl<sQir<stTirrT^'2<offr<s,sfrjT 

(SOT*, ^LLt—.05r. 

A-dul'ter-ess, s. Q9u^rrF<s<srrffl, (sQus^it 
rfl, ^U:ff=fTrff, uir^QD^, ^lL<o6)L-, 

A-dul'ter-ine, s. 6uu)L]LjLSl(3rr2srr, Q<frTiTLi 
^^UGSTy (^(osari—dssbr. 

A-dul'ter-ous, a. (2Slus:mr^^(osrLDfT(oifr, ^ 

in scripture, (SiJLDUiT<osr, ^lu. 
A-dul'ter-ous-ly, adv. eSlusFrrinDmu, ^ 

lL L—^^earLDfTUj. 
A-dul'ter-y, s. <aSlu,g:rnrLD, LD^QpsQrBird 

in scripture, G^dQir<srTirrr^'2i5ifr, ^<ssr 
Ad-um'brate, v. a. fSi^&SlQ^eo, LnikiseOrr 
Ad-um-bra'tion, s. SL^(s^®<mSj ^<oe}L.. 


Ad-vance',i-. s^ulj, ^currs^P,, Qpm 

m money, (Lpf^^sQ-srrQ^^uem-Lh, ^ 
<?<ff:fTjTLh, (ippu<omLD, QldlusCd^ rr&T, 
in trade, (sSl'^evQuuppLD, §>^ul^. 
Ad-vance',u. a. Qp(5GrQ,s[T®^^&), ^^<s 

in rank, office, &c. &.ujfT^^^eo, ^lu 
sru u smemis, &o . 

money, (ippu<om-iEiQ<s>{TQ^^io^ Qldili 
Qs fT<sfrrrLLj dQ<s fT®^^&) . 
arguments, GT(Si^^uQus?^eo. gi®^^ 
Ad-vance',i'. w. Qpk^^oo, Qp(S5TQ<^sr^^ 

Ad-vance'ment, s. Q^ppCo, ^^siffui^j 

S^ULj, fBLUUL^. 

Ad-vanc'er, s. s^<sQp<s)J6ar. (ipiB^Qp 

(Si/esr, ^-LuiT^^Qp<sij(sk. 
Ad-vant'age, s. ^6\)rruu). ueo&sr, [buuld, 

s^'Snojih, ^^fTiuih, LSlir(}Lurr,9=(Soru)j u 

eSluL], ueSl^LD, 
Ad-vant-age, v. a. ^^ei^^io, LSIsr(cUjrr<3= 

<S6ruu®^^60, u<s\)<5ku®^&). 

ground, 6iimLJuuiT(o6rfS'2Go, rE(cXTr(oofi'2e\). 
Ad-van-ta'geous, a. iSlnQiuiTff€m(Lp<B{r(Sir, 

<siindjLJun'€sr, u60(GU)€cr, ^6\)fTu(ip<ck 

<3fr. fELULDITicSr, ^^K ^ LU LD fT (SOT . 

Ad-van-ta'geous-ly, adv. iBiumfruj, ugo 
(GU)iu, (suirdjuuniL, LSlrrQuuiT<3=<oorLDrruLj. 
Ad'vent, 5. (Siy(7^(SD^, Q^nppiD^ ,3'ldu<oS( 

Ad-ven-ti'tious, a.s;pQs=uj6\)rr6sr, @(S3)z_ 

circumstance, ^<oS)L-u^Ll.L^sn-rfJiULb. 
Ad-ven-ti'tious-ly, adv. ^pQs^Lueorruj^^ 

Ad-ven'ture, s. ^(sssflsirth^ ^essflsii, Qp 


as hazard, uiB^ujih, <o^lLl-ld. 
Ad-ven'ture, v. a. ^essflih^Qsrr®^^^), 

to hazard, u ih^uj l'o(oG)(Sij^^60 , <^lLl^u> 

Ad-ven'ture, v.n. ^ossfl^eo^ ^&ssf)iF^ 



Ad-ven'tur-er, s. u!h^ujLh(cU)^a,QjDGum, 
^€ssPik^i2u<^, ^GS3fl<ssrrLDrr6sr(oiJ6ar, Qf5 

Ad-ven'ture-s6me, ) ^sssflsuLLrTtssr, ^ 
Ad-ven'tur-ous, ' ) iruDQpefrefr, ^(sssfl 

(SurresTj (S^jropefrefr, (SD^iflujQpeirefr. 
Ad-ven'tur-ous-ly, adv. ^^sjiLnndj, 

(o5)^rFlLULDmu, (s^fTLDrruj. 
Ad-ven'tur-ous-ness, s. jjysM^o/, g^/iLDiz), 

Ad'verb, s. s-fflJ^Qs^frdo, (sSI'2esra^[Hs= 
Ad-verb'i-al, a. (oSI2iovnL]ffl<ss®^^. 

clause, ^GDl—QiDfTL^. 

Ad-verb'i-al-ly, adiv. ^osii—iunsy (sSl'hssr 


Ad'ver-sa-ry, s. (sr^iB, er^jmefflj u(o6)<3s 
Ad'ver-sa-ry, a. erfirBeiDL—LLjeiTefr, GSIQrrn 

Ad'verse, a. <5T^rfl<oS)i—.ujfr<oor, eSlQufT^LnfT 

€37", u<o!DSLurresr, 

circumstance, @(SK)/l_«^^, ^dsii®. 
Ad'verse-ly, adv. <5r^irrr<3s, @(52dz_^(T7^<5, 


.Ad'verse-ness, s, ^<sssrisjsiT(oB)LDy e^djeijrr 

<S6)LDj SjlS!TQujrT<f(^LD, 

Ad-vers'i-ty s. ^Qdacsar, 9^(5S)m, <su 

Ad-vert' (to) v.n. (^rS^^io, (^fSluurr^ 

-Ad-vert'ence, |^ QibfiuLj, Gressressffd 
-Ad-vert'en-cy, ' f grocSj s'lrtsu^nesrLD, (^ 

/^ULj, c9F/_L®, <flT(S6)L-, 

Ad-vert'ent-ly, fl(Zi'. s^irGn^nesTLDirdj^ eSI 

Lpjuumii^ S'2£sr u u rruj , &iB^'2ioSTLUfTUJ. 

Ad-vert'ing (to) ^jSI^^, u^fB, Q^rriL 

Ad-ver-tise', v. a, ^.f6I(sSJ^^6d, lSj^^^ 

Ad-ver'tise-ment, s. iSlir&^^u^fiFw, ^ 

Ad-ver-tis'er, s. i3iT9^^LibU(osar^i}u<Sij 

Ad-ver-tis' in g, a . iS^rr 9^,?^ld u Gm^ii 9p , 


Ad-vice', s. Lf^^^&^uQ^s=i£>,Qu/T^'8cBT 
as counsel, lj^^, ^(c6V(Ts='2e^, Qiuns^ 

as information, Qs^lu^, s=LDfTS'frjiLh. ^ 

as notice, ^f6ld(ss)s, i^uQ^^ih. 

legal, (suLp-ssrrQeons^'^sinr. 

spiritual, t^^^y Qufr^^sifr, Qurrfiui^^ 

Ad-vis'a-ble, a. [suj(ip<s{r(str, L/^^uj/year, 

QLUfrs='2iGsrujrT(oor, L^uQuun-s^QsrQpefrefr, 
Ad-vis'a-ble-ness, 5. L^^^mn'osr^j reeo 

Ad-vise', V. a. Lj^^Qs^fTdo^^do, Qun^ 

as counsel, i^^^Qs^neo^^eo, Qiuir^ 

as give information, jfjrSlsS^^eo, Qs= 

as give notice, jifrSI<i<oG)su<om^}j^6iij 

spiritually, Qurrfi^^do.^uQ^S^^do, 

Ad-vise', r. 7«. ,§j^[Tdj^(s\)y 9!ib^^^6\), & 

Ad-vis'ed-ly, adv. QLUfrs-'^ennu/nii, lj^^ 

lUfTLU, £l'2lSSrLJU[TUJ. 

Ad-vis'ed-ness, s. ^Qeocrs^'^ssr^ Qiuns= 

Ad-vlse'ment, .s. ^Qeorr^'^ssry ^s=(t. 
Ad-vis'er, s. QLUfTs=2e5ru6osr^]jQp(QU(osr^ 

political, LDihfirfl. 

spiritual, QutT^san-, @C5) ^-uQ^9. 
Ad-vis'ing, s. L^^fiQs^iTeve^eiDS^Qurr^ 

Ad'vo-ca-cy, s. ufHih^Qus^oDs. 
Ad'vo-cate, s. Suuniu^uiB^iiGirj ufflth^ 

Ad'vo-cate, v. a. urflth^Qusi-^isOy Siurr 

Ad-'vow-ee', s. Qsrr^sSleofisnifly Qsfr<sSI 
e\)Qp<srr<oiDLD<i,srrir^y Qsn<c£l60LDQsSiu 

A-dy-nam'ic, a. ueO(oS<oarQp<sfr<3fr^ (Sjeon^, 

A<lze, s. (sundjff^Q. 

Ae'gis. s. uS<ss)^y QsLsih, 



A-e''ri-al, a. urrLDir^uGUiKssr, ^<srnu^ <3ijn 

form, ^Q<aU'fLD^ Q<sij(S(fl^Q^npptJD. 
A'e-rie, s. ^(sra 5^ ti^ 0^7,^2/ ii>LJLlP<5F<5L.®, 

(^l—U)(oS)U^ (^(i^'3?<oU)/D^ L\<Sfr^(^p^ 

Q^nnn^, lIl1.spl.lLl-ld. 
A'er-i-form, a. (SumLjuQufrearp^^ uuwrr 

A'e-ro-lite, s, ^sfrs^^^QeSlf^iw^idlfipQ 

A^er-o-man-cy, s. <sij[T(5sr(ou{n^<s(^f0s(3ir. 
A-er-ora'€-ter, s. <aijnu^<su<sfr<s(^(E]<s0<sSi. 
A-er-ora'e-trv, s. eufTtLfSijefrQDeiJs^^iT^^ 

A'er-o-Tiaut, s. ^f^L-is^QsOrS^striuLDnns 

SLDrrujJ=Q<f60'i)^S)p<sij&sr^ ^an-g^SLD 


A-er.o-na«t'ics,s, ^s7nLi<3SLD(Ssr^iT^^rTLD. 
A-far', adv^ ^frwrruj^ .^ir, gtlLl-.^ ^ 

Af-fa-bil'i-ty, 5. ^n'rrn(ofrw^ i5cuJ=Qs'rr&)^ 

Affa-ble, «. ^■{TrrrrG(rLD(T(osr^ &-u.ff:friru)rr 

countenance, ^airFr(3(rLDn<osrQfisuD^ is 

Af fa-ble-ness, 5, fBLuuLj^^mrrTefrih^ a_Lj 

Af fa-bly, ndv^ ^nirnen-LDntL^ ^-us^nuwir 

LU, ^UJ(5UrT<oSr(^(om'L£itTUJ^ UiL'SFLDfTUJ. 

Af-fair', s, sniflujiJD^ ^^(sueo. 
Af-fect', v^a. ^rrd^^eo^ ul-.Ms'uj^ 

as act on, ^rr<s(^^&)^ os)^^^&d. 

to act upon as in machinery, iSlesarQ 

as aim at, ^(S6S^€0^ QiEfrdsixxsDQj^ 

as make a show of, tDnifs^uDuem^n 


greatness, &c. uneSl^^do^ Q(Sii(aL^r5j 
(o)stT(om'L-rT®^<so.f QuL^s=i}>u<osur^j 


the minil, Lnesr^puQ^eOy ew^^^^ev), 

things, &?c., Q(Su^^m<3SiWLJu®^^io^ 
g- (smpdsu u <om' €mi ;S<sO , 
Af-fect-a'tion, s- iDfTif<3=u)^Qut^s=ih^QuiT 

Af-fect'ed, «. urr^QSuufT<sisr^ ^irmjQGsr. 
as artificial, wfnuLDfTGsr^ LCini?<5^L£)nGsr. 
behavior or gait, G'.s/rL/L//F(SS)L_, ct® 


Af-fect'ed-ly, adv. Qut^^ff^LDiriL^ wmDrreo 

Af-fect'ed-ness, s. Qut^s=u)j Lnrrifs'ih, cr 


Af-fect'ing a. LD<oSr(ip(7^^^^s<s^ LDOsrrkjs 


scene, urfl^iSlds^^<s<s<35fTLL&. 
story, uffl^^uLD[T€sr<35(o!D^^ ^judaii^ 

as acting on, iSlL^ds^^<s<s^<j^fr<i<s 

Af-fect'ing-ly, adv. LDesrEJS&uj^^ss^fr 

iLiy uS^fTULorrdj. 
Af-fec'tion, 5. ulL^fiIi^ srH<9=<5ffrLhy QQ(56r 

^ih^ QiErFi})^ (elLli^ ^<sarLy, sa^dOj 

as disease, Qisnuj^ iSossfl. 
conjugal, @ei36U^(D/F,£Fiz), in^Gin-iBLLm. 
filial, LSI^rTiDrr^froSesrQiJDpup^. 
parental, Lj^firrQiBs^ii). 
rheumatic, eurr^uLSIi^uLj. 
Af-fec'tion-ate, a. uLL<3=Lo>n65r^ ^esruir 
€sr^ ^uj<QU[T<osr^ Qf5<sFLDrT(oar. 
person, ^&irLj(srr<sfrGJ<zk^ srFls'<our(ip(Sfr 

salutation, •^uQ^auesrua^ i5?u<suiB^ 

Af-fec'tion-ate-ly, adv. uLL<9=LDfTLu^ sifl 

rfearLDiruj^ ^nj^umu^ Qisff^LDiruj. 
Af-fec'tion-ate-ness, s. ulLs=ld^ QiF<s=Lhy 

Af-fec'tion-ed, a. mesrrBjQsrre^i—^ iSrH 

Af-fec'tions, (^(5ssrfEj,S(Sfrj ^(^gdld 
<5(Sff", LD(osr^(osr(^<oSsriEJS(Sfr. 
as passions, (sQq^uuiuj'fs&r^ (S&(3 

C t 



Af-fect'ive, a. siQ^ui^Qp^ ^okQQp^ 
Af-fPance, s. s^LLUih^sth^ (aS!<aurrs<ff:Lhuih 

as trust, iBLDi3<iQ^<3B^ u^^y cFfTrrLjj 
Af-fi'ance, V. fl. SujlSI^^&)^ (QSl(SUfT<ss=Lh 

<3SLJU 6ggr6g9/^<ggU 

Af-f i'anc-er, s. sseSlLurressrwQjDLL® 
(?(Si//r<S3r, (sSI (SiJ fT<35 ihQu rT0^^(D(Sij fTisor^ 

Af-fi-da'vit, s. s's;^Luii>j<f^^LussQ^rT&. 
to make <s=^^ujLl)U<5m'€ssi^J=Qs=rrio^ 

Af-fFed, a. &-L—^L9ij^<s<oiDSU(om'<oS3n€ar^ 

Af-fil'i-ate, u. a. <si-(sSl<sffl^^&)^ Q&h^^ 

Af-fil-i-a'tion, s. s?6SlsfTrnl)^ <sjp(ss)<s^ <sl. 

®(5J5)<5, Qs=ITLJLf, (oS^lTLDfT<oSril). 

Af-fin'i-ty, s. 2_^(a/, s^LDUiu^m^ ^esruj^ 
as agreement, ep<su(si^<oS)s^ ^<ss)s=(s^y 
as attraction, ^(LpuLj^ s^ihuih^ihy u 

Af-firm', v. a. ^rij^Qs^rreo^^eO, P-gn^ 

UU®^^^<S\)y S=fT^^^'3^O<SFfT60G060^^ 

with an oath, "k s^^^iULDuokessfls: 
or curse implied, j Q-fneoon^eo^ ^u 

Af-firm'a-ble, a. &.^fiQ<3FfT6\)6\)<i<3;^i^uj^ 

Af-firm'ance, s. ^^fiuurr®^ ^lLl^ud, 
Af-firm-a'tion, s, ^^^Ms^rreo^ sljt/^ 


with a curse, (^err, s^u^ld. 
Af-firm'a-tive, s. ^n^^uun®^ ^i^^ 

Af-firm'a-tive, a. S-^^uufTi—nesr, a-i_ 
cart-/ /TL-zr (SOT. 

in algebra, Q^ir^^ih^ <3?^fi). 
Af-firm'a-tive-ly, adv. ^n^fiiufrLu^ fiti 


Af-firm'er, s. ^g)j^iundjuQu<3i-Qp(^ 

Affix, S. ^(5JDL_, <sSl(^^^ ^(oS)S=S'2et.^ 


Af-fix', V. a. ^jQ^eOy Q&^ir^^io., ^lLQ 

a name, (oS)<sQiU(Lp^^LjQurr®^<so, 
Af-fla'tion, s. ssk^qd<35. 
Af-fla'tus, s. (of wind,) sfr/b^e^J^'SFy ass 

divine, (^rri^eSI uS(^<oj<Ei^^6\)^ (^ni^ 

Af-flict', V. a. (Sii(r^^^uu®^^^&}j ^eor 

.ff^puQ^^io^ Qsij^^^do^ (cijrT^^^dOy 

ones self, ep^^^ex), ^m'^osrsu(T^^^^ 

Af-flict'er, s. <su(f^^^uu®^^Qp6u<5ar^ 

Af-fiict'ing, a. ^u^^irLDrresr^ ^ssldit 

COT, (SlJ(7F^^^LDn'(oSr. 

Af-flict'ing-ly, adv. ^un^uuirdj^ &.u^ 
Af-flic'tion, s.^saruihy (Sij(f^^^LDj ^i—i^y 

Af-flict'ive, a. QQeos^uui^j^^ds^ QQ&) 
^uuQ^^Qp^ ^urrfidQp. 
event, QQeos=LDfT(osrsiTff)iuil>y ^ssu 

Af-flict'ive-ly, adv. ^s<5iii!T\}j^ ^lunmn 
Af flu-ence, s. Qs=6\)6iJil)y ^<3i-<suifluuih.^ &= 

Af flu-ent, a. Q'9=eo<suii)fr<ssr, 
Afflu-ent-ly, adv. Qs=60(suLDmu. 
Af flu-ent- ness. 5. Q^iso<suil). 

Afflux, ) Q,3^i\)(o>d&).^ (o^0<5S)<Sy ^ 

Af-flux'ion, ' ) ®(S35c5, <3f^®U)UU^<5}J(T^^ 

Af-ford',«. a. ^0^eOy QstrQ^^do^ FT-^eo. 
as able to give, sell, &c. <9^L^tUj ^s-s, 

Af-fran'chise, v. a. eSIQ^'^iurrsc^^eOy 



Af-fran'ohise-ment, s. <sSl(£>^'^iuiTSi^ 

Af-fray', s. s=6m-(oiDL—^ s=Q^(Sij(sms. 
Af-fric'tion, s. &.(fl(^<9i-(oS)<s^ Q^luulj. 

Af- fright', S. ^Qa^®^ ^3=3= UD^ QcBL^^ 

Af- fright', V. a. uujuu®^^^go. 
Af-front', s. /^/F^Ssar, ul^ulj, ^(sus^ra 

Af-front', v.a. ^ULDn<^ii)U(om-^j^io^ 

Af-front'er, 5. fSiF^<sQp<aiJ€ar. 
Af-front'ing, \^ /SiB^dS)p^^(SULDiT(S^u 
Af-front'ive ' ) uQ^^Qp^^ei^dQp. 
Af-fuse', V. a. QinQeo^p^^io^ QldQgo 

Af-fu'sion, s. QinQeixsijniT^^eo^Q^&flun 
Af-fy', V. a. QiBLSl^^i\)^ ui^^^io. 
A-float', a. i^ih^Qp^ S'2evujjb/D^ ^^^eo 

as unfixed, (sSIlLl-^ ^(SS)^6U[r(osr^ i§l 

as a report, Q<su<o{fl(SuiB^^ QutuiriTG^y 


to be afloat, tSl^^^io^ iis^^Gd^ S'2go 
to be afloat, as a report, {ei—^^go^ Qu 

A-foOt', adv. SfT6\)fB<oS)L^LUfTUJ. 

as begun, ^(a;<5<£FLo/ruJ, ^'^uulLQj 

to he afoot, ,^'2evLJu®^eo, Q^itl—&<s 

to set afoot, ^"SsoLJu^^jjy^sl), cg^iru) 

A-fore', adv. Qp<our^ (LpsurcisrLD. 
going, QpiB^<osr^ QprnQs^mp. 
hand, Qpi^^ (ipesrQeor, 
named, i • r^ • o 
mentioned, i QP^^^^^^^. QP^ 

said, j ®^^^' 

time, (LppsnedQin^ Qppsrreo^^Qeo^ 

in sea-faring language, Qpm-<ssr6ssf] 

A-foul', adv. ^dsiTLLJ^ e^®, iLniLu^. 
A-fraid' a. uiuiDiresr^ ^s^^s^LDirm-j Qsls^ 


A-fresh' adv. Lj^^mu^ iB<SiiLDndj^ ld^u 


Afri-ca, 5. ^iSlrfldsfTQ^^ih. 

A-front', adv. (ip<osr<^<5s. 

Aft, a.oradv. suuG^m-iSleGrudsLDfrijUy 

^UHLDfTULJ^ S<oG)l—.<35(T<30rTULJ. 

Aft' er, a. or adv. iSl€sr(GU)6sr^ iSJan-Lj^ Qld 
according to, uu^Qlu^ Quit&o^ iSlir-stT 


in imitation of, Qurreo^ urT<Qij'2Qn'ujfTiLi^ 

e^uufTiLi^ QiDQ^rruurrdj. 

this manner, ^<su<aS!^ijDrrLu^ ^^^(^ 


that manner, ^uuu^, ^<ij<sSI^LnniLi. 
Aft'er-SL'ges^plu. s. LSJpsnGOrijs&r^ <su0 

Aft'er-all, arfiJ. FF^sstDi—QuSleOj Qppp 

(ipL^<o:SIQeo^ (ipL^iB^L9<our. 
Aft'er-birth, s. i5(i^&f-dQafrL^j i5^^,s 

of a beast, ^(s^ikiQ'Snis^. 
Aft'er-clap, s. ^®&k.(irj>in(Lpis^i5^^.f [B 

Aft'er-crop, 5. ^ireik-L-mlxsSI'^eij^ ^ 


Aft'er-life, 5. i3p<s{TeOLD^ (ipfiiT<QUUj<3^j ld 
Aft'er-most, a. ^sulSie^gst^ <s<5S)i-.9 
Aft-er-noon',s. LSI(^Co66rirLD^^ih^QiBrrLh^ 


this afternoon, ^m^iSlekQGurrnh. 
Aft'er-pains, _pZ. 5» FF^pLS(ssr<QU(y^LhQfBfr 

Aft'er-part, s. @^^, iSI(5oru(^^. 
Aft'er-thought, s. L3mQssr(sm(omLD^ lSI 

Aft'er-ward, adv. l^sotl/, QldQgo, 
come afterward, Q<3=60<506ijrr^ L9(sk(^ 


A-gain', adv. Lc^uu^iLiih^ Qlh^ld^ ^0 
and again, c^^<^c5/^, ue\)Qp<5G)p^ €^p 

fS^Si-prSl^ QlD^<S(^(dLD6\).) ^(T^LDU^^ 

A-gainst', prep. GSlQun^mnuj., (sr^ffloDu. 



the wall, <ffr€uQirrT(Sl^ sf-<surflQeo. 
to-morrow, iBn'^st^eir, 
fever, smuj:^^s(^, 
the rain, Lnntfl<s(^, 
drunkenness, G)<si'/29<5(^. 
you come, i§(SU(7^.g/b(^(shQ(S(r. 

rule, (sS^dQs^fffGDL—LUfTS^ €Sl^<SlJ(Lp 

reason, Lj^^d(^(sSIQirfr^LDrTLu^ H^^ 

the wind, <snp^Qps^^<s\), 

as opposite, ^-(SjrQpsih^ QibQjj^ er^iTf 

A-gape', adv. ^ojeS^^thsn^^^ ^^ 

Qs^lSI^^ej -SB n^^ . 
Ag'ate, s. <SGi(Su(§ifiujiJD. 
Age,s. (SurT^fBrret. 

of a person, or other ) &jiu^^ ^f^'^y 
animal, ^ i3sinujLD, 

of the world, il\sld. 

the present age, ^iB^iBnetr^^^ssfreOLD. 

former age, (Lp/bsfreoih^ Lf^06UtsrT&)Lh. 

golden age .,^^^LoiLj<sih^SlQir^fTiLj<SLD, 

old or great age, <sSl(i^^^!TuL3iiJih^ i§ 


early age, ^<3(rL[)i3nrriULD^ ^(Sfrtsuiu^, 
to be of age, u(f^€ULnmiS0^^6O^ iSlirrr 

A'ged, a. /f/tlIljlLz—, (suuu^Qs^mp.^ Qp 

man, (suuu^rreffl^ <sB(r^^^iTui3uj<sar^ Q 

Lp6iJ<^-) GULU^Qs=<^p<sueGr. 

woman, Qlp<2SI^ (suuu^Q'SF(S5rp<3U(d(r^ oV 

tree (W^LDjiihj Qipiouu:)^ i^itlLul-. 


horse, QLpd(^^(oiDrr. 
the ao-ed, Qt^<suiT^ Qp^Quunh^ (sutu^tr 
A'gen-cy, s. snifliuisB^mT'^isssnsL^uLSu 

m trade, &c. <s0ld^^'^(Sidldj uititld 

moving power, ^iu&(^i^^^^<s^^' 
A-gen'da, 5. sfrffluj^L^rruLj, strffluj^Qp 


A'gent, s. «fTifliu<srTir<osr, Q&^tjju(^Qw, str 

free, shiun^Gwo^. 

of another, LSlpiT<srTiflujsrTiT<^, iSlirfi 

in grammar, ^(T^^^n^ sfTir<S(ohr. 

as originator, s^^<^^ •ziruesGrGir, sn 

Ag-glom'er-ate, v. «• ^inl'Sl^eo, ^essr 

Ag-glom'er-ate, v,n. ^ni^^io uih^n^ 

Ag-glom-er-a'tion, s. uih^fT(^ss)<Sj ^em 

Ag-glu'tin-ate, v. a. u<5ids^(jSIlL®§}i1®^ 

Ag-glu'tin-ant, ) ums^uSLKBifpL^ 

Ag-glu-tin-a'tion, ' ) ®<ss)s. 
Ag-grand-iz-a'tion, 5. Qp^&!r<5S)LDUjrrd(^ 

Ag'grand-Ize, V. a. <5S€ssft,3=uu®^^^(so^ 

Ag'grand-iz-er, s. ^(srrfrdQoSl LLL-<Sijek^ 

(x>(SiJ rT(osr. 
Ag-grand'ize-ment, s. Qp^(^<oS)LDiufTS(^ 


Ag'gra-vate, v. a. ufTiTLDiTS(^^&)^ ^^<s 

Ag'gra-va-ted, a. «£^^^, uitituulLi—^ 

guilt, uiT!iLLrt<ssr(^ppih. 
sorrow, sQib^luit, uirir^^dsLD. 
to be aggravated, <s<oGr^^<so^ ^^^^ 
61), un!iuu(^^^eo^ s^^^go, 

Ag-gra-va'tion, s, ^^sumnhy ^fi/srfl 

Ag-gra-va'tive, a. iSU^(SsrLDnQ5T, unniDn 

Ag'gre-gate, s. <si<3s&=sQy QLDrr^<SLh. 
Ag'gre-gate, v. a. sk-ilQ^e^^ Qs^ir^^do, 

Ag'gre-gate, v. n. ^iT(^^&i^ ^^^(^^eo. 
Ag'gre-gate, a. sL-LLi—LDfresr, Q^rr^sirxs 




Ag'gre-gate-ly, adv. O^fK^SLuinu^ ^i_ 

Ag-gre-ga'tion, s. fiinlQ^ Qllit^^ud. 
of masses, ^jjismQi—nmr^ui^^ <sSl 

Ag-gress', v. n. s=(T^<Si^^<so^ ^n(Sx\^eo.^ Qm 

Ag-gres'sion, s. <F(7^eij<os:)<ss^ s=€m<oS)L—Quj 

Ag-gress'ive, a, s'em<5SiL-Quj(LguL\Qp^ 

^^^^ u Lj <2fr<sfr . 
Ag-gress'or, s. <f0(siiQp(Su&sry s=(t^<bSI^ ^ 


Ag-griev'ance, s. ^(sa)i—(G^<9=&)^ ®^^) 

Ag-grieve', v. a. LJD<osrQi5fT<QUuu€ssr^}j^ 

eo , (2SI^(osrLj u ®^^^60 . 
Ag-griev'ed, a. LDGsrQ(5!T{5^.f weisrosiiBiB^, 

person, LD<^n'QfBniB^<sum'^ e^(Sl<s<ssuu 

.Qjear, i^jLsrrrefresr. 

A-ghast', fl. or adv. eidsiDrruj, mjT^^^ lSI 
stlSJ^^, ^QDSUL^&refTf (ojLDfTULf<3ir(Sfr, 
to be or stand, iSlsnSl^^eOj wn^^&i^ <oj 

to look, ^(SS)S^^UUITIT^^6\). 

Ag^ile, a. sfr6\}<oSis<3f-^d<3SfT(ourf (sSl <5S)sr<SiJ tr 

As'ile-ness, } n ' n d 

A-giH-ty, ^* (^'^'^^i'^^'^^'^i ^^'' 

A'gi-o, s. si^eijy €ulLl-ld. 
Ag'i-ta-ble, a. ^LudsrTLLQujnesr, ^<oG)^ 

Ag'i-tate, v. a. QefruLj^eo, <s6\)<sb(^^60j 
^lL®^&), ^<oS)'3=^^eOy ^^d(^^&}j 

a subject, ^emi^uQu&i-^eOj s<sa)^ 

Ag'i-ta-ted, a. s(soiijQ(5sr, (^LpihtSlesr, ^ 
to be agitated, <s6\)rEj(^^6\)j (^ipuDLf^ 

Ag-i-ta'tion, s. ^<^s=<^^ rB®d<sih, <s=<oOear 

as motion, ^ujssu), s^eom-ua, sj 

as disturbance, s^s<3jldj (^i^uuud. 


of a subject, <3SfTtf]LU(aSl<ff'nn'^S5SJ^^fT^ 

of mind, <5B6\)s<sl^^ ^'^eijj ^(^s^eo 
of body, u^^€0)<3Sj ib®<ssl£>j u<ss)^ 
political agitation, ^rrrTs=Quj<s5(^LpLj 


Ag'i-ta-tor,5. (^LpuuuDuem^uQpeueaTy 
seo<sd<9S[rii(Ssry ^rrmuQeufT&fr. 

A-go', adv. Qpm^ QpGsrQsisr^ Q&Gsrp, 
long ago, Qp(^Q(5orj Q<3ij(^iBn'^d(^ 

a year ago, ep(T^(su(T^L-^^<s(^Qpm,. 

four days ago, fBfT^r5fT'^d(^(ipm-, 
A-gog', adv. ^(SuQeorrQi^. 
A-go'ing, adv. (b<5S)l^uSIQ60j f5<oS)L-.Q<sm 

esarQy Q<f6V60, Qu(t<s. 

to be agoing, Q.ff=eo^^60, rsL-^^eOy. 

to set agoing, (BL-dsuuemr^ij^eo,^ 

Ag'o-nist, s. uii^ujihiSli^ss^^essEQp 

Ag'o-nize, V. a. <suiT(as)^uu®^^^&)^ u 

Ag'o-nize, V. n, ^<au^€S)^uu®^6\}, Qwi 

in prayer, ^<sSI^^€:Sl<om(osoruu(^Qs^ 

Ag'o-niz-ing-ly, adv. u<otD^u0D^ss^€ufT 

UJ/TLLJ^ U(oO)^^^, 

Ag'o-ny, s. &_ufr^, «6W^, ld<s[tlS(oS)U,» 

of death, ilik^^^qs)^^ uj/t^Ssw. 
A-gra'ri-an, a. S&)(oS)LD<s(^ffluj, <3srr€S3fty^ 

A-gree', v.n. e^^^dQ<srT(srr(Gf^^&), ^<5ssr 

^(7^LD60rLJu(Sl^&)j ^SSWfT^€\). 

as settle, &_i_m'uu^<s<5c:)<sEU6wrQxsfl<s 

A-gree'a-ble, a. ^(syuunear, ^^mrreary 
^LLL-mrresTj e^uiSl^LDirear, (Sjppy ^ 
d<Sj ^®^^» 
discourse, LD^n<3iJS'-<^ih, ^mQwniOy 



person, (^QsarLDrr(S6r€U(sar,^6sf}iu^(5k, 
taste, si-(5S)<sUj ld^jjiI). 
smell, sfsiB^ih, (su rrs='2ioin; 
manners, ^eirf^LuiEODL-, fEfTsifsil). 
A-gree'a-ble-ness, s. ^^iJo, ^<om<s<SLD, 
SFSih, Qs^GfrdwLUi}}') ibuuud. 
as resemblance, ^^^(r^S(oS)s, s^ll 

A-gree'a-bly, adv. ep^^uu^, (sjjbpuu^^ 

V-greed', adv. @<S2D;F/5^, ^i—ib(5S)^uu 

to be agreed, ^L^mu^^eo^ ^emih 

A-gree'ment, s. Qu^tq^^^ld, ^effsrddsih^ 

as compact, ^-1—<^ul^&<sds^ Qun(7^ 

as harmony, union, ^<sa}s=(sij^ ^esurd 

SLDy €pQ^<oS)LDy ^dsill^ QlBfr<S5>LD^ fpfO^ 

as resemblance, s^LDfreanh^s^fflf fptJL/. 
Ag'ri-cul-tor, s. uuSlnrQs=LLjQ/D(su^, &.Lp 

Ag-ri-cuFtur-al, a. uuSiTQ<9^uj<ss)<sds® 

Ag'ri-cul-ture, s. Q€ij<sn-iT<om<oaiLD^ uuSIit^ 

Ag-ri-cul'tur-ist, s. ^-L^qj^^ Qsuerrfrefr 
ek. uiiSrrQs=ujQ/D<Qy6or, uiiSIitQ<s=llj(sSI 

A-ground', adv. setr^^Qed, iBeo^^Qeo 


as impeded, ^<ssii—UL-(^^ ^lLi—uu 


to be aground, s<3fr^^Q&)<sLLQ^&), 

A'gUe, S. (^%\)LJLJ63r, (S^&fflTj ^etfllTSfT 

A'gu-ish, a. (^(Sfflrrsf-ir^^da®^^. 
A'gu-ish-ness, s. ^<siflff6?ii^^ss®jS^(^ 


Ah, int. c^, ^(^iurr, ^^s^iud^rSuLf^ 

A-ha', int. ^srr^ spQarT, Q<SiiprSl<i(^fS 

A-head'j adv. Qpi^^, QpeorQm, 


to go ahead, Qpk^^eo.^ ^t-^^eo. 
A-hoy'.f int. <fLDunQ(GG)LLLs^^&f}&^<s?^eSl 

effi, ^Qsn. 
Aid, s. ^dsssr^ O-^eSI^ ^smuLOj f^^^rr 

by hand, ODSiun-pfiS') (SSisiLj^eSl^ <oS)<s 

pecuniary, ueaards^smuil), QufT(^(^ 

Aid, V. a. si^^eSlQs^iu^io, ©.^(Sj/^aJ, ^ 

Aid'de-camp, s, C<F@)^u^a5?6sr^S533r 


Aid'er, s. ^'BsssriLnr&r^ ^-^eSldatrji^. 
Aid'less, a. ^ih^rfi^^^ ^-^(sSlujpp. 
Ail, V. a. <sT60rr(SS)LDuu®^^&)j <fff-se^esrLj 

Ail'mg, a. ^<^uQp(3ir<3(r^<5jeOtrQS)LDiL^<s{r<8tr, 
Ail'ment, s. <oj60fT<oS)LDy QiBn, <3?<s<sS(osrui^ 

Aim, s. ^6U<fE(5, Qf5rr<s5SL£)^ (^rSluLj, «5 

to take aim, ^&}d(^LJurriT^^6\)^ S 

Aim,'!?. a. ^eosf^uunrr^^GO.^ sQ^^^d 

Aim'er, s. ^eod(^uurTadQp(Sij(sar^ @eu 


Aim'less, a. ^eods/bpyCoiBrrdsLSlioeOfT^. 
Air, s. snpg}].^ (Suitilj, uinnfT^u. 

of a tune, ^iB^ih, ^jrfTsih. 

light as air, &c. siTp^uQuiTe\'>n<ssr 

publicity, l3ij&^^ld., urrnQaJuo. 
as mien, Qstreom, (2ps<i(^rSI^<s=fTUJ6\)^ 
^n<oS)i-.^ Q^trppih, u(TiEi(^, 
plant, (srrs^irefff. 

tight, evrTiLjLDrSluL^-, (SiJiruLj^^QuLf. 
bladder, LDd<9=tE}S(Sffldn-<aijfnLju<oS)u. 
to show airs, Qp^frdQsirL-^^^&d, Q^ 
Air, V. a. s_60rT<SDQj^^6\), srrp^uut—u 


by heat, QiE(r^LJLSQ&},sfTiJud<9f-^eVj(^ 

Air'-bal-loon', s. ^snvu^Q^n. 
Air'-built, a. ^6\)(3i)(SD^iLi(S(r(srr^iTUJs<spL3 




Air-gun, s. mni^^^uun^Q. 
Air'— hole, s. sfTjb^uQumixsuL^ . 
Air'i-ness, s- <s n'^^<s^'3?60)s ^ &np^GOn 

as gayety, ©_6U6U/r<F£i), QiDrrefrih^ fpuj 
Air'ing, s. atrpg^iui^uf.^ sfrp^uu® 

as excursion, ^eorr^ fB<5S)i—^ s^fTffl^ ^ 


Air'— pump ^s.<surrLLj <ff='SPfTil)LSI ^6ijmLj<sijfr nkjQ. 
Air'y, a. <sfT/b^i^(3fry snp((rj><^sr^ srrp^ 


as exposed to air, srr/b^uLSIi^dQp. 

as thin, light, sfT/b^iuuQurrearp.) QfSfr 


as unsubstantial, ^puLcin<5sr^ u^jrrr 

as gay, &^&)6\}rr<s:L£)fT(osr^ <SGfflLJurT(osr, 
QsiJL^<s<oO)<sujrT(osr^ s<srf) 
notion, (sE'Qesareaaresaruij (^<om[B'2tssr 

Aisle, 5. QsnuSleSl(5sr&p(^tii(osarL-.uuD^ 

A-jar', adv. e^0s=<fffl<surrLu^ ^Q^s=s^ff}u 


A-kin', a. €^uurT<osr^ ^esTLnrrear^ s=u:)fT<oar 

as relation, ^<SOT-Lo/r6Z5r5S_^(Siy/r(S3r,0^/r 
Al'a-bas-ter, s. Q(su(oms<so, 

box, QQj6sar<spurr<sssff^ QojssaT'SpQ'S^ 

Al'a-bas-ter, a. Q(QU6osr<£6\)&)rrGOfT(our. 
A-lack', int. ^Qmir^ ^jTd<ssd(^nSluLf. 
A-lac'ri-ty, s. ^-p^rf<3aLD^ ^^iL&sih^ LD<osr 

Al-a-mode', adv. euLpdsuui^, 
A-larm', 5. si<^'3''^(SfSluL\^ ^s^^ih^ ^Q 

A-larm' v. a. uujuuQ^^^eo^ ^Q<sQl- 

as give notice of danger, (^iT(So<siJuSil. 

to be alarmed, ^<s»<5 ^^61), fi(S)<sQQ 

A-larm'ing, a. ^(i^^^^d^s^ Q<sfrQes)Lo 


as dangerous, uQQLLfT'9=LDfT<SGr^ sQ' 


disease, Qsnu^uueSluun^. 

news, affairs, Q<sL^ds^^<s<sQ<9'LLj^^ 

symptom, ^(Sijd(^6mu)y ^<sud(^fSly 

A-larm'ing-ly, adv. ^t^^^^^ds^nin^ u 


A-larm'ist, s. ^d'3'd(^fSuL^d<s[T<omL3Lj 

QufTsbr^ uujiEj<sn'uuQ^^Q(Sii[T(EXir. 
A-las', int. ^Quun^ ^uu/r, e^Q<s[r^ ^d 

Al'ba-tross, s. f^rrtiiTULj&r^ Q<cir<osriTUL^ 


Al-be'it, adv. ^uui^uSl^d^u)^ ^^Q^ 

<SdF, ^Sl^LD. 

Al-bi'no, s. ufT€m-(SluLSlpuL^^ <3?urr^d^ 
uiSluiSp iB^Qeueir'SefrCoLDGfffltiJi^, 

Al'bum, 5. Qsij&r(o<o{r(Sl^ (^fSuLjUL^^^ 

Al-bu'men, 5. Q<QU(S(r'borrds(r^. 

Al'burn, ) u)rrQ(Su<3(r'S(5rry uLl.<sDt-^ 

Al-burn'um, ' / uuQp^, 

Al'chi-mist, 5. ^ir<9=<sijfTfi^ e-Q6i)rr<3sriis 

Al'chi-my, s. ^ir<3=<3UfT^u}^ ^jr<9=(sSl^es)^y 

Al'co-hol, s. <3=fTirmu^fi(sars:rrin})j LD&v^y 

Al-co-hol'ic, a. s=rTirrruj(ip(S{r(3fr^ LDeru^m<s{F 
Al'co-ran, s. Q<35fr(yr^€orQ<S)j^i})j (See Al- 

Al-cove, s. ^63/?fL/(S5)^, <sisrrd^ew^6\)i}y. 
Ale, s. €^n<oS^<9'[Trr[rujLD. 
Ale-house, s. s=rTiTfTLuih(2Slpi^(^s=fr'2i5v^ m 


A-lem'bic, s. u€ar(sa^fr(ip^6)9iU6)JL^d(^iij 

<S(m(2Slj srTdjd'9?d(^uLSl, 
A-lert', a. ^p<3FiTSLDrT<oar^ <^g)j<^^uu[T 

6i5r, s^ndQuGD^uunesTy ^(r<su^[T(osrQp 


to be on the alert, eSlL^uufTuS^f^^^GOy 

[S'2ioffruufrijSl0^^6\)y s'rTdQrr(SD^ujfTuS 

A"lert'ness, s. <9F^i@, <9?^<9?^LJi^y &. 

p<3^nSLDj (aSlQ<SU<SLD, 




negative quantity, ^(7^<smih^ (sSjf-^fi), 

plus quantity, ^<ssnh^ <3?^^. 
Al-ge-bra'ic, a. ^LL<ff^iT<sessfl^^^d(^(flLu 
Al-ge-bra'ist. s. ^Ll.<9=irssssfl^€ar. 

-A'li-aS, .9. ID^'SLLL-'boiruU^^tTLD. 
A'li-aS, adv. LDP^UDUIJ^.^ LO^fBtTLDUi. 

Al'i-bi, s. ^fT(oarQ(3yj^L-^^&90ih(D^Q6sr 

A'li-en, «, ^(ssnssflujasr^ L9p<^^ i3pQ^ 

A'li-en, a. jij€urGsffiULDn<o5r.f LSp^^turresr. 
A'li-en-a-ble, a, LSI/)iiEJS6\)[T<ss<s<3f^L^uj^ 

A'li-en-ate, v. a. ujiT^Gsruu^^jseOy i^ 

friends, u(SS)SLUfrdQ<sQ<siT(Sfr(Sf^^60y 

one's feelings, iDeisr(ipfftujJ=Q<9=uj^&)y 

IS lL Lj u i3 ifl^^So . 
A'li-en-ate, ^i. L^p^iEjaeO'iyQp. 
A-li-en-a'tion, s. LD6srQprfl(si]y iBiLi-^ui^tfl 

of property, tSpiiEj^GC^ urrn-^(osnl>. 
of mind, QiSn^uLj^ u:)(SsrQ(Sug^LjLj^ 

Al-ien-a'tor,«. urnT^(Ssruu®^^Qp<su(ssr. 
Al-ien-ee', s. 6ufrfEJS6\)fTGff}, 
A-light', 1J-, », ^p^(3^'^t ufi^&). 
as settle, uz^^ev, ^iB^^&i^ ^<sro/_;gr 

A-lIght'ing^ «. ^pdsilhyUt^e^^^ffluLj^ 

A-like', adv-. ^uuituj^ s^^euiTy, ^^uu^^ 

to think alike, G^OrressrosBrtnnuSiQ^^^eo, 

to look alike, ^Qrrs=trujeOfniS(fi^^^60. 

to be alike, e^^fi(7^^^&). 
A-like'— mind-ed, «^ ^(^LD<osriLiT<ssry <sjs9l 

AFi-ment, s. ^snuLD^ s^nuunQ. 
Al-i-ment'al, > ^smru^nGsr^ ^nriim 

Al-i-ment'a-ry, ^' C gsr. 


canal, @€rai7-i@L_6U, ^QDnd(^L-.n. 
Al-i-ment'al-ly, adv. ^snuLDiruj. 
Al-i-ment-a'tion, s. ^(^an-ffninh. 
Al'i-mo-ny, 5. <siS)L^uuLlL^L£'2Gsr(£s(^s 


Al'i-quant, a. Qs^u.s^&'^ssrQujcsaT^ij 


part, Q<3^L—<9=Q'^osrQuj6m-. 
Al'i-quot, a. ^dom-utSI[fl<sufr6sr, ^ldui3 

A-live', a. S-uSI(7^<s(r(Sfry ^sv^m-efTy ^<oii 

as sensitive, ^esarirs^^Lqefrefr. 

in a scripture sense, m^Qs'csresriLn 

as energetic, Qpiup&ujiTesr^ ^slssldu 

Al'ka-li, s, srrjTihy ldihsiiuli. 

Al ka-lme, a, sairQpoirefry cDjeiJuiufTGsr. 

Al'ko-ran, s. i£)sld^s'idlu^6\)j Qannr? 

All, a. 6T6U6U/r, ^S6\)y ^0€l/y S=lD6rV^, 
in all, ,ff:(T^iSUQpLDy <SF LDetV^ (ip LD ^ ^S, 
of them, (ST^6\)/r(^LD, ^(oS)(QijQuJGO€\)tT 
ihy lUfTGi^ll). 

through, Qp(ip<su^i£)y QM:Q(T^isuy ctiej 

over, Gria(^il)y Qpp^thy Qp(W^ihy 

persons, GrioeoiTQ^ihy ss6\)(r^ihy ^ld 

not at all, g)6U?sw, s^p^iSley^'^. 
on all fours, fBirpsfrpunujs^s^eondj. 
Al-lay', V. a, ^gsS^^go^ ^p^^eo^ ^p 

Al-lay'ed, a. ^osSk^y ^rB<ssTy <3=niB^ 

to be allayed, ^62Rj^^^, ^g^^eo^ (^ 

Al-lay'ing, 5. «^/r/F^, ^essfJuLf^ ^sessfteif. 
Al-1'edge', V. a. Qs=rrio^^6Vy p-^^Qs^rr 

Al-le-ga'tion, 5. ^-^^s=Qs=iT&}y Sojituj 
ihj sLL(Sl<o6)n'y 
as accusation, (^pp(^3:nnii^^6<y 





Al-le-gor'i-cal, a. e^LLQ^(5S)L£)LuiT<5ijr. 
Al'le-go-rlze, i\ a. G^LiL^LLj6ULSI^^6\). 
Al'le-go-ry, s. 6^LLL-6Vfsj.£iTinh^ ^LL®(Sij 


Al-le'vi-ate, v. a. ^^^v^eOj ^sssfl^^eo^ 

A14e-vi-a'tioii, s. ^Q}sf](ai]^ ^<^<s<sld^ <g= 

Al'ley, s. ^(ipfEJ(5a)<s, (S^Q<i<SLDn6srsi]y^, 
All-hail', int. (SiJaifi, ^eonih, 6ijrrLp<ss. 
Al-li'ance, s. <FLDuih^ih, s-roeij. 

as union, ^(ssrih, s^Louih^^pei^, ffil> 

u k^^Q^ni— iTLj . 

by marriage, .ff^LDUii^ssGOuLf. 

by compact, ^-t-.<5brurr®j &^i—^l9l^ 

Al-li-ga'tion, s. iSl^sm-uLi. 

in arithmetic, <s&)uQu<osgt, uQd(sSl(osr 


Al'li-ga-tor, s. (ip^'^ev, (sudnB&sr. 
Al-lit-er-a'tion, s. Qinrr^r. 

Al-lo'di-Um, S. ^LL9<S^fTQ5sff, Si-lUfT^&F 

Al-lot', r. a. ufEjQ®^6\), uiEj(^(^rS}^^eo, 

Al-lot'ment, s. uiei(^^ ^^^t uiejQ®., 

Al-low', V. a. ^i-iEjQ<sfTQs;^GO. 

as admit, ^^j^dsQ<sa(ofr(6f^^6\}, <9=ihLD 

as give or afford, Q<5/r®^^6x), ^q^^so 

as let or permit, ^lKSI^go^ qSIQ^so^ 

as deduct, ^&(r(&^^&), slSJ^^go, sifi 

Al-lovv'a-bl-c, «. 3f^tsf-iu^ ^^^<sQ<sBfTm 

Al-low'a-bly, adv. ^d^i^nsirnmnfh. 
Al-low'ance, s. ^wii^^io^ ^i^mQiEn(®^ 

as admission, a-Z—eoru/r®, ^ulj, <5--w 

as assent, epihuQ<oG)<ss^ ^Gfsr<i<!ELhj s^ld 

as extra, L/if , '^^uu^^ sj^suls^. 


as freedom from restraint, ® <.'^* a /TiTii), 

^lLL-UDj <9^GOdd5JT^60iSr^ <S^ lL L-. fT^ rSl . 

as remission, -st^o/, ^(srr(Gf^uL^. 
as permission, ^i—ih, S-^^u^, 
as wages, -fihumih, 3?^gSI. 
to make allowance in dealing, ^<sir(&^ 

to make allowance for one, <3S(o3sr.3^fT 
<oiDi—UjfnLJuun'iT^^<s\}, ^ardsmriEjQsrT 

to be on short allowance, up(Trf>uuuf- 

Al-loy', s. SGOuLf^ sgogd(Su, ^-QeOfTS'St 

Al-loy', V. a. <3ogo^^s\).^ <sioOuurr<S(^^<50. 
as reduce by mixture, uifrih^d(^<oiD/D 

to use alloy by stealth, s<sfr<ofnliu<5m 

Al-loy 'age, s. ^-QeonsiEj&'^efrs.seo^^io. 

All'spice, s. Qsu<2k'SGm6}Gfr(^. 

Al-lude', V. a. (^r^^^eo, (^rS^^<fQ&=n 

Al-lure', V. a. ^(T^&srrLL®^&), ^^uisj 

<£BfTLL®^60, lBLUIEJSfTLLL^aS(Lp^^6V^ LD 

Al-lure' ment, s. ^(LpuLj, u/b^, mtud 

Al-lfir'er, 5. LDUj<3S(^Qn)€U(^j ld(^lL®Q 

fD<sy(osr^ <ojuj<sQp€u&yr. 
Al-lur'ing-ly, adv. ibujuuituJj LDQ^LLt—fT 


Al-lu'sion, 5. cF/re»z_, (^/SIulj, s^lLQ, 

QiDpQsrr&r^ stnL®. 
Al-lu'sive, a. (^pSuunciw^ <piT<5S)i—LurT(oor, 

Al-lu'sive-ly, adu. (^j^luumu^ s'n<oi5)u. 

LUfTLU, (SUi3^G5i&lUnUU. 

Al-lu'vi-al, a. i§iTfT^<3m-i—rT<our^<50)jTUja6orf 

Al-lQ'vi-um, s. f^inT€^<3mrL^fT6ar^(5S)fTj si 

All-wise', a. s=(7^(SU(^rT<o3r(ip&r<sfr,ff^0'Su<i 
Al-lv', s. ^<55<siiiTS=fT^ ^dsrrrrs^&LUih. 



by marriage, (sSlisurrss'Lhuih^ihucssr 


Al'mai, ) 
APme, ^* ) 


AFma-nac,s. u(^s^fTiEJSLb, ^[flajmsj^ih. 

maker, U(Q^Qsij&jr^u^ff=n!E]iEim'SG^ 

Al-might'i-ncss, s. ^(r^<Sij<2u(kieO(56)LD, sfr 

^^^^^ SL/ LL) . 
Al-mlghf'y, S. S=IT€U<SU&)S\)GSiLDU^(Sfr(3fr(aiJIT. 

Al-might'y, a. <9=0<su(SU(S\)(oO(S6)LDLLj(3fr(ofr. 

Al'mond, S. <SUtT^(5S)LD, <q^[T^<o5)ID<SeQ<S(T 

APmon-er, s. i3<s:0S)<9=uQQ^Qp<Qii(ck, 
Al'mon-ry, s. ^ps^<s=fr'^^ ^0Lns'rr'hs\)^ <f 

AFmost, adv. QlLl—^^lLl^.) QlLl-Qp 

Alms, (pL) s. lSI<9:&ds-\, s:(r^LDi}:, luns^sih. 
Alms~giv-cr, s. ^p(i^Qs'iuQ<s).ifT(^, ^(v^ 

Alms-deeds, (pL) s. ^(r^Uj^Qls^dj&Si^s 
err, ^Q^LD^ntm'iEJSGfr, 

Alms'-hoUSC, S. ^Q^LDS^^^IHLDj ^(T^LLS^IT 

AFmug~tree, s, 6piT(SiJiT<3='^ssrLciTL£>. 

Al'oes, (2jL) s. srflLuQunmLh, 

A-loft', adv. Ql^Qgo^ ^luiT, s.ujrr^^6\). 

A-lonc', a.-^<ssFly '^(oijrrSlujrT(5urj zjsnisiBLDn 

A-15ne', adi\ ^^eufi^^ySjGsflQuuj (sj^fiis^ 

LDiTUJy LDrr^fijih. 

as only, LDrrsj^jrih, ldlL®ud. 

as separate irom others, ^€sfl, Q<su(irj>s 

let alone, <3?i})LDfT<s)9®^6\). 
A-long', a. Q/F®<s-, i^sssri—. 

with, <s^i—y Qs=rr, ^t-L-(D(sm-. 

as lengthwise, Qf5®<Sj i^efrLDmu. 

shore, <s:<o!DsruJ(7^sfrs, soDrri^efTLDrrdj^ 


all along, oppgaiD^ opQ^^ih^ QisQ^s^ 

come ak)ng, <si//r, /5l_, s^L-Surr. 
go along, Ccu/r, (bl^^ ■^h^t^uQurr. 


A-long-side, adv. auu;^d(s^uu<sB<!£U)fT 

A-loof, adv. (siSleosj gilLi—.)^!!., eBeoQ. 
A-loud', adv. ^rTs^., ^-n^si-) ^-u^^^^^ 

read aloud, <sf^^Qld®^^^it91. 
APpha,5. QQ!i<i<surTGS)<SL^uSI(^(ip^Q60(Lp 

Al'pha-bet, s. Q!B®iE]<sem<s(^.^ ^lL-sfit 

Al-pha-bet-a'ri-an, s. Qi5®iEJsm!r<s(^uu 

Al-pha-bet'ic-al, a. ^LLs'rr^[fl(ss)S'aJiT(osr, 
Qr5QfEj.S6S3rd(^fS€{Dirtun'(oury ^sirir^ 

Al-pha-bet'ic-al-ly, adv. ^sirrrfiaifffistDS^ 


Al-read'y, adv. QpmQcsr.^ ^uQunQ^, 
Al'so, adv., ^Wj s^i-., 

he also, c^(Si/CT2//&<si..i_. 

ho also came, ^QJ^Lixsui^rT&jr. 

he came here also, ^[EiQaLLjiixsuih 

I also took it, f5rT^QLD(his;Q^<^. 
I took that also, ^G!?)^lljQldQ^Q^(^. 
Al'tar, s. Lfz_LD, ue^JiSi—Wy Q<su^GSiSj 

piece, iSi—^^(ckQLLih&^^ULD^ iSl^^ 

APter, V. a. LDfr/b^^eo^ Q(Sij(Vf>d(^^60,^ 

by interpolation, &c. ^€S)L-aS(D6d(5r 

AVter, V. n. /^/7^^^', ^ffl^eo^ Q<aU(Yrf>^eo, 
Al'ter-a-ble, a. Loir/b/D^^^dcEy LOfT/D^g^ds. 
Al'ter-a-ble-ness, s, ldh p& 3i^^is^ uj^ eor 

(oJD/i), (SsStSfrrruuQih^ear&aLD, 
AFter-a-bly, a(Zv. LDrfp<ssk.u^iu^iTdj, 
Al-ter-a'tion, 5. Qsu^un®^ Q(oup^<o6)LDf 

AFter-a-tive, s. Q[5rTuuQu^<£(^LD(r^ih^. 
Al'ter-a-tive, a. ^iflurr<35(§Qpy OLilaajru 

AFter-cate, v. n. QjrTd(^<^fT^i})u<5apr^}j 

Al-ter-ca'tion, s..^n<s(^6urT^uay^(7^dsLD. 
Al'ter-er, s. LDfT/b^Slpsu&jr. 
Al-tcr'nal, a. ^drsJ'sSl ilGL^fTQ^. 



AM a 

Al-ter'nal-ly, adv. ldit/SIldiji:^. 
Al-tern'atc, s. ^mG5ip(sSiLLQL-.nm^j 

LnniB LDaiB<snQ^Qp^. 
Al'tern-ate, r. a. LDrr/6lLnrr/6l4:Qs'dj^so, ^ 

Al'tern-ate, v.n. <j>m'(^p<2Sl LLQi—ireisTgu 

Al-tern'ate-ly, adv. ^6ir<oS)/D<2Sl LLQi—iT<osr 

0'Sj LDrTiSlLDfT/61^ (ip'o(^p(ipG5)p\XJn\h. 

Al-tern-a'tion, 5. wnfBinnrB<3i}(T^<ssi<s. 
Al-tern'a-tive, .<?, iSl<^Q(^m-^^ Q<su£^ 

no other alternative, Q(3ujrij<Eii(ssi^uSl 

Al-tern'a-tive-Iy, adv. Qp(sis)pQpGS)p{un 

LU, LD{Tf6lL£)fTpl. 

Al-though', adv. <=^(g)iJ2/ii), ^0i^iT^ 

he came, r^<su<oGr(Su[5^ih, 

he is come, ^siKSjreuis^^t^iB^n^LD.^ 

Al'ti-tude, s. ^Luirih, ^-s^^ld. 

Al'tO, S. &-<F<FLD, SL.<9^S=(Q^<oS)<ff^^ Q LDSOQ LD 

Al-to-gcth'er, adv. <5j-s^^d(^^ Qs=ir, 5? 

how much, ^<sGr<Sij<su(S(r(Sij. 

wrong, Qpp^LDLSloSiL^.^ ^SUl3<o5)lfi, 

APum, 5. ^(ssrdsfrrrm^ ui^sanuLD, 
A-lQ'mi-na, s. ^nsiSfflLoessr. 
A-lum'nus, s. u:>fr^d<s<ok. 
Al'vine, a. ^-^u^^Mspp.^ Qi^(SiJijSlp 

Al'ways, adv. ejuQunQ^^ix)., ^<osr<snrr 

Am, {see Be) ^([5^^<so. 
Am-a-bil'i-ty, s. <s^([^uuna^(^<omii>.f Q15 

A-main', adv. (3U(3SI<si5)lduu[ts^ uGOLDrrs.^ u 

A-mal'gam, 5. «5?6^ui-y, <si_LL®, ^jj^s<3e 

A-mal' gam-ate, v, a. seo^^eo.^ s^lLQ^ 

A-mal-gam-a'tion, 5. -seOuLj^ Q^itul^j 


A-man-ii-en'sis, s. (Dirf[T<sO€0-3^Q^-n<s\j'50GT 
(ip^Qp<Q)j(our^ QsLLQL-(Lp^jQiniiitm-. 
Am'a-ranth, s. (ShTn-.aLDG\)'3>!>l(sco<£. 
A-mass', v. a. ^jjL-Q^&iy (^fsSl^^^ev^ /f 

weahh, Qurr(f^(3frQ<9'iT^^(S\)^ firris£]uj(^ 

A-mass'ment, s. ^jtlI^®^ (^(2Sltu&). 
Am-a-teur', s. <s£l^^iua^ir<s6r.^ s<k(sSlQp 

^(sSIlu Gi9<i <os:^<s Gfflp iSlffliucur. 
Am-a-to'ri-al, ") n^ ' n> 

Am-a-to'ri-ous, a. } ^-^ ' . 

Am'a-to-ry, ) 

Am-aur-6'sis, s. <£<oimi-\(S6)<s5<f.9:<sOy pernio. 


A-m3ize' ^ V. a. ^<9=s=fflujuuQ^^^6\)^ m 
'2isodsuu6m^}j^&J') iSliTiSld^uuGJar 

to be amazed, LD'bsv^^&i^ iSliTu9^^6\}y 

A-maz'ed-iy, adv. ^^<finLD{Tuj, LSiinSlu 

A-maz'ed-ness, )^<9=<3=fflujil),LS}rrLSIu 
A-maze'ment, ^' / l/, ld'^ulj.^ ^m^ 

A-maz'ing, a. LD'2>sv<£'S^jS<ids<f iSlrnSIss^ 

A-maz'ing-ly, adv. lSIjtlji9<s6s^^<ss^ituj^ 

Am'a-zon, s. ^esorwfrrf}^ 'ff'6sor(5G)L-d<ssfTfftj 

Am-ba'gi-ous, a. i-i<5isr0^^ujfT€ur^ Qu0 


Am-bas'sa-dor, s. 'S^wfr^iTGsrc^Qs^djQ^uiT 

Am-bas'sa-dress, s. s^^. 
Am'bas-sage,s. c^,:^" 
Am'ber, s. jtjihuiT., SlSI'^^ G^sQsn"^. 
Am'ber-gri's, 5. l^^gtlduit. 
Am-bi-dex'ter, s. ^0(^<E<suLpd<s:(ip6ir<ofr 

as double dealer, infT^ufT®(sk(3(r(SiJ(^^ 
^0<3BLLQii9e^ ih u[fl^fT(osru)<S}jrriEJ(^ 
Am-bi-dex-ter'i-ty, s. ^0(oi^sisuLgdsu)y 

Am'bi-ent, rt. (^i}}i^^ (^i^i^^^dQp. 



Am-bi-gu'i-ty, s. fpitis^^ m-'UU^uuiuSst^^ 

ULUniT^^Lh^ &(oG0(5G)L—j ^QpS'UJLDj LD 

Am-big'u-oiis, a. FFin^turrssr, ir-iru^uuiu 
(ev)issr^ QQ60(oa)L^LuiT<osr, ^-uuunh^^uDn 


action, pr'JiL^uuLU(^(osrQs=LLJ€S)s, s=Qp 

to be ambiguous, FFrrL^LJuuj(^(^^60y 
Am-big'u-ous-ly,ar6?z?. FFin^iunuj. s-uluit 


Am-big'u-ous-ness, s. ^0uLU6k, ziD'Seo 

Am'bit, S. <3rjb^, <9r^/r)<Srr(alJ, QiDpUUUU. 

Am-bi'tion, s. ^sr5<5S)S5, SlSIits^^, cg^^sazir 

Am-bi'tious, a. ^6m-6u(ip(3rr<3fr, ^<si5(otDjg 

display, ^i—uauuth, (a?LDL//F(5roL_j Q<oU 

Am-bi'tious-ly, adv- GrQuuiriu, Qufffuu 

&iEQj)^ujndj, (sSuDunuu. 
Am-bi'tious-ness, 5. erQuLj, Si^it<5=9, <3^ 

Am'ble, s. (^^0DrruSliskLD!B^r5<oiDu., ld 

Am'ble, r. 71. LDiB^s^iunibs^Qs^eoe^^eo. 
Am'bler, s. LDiB^<s^LU[rdjs=Q<s:eo^iEj(^ 

Am'bling-ly, adv. LDiB^s^uundj. 
Am-bro'sia, 5. ^Qp^m, ^l^Ht^ud. 
Am-bro'sial, a. ^L^fr^LDUULDneffr^ ^QP^ 

Am'bry, 5. ^/os=s:rT'h5\), ^(t^lds^^^jtw, 

as cupboard, Quns'<osrQp<sn)^uLjS'Q^ 

Am'bu-late, v. n. &-<soiT(Si^^eo, mi—^^&i. 
Am-bu-la'tion, s. ^-6\)rT^ ^.6))rT(Sij€iD<sBj ^ir 

Am'bu-la-to-ry, a. rsL-dQ/D, ^eorrei^Qp. 
Am'bus-cade, J ^sr/?, ^(Sff}uL9i-.ih, 

Am'bush, S. Vu^, U^Q$?<S3)L-, u 

Am'bush-ment, )^^^ u^dstb. 
A-mel'i-or.ate,r.a. ^q^s^^^So, 9nuu(Bi 


A-mel-i'or-ate, v.n. ^Q^tB^^do^^nuu® 
A-mel-i-or-a'tion, s. fi^^^ihy Q^/bpLo, 
A-men', adv. ^QLD(our, ^uuL^turrsd'S 
A-me'na-ble, a. <op(i^<sum-Qi£)pQufT^u 

UJf (aU<5!^<SsQs^rT6\)60(D6iJ6S3TL!^tU, SuJfTUJ 

A-mend',v. fl. ^0^^^eo, lSI<5S)Lp^(T^^ 

A-mend', v. n. ^(r^iB^^e\), (^(ssaruu®^ 
A-mend'a-ble, a. fi(f^ih^ds^Lp.iLij 9nu 
A-mend'ment, s. ^(r^^^th, ^Gssflsi^, s^sir 

USfTJTl}), lBLLl—(iF)S=[Fl<S<SLL®<SS)S. 

A-mends', 5. ^Z. u^eo^ ff®, tSlir^. 
A-mens'i-ty, s. (Shs^^, s^ei^dQiuih^ Qs^rrss 

A-merce', V. a. ^ppihQun®^(SOj ^urrrr 

^i}>Qu!T®^eOj ^em-L-U)(ourT®;^60. 
A-merce'ment, s. ^unrr^ih, (^ppu^^ ^ 


A-mer'cer, s. ^6sarL-(i^Qs=ujQ<sijrrm-, ^ 
ujTrT^LSI®Q6ijrTmr, (^ppiJc)QurT®Q<5un 

A-mer'i-ca, 5. ^QiDrfldsfrQ^s^ih. 
A-mer'i-can, s. ^QLDfftdsrrQ^s^^^rresr, 
Am'e-thyst, 5. Qs=<susiJiB^d<seOj ^si^d 

Am-e-thyst'ine, a. Qs&j(Sijih^d<s60^d<s 

®^^i Qs=<su€i/i5^dspQufT<^p. 
A-mi-a-bil'i-ty, s. 9QesrS)d<SLJUL-^^d 

A'mi-a-ble, a. Qfs&d<suuL-^^ds, ldgst 
^dQeafltu, ^^•ssiTQp&rerrj LD(osr^dQ<s 

person, Qi5Qd6BuuL-sj^d<5E<Sij(osr,LD<osr 
^dQ(d>ruLDfr(osr6U€sr, s^p(^(mr<E^» 
A'mi-a-ble-ness, s. QiE^dauuL-^^ds 

A'mi-Si-h\y ^ adv. QfB'^LofT (LI ,Qf5& d<s u u u. 

^^s&^niju^ ^}<s^€-®jfr<5E-,}^eW'S<SL£!rrs 




Am'i-ca-ble, a. &Q<ssrB^(ipro(r<sfi , 3=LD(T^n 

Am'i-ca-ble-ness, s. ^/emrd^ih, ^unQ, 

e^(m<o6)LDU U [T® , S^LDir^fTSOTLDj Qf6IT<olDLDj 

Am'i ca-bly, adv. ^i^sms&miTS, ^lUnOl 
A-mid', ) ^<ss)i—uSlQe\)f ^(SfrQerr, 

A-miss', adv.^LJuinLi.)^<sij0>Lu,iSls=<srruj, 


do not take it amiss, QsiriS^^dOsfT 

&rT<s(rQ(3iJ<omi—[nh , 
Am'i-tv, s. '3^LDn^iJ(oorw, QQ<sm''SLD^ Q^rr 

Am-mo'ni-a, s. f56iJs=<9^iTirLD. 
Am-mu-ni'tion, s. (^<sasr(SlLD0ih^(ip^<o\S 

Am'nes-ty, s. (^i^<s(S{rQs=uj^<3b&ds^G^^ 

LD(oSr6aB LJ Lj . 

A-mong', ) @^, @s3)z_ai/^, a. 

A-mongst'/ ^' J (srr. 

one among them, j^(SiJ!TS(S{f}Q60!T(r^<sy 

he is among them, ^siJiT<SE(ef^d (^(sir erf) 

one among a thousand, ^uSlir^^QeoiT 

Am'o-rist, s. i5<sssrum^ Qrss'm. 
Am'o-rous, a. <smDQpm-(3n-^(DLjDfTSQpek(Sfr, 

looks, (DLDfT<5SUUn'IT(oa)€U. 

actions or sport, sniDe^"^, QiDrTrsmSl 


words, s=!r^s=Qs=rTeOj LD^uQiDiTL^'i @ 

Am'o-rous-ly, adv. QiDirsLDndj, smoLDfr 

Am'o-rous-ness, s. sitldld., QiorrQuLf. 
A-mount', s. ^a^Q^rr€S)<Sj Q^[T(5G)<s, sj 

A-moimt, (to) v. n. Q^rT<5S)<s(urT(^^60, Qp 


A-moLir', s. <siT{s^(r^(Siim<om LL^ SGrreSliu 
€\), tsefrQaL'frapdstl), <srrLDf^<oG)L^j Qiofr 


Am-phib'i-ous, a. [BGO^^^ih!§[B^ih(su[T 


of a mixed nature, ^(T^^€kes)LDLLjm-(Sfr. 
Am-phib'i-ous-ness, s. i^<s\)^^^Lb!§iB^ 

Am-phi-the'a-tre, ) iLi^^LD(omL-.uuD, 
Am-phi-the'a-ter, ' ) ii^^^n<soujuD, ^of 

Am'ple, a. ^iT[nT(S(rL£)n<osr, f§l€(Dp(SurT<5m-, y 

FoSOTLD/Teur, (QSl<3=fT6\)LDIT<oUr, (cSl eW^lTIF 

Am-plif i-cate,'r.fl. uitul^^go^ (sSlifl^^eo, 
Am-pli-fi-ca'tion, 5. eSI(7^^fi, QSIffl(sij^ <sSl 

eru^rrinlif (sSls=fT60L£). 
Am'pli-fi-er, s. (s:Sl0^fiujrr<s(^CoS)jfT(our, 

Am'pli-fy, V. a. eSlerv^rrFuuQ^^^io, <s£} 

Am'pli-fy, v. n. eSl0^fiujfT^6\}, ^fistlt 


Am'pli-tude, s. urruLf, eSletv^irrruoij (sSI 


in astronomy, ^sQitld, 
of the sun, t^iBuurrsQinh. 
Am'ply, adv. ^frirfT&rinmu, Lj^uGmuDniby 


Am'pu-tate, v. a. c^/E/<5(?<9^^63r(^Q<F£L/^ 
eo, Qs^^^^io, (^<5S)/D^^e\), ^iejsuiei 


an arm, gdsqdujQisij lLQ^go , <su)s<sufT 

IE/ (^^60. 

Am-pu-ta'tion, s. ^[EJsQ<9=^€snh. 
Am'u-let, 5. sfTULj, ^rnL^fTuiE^Gsrih. 

case, j)iLL&=i}'d<3^(S),Q<ss(sSl®j^fTuS^^. 
A-muse', V. fl. uirrrdi^dsiTLLQ^io, s^fs 

one's self, QurT(Lg^QuiT<s(^^<s\). 
with promises, ^<^'3'<su[Tn^<oS)^Q^!T(so 

^^&)j ^lS=<f<SLhQu<^^60. [gu. 

with stories, Qus'&(C^60(ou,3fuu®^^ 
A-muse'ment, s. QfSirem-L.tnLi—ihj uuir 

A-mfis'er, s. <2SlQ(<^^my Q^^rf^sSlQ^^ 



A-mus'ing, ) (sSlQ(Q)^ujn0S!\, QunQp 

A-mu'sive, ' } s^QufT<s^{T<our. 

An, art. epQ^^ s^it. 

An-a-bap'tist, s. s^0(SufTiEJS6Wf5tT(ours<^. 

An-ach'ro-nism, s. <35fT6\)Q6U6m-(cssfl/biSl 

An-a-con'da, s. Lo'^uunLhi-j. 
An'a-gram, s. GrQ^^^LDirp^j SL-(Sl<s3k- 

An-a-gram'ma-tism, s. <^(Lp^^LDfT/b^ 

An-a-log'ic-al, a. ^<3U€GiLDinfT(osr, ^([^(au 

An-a-log'ic-al-ly, adv. Quitgo, ^6U(oS)ld 

A-naro-gIze, v. a. ^<siJ(su)LDLUfT/b<sfTLL®^ 

60j e^LJLJ(oS)LDLUn'6\}<SDl(Sfr<S(^^60. 

A-nal'o-gous, a. Quirsurp, ^uurT<5srj 2_ 

A-nal'o-gy, 5. ^^^^m<oS)i£>, ^^^Qurrd 

A-nal'y-sis, s. sf^gjjun®, u(^ulj. 
as syllabus, ^L-isu'^isssr, Q^rT(^^, 

in grammar, u^Qpi^ui^, u^s^Q^^ld. 

in logic, J)jlB^€iJUJLD. 

An'a-list, s. <3^^u®^^Sl/D(sum; u(a^u 
QufT&n-, uiE]Q®QrD<siim-. 

An-a-lyt'i-cal, fl. <5Si_^cSL.(2^(Ssr, u^^iun 

<5or, U(^^uu[TL-tT<oar. 
An-a-lyt'ic-al-]y, adv. 3^0>lUj s^^uit 


An'a-lyze, v. a, 3f^^u®^^^<sOj u(^^ 

An'a-lyz-er, ) Qp6\)u^fTnr^^^a^u 
An'a-lyst, *' ) iSifluQun^, s?^^u® 

^^Q<su [Tear. 
A-niirch'ic-al, a. ^(5snoin'rrs?up(v^(3sr, <sg} 

<sQp(3fr(S(r, ^ir^iTLL&iiSeOGOfT^^ ^l—iei 

An'arch-ism, 5. (^i^uuihj aeosih. 
An'arch-y, s. ^!r9l<sk(56)LDj ^ss:it<s<s60<si£)j 

A-nath'c-ma, 5. ^[tuld, ^iSIulj. 
A-nath'e-ma-tize, v. a. ^L9^^^^(s(r(^ 

A-nath'e-ma-tiz-er, s. ^LSld9/D(Sij<5k, 


An-a-tom'ic-al, a. s^ifuds^^^ds®^^, ^it 

^ <F n^^u,^^ d ,35 ®^^ . 
An-a-tom'ic-al-Iy, adv. ^n^&^n^-^n^^d 

s®^^^nuj j^ir6S3r(2S^€s>;sd <3s ®;S^^ndj . 
A-nat'o-mist, 5. ^fEJSfT^uu^s^rT^fiffl, 

A-nat'o-mize, v. a. ^-.i—LOGs^udsk^^u® 

A-nat'o-my, s. ^la'Sn^un^s^ir^^ULD, 

as skeleton, siBJsn&TLDj S-u.(^(ip(ip 

An'ces-tors, (pZ.) s. (ip<sorQ(€S)iT^<sfr, Qpp 
iSl^fT<s<s&r, ^^rTLL'Z<sfrj uirsiJGssflLUfTiT, 

An-ces'tral, a. ujeiJGssflLurTesr, urn})U<ss)ir 
Lurrear, ujnhufflujinfTesr^ ^^itlLslL^ 

connections, &-ifl(^LD<SiJi^j a./^^^, eu 

descent, uirsusssf}, ujtldu&diTj sulSI^ 
property, ^rflGDinuQu/r^Gfr^ uit€u 


An'ces-try, 5. ^^(nLsGir, Qsn^^jTuiQ 
Anch'or, s. fBiaa^rnh. 

fluke, fB!5J&h-rTuU&). 
stock, f5(EJ3h^!TIXl, 

wooden, <sit<2S}. 

to be at anchor, fE!E]<3f^iTLDQuiTLLi^(f^ 

to weigh anchor, f5EJSix-n'ih^d(^^eo^ 

Anch'or^v. a. (5 fEJSfi-rrihQu IT® ^d\)y iBia-a^ 

Anch'or-age, s. r5iEisp,-iTLhLSJi^ds;^^ds 

as duty, iBikj<s^rr(suni-.Gas. 
Anch'o-ress, s. ^^uQuem^ (oiDU(Sff)LD. 
Anch'o-ret, '?^€u^^,(oj,sfTiEjQ^s=(^(Sfffl 
Anch'o-rite, ' )^uja&.;^/D(£Sl.,<su<osr<3iJiT9l. 
An'ci'ent, s. <c^(!^^^<^^ (ip^iQ\nn(Ssr. 
An'cient, a, u(oG)L^(oS)LDUJiT(sar, Qp^GSiLDLun 



story, uLpfiiJ<s(SD^. 

pmciice, uL^iu<oiJLp<ssiJD. 

liistoiy, ^^^ns^ih^ l^(7^w <?ffl^^jrLh. 

sciences, L£0(SiJ<g=fT^^iriEJS(sir, Lj^(f^<su^ 

An'cient-ly, «rfi'. L^/rtaS'cSiD/ruj, Qpfosn&d 

An'cJent-ness,s. Lj^(i^(Sij^6br<5SiLn,Lj^ff^<s ih^ 

LiiT(Su<s5Lhy ^^LiyeyrsYT^. 
AiVcients, pi. s. (Lp^ffi5^(Sijn<s<sfr^ (ipdr 

Q(GG)IT<S<Srr>f USlDL^CoLUfTIT, ^^Q^fTITj L£ 

And, conj. 2_u), <5^z_, iSlisk^sin-LLjih. 
you and I, /^(^LD/F/r^/i), i§iLji}:>f5rr^t£), 
you must read and write, i§€ufrQd<s<sij 


come and read, <QiJt5^(SurrQ, 

four and six, ibit^ld ^^th. 
And'i-ron, s. <sSlp(S^rriEjQ, 
An-dro'^'v-nal ) ^<osarG)u<om'€ssn eo 

An-drog'y-nous, ' ) LL^GssrQpeirefrj @ 

An'cc-dote, s. cssro^, ^^(o5rd<S(SS)^.y <f[ej 

A-new', adv. ^q^ldugi^ldj Lj^^rrSy fsisu 

An' gel, 5. .^^<S3r, Q^oj^^^ek. 

An-gehc, a. >. ^.' ^---r-v^ 

An.|eric-al, S ^^^^' 

An'ger, s. (5Trfls=<?&).^ QstTuth^ Q(osnjD.^ ld 

An'gev.,v. a. (c<^rTULh^LL.®^^eo., Qssrru 

An'glc, S. Q<SIT6m-lX)j Q^[TfEJS6\), ^floO, 

triangle, (LpdQsfTssBruD, ^iBL\<oGiS=. 
right, ^irdsQsrrsm-LD, QiBirQ'Sn<omLD 
acute, <sk-!T'sQ<sn6mLD. 
obtuse, Q<3='smQs!T<o5aruDj (sSiHQsrreoar 

isosceles, ^€:Ss=LDLjS^^^[flQsfT6m-Lhj 

equilateral, 3=inQ<srTajsTLD,3=LD^fflLi(Sis)^, 
for fishing, ^rrei^u^dd, QsueffJ^th. 

An'glc, V. a. ^!r€mL^-GoQuiT(Sl^6\). 

An'gler, s. siT'oosri^P'SniTm, ^emi^eo 


vin'gli-cism, 6-. ^iijQ^<3?uQurTfi/(^. 
Au'gli-cize, v.a. ^"jfEjQei^s^frsi^^d-x), (^ 

An'gri-ly, adi':. QsiruLDfTUJ, sGmis^u 


An'giy, a. Q<siTu(ip<3fr0fr, &<ourLDfT€srj Grtff 
(SUfr6sr, Qfioirfl(Sii<3fr(Sfr. 
person, Q<s[nSl^ Q^fTudsrTjK^, ^/d/d 

wound, <5TiBQp^!iGS0TU[)^ &(5srih^Lj(oaar, 
to be angry, Q^(^^^6\}j Q^nuisj 

An'guish, s. ^(^6\)il>, <3S€ij'2eo, QQeOs:^, 
LD6arQ<su^'2Gi^^ Q<su^'2Gsr, GSlLurrt^eOLby 

to be in anguish, ^(LpiEj^^ev, Qisu^ 
'^5sruu®^(S0j Gil (1^ 15^^60, uurr^'^Gsruu 

An'gu-lar, a. Q'!Efr<om-LDfT(o3r. 
An'gu-lar-ly, adv. Q<3SfT6SsrLDfrLUj ^^so 


An'gu-la-ted, a. Qsrr6Sor(ip<sir<s(ry H'^QP 

An-he-la'tion, 5. ^SsyrtJ l/ , Q/bnSI'^u i-j . 
A-nil'i-ty, 5. (sSI (7^^<oS)^^^^Go-)m, Qtp^^ 

An-i-mad-ver'sion, 5. seasris^ui-i, si^ik 

An-i-mad-verf, -y. w. <sSls^[Trr^h5sru<sasT^]j 

An-i-mad-vert'er, s. <5S6m-u^sS)nr)(3ijdr, ^ 
ii^iB^Qas fTmQ<siJ fT<our . 

An'i-raal, 5. ^'Sn&ir, S-iiSln, LSlnrrGs^^fl^ Q<f 
/F^, LSl(mSLh, &(SiJiSljTrT<smfl. 
appetites, Q^a^s=<5S)<SF<s(S{r. Q^<3; fr<5S)<F 

S(on', ^(3tJ[Ty ^SB)<F, <oJLl.<oS)l—S<3(r, 
spirits, LjjlfluL^, ^-jb<^fT<9SWy QpuupQ^ 

creation or system, s=ir6iJiTd<suu<SG)t-. 


enjoyments, | Q/b/Sl^iruiEiseir, s^fFjtr 
pleasures, ) ^Qunaikis&r^ LDntSl^ 

desires, 'S=ifir<sufr<5S)<3^<s<sfr) ^Ip^i^usS 




frame, j^if'jjdaLl.Q, s^ifuui^sojLo. a_ 

functions, ) Q-i—/b(^6sarfKJset^ sirGm- 
powers, / lEjSGfT, s=f^iT^^^(syiEj<sdr. 

instinct, <!ff-ufTu^em-iTS'&^ ^lli&)l^. 
life, ^i-uSliT, ^(su(oar, LSlrrrr<oSsr<3ar. 
senses, i-i&)(^<s<sir. 
An'i-mal, a. 9(sSluj^^sQ'Spp^ ^(su^d 

Qspp^ <3'iJuQuiT([^(GfT)<iQ<Spp. 

An-i-marcule, s. Qq^lSI, a6m-6^d(^^ 
An'i-mate, f. «. ^lSIitul9^^&), ^(Sij^dOj 

as quicken, q-uSIitulSI^^6\). 

as stimulate, (oSi^rflLuuu®^^^&), fi 

S-p-S'iT'SEuuQ^^^di), ^<om(^^<sy)y <oj 

as rouse, QefruL^^iOy ^6m®^60^^uSl 

An'i-mate, a.. ^(aJj ^K Sfrerr, ^-p3=nsLDn(osr. 
beings, ^-uSliruiSljifTessfl, s^rruQutT^ 
nsrr, ^(cHLSIrrfTesst]. 
animate, and inanimate, s^jtits'itld, <frr 

nature, s^iej^ldld, ^-aSln<aU(r^d<fEil), s^uS 

consonant, ^uS1itQldujQuj(lp^^. 
An'i-ma-ted, a. ^uSiunssr, fi)i—(Q)esr, 
body, ^-uSI(7^<sfr(Sfr<FifirLh^ ^-uSI^eirefrsij 

jtliscussion, Q(QU<SLDrT<oor^(/i^d<sELDj <oTQ£) 

person, ^-ps^fTsiJDiT€6r<QiJ(osr, 

scene, S-ps=rT<s<i<srrLL&j (50)^fflLu<s<sEiT 

speecb, ^L—(G^(oanSlrrs^[Ej<3sil), (57(SijQp 

An-i-ma'tion, s. i^uSliTUL^,^i—(oar, Qpvup 
mental, LDQ(Q^ps=rT^ih,LD(5srQ<S)jQ£is=&. 
physical, ^fffr<sQ(S{riT^&y ^l^luitlL 


•suspended, ^L-dsw, ^uSlirt—dsLb, 

An'j-ma-tive, a. Qpujp&QaiT®dQp. 
An'i-ma-tor, s, ^uSfTuiSldQp€u<^, Qpuu 

p&lQsa(bldQp(Sum-, (oTQpuLjQp&jear. 


I An-i-moc'i-lv, s. uGS)i£. u<oS)<S(ES)ld, gi 
An'ise, (seed) s. Q,^fTLhi-jy ^csf-^p, fsil. 
Ank'le, s. •srr®j<35fTpuir®, <s^j , s^u 


rings, <sfT6\)(oSsH, ^eaarGDi—, 
Ank'let, s. s^^taetDs. 
An'nal-ist, s. <3'(fl^^rrsnii&sr, 
An'nals, {pi.) s. s=ff}^^rruLi^^<SLh, qj 

An-neal', v. a. (^lLl^(Q)Q&)u^lju®^ 

An-nex', v. a, Ff-pjBpQs^n^^eo^ e^iL® 

to be annexed, <3^®^go, Qs=it^6Vj 

An-nex-a'tion, ) s?^LL®<sa)s, Q^it^^ 
An-nex'ment, ' ) eoa, e^il.®<SD<3s, up 

An-nl'hi-la-ble, a. ji/ifids^^ds, ^l^ 

An-nl'hi-late, v. a. ^L^^^eo, Sq^^go 
LDrT<SE(^^e\), ^(osr€S)LDLUfTd(^^60, (^eafl 

UJLDrTd(^^6\), f5rTS=LDU<5Sar^}J^6\)j ^ 

to be annihilated, ^l^^go, ^/f^eu, 
An-ni-hi-la'tion, s. ^L^si^, Sq^^gOudj 

S^ ISJ <SE rFl U Lj J (^GsfliULD, f5fT<3=lh. 

An-ni-vers'a-ry, s. (Sij(i^i—sQ<srTGssn—.[T 


An-ni-vers'a-ry, a. €iJ(7^L-iTiB^ir^ <sij0(si^ 


An'no-Dom'i-ni, s. ^irLL<9'siT(SU0(si^ih, 
An'no-mun'di, s. ^eosfru^ih, ^-sosQp 

An'no-tate, 2'. a. ^60)iru6asr^}f^eo, eSI 
ujfTdQuJfT(oarLhu6ffar^u^6^, (sSfajnir^^ 

An-no-ta'tion, s. ^<56)ff, oSleru^ffiuLf, oSI 
An-no-ta'tor, s. ^(osmanirmj (sSliurrdQ 




An-nounce' merit, s. iSljrPi^^ili, s?,-^(oid<s. 
An-noun'cer, s. L9ir&^^LJuQ}}^^(o<surr 

An-noy', I', a. ^<oS)i—^s=/bu6aar6Sffr60,j)j 

em)! ^^ GO J ^'hsvd'SL^^^GO. Q3^n(oSlu6mr 

An-noy'ance, 5. ^'2GO(cij,^'bovs=^eo,s;'^ 

An-noy'er, s. Q<fn&Sl<s<s{TiF&sr, Q^mh^n 

An'nu-a], s, e^diQsii mrfr^^L^e^.i: iQ^rriok 

An'nu-al, a. <su(7^(SL^iTi¥^ii(ip<3fr(3{r, (su(!^<sl^ 

plant, <Sij0<sisuuuSliT, eprrfnL<stDL-.uu 

An'nu-al-ly, adv. euQ^L-ibQ^n^LD, <mj0 

<SL^friB^irLDfT<S. j 637". 

An-nu'i-tant, s- €U0L-.rTiE^ir(Siirr^^d&mr 
An-nu''i-ty, s. (Qii0i_rnB^ji(surr^^, 
An-nuP, V. a. Lnnjb^^'SO.^L^j^^uQuiT 

a document, <FiT^(osr^(56)^iuL^^^u 

Qu fT®^GO . 

a law, <SB lL L—'^GfrGntij LDiT^^^ed . 

a legal d-ecisioui ^irsiDSu €6)lulu l^^^go . 
An'nu-lar, a. <siJLl.L^(SiJL^€ufT(osr, (sSIqi^s;^ 


eclipse, (^■m!rL-.€SlQir<s6mLh, (sueoajd 

An'nu-la-ry, a. (SULLL-Qp<2fr<sfr, (sEIq^^^ 

An-nul'ment, s. fS^^^<so)Sj <a9®(ss)<s, 

An-nu'me-rate,v. a. '5^Li®^G0jQs=iT^^ 

&jj ^)^nC'3^ss<so. 

An-nu-me-ra'tion, s. s^lLQ(SS).Sj Q^fT(^ 


An-nun'ciate, t\ a, sk-^^eo^ iSlji^l^^w 
An-nun-ci-a'tion, s. <«i_^(S3D<5, ^nSI<sSlu 
An'o-dyne, s. QfBrr<suirjb^ii>(7^ih^y ^^j 


An'o-dyne, a. QtZijisunpg)j@Pi ^iSoQifliQ 

A-noint', r. a. &sstsrG)6miULf.:^^eOj ^iSI 

(}(aL^<3S ill u (SaUT^IS^id . 

A-noint'ed, s. Slr^&v^iBrr^n^, ^lSQ<3l^<3s 

A-noint'er, s. <^<omQ(omdjy^€?Q(surrGjrj j)/ 

A-noint'ing, s. ^i3Q<SL^SLJDy ^uS^lditlL 

A-noint'ment, 5. ^LSQ(SL^SLDu<om-^2i 

A-nom-a-list'ic, a. (S^u/f<^(ip&r0fr, QsBfS 

equation, LofB^ueow, Loi^^s^fT. 
in astronomy, ldib^^ s=fTLD6sarL-.G0. 

month, <ff=fTLD<SmL—GOLDfT^Lb. 

year, wii^^osmQ. 
A-nom'a-lous, a. <sj<sQ^,fLDn<osr, QiEf^su 

A-nom'a-ly, s. <^<35Q^^l£,, iB<2u^^€srL£)y 

in astronomy, ldie^w. 

mean anomaly, ld^s^uullib^ld, 
A-non', adv. ^L.Q<53r. 

ever and anon, ^ls^s<su^. 
A-non'y-mous, a. QuLuiflGO&Jrrs;^ QuLufr 

A-non'y-mous-ly, adv. QuLurfldoeOrr^^fT 

An-oth'er, a. Q(SijQ(7rj=(T^, L3.(SirQ(^(7^,,LD 

person, Q®^Q(rij'(rF,^Gsr. 
thing, Q(S}jQ(iYf<^m]. 
yet another, lSj <^s^i QLDfT(7^ <su osr, @<s9r 

one with another, <ojs^^&(^, <5jss^<3s 

L-friii, €^QjTrrLL®d^, 

one from another, ^air^sQ<s[Tm-^, 

every other one, <^m'<o6)pisSl lLQl-u 

An'swer, s. <sSlmi-^ il^jjOlliti^^ ^^^it 

as result, amount, Q^fT<ss)s, ^L_i<s 

in law, 2_;^^iru), O-^^nojn^ih^ w^ 




to a petition, f>-^,d,^iTCj^ . lc^^jQ lviuJI . 
An'swer, v. LD^QiDfTLplQ^rreos^j^so, ct 

a suit, ^^^<iQ<siT(Sfr(Gf^^60, s=rfld<SLL 
Qs^io, &-^eijs;6\}j 3k.^^io, ^n^iiffieo. 
as indemnify, ^^^rB^^dv^ ^i^IsslI. 

as succeed, ^^^lurr^do^ GtDsa^Q^eo, 
expectation, s=ifldsLL®^&)^ <^l.®^6\), 

in law, ?L.^^iT6u rr^ ihu 6m^}j^6\) . 
a letter, LD^QiDnL^QiuQ^^e^). 
An'swer-a-ble, a. L£>^QLDrrL^Qs^fr6)}&} 

as amenable, <su(o6)aQ3^n'eo&iQ<Q>je^is^ 

as corresponding with, ^<siX)S=Lu^^dsj 

as equal, s^ffluumsar, ^uurrear, s=ld 

person, ^-^^irsijn^, LSldsssnurrGff^. 
An'swer-a-ble-ness, .*?. ^^^ir<sufr^LUfT(^ 

An'swer-a-bly, adv. <ojp^^ ^msrikiQ^n^ 

Ant, S. <ST^/i»L/, \^\3£^<3SiS. 

red, Qp^g)). 

small red, ^err&riT&F, QpQp^uDLi, 

white, s<oS)pLuiT<o^, Qs^diK 

common black, €?(LpdQs^L}>L^,(^isin,s. 

large black, slIQi—^udl^. 

white with wings, FFQ<^e^. 

hill, t-i/b^. 

eater, ^(tprij^. 
An-tag'o-nism, s. <oT^it, u<ss)s,(cSI(JiTfT^u3. 
An-tag'o-nist, s. sr^tf}, uesisajirefft, <f^ 

^0, <sSQiriT^, 
An-tag'o-nist, > er^imm, eSlQirir^ 

An-tag-o-nist'ic, * } iDrresr. 

principle, (oT^rrsQsnL-un®, LLgn^'^ 

An-tag'o-nize, v. n. cr^n^^io, eSlQun^ 
An-tag'o-ny, s. <sB(oiJiT^LD^ lu^^ld, ^(sm- 


Ant-ar'chist, s. ^Li&d^<a£!Cpir(Tfi, ^irrr 

Ant^arc'tic, a. Q^^^so?-, Q^^!br^^(2fr, Q^lL 

circle, G)^i^s=d<siTii>. 
An'te, a. (sr^nnosr ^Qpm^ (ipmi^<3sr. 
An-te-cede', v. n. QpiB^^iOy (tpiB^u 

An-te-ced'ence, ) . . 

An-te-ced'en-cy, '' ] QP^^^^^QP^^' 

An-te-ced'ent, s. QprnQiDni^, Qprs^issr 
^, Qpm(oSpu^, Qppi^fSluLi. 

An-te-ced'ent, a. (Lpib^esr^ QpeorQutr 
cur, (ip(cX5r(ou lE^. 

An-te-ced'ent-ly, adv. Qp(^Qissr, Qp^^f 

OP (5^. 

An'te-cham-ber, s. ^^®//r<F6x), QP^p 

<5P/r'2isv, Q(SU6ff}LD<5m'i—uih. 
An'te-chap-el, 5. Q<srr(sSlpi3ii<sn!rui. 
An'te-date, s. Qpi5^<oarQ^^. 
An'te-date, v. a. Q^^<SG)UJ(LpiB^<scr^rrs 

as anticipate, QpiB^uQun^^iOj Qpis 

An-te-di-lu'vi-an,s. s^&ouLSIirefruj^^di^ 

OP Ssr^<s{rQ<swn&ST. 
An'te-lope, s. mn&sr, 
An-te-me-rid'i-an, a. Qp&s^Qosnj^^d(^ 

An-te— met'ic, a. ^-(SijfTih^(oa)iu^^QdQp, 

An-te-mun'dane, a. &-e\)s^^d(^(ip^ 

An-ten'nas, s. ^^^dQefBQp^eSlujsupiB 
(oisr^LDiSI, fF^<50)^(Lp^<s6luj6ypr£leGrQsfT 

An'te-past, s. Qfim&f-Gsxsu^^fSiqtJDuu^iu 
^uLfi£)QurT<feani)j LDrr^(fiuQurrs^(osr 

An'te— pe-nult', s. iT'ppuj§^s3>iUG0. 
An-te'ri-or, a. Qp<^^ <5r^n, Qp<^^pp. 
An-te-ri-or'i-ty, s. Qpmi^, Qp^osiin^ Qp 

An-te-room, 5. (sr^rrosip, 

An'them, 5. (^fKssrs^ikjQ^LD, (^nGsrQir^^ 

€37" to. 

An'ther, s. ^eosS'(ip&D<3s, ^i^fr^, QP 




AntMlill, A'. 3S&i)pLUfT&SrLJp^,<67^LDLjULj 

to form ant-hills, LipQp(^^,sio. 
Aii-tho-log'ic-al, a. LjLLu3'fTjS^jT^^<£(^ 


An-thol'o-gy, 5. t-jLLu^6vs<£6ssn}i, ljlL 

ill literature, ueo&'hs^^^irLL®, @6U 

An'tho-ny's^fire, s- Q<s/T(cir(S(f]dsfruu(sur. 
Aii'thra-cite, s. (sSl'^teirsifl, ^p^srf!, rslevd 

An-thro-pophVgl, rBsnDinSls'ULLs' 

An-thro-poph'a-gy, 6'. [EiTL£)[n£l<sFUL-.>sF 

An'ti, p7*ep. <sSlQiTfT^Ln(T<our, Gr^iTfTesr. 
An'tic, s. Q<3=LL<ss)L-.<ssfrrr(^j ^doeSI^^ 

as buffoon, &;c. Q<sEfTLDfT£ff], uQu^dsa 
as oddness, Q-a^LL'S^L—^uQu^^^e^rih, 

An'ti-cham-ber, s. Qts/r^Loem-i—ULh. 
An'ti-christ, s. ^r^ndQ/Seru^, QfS&v 

^<sijdQ<s^rrfT<sff)j QurreSldQfB&v^, 
An-ti-christian, s. QfS&u^LDnnd&<s£l 

An-ti-christ'ian, a. QfS&v^LDtrnds^^ 

An-tic'i-pate, V. a. Qpm'ssfl'^esr^^io^ Qp 

as take before another, &c. Qpih^d 

as foretaste, foresee, (LpmesrrSl^so^ 

one's wants, ^0<sy^<s(^^Q^<aD(Suuj 

An-tic-i-pa'tion, 5. (ipih^dQ<sBiT<sfr(^(5S)s^ 


as fore-taste, QpesresTrSleif^ (ip&sr^ 
An-tic'i-pa-tor, s. GJir(Si{<siT^0)(f^dQp<sij 
An-ti-cli''max, s. (SiJiTQjiTd^(oS)p^^u(cu 


An'tic-ly, adi\ Q<3'LL^(ryU,^^6urLnjnUy ^ 

An'ti-do-tal, a. Lorrpp^^ds^ ^(Blds^^d 
<5, !^d<%^^d&^ €Se\)ds^^ds. 

An'ti-dote, s, ldq^ib^^ LDfTp^Lo^i^^ 

An-tim'e-ter, s. Qsfrsm-iEj<sd5mu<srrd(^rEJ 

An'ti-mo-ny, s. ^(i^<SFsurds6V^ '[iQ)rr(i^<^ 

sulphate of, ^(i^'S^<o^ds&}. 
An-ti-no'mi-ap, s. u<siDLpLusjpuiTLL<SDu. 
r§i&v<£ffldQp<sxi(our^ (^rTajuiSlrrLDiT€m<sSi 

An-tip'a-thy, s. u<ss)aB,, LD^crQisun^uLj, ^ 

An-tip'o-dal, a- <5T^iTuuds<s^frjjrreffr, 
An-tip'o-des, s. Lj^ds^dsrr^fi<sirL£^Ljp^ 

An-ti-qua'ri-an, ) lj^q^^sSIQs^l^itljl^ 

An'ti-qua-ry, S lunQ, ueoiL^ajQuir 

(T^'Serr^iTfrujQpisueiry Ljjrrr^isards'^ 

An'ti-quate, v. a, u&s)LpQ^LLiiJ!Td(^^&d^ u 

An'ti-qua-ted, a <3s'2efriuuuLLL-,^<srr<ofru 

person, u6S)L^LU6ij<ssr<f Qp^LU€usbr. 
usage, u<oO)LpujeyLpd<3oLh, 

An'ti-qua-ted-ness, S' u6S)Lp(S6)LDy Q^fr^ 

An-tique', a. L^0<suLofT€ar, u<siDLp(SDLo 

SiS odd ^ (c<35!Tir(5S5f] LU IT (ssr J QunujQtmiu. 

An-tique'ness, s. u<oa)i^6!DL£y Q^fT^(oa}LD. 
An-tiq'ui-ty, s. Lj^(r^<3ULDy LjirfT^ssnh^ Q^rr 

as the ancients, ^(^Q/^^ff/r/f, Qpeur 
Q(e^iT.f ^^/r/-l<sisrr. 
An-ti-sep'tic, s. Lnm^<5=LD^(LpsfTLDpuff! 


An-ti-so'cial, a. ^i^aSirfT^y Qu^Qpeir 

An-tith'C'Sis, s% (sr^nm^p^ ^Qurr^QiDir 



as coiitrovei-sy, ^^-ssld^ (sSiojiT^thj 

An-ti-thet'ic-al, a. (Sj^frLD^uunm^ eSl 

An'ti-typGi s- Qfi<oor<5sr<o6iL-'Jur[mLD^ Qpp 
(^^LJLjuQufT0<s(r^ ^ (oS) L-. uu IT err u 
and type, @6ULl#OTor(3/DLo ^igolIQuj 

An-ti-typ'ic-al, a. (ip(our6Gr€U)i—UJrr<srrLDrT 
Ant'ler, 5. <s<oS)QjdQsfTLDLj^ -LDirekOsiru) 

A'nus, s. j){UfT<osnh^ (sj^^ld. 

An'vil, S. ^<c!Dl-.SGO^ ^<5SiL^(SP®^ ^ 

Anx-Fe-ty, s. ^scsu'hso^ <ojd<SLhj seodsuo') 

S=(iF)'3'<S0ll>^ ^(aijdSLD^ ^laSluLj^ ^(allSO. 

Anx'ious, a. ^<Qj'2GVLLj(S(r<s(r^ ^(S>j^(3fr(S{r^ 

person, sT<om'<oSsr(]p(Sfr(Sfr€ijm'^ (sSls^njjQp 
e(reiT!SiJ tsjr . 
to be anxious, <5T6m<56snEiQ<srT(5mLSf-(f^ 

Anx'ious-ly, adv. ^(su'^ajndj^ eSl^friTLLn 

. iL^ Piih^'2esrLUfTUj, 
Anx'ious-ness, 5. «(Siy?6t), ^eui^ti, ^a9 

An'y, a vunQ^^is)-, iLHTQ^n(r^. 
at any price, GTiB^£SI'b5vds[T(SiJ^, 
at any rate, (sruuu^ujnQ^iJD^ <5TtB^(cSI 

any one, <st(SU(^Q^i1>^ (sj^nQ^ih, 
is there any rice ? c^ffl&iLi(5t^L—fr ? 
is there any one? ^(^(ip<5swL-fT? 
have you any thing to eat ? i-\&s<s<oj 

any more, @6^, ^earesn}), ^^<sm. 
anv where, <5J[wQ<suu[tQ^l£i, 
in any-wise, (SJuuis^iunQg^iD. 
A-ort'a, 5. <5FL^(3o2s37, sfTii^mf}, ^n^^ 

A-pace', adv. ^'sQuLDnib, (s^QDjjisniTiJu, 
to fly, <oSl(S6)rfib^up^^<sO. 
to rain, ^fr(SS)iT^fT<ss)iriufTUJuQuuj^60, 

tvalk, GTLLi^fbl—^^&Oj <3£''<36)3<SiJndj<9L^ 


A-piirt', ad\:. ^^nLu, i<s<So\)nuJ^ Siifi(SuiT 

<3S, ^gSQiU, LjpLDUfTiU. 

each apart, ^6^^^ 63r?C?iiJ, ljpldljljp 

ihufTLUj Q(QU^Q€U(rrj'dj. 

to go apart or ^\oi\id^^<oSQiuQuiT^eo^ 

i3 [fl ih^Q u n^eci . 

to fly apart as break, ^^iriB^&^g^^ 

eo, Q(SiJisjL^^uun)^^<so^ ^<3(rnujuup 

to dwell apart, ^Gsfi^^mns'LDUGSBT 


to speak apart, 3^(5sf}^^uQus?^<so, 
to set apart, LjpthQuoDSij^^'Seo, SiuuS 

A-part'ment, s. ^<ss)p. 
inner, p-<sfrefr(oi^p. 

outer, Q!SU(S{fl<S<SLL®y Q<SiJ<Sff)s=<SFfTIT, 

upper, QiDeffTLDrTL-Lh, lds^s?. 
Ap-a-thet'ic, a. ^udsu96\)6\)rT^, misun 
^sssruSl6\)6\)rTs^') ^-€S3riT<3= Q uSI &) eo n ^j 

Ap'a-thy, S. Qs^ITLDLJ. ^ITLD^LD, ^-<S3BTlfs^ 

Ape, s. (^iriE}(^, <3d[T(oaniihy ldib^. 

Ape, 1'.7/.. S^ir<FIEl<SfTLL(bl^(S\)^ <F<5OT"2ioWLJ 

<o5or 6mi €i(50 , (osmT(oSsflsrTLL®^G\), Qurr 
A-pe'ri-ent, s. (2SIQrrs=(san}), s^sQu^, ^ 

A-pe'ri-ent, a. ^(Sfrdauuessr^i/Qp, ^j 

Ap'er-ture, s. s6ssr^^(5UfTrrLD^ euiruj^ i§d 

<ar^, (SUL^, i^dsLD, QenLp-ULj. 

of a wound, (SufTiu^^pfh^euiTUJ^QtsuL^ 


abscess, &c. QGoiB^(sSluL\(7^^. y 

A'pex, s. 2_i^^, ^"Seu, ^'2iSvuLf^ ^Gsflj ^ 

A-phel'ion, s. ^ikjsihj LDibQ^nd<s^ui. 
A-pher'e-sis, s. ^'^d(^(5op. 
Aph'o-rism, 5. uLpQ/joo-L^, Qp^QubrrL^. 
Aph'o-rist, s. uL^QLDrri^Qu<SR-Qp<sdm, 
A'pi-a-ry, 5. Q^go^sSQ. 
A-piece', adv. <o^<suQ<3iinm^d(^^ ^©^ 

A-pis, *•. s&0(5SlL-ULi}^ ^&.^uisSldQjT <£/}>. 
as bee, Q^'S^* 



A'p-ish-ness, s. (^rrtEj(^Q<Sij^m^(^iriij(^ 

A-poc'a-lypse, s. ^/S^ulj^ Qenerfluu 

A-poc-a-lyp'tic, ) Q(au<sffluu®^^§^ 

A-poc-a-lyp'ti-cal, ' ( <S(^rfluj. 

A-pOC'o-pe,5. <S(o6)L-i@€lS)p, 

A-poc'ry-pha, 5. ^(Sfr(^uL^LurraLDi})^ s^iii 

A-poc'ry-phal, a. ^<3fr(ef^ui^LUfT(5or, s=[ej<s 

QumiT^^ sLL(Sld<s<oG)^LuiT(oar. 
Ap'o-gee, s.^/Sa?LD, LniBQ^ns^<3^LD. 

of the moon, LDihQ^rTd^m. 
A-pol'o-gIze, V. a. Locoin-effffuLjdQsLLi-. 

60^ r§lLumu(^Q&^fT&)e^^&o. 

A-pol'o-gist,S. LD<^€i^ULjdQ<SSLl.Qurr6W'^ 

^Qp(3um'. [<szD^. 

Ap'o-logue, s. ^6ij<oS)iMy <s<oS)^^ ^slLQss 

A-pol'o-gy, 5. LLGSr<5sfl U L-l ^ <3= fT lLQ U Q U fT 
<5(^, loliUfTLULD. 

Ap'oph-thegm, s. uLpQiDnL^, Qp^ 


Ap-o-plec tic-al, ) '^ 

Ap'o-plex-y, s. ^Gsr&sfl. 
A-pos'ta-sy, 5. ^GS)LDUuS'^^^<suri]^ Qsrr 
LLurrLL(oO)L-€£l®(o6}<s^ urr^nGmi—LD. 

A-pOS'tate, 5. U^^GSr^ S=<olDLDUJf§l'^^6U/6l 

A-pos'tate, a. <3=LLUJiB'^^<sufSl<osr^ Qsn 

A-pos'ta-tize, v.n. u^^f^^&J^ s^sidldlu 

S'2e\)^(Su/D6V^ LD(T^efr(2SI (ld^gO. 
A-pos'tle, s. ^^uuuuLLL—(Sum^ ^u 

A-pos'tle-ship, s. ^uQu[t&v^<s\)^Q^[tl^ 
Ap-os-toVic, ^ 2^uQurreiv^e\)^d(^ 


Ap-os-tol'ic-al, '^(Hluj ^^^d(^ffliu. 
A-pos'tro-phe, s. Qp<^<osff'2etujrT<^ir€Sl60 

as contraction, g)<s»t_«@swiy). 


as sign of contraction, @<5s)L_<5(^'sro^ 
A-pos'tro-phlze, v. a. Qpm&sPi'hsoajn'iSl 

A-poth'e-ca-ry, s. LD0iB^s<S(o6)L-.<s<srTir 

apothecary's shop, LD(7^rB^ds<oiDi—. 

Ap'o-thegm, s. uL^Qi^nL^^ (see Apoph- 

Ap-o-the'o-sis, s. ^<su[Ts<oGrLD^ iSIjt^lL 

Ap-pail', V. a. <ojiEj'Suu(om'^i]^€0^ (Sjiejs 


appalling catastrophy, <ojiEj<ss:^<i<3BvSl 

Ap-pa-ra'tus, s. <S(t^<sSI^s=^^itsSI^ss(i^ 

Ap-par'el, s. 2_(S?d^, s_®lJl/, ^ijew^rnDj 
elegant, i5<so&^<5G)1—^ fs&}&)rT<oS3i—^ urr 

//?5 t5fT<SSLh. 

Ap.par'el, v. a. ^-®^^e\)^ ^essfl^eo. 

Ap-par'en-cy, 5. Q^fr/bpih. 

Ap-par'ent, a. Q<su<srf)LUfT6ur^ Q^rrm-^Q 

p^ arresords^L^Lu. 

as obvious, Co)^(sr/?isi//rs2jr, (sSlisfrdsLDireisr. 

not real, ^-(r^Q<su<s{f}^Q^rTppLD^ LLrfif<3F^ 


heavens, ^rr(oarLD6m-L-G0LD^ ^smum 


Ap-par'ent-]y, ac??'. Q^(Tpp^^<5srui^^ 

Ap-pa-ri'tion, s. <3SfrLL&, Q^irppLn^ ^(5? 

Ap-peach', v. a. (^ppii^^inL^^eo^ (s^p 

Ap-peach'ment, s. (^ppd^tnLQ, 
Ap-peal', s. (ip<oS)puun®^ ^ucum, 

Ap-peal', v. W. G^«55/r)tJLJ®^6U, IB®d(D<S 
lLL-GO, LD^^lULL<flEjQ<SELLL-.60^ ^U 

to evidence, ^^^iTLL9<srTLl®^&}^ ^ 



to authority, ^^smr^^dGsfjuLjoSl 
to arms, Qunr[s<s(50)p-3k-.(SijeOy ilj^^^ 


to reason, LjD<oar<^<3^rrLL.9ldQstTULj<s£J^ 

Ap-peal'a-ble, a. QLDii>f5(SldQ<5SLLsdaL. 

Ap-pear', v. n. Q^nosr^^eo^ sfresaruu 

as to be obvious, Q^efflsufnur^^edjQoj 

effluuQ^di)', (sSlefTfEJi^^GO. 

as seem, ua<2Sl^^e\). 

as a deity, great person, &c. ^(fl-f'^esr 

before one, <oT^fr^<so^ Q^ffJ^eo^ Qeu 


diminished, Q^^^dsrri—Q^io, 

magnified, u(r^^^da[TLL®^<so. 

it appears (impers.) <sErr6m-Q/D^, Q^ir 

Ap-pear'ance, s. Q^frp/Dih^ ^rril.®^ 2_ 

as probability, sn<omLju®GS)<sB^ Q^n 

as semblance, s=itlu&)j urreu'^Gsr. 
as mien, figure, QsirsOLh^ ffnuueo. 
as apparition, sniLSl, ^-Q^-, Qisuei^LD. 
as presence, (Suq^ods, Q^nppisi^ s^Qp 


of a great person, ^(fl'9''2isw, lSIits=<^ 
rainy, LD<s5)L^d(^€6STLD^ LD(^i^d^iTuueo^ 

LDULf, LDlB^rriTLD. 

Ap-pear'er s. Q^nm^Qp(Sij(^y lSjts=^ 

Ap-peas'a-ble, a. ^ppuut—^^d^, ^ 
essfld<s^^ds, ^(sa)L£)Ludsk-.L^uj, 

Ap-pease', v. a. ^p^^eo, ^€ssfl^^6\}j ^ 
LDiT^^^id^ s=LC)rT^rT<5srLJuQ^^;ge\), 
to be appeased, ^^^^, (^erflir^eOj^ 

Ap-pease'ment, s. c^<sjdlo(Si/j ^LDir^nesruOj 

Ap-peas'er, s. ^p^Qptsuisor, ^<ossfldQ 

Ap-pca'sive, a. ^pp^s,^g<£s, ^^sdidssj 


Ap-pel'iant, s. iSliTfr^d<sfTu<SQr, jifuiuiAJ 
QQpisiK^^ Q^ni—ird&d-siTiTm-. 
as challenger, (curri^dso^LpuQun 

637", QuiTITd<55(S6)p<5fk-(SXlQ<QyrT6Sr, 

Ap-pePlant, a. (DL£>6d(^fTuj^^eo^^f5Q(2S! 

Ap-pel-la'tion, ) Quluit, fBmDLh, @ 
Ap-pel'la-tive, * j gdi^uSIlLl-Quluit,^ 

Ap-pel-lee', s. ^^^rreurr^, 
Ap-pel-lor', s. L3!i^fT(our(^rTUj&iv^G0^^d 

(^iBQdQsLLu<QU(our, GiiLpdsfTeff}. 
Ap-pend', v. a. €k-LL®^&o^ Qs^n^^eo, 

to be appended, s^(Sl^6^^(DS=iTu®^e\}, 
Ap-pend'age, s. &-ufTfKJ<sih^ &-L-.€srQ<FiT 

QufT^efTy Q<FiTLDIT<oSrLD^ &.fflLU<oS)6iJ , iSl 
p^^UJIEJ<SLD^ Q^rrL—ITQufT(7^(Sfr. 

Ap-pend'ant, s. ^Q^^^^ G*<F/f/5^^, @ 

Ap-pend'ant, a. j)jQ<s^, Qs^ir/h^s. 
Ap-pend'ix, 5. ^^uih^ih, Q^ituljj ^ 

Ap-per-tain', v. n. .jy^^^eb, ^-tfl^^ni^ 

Ap-per-tain'ment, 5. ^(sroi__, Q^!TLLn(osr 

Ap-per'te-nance, s. s^nnk^s^^ ^O^;?^, 

Ap'pe-tence, s. ^<3i]n, ^sn^ (sS!(i^uuLh. 
Ap'pe-tite, s. u9ly ^msQ^^^, Qurrs^esr 


as desire, c^<S3)<f, ^sn^ ^<surT, Quirn 

I have no appetite, (sresrdi^uu&aS 

Ap-plaud', v. a. LjSLp^dx), QLDLuds?^6\)<f 

ufrrrfTLL(Sl^6\)y Q-snem-L—rrQ^eo, 
Ap-plaiid'er, s. Lis(L^Qp<sum, ^^u 

Ap-plause', s. L^<su^d&l,ufriTmL®^Qu:>LU 
uu^ eSliuuLjy c^,^7 ^'SsmuQujfrdsfL. 

Ap-plau'sive, a. i-j'SQpQp, QinLid^Qp. 
Ap'ple, s. ^uLj(SiJrT, ^uL^<Qnn(sSl(T^LL.fih. 
of the eye, <s€mw€csfi^ s^eSlifi, 

wood apple, \ ^^^,^%,.^, 
stone ano e. I 

"tone apple, ) 



.\ VV 

o Li s t a rd , ,.-i?/ €Sifig^ ,3; . 
rose, s'-ihi^iEiT^eo. 
black, iEiT<SijG\), 
thorn a p pie , @ 6\^ 'i* sw^. 
Ap-pll'a-ble, a. Qufr(^^^^^ss^ €^lLl^ 

Ap-pli'ance, s. Qufr(7F^^<otD<s. 
Ap'pli-ca-ble, a. QunQ^i^uu^ ^(^^luir 

Ap'pli-ca-ble-ness, s. Qun(iT^^^S'S^u^iu 

Ap'pli-ca-bly, adv. QuiT(nj^^^^&s^mL^ 

Ap'pli-cant, 5. Q<sB(srr<nSldsrrir(osr,QsLlL- 

Ap-pli-ca'tion, s. Q-siLi—id^ (sE'.q^ldiSi.s 


of body, Qpujjh^^ s^fT^uLj, <?ifjTuiSliT 

of mind, «^ (3^.^ 5 ssKdsih^ &i5^'2Gsr. 

of memory, c^<a/^ /rear Lo, (S^frusih^ S 


as use of means, €ULp<s<SLD^ iSlrrQujiTs 

ii)j urr<s£!uLj, 

iiled in court, ^/£l(sSl^^6\}, Qs&tgSIlj 

U^^ULD^ (Lp'SSipuumLQuu^^rjih. 

as request, Q'S&reSl, iJD<^(nj>LL®., eSlem- 

Gsaruuuu^firril,^ LD<o6r((rj'LL®d<s®^rrQ . 

as a plaster, Q<fiT(SG)6u, u/b^^ y«^<^. 

in discourse, ers^^ffluLj, 

for help, ^<ss)L-<ss6Vili, ^6m(Sl<sD<ss, 

Ap'])\j',v.a. ^Q^e\)^ €ui^iEJ(^^&}, &D<3S 
a word, or epithet, e^LLi^<iQsn<3ir(^^ 
as lay, or stick, Qurf®^&)^ €^l1.l^(oS)<su 
the mind, •^(^^Q^mLQ^io^ L£)(Sor(i^ 

fomentation, (^(StsmLQ^eo^ 'S^u-qsxsu 

a plaster, (?<5^/f<5Z5>€i;C/-//r®^a}, up^u 

Ap-ply', V. n, ^6G)L^^6\), rS^(5i^^eo^ C<f 


as solicit, Lueir(yr^(b!^di^, ^LUGifQd^LLQ 


as suit, ^^^eo, s'ff!(QU(7^^&o^ <o}p(^^&j 

as advise, ^<s^/d^^6\)<) <o6i^^^G0y uQ 

by writing, (or(i^^dQ<SBLL®<sQ<SEiT<srr(Sf^ 

for shelter, s^ugsstiejQslLl^go.^ ^<ss)l^ 

to business, &-ssyLQ^^6\)^ LS.uujrfS'uu 

Ap-point', V. a. (^/i9^^&)^ r^ujLSl^^&}. 
as fix, establish, fS'bsvuuQ^^eo^ ^ir 
LDiTioufl^^seOy <sSl^l^^60^ iBujiSl^^eo, 
as allot, assign, ®®^^^ <cj/bu(Si^^eo^ 
as command, <slLl—'^l61®^go. 
as constitute, ) ^/bi^^^e\)^ (^r£l^^d\)y 
designate, ) ^mSlji^d\)^£^^^^6\}, 

Ap-point'ed, a. SlulSI^^^ spiSI^^. 

time, (^^^^QfBJTlh^ f§UJL£l^^£5fTG0ll)j 

Ap-point'er, s. fSujLSldQpeuesr^ <ojpu 
Ap-point'ment, s. iBijuijS\^^<ss)(ou^^<s\)^ 

as designation, SlulSJul^, iSiuldld, 
as command, <5Ll/^Ssyr, sjbu'2esr. 
as stipulation, Qufr^^^ih, s-l^&stu 

as allowance, ^/-Iz—ii), ui^, slLl^ 


as grant, &c. [5&srQ<sfr<so)i—j ^q^ld3 

Ap-por'tion, V. a. /T^^a), sk-^uQ^^^<sOj 

Ap-p6r'tion-er, s. uQ0Qp(su6Gr^ uisjQ 

®Qp(Su<3sr.) Q,srr(SldQp<sii(^. 
Ap'po-site, a. ^@ 1^^, <5J/bp . 
Ap-po-si'tion,s. @(5K)<FQ/, ^easTdsd)^ ^ 

as adding to, @sro<g:L^, epLL(hl^!§)^oSsr(Si^, 
in grammar, ^(f^QuLuQnnLL®^ ^0 
Ap-pYSiise'yV. a,eiSJ'^LD^^^6V, uiresS^ 

Ap-prais'er, s. (sB'^LD^uL^ssnirm-, [lo, 
Ap-pre-ca'tion, s. ^(T^^^^iT(Ssr<2Sesm&muu 



Ap-pre'cia-ble, a. /x-^isi-s^^^if /u, ^€fr 

Ap-pre'ciate, t\ fl. <s€sisPi^^6V^ (orem-^u 

Ap-pre-ci-a'tion, s. <5T(5soT6SGn})^ SGssfluLj^ 

Ap-pre-hend', v. a. iSlu^^^io. 

mentally, LDLl.®<35SLL®^6Vy QirQ^ss 

as think, GT&kr^^j^io. 

as fear, ^(i^<3?^&)j uuuuu®^60. 

as doubt, .a^fsQ^Q^^eo^ ^^p^-i S"^ 

as seize, lSIlp-^^go^ .scoorQi^L^^^io^ 

Ap-pre-hen'si-ble, a. QuBss^^ss^ rS 

'Beards d&^i^iLi. 
Ap-pre-hen'sion, s. up^^ LS?zf , lSi^u 

L/, tSli^LDfresrii). 

as opinion, Gresareaarihj sq^^^^ iSiu^u 

as knowledge, ^fSis^. 

as concern, s<su'bsv^ (sSs^rrirui* 

as fear, ^ds^uo^ uuuud, 

as doubt, ^uuuo)^ <s:i5Q^SLc>. 
Ap-pre-hen'sive, a. ^lUQp&ren-^ ^d&Qp 

Ap-pre-hen'sive-ly, adv, ^iuld/tiL^ c§>l'3=-9= 


Ap-pren'tice, 5. Q<Sij'2evuLpsuQurT(i^fBfi 


Ap-pren'tice V. a. (o<su'bsouLp&LjQurr(T^iB 

QsnuLj (29^^60. 
Ap-pren'tice-ship, s, Q^rrL^dos/b^d 

Ap-prise', V. a. ^/BeS'i^^eo^ iSlfrQ^^ih 
u Gosr^jj^eo . 

Ap-prize', V. a. (sSl'^Qs^rreo^^io^ (sSl'hso 
Ap-proach', s. a_^^a;, ^^}](^<5S)<s^ Q 
Ap-proach', v. a. j^jQ^^go^ jij<saji—^60^ 

as an evil, ^^ii(S^'s>)^ QrErfl®^^io, 


Ap-proach'a-ble, a. ^Si^ii^ii^^^: ^<^i^ 
Ap'pro-bate, v. a. LSI(flLursjQsiT&r(S(r6V,<3f= 
Ap-pro-ba'tion, s. LSIfflujii), £_(Si/lJl^, .fld 

Ap'pro-ba-tive, a. ^ihiD^idQp^ ^eesriEj 

(^Qpf QLDdjd<9?<sQ<srr&r(Gf^Q/D. 
Ap-pro'pri-ate, V. «. ^rfl^^rrdsio, 

as assign, (^iniSl^^io, @®^a), n.tfl^ 

to one's self, ^-ffl^^[Td^QdQ<s{T<sfr(m^ 

unlawfully, <5(Si//f^6U, GSi<suupg^^<30^ 

Ap-pro'pri-ate, a. (sjpp^ ^<s<5, ^(^^lun 
(osr^ s^i^uj^ SujnajLnrT<osr^ ^®^^. 
words, terms, ^rfJinQs^rrev^ iQuu^d 
Qs=fT60j u ffl u rr(oS)<SL^^ (^^&^d(^f6l. 

to be appropriate, ^i<s^<3=^<s\)^ ^esariij 
Ap-pro'pri-ate-ly, adv, ^(^^uunin^ (sip 
Ap-pro'pri-ate-ness, s, @(SZ55<fq/, ^gssts 
Ap-pro-pri-a'tion, 5- ^Osro*, oS^^nd 

Ap-pro-pri-a'tor, s. Suui^dQpeu&iry [5m 

Ap-prov'a-ble, a. QLDLudQdO<sfT(ck<srr^^ 

«S<5, LSlffluJUUL—^^dSj ^UDLD^dsd 

Ap-prov'al, s.^smdsih, s_/_63rtj/r®, «f 

UDUOl^UCly LSlrfluJL£>. 

Ap-prove', v. a. s=ldld^^^&). 

as like, accept, &c. j>jiii&s[fl^^<3\), ^ 

LDlD^^^ed-^ 2_<S1/^^6U, <ojp^^Gi}^ ^U 

as commend, Lfsip^di), QiDLudsf-^io. 
to approve itself to one, f5eoe\)Q^m^ 

Ap-prov'ed, a. QLDiLd&ldQ,srr(5ssrL-j Q^ 
discourse, ^-^uurreanSln-s^iEisuDj ld^ 


medicine, QurfQuppi£)(T^i^^. 




word. <ajii)/DQ'^iT&}^ r5G\)evQs:rTso. fBtu 
style, <ojpp^<3SiL—^ ^(^^uun<oisr:B<s6)L-^ 


Ap-prov'er, s. r5isoGoQ^<^^Qs:[fid^Qp 

(SU(oor, epuLj<stQ<sfT(afr(DSnfr<our. 
Ap-prox'i-mate, v.7i. ^®^^go^ ^(sm^u 

Ap-prox'i-mate, a. ^®^^, QlLls^lu^ s= 
Ap-prox-i-ma'tion, 5. QLL®LDn€snh^ .b'lS' 
Ap-pur'ten-ance, s. Qs^hk^^^ ^Q^s;^^ 
Ap-pur'ten-ant, a. Q<fiTiu^^ s^®^^-) ^- 
A'pril, s. Q^^QDrrtDfT^m. 

A-pri-o'rl, S, <SfTiI€S3riEJ<S6m(hl<SS{TffllJJf5J3^ 

A'pron, 5. Qpeir^rTiEjQ^ ^Q^frisjQ, 
Ap'ro-pos, adv. sniBuj^^sQesiS'tij^ ©_ 

Ap'sis, } ./T) . . 

Ap'si-des, '■ I ^^^^^"'^^ 

Apt, a. 6Fi«, ^(s^k^^ ^pp. 

as fit, ^6&<£5 , ^(5 /F^, ^(S6)s=(SurT(Ssr^ <5jpp . 

as inclined, LD<osrLDn'<oisr^ s=[TUJLDiT<o5nD!T 

€sr^ (Sijn'L^<S(oa)SiuiTGsr^ <oi^(SuiT6sr. 

as ready, quick, s=LDiT^^fT(oorj .frnDir^ 

^LUQfKctefT^ Q<sLLL^iun'(oar. 
Apt'i-tude,s. @<S20<FQ/, ^€ssr<ssih^^(^^. 
Apt'ly, adv. (ojpp^friL^ ^(^fiturruj^ g) 

Apt'ness, 5. <ojpp^mos)iD^ Qs^hmfKosriD^ 

as fitness, ^@^, @e3)cF<si/, ^6m<ss<sih. 

as propensity, <5?^5 (^essr/l), LD<osr<3^3=n 


as quickness, ) <s=ldit^^^ <oid<3s4=s=l£it^ 

readiness, ^^, QsLi.ij^^ ^dQirih. 

as tendency, <o7^^ Qisn^ ^SesiLD^ ^n 


A'qua-for-tis, s. OoJi^uLjuLj^firrrreusih. 
A-qua'ri-us, s. (^ihutaSlnnQ. 
A-quat'ic, a, iiiT<sufT!^(Si^(^(3rr, i^rFI^^Grr. 
creature, ^{^&?Lo>i^inT<ssS^ !§n<suny^ 


Aq'ue-duct, 5. €UfTiLs^fT6\)y linQumiXi^ 
/^, s:€\)^fT€ij)ir^ <f€Vurr<oS)^^ ^Sfreosuntu. 
subsidiary aqueduct, (S5^<sE<surrLU<s<srrev^ 

Aq'ui-line, a. <55(ipQsfr^£^. 

as curved, <s(ip(^^d(^uQufT6arp^ <su 

Ar'a-ble, a. uiiSiTS'Q^ujGS)<sd<srr(osr^ ugqst 
ui—^^ds, Qs^lljqd<seljulLl-. 
land, (aS^^GfTlSedUD., ia)jujp<siTessfl. 

Ar'bi-ter, s. f6®<su<5k^ ^(f^iLsir^^iSir^ ld 

supreme, (ip^io<su<m^ ^GS)p<3udn'. 
Ar'bi-tra-ble, a. Ln^^uj<sru^(ip(sfre(r^ ^m- 

Ar-bit'ra-ment, s. ^mesflLLL^ih^ Q^^ih^ 


Ar'bi-tra-ri-ly, adv. Q^^ijofnu^ ^lun^ssr 

Ar'bi-tra-ri-ness, s. ^gstgSl-L—iIi^ <9f-Qtu 

J=<ss)<gF^ Qds fT®rs.'(D<sE fr<our<oS)LD. 
Ar'bi-tra-ry, a.^&sr(ouf!LLi-.LDn(our^ ^sfreuf} 

as despotic, Q'SnQfEjQsrKskosiLDUjnesf^ 
<9?ujrr^u^fiujLDfT(3sr^ ^<^<osrff<fn(oor, 
nam<^ in grammar, ^®(^fQuQuujrT, 
proceeding, Q<siT®(oS)LDLUfr(sarQs:uj(oSi<s. 

Ar'bi-trate, v. a. Siunuuih^ff^^GO. 

Ar'bi-trate, v. n. u(i^^nuj^^pr§n^60. 

Ar-bi-tra'tion, s. /f®/^'8so, LD^^Qtueru^ih^ 

Ar-bi-tra'tor, s. u)<g^uj&v^&>T, iB®(Sudry 

Ar-bi-tra'trix, \ u(^s=niu^^n&T^ w^^ 

Ar'bi-tress, * S ajsw^//?. 

Ar'bor, s. Qsnisi-ui—nk^uk^n^ ^(ssrih^ 


in mechanics, ^ujiE^ir^^<9f-^ ^i^i^^ 

Ar-bo're-ous, a. LDji^^sa®^^^ Qsnuf. 
uuiB^nQunGsrpt unnhQunrnp. 

Arc, S. l3<SG)p(SiJlSf.(Si^-) (sSl(^^^UfTSlh. 

Ar-cade' s. (s^ioeu'^eijwesorL-.uih^ is 

Ar-ca'num, 5. ^srsQiuih^ ^iB^irihsih. 
Arch, s. (oSI&)Qj'Sisrr(Sij. 

in building, Q^^i <sSI&}<suL^(Sif^ iSesip 




of a circle, QJiLL^^^QeHfTQ^uirsLD^ 

Arch, a. LSlir^mour^ (Lp^€6r<s^L£iuunsuT^ Qu 
[fluu, &Qir<ai^i—.. 
as waggish, /Fsrf^esr, Q-sniLtrefr. 
as shrewd, s^ihLSu^rruuQp&rtsfr^ (^lL<3=. 
person, <9'ldit^^(^, ^^t ^^(^LS^rn. 

Arch-an'gel, s. ^^si^^<^^ ^n^mSI. 
Arch-a-pos'tate, s- Ln&nufi^m^ us=fr 

Arch-bish'op, s. 9Qii(si^t-.(^(^, QmeOfr 

(osr <s <o6sr <s (T Qssrl ' 
Arch-bish'op-ric, s. QLDeorr(oorc56U3rsfT6si^ 

Arch-dea'con, 5. (^^uiSlji^rrefffl^ <s6m 

Arch-dea'con-ry, 5. ^^uiSir^frefffluSdr 

Arch'ed, a. (sSleo<Sij^(r€iJ!T<oST^ L9<oS)peuL^ 

roof, sk-i—fTiTih^ <2S&)(au'Sefr<aijrr<osr<3^(5S)ir. 
Arch'er, s. (sSlp^airm-i eSldoeSlj <sS<sosu 

Arch'er-y, s. ^^^ffuiBLL<5Si&^^ eSUdeorr 

Arch'e-type, s. QpekLDfrfirfl. 
Arch-fiend', s. ^'^uQuiL^ Sn^nm^^ 

Arch-her'e-tic, s. ^ni5^u^^<s5T. 
Arch-i-pel'a-go, s. u6O^<sijS(Sffl0d(^fEJs 


Arch'i-tect, s. Qpum-^ &^ufrs=fTffl^ ap 

^pUGST^ LLiomG^ L-l.— n<S^<SST* 

Arch-i-tect'ur-al, a. Qpu^^^ss®^^. 
Arch'i-tect-ure, s. 9lpuLDy QpuQoj'^eo^ 

^pu-s^iT^^ITLby Qpu^id, 
Ar-chlves', s. ^eouiSirfisefr^ ^gOui3it 

Arch'ly, adv. Q&frLnnefrunTUJ^ ^.uiruuLDrr 

Arch'ness, s. QsnuinefrLb^ ^uuftiuld^ @ 

Arch-rogue', 5. ^irih^serrojesr. 
Arc'tic, a. gul-^ eui^dSl^etretr, ^^ 


circle, ^L.^^i^irs^dQifu::. 
Ar den-cy, s. ^(ssrio^ j^iQsfTinl)', ©-(Sl^ 

z_623arLo, Qeusih, ^(surr. 
Ar'dent, a. GojuuLDiresr^ ^sareOfTesr, j>f 

as zealous, u^^Lijeirerr^ u^^gsxsuitit 

dQujLDrresr, <sSlG<sus(ip&T(Sfr. 

as earnest, (ipujp&UL^<s(r(3rr .s=n<sQij<ss3^ 

desire, QuirfT(oS)S^^ ^eurr, ^<3S)^^ ^ 

feeling, <5S)<SiJjJiT&QuuLD. 

mind, QeusLOfresTLDGSTLh, 

man, ^-ps=iTQ^Q(5ijQ, (Si^surrnsQiuissr, 

spirits, sfrujs=&€ui^^^LD6ru^, 
Ar'dent-ly,arfy. (ipiup&LUfrLu,Qisu£Eu:)rTLU, 
Ar'dor, 5. Q<sijsih^ <aSiQ(QUsil>. 

as heat, QsuiIxsidld^ Q<suuulDj s_(Sl^ 

as eagerness, ^<aiJfT^&.p<3^rr<sil)^Q(aiJs 
Ar'du-ous, a. ^rfluu^ ^(Tjgzoajtu/rgor, ii/ J7 

warfare, ^Q^ihQunir, sQuDQurrir, 
way, S{Q^O[5fS'i ^rft;grr<5ur<suL^. 
Ar'du-ous-ly, adv. ^rfl-snuj^ iSniun^ 


Ar'du-ous-ness, 5. ^(r^<s5)L£)^ i3iTUjn^ih. 
Are, {see Be) v. n. ^^eo^ ©C^^^^u. 
A're-a, 5. unuLf, uir<5S)(Su. 

for a play, setrrf}, iBi—.eors^rr'^, 

A-re'ca, s. <sQp,sBLDn-u>^ sQp(^, ^-ssi^' 

nut, uns(^. 
Ar-e-fac'tion, s. ^-GO^esis^ evrrQeiDSy 

<SUrrLL(Sl<olD<3S, (SUpULj. 

A-re'na, s. Sj^i^CSt r^irra<SLD, setrfff. 
A.Y'crent^a. (o)(Sij<5ssr(SG)LjDLUfT6srj Qojeir'BerrfB 

pLDn<osr.f uefTUGfruufT&sr, 
Ar'gil, s. SGfflLDSsar, 
Ar'gue, V. Sujrruj(i^G)<3=iTGO^jseo, Siutr 

as dispute, €ijrr<S(^<suiT^Lhu6iJsr^]j^60, 

as prove, €jpu®^^^eOj ^(T^LLi—nk^ 
u u ®s^^go . 

a claim in law, <suLpd(^s=Qs:freo^^60, 
Ar'gu-er, s. fSiufTLueuiT^, ^^dssufr^. 



Ar'gu-ing, s. iBiuniULo, ^q^ssud, 

ill a circle, s^dSffih. 
Argu-meiit, s. (Siirr<s(^<sufT^LD^ Sluituuudj 


as summary, ^i—d-s>LD, QurT(7^m^ 

in logic, [BujnujuD^ (sSleusfTsnJo. 
Ar-gu-ment'al, a. QpsrriifiifQpmsn-^ (EIluit 

Ar-gu-ment-a'tion, s. (surTd(^<auiT^LD,^0 
d<si}), fSlLumuu:), Q^fn-.irLjfSujn'iuih. 

Ar-gu-ment'a-tive, a. i^LUfnuQpm-err, r§l 

discourse, [oliu(TUJijD(oSl<3(r<sQuji3ir3=!Ej<£ 


Ar-gute', a. •s^ir&DUDUjfTSsr, i-i^^iLj&rsfr. 
Ar'id, a. Q(SmljuLDa<oBr^ <sijjiLL&iUfT(our^ srr 

soil, land, urr^eorBsOihy (SunQssn—iB&iuD^ 

A-rid'i-ty, ) <auirLL&^ sfTiLieij^ QmsSl 
Ar'id-ness, * ) eij, Q(SiJuuih. 
A'ries, s. Qini^ih, Qi£>u.irrr&» 
A-right',, adv. <?rflujfTdb, Q<s=(Su<SD<SiJLuiTay 

A-rlse', V. n. GTQ^mLj^eo, Gr(Lp^60. 
as ascend, gtqp^gOj <5T(l^udl^^&o, <5j^ 

as originate, Q^irdr^^eo, s^G6arL-.fT(^ 

as the sun &c. s-^^^eu, ^^LUL£fT(^ 

from the dead, ^uSHr^Q^Q^thL^^GO. 
Ar-is-toc'ra-cy, s. &-^LDLSIjT<ffrji<9=rTLL&, 

Ar'is-to-crat, 6?. LSirL^d<s5i2(rjTS=rrLL&uL9rfl 

■ Ar-is-to-crat'ic , }^ tSi u li d s (srr n (^ 

Ar-is-to-cr&t'ic-al, ' / <o(D<sd(^ffluj, Qm 

A-rith'me-tic, s. 'S6m-d(^, dsessfl^ih, 
A-rith-met'ic-al, a. ssssfl^^ a<omd(^da 

M progression, s=iej<5s<o)S)^u:). 
A-rith-me-ti'cian, s. ^(ssGrdsm^ 6S6Sord 

[Ark, s. Qu^s)i^, Qsjbunnih, 


Arm, s. LjiLiLD, (soDcas-, sjild, 

as power, meosouih, ^^^/suih, 

of a chair, <S2[)<s^/7,'Ey^, (SfT/b'SirrGSltjSlm- 

of a tree, LDfT^fiearQu^fEjQsfrui-f. 
of the sea, '3SL—<sO(Sumud<sfreOj •^[^i <^ 

to be arm in arm, <5G)&Q<sn^^eo. 

to be at arms, uGSianjauSl^^^io, u^^ 

^LDUSosr&safldQsfTioSsrL^Q^^^&J^ (oU)ss 

to take in the arms, Q<srr(SliEj<oS)<3suS)6\} 

erQ^^6\), ^(Sld(^^<sv. 
Arm, r. a. ^u-j^fb^ffl u iSl^^eo , ^fr<su/b 

Q<fLu^&}^ QurrffdQsneOLSKSi^^GO. 
Arm,?*. 71. ^iLi^ii^ffl^^dQ<3siT<ck(^^60, 

Ar-ma'da, s. QurriTdsuu/b<3^LLL^i}}. 
Ar-ma-dil'lo, s. ^(^iEi(^. 
ArnVa-ment, s. u<^di^, C^fSsst, ^sttlo, <? 

&n'(osr^^LDfT(5sru€S)i—y <f&ir6ar^^L£)fT(5sr<s 

Arm'a-ture, s. &.i—6\)sfTd(^LDiTLLi^LDj Q<3= 


Arm'ed, a. ^iLj^i^rB^^j sfT(SU6oQu/bp. 
chair, <ss)<35iBrT/b'3SfT<3^. 
to be armed, ^u^^i^(fl^^dQ<£a&r(Gf^ 

men, ^iif^ufT sssfl SB €fr, s^esreisr^^fT. 
Arm'ful, s. ^(r^Q<£fT(SlfSj(o6)<suj(o(r<si^. 
Arm'hole, s. •sQpdsil.®, 0Dsd(^L^, 65d 


of a garment, s^tLeiDL-aSesresids, ^(i^ 

Ar-mig'er-ous, a. ^'i^^is^ifl^^. 
Arm'il-la-ry, a. <3SfTULjuQuiT&srp. 
Arm-ip'O'tence, s. ^LLi^(su6\)6»ui}), Qun 

Arm-ip'o-tent, a. ^uLi^@u(3Sl<ss)LD{U<3(r(Sfr, 


Arm'is-tice, s. Qu[f(oSirf(Sg^^^&D(DU^^io.f 

Arm'let,5. struLf. 

Arm'or, s. LLj^^frnf^fEjaefr, uffl(o!D<3PQp^<3^ 


in scripture, f5(osrLD<oords:rTLL&, (sSI'Sr'Suir 
<fLjD^ Qi5^Lh(cp^<o6)i.uf5p(^<omiij<s&r. 



for the body, s^s'ih^ (sumnsusrui. 

for the hand, <o!D<3sd<s(SiJs=LDj (Ss^ssslL 

for the head, ^im^ ^"^s^^rrrr. 
Arm'or-bear-er, s. ^u^^Qs'LD<s<sfTrr<^. 
Arm'or-er, s. ^iq^(i^Qs^djQp<sijdr. 
Arm-6'ri-al, <z. (^60(siyci^^c5<5®^^, ulL 

bearing, (56v)©9(75^, (^&)Qp^^<5S)ir, 

Arm'o-ry, s. ^u^^'S^n'^, u<scoL-<sa(Sl, s-^ 

as arms, iLi^^^a^^fkis&r. 

in heraAdry ^uLLL.^^d^tfliU(^rSI<S(s}r, 

Arm'-pit, s. <ss<SLDj ^<sQ(S(ry (SJi<ss(^i^. 
Arm '-ring, s- QD<s(Su'Bofr, sfTULj, 
Arms, s. {pl-) ^u^^rsj^ssir, u(oS)L-s<s&Ofsj 

as hostility, <ST^rfl<s5) 
a coat of, (sSfrfKjS/S^ 



rm s'-end, \ • r^ 

1/1 \y f (5Tl-.(blLDrT(50TLO, 

rm s -lengthjS. > . ' 

rm's'-reach, j ^'^«^^- 



as armorial ensigns, s^rrs^^dru), 




Ar'my, s. u<sdl-., Q^'2£5r, ^rr'^esT, 

main body of, ^ffOueOLD^^eOuGiDi-.. 

in rank and file, ^sssf^€U(^uLi, ^issS. 
A-ro'ma, s. u/flLDefrih, <9?<sf5^u:>. 
Ar-o-mat'ic, a. ufflLD&riDfrssr, &?sih^, isjb 

powders, •arGsmemth^ siB^Qum^* 
bark, <3?aiE^uLL<ss)u.. 
roots, si^QpeOu). 

Ar-o-mat'ics, (pi.) s. aih^(ip(Sfr&r(oS)(3u, 
<si//r<iF2(S?jru£j(SOTrL_/E/<5(sfr, sf-sih^^irsSlLu 

iEJS<^, <SfTITLJLI(3rr<oir€iJITd<SLh. 

essrCo LDfb^ji^eo . 
A-rose', (past of arise,) GTQpijDLSlesr^, 
A-round',;?r6j9. and adv. ^pp^ eu^iu^ 

to look around, r^ntb^so, <9^pr^^ih 


as survey, semQi^Lp-uunir^^do^ s 

A'Youse'jV. a. GT(ipuLj^&j^ (S7e!/^b^J, ^ 

Ar-rack', s. s'fTirfTiuix). 

shop, s:nrnTiud'S(SDi_, u'nosrQsnLLuf- 

drinking, s'rrn'rTiud(^i^. 

seller, <3^rTrrfTujd<sfTiT(^, 
Ar-ra,ign\v. a. (^pp(i^s^frn^^^&), (^p 

Ar-raign'ment, 5. ^^rrs:<^^^<i(^(Lp<s5r(^ 

Ar-range', v. a. ^®«(^^6\j, <surf)<ss)<3Fuu 

as adjust, ^(3^<^^eiJ, ep(ipi^<35rTS<s&0y 
^\n^^ u u (D^^do . 
Ar-range'ment, s. ^®s(^, SesiUt <su<ocy<^, 

Ar'rant, a. Qsni^tUj sl^lUj QslLi—, ^ 


knave, ^triB^s&r^Gfr, uQdsrreffl. 
Ar'rant-ly, adv. ^pQir^^LUfnUy Qsitl^ 

Ar-ray', 5. ^essfl, u<5s>i—<Sij^uL^. 

as dress, (odJ^eu/i), e_(sro/_. 
Ar-ray', v. a. ^€^^e\), QputS^^do, ^ 

an army, u(oS)i—®j(^^^&d. 
Ar-rear', s. (^<snpuu6sari}>y S^(SS)(au^ un 

to settle arrears, Ss^<oS)^^it^^&), (^ 

<o6ip<SB<SE€3Srd(^^^IT^^<S0j ^ITULJ<SS<SlL 

Ar-rear'age, 5. uy^Se^ODSij, unsQ, 
Ar-rect', v. a. S^^^&)j SiBir^^io. 

Ar-rep-ti'tious, a. urSl^^, iSIQfijQesr, 
Q<SB rr&r'BsfruS lL i_ . 

Ar-rest', s. ^QuLjy LDrStuLj, ^o^i—, lSu^ 

of judgment, ^itugdu £^^^&}, 
Ai'-rest', V. a. rS^^^^&o-, ^Q^^eOy up 

attention, L^6\}2ssrd<s€iJiT^&)j Ljeo'^esruSI 

Ar-rest'ment, 5. LLfSluL^y ^Qui^. 
Ar-ret',s. ^itulj, ^JTrrs^spiSl^ui. 



Ar-riv'al, s. suib^Qs'q^g^'S, (Si'(r^€iDs, <su 

late arrivals, L^^<sijrr€i^<35Grr. 
Ar-rive', v. n. ^osiL—^io^ Qunibi^Q<3=n^ 

as happen, <3=uDU(sS^^eo^ fsi—^^eo. 
a.t port, ^<oS)pijSleSlpiEj<35 00 J soDinSii^^ 

^&), ^(oG)r0UJ(o5il—S<30. 

at home, (sS'Ll.®d(^QjfB^(DS=iT^6d. 

at aiconclusion, ^ ITU LfdsfT^u ^io, Qp 

Ar'ro-gance, s. ^<siF<^^, Q<s^<3uld, ^ 
em<suuD, ^^LDrTUL{, i^LSIrr^Q, ^sih 
lSIitldld. [ear. 

Ar'ro-gant, a. GT(SluurT(5sr^ SLSlns^Quun 
person, ^®LD Lj SOT, ^(Ssr(2^uLj/7'(S3riSi/ ear. 
conduct, <oTQuurT<ssnBQDL-., 

Ar-'ro-gant-ly, adv. ^<si5<ss)^ujmUj giQ 

Ar'ro-gate, v. a. Quq^csshd'SitlLQ^go^ <sS 

Ar-ro-ga'tion 5. ^SLDiSlinntl)^ <£^ldl/, <57 


Ar'row, s. ^u:>Ljy ^^^jtldj unemuoj ^ 

Ar'row-root, s. (^<Sijn<iQi^!k](^. 
Ar'rovv-y, a. ^LDL^<S(^(3[r<3(r^ ^u}Lj€ui^ 

Ar'se-nal,5. r^tL^^s=rT'2ev, s^^firr^rr'2eo^ 

Ar'sen-ic, s. urT(SL^rr€m-il). 

white oxid of, Q6u&r'^uurr<Si^fT<om-il). 
yellow sulphate or yellow orpiment, 
^iFl^iTinh^ Qurr<STr<sanB^iT!rLD, 
red sulphuret of (^^(SDiruufiurreL^rT 

Ar'son, 5. <sd(Si<9?lLl-.(^p/dloj 6^(5-9? l1.i^ 

Art, s. Q^fTL^eo^ Qs=tu(oSi<s, <sB^(oS)^, 

as cunning, s-umuih, ^ihfiju). 

manual, <soiS(s:SJ'2Gsr, (SSis^Q^nifiio, 

fine arts, SfT'Si^SLDiTGsrseoeSlj (SsSihss)^ 

Art, V. (see Be) e^^su. 

Ar-te'ri-al, a. ^ir^^QLDrr(Slf5inhLj<is(b} 



Ar'te-ry, 5. ^nu^\^^ /5/rif, /ff/r^, ^iJJ^ 
Art'ful, a. Q^^inDrT€sr, (^lL<5=, (^^^rr 

contrivance, Q-ufTLU(^^^iTLDj (^lL<s= 


design^ ^iB^rrQLurrs''2e!n-j :^ufTUJLDfT<oar 


person, ^umjSI^ ^ih^ifl. 

speech, Q^^juQus^s^, 

trick, c5LJZ_@^^irzi), ^ib^uud. 
Art'ful-ly, adv. ^lE^inDfTiu, Q-umuLDmjUy 

Art'ful-ness, s. sui—ihy ^lu^irm, sn^u 

i—ih, .STr^rfliuu). 
Ar-thri'tis, s. s=ih^€urr^Lh. 
Ar'ti-cle,s. ^(3, ^-q^uul^,Quit(7^<c^^ (Si/ 


as thing, Qurr^eiry u<osan—LD, (suenj^. 

clause, part, &c. iSiflei^y u(^fi, sarf! 


as item, s^iej-s^, snifluum^ ^s^-^lhtQ. 

of death, LDir6m-<3siT[ffLULby LDnem-^^^ 


in grammar, ■5=rTiTLi<3'Qs=fT60y s^rrfflGDiu 


of merchandize, t-Jesar^—LD, e^iununn 

of sale, (sB'^uu(smL-.uD. 
articles of belief, <sSI<3f-(aurTS=utSlrrLDfT6sar 
u), QsmLufT®. 
Ar'ti-cle, v. ^^d(oS)<as<s(^(ck<sfrtTd 
(^^6U, Qun0ih^^<so^^-i—.LDun®u<om- 

Ar-tic'u-lar, a. 3=i?ii^^(ip<3ffls(^<s<s(Bi^ 

Ar-tic'u-late, r. a. &-<9=s=ffl^^&). 
Ar-tic'u-late, a. ^Q^^^Lon^sTj ^iTd<SLDfT 

gar, eSltsfrssLDiTeur. 

pronunciation, ^n<isLDn(o5rs-s:<sF[fluHy 

sounds, <^Q^^^<s^(2(TQmn<3S)^^ ^n<i<s 


Ar-tic'u-late-ly, adv. fi^^^mmuy ^n<i 
Ar-tic-u-la'tion, s. &.s=<9'ffluLjy ^(J^^^ 

• /T) • • • 

in untitomy, QunQ^^^y (^ssyi^s^sr. 



in botany, <s^i], 
Art'i-fice, s. ^uniuub, ^ih^rnbj ^ifluun 


as art, ^uLSlLurrs^ih. 
Art-if i-cer, s. <si£iLD(Tisfr(Sfr, Qpus^n^^ 

eOneff}^ ep<5iJiTj epeSliutr, 
skillful, rSLj6m(Rjr. 
Art-i-fi'cial, a. f^uunGw^ Qu[T<sSlujn<osr^ 

salt, <oO)(QiJULjULI. 

flower, &^^nuLjy-i Q(blLu^ul4^, 
production, Qs^iLo^a^ Q<s=ujp<s^su 


wants, ULp<SS^^(G^(S\) <3U lhfiQ^<oS)(aiJ 

Art-i-fi'cial -ly, adv. Q<3=LLj(5S)<sujfTujj Qs= 


Ar-til'le-ry, s. tSirraSl^ iSiriEjQdsfrjTiTj 

Art'i-san, s. siJDLDrr(Sfr&irj Qjbu(ok-y Q^^ 

Art'ist, s. Q^^U'SsniT^j Qpum^ Q^rrL^ 

eotTGffJ, sihiSlium-. 
Art'less, a. ^uniumpp^ s^unu. 

as unskillful, (sSluQeoeoir^. 

as simple, sul^^qdld^ <3?urruLb. 

manners, <9f-urTu(B<ss)i—. 

person, -^Fu/r/J), ^-u(tujldpp<qu<^. 
Art'less-ly, adv. ^iB^rn^effroaLDLuirLUj # 


Art'less-ness, s. ^unuth^ <3sui^<^qdld^ 


As, adv. QufT60^ ^S"^' ^^^ L9irsrrjTLDj 
Si.£5iTjT(oaarLDrT<s, (s^^^uisf-, 
he is come, ^<suGsr(suiB^^(G^<so. 
I came, was coming, &c. f5rT<^<su0 
<sro<£Fui?eo, [5rT<oar<su(7^QpQufTQ£i^, 
if, Quneo^ u!T<S)j^2iosruj[T^. 
if it would rain, LD(^Lp<S(^6ssrui(ourr&)y 


it is, ^-(Sfrerrui^^ ^^dSlpuu^, 

it was, ^(T^tB^ui^^ ^iQ^iB^^Quireo^ 

it happens, <oT(Lpih^uu^^ suih^uL^, er 

Q^^uL^y QfBrrih^uL^. 

likely as not, ^<s<s)^ri/<3?L.®thy <^j6ijiEj 


for while, @6ii, QunQ^^. 
as far as, J ^<sfr<Siji})^ ldlLQiI)^ urH 
as long as, \ LUii^Lh,^2iSBTu^i})^ <Sij<oS)j- 
as much as, ) o/ii). 

as long as I stay, fBrrm'^iiji^LDsn-Gi^Lh. 
as much again, ^ULLisf-uucsji^^ ^u 

as much as possible, ^ldlLQiI)^ 'M'o^ 

ldlLQixij s^i^luldlL^ld. 

as much as you can, ^<sn-^Q€\)s^Ls^ 


as much as that, ^(sueijerrei^ihy ^dioj 

as to that, ^<5G)^<s(^rS^^^ ^gd^uu 


as usual, (SUL^dsuoQurrQeo, (sui^ss 


go as you are, S^^dQpuu^Qutr. 
I am as tall as he, isfrear ^eij(5sr(3(r<sijuj 

so as to be heard, QsLLa^^ds^rruj, 
such as it is, ^(t^sQpuLs^Quj, 
twice as much, ^neijn—^^'^ssnufTuj. 
this is as much as that, ^^^(^(suorr 

As-a-fet'i-da, s. Qu(7i^fijsfTUJih^ ^'^(Sj 

As-bes'tine, a. <s&)r5rT(T^<ss(b}^^y seoisfT 

As-bes'tOS, 5. <S5&)[5{T^. 

As-cend',u. a. <5i^^&), ^(sufr^GO. 
As-cend', 1?. n. erQp^eo., (srQpihuio^ &.lu 

As-cend'ant, 5. ^-(swgst^ld^ ^ajird^^ Qm 

as ancestors, ^^nCsm^ Qpp\3^ns 

in astrology, &-^ajjjnQ^ ^-^lueosQ 
As-cend'en-cy, s. QiDihurrQ, ^'hso<c6)LD^ 

As-cend'ing, (sigijQpy ^.tu^Qp, 

node, ^iTrr(^y ^ldw, 

series, (Sj^fS(ss)ir. 
As-cen'sion, s. r^QinrsosGnh^ cr(Lpd&, 

erpptl)-, S-LUird&j ^^l-ld. 

in astronomy, ^^njih. 




As-cen sion-day, 5. ^QfffTcsassnEnm, Q 

As-cent', s. ^^ujud. 

act of rising, fij^^eu, ^luiT^ev, 

acclivity, (sippiD^ -s^nnL^. 

eminence, hill, Cld®, ^innict. 

degree of elevation, ^.ujitld. 
As-cer-tain',v. a. ^6fr<sSiQ^eo^ ^irrrujiE^ 

As-cer-tain'a-ble, a. ^fSlms&k.Ls^uj. 
As-cer-tain'ment, s. S^rrssfluLj^ S^s=uj 

LD, ^Gssneij^ fSessTiosanui}). 
As-cet'ic, s. ^<o^&^ ^p<aSl^^pr5Q^fTGjr, 

As-cet'ic, a. ®J€ursufT3^^ ^peSJds®^^. 

Iife,^/D<S!/, ^p(supix), 
As-cet'i-cism, 5. ^peupio^ sufresruiSIrr^ 

As-cit'ic, ^ iDQsn^[iQpm<sir^ f§iTs=(^ 

As-cit'ic-al, ' ) '2eviLj<3fr<s(r, 
As-crlb'a-ble, a. srrLLL—<s<3?^L^iLi^ Qs^freo 

As-cribe', v. a. s^fTtLQ^do^Qs^^^^^eo^ 

As-crip'tion, s. <ojp^(o6is, s:rrLl.Q(5Si<ss, ^ 
iTLDrreufluLj . 

Ash, S. ^Q<3=fT<SLDrrLh. 

color, flTLDuioiSlpLD^ S=(TL£)U60(SU<SSr6Sr 
ii), LJ<3SlTfBpi£i. 

A-sham'ed, a, Q<suCsQp(S{r<sfrj tEfT6ssr(ip 


to be ashamed, "S^-^^e^, Q<srT<oS)i^uu 

Ash'eS, (pi.) S. <9=fTmU6\)j <9=rrLDU!T, U&9j 

for lye, snuih^ 'Strir^s^nLDuio. 
sacred, ^(^/f>2/, (sSIlj^^^ (sSI^^ld, 

A-shore', adv. <sB<oS)ird(^, sssijiQuj, ^<oS)ir 
Ash-wednes'day, s. i^fiS®LhLj^(surQLp 

(oS)LD, <5=fTLbuiri^ULj^(okQLp(oS)LD» 

Ash'y, a. ^s^irihusaflpLDiTesr^ ^irmueoQurr 

A'sia, s. si,^iL]iT<s<3SGosru.i£>, 


A-side', adv. cSlsoQ^ u&^s^^Qgo^ HP^ 

from, ^d\)6\}rrLD6\}, GpiSjuu^ ^(sSltj. 
As'i-nine, a. <s(Lg<oSi^.i(^[f}ujy ^sQpoD^d 

Ask, V a. QslLl—<so^ (sSl^rrrfl^^ev, <sS(^ 

to invite, QsLL®<SBQ,sfreiT(^^60y j^j 

As-kance', | si^mLs^LDfTLUj sgdl^ 

As-kant', ' ) dsesarufrirssxaULumu. 

Ask'er, s.Q<sLLQuiT€ar, (sSls^nifluQurndsT. 
A'ske\v\ adv. <S(oiDL-d<s5ss3flLJUfTUJ^ &<^/r) 

<SS6BsflUUfTdj^ Ljp<S<3S(53sflLJUfTLU, 

A-slant', adv. f^(^J=<ff=[TUJuurriijj epQ^s^'SF 


to be aslant, 9(3 cF-^^/i^^^eu, ^fTLu^^6\}, 
to set aslant, s'fflLU(oS)(Su^'^6\}j ^(t^s=<9=[t 

A-sleep', adv. lEl^^G^niundj^ ^tuiriB^fSI 

as a limb, ^LSIiT,QSl(oG)pLJLi,QLDrTUJuu 
to be asleep, i§i^^<o6in'uurruSl(r^^^io, 
to fall asleep, f§l^fi<oO)FLurr(^^60j ^m 

A-slope', adv. e^Q^s^s^iflsuirdj, <op(i^^<s=nin 

uurTuj, s^rrihuurriL, 
Asp, eSlrfliuebr. 

As-par'a-gus, 5. spiTQj(SiDSLj l^sostQ. 
As'pect, s. <3s IT lL&, Q^nppuD^ ^[fl^ssrih, 


as look, QiBnssLD., Qf5rr<S(^, u[titqdqj, 

<fnUJ(oO^ S^fT<SDL^, (^635r/LD, Q^fT/bpLD. 

as position, /^"Ssu. 

gloomy aspect, ldulj^ LDiE^rrjrihj^d 


rainy aspect, LDSiDLpd(^'oSGrLD^ lduu^ 


of a planet, /^'3su, Qf5rf<s(^^ Qir<sf§l'2ev, 

Asp'en, 5. €plTeu<olDSIJjrr<9F. 

As-per-a'tion, s. sjr®Qpir(hi, <g=0<ff=<SF(SDir^ 

As-per'i-ty, s. &-<5J^i7-zi), ^.ss^puLj^ errff 

of temper, s(SI<oS)ld, <si^LU(^€3an})jQ<su 

QQqjQulj^ Q<QULLQu.(Sor<oi^. 

of leaves, stalks &c., <5r&Mr, S0. 

of surface, Q<5^/r/r$/, <s=0d<^<5S)ir^ QpirQ, 


As-perse',2-, a. ^ u ^7 (r/^iLuQ u j?<s:sv ^ ^ 

As-pers'er, s. Mp^^p<3ii<s5r^ ^u^g^ 

As-per'sion, s. ^u^n^j^ uL^M<3=[Teo, 
As-phalt',5. f^6\)<sQ&). 
As-phalt'ic, a. iS&}&Q^<sir(sn'. 
As-pi'rant, s. Q^rTL-iTihQ^^@p<suan-, Q^ 
®Qp(Sij(sarj iErT®Qp€u<oQr^ Q^p^Q^® 

As'pi-ratCjS. ^^(^^\JLi&:^ifl<i(^Qu:i(Lg^^ 
As'pi-rate, v. a. (2>j^(Sij[Ta^<f<9=ifl^^e\). 
As-pi-ra'tion, s. euev^s'S'ifluLjy ^l-Huu 

of mind, LD<o^Q<aij(ip<9=&y LneffroidsLDj 

As-pire', v. a. isaQ^io^ ^<3ijn(si^^&)^ wesr 

QQJ(Lp<f&Q<SfT(sifr^^e\}j &.lUITlh^Q<3SfT 

As-pir'er, 5. Q^p^Q^®Q<oiJiT(^, 
As-plr'ing, s. <5T(Lps=Q, (SUGfrn^Q. 
As-quinf, adv. ^(oiDt—d^EGikrufTiTGDiSiJujfT 

Ass, 5. <s(Lpes)^^ s^^uua. 

male, ^(ooors(ipGG)^^ (^eoorQdsQpGD^. 

female, QuLL<oa)i—<is(LpQ5)^j Q<sfT(Sff} 

<oS)<5B <s <s an €S)^. 

young, s(ip(oG)^<s(^LLi^. 
As-sail', 11. a. <f(r^eij^&}j ^/r<i@^^, Qld 

&)(oSl(Lp^&), Q^m-.IT^&), Qf5(T^<S(^^iOy 

with abuse, (Sj<s?^eo, ^s^^eo, s^^^ 

with argument, Suunin^^(CS)QeO(Supi^ 

As-sail'ant, 5- s=(f^tsi^Qp(5u<^, s^^eSI, ^ 


As-sail'a-ble, a.ff(^<su'i<3^is^iu,<5T^n<sau 
As-sail'er, s. €rfiQir^Q<oijrTesr, s'd^si^Qp 
As-sail'ing, s. ^i—nuLf^ Gr^nuLj, eSI(ip 
As-sas'sin, 5. ff^^iTiT<^, u^<sSl(r^i¥^ 

As-sas'sin-ate, v. a. s=^Q<3=uj^Q<55rr&)siJ 


As'Sa.=5'sin-a'tion, s. ^^QiumssrQsnf'^j s^ 
As-sas'sin-a-tor, s. <9'^Q<sfr'2ffoutT^s^. 

As-Sault', S. <3F(7^(51jGS)S,^{Td(^^ 67^/fuLy. 

As-sault', V. a. <f(r^(si^^&), ^ns(^^(s\)^ ^n 

<ai\^<so , <sSl OP ih^ i^^^io . 
As-sault'er, s. <s=(T^(sijQp<Sij<5Gr, ^rr<s(^Qp 

Q/65r, e:S(i£)i^u^<sQp(Su^. 
As-say', s. Qs^n^'^/ssr^ utfLies)^. 

as effort, attempt, LSlrruj^^<ssrihf Qpiu 

of metals, ^<sa)ir, u:inp^uu^Ll.<oSi<3:, 
As-say', v. a. Qs^rr^^^eo, uiftLQ^^id. 
As-say', v. n. LSIrrujrTS=uu®^&), 
As-say'er, s. ^-Gsyrrsiririoorj LDnp^uunn 


of metals, LDfTppf6lQ<SUIT(^fQ-Q60fT<SEU 

As-sem'blage, 5. s^lLi—U)^ ^jt&Tj ^g- 

As-sem ble, v. a. s^tLQ^eo., Qs^n^^eo, 
As-sem'ble, v. n. -9s-®^6U, Qs^n^io, fiir 




As-sem'bly, 5. <3=iej<s5ld, s^a^yu, s^eardsk. 

of state, ^!T!Tff&=(oS)u, ^Qeons^'bcsrd^ 

room, ^rrrEj(^.f,^urTLD6san—uil)^<s5etrS. 
As-sent', s. ^eaardsLD^ a.z_63riJ/r®, S'lh 

As-sent', V. n. ^^^dQsfTm(Gf^^&), ^th 


6U, ^(oSis^^eOj <ojp(^^eo^ a-i 

As-sert', v. a. ^^^Qs^rreo^^ed^ o/pLj 

as maintain, s=(T^^^dQ.3'n&)&iJ^60, 

As-ser'tion, s. Qs=rT60,<oijrTd(^^<3ij/TiT^(SS)^y 

As-sert'or, s. S-^^Qs'fnio^Qpsu&n-, 
As-sess', V. a. ^ssypLnfi^^do^ uo^^^eo, 

damages, ^L^ei^Lo^^^ed, 
As-sess'ment, s, @®d^, (Sv//?, <3sl^<ss)ld. 

as valuation, ^(SsypiD^uLj^ LD^g^inew 

As-sess'or, s. u>^^\u&v^m^ K®mm, 



As-sev'er, v. a. ^SJ^fiM<9=fT60^^6\), a_ 

S^^eo, [<g}(5Z5)ir. 

As-sev-er-a'tion, s. ^^^Ms^nio^ <slL 
As-si-du'i-ty, s. QpuupQ^ ^nsQuGS)^, 

as application, s^nsQiros)^^ stM.dsLh, 

QpUJpQ, £5ITfflLUS=iT^<SSUi, 

as attention to one, ^'9=fTinh, ^.u^trrr 
As-sid'u-ous, a. (jpiupQa^Girefr, 3=(rsQ!T 
As-sid'u-ous-ly, adv. s^frdQireD^Lurruj^ 
As-sid'u-ous-ness, s. Q^dsw^ .ff^rrdQn 

in business, (sSL^irQpuupQ^ ^-ODLpuLj, 

As-sign', s. sfTffluJsrrrrmj u^GOn&r, iSlir 

As-sign', i\ a. iBuui^^^eo^ (^rS^^eo, 
as allot, ^(Si^eo, (^fSl^^eo, QiBir^eo, 

as alledge, show, ^[tiL(Si^go^ Q<3:it<so 

as appoint, SmiB^^io, 

as fix, specify, (^rB^^eo^ (S^^^^io. 

as transfer, ^u ljxsQ<55/t®^^60 , ^ulj 

As-sign'a-ble, a. (^fSl'S<sB^^,ss, lilujiSld 

As-sig-na'tion, s. €^uu<sidl-^ s^itlL®^ (^ 


As-sign-ee', s. •sfTtflmsfTirm-^ smfliufSL-. 

^^Q<Qij rru L^ dQ<s n'(sm'L-.<sij ear. 
As-sign'er, s, (^rSl<sQp<sn^^ SlulSIxsQ 

pexjeoTj QfSLSIdQpsuear, 
As-slgn'ment, s. (^fSluLj, s^mLCSt, 

as appointment to one, ^ui^eSlui-j^ 

^Liu<saii—. fii). 

as transfer, Sj^^, ^^fiuu<ssii^iLn€isr 
as transfer deed, J^jp/^nj^v^, Sj^^ 

as appointment, iBuuLDih^ [SlulSIul^, 
in law, ^uu<5Sii^uu^firru), 
As-sim'i-la-ble, a. f^uufrd'SEuui—^^d'S^ 


As-sim'i-late, v. a. ^uufrd(^^&}j s^mn 

to one's self, itself, ^msiKosuTom inn's 

to a like substance, ^^QurreOfr<s(^^ 
61), ^uurrd^^^dOy iEl<siin<s(^^<so, 
As-sim'i-late, v. w. ^^^6\), ^uun(^^ 

As-sim-i-la'tion, s. S^ljlj, .s^LDfTssrm. 
As-sim'i-la-tive, a. ^uufTS(^Qp, iSIp 

As-sist', V. a. ^-^eSiQffLu^eo, &.^(sij^6\)y 

As-sist'ance, s. ^-^<sSl, ^^ssr, ^<situjld^ 
^^^fT(5iD<ff=, ^uQiUfrsih, ^usrressTLD, 

As-sist'ant, s. ^^s^dsirjrssr, ^'Ssssr, ^ 
doSSTiurTGfflj s^<3SfTLu<oory ^^^rrifly a_Li 

As-sist'ant, a. ^-^(sSiunesr^ ^'bsssriunGsr^ 


As-size', 5. fSujfnu^iEj<si}), 

as ordinance, <sSl'2io\)^^LLL^^^^£ELL 

as measure, ^(streii, ^<sfr(S}j^Lli-.ih. 
As-size',r. a. ^(streij^LL i_ muism^u^io. 

to prize commodities, (aSl'^dQinu^ 
• • • • 


As-siz'er, 5. ^efr€ijf§l6S)pa<o{flm-(2^s:n'jT 
As-so'cia-ble, a, 3k-LL®p€^Qarr(S{r<2{r<s<3h- 
As-so'ciate, s. ^^^LLi^freffl^ ^L^^sfL-tl. 

As-so'ciate, v. a. < ®^6U, Q<siT(L^(Si^^ 
As-so'ciate, V. w. Q<srr€san-.fTLl.i—ii)U6sar 

As-so-ci-a'tion, s. <5i-Llz_tD, s^iEisih, ^ 
ear/iSuLf, ^ODs^eij. 
as society, <£p/e/<5ld, s^ias^^niTy >3p^lL 

of ideas, s(i^^^^Q^ni-.irL\^ (oT€ssr<s5sr 

of things, t5i-ili_/i)j ^mf^uLf, ^p 


G + 



as recollection, S'^/oSTULf-, a^nusih. 
as associating with, <9^l1®. s^ihsn^^ 

As'so-nance, 5. fp^^(sSl&s)s=, <3=ii)Q(SiJtT(5Si-s=. 
As-sort', v.a. ^(Slds(Sld<smu<50)(su^;S<so^^ 


As-sort'ment, 5. u6U<ai/(S»t5, f5fT(^<sij<oa)s^ 
as act of assorting, (auosisiun'Si^Q^s, 


As-SLiage', V. a, ^<ssS^^<so^ ^psf'^'^i 

As-suage'ment, s. ^ess/?LJL/, s^fTih^uuQ 
As'suRgev^s. ^sssf^<sQp<aU(osr, s'tTih^inrT 

car, ^p^Q<oii[T<^. 
As-sua'sive, a. r^/h^Q/Df ^essf^dQ/o-i s=- 

As'sue-tude, s. ui^s<si£>, ^uiSliurTS^ui. 
As-sume', v. a. <5T®^^e\) 

as take, <ot®^^go^ (oS)s<sQ<35rr(srr(er^^&). 

as suppose, 'B^LDinnS'^fssr^^eo, ®^® 

as take for granted, ^<so3/?^60, Q^(Sfr<3fr 
airs, (D<sfTLJLj'S'SrTLL®^&), Q^lL<5S)L— 
consequence, SLSIiT<9=&<siTLL®^6\)yQu 


a name, QucuQirQ^^eo^ Quuuir^ifl^ 

As-sume', r. w. <oT®uuiTiiSl((^^^io^ ^'Ssis 

As-sum'er, s. 67® LJL/(srr(srr (Si/ 65r, QiDiLuf. 

As-sum'ing, s. 67®ul/, ^ssst-^ul/, SlSIit 

As-sump'tion, s. (stQulj, (oS)sQuj/bLi, 
in logic, <3f?uji}iL9^<5S)(5UJrTuS^^-^^jj<^fT 

as supposition, <or6aar6ssrihjQsiTLl.utT® 
As-sump'tive, a. (srQdsuuQQpf Q<sn 


As-siir'ance, s, Ss^^iuud^ ©_^^.- 


as boldness, ^ii—.<ck^ <si5)^ifluju>, ^ossft 

Q/, ^mrrrefrLD. 

as confidence, 2-^^, ^^^uun®, 

as impudence, ^<3iJLD^uLj,Q<srTS'(S0)^ 

by word, ^^^i^(o)<F/r60, <surT-i(^y (sntr 

of faith, (2S<ar6ijrT^rSs=^LUi£i- 
As-sure', u. a. ^^^Qs'fT6deoj^60,S>f<Ftu 

As-sur'ed, a. fSs^s^uSI^^, fS^frsfffl^^, s=i5 

to be assured, iSl^s^uSl^^eo, f§6m-(om-uS} 

As-sur'ed-ly, adv. ^luiBoirrS^^ujLLp, iQ 


As-sur'ed-ness, s, tS<S''9^uju}, L4^<ssariBthS 


As'ter-isk, s. i5LL^^^rrd(^nSI. 
As'ter-ism, s. iblLs^^^uld, ^inr^ . 
A-stern', adv. i3(^<o6rss^uj^^eOj ^un^ 

to drop astern, Q^rrsssflLSIih^^eo. 
As'ter-oid, s. Qr^Qsrsih. 
As-then' ic, a. QueO(sS<sBruirT<5sr. 
As-then-ol'o-gy, s. Qu60il.-3^uj€iJiTai-.ih. 

Asth'ma, S. FF<oS)Lpj <SfT<3'tli, U)IB^fTff<SBfTS=Uiy 

Asth-mat'ic, a. ^<oS)ipuLj&T&r,LDih^rT!T<s5rr 

^Qpefreffj Fr'<3hLp\JL\<s(r<sfr. 
As-ton'ish, v. a. ^^<fiJuuu®^^^eo, ^ 

to be astonished, ^^s=aS^^6\}, ^(ss)s 

As-ton'ish-ing, a. ^fis^tuLDrrm-, ^s^^ifl 

iULDfTiSSr^ LSliTLSIds^^ds. 
As-ton'ish-ing-ly, adv. ^fis^iuLnrriL^ ^<f 


As-ton'ish-ment, s. j^^.5=ujii), ^s=<9=(ftiLi 

LO, ^<oS)<3SULf, uffsn^ih^ LSinSluLf. 
As-tound', V. a. ^(SSisutS^^eOy lShlSIs 

As'tral, a. mLLff^^!i<s^ss®^^. 
lamp, b^^/7<si"S5)-5c5«6W)7'<€W)t^'SiS?srr«(3r 



A-stray'.; adv. ^uL^<siiL^iundj. ojL^^uiSl, 

to go astray, (3UL^^utSluQurr(^^eo, 

eu L^^QjrjS uQu (T(^^<so . 

to lead astray, ^<Sij/Df5L-^^/^6\) , Qioa 

As-trict', V. a. ^^•i(^^<so^ ^L-ssLnnd 

As-tric'tion, s. ^^d^sih, ^^ss^Qs^ih 

As-trict'ive, a, ^,n^'SB(^Q/D. 
A-stride', adv. ^i—i^^i sfreoeSlfffuj. 
As-tringe', v. a. ^^^(^;^<so, slLQ^go. 
As-tring'en-cy, 5.^<ay/ftJL/, sLuiruLj. 
As-tring'ent, s.^<quitui-i, <sg:LL<ss)i—» 
As-tring'ent, a. stuirui^Grrefr. 

to be astringent, ^(Suir^^eo^stuiT^^eo. 
As-tring'ents, s. (pi.) ^<suiTULjW(7^fE^^ 

As-trog'ra-phy, 5. [5Li^^^iT<3=neru^iiLD, 

As-trol'o-ger, s. Qs=fT^i—(our, Qffn&iuek^ 

As-trol'o-gize, r. 7i. QirsueOiruGOesrs 

As-trol'o-gy, 5. Q<3'fT^i—<5=fr^^n'ih, Q^a 

As-tron'o-mer, s. sctssfij^s^rr^^ifl, so^^ 

(osr-, Qs={T^L^<ok, (SijfT<5srs=rr^^ffl. 
As-tro-nom'ic-al, a. <or6sor^u<s<s®^^j s 

As-tro-nom'ic-al-ly, adv, <sun€srs=n^^iru 

As-tron'o-mize, v. a. <suir(3srs=fT^^irfEj<3s/b 

As-tron'o-my, s. (SiirTGsr<3'fr^fijTihj <oT€m 

As'tro-the-ol'o-gy, s. 6ijfr(osrQ,5:fTfiQs(T 

As-tute', a- 3fx-iT€S)LDtLi<srr(Sfr, <sSQ<aij<s(ip(3rr 

A-sun'der, adv, ^p, ^gy^/s^^, (sSJlL®, 
L9[flih^y (sSi<om®, &&)60(oSi(Diundj. 
to fall asunder, ,^giji^QuiT(^^&}j Qp 

to cut asunder, ^pQ(SULL®^(so. 
A-sy'lum, s. l^sg^l-w.^ ^<ss)L-d<sBeoi})^ 


Ax, prep. ®ei), ^L-^^60j ^emos)t—y 

a mark, @6\)i@i@. 

any rate, eruuu^iLjLh, eris^eSl^^^^i! 

a stand, £'^^^, m%s>d^^. 

first, ^(Suds^^Qeo, Qp<s'2issniS!QeO, 

great expense, QuQ^{^Q<3h6\)<sijndj. 
all, (or<su(Sii(oiD<suSlo2jih. 
hand, SIlLl—, opQ-ss^ GJ)S<s(^<3fr. 
home, (S^lLi^QgOj <^lLQi—(tQl-, 
last, <9'<oU)ld6S<5idl^uSQgo.) ppp^QgOj ff 

least, ^Q^^LD, ^(sn^, (5T(SueS^^^(^ 

leisure, s^ihrnfT, .s^coGiLDiuQp&rm.^ <3=<5idld 

UJLD[T(oGr(ofBrr^^&)^ S=fT(a)jaiTffLDfnU. 

length, fBrretfleo, [5(r(ck6UG0)iruSl&}^ s<oidl-. 

most, J}IPlSI(^&, (^uui^iqth' 

night, ^iKsSlQeo^ ^rTfT<sifd(^. 

once, s-i_(o(5sr, ^q^lSIss^ Q<s=it. 

one o'clock, ^(T^LD€ssfl<s(^. 

peace, <3=LDrr^rr€^LDfnu. 

pleasure, ^iGi^L-.uuL^.f Qiuitie^ul^. 

present J ^uQufTQp^^ ^<i<s[TG\)ihi ^ 


random, GTQpiB^uujL., (auih^uLQL.^ Qr^n 

sea, <sBL^6oQi£iSo. 

sight, <s<om'L-<oi\i—Q<5sr. 

the bazar, ^(SS)i—uSlQ&}. 

the vfe\\.iSl<ompp<osm<oS)L-uSQeo. 

twice, (^iTGmQ^ii^Q^aQL—. 

war, QufTiflia^ 

the dog barks at him,/F/7«j ^ojmCcLD 


the cow runs at people? usa-^etflQeo 


Ate, (past of Eat.) v. s^itulSIlLi—, 

A'the-ism, s, Q^uj(suL£l<so'^QuuQir^iE} 
QsfTLLufTQy iBfreiv^,SL£), iBrreiv^-sixi^ 
thy (^eiTfliusufr^th, fSt^s^sf-jTSurr^i}). 

A'the-ist, s. ^qSI '9? Surrey (^&jffuj<sufr 
^, fS[r<sw^Qs<^y f§lifs:<9?iT6arj fSifs^srir 



A-ihe-ist'iC) | Q^iLi'ad tSlev'^GoQaj &jr 

A-the-ist'ic-al, ' ^ ^fEjQsrrLLurrLLQd 

A-the-ist'ic-al-ly, adv, ^<2Sls?<sufTs=LDmu, 

Ath-e-ne'um, 5. ^jTfEjQ<s^^LD6m-i-.uij)^ 

A-thirst', adv. ^fTSwrTUJ^^icSluurruj. 
Ath'lete, s. Qeu/b/6lsdsrrsLDG0^a<3SLLQQ 

jr)<ou<oar^ Qs=iULJiS!jjLUfT&. 
Ath-let'ic, a. s^^^sijQp&refr^ (cSnQpt^etr^ 

A-thwart', adv. (^^<sQ<s, 

A-tilt', adv. 9iG0LDULD[TUJ. 

as aslant, ^^(T^s^s'ffleijfTdj. 

At'laS, S. UL-.lEJ<35<Sfr, Ul—ULf^^Slh. 

At'mos-phere, s. urruDrr^u^ (SUfTLLjuuir 

At-mos-pher'ic, a. uiiLDn^i](si\<s<s(£i^^. 
At'om, 5. cjy,^2/, ^lLuld^ d^y cgyi^<5r, 

A-tom'ic, ')j)f^}j<sij<5rrefr^^^n<oif<ss 

A-tom'ic-al, '^®^^, ^emi u Qu nmp . 
At'om-ism, 5, ^^}js=s=fT&u^rrLh. 
At'om-ist, s. ^.^2/^yr6\J/r^//?wje3r, ^^if 


K'Xone' , V . a. (B(5SliT^^Q<s^dj^<so^ urr^ij^ 

to make amends, fp(SiQs=^^^^&), s_ 

to reconcile, ^<ssLi){rd(^^eo^ ^emd 

A-tone'ment, 5. o^^^rrojrr^u:)., uirojtSeiSI 

A-ton'er, s. i3irnius'&^^LDuesar^}]Qp(3u 

A-top', adv. ^'^evutSIQeOy 2_,f<?^^(?6U, 

A-tro'cious, a. su^uu^ Qsnuf-uu^ ^irih^, 


deeds, Qsm^iuQs^iLKSDSsefr. 

sinner Q^nQihurrisSl, [q/^o. 

wickedness, <s®ih^<ssiu3^ Qsrri^ujufr 
A-tro'cious-ly adv. su^^nibfilsnis^^fTdj. 
A-tr6'cious-ness \ 'S®<ss)in, Qstr® 
A-troc'i-ty ^' S '^^i^^ ^irfTssiLD, ld 


Af'ro-pliy, 5. ds^ih, ^<9=Qirrr<3BLh. sus^d 

At-tach', v.a, ^®^^eo^ ^^ror^^a), c?l1 

as arrest, wnSlujpuQ^^^ed. 

as win, take by ) @.i-eku®^fi<sQafT 

moiTil force &c. } <3(r<^^<so., <sk-LL®^6d 

to attach one's self to one, ^€!dl-^go^ 

^'Ssssr^GO, ^lL®^&)^ Qs=it^(so. 

to be attached ^ddSLorr^eOy Qib^uIe^ 

At-tach'ment, s. ^earLj, ^^rrurrs^Lh^^ 
warrantof attachment LnnSloj/bsQ^fr^,- 

At-tack', S. Sjl—nUL\^QLCi<S0<sSlQ^^<S0^<5T 

At-tack', V. a. <3=(T^<sij^60, ^nQ^eo., ^ns 

as disease, eSlujrr^uj^}j^^60, eSiun 

^Q<srr<s{r(sm^eOj <s£lujfT^uu®^60. 

as robbers, ^^U(^^&)-, QLLu^Msn 

with abuse, ejQdQsfT<5sar®(SU(7i^^60, 
At-tain', v. ^(smi—^eOj Qs^n^eo, Qu^^ 
eo, ^'2evuu®^G0. 

puberty, r^tLuQ^eo, eSlirsfSl^ev, i^^ 
^uufS^&iy LSlirfnuuu®^GOy u<s(^<suu 

At-tain'a-blc, a. ^<5s>i-uj^^dsj Qup^ 

to be attainable, ^f>-®^eo, 
At-tain'a-ble-ness, s. si<ssii—uj^^ds^ 

At-tain'der, s. S-[fl0DLDaS&)e\)fT;g^rr<d(^Q 

At-tain'ment, 5. <?ihurr^^tuih,9^^^ Qs= 

as acquired abilities, seOGSI^fipLo, <s 

At-taint', s. ldit^, ^s<k.^ s<oSip. 

in law, iE®(SulTQ<5=dj^^nLJi3<ssr(^pp^ 

At-taint', V. a. <ses>puu®^^^eO, (^pp 




Ai-tem'per, v. a. u^uu®^^(so, iSf(f^^ 

•SBeO^ ^GSsrl^^Gd. 

At-tempt', s. sm.<iail)j gt^^gstld^^gsSq^j 

At-tempt', V. a. ^ossfi^GO^ Q^esari^^^u 

At-tempt'a-ble, a. ^(ssafliu^^dsj uifil. 

At-tempt'er, 5. ^ossfjsir&fr, SrfuunQ. 
At-tend', v. n. <s^t—uQurT^60. 

accompany, s^i—uQurr^io^ Q^fTL—ir 

to give attention, ^(su^rreafl^^GO, s_^ 


as be present, <97^l^uS}(t^^^gOj Qs^nlh 

as wait on, (ojsueoQs^uj^eOj Q<9=fr/bQs 


to, <s(3ijsi^^^60j srrffliuiliumT^^eOj u 

diligently, ^p^<3bQslLl-.60, ldgstuoiu 

At-tend'ance, 5. <9^i—uQuiT(oiD'S. 

as waiting on, serving, u6ssfi(2Sl(oS)L-j 

as retinue, u(fls=<osrth, uiB(SiirTiTUi, 
as regard, attention, aessfluLj^ LDrffturr 

on a sick person, urflsfrrriltj ^^<s:S}, 

At-tend'ant, s. siQjfismrm-, sk.L-.uQuiT 

as guard, QLDUJ,srruufT<3{nT^ Si^s?siTj 
At-tend'ant, a. ^^^essnuneor, g^L-iSijQ^Q 

At-ten'tion, 5. ^/F^Ssar, <s(f^^^, 

as heeding, s6U(osnl), <s5<sij<osfluL^^ &ib 

eoTLD, <^n'€ij^rT6srLD. 

as act of civility, ^-u^miih, <cT<smsssf^ 


fixed attention, ^M.(ckfSlius(i^^^, ^p 

pQi^'^Gsr^ <s<su(osrLh, 

sole attention, 'sj^sQiF^^'^ssr. 

At-tent'ive, a. ^jh^'Bcm'tLjorary <s0^^fr 
At-tent'ive-ly, adv. ^<su^iT<osrLpfTujy sq^^ 
At-tent'ive-ness, s. ^(i^^^i^ ^Gtj^nGsrih^ 
At-ten'u-ate, v. a. QiBmu^[T<i(^^<so, Qld 
to be attenuated, &^(^^go^ Qgu^^So 
At-ten'u-ate, a. QfBrruj^rT(^jr, Ql£)GO(sSI^[t 
At-ten-u-a'tion, s. QiBmu^fT'SB(^<5iD<s, Qld 


At-test', s. <3=[tlL®. 

At-test', V. a. ^-^^Qs^rreo^^eo^ <9=itlL 

At-test-a'tion, s. ^^fiMs^rreOy s^ntLQ, 
At-test'ing, s. ^~g)]^Q6=neo^<ss)<s, s^ml. 


At-test'or, s. ^s^^Q^rreo^QioijfT&n-j ^n 
At'tic, s. &S's=^n'^^(om-» 

room, QL£)eOLDfTL-^^<5S)p. 

At-tinge', i*. a. Q^nQ^io. 

At-tire', s. ^<ois)i—ujnuiT(omt}), &-QuLf, 

for a play, Qs^iru^'hotir, (v<srreOLD,^€ssfl, 
At-tTre',v.fl. ^<sssfl^60,j)i60iEJsrfl^^eo,p_ 

®^^io 5 2_ ®^^^go ^^QsitgOiejslL ®^60 . 
At'ti-tude, s. QafTGOLD, fS'2eo, 

of SiffaiYS^ SfTffluJ S'^GOQDLD J ,SITrf}LUfEJ<S 

At-torn'ey, 5. urBtB^Qu<ffi-Qp(Su<^jSLUfT 
iu^jTih^rr<5sr, LSIrr^.s [TIT'S got. 
general^ ^rrfTs= <3s IT ffluj^.o-iB^ir6sr. 
power of attorney, ^^^^uda^^irQ, 


At-torn'ey-ship, s. <sB[T!flujsiTir^^<osnh, stt 

ffliUSfTir^Q^fTLfiio^ ^rrfT^SfTffltU^rrfB 

At-tract', V. a. ^(Lp^i^eo^ up^u^do, ojrr 
as a magnet, <siTf5^LDLSIi^^^60, smb^ 

LD€U6)S^^€0, <SrTI5^LS)(ip^^<50, 

to be attracted, ^(ipuL-&)^ ^(Lpd.a^ 




Al-tract-a-bil'i-ty, s. ^(Lpd^suuL-dsk. 

At-tract'a-ble, a. ^(t^ds^^ds. 

At-trac'tion, 5. @(^ul/, upsv-, (SveSluLf. 
of gravitation, ^Q^(t<s^^ Qi^ds^^ 
gj}ldlu<ss<quits=Q^ eSi^<9=&^ ufTir^^rrd 


chemical, ^f6ufT6U6\)^ s^Louih^ix). 

magnetic, sfr!h^<au&9uLj^srriB^Fr'iTULj, 

personal, cSy^®? Qs=e(rih^ffluji}). 
At-tract'ive, a. ^(Lpds^^d^s, u/bi^esTj 

f5UJuurr<osr, iSlfflujLJuQ^^Qp. 

speech, ll^hQitxtl^^ iEajs=Qs=fT60, ^ 

<£F<F<5LJ(?LJ^<*, Lnn^ffluuih. 
At-tract'ive-ness, s. ^(LpuLj^ [eojulj, u 

At-tract'or, s. ^(L^<iQp<oijdr, ^(tguu^ 
At-trib'u-ta-ble, a. ^(tlLl-uul^^^ss^ 

At'tri-bute, s. ^Gssrih^ ^eotL^ismLci. 
in grammar, utu6off'2eo^ Quujit<3=&j(sSI 

divine, Q^<SiJ6\)LLs:6ssnh. 
At-trib'ute, v. a. <sj^s^rB^^eo^ <ojp^^ 

At-tri-bu'tion, s. l\s(L£<s5)<s^ ^dT<5or^(^ 
eOfTuSI/bQp(our(^^6V^ (sjp^osis^ s=itlLQ 

At-trib'u-tive, a- ^GOil..ff:em-^^dsQ^^, 

At-tri'tion, s. p-(siDrruLj, Q^ujul^. 
At-tune', V. a. ^<S!Jis=^0^^^&)^ €?^6f^ 

Au'burn, a. <S(7i^(^Qs:QJuurT€sr^ loiejs 
60 {Tear. 

Auc'tion, 5. <576UiD. 

Auc'tion-a-ry, a. eieo^^dsQ^^. 
Auc-tion-eer',s. <ojGO^^eo(s^'^sf^ruQ(sun 

ear, (SjG0^<^^(5L-^^Qp<si]<dsr, 
Au-da'cious, a. ^€Bsft(Sijn-(5sr, 
Au-da'cious-ly, adv, ^(Btihundj, ^gsS 


Au-da'cious-ness, \ jifsikisrrsru:), @® 
Au-dac'i-ty, ^ * ) ">i-/, (S^^H^ ^ 

essfiiSsirthj^essfleif^ Qs=0<S(^, 
Aud'i-ble, a. Q<sLL.s^^dds. 

voice, Q<5SLL<9B^^d6S(^rr&}. 


Aud'i-ble-ness, s. sn^&QsLLi-^^is 

Aud'i-bly, adv. ^uds^ a_i7;^^, QslLs 

speak audibly, QsLl.s<3=Qs=rreo^^ Q<ss 
Aud'i-ence, 5. <SF(oSiu^ ^itiejsld. 

as hearing, Q<S(S(r<oSlQan®^^<so.^ Qs^ 

as admittance to one, S(omQQsn<s(r 
(&K(oS)<s5, ,s6sar(SlQuQ<sQ<35n'(Sfr(^(SD<35. 
as hearers, QsLLQunn^ sfu.LLL-ih, <f 


Aud'i-ence-cham-ber, 5. Q<sn^LD6mL^ 
Aud'it, s. s<oSsrd(^uuiftQ<3=^rrjg^2esrj sesar 


Aud'it, V. a. s<5asr6S(S(DSuu[fiQs=fT^^^eOy 

Aud'it-or, 5. semdi^dQ'S^n^dQpeum'. 

as hearer, Q<sLLQufr<2ur. 
Aud'it-or-ship, s. <scsard(^dQs^fT^'2e5riLj^ 


Aud'it-o-ry, s. sk.LLi-.ih^ Qsil.Qp(Surr.sB 

a place of hearing, <^urTLD6saiL-.uih^ 
<3s&}<aSlds'fT'2eo^ LSIfr<?iEJSs=ff'2ev^ ^(jihj 

Aud'it-o-ry, a. Qs&reSdsQ^^. 

nerve, Qs=6SlLjLj60(5ffrrn},Lj^ 
Au'ger, 5. ^puuesaru)^ ^ld^Q. 

for breaking house walls, <gB<Rfr6ar<s 

turned by a wheel, <sS<3f-^LDiT, 

hole, Q^rr'^efT, ^duci^^ ^ldh. 
Aught, s. (Sj^rrQ^LD^ vuirQ^nm^. 
Aug'ment, 5. (suemrd^-, <s5^ul^^ eiSl^^fi. 

in grammar, Q^fT<^pGO<sQsnirua. 
Aug-ment', v. a. ^^<slju®^^60^ ^^ 

Aug-ment-a'tion, s. ^^srfluLi^ «s^l/l/, 

Aug-ment'a-tive, a. jfifisfHdsuuespr^}/ 

S)p^ Qu(i^<S(^Qp<) Qurft^irdi^Qp. 
Au'gur, s. s=(^<ssrs=fT(Sfv^[ft, ^(^esB^ fSiS 



as guess, &c. ^-^(c^&^^<s\)j <ST<sm€^ 

Au'gu-ral, a. fSLS)^^<3FfT^^rr^^ds®^^^ 

Au-gu-ra'tion, s- s^^Qsrihunir^^GOj SuSl 

^^ LD U ITIT^^&} . 

Au'gur-er, s. s^^^esfl, £LSl^^<s(ck. 
Au'gu-ry, 5. <F@6S7-LD, <3=(^<5srs=rT^^irm, 

Au'gUSt, S. ^<SU€sSLDrT^lh. 

Au-""USt', a. LDQ(oU)L£)LUrT6Sr^ QLD6Gr<oS)LDLLI 

display, QuifliusfTLL&j LDS^^rT(SGr<ssrr 
personage, insfrQuffluusuiTj LDsn^^ 


Au-gust'ly, adv. 9puuiTdj^ ldQqdld 

Au-gusi'ness, s. 9pLJLjy ilQ<ss)ld^ ms^ 

Aunt, s. QrBuj^ndj^ Quffltu^rruj, lditl^^ 


Au-re'li-a, s. L/(z^i<9^®. 

Au-re'o-la, epeffldQirssors^dssril).) lSIitq^u 

Au'ric, a. Qunm^^^®^^-i QuiT&sr^ 

Au'ri-cle, s. Qs=(sSI. 

of the heart, gjir^^irs^ujuGSiu. 
Au-ric'u-lar, a. Qs^eSlds®^^^ sfr^d(^ 


confession, uiT<siJ^iEJ§iT^^<5sru:i^ urreu 


as traditional, urnJDU(stsiinunm^ Q^ir 

Au-rifer-ous, a. QurTm'(2SI'Serr<ou:T€sr, 
Au-ri-ga'tion, 5. ^ir^ufflLL(SS)^^ ^ir^^ 

Au'rist, S. Q<9=(sSlulSl6Ssfi<oS)<SiJ^^lU(^. 

Au-ro'ra, s. ^(r^Qi^^uuih^ eSlL^iueOj 

Au'spice, s. f^liSl^^m, ulL9<9=it6W^jld. 
Au'spi-ces, s. ^^sr(Sijj ^(TjSssjjr, sl^itlL 

Au-spi'cious, a. ^^<Sn_6UtD/r6or, <3rUy 


day, ^u^<osrihy (B<sosO{5n(3(ry lEeoeo^ 
events, news, ■3i-uQs^rTU(smLDy Q,sFfTu 
4iour, [B€sr(Lp(^rf^^uD^ LoiEJ-sed^n^ 

^ii), f5p<3=LDLULh. 

language, <sf-u(Qus=(Ssnl)y QsTTueursurriT 

to be auspicious, L£>tEJseOLn[TuiS(r^^^edy 

Au-spi'cious-ly adv. <3?uLDrrujy LLikseOLLtr 

Au-Spi'cioUS-neSS, S. 9^^<5UUDy <9rUU)y 
Q<FfrU€Sri£).y LDIEJtSeOl})^ <fff-LDlEJ<SBGOlhf 

Q<f(o(rufT<sQujLD, sf-undQuuLb. 
Au-stere', a. sL^esr^ «sf®/F^, <s€surL^^(ip 
conduct, Ynanners, <SL^<osr in fT<stsrr5<oS)i-. y 

person, QLDLL(b}<s<s[Tir<^j QldlLi^<oO)l[> 

look, QL£iLLu^<oG)LLUJ[T<SSruniT<oSi(SUy <S(T^ 

rebuke, •semu^uLiy S(omis^^LniT€isr 

Qs^[T6\)y Q(SiiLLQL-.(sar6ijfr(5sr6UfTrr^<oO)^, 

Au-stere'ly, adv. sisf-^nujy seaaru^uufT 

Lu ,Q<su lLQ L-.€or(Qij rnu , 
Au-stere'ness, ) semu^^th^ sQ<5S)LDy 
Au-ster'i-ty, ' j s&saru^uL^y Q(aULl. 

religious, ^(Suld^ ^6ij<9?. 
Aus'tral, a. Q^<^Lip^^<ss<sQ^^y Q^lL 

Au-then'tic, a. (Ss^^ Sds^iUy ^<s(r<3(ry Qm 

Au-then'tic-al-ly, adv. P-errefrut^y £^3= 


Au-then'tic-al-ness, 5. i^ds^iumy s_6z»r 

es)LDy s^^^uuih. 
Au-then' tic-ate, v. a. ^s^^uuQ^^eOy S 

Au-then-tic'i -ty, s. ^em-<ss)m, rSs^Wy S 

ds^iULDy Qldlu, 
Au'thor, s. s-<ossn-.tTdQ(osr(SiJ<^j •smressr 

gar, <s0^^rTy Qs=(ij^<siJm: 

of a book, ^dSlQujfrm-y ^QrRujeory 




of a commentary, ^-(SGiuuunQiHajm^ 

Au'thor-ess, 5. Q<3=dj^<sij&r^ ^<s(^U(aiJ(Sfr. 
Au-thor'i-ta-tive, a. sj^'SrTrrQp<oS)i—.uj, Q 

airs, manners, (otQulj, ^/(oiDLoiurroDLDj 

command, s®(i^Qs=rr&)j <ss6ssrL^uurr 

look, 'S(T^ I— U fTITiSSXSlJ j^^<SB fTirQ [5 fr<S(^ . 

voice, Q<oULLQL-.<osr<Qun<osr^^^iJDj ^^ 

Au-thor'i-ta-tive-ly, adv. ^^sirirmfrLLJ, 

Au-thor'i-ta-tive-ness, s. ^fismrnr)^ <£f 

Au-thor'i-ties, ( ^^siriflseir^ ^^ 

of a temple, Q<3SfTe:S&}^,sfrffls<srr^ ^ir 

in literature or science, QL£)pQs!T(Sfr. 
Au-thor'i-ty, s. ^^•smrih^^^^isuu), &. 




as testimony, witness, ^j^^itlLQ^ .sprr 

as warrant, order, s-^^iro/, sL-L^'Betr* 
Au'thor-ize, v. a. ^^'SniriEiQsnQ^^eo^ 

Au'thor-iz-ed, a. <9?(ip^^<oS)rriurr6sr, Siu 

measure, ^^(^^^(oiDiTiurTesrGJefrGij, 
to be authorized, ^^^<suLDQuprSi(r^ 
^^iOj [SujlSI<s<slju®^&), 
Au'thor-ship, s. ^eoQs^iums^ ^s@ 


Au-to-bi-og'ra-phy, s. ^ps^ifl^^nui, 
Au-toc'ra-cy, s. ^ekesnrs^rrLLQy <5rUJ/r^ 

Au'to-crat, s, (sjsn^u^y s^Lurr^ufi). 
Au'to-graph, > 3bUJ<ssimQijj(Lp^^ ,Qp 

Au-tog'ra-phy, ' ) ^pdn^-^ Qp&JuiSl 

Au-tog'ra-phal, ^ sf-uj<oS)<sQuj(Lp^^rT 

Au-to-graph'ic-al, S^^y ^eduiSlir^d 

Au-tom'a-tous,(s./7Z.) ^ni^\tSiuiiQ<^(^ 


Au-tom'a-tous, a. ^fT(Q)aSJujiEj(^QjD. 
Au-ton'o-my, s. ^63r625ri7<F/rLl^, £?LUfT^ 

Au'tumn, 5. S(offff<sfr60LD, ^^bsou^^irsrreo 

LD. (&.lh. LjJTLiL^fT&j ^Uu9lj SfTH^ 

Au-tum'nal, a. ^'2eviLifiiTSfT6\)^^dsQ^ 
^j <s5(oaff<srr6d^^ss®s;^. 

Aux-il'iar, a. ^^sssrQs^tuQ/Dy ^-^(sSu 
em^uQp) ^<35[TUJ(^Qs=ujQp, 

Aux-il'ia-ry, s. ^-^(sSly ep^^rT(o6)^^^'B5ssr. 

Aux-il'ia-ry, a. &.u^ s-^eSlujfT€or. 

society, s^^(sSls^s=iEj<3sil)y^26isar^^iEj<s 

troops, ^^o5^uu<^i-,, 

verb, &-^i2Sl(2S2e!n'^^2sssreS'2esr. 

Aux-il'ia-to-ry, a. e^^^rTQ^M-a^LuQ/D. 

A-vail', s. iSlirQujrr<3=<ssnhj ueoih^ ^eorru 

A-vail', V. a. L^irQuJtTS^esrihuem^u^eOy 

one's self, L9riQuj[T<3'(osriBn<s<s(30y iboj 
u u Q^^eo . 
A-vail', V. n. ^^e^^eo^ ^(S^^t <9S-®^ 

A-vail'a-ble, a. sfTffiuj^^d(^^^sa^ <si_ 
A-vail'a-bly, adv. ^jsey^^sds^muj lSit 

A-Vails', ( ^&)fTU(EJS&r^ ^ew^iutEJ 

Av-a-lanche', 5. iD'^uS&S&sr^(SUL^iB^ 
Av'si-nce^s. QutT(7^<3(rfT(oiD<3P') ^-QeOrruthy 

Av-a-ri'cious, a, ^(SiJ{T<si^(ckefrj^srr(Sij&ren-^ 

U6{Rsr^^sfT(Sij6(refrj &<sQ<S(Ssr(ai^&r<s(r. 

person, &dQs6sr6ij<3s<sfTrr^j s-jy/^^ 

ear, ^-QeO{ru<sw» 

Av-a-ri'cious-ly, adv. QufT^en-rresis^LUfrLu 

Av-a-ri'cious-ness, s. slC^su/tuld, Qu(T(t^ 

A-vast', int. ^Q^^&)^ ^(ssiL^Qs^ib^iOy^ 


Av-a-tar', ^^^tririi), ^oj^iflui^. 



A-viiunt', int. ^apg^i^io^ ^iT^^^i\}. 
A-venge', v. a. s=ffld(^s=s'rfI<sLLQ^6\), u 
A-venge'ment, s. uL^s^rr^uLjj uifiQuj 

®ULj,UL^(SUfTfSJ(^(oO)JS^ U L^ y <f6\)(iff^fT 

A-veng'er, s. uL^<s)jfTfEjQ,ui^(QUfTfEj(^Q 
p(SU(5Qr, s=&)(i^<g=rr^<s5Qp(SU€ur, 

Av'e-nue, s. (sunuSteo. 

as street, Qu(7^iiQ^(^j s^n'^uuir 

A-ver', V. a. ^-gii^Q<3=fTio^^&ij slLQ 

Av'er-age, s. (5j<ss=s®, f^QnnLLQ^ ^<3s 
Av'er-age, v. a. (oj<55s=st—.fr<i(^^e0y s'slL 

Av'er-age, v. n. <oj<s^<s5Ll.®^Q^rT<oiD<sujfT 

(^^60y i5®^Q^frGDcEUjrr^(so, 
Av'er-age, <2. rBQ^^irLDrresr^ m^^LuiDiresr. 

account, <s=irn'3=if}<ssGm-<i(^. 

mean average, <3Fjfrs=rfl^Q^ frog's, 

price, (oj<s<9=SLLQ<s:SI'2eOj e^QsTfTtl.® 

A-ver'ment, s. ^^^J^Q^ireOj sLL®<ss)ir. 
as establishment by evidence, S\^^^ 

A-verse', a. Qen^uutKosr.^ ^.(SuiTuurresr. 
A-verse'ness, ) ^QrrfrQuLj^ wissre^ 
A-ver'sion, ^* / (ssnb. 
A-verse'ly, adv. Qsu^uurruj^ ^QititQ 

A-vert', V. fl. ^®^^60, ^lLQ^go, 0(t^u 



divine judgment, Q^€u fr'sQ'Besr€iDUj(s£l 
A-vert', V. n. ^(vji^L/^eu, [§iej(^^60j qSI 
A-vert'ing, s. ^®ul/, ^lLQ^ mfr/b^, eSI 
A'vi-a-ry, s. (^0<sSldsp^®j uLL&a'^efr 
A-vid'i-ty, 5. ^(sun-^ ^<sueo, ^<s/r, Quim 


Av~o-ca'tion, s. ^o^jojeo^ sniBujuD^ Q^ir 

A-void', V. a. <sSlG0d(^^60^ ^sSIit^^go, 

A-void', V. n. ^o^/f^eu, i§iej(^^6\)j Qulu 

17^60, (oSleOi^^GO. 

A-void'ance, s. ^L^eij^ ^tsSliruLj, ^<s:SIit 
A-void'a-ble, a. eSleod^B^^ddSj [§ds<ss<3fi- 
Av-oir-du-pois', a. f^iT<on<ss)<sQuj®^^<sO(s(r 
A-vouch', V. a. ^-^^LurTUjdQ<3=rr6\)^^ 
A-vouch'a-ble, a. Q-s^^iUfTLudQ-ff^neOGO 
A-vouch'ment, s. ^^^dOs^freo, ^z_cF 
A-vow', IK a. ^rSld<siD<3suS}Q^G0.f ^^^d 

dOj Q<SiJ(SffluJITIE]i£LDnUjdQ<3^[T&i^^eO. 

A-vow'a-ble, a. Q<s^<3ifluu®^^d3^uf.(jUy 

A-vow'al, s. ^rSlde^<s^ ^^^dOs^freo^ 

A-vow'ed-ly, adv. iSlrrQ^^LDfTUj^ QsuaR 

LUrriEJSLDtTlLly Q(SllGff)LJU(olJ)l—UJ[TUJ. 

A-vow-ee', s. ^nuifldQp^um, ^^ifldQ 


A-vovv'er, s. Q^erf}€umLjQLDrrL^Q(Sij/Tdiry 

A-vul'sion, 5. Ql^ulj, ^t^o/, iSpeO. 
A-wait', V. a. <sn^^(r^^^GO^ unh^^(r^^ 

^Q), u^sSIq^^^go^ e^(3rfJuS(7^^^60, 
A -wake, > ^(t^lLQ^So^ gtq^ulj 

A-wak'en, ' * j ^io, <ojeSI(2SIQ^60, ^ 

attention, ^(t^lLQ^gj, fS'^sin-uLj^ilQ 

A-wake', v. n, ^(^(^^^ex), GT(LpLDLj^GO^ 

in a Bible sense, ^aSir^Q^Qp^eo, 
A-wake', a. s^ndQirc^^iunGsr, ,3=rT(Su^rr6sr 

LDfTGsr^ (Tpuj/b&iij<e^<sfr, €SlL^uurr<osr. 
A-wak'en-ing, s. Q^Q<siiq^uli^go, 
A- ward', 5. ^nuLj^ ^frLDnesnh^ ^^^^h 

A-ward', v. a. ^ir^^do^ ^iTLDrrsfffl^^eo, 




A-ward'er, s. ^rr<iQpQj(^^ ibQ(qu<^, ^ 

A-ware', a. &^n(3ii^n<oST(Lpm(M^ (sr-a^s^rflu 
Lj<3fr<3fr, (sSI L^LJLf(Sfr<sn-^ <sfT^^0sQ/D. 
to be aware of, e!SlL^^^(7^^^eo, sn^ 

Q^fflib^Q^^^&i, s=rrQj^[T<osrLDfTijSl0^ 

A-way', adv. gtlLi-., i^tEjQ, ^&r<sff}, js/r 

with you, Qu{T,<s:S60(^.)(2Slei)S)uQurr, 
to go away, QufTLu<sSIQ^^, lj/duu® 

to send away, ^^ul9(2SIQ^6\)j ^eir 
toff) (sSI (Sl^eo ^ <sSl &) d Q (sSl ®^60 , ^<s5jb^ 

to take away, <oT(Sl^^uQu[T®^&d, i§ 

Awe, s. ^'3=<9=tl>, tojssihj uLuiEusjnJ). 
Awe,i\ a. uajtEj SITU uQ^^^eo^ uiuQp 

Aw'ful, a. Qsu^<ss^^<s<s^ (ojms^^sa^ 
_gy(S5^^^<5<5, uLufEJsrruuL-^^d,s, 

Aw'ful-ly, adv. UUJlEJSrrLLfTLU^ Q^l^LUlT 

uj, (ojddSLDmLi. 
Aw'ful-ness, s. ^-s^^ii), uojiasmh., Qs 

A-while', adv. QsfT(^s^(oi5rrL£)fTLu, s^jb 

Awk'ward,a. rS^iB^dQsL-.fT(S5r, ^i^^is 

LUfTS^LSIeoeOrr^, aDSuuLpssuSldoeofr^, 

man, ^nfi0i5^n^<sii(S5r, ^uLSItufrs'LSI 

<aiJ[EjQ<SLLl—<SU(oSr, ^L—GJT, 

temper, QpsrLL®^^<5!jril), &itQslLl-.(^ 


Awk'ward-ly, adv. ^(SueOLL^em-iDfruj. 
Awk'ward-ness, 5. (D)<3SfTs^(oiDS'^^(osnh, <oS)s 

Awl, s. Q<Ft}>L£>rT^iir&^ Qs=(T^uL4^&, Q^n 

p^<^<olSrp S(7^(aSI, 

Awn'ing, s. .si-Z—zriTto, Qldp<5SlLl^, eSI 

A-woke', (s^-e Awake) <s9l^^^^, 


A-wry', s. ^0<d's^ff}<oijy Qsnemdo^ ^'2eo 


as squint, <siiiT<S(^<i<s5(Ssar. 
Ax or Axe, 5. Qsni—neSl, ^(oSIuuud^ iJir<ary 

LDQp, 01—niILD. 

helve, (o<siTt—rr(oSluiSli^, i3l^. 

Ax'il,S. SQpdsLLQj (525)<56J(5L^, SS<S5LDy 


in botany, LDir<ss^}j uQ utr^^^y ldit 

Ax'il-la-ry, a. <s(ipd<ssLL®d.3s®^^. 
Ax'iom, s. ^GO(^^^rru}, Qp^GuflLumuth, 

Qp^^6m<5S)LD, ^^smrfSiufnuil), 

in logic, ^^^ (SI' ii). 

Ax'is, S. <9?pf6lioSrQ, LD^LUll), €ulLi-.^^ 

Ax'le, s. ^d<9?. 

Ax'le-tree, s. sj^^rLDrfih, ueiki^uud'Sf-. 

j^l^ adv. ^ ^ihj ^iDfTil}. 

Ay'ah, S.^fT^fi'^'^<^^^lTLU,<SDd5^jgfTUJ. 

Az'i-muth, s- ^dQjCoSfTi^, ^dQQjrrr 

A-zote', ) <sy/r£z^u uiTi£>fT^ue£lQGO(T0 
A-zot'ic, ' } ,gs_^. 
Az'ure, s. ib&Jih^ f§60Qj(^<ssrLD, 
Az'ure, a. i§60(Sij^<oSTLDfT<osr. 
Az'y-mous, «. i^efflLurr^, LjerflutSleoeOrrjS, 


Baa, s. ^i—Q^(^€=^^ih^ 

Ba'al, s. u(T<35nQeo<^^ix)(aSI<sQiTSU3f (^ 

Bab'ble, ')^6\)uljj ^etruLj, <s 

Bab'ble-ment, ' 5*^^, us^u^ulj, 
Bab'ble, V. a. ^eoui-j^eOj ^muL^^Gd, 

Bab'bler, s. rS>]&iuu&^, ^eOuLjeufrtueky 

ppSsTy Q6U(Sff}6UmU<^. 

Bab'bling, s. ^6\)ul/, u<9^u«fl/l^, ^essr 

Babe, s. 0Lpr5(SS)^^ &<9f-. 
Ba'bel, s. (^Lpuuih^ ^ir^inrr^. 
Bab'er-y, s. (sSldsrrLurrLLQQDL-GDLD. 
Bab'ish, a. 0ifiiB<ss)^ds(S)^^, 0ifii<5S)^^ 



Bab-oon', s* ^irtsji^^ (SufT^^ULD. 
Ba'by, s, (^LpiB<oS)^, ^<^, unGOosr. 
Ba'by-hood, s. (^LpfhGo^uiSlrnTUjm, i3<3{r 


Ba'by-ish, a. (^/^/Fss)^^^ ewLD/r SOT, <9=iSiJ 

Bac'cha-nal, \^(^u^6SfTir<dr,Q<sijrS} 

Bac'cha-na-li-an, * j wjsor, serfliussr. 
Bac'cha-nal, ) r^ n 

Bac-cha-na'li-an, ^' ] ®^^^fi>^^^' 

dance, <3SGfflLuiTLL(Sl. 
Bac'cha-nals, s, (pi,) serfJujfTLLQds^LL 

L—LD.'e-lOY,S.<SGS}LUfT<om-(lpLJ^LUlT^(SiJ<oUr, sp 

(oornSI, ^(osfluua&Tj iSlrrLDS=fTffl, 

of arts, (2SI^^<QiJiT6ar. 
Bach'e-lor-ship, s. iSlinDs^rflujili. 
Back, s. (IP^(^, i3mL\pih^ ^usrihj 

of hand, lj/diejgd<s, 

to lean against, .F/TiL/tD/resTii), QPS^® 

of a knife, iSlL-iEj(^. 

of a house, <s^t-LL^<^LSlGjru<3ssLD. 

to turn the back, Lj/DfastrLLQ^eOj Q(SiJ 

Back, V. a. Qp^QQeOg^j^ed, 
a warrant, tSl'Bossrf§l/bp6i). 
as support, ^niEJ(^^&d^ ^'Bom-Q.ff:Lu^ 

the sails, unuJLDn^^iOj ufTLufifT^uLj 

as put back, iSl(^<5sf}L^(2Sl®^(sOj t^m- 

Back, v.n, iSlajresBQ^do^ i3&5r<QU[rrkj(^ 

as go back, fi^wLj^io, L9m-(SurriEj(^ 

Back, adv. iSleur^ iSimQeur^ ^qi^ldu'* 
to go, or give back, iSlmesflQ^io^ lSI 

to keep back, iSdrosflihpeo. 
Back' -bite, v. a. i-^piEi^s^peo^ Ljpessf) 

Back'bit-er, s. Ljp<s3sfi<is[Tiri^j qpia 

Back'bit-ing, 5. l/^sszs;/?, LjjDiEi<SL./b^j 


Back'bit-ing-ly, adv, LjpozfliLirrLLi^ Ljp 



UJ, u 


Back'bone, s, ^em-Qi^^LDLj, Qp^Qs 

Back'-clevv-line, s. ^fTLnrrsir^ ^ninn&srs 

Back' door, s. LSIans^eii^ L^p<s<s^eij. 
Back'friend, s. ^lLs^^^q^^ ^<sfr<3frrr(Sl 

Back-gam'mon, s. (^^/tlI®, ^umisn 

Back' ground, s. (S^LLij^(m-LSI<ourLipilij 9 

<sSl i—ih, 
Back'hand-ed, a. LjpiEj(oS)s<5UGfrLDrreur. 
Back'house, s. i3p(£(Si, 
Back'-room, s. iSlpsnss^p, iSI(osr€sr<oS)p, 

Back'side, s. iSimi-ipLD^iSmussih^si 


as fundament, rump, (5 esariLQ., s^-astssrih. 
Back-slide', v. n. ep(Lpd<sii^Qj^^6\)^ ^ 

<su^^i\)j LSI(obr<sun'iEJ(^^e\). 
Back-slid'er, s. iSl(o3r<sumEjQ<oar(ou<osr^ e^(Lp 

Back-slid 'ing, s. dm<syfriEi(^^ed^ ^(Shqtj' 

Back' stays, s. ^^lj uirLuiLrrd auS^ 

Back'ward, a. LDiE^Lnirear. 

as unwilling, Lrxsans^earLDfTioBr^ LSl(^6fffl 

as dilatory, ^irm^LDfresTy Q-SFnihunssr. 
person, u^iejs6\)<^, u^iejQj Qs=rTi}> 

to be backward, <5^<5F^eu, QaireiDLpu 
Back'ward, adv. i3m(GU)iu^ LSl<sorGpid(^^ 

to fall backward, tneOGdir^^eo^ inioeOfT 

Back'ward-ly, adv. ^fTLD^mrrdj, LSIesreoB 

Back'ward-ness, 5. '3k-<9^'9=L£)j ^niL^th^ ld 

Back'-yard, s. <sSil.i^<^iSi<s5rL^pih. 
Ba'con, s. 'S5mui5^U(^^uSI<oS)p<9'^j ueor 


Bad, a. ^^i^^y ^^LjufT(S^, Q-bslLu., 



as spoiled, u(Lg^^ uneisri—GO^ ^§es= 

as evil, ;^<s?5)iiD, ^/e/(^, QunioeOnihi^, 

as ill, ailing, ejeOfTcsim, ■3?,35(sS'(osn£i. 
advice, Q<s(SIlj^^^ ^^l/^^, Q<slL 

character, c^<s/r^/?(S2Dz_,^^^/7"^^. 
, coin, Qs=&)&)rr<!E,s5rT<^. 

conduct, Q<SLLL—f5<oS)L-.,^UjQs'UJ(oia'SS. 

example, ^<s5rr^L£)iT^tfl, ^GsrLnrr^rfl. 
man, Q<sBLLL—6ijajr, ^lu<^^ Quneoeorr 

sign, ^'^(^fSl, ^p(^tB-i ^jafreafliSI 

symptom, ^<aU'S(^6SBnh, ^6iJS(^f6l^ 

temper, ^snr^(^essrL£), QsLLt—i^esar 
LDj^/b(^6m-ih^ QprrLL®d(^(sm-Lh. 
time, or weather, ^<siT^srT&)t£), ^en 

to be bad, ^sfT^^rr^eo, u(Lp^fTuS}0^ 

Badge, s. ^(SiDL—UJfrefnhj (^/jSuLf, Qp^ 
of authority, s\^^nnQp^^<3^ny ^n 

of honor, gSq^^. 

of office, ^-^^QmnsQp^^osin . 
Badg'er, s. ^^lSI^su), ^ssf, 
Bad'ly, adv. ^iLpuuLDrriLij Qsi^nuu, uir 

6sarL-.eOfTUJ^ uQ^^nin. 

Bad'ness, s. uq^^^ QsQ, 

as evil, vice, QsQ^'2eOj QsQ^ ^qdld^ 

as unfitness, defect, ^sitq^u), ^<ssrT 


Baffle, s. ^(oiDL-j 6fi_<^(5, ,^lL®j (sSldQ 
Baffle, V. a. ^(S^^eo, ^eSlir^^dOj eSleos 

description, Q<9=fT6O&)jb<sffl^rTuSl0^;g 
6Uj Qs^ireoeOQpi^ujiTeiDLD. 
to be baffled, (s^(^(^^60f ^suinn^eo. 
Baffler, s. ^i^^ffl, ^^fB^usnnmy ^<3^i— 


Bag, S. &-LD60, <oS)U, S=lT<i(^^ QsfT<oSsfl, 

of a beggar, Q<srr<oS3i^u(oS)u, Qurrd'S 

(osarih, QuitssggS. 
Bag, r?. «. 0S)uuSQ<5\)QufT®^eo» 
Bag' gage, s. uiU(sssrs='9=fTLDiTi^, uiLxsm^ 

Bag''pipe, s. €^(T^(s£l^sm^^Lp(so, fp^^. 
Bail, 5. LSI^m-Lurretff, ^-^^rr(SijfT^. 

as security, lS^ssst, it-®, ^^^irsufr^ 

as handle, €S)<sl9u^j lSIu^. 
Bail, V. «. L9'^ioSsri§lm-guLS'LLi—&)j L92b3r 


as deliver goods in trust, ^-g^i—Q^lh 

QiUfTULj (sSl^^do . 

a boat, i§ifl<5G)jD^^60j (SurrffiuSoD/D^^dVy 

Bail'bond, s» L9dsm-<9=^LL®,L32sssrLL]^^. 
Bail-ee', s. iSl^sssrsmr^'f^-QDL—Gs^LDQLUfr 

Bail'iff*, s. ^siLi—'^.srTsrm'jQp^^QDrrQu 

Bail'ment, 5. ^Ll.®uQu/b^s-<oS)i—QDLD 

Bail'or, S. ^<oGiL-G5)l£>QuJ[TUL^(5Sf^^(SUmj 

Bait, .9. ^<s5)iT. 

as food on a journey, suL^iiiGsareii, 
as allurement, ^(oS)<9=yjLL®<5S)Sy <su& 

UJUU®^^<5lD<S. ^SrT<SfTLL®(SlD<SEj^GD^ 

Bait, V. a. ^<oS)ir<s5rrLL®^60y ^(ssmQurT® 

to harass, Q^fTeo'^uu®^^eOj ^'bso 

as a bird, &/D<3siTjbpG0, Qpsisf.^^i§l 
Bait, V. n. ^-€m(s^Qs[Te{r<s(reOj^<oS}irti^(om 

on a journey, <sui^aSQG0uQujn^^60, 
Baiz, ) ... 

TJ-- S. > U(7^<SB<5S<oarSLDU6i)LD. 

Bake, r. fl. <9?®^6\), Qumfl^^eOy qjitlL 
bread, ^uu(i^<9?®^€d, ^-piLi^si-® 

pots, bricks, &c, ^^"hn-iiSlp^®^^^ 



Bake, v. n. <9i-®^(so, eurr^^ey)^ sntij^6\). 
Bake'house, s. ^uu<s<s(oS)L—, ^uu(^ 

Bak'er, s. ^uussitik^, ^pLLi^dsmr 

Bak'er-y, 5. ^uu(sufr-i<EB3=iT'^^ ^kh'-' 

Bal'ance, 5. s^ldld^ rS^n-esrih. 
in hand, ^0ljlj, gd<55uS1(^ul]. 
as scales, ^rrfT6?,^6\)rTuui^. 
as libra of the zodiac, ^GOnirnQ. 
as equipoize, s^ldiQgi^p, ^ldld. 
as remainder, balance due, &c. ^eo 

of mind, LD<oi5riQ^n<osrLD^ i5(Sl(SijS'^<oiDLDy 
of power, ^fi'SiTirs=<9^LDfS'^y ^ld^^ 
of trade, 'fLD(sSliurTUfTrrLb^<?ffl^rFlujrr(oor 


in a clock or watch, s=LDr§l'2e»s<350<sSI. 
to strike a balance, s(sm<s(^uL4^LL® 

Bal'ance, v. a. s^lduuQ^^^go. 

accounts, <S6m-d(^uLj^LLQ^&), semd 

as adjust weights, s=ijduu®^^&), s=ld 

£(oS)p uurrd (^^eo . 

as weigh in the hand, 'Sesafls^murriT^ 

as weigh reasons, &c. ^rr^dQuufr 

as regulate powers, &c. ^iL^^^miDn 

Bal'ance, v. n, <3=LDLnn(^^eo^ s=lduu®^ 

6U, s^LOfSoDptufrtLifSppeo, 
Bal'co-ny, s. Qld^(SB)^<£l1(SI(ip<sulj, ld 

Bald, a, QLLfTLLQDL-.UJIT6Sry LDL^dstllU 

head, Q<su6m^'^* 

person, Q<si]6m'^'^ujasr, 

to make bald, LDL^^^eOjOfiessn^^LDrr 

Bald'er-dash, s. l9^p^^60j uffUL\^io ^ 


Bald'ly, «fZ/'. QLDnLL<oSiL-.ajndj^ ^qjgOl- 

s^(cm'LDniLi, fS(7^(Su rremrLDrruj. 
Bald'ness, s. Qp'omL^^ih,QLDnLl.€6)t-.^(ip 

Bald'pate, s. QLDrTLL<oiDL^^^'?/oOjQ<sii€m' 

Bale, s. slLQj Quuil). 

of goods, ^lL<sdi—. 
Bale, V. a. ^0[r(^^&). 

as pack? slL®^60. 
Bale'ful, a. Qs®^uun<oisr^ Q<3SL-.ijQsr^ urr 

Lprr<s(^Qp^ iBL-i—LonGsr, 

influence, Q<s®d(^u:)^<^<oS)LDj ^jsue) 


Balk, 5. ^(oS)p(2Sl<5^2srr^ (^(ss)p(i¥,<3^n<50, 
in ploughing, s<om-(^L^<9=s=fTeo^ Q<sit 


frustration, ^ui^^ ^(sn^^ ^(Sjoz—, <^s 

beam, ^-^^irih^ ^irrnhfi. 
Balk, V. a. f5LDL9d(oS)<35^^(DrriT<S(^Qs=uj 

frustrate, ^Q^^eo, ^(supuusm-^n^ 

omit, fpL^^^GO^ ^(sSliT^^eOj (sSIQ^eo, 

Ball, s. ^^ioasr<5S)L-j uih^. 

a round body, uib^, ^itlLQ. 

a globe, ^-<om-€iDL-j ^-06mr<5iDt^^ Q<sit 

dance, <sl-^^, rsi—esTLh. 

bullet, &c. (5<5sar®. 
Ball,!'', n. 2_(3(ey^^6U, fiir(^^eo. 
Bai'lvid, s. S) (i^Q purr lLQ, QpfSlmuu 

Bal'last, s. ^i^uurriTLb, ^rreOih. 

BsLVlasi^V.a- ^lJ^UUfTITl£>QufT®^60^ (^IT 

60 Qinp^^eO . 
Bal-loon', 5. ^'Smu^^pQs'io^iEJs?^®, 

Bal'lot, s. ^lLQ^ 9LLQuQurT(S>ms, fi 

Bal'lot, V. a. ^lL(EIu(duit®^&), 
Ball'-room, s. sk-^s^-ssen-ff}^ iBtTi^^s^fT 

Balm, s. ^uSeOih, G^aro^^ih^ ^l—^. 
the herb, s(^-fiTfkiQ€bn<o^!T, 



Bal'sam, s. <o!^^<soi})^ LnjruiSI&iour. 
Bal-sam'ic, a. (oS)^G0(ipsfr6rr, iSlQepK^etr. 
Bal'us-ter, s. ^^.^ssct, (^gfjk^cB. 
Bal'us-trade, s. &^^6m-uih^^ ^<sfflS 

Bam-boo', s. QpiEiQeo, Q'Sefr, Qeu^^. 

solid, S(so^iEjQ<s\). 
Bam-boo'zle, t*. <5r^^^(so^ (sjuj^^go. 
Ban, s. s^nuih^ ^un-fr^th^ &lL<53)^. 

as proclamation, iSiuQ^^ih, 3k.^(5S)<s. 
Ban, V. a. -s=lSI^^60, s^itulSK^^go, 
Ba-na'na, s. fpiT6ijfT<oS)Lp^ s^6\9. 
Band, 5. slL®, uie^ld^ lS1€ssB. 

as bandage, fillet, <sfTLuiEJSLL®Ej<ss=<s'^ 

a company, or retinue, ^irrr^Uj s^ 

lLi—ud^ u[fl<Sij(Tirtx). 

of musicians, (Sun^^uu-sniriT. 

of a regiment, Qs'^issrsefr <5^ l1 i_ ld, 

of union, s- i—(sarurr®, €^(7^GDLDuufT(hiy 

of a wheel, mfr'^evdsuS^. 
as tire, &eo<Sij^bo(ruJix), 
Band, v. a. slL®^go, s^tLQ^do, Q^fr 

Band, v, n, .^x-®^<so, Qs'iTLDn<osrLDrT(^^eo, 
together, <xi.®^go^ Q<3=it^&}, ^^uih^ 

Band'age, 5. 65lL®, uih^ih. 
Band-an'a, s. uL-®s=.f^<i<siJD. 
Band'box, s. ^(T^^<s6i<suQuil.u^, 
Ban'dit, s. LSIrrLDfT<osariEJSL—iB^(aU(^^ ^u 

Ban-dit'ti, 5. (pi.) QsirefrderrdsrrjTir, ur6l 

Ban'dy, s. uiB^isf-<s(^(^^nLL(3SiL^, 
as carriage, uesari^, s^ai^ih, 

Band'y, v. a. uih^i^^^io, ^^ik^^io, 

Band'y— coat, s. Qu(T^s'^n<sff}^ ^u^sih. 

Band'y-leg, s, <SL—UL^s<35iTeo. 

Bane, s. [5(^<9f-y <sSI<SL^Lh. 

Bane'ful, a. ^L^<sij<s(D,EB^<sufT<osr, Qsi^ir 
€sr, iBLLi—Lnrresr, iB(i^<sff-(sir6fr. 
practice, Qi5®<sQpQ<3'dj<s5)S. 

Bane'ful-ly, adv. Qsl^ituj^ (sSsi^mrTiju. 

Bane'ful-ness, s, c^y^^®/, G*<5®, /5@<9f. 


Bang, s. sji^t ®^, ^rrd(^. 

Bang, V. a. ^i^^^eo^ ^u^^^eo^ ^its(^ 

Ban'gles, s. <si—<sud^ s^^iEKssis. 
Ban'ian, s. ^eOLoirui, .^<s\). 

as servant, smfluusnum-. 
Ban'ish, r. a.^i7"^^^6i), ^<sp^^&)» 

one's self, l9/dQ^<3'u:)QuituSI(^^^<sOj 

as exile, i3pQ^<3=^^<s<s^uLi^eo^^§nL 


Ban'ish-ment, s. '9?Q^s^i}ks!SI®^6\), ^<srr(Gf^ 

Bank, s. ^gsht, ^wih. 

as margin, ^'Ssssr.^ epsrih^ seiDir^ ^jrih. 

bill, ^-em-i^Lup^LL®^ Qs=60. 

as banking house, ^ir<2Sluj<s<s<oS)L^^fi 

as dam, ridge, (suinhLi, ^'Sessr, <slL®. 
as shoaU <s5(3frLD, fiu-n-^ QldQ. 
as embankment of a fort, Q<3srr^^efnj), 
o^ a. nwer, ^ppiEj<s€S)iTy .^pQ(yr^irii)j 
fB^^ju), fB^CcLurrini). 
Bank, V. a. ^'Ssm-sLl®^60, s^sshtslL®^ 
60, (Sijrri£)LjSLLQ^io, QsrT^^(S(ria<sLL 

Bank'er, s. ^ir<o:SiJus<sB(SS)u.d-3srTn'<ssr^ <srr 


Bank-note, s. ^-emi^Lup^LLQ. 
Bank'rupt, s. <SL—(5uB^<s<s^^n-{TGsSLupg}] 

Bank'rupt, a. ^^^^^^(^^uSIgogoit^, 
Bank'rupt-cy, s. @j2/<5<5 ld/t Lli_/7(S2D^. 
Bank— stock, s. <sSlujfTufTrrfirr(oSlujuuiEj 

(5, Qurr^uuessruufEJ^. 
Ban'ner, s. ^QpQsrrLf., u^rr<ss)S, (2^0 

Ban'nian, (see Banian) ^eo, 
Ban'quet, s. eSl^ih^. 
Ban'quet, v. a. (sS (r^(5^Q<sB n^^^eo . 
Ban'quet, v. n. <2SI(7^iB^(om6ssreOj <s9(t^i5 

Ban'quet-er, s. <sSl(r^(B^<ss{riT<xr^ ^^^' 

one fond of good food, QufT<ff:ssruL9{B 

Ban'quet-ing, s. <sB(T^ih^Qsn(Si5sn-.mL 



Ban'quet-ing-house, s. <sS!(i^iB^(£Q. 
Ban'quet-irig-room, s, <2SJ0i5^LD(m-L. u 

ih, Qurrs^<o5rufr(ours=rr^2ev. 
Ban'ter, 5. <f!T3=uD, uQu;l, urflsfTS=ih. 
Ban'ter, v. a. Q<siTLLL!f-Q<srfm(^^id, ■ ^ir 

Ban'ter-er, s. Q<55&9d<sfTir(^, ,9=rrs'<ssfr 
^(osr, uQls^^<S[Tij<^j urFlsfTS=<35srTF(^' 
Bant' ling, s. (§LpiB<ES)^, Q^iSlerr'^, 
Bap'tism, s. (^n(^5retv(Bn<osrth^ ^etviBiTQcr 

outward, Q[fluuiTe{V[S[T(osruo>, Lf/D&vfBfT 

spiritual, ^<s€fvr5rr(5unl), ^^^merufBrr 


Bap-tis'mal, a. (^(T<osr€fv^n<si5r^^<sB<s®^^, 
service, (^(Tt^srGfuiEfTGsrQpGDp^uiLn, 
sponsors, (^n<oBTUL9^nLDfT^[r<S'S(3{r. 

Bap'tist, S- (^IT(oSr^[5fT6Ur(EjQ<SITQ<SBQnr)<QU 

<our^ en)f5n'(our<s<osr» 

a class of christians, (^L^ihGS)^S(Sf^s 

Bap'tist-er-y, s. (^rr(our<^i5fT<3sr^Q^fTLLu^, 
Bap-tize', V. «. (^rreurmiiBfresnEjQsfT®^^ 

eo, (^n'(osrefVf5n'(our(i^(^LL®s560. 
Bap-tiz'er, s. (^fT(oGr(mj[Sfr(sariEjQ£SfTQ<sQ/D 


Bar, s. (^pfSj^GssT®^ (^^k^rB, 
of metal, <F6D/r<529<5, unefril). 
as obstacle, ^(Stol-, (QSI<s5Q(SsrLb^^'Ss53r. 
as stripe, ^J2/, Qp^^ (surB, 
a tribunal, rSujmufTS'tosrLD, Suunuu^^ 

a window grate, Q(tr^^, s^irGOaih, 

of prisoners, LDfSlujps^®. 

of barristers, fSLUfrcu^rrih^rrifl^dt^ui 

of a door, ^^u^, ^nu^uun^. 
of a gate, (^^<s(^^^l-L-.ld, 
to prevent entrance, (^j2/i(^^^(SDL_, 

of gold, QutTpun<o(nh* 

of iron, ^(i^ul^<3=<s=(oO[T(oS)s. 

of sand, ^/b^<s)jfTaSl6Sl(7^d(^iB^LLi^j 


Bar, V. a. ^esu^^^eOf ^Q^^&)^ ^(oS)l^ 


a door, ^sni^Q^GO^ ^ir^y^LLQ^eo. 
Barb, 5. <s?2sm-. 

of a hook, arrow, ugo&^^ <^0) s^essr 

Barb, v. a. <3S(7i^(SiDeu^^60, ^"bsmrsG^oj^^eo. 
Bar'ba-can, s. i-ip-iQ-smLsG)!—.^ Qsir^ 

^sfrm, iSiriEjQ(ojp^Lh(QurTuS60. 
Bar-ba'ri-an, s. iSlQeos^s^eGr, ^lLl-(^, 

Bar-ba'ri-an, a. <ssrrLL(hl^^6srLLfT<oory ^<si^ 

L_, ^i—^^(SurLDfr6sr. [(srr(srr. 

Bar-bar-ic, a. ^ssrissfluu, uuQ^^^^^ 

Bar'ba-rism,s. L£lQ<sos'<F^^€6rLJD,^L—^^ 

in language, Q<sfT^'S!y)<9=. 
cruelty, <s®iEj<s<ossr, QsfT(Sl6S)LD. 
savagism, Q^ul—^^gstld, ^iLt—^^iosr 

Bar-bar' i-ty, s. Q^rrQ^siLo, ^^(^j2/ldl/, 

Bar'bar-ize, V. a. 9ffQ<s®^^G0, uit^u 

Q^^gOj u<3ar<oO)LDLJuQ^^(so. 
Bar'bar-ous, «.^z-1l_, Q<ssrrQ<oS)LDUjrr(5sry 


act, Q<sn®(^Q<fdj(56)<s. 

language, Q<sErrs'(50)s=, Q<S[T'5'<o6><3=uQu 

Bar'bar-ous-ly, adv. Qsmj^^mLi. 
Bar'bar-ous-ness, 5. Q<s[T®<5S)iJi^ §<fu3, 
Barb'ed, a. iLi^^<9'&fr6sr^^Li}fT<sur. 

jagged, '3B(7^€i^(S{r<s(rj <ss(^d(^(Sfr(Sfry <9?^Gm' 

arrow, <S0<sij(S(r(Sfr^u:iL^. 
Barb'er, s. sft^uiLL^m^ f5rT<oSl^(^y mm 

's bag, or csise, <S(7^(aSlu<o!Du, 
Bar'ber-ry, 5. epirQ^FL^. 
Bard, s. <ss<Q:SQjfT(osor6srj ^seSlirfnutsaTj lj&> 

Bare, v. a. fS(7^(QiifT6m-LDfr<5s<s60^ S-ffl^eo, 

Bare, a. ^^^^t Q^^nk^, 

as void, 0^^-i Q<sy^<oS)i£)LurT<osry Qw 

as naked, S(r^<SijrTG^uo). 

assertion, mention, Qs^irm-LDrr^^inh* 

bone, QQjpQp^ihufTiour. 



faced, (BnQzn£l&)e\)rT^^ Q(SulL<3biejQ<3: 

faced lie, ^irih^Qumlj^ uQQufTLu^ lj 
Bare, adv. sf-iliLDiT^ Lnn^^iju:,. 
Bare'fac-ed-ly, adv. Q(suLL.ssLSi<osrrB. 
Bare'fac-ed-ness, s. Q(SULL<s5dQa®. 
Bare'foot, ) Qsu^rEJsrreOfTo^, Qgu 

Bare'foot-ed, ' i iDgii<s<snGOn€sr. 
Bare'head-ed, a. ^piB^^'bsoiLi&refr^ ^ 

Bare'ly, adv, fS^surTasorLDrTiij, Qw^gdld 


as only, LDfr^^snh. 
Bare'ness, 5. ^<sd<sO[Tos)LD^ Qoj^csiLD. 
nakedness, S(r^<su[T6muD, 

void, UlTl^.)Q(SU^GDLDy (^eufltUU). 

Bar' gain, s. ^uuih^ih. 

agreement, QunQ^^^ih^ e^uuih^uD. 
contract, &-i—m-ui^d<oa)<5Sj s_/_(53r 

purchase, QsfT<3ir<3U€sr(Sii^ QsrrGWL^ 

QurT(7^(Sfrj <oSl'2svLjQufr0(^. 

a good bargain, fseoeo^tufrufrin}}. 

sold, (sSln)U€ar(S)^. 

conditional, ir-QufTLLQ. 

final, sj&J^-i ^iTULj, ^iTLDfT<osrui, 
Bar'gain, v. a. eSlppeo. 
Bar'gain, v. n. ^-i-.(o3ruLp.d<oiD^u6sar^}j 

^6U, Qu&dQsiT(S{r(^^<sOy QSl'2eoQu<3f- 

to settle a bargain, eSI'^ev^ir^^dOs rr 

Bar-gain-ee', s. QsrrmuQjek^ QsfrefreSl 

Bar'gain-er, s. eSl/bueuear, 
Bar'gain-ing,5. Q'Sn(S(r<suGsr<oii^<sSlpu(o6r<c^. 
Barge, s. <3^€\)iij^-) <s^(t^<2Sl^^Q^iT<ss^^ u 

as pleasure-boat, i§it(2S1'^luitlLQ^ 


Barge'man, s. Lnrr^LSl^ (o^frosSQuumL 
QQsiJiT^^ l£)|J<s^eoQLD[Tl-L®Q<sun<^^ 

Barge-mas'ter, s. suuppens^^m, <s 

Bark, s. iiirruuLL<oS)U.» 

the vessel (barque) <o^(iT^(sSl^&<suueo. 

Bark, V. a. ^tfl^^eo^ u l1^<5S)L-.Q<qu lLQ 


Bark,w. w. (^"^^^6V, @<5S)i7^^6U. 
Bark'ing, s. @^ul/, uLL<oS)L-.iLjffluLf. 
Bar'ley, s. <qu npQs rr^GSiiL, uj<oiJLD. 

corn, <oUfTpQ'SfT^<oS)LDLD<oSsfu 

water, <aufrpQ<5sn'^GSiLDd<s(i^&^ <siol^it 


Barm, s. L^(oifluund(^ihi£)GSBrLs^.^ L^eif}^ 

Barn, s. <35(orr(i^&ujili, ueaari—.s^rr'^isv, u 

contents, uGsoressfltutEJs^i-eoihj ugsot 
Bar'na-cle, s. LDsrdseotijiSGfflQeOfTLLQ 

(pL) u(B^dQ®(^pQ. 
Ba-rom'e-ter, s. (SiJfTLi^£l^d(^rEj<ss0<2SI. 
Bar-o-met'ric-al, a. <QuniLi[S<oG)pds(^(sSd 

Bar'on, s. €piT<su(oS)suuLLL-.d<35rrsrd!r. 
Bar'on-age, s. uLLL-dsfrurrsf^-LLi—iJo)^ u 
LLt^d<srr[r^d(^rfluj^iEj(SD<Sj utLi-.d 

Bar'on-ess, s. e^(7^<sij<oS)<suuLLi—dsfTir6i^ 

Bar'on-et, s. ^fr<sij<o6)suuLLL-ds[Tii<cXsr, 
Bar'on-y, s. uLLi—^^d(^ifluji3rTQujiT^ 

Bar'rack, 5. QunffdQs=(Si]<s,(T^€S)pi^i£lL^ 

Bar'rel, s. iSuurr^ €^ffeSl^uQu<oiS)i^. 
as tube, ©^peu, (^Lprrib, 
of a gun, ^LJurrdQd(^Lp(so. 

Bar'rel, ?J. a. Qu(S!D[^uSI60gdl—^^&}. 

Bar^ren, a. urri^frssTj d?(63^(5?jr, qjitlL^ 


unmeaning, dull, &c. sQ^^^ioeon^, 
^nnwpp^ uLuesrpP' 

cow, LD&)Ll.QuUS?^€UirLLU'9r^<QUp(oS)<ff:. 

land, urri^SeOih^ ^ifisr^ (sSosi^tuniB 


mind, (sSlQsusinppLDtssrih^ (sSl^^^ujp 

tree, smun^LDULD^ ^(SuQsQ; 

man, LoeOL^m. 

wilderness, iJ/r'2su<si/ gsTLo, ^jrih, eu^tii 

woman, ilsou^^ <35>ld<oi^ijd^ mih^. 
Bar'rcu-ly, adv. LD&}L-rTUJ^ urripniu. 



Bar'ren-ness. 5. ldgoQj ldgolLQ^^cstud^ 


Bar-ri-cade', s, ^<5idu,ulj^ ^®ulj, (su 


Bar-ri-cade', v. a. ^Q^^seo, (suL^uumL^ 
Bar'ri-er, s. ^irem, <si—<s(^', /ffS35z_, <su 


a line of separation, €rdo'boOi£rr<onnh^ gt 

Bar'ris-ter, s, f&ujfrujQjrr^^ SiufTUj^rriE 

Bar' row, (wheel) s. <^<35<su(om-i^G0y ^(sk 

for the hand, u{T6B)i^^ Q^netrn. 
for salt, ^ifl<s(^iBQ^rTLLi^. 
Bar'ter, s, uffl6U(7^^jS<osri})y uemL-LDir 

Bar'ter, r. a. ue^L—LDiribs^^eo^ wnjbgiJ 

Bar'ter-er, s. u6mi—i})LDfr/b^Qp€U(^. 
Ba-salt', s. ^(i^eSls^dsio^ QijD<s6U(oar<osrd 


Base, s. Sfi^-, J^f^^surriTLD. 

in music, Loi^ilij miE^inli, 

of an ornament, Q^maseOj ^<s<sih, 

of a mountain, in'2/ooujtjf., 
Base^v. a. cSff^^'oUfT IT uuQ^^^eo, ueo 

Base, a, Qy^<^LDiun<osr^ ^L^eurresr, is^^ 
^LpuurrtoSTy FT'is^LDfTeor, 
extraction, fiJ^iijL/LJL^^LJL/, Qs=iTirs0. 
employment, Qj^<5SiLDUJ(r<ssrQ<ou'2eo^ (st 

trick, <3S(S{r<s{r^^iBfi^w, 
■coin, seirefrdsfTS?. 
fellow, Ff'<^&sr^ <s=6S3n—.rTar<^, i§<9=^y 

metal, ^LpfE^QeorrsLD, 
note, <35(siT(srr€if6asrL^uj6\). 
Base'-born, «. (si]ihi3Q&di3p(B^^ @^(2? 

Base'less, a, ^^ueupp^ si^^pp-i ^^^ 

Base'ly, adv. ffeoriDtruj^ Qi^6S)ldujituj^ <su 



Base'ment, s. <^LLi^(mLSf.^^(2{rLb. 
Base'ness, s. ^l^<si^, ^l^uuw, ffesnj)^ 

Base -vi-ol, s. LDiB^rBfr^ujrrt^^ iDiB^vunt^, 
Ba-shaw', s. ^0<ssrrfr,9=^d(^ffliuuLl. 


Bash' ful, rt. <«i-<^<9^iz) /rear, iBniomQperrefry 


man, <f<ssiusQs[T(o6)i^uj<ssr. 

to be bashful, fp(i^&^^<sOy .ssw-^^jsu, /f/t 

Bash'ful-ly, adv' s^^, sf^ds^LofTiu, tsir 

Bash'ful-ness, 5, <ffli_<F<iF/i), s<oS)uM.sit 

<oS)Lpj rBfTeoarLD. 

feigned, serri—eu, LjeoeSI. 
Bas'il, {or Bish-op's-weed,) s. ^ffQisxr 

LD, <o^LDLD' 

white, S(^'f!T!EjQ<5Br[<o6)ir' 
sweet, srrr5(oS)^' 

holy, ^'srr©. ['^H- 

of an instrument, ^tJLj^(ip'2isin-d<s'rTLu 

Bas'i-lisk, s. up(oS)6Uf5rr<3SLhj (^<s(^is^p 

Ba'sin, s. seom^ ^(LpeijQpufrj^^rrLh, ® 

as bay, (^L-fTd<sL—eo. 

as pond, &c. (^(Sfrm^ <ojiB, 
Ba'sis, s. ^&v^mninJo), ^^SKsif^^fruinhy 

iS'2iso^ [S'2e\)urru)y ^<s\)ld. 
Bask, V. n. (^GffJirsmLi^GO. 

in the sun, Q<sudju9(S)9p<sfTUJ^6\)^ 
Bask'et, s. s?>^g^i—.^ QulLl^. 

well, QL^fTiT, LSiprrff^ l^z_1s»z_, ^es)p 




for fish or chickens, ^ss.pqtj'io^ u^, 

large, <5i_<5a), <5s_(S0)z_. 
Bas-soon'', «• [5itujs<9?itu}, [5rTLu<sQ<5sr(ouril>, 

Bass-re-lief , s. ^QjiQ^^Q^^inh. 
Bas'tard, s. Qs^rrrrLf^^rrdr, Q(Sij9\uSlmi^ 

Bas'tard, a, <suihun(osr^ (SuwiSIQeOiSI/Di^* 

as spurious, @^/f^) <ss60uurT<oar^ s=d 

s (SfT^^ uSl u.^^p l9p ie^, 

gem, ^^/p^-^^j s<oS)n'uQun<i(^ss 




Bas'tard-i-ze, v. a. (SULhLjuiSI(SfrdsrrQiU(S^ 

Bas 'tard-y ,5. (Suldlju tS'ip u i^ . 

Baste, r. a. (^LLu^GS)p&QuSimQLD<s\)Q<si} 


as beat, ^is^iu[r<s\)L<^^^eo. 

as sew slightly, ^i<s6)L^Qun(B^0O^ ^ 

Bas-ti-nade', ) n • 

Bas-ti-na'do, '' p^^^» iSliTLnui^. - 

Bas-ti-nade', v. a. ^L^ajir&OL^^^io, 
Basting, s. •smuu^^ (^lLl^€G)P3'Qs(^ 

Gf5UJ(SUfTIT^^6\)y LJ<o6)L-(oS)(SUULhrLp^6\}» 

Bas'tion, s. OdBrT^^efru)^ furri^^ev^ ld^ 

Bat, s. C)isu<sfr(snn'<sO, Qjneueo. 

stick, ^i-ltp-, uiE^u;Ld(^^s'rrLl.GDL-. 
Batch, 5. ^(^(LpoD/DuSlg^em-i—frdsuuLL 


Bate, s. s=<omrGS)L-, ^q^-ssld. 
Bate, I?, a. sl^^^^go, ^(sin-(^^<5d. 
Bate'ment, 5. c^t^o/, ^Gtriw^uu^. 

Bath, S. €rV{B[TG3r^G)^[TLLu^j 3=(S0<S3>ULj 

(soir, (i^(Lp(^L£JL-d). 
as measure, ^iT<ofr<Qii. 
Bathe, i'. a. (^(offldsuueaarem-eOj i^ititlL 
®^<sOj s^6ii<s<SLhu6Bur^u^G0, Qpag<su 

a person, corpse, (^(Sffl u u n lLQ^go . 
a wound, snin^^s^^is'^tssr^^io^ snium 

"Bdithe^v.n. <oru[5fT6snl)U6G3r^U^eOj (^etfl 

Bath'ing, s. <sh)i5[T<osrLD, (^(SffluLfj i^irrTLl. 

Q, (Lp(Lpd(^. 

house, ew/F/resT-iffi?®. 

religious, ^ir^^LDrrQiSiDds, &vrsrT6srihu 

place, s=6ddsuLi<oSiir^ qp(W(^l£Ii—ld. 
tub, <3^ei)ds^Q^fTLLuf-^ i^iffrQiBQ^rr 

Bat-oon', s. ^L^jQsiT60^SLLi^uj<3BQsn'6\)y 

Bat'ta, s. ui^, (sSlQ^s=Qs=6\)eii. 
Bat-tal'ia, s. QurTiressfl^ qj(^ulj. 
Bat-tal'ion, s. u6S)i^©y(^uLy, Qs'^on-uS 

Bat'ten, s. 3=lLl^ld. 


Bat'ten, r. a. QsnQ^sauucm^j^isd, Lf 

(si^L^LU nd (^^60 ^ Qs=L^LJurr<S(^^eo. 
Bat'ten, v. n. Q<asn(Lg^^&^^ &'2(5sr^^io, 

Bat'ter, 27. a. ^u^^^do^ ^n<s(^^io. 
Bat'ter, v. n. QsetfJ^^ev, QiEetfl^iOy 

Bat'ter-ing-ram, s. LL^6\)sdsTraSlL^d(^th 

Bat'ter-y, s. ^ls^^^&), Qinn^inuf-^^eo, 
in fortification, <5T^naQ<sn^^(3(nh. ■ 

Bat'ting, s. ui^u^uLf. 

of cotton, U(^s^^essrQLD^QD^. 

of boards, c:gy<szDz_*/_/6\)(SJo<s, u^^muih. 

Bat' tic, s. <9=6ssrGDi—j uLj^^ih^ Quirffy ^ff 

to give battle, Qu[r!TU6SGr^}}^&), 
to join battle, QunirsGO^^eo. 
noise of, ^itulj, ,^<sijmTil). 
array, j)iessfl(Sij(^uLjy u^nQeirflj uei^ 

axe, (or ax,) ^(f^, u[t<3?^ semi—Q-stT 


door, uih^i^d(^(^s=fTLl.<sG)L-. 

field, QufTirdsefTih, LLj^^aeirih, ^j 

Bat' tie, V. n- 'S=(om(Ss)L-u6sor^}]^io^ Quit 

Bat'tle-ment, s. ^eoikisuD, ^uuifloDSuS 

Baw'ble, s. QuitgSI^ &jb/D&)isj<sairuQun 

Bawd, 5. <?:iEj<ssm<svfTiEjQ. 

female, ^rka^^, eSlpeQ. 
Bawd'i-ly, adv. s^n^^^^<o^i£inilj, 
Bawd'i-ness, s. ^h^^^^<o5rLD^ Q^uQ^^ 


Bawd'ry, s. ^^uL9uji})y^-^fTS=6unl>, ^rr 

Bawd'y, a. s^rr^^^^issTLDiKosr, Qen®^^ 

house, (oQy^s^®. 
Bawl, V. a. 3f^^<sSl^^eo, s^s(s^rreS)®<siS^ 

Bawl,?;, n. ^(srr^^eOy s^^^go^ f^etf)^^ 

Bawl'er, s. 'S^di^ir/bdSfTiresr. 



BawPing, 5. (5i7'<s3)si/, ■9^d(^rrG0, s^u 

Bay, s. ^sK^niElfDih, s^i^Qs^qjulj. 
at sea, (^i-.iTdsi—.e\). 
to keep one at bay, sfT^^(7^d<sGD(Su^ 

Bay, V, a. @;?cx)^^a>. 

Bay, a. s0(i^Qs^€uuLj(srr(o{r. 
Bay'o-net, s.^uu[T'sQuSl<oar(^/b^<sijrr<sfr, 
Bay'o-net, v. a. ^uurrdQ'uSl(3sr<ffFfFl<o3)<s 

Bay'salt, s. <sSi'^<sx\uL\. 

Ba-zar', s. <sg!di—, <3'iGD^. 

Bdel'li-Lim, s. (^rij(^<5SlaJLh. 

Be, V. n. ^(5^6^, @(^^,^a), sfr^}j^60, 

be it so, ^uuij^uSI(r^<s<sLLQ^ ^slLQ^ 

be off, fpp^ii-, (2SleO(^, Qun^ spQ, 
Beach, s. si—psGDirjSL-.CoeOfTn'Lh, s=Qp^ 

Bea'con, s, ^/f/t, QLDfT<ff^iEJsml.®rsj(^p9. 
Bea'con-age, s. ^[Brr<suni—QS>s. 
Bead, s. QufrebrLDisssf!, 

sacred, ^Q^^^UfTil.s'Qp^GSluuLDQssB^ 

roll, Q(WLDfr^S=<o6)UuSm'Q<9=ULDfT^26V. 

Bea'dle, 5. Q'3=<susm^ ^'^^lurrffl, ^^dsrr 

Beads'-man, 5. (cSl6m6muu(^Q<sFLuQ/D 

(Sij(oar, (sSleaorsssruuQLDfT^QnrKoijear. 
Beads'-wom-an, s. eSleoareaaruuCoLDfT^Q 

Bea'gle, s. e^(f^€Sl^Q<syLLGDL^f5rTLu. 
Beak, s, up<oS)(Sij^d(^^ Q<sFfT6m-®^ ^ 

Beak'ed, a. Q<3=n6m®(3[r<sfr^ ^d(3^&r<3fr. 
Beak'-i-ron, 5. ^-'^uL}fT(SQS<iQsfTeOy &?lL 

Beal, s, u(ii^^ Qgoib^^ Qcogtul}, (S(3' 
Beam, s. s^^^frih^ (sSIlLi^ld, 

of light, ^^n^ SfTih^^ QjiGMih. 

O^ B. loom, ^^LDirih, U(o6iL-LD!Jth* 

of a balance, ^ir/r*<5J(?<5/r6b, ^eond 

of a plough, i5jiTd<3srre\}. 
Beam'ing, s. Qir'sm-Lb<2SI<Sl(oiD-s, ^jeOiwi^ 


Beam'less, a. QuoMLSledeOtr^, ^eOssuy 

Beam'y, a. Qii6mQpefr<3{r^ QjiessrihsSsf-Q. 

p^ LSllTSIT.3=(lp(Sfr(Sfr. 

Bean, s. c3^<Sii<oS)rj:, (ip^<ss)ii6)j(r^<ss;ih. 

pod, ^(SUITlEjQstT^, 

pod and bean, si^GsyjjQiEp^. 
Bear, s. siru^. 
Bear,!', a. gt®^^&)^ Q<sfr6m®QufT(^^ 

to endure, ^^^ffl^^eo^ ^Q^^6\), u® 

to support, <SJ!B^^(S\)^ <9?LD^;S<S0, ,'Slf^^ 

to wear, ^ffl^^eo, ^ozfl^do. 

bear a pall, or train, ^niEj(^^eo^ ^jth^ 

bear a torch, (^&r lSI u^^^io , ^(Su^fiiS 

a weight, ^<oG)u:i^n[E](^^(si)^ unnihQuif 

arms, ^iij^i^ffl^^eo. 

expenses, Q<3reO(Si^Q<3SfT®^^6dj Qs=&)<2i^ 

fruit, s(o(TRQ<3En-®^^6\)^ sfTiLs^^do. 

in i[n\nd,<3S<siS)L-ULSIisL^^ 60^ rS^ssr^^eo , 

on the hands, or arms, (sosuSlQed®^^^ 

on the hip, or 1^ ^,^ . 
under the arm, ) '^ ^'^ 
testimony, <3=fTLL@QsrT®^^60j <3=[tlL& 

young. FF^iss&) , Qu^s^eo, uiu^^do. 

Bear, (suffer^) v. n, u®<s&), Quirgm^^eo, 

upon, or against, cgy(^^^#&iJ,@(5^^ 

^eo, ^[T<i(^^<so^ ^lL®^&)^ <s([^^^&)^ 

Beard, s. ^fri^, QLOfTisurriii. 

on the upper lip, l^<oid<9', 

of an arrow, <s(7^. 

of a comet, snrrex). 

in insects, ^ldl9. 

of grain, ^^ir, <sune\), 

the sharp edge on grasses \ ^(Tj, # 

and on the beard of grain, S 2sm. 
Beard, v. a. ^fTL^<oS)LuuLSlL^^^6\)^ ifiih^^ 

^60^ (Lp'S^^s(^QpmQioGr^iTs;s5G^, 
Be ard'ed, fl.^/T^Lti^ '^rrsrr 5 'X-T/^jsriij'^str, 



Beard'less, a-^^^^pp- 

as young, ^efrGaixKJurriSjr, 
Bear'er, s. ^(SGiLDsirirm, ^(ssunuun&r^ srr 

of a palankeen, <srr<5ijfT(3fr, uioeonst^ 

in botany, smjusQ/DLDirui, ueSleuB, 
Bear'ing, 2'«r^. Qun^^^io^ €i-in^^io. 
as pressing, ^ni(^LL^ns&LD. 
as supporting, ^fflui-i^ ^itiej(^(5S)'S. 
s' of a place, object, fi<s(^^ Qisn^Q^ 

of a subject, -sq^^^^ QiBrrdssih^ ^rr/b 

Bear'ish, a. sin^<s(^(om-(ip(2{r(Sfr, snu^ 

G U (T^STp . 

Beast, s. lSI0<si£>, LjSI(T^<35^<sum', 
Beast'li-ness, s. Q[fl<ss)uuQs®, lSI^s^ 

Beast'ly, adv. LSI^s^^esnofTiL. 
Beat, s. ^i^, ^<oS)p, 

of the pulse, /5/r/^(?aj/7z_lL_i2), ^rr^is 

€»/_, ^fT^LUdsLD. 

a thrust, ^^, ^fT<s(^. 
a tap, Q-sfnlQ, ^iL®. 
a buffet on the head, (^zJ.®. 
Beat, V. a. ^u^^^io^ Qsml.®^&), ^iL 

as win, surpass, s^sj^eo^ QiopOstr 

as thrust with the elbow, &c. ^i^^ 

with open hand, ^osip^eo, 

with the fist, (^^^^eo, 

with the fist on the head, (^uL^^eo, 

time in music, dancing, f^^^^io^^n 

efTihQ u rrQ^io . 

away, upssi^^^eo^ Qufrssi^^^eo. 

off fruits, (fee. &.^iT^^60, ^L^^^d 

in argument, seodQuuis^^^eo^ Q^np 

out corn, ^'^ss^uis^^^eo, 

the bush for game, <sn®s'^^^eo. 

a drum, &c. ^ts^^^io, QsmLQ^io, 

in a mortar, §if^^^io^ (^^^.i^io^ ^ 


beat the bosom at funerals, ^Lp€ijd6B 

clothes as a washerman, ^ul/^6\j,^ 

down, ^/r<iF(5^ffi), QiLrT^aju^^^eo. 
Beat, u. w. ^ujl^^go, ^LL<S);^eo. 

as the heart, ^l^^^^, u^^^go^ ^ 

as the heart in fear, ^s(^^^dQs<osr 

out or off as a vessel, <5T^ns[Tp^s(^ 


as waves, wind, ^i^^^&o^ <5TrSl^eOy 

Beat'er, s. ^i^dQpsu^^ ^LLQQpQj^. 
Be-a-tific, 'iQu!B<ssruQp(sn-<3fr^QLn[T 

Be-a-tif ic-al, * / LLffn(oisriB^Qp<^<s(r. 
Be-at-i-fi-ca'tion, s. LDsn^^LDireSlesfi'iGv, 

Be-at'i-fy, v. a. ^esrih^^^^LLuQ^^eo. 
Beat'ing, s. ^esarL.'Besr^ ^i^<s(^<s^s, 
Be-at'i-tude, s. Quiflmuih^ QiDinLs^nesr 

Beau, 5. QsfTLJLjssrTirm'f S^<ss(ssr, 
Beau-i-de'al, s. LoearrnliLSIuj^Lj. 
Beau'ish, a. QsnuL^en-etr^ i3g^s(^<3rr<sfr, 
Beau'te-ous, a. ^L^sneoTj Q,9=(S{rti^[fliu 

Besiu'ie-ous-\y, adv. ^LpsfTiu^Qpuu mil. 
Beau'te-ous-ness, s. ^Lp(^^ Qs^efrtb^iff 


Beau'ti-ful, a. ^i^^LDrresr^ ^i^snecr^ & 

imagery, ^lEusmnh^ ^eiJikismnii, 
man, sf^^^^i ^ueutT&n-. 
person, ^u(su^^ sj^^i^* 

to be beautiful, ^L^srruSl^^^eo^ &p 

Beau'ti-ful-ly, adv. ^L^sndj^&puunuj. 
Beau'ti-fy, v. a. ^eOfEJ<srfi;i^&)^ Qtkisir 

Beau'ti-fy-ing, s. ^ediEJsrfiuLjy Qihsn 
Beau'ty, 5. S{^(Sf Si^^i-^u)-) Q<3=<srriB^ 




a beauty, Q<3=(3{riB^iB^ sr^L9,^^^iSl, 

spot, ^L^(^dQ(SlLD^^ QpULjaSQlB 

BeaVer, s. iffisnub. 

Be-ciilm', V. a. ^i—ij<suu6m^i]^G0, s{ 

to be becalmed, ^^(SSiLL^^io^ snp^<ssT 
Be-calm'ing, s. ^qdldq^, snpfSl&deon 


Be-cause', con. ^stD'SiuniOj ^ecr^i^iOj 

of this, ^^^<ssiTS, ^fi6ffflu9^^ih, g) 

Beck, 5. <56)3=<iQ'2t5sr, era<F(SZD<5, uuSio^^ 


Beck, V. a. <5S)<s=€S)6BafrLLQ^eo, uuSleosfT 

Beck'on, s. (^/2:9l!/l/, (S6)3=sQ'2esr,uuSlG0^ 

Beck'on, r. a. (^r£}uLj<s<sfTLLQ^6\)^ gds 
sfTLL®^6\), s=uSldQ'26srsn'LLQ^60, 
with the head, &irdsihui})U6m-^}j^ 

with the hand, (5S)s<s5QsfTrr(oisiftsrrLL.Q 
^eo^ QD<suuuiS&)srrLL(Sl^eo, 
with a handherchief, ufi<sufT(S0)L-<s^<9r 
^su, ^eSl LUGO 6^6?^ do, 
Be-cloud', V. a. ^LDL£l<sQsn(3ir(^^eOy @ 

Q^lLQ^GO, LDIB^rrjJLhQufT®^60y LD(^p 

Be-come', v. a. (STjbi^^&Oj ^ds^fruSI^^ 
Be-c6me', v. 71. «^@^«sb. 

dim, LDfEJ(^^60y LD(Lpiij(^^<SO, 

loose, ^<2Sli^^&), sLL(Sl<sB(^'2e\)^G0j 

right, <9=ifluu®^dd, 

mouldy, l^(^c9f<5z_!.®^6U, Lj^^&i-i3u^ 

stationary, ^/B (5^6^ 5 /^^so^^e^. 
visible, snL-Qujn^eOy Q^ifl^eOy Q^a 

warm, hot, s-LLL-^sarLDir^eo, ^(Si^eo, 

Be-c6m'ing, a. <5Tpp^(^osiisiiLiiT<ssrf €jp 


to be becoming, <5J(h(^^<sii^ ^(^^&}. 
Be-com'ing-ly, adi^, <sjpsy <ojpp^n\h^^ 

Be-com'ing-ness, s. ^(ssisosiin^ ^(^.sFeij^ 

Be-crip'ple, v. a. (ipL^u)rT<i(^^eo, Qfsrr 

Bed, 5. u®<S(o6)a^ sLLi^io, s^ilkoHtld^ u 
(sirerflf LD(ii^&uD. 

with top and hanging curtains, s^t—rr 
head of, ^'^soinrrQ, 
foot of, ssneOLDH®. 
of a garden, un^fi. 
of spices, ^ihufTjTLJUfT^^y <sih^QjiT<i 

as layer, ) . ^ 
as stratum, ) 

fellow, S-L—(ohr,9=LU(5cfl» 

Bed, V. a. uQ<s6S)suu(D^^&}, urr^fiu9 

pUilSlflL—GOj U(oaiL-U(SS)l—.UJinLJ(oS)(all^ 

Be-dab'ble, V. a. (B^sin-^^ed, Q^etfl^^eOy 

Be-dag'gle, v. a. Q<3F^L\!nL®^<so, 
Be-daub', v. a. ^(Lp<ssrr<s(^^iOy^L-.(Si\^ 



Be-daz'zle, v. a. semsk^s^uuem^ii^GO^ 

Bed'-bug, s. ^lLqdl — 
Bed'-cham-ber, s. s=uj<ssr€iJGJ)pj u&r<sffl 

Bed'-clothes, s. siLisj-p^uuiLisf-^ Qid 

Bed'ding, 5. u®<3s<5S)<5S(iperu^^, slLi^go 

Be-deck', t;. cf. ^eoihsiB^^eo, 9iEJ<smft 

• • 

Be-dew', v, a. u6BffQurr60f5'2iosr^^ec^ is 

Bed'-hang-ings, s. (pi) sLLis^pQ(rr;isjs 

Be-dim',v. a. g)(3<sw<FO<FiL/^60, miiss^ 

Be-diz'(jn, v. a. ^eOiEisifl^^GO, 
Bed'lam, s. uaS^^iusiriresiiruuinTLDifld 
(5ti)€^®„ LDfr(n/>LLu.'3S<S(TJifl^<sjrr^ui' 



figuratively, LSl^^eofTLLi—LnfTiStn-s^L-. 

ii), ^Ln6ffliLj<2fr(Sfr<s:S L—ii). 
Bed'lam-Ite, s. uuSl^^l^usnndsr. 
Bed'-mak-er, s. uQs(oU)'^uS1QQ/d€u<^, u 

Bed— post, s. stLu^/b'SSfTeo^ LD(^<3=ssn<so, 
Be-drench', v. a. Q^fnh^^&J, Qpp^ih(5 

Bed'rid-den, a. QoDL-.^'hsvLurreur^ Q€S)L- 

Bed'rite, s. ^ioGOpuQu^. ^ 
Bed'room, s. s=iU(our(aU(SiDp., u&refflujGiD/D. 
Bed'side, s. <3=LU(osrQ<suiTrrihj u®d<5G)<£Lu 

Bed'stead, 5. siLu^io, ld(^<s=ld. 
Bed'tlme, s. u^iQpQi^uiJD. 
Be-duck', v. a. iiflGOiHi^^^eo. 
Be-dwarf , v. a. ^^uiSl^^do, t^^d^^ 

eo^ ^(Sfr<srrLDrTd(^^(so. 
Bee, 5. (J^caf, €11 em®. 

bee's wax, Qld(l^(^. 
Beef, s.« LDrTLLi^<56)ps'Q. 
Bee'-hive, s. Q^^sf^®^ ^(tt^oo. 
Beech, s. ^iT(su€0)SLDiri}>. 
Beef-eat-er, s. LDirLLu^o^ps^Q^asrQp 

as strong person, ueOffneSl, 
Been, [pasi ©/"Be.) ^<^ib^. 
Beer, s. ^irsussisuurresrih. 

Beet, S. ^IT(5U(SDS<sQLplEJ(^. 

Bee'tle, s. enesBrQ, €Uffl<siJ<osorQ^ <ouQ<siirf}» 
the male, <ff?^t£>L/» ^6aar(aiJ6!knQ. 
as a large mallet, <Qn&)<s^LL(Bd(^prSl-i 
QsmLi—fTULjerf), Fr-LL®d(^pnSI^ llitld 

Beeves, 5. (pi.) LofrQs&r. 

Be-fall', V. a. s=i})ue:SI^^6C^ Q[5(fl®^i\), 

Be-fit',v. a. si®^^^t ^(^fiuj[r(^^6\}. 

Be-fit'ting, a. (sjpp^ ^(^^Qiurreffr^ ^<s<3s. 

Be-fool', V. a. ^^LDrrpuuesBr^u^eo^ u 
^p u u 6m-6^ts;eo . 

Be-fore, adv. or prep. Qp<sn'^ qpxsstQgst. 
in time, ^uQurrQpQ^j (sjeoQsu.^ <ojp 

in presence, ffQp&ff!^Q€0^ (Lpm^rreSl 


in front, in advance, Qpih^^ QpmQ^cr, 

preceeding in dignity, ^"Sgu, Qp^^-i 

before I come, iB[TQ5r(aU(i^(ip<^. 

go before, QposrQGsrQun^ QpiB^u 

QufTf (tpiB^. 

Be-f5re'hand, adv. Qpfs^., Qpm^p, 
Be-fore'time, adv. ^(T^iay^^CJex), Qppsn 

Be-foul', V. a. ^(ipd<sfTd(^^io. 
Be-friend', v. a. ^usrfl^^6\),^Lu<sj^Q^ 

uj^eo J fBLUmuostT^lj^eo, 
Be-h'mge', v. a. j>j GO [EJsrFl^^&) J Q^rnEJS 

iosudofr^^eo^ Qs=frLp.^^eo. 
Beg, v. a. ^irih^QsLLt—&)^ i3&=<oS)iFQs 

lLl—60^ L9s^(^s=(syrTfijS60^ Lurrs^sihu 


to beg the question, ^i^^S^^^eo^ 

<F6l>, l3p^Q<Sn<S(rL£i^^^<S6)!J^^i0, 

as entreat, inm(irj>®^&d.^ Qs(^&dQs 
lLi—&)^ (D<su(omu^sQsrrefr(Gf^^&}. 
Be-get^v. a.Q<3'6sfluLSI^;5eo, i3pui3^ 

Be-get'iev^s. ^-<sffsrL-fT'S5(^Qp(aiJ(osr^ iSIp 

Beg'gar, 5. tiJ/7-<F<563r, ^rfuunm, lSIs= 

Beg' gar, v. a. ^rff^fiirLDrTd(^^60^ qj^ 

Beg'gar-li-ness,5. @t^<a/, CT(sr/?(5roLD, Q(^ 

Beg'gar-ly, a. (5r<stB(5S)LDUJn(o5rj ^uul^ 

Beg'gar-ly, arftj. ^i^ ay /ruj, eTeffl^fnu. 

to be beggarly, ^ifi(siiu®^60^ Q^ 


Beg'gar-y, 5. @L^a/, <f^<sff)(SG)tD, (Su^<ss)ld. 
Beg'ging, s. iurr<SF<5SL£)j ^/tl/l/, iS^GSi.s'Q'S 

Be-gin', T. a. ^u^Q<sn<s(r(^^GO^ .^ihiSI 

Be-gin', v. n. ^^<so, Q^rT<d!r^^eo^^QjrEJ 

as eclipses, QsrsemLDUifiQf^^io, ^(sm 



as begin to run, c^LLi—UJiSlL^<i^e\), ^ 

Be-gin''ner, s. Q^frL—!W(^QpQjm-. 
Be-gin'ning, s, ^ulduld^ ^(sud^ua^ Q^ir 

first cause, ^^sfnTesGn}), sfTij€smih. 
origin, c^ if-, ^^,^fT^,^e\)Lh,(o(SuiT. 
rudiment, ground, j>ji^^ Qp^p^k.^. 
of an eclipse, Qirsssuruffls^Ln^ u[fl<s= 

as earl}^ part, Qp-s'hssr^ (Lp^pu(^^. 
from beginning to end, \^nQ<snn^^!iLD^ 

Be-gird', r. a. '!Es=<3?ssL-®^eo^ (^(Lp^ed^ 

Be-gone' ^ intj. (^urr, <2SI(S0(^. 
Be-got', (see Beget) Qu/bp^. 
Be-grlme', v. a. j^(ip<ss!T<s(^^&)^ ssoDp 

Be-grudge', v. n. Qufr^'stDLDuuQ^eOj gt 

ffls=<3F6\)Q<SfT<ofr(^^6\)j ^(lpd<Sfrp6G)i— 

Be-gulle', V. a. LnL^LJLjuu6usr^}j^<3\)j qj 

time, Qu[T(Lp^QuiTd(s^^eo. 
Be-gun', (see Begin) Q^rTL-.fEjQ<oar. 
Be-half, s. udsih, rBtui}), Sl6)^^ld, 

in my behalf, GTisord<sfTS, (ST&n'uds^ 

Be-have', tj. n. f5t—^^i\), Qs'dj^eo. 
Be-hav'ior, s. /^z—^sro^f, e^Q^idsLo, /fczol-, 

Be-head', V. a. &it<3=Qs=^i1>u<osot^}]^<sOj 

Be-head'ing, s. QirJ'Qs'^mj ^'26vQ<su 

Be-held', {see Behold) semi—, 

Be'he-moth, s. epiribireufri^L^Q^SLl), lS(d<ss 

Be-hest', s. <SLLi-.'26rr, iSlrrLDrrissarih. 
Be-hlnd', adv. and pf^ep. iSpQs, iSIm-, 

lS<c^(^6\)j LSl€k(GU)QeO, LSIpLjpLD. 

inferior to, QipesiLD, ^tssSo^, ^iru^^ 
remaining, r§ls^<oO)<su, <5r<3='9=ih^ uS^^ih, 


psrrQeO^ ujnjs^. 

Be-hind'hand, adv. ^)'^r^^<5S)suundj, 

lSI/5^, LSl€ur&sf)<sbr^. 
Be-hold', V. a. ^^p^uufrir^^iso^ QiBua 

a great person, ^rfl&^^ do. 

as an interjection, ^uQufT(LpQ^, &- 

Be-hold'en, a. <SL-<5S)LDUjrT6sr^ Qung^u 

Be-hold'er, s. uniT<sQp<sij<^. 
Be-hoove', ^ ) ^(^^ujrTuSJ(f^^-^&)^ S 
Be-hove', ^'* "' ] Lu^LUfTuSl^^^d^^sL- 
Be'ing, s. ^(^6U)<s^ ^0^^go. 

as state ^^ulj^ ^it^ ^esrssiu), fS'^ 

a person existing, c^gjsrr, &(SUG^imQ(ofrnir 
a living creature, &(QUL9irfT<sssfl^Qs=iB^. 
a thing existing, u^rTiT^^il>,Qurr(^<o(ry 

Be-la'bor, v. a. ^l^^^^go^ ^^.SLDrT<SQj 

Be-lafed, a. sfT6\)^fTL£i^LDfTiosr^ (oibit(u^Qs 
too late, LSld5Q[5rr(^Qs=<ssrpj Qun(ig 

Be-lay', v. a. ^(D^^io, ufi<oO)6iJ^^eOj ^ 

Belch, ) <aJUUUD^(oJ(SUOS)p^Q^.iQs 

Belch'ing, ' ^ rSIsi^. 

Belch V. (SjuuuDioSlQ^io^ Q^dQ<sf6l 

as eject, <sB<i(^^6\), Qsrruusffl^jseo, 
Bel' dam, s. ^ip<a9, ^^(sSi(r^^(o6i^. 
Be-lea'guer, v. a. ^<SGiL-Q<sfTL^(56)i—Qu[T 

Q^eOj 6u26rrfB^Q<s fT<sfr(Gf^^60 , (Lpp^ 

Bel'fry, s. LD6ssfld(DSfTi-jiru:)j ld<ssSiB'^, 
Be-lTe', ^. a. QumLiQiLKoordsiTLLL-eo, 

60, Qu[rdj(o6)UjQLDULHunLu^'SmL®^(so. 
Be-lief, s. e.^^, [5ihLSld<oS)<s. 
as creed, tenets, Qsmlurr®' 
faith, €Sl<3i-(SurT'ff'ii>' 
religious, Q^qju^^Q, u^^- 



mental grasp, <»s33i_iJL9z^, uxssruu 

as opinion, <or<o!iar63srLb, ^isssflo^^ fB^rr 

Be-liev'a-ble, a. ibldu^^ss^ (z£l<fff- (suites 
Be-lieve', v. a. ^gn^uurriLfBiliL^^eo^ (sSlor 
as think, or suppose, <5T6ssr^}j^eo, ^ 
Be-liev'er, s. <ff=<sDL£iujd<srrjTeBr, lEihLjQp 
Be-lit'tle, v. a. ^L^<si^u®^^^eOj Q(i^& 

Bell, 5. &=^IEJ(oS)S^ LDCSsBj ^eOfEJQDS. 

made of wood, &pu<^u. 
rope, or string, s=^Ej<o5)<SLDfT'2eo, 

Belle, S. &llEJ<S5fTffly ^uQuJ(3fr(aiJ6sfi. 

Belles-let'tres, s. [pi.) ^&)ds6sar^6\}dQ 
ujd<s6\)(2Slseirj fBrTS{f65LDiTesr6S6\)6Sl<ss(sir^ 

Bell-found-er, s. «sr6or(^(S3r. 
Bel-lig'er-ent, s. u^^^ihwsm^uQp ^ 


Bel-lig'er-ent, a. Qun(T^<s(^ifluj^ Qunrir 

rights, u^^^thueasr^ij ixiQp<oS)p(5!aLD. 
Bell'-man, s. LD(sssflLUL^<iQn)(Sijear. 
Bell'-met-al, s. Q<su(omse\)ih, 
Bel'ldw, 5. ^ussnuLb, s^ssrut^y QjSfrepi^ 

Bel'low, V. n. Q^fr^uQufrQ^do, s_d<s/T 
as the sea, si—eSosiff^eo^ si—GO(^Qp 

Bellows, S. (pi.) ^SK^k^Q^^^^ ©.?6U^ 

Bell'-ring-er, s. LD<sssfluju^<sQp(3u^. 

Bell'-weth-er, 5. lloss^-selLi^vu^C^, Qp 

Bel'ly, s. (suuSlru, ^^jjld. 

ache, <oiJiiSI/b^d(^^^. 

band, Qs^essruDLf^LLQtijsJ^s?, 

full, <aUuS^lB<S6)pU^LDLL(BliJD. 

worm, Q(y^LS)^ QGDiruufrihq, 
Be-long', V. n, s-rf^^^rr^&)y p^tssiL-uj^n 

Be-iov'ed, a. ^^LDnm, ^LLt^LofTssr, l9 
(fliuiDfTeary iSif^ujfTesr^ QfB9d<suu 

to be beloved, LSrflujuuQ^d\). 
one, (female) <srr^&S, iSlrflesiLu. 
one, (male) <s[T^(oO(dsr, LSlrf^Luear, (Eeaar 

Be-15w', adv. ^i^uSeo, QQll^ u&xsfluj, 

to go below in a class, &c. iSHe^u 

Be-low', pre;?. jiji^uSeOj QQip. 

Belt, 5. ^<oS)ird6Bs=<9?^ ^<siDir(^rT6m, <ff 

Belt, V. a. ^p^^eo.^ (^Qp^io. 
Be-man'gle, v. a, ^<ssBn^^^eOj Qsirpgfi 

Be-mire', v. a. ^(ip<i<srrd(^;5&>, s^iBl^it 

Be-moan', v. n. LjeothLj^dOj ^^iej(^^ 

Be-moan'er, s. Lj(s\)ihqQ(SiJiTm. 
Be-m5an'ing, s. Lj6\)ihu(S0^ tSireorTuui. 
Be-mourn', v. a. iSlff<soin3^^eOj ^dsu 

u®^60^ Ljeoihu&). 
Bench, s. l?z_lo, iSu^eois, ^s^eGnSt-.ih. 

in a boat for rowers? <SijfTrfluu&)<ss)S, 

of justice, fSiLirrLUfT^eori}). 

as judges, u^^jjirs^eBru^s&Ty Sinn- 

Bend, s. Qsnesareo^ idi^<s(^^ (ipL-<s(^f 

Bend, V. a. eu'^eir^^io.^ (ipu.d^^(so^ lj> 

z_<5P@^a), Qs{tlL®^6\), s^QJiKS^do. 

to subdue, ^t—di^^do, ^(Ssudlulju 

to apply closely, <s(f^^^<ss)<su^^io. 
over, incline, s^nin^^iOj s(sS^^e\)^ 
the arm, leg, i£>i—.d(^^&)j Qpt—d^ 

the head, ^'26v,^fTuj^^eOy ^'2eo(sy6SGr/ij 

back, LSI<s!risij'26rr^^60^ un-.d(^^60. 
Bend, v. n, ^san^eu, f(Sij(erK^eOj wl^iei 
(S^e\), (ipt-.iEJ(^^6d, <Sij'Berr;S&), 
to bow, (^eifff^dOj uessfi^io. 
to bend just over, seSl^e^), 





as incline, fffnu^eOj s^nn^eo, 

bend back, ^Q(f^LDLj^6\)j LDL-.tEj(^j^&)^ 

Bend'a-ble, a. <oij'S&rLud<sk-u^ujy (Su'Serrds 

Be-neath', adv. ^L^uSleo^ QQipy^fTL^, u 

Be-neath', j^rep. Qi^. 

-Ben-e-dic'tion, s. Q^fsueiu^^^ ^^(TQurr 

Ben-e-fac'tion, s. Q-u^nmh^ (Bm<5SiLD. 
Ben-e-fac'tor, s. &-u<sfTff}y iT'<oS)<sujfT(Sff}^ 

Ben-e-fac'tress,s. Q-usfrrf}jQ€ij(^LDfT(ouf}. 
Ben'e-fice, 5. s-usrrirm^ QsfTuSl6V(Su(f^ 

Be-nefi-cence, s. &-Udsn'jis=Q<g=uj(o!D<3s. 
Be-nefi-cent, a, Q'iSfTQDL—^^<^(oS)LDLLj&r 

Be-nef i-cent-ly, adv. ^^udsmnofriLj ^lutr 


Ben-e-fi'cial, a. &-uQLUfT'3SLDfT(our^ iSijj 
QujfTS=6sr(Lp(S{r(Sfrf ^^^fT(SD^ujfT€sr. 

Ben-e^fi'cial-ly, adv. u60(^tju^ tSlirQiurr 
s^esTLDmii^ &-uQujrr<SLDfruj. 

Ben-e-fi'cia-ry, a. ^(t^i£tLDQu^Qp.f^a[T 

eSl 60 LDfTSlFff LU LdQ U^ijQjD , 

Ben-e-fi'cia-ry, s. Q<sfr<sSl(SO'S}jQ^LDn<osr^ 

as one who lives by charity, ^s^wqj 

Ben'e-fit, s. &-usiririx)^ fB(S!r(^Dm^ ibgst^, 
Ben'e-fit, v. a. a-^(S5/^6x), &.usrfl^^0O, tu 

<oar<oS)LDQ<S:iLJ^60, l3 ffQ UU [T <3^ (oST U U ® ^^ 

Ben'e-fit, V. w. iSljjQtufTS'iSsruu^^'so, 
Be-nev'o-lence, s. SJO^^skj Q0<sdu^ ^ 

Be-neVo-lent, cf. Q(r^<56iuii^m(3tr^ ^cueii 

person, &-us(rifl^ {^QssrQjn&sr, ^ujit 


mind, (^Grflirih^sLoeunl), ^turrefrLDesTLh. 
Be-night',?;. a. ^0LLi^&)<suu&^^^&)y 


morally, iD(^^(2B q^q^go <s u u(Si^^i^go .^ 

Be-night'ed, part. ^iTn<sR60&uuLl.u.j 

to be benighted, ^!I[T(sSI(oOsuu®^&). 
Be-nign', ) SL-.nLLs=Qpm<3n-^ sq^ 

Be-nig'nant, " ) '^/oSsruLimofTj^^'SniULDneor^ 


to be benignant, <si-.ntl.ffih(oSi^^^(50^ 
Be-nig'nant-ly, adv. si—nLL^^LDuiu, ^cu 


to look benignantly, st^mLQ^^eo, 
Be-nig'ni-ty, s. cgy(j5<sw', SL^niLs^ih^ S0 

as salubrity, <S'(Si^<sQajuo)j ^(suij^^inih. 
Be-nlgn'ly, adv. <ssL-ml.<9=LDrnUj sQ^'bsssr 

Ben'i-son, s. ^^nojn^LD. 
Ben'ja-mine, s. s^nihiSlrfirGssfl. 
Bent, s. LDL—d^, (3(Dz_dF(5, <su2ofr6if. 
as tendency, s^fTLuuLj^s^iriT'Si^^ <9:(tuj<sij, 

of mind, LD(osr3'3=nn<si^. 
Bent, {see Bend.) (sudotr/u^. 
Bent, a. ^^<our60fT(o3r^ (sn'^etriB^. 

arm, Q <s n® iej €Sis . 

in or over, <s<s£Iib^. 

old man, <3P>-<oarQLp<Qij(^, 
Be-numb', v. a. ^LSiQrTfDuu<5oar^)j^io^ 

as stupify, lduj<s(^^<so. [eu. 

to be benumbed, ^uSln^^iOj (sSfssip^^ 
Ben-zoin', s. ^frmLSIrriressfl, 
Be-queath', v. a. L£)ii(om^rf^<oBr^^G^<axj(^ 

rSl^^io^ LDrr6aar<3:fr^(osr^^n'60<oO)L^ujLJu 

Be-quest', s. LDjr<om-,3'rr^<osr^^jb(^/]S^^ 

FF'tsij, LDrr6m'<9=fT^€sr^^rr60<ss)L—ih^^. 
Be-reave, v. a. ^L^<ssuu<om^)j^eOj u 

of children, i-\^^!i<sS&sr<o5)LDaj[T.£(^^^ 
to be bereaved, ^!^^^^, <s'fr<sdQ<£fT 
®^^<so^ u/SQ<s5u®^^eo. 
Be-reave'ment, s. ©^"Sj/, ^LpuLf, urSl^ 

Be-reft', (see Bereave.) ^i^i^^. 

Ber'ry, s. 9^snuj, Q^uLpih. 

J t 



Berry, V. n. &g^!ErTuj3;irdj^^G0. 
Berth, s. <sLJu<s^/b'9=iuiosr<su(SDjD. 

as station, ^ffl<ssLJLSL^^^suu6\)rS/b 

Ber'yl, s. s^Qp^^iTQjmQjrisGO^ ^Qp^^ 

rr(suisffr<o^s=&'2eo, ul^<slju4=<oS)<9=. 
Be-scat'ter, v. a. 9^s^^&). ^pgii^ed. 
Be-scrib'ble, v. a. Q^&(^^&i, Q^^eo. 
Be-seech', v. a. ^iTiB^Q<sLLL^io^ Qs 

Be-seem', v. n. ^(^^ujir^do, ^j/bp^ir^ed. 
Be-seem'ing, a. <o]pp^ ^(^mniosr. 
Be-set',v.rt. ^p^^<so ^(^i^^GO ,Qj'2(orr^^G0 . 

as waylay, <SFfiQ<g^ujujuu^<2Sl0^^6O. 
Be-set'ting, a. (^ip<sn(^Qp,<3i-pp(Qij(r^Qp. 

sin,(^(LpSlpun'<sui})^ Qf5(Ti^<sQpufT(cuih. 

as over and above, ^ddeorrLD^ih^ 9 
to be beside one's self, uuS^^ujldlSI 

Be-sTde', ) ^GOeOnm^ih, ^mfSl 

Be-sldes',^ ^' ) ti/"), ^m<osrQpLb^ il'm 

Be-siege', v. a. sj<oSii—Q<s[nL<s5)L-.uu®^ 
Be-sieo^'er, s. Qpp^ssisQuuQQpQjm', 


Be-sieg'ing,a. Qppsv<B6)aQu!r®Qp,(3u'2err 

Qp, ^(oOil—Q'SfTLLGDl—UuQ^^Sp. 

Be-slime', v. a. Qs=^L^!jil.®^GOy Qs=^ 

Be-smear', V. a. ^t—Gij^io^ l^<9f^6i), Old 

as soil, ^<2!yLl®^e>), L^HL-Q^io, 
Be-smut', v. a. ^(ipd^rTd(^^GO^ sffJi-fir 

Be'som", 5. <2SI<sfr<S(^iLrT^, ^qdl^uuld^ 

Be-sort,' v. a. ^esriSltosrLDfTdjGDQj^^&dj^ 

Be-SOt', V. a. LD^L£iLud(^^60y UiLU<S(^^ 

Be-sot'ted-ly, adv. LDius<sLDFruj,QQj/SliJUfT 


Be-sot'ted-ness, s. Lciudsih, QiSufSI. 
Be-sought', {see Beseech.) Q<slLi—^ LD<sk 

Be-span'gle, v. a. iBm^Loojefv^asGrnT 

Be-spat'ter, v. a, Q^rS<s<!Es^Q,ff'Uj^&),0^ 

as asperse, ^(Su^^Qs^irio^^eo, 
Be-spawl', v. a. ^-LSIi^i§(oa)ir^^(SiJGfrdQs= 

lb 3560, 

Be-speak', v. a. (LpmQ<3=[T606Sl<3S)<5iJ3^^<so, 
as betoken, foretell, Qp<ssr(^rS^^60^Qp 
GsrcsTfB isSl^^do . 

Be-speck'le, v. a, LferreffJuS^^io, Lfen-erR 


Be-spice', v. a. <si^<siJiT<3s<sL^Q^60, s^ih 
ufTinSKSi^eo^ (ourTS='2i5^3^Ll.®^60. 

Be-spit', V. a. ^-L^i^i§<ss)rr^^(Sij(S(ruu(sssr 
^mi ^<s60 . 

Be-spoke, (see Bespeak.) (ip<^^fSI^^. 

Be-spot', V. a. Lj&reff)QuiT®^60. 

Be-spread', v. a. urruLj^eo, usreii^eOy 

Be-sprink'le, v. a. Q^etfl^^do, ^eij^9). 
Best, a. S-^^LD^ LD<ssrrf5G060j&.s=&^LDrT(osr, 

to the best of my knowledge, (BiT(osrrSl 

Best, adv. ^^^LDLDrriij, Li><!En!BmQij>uj, 
Be-stain', v. a. suunns^^io, sesypuu 

Be-staid',1?. a. u6odru®^^^eo. 

in scriptures, 0/5(75 <9J<5uu®^^^6i^. 
Bes'tial, a. iBQ^s^^esriLtrGsr. 
Bes-tial'i-t}-', 5. LS!0S(oS)LD^issn})j lSIq^s 

^^esrihj i/9(75<5f^^z_63rL/ssBr/f<y^. 
Bes'tial-ly, adv, LSl(r^s^^mw(Tth. 
Bestir' J V. a. Jij 0^1® ^60 J e^ps=rr<suu 

®^^£B60, ^P(ossr®^60. 

one's self, fitff^eo^ i5i—i£>n®^G0^ Qpiu 


Bestow', V. a. FF^&><) J>{0(^^^') ®*^ 


as iter } <?*"«^A^> ^'-^(S^^- 
Be-stow'al, s. Fr-(ss)s, Q<srr<oG>i — 
Be-stow'er, 5. FF(SO)<sujfTefr&fry QsnesiL^ 

Be-stow'ment, s- Ff<5S}Sj Q^nssiL,^ fituf^ 



Be-strad'clle, (see Bestride.) v. a* >S(SijQ 

Be-streW, v. a. Q<3=a{fl(sSl^^&)j Q^tstfl^^ 

Be-strlde', v. a. <3S(QuQufTLus=<3-r^&}. 
as step over, <oTLl.isf^<s<sL-^^io. 
Be-stud', V. a. (^tSli^sefriTio^aoiEj^sff^^^ 

Bet, 5. «Pl1z_LD, UfS^LUlh. 

Bet, V. a. u ih^Lu [EJ s LL®^eo , uih^tuLhiS 

Be-take', v. a. <5t(B^^60, 

one's self to, ^€sffrL^dQ<35iT<sfr(Gr^^6\)j 
^®^^a), ^€6)L-^<S0^ <s^lL(Si^60. 

Be'tel, s. QsupfSl'boO^ ^[ildlj^gOld. 
Be'tel-pouch, 5. ^<5S)L-.u(sidu, Qsu/b/jS 


Be-think', v. a. fS2isffr<aii'3^(7^^€\)^ fSl^sm-Gij 

Be-tide, V. a. <s'ldu(sSI^£s<so^ Qi5ffl®^io, 

Bedtime', adv. QfEn^Q^nQi—, QurrQp 

Q^nQi-M, 'SfredthQu/D') <ojp&^ <srf60fr 

Be-tok'en, v. a. Q<s[T&)[EJsnLL®^eo, (^rB 
sniLQ^io^ ^<oS)L-,ujrr(sn-iEismL®^60. 
Be-took', (see Betake.) <ot®^^. 
Be-tray', v. a. ^JTesan^&musm-^B^seo^ 

confidence, ^(Sl^^<sQ<3s(Sl^^&)y rsLoiSI 
Be-tray'er, s. s^jhu'^etn-sniT'Sjr^ ^QirnQ, 

Be-trim', 17. a. ^eoiEi-sifl^^GO^ Qs^uueafl 

Be-troth', v. a. <sB(oSlujfTGMuQufT(r^ji^LD 

Be-troth'ment, s. <s€SlLUfT6m-uQufr0^^ 

Be-trust', v. a. ^uu(oO)L-iQs'UJ^6\), ibldlS 

Bct'ter, u. a. (^emuu^^^^eo^ 9nuu 

®^^^go^ ^Q^^^^ed, 
Bct'ter, a. cgy^/FeOLo/iresr, ^^^ld, s^^^, 

to be better off'? s{^.^^^<3'i^sn\]Sl(fn^ 


to get the better of, QojeO^^eO^ Quo 


for the better, {560LDrr<s, sun&uuns, 

to be better, <s^^^go, sf-SLJuQ^eo, 

this is better than that, ^^e^uS^fS 

Bet'ter-ment, s. ^iruuQesiSj fipuuQ 

Bet'ter-ness, s. ^-^^ldud, ^(f^^^ih^ Qp^ 

ppirih, "(LpSf^^pih. 
Bet'ters, 5. {pi.) ^^<sBLDiT6sr<suiT<sB(S{rj Qu 


Bet'tor, s. uis^uuanrTm, ^lLl-loxoSxsu^Q 


Be-tum'bled, a. ^GdirnQsneOinnGsr^ e^Qp 

Be-tween', ^^GSiL—uSlQeo, SLefr 

Be-twixt', ^ ^^' ] QofTj (^^aQs^ ms. 

Ql-^ r5®Q(Sij. 
Bev'el, s. (a/Ssyrca/, (2S16\)gO,5='3?. 
Bev'el, v.a. <Sijdotrd(^^eo, 
Bev'el, V. n. su^llj^go, [iSlir^m* 

Bev'er-age, s. un<55nji^ (^i^uuesreii^ ^ 
Bey'y, s. up(siD(Sij<s5s?i-LLu,ih<) Qucssrseir 

<3^L-.L—LD^ gP^L^L-LDs 

Be- wail', v.n. ^Qp^eo^ ^60£u^G\)y urf}^ 
iSl^^eOf LjeOil>Lj^6\), 
at funerals, ^L^(oij<S(^uL]eoix)u&)y ^ 
uuniflQs^nGOe^^iOj ^LJi-j<3=Q<?rr6\)o^ 

^eOj lSlrr60fTlSl^^&), 

Be-wail'ing, s. e^uunrfly L/6U/i)L/<o25)c!F. 
Be-ware', v. n. <5f<3=3^(fld(5iD<suuniiSQ^^^&3, 

Be-wil'der, v. a. 'Seoihsuuem^u^GO^^ 

to be bewildered, ^®LD/r^^^, ^qd<ss 

Bc-witch', V. a. Lnns(^^<so., w0lL®^6O* 
as wizards, &c. (^6^uj(^Qs^uj^go. 

Be-witch'ing, a. LnLud(^Qpj LD0Ll®Qp. 

Be-witch'ing-Iy, adv. LDLu<s(^Qp^fTiJU^ to 

Be-witch'ment, s. (^esf^LULo. iDtud^y ld 

Be-wray',17. a. ffpu'^on-Qs^dj^GO^^^Q^ 

mijseo , 



Be-yond' , prep, and adv. ^uurrio^ ^u 

one's depth, <57z_lL_/r^^ /rip Q/, j^sfT^uo. 
comprehension, LDisar^sQsLLL-rr^ ,ld 

reach, (otlLl-it^^ <!E6Gur^}]<sQsL^ 

Be'zoar, s. Q&nQun^^ssr, 
Bl-an'gu-la-ted, a. ^(^(osrr^uefrGfr. 
Bi'as, s. ^0^^'2evLjurriTi})^ epQ^^^'hsos^ 

of mind, utriruLL<s=u:>^ LD<^<9'<3^naL^,su[T 
iruufrQj g^uqjitijuo). 
Bi'as, V. a. s=rrLu^^&), s:iTiTUfT<s(^<S60, ^ 

Bib, S. LDniTl3eO^(Lpi(^^^[TIE](^LDL^<SSiL- 

<SD<QU^^6asr®, L£>n!in<5S)L 

Bib'ber, s. (^u^snirm^ Q(Su/6lLuesr. 
Bi'ble, s. Qisu^ih, ^0€urT<35(^, Qp^^^io. 
Bib'lic-al, a. Q(sij^sfrs^<s(srfluJ, ^^(SijrT 

Bib-li-og'ra-phy, s. Qoj^fTSLDLjrrfresor^ip^ 

Bib'li-o-man-cy, s- suSlg^js^fTir^^uuirir 

Bib-li-o-ma'ni-a, s. l^^^sulSiBvuld. 
Bib-li-op'o-list, s. Lj^^seSliufTurrff). [<s<s. 
Bib'u-lous, a. ^-fS(i^^^^d-s.^ &i-<supp^^ 
Bi-cap'su-lar, a. ^irLL(oS)i—.QiB/b^<^(ofr. 
Bi-cho-de-mare, s. (sea slug.) ^(Lpeurreo 

Bick'er, v.n. seosLSIQ^iOy s^emo^L- 

Bick'er-er, 5. s6\)sd6BfTir(Ssr^ ^(sm<56)L 


Bick'er-ing, s. sgo<sld, <5=6ssr(oB)u., 
Bi'corn, ) s6uiTLJL£iB^rr^(ck&r^ 

Bi-corn'ous, ' } ^QsrrLbLj&refr. 
Bid, s. Q<sB(siT(zSlj eSl'bsM'sQs&reSl^ <sSI'^ 

Bid, V. a. (SJisij^eo^ 'SkLL^'BemiSQ^ddy <sp 

as invite, ^(ss)l^^^&}. 
as offer price, (sSI'^soCo^sLLi—eo. 
as salute, r3l,'3=fTir(i^Q<ffT&)^^&). 
adieu, rSi/^uL9dQsfT'3(r(€f^^sOj 




to bid defiance, ^eP)ps^(SiJ6\). 
Bid'der, s. Qs<3n-<sSl<ssiTsr(^, (cSI'^e^QsuL 

Bid'ding, s. (sSl'2e\)dQs(Sfr(2S^ sSI'^svQslL 

as invitation, r:B>j(Sj>LpuL^. 

as command, ^lIl-Ssyt. 
Bide, V. n. <sij[T<5=ix)U(sm-^u^60,^fE}(^^so. 
Bi-dent'al, a. ^(7^u<s\)^(sir<sfr, 
Bi-en'ni-al, a. FFnrTLLGs)L-iun<our^ fr-iTiTeosr 


Bi-en'ni-al-ly, adv. FFirnLL<56iL-ujniu, 
Bier, s. uit<exdl—^ ^iheou, ^s=:b^, 

for the living, ^633r^(sro<5, Q^netrn, 
Biest'ings, 5. {pi.) <s(SlthLjuu(T6\), ^ihurr 

eOj R:^p^U<oS)LDLJUrr60, 

Bi'fold, a. ^FLL<oS)L-.LurT€iyrj LDU^uunear. 
Bi'form, a. ^([^(Siju^ei^&ren-. 
Bi-fur'cate, a. <sE(SU0<ck<3fr. 
Bi-fur-ca'tion,"*. «<a/^, 6e<suitul^. 
Big, a. u//?aj, u(t^^^^ u(7^<5B)LDUjrT<ssr^ ^ 

as tumid, eS<ssLDtT€sr, ^i^^^^ ^<sSi^^. 
as inflated with pride, <oTQuurT<oi5j-, eS 

to talk big, (S^i£iurriljuQu^^6\), 
Big'a-mist, s. ^^m'^GsrtsSls^emLjeiDi—Uj 

Big'a-my, s. ^(r^LD^5sr(sS&'^iL^<5S)L-<o6)Ln, 

Bight, s. (^i—n, 

of a rope, <stiSpgi}<s(^(5s>Lp<9^<3i-^ suSjh^ 

Big'ly, adv. usL-LDmii, Qu(t^<ss)lduj[tuu., 

e^lhuiTLU^ (aSdaLDfTUJ. 

Big'ness, s. ^if tJL/, U(3iJUii), u(t^gs)ldj 

Big'ot, S. (^(T^LL®UU^^<S<SSrTF<^y <a^6SSr 

u^^dsfTjK^j j)f<suu^^(oS)(Susrn'<sm 

Big'ot-ed, a. (^(r^iL^uu^^QanemL-, 

Big'ot-ed-ly, ac^v. (^(r^iL^uu^^ujndjy 

QprnLQuu^^uu frill. 
Big'ot-ism, ) (^(t^lLQuu^^., l9i^ 
Big'ot-ry, ' i (syn^LDfreoru^^. 
Bile, s. iSl^^thj i9d^. 



a tumor, <35l1®j <snuj^ ^hlLQ^ u(t^, 
Bile'-stone, 5. iSl^^dsLLi^. 

Bilge, S. <S560LJLj(oO)l—ULj^ <SLJU(sS!(oUrL^LU 

Bilge, V. n, e^(EjQQ(SUL^^^eo, eSlihtSluLSl 

water, suu(siS^^iB^6m(5ss^iT' 
Bil'ia-ry, a. lSI^^^ i3^^^^s<s®^^, 

duet, iSl^^fBinltLj. 
Bil'ious, a. LSJ;^^LDrr6or^L9^^rEjQ<srr<om-t—. 

disease, LSl^^gQurrsLD, 
Bilk, V. a. <oJiu^^6\}, ^Ll.L^<sSl®^6d^ Qldit 

Bill, s. ^l1®. 

as account, sism-s(^s=^LLQ^ gds<ss 

as advertisement, sjfS<sSl^^pu^^ 


of exchange, ^-(smis^ujeOy ^^gsotu^uu 

p&L-®^ Qe}r<ofnTiT<S(^, Qs^6\), 

as beak, ^j6i)(^j Qs^nem®^ up(ois)<su 

as ticket, ^^^(Tsrs'&Ll.Qy ^lLQ^ ^ 


bill for hedging, <S6)s<s<s^^. 

of indictment, (^jr)/D<9=^rrLL®dsQ 

of lading, (SiJiririBmn^^^LLQ^ ^uaffiBn 

of mortality, s^rrdsessrdf^. 

of sale, (oIsos'^lL®. 
Bill, V. n. ^eoQ<EE[TL-.(soQL-,eo. 
Bill'et, s. 9lL(Si^ <s[^^th, 

for casting lots, ^(3<ai/<sr<F^zl®. 

for lodging soldiers, (sSI®^^^lL®. 

of wood, (SP/61') ^rS, ^6mQ, 
Bill'et, V. a. <sEl(B^s'9LLQsQ&n®^^60. 
Bil'let-doux, s. (SS)<s<sQ'^s'9Li(blyQ[5^ 

Bill'iards, s. (pi.) f^ir(^^[TLLL^ua^ uih^ 

Bil'lings-gate, s. ^s=ulSIujw^ Qsfr<3= 

Bill'ion, s. MCS'iiSlnQ'Snu^^ S(T^<SiJih, 

ten billions, LD<srrs(^(siJLb, 
Bil'low, 5. c^^, fioDir, 

of clouds, QiL'SUL^eOih: 


Bil'16w-y, a. ^'^lun&sr^ ^<oS)iiiLj&r<sfr. 
Bin, s. u^^fTLuuD. 
Bi'na-ry, a. ^iirL-<5!DL^ujinu. 
Bind, z?. a. iSlessff^^io, uiB^^^eo. 
fasten, gird, ^^<s(^^6\). slL®^60^ u 

as confirm, ^^'^uuQff;^^6\). 
as oblige, •si1.®uu®^^^go. 
books, L\^^s(ii<sLL®^&), 
one's self by a curse, s'u<g(i^Qs^rT60^ 

with fetters, <sSl6diEj(^Qurr®^eo, lj^lL 
®^60^ ^2iotrLj^LL®^<so, 
with spells, LD:B^ir^^rr/bsil.®^6V. 
Bmd^v.n. @^@^a), <slL®uu®^(so, 
as become costive, ldgolSI^(^^go, ld 

&)li)<3USr(^^6\), LD&)lEJ<Sll.®LJU®^6\}. 

Bind'er, s. <3SLL®Qp6U(ssr. 
Bind'ing, 5. 6el1.®, ui^ih. 

as cover of a book, slI.®, ^l-<s\j. 
Blnd''mg^a.<ss L—€iDLDUj iT(^n',Qu rr^u u rT6ur. 
Bin'na-cle, 5. suu<sSI/b'SfTiU;SuQuLLL^d 

Bi-noc'u-lar, a. ^0<s;6sar^!j<srr<s(r. 
Bi-nom'in-ous, a. ^(^f5fTLn(ip(SfrGfr. 
Bi-og'ra-pher, s. f^0<sijffl&n-s=ffl^fiir^(SB)^ 

Bl-o-graph'ic-al, a. ^^(T^w^GDt—ujs^ff}^ 

^rj-^^ d <S ®^^. 

Bi-og'ra-phy, s. ^^oj^esiL-Lus^ffl^^ir 

zi), & (sS Lu <g: rfl (^^ y ^(sSluJs^rFl^^rrLL. 
Bip'a-rous, a. ^irLL<oB)i-.ujiTu^^Slp, ^ 


Bi'ped, 5. ^(r^'3S!T(sSl^ ^(r^snpiSljjiTGsS. 
Bip'e-dal, a. ^(r^<s[T^&r<s{r. 
Bi-pet'a-lous, a. tr-rfl^LgfTisar. 
Bi-quad'rate, a. (aU0<sQ<srrQj0ssLDfTQjr. 
equation, <oij(f^dQ<srT(Sij(r^d<s,3'^ijS's!T 

Bird, 5. (^0(aSl^ UlLQj up(50)€lJj H&T. 

cage, (^0<sSJdsL.®^ u(^s=irili. 

catcher, (^p'sum-^ (^(7i^<2SJiSlL^dQp 

(Si/<s3r, ^(7^<s:SI(}(QULl.GDi^<ssmrm-. 

lime, ^lL®, ^(r^<sSi3u^d(^LhLS&m. 

dung, (^Q^(oSlQuus's=LD* 

nest, ^0(sSld3i^®, 

of paradise, (ST0^^/QjfTp(^(r^^, 



Birth, s. l9/dulj, LSIp<sSI, ^€or<si^Lhj i3ii 

untimely, sq^uuQs^^ld^ ^l^sq^. 
as origin, ^-pu^^^ ^-pumiD^ Q^n 


as lineage, urr€ii6ssfl, (si/lS},fi1)- 

day, <9'€QrGjr!Btr<B(r^ iSlpiB^fBrrsfr^ Qs^isor 


— dom, (^eoQLDm'<oS)LD, (^u^uiSlpuLj. 

place, *Wj(?^cFLD, <s^Q^s=ih^ L3.piB^<sSl 

L-Lh, iSlpiB^Sl}), <3^(oSr(oUrQ^S=LD. 

right, ^-ff}(SS)LD^ S?^l5^ITLDy iSlpUL^S^ 

Bis'cuit, S. Q<SfT^(otDLD^LJU(SiJ(5S)<SSuSlQ(€^ 

Bi-sect', V. a. @(5<s^(3'i@^eo, ^sresdr 

Bi-scc'tion, s. ^0&^0'<s^(5SiSy un^iun 

Bi-seg'mcnt, s. €^0urr^<so)ujaS)(7^<3'LDSk. 

Bish'op, s. (^(T^uiSlrr^rreffflf sesarsfTGissfl. 
Bish'op-ric, s. <563br<s/r653^uLy, iSir^nesr 

Bl'SOn, S. SfTLLl—fT, ^LDIT. 

Bis-sex'tile, s. iSI,ff=(^6u0(SL^LDj ^^iBtrefr 


Bit, s. semL-ihy ^csi^^ ^gsbt®. 
of a bridle, SLs^sunefr^^osflQ^uDL^. 
of an instrument, cgJ'^^cjye^^C^) .«L./f, 

Bit, V. a. <si^<oyrr0friSl®^^6O. 
Bitch, s. Qu6ikjr<^aj, (ipQ(3u&}. 
Bite, s. <si^^ a<sij(Sij. 

as a sharper, <5r^^(3STj ^iL®^&nn<S5r^ 

Bite, V. a. <sl!^^^60, ^(sueij^eo. 

as cheat, <sjuj^^&)j LnL^uL^uuGscr^}} 

^eo^ (ojLDiTppeo. 

as make to smart, &-<ss)p<is^Qs=ilj^ 

as scoop out with the teeth, smh^^ 

m • 

6U5 SfTQF^eO. 

as take or hold with the teeth, «<a/<s3i/ 


as snakes, ^emQ^io, si^^^eo^Qsrr 

as rats, ^ rfl^^eo ^f5<s5r^^eo ,Qs fr^i^do 
as fishes in angling, 's4.'(S}js&), 


Bit'er, s. &(Sij(2iiQ<sutT(^^ sL^dQpsueor. 
Bit'ing, «. ^®(oi5)LDUjfTiosrjS<5mi^uun<osr, 

as pungent, Q-<oB)puufT6sr. 

sarcasm, <sLs^uj<QijnlT^<oS)^uuiriosry (^^^ 

Bit'ing-ly, afZt*. (^^^ULnniL^ uL^uumii, 
Bit'ten, fl. (see Bite.) si^^^,sl^ulLi—. 
Bit'ter, a. ss^uuiTisar., (SDSuufreor, 

as cruel, Qsms^uj^ rS(Qi^(BiTLDrT(osr^ (sS! 


as intense, suf.iu^ i£l(^i5^. 

as poignant, ^(^puurresr. 

as satirical, (^^^iTLDtresTj ^-Gsypuuir 

<osr^ (j^PQTj'iosr. 

to be bitter, ss^^^eo. 
Bit'ter-ly, adv. Q-GSipuuniu^ <su^^fTuj^ 

Bit'tern, s. ^0<oU(oS)SfEiT(oB)ir. 
Bifter-ness, 5. <5<ful/, csi-asui^. 

as sharpness, &-<SB)pLJLjj ,s®<oS)u:)j <s 

Bi-tu'men, s. &&>n^^^, SeodSeo. 
Bi-tu'mi-nous, a. &60rTs=<^^&r&r, fSeod 

Bi'valve, s. &ul9, ^ul9. 

Bi'valve, a. ^(r^Qpt^eOrresTy QuiSluS<^ 

Biv'i-ous, a. ^(t^<sij l^ llj&t&t . 
Biv'ouac, s. u<5S)i-.<i<s!T<Sij&i^ ^efrssneu 

6U, U[TS=<o6ipsa[T<aUeO. 

Biv'ouac, 1?. w. eSlL^uuiTi6l(7^^^&), 
Blab, ) ^eoui3^ ^eoui^dsfrir 

Blab'ber, ' ) gsr, Q(SiJe(ft6ijrTLu<^. 
Blab, v,a. ^eOuLj^do^ QenerfJeSKSijSGO. 
Black, s. ^(^,3=<osnx)^ @0<sr, <3Sfflj S0 

of the eye, <s5<5ssr<sS!L^. 

as a person, <s^6u&). 
Black, V. a. s^LJUfTS(^^&). 
Black, a. ^^LLi—fresr, srfiuj^ s^u 

urr<^y siT(T^(S(ren'' 

art, L9io<3^(^(osfluj<oS^<oS)^y ixii^ireSI^ 

lines, s frfffQjr(oS)'S ^ smBvus^Sr. 
Black'a-moor, 5. «9F^^<s<fF^a/6i>, ^(r^em 


Black'ber-ry, 5. f^rrQpil.Q'S^isf.uSmsnuj' 
Black'board, s. ^(i^^'c^uueo^^^. 



Blacken, v. a. a([^s(^^Gd^sgijui3^^6\i. 

as sully reputation, s^pgn^&d. 
Black'en, v. n. @05(^^^3 &^^^go^ & 

Black'guard, s. QundQifl^ ^y^msm^ 

Black'ing, S. <S50<oS)LniUfTd(^LD(oG)LD, <5J2/ 
UUtTS(^lh<oS)IS>. <SQ^<otDLD. 

Black'ish, a. s=p^<s<s(i^(5S)LDUJ[T(oi5r. 
Black'lead, s. smfojih^ <suiej<3su). 
Black'ly, ac??;. <s0€!Dlduj(tuj, ^lLi—^^ 

Black' ness, 5. <5S(T^6S)ldj .s^ulj^ arreffl 

€S)ijD^ srrrr. 
Black'smith, s. QsneOG^xssr, <ss(7^LDfT6ur. 
Blad'der, 5. ©^^(vj^ldQulIz^, s^eon-a^uj 

as pustule, Q<snuL^(3fnh. 
Blade, s. ^ijlj^^60(^. 

of grass, &c. @^, uuSit, ^L^n. 
Blade'bone, 5. GD<sBuuLL(oS)i—^Q^rTLLu 

Blad'ed, a. sj'sO(^<3ir<o{r. 
Blain, 5. QstruLjefTLh, u^. 
Blam'a-ble, a. (^/b/D(i^<9=fTLLL-.^^<s,s. 
Blam'a-ble-ness, s. (^njp(i^^mLL—^^a 

Blam'a-bly, adv. (^pp(i^Q<9=iTe060^^d<s 

'B\sime,s.(S/bp<F<9=fTL-Q,uL^^ (^ppih^ 

Blame, v. a. (^(SSipQs'frGO^^io^ (3PP(^ 
si-inh^^^io^ (^pp(i^<SFrrL-®^<so, (^p 

Blame'ful, a. (^pp(i^s=fTLLi-d3k-i^aj. 

Blameless, a. ^mrSle^ieon^^ L^mLpujpp^ 

Blame'less-ly, adv, ^(SurSHoeoirmio^ iSl 

GSiLpOjp^ (^ppL^<S06\)lT<olDLDLUrrUJ. 

Blame'less-ness, 5. (^ppijSI(^<oS)LDj ^(su 


Blame' wo r-thy, «. (^ppn^^nn^^^^i 
<Sy (^pp(^&nLLi—^^ss, 

Blanch, v. a. s^gOqs)(ou u em^is^eo, Q<su 
(Qf^^^eo, QeiJ6oar(ois)LDLun'<35<s6\}. 

JSidLUch, v.n. ^uLS}uQufr(s^^eO^ &.ufTiu 


Bland, a. ^)6m-dsu:)rr(oor, s^nih^LLUGSTy u 

Bland-il'o-quence, s. ^s:s'<silij QpsLossr 

Bland' ish, V. «. C^c5/T<5S3rz_/r®^6U, lS^^ 

Bland'ish-ment, s.^s^s^'Sthj ^6orQs=rr&). 
Blank, s. Qsueffi, Q(Su^gs)ld, 

in dice, suu<saip. 

in lotteries, y,<F^iu/i). 
Blank, a. <sT(Lg^[r^, Q<su^^ Qsijr^^nesr, 

cartridge, s=^^Q<oui^. 

paper, (5TQpsjiT^s®^fT& , Q(Qij(Sfr'^d<s 

space, Q<Sij(Sffly QsuprSL-LD. 

book, Q(QiJ(Sfr26ir<ss®^iT&LJLj^^,asih, gt 

Blank'et, s. sihue^ihj sihu&TLDy Qeijck 
coarse and made of hair, ^Qp<is[r<3ir 

Blank'et-ing, s. sthu&fluL\(a^L-.(o5)(aii, 
Blas-pheme', v. a. Q^<su^<SL^<5!mfihu€m 

Blas-phem'er, s. Q^(3tj^(Si^6sar<s5<3Sfrrrm'y 

Blas'phe-mous, a. ^^(SL^easTLDrrtssr^ Sihesi^ 

uJiT(ourj uL^uuireur. 
Blas'phe-mous-ly, adv. ^ei^Gm'LDfnu, S 

(EGSi^Lunubj uL^uumu. 
Blas'phe-my, s. Q^(su^(si^6m-Lh^ Q^<sufB 

Blast, s. Q^^^do, ^^^<sOj ^s?^eo. 
as blight, ^(t^^Ssssr, Q^ldgo^ (eqyj'. 
destructive influence, ^i^<oii, QaQy. 
Q<35Q^, uit(£i. 
as explosion, shock, sj^(T<3'&y ^<oO)^ 

as expression of anger, ^p&>^ 

as forcible stream of air, i^!TS(oS3rL-.u> 

as infection, Q^rr/b^j Qu0<Qijfrifl. 
of wind, (^<oS)p<ssrrGO^srTppi^,(^€!y)p» 
of a wind instrument, Q<sil>iSiT{5fr^Lh, 

Blast, V. a. QsQ^^eO, ^lu^^gOj astrjj/uf 



by the wind, ^(f^d^^GO^ sm^lj®^^^ 

rock, sjbQetruLj^io^ s/dQuluit^^go, 

blasting wind, s^L^<s<3SfT/b^fiBj=^d<srr 

Bliist'ed, a. Q<slLl-j ulLl-^ ^tbis^j 


roots, (^^GD^, L\(LgS(^pp<SO. 

fruits, <S(7^d<sfTLLJy QufTdjLjLS}(i^s?^ e_ 

grain, L\ms^n. 
of the womb, ^l^-xq^. 
Blaze, s. QsnQpiB^^ -SR-L—rr, <9?<sun'^. 

liffht, ^(offJ-, iSllTG^SlJ, LSlrr<55fTS=ll). 

as publication, LSIjr&^^tl), lSIitugSIlu 
Blaze, V. n. <otS^<so^ <3?6ij{T&S^^G0j sf-i^n 

Blaze, \^i3 II& ^^uaucm^ii^eo^ 

Bla'zon, ' * } L9iTu&)LDrT<i(^^&)j Qqj 

Bla'zon-ry, s. (^&)GSI(T^^d(^f6IQ<5BrT6ssr 

Bleach, v, a. <3^eo<ssi<ouu<om^i]^GO^ Qsu 

Bleach, V. n. s^<so<oS)<oiJUJiT(^^(s\)y Q<ou<^'8err 

Bleach'ed-bone, s. QeumQGfrej^LhLj. 
Bleach'er, s. s'eO(ss)€iJU(5m^ijQp(oij(ckj 

Bleach'er-y, s. (SiJ(sm(^a5r^GS)p. 
Bleak, a. Q<ouerf}iUfTSi^, snpgfjdQL-inn 

Bleak'ness, 5. snp^ui^uf.^ (^efflir, Qeu 

Blear, v, a. s€mrL^<oiDSUjdQ<9=uj^&)j ^seoar 

Blear, a. iS'SCiL^dssm^s)<osrj s6ixirLj<oS)<s 

d^ <3= 60 n (osr ' 
Blear'ey-ed, a. LS'<5iDi^<Bss<5sar^u&r<zfry <s 

GOSTLj (SID'S d^^isfr err. 
Bleat, s. ^L—(ipQi£)rT&9, 
Bleat, v.w. s^^^iOj ^(tg^io. 
Bleed, r. a. ^ir^^iEj(^jb/6l<5urTiEj(^^eo. 
Bleed, V. n. ^ir^^LDQurr9^&)j ^jj^^ih 

Bleed'ing, s. ^n^^iEjs&i^oDs^ @-^,^^ 

Blem'ish, s. iT'(osri})j •ss'Q, seirfasih^ (^ 

<oS)p, (^ppub^ U(Lp^^ Q^nOl^LD, 

moral blemish, un<5i]ih^ ^t^'^t ^(^ 

Blem'ish, v. a. QsQ^^do^ uQp^uQ^ 

^60^ s<siDpuu(b)^^&}, 
Blend, v. a. seo^^eo, s^lL.®^60^ Qs^n^ 

Blend, v. n. <seo^^&)j .g^O^eu, Qs=^^ 

Blend'ing, s. sgOuljj s^^lL®, Qs^itldit 

Bless, r. a. ^^irisij^^^eo, 

as praise, ^fi^^eo^ Q^n^^S^^eo^ 

Bless'ed, a. ^9n(Su^<zsuuLLi^, 

as praise worthy, ^fildsuuL-^^ds, 
Bless'ed-ness, s. ^^ireurr^u), uudQuu 

Blessing, s. ^^ireurr^ii), ^9l. 

as a good, ^^efr, <suiTih. 
Blight, s. jfjiffoj, Q^rr<ai^u), uQp^, 

of the eye^<s(ssor^}ir^,^LLi^Q^[T<si^i£), 

of the tongue, iBrrmgiJ. 

of fruits, (50', Q^LD<so. 

of grain, (5 (3 4^ (3^^^, ,s^<ss)u.<sij. 
Blight, V. a. sji^^^GOj Qa®^^60j aoc 


with the eye or tongue, <9?Q^&), 
on plants, ^(ipd<sioasr(Su&n-, Q^ldgo. 

Blind, S. LDGOpULf, LD<o6)p<Sii. 

as a thing to mislead, usl—ld, uslL 
®, ld0lLQ. 

as screen, ^lLu^, ldqdpulj^^lLQ, 
for the eyes, ^e(fl6i9G0dS). 
for the face, Qpsui^nLo, QpdsrrQ. 
Blind, V. a. (^(T^i^nd(^^(so. 
to darken, ^0Lii—.fTd(^^6\), 
to deceive, u<sslLQ^&}^ Lniu<s(^^&)y 

to blind one as conjurers, <3S(osar<55Li® 


Blind, a. (^(T^L^frism-, (^(T^lL®, 
ignorant, ^/6l(2Sle06\}fT^, 
man, (^0i—.ek, s<omQ^[f}ujn^Qjmf 



woman, (^0l^. 
horse, (^(7^LLQd(^^Q'oS)ir. 
Blind'fold, V. a. <s66gtslL(Si^<s\}^ sossr^ 

Blind'fold, adv. ^rSuunwiOj semQ^fft 


Blind'ly, adv. (^(^^/ruj, (^(r^iL®^^<5sr 
without judgment, Lj^^uSls06\)m£)60^ 

Blind'-man's-bufF, s. ^(oSsraLLu^iun^ih 

Blind'ness, s. ssmQ^ifliunGSiLD, (SQ3®-) 


ignorance, sjf^'^'^^'J^j ld^lduussld. 
Bllnd'side, s. (oiuJLJLSQeoQuQLDudsu:)^ 

Blind'worm, s. 6piT<Q)j(oS)suufTijDLi, 
Blinkj s. <s€S)L-.<ss6m', SL—mLg^ih. 
Blink, V. n. <s6ssr<sssfl(5iDLD^^&)^ sem&iSl 

Blink'ard, s. &LSlLLQd<s6m-<oSsr(ck-. 

Bliss, S. Qurfl(ck-ULD, QLDrTLLs=IT(oSriB^lh. 

Bliss' ful, a. ^(osrih^j Quifl<^uLL[T(oor. 
Bliss'fully, adv. QuiBmuLDnuu. 
Bliss'fulness, 5. ^(SsriB^dsefflui^. 
•Blis'ter, 5. Q-sfTULjeml). 

plaster, ^<sQ&ifl<f(o^a(oiD(Su, atrF-s^ 

Blis'ter, v. a. Ql<SBnuL^(sffl<3s<suuGssr^i 

Blis'ter, v. n. QsfTUL^(3(nEiQ<3BrT<3fr(^^60. 
^lithe, ) <3S(srfluu[T<osry ldQu^&^Q 

Blithe'ful, ' ) ujn<5sr. 
Blithe'ly, adv' ^s&fJuurruj^ ilQi^<3=Q 


Blithe'ness, ) ^dserflui^^ Qsn 

Blithe'some-ness, " ) Gssri—mLL—ihj m 

Blithe'some, a. ^<s<S(Sff]uurT(5ur, ^iQ^fr 

Bloat, V. a. SMi^uuessr^if^dOf <^[ejsu 

Bloat, v. n. ^ml^^gOj ^-ULj^io, uQ^d 

Bloat'ed, a. ^^^uQurrasr^ q.ulSuQuit 
<our^ (oniEjSleur. 


Bloat^ed-ness, s. s-uu^ih^ <sSd<ssLh. 
Blob'ber-lip, s. ^u^^^eij^®. 
Block, s. <5FiLl(o»L_, (^pfB. 

objection, ^^—^(S-i ^<oB)l-. 

pulley, iSUiSl. 

blockhead, LD(S5)i—LU£ur, ^i-Oir, sjf^ 


in a wall, sM.a'iTiTddSLL.esiL^y •s^/b^ 


Block, V. a. ^®^^&i, ^QDi—J;^60. 
Block-ade', s. ^ir6mr<su'S6rrLjL^, QPP^ 

(oOiSj 6iJL^UJGDl—ULj^ ^ 60) l—Q <S fT lL 

Block-ade', v. a. <QiiL^uuQ^L-^^io. 
Block'head, s. ld(oG)i^lu(^^ ^L-(sk. 
Block'ish, a. LDii;SLDfT(Ssr, ^L-.^^<osrLDiTionry 

Block'ish-ly, adv. LDL—^^esnorTUj, ldib^ 


Block'ish-ness, s. inL-^^esrihy Lnrs^^^esr 

Block'tin, 5. FfiLiuurremh. 
Blood, 5. ^ir^^ih^ s-^irili, 

guiltiness, ^jt^^uul^. 

heat, @^^^<^0®, .^<5,^@®, ^<s{r(i^ 

hound, Q<aULL<oO)i—.iBrruj. 
B16od'i-ly, ac^r. ^jr^^uLSlrfliULnfrdjj Qsn 

Blood'i-ness, s. ^ir^^<ss<stsipy ^it^^(^ 


Blood'less, a. ^ir^^LSIdoeOrr^. 

dull, <9?(Suir'^5SisnjSl60&)[T^j ^^omns'^luu 

Blood' red, s. ^jir^^s^Qs^eij u lj , 

Blood'shed, 5. ^ir^^(i^Q ib^isids ^ Qaa 

Blood'-shed-der, s. Q<srT'2eourr^<S(oGr. 
Blood'-shed-ding, s. ^n^^c^^ ie^(SS}s , 

Blood'shot, I /-N • o 

Blood'shot-ten, ""' i ^^^^^^'^P^^^ 

Blood'suck-er, 5. ^iLosii 

B16od'thirs-ty, a. ^ir^^uiSlrfliULDrT(Sur. 
Blood'-ves-sel, s. ^jr^^fsjuhLj^ &-^it!s 




Biood'y, a. ^ir^^dsiSiDjDuuLLL^. 
as cruel, ^jir^;Sui3[fluuujn(osr^ Qsrr 

Blood'y-flux, s. ^iiT^^s^L^^^g^di), ^rr 

Blood'y-sweat, s. ^ir^^QsiJ it<oS>(Su . 
Bloom, s. LfHuih, y, LDe\)iT. 

of countenance, Qpsd<s'Borr^ (ifi,3SLD6\)iT 

of youth, @isrr<S25)Lo<FQ;F@;(ay, Qiu(Sfr<Sij 

Bloom, V. n. ^eorr^sd^^ L^^^eu, l\lLi3^ 

as the countenance, QpstLeorr^do^ s 

Bloom'ing, a, l^^Q/d^ Q^ifidQ/Dy Q<f 

Bloom'ing-Iy, adv. i£>eofrJ=QLUfTLu. 
Bloom'y, a. LDGOirs^^ujfTesr^ Lj^eij&rGfr. 

Blos'sOm, 5. cgy6\^/7-, LjlLuU), L^, LL6\)IT, 

Bios' som, V. n. ^eorr^io^ /_/l1l9^^6>;, l^ 

Blos'som-ing, s. ^&)it<3=9Ij ldgoits^Q, 
Blos'som-y, a. Lj^Ms=fSlih^y Ljiluihr^) 

Blot S. S<oS>/D^ LO^y LDfTSf-f S<ofri5J<3SU3, 

as obliteration, Qgii<s(^y Qgu^^GDi— 

Blot, v.a. <ses)puuQ^^^&)y ld^uuQ 

as efface, Q^<s(^^eOy §^^6\), 
Blotch, s. QjTih^uu0y U(3, QesruLjy 

Blotch, V. a. <3E^<S<SSS'Q<3:UJ^&)^ S€S)pu 

Blote, V. a. L^<5S)SuSl^G0rf^^eo. 
Blot' ting, s. <s6Si/DuuQGDS. 

paper, (5iDLLLLjfSI(^'3?fEjsQ^fr^') LD^ojn 

Blow, s. sji^-, Si<ss>p, g)^, ©^^5 ^ir 

on the head, (^il®, QpiL®, 

with a fist, (ss><3sd(^^^. 

the egg of a fly, ffuiS* 

as calamity, <£ajn(^eOLDy ^(^eoih,^ 



as hostility, Qun(r^i(^^LLQ^(so. 
Blow, V. a. 2M^^a), <^^^e\)y ^L^jS^GO. 
an instrument, (^^^^^^: Qjrr^^uj 

away, ssn.^<2SQ^6\}y snppL^^^<3(r(&^ 


down, S(rppLs^^^(sS(ip^^^eo. 

off, <snppi^^^<o£l(i^^^&)y snp^^h 

out, ^'^cisur^^eOy ^(sSl^^do^ Qisrr^^ 

the nose, ^d(^<g=9ih^^60j ^d(^<F 

up, Gojip-^^uupssuuem^u^eOy 
QuLu n^Q^rB^^ . 

upon, uLp<9=fT<S(^^iOy qpds<smi^^60, 
to deposit eggs, ir-uiSisiDeij^^seOy ffu 

Blow, V. n. SfTppi^^^eOy arrp^e^<9?^eO, 
as flower, ^^./SeOy l£&)it^60, 
as pant, ^'Bsrr^^eOj Q^ndj^eo. 
as breathe on, aes^^gu. 
to blow over, ^GsS^iOy ^n^eo^ Q^etfl 

^dOy ^(oSiLD^GO, 
Blow'-pipe, S. ^etr^(^Lp60, 

Blowze, s. Qun0LSl GST OP'S (ip(S(r<sw<sn(3(ry 

Blub'ber, s. iiT<s(^LSfL^y ^lBiejQgoqp^ 

Blub'ber, v. n. (sSlix>Li9uj(Lp<s6\). 
Blub'ber-lip, 5. u^^^eij^Q, 
Blud'geon, s. ^emL-ihj^essrQ, 
Blue, s. lieou). 

Blue, V. a. li60lB^IT^60yl§eOlB^GS)6iJ^^60. 

Blue'-dye, 5. Meos^^irojihy lieouu^ssf). 
Blue'ly, adv. ^eoiLnii. 
Blue'ness, s. i§&)6ii<^<osnl). 
Blue-vit'ri-ol, s. ^(fl<3?. 

Bluff, S. LSl^l5^<S(^JIy QL£>LLQd<!EG})F. 

Bluff, a. ^eOuurrffiuLfeireirj ^ssisftsir 
as big, u(T^i£)LDrT(osrf i^eiDi—uurresry u 

rock, erQuurresTLD'^toOy &.s=<^LL'2eo. 
Blu'ish, a. ^eoihQun&srpy ^e^ihi^i^^^y 

Blun'der, s. ^ut3^ihy ^ulj^ ^<su^j d^ 



Blun'der, v. n. l3<o!^l^^^go^ ^eu^^eo^ i3 

in speaking, reading, ^L^-s(^^eo^ ^ 

Blun'der-buss, s. Qurflaj^uun&Q. 
Blun'der-er, 5. Sj<3=Ll,(oS)i—&<snrrmr, lSI 

Blun'der-head, s. LooDL^tuek, mioD^uj 

Blun'der-ing-ly, adv. tSloDt^tufrtUy ^(sa 

Blunt, r. a. f5Qpd(^^6\)^ LD(i£)d(^^&). 
the feelings, <9?2omrQ<s®^^eo. 
to become blunt, LDQprsj(^^6\)j Qldh 

to be blunted, LD(LpiEj(^^60, 
Blunt, a, <3^<oiDLpLurr<oar, fBQpd-sinfrssr, ld 
(tpdsLDfTGsr^ QLDrrLL<SDL-.ujrr(osr, 
knife, <ffr25ssrtjSlG0ei)rr^s^^.f LD2oUsr<s<s^ 

intellect, iDsroz—UL/^^, wiw^uLj^fij 

Blunt'ly adv. (^g)]dsis^ujnuj^ G)ld!tlL 

Blunt'ness, s. <s;L.<oS)Lp, LD(ipiEJdS60, QLnml 


of manner, address, (^^dsi^, Lnrfl 
ujrr<o!S)<su^<osrm^ ^(QULDrfftuiroD^. 
Blur, s. serriEJsmj semp^ rngfj. 
Blur, V. a. <S(S!D/Duu®^^^io^ ld^uuQ 

Blush, s. Q<3hQjuLf, fBrresarLD. 
Blush, V. n. Q<^(3ij^^eo, /F/r6ag?/<ga).- 
with rage, Q60&9®^60j (ip<ssEjQ<ssrTQ 

Blush'ful, a. (SfT6ssr(ipefr(ofr. 

Blush'less, a. i5rf<smtnpp^ Q(Sul1.^iejQ,s 

Blus'ter, 5. sj^lL®-) usl-ld.^ Q6U(7^lLQ. 
Blus'ter, v. sj^lLQ^<so^ usi—ihuem;^}! 

as wind, ^(oS)rr^60^ Qanis^&fl^^eo. 
Blus'ter-cr, 5. j)fLD(SffldiBrrn'^j usL-ssn 

iKssr, Q(Sij(T^LLQd<sfTirGn'. 
Blus'ter-ing, s. ^^lLQ^ ^LOGffl^ usu.ih. 
Blus'ter-ing4y, adv, sj^L^i—n^) =^,^^ 


Blus'trous, a. j>/LDeff^LL](3fr(S{rj <!pr5^uf.aj<3^ 

GfTj U<SLLL—!T€m'. 

Bo'a, 5. LL'hsvLjurrmLj, 
Boar, s. ^^ssrumrS. 

wild, <sml.Quu^f£l. 
Board, s. u6\)(oS)s. 

as a council, ^(DeOfTS''2Qn-3=s^iEJ<su:). 

as deck, ^uu<^ppLL(Si. 

as food, a-ezjjjTQ/, -a^iruufrQ, ^m. 

as table, iSi—u), 

above board, QQJsifliuirfHJSLDfTUJ^ ^lu 

6\)UfTGfnLUn'UJj (QUL^(aiJQD<SLLj0r<o{r, 

to go on board, LDrrd<3S6i)^^Qeo^^&). 
on board, suugSJQgo. 
Board, v. a. Qurr<?iouriEjQ<ssfT®^^60^ ^s: 

as lay with boards, uGOQSisu!T<Si\^io^ 
LDd<3f- ill uirsij^eo . 
as attack, (sr^ir^^iOj s^^€ij^€Oy Qun 

to board a ship, fsr^iB^uueSfpumju 

B5ard, v, n. <aSI®^(oS)^^^60. 
Board'er, s. <sSl®^d<s[rirm. 
Board'ing-house, s. (sSI®^€^®. 
Board'ing-school, s. ^^uDuueirefB. 
B5ard'-wa-ges, s. (pi.) uz^, uu^dsiL 

z_3sYr, uu^d^thu(3(nh. 
B5ar'ish, a. umrSl^^<oGrmtT<osry lSI(t^<ss(^ 

Boar'spear, s. um-rSlQ6iJLL<o!Di—iT'Ll.L^. 

Boast, S. (£liiL^^ €Su:)LjuQuS=<9?^^pLf'Slfi 
<£F^, Qu(T^<SlDLDUITirfTLL®€S)<S. 

BoB-st^v. n. Qu0<oGiLDurrinTLL®^&)^ sSih 

Lj<SS(rLL®^iS\)j <q^i})Lj(dU'9?^60. 

Boasfer, 5- Q^^dannm^ ^ihum. 
Boast'ful, a. QiDdr<stDU)uiTff[TLL®Qp. 
Boast'ing, s. <a?u)i-/u/rir/ril®, ^pLjsip 
t?^, QLL(Ssr6S)LDumTrrLL®(oO),s. 

Boast'ing-ly, adv. ^ihunuu. 

Boat, 5. ^L—LD^ Q^fT<sssfl, Lj/L_@, Qj&refrih. 

made without nails, <f6\)/e/(5. 
Boat, v. a. ^L^iheSi^^io. 
Boat'man, s. s^i—ssiTrr&jry Q^[r<5sS&sn!T 

(ssr^ Qj!3{r<sfrd<sfTn'<osr» 
Boat'swain, s. LDird'S^d^(^^(3fru!rL-<sQ 




Bob, s. Q^^emosiL-y [BfTfEJ-se^i^dCoSfT 

Bob, V. n. (^^!Ei(^^eO^ ^®^eo. 
Bob'bin, s. ^&)<9?^nouu(SiiB^L^. 

weaver's bobbin, ^/r/f. 
Bob'tail, 5. <3^<oS)Lp(Qj[T<so^ (^par<s^neo. 
Bob'tail-ed, a, <9f,-66)Lp(aurT60rr<o^. 
Bode, s. (^f^i <5=(^(ssn£i, fStSl^^ih. 
B6de,v. a. (^rS<smL®^&), (^fSQs=(T60^ 

Bod'ice, s. L£)rTiT<is<ff^<3f-^ LLnff^'9=LL<oSii—j 

Bod'i-less, a. ^s^^ir, ^^u, seosri^uiSI 

Bod'i-ly, a. s=f^iT^^'S'S®^^^ ^^n^Q^n 

vigor, s=i?iT^^pLD^ ^ifiruQu&)<sGr, 
Bod'ing, s. (5^5 s=(^(osru). 
Bod'kin, s. Sifs:^, <s^iTj [5i7iTns=ii>. 
Bod'y, 5. s^f^irwj Q^sih, 2_z_/ldl/, 2_L_ei;, 

srrujub^ QldCu, (sui^qju). 

celestial, uirniEj&ua^ uFQeOfrs^^d(^ 

fffujrrfEJ<sil)^ <surT<osrQs=n^, 

terrestrial, ^iT/r/E/ (5 ii), y^<£F/firzi), y^ 

as matter, ^t—ua, u^nn^^ih, Quir^ 

err, <aU6W^. 

as code, system, s^rr^fijil)^ s^eo, 

as person, S},<s(r. 

as collective mass, <3k.LLi—LD^ ^iT<s(r^ 

as corporation, <^-iJ-Z—LD, s=iejsi}). 

as main army, G.^Ssar. 

of divinity, Q<qu^itie]sljDj Qisn^s^n^^n 

of a letter, a_j2/uL/, (stqp^^^l-go, 

of a tree, ^i^iDjrih. 

of evidence, ^uu2(Sa7<®<ffii_Ll£_ii). 

of a writing, &-L^60(Surrs=SLD. 

of water, /^/T^-^iT'sfr, i^fruurruLf, 

fitted for endless suffering, ujn^(^<3= 

fitted for endless bliss, unin(T^^LDS= 

Bod'y, V. a. &-(f^<3UfTd(^^eo, 
Bod'y-guard, .9. QLDiu<sfT<su<sO&}rf QiLiiisfT 


Bog, S. <f^^^<ff^^SS(SO^S=^(S>JeO^Qs^^L£)Lj. 

Bog'gle,s. ^LudsrTtL&j s^Qps^iuih. 
Bog'gle, V. n. ^i—-s(^^(so^ ^<s(^^&). 
mresiding, ^ I— dQ^^L-<sQ<3U[T&^^&)^ 

in speaking, reciting, ^i—sQ^^i—iQ 

Bog'gler, s. uLufEJSfTGfflj ffQps^uu&srruQsr. 
Bog'gling, s. ^i—d(^, ^d(^. 
Bog'gy, a. Q<9=^(Sfr(S(rj <3:s^/LLi(Sfr<ofr. 
Boil, s ^^<oS)ld<3bslLQj slL®, ^0, ^^ 

unripe, •s/ruj, sndjs^&Goih^. 
inflamed, CT//?Lj/F^LD, Q<srr^d(^tx)U(T^. 
Boil, r. a. Q<sn^ui3^^<so, ^(sSI^^So, 
liquids, <sndjs^&i-^&)^ sniuoDeu^^eOf 
Qs n^ u lSI^-^go . 
solids in water, ^eS^^io, 
as paddy, &c. Lj(ip'S(^^60. 
over, QuiTiEjQ(Sui^^(so. 

up, Q<35[T^^^60^ QurrfSJ(^^(S\). 

away, as water in cooking, 2_(a9^6U, ^ 
dj^eo^ <^€ssr®^60^s?6mL^<s<srTUJ^6\}^^ 

to be well boiled, ^LD(S(rQ€u^&), sesf) 

Boil'er, s. Qsn^LJi3uQun<sw. 

the vessel, sL^njjuD^ Q<srruues)ir. 
Boil'ing, s, Qsrrfi^ QufTiij<s&).. 
Bois'ter-ous, a. ^-U^^^ ^nuurrear^ Qsih 

u60iT€sr^ QsrTi^(SfflLjurr(oor. 

sea, ^-ir^^sL-dd, ^.fTuun(osr<si^<so, 

Q<SLhu60fT6Sr<SL—&)^ Q <S tT IB ^ (off} <S (^ IE] -S 
i_6X), (lpLDQpirLDrT<S3rSl—.&). 

wind, ^n^^siTjb^, (^i^uusanp^, 


woman, (SurrLudsfrffl^ s&dsa&nifly eufr 

to be boisterous, ^gOlL®^6\), ^-hul^ 

Bois'ter-ous-ly, ac^r. QsihuedmL, (^t^u 


Bois'ter-ous-ness, s. (^{^uum, Q<sfTiB^ 

(srfJuL^, QpihQpinh. 
Bold, a. ^6tk!r<siDLDLLj(3(rG(r, ^^rrir, ^i—irifl 

is(ipm(3fr^^G5i^,siT^^i<5sS€nn<our^ <ssi^ 




faced, <sSrr(ip<s(ipen-(S{r. 
person, ^i-.iTiiQf5(^s^^, (oO)^iBuj6urT 
<osr, (S^ireur, 

to he hold, ^<s5sfl^ 60 J SiBn^eo. 
Bold'-heart-ed, a. (ssxaunQ 15(^3=17 (sor^ <^sr 

Bold -heart-ed-ness, s. QiB(^Q<3'iTirLLiX)^ 

Bold'ly, adv. <siD^tflijjL£)fTLUj^&^(Sijrrujy ^ 

Bold'ness, s. ^(o5sr(o6ii£>, ^irmm^ ^L-sar, 

Bole, 5. SfT<o:SI Loem. 
Boll, s. Qurr(^LL(Slj LjjGSI^eifrQpQi^. 
Bol'ster, s. ^'bsouj^sssr, ^<sfflLDih. 
Bol'ster, v. a, ^'^lu'^/sssrii^Q^eo^ Q^essr 

Bolt, S. ^<3=<3'lT(oSsf}, Sl^<5S)S^ ^^!fii ^^j^ 


of a lock, L^iLu^miBiT. 
thunder-bolt, ^ifL. 
Bolt, V. a. ^ni^<oS)i^^^6i)^ ^/rz^L^il^^du, 


as sift, ^ifl^^iOj 3=60^^60. 
Bolt, V. n, ^Q-3f>-(irj'djuQun^60^ s=®^ujrr 

Bdli'er, s. -3=60 60 GDI-., ^[flQutLi^, jy//? 

Bo'luS, S. ^-(5SBr<5lDL-.j ^(Sff^<StD<S, findsfT^ 


Bomb, s, s=LL.L^LJLS'iTtEjQ<3S(^6sarQf Qsiii^ 

Bom'bard, s, ^iLis^ui^inkiQ, 
Bom-bard', v. a. s=LLuf-uLSiiiE]Qii9(^60 

Bom-bard-eer', s. <flLl^u iSAiej Qdsrr 

Bom-bard'ment, 5. ^LLi^udjriiQaSltG^jb 


B6m-ba-sin', s. Qin60(sSliLi^LLQLDuSiTULj 


"Bbm'hast^s.Qs^rr/busLLQ, e^i})Lfs=Qs:iT 

eOj U<5SL.S=Q.SFrT60.'ic,a. Os^fT/b us LLi^fresr, (e^ld 

Bo'na-fi'de, adv. LCKosrQmirQ^LDLuniijj eSlst 


Bond, 5. <®<F<^j <5/J.®, suSl^j uih^ih. 
as connexion, <slLQ, s^lduib^ldj Q^it 

a deed, s-^^, a_^^^^Ll®, si—tsk 

for debt, <sL-.m-QpfSf, 

a ligament, <5slL(Si, uih^m, lSI'^ssst, S 


a vow, Q^iT^^dsL^&n-, -B^iEJspuih, 

Q u fr0^^'2(Sin- , 

as union, s-A—gSTLj/r®, ^jd^gdldj slL 


of recognizance, iSI'Bsm-dsQ^ir&j lSI 

forged bond, soirefrff^LL®^ smerreii 

Bond, a. ^i^(oS)LDiurr<ourj QistnpujnGsr. 
Bond'age, s. Q<oG)p^^G^uD^ ^n9luuih, jy 

lO_<SlSiLD^^GSr LD. 

captivity, ^mpuSl^uLj. 
imprisonment, LofBiuio, sn^uio, 
restraint, «5ili—/r"Jix), <slL(Biuuit(Si, u 

Bond'maid, s. ^L^ODLLuQuem, ^nQ. 
Bond'man, s. ^i^<5a)LD., ^i^(oS)L£i<s5,siTir&sr, 

Bonds, s. (jpl.) SLLQseir, uih^tasefr. 

as chains, <9=iEjQ6S)j^'26rrj qS}60[ej(^. 

as stocks, ^6\>/^©, Q^rT(Lp. 

as imprisonment, sireudo^ mrSluLi, m 


for the hands, (SS)<s<s(^LLmt^. 

as captivity, 9<otDpiiSl0ULf, 9<oG)p^^ 


Bond'-serv-ant, s. ^Lp-ODw., Qsoip. 
Bond'-serv-ice, s. ^i^esyLD^^m-LD, ^is^ 

Bond'-slave, s. ^u^(o(DLn, Q<oS)p. 
Bonds'-man, s. ^^^iksuit^^ iSl^sosr^ lSI 

Bond'-wom-an, s. ^i^ODLDuQuem-. 
B5ne, s. ctcj^/ldl/, ergorL/, ^ervfi, 

offish, Qp(3ir(6f^. 

setter, •9r^aQ<sQ<iQp6um, ^k^ 
Q u fr0^^ Qp <siJ (osr, 
Bon'fire, s. ^ufT(sueff)y ssfflmrrLLQ^^ 




Bon' mot, 5. i5effl(onrs=Q<FiT60^ uQu^Qjmr 

Bon'net, 5. (^et^s^J/r, Qu6ssjL9<sk'Bsrr^Q^rr 

Bon'ni-ly, adv. ^ipsmLij s&fluundj. 
Bon'ny, a. SiL^snesr^ s'LDfr<sfrLi)[T6ur. 
Bo'nus, s. Q<a/(^i£)^, QsrroDi—^ a^usfr 



of grain, Qun<oSlGDg=. 
to the lender, ^sk^ujiIi^ €un&, 
to the buyer, <a5?<ap<5(5, i3<a?<s(^, 
to a priest or teacher, ^<s<s^^i5m, 
to an agent or third man, ^ff/ro/. 
Bo'ny, a. (sr^ihLj&riofr. 

as strong, ^ir^^j ^iru u rresr^ ^^<35,s 

Boo'by, s. ^i£)t—,<ssr^ inih^m-^ Qs^nihu^^ 


Book, 5. Lj^s^aih, 

daybook, fi<ssr<s(^ fSluLjULj;S^ a ih, ^ 

ledger, (oTsmCoesarQy Q^niSSiaQuuQ, 

of olas, Q-®. 
Book, v.a. u^^^eo^ i^^^suuQ^^^&d. 
Book'-ac-count', s. L^^^sdsesard^^ u 

Book'bind-er, s. lj^^siejslLu^, lj<s^<ss 

Book'bijid-ing, s. Lj^^<s[Ej<3SLLQ<S6d, 
Book'case, s. lj^^s<s<3f^®. 
Book'ish, a. <S}jn9ii<!But3ffliu(Lp(S(r(2(r^ eS 

Book'ish-ness, 5. SG0<sSlLjL9[fliLJih', ljjS^s 


Book'— keep-er, s. <s63srd<s<osr» 
Book'-keep-ing, s. 'SOjordamQQrj'L^eo^ 

Book'-learn-ing, s. <sj lL Q d <s &) <^ , <ss/b 


Book'-mus-lin, 5. s=6060[tljli(SS)l—qdqj^ 


Book'sell-er, 5. i-i^^siheSipQpQjQsry lj 

Book'-shop, I n^^sda(oS)L—'f lj^^s 
Book'store, ^' f 


worm, 5. 



Boom, s. suupundjaGiflekQu^^^'^u 


Boom, V. n. Qmn^^eo, 

as a bird, iLQSiifids<5m<ssS\u(m<3S)s . 

Boon, S. /!F<5OT<5, Q<SBfT<oS)l-.<f ^(T66rLD^ Qu 

Boon, a. •ff=iB(^^rr<si^(ip&r(3fr^^-^fTiT(Tpek<sfr. 
Boor, s. ^s=iTiiLD/bp(oU€kj fBrrLLuLsm-y id 

fftuJfT<o6)^LUpjD (qU 6Sr. 

Boor'ish, a. fEfTLLissmrresTj ^s^nniLprD^ 
Boor'ish-ly, adv. i5[TiLu2.SLDrTUJ, ^<G6)3=rr 


Boor'ish-ness, s. c^suLDrBujiTtoS)^, rBrrtLQ 

Boot, 5. UfT^(^UUfTlUU)j ep0<aiJ<aD<SS^Q^fT 

Boot, w. a. ^Gi}rTuih6U(T^eSI^^&)y iSlrrQiurr 

Booth, 5. ^uf.<oS)S=^ <R-L—iTjnhy ui^n-y u 

Boot'less, a. i3rrQiun<feanDpp^ ^eorru 

Boot'y, s* QsrT(Sfr^iofrLLiaDU.Gj)L£)j urQQutr 

Bo-peep', 5. urTiT^^LD(o!!)pu^ih(2SldomLifTLL 

®y ^effi^^GTLLL^uumrdi^iheiS'BGfr 

Bo'rax, s. QQj6m-<srTjru)^ QQj(oSIsfTirih, 

Bord'er, s. SjQ^(S-i ^irui, gtsu^, sQ^rr^ 

^ITIX)^ udsihy Q/, <aSI erfl ihu , 
Bord'er, v. a. Sj(T^(^<oBi<su^^eo, 

as reach to, touch, sjQ^^irtiSQ^^^iOj 

to border on, ^^srruS^^^&jj QlL 
Bord'er-er, s. ^M.Quio'hsovSlpt^u^aSQ^dQ 

p<Qil^^ 3eiriT(5T60'2ei>dsnir(Sfr. 

Bore, s. ^uorr, ^(suninh, Q^rr^. 

as caliber, iSinEjQ^LjundQQp^GSuj 

as wimble, &c. ^puuessrih, <sld^Q, 
Bore, v^ a. Q^n'^^^io, ^mfflQ^eo^ ^ 

as insects, ^rfl^^&ij ass^^su, Q^n 

the ear, -sn^^p^^iOj <sB(Sff(ssrQQj^issr 

BorCj v.n. S-^su uQu n^eo j3sn.Q(7^<sif^G0 



Boi'e-al, a. (Sui—LjjDUjfTicbr, ojrTGnL^dsQ 

Bo're-as, s. <sun<ois)L-, (aUL^anp^, qjl—ib 

Born, V. (see Bear.) lSIjdib^. 

to be born, ^/dugSI^^go, iSlp^^eOj 

as become incarnate, ^€u<sff}^^60^ s_ 

Borne, v. {see Bear.) -a^Loih^, 
Bor'ough, s. j}fir(€sv)(S!jruLLL^€sri}), 
Bor'row, v. a. QsLL(Sl^rriEj(^^6\>. 
as money, <5Bi—<dfr^fTiEj(^^io, 
as adopt sentiment, &c. Gp^^dQsrr 

as copy, imitate, ^(5sr^QuneOLDpQ(irj> 

as take on trust, f5miSld€S)<s<35(^(SijrTfij 

an article, ^rf<su<so<suniE](^^<50. 

Bo'som, 5. Qf5(^&h^ LDrriTLj. 

female bosom, (ip'2eOy QsnisjGSis, eru^ 


friend, ^i-ppQQ€srQ^<^^ f56aaru<ok. 
Bo'som, V. a. LDrrirLSeodossr^^dd, epeffJ^ 

Bosses. (^lSIi^^ (ipQi^y (^lSIl^. 
Bos'sy, a. ^LSly^Qunmp^ QpQiprrGur, 
Bo-tan'ic-al, a. ^nurrs=n^^iT^^<s^®^^. 
garden, fsiT^LDrrs=Qs=iT^, ^ir<sssr<sS(r^ 

Bo-tan'ic-al-ly, adv. ^fruirs'rT'i^fr^^d 

Bot'an-ist, s. ^sfruirs^rr^^ffl. 
Bot'a-ny, s. ^frurrg^rr^^rnh. 
Botch, s. si^<ss)i~-t <^lL®. 

ulcerous affection, 9lrT[b(^y u(r^, OCJ? 

Botch, V. a. ^6m'(oS)t—(oS)(Qij^^6d, Quir^ 

Botch' er, 5. <fir<oQ<suQ6u'^<srrii^j uq^ud 

Botch'er-y, ) u(T^ihuL^Q€u'^, u(r^ 

Botch'ing, " \ G<aij'2^, S'rT<oS)6uQQj'26». 


Botch'y, tz. 'SFiTaDWUj[T(oor^j}imsi'cS)L.LU[T6sr. 
Both, a- ^iriom-®LD, '^uinQpuD. 

parties, ^(^^PQpi^-, ^ <2S\ s lL.9i uu n 

persons, ^^'Suq^ld^ ^(r^QuLUQ^ih. 
Both'er, s.{see VoXhex.) •3=iei<s l- ld^Q 3= neSI » 
Both'er, I?, a. ^eoLL^uuem-^ij^do, sj 

rfl <s soar L^mueoar ^1/^60 J <3^iejslLl—udu 

Both'er, ?^. ?z. (see Pother.) s^iEjaiLi—inn- 

Bots, s. (^fi<oS)rr<3uu51prSI<osrQ0LSI. 

Bot'tle, 5. ^^iSD^, uiressfl, (^ulSI, 
o^ leather, ^0^^, 9)^<5S)^, lj^gSI» 
the contents of, (^ulSIldlL®, 

Bot'tle, V. a. Q^Gsy^uSleOisSIQ^do, ^(^^^ 

Bot'tling, s. (^ulSIuSI<soqSl1.l-.(oS)1—^^60, 
Bot'tom, s. ^i^j §i^. 

as foundation , cgy ^ , Sj^^<^ frirth , ^ 

as low ground, valley, u(S(rsfr<!E<sD<Sj u 

as moving cause, ^eow, sfrjessTLDy 

as vessel, LDrr^seOih^ <slju<50, 

as ball of thread? jiF^eaarGTOZ—, ^pu 

as grounds, dregs, irxsmi^^ (SueaarL-eo. 
bottom of a thing, j^t^<surf^, ^<suda 

Bot'tom, V. a. ^u^uSJQ^io^ ^^^^ijfTinh 

a chair, ^(as)Lp^^io, iSdr^^id, 
Bot'tom, V. n. si^^<2ijrTiTuu®^eo^ Quit 

Bot'tom-less, a. ^u^iupp^ ^^fTFtoppy 

^nuumppt iB'^uupp, 
Bough, 5. ^Ssyr, Qsitulj, Q'^sst, 

Bought, S. QP&^(3-) (LpiS^<9=<3i-. 

Bought, V. a. (see Buy.) <s£l'2eos(^dQsiT 

Bounce, s. sji^j @^5 (5A^- 

as sound, QpLpssih^ ui^irQiresreOy^ 

Bounce, v. w. (sSIqp^gO, urrib^ed^ (^^^ 

Boun'cer, s. ^il^um^ Qu(7^LSI^<sfr!Tear. 




Bound, r. a. (see Bind.) ^ilzfesr. 
Bound, s. CTo)^, Qpu^<si\. 

as leap, ufnii^^, ^j<3(r(£r^. 
Bound, v.U' Gris\)'^SLl.®^iso^ Gieo'^uu 

Bound, V. n. ^qs)^^^&>^ (^^^^&>^ ^n 

d^^60^ ^/TQ/^^a;, unuj^eo, 

over, si^^^iOj ^rremQ^eOj suneii^GO. 
Bound'a-ry, s. otsu'Bsu, (sreo'^LDnssnh^ ^ 

of land, ^<s<s<oS)L-.ULj^ Gred'bsoLDrresrih. 
Bound'en, a. {see Bind.) si-^GDLDiLj&rGfr. 

duty, S^fB<olDLD^ SU.<oO)LD^ <3?<oS)LDy U fTIT 
U)j QufT^UL^, 

Bound'less, a. ^(stroSl^ih^, Greo'^iupp, 
Bound'less-ness, s. s iki (^ s(oS) initio go n 

(oSiLDj eT60'2ie0uS&Sr(olDLDj LDLLL!^(oar<olDLD, 

Boun'te-ous, a. ^jSfrrr(^QssrLDfr6sr^ Qsrr 


Boun'te-ous-ly, adv. ^-^nir(^<oSsnQnuj^ 
Boun'te-ous- ness, s. s-^mr(^6S3rLD^ Qsrr 


Boun'ti-ful, a. ^^rTir^6ssr(ip<sfr<s(r. 
Boun'ti-ful-ly, adv. ^^mn^essTunTvii. 
Boun'ti-ful-ness, s. n.^n!r^^<Buih, Qstr 


Boun'ty, s. ^^(Tin^'sssnJD^ e-^n-jr^^ojih, 

as premium, ^eu/ruii), usOesr, /fcst 

Q<5/7(S2oz_, &.u<3srrin£). 
Bou-quet', s. Ljj(i^Qs=<smQ. 
Bourn, s. @^P, creu'Ssx), ldcL®. 
Bout, s. ^lLi—w, ^hld^ <sfTeo^ iegs)L-.^ 

Bow, S. (SUGMS'SLD. 

of the head, ^<FrTinh^^'^<9'muuLfj ^ 
of a ship, ^essfliULn. 
BoW, r. a. a(3Sl^^&), ^(suiLQ^eOj (su'^ 

as subdue, j^jL-df^^io^ ^n^^^eo^ u 

the head, ^"^seSi^^^eO^ ^'^s^niii^ 

Bow, V. n, @(SJo/r)(^*^60, Qj6ssnsj(^^&)^ 


as stoop, (^6fffl^<so<^^rrt^^sJjUcssfl^,60. 
as submit, ^i-.iej(^^<3>}^ €^QiEj(^^Gdj 

Bow, 5. eSldo. 

of a knot or rope, @(Sjd/^<£f<^, <sL^ui^ 

as curve, Qy^feyro/, (sSeo^uu^iSify 

as rainbow, (su ireurGSI &) . 

of a fiddle, (oSfTesan})^ ujrTt^<surr&d(^ 

lEiQ'Sn'do^ G^eo. 

of an archer, <s=irfT<3=issnl)^ ^^t <2SI&), 

for fur, wool, or cotton, (oToo(^QsfTeOj 


of ribbons, (^(iT,<fuD, 
Bow'els, s, (pi.) (^i—rr^ (^l-su. 
Bow'er, s. Q'^<s<sfrL9(^6aflLuuiB^60^ fS 

Bow'ing-ly,adf . (SiJe3srd<SLDfTUJ^u^^nuj, 
Bow'knot, s, sh(T^s(^^ <9?0d(^(2pi^s'<s?. 
Bowl, 5. ^iLi^f QismosS^ QeBoreaaru), 
of a lamp, J>J<S60^ <^<^i^? Qmnd^. 
Bowl, V. a. &-(7^LL(bl^eo, &.eik<5G)t—UJrrd 

Bowl, V. n. ^(r^(Gf^^60, ^in^^io. 
Bowl, s. S-ioSsr(oS>L-^(^em-Q^LDrr<s(^6Sdr(b). 
Bowl'der-stones, s. (pi.) 3f>-L^n!5]<s&>., u 


of a large size, ^-gsstgdi—ssgO, 
Bowl'ing, s. inird^eainQ^LLQilxsS^efr 

Bow'man, 5. (cSleOGOfTefr^, eSpsnu&sr^ 

Bow'man-ship, s. (sBeoeondQumiii^ ^^ 

Bow'shot, S. ^LDL^Q^eO^lh^ITU)^ s{^ 

Bow'sprit, s. ^(SsSujd<SLL<o6)L^^ ^esSiu 

Bow'string, s. GBGST(^^,(^nGssr^iEniom. 
Bow'yer, s. ^ihQuujQpsi/^^ (s:SGO<Qij&) 

Box, S. QuLiL-<SLD^ QuiLl^y Qu(SS)Lp, 

small, &LSIi^^urressfl^^ir6sari—>3Bi£)yQ<s: 


as blow, =syif 9 ®^j <5Sisd(^^^j @ 
contribution, LL<3s<3S)LnuQuLLL^. 



on the head, (^ilQ. 

with the open hand, <Sf{L^^ ^qdjd, 

a tree. Lj^ar^ssruDjiLD. 
Box, V. a. (^^^^€0. 

on the head, ^iLQ^eo. 

with the open hand, ^GS)p^io, 

with the fist,' qplLis^ilj^^u), 
Box'er, s. <5iDsd(^^^d<3SfTfT<obr, Qpil-U^iL^ 

Box'ing, 5. @^^, os)SS(^^^^ ldgo^ m 

pOX'ing-CufF, 5. (SS)<35SSQJ^U), 

Box'ing-match,s. <56)<s<s(^^^<3=^m!r<ss)i—^ 

Boy, s. ^Gm-iSlsfr^err^ gjSsYr^ssr, Q^ 
(snarr^ (SuneSlum'y uneo^^ (oS)uuj<oGr, 

Boy'hood,6'. iSlefr'^uLSIirfnuix), ufreouu 
(r^(SiJUD, uneOuLSIjTmuihj LSIerr^errioaiLD. 

Boy'ish, a. iSlisfrdorr^^(ourLDfT(oar, @^€u<^p 

Boy'ish-ly, adv, ^^L9<sfr^^^<osrLDfriLi, 

Boy'ish-ness, s. iSlardsiresjLD^ uneQiULD^ 

Boy'ism, s, eSI l-'^^^<^<oS)ld, LS&r'2err^ 

Brace, s. ueow^ qjgSIj uih^th. 
as bandage, <s^<3f-^ slL®, 
in architecture, ^-(ssi^snio, tSleasruf-y 

as cincture, <sLL(Sl<y uih^th^ (sn'Sefrtnth. 
as pair, (?<5^/r®, gj'^sasr, iLi<5sih, ^u 

.<5S)L—, S-UiULD. 

as tightness, ^g^iasih. 
of a drum, LD^^(2fr(SU[TiT^ (Lpsrs^QjfTL 
Brace, v. a. ^(Lp^^dstLQ^eo, <slL(Si^ 

as strengthen, ^^i^^^^-i OueouiSi 
Brace'let, s. jtf^^<sL-.<su)y sfEj^sem-m^ str 


Bra'cer, 5. <slLQ^ uiB^(ssnh, 

Brach'i-al, a. LjUj^^d(^[fliLj, 
Bra-chyg'ra-phy, s. <siJrT<3^sd(^rSluQu(Lp 

Brack'et, 5. u&xssiS^rrihQ, [ii). 

in print? <oii{T<9^<sL£)<oS)L^iS(^LD(oOL.(JurT(Sfr 


Brack'ish, a. ^(SniTnGsr^ s^ojirnissr, 
water, &-<SiJiTi§iT, s^(sunirr, 

soil, &.LJLj^^€S)rr^ &^<aU ItSgOlDj Q-QJ^LD 

to taste brackish, ^(suff^^eo^^ssfl^^eo. 
Brack' ish-ness, s, &-<ouit, s=(aij{T. 
Brad, s. s^iT<sj<oG)<sujrT<5ssf^. 

Brag, S. U<SL-.LDy (^iJdL^;, <o^t})L^uQu<S='3?, 

Brag, V. n. u6SL^LDU6mr^u^60,<sSu:)LjQu 
Brag-ga-do'cio, s, <^LhLj<ssfTir<^, usl^ 

Brag'gart, ) ^L-LDuds[Tir(Ssr, Q&i^ 
Brag'ger, * j ssirnm^ usi—ssmiishr^ 

Brag'ging-ly, adv. eSwunuj^ usu-ldhhj. 
Braid, s. L9<^€sr6oQ<3u'2isOjL9<sjr(osrp^uS^. 
Braid, V. «. ^<oS)i^^^eOy i^m^^so^ Qp 

Braid'er, s. LSIf^^Qpojebr. 

Braid'ing, s. usbrssTLb.) u&n'<osr6\)Q(Q>j'bsOj 

Brain, s. ^/(tp^ih^ ^Ssrr. 

as understanding, ^^^5 <^/^<^' 
Brain'less, a. Lj^^uSleoeorr^. 
Brain'pan, s, sufreOLD^ ^'^evQiunQy Loeasr 

Brake, s. Q^<srT(Sl^ M&^' 
as lever, L£l<5m-u^. 
for flax ,s:(oSsreo^Q6oQ'S(^LSIQdQujiB 

as fern, [^it(d<sui})lj, 
Bram'ble, s. Qpil-Q^^^-, (ip^'—<su), 
Bram'in 5. LSIrrrriLem-m', unnuu[T<^, 
Bra-min'ic-al, a. drrniii<osar(i^'i(^{fluj^ un 

Bran, s. ^-aS^®? (^dzIszol.. 

Branch, s. Qsirihi^^ QsrruLj, QsnQy 

u<oSsriT) Q'BsfT. 

small, ^<5rriEjQ<35iTthLi, i^edrr^y (^J=<3?, 
Branch, v. a. u(^^^eo^ iSltflsj^eo. 
Branch, v.w. <S(Suit<2SIQ^&), Q^^^eOj Q 

Branch'ing, 5. &<sunuL\y Q'Sgitulj, uem 

Brand, s. Qsn&reffl^ ©/r^. 

as branded, (SfSl-, ^lLl^^Q, 




as fire-brand, Qsnweffl^ ^^f^^i^, s- 

as stigma, Ln^.y 6ugd^, <au(Sl^ QP^^ 

as thunderbolt, @/^. 
Brand, V. a. (^f^<s-®^GO. 
Brand'ed, a. {see Brand.) <3^lLl^^ (^® 

Brand'i-ron, s. (^i—®<sQsrr&i)^ qp^^gdjt 


Brand'ish, s. '3?Lp/b^, <£^Sr* 
Brand'ish, i\ a. ^lL®^s\)^ Qgowuldugsst 

Brand'new, a. l^^^ulj^uj, 

Bran'dy, s. €piT<su<oS)<SLD€h^, ^iT(Su<3SiSfr 


Bra'sier, s. ^ek(^mj s<i^^anii<^. 
Brass, s. LSI^^'Betr, 

as impudence, i5rr<3sardQ<3s®, QsulLs 

dQ<ss®j LLrreurdCosQ. 
Brass'i-ness, s. l9^^^^^(^(Sidld. 
Brass'y, a. iSI^^'2(o{r^^eir(SS)LDiij<3fr<3{rj lSI^ 

^'BGrTLDiuLDfTsur, Q(au LLs<sQs®&r<o(r. 
Brat, 5. ^irQaLLL^iSleir'^^ ^^^(sudQs 

Bra-va'do, s. ^^lL®, (sSldlj. 
Brave, v. a, (c^HLDnujeSQjrn^^^io, 
as challenge, Qurr(T^<ss(SDi^^^eOy eS* 

as defy, ^(i^^n^(t^^^GO^ (sr^Q^osirr 

as meet courageously, ^essflihQ^fiir 

Brave, a. ^OMssiLDiu rrtosr., 6^iTLDLDn(o6r, @ 

man, Qi5(i^^<^y ii}pQi5(i^ff(Ssr^ ldjd 
Brave'ly, adv. ^sssretDLDLurruj^ eS'sriLfTLUj 


Brav'er-y, 5. ^6^<5S)L£)f SL-t—trGssrosyiii^ 
Q^efTfflujihj (^ITLD^ ^z_(ssr, uirfrdQir 

Brave, . . ) ,^Q;/r<9r, 0<5Llif, u<3fru 
Bra'vo, -'' ) efrir^ u(2fnT^ ^Qsn, 
Brawl,5. <?=6d5r<oWL-., sjuxstfl^ (^Lpuuih, 



Brawl, -c. n. s60sihu(5ikr^u^eo^ &k^s(^n 

eo u eoar cspi ^^io ^ <suiT^fr®^<3^, 
Brawl'er, s. <3urr^fTij^^ ^fs^L^ssrrjiek^ s 

BrawPing, s. seaais)^ #(5S3r<s5)/_. 
Brawl'ing-ly, adv, (^l^uulchtuj^ ojrr^rr 

Brawn, s. ^(^umrB^ ^oMum-rSltiS 

as muscular strength, ueoih^ Queo 

as muscular part, ^(oS)s=f5rr(^&r<ofr^ 

Brawn'i-ness, s. f5rrLhLj€SI(56)s^, QueO(^, 
Brawn'y, a. ^(oS)s=L3u^uj(Sfr<sfrj ueo^^. 
Bray, s. s(Lgoy)^,ss'^o5ruL^, 
Bray, v. a. ^i^^^io^ ^L.rr6Slp(^^^60, 

as an ass, sQ^osi^s^^^i^^is'^e^r^^io, 
Braze, v. a. LSI^^'BerruSLL®LJu/bp<oS)6u^ 

as harden, <si^esriLrr<5S(^^eo.f eaojir 

Bra'zer, a. ii/^^Ssyrtu/rsjjr, iSI^^'^iniu 


as impudent, ^eos=<o6i^ujpp<) (Bfressno 

pp-y ^(osSs!TQp<3[r<sfr. 

work, iSI^^'BerrQeu'^iso. 
Bra'zen, v. n. ^si^essfl^^eo, ^^rretflu 

m m 

Bra'zen-ness, s. ^osSsn-il)^ Q^freOfTLiL^ 
Bra'zen-face, s. ^eos^Q^^a^uuppQjm^ ^ 

f5fT6sarLDpp<sij&!r^ ^<osr(ips<o3r. 
Bra'zen-fac'ed, a. ^eds=€S)<5=Luppj^es5f} 

s IF (ip<s[r<o(r J iBn<oiMi£)pp» 
Bra'zier, s. (see Brasier.) s<ski^(^. 
Breach, s. ^peij, @if ®/5 ^<sroi_ffl/, ^s 

as bereavement, ^LpuLf, ^iP®/* 
as dissension, quarrel, LSl6m-<S(^j tSlifl 

as gap, <s56S3ri—[TLuu:)f i^sseOj (a9z__<oi/) 

Q(SuL^LJLj^ j^po^j iSl(Sfreij. 

as violation of law, promise, contmct, 

of trust, ^-€si}r<ss)m^^<Sij£ij, iBihiSdeuss 



Bread, 5. ^piLiSL^ ^uum^ ^-(ssii^, sj 

as support, maintenance, 6^^(suesru)y 

as food, c^siTinl)^ Qun3=<osrui, 
Bread' fruit, 5. ir-irLJuedrrssmu, 
Breadth, 5. sj-seoih, ^L^ih, uiruLf^ eSI 

Break, s. ©i^ca/, a-(5zoz_ei/, Qfstfiet^^ Qp 

as interruption, ^<sjdl_. 

as open place, ^6S)i—Q<sij(off}^ L9nS!<sij 

as pause, ^rhseo^ ^fffuLj. 
Break, v. a. QprB^^&i^ ^^osh—^^go, 
a branch, &c. <opi^^^eo^ Qpr^^^eo. 
as batter, shatter, ^is^^^eo^ ^snss^ 

as cashier, dismiss, ^&r(e{^^eo, is(^ 

as crush, ibQ^^so^ wQ^^io^ QtsfB^ 

as disclose, fipiB^Qs^treOgi^^Gdj a. 

as make bankrupt, ^t^^eifliniTasiOy 

as rend, Qi^^^do^ iSefr^^io, 

as subdue, weaken, ^i-.d^^€0, 9® 

as tame, &c. ^Lud(^^60, uLpd(^^ 
as violate a contract, a-z—earui^ <s©9<5 

a boil, ^sn^^eo, (^p^^eo. 

a law, SL-^a,ei^ siLi^i^^^io^ ^<sii 

earthenware, s-<oS)L-^^6\)y Qfurr^d^ 

a rope, &c. sj&i^^'so^ 

banks, <SLL®<ssiL^^^GOy <slLQ(2SIlL(SIu 

bread, cake, i3lL(^^60^ iSlujd(^^60, 
clods, 'Sil.i^^iKSl^eo, ^l^uulq.^^ 




friendship, &c> Qp/Sf^^eo^ L^m<ssruu 

one's word, pronise, <Si}ns(^^^<sii^^ 

the neck, ^Q^^<s<^^^(T^(^^id^ ^Q£^ 

the heart, Qi5(^GD<3=uiS>^^p^^ Qf^ir 

up , S\gii^^GO , Q^rr'2^^^60 , -ip^d^io . 
up a company, &c. <35'^^^h^ @^ 

up ground, plough, Qp^^(Lp^6i ^^^ 

as disband, Q<s''2esr<oS)Lu^^(S(r(s(fl(oB®-^ 
Break, v. n. &-(oS)l^^&), ^i^^eOj Q^p^ 

as burst, eSiitLSlQoji^^^&j^ Q(Sul!^^ 

^6\)y Qu rr0i-SlQ(au u^^^eo, 

as cease, e^Lu^6\), ^'^Sj^eo, eSlQ^eo, 

as dawn, (sSJi^^eO^ Qsu&ff^^eOf ^(5 


as decline in health, vigor, ^Qej(^^ 

as separate, (^^^ea, iSlffl^6\}. 

as snap off part, jfis^^^)-, Q^rB^^&)^ 

as bread, i^iL^io, i3(ar(^^G0, 

as crockery, ©-(saz—^sJ, QiBrFI^&), 

as a tumor, 2_(S0)i_^6U, ^sn^io, 

as the heart, LD(osr(oS)f5^eo, Qi5(i^<9f-<oG)L^ 

as the voice, ^nGOiLn^-^&i, 

away, ^Gffl^Q^fTi^(2SlQ^6\)^ sLLi^gn 

away as clouds, Q^6ffl^&)^ Qtsuetf}^^ 

eOy Q(5iJ(S(flQJmEJ(^^<sd, 

in,enter by force^ueouih^LDfriLfLLL]^ 

^60, uiB^QprS^^iLuL^ed. 

out. as eruptions, Ljpuu^^eo^Qoj&B 

out, as prickly heat, (^(T^ui3^^eO^Q€u 
up, as a company, ^l^^go, (^^^aJ. 
wind, <su[T'ii^LJurSI^&o. 
Break'age, s. slsm^^q/, ^if.Q/, ^sn<si^^ 

as allowance for, u!tQQs=^-5sl^(^u. 



Break'er, s. (ipfSuQynm. ^(S6iL-^Qp 
(51/ ear, u^^QsutTGsr 
at sea, se\)<5Slff(oLD[T^LD'^^ ^'^ 


Break'fast, s. /frGOffs=nuurr®, sireou 

Break'fast, i/w. <SfT60uu9ujrT^^&}. 
Break'wa-V^? s- Q<3=uJS(oS)rr^ ^'Bsold/SIu 

Breast,/. Qt^(^^, inrrffi^, u^Q^mtD. 
ferw^le, Qp'^^ ^Gsrih, Q^nmKssis^ ^ 

Brevet, V. a. Q[5(i^(^<ck^^&). 
st'bone, s, iDnffQu^ihi^. 
'-pin, s. iLtTfrLj^&. 

'—plate, S. LDITITds€US=tl>. 

the ornament, LDmrtSli^u^dsmj u^d 

Slhy LDmTU€SSn. 

Breast'works, s. iLnnu(Sfr<sii^ajniB^<9i-<3ijn. 
Breath, s. ^<sSI^ ^af-ojfrs^thy ^uSitulj, ^ 

of a snake, unuDiSm^^s'&i-^ S]^l- 
as breeze, ^(striijsiTjb^y ^efriEjarr^ 


as instant, 'spQ^^s^'Sf-^^iflun, s=emLh. 

as respite, ^//?uL/, eSlLLi—rr/b/jS. 

through the nostril, s^itu), <3i-(Sij[T&'UD. 
Breath-a-ble, a. Qps^s^eSlt^^^d^s. 
Breathe, v. a. ^s'-9f-(QijrriEjSl<sSI®^&)j ^s= 

Breathe,??, n. ^<sijrTS=ti>£SIQ^&)j ^s^sf-eSI 

short, or hard, @3srr^^60, QstTuu^ 


to breathe out, or on, fSs='Si-(SijrTs=ui<3SQ 

to draw in the breath, *(a//r<9^^<52D^t£/ 
eirQefr LLffl^^io ^ &f-<aijrr<fil)<aijfTfEJ(^^&)^&. 

to breathe fury, ^^^eu. 

to breathe out, i3p3i-QjiTs=ih(cS(Si^(so ,S 

to draw a breath, &-<9=<9?€ufT<s=Lh(SUfTiij(^ 

Breath'ing, s. ^rsuaffthj ^<f<*. 

place, time, ^^<9?;i^QjfTifii>y ^.f^ 


Breath'less, a. ^'^Gfr^^uQunesr^ ^ff^ 

Breeches. ^L^uLfpLD. 

of a gun, Qs=n!E](^^ lSIl—(ej(^. 
Breech'es, s. (pi.) ^<oiDirs=s'&)6\)i-.ih^ s 

Ll.<5SH—d<Srrps=LLGDl_y S=60&)L^U)j (^ 

Breed, s. ^gstld, <frT^, €ij(i^d<stxij (^eotli. 
Breed, w. a. ^<sdQ<sn<5mL^(^^^eo. 

bring up, <5u<2(rrr^^(so. 

as generate, Qs=€sf)uiSl^^&). 

as instruct, ui^ul9^^&), 

as train, uLps(^^€0. ^ 

Breed, v. n. s^esfl^^eo^ Q^Gcfl^^(30, 
Breed'er, 5. FF(ssrp^[Tdj, Qupp^nin. 
Breed'ing, 5. (^6oQ<9SfT6ssrL^(7^^^&)jQ'2esr 

as education? uifts^'^ein'^ ut^dsih^ euerr 

as behavior, isosii^, €^(tpd<sih. 
Breeze, 5, ^<sfriE}<sfT/b^f srrprBerrsueo. 

stiff, ^(BlIEJSnpglly <3B®(SUG0. 

Breeze, v. a. ^(sn-iEJsrrp^ioSsf-^6\). 
Breez'y, a. ^<stnEisnp(Ttj>(oor^ snpQrfGsr. 
Breth'ren, s. jpZ. (see Brothers.) s^lLi^ 

Bre'vi-a-ry, s. ^i—d^sih, <ff?0d<si£)^ <f/e/ 

QlTSlhj QufTL^ULf, 

Brev'i-ty, s. ^i—daih^ ^^s&ld, sFQ^d 

Brew, s. s<si^itujiJd^ seouLj, Qsnt^n. 

Brew, v. a. ^(SDrruurT6snh(oui^^^&)^ ^n 
as contrive, s'^QujfT<5='2t^n-u6m^}j^Gi)y 

Brew, v. n, ^LumTtT(^^6\)y <sj^^'5sn£)n(^^ 

Brew'er, s. ^irs=i})(Sui^<sQp(S>jear. 
Brew'er-y, s. ^rr^uiisuu^d^uxs^®^ ^rrs" 


Bribe, s, GS)sd,^,-(sS}, uffl^fT<osrLD. 
Bribe, v. a. <oB)<sd.3P^(oSI'35LLQ^6i)j <5S)<3sdsf^ 

(sSIQarrQ^^do, urFl^rr(osrLSI®^eo. 
Brib'er, 5. (o3)<sds?i-€SlQdsrr(b)sQpQj^^ u 

Brib'er-y, 5. QSisd&^eS^ urf}^rT(SsrLD, 
Brick, s. Q<3=iEJseo, urrdseo. 

for paving, ^i5ff"(a///?4je)c9^<f556i). 




lo burn bricks, Q^taaeo^Q^So. 
to make bricks, Q'S^fkjseoeogjj^^eo. 
Brick, V. a. Qs^ik'Sedu^^^io^ Q^iejsgo 

Brick'bat, s. Qs^ieislLl^, Qs^iEJs/bsLLt^. 
Brick'kiln, s. (3^, Q<9=iEj<s/b(^'^. 
Brick' -lay-er, s. sjb^uu<m-, ^uuesr, 

Qs (16060 pgf]<s&iTiT<^^ Q<snpp<^. 
Brick'-mak-er, s. Q<s=iki<sp&i-(9iQp<3U(^. 
Brick'— mould, s. Qs=iEj<sB60eos='9f-y Qs^tEJs 

Brick— work, s. Qs'isjaeoQoj'boOj Qs=ieis 

Brid'al, 5. seSJiurrssariJ)^ -seQajnism^s^i-. 

Brid'al, a, (siSl^ufrs^^dsQ^^, insssrQjrT 

Bride, 5. LD63sr(QijrrLL.t^y Loemwrreffl^ mem- 

cake, LD(oaBrLJLf^ff}(oS)s, 

chamber, m&sarsuGSip^ LoesatLDesarL^ 


groom, LDesar(SiJiT<ofr<osr<j LorTu LSIm'^^erTf ld 

6J35rU)<563r, LD(GSa)(3[r(o3rj ^'2lS0LDS^. 

maid, Q^rri^, Q<3=uf-^ <fQ^ utTikiQ. 

man, Q^rrLpesr, Q<g:L-.m-, s^<S(dr. [^. 
Bride'well, s. Q<3=a6mij^LDrr60^ srrQjps^rr 
Bridge, s. urr^iliy sumrrroj^, 

drawbridge, ^p^uufreom, ^peij 

Qsn^d^ihurreOii)^ s=rKjQ<sSluuiT60Lby 

of the nose, ^d(^^^6m-®, [®. 

of a fiddle, &i:,c.u-irrL^(oar(^^(5iDir^QLDLl. 

or road over a bridge, Q^Q^uuneOihy 

Bri'dle, s. su^eufrefrih^ iSeSleanhy (^qds^. 

reins^ sL^(Qun'6fr<s<ssuS£iij <s6Sl(Ssr<sufT!Tf m 

Bri'dle, v. a. su^ojn&rLDLj^iL®^®), 

as restrain, ^i—<s(^^60, 
Bri'dle, v. n. ^'^iBiBff^eo. 
Bri'dler, s. si^ojrrsfrL^QQpQjexn'y ^L^d 

Brief, s. Qun-jfiuL^^^rriLQ^ QjLp<5s<sd(^ 

Brief, a. (^fBuunisur, •sf-Q^dsLDirssr. 
to be brief, (^^@^&>y >3f-Q^iij(^^io^ 


Briefly, adv. ^(j^dsLDiriLy QufTL^uurr 

<Sj <3=fEjQrrai£>rnij. 
Briefness, s. jf/u-dsu), (^^dsm, <sf-0 


BrI'er, 5. Qi5(T^(^9l60^ qplLlj^gsstQ^ Qp 

Bri'er-y, a. (Z^sfl-^sn-srr, (TpeasTLSinrresr. 
B^ig? ^' ^(f^uiTUJiLrrsaLjudo, 
Bri-gade', 5. ^(tjusotz—o/i^ul^. 
Brig-a-dier', s. ^^u^ofra^^asr. 
Brig'and, 5. Qsnen-'^sanuQsr. 
Brig'an-dlne, s. QumT<s<ss£u<Fi}>, 
Bright, a.^60dst£)iT(oin', L9rrsrrs^L£)iT(ssr, iSI 

F<stD(QUiij6frG{rj Q^<ff?(^isfr, 

countenance, ^eOirih^Qpsth^ (DS=fnSI^ 


idea, uetruisfruuncsrsQ^^^* 
Bright'en, V. a. ^60<5(a5[^a), i/i?^<5(^^6^ , 

l3jT<5Bn&Ul3^^60j €SlGfr<S5(^S,60. 

Bright'en, v.n, <5TnS^^&)j^60iEj(^^60^ iSl 

Bright'ly, adv. iSlrrsrT<5=LDrrdj, uerBdQs^ 

Brightness, "^Qs^fT^, Qs^nmuy <s'Bewy 
Brill'iance, s. > QireasrihyafTiufiyiSlirsrrs' 
Brill'ian-cy, j uiyQ^<3r^^60a<sihyuSl€sr, 
mental, LD<o5r<i<s?^rr<5SiLDy LDesr^Q^etfl sij , 
Brill'iant, 5. ULLi—ih^iTih^eiD^jinGBsfl. 
Brill'iant, a.^^dsLDfTesr, ueiruGtruurf 

to be brilliant, ^60iej(^^&), iSljarrQ 

^^60 y iSjISfTS^LDfT^eO, 

Brill'iant-ly, adv. uGtruefruunujy uerfld 

BrilFiant-ness, s.^6v)6J<szi), uetrueirui^^ 

iSirarrs^LDy Qs^n^, 
Brim, s. ^jrih, <s(oS)jTy (sSetflihLj. 

of a vessel, (sSleffltliLj, 

up to the brim, <SiJndjLnil.Qs(^^ <aSl<sfR 

Brim'ful, a. fS(SS)pih^, iSirihiSLUy iSoap 

Brim'mer, 5. i§l<ss)pQ6m<oSsrLDy [^(siDpiE^ 

Brim'stone. 5. si^sw, 

Brin'dled, a. LjeirsfflLjsfrGfflujrrssry (5fT(GU)Qj 


Brine, s. o-ULjiiJ, ■^ojiriiir. 



Brine'pit, s. ^uLjuurr^^, 

Bring, v. a. <orQ^^<sQsfr<o!hrQ(SU(T^^60^ 

a person, ^<^Lp^^<Sij(r^^(S\)j -sk-iLuf- 

down, ^L^d(^^6\}y ^n^^^^GO, u 

forth, Ff^^iOy Qu^^eo^ ^q^^go, 
forward, <oT®^^<s<EsnLL(Bi^<s^^ s^ss 

in contrast, j^®<is(s?D<sij^^6\)j ^pp 

over, ^Qp^^dQ'SfTm^^eOj ^<^us 

together, 3?^LL®^eo^ Qs^n^^io. 

to issue, Qs^lLl^uiSI^^go, (si^ulS^ 

^&)^ Q[fl<oS)<S(olDllJ:S:Q^lij^(ipi^^^6\), 

to pass, (d<9=lLl^uL2^^&)^ [51-^Ul9^^ 

to remembrance, /^^SssruL^LlO^eu, 

under, -asLLQuuiTQuem^u^io, ^l. 

up, <Si](SfriT^^60y rS lSI iT^^eo J 6ij(r^eSI^^ 

Brin'ish, a. s-ULfs=srQD(SiJiu[T(Ssr. 
Brin'ish-ness, s. &-uLjs=<9i-(sa)(Sij, £.(Si/ /fu 

Brink, s, ^(^(^t f^i^'^t <3s<oS)jt, <sSI effi wlj , 
Brin'y, a. &.uLjs='fff-(oS)€iJLurT<sur^ SL.(SiJiTi§0 

Brisk, a. ffrrdQirGD^Lq&ren-^ ^s^irQ^&retr, 
Brisk'et, s. LSl(7^<ss^fi(m-Qr5(i^<SFy Q^isjsit 

Brisk'ly, adv. ^-ps^nsmnih^ <9?^<9f-£i/uuiT 

Brisk'ness, s. ^-ps^nsih^ <9?^s(^^ ^l— 

Bris'tle, s. um-^iLuSlrr. 

Bris'tle, V. a. ^s^uLj^eo^QfBjjSl^^eo^ ^ 

Bris'tle, v. n. ^:<sSliT^^io, ^eSlir^^do^ S 

to bristle up, &.QinnD[T(iT,Q^iEiQ<s[T(sir 

Brist'ly, adv. u&sr/StiBuSjnsy Qib^lduS 

Bris'ling-up, s. &.QiTfrLDfT(i^Q^ui, Qunu^ 

Brit'ish,a. ^iEjQG^<9rS(^ffluj, iSfB^^nGsB 

Brit'tle, a. ^u^uu^^ds, OfEiruj^irGsr^ Qp 

Brit'tle-ness, s. ef?u^Lqih^(sn-GDL£>^ Qp^^ 

Broach, s. (see Brooch.) ^ll^S, ^p^ 

Broach, v. a. ^p^^GO, Q^ir'hofr^^GO, 
secrets, fipih^Q'3^rfGOe0^6\>y ^pi^ 

Broad, a. ^<5EG0LD[resr, (sS^s^ncOiLnGsr^ u(t^ 
accent, ^QpuLfj ^Q^uQun(SS)3'^ ^ 


cloth, <S=<5G0!T^^, (sSIgO^IT^, 

if red cloth, ^ih^sreSlGO^irfi. 
Broad'-day, s. ulLl-uusgo 
Broad'en, v. n. ^<3S60ljdit(^^&)-, eSl^nGO 

Broad' ish, a. s^ppsGOinnesr. 

Broad'ly, adv, eSs^n gold nub., uQ^ihui^ 

Broad'ness, s. <a£ls=rTGOWj ^sGOih^ u(r^u) 
ui^^ ujruLj, 

Broad'side, s, suueSlmussih. 

as volley, auuG^esa-udcSULS'jTiEjQS 


in printing, e^^Ljp^^GO^dsf-uu^ 


Broad'-sword, s. uLLi—nds^^. 
Broad' wise, adv. ^<sgolju<ssl£iituj, 
Bro-cade', s. ^^^iriJuLlz_/r(529z_, ep(7^ 


Bro'cage, s.^jto^, ^ir<su(osrQ(rrf>L^&). 
BYbgue,s.Q<ssfTs=(SS)<9^uQud-3f-^ Q<ssfrd<ss)s= 

Broid'er, v. a. &^^iTf5<ssi^^^G0. 
Broid'er-er, 5. Q^^iF^(SiD^uJG<d[T&r, 
Broid'er-y, s. ^&)iEisiTir^(oS}^LU6\)^ Q^^ 

Broil, S' <ssGOsih^(^[^uu[l)y .^ezsjrsoL-, 5? 

(Sij<sun<oS)LD, Qu^ih. 
Broil, V. a. <9r®^G0, ^gsotgSJgoQqjgSI^^go. 
Broil, V. n. ^®u®^60j ^(5m&S)&)Q(su<sSI^ 




Bro'ken, a, {see Break.) ^<oS)l-ib^. 
pieces, <3=6\)oSy s^eOGSIuQum^. 
sleep, iS^^<ss)ird(^LpuuLh^ iB^^QSiH 

to be broken, ^<oS)L^^eo^ iF0iEj(^^e\), 

as beasts, ^l-.iej(^^60, uu^^eo^ uip 

up, as a city, QM.iTd(^Lguui£), Q^s=s 

as the constitution, <pifirijsLLQd(^ 

Bro'ken-heart-ed, a. ^■(i^'B'GOQpefretr, id 

Bro'ken-ness, s. a.c25)L-(S5/, Qisifleij, ^^Ssd 

Bro'ken-wind-ed, a. ^'SetruLj&r&ry Q^tr 

Bro'ker, s. ^srsu^^ ^ir(oiismr(^, 
Bro'ker-age, s. ^iro/, <girQii3?^&9. 
Bro'ker-y, s. ^jT(Sij^^(san£), 
Bronze, s, Qsn^srseoih, 
Bronze, v. a. Q(SU(om'SGOL£iQun€On^(^ 

Brooch, s, inrrnLj^^, wtrn&'^^tLQSii-.uLj^ 

Brood, s. (^<^'9rS<9n-tl.t^ih^ ^QjrQSi<3uu 

as progeny, <f/f^^, S<ssresn^, 
Brood, t\ n. Q<3=LLQDL^d(^(sir(Sfr'2sssr^^60, 
as sit on eggs, ^(saL^srr^^GO^ iSlQrrffl 

as cover with wings, (^ (ir^&rs'Sisn'Lu'Bsssr 

as rest on, overspread, ^iek^^&o^ u 

as remain in anxiety, mssnhQojssn 

on the mind, LD<5srfiGSl0^^6O, mssr^ 

Brood'ing, s. ^(ssii—^ iSKojuTaih^ Qih^ 

hen, ^QDL-dQsrTifi, ^uiudQ,3srTLS' 
Brood'y, a. ^€S)L-.<35rrdQpy ^uiuiEjafT 

Brook, 5. csyc5^5 ^^(2?^. 


mountain, ^^(eS. 
Brook, u. rt. s^Q<ss<s:Q<3=Lu^eOy ^friasu 

Broom, s. (2S6fr<s(^LDrr^^ ^aDL-uuih, 

<sufT0Q<SfTeo, Qs^iT^eufl, 
Broom'stick, s. (sSlen-df^LDfT^dsiLeiDt—, 

Broth, s. ^essTLD, S'fr^, ^^irs^ihy (^Lp 

Broth'el,5. Qqj9I<e^Q. 
Broth'ei-er, s. Q(QuQ<ss&r(Qj<osr. 
Broth'er, s. s^Qstr^jidr, 

as fellow, 'SFsrTUJ<ck^ s'Q^(Ssr^ <5?^lLl-it 

elder, si<omr6m<our, ^(Sdlliui^j ^^^ 

younger^ ^ijDL9,Q^L-(^^<ssGffflLLi—m. 

own, '3h.l—.Ul3piB^€U(50ry <3^Qa(T^ITGSr. 

Br6th'er-hood,5. <9^Q<s(T^rr^^(Suu3^s=Q<sfT 

Broth'er-in-law, 5. (oa)LD^^(oumifr, 
Broth'er-ly, a, <?QsfT^rr^ <3=Qsrr^ir^^m 

Brought, rt. (see Bring.) Q<sfT(ssar(S)<siJih^, 

Brow, S. LJl(T^<SULD, Lj^STLD, Lj(^, H(3(S 
LJL, <55lLl^(T^61JLD. 

as forehead, Q^prB-^ ufreoiij in^^sih. 

of a hill, Lo'^UiSmQfspiB*. 

to knit the brow, QfsprSlsiDiuJ^^L^^ 

Brow'beat, V. a. ^^ilQ^eo, &.^dSlu 

Brow-beat'ing, s. ^^sQuQus^ms, sj 

Brown, a. ^^^mSpLDrresr, SLSedLorresTj 


study, LD<oSr<S<S(Sll'2lS0, imSSTLDJi/LSIl^lE^ 

Brown, V. fl. s^ssuuGsar^u^eo, 
Brown'ish, a. G)<5=iEJS6\)LD!EJs&)fT(ourj <S60 

Brown'ness, 5. s^fL^rrfSpihjSiSleOu)^ lj<s 

Browse, 5. QiLdjs=3=pp<ssiLp, 

Browse, v. «. ^^oi^<s'^Qlduj^&), ^(oS)Lp 



Bruise, s. /5^<s)/, O/f/t^^, dsODrroj. 
Bruise, v. a. &-<oS)rr(i^6?^&)^ ibQ^^go, s 

as pound, ^u^^^eo^ ^<oS)(su^^eo^ ie(t^ 
to be bruised, OfBrriB^Qurr^so^ s-qdit 

Bruis-er, s. iB®uu^iB^^n-S(T^<aB. 
as person, LD<30u^^^[Tui3ujtT9l^ uLp 

Bruit, s. Qff^^f i^rrew^nuLD^ ^n^^, 
Bru-nette', s. dsiSleoeu^effflj <ssiSl60QpsQp 

Brunt, s. ^rrdsix), umrih, Qufr^uLfj^rr 

JBrUsh, 5. (^S=<9r, &g^<SWL^, 

as broom, ^ODL^uuih, eSI&rd(^LDn 
as assault, encounter, ^i^lSIu^^ ^q^ 
as a rub, stroke, dy^f > ©'f 5 ^^®> 
as thicket, ^^s^d<3S!TQj upiLosiL^s 
painter's brush, @<f<^, s^ifl<s5)s^ ^(su 

weaver's brush, ^<9=sr^ unisunprSl^ lj 

Brush, V, a. ^dj^'^eo^^esiL^^^iOjQu 
0S(^^6dy <Sij^rTffl^^(S(r(Gf^^60, 
the hair, LLuSjrQsrr^jsed, lduSit^qj^60. 

Brush, V. n. ^iL^^^Qsirem^Qun^eo^ 

off, or against, ^lLQ^go^ ^n^(^^GO, 
over, or along, e^LLi^uQurr^eo, 
Brush'wood, s. ^^5 ^p^s&ir®, ^ffl 
eo^^pio^ u^<i(oS)<35^ upLLesiL-dsrr®, 
as branches cut off, ^eOLhueo^ fs^d 

Brush'y, a. ^oDL^uuLoQunrnp^ ^(i^ 

Brii'tal, a. LSl0<s^^€5riDrT(osr, 

as merciless, ^jTssLopp* 

as savage, Q<s{T(Sl(oO)u)LUfr<osrj Qqjl-^^ 


Bru4al'i-ty, s. iSl^s^^earih, Q<3ul^^^ 


Bru'tal-ize, v, a. LSl(7^<3s^^an-LDfT<ss(^^60, 
Bru'tal-ize, v. n. LSI(Ti^<ss^^<5arLn[T^60j lSI 

Bru'tal-ly, adv. (^^nmnubj Q<s[T®G^iii 

Brute, 5. S-USlTUlSljTrTQSsflj LS}(7^Stli^ l£I(7^ 

as brutal man, ^ffdsLDpp(2ij(^^ Qsrr 
Brute, fl. ^;SI<sSl60eOfT^yLj^^ujppyLSI(f^ 
Bru'ti-fy, v. a. LSI(T^s^^€sriLfT<s(^^60^ 


Bru'tish, a. LS}0<35^^<osrLDn<osr, u&i-^^<su 

as senseless, sjfS^pp, Lf^fiiupp. 
as savage, ^irdsiDpp, Qs[rQ<oS)LD 
Bru'tish-ly, adv. LSI(T^s^^(osrLDfTLUj Q<sul— 

as stupidly, LDt—^<S6srLDmu^ sjfSlmn 

as savagely, Qsn®<35)LDUjnuj^ <QU<ssrs 

esari^LDLUfTdj. ^(svih, 

Bru'tish-ness, s. i£i(r^s^^<oanh, u»^^ 

as stupidity, inL—^^esnh^ ill-gdiDj id 

as inhumanity, ^ird<3SLDppi^Qssrtl), 
as savageness, Q<sn®GS)LD^ Q<sui^^^ 


Bub'ble, s. ©i^i^j /^/ri(5L^/^, L\p 

as vain project, eDQeasrem'essri}), <otQ 

Bub'ble, V. n. @LSiL^Qsn<s{r(&^^GO. 

as boil up, QsiT^^^eo^ (^lSIl^^^go, 
Bub'bler, s. ©^(^^uG^Lj/resr, <5T^^&sr. 
Bub'by, s. Qp'^, QsrriijcsDS, ^esrih, 
Bu'bo, s. cSy<s35iruj/ruLy, QisnSy (buul^^ 

Buck, 5. ^QJSTQpLuddj s^LDfTesr. 

Buck, V. a. iS^rriTLAI Ll.®Q6U(ckefriTeSI uSio 
Buck'et, s. (ojpps=<9=fr&)j ^<ss)p<Ffr&)f Q 




hand, cs)<£'9^<3'rTG0, 

well, ^(SS)p<3'rT60^ @aD^<Si_(£3)L_. 

Back'ing^ s. Q<syi(sir(ofrn&9. 

Buck le, s. <s<^*LJyz_L®, Gumru^LLQ. 

Buck'le, V. a. s^^ul^lL®<s60, (suniry, 

Buck'le, V. n. (LpujpQQs[TCfr(Gr^^60, 

with, i£)<sOGOfT®^(so^ QptLQ^eo, 
Buck'ler, s. Qslsld, uffl(o5)s=. 
Buck'ram, s. u(7^d^idrLjGS)i-,GD(aij. 
Buck'thorn, s. ^irsiJGmsLDinb. 
Buck'wheat, 5. ^ireS^^nGGflujuD. 

Bud^S. ^(f^LbLI,^<Sff}lT,^(oS)Lp,^<offllT, Qp 

of a flower, ^^wlj-, sem-evSj Qp 
Bud, V. n. ^0tl>Lj^eo, ^affir^^eOj ^<s(f) 

Bud'ding, s. Qp'Scrr^^io, 

Bud'dle, s, e-Q&)n<s5ijDrfls(^ihQ^iTLl.i^. 

Budge V. n. ^<sg)s^^go, Qucuir^eo, Qs: 

■ eoeOeO, 
Bud'get, s. (SS)u^ <3=n<s(^^ ^cFii)(S20u, sj 

as papers, <QUfr<oijG)<^€\)€)jds€ssrs(^<s 

Buff*, S. U^^ L-l—<5T(T^QS)LD^QjSITG0. 

as color, LD(^<3P(3n; [tl>. 

Buffa-lo, s. GT(r^(5S)LD,^rf}, Qld^, lduSIi— 
male, <oTQT^G5)Ui<i<SL-n> 
young she-buffalo, ^, €T0GDii)r5rT(^. 
wild buflfalo, anLLQi-.(r^mLD, (^Qp 

young buffalo, <sT(r^GDLD<ss<sear£)j. 
Buffet, s. (^lKSIj (S^^- 
Buffet, V. a. (^lL®^6o; (^^^^a). 
Buf-foon', s. ^(3<a;6sr, uQi^dsfrjKoky u 

Buf-foon'er-y, s, QseSl^ s=m'2£sr^ uQu^^ 

Bug, S. QpLL<oS)l-.UyjS=9. 

Bug'bear, s. Qeu^orf), Qu{Tld<oS)ld^ (^^ 
tSI, Q(SiJ(T^LLu^, oerr LorreosTL^, 
story, Q(Sii(r^LLQ<s<3s<oS)^, 
to play at bug-bear, Q(Sij(r^il. u^eSI'^Gir 


Bug'gy, $. 3k.L—niiLB(sOGOn^suiokn^, 
Bug'gy, a. Qpil.<ESiL-UL4^<^&iL\mGfr. 

Bu'gle, S. &lpdG5)<3B<S(^Lp/bS(7^<2S!, (BfTiU 
0DLp<S(^IEJ(^ip&)^ Q<SULL<oiDL-S<S5fTGfrih^ 

Build, V. a. GrQpuLj^Q}^ slLQ^So^ slL 


build castles in the air, i£)Q(^nnff&iu 

Build'er, s. <sp&pum^ Qpuear, &pun 
s=fTifl, Q&npp<m^ &-<ssorL-.fTdQ6sr€iJ(our. 
well-builder, <!E&)^<saLLL^, QecsTgas 

Build'ing, 5. slLQ^ slLQQ(Su'2€0j wfreffl 


spot, i£)^^n'Qsn&)^<S'SsSedL£i^ ld'^qh'. 
Bulb, s. ^ulLQ. 

in botany, ^/p/E/(5, Q6ij<^<s{TUJihQp<s 


Bulb-a'ceous, a. QLpiEj(^e(r<3{rj ^eos 

Bulb'ous, tt'^STLLQiUfTem: 
Bulge, s. {see Bilge.) L/(S29i_uLy. 
Buige^ V, n. ;Stj^^^ GO y uq^^^go, <sS(sj(^ 

Bulk, ) SfT^^JTWj jSl^ULf-, ^ 

Bulk'i-ness, " | esaroDLDj u(t^<oS)ldj Qtnn 

Bulk'-head,s. «®L/iJ6U(So/D<ff<sr^<sair(sroA_uL^ . 
Bulk'y, a. uq^^^, ^isp^^^ Qimr^^LDnasr^ 

to be bulky, /ff if ^g-^Q), u0^^io, uirrf) 

Bull, s, ^i^uih, LfeOedihj ^ei^uth^ gt0 
^, <siT'Borr, ^nLDU(Ssr, 
wild, (^(LpmrrQ. 

€T(7^Q^fTQ(oU lTnQ<S=(JU 

baiting, ) <^0^ih tBiriLfm QufTrr<2SI<Sl^ 

fighting, ] ^5 


calf, QsiEj<S(osr^.) sfr'Bsfrdsm'^, 

doff, ^IT(2iJ(oS)'SBQ(QULL<oS)l—.IBmLJ» 

Bull'et,s. (^szRJT®. 

Bull'e-tin, s. ^iB<£uL\uu^^iith. 

Bull'-finch, s. G^frQJGSis^(^(f^eSl. 

Bull'-frog, s. ^sGu'^. 

Bull'ion, 5. Qu(Tp<SLLu^y QunpunmLD] 


Bull'ock, 5. CT(5^. 





eOL^, (SUfTiUfTtSL. 

BuW'y^v. a. jif^Li.®^&), ^iruL^ ^60^ ^6\> 

Bul'rush, s. QstT^S(oS)<s^ iBfTcssrdv, um. 
Bul'wark, s. ^nessTj ^sotasw, Q&nth 

of a ship, ^p^QjfTffluu&)(SDS. 
Bum'ble-bee, s. Q^<^<Qj<ossr(bl^ iSit^ud. 
Bump, s. ^(Ex^^ul^j^itlLQ^ l9^<s<sw, 

as blow, thump, @if, (^fsi^ cSy^, u 
Bump, V. a. ^}L^^;S60, ^l^^^cj, Qldit 

the head, (LpiLQ^eo. 
Bump'er, 5. fSl(o!Dpth^Q(sm(sssru}-, S<oS)puj 

Bunch, s. Qsn^^j (^*26u. 

as hump, <9;i_63r. 

as collection, '5s^tli-i^j^irLl^,^i7(5fr. 

as knob, (^iSltp. 

as knot, <szJ.®, Qpisj^s-Sr. 

as lump, siLu^, 

as protuberance, jjj^^ulj, lS^<s(^, 

of flowers, Lj^tsiQan^^, 

as tassel, &c. ^'9=<3^ld, ^(^<^ld, 

of keys, ^pLJL^sQ<sn<oSi<su. 

on a bullock, gtq^^^^^I^go, Qpiflu 

Bunch, V. n. ^gycro^^^e^, ^uf.^^io, i3 

Bunch'i-ness, s. L/eroi-UL/, ^(Sz^^iJl/, 

QiDrr^^uLj, (^'2eviLirr smith. 
Bun'dle,^. <3?<oS)LD<ssLLQ,QurrLLL.€S!^. 

as pack, Qpuih^ Qun^, 

as sticks, <3^6\)(oSld<SLL®j <s?uL9dsLLQ 

Bun'dle, v. a. siLL^fTd(^^&), siLu-nin 

Bung, 5. iSuurT(Sij<oiDL^<s(^iEj(^^^. 
Bung, V. a. lSu u n^^<su tTin£>(5S)L—^^6\J. 
Bun'ga-low, s. Q<95frLLL-ihf ldgsstl^uiI). 
Bung'-hole, 5. duurr^^euninh, ['2eo, 
Bun'gle, s. ffirQSiSuQeu'bso^ u^ihuu^Qsu 
Bun'gle, V. a. s=itgd(Sijuj[ts&^Q<s=uj^^ ; u 


Bungler, s. <firs3)<suQsii'^Qs=ujQ:^rT(c5rj 

Bun'gling, a. u(T^ihuij^LUfT(osr, QputSe^ 

Bung'ling-ly, adi\ .9=iT(SD6uujrTLu^ u^wu 

Bunn, s. ^effBuLfuuGssre^sniTi}).. 

Bunt'ing, .9. €piT€u€S)<sd(^(7^QS, 

Buoy, s. lB^ul^. 

Buoy, V. a. lSI^^^^so^ L3^<s<s<cSi®^G0^ 

Buoy'an-cy, s. LSI^<i(^i^^<ss)u)j Qtsiruj 

of mind, Lj^fflui^, LD(SsrQ<su(ipd^. 
Buoy'ant, a. QiBntb^nasr, tSl^ss^^ds. 

spirits, LD(oSrUL£ffluLly LD€SrQ6iJ(ipd&. 

to be buoyant, Lj^ffi^^(so^ tD<5STQ<sij(L^d 
&QsfTisfr(ef^^60, tSl^^^eo. 

Bur, s. Gr<sSIQiuiTLLu^(outT6\)(Suei3', qplLl^ 

Bur'den, s. <3f-<siDiDy unnih, ^lLgdi-.. 
as weights of care, unuLo^ Qurr^uLf, 
as chorus, u6\)€0Qjth^ Lja)6\)Q9, 

Bur'den, v. a. (Sjp^u^eo, •armuiSl^^Gd^ ,5f 

Bur' den-some, a. ^ndsLonesr, urrrnDfTsur, 
Bur'den-some-ness, s. uffirdsf-(S3)LDj unir 

Bu'reau, s. ^ecnd&uQuLLi—SLD^ jy 

Bur'gess, 5. tL^io(^^iB^i5<srT^^nm, f^<^ 

Burgh, s. (see Borough.) uD^eOi^t^Ljuih^ 


Burgh'er, s. LD^&)(^t^i^^fs<sir^jgfT<osr, 
Burg'la-ry, s. S(sn-<5srLSlLLQLLLj(^^eOj s 

^<SljQuUJIT^^LLu(bl(oS)S, <3^(SiJITd(^^^ 

Burg'o-mas-ter, s. iBsirsij^srTffl, (bsjtu 

Bur'i-al, s. ^i^ddsih^ Q^wih^ /-/(sro^uL/^ 
Bur'i-al-place, s. ^QjdsirQj fQjssfr'2ts^j 




Bur' i-al-ser' vice, s. ^i—'S<sBubu<om^2]Qp 

Bur-lesque', 5. uQi^y urflafrs=u). 
Bur-lesque', v. a. u(flafr3^(ir,Q^ib^eo, 
Bur'ly, a. iSiSurLDfrmrj unifluunesr^ (sSih 

Burn, s. <3®) (^(Sl6^L-.<smuii)j (^lLQu 

Burn, V. a, (srifl^^io^ <ff?Q^GO. 
as consume, (^(yr^dseo. 
as bake, harden by heat, <sff-Q^Gd, Q<sii 

as calcine, ipM^^y ueruinLDn^c^^i^. 
as scorch, s(r^<3B(^^G0^ <ff?®^&}j ^lu^ 

as scorch by the sun, .^(^i^^ei), ^ 

as singe, Qun^<s(^^6d, 

as caustics, <sf-(£i^<so^ ^iLs^^go. 

corpses, sacrifices, <9p®^6U, ^<s6sfl^^ 

incense, ^uiEjamLQ^io. 

in cooking, S(t^<s(^^60, ^tii^^do, 

the finger, tongue, &c. «9f®^6U, ^lu^ 

as flame, ^(S^ne^^^io. 

as glow, <35&jr^^isd. 

as shine? iSiusn^^^io^ anih^^eo, 

as smart with pungent matter, &c. 2_ 

as a lamp, ^rfl^eo. 

as a sore, Sl^pp&^'^t <oTffl;S60, Qsrr 

as a corpse, (srtfi^^, Q<su^^60. 

as hair, paper, &c. Qun<3?iEj(^^60. 

as fever, <563r^^6U, 6Bndj^&}, 

in cooking, <5i(fl^&d, sQ^aio. 

away, as oil, (sup^^io^ snih^^eo, 

bright, -a^L-rreSI iLQi-ffl^io, 

dimly, irnEjQQuuifl^eo. 

out, <oiffli5^^GsS^eo, 

up, uprSIQajifl^io. 

with envy, ^tpo^i^eOj Qun(^QS>u:iuS 

with lust, <35rTLn^^(^(soQ(SiJ(^^60^ <sS 


with rage, Qsnu^^;^Q&)ffl^&j. 
Burn'a-ble, a. ^ffl(Ju<g<s<i<3Sj s^s^^dsy 

Burn'er, s. QdsrreireffJiSoxausQpQjtdr^ erifl 

Burn' ing^ s, r^Lpp^f <oT[fleij^ (STffluLj, @ 

Burn'ing, a. c^Q<5BfTrTwn€srj 6?QQp. 
coal, ^LpGO^^<omGO, 
place, <3t(bl<srrQy uDuunosnsiy <^l_'Ssu, fp 

glass, (^fflLU<£BrTiu^<i<3S6S3r(^L^^ ^iuds 

iron, (^Ll.(Sl<35Co<£BfT(S0^Qp^^(oS)rr<5Sai£lLj. 

sensation, Q-ODpuLj^ Grfflei^, 
Burn'ish, 5. ^<30<s<sih^ ljSI^6s<su:), 
Burn'ish, v. a. ^(ip^^LDiTd(^^6\)^ ^<sos 

Burn'ish,??. 7i.^6Vffiy (^^6^, i£l^!ij(^^€0. 
Burn'ish-er, s.^GOf^^s^Q^iLQ^unm-i u9 


Burr, s, <snfim-Q<3=rTdssur^ SipdsfT^, 

Burnt -offering, s. ^'SeorueSI, 

Bur' row, s. ^'^, Qurrib^, qj^oTt^ Qp 

Bur'row, v. a. jfj^emu^^^eOy Qunih^^ 

Burs'ar, s. Qun<sQ<si^<snff<obr^ ^wiSIrr^. 

Burs'a-ry, s. Qun^Qei^fffr^^, ugsstss 

Burse, s. <sij^^ansk-(SiihQua^€^3^(T'2£v, 

Burst, s. Q^rSluL^y iSiefTuLj, QuuuiruLjy 

in surgery, <sSI&r(ef^0D<Sy Qq/z^l/l/, iSI 

Burst, V. a. ^&^^^, a_(53)/L_^^6U, iSi(str 

Burst, V. 71. ^^^60y 2_(S35L_^6U, SefTi^f^ 

a part,&c. ^^^&)^Q<s^^^do^ tSlrfl^ 
in pieces, ^esurQ^emL^fTuuQiSui^^ 

on the sight, ^sesarissi^QeouG^^QQ^ 

open, iSlsfr^^iOj Quuun^eOy eSltsfri^ 

out, ^LLQiiij(^^&), 



out laughing, Q<sfT<i<srfl^;^<g=9lffls;^6\)^ 

Burth'cn, 5. (see Burden.) u/ri/'/i),<^(S»iD. 
Bur'y, V* a. lj (ssy^^^eo , ^trt^^^eo. 
as inter, ^i-.d<siliu<o5ST^}]^io^ sji— 

as cover with earth, Q<3=l£I^^&). ^nih 

as hide, cover, QpQ^io, 
to be buried, ^n^^eo^ lj(cS)^^go. 
Bur'y-ing, s. ^i—dsih^ lj&d^ulj. 
place, <9?L—'^^ LLiunssry^iB^ LDUjfT(osr 

Bush, s. Qs'i^', s^giJ-i upGs>p. 

Bush, v.n. s^o^i—^^go^ udsssr^^iOjS^'^sm 

Bush'el, s. cS^(srr<s(^LDU<oiDp.f Qpuu^^j 

Bush'i-ness, s. <9=<oS)l^^ upiLGSiL—. 
Bush'y, a. .yszoz— ;5;gr^<F(S3)z_(iJ/r6OT', upiL 

hair, .^^^^j si^rSesriDuSn^ upiL 

tail, S^(o5)L^^^GJIT6\)-f S=(olDL^<SiJfT6\). 

tree, ^<S5)L-.^^ld!IiJDj ^'^osbi^^lduld, 
Bus'i-ly, adv. <9f-^<9^^uufTUJj Qp\up9i 


Bus'i-ness, s. Q(su'^. 

as employment, Q^nifieo., ^^^Qiun 

as concern, obligation, <5L_<sroiz), Qun 

as engagement, ^^(sueo, sinflujih, 
as matter, concern, ^^<su&)^ snifiuj 
lij unQ. 
as right, e-t_/5<o2D^, ^-iflGSiiD^ Qp<ssip 


as traffic, (su^^sih^ (aSlLUfTurririh^ Qs= 
like man, smfluusQaL-i^^ snifliu 


Busk, S. <3^G5rfSLS}rjijDfT^lSlp'SL-(bl(^S'-&>fT 
63)<5, LDlTITL9pSLLQlh<2SI&). 

Busk'in, s. Q^n®Q^ijeo^f^neij(5S)suun^ 

Buss, s. Qp^^ih. 


Bust, s. ^'2e\)(ip^60LDfTnusfr(s^(^&^^Qffl^ 

Bust'ard, s. c^q^ioB^uulLQ. 

Bus'tle, 5. (5®@®l!/l/5 iSf-^&f-^uLfj uu 

as stir, cSy<S3)<F(£i/, ^lIl-^, ^[r<aij nirLDy 


as tumult, (^Lpuuih^ ^ldgtR^ ^ih^i^. 
Bus'tle, V. n. (^®(^®^^(so^ unun^^&o. 
Bus'tler, s. Qpujp&LLjGfrefriau&n-^ ^rrdQj 

Bus'y, a. ^^/^(su^errefr, QpiupQuunecr. 

as meddling, iSlpirafTrfluj^^pp^uSI 

Bus'y, V. a. Qpiup9lu(om^u^io. 
Bus'y-bod'y, s. iSpfr&nifliu^^Qeo^'^ 

uSlQQp<oU(^j i3prf<S(T^LDasnn^) eS 


But, S. GTGO'hsO^ S^^^^'^ULf, 

end, c^if > iSIl^iej(^. 
But, conj. (as except, unless.) ^GOeoniD 

as only, infT^^nui. 

as yet, ^Q^ii>, ^i^^ld. 

but a moment, f^i^<s6muQurTQpQ^j 


but for this, ^^&)GOneSliLL-neo. 

be but advised, Li^^<i(^iLn^^!JLDQow 

but he did it not, c^9^in<sumQ<3^ujiu 

go not but stay, QunsnineoSio, 

he came but yesterday, ^(Sij&!r(ofsp 

^LDir^^jTih^irdir <suii^rr<^. Ipiudo. 

the last but one, f^mojipeSiLL^^ w-p 

he cannot but know, s\^<^s\^^ni£i 


it is but right to warn him, ^eij'^er\ 

no one doubts but that he took it, ^ 


no one saw it but he, ^QjQ(SsrujmrrSI 

not a day but he comes, ep(r^i5fT(ef^i5^ 


not day, but night, us(so&)iso^jje!^.. 
not Ij but he, fBne^6\)e} ^tuQssr. 



But, V, n. er<s\)'bs\)iunuSl(i^^^<so. 
Butch'er, s. ^<56)ps=9s<3sniT<5or^^(SlLnfTL- 

as cruel person, Qsm^uj<5U(^j Qsn 
Butch'er, v. a. ^€G)p<3'®<sais^^^G0,Q<siT 

as murder, Qsn'^Os^iL^eo^ (Sugs)^^ 
Butch'er-ly, a. Q<sBnQ<oS)LDiLj&rG(r, (^^n 


Butch'er-y, s. ^qdp&=9ujl^ul^, iSIq^-s 
as cruelty, murder, Q<5srT®(S^Q^LLJ 

<56)<S^ QsfT®<Si5)LD^ Q<SB fT'^ . 

But'-end, 5. ^u^^^'^ulij ^l^<sulLQ. 
But'ler, s. (£LL®Q(Sij'2eo6BfTir&n-y e^iLQ 

(W^eo Qqj "Ssv <5 [TIT eor . 
But'ler-ship, 5. Qun3=(5ur<cS<9={JiT^^i5ms<sn[r 

But'ment, s. ^'Ssssr^fff-euiT, Q-<ss)^<sn&)j un 
eo^^^GSi^sn&d^ ufTeOiB^rriEjQ. 

Butt, s. ^u^^^s'^uLj', ^l^qjlL®. 
as cask, <o^(r^<suGG)auiSuu(r, 
as mark, object, ^euigj, ^eds(^^ 

as thrust of a beast, ®^5 uijuj6=3=&)^ 


Butt, V. a. gju^^^eOy Qairihuu^^s^eo^ 

as a ram, unuj^eo^ QunfrQ^dj^eo^ 

as a calf in sucking, @^^^6U, Qs^n 

But'ter, 5. Q<QU(omQ(sm-uj. 
But'ter, V. a. Q^€mQ<5mdjLjj<3i-^(so. 
But'ter-fly, s. (suosoK^^fiuLf^s^Q, [q5/. 
But'ter-is, s. (^^<oa)ird(^&rLDL^9<sijiEJS0 
But'ter-milk, s, QiDfTiTf m^suo, ldJ=& 

But'ter-y, s. ^muQkrL^<suQDp. 
But'tock, s. (^dorif , ffsesrih. 
But' ton, s. ^iBu^^ Q^fSl. 

of a plant, ^0wLf, QLDns(^(3ir. 
But'ton, V. a. sL^n<si^^60^ Q^fS^il.®^ 

But'ton-holcj s, Q^rS)Q:Efr(^€iji¥^'<SijfT 


But'tress, .v. .^^iksij^ &.€S)^aneo^ &_(SK»^ 

^<oun^ Qurr^uL^. 
Bux'om, a.- &(stfluun<o5T, s=LDfT(3frLDtT<osr. 

as wanton, @«»5''3sx)ay(srr(srr, s'jis=s(^(5ssr 


girl, ^QLDrT'2e\), uuduu^^. 
Bux'om-ly, adv. serfJuunuj^ (sSlrrs^rru 

Bux'om-ness, 5. ^gt/^ul/, ^LLnmih^ ibgiH 

Buy, V. a. Q<35rT(3fr(Gf^^&)j <ESI'2iGod(^(SUfriEJ 

as bribe, (oS)<s<sS'3^eSI<sLL®^eo. 
cheap, f5LULDrrujdQsiT(3fr(^^&)j weSI 

QJITUJ<sQ<Sn'<ck^^6\). [<so. 

conditionally, FfOirnLLL-n<s<sunfEi(^^ 
for one, ^fTiEjQdQaiT®^^&). 
outright, or by the lump, ^UL-U^Qeo 

Buy'er, s, <2Sl'^<s5(^<su(TrEJ(^Q/D<QU<^, ©9 

*2i5od(^<sQsrT(3frQ€iJ rT<^. 
Buzz, s. ^(oS)irds=6\), Q^)jQ^}UL^. 
Buzz, V. a. 6srr^6S}<oO)rr^60^ sn^eotB^iJ 

as whisper, ^<9r^<9?^^iOj ^z_<5«tz)/r 

Buzz'ard, a. ^q^ulLQ. 

as dunce, moDi—ium. 
By, prep, c^e^, @^j Qsncm'Slj ^ijcfi 


as according to, ui^^ iSlrrsnirLh. 

as near, ^ernGsn—, ^u^uSlQeOj ^gy^ 

an oath, ^'^6ssrQ<3SfT€m(^^s=^^LULDiTUJ. 
all means, €T(su<e£I^^^(G^^i£). 
and by, iSpun®.^ i3p(^. 
hy chance, ^jbQ<ff= lu 60 fTiu^ (sunujuun 

(JU^ QjnQfj'UJ, 

consequence, ^<osr^Qn-(oS)LDUjfriu,^(ssr 

day, u<56\PC*60, u<3s'2isod(^. 
degrees, (5n(sifiQ(S0\ i5rT(srr<sii<so)iiaSQ&)^ 

heart, (SutnuLJUfTt-^iDfriij. 

land, sQDsr6UL^(jufTUJ. 

little and little, Q^.m^^^iiQani^^^ 

IDITUJ. . * 



means of, ^eo^ Q^sirsmQ, 
measure, ^efrisSl<^ui^. 
flight, ^jksSIQgo^ ^rr<5s)<syd(^, 
reason of, ^su, i§lL£}^^ih, 
right, fBuurrujuui^^ fi^uuL^^ 

sea, <S5t-.G\)<aUL^LUrTUJ. 

the bye, ) ^(oS)L^vSiQeo^^dr<o^QLjDn 

the way, ) (v^sirtflujih, 

the pound, ^(fTj>^^eSlmut^QLU^ ^(frj> 

this time, ^^p(^(3(rQ(S!r. 

by turns, "5/r^i£i/7/?9, Qposipuuu^, 

weight, ^(oSipD^muis)-. 

what means? <5j(cS)^iQsn<ssai(^^ gtuu 

day by day, (5n(&^a(^i5iT<s(r, 

one by one, 6^(suQ<sijfT0^^irfTujj <sp<su 

come one by one, ^^^Q^SiJ/T^sujimu 
By, adv. ^uf^aSQeo^ ^0SfT<sBy QlLl.. 
and by, s^p^^^Q^eoeo^ fBrrefflQeo^ Qu 

LUITlh^y <o}JJT€ijrr^ l3pU(j(Sl. 

By -corn-er, 5. (^L^rT,u<i<sih,(ip'^jQ<3sn 



By'-end, s.<s<^G{rQiBn3>sil>^^<^snifluuih^ 

By'-lane, ) 
By'-path,^- ]9&'^'^^' 

By-law, ^. ^^s5srs'^LLi—Uiy^'SioSsruL9iT 

• WtTGMUi. 

By'stand-er, 5. QiLi—iBp@p<su<^^ ^^ 


By '-way, s. urroD^, ^(5!dl-€ul^. 


Ca-bal', 5. ^iriT&ujs^f^LLt—thy ff^Qvurr 

Ca-bal', V. n. ^irn9iULDrTLu<s3k.Q^&), s= 

Cab'a-la, s. a4^^0<i(^&r(aijt^ijQ(osrLDi?fiir 
Cab'a-listj s. ^^wnis^iP.ium^ 


Cab-a-hsl'ie,a. a^^L£)fTi5^iftuj^^S(^rflLu. 
Ca-bal' ler, s. ^nnQ&)n<3''2fSiT<isnrTm, 
Cab'bage, s. Q<3bfT(2S<sQ<o!Dir, 
Cab'bage, v, a. fS lSJ 6ssr®^60 ^ ^(t^Q^go^ 

Cab' in, s» iSuueSl^mefroDp, 

as cottage, (^<3'3r^ (^l^qd<3'^ (^l^go^ Q 

Cab'in-boy, s. <sljugS}p<oS)<sslu(t<^, suu 

<o^m(^p Qp <sup srrum, 
Cab'in-et, 5. ^irrT<9=<3=<ss)Uj iJDi^ifl£B(3frj^iEJ 


as closet, ^-^rm-tssip^ iLih^rriredujth. 
Cab'in-et-mak-er, 5. <sSlL<Si^^l1.(S)(iplL 

Ca'ble, 5. ^LD(T£^, sihufTGsru}^ ^nmnm. 
Ca'bled, a. (suL-^^npsiLi^uuLLi-., 
Ca-boose', s. <9i-®'Sn<ck. 
Ca-ca'o, 5. Qs^QsQiuiTLDiiih, 
Cack'le, s. Q<3SfT<i<srFluLj. 

as idle talk, us^us^ulj, s^^, 
Cack'le, tJ. n. Qsirs^sift^^do. 

as giggle, Q<sb<sslLi—l£I®^60, Q(^ 

Cack'ler, s. ^eOuiSI^ u^ulS^ Qsirsaifl 

Cack'ling, s. QsnssrftuLj. 
Ca-coph'o-ny, s. ^eus^s^^^ih, aTosr^^ 

QeonssitFy ^QsreSujiEjaeoiB^QsijnGSia:, 
Ca-dav'er-ous, a. Q<su<s^fS(osr^ (suitlLl^ 

Qp&refT, QsmLi—Qpi^efr, 

look, enniLL—QpsLD, 
Ca'dence, s. e^<oS)S=(sSi^<sij^ uQ^^Qeon 

<SD<f^ ^(SSiff^SeSpssih. 

in music, ^suQurrsesar^oD^, 

as tone, sound, s^i^ili. 
Ca-det', s. m^^nuiSujns^f^QffdjimxxsiKT 

Cag, s- Q^QueiDLp, 

Cage, s. (^(T^eSl Qp^<3Sliu<su(oSii—d(^!E]3f^ 

for chickens, airuLf, 
Cage, V. a. s^tLi^eoesit^^^eOj o^lLu^ 

Cai'tiff, 5. i^<?^f ^6m'L-rrsir<sfrj Qsnu^ 

Ca-j6le', V. a. isujih^Qu&i-^eOy iD(T^Li<i} 




Ca-j61 er, s. 'a;/Ti^;^Q/'^sj£5r.- GT-i^jTser, ld 
Ca-j6Per-y, s. eL.(7^& uQuJ^St^ rSLUs^Q^rr 
Cake, 5. u(5soT<5s£sninhy ^^^itujlq^ y^ffl 

as mass, slLi^j urrefruy, 

of wiix, Qld(lp(^^^lLQ, 

a hard swelling, ^esruL/, eudsLo, 
Cake, V. n. unen-LnniLiGDp^io, 
Cal'a-bash, 5. <3?GSiijd(^®(^^ suy(sasrL^ 


Ca-lam'i-tous, a. ^u^^n<osr^ ^c^^eOQp 

(ckeiTy (sSi UJ rT(^GO LD[T<oSr . 

event, ^€S)l-.^^^ ^<SS,5FLDU<aiJL£>, 

Ca-lam'i-tous-nes3, 5. ^<sijfiy c^^A^j 
Ca-lam'i-ty, s. ^®d<s<oSsr^ ^u^^, iBp 

Cal'a-mus, 5. &iiL^(^i^<so, 

as sweet flag, (Sus^ldl^. 

as reed for writing, ^Qeoso^. 
Cal-ca're-ous, a. i^^esTj i£^<sir<sfr, /%!/ 

Cal-ced'o-ny, s, (see Chalcedony.) ^itqj 

Cal-ci-na'tion, s. <9i-6mioSsnDna^<ss)s, i/b 

Cal'ci-nate, ^ ^ \ st//?^^60, ip^;S60, 
Cal-cine,' * * j uGfumihuissBT^u^iso. 
Cal-cine', v. n. ertfi^io^i^^eo, u&VLOLDfT 

Cal'cu-la-ble, a. serndQc^^^ds, 
CaFcu-late, v. a. GrGsar^u^dOy scm-dQQ 

to compute astronomically, <5S253^;S"^eu. 
to intend, suppose, <s(t^^^6\>^ iSds^^ 

to be calculated, •Sn-Q^io^ ^(S^'^i ^ 
d s^n iiSl(T^^^(so . 

Cal-cu-la'tion, s, ^6{r<2S0DL^, ses3rd(^^ 
estimate, <S€33fl,^u), ^^Q^s^ih, ld^ 


Cal'cu-la-tOT, 5. GT6sar6m(^&r(2frQJ<o3ry s 


Cal'cu-lous, > 

Cal'cu-lus, ^']<^^^^L,uLi. 


iia marhematics, scssfl^sih. 
Cal'dron, s. Q-siruuGDii, <si^fr!iLD. 
Cal-e-fac'tion, s. •smiid'Sf-QD'Sy 4^®(S»<^, 
Cal'e-fy, v. a. siTLuds?^60j (^L^frd(^^GOa 
Cal'e-fy, v. n. <^®^60^ <sfTuj^60j (^t—ir 

Cal'en-dar, s. <su0L-U(i^^mEj'Si})^fi6sr<si/ 

as list, j)IlLl^(Su^s5^, 
Cal'en-dar, v. a^ (SijQT^L-u(^s=rTrEJs^^/bw 

Calf, 5. <S(53r^, U'9i-(sBair<s<mgi]. 

bull calf, Q<ff=iij<3s<obr^y (snthu&srs&irruy 

cow calf, rBiT(^<3S&sr^, SL^nffld<s<5brg}]. 

grown calf, Qp^&ms>J' 

sucking calf, 'Q&LLL(^damg^. 

weaned calf, ufT6\)LD/DiB^-sEdir^. 

young calf, ^<sfriE]<s<cir^. 

of an ass, (s^lLu^. 

of an elephant, ujrf2s^d<s<^^y slu 

of the leg, Qs<oS3raDL^ddSfTQS(oQr^Q^ 

Cal'i-ber, s. ^ LL.i—^^<^<sS iLL^LOy (^^ 

Cal'i-CO, S. U(i^B^pLj(5S)L-QD<SiJ^ Q^^ 

ffuuL^nth^ Qp^(QiJ6sr<ssrLJLi(oS)L-.(SD(SiJo 
Cal'id, a. (^i-.n<5sr<y ^<5ar6\)rr<osr, srTtEJ€0)<s 

Cal-i-ga'tion, 5. ^(^lLQ^ icul/, LDih^rrrrth 
Ca-lig'in-ous-ness, s. LDiEj<seOy iDonpisij. 
Ca-lig'ra-phy, s. sjLp<3SfT<snTQ(sy(ip^^. 
Ca'liph, s. Lnswin^(sS L^^^d^6U(f^ihi3 

Ca'lix, s. {see Calyx.) epQ^un^^uih, (^ 

Calk,u. a. aeOuup/Di^^^do* 

of a horse shoe, up'^aSleOfressfl, 
Calk'er, s. <sGOuuppLs^dQp(SU(ssr. 
Calk'ing, s. seouupsfi* 

Call S. Sf^UL^®') 3k.<Sl\(5S)S ^ <9^ULSI(bl(oS)S^ 

as command, cja/a), <sLl.£_S5yr, Qs 


as demand, smflaJLh, QseireSly Q^ 

as impulse, ^"a/^eu. 
as invitation, ^<s55i^uL^, 



as short visit, s^i^^ulj, QuniLi&n 

as shout, ^^QlTULj, ^iJUUffluLj, 

as vocation, sj^'sueo^ &-^^QQlu[tsld. 
a call's distance, ^-uiS^^mh. 
Ca\\,v. a. (^iTjbsfTLLQ^edj 3?>-uLSI®^sdo. 
as appoint, designate, (^/z^^^eu, fStu 

as assemble, sj'^L^^^'so^ <9^lLQ^60. 

as invite, summon, ^(ss)ip^^60. 

as invoke, appeal to, sjulul^Q^go^ 

as name, (^^^^go^ iSfTLD^rrrr^ssaru^ 

ill names, ^(Sijf5fTUi(i^(^LLQ^60. 
in question, s=iBQ^dSLJu®/seo^ c^ujoj 

out, challenge, Qurr^dsosiLp^^GO^ 

over names, Qurr<o^uL9®^G0. 

to account, <ss6md(^<sQsLLL^60^ eSI 

to mind, lEl'^Gsr^^io, 

Call, 25. W. (^Gffl^^do^ (^ITGDQjuSlQ^dOj 

as address by name, QunQ<3^(r60^ 
as call on, pray to, f^eoi^KSl^io^ <ai_u 
as solicit payment, si—<^Q<sl-l—go. 

to visit, QuiTtJUUUrTIT^^60,<ff:iB^^<SG0, 

Call'ing, s. ^^<Q^eo^ S'2t30(oSiiJDy ^^^ 

QuJfT<Sl£), ^ODLpULf. 

Cal-los'i-ty, s. &-iTui^,<s5i^csnh^sfnuLJLi, 
Cal'lous, s. ^ir^jS^ ^Efnuuurresr^ inir^^. 

as unfeeling, su^ennDnesr^ ssl^lu^ ld 


to be callous, as skin, snin^^, ^u^^^. 
Cal'lous-ness, s. e-ini)^ st^Gsrih, <sndju 

of the skin, ^friLut^^ ^i^ulj. 

Cal'loW, a. ^/DC^Qp'^GfTLUfT^, 

Cal'lus, 5. srrujuLf, 

Calm, s. <sfTjbQ(yrj>Qdsih, ^<s<sld, 

as quiet, ^(SS)LLds=6\}j ^<oS)LL<aij<f ^LDlfl 

as tranquility, ^<oS)LD^^^<FrriB^ih, ^^ldh 


Calm,r.£/, ^mn^^^siGO-, ^/b^^co^ ffLL,7 

Calm, a. ^GSitDih^^ ^/(osyiii^QLurrGSTy ^ 

as tranquil, ^LDi£)nQTry<3:LDn^n0STLDn(our. 
to be calm, ^osS^iOy ^Gsyin^GO^ ^® 


Calm'ly, adv, ^QSiLD^LumL^ ^(StdsLorr 

Calm'ness, s. ^LOffldeiDSj ^(Sidld^^ g?© 

as tranquility, ^<ss)iL^y ^szoldc)/, .5^ 

as mildness, uu^ajj u^esiLo^ ufietf. 
Calm'y, a. ^(S5)i£i^GOn(oOTy e^Qdst£>fT<oar. 
Cal'o-mel, s. ^rrs^uavLDtb. [gstgo. 

Ca-lor'ic, s. ^-i^i—Gmih^ OwLJuih, ^ 
Cal-o-rif'ic, a. (^i-.fTd(^QjD, sn{Ei(3S)siSl 

Cal'trop, s. Qi5(^(i^&GJ. 

military, suuGssrih. 
Ca-lum'ni-ate, v. a. ^<su^^Qus?^eo^ 

Ca-lum-ni-a'tion, s. ^ eu ^ ^ u em ^u 

<oa><Sy QsrT&rQs=fTGO^(oS)<s, 
Ca-lum'ni-a-tor, s. j)j(Su^^sfTr[<^yQ<sfT 

Ca-lum'ni-ous, a. ^<sii^(7rf>esry Qatr^ 

Ca-lum'ni-ous-ly, adv. ^eu^i^iL^ Qsn 


Ca-lum'ni-ous-ness, 5. sf'S^MS^t^^^'^' 
Cal'um-ny, s. cjy<a/^^, Q^n&r^ Sud 

Calve, V. a. &miS^^&i^ ff^^go. 
Calx, 5. /^^, u&VLDihj Q^ihs^srth, 
Ca'lyx, s. L^pQ9<si^y ^gogS. 
Cam'bric,s. 6^iT<S!Sl^^csarG0^pL^es)L-(oS)(Sij 
Came, (see Come.) <suih^, 
Cam'el, s. ^lLi—sld^ c^lLgdl^, 
Cam'el-o-pard, s. €^iL<ssii—d&GSiEjQ, 
Cam'e-ra-ob-scu'ra,5. &^Qun0<sfrQan 

QsrT66ar(B<s^iB(QSihu[a<snil.®ih iBLuesr(^ 
Cam'let, 5. c;>LLi—<SLntjSliTULj<siDt—(oa>Qj,^ 

LLQLDuSlTULj<oS)L-<o!a<SiJy UL-Qdsihu 



Camp, s. 6i^i—ninh^ uffs^&D/Dj uni^, un 

Camp, V. a. sf^i—irffwi^^^io^ utr'BsiTUJL^ 

Cam-paign', s. <SFLD(^6srLj^LS)^ Qeuefflj un 

as time, urr<s=(oS)puS/b/DfEJ(^iEj<3SfT6\}Lh. 
Cam'phor, s. <sjbL^inh, urr^sih, 
Cam'phor-ate, ) . . - 

Cam'phor-a-ted, ) ^^ ^ 

Can, &'. Qufrs€S3fl, urKssrun^^jth^ (^ 

Can, V. w. C7j0^^5 s;^Q^&). 

he can do it, j)j<Sij(G^/bQs'djuj^S^i^y 

^Qj(^Qj:ijLJ6u rr<ok', 
Ca-nal', s. uQ^^ufrdj&aniso^ QsuiLi—a^. 
Can'cel, ?;. fl. ^l^jS^^^ Q^s^^do^ Q 

as annul, S!^^^'^'> Lnnpgu^eo, id^ 

Can-cel-la'tion, s. Q^<s(^, ^J2/. 
Can'cer, 5. LSIe{r<siD<su, (sSIulj^^. 

in the face, sm<5sr(sSluL\(r^^. 

open and round,^(i5®yif ul/szot. 

perforating the cheek, QsfrQui^u 

zodiacal sign, spai—^eSlmrQ^ ib 

Can'cer-ate, v. n. iSl<s{r<oSi(Suujrr(^^60, 
Can-cer-a'tion, 5. t3<sfr(SSi6nuutT(^<ssis. 
Can'cer-ous, a. LSI<3rr(oi^euuj/T(osr, 

matter, 9®. 
Can'cer-ous-ness, s. t3&r<oisi<SijQsn6misf. 

Can'did, a. <si-^^LDn<ssr^ Q<aiJ&r'Serrturr(Ssr. 
fair, oipen^ ^iTfTfT(sn-LDrT<om-^Q^6ffl€uiT6sr, 

mind, ^/DiB^Loesrihj m^^LsxosruD, 
Can'di-date, s, (c^®Qp<SiJ€sr^ iBnQQp^ 

cor, Q<Qij^2/ooQ<sL-.Qp(Su<^^ ud(^<suQ5r. 
Can'did-ly, adv. ^iTiTrT(SfrLDfTUu^ tL&srihfip 

Can'did-ness, s. ^irufT&nh^ suu^eoeorr 

Can'dle, s. Qu)(Lp(^fiffl. 
Can'dle-lTght, s. QLDQ^(^^iBtiSQ^&fl. 
as Hght, LSIjTdsrr>SFLD^ <sp<offf, 


Can'dle-stick, s. eSars^^ffs^essTQ-y ^um 

with branches, Q'^^<sfrd(^. 
Can'dor, s. <suL^ear<oS)LDy u)&sTd<3r^^LD. 
Can'dy, s. ^<oSuL\uu(omL-LD. 
Can'dy, v. a. 'Stssfts'^eiruSe^uLjuQufTQ 

^6U, <sp'SGm'(S(s:SJ'2tsrr<2SI^-sso. 
Can'dy, v. n. spsesarQe^Sldstr^io. 
Cane, s. LSljiLbLj^ ^iejQgv, 

as sugar-cane, <s(f^u)L^, 

as walking staff, (SSi'asdQstT&i. 
Cane, v. a. iSljjihufT&iis^^^eo^ Q^ne\)fT6^ 

Ca-nine', a, f5n'dj^^€srLD{j€sr. 

appetite, ^qt^ljuQ. 

madness, (2S,a^nf5fTUJ'SL^^^€mri^n<oor 

Can'is-ter, s. ffujuQulLl^. 
Cank'er, s. <su[TUJ<oSluji\), (SUfrujuL^esBr. 

a coroding ulcer, iSlar<SD<5ij^(3SluLj0^. 

in trees, Lnrr^<sSluj60j s=^rr. 
Cank'er, V. a. Qs®^^<s\).)Lj(osar(€sv)d(^<s6\}, 
Cank'er, I?, w. (o)<5f®^6V, cs<oiDpuu(bl^<s\}. 
Cank'er-ed, a. Qs^s^suulLl-^, &<ES)pu 

Cank'er-worm, s. LDuSliTd(^LLu^^<ojfflLjQp» 
Can'ni-bal, s, iBsruDtTLSfs'ULLs'Qssfl-, ^nuf^ 

Can'ni-bal-ism, s, fBirLDfTLSl^uLLs^emih. 

Can'non, s. iSrrraQ. 

Can-non-ade', s. L^iiihQuSli^eoQsuu^ 

Can-non-ade', v. a. LSuiiQuunp^LKB^ 

Can'non-ball, ) (5 soot®;. iSiriijQd^ 
Can' non-shot, ' ) essr®. 
Can'non-proof, 5. iSiiiEjQd(^(5m®<s<dn-n&) 

Can-non-i'er' ,s. tS itiej Q aS eo d Q a/b ^ 
Can'not, v. n. ^k,t—fT^(f^^eo^ (sreOrr^Q^ 

I cannot, isT6br(GS)Q6\)<3^L-.rr^^ <5Tear(^ 

Ca-noe', s, <sij<sfr<ofrw, Qp(o(ir^L-ih. 
Can'on, 5. slLl^'^, ^^^Fih^ (^lLs=ld^ 



a law, Q'Sn^^jfims^i^tesrsiLL^'^T, 
ecclesiastical, ^fSjQsfflasuuLLL— 
QsitlLuit®, i§ujlSI^sljulLl-.(sSI^. 
sacred canon, Qisu^suLSirnnrfiosarLD, 
Ca-non'ic-al, a. i^rfiLncm^^pQspp. 
writings, Q<su^uLSlirii>fT6sar(SiJiTdQuJiEJ 

Ca-non'ic-al-ly, adv. iSluu^nem-^^sQ 

Ca-non'ic-als, s. (pi.) (^(^^^Qj(Si^(oSiu.a 

Can'on-ist, s. LSlrrLDfr<o5sfl<s5(oorj Q(Su^ul9it 

Can-on-i-za'tion, s. ^^^n^^iBn^^Qmn 

Can'on-Ize, v. a. ^^^(anrrefrQunQi—Q^iT 

Can'o-pi-ed, s. (oLLpsLLu^u^Gfrerr^ <sb(s^^ 

chair, or bed, s'uurTLD(^<s=u:>^ sk^L^mr 

Can'o-py, s. QldP'SlLu^, oSl^n'Gm'Lh^ (suir 

Can'o-py, v. a. <s<sSl^^GOy (sSl^nssf^^^io. 
Can'o-py, v. n. SisS^dy), Qinioeij^^dv. 
Ca-no'rous, a. ^<sbr€ffB(siDs=uj{T<our. 
Cant, 5. G).£Fn-<F(So<?, ^i^-f<ournQL£)nL^. 
as pretension to goodness, s&r<sfr(^rr 

as toss, ^err^, cto^, a./5^. 

as unauthorized terms, uuSleo, (^^ 

as whining, &^2jd<SLby LDrr^^uQu 

Cant, v. a. <^ {B ^eo ^^(m (^^&) ^ 2_/f^^6U. 

Can-ta'tion, s. ufTQoDs. 

Can-teen', s. QurftujQufTSi5ssfl,Q<5S6ssruji., 

Cant'er, 5. undj^s=eOj ^^(oS)iruurTUJs=^ 

si), (SuiTssrirsfiy ^Qu^^th.^ <siJiT£ij. 

Cant'er, v. n. u niJu^eo ,^n<s>^^GO ^(sii [T(Si^^i\)- 

Can-thar'i-des, 5. (jpl.) '5T[flQJ€6ST®<s&r. 

Can'ti-cle, s. urrtLQ^ Q^ld. 

Cant'ing-ly, adv. Qsirs^i^Ds^iuniJu^ llhuj 

Ca*n'to, s. Q<3=uJiLiCu[T(^un®' 
Can'ton, s, LDirsncssfih. 


Can'ton-ment, s. Qunn'fQ^(Sus(r^<3(^S 
Can'vas, s. ^irLl®iJL/<s2Dz_(5ro(Siy, seosrdo 

as sail, Lnn&^GOuundj^ suupumij, 
Can'vass, v. a. sij^ndj^i^), (sSl^mfl^^eo^ 

as debate, <oSl€u65rB^jS6\}^ SojfTujQp^^ 

Can'vass, v, n. Q<sslLl—6V^ <3ij(S5)<sQ^®^ 

Can'vass-er, s. <3fuoild^<3=9lL®^Qsl1.Qu[t 

(SOT", S^LDLD^3^^l1.®^Q^[T(o6)<SB U IT n til 


Ca'ny, a. LSjnhL^&refr. 

Cap, s. Q^fTuiSI, (^&)GOn. 

as the covering of the ) ^ . ^ 
head of a cane, &c. ]^^^H^' 
of the knee, QpL^ij<s,np®&). 

Cap, V. a. ^®^eOy Lj^(osar(oufT®;Se\}y » 
(oSiffQu rT®^eo . 

Ca-pa-bil'i-ty, s. QslLl^^ ^iraessfl^ ^n 

Ca'pa-ble, a. <fLDn^^rT<osr.f ^jjn€sSa^(3(r(S{r, 

person, 0.5 /_li^<5<«/7'ir65r, sfrfflajsijiresr, 
Ca'pa-ble-ness, s. <9^mc)iT^^uju:)j sueoeou 
LDf flimessfl^ ^pihy QturrdQiLiLDy <sSl 


Ca-pa cious. a. (S^<ftTeOLDfTm-y ^i^mQ^ir 

Ca-pa'cious-ly, adv. (sSi^rreOiDndj.^ eSltff 

eufTLu^ ^fTHfrefrLDfTLU. 
Ca-pa'cious-ness, s. (a9,?/r60ii), eSlfHo^. 
Ca-pac'i-tate, V. a. s^fru>iT^^Luuu®^^ 

Ca-pac'i-ty, s. j)j<sfr(oij^ iSlinDnessTLD. 
as ability, QslLi^., s=iTLDiT^fiujLb.,^FiT 

€Ssfl^ ^^^(SUihy <sSiQ(SU<SLD^ wl^jTssorih, 

as qualification, ^pih^ #(5^? (sudoeo 

uihy QuunsQuuih. 

as profession, occupation, Q^ni^eOj 

as size, u/f , «:gysfr<a/5 LDLLQ^^LLt—ih^ 
Cap-a-pie', adv. 'S=(f^QjnrijaLDnuj^ Qs^n 




Ca-par'i-son, s. (^^(SSiiT^^Qs^sm^fimr 

Ca-par'i-son, v, a. (^^€S)(i<3=Qs=€sur^^m 

Cape, s. Q/S<9=^<s^]Q<ssr6\)'2(5v. 

of a garment, •sqp^^uulLo^i—., 
as head land, Qp^ssr^ a l.<s^ Qp'^/^si' ^ 

Ca'per, .s'. ^efl"(e]5, (^^uLy, sefflLUfTtLQ, 

Ca'per, V. n. un-Lu^s\iy (^^^^<so^ s&fljj/T 

Cap'il-la-ry, a. l£>uSitQuit<^p^ GldgOcoSIuj. 

tube, ®^^<si]niTLD. 
Cap'i-tal, s. &Qrj''^i—LDiT6sr^^ ^'2/so(ss)ld 


as metropolis, ^jjas^LOfTiS'Sifl, ^irn<s= 

as stock, <5S)aQp^G0^ OS)<SuSl(T^UL\^ OP 

of a pillar or column, ^'^ul\, 
long, (^g)}k^fSi-, Qun^<3S)<s. 
round, (^l-.ld^ ^essfiesr^iSli^^ 
Cap'i-tal, a. (Lp^puiL^Loneur^ ^"Sevsroio 

crime, Qsfr'2€\)d(^ffluj(^/bpih. 
as criminal, Q<3srr'^dQs^6iifr<our. 
as great, uffltu^ QuiHlUj Losfr. 
letter, QuffliuGsuQ^)^^. 
stock, Qp^^i (ip^<sSl(f^uL^. 
Cap'i-tal-ist, s. Qp^^<5S)L-uj(Sum, Qs^eo 

Cap'i-tal-ly, adv. (LpdQujLDiTuj^^pLDfruj, 

Cap-i-ta'tion, s. ^'^<^;Si^-, Qjtfluuessr^ 


as tax, ^'^evQjrFI. 
Cap'i-tol, s. LDsrTi5{TQ<3^Q(i^<9=iT'2ffo. 
Ca-pit'u-late, v. a. e^uu<sGii—U(om^ii^ 

Ca-pit-u-la'tion, s. g^uu<ss)1—, QshlL 


Cap'no-man-cy, s. Lj(o!D<sumT^^d(^t6lu-i 
Ca'pon, *'. (B<o\}<oD(osrQs=(niJ<so^ <2S€e)^QujQ 


Ca-pri'ce', s. (memGSGnJb^ ^u^dQsnmS 

aoSr(Qlj^(oTQ£)li^LDfT<oSn}), <aS'Q QJUT SSST 6m' ih . 

Ca-pri'cious, a. <^(i£>tB^LLiT(ourLDfTe^^ <^^ 

Ca-pri'cious-ly, adv. <5T(LpiB^^uLs^, iB'^/ssr^ 
Ca-pri'cious-ness, s. GTQ^tB^LDrresTLb, cr 

Cap'ri-corn, ^ 

Cap-ri-corn'us, '• ) ^'^^^^^^ ^<^-^^- 

Cap-size', v. a. &<sS.i^^^id^ LjiTLLu.eo. 
to be capsized, ^'sSli^^ed, LjiT&r^e\). 
Cap'stan, > urrrr(^<9^ni})LSIj iBiEj-sp^uui 
Cap'stern, " ) ojrrrEjQ. 

Cap'sule, s. <sSl^^(T^dQp<9=<su<si^. 

for ores, (5<520<£f, (^cSLfSsYr. 
Cap'su-lar, i (^Lpfnurr'Sin-, @gro<5ai? 

Cap'su-la-ry, } ^efrOojerfltufresr^iSiDu 


ligaments, s^fh^SGfflmrS'oSffrisrrihLj. 
Cap'su-late, ) Qstr^d ^ <sfr (Sirir ear , 

Cap'su-la-ted, ' | Qsrr^s ^ <sfr &f} (t^ <s 

Cap'tain, s. Q^iT<oG)<Bj<i<3siT!T€k. 

as chief commander, Qs=(^u^, u 

of a vessel, s=ihunQ(C^Ll.L^.y suueo 

Cap'tain-cy, s. Q<3=iT€O)(SijssrTir^^0Quj{T 
Cap'tain-ship, a-. Q3'n<o6)<3uasfTrr^^<Sknh, 

Cap'tion, s. ^dsuuQ^^ms. 

preamble, QurrL^uLj^ Qp^se^mir, urr 

Cap'tious, a. (^^iTdsiMrr<osr, (^ppibiSlu^ 

person, (^^irdQ^ ^(Td'SdsfTir<sbr. 
to be captious, (^ppihiSi^^^io, ^ 

Cap'tious-ly, adv. <oTfiffl€S)i-ujfT<Sj @^i 


Cap'tious-ness, s. €T^nuQu^iEj(^smui^ 

(^ppLDl3L^dQp(^<o(mLD, Q'OIiJlLQi^ 




Capti'vate, v. a. l£>lus(^^61j S'sun^si)^ 
as seize by force, or take prisoner, ^ 

Cap'ti-va-ting, a. i£>ius(^Qp^ <sus=uu(B^ 
person, (auffLDrT<i(^Q^rr(ok^ ldujs^ 
style, Q<?fT&)<2SI/bu(sar(sari}i^ <sufTs^<s<s^ 

Cap-ti-va'tion, 5. 9<sis)puunQ^ 9<sff)puiSI 

Cap'tive, s. ^(StDpy &g^puj!tsul9u^ul1, 

L-<sum-, ^ns^m^ ^i^gidld. 
Cap'tive, a. ^(ssipujneor. 
Cap-tiv'i-ty, s. Q<sff)pu9(r^uL\^ ^u^<saiLD^ 

Cap'tor, s. &<S6>pi3iSf,^^'SUG5r^ ^slju(S 

at sea, SL-.p(^<ssipu-ifT®Q<3urT(^. 
Cap'ture,s. &<ss)pi3i^uL\, ^suu®^^ 


the thing taken, ^suuL-L-Qun^m^ 
(^<oS)puQufT(m(Sfry Q&n&r'^oirLjQun 

Cap'ture, v. a. iSlu^^^eo, 9ea)puu(bi^^ 

Car, 5. Q^ir^ ^^^^-^ <fujib^(5sril). 

flag of, Q^fflt—dQujih, Q^ir<sQsni^. 
platform of, ueoosyauun, s^trinh^ ^ 

the whole top of, Q<sfT®iEj(5tDs, Qsl- 

Car'a-bine, ) . . .r^ 

Car'bine, ^' ]^^^^i^^^^^' 

Car'a-van, s. uuj(SssTu:)QufTQp<av^^<siT'3^ 

Car-a-van'sa-ry,s. <BSajnunifl<3B<sn'^iuj(^(i^ 

Car'a-way, s. ^irisuGfDSs^^rrsm. 
Car'bon, s. ^^^ssifl. 
Car'bon-ate, s. sS^^unsusikiafi-u^uj^. 
Car-bon'ic, a. <s?^^<i<sfflLunesr^ arftturreorr 


Car'bun-cle, s. erfftuii^LDirearu^j U(^ld 

as a gem, (^iflLusnii^uD, LciJisvsflsaijD, 


Car ca-net, s. LDessFisQ-^fTonst. 
Carcass, s. L9(ossrLD. 

the frame, ^i-.(Ssr(ip(ipQ(Su&^LJDq^ srsj 


Card, s. ^lL®, dJ'^ujfTLL®<i<sB®^rT9. 
for carding, ^L-®QiJnLD(Lp^eSluj<sup 

Card, r. a. eToo(^^eo, um^^eo, @/f 

Card'a-mom, 5. <5j&)ui. 

Car'di-nal, s. unuL\<s^s(^uuLLi—iEJSLL 

Car'di-nal, a. ^'^<s6)LDUjn(sarj Qurfliu, lSI 

numbers, gtssstQuiuit. 
points, L9ir^iT<5ar^<5iDS=. 
Care, s. <oT<ff:s=ffl<s<o!DS^ u^^itud, ff^n^^n 

as charge, uniruD^ Qu/r^uLy, u/r-®, 

as concern, <5(3i/?s\), Gressresaru)') &!b^ 

as attention, cs<sijesrih^ S^sstulj^ &q^^ 

oversight, urrrTurFtuLj, u rr it<S{d<su . 

as regard, Quessru), ssvesfJuLjf eressr 

<a5sri<SGsy<s . 

to take care of, ^;SrB^^€0, ^irurfl^ 

Care, V. w. erokr^ij^eo^ sojeS^^eo^ <sb 

Qj'2eOUU®^60^ <aB^n!IUU®^GO^ u^ 

Ca-reen', v. a. LDrrdseoihuQ^^unrrds 
Ca-reer', s. f^L-u-iJOy «^, /f«dl-, Qqjs 

Ca-reer', v. n. <oS<oS)iJ6ijnuj<s=Q<a:&o§i}^e\i^ 

Care'ful, a. creaansm-QpeiTeirj eSltfrTjiDfresr^ 

as attentive, sQjesfluL^m&r^ s<su6sr(ip 
&r(Sfry <S(7^^^(sir(Sfr. 

as cautious, u^^uQpmm^ <oT3=s=iBs 

as diligent, a-<5W^L/Ly(3flr(srrj iS'iiiun^Qp 



as provident, economical, unnuaflu 

LjekefT^ S(7^(Sun<sQp<s(r&r, Qs^Lusnifluj 


as watchful, s^nsQum^mnm^ (sSl^u 

Care'ful-ly, adv. u^^nLondj, Quern ldu 
dj, eSI L^uurriL. 
to take care, u^^rrmu<sm,^ii^60yQu 

Care'ful-ness, s. (oressressnh, (sSlffnuih, s=rr 

as caution, <5rs:<3={fl<s(SiDa<f ujs^fud, 
as vigilence, gSIl^ulj, <3=iT<sQir<ss)^. 
Careless, a. ^s'L-<ssiu.iun<oisr^ u^^itld 


a careless man, Si^rr^'^^^irm-i jy^ 

woman, f^iT(2Sl.?rTrFI, ^ujir^dsrTnSI. 
Care'less-ly, adv. ^<SFLL€ff)L-tuinu^ uun 

Care'Iess-ness, s. ^s^iLmi—, ^inirfi^ 

Ca-ress', 5. 9iinLL®, QsfT^(^eoih^ ^(i§ 

Ca-ress' v. a. u(fl(Siju<sm-^u^eo, ^/jmL® 

Ca'ret, 5. Lj<s(r&ri^^ ^€S)i—Ujfr(Strm. 

in jewelry, Lorr/b^. 
Car' go, s. <oJ/b^, ^sip^uD^^ Qstskoj^ Q^n 

GSsfluUfTinh^ <SUUJDS=JT<S(^. 

Car'i-ca-ture, s. Sid^^wnGirQ^^nuD.^ S 

Car'i-ca-ture, v. a. SiB^^LDrTm-uiT(Su'2sin- 

Ca-ri-os'i-ty, 5. (^^(SS)^, Q^irm'^, 

bone, QiBfT^diseo, 
Ca'ri-ous, a. @^<sjo^u^/z9s3r, ^Qp^^j 

Qs:rr<sfr'2erru ulLl-, 

tooth, (^^(say^uueo. 
Car' man, s. u6m-u^<5=<?rrrr^y ^F^s=rTjr^. 
Car-min'a-tive, s. (S}jmL}<oS)<sij^^<sssff<s(^Lo 

Car'mine, 5. Q<3=(Suljli(oidld. 

Car'nage, s. ^6a3ru.^<omL-iJ)y Q<^(GS)lSI 

Car'nai, a, LDfn£ls=^^'is(9^^' 


knowledge, Lj<omrrs^S. 

pleasure, &pfS(S5ruiJD. 

as lecherous, snLo<sSl<snnL£>n(o6r^ <aSln'S. 


as sensual, unregenerate, G)s=(sarLcis^ 


in a Bible sense, g)^^®/^*, &pr^<5ar 

Car'nal-ist, s. sfTiSI, (sSlu-m.^ si^ir^^&sr. 
Car-nal'i-ty, s. -smnoSsninhy @/b/6lmu 

Car'nal-ize, v. a. QLLna^^s(^LLu(£i^^ 

Car'nal-ly, adv. QiDfrsn^nLDnuj. 
Car'nal-mmd'ed-ness, s. iSliTU(i^^uup 

Car-na'tion, s. ^(^<sij<oiDsuLi^. 
Car-nel'i-an, 5. e^(f^(SiJ(S0)s<siJuSlir<s<3s&). 
Car'ni-fy, v. n. ^(sd^lSl^^^sOj QsfTQpd 

Car-niv'o-rous,a. Li>[TLSJ<FULLs=<3m-(ip<sfr(srr^ 
animal, LDfTi^s=uLL^(3asr(sS€0tEj(^<sisfrj 

Car-nos'i-ty, 5. <sLg'2evj aL^^sossLLu^, 
Car'ol, s. u/7l1®, QurH(skuLJuiTLL(i)^ 
(^fT<5sruurrLLQ. , 

Car'ol, V. a. unQ^eo. 
Ca-rous'al, s. (oSl0i5^<sQsfT<sssTu.rrLLu. 

Ca-rouse', s. Q<sij/6l<3S!0iF^. 
Ca-rouse*, v. n. (^L^^^<s\i, QiSh/jSQsirek 

(©^^6U, <EE<srfIujfrLL®<sQ<srr<ch'(3(r&}. 
Ca-rous'er, 5. setfJiLKsor, 
Carp, 5. sujgolBgst^ Qs6m<oiDi—L^i5k. 
Carp, V. n. ^iT<ssu)U(om;^ij^<s\), sd/is)j^<s 

as censure, sl^^&), ^(^pQs^nio^^ 

Car'pen-ter, 5. ^<9=<f<^' 

Car'pen-try, s. ^<F<5rG*«a/'2s\^, ^s=s=(D<sij'2G\}. 

Carp'er, s. (^^rrdQ^ (^^iTd6s<s<siTj<^y/s 

Car'pet, s. swuetrmj ^ir^^<our<i<subu<sn- 

to be on the carpet, ^QeonQssuu 

Car'pet-ing,s. &iliL3&fluu\<s^L^<ssi<su,ff(ip 



Carp'ing, 5. (^^ffssLo^ (^^dsi^^ ^d 

Carp'ing-ly, adv. (^^fTs-ssLnnuj, 
Car'riage, s. /fgzdz—, rsL-^<55)^^ urT(Qu2ssrj 

borne by men, {Brfsun<s(o6rLD.^ Lu/T(osrihj 

drawn by cattle, uaemu^i^Li^GmL 

as carrying, <5i-(oi^i£>^ &i-iL^^eo^ sn^ gi 

P^, €T®ULj, 

as pay for conveying, €^<oS)LD<3h-6SI^ <oj 

as vehicle, ^jt^u), (SufTsafrihf LUfrssriby 

Car'ri-er, s. ^^^LDsnii&sT-^ <ff^(oi:oLDUjrT&r, 

Car'ri-on, s. Qs^^^Q^QesrSismLo. 
Car'ri-on, a. (SSii5i5^(LgQuuLSi<5m^^<ss(Sl 

Car' rot, s. Q6iJ6sarQs'(QiiuLj<sfr(Sfr6piTQLfi 

Qu HGsrp . 

hair, Qs=i})u<ss)i—lduSIit. 
Car'ry, v. «. ^ffl^^(so^ ^niEJ(^^io^ erQ^ 

as convey, s^Loih^Qun^eo. 

as behave, carry one's self, fBi—^^eo. 

as effect, iel-ulS^^so^ S<ss)pQ(3up^ 

as show, imply, ^nLL®^G\i, snemiSl^ 

as urge, bear forward, iJDesr(ss)^Quj<2SI 

all before one, ^u^^^&reffldQsrressr 

®QutT(^^id^ Q(aiJ&)§^^<SO^ <oUfT[fl<sQ<3SfT 

a point, fS(oS)pQ(5yp^^6\)) Qs=sii^^ 

a seige, &c. iSlL^^^<sG)sfT(sir(^^&). 
a vote, ^i5Js^(oa)^<f<FLDLD^dsuu(oSsr 

away, as water, wind, ^eirefffdQs neisr 
inhand,Lyt$i;s§F^6^, (o^auS^QeOii^dQiSrr 


oft', kill, ^<sfr<sff)<sQsiTesBr(SlQufT(^;Sb\i, 
on, fBi—uLSl^^iOj Q<fdj^GO^Qs^^^^ 
on a series, Q^nQ^^ev^ Qsn^^oo^ s 
on war, QuniriTQ^eo^ QurTiTQs=uj;^6\). 

out, Q<QU<offJQujQsrT6SUr(SlQufT(^^6\)y i§ 

a palankeen, or a burden with a pole, 
up a wall, Gr(LpLJLf;seo, slLi^Qluq^u 

Lj^eOy ail.L!^LLjiUIT^^^60. 

through, QpL^iu^^fTtij(^^60, &^^ujir 

Cart, s. u6S!jru^., s^sl-uo. 
Cart, V. a. uemi^uSQeoprSluQun^iso. 
Cart'ao'e, ) UiSscn^uSQeopjTSdQa/Tsssr 
Cart'ing, ' f ®QufT(^<ssi^. 

as hire, uessri^da^eSly uGoarL^eutTi^ 

Car'tel, s. ^i(T^sLLQuS§^ihuLl.i-.^<oiDp 


Cart'er, s. uessru^dsrrirear. 
Car'ti-lage, 5. s'<su(sij. 
Car-ti-lag'in-ous, a. <ff^<su<sviT<m'^<3^<sii(Si^(sir<3{r. 
CsiYt'ing^s. uGssri^uS1Q6\)pfiSuQu rr(^<oms . 
Cart —load, s. uemu^uumnhjuesGru^Qiu 

Car-touch', s. Q(SiJi^LD0fB^uQuLli^. 
Car'tridge, s. Q^rrtLL^rry g^(t^Q(2uu^ldq^ 


Cart'— rope, s. uGsoruf.d'SuSgu. 
Cart'— rut, s. u6m-i^LLj0<siru^ih^u^<si]. 
Cart'-wheel, s. ^(T^'Serr, &6\), 
Cart'wright, s. uesari^Qs=ujCD6urT<^. 
Car'un-cle, s. @®, uLL9luiS(cks(ip^^<s 

Carve, v. a. QeutLQ^ev, 

as sculpture, Q^^iildQ<sulL®^<so^Q^ 


as apportion, uQir^eo^ u(^^^<sQ<3sir 
as select, Q^rB ihQ^®^^6\} , ^eordOs 
as plan, ®j<oG)su6m^}i^60y S(T^^rf<s 



Carver, s. Qs[r^.^Q<su'^<sniTm, 9l^ 

as carving knife, Q^LLi^uuQQ^fkjs 

of meat, Q<QiJLLL^uuQQ]^Qp<sii€k. 
Carv'ing, s. Q^ir^^Qisij'bsv^ Q^^ir 

Cas-cade', s. m'^tUQ^'sSls^L^eij, ll'^uSI 

Case, s. QulLl^^ QuioO)l^, s_(5ro^. 
character of disease, (2jSJiUfT^'jSl(ok<3^ 

circumstance, -sirffltuih, iSI^suitsld^ 

lawsuit, ^Lp<S(^, iSlafT^y (sSliun.3=9lLu 

matter, subject, question, srrrRujLD. 

sheath, ^(Sid/d^ cKl.®, ^<^<sssfl. 

as state of body, <3Fifir^^6isrGSiLn^ (^ 



in botany, Loi^pun'hsir, Quir^^, 

in grammar, (o(Sij/b^<sDLDLL](^Lf, 

in case he come, ^(SnebrsuiB^frdo, qj 

in either case, cTuuL^tLji}}^ <5t<s^<sSI^^ 

in my case, (ormsnifliu^^Qeo^ ereGr 

Case, V. a. &.<oS)/DQurr(S^(so, o^esyrouSI/b 

Case'hard-en, v. a. Lfp^nuSljiLDrrdi^^dv. 
Case'ment, 5. Qs^<3'fTefrrnl>. 
Case'worm, s. «_l1®lJl/(7^. 
Cash, s. •siT'df-, uemth, iBirGssrujih. 

in hand, 0S}Su^ir<3s<SLD^ eoauuGsorthj 

Cash, V. a. atT'S^Lonp^^io^ sfT<s?<S(^6i^ 


Cash'-ac-count', s. ui5aar<s<s6aard(^, <srr 

Cash'— book, 5. u(sm'<ss<3S(om<s(^uLj^^sLD. 
Cash-ier', 5. QunaQ<si^<snij^y <s<sssr<ss 

Cash-ier, v. a. ^-^^Qujrr'S^Q5i^<sB lL®^ 

Cash'-keep-er, 5. <3S(smssuiS&T'Bs)T, 

Cas'ing, s. p-Groyr;, QpL^, «i_®. 
Cask, s. u^^^so^ QuQSiLp^ lSuuit. 
Cask'et, s. StSly^j Qs^ulj, <s!jGSBn-.sih, 

Casque, s. ^'2evs^9inT, 
Cas'sia, s. ^GOsutEiSih. 
Cas'sock, 5. si,'9=[T[fluj(Su&ufirnij, 
Cast, s. <5TrQ^ (0^,^:3?, ^frd(^. 

as form, shape, (SiJi^etj^ ^dsrrirLhy ^Q 

(3^5 ^fTUJ6\). 

as glance, Qf5fT<s(^j SQmQ(om-rS^<sOy 
as hue, tinge, /^/r)i^^/T(535z_, Sps^s^n 


of countenance, (ip'SS's^fnueo^ Qpsip 

of mind, Ln(osr3=s=(T(S!S)i—^ nxscruQufT 

Cast,??, a. <s7/r9^6U, QurrQ^eo, e^si^^eo, 
as a wrestler, eSlQp^^^do, Qurril.(Sl 

as condemn, convict, (^ppikisesm®^ 

as decide by vote, Q mpOs nm- (mj^eo ^ 

as found, cast metals, (sunnjs^eOj ^q^ 

as make preponderate, <s^d<ss'Qs:LLj 

as overcome, Q<sij&)^^eo^ ^u^^^io. 
as plan, contrive, ^-UfTtuihu<om-^/ 

as shed, moult, <35Lppgi]^<so^ &~^:t^4^ 

as sow, <oSIgs)^sj^<so. 

as sprinkle, Q^(offl^^60, ^q^^go. 

as strew, cast dust, &c. s^p&^GO^ ^ 

a benign look, sem-^DOj^^io^ SL^nC 

as glance, <ojfSLL®uu(TiT^^i\), <s<oSGr 

a net, <su'^<sS<9?^60^ (sy'^QufrQ^do, 
a shadow, iSt^eSlQ^eo^ f§lLp60<sS'<3?^60, 
a stench, f5 rrpp u:><s^<9?^60 j lEappihi^ 

anchor, iBiki&h-irubQurrQ^io, 
arrows, <5ruj^<sOf i3nQuj(rQ^^G0, 



away, <^iSik£^Qut)(d^&^ si^^^^e\). 
away, as liquids,^fieo Gjpgij^eO. 
away, as shipwreck, suu'2iov^Qs=^u 

by, reject, sifi^^dv^ ^<sfr(^^&). 
dice, uiTujs=&ld<oS)s&.(T^LL®^(s\)^ s<su 

r^ down, as sorrowful, j Q^^dv^ Q^lL 
forth, ^<5G)/D^^eo^^<sfr(ef^^dOy GTrSJ^eo, 

forth branches, roots, <sSl®^60. 

from the mouth, -sd^^GO^ Qsnuueff} 

fruits, leaves, ^fin^^GO. 

in the teeth, ©^^^^eoii^^ev, ^si^ 

lots, ^tlQuQurrQ^GOy ^(7^<sij(str<f&LL 

off, SL^^^(S\i, <SLppnj]^io^ ^(3fr(&^iS60^ 

off clothes, ds'^(riE^QunQ^&). 
one's self down, (sSIq^^go^ @^^^a), 

one's self on for protection, rS)fss)i—<s 

to devolve on, <ojp^^eo^ <F/rLl®;56U, 

to throw in, ®-<sn-Q<sn-Qun(Si^&)^ uniL 

rays, (SjrSi^^<so^ &^n(^»^eo^ strih 
^■^■up, compute, sem&i^ss^iLQi^&i^ s 

up, stock in hand, <ss)suS(r^ues)uds 
"*■' up, vomit, <5i//r/F^u63jjr,^2/^a), ,f^^ 

up waves, j^'^evQuj^^io^ fi(S!DjTe^<9f- 


the young, <s0(SUL^^6O.y soDirsm^ 

Qu[T®^6\}j £S<5S)IT(^LLl^QufT®^eO. 

I cast myself on you, fBrr^LD<ss€U)u. 



to be cast down, dejected, inssrrir.Qs^n 

Cast'a-net, s. <QU<s^i5^m<asuciL\. 
Cast'a-way, s. ^errefruuLLu.^^ eujaoSI 

Cast'a-way, a. ^^rerru u lL l— . 

as forsaken, (SSisoSlL^uuLiL-. 
Caste, s. <F/r^, (su^essrihy (y^eoih. 
The four great divisions of Hindu Society. 

1 Brahmins, unrfuurrir, (^^^un. 

2 Chetriyas, (kings,) s^^^ifliuir. 

3 Vaisyers, (merchants, cultivators, 

herdsmen,) (obxsu^ujit. 

4 Sudras, (all below the above,) (^^ 

Cast'er, s. <oTrSJQjD<su(^, 
as calculator, <s<omdsear, 
as caster of fortunes, SGssfl^esr, (^rS 

a stand for small bottles, ©iJLy^/r/E/^. 
Cas'ti-gate, v. a. ^i^^^eo^ &LL<oS),s=u6m 

Cas-ti-ga'tion, 5. cgy^, ^emi—ih^ QlL 

Cas'ti-ga-tor, 5. ^Li&dQpeuear^ ^esaru^ 

Cast'ing, s. euniTULj, 

net, <sSd<3f-<sij'2eo. 

vote, {EQiD^^ajLLs^m^iL®. 
as throwing, (STrSi^eo, 
Cast'-i'ron, 5. ^eard-FLLu^j siflaeoih^ 

Cas'tle,5. QsniLosiL^, ^uessr. 
Cas'tle-build'er, s. <^Q(omememQp(3irGfr 

Cas'tled, a. C?<5/r^(SS)i— d5(^LluiJ.L_, .gy 

Cast'ling, s. ^l^sqi^. 

Cas'tor, 5. ^LD6ssrd(^^ &p(nj>LD(3md(^. 

as beaver, i^irfSfTiLi. 

of the beaver, i§iTiB[TuSI&n'<f(SiJiT^. 

of a horse, (^^&Djids{T&)<s<3rf}^LLLfp 


Cas'tor— oil, s, ^LDQsardQsemQQssnu, 
Cas'trate,r. a. /560a)z^^^6j, [egoif^lIQ 


Cas'u-al, a.^pQ<s^ujGOn(SUT, ^ezoz— ^0'<ssr. 
as occasional, i&LufiiiSI(dT/&<9=<9=ihu€Sls 

Qp, ^(5^L-.uS/bs:LhU(sSldQp^^^(SSr<3: 

. Cas'u-al-ly, adv. ^pQs^iuGOirtL. 
r Cas'u-al-ness, s. ^jbQsiuei), ^snnsmsn 


Cas'u-al-ty, s. ^<^i—<3=<S'LDU€iJLb., ^pQ& 
uJ6\)nr(om<siTff}aJih, ^srriT<oSsrsFLbu<suLD. 
as accident, €G)<s5iSI<o!DLpufTQj ^<ss)l—^ 

Cas'u-ist,S. <9^fBQ^<3B!Els'BcTr^^lT<sQp(QJ<dr^ 

Cas-u-ist'ic-al, a. LD<osr<3=<9^fTLLQuSl(^<3:iQ^ 

•Cas'u-ist-ry, s. s^iBQ^<3s£(SijrrjT(daBr^6\). 

■Cat, s. ySsw, y,<ssi'3^, @/r»L/<s\J7, Q<su(t^(^. 
female, Q u esm lj^'^gst . 
male, <5®<a/(S5ry,2few, Q€U(t^(^. 
the young, l^'^sst^i^lLi^^ 
wild, sfTtLQuLj^'^ear. 
of nine tails, ^mu^Qjnnss<sin^. 

Cat'a-comb, s. i3Q!T^sij<^p-i iSlQu^ih^ 

Cat-a-cous'tics, i GT^Q:rrreS} <9= <9^ n^fi 
Cat-a-phon'ics, ' ) ju). 

Cat'a-lep-sy, s. QpQs=m-6sfl. 
Cat'a-logue, s. ^LLL^(su'boSsr^ QufffL—nu 

L/, QuLuQir®. 
Cat'a-logue, V. a. ^iLi—€i]'^sssrQiu(Lg^ 

Cat'a-ma-ran', 5. sLLQtLirih, lSJ^&dqj^ 

Cat-a-me'ni^a, 5. ^;ssth, @(25^, ^/r^ 

Cat'a-mount, 5. s n lL(5i u lj^'^hsst , ii>'^Q(3u 

0(5' l'^' 

Cat'a-plasm, 5. e_<si/(CT)iULbj QumLL^em- 

Cat'a-ract, s. ^^eSI, LD'2e\)uS^^Lprr£Vj 

in the eye, sir^ih^ iSl&)6dLD. 
Ca-tarrh', s. ^u^meo^ ^eoQ^rrm^ih^ s^^j 



Ca-tarrh'al^ ) ^ , 

Ca.tarrh'ous, ^' / ^e.Q^'7a^(iP^aT- 

Ca-tas'tro-phe, s. @eroi_^^, (sSl-sQ^snh. 

as conclusion, Qpi^ei}, 

Catch, s. lSi^^ upgu, iSIl^ulj^^lLQ, s 

as advantage taken, l9^, ^g^l^^^ 

as hitch, ^<oS)i—, ^z_i(^. 
as hook, latch, QsfTQpeiS, QsfTQ^dQ, 

as snatch, u^ulj^ smireij. 
Catch, V. a, iSfi^^^ev, up^^eo^ ^^it 


as charm, LDtud(^^^eo, usilQ^eo^ @ 

as entangle , ^suu ®^^^6\)., u ®^<s 

as find out, discover, sesarQiSlu^^^eo^ 

as overtake, iSlt^^^eo, Q^fTL^irih^tSI 

as snatch, urB^^eo^ iSlQfKi(^<S60, 
as a hook, thorn, Q&rr(ig<s^^GO^ 9d(^ 

a sound, ep<sG)<SFLS!u^^^^ s^^iSIl^<s 

a tune, ^!titsldl9ij^;^^&). 
at ^isjeij^ii)') Q<stT^^^6^' 
breath, Qps=Qs=(Sl^^&)f Qpd^eu/T{EJ(^ 

cold, iiirQ<sn&r(Gf^^<50^ s^<soQ^n€i^(h 

up, 67®^,^^. Sl^<S(^^<SO, 

up, as birds, ©(wtc^-^^^j ljlL9^^60, 
water, rain, ^GSBr&^QiriB^^ev. 
Catch, V, n. u®^&), Q^np^^eo, up^ 

as disease, Q^npgiJ^eo, 

as hitch, be impeded, ^ilQ^iOj ^i^ 

as fire, &c. up^^io^ t3u^^^&dy ^ 

as a hook, latch, y,Li.Quu®^&)jQ<s/T 

Catch'a-ble, a. iSi^ds^^ds. 
Catch'er, s. L9ui.dQp<sii6Gr. 

an instrument, ssssrossfl.) (a>*3s>?. 



Catcli'ing, a. Q^frjb^iJfs^eGretnLnni&refr* 

disease, Q;Sn/b^eS!Lurr^. 
Catch'pen-ny, s. QuneSlQ<su'2e\)^ l^^^ 

as book, eSljb(^i£>Qf5ndsLJDrTLLi<9'Qs=iij^ 

Cat-e-chet'ic-al, a. <sSl^<£<5is)L^s(^[fliu, 
Cat-e-chet'ic-al-ly, adv. <sSl(CU)<sSlGSiL-uuiT 

Cat'e-chise, V. «. Qs&r<sSlQsLLi—&)^ e_u 

Cat'e-chis-er, s. Qun^dQfD'SJm^s^eoeotT 

Cat'e-chism, s. <sSI(^(sSI<^l-.^ Qae(r<aSlLD 

Cat'e-chist, s, ^u(o^9, <sB(^(s3<oS)l^uSI 

Cat-e-chu'men, s. ^(Si^eor, ti)fT(^ds<5sr^ 

Cat-e-gor'ic-al, a. S^rfn^^iL!T<sar^ ^lLl^ 

LDtT<oSrf f§ls=LDfT(oSr, 

Cat-e-gor'ic-al-ly, adv. S^nir^^uDauj^ 

QrsirrTdj, Q^<sffl<sunib^ ^LLi—LDndj. 
Cat'e-go-ry, s. (Suosi'S.^ ^(osr<oij(ss)s. 
Cat'e-nate, ?). «. Q^n^^^so^^tsjQeQiun 

Cat-e-na'tion, 5. Q^frQuLfy Q^/r:_/fi"^, 

Ca'ter,s. QufTS=6sru^rTiT^^fEjQsiT®^^io, 

Ca'ter-er, s. Qun^(SsrQurr(Si^sm. 
Ca'ter-ess, s.Quits=(5otQuit<sl^Q. 
Cat'er-pil-lar, 5. LnvSihs(^LLuf.^ eTifli^Qg, 
s uyu effi LDuS) lis (^ lL L^,<s ihu (off) u Lf^<^&l . 
Cat'er-waul, s. L4,'2ic}n-S(srr96sr!5^(Lp^&),^ 

Cat'er-waul-ing, s. Ljj'2isin-s&f}€srQ<oord(^ 
Cat'-ey-ed, a. Lj^'^/ssTssesm^ii&refr. 

man, y^'^tsin-dseikrem-ear. 
Cat'gut, s. iBULDLfdssaS^.) (S^'2em-f5iru)Lj. 
Ca-thar'tic, s. Qu^ld^ib^^ (sSlQu^earin 

Ca-the'dral, 5. Su^neerQsniiSio. 
Cath'e-ter, s. &^iirflnr)<S(^(Ej(^Lp60. 
Cath'o-lic, .?. Q(frj>(^Li>LDfrnss^^nm', un 


Cath 0-lic, a. Qurr^eurrecr. 

as general, Quir^eynesr, s^n^uj&ssr 

L£)iT(oor, S'Qp^muLDfTesr. 

as liberal, ^niTn(sn-LDrT(Ssr^ Q.^!Trr(^G33r 


Ca-thol'i-cism, s. QQrj>(o5)L£>LDrrrfdsih., Qqt^ 

as liberality, s-^nrnh. 

as universality, Qun^^ 6FfT^fTiT(SSBri}). 
Ca-thol'ic-on, 5. Quir^LDQ^ib^^ 
Cat-o-mne'— tail, s. epGsru^iaurTiTdses),^, 
Cat's'— eye, s. <aD(Sii(BrfluJi£)^(SurTeO(Su(nu^ihy 

Lj^^^SSr<S<S 6001-35 GO. 

Cat V— paw, s. <sjuJs<suuLl.L-.(3uQjr. 
Cat'tle,s.(7?Z) ^®LDiT®(Lp,S(sSlLUL£l(r^sijs 

Cau'cus, s. Q§n:iT,s=^<5orfSjS(sir&^®LDfTQeOrr 

Caught, V. (see Catch.) l9i^^^^^ Qsrr 

to be caught, 9d^LJu(Sl^do^ ^suu 


Caul, S. (^L-^^U^tU^eiKQ^, (^L-jbs=<3U 
Q/, ^'2iSOLDuSlT^fTIEI(^LD(Su'2tSOy (^L^{B<50)^ 

Cau'li-flow-er, s. ep^(sS^Q<sn<sSl. 
Caus'a-ble,a. &.6oorL^rr<ssuuu.<s<3f^L^uj. 
Caus'al, a. •sfrueoar^^ssQ^^j &.6oori—rT 

Caus-al'i-ty, s. sirrjeoor^^mtsonn, 
Caus-a'tion, s. ®-<ooarL—n<s(^<5S)<s, sn^^ia 

Caus'a-tive, a. snueooriLmsor., sntfluj^^ 
s(^^60LLn(oor^ ^d(^Qp, 
verb, LSlp(sS255r, 

Caus'a-tive-Iy, adv. snueooriEJ'SP^^LDSu 


Caus-a'tor, s. snSujsir^^&^ySniKsoorm. 
Cause, s. sniremu)^ 'oj^^ Qp<srrii^ju)j 

fblLDl^^l})^ PLpeOlli. 

action, suit, (SVL^d^y eSojn^QujiJDy l9 

affair, snifliuih. 

pursuit, object, Qibitssud^ striHiuLh. 

as reason, fBLumuih, Qpsni^nih. 




as sake, fStSl^^Lo, Qu/t^lL®, 
cause and effect, sfTirem-sEfTffliuLh. 
first, or efficient cause, iStjSl^^sniTem 

final cause, ^<^i— ®Q (Birds ih, 
primitive, or original cause, ^^srrir 

proximate cause, ^^s)L-ll9lLl-<Si7j 

secondary, or instrumental cause, J5? 

^GawddSfTfremnh, S-usmresarLD. 
Cause, V. a. &-<omi-.iTd(^^eo^ snifluuuu 

trouble, j>j6\) Ll.®dQ<s !t(^^js&) ^Q ^ neS 

U (oSSr6^l3}<50 . 

Causeless, a. smrGmLD/b/D, SmniJULopp. 
Cause'less-ly, adv.srrrr'sm-u9<5\)&}fTLD6\)^ S 

Cause'less-ness, s, snireoufLSlekssiLD^ Qp 


Caus'er, 5. sQ^^^n^ smremear^ Q<3^ijbu 

Cause'way, s. eunLOLj^ ^"bsmr^ <s/-l®, 

Caus'tic, s. snuLD^ sititulj. 
Caus'tic, a. srrjnofT'Ssr sairuLjeksfr, 

as sarcastic, severe, &-(oS)puun<osr<^ s 


lunar, snt^dsnuth^ ^indsGO. 

plaster, siTirdQ<3=iT<SD(su. 

seton, sfrrr^^fft. 
Caus-tic'i-ty, 5. snrfih^ snn^^<^<ss)i£i, 
Caus'tic-ness, s. sfrinDnaS^deais. 
Cau'ter, s. (s^tL^aQsnio. 
Cau'ter-ism, s. ^Qtsos^ Ljem'Ssssrd^® 

Cau-ter-i-za'tion, s. Lf6m-^6ssrd^(Sl€is)s. 
Cau'ter-ize, v. a. sh®^&i^ (^il.®dQsne\) 
Qp^eSliJU (Slip (irj>p <9f- (Sl^&o . 

Cau'ter-iz-ing-?ron, s. (^LL^dQsneo. 
Cau'ter-y, s. L\<o^^essrdsi-®(dS)<s, sm^d 

Cau'tion, s. (5Td<f[fid<ssis^L^^^^Sj0i^®- 
as provident care, u^^uih^ <sfT<Sij&)^ 
ff[r<8u^(T(osrt})^ <sB ^ !T n^^iossr , 
as thoughtfulness, heed, ^em€mLD, 
■&=frdS)ir<oU)jSj fil2^ruLj, 


as warning, ■3=n(SiJ^^n&snD, ords^fflui^. 
Cau'tion, v. a. ^ds'iB^^ed-y i^^^Q^/reu 

Cau'tion-a-ry, a. (oTds=(fld<3S)SUJiT(Ssr^ sir 

Cau'tious, a. u^^QrnnnioSrj eTd^[fldQ^<s 

to be cautious, srr^^iio, Grds^fflds^DS 
Cau'tious-ly, adv, u^^jnoiTuj, crds'ifld 


Cau'tious-ness, s. Qugsstld^ <sF{T<su^iT6srihy 

Cav'al-cade, s. (^^(osyuQiDpueuepflQufr 

Cav-a-lier', s. ^anGi^^^^Qsr^ (^^es>irs^ir 
ebr, LDrT<SiJ60<^. 

Cav-a-lier', a. e^jTiDfreor. 

as haughty, ^s^LonuLjeifrefr^ QldlLl^ 


as sprightly, ^-ioeonffQp&r&r. 
Cav-a-lier'ly, adv, €^inDmu. 
Cav-a-lier'ness, s. ^^^LDrruLj, QldlLi^ 

(SOLD, ^(SIB&D^. 

Cav'al-ry, s. (^^(SSi!T<^jjn^ (^^&»irLJu 

Ca'vate, V. a. Q;SfT<5m(S^e\}, Sl<5m(£l^6\). 

Ca-va'tion, 8. (^l^Q^itssstQ&ds. 

Cave, s. (^<ss)s, QsiSI^ ti/eu/i), Qp<5s>Lp^ 

mountain, utri^^ Qp(SDi^(^<3?. 
Cave, V. n. (^<si!)<s5uS&9(7i^d(a^^&}. 

in, ^L^^e\}^ L3(om(d(aB(Lg^i\}. 
Ca've-at,s. iS^^^(o6)Sijd<ss)<s^<oid<3^ifluL^. 
Cav'ern, s. Q<sl9^ ^jni^^ QLp<5G)p^ f§l€0<su 

&Dp^ iSI&}^^(SurriTLh. 
Cav'ern-ous, a. fSevtsuesipiLj&TefTy (^<ss)& 

Cav'il, s. ^i—d(^LjQud<3f-, eS(5mQu(r 
"*@? ^^d(^uQud'9r^ QuiriLsufT^-. 

Cav'il, V. a. (^^ndawuessr^a^io^ @i_ 
dsirdjuQusr^eOj ^^dQsQusr^eo. 

Cav'il, V. 71. (sS<oaarfSujnuj(iTjQs=fT60^^eo. 

Cav'il-er, s. (^^sd®^ i^ffLLi^m^^pu 



Cav ll-ing, s. <zji—rf<3k^u.LD<^ (^^itssld^ (^ 


Cav'il-ing-ly, adv. (^^nssLLirdj, (^^s 

Cav'i-ty, s. Ql-.iej(^^ @^> u^eifj ^ 
Ssrr, (^LpfTLU. 
as opening, <s<omL-.iTUJLD, ^sijirinhj s 

Caw, V. ?i. srTsrrQ(SU(Ssreo. 

Cease, v. a. ^j^^^&Oj <siSl(S>^eOf i§s(^^ 

Cease, v. n. (s^t^^eo^ <sSl®^So, ^uj^eo, <f 

to flow, ^IEJ(^^&). 

as noise, &c. e^QfSJi^^eo^ ^u,(kj(^^ 

Cease'Iess, a. ^<s6iL^<s3L^n^y ^yj/r^, g? 

Cease'less-Iy, adv. ^oDL—^L-nLoeOy ^ 

Ceas'ing,5. (QSl®<ss)s^^dj(Si^,<spt£j(Si^.^^rf<siJ. 

Ce'dar, s. Q^su^frifi. 

Ce'darn, a. Q^^^nifls(^rfl\u. 

Cede, V. a. ^uLjsQsfT^^^eO, e^uLjeS 

Ceil, V. a. ms^^uun^^eo, 

Ceil'ing, s. ld^s^^ un(s^ued<ss>Sy lds^s^u 


Cel*a-ture, s. &^^ini>0<^LL(S)<ssis, &^^ 


Cel'e-brate, u. a. OsnetmL^rrQ^eo, ^^' 

to celebrate in song? urrQ^eOy Qn^^ 

to praise, Sn^^^^eOy Qux^emLDurr 

to be celebrated, QuimrQu^^eo., S 

Cel-e-bra'tion, s. QsrrsikL^mLL^u), ^^ 

Cel'e-bra-tor, s-^^0<FiuC<a//T63r, Qsn 

Ce-le'bri-ous, a. eSlujds^^sSf Qn^^ 

Ce-leb'ri-ty, 5. Qn^^-^ QuluiTj Lystp,^^, 

Ce-ler'i-ty, s. &<iQinjD.fS^^s^^ ^eSsrwy 


Cel'e-ry, s. ^fr'S<sjiiT. 

Ge-les'tial, a. unLD, uni£)'^i~-<3\>^^a(^ 

body, uj-fTiEJsihy (sunndiSLDy Qp^^^ 

in astronomy, (SunernQs^n^s^®^^. 
Ce-les'tials, s.(pL) uji(o&)fT<S(Surr&<s<3frf 

Ce-les'tial-ly, adv. ^SjeSliULDrrujf uir 

Ce-lib'a-cy, s. (sSn^^ih^ s^Qp^^nu^^^i^ 

L-ui^netDin^ iSlinDs^fflujLh-) ejsfriijsui. 
Cell, s. Q<sij/, fBeOi3}j(oS)p.y QLn(S5)p, 

as cottage, @#cs^, (^i^Leo, QprSl&d. 

as small cavity, ^pp<3Sipy @L^,<£6jRjr. 

for a captive, ^Gs^pg^n'^. 

for a hermit, Q<5l9, (^sros. 

for honey, Q^<S!r6^L-.i^(oisr<sij)p. 

Cel'lar!age, '■ } ^^'^^' '^^^^P- 
Cel*la-ret', s. ^uLSs&reuxsUfSsuu^ih^ 


Cel'lu-lar, a. ^€tDpuj<5S)pujn€sr, 

membrane, fS6m's=^(su<si^. 
Cem'ent, s. 9^®, u&D<fj up^>j Qs^ir 


as bond of union, siKStuurrQ^ s_l_ 

metalic cement, (SiSus^^iriTuup^. 
Ce-ment', u. a. ^<o6)s=^^eo.^ QurT(t^^^^ 
ev), ^i_*_®^6^j upgi]<oS)<su^^eo.f eB(sird 

Ce-ment', v. n- up^^eo^ iSis^^^eo.^ Q,f 

Cem-ent-a'tion, 5. 9Ll^L®<sro«, upjB® 

cro<5, Q,?iTetsi(SiiiiSI®(oS)s. 
Ce-ment'er, s. ^LLQQeuirehrj ^lLQ. 
Cem'e-ter-y, s. ^eudsn'^f S6\)eO(oS)py lo 

Cen'o-taph, s. iSiQiT^LDL-.S'SuuL^n^sSl \ 
i—^^io rS'^ssruLjjLiQdsnaQQjQpuLSI 

Cense, v. a. ^uihsmLQ^eo, 
Cens'er, 5. ^usseo^^u^j^L-ei^y^uQp 

Cen'sor, 5. ^ds?dQ.s=iT^'2esrafTff€or^ /s 
as censurer, L2&yifiLS>ij^dS^p^&sr. 



Cen-s6'ri-al, a. (^ppihi^u^^Qp^ 9n^ 

Cen-so'ri-ous, a. (^ppiiiSlu^dQpt^em 


to be censorious, (^ppihiSlt^^^eo. 
Cen-so'ri-ous-ly, adv. (^ppuiiSli^dQp 

Cen-so'ri-ous-ness, s.^ (^ppiJ^LSlu^'sQp 

Cen'sor-ship, s. ^<9='9?<9=(DS=fT^2ssrsfTn'^^ 
as time, ^s''Sf--9=(o<?fT^'2io3Tu^^fil(DUjfTS 

Cen'su-ra-ble, a. (^€S}pQs=fT&)eOLJUL-^ 

Cen'sur-a-ble-ness, s. (^ppQfxkm^m 

Cen'su-ra-bly, adv. (^pp(^<3?LD^^uuu. 

^^ds^ndjy (^ppQp<sir(3fr^ndj, 
Cen'sure, s. ^ppLoiS^isf-^^eo, uLfiuLjy 

sL^<si\'i ^pp^^fruL^. 
Cen'sure, u. a. (^mpQ-s^neoe^^eo, (^p 

Cen'sur-er, 5. uL^ui^dsnuosr^ lSIqdl^lSI 

Cen'sus, s. @if <5<563ar«5(^, s^<ssr^Q^n 

Cent, s. MS^- 

as a copper coin, ^(Ti^G^LDL^dsn-s?. 

per cent, ^p^<s(^^ ^^s^^m. 

one per cent, si^p^dQsn<^^<^^LD. 
Cent'age, s. ^^hiuld^ ^^muojiLu^jM 

Cen'taur, s. ufflQpam-^ spQ, 

as constellation, (Lpuu^(5Si^k^mC& 

Cen-te-na'ri-an,s. ^gi](SiJuu^&r&T<5um^3' 

Cen'te-na-ry, s. MS^i ^^ld, 
Cen-ten'ni-al, a. ^p(rrj>€osr®&T(sn-, 
Cen-tes'i-mal, a. s^^'ld, S'^(rrj>€i}^n(ssr. 
Cen'ti-grade, a. s=^<3'LDurrsLDfrear. 
Cen'ti-ped, s. Q^eir, u60<siTpQ<3=iB^. 
Cen'to, s. Q^ffl<sE(sSluLj^^sihj ^&)<sQ 

Cen'tral, a. iBQojfresry ^efr&rnm^ u>^^ 


Cen-tral'i-ty, s. !B®^^mQS)LDy Lo^fi. 
Cen'tral-iy, adv. (B®uQup^ m^^uSlQ&d. 
Cen'tre, 5. iB®(oS)LniiJih.^ ll^^, ld^^luld, 
Cen'tre, v.fl. LD^^uSldossien^^io^ 
Cen'tre, z;. ?i. LL^^uSiioSlQ^^^eo^ ld^^uSI 

pQs^iT^eOj LD^^uSlpQurr^^^do. 
Cen'tric, ) ^ .^ 

Cen'tric-al, ""' ] ^®^^^^ ^^^''' 
Cen'tric-al-ly, adv. fsQuQup^ ld^^uS} 

Cen'tric-al-ness, s. !B®^^m<s6>Ln^ ld^^ 
Cen-trif u-gal, a. iD^^<s^(sSI&)(^Qp. 
Cen-trip'e-tal, a. LD^^<5!DUJiBfT®Qp. 
Cen'tu-ple, a. ^p^^'^fssr.^<?^LDL-.ij^fT05r. 
Cen'tu-ple, i ^^LDi—iEJsrTS 

Cen-tu'pli-cate, * * } (^^eo. 
Cen-tu'ri-on, s. ^ps'd(^<s(^dQ3'n<5S)<3ij 

Cen-tu'ri-a-tor, ) j§n^s^(^(5mL..niuu 


(^^ Q^(Lg^ uSl^ 


Cen'tu-ry, 5. ^^<oi](r^L-.ih, ^(vr^em-Qy s= 

Ceph'al-al-gy, s. ^'^eoQiErr. [^. 

Ce-phal'ic, s. LD6m<o6)L-.(oSluj[T^'S(^u:>(7^is 
Ce-phal'ic, a. &ii<3i-ds®^^y suneo, 
Ce'rate, 5. Qs^fr<SD6ij^ Qionpi^Qs^fr&DQj, 
Ce'ra-ted,a. QLD(Lg<s[TpQun^ujuuil.L^ 
Cer'e-bral, a. ^(SDipds®^^. 
Cer'e-brum, s. ^(ssiLp.^ ^Qp^ii). 
Cer-e-mo'ni-al, 5. QiflLU(TiEJ<si£)j^(iprij(^, 

Cer-e-mo'ni-al, a. <3=i-.fEj(^ds(Sl^^y Qifl 

impurity, ,^(^<9=i})^^s:(Sii.^ui^Q^fr(si^i}>. 

law, Q(flujn(SJ<s(aSl^. 

purification, ^<3=(sij3^iBeBn^^^ =^(3<^ 

Cer-e-mo'ni-al-ly, adv. SJffltun-iws^^^m- 

Cer-e-mo'ni-ous, a. Lip<sQ'ffl<ss>iLnij&re(r, 
as civil, &-us=fTjLDiT(osr, ^^^njjQp&r&r-^ 


formal, precise, Q<3n<sSujn3^nif(jfi(Sfr 
err, o^edsfT'ff^iTjTQpefrefr. 
Cer-e-mo'ni-ous-ly, adv. Qp<si^p<oSiLDUu 

L^y U(oOLfi<o^LDUUl^f Q<SiJ&fllUfr^l7!r 



Cer-e-rno iii-ous-ness, s. ^-eoans^nrnhun 

Cer'eino-ny, 5. <3=i—fsj(^^ ,sF<o5)L£)LuiTS=fTjiLhj 
QfHujfTfasih, Q[B<ssnju^ QsuerflujiTS^iTrr 

as forms of civility, ^s={TirLh, s-u<9=tT 

state, pomp, ,:^i—.ldujjld^ ^L—ihutX). 
Ce're-ous, a. QLD(Lp(^<sfrsfr. 
Cer'tain, a. £<3=LnrT€ar^ S'^urnnnGsr^ 2_ 

stated, fixed, SiULnmiTissr., f§luj^LUfT€m-. 
a certain man, ^0^<osr. 
news, fii—<3'Q<9=uu^^ S^.ff^njQs'iu^. 
to be certain, c^<s33^^6»'^, f§l<fLJu®^6\), 

Cer'tain-ly, adv. S<9=LDfTUjy iB<s^<^uui£)[ruj^ 


Cer'tain-ness, > iSs^ld^ &-^^, iB'^u 
Cer'tain-ty, * J rnh-^ ^sssflo^, Q^/b/D 

Cer-tif i-cate, s. i§ls=<5=iiJu^^ffl<oS).s. s-^ 

of character, tBu.^<5i^^s<s(Si^nQ^ SlL 

of privilege, s_^^irfij/^Ll®. 
Cer-tif i-cate, v. a. f^LL<ss(7i^L-u<s^{fl<5s><3s 

Cer-ti-fi-ca'tion, 5. S-^^uuO/^sro^, 

Cer-ti-fi'er, s. &-^fiuu®^^S)/D(SiJ€k. 
Cer'ti-fy, v. a. <5rQ^^^eO!§l<9'^iuuu®^^ 

Cer'ti-tude, s. Ss^s^iuld., ^i—ub^ a_^p. 

Ce-ru'le-an, a. ii6\)LDiT(osr^€urT(osr(i60LDiTesr. 

Ce-ru'men, s. (^^iJdi3^ sfT^Q£iS(^. 

Ce-sa're-an, a. <suuSlg^Q(SluLSi<3(r^LSipu 

Ces-sa'tion, 5. e^L^sij^ (sSlLLL^rr/b/Sli f^^ 

of hostilities, QufrQiifTL^iSij, 

of rain, isSIQldqdi^. 

of stir and noise, e^Qdsi})^ e^<s^^<ss)LD 


of wind, &c. ^<s<s5Lh, ^(oS)ld^^ ^s/r 

from work at noon, s-d&sSI®^^ 2_dP 

^(a;/r<s)/, Lo^^LurresrsSIQ^. 
Ces'si-ble, a. ^u.iEjQ<sfTQdQp^ ^'^(^ 

Qp^ QfsQi^Qp. 
Ces'sion, s% ^ulj<sSIljlj, ^L^(EjQsn®s 

Ces'sion-a-ry, a. ^dj(ouiT(o!sr, eSIQ^'2eo 

Cess'ment, s. (see Assessment.) <s);//?, ^ 
Ce-ta'ceous, a. ^L^fEjQ6V^^d(^rflLu. 

Chafe, 5. Q-QDfr(i^<3f-^6Sl(^Q60(lpLDLIlEJS 

Chafe, V. a. Q^iu^^eo^ &-(oS)rr(i^<9?^io. 

as irritate, Qsnuuu®^^^eo. 
Chafe, V. n. LDiosrcEjQsn^^^eo^ mesrQLD 

Chafer, s. epQ^tsaem®. 

Chaff, s. UjSiT^ ^^^) ^nisSy <9^(srrLDf <fl5i_ 

Chaffer,??, a. (sSi'hsoQus^^io. 

as haggle, eSl'^iiSieOQ^dt^^eo. 
Chafing— dish, s. semuL^ds'L-i^^ ^lljJ= 

Cha-grin', s. 67//?<f<F6^, eriflei^, 6:SI;S(osru3^ 

Cha-grin', v. a. erifld^puQ^^^io^ (s3 

^esruuQ^^^dOj Ln<our(i^<9f-L-dQ<3PUJ 

Chain, s. ^iejQgQ^ Q/sm^ir^^eud^. 
bond, <slL®j uih^ih, 
fetters, eSleoiEJi^, ^'Betr. 
as range, ^®S(^^ <2ijffl(ss)<ff^, fSecDir. 
as series, connexion, Q^iTL—nd9\^ 

as warp, QrBuu(sunnuiT. 

for the neck to support an ornament, 

of gold, -9^iruu€ssft. 

of ideas, <S(7^^^^Q^itl-.itl^. 

ofmountains, i£^uj®<5(5, iD^^Q^fr 

Chain, u. a. «Ll®^a), s=!5jQ<o'SajnpaLL 
®^60^ iilSswr^^sv), Qs5n®^^e0. 

Chair, s. fBrrpsrreS}, 

as seat of authority, ^^ajrii), Lfi-ii). 



(>hair'-man, s. ^ijsi^^Qp^eoni^^ ^^iki 

Chaise, s. ^Q^&jhusmu^, 
Chal-ced'o-ny, 5. (^ce Diamond.) <cS)€nfT 

Chal-cog'ra-phy, s. Qsuiom-<seo^^(b&jk 

Chal'dron, 5. ■sL^irrrLn, Q<3:rTuu<oS)iT. 

as a measure, ^fr^<s{r(2i^. 
Chal'ice, 5. urr^fiiri})^ SlGmeasrihy eiefr 

Chalk, s. &<oSiLLS=<3f-(osar(^LDLi^ (2Sl'2Gfr<3f-6m' 

Chalk, V. a. ^G5)LD<3-<3f-(om(^iJDUfrpL£€^ 

Chalk— stone', 5. ^ODLD&^^em-i^LhLjd 


Chalk'y, a. ^esiLDS^-^emc^diLjGfrefr. 
Challenge, s. QufT0d<s6S)LpuL^^ Quna 

of cattle, e-dsBfTiTLD, (ipd^smnh^ Q^ir 

of cocks, '9k-(QijQD<!£. 

of dogs, tigers, cats, &c. &-£jj(ipaD<3s. 
of an elephant, Qptfid'Sihy i3<s[flg^, 
of a horse, sj^^^<^^^' 
of a lion, QshdQ^ih. 
as call to trial, ^szoipuL/. 
as call to answer, ) QslL Q Spp 6\}, 
to demand, J Qsek^, <sS(^. 

as exception taken, <^^rfl(oiDL^, iSls=(^, 
Challenge, v. a. Ccurr(7^d<s<5iDLp^^&)^ 
QurriTd<S(oS)ps»-<Sij^60,f OsfrdsffJ^^eo. 
to accuse, (^pp(^Q.^n60^^6\)^ lSI 

to call to a trial, •^L.uLSlQ^eOj ^<oS)Lp 

to call to answer, QsLLt-^eOj (sSi^sij 

to claim, QslLl^go^ ^rfJ^^mudQsLl 
i_6U, up/6J<sQ<95rr&r(ef^^6\), ^(ig^^eo» 
a juror, L9s^(^Qs=fT60^^eo, 
Chal'leng-er, s. QufTiT<s<5S€S)ps?>^<sijQ(QUfr 

Cha-lyb'e-ate, a. ^(T^LDL^s=,3=frirQpefr&r^ 

Cham'ber, s. LDni^uDemu.uuD^ si^omp 


a hollow cavity, Sj'^p-i (^^. 

a sleeping room, s^Lu&jrtaiKooyp. 

of a gun,^uufTsQuS<osrL!^d(^Lp6V. 

audience chamber, Qdf/r^^sjRjTL-Lj/jb 

innerchamber, &-<sn-(orr<zo)p^^(su)iDeSQ 

marriage chamber, LD(omLn(ossTL-ULD 

painted chamber, &^^iTLD6mn—uih 
upper chamber, Qldso<ss)p^ Ql£i6\)<s^(SI 

Cham'ber, v. n. MiT^^^^<o!snDnuj(EL^^ 

as reside, lodge, ^fEj(^^60, s=<^s=ifl 

Cham'ber-ing, s. ^it^^^^^gstld, 
Cham'ber-lain, 5. uffnu^^uuGsr, Qsneo 

Cham'ber-lye, s. Q^i§it, 
Cham'ber-maid, s. (^pQp®jpQu(om^ u 

Cham'ber-pot, 5. ^^iiruurr^firril). 

Cha-me'li-on, s. ^ii0), udQ'^Quuni^ 
ear, udQ^fri^. 

Cham'o-mlle, s. {see Camomile.) <3=irLD 
Champ, V, a. sl^^^go, s^uLf^eo, (^^u 
Cham-paign', s. Q<S}j<sffl^ .s^ldlj^i^^ <ss)ld 

Cham'pe-on, s. <s^ji6sr. 
Chance, s. ^pQs=uje\), 

accident, s=LDU€ULD^(^(r^Ll.(£l<3ijnujuLj, 

misfortune, @'Sd/_^^, (sSldQesrih, 

fortune, cause of ) ^_. 

fortuitous events, ) '^'^'' 

fortune, luck, sj^L-L-uDy Qiunsih^ ua 


opportunity, s^lliuld^ ^L^th, fsSoQ) 

as possbility of occurence? <su(ss)<s5j qj 

i^j @^^. 

is there a chance of his living ? l9 

Chance, v. n. -s^uDusSl^^eO^ ^(S^^y 

Chance, a, ^pQs=iue\}rr€sr, QssifKSlQp. 



Chan'cel, s. fBjh<s^^^:^Lj^i—Lh'SDSiid(^ 

Chan'cel-lor, s. ^Qs\)rrs='Bsm-^^'2o}€u<^. 
Chan'cel-lor-ship, s. ^G^eJ/r^Ssar^^^eu 


Chan'ce-ry, 5. LDsnfSujmu&v^eOLh. 
Chan-de-lier', s. Q'BGfr^(Sfrs(^. 
Chan'cre, s. QirihfiuLjessr. 
Chand'ler, s. QLD(Lp(^^ffl<SijniTdS)p<siJ€k. 
Change, s. LDn^<E<D<s, Q^sn^ufr®', Q<3vp 
^QDLD, fifflL^y Qu^ii), eSlsrriTLD, iSlesr 

as balance, lSI'S^s^ssfts?^ Qs=rr<9=s'ih. 

as death, Q^snis^LD^ ^eSlujQpL^Gij. 

as novelty, Loirgijesjs^ ^rfti-j. 

as premium, euLLi—tn, 

as revolution, ^p^mn^ms, 

as small money, &60eO(oS)pisns^, 

as substitute, lSit^^ LDtrp^, Qsij^. 
as variety, Qu^nQu^th, ueoeSl^ih^ 

as vicissitude, LDngti^GO^ Qu^th. 

of a letter in grammar, <^(Lg^^^^iB 

of clothes^ LDrrp£3j(SluLj, in^o^QuLf, 


of the moon, ^ 1017(01] rTQfiu<s{rsr<sm-LSI, 

of weather, s treo^^ rfl l{ ^ u0(SueSls 

PU, SrT6d(D(olip^<oS)LD. 

in algebra, ^fflui^^ mrrp^. 
Change,!?, a. LDnpgu^eo^ ^ifl^^eo^ Qu 

one's mind, \D<suQpiomQsnnEjQ<sn(2n'(efK 

Change, r.n. Lnrr^^eo, ^rf}^6\)^ Qu^^ 

turr^eOj ^pihi^^eo. 

as the moon, sji^T(sufT(ssiffinn(^^(sOj u 

as wind, <sfTp^L£>rT^^e\)^ srrp^^^0 

for the better, ^(f^ih^^eo^ 9n-uuQ 

for the worse, QsQ^iOj &(SD^^eo, lSI 

bands, ^Q^wnp^^io^ ODSLDngn^io. 


in shape^ Qsne^iuDiLn^^geo^ ^(s^u^fT 

^^&) , 

sides, QjefrLDLDrT^^iv, SLL&LDnj^^&)^ 

Change'a-ble, a. /^^wj/r^, Qu^e6)<ss^ 

wind, ue^sirpgn-) f§J' 

color, l^'ho\iL£)[r^LD<SU<^(o6rU0i^ Qu^uu 

Change'a-ble-ness, s. f^eoeOfrisiDLi}, fS'Seo 

ajrT<oS>LD^ (sBsauih^ Qu^eSiut-f, 
Change'a-bly, adv. /S'SeoLun&DLDLurrujj ldit 

Change'ful, a. S'^mpp, mn^^s^errefr. 
Change'less, a, mfrc^/S, ^(f^^mmiDi^ 

Change'ling, s. ^afeSlsmrLj^^rresr, 

an idiot, QpL-<^, Quosijs^ 

a whiffer, (B'^LonrSlj s<^'2esrdQsfT 


Chang'er, s. LDnpgiiQp<sn<^^ LDtr^Qp 

of money, sn^rdsosn—dsniTesr. 
Chan'nel, s. (SiJiriudsfrio, liirdssireo^ Q^rr 

as arm of the sea, ^^si-^eo^ sned 


as fluting, ^<sufT<sff}uL^. 

as passage in a shallow sea, ^^y 'svn 

as way, outlet, Qu(Td(^, euifi. 

of affairs, atTsfluJ!EJSGfflmQuni(^. 
Chan'nel, v. a. <Sijnuj<isn6oQ(3ULL®^eo^ 

as flute, ^Qjneffl^^eo, 
Chant, s. Q^ih^ u/rz-l®, anmihj ^rrns 

Chant, V. unQ^eo^ Q^ihunQ^eo- 
Chant'er, s. urrQ(sufTm-t ufTL-s&n-^ un 

Chant' i-cleer, s. Qs=<su60. 
Chant'ing, s. ^^thurr^esis. 
Chant'ress, s. ufri—Q^urrQeufrek^ u it (soar 


Cha'os, s. seouLjj j^iissruoj ^ldlLi^^ 


order antithesis, eSliuLLi^^uih. 
Cha-ot'ic, a. ^LpuuLDrreur^s^LDLLL^iufTisffr. 



Chap, 5. &LDn^ ^p^^sundj^ lissih^ isd 

as fellow, Sl,^t o^uuum^ Q/b(yr/'efr. 
Chap, V. a. LSIsfr^^dOj QtsijL^<ssLJU(oa3r 

Chap, V. n. s lditQ<su u;l^^so ^ ^p^^io , i§ 
iEj(^^'so^ iSl<3fr^<S6\)') eSKSl^eo, (sSI&r^ 

Chap'el, s. Qsir<sSl&)^ ^eoujih. 
Chap'-fall-en, a. (sunLLL^r[(sun(5sr, (ipsd 

Chap'i-ter, 5. s^Gssr^'^eoui^, ^ 

round, (^i—ih, l£>(^l-.ld. 

long, (^jz/zF^/zS/, Qua^Qji'S. 
Chap'lain, s. QsiTaSI/b(^0, (^(3- 
Chap'lain-ship, s. (^(n^^Q^fri^eo. 

as revenue, (^(i^^S's'^iom-. 
Chap'let, s. Q n&eO€s£ luit'^^ Q 3= u 

in architecture, ^eoiwanir&^^auin 

of feathers, ©®, (^ls^gs^s. 
Chap'man, 5. <sS'^<s5[Tff<ck^Q<sn<s{ri^Qp 

(SiJOSTf <s56S)LS<smr(sor, 

as seller, (sSlpQp<si}G5r^ (sSluunufrifl. 
Chaps, s. (pi.) <srT<5G)i-.^ QLnfT<sumu. 
Chap'ter, s. ^^^luniuw., jfj^smnh., <f 

Chap'ter, v. a. (Surfl6ymEj(^^&)j ^(^^^ 

Char, s. sjpuQoj'^., ^(5sr(o(su'2eo. 

Char, V. a. sfflJ^&f'Q^So. 

Char, v.Ti. ^pu(D(Su'2eoQj:LU^60, ^(ssr 

Char'ac-ter, 5. (^fSluLj, ^s=<9?» 

as account, description, eSluirih. 

as estimable quality, <ffkiG^<s^ Quuj 

iTy QiT^^j fSfrem-iULD^ ^rjn^GOih. 

as hand writing, €T(ip^^uQuns(^, 

as letter, <sT(Lp.^^^ ^lLs^uld. 

as mark, (3/z5/, (^^ulj^ ^€5)i—LUfT(Sfr 

/i), Q^, 

as peculiar, or distinguishing proper- 


ties, ^e\)LL<s:6mih^ 

as person, c^sfr. 


&)S<S<^SSrLD^ ^ 

as personal qualities, (^GmiJi^ ibl—^ 
(SSi^j f§l'2ei>(o!Din, <SEiD<S!jrih^ Qun<i(^. 
as personation, <^^jiyj ufTmj2ssr,Q<sfT 


as stamp, Qp^^<c!^iT. 

to act in character, &?lu^0lduui^i5 

to act out of character, <^lu^(t^ldi^^(su 

Char'ac-ter, v. a. GT(Lp_^^6d^ QuQ^^io, 

Char-ac-ter-is'tic, s. (Sf^f &f^'^H> '^ 
GDL—tutTerrw, (^gcstld. 
of tense in verbs, 6SI'2GsruSl€6)L-i§l'2i5o. 
of a good man, ^^^LD^^saosii—uja 


Char-ac-ter-is'tic, ) ^GS)L-UjrT<sfr(ip 

Char-ac-ter-is'tic-al, " ^ (Sfl-<srr, <s?iu(^<5m- 

(Lpmm.^ <ff}-uj6\)LLs^ioasrLDfT<osry <5?aj^65r 

Char-ac-ter-is'tic-al -ly, adv. ^(SSiL^uJir 

Char'ac-ter-Ize, v. a. (^rSl^^eo., (SfS^ 

Char'coal, 5. <srfl^ LDjidsif}. 
Charge, 5. ^irzi), urrrfluLj, Qurr^uLj. 

accusation, (^/bpds=rTLLQ^ Qpmpu 


authoritative instructions, QufT^tliLfy 

care, urriTLb, sLLQuutrQ, Qurr^uLj. 
protection, trust, uffluiT&)<osnh^ uneo 

as commission, (oj<su60^ uesmmGSii—. 

as cost, <a9'asu, Quuuihy Q<F6D(a/. 

as debit, entry in an account, upg^in 

as demand in payment, Q<s=GOeij^ <Ki_ 

as duty, st—GDiD, <3SL—uun®. 

as onset, ct^/tul/, ^l.itul^, unibd 

as order, <5FLlL_3syr, <57(Si/a), ^lLl-ld. 

a signal for battle, Qurrfrd(^iB, 

as trust, thing intrusted, (Sijs=ih^ e^sw 

of a gun, ^nosSuL^. 




of a pastor over his people, (^(r^eSffn 


to answer a charge, (^/bpJ'S'fTLLQd 

Charge, v. a. urrfB^^io^ Qung^iuiSl^^ 

as accuse, (^/bp(^<3=fTLLQ^e\)^ Qpos^p 

attack, Qll<sO€B(lp^<s\)^ Qtnn^ss&d^ un 
censure, s<o5un^^^Ms=rTeo§ii^6\)^ g) 

ascomniand, SLLL-'SeiruSQ^ev^ s/biSI 
^^eo^ ^LLL^LDuesar^u^eO. 
as demand a price, (sSI'2GvQaLLi-.&). 
debit in an account, upsvin^QujQ^ 

as enjoin, exhort, L/^^O^^/reu^^^eu, 

to fill, [SlTULf^io. 

to impose duty, task, tax, &c., Qun 

£JJUlSI^^&}j SI-LD^^^60, Gll(fl<55)€U^^eO. 

to impute to, ^ld^^^so^ s^frtLQ^eo^ 

to entrust with, Qurr^uLSI^^GO, s^u 

to load a burden, '3?(S!dldQujp^^&) , <* 

to load fire arms, ^frossfl^^eo^^uun 

the memory with, (^frusuuQ^^^ 

Charge, v. n. (Siji5^(sSl(Lg^G0, Qf5(7^(sj(^^ 

Charge'a-ble, a. <^(T^€u<^QLDp3?LDrr^^^ 

as expensive, burdensome, unns^^ 

as imputable, ^(7^<oiJ(SurQLDps^rrtr^^ds^ 

he is chargeable with fault, crime, 

^(Sijeffffp^pp(^<9=rr(SlLD^ ^<sii6sBpL9 


this is chargeable with duty, @^^/r 

you are chargeable with this, @t^s- 
ekQinpufrrnh^ ^l^^-&sr(^ppi}). 


Charger, s. QumTSf^^eBiir^ ug!)l^s^ 

as dish, ^/reULD, ^Lli_i£). 
Char'i-ot, s. iBir^Bpusmu^^ @-^^^: <3 


Char-i-ot-eer', s. unsGsr^ ^n^s^nu^. 
Char-i-ot-eer'ing, s. ^JT^ufftiLeos^. 
Char'i-ta-ble, a. ^<obrLiefre{r^^0(Gf^<ck<sfr, 


as candid, ^nun&rLDnesrj Q^<sff}<ouiTGsr» 

as liberal, ^Q^LLQpeir&r^ s-^fTiT(^<saar 


deed, instrument, ^(7^LLs=(T^(sarLD. [ih. 

disposition, ^0L£i&iE<sD^,^(i^Lod(^<osar 

institution, ^(i^LDero^tresnh^ ^(t^lds^^ 

person, ^Q^iDS^msSI, ^itirrQ. 
society, ^(r^in^mjsih. 
Char'i-ta-ble-ness, s. ^(ssiiu, ^earLf. 
as benevolence, ^lueij^ {sp(yp,(smi£)f ^ 
as liberality, Q<sfT(saL-^^eanh^ ^q^ld 

Char'i-ta-bly, adv. ^q^ldldituj^ ^mun 

Char'i-ty, s. c^cotl/, Qies^ld^ ulLs'u). 
as alms, act of benevolence, i^^issis^y 
lurr^sih^ QsnosiL—^ ^-usfTirii), 
as candor, good will, ^^rrir-^&Jih^ ^tr 
as kindness, benevolence, fSiueiiy ^n 


as liberality, ^Q^Ln&isioSi^, ^^nir(^ 

box, ^(Tj^LDuQutLL^y LLSeSiLDLJUn^ 

hoy, ^0LDuu(ciTerfluSpLSl(cir2eiry ^(T^ld 

fund, ^(T^LDUUGSOTLOj^^LD^^jeiSluJU), 

school, ^0LDLJU(Sfreff)s.^-i-.ih. 
CharlesV-wain, 5. (pi.) '9=^^rH<si^s&r, 
^-^^inruj ssGT^^p Q^np^(^ s^^^ie lL <f 

Charm, s. wiT^cfr^ l£ilus<3sld. 

as amulet, 0<s(sSlQ^^irLL<5:nui^€snh. 
as attraction, (suQujud^ ld(^i1.®. 

to tie on a charm, 'SSfruLfssiLQ^eOj 



Charm, i'. a, LDiust^^oo^ w^lLQ^go, 
LDeur<sm^ds6ijn^6\)j ^€S)3=LLj6ssrL-rT<s 

by incantations, LDi^fr^jgrreosus^uu 

Charm, v. n. e^<oS),9=LLi6m-L-[T(^^eo^ ^(sro<?^ 

Charm'er, s. LDUj<s(^Qn)(sueorj <su^<zr[<s5r^ 

Charm'ful, a. ^<^u(ipm<s(r. 
Charm'ing, a. LD(ssr<ssi^^^^(i^^as^ ^ 

Charm'ing-ly, arfv. i£>iuds^^d.s^ndj^ <*? 


Charmless, a. LD(ssr^d(^uiSltj^ujrr^, ^ 

Char'nel, a. l9Qi]'^qp error, 
Char'nel-house, s. (5T^ihL3(BiiEj(^<s5)S, er 

Chart, s. ul-ld. 

Char'ter, 5. ^fT^<osrih^ e.^^, uLLt^ujih. 
as immunity, '3=e\}dsir'Sessr, filui^isar 



as instrument of a grant, <s'<so<s<35ir2essr 

Char'ter, r. a. iSFfT^<5sruu(S)^^<s\}^ eSI®^ 

a vessel, ^^<sjt^^<S(^ulSi^^^60^ 

as establish by charter, ^fT^(55r^^iT&) 

Char'y, a. u^^rjinnesr, ^s&^fHdsosujfT 

esTf LDLLi-.fr6in'Q<3^&)iQi&r<sfr. 
Chase, s, Q<siJLL<ss)L-.. 

as open space, (D<suLL<ss)L-dsfT®. 

as seeking, Q^lLl-ld, iBfTLLi—ua. 

pursuit, Q^ni—ff^hQ^ Q^m—iiq, 
Chase, v. a. ^lLQ^go^^jt^^^go. 

to dispel, ^<sp^^eOy QufTd(^^€\)^ £ 

to disperse, (5*260^^6^, Q^pL^^;S&}^ 

to follow, Q^nL^fr^&d. 

as hunt, Q^LL<56H—ujn®^<k. 

to infix, u^^^io^ s\(ig^^^' 
as seek, Q^(^^<so^ f5n®^&). 
Chas'er, 5. Qsuil.<o!DL-<ssfTjTe^, ^ir^^Q 


Chasm, 5. LSterruLj, Qtsui^uLj, lid-asil),^ 
as vacuity, (^<5uBuju), urripj Q<su^ 


Chaste, a. <ff?^^txifr<5m', ^uj(oS)LDLurT(o5r, 
language, G)<9=ihQLDfTi^^ ^eo&^emQp 

husband, u^^<5i£<2SliT^Gsr. 

wife, u^<aQrr(5S)^^ <s/bi-i^<sfrLD'2esr€SI. 
Chaste' ly, adv. u<oS^^rrLDndjj ajbufruj. 
Chas'ten, v. a. ^6ssri<?.^^60, QlL<oS)&u 

as make chaste, correct, fi^^^^&^y 
Chas'ten-er, s. ^(smu^uQun^, QtLiF 


Chas'ten-ing, s. ^(S^jri-^fesr, ^(ssan^ui^y 
Chas-tis'a-ble, a. ^6smL-.'2esrd(^iflvUy QiL 

o~l CD aSsp'S CO • 

Chas-tise', v, a. ^6sarL^^^6\), ^(smi—uou 

Gssr^u^iOy QtL&^^eOj lSI&){t/6I(SI^6\}. 

Chas'tise-ment, s. ^esoTL—ih, ^essri—^oSTy 

Chas-tis'er, .9. ^loGsru^uQufrm^ QlL^s 


Chas'ti-ty, s. •s/dlj') <3spLi<oS), sp 

Chat, ^. <3S€S)^f ^sOuLj. 

Chat, V. 71. S(oS)^(ou<3?^€0y QuQsQsrrefr 

Chat'tel, 5. <£LL(Sls=<s=fTLD{Teory^(Sfr<suiTL^u)y 

Chat'ter, s. ^eouLfj <s^^, u,fu<ful/, 

Chat'ter, r, w. ^eduLfjgeo^ s^^^iOy u 

as birds, ^<£f^®^6U, <s^^^eo. 

as monkeys, squirrels, &c. s^^^ed. 

as the teeth with cold, Q(£lQQ^^6\). 
Chat'ter-box, \^^<sOuL\Qp€ij<^.iS<o^^ 
Chat'ter-er, ' } d<sn!im. 
Chat'ter-ing, s. ^eouLjei^a. 
Chat'ty, a. ^eOuLjQp^ s€ff)^sQp. 



Chaw, V. a. s^ui-i^eo^ ^^ulj^6\), Qld<so 

Chay, s. s^ninQsuiT, ^LOLj^/Deo, 

Cheap, a. LneSlcsunssr^ s^snuuLDnesT, ibuj 


common, of small value, u(t^u:>ui^ 

to be cheap, ldgSI^so^ rEuu^^eo. 
Cheap'en, V. «. (oS'^(^mp^^eo^ s^sitlu 
Lbu(S6sr^D^6o^ ^(SsS^^eO^ LDeSlujuu 

Cheap'en-er, s. (sSI'bso^e^uQunm. 
Cheap'ly, «dr. LfxsSlojmuy s^snuumnuj^' ib 


Cheap'ness, s. u:i<oSl<si^, ibujld^ ^anujih. 
Cheat, ) <5T^^(Ssr, sul-.<^j <sul-s 

Cheater, * j srrir(obr^ ^(^uL^Qeunisur^ 

Cheat, V. a. <su(i^9^^&), ejiu^^&), gt^^ 
Cheating, s. ct^^S sui—ld^ sii<sui-.ih^ s 

m'^fTLDj LDL^ULf. 

Check, s. ^z_<5@, ^<5D)l_, ^mi—^^^ 

rebuff, ^<oS)L-^ ^z_i(^, ^®tJL/, ldjBu 
reproof, semL^uLj-^ semi^^ih^ s\^ 

restraint, curb, <s lLQ u u rr® ^ ^lLl^h 

Check, V, a. ^Q^^eo, mfS^^eo. 

to chide, <sL^iB^Q<sfT(3rr(ef^^&}, ,s6sm 

to control by counter reckoning, s= 

Check, V. 71. S'2go^^60, ^iEi(^^eo, ^<SB)L^ 

Check'er, s. Q<QU<^(D<oij^fil/DLJD, Qu^nQu 
_» _ ♦ 


Check'er, v. a. Q(S}jdiQ(ou^SpLD(curr®^ 

©k), Qu^nQu^LDnd(^^GO. 
Check'ers, s. (pi) sfnuujiuLSIeSI'cisrrujrr 

Check'er- work, s. Q<5BfT(SlQsfTi—fT(owQQj 

Cheek, s. s^ui^ , ^mesrih^ Q<ffTS(^^ s 


Cheer, s. ^L—<oor^ (osy^tflujLD. 

as entertainment, (sSlQ^ih^y <s(6ffliuiT 


as joy, mirth, ii>Qy^s=9l^ s=Lnn<s(nJc>^ <s 

Cheer, V. a. Q^fo^^eo^ ^uLuiaOsfrQ 

Cheer, v. n. Q^^^eo^ ^L-(B^Q<sn&ir<mf^ 

Cheer'er, 5. LDQu^<sSuQun<m', seffluiSi 

Cheer'ful, a. LL€sr<s<S(Sff}uuiTesr^ s^ihQ^n 
(si^LDfT€or^ L±!fluun<osr, 
countenance, ^(Sff)iTi^(ipsLD^Qs=iB^ 
&nuuiT<ssr(ipsLb^ ^GOijiE^Qpsih^ ^n 

morning, <sf-SiT^^rr'^^^QrrrrdQujuirT 
Gsrsrr'^^ f56\)€\)srr'bso. 
Cheer'ful-ly, adv. inQu^ffQujinUj s'LDfT<s{r 

LDfTLU^ <S(S(fluUfrUJ. 

Cheer'ful-ness, s. Q-sire^L^fTLLt^LD, sis 
(o^rr€L^ih, s^LDrT(o(rih,S(srf)uLi^ LDQips=&. 
of countenance, (Lp<s^^n!jnr<ofrLD^ Qps 

Cheer'i-ly, adv. serfJuufrdj^ Qs^iB^&flu 


Cheer'less, a. (ssy^ifliuiLpp., ^-ps^irsuop 
p.f LD<osrs=<5^<sis)L—<sijn<5sr, s^(^<5:eOQp(Ef(r<s(r. 

Cheer'ly, adv. s<sffluuiTdjy Qs^ih^etflu 
urrdj^ Loeor IT ihu9 UJLDfTUJ. 

C\\eev'y ^a.^(S{fl u L^eirefr ,^n ihuSi uj Qp&refT , 

Cheese, s. urT60<sDt-.dsLLi^^ ^uSit-sslL 
i^j Sreor^dsLLL^. 

Chem'ic-al,a. (see Chimical.) ^!J<3^€iin^. 
Chem'ic-al-ly, adv. {see Chimically.) 

Che-mise', s. LDse^Q^mefriEjQ . 
Chem'ist, 5. {see Chimist.) ^irs=<sijrr^. 
Chem'is-try, s. {see Chimistry.) ^irs^^urr 

Cheq'uer, s. {see Checker.) Q^<^Q<siJ^ 

filpii)^ u&)(Sij<^<sijrth. 

as cloth, Q<S(nL®<Si]m<si5TdQs:%so. 
Cher'ish, v. a. €U(SfriT^^eo, Q^/b^^eo^ u 

irrTLDift^^eo^ &!Tnil.®uu(om^}]^eo,^ir 



opinions, <s-iuiQ^ij<soriiiQa(T<3!r(m)^eo. 

Cher'ish-er, s. urrfrL£>ifHQp(au&w^Qu^)j 

Qp<su&sr^ uffiuiT60(om'(sar, 
Cher'ish-ing, 5. QuemLo^ Quisssrjisijj ^ 

Cher'ry, s. f^Q^'s^jGUisuuL^uD. 
Cher'ub, 5. Qs^iSI. 

Cher-u'bic, \ ^ n - n 

Cher-u'bic-al/' J »<^C5^*(5^'^^. 

Cher'u-bim, s. Q<s^iSls&r. 
Chess, s. Qs^rrdsLLL^rTf^. 

Chess-board, 5. Q-aFns^LLi—n'Ssnn'^issr. 
Chess— man, 5. Q'9^rT<ssLLL..rr6ffr'Smu^ 
Chest, s. Qu<oSiLp^ QulLl-.<si}}, 

the breast, Lo/r/TLy, Q[E(^<3?. 
Chest'nut, s. <s&vQsnLL<s6)L — 

tree, sehQ^sfTiLecpi—LDirLD. 
Chew, s. 6^0€iJinLj(^. 
Chew, V. a, s^ui-^^eo^ Qin&d^^eo^ ^(sk 

as champ, @^'ljl/^6U, (^^lL®^<so^ 

to chew the cud, ^GiDiiL^LLL^eo^ ^ 

to meditate, isresmeissflQujsmGssflsQsn 

Chew'ing, 5. -5=ulj<sd<s^ Qld&)^(sis)s. 

mental, ^lunmih. 
Chi-cane', \ • n, n 

Chi-can'er-y, S ^ '^ 
Chi-can'er, s. s^^^^!^nnsii<ssi^ udQ 

Chick, ^ QsrTL^<S(^(i^-3?j <sSI<5S)L-.d 

Chick'en, ' ^ Qs rru^ . 

as person, Qs=60<QuuiSI(Sfr'S6fr. 

Chick'en-heart'ed, a. ^(3frQf5(^sf-<sir(3irj 

\ Chick'en-pox, s. ^n<iQ<srT(3(r(m,(Qun6sr^ 

Chick'ling, s. ^^(5^<9?, umruLj. 
Chide, V. a. (^pp(i^s=niT^^^60. 

as reprove, su^iB^QsfT<s!r(^^60^ s_ 

as blame, ^pp(^Q<^fT&)^^&)j <su®^ 

Chide, V. n, ^^lL(SI;s&)^ s^iruu^eo. 


as contend, ^6m<50)L-.LSlL^^^6\}^ laSlojiT 

as scold, SGosTL^^^io^ <sl^^&). 
Chid'er, s. j^^Ll.®<ssrriT<our^ ^-iruLjQp 

(Sjyesr, 6yn'd(^^^6mL-(^Q^LuQ6urr(R^. 
Chid'ing, 5. <ss(om-L^LJLj^sL!^fB^QsfT<o}r(&K 

(oS)S^ <S1/ /r(5(^^ 65" SOOT L_ 2(537". 

Chid'ing-ly, adv. ^^ssmju, <s6mL^u 
Chief, s. iSfff^nesfl^ QQii(si^L—(^^ <jy^ 
Chief, a. ^-^^ld^ LSIir^irsar^ ^'hsoetDLDUjn 

justice, I^^Ujfiuff, LDSfTl^^QiU^U^. 

Chief dom, s tSlir^iTeofldam^ ^'^(5G)LDy 
Chiefly, adi\ QpdQtLiLDfTs^ iSir^rrem-LDrr 

Chief tain-ry, ^ ^'2i6v<oS)LD^ iBrTLLL^fT 

Chieftain-ship, ^' j Giarmm., LSIfr^rresfld 

Chil'blain, s. <s®rEj(^erRifl(^^6ssTL-.{T(^ 

Child, 5. iSI&r'^err.f (^t^iss)^^ s^su'^utSl 

Child'-bear-ing, \ lS&t'^uCdu^., lS) 
Child'— bed, s. > rrs^^LDy ldsuQu 

Child'-birth, j ^. 

Child'hood, s. i3<^^uL9nniuih., 9^i3 

ITfTLULD^ LSlm-'Ssrr(oO)LD. [su. 

Child'ish, a. L9<sfr'Serr^^€br<o^LDijjfT<osr^ urr 

manner, uneSlLuih. 
Child'ish-ly, adv. LS1&r^(oS)LDLumijj lSI&t 

Child'ish-ness, s. LPefrSsrrcszD/iD, LSI<sfr'Bsrr^ 

Child'less, a. (Slerr'^uSlbVeOiT^. 
Childlike, a. (^Lpsunosr, tSlm'^^^etn- 


Chil'dren, s. (pi-) iSlm'^s&r, ldss&t^ 

Chil'i-ad, s. ^uSIiru)^ s=s^^iiud. 
Chil'i-arch, 5. ^uSlj(SuiTd<s^ufi. 
Chill, 5. (^(sffliT, <«i_^/f, (^(SffliTs=9. 
fever chills, (^"^uuear^ (^'^uusitr 



ChiiUv.a. Qsij(SlsLju6m^ii^6\). 

as make cold, (^(orfliTuu6msm<sv^ 9^ 

as blast with cold, eSI<oS)nr)d<£uu6dor' 

as check^^®^^^^^^^^^^(5<^P^ 
Chill, a. (^efflrrrresr^ QsirQcSL^Lurresry 9 

to be chill, Qsn®(^^eo^ (^(aflfr^eo. 
Chil'li, s. L^efr<sfTUJ. 
Chill'i-ness, s. ^/buc^sfflir. 
Chill'ness, s. (^&flff(SS)LD^ sk-firr^ 9^&nh, 
Chill'y, a. (^(sSiT<ss)L£>ujfr(oar. 
Chime, s. @(oro<F, 6^€S)s=<s<s{fl<5sf><oS)s=(S)^, 3^ 

{EjS^^^'SBQ<5B)S:UJLDSS3flse{flQu:)l5IT^ LD, 

Chime, v. a. <s=^<3?^Qluit^^<53)s=^^6\). 
Chime, v. n. <F^«9F^O"J/r^^<5ro<F^6U. 
to agree, ^<oouriE}(^^&3^ ^(so)<f^eo, §? 

Chim'er, s. s=^<9?^QiunuuLD(Sssfliui^u 

Chi-me'ra, s. (sSQeaarGm'emihj LDQ(CS)iTiT<f 

QiULDy LDQ(GS)n'^LUlh. 

Chi-mer'ic-al, a. <sSQ6m-6m6m(ip&r<srr, ld 

Chi-mer'ic-al-ly, adv. (5SQ<om-6m-6m-LDndjj 

Chim'ic-al, a. ^ir<3'<sijfr^. 
Chim'ic-al-ly, adv. ^ir<F(SUfT^eSl^uui^. 
Chim'ist, s. ^rr^feuir^. 
Chim'is-try, s. ^ir<fQjrr^i}). 
Chim'ney, s. Lj<5S)a^^(SUfTjTLb^ ^Loniuesr 

Chin, s. QiOfKoUfrLLj, ^rTos)L-. 
Chi'na, s. 9esnb. 

root, ^esrdQipiEJi^. 

ware, iS'iEjaiT&fr. 
Chin'cough, s. @<ff<S6U, s<ss(^^n&!r. 
Chine, 5. Qp^Qs^mLj, Qp&rQm^uiL^^ 

of a cask, iSuun<oSl^u(T^u:i. [l/. 
Chink, s. 6SLDfr.f i§<s<a»Lh, Qsui^ui^^ iSlefru 
Chink, V. a. Q^si^^eo^ Q<sul^<s<sbuu 

Chink, V. n. <3s&)<S(so^^eo, seSfBQ^eo, a 


to open or part, Qenu^^^eo^ i3(oirjk^€0^ 

Chink'y, a. Q<oui^uuiT€sr^ L^efruurresr. 
Chintz, s. <oT(ip^^uLj<oS)L-.<5S)(Sijy Qpp(m' 

L-l€S)l—€S)<aU, 9 lL L^ U Lj (06) L- <oS)<SU , &^ 
^JTUUL^fTLO), ® SSSTL- (537" LJ(oroL_ 620 Qy. 
Chip, S. ^UiLjy ^FfTLU, &^lhLj. 

of earthen ware, ^(soQ<suit(Si, e^iLi^n 

Chip, V. a. ^rB^^e^.^ ^erori^L^^eu, ^essr 

as hew, Q<SiJLL®^e\)j ^ey^a), Q^^d 

Chip, V. n.^<s:T^6\)^ ^L^^iv. 
Chip'-axe, s. Qsai—rreS}. 
Chi-rog'ra-pher, s. eT(Lp^QjD<su<oar^ g; 


Chi-rog'ra-phist, s. <oiDs(vii<oiDsds=fT&v^r8 
Chi-rog'ra-phy, s. ^eSlQ^ih, iSTQp^^eSI 

Chi-rol'o-gy, s. es)suuuS&). 
Chi'ro-man-cer, s. <cS)s<s(^rSIQ^rTGOgjiiQ 

Chi'ro-man-cy, s. osisdi^rBd^nefv^uLD^ 

Chirp, s. Sd9Q€iDs, Qd^Q. 
Chirp, V. n. Qd9l<Si^&), 
Chirp'ing, s. QdQ(S)<siDds. 
Chis'el, s. ^(Sffl^^fS<oS)Sj seo^^ffl. 
Chis'el, V. a. ^-effluSIQ/sdo^ &.(SfflLUfTQ«s\) 
Q(SiJLL®^60j Qan^^^&)^ Qufi&fl^&), 

Chit, S. QphsiT^ ^(EJi^rTih. 

of a palm, &c. ^<sssfid(^0^^^ ^'2eo 

of trees of solid hearts, QpedQiSu/r. 

of plantains, bamboos, ^i^(SiJLL®. 
Chit, v.n. Qp'bo(r^^6\) ^ ^iEj(^/ft^^(so. 
Chit'chat, s. ^eOuLf, Qud<9?, s^^. 
Chiv'al-rous, a. (^iTQp<s(r<sfr., Qp'SefnLj&rerr. 
Chiv'al-ry, s. e^irih^ ufHLDfT<sij&)(soujihy u 

Choice, s. ^LLi—ih, iSlif^^ LStfRiuih. 

as best kind, &.^^LDih, (Lp^/b/uinhj sj 

as selection, thing chosen, O^fPeij, 



take your choice, LSfflojuuL^QiuQ, 

I have no choice ^<ST(osr a Q !T(om(£i (^,5^ if! , 

one's own choice, ^(^(SsfliLL-thj s? 

Choice, a. ^(fl;giT6ur, ^(f^(^LDijjn'S^,^-Q 

as select, Q^ifl^^^ Q^ffl(Sijfr(Sor. 
Choice'ly, adv. enjmuuundj^ ^^^Lnmn 

UJ^ ^ffl^lTUJ^ iELUUUfTlUj Q^ffl(SiJ fTLU . 

Choice'ness, s. ^(t^qdld, ^s^Q^th^ s_^ 
Choir, 5. un®(su{TlT<3k.L-L-.ih^ ufresariTS^ 


Choke, V. a. (2Sldsuusssr^u^<so, 

to suffocate, fis(^(ipds(oS)L-dsuu 

to stop up, c^sroz—^^a), si^fr^^id. 
to hinder, ^®^^6^ 5 Qf5(T^<s(^^&). 
to smother fire, QiBn^^^ei)^ Qf5(T^u 

Choke, v.n. €S\<s^^eo, 

to be choked, suffocated, eSldQsQ-sfT 

to be choked with thirst, ^ns^^(^p 

to be choked, as plants? ©.'^(ij/Ey^^a;, 

to be offended, (sSls^esruuQ^eo. 

Q€urr&sr, (sumussjL-LjQufT^. 
Chol'er, 5. (csrruih, ^iSsfTiULb, 

as bile, iSl^^ih. 
Chol'er-a, 5. Qsn^nrflssL^^&^eo^ Gjmh 

Chol'er-ic, a. LSI^^iEjQs/remL., Qsnua 

Choose, V. a. Q^ifl^eo, ^tu^eOj Q^n^ 

Choose, ?j. n. &^^LLrr^^€\), iSlrflujLJuQ 

Chooser, s. Q^iflQ^n<^^ (SurfluQufr(Sfr. 
Chop, S' ^eooTL^ thy ^essflsGD^^ seoorL^ 

as crack, cleft, Qqjl^ul^j iSefrut^. 
as jaw, ^^(^f Qf^(SUfTUj, 


Chop, V. a. ^jS^d^GO^ ^Gmis^^^eo^ sahr 

to barter, truck, u/omi—UDLDfTjD^^seo. 

to cleave, LSIerr^^di), ^pSI^i^eo. 

to mince , Cd)« n^^fid , 0<^ n^ssffl^ io . 
Chop, V. n. iniT^^eOj ^Q^ihLj^io. 
Chop'-fall-en, a. QpsdQ<srTLLL^rrisurTissr, 

Chops, S. (pi.) (Lp<S<SU[Tdj^ iSiQ^a^^m 

(Siy/roj, ^(^<H5is^, 

of a river, (ips^^<Sijn!jui., sL^QpsLo. 
Cho'ral, a. urT<sm-(7^<i(^iflLu, unL^snK^ 

Cho'ral-ly, adv. ufT6ssr(r^d(^ffliu^{TLu. 

Chord, s. (sS^sm-fEirihL^. 

of an arc, (^em-ih^ ^^tBrrem-. Q(oG)uj^ 
of an angle, '9=it^ ^(s^l^^s^n, Q<s{T65sts= 

as harmony, g?ero<9^<ffG]r/?6Z5/?ero<jei/, 6p^ 
Chord, V. a. {Brr<soarLf^LL®^GO.^ (oUfTff}^s(^ 
Cho'ri-on, 5. S(7^u<5iDUj <ss(7^uuQsfm{r 

Cho'rist, ) ^ 

Chor'ist-er ** I ^fT(b}(^€ijfT€ur, urremdr. 

Cho-rog'ra-pher, s. Q^s^uuL-uxsnes)!! 
Cho-rog'ra-phy, 5. Q^<a=LJUL-.ih<Sij(sa)rTii^LD 

Cho'rus, s. ueOGO<oULD, 

as number of singers, s=iEjQ^'Znirfrj un 


in a play, s=G5iuu^<sfr<B^rTir^ ^QDuLLjisfr 

Chose, (see Choose.) Q^ifli^. 
Chos'en, a. Q^ffluJuuLit-.^ ^rfl^ireoTj 

Christ, s. ^LSlQ(Si^<si^^dr^ Q/6l6ru^^&_ 

QeorrrSE^iTLL s=<sit. 
Chris'ten, v. n. (^rrssrewfBrresriliuessrGssf} 

Chris'ten -dom, s. QjjServ^LDmrdaihGiJLptEi 
(^thQ^s^fEJ<s<c^-) Qfi9eru^u3rTiT<ia<^<3:n' 

Chris'ten-ing, s. (^iT<osr&v(5n6sr<3=6Fi—fEj(^, 



Chris'lian, .s', Sli6fsrv^<au<oar^ QtB&v^iMnir 

Chris'tian, a. QfS^^€=LDUj^^<s<%(£l^^. 
Chris4ian'i-ty, s. QfSl&fo^LDrTijdsuD^ Q 

Chris'tian-ize, v. a. Q/^erv^LDrrnds^fi 

Chris'tian-iiame, s. (^rreur&vrB/nsuruQu 


Chris'tian-ly, adv. Qj^m^^LofTirds^^d 

Christ'mas,s. Q/Sleru^iSlpiE^Qu^'BfTefry 

Chro-mat'ics, s. (suearesr^fr^^inh. 
Chron'ic, ^ \ . . 
Chron'ic-al, ""' / '^tl-ul^l^, ug^i^uj. 

disease, /f/tlLu l1z_ (0)5/(^7/7^, e^Qrrrr^E 
zi), Qtumii. 
fever, uLp(i^3i-!TLD. 
Chron'i-cle, s. ^<55r6u(i^^^inrT€sruDy liqk 

Chron'i-cler, s. <3;fTeos=iEi<35^Quj(w^Qp 

Chro-nog'ra-pher, s. <sBnG0<3ij(^uL\^irQ)iT 
&[fluj<oar^ siTeosQrrLD^60fTdQQujrr<5ir. 
Chro-nog'ra-phy, s. stTGOaQuLD^io, 
Chro-nol'o-gei% \ sfT60s=fEj^^s'2iorruj 
Chro-noPo-gist, *' j rSlQ6un<^, @^^/r 

Chro-no-log'ic-al,«. cs/76\;cF/E/c£^dJ<5®^^. 
Chro-no-log'ic-al-ly, adv- 'SinGOs=iE]<s^u 

uu^j 'Srr6\)s=iEJ<s^LJLSIrrLDrr6ssrLDmLJ. 
Chro-noV o- gy ^ S' <3srr GO s=fEJsfi^6v. 
Chro-nom'e-ter, s. <sfTeod<su^srTiTui. 
Chrys'a-lis, s. ^(sSl^su^friTLJLjQp^ lSIjt 

state, iSiiju^^r[n<su^<oSi^. 

cocoon of, ^^^fTiTsg^Q, 
Chrys'o-lfte, s. ^<iQsseo. 
Chrys'o-pra-sus, s. <ssi(Sij(BifliJuuD. 
Chub'bed, i (^LLQDi-.iurr<SGr, s;l.qdi^ 
Chub'by, ' / ujrresr^ (^eten-Loirear. 

person, (^l1 (529 z_^(S3r, ^k-<5S)Lpiu^^(^ 

Chub'-fac-ed, a. uL-.nk^(Lpa>Qp(3(rm.^^ 

Chuck, S. S^^^ QcSBfTdsffluLj. 

Chuck, V. a. Qu rr-^^eo ^<£.3i-3;60 ,<oTfB,^sO'. 


as strike, tap, ^iK^^eo. 
Chuck, V. n. Q'SndQ<sBrT<3sQ<s<our&)y QsiT 

to jeer, uQi^usm^i^Sd^ Q<s;is6lu6ssr 

as monkeys, s^^^oo. 
Chuck'le, V. a. Q<srT<i<s[f}^^&)^ &^^^eo. 
Chuck'le, V. n. Q(^Q(^^^60j Qsdail. 


Chuff, s. ^L_(S5r, (^^ihuik, lll-(^^ &) 

ChufPi-ly, adv. LDL-.^^6srLDfTdj. 
ChufPi-ness, s. LDL-th, ^^(^^ihi^ . 
Chuff'y, a. (^^thunesr^ QsuQdsrresr, ld 

Chum, s. <F<^<aL//r^, ak-LLi—netfl. 
Chump, ^ \ . . . ^ 

Chunk, ] ^!^^^'-<^^-i (5PP- 

Church, 5. QstreSldo, ^eoujfi), Q^^unso 

as a body of christians, <f<s35u, QrSl^ 
^(QiSleor<9^<oZ9L/, ^0ds=(SG)u. 
as sect, fi0ds=i5tDuuLSlffl<sij^ ^(r^ds^ 


history, fi(T^ds^(SS)u<9=s^ffl^^n'LD. 
land, QsauSfi<sfT€ssf}. 
member, ^(SiDuuun&ir, 
Church, V. a. ^LDuniu^^d(^^^Lji3Gsr 
^effffuSl^^ih Q<smiSQ9/b QunprSQ^dj 


Church'-yard, 5. QsnuSl^iSln^nnLo. 
as burial ground, <9=6ijd£Efr'^^ LDiurresr 
&o^n<osrLD, [(sor. 

Church'-ward-en, 5. C?<a/7■<si9a;/:c6^53flaJ■^/7■iJ' 
Churl, 5. Q<su(S)d<3S(cxn-, ^Qda^^ QsniSl^ 

a clown, ^3^nnLLpp<Sii<3ST^ G^opdamp 

a miser, QeomSlj LSl<3?6sr<^. 
Churl'ish, «. Q(Sij(b)Q(sy®uL^(sir<3(r, ^Qu 

uirear^ s®'S®uLf(Sfr<srr, 

miserly, iSlsi-(sar^^<ourL£>fT€sr. 

obstinate, LSIi^syrT^iipefrefr. 
Churl'ish-ly, adv. Q<ou®Q<2u®LJUfnJUj ^ 

Qdamii, ^®dQs6sr. 
Churl'ish-ness, s. ^<^/i)Ly, QsuQQeuQu 



Churn, v. a. s^UiSn&G^L—^eo. 
Cliurn'iiig, s. ;3^uS1it<s0dl—(2ij^ inih^esru). 
Churn'slafF, s. ld^^, ^t^h Qp^i^t ^ 

Chyle, s. ^<osr(osriTs=ui, s^G5T(osr^niTil>. 
Chyl'ous, a. ^(sk<nurir.3F(ip<sfr<ofr. 
Chyme, s. ^(^(ssr^rririh^ si<^<s^iTs^LD. 
Chym'ic-al, fl. (seeChimical.) ^irs^eurr^^. 
Chym'i-fy, v. n. <9=LSI^^eOj 9fT0ssfl,i,S6^- 
Chym'ist, s. (see Chimest.) ^!TS'(Sijn^. 
Chym'ist-ry, 5. (seeChmiistry.) ^iT<F<sua 

Cic'a-lrice, 5 ^(l^ldl^^ (SuQ. 
Cic'a-tric-le, s. ^i5j(<^rril,^ snio. 

of an egg, <s(i^' 

of a seed, <c:S^^6ur(>Lp<S(^, 
Cic'a-trix, s.^(^ti)L/, eu®. 
Cic-a-tri-za'tion, *'. ^iT6ssrLDnguQS)&, <ar 

Cic'a-trize, v. n. sndj^eo^ s^t^^eo. 
Ci'der, s, ^uu/buiprrs=Lb^ ^ui^isufruu 


Ci-gar',s. ^^i—®-, l-i<oS)suS'26o<3'<9?(7^lLQ. 
Cim'c-tcr, s. &-GDi—(Sijrr<c^. 
Cmct'ure, s. ^GDir<s5<ss,5=<3?y ^QDiTd<sLLQ. 
in architecture, ^ihus(^i^iEJs<s(flmQ 

Cin'der, s. ^Ifi'^t '^f^j <sffl<i<ssrnh^6d. 

after combustion, <5TrfliBQ^(i^&<osr<s5 

Cin-e-ra'tion, s. uiswiLLDfTd(^GD<ss<f <9?6m- 

Cin-e're-ous, a. s^fTihueoQurrekp. 
Cin'gle, 5. ^(50)i—ds<3^s?^ ^/T<s(^<surTiT, 
Cin'na-bar, s. u(sue(nLQ(^®'^. 
Cin'na-mon, 5. s^<sijfTuuLLQS)i^, 

wild or cassia, ^&i<SiJ!Ei^uuLLmL — 
Cin'na-mon-stone, s. QsiTQLn^<suD. 
Ci'on, s, QslLQ^ l/^, ^lL®ie]Q'^. 
Ci'pher, s. y^s^^cum, L^efrerfl^ <3?L^y gSUb 

as character, ^tLs^snlty <5T(Lg^^\ @ 


as intertexture of letters, 'Sk-iLQi—Qp 

as private mark, t-jerreif^j ^ODi—iurr 


as secret writing, LD(aS)p<QUfT(ourQw(i£i^ 

Ci'pher, 2J.n. -siom-dsrSl^ed^ &GM.i(^u 

Cl'pher-ing, s. <^633rc^@, &assr<s(^uufFI 

lLqds^^ <fE€SsrdG)-sns)^^. 
CTr'ci-nate, v, a. <aULLi-.LDfT<s(^^60. (s^(Lg 

Cir'cle, s. (QUiLt—LD^ o^Q^ffi^uD, s=<ssrTi})y 

as circumlocution, ^p^<3='9i-ipp&. 

as compass, (STGO'^mnssTLDj ^G(r<Sij. 

as halo, u[fiQ<QUL^LD. 

as orb, Q<ssiT<3(rih^ LnGssn—GOth. 

as surrounding assembly, (^u^ib^^^ 

as the earth, Lj^-a=<3=dsrruD, LjP<!Err6fnl). 
of acquaintance, ^m'^Ssr<9'(^i^i^(QUiT 
^efr, ^f^Qp<5LDiT(our<suiT<!s&r. 
of influence, Co}cyeiJ<gs2/^/r)cjysyrQ/, ciJGO 


of one's knowledge, ^frGsr/Slii^GfTGiij 

of relations, <3f-pp^^rTiT. 

arguing in a cirle, tS<!FiTiEj^irfSiufTLu 

m, Qpuf-UjniBuuiTUUw. 

family circle^ (^® ii>u t£i,(^® mu^^rriT. 

magic circle, ^<s,srfuD^ ^luiBfirrih. 

semi-circle, LD<omL—eon^^^LD^sj<^^<oii 

Cir'cle, V. a. si-pgn^e^^ in^u.(5Sl^^G0. 
CTr'clet, 5. &^<sulLi-.u}. 
Cir'cuit, s. s'ssjih. 

passing round, ^p^^ ^i^eoeij^ ^ipp 


defined limit, <5760'2e\)LDfT<o3ri£iy ldgml^ 

extent of jurisdiction, .^Ssazjr, j)j^srr 
extent of operation, Giio'bsoinnesnJD^ <a9 
inclosed circle, Gr60'2e\)LnrT(Ssn£ij'3f-pQp 
journeying, trip, ^PWJ-, s?pg^!E<c6)L-^ 
of judges, fSiumuLh(sSI<sFiTffld(^LDU[^fS 



Cir-cu'i-tous, a. 3?p(ir^m^ (Sii'bs{r(3iinm^ 

discourse, <ff^/b^s=sf-Lp/b9ujfT€in-Qu<9'<3^, 

way, <s?p^<stJLfi> 
Cir-cu'i-tous-ly, adv. ^prBip^^prB, 

Cir-cQ'i-ty, S. <3rp^f QfB&fleij, <9f-p^<9=<9r 

Cir'cu-lar, s. <9?p^uLSIrr&^^LjD^ <ff?p^u 

Cir'cu-lar, a. ojLLL-suL^ojrreur, ^sQu 
LDfT<osrj mp(ir^(5sr, 
figure, <QiJLLL^(SiJip.Qf, 

motion, <3rp(o0>LL.L^U3. 

as successive, <siJLLi-.iDfnijj iDfT/Sloj^ 

Cir-cu-lar'i-ty, s. lOJiLi—euL^eiij q9(7^^^it 
Cir'cu-lar-Iy, adv. (auLLL-LDnuj, <Srp(ir^\h.^ 


Cir'cu-Iate, v. a. i^ir&^^uuQ^^G^, 
as inform, '3f-prB^LDrS(sS^^G0. 
coin, &c. Q'3=oij^^^<so^ €iJLprsjsuu 

reports, books, ditulj^go, 
Cir'cu-late, v. n. ^p^^io. 

to flow in veins, channels, f^is^uun^ 

to pass about, <9f-p/6l^^ifl^60j [S'^goldit 

to pass from hand to hand, &c. O^eu 

as reports, news, books, &c. uireij^io. 
Cir-cu-la'tion, 5. <^^^, <3FLpp^. 

as circulating coin, <sBfT -a? uufflmrrppw. 
as currency, [BL^LDfTLLi—Lo^ uiflionpp 

LDj OSfLL-fTLLl-^LDj QJipSSLXi. [zi). 

as publishment, u^jjE/ .SO), Q(a/fe/E7<5 
of air, snp^L^nL-L—LD. 
of blood, ^nQ^ntLL^LD* 
Cir-cum-am'bi-ent, a. <3i-p(frj><sar, (^^is^. 
air, Li^LSl(o6)UjJ=(^L^ih^6umL^f ^r/b^uu 

Cir-cum-am'bu-late, v. n. ^pf£lf5U.^^ 
eOy 'dFp^uLjeorr<sij^&), 


Cir'cum-cise, ?'.a. <^(T^^^Q'Sr^esruDumsr 

in scripture, <s^^^ihu<ossT^}j^&)^ un(sit 

Cir'cum-cis-er, s. (^(i^^^Q^^Gsn}>u<ossr 

Cir-cum-cis'ion, s. <2Sl(^^^Q<9=^(osn})^ sr 

in scripture, ufrQJ€£l(DLDfrs=6arL}3. 
Cir-cum'fer-ence, s. <3?pp<s(r(siij <sul1u.^ 

as periphery, (SutLL-ui^ s^ssjtld^ eSI^ 

as orb,^<s/7'<sn'ii>, LD6m't-.G\)LD^ (SulLl—ld, 
Cir'cum-flect, v. a. f^eSls(^/£lQurrL^eo. 
Cir-cum'flu-ence, s. (^LpiB^Qu0<s&), 
Cir-cum-fuse', v. a. (^Lpuufriu^do^ ^p 

Cir-cum-gy-ra'tion, s. ^tpp^^ ^pgUt a- 
Cir-cum-ja'cent, a. 3?pQrj'<ssf^ <9?p^uLjp 

Cir-cum-li-ga'tion, s. ^prSssiKSiGSis. 
Cir-cum-lo-cu'tion, s. <^p^s=<ff?Lpp&ujiT 

Cir-cum-loc'u-to-ry, a, ^p^s=<3^Lpp9{ 

lunssr^ 6fi-iSlaJ3k.peon(osr^ iBs^^arj'Q^. 

Cir-cum-nav'i-ga-ble, a. <sLjue03i-pfSl(su 

Cir-cum-nav'i-gate, v. a. u>rrd<ss60(i^sf-p 
fSQiuml.®^&iy 6i-pp(Suns<suuQG0[T 

Cir-cum-nav-i-ga'tion, s. ^prSlssuue^ 

Cir-cum-ro'ta-ry, a. sf-p^Qpf ^l^ohQ 

p, e-L^^Qp. 
Cir-cum-scribe', v. a. ldlLQuu®^^^ 

to be circumscribed, (j^z_l.®uu®^6U, 

Cir-cum-scrip'tion, 5. €T&)'2eoLcfr(osru3^<oT&> 

Cir-cum-scrip'tive, a. (oT(so'2e\)L£rr(SsriEJSLL 

Cir'cum-spect, fl. eSlifiuunesTy ^irsQir 

LDfTeoTy <3=fT(QU^rT<ourLDrr(oSf, 



Cir-cum-spcc'tion, s. CTs=<F(fld€S)s, s=fT(Su 
^rr(o5rL})^(2SlL^uLjyfS'2Gsr(Sii^ ^(Su^fresrih. 
Cir-cum-specl'ive, a. <sSlL^uLj(3ir(2fr. 
Cir'cum-spect-ly, adv. (sSi^uunih^ <o7oP 

<ff:ffl<S<5S)SUJITUJ, <3=rTdQrr<oS)^LUfTLU, 

Cir'cum-spect-ness, s. (sSIl^ul^^ s^rrdQ 
Cir'cum-stance, s. snifluuih^ <s<^«3n(Sij, <3= 

as accident, s=ihu(s£lLJLjj (dwits=w^ @ 


as adjunct, ^(Sl^^snifliLnh, &-uQujit 

tSSLD/resrs trrfluju). 
Cir'cum-stance, v. a. iB'^uuQ^^io, 
Cir'cum-stan-ces, s, (pi.) fB(T^Qja<siEJ£E(S{r^ 

Cir'cum-stan-ced, a. fS'^eouir.i^eSl^d 

Cir-cum-stan'tial, a, ^'^sm-asfriremLnfT 


as attending, relating to, ^sy®^^, ujb 

as incidental, casual, ^pQ^spaJGOneGr, 
as minute, 0D<s<siSluirLDfTeur, tsuLueasTLo^ 
evidence, ^^Lorr(oar^LLL-mh^Wy @ 

Cir-cum-stan-tial'i-ty, s, srrifltu.fQs'iTLDa 


Cir-cum-stan'tial-ly, adv, ^pQs^vueonuj, 

as minutely, <su<oS)<ss(2SlurrLDfruj, S^frir 

Cir-cum-stan'tials, s. (pi.) ^Q^^csu^ 
[EJ<3sn'ffluJiEJ<9S(S{r, QrrLD<iQ(7^^^ajrEjadrj 

^UDU !5^LDIT<oUr<SrTffluJlEJ<3S&T. 

Cir-cum-stan'tiate, v. a. <sSIQ<s=(sifl^^[S 

Cir-cum-vec'tion, 5. ^iJD[?^<9f-/b^Qj0 

Cir-cum-vent', v. a. ^p^^eo^ (^i^th^tsu 

to take advantage, <sbul^i^Qjfuj^&), 

Cir-cum-ven'tion, s. sul-ld^ s&refrLD^ <oT 

Cir-cum-vent'ive, a. <3suL-ihu6m-^}jQ 

p, (ojuudQp. 
Cir-cum>vo-lu'tion, s. <9?Lpp&, 3^p&i. 
Cir-cum-volve', v. a. s?p/6liLi(T^Ll®^eo. 
Cir-cum-volve', v. n. <9?pr6liLi0(^^GO. 
CTr'cus, s^ <oiD6uujn<sffi(sS^, LD<om is^eo ld!T 

Cis'tern, s. Q<omgii^ J^iro/, ^{r^Q^frLL 

artificial, Q^niLts^, 
Cit, s. uLi.L^Gw^^nm'. 
Cit'a-del, s. QsitlLgs)!—., ^Ji<sssr, ^(t^s 

cSP/r'So^, iSlefr'^dQsmLGS)!—, 
Ci'tal, s. ^(osyLpuLjdsLLL^dsfT. 
Ci-ta'tion, s. ^(Ssji^ulj. 

as "Mention, (^fSluLfy (Sus^eafluLj^ 

as quotation, ^-^n it em- thy Q-<sfTiT<ossrd 
(^nSluLjy ^^^[TLL&Qj<ff=esru)y Qtop 


as summon, j^iODipuLfuu^s^rnhj ^ 

CV i3.-\,ory^ a. c3'j<oO)Lp<sQp,<Sij IT 6ij0DLpdQp 
Cite, V. a. ^6G}Lp^^&). 

as summon, (^^^^eo^^eoosyip^^eo ^ 

Q^nL-.n<9^Qu&m^u^eo^ <suiJ'S<slL.l-. 

as quote, ^.^rTnessrEidSfrLLQ^^ed^ <5T®^ 

Cit'er,s. Q^iTi—iTs=@<sB<3srTrr&n-y ^oDt^uLf 
LJU^^irLD(2SQis:SldQp<sijmry Qp<sis)pu 


as quoter, &-^nir6m-iEjQ<s[T®<35Qp<sij'osr. 

Cit'i-zen, s. iBsifluJirdfr^ ULLi^esar^^rri^. 

as inhabitant of a place, <siJ60(oO)<3=LU[r 

(SOT, ^M:iTd(^L^LUfT<oSr<S)J€Sr» 

Cit'i-zen-sbip, s. uLLi^6sr6UfTS&,rFl6a)LD, 
Cit'rine, s. LD(i^s=&)Sp<3ss&)y w(i^<F6\)f§fp 


Cit'rine, a. 9^2en-ujfT(Ssr. 

Cit'ron, s. ^;^Ssyr, su.rr(oO)rf^ Qsnis^iLn 

Cit'y, s. fESfH, uL-U^euruD-f fsstr^ asr/f, ^ 



fenced, ^srcssfluLj^ ^^dsih. 
Cit'y, a, fB<srr^^<s^®^;3>^ (5rr<sffs. 

manners, (p/.) (s.sffluuLpa'SiJD^ (bhs 

Civ'it, s.S'^fT^-, i^(i£(^, m[T<sSls=g:L-i-.ih. 

cat, s=(SiirT^L4^'2Gsr, l/(1^(^l^Ss37-, fsire^J 

Civ'ic, a. iBsrf^<ismfJLuiij<s5(ef^ds®^sj. 
Civ'il, a. ^§s:0d^ffltu. 

as civilized, ut^dauinesr^ urf}<9=2(^/n 

as courteous, ^3=niFQp<^(S(r, LOfflLurr 
€S)^LurT€srj ^-LJs=fflLJi-^<3ir(ofry Qun^u 


kind, obliging, &c. uLl.ffLDn<osr,^p(^ 
relating to the community, (^i^'SB(ef^s 

institution, Q^<3=eS([^^^^ S'^^^iru 

(sarihy ^-GO<s^(f^LD^r[u<oans). 

law, ^(t^ld£^^ ^(T^LoSiumuih. 

list, ^GS)!J^^<oGr^'^<ck^^^(suuQuiuiB 


polity, ^-<oOsi§^^ Q-&}3;^(i^LDi}). 

war, &«ILIT<S,iB6dSLh, 

well bred, (BpuLpa<ZLDn(oST^ i5'o\)Q&)fT 

(ip<SSLDIT6Sr^ [5fr<aalf,SLDn€5r. 

Ci-vil'ian, s. SuuinuunjiBmj Suunuutr^ 
Ci-vil'i-ty, s. ^s^rririh, Lorfltufres)^^ &_ljc5p 

rr'^SSSTy UfTIEJ(^y IBn&rF<SLD, ^(zpssm^ 

Civ-il-i-za'tion, s. ut^dsLo^ S^fr^Q^^^^ih^ 
Civ'il-ize, v. a. uLps(^^&)^ ^fr^Q^^^ 
to become civilized, ui^(^^60, 9n^ 
Civ'il-iz-er, s. uLp<s(^Qp<SL(^^ &rr^(i^ 
Civ'il-ly, advi. LDiFliufT6S)^LUfTUJy ^^us=itf 

LDfrUJ^ UfTIEJ<!EmLJj <ff= JT) (^ <oSCr LD ITLU . 
Clack, S. <5Z_c£L_lJl/, S'I—.^^L-ULJ, 

continued talk^'S l^ s l-uu(t ear (Dud-s?. 
Clack, V. n. ^ i—^z L—^^eo ^ s=u.6=Qi—&^ 

Clad, (sec Clothe.) ^®^^. 


Claim, s. s^<ourQ^mr^Q a il.esi'S , ^<oorG^ 

as right, ^-ffl^^^ ■^-ifl(5S)LD^ &-i^iB<5S)Si. 
as a thing claimed, Q^tri—iTih^QuiT 

as title, Q^ni—ndQ^ o^ifl^^. 
Claim, V. a. ^-rfl(oiDLDQu3i-s,60y ^^rfJ&DLo 

to assert, maintain, as a right, ^ear 
to challenge, upf!S<sQ<ssiT(Sfr(^^&), g) 

QP^^GOj ,55<SiJIT^&). 

to demand, Q<slL(SiSp/D6\}, ^surO^&ir 
^Q<sl1i—&), &^ffl^^fnudQ'SLLt^60.f ^ 

to have a title, &-ffl^^dQsfT(sir(Gr^^60^ 

to take by right, ^.iflGSiinQujQ^^So. 
in Jaw, <SiJLp<s(^^Q^m—iT^6\)^ Q^itl- 

Claim'a-ble, a. Q^iri—rr^^ds, Q^ni^n 

Claim'ant, ) ^(s^Q^tok^Qa lLQ^isu 
Claim'er, ' ) <^jQ^rTL—iTd&d<ssfTiT<53rj 

Clam, s. ^ulSI, lllLu^. 

Clam, V. a. ff'D<oSlLJun<i(^^GO^ uesi^^eo, 

Clam'ber, v. n. <oj^^&)j ^Guy^iB^^enu^is 

Cla'mant, a. (see Claim.) Q<ss^<9?Qp. 
Clam'mi-ness, s. i3mi3'3i-uL^^ fT-sreSluLfj 

Clam'my, a. L9<9?LS)<9?uurr(oar^ FT-neSlu 

Clam'or, 5. <ai_<5@irei), sihu'^^ ^(SiDir^ 

Clam'or, v. n. <3k-<s(^iT&SQ^60^ (^&f}^ 

to complain, (3P<5»^tt^Ll®<5(2'«z-lL_6i>, 


Clam'or-er, s. <3k.<s (flip's it nm^ <s60sQjir 

Clam'or-ous, a. <3^<S(^rreoiT<ssr, sGOsQp 

metr^ <3=i5s;L^tufT<osr. 
Clam'or-ouS"ly, adi\ sq'JsldiiiUj &h-d{^'j 



Clam'or-oub-ness, s. seoaih^ <fti_i(5ir6V, 

Clamp, s. u/bjri/, uti^isarih, 
of iron, u/djjSI^ldlj, sj<^^(^' 

of bricks, Q<S=lhJ<35^(^GDl^UJ®<S(^, 

Clamp, V. a. j)iefr(ef^<5S)€u^^60^ ^(Sfr(^<s 

in joinery, aLDO^uGD^^^^eo. 
Clan, s. (oSfT^^iru)^ ^eorthj sf^iLi—ih, 

Clan-des'tine, a. ^rrsQiumfTecr^ ^Gfflu 

ufTSsr^ <ss(S(r(ofrLDrr<oijr. 
Clan-des'tine-ly, adv.LDQap<3unuJ^ ^(S(f)u 

umuy ^ih^iriEj<sLDfTiu. 
Clan-dcs'tine-ness, s.^itsQujldj ll&d/d 

€5/, ^(3ffJLJLj.y ^IB^HIElSlh. 
Clan"", S. iS(^<S^<S<S0<QlSl<£Gff)Q(Ga)GS)<^y <35 

ism- <s Goar u Lj » 
Clang, V. n. sesursesar^^io^ st^rflQ^ 

Clan'gor, s, <sG5sPQiim'p<3=^^LD, scm^ 

Clan'gor-ous, ) s€m-S(o6tsruufr(Ssr, <S5 
Clan'gous, ' ) GsuPQump, 
Clan'nish, a. s^eurdsLLQ&rGfr^ uih^'S^ 

Clan'nish-ness, s. <5=<o5r^<sLL®^ ^esrds 

C 1 ank , S . <5 (oOZJT <S 63ar L/ L/ , <ff Sl?G)i7" 6OTV5 <9^^^ LD . 

Clank, V. n. <ss6snr<s6m-^^(so^ aeS'ifl^^eo. 
Clan'ship, s. ^<zmdsLL(SluufTQ, ^mu 

Clap, S. Q<3iJlSf-^ QpLpdsLD^ S=^^U). 

as venereal infection, Qsrih^iirQ^rr/b 

of the hands, (oUisdQstrtLQj s'fT&^Lp, 

of thunder, (ipt^dsLD^^L^QpLpssth. 
Clap, V. a. ^L^^^&), ^<oS)p^eOj QsitlL 

in, QufrQ^eo^ &^<sfrQ(3n-(2SlQ^60, 

on, ^uLj^6\}, epjr)^^&). 
Clap,v. n. Qenu^^^eo^ uL—nQuesTGO^ ld 


hands, <oS)<5sQs[tlLQ^&)j€id<s^lL®^60. 
Clap'board, s. (sSQQojdjuGdioiD^B. 
Clap'per, s. ^sSIQs^luQisu necir. 

of a bell, LD'smfl!5n. 


a person clapping, <s3)«O<5.7rLl®^^0/ 

637", S^rrGDL^QsfTLl.QQ/D'SlKoOr. 

for birds, &c. @pu<s>j)u^ lduldqsi^L 
Clap'per-claw, v. a. 2_^c5(^^6U, &d(Sii^ 

Clar'et, 5. ^0<siJ<o6)<!E^^!j[nL^rj3'tJD. [l/. 

Clar-i-fi-ca'tionj s. Q^e{f}uLj^G^(off](2:SLJ 

Ciar'i-fi-er, s. Q/5Gff)(sSldQm(Sijdir. 

Clar'i-fy, v. a. O^ erflmuu loosr^is^eo . 

Clar'i-fy, v. n. Q^etfl^do. 

water with the nut called Qff;p(irj'ij 

Clar'i-net, s, i5[TLu<sQ<^mrtx)^r5mus&i'uih. 
Clar'i-on, s. &~<s=<9=<aSI(oS)s^d<siT<s{nl>. 
Clar'i-ty, > Q^efRGtj^ ^60d<sm, 

Clar'i-tude, ^' i Q^^^. 

Clash, s. qplL.®€S)65^ QLorrsi^G^s, 
as opposition, ^(vjo/sd-s, (oT^ifloDi—^ 

as striking, collision, ^il®, ^iri^, 
Clash, v.Ti. ^lLQ^&), ^fr<s(^^60j QiLn 
Clash'ing, s, ^ir-sxssmj 6i/rr<35(^€ijfrjsi})j eSI 
Clasp, 5. LDmLQaDS^ Q<ssfT^^dQ<s5[T(3fr 

a hook, a catch, Q<ssfT(6f^QSI, QsadSly 

as embrace, ^(z^Q/'2^<^ J i-Si^ulj, ^ 

Clasp, V. a. lj^lLQ^go, Q,srr{Gr^(5ij^60. 
to cling to, ^LLuf-uiSlL^^^eo^ upcBu 

to embrace, ^(z^o/^eu, c^^ssr^^eu, 

to entwine, uprStuuL-rrs^eo^ Q<s[T(Gm 

to grasp, up ^^60, lS1i<^sj^&)^ Qsit 

to hold in hand, lSIi^^^&j^ Qurr^fi 

Clasp'er, s. Q<5/r(e^©9. 

of betel, parasites, &c. ueoeS}. 

of gourds, ^gOgS), 

of a vine, Qs!ri^d<3k.^^,&i, 



Clasp'-knlfc, s. ini^uL^^s^^, mi^d 
Class, 5. sk-ili—LD^ Q^rrems, fi/oih^ u 

as sort, ^irijif <F/r^, (su<ss)6s^ ^esni)^ u 

of students, <Qij(^uu. 

Class, V. a. 6U(^^^60j J)IGljsf^UU®^^60j 

to sort, ^ini>L3{H^^6\)-, €)j<o6iS(SiiGS)sujn' 

to be classed, Q^(T(^^<so, u(^^eo, 
Clas'sic, s. ^eodQujihy <s560gS^&}, 
as classical author, <sSl^^<sn[T&ir^ ^ 

Clas'sic, ) Lj&)(SS)LnLUfT6ur, ^eOsQ 

Clas'sic-al, * / ujLDrT6sr,s<s\}(aS^6\)rTGsr, 

style, Q<s=ujuL^LiQun<s(^^ Qs=uJLLj(saar 

terms, Qs^LinjLjLLQ<9=rT&)^ ^[flQ<3=nio. 

usage, Q<9=iULLjQT(QULpd(^. 

Clas'sic-al-ly, adv. Q&^uuiL^LLQundsndj^ 
Clas-si-fi-ca'tion, 5. u(^uLf^ gj(^ul}j 
Clas'si-fy, v. a, iSssiir^^eo^ u(^^^go. 

Clas'sis, 5. jSITW, (SiJ€S)S, ^eSTLD, <SL. 


Clat'ter, 5. slsl—ulj^ seOaeouLf^ <9= 

Clat'ter, v. a. SL^si—d-sBLJuak-^ii^eo. 
Clat'ter, v. n, sL-<fEL-^^60^<s&).3S€\)^^G0^ 

as talk fast, <sBt—(ipQi-.<5argijQu<9?^&). 
Clat'ter-ing, s. <3s^<s^LJiSlsiii<s(^. 
Clause, 5. (SiJs=(osr^^(^u(^^, 6u/t<sQiu 

^^^gULiL^, Q^fTL—rrQuirTL^j @<sfr<s 

as article, '-'©^5 iSltfleij, airrflujih, 
Cla'va-ted, a. ^6m®Qun<3isrp^ <5S)<s<s5 

QaiTGoQuampy ^lBu^u^^^. 
Clave, (see Cleave.) LSefrih^. 
Clav'i-cle, s. LLi^!iQ(oij^uo>L^y s=qjl^ 

Claw, s. (Bsih, Q_Qr[. 

as foot, ^nio^ un^ih^ ^/rsfr. 

of a scorpion, lobster, &co @®i^, 


Claw, V. a. iSI(n^6S3r(Sl^6\J, 

Clay, s. •sefffiDiom, 

Clay, V. a. se{flLD6m-(^QeoQLD(ip(^^60^ 

LD 6m'^jb^S60 . 

Clay'-cold, a. ^Gsar(SssPnQunp^<sff}!in 

Clay'-pit, 5. <s<sfflLD<omQi-.mj(^, 
Clay'ey, a. 6B(SffIi£i<om^U(Sfr(Sfr. 
Clay'— land, s. serfiLD^^(SS)ir. 
Clay'— marl, 5. Qsusaaraeffiirxom. 
Clean, a. ^Lu^fTesr^ sf-^^LDrresr^ ^ul\.j 

Clean, v. a. <3i-^^Q<3'uj^G0^ ^uLjireiju 
to polish, lS}^<s(^^&)j ^&)d(^^GO, 


to sweep, ^<520/_;5'^6U,<£K_Ll®^^,(o)Li 

to wash, rinse, s(ig€i\^eo, ^eoihi-j^ 
&>, ^eOSr^GO. [do, 

to wash clothes, Q(aU(&^^^&)^ <sui-i^ 
by rubbing, scrubbing, ^GDi—^^eOy 

by scraping, <sul^^^60, 

shrimps, QrEnm^^io, 

rice, in a mortar, ^lL®^60, 

rice, in water, ^Ssrr^ei). 

the teeth, u&o^^^lL®^^), upQsn 


the ears, ^(ssn—^eo^ ^^^eo^ Qessr 

Clean, adv. ^^^ldituj^ ^uLfjjQJirujf ^ 
iTd<ssLDrTUJj ^iT, QpQ^^rrdj. 
as dextrously, QslLl^iuituj^ ^qi/61 

Clean'ing, s. <9f^^, <9?^^<5/f?uL/. 

the teeth, ^/f^<^^^, ^iE^^nisuesnh. 
Clean'li-ness, 5. ^^^ld-^ s?^^^ usSl^fi 

Clean'ly, a. •sf-^^innioisr^ u<sS^^rrLDn<osr^ 

person, e^/JL/iT (SI/ /7625r(Qi/(53r, s?^^(5sr. 
Clean'ly, adv. ^^^LDtruu^ ^uLjrrojrrdj. 
Clean'ness, s. ^^^ih, <9r^^, utsSt^^jT 

as exactness, ^lLl^ld^ ^LLu.uiy idlL 



as innocence, <5^^^ld^ ^ppiIlmosiLn. 
as neatness, Q^prB^ <suujl<oij^ fEtrsf^s 

as purity, LjesR^ih^ ^iugdld, uffls?^ 

Cleans'a-ble,a. <9?^^Qs=ujajuui—^^ds. 
Cleanse, v. a. <si-^^iE[fl^^eo^ ^lu^irs 

to make clean, ^uLjrrojff^f^^eo, u 

by medicine, <3?^^Qs'Lu^iOj eSlQrrs' 

Cleans'er, 5. <3r^^ix)U€m-^uQp<su&sr.^ <5f 

Cleans'ing, s. <si-^^^fflut^^ sf-^^suih. 
Clear, v. a. Q^<offi(sSl^^(so^ sgitiej^ud^^ 

away doubts, ^n^^eo^ [§S(^^<so^ Q^ 

to acquit on trial, <sS(S(riEjQ<oS!®^'^ujn 

to clarify, Q^<3ffl(2Sl^^io, Q^efflujuu 

to exonerate, QufT^uLiis(^^60^ uir 

to free from, ^ut^jreiiuGm-^^j^eo, 


to free from obscurity, Q^erBeijuem' 

goods, pay duty, &c. ^iT(5Si(duQs[T®^ 

to liberate, disengage, ©9 6\^<^(5^6a,/f<5 

to make clear gain, fSLULDrrd^BeOj Qu 

to prove innocent, <^^^(C^<5^(D)a_r(^^^ 
to purify, cleanse, <9f-^^sffl^^<sOj <s-^^ 

off, away , Q^fr^^^6\), ep^ d @^6v) , 

off a d ebt , <si— eS^^^eo , <s t— m^n^^ 
off arrears, ^^^s)€u^n^^&d^ ^^<ss)<sii 

one's character, Qujn<iQuj(^S(^^60y 
(s^ppL6l€\)'2e\)Quj&jr^SfT lL l^(q3 6dd(^ 


out, as a vessel, uiusm'uu^^Jrnhnp 
out goods from a vessel, ^iFS(^uufSl 

up, Q^e(ff(S^^^6\). 
Clear, v. n. O^erfl^do, 

away, sl^^&)^ ep^[Ej^^6\), pir^So^ 

to become fair, Q^eS^iOj Q<sii<sff}^^ 

the voice, Q^ officio, 

to make the meaning clear, QsuerflLj 

Clear, «. ^sx)<5<5fz£/r(SJF, Q^GrfJ<Qijn'<our. 
as evident, plain, QiouefffLurnEj^^LDfrcary 

LDlT<oSr.f (oa)6sQLDUJUJfT(oSr, 

as innocent, <9f-^^LDrT(osrj (^ppioppj 


as transparent, Q^efflsufTGsr, SL.(7^Q(3ij rr 

as undoubted, fitlL^LDirisurj (Qs^LDnasr, 

^iT<s<3SLDn'<osr, Q^'SppLDrr<5sr. 

free, cleared off, or out, epL^<Sijn<o5r^ ^ 

free from bias, s^LD^GSTy utls^urr^ 

free from clouds, Q<sijerfluutrssry Q^ 

free from debt, (^iEJSG0fT(5sry <s£l®^'2e\} 


free from deductions, sL^<siSl6\)eOfT^. 

free from obligation, <3i-<5S)LD^prih^y un 

free from spots, &c., wn^pp^ Q(au<ck 

of expense, Qs<50(siij^(3frGff}. 

unobstructed, ^LL®^^i—.sQeO60(r^^L9 

ffspp^ Qdspp, 

unmixed, <s6\)uupp^ <3r^^, ^irii^, 

case, Q^Grfl<sufr<osrsrTff^uju)y lQjt^^uj 


coast, QLD[TffL£>pp<5B(3S)!Jy 6pLL®d(o<Sp 

conscience, LD(osrs^<sfr^^LD, LD<osruL^esf} 
estate, i3s=sppS'^(oSiLDy eSI®<s'2evujfr 



e;ain, scjjrt-eonuihj QuppniiLiLo. 
illustration, ^LLi—nih^ih^Q^afliiQ^rr 

loss, IBlLl-LDj (Lp(ipiBLLt—th, 

meaning, Q<5'LoQun(t^<sfr^ QouGrflu 


mind, Q^isffJiB^LDeuril). 

recollection, i5e06\)(G?)rTu<sBLD, Q£5<sm 

sky, Q^G^ li^<SiJ frGSTLD, Q^af)!U^IT<S[T 


timber, uQp^jhpLDrril), Q^effli^LDrnb. 

view, perception, Q^effl<Qurr<osr'SfTLL&j 


voice, Q^(orf)i^(^j760^ Q^erflih^^^^ 

w, ^a^tu(^rred, 

water, Q^&flih^SiT^ <3?^^sf60ux» 

way, ^LL®^^L-.dQ<so<sdn^<SiJi^^ Qs^ih 

Clear, adv. Q^Giflsunuj, Q^GffJcu. 

entirely, ^ir^ ^irdsLDniLi, <9f-^^LDrruJ, 
exclusive of walls, &c., 2_Ll0z_(sy/?<a/. 
there will be ten cubits clear, u^^ 

Clear'ance, s. ^tTQa^LiSI^'^^QjrriEiQ(o3r 

Clear'er, s. <9?^^Q^uj<aij^. 

Clear'ing, s. <3?-^^LDn<s^^fr^^^rfLJL^. 
as making clear, Q^erfleSluLj, 
of land, Q<suLl.L^s=-sf^®, 

Clcar'ly, adv. Q^(sffl(sunuj^ Q^oBlu^ Qqj 

effluUffUJ, QQJ(S(f)LJUQDU.(lJmLJ, 

distinctly, ^rrd-SLDfruj, ^LLi—iDtrdj. 
luminously, <2S<s(r<!ESLD(TLu^ ^gouwuit 


candidly, ^niT[T<3fri£>[HUj QsneffJ^/Dih^. 
Clcar'ness, s. <3?^^w. 
candor, ^[TinT(S(nh' 
distinctness, Q^<srf}<sij^ ^nd'SLby ^^ 

freedom from clouds, QojeffluLj^ Q^ 

freedom from spots, s^^sjfnasih Q^ 

perspicuity, luminousness, (sSGfr<s<sil>y 

transparency, ^(f^Qtsuneffl^ Q^(offl<sij. 


of mind, L£ian's;Q^Grf}(^. 

of style, Q^<sri9ci//r(S3r(eLJ/r«(^5 cSars 


of sight, ^(Sm'Sk-ITODLD, <!ECmQ^G(fl<alj. 

of voice, (^irGSl6GrQ^GffJ(oii. 
Clear' -sighted, a. <sctk<ffk.iT(SS)LDLUfT6sr. 
Clear'-slght'ed-ness, s. <!E€m-s^iT<5S)Ln. 
Cleat, 5. Q/56orL/, urTLULDir<s5<suSl^sLLQ 

ihG) f5 (osr Lf , 
Cleave, v. a. lSot^s^go^ Ql^^^go, Q^ 

to adhere, 9Ll©^ei), up^^seo^ l9u^ 

to be united closely, Qs^iTiB^Qs(T<sir(Gn^ 
^60, ^2oSorih^Q<s rTG(r(Gf^^eo. 
Cleav'er, s. iSl<s{r<sQp<sij(^^ mniE^rSldQ 
pojesr.^ LSI(o(rd(^iE]<S(7^icni. 
a butcher's knife, ^(SS)pj^9Q^iEj^ 

Cleft, (see Cleave.) iSlerriB^. 

Cleft, s. LSterruLff LSetrcsij^ Qqjis^ul\^ Q 

in a mountain, LD'^uiSlefruLj. 
Clem'en-cy, 5. <3'fT^. 

mercy, kindness, ^erouj, ^^'hssr^ Q 

mildness, ffnis^LD, u^gshl., ^<5Jotc(a/, 

Clem'ent, a. s=n^(SijfTSsr^ s^mB^Qpeiren: 
merciful, ^QDUJU^(sir(ofr^ sQ^'Scm-nieirerr^ 
soft, mWd ^ ^(SDinoj fT(osr<f u^<ss)LDUjnGsry 

Clem'ent-ly, a(Zv. 90<s!dulu{tuj, ^(5shu 


Cler'gy, s. Quir^sn&f^L-L-LD^ Qun^srr 

Cler'gy-man, s. Gu/r^-ssar, (^(3, Q^^ 

Cler'ic-al, a. Qun^SQ^d^tfluj. 

Clerk, 5. GT(Lp^^<s<sfTStu<3onrr<s^-) <s6m<s 

at church, Q^<sufrinT^'2em-uSlpu[f}<?niT 
Clerk'like, a. Q<sfTuSpurfl<s=rTir<sE^Qurr 



Clerk'ship, s. <5T(ip^d^Q^'2i£v, <5jq£^^ 

ddSfTfflaJthj QsiTuSl^urfls=mrsi£). 
Clev'er, a. Q<SLLis^ujn€sr^ s^iL!T^^n<osr, 

man, Q<SLl.L^<i<3B[T[T(ok^ ^iDn^^m^ q5 

woman, Q<SLli^dsfTffl, eSIQeuQ. 
Clev'er-ly, adv. QslLi^iuituj^ s^llj^ 

Clev'er-ness, 5. Q-stLisf.^ ^ldh^^^ ^nmh 

Clew, s. ^jbuih^. 

as guide, key, (^Lps's=ihj &.lL(^^^it 

to get a clew to, ^l^lSIl^^^go. 
Clew'-line, s. <siTLDrT6ir, 
Click, V. n. <5z__<£Ez_^^6^, <s<oOs<so^^go. 
Cli'ent, s. i3iTLD[TG5S<s<s(oSi—ihQuj[rQu 

Cliff, s. Qs=!Ej(^^^[T<asr<s60LD'^j QldlLl^ 

Cliff'y, a. Qs=fEj(^^^&rGfr, iBgn^LLL^iBrr 
Cli-mac'ter-ic, s. ^iq<zir<9S[Teo^^/b<9f-u^ 


Cli-mac'ter-ic, a. (sSlium-s^iEJseSI^LDrresrj 


Cll'mate, 5. Q^<s:^^6or(^6SffrQu^ii)^ Q^ 

cold, (^Gff)lTIB^L^LSI^ ^^(SfTLj^iS, 

hot, <sfTth^uJiT<o3rLi^LSI, sib^s^lS}^ a_ 

healthy, <3F(si\<sQiulllSI^ ^i-^jn^^uuQ^ 

Cli'max, s, e^6ur/6lQ6\)iT<osr£^(o:SJuj(^<f Qld 

Climb, V. a. ^fr<sSQujgij^iso. 

Climb, V, n. (sj^^eo^ upr^Quu^^io^ l9 

ClTmb'a-ble, a. (sipd-s^i^uj. 
Cllmb'er, s. <ST^Qp(Su<S5r^ upjBQuj^iEj 

Climb' ing, s. upfSQuugiKsms. 

Clime, s. (see Climate.) Qs5^<s(^G5snl). 

Clinch, s. &Qeo<oSii—LuiT^^Lhy ^0<sSI'2G5r 

in seamen's language, fErsj'Sk.iTQj'^LU 


Clinch, V. a. i3 is^ji^se^ ^ unjfBui3L^^ 
as fasten, ^L_uLj(S)^^;^6U, ugoulSI^ 
nails, s=(oS)L-uuuu6Gur^ii^<so^ wu^^ 

Clinch, V. 71. <F<sjDi_^a), ldl^^&), ldl^iei 

(SseOj LDQpfEJsev. 

clinched fist, osisuaQfiiLuf., 
Clinch'er, s. s=<sDi—y 3=<oSiL—<si\, 

as cramp, ^<sfr(ef^^ up/jS^ii^uf. 
Cling, V. n. e^LLi^.<sQ<ssfT<sfr(Uf^^6\), <slLu^ 

to be united closely, Qs^niB^QsiK^ 

Clink, s. aeo<sQ<sOGV)iQLDfT(o^. 

Clink, V. a. S(50aQ<sO(ssrQ6ij{iGS^^io, 

Clink, V. n. ,s60sgo^^6\}. 

Clip, V. a. <s^^ifl^^&}., f5^<s^^6\). 
as curtail, (^(SiDp^^io^ ^(r^d(^^60. 
coin, <g5iTQ&)Q<siJLLi^QiuQ^^(S0, 
words, SiiihundQs=n&)Q<f(T<soeOiso^ 

Clip'per, s. s^^rfldQp(Su^j snQioQsu 

Clip'ping, s. s^^ifluLj, (^<ss)pd(SO)<s. 
Cloak, s. Q{B(h)iEJsiSijrTtijj QtsL^iEiQ^ Qurr 

IT<otD€ijd<S^LL<oS)L—^ QiDUJUUl—mDj @ Li 

as disguise, Q(qU€i^ud^ ld[t/Fs^ld^ Qurr 

as excuse, pretext, s'tnL®., Qu[ts(^. 
Cloak, V. a. G'u/r/f^^^.sQ.s/reyr^^eu, 

to hide, iDGDp^^eo^ Qurrrr^^^Q 

to dissemble, Loirrfs^ihuiom-^n^eOj ldit 

Clock, S. LD<5sS<3=(^^^irLD') SISf-<S!TIld(^ 
^^rrih.) [E(TL^<o5)<S6iJLLL—lh, 

case, LDGsuflds^Q, 

maker, LDGssfls=(^^fi(fl, <s>u^s{T!T(^^^ 

work, LDesSd(^^^n'Q<SiJ^^, 

what o'clock is it? GT^^'^om-LDGssfliL} 

etiar® ? GT^^'^GSTLOossfisir^ULD? 

Clod, S. LDGOUT'SLil^j LDlLslLl^. 



as concretion, 'Sl-.l^. 

as turf, npQun(o{fl^ sQ^uunjgsip, lj 

pap<oSip^ <SQ^. 

hopper, Loemessfly ijoesbreaarecr, u)L-.<osr. 

pate, ) 

poll, ^iL_63T", Qu(oS)^, LD(S0)L-LUe3r. 

Clod, V. 11. SLLL^ujn(^^eOj <slL.l^u® 
Clod'dy, a. .SLLLg-SLLL^iuiTmr, uQessr^^d 

Clog, S, ^QSiL-^f ^U.<S(^. 

a wooden shoe, iH^lul^, un^osis. 
Clog, V, a. ^(oS)L-.uQ^^^60, 

as burden, overload, ^^sunu(^'3f- 

as stop up, c^<sroz_;5"^6J. 

clog the memory, (^nus^OD^sseo 

clog the stomach, ^<oiDju<ss)u<sSlihLD 

Clog, V. n. Q-<oS)p^eo^ SLLi^iurr(^^6\)^ 

Clog'gi-ness, s. ^Q^L—uLLi—^misoLD. 
Clog'gy, a. ^QdQp^ u<oS)s=LLj<s{r(Sfr. 
Clois'ter, s. s'(ck€sfliun&LLL—uD. 
Clois'ter, v. a. ffm(5i5fliurr9lLDL-^^&)<cSl 

to shut up, &-eos^(oS)^^^p^^eo., ld 

L—^^§^ lL u ®^ed . 
Clois'ter-ed, a. (5i<s5iT.i^LDrf(osr. 
Clois'tress, s. (ojaniiiQ, <S(sijih^^<oiDu<oS)LD, 
Cloke, s. (see Cloak.) QufTiT6U)(Sij, 
Cloke, V. a. (see Cloak.) Qunn^^np 

Close, s. (Lpppih, Q/i(oar/SI&). 

as inclosure, Q-^/reb^eu, ^<s»i_iJL/. 
end, conclusion, (ipi^(sij,s'<oa)LD<ss<oa)u.^ 

of life, ^LLjGfflioarQpi^eif, Q^snih^ua^ 

Close, V. a. ^(5S)i—^^«0jS=niT^^^&).)^ 

to end, finish, Qpu^^^e^^ ^n^^io^ 

to inclose, sj<oSii—^^eo^ sjL—i(^^(so, 
to unite, Qu[T(r^^^^io^ Q^pn^^eii.^^ 


a baru;aln; contract, QufT(y^^j^i}juessr 
accounts, s,Qsm&(^Qpis^^^<so^ •sem'd 


a book, ^Q^io, si-(v^<sB(^^&)^ slLQ 
a letter, Lnu^^^Qp^^<o!n!iQun(9i^G0^ 

an umbrella, •9i-(j^<s(^^60. 

the eyes, mouth, ears, ^©^gi), ^ 

(oSiL^^^eo^ Qurr^^^&). 

the hands, (^(a^^^su, Qun^^^eo. 

up a wound, ^<oS)LpuiSli^^^&)f Qun 

over, ^®;sr6U, j^l^s(^^60. 

upon, @ip^6U, (Sij'2etr^^60y QrF(r^d(^ 

Close, V. n. Qpi^^&)^e^Q!Ej(^^&)^^iT^eo. 

to shut, ^®^G0^ (^(S^^GO^ <3?0lE/(^ 

to unite, ) Qs^n^eo., Qun(r^i^^ 

to coalesce, ) eo^ (s^Ssr^^eo. 

up the jaws in tetanus, QiLQ^eo, ^ 


in with, in battle, Qib^iejQqplLQ^ 

up, as wounds, &lc., Sneij^eo^ ^lL 

with, or agree to, ^(ossriEJi^^so^ s^ih 

Close, a. ^^<ssLDiT(oor^ ^u.dsLDfT6or, 
<s®^^LDrT(osr^ Q-FuuiresTj siLQuufT 
L^n<3sr^ ^L—iTuufresr. 
compressed, brief, ^0ssu>it<oSt, sj 
L^dsLDrrear^ (^^<s<3BLDiTiosr. 
confined, stagnant, ^^ssLDrr(osr^ l/ 
(Lp'SSLDn'(osrj €^®<ssLDfT6ar, ^dsLDfresr, 
covetous, <ss)SuSl^dsL£)[r<osr^ iS&i-ecfl^ 
^(osrmfT6sr, ^(Lp^^innecr. 
crowded, thick, dense, Q<3=rSl<Sijn(osr^ 
^i—iT^^ujfT<^jr^ Qi5(i^dsLDn<osr, 
fast, shut, ^€ssrL^(osr^ ^®^^y ui^i^^^ 

firmly adhering, ^^asiLnGsr^ l9l^ 


hid, secret, LDSSipeunGsr, ^iB^ffikia 



intent, engaged, SQ^^^n&sr^ Scusufltli 
uiTiSsr^ L^gu g^/ gff-grr, <3srT^eOfT6sr.f ldsstld 

narrow, QiB0SdBLofT(our^ s^Q<i<3SLD(T&sT^ 

near, ^(^.sfrssr, QiLi^esr^ s^lB'uwit 

pointed, ^-(osypuurresr^ <oS)^<ss^^ds^ 


reserved, cautious, ^i-d<35LofT(3or,Q6u 

retired, secluded, ^evfluSli—Lorrsorj <oj 

sfTih^LDfT<sor, s^!BJSu^u9<soeon^. 

strict to the original, ^evsutrs^^sBuu 

tight, ^£}J<SB<SLCilT€Sr, QiBQT^<£SLDfT<SGr. 

air, weather, ^<£aLDfTi^^srr6\)Lo^ ljQ£> 


attention, ufiiB^i-i&)<osr, <sL.[flaj<ss0^ 
discourse, <^^<s<s^^dsQu<f^^ gL. 


friendship, u/b^-, ^-pp&Q<osr<SLD^Q<B 

prisoner, <£(S(i^9lGD/DuS&)^suuLLL^ 

person, L9<ffr<osr^^ (oiD<suS^<sawiT(oGr(Sij 

gsr, QeOfTiSl. 

room, ^QdsLD{T(osr^<oS)p, lj(l^<s<sqp 

&r(Sfr^L^lh^ <SUfTLLI<f,9=(i^3=(TJILSl6\}6dn'<S 

translation, u(T<SL^frihfiiruuQ^^6\}^ <f 
Close, adv. QiBQ^-ssLDnuj^ ^L—<ssLDndj^ 

>9=L^UlLfTLU^ LD(o6)p€UtTLU,y Q-^^UUITUJ^ S 

close by, Qp(Bi<s^ QlLl—^ ^i^aSQeo^ 


close to the house, is^lLi-.(7i^Q<3s, 

to keep close, ^etfl^^d^^^eo. 

to keep close at work, (sSi^nQsu^oO 

to follow close, QfB(r^lE]Q^Q^!TL-.iT^ 

to study close, i^GOmQs^^^^uuL^ 
C16se'-fist-ed, a. G^<3suSig^d><SLLn(om'^ iSf&t- 


Close'ly,a(ft\ ^^s^uinuu^^Q^^^LDiriJU, 
concisely, 'fff-(r^&<SLDnd.i^ ^i—6Bsldituj, 
intently, s^^^fnu, ^sBir^^eondj. 
secretly, c^/F^zr/»<3:/x»/TuJ, LQ(oSip<su(Tdj^ 
straitly, ^(SlddSLDfTiL, ^(Stdsmirdj^ Qis 

thickly, Q<3'i3<su(Tub, QfSQ^dsLDinijy jfj 


a closely set hedge, ^u-ir^^uuniosr 


a closely beseiged town, Qpp^d<s6is 

Q u IT L— ill ulLi—ulLl^ earth. 

a closely written letter, €tqp^^l—it^ 

^UJrr(oSrSfTQ^llij <5T(Lp^^Q(50<SSLDlT 

to write closely, concisely, <3^0dQ 

Close'ness, s. ^^dsih^ jy(^^^/i), <5ro(Si/ 
nth, ^t—iTLj. 
adherence to an original, ^&)^^d 

confinement, restraint, ,slL<S)uuitQ, 
SLL(SiQp<3s'2iosr^ uih^uLj. 
connexion, intimacy, a.jb(yf/'G6or(SS)LjD, 

covetousness, (SDSuS^dsuD, s-QeOir 


pointedness, &-<aDpuLj, s;<5S)ld. 
firmness of texture, sQ^^w, ^sro^p 


nearness, QLL^wrnoSTLh, ^l^uld, ^ 

narrowness, ^(Dd<$LD^ ^Qdsih^ Qis 


reserve, secrecy, ^i—dsih^ slLQu 

solitude, ^Gof\(SS)L£i, ej-SBtTih^Lc. 
thickness, denseness, Qs^rSleif^ SjL—ir 
^^f Qf50dsih. 
tightness, ^^daih, Qf5(7^dst}>. 
want of air, or ventilation, ^^dsw^ 

^QdSLD, ^dSLDf Lj(lpd<SL£). 

Close'-stool, s. w&)S'S0rEJ<3SL^d(^ihutT^ 
Clos'et, s. a-errsrrso)^, !Sj<sni5SiLL<smL^u 



for counsel, ^Q<son<sF^2iom-LD63arL^ui£i^ 
Clos'et, i). a. ^-<2fr€fr(oir>puSl&06G)6ij^^LJ lj^ 

to conceal, u:)m)p^^<50.^ ^GffJ^^eOj <srT 

• • 

Clos'ing, S. QpL^(Sl^, <SB€S)I-.^ ^&^' 

Clos'ing, a. <£<5io l-wj/t^ot, (ipL^€ijfT(osr. 
Clos'ure, s. ^€idl-ul^. 

as conclusion, Qpi^e^oDrr. 
Clot, s. slLu^, ^-(ssi/oih^si' 

Clot, V. n. a_(SZ55^^6U, @^(5^^, ^IT(^ 

to form into clots, SLLi^ujrT(^^(sdy s 

Cloth, s. ^"Seo, L^(oiS)i—<oS)€u^ urfisuLl.L^ii)y 

gold threaded, iS^rTLoujiLD. 
rough, or hair, ^wLjerfl, siJauetfl. 
round the waist, @(S3)i_<FG'cF'8sw. 
small piece for men, QsefrtS'^srui^ 

wedding, <9^<o0)/d» 

made of the bark of trees, (Bfrnuu 
Clothe, V. a. &.QuLj®^^eOj ^Q^^&), 

to provide with clothes, 2_®L/(5roL_ 

to dress another, a child, &c., 2_®^ 

to invest with authority, ^rfl^^&). 
to invest, give by commission, ^iftu 

as cover, put on a cloak, Qurrir^sieo. 
Clothes, s. (pi') <su<sw^]j!Eja<3(r^ ©_(sro/_ 


and jewels, ^(SSiL-LurruiremLh, siieru 

Cloth'ier, s. QiEiLsijnSsr^ Li<ss)L-<off)<ouQs= 

Cloth'ing, s. S-QuLfj sneru^irmy Lj<sf)i—. 


Cloth'work-er, s, Qi^s=<s^Q6u'^<siT!Tm. 

Clot'ter, s. ^<oS)/D^(so, 

Clot'ty, a. 'Stl.u^uLLi-.<f ^<oG>pih^^ ^j 



Cloud, s. Qldsud^ QpQeo^ ^FeO^rrm, Qsrr 

of dust, ^etfluuL—eOih, [^(tp^uuL^ 
of smoke, vapor, Lj<oO)sd<sn®^ LyszodJ 

fleecy, Q<sn^^€ufT(oori}i. 

red, Qs=<sj€urT(S5rili. 

a large collection, Qs^fG^QiDSii), ^u 

Cloud, V, a. QLD<si})^®^eo. [^6\). 

to darken, obscure, LDiB^nrnhQutrQ 

to make gloomy, ^(T^gw u u emremis; 

do, ^0LLQ^eo. 

to sully, tarnish, inn^huu^ff^^eo^ s 

<^/D u u Q^^^do . 

a clouded face, (^(n^(aSl(5ur(ip<si}), S0 

Q <oor OP <SB ub . 
Cloud, V. 11. LDii^niTLDQunQ^d), ^0(^ 

#6U, ^0LL®^d). 

Cloud'-capt, a. (tpQeoui^ih^, snnQtnfr 

Cloud'i-ly, adx). LDih^rrrnDmu, ^(T^esur®, 
Cloud'i-ness, s. LDfEJ(^0fnh<f LDiB^fTSfih^ y, 

dark appearance, ^(tjlI®, inuLj^ ld 

sullenness, (^^ldl^^^gstld^ ^®«@^ 

Cloud'less, a. opQeSeOeOn^^Q^efflissj. 
Cloud'y, a. LDiEj(^(SfrLDfT(o5r^ LDiB^mnnfreary 

gloomy, ^Q^<omi—, ^ujL<iQsfT<^i—. 
obscure, <S(T^seorT(osr^ Q^efflGSeoeorr^. 
sullen, ^^®<S(^^^(osrLD[T(o6r, (^ 

ill-natured, ) ^L£)Lj^^(5snjDfT(Sur. 
marked with veins, or spots, Qsn^^ 

QLDSlhQu[T<SSrp^ ^€ff)L-(SUffli2SI(iprB^. 

a cloudy countenance, <s(7^Q<5ar(ip<s 

pillars, Qldsul-60ld^ Qins^^ihuii). 
Clout, s. ^ec3i?j^60OT-®<F^*85U, s^a'^essr.f 

as patch, ^emosyi—., c^lLQ. 
for a female infant in pledge of be- 
trothing, ^rT'^susrd<9?>-€S)/r). 
an infant in c\o\iis, s'fr'Siom-uSI/bLS&r'Befr. 

Clout, V. Cl. ^(oSST<oS)L..Qun®^GOj ^lL® 



Cloul'ey-ly, a. u(r^LDLL.L-.n(oor, >3^n€S)<3ij 

Clove, 8. QnrTLDLj. 

of garlic, &/C., ueo^. 
Clo'ven, (see Cleave.) iSI<3(ri5^. 
Clo'ven— foot-ed, ^ s<3iJiTS(^6mi)Li'3ir 
Cl6'ven-hoof-ed, * y <sfr^ <eBGD<su<S(^<3{ru:) 

LjGfTiofrj (s£lif}(^(Sfru:)Li<s{r<s{r. 
Clove'-oil, s. SlrrnuotL^^^uSooih. 
Clo'ver, s. s^0sij<oiDsuLi6O. 

Clown, S. U!TfEJSrSlL](T^(SiJ<^^ LLGSBT OSST (m" ^ 

LDiTi-.(osry ^/L_g3r, ^<suLDfflLurr(5S)^d<3sn' 
Clown'er-y, s, ^wLnffltuirss)^, urrrasrSI 

Clown'ish, a. LDsm'^oSsr^^(osnLnQ5ry ^(Lp 

Clown'ish-ly, adv. ^(Lp(oS)^^^issrLDrTuj, 
Clown'ish-ness, s. LDGm-'^/sm-^^Gsrih^ lSI 

(o60s^s=^^(o^Lb, LDrri-LQ^^esru). 
Cloy, V. a. Q^isSI l1.(Si<c£I^^60j QjsdQL^ 

to spike, ^uurr<sBQ^^LU(SunuS60rT€tsisE 

to be cloyed, Q^(2^lL®^(so^ Q^dQQ 

Club, s. ^emQ^ <s<oS)^. 

as company, 3?u.lLl—i})^ <9=iejsi}), 

as joint expenses, <9^Llz_^^/7"//?63r 

Club, V. a. u(soQs=<so<qi^Ib^itlL®^<so. 

Club, r. n. S^LDU[B^LDrTsdsk.(D^60^ U60 

as pay alike, ^0s=rF}iLifTiLis=Q<3=GO(Sii 

Club'bed, a. <F//?Q<5P60(Si/<sfr<3rr, Q^(tiej(^ 

Club'-flght, s.^essri—iLj^^u:). 
Club'-foot-ed, a. ^neO(^p<5ssn^<osr^ sn 

Club-law, s. ^L^uJi^€iJ60&}(ssiLDy Qsrr® 

Club'-room, s. s^LLi—iEjaL.(^LD(oS)p^ s=ie] 

Cluck, s. s{<^i—^<s^^. 
Cluck, V. n. ^QDL^<ss^^ds^^^&). 
Cluck'ing, 5. ^<oU)L-d<s^^. 


Cltie, s. ^ju^i9uf^^^&). 

Clump, S, ^LL<o6iL-.^ (^p(B. 

as cluster, <5i_Lli_LD, firnlQ^ ^n&i-. 
of trees, Q^itul^^ Qs=n'^. 
Clum'si-ly, adv. u(t^ldlLu-(tijlj^ s^ijg^(su 

LUfTtL], ULQd<S5LSl€ar/S. 

Clum'si-ness, s. uQ^LnLL.®^ s^n<3S)<3ii^ uip 

Clum'sy, a. u^LDtLL-iTiosr^s^srGSieuLurTeur, 

&ieOn^. [csr. 

fellow, ^(ooruLSiurT^^ Q<3rT^&D,^LD<s 
work, s=sr€0)(aijQ(Qu'2Go^ uq^<ss<^Q(su 

^, U(T^lhuL^(JU(T(oSrQ6ij'h30. 

Clung, (see Cling.) <^LLL^ui3uf.^s;io. 
Clus'ter, 5. (^"SsD, (^(so<s(^. 

of flowers, Qan^s^., lj^iejQ s n^^ ^ Qis 

of friends, QQfsQ^n-^-LLL-u). 

of grapes, (ipihfiffl<oU)<sd(^'h5o. 

of islands, &^LLL-ijDfT(oiyr^(sijj ?LU^<Si^. 

of persons, things, «i_ Llz_ii), ^rlLQ^ 

Clus'ter, V. a. .gR_Ll®^a), Q<g=iT^^6V. 
Clus'ter, V. n. (^'^soslL^^go^ Qsit^^ 

to collect into crowds, ^ik^^go^ g^ 
Q^&)^ Q^rr(^^eo^ QLorrLu^j^do, 

Clutch, s. l9l^^ iSli^uLf. 

Clutch, V. a. ^^SLJi3u^^^G0^ QsQs 

Clutch'es, s. (pi) .'F^/E/.ssff", m'hsfriB^fB 

as hands of cruelty, <QU<Rn-<oSi<s, 
Clut'ter, s. s?^LLL-fT(^i^LJuil), 

noise, bustle, sGOnfi, (^Lpuuih. 
Clut'ter, V. a.^i^uuLDfTLus=Qs' 

Clut'ter, V. n. sp^LLi—fT(^LpuuijcitT(^^6\). 
Clys'ter, s. iSiT<9=s={TfEj^L^&)rreo<2S(Sli£)0 

pipe, iSiTj'<3PrTiEj(^LQeo. 

Coach, s. ^IT^th, fBfT^&pueSSTL^^ (5 
top of, <3Pi-l})Lj.f G)SfTL^(i^Q^ QsL-SLD, 

Coach'-mak-er, s. u6SBrL^Qs^iLQp<su<m-. 
Coach'man, s. ^ir^<9=iT!T^, uGmis^Q^ 



Coach man-ship, s. ^irr^utflLL<sin<3F^ ffn 

Co-ac'tion, s. uevuii^LO^ ueonjbsnuLD^ 

Co-act'ive, a, ueoui^^Louem^uQp, ^ 

Co-ad'ju-tant, a.^dosunufrsur^ ep^^iroDS" 

Co-ad-jti''tor, s. ^-uQLuirQ^^'SsssnufTeffJj 

Co-ad-jli'trix,s. e-^eSldsrr/f)., s'tEusir^^. 
Co-ad-veii'tur-er, s. s^LLQ^^Gssfldsirdr. 
Co-a'gent, s.'S^LLi-.fT(sffl^^^sm-(Sij<^^ a. 

Co-ag'u-late, v. a. ^<5(Dp(sSl^^id^ ^itlI.' 

Co-ag'u-late, v. n. &-GDp^6\}^ ^ir(^^6)}j 

Co-ag-u-la'tion, s, ^-SJo/rxa/, fin'(^(aij. 
Co-ag'u-la-tive, a. s-(ssipLu^^<s<3S^ ^jjefr 

SS^ CD • 

Co-ag'u-lum, S. &-QDp^l3(oSiIT^^!T^^<S<S 

Coal, s. sift. 

mineral, (sSldsrrsffl^ iSeodsffl^ s/D<sfft. 
burning, ^ipsu, ^eaordo^ Qts^uLj^ 


Coal, V. a. €Eift<9?Q^eo^ siftiunp'SgiJ^ed. 
Coal'-black, a. s&sresriEJsiftuj^ <£Bm(osriEj 

Co-a-lesce', v. n. seo^^eo, s^Q^ed^ 

Co-a-les'cence, s. seoui^^ «i_Ll®, ^(Sar 

rSluLf^ ^pgfi(SS)in^ ^€Si<gp<sii. 
Co-a-les'cent, a. seouunesr^ sk-iLL-ir 

Co-a-li'tion, s. «l.l1®, Q^f!LDn<osru:>^ c^q^ 

Coal'-mine, s. iQeoasiftuunih^^ f&eod 


Coal'-mln-er, ^. (S6\)<s<sfflQuj®<sQp(Su 

Coal'-pit, s. S'sOss{ft<s(^L^, S&issift&h 

Coal'y, a. SfftiLirresr, sifliSli^^^. 
Coarse, a. u(T^<oS3LDUjn&3Ty u^dsi^tsur, 


not refined, ^(r^fh^rr^^ u^eufl^nss^ u 
rude, rough, Qsn<f<oS)<9=^^(osrLLiT<^sr, ^ 


cloth, S-ITLJUrT<oSrLj(olDL-GD<5U^ UQK^S 



food, iBL^uu^uufTGsr^rfLJun®, u^ld 


hair, u^lduSIit,, (tpiTLLQiDuSlir^ &.n-^^ 


man, QpuL^m.^ ^^mppsiK^, 

mortar, (^ei^Lg^rrfB^. 

paper, u(f^<s<s<ck<s®^n9t^ QprTLLQss 

®^[T&, <SrrLL®<SSfTQ^l}). 

rice, QsriL^LueorflQ. 

sugar, s=(7^d<S(oS)irj s^^^<^&€sf}. 

voice, Q<oiji^^^(^geo, j^<s(r^<osr<^iT6d^ 

work, <9=n'<aS)6uQ6lj'2>S\}, U(r^<S<S<^Q<SU 

^, u(T^thuu^LurT(SsrQ(Sij'^. 

Coarse'ly, adv. ^rr<3D(aULurnLj, uq^ldui^ 

Coarse'ness, s. <9=irGB)Qjj u(i^<ss<^^ ^ip 

Coast, s. <3si—pa<ois)£r^ at—QeOfririh, ^Qp 
border of a country, (sreo'^j otsu'Sso 


Coast, V. n. sosi!TS(ssorQi—.nQ^<so^ s<o5)ir 

Coast'er, s. a<oS)[TUj(Si^^<^Q^&)^iJbLDiid 

<seOi£)j S(S5)jT^(D^fT6asfl. 
Coast'ing, s. s<ss)rr,s6ihrQi-.n(Sl(5S)<3s, 
Coast'ing-trade, s. e^Qjnuus^niLQ^^ 

Coast'ing-ves'sel, s. Qi5®fkjsi—<soi£>!ja<Es 

Coast'wise, adv. QisQiijaeiDirLUfTLu, 

Coat, S. Ql5®(iT^<9=LL<oS)L-. 

as scum, concretion, ^(S»:_, us=(t(Si. 
a coating, yi^<3r, QtL(Lp<si^j u(oS)L-., 


a layer, stratum, uL—GOih^ ueiDt—^ un 

• • • 

/T) <SeS3rL-L0. 

a layer of bulbous root, Q<sn&)y @^ 
of a beast, S-Qimmih* 



of mail, ^0ULj<issu3=LD^ Qunn^j^Ll 


of arms, (sSIq^^Q^^iB^^QldiLs (1(211 
Coal, V. a. ydf^g-ei), Qldqp(^<s6\), ^® 

Coat'illg, 8. L^<^<3r^ QLD(Lpd(^^ ^QoSiS. 
as cloth, <5BLhu<3frLJLj(oS)L-.'oa)<SUj Qld6\} 

Coax, V. a. ^4'<f'SLoQuQQujiL^^'so^ ^ 

Coax'er, s. QpsLomQusi-QpisiK^, ^sn 

Coax'iiig, s. ^€'3=<3sldQu&?<oS)S^ ^sirs 

Cob, s. ©_<£p^, QeoniS^ i3pQ^3=(5n6ssT 
of maize, <sS!^^spfSl<osrQs^n<sfruQun 

as spider, QeOuoi^. 
Cob'ble, V. a. l^g^ij^go^ u<o!DLp'9?s'2isfruL} 

Cob'bler, s. u€G)i^s?s'^uLj<oS)iTQp(Su<5ar^ 

u(rKLDLLi—n'(ourQ^'2^<s£EmT(sbr-) ff^gsreor. 

Cob'web, s. QeoihiSssk-Q, Qgoldl^^go. 

Cob'web, a. &60LDi3<s3k.®Qu[Tmp^QLD 


Coch'i-iieal, s. ^ih^irQsfTULD^ ^ihueo 

Cock, s. Qs=(5iJ60, QsnL^i-Qs=(sueo. 
as tap, iSuuiTS(^LpeOy iSuurreSleSlQ 
of a balance, ^irfTs?, ^irnQmui^^^ 

of a dial, qm.Q<, <5^/f, <sL^LutTF^Q, 

of a gun, ^uufT<sQuSlm-(^fi'SiDrr. 

of hay, q/buLLL-€S)i—, L^p(^<sSliuio. 
Cock, V. a. SiSliT^^^do, iB^^^^io^ Qp 


as pile conically, (^(sSl^^ed. 

a gun, ^^(oS)iruS(ip^^(2Sl(hl^eo, 
Cock-ade', 5. Q^rTutSls=Qs=fru^'2Qn-, 
■ with a feather, 0^/rLJL9<9^G)<F6S3r®. 
Cock-ad'ed, a. G^fTuiSl<fQs=(om-®(Sfr(srr. 
Cock-a-too', s. Q6ii<cifr2Gfr<iQ<s{fJ, ^6sr<s 

Cock'a-trice, s, f^nG^iflmm^ LjODt—tuek, 


Cock'boat, s. &^!Suc2fT(2fn£). 
Cock'-crow-ing, s. QsrrLfis?L.<Sij&), <2Sls^ 

Lumupih^ (cO)(S}JS€S)p. 
Cock'er-el, s. (oSlL-'2ev4=Qs=iaU60^ <2SI(SS)l- 

Cock'-f ight, ) Qs=6up<silQ, Qs 

Cock -f ight-ing, ' 5 <supQunrr. 
Cock'le, s. sisfLi^i-^, s'im3PL.LDS=&-) Qsn 

as weed, .sSpyt. 
Cock'le, V. a. <fff-(T^<i(^^6d. 
Cock'pit, s. Qs=<sijpsL-Q<s<3S(sirffl. 
Cock'roach, s. sdseorr^^^ a!iuu(^Lj, 

Cocks'comb, s, Qs^6up(^®, Qg=<oupQ<sn 

as a plant, Q^fEiS(SS)iT. 
Co'coa, s. Q^fEj(^. 
Co'coa-nut, s. Q^ikismh, 

tree, Q^mssnoirix), Q^iej(^. 

young cocoanut, (ipLLQdsfrdj. 

tender cocoanut, ^&riiT. 
Co-coon', s. ^pgS1u(oS)u, 
Cod, s. ^(^<a;(SD4Fi/^<o3r. 

as pod, ^®, QsfT^, ^lSI. 

as scrotum, ^6aBri—U(SS)U. 
Code, s. 6SLLi-'2err4=s=LLi—w^ Sajnajui3 

iTLDfrem'u), ^(/^ld^so. 
Cod'ger, s. fBrrLLQut-jp^^frdr. 
Cod'i-cil, s. LDn<^M'S=n^<o6r^Q^nQi—iSl<osr 

<ojp u ®^^aj<ojp un®. 
Co-ef-fi'cien-cy, s. a^nanrrGsmLD^ snss^ 

^l})j Sf^L^f5L-ULSld(S^U:)(SiJG0e\)GDLD. 

Co-ef-fi'cient, s. ^'BoSisrssmr^mLD^ ^ 

'BsssruQu nQ^<2(r. 

in algebra, (^essfl^m, L9irQ(f^^» 
Co-ef-fi'cient, a. ^^eSQ<3FLuQp. 
Co-e'qual, a, epri^<?rfliLHT€sr, <9'ffl<FLi>iT(sar 

Co-e-qual'i-ty, s. ^!fl3=LDn(osrLD^ s^rflQuuir 


Co-e'qual-ly, adv. ^[fls^u^nmLLniL, s^ifl 

Co-erce', v. a. sLLL^nuuLDuem^ij^&i^ 



as restrain, j)^i—S(^^&)^ slLQqps 

Co-erc'i-ble, a. ^GSiLDLuuu(5m<om^^<s 
Co-er'cion, s. SLl.(Sl(ip's'2issr^ slLl-huj 

Co-er'cive, a. c^/z_i<5^^<5<s, ^i—dQ 

as compulsory, ueouk^Loneor, slL 
L-fTLULDrrssr^ u60fT/bsfTiTLDrT(oar. 

Co-erc'ive-ly, adv. sLLi—iriJULDfTUJ^ u&) 

Co-es-sen'tialj a, <ojs<s^^^<oULDn<oisr^ <qJs 


Co-es-sen'tial-ly, adv, (ojs<9?urr(aiJLDrTLU. 
Co-e-ta'ne-ous, a. ^Qfrsfreo^^^eirefr^ 

Co-e-ter'nal, a. e^^^fS^^uu^ s^iofS^fiiu. 
Co-e-tern'al-ly, adv. e^^^S^^LULnnub. 
Co- e-tern'i-ty, s. ep^^f&^^uJLh^ S'ldS^ 

Co-e'val, s. s^fflsuuj^&r(3rr<su^, 
Co-e'val, a. ^QrrsfTev^^^&renr^ e^^srr 
eo^^ioiBL-ih^^ s=Ln6uLu^(sir<s(rj jSjbsrr 

Co-ex'ist, v.w. spQirsneo^^eSfT^^^eo,^ 

Co-ex-ist'ence, s. ^jhsireo^^^en-etr^m 


Co-ex-ist'ent, a. <^(sn<s{Teo^^<s(r(S{r. 
Co-ex-tend', v. n.<opQrrL£)LLi—nujLjQun^ 

Co-ex-ten'sion, s. <^LDQSIujfru<sih.f S^^^ 

Co-ex-ten'sive, a. ep^^(2Slrf)QjrT<ssr, 9^^ 

l§l^UUrT(oSrj <3=LD(sSff!T60Qp(Sn'<sn'. 

Coffee, s. QsrTUL9dQsfrLL(oS)L-.^ Qsrr 
Coffee-house, s. Q<snui3^rf(sSlp(^iJD<^ 


Coffer, s. QulLi—Su3j Qu<ssiLpy uqjot 

Coffin, s. ^qjuQulLi^. 

in farriery, (^^<oa)rr<s(^rr^^^LL<ff!-rr 


in printing, ^J=s=QdQ,^d(^iEjjEjbu 

Cog, s. s= <s <s rr^^ (^ u &) . 
Cog, V. a. <ojLud(^^GO, <s>j(i^Q^^&). 
Co'gen-cy, s. 0rnh, a.^^, ^eSlesyLo. 
Co'gent, a. ^-gii^iu[T(osr^ ^ffLD(T<oar. 
Co'gent-ly, adv. ^^^uLintJu^ ^rrtniruj^ u 

GOUUrnU, <aiJ<sSl<oaiLDUJtTUJ. 

Cog'ger, s. ^s=s=s&sr^ (a;^cF<56sr, sui^. 
Cog'i-tate, v. n. <oT<^^}j^60, <s(m^^(so^ 

Cog-i-ta'tion, s. creoorGssril), Qiun&^'^Gin-, 

Cog'i-ta-tive, a. (oremem-Qperrefr^ Qturr 

Cog'nate, a. e^iT<3^rr^iuiT€or, ^<osrii>n(osr^ 
<9=ihuih^LDrT6sr^ &-p<SijrT<55r. 
language, ^(o6rLD[T(Ssrun<oS><SL^j s^ihuih 

Cog-na'tion, s. ^(osrih, <FU)L//F;grLD, <!f 


Cog'ni-za-ble, a. ^rSluj^^ds^ Q^ni— 

Cog'ni-zance, s. f§lujfTiJU<2Ss=rrffluLf, iQ 

Cog-no'men, s. urreuossfJuQuir^ ljz_1i_ 
Cog-nom'in-al, a. uireij&ssfJuQurrrTGjrj 

Cog-wheel, s. ujb<ff^<sajnh, 
Co-hab'it, v. a. 3^i^(sufrip^60.y ^(i^s=ifl^ 

Co-hab'it-ant, s. jpseun^y sh-L-.<sSl(T^<i 
Qp<Qij<^^ s=(Lps=rrffl, ^eoeOfrd^iTu^. 

Co-hab-it-a'tion, s. <3k-i—(oSl(T^^^eo^ ^s 
<su[T3=tl)y ^eoeope^uuio. 
illicit intercourse, Qs^mrsmesrih. 

Co-heir', s. ^-ifl<oS}LDUuiEj<ssrre{fl^ ^L-esr 

Co-heir'ess, s. ^ut—^ifliss)LD<ssn!ff. 
Co-here', v. n. e^iLQ^eo, lS1l^^^&)j @ 

to agree, ^(oSis^^eO^ ^6ssnEj(^<s&i, 9 



to be well connected, (Suas^siMt^essrir 

Co-her'ence, ) s^lKSI, Q3^f[LDn<oorLD^ 
Co-her'en-cy, * ) ^ubuib^ih^ lSIujluli, 

connexion, <s(7^^^uLi6m'iTs^&^ oja^f- 

Co-her'ent, a. e^LLi^esr^ iSli^^^, s^i^ 

Co-her'ent-ly, adv. Qs'irLDn-esTLDrruj, s=ld 

Co-he-si-bil'i-ty, s. i^mQSipQijun(^^u 

Co-he'si-ble, a. <cpm<BisipQ[un<isT^upp 

^^ <S CD • 

Co-he'sion, s. ^lL®qds^ <3^Q<o3)<s, s^ihu 

connexion, ^(Si^s^eij, s'lduib^u)^ Q^a 

Co-he'sive, a. upp^^ss^ LSL^uufreur. 
Co-he'sive-ly, adv. €pLLQ[5^€ur<oB)LDLuiTLUj 

Co-he'sive-ness, s. ep<osr(oS)pQLuiT<^£iju 

Co'ho-bate, v. a. en m.^^G:>)^<Qij i^^^eo . 

Co'hort, S. e^(I^U€S)L-€iJ(^LJL^^ U€!DL-^ 
Coif, S. <o^(T^<3U(SSiSS(^(S0<S0lT. 

Coil, s. s^p^^ <9?0(Sfr, s;-0lL(S)<) <9r(7^^err. 
to become coiled, '3?0(Si^^6O, losm- 

Coin, s. !5rT€5STUJLh^ srr<9?, uesanjo. 

as a wedge, Sj^ui^, 

rustic, ^(SS)s=<sBs<2SI LLi-.(^(oS)ps?<Qijrr. 
Coin, V. a. sit<s^l^^^60, sudulLi—ldl^^ 

words, Q<3=npapiSi^^iso. 

to fabricate, ^LL(bls<3SLL®^<s0j Qp 

to make, ^-(ssari—fTS(^^60. 
Coin'age, s. .sldulLl-.i})j sn^u^uLj. 
Co-in-cide', v. n. s=fh^^^6\). 

to agree, ^<ossriEJ(^^&)^ ^<sids=^6\)^ 

to concur, ep^^Q^^^io^ ^^^(Su(tF) 
Co-in'ci-dence, s. <jf^^ul/, epm-iBui-\y 


agreement, ^(smssLD^ QutTQ^^^thy 

meeting in time, ^L^eaflsi^s^Q^ ^ 
psfr6\)s=i}}U(2SluL^, ^psneo&uifliuLj 


Co-in'ci-dent, a. s^ihfiuufTesr^ Quitq^^ 

in time, epQirafreo^^esflsi^s^QLuiTGar. 
Co-in-cld'er, s. ^6m-fEj(^Qp<aiJGn'j 5?^ 


Co-in-di-ca'tion, s. ^'^i5m-s(^rSl^ ^2bw 

lUGlDL—LUlTGfrLh, <SF LD U IB ^ <S (^ (mST IS] (^ jB - 

Coin'er, s. <ssLDULLL-dsfTir(cR5r. 
Coin'ing, s. <sldulLl-.ld. 
Coir, s. Q^iskajFLDLLeiDi—^^LLLi, QihLj. 
Co-i'tion, s. <oS)s=Qtufr<ssLh^ Quitsldj ,f/5/ 

Co-la'tion, ) (Qji^slLQgidSj <9f^^u 

Col'a-ture, ' y Gsar^uGSis. 

Cold, 8. (^(srfliTy (^Gfflirs^^, <sfp>-fi^, ^^ 

(Sffl^ fBGff}. 

as catarrh, s:eoQ^n<si^LD, ^l^ldgo^ ,f 

as shivering, Q<srr®<sL^j QanQQsrr 

and cough, ^q^ldgo^ Qi5(i^<3?^jgLg. 

and fever, (^(S{fliT'Srribs^<F&)^ ^;g<fff-rru3. 
in the limbs, ,g'&)6\)dsQLJLf. 
Cold, a. (^(S{f)irfT(Ssr^ (^efflirih^^ ^^(Str 

chill, (^(Sff}rrrT€sr^ <3?i^^rj-fr<osrj<^-^eOrT<ssrj 


climate, ^^<sfrL^LSJ. 

discourse, ^esreoppQuJ^s?^ <ST(i£ULf 


food, ^rSI<oarQufTS=<ooru3j uodl^lus^ 


humors, Q^l-i^it. 

in quality, &^<s(rLDfT6isrj GDS^^^LULDrresr 

season, &^^iT<sn'<si)Lh^ ^^(Sfrsireoih* 

speaker, ldib^ulSIits'iejQ. 

water, /^/f, ^<om<siss^n.^ (^sff}iT,SF6\)Lh. 

wind, s^^nanpigij^ (^efflirsn/b^. 

inanimate, spiritless, ^d<sLDrT6ur, up 

ppp, ^niD^LDnesr^ LoiB^LoaesTf ^<svir 





reserved, unfriendly, Q<au^LJurTiosr, 
Qu^6Sluu[T<o6r^ L9ff}(a£l'2ioSTujrT<oury ujirr 


to be cold, (^<sff)iT^60^ Qsn(Si(^^eo. 
Cold'-heart'ed, a. LD(osruup(BeOGOtT^. 
Cold'-heart'ed-ness, s. LD6sruu/br6l6\)<sOfT 

Cold'ish, a. (^effliru/b/Sluj^ s=/b^<3S(^<srf) 

Cold'ly, adv. (^efflirrTiii^ 3k.^jrfTs. 

without ardor, «S^c., QeuessrL-rrQsu^ij 

UUfTUJ^ LDfB^^^GSTlIimJu. 

Cold'ness, s. ^&Rit<oS)ld^ ^^efrihy qd3=^ 

as unconcern, Q<siJ6ssrL-rTQ(Sij^uLf^ 


reserve, shyness, Qsu^ulj^ <^_<^<Fii, 

want of ardor, ldib^ld, ^niL^LD. 

Cole, S. Qs[T<sS<sQ&5)IT. 

Cole'-wort, s. e^(T^Qj<ss)sdQsrT(2SI . 
Col'ic, s. €Du3p^<sn(oSl^ (SiJuSlpg^'^(^p^^ 

Col-lapse', 5. (^<sS<oS)Sy <3i-([^^(^(oS>s^ c? 

Col-lapse', V. n. @q9^6i), <9?0iej(^^(S\}. 
Col-lap'sion, s. (^<2S<ai^y .9?(7^<s(^. 
Col'lar, s. <£(w^^ljulL.i^<oid<s. 

of a dog, <S(ip^^(Sij'^uju3. 

of a garment, ^LL(oS)i—uSlps(Lp^^, 

of a horse, ^Qp(5G)(Sij<su'EeTruJi£i. 

of iron for the neck, jifrflsessn—ui. 

in architecture, sSIlLi—u), (SiDseSltL 

t—LD. r^^so. 

to slip the collar, (cS<50(^^eo^ &da^ 
Col'lar, V. a. s:LL<oS)i—uSp<ss(Lp^<osy^LnSI 

Col'lar-bone, s, s^oji^Qiu^mLj^ ^^(^ff 

Col-late', V. a. ^^^uufTiT^^60^ ^Qd 

Col-lat'er-al, a. e^(t^us<s^^^<sfr(sir^ ^ 

agreement, uL-^^^^BsssrSuunimi)^ sj 

urrssrrSujmuua'y (DLD6\)SuJinuix>. 

evidence, Qinps^nLLQ^QiDso^^mLQ, 

idea, sentiment, 1^1350— &s(r^^^^ e^u 

relations, a-^^a.^©/, ^jn^^^-peij, 
security, Qui/biSl2sm'^^2sssru^^^jQL£> 

writings, <3=nfn-\^eo^ lj(oS)L-^60. 
Col-lat'er-al-ly, adv. ussLDrrdj^ <fldlj/f 

Col-la'tion, s. §>^^uunn<S(SD<s. 

as repast, ^<5S)u.^^m, ^^^saaro/. 
Col-la'tor, s. ^^^uurTffsQp<suG^. 
Col'league, s. sf^il.i—iT<oS, ^uQiunQ^ 

Col-league', ». sk.LLQ^^QuuiTsiJDQs'dj 

Col'lect, s. <sSem(omuuui.f ineffTQi^LLQ* 
Col-lect', V. a. s;^lL®^(so, Qs=n^^(s\), Q<s^ 

to infer, €rsssr^u^&), ^^innsS^^ 
to gather, ^p<a9(Sl^6\}^^6Qsr®^6\}^ Q<s= 
to collect one's self, Q^gjj^eo, seod 
Col-lect', V, n. <sf^®^60, ^ir(ef^^60j Q^ir 
to accumulate, (^eSl^eo^ si(ot5)i—^eo^ 
collect, as liquids, se^jz/^o), ^n^^io.^ 


Col-lect'ed, a. Q^nis^. 

as firm, Q^ppLDn(oGr^ Q^e!fl(sunesry 

Col-lect'ed-ly, adv. ^(t^lSIss^ Qs=it^ 9 

Col-lect'ed-ness, s. Q^ppih, ^i—uuuo^ 

Col-lect'i-ble, a. Qs^n^^ss, Qs^nss^ 

Col-lec'tion, s. fisren-, sr^iLi—ih, Q^sir 

a compilation, ^rnLQy Qair^^. 
a heap, accumulation, (^(sSlmeOy (^ld 

a suffusion of blood, ^n^^dsi-iruLj, 



of debts, dues, &LQ,.,g)^uL\uu€mil,, 

of water, i§iT<9=0<9=f£liSij^ Qsutsfrerru), ^ 

charitable, Lo<sioS)LDuu6m'i£). 
Col-lect'ive, a. ^ULL&iurT'osr, ^ijsmL-^ 

collective noun, Q^it(^^uQuujit, 

Col-lect'ive-ly, adv, fiirefriTuj^ sk-iLL^ 

Col-lect'ive-ness, s. ^dsfS'^ev^ Q<9=nu)fT 

Col-lect'or, s. Q<9^iTdS)nr)<ai/m-^ ^6sm®Q 

assistant of, LS!i^^uuds[TiT(SGr. 

a tax gatherer, (si]ffl^6m(SlQp<su^, ^ 

collector o{ CMsioiiis,^ir<sD(su d<s ninssr, 

Col-lect'or-ate, > sjp'sSKSiihQeu'hso^ 

Col-lect'or-ship, * \ ^p<sSl ® th^^^ 

Col'lege, 5. s={T^^iTuu<s(r<s{fla3?^(^ui^ & 

as society, ,ai_^z_Lo, <9^fEJSih. 
Col-le'gi-al, a. S60§2fr(fl<s(^fflujy eSI^^ 

Col-le'gi-an, '^s^n^^nuu&reifldsf?^ 
Col-le'gi-ate, ' ) i—^^rrm^ (sS^^uun 

Col-le'gi-ate, a. ^fr^^jiuumefflddf^L-. 

Col'let, S. LDQSiSu^di^LDGU^^. 

Coll'ier, s. fSeddsfflQ^fresBr^QeufTeur^ f§l 


as a coasting vessel, Seodsffle^Lurr 

CoU'ier-y, s. fSeodsrFld^t^. 

as coal trade, i^^odsffleBuunufTrnh, 
€orii-flow-er, {see Cauliflower.) s. ^^ 

<sSl^dQ<sn(^ , 
Col'li-quant, a. ^-(r^s^^ds^ ^.({^d<s^^ 

w<3S m 

Col'li-quate, v. n. ^(t^^^go^ SGsyrj^io, 


Col-li'sion, s. ^frd(^^ ^lL®^ Qidit^^. 

ot forces, U(ss)L—^^iTd(^^ u<oS)l—Qlu 

^iTULf^ <ST^n^^^nd(^. 

of sentiments, s^^Q^rrdieii/TsaLD, <£ 

(^^^GSlQiTfr^ih^ Gi^ndsQ^^^, 
Col'lo-cate, v. a. fS'2eou96\)<su)<su^^so^ S 

Col-lo-ca'tion, s. fS'bsvuu®^^<ss)ds^ '«fu 

of words, QffnpL^smiflujso^ Q^rrp 

Col'lop, S. (aXJuSpiBpO^niB^^^OSiS^LDU^ 
ULj. ^iS0li)ULDfTLSI<3^LD. 

Col-lo'qui-al, a. Qud<9?uQurrdsiT(5sr, 
Col'lb-quest, s. s^Lnsufrfiy <[F&)60fTiSI^ s^ih 

Col'lo-quy, 5. <3=LDurr(aL^2sssry <£Fe\)60fruu3, 


Col-ltide', V. n. ^^^ldl^ul^uugm^^ 
^6Vy ^^^ds<sir(S(r(^Qs=LU^€\)^ ^L-OLa- 

Col-lud'er, s. sPi^LLQds&reueur, ^^<s^ld 

Col-lu'sion, s. s^LL®d<S(3(r<s(r(DtJun<ah'2esr. 
Col-lu'sive, a. 6k.LL®ds(S(r<o(rQujn€='2ssr 

Col-lu'sive-ly, adv. 3h.LL®d<s<s(r<s(rQujrr^ 

Col-lu'sive-ness, 5. i9k-LLQd<S(Sfr<sfnl).f 
Col-lti'so-ry, a, s^LiQds&refrQujfrs^'^esr 

Col'ly, I .. ■ 

coi'iow, *• I ^^^y>^^- 

Col'ly, V. a. sifli^rnL^^eo. 
Co'lon, s. Qu(7^tEj(^L-eo. 

in grammar, ^(SSiMinds^^Q^nL^ir 

d(^fS^ (sS<g:iTd<3SL0. 

Col'o-nel, s. ^iKsssri—niD^efrs^^m'. 
Col'o-nel-ship, s. ^Fessri—mh^&raiT^^ 

Co-lo'ni-al, a. ^-u^rr^rtLL&d(^(fluj, 
Cpl'o-nist, s, <SiJi5Q^^(^L^, 
Col-o-ni-za'tion, s. ^is^Quuppih, 
Col'o-nlze, v, a. ^uf-Quupg^^eo. 

to be colonized, (^u^Quu^'^eo, (^u^ 

Col-on-nade'j s. ^s^qdit. ^<sssres5ff. 



Col'o-ny, 8. (^i^QuurSl<oGr<suiT<3a<s(r^ (sueo 

as collection of animals, f5iT(^(sSl^ 
eS60fEJ(^ L^eir iiiT€un'Lp<su(osr (SoxsiJ s (^ (^ 

as country planted, (^u^QiuiiSesrQ^ 

Co'lo-phon, s. <sBrr60iEJS<s{rQp^sSluj(^(S)j<ss 

Col-o-quint'i-da, s. QuLudQairLOLDLLu^. 
Col'or, s. fSpii).) Qjsunsaril)^ (SUQ^emLo. 

as complexion of an affair, Qu^m, 

as dye, s=nujih. 

as false show, (D6U(oL^ih^ y<^'^; ®;<5sr 

as kind, species, eSl^ih, ^dsro^m, 

as paint, (S©u), <3S)u^u\^8^€i-. 

as palliation, ^z-1®, €'n<3SiL—^ .f/tlI®, 

as redness, freshness of the face, Qp 

to describe in lively colors, .ss[T.rrem- 
stTffliU'o7^d<s'2Gfr<sQsfTessrQ Q^^hldit 

Col'ors, s, (pi') u(o5)L..<sQ<sm^6s&r, ^ 
Col'or, V. a. rS/DfEjQ<srT(Sl^^6\), iBpuiS^ 

to dye, s=inuiEJ<ss{TUJS'SF;g6\)^ ^rrm^il. 

to exaggerate, (snekeS^^eo^ QpuiSl 

to make plausible, urrifl^^^Qs^nso 
to palliate, QurTir^^QpQ^ev^ fSQpd 

Col'or, V, n. Qs=<sij^^&)^ Qp-SLoQeijioff}^ 
^io, qpsldsq^QljQu(T(^^<so. 

Col'or-ing, s. <sueor<oarLhj (su(^iosnjSl(^<5is)s^ 
<Sij (^<oS^^ Sp ih . 

specious appearance, eu earesfl u lj ^ eSI 
ujL/L^, QurreSI, QuufS'ih^ uslL®^ 

Col'or-less, a. Sptopp^ LDiaseonesj^ 


C6-los'sal, a. i^rnDfTessTL-^uLDrresr. 
C6-los'sus, s. iStoSTLD, iSosr^uih. 
Col'staff, s. srreij^Ls^.) srr^^esGr®. 
Colt, s. (^^<oSisrd(^LLL^. 

of an ass, s(ip<ss)^s(^lLl^. 
Colt'er, s. QsiT(ip^ <sn^. 
Colt'ish, a. (s^^QDrrd(^Ll.Lp-(DurTiosrp<f 

^(Sfr(Gf^Qp, <SGffluL^&r6fr. 
Col'umn, s. ^(ssar, ^ihum^ sihuLD, 

column of fire, ^dSeafluLSlefruiLi. 

of trOO'pS, JijeUsB (all (^ULj^ U<oIDI_<SH(^ 

of writing, &-c. u^fi^ Sgdit. 
Co-lum'nar, a. ^<om-<S(Gf^(s(r<s{r, eh^LDU 

Co-lure', S. ^ILKStSTLDiSmL^GOua^ eSl<9f-(SULD 

esarL—eOih, €SI<3?(on€ije0Luub. 
equinoctial, Qun—uiUGSTLDemL-eOua^ 
<oSI<s?(SULD6surL-.eOi}3, ^&)rTiu<osrLDGkri— 


solstitial, Q^LLs^(^uj<ourLD6mru.G0il)^ 

Co'ma, S. (SiJ{T<S0tELl.^^^lJ^Q5)^^(Sll£)U 

Comb, s. ^uL-i^ Q<s(^(Si.irT(fl^ &^u<s(^ 


of a cock, Qff=(sup(^®. 

double, ^/rtp/E/<5/rrZj<?"@®, urreupsnuj 

of a bee-hive, G'^coraL.®, Q^Ssreu 

of white ants, L\p(irj>(^Qs^ng^. 
Comb, X). a. ^'Ssu^q/^so, &ui3®^<so^ lo 

Com'bat, s. Quirrr^ u^^^ih^ s^emoDi—.. 

single, ^(^LDrT(ef^LhQs=iLLLjLhQurTiT, ^ 

Com'bat, v. a. QunnQs^ub^eo^ (sr^n^^ 

sentiments, s(T^^^(sSlQijn^^^id. 
Com'bat, v. n. Qun(i^^60^ <o!^h^^<sd^ Qp 

Com'bat-ant, ^ Qumrrreffl, (sSjiear^ gt 
Com'bat-er, ' ^ ^nrreffl. 
Com-bin'a-ble, a. Qun(T^iE^^^<ss^ ^ 


Com-bi-iia'tioii, s. ^<5iisr<s^il)^ Quit0^ 

^LDy ^IE1<351£)^ SGOULj^ ^6S)S^(Sij, Qs^lT 



of letters, GT(L^^^uq(5miTs=&, 
of words, Q<ffrpi-j6m-iT<ff'&. 
Com-bine', v. a. ^gs)<s=^^go^ ^'Sessr^^ 

Com-bine', v. n. QuiTQ^fB^^eo^ ^!E]<slSI 
^^eo^ Qs=iT^6\)') s&o^^eo^ ^tsiD^^eo. 
to plot together, ^jTrrQ(sOfrs''2Gn-d(^ 

Com-bust-i-bil'i-ty, s. QiBQ^uL^uupp^ 

Corn-bust' i-ble, s. QtE(y^LJLjuu/b/D^^'S 

<3sQu[T0(31T^ GTffllLl^^d,3sQuiT(^(Sfr. 

Com-bust'i-ble, a. Q[5Qi^uL\LJupro^^s 

Com-bust'i-ble-ness, s. Qf5(r^uL^uu/b/D 
^^ds^(obr<oS)LD^ <fff-(Sun'<o\Sld(^iE^(dn'6G)LD. 

Com-bus'tion, s. ^QuLi,^<3><m'LD^ (or[fl(Sij 
erffl^So^ ,3f-6UfT(sSluLi, 
as tumult, s=i^L^^ stsoihusih. 

Come, V, n. (QU(r^^eo^ <sldi5S^^(so, 
to appear, G^/rgaT-^^ffkJ, Q^npgu^'so. 
to approach, QiLQ^do^ Qp(Si(^^io, 

to arrive, Q^n^io^ ^^sssr^eo. 

to become, ^(^^do, 2L(5ZOT/_/r@^6x). 

to fail, ^iayj^/^ffi), lS<9^(^^60^ gil-l-it 

LDpQu[T(^^<so, Q^npp&i, 

to happen, s=i})u<2Sl^^so. 

as butter, ^it(&^^(s\). 

to change, Quiuh^iOy mn-^^eo^ ^ffl 

to tnr n, ^ ih Lj ^ &), Q IT LLLDfTlLsiJ0^ GO. 

to surround, (^Lp^^J, Qj'2tsrr^io. 
again, ^Q^thuQjQ^^eOj QuLUirih^Qj 

after, or follow, i3(oorQ3=G0^^G0yi3m 

along, (qU(T^^6\)^ ,5fP>-l— €110^60. 

asunder, eSliLQuQuni^^io^ iSltfliF^ 

at, (oril.®^(s\), Qqdl-^^qo^ sj<^i—^^t 
Qs=fr^GO^ ^suuQ^eo, 
away, <sSIlLQ(Sij0^gOj (sSleoQeu^^eo^ 
t3ffl^€0, sL^^eo. 


back, ^0L£iLj^SO^ ^0LDlSi(aL(r^^GO^ lS 

before, (ipih^(SU0^&j^ (ip<^(aU0^&}, 
behind, LSIi5^(QU0^&)y iSliifiuQuir 


between, ^QDL-uSQ6V<Sij0^eo^ &sn: 

Ql—QJ(7^^&), 0^d(oS(a}J0^eO. 

by, Q<oS)l^^^gOj jijsuuQ^GO. 
down, ^piEJ0^GO^ ^n^^eo^ (sQq^^ 

eOy u^^eo. 

down, be debased, ^/rip^ei), ^L^^io. 

for, i5T(SI<S<35(S1J(0^(SO^ ^ll)Un^<S<EB<Sl](0^ 
ei), Qu^LDUL^<SU(0S,iO. 

forth, L^puuQ^do^ Q^rT(ok^^60. 
forward, QpiB^6n(0^eo^ Q^^^eO 
from, LjpuuQ^do^ <5SlLL(SiuiSlffl^60. 
in, arrive, <Quii^(}s=iT^&), Q^(0^<so. 
in, enter, i2-(sfrQ(ofr<QU0^eo^ ^lLuQ^ 

in contact, <9=ih^^^io^ (zpiLQ^eo, 
in for, u!Ej0<s0(SU0^(sOj s^L^ihes)^ 

in front, gt^it^&)^ GT^irQpsLnfTLUQj^ 

^eo^ np&srsuQK^eO. 

in the way, ^^dQQ^eo^ ^(ssiL-vun^ 

into possession, GDS^n&^mn^^eo.^ qj 
s=uu®^60^ ^<3suuQ^60, (suniL^^eo, 
into mind, Q^n<^^^GO^ Qmii>L\^<so^ 

near, SLL®s5&)^(Lp®0^6O,s=L^L9^^eo, 

off, LjpuuQ^GO^ (c^ 600^60 J QuLUIT^ 
6U, §IEJ0^(SO^ <3SlQ^^LUfT0;S6O, 

often, ^(Sl^^®^^<sij0s^&)j ^u^ddSL^ 


on, or advance, su0^<sOf 

fall on, ^ s^0<sij^6O^ ^/ro/^^ejj l9 

on attack, y i^^^io. 

on, proceed, i^puuQ^eo^ Qs^eo^ 

on speed, uinhi^^eo^ ui^^eo. 

over, LD^U<S<S^^&)(aU0^<SO. 

out, LfpuuQ^GO^ Q^rr(osrpuu(Sl^6\). 
out with, Q<aij<sffl(aSI®^eOj L^n&^^ihu 

round, (^t^^so, (su'^^eo. 

round, accede, ^(ipQuSI(LpQs=<FLDLD^ 



short, ^6u^^sO^ ^Q^Sij^eOy lSib^^ 

to, amount, Q^astD^uu'Sl^eo^ Q^eo 
Gij lSI ij^^^e\) , Qun^^^eo. 
to, recover, Q^gn^io^ Q^effl^eo. 
to an end, ^n^eo^ ^^^&^-) QpujL^ed, 

together, 3^L^<3iJQ^^io^ 3^®^60^ ^ib 

to hand, <o5)<3b<sQslL®^6\)^ (sds&S'Slj 

to particulars, (2SI<3(rdQ<9=Qs=rT6\)S2J^e\), 

to pass, s=ihu(2Sl^^eOj iei—IbQ^^^&), 

to the knowledge of, ^fBuu<Sij(i^^60^ 

Qs<S{r<aS UU fT(^^<SO . 
up, (ojrB^(f^^<SO, 

up, spring up, (Lp'2io(r^^(s0j u(iSlirrr(^ 

up with, iSlu^^^io^ s=[fl<ssL-®^<s^^ ^ 

upon, devolve on, Quir^^^do^ <9i-LD 

in time to come, <33jQi^iE]<sned^^&i. 
come, come, (s£l<oO)rr<siid(^^uLj^ <suit 

Co-me'di-an, s. s^^^^iruf-, (5[^ ^ 

Com'e-dy, s. sk-^^^ fEL-esru)-, ismsLDj 

Come'li-ness, s. ^essrssih^ Q^ihesiub^ 
^(5^5 QfEpfSl-i ^6\)LL<5=6m-ih^ Qs^itlSI 

Come'ly, a. ^(5/5^5 <ojpp, ^ifluj, ^® 

as graceful, ^Lp<95[T€sr^ ^(5dLL,ff=<smLjDrr 

as proper, Qs=tli^DLDLUfT(osr, (ip<oS)p(oGiLD 
ujrT(oar, ^(ip<s,ssLDfT(osr, Q-.ifl<oB)LDUJniosr^ ^ 
em'd<35LDfT6ar, Qujrr<sQujLDn'(oarj ^(^uon 

Come'-off, s. <9=ml.Q^ Qust<s(^. 
Com'er, s. (SU(T^Qp6u<obr^ Qs=(7^Q/D(Su^j 

Com'et, s. <3iJiT&)Q(SiJ(3rr(Sfflj ^ldQs^, ojrr 


Com'et-a-ry, a. <siJiTioL^^<s{y^ffiiu^ (Surreo 

Com'fit, S. (oXippio^ ^6ffBuLj(S>jpp6>}. 

Com'fort, s. ^(ssafleij, ^/(SfrdsuD, s=<srTUJU3. 
support, ^^ir<sij^ ^L-.frrFld<si}), <SFSfT 

consolation, ^prSt-, <^SLh^ L^rflut^^ 


in distress, ^prSl^ Q^ppih^ Q^ppw 

comforts of life, <^<s/rOT2/U(Si/LD, &6\)fr 

dQiuuD, undQiuih. 

Com'fort, V. a. Q^pg}j^&}, ^p^^^so^ 

to be comforted, Q^^^&i^ <^^^60, 

C6m'fort-a-ble, a. ^gu^GOneur^ <9?sijdit 

ear^ ^QsTfTsQuuLDtTesTj <s^<o^<sQuj 


C6m'fort-a-ble-ness, s. »<sS'2eo^ ^Quit 

C6m'fort-a-bly, adv. Q^^^GOrrs^ Qs=<sfr 

dQlULDfTSy ^QjrfTsQiULDfT-Sj Q^ppjT 

C6m'fort-er, s. (o^ppjT<siJ rreirekjO^etfleSI 
sQpsiK^^ ^^^eoQs=ujQ(Su/f(cir, 

Com'fort-less, a. ^gn^eopp, (soi^ffluju) 

Com'ic, ^ fSfTi—SLDiresr^ <9^^^d(^ 

Com'ic-al, * J rfiuj^ &LDfT(ofr(Tp&r(3(r. 

diverting, droll, QarTLDirefTLDrTesr, ^mn 

<frT(Ssr<) uQi^iurTGsr. 
Com'ic-al-ly, adv. &>-^^d(^iBuj^nuj^ 

as drolly, QsrTLDrr(o(ru)rTUj, ^LDrrs^rruj. 
Com'ic-al-ness, s. (oSfTLDirefrih, ^llit^?^ 

Com'ing, s. <oU(^<s5)<s, (suir^^^ (SUFSi^. 
Com'ing, a. suQ^Qp^ (^^irdQp^ Q(Etfl 

Com'i-ty, s. mifluunG^^-^ fBiurrsFiririhy iego 


Com'ma, s. Qs'npQ(Ttf'i—ni3[fld(^iE](^fSl-i 

Com-mand', s. siLi-Jhsir^ spu'^tssr, ei 
€U6\), (sSl^rTiosru)j (sSlfi^ ^rTdQ<oS)^i ^ir 



authority, ^^sfrrnhj ^(Gf^€S)s^ #A^ 


governing influence, ^tudsu), sueo 

of hand, <oO)suuLfi<ssLDj <oSi'S(SU(sdeou 

Wf m>sQuunL-.i—ih. 

of money, firr(2SlujQs^&0(SufTd(^, uespr 

of language, urr(o!D<SL^(SU6\)&)uLDj uir 

of time, S^LDUULD, ^iLLusumuuL^, 
of temper, j^jL-dsil)^ ^(ssjmfi, 
Com-mand', v. a. stLi^'^uSQ^eo^ sp 

to govern, control, ^(sr^^^, iel-^^ 

^&), fSl—U lSI^^&), 

to exert influence, Q^eoeOe^lQ^ei)^ 
to direct, Qs'^^^^eo^ ^uj<ss(^^&)y 
to restrain, l£)lL(SIuu®^^^6\), sj^— 

money, uessreSltufTUfTiTLbuem-^il^eo^ 

a view, UrTIT<olD<3uQ,SF^^^<SS^L^LUfS'^ 

the temper, passions, ^i_<s(^^io^ sj 
attention, L^(so^2ts^uj(o6)LD<sSl^^<so^ i^eo 

time, S^(oiDLLUJ L£I(SU fTlb^^GO J S:(olDLDUJlij 

Com-man-dant', s. Q<srTLi<ss)L-^^'^(sy 

Com-mand'er, s. ^^^nn&fl^ ^^sirifl^ 

of an army, Q&<^u^^ ustol-^^'Ssx) 

of a vessel, ,3suujbp'2e\)<su(m-^ uan^ 

in chief, w<s;nQs=(^u^, Qurr^rBtm-. 

a beetle, FfLL^si^pfSl^ ldstld^^qds. 
Com-mand'ing, a. ^(^Qp, QuDpQsn 

en (^Qp. 
Com-mand'ing-ly, adv, ^^^asmnDniL^^ 


Com-mand'ment, s. 6slLl-'^, ^pu'^esr. 
Com-mem'o-ra-ble, a. [El'^/ssr<sii&?^jjuuL^ 

Com-mem'o-rate, t\ a. QsfTGmi—rrQ^ 

Com-mem-o-ra'tion, s. QanemL-inLi— 

Com-mem'o-ra-tive, a. Qsrr<sosrt—frLl.L^ 

Com-mem'o-ra-to-ry, a. iS'^ssrtsijL^LLL-. 

• m 

Com-mence', v. a. ^(sndi^^id, ^irihiSI 
Com-mence', v. n. Q^iri—iEj^^io^ sirrfl 


Com-mence'ment, s. ^eoihj ^^,^qL, 

Com-mend', v. a. urTrrfTLL®^6\),QLDLu,p 

to commit, epuLjdQ'3SfT(Sl^^&)^ ^ulj 

to make acceptable, s-.<suLJUfr<s^ 

Com-mend'a-ble, a. QLDdjs^,5=^^<ss^ ljs 

Com-mend'a-ble-ness, s. QLDius'<9?<sQ<3srr 

Com-mend'a-bly, adv, e^Luuumu^ ^<^^ 

Com-mend-a'tion, s. t-jSL^QiDrrL^^ Qn^ 

letter of, unumLQ, iBlLsq^l-u^^ 

Com-mend'a-to-ry, a. eSlujuurresr, l\s 

Com-men-sal'i-ty, s. e^^urs^LSlpQurr 

Com-men'su-ra-ble, a. e^QiTS{<3{r<sun<sn-^ 

Com-men'su-ra-ble-ness, s. ^LD^<sir<si^^ 

S=rf}LDLl.L-.U)^ ,SFLDfS'2iSV. 

Com-men'su-rate, a. ^QF^efreuiresr^ ^ 


Com-men'su-rate-ly, adv. <sFrfl^(Sfr<sun'Lu^ 
Com-men-su-ra'tion, s. <s^LD^<sfr(sii^ ^ld 
I Com'ment, s. ^-(ssiu^ ^lundQiufTm-th. 



Com'ment, v. a. u(ju^(^rf^^io^ eSlujfr 

as expatiate, sSl fFI^^<^Drr^^&) ^ ufTiriT 
Com'ment-a-ry, s. &.QDir^ (sSlLUfrdQiLirr 

Com'ment-a-tor, ^ ^-<ss)!js[T!rGir^ eSI 
Com'ment-or, * y lurrdQujiTiSori^^ 

Com'merce, s. eSlLurrurrinli, euir^^^sih^ 
as intercourse, uiBintrppLD, uLpds 

Wf fUL-LDfTLLl—Ui. 

sexual intercourse, Ljesarrfs^Q^ (oG)<3= 
Com'merce, v. n. (sSiunuirirtDuem^u^ 

Com-mer'cial, a. <Sijn^^s(Lp<s[re{r, eSliua 

Com-mer'cial-ly, adx). (suh^^sinnfh^ (sS 


Com'mi-grate, v. n. ustQ^s^ljuQ^go, 

Com-mi-gra'tion, s. (^u^Quit(^<oS)s, <su 

Com-mi-na'tion, s. uiu(ipg}j^^<ssi<s^ <s 

Com-min'gle, v, a. seOisSl^^do^ .^.lLQ 

Com-min'gle, v. n. seok^Qum^^eo^ 

Com'mi-ntite, v. a. Quai^ujrrd(^^6\)^ 
^<sfrrTd(^^&)^ (^rr<omLDnd(^^(SOj ^ls^ 

Com-mi-nu'tion, s. ^<3frrTd(^(oS)S<) Qua 

Com-mis'er-a-ble, a. urft^iSlds^^ds, 

Com-mis'er-ate, v. a. @ir/E/(5^^, uiB 

Com-mis-er-a'tion, s. ^ndsuDi^ uifl^rr 


i-mis-sa'ri-at, ^ sijifluusim^^ 

I'mis-sa-ry-ship, * ^ (Suld^ iSlj^arr 

Com-mis'er-a-tive-ly, adv. uiff^nuuifT 


Com'mis-sa-ry, s. <3srTrFlujsrTir<^^ ^ireh 

in ecclesiastical law, LS'rr^d(^(T^. 
in a military sense, ^ir&u^^siTff!. 
Com-mis'sion, s. Gs=iLi(ssis, @ffi<5S)Uj. 
as allowance, <£i^(a/,^j(a/, ^gOituld, 
as committing, ^lJu(Szol_, <5S)<slu(Sidl^j 


as direction, request, Q^uuujdQ<SLL 
as letters patent, ^^^(suu^^uih^ ^^ 


as order, charge, siLi—'Sar, s_^^i7(a/5 

for goods, ffiTLDnmuij^iflGSiS, 
a thing to be done for another, uu 
snrBujLD, LSI/DiT<s0LJDih. 
persons joined in a trust, iSlrr^snifl 
LUsrririTj <sSl^niia.:ssrsnijiT, 
Com-mis'sion, ». a. ^^srririEjQsrT®^^ 

to empower, authorize, ^^^jT(SijQsrr 
Q^^eOj ^^^€ij lEjQ'S rT®^^60 . 
to request, (oSLLQdQsrr<3fr(Gf^^60. 
to send with authority, ALlL-Ssrroi?® 

Com-mis'sion-er, s. strffliusfTirm-j eSls^n 

Com-mit', v. a. f^uL^eSl^^do^ ^uLjd 

as do, Q^Fiii^eOj tBi—ui3^^&). 

for trial, uniTuu®^^^<sOj Quirguu 

to memory, (^rrusuuQ^^eOj (surruju 


one's self, L9L^QsfT(Sl^^60j l^ssot® 

Qs iT(ck(GfKs;eo . 

suicide, ^m'2e5r(Sij(oS)^^^eo^ ^pQsir 


treachery, !ELDi3<s(ssi<s^^QinT<S(i]^Qf 



Com-mit'ment, s. s^ljugdl-, ^qdl-<ss<ss 

imprisonment, Q&sypuS®, s[tqj(3S<s\) 

as mittimus, LDfSiups®^n9l, 
Com-mit'tal, 5. ^G^Di^wrrssTLb. 
Com-mit'tee, s. <9=iws^fi(sar<sfTrFluj<s{TiriT, 

of arrangements, €^(Lp!Ej(^dsiTfFluj&u 

Corn-mix', v. a. seosSl^^io, <3^lL(Si^<s\)^ 

Com-mix', v. n. s^Q^go^ Qs^rr^eo. 
Com-mix'tion, ) <a76x)(5Z9(Si/, ssOldus 
Com-mix'ture, ' ) th, <s6\)ulj,s^lL(SI. 
Com-mode', s. L£)SOs=eOL£l®il)(Su<f^\jSl(r^ 


Com-mo'di-ous, a. <oT/b/D, ^ds, su-sf^ 

Com-mo'di-ous-ly, adv. <sus=^LurTLLi^^(^ 

Com-mo'di-ous-ness, s. <sus'^,^(^^^ <9= 

Com-mod'i-ty, 5. QuiTQ^en-^ uqsstl—ld, 

as wares, s'iT'S(^,f s^mDirm-. 
Com'mo-dore, s. iLj^^<s5SLju/r)3?L-LLi—^ 

Com'mon, 5. Qun^S<sOuD^ uemi—nii^ 

Com'mon, a. QurT^€U[T(5sr, s^ir^auem 

as ordinary, LDLLL-rrssr^ uQ^uDUis^uurT 

as public, uGmri—rfii-) Qurr^'SiifTeur. 
as usual, oji^ssLDn^sr^ suaL^dGSJSujfT 

consent, iurrQJiT<i(^QLCfTULjf <sj<ss=il) 

informer, QsaLSiruGsr^ (dSitlLQs^it 


life, QuiT^fBGDl—^ a_6l)<«/F(5?DZ_, ^60 

measure, s^fT^mrGmruirssLh^ Qs=i—LSI 


names, QufT^uQuiuir. 

prayer, <3^rT^mTio0ffr(sSl6m-(omuuLj^^<3s 


sense, lj^^^ ^lu^sidsuj^q^, <s?unu 


stock, Qurr^Qp^&o, SGrnr^^jroSujiD. 

use, QJLpdSLD^ Qu([^GULp<S(m. 

woman, Quir^uQuom-, Qurr^eiv 

word, (SiJtpdss=QsF[T&). 
Com'mon-al-ty, 5. i3rr<^^s&r^ ^rr^nu 

Com'mon-er, s. Q^<s(aSI'2Gsr(U^6ur, 
Com'mon-ly, adv, QufT^(Sijmij^ ®jLp^s 

lDmU,€iJfrL^<S5€S}'SLUfrLLJ^ QuQRihun^uD, 

Com'mon-ness, s. Qun^o^LD, <S}jlp<s<ebud, 
Com'mon-place, s. ^rTusd(^r6luLj, <F/r 
Com'mon-place, <x, €iJ[Ti^<s(o6)sujn<ssr^ u 

Com'mons, s. (pi.) (^i^s=^om-iEj<sG}r, 
house of, L9ij6={TULLs'LniB^[fl&<3ir, 
for boarding, Qufr^uQurrs^euru). 

Com^'mon-wealth, s. Qen:rrrr<^fTil.Q, Qutr 
^^jT'S^mLQ, s?tuurrfru^^ujLD. 
as territory, <3?LuuFfru^^LuQ^&:m. 
as people, <ff?tjuurrrru;g^ujLD{T(our^(osrLD. 

Com-mo'tion, s. s&)d,sBLh, (^Lpuuwj <ss 

Com-mo'tion-er, 5. <9f60LOLj!S(55r, (^Lpuu 
Com-mune', v. n. <s<odiB^Qu^^(s\)^ Qu 

as receive the communion, [sps^ 

Com-mu'ni-ca-ble, a. ^^<sSI<3ss^^<s<sSj 

Com-mu-ni-ca-bil'i-ty, ) sjfSleSss 
Com-mu'ni-ca-ble-ness, ' y ^^dss,m- 

Com-mu'ni-cant, s. i5psQ^^^£m-<ssniT(^^ 


Com-mu'ni-cate, v. a. ^/6l<sSl^s5e\), sj 
n^uJS=Q<9^dj^&)^ Q^iflujLJuem^M^eO. 
to impart, Q<ssit®^^so^ uQn-ih^Qsrr 

to impart mutually, <s6\)i^uQiTiB^ 



secrets, ^pf6^Qs=nid€^<sso^ Qsuerf} 
(sSiQ^io, uS!rriEJ<suu®s;^&). 
by words, Qs=n<sO(oSlajrQ<oSl^^<so. 
by signs, uu^6d<srrLL(B^eo^ (^n^uLjd 

Com-mti'ni-cate, v. n. uiflLntT^i^GO^ rsL^ 
to converse with, Qu&dGsrr<sfr(Sf^<s 
to have communication, Qs'itib^^ 
to partake of the Lord's supper, isp 

Com-mu-ni-ca'tion, s. <sul^^ Qurrdi^, 

as interchange, intercourse, Qund(^ 

as impaitation, QsfT<oO)L-.^ ff<su, jijrSI 
as information, account, Qs=djfi, sn 

as conversation, Quds?^ <FLDUfT(Si^u 


by letter, sfrQ^ub^ ^(T^QpsLo^ u^d^i 
Com-mu'ni-ca-tive, a, Q<3ij<oif}uu(5(S)i_ 
tunubuQusi-Qp^ ^pihs^Qff-fTeo<sO(sSlf7K 


Com-mti'ni-ca-tive-ness, s. Qqj&Buu 

CS)L-UJITUJu(DU<5?-lF^60r6iDW^ ^rSI<s6Jd 

Com-mtin'ion, s. ^dQium^ e^m/^fuLj, 

as agreement, ^smssih^ Qun(T^,i^ 

body, or sect, <sSl<fipu&:iDuS}s(siTy eSis 

^ lS [fl iB^LD^^^ rriT, 

celebration of the Lord's supper, rs 

p <s (/^'(jQsur , ^n-[TLjQurr<3'€srLD. 

of saints, urfls?^^(T^d(^<om-L-.rT(^(s!^LD 


Com-mun ion-ser'vice, s. fBp/E(7^'8smu 
!flLDn^Qi£>rT(LpiEj(^^ ^iirnuQun<f<oi5TLD 

Com-mu'ni-ty, s. Qun^jesiLo^Qun^ ^. 

as body politic, ^Qrr^rrnd&Lu^^d 
iff^esTLDy ^QinSlirLCifrem-ufE^QpGn'efr^esT 
LD<) ^Q^Lurr^fTLLQd(^LLuLlL—s:esrLD. 
common people, ^esrrEJseh-^ L^ues)^ 

class of society, s^esruui^^y ^oau, 

Com-mu-ta-bil'i-ty, 5. LDrrpp^^sss^(^ 


Com-mu'ta-^blej «. innp^^ds^ Lnnpp^ 

S ■& CD 9 

Com-mu-ta'tion, s. LDrr^eGjSy^QiflLj, 

lax, LDfTp^iSllffl, 

Com-mii'ta-tive, a. mnp^^ds. 
Com-mn'ta-tive-lyj adv. mrrpp^^d s 

^rrujy LDfrp/SI ldit/61. 
Com-mUte, i\ a, LDfTp^^&)f LSlF^Lurra 

Com-mute, v. ?i. LDn^^io. 
Com-mu'tu-alj «. (s$SsfppQsnm^*i£itT 

Com'pact, 6'. jD.L_63ruijL«5(SS3<£F, QurrQ^ 

Com'pact', v.a. ^^d&iJDfTd(^,^&}^ ^^QP 
;g^LDfTd(^^6d^ Qs^iT^^eo. 

Com-pact', «. ^(ip^/sLDn(osry ^^dsLorr 
(oUTy <SLl.®uuni—[Tesr, GDeuiiLDrTeory S-ir 
uurreur, ^HLDnssr, su^6orLCirr(^jr, S-njj 

brief, close, <9?0d,SLDiT(^^, ^L^dsLofr 
iscTy QufTL^uufTear, 
snug, ^t-.daLDn<oar, 

body, ^rr^^QufT0<3!ry SLL(SluufrL—fr 
Com-pact'ly, adv. ^^dsLDmiiy SjQ^^ 
Com-pact'ness, s. ^^dsih^ ^Qp^^iiy 
Com-pan'ion, s. siL-LLi—rrsfff. Q^nLpSsTy 

a female friend, Q^u^y !E6mi3y (sjl^, 


a male friend, Q^L-m, fSGxruiosr, s 

female attendant, Qs^l^uuIt. 
Com-pan'ion-a-ble, a. QQesrs^^dQs 

Com-pan'ion-ship, s. ^ssld, p^L-rhso^, 

C6m'pa-ny, s. <9?^Ll,L^ih^ ^ulLQ. 

as associated body, <3^lLl—i1>^ ,ffijsil>. 
as persons accompanying, Q^rrLpir^ <f 

as society, ffos^u^ s^ih^ua. 

of soldiers, 6piT^<ofrs^^^d(^,9=Q'3'iTi5 


of women, QufrLLj^<s\), ^luld^ ugsgt 

to bear company, Qs'iTi^(ouiT(^^ 

to keep company, <9fu.L^^^ffJ^eOy <«l. 

Com'pa-ra-ble, a. ^-<suiJlds^sjd<Sj e^u 

Com-par'a-tive, a. e^uurrsor^ <5=LDfTGsr 


degree, m^Luir^ui^uuL^^^uLjuuL^. 
Com-par'a-tive-ly, adv. <opuL3®Q&)^ ^ 

Com-pare',s. ^-<sii(oS)u:i,^-<suuan(oanJD^!Bsn. 
Com-pare', v. a. <5p^^uunn^^eo. 

to liken, €puiSl®^e\)^ ^-.(suLSl^^io, 

the thing to be compared, ^qjQld 


the thing with which another is to 
be compared, ^^<siJLD!T(o6nh. 
Com-pare', v, n. s=LDji<s:LDrr^<so^ ^uuit 

Com-par'er, s. ^(Sul^uQuit(^, e^uiSKSl 

Com-par'i-son, s. ^ul-\, fSsir^ filuthj^ 

similitude, <opui3®<5S)s^ ^^GuiSldisays. 
Com-part', v. a. u(^^^go^ (Sik^^^go. 
Com-par-ti'tion, s. U(^l/l/, ^(^ul^. 
Com-part'ment, s. si'^p-i un^^^ iSlffl 

(Si/, UtEJ(^^ ^L^^th^ u^fi. 

Com'pass, s. ^etreij^ ldlL®, LjpQ<aU6\} 


mariners, ^€G)<9=iuS'S0(sS, sniB^u 

Com'pass, v, a. (^t^^dOj eu'Serr^eOj -sR-p 

to besiege, block up, ^<s6)L-^^io^ 

Qpp^<55)<s(DUn®^<S0 . 

to contrive, Lj'oSsriT^^^^dv, QturrQ^i 

to effect, r5L-LjLS't^^(so^S(SS}pQ<Sijpp<s\) 
C6m'pass-es, s. (pi') s<su!T[t^ld. 
Com-pas'sion, s. ^rrdsth^ &^(f^<s<sih^ u 

/(9^ /r Lj zi) , <5 (3 8s3i3T- , ^/ ear /_/, ^CT2/^ /T Lj ii) . 
Com-pas'sion-a-ble, a, ^udsLnQup^ 

Com-pas'sion-ate, v. a. ^iTfEj(^^€\), u 

Com-pas'sion-ate, a. ^ndaQp&ren-^ ld 

Com-pas'sion-ate ly, adc. ^irdsmfruj, 

^^0d<SLDnLU, ^^^nuLDndji 
Com-pat-i-bil'i-ty, s. ^(2?^> <ojpp^<^ 

<oS)LDy \^)<om'S<SLD. 

Com-pat'i-ble, a. ^(^^iun&sr, <sjpp., 
Com-pat'i-ble-ness, s. ^(^^^ ^'sm-ds 
Com-pat'i-bly, adv. ^^(^^turrdj^ ^€md 

SLDfTLU, iSi](otDS=(QllJTLU. 

Com-pa'tri-ot, s. (sjaQ^Q^ (s^QnQ^^^ 

Com-peer', s. s=ifl(suis^<sijm-, ^^^(sueor^ 

Com-peer', v. a. s=fflLiJiTd(^^60. 
Com-pel', V. a. €U(sSl(ss)LoQ-9=Lu^e\)^ u 

e\)fTpsfTiriJDU6m'^U^e\}^ SLLt—muLou 

emsmis^eo , QiB^di^^do. 
Com-pel'la-ble, a. usOfrp'SfrirLDuem-ssar 

Com-pel'ler, s. <sLLL-muLhu6^^]jQp 

Com'pend, s. ^L—d<SLD^ s?(7^dsi}i^ (^^ 

Com-pend'i-ous, a. '3f-0d<3SLDfTesr^ Sji— 


Com-pend'i-ous-ly, adv. ^0dsLDfT<Sy 



Com-pend'ious-ness, s. <9i-(7^d<SLh, ^^ 

Com-pend'i-um, s, si-^dsLC), ^L-<s<SLh, 
Com-pens'a-ble, a. ffSssLLi—^^ss, 
Com-pen'sale, v. a. s=ifld<sLL®^60j ft-® 

Com-pen-sa'tion, s. ft-®, <5(DSLDn^^ lSIst 

as pay, <s?^<o6}^ s=LDU(o(nh^ d^is^ULo^ iSI 

Com-pen'sa-tive, '^L3ii^ueom Q<srT 
Com-pen'sa-to-ry, * ^ ®<sQp, ^rfldsiL 

Com-pete/ v. n. Q(QiJ6\}6\}uufTiT^^<sOj Qld 
pQ<srr(S[r(sn'^Q^6mL^^^60^ (^ldQuulI. 

Com'pe-tence, > ^rrn<5uS^ ^(^^? ^ 
Com'pe-ten-cy, * 3 (5^^- 

as ability, cFld/t^^, ^ninn^^mLD^^^ 

as fitness, ^©^5 QujfTsQujLD. 
Com'pe-tent, a. ^(^fiujrKssr, QinndQuu 



Com'pe-tent-ly, adv. ^(^^mnib^ ^nrr 

Com-pe-ti'tion, s. QpiB^dOsfreiTefrsu 
(S5isQ^®€Si<s^ <ST^rB^^(sarLh<)<oT^iT<S}jrT^ 

Com-pet'i-tor, s. Gr^irfTGff)^ Gr^ffi, ^niu 

Com-pi-la'tion, s. ^ulL®^ Qs^nGsxsn^ <s 

Com-pile', V. n. ^itl1.®^go^ Q<9=j^^6\)y 

Com-plVer, s. QsrfsQp<si]mr, Q^irdQ 

p<SUGn', a6\)LbLJS^(S\)Q<3=lJuQ^fT(oSr. 

Com-pla'cence, ) iSlrftLum^ ^-qjulj, 
Com-pla'cen-cy, ' ) ^iBQ^iT(si^Lh, ^lL 

civility, LDiBuurKssi^^ ^-u^^rfirtli^ S?(^<^ 

S IS). 

Com-pla'cent, a, ^-us^nrnnniosr^ <3^[t^qjit 
SBT^ LDffliurT(oS)^iLj&ir(Sfr., 

I Com-pla'cent-ly, adv. n-u^nuLDrriLy ^ir 


Corn-plain', v. n. (^<s3)pQs^fTioe^^&)y 

(^<SS)pQuj®^^3:Qs^n<S0^^G0y Qp<S6)p 

uSl®^&), LSrrrr^u6ssr^}j^&J<) (^(SiDpuSl 

to moan, ^^iej(^^6\}. 

to murmur, Qp^Qp^^^o^-i Qllit^ 

to whine, (^fmi(^s;6d^ Q^uiej(^^6\)^ 

Com-piain'ant, s. <sun^,(Suip<ss[T&f}fil^n 
L-iT^^dsrrF<ourt iSlrrfT^d^frrreor. 

Com-plain'er,/ s. (^<o!DpQ<s=rr6\)^Qp<su 
car, Qp^Qp^<sQp<snGsr^ LfeOihLjQp 


Com-plain'ing, s. Qposipuun®^ iSlrreoir 


Com-plaint', s. (^osip^ Ljeoihueo, Qp 

(SlDpUUfT®^ Qp(oSipU^®. 

as accusation, charge, Qp<o6)puun®^ 
as lamentation, (sSl^(S3rd(^nSluLi, iSljr 

eOfTUll), L/6X)L0Ly. 

as malady, eSlujfr^.f QrEmu, (ojeonojiLo. 
as moan, ^ g^i ssld^ ^^ndsilij (^ 


as murmurmg, (ip^Qfi^uL\. 
Com'plai-sance, s. ^us^mruD^ LDffliun 

Com'plai-sant, a. ^irLLs^^ossfftULDfTissr, ld 

ifluun<s^^iun<oor^ Qurr^jT<QjfT(osr. 
Com'plai-sant-ly, adv, LDrBLUfT<ssi^LUfTUJy 


Com'plai-sant-ness, s. LLifliunosi^.^ 2_u 

<3=niiu:>.f sl-{tlLs=i}>. 
Com'ple-ment, s. ^msij, ldlL®^ iSiuinrr 

easTLD^ LirrGaarLD. 

of an diYC,Q<sBiTL^, ^^dQsfTi^, eSIp 


Com-plete', v. a. ^n^s^eo^ Qpi^^^ed. 
to accomplish, f§lGDpQQjp^'^&). 
to fill, iSjnliLj^iOj SoDp^^eo. 
to be completed, ^n^eo^ Qpi^^io, fS 

Com-plete', a. Lfjir(5SBrLDrT(osr^fil(ss)p6iJiT<5sr. 
finished, (ipu^i^j ^irih^. 



Com-plete'ly, adv. Lj^jiem-LDrrujj iSosip 

€lJfTUJ, (Lpp^LD^ (lp(Lp^UD. 

Com-plete'ment, s. Qpu^uLj^ /^(Szd^q/, 
Coin-plete'ness, s. Lj^uessri}), [S<s^/D(aij, ^ 

ITULj, <3hLDLj^!I6mnh. 

Com-ple'tioii, s. S<oG)/d<sij^ i§l€G)pQ<Sijpp 

ii), Lj^ITioOarLi), (3Di^Q/, ^ITULJ, S=L£iITU^. 

Com'plex, a. s^^tLi—rresr^ <s&)uu[T(Sur^ 

involved, difficult, <ffi-p^s='3?Lpp&LurT 

fraction, <9=fKi<5siTLSl(5k&^il). 
idea, Q^ni—rfQurrQ^&r^ uGdQunQF,<B(r. 
Com-plex'ion, s. QpaSpu^t s=f^ji<su6or 


as condition, ^iT,S0!QUfTSLl>j(ourTisj(^. 
Com-piex'ion-al, a. Sp^^s(^[fluj,Q^!T 

Com-plex'ion-al-ly, adv, Q^nppLondj^ 

SpLDfTLU^ Sp^^<SUrUL^, 

Com'plex-ly, adv. aeduuadj. 
Com-plex'i-ty, ^ ueoGunQ^Lseo 

Com'plex-ness, * J <oS)<ci], uedsQ^^^^ 

Com-pli'a-ble, a. ^6m<s<SLDiT€ur. 
Com-pll'ance, s. ^(smasLo^ s=LhLD^LD, 

^6^LD(2i^^ ^L^dsih^ ^(SZD<F(a/. 

Com-pli'ant, a. ^em-dsLDnesr^ ^sidld^ 
Com-pli'ant-ly, adv. ^)6md<SLDrnu, ^ 
Com'pli-cate, v. a. Q<s(^uu(ss3r^if^6\), 

Com'pli-cate, a. &3;(^(ip<s<sEfT(osr^ ssgOu 

un'<our, .g=(osr(our60iSI(osr6srG0fT<osr. 
Com'pli-cate-ly, adv. ®d<^Qp<s<snin^ <3= 

Com'pli-cate-ness, s. ®<i(^(Lpd(^, <s?p 
^J^&^LppQy s^<5br<osr<sOLSl<sar6ur6dj Qd(^ 


Com-pli-ca'tion, s. LSl(oor^€Sis^^6i)(oSiQj. 
of diseases, u<soQij[t<s<ss<sO(oG)6u, 

Com-pli'er, 5. ^<omiEi(^Qp(5um^ <3^udud 


Coni'pli-ment, 5. iFuudQ^n&o^ ^uffir 

as present, Qqj(^ld^^ Q(S}jGff}uun(Bi. 
Com'pli-ment, v. a. i^^i^'^io^ (LpSLcek 


to present, Qsu (^ ld^Qs irQ^^eo . 
to congratulate, LDiEj<3s&)(iT)Q3:rr&)^ 
^<so, Qs=fTU(our(^Q<3^rTeo^^i50j ei'fTLp^ 

Com'pli-ment, v. n. ^nL^^^dGs^neviso 

Com-pli-ment'a-ry, > ^-us^trnQpeir 

Com-pli-ment'al, * 3 ^^ l^slq^Q 

LLjerrefT^ ixifEj<s6V(i^Qs^fT&o^Qp. 
Com'pli-ment-er,s. s-u<frriiLhQu<ff?Q6ufr 

<o^i \SJ'3='5^<S<oUr. 

Com'plot, s. L/2ssr<5?(75Ll®, LjeimriTULj^ 
Com-plot', V. a.^iTnQG0fr<3''2(ssrQ^uj^&)y 

Lj'2l^3T'ff^0LL(SlUU6Sffr^}J^6Oj Lj6SGnTULj 

Com-plot'ment, s. lj <oSst it u uj , i^'hsin'Si-Q^ 

Com-plot'ter, s. ^irrTQeOfT<3=2Qn-<s<srrrr<osr^ 
s^^Quun<3^^'srd(^ lLu LLL-.<Sij<m'^ ^Utr 

Com-ply', V. n. j^<oS)ld^€\)^ ^L-rEJ(^^60, 

Com-po'nent, a. jtifEJSLDfrear^ S-^uun 

(oST, s&)<oO)(SiiLun'€sr. 

part, ^lEJSLD, o_J2/UL/, Q'^^STy 3^^y 
lSlffl(al^, Sj^'S'LD' 

Corn-port', v. n. <9?ld^^go^ s^Q^^eo. 
with, ^^^dQ<ssfT(orr{€m^6\)^ (ojp(^^60^ 

Com-port'ment, s. rEL-desis. 
Com-pose', v. a. 3k-L-®^e:>^ Qs=it^^6\}, 

to calm, quiet, assuage, ^p^^do, 

to settle, adjust, ^(r^sj^^io, ^lLu.ld 
to settle a difficulty, s=iJDrT^n(ooruu(Sl 



as printers, (siQ^^^^Qs^h^^eo-^ si^ 
language, €Ufrs=<sBiEj<sLL®^60j Q^ir®^ 

music, <3i-^Spi3^^<S\)^ <3i-^<Si^LL.l—G0. 

Com-pos'ed, a. ^ioidldib^j u^ii^^ ^ld 

as set together, Q&nib^^ ^(bldsiT(o3r^ 


mind, Q^efflih^LD^sru), sedssLo/bpLD 

Com-pos'ed-ness, s. ^(Sshd^^ ^<o6)Ln(si^^ 

Com-pos'er, s. s^<5mi—fT<sQ/D<su<ok, Qs'rr 

sQ^DeiKoUT^ ^dSlQiUfTesr. 


Com-pos'ite, a. ^i^bsm-ssuuL-t—^ 
in numbers, Q^si^QllkoSst, s'ln^k-^ 

Com-po-si'tion, s. <3iL.LL(hl, ^inL®, sgo 

adjustment, ^(ipfEj(^. 

mixture, ss\)ulj, c3s_l1®. 

mutual agreement, QunQ^^^ih, &.l^ 

eo'^Quu&sr^sSl® ^ ^ O l/^szdcS. 
writing, (surfs^sssLL®, 6)jfr.?suL\<oSsr 


of music, sh^&pLSluL^^ ^rrnauQun 
<5@;j srreurii). 
in chemistry, seoissxau. 
Com-pos'i-tor, s. (srQ^^^s'Qs'iT'sQpeu 

Com'pos-men-tis, s. LD<m-^Q[rndQiuLD, 

Com'post, s. CT(7j, ^in}}^ us^^err. 
Com-pos'ure, s. epQptsii^^ ^<oS)ld(Sij^ s} 


Com'pOUnd, S. S6\)uL^^<3^lL®^ S€0<51^61J. 

as garden, &/C., 6u(Bfr(Si^y QpppuD. 
Com-pound', v. a. <s<o\)^^id, s^lL®^6\)^ 
Q^iT^^eo, ^n'L-®^<50, epagikj SIT &<£&). 
to pay by agreement, SL-&ns{Tir(7^d 
to settle amicably, ^;6o?5r 65 @;^6U, s'LLfr 


Com-pound', r. «. QufT(7^ii^^€\i, ^sssr 

Com'pound, a. sGOuutmsr, <3^LLL-.rr<oSTy 

Q^ni—Fffiosr, ^p^(oS)LDUJiT<osr. 

idea, ugo^qf^^ ^ SGoi5^Q(QU6mesanh. 

interest, <suLLL!^d(^6u lLu^. 

letter, <3k-LLQ L-(ip^^ ^ ^rTirQuQp^^. 

number, (2Sl(Q:S^Qsuem. 

ratio^ s^&aiFG^Q^LJD. 

syllables, Q^iTL—n^<3S)ff:. 

tense, (sBirei^&sneOLci. 

verb, Q;sm—iTQLDfrL^<2Si^2iosr. 

word, Q^fTL—irQiDrri^. 
Com-pound'a-ble, a. seodsssk. l^lu^ ^ 

Com-pound'er, s. seodQpisusk.^'Sedisi^su 

Com-pre-hend', v. a. Qsn&r(&T^GO^ iSI 

is^^^ed^ ^L-d(^^eo. 

to comprise, embrace, ^(ig(si^^60^ ^ 

to understand, u)LL®dsLL®^d\}, Qtj 
Q^^io^ SjfB^eo^ S6m®LSli^^^eo, 
Com-pre-hen'si-ble, a. Qsnon-efr^^ds^ 
QirQs^^^dSf (2S<3friEJsd^ds, li&)u 

Com-pre-hen'si-ble-ness, s. LjeOLju®{B 

^€Sr(olDLD^ <sSI<sn'd<SLD. 
Com-pre-hen'si-bly, adv. (sSlff^6ij/TLu, u 

Com-pre-hen'sion, s. ^i^daih, Qsnelr 


of mind, j^jrSleii^ S-emireij, QjtQulj^ 

Com-pre-hen'sive, a. Q<srr(ck(^Qpy ^ 
as extensive, (oSlrFl€urT<5sr, (sS&m^ninLiT 

(oSr, ^ap<sSldQ<SfT'S{r(GfKIB^6Ur<5S)LDLUrT6l^. 

mind, (2Srfl(SijrT<oGrLD<ssrih, (oSlQioij<SLDn<oar 


plan, (sSs^treo^suD, (sSlrflQjfnosrGTeikr 

rule, ^LLu<sSlfi. 
Com-pre-hen'sive-ly, adv. ^L-dsLoniJu^ 

Q^fT<olDSUJITiLJy <aS ffl <S}J nils. 

Com-pre-hen'sive-ness, s. ^i—d(^<oU)s, 
ueO(SUL-dQLu^m'(oS)L£), dSlfflei^^ eSieh) 



of mind, LDSsr^i^iiij eSlG'susu)^ jbqi^ 

Coni'press, s, LDL^^^^(smQ. 
Corn-press', i\ a. ^ldIt^^^go^ ^i—d 

Com-press-i-bil'i-ty, s. ^L^fEJS^^^ds^ 

Com-press'i-ble, a. ^l^iejs^^^s, ibs? 
Com-pres'sion, s. ^u.<sslo, ^^ssud^ 
Com-prcss'ive, a. simhff^^^^ss^ <3jl— 
Com-press'ure, s. j)jldit^^(oU)<^, ®^<^ 
Coirf-prls'al, s. G)<£/r(s-/r^6S5<£F, ^(i£<si^ 


Com-prlse', v. a. ^u.<s^sj60^ Qsa&r 

to be comprised, ^l-iej(^^6\). 
Com'pro-mise, s. ^Q^^/DsSlem-dsuD,) @ 

Com'pro-mise, v. a. ^€6srs(^^G0^ ^ifl 

to compound, ^(7^^p^^a(r^ih^n^^ 

^ <cGST [El (^^60 , Qu n^^^Q^SmiEJ (^^60 , S? 

Com-piil'sa-tive, ) sLLL^nuuLDUGk- 
Com-pul'sa-to-ry, * ) jga?/ Qm . 
Com-pul'sion, s. ueoufh^ih, Q[E(r^s(^ 

(SUfTinh^ SLLL-fTiULD, (SU <oSl €6) LD , U&)np 

Com-piil'sive, a. ueduiB^Lonosr, slLl-h 


Com-pul'sive-ly, adv. ue^ufs^LDnuj. 
Com-pul'sive-ness, s. ueouii^uy, (oueSi 

Com-pul'so-ri-ly, adv. ueouih^LDniJu.^ dj 

Com-pul'so-ry, a. ueouib^LDnosr. <slL 


Com-punc'tion, s. tsKosreSl^iSsnh^ LDesr&iv 

Com-ptit'a-ble, a. GTGmr(osar^<sd'!E. sessr 


Com-pu-ta'tion, s. (sisstsTy 6S€ssf:^il)y aossr 

as sum, amount, Q^itgs)^, ^nuLj, 
Com-ptite', v. a. (srGmemns^jo^ 6S€m'd(^ 

Com-put'er, s. <s(om-s,s<o6r, <seq^i^^^ ld 

Com'rade, s. sk^LLL^freif}, Q^nipdr, <3^ 

Con, V. a. unt—.iJD^<3u^n<ssfl^^Gi\ ^/r 

Co-na'tus, s. Qs^lu(5K)<s, Qpuup®^ Qfs 

Con-cat'e-nate, v. a. Qs^nQ^^eo^ Qsrr 

Con-cat-e-na'tion,s. <3=(EjQeSl>sQ<sn<5S)6i}, 

QsfT€Sj.2ll^ Q^fT®ULj^ G)^m—IT. 

Con-ca-va'tion, s. aGSls<o!D<£B, ^<s(su'S£rr 

<SUfTd(^€S)S^ (^(o6)L—.<Sll!T&(^<oG)S. 

Con'caA^e, s. ,s€Sl(5s)<s^ ^seSluLj^ s(s^si]. 
Con'cave, r. a. sisSI^^go., ^<sir(au^6rr^^ 

to be concave, seSl^io, ^(Sfr(5ii2iorr^(so , 
Con'cave, a. <S(QSluun(osr^ ^^Ll.<sB<2Si ih^. 
Con'cave-ness, i seSloDs, 6ss£!(si^,^_ 
Con-cav'i-ty, * j en-Qj'^rGi^^ j)js<5ij 

Con-ca'vo-con'cave, a. ^iQ^i-^p(Lpij(^ 

(oS)t-.(aij(3rr(ofr^ ^Ki^LjpQpQpLL-seS ih^. 
Con-ca'vo— con'vex, a. S(cSJii^6iJL^(Eii<3fr 

err, Q-LL(^(SDL—Gi]Lh i-^p<au^err€i^(ip(Sfr(Str. 
Con-ceaF, v. a. LOGsyp^^eo^ ^(srf}^^6\)^ 

defects, Qufrir^^^Qs^eo. 

one's self, e^Gffl^^dQsfT&TfGr^^So, 

to be concealed, LD6S)p^6\)^ ■ssr^^io, 

Con-ceal'a-ble, a. ldqs)p&<s<s<s^ls^uj. 

Con-ceal'ed-ness, 5. m's^psu fT(^sr<2Sl i_LDy 

(SffluLj^ <S5rrULj. 

Con-ceal'er, s. ^(Sffl<sQp<suek^ mosyps 

Con-ceal'ing, s. e^GtffuLj, LD<os>puL^. 
Con-ceal'ment, s. LD(oS)p<sij^ tosiDp u l9 l-. 

as keeping secrets, sji—ssih^ QcsuerR 

gB L^rT<^lJD. 



B,s hiding, LDQ^p<Si^, ldqd/oulj, potfJu 

a hidden place, LDOD/DGij'y ldqdpsSl- 

privacy, ^ib^jiieisiI), ^GDLL(QUL—<i<3s 

Con-cede' v. a. ep^^dQ,srr(oh-(^^6V, ^ 
6ssr fEj (^^6\} J (ojp^'iQ<srT<3(r(Gm^io^ s=ih 

to grant, make over, e^uLjsQsrrQ^ 

Con-ceit, s. &iB^'2an-. 

as opinion, €T(om-(omLD^ /^Ssaruty, iB 

an idea, image, LD(osr^Q^rTppi£). 
a fantastic notion, (aSQesaresarassru). 
self conceit, f5rrQ<oST(okQpQQJ6m-mjr 

Con-ceit', v. a. 'oT€mr6mia&) . 
Con-ceit'ed, a. ^,si5(oG)^iL]i3(r<3(r^ i5rfQ(osr 

Con-ceit'ed-ly, adv. ruirQiSsrGurQpQsij 


Con-ceit'ed-ness, s. [ErrQGsr^ssrQpQsu 

Con-ceiv'a-ble, a. <or(om(omr^^s<s^ fS'2eBT 

Con-ceiv'a-ble-ness, s. <5T6m<5sSs<o5i<s^ 

Con-ceiv'a-bly, adv. GT<om€asr^^d<3S<si9^ 

Con-ceive', v. a. sQ^Cjuopemi—rr^io^ 

to tliink, /^3s3r^^&i), Gressremi^^eo. 
Con-ceive', v. n. <S(T^sQsiT(3fr(Gf^^&), ^ 

as a beast does, Quit«oS}^6\). 

to comprehend, QnQ^^dd, ldlLQs 

to imagine, GT<oGm€mi3^&), fS^tsm-^^eo^ 

Con-ceiv'er, s. 'S(T^ui3(ssSujnQp<sii(S{r. 

a thinker, lEl'h^srdQp'Sijebr. 
Con-cent', s. ^^^(Sd«f, f^(su<ai^€s)s. 
Con-cen'ter, v. a. <3^lduu^^<sQq£^^go^ 

^ rB L—^fiQ <oi) Q s= n^^eo . 


Con-cen'trate, v. a. LD^^uSlQeoQ^n^^ 
6U, f5QuQupd(D<fiT^^e\). 
the thoughts, &iB^'^GsrQuj[T<5hrfSlQeo 

Con-cen-tra^tion, s. LD^^uSlpQs=iT<s<ss)<s. 

of thoughts, S?(75^/F^3sW, (5JS&IB^ 

Con-cen'tre, v. a. LD^^u^lQeoQs^ir^^iOj 
Con-cen'tre, v. n. Sfc>s3r^<5s_®^6U, sp(^ 

Con-cen'tric, a. ^Qir<saLDUj^(o6)^s='3?p 


circles, ^^GDLDiLKsnLLL^iEJS&r. 
Con-cep'ta-cle, s. Q-sfTtsfrsedihy urr^^ 


in botany, Q<sn^^ ^(9, s_L£9, eSI^<om^ 

Con-cep'tion, s. ^e^tJL/, <s(7^uu<Qi^pu 

notion, idea, Greosrem-il).) fS'2esr€ij,Q^fT 

Con-cern', s. Qufr^uLf, snrf^ujLh, ^^ 

as anxiety, uifl^nuuD^ ^jJTssi}). 

as connexion, ^-i—f5(oiD^, Qs^frLDfresrih, 

as interest, Q^ni—fr<d&, &_z_/f<szd^, 

as regard, sojiosru), sSs^^^ggt, up^. 
as solicitude, (5T<om<3ssrLD^ QiB^^^Effr, eiSI 

Con-cern', v. a. ^®^^eo, &-rf}^^/ruS}(7^ 

to intermeddle, gs^suSIQ^go^ ^'^uSiQ 

to concern one's self about, L9rnufrs= 

Con-cern'ed, a. upr^sar, ^-L^fFosi^inn 

earnestly engaged in, a(fl<3'^2issnurT(Sur^ 

i-l(sO GS)i (Sfrefr, (ipiijp&ii^(Sfr<sfr^ ^(sufreij 


solicitous, <s6u^2€\)UjfT(our,^iB^'^ssrLLj(3fr(srr 

to be concerned in,, ^_L-iB<siD^ajn(^^ 



to be concerned for, ^nth(^^<so^ u 

uuu Q^&J . 
Con-cern'ing, prep. (^^^^^ ujb/£l-f 

Con-cern'ment, s. (see Concern.) snifl 

as interposition, ^'hsouS'®, <o!d<sli^Q. 
Con'cert, s. Quitq^^^ld^ p^i—m-unQ-f 

of music, U60lT<9?^L^UUfT®LDS'frQ^fi 


to act in concert, ^esariEjQfSL-^^io, 

Con-cert', v. a. ^Q&)fr3''^3^u6m^i]^ 

Con'ces'sion, s. ^ul}^ ,3'ldld^ld^ SP^'H 

as apology, LSl<ssyLpQLU<ourQ(vrf'^^dG)sfT 

Con-ces'sive, a. ^L-rKjQ<s5rr(h)dQ/D, 9^ 

Con-ces'sive-ly, adv. ^6ssrd-SLD[TUJ^ <f 

Conch, s. s=rEJ(^, drfflQpdsih, 

which turns to the right, QjeoihLjtfls^ 

Conch'Ite, s. a606\)fTSLDfTf6l<osrs=rEj(^. 
Conch-oid'al, a. ^iEj(^(3nis^<suinrr<o5r. 
Conch-ol'o-gist, s. <g=!Ej(^^^^^6u3=[T^^ 

Conch-ol'o-gy, s. ffEi(^i^^^^(su&n^^ii 

Con-cil'i-ate, v. a. ^emdi^^eOj ,s=ldld^ 

Con-cil'i-a-ting, a. s=i}:>LD^L£rT€sr^ •9=fr^ 

Con-cil-i-a'tion, s. ^€ffsr<s<sth^ s^ilnD^Lh^ 

ll), S^LDfT^fTSUrii). 

Con-cil'i-a-to-ry, a. 

measures, s^nQiDnunujiD 

Con-ClSe', a. <9?(7^<SSLDIT<5Srj ^t—.<S<SLDIT 
6W, QuiTL^LJUfT€l7r. 

to be concise, <9i-(T^iEj(^^eo^ (^^(^^da. 

(smssLDnssTj {^)^ 


Con-clse'ly, ado. ■si-Qj^&sLLndj^ Quitl^ 
Con-cise'ness, s. <ST(T^dsih^ ^i—dsm^ 

QufTL^ ULj. 

Con-cis'ion, s. (o)<ay/_L®<o3)^, ^gi^(o!ds^ /f 
Con-ci-ta'tion, s. <sT(i£LJLSi<sSl®&D<s^ (oksij 

Con-cla-ma'tion, s. ^iiisunuuD^ Qu 

Con'clave, s. urrLJLj<oG)<auSujLSIds<S(^0 

uLSlrr^rr(osfl-ss<s{r€u>(Sv<s;(^fEJ<3?L-LLi—.ii), (^ 

Con-clude', v. a. (Lpu^^^eo^ ^irSi^GO. 
to decide, ^itui-j6S£5lL®^<s\)^ (ipLg-ULj 

to infer, €T6m-^}j^6\)^^<5S5fl^&), ^gs)i 

Con-cltide', v.n. Qpu^.^<so^ ^ff^id. 
Con-cltid'er, s. ■s-^Q^®<sQp(Sij(Sir, Qpi^ 

Con-clud'ing, a. Qpi^eurresr^ s<o6)L—uj[t 

Con-clli'si-ble, a. fiiTLDfr&^ds^^ddSj ^ 

Con-clli'sion, s. Qpu^(cij, <5F(Sjdz_, @^^. 
consequence, ^eas/? (2/ , (Sds^uSluLj^ ^ 
-szD/rujjz/uL/, fS^freGflui-i, ^GpiLpfrefffl 


final decision, (Lpu).ui^^ ^itulj^ ^it 
inference, ^^LDfT(osrLD^ Gremessnl).^ & 

of a book, ^(sk(ipi^€ij. 
Con-clli'sion-al, a. Qpi^SiJiTesr, ^itib^. 
Con-clu'sive, a. (ipu^uunGsr^ ^iruutr 

€5r^ ^irdsLDirisar, 
Con-clu'sive-ly, adv. ^ffdaLons^ ^rru 

Con-clu'sive-ness, s. ^^^^ ^itulj^ ^ 

JT<S<SLD, ^ITLDfr<3GrL£), (IpU^ULj. 

Con-coct', V. a. s=lSIulS1^^6\)^ ^jressfiu 

to manage, ^LLi—LDuesur^iJ^^GO^ wl^ 

u lSI^^go . 

to ripen, u(Lpui3^^io^ ssSujuuem' 


to sublimate, s^^^u<3m^^^e\}^Q)^^(Bffl 

to be concocted, s^lS^^&o, Qs^ifl^^ 

Con-coc'tion, s. s=lSIlji-j, ^irGssfluLf. 
as ripening, sGuflGD-s5j uLpLDn(^<oS)<Sy 

Con-coc'tive, a. ^jjGsS'sQp^ &ij<si^<s<s 

CD CT • 

Con-com'i-tance, ) <3^lL(B^ gLz_ 

Con-com'i-tan-cy, * 5 <5^'Sih<5=&, <^p 

Con-com'i-tant, s. s^LLL-rreffl, ©_i_/5 

Con-com'i-tant, a. sp>-Lp.Lu, Q^ntDni^ 

Con'cord, s. @(53)<£fq/, ^mns^sih^ Qurr 

suitableness, ^@^^, ^fow-s^®/, ^6m<s 
in grammar, s^LDUti^th^ ^ieo<ss<om(Lp 
to live in concord, ep^^Q^^^eo^ ep^ 

Con-cord'ance, s. ^/b^<oa)Lo^ s^muih^Lh. 

a dictionary, ^^^(aufT<sQuj^<srriT^. 

Con-cord'an-cy, s. ^d,55i}), ^smasih^ 

Con-cord'ant, s. ^<sd3=ib^^j^ <op^^^. 
Con-cord'ant, a. ^6m-<i<sLDfT<osr, @<s»<5^ 


<sufT6sr^ epn:)^<so)LDLUfT(oor. 
Con-cord'ant-ly, adv. ^dsLDndj, 

Con-cor'po-rate, v. a. (^m(frj>d(^^60,^ 

Con-cor-po-ra'tion, s. ^itl-Q, Q^fT(^ 


Con'course, s. s^^lLl-ld^^wlLQ, fiireir, 

of people, <g^<52jr<5<«i-Llz_iLr), s^gstQieq^ 

Con'cre-ment, s. ^itlI^, ueoseoisQ^rT 

Con-cres'cence, s. <su(ofr0(o!DS^ ,Qir(Gr^ 


Con'crete, s. &lLl^uj(T(^q£>s^ L^cmL—LDir 
as compound, 3;<o^ul^^ <s'-1®, <opp^ 


Con-crete', v. a. s-ezo/DoS^^a), slLl^ 

Con-crete', v. w. ^^(s^/n^do, slLl^uQ^ 

Con'crete, a. P-(5i^nri€urT(oor, <sLLL^LU[T<osr, 
L3(omi—LDn(o6r^ 'spp^(Sis)LLiun(osr. 
terms,. LSIirSl(T^^,^fT^yU(^^, Qp<o\)il), 

Con-crete'ly, adv. Q^rr(3S)suunuj^ <5rs=^ 


Con-crete'ness, s. s_(SJo/r)(S^, slLl^^ l9 

Con-cre'tion, s. g_(So/D(aj)<9f; g)^<»<s»Lb, <ar 

as mass, slLu^^ i3emi—.ui, 
Con-cre'tive, a. 9L.Q5)pujuu(om^i]Qp., 

^JTiLQQpy &.fTLD[TS(^Qpj ep(oST(nj>d 

Con-cu'bin-age, *. <s6)(Siiul\, Qs^num 


Con'cu-bine, s. GDOJuufrLLu^, .sl.^^. 
Con-cul'cate, v. a. iSlfi^^dv. 
Con-cii'pis-cence, s. QLD[T<s;eSl3'(ss)<3^.f &(t 

Con-cu'pis-cent, a. QiDnsfT^UQpefrmy 

Con-cur', v. n. ep^^(SU(T^^6\)^ ^ihin^Q^^ 

to co-operate, s^^u^dQs'uj^io. 
Con-cur'rence, s. ^FihfiuLj^ epp^G^LD. 
agreement, ^<oatsrdsih^^(5S)s=<Sij,QurT 

approval, s^ldld^ud^ ^lEjQsrfluLfy <sj 

co-operation, 2_L_(537-(?(Siy^. 
Con-cur'rent, s. Qs=(j^<oi^<s^ ^dsuuQ 

Con-cur'rent, a. ^(SBis^eufrear, ^(smss 
testimony, ^^^w^LD^^rrLL^ , @ 



Cuii-cur're)it-ly, adv. ^i€S)<fsytTLUy ^<s<s 
Coii-cus'sion, s. ^rrd^, QuDfT^^^ ^e^ 

^(^, ^(SS)<Feil^ ^,^/7LJL/, ^^IT<P&. 

Con-cus'sive, a. ^<oS).3'iu^^ss, ,9=6\)<sur 

Con-demn', v, a. (^p/DiEj<srr^}j^60, ^ 

to doom to punishment, ^dQ^ssrs 
Qs(oGr_^^iT^^eo^ ^<sQ'2ssTd(^(3fr(3frfTd 

to fine, ^<oasrL—LbQu[i®^&), ^furrrT^ 
to pass sentence, (^pp<SiJ fT6fflQuj<sk^ 
to pronounce unfit, ^i-.nQ^<osrgiJ^iT 

to prove guilty, (^ppQ LD<ok^s^u u 

'2issr u (oSJKGmi^sio . 
Con-dem'na-ble, a. ^€mi—'2Qn-<i(^e[r(sn-(T 

dsuuL—^^ds, (^ppQp<slTG(r. 
Con-dem-na'tion, s. ^dQ^ssrdt^^^^iru 

Con-dem'na-to-ry, a. ^dQ'^GsrdQs^ 

Con-dem'ner, s. ^dQ'2io!n-^^iTULj<3=Qs: 

LLjQ(SurT€sr, <sL^dQp<Sij(5ur. 
Con-dens'a-ble, a. ^i—dsdsk-u^Lu, epQ 

S E d 3k- IS^IU . 

Con-dens'ate, v. a. ^i—<s(^^&}^ ^(Sld 

Con-dens'ate, v. n. ^l—iej(^^60^ ^Qiej 

Con-dens'ate, a. ^L-dsLDrrear, e^Qd^s 

LDrresr^ Sr(7^ <s<SLDrT(osr. 
Con-den-sa'tion, s. ^i—ssld, epQdsih^ 

<9?0<S<3bli)<f ^gjtidsui. 

Con-dense', v. a. ^i—d(^^eo^ epQd(^ 

as inspissate, ^i^dsdQs^iJu^eo^ ^^ 

Con-dense', a. ^i—ir^^cumssr^ ^^<s^ 

LDn(oST^ su^<osrLDrT<osr^ Qi3(r^dsLDfT<osr. 
Con-dens'er, s. &.(Sfr<sfrL^s(^f5j^(f^<sSI. 


Con-dens'i-ty, s. ^L—dsLh, ^j^d^Lo. 
Con-de-scend', v. n. ^LueijQs=LU^6\)f ^ 

to look, ^uj<3urTdjuufTiT^^€<s\)') SL^m-L 

Con-de-scend'ence, s. sq^^^sst^ ^iu<si\.f 

Con-de-scend'ing, a. ^Luevrresr^ ^iTd<s 


Con-de-scend'ing-ly, uclv. ^uj<su{tuj. 
Con-de-scen'sion, 5. ^ulks^^ ^n'd<suD^ <s 

Con-dign', a. <ojpp^ ^^rfltUj ^d<s^ ^Q 

Con-dign'ly, adv. ^(^^uuniL^ <ojpp^auj.. 
Con'de-ment, s. Q^[t(Si<x'<oS)€i'. 
Con-di'tion, s. ^<^<^ld^ [B'^GDm., S^iso 

Uirih^ ^IT, ^LUeOLj^ fS(T^<SUfT<3SUD, ^ih 

quality, (^emih, LjecsTLy, ^iLie\)Lf, 
rank, ^'^(oSiin^ uu^^^uld^ ^(b^<s(v^, 
terms given, &/C., ^L-i—ih^ s=lLl^ld^ 

QpSnid^llUD, QufT0^^UD, QutTQ^^ 

to take on condition, ir-OirnLLi-^iT-s 

Con-di'tion-al, s. €T€V'^^ ^srretj. 
Con-di'tion-al, a. ^LLi—LLnm-^ it-QstitlL 

t—.fr(our^ ^ii6mrQd(^pp. 
Con-di'tion-al-ly, adv. Qurr0iF^(ssr^LL 

t—.^^€Grui^, PpQunLLi—iTUj, 

Con-di'tion-a-ry, a. &-i—(osrLSl{^d(SS)<s5iLi 

efrsrr, Fr-QinTLL.L-fT(osr. 
Con-di'tion-ed, a. QurT0ih^dQsfT6m- 

Con-dole, v. n. iSlpQirfrQ^dsfEjOsfTsm 

Con-dole'ment, ) iSlp(ojTrT(SQsrr<sfr 
Con-do'lence, * > (^iB^d<sLD, ^n<d 

Con-dol'er, s. ^^^rTuuu(£lQ<SiJiTQsr, 
Con'dor, s. Qu(f^!Ei<s(Lg(^. 
Con-dtice', v. n. <5j^(sun(^^e0.f snifluuu 

Con-duce'ment, s. <oj^^ <oj^<SiJiT(^<o!^<s, 



Coii-du'ci-ble, a. (sj^^unt^S^p, <ou(r^'sSl 

sQjDf (ojiSijQp. 
Con-dti'ci-ble-ness, 5. <oj€^!B^&5r€6)LD. 
Con-du'ci-bly, adv. (oisu^^drseB^uifTLU, 

(ojpp <sSl^ LDITUJ. 

Con-du'cive, a. striresurLDfTesry <5j^6un€sr. 
Con-du'cive-ness, s. (sr^, <[BrT!i<5ssnJD. 

Con'duCt, S. (EL—<SQS)'S^ (^(LpSSUb^ c^<9^/^ 
STU)^ <SLD'o6rUD. 

guard, convoy, ^2s3sr, <srT<oU60j (suifii 

management, urrfTUffluLi^<2Sls=rriT'Sessr^ 

Con-duct', v.a. iSL-.^^^6\),^iup^^&)^ 

a [TffliULJ U ®^^^&} . 

to escort, ^dsm-Qufr^eo. 

to give direction to, (duit<s(^^60, ^ 

to guide, protect, <3^LLi^dQ<35fr€m® 

to show the way, Qji^smLQ^eo, <su 

one's self, [el^^^go, lEL—^^^eo. 
water, &/C., i§iTurrLus=s?^&)f ^(Lp<s(^ 

Con-duct'or, 5. (SUL^sinLi^^ ^'SemrLurr 

as commander, ^"Ssoeiygor. 

in electricity, LSlowsiJntEjQ^ ^ueons 

Con'duit, s. ^QnfT^fkjt^Lpio^ [^it^^ldlj. 

as channel, eunihssneo^ il^(^. 
Cone, s. (^<sl9ih;S<aiJL^<5i^. 
Co'ney, s, (see Cony.) Qpiueo, (Sl^QP 

Con-fab'u-late, v. n* Qu9l<iQs(T(s(r(Gr^ 

Con-fab-u-la'tion, s. Qus^s?, Qsrr^'fff- 

Con'fect, '^^esflui^L-i—ussaTL^ 

Con-fec'tion, * ) ih., ^efffl^^uessri—ih^ 

Con-fec'tion-er, s. ^^ijffLJD<3SlpQuiT&sr. 
Con-fec'tion-er-y, s. ^saffuLjuueuari— 

Con-fed'er-a-cy, s. Qun(i^^^LD^ ^t_(S3r 


as persons confederate, ufh^dstL 

L— fTuS(7^<i Sip (SUIT'S (SfT. 

Con-fed'er-ate, s. ^d<sLJULLi^<cU(ok^ u 


as nation, ^sQuunns'&ujLD. 
Con-fed'er-ate, v. a. Qurr^^^ihuessr 
<sssfldQsrT&r^^&), e^uuih^ihuessriSGafl 
<sQs [T&r(^^eo . 
to be confederate, s?^L^dQsrT<oinr(er^^ 

Con-fed'er-ate, a. ^^l-&5tul^<s5<^slu(t 

Con-fed-er-a'tion, s. ^_L-(56ruL^d<c6)s, 

Con-fer', v. a. FF^ed^ Qsn®^^<so» 

favors, ^iu<aijQs^Lu^(SO^ Quperfl^^So. 

honors, (Si/iH(oS)'9=Qsn®d^&). 

titles, ui1.[—.[E]<slL®^<so, (^lL®^&). 

Con-fer', v. n. Qu9\<iQ<sn(S(r(GTF,^<sOyQujff 

Con'fer-ence, s. Qud&i-i s^iliurT<si^'Bs5ar^ 
Con-fer'rer, s. ^Qeon^'^ssrS'SfriKcir.f ft- 
Con-fess', v. a. <o^^^sQsn(3(r(^^iOj ^ 

rB<sQ^^io^ cg>l/6l'S<oS)SuSI®^&).) LSlrr^dS) 

'2esru(omr^}j^e0y Q_<3fr(S{r^€S)^<9=Qs=rT(so 

Con-fess'ed-ly, adv. <o^^_s}dQ&nm(srT^^ 
d-s^mii, Q<aiJLLi—Q<Qij(o{f}d<3=LDrrLu.f s=ib 

Con-fes'sion, s. (^ppuLSsr^^^th^ e?^ 

^dQ<SBn<s{r(£rK0S)s^ ^ jjS <cSI u lj , ^nSd 

(oOis, iSlu^dQ'^Gsr. 

as creed, (3S.s?<surTs=uL9rrLDfT6sarLh.) s^ld 


auricular, urT<su^[ijQiT^^<osn}>. 

fruits of auricular, u/rG*u/r<iF<F/)rirs3OTLD. 
Con-fes'sion-al, ) u fT<sij ^ /SI d <ss) <3s 

Con-fes'sion-a-ry, * y G<xlL(^[ej(^(7^iS 

i—ih, urT<QUS=rsjSiT^^(oartEjQ<SLL(^[Ej(^ 


Con-fes'sion-a-ry, a. urTeus=iEjQiT^^(6sr^ 

Con-fess'or, s. LSsr^dQ^sirrQs'iuQsLiiT 




as confessing priest, un<su<sSiQLDn<3^<osr 

Con'fi-dant, s. (see Confident.) ^ib^it 

fEj<S(osr^ &-.(ct<sfr rrsir . 
Con-fide', v. a. /fldl/^gI), iBuoiSl-icssi-s 

Qsn<sn'^^&i^ fBil)L9<sGD<SGn<QiJ^^eo^ 

to intrust, fBLhLSld<oO)<s<S(^<35Q<sfTQ^^ 
Con'fi-dence, s. rBLJoiSldeiDs^ '-^^j ^^ 


assurance, ^^^^luurr®^ <seqdl-ulSI 

boldness, courage, ^z_ (SOT", &5)^(fliuil>, 

^ loissfl €1] ^ (S^rrihy ^inh. 

excessive boldness, ^(cssflsjiLh^ Q[E(^ 

Con'fi-dent, 5. ^i^^jTtEjSiok^ &.(SfrGfr fret , 

Con'fi-dent, a, fBLhiSd^o^SLLjeiren-^ O-^^ 

bold, GOi^fflujQp&refr^ fii—^efrefr^ ^ 


certain, S<FLD/T<oar, Ss=<9^LULDfT(onr^ 2-J2/ 


positive, dogmatical, .a^rr^uurresr, 5? 


Con-fi-den'tial, a. tBihi3^(oG)siLi&r<sfr^ ^ 

person, {5il)U^^d<s<QU(sar,^i^iTfEJS(sar. 
Con-fi-den'tial-ly, adv. iEiJDLSl<s<5S)<sLunuj. 
Con'fi-dent-ly, adv. rEUDL^sGSisiundj.^ s= 

rBij>^,sLSl<s\)6\)fr<5S)LDLurnUj ^^^^Lumu. 

as positively, iSii^surT^LDndj, f^J^^uj 

Con'fi-dent-ness, 5. !BihiSl<s(3SiSj ^^^, 

Con-fid'er, s. [ELhLjQ(SiirT&sr. 
Con-fig'u-rate, v. n. Qrr,sQfSfT<i(^^e\), 


Con-fig-u-ra'tion, s. QsrreOw^QJi^'Sij. 
of planets, QirsQ[Bns(^^ QnsuuniT 

Con-fig'ure, v. a. '^(r^Q]ns(^^io^ (Sul^ 


Con-fiu'a-ble,, a. uiB^msd&k-i^uj. 
Con'flne, s. otsu'Ssd, ^^€U(oS)jjLuih. 
Con-fine', v. a. ^lL(Si^<so, 

to imprison, srr€iJ<oSle\)QD(3u^^ed^ Q' 

to limit, restrain, ldlL®lju®^^^<so^ 

to make close, to crowd, Qr5(T^<s(^ 
to make fast, ueOutSl^^GO. 

to shut up, ^€S)l—^^<SOj LD/6}^^&)^ S 

to tie, bind, slL®^&), uih^^^eo^ y 

to wedge in, ^®<aJ(^^a),C),'F(^dF(^^6i). 
Con-fin'ed, a. ^®<s<SLDn(osry Qieq^ss 

lj^lLl^uulLi—.^ slLQljulLl-. 

as in child birth, (see Confinement.) 

€UlU[T(oS(^<S0(ipL-lkQ<56r^ -S QK l£> IT ifl lU 


prospect, Qp®Q<our<snLL9l^ (^gnQ^sr 


room, Qf50<ssLDfT6sr^<ss)p^ ^®ds 


views, (oreo'^uuLLi—Q<an<ossT<3SGnh, uir 

eo^,SLDj ^punQeOfT<9='2i^n-. 

to be confined, Qf5(^fsj(^^6\), ^Qnsj 

LDfSlu^^GO^ LDlL®UU®^€Oj SlLQuU 

Con-fine'ment, s. Q^m—.<s(^, uib^ulj, 
as child-birth, iSm'^iofruQu^^ tSleir 

'hsiruQup^(Lpi—^<SLD^ (oULUITQpL^ds 

imprisonment, <srT(QueOj Qos^p^ slL® 

uurr®<) ^GDi—UL^. 

restraint, SLL®np<s'2issr^ <s lL® u u aQ ^ 

UIB^LD, fSufB^66rLD. 

by sickness, QpL^dsm^ Qeoit-uun®, 
tightness, ^<5S)L-(^<g'6\), ^^dsili. 
voluntary restraint, <sLL®(2p<s'2t5sr^ ^ 
±L®uun®, ^L-.<s<s5il),^<okQ(^^uLi, 
want of room, QiBQ^ssihj QpLL®^ 9 




C oil-fill 'er, a. uiB^sQp<s^mj ^GDi—d 

Con-firm', v, a. ue^uiSl^^eo^ ^ffuu® 

catechumens, ^lLi^uuQ^^gOj s_^ 

to fix, settle, establish, rS^^^^eo, 

to make certain, fSs=s=uJuu®^^^6\), 

to ratify, ^^^uuQ^^^io, ^i—uu 

Con-firm'a-ble, a. ^g}i^uu®^^^^ss. 
Con-firm-a'tion, s. &-j2/^, ^gjj^uurr 

®, ^l—LJD^ efU^ffLD^ ^irULj, U6\)ULj. 

of catechumens, ^L_uLj(o)^^CT)<5, s_ 
as additional evidence, QLDp<3=nLL&^ 
as additional strength, Qld^^^, 


Con-f irm'a-tive, a. ^.^^uu®^^Qp^ 

^-£ii^ u u (Si^^^p Q&pp . 
Con-firm'a-tor, s. ^^^uu®^^Qp 

Con-firm'a-to-ry, a. QLD§^^^iun<o(5?^ 


Con-firm'ed-ness, s. ^G^rS^uunS'^^ &_ 
Con-firm'er, s. &-^^uuQ^^Qp<su(^j 
Con-fis'ca-ble, a. unSQsfrQs^B^^as^ 

Con-fis'cate, v. a. ur^^Q^Q^^eo^ ^lq 

ih^Qu nsuu 6m€mi;S<so . 
Con-fis'cate, a. utBl^^aQsirsmL-. 

goods, ur]S^Q^Qd<3suuLLi—^j ^u 

Con-fis-ca'tion, «. urB^Q^®<ss^^nuL\ 

Con'fis-ca-tor, s. u/SI^Q^Qds^^iTUL^ 

Con-fix', V). a. ^m.m'peo^ (sro^^^eu, /f/tlI 

Con-fix'ure, s. ^^f.i^^isdSj i5!tlL®<s^<s^ 


Con-ila'grant, a. eiiflQp, QeuQp. 
Con-fla-gra'tion, s, Qu(7^Qie0ulj^Qu 


of the world, ^dQ6ufluL9j(SfnLiihf 

Con-fla'tion, s. ^'^sssrd(^Lg^^<oiD<3S. 
Con'flict, s. QLDrr^(SD<s, QpLLQ(SS)<s,^rr 

as agony of death, LDrr6asr^<Sij&vQD^. 
combat, Qufrir, QumrdLLL—ih.^ ^^^ 
iDj sQLDQurriT, (ipLL<S)uLj^^i}}. 
contention, u^^^ih^ <5=(ossr(oiDi—^ iSessr 

opposition, f^(Su<syfT<oS)LD^ eT^rff(5S)i—y 

struggle, QuntinL-L—iL, iStinufrsFih^ 

mental struggle, uDesruQumrmlt—u:), 

Con-flict', V. w. (LpLL®^eo^ QiDn^^eo^ 

to fight, QufTITfTQ^eO^ ^6m<S6il—L3u^ 

to strive, struggle, iSlirujrTS'uu®^6\)j 

Con-flict'ing, a. QumrfTLLL^mrresTj llj^ 
^(i^Qs'LuQp, (sSlQffn^sQp. 
opinions, &c., ep<^<sufr^^ QurfQ^i^n 

^, LD[T^U[TL—n<ol5r. 

Con'flu-ence, s. QffhrB^^nuunujs^s'eo^ 

concourse, QuQ^tkis^LLL—Wj ^esrQrB 

Con'flu-ent, a. ^Fihfi^^uunujQp, e^<oar 

Con'flux, s. ^p^<9=<SFih^', s^iufideiDSj 






as crowd, s=fEj<3Eil)^ sk-LLi—w.^irefr, 
Con-form', v. a. (pmGSipuQunGOnsi^ 

^eo, 6^^^0d<9ss=Qs=uJ^eo^ ^sm<S(^ 

^eo^ Qufr<sSlLuiTd(^^eo. 
Con-form', v, n. e^^^eo, @(53D<F^eo, g) 

<osarfEj(^^eOy (ouireOn'^GO. 
Con-form'a-ble, a. (opuu[r(osr^ ^essrds 

LLiT(osr, ^(otDS=<sif<sfr<3rr. 

Con-form'a-bly, adv. ^uundj, ^<5ffi^ 



Con-form-a'tion, s. ^/ODS^eij, c^uui^^, 

Con-form'er, ) ^(otDs^inrBi—uQuiT 
Con-form'ist, * ) "Sst", ^^is^nrfl. 
Con-form'i-ty, s. ^(oSi,3=£i]^ ^ssurdsilij 

Con-found', v. a. (^Lpui^^eo^ <seo<S(^ 
to dismay, (oifasuuem^u^do^ iSln 

to disorder, s'^eo^^io^ (^LpuL3(sSl®^^ 

to mistake one for another, epg^rszo^ 
QLurr(^(7rf><ssQsfT&r(ef^^&)^ (sSlspuuDfT 
QiLKsm^n^GO^ ^rflLudsrr<om't—60. 
to perplex, s6\)di^^eo^ LDiud(^^&o^ 


to be confounded, <sGOiEj(^^<sd^ lo'Sso 

Con-found'er, s. (^LpuLjQjD(SiJ<sur, ^lL. 

Q^iSldQpeiim'^ LD'2eodsuu6sar^}jQ 

Con-front', v. a. QpsQpsiniTdjSppio, ot 

^Qir^JTfTLLlfSppiSO^ GT^IT(ip<SLDITLuSp 
peO^ GT^Sind(^^iO^ Q[EITQpSLD[Td(^ 

to compare, ^^^ u u fTir^^io ^ e^uiSl 
Con-fron-ta'tion, s. <5r^iT(ipsLDmuSg}j^ 
Con-fuse', v. a. (^l^ul\^<so, <sG^)dsi^u 

to perplex, LD(osrfEJ<s6\)rEj<sdQs=iu^eOj 
Con-ftis'ed, a. s6ddsLDfT<osr, (^Lpuui^ 

to be confused, <s6\)fEj(^^eo, (^LpmLj^ 

eO, lSIiIlS1^^60, LD'2gO^^<S0, ^(blLDfT^iU^ 

Con-fus'ed-ly, adv. (^LpuuLofTLu^ S6\)d<3s 
Con-fiis'ed-ness, s, seod&ih^ (^LpuuLo, 
Con-ftise'ly, adv. LDEiseOfTUj^ Q^Grf)<2S<sor 



Con-fu'sion, .9. (^^Lpuuihy •seod'^u^^ ^<g;Q 
as astonishment, ld'^ulj^ LD'2iso(Sij^ 

L^UlSIuLj^ LDfTlTd'9'ffliULh. 

as overthrow, ^!E:-<znnuo>^ (^tpuuih^ 

of face, (ip<s<sijfTLLL-.u:)j QamlL-ih. 
Con-fut'a-ble, a. LD^dsuui—^^ds^ fS 
FfTsiflds^^ds^ ^lLQ ■a^ l9. d -s; u u i-^^ 


Con-fti'tant, s. Gr^iT^^LDL—d(^Qp<siJ<dTj 
iblwfTsifldQpQUioQr^ ^dtSffldQpoj^. 

Con-fu-ta'tion, s. ld^ulj^ ^l^ul^^ S 
FfTSffluLjj ^dsmjih.) ^lLQs=uld. 

Con-fiite', v. a. ld^^^6\)^ ^i^^^ej, S 


Con-fut'er, s. GT^iTd^LDi—d(^Q(aurr<oor^ 

^il.Q<3'LSldQp(aU€ar^ i§lrrrr<3>ffluQufT<^. 
Con'ge, s. ^^uLj^ (oSIgdi—^ LSmnasssr 

Q^FfTUGunh, uLU6mr^-us:fTir6iifriT^<s!S)^. 
Con-geal', v. a. '^-€6)pujdQ<3=dj^ed^ si^ 

(oorLDrrdi^^dv, ^^sdQ^fiLi^dv, 
Con-geal', v, n. s-csro^^^, <SLl.L^LUfT(^^ 

eo, ^^(^^6\},<si^<5srLjDfr^6\),^ji(&i^^(io. 
Con-geal'a-ble, a. &^<50)puj^^ds, slLl^ 

Con-geal'ment, ^ ^(oiDpeij^ @^© 
Con-ge-la'tion, * J <oO)s, GSiSij tfl u lj ^ <s 

Con'ge-ner, s. s^Louih^LDfTQjr^^ ^QjuSI 
uj6\)Li(3frefr^, Qu[TeSl<3iJS(o^^ ^rfl(osr(Su 

Con-ge'ni-al, a. ^6srLDrT<5sr, ^p(SurT<osr^ 

Con-ge-ni-al'i-ty, ^ ^j(oSffrd<sBil>^ ^ 

Con-ge'ni-al-ness, * 3 <oS)S'(si^^lSIl^ulj. 

a natural affinity, s^mud^ii)^ ep^^^, 

Con-ge'ri-es, s. ^jrerr^ Q&,tT<o6iS^ iSleosr 


Con-jest', V. a. ^rnL(Si^io^ sf^ilQ^eOy 

Con-ges'tion, s. (^'^^^itlLQ^ iir^fiji 

Con-glo'bate, > ^irzJLO^eu, &_6sor 

Con-globe', * * ^ (snL-uurTda<so.^<s6ii 



Con-glo'bate, a. ^L.<om<oS)L-uun05r^ ^acsur 

t_, S<SU(3frL£)fT(oSr. 

Coii-glo-ba'tion, s. ^itl!.®^ '^(ssm€i^t—j 

Con-glob'ii-late, v. n. &-(ossraDi—UJfT(^^ 

Con-glom'er-ate, v, a. ^itl1-®s;&)^ a_ 

Con-glom'er-ate, a. ^!tlLi—uulL.l—^^ 

Con-glom-er-a'tion, s. ^itlKSi^ ^ir'Scrr^ 


Con-glii'ti-nate, v. a. u(ss)miSlLLQu-nLL 
Con-glti-ti-na'tion, s. u(5U)3=uSlLQi—(tlL 
Con-glu'ti-na-tor, s. e^LLi—uuesoressr^ 
Con-grat'u-lant, a. (sntru^^^Qp^ ldieis 
Con-grat'u-late, v. a. Qs=fTU(our(S^Q^iTGO 

Con-grat-u-la'tion, s. Qs=nu<suroUfTiT^ 

63)^, LDEJSeOj^Q^fTSO, 6r <sQ LD [T Lpj , €U !T 
yP^Sli U6V&)fT<oSSr®. 

Con-grat'u-la-tor, s. (su[ry^^^Q(SU[TQ;r, 

Con-grat'u-la-to-ry, a. Q^auGSTLLnssr^ 

Con'gre-gate, v. a, €h-.LL®^io, ^jtlLQ 

Con'gre-gate, v. n. s;^L^dQsrrefr(^jg60f 
Qs=fr^io, ^rr^^io^ QiDiriLi^^io. 

Con'gre-gate, a. ^ii<5Gsri—^ ^ULLi^tssr, 
Qs=it<s<suulLl-^ ^itlLl-uulLl-, 

Con-gre-ga'tion, s. <3=6Grd<3?^LLi—m, s= 

Con-gre-ga'tion-al, a. .FGisudsQ^^, 
Con'gress, s. s^eJ'Sld, spl-lLi—ld. 

in conflict, QpiLQiL^^^u:). 

of delegates, ^Q60fT<3p'2issr<9'<ff'fEJ<SLb, ld 

Con-gres'sion-al, a. ^QeOfTdp'2isin-<5=<FfEJs 

^^ <3B (^ ffl in . 
Con'gru-ent, a. <sj/bp, ^-rFluj, ^6m<s<ss 


Con-gru'i-ty, s. ^/casrdsih^ 9^4? ^(3 
Con'gru-ous, a. <oJjd/d^ ^<ss)<3=<sijfr<o5r, ^ 
Con'gy, s, ^^Qj Qld(t<sg)lp^ <snL^. 

Con'ic, '^ (^<2^IB^(S)J 1^(21117 G^^ @ 

Con'ic-al, a. > (sSIib^^ QiDmLi—nioor^ 
Co'ni-form, )^ir6aprz_, (^s=9Ilu. 
Con'ic-al-ly, adv. (^<dSI ih^(SuL:^(Sijn'Lu^ <se 


Con'ics, s. (^s^QujsGsS^ih. 

Con-ject', V. a. (srjB^eo, 

Con-ject'or, s. ^^^QsQ&Qpsu&n-^ fS'^sar 

dS)p(oU(oSr^ QuJfT&<sQp(3iJ(^. 

Con-ject'u-ral, a, '^^Q^s^ubUGsr^ ^lLl^ 

Con-ject'u-ral-ly, adv, ^^Q^s^wituj, id 

Con-ject'ure, s. czsaarsosTLo, ^<sfr<2SJGDi—j 

^-^Q^s^uD^ ^L-i—LD^ urressfiuLj. 
Con-ject'ure, v. a. Gieme^is^GO^ ^erreiS 

60 J UfTGSsB^^eO. 

Con-ject'ur-er, s. ^(o{r(sSlQQ(SijrTGsr, s_^ 

Con-join', v. a. ^6m-d(^^eo, ^j<c5)s=^^ 
6U, ^'Bsssr^^do, Qurr0^^^6Oj o^-lL 
®^60^ Qs=iT^^60. 

Con-join', v n. <5?^®^eo, 6=k^^^eo^ @ 

Con-joint', a. e^esrn^^^^ ^gdcFib^, @ 

Con-joint'ly, adv. <op(^Qrj'dj^ <oj<SLDfTUj^ s^ 

LLi—Lornu, ^(T^lSIss. 
Con'ju-gal, a. ^60eo/DLDfT(5ur^ ^60<aijrri^ 

life, s^Qps^fTjsiini^eij^ ^60€;uitu^<s,(S6)s, 
Con'ju-gal-ly, adv. <o^<Qurr<s(ip<o6)/DUjfTiLJ^ 


Con'ju-gate, s. (^^<i(^(sS iLt-^ihy (smnr 
Con'ju-gate, v. a. eSl'2esrs=Q.ff'rT60'^Qp 

QD/DiUrTlij6U(^^^Q<SU^uQ^^(S0^ ^ifl^ 

^<3=Q^nso^^60^ QrflujiTLDrr'2e\)uu®^ 
Con-ju-ga'tion, s. LjessriruLf, L^<o6srrfff&. 
of verbs, QiflLUfnnrr'^eo^ u^uiSlrfluLj, 



Con jmict'j f/. @S:33ri.5L'L;LlL_ J Q.^-j 

Ooii-juHc'tion, s. ^S^ssfG)/, c^lLQ^ -^j^-lL 

in grammar, LjcmrfflGS)i^4Q<rfr(S0^ gt 

copulative, s?^LLi^c!S)L^s=Q^iTGOy @ 


disjunctive, i3[fliB'^a9(SS)L-.s'Q>?n(so. 
of planets, QirSr^isi<sBLD, QudyQiutT'SLD^ 

Con-junc'tivc-ly, adv. cpGsrnrj>dj^ <^q^i£ 

Oon-junc'tive, a. ^i^m-dsLDrrssr^ ^<^>5r 

Oon-junc'tive-ness, s. ^crndsihy ^os)^ 

Con-junct'ly, adv. ^fl-I—^ 'oi^Gsr(^djy ^(t^ 

Con-junct'ure, 5. ^iQuJi£><fS{<^<sSQujn 

as occasion, ^^Qjnib^ ^pps^wajih. 
C6n-ju-ra'tion, s. ^i^Ssssr, inih^rr<sSI^€S)^, 

Con-jure', v. (t* ^^smQs'UJ^GO, (^n9 


Con'ju-rer, s. ^iKD'Ssirir^, (aS^^^uun 
urrirsiosr^ ^ihu(o3r(2S^Q^^d,!EfT!T(sirj ldit 

a sea conjurer, ^u.<so<ELL®Q€ijn(Ssr^ fp 
Con-jur'ing, s. sjidiSIs^^go, slL^/boo^ a. 

the art, winh^ffltLKE^I^GiD^, s'lredGSl^ 
Con-jiire'ment, s. ^^LDUQ7r(^Qs=iU(S3)<s^ 

Con-nas'cence, s. ^L—mL9puL^, ^[TlL. 


Con'nate, a. ^-i^miSlpii^, ^L-t^mt^p 

UUrT(SSrj ^!Ttl.G^L^UlSlpUU[T(oUr. 

Con-nat'u-ral, a. sf^i—uLSlpik^^'sj^^un 


Con-nat'u-val-nesSj s. sfufTSh'GjiQjdQiU ^ 
Con-nect', v. a. g)^sSi!r^^.sGO ^ QuiT(7^d^ 

Con-nec'tioii, s. ^^roro/, ffihuk^ihy u 

lLQ, Q<3'ifLDrr(osnh, Q^nL—frdQ. 
as context, ^Q^^^^<onrLD. 
united body, .s^sEj&^^nir.f^^il.L^^^nn, 
Con-nect'ive, s. ^gds^q^, 

in grammar, sTrrflG^jtu, ^cjdl-/^?^, 

Con-nect'ive, a. ^Gj)3=dQp, @^33ri^ 

py <3=f'5^Qs=lLiQp. 

Con-nect'ive-ly, adv. ^GS)ff(ai]niJU^ ^re^ 


Con-nex', v. a. ^^sssr^^io. 
Con-nex'ions, s. (pi') s-pojir, Q^nih^rT 

Con-nlv'ance, s. scm-<s=fTGS)i—^ scm^rruj 

Con-nive', t?* n. s<oGsr(Sls=rTUJuufnu(2SlQ^ 

Con-niv'-cn-cy, s. iEcmr<!Pn<oSit—^ ^-Quil. 

Con-niv'ent, a. s€mQiEi<sn(^QS)LDiJunuS 

Con-niv'er, s. ^(saars'iTGnoL-.ssfTirasr. 
Con-nois-setir', s. (oSl^0^^<QU6dGOu(53ry jr/ 

Con-iiote', v. a. <x^l-^/£I(sSI^/5gOj (^(£l 

Con-nti'bi-al, a. <o^Qj[r<s£l%>)ujn&5r^ @ 


love, Q^fri—iTih^j)j6srLjy ^ifa^suD^ sj 
Con'qucr, v. a. Qqjgoo^^gO^ QoipcB 

in a game, race, &c., Q<e<oS)^^60^ 

Q(QiJiS\) 021^60. 

to drive, or cause to flee, ^tlQ^gio^ 

to be conquered, Q^nppeo^ ufprn 

a conquered country, QojpcSlQsn 
6jR(r£-./Fff®, QQjmQp(Sl^^f5rr(Sl, 
V t 



Con'quer-a-ble, a. Q€;u6060uuL-^^d<3S, 

Con'quer-or, s. Q^/b/6lLUfT<sir<^^ Q<3u&sr 

conqueror's song, QsnthCoujn, <Fiu 

Con'quest, s. QsupfjS.) s^ojil), (cSl^uji}>. 
Con-san'guine, a. ^rr^^dseOuufTesr^ 

Con-san-guin'i-ty, s. ©ir^^a-po/, ^ir 


Con'science, s, irxm-^s^inLQ^ ^GsrGsfi 

lUrrUJLOy U(^^^rB(Si^f fB<^<oS)LD^6ar(3S)LD 
ajrSQpSi-UfTU(3iJn5leij, ^(aUS^fTiLQ' 
case of, t£lioUr<5:S=IEJSL-thj LD(oOr<S=&^lBQ^ 

Con-sci-en'tious, a, jfji^n'dsir'sm-s^fnl. 
&Qupp^ s^6m-iT<3=&iL](c^<s(ry uxssrQfBn 
conduct, LL(osr3'.3=nL-QdQ<35ppQ3=uj 


Con-sci-en'tious-ly, adv, ti)(osr<3=<fmL9l 

uuL^. mdoLDisur^rTUj. 
Con-sci-en'tious-ness, s. LD<ours=s=fTLl&, 

Con'scion-a-ble, a. Lossn^^LLj&r&r, 
Con'scion-a-bly, adv. mesr^^Ljuu^. 

Con'scious, «. 0/F,g5^ff$//5^, ^{'^(sufSlei^ 

eketr^ L3pdQQDi^LLj<ck(Str, 
'Con'scious-ly, adv. ^rSIQojrrQL-^ QfB(^ 

<3=puj^ LDGsr^iTH^ ^(^(osri£l<ounuj. 
Con'scious-ness, s. ^(osarir.s'Q, ^6m-iT(Si^, 

O^ guilt, ^(c^(^ppiEJ,S6!Xfn—(Stf6m'ITS'Q^ 
' ^pUfT(oll(oij6m-IT<5=&. 

Con'script, s. QuQjr(Lp^uuLLL-Q<g^Qj 

Con'script, a. GTQg^uuLLi—^ u^luuu 

Con-scrip'tion, s. QuQrTQp^uuQosys. 
Con'se-crate, v. a. l9ji^lL<ss)1—u<oimj^]j 

an idol, &c., ^<3uir<s<osnjDU(om-^u^(so^ 


a king, ^j LSQ<aL^SLDUcsar^n^60y ^fj 

a priest, ^i^QoL^aihuem^j^GO. 
one's self, ^&^^ssTQLuiTULjdQ<srT®^ 

a temple^ or church, iSlir^LL<5iDL^u 

the eucharist, ^^ir^fi^^ed. 
Con'se-crate, a. [SQiSij^ddsuuLLL—y Qis 

Con'se-cra-ted, a. SujlSI^^^ QfEiriB^, 


water, L^(om<ssSuu^rr^^u>, uiflsi-^^^ 
Con-se-cra'tion, s. iSlrr^(si^<5Sii—^ SiuuQ 

of an image, ^iSlQeL^ih. 

of one's self, iSiulSI^^go, Qfun^eo^ 

of the eucharist, f8Q<su^6aruy. 

of a priest, king, &/C., ^l9Q<2i^<3su}, 

of a temple, church, &C., QanuSp 

Con'se-cra-tor, ». ^SQ(ak^Six)U(ossT^}t 

Con-se-cti'tion, 5. Q^rTL—iTJ=&-, Q^m^ir 

as a ^ries, s^fEjQ&SdQiSFr&^eu, 
in astronomy, ffirih^rrinn^uD. 
Con-sec'u-tive, a. Q^rTL-.iTS=&ujiT(5srj ^ih 

Con-sec'u-tive-ly, adv. Q^ai—ns^^LumLr. 

Con-sent', s. @(52D<5'^<a/, s'thLD^th, sj^i^ 

^j Sffliuub^ ^6ssr<s,3SLh.f Q-u-^Kurr®. 

Con-sent', v. n. ^(oSi<s=^&d^ s^ldld^^^ 

^dQ,sfT(S(r(Gm^60, LSrFliuuuQ^GO. 
Con-sent'er, s. s^ihLcfidQptsu-^j &-i— 

Con-sen'tient, a. Quir(7^iB^Qp, S^(^u> 

Con'se-quence, s. <smr6m-^^fT(S0fr(^tija{T 
fflujLD, ugOld^ sfTir€sar&^^. 
as importance, sosSs'ih, il^uljj lSI 

self-consequence, £lu9iT<9:&^^<35i(oiD^y 



Con'se-quent, s. Q^tn-iri^Qj^Qj^j 


in logic, ^^Qwinili, snuem^^neo 

Gon-se-quen'tial, a. <st^ (si^m-<sfr ^ Q^ni— 

as conceited, ^^mfruLjefrefr. 
Con-se-quen'tial-ly, adv. ^<so)rT6{), Q^rr 

as conceitedly, Qsg^i^LnniL. 
Con-se-quen'tial-ness, ") Q ^ rr l^ it <9= 
Con'se-quent-ness, * J &.. 

Con'se-quent-ly, adv. ^^eu/rei), ^uu 

Con-serv'ant, a. utr^snsQ/D. 
Con-ser-va'tion, s. u^^GrL^Lurr^Gsxau^^ 

Con-serv'a-tive, ^ uit^.siT'Ss^s^ d 

Con-serv'a-to-ry, ' ^ s, utflufre^ds^ 

Con-ser-va'tor, 5. urr^snuQurrm'^ & 


Con'serve, s. ^^^uLiuuesari—th^ ^^ 

uLiuu(oSsfl<srriTLh^ Sj^ir^th. 
Con-serve', v. a, uifluneS^^eo^ urr^sn 

Con-serv^er, s. uiT^<ssiTuQufT<^^ utfl 

ufTG^uQuirear.) <ssrT(SueO(Ssr. 
Con-ses'sion, s. .^l-lIl-ld, sh-i—eSl (f^s 

Con-sid'er, v, a. fS'^ssr^^GO^ Qi^^^&)^ 

Lu^eo^ ^Q<sO[tQ^£B<50^ &.em-(f^^eOy un 

to requite, t3iT^u<sOGsr(sif}^^ed. 
Con-sid'er-a-ble, a. LD^ds^^d<s^ sessfl 

Con-sid'er-a-ble-ness, s. QpsQiuth, Qld 

Con-sid'er-a-bly, adv. LSl(^^ujnuj, 
Con-sid'er-ate, a. (cS\(o(Su^Qpm(S{r, <5'n(oi] 

^fT(osr(2p(sir<sfr, s^^^tresr^ jfjoj^rresTLDfT 

ew, ^ir/rujQ^sfrerr. 
Con-sid'er-ate-ly, adv. QtniTS'^sffrQujrr 

Con-sid'er-atc-noss, .9. u^<^ih, Qumt^?/^., 


Con-sid-er-a'tion, s. ^(au^iTesni)^ s=it<ou 

^iT<osrwj s}pG0ng^'2(S5T^ ^/F^Sfear, a_^/r 

<a/, QujfT<9='BGm-^ Q^ns^Q. 

motive, reason, SfTrrssarth^ Qpsnis^ 


price, (qS/'Ssx), Qniuih^ iSljrfi. 

respectability, s^s^w^ QtrxskesiLD. 
Con-sid'er-er, s. f§l2GsrdQp(Qijek^ ^Sld 

Con-sign', V. a. ^uLfdQsirQ^^io^ Qrs 

Con-sig-na'tion, s. c^uLj<sSfui^^ e^uu 

Con-sign-ee', s. ^ut^dQsrreasrL-QJi^^ 



-sign'er, ^^ ) ^u 
-sign'or, ' ) ul/ 



Con-sign'or, "' ^ uLjoSuQurrGur. 
Con-sign' ment, s. ^uugdi^^ ^ul^<o£1 


the thing consigned, ^ulj<sSI<35suu 

the writing, c^uLjeSluLfuu^^rri},^ ^ 
^^ ®j u^^n IX) . 
Con-sist', V. n. 3k.L^i§ppio^ sGdih^QR 

Con-sist'ence, ^ ^(5^-) ^it,^<^(oS)1£), 
Con-sist'en-cy, y <9^t—f§l/b<5a),Sj ^ 

as firmness, &.rrw^ @<s3)<5^(Si/, (oSiOJiriJOj 

agreement, ^(sms'eijj e^0<oS)LDj epp^ 

thick, ^L^uLj^ ^^dsil). 
Con-sist'ent, a. ^-iTLDiT(osr^ ^rrmrresr, rS 

(SfTGfT.) Qurr^ih^Lu, <ojpp. 
Con-sist'ent-ly, adv. ^(S!Ds<ss)Louundjj q 

Con-sis-to'ri-al, ) ^(7^r^Qe0fTs='^ssrs: 
Con-sist'o-ry, ' J ^iEj<S;i^d(^rfluj. 
Con-sist'o-ry, s. \sjp^fT3='^ews=s'iEisui^ 

s^iEj^LDtosart—ULDj LDiE^rrrr'^ioouji}). 

ecclesiastical, ^Q^<3=<9=<oGiu^^'^Qjn<F 


Con-so'ciate, s. <3S_LlL-/7sif^, uikstrefflj 




Con-so'ciate, v. a. s^LLQ^ev^Qjffi^^GO. 
* Coii-so'ciate; v. n. <ai_®^aJ, Qs^n^&Oj 

Con-so-ci-a'tion, s. ^<s<sBi£>,^d Situs' fas 

Con-sol'a-ble, a. LD<5sr(QU rT^^6\)<o!Di—Uj^^ 
<5<af, LD(5srLDfT/D^^<s<Sy ^^^^<Bn'<o(r^ 

Con-so-la'tion, s. LD(oor^^€iD<s, Loesrd 

(^(offJlTS'Q^ Q^ppLD^ Q^ppUdj. 

Con-sol'a-lo-ry, a. LD€snE](^G{f}u^^<ss^ 

^^'SLDfrp^^d^j ^jp/^GoQffujQp. 
Con-sole', v, a. ^p^^ed^ Q^p^^6\), 

Q<?lT60^^eO^ LJD€anEJ(^6ff}lTLJUiom^U 
^60.) S=<oSlLJUfTp^^&). 

to be consoled, ifxsoriEJi^GtfJir^io^ s^eSI 

LJUfr^^60y Q^ppuu(bl^6\). 

Con-sol'er, s. ^p^Qpojm-^ Q^ppn 

Con-sol'i-dant, a. ^[[(smsunujQunQ^^^ 

Qp^ ^rrs63r(^s=iB^Qs'LuQp. 
Con-sol'i-date, v. a. s^lLQ^&}^ ^(si^puu 

mercury, <slL®^&)^ ^effl<^dBUjn<s(^ 

Con-sol'i-date, a. s,LLu^\nn(osr^ euuSjfSJ 

Con-sol- i-da'tion, s. stLi^uQiSiDa^ <slL. 

QLJuQ<oO)'Sy ^J^GS)<3iy ^JlLDfT(Z^<SD-i£j 

of mercury, ^rrs=daLL(h}. 

of a wound, or bone, Quitq^ib^ 

Con-sol'i-da-tive, a. (^GS3rLDfTd(^Qp, <y 

Con'so-nance, s. @«so)cF, ^(SOiSFOj^ Q^it 

as rhyme, <5t^(3S)<z^ Q^nGDi—.. 
in music, ^^^<sro<y. 
Con'so-nant, s. ^L-QeOQp^^^ ^l.l^ld 

animated, ^^uSIitQldiuQujq^^^^ s^rrir 
mute, or sonant, Qp(5i5)aQixj(i£^^i ^ sm 


Con'so-nant, a. ^i-smasLDnGsr, ^'^ciS^ 

eurreuTj €^dj€}j(S<sorT(o5r. 
Con'so-nant-ly adv. ^GDS^fSijnuj, ^ds 

Consort, s. 3k-LLL-iT<off}^ Q^nt^m^ sf 
^s=iTif}^ 3= tEJ <s rr^^ , urTiEJS(oiir, 
as wife, or husband, w'hssTcSlj iseasr 

union, ^<SB<SLD, ^(S»^(S5/. 

Con-sort', v. n. <si-©^a>, s'LLuiB^LDfr^eOj 

ff fit siT^g^ihu cm- ^11^60^ Qs=n^6\), 
Con-sort'a-ble, a. <sjpp-, ^(^ih^. 
Con'sort-ship, s. ^dsihy 3=iEj'£n^^LD. 
Con-spi-cii'i-ty, s. Q^G{fl(aij<, ^eodsih^ 


Con-spic'u-ous, a. <cSlm<saLLn(osry Q<sij 


eminent, distinguished, QiDmoDLDU^ 
mefTy LDQ(B5iLDiLj<sir(Sfr<) Qrr^^iq&refr, 
Con-spic'u-ous-ly, adv. Qa;<5Tf}(sumUy ©5/ 


Con-spic'u-ous-ness, s. Q^nppih, iSj 

Con-spir'a-cy, j( ^unQeons^'^ioSTy ^ 

Con-spi-ra'tion, ' ^ fslQinn^'^CQT&'S^LL 

as tendency, ep^^idosis^ Q<iFn^^d 

Con-spir'ant, a. ^jTnQeoiT<!F2ssj u^(sir6n-. 
Con-spir'a-tor, s. ^nnff^QnnQ^ ^urr 

^sSIQimfi, ff^Q(uns''b3sr<s<5,(T!jm. 
Con-spire', v. n. ^urrQevirs'^csTuiom^^if 

against, s^^Qiuirs^'^ssruGm^u^eOy cS) 

Con-splr'er, s. .iF^QuJus'^JSTd&niim. 
Con'sta-ble, s. ^^fLrr<isn(3npa>nj&w. 
Con'sta-ble-ship, s. ^i^ndsn(Qii^^^ 

Con'stan-cy, s. iB'^gdld, ^(oS).3=uJiT(5S)L£)y 

^GfruyufTQDLDf ^GDL-.eSl L—(r<oS)LDf ssnd 

aii), O^fTL-ITLly LDlT(nj'<oSil£)y ^S^QieSflhy 

of married men, ud^esfl-cSir^ih. 



of a married woman, u^€Slirs,i}i. 
biicli a person, u^^€uf}, u^eQiros)^^ 

Coii'slant, a. S^<3^aJLD(T<m', S'^/soiurresr^ 

Con'stant-ly, adv, iS^^iumnuj^ ^(sarih 
Con'stel-late, v. n. <5j<sLSrr<sfT<3'LDn-(^^&)^ 
Con-stel-la'tion, s, ^(suQ(SUfT(T^irfT^€0)Lu 

Con-ster-na'tion, s. iSlrrtSluLj^ ej^su)^ 

to be in consternation, ejikii^^io, <S5 
Con'sti-pate, v. a. ^gu<s^^60^ ^qd/d 

to make costive, LDCOmoJirLLQ^eOj m 
Con-sti-pa'tion, s. LD&)<s:Qd(^y weouuih 
Con-stit'u-ent, s. (ojpu®^^Q€urrm-, S 

Con'Siii'u'ent,a.^60 LniT(oarf<9f- u fTu iniTcsr. 

part, <5i-^, ^IT^j <5^, ^(3\)UU(^^^ 

principles, ^0(EjQ2sm-ih^^^ ^u.l^uj 

Con'sti-tUte, v. a. <ojpu®^^eo, e_OT 
L-fTd(^^i50y &-^^ u u®^^&} J f§l'2eou 

Con'sti-lti-ter, s. <oTpu®^^Q(SuiTGsr^ 2_ 

Con-sti-tti'tion, s. <oTpun®y <slL®uu(t 

bodily, s^ifij'sSluji\)Li^ Q^suie^ud. 
healthy, ■3f-dss=ffirLDy s=<aij<sQLuQ^<si}>. 
rules of government, fSLurrujuLSirLLiT 
GOPTih^ ^irrrs'&(UUL9rrLDfT(oasrih. 
state of being, ^(ck<oS)LD^ ^uugolj. 
of mind, u:)<osr.^'9f-u[Tuih. 
Con-sti-tu'tion-al, a. ^uueoun&sr, iSip 
uL^<3un&lijuijissrj (^auju L3iriDrr(sm^^d 


disease, unGUGsi^cSlinn^, Qs^tjuiuy 


Con-sti-tu'tion-al-ist, ^Q^^u iSlinDrr 
Con-sti-tu'tion-ist, ' ^6sm^^s=fTrff. 
Con-sti-tu-tion-al'i-ty, s. Q^^fuiSlinDiT 

Con-sti-tu'tion-al-ly, ach. ^uj&JumUj 

<S?-UrTLJLDfTiUy fSlUfTlULDfrUJy Q^S^(SiJLpd<3S 

Con'sti-tti-tive, a. isjpuQ^^Qp^ q^gost 

Con-strain', v. a. ^L-S(^^6d^ @J^<^0 

Con-strain'a-ble, a. <s5LLL-mumu(ossr<oaor 

Con-strain'er, s. <ssLLL.fTUJuuQ^^Q(SuiT 

Con-straint', s. ^L^d^Eih^ ^®<5<sii), <s 

ueOuih^ihj (QijfTsr[r<suih^, ^Qqjib^. 
self constraint, ^m(oOTi—<s<!Em^^(^(osr 


Con-strict', v. a, aLL(Sl^d\), ^Q^^^^iOy 

contract, &?(7^<!S(^^60, c^®d(^;^GO. 
Con-stric'tion, 5. slL®, <9?(r^dsLhj epQ 


Con-strict'or, s. 6£i^ifjti1)l^. 

as serpent, QuQ^ihufiLDLj^ ld'^gBiB 

Con-string'ent, s. <3?0<sB(^Qpj ^s^s^ 

Con-striict', n. a. slLQ^go^ ^i^/d^^ 

a fable, romance, 6lc.,<sbqd^<sl1.®^6)), 
a rule, &c., ^lL.l-iejsl1Q^6\)^ (^^ 

<!El1.(B^60^ LSlsTLDfTGSsfl^^&O. 

Con-struct'er, s. <!ELL®Qp<sij^j ^(7^(QUfT 
Con-struc'tion, s. ^6S3fluu®s^^€s)s^^ 

as meaning, explanation, 2_(S5)ir, ^ 

in algebra,. §)Qfr<s.iQ(ffj^^ 



in geometry, ^Qrf<snQ(r^^. 

in grammar, Q3^npQ(rrj><S(5iL-.^ Q^np 

Con-struc'tion-al, a. ^dsssruurresr^ <slL 

Con-struct'ive, a. sLL®uuiTi—fT(osr,Qs=fT 


Con-struct'ive-ly, adv. ^(^ffeSasrui^, 

Con'strue, v. a, <s(r^^^GO)rr^^G0^ ^qdit 
Qs=fr60(oO&), ^uu[T&uGsar<om&)^ Qllit 
omens, SiSl^^thurrn^^eo^ Sili^^ffir 

poetry, &/C., uiu^osoj^^io^ ^(m^^ 
LDuem^i/^GOj ^-GS)nu(om^}]^60. 
Con'stu-prate, v. a. spuL^^^iOj Lnrrear 


Con-stu-pra'tion, s. spuL^ut^^uiasih, 
Con-sub-stan'tial, a. s'm€Bn^^Qpm<s^j<sj 

Con-sub-stan'tiate, v. a. ^lEisn^^ihu 

easr^n^eOj (ojs<s?un'uLDfT<S(^^GOj e^iH 

Con-sub-stan-ti-a'tion, s. s=iEj<sB^u3y <sjs 

Con'sul, s. L9irfisfr<suG0m-, Q-urrrr<^(oor, 
Con'su-lar, a. i3ii^<s[T<QUG0^a,<3a®^^. 
Con'sul-ate, s. i3ij^<sn<su60^^<oiiih, 
Con'sul-ship, 5. i3rr^sn<sueo^^^Qaj{T 

Con-siilt', V. a. ^QeOrr^l^^eo^ ^s'rreij 

a diviner, sL-(SldQsL-i—eo, (^nSIQs 

Con-suit', V. n. eL.<5P/rQ/^^, Quun^l^^eo^ 

Con-siilt-a'tion, s. <^G'6\)/r<?^Ss3r, ^<9=rT^ 

Con-sult'er, s. ^QG0iTS^'2issru<sm^]jQ<QiJiT 

with familiar spirits, i3^n^iflQ. 
Con-sum'a-ble, a. Qs=&)(s£li—<s5<9^Lp.ujy^ 

Con-stime', v. a. ^l^^^go^ Gjifl^^eo, 


to destroy, S(7^Qp<o\)LDrT<S(^^eOj ^lSJ 
^^60, ^n^^io^ f5rr^uu®^^eo. 
to devour, ulL9^^go, fiearem-do. 
as fire, Grtfl^^eo^ s?®^(sOj ^ih^^io^ ^ 

to use up, or exhaust, Qs^gosul^s;^ 
Con-sume', v. n. QmeSlii^Qurr^eo^ o_«5 


to be exhausted, s^g^w^go^ Qs'GO<siJL^ 

^go^ ^iT^io^ LDrr(Gm^GO. 

Con-stim'er, s. ^L^uQunm, Qg^GOeSI 

Con-stim'ing, a. uiL^GsSsQp^ ulL& 
dQpj ^L^dQp, Q^LudQp. 

Con'sum-mate, v. a. Q^fiujfT<35(^^G0^^ 
to be consummated, ^n^GO^^<ss)pQm 

Con-sum'mate, a. ^rfd<siDrT<osrj ^q^^^ 

Con-sum'mate-ly, adv. ^irdsiDmu^ 
Con-sum-ma'tion, 5. Sesipeij, ^gv)is^ 

eOlhj S<SS)pQsiJppLDy LLfTGSSrUDj ^/TL/Ly, 

of marriage, eSi<si]irs&^0. 
Con-sump'tion, s. ^i^o/, Qs^^ih, Qs 

actual, Qs^^pQ^GOGi^. 

the disease, sinQfrrrsih^ ffo^i^^ s^iu 

of money, u6m-dQs=G0Gi^. 
of stores, &/C., Qcff^euo/, s^oDm^Gi). 
Con-sump'tive, a. QldgSIQp, sinQuns 
QpGfTGfr, s^ajQun^OpGirefr. 

Con-sump'tive-ly, adv. siuQjrfTsiniTUj, 

Con-sump'tive-ness, s. <%ujQrrfT<s^^<^ 
Con-tab'u-late, v. a. uGO(o^,!EurrGij^<sGOf in 
Con'tact, s. sfi^L-i—LD^ s^fbj-asihj '^p&i 



to come in contact, QpiLQ^GO^ uQ 
^6d, Q^n®^eO, e^L-Q^iOj ^lL®uu® 

Con-ta'gion, s. Q^ir/b^, t-j/b^^ u(f}<3=ti>. 
Con-ta'gious, a. Q^iT/b(Trj><5sry ^lLl-.^^ 

disease, Q^ft/b^QfBmu, 
fever, Q^np^-sstrdj^^ff^io* 
Coh-ta'gious-ness, s. Q^rTps^&s)^^ up 

Con- tain', u. a. Qs{Teir<3(r&)y ^l-<s(^^ 

Con-tain', v. n. ^s=(SS)<9=ujl^iej^^&}^ jy 


Con-tain'a*ble, a. Q<siT(S(r<3fr^^dsy Q<sn 

Con-tam'in-ate, v. a* <35<so)puu®^i£60y 
^(Lp<s<srrd(^^60, ^<3^&uu®^^60y ^ 

Con'tam-in-ate, a. u(ip^rT<ssuuLLL—y 


Con-tam-i-na'tion, s. ^lLQ, ^<3?9ly <s 

Con-temn', v, a. ^<s(Lg^60y Q<sit(^<9=u 
uQ^^^GOy fSihfi^^GOy u^^^&)y Q 

(^ &p U ®^<SGO . 

Con-tem'ner, s. ^s^Q(Sunmy Sis^'^Gsr 

s;rriT(^y ui£luQun(Ssry (2SI^(SLP'S(oar. 
Con-tem'per, v. a. sjos^ld^^go^ u^uu 

Con-tem'per-a-ment, s. ^6U3f)LLjih^<stn' 

Con-tem'per-ate, v. a, ^osS^^io, u^u 

Con-tem-per-a'tion,s. 3^mS'^tJU[rd(^(^ 

Con-tem'plate, v. a. ^uunGsfl^^&y^ ^ih 

Con-tem-pla'tion, s» ^uunGsrih^ Qih^ 

(Sijy ^QuLjy QuunaiD, 
Con-tem'pla-tive, a. ^uurf^srQpGfr&r^ & 

/F^'2(S3rti^<3rr<s»r, f§l'2e5r<2ij'sir<ofr. 
Con-tem'pla-tive-ly, adv. ^tufresTLDrrLu^ 



Con'tem-pla-tor, s. ^ujnGsri<s[riTGhr^ 0) 

iUfT<osr(aun'&5rf QluitQ, 
Con-tem-po-ra'ne-ous, ) <ojs<b rreo^ 
Con-tem'po-ra-ry, * ^ fi^&refr^ 

,f<S(aun'<3=(Tp&r<srry ^p-sBrrGO^^^eirGfr. 
Con-tem'po-ra-ry, s. s'a<ssrreOQjiT&^ ^p 

Con-tempt', s. ^<flL(ss)L-, Sk^'^esTy iQ 

Con-tempt'i-ble, a. Sib^<ssuul-^^& 
Con-tempt'i-ble-ness, s* @i^Q/, ^s=^ 

Con-tempt'i-bly, adv. ^l^<suitlu, ^s=ld[t 

Lu, ^puLnrrdj, 
Con-tempt'u-ous, a. iSih^dQp^ ^(si^ 

dQp^ ^<3s^Qp. 




behavior, Q[5r^LjL^!5<oS)L-. 
remarks, uffl-asfTs^uQus^sf-jUL^s^Qs^ir 

Con-tempfu-ous-ly, adv. ^■st^s^Qajfr 

djy ufft<ssrrs=LDrTLUy ^euLD^Lurrdj. 
Con-tempt'u-ous-ness, s. @.55z^<?^, urfl 

Con-tend', v. n. Qurr^^eo^ s^emo^L-. 

in argument, ^Q^dQ^^So^ eSl^rT^(^ 

in war, QununQ^iOj u^^^asFfQs'in^ 

Con-tend'er, s. (sun-^ms^, ^0d<!Es=fT(s\9j 

Con-tent', s. iJD<oar^^(r^^^<, ^qT)^^, ^ 

as contents, (which see.) ^i—dsih. 
Con-tent', v. a. L3ffliuuu®^^<sOy L£,<oarrr 

Con-tent'", a. LD<cUTiriliLSIujLDfresr. L^ifluurr 

Con-tent'ed, a. ^(f^^^iLjGfTGfr^ Quir^ 


to be contented, L^ifl^^So^ m<osrrru)LS! 

Con-tent'ed-ly, adv. LDesnruDLSItULQfnLjyUi 



Con-tent't^d-ness, s. in&^^jcs)LD<^., mosr 

Con-ten'tion, s. <surTd(^<sijrT^tl)^ (sSIojit^ 
. ijo,, LSessr^SLD, QpijGm®, 
quarrel, s'lomG^i—^ (^Lpuuth^ oeoar 

Con-ten'tioiis, a. (^Lpuu(ip(sfr(sfr^ s^em 
Coii-ten'tious-ly, adv. s^ernGSiL^aJirilj^ @ 


Con-ten'tious-ness, s. (^^its^bld^ ^em 
Con-tent'less, a. s^mn^nGsriSleoeoa^^ ^ 

Con-tent'ly, adv> ffijc>n^n<osnnn\h^ ^&^ 
Con-tent'ment, s* inm-jTihL^uJii), ^qdld 
Con'tents, s. ^i^ddsih^ ^L^faQuj(oiD(3u 


of a book, ^£-.^<s/x), QurrL^uLj* 
of a box, ^_Gfr<ofri—iEjQujQurTQ]^<s(r^<3fr. 
of a field, uiruLj. 
of a letter, ^LKSlsurr^SLD^ <sErr^^^fi 

€SrQuiTL^ULJ) ^~L—<S0<Si]fT<3=SLD. 

Con-term'in-ate, a. ^Qrr6\)'26\}LL]6fr<o(r') ^ 


Coii-term'in-oiis, a. GT6\)'26VLL]&r<s(r^ ldlL 

Con'test, s. s^cmGDi—^ Qurrir^ ilj^^ld, 
in words, eufr^LDy eSlajn^th^ <aufT<!E(^ 

Con-test', V. .s^GoaroDi—LSlu^^/BeOj Quit 

to dispute, Qjrrd(^sinT^^L£)U6m€Ssr60j 

Con-test'a-blc, a. <a=(om(oS)i—<sQs^^{T 

(sSldQp^ LLj^Si(ip(oS3rU.fTd<S^^d<3e, 

Con-test-a'tion, s. s^cmosiL—^ llj^^ld^ ^ 
Con-test'ing-ly, adv. s^msroDt—iLimuj ojrr 

<3S(^€lJlT^LD[TiLJ^ ^ S GO fT UJ . 

Con-test'less, a. s<sm(ss)L^uS6OG0fT^j ^ 


Con'lext, ,9. Q^[^^^!3u¥cmLo^ Q^jQ 
^^<S0sj^^ (^efrsGtjrrdQiULD. 

Con-text', a. iSlm'(ouruuLl.i—f Qi^^ifj 

Con-text'ure, s. i3(^€5r&)^ urnGSow^ 
lUGO^ ^ihuik^ih. 

Con-ti-gu'i-ty, ) QlL® miresrih^ 

Con-tig'u-ous-ness, * y jijuj€\j^j)j0(^^ 

Con-tig'u-ous, a. s^i^uwrTow, sj®^^- 
Con-tig'u-ous-ly, adv. jff(Sld<s^ Qf5(TT)fEi 

Con'ti-nence, ) @i-to?9#«j/L_<5<^Lb, /^ 
Con'ti-nen-cy, * ) (Son?, Qibj^., m^^Lo. 
Con'ti-nent) s. ^aksTL^ih^ Q^ffih^ <a^(r^ 

Con'ti-nent, a. ^s^<ss)^ujL-<ssQp(^<o{r^ 

Con-ti-nent'al, a. sessrL-^^<i<3sQ^^j 
Con'ti-nent-ly, adv. Qf^r^LUfruj, <3;pun 

lis, •SR-^^LDnUJ, 

Con-tin'gence, ) ^o^u.^gv'^i— 
Con-tin'gen-cy, s. > czdld, ^liQ^sih^ iQ 
Con-tin'gent, ) &=fftiJi£l&)eon<s6)LD^^ 

pQs^ujeorT(osr^j ^<oi^L—^sihu<3vLD. 
Con-tin'gent, a. ^(S5)i-.^(yi^6sr^ ^pQ<9= 

Con-tin'gent-ly, adv. s;pQs=ujcofnu. @ 


Con-tin'u-al, a. ^(S6iu.(oSlL-fT^, c^turr^j 

Con-tin'u-al-ly, adv. S^^^iuLDfTiu^ g) 
QDi^ejS L-rT<oiDLDUj[nu, lil'^iunuj^ Qa;iT 
very often, jtjis^&su;^^ eSL-fTuy^i- 


Con-tin'u-al-ness, 5. eSi—nuLj^LL®, S 

Con-tin'u-ance, ? ^ss)L-<sSlL-rTGS)i£> 
Con-tin-u-a'tion, * 5 ^ujfT<oS)LD^ ii^u 

Con-tin'u-a-tor, s. S'^iBpQpeum^ g? 
Con-tin'ue, v. a. fS'^evuuQs^^eOy ^iflds 



a series, Q^n®^^G\). 
Con-tiii'ue, t, w. fS'hso^^eo, iBppeo^ ^ 

Coii-tin'u-ed-ly, adv. QfsQs^ (sSl-itw 

Con-tiii'u-er, s. iB'^^pQpsijm, Q^rr 

Con-tin' u-ing, a. ^(fl<iQp^ iis^sQp^ iQ 

Con-ti-nu'i-ty, 5. i^f^uLj^ e^turTODw^ oSl 

Con-tin'u-ous, a, Q^frt—iTS^QojGfrary S 

Con-tin'u-oiis-ly, adv. Q(e(SI<3s^ (sSlL-tTu 

Con-tort', V. a. ^tfl^^GO, ^0d(^s,GO^ 

Con-tor'tion, s. ^ffJui^, ^0<s&), Qp^ 

of the nerves, <su(3SIulj. 

of a serpent, Qf6€<fl^6\)j L^rr&r^eo. 

Con-tour', S. U0LhuL!^LUfTiLJQJ(oS)iriB^(^ 

Con'tra, adv. <sr^rrndj, inn(^dj^ erfiirLD 
attraction, '5T^n<s(f^(Si^<omih^ (sr^iflq^ 


Con'tra-band, s. s&rG{r<^s=tnDiTm-, s&rGfr 

<2SajrTun'jiLh^S(^(Sfrs=Qs=LLQd(^(2SQiTfT , 


Con'tra-band, a. &<s{r6frs'Qs~'i-LL-rr(oSr, ^ 
goods, <s<3(r(o(r,?^rr<s^^ ^<s[r<3n-^GSiU. 


Con'tra-band-ist, s. S(S(r(S{r<2Stjununifl. 
Con'tract, s. ^-i^eorurrQ^ Quitq^^^ld^ 

by job, (^^^(5S)S, 
Con-tract', v. a. <^(7j«(^^aJ, (^^s)p^p 

to betroth, LDemwird^dQsnQ^^&o. 
to cramp, &/C., iSlu^^^do^ QsfT<ef^(Sii 

a bargain, Qun^ih^^sOy 'S-L^muu^ 


a debt, <5SL^(ssruQ^e\)^ SL-<5k^n!Ej(^ 

^GOy SI— (Sir's? LL^^io. 

a job, (^^^(oB)<!sujmuLjQurr0iF^^Q}<. 
a quality, Qs[T&T(ms:eo^ iSi^^^io, 
rays, as setting sun, (^(sSJ^^eOj a^u 

rust, &/C., <3B<oS)piSlL^^^&)y <SS<Srf}LDLjL3 

Con-tract', v. n. •3?(7^[ej(^^go, (^GSip^io, 

(^(BllE](^^<SO^ (^(V^<Sl^^6\)j &.L-muL^<S 

as a flower, (^(sS^eo^ 3?^. udlj^go . 
to be contracted, as the limbs, ^p 

Con-tract'ed, a. shQ^isiQesr., e^QthQGsr. 

as agreed, (Suirdi^uuGrnGsarLjuLLL-, 

Con-tract'ed-ly, adv. <s?(7^iej<sbj <3?0[ejQj 

Con-tract'ed-ness, s. Qs(T^<s<suDy e^Qs 


as stinginess, i^mesrth^ ^.Qeorruu). 
Con-tract'i-ble, a. <3?(t^[ejs^^<3s<s. 
Con-tract' i-ble-ness, s. <sf(T^iEj<s^^ds^ 


Con-trac'tion, s. •s^q^ssld^ Q[B(T^<s<su)y 
epQddsih^ ^L-<s<SLDy ^Qdaii). 
as sin, u n(aii (^<3r m^^io ^ ul^uu®^&), 
of a nerve, &/C., <3?(m,<s(^^ ojeSluLj, 


by gout, rheumatism, &c., (san^Qpi^ 
Con-tract'or, s, QuiXQ^^^dsniT&sry s_l-. 
Con-tra-dict', v. a. wgu^^io^ <5!^h^^u 

one's self, <3f^iBiJum>^LD^^^<s-3^p(s\)^ 
Con-tra-dic'tion, s. (sr^nuQuds?^ ld^ 


inconsistency, 6^<suQjfr<siDLD^ e^^fiFtr 

<5U)LD, i^)&J)<SFUJrrGS)W. 

of a witness, s^fTLL&LDfT^uQoDs. 
Con-tra-dic'tion-al, a. e^dnsun^, Quitq^ 

Con-tra-dict'o-ri-ly, adv. er^sTirdj^ <sSI 
Qrrrr^iDfTUJy LDrr^ufTL-irdj^ GT^[flGS)i^ 

Con-tra-dict'o-ri-ness, s. <sT^ffl(cS)L^, 



Con-tra-dict'o-ry, a. <sSIQrffT^LDrr(osr^ gt 

Con-tra-dis-tinct', a. Q(5ii/b^<o!£>LDLU[T6sr, 

<5r^irrr(osr^ tx)iT0>(osr. 
Con-tra-dis-tinc'tion, 5. Q(Sijp^<oS)LD^ <5t 

Con-tra-dis-tinct'ive, a. Goj/b^emLDuurr 

Con-tra-dis-tin'guish, v. a. GrfiQrrfr^^ 

Con-tra-in-di-ca'tion, s. GrfiiTS(^rSfuLi. 
Con-tra-pose', v. a. (5Tfirrrr<^<oSi<sij^^60. 
Con-tra-po-si'tion, s. (sr^nS'^. 
Con'tra-ries, s. (pL) (sr^irnssrQsxsiJsetr^ 


Con-tra-ri'e-ty, s. gt^it, (sSIQjrT^m. 
Con'tra-ri-ly, adv. Gr^utrdj^ uosiaiundj^ 

Con'tra-ri-ness, s. er^ir^ u<oO)s, eSlQjfr 

Con'tra-ri-wise, adv. Gi^rrnuj^ LD(T(irf>dj, 
Con'tra-ry, s. Gj^n^ GT^fflGSiL—^ eSlQirfr 

Con'tra-ry, a. GT^rflGiDi—iutTGsr^ GSlQurr 

^mrrGUTj tnpGsypui^pwfTGsr. 
Con'trast, s. <sSQrrn^^-.(suGis)LD. 
Con'trast', v. a. GT^irGSiOj^^eo^ Qajp^ 


Con-tra-vene', v. a. Grfiir^^eo^ ^®^^eOj 

Con-tra-ven'er, s. Gr^ffl^ ^gsh-.Qs^uj 

Qsutrm', LDgijuQufTGor^ (sSlQurr^. 
Con-tra-ven'tion, s. gt^itul^, ^®l/l^, 

Con-tra-ver'sion, s. Gr^iiuu<ssLDn(^ 

Con-trib'u-ta-ry, a. ^GiDpQsrrQsQp^ 

^uuiEjQdsrrQ^sQp-) ^'Ssm-Qs^iijQp. 
Con-trib'ute, v. a. o_^<a/^si), at^si), 5?^ 

Con-trib'ute, v. n. ^^<sij^eo^ GT^(si}tr(^ 

Con-tri-bti'tion, s. ^^(sSl, Q-usrririhj is 

(^Q<3SITGSiL-j fT'GSiS. 

box, LDSGSiinuQuLLl^, iT'lLl-uQu 

lLu^. — 

as levy, (Suifl^ ^Gs>p^ auuih, 


of money, ld,sgdld, uQMdQsrrGsyc^, 
Con-trib'u-tive, a. Gjsi^Slp.^ <op^^nQSi'3=uj 

&T&r^ <3^SlTUU^Qs=iuQp. 

Con-trib'u-tor, s. &-^<2SdsfTjiGsry e^^^rr 

<SD6=dsfTrr(^, ^.uQujfrQ. 

of property, QsnGSiL-iun&rm-^ &_u 

Con-trib'u-to-ry, a. ^^(^Qs^iLSlp^ ©_ 

usjremLDfTesr, ^uQiurrsLorrGur. 
Con'trite, a. &s)f5<oij(S(r(srry QfBfrnKfSjQGsry 

mind, GsyiBii^LDGsnhy u^3=n^^fTu(ip<3{r 


Con'trite-ly, adv. Gs>iE6uFrujj inGsreh^nu 


Con'trite-ness, s. us^s^n^^nidLo^ LOGsreru 

Con-tri'tion, s. LDGsrQfBrr^ inGtJTGsxsGijj m 

Gor&v^rruix)^ us^s^rr^^rruih. 
Con-triv'a-ble, a. QujnQss^^ss^ Qvurr 

Con-triv'ance, s. ^-uitujld^ (^i^d'^ihy ^ 

as fiction, &,c., £bl-(Sis<sgis>^^ s/dlSI 

Con-trlve', v. a. ^uaijuihu6ssr^}j^60j 

Con-triv'er, 5. (^y^ds^sairum^ idQ(G6) 

urrsSladsr^ LD(c(GU)<3spL9^G6r. 
Con-trol', s. SGOBrdi^uLj^^sih^ QuQjt 

®, g)/_/ruL/. 

as power, ^(^(Szo<5, !sl—^^gs)<s, ^^ 


Con-trol', V. a. ^(gj^^go^ slL®uu®^^ 

Con-trol'la-ble, a. ^jL-iijsds^ij^iu, s 

Con-trol'ler, s. ^(GT^GS)sQs=ujQ(3urT<^^ 
G^^nu'^essrdsiTirGsr.f Q LDeo<aS ^ nii'bom-d 

Con-trol'ler-ship, s. sGm-<ssiTGssffLJLj, ^ 

(emGsy&y s^sGUGhliULD. 

Con-trol'ment, s. ^(^(sn<s, ^i_<5(g; 

GSi<S^ <55Ll.L^{TUJlhuG(kr^U&^<Sy Sl^UU 



as opposition, Gi^ff}<5S)L—^ (sSlQnfT^w. 
Con-tro-ver'sa-ry, a. ^(7^<s<s(ip^<o(rj gS 

Con-tro-ver'sialj a. ^0<3t£ELDfT(our^ (sun^ir 

Con-tro-ver'sial-ist, s, ^st^^dss^rre^!, <sufT 

Coii'tro-ver-sy, s. ^qk&sud^ (sun^, eyfrd 


Con'tro-vert, v. a, <5j^nQu€?^G0^ er^rr 

Coii'tro-vert-er, ) ^(7^<s^s={tgQ^ (st^ 
Con'tro-vert-ist, * ) iT(Sufr^^Gj{T<si^<sufT 

^5 LD^^^(oiDrnljQurr(obr, eiSlisurr^. 
Con-tro-vert'i-ble, a. ^(t^ss^^^Ql- 

LDrT(5srj ^^fT^^uuLDrr(osr^ tSi<9=siT(osr. 
Con-tu-ma'cious, a. Qpii(^<oor^ ^(SS)ld 

to be contumacious, erfiQ^GiDrr^^So, 
(Tpji6m(Slu(o!k!r^)j^&}^ iSlL^<QiJir^ihu6sur 

Con-tu-ma^cious-ly, adv. ^^iDrruurrib^ 
Q<S(oirrr<oS)LDUjfTUj, Qpnt^mub, npinl-L-n 

Con-tu-ma^cious-ness, s. ^i—iEjsrr<ss)LD, 


Con'tu-ma-cy, s. iSlL^^urr^LD^ ^€U}LDUjrr 

in law, ^i^rr^^. 
Con-tu-me'li-ous, a. ^^tnfTULj&refr^ sj 
<3sii<oS)^iL^(Sfr(S{r^Qu(T^<oOLDiL](Ek(S{r^ fSlihoD^ 

Con-tu-me'li-ous-ly, adv. fSihesi^Lumii, 


Con-tu-me'li-ous-ness, s. @®/i)Ly, ^^s 
Con'tu-me-Iy, s. ^^LDtruLj^ ^/fgot^, fS 
Con-tiise', v. a. QiBrrLJu(bJ^^^e\)^ ^sn 

Con-tu'sion, s. ^i^ulj^ ^siruL^, ibQu 

in surgery, /5R0/. 


Co-nun'drum, s. Q^^r[uQu3=&^'i ^^^ 

Con-va-les'cence, s. <9?ai})^ Qs=fr&v^Lb, 
Con-va-les'cent, a. Qs=n&v^LD<oSii—.Qp^ 

to be convalescent, s^dSfEJdsrr^u^io^ 

Con-ven'a-ble, a. <ff=iEJSL^d,s^^dsj «si_ 

Con-vene', v. a. <3;L.LL®^io^ Q^n^^io» 
Con-vene', v. n. <9s_®^ei), Qs^rr^eo. 
Con-ven'er, s. Qs^nuQutrmr, ^m^sp^ 

Con-ven'i-ence, ^ @<si9cr<a/, <sjpp^ 
Con-ven'ien-cy, * ) (sureiDm. 

as commodiousness, s'rT(2u6siT^i£>^ ^ 

Con-ven'ient, a. f^^^, ^€6)<5=(SurT€sr, <s=[t 
time, opportunity, <5j/bp'9=LDUJih, fp^^ 

<9=LDLUIX)^ r5p'3=LDlUUD^ ^[TQJS n^LDn<oSr^(T^ 

to be convenient, §>^^<sQ<3SfT(^(Gf^^ 
Con-ven'ient-ly, adv. ^QSiffOjnuu^ ^(^ 

^LUfTLU^ ^Q<SOS={TLLI, <3?<S5 LDfTUJy S=fT€iJ<S5IT 

Con-ven'ing, s. <s^®<5J9<3j, sriisL^desis, 
Con'vent, s. ^pQeufTrrs^LLi—Lb^ (jptsuB 

Con-vent'i-cle, s. sk-iLu-LD^ Qps^tkiaih^ 

Con-vent'i-cler, s. Qps^iEJsrr^s^rrfB^ ^ 


Con-ven'tion, s.<9=<oG)uQs=(^<oS)S^ Q<9=itldit 
e^ih, ^asih^ ^-L-.&n'UfT®, <3!^lLl^ld0 

Con-ven'tion-al, a. QJLpddSLDireor^ 2_z_ 
terms, u ffl u nesDGi^j (5^a_<s-@^, <£f 

Con-ven'tion-a-ry, a. ^L^munQ&r&r^ 


Con-ven'tion-er, s. .g^LlL-^g-^/rssr, s=iei 

Con-ven'tion-ist, s. s-l-.<^l3i^sqd<35u 

esaremi Sip <su m. 
Con-vent'u-al, s. ffme^ujn^^ ^earej^ 



Con-vent'ii-al, a, (LpGsfl(3un6iin'^s^as 

Con-verge', v. n. QlLQQ/d^, <oS)i£iiLii}i 

Con-verg'ence, s. (oiDLDiu^^d(^(Sij0(ss-3s^ 

Con-verg'ent, a. QDLciLULhf5rT®Qpj ld0 

Con-vers'a-ble, a. <?ihufr<si^2£WiLi(sirerrj 

Con-vers'a-ble-ness, s. <surTS=rre\)Lb^ (Sijs= 

Con-vers'a-bly, adv. s=LDU(T(nij^'BsmLuiTilj, 
Con'ver-sant, a. {EL-LDfTLLi—LDfresr, uifl 

LDiT(our, uuSjb&LurTiosr, 

to be conversant, &etrt_rrQ^(so, uLp{^ 

Con-ver-sa'tion, s. s^LLSun^th^ ^ihufTo^ 

as intercourse, ui^d<SLb, s=<s<surr.5^ihj 

Con-ver-sa'tion-al, a. s^ldoju^^^^s® 

Con'verse, s. s^ihurroi^'Bsm-^ EL-inmLL— 
zi, mfLi—ntLi—thf ufBiDrrppuD. 
familiarity, Q^(ss)L—^ oDS^QLuirsih. 

Con-verse', v, n. Qu<3?^6\), <3=i})urT(Sifi^ 

to associate, s^as'ifl^ihufom^n^io. 
Con'verse, a. (5j^rnj<5sr^ LOfTQi^ssr. 
Con'verse-ly, adv. er^nndj., ld^^^ 

Con-ver'sion, s. mngn^io^ 9ir<oS)L-^6d^ 

' change of side, LDn^sLL9luu(Sl^60. 

in theology, iii<onri5^(i^ihL^^G0^ ^ituu 

Con-vers'ive, a. ffwunGi^'^ioasni^Gfrm-^ ^m. 

Con'vert, s. u:)<osri5^(r^ilii3<oST^m^ ^m 

eS iu iD^is^p Qffn ih^(DiJ <5sr . 
Con-vert', v. a. wnp^^eo^ (^esmuuQ 

to apply to one's own use, seun^eOj 

Con-vert', v. n. ^(r^LDL^^eO^ 9f[uu®^ 


CoH'-vert-i-biri-ty, s. LS\€hiQ(G^m(frj'sd 

pP'SSfLl^UJ^j LDirpi&k.l^lU^. 

Con-vert'i-ble, a. LDrrpds^u^uj, u^eorr 


Con-vert'i-bly, adv. LDfTp^'S(^ijDfT0>iJLj^ 

Con'vex, 5. Ljp(au'BGrr(S}^<3fr6fr^. 
Con' vex, a. L^p!k<s<oBiE^. 
Con-vex'ed-ly, adv. L^prEJS(oSl€U[TUj. 
Con-vex'i-ty, s. LjpfEJS(sSI<oij. 
Con'vex-ly, adv. Lfpiase^lQjfTiljy Ljpfsj 


Con'vex-ness, s. (see Convexity.) Ljp 
Con-vex'o-con'cave, a. L^p(ou'Bsfr(sij(ipLL 

Con-vey', v. a. Q<ssrr6m®QuiT^&)^ Qsrr 

sentiments, ^(r^^^iE]Qsn<2(r(GfT)^eo. 

to shore, or to bliss, aoiDiruuQs;^ 

^eo^ S(oa)irQujp^^io. 
Con-vey'ance, s. (surTsesrih, eea:/f^. 

by letter, ©_^^<£f^l!-®, Qs=60. 
Con-vey'an-cer, s. S-^^uessreosffsQarr 

Con-vey'an-cing, a. ^60)i—Q/>f^U(oasr 

Con-vey'er, s. QafremQQunQpsum-y 

Con'vict, s. &(o6)pLjuLLi—€!tjm^ (3PP 


Con-vict', V. a. ^pp(Sun'6ff}LUfT<sff^iT^ 

Con-vic'tion, 5. (^pp<aij<5ssriTj=9l. 

as opinion, LD<osrf§l^iT6i5nsi, irxoorGTsasr 

Con-vict'ive, a. (^pp^<^^Lq6miT^^d<!5. 
Con-vince', v. a. &.6ssr rr^^^eo ^ <sSl&rd 

to be convinced of, iBs^^ui^^^io^ ^ 


Coii-viiice'ment, s. (^nypQpemir^^GDS. 
Con-vin'cer, s. (^/D/D^<oS)^iLj<omiT^^Qp 

Con-vin'ci-ble, a. (^/b/D^<^^iLj<o!^iT^^ 

Con-vin'cing-ly, adv. ^-OMir^^^^ss^rr 

Con-vin'cing-nesSj s, ^L.<smn^^k^^^ 


Con-viv'i-al, a. (sSl0iE^efr(Sfr, &.ps=QjQp 
Qsfr6mL-fTLLi—(2p(ck(Sfr, ^LLQi—nGSl 

Con-viv-i-al'i-ty, s. ^^ioeOn^w, Qsrresar 

i—tTL-L-thj ^i^ihuirthj ^LLQi—rreSId 

Con'vo-cate, v. a. ojirQJGDLp^^ed, sk-LL 

Con-vo-ca'tion, 5. ^(ssit^uLf, ^-lLl^ld^ 

Con-voke', v. a. s^iejsiejs^l-Q^gO, sj 

Con'vo-lute, ^ ^0LLuf-<ocr^ ^(3^ 

Con'vo-lii-ted, * 5 (Sl<sir(S{r, ^ulL91uj[t 

Con-vo-lu'tion, s. ^[FIulj^ ^rfleij^ &f-(^ 

Con-volve', v. a. <3F/b^^60j ^ifl^^eo^ * 

to be convolved, ^//?^eu, ^0(^^60^ 

Con'voy, s. ^^5m-(^iTj strojeOiTj QiDLusfr 


Con-voy', v. ■s^LL.i^dQ^nem^Qun^eOy 

Con-vulse', v. a, ^&^^ed, ^(Lp^^eo, <su 

as to shake, (^^s(^^<so. 

to be convulsed, (^psm-Q^eOj €ij<oS)^ 

Con-vul'-sion, s. ^^eij^ ^^ulj^ ^(Lg 

as tumult, s=i5^i^^ (^Lpuum. 
Con-vul'sive, a. (SiKsSluLj&rGfry (^pemQ 

fits, a/SlJ?, ^&(SijS=^Gfffl,, 


(oundjj (Su<o^ujiT 

Con-vul'sive-ly, adv. 

Co'ney, > ^ 
Co'ny, «-^©^GP"^^- 

Coo, V. a. <3k.6lj^&), (oJlEUsio. 
Coo'ing, S. <3k-€lj<S5).3S, 

Cook, S. S^<BG)tf)LUp<SrTJT(ok,) UfTiBS^fTffl^ S? 

Cook, V. a. s^<5G)LD^^ed.f r^®^&), ^<s(^ 

to be cooking, s^GiDLDHjeorr^eo^ uns 

Cook'er-y, s. <3^(S6)u:)UJ6oQ(5u'bso^ ufT.sQ<sij 

the science, ld<o!di—^60. 
Cook'-house, > ^Qd<s'Bt^, moDi—u 
Cook'-room, * J uefreff)^ s=QaLDUJ6\)(s^ 

Cook'ing, s, soDLDtued^ ufTsih^ <9?ujis)un 


Cook'-maid, s. s=GS)LDiupsnfS, 

Cool, s. 0G{fln<9=Q^ ^^mih, it-itld^ ^em 

Cool, V. a. (^(off}irLJU6m-^}/^6\}, ^p^^ 

Cool, V. n. ^€ssB^60j ^£ij^60j (^effJiT^ 

Cool, a. ^^(ofTLDfTioor^ (^etRiri^^ i7inDrT6ur^ 

u<3?(S^inuuiTGsr, ^fr!h^LDiT(oar. 

water, (^effJirrB^i^iT^ ^<5Gur(5ss^iT. 

winds, (^(offliifsnpg}], ^^^(snn^ih. 
Cool'er, s. ^(oureonpfS-) Q<su u u rrp/6l ■) 

Cool'-head-ed, a. ^(off)LD(SiJL—<ss(ipar(orr, 

Cool'ish, a. ^p^<ss(^(s{fliTi5^^ l^gog^it 
Cool'ly, adv. (^Grflirs'^iufTUJ^ ^(oidld(Suit 

dj, ^(oG)LD6UL-.<S<SLDnUJ^ ^JT fT LU 611 fT LU f 

Cool'ness, s. (^<srf^iT^ (^(Sfflrfo^LD^ fr-JJu^-) ^ 

emSlDLD^ U'9?(oB)LDj ^^(SfTUO. 

as want of friendship, [5LLiSlG0eOfT(aDLD, 

Coom, S. epLLL-GSip^ Lj(oS>SLLI(5S)p. 

as matter working from the boxes of 
wheels, u6mi^iij(r^G!f}<sS)([^{F^jsd(^LD 






Coop, *. ^ITULjj S^®^ U(^ffrnh, (^lSI 

Coop, V. a. srruLSl6[)issii—^^eo. 
Coop'er, s. LDrr^Q^frLLL^Qp^GOrrearQDQj 

Coop'er-age, s. uDiT^Q^nLLu^Qp^G^uj 

Co-op'er-ate, v. a. ffk-i^Ms^uu^eo, s^l. 

Co-op-er-a'tion, s. ^L-<5ffrQQj'2ev^ si^lL 

Co-op'er-a-tive, a. n.L—<^Q€ij'^iLj(S(r(3fr. 
Co-op'er-a-tor, 5. ^^i^^Qsu'hso.asnsKcky 

<9?i-LL(SlQ(Sij'bsOSfTJT^j &-uQiUItQ. 

Co-or'di-nate, a. ^^^, ^uun<osr^ >fld 
Co-or'di-nate-ly, adv. 9^^^/ruj, e^uurr 

UJ^S=ffluJfrUJj ^^SBSTLUfTLU, S^lDlB'^lUfTub. 

Co-or'di-nate-ness, ^ ^ j^m/^'Ssu, ^//? 

[fly S<S[T^ ^'Bsssr, 

Coot, S. 'S(T^fB/T(olDrr, 

Cop, s. Qsrni), ^6sff. 
as tuft, ^QlSI^ @®. 
Co-par'ce-na-ry, ^ s-l^(^uiej(^^ e_ 
Co-par'ce-ny, * y L^<^<3{-^i5^in}),^ 

Co-par'ce-ner, s. ^^i—muikisn&fi^ s_z_ 

Co-par'cing, s. (see Coparcenary.) <f 

Co-part'ment, s. (see Compartment.) 

Co-part'ner. s. s>-i—ih<oS)^iu(T(Sff}^ &_i_63r 
sk-L-t—aeffl^ 6k. (off}, ^-i—mufk 
sfT<sffly s^LDunQj s=Q^(osr. 

Co-part'ner-ship, s. ^i—msk-iLQ^ a. 

Cope, s. ^'2G\)QpL^, <QUfr(osr<2Slffl(siij ^srnu 


sacerdotal, (^(T^ojerv^rj-ih, 
Cope, V. a. QiDGOnnuL^uSis^^^eo. 


Cope, V. n. si^ff^GO^ ^-s^^do. 
Co-per'ni-can, a. (^[fiujLDoJorL-eos'fr^^ 
Cop'i-er, s. (see Copyist.) ufrn^Q^Qp 

Cop'ing, s. ^iT&}Q(SiJUj<sij. 

Co'pi-ous, a. rSisiD/Deijefrefr^ LLUGSsnofjissr^ 

^ITiSfrfKoUr^ Lj^lT^^LUfTioSr. 

to be copious, tfl(oS)p6un(^^<50^ s^^ 

Co'pi-ous-ly, adv. LSI(^^LUffLU,fS(SS)jD(SijfT 
djj Qs^L^uufTLu^ a^uufTLu, (ojufTerr 


Co'pi-ous-ness, s. L^rr(sssni), s^uDLf^irism' 

/i), S(oS)/D<Sijf Qs^L^tllLj, ^fTirfT(SfrL£)^ 

QufTeS(Sij, QufTihtneOj l£1(^^^ (Sjun 


of a language, L^rresarufrei^ujLb^ Qs=fr 

GOLDtTLL^') Qs^fT60<2U(oS!!r(o(DLDj Q^fT6\)W 

Cop'ped, a. Qs!TUDQufT<^p^ Q<siTQp&fr 

<sfr^ ^effBiij&refr. 
Cop'per, s. Qs^uiLjj ^fTihtSljrLD. 

as boiler, sL—tTinh^ QsfTuu(SDir, 
Cop'per, V. a. Qs=ulj^^<s(S)(oS)^^^60^ 

Cop'per, a. Qs^ihutresTj ^rTu:iLSIji^^(m- 


coin, Qs=i£>LjrEfT6ssriULb, Qs^uL^satTSf-, 
color, Qs^iSiJULj^ Qs=il>Ljf§lpLb. 
sulphate of, or blue vitriol, ^(5<9f. 
sub acetate of, or verdigris, arreff)^ 
ihj €ijrEJSfT<sfruu^<oS)s=. 
Cop'per-as, s. ^&sr<o6rQu^^ imiSp^^ 

Cop'per-ish, a. QffLDL^(Sfr(3(r^ Q<fuo)i3(T^& 

Qp^ Q,ff=ihLjQufTmrp. 
Cop'per-plate, s. Qs=ul^^^<s®. 
Cop'per-smithjS. sm-(^<s3r,<s(^<gp<srTrr^. 
Cop'per-y, a. Qs=LbLj(Sfr<ofr<i Qs'ihuaeOiB 

^j ^mhiSlirfEJSGOih^. 
Cop'pice, s. ^psussfT®^ (5^/57 c5/r®, u 

Cop'ple-stones, s. ^irem-i—spsefr^ a 

es)t—S=fTiT<s5<sp<ss(Sfr, jij^ss3r<sp<S(Sfr. 
Copse, 8. (see Coppice.) (^^taan®-, 



Cop'u-la, s. Ljem-irQwiTi^, ^ODS^J^Qs^rr 

Cop'u-late, V. n. ^'Ssssr^io, seo^^eo^s^ 
(Si^6\),(d<3fit^6\}^ Q^fnii^GO^ ^6^ [EJ <3S esr 

Cop-u-la'tion, s. <seo<2S, ^eSliEi a earthy 

<EG)<3:QlJUnSLD^ <oS) LD^ (SST L£) ^ LfGSSriTQJ , S= 

Cop'u-la-tive, a. ^<5S)s=Q/d. 

conjunction, s^lLi^qdi—s^ Qs^frdo^ 

Cop'y, s. s=6utT^^ iSlrr^s=9LL®^ ^s=io 

as likeness, QuneSl^ iSirfi^uih, 
for a child, sl^ul^, ^<sfgo. 
rough, s^jT(oiD<sijQuj(ip^^. 
Cop'y, V. a. QuLu^^Q^Qp^^eo. 
as a child, umr^Q^Qp^^io. 
as imitate, i3mQs=60^^eo^ i3<ckup 

Cop'y-book, s. ^-gfjuQuQp^^uL^^^s 

Cop'y-er, ) sj^do<5TQ^^QsunQ^^ufT 
Cop'y-ist, ' 5 rf^Q^(ig^Q6i}[T(5sr, 
Cop'y-right, s. Lj^^s^rf)^^, Qs=ujlljlL 


Co-quet', ^ Q[5^!EJsnLLi^(onLuu 

Co-quette', * ) <su&r^ ^ir<9=<s<ss[Ttf}, irnud 

Co-quet', V. a. QrEs^iEJ'SnLLL^'sjLu^^id^ 

Co-quet'ry, ^ llq^lLQ, eS"2€o^ s=rr<9= 

Co-quet'tish, ' ) ei^'Sso, ll(t^lL®Qp, 

Cor'al, S. (Lp((^G5)£S<S<SB(S0, 

as precious stone, ^uLy, uwsfnhj u 

Cor'al, a» (ip0<oS)sd<s6O^(^(ofr, u(QU(Sfr 

LDQun(5srfDj u<QU<sfrLDn(osr, 
Cor'al-line, s. Q<s5rTdGD<s<s<3S60. 
Cor'al-tree, s. uQj(o(rs=Q<sFL^, 

Corb'an, s. snos^soDS, u<5^, 

as basket, ldsoshduQu lLl^', ^q^ldu 

Corb'el, s. Qu{T^(5S)s<iaL^QSiL^^ ^ihu^ 


a short block in a wall, <s?QjiTLDfrL^ihy 

Cord, s. «f5a5/j2/, ^mhi^, u(ig<ss)^^ L^rfJ. 
of gold, QurTjb<s=ir®^ QufTm-(^<5ssr, 
in scripture, uih^ufrs^ih^ ^(om-Gssfi. 

0{ wood, [S(Sfrii)(oTLLL—l^LLjLhj)f<3S6\)npUJlT 

Cord, V. a. <slL.®s^60j npLp^errwrrnjSLl. 

to cord wood, <oSp(^(ip^(sSliusLL®Q 

Cord' age, s, SLJup<3suSl^s&r, 

Cord'ate, ^ ^.rr^^rr^ujihCDurTi^p. 

Cord'a-ted, * 5 

Cord'i-al, s. QuedmQsrrQsi^Ln^iE^y 

Cord'i-al, a. ^(TirfrefrQpefrefr, Qi^s^Qp&r 
e/r, &-/bs=iT<3SQp(S{r(S(r^ ^rruoL£luu(ip<3{r<3(r, 
affection, n-iLiSrflujihj ^t-mmGsn^, 

Cord-i-al'i-ty, s, ^njriTemhj uifl(sij, ^<^ 

Cord'i-al-ly, adv. &./bs^tT<55LDfnuj Qfs^mrr 

Cord'i-al-ness, 5. ^<ssi£)^ Lj^!i6ssrui(^LD, 
Cord'mak-er, 5. auS^Qp^<i(^Qp(sii<^, 

Core, s, ^suLfpu), (^L-iT. 

of a boil, ^Gssfls'^, 9y^. 

the heart of a tree, jfj-sojuSiTih, sjs 

d<stTi^^ (G^rrLpeOy s=lduld^ <sit^. 
Co-ri-a'ceous, a. u^(oisfi LL.i-.Q^fTG0n(5sr^ 

u^(5sflLLL—Q^neoQuiT<ckp, <sugSI^^. 
Co-ri-an'der, s. Qs[t^^ld&)<sSI, ^GSfffi<SLh, 
Co-rinth'i-an-or'der, s, &pu^Q^nL^eo 

Co-rI'val, s. (sr^ifl^ Qunifl^ <5r^rrn&f}^ er 

Cork, S, (^c5F<5F, ^(S2Di_c5(3^/E/(^<F<*. 

a tree, G^iT<sSl^.iQQ^i—.fQ. 
Cork, V, a. (^s^&lLi—gidl—^^go, 
Cork'-screw, s. (^s^&®<sQj ffiEj(^^(7^ 

Cork'y, a. /f<^/f<^^^, i5<ar(EJSG0n<56r, Q 


Cor'mo-rant, s. i^iT<3ssiT<3sih, dsajressri-^ih, 

a glutton, Qu^€mGsr, 
Corn, s. ^iresBiuih. 

growing, uuSIrr, 



Indian, Qs=[r<c(ruD^ Qs^nmGsrio, 
on a foot, or hand, ^osS, smu. 

Corn, «7. a. ^uiSI®^60. 

Corn'-bin, s. u^^nuuth^ (sfi^^ (^^^ 

Corn'e-a, s. sQ^<sS'.L^iuSlmQLDpQ(f^eo. 
Cor-nel'ian, s. (see Cornelion.) ^/fo/ 

Corn'e-ous, a. Q<sfnliLj(sn-<sfr^ Q<3S{rQ(sir(3{r» 
Cor'ner, s, Qp'26o, Q<sa<omih,Q<s[nsf., (^ 

I— IT. 

of a field, (^L-.rr<s<oS)s. 
of the mouth, <sgs}L-.(3uitiju. 
Cor'ner-stone, s. ^^.£&<£eu, Q<snu^ds 

Cor'ner-wise, a. ^'^lEnirn.s^LDndj. 
Corn'et, s, stTefrih^ loTdsfreirLjo^ ^ihueOj 

(SuaSiTj L4^[fl(oSis, 
Corn'field, s. (sS<oG)^{Eleoih^ (sS^errLjeOLb. 
Corn'floor, s. s&tld. 
Cor'nice, s. 'Si£)i3Q<3u'^^ Q^^irasuDi^. 

Cor-nic'u-late, a. Q<sBrri})Li<sfr(3fr, Q-snQetr 

(SiT^ (LpLLLjp(ip(3[r(3{r, 

Cor-nig'er-ous, a. QsirLDH&retr^ QP^^ 

Corn'less, a. ^ireafliULSleoeOfr^. 
Corn -mill, s. ^(flQD<s^ tsiih^rrd^sjbsefr, 
Corn'-stack, s. Gurrir^ (^Q. 
Corn'y, a. QsmhLjGfrsn-^ ^nGsfluu(ip(S(r(3{r^ 

Cor-oFla-ry, s. s=fr^^ujih^ ^G^iLonJosreii 

Co-ro'na, s. urFlQsiJL^ih, 

Cor'o-na-ry, a. Qi^L-^^<s<sQ^^y Qsr^ 

Cor-o-na'tion, s. ^niTs^friSIQQ^SLD^ u 

as pomp, JifL9i(o€L^<S<o:SLplT. 

Cor'o-ner, s. ^ssrLDir(Sosr^iT(ruJs=Q'SS(r 

Cor'po-ral, s. iLj^^Qs=^<s<m-. 
Cor'po-ral, a. .ff=ffn'(ip(SiTGrr^ ^^u^^^s 

being, ^eoQ^Q^ s=l-.^<sSI. 
Cor-po-ral'i-ty, s. s^od^^OJLD^ <SFu^^^ 



Cor'po-ral-ly, adv. <3=i—;i^d.s®^/B^fTuj, 

Cor'po-rate, a» sh-i^uu^ s^p^Qsunuunajr^ 
<^m'^uLl.L^, s^iasLDQ^Gfretr, 

Cor'po-rate-ly, adv. sk-iLL-LDiriu^ .a^isj^ 
LDfTLU^ epasr^uiL®, 

Cor'po-rate-ness, s. <3^l1z_/^^, s^iejs 

Cor-po-ra'tion, s. <3k-LLL^ih^(ois3?^L-i-. 



Cor-p6're-al, ~)s=L-(Tpe{r<ofr^ Q<ssQp 
Cor-po're-ous, '^ekefr^ Lj^^ujQpefr&r, 

Cor-po're-al-ist, s. s:L^<suiTfiy LDinurT 

Cor-po're-al-ly, adv. ^i—Qpofrm-^nuj. 

Corps, S. ^QSsffy ^<5?iLi), U€(Dl^6}J(^LJLf. 

r^ s. > s^QJih^ iSlessrmn i3Qitsld. 

Corpse, 5 ' . '^ 

Cor'pu-lence, s. ^<sSul^, ^<oS)^ul^^ 

Q<35fT(ipULjj Q^Gffl(oijy U0<oS)LD, QtELU 

Cor'pu-lent, a. Q<sn(ipuurT<ssr, ^(50)s=lj 

person, siT^^irLDU(r^^^(ouQsT.) uq^^^ 

to be corpulent, QsrrQ£>^^60^ Qiblu^ 

Cor'pus-cle, s. sf^u* 
Cor-ra-di-a'tion, s. QiT(oma(^(sSl<si^. 
Cor-rect', ©. a. 9rf^(T^^^^&)^ lSisidlp^ 

6U, Ulfl<3Sffl^^6\). 

to chastise, s<oSOTU^^LDU<ossr^}]£5<so^ ^ 

a fault, (^ppis^ff^^'so^ (^ppS^h^ 

Cor-rect', v. n. ^(r^k^^eo. 
Cor-rect', a. fi^^^LDrresr, fiJiLL^LDfTiSsr, 

^IT<S<3SL£)ITiSSr^ <^ [ft LU fT (SST ^ Qs^lhGDLDLUrT 
^(T(oSrLDlT<oSr^ QfBITfTiSSr. 

person, S^neofl^ Qs=<Sij<oSluj<5k. 
pronounciation, Q-s^npfSQ^^^uo^ ^ 

to be correct, s^ifluu(d^60. 



Cor-rec'tion, s. ^Q^^^th^ s^mn^^sih, <s 
Cor-rec'tion-al, a. fi^^^uui—^^ds., 
Cor-rect'ive, s. ^^ih^ih^rrrressfl^ ^nu 
Cor-rect'ive, a. ^0^^ih^irrTsssflLLj(3{r(3(rj 


Cor-rect'ly, adv. ^0^^LDmu, 9ff<oS)LD 

LUfTLLI, QlSlffTUJ, <f(fluLindj^ Q^<SU(SS)^LUIT 

Cor-rect'ness, s. fi^^^m, QtBiTiss)LD^ Qs= 

Cor-rect'or, s. §(i^^^Q(sunioQr^ QiEifffs 
(^Q<sun'(osr.) ^iifLJuQ^^(o(SiifT<our. 

Cor're-late, v. n. €p<osr^<sQ<siT(ckrSI<oiDS^^ 
6U, s^LL(Sl/D(SiJrr^io. 

Cor-rel'a-tive, a, ^(osrmfT<osr^ u^^Qp^ 

duty, obligation, &/C., ^fflGDm^ &-rfl^ 

meaning, or idea, Lj<5s>t-.ds0^^, 

Cor-rel'a-tive, s. ^mw^ gjms=<sii, Qp 

Cor-rera-tive-ly, adv. ^(ssnofnu^ @<520<^ 

Cor-re-spond', v. n. ep^^^^^eo, 9^^ 

by writing, sn-Q^QinQ^^eo^ ^lL.Qu 

Cor-re-spond'ence, s. ^€S)3=eij, 9lj4« 
by letter, siTQ^s=ihuiT<oi^'^ss^. 
friendly, Q<sfr(S{r(oGis^ ^d^i—ih^ Q(5<9= 


Cor-re-spond'ent, s. Qsrr&r<oSi<s<ssmr<^^ 

Cor-re-spond'ent, a. s\®^^-, ^(^lditsst, 

e?^^, QuiT0ih^uj. 
Cor-re-spond'ent-ly, adv. ^(5S)S€uinuy 

Cor-re-spon'sive, a. Qutr^ih^iu^ <ojp 

Cor'ri-dor, s. ^^pgas^s^n'^. 
Cor'ri-gi-ble, a. ^snaa^3h-is^[Uy ^<sQ 
'2esrsQ&^€ij rr<osr. 


Cor-ri'val, s. (see Corival.) (sr^fFl. 
Cor-ri'val-ry, s. Qunrfl^^m<oQLD, <oT^ifl 

Cor-rob'o-rant, s. <3?srr<sSli^^w^ Queodr 

Cor-rob'o-rate, v. a. ^^^uu®^^^ 

Cor-rob'o-rate, a. Que\)uu®^^Qp^^ 


Cor-rob-o-ra'tion, s. 2_^^, ^L-<5sr,^ 
Cor-rob'o-ra-tive, s. QuGO<ssrQ<s(T®<s(^ 
Cor-rob'o-ra-tive, a. u6\)uiSI<s^^^dsj 

Cor-rode', v. a. ^tfl^^iOj ^esresreu, Q 

Cor-ro'dent, s. arrirLn^iF^, ^iBuu^^ 

Cor-ro'dent, a. Qo^^sQp^ (^ODpdQp^ 

Q^LudQp, ^ffldQp. 
Cor-ro-di-bil'i-ty, s. ^[fldsuu®rE^6or 


Cor-ro'di-ble, a. QoD^cu^^da^ (^osyp 

Cor-ro'sion, 5. &(oO)^ljlij ^ff^uLfj ulL 

Cor-ro'sive, s. <srTjii£>, sffluLjmGfr^j srr 

Cor-ro'sive, a. <3smrL£irr<osry ^ffldQp^ ^ 

plaster, arrrrJ=^'2isv. 
seton, sniT^^ffl. 
sublimate, ^dj<3^rrLD, 
Cor-ro'sive-ly, adv. Sffluufriii^ <s5ititu 

Cor-ro'sive-ness, s. q-qdp<5S(^ie^(^(oS)ld, 

Cor'rU'gant, a. <3f-rf}^<s<i3k..L^(ju, ^(siDjnu 

Cor'ru-gate, v. a. <9f-(f^d(^^iso, QfEffliSI 

to become corrugated, <3f-(^rEJ(^^60j' 

Cor-ru-ga'tion, s. ^(7^d(^y fi<oS)iTQf. 
by age, 4^(7j<5F(^, ficsfDir. 




Cor-rupt', V. a. ^l^^^su, Qs®^^eo^ u 

a word, w(7^<Si^^eo^ &(oS)^^6\). 
Cor-rupt', V. n. ^(ip<s£srT(^^6\)j ©in/^^^ 

60^ Qs®^6d^ ^-LL(^^<S0^ U^&STL^^eO. 

Cor-rupt', a. unLpn&sr^ QslLl—, i-iq^^ 

Cor-rupt'er, s. QsQuQurrekj ^l^u 
Cor-rupt-i-bil'i-ty, s. u(Lg^n<ss<s3k-i^uj 


Cor-rupt'i-ble, a. uQ^^trsss^uf-uu^ ^ 
Cor-rupt'i-ble-ness, s. u(ip^uu.<s<3^i^ 
Cor-rupt'i-bly, adv. urri^uQuiUL^^ piEi 
Cor-rup'tion, s. Lj^(S3ri^<a/, Qo^^e^j^ u 

(Lp^-) ^M.3^<S0^ ^-SSGO^ ^MipuLy, &^ 

of a word, ld^^Glditl^. 
Cor-rupt'ive, a, u(Lp^fr<sds^^<ss^ QsQ 

Cor-rupt'less, a. QsLLQuQurrsrr^, u 

Cor-rupt'ly, adv. QsL^rrdj, uQp^rrdj^ 

UfTl^mU, ^i-EJ^fTLU, UfTL—mU. 

Cor-rupt'ness, 5. ^(Lpi^<oS)<3s, Qu^(ca)Ln^ 
Cor'sair, s. smefrdsuupsBrrjesr^ suu 
Corse, s. lSIQit^ld^ tSlissarLr)^ sleuth. 

Corse'let, S. ljDITITS<3S(aU,3=U), ^iTsmih. 
Cor'set, S. adSr, LSlssl5ft(oS)6B^ ^IT(^dQD<S. 

Cor'tege, s. uffl^mTsn.^ uifl<sufT!jn^ uifl 

^losrn, uffl(SuiTinh. 
Cor'tex, s. ld[tuulL<o5)L^. 
Cor'ti-cal, ') ulLqdi—Qu fT<^/D^ 

Cor'ti-ca-ted, * 3 LjpdQjFrT/SlLLj<3(r(srr. 
Co-rus'cant, a. ue/FfflQQ/D^ u(S(ru6{r^ 

^, iSl^d'SLDn'esr. 
Cor'us-cate, v. n. ^goiej(^^6\), iSl^tEj 

<sffldQ'9=esr6\)j ue^iTU6frQrr(Ssr&}. 


Cor-us-ca'tion, s.^eod<!ELh^ u(3fru(3frLjL^^ 
€Tf^uLf^ ^eff), ^e\)d<3SLh<) l^(^. 

Cor-vette', s. iq^^uu isi^. 

Co-se'cant, s. Q<sfri^^^ffl<Frr^tTih. 

Co'-sine, s. Qsnu^d&ioSiuu, Q-sfn^ds^rr* 

Cos-met'ic, s. &pui3d(^LD(rRiB^^ ^ra 
sunsLD^ ^eoiEj'SfTiruL±d<9?. 

Cos-met'ic, a. QpuiSdOlroj ^ip(^Qs^ 

iLQrOj ^eOfEJ6SffldQnr). 

Cos-mog'o-riist, s. s=<s^^pu^^s=rT^0l 
Cos-mog'o-ny, 5. LSiru(d^s=^Q^rrpjDSf^ 

Cos-mog'ra-pher, s. ^GGsris^rr^^ifl., i3 
Cos-mo-graph'ic-al, a. ^6tkL^s=fT^^F^ 


Cos-mo-graph'ic-al-ly, adv. ^esBrt^s^rr 

^^n^^ d <s Q^<s^nuj . 
Cos-mog'ra-phy, s. ^€6sri—Qsns=LDy ^ 

Cos-mo-log'ic-al, a. ^emL—ffrr^^u^^ 
ds®^^j ^smi-^^^ds®^^^ ^emi—. 


Cos-mol'o-gy, s. ^(sssri—'S'rr^^inh^ ^ 

Cos-mo-pol'i-tan, ) unQ^Q^ s=(r^<Sij 
Cos-mop'o-lite, ' ^ Q^<3'(Lp(^Q s^go 

Cos'set, s. 6iD<s^^^6m(bi<oU6tr(T^il)^LLQ 

d(^LLu^^ <5S)SLLj<olDpLLI6mL-^LL®d(^ 

Cost, s. Q^eo<oii^ Qg^&irp^^ Quir^uLjy 

q9?6U, QfTLUUD. 
as loss, f5<aL^L. U). 

of law-suit, (SiJLpd(^dQs=6\}Qij. 
Cost, V. a, Q^eo^ij^iOj Qurr^^^eo^ 0<r 

Cost'ard, s. Quffui^mui^ih^ ^uL^(Qunu 

Cos'tive, a. u:>eO€i]rTLL&uj[T(Sisr, iLeodsil. 

i—rrssTj LD<sod&d<siTGsr. 
Cos'tive-ness, s. Loeod^di^^ uoeOuis^LD, 
Cost'less, a. Q3=eO(sSleOGd[T^^ QitlulSIgo 

eOiT^j <sSI'2eouS)606VrT^. 
Cost'li-ness, s. ^^s<c:S'^u^<50)L^es)LD^ 



Cost'ly, a. j)f^€:S'^iLj<ofr(ofr^ <sE(osrQs'(oO€i^ 

errefr^ eSl'2eoQLunSI<5sr. 
Cos-ttime', s. Qsrreoil)^ LDirfirFlj s=rT(56ii-., 

Cot, 5. (^<^<5f, (^L<^€\), (^L^<5S)S^j Qpr^GO. 

a bed, G)^/7Z-l^&i), ldi^^ud. 

for the finger, (sSlirpLiLLi^eo^ (eSIjt^ 


for watching fields, ^^smii, <oj^<om- 

Co-tan'gent, s. Qsin^J^s^fT^irili. 

Cote, s. ^lL®ljulLis^^ ^lL^sQgdl.^ 

Co-tem-po-ra'ne-ous, a. e^Qjrsrr'Sdsj^^ 

Co-tem'po-ra-ry, s. <^QrT<siTG0^Q^n<5k^ 

Co-tem'po-ra-ry, a. i57<s5<stTeo^^^<s{r(Sfrj 

Cott, S. ^f5J(^W(ii^S^ll)<) <9^ULSlrrLD(^^U3<f 

Cot'tage, s. (^i^iOy (^i^qds^, QjbfSli^f 

Cot'ta-ger, ^ &p/^60<sufr&^ (^l^<s)9<so 
Cot'ter, ' y 6iirri^Q(QinT<osr. 

Cot'ton, s. U(^<3?j '-'(3^^-i 'Strpuns^ih^ 

silk cotton, U(U^<9?^ ^i<S0<SUlJDU(^<3r. 

Cot'ton, a. u(i^^fTeOfnu^ u(i^<3=n<sO[T<sQ 
iUj u^^^LUfreOnQiLi. 
manufactory, machine, m'lW, u(^'3r^ 

plant, U(7^^^ffQ<fu^^ <£npu[T<3=ihj @ 


yarn, or thread, uq^^^^qo. 
C of ton-y, a. u(i^<9?(ou IT isarp^ u(^:3?<ch-<3{r. 
Co-tyl-e'don, s. u(T^uLjy (sSs^ulSh^ld. 
Couch, s. <3^uu<ssnSL^uo)^ <9=inLju:)(i^^m. 

as sofa, or settee, s=muLD'^om-y ffadjmrr 


Couch, V. a. ^(omuL-eOQpifl^^eOj ^erf}^ 

Couch, v.n. u^^(s\), u^iEj(^^<so^ urnh^ 

Couch'ant, a. u^(kj(^Qp^ uai^Qp^ 


as squatting, u^iE](^Qp^ uirih^Qp, 
Couch'er, s. <S(ouaruL-.6dQpffldQpQj<^* 

Couch -fel-loW, S. S=<3S^LU6ufl. 

Couch'ing, 5. (Sucm-fEjsdo^ ^[tu^^go. 
Cou'gar, s. Lj<sfr<5ff}uLjeSI. 

Cough, S. ^(f^LDGO. 

of a beast, sihioio. 

hooping cough, as(^(suiTGsr^ (^<ss60. 
Cough, V. n. ^Q^QP^^- 
Could, aux. ^Lu<^p, sf^i^Qsr. 
Coul'ter, s. {see Colter,) Q<siT(Lp^ sfr^, 
Coun'cil, s. <3=iEism<) <^l.lLi^u:>, ldib^gstld, 

of state, L£)i5^{ff<s(oh-j ^QeO[T3''^otn'S'<g: 

lE]<S^^niT^ LD'SfTf5®<SiJIT. 

as purpose, Qujira^'^fssr^ (srsmGrnLD. 
chamber, ^sru^fT<omLD6m-u.uil)y ldib^ 
Coun'sel, s. Qiun<f'2esr^ ^Qeorr^'^/ssr^ @ 

decree, ^iTLDrT€srLD<) ^nui^. 
secret thoughts, ^LSuiSlrrrriui}). 
Coun'sel, v. a. Qujrrs='2GsrQ<Ffr6\)^^6dj <oT 

to take, &.<s=fr(ai^^io^ ^irmujg6\). 
Coun'sel-a-ble, a. ^QeorT<9='^5sr<s(^3=Qs=^ 

(aSlQsfrQ'sQpj QiLirT<9='2i5srs(^L^(oku(Sl 

Coun'sel-or, s. ^QeOrT<9^'2G6r<s<3sniT(^^ ^ 

as adviser, L^^^Q<fneoQ(SurT(osr, Qun 
^uQunesr^ (DLurr<5:'2GsrQ^fT6\)Co(SuiT(^j 

Coun'sel-or-ship, s. LDthfirfl^^esrihj sj 


Count, s. <5T6m<sm&), 

in law, Qp<^pLJuiT®, (^pp<3'<3=[rLL®* 
a noble man, ^QDp<su<^^ (^eOLoam^ 

a title, spiTuil.L-uQuujiT, 
Count, V. a. erGm-^n^eo^ ^gO<sb<si^®^ 

to esteem, ld^^^gO^ s<ssS^^go^ s=iej 


to impute, s=fTLL®^GOj ^n^^^^Gd^ ^n 

odd numbers, ^p<5isipuL-Q(2dGm^]i 
^go. \_go. 

one by one, ^6jQQj(i<ck(rtj>Qm'sm^u^ 



Count' a-ble, a. <cj<om<omuuu.^^ss^ er 

Coun'te-nance, s. QpsLD^ Qps^L\^ Qp 

cheerful, &/C., (^Gffiirih^QpdSLD, ld&)it 

/F^(7/D<5i0, Sf-(ip<SLJDj (^OcSdB^SsYT, QpS<i 

look, Q^fT/b/Dii), STTLuSo^ urrtEi(^. 
fierce, or savage, Qarri^uuQpsLD^ s_ 


as favor, st—.rrLLs=LD.^uj6ijj^rrLLs=^oSsr, 
to keep in countenance, Q^p^^eo^ 

to put out of countenance, (LpsQprB 
^^60^ f5fT63ar<oS)su^^60, QsulLsuu® 

Coun'te-nance, v, a. ^t-uuQ^^eO, <55 

Coun'te-nanc-er, s. sL-{TC&uQurr(^^ 

Count'er, s. (5T<om-^}jQ<sufT(^, <3SQ!sfl^^, 

a table, sessfl^iSL-ti). 

in music, LD^fiwQojrrQSis:. 
Count'er, adv. ^^rfaih^ <sT^if\(^L-uurTdj. 
Coun-ter-act', v. a. GT^n^^eo, gt^iB 

Coun-ter-ac-tion, s. (orfiirui-i, @^J2/, 

Coun'ter-at-trac'tion,s. <^^iT<s<s<au^s:9l. 
Coun'ter-bal-ance, s. s^mSetDpf u^ 

Coun-ter-bal'ance, v. a. s^mi§l<oS)pujrT<s<s 

6\)^ s^ffldsiLQ^eo, s^LoS'^iuiTdsio. 
Coun'ter-bond, s. iSI'B5ssr(ipnS^^-^^rr<su[T 

Coun'ter-change, s. uessri—mirp^, 
Coun'ter-charm, s. GT^Qir/b^. 
Coun'ter-check, s. ^(ssii—^ ^^lLQj gt 

as rebuke, ^^lL®. 
Coun'ter-cur-rent, s. GT^iriiQimLLL-LD, 


Coun-ter-ev'i-dence, s. Grfin-s's^fTLLQ^ 
Coun'ter-feit, s, <suL-Q(Su'hsOj dseirerrui, 


as a person, LDmDire^, <ssui-.Q<suL-.<oor^ 

(x>(aiJ6L^d<sn'ji6sr, <5iy(^.^c5(53r, <S(S{r<sii<^, 
Coun'ter-feit, v. a. ufT(S}j'2Gsr<sfrLL®^eOj 

Qun'(oSlu6asr^u^60^ Q6u(Si^loQu[t®s 

6\), S(S(r(Sfr(G^Q,ff:Lu^<so. 
Coun'ter-feit, a. <s<sfr<sfr, QuneSJiunGsr^ 

QurTUJLUfT(^jrj LDrTLDn<s\)LDn(osr^ QsueiSLLofT 

6W, LDn'tf<?(Tpi3iT(srr. 

com, <s5&refr<ssfT<ffr, Q<9^60eorTdsn'3P-^ <3S 


habit, QufTLudQarreOLDj Lofr/^s^LD, Q<sij 

voice, QuiTisSJ<s(^rr&)j QuireQs^s^^^ih, 
Coun'ter-feit-er, s. sireuL-ek^ z^/r/F-s^esr, 

(oui^s^dsrrjT^y (^(SiKSL^dsfrjiiosr. 
Coun'ter-feit-ly, adv. S(Sfr(3frLDrTUj, Qun 


Coun-ter-law'suit, s. <5TfiiT<SiJLpd(^, er^ 

Coun-ter-mag'ic, s. (si^Qnp^. 
Coun'ter-mand, s. <sj^ndsL-Lj^^ ld 

Coun-ter-mand', v. a. Grinds lLlJ^u 

Coun'ter-march, s. U(ss)L-^(t^ldiSIu 

Coun'ter-mark, s. <5j^nQ^i—uun(2(ni>, 
a bill, <5iD<sQujfTuui})^ ^6U<F^Ssar, /_/ 

Coun'ter-pane, s. (see Counterpoint.) 

Coun'ter-part, s. ^frined^ ^Lupu(^^, 

^Qu[T<5Ci<SLS^IJiS(^QpG0LD^ ^Q U IT<oS)<Slp, 

as copy, iSlirfi, 
Coun'ter-point, s. ^uulLu^. 

opposite point, <oT^iT^^d(^y (srfiir 

rS'2e\), (5T^nQ[5[rd<sih. 
Coun'ter-poise, s. s=iDiS(5S)pu.wd(^iliU 

Coun'ter-poise, v. a. ^m^dQ<s rT(^^ 

s^fftuuQ^^ei)^ s=ffluiTrrLDtTd(^s;eO. 
Coun'ter-poi-son, s. LDrrp^Lo^r^iB^y <oT 

Coun'ter-proof, s. Qs=rT^'2i3isruu^^ijihj 

Coun'ter-sign, s. iLinl.L^<o6)p<si\. 



on charters, bills, (S^c, ^nifluusniKsS 
€sr<s6)sQajnuuil)^ Qs^6\)Q&)rruuLb, 
Coun'ter-sign, v. a. <oSi<sQiJurTuuiJD(o6)<su 

Coun'ter-sig-nal, s. GT^irsi^nSluLf, ld 
Coun'ter-vail, s. <3fld£<oG)jd, s^LDueoihy u 
Coun-ter-vail', v. a. cr^n^^eo^ s^rfldi^ 

Coun'ter-work, s. <5r^iT<sQ(fl(z^(ju. 
C ount'ess, s.^ (oTO^ Q$? ,^'260 q9 . (^ 6U iz)c5(3rr. 
Count'ing-house, ) s^m<iQ<s®(5S)<S)j 
Count'ing-room, ' 3 «^@@<^/7''3s^^j <s 

Count'less, s. Grem-^ssfljDiB^^ ^(sn-eBe^eOfT 

C6un'tri-fi-ed, a. f5iTLL®uQufrEJ<srr<osr, 

,f5 fT-S fF<S LDjbp -) Qpuupp^ ISfTtLuLS 

Coun'try, s. Q^3=ld^ ^<oS)u:), /f/t®, ^shitj 

inhabited, <3=(osru^il). 
Coun'try, a. [Bml.(Bis<s®^^, Q^\n^^& 

man, [5iTil.L-.tTQsr^ iBfTLLQuLfp^^irdr, 


parts, rBiTLLQuLfpih. 

style, f5[TLL(£lLjQuiTfEJ(^^r5rrLLQf50Di—, 


talk, Q^iT'is<oS)^. 
usages, {BfTLLQsuLpdsih. 

^ Coun'ty, S. Q^S=^^Q60tTJTL9[fl(Q^^ (BIT®. 

Coup'le, s. ^jr<Qaor(blj Q^!t(Bi^ ^^sssr^ ^ 
Coup'le, V. a. ^'^sm-^^eo^ LSI^osar^^eOy 

to marry, (sSI(Siirr<sei£)U(om^]j^60. 
Coup'le, V. n. ^Sszjsr^si), /i) Sszjjsr^eu , lj 

Coup'let, s. FFUL^uufr, 

Coup'ling, 5. L/63ar/fuL/, Qj^rrQuLj^ iSI 


Cour'age, s. ^mSiflium^ ^l—gst^ (S^jitl)^ 

^<omGS)LD, QpUJpQ^ QerrdSUD, LdQ(^3^ 

Cour-a'geous, a. ^uSffliUQpsiTSfry ^i—rr 
ffJ<s<s(ip<s(r(Sfr, isSjj(ip<3fr(Sfr^ ^<om'(oG)LDLLi 
(Sfrsrr, uinT<sSljiLD(iperr6fr. 
language, ^ l^ n (fids ism isstQus^'S?.. 
man, ^L^L^(i^i—.(5sr^ e^iTQjrrear, (a?ir<ssr, 
<oS)^(f}uj€ii(T6sr, ^i—.(rrflf ^<osari—(oG)<s. 
mind, ^z—zldottlo, fi l—Q (b (^'3? . 

C6ur-a'geous-ly, adv. ^ss3r(oU)LDLU(TUJ, 

(aSjTLDrTUJ, ^ U.(T(fl<SS LD(TUJ, 

Cour-a'geous-ness, s. (sSsr^^euLD^ <5S)^(fl 

C6u'ri-er, s. ^^eur, epppsin-^ ^(^-s^p 


as news paper, u^fiirs^mrem-eur. 
Course, s. ^zl.z_zi, Qun<s(^y <s^^ ^ 

direction, fi<s(^, ^(oS).9=, Qibit. 
passing, i5<sidl^^ O^FaJo/. 
race ground, uih^ujd<3=(T'2so, 
turn, order, &lc., QpeiDp., ^oj^smT' 
of animals, undjd<f<so^ ^(3(r(^. 
of conduct, epQpdsil), 6p(ip(Ej(^y^ 

^(TITthy QjTLDLf), [BL—^<oS)^y LD(TIT<S5S LD, (5 

of dishes, Qirui(EjQiiLDLD(TuSIQi})^(^ 


of heavenly bodies, QirsQ^jm-LL^u), 

Qrr<S(5(oO)L^^ Qrrss^. 

of yesterday, Q(Bpp<ofr<si^. 

of water, !§Q!T(tlLl-.iJd, Qu0d(^. 

in course of time, (5(T(S(flQeo^ (5fr<s(r(Sij 

in course, successively, QinjD(EjQiiLD 


Course, v. a. ^ir^^eOj s'hso^^eo^ Q^(t 

Course, v.n. umu^do^ ^sfreifl^^ffl^eo, 

Cours'es, s. (pi.) s?^mpuurrtjua<s(r. 
monthly, l^ulj, ldit^<S!SJ(o!dl—^ (^^sih^ 

Cours'er, s. u(h^ujd(^^(SS)j^ uiraJLorr, 

(sniTUDUfB, s^jTsraSi. 
Cours'ing, 5. QsuiL'SGiL^uurrL^'sO^ Q<suC 




as water, ^nuufTiJus'<3=<so. 
Court, 5. (LpppLJD^ ^rresoTLD'^Gsrj ^irrr-3^ 


as favor, ^rnrs^^Luen^^ ^trns^n^dQ 

open building, Qp^6\)L£i<oimL-.uub^ (sus^ 

k^uxsmL^ u u). 

as royalty, ^rT[T<3=^n<5cfi, uDsneifv^eOLcij 

^^^fTessfij Q6u^^(oS)<s>jj Qsrr^LDiossr 


of justice, rStumu^^edtx)^ i§^&v^gou)^ 

as sitting, ^jT&Q^sGSis^ Qsfr^e^jb 

of a temple, i^usirins). 
term for, i§^<sSl^fTir'Ssss)rf5rr(Sfr. 
Court, V. a. iSlrFlujuuQ^^sdOj ens^uu® 

Court'e-ous, a. ^s^nirQpsirefr, &.us^fHu 

Qp(S(r(Sfr^ LDffluJiT&D^iLjefrefr, 
Court'e-ous-ly, adv. ^s^nuLnirih^ Loffliurr 

Co-urt'e-ous-ness, s. ^s^nuuDy wrflujfr 

€5)^, euL^un®. 
Court'e-san, s. Q<quQ, (aSl'^irxsen-^ Quit 

C6urt'e-sy, s. ^<3=fTjiih^ LDfflujrT<oS)^^ fsn 

Courte'sy, s. ew^ifsmQ^ujiLiiJDLmflujiT 

Courte'sy, V. 71. 6rvfiffs<sfr€ui5£5'2einQs'UJ 

Court'-hand, s. SLumu6rv^60rE]S(^dQs 

Court'-house, s. ^^mj^sow. 
Court'ier, s. Qp<5S(^^fis [Tir(^j [5uj(su 


Court'like, a. {5&)eOn&^n!i(ip&r(3(ry rsfrs/f 

<SQp(Sfr(Sfr^ QinrrdQiUQpefrefr. 
Court'li-ness, s. !5n<sif<SLD^ QajfTsQaJw^ 

Cburt'ly, a. Quits' <3=<56)u<is®^^j lSit 
Li^^<QUQp<3ir(sir^ ^rrLLs=<oSsfluj(ip(S(r(3frj 

Court'ly, adv. s^GSiu<s&®^^Qp<o6)puu[ruj^ 

J 90 

Court'-mar'tial, s. ^<s^s^^m^ li^ew^eo 
Court'ship, 5. LDGmfEjQsLLL—eo, (SuQiuih 
Cous'in, s. ^(^QDpeS lLl—<3^Q<sit^!Tuoi^ 


Cove, s. (^L—fr. Qsnuf.^ s^^sQl^ld. 
Cove, V. a. <sSlGO<oiJi^<s}jnuj(3ij'2is{r^^eo. 
Cov'e-nant, s. S-1—ldul^<S(sids, q^l^uj 

ufT®, Qu[T(T^^^tl)^ (oipurr®. 

as vow, SutB^'^/ssTy QurT(^^^'2esr^ ffth 

Cov'e-nant, v. a. ^L-ihu®^^eo^ ^l^ud 

L/eggrggg^/ggu, (SjpuQ^^do, 
C6v-e-nan-tee', s. S-i—ihui^diStDsQup 

Cov'e-nan-ter, s. &-i—muL^<S(StD<su6m' 

Cov'er, s. ^^l, ^^GS)p. 

as pod, QstT^^ <sF<s<oS)Sy epQ. 

as pretext, <frTLL®^ Qun<i(^^ ixinujLD. 

as sheath for young fruit, iDL^eo. 

as shelter, e^^<sQL-.m. 

for beasts, i^es)^, (su'hofr^ u^. 
Cov'er, V. a. ^®^eo^ Qun^^eo^ m<ss)p 

^^eo^ QurriT^^eo. 

to Wood, ^(oS)l-Ql-^^go. 

as a bull, fcc, i^emn^eo., QurreSl^do, 

expenses, ^its(^^60^ ^(B<s<sl1.®^<so. 

up, or conceal, LL<ssip^^60^ l/cto^^^ 

<oS)<su^^60y Qurr^^do. 

the eyes, <s<omL\<oS)^^^GO., sesarQurr 

with an umbrella, S(2SI^^6\}^ iSli^^ 



er-mg, s. ^l^, unssipei^, ^urrrrut^^ 
as canopy, suireaff, (syrrs^ei^^ QLD6\)friTu 

an envelop, Qstr^^ G°^3 i-jp<ossflj s- 


a tent, &c., <si_i_/rirLb, ut—iriheS'Q. 
of fruits, &c., Q<srT^y <3^Q^ G^^? ^ 



Cov'er-let, s. ^uulLisjl. 

Cov'ert, s. ^^dQi-ili^ u^gSIl^u:), 

a hiding place, ^erf^moDpei^. 

a thicket, s^giJ^ Q^srrQ. @^^l/. 
Cov'ert, a. ^(Sffluurressr^ <3suL^(ip(ofr(o(r. 
Cov'ert-ly, adv. LD(SS)nj<surruj^ ^ff<3s9lujLDn 

iL^ e^&fluundj^ sul^ldituj. 
Cov'ert-iiess, s. ^irs&Luuo, ^GffIuL^<) ld 

Cov'ert-ure, s. ^^dQi—LDje^GrfluiSlt—i}). 
Cov'et, V. a. ^ff&^^eo^ ^(Si/zro/^eo, l9 

Cov'et-a-ble, a. ^^9lsa^^<s<s, <oSl(r^uD 

Cov'et-ing, s. (sSI(7^ulj^ ^s=9Iulj, ^gs)^ 

C6v'et-ing-ly, adv. (sSl(T^LJULnmju^ ^(Sids^ 

lUfTLU, ^ff^GlDS^LUniLlj ^ QJ fr<SiJ ITlLl . 

Cov'et-ous, a. ^(SufTGijerrerr^ <2Sl(f^uu(Lp 
oretTj ^<5U)s^iLj(Sfr(S{r<) LS!nr)iTG)un'(r^6rB<^ 

mail; QurT(r^<sfTfT<oiD<ff=ssrrji(^. 
Cov'et-ous-ly, adv. ^s'(SG),3=ujfTdjj (sSIq^u 
ULDfTLu^ LSpirQuir^effleoeurTSiirTUJ^ Sj 

Cov'et-ous-iiess, s. Qurr0(Sirn(oS)s=^ ^^ 

as stinginess, ^-Qeonum^ Q^uem' 

Cov'ey, S. <sSI(SU)L^£[frr^^fT^QsrTL^LLir5J(^ 

Co'ving, s. (2Sl/b<^friLiuLj^Q9/b'9'[fl<Sii, <aS/a) 

(Sij'2(orr<surr(our<ff=fTLLJULj . 
Cov'in-ous, a. ^iBfiir(ip(S(r6(r^ ^(sn-mQp&r 

(ofTj senrefT. 

Cow, S. USf-y Q<stT., ^, Q<s^i. 

Cow, V. a. <ss6\)d(^^&)^ ^<o6i<S<isLJU(o!5sr 

to be cowed, Qs(f^^eOj Q<sfT<50)LpuQ 

Cow'ard, s. ^efrQf5^s^iosr,Qu6m-<saor<^. 
Cow'ard, a. QsfT(oa)i^iLj(Sfr<s[r. 
Cow'ard-ice, ^ ^(SfrQiB^-sf-, ^<9= 

Cow'ard-li-ness, * J s=d(^6ssru:), (S^itlSI 


Cow'ard-like, a. QsnosyLpuumQunmp^ 

Cow'ard-ly, a. (^uuSleoeOrr^^ eo^ffltuLd 

pp.^ u\uQpm(2ir. 
Cow'ard-ly, adv. uLULDndj, <oS)^(flLULSl(^ 

LUITLU, Qu(oS6r(StS)L£)^;S(oSrLDrriLl. 

Cow'er, v.n. (^6sfl^e\)^ uossfl^io. 
Cow'-dung, s. <57(^, s=n€GiS^ <fp/r(^<5Lb) 

as fuel, <ci/(i7^z_lz^, (SijptLi^, (5T(^s{ 

Cow'herd, s. ^<ss>L-.uum-^ ^ilksst^ Qsrr 

Cow'-house, ^ QsmLis^eo^ ^QeneSl., 
Cow'-sta-ble, $. > ^/^'Ssv, ^mQ<s[TLL 
Cow'-stall, 3 ^'^t Q^fr(Lp-) ulLu^^ 

Cow'-keep-er, s. ^lueir, ^(SGiL^iudr. 

Cowl, S. S^<o^6fff}LUfT&uSl<oOrQ<SSfTG0Lhj 1§IT^ 
Cow'lick, S. QlSprS^&^L^LDuSllT. 

Co-w6rk'er, s. P-i^€hrQ(su'^sniFQir.f s- 

Cow'-pox, s. Q<srr(SS)<su(^ifl. 

Cow'ry, 5. Qs^rrQ, j>j<s(^f ueosesip, to 

Cox'comb, s. Q&nuL^<ssniT(^^ iSl,^<ss<s 

srrjKoory QsiT6VfrseO(oar, ^u.LDUS<sn 

Cox'c6mb-ly, adv. L9^<s<sfTiiJ^<o^ubunuj. 
Cox-com'ic-al, a. ^^(so<50[Ts=Qp<s(r(3n-^ (osrr 

Coy, a. <3ii-.s=<3F(ips(refr^ iBrTQiar(ip<on'<o{r. 

to be coy, <3f>-s?^60., rsn^u^io. 
Coy'ish, a. sip^^^^^QP'^^^ s\p^^n 

Coy'ly, (tdv. s^s^s^tLfnu, isfTessTLDiruj^ s? 
Coy'ness, s. sk-s^^^ih^ /F/resarJ), s^EjQsrT 


Coz'en, V. a. <sjib^^eo.^ ^ustfl^^eo., <5T 
C6z'en-age, s. <sr^^^ ^usffluL^, ejiu 



C6z'en-er, s. gt^^i^. ^i^rf^^ ^usfBu 
Co'zy, a. <sus=^LLjefr0[r.f ^^nsusfrs^inneasr^ 

Crab, s. (s<5sar®j Q(^6ssrQ. 

a morose person, Q(su®s<sasr. 

a sign of the zodiac, sirdsL^tSih. 

a wild apple, i^effJ^^uLjeiiiT. 
Crab'bed, a. ^QsQuLjefrefr^ Q6ij®Gl<3u 

Q u i-i eirefr . 

temper, •SL^iT'S^s^iEJSfT^^ih^ (^^ihu^ 

^GJTLD^ srrQy srr(hl(TprrL-iT<oarLD(osri£iy 


to be crabbed, (^gU'SSU^ajnibuQu'SR- 
^60, QsuLLQi—esruQus^do. 

Crab'bed-ly, adv. Q<QU®Q<5ij®uufnu. 

Crab'bed-ness, s. Q<Qy®Q(su®LJLfy Q^u 

Crack, s. €^lL<55)l^^ Qurrerrefred^ Q<aUL^ 

LJLf, SdsUD. 

of thumb and finger, Qfuitu^. 
Crack, v. a. iSlerr^^so^ &.(ss)t—<s^6\)^ ^s 

a joke, [5effl<ssrLDiTLULjQu^6\}j (Sdieluit 
(oSSTL^ u <ossr smi sio . 
the brain, ^<ss)Lp<s<soa(^^eo. 
the finger joints, QiBLLu^Qptff^^iOj 
the thumb and finger, Q.-Eni^^^io. 
Crack, V. n. Q(sui^^^60^ i^tsn^^io^ (sSleir 
(ef^^&)^ ^^<oS)L—^6d, QfEffl^eo^ uL^nQir 

as a noise, uL^rrGrresreOy ui^nQs^ 

to pieces, ^Uf-^eo^ ^s/t^go. 

as the finger joints, QfEtloDi—Qpfft 

Crack -brain-ed, a. uuSI^^iuwlSIi^^^^ 

Crack'er. s. ^asrQ<suisf.^<3?. 
a biscuit, e^(7^(sSI^^(ss)L^. 
an instrument, iSefruu^, Q<siju^<is 

Crack'ing, s. QfB^QfE^uLjy ul^uu. 


Crack'le, v. n, ul^ui-.^^&), Q[B(t^Q[5 


Crack'ling, s. Qr5(T^Qi5(T^uLj^ ui_uz— 

Crack'nel, s, ^iruesarsssflsfTjiLh^ <S6'6=it 

Cra'dle, s. Q^itlLl^6\)^ uiTeOLD(^s^il). 

as infancy, s^su'^isvuLSljTmuu)^ uireou 


songs, ^(TiriTL-®^ €pG\)lTLL(Slj ^(TGdfnL 

Cra'dle, v. a. Q^mLi^GSlpQi-^^eo^ ld 
Craft, s. ^iB^jTih^ &.umui})j 67^^, idl^ 

Ut-lf SLlL^lh. 

as skill, S=ITLDIT^^UJll)^ QJ&}6VUli). 

small vessels, Q^nosisfl^ ^^ihundn'^ (su 

trade, Q^nL^io^ Q(su'^, 
Craft'i-ly, adv. suL-iDmu^ ^i^rrLDmiiy 

(^^<f<g^LDiTuj, ^-umjuLDfrdj. 
Craft'i-ness, s. <qU(g^,s:sijd^ sit6ui-.u3j s 

Crafts'man, s. Q^rrL^eOfreffl-) sunDfrerr^^' 

63)<5 qV 3s37"(^ gar. 
Craft'y, a. Qr5rHQ&r(Sfr, sjieuL-Qperrerrj 

Crag, s. Q,sFiEj(^s;^rT(osr<S(^LD'^. 
Crag'ged, a. urr(oS)pLLji})U^(Sij(ip(sn-(3fr. 
Crag'ged-ness, > ^^ 
Crag'gi-ness, 5 ^ ^' ^ 

Crag'gy, a. urT(SS)pS<oO)pi5^. 
Cram, v. a. fisssfl^^eo^ ^(ipd(^^eo^ 

Q<ff=(T^(^^6\)^ ^eo)L-^eo^ s=<^siiTUJnui3 

Cramp, s. eueS), ffitul^^ ^Q<sij, (^pem 

in carpentry, ^(sir(ef^. 

in the leg, Slc, ^a^uGmeun^ih, (^p 


to have cramp in the bowels, &c., 

as impediment, ^(5JDi_ , Qd(^, Q(E(t^ 

Cramp, v. n. lSIi^<s(^^6\)j ^Q£><s^^6i^^ 

Cramp -i-ron, s. upfS^uoLf^ ^<sfr(&^, 
Cran'ber-ry, s. Qsn-LLL-'Sessraafnu, 
Crane, 5. Q<sBfT<sE(^^ f5fr<5SiF. 



of iron, ufTir(i^s=m})LjQLDnrRujf6fiiTLbj 

as syphon, <2u'2ie(rih^(^L^6\)^ ^(T<oiJtT(Ej(^ 

Cra-ni-og'no-my, s. 'Ssufreo.ffTew^rnh, 

Cra-ni-o-log'ic-al, a. su{T<so^§ii<s(^ 

Cra-ni-ol'o-gist, s. suiT6\)<Fn<orvfirH, 
Cra-ni-ol'o-gy, s. ssuneo^GO, 
Cra-ni-om'e-ter, s. LD<om<o5)L—uu(3(ra(^!E} 

Cra-ni-os'co-py, s, su(r6\)sSI^<ss)^. 
Cra'ni-Um, 5. isufrsou), Loeaar^iDL^. 
Crank, s. <sf?Lpjr)^LD<3's^iT63sft^ ^iiJiB^rr<i 

in speech, <3i-p^s^s?i^pQuj{T<o5rQus'Si-<^ 

of iron, ^<sn-(^. 
Crank, a» SLSIn-<^&iLiefr<3(r, 

ship, (^&)6dfT^Q^iT(Sssf!, ^(S(r(i^s=rTLUi5 

Crank'ness, s, ^Qd<SLb^ SuSlks^Q^ @ 

Cran'ny, s. QsiJi^ui^^ i§<s<suo* 

as hole, Q<3Bn<5i^p>f ^sidl^, 

as rent, iSpeo. 
Cran'ny, a. s= !hQ^if(SL^(ip&r(Sfr^ i^stp^^ 

Crants, s. stc^GaflGDSserfleGriSiQrr^^eo 


Crape, *» ulLl-{t<5S)Lu.* 
Crape, r. '9i-Q^LLu^(Lpis^^&). 
Crap'u-lence, s. LD^uiTssr^GyLL®.^ (^ld 

Crash, s. ldl^lli—ulj^ QfE^QfE^ui-j. 
Crash, v. a. Qunu^iuns(^^eo^ Qf5(T(T^d 

Crash, v, n. QiU£}jQt5^^^e\), ui(3(rLD(Sfr^ 

Crash'ing, 5. QfB^QfB^uLj^uD&TLDefruLj. 
Cra'sis, s. sf-Qn^ih^ Qs'n&ro^ih, 

in grammar, ^rE^Luddbinhj <3=iBfiujn- 

Cratch, s. u^^Q^niLi^ed^ (ipm-(SGr^sssr. 
Crate, s. LDLL<s6du)<oG)<sijd(^rEjQ<sfTLL<Sld 


S. > fB6SSr®. 


Cra'ter, s. ^jdQ&sflLD'^uL^en-un. 
the name of a constellation, ^n^nmt 

Craunch, v. a. QtE^QtB^^^eo^ Qfsifl^ 

Cra-vat', s. s(ig^^d(^LL<ss)L-., 

Crave, v. a. ^<suir(Si^^&)^Q<s(i^^^60^ i3 

to solicit, LD(Sur0'L^dQ^LLL^6Oj ^jt^ 

Cra'ven, s. Qi^LD<s€ar^ (Sigs^lq, «9FS5«srQ<s 

LLL^<aij(dr, ^(on-QrB(^<f0sr, 

as cock, Q^rTppQ^<sii€0. 
Cra'ven, v. a. uujQp^^^eo, <3f-'Bom-Q<sB® 

Crav'er, s, Q.S(^<s?Qp(SU(^. 
Crav'ing, s. j^si/rT') ^<3ueo^ Q^lLl-ld^Qs 

Crav'ing-ly, adv. ^ojGOnub^ ^rrswnuuy 

Craw, s. ^(SS)juQulL.l^^ ^<oS)iTU(SOiu, 



Crawl, s. sesoTL^, 

Crawl, V. n. ^^^(i^^eo^ iBsrr^so. 
as a child, ^(SUQp^edy sjirdf^^So, 
all over, s^<3?^<so^ <sSl(oS)p^^GO, 
as the feeling of insects, <^6ijrr'Sssi5r(Ju 

Crawl'er, 5. ^§n:iTU6u<^^ ^&LnQj<oSt'. 
Crawl'ing, s. Qi-bgSgii^ iB-sBiTe^, s&Tfr(Sij, ^ 

<SlJLh<SiJ , 

Cray'oii, s. u(S\)(QU€urQjrQ<sdrrsu:). 
as a pencil, smfinQGoQei^. 
Cray'on, v. a. uQ^LDuu^QuQ^^&i. 
Craze, v. a. QprB^^eo^ LD(our(ipiB^^<so^ 

Craz'ed-ness, s. (iprSleii, ^is(rif<sijj uuS^ 

Cra'zi-ly, adv. (ippSl(SiJmujUuSl^,QujiDrrtlj. 
Cra'zi-ness, s. LDtTQrj'LLi—iJD, uuSl^fiujih^ 

as distractedness, LD(5ard(^Lpuuih, 
as imbecility, QiDeSlGi^^ ^en-ne^. 
Cra'zy, a. uuSl^^tuLnmsur^ ^mhk^^ i/xssr 

as decrepit, feeble, ^(ofrneij&T&r^ ueo 



Creak, v. n. Qf^-a^Q^'Ssreo. 
Creak'ing, s. QrBs^Q3'(^p&^^LD, 
Cream, s. ^(S29l_, une^nGsn—.^ ^&^urr 

SLD, urrQeo®. 

Cream, v. a. ^<s6)i-.Quj®^^eo^ &^^^ld 

Cream, v,n. ^qdi—lSIl^s^^so. 

Cream'y, a. ^(SSiL-.iL^'Sirefr^ ^gdu-Quit 
Qsrp, ^.(7^&LLjsir6fry ^^&^LDiT€sr. 

Crease, s. ^<5S)rr'sij, ^(7^d(^^ Q^. 

Crease, v. a. &F(r^s(^^ec^ ^Ksisyu^^so. 
to become creased, ^(7^[ej(^^s\), ^ 

Cre-ate', v. a. Q^lLu^^^So^ ugdl^s;^ 

as invest, 6j/bu(Sl^^&)j^eh^mS!^^<s\>. 
Cre-a'tioH; s. woidi—ulj^ &(t^lLl^, Q^ 

Cre-a'tive, a. Q(7^LLi^dsds?^L^Lu, ^^em- 

Cre-a'tor, 5. ®(^lLu^<zIt^ QlLl^s,7, s=0 

Creat'ure, s. u6a)L—ssuuLLL-(sm'^ Qqk 

small, Qp^uSlff^ &p^(i^^&^Q3=iB^. 
Cre'dence, s, [oi})lSI<s<sg)ss^ ^^5 (sSI<3^(SijfT 

that which gives claim to credit, tBih 


Cre'dent, a. iouDi3d&s)sii^@[rs{rj (2Sls?(Sijn'<^ 

Cre-den'tial, a. ^-^^iL^m-(S{r, p^^^uu 

®^^Qp^ fBihiSldeiD-sQsrTQdQp. 
Cre-den'tials, s. (pi.) fBLDiSld(Si^dsuQurr 

Cred-i-bil'i-ty, s. rst}>uLJUL^<s^^ds£5Gsr 

€S)LD, f5l}iU^^ds^(R^(53)L0. 

Cred'i-ble, a. rBLDuuuL-^^ds^ ibldu^^ 

Cred'i-ble-ness, s. (6u:,u^^d<s^Qyr<oS)LD^ 

Cred'i-bly, ad\). rEi})i3d<3^sujrrdj^ S^nesr 

LDfTUj, rBn(omuuLDrruj, 
Cred'it, s. i5ihi3d(oSi'S^ r5fT6ssnuLb. 


esteem, reputation, GTismsssfldGSis^ Q 

iT^^), Quit. 

influence, egy^'^/TiTu), ^^^<siyu).Lj 61) ii>. 

on credit, SL—GS)id(^. 

opposed to debt, g)(^Lj/_/, (SujjGi^. 
Cred'it, v. a. (bldl^^go^ QSl^<siJiT&^^€\)^ 1^ 

Cred'it-a-ble, a. iD^dauui—^^dSj ^ 

iEjQd<s^^d<s^ L^si^d&lLurTesr. 
Cred'it-a-ble-ness, s. Quff, i-/«ip, ld^ 


Cred'it-a-bly, adv, t-jSLpnuj, s^iEKSGi^uuir 

lu^ fBujuundj. 
Cre-du'li-ty, s. ^&>)(^<aufnui5ix)Lfi^<^ 

Cred'u-lous, a. (sjiudsuui—ds^uf-uj. 

person, Qs<^(sSldQs=<2Sluj&sry^Q6\)(^ 

Cred'^u-lous-ly, adv. (Sidjuufruj. 
Cred'u-lous-ness, s. ^60(^<s}jnLu(BL£)Liii<sf 

6ifr<oS)LD, ^rjndj(sSle\)G>)rr^iBihLyd<oi^<s. 
Creed, s. (^<3i-<Sijfr^uL3iitx>{T€ssrth^ s^lluu 

Creek, 5. <3uFrujd<3snG0, (^L^ndsL-eo^ (^ 


Creek, v. n. (see Creak,) Qr§d9l®^<so. 
Creek'y, a. (^i—ir(Si^&r(ofr, 
Creep, v. ^rrd(^^(S\}, 

as a child, ^<5D(Lg^&i^ tBiSQ^^&i. 

as insects, ssni(7^^6\}j tssn^eo. 

as a plant, ui—n^<si>. 

along, sneakingly, (s^^ikiQuQun^eo^ 


in or through, ^eiDL^^eo^ u^ij(^^ 

Creep'er, s. ui—nQsm^. 
Creeps-hole, s. <S(om-t-.rTtuu),^(Sff}ip6ijfTuSI 

Creep'ing, a. ^enQ^Qp, ^2u(LpQp.) ^(Lp 
creatures, ^mn<Sii<ssr, ^<3iju^<sus^.^ ^tsu 

Creep'ing-Iy, adv. ^^nih^j ^<siiu^iB^j 
^(SJDip/F^, QLD(3{r(SfrQu)6fF(sn'j Qld^ 

Cre-ma'tion, s. ^S(5!snh.f l^Qj^^sgstld, 
place of, <s^L-?6V), &f-®aa(hl. 



Cre'mor, s. s=it!jud^ <£(^&ujfT(c6)i—^ ^esr 

Cre'ole, s. tSlpQ^s'^^fTfflL-^^piSlpiB^ 

Crep'i-tate, v. n. Qun®Qun®^^i\)^ u 

Crep-i-ta'tioii, s. Qurr®QufT®uLj^ & 

Cre-pus'cle, ^ sn'^Qsu&fl^^ih^LDn- 

Cre-piis-cule, * ^ '^evQweffls^s^ih, Lje\) 

Cre-piis'cu-lar, a. £En^hsoLnrT'^Q<su<sff}<3=<a= 

^^S-S®^^^ <SDJLDLD€\)fT€Sr^ LD lEJ <S GO [T Q5T . 

Cres'cent, s. iSlisop^ suneoff^ih^rrebr^ @ 

decreasing, Q^ujL3<56)ro. 
Cres'cent, a. (suefTQi^Qp, ^<ofrLhiSl(oS)p 

Cress'et, a. ui5^<2Sl(Bfr<s(^^ ^GDpsmL® 

fB^ULD, ^iBrr. 
Crest, s. Q^esdr®^ (^®uS}^ ld'^g^hlj^^I, 

of birds, @;®, Q<3SfT6m<B^L-.^ &1<5S)S. 

as pride, Qu^lSI^lI)^ ^sihi^iruD. 
Crest, V. a, (^lL®^go. 

to be crested, Q,sF6m-(Sl€S)(su^^6\)^ @ 

Crest'ed, a. Q<3=6m(olm<sfr, Q<ssrT(om<oS)L- 

Crest'-fall-en, a. ^<ss)^rflujj ^mnk^^ ^ 

Crest'less, a. @l^ a) 6x^/75-, iT-6sr(ipen-<s{r. 
Cre-ta'ceous, a. ^<s5)LDs=<ff?(om-(^^LhLi<sfr(o{r. 
Crev'ice, s. sldit, i^dsihj Qisnt^uLi^ Q 

Crew, .S. gk-L-L-LD^ (^ihLj, (SpQ^S u u ^ s 

as company, ^l^s^sstit, Qu^in^sen-. 
Crew'et, s. (see Cruet. j (^uiSl. 
Crib, s. Q^mLLQ-^ (ip<osr6sr'Bsssr. 

for a child, Q^rrLLi^eo. 

as cottage, (^&-<9?(^®^ Qp^io. 
Crib, V. a, s?^.LLL^Gi)0DL-.^^(so^ wrSl^i^ 

Crib'ble, 5. ^fFIQulLij^^ s=6\)6\J<oU)L-, 
Crib'ri-form, a. <s=GO<s\)isiDL-QuiT€srp, s 

€m<osm<36)p iLiGfr(3fr. 
Crick, s. lSl^ulj^ (surrihseo. 


Crick'et, s, &eir(^(B, &<s(r<su(sm®, ^(sun- 

a footstool, un^i^L^LD^ un^nihsm:. 

a play, uk^<sSi'^inniL®. 
Cri'er, ^ <3?i-^Q(siitT(obr^ lSIjt&^^ldu 
Cry'er, ' y <om^i]Q(3iin<Bsr. 
Crime, s, (^ppih^ '-'[^j ^ui-^/Sihj ^ 

Crime-ful', a. (^ppQpm&r^ Qurr6i)60fr 

Crime-less', a. (^ppLopp^ ^^^. 

Crim'in-al, s. (^ppsufreS* 

Crim'in-al, a. (^pp(ipm<m^ ^uiirr^^^ 


Crim-in-al'i-ty, ^ uL^^^<osruD^ (^p 
Crim'in-al-ness, ' ^ p(Lp6G)L—(ss)L£)^ urr 

Crim'in-al-ly, adv. uL^LUfrili^ (^ppwrr 
lu^ urT(SiJLD/nu, tSliTLDrresur^GSi^LS'fSI. 

Orim'in-ate, v. a. uL^gr^^pio^ <3PP(^ 
Q&n<so^^eo.^ (^pp(^3=iTLL®^eo. 

Crim-in-a'tion, s. (^pp&^g^nil.®^ (3J 

pp<^Q<9=frG0^ (^pp€iJfT(SffJiUfnUUlSli^^ 

Crim'in-a-to-ry, a. (^pp(i^<9=ml.®Qp. 
Crim'in-ous, a. (^'pp(ip6fr<3fr, ^Qnns 

(LpG(r<o(r, QufT6\)<o\)IT^. 

Crim'in-ous-ly, adv. (^ppmnujj ^ 

Crimp, s. siflsufTssSun^'^JSUGsr. 
Crimp, V. a. LDuSljT3?0LL®^io. 
Crimp'le, v. n. s?0fEj(^^&). 
Crim'son, s. Qs'(Suljl^^ ^(T^6mt-.Q<ff=<siJ 

Crim'son, v. n. Q<3F(sii^^60j Q^emuufT 

Crim'son, a. Qg=^uurr(^n-^ Q<3F<aij^^ 
hues of morning and evening, Qs^d 

Cringe, v. a. s?^<3?^6\)^ (sp^iEi(^^<sO, 
Cringe, v. n. Q^^^f-^do, <op^iE](^^<so. 
Cring'er, s. u^iejQ^ Qp&w<ssTs?^r8(^ ^ 

Cring'ing, a. ep^dsmiresr^ ^rTy^<o6)LDiu!T 

Crink'le, s. fioDsrioii^ iDU^e^-i <si-(7^d(^. 



Crink'le, v. n. ^osiu^&d. 
Cri'nose, s. ^-Qnnu^Qprnoiw, 
Cri-nos'i-ty, s. LDaSliTQs'/61iB^0d(SS)s. 
Crip'ple, s. QpL—<sn&5r^ s^uurressfl^ QfBrr 

Crip'ple,tJ. a. QpL-<s(^^eo^(ipL-LDfTss6\). 
Crip'plc-ness, s. QpL-^^(5k<5S)LD. 
CrI'sis, s. ^jT6m-®-s(^/b/Df&'26o^ ^^(snir 

Crisp, V, a. <9?(^lL®^&), <3?L^^^ec., Ly<s3r 

Crisp, a. <3?06usrL-^ QfBrTLuuj, ^Qeos'fr 

Crisp-a'tion,s. ■9i-Q^LL®(^s)<s^i3m^(SS)s. 
Crisp'ing-pin, s. LDuSliT<9i-0LL®rEJS(f^(sSI. 
Crisp'ness, s. Q(BiT0i5j(^i^<5sr<5S)LD. 
Crisp'y, a. Q[5rT0<ss6Ofr<oarj ^Q&)ff^[r{L\ 

CrI-te'ri-on, s. ^lLl—ud^ ^(T^sui}), S^it 

eSTLDf iStsTLDfTeSSTLDy ^^^ITlLQ ill iSljjLDfT 
6B257"LD, ^(Sfr<olD6lJ. t* • 

Crith'o-man-cy, s. u€S)L-^^U(oS!uS(^ 

Crit'ic, S. ^LLuLDfTLULSeSiL^UITITuQun 

Crit'ic, a. ^LLuLDrr<osr<, eSlQ<3us(ip&[r(sn-. 
Crit'ic-al, a. ^LLL-LDrT(osr., ^0^^LDiT<oGr^ 

day in a disease, ,s5€Gr^^i5iT<s(r^ s'lduj 


period, ^/b<5^LDUJLDfT€srQeu'Be{r, cu^fTstr 


stage in a disease, ^ir6asr®<s(^/bp 

Crit'ic-al-ly, adv. ^LLuLr)rTili^s<siJ6m-L£irr 

Crit'ic-al-ness, s. jolLuu), ^jbsn&dihy 

Crit'i-cise, v. a. LSl<oS)LpQuj®^^e\} , (^/b 

Crit'i-cis-er, s. iSissiLpufriTuQunm^ SJ 


Crit'i-cism, s. ^iLuLDfTLUuiSl(sa)LpuiTiT^ 

Cri-tic', ^ (oU(Lp(sS(S{r<s(^LD(sS^^ lSI 

Cri-tique', * ^ (S6)L^<srTLL®<s^s^ lSIss^l^ 

Croak, ^ ^ <ssiTdGas;g<su'SGfr<sE<arflek ^ 

Croak'ing, ' ^ s;^iJdQuit(^ps^^. 
Croak, v. .s^^^&)^ j^Q^^io. 

as frogs, s<ou'^'S^^<so. 

as a hen, Qs(r^^(so. 
Croak'er, s. &^^Q,p<Sij(^^ Qp^Qp^iQ 

Crock, s. sfHd^<sDp^ ^l-l^<ss)L-^ l{&d<s 

Crock, V. LI<oa)SLSlL^^^6\)^ e^L-l—<S6iL-U 
p^^io^ LjGDSLLf/OeO. 

Crock'er-y, s. (^lussevui, Lotl-unem 


Croc'o-dlle, s. Qp^^so^ ^l-iejsit. 
Croc'o-dlle, a. srr<syL^(ip<ar(Sfr^ aefren-j (su 

Cro'cus, s, iL(i^ff&r, 

in chemistry, LD(^fGsSp<s^(^rjGmi£>. 
Cro'ny, s, Q^ni^m-, unikisSsr^ s=Q^€Gr, 

Crook, s. s^eareOj <9^<53r, Qsnemeo^ Qrs 

effliudo^ QiBeffleij, s^isyeireijj eij'Bsrr eij , ^ 

shepherds, ^lu<sQsit60. 

of a bishop, (^Q^^^emL-LD. 

for an elephant, Q^niLis^. 

by hook, or by crook, ^unQiunun 

Crook, V. a. su'^eir^^iOj QsniLi—eo^ s^(Su 

Crook-back, s. s^m. 
Crook'ed, a. sk-Gsrsdn&sr^ Q<sn<om&)n6sr^ 
iSij'SGfr.i^y ^Q^s<s\)(Lp^&GOn(osr^ Q/Eetfl 

as wicked, or bad, Guirio&on^^ Qsn 

man, af%-<o6r<^^QiB&f}iuis\)m'j3fi-€sreO(oST. 
old man, 3f^&n'@ip'su<^^ sk-^sr&sr. 
old woman, s^(oSTp@Lp(2S^ 3f>^eofl. 
posture, Q(5e(fl(si^. 
row, ^(7^s<s\}fT(osr, QtBir^uLSliu^ Qibit 


to be crooked, as limbs, &,c., ^/d 
Crook'ed-ly, adv. QansmGOnuj^ (^pessr 



Crook'ed-ness, s. (Sii'^eij^ QsnQesyiD^ 
of character, (^^lol/, QpinL®^^ 


Crop, s. (sB'ho(r<5=s^eo^ <sSI'^(Si^. 

growing, uaSlir. 

thick, sesr^^uuSliT, 

as stomack, ^oDrruGoyu. 
Crop, V. a. Q<srTdj^e\}^ iB^ss&d^ S(Bl^^ 

off short, (^^<sQ&<si^^eo, ^i^Qujit 

Crop'ping, s. QsutLQeoys^ <srSI<s(m<s, ^gy 

Cro'sier, s. <3S6mrsfr€3sfluS^GDL-.uj(D<35fr 

&), (^rfE<si:)i<o3r<o^rr6\). 

Cros'let, s, Q^Q^cooxsu. 

Cross, S, (^^<3S(^j <5T®^^Uf-l£)L-<S(^, €7 
filfuL-l, ^<oS)L-j ^QuLjj «^(^5 ^"^(S 

as affliction, ^i^u^^iKsnthj ^(ssruix), 

of Christ, Q^QD€ij. 
the figure, Li(S(r&n^<3uij^(oii. 
of a well, sj'3''3i-. 

cross and pile, <3=rru<sDU(^ffi<sf-(sSl'BGfr 
Cross, V. a. (^^dQsQurr^eo^ ^l^^^ 

6\}, (5T^IT^^6\}^ LDfB^^eO^ ^L-®^i\)^ L\ 

a river, ^^<si—^^6\)j ^/resbrO^eb, s 

out, Q^<i(^^eo^ Q<sul1.Q^&}j J)JL^^ 

Cross, V. n. (^^dSlQ^eO, QfSffKd^eo. 
Cross, a. (^gussti'SGr^ (sr^unGsr^ Qpneosr 

L-fJ&W, Q6U<SlQ(SU®UUfT€Sr. 

answers, @^<^@u(?lj<f<9f, (or^iT(sSI 


beam, ^^s(^s'<SFLLi—ih^ (^^s(^<sS 

lLi—UO)^ ^60LD^ ^ITfTtB^. 

person, LDl6m-u.<^^ (^^thum. 
examination, (^^d(^<iQ<3S(cir(oSI. 
hedge, (^^d(^Q<su<oSI. 
road, or way, s6un<3UL^^ (^^^(^i^ 

to be cross, Q€u®Q(S^®uufT^(sd^ (Lpj 




Cross'-bar, 6\ (S^'^(S^^i^, (5^<«@^ 

Cross'-bill, s. <s^^ffl€G)SQp<ssGsr. 
Cross'-bow, s. (c:Sl60(sSl(sarihufTs:<oonh, q9 

Cross'-ex-am-in-a'tion, s. (^^d(^<sS(^ 

Cross-ex-am'ine, v, a. (^^di^eSls^rrrr 

Cross'-grain'ed, a. (^gii<s(^s'9lrrniu(Bi^^. 

as perverse, LDn^unL—iresr^ QprrGm 

I— near t 
Cross'-leg-ged, a. ^ l1 z_ 2sasr<s<55fT6o(ou n 

Cross'ly, adv, (^^<ssnih^ QsnuLDnuj^ 


Cross'ness, s. (^^<S5(^^ Q6u®Q<suQulj, 
Cross-ques'tion, s. iDL!^uun(SorQs(Sfr(sS^ 

Cross-ques'tion, v. a. (^^<s^sQ^&r<sSl 

Cross-way, } 
Cross'-road, '■ I ®^*®' 
Cross' wise, a. (^^dQs, gt^Qji. 

Crotch, S. <SSUIT, <SBQJ)(SiJ. 

Crotch'et, s. <^Q€m(om€mili. 

in music, s'[5j^^Qi^^ui3Q(CG)Qrr(Lp 

Crouch, V. n. §>®iej(^^gOj (^(ssfl^GO^ ^n 

Crouch'ing, a. u^iiej(^Q/Dj urrii'^Qfo. 
Croup, s. Fr'<oS)ipf G)^mu<si^. 

as rump, tSlms'iB^, 
Crout, s, s^(r^6m-(Si^. 

Crow, S. <SSfT<SBLDj S rT<S<5S)<S ^ <SE rr SB ill Lj (sk , 


as a bar of iron, ^seufrai—uun&^ir. 
Crow, V. n. sk-<si^^<so. 

as boast, (sSLDuninuQus^^GO^ Qu0 


Crow'bar, 5. unosm^ ^(7^uLfuurT<5!Drr^ 

^eO<SiJlTlSJ(^, <Sl—UUfT<o6)IT. 

Crowd, 5. s'(SsrQi^(T^<s<sm^ s=(osr^L.iT^fi^ 


of things, (^u(oS)u^^itl19,^l-it^^. 

of women, ld<5S€^it<^l.lLl^ld, ^<SDirj 



Crowd, V. a. ^i(Lp<s^^&), ^L-ff^^io, 

3^lL®^<50, ^rrLL®^6\)^ Q[5(^<S(^^<S0. 

Crowd, V. n. ^i—.it^&), sk-Q^io, ^iT(ef^ 

Crowd'ed, a. Q<'50<s<SLDfT(osr, j>fL—n^^ 
to be crowded, as trees, foliage, &/C., 

Crown, s. Qpi^-) Qf^i—ih^ ld(^i—U3j (3^ 

as honor, dignity, Qil^odld, LDmLQ 

as royalty, ^uns'^'Sih, 

for females, (^i^<oS)S, 

of the head, 2_,f^j ^"Ssoti/<F^, iseSfr 

LD, @L^. 

a coin, epiT(s3^QGj(SfrG(f)<i<srr<9?. 
Crown, V. a. ^rrrr^fnSlQ'SL^'Siliu'oaar^u 

to reward, Q<aU(^LDfiLu<sifl^^€0. 

to complete, to perfect, (ipi^^;g60, 

to be crowned, (ipu^(^®^<so. 
Crown 'ed, a. (ipi^^ffl^^^ Q^l-ib^iejQ 

king, Qf^L—fT^u^, m^ L—(Su^<S(5sr<^, 
as completed, ueoajruLLL.., ^(t^)s^ 

Crown'ing, s. Qun^GS)<su3m9l^^ffLD^^ 

enfreffluL^, SLniSliLjiB^ir'^iLiiM, 
Crii'ci-ble, s. (^<oIds, ^cto-f. 
Crti'ci-fix, 5. Q^Gsxsu^ Q^<sin(snQp^^ 


Crii-ci-fix'ion, s. Q^<56)Qji]Sleo<s5)p^<so, 
Cru'ci-form, a. &^0Si6u<suu^(Qi]LDrTGsr. 
Crti'ci-fy, v. a. &^(cO)€uiiSl&)(siD/D^d\). 
in scripture, ^£_<^@'^a), Qu^uu® 

Crude, a. unauui—n^^ ud(^<3yuuL—fr 
Crude'ly, adn. Qf(Sj<oS)(SuuSli—rT^^iTUJ^ ^a 


(f (oSTLD, 

S(^(SlJU)j ^QpfEJ 


Cru'el, a. Qsn®<3^ujiun(our, (^^ULDnesr^ 
^L-nihQ^ppLDniosr, ^iiidsLSlGOeOfT^j 
^lLi—^ QsfTLi^uj^ fSLL(§irLDrr(oor. 
disposition, Qsrris^uu(^<omiJc)^ scmt—. 

persons, un^&n^ iB il.(B ir ir -^ Qsmp-iu 


Cru'el-ly, adv. QsfT®<oGiLDUjfTUj^ <3^^ 
Crii'el-ness, s. Q<sn®<s^LD, (^^irm^ ^ 
Cru'el-ty, s. <5Bi^earu3, s(bl<5S)LD^ ^^sem 

®(oBiL£>^ ^(oi^l—lh.f <S<si^L—l}>j <Q^LL(§n'lhj 
^iLQl—pptl)^ S(^(BlTL£). 

of disposition, Qsnu^iu(^<smLD, <s6oar 

Cru'et, (see Cruse.) (^ul9. 
Cruise, s. (see Cruse.) (^ulSI. 

as voyage, ajtr^^Gsm. 

for plunder, ^efreijsuudOj serrerrd^ 


for protection, srr<supsuu&). 
Cruise, v. a. SLJueoinrr^^<si^rr, s'Qp^^ 

tTLUfT^^(SO)jT^ L9irujrT6oonJDU0sor^ij;S<s\), 


Cruis'er, s. s=(om(oQi—<isuuQeO(Ti—i^, lSI 
rrtufT'ooardsLJLJeOj s&refrdsuueOy s^eoor 


Crum, ^ Q^i—ih^ st^cFld, ^sosft^ ^ 

Crumb, * 5 '^m®^ &<^(ooril>^ iSleorisarLh. 
Crum, V. a. ^Gsoruf-^^&o^ Qurr&)6\}LDfT<s 

Crum'ble, v. a. ^is^^^eo^ QiBfT(7^dsG0^ 

to pieces, ^-^ir^^eo, Qunu^^^eo^ 
Crum'ble, v. n, g)i^^&), §)^^eo, Qua 
i^^6\)j Q^LU^dVj jijiSl^i^', s<oa)rr^(SVj 

to pieces, ^-^lir^eo, L5?sfr(6W^<?J, .^ 
(srrrr^eo^ QufTUjL^io, Q 5hr(G0)LSlGsrG^iDiT 

Crum'bling, s. ^i^<sij^ Qurru^ex]^ &qd^ 

eijif ^efreoTih. 
Crum'my, «. QurTtfl<aiicheri\ QfBtfiisijf^^ir, 

^6mQ^(ooon—n'Ssr') Qw^siifrajr. 




Crump, a. (Si/Ssrr/F^, s^osfJuu^ Qsnessfluj. 
Crum'ple, v. a. <9?0<5B(^^go^ ^(oSiir^^&Of 

Crum'ple, t?. 11. <9?(i^{sj(^^&)^ s^!Ej(^^eo, 

as horns, ^q^^&o^ ^(i^&eOQpq^sGO^ 

to be crumpled in the limbs, &,c., (^ 

Crup'per, s. <QurTd\}€urriT, €urTeOn<9'iJD. 
Cru-sade', 5. LnrrirssiT^LLi^^my urfl<9?^ 

^ish)^(Si)L£'LLLjS<Sn<cSrLLj^^LD., s, (^uiSI^ Q^seo^ih, srr<3sih. 
Crush, s. rsQuL^, iB&eij^ Qfsfffeij, QisiB 

Crush, V. a. Q/F/r(7^.5@^<so, Qr5rft^^6\)^ 

any thing with a skin, f5s^S(^^eo. 
any thing with a shell, fB(r^<S(^^6\). 
to squeeze, iSli^^eo^ l3^<s(s^jSgo. 
to subdue, si^n^^^^-i Sl^ljuQ^ 

to be crushed, rsQ^ed^ iEs?tEi(^^&), ,5r 

Crust, 5. QlLl—ld, 

of bread, ^uu^^a^rsirujiB^Lj/DLo-) cSf 

of a sore, ^s=^. 
as scum, ^eroz— , tsjQ. 
Crust, V. a. ^s=^lSIl^^^&)^ QLLi—iLns 

Crus-ta-ce-ol'o-gy, s. ^LLQs'Q<fiB^<Frr 

Crus-ta'ceous, a. QLlL-QpG(r<3(r, QlLl^ 

Crust-a'ted, a. f^®e(r<B{r^ (Su&SujQ^rr^ 

Crust-a'tion, s. ^QLSlL^^^^,^(Sl<5{r<sfr^. 
Crust'i-ly, adv. Q<3uQQ(ou®uundjj Q^n 

Crust'i-ness, s. G^®&r<ofr^(5ur<oiDL£), ^^(^ 


Crust'y, a. f^®Qunmp, GS)(QUjTLD[T<5Grfi(Sij 

Crutch, s. ^dS}(Sfr^mEjQrBL^<S(^iEjQsfr 


Crutch, V, a. s&^<su<!£Qsn(soQsnQ's^^{>t 

Cry, 5. s^<S(^!jid^Qu(rF)(^<3^^^uD, s^gvld. 
of distress. ^Q£)€s)Sj s^^qs^s^ iSlir 

eOfTLSs<oB)<S^ Q6\)U)j LJ60LDU&), 

of a dog, ©mSsyt. 
of an elephant, i3&flpeo. 
of a lion, Qsit<p&^l£). 
Cry, V. a. <9^^^&), .«^<a/^6b. 

down, <o£l^^(Sssfl^^6\) , (^<a6)pLuds 

up, LjSQ^^eo^ ^^(2Sl'^3^p<sd^ Old 

Cry, u. n. j^(Lp^e\)^ 3?^Q(oij(oi5reo^. ^eo^ 

to proclaim, <s^£u^<so, sjfSl<2S^^<so. 
out, (ip(smpuS®^eo^ ^^^l£}®^<50^ e^ffl 

aloud from pain and grief, ^^^^eOj 

as in nightmare, (suinu(^(S{f}^^60, (sun 

from sympathy, ^^^LS^^(ip^&). 
to God, or other superior for aid, sp 

Cry'er, s. (see Crier.) 6^uL3®Q<snrr^^ 

a hawk, (sueo^^. 
Crypt, s, Qips^p^ Q^irrfl, LS'iQir^ds6\)G0 

Cryp'tic, a. LD<oiDpisufT<sur, iDGs^pk^^ Q'S^ 


Cryp-tog'ra-pher, s. ^Qun<Si^s€hr^ (^ 
Cryp-tog'ra-phy, s. ^QurrGsxsL^QujQp 
Cryp-tol'o-gy, s. ^Qunosxsi^^ (^^^s 
Crys'tal, s. uGffJiEj(^^ ul^<sld^ slLl^^ 

tSni£JQS)<S<Ql]l— L^^^<56rQ LDP'S 6Gm(€S^L^, 

glass, u<sff}iEj(^<sa6m(^i^^^pu<5oan})» 
lens, (^ffliuaiTiB^ih. 

Crys'tal, ^ u of) iej (^ Q u fr esrp^ 

Crys'tal-line, * y Q^efflib^^ ^eod^ 



humor, sch-QssFimrQpoirQSTG^piiSQsfir, 
Crys'tal-llte, s. <SiJuS!irds6\), 
Crys-tal-li-za'tioii, s. SLLi^uQ^eo^ <sSI 

'2efr<seOj ^iF(6r^^e\)^ (QiJuSlrnEjQ<stTe(r^ 

Crys'tal-lize, r. <slLl^u®^60, ueffltij 

Crys-tal-log'ra-phy, s. qj<s(v^<sSI'^<si^4' 

Cub, s. •siju^s(^lLi^^ (^iLisf.. 
Cub, V. n. (^LLL^(oufT®^&i). 
Cu-ba'tion, s. ^<oSiL-<sn^^e\)^ ^<5S)l^Q 

Cti'ba-to-ry, a. ^osiL^Qi—sQp^ Sli^d 

Qpf S'fTUjQpf uQdQ/D. 
Cti'ba-ture, s. <s(5unEj<ssiT6Ssr<s^, s<ooru<si)fEj 

Cube, s. <s<s5rLD^ .seorsiJLi^^uu). 
root, <s5(5or^eoi}). 

Cti'bic, > 

p_M. , a. > <S€ifr,<S(osr(SUL^<Qj(ip(3{r3fr. 

Cu'bic-al-ly, adv. <S(o!sruQu0dd5L£>iTiJU^s 

(ooreu [^(syLDrriu. 
Cu-bic'u-lar, a. ^<siDpssQ^^^, 
Cti'bi-form, s, <s<oar(Suuf-iouLDn(^sr. 
Cti'bit, s. (ipLfi<iQs[T6i), QpLpih. 

Cu'bit-al, a. (ipL^ji/(3(r€ufT<oor^ Qpif>^L-& 

Cu'boid, 1 ./T> . 

Cu-boid al, ) 

Cuck'old, S. Q<3F[TIT<SfU^[fluSl(^ULi<S(SSr^Q^ 

Cuck'old, r. Q(SxjQq(7^(oL^(^ds60, 
Cuck'oo, s. (3)S(^^<sunm'. 
Cti'cul-late, ^ <3^L^rTiT(ip<sfr(3fr^ s^ 

Cii'cul-la-ted, * y L^iT!i<Si)L^(SiJLD(T(S5r. 
Cu'cum-ber, s, <EB<ssrfl^ lS\ulS\6bP,ss[tuj. 

Cud, S. ^^d<S6\)^ lS'lL(^lSI(5S)II. 

to chew the cud, sj<^'5fQu[tQ^go^ g) 

Cud'dle, V. ct. €^(otf)^^6\}, insmp^^eo, 
Cud'dy, s. ^iTiS'iobr^ &uuGSI<osr(o6)p. 
Cud'gel, s. (^^LoQufTeo^^ ®j'bsrr^u^. 
short, and bending, <sij^^l^, <s2sssr 

Cud'gel, V. a. €n'hsfr^i^uj(T(30L^&;^(so, 


Cud'gel-ler, ^ eu'Bsrr^u^Q^^fTesarL^L^s 
Cud'gel-er, * ^ Qp(su(^, QufrdoeOL^ 

Cue, s. ldil9it^Q^it,ejs(S\}j LouSliruiSlearesr 

60 J (SiJlT&). 

as hint, ^&?<olD65^ (^rSuLjj GS)<f<Sl^<S^ 


with the hand, c^z^, ^n-ic^. 

with the fist, ^i9.,(^Ll®,(529<5<5(^^^, 

Cuff, U. ct. <STp£tl^i0^(^LL®^G0^^l^^^<30» 

on the head, (^iiQ^ev. 
Cui-bo'no, iBujQLD<^K;sr 1 
Cui*rass',s. LDn(T<is(Sus=Ljb. 
Cti'li-na-ry, a. s:(ooldlu^<s<x®^^j s^<5S)U3 

salt, S^lLfULf. 

Cull, u. a. Q^ifl^eo^ Q<efFl^^60. 

to pick out of a mass, Q^rfffsQ^Qd 

Cul'len-der, s. ^tfluQuLLu^^s^eoeOaai-^ 
CuU'ing, a. sL^(sun<osr^Q^[fl'SEQS)L-uun<osr» 
Cull'ion, s, <oj<oOiLp') ^(smL—frefr&n-j /^<5P63r, 

as root, LDL—pQLp!5J(^, 
Cul'Iy, 5. (oJGDL^^ Qu(oS)^. 

Cul'ly, V. a. <5jLu^^&)^ ldl^^^&). 
Culm, s, siTLDL\^ srrio, ^ireir 

as coal, e^Q^<5U€Si<s^&)<s^eo. 
Cul'min-ate, ©. n. s-^^^^&)(su(r^^&)^ &. 

Cul-min-a'tion, s. s_<?^(sro«j<ij5z_^^6v', 

LDfiluifi^U) 1-1^60^ 2_i^^, LD^i^uSleoS 

Cul-pa-bil'i-ty, s. ^ppQpmm^^ (SPP 

Cul'pa-ble, a. (^pp(^'fitLLi—uuL-^^<3s 
<ss^ (^ppuuL—^^ds^ (^pp(ipm<s(r^ 

Cul'pa-ble-ness, s. (^pp(ip<sj)i—(^LD, (^ 

Cul'pa-bly, adv. (^<os>p(SiJiTLu, (^ppLDmii^ 

Cul'prit, s. (^ppQp(kQmn(^ ^ (^ppGun 

Cul'ti-va-ble,a. u(osaru®^^uuL—^^ss, 

GD CD « 



Ciil'ti-vate, v. a. 9iruu(t!l^^^^G0^ Qs^lu 

GD(SiJ u u ®^^€\) . 

as improve, ^([F^^^eo^ Q^^gfj^io^ 

a disposition, &c., uip<s(^^60, 
^^rain, &/C., Q-6mL-fT<s(^^60y ain(^ 

the mind, LDQ(ev)(sSi(r^^^Q<^dj^60. 
Cul-ti-va'tion, s. ^i^GijQ^rrL^eo^ <ojh^ 
.Q^fTL^ed^ uuSffl®(SS)s^ <ojrfni5sar<^Ln^ 

mental, jjf^eijuuaSjh^, <3s&)(2SI(Sij(ofriT 

produce by tillage, uaSnuueOm. 
practice, u[Hs'2issr^ uiflLl.<oS)<9=, uL^d 

Cul'ti-va-tor, s. '^i^(Siim^ ^(5<si^<5?ir6or, 
ueasr'^iom'dsiTirear^ uiiSitB®QiD<Sij&sr^ u 

extensive, Qu(f^Q(QU<s{rn<s(rmr^ ueaar 

Cul'ture, s. <SLD^Q^rrL^60^ QGuefrrrem- 

<5S)LD, UuSljh&f ULpS<Slh^ Q^fT^Q, 

Cul'ture, V. a. Q<Sij&r[r<o6sr<ss)LDQ<3^dj^eo^ 

the mind, LD<oisr<ss)^uusmu(Sl^jS60^Q^ 
iTd&u6sar<5asr60^ &It^(7^^^<so. 

Cul'vert, s. un&dth^ ^^(^t <s^nii[T<Qii^. 

Cum'bent, a. u®<sQp, 

Cum'ber, 5. ^(oidl—, urrirth^ llgstsQQgo 

Cum'ber, «. a. ^srO^^eu, Q^trij^GDrruu 

Cum'ber-some, a, Q^neSluunGsr^ Q^rrih 

to be cumbersome from weight, <ff«s3r 

Cum'ber-s6me-ly, adv. sesnomu^^goDL^ 

Cum'ber-some-ness, s. ^(o6)u.(i^^60^utT 

Cum'brance, s. ^Qui^^ ^gidl-.^ Q^ni^ 

QDir, unird<3r<oS)Ln^ unjith, 
Cum'brous, a. ^osimuunssr^ ^(BSii^u^Gir 

err, ufTiruDfTfosrj Q^iTih^(oS)iiujrr(osr. 


Cum'brous-ly, adv. 3?qs)lhuitiju^ urriTLniT 

Cum'in, s. ^iisth, 

Cu'mu-late, v, a. (^(sSl^^eo^ ^^lLQ^&)^ 

Cti-mu-la'tion, s, ^(sSIulj^ ^(sSliLiedy ^ 

Cu'mu-la-tive, a. (^isSJujeorresr, (^(sSliu 

Cu'neal, > 

Cli'ne-ate, ( 

Cu'ne-a-ted, r =3> n -r 

Cu-ne'i-form, J 
Cun'ning, s. llj^^, ^rSfoj, "^'S?^* 
as deceit, ^<s(T^ih^ ^^unium^ <^^^, 

dexterity, skill, s^n^ifliuth, S'lrmiT^^ 

Cun'ning, a. ^-UfTLULLrreoTy (^i^d3=uiiT 
€ZT, ^ih^irLDrT<oarj (^^efrefr, 
measures, S-umutEisefr, 
person, ^sir^&fTy o^utruSj jSii^jK^, 

work , ay ^^^ /rCcSi; "Ssu , ©y (?(C5)^(?<a/ ^ . 
Cun'ning-ly, adv. ^^uniuLDniu^ ^k^sr 

Cun'ning-ness, s. o-uniuw^ aui—ih, ^is 

Cup, s. srrsil), QsmrGJsnhj Q<s<om'L^y uir 

of a flower, ^(t^uDLf. 

as good received, ^^uojthy s^sir 

Cup, V. a. Q<ssfTLDLj(omQj^^eo. 
Cup'-bear-er, s. u{T(o6rurrGdm. 
Cup' board, s. QurT<9=6ururr^^jTrTsirLo, 
Cu'pel, s. (^(oG)S. 

Cti'pid, 5. sfTLoeor^ Q^^&^gst^ LD(ssrLL^(oar, 
Cu-pid'i-ty, s. ^(syrrj ^GD&^uQu^ds 
ii), Qufr0<sfrrTQDS= , 

Cii'pO-la, S. (oSl6\)LD<9=<Sff-in6SdrL-ULD. 

Cup'per, s. ^n'<om<oS)<su^^ujmy Qs^itlo 

Cup'ping-glass, s. ^rr^^LD<sufTiEj(^iEj<ss(^ 

©9, ^sr^^ih6ijfriEj(^rEjQ<ssiTihLj, 
Cur, s. <ss<cir<s(r[5fTtLj, 



Cur'a-ble, a, (^QMinns^^is, ^n^^iu 

Qff[T<Sl£)IT<oSr^ Qs:rTeW^L£)n'<3S<S<XL.L^LU. 

Cur'a-ble-ness, s. Qs=rT6ru^LDfTS<s&k.L^iu 


Cu'ra-cy, ^ (^^^^ojih, (^(f^Q^ 

Cti'rate-ship, ' ) d<s5^om-^ (^(t^ulSIit 

Cii'rate, s. ^uQ^9l^ iSlrr^iLjuQ^^, 
Cu-ra'tor, s. QLD60(o:SJs=frir2ossr<35mi(^^ s 

(5msiT€ssfl<sQ/D<oiJ(m'f sj,iTtrujs'Q» 
Curb, s. c^z_6?<£5ii), ^<oS)L-. 

off a bridle, <si^Qj[T(sn-<f<3>ik}Q<sSl^ ,ss&S 

ear<s=s=iEjQ6SI^^(SluLj^ ^65)l-. 

of a well, Q6mpfS(^i3p&aLL(Sl^ <«i_ 

Curb, V. a. sji—<d(S^^y Sft^^^^^^i 

Curb'ing, s. ^l-<s(^^ ^isidl—» 

Curb -stone, s. LSIeaarQdseOj ^(Sld(^iEt 

Curd, s. ^uSIiT^ s;^. 

Curd, V. a. s-<oS)/DUJuu6uar6m60<y Q^niii 

Curd'le, v, a. ^(ss)p(oSI^^6\}j ^l^ulSI^ 

Curd'le, v. n. 2_(StD^^a), Q^nib^&o^ ^uf. 

Curd'y, a. ^(Szd/d/f^, ^uSlirrr(osr^ ^is^^S), 

Cure, s, <ffr<SL£)j Qs^fT<oru^i}). 

■ a curateship, ^0^^<sijil>, (^q^Q^ss 

^sm-j (^0UL9ji(DUJ[r<9=(oorLD, 
Cure, V. a. <3?SLDrr<5s<3;&)^(^63sruuQ^^60. 
\ to be cured, <9fSLLn(^^ed^ (^esarLnrr^ 

Cure'less, a. Q<^fT<^^uuQ^^<3S3k-L—n^^ 
i^iEj'SiT^, LDrr(7f/'^^ ^QirtrdQiULDfTSfT^. 
Qur'er, s. (oG)(Sij^^(jum, 
Cur'few, s, s^iu^sninosS^s^^^^^uoi^ Qs=ll 


Cur'ing, s. (ssxsu^^ujld^ uiflsmnh. 
Cu-ri-os'i-ty, s. ^lj^0<su(Sii&v^^ s^^esr 

X as amusement, s^'^'ostud^ eSIQ(GS)^Lb, 
Cu-ri-o'so, s. ^^(osr<s<sfTir(^. 
Cu'ri-ous, a. Q<3SLLis^^^<o6rLDn<oisr^ Qsnu 

. 202 

person, .^yr^sOT^F/TiT 637, ti/^^Q> /r«53r,tf^^. 
work, Q^^uQsij'hso^ ^^udsLDfKosr 
Qgu'^^ ^s;(5ar(o<Qij'2e\). 
Cti'ri-ous-ly, adv. ^ lLu LDntu^ ^^ssTLofT 

Cti'ri-ous-ness, s. ^^mrua, ^lLuld. 
Curl, s. <9f-0LL®f 3?(r^&T, <9^i^, <^/b^,L^rfl, 
Curl, V. a. <9?0lL®^&\), sf-L^^^do, 
Curl, V. n, <3f-(^(^^eo, shL^^eo. 
Curl'i-ness, s. ^sf-^tLQ, .^(T^esbrL-^gar 

Curl'ing-ly, adv. ^(T^eaarQ, si'Q^efrmu. 
Curl'y, a. <3f-(7^(omi—, <3i-0(SfriT(sar. 
Cur-mud'geon, 5. L9<3^earesr^ ^Q6\)mSlj 

Cur-mud'geon-ly, a. iS!<^€sfl^^esnDfT6sry 

Cur'rant, s. ^iruLpm. 
Cur'ren-cy, s. Q<3FeO€iiy [si—lditlLl-.ijd, u 


as money, <s/r<^, fErressnum, 
Cur'rent, s. s^iLi—th^ Q,ff:€0^(oS)<s, 
as opinion, splLl—ld^ Qurr^iS^nGsruD, 
as water, i^Qir®uL^^ i^QunLLt—ih^ i§ 

Cur'rent, a. epQQp, Q^so^Qp^ uniii 

Qp, <Q}JLpiEJ(^Qp. 

money, Qs= 60 ^fEj<3srrs?^ isnasanuLD. 
to be current, Q,s=60^^&}y lEL-tDn® 

Cur'rent-ly, adv. i5u.ui^(junilj^ (suLpss 


Cur'rent-ness, s. <suifid<siJD^Qs=GO^<ss)a. 
Cur'ri-cle, s. ^(^ufflLj^smL-UQssnp., ^ 

Cur'ri-er, s. Q^n&}u^<5isf^®(2<sun<5sr^ Q^n 

Cur'rish, a. ^LL.L-,Q<Sij(SlQ(au®uurT(oGr, 

Cur'rish-ly, adv. QQjQGsuQuumii. 
Cur'ish-ness,s. Q6Brrui}),Q<QuQQQj®uLj. 
Cur'ry, s. srSi, 

condiments ground together, srSis 

powder, s:ir<s(^^^efr, LDS^rr"^. 

stuffs, S/SlJ'S'ITdl^, S=l£)U[TirU3. 

Cur'ry, v. a, Q^neoQ-fuuesfKB^eO^ u^ 



favor, Q<S(^3?^<5\)^ Qp'SLD'SGrQuQisasr 
a horse, (^rruuiSKSl^eOj &(Sij^60yQdS[T 

as quarrel, i3(rrf>€m®^io. 
Ciir'ry-comb, 5. (^iiuuui. 
Curse, 5. s=rruih^ ^lL®^ ^QiDfri^. 
Curse, V. a. s=iSI^^6\}^ s^rrutSKSl^eo, ^lL 

Curse, V). n. sttulSIQ^so^ s^lS^^co^ Q^ 
Curs'ed, a. uifluuL^^^ds, s^iSlssu 

Curs'ed-ly, adv. s^rruLDmUj ^fEJsrrtijj iQ 

Curs'ed-iiess, s. ^i3'SsuuL^^^as^m 

Curs'er, s. s'LS<sQnr)(Sij<sur, ^nuiSKSiQpQj 

63r, uL^<3fi- ^0(21/(7 ear, 
Curs'ing, s. s^lSIul^^ ^(Tuih^ ^lLQ, 
Cur'sive, a. ^LLL-LDtresTj <s^uLj<3fr(S(r,Qs^ 

Cur'sive-ly, adv. ^irosxsijajnuj^ s'^'s&n 

UJ, U0mUL^lUrTUJ^QLDQ6\}(ip<^QuJfTdj. 

Cur'so-ry, a. <9'jT€S)isuLurT<oary <9?0d<3SLDfr 

(ssr, u0Lhui<^ujfT(osr. 
Curst, a. Q6u®Q<su(SlLjuiT(Ssrj ^l1l_, 

Curst'ness, s. <3s(SI<3s®ulIj Q6ij(SlQ(SijQu 

Cur-tail', v. a. {^^d(^^6\)^ (^G^p^^eo, 

to be curtailed, (^^(^^eo, (^<ss)p^ 

I Cur-tail'er, s. (^^d(^Qp(Su<^^ Qurrifi 

Cur-tail'ing, s. jifi—dsLDf <9f-(7^d<35ihj 

Cur-tail'ment, s. ^(T^d^sm.^ (^^^sih. 
Cur'tain, s. ^SG)L-<9'9'2eVj cTL^eoi?, fi 

in scripture, s?,-L-rrjTi}), UL-irihe^Q. 
Cur'tain, v. a. ^GS)rr^9'b3osLL(Si^io. 
Curt'al, a. (^^^jQgst. [rfl. 

distance, (sSsmssr^rrLD^ (^^Q(osrQj 
Cii'rule, a. ^!r^^^d<3s®^^. 


chair, gjn^^^L-Q, ^rr^di—ih. 
Curv'a-ted, a. (su^errih^, <o:Sl6\)(Qu'^6un'(5ur. 
Curv-a'tion, s. (a;3syr^6U, eu'S/ofrui-jj su^bsw 

(SI/, <aSlio<Qu'^eir<ai^. 
Curv'a-ture, s. Qsiremed^ QiE(S{f}<o^. 
Curve, 5. <sE(2SlLJLfj (^(offfluLj^ <3k-<5sreo^ (su 

Curve, V. a. (su'^^^eo^ (^6m-d(^^€[). 
as an umbrella, SisSl^^io, £?0d(^ 

Curve, V. n. s^^eo^ ^u'hsw^^so . 

Curve, a. Q<sn€sSaj^ sn'hsrriB^^ <sSI&)<siJi^ 

Curv'et, s. (^^Gs^nunu^Qmnirunuj&^s^GOj 

Curv'et, V. n. €ufT<Qij^iiOj ^fT(sij^60j ^m 

Cur-vi-lin'e-al, ^ Qj'^iB^QirQD<sLLj 

Cur-vi-lin'e-ar, * J '^<s(r. 

Curv'i-ty, s. (aySsyro/, eSl60(Sij'^<o^^ gSI&O 

Cus'a, 5. ^(53)<5^, ^(f^UGSiU, 

Cus'cvLS, s. ^eorTLjSI<9:<oa)s=. 

Cush'ion, s, Q<9=(5m'i£ij ^(ip(su2sssry Qld^ 

Cush'ion-ed, a. Old^qd^uSIlLl^. 
Cusp, s. iSleiDpdQsrT®. 
Cusp'a-ted, ) s?i-0(sk(str^ sk-nQp 

Cusp'i-dal, a. > '2GanLj<3fr<3fr, ^fiuLjeir 
Cusp'i-da-ted, j (str^ ^<5afliq<3fr(Sfrj Qp 

Cusp'i-date, v. a. sk-unssed.^ Qp'bsm'iun 

Cus'tard, s. spiTU(oSsflsrTiTLD. 

apple, ^(ossfl^(€ss)^ ^^^rr. 
Cus'to-dy, s. sntsued^ QGDpijSI(T^<i<oS)<s, 

of property, <3S)Suu!tQ^ <o6)<s€iJS=il>. 

as security, srT<S)j6\)^ Q-s^lbldj uunLLiB 

Cus'tom, S. ^UlSlLUfTS=l})f UL^<S6Sl})j 15 

as duty, ^irGDiau^^tuihy <sl^<oS)ld, miui 

national, fftr^SLD^ Q^s=€iJLpdsm^ [En 
LL®(QULpuuih^ Q^Qsih^ Q^^ns^nnih^ 
collector of, ^iu^^gsht. 
Cus'tom, V, n. uip(^^&>j ULg<S6SLDfr^*6\). 



Cus'tom-a-ble, a. ^iT<ssi(QuQ'Sn®aaQ(Si] 
as common, iBL^ui^iufT<oor^ (suipds 
Cus'tom-a-ble-ness, s. uipd<SLD, ^uiSl 
Cus'tom-a-bly, adv. (BL-ui^iunuu^ <siJLp 
Cus'tom-a-ri-ly, adv. uLpd<siLnib^ (sunuf. 


Cus'tom-a-ri-ness, s. ui^dsth^ (surri^d 

Cus'tom-a-ry, s. Q^s=uL9ffLDrT6msfr€0^ 

Cus'tom-a-ry, a. <suip<i<SLD[T<osr. 

to become customary, <oUfn^d(oS)6SijurT 

Cus'tom-er, s. QjfrL^dGDSujfTiijdQsfTisrr 

(Gf^ Qp (oil GST. 

Cus'tom-house, 5. ^uj^^sfsUu), ^^j^^ 

OS) p. 

goods, ^iT(oS)(Sus:,3=ird(^y ^/f(sa)(ay<fF<F/r 

officer, ^ujdsnrr(^^ ^nGS)(Sij<ianiTm. 

Cut, S. SJl^f Q<SUlL(SI^ SlTiULD, 

fashion, Cs/reOii), Lon^if^, ^uih. 
a groove, or furrow, ^ojireffluLj^ <suit 
ib&^nio^ s_Lp(£!/<iF/r6x), i3<orr(ai^, 
mark of, ^(Lpiht-f. 
stroke, ^t^. 
as picture, ut-.m. 
a piece, or slice, ^sold, ^p^. 
a short way, (^^<s^<sul^. 
Cut, V. a. ^ifl^eo^ c^cPA^^j 'Semuf-^ 

across, ^^<sQ<3sQun^(S\)^ (^^<sQs 

asunder, ^ir<5san—rTLu^^6sari^^^60, 

down, ^tB^^GO. 

lightly, QLD^6iJiTijuQiSiJLLi-.eo, 

off, .sSsrr^^, Qstrdj^eo, Qs=^^^go^ 

out, ^Lu^^LDUoJaremeOy ^(ssi^ujuu 


short, <3?(T^d(^^6d^ Qud<9^<S(^^^<SSiL- 

UGsarosoTGO^ (^^s(^^&d, 


to pieces, <sB6sarL^^^6\), ^Gmu^^^ev. 

to the quick, Q^&opdauu®^^60^ 


the throat, <s(Ln^^^^^€0. 

to humble, ^nu^^^GO^ QprB^^eo^ Qqj 

with scissors, s^^ffi^^6\}^ [E^d(^ 

to supercede, ^unujinnujQprB^^iOj 

^<o3) /_ L/ 63OT 63ZJr 6U . 

to be cut to the heart, ^(Q^^^^p 

• • • 


Cu-ta'ne-ous, a. Q^n^ds®^^. 
Cti'ti-cle, s, Q^neo^ uL^&)ih^ Qld<so^ 

Q^fT&}y Ljpessn, 
Cu-tic'u-lar, a. QiDeo^Q^n^ds®^^. 
Cut'lass, s. ^Qp^rrQ', <sijfT<3fr. 
Cut'ler, 5. QGijLL®ik]'S({^<sSlQs=djQ€unm. 
Cut'ler-y, s. Q(auil.®fEj<sB(r^(2Ss&r, 
Cut'let, s. Qsrr^^fft/B^<s=<oa)LD^^^-em-Gij, 
Cut'purse, s. setrsu^^ QpL^dsi-LDiTrS. 
Cut' ter, s. ^fSlsiTir<^^ Q(suL-®Q<Sij[im,s 

as a vessel, ^iT(Su&r(Sfn£i<y Q^rressfl. 
Cut'-throat, s. sq^^^Q^lLi^, Qsfr'hso 

un^<SGsr^ Q<S[T'2e\)iuiT(S(rcar^ sn^-sair. 
Cut'-throat, a. <SB(ip^^^dQp^ Qsn'^eo 

Os^LuQpj QsfTL^LU,UfT^<S(i^Q<FUJ@p, 

Cut'ting, s. jifffleijy ^j^/uq, &-<oS)puL^y 

Cut'tle-fish, *. s€sar(SiJrruJLS'esr. 
Cut'-wa-ter, s. <ojiinuueo<oa)s. 

Cy'cle, S. SrT6^S=<35SrriX), Sn6dU!fl€Q(T^^ 
^, S^dsffLDj (SUlLI—LD. 

Cy'cloid, s. ^dsirQsuiTLLL-.d'fff-^&reufft, 


Cy-cloid'al, a. s^d^^rrQeufTLLi—evifleo^g^ 

Cy-clo-pe'di-a, s. eSl^fiLurrssr^eo, istr 

Cyl'in-der, s. ^iTiomL^€uL^.(oi^^ jSLDurrQ 

Cyl-in'dric, ')^sr(sm-L^QjL^Qj(ck(Sfrf 

Cyl-in'dric-al, ' ^ ^ihunsnu. 
Cym'bal, s. Q<5snQ<ssS^ (EQ^s^^nmih, 



Cyii'ic, s. (^um^ (^^uoum^ QsniSlj ^ 

^{^^LDueoTj Q (oil ® <i <ES <ssr . 
Cyn'ic, ^ (orQ^^L^LDL—dsrriosr, cr 

Cyii'ic-al, * ^ ffluLjGfrerr, (^^dsL^iurr 

to be cynical, Grrfl^eo^ (^^dst^ujir 

Cyii'ic-al-ly, adv. QsnuuDnuu^ QqjQ<s 

sfTiij, Q(Sij(S)Q<5uQLjurrLu, 
Cy'pher, s. (see Cipher.) lj^s^Qluld^ <* 

Cy'presSj s, L^msiDiiLh^ ^r(3=iT, 
Czar, 5. ^iT<3=Ssr^ LSlir^rreaff. 
Czar'ish, a. ^fiu^d^ifluj, 


Dab, s. jif(ipd(^j S(ss)/D^ etDs^^L-Q, ^tr 

Dab, v» a, <ss<ss)/Duu(d^^6d^ <5ts)suuiT<sOu^ 

Dab'ble, v. FFJTinrrdseOy /F^fear^dfeu, 

as meddle, ueO(2Sl^iE](oS)stiS(Sl^6\}. 
Dab'bler, s. s<omL-inn(^<ism-^ u&)<sSl 


Dab'ster, s. QsLLu^<ssiTrrm--f<oS)<S'3S63aTi— 

Dac'tyl, ^iurTULi<3fr Qp^Qeo niTQS)^ 

Dac'tyle, ' ) Qf5i^^LD^^^uj<ss)s=uSir 

Dac'tyl-ar, ) uunuL^(3iT(ip^QeoiTir(oa)^ 
Dac-tyl'ic, * > QiEU^o^ih^^^ uj€G)<3= 

Dad, ') ^LJU(dr, ^rr&D^j iSl^fT^ ^ 

Dad'dy, ' ) f^^* 

Dae'dal, a. s'iTLDn^^ujQp(S{r(3fr^ (Bme^, u 


DafF, V. a. (see Doff.) «Ssrr^a). 
Dag'ger, s. ^/b^(oU(T(Sfr^ .9?[fl(o6)S, 
Dag'ger, v. a. ^/b^fSuirefrrT/b^/b^^eOy 

Dag'gle, XI. a. ^(ipd<sfTd(^^60, l/stoz— 
Dah'lia, s. |p/f(ay<5ZD<5LJL^®, ^/f<a/(sro<s 
Daily, a. ^^fiesr, ^(oar(n^i—<sB^ ^<surj 



account, ^(s^.ss(^m<sB(^. !ErTLL<s<smS 
allowance, ^<5uruL^^ fS^^sil.t-.'^j 
expense, c^6sr(7j^L_<5cFQ<^6VQ/, ^(ssrs 
news, j>ip(5{DpuLj^snrLDj fi<oi}rs=Qs' 

rites, ^<o5rJ=s=L_rEj(^y (EIjS<5S(t^udld. 
strife, ^(osr<f3=(omQDU-. 
Dai'ly, adv. ^<^(LfjUD^^(5ar(sSf'Q^^^uj[Tujj 
[EnQi—ir^ih^ r5fT(Gf^d(^r5iT<s{r^ rBnefreiJLL 


Daint'ies, s. sf^ffs^ih^ ^6pfl^^u<smL~. 

Daint'i-ly, adv. ^^(i^Quunuu^ ^^Q^Quuir 
Daint'i-ness, s. S-0^j ^Qrr^ih^ <3?(oU)<Sijy 
Daint'y, s. ld^jilJdj LD^jrLDfTtsur^j isireifs 
Daint'y, a. ^^<s(r^&ujn(o6r^ ^^.s<3F(5B)qj 

as elegant, LSl^^sufTtssr^^LpQujj Qld 

Dai'ry, s. ufr/bs^rr'^. 
Dai'ry-maid, s. ^(oS)L—d&^ unpsrrfSI. 
Dai'sy, 5. f^0Lf,®. 
Dale, s. uefr&r^^QSiiTy u&rerr^^fTd^j u 

Dal'li-ance, s. ^pld^ld^ ^eoQiuih. 

caresses, ^eo<oSl^LD^ ^<s^'2ev^ s'U^u)^ 

DaFli-er, s. ^&d<oSl^<sSfQ(^^. 

Dai'ly, a. <5'0<si^^6\)^ ^<our(^^&)j ^ull^^ 

fondly, ^jfTL-Q^dOj Qsn(^&i-^<so. 
wantonly, siT<3^iEj>sfTLl.(Sl^6\), ^^e!/^ 

Dam, s. ^Tjosst^ slLQ^ sprrih^ Q<5S)p^ Qs^ 

as mother, ^rTLULSl0<sui. 
Dam, V. a. ^(oiDi—^^eo^ ^'^essrsiKbl^ 

a), &(otS)pQ'9=dj^(S0y^®^^<S0j wjB^^io, 

to become danuued, ^m(^^i^^^<ss)L^ 



estimated allowance for, Q^^^^m 
Dam'age, v. a. ^l^^^go^ ^mi^uQ^^ 

Dam'age, v. n. ^l^^go^ Q,s®^6\)j & 

Daiu'age-a-ble, a. Q<s®^'2e\)UJrT<s^^ss^ 

Dam'ag-ed, a. QaQufTi—rrear, u^sstl^ 

15^^ uLp<ff=iT<osr^ urrQ'sirGfr. 
Dam'as-cene, s.(seeDamson.)g? /fuipiz). 
Dam'ask, s. 9i^^iTuuLLL-n(3DL^^ ^i^fi 

Dam'ask, v. a. 9i^^n^os>^\uGiots)^^^ed, 

Dam-ask-een', t\ a. QiunmQ<aiim(oS\(ip> 

^<sSlinsLL(Si^<sOj QurT(osrQ<susrr(Sff)u^^ 

Dam-ask-een'ing, s. Qu(TmQ<su(3rr<s(f}u 

Dame, s. ^'^isSl^ lErrujs&ujmTj Qu(t^ 

Damn, v, a, ^i^sj^eo^ ^ji^^^eo^ sj^dQ 

Q-SBfr(siT(Gf^^60, (^/b/D(SurrGffluJ[T<S^^IT^^ 

Dam'na-ble, a. ^i^€ij<s(^rftujy ^i^(a/<fij 

Dam'na-bly, adv. ^L^eijdQs^QjmLjj^ 

Dam-na'tion, s, rBrrsfrsQ^Sic^^^iTULj^ 

Dam'na-to-ry, a. ^dQ'2Gin-^^iTULj(3fr<ofr. 
Dam'ni-fy, i'. a. Q^^uuQji^eOj ielLl^ 

UUQ^^SO^ U(TLprT<S5,5S60. 

Damp, 5. FFinh, (s^effliretDLD^ ^^mua^ m 

of ground, or floor, .s^o/, Seo^peo, 
Damp, V. a. Q^rrdj^^eo^ iE'2esr^^(so, 
as chill, ^(ofriT^^eo,^L-.m(^<oSip^^60^ 

Damp; a. Fr-inr)n(ssr-) FfireSlLJurr(5sr, iffflu 


to become damp, ^lerri^sseo, fr-nsSl^ 
Damp'er, s. (^(StapuLj^ ^qdl^^ ^i-.<ssr 


Damp'ish, a. iT'JT6)9s^^j ffuldjksWj s&<sij 

efTGfr^ FT'ffluLiickGfr, 
Damp'ish-ness, s. fpugSIulj. 
Damp'ness, s. ir-nm^ pfugSIulj^ .s^eij. 
Damp'y, a. LD(ssnDi^(Qun<5nr. 
Dam'sel, s. ^ernhQuem'^ ^(^<oafl<50)<s^ s 

ofrssfluQ u<ssor^ (^iDtfl^ Qn^jtB: 
Dam'son, s. ^iruLpih. 
Dance, s. <£sl.^^, ^l1®, fEt^esrii)^ isn 


the whole play, (BniSLD. 
Dance, v, a. sk-^^nil-Q^id, ^lL®^&), ' 

to dance puppets, urreoxsuLUfrLLQ^dOj 

to dance snakes, uiruiumLQ^eo. 
Dance, r. n. <sk.^^n®^<so^ fBi—ssrihuem' 

about, ^l^^^60^^<c^(^^go, 
Dan'cer, s. sk^^^Ss?^ sk-^^nisf-^ ^iSlts 

Dan'cing, 5. ^l_60, ^l1®, <^-^^, /&l_. 

girl, IE n lL u^iu uQ u (sm ^ rsfTL^adsssisf} 

the art, fQ^^^ih^ ^i3ibujld, ujr^ih. 
master, ^62Rjr(6OT)(a9, sk-^^mLi^^ iblL 

place, SfL-^^dsefTffiy 6h-^^uuuS<sSl 

and singing, ^i—eourrL-dv, 
Dan'de-li-on, 5. ^n^(o6)iT. 
Dan'der, s. ^iB^<so^ S^p^^eo, 
Dan'dle, ». a. Qsn^niL®^<30^ ^jmLQ 

^eo^ Q,ff:&)<soiEjQ<srr(^sf-^do. 
Dan'dler, s. ^srfnLQQwfTiosr* 
Dan'druff, s. ^-3=^, Qs-rT®(^. 
Dan'dy, s. (^^np<siTii<ck^ Qa[TUL^d<sniT 

637", QsmorTeffl, Qfsjsfrffl^ QfBeffJuLjd 

Dan'dy-ism, s. (^s^rdo^' QstruLj^ Qiejsit 

Dan'ger, s. sj^rriuih^Qs^^ih^QLDns^S'^, 
Dan'ger-less, a. QiDns'wpp^ Q^^iBio 



Dan'ger-oiis, a. j)f(3ufi(UfT<osr^ Q-saQo^LD 

disease, ^su^^Qi^nuj^ ^rr(sosr(bl<3S(^/b 

road, QsiLi—^ijL^^ QLDfT'3^Qp<s{r<3frufr 

state or position, QaLii—iEl'^eo^ Qsir 

Dan'ger-ous-ly, adv. ^u^^ilituj^ Qs 

Q^uunihy Q^^LDiTuj^ Qmrrs'LDfnLJ, 
Dan'ger-ous-ness, s. 0<s®^, QiDns^^^ 

Dan'gle, v. n. ^(otrir^io, Q^rr[Ki(^^eo, 
Dan'gler, s. GundQffl^ ^d(^€ssfl. 
Dank, s. ft-hud^ FPire^uLi, &Q(si\, 
Dank, a. FFiTLDiT<osr^ ^err^sssfliLjGfren-^ a^ 

€ij[T(osr^ iT'n'<s)9LJU(T<osr. 
Dank'ish, a. iT'ffluLj(S{r(orr^ ^efrpisssfluLi(ck(S{r, 

Dank'ish-ness, 5. FFsreSluLfy ffffluLj^nm. 

Dap'per, a. ^dQjTLDirsur, <3hg}]<3r^uun 

pQ uj<3(r<s{r , (2S0S)iT(aij(SirGfr^ Qs^LLj<ck<sfr. 
Dap'per-ling, s. (^p<3{r<osr,(^LL€S)L-UJ6sr, 
Dap'ple, V. a, Lj<srr6{fJu(Sl^^60. 
Dap'ple, a. u(sO€ij(o3r<osrLDn<osr^ Lf&reffliij&r 

(Sir, LD<oS)piLi<3{r<ofr. 
Dare, v. a. ^cF.5^^^^60, Gstru^LLQ 

^&)^ LSljTLS}<SSS=Q<3=UJ^eO^(DUITITd<S<oG)p 

Dare, v. n. ^'2e\)uu®^60,^L-mQsrr&r 

Dar'er, s. ^sssfl'SsiKoin-, (^um. 
Dar'ing, s. ^6Gsr(5S)UD, s^^^'omi—ili^ Q<ff: 

Dar'ing, a. ^6sar<oS)LDLLj<3{r(Sfrj^€ssfl<sirj <sd 
mind, ^essfJsiru:)^ ^(saafliB^LDtosnl)^ (S^ 
person, ^6m'i—<otD<ss^ ^saaromiLuesr, 

Dar'ing-ly, adv. ^emssiinjunih^ ^l_(&s) 

Dar'ing-ness, s. ^ssjsf^o/, (ssi^iflojui. 
Dark, $. ^iB^sanihy ^^eir. 

as obscurity, uD(oS)p<si^y ^i^iriEj<3sw, 


of the eye, <s6m-d9LSI, <S(y^€SIi^. 
Dark, a. ^ih^jTiEJSLDfTGJTj ^(wdsrr(osr^ 

color, &(r^<ss)LDj <srTiT, 

language, ^uLUfTiT^^Qjs'(oun})^ <S(t^^ 

&), <SE0<SpQu^<9?y LD(oS)pQu[T(rF<3fnT<oSr 

as gloom of mind, LoQ^s^QuSleoedrr^. 
Dark'en, v. a. ^(t^lLQ^so, s(Y^s(^^60y 

to obscure, L^€5)^QufT(r^(3frn<ss6\). 
Dark'en, v. n. ^0i^^e\), <SQ^(^^6d^ s 

Dark'en-er, 5. ^^Gfruuofsr^ijQj^^ lo 


Dark'ish, a. ^(r^ohri-.^ s(7^<s^LDLLjGrr(2fr. 
Dark'ly, adv. s(7^se0rTUJ^ &^ibQ^sld[tuu^ 

LDrEJSeOfTLLJ^ LD<oS)p<oll fTiil. 

Dark'ness, s. ^iB^smrili^ ^(v^lLQ^ <s 

thick, or intense, ^(Sfr<sffl(^6rr, ^nrfi 

Dark'some, a. ^(^<smL-.^LniEj(^<s{rLDfT6or^ 
Dar-ling, s. sjQ^ld^'^, (o)<9=6\)€uuLSl£frc6rr. 
feminine, Qs=(s\)€^. 

Dar'ling, «. sj([^'^LDajiT(oor,Qs=<50(3ijLC)n<osr. 
Darn, s. ^q^lqulj.^ Qurrp^. 

Darn, v. a. ^,(SS)Lgd(^pjri/s;GO, ^qdlq 

Darn'ing, s. ^<s!DLp<s(^p^6S)^^^®G5)s, 
Diirn'ing-need-le, s. ^€S)Lpaj^9^ ^czoip 

Dart, S. ^^^ITLD^ GTr^U(SG)l_^ OS^xSisSiQ 
U<oO)l . 

Dart, v. a. cr/Sl^eO', iSHnQtunQ^^GO^ urr 

Dart, V. n. up^^ev, umlis^ev^ Q<s^ujfT 

upon, ^(^(i^'^^^f ufTiu^eOj Qldso 

as pain, Qsn^^^eo^ <3r(5^L^Qj/TEJ(^ 

Dart'er, s, j^jMuajQpoj^, ernSIQp 



Dart'iiig-lyj adv. <sSlQ^rr(3unuj^ Q(syi<s 


Dash, s. ^u^,^siTS=9^ G^lI®, QwrrjS^. 

a line, ^c, ^jj/, Lj&rreffl, 

a flourish, (sSihi-i^ (^s^neOj ^L-.thuil). 
Dash, V. ^u^^jseo^ sw^^^^t^^n^^^-) 

against, ^i—^^<s\}<y ^lLQ^go, Qtorr 

water, <sip^^&i^ ^ih^^eo^ Q^etfJ^ 

to abash, ^ediasuuem^u^iOy Qsn 

to obliterate, Q^i^^io^ ^ss)/l_^ 

Das'tard, s. ^<3frQiB(^<3=^^ ^(5m<ss)iLUJ 

Das'tard, a, ^L^w^p^ GSi^ffliumppj ^ 

Das'tard-li-ness, s, ^(5G)^fflujLD^ Quesar 

Das'tard-Ize, v. a. GD^[fluj(EjQ<sBQ^^60. 
Das'tard-ly, adv, ff'toSTLnniby ^esy^fflm 

Das'tard-y, a. (5jQDif!<oS>LD, uvuth^ Qan 


Dfi'ta, s. (pi-) Qircm-fEj'Sefr^ Si£I^^iei<s 

efr, QufT(r^LL®s<sfr<) .snifliuisj^mj ^ 

Date, s. ^^, G>^. 

the fruit, Qutf<f<ff=muLpu). 

the tree, Quifih^. 

wild, /^(^"^F, FT'li^. 

Date, V. a. ^^(^/Sl^^eo^ srr6\)fEj(^/6l^ 

Date'less, a.^^(^fSujn^j sfreoSJ^s^iULD 

Da'tive, s. (a case.) (^ ^(7^L^^(^Q<3up 

Da'tum, s. (see Data.) smreaorua. 

Daub, S. Lj^'B^'Sf-f QL£(LpS(^. 

Daub, V. a. ^ul^^go^ ^&r^(oS)^uJiT<is6i)y 
<5'rTiT^^^&), ^qjl1.Q^6\). y^&i-^eo^ Old 

to flatter, QpsmmQusf-^io. 
Daub'er, s. s=!T<oSi(3uuL^3=<3i-saniTm^ ^ 


a flatterer, ^s:s=<sm. 
Daub'ing, s. ^!i(S5)(ouuLi<f'3i-j ^(SulLQ, 

Daugh'ter, s. (^LDtrii^^^ ^^^, '2ssr 

Daugh'ter-hood, s. LDSB<oasr(oS)LD. 
Daugh'ter~in-law, s. LDseanD^Qn-e^l^ ldq^ 

Daugh'ter-ly, a. i^^^rfl^^Q5rLC)iT<osr^ lbs 

Daunt, V. a. s60d(^^eo^ uiuQp^^^eo^ 

eSfffEj Q s Q^^eo . 
Daunt'Iess, a. seoiwsn^^ GSi^iBujLDnojr, 

Daunt'less-ness, s. QSi^iFliuii)^ fiJi^rrrfld 

Dau'phen, s. LSrrrr(ii^'9f-Q^s=^^uuLl.L- 

Dau'phen-ess, s. LSlrrfT(i^s?(D^^^^uu 


Dawn, s. ^(t^Q^^^ujldj LjGOfflj (sBl^lu 

psrrsOix)^ <oS)(Su<S(oS)p, 

as beginning, c^^, Q^rrppih^ ^^th 


of wisdom, ^fSl6ij<sLuujj (^nQi^^uu 

LD^ (^nQ(G^pu^^. 
Dawn, V. e_^^^6U, <^^iULDn(^^6d^ gSI 

as wisdom, ^rSl<sii^^^eo^ (^itQ(G^p 

Dawn'ing, s. S-^Luih^ €S)<3ij,S(oB)p, ^aih 

Day, s. ^esrih^ fErrerr. 

as a course of time, iBnek, [BrreirisiJLL 

of the week, Qlp<ss)ld, (surrirui. 

of the month, ^^, C>^. 

in opposition to night, u.s60. 

from sunrise to sunset, u<s&), <5T60j^Q 


a special day, ^(t^iBneir^ Qu^fstreir, 
U€sari^<oS>sf5fT<s{r, &.p^(SutErr&r. 
day after day, {Bn(er^<s(^fBrT(sir. 
day by day, ^<oisri^<osrLD^ ^ssriQ^n 
^i£>^ iS^Qpih^ i5rT(ef^<s^f5n&r, fsn<s(r 



Day'-book, s. (^rSluQuQ, S^d<s6ssr<s 
Day'-break, s. <sS!u^ujp<s[TeOLD^<c^uf.uj<so^ 
Day'-dream, s. ldQ(^jt^lui1ij (sSemQ^tr 

ppLD^ [B<oSr<aij. 

Day'-la-bor, s. ^<osrQ(Sij'^, 
Day'-la-bor-er, s. ji\p<ss)pQ(Sii'^^niiSs?^ 

Day'llght, s, usQeorreifly useo^ useo 

Days'man, *. LD^fitueru^ir^ [5Q(QurT. 
Day'-stiir, s, eS L^Q(Qi/<sh-(Sff}.) ^-^Lu^rrir 

Day '-time, 5. usio^ uap'Sn'sOih, . 
Day'-wa-ges, s. ^p<oS)p<3ss^<oSlj tBaL-s^ 

Daz'zle, v. a. <3S6sar<^LhLj^s'QiurTLL.Q^ 

&)j <S6m-LS)<5Sr6sffLUfTlT^^G0^ Q <9= fT ^ uS (GU) 

to be dazzled, sessrsp^sp^dOy semnB 

ssr^^eo^ a<omLDiufkj(^^<sd. 
Daz'zliiig, a. s soar •3^3= uutosar^uQp^ u 

Daz'zling-ly, adv. LSiir<sfTs=ij[>rTUJy uerru 

(Sfruufrdj^ Qs^rr^uunuu^ L£)(our(^uj. 
Dea'con, s. &-uQ^Q^ ^(r^Lnehl^nifluL^ 

Dea'con-ess, s. ^0LD(2Sl3=fTiT2sm-<5ssrTrfl. 
Dead, s. S-uSlsrpp^, sneo^Q^'mp^^ 

as persons, LDifl^Q^mr. 
Dead, a. s-uSlirpp, SLitt^esr, s{tgO(^Q^ 

stupid, Sk.JT(oS)LDLUppj LD i ^ LD fT loST . 

ungodly, ^(oju^^iuneor^ u^^vupp. 
vapid, &.0&iL!ppy <9=rTirmpp, u^ssr 

flesh, ^(LpQ<oOr^(oO)<SF^ ^^n^^^^(^s^, 

language, suL^aQpih^unGsxsL^y (SULptij 


tree, ul-.l-.lduld. 
Dead'en, v. a. ^-<smn<f&Qa®^^60j Qp 
ujp &Qs®^^&) . 

to benumb, ^u^QfrpuuGm'^u^io^ 
eSl<o6)pi<suus^^}}^<so^ LDir&<suuQm 


Dead'-lift, 5. ^luihun^uninh^ ^qd^iuit 

Dead'llght, s. LDird<s&)^^<QinTirw^Lp.j ld 

Dead'li-ness, s. iS(^6r<ss)L^<oS)LD^ Q&it'^ 

Dead'ly, a. ^L^(5i^<ss(Sl^^, Qssrreo^ih^ 
<^0^L£)LLj(Sfr<o{rj Qsrrdd^Qpj s={T6uJ=Qs^ 

foe, LSliTrr6ssr<ff'^^(7j^. 
influence, ^(sijf5fT.9=il>y iSljTrrem-'B'Qs^^ 
li), LSljTfT<omQLDrr<3^ih, 

Dead'ness, s. ^iud6Eij9<^€S)LD^ s^em-iToS! 

dulness, (o^fTLDL^^ Qs^rrn'si^j ^<s<35il)j 

vapidness, &-0QuSl(oar<ss)LD^ smruLSlm' 

Dead'-reck-on-ing, s. SL-^Q^-s^dsssard 

Dead'-struck, a. ^L^iL]<5m-t—j Q^i^m 

Deaf, a. Q3=(sSlt—n<5ur^ Q<3:<sBLjL^eO(ssrpp, 

persons, Q<9=(2SlL-.rf^ Qsu^jiiT, 
to become deaf, ^fr^(so)L—^^(so^ Qs= 

Deafen, v. a. sn^Gsa^^^ed^ Qs'(sBL^ns 

Deafly, adv. Q^sSlL-nuu. 

Deaf ness, 5. Qs=<sSI LL(D^^<osn})y Q(su^n-, 

temporary, sfT^QDL—ULi, 
Deal, s. U(^^, uiej(^j urr-sw, 

as board, u€d€ff)ds. 
Deal, 15. a. U(^^^6\)j urr<s5(^Q,9=iLi^60^ is 

out food, Qu[T3=<osnhuQ(r^^eo^ uis^ 

Deal, V. n. aMi—zr^^e^, QsnQsseosun' 

€\), (sBuununuuDUGscr^u^eo. 

with, ^^SLDGofl^^do. 

favorably, ^^iSa^-eSl^^eo. 

as a broker, ^neiiueoor^ij^eo^ ^iKSif 

Deal'er, s, <3^^^sm^ (sSiurTuniff.. . 




Deal'ing, s. fsi^^isiD^y QsfT<^<oa)s, 
as bargaining, ^&Ti-.nLLi-.ui^ Q^srfQd 

traffic, (qu^^s ihu esar^u QD<s <^ eStiLnrurr 

De-am-bu-la'tion, s. Q(Sij<sff)<o7^Lbs^60rr^ 

Dean, s. Q^un&ytu^^'^evQj^j ^(o6\j<5 

Dean'cr-y, > ^ . ^ 

Dean'ship, y ^^ 

Dear, 5. <5/r^6U<s3r, mn^eS^^ iSiifltui^y lSI 

Dear, a. sjXS'^^'^^'^^t ^rf^uj-i ^(7^<oS)ld 

beloved, ^0GDLDLUfr(oary iSiflujLLrresr, 
costly, &.tutTih^<2Sl'^LLi(3fr<3(ry eiS'^evQu 
ppy (2Sl'^QuuppLDn€ur, 
a dear bargain, e^^uu{T(osre^'^^ m 


to become dear, (^gn^^eo. 
Dear'-bought, a. <^^uunuj'iQ<sBn6mL-.. 
Dear'ly, adv, ^Q^mnDiundj^e^rfjuufrdj^ 

Dear'^ness, s, ^(/^(o^dld^ c^^ulj^ (^<ssip 

Dearth, 5. ^^ulj^ <sq^ul\<^ U(^s=ih^Qj 

Death, s. ^eoeonQam^ @iP<s)/, ^put-f^ 

Death'^-bed, 5. LDrr<oasruu(S<i(oias. 
Death'-bod-ing, a. uirr<sm<s(^rS'Sml.Q 

Death'ful, a. inrQssrQp&r&r, Q<sff'^Q^ 

Death'less, a. sj\^<^<sOGOn^^G^iufr^^ ^a 

Death'less-ness, s. c9//^^/r<srou), <Frr<Sijrr 

Death'like, a. ^tTuQunekp, ^nisuiTissr^ 

Death's'-door, s. LDiT6ssrj)i(aijefv<ssy^.f wir 

Death-watch, s. €^iT&^Q.SFih^. 
De-au'rate, v. a. QunpLj^<s=<9rULjj<sf-^eo, 
Pe-bar', v, a, ^®^^eo^ ^sSlir^^dOy i§d 

De-biirk', v. n. ^pw(^^&}. 


De-bark-a'tion, *. ^pdsih. 
De-base', v. a. ^rrt^^^^eo, ^^^^<sOy 

by mixture, s&>ui3(^pQs(Bi^^Gd, 
the mind, ^^LD<o!^u-uQ^^eo^ Loissr 

to be debased, ^iz^^e^, ^l^q^uQ^ 

De-base'ment, s, FF(oSFu>(TS(^€sys, ff<osnx>y 

by admixture, &e\)uLf, 
De-bas'er, s. Qs®uQun(^, ^k^^^ 

De-bat'a-ble, a. ^Q^<s<siJDU(^iom<S'3h-L^ 

iLiy (^rT^uGm<omdcff>-t^i£J. 
De-bate', s.^Q^d&Lo, gSIuuit^&ujiJd, eSm 

De-bate', v, a, ^Q^dQ^^eOy Qjns(^(suif 

De-bate', u. n. <5T^fB<os>L-Qus:&)j ^0s 

De-bate'ful, a. ^Q^ss^^aQ s^qj rT(oary 

De-bate'ful-ly, adv. ^(i^ss^^&Qs^ 

De-bat'er, s. ^^(r^'sQuQufr^^ Gf^k<SiJif 

De-bauch', s. ^LnnirssuD, ^^LDrnrds 

De-bauch', r. a. Qffl(ss)iLiQsQ^^&}^ Qs 

a woman, ^(Sn^^uGssrcm&iy spu 

De-bauch'ed-ly, adv, ^miTfrd^LDrT(L, ^ 

Deb-au-chee', s.^it^^^, Qu(^iB^€afl, 

Qu^6S3r<osr, QeufiSfiLKRir, 
De-bauch'er, s. ^■3f-^^LDiTd^Q(Sijn<ssr, 

De-bauch'er-y, s. Qifi&DtnCosQj Qs®^ 

De-bauch'ment, s. Qffl<oS)UjQ<sEQd(^ih^ 

De-ben.t^ure, s. ^^esard^LKbly sl-gst 



Deb'ile, a. Q^nnih^^ ^etrnk^^ Qlds6J(e^, 
De-bil'i-tate, t?. a. Q<g:niruu6sisr<om6\)^ ^ 
De-bil-i-ta'tion, «. u&i)<s^ssru)iT(^(SD'3s^ 
De-biri-ty, s. eieo^fresiui^ ^6rr/r«5P^5 ^^^ 

Deb''it, S. <5<_637-, ^(7^<SSSTW, 

Deb'it, V. si^<dsru®^(so. 

Deb-o-nair', a. ^^trrrQpe^err^ fBTraifsQp 

(srren-y urrtijsfTGar, 
Deb-o-nair^ly, adv. ^.a^mrLDmu^ Sf^Qp^ 

Deb-o-nair'ness, s. ^<SFiTinhj LDrBuanGU)^^ 

De-bouch", r. w. €^®<ss€UL^iu[T^i^pu 
uQ^do^ ^®d<s<SiJLfiiuiruJULjpuuil.<6) 

Debt, s. si^Gsr^ ^^essrih, 

and credit in account, upguojueii. 
as sin, or crime, (^ppthy euQp^ un 


Debt'or, 5. <si^i^(ojfl^ sL^&n-<3siTirek. 
who owes a balance, iQ^ssien^sn 

De-but', 5. ^Qjssui^ Qp^i^QpGSipj ^n 


Dec'ade, s. Uji^^ u^^ey^SL^e!^^. 
Dec'a-dal, a. Uji^uu^jStTtssr, uuujs 

Dec'a-gon, s, ^Ms[tqxtld. 
Dec-a-he'dron, s, ^<3=L\<3'(ip(sn<3fr^, ^^l^ 


Dec'a-logue, s. ^<5=<spu2eifr^^,5'uiSlinjDrT 
De-camp', v, n. 6s'^^&}y <sL^^io^ 15 (w 

as an army, un'bsiruuQmQguDL^^eo. 
De-camp'ment, s. <s'2tso<sijj Quujit<fQ, 

De-cant', v. a. ^gv^^eo^ Q^&fl^^6\), 

De-cant-a'tion, s. Q^^ulj^ ffnib^^ 


De-cant'er, s. s'nuj^^^nn<s(^LDun^fi 
HUD, [iiruurr^^jTih, ufTeururr^^jiilij 
Q^(Sff}LjQuiT(osr^ ssrsii), 

De-cap'i-tate, v. a. 9ln's=Q<sF^ihu<5m^^ 


De-cap*i-ta'tion, s. &irs=Qs=;SiJD,^'^uju 

De-cay', s. ^i^ia/, 9lGSi^<sii^^!ru^^^ ups 
esTifieij, uQp^, un®, unu^. 
by ^ge,^(S(riT(Si^^ &it(os(Si. 

De-cay', v. n, jfjL^^io, &-d(^^6dy Qes)^ 

as a fruit, ^(LpQuQufT^eo. 

as timber, ^ppdo, &.d^^6\), SL(er^^ 

De-cay^ed, a. ©-(sr^^^, &.<sBQ(^r^ a£a:<?-- 

De-cay'ed-ness, s. s_t£<5a), u^gori^o/, 

De-cay^ ing, s. ^l^gij, ^p^uQun^eO, 

De-cease', s, @if <2i/, ^puLj, <9^/r(a/, wir 

De-cease^ r. n. ^p^^eo, ffsj^do, wir 

De-ceit', s. ^usL^ih^ ^uessn—sih^ ^ 

iLt^eayiDj ^i^inh^ 6b(i^^sihf @^. 
De-ceit'ful, a. <STUJULj&r<ofr, sui—LDrresr^ 


De-ceit'ful-ly, adv. suL-mmii, sireui^ 

De-ceit' ful-ness, s. sjeui—uij sui^ih^ 

De-ceiv'a-ble, a. (SjLudsuuL^dsf^L^ujj 

De-ceiv'a-ble-ness, s. <sij(^9l<i<s<st<9k.L^uj 


De-ceive', v. a. sj&i^^j^^i <sT^^^io^ 

De-ceiv'er, s. er^^esr, <sEui—m^ ^^^ 

L—Ssr, (^^iT(5sr<syiosry 6U(^^<3S6ur» 
De-cem'ber, s. iLfrifsL^, 



De-cem'fid, a. ^s=uiTS(ip(3[r(2{r^ jSS^ulS 

De-cem'pe-dal, a. u^(ck^(i^sfr<ofr. 
De-cem'vir, s. ^-QrrniLnns'&uj^&^n^u 

De-cem'vi-ral, a. ^<3^n^u^s(^-s(^ifluj. 
De-cem'vi-rate, s. ^^n^u^aeffl^^^ 

De'cen-cy, s. €^(Lp<ssil)^ 9n^ s?^^iJd^ ^ 

De-cen'na-ry, s. ^<s=fT6mQj u^^<SiJ(r^u. 

De-cen'ni-al, a. ^s^rremQdsQ^^. 
De'cent, a. ^(ipdsLDrr(osr^ u<sS^^iiifi!T 

De'cent-ly, adv. 9srfTs, <ffp^^LLrTLu, ^(^ 

De'cent-iiess, s. &.us=iTinh^ ^(ipi5j(^, & 

IT, u(sSl^^[iL£>^ LDrflujrr(oS)^. 
De-cep-ti-bil'i-ty, s. GT^^uuQih^(^ 

De-cep'ti-ble, a. <ojdj<ssuuL-.^^a<3s. 
De-cep'tion, s. ^u<si—u), (ojluulj, gt^ 
^, suL-ih^ s<s{r<s(nl), g^neOih^ (3^y ®y 

as mask, Quu2.,s:ih,QurrdjQ(SU(si^LjD. 

ocular, seaoTLDfTiuuif ^iflLjasniLm, 
De-cep'tious, a, <mj(^s=<!EQp(^(Sfr^ uu}.^ 

De-cep'tive, a. <3suQ(S{r&r^ Qu n<sSlujn<5sr^ 

cloud, uiLKssruL-ir^Qmsui'f ldcidl^uS 


disease, ^<?fr^^ujQi5iTiu^ s&r(3{r(sB 


winds, s<5ir(Bn-^-stTpg^-i^(oS>i—^sfTp^. 
works, <siT(oUL-Q(Qn'^j iS&retrQeu^ev^ 
De-cep'to-ry, a. (sjujuLi<sfr(orr, QiLn&uu 

De-cerpt', a. s\&^^-i Q<siJLLu^<osr, Q<sn 

De-cerp'tion, s. QsfTLuo^, u/SIulj^ Q^ 

De-cer-ta'tion, s, €iJ!rs(^<sufT^ih^ Quir 

De-ces'sion, s, L)/DULj(Si(SS}<St 


De-charm', v. a. Quiu^ppeo^ LDtudsi 
De-chris'tian-Ize, v. a. ^i^Ssi^eu/T^LUfrd 

De-cid'a-ble, a. ^nd^sssk^u^iu, 
De-cide', v. a. ^&r<ou^ffi^&)^ ^n^^io, ^ 

De-cide', v. n. QpLp.(Sijd(^(SU(T^^6\)j ^fiLon 
De-cld'ed, a. ^LLu-LDrresr^ ^iT<ssLDtT(5ury 

^ITih^^ SuJLDLDfTCSr. 

in purpose, ^L-^^^mrTesr^ SiuubLnrr 
ear^ (ipu^uLj&retr, 

to be decided, €^(T^LD(5srLJuQ^eo^ ^rt 
^60^ ^Gssfls;eOj iQiSln^eo. 
De-cld'ed-ly, adv, ^iruurrdj, ^nLDn<sor 

De-cid'er, s. ^nuQun<ck^ i^^uiresr. 
De-cid'u-ous, a. eSlQpQ/D, iB^hsouin^eo 

De-cid'u-ous-ness, s. (suQ^i^nk^nQp^ 


Dec'i-mal, s. ^s'i3<^i5snJD^ ^3=nikjQ^uD^ 
Dec'i-mal, a. ^3:rr[kjQ<3=LCin(o6T^ u^^uu 
Dec'i-mal-ly, adv. ^^rrikjQs'uui^j u^ 
Dec'i-mate, v. a. ^s^LDuiTsihQjniEJS6\)j 
Dec-i-ma'tion, s. ^<ff=LDUfTsi})6urTiEj(^ 

Dec'i-ma-tor, s. ^s^LLuirsLDuem^uQp 

QyecT, ^(F i£) u /rev) wlIot .scar. 
De-ci'pher, s. (^i6luQu(Lp^(SS)^(sS!(3(rs 

<s6\)j ^npuiflujuc)U6m^u^6\). 
De-cl'pher-er, s. ^QufT<oS)<3L^€S)iueSI(strd 

(^Q6UfT(^') ^(TpuiflujQsr. 
De-cis'ion, s. 2_^^, 'Sesun^^ixi, ^fru 

/L/, ^ITLJDfT(oSrU)j ^n-<siD<QU, SuuiLih^ ^ 

De-cl'sive, a.^^0lujrT(osr^^es)puufTesr^ 

^LLt—LDfT<oSr^ ^ITULI<Sfr(Sfry ^ITLDfT<5CrLDrT 

(ssr-) Qpu^uurrssr. 

language, ^assQj<?€srih^ ^nuuneor 



uffer, bargain, &[.c., Qs^nso^^^^ p 


De-ci'sive-ly, adv, e-^^iuatLy ^itu 

De-cl'sive-ness, 5. e_j2/^, ^i-.ld^ ^lL 

De-ci'so-ry, a. ^iTiCirrci^ds^^i^iu^, 

Deck, s, suuGSlioQrQLDjDjDisfn}). 

Deck, V, a. jijGssfl^ei), ^eoiEi&ifl^^io^ 

Deck'er, s. ^<oO!Eja(fluQun&sr^ (suesarem 

Deck'ing, s. ^essflj ^eOfEU'SffluLj, ^eo 

De-claim', v. n. <s?>-^^eo^LSIrr<FiEjQ^^6\). 
De-claim'ant, ) <3^^Q<surT&srj lShs^ 
De-claim'er, ' 3 iejQ, (SU[t^itgo^<^. 
De-claim'ing, ^ ^n^ifluuLD, lSIjts^ 

Dec-la-ma'tion, * ) lasihy eSluu[T<sSl 

Dec-la-ma'tor, s. i3rf3=iEjQ'y (sSturrdQ 


De-clam'a-to-ry, a. s^n^iflajLoaesr^ lSIj 
De-clar'a-ble, a, ^(£l<sS<s<s<s3k^i^uj^ &_ 

Dec-la-ra'tion, s, ailQetDj^ e_^^«F 

an avowal, ^fSl-iS(oU)<3S, iSlrr^sQ'2issr, 
De-clar'a-tive, a. ^^^snemLSIdQ/o, 

De-clar'a-to-ri-ly, adv. iSjTs=iEj<3:Lnrrujj 
De-clar'a-to-ry, a. ^k-p^^ss, Q^aeoeSI 
De-clare', v. a, ^fSlisSl^^eo, jfjoDp^ii)^ 

confidently, §jL^^^<ss)rr^jS0O^ ^essfl 

De-clar'ed-ly, adv. ffikispuiDnin^ O^erfl 

euirdj^ rSujLDLDinu^ QsuefflujjriijSLDfTUJ. 

De-clar'er, s, ^/r^o^uCu/risar, iSlirueS} 


De-clar'ing, s. ^/6JsSi^^6\)^ ^/^eS'luLf, 

Dc-clen'sion, 5. (^^<sb<su)^ (^GDpeij, <3r 
(y^<isLDy ^(Sfr[T<ff^Q^ ^nu^3=&. 
in grammar, eSlu^^, Quojir^serf)^; 

(TF)Qup^Qp<SS)p^ ^0LjLj(3SSriT^^(Tp 

of piety, uujUji^<!E(^(o5)p<oijj u^^^ 
De-clin'a-ble, a. Q<oup^'(oS)LDuuQ^^s 
Dec-li-na'tion, s. ^uldld, ^Q^ns^^^ 

of a planet, QsrsfTULom^ Qn&'S^LDy 


north, ^.^^irnujemLD^ ^^^•sirfTULDixi. 

south, Q^LL<ff:i^^iU<Sarih^^<S'S(^ULDUD. 

greatest, uinnrTULDili. 

of moon, S=lh^rrfTULDLD. 
of sun, (^ffliUfTULDll), 

of a needle, aniB^<o£lLD^^, 

line of declination, QirrriBfiJ^^fTj ^ 

in grammar, Q6up^<oS)LDULj<sssriT<9'&. 
Dec-li-na'tor, s. QsrfTihfiuufT6S)<s^ ^&r 

De-cllne', s. <f/39q/, (^(5S)p<sijy ^mirffQ^ 

of the sun, L3^^ifl<si^. 
of life, ^(ofTirih^euLu^j (sSl^^^nuiSl 
De-cline', v. (^^(^^ffi', (^(sro^^eo, s=fR 
^<sO, s^fTLU^iy)^ ^ni^^eOy <s^60(^^(sO. 
as refuse, ld^^^go. 
as the sun, ^piEJ(^^<so^ s^ntu^eo. 
in health, ^errJ^eJ, QfEiruj^^eOj Qld 

to decline a noun, &c., ^^L^Lfesarir 

De-clln'ing, a. ^&)60^^LL®Qp, s=iB 

age, ^efrrr<suiu^^ ^ul/, gSq^^^itu 

De-cli'vous, ^ s=ff}eij(Sfr6fr,^pdsQp 

De-cliv'i-tous, * J <sfrefr, ^uQrrijaessf 




De-cliv'i-ty, *. <SFfFI<si^, ^pdsih, s^muei^. 
De-coct', V. a. ^isSl^^eo^ snujs^^^doj 

as the stomach, ^rrGssfluiSl^^eO^ Q^ 

De-coct'i-ble, a. ^(2Sluj^^d<sSj ^jreasfid 

CD^^^^cS CD • 

De-coc'tion, s. (^t^f^ir, s€i^nujil). 
to make a decoction, s<2i^iTiJuix>QufT(i) 

De-coct'ive, a. ^(sSIsssstl-l^lUj ^ndjs^ 

De-col'late, v. a. QaQ-F^LDuem^n^io. 
De-col-la'tion, s. &ir(^s=^L£>, 
De'com-plex, a, iSBeouunesry ueosiJGSis 

De-com-pos'a-ble, a. iSfissask-i^ujy 

De-com-pose', v. a. u(^^^eO^ iSlrfl^^io, 

to be decomposed, u^^io^ iSlifl^iOy 

De-com-pos'ite, a. sgossuulLu., 
Do-com-po-si'tion, s. Lj^^sf-^fi, kb^^ 

De-com-pound', v. a. ^Q^LDU(Si^iEJSGO^ 

De-com-pound', a. fi(7^iltud<as6\)ihjs, 
De-com-pound'a-ble, a, ^^u^uds&id 

Dec'o-rate, v. a, jfjeorasffl^^eo, ^essft 
Dec-o-ra'tion, s. ^essft^ ^eoiksiBun^ 

^60lEJ6SfTiru>y ^UJjeSSrthy &tEJ<SfTITti>. 

De-co'rous, a. e^(Lpdsu>a<om-^ ereoBrossfld 
GSisujfTear, ^smeary Q^djeSuj, ^eois 
to be decorous, c^<su(sij^eOy ^iroDLDiurr 

De-co'rous-ly, adv. ^eorEJsmriDrTdj, p 
npiEisirdjj ^puurTUj^Q^LJULDmjLJy <su 

De-cor'ti-cate, v, a. ^-uS^&rt^^eOy ^ 

De-cor-ti-ca'tion, 5. uLL<oS)L-tLjrfl<s<oa)<s, 
S-L£l^efr(^(o!D<Sf Q^fT&)Qurrd(^iSQ3<s* 


De-c6'rum, s. ^-^mnn^ cpQ^asLo^ s^^w 

De-coy', s. ^-(t^91s!tlL®^go^ <sr^^, iboj 

beast, ^<QU<sL£i(7^<sis). 
bird, ^gusuulLQ. 
De-coy', v. o. ^gstu[ej'SitlLQ^(50^ ^su 
uQ^^eo^ <5jdj^^&)y f§l'2eo(^'26\)^^&) ,611 

De-crease', s. ^gefrirs^&j^erriTeij^jsai^Gijy 

De-crease', v, a. <^<oS)p^^GO, Q^as^Q-g: 

De-crease', v. n. <sT(^<9?^eo, (^^(^^eo^ 
^^(^^6d^ ^rri^^6\}, Q^iL^eo^ <9r(r^iEJ 

De-cree', s. siLi-'Berr^ s/bu'Sssr, sptSI 

in theology, Q^djeurSuJtLi})^ Q^lusu 

of a state, &c., @ir/r<9^<5Llz__S5rr, ail. 

De-cree', v. a. stLt—^uSKSl^sGOy spiSl^ 
;ff6U, (^rSl^^e\j^ ^rr^^eo^ ^iTLLrr(oisrLDU 
em^ju^GO^ SiuLSI^^eOy Sq^i^^^go.^^ 

Dec're-ment, s. (^es^p, (^ero^o/, /SfTifi<9= 
^, Q^LUGij^ (blLi—ld^ mppiD. 

De-crep'it, a. Qi^^^GsrissnniunGsr^ ^Gtrn 

to become decrepit, ^etrh^GO^ QwgSI 
De-crep'i-tate, v. a. eu^^^io, Qunifl^ 

De-crep-i-ta'tion, s. eu^uLj^ Qunifiu 
L/, ut-.uQi^eGrQ<sui^^^GO. 

De-crep'i-tude, s. <sSl(i^^^nui^iLi^^Gfrn 

De-cres'cent, a. (^seapSlp, QwffSQp^ 

^GssflQp^ Q^LuQp, 
De-cre'tal, s. sL-LJ^etr, ^niLrreanhj iSlir 

De-cre'tal, a. ^iTULjd^ffiuj^ ^iruifresrQp 
De-cre'tist, «. ffL-i—^iLL-€ij(£l€S60€u&3 



De*cre'to-ry, a. ^nuL^&TGfr^ ^ffLonesr 

UDfT<oSr, ^p<9=LDLULDfT(oSr» 

De-cri'al, s. ^(Suld^^ ^<snQ^(^p^r[u 

De-cri'er, s. ^rTi^^^Q(SuiT<^, ^s,nQ^<^ 

De-crown'ing, s. QifL—LSIt^dauuem- 

De-crust-a'tion, s. QLD^rnhi§<s(^(oS}S^ 

De-cry', v. a, (^<oS)p<sumuuQu'9?^60^ ^ 

l^(SiJrTLUu(oU'3?^6\)^ (2SlQlTfT^LDfTUjd(^ 

Dec-u-ba'tion, ^ ^ . 

T,, ,1 f u(blsG5)^» s=ujeur 

Ue-cum'bence, s. > . 

-. ,, V LDuesar QUOD'S. 

De-cum ben-cy, ) 

De-cum'bent, a. uQdQp^ s^ntLQp^ u 

De-cum'bi-ture, s. QeaiL-.uufT®^ Qsidl— 

Dec'u-ple, s, u^m-L£>L-.iEJ(^^ u^^mi— 

De-cur'sion, s. s^rflojauiiLJurTuj^eOj ^ 

De-cur'sive, a. QLpmLJs=Qs'(so^Qpy tin- 

De-cus'sate, v, a. (^^s<s(ts3'Q<3=go^ 

De-ciis-sa'tion, s. ^lLQ(7^(SiJ6is!)s^ ^^<s 

De-da'li-an, a, (see Daedal.) ugO(sSI^, 

Ded'i-cate, v. a. fStuiSl^^eo, QiBn^io^Q^ 

to give up, e^uL-idQ^rrQ^^eo, 
Ded'i-cate, a. SlulSI^^^ epuLj^sS^^^ Qib 

Ded-i-ca'tion, s. fSiuLSluLf, ^lSQgl^s 
as consecration, iSlrr^Ll.QDL—^ ^i3 

Ded'i-ca-tor, s. ^iSIQeL^smueh-,^}! 

Q<SiJfr6sr^ <qii ni^^s^Q'Su fT^» 
De-di'tion, s. e^ui^dQ^Err^dGD-aBy Qurr 


De-dflce', v. a. rB^irssfl^^eo^ ^^LnnGsf! 


to derive from a root, iSpuiSl^^io, 
De-duce'ment, s. ^^LDnesrili^ ^q^^^it 

De-duc'i-ble, a. QirQdsuuL-^^ds^^ 

De-dtic'ing, jop. ^<^<ss)p<sQsfr<om®L9<o3r 

Q)(^<ok<o!^p^^iT<iQpj (oj^<iQ<EBiT(omQ 

De-dti'cive, a. ^^LDrTGufld<s^^d^, 
De-duct', V. a. st^^^Sdy (^Q^p^^eo^^ 

<ck(^^<so^ rid (^^60. 

to be deducted, sl^^go^ (^osyp^eo^ 

De-duc'tion, s. sL^ei^, ^<e^(ef^uL^. 

inference, ^^LDrresrihj^essfleij^ S^ir 

De-duct'ive, a. ^^iDfrei^dcE^^sday iB 

De-duct'ive-ly, adv. ^^LDmssruLSIiiLDn- 

Deed, s. Qs=iu<oS),3s, sq^ldld^ (sSl'^tser^ Qifl 

as exploit, (s^irdQs^aJGiDs, 

as bond, QpjjSI, ^gjjfi. 

written, s^n^tosrih^ s-^^, ^rr^eGru^ 

Deed, v. a. ^gn^u^gn^QpL^^^eo^ ©_^ 

Deed'less, a. Qs^tuGOpp^ QrBajiujLupp. 
Deem, v. a. §'2f5sr^^(so^ fS^ir&jP^^di)^ sr 

Deep, s, ^LpuD^ QsihiSjiLD. 

as sea, ai^eo, s^^Lp^^inh^ =^i^? «Si^ 

as abyss, urT^rT<3mhj uir^eOiD, 
Deep, a. ^LpQp(^<o(r^ ^tTf^i2i^0[r(3(r. 

as crafty, <sp>-[flLu^nSI(aij(S(r(ar, eSlQ(Qiis 

breath, or sigh, Q fs lLQ aS it u lj ^ Quq^ 

crafty person, Srifiiu^^ /rujssr, j}f 

<siT^esr, ^L^ium-, 

or abstract thought, cTessressrih^ ^luit 



sleep, j!{LuiTi^fS^^<o5)ir. 
voice, LDih^fBiT^LD^ L^L-p(v^Q<oar(ip 

well, ^L^LafTssrQssGr^. 
Deep'en, v a. ^rrt^^^^do^ (Sl^^^'^t 

the color, tSpQiD/bjueOy ^^(SU(^(osr 

Deep'en, v, n. ^rri^^do, ^t^^eo, 
Deep'ly, adv, ^LpLoirdj, ^rTL^surrdj, 
sagaciously, sp>-it<sdldlu[Tlu, <S(T^^^rTdj^ 

Oj^dS LDlTlLl, 

to a great degree, lSIs(si^i1>. 

to be deeply impressed, Qp/bp(sij€ssr 

Deep'-mlis-ing, a, fiujrT(S5r(ip en-err^ ^l^ 

Deep'ness, s, ^tpti, ^/7/^(Si/, Lj^sy. 
Deep'-read, a. sdoeSlLLjefren-^ s^n^^jruu 

Deep'-ton-ed, a. LniB^fSfr^Qpeireir^ Loi 

Deer, *, mndsr^ ^06ssri})y iB<Sij(sSl. 
De-face'j v, a. ^ezo^^^eu, j^ji^^^eo^^ 

De-face^ment, 5. ^/L^uq, Q(os>^ul^,^ 

(S6)L^uLf^ Qa®^^ ^L^eij. 
De-fac'er, 5. ^L^uQunm^ QsQuQua 

<SOT", ^<5S)L^uQurT<5ar^ Qs=(3lJ<2SLD(ip<S(^ 

De-fac'to, a. iB^s^s^iULDniLij ^-GfrerruL^, 


De-fal'cate, v. a. <sLfi^^6\^, (^osip^^eo^ 

De-fal-ca'tion, s. (^€S)p,^rri^s=&^sL^(ai^. 
Def-a-ma'tion, s. ^<su^^j i^ptw^k-p 


De-fam'a-to-ry, a. Ljprsjs^^pi^&sry ^<s 
De-fame', v, a. ^sl^^&j, i§lm^&;^<so^ l/ 

De-fam'er, s. i^ptius^fiSy QstrHQsaeo 
€\Sy ^eOrr^p/SI. 


De-fam'ing, s, ^(SuQir^^uasar^uoDS, 
De-fat'i-ga-ble, a.^36YriJLj«»L_uj^^<s<s . 
De-fat'i-gate, v. a. ^ajns^uuQ^^ed^ gf 

De-fa t-i-ga'tion, s. ^ujit^ld^ ^Ssttul/. 
De-fault', s. @<52o^, ^uu(oS)p^ ^ny^<s^&^ 

in law, non appearance at court, ^ 

De-fault', V. a. ^(5ij'Bsssr^<aijr^^^iTULj<s(^ 

<sfr(SfrrT'S<S6\)y ^oj^^eo^ Q^ujLUfTLD&oeS 

De-fault'er, s. ^<sij'BossrsL-.ih^^(G0)60^^iT 

u Ly <s(^(3(r<ofriT€0T€ij ear. 

in law, Quujn3k.uL3LLL^Qu!T^(SiJirn 

De-feas'i-ble, a. ^l^sssspl^i^uj^ ueoih 

De-feat, 5. Q^ir&deS, ^u,fLuix>^ f^iLi— 
ih^ <ff=fTUJisij,^Li.L^Lfi(S)^f ^ffleij, (ip/Sleij, 
as frustration, (2SQrrfT^Qpeir<3(r^(SDL-^ 

De-feat', v. a. ^rfl^^eo^ Qojeo^^io^ s 

an object, ^L-.^Qg^iL^GO, ^®^^eo, 
QiDpQ<sn(3(r(^^eo^ ^(SiJLDn'd(^^&). 
to be defeated, ^LLi-.i^^60y Q^npp 
e\)^ ^L^fEJspuQ^eo^ (sSsQeoTuu®^ 

61), ^U,£FLUUU®^eO, 

Defe-cate, v. a. l}L-lSIQ^&)^ Q^&f)^^ 

Defe-cat-ed, a. l^l-lSIl^uulLl^^ <9?^^ 

Def-e-ca'tion, s. Q^fsfiuL^, eni^uLj. 
De-fect', s. (^osip^ L^(ssiLp^ (SPP^t ^^ 
L/, ^(Lp<S(^^ Ff-muD^ Qen.mihj u(Lg^, 

in timber, .F^/r, Qs^it^(^^^ Q3=n^- 
in metals, «ser/?tDL/, s<o6)p^ sefrtasLh. 

De-fect-i-bil'i-ty, s. (^(sro^ei/, ^[Tt^<fQ. 

De-fect'i-ble, a. (^(off)p<si^isfr&r. 

De-fec'tion, s. (^(ssypeij, ^[t^<3=&. 
as revolt, i3(^(SU[T[ki(^<oS)<s^ ussihLnir 

De-fect'ive, a. oennssTLnrresTj (^(SS)p(3ij&r<3(r^ 

noun, (5T<s=^uQuujrr. 



verb, (^^&iuiso<aSl'2GST ^ (^o^/D'sSl'^Gsr. 

work, S=II€3)iaijQ(Qlj'2GOj (^GS)/D 'SUIT GOT 

to be defective, ^fTi^^^ajoDL—^eo^ 

De-fect'ive-ly, adv, (^<s5ip(QU[Tuj^ ^/r^<F 

Qiuauj, . 
De-fect'ive-ness, s. (^<oS)p, ^n^ffQ. 
De-fend', v. a. <s(t^^60^ ^^^rfl^^^dOj ^rr 

in law, &^^^rr<sufT^ihu(om^u^60^ (sn 

Lpd(^S=Qs=fT<S0^^60^ iBiUITUuQldQ^^ 

De-fend'a-ble, a. srr<s<3suuL—^^<s<s^Qu 

em^^^s^ ufr^srT<s<s^^<is. 
De-fend'ant, ) ^^^rrojfT^y Gi^amn 
De-fend'er, ' 3 ^j (oT^tfl^ SLumu^rriB 

De-fense', s. <srr(3iJ60^ snui^^ ^^xro/, @ 

vindication, rSujrTUJLl)Quc9?^&), 

in law, defendant's reply, ^-^^n<sijn^ 

De-fense'less, a. sn<3iiG0pp,^'bsssrujpp, 

fort, or fortification, j^irsasr/bp. 
person, fSiTrTLLj^(^^ Q(Sij^iEj<ss)sujm. 
De-fense'less-ness, s. <snuL3esr<o6)in^ 1^ 

IT (T LLj^^^<^<^ LD . 

De-fens'a-tive, s. <sn(3ueo, urr^. 
De-fen s'i-ble, a. ,3srT<isds?^L^LU^ iBuunuj 
(^Qs:rT6\)6ods;L.L^LUj iSlir^iSi/rT^iScS^^ 

CO CD • 

De-fens'ive, 5. ^nisneo, 

to stand on the defensive, Grfiir^^fB 

De-fens'ive, a, sn€uo^&r(3fr^ iBajiTUj(^ 

Qs^n'60eO^^<ss, Gr^iruLf&refr. 
De-fens'ive-ly, adv. iBiuniuwirdj, <sn(Qj 

De-fer', v. a. i^^^^^eo, ^®^^m(Sij^^ 

to be deferred, rSppdo^ iSl/buQ^eo, 

De-fer', v. n, ^<oS)Ui^iOj ^6ssriEj(^^60. 
Def er-ence,s. ^6m-<s<si£),^€S)LDfi,^6ssr 


Defer-ent, s. Qffo^^^^^^ Qsirsaur^ 

De-fer'ment,s. ^[ild^ld^ i3&wQu{t®qd'Z. 
Dofer'er, s. ^rrLD^il)U6ssr^]j(o<QurT(o6r. 
De-fi'ance, s. ^(sseflsij^ (^^iruLjj^L-fr 

rfldsti)^ (aUfTIT<SSGDp<3^<QU6d^ (a^rfih 
Qu<5=G0^ Q(SUpr!S<3^^^60. 

De-fi'cien-cy, s. (^o^pei^, ^q£><s(^^ 
^L^eif^ Fr-€(sruDj 2M(S3rii), ^ni^^&l. 

De-fi'cient, a. (^(ss)p'3'<9=e^&r<3{r^^nij^s'& 
LUfrear^ ^(o(ruuLDrT<ssr, ^i^(auiT(our. 
to be deficient, (or(^<9?^&)^ (^<^p^60^ 

De-fi'cient-ly, adv, (^Qsypsufnu^ ^nu^<3= 

Defi-cit, s. (^<oS)p, ^[ru^<3=&y (^(oS)p^ 


De-fi'er, s. QurTiTds(oS)p3P^Q^Q(ourT<osr^ 

De-flle', S. ^(Sld<S(QiJL^^ ^tEJ<3SL—UfTQD^, 

De-flle', V. a. ^i(Lg<s<srT'S(^^GO, ^<5?^u 
uQ^^^iOj ^Lpuufrd(^^60, srs^Qpu 
Q^^^eo^ <s<5S)puu®^^^G0. 
a female, spuL^^^e\). 
another's wife, iSlp^frir^ioiD^dsQJiT^ 
e\)^ uiTe(v^[fl<sis><oSruDU6m-^}]S&)j iSlp 

De-flle', V. n. ^(SssfftuisssflLurTUJLjuGDL- 

De-fll'ed, a. ^t^uutrsiyr^^^QLJULLL-. 

food, GTS'QdOy ^-S'QlL.l—uo)^ l£Is=Q(so. 

De-f ile'ment, 5. ^(t£)d(^^ ^'9?^, ^lL 

ceremonial, ^Q<3=(3(rs=LD^ ^(^^ld. 
moral, ^p'S^urruthj LD(o5nDiT<9i-^ urroj 

De-f il'er, s. ^<3?Quu®^^Q<sufr(ourj <sp 

De-f In'a-ble, a. ^^^i^uuQ^^ss^l^lUj 

sf^L^uu^ Grei)'2e\)arrLLL-<s<9n-L^uj. 
De-f ine', v. a. (^rSl^^s^Qs^nio^^GO^ 

^eo^ Q^^npQufTQT^efTfsSlifl^^GO. 
De-fin'er, s, iB^fTssfUjQunm^ (oTi\)'^s 
LLQQojfT&fTy eSliLKr-sQujfreuff. 




Defin-ite, a. ^SlLLi—LLtrGsr^ ^nssLLneisr^ 
QiBiTiT6sr, £^rr<osrLD(T<osr. 
article, <s?LLu^iu&)<as)L-^ {^fSuL^Gsyt— 

Def in-ite-ly, adv. ^nuDtrG^Lnndj^ [B^fKsar 

Def in-ite-ness, s. (srev'hoOLDrTesruii, ^irwfT 

Def-in-i'tion, s. ^(^^^uy^ ucuGfTyQufr 

De-fin'i-tive, s. ^/TtsuQDSLqfflJ^Of^neo, 
De-fin'i-tive, a.^LLu-inrrear^^iruufTGir^ 

De-fin'i-tive-ly, adv. ^lLl^ld[tuj, ^nu 
uniL^ fS^rr(oarLDinu<j Qeij(3(fluu(5ts)L-. 


De-fin'i-tive-ness, s.^lLl^u)^ S^rresrih, 
^nLonssrub^ <DU<osyirLU(SDp^ €T6\)'^iLfT€sr 

Defla-grate, v. a. GTtff^^eo, ^seafJ^^eOj 

Def-la-gra'tion, *. ^<5(S37'ii, <5nfl(si^,^SLD. 
De-fJect', V. a. s=fnu^^&)^ ^(/^uLj^&Jf 

De-flect', v.n. Qsn^u^oo^ ffnuu^io^ ^ 

De-flec'tion, ) Qsnemeo, O/^sr/?©/? 
De-flex'ure, * y sk^sk, (Su'Serreij ^ (SudQ 

De-flo'rate, a. ^rr^^riih^, <9f<o^(Sssr(i^& 

Def-lo-ra'tion, s. <s^ul^ljlj^ uiejsuu 

De-flour', v. a. Q/duul^^^gOj [bo^ieji^ 

a virgin, s/buL^^^&Jy (^LuirL^^^eo. 
De-flour'er^ s. s/bui^uQurr(^. 
De-flux', s. &-(7^<5!krCoL^iT(3<ssi<ss, Lfireasr 

De-flux'ion, s. (SI/ if.^6^ , ii/esru /7iZ;<F<5^6i;,(Si/ 

De-fo-li-a'tion, s. a-^/fo/, ^"^Ms^rr 

as time, ^'^a^^nsneOLCi. 
De-force', v. a. ^LL&<sDUj<3Sed<ss(^^&)y 



De-force'ment, s. uGOuih^^LnniunLLQ 

De-form', v. a. ©_(7^q;/^^^6U, ^ih^ra 

QsQ^^eo^ ^<si6OLLs=6asrLJu(b};i^60^ 

to become deformed, ^(t^sSIlp^^Sv^ 
De-form', a. &-0(SUL^ih^y ^ih^iaQsLL 

/_, &puuppj ^<SU<S\)LL<SF(oGBrL£)!T(SST. 

Def-orm-a'tion, *. &.0QjL^eij^ ^ih^d 

De-form'ed, a. ^.^uupp^ QiE<sifluj<sorr 

€ur.f ^ib^iejQslLl^j ^ih^iEjQsLLi^. 

in the hand, <oa>3;QpL^iijQ€sry s;^(ss)l^ 


in the foot, siT60'(TpL^uDfT(Ssr, 
De-form'ed-ly, adv. ^(LpiaQesnofTtUy ^ 

De-form'ed-nes9, s. ^eOLLffGssruiEjsLo. 
De-form'er, s. &-(t^(qul^uQuit^,^go-lL 

De-form'i-ty, s. ^ih^dQs®^ 9nQs®y 

De-fraud', v. a. <S(Qi(r^^60^ ^u<srF}^^60j 

De-fraud-a'tion, s. (Sij^s^^^irioicS'bsrriLf 

De-fraud'er, s. <su(^^sGn-^ ^wsirif^, ^ 

De-fraud'ment, *, €r^^<oSis, (su(^&s 

De-fray', v. a. Qs^eO(s^Q3^uj^<so^ Q^edei^ 

De-fray'er, *. Q^6\)(Si^d(^^'SijQ(sufr^y 

De-fray'ment, 5. Qs'60eij(oufr(ii(SB)s, Q<f 


Deft, a. ueSl^^!TLDrT<ssr^ ^puurresr. 
De-funct', a. ^pi^^ Lotfl^^, srr60(i^ 

De-fy', V. a, (sSin})Qu<s?^6\)^QurriTd<sQ!)p 




De-gar'iiish, v. a. erQ^^eOj u^^^eo^ 

De-giir'nish-ment, s. Qun^m-urSuLj^ 

Q<srTerr'^, (^€ff)/D-, ^HGssfluLj, 
De-gen'er-a-cy, s. 0<s®(ss)<s, ®g^^(5S)&, 

De-gen'er-ate, v. n. 9itQs®^6\).) m<ss)i— 

De-gen'er-ate, a. ^/fG'<5L_/r(?3r, (^em-d 

person, ^nQ<3SLLi—6^<^, ^6ssrdjQ<3s 

De-geii'er-ate-ly, adv, ^l^(qU(tuj, ft-gst 
LDfTUj^ ^(tQ<sl—{tuj^ unLpndj. 

De-gen'er-ate-ness, s. un^, ^/fC?*®, pf 
€sni)j QiosruD. 

De-gen-er-a'tion, s, u<ni^uQ<^s^ ^n 

De-gen'er-ous, a. un^i^nesr^ ^itQ<3slLl-,^ 
De-gen''er-ous-ly, adv. urrLp'fTUj, u^^n 
De-glti'tin-ate, v. a. u<oG)s^u^€iDi-.d(^^&)j 
De-glu-tin-a'tion, s, u<5S)<s=u^<50)L^uLf^ u 
Deg-lu-ti'tion, s. €SI(LpiEj(^<s!DSy ^/e/(^ 
Deg-ra-daUion, s. Ff^srih^ Qt^(SDLDf ^trt^ 
De-grade', v, a. ^L^ei^uQ^^eo^ Qu^u 

one^s self, ^m'2/sm-^^ni^^^^edj ^m 

'2issrLu ^ lEj Q^^io . 

to be degraded, QgiK^inuu^^ea^ & 

De-grade'ment, s, s(SsS^<£<osruuQ^^ 
De-grad'ing-ly, adv, ^L^<sujruj^ Qi^<ss)ld 


De-gree', s. uif , ^(Sfr(Sij^ LSirtDfTessrih^ 
idlLQ, ^lLl-^ld. 
of comparison, f^uu(ofr(Si^, 
positive, ^iLJ6oQurruu<sfr(sijj ^uj/b 


comparative, Q-OjQrrnuumeii^ m^^ 
superlative, ^2sssruSQ&)fruu<sfr€ijj a. 

of a circle, uirtssis. 

of a latitude, ^lLs^uhods, 

of longitude, Q^^ni5^rjufT<oS)s. 

literary, s<so<2Sl^Q^ns=9luu^^rrui. 

in genealogy, (diiuSi&Qp<s6)rD, 

by degrees, uisf-uui^mnih^ <siiij<3nn, 
Deg-us-ta'tion, 5. ^(7^9urrfTd(^GDs, 
De-his'cence, 5. QsfTLLi_n<c^. 

in botany, <sB(5[r(ef^0S)s^ ^(sSlaQ^(s\). 
De-hort', v. a. u^fB^^io^ ^(Bi^^ui^p^ 

De-hort-a'tion, s.^®^^^Qs=!Teo^QS)s, 
De-hort'a-to-ry, a. LDrSluu<sir<s{r^ ^Qd<s 

De'i-cide, 5. ^eosiTLLs:s'2issrdQsrr6\)e)^ 

De-iric, ^ Q^ij<^s, Q^(au^d<sQ 

De-ific-al, ''•^^^. 
De-if-ic-a'tion, s. Q^uj<siiLDfTd(^(oU)^. 
De'i-form, a. Q^€u^mu&)[T<osr, Q^(Sd^ 

De'i-fy, V, a, Q^QjuLSjj-^urrtsSltumufossr 

Deign, v. a, ^in(Sijnihuunir^^&)^ ^sv)id 

as applied to God, st-tnLQ^^GO, 
De'ism, s. ^(7^^^<sli LD^ih. 

De'ist, S. <aT<S^^<o}JtD^[T^<^nif^, 

De-ist'ic, ^ <5j<s^^(QiJi£)^^^<s(^[fl 

De-ist'ic-al, J '^• 

De'i-ty, s. Q^LLKs^siii^ Q^<ou^(cXir(oSiLD^ 

as God, Q^LUQjLD, <s5L-.Gij(Sfrj S0^^n^ 

De-ject', V. a. <s(sos(^^(so^ ^<s<seuuQ^ 

De-ject'ed, a. ^dsLDtrssTj <9?<ossr<ssLDiT 
cor, LDesr<sQarTLLL^ir<sijn'<osr, LD(ourdQ<sF!T 

countenance, ^«<!F(y)«ii). s^^s^eOQp 



to be dejected, Li>&snEj&<soiii(^^&), (5 

De-ject'ed-ly, adv. Qs^rruiLj^eOfTLu, <5f-6^ 

De-ject'ed-ness, *. LD<osrLD[^(Sii. 
De-jec'ter, s. <oS>^[Buj<^(56ruu(Bi^^Qp 

De-jec'tioii, s. L£)<ssr<£seo^sih, Qs=fTff<sij^ 

De-ject'ly, adv. miSsrLDL^Qjnuj, 
De-jure', adv. t^^uuu^. 
De-lac-er-a'tioii, s. Ql^S(^gs)s^ Q^ 


De-lac-ry-ma'tion, s. S6U3r(5s?^a(32Ji^^G0^ 

Del-ac-ta'tion, 5. ufT&)(^Ls^LD/D<s<suu 

De-lapse', v. n. (aSI(i£)^&), s=^<s(^^60. 
De-lay', s. ^nm^iJo^ ^(ipd(^^^<so)L-Q<3= 

LU<o6)<SBj iSl<sarQun'®<oS)S. 
De-lay', v. a. ^frm^u uQ^^^&} ^ i9^^ 

to be delayed, ^L—fEi(^^eo^ Qun^^ 

De-lay', v.n. ^(Tld^^^go, tSlih^^eo^ ^z_ 

De-lay'er, s. ^niD^uQunm^ lSisstQuit 

Q(D(QurT(osr.) ^GS)L-Qs^djQ<sunGsr. 
De-lay'ment, s. jses)i—, ^®d<s&d. 
De'le, V. a. ^gdi^^^so, ^l^^^&). 
Del'e-ble, a. ^L^<s,s<ss<3f^L^uj^^<oS3L-.d 

De-lec'ta-ble, a. serffss^^ds^ ®€sr 

uQp<s(refr^ ^^(i^Q^Qpefrefr. 
De-lec'ta-ble-ness, s. iSeffluLj', ldQu^&= 

Q, '^(ssruii). 
De-lec'ta-bly, adv. seffluumli^ ldQi^J= 

QuuiriJu., ^muLonuu. 
De-lec-ta'tion, s. setfluLj, ldQi^<9=Qj @ 

Del'e-gate, s. sQ^iL^^'bsssr(3um, lSst^ 

royal, i^n^snf^uj&v^m-i snffluj^'iiiB 


Del'e-gate, v. a. 'Snifliu^uiB^u'hmQujp 

Del'e-gate, a. srrrffLu^rrih^tffiUQp&r&r, 

Del-e-ga'tioii, s. s5(7^LDs;^'bso<su^<S(oTr)u 

Del-e-te'ri-ous, a. 9<Si}'^;s5T<sii<si^^ds^^s 

Del'e-ter-y, a. ^Lfi<s.s^^d<s^ (sSsi^Qp 

De-le'tion, s. ^l^^^go, ^(s/sh—ulj. 
Del'e-to-ry, s. ^L^<sQ/o<sueru^y q^sl^ 

QpefrefT^^ f5frs=uu®^^€u^, 
De-lib'er-ate, v. a; Qajrrs^'BssrueBsr^if^ 

De-lib'er-ate, a. Qu(r^^in[T<5or, ^urnij 

De-lib'er-ate-ly, adv. Qiuir^'^/ssruundj^ ^ 
rrnujQjiTuj^ <S(7^^^(nu.f ^eu^nesrinrruj. 

De-lib'er-ate-ness, 5. S'2GsrLjLjjjs<Quesru)') 
De-lib-er-a'tion, 5. ^iTnuj^9l^ ^Q&)fTs= 

De-llb'er-a-tive, a. Quuns^'hssrueasr^nQ 

p^ Q-<3=n<SnQp, f§lIJITUJ(^Qs=fT60^Qp. 

De-lib'er-a-tive-ly, adv. eTGoaressfideiDs 

Del'i-ca-cy, s. a_^^ii), &.(T^&sjnhy ^q^ 

of manners, LoffftufTOD^^ lEeoQeonoD'i 

of taste, or feeling, <3f-9t^ ®^">j @^ 

smallness, ^em(St^LD^ QrsrrtLKSiDLD^ Old 

Del'i-cate, a. ^(T^^Lunesry QiD^G^inuun 

(SS)LDLUIT<5iSr.y Qpi^. 

person, -s^Qn^^treS, <ffFsn^QuiTQy 


training, Q<?<50<sSi<s(oS)<sujn€cr<aij<3(rnuLJy 


to feel delicate, iBn^ii^iOy 3fu.&-^eOj 



Del'i-cate-ly, ndv* Q^&)(SkiLniTuj^mrfm'iJDrT 

Deri-cate*ness, s. i^Q^S^^ Qlek^qs^w^^- 

De-li'cious, a. .fff-QasuLL^&ren-y ^^^uurr 
'^t ^^Lcfreix-, ^ickuLontssr, LSldiujmrr 

De-li'cious-ly, adv, ^druLDfriu, iSlrfluj 

De-li'cious-ness, s. ^ot/^ul/, ^isSmiD^ 

Del-i-ga'tion, s, ^j€asriEj<sil.Q(5iD<ss. 
De-llght', 5. ^muw^ ^iLu-Quif^Lo^ 

(^Q^ih^ ^SilSIijuld, 

great, ^(ssrih^wj 'S^sn^Qu^&w^ ^ 

natural, ^uR<su^^Qun<3Sin^ Qeoerr 

De-light', v, a. iSlSujuu^^^^iso^ i3rF 

De-lIght', ©. n> 6FiBQ^fT<si^uu®^&}, iSlffi 

De-llghfful, a. ^SsruQp&refry SGiflut-j 
De-llghf ful-ly, adv. €=iB(c^n(si^wniJu^ ^ 

ioOrUtDfTLUj S&^UUITUJ^ ^^LDITUJ^ l5)/P 

De-light' ful-ness, s. seSui^^ ^<^uLOy 
De-light'less, a. '^^uiDjbjDy S'ikQ^nsL^ 
De-light's6me, a. SrGsyGJujfTesr, (sinLDirm-, 

De-light's6me-ly, adi\ s^QSiOJuuniJu, ^cor 
De-llght's6me-ness, 5. iSlifliuu), i3i?^^ 
De-lin'e-a-ment, 5. (j^uQit&d^, (^iBu 

De-lin'e-ate, r. a. ^QuQ^^eo^ iSlsr^^ 


ill drawing, 9l^^ffl^^6d, -^0Qw(Lp 
De-lin-e-a'tion, s. ^iQusn^uih^ (oT(l^ 
De-lin'quen-cy, s. ^<3u^'^ (^^pui^^uiS 

De-lin'quent, s. (^ppsufreSj i3<56)Lps(T 
F(ok. ** 

De-lin'quent, a. (^/bpQp&reir^ ^<s)j^&r 
<sfr^ ^LJiSl^iDfT^sr. 

Del'i-quate, v. &,(7^<s(^^&Cy ^l.(t^(^^<50.. 

Del-i-quesce', v, n. ^efrt^^Sit, ^-(3(S 

Del-i-ques'cence, s. <s<oa)rr&j^ Otulj^ 2_ 

Del-i-ques'cent, a. ^(3(r^Qp^ ^(i^(^Q' 

De-liq'ui-ate, v. n. &-0(^^&), ^eiorr^eo. 
De-liq'ui-um, s. <S(5S)rr^<so^ fiiruLj^ Qs^ir 


De-lir'i-ous, a. LDUjd^LDiT(onr, iSl^^s(^ 
<sm'LDn(osr^ &-(osrLD^^LDfT(5ar^ ^Ssaro/^O' 

to be delirious, <oS)u^^)%jLDfr^6i). 
De-lir'i-ous-ness, 5. miussmy ld^^Qldit 


De-lir'i-um, s. mu^^tum, /j^Sswq/^® 
LD npp th , m^^m^ l9^^ , Q^^u l9jtgd ld . 

De-lit'i-gate, 1?. a. <s5i^i^Qsfr<sfr(em^eo^ 
(Su ITS (^^^<^ L^ihu essr^u^eo . 

De-liv'er, u. a. (cSlil.(9i<sSlQ^eo^ <sS®^'hso 

UJlTd(^^60j <2SlQLDfTS=(oSrLJU®^^60, 

in charge, c^uL^dGsfrQ^^do^ ^uu 


a discourse, iSlrr<3=iEjQ^^60j sl.uQ^Q 
a message, si^^Q^nio^^eo^ Qs=iIj^ 
over to justice, fSLumuirfiufidQsrru 

LjlsS^^io^ ^iSmL—^^'2toO<QjpQsfTLJU 

to rescue, <sSl®^'^iurT<s(^^&)^ ^itlL 

QeSl^^eo, ^LLi—LLuem^i/^GO. 
De-liv'er- ance, s. ^itlLQul^^ (sSlQ^'^eOy 

<^(oa)ljQujpptI>y L^lLQ^ e^ULJ(aSluLJy 



of a child; t3rTS=6iJLD. 
De-liv'er-er,s. ^iinLs'sn^^nL-s^emGssf] 

ear, urT^<s(T€U6\)€ui ^ Qs=rreo^Q<QUfTeGry 

De-liv'er-y, s, ^itlL9Iul^^ ^uu<s6)L-^ 

«,s child birth, iSlm'SerruQu^^ i3ns= 

as utterance, ^^s^s^fffuLj^ ^-<f<9^niT 

Dell, s. @^, (^Lpndj^ (^(says^nrTUj. 
Del'ta, s. i3ifl<sijnp^<s&i^uSl(r^d<sos^ 

Del'toid, s. QpdQ&fT(5m-<sui^€i^(Sfr<3rr^. 
De-lud'a-ble, a. <Sij(i^&d,%uui—.^;^ds,LD 

De-ltide', V. a. LDQ^LL®^eo, (sr^^Jsio^ m 


De-ltid'er, s. (si^^gst^ iQj(^s=S(sar, sul- 

De-ltid'ing, s. <oT^^^ ^usi—ih, gtluu 

Del'uge, s. s^eOuiStiremuil)^ iSiremuLh^ 
^^^is>^ Q(sy(3rr(Sfrii)^ iSlrr<SiJiT<SLD^ Qeu&r 

Del'uge, V. a.Q<sv(Sfr<sfrLDLS}i^^^^60, iSlir 

eiruuLDuSlt^^^eo^ G)€U(3rr(SirihpLp®^60. 
De-lu'sion, s. <ojlditp^^ LnrrujLD^ LDiu<s(^j 

QuITiL<S<S[TlL.&, ^fflLI<S<SfTLL&. 

€Sr^ (SlWfTpp^^ds^ {5(TUU^p^^d<S. 

De-lti'sive-ness, s. ^(^uu^^ds^m 
GDLD^ 'Sjiud^iSlujioLj, LDUjd(^ih^6ar 


Delve, «. ^L^-i Qi—fEj(^, 

Delve, V. a. ^s(ip^€\)^ Q^fremQ^eOj Q 

Delv'er, s. j)f<35y^Q<sufT&n-j Q^[T<sm®Q(Si]iT 

Delv'ing, s. (^L^tJU(rd(^<5S)<s^ (^L^ufSu 

t^j iSesreoTLD. 
Dem'a-gogue, s. ^rrfTs=<5560s^^'^su€^^ 

De-m^nd',s. spiS^^eo. (Sij^ifidQsil. 

z—ci), (sSI'boCSfi-.peo. 

De-lu'sive, ) 
De-lti'so-ry, * J 

in kiw, LSljTLDnessTiJfUL'^Qs^iLiindQaLL. 


De-mand', v. a. QslIl^go. 

in law, €ULpd^^Q^[Ti—(T^&)^ 6uipd(^ 
dQ(T£)^^&}j Suj[TUjefo^eo^^ds€is)Lp^ 

De-mand'a-ble, a. QsLL^dsk-is^iu^ (?« 

■ • • 

De-mand'ant, s. QsuLQundr^ Q^rri—ir 

d&dsiTir<ssr^ (SULpd-sneff). 
De-mand'er, s. QsiLQufrm^ sptSiu 

De-mark-a'tion, s. €T6\)'^j <5T6\)'2e\)LDrT 

esru), <oT60^26vd(^fSluLJ, 
De-mean', ) ibu.^qs)^^ !bl—ul\^ 

De-mean'or, * y Qund^, <sp(Lgd<SLD, 

De-mean', v, a, ^L^<si^u®^^^&)j Q(i^ 
&PP GGTLDU esarsss)/,a;6\} , 
one s self, ^Qsr^^/ssT^^ny^^^^eo, 
to conduct one's self, €pQ£)iEj<s;mutEi^ 

De-men'tate, v. a. <S6iu^^ujL£>nd<seOyQu 

De-men'tate, a. QuoD^GiDLDLLj&refr^ &-ear 

De-men-ta'tion, s. <oS)u^^iuLDrTd(^<sias^ 

De-mer'it, s. ^urr^^iTLh^ ^(^^iSesrih, 
De-mers'ed, a.^LSIt^iE^esr^iffl&Jrri^ii^. 
De-mer'sion, s. ^i^i^dQ^ ^lSIi^i^^&} 

Dem'i, a. (a prefix. )e5y<sroir, un^^sfrr^^ 
Dem'i-dev-il,». QuLu^,QuLud(^6meor. 
Dem'i-grate, ». a. ^i^Quj(wu:>l^^&)^ <su 

Dem-i-gra'tion, s, (^i^QuuQnLDLj&sis^tsu 

De-mise', s. Loireisor^a^rT^esrui^ wiresarui. 

as transfer, LDfTp/6l<oS)<3}jd(SS)s, 
De-mise', p. a.^LL&(oS)UjQLurTULjdQsrT 

®^^&), iniTsm^[T^<osr^^[rpQsn®^^ 

De-mis'sion, s. ^nu^d&, ^L£l<si\i ifGsnJiy 
De-moc'ra-cy, s. LSlrrs^rr^u^^iuwy @ 
Dem'o-crat, s. (^L^iuutSrudsd^iKok. 



De-mo'ni-ac, ) 

Dem-o-nl'ac-al, ' ) 

Dem-o-crat'ic, a. ff-QST^^s,3,(^^^^ L9rrs^n 

De-mo-crat'ic-al-]y, adv. ^(ssr^^^c^sfl 

^^{Tuj, (^L^iLjfrs=frLLQd(^ffl^^fnu. 
De-mol'ish, v. a. ^-sir^^eo^ ^is^^^eo^^ 

to be demolished, Q<5®^aJ, &<o5)^^<sd^ 

De-mol'ish-er, s. ^sauQun^^ ^i^u 

De-mol'ish-ment, > Cs®, Q<50)^(sij^ 
Dem-o-li'tion, ' y ^sits=&j ^isjsn 

utter destruction, f5rT<9=Lh^ iQ^^eoih^ 

De'mon, s, u<sFiTSf-^ QuiL^ j^(sO€S)<s^ <Ki_ 

De'mon-ess, s. QuemQuiii, 
De-mo'ni-ac, s, us^frsf-LSu^^^iSiJcary Qu 

QuLU^^(oGr LDfT (o6r, 
QuIUITlLl^ LDlT<oSr^ 

^Q(Si's^LDfT<osr, <9=(^(osr^LDfresr. 
De-mo'ni-an, a. QuLurr/btSlij^tLjesBrL^. 
De'mon-ism, s, QuLLi<o£l<3?<suiT<3^uiy Quuu 

De-mon-ol'o-gy, s. QullkoSI^q^^ 
De-mon'o-mist, s. uu^LD^Q^fT<ok, 
De-mon'o-my, 5. u<5=[T&Gjr(QuQ^^mih, 
De'mon-ship, s. S-s'frs^^^suLoi. 
De-mon'stra-ble, a. ^^^rrti^uu®^ 

u'^iosru(om<5aaruuL-.^^d<s, s^a^esruu 

De-mon'stra-ble-ness, s. <c^uu%sistu<^ 

De-mon'stra-bly, adv. ^-^l^-ss^s^u^ 
De-mon'strate, v. a. ^^^nL-9luu®^ 


Dem-on-stra'tion, s. <g^ml.&^ e^^s?^ ^tr 

De-mon'stra-tive, a. ^^^uuQ^^Q 

letters, s?LLQi—.(Lp^^. 
pronoun, &?lL®uQuluitj si-iLQff 

words, .ff?LL®s'Qs'rT/b<S'3fr, 
De-mon'stra-tive-ly, adv. ^^^tunajj 

Q^£^<SUrTLU^ Ss''9=LULDfTLLJy s^n^eaTLDfriu^ 

Dem'on-stra-tor, s. ^-^iSluQurrcsb-^ ^ 

<ssrrLl.®Q<sijrr(our^ f§4=s^uSluQufT<oar. 
De-mon'stra-to-ry, a. ^^^ml^LJuQ 

De-mor-al-i-za'tion, s. QsQ^ ^irQst—rr 


De-mor'al-ize, v. a. fBesrQeurfjSujL^^^ 
De-muVceut, s. ^en-S(^QpLD0iB^^ lB 
De-mul'cent, a. u^<ss)LDUjn<5(^Qpy lSI 
De-mur', s.^tfluLj^ ^^ld^ud^ i3mG^®y 
De-mur', v. ^hw^^^go^ S^^^^io^ ^ 

De-mtire, a, S(ou'2e\)iqm(Sfrj fliB^'^osrLL]<sn- 

countenance, ^dsQpsm^ eSl^iTjTQp 

.Sli^ QJ IT lL L- (^ <s u>. 

in appearance) QsfTL-i—iT(Sua<o5r^ Qsu 


to be demure, seu'^uuQ^^eo^ Qujit 
De-mure'ly, adv. QsfTLLt—jT<sufrtLj,^dds 

LDlTLUj 6}JrTL-t-.IT<aiJITiU. 

De-mure'ness, s. Q<sffLLi—ir(Si^^ ^iaily 

eufTLLt—LDj ^ujrT6sri}><f QiB^2s5r. 
De-mur'rage, &. ui^uu6ssrtl>. 
De-mur'rer, s. ^ifluQunm^ ^itld^u 




De-my', s. u(T^^f^ff<Si](oS)sis®^n9l* 



Den, s. (^.szovs, QsiSI^ i-"TLfi, ciy^ff", ^ 

Den, V. n. (^QDsu^&)Q.'tTs=iliuem-^}i^6\). 
De-na'tion-al-Ize, v. a. ujTQ^QLUfT<s<s 

Deii'dra-chate, s. inii(oS)(sn(§[f}iULD^ <sSI(^ 

Den'drlte, s. L06SsnLrrQp^(sSluj3^i^^^rf 


Den'droid, s. Lj^emQQufrasrnj. 
Den'dro-lite, s. <s/bQ<fi<^. 
Den-drol'o-gy, s. <sS(t^lL<3^s^[t^^!Tld^ ^n 

De-ni'a-ble, a, il^&^^^ss^ (sj^nm^ 

De-ni'al, s, id^ul^j ji/doeo^^LLQ, ^snr 

De-ni'er, s. m^uQurrm, 
Den'i-grate, v. a. s(7^<oS)ldlu/t<s(^^60 
Den-i-gra'tion, s. sgjjuuirdi^GDs, 
Den'i-zen, s. Q^<s^s?^iB^irurr^fiajm'^ 

Den'i-zen, 5. Q^s^^^k^uun^^iui^ss 

&), uirQ^s=^^<s(^s=<ff?^ih^rr(GS)d6560. 
De-nom'in-a-ble, a. QuLUfflL—dsp^i^uj. 
De-nom'in-ate, v. a, QutflQ^ev^ (S(^^ 

De-nom-in-a'tion, 5. (^/SIulj^ Quluit^ 


a class, (sS!<sjbu^^,?rTffl<5B<sfr. 
De-nom'in-a-tive, a.QuLuirQafrQsQp,) 

De-nom'in-a-tor, s, QuLurrQ^sBfrQdQ/D 

of a fraction, cgjirio, ^jisld^ Qu^^ijn 

De-not'a-ble, a. ^nS<s<3suuL.^^ds. 

Den-o-ta'tion, s. (^fSs<oS)<s. 

De-note', v. a. (^rSl^^eo^ smLQ^io^ sir 

De-note'ment, s. (^/z^, ^(SiDL-iurrefrui. 
De-nounce', v. a. ^^<s^^&)^ uiuQp^ 

De-nounce'ment, 5. uiuQpgij^^GSiS^Q- 
De-nounc'er, s. ^-g^jsQiiiG^uuQunm^ 


De-no'vOj adv. ^^Qp^so, ld^ui^lljuj 
Dense, a. Q:ff=nSGij&r<3rr.) Qi5(^ds(ip<sirar. 



ujfreur, ^^<ssLJDrr(oory ^^^ 

to be dense, as foliage, G-b^jSI^go, ^ 

L-h^&i^ £B(oor^^iso, 
Dense'ness, ^ s^ssreij, Q<F/r9eij<, g)® 
Dens'i-ty, * ^ dsih^ Q[5(T^dauiy ^u^ 

Dent, s. Q^^ u^eij, udo. 
Dent, V, a. ^^'^eu, u^evfrdsdv, 
Dent'als, (pL) s. uei)(soisf.ujn^<fs^ifl&^ 

a shell fish, ^pireij^sis^uL^. 
Dent'al, a. uGO(sSI(€^jbLSlptk^., u&)^<s<s 

®^^5 ^ i^^^ d (^ rfl uj . 
Dent'ate, ')upQu[T(Esrp^Qgii<3(r<o{r^ 

Dent'a-ted, ' ^ S0d(^&refr. 
Dent'ed, a, u^et^Gfrerr, 
Den-tic'u-la-ted, a. uG0^(^<3(rj Q/b^ff 


Den-tic-u-la'tion, s. ueo^ y, S0<s(^. 
Dent'i-frice, s. ^rr,s=(5sruQufrL^j up 


Dent'ist, s. ^iB^(oG)<sii^^ujQsr. 
Dent'ist-ry, s, ^i^<5a)(su^^uji}>. 
De-nud'ate, ) ^ffliB^Q<srrar(Gf^^ 

De-ntide, * * J eu, fS^QjiressTLnfrs 

De-nu-da'tion, s. ^-ifl k^Qs iren- (^GSis ^ 


De-nun'ci-ate, v. a. 6=nuiEj3k-^^&)^ s_ 

De-nun-ci-a'tion, s. ^trunTesrih^ <3slLl^ 

as publication, lSit&^^ld^ <Ki_^«o<5. 
De-nun'ci-a-tor, s. s=rruiE/<9k-^Q6ijfT(^^ 

De-nun'ci-a-to-ry, a. s^iruiSKSiQp^ crd 


De-ny', v. a. ^&}60^^lL®^&}, ld^^^ 
6^5 Q<sfrL^rrLD60<2SIQ^&)^ ^<m (orF^^da ^ fS 
jTirsiieasr ud u em^}j^60 . 
one's self, e^^^^eo, ^<ssr'2esrQuLiiTgfi^ 

De-ob'stru-ent, s. ^(otrd^QpiL^ih^. 
De'o-dand, s. Q^(Su^<iQsm(SlL^uu 



De-paint', v. a. Sl^^ifl^^eo^ <Si}(5srosfl^ 

De-piirt', v.n. L\pLJu®^<sOy eSlLLQanSl®^ 

this life, <sBnGO(^Qs=m^Qu[r^«so, ^jd 

De-part'ing, s. L\puu®(o!S)Sj<sSleO(^0s>s, 

De-part'ment, s. u(^^, <si_^. 

of business, Q^iTLfido, SL^^Couj/rcSio, 

De-part'ure, s. Lj/DuunQ, Qu{t<s(^, 

as death, LDneasn}), s^a. 

in navigation, ^QsrsmB^iTLh. 
De-pau'per-ate, v, a. ^(tu^^^^go, m^ 

De-pec-u-la'tion, s. ^iTfT<ff=fisr<2SlLu^<oS)^ 

De-pend', v. n. s={T(TK^&d, [bldl^^60j Qua 

upon, Qetr(^^^60, <3=ITIT^&)^ ^{T[EJ(^ 

De-pend'ence, ) G)^iTfEj(^iB^&5r(SS)LD, 
De-pend'en-cy, * ) s^nni^, <S(i^^ih. 

as territory, Qu^uulLl—Q^s'iJci, 
De-pend'ent, s» ^Q^^sum', Qs^itib^sij 

ear, ujbf:SQ(SG)(oar, ^<56)L-iQ^n<ssr, 
De-pend'ent, a. c^05)Lo/F^, Sl^uulLi—. 
De-pend'er, s, ,F/r/f/F^(a;€sr, Q^itiej(^Q 


De-phleg'mate, v. a. ^tTeu^puu^kr^u 
De-phleg-ma'tion, s, (§ff<sujbpuuGm 
De-pict', V, a, LSrr^finjLL^LorrQujQjs^ 

in words, Q^&Buu^Q<3=iTG0(sSl<saiTLL® 
^60, eSluifl^^io, 
De-pic'ture, v. a. Q^fijjQin(ip^^&} , iSl 

Dep'il-ate, v. a, L£)uSln<s<oG>i^^&i. 
Dep-il-a'tion, s. (Lp(omi^^LD(T<i(^<as)s, ld 

De-plant-a'tion, 5. rsfT^^uiSlQrEi(^(o6)s. 
De-ple'tion, 5. (^G6)/D<sufTd(^<oS)<Sj ^^^^ 

l})6UfTIEJ(^Q})<3S, (^(3S)p^^&i* 


De-plor'a-bW, a. Ljeoihu^^ds^^dsu 

t as pitiable, ^)i^(QXjn(Ssr^ Q^GSitDiuncssr. 
De-plor'a-ble-ness, s. urr^L9<ss^_^<ss^ 

De-plor'a-bly, adv. uifl^fru-LDntu, [Sjbu 

De-plo-ra'tion, s. ^q^0S)<s, uifl^nuuD, 
De-plore', v. a. s^gSI^^go, l\(sOwu60,^ 

De-plor'er, s, uifl^iSuQum^^ l^gOwl^ 

Dep-lu-ma'tion, s. ^jD(^LSl®fa(^'ss)<55, 

De-pltiine', u, a. ^ip(^S®iEj(^^GO, wuS 

De-po'nent, s. s^nLLQQs^nGoQcsijnGsr, 
De-pop'u-late, v. a. (^i^QiuQpuLi^GOy 

ih u em^u^GO . 
De-pop-u-la'tion, s. s=GGrd(^QDjDGijj ff<^ 

LDL^Gljy lSlir<ff=frLL<3=tULh. 

De-pop'u-la-tor, s, (^i^Qaj[TiL®Q€uiT 

De-port', s, tEosn-., jEL—d<3S)<s. 
De-port', V, a. hi—^^^go, Qswem^ 


as transport, <9?ajQ^s=^<2SliT^^ujfT<sB<s 

GO, UirQ^S=LJU®^^GO, 

one's self, ib^—^^go, Q,9=lu^&), 
Dep-or-ta'tion, s. i3[iQ^3=^^&(^uQu[t 

De-port'mcnt, s, /f^^cs)^-, u^<3iJ^Gsry 

affected, epdjajfrrnh, <£wun€STiB€6ii—. 
graceful, i5n<si?<ZLD, ^<fititwj ^u<fff 
De-pos'a-ble, a. ^eirGrrd^^i^iu, s_^^ 

QvU n<S LSlipd<S, d Sk-L^OJ , 

De-pos'al, s, ^(sn-&f}uQun®(ssi3:, s_^^ 


De-pose', v. a. ^<3(r(6r^^G0, i<S(^^GO, ^ 
to give testimony, ^'hssruSlLL®d=<3'n 

De-pose', v. n, ffniL^iQa^nGO^^io, 

C2 t 



De-pos'er, s. ;g<^(&^Q/D€ij^^ sS&id(^Q 

De-pos'it, V. a. ^Q^ioy Qs'LSl^^eoxsu^ 
in secret, carefully > Lj(stD^^^(ss>€y^^ 

6X), KD,g:Ldl^^<5S)(SU^^eO. 

as bury, Qs^lduxoidoj^^So^ Qs^iB^^ 

De-pos'it-a-ry, s. <sfTQJ6drT6iT^ unnuiflLj 
Lj'dsfTirear.) ^^^^it<su n^ ^ eSls^nifluL^d 

Dep-o-si'tion, s. <sz9<a;uL/, (ssimssuu 

as dislodgement, Qu\und9\^<^'s^^(^. 
as evidence, <spml.&Q<s:frioe)^(off)s^ s^ 

from office, '^^^Qujn<sQiL®^^&>. 
De-pos'it-o-ry, s. ^si^L^sseoeS®^ Qs^ 

De-pat', s. {see Deposit.) ,s<sir(i^&'MJihy 

Dep-ra-va'tion, s. Q<s®uL^y QsQ^ Qs 

De-prave', v. a. QsQ^^eo, uQ^^ij'S'siot 

to be depraved, Qs®^go» 
De-prav'ed-ness, ')QsLLL-^€ar<SDLD, 
De-prave'ment, * y ^iflei^^ s&r&nh^ 

De-prav'er, 5. Q<s®dQ/Dsij(^. 
De-prav'i-ty, s. un<ou^^<^<56iLD^ QsQ^ 

Dep're-cate, v. a. ^QDi—^nr)(i^^Q<su6ssr 

Dep-re-ca'tion, s. @(S?S)/L_tf^^(^^ujii3ssr 

Dep're-ca-tor, s. ^tai^sr^eS&JsQeifesijr 

Dep're-ca-to-ry, a. ^fEjQD&eSleodsd,^^ 

L^iU^ ^(S6iLD<oSl60S(^LDmQrf'LL®(Sa&r. 


De-pre'ciate, i\ a. eSl'^^s^i^^eo^ Qrf 

Q U^ LD^ uS)/b @ (oS)nr)^^<SO . 

De-prc-ci-a'tion, s. dS'^^^&a/DULj^ Qj 
Dep're-date, v. a, ^<s{rQ€u®^^eo, Qstr 

Dep-re-da'tion^ *. ^(cfr(2^^ Qsn&r'^ew^Qs'n 

Dep-re-da-tor, 8. ^0L^€br, s&r<su(ssr, 

Dep're-da-to-ry, a. Qsff<s(r'BerruS®Slp, 

QsrT(3(r2eTrLurT60f') <3S(Sfr<surr€sry ^0®Qnr)» 

Dep-re-bend'. r. a, un9^^&)j Qsnoir'Sefr 

De-press', v. a. ^(ipd(^^&)y ^(Lp^^ 

the spirit, S6^<s(^^e9y s&ddsu^uosar 
io be depressed, as the mind, seOisi 

to be depressed, as a }x)llow, (§i^^ 
De-press'ing, a. u^tuuuem-^uSJp^ lj 

De-pres'sion, s. ^Qpd&ihj ^Qp<s(^, ^ 

of mind, wesrdseodsw, Qs^irsua, ^ 

De-press'ive, a. siQpdsfs^&s, ^^^^^ 

iff <^ CD <J a 

De-press'or, s. ^Qfi<s(^Qp<QiJGST^ ^®d 
De-prlv'a-ble, a. ^(soeoiTLDpQurTS^;^^ 
Dep-ri-va'tion, s. ^t^etj^ fE<si^L^i}>, ^n 
De-prive', v. a. ^eoeorrLD/bQurrsuuessr 

De-priv'er, 5. ^(ck<sGiLDUj[T<s(^Qp(Su(^. 
Depth, s, ^ipfi), ^/rip(a/, sihi^irih^ u^ 

sea, abyss, ^l^. 



of intellect, ^^Q$?@)£pii, ^^'^^<3f 

of a person, ^lp^^lLl-ud. 

of winter, {EQuonff}, 3?^^iTdiSfreOLb<f s 


De-pulse', v. a. ^rr^^eSl®^ed^ ^^^ 

De-pul'sion, s. ^j7^^<s25)«, ^sjb£^<^<s- 

Dep'ii-ra-ted, a, ^^^Qs'iLujuul-L-.^ 


Dep-u-ra'tion, s, -af^^fQ-SPuu^dOj Q^sffl 

Dep-u-ta'tion, s. ^^t ^ni^u^^fnih^ 

as a person, ^^m^ LSfr^srTrflujsfT 

De-pute, V. a. i3iT^uu{TQ<sfrpu®^^G0^^ 

Dep'u-tize, v. a. tSlrf^uunQ&rpu®^^ 

Dep'u-ty, *. L9(T^iurT(S{r, iSlrrfisfTfflujav 

governor, i3!T^ff(TUJ(^^ LSIir^^<oS)ir. 
De-rac'i-nate, t?. a. Q<ouQrFtTQi—.i3®fk](^ 

De-range', v. a. ^fTgfju:in(nj><s(^^60, (^tp 
to become deranged, osiu^^iuLnn^ 

De-range'ment, s. <s5(sod<SLD^ (^tpuuih^ 

Der'e-lict, s. ^(3(r(er^SG^L-'jjfT<osr3=irs(^^ 

Der'e-lict, a. (sSlLl-, (sSJ lLQsSI LLt—jSS)s 

Der-e-lic'tion, s. ^(sireff)(aSI(Sl(oSis^ <oS)<seS 

De-ride', v. a. ^SQp^eo^ ufflsir^^^eo, 

De-rid'er, s. ufflsn<9='S<sniTm^ f5GD<su 


a buffoon, Qf5rT&n-2sor<ssfT£r<^. 
De-rld'ing-ly, adv. uifl<stT<9=LDrrLU^ QseSi 

LUfTLu, ^ .Sips' Qtumu. 
De-ris'ion, s. ^<s)jLD^^Q[f}uL^^ f5€^Sj 

De-ri'sive, a. r5€!D^uuiT<curj u[flsn<5=uyn 

De-ri'so-ry, a. lEOD'SdQp^ ufflsn^ihu 

^ih-^uQp, ^(suLD^aQp. 
De-rlv'a-ble, a, Qupss^is^tu^ ^etDL-iu 

Der-i-va'tion, s. iSlpuL^^ ^pu^^^ s_ 

pusuih^ ^ihu<ouw, Q^nppw, 
De-riv'a-tive, s. u(^^ij3<5oQ^npfSliu^. 
De-riv'a-tive, a. ^pu<sij(ip(sfr(sfr, iSlpu 

Lf&riofr, LSpdQp^ &-pu<sS<iQp. 

meaning, ^nputf^iuei^QDiT. 

word, u(^u^Lb, ^-pu^u^ih. 
De-riv'a-tive-ly, adv. ^GOg^ihusuLnniU, 


De-rive', v. a. Qu^^io^ <cijfriEj(^^6i), 
from a root, Q^np^<eB^^<30^ Q^np 

profit, ueo<osr6G)L-^€Oj u6oQ(snr®^^(50, 
u&)<5srQu^^&)j LSIrj-Qujn'S=esrLD<oS)i— 

to be derived from, iSlp^^eo, ^(STOil_ 

De-riv'er, s. Qu^Q'SUfrm', iJ6\)<scr<s3)iL_ 

Derm'al, a. Q^fT^d(^(f}uj, Q^n^Girefr. 
Der'ni-er, a. sssii—Lurrear, Qpi^6un<our^ 

Der'o-gate, v. a. ^iri^^^^eo^ (sSJ6\)d(^ 
^60, (^<o6ipQ<s=[reo^^(S\)^ s<osrtEJ(^QDp 

Der'o-gate, v. n. (^€S)p^&), ^gsS^go, 
Der'o-ga-ted, a. (^<oS)p€ijfT<csr, uissS 

Der-o-ga'tion, s, s€ssf}<sFfEjQ<s(Sld(5S)<s,^n' 


De-rog'a-to-ri-ly, adv. ^n^d&ujniLij ft- 

De-rog'a-to-ri-ness, s. ^fri^d^oDLn^ ^ 

De-rog'a-to-ry, a. ^iTi^<f9lu^(Sfr(Sfr, (^GtDp 



Der'vis, s. Q.snQij>ms^i£iius^!BSuun^. 
Des'cant, s. s^iaS^'SFnQ^^^ajLD^ s^iejQ 

as discourse, iSlrr^rKj<sil)^ s=ihufT<6i^ 

Des-cant', v. a. s=u)UfT<sL^26ssru6m-^}j^ 

6U, ^QrrfTS(Saar^uQlTfT<356SSrLDfTSUUfT 

De-scend', v. n. ^piEJ@^<so, ^l^^(so^ 
^fTi^^eo^ uessfi^eO^ u^^eo. 
from father to son, i3^r[uini)U<sj)iT 

to particulars, <sSluffl^^<fQ<frT60^ 

suddenly, (2SI(Lp^eo. 
De-scend'ants, s. (pi') <3=iB^^ujnn, i3m 
<F/F^^«j/7/f, unubUGSunuirn^ (eulBs^ld^ 

Qs (T^^ff^^ fT h . 

De-scend'ent, a. ^piEjsss^i^tu, l3(^ 
De-scend'i-ble, a. ^piEJs^^ds, uf€1j 


De-scend'ing, a. ^pdsQpefren-^ ^/disj 

series, ^uQj[TSGssr<9=iEj<z6Sl^il>.i uir^ 

node, Qs^j ^p!ej(^ix)(Su<oidf, 
De-scen'sion, s. ^pssih, <cSu^<s^Q, s=fT 

in astronomy, QusnQ^rT'fE^, ^pi^ 
De-scent', s. ^uQirfrseiisril), ^pdsih^ 

as birth, extraction, iSpuLj^ ldjtl^, 

of property, ^^iH<3DLDLuml.&l^ •sf-^is^ 
De-scribe', ». a. Qs=fT606SldsmL(Si^<50, 

to delineate, (stq^^^go^ ^lL®^&)^ 

De-scrlb'er, s. eSiuifluQuir&sr, eSluund 

De-scrip'tion, s. ejSlujiihj (sSlmdail). 

as kind or sort,^€3rsroLDj©j?;fffi)^®/isro5. 

De-scrip'tive, a. (^rjSui^'Sfr&r^ Q^seifleSl 

dQp^ ^LL®Qp, 
De-scry', v. a.siT6mis;eo^ unn^^eo^ '^^ff 

Des'e-crate, r. a. Q^uj(su^^iT<cSuj^<ssi^ 

Des-e-cra'tion, s. QsnuSl&}LD[T6uf}uj^(50)^ 

De-sert', s. un^^uLD^ ^(3^-> QtundQ 

ill desert, (^ppm^ ^ujjfT^t}>. 
Des'ert, s. (^i^u96\}&)n^LiLSl^ unu^SGi)ih, 

without water, urr'bsoeijesnhj (Su^tEj 
De-sert', v, a. GSiseSl LL®(sSl®^eo, gds 

QfsQl^^So^ (SSI LL®(aSl®^&)^ ^pd^GOy 
^ifi^^ <s£l ®^60 . 

De-sert', v,n. ^ui3<sSl®^6d^ (BQ^e^^eo, 

Des'ert, a, urrLprresr^ (^i^uSioeOfr^. 
De-sert'ed, a. <sSlt_uuL-i—^ ^(sS^^^ 


village, or town, u/Ti^(^Q<9=rfl, utri^ 

to be deserted, ^gS^^go^ ^ih^ifl^ 

De-sert'er, s. (S^<s(sQ®Qp<su(!ir, ©-^soujqS/ 

De-ser'tion, s. es)<s<aSI®Gns, ^l^ulj^^ 

ei^ffuLj^ ^peij. 
De-sert'ing, s. ^puL^^ €0)seSI®<5S)<ss, 
De-serve', v. a. urT^^ir(aUfTiG^d(^^&)j ^ 

De-serve', v. n. urr^^uiLnuSlQ^^^io^ ^ 

De-serv'ed-ly, adv, SiunLuwrruj, ^@^u 

De-serv'er, s. un^^!T€urT<^^ ^(S^ 

De-serv'ing, s. QiundQiuLDy^^^j urr^ 

De-serv'ing-ly, adv. QiurrdQiuLDniL^ ^ 

De-sic'cant, s. L^Gsun^p^LDQ^ib^., ^u 



De-sic'cate, v. rt. (SufTtl-Q^eo^ ^^eoir^^ 

De-sic-ca'tion, s. <ounil.i—LD^ arrtiie}^^ s_ 
De-sic'ca-tive, a. ^soir^^Qp^ (s^jitlLQ 
De-sid-er-a'tum, s. (sSI^wuuulLi—^-^ 

\ De-Slgn', S. QlBfTiSSLh^ <^(om<5^MLD^ SQ^^ 
^, ^-^Q^S=lhj J}fLSuL9rrfTUJLh^ SdsiH' 

as purport, ^npuifliLnh^ SQTj^tuQufT 
in manufactures, Q^^jiuij l^qdi-^ 


by design, (o(Su<om(BlQLi><5sr^^ irxosr^n 

as cunning plan, ^urrujiniTS. 
De-sTgn', v. a. GrmK_^is^&) , sq^^)<5^&) , &_ 

to plan &/C., s=LLi—rEJ<55il.(Sl^(so^ (^nSl 
Des'ig-nate, ». a. (^r^^^eo^ SlulSI^^go^ 


Des-ig-na'tion, s. Suuldud^ f^LULSluLj^ ^ 


as indication, (^/6I^ (^nSui^. 
Des'ig-na-tive, a. (^fiS<ss^i^<s<35j SuulSI^ 

■ • 

De-sigu'ed-ly, adv. Qsijem-QQiD^arp^iT 
iLiy Q<su6m-(SlQu:)<sir^, LD<osrs=as, Qluit 

De-sign'er, s. SuJu9uQufT(^, <5r6sur^u 

Q<su[T(^y QtunQuQurrm'. 
De-sign'ing, 5. LSIir^(oG)m<ou<oS)jTu^i})iSljTL£i{r 

(ossTLDy w^^Jiru LSIrnDn'<ossrLD, 

De-slgn'ing, a. sui^Qpeiren-j <sir<sui^Qp 

(SfrefT.) ^fh^jTLDfTiosr, 

person, Qibq^l—Sst. 
De-slr'a-ble, a. <sS(T^t£)Uuuu.^^s<s^ s{ 


De-slr'a-ble-ness, s. Qie^Issuul^^^s 


De-sIre', s. c^sTOcF, eSl0uuLh^'QjfT(i^(oS3^f 


as tiic tiling desired, (sS'tQ^ihiSlmQun 

intense, Qurrnos)^^ Q€=nLL<ssiL-^ ^ 

De-sire', v. a. eS!(y^i}>L'^(s\), ^€S)^ljuQ 

to ask, request, Q^lLl-.&)^ Q<3ij(omi^ 

De-slr'ed, a. Q^e^kQQLomQp, (eSIq^ 

De-sir'ous, a. GSlQ^uuLDnosT^ ^(ss^s^iurr 

«o25r, ^w€0fT<5sr, ^4^QdQp. 
De-sir'ous-ly, adv. (sS'i^uuLDiriu, ^qj 

De-sist', V. n. ^l6J^&)^ epiL^eo^ <sSI(£l^60, 

De-sist'ance, s. f^^i^^<oS)s, g^uj(si^. 
Desk, s. s=fnLJiB^QuLLij^<f gtqp^^uQu 

Des'o-late, v. a. Qs®^^g\), ^l^^^go^ 

to be desolated, Qs®^60^ ^th^niLn 

Des'o-late, a. utriprresr^ ^ l^ (axien-Gtr , ^ 

place, G^LD^nasTLD^ ^iB^rfQ€iJ<srR, ^ 

Des'o-late-ly, adv. urri^rruj. 
Des'o-la-ter, s. unLprr<s(^Q<annG5r^ -^l^ 

uQufTCOr^ /BfT'^'SSlTIT^-f ^F lEJ <55 fTIT (5^ . 

Des-0-la'tion, s. untp^ ^L^eif^ s=ie}<!E!t 

Des'o-la-to-ry, a, urrt^dsL^dQpj s^iejs 

De-spair', s. fBil)L9dGDsaS<m'<oS)LD, eids 


De-spair', v. n. (oJiki^^(s\), ^cwcSf^^su, 

De-spair'er, s. fBu:)L3s(oS)<siupQ(Trj><ck. 
De-spair'ing-ly, adv. (SLDL9dGD<35aS(sn-ri^y 

Des-patch', s. [see Dispatch.) 9<sQrftJD^ 

in writing, €S)ss'&^^s(^, (cmsdrsfi. 



Des-patch', v. a. (see Dispatch.) ^^ 

Des-pe-ra'do, s. s®iEjQ<sm9, ^h&am^ 

Des'pe-rate, a. rEmiSldGD-sBcupp, ululSI 

deeds, <sS'rrs:Qs=LU(oS)<s,s<sir, 

fraud, Q<3BrT(Sl<oiJ (^3^^2/501. 

thief, ^iTth^S(ofr(Qij(oirj uQs&rerr^. 

wretches, Qsnu^ius^smL—irefriT^ Qpn'd 


a desperate person, <snssor<^^Qj(^^ 
Des'pe-rate-ly, adv. ^irdsLDauj, Qsnu 

LDniLlj ^(^,&:iT(oiDLDLUrTUJ. 

Des'pe-rate-ness, s. sQ&dld^ QsitQg^lDj 
Q^irdsih, eT€ffsri^<5S)LD^ s®iEjQ<sfTu 

Des-pe-ra'tion, s. tEucii3<S(SS)<suS(^<ss)i£)^ 

Des'pi-ca-ble, a. ^^L£>mrT(5sr^ ^l^-uu 
LDiT<oar<) ^L^sunesT^ (5reffl<ss)LDUJrT6sr<y M<f 

person, Fpeuri^y ^s'Gsr. 
Des'pi-ca-ble-ness, 5. ^u(sold^ Fr-<oisnst^ 

Des'pi-ca-bly, adv). fF6srLDrriL^ ^jbuuDfT 
to speak despicably, Qt^ei^iDiurriLu 

De-spis'a-ble, a. iQiB^ss^^ss^ &^uj, 

De-splse', v. a. ^^LLGJU—ueikr^n^sOj 
rSiEfi^^io^ ^si^s,&)^ €T&r(^^6\}^ ^ 

De-spis'ed-ness, s. is=S'26v^ ^stp^^d 

De-spis-er, s, ^sQpQojfT&sTj Sihfiu 

De-spite', s. uifiuLjj <QU(^LDih, ^itib^u 

De-spite', V. a. <sSl<s:<ssruu®^^^eo, (su^ 

De-splte'fiil, a. (^Qnn^Qp&r&r^ ui^sitf 


De-spite'ful-ly, adv. eumLDiDnuj^ uGGids 
De-spite'ful-ness, 5. ul^ulj^ ojdrijiLD^ 


De-spoil', V. a.';uf6l^^&)^Qsfr<s(r^QLu® 

to be despoiled, u{£lQ.zn®^^60, Qsn 

eir'BerrQs [t®^^6\i . 
De-spoil'er, s. u/Slsfru^, Qsnsir'Ssrrs 

<s[rir(cxsr^ (^(^Dff)ujn'®(o<ourresr. 
De-spo-li-a'tion, s. Qsfr&r'Serr, urSl^ (^ 

De-spond', v.n. (5i£)\3&<9Si&iuprBQf^^^G0.^ 

^GOiDrreo^ Qs=rTiT^6\}^ esisujpeo. 
De-spond'en-cy, s. (sidsih, Q^mreij^ fi 

De-spond'ent, a. (SjdsQpefrefr^ ^6S)^rFI 

iLiLDfrGSTj Q^ni(Si^<sfr(Sfr. 
De-spond'er, s. fsi£iLSd<oS)sujpQ(7rj>(^. 
De-spond'ing-ly, adv. (ois^LLirib^ ^(ud 

SLorrdj^ ^(StD^ffJLULnrTLu, 
Des'pot, s. ^<osr(osrrr,ffFSfTir(Ssrf Qsn®Ej 

Des-pot'ic, ^ Qan®[k]Qsn(ck<oSiLD 

Des-pot'ic-al, * J lunear. 

government, ^mesriis'iTLL&j Qsn® 

(oSndOj Q<S5fT®fEjQsfT(oar(oS)LD. 

Des-pot'ic-al-ly, adv. ^Garearirs^mii, Qsn 

Des'pot-ism, s. ^(^(SsniQaj&)^ Qs(t®iei 

Des'pu-mate, v. n. ^<oS)ir^^eOj Qunih 
Des-pu-ma'tion, s. ^<ss)rrQsfT6fr(ef^<sa)Sj 

QufTIEJ(^<oSi<S5y Q^eff)6UfT(^<oS)6S. 

Des-qua-ma'tion, s. uL^eoih^ ^uolj^ G)<5^- 

Des-sert', s. ^ihuesari—ih^ ®p^(ssan^, 
Des'ti-nate, v, a. loiiuL^^^eo^ <ojpu®^ 

Des-ti-na'tion, s. iSiULDth, Suu^^ (srpun 


Des'tine, v. a. SujlS^^go^ (sS^^^eo^ ^ 
€SliSI^^&)j ^iT^^&}^ S^^^^io. 

Des'ti-ny, s. eS^, Suumw, (Siufi, ^^ 



Des'tl-tute, a. ^ih^ffl^^^ @a^6x)/r^, ^ ; 

comfortless, ^gii^e^pp-^ ^^[T'supp, 

Q^pp n <s^pp , ^ ^sm- Lupp . 

person, ^ifl^^um^ js}&spp<3ijm^ ^ 

to be destitute, j^jih^fFl^^io, ^s^iurr 
^eo^ s^LupfSlQ^^^io, 
Des-ti-tti'tion, s. sij^oDUD^ ^rfl^^uw, @ 

De-stroy', v. a. ^L^^^io^ QsQ^^ed^ ^ 

totally, slLl—l^^^sOj seSu^^^eo^ <s 

one's self, ^pQsfT'2Gi>Qs=uj^6\}. 
De-stroy'a-ble, a. ^Lfidsuui^^^d^s. 
De-stroy'er, s. ji/L^uQua(m', <3=!sj<s(tst 

De-struct-i-bil'i-ty, s. r5fT<3=LjuL-.s3^L^ 

De-struct'i-ble, a. ^L^<2i^sQ<5^(Sijrr'5ar, 


De-struc'tion, s. ^L^eij, Q<5sQ, ielLi—ld^ 

Wy UfTl^-f <f[k]<SB[T!lUO)y (6[rS=UD, 

as death, LorrismuD, 0«/r^, <3^(r^(Sus^iEj 

De-struct'ive, a. rBrrs^uuQ^^Qp^ ^l^ 

dQp, 3=iEjs[fl^Qpy Q<s®<sQp. 
De-struct'ive-ly, adv. Q<s®^Luinu, ^ 

De-struct'ive-ness, s. Qs(Sl<S(^is^i5hr 


Des-u-da'tion, s, (sSIuj^S(oS)S, Qqjujit 

Des'ue-tude, s. u<cU)LpLu<5srsL^^60y uLp 

to fall into, (^'S^o^a), ^p^^eOj urr 

Lprr^<SOy ^(Sk<5S)LDLUIT^60, 

Des'ul-to-ri-ly, adv. ^(i£rEj^(S3rijDrTtLiy fS 

en IT ill. 
Des'ul-to-ry, a. Q^!TL-r(<f9lujppy ^ihu 
iB^L£li\i<o\)n^y e^QpfEjQ(c;orLDfT6ijr, 


to be desultory, as thoughts, Lj€\)m^ 

De-tach', v, a. LSIffld(^^e\)^ Quiun^^eo^ 
<s^^^<so, f§d(^^eOy <35L^^^(S0y Q<ofrLj 

De-tach'ed, a. ^(ssfl^^^ ^GsfloS)LDUJG<[r<sfr^ 


to be detached from, s^i^^eo^ ^esfl^ 

De-tach'mentj s. ^ssfluLj^ i3[B<Siiy i^dr 

a body of troops, u<s5)L-6i!<^uq. 
of ships, u(^^^(Q:SlLLi-.QufTiTdsLJU 

De-tail', s. QiTLDS'fEJS^, (sSuitldj eSirBet^^ 
De-tail', v. a. u(^^^<ff=Qs^iT6\)^^6\>y <si9 

UJILDrTLuJ:Qs=rr60^^&)^ QjLDlEjQuLDLDlT 
LLJ<^Q,3^fT6d^^(S\)y GT(h}^^<SSfTLLL^60. 

to select, Q^rf)fF^QcSfr<3fr^^6\). 
De-tail'er, s. (s^uiBuQuirm^ iSIh^iejQ 

De-tain', v. a. LDnS^^en, ^L^fEJspuem 

to become detained, ^l—iej^^gOj ^tr 

De-tain'der, s. <5S)'Sj:s=niT^^uu^fij7uij 

De-tain'er, s. s>®uQun(^y Ln/jSuQurr 

De-tain'ment, s. ^L^isis&i^ ^[tld^u}, ^ 

De-tect', v. a. ^gsstQiSIl^^^go^ iSlos^Lp 

L^^^<s\}y OojerBuu^^^do. 
De-tect'er, s. s'shQiSiu^dQpsij&srj Q<qu 

De-tec'tion, 5. lSIi^ulj, ^suurrQ. 
De-ten'tion, s. LD/iSlLudVy ld(Bljl^^^l^ejs 

6Uj ^flLD^LD^ ^QuLjy ^<oS)l—, 

De-ter', v. a. wrB^^^-^ ^L^thapuesar 
De-terge, v. a. •s^^^^Q-s'uJ^GOy <S(3(riEf 
De-terg'ent, s. <Ei?^^LDtTS(^QpLL(r^ih^j 


De-terg'ent, a. ^^^iJD[Td(^Qpy s&fluiu 



De-te'ri-o-rate, i\ a. ^/^o/uO^^^^n*, 

De-te'ri-o-rate, v. n. ^L^(Si^u®^60^ Q 
i^rr^io^ QsQ^so^ &<ss)^^6\)f &nQa® 
^eb, ^(SfTiT^GO^ ^iTug^(5\), utTLprr^eo. 

De-te-ri-o-ra'tion, *. ^L^<sii^Qs®^^<3(r 
iTS=^f Q(5iD^(Qij^ ^[T^<f®j L^ssr^sruiy 

De-ter'ment, s. (see Deter.) wnSluLj. 
De-term'in-a-ble, a. j)jf£luus3f>-L^uu^ iB 

De-term'in-ate, r. a. LDLL(biLJu®^^^6\), 

De-term'in-ate, a. Giio'^eoiLieirGfr^ ^lLl— 

De-term'in-ate-ly, adv. ^lLu-ilituj^ ^ 

De-term'in-ate-ness, s. iB^<3Fuuih^ s-^ 

De-term-in-a'tion, s. ^rrijDfT(osnx), ^^^t 
€u<5S)irLu<oiDp^ ^iTLJLj^^iss!^(Sijy SesBresoT 

De-term'in-a-tive, a. LDtLQuuQ^^Qp. 
De-term'in-a-tor, s. wLL(Siuu®^^Sp 

De-term'ine, v, a. ^iriDiresflsi^do,^ {Ss=s= 

to be determined, ^ir^eo^ Qpu^^do. 
De-term'in-er, s. ^irwtTesrwuesar^u 

De^ter'sion, s. (see Deterge.) s^-^^inn 

De-ter'sive, s. smnDQ^ih^, 
Dc-ter'sive, a. si^^^i£)fTS(^Qp, 
De-test', v.a, ^Qmr&^^eo^ Qsy^^^eOj 

De-test'a-ble, u. ^(T^(oij0ULi6fr(3fr, ^ 

De-test' a-ble-ness, s. ji}(TT^(SU(7^uLjy ^ 
QirrT&uLfy Qeij^uLf. 

De-test'a-bly, adv. ^(T^(su(T^uundj^ ^u^ 
uuiTiLij Ooj^uurruj, 

; Det-es-ta'tion, s. j)j(T}j6ur§un, Q^gnu 
Ljj LD6sr<sSearLD. 
De-test'er, s. ^Q^<3UQn3:Qp<sii(cky Qtsu^ 

De-throne, v, a. Gs=iEjQ<sfT'26\)iUL^^<i^60, 

De-thron'er, s. Q iej sirs' Gor^Gs^^eiSlLL l^ 

De-throne'ment, s. Qs'iEjQsfreOL^eijy ^ 

Det'i-ntie, 5. ^usiBssuulLl—Quit 

in law, Q<ff^fT^2ssr^^^^(Suil). 
Det'o-nate, v. n. Q^fresff^^do^ G(qul^^ 

Det-o-na'tion, s. QeuufL, ®if , Q^ireofl, 

Det'o-nize, v. a. Q^neSsss^Qs^oj^GO, 

De-tort', V. a. ^ifl^^eo^ ljitlLQ^go, Qp 

De-tor'tion, ». LjrrLKbly(Lp^<i(^y^rf}uLj. 

De-tract', v. a. ^(Lg^^^t @<s2o^^^6U, 

Qs Q^^do , ^jeu^^u 63or^U;SG0 , Qs ir 

De-trac'tion, s. ^(sn^g^jOs^iLcsis^ ljjd 
iEiak-^(SSiSy QsfTefTy (^^SoTT. 

De-tract'ive, a. L^pihsf^^Qp^ (^/dSo/t 

De-tract'or, s. (^<5S)pQ^n<3oQ<sunasry 
QsiTLLQs=rTeoQ6U(T^<f L^(^Lfpessf}ssfT 
ir^j QsaGm-Qessfl, 

De-tract'o-ry, a. (^<sDpu^(ck(ofr, ^<ou^Qr^ 

De-tract'ress, s. Qantlsnifl. 
Det'ri-ment, s. !e<^i—ld, QsQ^, QsQy 

Qs=^t})y ^GOfTuihj^ni^eijy unQy L9<sar 

earth, ^ueoih. 
Det-ri-ment'al, o. QsL-frear^ f5fTS=LDfr<5sr^ 


De-tri'tion, s. Q^djih^QuiT(^(oS)Sy Q^ 
ujGijy ^-Qirrr(i^s-6m®QufT(^<oS)s, 

De-triide', v. a. (s^Q^^^^eo^ (sSi^^^eo. 

De-trunc'ate, v. a.^(omi^^^i\ijQuneo 

Det-run-ca'tion, s, ^emi^uLi. 



De-tru'sion, s. QQLp^Gfr(Sff}efl(tg^^QS)Sj 

Deu-ter-og'a-my, s. ^u(ossn—niB^[TffQp 

u^^^so^ ^rreooTL-mlxsSlsi/tTSLh. 
Deti-ter-oii'o-my, s. ^-urrsLDU). 
Dev'as-tate, v, a. Q<sBiT<sir2srruSl(hl^60^ sj 


Dev-as-ta'tion, s. ^L^sij^ ^/t"^? Q<srr(3{r 

De-vel'op, v. a. arrLLQ^ev, QeLieffluu 

De-vel'op-ment, s. Q^nppm^ &-pu^^^ 

De-verg'ence, (seeDivergence.) iSlfflei^. 
De-vest', v, a. S-ffl^io^ csSsyr^eu, [§d(^^ 

in law, sf-^iF^iTUiEjsihuessr^li^dOj 2_ 

De-vex', a, S(sSlQp^ sndsrrQp. 
De-vex'i-ty, s, sqSul^^ ^friLKsij^ Ljpisu 

De'vi-ate, v. n. ^ul/^su, ^ojgi/^so^ (su 
(Lpeij^eo^ iSs^^^eOj si—^^ei), i3ifl 

as to stray, suL^e^eoQuQun^io. 
De-vi-a'tion, s. ^ulj^ ^<qd^^ 'oU(ip^ lSs= 
(S-i ^QP'^&'i ^<3Sfr<ooar<so^ ssuiSl^ihj iSI 

from grammatical rule, ^&)d<ssm 

from a right line, ^rTdj(si^^ .s^rfleijj lSI 

De-vice', s. spiS^m^ ^ihspuLo, 
in a bad sense, ^-unuuih^ (^i^<5=s=il)y 

ornamental, ^&)iEj<sfTiruiy ^^^jrih^ 

De-vlce'ful, a. (^i^3=s=(ip6fr(srr, 

Dev'il, s. ^!T^^tT<^y (ss)u<sFn<3^Lhj Qudjy 

as a person, Quilksst. 

in scripture, i3ff[T'9i-s<s(r, 
Dev'il-ish, a, Quuj[<osry Quiud 

(^6sarL£)fT<o5ry ^(SL^L-(ip&r(ofr. 
Dev'il-ish-ly, adv. QuinnLLL^intrdj, Qu 

lLjd(^6mL0ITUJ, ^lLl-ldituj. 


Dev'il-ish-ness, s. QuitinLii—LD, QuiLs 

De'vi-ous, a. .<9?p£;u4''3?ipp&iLiiT(osry @/^ 
&&ujrT<osr, ^//^L/eflTSfT, ^uurresr. 

De-vir'gin-ate, v. a. <spuL^^^GO, ^lSI 

De-vis'a-ble, a. (5T6^(sssr<ss^i^iLi, Qluit 
Q d <s d s^ L^iu J &-uiTUJLDucm6md3^ 

De-vise', s. LDHOMs^rr^mLD^ ufrsu^^fl^ 

De-vise', v. a. SQ^^Q^Q^^io^ ^lLl-.iej 

means, gt^^sstldwogst^u^go^ ^(t^su 

Dev'i-see, s. LDir(oSBr<3=fT^<oar<aiJi^Lunujd<5?^ 

De-vis'er, s. Qojn^luQunm-, ^-umuih 

De-vls'or, s. LDir<5sor<3f=rr^<ourQLD(Lp^€3)€iJLj 

De-void', a. Qsu^GSiimunan-^ (^osfluuiufT 

Dev-0-lu'tion, s. ^pds^fi^0(^GD,s, 

LD np(B (SZ9 m^^eo . 
De-volve', v. a. ^pda^^^q^iL^^eo^ 

QufT£iJUL9^^60, S?LDIT^^^eOy ^ULj 

as debts, &c., si—(^si-iLrf^^^<so, 
De-volve', v. n. ^pda^^^0(^^Gi)y 

as evil, uL^<3?in0^6i), 

as a right, ^<o3)l-^60j Q<3=n^i30y ^.ifl 

^^rr^io , Qu n^^^eo , 

De-vote', u. a. QiBrr^^uem-^u^eo^ Qfs 

to consecrate, iSir^LLcotDL-uem^}/^ 

to doom, ^L^(SijdQs(^^Q(U0^&). 
to enslave, ^lLu®^6\)<) ^t^GDLDuu 

to give, ^Q^6dy ff^eo, €^uLidQ<sfrQ 



De-vot'ed-ness, s. (ssifsQisu^ssLjuLLi— 

^(SQr<oS)LD^ SuJLS}dSLJULLl—^€Ur<oS)LDj 

Dev-0-tee', s. ^i^ojosr^ O^rressri—SGrj 

as recluse, ^u^^^ ^suQ^ s^ihiSiutr^j 
De-v6t'er, s. i3rr^LL<5S)L—U(ossr^uSlp<QiJ 

De-vo'tion, s. Q^suu^^^ u^^, <oU€m<s 

ardent affection, Qptu/b^-, ^eKdsih. 
rigorous, <s®thu^^^ u^^(sa)<aijiTiT<sQ 

-ist, ) U^^LLfT(^^ 


De-vo'tion-al, a. u^^<s<s®^^^ iaU6m-<s 

De-vour', v. a. ulL&^^6\), ^(ourT<9=(sar 

as a beast, ^Qj6\)fTdj<sSl(L£iiEj(^^6ii. 
as fire, ^Q^^io , (siffl^^eo , u lL &^^<so, 
De-vour'er, s. uiL.^<5(ssi\^^<oii<sdn\h'^<sm 

De-vour'ing, s. ulLQulj, ffrEJ<sffluLi, 

De-vour'ing-ly, adv. uLL&'S(^iB^m<5tsiLD 

De-vout', a. u^^ujrT(^jr, (SiJ€m<ssQp(3(r<s{r, 

De-vout'ly, adv. u^^LUfnUy €iJ6sards 

De-vout'ness, s. u^0^ Q^theuu^^. 
Dew, 5. uesfl, ^i£nJD^^Q<ounx)» 

heavy, sa^sj^uesfl^ ^iLouuL^eOthf s 


drop, uesB^^efff, u€oft^^€2j'^^u6cff 

Dew'-lap, s. ^rrip.^ ^^t^' 

as wattle, Sj^fr, ^^eir, setrsihuefrili. 
Dew'y, a. ueaffajfresr^ uesfftLjefrefr, ueafl 

Dex-ter'i-ty, s. s^mDir^^Lui}}^ ^(T^fflojih, 

Qs lL i^^^ <osr ih. 

of hand, <oS)<3s<ff:&^^rrih, <SD<ss^'3r^<i(^, 


in an art, uuSipQ^ uLpdsih. 

in writing, GSi&QiufnLi—LD^ (SS)s^^[fl 

Dex'tral, a. €u6d<s(oG)<3s<sBsQ^^. 
Dex'trous, a. s^iitLSIn^inuLDrKoar^ ^piDir 
esr, uLpdsLDrr6sr^ urf!LL<oS)s=Lurr(sm^ sj 

Dex^trous-ly, adv. sjui^uuns^iDijiL^ ^m 

Su^rruuLoiTUj^ ^sQirLomu^ ^Lon^^rrLu. 

Dho'ny, s. (see Dony.) Q^nssSj 3=u3 

men, Q^rrGssfldsmriT^ <SFi£)urr(^<srTiTiT. 
Di-a-be'tes, s. i^jl^qj, s=<sddsL^d^e\)^ fp 

Dl-a-bol'ic-al, a, Quiunil-L-iLnssr.^ Qu 
Dl-a-bol'ic-al-ly, adv, QuLu^^tssrinirLUy 

U<FrT&<^(^6SarLDfTLU^ ^LLl—LDfTtU. 

Dl-a-bol'ic-al-ness, s. QuLu^^isor6S)L£)y 

Di-a-cous'tics, s. erfiQrraeSld^^^^ 

Dl-a-crit'ic-al, a. iSltfldQp^ QQjprj]<sff)u> 

ajiTd(^Qp^ i3ifi^^dsniL®Qp, 
Di'a-dem, s. Qpup., Qifi^uyy ulLl^u). 
Di'a-dem-ed, a. (ipt^^ifl^^, uLLL^(i^ 

Di-ser'e-sis, ") (sS^ndsih^ ^ss>.?iSiifl 
Di-er'e-sis, * J d(^rkj(^rSl. 

Di-ag-nos'tic, s. QisiTUJseffldrt^ss&u:)^ 

Di-ag'o-nal, s. Qp'2eo<2SlLLL-.LD, (^^d(^ 

Di-ag'o-nal, a. (sSL-U-innasr, 

line, (sSiLL-QiKoBis. 
Di-ag'o-nal-ly, adv. Qsn<sm^^d(^d 

Di'a-gram, s. (3Uffl<auuf.(Suix>^ Qsn®^ s=d<3S 
to make diagrams, QstrQ^^^eOy eu 

Di'a-lect, s. unosxsu^^ Qu^u/rt^^Wjurr 



Di-a-lect'ic-al, a. Qu^uiT<si^i^^^jd.sQ 

argumentalj Q^fTi—irrSujrTUJQpefrisfr. 
Dl-a-lect'ic-al-ly, adv. urresxsi^uQufriEj 

Dl-a-lec-ti'cian, s.^0<s<s<FrT^^[flj iblcun 

Di-a-lect'ics, s. ^(r^dss^n^^nih^ iSiurr 

Dl'al-ing, s. (^!fluj&is^ujr[[rQp<3mi—ns(^ 

Dl-al'o-gist, s. s^&isO!Tuu[T(Sx^^a^, 
Di-al'o-glse, v. n. s^eoeOfruLDUGih-^^j^io. 
Dl'a-logue, s. s^doeofruih, (oSl(e^<2S(ST)L-.^ 


Di'al-plate, s. (^{flLu<su^ajfTiTuu&)<5!D<s. 
Di-al'y-sis, s. ^qd^iSI{H<s(^(5J(^/^, eSl^ri 


in medicine, Qw<oS!(Sij^ Q-ff^fnTo^^ Qiuit 

Di-am'e-ter, s. (^^ddsetroii, (s^SlLl^w. 
apparent of a planet, QirsLDfT<osrw,(2SI 


Di-a-met'ric-al, a. (sS LLL^LDrr(Ssry (^^cs 
Dl-a-met'ric-al-ly, adv, (s^L-L—LDnuj^ Q[5 

IT (T ill. 

Dl'a-mond, s. (Su^Qirih^ gs^qjjtw, GS)<ai]rf 

Di-a-pa'son, s. s=^^<ffi-rr^fi(obrQi£)Ll.®. 

in music, <fji<sff)^&}iEi<sfTrril). 
Dl'a-per, s. Qss^uuulL®^ i3<^<ompi-i 

Di-aph'a-nous, a. €pG{fliJU(7^(oSluQurrs<s 

Dl-a-pho-re'sis, s. LSI(^<oSlujiT<oB)<au^ <sSiujjt 


Dl-a-pho-ret'ic, s. (sSIluitulj^ll^ib^, 


Di-a-pho-ret'ic, a. GSlujiT60(auiLj6SijrL-rr<s 

Dl'a-phragm, s. Fr'n'^<£(^ik](^t—.^d(^ 

Di'a-rist, s. ^(osrs^ikia^sfrixm^ ^6srs=ifl 

Di-ar-rhe'a, s. QJuSp^'hsno^. 


Di-ar-rliet'ic, a. (SiJuSp^'B^'SijQJsrt—fT'i(^ 

Dl'a-ry, s. [Bne{rn<SLDih^ iBfrefrrr'SLns^s^Ll. 

Dl-as'to-le, ? ^ . nn 

Dl-as'to-ly, *' I ©W^^^^//^^- 

in grammar, liiLL-ioisSlsfrinD. 
Dl-a-ton'ic, a. ^isiD^s^Qisup^ioiDwiLfmefr^ 

Dib'ble, s. unasm. 

Dib'ble, v. a. Qem-Q^eo^ Q<33sri^LJLj<oiD^ 

Dice, s. (pi. of Die.) s(3u^, ^nujssL- 

<StS)L-.j UfrUJ<9=&S(50i<S. 

box, ^{tlus^QlLi^. 

to cast dice, ssu^Q^i—i—eo^ seuQpfSl 

^60^ Un<3=®<i(5S)sQu[T®^i50. 

the spot on tiie side, ^nujih^ Ljerretf}. 

Dic'er, S.^ITUJ<S<SBLL(o!Dl—llJ(V^LL®S)p(SU<oSr 

Di-co-tyl-e'don, s. (ipfi(ss)rr<su(j^d<ssih^ u 

Dic'tate, s. <sLl.i—2srr^<3spL9^Lh.jSpu2ssr. 
Dic'tate, v. a. eurT<^s(^Q^fT&)^^6\)j <5u 

^esfl^^iSOj spLS^^(5\)^ <S5LLL-'2lS{ruS(S) 

Dic-ta'tion, s. (SU[r<3=S(^Q,3'nG0^<ss)<s^ ^ 

p iSl^^eo . 
Dic-ta'tor, s. SLLL-'2iofniSI®Q€urT6sr^ sp 

Dic-ta-to'ri-al, a. <9?iu^fi<sfrrr(ip(3fr<sfr^ ^ 

€^Q(Sornp<3^&uj^eur, ^(^saflLLi—LDrrGSTj 

Dic-ta'tor-ship, ) i3!iLD(T€m^^<si}is), 
Dic'ta-ture, '5 iB(f^u^^<suiJD,L9n- 

Dic'ta-to-ry, a. iSlip.<QUiT^LDiT6W. 
Dic'tion, s. 'QUfT<ff^<35u(cUfTd(^^ <surT<3=<sil). 
Dic'tion-a-ry, s. ^sufrfi, Q-s^npOurrQ^ 

Dic'tum, s. ^(G^^fS^iJuLj^ ^pi3^Ln, 
Did, (see Do.) Qs^lu^. 
Di-dac'tic, ) uu^LJiSi<sQp^ spi3 

Di-dac'tic-al, ' ) <sQp^ ui^uueorsii 

(sirefr^ ^fS!(oiJ<sQs^<sijn'6sr. 
Di-dac'tic-al-ly, adv. sjfSl<si^<sQ<s^QJiT 



T)ie,s. (^pl. Dice.) utrilis'Qd&aSjSsu^^ 


a stamp, sil)ULLL—(ip?err. 
Die, V. n. ^/D^^eOj ffn^io^ Loifl^^eo^ 

as a vegetable, 2_6i)/7^6U, (suit®^6\). 
as a tree, u®^a), uLL®uQurr^&). 
in battle, &/C., gSIq^^go^ wi^^ed, 
in numbers, ^iEi,3SfTjiLDrr^6\). 
to become vapid, as liquors, ff^nuLDp 

Di'et, 5. s=rTLJurr®j e_6OTr(SY, u^^iuih. 
drink, (^i^i§it. 
strict, <s®Lbu^^LU[}>. 
an assembly, ^QeOfTS''2iosrJ:^iEjS[l)^ ld 

• • 

Di'et, V. a. S-<osaraLLLi-.60j &-6ssTeijQ<s5rT 

Dl'etj v.n, s=irui3®^eo^ u^^luldiSIi^ 

Di'et-a-ry, s. u^^iuQposip. 
Dl'et-a-ry,a. u^^ujQu[T<3=(onr^^<3S(^[fluj. 
Di'et-er, s. u^^Luanjieorj u^^uuiEj(^rSl 

Di-e-tet'iCj a. u^^uj^^<s<s®^^^ u^^ 

LUQperrefr, u^^ujQp<ss)puufT<oor. 
Differ, v. n. (2S^^LUfTS=uu®^60, ^iKsm 

as opinions, Qu^^^io^ mrr^Qsn 
Dif'fer-ence, s. (sSl^fiturrs^ih^ Qeu/b^ 

puLD^ (sSlsrririh^ LS<ok(oarLD^ Qu^ih. 
as dispute, ^^dsw^ €iJL^d(^^ eStojfr 

in logic, s=iT^(2SlsiTrnx). 

in subtraction, Qs=t—LD. 

ground of, <2S!<suns>a[TiT(^mLD. 
Dif fer-ence, v. a. Qsup^<5a)inu uQ^^do 
Dif fer-ent, a. uedeSI^LorresTy u60<su6G)<5s 

innasr^ upueo, usdu&). 


countries, upueoQ^^ih^ (5rT(GV)Q^ 

sort, U(S06}J(oS)Sj f5lT(G^<2S}^l})j U606UrfK 


Dif-fer-en'tial, a. uDSfT&fSliu^ c5y^<5(5 
Dif'fer-ent-ly, adv. ueoeSl^LLniJu^ Q<Si)(irj' 

lU^ (sSlspULDfTLU. 

Dif'fi-cult, a. iSlrrLuiTS^LDrT(osr^ ^(r^<563L£)UJrr 

(SOT, Qs=fT(s6JuJrT€Sr^ <SBp<5SS=LDfT<oOr^ <sL^<oar 

question, S-^^rri})Qs'rT&)&)p<3S[flLU6£l 

(g), SLL®<3l]{T-sQaJLD. 

style, &c., QurT(7^&rLC)Ujd<ssLDrTesr€UfTS= 

<SBL£)^ <S(T^S6\)fTe6r(SiJnS^Sl}). 

meaning, 6SI<3friEJsrr^QuiT(7^<c^^ l^<oS>^ 
Diffi-cult-ly, adv. iSlirujfrs=LDmLi^<5'iEj<sL. 


Diffi-cul-ty, s. tSljTUjrrs'tl), Q^nih^iKSif, 

(sSle\)GOlEJSlh^ (ol/0^^lh-y <SEp<SES^U)y OP 
LL®UUfr®^ S^IEJSL-li). 

in settling an account, Ss(^^ 6SI&)6\) 


of breathing, from over-eating, fiiL 

®(ipLi®j fis(^Qp<i(^, 
Diffi-dence, s. s?>-<f,9=LD. [5(T<osorLD, Q&ir 

Dif'fi-dent, a. iBixii3d(ssi<suSi3i)eon^j <si-<^ 
s=Qp(3(r(S{r^ ^(^&uLj(sir(S(r. 
person, s?^<s=s=dsmr&sr^ [5ihi3s<aDauj 

Dif'fi-dent-ly, adv, •B^^^s^inndj., Qsn'bsir 

^^(oSTLDfTUJ^ l5lX)L9<SeS)SU^6SrLDITiU. 

Difflu-ent, a. S'^iupp^ rsfrp/SleiDSdjih 

Dif-fuse', v. a. <s^<5f^^, Qk^^eo^ &^g}i 

as a fluid, sf-(Sijp6C^ seK^^io. 

to be diffused, urn})Lj^&), ujieij^eo, 

Dif-ftise', a. €TiEj(^ihufriB;^<) <sSliurTL9^^. 
Dif-fus'ed-ly, adv, uuih^^ GTiEj(^u:i<2Siff 

(sunih, eSlturTusLDfTiij. 
Dif-ftis'ed-ness, s, ujjihjs^&srioSiLJO)^ (sSluun 

Dif-ftise'ly, adv. (sSlrflojaiLij ^seOiDirujj 


Dif-ftis'er, s. urfuL^Q(SiJnm. 
Dif-fu'sa-ble, a. QuQ^ds^^ds^ ujtuju 



Dif-fu'sion, S. Qs^rSleif^ UHGlJ&DSjtcSluJlTU 
SUD^ (oSlffloDS. 

Dif-fii'sive, a. (sSlffltu^^ds, uuLDu^^^ds, 
Dif-fu'sive-ly, adv. (sSI ffl 6u mii ^ urruumii. 
Dif-tu'sive-ness, s. urrihu^^d<s^€ar€0)LD^ 

Dig, V. a. Qem-'d^eo, ^SQp^eo, Q^rrGssr 

graves, ^6iJS(^L^Q(SiJLL®^60. 

up, Q<sfruLi^60^ Qerr^^do. 

down, or demolish, ^i^^^eo^ ^sn^ 

out, or from, (^L^iufB^^GO^ (^L^Q^n 

through, <s&)^^60j ^&^^&)^ ^'Bsrr 

Di-gas'tric, s. ldu^uljqjoS^, 
Di-gest', s. <s^z_S5rr<5c<F/_l.i_ii), fSujrruuu 
iSlirLjDireoBnjbj fStunLuuiSlrrLDrreaaruQufr 

•Di-gest', V. a. ^iSluiS^^eo^ ^rresSuiSl 

to arrange a subject, QstroDGiJuem 

to bear, without resentment, Qun^ 

in the mind, ^nuunujuui^^^io^ s 

Di-gest', V. n, <sflS^^(so^ Qs=[fl^^<50^ ^jr 

to be prepared by heat, ^eSl^eo^ lj 

• • 


Di-gest'ed-ly, adv. e^QpfEisfTuu^ €uifl<ss)^ 


Di-gest'er, s. ^(L^[Ej(^uu®^^Q<siJiT<ck. 

a medicine, ^iTGSBfluL9d(^ijD(T^iB^. 
Di-gest-i-bil'i-ty, s. ^rres3fl<s<3s^^da^<osr 


Di-gest'i-ble, a. ^iressfids^^ds^ ^iressfl 

Di-ges'tion, s. s^lSIulj^ ^neoGnh^ Qs=ffl 

Di-gest'ive, s. ^irQssrinQ^iB^. 
in siirgferVj '^uisnujih. 


Di-gest'ive, a. ^uemLDiras^^dSf •9'lS 
methodizing, €^(Lpra(^uu®^^Q/Dy 

Dig'ger, s. ^lLl-(^^ ^eo^Qojn&sr, 


Dight, V. a. ^&)iEi3fH^^6))y f^(ipiEj(^u 

Dig'it, s. urEJ(^j (sSlrre)9<^t—. 

of the moon, ^!B^iiQrr(^<35^ ,3=ihfiir<s 

in nidithemditics, ^ GoB uS 60 d <9S L£),^6\) (^, 
Dig'it-al, a. QSljTGO(srr(Surr<oi^, ^ecflaSeods 

Dl-gla'di-ate, v. n. QGOihuLcxsSl'^innQ 

^60j <SiJfrLLQuiTITG<3=LU^60y (SU frefTIT/b & 

Dl-gla-di-a'tion, s. ^l&iLcuuD^ ojaerrfrdQ 


Dig-ni-fi-ca'tion, s. &-iuiTd^iun'd(^<oS)<Sy 
Dig'ni-fi-ed, a. Qi£)<^Q5)LDajrfd<suutl. 
Dig'ni-fy, v, a. ldQ<ss)lduu®^^^(so^ s- 

Dig'ni-ta-ry, s. (^(T^uiSlrr^rreffff, 
Dig'ni-ty, s. Qu(i^fF^S(SS)LD<, Qloostodldj 

LD@(S6)LD, LD<S^^<SUl£i^ ID fT lL Q 60) LD y S^fT 

&srQrj>6m<ss)LD<f ^.tuird^y <S€S3fl<3=ujj Qu 

of mien, Qu/rsi^/o/, s=ihiSlirLDi5<5S)L-^ 
Q<S[T^y iDQ<oS)LDUL^ir€h)^rruih. 
in astrology, SljisQiBrrd^. 
Di'graph, s. fr'0uSliTLDLurEjQLLju)^(7i^uSlQir 

Di-gress', v. n. (suL^(s^eO(^^6\)j QiBiTGSed 

(^^&)j Qu<3rlKJSlTffllJU^^60e:S&)(^^60, 

Di-gres'sion, s. isSI&)d(^(oS)<3s^ ^ul^(ss)<s, 


Di-gress'ive, a. (SuL^(sSl(50(^Qp^ Qibit^u 
Di-gress'ive-ly, adv. (OJi^eSleod-asinUj (su 


Dl-ju'di-cate, v. a. ^S(3sari—'Bssrd(^^^iT^ 



Di-ju-di-ca'tion, s. ^esuTL-.'^ioST^^nuL^, 

Dike, S. GlirTLLld<SIT6\)^ <!EfT60<QUfTLU, S lLQ 


a dam, (SiJumL^^ ^^essr^ ^hld. (^<s(r<s 
slL®, <oirfids&DjT^ (ds=^. 
Di-lac'er-ate, v. a. Qifi^^eo^ iSgii^eo^ 

Di-lac -er-a'tion, s. S^i^ea/, iSppe^-^ iSi 

Di-lap'i-date, v. a. ^l^^s^go^ ^sn^^eo^ 

Di-lap-i-da'tion, s. ^i^eij, ^df/fo/, utr 

Di-lap-i-da'tor, s. ^i^uQunm, rsfr^-^ 

Di-la-ta-bil'i-ty, s. Q9<FfT<sS)ds;i^<s<iE;g<ck 

Di-la'ta-ble, a. €Sls=fT<s^ds^^dsB^ eStms 

Dil-a-ta'tion, s. (a9//?<a/, o^cF/rsu/i), Qu(T^ 

Di-late', v. a. <sS(ifl^^&), (cSleru^ifl^^io, 
.eSl^rreOLDUGssr^u^GO, eSiuuuDfTihuQu 

Di-late', r. n. <sSlrfl^eo^ ^seoio^ uir^^ 

€\)-) USTLDLj^So^ UQ^^^eO^ ^L^^^eO^ Lj 
<53)Z_^^^, Qu(T^(^^40^ QufriEJ(^^60, 

in speaking, unuaLLQ^io^ u(t^ljlSI^ 

Di-lat'er, s. <aSlffleiSuQurr<^, (sSiffleSlLJU 

Di-la'tion, s. ^nuy^LD. 

Di-lat'or, s. g^{B<sSuu^^ u(^ljiSIuu 

Dil'a-to-ri-ly, adv, ^irws^LDrriij, Qffnih 


Dira-to-ri-ness, s. ^(tpssw, ^iruD^ih^ 


Dil'a-to-ry, a. ^ni£>^wiT(Sisr^ Q^irihu/nssr^ 
to be dilatory, @(jf^@^^; ^nw^^^ 

Di-lec'tion, s. Qissihy i^lLlj, ^sstl/. 


Di-lem'ma, s. QpiLQuun®. ^u/tluud^ 
LD€srd,3S(syiTd&^ ^(7K^'2evfSujnujQpi}i(p 


to be in a dilemma, LDGsnassijijuuQ 

Dil-et-tan'te, s, <s(sO€SluiSljiu6SlLuuiSlrfl 

Dil'i-gence, 5. <^^<5?^ul/, Qpiup^^ sge 

Dil'i-gent, a. QpLup&nfen-efr^ s^rrdQir 

man, ^-osiipuuneffl-f i3injun&-f Qpujp 
QiLi&rm(Su<djr^ 3=ndQuGD^u^(2(r<2{r(Qum'. 
Dil'i-gent-ly, adv. ^s=^uSlmrBl^ (Lpiup 

Dill, s. ^-j^J/ffly/T", QiSuiB^iuih. 
Di-lu'ci-date, v. a, (see Elucidate.) Q^ 

Di-lu-ci-da'tion, s. Q^etfleSluLj, 

Dil'u-ent, S, lilT^^<^<oO)LDLUfrd(^€V^^ S=m 
^^<d(^<SlDp ill u^. 

Dil'u-ent, a. ^ffnd(^Qp^ <ss(SS)rrdQpj 

Di-ltite', V. a. i^irfrdt^^eo^ i§iT[T(ofrLDrrd(^ 

^go^ <s<oS)rr^^&}, ^Q<so,5=nd(^^eo^ Old 

(sSl^^do , <F^^ d (5 €S)p^^eo . 
Di-ltite', a. <s<sff)irih^, QldgSHe^.^ Sn^^, 
Di-llit'er, s. ^^^d(^<ssipuu^^ ^nnd(^ 

Di-lti'tion, s. ^(StrdiSijb^ i^iruL^i^ut^y s 

Di-lu'vi-al, ) i3ir<sfruj^^d<sQ^^^ i3 
Di-lii'vi-an, * ) umiu^^nps^u^uiE^^^. 
Dim, 10. a. LDapd(^^6\), LDiEj<s<sond(^^i\)^ 

as the eyes, lj^^^uQuit^go^ u^s^rr 

©^6^, Li^(^s=rrQ;gGO. 

to become dim, e^GfflLLQpikii^^GO^ <5P 

L-.nLDQ^IE](^^GO^(opefflLDIEJSG\)^ WfEJSGOlT 

Dim, a. iDfEJSG0rr6srjSu)LDG\)rre5r,Li<^<3=G0rT 
esr^LDrEJ^GfTLDrTG^, ^uiSlrrsfTS=(ip6frefr. 
eyes, Lj^(^<3=p<SGm^ SLDLopsesar, 
as tlie mindj wib^mneoT^ QpL-.u>neffr. 



Dime, s. 6^iTfsrr6asrLULh. 
Di-men'sion, s. ^<3fr(Sij-f Qmn^^ih, 
Di-mid'i-ate, v, a, <5=LDU[T^u<^(smeo^ 

Di-min'ish, v. a. (^<sg)/d^^6Vj <s-(T^d(^^ 
Di-min'ish, v. n. (^(SGyp^eo, <3?0iEj(^^ev^ 

^GSsfl^eO, (^^(^^60, ^Q^(^^&3^ <5T(i^ 

as objects, Q^^^dsfTLLQ^eo, 
Di-min'ish-a-ble, a. <^<ss^puj<i3f^i^ujj Q 

Di-miii'ish-ing-ly, adv. (^<ss)p<sumLj^ ^ 


Dim-i-nii'tion, s. (^<oS)/Dd(^(o3)s^ ^essfld 
as state, ^l^gij, e^Qdsihj Q^uuei^^ 
of a receding body, Q^^^ssitlL® 

^ QD<S, 

by deduction, sL^eif, 
Di-min'u-tive, s. &gjj(5S)LDGSiUJasnLL®Lh 


Di-min'u-tive, a. <ff^(T^<ssLD!T<osr^ &nSluj^ 
to be diminutive, ^^(^^eu, 3?(r^iEi(^ 

Di-min'u-tive-ly, adv. Q^s^ (^<^puj^ 


Di-min'u-tive-ness, s. ^(osdrssim^ ^pu 


want of dignity, Q^(5S)uo^ ^nu^^'Q^ 

Dim'is-so-ry, a. (sSlQQp^ s-^^jKSi^Qsn 
QsQp^ Sj^uLjQp, 
letter, ^^^rreiis^^LLQ. 

Dim'i-ty, s. ^irLL(BiuL\(5Sii^<s6i(Sij , i3<ssr 

Dim'ly, adv. i£)iEJS6\)rruj^ LJDiEJ(^<sfrLninu, 


• Dini'ness, s. ldieisso^ siximeo, QiFfhseo^ 

of a gem, @(3®. 


of sight, Lj6iD<35S'<feif^ Qihi&rQ<3fr(in^^' i 

^^^SUfTlf}^ <3=fTQ(oOS=fflh^ <S6m'35[T&=LD. 

of the evening light, u)iT'2evL£>LudaLh^ 


of apprehension, ldis^i}}^ s^FKSsjLDuSf 

Dim'ple, s. (^i^-, u^<qx^^ uarmih. 
Dim'ple, v.n. (^Lpj^dv^ u^^&d^ usssfl^ 

Dim'pled, a. ufieufresr, (^l^i^^. 

Din, S. ^(SS)IT^<3'i0^ (lpL^<S&LD^ S=^^LDy 

Din, V. a. ^(o6iii^io, sit^(oG)1—<sss'Q,s=uj 

Dine, v.n. u-spQurf3'(oaT(^Qs=(Ju^(so^ u 

Ding, V. a. '^(^QrfmpL^^^io. 
Ding'-dong, s. LOGSisfls^s^^^ih, QesarQesS 

Din'gi-ness, s. LDfaseo^ ^i(Lps(^^ aiSleo 

zi), LfSlT. 

Din'gle, s. U6ir(srr^^n<s(^^ ^0LD'2e\)^(S)' 

Q(SU6ffJ^ <s soar (surr ill. 
Din'gy, a. ^(Lgsairosr, Q<3'iEja<s\)LniEj<s 

Din'ing-room, 5. QuiTS'<osrs=rT^. 
Din'ner, s. u<3i<sos=<o6nJD^ LD^^ujfr(Ssrs=<5=fT 


an entertainment, <aSI(r^id^. 
Dint, 5. ^uf-, ^n<s(^. 

as force, ueoih, ^^^(Suld. 

as mark, ^(z^tijL/, (su®^ ^^, u^ei^. 
Dint, V. a. {see Indent.) (^i^^^ed. 
Di'o-ce-san, s. (^(r^uLSn^rrecflj s<skr 

Di'o-ce-san, a. (^(i^<sSI(^lLB<ss(Si^^^ 

(^(m^^Qj^^dsL-rsjQiUy s^infTuih^ 

s Qspp . 
Di'o-cese, ") (^(^o^^iLl^y .g^wrruih 

Di'o-cess, ' S ^' 

Di-op'tic, '^ ufTiT(oS)(Sud(^ffluj, Sir 

Di-op'tric, a.^u^L-i^d^ffluj, fsiw 
Di-op'tric-al, ) (ssr^n^^n^^ds®^ 

Di-op'trics, s. &^rru^^un\i^ih<sSl^^ 



Dip, s. ^nuuui^^ ^pdsix). 

Dip, V. a. (o^ffLu^^&), ^i^u^^^sd^ ^ny^ 

to look cursorily, u^ihuL^LurrLuu 
Dip, V. n. Q^fTLu^eOj ^rri^^id, ^tSl^ih 
Diph'thong, s. ^aSiTLDUJssui, fffT^aSiru , 

a proper dipthong, SGDpQujnGQii^iiSl 

ifidsm-^ (lp/bnSl!JJjr)S=IB^LU<S<Srnh. 

an improper dipthong, (^(SSipQiurreSI 

iLjuSlrfl'Bssin-^ (^pnSliu/bs=i5^Lud<sinl). 
Diph-thong'al, a. Fr-(r^iiSrruL^<smir<3'&d3s 

®^^, S-uSlrfLLLudsiresr. 
Di-plo'ma, s. rBLLsQ^L-u^^ffi})^ ^^s^ 

eijdsQ^rr&j €pn^ds^iT^<oorLD. 
Di-plo'ma-cy, s. ^^uuljulLl-iSit^ 

Dip-lo-ma'ted, a. SL-S(r^L-.u^^iT(ip(3(r 

Dip-lo-mat'ic, a. ^d^<sij(ip(Sfr(3fr^ ^^arr 

Dip-lo-mat'ics, 5. Q^ff^uSrrmnisssrw^ 

lSIit ld fTGsafi <i <s^^d s^gO . 
Di-plo'ma-tist, s. ^undQiuuiBuneoesr 


Dip'per, s. ^esieu&QpeuGsr, 

a ladle, ^s29^<si_szDL_, ^<su<o5)Uy u 

Dip'ping, s. Q^fTLUGijy ^u9Lpd&y ew 

needle, srTiB^(sii&. 
Dire, a. uajikisinDrTiosry ^Q&dn€sr^ mnu 


calamity, Qs{TL<f-iU(s^u^^rj'(SiJLD, Qsn 

dreadful, uiuiEJsirLDrT€Gr. 
Di-rect',».ff. (^rSl^^eo^stLi—'2efruS(£l^eo, 

to guide, Q.fu[)(SS)LDuuQ^^e0j^L^<35ir 


to manage, /^i—^^^eo^ fEL^uiSl^^eHj 



how to act, 6iJl^(SiJ(5S)<SSfTLLl—&)^Qs'fT 

a course, &c., iSli^^^6\), srTLLQ^eo^ 

a letter, QLD&)<oSeO[Ts^LDQun®^&i. 
Di-rect', a. QfUffliu^ s^rfliurrGsr, ^lLi— 
LDfTesTy ^rrds(ip&r(srr.f Q^eff}<QijrT<osr, 
tax, Qurf(T^Gtr6ii[fl. 

opposition, (ipp(rr^€srGr^ffl<sDL-y ^itib 
^uesiiSBy (Tppgi]L£)6^<3i]<oii[re6)LL^ eSlQuiT 

Di-rect'er, s, {see Director.) !5u.lji3u 

Di-rec'tion, s. ^gos(^, (^/SIulj, rS^fr 
eurihy QioeOeSlGOiTs^Lr). 
as board, (DLD6\)i£:Sls^fTiT^oSsrds:iEj<s^^fTiT, 
as command, sLLi—'Betr^ <oj(3ueOj sp 

as point of compass, ^d(^y ^(ssis^, 
as tendency, s^fnueij, Qmndsih^ <oT^. 

Di-rect'ive, a. [bl-ul9<sQpj spi^dQp, 

Di-rect'ly, adv. (ssisQiunQi—y (SiDsiLfL- 

as straightly, QtsQir^ Qf5Q<9s. 

as openly, Q^effleundj, Qsueffluunvuy 

Di-rect'ness, s. QtEiT(oG)iL. 

Di-rect'or, s. spiSuQuiKExsr^ <oj<si^<sufT^y 

LSIrrLDrresarih^ slL.l-'^, 
Di-rec-to'ri-al, a. <sbl1.l-^<ssQ^^j eu 

Di-rect' o-ry, s. (Sut^smLu^, (^^^irih^ 

a list of inhabitants, &c., (^u^eSieoir 

a board of managers, QpsrreiDiDssrT 

Di-rect'ress, s. spiSluusii&rj (57Q/<ay/r(Sff-, 

Dire'ful, a. uLuiEJsiriJDfTesry ^Q^&r&r, 

,ff=e^uufr(5sry QQ6\)s=(ip&r(3(r. 
Dlre'ful-ness, s. utuiEJsirihy QQgo^ld. 
Dire'ness, s. uimasnuD^ sQesiLo, QsitQ 




Di-rep'tion, s. Qsir&r'^emuiTQeiDSj @ 
f Dirge, s. s^dsuufTLLQ^ LjeOihupurrtL 

®, ^UUfTffl. 

r Dirt, s. LD63sr^ ^serr. 

as filth, ^(lp<S(^, LDGOlh^ QM^<S5)^, ^ 

Dirt, V. a. j)f(ipd<sfrd(^^d\). 

Dirt'i-ly, adv. ^QpdsrTLu, ^.sif-^s^mrruj, 


Dirt'i-ness, s. ^(ipd(^^^(^<o!DLD. 
as meanness, Gr(srf}<oS)LD. 

Dirt'y, V. a. ^(Lp<S<S5lT<S(^^6\}^ Serr^CS)^ 

DTrt'y, a. <s<3?LDfrG0, ^(ipd(^6(ri2frj <s>iQ^ 

base, mean, lis^Lofrissr, ^L^sunesr. 
cloudy, dark, LDiB^fTinDfTesr^ LDuurr(o3r. 
jm,n^ ^uL^<sQsLLL-<Qij(5cr, FpissTGir. 


to be dirty, ^(T£)<ssrr(^;g6\}. 
Di-rup'tion, s. (see Disruption.) L9(strLj 

Dis-a-bil'i-ty, s. U6))<a^(saril), ueosu^^^ 
incapacity, &-rffQDLD^j5^^!SULSIan-GDLD, 

Dis-a'ble, v. a. QueornQsQ^^GO^ s=^ 
to be disabled, ^(2irnis^Qun(^^<so^ 

Dis-a'ble-ment, s. £^^^Qj<iQ<sQj ueoeS 
Dis-a-btise', c. a. lSIgdlpi§s(^^6\)^ ldsst 
Dis-ac-com'o-date, v. a. Q^mi^Frsi^uem- 

Dis-ac-com-o-da'tion, s. Q^mh^jreij, 

Dis-ac-cus'tom, v. a. <oULp<isL^^^eo^ u 

Dis-ac-knowl'edge, v. a. ld^^^qo^ ^ 

Dis-ad-van'tage, 5. Q^^ld. urrQ, letl 


Dis-ad-van'tage, v. a. ^iSlrrQujrTS'(osrLJ 
Dis-ad-van-ta'geous, a. iELLL-.LDn€Br^ ^ 

Dis-ad-van-ta'geous-ly, adv. (BLLi—iDrr 

Lu^ Q<9=^LDmu^ urTL-rruj, 
Dis-ad-van-ta'geous-ness, s. ^i^itQulkt 

Dis-af-fect', V. a. Qu^^^eo^ L9ffltjj<£(osr 

Dis-af-fect'ed, a. gS^gstuulLl-.^ iSlrfluj 
(^eisrinnG^^ Q<aU£iJULi<3fr(ofr, 
person, <sSIQii!t^^ uprSlideonasr. 

Dis-af-fec'tion, s. Qu^sld^ Qu^ulj^ l9 

Dis-af-firm', v. a. ll^^^go^ €t^ituQu<3? 

Dis-af-firm'ance, s. ld^ul/, gt^itld(5G)jd^ 

Dis-ag'gre-gate, v. a, L9tflsj^e0j u(^^^ 

eu, Q(oU(SuQ(o}j(7rf'd<SG0. 
Dis-ag-gre-ga'tion, s, iSlrfleij., ui^ulj. 
Dis-a-gree', v. n. ^rr6uarQuQ^&)^ lSs^ 

Dis-a-gree'a-ble, a. Q<su^uLi<sn-<sfr^ a. 
(oULL€S)s:Lurr(osr, 6pdj<surr^, ^^Lo/bp, 

person, ^dsis^snii<^^ ^diQjrr^(SU(5^^ 

Qf5Qds<S<9^L—IT^(SUG^<) Q(3U^<SSUU 

Dis-a-gree'a-ble-ness, s. QQj^d<suuQ 
Dis-a-gree'a-bly, adv. Q(su^uuniLi, Q<5u 
Dis-a-gree'ment,s.C?u^«LD, €p(^6urr<oS)iD, 

QufT0IB^fT<SS)LD,tSlffl<Sij^ U<SS)<Sj L9(om<S 

Dis-al-low', V. a. ^srr(&^^ekJ, ld^^j^^go^ 
Dis-al-low'a-ble, a. <FLDLD^ds<s<3k-t—rT^, 

E2 t 



Dis-al-lovv'ance, s. id^ulj^ ^^nQiLn 

Dis-an'i-mate, v. a. <ar(3urr25ssrQs®^^eo, 

Dis-an-i-ma'tion, s, <ffF<aijjT25scrdQs(bl^ sj 


Dis-an-nul', v. a. (see Annul.) mnpg)}^ 

eOf ^L^^^io^ &(SS)^^^6\)j ^(^(Gf^^6\)j 

Dis-ap-par'el, v. a. L^^5ii—(oi5)(QUs'2err^io. 
Dis-ap-pear', ». n. ^^rf^<9'(osrLDn^60^ ld 

as the sun, &c., uQ^6\)j si^^^^^ 

• • 

D is-ap-pear'ance,s. jy;^//?;5c (ssr J) , LDSZD^ Q/ . 
Dis-ap-point', r. a. isu:)iSl,s<56isQa(Si^^ 

to be disappointed, (oreGsrem-iEjQsrr'^ 

^6U, f5ll)lSlQLDfTS^LhQuiT(^^60^ [5lJdl3<S 

Dis-ap-point'ment, *. sfrffliu^^oj^^ ^ 

■^©9 (^Lpuuih^ iSl^esru)^ eiSldQesrih, 

Dis-ap-pro-ba'tion, 8. Ln(sur<s(^QDp^ l3 

Dis-ap'pro-ba-to-ry, a. LD<5Grd(^€S)pu 

Dis-ap-pro'pri-ate, v. a, <sf-iufT^6srLDL^ 

Dis-ap-prov'al, s. w^uLf^ fServsrfluLj, 
Dis-ap-prove', v, a. in^^^eOy iBirnsffl^ 

Dis-arm', v, ft. f§lrrfTLLj^(^ds<so^ ueoe^ 

Dis-ar-range', v. a. fS'2eo(^'^^^60^ (^ 

LpULj^GO, ^n^LDn(irj>d<SB(SOj Q[5IT<oS)LD(^ 

Dis-ar-range'ment, s, (^i^uuii), ^n^ 

Dis-ar-ray', s. (^L^uuih, ^ng^jLLir^^ <5t 

dss^^dsuiy ^eOiEjQsrTisOLD. 

undress, L^(S6>L-<^<3u<s'bofr(s^. 
Dis-ar-ray', v. a. Li(oS)L^<oa)QJs'2err^60. 

to rout, (^L^uLj^iOj ^ff^^^eVj ^ffl 


Dis-as'ter, ». ^qdl.^^^ ^umuih, if 

Dis-as'ter, v. a. Q<s®^^&)^ <su(mg^uu 

of a planet, QusLDLBi^^^eo. 
Dis-as'trous, a. ^(SijeoQpisrrefr^ QsQ^ 

Dis-as'trous-ly, adv. jif(su&)LDmu QsQ 

Dis-as'trous-ness, s. ^es)L^^^,^dr 


Dis-a-vow', V. a. ^6060^^lL®<s60, ld^ 

Dis-a-vow'al, ) ^^nuQud-sr^ uj 

Dis-a-vow'ment, ' 5 ^^^-i ^eoeo^^ 

Dis-band', v, a. j}j€6sFI(^'26\)^^gOj <3l.l1. 

Dis-band', v,n. (^^^eo^ iSfft^eOj e£l&} 

Dis-be-Iief, s. fEihLSIsGS)suS(osri£)y ^(sS<3r 
Dis-be-lieve', v. a, fEiliurrfi(T^^^0Oyifis 
Dis-be-liev'er, s. ^(sS^eufr^y fsihtSld 


Dis-bow'el, v. a. ^L-QGO®^jstsOy(^L-&} 
Dis-bur'den, v. a. ^pd^/seo, ^odlduS 

Dis-burse', v. a, u6sanmQsn®^^eo^ Q^ 

Dis-burse'ment, s. Qs^eoeij^ Os'6\)<s^Q, 
Dis-burs'er, s. uemiEjQsfr^uQunmy 

Disc, S.U[Fl^(SiJLLl—.ll>^U[fl^^QlT<S(ip<55LD, 

Dis-card', v. a, <sl^^^60, ^(skf^^eOy^ 
sr^^^6\)-) !§d(^^60j <5r®^^LjQurr®^ 
eo, (sSeod(^^<so. 
to be discarded, GT®u®^60y i^ssuu 

®^6\), SL^U®^<SO, 

Dis-car'nate, a. ^G^s^si^dsuuLLu.* 
Dis-case', v. a. ^t-Qsyp'Sifi^^eo. 
Dis-cern', v. a. sfremi^s^eVj Q^rfl^do^ s- 
&^(T^^eOj ^Q^^eOj Q^iT^6\)» 



Dis-cern'er, s. sfremQurrsm^^fflQuQufT 

Dis-cern'i-ble, a. ^fressr^^dsy j^j/SIlu^ 
Dis-cern'i-ble-ness, s. sfT6m-^^ds^<ssr 
Dis-cern'i-bly, adv. ^rSLud<9rL.i^Lu^frLu, 

Dis-cern'ing, s. ^nSI'SiDSy Q^iBqds^ lSIst 

Dis-cern'ing, a. sjfSQp, ^QsQp^ iSu 

Dis-cern'ment, s. siT<o3ur6\}y o-emrreii-, sj 

jSeijy Q^GffJsij, S§KdSLhy <3S(7^^^j S^IT 

by the eye, sirsmt^io. 
Dis-cerp', v. a. Ql^^^&), 
Dis-cerp-i-bil'i-ty, s. Qi^ss^^ds^ear 


Dis-cerp^i-ble, a, Qt^dads^u^oj^ iSl[ft 

Dis-cerpUion, s, lSIiL^^So^ QmGsnSm' 

(osnnn<s(^<5S)<Sy iSIl1-(^(35)<s, 
Dis-charge', s. uniii£lp<s(^(56)S, 

acquittance, iikjaeo^ ei^^^'Sex), iBuir 

explosion, Qqjl^j ^^iTQ(SiJi^. 
ransom, eS!®^'2is\)j l^lLQ, Qurr<s(^. 
unloading of a ship, ^pd<^<56i<s. 
from a sore, liirumii^dv, Qji^^eo, & 

from office, /fcs^^aj, ^(3(r^^6\)y (sSl 

of a debt, ^s^uq. 
Dis-charge', v. a, urSliu<sSl®^GO, 
a debt, ^^^^eo^ ^fr^^eo, 
arrows, Q3^^^^^<so^i3uQuj(tQ^^<so. 
to acquit, (^ppLSl60'2isvQLu<5ar^^n^ 

to let go, (sSQ^iOy ^(ck(Gf^^60. 

to let off a gun, Q^i^^ir^eo^ Q<sul^ 

fire works, QjaesarmiQsiTi^^^^eOy 

to unload a ship, u^^^go, ^iS^^ 
do, ^pd(^^&}. 


an obligation, ^s^^^&)j Qs=s2J^^ 
one from office, ^srri^^eb, i§d(^^eO, 

duties, UJJITLDffl^^eOy Q^[f}(^LDQ<3=lL^ 

to be discharged, 3>i^d<suuQ^60y 
Dis-charg'er, s. Q(Sui^s[Tir<sur, urrinSIp 

Dis-cinct', a. uk^inpp^ ^eSli^dsuu 

Dis-ci'ple, s. ^(Qi^<^, LDfT(^dsi^, 
Dis-ci'ple, r. a. uL^uiSl^^do^ uaSIpp 

Dis-ci'ple-ship, s, LD!T(^ds^^<QiJWy ^ 

Dis'ci-plin-a-ble, a. Q^pd^^u^Lu^ ul^ 
LJiSldsuuL-^^dsy ^(i^i5^d<3k-Uf-ajy 

Dis*ci-plin-a-ble-ness, s. uu^ui3d<su 
uL-diS^i^tu^esroDLDj ^dQ'2isin'dQ<s 

Dis-ci-plin-a'ri-an, s. Qufr^s^sdr^ QlL 

Dis-ci-plin-a'ri-an, a. QiLQld^^^ds. 
Dis'ci-plin-a-ry, a, <oTd<Fffld<oS)S(ij<sire(rj 

<s<oSsri^ui^(Sfr(Sfry ^(^(ssisu^&refr. 
Dis'ci-pline, s. <5rd<^[fld<sDSy asmu^^uD^ 

^eaari—'^^n'y QlL&ul^, &LL<3=aLD, u 

£p.<2!/, ULpdSLL, UuSp&y ^(Lp[5J(^. 

subjection to laws, Qu^uuLsf.<sn^ ^i^. 
Dis'ci-pline, v. a. uuuQp^^^ed^ crs-fifl 

the mind, ^(t^^^^eo^ Q^p^^oO^ 

to be disciplined, ^ituuQ^jSlju®^ 
6U, ^dQ^2em-uu®^^uu(B^60.. 

Dis-claim', «. a. ^&n-(ef^^<so^ mg^^^GO, 

Dis-claim'er, s. .^(ar(Gr^QQjnmy iDgfju 

Dis-close', V. a. smLQ^eo^ i^hs^iej'Q^ 



a plan, s(i^dQ(S3)L—<sfTLL(Sl^&)^ sQ^d 
SfTtLQ^so^ Qijjrrs''2Qn'QDLuQ(3yeff}uu(bl 

secrets, gSIlL(SisQ^ij®^^<so^ ^pk^ 

Dis-clos'er, s. ^piB^<!BnLL®QQj!TGir^ 
Q(QU(ZfflLJu(Sis^^Q<suiT(osr] Sirrs=iEjQ^ ©9 

Dis-clos'ure, s. uQriiEj&ih^ iSlu&^^ih^ 
L9rrs=rEJ<sm^ urffrQuJili. 

Dis-col'or, V. a. fSpQev/b^GDmuu®^^ 

GO, SpLonpgu^io^ S(55)puu®s;^<50. 

to be discolored, m^rSpuu®^eo^ S 


Dis-col-or-a'tion, s. i§lpi})LDfTp^(oS)<3s, <su 


Dis-col'or-ing, a. i^pthmfT^Qp, s,os)p 

Dis-com'fit, s. ^u<?^iLfzi), (^'Sgoq/, Q^rr 

Dis-com'fit, V. a. Q^pL^^^eo, ^'Ssu^^ 


to be discomfited, s^niLi^GO^ ^lLi—l^ 
Dis-com'fit-ure, s. ©.'Ssoe)/, &-'^s='3=60, 

■s'^ULj^ (^"SSOSY, S=mljLJLjj ^LLt—L^ 

Dis-com'fort, s. LD(oar<ss60dsih<y^<ss<s5i})^ 

Dis-com'fort, v. a. LD(SsriEJ^GOd(^^&)^ ld 
esrihQfBrruuQ^^eO^ ^(^^eouu®^^ 
eu, ^LurrLJu®s;^eO. 
Dis-com-mend', v. a. ^si^^eo 
Dis-com-mend'a-ble, a. ^sLpuuL^d^ 

CD CD » 

Dis-com-mend-a'tion, s. ^st^eij, ^<au 

Dis-com-mode', v. a. Q^ni^osiiruGm' 

Dis-com-mo'di-ous, a. Q^rrih^GDnQs^tu 

vu^^ss^ Q^rr60'^uuL-^^<s<s. 
Dis-com-pose', v. a. sgosi^^go^ Q<sn 

Dis-com-pos'ure, s. Qan'^iz^^ s^o/, 


Dis-con-cert', v. a. sj'^dai^^^eo^ jfj 
'Seo^^eb, (^LpuLj^eOy <sseod(^^eOj <s 
'^^^60^ u^pdQs'dj^Gd. 
to be disconcerted, <5T<om€fforiEJ<s'^^ 

60^ Qs(7^^eO, ^®LDn^^eO. 
Dis-con-cer'tion, s. S(oOs(^<o6is^ LoesTLo 

L^Gjn<s(^<oS)s^ LD(oarcs)jsds6od(^<oS)<s. 
Dis-con-form'i-ty, ^^ ^(mj(suiT<o6)L£), 
Dis-con-grti'i-ty, * ^ (oO)s=gSI^(oS)ld. 
Dis-con-nect', v. a. iSl[fl^^6\)^ Qsn'bso^ 

Dis-con-nec'tion, 5. iSlffleii, i3!Fi(sS'2Gsr^ 

Q<SU^U(T®y Qs=IT^fid(olDSuS^QDLDj ^j 

Dis-con'so-late, a. ^(Trj'ds^v'^LLj&refry 
^^^6\)pp, ^lLi—L^ib^^ ^d^Qp&r 

Dis-con'so-late-ly, adv. ^ssLDnin^ <f(^ 

^GOLDfTLUj L\(3OLDUG0rrdj. 

Dis-con'so-late-ness, s. ^ssth^ ^'(^.sf 
Dis-con-tent', s. LD<osrs(^€S)p.^ ^Q^^^uSf 


Dis-con-tent', v. a. LD6iynEja6\)<i<^^60^ ld 

Dis-con-tent', a. ^(T^^fiuSeoeOrT^^^eurr 
(Sii&refT^ ^<oS)LDUJrr^, LD<3srL£)L^<Si^(Sfr(ofr. 

Dis-con-tent'ed, a. w0srs^L^uuLDiT€sry 
LD(ssrsri£>L^ujLSISo&)rT^if ^^^eopp, 

Dis-con-tent'ed-ly, adv. LLesrs^Lpuu 


Dis-con-tent'ed-ness,s. iz)spr<5@tptjtji2), 

Dis-con-tent'ment, s. uD(oisr.^f^^ioSlm- 

<oS)tii^ LD(sar<s<s60dsihj QQeo 

&)u)y Srnhi£lajLD. 

/TO/, ^ffluLf. 

Dis-con-tin'ue, v. oJ/O^ei), g^l^^go^ ep 

fS<ok^<sSI ®^60 . 

intercourse, ;S%«ul9//?^6U, s-petjeSQ 

S=LDj <3F(^^ 

5 <Sl/) G^iilGlJj 



Dis-con-tin'u-er, s. eSltLQeSJ^QpojiSsr, 

S^^^ Qp Qj ear . 
Dis-con-ti-nti'i-ty, s. ujbr^<oor<o!DLDj ^l^ 

Dis-con-tin'u-ous, a. u/b/Slan-s^DLniuneor^ 

(sS lLl-j ^P ih^, e^L^ is^. 
Dis'cord, s. iSlrfl<S}^, Qu^ld^ Qu^sld^ ep 

between persons, iSlifldS^sm-y iSiems 

in music, ^ixn-Qjfi€S)<9'uSl(^&DLD, @<S2a^ 

Dis-cord'ance, > iSltckeiffJ^i}), Qu^ 
Dis-cord'an-cy, ' ) ^, ^pdKsuiTQDLD, u 

EJSlh, L^eOTiSSrii), 'sSl<SL—LD,Q<SiJp^<o6)LD. 

Dis-cord'ant, a, Qu^LDfrear, LSesTiosf}^ 

Dis-cord'ant-ly, adv, Qu^LDrTLu^LSImesfl 

Dis'count, 5. ,s5i^6ij^ ^(S(r(ef^ui^. 
Dis'count, V. a. si^^^i3\)^^Gfr(ef^^60y (^ 

to be discounted, iSL^^eOt 
Dis-coun'te-nance, s. Ljps.ssGssfluLi, l9 

Dis-coun'te-nance, v. a. (ips(ip(B^^<30^ 

Dis-coun^te-nan-cer, s. (ipsQpn^dQp^n 
Dis-cour'age, u. a. ^^aSlff}LU(sS(Ssruu®^^ 

lQ'^(^'b30^^6\)y QpOjpQlUL^^^iOj LD 

to be discouraged, in<5^iEj.3S(oOrEJ(^^0Oj 
Dis-cour'age-ment, 5. ^uSItfliLKs^esrtl)^^ 

Dis-cour'ag-er, s, ^uSlffluj(s^(osruu®^^ 

Q<aUWmr^ ^<S5)l—Qs=djQ (SUIT GST. 

Dis-course', s, Qu^^^ ^ihufrei^'^sssr^ u 


a composition, Q-0Dji<surT<f<stlij eSluir 

a harangue, LSrrs=iij<si})» 

pleasant, (^G(f}iTih^Qu^'9?j LDir^rfliu 


Dis-course', u. a, Qu^^go^ Qun^s]^&3^ 
to harangue, lSIit<fiejQ^£56\)^ eSlpu 

COT 6377^^ 6\). 

Dis-cours'ive, a. iSljTS'fEJs^^d(^fBuj'f 

Dis-court'e-ous, a. (see Courteous.) ^ 

Dis-court'e-ous-ly, adv, LDffluj[TQD^S<55r 


Dis-court'e-sy, s. ^€uld^, sf^Jiniflujni 
Disc'ous, a. ^SGOmnGsr^ ^<ssL.rr(Ssr^ ^^ 


Di^-cov'er, v. a. <sn<om(^^i50^ ^<om-®iS^ 

to one, afTil.ujL.sQsrT(Sl^^io. 

to oppose to view, ^p^^(s\)^ srrLL& 

Dis-c6v'er-a-ble, a. semQiSJi^sads^L. 


Dis-c6v'er-er, s. <3S6m-QtSli^dQp(i2jm-. 
Dis-c6v'er-y, s, .s/rep/eo)^, <srr6mi-.G0y 

Q(QlJ!Sff}LJUrTQ^ Lj<o\}LJU®6S)<S, 

the thing discovered, sniLQuQurf 

Dis-cred'it, s. rsuDiSldGD-^uiSli^QDLDj tnfi 

Dis-cred'it, v. a. s^ihQ^Q^^do^ ^s=rr^ 

^6^5 s€ar(sS'(ouruu®^^eo. 
Dis-cred'it-a-ble, a. r5fT<3m-Lud(^(5s)p<surT 

u^(osrLDfT<oar., ^s^rB^Qiunow. 
Dis-creet', a. <5S(ou<osr(ip<3ir<3fr, Quuns^'^fssriLi 

&r<ofr<) ^rriTtLKaijtsirefr^ Lj^^tijefrefrj <aSt 

Dis-creet'ly, adv, s(Su<osrLDfnLj, Qujit<9=%^ 

Dis-creet'ness, s, rS^nesrmj L-j^^y fsn 

em'Luuiy ^<ssLhy s^ndQ^ss)^, 
Dis-crep'ance. ^ epdjeurre^DLn, Q(sup 
Dis-crep'an-cy, * y ^ezo/x), i3[fl(sSl'2esrf 

Dis-crep'ant, ^ (Fr^rrrreurj Qmp^ 
Dis-crete', ' ^ <5(Du:)U^(dfr€rr^<op®j(Sun^, 



Dis-cre'tion, s. ^;6l<sij. l/^^, @t^s=^, 

Dis-cre'tion-al, a. Lf^fiddsQ^^, Qujn<f 

'^tBsriLi'sir&r . 
Dis-cre'tion-al-ly, , ) ^ ear 63i9 (Si!^ 
Dis-cre tion-a-ri-ly, ^ l_ u u /^, 

Dis-cre'tion-a-ry, a. L^^^iuam-^ ^it/tllj 

<siJ&r(ofry ^(Ssr<ssflL-L^(ip(sn'(ofr. 

power, ^6sr6afl(si^i—6u^s{TjLh. 
Dis-cre'tive, a. iSiBsQp^ Q&j/b^<oG)Lo<3Sfr 

lL®Q/d^ Qu^sQp. 
Dis-cre'tive-ly, adv. Qu(5S)^(5S)iDajauj^i3 

Dis-crim'iii-a-ble, a. u(^^^nSlLU^^dsy 

Dis-crim'in-ate, v. a. (^rSl^^eOj Q^h^ 

Dis-crim'in-ate, a. uc^^ssuulLl-^ (o<sij 

Dis-crim'in-ate-ly, adv. (^fBuunib, u 

Dis-crim'in-ate-ness, s. u(^^^nSI<siij <a9 

Dis-crim-in-a'tion, s. (sSlQ^asih^ ^<ssar 
(ooarfSlQ^^ <s(T^^^^ Q^itJ^&j u(^^^^ 

a man of, s(^^^iT6fBy <2I9Q<quQ^ H^^ 

Dis-crim' in-^'tiv e, a. ^6m-(oG)LD Lu IT issTy u 

mind, ^6m'(oiDL£>LUfT6orLD6srLDj ^^yQ 

(SSrLD(SSrLD, <3^fflLULj^^y <oSlQ(SlJ s ih* 

Dis-crim'in-a-tive-ly, adv. (^nSluuirLu^ 


Dis-cul'pate, v. a. (^ppiSleo'^Qujm-^ 

Dis-cum'ben-cy, 5. s^nuLik^({^s(ssis, 
Dis-cum'ber, v. a. u[Tiii<i(^^GO, 
Dis-cur'sive, a. ^Q^s=(3i\(3(r<o{r, Q6ij<SijQ<3u 
((rj>€6r, ^"Ssosi/fsfreyr, £ujmuiEJ<s'derrQiu(6i 

Dis-cur'sive-ly, adv, [SajmuiEJSfTLLL^^s 

Dis-cur'sive-ness, s. ^rrfTiliih^iSujfnuih 


Dis-cur'so-ry, a. filtuiTLuQLDQ^^dsiTLL 

Disc'us, s. (^^<oS)rrs=9l&}. 

as disk, <ff=ih^rr(^rfluj6ULLL^u)j ufflfi 

in botany, eSfflk^L^^ uiflsuiLL^Lrar 

Dis-cuss', V. a. Suj[TUJi£)Qu<3?^6\)y Qluit 

Lu^eOy ^rriTdjfB^Q,frr606\)(so. 

in medicine, <s&s)n'^^&d^ (suppuuem 

Dis-cuss'er, s. iBuuiruu^niB^umy Siuniu 
<oiS<9=rrir2i5ssrsafTii<^y s=ldu(T(qi^S(^, 

Dis-cus'sion, s, ^(r^dsilij £uLg<st(^, eSI 
QjtT^LDy e^Stsusrrinli, £SI<ff=iTji2essry ^ihurr 

Dis-cuss'ive, a. iSLumuiixsSl^rTffldQpp ^ 

irndjd&ULi<sir<o(ry s<oO)!j<sQp. 
Dis-cii'tient, a. (suuf-eSdQpy <supg)j(oSd 

Qpy Q^GffJeiSdQp, 
Dis-cn'tient, s. Ojppuueasr^ijQpLD^ 

Dis-dain', s. ^<s:il.GSit—, ^LSIinrr^vrihjjif 
Dis-dain', v. a. uL^^^eo, ^su^^io, iBih 

Dis-dain'ful, a. iBiB^'^esruLi&refry^siso^^ 
Lurresr, QLDLLu^<oS)LDUjn<osr, 
gestures, Qs=LL<oiDL—y <oS>[5uj[T6mi^, 
remarks, uL^QiLfTL^f /fszosul/^ 


Dis-dain'ful-ly, adv, ^<si5<5a)^LutTiLi, ^ 

Dis-dain'ful-ness, s. ^su^d9ly iBiesi^^ 

Dis-ease', s. <2SluuiT^y Q[5nuj^ &.Qrrrrsu}f 

Ulemiy GDf5UJ6\), 

epidemic, iDrTir<si£). 

acme, or crisis of, ^!T€3aT®d<^pp(sSl 

LUfffiy ^s^fT^^LuQirrrsu). 

deceptive, s&r(S(r<oSiurT^, 
Dis-ease, ». a. Qf5/nuCju®^^eo, 
Dis-eas'ed; a. (sSujit^uulLi^^ l^q^il^ 

Dis-eas'ed-ness, s, QiBir^^^ iSlessfluu 



Bis-em-bark', v, a. ^jD<S(^^6\}f urSf^^ 
Dis-em-bark', v. n. ^/dieji^^go^ sgdit 

Dis-em-bark-a'tion, 5. ^pdsih. 
Dis-em-bar'rass, v. a. ^ip^^^&j, &s6S 

Dis-em-bar'rass-meiit, s. <si^ps^<oS)s^ & 

Dis-em-bit'ter, v. a, s^uLjidi^^do,^ 

Dis-em-bod'i-ed, a. ^.i—eSleafli^^LSIrfJ 
ih^y SL.L-eo<s:SLL®!§[EjQuj^ Q^^^u 

Dis-em-bod'y, v. a. Q^s^<oS)^§s(^^6\)^ 

Dis-em-bogue', v. a. sl^qp<ssuuitujs=s: 
Dis-em-bogue', v. n. sL^Qp<sa^n)unih 
Dis-em-bogue'ment, s. ^p^^ff&i—pi^ 
Dis-em-bow'el, v. a. (^L-.GOi3(Si!E]aeo,(^ 

Dis-em-broil', v, a. ^ssgu^^io^ s6d& 
Dis-en-a'ble, v. a. ^^^<ouiejQ£b(9i^^<so^ 

Dis-en-chant', v, a, aLLL-.<sSlu^^^ed^ ll 

Dis-en-chant'er, s. <^6^LuS<sijrTrr<om-(osr, 

^<SDL—iU'S(^Q(Sun'€sr^ SLLi—eSlihuQuiT 

eST, LDUJ<SB6Blh^lTLjQufT<^, 

Dis-en-cum'ber, v. a. <5^^j2/^a), i§d(^ 

Dis-en-cum'brance, s. i§<s'(^<oSi<s, eSleod 

Dis-en-gage', v. a. (cSlQ^'^uurTdaio^ i 
dQ<sSl®^(so^ ^Lpp^^eo^ QetruLj^GO^ 

Dis-en-gag'ed, a, <3?LU[T^(5srLDiT<osrj (sSIQ 


Dis-en-gag'ed-ness, s. eSlQ^^^ Sriurr 
Dis-en-gage'ment, s. (oSl(Si^'^Luns(^ 

<oS)S^ (sSlQLDrT^SSrLDI7cS(^<oS><35j I^IEJ(^ 

Dis-en-roll', v. a. Quuj(S6)ir^L^^^so. 
Dis-en-tan'gle, v. a. sLpibg>i^GO, ^6^ip 

hair, thread, &/C., &dQsQ^^(5\)j Qd 

with a comb, Qd^SiJn'EJ(^^ei>. 
Dis-en-tan'gle-ment, s. i§d<su>^ (sSl®^ 

"BsD, (sSIQlD(T<S^(^STLD. 

Dis-en-throne', v. a. u^^nnff<om^<3S)^ 

Dis-en-tl'tle, v. a, u LLL-^fi<sS}(7^ih^QSl 

Dis-en-trance', r. a. ^<qu<3pib^it^^<sv^^ 

Dis-es-pouse', v. a. LD6m<sun^d(oi^s<s£l<s\) 

Dis-es-teem', s. ^suld^ul^^ ^(aULDtresr 

Dis-es-teem', v. a. Lfpdaes^^^dOy ^ 

Dis-fa'vor, s. Osu^ulj, iSlrf)Lu<s^(ssnx)y 

Dis-fa'vor, «. a. Qm^^^e^, iblLl-^uu 

Dis-fa'vor-er, s. Q(SU£i/<s5QpQjek,^&r^ 

Dis-fig-u-ra'tion, 5. ^-^uut^uLf. ^q^ 

Dis-fig'ure, v. a. Q<sn60iEjQs®^^G0^ 2.. 
(i^ (all L^^^io , LSl€ur(Ssruu ®^^^e\) , ^ 

to become disfigured, SL(^<suL^^6\)y 
Dis-fig'iire-ment, s. ^eoraQsneOLOy s_ 

^LJLjdQs®j ^ fEJ <S U lEJ <£S LI) , 

Dis-fran'chise, V. a. ueo<56rL^^^iOy ^^n^ 

Dis-fran'chise-ment, 8. iB'^ujL^uLiy^u 
Dis-fur'nish, v. a. (ip<srv^<oiD^SirfT<3Sffl^ 



Dis-gar'ri-soTij v. a. Lj(S)/@cra<5^.<a9(^<£(35 
Dis-gorge', v. a. (suirih^^^eo^ <s<s(^^6\}^ 
Dis-gorge'iiient, s. (surrih^ui^, sS(^y a. 
Dis-grace', s. ^(SuQa^^^ ^(SULorTioSrLD, 

Dis-grace', v. a. ^(s>jid^^^&), ^Lfi<sij 

Dis-grace'ful, a. ^€iJLDrT(osr(ip(3frGrry Q<a/ 
LL<3S(ip<3fr<o[r^ ^isus^tijGDSiLjGfrefr. 
language, ui^s^Q-ff^freo^ fSihaD^s^Q^rr 

Dis-grace'ful-lyj adv. ^jaiLDnesTLDiruj, @ 

Dis-grace'ful-ness, s. ^QJiDireffni), <sfiej 

•Dis-gra cer, s. ^(SULDrTG^uuQ^^QojfT 

Dis'gre-gate, v. a. iSifli^^ed^ Q^puu 

Dis-guise', s. Q<sij<aL^Lb, QunLudQ<sfrei> 

Dis-guise', V. a. mG^p^^oO^ e^efflsj^do, 

one's self, Qsu(si^.(EJsrTLLQ^60j Qurr 


for performing a play, Q<sfT60iE/<sLL 

Dis-gulse'ment, 5. QunujsQsirsOuD^ ldit 

Dis-giiTs'erj s. Qsna^dsmri^^ LDrT/fs^<sfr 

Dis-gust', s. Q(au^uLf, ^Qirrr<FSLD^ ^ 

Qnn&UH^ &^QuLL(oS)<ff=^ LSllflLUtsS<oUrLh^ 
^S'lEjQuJll), UuSllTULf, 

Dis-gust', V, a. Q6ijjru^^&)^^Qrrfr&^^&} 
to be disgusted, ^Qn(T<f<SLi}(3^L—^io, 

Dis-gust'ful, a. ^-6iJLLi—fT€sr, Q(qu^uuit 

<osr^ ^QrrfTQuUfTGSr. 

Dis-gust'ful-ly, adv. ^(^(snQ^uumb^ ^ 

Qnn&uuniL^ uuSliruundj. 
Dis-gust'ing, a. ^Qiin&ssuU(sm^}jQ 

p, QQJ^<SS<SSlJU6SBr^ijS)p. 


Dis-gust'ing-ly, adv. Qsyn^uundj^ ^ 

Dish, s. (SuiLu^ed^ ^il.L.ihy uir^^nih, 

^j(Sffl(o5)<^^ (SfijiSfrefrLD. 

as food, s_(5i33rQ/, jysrTrril). 
Dish, V. a. ua^^rr^^puoDL^^^eO. 
Dis-ha-bille', > i^dQsn&r., ^^Q^srr 
Dis-ha-bil', y gdl^, (^uumuLD, 

Dis-har'mo-ny, s. ^(oos^e^lsbrsiDLi), L9ffl 

Dis-heart'en, v. a. <ss)^iflvu(cS<5cruu®^^ 

to be disheartened, LD(oortij3>eOfEj(^^ 

Di-shev'el,v. a. (^"hso^^eo ^& c^ itu lj^go . 
Di-shev'el-ed, a. (^^/f^, QgSIit^^. 

to be disheveled, &i^nd(^^&). 
Dish'ing, a. (^GG)L—(sij(S{r(S(r. 
Dis-hon'est, a. rBnGmvurkiQ^LLi—, gu^ 

s='2Q!njLiek0fr, LjireffJiqekar^ QrsiTQSiLDLu 

pp^ if^iLf^&r.) QujfTdQujLDpPf iB^n 


unchaste, ^n^^Qpofrefr^ ^si^s^Qllj 

Dis-hon'est-ly, adv. fEfrGssnueSesTLDfTUj, 
LjjGfflLurrdj, ^QiurrdQiLiLDfTLLj^ rErreasr 
Lu^^uufTLU, QisfrQ-si—nib. 

Dis-hon'es-ty, s. <sui—ld^ Ljrr<sff}j/5iliL9d 

Ssrr, fEfTGssnudQtsQ^ fBrreaariud&lGOGOixi. 

unchastity, spi3(ck<oi^uo>.s^tT^^^<oi5nh. 

Dis-hon'or, s. ^6ULDfT<osnl>, ^suQir^fi^ 

^ifienj, Q^GDID., ^fTL^iSl^, ^fTipS=9.,^ 

Dis-hon'or, v. a. j^€ULDrT<5sruu®^^^G0y 

^nUD^^^GO^ SpUL^^^GO^ LDnGsriEjQs 

a bill, ^(Suld^^^gOj Qs^GOGOrnDpuesar 
emi SJGO . 
Dis-hon'or-a-ble, a. lEnGmiuihQsLLL-^ 
^<ajL£)rT<om'(ip(ar<ofr^ ^st^dQiufTeoTj Qip 

€tDLDUJrT(oSr, ^€iJ,S:iEI(ol^<S5LLj(3frefr. 

Dis-hon'or-a-bly, adv. f5[T0^iu3,Q& 

Lu^ ^(SiJLDnesnuffdj^ <FtEj<5S)su^esrLDrTiij, 

Dis-hon'or-er, s. ^6ij,gFtEj<oS)<su<om-^]j 

Q<3UrT<^, ^<5ULDfTeurLDU&klT^}jQp<SiJm'. 



Dis-in-car'cer-ate, v. a. Q'35)p^<st'(^^&)^ 

^!TS=UfT6\)€Gr(^Qs=UJ^&)j Q (oSyp lE" lL (^ 

Dis-in-clin-a'tion, 5. Ooj^hul^^ iSifluu 
Dis-in-cllne', v. a. iSlrFlujisSearuu®^^ 
Dis-in-fect', v. a. Q^rTp^(sSuj(T^LnrTih^ 
Dis-in-ge-nil'i-ty, s. ^ih^irihj Ljirsffj^ s_ 


Dis-in-gen'u-ous, a. ^-QeorruopGrrefr^ ^ 
IB ^ IT (tp (Sir err, ^t-uirinQpen-err^ QipoDLo 
luireor, LjiiGiftLLjerrerr. 

Dis-in-geii'u-ous-ly, adv. ^^QGOiruLDrr 

Dis-in-gen'u-ous-ness, s, S-Qedfruih^^ 
Dis-in-her'it, v. a. Q^rfleaim-si^uLj/DLDurr 

Dis-in^te-gra-ble, a, u(^^LU{TUJUL9{fts 

Dis-in'te-grate, v. a. ut^^uuirinuiSif}^ 

Dis-in-te-gra'tion, s. iSlffluLj^ ui^ui^. 
Dis-in-ter', i>. a. s^guiejQ&tljli^go. 
Dis-in'ter-est, s. ^/btSlffltuLSlesrss^LD, 
Dis-in'ter-est-ed, a. uQsrnusmrQpefrGfr^ 

Dis-in'ter-est-ed-ly, adv. uQnnusnif 


Dis-in'ter-est-ed-ness, s. ^mesriJutkjSQ^ 

^fT&DLD^ uQirau-asfTirth. 
Dis-in-ter'ment, s. ^ofrj^/ezo.^, <S(osrissnh^ 

Dis-in-thrall', v. a. &(ss)pu^il.^^60^ u 

Dis-in-thrall'ment, s. 9l(oS)pLBtLQ, uis 

Dis-in-ure', tj. a. ^esrui^ujns'uu®^ 

Dis-in-volve', v. a. slLl-(sSud^^&3, Q& 

Dis-join', v. a. s\&i^^^'i iSifl^^&i-f <3s 
essru^^^iOj ^<i(^^eo^ Quiuff^^eo, 
parties, &c., s'bso^^iOj Q^ir^^eo, 


Dis joint', v. a. ^GS)ff<si^Qs(^^^io^ ^is 
to become disjointed, Q<srTs^dQsn 

Dis-joint'ly, adv. ^(^s^Gt^QsL-niu^ tSlrfl 

(sSl^BoSTLUfTUJ^ LSIrfl<sijfruj. 
Dis-junc'tion, 8. iSlifleif^ @s25)<9;ei/C*<s(P, 

Dis-junct'ive, s, i3iflil'hs^^<oS)L^<3=Qs^tT 

Dis-junct'ive, a. LSfflsQp^ QunQ^eiri^ 


conjunction, LSIif}fS'2G\)^GDL-.s=Qs^rreOy 

Dis-junct'ive-ly,a(?i7. LSIrflQjmu,(STfirrfTUj. 
Disk, s. Qjj&^Q^nppuD, Q^&ld^ ldgost 

light faced, ^^Qitsitld^ ^dQeous 

sun's disk, ^ik^SKd^sld, (^rffcuQjLL 

moon's disk, ^'QQ^sld^ ^k^neSlih 


as quoit, (^^QSi!T<9=&60^. 

Dis-like', s. L9rf}Lue^&n-i£),^ Qisug^uLJi^ ^ 


feigned, Ljeo<sSl^ Lf^o^^do. 
Dis-like',«.a. iSlrfliLKs^euruuQ^GO^ Q€u^ 

Dis-limb', v. a. ^rEisuiEj<SLbu6m^}}^&), 
Dis'lo-cate v. a. stpp^^d), Quiuir^ 

Dis'lo-ca-ted, a. ^-(T^efflQuujitiE^^ ^sip 
mp-i (^(oS)Lps=<3?£:SlLL(Slu(DUiT<oori l9<f 

Dis-lo-ca'tion, s. &-0(SfflQuiuiT(Sij, ^t^p , 

Q<) <^(ey^<5(5, LD<sa<orfluLi. 
Dis-lodge', v. a. ^0ULf(sSlLLQi-(LpuLj 

61), Q(3frULI^<S\)^ lSI[H^^6\). 
a family, (^u^QujQguq^eo. 
to be dislodged, si^^&i^ ^Qilit^j^^ 
a), ^L-L-L^^d), iSffl^eOj Quiun-^eOv 
Dis-loy'al, a. ^nT[3=^(DsrnsiLir<o^^ (5ih 




in marriage, (sSiu^nn^ p^u.muu^s 
Dis-loy'al-ly, adv. rBLbLSld(SD<s^^QirrTS 


Dis-loy'al-ty, s. ^uns^^QmrsLD^ ieldlS 

in marriage, LDem-tsSJjr^^^eii^. 
Dis'mal, a. ^06saru.y uLuiEJsrrwfTesr. 

as sorrowful, ^<ssLDfT(osr^ s^(i^s=&)LDrr 

ear, umiEJcEirLDfTiSsr. 
Dis'mal-ly, adv. (^(nj>Q^^60rrib, <3=(i^,3'&> 


Dis'mal-ness, s. s^i^s^eoih^ LDQ(^<3F60(osr 

Dis-man'tle, v. a. <sipp^^&i^ ^(SluLjrfl 

to strip, ^'^osrssiTirem-fEJs'BerrdQsfT&r 

Dis-mask', v. a. Q<siJ6i^iEj<sLp/bpd\)j ld 
Dis-mast', v. a. undjiDirQprB^^io^ umii 


Dis-may', s. Loissrdrseodsixtj (SSJ^iFliueSesr 

thy ^l(oSi<suL^y unjih. 
Dis-may', v. a. <5S0O<s^^6\>, uiuQpgf}^^ 

to be dismayed, u:i€srrEJS6\}fEJ(^^&)^ 
Dis-may'ed-ness, s. em^ffliuis^Gsnh^ ^ 

(S0<5UL/, UUJlh. 

Dis-mem'ber, v. a. s^^uQ^^^eo, l3 

Dis-mem'ber-ment, s. Q^^iksu^id^^ ^ 

Dis-miss', v. a. ^errf^^eo^ ^^ul3(sS1 

from office, ^-^^Quurrs^^eSlQ^ih^ 

one without employment, eSlQ^do, ^ 

err (^^00, 
Dis-miss'al, ^ ^^uLf(o0)<s^ eSI® 

Dis-mis'sion, * ) <ss)<s^ ^(Sfr(ef^(oS><s. 
Dis-miss'ive, a. ^^uljS/Dj ^&r(&^Q 

ro, eSIQQ/D, 


Dis-mount', v. a. ^p-s(^^G>), ^efr(ef^ 

Dis-mount', v. n. <SiifTS(^^^6aflmrSlpiEi 

Dis-o-be'di-ence, s. Qi^uui^ajn(SBiiL, sf 

<oiDLDajn(oS)LDy QsefrrT<oS)LD^ f^l&vsfrmh. 
Dis-o-be'di-ent, a. Qu^uuisf.ujn^^ @<ajar 

Dis-o-bey', v. a. (5Tfi(m(S6)ir^^6\)^ slLl^ 

Dis-ob-li-ga'tion, s. ^usnnw^ fSib 

Dis-ob'li-ga-to-ry, a. si—(Ss>LDuSl6\)<s\)fT^. 
Dis-o-blige', v. a. ^ustfl^^eo^ (2S^<o!n' 

Dis-0-blig'er, s. ^u<sfflLjQurT(osr, (sS^ 

Dis-o-bllg'ing, a. ^usrrirQpeir&r, ^Q 
Dis-o-blig'ing-ly, adv. ^Q^ldhiju^ j^ju 
Dis-orb'ed, a. u rr<ss)^(oa)ujQSl Ll.Q^^&r(ef^ 
Dis-or'der, s. seodsih^ (^L^uuih^ s*^ 

€lj, (^'Ssvi^^a), ^rr^LDfT^j <5T<S<S^Q^ 

sickness, (sSliuer^., QfEfnii, tSessfl, e. 
Dis-or'der, v. a. seodi^^do^ (^ipuLj^ 
60 y &.'2ev^^eo^ s'^^^eo^ Qefr^^dOj 

to be disordered, s.'Sso^ei), (^'^eo^eOy 

to be disordered as the stomach, 
bowels, &c., Q^fTiifi^^dOy ^^ireasr 

Dis-or'der-ed, a. (^ipLhL9(Ssry ^n^iLnQt^ 

6sr, GT<s65'^Qs^<ssLDn'<oar. 
Dis-or'der-ly, ) ^rT^u}rr(frf>(5sr^ ^esar 
Dis-or'di-nate, ' 5 sQsi—fTiSsr, ^(ssarisr 

Dis-or'der-ly, adv. ^n^iLfT(nj>dj.f (^essrd 

Dis-or-gan-i-za'tion, s. «5?sx)(si/, (^^sy, 



Dis-or'gan-ize, v. a. .s'Seo^^ej, (^'2eo^ 

to be disorganized, s'2eoi^Qu(T(^^ 

Dis-own', V. a, ^g06\}^^lL®^&0j ld^^ 

Dis-pair', v. a. Qs^rQiSlffl^^eo. 
Dis-par'age, v. a. ^Lfi<s=<5srQrr[T(Sl<pmu 

li^UuQ^^do^ &. LU IT Q u /r^SsYT^L^ 
Qu[T0(Gf^<S(^^ffLDUu(d^^<SO^ ^<S(Lp 

Dis-par'age-ment, s. ^(ti^s=&, ul^ulj, 

9-UJITQuiT(7^'BomiSl^QuiT0(&^d(^S^ ,9= 

Dis-par'ag-er, s. &^uL9dQp(aU(^^ sj 

Dis-par'ag-ing-ly, adv. (^(oS)pQjrrLu^ ^ 

<SLp<s:&uj(TUJ^ Qu^QSiLDiurrdj^ QesTLDrrilj. 
Dis'par-ate, a. ^^LDiSlioeon^^ eS^^ujn<3= 

Dis-par'i-ty, s. 'oisQ^s^ih^ (sjpp^^n^^ 

Dis-part', v. a. ^(sssri^^^eo^ i3<3(r^^io, 

Dis-pas'sion, s. ^.9=(SD^uS€OeoiT<sDLD, ^n 

Dis-pas'sion-ate, a. ^^(ssis^ajL-^smiT 

Dis-pas'sion-ate-ly, adv. £s/b<9?uiT<SiJLDrT 

Dis-pas'sion-ed, a. <F/r^(sy/r<s3T-, Q^&fl 

Dis-patch', s. ^(sSluih, s^^^gfiui^^ <sS 

a letter, or message, Q^dj^^ M^-i 

Dis-patch', v. a. ^oStfl^^eo^ ^<sSirnD[rdj 

<3^Q<3=^^^eO^ (SlSI(oS)JT<SiJlTUJ^UU6\}. 
to kill, QsiT&)^^6\)^ Q<f^^SS6d. 

Dis-patch'er, s. ^OT2/ui^G^(ay/r<s3r, Qsa 

Dis-pel', V. a. s^^pp'^t <2jSl6dd(^^60^ 
eSIQ^So^ 6s'2s\3^^eO^ ^osii—^^io^ lis 

fear, ^uiuiEjOsfrQ^^eo, odsilksdi— 


to become dispelled, cfs'Ssv^ev, ^ir^ 
Dis-pens'a-ble, a. QsfT®<is<s<3?L.ij^ujj eSI 
Dis-pens'a-ble-ness, *. ^(sSlnssuu^^is 
Dis-pens'a-ry, 5. <oU)(su^fiujfTsrrih^ ^^^ 

Dis-pen-sa'tion, s. 0<5/7«9l_, ff<oS)S. 

of God, Q^6iJ<SpL9^lh^ Q^6iJ<fG6FUJ 

as privilege, ^<sn-<ssrTinh, ©S/®^^, 

^lLi—iL, 1§IEJS&)^ &-^^rr(oij. 

as system, LSIinDrrsauru)^ eS^, <ojp 


Dis-pens'a-'tive, a. QstrQds^^ss. 
Dis-pen-sa'tor, s. u(^^^®Q<3ija<ssr^ ft- 

Dis-pens'a-to-ry, s. (SiDiSij^fiuj^fT^^jru), 

Dis-pens'a-to-ry, a. Qan®ssa3?^ij^aJ^ 

Dis-pense', v. a. QsrrQ^^io^ uQak^ 

with, ^€SllT^&)j ^(2SllT^^'5\)j Sl—^^^ 

^, s-^^i7"ei/Q<£F/r®^^^, <sSIlL(S)<sSI(Si^ 
&)j £5<s(r(Sff^(sS®^60. 
Dis-pens'er, s. uQiTih^Q<!EiT(SdQp<su 

637", ^(SS)LuQ<ff-djQp6}J<^^ [i^Ljffl 

Dis-peo'ple, v. a. ^is^QiuQgui^^eo^ iSI 
Dis-peo'pler, s. i3iT<ss)s=uuL^LjQu(T(skj 

(^l^UUSp^Q (SUIT GST. 

Dis-perse', v. a. ^'bsos^^seo^ Q^n^^eo^ 
<s'^^^(50^ f§d(^^6d^ iSifl^^eo^ Q^Gffl 

Dis-perse', v. n. (^^^f^j, Q^gfi^io^ <s 

Dis-pers'ed-ly, adv. <s'2e\)<3ij (tuj j LS[fl<SijfT 

lUy Q(SijdjQ<3ii(yrf>uj. 
Dis-pers'ed-ness, s. Q^iT(Sij^ ^^ey, (^ 

Dis-pers'er, s. Q^(T^Q<su[rdT^ s'^uQua 



Dis-per'sion, s. ^^/7(S)/, (^'Ssuo/, s'hscKS^. 

in optics, Q!ieGaT<sSlifl(Si\. 
Dis-pir'it, v. a. <seo,s(^^60^ seodsu^u 

to be dispirited, LD<osr[SJS6\)iij(^^60^ s= 

Dis-pir'it-ed-ness, s, Q<ffriTeij^ aeodsw^ 

Dis-place', v. a. [S'2e\)(^'2ev^^60^ Quuun 

^L^^^&), [§<i(^^60^ ^&r(^^<so^ pns5 

to be displaced; ^®LD/r^^ei^, ^lLI^ 

Dis-place'ment, s. QuiuH.fQ') /^'Ssv^'Seu 

Dis-plant/, v. a. Quiuir^^eo^ iSlQfEi(^^ 

Dis-play', s. i3ii^^uuL-s^ih^Q(SijL^'S<ss)a^ 

foppish, or affected, epdjinnnih^ §)u9 

60^ (o<5/ruu, l3^<S(^^ sSijDLjdsrrLLQ. 

Dis-play', v, a. SfTiLQ^dOy snosanS^s^ 

courage, (siD^ffluJiEJSfTLLQ^io^ (^hiej 
to make a display, Q<srTed(i^Qs=iJu^e\), 

Dis-play'er, s, ^eoiEisffldQp<su(^, 
Dis-please', v, a. Qsnu^iLQ^eo^ Q<su 

to be displeased, QdSfnS^^dQsrreir 

Dis-pleas'ed-ness, s. iSlffliu<sS<oarLhy Q-zir 

Dis-pleas'ure, s. ^<3'ih(c^fr(si^ih^ LDsmd 
(^es)pj LnesrdQsfruw, ^[T!ej<ss60, 
hot, (^Qirn^LD^ ,s(hliEjQ<s5fruu). 

Dis-plode', v. a. Qoju^^^eo^ ^eSl^^do^ 

Dis-plo'sion, s. @^l, Qeutg.^ ^eSI. 
Dis-port', V. a. <2SQi^^mmu<2S^iurr® 


Dis-pos'a-ble, a. Qs=eO(Qiju6m6m-dsf^i^ 

Dis-pOS'al, S. <^(LQ!EJ(^^ Q<g^^^^<o6)S. 

as power, ^(^<s2q«, ^lLQ^ <sii<3=LD. 
Dis-pose', V. a. SGmr^^&o^ ^apfEj(^LJu 

of, Qs=60(q1JL^^^&)^ Q,5=<30<sSi®^Q0^ Q^ 

60, <sSlLL®(sSl(Sl^&)y (oSippeO. 

of a subject, &c., S^^^go^ ^itllit 

Dis-pos'ed, a. ^(tpfij/EfidQsor, ^irmnGpf) 
^^, L£>Gsr(i^,9=frdji^y eufB(o6)<iFuuQ^ 
to be disposed of, ^rr^iOy Qs=gO(3ul^ 

^GOj <cSlpp&), 

Dis-pos'er, s. Qs'GO(sSIQQ<sijfT(^y (sStpu 

as director, (si—^^u<oumy snSojeh) 

Dis-po-si'tion, s. (^emthy ^gstgold, u 

as inclination, <s0^^y LOGsrds'n-ujG)^. 

bad, ^s(^Gsorth, 

pleasant, 3=niB^(^GmLDy [5p(^<osari})y<sF 


Dis-pos-sess', v. a. ^usfB^^GO^ <s(sii(t^ 
Dis-pos-ses'sion, s. ^Ll.&(5S)uu<sS&)d(^ 

<oS)<Sy JffUSfftuLj. 

Dis-pos'ure, s. Q<3=G0<sSl®(oSi-Sy uunuifl 
LJL^uueaar^ij<oiD<5By fst—^^<oS)S. 

Dis-praise', s. ^•si^y ^<si^d&j ul^u 
Ly, ^/F^^fesr, Serusirnih. 

Dis-praise', v. a. ^su^^go, Sif^^^go, 

Ul^^^GOy (^ppUDlSuf-^^GOy ^(SUS=IEJ 

Dis-prais'er, s. SiB^uQunm^ @<a?ip 
Q<QiJir<sjr, (^pp(^^np^Q<Q^nm. 

Dis-prais'ing-ly, adv, ^s^d9iiun\hy u 
L^uurriLiy fSi^'Bsin-LurTiLj, (^ppmndj, 

Dis-pread', v. a. uitulj^go. 

Dis-profit, s. ^uedihy i5lLu.i1>. 

Dis-pro-por'tion, s. ^fEi'SeSlsmnl), ^etr 



Dis-pro-por'tioii, v. a. ^ih^dQsL^nd 

Dis-pro-por'tion-a-ble, a. ^,ij<s(2S!srTir 

/b^ulSgst^ ^i^<sQ<£i-.iT(osr^ ^3= [Tib 
Dis-pro-por'tion-a-ble-ness, s. <o^<sij<surf 

Dis-pro-por'tioii-a-bly, adv. ^(Sij(ourr<ss>LD 


Dis-pro-p6r'tion-al,a. ^m<Q£lQeoa<si]<Sija 

#) ^r5^<sQ<SU~lT(oSr^ ^.ff=[riEJSLDfT(oOr. 

Dis-pro-por-tion-al'i-ty, s. ^qj<qU{T(gS)ld^ 
Dis-pro-por'tion-al-ly, adv. ^rs^dQ-s 

L-ITUJ, ^(SiJ<SiJfT(5ff)LDiU{TLU. 

Dis-pro-por'tion-ate, a. ^i—n^^ ^sfrss 
Dis-pro-por'tion-ate-ly, adv. ^ dj en it 

(SDLDUJfriLl, €^(Lg(EjQ(oiSrL£i[TUJ. 

Dis-pro-por'tion-ate-ness, s. e^ (su qj tt 

<oG)LD^ ep(in!5jQ<o5rLD^ .SFfTfEJSdQdSL-fTUJ. 

Dis-prove', v. a. ^e06>)Q<su6sr^^iSI^^ 
6U, <5T^rnBajnuj(i^Q3=(T<sOGO&i. 

Dis-prov'er,5. <oT^{TSuu4(uJ(^Q<s^{Te\)Q®j(T 

Dis'pu-ta-ble, a. ^(T^ds^^Ms^sutr 

esTy ^(TT^ds^^dQ L-(ip<sfr(S(r. 
Dis'pu-tant, s. ^0<s<s^fT66).f ^(t^^sojit 
^5 (SiJrr<s(^Qjrr^y surr^. 
unfair, (^^ndQ^ ^-UTTincsun^. 
religious, s^uDtuiSufT^. 
f Dis-pu-ta'tion, s. eurr^, ^q^diEih^ ojrrd 

unfair, (^^adsLhy^dsL^. 
Dis-pu-ta'tious, a. ^^rrssQpGfren-^ suit 

Dis-pti'ta-tive, a. ^0ds^^<3sQ<s^<su{T 

(oST^ sj(T^d<sd(^<oSBr(ip(S{r<3fr. 
Dis-pute', s. eSlcuTTS'-^Luu:), (sSiLKSusfrinliy 

(surr^ix), L9i^€yfT^i£>j eSlojir^uij (Sutt^it 

Pis-piite', V. a. ^(T^dQ^^eo^ ^(t^ssldu 
esar^U^60, 6UfT^rr(bl^&)j gt^it^^uQu 

unfairly, (^^ndsihucm^u^io. 


a cross question, ^(omi^^^uLSi^^ 

Dis-put'er, s. ^0<iss:fTG)9, <sun'i(^<su[T^f 

Dis-qual-i-fi-ca'tion, s. ^(^^uSm<siDLny 

Dis-qual'i-fy, v. a. '^(^^Q^®^^go^ (^ 

Dis-qui'et, ^ (^Lpuuih, ^eods 

Dis-qui'et-ness, ' y sih^ &.Lpjb&, ^llf 


Dis-qui'et, V. a. @ipuq^^, seod(^^ 

GOy \s}j^fTf5^ir<aiju6mr^u^6\}. 
Dis-qui'et, a. Q^fT!B^ir€ufr<osr,s'60(surLDrr<osr. 
Dis-qui'et-er, s. (^Lpui^Qponm-, S'gogst 

Dis-qui'et-ly, adv. (^i^uuldituj, <56U<^<s 

Dis-qui'et-ness, ") ^(oSiLn(oSI(^GiDLD^(^ 
Dis-qul'e-tude, * ^ l^uuld^ rg^eoan-w, 

dSeOSStl), LD(o5rd<3=(^<f<30LD^ Uj6STd<S560<i 
<5i£), G)s[Tlh^<off}uL^. 

Dis-qui-si'tion, s. {^(r^^fSujfTLuQLD®^^ 

Dis-re-gard', s. ^<s=lL<oS)l-, ^mm^u 
Lj, QssfTfTGDLD^ ujiaQps ih^ Urrfr<S(^, 


Dis-re-gard', v. a. ^^L-ODi—uem-^}/ 
^eo^ Q<s{T(^<fuu(Si^^^(50, usraQpsLD 

Dis-re-gard'er, s. sj^LL^Lu.siTiTQsr^ ^s^ 
LL(oiDi—U6m-^}jQp<Sij(oGr, Q<3^n'pQ<scfrrr 

Dis-re-gard'ful, a. ^eOLL.3^iULD[T€sr^ u 

rrfT<S<3BfT6Sr^ Q^ITpQ<S<ofrfT^. 

Dis-rel'isli, s. ^-(T^QaSlm-aDLDj iQus^ih, <9f 
Dis-rel'ish, v. a. Q<sij^uu{T<s(^^60^ ^ 


Dis-rep'u-ta-ble, a. ^(SuQir^^LLfetretr^ 

GS)SsQ<s(9i(3{r<o(ry ^rrt^dQajGirsfr^ Qrfj 


Dis-rep-u-ta'tion, ) sj^J^n^^, sjsu 

Dis-re-pute', * J ^iij(5U)<3Sj ^qjld 



Dis-re-spect', s. ^^tx)^uLjj j^js^lL 

to a superior, Grsssrcm'^^uL^^ (srem 

OS) p. 
Dis-re-spect', v. a. ^(sum^s^^io, sj^ 

Dis-re-spect'ful, a. ^(cHJiDfiiurresr^ sj^ 

s=fEj<oS)aiLj(Sf!(Sfry j)j<3=LL(oS)i—iLj(sirefr. 
Dis-re-spect'ful-ly, adv. ^(syLD^Lumu^ 

Dis-robe', v. a. ^-ifl^eo^ <sLppgi]^<s\i^ s 

Dis-rob'er, s. 6s'^Qp<sij(sk, si^jb^Qp 

Dis-rup'tion, s. 2_(sroi_iJL/, &.(oS)l-(sii^ 

lS&TLJLJ^ /i)(S»riSl/, QuLUITULj^ Ql^<si^^ 

Dis-rup'ture, v, a. iSterr^^eo, Quiuir^^ 
Dis-sat-is-fac'tion, 5. sj'f^^^^^u^-, S] 

fflh^<aL^L^j LD€Srd(^<oG)p^ LD<oSr^^(T^^ 

^uSl(^<oa)Ln^ ^Lf^rresanb^ rSinhLSlujiJi, 
Dis-sat-is-fac'to-ry, a, Ln(ssr^d(cS(S\)n' 

Dis-sat'is-fy, v. a. iSlrfluj<s^(osruu®^_^^ 

to be dissatisfied, ^L4,ir(^iaruu®;S&). 
Dis-seat', v. a. [§l'hso(^'^^^&),QuujiT^ 

to be disseated, QuujiT^eo^(§l%>o(^'2iso 
Dis-sect', V. a. s^^^inbiSlirQiUfTQ^^ii)^ 

Dis-sect'i-ble, a. ^eaaru^ds^^ds. 
Dis-sec'tion, s. s^^urr®, ^ssot-z^ul/, 

Dis-sect'or, s. <9;L.^Q<sFUjQ<aiJrT(cin'^ ^<ossr 

Dis-seize', v. a. ^u<3S[fl^^6\)i QafTerr 
2srrui?z_^, u60[Tp<siTinnnvuuufiS^^eo. 

Dis-seiz'or, s. ^u^sffluQufrdr^ Qsrr 


Dis-sem'blance, s. ^(Sij!SijrT(oiDLDj rSsirrT 
Dis-sem'ble, v. a. iniTifs=u:)U(om-^}i^60, 

Q6UL-.fEJ<SBfTLL®^6\)^ Q U ISSL <f UC U €SSr ^H 

Dis-sem'bler, s. &-Ll.<S(Sfr<sii<5srj LLiii?<3=<ssr, 

e^UUIT<ff=rTJT<SSn'£r(^^ UfTS=fTtEJ(^<!S<S<S(r(aU 

ear, Quu^3^<sQ^<5S)^dsiTU<^^ wnLoneSl, 
Dis-sem'bling-ly, adv. iDrrif<fLDrruj, urr 

Dis-sem'in-ate, v. a. eS (sm^^^GO , Q^erf) 
^^60^ ^eij^io^ &liE^^&)^ (^<3?^eo^ u 

to be disseminatedj <sSl(oS)^<ssuu®^ 

Dis-sem-in-a'tion, s. <sS(5S)^uL^y Q^erfl 


Dis-sem'in-a-tor, s. eiS<oiD^uu6u<^^ Q^ 
Dis-sen'sion, s. iSlrfleii, i3ffl<sSi'2iosr^ Qu 
Dis-sen'sious, q^ Qu^ul^&t&t^ iSlffleSI 
Dis-sent', s. s^ihin^iunGaiL^ il^ulj^ 


Dis-sent', v. n. s^unn^iuir^Q^^^io^ s(r^ 

Dis-sent'er, s. iLgnuQunmj ^oxnbsn 

Dis-sen'tient, a. ^ldil^iuit^^ ^eaartEisn 
^, ^lLl-it^^ ^ihui—.fT^') Qojeiksri^rr^, 

Dis-sert', v. n. ^q^sQ^^eo. 

Dis-sert-a'tion, s. (sSujfTdQujfTesrihj ^rr 
puifliuih^ (sSluffLD^ iSlrrs^fEiaih. 

Dis-serve', v. a. iBLLi—uuQ^^^do, G*<y 

Dis-serv'ice, s. ji/iSlirQujn's^esrijD, sfu 

Dis-sev'er, v. a. i^ifl^^eo^ QmiLQ^eo, 

(^'Seo^^su, QprB^^eo^ <sSl®<sSl^^&i, 
Dis-sev'er-ance, s. LSlrfl(Si^j QeuiL®^ ^ 

Dis'si-dence, s. ^^qjitsidldj lSISisij. 



Dis-slm'i-lar, a. ^(Su<sufTfS<) Qsijp^<ss)LDU^ 

Dis-sim-i-lar'i-ty, s. e^^^rrrreiDuD^ Q^p 

Dis-sim-u-la'tion, s. ^rresort—si})^ q^lL 
>ss<sfr(sfrLDj <Si;(^cFSs3r, <S(ofr<sn'<s<!E(t^^^^ 

great, <3S(3fr(SfrLDmf<?LD^ <S(3n'(S{rQ<suL^uD^ 
Dis'si-pa-ble, a. &^F<i<9^L^iu, iSlrflddsd 
Dis'si-pate, v. a. Q^it^^go, <£s'bs\)^^<sOj 

to be dissipated, as thoughts, l/socst 

Dis'si-pate, v. n. s'^^eo^ (^"Ssu^a), ^ 
(T^^GO^ urrihLj^io, urr^^io^ L9rfl^6\). 

Dis-si-pa'tion, s. ^'Bsoq/, Q^ireij, 
as irregularity, QdsrreOfTseoih^ ^rrnsir 

Dis-so'cia-ble, ) ^asiSleOGOfT^^ Qsn 
Dis-so'oial, ' ) Gtresisuupp^ ulLs^ 

LSIdoeOfT^, ^p9iQ(osrsQp<s(r<s{r. 
Dis-so'ciate, v. a. s;i-LLi—LbL9ffl^^&}y lS 

as metals, ^<su(surr^(ri^^^&), ^oDS^tuir 
^0^^6O^ <o^mfBujn^([^^^<so^ <S6\)(Surr 

Dis-so-lu-bil'i-ty, 5. s-0(^ fB;S<ssr€S)LD, s 

Dis'so-lu-ble, a. '^.(r^sd-sf^u^uu, sosmiu 

Dis'so-lute, a, ^n^^^^<s5TQp<B(r&i ^ ^Ssr 


Dis'so-lute-ly, adv. ^ir^^LDrruJ^ un^^ 

LDfTUJ^ sirQpsLDrruj. 
Dis'so-lute-ness, s. ^iT^^^^(Ssrijbj^(^ 

Dis-so-lti'tion, s. e^Qdsu:), (sns^ih^ @^ 

as death, Q^'SniE^uD^sjl^'oi^, LDsressrih. 
by liquids, s<sa)iT^60. 
Dis-solv'a-ble, a, seiDiTUJ^^ds^ ^0<s^ 


Dis-solve', V. a. soDir^^eo^ Q^(T^'i(^^6\). 

to break, lS'^^go^ Qp(B^^Q<>' 

as separate, disunite, LSlifl^^e\}, 

to solve, Q^g&floSl^^iso, 

a charm, sj-sp^^io, 
Dis-solve', V. n. @_0(^^6\), sosirr^eo. 
Dis-solv'ent, ^ &.(7^<s<se<ss?l-u^iu^^ s 
Dis-solv^er, * ^ <oa)rrdsd<9^L^uj^. 
Dis-solv'ent, a. &.0dsdsf>-L^Lu, s&dit 

Dis'so-nance, s. s^(SU(SuniiSI<oS)<ff^. 
Dis'so-nant, a. epdKSijfTuSlGSis^LLieirefr^ §^ 

voice, Q(Quu^^^s=^^LDi^f^(^Qjrr^(^jT60, 

Dis-suade', v, a. (^niu(iT)Q€^[TeoeSl^^® 

^^6\)^ LDfB^^GO^ ^sfrQ^eurdQ-s^rrioGSI 

Dis-suad'er, s* (^mufSJsiTLLij^^^QLj 

Dis-sua'sion, s. ^®ui^, iJDfSlujGO^^<oS)L^, 
Dis-sua'sive, s, ^®<i(^iBujiTiuu:)^ ^rfiirfS 

Dis-sua'sive, a. ^(SS)L-.u6m'6sar^^d<ss, er 

Dis-syl-lab'ic, a. FFSK^'d^ii^efrefr. 
Dis-syl'la-ble, s. iT'iT<oOis=dQ.ffr60^ FfiF<sG)<3^ 

Dis'tafF, S. QsiTLl.(3DL^uSLLl-.U(i^<9?<3?p 

Dis-tain', v. a. s<oS)puu(Sl^^;seo, ^niu 

Dis'tance, s. ^rrLh-f^"^, i§<3fruij Q^em; 
of a call, iS^uiSIQ^inl)^ spl-ulSQ^ (^ 

of a planet, Qirs^n-LD. 
Dis'tance, v. a. ^ir^^&)(o!DQj^^6\), ^w 

Dis'tant, a. s^niDiT'osr, ^'2eoujrr(osr^ ill. 
iourney, ^'^ u u Lu 6sar th ^^iruL9 IT UJ IT 


meaning, ^'^sa(f^^^.- 
relations, ^ir^^peij.Q^fTLLi—Giipeij, 
sight, ^ufi^tLu^^ ^'^uu[Tn<oSi<su, 
as reserved, shy, ^h-ds^Qperren-.f fEfrem" 



to be •distant, ^j'^^^eo, ^rruuQ 
Dis'tant-ly, adv.^£rLDfTUJ^^'2eoLunuj^ ^ 
Dis-taste', s. si<5S)(Su(jiSmG5iLD-) Q(2u^ulj^ 
Dis-taste', v. «. Qeugn^^ik^ ^q^suq^^ 

as to offend, Q<siy^<5<5<?^G)<5^iL/^a),(c<5/r 

Dis-taste'ful, a. o-GULLi^uurresr^ e_Q//r 

looks, QsnuQpsub, 
Dis-taste'ful-ness, s. <3f(oiD(SuijSI(ci!r(3J)LD,Q^ 

Dis-tem'per, s. tsSltuirfi^ QtBirtUj lSosS, 

contagious, Q^npg^<sQujn^. 
Dis-tem'per, v. a. QiB[Tdjuu(£i^^Gd^ (^ 

to disafFect, Qsiru^L-Q^eo. 
Dis-tem'per-a-ture, s. (^em-dQsQ, Q(su 

Dis-tend', v. a. u(tt^ui3^^&)^ (s^tasuu 

Dis-ten-si-bil'i-ty, s. <sS[fluj^^ss^<^ 

Dis-ten'sion, s. Sikj^eo^ Sisih^ (S^dsih, 

Dis'tich, s. FFiri^LJuiT, 

Dis-tilF, V, a. (sui^^^eo^ ^irfr(susw<3ui^ 

liquors, sniJug^^<auisf.^^GO^Q^eff}^^GO 
oils, ^uS60LSlp<S(^^d\}j ^iiSe\)LD(Qnij^^ 

Dis-till', V. n. ^<sffl^^&)^ ^peo. 
Dis-till'a-ble, a, siriLi^'S'^^ds^ eut^ss 

Dis-till-a'tion, s. smijs=<3f-(oa)<s, sndj<f<SF 

Dis-tiW ^.-io-iy, a. urr6snh<sui^^^jD(^ iff Lu, 
Dis-till'er, s.<s(Tujs^<3^Q<Qi](r<ssr^ (Suu^uQun 


Dis-till'er-y, s. ui^un<c:aTLDQjL^s(^(^ffn 

Dis-till'ing, s. s^mnhiSiJiTiEjf^QDs, 
Dis-tinct', a. ^irdsQpefren-^ Q(Su^Q(Si} 
(frj>€sr,^GOssLDn<osr^ Q^Gffl(oijrr(osr, ^0 

(SU(5S)rTUJ<off)/DUJn6Ur, <sS!spuLDn(Ssr. 

articulation, Qs=iTprS(r^^^ih^ ^q^^^ 
LDrr(osr(Sij<^s=rffuLj, ^iT<S'55eijs^s:nrr<ssmLD. 
natures, ^pi3[ff(cS&iLL^GaBrLDy ^^osr 

reference, (oTQ^^dsfrtKh}, (^rSluL(. 
to be distinct, ^esff ^^go^ Q(Su^uQ 

Dis-tinc'tion, s. (^{8t^ (^/SIulj, tSlrffeij, 

as celebrity, Qfr^^, &puL\^ Qurr, 

Dis-tinct'ive, a. Qeup^GSiiDsmLQQp^ 
GUGsmujr^sQp^ (sSrspussnLL&uj&ir 

Dis-tinct'ive-ly, adv. Q(Sijp^<oS)LDLUfruj^ 
(sSlerrihuiTLDn'tUj QiSijefffisS&rssfTuu^ ^ 

Dis-tinct'ly, adv. ^irdsLDmii^Q^erffeufTLu, 
Dis-tinct'neSs, s. ^it<s<su)-, ^0^^u3^ 

^eOiSSLD^ (B^nn^^LD^ (sSerrdsti). 
Dis-tin'guish, v. a. u(^^^rS^&)^ i3tff^^ 

to be distinguished, Quluitlju(S)^(so, 
Dis-tin'guish-a-ble, a. uf^^^fStiu^^as, 

Dis-tin'guish-ed, a. QuiunQupp^ <sS 

sir, &pk^^ &QiTiEL^i—ii)rT<oor. 
Dis-tin'guish-er, s. <sij(^iruj^uQurT^j 

u^^^rSIQeuaear^ ^(5ssr<ossr^€Ufr(Sfrear» 
Dis-tin'guish-ing-ly, adv. u(^^^rS(Sij[T 

lU^ ^IT<SSLD(TUJ^ lSlfffeilLSllff<SUfTUJ^ Q<3U 

Dis-tin'guish-ment, s. (^fiSuLjj (^/r9, eS! 

Dis-tort', V, a. i3pi^<fQ3=aj^eo, ^if}^ 



as to bend, (Su'^^-^gv ^ &^^^&)^ 3^su 

the features* ^9l^^4o, ^l^^^6\)^ @ 

an affair, L/irLl®^^,^(25<5(^^6»^, ii>n 

a limb, ^(r^ui^^eo^ Qp^d(^^GO^ Q15 

an author's meaning, <s0^<5S)^uljit 

to be distorted, Qfuefft^eo, L\ij(sr^^<so. 
Dis-tort'er, s, LjinLi—iSQr. 
Dis-tor'tion, s. ^Qulj^ ^(LpuLf^ Qib 

muscular, ^Qul^^ fT'ITul^, (SdgSIul^. 
in language, uiT<oS)<si^(sij(Lp, uit(5G)<su^^ 

Dis-tract', v. a.^(SlL£)[Tpuu6sur^)]^eo^ s 

to be distracted, ^(BuongiJ^eo^ ^lLl- 

Dis-tract'ed-ly, adv. QSiu^^uuLcnuu^ a. 

Dis-tract'ed-ness, s. LD<osrLJ<oS)u^^ujih. 
Dis-trac'tion, 5. in<osr<s<sGOs<ssLb^ <sgo<s<s 

as madness, (s^u^^uuih^ ^-min^^uoij 
Dis-tract'ive, a. ^®ubnpp(ip(smL-.(T^(^ 

Qp, <556dd<SU^.UJfT6Sr, (^l^UL^Qp, 

Dis-train', s. SL-^d^^ew^GDUJuuf^ 

Dis-train'ing, s, SL-^&QsdrgnufS^ 
Dis-tress', s. ^iLnrih^ suQ^^^ih^ ^esru 

act of distraining, si—^dQsGir^u 
Dis-tress', v. a. s.'Sgu^^gu, <sGod(^^4o, 

by word, qs)!5UjuQu<3?^60^ (si^Qj^io, 


to be distressed, <SiJ0^<suu®^6\)^ Q 

Dis-tress'ed-ness,s. gj^^^iI), QQgos^ld. 
Dis-tress'ful, a. seodsL^ujfKour^ ^-urr^ 

Dis-tress'ful-ly, adv. seo&si^vurfdj^ qj 


Dis-tress'ing, a. &-(3ufT^uu®^^^^<s<ss, 
Dis-trib'u-ta-ble, a. uQiTih^Q<3SfT®<sss 

Dis-trib'ute, v. a. uQiTiB^QsrT®^^6\)y 

the chyle through the blood ves- 
sels, &c., S{<^<o5rs=n!i^(o!S)^<s<seOuL3^ 

Dis-trib'u-ter, s. sF^/SI®Q<sufT^^ uas(i^ 

Dis-tri-bti'tion, s. uiEjQ®^.<3^guun(Bl^ u 

of justice, i^Q<3=^^^^G0, u^e^Q 

Dis-trib'u-tive, a. uthQi—^^^s^ ,5s_^ 
u®^^^^<s<s, u(^dQp. 
justice, [5®!§^^ iB®fSujrTUJilij lSIst^u 


pronoun, L^fflo^^'d^LLQ. 
Dis-trib'u-tive-ly, adv. urK](^uiEJsrrLLi^ 

^(osfloDLDLUfTUJ^ Q (aiJ GU Q €U (T^ LU . 

Dis'trict, s. ses/f, /5/r®, Q^iuih. 

circuit of authority, LmrsnGmih^ Qdo 


court, QeOeOfrSuJiTtJueiv^GOih^ ^n^s 

Dis-trust', s. ^(aUfsihiSldssys^ ^i^Ln^ "3=15 

Dis-trust', V. a. ^su!BLDi3<s(SSisuu®^<so, 

Dis-trust' ful, a. s^ihCc^s^^sQs^siJnem, 

JtjS^fT^^UJLDfKoar, fBLDlSid (SID'S LUpp. 

G2 t 



Dis-trust'ful-ly, adv, fBihiSlsGD<su^€srLDfT 
Dis-trust'ful-ness, s. ^(SiJiBLOLSdesis, 3= 
Dis-trust'less, a. ji/s'rr^^iuLL/bjD, •s^is 
Dis-turb', v. a. s&)s(^^<so^ j^jgolLQuu 

to become disturbed, <s'2e\)^eOy (^ip 

Dis-turb'ance, s. seodsih, seorrfiy (^l^ 

in a village, or country, setrirdseoam, 
Dis-turb'er, s. s^LDfT^rreareSIQirfT^f (S^*^ 
us<s5iT!J<dsr^ s60<sdsrTii€or, 
in law, ^ff!€S)L£)^®LjQunm, si-^k^s 

Dis-un'ion, s. L9ffl(oij, iSlrflsSl^sin; ^(5S)s=: 
<2i/G*dJ®, QfEffJeij, iSlm'iosn})^ Qurr(7^ih 

Dis-u-nlte', v. a. £5'260^<s&>y i3ifl^^eo^ 

Dis-u'ni-ty, s. «5^q/, iSiiflen^ (^'Seya/, 

Dis-u'sage, s. ^pi^uQ^io, uesiLpujssT 

SL^^do^ <suLp<sQsrrL^<Sij. 
Dis-use', s. uuS/b&uSI&06\}rT(oa)LDy uip<s<s 

to fall into, <su l^wj a n^Q u n^eo ^ (5?60 

Dis-use', V, a. (SijLpikjsnLDpsi^^^eSKSl 

Dis-val'ue, v. a. Qirujih^essfl^^iOy sessf^ 

Dis-vouch', V. a. ld^^^&), (orfJir^^^ 

Dis-wont', V, a. w^^^io^ ui^<s<si^d(^ 

Ditch, s. Sj^^-) Sli—tEJ(^<f u<sfr(Sfnh, ^s 

Ditch, V. a. ^si^^eo^ QL-rEj(^u/6!^^&), 
Ditch'er, s. ^LLi—m-f ^&u^Q<3ijfT<^. 
Di'tion, s. ^(^(oS}<s,^^^^siJLD,SLLL^'Bsrry 

Dl'tone, s. ^(T^Q^iresfl^ 9-.uLuQ6UfT<eSi^. 


Dit'to, s. Qinpuu^^ ^miosr, 
Dit'ty, 8. s^rrufTLLQ. 
Di-u-ret'ic, s. s^eoQu^ih^th^. 
Di-urn'al, s. ^eGr<2Sl(7^^^rriB^uLj^^su}, 


Dl-urn'al, a. ieit(^ss<Si^^. us^<s(^if} 

Di-urn'al-ly, adv. (FnQL-tr^ih^ ^<ssriB^ 

Di-u-turn'i-ty, s. QcB^iasneoih. 
Di-van', 5. i^^etv^eOLD^ LDih^(5CTLDiB^iru)j 


Dl-var'i-cate, v. n. sisuiT(sSI®^&)y S(oS)<su 
Di-var-i-ca'tion, s. <5B(suiTj souqj. 

Dive, r. n. <9rL^QLUir®^&)y <3rL^^^<o^(Lp 

for gems, ^rr^^<osnEj(^<srf)^^60. 

for pearls, &/C., (ip^^d(^(Sff}^^60j 3= 

into a suhiect, ^ifiiLrruj/Tirnuj^eo, 
Div'er, s» (^effl'Snu&n', 

as student, ^^f^LDmuuui^uQufT&fr. 

a water fowl, Q&sresrrruuLL&l. 
Di-verge', v. n, iSlffl/s&), ssijneSKSl^eOy eSl 

Di-verg'ence, s. aojireijy eSI/fleif^ iSlifleiff 

Di-verg'ent, a. sQjjnreor) (sSltBih^y ^friu 

<oun<^srj LfptsjseSliB^. 
Di-verg'ing-ly, adv. s^rrLuoj/rtLiy <oSif^<SiJiT 

thy i3[B<suiTiu. 
Di'verse, a, ueO(sSl^i£>[T<oar, iErT<^<sSl^iLrT 

ear, Qmp^GSiLDUuntssr, Qeu^uni—nasr^ 

matters, i5/T<^(2Sl^sfTffluJui. 
Di'verse-ly, adv. ueoeSI^Lofruj^ i5fT(^<2S! 

Di-vers-i-fi-ca'tion, s. Qu^ulj^ Qu^ld^ 

Di-vers'i-form, a. Q(Sijpgfj(t^<SiJiTesr, eSIs 
^Lj^u/rezJT", u€0^ufT(sar.) (sSsmr^urr 
63r, Q(QUg)juni—iTC>sr. 

Di-vers'i-fy, c. a. (ou^^^a), Qqj^u® 

to be diversified, ^iBjseOy Cdqj^uQ 



Di-ver'sion, s. ^e^eoneS^QfG^^LD^ eSl^ 

as turning aside, L3{f}<si\, <5(ay/fQ/, 
Di-vers'i-ty, s. Q<3upgf](ss)u:>, ueOGSI^uo^^ 

of opinion, GTsmsm-Qu^ih^ QsiipQp 

of soil, climate, &c., fSeoQu^th, l^ 

Di-vert', v. a. fi^ut-j^do^ Quujit^^6\), 

to amuse, iSlfflLuuu®^^^6\). 

to turn off, ^(T^uLj^6\), 

one's attention, uiTtT<ss(^dsfTLL®^&}j 

urrrr<55(^ u u (ssar^u^do . 

a child, ^(t<ss{tlL®^(sOj uiin'<s(^d<3Sfr 

Di-vert'er, s. ^Q^uL^Qsnnm, iSlrffujuu 

Di-vest', V. a. ^rfl^iOj ^^tfl^^eo, sipp 

Di-vest'ure, s. ^-rBeif^ <sifip^<oS)<sSj Qu 
Di-vid'a-ble, a, iSrftdsd&^L^uj^ u(^<s 
Di-vlde', V, a. uejQQ^go^ uQ^^^id, s 

(oSBTl^^^GO^ Qs^^^^io^ U(^^JS&)j <5rt_ 

in arithmetic, ff^so^ ufT<SF€sr(iT)Q<3=uj^ 

into two, ^jremi—rrd^^io^ Sj^^^ 

^6d, urr^ujfrdseo. 

to classify, <aij(^^^&)y u(^^^&). 
Di-vid'ed-ly, adv. i3ifl(suiruj^ u(^^ujituj. 
Div'i-dend, s. u!t<sld^ ui5J(^^ uirdQuuih, 
Di-vld'er, s. u(^uQurT(sk, d^(f^uQunm^ 

Di-vld'ers, s. iSBeurrtTS'u:), 
Div-in-a'tion, s. «sl1®, (5^5 <5=(^<ssnh^ 

by birds, uil.&ff:rr^^iTw. 
by entrails, (^L^p(^^. 


by lizards, uedeSld-fn^^inJo, ue\)<sSI 

by palmistry, ^nQp^^ffliuLD^ QD<sd 

Div'in-a-tor, s. i§Il£I^^s{tit<^, Qinrr^ 

Di-vine', s. (^0, Q<Qu^s=fT^^fflf Q^& 

Di-vine', v, a. <5EL-®s=Qs^fT6\)^^60^ (^/Sf 

to imagine, ^(S(r<2SI lLl—^^so^ tSljiLDfr 

by entrails, (^L-p(^r^urTiT^^J=Q<9^fT 

by lot, ^Qi^(sisi3frs=^L-®LjQun(Sl^60. 
by passing a string into an Ola book, 

by palmistry, <5i^a<su(ssiffunrf^^<i(^^ 

Di-vIne', a. Q^dj^<35LDrT<3sr^^(Su<sSluj^ u 
body, 0(Ti^QiL6uf}, ^^^h^^ld. 

illumination, (^nesr^iLu^j ^<cS!^ifi<s= 

injunction, Q^(DU<sLLi—.^err^Q^(SU(ESl^, 
instruction, (^rT<osrQun-^2osr, (^neur 

knowledge, QLDdj(i^(^fTesrih^ QuirrS 

name, ^Q^tErfinih, 

presence, ^^d^Qpsw^ Q^<sus^a5r(os?l 

things, (^rT(Ssr<sfT[BuJi£)^ (Sirxsu^ssfTfft 

trial, Q^<SijQs=[r^'^fssT. 

will, ^(Y^'Si^efTih^ Q^(quQ^^w, 

worship, Q^6ij(SiJ6m-<ssih^ Cd^(su(Sijl^ 

indignation, Q^(Sij(ip6ufl€i^j Q^Qj<3=ff 
t)i-vlne'ly, adv. Q^uj<sS<sinnuJ, Q^luqj^ 


Di-vme'ness, s. Q^uj^sm^ Q^dj-su^^ 



Di-vin'er, s. sLL®d<sfTii&sr, aL-L—nis^^ &■ 

Q, Q(aUf6luj[TLLL-rr<sfr€Qr. 
Div'ing, s. (^<sff}j (^sffluLj, (tpQp<S(^y ^ 

Div'ing-bellj s. (^£fflLD<ossfl. 
Di-vin'i-ty, s. <sL-(Sij<sfr^ Q^(QH<csr, 

a body of, Q <oU^ 3= fr^^inh, Qen^rriB 

as divine nature, Q^ub(^'SLD^ Q^iLqj 



CD <^CD 

Di-vis'i-ble-ness, ) gzo/x*, 

Di-vis'i-ble, a. u(^<35<ss<s<!e^i^lLi^ iSlrflds 
Di-vi'sion, s. i3ifl<QSi'2Gsr^ uiaQQ^ iSlm- 

€Sri£), IT'<Sll^ <Si-^, ^/DLD-) ^6337"®, U(^ 

as a distinct portion, l9//?(oi/, u@;^, 
in arithmetic, FF(5i^<s£5<omd(^, LSlffl(aij<sB 

<356a3rd(^j UfT<SBITITLhf U(T<9=(oSrU)j L^rfl^ 

of an army, U(5J9L_0y@uL/, iSir^'^esr. 

of a subject, (Si;(sro<s, '-'(S^i iSlrFleij, 
Di-vi'sion-al, ) urr-asirsr^^da®^ 

Di-vi'sion-a-ry, ' 5 ^^ 
Di-vi'sive, a. i3ifl<sQp^ u(^dQ/D. 
Di-vi'sor, s. ^ITLD^ urrail)^ ^n'<3sth, uir 

dsu)^ U{T<9=<SLD. 

Di-vorce', s. (sSl(3utTaQL[)ir<3'GsrLD. 

bill of, ^(Sfr(Gr^^G^<osr^LL(bl^ i3ifluL\<3' 

Di-vorce', v. a. e:S(SijrT'sQLDrrs=<osni)U6m- 

Di-vorce'ment, s. <2Q(QuiTsQLn[T^<osnh, ^ 

Di-vorc'er, s. ^&r(Gf^^(3^m^LL(9i<sQsn 

Di-vorc-ive, a. ^<c^(^^GSl6sr^LL(SldQs{T 

Di-vul'gate, a. iSliT&^^LDuem<5muu 

Di-vul-ga'tion^ s. iSlrrQ^^w^ i9riffii<SLD. 

260 ' 

Di-vulge', V, a. iSffQ^^LDuem^u^io^ 
Qsu&flujijiEJiS inn's (^^60^ u!J(t&ujldu 

Di-Vulg'er, 5. QsU(Sif}lLSITIEJ<SLDlT'S(^Q<QiJ[T 

ear, £fh.^Q€ijn<osr^ lSii'S'iejQ. 
Di-vul'sion, s. tSlffluLjj urSluLj, Ql^u 

L/, iSlefTULf. 

Di-vul'sive, a. Qi^dssd^f^i^uj. 
Diz'en, v. a. ^eoiasifl^^eo^ QsneOthu 

Diz'zi-ness, s. Q^Q^ulj, ^'^eodsf-L^ 

Diz'zy, a. fBQdsQp&retry Q^Q^uLjGfr 

to be dizzy, Q^Q^^^eo^ -s^Lpp^^ 

• • 

as heedless, QtB^^ssriupp, 
Do, V. a. Qs=iij^60, ^<5s)Lg^^eo^ ^^p 

iB<oS)p Qoiip^^eo . 

one a favor, or kindness, &.usrTjT(^ 

service, Q^6iJS(i^Q<3f^Lu^(s\), QseSl^^ 

away, ^ird^eo^ ^osiL-^^eo^ urftsrB^ 
^a), Qund(^^&)^ iid(^^&}. 
Doc-i-bil'i-ty, ) ^(StDLofi^ u^eij^ u 

Do'ci-ble-ness, ' ^ ^(ss)ld, ui^eij. 

Do'ci-ble, ) u^QDLDiurT(osr, u^(syfT(5sr-) 
Do'cile, ' J ui^Lu^^dsy u^eSiu, 
Do-cil'i-ty, 5. Qt^uuu^en^, ^/sjold^, u 

Doc'i-ma-cy, s. &.Q&){TsiEjs'^dQs=n^ 

Dock, S. SUU&}Qs=LJU6J^®IF^(SS)p, 

as tail, 3f>-<ss)Lp<sii[reo. 

Dock, V. a. ^6J^Q(SUL-L-60^ 3P^(5S>LpUJfT 

Dock'-yard, s. suu&)Q^uugS®iejs 

Dock'et, S. SfTfflLUuQurTL^ULI, SlTlftuJ 
^LLL^<oij2sSSr, afTfflLUd^nSluLjj (BULD 

Dock'et, V. a. ^LLi—<su'2t5ssrQuj(Lp^i^(so^ 



Doc'tor, s. (SO€ii^^ujmy uiHsntfly ueooT 
of literature, ^^ifliLKsk^ cBpuij^mn 

as a title, <ss&}<sSI^Q^jT<f&LJULLi—ijb. 
Doc'tor, V. a, u[fl<£(fl^^eo^ <asi<sn^^uj(^ 

Doc'tor-al, a. ^@ifluj^^<siJLDrr<osr, 
Doc'tor-al-ly, adv. ^Q(fliu^^<suLDnuj. 
Doc'tor-ate, s. s&)rru^^ifl<ssi<3B, ^Qtff 

Doc'tor-ess, s. u:)(r^^^<sSl<f&, gdw^^lu 

Doc'tor-ly, a. ^Qrfliu^^QjLDfreoTf (^0 

Doc'tor-sliip, s. ^Qff)uj^^(suil), 
Doc'trin-al, s, Qurr^^sor, o^uQ^s'ih. 
Doc'trin-al, a. ^uQ^s'^^<s(^rflLu. 
Doc'trin-al-ly, adv. Qun^'^Gimundj^ Quit 

^&LDnuJ^ s/bu^oSTLurruj, 
Doc'trine, s. Qufr^stby &-uQ^<sfi}), Qs/t 


as learning, uL^LJu'2c5r. 

as tenet, QswlLuit®, ld^ld, 

traditional, s^LoiSlrr^frajih^ ujjihuiFl 


Doc'u-ment, s. -g^ir^esrw.^ u^^jit}), u^ 

authoritive, <spi3^LD^ Qu^r^^Besr. 
Doc'u-ment, v. a. LjjTfr^<osr.ff=n^6srfEjQsrr 

to teach, Qu^n^^s^&i^ ul^ulSI^^60. 
Doc-u-ment'al, ) LjrT[T^€(srs=fT^<5sr^ 

Doc-u-ment'a-ry, ' § ^d<ss®^^j u^^ 

Do-dec'a-gon, s. ^<oun^&=LiUjQsiT<oSGnJo). 
Dodge, V. a. (sSleO(^^60^ LDi^uL^dQ3=dj 

Dodg'er, s. QSl60i^Q<3ijn(5k. 

Doe, s. Qu6GsrLDrT(o5r^ iSI2oSsrLDiT<sfr. 

Do'er, s. Qs'LuQ/D<sij&sr, &(i^^^m^ s^ 

Doff, V. a. L^(oS)l—(aiD€l]<s'^^6\), fSBL^^^ 

Dog, s,fsrrujjQp(Sl€U60^<9?6m-iEJ<3S&srj(^£rj5ar. 
bobtailed, <3fL.<ss)L^iBfruj, 
a male, <ss(SI€U(Q^(jlj, ^'smrBfruj. 


Dog, V. @c£«/7-l1®^6U, QQJLLQ5)L-.UUnQ 

to tease, ^&)n^u^U(om^}]^eo. 
Dog'day, s. QisnesfJeo. 
Dog'ged, a. QsLLi—(^(omr(ip<ck6fr. 
Dog'ged-ly, adv, Q<s5rTLlt-.F<su[Tdj^ ©(^ 

(Si9j (^QYj' (0)^^60 nib. 
Dog'ged-ness, s. (^(rrf>sii6\)j Q-sfTL-i—ir 

Dog'ger-el, s. QseSluumL®^ (3U€6)<fu 

Dog'ger-el, a. (SU(SS)s=uuitlL(Si<s^(Si^^, 
Dog'gish, a. (5fTUJfrLLi—LDrr(oar, f5nLus=<9^ih 

Dog'-ken-nel, s. rsmu<sS®j [5ndj^Q^n(Lg 

Dog'ma, s. s^LLLUGDSurrrTsQujih^ i£>^^ 

essfli-jy QsitlLuit®, i3is^<sun^LD. 



l9 L^(su fT^Qpsfrerr , ^ 

Dog-mat'ic-al, "" ^ /b(^/]SluLj<3fr(o{ryQ<sfT 
L-uiTLLQ-st^tfluj^ Gr®uLj(S(r6fr. 
as arrogant, iSlu^^nrr^LD. 
style, L9,i^<surT^LDrT<oST<cuns(^^ ^^^€u 


Dog-mat'ic-al-ly, adv. i3uf.<su[r^LDfTiJu^ 


Dog-mat'ic-al-ness, s. ^iTLDLnrT<osr<5T®Lj 

Dog-mat'ics, s. tSlL^<stjrT^LDtT(osrQsml. 

Dog'ma-tism, s. LSL^euns^u), QldiLu^ 

Dog'ma-tist, s. ^rj-iEj^uiSlu^ujissry i3is^ 

in religion, LDirird'SfnSlLDrrefffl, iD^mS 
LDiresfl^ LD^aasurrfT'cSl, 
Dog'ma-tize, v. a. f§ls=s'uS^^s=Q<9'iT&)^ 

Dog'ma-tlz-er, s. i3 isf-<3u n^ , iSli^Qjtr^d 

<5SfTir(^y eSI t— rr(su rr^ . 
Dog'star, s. ^<aj^5 (c<F/r^, <sh(QiJ!T^. 
Dog'-teeth, s, ojdQir^i^ihj QeuiLeiDL^ 

Dog'-trot, s. i5nQuj{TL-L-.w. 
Dog'vane, 5. eunii^sniLu^-^ snp^ait 



Dole, 5. Q<sBrr(^L-^ uiej(^, /?jq/. 
Dole, V. ufEjQ®^&}j u(flLDn^^G\i. 
Dole'ful, a.^-ss<5E(ip(srrerry^LuiTLDfT€srj s^ 

Dole'ful-ly, adv. ^dsLnrrLUj s=(^<s^gol£)IT 

lily ^'JJSTLDnUJ. 

Dole'ful-ness, s. s<s\)<s-si}>^ seu'^^^^ 
Dole'some, a.^&^sQp&refrj^uJiTQpefrefr^ 


T) o\e' some-ly , adv. ^ds LDfT ill jLjGO ihu fTiii , 
Dole'some-ness, s. ^dsih, ^ujrru)^ lj 

Doll, S. UfTGSXoU^ QufTtftQDLDy lSIiT^<SB)LD, 

Dol'lar, 5. epiTiBiTesaruju), 

Do'lor, s. ^ssuun®^ LjeOihueo^ qev) 

ihLfj LSlrreOfTUih, 
Dol-or-if'er-ous, a. Lj(SOii)USii<sir(Sfr. 
Dol-or-if ic, a. ^s&uu®^^Qp^ ^(i^ 


Dol'or-ous, a. irKSordCosiTLLL—irsurresr, m 

ei^Qf5frdsrT(Slefr6fr<f ^LUirQp(srr(3(r. 
Dol'or-ous-ly, adv. s't^s^eoinnuu^ ^ds 


Dol'phin, s. (^hi^Gsr. 

as porpoise, SL-pumrSi. 
Dolt, s. QuQS)^^ Qpu.eur<y mt^asr, 
Dolt'ish, a. Lois^Qp&r&r^ ^L-^^en 


Dolt'ish-ness, s. ld/f^ld, ^l^^^(Suld^ 

Do-main', s. ^sms^Qium^ ^ir<9=<^LLQ^ 

Dome, s. QsrruSeo, eSQj (^ihuDLLi-^Lb. 

in architecture, <sSl6\)LD<^s?LD6m'L^ut})^ 

Do-mes'tic, s. (?(SL''26Daj/rsrr, (a§*Ll®C<a/ 


in the plural, ^i^rnds^. 
Do-mes'tic, a.e^tKSldi^rfluj^ ^'so<50p(yi 

eirerr, ^&i<su fri^eijefrefr^ ^eoQ&duQ^ds 


as one of the four orders of ascetics, 

^60sOp(ip<^<o{r, ^&i6ijn^<sn&rmy 



life, @u^LDrrfr<s<3sih, (^Lp.(Lp<oB)p^ ^&) 
(SUfTt^doDs^ Qirs&v^ii)^ ^&)60pih. 
economy, order, &c., ^6\)Q&)rT(ip<s 

harmony, <ff^(ips=[Tirf5<^<our<oiDi—.j ld^cst 

LDfTLL&j ^6vQeOrT(lpfEJ(^. 

Do-mes'tic-al-ly, adv. ^ioexitru^eundj. 
Do-mes'tic-ant, a. <^Qn3'Qps'nn^^d(^ 

Do-mes'tic-ate, v. a. uipdi^^io^ uuS/b 

^^&) , Lfp^fi 26m- uQu rT0 SferTcgy s^^ 


to be domesticated, ut^^^eo., uaS 

Do-mes-tic-a'tion, s. uLpdsih^ uuS/b&y 

Dom'i-cile, s. ^e\)j ©S*®, ^rai^iSlL-ih, 

Dom'i-cile, ^ (^i^aSQ^^^^eo., 

Dom-i-cil'i-ate, 5 (^i^^ujp^^eo. 

Dom-i-cil'i-a-ry, a. e^LL(b)<s<sQ^^y (^uf. 

Dom'i-fy, v, a. ^iTn&LDGssrL-.eOu)€u(^^ 

Dom'in-ant, a. ^L-^iUfresr, fBrraJSinn 

Dom'in-ate, v. a. ^(^^eo^ QiDpQsir&r 

Dom-in-a'tion, s. ^lLQ, ^irrr^Ff^aih, 

Dom'in-a-tive, a. ^(^^Qpt ^lLQh^ 

Dom'in-a-tor, s. ^^srrrflj ^(er^Qeun 

Dom-in-eer', v. a. ^(sr^^eo^ ^^stTiT(^ 

Dom-in-eer'ing, a. QsnQiEjQ<sndre6)LD 

Do-min'ic-al,a. spLueifiBn'B6rrssfTLL®Qp. 
letter, (^iTaS(Trj>LLff:rnx,, 

Do-min'ion, s.^nfTdQujiJo^^unffirtkisixi, 
kingly power, ^(ef^(os>s, cgil^, ^ 

as territory, ^nnd^iuth^ ^iT^rrLL9, 
^uijdQiuunuiL^ iSiTLfs^sijuDy sn^^ 



an order of angels, fBfT^Q^^^Luir. 
Do'na-ry, a. QiBir^^dsL-i^ssr. 
Do-na'tion, s. ffODS, iT-(Si^, Qs[T(oS)1—, fs 

u&rrsrih, ^^^ih^ ^vurrsLo, 

a deed of, ^rr(osru^fi[fl<sD<3Sy ^iurrss^fT 

in charity, ^rr(ssni)^ lds<s6)ll. 
as legacy, LD!i€ssrs^rr^(^<iQsn<o6>i—. 
Don'a-tive, s. pf<s^^ ^n<osrLDj QafTGDt—.^ 

Do-nee', s. f5ekQ<srr(oS)L-<surriEi(^Q<sijrTm', 

eSl LjQuiT(^. 
Donk'ey, s. s(Lp<otD^, s^^uih, Q(sus'ffl. 
Do'nor, s. FFODSiurretrm'^ ^-usntf}.) ©_ 

Dont, (Contraction of do not.) Q^su 

Do'ny, s. Q^rressfl^ ^ihunm. 

Doom, s. ^iTULf^ ^rrLDiresrih^ ^rr<ssi(QiJ^ 


final ruin, ^L^(Sij, fsrrsrrdSl'^esr, uuir 

Doom, V. a. ^rSl^^eo, ^it^^go^ ^/tl/l/ 

Doom'ful, a. jtjL^iSij&rGfr^ uj/r^^lszfrtiysrrsrr. 
Dooms'day, s. i§^Qs=^^^tErT<srr^ ^nu 

Door, 5. «ff^(a/, suiri—th^ Qjrrrflf (SUfTuSeo. 
frame, s^(Si^f§l'2eo. 
two-leaved, ^rrtLoDL^ds^iai^j QrD(^ 

narrow door, or gap, ^®<ss<SijmiSI&i^ 

sill, 6iJ[TuSpULp.. 

Door'case, s. s^eiffS'^. 
Door'-keep-er, s. (SurraSiioiEnuQunm^ 

Door'-lock, 5. s^<si\uL^iL®, 
Door'-post, s. s^GiffS'^ey), 
Door'-sill, s. ui^L, Qi^<surruj^/buu^, 
Door'-yard, s. QppptD^ QpmfSeo, 
Dor'ic, a. <s^(T^<3^(Si^<s^sL^®Q(oij'^^ ^ir 


Dor'man-cy, s. ^(oS)ld^, Q<sFiu<sSlmQ5)LD^ 
Dor'mant, «. ^iE](^Qp^ ^dsripekerr^ 

/b/D') Q<3^LL(SlS)L—UJpp, 

latent, concealed, &c., Lj<otDfiUJ60rr(Ssr, 

(^<S(^LDLDfT€Sr^ LD<5S)p(SU IT€Sr, 

Dor'mi-tive, s. ^<s<stEjQsrT(Sis(^LD0is 

Dor'mi-to-ry, s. s^iLKssrirxoSSTL-uih^ ^uS 
eSli—LDy u&reifltLXoiDp, U(sirefflLD6Sffn—.u 

a burial place, inujrT(osr6w^iT(SGrix>j seo 

Dor'mouse, s. €^iTGS}^<sF6mQisS), <9?6S3r 

Dor'sal, a. (Lp^(^<s(^rfluj. 

Dose, s. e^(T^^inE]QsfT(Sl<s(^i£i^(3{r(SijfT6sr 

Dose, v. a, LSIrrLDfT(oSBrLDrrSLD(T^IB^U(^^ 

Dot, s. Ljeireffl^ ^&)rT^^<osn}}j QuitlLQ, 

Dot, ». a. LjGfrefftQurrQ^eo, 

Do'tage, s. ^LJLSl&2J<oSBn-.fTfEi(^ifiih(sa)^^ 

Do'tal, a, ^^(osr^^<ss(^fftiUj ^^esr^tL 

Do'tard, s. LD^^efririhQ^nt^^ (^Lpkos)^ 

^^(50rsQLp6U^^ LD^LD(r^6SSrL—(2S}0^ 

Do'tard-ly, adv. ii>^^(srriT(Su/TUJ^ ueooj 

Do-ta'tion, s. ^^<osnEjQ<sn(Si^^Gd^ ^q^ 

Dote, S. LDfr(rrj>LLL-LDfT^60j LD^LLLUlEJdSeOy 

excessive love, ^^amniLQiBQ^^eo, 
in a bad.sense, QiorrQ^^eo^ sitl£I^^go , 

Dot'er, S. LD(T(rfJ'LLl—<SS[TII<aSrj LD^LDLUIEJ 

Dot'ing-ly, adv. LSIsQ/Bs^iLmli^ sitldit^ 

Doub'le, s. gjrnlu^uLjy gjFilt^, ^q^ 

as a fold, ldl^ulj, <9?(^d(^, 
Doub'le, V. a. §j!TLLu^,i^eo^ ^itlL^jS 



Doub'le. a. ^inLG^L-ujncsr^ ^uiULorr 

chin, LDU^ii^^fTi^, ^inLesyi—^^m^. 
dealer, ^niomiSLDuem^ijQpsui^^ 

dealing, ^(r^LD(oBrLD, ^rretJarLSLD^ su 

door or gate, &p(^<ss^<si^^ LoL^ui^d 

inference, ^^LDfT(ca)^LDfr(osru3, 
lines, ^inleiDi—eiifH, ^qS^Qitgs)^. 
meaning, ^^uLunn^^uo^ ^(^<a£12ssru 
Qurr0(3rr^ ^(?6v)(5roz_, FFirL^uuLueor. 
minded, ^(i^LDearQpeirGfr.) <3S(SiJiTuQLD 

seam, ^rrLLQ^u.^<5S)^uu<so. 
threaded cloth, ^inL®, ^stlLQulj 


teeth, S(oO)L^QJfTUJLJU60^S^LJL^LJU60. 

tongued, ^(Tj/F/ro/iSw^ew, ^(T^euirdsir 

trouble, ^(7^Q6u'2eosQ(T^(o(Sij'2eo^ ^ir 

two in one, ^itlL(so)l-. 
Doub'let, s. ^-&r(^<sDL-^ s-LL^LLes)u.j 

in printing,&c.,@irLl^^^(a;^<a;^. 
Doub-loon', s. ^irrBrrem-iuih. 
Doub'ly, adv. ^inLioiDi—UJiTdj^ ^(t^ldl- 

Doubt, S. <5f=!BQ^Sll)^ ©"-'"'» <^tE]<SS)<S, ^ 

s^rr^^iULD, ^Qps^ujihj ^uSit<S(Sds^ ^ 
Doubt, V. n. ^LuuuQ^eo, ^Qp^iuuu 

Doubt'a-ble, a. ^(sQ^sopGn-Gtr^ ^Qp<s= 

Doubt'er, s. s'ibQ^Q, ^s^ir^^LuiEjQsrr 

etrQojrTi^^ ^ii^^QsurrGsr, 
Doubt'ful, a. s^ib(c^suui-.^^<se<55j s^Qp 


aspect, ^lussitlL&j jFihQ£5sd(^nS, 
Doubt'ful-ly, adv. ^ajiLnuj^ ^ihQ^aiLfr 

ujj s^Qp^iumnuj^ ^UL^p(ourrdj^ ^(^oS 

Doubt'ful-ness. s. ^luld, ^ibQ^auiy jf 


Doubt'ing-ly, adv. ^tLiLDrruu, ^ikQ^s 

Doubt'less, a. s'iBQ^<SLSl&)6\)fT^^ ^iulS 

eoeOfT^^ ^s=iBQ^aLDfT<osr. 
Doubt'less-ly, adv. ^(oasr<^LDUJrTLu, Old 

iilLUfTlU^ ^iEQ^si£lmrSl. 
Dough, S. L3(oS)<3=(5^L£in. 

Dough'-bak-ed, a. ^^dstSledGOfr^, 2_ 


Dough'nut, s. €T6ssrQ<sssrdju Lirfl (SID'S ^ gt 

Dough'ti-ness, s. eSirii)^ (BSi^iflmth. 
Dough'ty, a. Gm^iFlLULonGsr.^ eS'jTLDfr&n'j u 

Dough'y, a, iB<^(rrj>djQQj(SiJtT^. 
Douse, V. a.i§ffl/bufTLus's'6v,f§S<sSl(bl^60, 

in seamen's language, Lj/ra5//?5i(5^a;. 
Dove, s. L-K^t sQurr^ih^ LjpeiJih. 

cot, L/(77^6f4R_®, Lj0'(S^Q. 

house, Li(yr^LDfTt—.ih. 
Dove'like, a. i^Qtj'uQuiTmp^ LjQr^oju^ 

Dove'tail, s. s(LpiB^f us=ih<otDu, &.®d 

Dove'tail, v. a. us^ixxssiU'Su.nei^^io. 
Dow'a-ger, s. ^jTs^^GasoDLL, odsldQu 

em3f>-^Qufop (s^^ <dsi<si} . 
Dow'dy, s. ^60iEjQsLLL^€u<3ir.f ^ui^d 

Dow'dy, a. urrs^fTiEJSjbpy ^uLfdQsil. 

Dow'el, s. ^iTULf, QiBGsri^. 

mortice for, Qunetfly Q^n'^etr, 
Dow'er, ^ 

Dow'er-y, s. > ^^(sarih^ ^^(^sh)^. 
Dow'ry, ) 

given by the husband, uiBs^ld^ uifl^?. 

a dowry deed or contract, 9^<osrf^ 

Dow'er-less, a. ^^Gsrinpp. 

Dow'las, s.^irLl.®s=<9^<osarsf}'pLi<oS)L—(oiaiSij. 

Down, s. QiD(soeSluj^,p(^y Ql£)&)gSIlu(sii 

QnnLLLDy ^qS?, (^0^fip(3', ^©^^ 

©1 ^pQmQiBndjLLuSn. 

of a swan, ^(S!r6sr^^(2SI. 

of thistles, &C., U(i^3^, u(^QpsjJ 




on fruits. ^S^ssr. . 

as large, open fields, cs)LD^fT€5n})^ <f 




bank of sand, LD<om-/bs<oU)iT, LD€m-p(^ 

<o37"J2/5 LD6mr/b'35(otTlh^ LD<o6Grp^[TiTL\. 

Down, adv. ^rrip^ lj(sW?wj, QQl^^ <9=ifi 
up and down, ^iej(^l£)EJ(^l£i<j Qld§^ 


Down'cast, a. f5iT(oasr(ip<srr(Sfr^ (^(frj'(sBiiJ^ 
Down'fall, s. e^i^s'Q^ (c£l (t^'ssis , ^/odds 

LD^ [SfT&^LDy UITI^, J)f L^ (Slj ^ .3= lEJ <S IT JJ th . 

Down'fall-en, a. (2Sl(Lgih^^ ^L^ih^^ unj^ 


Down'hill, s. ^p<i<sih^ .^miiuLi. 
Down'hill, a. ^p<s<sQp(^(Sfr^ ^ndjuL{<3(r 

err, <sfTi}>(SUiTirQpm(Sfr. 
Down'look-ed, a.^d-swrrs^^ (^0>(sSjuj^ 

Down'ly-ing, s. ffLU6urQ<su^^. 
Down'right, a. QfBirfTiourj s^LLL-LDrreur, 

Sds^tuQpefrefr, ^iTLDrr(Sur(ip<ckisfr, ®-<oS>p 

uL^<3(r6fr, (Lpp(frj>(asr<^ Qsijefflajnosr^ Loesr 


lie, uQQufTiu^ ^iTih^sQumu, sjpu 


villain, ^iti5^<S(^(qu^, s^-^^^^gsTj u 

Down'right, adv. Q<?iEj(^^^frLu, QppQ}]' 

UJ, Q^<S(f}(SiJ!TUJ. 

Down'right-ly, adv. Q^efB(2uniLi.f Q<slL 

i^Lumu^ OojeffliufTLU. 
Down'-sit-ting, s. ^-LL<smh^(f^dioS)<s. 
Down'ward, a. Qj^rresr^ uessffis^^ ufi 

course or tendency, ^i^ds^^ ^Q<sit 

Down'ward, adv. QQtp^ uosSeunih^ u 

Down'y, a. QLneOG^m^pi^'sir&r, Qldgo 
eSlLuQrrfnDQpioirGfr^ '9?2oSorLL^<sfri3fr^ ^© 
&p(^(ck(Sfrj ^(sSQunmp-f ^eSliS 

Dow'ry, s. (see Dower.) 9^€snJD. 
Dox-o-log'ic-al, a. Q^<susw^^d(^ifl 

lUj LDIEJ<S60^ ^ d <E®^^ ^ <3i- LD (EJ a ed 



Dox-ol'o-gy, s. LnikjasoS^ih^ Q^<2ijujiEJS 

Dox'y, s. (dqjQ^ uir^<oiD^. 
Doze, V. n. ^aS^^eo^ ^i^<a?^&), sem 

Doz'en, s. ui^ioufljieaor®^ ^(qu[t^s=ld. 
Doz'er, s. (3B6osr^fEi(^Qp6um'y Qs^rrih 

uGsr, Qs^nudQurSl. 
Doz'i-ness, s. S(osar^d,SLD, Q^^aSlio^ 

Doz'ing, s. ^d<SLD^ Q<sf[tldl^. 

Doz'y, a. ^dsLDfresr, LDiE^LDfresr^ Q<s^tT 


person, ^d,ss(ip(Sfr<3{rQj(^, 
Drab, 5. si£)U(o(fluLj<5S)i—GD6ij<f sthueOu 


as a prostitute, Q<suQ, sossfl^ssis. 

a dowdy, ^LjL^dQ<SLLL-<aU(Sfr, 
Drab, a. SLDueotflpriperrGfr. 
Drab'ble, v. a. LDsoarossfldveSLpoSlLL®^ 


Drachm, ^ 

Drach'ma, 5. > epirfsnesariLnhj e^irfSesjp, 

Dram, ) 

Dra'co, s. ^niBLL<s'^^irLD^ <spsL-.s(aS} 
rrrr^-) 6piTQ<siT(^Gff)(SU[TiLJuQuuj, 

Dra-con'tic, a. <^iTr5firr(Sij0i—^^p^rf! 

'UJ^ ,fi5^r[Q(^LLu.^^P'3S(Sl^<S. 

Draff, 5. QaiT^^ s(ipi§iTj Lnem-u^j s^g^ir 

Draft, s. ^(LpuLj. 

as sketch or plan, @s\J?l9, ^lLl^ud. 

oi men, l3 ffl^Q ^(SldsuuLLi— .SUIT'S (sir. 

as bill of exchange, ^-^ssru^uueo^ Q^ 

&)j Q&r<3(rnd(^. 

of a ship, LDirds€\)LSI^d6s^^dsi^iT, 

horse, ^Q£i<50)6ijd(^fi(oS)rrj uesori^u 

Draft, V. a. s^iLi—ihsLL^^eo^ (sre^'^^os 

Drag, S. ^QpUl^, FFITULjf ^(Lp<5Si(SU, 

for land, ustudlj^ iQrf<sx^ue\)<ssis, 
a net, <5F(sroir<ai/'3sv, <o^d<9r<sij'2ei). 

Drag, V. a. ^Q£^^^t FFn^^eo^ ^rrmLj^ 



Draggle, v. a. L£i6SBriscsFie\)(2S(ip^fi^i(Lp 

Drag'iiet, s. a(sa)ir<aij'^, ^Q^<ss)(SiJ€u'2e\}. 
Drag'on, s. up(oS)<QuiEn<siJD^ (^^(^L^-SFp 

Drag'on-ish, fl. (^<s(^u.<?jbuiliQufT&^p, 
Drag'on-like, a. up<s6)(Sui5nsu:>QuiTdsrp^ 

Dra-goon', s» QurrrrsSjK^^ Qunn<3'(o<s'(3i} 

Drain, s. (QijfTUJ<sE<sfT6^^ sneo^nuj^ ld^(^^ 
Drain, v. a. <^(Lg<s(^^iso^ suu^^^io^ 2-p 

off, Q^Gffl^^dOj GiJU^SiLQ^GOf €iJi^<S 

exhaust, <3ijprBuQunsuu(om^}]^e\). 

Drain, v.n. 5?(^(5^^, <sui^^(so, 
Drain'a-ble, a. Q^eiflds^^ds^ <SkJLf.<ss 

^S<S CD 9 

Drain'age, s. Q^crfluLfj (suu^utf, 
Drake, s. ^(om^nirn, ^essr (Suit^^. 

small piece of artillery, ^^iSitikj-Q. 
Dram, s. e^irfSI&Dp. 

of spirits, epQ^iBi—gnuneonh^ inew^. 
Dra'ma, s. fEnisih^ <sl.^^, uir^s^n^^ 


Dra-mat'ic, } . . ^ . 

Dra-mat'ic-al, 5 

performance, isL—earih, fsin^sih. 
performer, /F/7L_<56ar, ^iSlfFitK^j mrr 

Dra-mat'ic-al-ly, adv. {BirLSQpssipiun 

uj, uir^<9^fT^^ir(tp(off)pajfTUJ, 
Dram'a-tist, 5. [snisn&sflujGsr, iBrrt^s 

Dram'a-tize, v. a. !snu.six>unQ^eo. 
Dra'per, s. ff6ue^<3u^^sm^ Lfes>L-.eiD(Su 

shop, <ff^<aiJGff)d<S€S>L-, Lj(3a)L^m)QJ<3SS 


Dra'per-y,s. ^Qulj, L/€ZDL_<S5)a/, l/<s2s)z__ 

Dras'tic, a. Quso^<s{r<sfr.^(3ij<sS!<^LDiL](arG(r, 
Draught, s. g)(tpuL^, ft-itulj, ^(Lpesxsijy 

a drawing, uz_/jb, ^^^ffLo, 

of fishes, €^(r^(ip(oS)pi3L^uLLi^Lj^ick, 

of money, ^^(smi^ujeo. 

a plan, s^ili—ih^ ^(ipiEj(^. 

of water, (^tp-UL/, s^ir^sruourresrihu 

Gm ^}/ LDSfT (Sij . 

rough, ^ir€S)(SijQiU(w^^, (^f£luQu(Lp 

depth of water for a ship, ldh&sgo 

Draught, v. a. s=LLL^rsj<3ELL®<s&)j (^fSu 

Draughts, s. Qs^nssLLt—nasr, 
Draughts'man, s. (^fiSuQuQ^^Qeijfrekf 
sk-<s^<sQs(ip^Q<su trasT, 

Draw, 8. ^(LpULjy <aSl(L£)&D<S. 

Draw, V, a. ^Qp^^eo, FT-n^^eOy i§lLQ 

to derive, deduce, iSlpuiS^^eo^ Qu 

to suck, (Lp'^uungiiismessreO, 
a bill, ^-.em Uf.uuQ&)(ip^eo , 
petition, iDrnQr^LLQi—^ig^^eo. 
back, L9g5r6^®^60, i3&sr<Qjnik](^^&)f 

blood, ^ir^^ii>(SiifTiEJ(^^eo. 

breath, ^s=<9?<aTQ<s{r6yrTiEJC^^&)j ^-^"^ 

from premises, ^esS^eo^ ^^iLprreuB 

in as a whirlpool, ^L^^^(SurnEj(^^ 

in, s=fTt})Lf^6\), (SueSljS^iso, ^^rSit^'Si-^io^ 

near, Qs=(f^^eo^ QlL®^6\), sj^U(S^ 

on, QLL®^eO^<3^L^l3^^<SOj€iJ(T^(sSl^^&), 
off, tSltfl^^&)^ <aSl&)S(^^60^ euLf.d(^^ 

lines, S^^GO, QjfflQ^^6\). 

up, ^<s(afj^&}^ &^ujiT^^^&)j ueo>L.<su 



a noose, &-(7^(sijSr(7^dQ(ip^^&). 

out of a case, or sheath, ^l.q^(sij^<so^ 

off, as liquor, Q^effl^^eo, (sui^^^io^ 

out, GrQ^^dOy ^Qp^^6\)^ (QjrTIEI(^^60, 

one over to a party, (a/^L/uO^^^eu, 

a picture, ul-Qloop^^go^ Q^fiiriB 

a plan, ^lLl—ieJ'3slL®^&)^ ^(T^suras 

toddy, &(3fr(Gf^(S}jL^Lu4^Q^tLi^60^ u^^ifl 

together, <si_Ll®^6v), ^ffiLQ^eo. 
up documents for one, <5T(ip^<sQsn' 

water, &c., Qwfr(Sfr^^6\}j ^<sir(^^io. 
to become drawn out, or stretched, 

to draw one up, as a well-beam, (ST(^ 

^60^ er 00(^^60, 

• water as a ship, LDrrdseOih^sfr^^^ 
eOL^y^^eiy wsrdiSeot^J^^efreijiiffi&JLSlLp 

Draw'back, s. <£?l^q/, (^6ro^(Sj/. 

Draw'bridge, s. ^(Lp<oS)<suuuiT&)i}). 

Draw'ee, s. Qs^eoQeopQuirmj ^L.<smuf- 

Draw'er, s, QulLi^uj<oid/d^ ^QpuQuir 


car, <3^rfihL^Q<surfm, ffnihiS^ &.<5sari^iu 
Draw'ers, s. (pi.) <3^<so&)l-i}), ^^tLsnp^ 
Draw'ing, s. Q^^rTuui—ih^ ^(sSlS, @ 

£VULj, (^rSluLff <SiJica)rr^GO. 

of a liquid, Q^erfluLfj Q^&fl^, <oUfT 

IE] (^^60, 

master, Q^^rriT<9'rr[ft,Q^^rr8-Qjrr^^^ 

lines in, ^<sSujih^ ^L^Qir(oS)<¥, 
room, Qsrr^in<o5drt-.uu:)^ ^^^irinem 

Drawl, s. QfftTihuio<siiniT^<ss)^., ^(f^A^ 

Drawl, 17. Q^nihueOfTUJuQusp^eO. 
Draw'-net, s. <S(oS)ir(5u'^., ^(Lp(SS)<Sijisu'^. 
Dray, s. Q^Qpuemi^, 
Dray'horse, s. Sl^Qpuemt^uuffi. 
Dray'man, s. &gv&pu<ossnj^QujnLl.® 

Dread, s. ^<f<s=Lh, utuih^ uojisjsnih. 

of death, LcjissardQsujiL. 
Dread, v. ^(i^'X-^eo^ utuuuQjSido, ^ 

Dread, a. uiuuuL-^^<i<s,- ^(i]^<9=^^d 

Dread'ful, a. uiuuurrQm&r^ (sjd'Swnesr^ 

death, u lu tsj s ir Lofi em" ldit em th^ ^^stld 

Dread'ful-ly, adv. uiuiEi-sffLondj^ eids 


Dread'ful-ness, s. uiuuuitQ, <sjd<3sthy 

Qsi^^ ^d<9=uufrQ. 
Dread'less, a. uiuL^eoeOrr^j <5S)jSiflujQp 

Dream, s. csesmt^-, Qs=fTLJU€sri}), 

as fancies, <cSQ6m<o6ar(omw^ iDQ(eu)ir 

^ujih^ LoQi^irnd&inw. 
Dream, v, <ssissr<2ij65fT^ij^eo^ Qs^fruueor 

/s:/<fg/r ggg7/ ^<g6x>. 

as to imagine, isSQeaartoosrssariEiQiSfT&r 

he would not even dream of doing it, 

to be sluggish, Qs=fTil>u&)fruS(t^^^60, 

Drgam'er, s, Q<3^upu(8sr^jBQ, Qs^fruu 

(osrdsirjT&n'.y QjFfTwueary wQi^irrfd^ 

Dream'ful, a. Q-s^rruueorQp&refr^ wrriu 


Dream'ing-ly, adv. Q^mhunuj, seu'^ 

,, Dream'less, a. Qi6'nuu<ssn£>pp^ fseifre)j 

Drear, a. LD0(Gr^<3n'<sfr, LDih^LDn'<osr^ <siinis^ 

'°^') (^(^'oSl<oisr^ ^gn^eopp, 
Drear'i-ly, adv, weur^^iXJifwnuj^ ^ds 




Dreg'gish, ) ld(^i 
Dreg'gy, ^' $ en-ew, 

Drear'i-ness, s. ^daih, s=(^^eiiiJD. 
Drear'y, a. uLuiEjsrrLDmsnrj ^ssmiTGsr^ 

Dredge, s. ^(Lp<ssi(Sij<sij'2eo. 
Dreg'gi-ness, s. <s<3=n(on-LD^ ldgbstl^j Sj 



Dregs, 5. (pi') LLGGOrU^y S=<SG0)S^ <3u<^ 

worthless matter, <ss6ffJihqj ^&r<m 

Drench, v. a. Q^niL^^eo, (^gtRuiSI^^ 
eOy FT'lTLnnS'Seo. 

to physic, L£}<s<r£Qij.g:(oST(h)Qs^tL^eo. 
to be drenched, /fSsut^gu, Q^iruj^eo^ 

Dress, s. s_s35z_, p-Qulj, e_®L/s25)z_ 

maker, (B5)^uu<sOn<s(r^ <5S)^\LipsnnQsr^ 


one fond of dress, Q<sfT<sO[T<seOGWj ^ 
GOrKismruLSlrflujissr^ (^s=rr/bdSfTrr<ssr. 

home dress, e^iKSloDi 

Dress, v. e_®^^6U, ^gsS^go, ^ifl^^io^ 

to adjust, or make straight, QfBirfTda 
eOj e^(Lpisj(^uuQ^^€0^ s=fflujfTd,sB&}. 
to adorn, Q<zn60[EisLL(Sl^eo^ (^s^fTeorr 

one, ^ffluLSl^^6\)^ QsfT6\)L£)Lf'2lo5r<sSl^^ 

food, ff<oSiLD^^io, ^®^60^ urrsuiu 

a lamp, Q^itl^^^iso. 

a wound, ,srTLurEJSLL(b}^60^ ^rresBrmfr 

as a butcher, ^uL/ir(£i/L/62R>r6OT2/^6i),<5 

Dress'er, *. (suememin^Gsr. 

a table, ^<^u6sarL^iE]s'^(StDQJ^^Gr^ 

of wounds, ^rressr<5s>sij^^iuek. 
Dress'ing, s. ^^®^^e\)^ ©_®tJLy, ^^<ss)i—, . 


a wound, urfl-sffluLi. 


a correction, ^dQ'2io5T, ^(5mi_'2esr. 
Dress'ing-boy, s. eijesanssarLDsesr., QsneO 

Dress'ing-maid, s. (SuemQJsnDserr^ Qsrr 

eO(^Qs=uj<Sijn<3ir^ Q<srT6\)LhLj'2iosrQu<om'. 

Dress'ing-room, s. Q&ne\)(i^Qs'djimh 

Dress'y, a. (^^n^&refr^ e^ujujiTsrt£>fT(oirrj 

Drib'ble, v. n. ^<sffl^^<30^ ^6rf)^iEis6\)j 
^6Tf)^(SfflLUfTiLieSI(LpjSe\)^ ^roeo^ Qun 

to slaver, iHjrTLUiiireiJL^^eo. 
Drib'blet, s, Qs^i—ld^ uiej(^^ Qs=iT<^s=ih. 
Drib'bling, s. ^erfluLj^^eu'bso, ^(sudo, 
Dri'er, 5. ^-&ssrs(^(su^, <suuL-®isii^y 

Drift, s. ^(oSiL-Lueo^ Qsni^tuio. 

of dust, L^^Gff), ^effJUUL-GOlh. 

of sand, or snow, (^ihtSl, (^lduld, ^ 
eSliLieo, lSIlLQ^ Qld®. 
as aim, QiBirasub^ QuiT<i(^, 
Drift, V, a. €?^<5(^^60, Q^^err^er^^eOy 

Drift, V. n. f^^iEJ(^^<so^ Qsni^^eo, (^ 

ashore, si<^i—^<so^ <op^iki(^^eo. 
Drill, s. ^LD^Q^ ^/DuuessTLD^ Qun^^ 

as training, a^^^nuL^iurr^uD. 
Drill, V. a. ^LoiflQ^io, ^(T^q/^co, ^q/zt 


scholars, urrL-wCoUfT/bpeo^ ^uiSIluit 

soldiers, &,c., ueoiL—uuS/bpe^)^ ^il{ 

^UrflLL<olD.9=Qs=LLJ^60^ Q rnDUDU uSl^pS^^ 

in husbandry, u^^u^^iunujeS^^Q 
Drill'ing, s. O^n^erruLfy ^LDffI<Sl<5!D<Sj itf 


as coarse cloth, u(T^^pL^<oS)L-<sa<sii. 
Drink, s. ufT(smihj uits^iuld^ u0(^<su 



■strong, ^nnniiJUD^ ^-Q€\)nL-i^.^ ^i^ir^ 

Drink, v. a. (^u^Jj^eo^ u(^(^^&). 
to imbibe, or absorb, (^isf-^^eo^ 2_ 

to receive, Q-LLQsfT<3(r(^^60. 
•excessively, LSI<sd^L^^^6\), QsurSId 

toddy, <gs(ck(&^6ssre\)<f <ff?irfTUfT(osrmuiom 

to drink in, <sSI(r^uu^(c^frQQsLl.L- 
eOy ,S0^^fTiLiLLQsiT(3fr(Sfr&). 

Drink'a-ble, a. (^l^<s<s^^<s<s5^ u^s^^ 
Drink'er, s. (^i^ilk^, L£i^u[T(osr<sir^ setfl 
Drink'ing, s. (^L^uLjy un<osnx)U(o5sr^u 

QD<5Sj Q-.j£l(^<3r<o3)<S. 

cup, u[r(osrun^^rnii. 

trough, [^it^Q^{tlLl^, un^^jjuo. 
Drip, ") ^(ip<s(^^ ^erfJuLj, 6ui^ 

Drip'ping, ' J gids. 
Drip, V. a. €^(ip<s(sS}Q^60, ^Q^ssdo, 
Drip,tJ. n. (SiJL^^6\)^e^(ip(^^&)j^(SffJ^^6d. 
Drive, s. s^nifl^ ^^eon^^^ ^-goit^ ^^(Sijnifl. 

to take a drive, s^rrfflQurr^eOj ^eurrrfl 

Drive, V, a. ^h^^^go^ <sL-eij^60. 
a beast, or cattle, Qs=^^^^6\), g^lL 

away, ^(^(sr^^eo^ ^jr^^^eo^ upas 

out of the way, e^^d(^^(s\)^ s'2ev^^ 

in a nail, (Sj/b^^d))^ iSL-zro/^eu, @^ 

Drive, V. n. ^(Lp<sssuuQ^e\)j ^ptLL—uu 

to rush violently, undj^GO^ ^(^(^r^^eo. 
in a carriage, s^niflQun^eo. 

as aim at, <oT6m(sssfl<S(oS)<5sujrTuS(7^^^eo^ 

Driv'el, s. ^.tSliprBiT^ <sunuj^rr. 

Driv'el, v. n. (snu^^i^iso^ <sijrruJi§Qir!T(Lp 

at the corners of the mouth, sg^l- 


Driv'el-er, s. sunibSfrBJU^-ium, •^np^ 
Driv'er, s. urrs6ar^s'mT^yQ<F^is^^Q(SuiT 

in mechanics, ^uu<s(^(^s^&QrTiJD^ ^ 
Driv'ing, s. Qs=^'^^(oG)<s, ^rr^^(S5)&y 

Driz'zle, v. n. ^lSI^^6\)^ ^p&), ^etf]^ 

Driz'zling, 5. ^l^ulj, ^^t ^^inhy^, 

Driz'zly, a. ^effl^effltufrGor, ^peoircsr. 
Droll, s. QsmDmsffl^ Qi5nm''^/sm<ssn!i(^y 

Droll, 17. w. s^iTS^LDuemr^u^ed. 

Droll, a. rE(orfl<osr(ip&r(ofr^ (^(^u:)Lf^^<s{r 

GfTj uQi^Qs^ujQp. 

fellow, (^(^i1)l9. 

to be droll, Q<srTF(5ssfl-35frLLQ^&)j Qsfr: 


Droll'er-y, 5. ^LDfT<9?, QsmDrrefrm^ Qsirir 
(sssfl, QsnrnhuGdLD, (ds=lL<oS)1-., fB<orfleur 


Droll'ing-ly, adv. fseiflesTLDniii^ uiflsns^ 

LDfTin^ (sSlQuufTiu. 
Droll'ish, a. iE(otf}(osrLDn(o6T^ uiflsns=LDfT(o6r, 
Drom'e-da-ry, s. ^(i^^LSlGO€^LLL-.<sih. 
Drone, s. ^<ompr-> 

as a person, Qs^rrwuesTy ^rrLD^ssfrsr 

a sound, l£)[5^^<o!DS=^(SiJ6SSn^<o!DS=6p<Sff)S=, 

Drone, v. n. Q-fiTLDL^^io^ (sS(^dj^^[fl^ 

Dron'ish, a. ^rrLD^Qp&rerr^ Qs^friDueon 

<o5r^ Q^rrLDurresr. 
Dron'ish-ness, s. ^mD^ih^ Qs=fTLDLi^ ^ 

Droop, t?. n. &_6\)(7^^a), surrQ^eOj sessr 

^6U, (^(7rj><Slj^60<^ Qs=ITIT^60j Qs^lTLDLj^ 

with exhaustion, &lc., (^<siDLp^6\), ^ 
as the head, ^'bsciBn^^eOj ^'hso^isj 



as the limbs, Q^nn^e^^ ^Luir^ev^ s 

Droop'ing, s. Q^nrf(Si\^ ^istrn<f&^ ^oj dm 

Drop, s. ^erflj ^oj'bso, Q^hlLQ, ^(Lp 

of rain. wstaL^^^eff}.) ^(Qj'^. 

yf water, [^ir^^erfl. 

a part of a gallows, QunrSdQpueo 

for the ear, sfrfipQ^nrasessB, 
Drop, V. a. (oBLp(sS®^<so. 
as drops, ^erfJ^^eo. 
as a leak, e^Qpsi^^eo. 
to leave, abandon, <a6lLl.®<2SQ^eOj 

in a word, ^(Ss>L-uSQeo(cu&?^&). 
to lose, (ourTLLQe£l(S^eOy ^ip^^<so. 
to be dropped, or lost, e^DsQ^iTiTm^ 

Drop, V, n. eSJQp^io. 
from a leak, <^q^(^^go. 
copiously, Qs=fTrfl^&), Quni^^GO. 
off, ^-^ff^eo^ (sSIq^^go. 
to die suddenly, <F(B^ujnibds^iT^eo^ 

in, or come unexpectedly, ^pQd=iu 

Drop'ping, 5. €^(Lpd(^<)^(af}LjLjj e^i^si^j 

Drop'si-cal, a. i^tTuiSlL^uLfeirGfrj ^<5Si^ 

Drop'sy,S. <oS<S<S5UDy^<SD^UL^^l§irfTLDUJl}>, 

urresor®, [^irdQaneaxsiiy tiQir/b/Dih. 
in the abdomen, liumDili^ wQsn^jru). 
Dross, s. QlLl-ud^ sifieij^ ld6\)u:)^ aexD/D, 

of iron, ^(T^uDi^dQiLL—th-^ ^iniD&iLD^ 

Dross'i-ness, s. weSlesnh, SG^p^ S^Q^-) 

Dross'y, a. S(o6)pLLi&r<sfr^ seff!i})urT(o!^j & 

Drought, ^ LD(oSiLpQ'JU[T^ULjj Q<3SfT 

Drouth, * ^ S2Di_, Q(SiJ<oS60^ QjpUL\^ 


a severe drought, aQfaQsnesiL^^ ^ 

Drought'i-ness, s. ainGsreo. 
Drought'y, a. LD(SDLp^^rTi^<3=QujrT(oar^ srr 

Drove, s. s?^l1l-u)^ Q'Betr, ^anB^^irefr, 
Drov'er, s. ^(SiubnQQp^^ujQsufiLLQ 

Drown, v. a, ^ny^^^^io, ^tru^^^dQsn 

Drown, v, n. ^(r(Lp^&)y LonQ^^eo^ <^QP 

Drowse, v. n. S€Bsr^iEj(^^&}j ^(i^^^ 
Drows'i-ly, adv. ^dsmfTLu, ^pdmmrr 

Drows'i-ness, 8. ^pdsih^ ^dmih, ^ 

iEj<S6\}^ LDih^LDy Q^ml>ue\)^ LDtudsil). 
Drows'y, a. LDih^(ip(3(T(Sfrj Q<3^niJDL^^^(^ 

GDLDLurresr, S^^<^rrLL}(^<3fr, 

headed, LDiB^Lorresr, ^dsuDnectr^ Q<3=rr 


person, Qs^irihu&n-^ ^&)Quj&fr^ ^d 


to be drowsy, ^ih^^eo^ Q^rrthLj 

Drub, s. (5^^, @if , c^/^, Qiiirr^^. 
Drub, V. a. (^^^^ei)^ ^^^{Seo^ ^^d 

Drub'bing, s. ^u^<) ^smi—ih^ @^» (3 

A^? <Md@'2esr. 
Drudge, s. Q(Su'2eomiTjT(dr, ^i^Luasr, Q^n 

(tpmuGSTf (^pQpeueon&r. 
Drudge, v. n. s<ss)L-.iJUfTLLL.uu®^60j l9 

Drudg'er-y, s. sesyt—uufTLLi—ihy ^pQp 

Drudg'ing-ly, adv. iSeGiL—ajmLL^uDndj^ 

Drug, s. LDQ^d^^ e^errL^^Wj wQ^is^d^ 


prepared, or compound, 0<fuJ(Sjd<s<^ 

Drug, V. a. LD(7^iB^d<3=ird(^QjGS)'sQuu(ip 




Drug'gist, 5, LL(^iB^<9:s'rrd(^<si9iunufrrf}. 
Dru'id, 5. ^Qrrrru(oS)utL'{fl(ckL(^ij<aU(^(7^u 

Dru-id'ic-al, a. ^Qrrnu<s6)uaj[fimLj^nQj 

Drti'id-ism, s, ^(oirnu(oO)uujrfl€sry^n(Sij(^ 

Drum, s. Q^(TpS(f^(2Q, 

small in the middle, P-(Sis<ss)s. 
with two heads, ^i0<sslLu<sd/d, (old 

one he&d, ^0slLu (otDp J ^dtULLi-^ ihy 
^L^il)LDfr(5crrLC)^ &-^lSI. 
cordage, eurrir^ (sSl^^ (Sysr, (sueSI. 
stick, Qjn<f^uuLDi^s(^!B^u^'f (^esSeOj 

Drum, v^ n. ugdp^lL(B^<so^ u<^puju^ 

Drum'mer, s. uesipuj(^, u(oS)/DSfrir€sr^ 

Drunk, ) Qeij^miudsLDrresr^ Q(su 

Drunk'en, * y fBuu!T<oisr. 

to get drunk, Q<si/fSIQiuQ^^60j Q<oufSl 

Drunk'ard, 5. <s€^lu<^, QstjfSujm^ Qw 

Drunk'en-ly, adv, Q<sijj]Sujmu, OojcSIld 

Drunk'en-ness, s* Q<sufS^ Q(Sur^LCiUj<S(^y 

SeffluJITLL®, {^l^QsunSl-) LD^LDLudsU)^ 

Dry, t>. a. sntuGSxsu^^eo^ ^eoir^^^eo^ 
eutnLQ^eo, <3snius=<sf-^eOj <3?(Sijjb^^dOy 

Dry, V. w. snuj^&o^ ^e\)0^€O^ ojn^^eo^ 

up, <9i-<3^^^(S0^ @(^<^^^5 (Sup^^GO. 

as a wound, pustule, &/C., ^gu^io^ 

Dry, a. smLih^, (^iruLSlu^aSeOeoir^^ euir 
67RjrL_5 ^(^9l(osr. 

not rainy, inQ^L^uSiioeon^, Qsitgdi— 
not juicy, <SFiTrnDppt u<ssi,?uSGOeO[T^, 


without tears, <ssmTcsi^tfl6\)^fT^. 
thirsty, eSlL-niij^^, ^nsQpefrerr. 
unadorned, Qs^nis^ui^GOeon^^ Qpu 

Upp^ ^6\)<iS(om'LDpp. 

ground, or land, s-eoiT^(oS)iTj (sumun 

IT^ <SU(skuiT6\). 

sticks for fuel,^i7"/r&i), Q<^^(8a)^, <»6U 

6\S, <s?ul9. 

spot, in a river, ^lL<oS)l-, QllQ^ ^ 

as sarcastic, ^(oSipuL^&rm. 

to make dry remarks, uL-uQus=6Vy 

a pustule, or wound, s^Qesr. 
Dry'ing, s. s(ruu<3=»QS)s^ <SiJiTLL®(oS)s^ &_ 

Dry'ly, adv. sfriLi^rrtLij ^(^puuniu^ s 


as sarcastically, S-cro/Duu/rtu, sirnu 

UfTLU^ SL^esTLDrruu. 

without embellishment, 9lpui3<^cS, 
Dry'ness, s, sfrtuss^do^ s[ruj(sij, (SuinL&y 

barren, unadorned, ^eodsemuSeo 

want of ardor, Q(SuslSI<^(SS)i£)j up/£} 
ear<o!DLD, p^<omff<f&aS(s^<son<^LD. 
want of juice, ^nrrL£leoeorT<S!DLD, 
want of rain, l£)(SS)lpuSI606\){t&dld, 
Dry'-nurse, 5. <5S)S^^[rib, (sncsfrir^^^niLi, 

Dry'shod, a. Q^n®Q^neo^(Sij<sfr!T^^ <5/r 

Du'al, a. ^<aS/^, ^ulu, 

Du-al'i-ty, s. ^q^qdld^ ^rreoBrQ^ iSlrfl(siiy 

Du'ar-chy, s. ^u^ff<s=ff^LL9l, 

Dub, V, a. ^L^^<s&o^ ^^^Qiuns^fieaff 

to give a name, QuujifKSl^eo, [5mD(i^ 

Du'bi-ous, a. ^0LDesrQp(Sfr(3(r, s/hQ^s 
iDrresr, ^LLjpQji^sfr, s^(ip<f<fUJLcyfT€sry u 
G0[§i'2G6r<sun(osr^ iS,^<9^[LiLDppf Q^efflof 

to be dubious, sisQ^Q^^io^ ^ilj^^ 
61), ueoi§l'2s5r<sija(^^60. 



Du'bi-ous-ness, s. <^i(?^<£ii), ^-gu^uSi 
Dti'bi-ta-ble, a. s^QpJ^s'ujLLfTesr, ^stt^ 

Duc'at, s. epiriBireaaraJih. 
Duch'ess, s. eprruLLL^dsnjjS. 

Duch'y, S. ^ITULl.L-SSrTp^€5)L—LU^rr 

Duck, s. QuGssr^iTUCT^ ;s'2iso<sh'2eiruLi. 
sea, si—p(r^iTfT. 
wild, <3>mL<S>^^mrn. 
a stone, Sifleo^^Q^fStseo. 
as canvass, ^itl-®^pl^G5)l^(SS)(Su,u 

Duck, V. Q^mii^^eOj ^q^iejQQluq^^ 

Duck'ing, s. G^niiiui^, ^(tpssu). 
Duck'-leg-ged, a. (^^tasfr^eirefr, 
Duck'ling, s. ^{T!jn<s(^(i^&hj <2S<sidi—^^it 

Duct, S. [§lfS(^l^60^ <3iJlTlLld<SrT60, 

^»'of the body, /?i7"ii)L/, ^ir^^{5iTu)Lj. 
Duc'tile, a. <3i]^uui—i3k-.L^uj^ ui^ius 

flexible, ^(wuL-<s3h-isf.aj, sua^Lund 

Duc'tile-ness, 5. ^<seo^^ds^m<oG>LD^ u 


Duc-til'i-ty, s. u^<oS)ld^ u^etjy ^(sirds 


Dudg'eon, s. (^p^tsuir&r-, -s^Qp^irQ^ <s 

as malice, Qsiruth^ ^!T!kjs&)^ (2Ss=ear 

ih, UL^, (Siy ear i£)LD, (SuuSiiuL^. 

to take in dudgeon, <5T(fls=<5=<s\iQ&iT(3fr 

Due, S. SL—^^ <SL-.<oS)LD^ <SU(T^LD^^ Qs= 

as debt, .3SL^Gsr^Q3=e\i§iii£i^^Q<ff^(i^LD^, 

Due, a. QiEnncosr^ QurrsQeueoarij^uj, &_ 

ffluj, <5jpp^ SujinuLDrTesr^ Q^doeoQeu 

money, <s^((^ld^, 


proper, ^(^li^. 

order, <sufft<5G)£^y ^ossfl^ Sosyn^ ui^. 

in due time, ^ppQ<8u'^uSlQeO. 
Diie, adv. QfEuns^ s^iflQfsrrns. 

east, Qn5iTQi^<ssfTs. 
Dti'ei, s. ^icsffuQufTtT^ ^(7^<QurfQufTirfTLL 


Dti'ei, V. ^Gsf!uQufTrriT(bl^6\), ^(TK<siirr 

Du'el-er, '}^6BfluQufriTiT®Q<siiiT<ssr,^ 

Du'el-ist, * ) eafluQufTiTfTGrf). 

Dti'el-ing, 5. ^(T^<sijnQunijnLl.i^LD. 

Du-et', ^ @(75<ay/f<si^if uu/rOa) @ 

Du-et'to, * ) <SDs=uufTLL®. 

Dug, S. <sSeOlhQ(SSTLDl^, Q<3P(T^^^<30y LD 
Dtike, S. ^<o6)pLD<S€Or, iSIiJL\^ ^%S\)(aUm. 

Diike'dom, s. ^(ss)pu)-^<s5r^rf<s^. 
Dul'cet, a. ^6i^uj^^^^uurT<ssr^ il^st 

L£)n(5sr^ 3i-(5S)<QiJ^<S', ^i^^ LDn^rfluuisxTGsr. 

in music, ^^^6»<juj/765r. 
Dul-ci-fi-ca'tion, s. ^6sf}uund(^(5S)<Sj 

<ff?(oS)6iJLurrd(^<aD<s^ ^(S^(osfi(SS)s=iUfT<s(^ 

Dul'ci-fy, V. a. ^I^^uuit<S(^^&)^ s?<sdqj 
Dul'ci-mer, s. ^uiL^0. 

Dull, V, a. ID!B^LDIT<S(^^&)^ lJD(Lp<i(^^eO. 

Dull, a. Lnii^(ip&r<s(r^ ^<g=UJii^LDrT(oar^ ld 
npiKi<s6i)n(osr^ ^ssLonesr, ldQi^^&lu 
pPf Co<F/riX)L/^6v)/T«jr, Q^&fleupp. 
blunt, eSQsiJsuS&iGOn^^ sk-nGSiiumpp. 
not bright, LDiaseorrear. 
sleepy, ^dsLorriosr. 
weather, LDih^fTirih^ idul^, Lj^!Ej<sfTjTu3, 

DuU'ard, s. ink^m^ ^niD^ssniKssr^ ^ 

Dull'ness, s. Loi^ih^ LOQ^fEj-sseo, ^^ldis 

of intellect, ^(sBQeusih, ldibjSld^ ^ 

of feeling or system, ^luirs^ih, Qs^itit 

M'ant of a point or edge, LD(LpiEjs&)y 

f5(LpiKJ<S&)^ Qu:>rTLL<oS)L-. 

Dul'ly, adv, unh^inrriii^ Qs^rrmufTiiij ^ 



Du'ly, adv. jS(^fiujmu^ ^jppeSl^Lonib, 

Dumb, a. Qsn.<ssiLCiUjn<ssT^ ^(SS)<suj(T(osr^ ^ 

person, sj^gidld, ^eo-s, ^iej<oS)s. 
to strike dumb, Lo'^evss&^Qs^uj^eo^ 

Dumb'-bells, s. <3S(T!EjQs(T<omL-uiSlajiT9l 
Dumb'ly, adv. stsnG^LnLUfnii^ Qw<ofr6sr 


Dumb'ness, s. stMODLD^^isurwy ^sih, 
QL£)(S(r€snl), (cu,ff=&(osr(SS)LD. 

Dump, S. UXoSr^^LUIT^ ^<5<£F^<S2D<?^, wif^ 

as absence of mind, uji{rd(^. 
Dump'ish, a. LDih^LDrrGsr^ £f-<suiT^6S3rQ<sil. 

Dump'ish-ly, adv. Q^nuDuauj^ <3?<sujT'^5m' 

Dump'ish-ness, s. LDih^ih^ ^tSn^ wesrs^ 

Dump'ling, s. Lj^ffl,<3?(n^LLQuuGsSs!TiFuo). 
Dump'y, a. SLL<oS)L-UJfr<5ijr^ (^(S{r&rL£>fT€sr. 
Dun, s, eS L^fT^aem-L^esTj ^ifluLj, ^eo 

Dun, V. a, ^eOLLQ^eo^QiEQ^^C^^eo^^ 

Dun, a. LDfEj^sGOnesr, stSlGOtDfrioar^ sq^ 

cow, <slSI'^uu<3?. 
Dunce, s. ^l—<^^ ld^Q65lLl—6U(c^j 

Dun'cer-y, s. QL£)mL(Si^^<osnh, iDih^ihj 

Dung, s. cr(7j, ^(rssarsih, ^fr<smw. 
of animals in general, l? , (a low term). 
human, LoeOih, isirsed, s(^i^iJd^ 
of a horse, elephant, camel, ^eo^^. 
of cows and buffaloes, ^nesS, s^frem 

of asses, dogs, cats, &/C., (sSIlLcsdi 

of sheep, hares, bats, rats, squirrels, 


of birds, fowls, lizards, <oT^^u3, 
Dung, t\ a. eT0uQurT®^6O, meomjsi^j 


Dun'geon, s. QLp<o6)p3'&(oS)p&^s^rr'^^ sn 
Dung'hill, s. Gi(r^<s(^wLS^ (^uosiuQio®^ 

a mean abode, u(ti^<£®. 
Dung'hill, a. (5r(y^d<S£frLDfT(S^,€r0<sii(orrG[r. 
Dung'y, a. ^(i£i<s<sfT6sr^ LneOQpetr&T. 
Dun'nage, s. mil's s<s^^^Q(osrprB<ssr&i^ 

ijDn<dir^^[TrE]Q, ulLl^<oU)L-.. 
Dun'ner, s. eSlL^n^sGrni—m^ ^gOlL® 

Dun'ning, s. ^rf^uLj, ^gOlL®^ QfE^d 
as curing fish, a0iau{n—ff<s<s6\}^ tS'smi 

Du'o, s. ^<Siin^ ^<si}{uuD^^(sS. 

in singing, ^0<Sij(SS).3s<sBS^w. 
Du-o-dec'i-mo, a. um-€cf}rj(sm®L^p(Lp 

(srrerr^ ^(SUfr^s'Qpen-etr, 
Du-o-lit'er-al, a. fpQrrQp^^mm-y ^(sSI 

Dupe, s. <9}-wL^Gsr, (ojLU<isuu®Q<surrdfr^ 

Dupe, V. a, ejujuLjuuem-^y^So^ (sjiLu 
Li<s<s{rLLQ^€d^ (ojiL^^do^ (ojinnp^^i^. 
Du^ple, a, ^0wi^uj{T6sr, 
Du'pli-cate, s. <F<a;/r^, iSlir^. 
Du"'pli-cate, v. a. ^inLi^^^dv^ wu^^ 

Du'pli-cate, a. ^Q^inL^ikj&neiyr^ ^itl- 


ratio, <oiJ(r^<ss<s£lQ^w. 
Du-pli-ca'tion, s. ^(t^ill^iej^^ ^oaev 

Du'pli-ca-ture, s. ldi^ulj^ ^0i£)i—^(^. 
Du-plic'i-ty, s. QpmQ(^^^i3mQ(^ 

Du-ra-bil'i-ty, s. ^QSis^maS'^, s^n^sii 

Du'ra-ble, a. SL-^^LLjefrefr^ ^(S6)s=uunS 
^sviufTiSar, /S'^evGDiLLLjerriofr, ^<3=60LDrr<sur, 

Du'ra-ble-ness, s.^srih^ iQ%s^<ss)il. 

Du'ra-bly, adv. ^i^ujn(aS)LoujfTUJ, S'^so 
GSiLDUurruj^ S'2e\)<is^^ss^ndj. 

Du'rance, s. ld^uj&)^ ^®ul/, S'hsod 

i 12 t 



Du-rant', s. LS)®s<sB6brLf€a)L-<5G)€u^ '^Q^ 


Du-ra'tion, s. i^effluLj, S'bsOj liiL^, rS 


of life, ^LL]<sfr, (SiJfTi^fsrr&r. 
Dure, V. n. {see Endure.) iis^^^Sp 

Du-ress', s. QiSQ^asCci^ LDcSluueo. 
Dur'ing, prep. lieffJuLj^ i§lL&Ij ^etrei^^ 

LDlL®, <3a[TeO^L-.LjQu[T(l^(3(r^Q^LD'oJL^tT 

yesterday, Qf5/bp<sfreSle\}^ Q(bp^ldlL 
1^60^ Qf5p^<Sij(SDiniSl&), 
Dusk, s. LDfr'^LDUusaLD^ <S(y^(^LDrT'2e\)') s^ih 

Dusk, a. ssjLDLDevnear, LDfEj-seOnesr, S(7^<^ 

eOfiesr, LDUJfEJS60fT(osr. 
Dusk'i-ly, adv. GnLDLDeoniLi, Q^raseOLD 

Dusk'i-ness, s. i£)isj(^(3mx), LDiB^rriruif ld 

Dusk'ish, a. <5S)LDLD&)rr65r, LDiB^irnLnnear. 
Dusk'ish-ly, adv. <SDLDLD60mu, Lj^fEusfTji 


Dusk'ish-iiess, s. l^iej <sb mnh^ a)tJL/, ldib 
Dusk'y, a. ^(j^seofresr^ LoisjseOrrm, ^d 


color, siSedihy LDiEJseOy <S(7^<so)LDseOi5 

evening, <s(r^(^miT'^. 

to grow dusky, S0(^^&), (SOLDineOn 


Dust, s. s^m-^ ^s&r^ t-jQ^^, ^nQ, ^ 

as earth, LD<osar. 
Dust, V. a. ^€S)L—^^6\)^ ^(Lp-isspp6\). 
as sprinkle with dust, ^ei^^eo^ ^<sfr 

Dust'-brush, '^sun(r^QsiT<so^^<56)u.u 
Dust'er, ** 5 ^^ld, Qs^ir^esf}. 

Dust'i-ness, s. ^& lS Lg.^^^<5or€S)LD. 
Dust'-man, s. ^(ip<s(^<sufT0Q'Sija€ar. 
Dust' y, a. ^&ujfT6or^ ^&l9u^^^^ ^s 

Dti'te-ous, a. <£i_(G3)«jr, QiBii<sDLDUj{T<osr^ 


Du'ti-ful, a. <sL-€^LDiii&r(3fr^sLL(SluufTQ 
efrerr^ ^<SDLD<oi^(Sfr<3{r. LDfflujrT€msitLj'Sfrefr. 
daughter, ^(Sisiuiih^Lj^^ffl^ s=pL^^ 

son, ^<SS)LDis^L^^^ijm^ S'pi^^^rjm. 

Dti'ti-ful-ly, adv. ai—osuDiunuj., S6ssfis= 
Du'ti-ful-ness, s. SL-uurr®, Qi^uui^ 

as respect, seasfls^uD. 
Du'ty, s. si—<oB)LDj st—€sr, Qs'djtuQsueaar 


on goods, ^/f(S5)(Siy, ^tuih^ <9f-iEjai}). 
of soldiers, Qs^<susih. 
as function, Q^rrL^eo. 
Du-um'vir, s. ^Q^^'bsowiflQeoiTQ^iSlfr 

Du-um'vi-rate, s. ^(T^Qurr3k.u^.iu^(^ 

Dwarf, s. (^eirerri^^ <SLL<ssn-.uum., (5^ 

(SDL—UJGsr^ (^p&reffT, (^/SIlwoST^ (5©<^ 

ear J sfi-ODi^Luesr^ <sunLD(osrGsr. 
Dwarf, V. a. Q^uiSI^^&)^ (^^'S(^^<so. 
Dv/arf'ish, a. <s5LL(SDL-UJiT<5sr, (^lLgsh-. 

turresr^ (^petrnear^ (^^(SSiLnujfTssr^ @(sfr 


to be dwarfish, ^^(^^eo. 
Dwarf'ish-ly, adv. (^^(soLDvurrdj^ Q^ 

Dwarf ish-n ess, s. (^(i^s^^^evih, (^m<s(r 


Dwell, V. n. (^l^uS1(vf^^60^ (SuiT<ftiiU(5a(sr 
emi sieo^ &_<oiDp^e\}^^tEJ(^^6\}j S'hso^^ 

on, Qi^^^eo^ ^npuffl^^eo. 
Dwell'er, s. <ouns^Lbu(om^}]Qp<sii(Ssr^ eun 

^, (Su&uQurr&sr. 
DweU'ing, s. eurrs^ihy ^(tjul/, ^(t^ulS 

Dwell'ing-house, s. (S^®, (surrs^uoy €ufi. 
Dwell'ing-place, s. <Qurr<5=eru^&}LD. 
Dwin'dle, v. a. (^<ssip^^<so^&^ui3^^e\). 
Dwin'dle, v. n. (^(ssip^io^ &^(^^eo^ 
QiD'oSl^&i^ Qgjiis^^i\)j <3fnKrEi(^^&}, 



Dwindled, a. @(Szo^/f^, <ff?0iEjQ<o5r, Q 

^Q(osr^ Qld(sSIib^. 
Dye, s. s^fTiuih^ Spih, <su(oor<osrLD. 
Dye, V. a. ^rTLuiEj<s5fnus-.9f-^&)^ s^iriutEQ^rr 

61), (SiJ(^6SriB^IT^60, 

Dye'ing, s. s^fTLUiSIQ^sya, s^fruuiE^Q^Qsys. 
Dy'er, s. <sF[Tuu<s<s[T!i<ssr^ <3u<ssr0sr<ia!Ta(asr. 
Dy'ing, s. L£)!i<o6snh^ <5=/r, ^n(s^, 
Dy'ing, a. s^irQp, LDrr<ossrLD<sDL—Qp.f <ssn 

eO(i^Qs:<so^k)p^ ^P'iSlp'i (SiJiT^Qp, 


as mortal, ,fiT(Si^d(^fflLU, wireaar^^d 

words, Q^sfTih^iLKSurriT^GD^'y <35<oisiL—d 

Dy'ing-ly, adv, ^[T(^iB^^(Sijnuundj^ ldu 

Dy-nam'ics, s. s=&i€srs^[T^^inh^ <siiB^ir 

Dy'nast, s. ^^u^, ^fiu^^njih 
Dy'nas-ty, s. ^^u^^luld^ ^ii,3=[tl1.Q^ 


Dys-en-ter'ic, a. ^it^^<5s<55 ifi s'<3=^(Sfr<ofr, 

Dys'en-ter-y, 5. ^^s=rrrrLD^ ^ff^^^<^l^ 

J=^60^ (QjuSp^'^Srr(2i^, ^-^JIlTLDlUtl), (SU 
uSp^'SBsQuLj, QfTfTSS!^^ QpGOdQrj-fT 

incipient, ^^d-asL^-^s'do^ ^^Qnsrrujj 

Dys-pep'sy, s. ^^irsm-Lh^ Q3=[B(^i—(so^ 

with nausea, (^<ssnnLJi3inL®, 
Dys-pep'tic, a. ^^jreasTLDfTssr, (^<^ldqp 

Dys'u-ry, s. i§iTd<s(S}uLi, liQirfflei^^ i§it&= 


Each, a. e^diOsurr^^ ^i^i^, 

^(3uQ(SUIT^(yr^LLJ, ^Gffff(SlDLDUJrTLU, 

Ea'ger, a. (Dun'fT(oS)<SFtij(S{r(ofr^ ^(QijfT(Sii(^(Sfr, 

desire, ^(surr-f ^(oiyeu, Q<SGS},^Gtssfliu{T 
(sSl^uuLDj ^Qr^sfffT^ed^ Qurrfr<sD^, 

to be eager for, SisSl^^ev^ s(rF^®^<so^ 
Ea'ger-ly, adv. ^(sueoiriij^ Q^L-i—LDniL^ 

^(SUfrtaUfTLU, ^(sSluuiTLUy 3f^ ITODLDUUnub ^ 

as hastily, ^(sEluLonuj. 
Ea'ger-ness, s. Q<S(oSl, ^^frsihy Q^lLi— 

Ea'gle, s. s(Lp(^. 

a coin, GpirfBrreaorLULh. 

a constellation, GpiT<sS6miJ'<5sr. 
Ea'gle-ey-ed, a. sf^irr'b^QSI ifi nj&rGfr^ ^ 

(om'GssfliuufriTGoxsiiLLiQn'Gn'j u(^^^r^<2ij<3ir 

Ea'glet, s. s(ip(^d(^(^<9f-. 

Ear, s. <siT£Py Qs^6£l.y <s<sst<oQtud^ Q<fn^^ 

tip, or rim of, lli—go. 

lobe of, Q <3= a'^isssr , 

as attention, s(QU&jrLJD^ Qs(S(r<s£i, 

of corn, <5^/f, @*2sv. 

corn, &,c., in the husk, Qurr^fi. 

pick, (^ri]UDlSl(SUfTIElQ. 

ache, Q^(2S<S(^LL^^^,<siT^d<^^^, 
drops, ©-(i^isysu, Q^(TiE]<xQssf}. 

hoops, ^fSJ<3S633fl^ Q^fTlEJSGSsfl. 

ring, <s(hl<s<s<oar, <s 6Gr<5or {^(Si^Gmr u), sfr 
^(sssflj (^6sarL-.<sOLD^ (^<oS)Lp<) QsjrrQ. 

shot, Q<EBLL<S^^<i<3B^rfLDj <XL.UlSlQ^ 

wax, srr^<s(^^uiLSlj <srT^(ipd(^, (d)<f 
(sS ldgOld. 

wig, <asrr^uLi^&y sfr^uufrihi^. 
witness, Qs&r<2Sls=<sFrTLLQ, sBtr^niT'i 

to dig out ear wax, ^(^i—^i^i. 

to be by the ears, s=<sm<oS)L—LSli^^^ 

to set by the ears, s=6m-GDi—^Ll.(Sl^ 

Ear, r. n, s^it(s^sf^&)^ <!EfiiTQj(T^^GO^ s 

Ear'ing, s. Q(Qn<on-[T6m<ss)LD, Q(B(Si^. 
as the ears or heads shoot forth, ^ 

Earl, s, g^itulLl—uQuluit, 



Earl'doni, s. cinuLLL^d<sfTrr^QS)L-.uj 

Ear'li-ness, s. Qpk^k^mosiiLi, 
Ear'ly, a. ^^sitgo, L/ir/r^isar, QpiB^esr^ 

Ear'ly, adv. Q€>jG[rQ(2{r<osr^ ^^anGoQm, 


prior in time, <5jpQs(o6rQ(Si]* 
Earn, v. a. ?L.<oS)Lp^^eo, Q^(Si^eo^ s^uoun 

Earn'est, s. ^L^<ossr<scr>LD^ Qu>LUS=s=inj<SB^^ 

in earnest, not in jest, &.(sm<oS)LDUjfTiijy 
QmujuLirrdj^ s^^^njinirdj, 
Earn'est, a. QpLup&LLjeirefr^ semssinfresr^ 
.^ndQiresy^iijefrefrj (sSlL^uLfeir&r^ ^<su 

desire, Q^lLi—U)^ <sii(T(i^(S6)^^ ibitlLl^ 

ih, ^<aurr^ c^c^-^"5? <57L_2sjror. 

money, ^s^s^triTLJuemrih. 

to be earnest for, S(t^Q^60, seSl^eo. 
Earn'est-ly, adv. oefLSSLDnuj^ Q(susLDndj^ 

<oijfr(i^€S)<9=Lumu^ Lcxoor^rrir, 
Earn'est-ness, s. srr^eo.^ s-^^, ^<siJtTj 

2fa:<5<5ijb, Qqj<sld.) ^(sSluLjj <sSi(T^uuub, 
Earn'ing, s. ©.(srotpL/L/, Q^il.L-UiyQs's 

ffluLj, SLhuefrm^ uGOesr^ (Bujld. 
Earth, s. lj^lSI^ y^Q6\)fTsil>, ^ath, LjeSI. 

as ground, Seoth^ iLKsm^ ^osiir. 
Earth, V. a. Qsh-u^uLfGD^^^itfj wesar 

Earth' born, a. LiiSluS^pusB^^j ldgsst 

Earth'en, a. Losssrsssfli^^esarL^fTear, ld 

ware or vessels, (^lud-sseoiliy ihlLsgo 
Id, LDL-une^i—iii, 
Earth'i-ness, s. LD<om^(^<oS>L£)^ Q&)0!rQ<s 

Earth'li-ness, s. Q6\}GfrQseSls=(^^y iSliru 

Earth'ling, s. Qu(sfr^amj jijL^eijm- 

Qefrnmy ^S^^Lum. 
Earth'ly, a. p^gos^ L9iru(^^j QeOen-Qs, 


Earth'ly-mind'ed, a. SLG\)s&!Ej5'2csTLLj<sh' 
err^ LDiTLS}s=^iii<oS)^LLj6fr(Sfr, Qun(f^m[r 
<ss)S=iLi(3(r(3fr^ Qe\}(SfrQ<3;GS!,ff:(oi^s=LLj<3rrefr. 

Earth'ly-mind'ed-ness, s. G6\)e(rQ<s&i 
<oS)^^ QprS^sruLDiosrui, 

Earth' quake, s. l^lS1uj^it<3=&, Lj^smuih, 

Earth'worm, s. SeouqQ^^ mnih&^i^^ l^ 

a person, ^l^ld<s<^^ tis^^, FfQsr(^. 
Earth'y, a, Loesari^sar^ iDemQunmp, 

Ease, s. c^^^eu, ^eiRsBeif^ (sSiLi—frp/jSy 

^6D(^, ,3f-eOUU)y i9rSU3, Qs^(StrsQlULD, 

at ease, <s!-s<suni^<suiTiJUy <s^<sQunsLDrr 
iiiy OsFGn-dQiULDrruj. 
Ease, V. a. ^p^^e\)y ^ssafl^^eo, ^^ 

Ease'ment, s. @oD(5, eus^^^ si-sikjQsiT 

Eas'i-ly, adv, ^&)(^(SijfrLLj, <si<s(fl^niLy,3r 

Eas'i-ness, s. @(?6D<^, ®'^©> s^sih, ^ 

East, s, QLpd(^y Qi^^^ea),SFy ^/^, erap 
East, a. QLpdQ^(sir&ry (^(sm&Q^&r 

wind, Si^sfrp^j Q<sfT6sari-.&). 
East'er, s, LDtn£Q.s^iT^^iT(m-i5n<3ir, 
Eas'ter-Iy, «. QipdQeSlQ^dQp^ Qipd(^ 

^(^Qistrfresry Qip^^eas^aSg^eiren; 
Eas'tern, a. QipsQ^en-etr^ Su^^^<3S)<f 

Eas'ter-ly, , ) QipdQs^ QLp^^€a)s= 

East'ward, ' y turruj. 

Eas'y, a. erefB<oS)Li>ujfr<ssry (oTerfls^fresr^ ^&^ 
(^(Si; /rear, ^Qed<9i-<sfr<s{ry <9f-&)uLLfr(osr<f ^ 
GaiL^uurr^sTy s^fTih^LDrresr^ Q<f<3trdQitj 

manners, ^etrdsuiy ui^euiresriEGSiL-^ 
unsu'^oST^ u^(sa)LDy LDrfluunea)^. 
style, Qs^<su(sSlLu<oij[TS=sihy 0,F@0«9^/r 



Eat, I?. g=!TUi3(^^&)^ ^(diTQsrsdj L\&^^^eo^ 

away, as caustic, seo^^eo, jffffl^^ 

one's words, <a?^fSliuGS)^SiT(T'S(fl^^<so, 

as rust, ^(fl^^&), 

as enjoy or experience, ^^uq9^^ 

Eat'a-ble, 5. QuiT<9=<ooru^mT^^ih^ ^<^u 
emi—ih, ^-esarsii^ ^sirjiih, L^QsnGm' 

Eat'a-ble, a. fi<5or(5sr^^<s^, ^^d(^[ff'jj^ 

Eat'er, s. ©-ezOTG'iJ/rssT", ^rfluu^, 
Eat'ing, *. Q&d<SDds, lj&ulj, 
Eat'ing-house, s. ^afr6srs=^^iTil>^ ^^ 

(5arLD6ssri—ULh^ ^<^<osr^(T'2e\i, 
Eaves, s. ^rrt^sunirmj sSlLi^pul^* 
Eaves'drop-per, s.epLLQdQsiLQjrxsijm. 
Ebb, s. [§iT'Sy/bpil>, (su^opw^ ^[ry^<f&^ @ 

decline, (^GD/DSij, ^it^3=Q, 

of life, (SijQiiJfT<2Sl(T^^^Lh. 

and flow, (Sjp/DLDSi'ppil)^ <ojpp^^n^ 

Ebb, V. n. (Sup^^iOy (^(SS)p^&i^ ®j^^ 

61), ^ni^^GO, 

Ebb' tide i s. (auppih, (^(SDpenj, 
Eb'on, a, ^(7^iEj<5SfrGSl(oufT(^p^ sifliu, 
Eb'on-ize, v, a. <s(r^€SiL£)LUfT<3s<seOj sq^-s 

Eb'on-y, s, ^(i^iEJSfrsSl^ s^iru), 

red, Qj^fEj^Q^iEJsrr<s)9. 
E-bri'e-ty, s. (^Ls^QsufS'^ ld^ldlusi^, ^ 

E-bri-os'i-ty, s, [§I^Q(surSI, fitssrQojrS}. 
Eb-ul-li'tion, s. Qufriasdo, Qstrfij Q<su 

]Ec-cen'tric, s. i3ff^LD(5mt—(S0LD^ Q^p 

Ec-cen'tric, ) f5Q(oS)LDUj^^<S{^<cSI 

Ec-cen'tric-al, * J eoQoj^Q-snuDiTefrQp 

eirefr^ c^apiEJ'Spp, (SiJLp<i<sdQ.sL-.n'<^5r. 

in geometry, ^^mn^Sliu^ iSliifiLDem- 

person, Q^^rrs^mrilxsSleoQfBL^Lj 


' Ec-cen-tric'i-ty, s. <2^LDUU(sScod{^^ LD^i^l 

in astronomy, ^(Suld^^luld. 
Ec-chy-mo'sis, s. ^rr^^d&(56STi—&i. 
Ec-cle-si-as'tes, s. Q<sij^fTSLD^^Q<oGrLSIrT<9^ 

Ec-cle-si-as'tic, s. (^(5, Q^Qsm-. 
Ec-cle-si-as'tic, ) Qf6!&v^<f(SDu<s 

Ec-cle-si-as'tic-al, * 3 <^rfluj. 

body, institution, &.C., (^(r^s=rEj<sF^^fr 

Ech-i'nus, s. QpLLum(Sl^ ^itldlLl^. 
Ech'o, 5. Gi^QiTiT^^ LD[rQ(irj>G^^ iSlirfi 

Ech'o, V. <oT^QjIfT6)9^^60^ LDrTQ(Vrj'&9^^ 

60^ ^iT<ssmrrEjQ<srr&r(&7j^e\), 
E-clat', s, Q9LuuQurr<o)9^ s^ihQ^!T€L^n'ir 

Ec-lec'tic, s, u6\)<sB'2ev^^n'LL(S}6mL-fT<s 

Ec-lec'tic, a. Q^iHihQ^QdQp. 
Ec-lec'lic-al-ly, adv. Q^ifliBQ^Q^^<sSl^ 


E-clipse', s. Qrr6B<ssari})j ^^unnsih^ G^Gffl 


to calculate, S)rrs€ssrrij<SGis3fl^^G0. 
beginning of, uffl^a^esnb^ urfls'ih. 
duration of, Qirrr6ssrsrT60i}>j QnsGrn 

end of, (oLDrTLLs^ii)^ Qu:>fr<s=(osnl), 
of the sun, (^rflujQirrressnh, 
of the moon, s^iB^irQiTfTessni). 
E-clipse', V, a. QitQ^^go, uifl&^^eOj 

to disgrace, FFssruu(Sl^^6\)j LDtasuu 
E-clip'tic, s. QinTi5^LD6ssrL-.eOLD, Qurris 
E-clip'tic, a. QsrfTiu^Lneaari—GO^^dsQ 

limit, Qrr<s6ms'iEj(SS)<3ss;^iT6ani), 
Ec'logue, s. ^<50)L^uJiTU(TL.&)j Qpio'^eo 


EDU ' 

E-co-noni'ic, > iLLL.L-.niu-s' Q<s'&) 

E-co-nom'ic-al, " 5 <oSl®Qp^^(soQ&)n 

E-co-nom'ic-al-ly, adv. (SUQ^irLUGa/tJujrr 


E-co-nom'ics, s. ^eO(sn[Ty^(2Sle3fliso<s<s^^ 

E-con'o-mist, s. inLLi—ndjs'Q^eoeS® 
Q<QU[T(5or^ sfTrfttuufTsear, ^eoQeOfrtxiLf 

E-con'o-mize, v. ^lioQeoniht^^io., ldlL 


E-con'o-my, s. ^eoQeonuuih^ slLQu 
to use with economy, illLQuuQ^^ 

6U, SLLQuUfT(b}U(5SSr^)J^60^ (SU<o5iIT{JU 

<oS)p LU rruj u u nh^^eo . 

system of rules, 6^Q£)iEj(^uiSlfnL[T6tsar 

of nations, Q^s^ns^nuLD^ ^eon^irnLD. 
Ec'sta-si-ed, a. ^<sij<9=LDfT6srj ujisus^ld/t 

<osr, i3[r(5S)LDUJn<osr, 
Ec'sta-sy, s. ^(sus^ih^ uii<5us'LD.f^m<suff^ 

lSI (^ s (off! u Lj J ^(osriB^ds&fluLi. 

Ec-Stat'ic, ^ J)j(SiJ^LDfT<SOr, U!T<oiJ^ 

Ec-stat'ic-al, ' 5 ^fresr, iM(^a&flun 

Ec-u-men'ic-al, a. ^ir^nueaar, Qun^ 

E-da'cious, a. m-6ssr(SijfTQDS^iLi(cirefry Qu 

E-dac'i-ty, s. uLL<9=6SBri£)^ Qun3^Gsn3(fl 

uuii)^ ^-(oSsr<aijn(oS)ff^ ^6sr<ouiT. 
Ed'dish, s. Q/En^^ jifrfl^neffleOQp^d 

(^ihuuSliT^ ^Q^. 
Ed'dy, s. <5j^QrfnLLi—ih^ iirs^sFL^, iff<f 

Ed'dy, 17. n. sf-tp^n^eo^ ^l^^^gO, 
E'den, s. (SfQ^mQ^mLi—LD, 

Edge, S. <S^/f, 3^IT<SIS)LD, S^IGSil£>^ S0d 

(3, ^iTstDir, si^t <^Ti^^ y? ^6fff}j urr 


as border, (sSl <sffl ihi-j ^ ^nu)^ ^q^i^^s 

on edge, as teeth, up3?^<3=<9=Lo. 


Edge, 17. a. ^iL^^eo^ ^^nns(^^<sd^ oB 

U^lLQ^GO^ (^p^^e\), ^GT(LpULSl(2SlQ 

Edg'ed, a. <3;i-iT<oSiLDtLi(SfrGfr^<35^(ss)LDiq0T<s(r. 
Edge'less, a. L£i(Lp(aQ(osr^ LD'Bsm-LurT<osry 

Edge'tool, s. sp>-rrrTtLj^u)^ ^^lunu^^ih. 
Edge'wise, adv. epQ^^s^niL^^^ sprrnuj 

LDfTLU^ ^L^ITLJLjpinmU. 

Edg'ing, s. QsGSGTGSiL-.^ s^rfloDSuiSliSfrGsr 

GO. Q^nrEJdSGO^ (oBGff)lhLSl&)^Q^niEJ(^LD 
Gi[EJ<SB rTir^<5S)^UJ GO . 

Ed'i-ble, a. ^^d(^rFluj, ^6meijd(^euiB 
^, ^-(T^QsiTLDnGsr^ ^snir^^&Qspp^ 

E'dict, s. <SLLLJbofr^<3=tl.i^ui^ LSsTLDrressr 

Ed-i-fi-ca'tion, s. sefr<^pssLL®GG)<3s^ eh 
^rruunQ, u isf-u u'^^esT ^ H^^'> ^®""^ 
Q^ppth^ Q^Gfflsi^. 

Ed'i-fi-ca-to-ry, a. QpujpQds,®^^^ u 
i^uu'^esruuiTGGr, Q^etfJeijdQ-spp. 

Ed'i-fice, s. <sSQ^ ^GOiuihy LDfri—ih, ^<s 

rrih^ QsfTuSlGO. 

Ed'i-fl-er, s. Q^puuG^^}jQ€nn(ck^ u 
i^uLSluQurresr^ spiSluQuiTi^^ Q^ 
erf}(2SluQufT^-) Q^p^Qsxi iTOsr. 

Ed'i-fy, V. a. ^en(ssrp<ssLl.(Si^GO^ erv^rr 
UU®^^GO^ Quir^^^GO, p-uQ^Q^^ 

eO^ Q^eif}<aSl^^GO^ Q-^^UU®^^GO. 

Ed'i-fy-ing-ly,arfu. i^^^}Qun^'2is5Tujndj, 
Ed'it, V. a. L\^^s(Lpessri—(T<sQuurTUL^ 

^60^ ^G0Q<3^dj^Qs=§i]^^GO. 

E-di'tion, s. l^^^suu^ulj^ lj^^sulSI 
Ed'i-tor, s. L^^^'S^(oO)^j)jJ='3^uu^LJLSId 

Ed-i-to'ri-al, a. Li^^srT^s{Tifid(^ifluj. 

Ed'i-tor-ship, s. Lj^^suiSirSl^^iT^d 
suo)^ L^^^<ssn!BujGW^(cXir. 

Ed'u-cate, v. a. j^rSeifuuSp^^GO^ uls^ 

UlSI^^GO.) ULpd(^^GO^ (SUefTIT^^GO^ <S 
ptSl^^GO^ <o:Sl^^UJrTULSluJfT<9=LDUGSCr^U 




Ed-u-ca'tion, s. S6V<sSl^(o^iT<g^&^ ui^u 

L/, ULpdSLD, <S(S0fTUfT&)6STlh^^UlSlLUfT 

Ed-iJ-ca'tion-al, a, ut^ds^^ds®^^^ 
uuSlp&uj(r<sO(Suib^, uu^uLjds®^^^ ^ 

Ed'u-ca-tor, s. ^-eurr^^^ ^^c/rssr, urreo 

€Sr<oUr^ ^LJLSlLUfTS=UU®^^Q(SiJfT€Or. 

E-dtice', r. «. ena^isS^^eo^ lSI/dulSI^^ 

&)j Q^np^isSl^^do^ Q€y<sffluu®^s;eo. 

E'duct, s. (suQ^<sSld'SuuLLi—^^ Q^np 

E-duc'tion, s. iSlpuL^j (Suq^(sSIuli^ Q^it 

E-dul'co-rate, v. a. sn'^^nrds€\),<55€{f}mu 

• /^ • 

iSpp 60 ^KDl^(S(tl (SDI^^GO -i^l^^l UUIT<S,S&}. 

E-dul-co-ra'tion, s. ^€afluufTd(^€a)<s, 

SeffllhuSp^<S6)'3S, LDfT<3f-(§d(^(oO)<S.f <^^ 
^LDrTd<3560j ^^^LJUfrd(^€S)S. 

Eel, s. uxsOfEj^, eSleOfTfEjf^, 

Eel'pot, s. tD60 fEj (^ iSl L^s (^ lEj sp^Q J Sit 

Ef'fa-ble, a. Qffirso&ddsk^L^uj, 
Ef-face', V. a. sjj^^^^t S)^d(^^<so^ 

Ef-fac'ing, s. ^<sj0i_ijq, Q^ujljlJjJjjl^ 


Ef-fecl', s. snifluuih^ ueoojr, ug^ul^^ 

^^, s^ueOii). 

of hunger, uQ^^adatD.) uQ^^^d 


to lake effect, Q^d^^^io^ g^^^^&)^ 

to this effect, ^fpa,®^^^niu^ ®^^ 
Ef-fect', «. a. srriflujuuQ^^io^ Qs=dj^ 
eJ, (51—ul3^^60, &-(osnrL—nd(^^eo^ ^ 

<5G)pQ(Sijpg}j^(so^ ^^^Lurrdseo, iSIQir 

to be effected, sfTffltuuuQ^ev^ ^n^ 

Ef-fect'i-ble, a. ^/tuppds^i^uj, 
^^d <s J fBi <oO)p Qmpp^^ d<SjQ 3^€^}dfS^ 
^d&j Q-3'Ujpu®^^Qpy ^mp^Qp, 


Ef-fect'ive-ly, adv. snrfluJuunL-nuj, u 
(sSJuuntiij ueOLnniLj^ ^rrdsLDmu. ' 

Ef-fect'less, a. ueOLopp, anifldjuun 
Uf^GOeon^y LSlirQLU(T<ff^€urLDppy &^.^uj 

Ef-fect'or, s. &.iS6sri_rrd(^Q6ijn'<ok, Qs'lu 

arTrflujuu®^^(D€iJiT€ur^ &^^iurfd(^ 

Ef-fects', (pi.) s. ^LL®(ipLL®<S(3(r^ ^ 
€iDS^<sij(Sfrefr^^<^jrfEiS(sir, ^(SfrufTi—.LD, s" 

Ef-fect'u-al, a. .5srTrfluJuurri—fT(osr, ueo 
(G^<ssr^ ueSlds^^ds^ (SS)S&?,_L—^^d<s^ 

Ef-fect'u-al-ly, adv. ueOLorruj^ ^nniL, 

strfflLULJUfTi—fTUJ, ueSJuumu. 
Ef-fect'u-ate, v. a, fBL^uiSl^^eo^ Q^lL 


Ef-fem'i-na-cy, s. <oS>^fflujL6)(osr6S)LD^ eS'ii 


uj<oS)LD.f iBnGsanh^ QpnSl^^uih^ <sitldi}>. 
Ef-fem'i-nate, v. a. Qu€m€B)LDUjrrd<sEeo^ 


Ef-fem'i-nate, a. Qu€m-€!DLDiLi<m<3fr, Ofstr 

tiiuj^ iBnemQpGfrefT^ Q<3S(T(SS)LpiUfT(our, 


person, (sm^rfluje^ein-i^^ QueaartoOoreGr^ 

Ef-fem'i-nate-lv, adv. Qu€m-i-.<ssr<ss)U3 


Ef-fem'i-nate-ness, s. ^G^^ffltuihy eSn 
Ef-fer-vesce', v. n. Qsn^^^eo, QurriEJ 
Ef-fer-ves'cence, s. QufTfEj(^<oO)^^ Qsn 

Ef-fer-ves'cent, a. Qsrr^dQp^ Qibit^ 

Ef-fete', a. ssffflQsrrt—rTsjj ixusOL-nesr. 
Ef-fi-ca'cious, a. u€0(^Qs=dj(ju^^ds^ u 

€0(ip>3ir(S(r^ ^^^^jQp&iren'^ S<o6)pQ<3ijp 

^Qp-f siTifluuuu®^^Qp. 

advice, Q^go^i^Q^ nio^ Q^^d(^ur> 



Ef-fi-ca'cious-ly, adv. ueOLDmu^ 9l^^ 


Ef-ii-ca'cious-ness, s. u<sO(^Qs^djuj^^ 

Ef fi-ca-cy, s. ueoih^ srrinJD^ tEeOth^ srrrft 

uJuufrQ^ ^^^6iJui, ^/rrrressfl, Q^^, 
Ef-fi'cien-cy, s. &^^iun<s(^(oa)Sj ^nrr 

Ef-fi'cient, s. srTrr<oSsriiiy sQ^^^fTj airrfl 


Ef-fi'cient, a. <snffiujuu®^^Qp^ snu 


cause, Qp^p'SsmrsssTLL, <s0^^fTj snn 

man, sniBiusundsr.) siT[fliueiv^(^^ Qs= 

Ef-fi'cient-ly, adv. ^njieaarLDrriu, ueo 

Effi-gy, 5. ^UL/(S5)Z£), UfT(aiJ(G6)^UU),LSI 

to carry in effigy, ldi—^utit^go., urrisu 
Ef-fiate', V. a. LitH^^dOj <oSs(^^go^ eurr 


Ef-flo-resce', v. a, <at6^6m-ihuL—iTe£l^^ 

Ef-flo-res'cence, s. LiLLusfT6\)u:>, kl)^& 

LDU(Tri<aiJll)^ Qs^iB^etfluL^^ Q <5B fT U U mill j 
Q<oU6mQum^^ '9rQQJ^U<Sfi)lJDlh. 

Ef-flo-res'cent, a. Qs^B^Q^LDL^&rm^ <* 

Efilu-ence, s. liauufriLieii, euu^ei^^ i§it 

Ef'flu-ent, a. uiruiiQp, €uu^Qp. 
Ef-flii'via, s. (pL) ^psih^Lo. ldgsstlI), 

isnppLD^ <Si> n <SF'2iosr ^ (ss'Si-ssnp^sm, 
Ef-flu'vi-um, 5. (Suefv^sseifleSlQ^iEQ^Q^ 

LDL^i5^LU<suns='2tssr^ iB^^si-s^sirp^, 
Efflux, s. SQumLi—il)^ sM.^(oiDs. 
Ef-flux'ion, s. Qu(^<s(^^<SiJL^<5ij, undjo^. 
Ef- force', v. a. U6du[s^wu6m-^i/^e\), 

Effort, s. ^-ps^rrsii), Qpuup^^ sendsih^ 

Ef-front'er-y, s. <QiJ<ssarL^^^<5sruD^ fSi 

6»^, Ql®JlL^LB(SSr€6iL£)^ (^^LnLj^ LDfT 


Ef-fulge', V, n. iSlrr<ss)u<5SfT^^60^ Q^n^ 

Ef-ful'gence, s. lditQ^^it^^ LS)(^L9rres)euj 

Ef-ful'gent, a. Qsrr^tsS'&f-Qp, L9rr(ss)(aiJiLj 
ekerr^ Qs^n^a^mefr^ Qs=fTeiDUiLj(Sfr(S(r, 

Ef-ftise', V. a. Q-s^trifl^eOy e^nir^^io^ ^ 
(otDp;i^eo^ ssKp^^io^ QufTLfi^&). 

Ef-fu'sion, s. Qs=nfflei^<) ssn:^^, ^esjpu 

Ef-fu'sive, a. ^^Kpg^Qp^ ^ojyp^Qp^ 

Eft, 5. u6\)eSlj Qs(su(o{f}. 
E-gest', V. a. s^^^&), i§s(^;S&). 
E-ges'tion, s. &LLL-i£)Qun<i(^<3na^ weo 

Egg, 8. QpiL<SG)L-^ ^6jRjri_/i), &'2issr. 
without a shell, Q^rT6\)(ipLL<oO)i-.. 
the yellow of, ld(^<9=lL<s0. 
the white of, Q<sij&r'26rr<s<s(7^, 
of fishes, &/C., &2ssr. 
of a louse, FT-rr. 

of a fly, FFUL^, FFS'Q'Bssr, FfQpLL(oS)L-. 

Egg'-plant, 5. QpL-.<ss)L—<i<s^^[fly (SulL® 

E'go-ism, s. ^suDiSiriLLDy u!r(^Gsf]iuffn 

E'go-ist, s. i5[T&v^a>iT^ff[j(fl^ iS^s=&i-ii 

E'go-tism, s. [5nO(oGrmpQu.3^si-^ ^pi^s 
y^^&y ^(oarQLDU)UfTLL®iSiJ<SFe6n}>^ Qfs® 

E'go-tist, s. ^pLi<st^^&<ssrTiTGir, ^ssr 
'2iosrLS}<s5Q(Sij<Sl^^LjQu<9?Q6ijfresr^ ^<ssr 
^e5rQijDi})UfTL-rTd(^Q(SufTesr^ QsiSiJ&o 
ear J ^piSlrfliUGn'^ eSihuesr. 

E-go-tist'ic, > ^pi^ai^<ff=&Lq&r(ofr, 

E-go-tist'ic-al, * 5 ^<^Q lduo)U n^Slmefr . 

E'go-tize, V, n. ^m'^GsruL^&u^ibQ^Q^^ 

'bssTQinednujuQusi-^io^ ^(SsyQinubUir® 

E-gre'gious, a. QiDsonesr^ ^Ljj(j^<SiJi£itT 
€sr, eSI^<sds^^<s<9Sj 6E®<oSiLD\une6r^ Lostr 


E-gre'gious-ly, adv. L£l<s€iii5jQ6srTQ<5S)m 
lUfTiu, QiDediSlffffUindj. 

E.) Jii 


E-gre'gious-ness, *. ^uj^Q^iSuil)^ u(^ 

E'gress, s. Qun<s(^, LjpuunQ, 
E-gres'sioii, s. t-jpuu(h)(SiD<3s^ slLQu 

Eigh, int. <s&f}uL\<s(^(£l,f ssffJdi^^. 
Eight, s. and a. ertl.®^ ^€^l_, ^lLi—. 
give eight to or for each, ep<mjG)'SufT 


Eighl'een, s. and U. u^Qe^nlQf ^lL 
Eight'eentli, a. u^Q<oUfLLL:^tT(aii^rr€sr, 


Eight-eenth'ly, adv. u^Qi5sril.i-.fT<sij 



ight'fold, ct. <oT(om-LDt—[Ej<3srT<oor. 

ighth, 5. 'stlLl-jtuoi. 

ighth, a. (^LLi—niSij^najT^ <^lL 

ighth'ly, adv> <^LL.L^ff6ij^fTiLi. 

ight'i-eth, a. (STemu^ftih, 

ight'scorC) s. ^pp^u^. 

ight'y, 8. and a. <oT<omu^^ GTismunm. 

i'ther, ct. orpr. ^iT6mu^Q6\)rT(T^T^!j<5S3r 


this or that, ^oo^fTQJ^j>foo^ff<aj^, 

will do, gi^j<si^(sjs;l.Qi1>. 

give either this or that, ^i€S)^ujfT(^^ 

E-jac'u-late, v. a. isrrSl^ex)^ 6^<9?^e\}^ ^ 

li-jac-u-la'tion, s. (bSs^.s?, ^&r(^^ €7^9, 

E-jac'u-la-to-ry, a. .ff^Q^LumLKsSi—uu 


a prayer, Q^u(^Qs'^^^<s\}, 
E-ject', V. a. (srr^^e^y o^^^ev, ^(bw(^^ 

from the mouth, Qsnuuetfl^^dv^ 65 d 
from office, Q^rrL^Qe^Qd^eOy Q^n 
poison as snakes, f5(i^3i-<£B<s(^^G0y rs 


E-jec'tion, 6-. ^&T(6fi^ULl^, &L^(SXfy =^^^ 

E-jeCt'ment, s. ^(Sfr(Gf^uL^^ ufBuL^^ ^ 
LL&Ljl3ijQujn<sihy (qS\ &d s (^ OP fSl . 
i Ej-u-la'tion, s. L/eULOLy, jj<5<sld, ^Q§ 

Eke, V. a. ^fisuuQ^^^GO, u0lj 

E-lab'o-rate, v. a. ^q^^^^qo^ iSlrruutT'f 

to be elaborated, ^0ih^^ev, iSlrnuiT 

E-kb'o-rate, a. QsusQp&n-efr^ ^irdsLnrf 

work, ^0IBP<o^Q<Su'2/$Vy ^(7^^^LDlT(oUr 

E-Iab'o-rate-ly, adv. ^LLL-LDmu^ ^q^ 

E-lab^o-rate-ness, «, ^iQ^^^QpG^t^&DLDf 

E-Iab-0-ra^tion, s. Q<fuj<oS)<s^Q^ppLDy 

E-lance', t\ a. ^(Li^QiLfSl^eOy Jif^^if 

LD lSIitQuj ffQ^^io . 
E-Iapse', V. n. Q<^eo^^eo, sL^^eo^Quit 

E-las'tic, a. QfsQipiB^pLp^^dSj ^<s»^ 

<SS^^S<Sy GToo<S:^^SSy fT-UJ^^d<Sy qS 

to be elastic, CToor^^ev, QfBQipih^p 
E-las'tic-al-ly, adv. iT'Uj!B^^<s^^^ds(2SI 


E-las-tic'i-ty, s. £itllnd9\, <oSI<^^. 

of the air, (ot0!T3=9i. 
E-late', V, a. (sS'iEJSuu6Ssr^}j^G0y ^d 

s= ITS rEjQ<s iT'3rr(Gf^^&) , eS! i£)L^^iEiQ<S{T(Sfr 

to be elated, ^^ldit^^&j, QlllLu^ 
(o5)LDQsfT(3ir<sfr6\)y LDQi^u^LUtEjQstrefr 

E-late', a. LnissrsS'diSLDfTe^y ^j^ia^eod 
^[Tps<sff}uL^(S(r<o(ry Q<F(7^<i(^<3fr(Sfry Qld 

LLL^eSiLDLLj&TGfr^ LdQ (^p ^ (T ^ LD IT (oST . 

E-lat'ed-ly, adv. inQ(S^p<3=(rsLDnuj, ^^ 

J 2t 



E-la'tion, s. Q<s=0d(^^ ^^LDfruLjy <crQ 

chair, <suis[Bn'/D<sfr<oS}. 

room, ^Qd<sLS)6ur<si!yLD. 

to be at the elbow, QiLij^UiS(7^^^eo, 

El'boW, V. a. (ipLp!EJ(oS)SLUfr6^L^^^&)^ Qp 
out, ^SpgiJ^GO. 

Eld'er, s. ^^^(Si/ispr, Q(ojtlLl.(^,qp^^ 

as ancestor, Q<s[T^^irui3^n. 

a tree, €^!T<s>j(oS)affQs=i^. 
Eld'er, a. Qp^^^ Qpmi^pk^^ qjiu^lSI 

brother, sf'^'smm^ ^qdldilk^^ QQit 

LlL_(5a7", Q,3FLLl-.(5Sr, Qp iSST (oST GU (SOT . 

sister, ^Lodeays^ j^dsneirj ^djssiOJ^ 

younger brother, ^i1>l9, Qs^i—oor^ ^ 

Eld'er-ly, a. €iJiij^(Lpi^^(ssr^ qp^nk^. 
iEld'ers, s. (pi-) Qpuun^ ^'^<oiDLD<ssfrjr 


Eld'er-ship, s. ^l/l/, ^^stold. 

the office, ^'^(ssuL^Q^ni^eo. 
Eld'est, a. ^'^s^LDHJnGsr, QpuL^(sir(3fr<f 

QP^ni^^ QQFLLL-LDfTissr. 

child, ^'2£os=^(ok, Qp^jbLSl&r^err, ^'Ssu 


daughter, ;g'26MLDS(^, ^^^irxsen-, Qp 

son, ^'boOLD'S (ok, ^'^ds^<osr^ Qs^lLi-. 

E-lect', s. Q^ffiiEQ^QdsuuLLCoL^fT^, 
^irLL&uLi<sQ<s&jr^fBLULSl<s<s u u lL. 

E-lect', V. a. Q^rR^s)), (EojiEQ^Q^^eo, 

E-lect', a. Q^rfliBQ^QdsuuLLL-j iSin 

fn theology, rB^filiu^Qj^sQs&sr^ 


E-lec'tioU; s. Q^ff!<2ij, SlulSIulj, enifJ 


as choice, ^<ssT6?T?z^i__Lo, Q^[FIqj, ^ 

in theology, Q^<sij(BuuiDih, Q^(sii<oS^[t 
E-lec-tion-eer', v. n. P^^^Qiurrs^^jb 

p u (Sl^^(oU(o3><sEu rnr^^io . 
E-lec-tion-eer'ing, s. ^^^QujfTSGt^u 

E-lect'ive, a. Q^ifl^pa®^^, Q^iBiQ^ 

E-lect'ive-ly, adv. Q^ffleuniL, 
E-lect'or, s. Q/FffttBQ^QuQurrdr, Q^ 

fftlBQ^(S<SS<SEUULLL—(SU^, ^^^^QuJtTS 

E-lect'or-al, a. Q^rft.iQ^QdsuuLLi— 

E-lect'or-ate, s. G}^rfliBQ^®<ssuuil.L^ 


E-lec'tric, s. iSlan'^rTirQLDpd.^-t-.rr^ 

E-lec'tric, a. LS]m^iT^d(^rFlLu, ijS(^s=rr 

E-lec'tric-al-ly, adv. LB(^^n^sS^uiSi 

E-lec-tri'cian, s. LSfm^ff^fTrr^GOnQifliu 

car, L£lm<3^'niF^<sdui3inn& . 
E-lec-tric'i-ty, s. LSIssr^rr^LUiso, iSlm^n 

E-lec'tri-H-a-ble, a. i£lmjsfr^<3FQ^ui{T 

<osr, iBGsrs^iTinhQupdsf^i^uj. 
E-lec-tri-fi-ca'tion, s. LAl&n-s^rrrr^LLQ 

E-lec'tri-fy, "^ uS m ^rr^LL®^6i>y 

E-lec'trlze, * * ^ i^<ssr^n^un\hd€i- ^ 

60, L£l<^^nQ^pp6i), iSlmesfii^^^i^y 


by speaking, ^<o!DsdsuQu&?^(so. 
E-lec'tro-chem'is-try, 5. LBm^n^surr^ 

E-lec'tro-mag-net-ic, a. iBm^fT^snis 

E-lec'tro-mag'net-ic-tel-e-graph, s. lS! 



E-lec'tro-inag'net-isni, s. LSlm'^osru^ia 

^^ LU 6d U/6I^6\) . 

E-lec-trom'e-ter, s. LS)€sr^iT^G(r(aS!(Slisj<ss 

E-lec'tu-a-ry, s. uit(^^ ^QeoQuu'ih. 
El-ee-mos'y-na-ry, s. ^^suear, ^s^. 
El-ee-mos'y-na-ry, a. Lj€mGU5fiuj^fi/b(^ 

El'e-gance, s. &puL^, ^Lp(^^^j6\}ds<om- 

ii), Q<3=lh<SS)Ln, ^/f, C/F/f, ^<S\)fEJSfTirLh^ 

El'e-gant, a. ^6\)iEJSfrrrLDrr<osr, ^Lp^frsur^ 

as rich, Qsn&inseoil)^ ^gsS. 

dress, c^s^;/E,'<5/^j^s_(S^Dz_, Q&neoih^ ^ 

manners, rEirsi^suD^ LnQ<^'S[flujui. 
to be elegant, Qp^^eo^ ^urr^eo, 
El'e-gant-ly, adv. ^n-tsDmiundj^ Qpuurr 

ILI^ UlTfEJ-SSITlIj^ ^<S))d<S6mrLDrTiLJ^ fBfTSff 

E-le'gi-ac, a. e^uufTffld<3sQ^^, <^ljl\4 

El'e-gy,s. 6puuiTffl,e^uLj^^<3s<ssuufTLLQ, 
El'e-ment, s. Lj^^th, iSlrrQ(T^^uQurr(if^ 

err, ^sold^ siTir<oS3rLh. 

in chemistry, sj^u, <2i//Tiiy. 

{pi') in language, ^edum—ih^ s^ 


the eucharist, ^^sSl^ii^. 
El-e-ment'al, a. Lj^^^^i^eoniu, Ljfo^n 

El-e-ment-al'i-ty, s. Lj^^d^^^LLi—ih. 
El-e-ment'al-ly, adv. Q^freoeoni^^LDiTuj^ 

El-e-ment'a-ry, a. ^^^GdLDn<s5r^ ^isfffl 

books, ^eoQ u ff^^ GO , Qp^puiri-. 

part in nature, ^rr^. 
iEl'e-phant, s. turr^issr^ =^^^7 <£<3=ih' 
female, ^Sli^, Qu(oisuruurr%s«r^ €iJL-(^€u. 
male, s-ihuio, €^(r^^^&d^ setfl^. 
young, ujn'^5sr-s<s<shrgfj^ Qun^aLD^ ■stu 

elephant hook, (c^mLtjL, ^ih^s^ih, 


scream of, iSsfflpeo. 
El-e-phan-ti'a-sis, s. (of the leg.) turr 

of scrotum, s^^ld. 
El-e-phant'ine,a. £Lf/r2(S3rc5<fE(9^^, ojn^^esr 

El'e-vate, v. a. ^-lufr^^^io^ <ojp^^eo^ 

the arm, weapon, 6lc., ^tEj(^^6\)j &. 

to exhalt, dignify, ^^suu®^^^ 

to animate, cheer, (ssi^ffluJuuQ^^do^ 

El'e-va-ted, a. o-Luirih^^ (ojppLDrr(5sr,QLD 
eU/rejjT, Qu(7KQDLDLLi<^e{rj s^fEjQesr. 
model or standard, QmeOireur^LLL—LD^ 

land, (^fS(^9liB<cdLD, Ln'^d^tmio, ^ 

El-e-va'tion, s. ^Lurnh^ a_<F<Fio, &-luitJ= 

exaltation, LD<s^^<QuuD,y QiDekssyLo. 

in land, ^lLi^, ^lLQ^ ^lLqdl^^ 


?is altitude, in astronomy, s-iurrih^ a. 

El'e-va-tor, s. uSIemL^^ (ojp^QisunQsr^ a- 

in anatomy, e^fBinhLjj (ST^LDi3®a^. 
E-lev'en, a. ufiQ(GS)0^ (ojan^s^. 
E-ley'^nth, a. u^Q(g^!iiti1). 
Elf, s. i3eOioQ, Quih^ L9^/r<fFii)5 (^petrosr. 
Elf, v. a. ^(SSiL-iSlGsr^^GO, 
Elfin, §. ^<si^<s=&<s(^nSuLi'dQs:rr&}. 
Elfish, a. LSI<sFfT'9?(ourrmp^ <S(sir&rQ(SuL. 

E-lic'it, V. a. Q€ue(flQ(JuuS(Lg^^eo, Qqj 

sparks, ^^^l-U}-^lL®^go. 

by artifice, S(oS)^lSI®ie/(^^60. 
E-lic-i-ta'tion, s. Q<5ij(5rfluu®^^<ss)s^ 

El-i-gi-bil'i-ty, s. Q^fftfB^QsrTeirefruu 




Eri-gi-ble, a. ^^s9nr)Ljqmefr^ ^<3M 
El'i-gi'ble-ness, s. ^@^, us(^<SiJUD, 

El'i-gi-bly, adv, u<sc^<3uldituj^ ^(^^tutr 
E-lim'i-nate, v. a. sLfi^^d-Oy^(Sfr(^s;d\}, 


E-lim-i-na'tion, s. sLfi<si^^ slSJulj^ ^<k 

E-li'sion, s. Q.s®^&}, ^-QeOfruih, sSl&rr 
of a consonant, QlpujQs®<55)s^ ep^ 

El-ix-a'tion, s. ^sSIulj, 9n<c^uLj^Qs: 


in pharmacy, s'fr^<sijrrfBJ(^(5(D<s. 
E-Hx'ir, s. <56i^eOLp^ ^lUiKSu^^ir^ Q^<q!^^ 

Elk, 8. LDQSiJJ. 

Ell, s. G^jmisi^Q^nSo. 

El-lipse', ) ^6m-L-.<siJi^<suLhj Qp^ 

El-lip'sis, * 5 <sa5L_(SL/f^(a/, ^<omi-.nsn 

in grammar, <oTs=<3=u:>^ Qs^nSoQeOs^s^LD, 



in geometry, ^[Tss<siJL. 


El-lip'soid, s. ^nssQ^nefri})^ ^smL- 

El-lip'tic, ^ <5T<3=<SFLDrT<ssr, €pL^urr<o5r^ 

El-lip'tic-al, * 5 Qpi-L(5G)i—<QjL^<Qjrr(oor. 

to be elliptical, <5i(^®Spps\), @(53)<f 


El-lip'tic-al-ly, adv, ^€smL-nQ(^^ujn 
lb, (^<5S)pLurTUJ, €r<^-fLDmu. 

El-lip'tic-i-ty, s. ^iT<ssQ<srT(Sfr<svL^(SiJ. 

Elm, s. ^nwiTLD. 

El-o-cu'tion, s ^s=<ff^ff!uLi^ p.<f<5=nu&sir 
LD, ^lL^uSt^^I, s^rr^ifliuu)^ Qusi-^^ 
^^wih, <surruJS=iT&)LD^ Qs^/rpQs rT<5(D^ . 

El-o-cti'tive, a. s^ir^rfltuLprresr^ s=nLDiT^ 

Ero-gy, ) • -o ^ • 

E-lo'giMim, 5 ' ^ ^ 


E-loin', V. a. iSJrH^Q^Q^^eo, isSleodQiD 

E-lon'ga.te, V. a. (^CQ^eo, (§<3frs:Qs=dj 

E-lon'gate, v. n. i§i^^s;&)^ i§(^^eo^ ^ 

in astronomy, <sSl6\)(^^eo, ^us=<ff=uuQ 

E-lon'ga-tion,.?, i^l.i^ul\^^l-®.^!jld, 
in astronomy, Qirs^rru)^ ^-.^s^u). ' 
in surgery, Qun(T^^^^GS)<s(si^. 

E-l6pe', V. n. <^<sffl^Q^nis^uQun(^^eo, 

E-lope'ment, s. ^<s{f]^Q^tTQ€!D<s. 

E-lop'er, s, ^<srf}^Q^rT®Q(3iirT<dr. 

El'o-qiience, s. (suns^neouo^ Qs=rT&)(SiJ6\)&) 

ULD^ Qs^n6d<SiJ<^(olS)LD^ Q U i= <3? €iJ GO 6\) U 

th, LD^iiun<eL^€mLD, Qs=iTp<!FrT^ffliu 
LDy <s>jfr<S(^6ueoeoui}). 
El'o-qiient, a. Q.9:fT&)<suG0e0u(ip&r(Sfr^(Siufr 

persons, Qs^nsosuSoQeOfrrr^ ffn^Suu 

El'o-quent-ly, adv, (surrs^freotximli^ Qs^rr 
eO(SiJGsr<ss)LDUuniJU^ G<ftTprSpLDnuu^ (Surrd 


Else, adv. ^eoeo^, ^eoeoneS^.tLi—nio^ 


Else'vvhere, adv. <orfkjQ<sujn(^^eo^ Q(su 

who else, Q<Sij(n^n. 
E-lu'ci-date, v. a. <sSl(Sfrd(^^60, Q^(3rf) 

E'lu'ci-da'tion, s. sSI&tssld, Q^etfleSl 


E-lu'ci^da-tive, a. Qsueffitundi^Qp, «sl9 

efrd(^Qp^ Q^GffloSidQp. 
El-uc-ta'tion, s. Q(Siii^.ulj^ Ljpuu® 

E-lude', V. ^uiSQuLitr<3{fl^Q^n(B^eo, ©_ 

E-ltid'i-blC; a. ^(sSHrS'^dak^i^uJ^ ^uus 

E-lti'sion, s. ^ssSliT(Qij^ sn<Q^^^iB^QniTun 


E-lu'sive, a. ^k^ij(Lpm(S{r'i (5Td^(^(3fr^ 



E-lii'so-ri-ness, s, <oi^^ib^m<3S)LD^ ^k^ 

E-lu'so-ry, a. (sr^^^^ds^ ^ih^uQpefrefr. 
E-lute, V. a. s?^^Q,fdj^(SO, s(Lgei^^<so. 
E-lu'tri-ate, i'. a. <3i-^^u>!T<s^^eo, Lorr^ 

E-lu-tri-a'tion, s. Q^<3fflsSluL^^ ^(ssii— 

sF^^iurr<S(^ (SID'S. 
E-lys'ian, a. fBih^fT<su€sr;i^s£5Q^^, ^ 

G^i^LDfTsur^ Quffl(o6ru(Lp(3fr(ofr. 
E-lys'ium, s. iB!B^(oor(Qn<5srLD^ u^(sSi ^ Qluit 

E-mac'er-ate, v. a. Qme'SI'sufTdi^^ev. 
E-mac-er-a'tioii, 5. Qld<oS!<su[t<s(^(oO)S. 
E-ma'ciate, v. a. sfTujs's?^6\)^ ^soir^^ 

E-ma'ciate, a. QldgSUb^., Q^iLib^^ Qibit 
E-ma'cia-ted, a. s<oS)STiB^^ QLD<oSl(si^(sh'(Sfr^ 

to be emaciated, QLD661^<sd, s_6\J(7j^ 

eb, <SfTlLJ^0O^ Qs(Si^^6\)j S^(5UIEJ(^jg6V^ (ail 

E-ma-ci-a'tion, s. QL£)eS)<2i^^ eu^a^dCosQ^ 

<5/ruj(S!/, Q<s(aueOili^ 3=(su<i<sLD^ ^(SfrrT(Sij. 
E-mac'u-late, v. a. ^(Lp<5s,ssp^^60. 
E-mac-u-la'tion, s. ^Q£)<sssp^(oG)s.y 


Em'a-nate, v, n. ^iri'^ei), ^em^^io^ un 
Em-a-ria'tioR, s. Q^tT/bpth^ umu<sas^ lj 


Em'a-na-tive, a. Lipuu(SQp^ untLQ 

p^ Q^ir<^guQp* 
E-man'ci-pate,v. a, (sSlQ^'2i5\)ujrT<s(^^60, 

E-man-ci-pa'tion, s. <sSl®^'^^ Q(SDp^ 

E-man'ci-pa-tor,5. (2B®^'^'jj(t&(^Q(su!t 

(SffT, uiBS5rkl<S(Sif}(ot^'S(^Q<oUfT06r^ uk^LO 
jri/uQu{T<ok^ &<olDpL^L-Qun(^. 

E-mas'eii-l?Lte, v, a. i^eoQiLD^^^io^ <^ 


E-mas'cii-lale, a. (BevQL[:®<iauuL-L^y 
E-mas-cii-la'tion,s. ib(o\)QldQulj^ <sS.<^^ 

(S}JfTfEJ(^(oS)S^ (^n'LDl£j^^<S\)^ S=^^<SU ITIEJ 

Em balm, v. a. <s^<sib^lS1®^6)J, <ss)^(50Qp 
iLQ^d))^ LDnL£is^un<sO€sr(^Qffuj^(so. 

Em-biilm'er, s. (5S)^(S\}LS]®QQjrT(^j s?si'5 
^^Li.®Q(QijfTeQr-, LD[n£i<3=u[T^snnsLj 

Em-bank', v. a. (Suiril)Ljsu.Q^do, s<o6)!i 

Em-bank'ment, s. €uijldl^^S(oI5)U^ ^far, 
Qs^ius(oB)ir^ €pLL®^^<sm'^oSsr, 
of a fort, Q<s5fT^^(SfrLD. 

Em-bar, v. a. ^(ssn—^^so. 

Em-bar-ca'tion, s. LDn'<ss&)^^Q(si^/6lu 
QuiT^Gdj ^(Ss>p<sSl LL®uQun^<so, 

Em-bar'go, s. LDirdsecLDfSliuiio. 

Em-bar'go, v. a. suu&jQp^&SliUsnp 

Em-bark, v. a. LDn'<s<s(so^Q^p^^eo. 

Em-bark, v. n. LDir<ss<s\)(oLD^^io. 

to engage in or enter into a business, 
^^^dQsn(srr6\)j Qpin^^io^ Q-lLuQ^ 
(SOj ^L^uQurT®^60. 

Em-bark-a'tion, s. LDirds&jQLDrSluQuiT 

Em-bar'rass, v. a. Qs(^uu®s;^^&j^(^ 

to be embarassed, ^&}tEJ(^^6\)^ Qsq^ 

Em-bar'rass-ment, s. (^L^uuih^ ^*©> 
iseddsuD^ 'Sevdsi^') (SaldQ/ssru), 
in speaking, s=<o6')u&Q<sn<ss)Lp. 

Em-base, v. a. Qs®^^6\), &it(^'2/sv^^60^ 


Em-bas'sa-dor, s. ^^eur^ S^M^t i^n^ 

Em-bas'sa-dress, s. ^^, siTrfJtu,sfTr6l. 

Em'bas-satre, ) n • • • o • 
_ ,, ^ s, > srrfrliu sfT^^(SU£DliULD, 

Em'bas-sy, > 

as ministers, snifluu<siT^^n. 

Em-bat'tle, «. a. ^Q!sfls}j(^^^60^ lksidl^ 


Em-bed', v. a. ufi^^^&)^ ^(Lps^^e^, un 



Em-bel'lisli, v. a. ^eO!W'SiFl^^&)^ ^osS 

&)LDLJ<cS?!r^}J^<S\)^ QfEJ<3SfTffl^^6V, 

Em-bel'lish-er, s. ^6\)iEj&rflu(£UfT(osr^€ii 

Em-bel'lish-ing, a. QimsfrfflsQ/D^ &pu 

Em-bel'ish-ment, s. ^Lg(^^ &fEJsnrfluq, 
^6\)rEJsrfluLj^ ^6\)fEJ<srTiru:)y j}i(o3tsfl, (su 
<5srGSuL\^QsnG0LD^ urfl(si^sfT!riD^Q^n 

Em'bers, s. (pi-) ^tpeo^ ^em-eo, 
Em-bez'zle, v. a. ^(suir^io, s<3freijueihr 

Q^dj^eo. QuiT^<s(^^6d. 
Em-bez'zle-meiit, s. sefrefrih', Q<9=friTu:>^ 

Em-bez'zler, s. Qs^friK^, dS(3fr<Sijm',QuiT 

Em-bit'ter, v. a. {see Imbitter.) <5^u 

Em-blaze', v. a. u(s^ff!u.^Q<9=dj^<so^ u 

Em-bla'zon, ». a. QufTiTrTiL\^i£>L\'2i!Ssr^eo^ 

Em-bla'zon-er, s. ^eoiEjarfluQun&sr^ 
Em-bla'zon-ry, s. &^fifTiT60tijsfTjn}>^ lS 
Em'blem, s. (^/jSuq^ ^eip^i—Lurrmih, ^ 

Em-blem-at'ic-al, a. ^(SDU-Lunen-LDrrear, 
(^rSuun<osr^ urriQij'2io5rLun(osr'y ^uu'2iosr 

Em-blem-at'ic-al-ly, adv. ^eroL-UJ/rsrr 
LDfTiLi^ uireu'^GSTUJirdj^ ^uu^Bsstujjtlu^ 

Em-blem'a-tize., ) ^-evLomsiF^^n 

Em'bletn-Ize, ' * ^ p(^f£l^^&)^ ©_ 
(SL'LDrT<oiyfl^^60^ ^^GJLDfT<osrLDrr^eO. 

Em-bloom', v. a. l^lLuqp^<s)SluqjP0>p 

Em-bod'y, v. a, seo^^eo^ ^L-fS(^^&}y 


to be embodied, ^l_/e/(5^6^, sh^Q/g 

Em-bog'u-ing,5. ^p^taundj^doL^Qpsui. 

Em-bold'en, u. a. (oS)^rf}Luuu®^^^eOj 

^-p ^FfTSihu €ssrevs)i^^i\} , ^i^ssiQs^fTSO 

Em'bo-lism, s. ^^s^(^^^ ^^(ssreu 

Em-boss, V. a. Q^^ifl^^io^ sL-^iSund,^ 

Em-boss'ment, s. l/stoz—ul/. 
Em-bot'tle, v. a. (^uiSld(^<sfrefflQ^6\}y 

Em-bow'el, v. a. (^t-.Qeo(£l^^eo, l/so^ 

Em-bow'er, v. rBi^ssrsurrs^thuem-^ii^ 

60, eiJ^li^LD6SBrL—U^^(oS)p^6\)^ LDirrS 

Em-brace', s. up^^ ^9/:^, GSi^Quunsih^ 

of friends, ^(L^(Si^^eo, ^"boGsr^^eo. 
Em-brace'', v, a. sLLu^<iQsir<s!r(^^6\)y 

as friends, ^(ip<aSsQ<sfT(Sfr(ef^^6V^ ^ 

an opinion, QifQ^^do, ^^s'lfl^^ 
6d^ Gjp(^^eo, ^(ip(Sij^&)^ i3i^^^&)y 
to comprise, ^L-d(^^60j ^'Bessr^^ 
^,. Qsneirefreo. 
Em-brace', v. n. ^'Ssssr^geo^ ^'^ssr^io^ 

Em-brace'ment, s. ^(tpeijeiDs^ s}i—ds 






Em-bra'sure, s. LS'fT(E/QQs=6\)s^il><siJiTuS 

Em'bro-cate, v, a, ^s^ir'^aSQ^eo^ ld^ 
^^^eOj €pp^^G\). 

Em-bro-ca'tion, s. <opp^<ds>&^ osi^eoCo^ 

Em-broid'er, v. a. ^[flm)<sBa9<35iLp^^60^ ^ 

Em-broid'er-er, s, ®^^ir^(o6)^ujpsiT!r 
car, ,FS<oS)s<oio<oiJuQuiT6sr^ ^S&ssUiS 



Em-brold'et-V; s. <f//?(SK>df, Q^ifirr^£S)^ 
Em-broii', v. a* @lpl/l/^6v), SGOS(^^eo^ 

to be embroiled, (^L^ihL\^eo^ <s<soisj 

Eni-broil'ment s. (^l^uuu)^ <s<oOs<sld,& 

Em'bry-o, s. a^^ <s(t^uuiJd, Qp^ffiruiS 

Em'bry-o, ) S(7^(sijS<s®^^, sq^uu 
Em'bry-on, ' J ^^ds®^^. 
E-mend', v, a« (see Amend.) ^Qf)^Si 

E-mend'a-ble, a. {see Amendable.^ ^ 

E-men-da'tion, 8. ^(f^^^t^^ ^lLl^ld^ 

E-meiid'a-to-ry, a. ^(^^^Qp^ ^iruu 

Em'e-rald, s. ldits^iI)^ u<fGSi3=<sseo, 
E-merge', v.n. Q&rLhLj^d\)^ <5j^^<s\)^ 2- 

E-merg'ence, ) Q(Sfrns=Q^ s-^ljl/, 
E*merg'en-cy, * 5 ^^^^t Qs®^,^ 

E-merg'ent, a. Q(ofnl)LfQp, ^^(^ldl/^^, 
E-mer'it-ed, a. ^rr€ssrQ(Sij'2>soQs=LLi^^ l^ 

Em'er-ods, s. {jpl') (sec Hemorhoids.) 

E-mer'sion, s. <5t(Lgs'&, Qmihij^sd. 
in astronomy fQiDfr^SFearuifGisyeffJLJLiy 

Em'er-y, s. (^0iB^ds6\). 
E-met'ic, s. fk-mnrh^LHiT^iB^. 
E-met'ic, -a. ^^^nih^u(sm^uQp^ s^q> 

E-met'ic-al-ly, udv. s^^^dsdsfL.t^Lu^ 

^LDrrtii^ ^(SiJLL.L-niJU. 
Em-i-ca'tion, s» Qun^ufD^^e^, 

of fermenting liquors, Qisrrfi^Q^Q^ 

Em'i-graiit, s. uirQ^Q^ qj^qd^suie^ 

Em'i-grant, a. uifQ^^ts^QunQp. 
Em'i-grate, v. a. (^i^QLU(LpihLj^eo^ u 


Em-i-gra'tion, s. (^i<^Q'ju(Lgd9.^ (^i^gt 

Em'i-nence, ')^m(oisr^LDj^uuns'9l, 

Em'i-nen-cy, * J Qld®^ &edftsQ{Uih, 

QpuLj^ LSlrr^ifisarLh, ^toVODLn^ Quhk 

to give eminence, QLDpQsfr<3fr(^^ev^ 
Em'i-nent, a. ^cuitib^^ Qpiu^^ Qtoesr 

<oG)LDLU/TioOr, LDlt<5mL^(3frGfr. ^(TRQDLDiUrr 

persons, 9lpiBQ^nff,Uisn^^LDnss(2(rj 


to be eminent, &p^.seo^ QLDLDu®^(sOf 

^'2j30UU®^(Sd^ QuiLHTUU®^6\), 

Em'i-nent-ly, adv, SpuurrajfiLDSuroDuy 

Em'is-sa-ry, s. jiT^sor, ^ppek^ S'nuGsar 

Em'is-sa-ry, a. Qmj<sijurrn-dQp, ^Grro/ 

E-mis'sion, &. (S^^a^ODS^ srr§ii<ms^ ^^r 
E-mit', V. a. <^®^^&)^ erfB^e^^ Qs=nrff 

bills, ^•smiuLj^'^Gii, Qs^^^^'sd. 
light, eperBsfr^^GOj. i3.!r<sn&^^eOy 3f 

rays, sfin-isSQ^di), 65^/T<s^-3r^6d, sirik 

Em'met, s» (STguthLf^ ii?L^s\J?(53)<«', ojiwiS 

E-mol'li-ate, t^. tf. iz^(75'^<a//r<5(^^6U, u 

E-mol'li-ent, s. ■^'3frd(^QpLD(7^'i¥^j <sB 




K-niol'li-ent; a, LSl((^^eiind(^Q)p, sosjij 
E-moi'u-ment; s. ueveor^ <oun^^-) lSJu 
E-mol-u-ment'al, a. uGO(ok^(r^Q/jOj Siu 

E-Ilio'tion, S. LD€UrS=<9=&J<Sdtll>, LD(5SrQ<SU(ip 

to be empaled, &(Lp<sSQ6\)ihpuu(£l 

Em-pale'rnent, s. SQ^QojppLD'^ sn'^uj 

Em-pan'nel, s. (see Pannel.j (5(SJiQjnfErT 

Em-pan'nel, v. a. (see Impannel.) ld^ 

Em-park, v. a. Q<s^6\9uj(oS)i—^^<s\). 
Em-pas'sion, s. (see Impassion.) tnesr 

Em'per-or, s. LDsnfrfT&n^ ^Lun^u^. 
Em'pha-9ls, ^sz5)<5^ujs2o^, Qs^nsosSl^iRn- 


he speaks with emphasis, su/dlj^^^ 

Em'pha-size, v. a. ^(o6j^uugv^^eo<5=^^ 

Em-phafic, ) QueOi^asr^ ^t^mrB 

Em-phat'ic-al, ' ^ s'Qs^nio^Qpy ©«r 

word, ^fTd(^QLDfTL^, 

Em-phat'ic-al-Iy, adv. QueV(S^Lu, ^<sn<^ 
Em'pire, s. ^(^(su)^, ^iL&y ^iTna=Q 
Em'pir-ic, 5. uiTLDuosi^^^ajm^ j^julSI 

Em-pir'ic, 1 uffls='2(oin-ds®^^, sj 

Em-pir'ic-al, '.^ uL3ujn<3=uuLLL^, u 

rff(o6Frr^2(5srajfT6\)^LDrT€sB^^y uitldit 

Em-pir'ic-al-ly, adv. urfls^'^osnufTuj^ urfl 

^"^eSTUUL^^ Uf^LL(off)S^LCin'^^(SS)rrLU/TLLJ. 

Em-pir'i-cism, 8. uifLL^rT<ss)<sij^^ijuui, 


Em-plead', v a. (see Implead.) (^pp 

Em-ploy', s. Q^rTL^6O^QiSij'2eo,^g0<suG\), 

Em-ploy', V. a. Q<su'^LSIe\)S^f^^<sQsff 
£(r(^^&^, Q<su'bs\jd(^<s<ff;^LLu^<sQ<sfT&T 

Em-ploy'a-ble, a. Q<si]'^d(^L-u®^^ 

Em-ploy*e'', s. Q(Su'hsvd(^LLuLLu.(3u<5-6r. 
Em-ploy'er, s.Q<ou'hsod<^iLu(b\d^Q<sun 

637", Q(aij'^spi3uQuiT<^. 
Em-ploy''ment, s. Qsv'bs\)j Q^nL^Je^', P- 

Em-pois'on, v. a. f^(^9l Ll.QQD€ij^^eOj /b 

Em-pois'on-er, s. [5;^&®Q(sun(osr. 
Em-po'ri-um, s. <sSujnunff^^(S6)p., eutr 

^^sdsQDL^^ SLJUp^<oS)pf (sSlLUfTUtTir 

Em-pow'er. v. a. ^^^<surijQsiTQ^^0x>^ 

Em'press, s. ^QDp<sS!^ ^iTfTsir/^y ^un 

Em-prise', 5. (S»<2ra5?LlL_(?ffly^, g^Qulj. 
Emp'ti-er, s. Q(Sij^<5S)LHJund(^Q(Qnn<5ur. 
Emp'ti-ness, s. (^safluuihj ^(Ssr<oS)LDy G)<a/ 

as ignorance, Qu<5S)^(ss)ld. 
Emp'ty, v. a. QojefRuS^p^^eVy Qeu^ 

GDLDLundssi).) (^Si^fluuLorrdi^^eo. 

as a river, uniL^eo^ sSlan^eo. 

water, ^«n.pgu^GO. 

dirt, (Sec, Q-fEfnLQ^&i. 
Emp'ty, a. Q(SU4r^(o6iLDUJ[T(osr, (^esflajUitT 

declamation, s^mnoppQud'Sf , e^em 
Qud<3?y u6\)(StsrppQud<9^^ iSl^p^. 
compliment, SL'tTLLjus^nrrihy (tpsLospt 

grains, s=ljlS, ffLjuLL<5is)i^j ^tT<sSI, u 

house, Q<sij^ix)<sS'®y u{Tifiih(}^s=u}y u/t 

title, j^i^J-sfTULSevsOff^^uili^u), 



as hungry, uLLL^cssfliq£fr(Sfr. 

as ignorant, Qu€si^GDLDiij<sir<3fr.^^(2S 

Emp'ty-ings, s. (pi.) (?<s/r^, lds^l^^ 

Eni-piir'ple, v. a. <s(i^(U^Qs:<auuuiTd<S6d^ 

Em-pyr'e-al,a. <3=<sQ^n^uuiT(oi5r,u[fl<3?^^. 
Em-py-re'an, s. Q^fT^LD<5ssrL^60ih, Qirfr 

Em-pyr'ic-al, a. ^u/bsi^iB^€ST(o3)LDULj(ck<s(r, 

Em-py-ro'sis, s. Qu(t^Qiu(7^ulj^ Quq^ 

Em'u-late, v. a. Qm<3'Su.<oij(5S)<sQ^®^G0^ 

Em-u-la'tion, s. ^<>, Oojeogi^ 

Ern'u-la-tive, a, (jpmQ6srpi2Sl0uu(Lp 

GfTGfr, OojedGOuufTirdQ/D. 
Em'u-la-tor, s. (ipih^(ipuj^Q6ufr(^, Qp 

Lu/b&<sss[TiT<oar^ ^dSjifr^iran'. 
Em'u-la-tress, s. ^dQirrr^ffl. 
E-mulg'ent, a. (^6oarL!^ssrrdjd(^fFluj^ u 

Em'u-lous, a. QpmQeurpGSI^uuQpefr 

err^ QtsueoeOuunrt'sQp. 
Em'u-lous-ly, adv. Q(SueO€0Q/D(^6m-LDfT 

til, (oLDLDUfrL—fTUJ, 

E-mul'sion, s. uneoSp(tp(3[T<o(rL£iQ^[5^, 
E-mul'sive, a. ufT<sOf§lpQp<ct6fr, lSI^^ 


En, (prefix.) (tp^eooDL^QiDni^', ^^us=(i^ 
En-a''ble, v. a. ^(^^vundf^^GO^ ueouu 

En-act', V, a, <slLl^^uSI<Si^&)^ slLi— 

En-act'ive, a, .sptSldSlp., slLi—^lSKSi 
Qp, <spLSI<s(^!5^^^6ij(ipefr<ofrf <s/_lz_ 

En-act'ment, s. slLi—^s^s^lLi—ld, <s 
il.i—.'BisfrLJLSIrrLDiTajaril), (sQ^., {Qq^ui}). 

En-act'or, s. L9ni£>na^iJD€S^uQunGsr.f 
SLLL-.dofraS(SlQ<Sijn<osr.^ SffLnnossflsm. 


En-am'bush, v, a. u^(^(^^^^i\), cpcif) 

GEO z_ LJ s?J3rszrar6U . 
En-am'el, s, ^(ip^^uQu fr^&r^ u&fliEJ 

(^Qun^srpoj&v^^ lSI^ssi}). 
En-am'el, v. a. <jy(^^^^6U, u6{f}iEj(^ 

En-ani'el-er, s. ^(Lg^^Q<5u n^sr.^ c^uu 

En-am'el-ing, 5. j)jQp^^LDn<s(^GSis. 
En-am'or, v, a. i£)Uj<s5(^^6\)^ QiDnQ-ssi^ 

En-am-0-ra'do, s. /jd /r/F soar u ear, lSI<s^ 

En-cage', v, a. u^,s=it^^60<oS)1—^^60j 

En-camp', v. n. u{T2GmuLSlpEj(^^60^ ^n 

En-camp'ment, s. urr'ScrrLuih.f urr'^cuLSI 

pfEJ(^<oSi£5^ UlTS'(oa)p^ Qp'2iosruu^j QP 

En-case', v. a. (see Incase.) ^t-erroir l-s 

En-caus'tic, s. ^jQp^^uoxsuGSis^ g^uu^ 

En-cave', v. a. ^<s3)<suSI60(Sdl—s;^&). 
En-chafe', v. a. Q<situqplL(Bi^60. 
En-chain', v, a. s^iEiQe^^LurrpLj^LLQ^eo^ 

En-chant, v, a. ldlu<s(^^60, <ouQluuu(SI 

as delight, LSff^Lurrdsio. 
En-chant'er, 5. LDUu<i(^Q<sijn(sk^ (su^sj 
637", <su&uuu:>u6m^i]Q6un<cX5r^ ldib^ij- 
(SijfT^j LDmE^iff<s<ourj QuiiieS^QD^daiT 

En-chant'ing-ly, adv. LDtud<s^^d<s<cSI^ 

En-chant'ment, s. mtTLUisS^es)^, (^gSuj 

LD^ LDLUdsih^ 6uQuJlh, eW^lDU ISSTLD, LD 

En-chant'ress, s. sLL®d<snffl^ (^r^sn 

rfl, u:)iU<S(^(SUfT<3ir^ QiDrT'Sssrerv^fff. 
En-chase', v. a. ^(i£^^&)',^<o!DLp^^60, 




En-cir'cle, v. a. eijdofr^ex)^ (3^#^S ^•^^ 

in the arms, £SLLi^<iQsne{r(Gr^^eo. 
En-close', v. a. (see Inclose ) ^<o(du.^ 

En-coffin, v. a. <9^(SuuQuLLL^d(^<3rr 

En-co'mi-ast, s. LjS(ipQ6urT<dr^ slLu^ 
LUSfTireor^ <Sij<omL-<s3r^ (STLLi^i^^ ldi5j<se 

En-co-mi-ast'ic, ^ ljsi^s=&, <suf5^esr 

En-co'mi-um, * 5 i^j Q^nmLDir'^ev. 

En-c6m'pass, v. a. (^(ig^io^ ^(ssii^^^ 
a), (aySsrr^^ffU, Qsn&^^eo^ •ai-pgii^&o. 

En-c6m' pass-ing,s. (SiySsYTu L/ ,cgy<s20L_ u L/ . 

En-core', adv. ld^uu^ll^ud. 

En-count'er, s. Qldit^^^ ^fT<s^^ QP^ 

as battle, QutriT^ iLj^^ih^ s^esaresiL^. 
as dispute, <Qijfrs(^<sun^LiD^ ^(7^d<35ih. 
En-count'er, v. a. gt^it^^&o, QpiLQ^ 

60, €^6UfT^(i^Qs=lij^60y ^'2eods^L-60^ 

En-count'er-er, s. (5r^nuQun(^^ QP^ 

En-count'er-ing, a. QiBifKBQp^ erfiird 

En-c6ur'age, v. a. ^l^uuQ^^&o^ ueo 

lEjQsrrQ^^iOy ^L-(i¥)Qs=rTGO^^so^Q^ 

approach, ^l-ieis[tlL(SI^60^ ^i—^ 


to be encouraged, Q^^^eo^ Q^&f)^ 

60, <oS)^rflujuu(£l^60, Qpiup&uuQ 

^60^ (oJ6iJUU®^60. 

En-c6ur'age-nient, s. €U)^[ffLuw^fiL-€ar^ 

^ULUlh-f Q^PPLD-i (LpUUpQ. 

as favor, countenance, •s^Qpsw., ^^ 
E.n-cour'a-ger, s. G^i^iflujuu^^^QeufT 

En-c6ur'a-ging-ly, adv. <ss)^fflujLDrrujyfi 

i—i^LLj^ Q^ru^eondj. 
En-crim'son, v. a. Q^euuundsiOy ^ 



En-croach', v. a. eiio'hsos^LL.Q^io^ ciio 
'^^ sir (61^^30^ ejiso'^epp^^eo. 
as the sea, 3,<5S)!isi—^^'30. 
on another's land, 'oT<so'^)ak-LLQ^60. 

En-croach'er, 5. i^SL^uQurrcor, (sreo 

En-croach'ing, s. ^pfSd<3?^LL®(os><s,Qio 

En-croach'ing-ly, adv. ^[SiufnuLDfTiu^ 
<sr60'^^<s{r(GfpLh<oSl^LDnLU^ Greo'^eoisSleod 


En-croach'ment, s. ^i^iunubuurSls 

ewcS, ^eo'^^etr (6f^65)'S . 
En-crust', v. a. (see Incrust.) QlLl- 


En-cum'ber, v. a. urTjT(i^'9?LD^^^60^ 

UnuQiDp^^io, Qu!T^LJl3^^60^ Qrs 
0<S(^^6O^ ^®^^60^ iSB60lEJ<SLJU6S3r 
6SV]i <S60, 

En-cum'brance, s. unnihy umT^s^esiiD^ 

En-cy-clo-pe'di-a, s. s^(^fT(G^<£EiTrT0}, 
(Sueru^iSeoareosTLU^Qs^rTGOeOdsirfr^, s^qk 

En-cy-clo-pe'di-an, a. <3=(f^<su<2Sl^^uuns 

En-cy-clo-pe'dist, s. ff(r^isu<aSl<s^iLHT<sii 
End, s. QfL^eif^ scuiu., @^P, ^ih^m, 

extremity, ^ezr/?, ^^'Seu, <s5^/r, ^dQ 

design, object, QiBndsih^ ^^d(^, s 

of the earth, y^LSIu9<skj>/i^ih. 

of the world, e-eosmh^ij)^ ssnis^LD, 

of an eclipse, Qj-semQLDrrs'esrih, <sSI 

of a plantain, QpQi^^ ^i- 

to this end, ^^parrs^ ^i^Qisnss 

the very end, ff^sqdi—^ 3s<5S)t—uSgiiy 

the hair stands on end, LouSlir^eSln^ 



End, V. a. (ipu}-^^&)^ ^L^<s^<so^ s=€S)w^i 
End, v.n. (zpi^s^eo, @J2/^^, epLff^eo, 

as an eclipse, QiTS6mQLDrf&^^6\}^ SI 

En-dam'age, v. a. tBiLi—uu^^^^ed^ 

Qs^^ ill U ®^£^^6\} . 

En-dan'ge.r, v, a. Q,f^^^^s(^lLuQ^^ 
En-dan'ger-ing, s. Qwn^w^ i^iLi—w, 
En-dan'ger-ment, s. Qmirs'^^dQ^s^ 
En-dear', v. a. LSfflujuuL-s:Qs=uj^(s\), 

En-dear'ment, s. sit^go^ ^mL^sQL—(^ 

En-deav'or, s. QpvupQ^ mrndsth^ ^-.p 
&nsih^ &-<oS)LguLj.) ^szjsi^q/, lSIjtuj^^ 

En-deav'or, v. Qpiup&usmr^u^do^ iSI 

En-deav'or-er, s. Qpuj^Q<siin&^^ l9it 

En-den'i-zen, v. a. Q^s^s^^k^n^^^t^ 

End'ing, s. (ipi^eij, ^ihjsih, s6S)l.. 
in grammar, (2SI(^fi, lSu-^^luld, 
En-dite', v. a. [see Indite.) Qs^rreOGSId 

End'lesS; a. Qpu^(oS<soeon^^ j^<ouriB^^ ^ 

^fT'SiTeOQpeh'err, (oTis\}'2e\)uSl6\}eoiT£^. 
End'less-ly, adv. sj^osriB^LDndj^ ^(SorQp 

End'less-ness, s. (ipi^(sSl(Ssr€iDLD^ QP^ 

<o£l(5060rT(oU)LD<) ^(oSriE^lh^ €iJGDirUJ(S!DpaSI 

En-dorse', v. a. (see Indorse.) ^emi^ 
lueSlmQiop up^w^QuuQ^^^eo . 
a bill and present it, ^,<osan^'ju<sSlm 


En-dorse'ment, s. Qs^goQgoq^^^, Qu 

En-dow', V. a. ^^<osnEjGcSfT®^^60^ ^n 
(SsriEjQ<ss fT®^^di) ^ ^^(o!srLDfra<sQsn(Sl^ 
^6\)^ Qupeffl^^io. 
a temple, &c., ^^(Ssr[Ej<35LL(£l^&), ^rr 

to be endowed, Qu^^ed, ^rf}^^&). 
En-dow'er, s. ^^@)^Lj<ssr, ^^asTLnns 

dQs!T®dQp6u<sbr^ ^^eariobr. 
En-dovv'ment, s. Qu^, si^<osnh^ ^n^ssr 


a deed of, ^rT(Ssru^^[fl(oG)<s. 
as induement, Q^s^jeuirii). 
En-dtie', v. a. {see Indue.) (SumsjQ^n 

En-dur'a-ble, a. ^fTiEJsd3k..L^aj^ Quit 

En-dur'ance, s, /^"SsouLy, Quit^<ss>ld^ 

En- dure', v. a. eji^^do, ^niEj(^^eo, ^ 

En-dtire', v. n. iB'^Sppio^ ^!EJ(^^io, 

to bear, Qun^^^GO^ s'Q^^io^ ®-^^ 

ffl^^do^ u®^<sd. 
En-dur'ing, a. QufT^^Lqeir6fr^^fTfKJ(^S) 

p, /^'SsvuL/G/re/r. 
End'wlse, adv, ^6tsfl(su<sfrLDniij^ S^^lL 


En'e-my, s. ff^^(r^^ (sr^rnreff)^ €T^ff}y 





in military affairs, LDnp(iYj><ssr. 

in theology, tSls=rT<SFih<) ^^^^neSl. 
En-er-get'ic, > &^^!m(Lp(km^ ffp 

En-er-get'ic-al, * y ^dQsrT6ffon-.^Qu 

(ipUJp&[L^(3IT(ofr^ ^UJS(^Qp. 

to be energetic, Q-.p<fiTsuu®^60, 
En-er-get'ic-al-ly, adv. <3F^^<suLoiTUJ^ssfL 

dSLDmLl, (sSKcSUiSLDinLJ, (SD^^ffltULDfTUJ. 

En''er-gize, v. Qptu^'^iso^ s=^^QjfEjQ<sfT 

®^;S&) ^ueouu ®^^^&d , a. (^p^^&i . 

En'er-gy, 5. ^M.dsw., QpinpQ, lSI!juj^<s 



as strength of expression, ^^^u 
E-nerv'ate, v. a. ^(s^n^^^eo^ usO(S^(osr 


E-nerv'ate, a. u60(s^<5sruu®^^Q/D. 
En-er-va'tion, s. ^<sfrrrs^&^ u(oO(sS'<ourLJu 

E-nerve', v. a. ueos^<osrLJu(Si^^6\). 
En-fee' ble, v. a. rsemr^^eo^ QldqS^^&j^ 

En-feoff', V. a. ^LL&QujiTULi<sQ<s5fT®^ 

En-fi-lade', v. a. ufi(cSl0d(^tl)U<oS)i—d 

En-force', v. a. (SupL^£jj^^^&)^ u&)ui5 

as compel, QiB([^<i(^^eo^ ueouih^uu 

Q^^^&), SLl.L—fTUJLJuQ^^<S\)f<SlQ0OrT 

as impress on the mind, Ln€sr^60(ip 

En-force'ment, s. ueOuiB^LDuessr^}/ 
GDSj uQ&)fTp<srTiruu(Sl^^<SDSj slL 


En-forc'er, s. ueoui5^iJDU(sm^}]Qp®j 
Gsr^ <SL-t—nuuihu<om^}]Qp€ij&sr^ <sl- 

En-fran'chise, v. a. (sSQ^'^LurTssGO, 

En-fran'chise-ment, s. QGo/DtS'LLq^ @ 

En-fran'chis-er, s. 9lGy)pL^LLQpQja!r^^ 

En-gage', v. a. S-L^muQ^^eo, (sjpu® 

as security, ^^L—thu®^^&). 

to pledge, pawn, ff®(S!)'Su^^60. 

to enlist, <3?>-LLQ^eo^ Q^ff^^eo^Qun 

to fix attention, <su^uu®^^60, ld0 

lL®^&)^ ^s=&u iSl^^eO. 

to be engaged in, u^^eo^ Qpiui^rB 

En-gage', v. n, ^pu(Dfi&), ^nihi^^^io^ 


to attack in battle, QunQ^^eo^ gi^it 

^^60^ ^.l_pp<SO. 

to undertake, ^.lLu®^6\)^ <57(^^-a),fc7 

to pledge one's word, ^-u.(ssru®^60^ 
En-gag'ed, a. s-L-ebruiLi—, Qpuj/b&iLj 

En-gag'ed-ly, adv. ^^euednoj^ &.l—^ 
ulL®, s.i—i5<stD^Lumu, (Lpiup&uuniu^ 


Ee-gag'ed-ness, s- (ipujp&f eSQ^usih. 
En-gage'ment, 5. ^^<su&)^ sisu<oS)(aUy 

a battle, Qunn^ tLj^^ih. 

a contract, ^-u.(ssrun®^ ^.i—Giruis^ 

as pawn, fl:®, cgyz_@. 

En-gag'ing, a. ^L-^ui^doasuem-^u 
dQp, sguhkQp, QfBfTS'StTiosr^un'iTCosrxsv 
a/(srr<3rr, ^,iSfffl<oS)LDUJfT6sr^Q^rTpp(ip<sfr<ofr. 
as winning, attractive, <SiJs=LDfT<s(^Qp^ 
iSmSlssuuissar^nQp^ (SiiQiULouGssr 
emi Qp . 

En- gag'ing-ly, adv. (Sij^sffls^E^^is^n 

En-gar'land, v. a. LDn'^(^LL®^eo. 
En-gar'ri-son, v. a. u<^L—s=Q<f<susffnGd 

En-gen'der, v. a. <3^6Sul9^^(so, iSlpu 


strife, s=(om<35)L-iL]Gssn-.n<i(^^G0. 
En-gen'der, v. n. S(7^<sQs[T<ar(ef^^&). 
En-gen'der-er, s. s=€sflui3uQun&sr, lSI 

puiSluQufTiosr^ ^<5srs<ssr^ iSl^rr. 
En-gen'der-ing, a. s=scf}ui3-sQpj i3p 

ui3dQp^ ^^(o3arL-rrd(^Qp. 

a military machine, QurnfliuiB^nLD^ 

self moving, QuirrS. 

as means, <S!ijl^qj(sids^ '^^y &~uQiun 

as agent, iSln^^'ceosijm. 



'En-gi-necv' , s. &/bu6U6\)&}'Su<5sr^ unosi^s 

En-gi-neer'ing, 5. ^tuis^u^Q^nL^eo 

En'girie-ry, s. ^iUji5^rr(^^fiiriEjrSS(s(rj u 

En-gird', v. a. (^u^^eo^ ^p^^eo^ tnessr 

En'glish, 5. ^tEjQGomF^Q^s=;i^fTiT<f @ 

En'glish, V. a. ^isjQeS'.B^rrdsGO. 
En'glish, a, ^iEiQ6§<si-uun(oU)<Qi^<£(^^ 


En'glish-man, s. ^fEiQ6^s?-35rTir<6sr, 
En-gorge', v. a. <ESl(Lg!EJ<^^eO^ ulLQ^ 

En-gorge'ment, 5. ulL&ulj^ 6Sl(Lg<ss 

En-graft', v. a. (see Ingraft.) LDuQiDn 

En-grail', v, a. (^L^LuU'i&eo, seo^^^eo. 
En-grain', v. a. <3^mursjsfTiLJs='fff-^6\)j Sp 

En-grave', v. a. Q^d(^^6d^ Qg^j^eo^ 

Q^fT^^^eOy (^(Lp^^io^ ®^^JjQl£>(Lp 

as impress deeply, u^^^eo, Si(Lg^ 

En-grave'ment, s. ^-CcGOrrsiEisefflp^^ 

En-grav'er, s. Qsn^^Q(Sii'^snij€ur, & 

En-grav'ing, s. Q^^rjQ(su'^^ Qsit^^s= 

En-gross', v. a. (^(ip&sndj<zQ<sn<s(rmeo^ 

the mind, ^djeij^eo, ^®^<so. 

to copy, Q^&fl®jnQtu(Lp^^GO^ ^n<ss 


to be engrossed, ^i^^eo, u^^eo^ j^ 

En-gross'er, s. (a9^<^<9^ir<£(^<5Ssyr^(5(zp 


En-gross'ment, s. ^t^dQdQsiT(S{r(^ 


En-gulf, V. a. ^sfrsi^^eontp^^eOy Sir 
En-hance', v. a. j^fisuu®^^60, Qinp 
En-hance', v. n. ^^stfi^^do, ^^su 
En-hance'ment, s. ^fisffluLj^ (aUGfrirsi 
En-hanc'er, s. ^^SLju®^^/Qp<su€Gr, 

Q^p^ Qp (oil (SOT . 

E-nig'nia, s. QfsiTi^^ (sSI®<sg5)^^ inGSip 




Qi5nu^<s(^(fluj^ eSf 

E-nig-mat'ic-al, '^*" ^ ®'S gd^ d s®^^, 
E-nig-mat'ic-al-ly, adv. Qf5aL^<S(^rfliu 
E-nig'ma-tist, 5. QiBnu^'Sniim^ <qS!®<3s 
E-nig'ma-tize, v. a. Qi5tTL^<sLL®^<50y 


En-join', v. a. (sS^^^do^ <spi3^^G0^ <s 

En-join'er, s. spiSiuQunm, eSl^u 

En-joy', V. a. [5dKQS)LDiu^u<sS!^^G0, @ 

G5ruUD^U<sB^fi&)^ <Sfr<SfT6V)lQuiTS(UR 

company, Qsrr(s^i—iT®^&}j ^<o(r<su 

life, ^-uSir(SuiT^^<50^ <£f?Q^^60.) ^(sSi^ 

En-joy'a-ble, a. <ff?<SLD^u(aSl<ssd<s;i.L^Lu, 
En-joy'er, s. -si-sn^QunQ. 
En-joy'ment, s. <3?<siT^(DUfT<5UD^ ^lLl^ 
QufTsihy ^eoruii), s^fsQ^fT(Si^LDj <9f-a 

what gives, QundQujua. 

great, s?sfT(oGrih^il)^ uif}Qun<3bLD^ Qu 

spiritual, urrLDn<oonB^LD^ <oO)(QU^a<suiT 

se n sual , ^;!r)/z9 ear (_/ i£) ,Qa) (o/r ^<iF (Si/ /Tip Q/ . 
of life, @-tiSiT<surri^<saDS. 

of society, Q<srr6m-L.frLl.L^i£), ^efr^u 


En-kin'dle, t'. a, Qsit^^^^go^ ^rip 




as excite, inflame, ^(omQ^6\)^ sjeij^ 

En-lard', v. a. QsfTQ£iuLjULf^'fff-^io^ Qeu 

En-large', v, a. ^^rsuu®^^^<5\). Qld 
pu®^^GO^ usruLj^eo^ u^uiS^^io^ 

to set at liberty, (sSl®^'^iiJna(^^GO^ 

En-large', v. n. u(7^^^e\), 0u(7^(^^eo, 

(^^^GOy (sSlrfl^dd^ UL^IT^6\). 

En-larg'ed-ly, adv. eSlsTreOLDnuii^ <sSlrf} 

En-large'ment, s. Qu(T^djsi£i^ OurreSleij, 
eSlrfleij^ €^1(7^^^, <sSdsi£)<, (sun^^ui^^ 

as release, ©57®^^, ^lLl—ld. 

as expatiating, (sSI&rv^fflui^^ eSlek^ir 

En-light'en, v. a. Q(Sij(Sff}s=<9=LDrTS(^^6\)^ 

mentally, (EpQun^'^GsruuSppeOj s_ 

to make light, ^GO^(^^eo^ lS}^s(^ 

^eOj i3rrs[TS=uu®^^<so. 

to become enlightened, LSlir<srT&^^ 

6\), Kd^JUJ^GO. 

En-light'en-er, 5. ^6\)<5(5^^(Si/6?r, s.lj 
Q^& , (Si9(orr<S(^QpQj<^^ Q^ifleSlsQp 

En-list', V. a. QuLurreSleOrT^^^pQs'iT^ 

soldiers, Qs^susQinQp^^^Sl^^do^ Qs^ 
(SI/ s^fisij lL u (9i^^io . 
En-list', v.n. Q<ff:<QiJs^fi^LLuQ^6\}^ Q^ 

En-list'ment, s. Q<3=<susQLD(Lp^sQsaQ 

En-llv'en, v. a. &.uSitul9^^6\)^ (tpiup^ 

En-liv'en-er, s. o^uStTuiSlsQpeij&n; Qp 
ujp^u6ssr^ifQ(SurT^<) ^p^nsuu®^ 

En-ln'mine, v. a. {see Illumine.) Qeu 
En-masse', adv. L^essri—LDiriL, Qimn^ss 


En'mi-ty, s. u<ssi&^ <Sij(^LDil>, (^Qsrajsih^ 

En'ne-a-gon, s. iE(SuQsrT€m(SiJt^<3um^ is 

En-no'ble, tj. a. sq5Ss=uu(S)^^^<so^ 2_ 

lun^^^io.^ Qld^€S)ldu uQ^^^en . 
En-no'ble-ment, s. l^&q^qds^ ^n^^^ 

En-nui', s. enuuLjj ^'BefruLj, llib^ld^ 

E-nor'mi-ty, s. <^(i^fkjQm<ss)LD, QrBfSl^ 

E-nor'mous, a. LDsrr^ uanuuiLi—^ ldlL 
Q lS (i^Q <osr y L9rrLDrr6m-LSl6\)&)fT^. 

E-nor'mous-ly, adv. ldlL(£ii£1(^Q, ^lj 

E-nor'mous-ness, s. LDLL®L£}^QuS(r^d 

E-nough', 5. L4^ff6SGrLD^^Q^^^, fSesipeij, 
E-nough', a. Quir^Lonesr^ L^rremrwfTesr^ 

E-nough', adv. [§l€S)p<sijniiJ, L^rr<smi£>nuJ, 
LiiT^^iUJndj^ QufT^LU^rruj. 
to eat enough, i§(ss>pujs^s'[rui3®^&^. 
it is well enough, ^Q^^fi, (^GDpaS 

En-quTre', v. a. (see Inquire.) sj^itituj^ 

En-rage', v. a. ^n-d<ssuu®^^GO^ Qsit 


to be enraged, Q<sfTUQp(Gr^^<s\)', Q-sir 
uiE]QsiT(2fr(GfK^G)^ QpirdafEjOsirefr^ 

jSGO, ^^L—GOgO, ^<sSljIfEjQsfT6rr(Gf^^G0. 

En-rank', v. a. f§l(SiDirujfTS(^^GOj <sijiff(ss)^ 

En-rap'ture, v. a. u!t<sus'uu®^^&)^ s 


to be enraptured, uireus^LjuCBijseo, 
En-rav'ish, v. a. uiT^6=LD!r<s(^^G\), uir 

En-reg'is-ter, v. a. ^ LLi—6ij26m-uSp(c,F 



En-rich', v. a, Qs^ioQjLDfT<s^^(s\), Qpu j 

as fertilize, Qs=(Lp(SS)LDLurrds&)^ Gs^l^ 
En-rich'meiit, s. Qs^l^ul^^ Qfas/rinh^ 


En-ridge', v. a. QLDi—rrd(^^6\)^ ^l^it/t 
En-ring', v, a. sf-jb/SldstL^^eOf ui^^ 
En-rlp'en, v. a. u(Lpd<suu6m-^u^60^ 
En-robe', v. a. 6ii^^ijiB^[fi^^<so^ e_®^ 
En-roll', V. a, ^LLi-,Gj^ossnjSJp(o-3=iT^^ 
En-roll'er, s. ^n^eorQiDQ^^Qp^n^j 


En-roll'ment, s. ^tl.L^Sij'^oosruSlpQ stir's 


En-root', V. a. (c€ija(5S)Qj^^0O^ S^souu 

®^^6Uj £'2evQ,sfr<sfr(SfrLJu<o3cr6m'60. 
En-rout', adv. uiuGsonDndj^ lSIjulkkssst 


En-sam'ple, s, Qprnmrr^ifl, ^ulj^^lL 

En-san'guine, v. a. ^rr^^isQ^ndj^^eo, 

^ fT^^d s G^p iu rr<ss (^^eo . 
En-sconce', v. a. Q^iTil.(35)L-ujiTpsn^^ 

En-seam', v. a. Qu[T(T^^^^(ois)^^^iOy 

En-sear', v. n. (^LLQ<sQ<srreOrrp'9?(Sl^d\), 

En-shrine', v. a, Q^ssrihuem^u^io^ 

En-shroud', v. a. Li€iDt-.(oO)QjLuiT60^(h) 

En-sif'er-ous, a. ojrri^^rfl^^y stLs^fTir 

En'sign, s, Qunn&Qanuf.^ <sB(T^^<i 

bearer, Qsm^LSIu^dQpsusai'^ Q<3snuf. 


as a badge, ^^^QiunaQ^^^^s^rr-, u 


En-slave', v. a. &<ss)pi^u^^^io^ Q<Es>pu 

En-slav'er, s. Q€S)puu(Si^^Q[D<su<^. 
En-slave'ment, s. &(5U)p, ®(Ss^puSl(r^uL^^ 

En-snare', v. a. (see Insnare.) Q<srT(Gf^ 

animals, <s6m<o3sf]uS6\}sLJuQ^^60j <su 

En-snare'ment, s, Qar[(^<su&)^ Qd(^^ 

of animals, Q<ss>puu[rQ, 
En-stamp', v. a. Qps^^GsmGsxsu^^GO, Qp 

En-sue', v. «. Q^rrL—ir^GO^ Quluit^go^ ib 

En-stire', v. a. {see Insure.) fSls^uu®^ 

En-tab'la-ture, ^ Qu rr^ €6)s u u &) 

En-ta'ble-ment, * ) gtocS. 

En-tail', s. ,3}^G6r^<5hj^Q^ ^^iB^us-GSiu. 

En-tail', v. a. &-ffl€0)LD€iiL^LurTsdQsrr(bl 

En-tail'ment, 5. s-ffl(oS)LD^LLQ^ ^.[fl(ss)LD 

En-tan'gle, v. a. LLfTLL®^&)^ ^suuQ^ 

to be entangled, Qd(^uu®^GOj&<sQ 


En-tau'gled, a. ^^(^uulLl-.^ Qssrr 
ear, Q)<sn(^<siJGOn(osr. 
hair, &<S(^lduSit^ Qp^(^<3=<oSiL—^ Qsrr 

US-fTll)^ ,5^UjLG\)ll), (^L^G\)lli^ QsUQSsfl, 

En-tan'gle-ment, s. Q<siT(Gr^<sij<so^ iSl&fr 

En-tan'gler, s. Qd(^uu®;S^QQjnesr^ 

En'ter, v. a. u[Tiljd<9^^Gd^ ^lLl9it(o(ou 


as enroll, ^LLi—6u2s6urQ<3=iT^^G0, u 

a name, &/C., ^LLL—(su25mTQ,3^iT^^<sOj 


En'ter, v. n, ^lLuQ^go^ ^^rQetrQufr^ 
6\)^ ^l1.lj(^^(5\)^ Q-lLlSIitQ<suQ^^g\), 



to form a part, Q^iq^go^ 3k-(^^G0, 

to pierce, ^^(r^Gij^iOj <oj^^60y qd^^ 

upon, &-lLu®^60^ ^rrihiS^^do^ Q^n 

En'ter-er, s. ^LLLj(^Q(SufT6sr. 
En'ter-ing, 5. a_z_lu®(S5)<s, &-lLu®^^ 

in a book, u^ulj^ Qs^/rui-i. 
En'ter-prise, s. QpiupQ^ sM.d<3sihf s_^ 


En'ter-prise, v. a. QpujpQu(oiJar^}j^&), 

rashly, ^6ssfiih_^Qs=Lu^60. 
En'ter-pris-er, s. GT®uLjdsiTirm, Qpiu 

En'ter-pris-ing,s. Qpuj/b^iLj(S{r<3fr,^rri-.iT 

En-ter-tain', v. a. ^/D<sufi®^eo^ eSl^ih 

Q^ITLDLj^60, ^(Sfr<QiJ(S{rrT^60j <sSl®^Qs{T 
hope, (aSl(T^l£iLj^&}j (5UjL3<SQS)&Q'S[l<3tr 

with kindness, &.u^fft^^6\), s.^©/ 
Q<sfr6ssrL-iT®^6\)y urtiinLL®^60. 
to amuse, u ji rr s (^ u u easr ,^}j ^ &) ^ 
QuiT(ip^Qurr<s<seo^ uiTir(TLL®^(SOj 
En-ter-tain'er, s. ^p<3ijn®Q<surTm^ urr 
rr/rtLu^^ ^<9=fTQirtTu<3=rrffl, s'lrwsfT^, 

En-ter-tain'ing, a. ^-pQj{T®Qp^ &-u^ 

En-ter-tain'ing-ly, adv. ufTrrtTLLL^rruj, 

En-ter-tain'ment, s, eSJ^ihQ^mhuio^ 
s^nuun®^ (2Si(T^i5^, ^-us^irdom', 
as amusement, urfn<S(^^ Qunq^^ 

as feast, <aSI(^i5^. 
En-the-as'tic, a. Q^uj(^:S^etrssQp(^(3fr^ 

En-throne', v. a. QrEJsrr<ff=<sm-^0}Qeop^ 

^a), (ipi^(^LL®^&)^ ^rr[r<fuil.i—tEi 



En-tliti'-si-asm, s. L£>^nQ(Su&=LiD., u^^i 
ODGyurrdQujih^ LD^fnSlLLfrajrLh^ ll^ld 

En-thu'si-ast, s. LD^i£,(w^(S{r<^^ u^^osxsij 

En-thu-si-ast'ic, ^ LD^LL(7^(^(st<str, 

En-thu-si-ast'ic-al, *5 Lo^Gsxsij it tr d Q 

LUQp&refr, Lo^fTiSlLDrTSurQpeirGrr. 
En-thu-si-ast'ic-al-ly, adv. LD^L£)(7^(SfrrTUJ, 

En-tice', V. a. ^(i-p^^eo^ o'q/;^^^, &-0 

&SfTLL®^GO, L£ilJjd(^^60, fBLUl})Qu<9? 

En-tice'ment, s. ^s^rrufT-ff^Wy ©_(^^, ld 
ludsthj LD(r^LL®y fELudsiTLL&y ^esar 

En-tic'er, s. iniudQ, er^ff^eor, ld(t^lLi^. 
En-tic'ing-ly, adv. iBajms^esrinndj^ (biu 


En-tire', a. (Tp/h^'esr^ L^jresarLLnesr^ <9?^ 
En-tire'ly, adv. ^/d, QppQr^s.^ (sjsiLnin 

CSTLDfTUJy 6p(7^IEJ<3SrrLUy ^s ^s^ LDeru^LDfruj . 

En-tire'ness, ^ (sisih^ ^01^(3^ ^^ 
En-tlre'ty, * 5 <sssrih, /^(Sd^q/, Qp(Lp 

En-ti'tle, V. a. /jl1z_(^@^®^60, ^ifl 

;^^n'<s(^<S60y QiLeO(sBG0n^ihQurT®^eo. 
En'ti-ty, s. ^(2SldaD-3Sy^0<i(^<cXDSy^-e5sr 

GDLDy vu^nir^^LD^ ^-efrerr^y ufreuil). 
En-toil', V. a. SisacrGsSaSpiSuf-^^io, ^ 

suu®^^^60j Qd(^uu®^^^eo. 
En-tomb', V. a. Q^lSI^^so^ ^l^ssldu 

em^m^eOy ^eijdQffL£iu:>u<om^}]^GO. 
En-tomb'ment, s. Q<9=L£ld(o5)<Sy 3'<sudQ<s= 


En-to-mol'o-gy, s. L4jdQu9&ids<sm^io^ 

En'trail, ) 

En'trails/- \&'-^><S^''- 
En-tram'mel, v. a. ^slju®^^&)^ &d 
(^uu®^^edy SL-®^eOy uiB^^^eO^^ 

En'trance, s. (SunuSliOj ^-LLL^!jQ(Su^ih. 
a way in, ^QjniTLhy ^<ss)p^ (SurraS&), 



upon, Q^iTl—d<SU)^ GDSuSQoDSy ^ff 

En-trance', v. a. S(3ffl<3s<s<9=Qs:Lu^60j uir 
En-trap', v. a. Q<Z(^uu®^^60^ ^suu 

En-trap'ment, s. er^^, idl^ulj^ kh'--'— 

En-treat', t>. a. (D(QiJ6issrLs^dQ<srrsir(^^&), 

En-treat'y, s. iSlrT[r^^'2(ssry LDm-0>LLL-ii}^ 

QQJ6m(Sl(oO)LD^ ^iruLj, Lj rfl s^ rreo ih. 
En-trust/, v. a. (sec Intrust.) rsihi^^u 

En'try, s, i3!iQ(sjj^ldj (SunuSio^ ^GDip. 

written, (ST(i£^^^u^<si^j^LLt—<sudoSsr. 

En-ttine', v, a. ^naMtLQ^uLi^io, si-fi 

<Si_ zJL L_ 6\J . 

En-twine', v. ui^Q^^io, s-^rSiuuL^^ 
^6^, <9i-p^^&)^ ^(fl^^eo^ i3m'^^60^ 

E-nti'cle-ate, v. a. Qss^^^io, Q^erfl 

E-nu-cle-a'tion, s. Q<sagjja(oS)Sj Q^etfl 

E-nii'mer-ate, v. a. (5T6m^u^e\), ^eoQ 

E-nu-mer-a'tion, s. (sreasr^UGSis^ (sresar^ 
E-nu'mer-a-tive, a. ersm^ijQpy 5?<a/ 
E-nun'ciate, v. a. ^-s^s^ifl^^eo^ Q^nio 
E-nun-ci-a'tion, s. s-S'^ffluLi.f s-s^s^irrr 
as declaration, Qs^rreo^issi-SE, lSIjis^iej 

Sth, <9^pG0^ SjhlSluLj. 

as intelligence, ^/SIisSIulj, Q^lu^, 
E-nun'cia-tive, a. Q<sij(sfflujirs(^Qp^ s_ 

E-nun'cia-to-ry, a. ^s=<9=ffls,s5^^dsjSF^ 



in-Vel'op, ) ^p^t <9f-(T^LLQ, <3r0 

In'vel-ope, ' J ^•> ^-<ss)p, Qufrirssxsij. 

En-vel'op, ) s^q^lLQ^go^ ^Q^ 

En'vel-ope, * ' y eo^ &?p^^eO^ ldqdp 

with a cloak, Qunir^^eo, 
En-vel'op-ment, s. Quititulj, ^_<oa)puSI 

En-ven'om, v. a. [5{^<5?'QurTQ^6d, Qsn 

as a snake, .g^^uuih^ok-Q^do. 
En'vi-a-ble, a. <sTffls=<5'pu®^^Qp^ <2SI 

En'vi-er, s. €TfFl^s=eO(^, Qu{T(rrj><otsii£)asn 
irgar, LSIpQufT(^ar^QuLL^s<^, 

En'vi-ous, a. Giifl<fs=^i^<s{r^ Qu(T(^<5!dld 
lurresr, ^(^(oSiLUiLjerrGfrj ^(Lpd<srT0'<5sry 

disposition, Qanu^iu(^QMu:<, ^d^ 


mind, ^irxosrin^ ss=i—n(^LD(ooruD^siQ^^ 
to be envious, ^(LpdsfTQr^^'S))^ crrFId 


En'vi-ous-ly, adv. ertftJ'S'eOrrujj ^QP<se: 

SfT^n^uj.^ Qun'(frj'<o!DLDUJ[nu. 
En-vi'ron, v, a. m'^isfr^^eo^ s-pgii^&i^ ^ 

to beseige, (ipp^Q5)sQun®^&). 
En-vi'rons, (pL) s. erpguui^pih, @Lp 

gOj <3?p^<sQjrfTLDtEi<s&r^ ^p^uQulL 

<oS)i sisfr. 

En'voy, s. ^^ssr, u^panifluj<sfu^m^iS 

En'voy-ship, s. u^pan!fluj^^<sijui^ i3 

En'vy, s. ^rflds^ed^ Qu(r(trj'<oSiLD^ ^lSs/t 
ojijb, &iTLUu>sfTirih, ^Lpeo^ ^Qga<sn^j 

En'vy, V. a. Quni^oDLouQ^io^ errflds^ 

E-o'li-an, ^ (QUfTiLjd<SF<sO(sar^ih^ffld6E(Sl 
E-ol'ic, ' y ^^, Q(i^Q6afl^(ip&r(Sfr, 

harp of a kite, (^Slessr^ ^(^Qeafl. 
E'pact, s. Qs=(3frrr,ff'fT!5^iri£)iT(SsrfEjS(Sffl(^ 

^mr^LhuSltUlhy Q<3:6frinDIT(o3r^fip<9^fTIB^ 

Ep'au-let, s. Q^iT(S{res3fly Qihufifl^ (Surr(^ 


E'pha, s. (^^€usff. 

L 2t 



E-phem'e-ra, s. ^QT^fBniL^isSiajQpfsrrGfr 

E-phem'e-ral, ^^eor^^ear^^ueSI 

E-phem'e-rous, ' y ^^^/dl^Qjdj j^j/h 

E-phem'e-ris, s. f5rr<s(rrrsLDU)^^<osr(SiJiT^^ 

in astronomy, ^esrsQirss^frjiilij Qir 

E-phem'e-rist, s. Qn'<sE&^rT!jss<5^^mj 

Eph'od, s, (QiiS5iT<a^LD, <5jQuit^^. (Heb.) 
Ep'ic, 5. sfTeSlujih, sfTULSujihy L^rrfresaru), 

Ep'ic, a, .S^tH^^ITLDl—tElQljU, <S!S(7^^^niB 

Ep'i-cure, s. ^<3^(oaruL9ffluj&!r^ Quns^esr 

ulSiBuuSk^ &n:)fSi<^uui3[fluum. 
Ep-i-cu're-an, s. QeotsrrQs^tr^^ s_6U<ff/r 

Ep-i-cu're-an, a. QeO(S(rQ<s^^<ss®^^^ 

Ep'i-cu-rism, s. Q&)<sfrSs^6sruth, 9\p 

Ep'i-cy-cle, s. un9^, ^udQusfrujisoru). 
Ep-i-cy'cloid, s. uffl^ojih, 
Ep-i-dem'ic, s. QafTerr^jerrQtEfTuj^ Quq^ 

Ep-i-dem'ic, ^ uitljdljQp^ Q^njb 

Ep-i-dem'ic-al, * 3 ^Q/d» 
fever, Q<s[T&r'bo{r&<sndj^<5^G0. 

flux, <Sl^S=S=GO, Qu^, iSliriTIB^. 

ravages, Q^np^Q(5[TiJune\)(su(T^L£)L^<si^. 
Ep-i-gas'tric, a. Qp<^^^!i^^<s(^ifluj^ 

Ep-i-glot'tis, s. (^irdoQj'SerriLKoOL^uL^.f 

^ <? <^ <5 (^ if) 6x) (S?D L_ <5 (5 (^ <g^ (ay (sy . 
Ep'i-gram, s. Qn^^isarLD^ ldieisgosgSI^ & 

Ep-i-gram-mat'ic, ^ ^n^^<ssT^^ 

Ep-i-gram-mat'ic-al, * 5 <i<s®^<s^ ^^ 

Ep-i-gram'ma-tist, s. 9l^^irs(cB(^&sr. 
Ep'i-graph, *. ^sioQeuL-Qf QldQgoq^^ 

Ep'i-lep-sy, s. <ssfr<i<sfTUJQjGSI. 
Ep-i-lep'tic, s. <snssndj(suisSlQan<^L-. 


Ep-i-lep'tic, ^ afTdsfTUJ!SUG)Siq&r 

Ep-i-lep'tic-al, ' 3 <°f^) <seit<s<seituj<su(sSI 

QsnestfTL-, <sfT<s<35[nLj<su<sSld<SBQ^^. 
Ep-i-lo-gis'tic, a. QunL^uLj^^lirLLQd 

Ep'i-logue, s. QuiTLfiuL^^firrLl.®y OP 
E-piph'a-ny, s. QfSie(v^isn^^m\3nQ^ 

E-pis'co-pa-cy, s. (^0uiSlir^rTsaffujnLi. 

E-pis'co-pal, a. (^(r^uiSltT^mssnunil.^ 
ujn<osr^ (^(7^uu{flufr60<sorQp(sir(3tr» 

E-pis-co-pa'li-an, s, (^(T^uiSlrr^rTeafltijrr 
il,Qd<f<oSiuujiT(cXsr^ (^(T^Q&sn^^nm^ 

E-pis'co-pal-ly, adv, (^(r^^^mmnuj, 
E-pis'co-pate, s. (^(t^u L^jr^sfTefff^^^eu 

LDy iSessrs/ressTLD, sessrsiressnuLj* 
Ep'i-sode,s. ^Ssrrs^sjo^, @<sa)i_<5<5«D^. 
Ep-i-sod'ic, a. Q'^ssesi^d^^tfloj^ ^ 


Ep-i-spas'tic, s. ^sQ€sffJ=Q^iTetD(SUy 
E-pis'tle, 8. snQ^thf ^lLQ, u^^nihy 

in theology, fS^uih^ i^rnnrrGSSTuo, 
E-pis'to-la-ry, a. S^u^^dsQ^^y ^lL 

®LjQufTiEJsrT<oorj ^0(tp<sisuLpda:rTeor. 
E-pis'to-lize, V. a. ^ lLQ u.Qp^^&} ^ srr 

Ep'i-taph, s, seoQsuLLQy (^rrudsuuLL 
Ep-i-taph'i-an, a. s<s\)Q(Su LLQd(^[BujyS^ 


Ep'i-thet, s. u<sm(SS}U(sSi(stT<s(^(i^Q^ne\>y 

E-pit'o-me, ) ^L^ssihfiurrL^uLfj 
E-pit'o-my, * ) Q^fnsDs^ ^^ul/, (^ 


5 <^» 



E-pit'o-mist, s. QunL^uQuQ^^Qpeu 

cor, s^ ihQ (SL^u s GST , 
E-pit'o-mize, v, a. (^^'.s u lS u^^^eo ^ (5 

^s(^;£eo^ <3?(t^<S(^;Sgo, QurrL^uufrd 

to be epitomized, ^Q^iki^^eo^ (^£v 

E-pit-o-mlz'er, s. QufTLfiuLjssijTujfT&ff} 

Ep'och, s. sn&inuihuub^ sfT6\)s^ih^. 
E-qua-bil'i-ty, s. ^inih^ S?^'-/? Qutr^siis 

E'qua-ble, a. fpuuwnesr^ QieQihtl-L— 

E'qua-bly, adv. ^ifl^LDi^iL, sffliunuj^s^ 

E'qual, s, iBsn, s^tnm^ QutreS^ S^'^H^ 

an equal, ^-t—Q(C^^^(Sii(^, ^rfleuih^ 
E'qual, 17. a. s=LDfT6sri£)UQh-^}j^6V, s^ffl 

E'qual, a. e^uurresTy s=ffl<siji^y ^iL[T<osr 


share, s^iDunsthy ^iBumj^. 

to be equal to, ^^^0^^&}y f^uu it 

E-qual'i-ty, s» f^ui^, iSFLonesrihy ^inhy 
E-qual-i-za'tion, s. f^uLf<oS)LDf ^-pi^eij, 
E'qual-Ize, v. a. ^ifliund(^^eOy ^flduu 
weights, s^rfldsiLQ^iOy sFfBumrQinp 
E'qual-ly, adv. e^^^ui^^ i^rffsurr, e^uurr 

lily lS<3SITlTUUy ^[filUfTLUy e^UU, ^LLl^UJ. 

E'qual-ness, s. ^uLj(SS)LDy Ssnui^. 
E-quan'gu-lar, a, <p/g^Qsrr<oaar(ip<sirGfry 

E-qua-nim'i-ty, s. LDissrf§l<sa/Df ^LDrr^rresr 

thy s^wiDGsrihy ^niB^LD. 
E-quan'i-mous, a. s^intr^nesrQp&r&ry <f 

LDLDecTQp&refTy s=n!5^Qp<sir&r, 
E-qua'tioii, s, ffLDthj jhl^fjenrih, 

299 ^ 

tabular, ,^/r, LDih^ds^fTy ^n<oundSluJU)y 


anomalistic of a planet, ueothy uais^u 

eOli), <9^nU6dLDy LDIB^ds^fT. 

in algebra, s^iS'sffessTLo. 
E-qua'tor, s. fSjnLiff^ihy <fis)Qir(SG)s. 
celestial, (SurresrfSird^ihy fEiri^LLemL-. 

terrestrial, L^6ij(ssTfSjr<35^tl>. 
E-qua-to'ri-al, a. rSinLs^^^d^asQ^^yiEfT 

E'que-ry, s. wrT<oij60m-y ^srireij^^sn-, (^ 
^<oS)rruuiB^(2Slff:rrffluLjddSfTiTebr, (5^ 

E-ques'tri-an, a. (^^<oO)iTuuiflLL(oS),s=LLj 

E-qui-an'gu-lar, a. (see Equangular.) 

E-qui-bal'ance, s, ^mfSesipy s^fflunnuo, 
E-qui-dis'tant, a. s^iB^monesr, <^^^^ 

E-qui-dis'tant-ly, adv. ^ifl^niLmlj. 
E-qui-form'i-ty, s. ef}ULj<oa)LD, fffl(SiJiB^ 

E-qui-lat'er-al, a. ^^^udaQp&refTf ^m 

E-qui-lI'brate, v. a. ^(SS)L^<3=(flddSLLQ^ 

E-qui-li-bra'tion, s. ^<5S)L-^ifldsLL.® 

E-qui-lib'ri-ous, a. s:iDf^<sa)pLq(2k(ofr. 
E-qui-lib'ri-ty, s. s^rfl^Linh, ^ini&'^y ^ 

E-qui-lib'ri-um, s. ^mihy ^mfS'^y s=ld[S 

<oS)ff)y QfBIT(oS)lL. 

E-qui-mul'ti-ple, s. ^^^Qu^dQsem-, 



E-qui-noc'tial, s. (SijfTesrf§li[<9i^ih. 

E-qui-noc'tial, a. <sSl^(su. 

line, (sSl^isuQii(SS)<s, 

points, <2SI<ff?<SiJUij (^rPLUinuesrs^iB^. 

time, <3SI»Qj<3SfT&)th, (^tfluJGsrQLDL-^ 

E'qui-nox, s. (2:SsF<sij<^iEjQrrnih^^ ^LDsrn 

autumnal, ^GOByussrih. 

a. > (^^<oS)ird^ffluj. 




s 5 


vernal, QiLi—iTUjeijril). 

precession of the, sjuj(osr,5'isd(^WLD. 
E-qui-nti'mer-ant, a, e^Coir uSI &) d s (ip 

E-quip', V. a. Qs[r<sotE]<sLL®^eo^ ^lLi— 

^6U, Qpenj^uufTSsed, 

with arms, ^LLj^LD<oSsfl^(sV, s'<oar(5sr^^ 

Eq'ui-page, s. Qsrreoih^ 9-®ul\^ ^errsun 
L-ih^ (ip<siv^LJL^^ uffl(SurTrrih^ u^n^, 

E-quip'ment, s, ^iLi—th^ (iperu^uLf^ ^ 
etreufTi—th, er^^esnl), 
for war, uesii—sQsrTGOihjQurTiTsCosrr 

E'qui-poise, ) s^rBfS'^&y^ «jpld 

E-qui-pon'der-ance, ' J {Scg^/d-, rg^Louir 

E-qui-pon'der-ant, a. s=ff}ufriT(ifiekefr^ 

E-qui-pon'der-ate, v, a. s^i£)S<smn[)<5SLL® 

E-qui-pon'der-ous, a. s^iLuiriTQp&ir&r. 
Eq'ui-ta-ble, a. (Sjp/D, s^LniifiLumsaf, ^ 

to be equitable, (5jp(^^eo^ fE(S)fS'2eo 
Eq'ui-ta-ble-ness, s. QisnoDiD^ /f^, S 


Eq'ui-ta-bly, adv.fSturTUJuuL^^i^^ujnuj. 

Eq'ui-ty, S. ^(T^lDUD^ f5®fSLUITlULD^ fB®fS 

E-quiv'a-lence, s, ^ldld, (o/f/t, epuLj, ^ 

eoii—LDfresrih^ ^ihsQuiuld. 
E-quiv'a-lent, s. ffQ^ ^<sff)i—u)frGaru}, u 

to be equivalent, c^^^qe^^go, ^lditxt 

E-quiv'a-lent, a. ^<Sf)L-U3rT(SsrQp<cir(3fr, ^ 

E-quiv'a-lent-ly, adv. s^ifltumuj s=LDLDn 

lu^ iSlrr^LurTiij. 
E-quiv'o-cal, a, QQeO(oS)L-.ujrf(osr^ a_u 

ujiTiT^^LDiT^n-y ^irLL(oS)L-iun<oury ^itlL 


E-quiv'o-cal-ly, adv. QQeOosii—ajniL^ &. 

E-quiv'o-cal-ness, s. ^-uiutrn^^ts)^ & 

E-quiv'o-cate, v. w. 9lQei)(ss)L—iJunuju 

E-quiv-o-ca'tion, s. QQeOGDL—^ ^uiurr 

E-quiv'o-ca-tor, s. &Qeo<ssiL^uundjuQu 

'SrQ <Sij n <ssr . 
Eq'ui-voke, > QQeoesiL-QiDni^^ &_ 
E'qui-vogue, * 5 uLurriT^^il). 
E'ra, s. sneonuLDuis)^ sneoth^ LLjsui, 
E-ra'di-ate, v, n. Qn'em'ilxs^s?^^}^ s^ 

E-ra-di-a'tion, s, Qjesarihy <sfi^, Qeu 

E-rad'i-cate, t?. a. QeuQjTm—L^^^eo, S 
0QpGOLDrTds&)^ sdsrr^do^ ufS^^eo^ 

E-rad-i-ca'tion, s. Sq^^gOudj fsfrs^ii). 
E-rad'i-ca-tive, a. ^i^<si^u(oSBr^)]Qp^ 

E-ras'a-ble, a. ^i^iB^Quns^^s-s^^ 

<oa)i—<ss^^d<5B^ Qs=^ds^^d<SB, 
E-rase', v. a. ^(5S)!^^^60^ Q^d(^^e\)^ 

to be erased, Q^dj^eo, ^i^^io. 
E-rase'ment, ) (c^tuo/, ^/^q/, ^ 
-ra sion, 

^L^ULj, Q^LUULf^ Q^d(^. 

E-ra'sure, s. Q^<s(^y ^<oS)l- ulj^ Q^iLi 

Ere, adv. (ip^^ q/x^gjtQld^ Qpmearth. 

long, ^dQir^^eo, sn&i)L£l(r^s3s. 

now, ^^pc^Qpi^. 

while, ^pgiiQpGsr. 
Er'e-bus, s. ^(r^'sir. 

region of the dead, LDffl^Q^rriT&v^ 


abyss, uir^nefrth^ i5!t<3sud. 
E-rect', v. a. SiBir^^^eo^ iS^^^^eo^ 

a building, miL^^io^ <sTQ^uLj^eo. 

eWi—UL/, Q^^ULjy 



a standard or flag, Qsni^Qujp^^eo. 

E-rect', a. fSiJltT<?&!urT(osr, S^^L-L^inrr 

car, fSi^ i^y Q3=djQ(QuSpQpy Qs=rEj(^ 

to become erect, SiSlir^eo, Q^FdjQoj 

posture, iSLSln3'&^ fSLSIiT6ij^Qs=fEj(^^ 

E-rec'tion, s. SiBr[<f9l^ ^-luitJ=Q. 
of a building, <5l1®, gtQulj. 
of hair, QgSIitljlj^ Qurri^uLj, QfsrS 

as establishment, ew^aL^uLj^ <sjpu 

E-rect'ive, a. !§lLSIiTs=QLurr(o!F. 
E-rect'ly, adv, fSliSliTih^, fS^^LLi^mfT 
ujj (oT(S)uuniu, fS lSI iT<su mil J Qs^iki(^^ 

E-rect'ness, s. ^lS{t<3=Q, S^^lLl-.ud^ 

E-rect'or, s. sL-(SiQp<sii(ck^ SuSlir^^ 

in anatomy, (sSl^fBiriiiLi^ ojeSIiBjnhLf. 
Ere'long, adv, ^<sQrrin(TLU^ (ip&sr(oafi 

Er'e-mite, s. (see Hermit.) QuunQ^ ^ 

Er-e-mit'ic-al, a. (suQjrQjfrQs^^ffluj. 

Er'min, ^ • n 

Er'mme, ^^ ^ 

E-rode', t?. a. ^ffl^^eo. 

E-ro'sion, s. ^iBulj^ .sititulj. 

Err, V, w. ^o/^^a), 6ijQ^<ai^^eo^ ^ulj^ 

61), CDf5IT(sSl60(^^60. 

in word, Q-s^rrjbQs^fTiT^iso^ <sufT<s(^uiSI 
Er'ra-ble, a. ^oj/SluQuns^^ds, l9s^<3s 
Er'rand, s. <sQ/®0(Si/, sirfiuuih^ Qjflu^, 

^^f Ql5fT<i<3SU)* 

bearer, ^^m^ ^^rrGir. 
Er'rant, a, ^'hsois^^fFlQpy ^(Lptasp 

p, ^^Qp^ Q<slLl-^ ^!fiuufT(osr, 
Er'rant-ry, s. ^{fJei^, ^"hsos^s^eo^ a_?6u 

Er-ra'ta, 5. (jpl.) <or(ip&^jpuiSl€S)ifi'Sefrj^ 

Er-rat'ic, '^^'^ih^^fflQp^ ^(Lp 

Er-rat'ic-al, '^ikispp^ iB'^uupp^ ^ 

eo (ssr LD n io6r , 
Er-rat'ic-a-ly, adv, <sp(i^iEjQm<ssiLLUjnuj, 

Er'rhine, s. (eQuuud^ ^dQjinGm-LDj fsnQ 


Er-ro'ne-ous, a, i3G5)Lpiu{T(osr^ ^®}^(^ 
<s/r, ^uufT(^. 
in word, QsnpQ3'!TiT(Q^(3(r<s(r^ Q^npp 

Er-ro'ne-ous-ly, adv. iSloDLptuinuj ^u 

Er-ro'ne-ous-ness, s. ^(SiJ^, i3<oS)Lp^ (^ 

Er'ror, 5. iSI<oS)Lp^ (^ppih^ QLnfrs^mj ^u 

verbal, Qs^rrpiSlesyL^, Qi^np(^ppi£i^ 

in writing, gtqp^^ulSIqdip, <^Qp^^ 

in language, ^G0<35<sa^€ij(Lp, Qstr 

Erst, adv. (ip^mQp^eo, QpmQosi^ ^n 

Er-u-bes'cence, s. Q^shul^.^ Qs^iix^ld. 
Er-u-bes'cent, a. Qs^qjs;^, Q^uD<oS)i£iiun 

E-ruct', '^sjuuQld(Si^^60^(5t^ 

E-ruc'tate, * ' ^ QuQ^^id. 
Er-uc-ta'tion, 5. <5juuih ^d<5Brr<ofn£)^ ep 

lEJ s n'<3(rui. 
Er'u-dite, a. uis^^^^ sifS(si\<s(r<o(r^ (^n<osr 

Er-u-di'tion, s. ^fSeij^ <56U©9, (^/rssrio, 

E-ru'gin-ous, a. Q<s=LDL^^^m-<oS)UD{jLi&r<sfr. 
E-rup'tion, s. Qo/if ul/, iSlefruLj^ Ql^ 

in medicine, s!iuu<^^ 9linE](^^ Qs=fr 

fiS, QafTLJUefTLD. 

E-rup'tive, a. iSI&ri^Qp^ QojL^dQp^ 
eSl&r^Qp^ <sSI(iiQp^ iSrftQQp, 
in medicine, Q^^nrSlQp, ^eareiiaretr, 

Er-y-sip'e-las, s. ^&Q, ^jTuudiTj sj^ 



Es-ca-latie', s. uj^QeorBiL^(Sfr£SlQ^Q5)s^ 
Es-c^^lade', v. a. iD^QeOfSla^eneSQ^^io, 

Es-Cal'op, S. U6\}6iJ[TuSluL9^ LDL-l^. 

Es-cape', s. e^effluLjj ^^Hj '^(^fflyexJ, u 

as pretext, Qurrd(^. 
Es-cape', v. (sSIgO(^^60^ oSleoQQiurr®^ 

by stealth, ^&fl^^eo^ i5(t£)<sij^6\>, 

one, ea)s<3BL-^^eo. 

from death or great danger, i3es)i^ 

]Es-cap'ing, s. ^ui^^ u/r^si/, e^etftuLfy 


Es'char, 8. ^(^^Q^ihi^^ (^tLQeuQ. 
Es-cha-rot'ic, s. <sninh. 
Es-cha-rot'ic, a. smnnfresr, ^ifldQ/o^ 

, Es-cheat', s. ^iLQiuppfSeOih^ ^<ss)p 

Es-chew', V. a. eSleod^^do^ ^eSir^^io, 
Es'cort, s. a/i^^^Sbar, QiniissniSijeo^ <Sii 

Es-cort', V. a. ^'2sssrLjQuiT(^^&)^ sk-i^ 

Es-cri-toir', s. erQp^^uQuLii^, 
Es'cu-lent, s, Qurrs^eor^^dsQ^^^, ^ 

Es'cu-lent, a. (ouiTs=€sr^^d£SfTesr, lj^ 

Es-cutch'eon, s. <3'{r<aFesnhy <suuSs=Qp<s^ 

E-soph'a-gus, s. ^^(^luesruD^ g)«Dir« 

Es-pe'cial, a. eSQ^ei^LDiTeor, QpdQtu 

Es-pe'cial-ly, adv. eSQ^^eL^inniii^ (tpdQ 

ajLorrdj, i3g^[T(osrLL!ruj, 
Es-pe'cial-ness, s. iSu^nesruiy QpsQiu 

to, (oSlQ^eL^ih, 
Es-pl'al, > ^ 
Es-pi'er, 5 
Es'pi-on-age, s. &-<?^fTj ©-(swo/, ^/bgVf 

Es-pla-nade', s. ^jTiiiseunuSeOj (tppp 


Es-pous'al, s. (aSiSunsioSlesarddsih^ eSie^n 
as adoption, ^nfB^ifliuih^ ^€srjgfTd(^ 

Es-pous'al, a. eSl(curr<sBS^LhuiB^^^ds(hi^ 
^, (sSleunsfBiuiSluLiss®^^. 

Es-pOUS'als, S. (pi.) (6lSl6UfT<Sff[EJS^lJ}j 

Es-pouse', V. a. GSIeutrsmfSiuLSI^^eo^ ^ 

to marry, (sSleunsQpu^^^eOj iLetssrihLf 

to maintain, ^iri^fF)iuuinuS0^^eOy 

Qu fT^U u nuSI(7^^^6\) , 

a doctrine, eTp(^jS6\)^ es)<ssQa/T&r(efK 

espoused female, <su[rs(^^^^^LDuessr 

Es-pous'er, s. ^nfB^ifiujek, Quirg^u 

Es-py', V. a. srr^y^eo^ sessrQiSlL^^^ 

to inspect, ^irmu^eOy ^lLuuxtuju 

Es-qulre', s. ^(siDUy L9rrLf, 

Es-quire', v, a. Gurr<sif<srT^^0d(^^&)^ 

Es'say, 8, Qs^n^'^esTj urBilea)^, s/r 

as a treatise, i^ns^iasih, eSlajfrdQ 

Es-say', v. a. {see Assay.) Qsn^^^eo, 
Es-say'er, ) lSh^isjQ, eBiunir^^sn 
Es-say'ist, * ) iresr, eSliurrdQiufTesff. 
Es'sence, 5. <s=^^^ ^LudoLf^ a-unuihy 

^earesiLDy S-eaareiDLD. 

as perfume, (sunff'^fssr^ ispaih^th^ ^s 

quality, sititld. 

primitive principles, sf^gv, Qpeoihy 

as volatile essential oil, ^ffmsusih^ 


Es'sence, v. a. sf-siB<SQpLLQ^60. 
Es-sen'tial, s. ^^^^ ^fr^^ s^mnhf lSit 



Es-sen'lial, a. ff^^isuiLrresr^ L^u^nosr^ 


glory, iSljr^{T<osnDQ<5S)LD. 

oil, (SS)^6^ih, 

quality, (S^Q^<2x^^^^m<sis)i£)y QpsQin 

Es-sen-ti-aFi-ty, s. L9iT^ir<sor^^<suu3^ lS 

Es-sen'tial-ly, adv, iSlsr^fn^ioffLUj eSlQ^ 

Es-tab'lish, v, a, &v^itlSI^^&}, S'^Sgv 

a law, ^&v^<si}nuuu(Si^^GOj S^lSI^ 

to become established in a place, tS 

Es-tab'lish-ed, a. ^iLi—wrresr^ ^irds 
LDrT(osr^ £luj^LurT(^5r, 
price, ^il.L-'sSl'^, ^iTss<sSl'2e\), iBiu 

Es-tab'lish-er, s, erv^inSuQufT^, fS^ 
iSluQuirexfr, eS10{i^(^^. 

Es-tab'lish-ment, 5. ©_j2/^utj®^^«5)<s, 
(SiUL^d (SID'S, r§l'bsouuQ^^<ss)s, 
military, ^fTiT^)j<SiJ(ipeh)^^, 
religious, ^rrsFiriL&ajnir spS^^inn 
as residence, &/C., <f(T^(SiieSlujnutTiT(Sij 

Es-tate', 5. rSleoih, stressf}^ ^^mih, ^ 

Es-teem', s. ereaaremili^ sessfJui-i^ 3^[ej 

Es-teem', v. a. m^^^eo, soaPt^wnsis 
L—^^^eo, s=fE](SQSu6Gor^}j^eOiy ^^^ 

too highly, urTinTLL®^d\)^QLcdj^sf-^GO. 
Es-teem^er, s. LD^sQpojm-^ umraLL® 

Es'ti-ma-ble, a. ^^fiiL]eir(srr, Qwnssir 

ear, ^^eSI'^eoiLj&reiry Ljj<3=QujLnn€sr, s 

persons, ^p(^estfriTy ipps^os^n^ ^(S^ 
Es'ti-ma-ble-ness, s, sssSs^w^ w^uLf 


Es'ti-mate, s. il^uljj ercmemLhj ^zfr 
QSI<oS)t-.y ^^Q^^ihy LD^LUihy s&ssf} 


to give an estimate, ^^Q^s^(i^Qs^ir 

Es'ti-mate, v. ar. m^^^eOy- eSl'^eouSIQ^ 

Es-ti-ma'tion, s. <oT6mr<ss8f^<s<oSi^, <sq5s^<f 

LDy iSlulS'lcli^ srewrsoarii), ,sptEj(oS)'3S,- 
Es'ti-ma-tive, a. (sSI'2GOLD^dsd<9k^i^uj, 
Es'ti-ma-tCH^,. s. (sS'^isi'^uQu.'n'm, uvr 

Es-trange', v. a^ <s£lsiis(^^(so, jjjisoreafl' 

LSl^^jrCou^muemeasreOj ^<ssLDi§d(^ 

to alienate, or disinherit, uirrr^earu 

Es-trai»g€'ment, s^ ujj-fr^&sruiy lS^^jt 

Es-tray', s^ {see Astray.) euL^^utSl(ssr 

iSl0Suiy ^sapp^, 
Es-tray', u. w. {see Stray.) (SuL^^uLf 

Es-treat', s. QiopSir^, 

Es'tu-a-ry, 5; (^t^ir^ at-psned^ aL-&) 

(sufTiJusaireo-, sl^qp^ld, 
Es'tu-ate, tJ, flf. Qstr^^^dOj QumEj(^^ 

Es-tu-a'tion, *. Q^str-^uLj:, QurTiEj<s5&}^ 
Et-cet'e-ra, adv. ^(5S)<sij(ip^60rT<ssreo)(Si/j 

Etch, r. a. Quir(^(ip^GStiu^Qeonfs^^ 

Etch'ing", s. Q^^uud^ G^eSltutJo. 
E-ter'nal, s. SL-Qj(2^yQ^6ij&fr, S^^uoa. 
E-ter''nar, a. iB^^uu^ s'fr<9f^^yjifesri5^y 

^(oSTQJir^. QpiSL<ol3pp. 

joy, S^^QLurT<ssriB^tl)y uiTLDfresriB^iLy 

life, fS^^tu^^sSluuil), fS^^Lumrripeijy 
^(oST<sun'^'snn^<si^y QiLnLLs^oirry^e^, 

E-ter'nal-ize, r. a, {see Eternize.) tS^ 



E-tfci'nal-ly, adc. 

LULDfTLU^ J)j{G^[T^ 



E-ter'ni-ty, s. S^fituw, ^(ssrojir^ih^ s= 

E-ter'mze, v, a. ^(^ir^uu®^^^60j 

E'ther, s. ^smu^GJsrsssr^u. 

in chemistry, (^d^LD^Qs=uj[§iT. 
E-the'ri-al, a. ^smu^^dsQ^jS^ uffinn 

E-the're-al-ize, v. a, uiTUirr^U(sutTd(^ 

E-the're-ous, a. ^siriu^ (^d(^LDQs=iLii 

Eth'ic, ) ,ff:<^LDfTa<3SSLDfT<SSr, l§^Ql5 

Eth'ic-al, * 5 fSlsa®^^, ^q^w&n^^n 

Eth'ic-al-ly, adv. i^QiErStuuinu, ^miLiT 

Eth'ics, s. ^(7^LDS=fT^^!nh^ ii^s=fT^^rr 

Eth'nic, s. eSsSlirsu^fissfTirm^ Sj<^ 

Eth'nic, ^ eSl<3BQir<S(SU6ssr<ssQp&r 

Eth'nic-al, * 5 '^t ^<^eSiuQ^<sij^rrn 

Eth'ni-cism, s. si(^(^^'osnh^ ^sQiufr 

esTLD^ (aiSlrsQiT'Sn'irrTjs'^Gsr, 
Eth-no-graph'ic, ') Q^s^^^ srrs' 

Eth-no-graph'ic-al, ' ^ ^^d^iBuj, 
Eth-nog'ra-phy, s. Q^f^^<3sn^ih^ <F/r 

Eth-no-log'ic-al, a. ^Qi^ins^n^^n^^ss 

Eth-noFo-gy, s. Q^<3=(sui^<i<s^eo, 
E-thol'o-gy, s. i^(sSi<3frdsih, i^fi^eo, 

E'ti-o-late, v, n. Q<su&r'2iomufT^60y urresor 

E-ti-0-la'tion, s, Q€uuSpuL-n^^(^GO(Su 

E-ti-ol'o-gy, s. eiJ!Tst-.<sSl^^ <s0LDsrr<sssr 

Et-i-quet', ~)^<SG)uuuips&w,s=Q^u 
Et-i-quette', '^(Lp<ss)p, 3=i—!ki(^ui3iT 

Et-Ui', ^ ^(SD/Df <9^®, S(7^(sSiuGS)Uy 



Et-y-mo-log'ic-al, a. Q^^neoeSlsodsQ^sr 
Et-y-mo-log'ic-al-ly, adv. Qs^nioeQeos 

Et-y-mol'o-gist, S. Qs=fT€\)<oTSl60<SS6Ssfl. 

Et-y-mQl'o-gTze, v. a. u^J=(o<F^ihu6sar 
Et-y-moro-gy, s. Qs^treoeSleodsessrih., 

Q,S=(T6\)&)^SfTITll>^ Qs=rTeO0^lU6d, 

Et'y-mon, s. Qpeoihj i3rrQ(T^^. 
Eti'cha-rist, s. Q^€ui5ps0^sssr^ s'jdlSit 


Eu-cha-rist'ic, ^ (c^€iifE^S(f^^ssar 

Eu-cha-rist'ic-al, * J <d(^ffluj, i3rnT^^ 
'^sisr d (^ [fj LU . 

Eu-log'ic, ^ LI<5S(LpQpf ^^sQ/Dy 

Eu-log'ic-al, * ) Qmiudsf-Q/D. 
Eu-log'ic-al-ly, adv. ^^cumu^ Ljs^d 


Eu'lo-gize, v. a. ^^^^ev, LjSQp^io^ 

Eu-lo'gi-um, ) Ljsi^d^^ ^'Si^t^fi, 
Eti'lo-gy, ' J Qn^^(oi5nhj Q^rrmLntr 

Eu'niich, s. ^6m<oiDLDiiS&)(oOrT^<suG!r. 
by nature, Qul-gst^ ^<sSlj /fl/@<f 

made such, ^6massrs(ssr. 
female, Quuf., 
Eu'nuch-ism, s. ^<5m<5ms(^(^iB^m 


Eu-phon'ic, > ^rnGSesia^uunesr, 

Eu-phon'ic-al , * y Q3=<sSidQ(ssruiLn 

Eti'pho-nism, > ^dr6sfl<oSiS', ©ear 
Eti-pho-ny, * y Q(Q)<oS),f^ ^ib^eSlSiru 

Eu-ra'sian, s. ^QnnuiSajQ^ih^QiLiQ^iEi 

Eu-ro-pe'an,s. ^QsT(Tuu!T^Q^<3=^^[i&sr. 
Eti'rus, 5. Qy^srrp^.^ Qsneoprt—eo, 
E-vac'u-ant, a. Qu^ujrrd(s^Qp, si^lu 

E-vac'u-ants, s. (pi') Qu^ujnd(^Qp 



E-vac'u-ate, v. a. (sSIQ^eo^ sL^d^^so^ 
a house, (^u^QiuQ^uLj^eo^ <3ij6\)€S)<f 

(oU{Tfij(^^6\>^(S^(hl^6\>f (SSI lL®uQu(T^60. 

to be evacuated, <sl^^(s\), (^eufltuLDrr 

E-vac-u-a'tion, s. <5/^65/, <£5i^J=<3=60j (g 

by stool, (SiJuS/b^<ss<si^s=s^6\)^ ldgo^^ 

after child-birth, ^<siy/7'2(5u. 
menstrual, Lon^eSlGSiL^j ^0^' 
as departure, Quajn<sn^ Qinn3=<^ih, 
as expulsion, Quujitulj, (§ds&)^ ^oir 
<o(fi<o£lt—GO^ ^u^^^eOj ^lLQ^go. 

E vac'u-a-tive, a. sL^uj^^d<ss^ Q(qu^ 

(5lDLDUJ[Td(^Qpy (^Gi^LULDrrd(^Qp. 

E-vac'u-a,-tor, s. Q<su^(SDLDLurTd(^QfD<Sij 

.6OT", uiTLprr<S(^Sl/D<oum-, 
E-vade' v. a. at—^^^eo^ !5(Lg<2i^^G0^ Qfs 

®<s<sSi(Bi^60^ ^(2Sln'^^6\)^ (sSieod(^^io. 
E-vade', v.n. i^rf^Gf^^eo^ ^ul^^gOj iB(t£ 

E-vad'er, 5. (E(Ln<sSl^^ui3Quu!T(SiQ<QiJnm. 
Ev-a-ga'tion, s. ^ifl^eo^ ^^o/, e_ 

Ev-a-nes'cence, *. (^(sSuuud^ ^L^isi^y 9 
L^ei/, ^^tfl^<osrLDnLuu(DU[T^60^ ^a 

Ev-a-nes'cent, a. ^i^ih^QunQp^ 9 

L^IB^QuaQpj <3?(SiJf£luQufTQp. 

E-van-gel'ic, ^ <sr(oSlQ3=€L^^^&<s($l 

E-van-gel'ic-al, ' S A^> /b/dQ&'lu^luit 

E-van-gel'ic-al-ly, adv, ■ar <sSlQ 3^(01^^^ (Sir 
E-van'gel-ism, 5. s^<2SI(o.9=<SL^d<3f^p&)j * 


E-van'gel-ist, s. '3i-(sSi(o3^(su^smy s^eSlQ^ 
E-van-gel-i-za'tion, 5. ■3f-<2SQs'(3L^^^d 


E-van'gel-ize, v. a. <9i-eSlQ<?(si^(ourT^^ 


E-van'ish, i'. n. srr(^i£>/bQuiT^so, sj'^ 

<SSTgtlQu[T^i\)y (^6sfl'JLiUUL-&)^Sj^!f^<3= 

E-vap'o-ra-ble, a. ^(sSlLundjuQun<35^^ 

E-vap'o-rate, v. a. ^<si/^^^<^6U, ^eSiuir 

E-vap'o-rate, v. n. si-<sij^^Gi)j MeSltufrdj 

by boiling, ^isSlujfTLuuuiB^G^)^ ^pgfj 

by the sun, Q'SULSlGSJ(Cff}p<ff?<QiJ^<seo, 
as essential oils, &c., 3^n!TLDQuiT^e\}, 

E-vap-o-ra'tion, s. ^(sQuun<S(^G5i<s. 
E-va'sion, s. [B(m(suGO^ Ljn&f)^ QufTd(^<f 

-9=fTLLQy ^<oG)pUiUUU^. 

E-va'sive, a. (5(ipisi^Qpy Qu[Td(^dQ<s:[T 

^^Slp-, QufT<S5<SfT6Sr, 

E-va'sive-ly, adv. Qundsniii^ ^!tgs)l^ 

E-va'sive-ness, s. Quns(^y s^nmL-, lj 

E-vec'tion, s, Qsncm^Qun^eo^ s_uj/f 

Eve, ^ .9^{TLutEj<srre[)i£), mn'^j sji^t 

E'ven, * ) <s=fTUJth^rrLD. 

E'ven, V. a. ^(r^js^^eo^ ^LjL\rr(3iin<s(^^ 

a plowed field, urrLDuu^^^io. 
E'ven, a. ^uuiB^LofTssr^ ^uL^rr(Sijfr(osr, <5f 
LDLDfrGFy <FLD(^(osry QiEffniosry s^mnos^Qp 

number, ^r[LL(ss>i—UiSs\)dsLD, ^itlL 

to be even, ^^^(r^^^eo^ '^uLjrr(surr 

E'ven, adv. &.ld, <sr_^_, Qp^GOniLif ^n 

even he came, sj<o^^tJa<3u[5^{rm. 
even me he fears not, <sr(5srdQS3k-L^ 


E'ven-hand-ed, a. li^u^&r&r^ ^ldljuuqp 

E'ven-ing, s. jFirtuEJsneoih, LLfr^eo^ ^is 

evening and morning, jiii^^ii^yLon 




this evening, ^sssr^LSImQ(o5rrrujj @ 
E'ven-ing, a. <ffTLuiEJS[Teo(ip(2frefr. 

cloud, Q3=<SiJ<aUlhfi, LD[T'^<9=Q<?(^<SiJrT 

star, Q<si/<3frGffl., <9f-dQii(5sr^ tnn'^Q^ 

E'ven-ly, adv. ^ff-Jtunilj, ^LDwndj^ 9^'-/ 

jTisurTtij. uuLifun^iSeoeomnGO. 
E'ven-ness, s. ^illd^ ^uL/zre!/, ^/tszold, 

of disposition, /f®, C/F/f^sjiD, j)f<ss)ui 
E-vent', 5. (5i—i5^siTffliULD^ eijrr^^LLfTesr 

LD, <flhu(SULD. 

disastrous, ^<ss)i^^^y j^unaJLo, ^ 

as end, ^itulj, Qpi^si^. 

in the event of my going, /F/rsisr 

QurrQio, iBfrmQufTi^GO, 

at all events, (sruuL^iLjih, (srioeonasn 

E-vent'ful, a. iSn^nesr., ojir^^iLnGsrQp 

E'ven-tlde, s. ^fTtui^jni}^ ^uiTn<5ssrLD, 
E-ven'ti-late, v. a. s^psx'^eo., i^osa^^ 

E-ven-ti-la'tion, s. s^p^<ss)a.^ ^nn\h 
E-vent'u-al, a. 6B<oSii-.ujrT(osr, ^^iLDfT(Ssr 

E-vent'u-al-ly, adv, sesii^Qpssipiuijuu, 
E-vent'u-ate, v. a. s=tl)u<2S1^^60j ^^dOy 
Ev'er, adv. S^^uuLD(TiJUy<5T&srgi]Qp&r<dfr^n 

at any time, GiuQufTQp^frQ^tl). 
in any degree, GTQj6U(3(r(QurTQ^u), er 

since, Q^rf®^^^ iSl(^, si^Qp^<^' 
Ev-er-dtir'ing, a. iS^^uuQpQfieaefr^ iS 

Ev'er-green, s. usf-ihuuSn^ <sijfTL^rrs=Qs= 


Ev-er-lasi'ing, a. Gim^QpcnGtr^ s^^narr 
GOLDfTSsr, srT-9r<Sij^LDrTesry S^^ULi^ Qp^ 
<Sispp.^ ff^k^^^ &uQurTQ^^(Tp&rr(3fr. 

Ev-er-last'ing-ly, adv. (Lpisf.<s8ec&)n(^u> 

Ev-er-liv'ing, a. S^^iu&(Sij^(Sfr6!r^ s^^n 

Ev-er-more', adv. ^GSTQpiL.^ eruQurTQ^ 

E-ver'sion, s. <s(3Sipuq^ un^ui^. 

of the eye lids, ^ifis^psesar. 
E-vert', V, a. seSlt^^^ed^ L\rnL®^eOy ^ 

Ev'er-y, a. ep(suQ(SUfT(7^y s^seo^ eredein. 
moment, SuSeL^iQ^rr^ui. 

one, ^djQ(SUIT(^^lhy ^(3uQ(aUfT(7^<aiJ 

other one, ^esrsiDpeSl LLQi-.iT&!r^. 
other day, <^Qsr<oS)p(sS LLQi—n(T^!B(r(2(r, 
now and then, @s3)/_u5/s3)z_ui?(?6U, 

every man must go, ^^'Qeun^eu^ 


every one must account for himself, 


Ev'er-y-where, adv. sTiEJ(^LDy ^i—isQ^n 
E-yict', V. a. <cSlfiuuL^ujmLQ(sSG\iS(^ 

E-vic'tion, s. ^Ll&eSleod^€S)<s, 
as proof, ^^^itlL^. 

Ev'i-dence, s. ^niLQ^ ^^^niLQ^ s-^/r 
rjemiJoiy ^L-i—fri^u)^ <9=fran'£Vy ^uu 
'2ssruiSlrrLDiT6oarm^ .^ir^eiffihy ifniL^d 
sfrrreoTy &-0<9ry Qmeo^^nL-^. 

Ev'i-dence, v. a. ^fTLL&uuQ^^So, s_ 

Ev'i-dent, a. QeuGrfJiujrtEJSwfreary Qeverff 
uu<s3)i—iurr<s^y ujTrT&iULDtTesr, iSm^^ 
^iLfTtoSTy Q^ (off! (surr ear f sfTiL^ Lu freer y ^ 
LLi-.LDfT(sary ^iT<s<stLfT<osry iS1f^^ujlLs= 
meaning, Q^ihun'Sihy QsuefftuQurr 



meaning of words, Qs=ijpQurr0<^<, 
to be evident in meaning, QsuGffJ 

Ev'i-dent-ly, adv. Q^&flsxjrruj, tSlrr^^uj 

lLs^lditllj^ Sj^^iTL^Qiundj. 
E'vil, s. Q^(T(ci^ua^ ^Q^^i ssijjy. 

as misfortune, injury, ^sojl-oj^^^ ^ 


as wickedness, ^(ssiw^ Qurr6\)eorrfEj(^, 

E'vil, a. ^<cB)LDLUfT<5^sr, QslLl^^ ^lEJsiresr.) 
ufTLprreiSTj ^sur<osr6i)rT<5sr. 
affected, QuirexieOfT^QsfreoiEjQsfT&kn- 
conduct, ufreuih^ ^i^? unu^^^eB'^^ 

disposition, Qsiii^uj(^(omuo^ ^p(3 

essrihj ^<S(^63sril)» 

doer, Quir&)&)fT(Ej'S<^^ ^ilk^. 

eye, QstrQiasessr, ^sseaar^ (Sij^<SB 

favored, j>j(au&)LLs^6SsrwfTGsr^ @^tj. 
mind, Qsm^uJLnesnh^ ^<i(^<5mu). 
omen, Q-/burr^ih^ ^pc^fS, ^/bs=i^ 

speaking, ^eoft^pg^^ uL^d&Pi-p^. 
spirit, ^6xJisro<s, Quiu, Q(Su<siTefri£). 

tongue, Q^fTGL^IBIT, ^[5fT. 

words, advice, &c., ^pL\^^^ ^gst 
E'vil-ly, adv. Qu<T(so<sO{T!ej<situj, ^^sud 


E-vince', v. a. erQ^^dsiTLLQ^eo^ ^^ 

E-vin'ci-ble, a. ^^^irLL&uuQ^^^^i 

E-vin'ci-bly, a(fy. ^^^nLL&iLjerrtsfr^mu.) 
&.^L9<ss^^ds^auJ, (oTcmLSss^^ds 

E-vin'cive, a. ^^iSlds^^ds, (oremiSl 

E-vis'cer-ate, v. a. ^l-Q&oQ^^^go., (^l. 


Ev'o-cate, ) ^iss)Lp^^6\}j <oSl<oifJ^^ 

E-voke', ' * 5 ^' 

Ev-o-ca'tion, s. ^^syt^uLj, eSlerfluLj^ 

Ev-o-Iti'tion, s. eSlffl^^6\)yQ6u&f)uu(Si<s 

in arithmetic, ^&JrEJSfT<smi—6\)y (^ 

in military tactics, ^i-.^nif}<su&),5=!Tifl 

E-volve', V. a. Q^fT/b^eSl^^do^ Qw&flu 
uQ^^eOy ^p^^6\)y GSifi^^do. 

E-volv'ent, s. (sSlil.L^d'SrrGSJdoQSIiflLL^tlxsu 
^S6fr(SijrFly <sUiiQrf^LD?^pu(5tr6urih. 

E-vul'sion, s. lSQiei'Sgo^ iSIiL^^g)}^ urSI 

Ewe, s. Q^LDLDrB. 

Ew'er, s, <sxip<siffy sn&ih^ SLn6usrL-.G)Lh, 

ao<s, (^(blsGDS, (^®(S55<a/. 
Ex, (a prefix.) i§ssLjQunQ^'2errd<snLL 

Ex-a-cer'bate, v. a. ^Lppgi/^do, Qatru 

Ex-a-cer-ba'tion, s. CoSfTu^LL(hl<oiDSj 

Ex-act', 17. a. <sLLi-.inuihu<om^2i^Gd^ 
Qi»0S(^^6Oj (SuQeonpsniJLDndj&Q^B 

payment, ^p(sSlQ^6>}., ^em-Q^eo. 
tribute, ^QSipQuuQ^^eo, u{T(^L-.ih 

by force, ufS^^eo, 
Ex-act', a. s=iflujn<osr., ^LLL^Lnir^ur^ ffiL 

person, semu^uLissiTinok-f (sijemiu 

plan, s^rfls^LLL-uoy ^ul/stoiz), s^ffl€uuj 
esrihy (SLiLp}<Qij(SS)<£B. 

to be exact, ^if}uu(Bi^iOy ^lLl^uu 
®^6Vy (SU6iD!iiiJes)piLirruS}(^^^eo. 
Ex-act'er, s. urS'Snum^ QsrnJr'SsrrssfT 

Ex-ac'tion, s. QseireSly Qi5(ii^dS<oiS)i—^ 

^emL-w, SLLL—muihy urSfuLj. 
Ex-act'i-tude, 5. Qf^no^LD. Q^ilxoSiLD. 



Ex-act'ly, adv. ^if-}6U!i^-^(r^^^LLnuu^ S 


Ex-act'ness, s. ^lLl—ld^ QfEnGSiLo^ Qfsir, 
Qs^wQDm^ sessrij^^LD, semu^uLj^ s=lL 
L-LD, ^lLl—ldlLl-lDj ^ €m GS) ld ^ ^ qk 

Ex-act'or, s. urBsnum^ ^p(sSl(SiQeun 

Ex-act'ress, s. u(B<snS^ ^emi-psnifl. 
Ex-ag'ger-ate, t\ a. unnnLL®^eo, unifl 

Ex-ag-ger-a'tion, s. ^-(om(o5iLDS(^i£lff^ 
LD, urrffluLj.) ufTurTLL®. 
poetic, (oj/bp(SiieOfEJSfTinh^ urrrHQ^L-. 


Ex-ag'ger-a-to-ry, a. untfi^^Msneo 

Ex-alt', V. a. ^-lun^^^eo^ (cjp^^i^, 
ioh.onor,Q LDm-(oa)Lr)Uu®^^^&}^,S6t!sfl 

as praise, extol, unnmLQ^eo, Qldlu 

Ex-alt-a'tion, s. &.ujit<9=&^ &^iun<si^, Qld 

^<SU)LD, QiDLDUfT®, Qp^€k<oS)LD^ LDIT6m 
Ljj^'^(oS)LD^wQ<oS)LD, iSl IJ &IV ^ n U UD . 

Ex-alt'ed, a. s-tu rr^^ u u lL l- ^ ^-ajni^, 
LDS^^fresr^ wsn^ LDrTLl.Q(oS)LjDLLj(ck(Sfr. 
to be exalted, &_uj/f^6U, ^iEj(^^eo^ Q 
p^^io^ eSlQs=L—uu®^60. 

Ex-alt'ed-ness, 5. s-ssrezjr^J), Lcs^^eu 

Ex-alt'er, s. ^ujrr^^Q(SiJiTm, Ljsi^Q&jfr 
Ex-am'in-a-ble, a. Q^n^<s<s^^&s^ ^ 

Ex-am-in-a'tion, s. G'.^/r^^feffr, Q^n^u 

of coins, gems, &:-c., QisniLL^w^ @ 

Ex-am'ine, v. a. Qs^n^^^eo^ ui^lLQ^^ 
6U, ^u nibbed ^ SL-cF/rsj/^^', ^^i—fTU^u 
urriT^^e\)yQ^ 17^60 y^QLl,L^ujUfiiT^,€sc, 


accounts, s(cm<i(^ff,?if}unfr^fi<s^' 

closely, ^6m-i^uumuuurTiT^;S<s\)f ^ir 

^dQuurriT^^eOj ^LLuLDfTUJuurTiT^ 

;^6U, ^LLL^LDnihuunn^^io. 

cursorily, s€smQ(^®^&)^ ffrrGDSnujfj 


goods, as a trader, urflQs=iTfi}^^&}^ 

eiDS u nfT^^6\) . 

raetals, &-Qevfrsiij,s'^LJurflQs={T^;s 

the pulse, fsai^unn^^&i^ ^rr^unii^ 

a witness, s^mL&QsLLL-eo. 

a scholar, &<si^'2io6Tuu^L-<oi5).s=unir^^ 

Ex-am'in-er, s. Qs'rT^^Gsr^sniriosrf u/FlI 

Ex-am'ple, s. LDtr^ffl^ Qp^sTLDnfiiFl^ gj® 

in grammar, ^-^nuasctih^ (aujieon^^ 

in support of an opinion, ^^nneGor 

Ex-an'i-mate, a. ^-\Supp^ ^eSlaSeoeCfr 

LOpp^ <S^^lDpp. 

Ex-an-i-ma'tion, 5. ^eueSlQujrTsihj s_ti5? 

Ex-an'i-mous, a, Qs^^^^ ^uSnpp. 
Ex-as'per-ate, c. a. (csrTuuDQpLL®^^}, 
67//?<F<F6\J/r<S(^^6U, ^L^p^^eo^ @G*j7/r 

Ex-as'per-ate, a. (^Qnn^Qpetren-, ^sQ 

Ex-as-per-a'tion, s. Qsnuih^ s-sQinhy 


V. a. 


Ex-can-des'cence, s. <s®(g5@®, ©_0« 

as violent anger, Qu(T^tEjQsijuiJD, ©- 

Ex-car'nate, v. a. ^os)^si^ff.^GO. 
Ex-ca-the'dra^ adv, ^m^uun'Ju^ ej® 



Ex'ca-vale, v, a. ^si^^^so^ s^itikjsld^ 

earth, Q^nvrnQ^do, 

stone, a&)e>^^€0. 

to be excavated, (^l^^<so^ uj^^go^ 

£x-ca-va'tioii, s, Ql^q^p^ (5i^-> '-jfi'^j 
Ex'ca-va-tor, s. QakQQjDeijesr^ (S\&^ 
Ex-ceed', r. s^^^eo^^'^uu®^io^Qt£> 

bounds, ^efreSp^sFGO^ sl^^^go^ <su 

computation, erem-emflp^^&ij semd 

in weights, 6lc., ^ns^^io^ ^^^^ 

as excel, s-.tu/T^e^, Q^^s,ed^ Qwpu 

Ex-ceed'a-ble, a. r:§)ffis(ftds^^ss, 
Ex-ceed'ing, a. and adv. i5iuuL^(3ir(sn-y is 
ujrB^y ijSf(^iB^, QiDeoiTfoar^ <sjrrfT0{rLDiT<o6r^ 

Ex-ceed'ing-ly, adv. lSIsgiild, uS(^fiiLi 

Ex-cel', V. ^^<suu®^^60^ ^0)sffl^^ 

61), QiOpuQ^eO^ &.UJIT^6\), ^^^uuQ 

Ex'cel-lence, ')&-ujit^Q^ QpuLj^ ^ 

Ex'cel-len-cy, '^(^^^ ^%50<5S)iD^'^Qn 

LLi—ihy Qturr^^ QuJn^LDj Qi£)<ssT<S6)Ln^ 

as a title, i£is!r!jn^(^. 
of temper, .Sr^euzi), ^(^emm, 
Ex'cel-lent, a. ^-^^wLDnesr^ ^(r^tsisninun 

articles, ^Q^eueh)^^ s^,^&^^ireS! 


doctrine, ^misSlLuQuiT^ihj^QT^wQurT 

persons, iLs^^sseiT, QiDmLDssefTi 
QQniLi—Wf QpikQ^nn^ ^s^n^ssm. 
M'cather, «sa/.^#^«j<5F/r6Vii). 

Ex'cel-lenl-ly, adv. QLDmG^LDUjnuj, ^(^ 

QsiLi^iufruj^ QiBpfSluunuj, 
Ex-cen'tric, a. (see Eccentric.) <oS)lduj 

(sSl GO s <s n esT . 
Ex-cept', V. a. ^L^^^eo^ ^eS n^^G\)^ i^ 

^F(5^6x), SLpl^^^6\)^ ^(Sfr(er^^60j iSI(ok 

to be excepted, epL^^6\)^ <sl^^&), ^ 

Ex-cept', V. n. ^(Si^^uQu&i-^GO. 
Ex-cept', ^ fP^t^, ^gSIit^ i§<sB 

Ex-cept'ing, ^ "' ^ Q, <o^6\)<iQ, (sSIlL 

Ex-cep'tion, s. <s/^s5/,^z_<£E(^,^<i35?/fQ/, 

Ex-cep'tion-a-ble, a. ^<oS)i—uu®^^^^ 

Ex-cep'tion-er, s. €T^nQu<3i-Q(SiJn&5Tj ^ 

®uQunSsr.f <5T^[fl. 
Ex-cep'tious, a. Q€uQQ(SiJ®LJurT<ssr, 
Ex-cept'ive, a. ^(sSlrrdQp. 
Ex-cept'or, s. ^(sSnuQunm, gt^itu 

Ex-cern', v. a. ^Qnnu:>9^<3^nn^^np 

Qurr^eSI^^GO^ sul^^^go, 
Ex-cerp'ta, s. (pi') u6\)0urr(r^(sfr^^rrL^ 

Ex-cerp'tion, s. Q^rflGij^ Q^ifliiQ^Qds 

Ex-cess', 5. ^^sih, t^(^fij Qld&)lS1s' 


satiety, L^//?tJL/, ^(3^^, ysjoir. 
Ex-cess'ive, a. ^^^ffluunGsr^ i£l(^^ 

lufreor^ ^^ijup[(oGT^ ^ppLLrrGsr^ Qld 

to be excessive, s^^^go^ LSI(^<3f-65G0^ 
Ex-cess'ive-ly, adv. (oLDG\)uS]J=s'infTiUj lAI 
Ex-cess'ive-ness, s. QiDGOiSlffs^Lo, l£I(^ 
Ex-change', s. u^go, z?:®, .^stoz—q/, (sro-s 


as a place, <sfT&f-d<s<cmi—. 
bill of, Qs^G\)j &_'cmi^'.u&j. 



Ex-chaiJge', v. a. GSiSLDLdn^^so^ u^&) 
Ex-chang€'a-ble, a. LDnppdg^u^uj^<oS)m 

WLDnp<S3k-l^UJ^ ^<5lDL^LDIT€SrLDnsd 


Ex-chang'er, s. u^6oQsn®^^<suiTtEj(^ 
Q<sufT<^f L£)rrp^(c€ij fT<^, ueihrL^LLiTjb 
^safTiTi^j rBrresorLueSJiufTurrfH, 

Ex-cheq'uer, s. ^ikiQeoirih^psuuffn 

bills, suus=(T'2eou^6Sl0iB^^Ljpuu®(i^ 
Ex-cis'a-ble, a, ^ujLSI^dsQQjemL^LUy 

S U U lEJ S C t—Q <SiJ esoT L^ lU. 
Ex-Clse', S. ^(T(oS)<SU, SL—<5S)LD^ ^'J'-'^^ 
office, ^<olDp<S<Srr<aU&)^ ^IEJSS'ff(T(3Ul^, 

officer, ^<o6)p<ssn(oiips(Tij&srj QldlL® 
Ex-cise', V. a. ^/ferosi/^/f^^aJ, ^it<^qj 

excised goods, ^tT(o!^(SuuS^^^sFrrd(^, 
Ex-cise'man, ». ^uu<s,<s[TffGsr, QwlLQs 

Ex-cis'ion, s. Qs=^<sun}>, 

in surgery, ^(SuajojubQeutL^osis^ a_ 

Ex-Cl-ta-bil'i-ty, S, <9r<3ijIT2omiLJ<5lDL-(50)LD, 

&-<oaisriTS=& u^(S(r<sfr^(Ssr<otnwj ^emi^uu 

Ex-cit'a-ble, a, <9r(ouiT'Bsissruij<sfr<sfr^ ^emn 

Ex-ci-ta'tioii, s. ^(tjlI^, <3jeij<oS)<s^ ^ 

emQojiS^ <ST(Lpui3(sS®GSis, 
Ex-clt'a-tive, ^^caurL^ssfx-i^iUf^ 
Ex-clt'a-to-ry, ' y (T^iL®(^Q<9:uj^&r 

Ex-clte', 17. a. <oT(zpLjLj^&)^ QptupQuem 

desires, ^<5a)s=QiLjQpuLj^&). 

pity, &c., S-0<SB(^^eOj uifljSiSldsLj 

to be excited, ^(if'tcLj^^eO^ ^(ipjseo^'oj 


j Ex-clte'ineiit, s. Qpujp®^^(7^C&^ ms. 

Ex-cit'er, s, ^^®Qsni\)^ (sjisupsfrn 

esoTLD^ ^6ssr®iEJ<snif€m'ih. 
Ex-claim', v. n, ^k-ui^^^eo^ sk-Q(QU<our 

Ex-claim'er, s. e^eSI^Q^rrmy s;^(SijQ(SurT 

Ex-cla-ma'tion, s. cpeOLD^<3;^<sSle{f},(sSluju 

mark, ( ! ) j;^^<s^(ju(sSlirdsd(^f6i^ eSliu 

Ex-clam'a-to-ry,a. eSujuutT<osr^n.<3{r^^ 

Ex-clGde', V. a. <a9a)<5(sj^^, Sj^p^^ 

from society, <s=<oS)uuSlGS)0i^iid(^ 
to be excluded, sl^<s<so, ^<2SliT^eo^(sSt 

Ex-clu'sion, s. si^eij, ^Gtr (cr^G^s ^ sl^ 

Ex-clii'sion-ist, s. [Euj!sm<oC!)LDa(oif}<s3fl<ssr 

Ex-clti'sive, a. ^nLr>nGsrwn(osr^ i^piidja; 

of, ^eSir^ ^L^iUj <^63r/r9, ^iejs. 
Ex-clti'sive-ly, adv. ^iruiiTearLDfTiu, iSIp 

(§iij<ssediTUJ^^&r(ei^uL^ujiTLLJ^ ^^gshh 

Ex-clu'so-ry, a. (oSIgo<s<s^^<s<s^ iSlpiStEj 

<56U/7'6jjr, (cSlei>d(^Qp. 
Ex-cog'i-tate, v, £i^issT^^6m®u6m^}i 

Ex-cog-i-ta'tion, 5. s-uaiuLDmuS^rresf} 

Ex-com-mii'ni-ca-ble, a. &'€fDuiiS0S}(i^rk 

Ex-com-mu'ni-cate, s. ^(g»uui?6\5?(^/F^ 

fE' bI 6ST 'Pi' €i!T e 



Ex-coni-nm'ni-cate, v. a. ^(i^3^3'gs)uuSI 
Ex'Com-inu-ni-ca'tion, ,9. ^(r^<3=<^GS)uii9 

Ex-co'ri-ate, r. a. &^ffl^^6\), Q<sn^{fl^ 

to be excoriated, &.ffl(ii^<9?^6\), &-ffl^6\). 
Ex-co-ri-a'tion, s. Q^n§ii(B(ai^, Q^ir^tfl 

Ex-cor-ti-ca'tion, s. uLL<oS)L^iLj(fl^^<so, 

Ex'cre-a-ble, a. (sutTUJiT^LSlL^uuQtja^ sit 

Ex'cre-ate, v, a. sn^^eo^ <srr/6!^^uL{ 

Ex'cre-ment, s. tneow^ ^Qlo^^lulDj s 

Ex-cre-ment'al, a. weOLDfresry Qsn^nQsr^ 

Ex-cres'cence, s. L^<oa)L^uLfy^6iD<5=s^'3f-ir 


on the body, sfnu^ ^jtlLQ^ sl^'^, 
as wattles on goats, Sj^ir, setrsihu 


Ex-cres'cent, a. ^q^udl^Qp, <a^(Ej(^Q 

Ex-crete', v, a, LDcoiEJsifi^^eo, sl^^ 

Ex-cre'tion, s. sL^e^^ ldgoud. 
from trees, lSI^&st, (£i^i§ir^ 
Ex'cre-tive, ) LoeOLDgjjsQp^ u>6\>th(§ 
Ex'cre-to-ry, * y <S(^Qp^ <s<SL^L^fEj<s 

Ex-crti'cia-ble, a. ^-urrfis<3SLJUL-Q<sv 

Q<Sij^^hosruui—^^da^ <sun(oSi^sQs^ 
Ex-crii'ciate, v a. ^-un^^^eOj ^<osrq 

^io^ Q(Sij^2ioSTQ^iu^60. 
Ex-cru-ci-a'tion, s. &-U[t^^ Qj(T^.^^LDy 

Ex-cul'pa-ble, a. (^jbpfSeSl iT;i^LU{Td<s^ 


Ex-ciil'pale, v. a. ^ppiSlco'^Qujmg^ 


Ex-cul-pa'tion, s. Qua^^, iLGsrcsflut^^ 

Ex-cul'pa-lo-ry, a. (^pp<9=s:fnl.u^sSl(r^ 

Ex-cur'sion, s. &.eOfr^ <9^fTffff fSGSiL-.^ uim 

to take an excursion, 2_6v>/7Qjf;5^, ^ 


Ex-cur'sive, a. ^'2eoiB^^fflQp, umeoB 
QunQp^ s^mBQunQp'f ^eOfreif-Qpy 

Ex-cur'sive-ly, adv. u(Sij<oaflujfTiL]y s^niff 
LurTiLi<f [SQDi—S^niflajrruj, 

Ex-cur'sive-ness, s, /F(SJo/L-<9?^//?y a_6U/r, 

Ex-ctis'a-ble, a. SsninTeaariLu'eihfem'ds^^ 
i^iUy LD6sr&yfluLfdQL^(G^(osry Qurr^d 
•s^^d&y ^ppf8<s:Sfr^^LUfrds^^ds^ 

Ex-cus'a-ble-ness, s. LQ^e^jfJuLjdQL^ 

LD, LD(SCtr6ffBd<SUU®lh^(oS><S(oS>tD. ^ 

Ex-cu-sa'tion, s. OunrjjuL^^LEXckesflLJLj, 

Ex-cSs'a-to-ry, s. iSo^L^QufTr^jds^^d 

Sj Qund(^(3ir<sfrj <?^/rz_l®is«r(3rr,. Ln<^iosB 

Ex-cuse', «. ^itl1.Qj Qund(^^ <sSeod(^y 
<f^d(^^ fSLurrtULD, 
vain excuse, (sS<s^Qund^. 
to make an excuse, Qufrd(^dQ<3=rfi\> 

to make a false excuse, s&r&rQp&trfs 


GO^^ed, 6^6001(0 urrd(^dQ^iT60G060, 
Ex-ciise', v. a. ^^inLQdQs^ffi^^^eOy iB 
iuiTUJ(iT^Os^freo^^60, iSesiipQufr^^^ 
6U, LDmei^^^iOy (^ppi§d(^^GO, 
to be excused, QuiT^^uj(3^L-^60y u> 
Ex-ctise'less, a. crx^efffJuLjdQL—esrppy 

StUfTLULSIeoeOiT^y QuFrdspp, 
Ex-ctis''er,5. Qu!Td(^dQ3=neo^Q(SijiT(cky 




Ex-cus'sion, a. i3rnDn<om^-i^mui^urB 
Ex'e-cra-ble, a. uGSisdsuuL-^^da, 

Ex'e-cra-bly, adv. ^u^uuiruj, ^0<ou(r^ 

Ex'e-crate, v, a, ^lL®<S6\}^ s^S^^eo^ 

,^[TulSIQ^go^ Qisu^^^eVj u(oS)s^^60. 

Ex-e-cra'tion, s, ^lLQ^ s^rruih^ s'lSu 

Ex'e-cra-to-ry, s. s=lS!iul^uu^^iild^ <f 

Ex'e-ctite, v. a. fSL-uiSl^^io^ Qs^uu^Qp 

authority, (ip^&!r<si)u)Q<9=s^^^^io^^ 

a bond, &,c., ^^^Qs^iii-seo, s_^^ 

government, Q^sEjQsireoQ^^^^^ 

justice, i§^Q^^^^^&)^ M^nS^&i. 
a malefactor, Q^sfieo^^eo, 
a trust, r5LDiSld<sD<sQs=^^^^60. 
by impaling, sQpQoj/bs^^eo. 
Ex'e-cu-ter, s. {see Executor.) snirs 

COT, Qs^LLJU6U(oar, ,s5mfluji5ru^&sry Qs^th 

Ex-e-cti'tion, s.^irui-i, (zpt^uLj^ iSqd/d 

Ex-e-cti'tion-er, s. Qw-snGir^ (^nujuiB 

as murderer, Qsn'^snn&irj srr^s 

an instrument, Q.srr'2ffods(T^(sSI. 
Ex-ec'u-tive, s. ^ii[T<3^Qujun&)smy Q<fF 

Ex-ec'u-tive, a. Qs^tbiu^^ds^ S<5S)pQ(Su 

government, i§^)&v^rTU6sr^^^<siJih. 
Ex-ec'u-tor, s. LD!i<ossT<fn^iosrun<oO<osrm, 

Ex-er-u-to'ri-al, a. Loaessrs'fTjisarsijj^ 

Ex-ec'u-tor-ship, s. LDiT6a3r^(T^^^<3s^^dj 

Ex-ec'u-to-ry, a. O^iL^QpLi^ds^^ds^ 

Ex-ec'u-tress, ") . n 

xiiX-ec u-trix, \ 

Ex-e-ge'sis, s. £]SujfTdQujn(osruj^<sS!urrihy 

Ex-e-get'ic-al, a. (sSujiin/Tesry Qeverflu 

Ex-e-get'ic-al-ly, adv. u.<oS)iiiundj^ eSu 

JTLDITLU, QjseffJeumu. 
Ex-em'plar, *. (tp&srLLrrfirfl^ wfT^if}^ ep 

Q^dsih^ QiUfTS^^sard^LLL-il), Qib^(^ 

Ex'em-pla-ri-ly, adv. LDn^ifliunuj^ ^Qp 

Ex'em-pla-ri-ness, s. c^q^dsth^ Qieit 

Ex'em-pla-ry, a. QfErrrrofr^ uu^uu^^esr 
uJiT6sr<f Qp(osrLDiT^(fid(^[flujj <Ejds=iftds 

Ex-em-pli-fi-ca'tion, s. ^iJuSsar, fi^^ 

Ex-em'pli-fi-er, s. (LpdnDn^iB^BmL® 

Qeurr&sr, <QUL^<ss[TLL®Q(Su(T&sr. 
Ex-em'pli-fy, v. ^-^[TiTGssnEJS[TLLt-.eo^(^ 

LJL9LLQdsfTLL(S)^&}, l3fT^€T(ig^eO. 

Ex-empt', V. a. 6^i^uj<sS(Si^<30^ dsifi^^ 

gO^ ^eSir^^eo^ ^lSj^^go^ (§d(^^eo. 

to be exempted, sl^^go, ^sSir^eOy. 

Ex-empt', a. ^iEJseon(oar^ ^(asresBtLL^uifT 

<sar^ eSleodQesr. 
Ex-emp'tion, s. ^lLl^ld^ eSI®^'^^ id 

<szjb, <sSl<sod(^^ 
Ex-e-qua'tur, s. ^(i^rS^rruuLLL^iuLD^ ^ 

Ex'e-quies, s. (pi-) iSlQrr^d<9=L—ia(^^ 

Ex'er-clse, s. ^ui3ujtT^ihy uuSp&, u 
L^dsLD^ ui^lLcs)^. ,?fT^'2ein'^ Qp'jjp&. 



military, ^iLj^^uifileB)^^ Quiriruu 

religious, ^^<si^L.fT6anh, i3sfn^^ 

as use, (SuLpdsLD^ uLpssih. 
as divine worship, Q^Qjanrr^'^esT, Q^ 
eu su <oSsr d <s LD . 
Ex'er-clse, v. a. ^^^QmnQ^^eo^ uuS 

p^^ed^ Uip<5@^6U, KL^^^^GO^ r6L- 

authority, j>f^<srrrT(^Qs=^^^^eo. 
cruelty, Q<sn®<oS)LDQ<3Fdj^so. 
forbearance, QufT^^^<iQsrrsfr<er^;S 

the memory, (^{Tu<sffn^<sB(iT,Q<s=uj^GO. 
to practice, ^uLSltutrs^Lhuem^ij^do^ 

to be exercised, uaS^^io^ uu^^6\}^ 

Ex'er-cise, v.n. ui^(^^eo^ uaSi^^eo. 
Ex'er-cls-er, s. uuS^Q^n&sr^ ^ul9 

Ex-er-ci-ta'tion, s, u/pLl(Sa)«F, ^ui3ujit 

Ex-ert', V. a. Qpuujh&uessT^ii^eo^ ^^ 

Ex-er'tion, 5. (iptupQ, pss-dsu)^ ©..^^ 

P^Vl L3jrLU{T,3FLD. 

Ex-fo'li-ate, v. n. &.ffl^60^ QuiumusQ 

Ex-fo-li-a'tion, s. GT<s5rL9<f(Sl, ^LDL/,0<fF 

^(srr, QeorTLDLj. 
Ex-fo'li-a-tive, a. Gr€sr(SG)uiiS<3^L.fTd(^ 

Ex-hal'a-ble, a. ^(sSiutrdjuQuns^^s 

<5, ^QirQdQp. 
Ex-ha-la'tion, 5. ^<2SiLiinLJuQufT(^(5Si<ss^ 

Ex-hale', v. a. <3i-isiJ!TS'tJb(aSl(Si^eo^ ^Qu^ 
^^<so^ ^(3SlujmLiuQurrd<35eo. 

Ex-hale'ment, s. ^(sS, -Srokirssdrij). 

Ex-haust', V. a. ^L^^^eo^ sjp^uQun 
suu<osar^}]^6i)^ <Sijppuu(o5ar^U^&>-f 

Q^G0(SuL^^/S'S0^Q<aiJ^iSS)LDUU(Td<3si\)^ (^ 


to be mucli exhausted, ^arn^eo^ s(i^ 

to be exhausted as a quantity, ^<sg)l£i 

Ex-haust'er, 5. (QUfnLi(ip^&S}iLiisS!(Lp<i(^iE] 

Ex-haust'i-ble, a. Qs'6\)<suL^ujdsk^i^uj, 
Ex-haus'tion, 5. ^<oS)L£s(sijj Qs^eoQjL^<si^, 

of a quantity, <F<s»tiD<S(S3)L_, Si^^t ^ 

Ex-haUSt'leSS, 5. S=(SS)LD(3ijpp, (^(oS)p<3Vp 
P^ SJP^Lj(^UtTSfT^. 

Ex-hib'it, 5. y^(i^(Sus^fr^GSTii>, QiDeo^^nil. 
in chancery, rSltufTiu&v^GO^fidosiJird 

Ex-hib'it, I', a. Q^rflvuisinLQ^eo^ ^sf 

a character, ^emiEJsnLLQ^GO. 

a likeness, ^Lju'2esr<sfTLLQ^e^^ ufT<su 

a show, Qsui^doassfTLLQ^eo. 
Ex-hib'it-er, 5. i3ii^^uuLL3'LDn<s(^Q<3u[T 

63r, isSlemsssruusiTjT&a'- 
Ex-hi-bi'tion, 5. eSltsfrdsih^ -s/tlI^, 0(a/ 

etfluueiDL-y ^iriEjQsppui, (o(3uuf.s 

Ex-hib'it-ive, a. Q<siji^&<sG)siLi{T<o5T^ ^l- 

Ex-hib'it-o-ry, a. iSIit^^lulLs'uu'Si^^j 

Qp^ Q^€(fluuQ^^Qp. 
Ex-hirer-ate, v. a. sisfflui^^^io^ <?ih 

Q^rr<SL^uu®^^^eo^ Q^p^^&i-, yfi 

Ex-hil-a-ra'tion, s. s^kQ^tT(su^wn&^ 
(S0)«, LDeoiTd^iiJfrds6\), s<sff)uL3d<ss)<St 

Ex-hort', V. a. q^^Q'S=n&d^^eo, i^^^ 

Ex-hort-a'tion,*. /-/^^, Lf^^9Qu[r^'2esr^ 

N 2t 




Ex-hort'a-tive, ) ei^fftfluunGsr^ 
Ex-hort'a-to-ry, ' ^ Qun^'^esruJiresr^Lj 

Ex-hort'er, s. Lj^fiQs'iT6\)^Qp(Sijesr^^ 

Ex-hu-ma'tion, s. L^<ss)^^^<off)^<sS}L^uLi 

Ex-htime', v. a. iSIGrr^^GR^dQi^uL^^s 

6U, Qs=ldQld(S!^^6\). 
Ex'i-gence, > cgju^^, ^tsij^inhj /s 
Ex'i-gen-cy, * ) ^(suauj-, Qis 

Ex'i-gent, a. ^u^^nesr, ^<su,frnDrTeery 


Ex'Ile, s. Q^<ar^^a(^unpuo>Quajsipp 


as banishment, uffQ^fftsunffua. 
Ex'Ile, V. a. <s^^^eu, ^&T(^^6\), (sjpru 

^60^ <5jpf]Stu^uLjS5<s\), Me(vsnir(^Q<s^ 

Lu^eo^ L^pihQuuuapgjii^io. 

one's self, unQ^Quurrac^^eo. 
Ex'Ile, a. u^<oSluu^ Qllg\)sS1lu^ QtsfTpu. 
Ex'Ile-ment, 5. ^sn:(T^s^uL^pihuniu<sp 

Ex-im'i-ous, a. QiDeorrissr^ QQuiLi—Qfi 
Ex-ist', V. <sijfT(Lp^6\)^ ^isS^^eo, S^soiB 
Ex-ist'ence, s. &.<ss)l-(ss)ld, ^q^ulj, g) 


Ex-ist'ent, a. ^Q^^Qp, S'2isoQafT&r(^ 

Ex'it, s. (ourr<£(^^ LjpuurrQy ^puLf^ 

Ex'o-dus, ^ LjpuunQ^ luir^^rrrTsiD 

Ex'o-dy, * 5 L^' 

Ex-of-fi'cial, a. ^^^Qj(Lp(ar!3{r^ spiSl^ 

Ex-of-fi'ci-o, adv. ^.^^Quurr^LnfriL^ s] 
^dsmTLDiTuj, &.^^(oLurrsLJUL^d(^y a. 

^^QuU fTSisSi (T^^^ UUL^. 

Ex-om'pha-los, s, Q<3>nuy^ui3m(oSiSu. 

Ex-on'er-atCj s. unuk^njifieo^ (^ppuo 
£Sleos(^^6\)^ s^<oS)U)i6lp<S(^^s\).) (^pp 

Ex-on-er-a'tion, s. urTiTLSIpd(^<oiDa, » 

(oS)LDuSp<S(^65)S^ (^ppLhl^d(^QS)<S, 

Ex-on'er-a-tive, a. 6r6S)LDrD<i(^Qp, (^p 

LDesrubQuLujds^i^uj, ^rnEj<sd3k.t^(Ju. 
Ex-or'bi-tance, f ldlL® d (^ lSI (^ <9r 
Ex-or'bi-tan-cy, ' 5 c»<5, <5r&i'^d(^iB 

Ex-or'bi-tant, a. QiBfSs^eodsnGsr^ eS^ 
(sSeodsneisr, iSft^^iunGsr, 'oT60'?evd(^ 
Lci(^9lGsr, ^^dSfTLDLDfTear, 
price, ^^(a9'26o, sQeS^so^ ^^^<s 
interest, sQsulLi^^ jfjii^iSULLi^. 

Ex-or'bi-tant-ly, adv, sQ<5S)LDiufruj^ sfi 

Ex-or'bi-tate, v. n. <oTGO'^d(^eSle\)(^^ 

ei), QfB/S^pihLjJseo, (SiJL^eS}eO(^^eo, 
Ex'or-clse, v. ^ds^m—eorihueeBr^ijfieCy 

Ex'or-cls-er, s. e_dffrr!—(5snhu€ssr^u 
Q<su!Texir^ QuQujitlLi^, LDrTiE^ff}s<osr. 
Ex'or-cism,5. ^-ds=rTi—<ssrthu6Qar^s^(5SiSy 

Ex'or-cist, s. QuQiuniLi^j ^ds^ni—ear 

th u 6m €ss)i Q<Sij iresr. 
Ex-or'di-al, a. Qp<!E(Sifeff)rrd(^rf)Lu^ u^s 

Ex-or'di-um, s. Qps'^etn-, ufruSffih, Qps 

Ex-or-na'tion, s. ^(SOrEj<sninh, 
Ex-os'se-ous, a. (oran-iSleoeorr^. 
Ex-o-ter'ic, ^i^pihuirGsr^ i3rr9l^^ 

Ex-o-ter'i-cal, ' >^ll near, i3iriFiEis m near ^ 

'Ex-ot'ic,s.LipQ^s=uLj^easrQ, i-IP;sfi2essr 
tu^ ^ekeSojQ^&ujih, LjpfS&)^^d(^ 

Ex-ot'ic, a. ^eareffBujy npQ^s^^^^ 

Ex-pand', r. a. (sSlffl^^&i^ u!Tul\^go, u 



Ex-pand', v. n. uutJaLf^&i^ u(^^^e\}, u 

[f Gil ^60^ Uir^^QO. 

as dilate, ^l-lds^h^so^ ^s6\)eS^^ 

as a flower, Lneoir^eo^ ^eoir^eo, oSlffl 
jsdo, (aiS(sir6fr6\}, ^(sSlip^eo. 
Ex-panse', s. (sSlifleii^ (SiSlew^sfrinli, (sSI<3=rr 

of heaven, €ufT(ounh^ <sufT<oor<3Slrf^(Sij^ ^ 

of waiter, (i ITU u IT issxsu^ (aSlrHiitr. " 
Ex-pans-i-bil'i-ty, s. uirLDU^^ds^(sm- 

Ex-pans'i-ble, a. eSliffiu^^ds^ ujihu^ 

^ds^ uiT<ssi(Suiu[T<s<s^^<sa. 
Ex-pans'i-bly, adv, urr<ss)<suLuads^^d<s 




Ex-pan'sion, s. ui-.iT<ff:&, urr(sa)(Si/, uw 

Ex-pans'ive, a. uiruurr(our, €Slfff<su(T(^^ 

urf(oCi<oi}iijnGsr^ uiri^^ (sSiBk^. 
Ex-pans'ive-ness, 5. uiTL/L/, (2SlrFI<sij^ uir 

Ex-par'te, a. ^0^'2eoujfTm, ^Q^^p 

LLfTissr^ ^rruLl.'S=LDrT(osr. 
Ex-pa'tiate, v. n. ufnrfTLl-Q^do^ <sSefo^ 

Ex-pa' tia-tor, s. eSl rfl^^<oiDrr<s frir<^. 

Ex-pa'tri-ate, r. a. uiTQ^'S=uu(Si^^eo^ 
i3p<s^(T^sQ<sp^^&}^ ?isn:(T^d(^uLfpui 
L^U®^^^GOy L3piB^<QiL!flesflm^S<s^ 
^&)^ i^<3(rn<sSl<3unsn6ssnhu6m<5m'eo, 

Ex-pa-tri-a'tion, 5. fQen:(7^<s(^uLjpihQu 


Ex-pect', I?, a. sn^^Q^^^io^ GJireijSfT^ 

Ex-pect'ance, ^ r5UDL9d<oS)<3s^ €uit<sij 
Ex-pect'an-cy, ' ) «5/rL/L/, eSl^uuih, 
Ex-pect'ant, s. (snueijsnLjQun&sr^ sn^ 

Ex-pect'ant, a. ^jj^i^sndQp^ su^^q^ 


31 d 

Ex-pect-a'tion, s. sfT^^(^d&D<3s, QjffQ\ 

<srruLjj S0^^^ eiSI(7^uuLh. 
Ex-pect'er, s. <siirr<3n&[r^^Q^uQuiTm^ 

S (T^^Q^ & Qp <su<3sr. 
Ex-pec'to-rant, s. Qi5(iF,'atdff&fl<cS)ajujg^ 

Ex-pec'to-rant, a. ^Q^QpSlp, sd(^Sl 

p, Q(5(i^'3?Qu^Q<3^djSlp. 

Ex-pec'to-rate, v. sd(^^is\}, sn^^eo^ 
Ex-pec-to-ra'tion, 8. ^efR<sds60, QfB(i^ 

<3?uQu^Q<5FliJ<oS)<S, smffl. 

Ex-pec'to-ra-tive, a. ^Q^Qp^p-i sd(^ 

Ex-pe'di-ence, \^(S^t s=iflQp<oS)p^ 
Ex-pe'di-en-cy, * ) <sus=^f (SiJL^su<5S)<s^ 

Ex-pe'di-ent, s. s7^^(oWldj (^ipdQ^ @/^ 

d<3=LC), ^60<S(^, ^k^ITLCi^ ^0(SUl}), 

as shift, Q-ufTLULD^ ^unQujfTurruJU), 
Ex-pe'di-ent, a. ^iBiunissr^ ^(^^inneor, 
s=fH(Lp<oS)pLU[T6ori (Sus^^LurresT^ fseOLDrresr* 
to be expedient, sk-(S}^eo^ ejp(^^eOy 

Ex'pe-dlte, v. a. ^(sQijLDnuji5L-.^^^ei}^ 

Ex'pe-dlte, a. ^^ssn<ssr^ ^<^ninn<sfST^ 

Ex'pe-dite-ly, adv, sf-gnssnib^ ^(sSifTuan 

Ex-pe-di'tion, *. s?^d(^^ ^(sSlnixi^ ^(^ 
6F(^, ^dQirih. 

as enterprise, (sBiunurriiih^ ^^(SiJeOy 
as march of an army, u<oS)L-Qun^GO^ 

Ex-pe-di'tious, a. ^sQuLnn^^^ ^(aSlfrintT 

person, &<sQ!jsn!J&5r^ Qs^iu^, *jy 

Ex-pe-di'tious-ly, adv. ^sQinnniL^ ^eS 


Ex-pel', V. a. d9®^<so^^(3(r(Sffl<sSlQ^6\)^j)f 
spp€\^j ^lLQ^go^ <3sl^^^60^ s'2err^6\)^ 



to be expelled, «i^;ff60, Quuuff^eo^^ 
Ex-pel'la-ble, a. ^sp^uuL-^^s<s^ <oSl 

^eSl IT'S s ill UL-^^ds^ s^errerruuL—dffk^ 
Ex-pel'ler, s. ^s/bs^Qojrrdr^ ^u^^ 
Ex-pend', v. a. Qs^GOsSlQ^eo^ Qs^gogiju 

Ex-pend'ed, a. Q^n'^^^^^ Qs^goqjl^^ 
,^, Qs^eoeSlLLi—^ Q<SF(okp. 
to be expended, Q^rr'^eo^eo^ Q«f6v)si/ 

Ex-pend'i-ture, s. Q^mpQ<9^eo<Si^y Qs= 

of money, u<om-dQ3^eO(o}^. 
Ex-pense', s, Qs'GOeij, Q,s=<^pQ<3^e\)(ai^. 

in small sums, QeO(sO(ssifDdQ<3FGO(3>^^ Q 

Ex-pens'ive, a. Qs=<sO(Si^iSlu^dQp, lSI(^ 

'^Qupp^ ^^(sS'^Li^eirefr. 
Ex-pens'ive-ly, adv. Qs=6\i<surTLu^ ^^^ 

Qs=60<surTLiJ, LS}(^Q,feO(Sij(3(r<sfr^(TUJj ^ 

^'aSl 'hso iL]isfr(Sfr^fTUJ. 
Ex-pens'ive-ness, s. iSl(^Qs'60<si^^ ^nn 

Ex-pe'ri-ence, s. ^/jSeiff ^j[ju(SiJLD^ s_ 

eaarirdQ, ^63ariT<Sij. 

as practice, lj/Pl1€zd<f, uu9p&^ utpd 

<sixi, j)jLJLSI(iJiT,?Lh, s^fT^^Sssr, 
Ex-pe'ri-ence, v. sjfS^eo^ ^^sm^^dd^ 

gain, ^(Si)rrutEJsrr^}i^60^ ^eCnuih 

loss, (BiLL-iksn^us^eo, i5lLu.ld^u 

Ex-pe'ri-en-cedj a. uLpQ&F, uu^^^^ 

man, ^ui3tnnQ y<3^-s<s<5mL-.LD(osi^^<om. 
physician, ^iTih^(so(Qu^^ium-^ Q^erflih 


Ex-pe'ri-en-cer, s. ^ui^iunffwueh-, 

Ex-per'i-ment, s. Qs^n^^'BeBT, ufil.<oSi^y 
ufiLs^iTisSpu^^^ ^L-th.^ ^lLl-itib^ 

chemical, ^^^mu^iLissi^.^ ^^^(sn 

to show experiments, Qs^rr^'^GBTsniL 

Ex-per'i-ment, r. a. Q^n^^^usm^if 

Ex-per-i-ment'al, a. utfLL<5G>s=u9(G^&)^ 
Ex-per-i-ment'al-ist, s. ^ir^^BSTsnirmy 
Ex-per-i-ment'al-ly, adv. ^LLL-rriB^sfr 

Ex-per'i-ment-er, s. ^(T^'^(5srsnn<ck^'^ 

sesori eueisr. 

Ex-pert', a. uLpQesr-f uuSfecrp^ esisui^ 

f5^y ^fTLDrr^^iULDirenr^ QsLLLQ-iuiresr, 

to be expert in, <oiDsujrrLL^uu(Si^eOy. 
Ex-pert'ly, adv. ^mjDrr^^ujLDnujy uaSp 

^lUfTLUy ^Ul3uj!T^IJDndj. 

Ex-pert'ness, s. uuSpQ^ ui^&'Sih.fUtfLL 
of hand, €25)«<f<«^^^@, (s^&ff^^^n 

ii3j (S5)SUULp<3SSLD. 

Ex'pi-a-ble, a. iSeB fr^^iunss^^ss^S 
iTnujdQ^^S(Lp<s(r&r., i^fEJs^^ds. 

Ex'pi-ate, v. a. ^ir^^eo^ urflsrfl^^iOy 
Qun<S(^^60, iSunujd&^^ihuesBr^ij 

to be expiated, ^/f^5i>,-/^(a$?/7^^iL>/r^ 

Ex-pi-a'tion, s. i3irniud&^^u}, ufisfrn 

urT<ciJiS6ijrTir&iori}>^ ^itul^. 
Ex'pi-a-to-ry, a. SsSHrs^^Qs'ibkud^f^u^ 

«J, LSljI(nU<3=&^/^(^Qs'iLjQp. 

Ex-pi-la'tion, s. (2S'Be(r(SuL^(Si^Qs^ujs;eo. 
Ex-pire', V. s^n^io^ ^uSneSKS^ed^ ^eu 

to end, ^iT^eOj Qpi^^eo^ e^Qfij^^eO. 
to breathe out, <9?(SufTSLDeL9(S>c5€0y ^ 



as time, &c., Q^eo^^eo^ Q^n'h^^ 
voluntarily, ^<ck^uSliTu:)fnu^^&)^ ^p 

Ex-pi-ra'tion, s. ^(Sufrs=w(sS}<Sl(sr>s^ Qf^ 
of a term, ^<sijfi, ^gn^-i '^eu'hssr^Qp 

Ex-plain', v. a. <sSifl^^<oG)!j^jsio^ (sSem 

a riddle, ^isSly^^^io^ uLum-Qs^freo^ 

poetry, uLU<oarQ<9=rT&)^^&)^ ^0^^ld 

Ex-plain'a-ble, a. (sSJefriijsuueaareaard 

Ex-plain'er, s. eSliuna^^sm-^ ^npurft 

Ex-pla-na'tion, s. &-<oSirr, eSQ^^^ii^GSiir^ 
6Sujn<BQ'Jun<ssruD^ u^(Sij<SDrr, (sSIujiljd. 

Ex-plan'a-to-ry, a. eSuiTLDfTesr^ eSI^^^ 
iurrsor^ <sSiujn<sQin[T(o6r(ip<s{r&r. 

Ex-ple'tion, s. f^€G)pQ^pgu(3S)<s, QP^ 

Ex'ple-tive, s. ^isrocF/^'Sgx), ^<5Gi^S(ss)p, 
Ex'ple-tive, a. ^GD^S&DpdQp^ sj<oS)<f 

Ex'ple-to-ry, a. ^(Sin<5'S€5)pdQp,^<3iDS= 

Ex'pli-ca-ble, a. (Q9(SfriEJSLJU6m^sard<s^ 

U^LU, €Slff}^^<5S)ir<Ssds^L^iU^ UOJGir 

Ex'pli-cate, v. a. esSffl^^dsin^Q^eo^ 
(sSluundQiutfisanhuem'^il^GO, Qisnefflu 

Ex-pli-ca'tion, s. (sSlfft^^esiji^ (sSltfl, (sSl 

Ex'pli-ca-tive, a. eSlrfl^^ssrTLLQQp, 

Ex'pli-ca-to-ry, a. Q<siJ€ffluu®^^^^<ss 
Ex'pli-ca-tor, s. (S^lLUfrdQajfresfl, Q^su)ir 

Ex-plic'it, a. ^LLL-wiTGur^ ^na^tDnsisT^ 
Q€Li6ffl'U[T€Ur^ isS!sfr<ssLDfT<sor. 


Ex-plic'it-ly, adv. Q^erfJ^mu^ ^lLl- 


Ex-plic'it-ness, s. Q^erfJsij^ eSluiru:)^ Q^ 

Ex-plode', V. a. (sS'i&)<s(^^60, f§s(^^60, 
^L^^^eu, ^<sTr(^^e\)^ ^u^^^eo. 
as reject doctrines, creeds, 6lc., ^ 

Ex-plode', V, n. Q(suu^^^&)^ ui^trif}®^ 

Ex-plod'er, s. Q(QULL®(5S)rr(^(our^ Qa/il 

Ex-ploit', 5. ^<oasr(o(DLD, Jif(^(iT)Qs=UJ<SDS^ 

Ex-plo-ra'tion, s. ^etrsSleiDL-^ u^lL 

Ex-plore', v. a. ^jm^^eo, ^<sfr<aS®^isOj 
^uniL^io^ ^LpLDunn^jS<30^ s<om®i3 

Ex-plo'sion, s. Qsuu^j ^fiird^^ ^^it 
to make an explosion, QisuL^eSIQ^eOy 

Ex-plo'sive, a. Qoju^dQp^ si^0®Pj 

^^ndQujn(o6r^ ^L^dQp. 
Ex-po-li-a'tion, s. Qsn(S!r'2efriiSQ&Ds^(^ 

Ex-po'nent, s. <siind<s!EJ<s(^(ip^<sSluj(Sijp 

/jS ear i^nSQuj GUST, &-p(^^. 
Ex-po-nen'tial, a. suirdsiijseurQp^eSliu 

QjpfS&n- (^r^QiuemQunp Qu(r^(^LJDy 


Ex-port', S. (5jp^LD^d<3=II<S(^^ ^(SfT^fT 

Ex-port', V. a. (Sip^Lc^uGm^u^ed^ ej 

Ex-port'a-ble, a. Sp(Si\mdQ&pp^^ds, 
Ex-por-ta'tion, s. <5jpr^dQ&[T<^®Qu(T 

Ex-port'er, 8. (oip^Qp^<5sr^ (sjprSluj^f 

Ex-pose' J s. <sSliB^^<BS)n. 

Ex-pose', 17. a. ^fTLL(S)^€i\«fTil.ij}^dQsfT 



one, UfEJSUu(h)^^60, UL^^pp6\}. 

one's foibles, Q(u^Q/bu6sar^u^6\), ^ 

one's life for another, ^'26t)(srouj<^Q<5/r 

one's person, LDn(osruiEJ<SLDrTUL^®^^eo^ 

one's self to contempt, iBGS)ss=Q,^iTp) 
Qt—f^dseo^ lEesiSULjdQL-iEjOsrrQ 

secrets, ujirT&ujuu®^^60. 
Ex-pos'ed-ness, s. Q(Sij<s{flujrriE]<stJa^ uirn 

Ex-po-si'tion, s. (sSlefrssih, ^gdit, (sSIiB 

Ex-pos'i-tive, a. eSlutfldQp^ Q^etfleSd 

Ex-pOS'i-tor, *. ^-QDITUJfT&rfllLK^^ &,<SS)F 

a book, ^siTfT^, fS<S(ossr(9,QufT0^iir 
eo, <cSlujrT<sQujfT<ssr^GOy ^^GSiUj^eo, 

Ex-pos'i-to-ry, a. (sSluiflds^^dfas^ Qqj 
erfluu Q^^^^d s . 

Ex-post-fac'to, a. ^urruLSIrrL£ifT6m-^(o3)^ 
uLSIih^6sriSlinDfT6oar^iSD^dG)<siT6aorQ ^ 

Ex-pos'tu-late, v. a. (SujirojQp^^ifi^^io^ 

with, €T^iT^^LjQu<9f-^&)y semu^^^ 

Ex-pos-tu-Ia'tion, s. fSiunuj(Tp^^fftuL^, 

Ex-pos'tu-la-to-ry, a. SiuniuMu^rQp^ 

fSuj[nuQLD(£l^^dQ<5=rT&)^Qp ^ej[Td(^ 


Ex-po'sure, s. Q<su<sffluL^y ^peij^ i3nQ 

as liability, S-fBtu^^ (oT^rr^QiBn'j <oj^, 
as disclosure, uinrQiuuD^sj}^'^^^^* 
of secrets, ^is^iTiEjauQiTiEisuD. 
Ex-pound', V. a. eSl(jundQujn<oisrLDU€m- 

Ex-pound'er, s. eSliuijdQuJFTesfl^ uwjsor 


Ex-press', s. .^^eor, ^ts^DLDniJudQffeo 

^iB^^m^ ^(i^s=psrrrr&!r 
Ex-press', v. a. iBi^^eo^ iSl^d(^^6Vj s 


to denote, smL^^eo^ (^fS^^<so^ <a9 

to satisfaction, ^Q^^^iLiGstsri—nsd^ 
oils, sm.p^^&). 

pulp puss, &/C., L9^d(^^&}y ^p^^(S\}, 

by signs, (^fSuunpsrrL-^^io^ s_^ 

u^^np <3S(tlL ®^60 . 

verbally, Qs=rTe\)^^e\J^ 8_<f<f//?^^6U, 

in writing, ^Qg^^eo, euGsur^GO^^il. 

Ex-press', a. ^iLi—UDnGsr^ ^irdsiDiresTf 
^iTLDrTesrQpefrerr^ QojerfluueiDL-UjfTesry 

as copied, ^jTessrL-mhu^uurresr^ lSI 

expressed or understood, QsuetfJuu 

€S)L- ^606\)^Q^rT<oS)sS'^lLHT(SSr^QLDn' 

Ex-press'i-ble, a. Q^^insoeods^u^uj^ sa_ 

<SDirdsdsi^i^uj^ <oS<s(rdsda^uf.uu,^t£l 


can be pressed out, i3^dsdsk-i^(ju^ 

Ex-pres'sion, s. u.etDir, Quirri^^ eus=ear 

u)f QjFfTGOj Qud-af-, (suijd(^. 

as appearance, Qsrreoil)^ Q^nppih^ 


of countenance, Qps^Lj^ QtErrdsihy 

(tpsd<FrT(oi5)L—y QpsuQuniEJ(^. 

in eloquence, ,Frr^fftuj^^pu>. 

in music, Q^<sBspuLD. 

correct expression, ^eodse3BT<su,Fear 

Ex-press'ive, a. Q^erf)(SundjdsfTLL®8py 

Ex-press'ive-ly, adv» QeueifluuesiL-tijn 

uj<y ^nds^^ds^ndj. 
Ex-press'ive-ness, s. Oojeffloj^i^ar 

of countenance, (tpsd^rrsiDL., (ip<s 



Ex-press'ly, adv. <sBessru^uufTs, ^liinn 

Ex-press'ness, s. ^lLl^u)^ 6un<s(^^^/D 

Ex'pro-brate, s. sL^ii^Qsrr<sfr(^<ss)'S^ 

Ex-pUgu', V. a. Q6UiS0^^6\), QldsO(2Sqp 

Ex-pug'na-ble, a. ueouiB^ihuesarGsard 

Ex-pug-na'tion, s. Q^pr^^ (^<^p^Q<sEfr 

Ex-pulse', v. a. ^u^^^eo., cpiLQ^eo^ 

Ex-pul'sion, s. <sl^(eij^ ^en-f^iSL^., lid 

Ex-pul'sive, a. ^(3(r(^Qpy ^rr^^Qp^ 

Ex-punc/tion, s. ^l^ul^^ ^qdi—uli^ 

Ex-punge', v. a. ^<ois)L-^^io, Q^d(^^ 
Ex-pur'gate, v. a. si-^^usm^ii^eo, sj 

Ex-pur-ga'tion, s. ^^^«//?ul/, seopii 

Ex'pur-ga-tor, s. <s?^^s[flu(DUfT^, s 

<56ip [id (^ Qqj nm'. 
Ex-pur'ga-to-ry, a. ^^^Ln(Td(^Qp^ <s 

GfflihLjQutrdi^Qpj LD<sSl(oGrih^iT<iQp, 
Ex'qui-site, a. ^fisi-eixxsuujfTear^ Lon^ifl 

^L^0(SULDiT<5arj &^0^Lurr(Ssr, 
sensibility, ^L.QiTiTffih, <ff?(SiJird5m'^ spl. 

Ex'qui-site-ly, adv. ^(T^GQiDLurnii^ Qld 
ekeiDLDiumLJ^ e_(7^^aj/r^, <ff?<surr'2essrujn' 

lUj LD^rrLDfTLU^ ^] GST U LL (TIU . 

Ex'qui-site-ness, s. ^(tjszdu), ^erorsroLo, 


Ex-san'gui-ous, a. ^u^^i^GOeOn^. 
Ex-scind', v. a. ib^<si^^go.,Q(o:ulL(£i^^go, 
Ex-sic'cant, a, sniuLjuem^ijQp^ <sufr 



Ex-sic'ca.te, V. a. ^Jj^^sio^ (SunL-®<s&i.^ 

Ex-sic-ca'tion, s. ^ujljl^^ euiTLLQy <si/^ 

Ex-sic'ca-tive, a. ^iLi^^ sfTius='3^Qp. 
Ex-su-da'tion, s. Q€iiujit<5S)6u^ Qsutuird 

from the earth, ffh^^}/. 
Ex-stide', v, QisijujiT<3s<suu6asr^U;gev^ 

ssmp u u eosr^u^GO . 
Ex-sus'ci-tate, v. a. (Ej(LpuiSl(2SlQ^6\}y sr 

Ex'tan-cy, s. dSi^ui^^ s^ulj, 
Ex'tant, a. Q<£iJGfflujn'tEJSL£)fT<ssr^ uiriB^(T^ 

<sQp^ Q^np^Qp'f ^^sQp, iSFLDU 
(sSl^^f (SULpfEI(^Qp. 

Ex'ta-sy, s. (see Ecstacy.) sGffluLj. 
Ex-tem'po-ral, a. (Lpsbro^fl'^iosnurr^^ ^ 

uurreeflLurT^Cousf-Qp, (SufTuSl6\}(Sui^, 
Ex-tem'po-ral-ly, adv. (ipesreirfl^esrujiTLo 

61) J QiUfT^iUfTLDeO, GT(lpi^UiJ^^ ^p<FU> 
LUSUfrdsiTLLJ^ ^p<SBn60<SlJ^(oSrLD{Tllj. 

Ex-tem-po-ra'ne-ous, a. eyrruSd^JeuiB^u 


poem, ^<9rS<E^j e^*' 

speaker, -sem-L-Q^^uLSirs^fijQ, Qp 
Ex-tem-po-ra'ne-ous-ly, adv. <5i(Lgk^u 

Ex-tem'po-ra-ry. a. ^ujn<osrLSGOGOnir>p 

Ex-tem'po-re, adv. Qih^'^ssruSleoeonLDeo^ 

Ex-tem'po-rTze, v. a. ^Q^iB^uisf-Qusi-^ 

GO., (ipm'Gofl'2iosriijmDpQu<3?^&), ^luit 

Ex-tem'po-riz-er, s. QLuns='2GSTuSm-fiSlLj 
(^usF(D<sijrr^')^p<9=LDUjQjrr<sQ^ GurrdQ. 

Ex-tend', v. a. i^lLQ^go.^ uhul^^go, u 
rre}]^G\}j oSiS^^GO^ €nl<fn'Gi}LDiT<s(^^G\>. 

Ex-tend'-, v. n. uiru>Lj^GO, uit^^go^ uu. 

IT^GO^ ^<S^^G), ^fT^GO^ Qs^GOgOGO, I? 

over the skin, ul—it^go., uirihL^^eo, 
to extend to, gtlL^^go, LOLi^uuQ 




as influence, Qs^&o^^seo^ ueS^^eo. 
as life, f^zf-^^Q.', QioQ(^^ei>. 
Ex-tend'ed, a. /^ssbr/— , gtlLi^uj^ uitif 

^, <sSI&V^/TffLDIT(oSr. 

sea, Q IB Q lEj a L-.G\) ^ ^S(osr/D<SL-&)j uu 

to become extended, ti(&^^&), lierfl^ 

Ex-tend'er, s, i§LLQQ(^tTeary<a£l&v^rrrruifT 

Ex-tend'i-ble, a. i§efr<sgk-u^iij, (Sij<sfrsrd<3k^ 

Ex-tens'i-ble, a. i§Liu^<isd<3f^u^ujj ©9 

Ex-tens-i-bil'i-ty, ^ (§(^ih^<osr(SS)LD, 
Ex-tens'i-ble-ness, )(2SlfHiLjih^m<ss)LD. 
Ex-ten'sion, s. /fi^uL/, i§lLQ^ io<sfru:>^ 

urruLf^ u!i<S!S)6u^ (sSs^rTGOix)^ (sSrffei^. 
Ex-tens'ive, a. ^i-.LD<smpy(2Sifl(Sijn€sr^ 

uiTLJunmr^ eg>i<3560LDrr(our. 
Ex-tens'ive-ly, adv. ^L-ihunL^nuj^ s{ 

seOLDnib, unuunih^ (sSl(fl<Qijnin. 
Ex-tens'ive-ness, s. ^SGOm^ uitul^, (bS! 

^neOuD^ (sSldv^iTjTih. 
Ex-tent', s. erev'Ssu, u/tljl/, uikoSxsu^ ^ 

ijLD, uffliui^ih^ (sSlffneOLD, ui—ni^Q. 
Ex-ten' u-ate, v. a. ^essfl^^M^ireo^ 

^60, Qld66)^^&}j QfBmu^rT<35seo,(^iss)p 

Ex-ten-u-a'tion, s. QtcsvJ'fij/, Q(Bfniies)L£>^ 

Ex-ten'u-a-tor, s, (^GSipsQpeuesr., @ 

Ex-te'ri-or, s. i^puLfpLo^ Q(3i]<stfiuL^p 

Ex-te'ri-or, a. L^pihurrosr, GojerfluL^p 


appearance, LjpdQafreou:}, i^p&^^nuj 

&), Q<Queff}<9=-3^trfa<SLh, ^urriEJsu), Q<ou 

G{flQ<aU(Si^Lh^ Ljp^Q^nppii). 
Ex-te'ri-or-ly, adv. Lipixiumn^ QsueffJu 

Ex-term'in-ate, v. a. Sj^^^^t i^CS^ 
eOLDrr<S(^^G0^ ^^^^'so, Qs®^^eo^ wl 

a family, (^i^{5[r<s=tJotu<s^^ii^G0^ (3^ 


Ex-term-in-a'tion, s. i^Q^^eOLD^ 3=!eis 



Ex-term'in-a-tor, s, fBrrsFihuGm^uQsuir 
ear, s=fEj<sBrTn'^. 

Ex-term'in-a-to-ry, a. fSfrs^thucm-^uQ 

p, ^L^dQp. 
Ex-tern', ) Q6ij<sfflujfT<osrj L^puyufT 

Ex-tern'al, ' ) eor, Q^rrppLDrresr^ jij&fr 


appearance, t-ip^Q^rrppuo, ^/rojeu, 


conduct, Q<su(srf]fBi—<S0y)<s^ LipfB<3Sii—.. 

Ex-ter-nal'i-ty, s. QsuefftdsfTLL&j i^ps 

Ex-tern'al-ly, adv. OojetflLundj^ Q^np 


Ex-tern'als, s. (pL) Ljp<sQ0^^LutEj<s 

Ex-ter'sion, *. ^ooz—ul/, ^l^ulj. 
Ex-tinct', a. cgy&zssr/F^, ^^^Lurr&sTj Qp 

i^/F^, rSesr^isSlLLi—.. 

to become extinct, <sl^^&), cpi^^ec^ 

Ex-tinc'tion, *. rS(7^QpeOL£ij ^pe^^ sj^ 

Ex-tin'guish, v. a. ^isS^^do^ ^^sssr^^ 
6i», Qs®^^0Oj jsessfi^^ed, Qisrr^^^ 

by blowing, n^^^^^^eo. 
Ex-tin'guish-a-ble, a. ^(sSujssk-u^aj, 

Ex-tin'guish-er, s. f^rT<9=uu®^^isu^^ <s£! 

Ex-tin'guish-ment, s. ^^ui^y ^<sSlu 

Ex-tirp'a-ble, a. ^L^d^suuL-ds^L^ujf 

Ex-tir'pate, v, a. Q<suQrrni^i^^^6\>^ iB 
Ex-tir-pa'tion, s.^<o^l-.uli^ SQ^^GOihf 


Ex'tir-pa-tor, *. ^lasnum, fEiT^S(oar, sj 



Ex-tol', v.a. umriTLLQ^GOj Qldujs:<3?^<so, 
L] su^^gO , &- uj n^^J^GO^ Qiri;^G5j ud u em' 

Ex-tol'ler, s.QiT^^(Ssnhu6^^i]Qp<QU&sr, 
Ex-tors'ive, a. uGOfrpsmrLDmuLJurSldQ 
Ex-tors'ive-ly, adv. ueonpsarFLDndj^ u 
Ex-tort', V, a. un^^^eo, (sSleOeOiEJSLDniL 
Ex-tor'tioii, s. ^Q<Qijih^^ u/SIulj^ ^S 

lUfTiU^emri—LOy U(S\)[TpS[Tn'LD[TGSrurSlLJ 

Ex-tor'tion-er, s. urSlsniKBsr., ^Qsui^ 

Ex-tor'tious, a. QfE(T^dQ<ss)L^ujrT(osr^ u 

€\)rTp<sfrirLDfr(Ssr, c^i^^Loir^jr. 
Ex'tra, a. (DLD6\}LSI<9=s^L£irT(osr^ ^j^SLD[T(Ssr. 
Ex'tract, s, <5TQd<sLJULl.L-.^, qjujl^ s 

in literature, Lips^(oS)(oS)(7^i5Q^®dsu 
ulLl—^^ Quitl^ljli^ ^rnL.®, 
Ex-tract', v. a. (5t®^^&)^ l9(£iiej(^^iso. 
the root of a given number, QpGOin 

toddy, <s&r(&^s=Q<fiT^^60. 

sweet toddy, u^G^iT(3ij i^^^eo, 

from books, Qutuir^Q^Qp^^eo^ Q^ 

ffl ibQ^®^^60 . 

from herbs, &/C., s^rrnQm^^^iOy ^ir 


as bee's honey from flowers, Si.6sar 

oil with a press, <5T(omQ(ossr^p^^<s\). 
medicine or essential oils, (SD^<sdLSlp 

<S(^^60^ <5S)^60Q LD®^^&) ^ <oS)^(S\) U}<SiJ l^ 

Ex-trac'tion, s. gt®<s<oS)S^ l9®iej(^<oG)<s. 

as descent, (SUL^Is^ih^ (^sold, LoiTLf. 
Ex-tract'ive, a. <3=rTir(ip<om-i—.rrd<s<s<3^L^ 

Ex-tract'or, s. S0(si^essff^ ^Q^Q. 
Ex-tra'ne-ous, a. iSlpmufTcar^ ^earesff 


Ex-traor'di-na-ries, s. (pL) <oSlQ<f6i^iEJ 
<s<sfr^ ^L^0;(Si//E/<s:iSfr, ^ifluj(S5)<su^ ^^ 

Ex-traor'di-na-ri-ly, adv. ^^^(T^QjLDmLJ') 

Ex-traor'di-na-ri-ness, s. Lf^osnD, ^<f 

Ex-traor'di-na-ry, a. '2SLuuLj<sir(3(r, Qpu 
z^sirsw, QpiB^., ^L^06iJLDfT(osr^ r3j^'^ 

^^(oSTLorresr^ (^Lup(SS)^<is^<SLDiT(o5r. 
Ex-trav'a-gance, ^ ^FrT^frffl^s^<5urLh:, 
Ex-trav'a-gan-cy, '^ (sSGmQ<3'<s\)isij', sj 

Ex-trav'a-gant, a. &efr^nifl^^<o6rLDn(o5r., ^ 

fellow, ^efL^fTffl, ^irrT^ffl. 
Ex-trav'a-gant-ly, adv. mK^nS^^eisriLn 




Ex-trav-a-ga'tion, "* 5 ^5 ^HfT^rfl 
Ex-trav-a-sa'tion, s, &.0(E}j<ss)<s, iSitdd? 



QD<S.) €Ul^<3S<oG)tS, 

Ex-treme', s. urfJiufB^ihy weo'Set), ff^V, 

as top, 6lC., rfF^, ^63^, &-dQ. 

in mathematics, ^iB^nn^sih. 
Ex-treme', a. ^(o^Di—LUfresr, ^ib^lditgst, 
Fr'((rj'<o5r^ ufflajiB^LD[T(oSr^ ^g}i^Lun<o5r. 
unction, ^Gij^(oS)^uLj^GD<^^ ^ihfiiud 


Ex-treme'ly, adv. ^p, LSls(Si\LD.^ QPPCHJ' 
Ex-tremes', s. (pi') ^ih^iEiseir, ^/f^ 
Ex-trem'i-ty, s. cgy^^, ^<S^^-i f^^-> ^ 


as distress, ^t-Lt-gju^.^ Q<s®fi^ Q<s 


the utmost extremity, sesiL-uS^^ s> 

Ex'tri-ca-ble, a. &<isicSl^<ss<ssk.u^uj^ 

Ex'tri-cate, v. a. sLpp^^GO^ ^uu<5S)(su 
^^60, i§d(^^(SO, iSlrfl^^do, QuiufT^^ 
6U, QSI<Sl^'boOLurrd(^^60^ i^LiL-eOr 



Ex-tri-ca'lion, s. SLpp®^ ^^Ijlj. [idath^ 

Ex-trin'sic, ) Ly^LDU/rear, Qsueifl 

Ex-trin'sic-al, * 5 tufT^sr, ^mioSuu. 
Ex-triii'&ic-al-lyj adv. Lfpihufjiijj Q<sij<sffl 

'Ex-trude' jV, a. sQ^Lp^dOy ^LL(b3^6\)f s 

Ex-trti'sion^ s. sptL®, ^n^^<3SiS^ id 


Ex-tti'ber-anty a. (^ssQpmefr^ ^<oS)^lj 

Ex-ti'ber-ance, ^ Q,srT(ipuLi, Qs^ifl 
Ex-u'ber-an-cy, * ) ul^, ^nnnetrLD^ m 

Ex-u'ber-ant, a. Qs'i^uufresr, QsfjQp 

uunesr^ s^LDLAjjeaoTLDireur^ LD^iruuireor. 

Ex-ti'ber-ant-ly, adv. s^iJDLj^[T<omLDnuj.^ 

Q<5=L^UUfTLU, QufT(oSl(SiJmU. 

to grow exuberantly, Qs^L^uumusu 

Ex-u'ber-ate, v. n. LD^rr^^eo. 
Ex'u-date, v. a. (seeExsude.) eSiiunsi^ 

Ex-u-da'tion, s. (see Exsudation.) gS 

UJIT(o6)<QiJy QwFf&JiQJ. 

of a tree, ldsfld^ud.^ lSISgst.', V. (see Exsude.) <sSluun<ssuu 

esffr^ll^eo, (sSluj/T^^eo^ Q(SiJiT^^eo. 
Ex-urcer~ate, v. Qeoih^Qsrr&ri&^^eOy 

Ex-ul-cer-a'tion,s. Qeok^^ ffleOih^iOsfr 

Ex-ul'cer-a-to-ry, a. Qeoih^e^tufj^s 

Ex-ult', v. n. ^d<seffl^^60^ erdseff)^^ 

60, (Sjinrr^^GO^ U)ffl^^<^, wQiJ^^eo. 
Ex-ul-ta'tion, s. <sldlSitld, <setfJj s&flu 

L/, UffliSl^Ua^ LoQu^dB., QsfTIB^&flu 

Ex-u'vi-ae, s. (pi-) Lj^ir^^siEJsetfljb 

of a snake, ^tiesii—^ i^/DGssf^' 
Ey'as, s. u0iB^d(^(i^<srf-. 
"Eye, s. <s<5ssr, Qf5^^ IT ill, ^lLls^^ ibilhsst 

ball, s essrixisasfi <f ^nemn . 


brow, ■^LLLI0€Ulh^ Lj^rfua^ QiBp^u 

doctor, Qi3d^rrQ:^(^^^^iu&^^ ibujgjT 


glance of, &<5Sii^daemunljG^<£^ , Qis 

gum, L?8sYr. 

lash, S(5aaressfl<ss)LD^ eSleffliliLj. 

lid, <s6ssrLDi—&). 

servant, <sl—^^^ ufriT<siD(Sij<ssp^L^LU(ii^ 

service, urTiT<otD(Sij<s^L.L^uju:). 

shot, .S63arC(e35)z_li_Lb, «EL_/rLl<F<aS*z_l 

soreness of, GTQpd^-, &<smQ(Gss)Gt^. 

tooth, dSQDL—iSijrTLUUUeOj (o6UlL<oS)1-.U 


witness, <se^s6m'L—<SFiTLL&^ seaar^^ 

of a hoe, axe, &.c., (^(soiifid'Sf-. 

of a needle, %ietLQ<ss6S!fr.) ^GnQdsn^y 

as sight, Qi5nd(^^ QfBfrdsih. 

before the eyes, Qps^rr^ s^Qpsua, s 

eye salve, jij^s=esrLD^ seSldsuoj s&SI 


grown dull by age, L£(^S'jb<s<5S3ry y 

prominent or staring, Quih^dseasTy 
Eye, V. a. unn^^eo, QfBrT<s(^^^(so, sniu 
LDsmnrtfTiuLJUfriT^^eOy (^^sSl^^^u 

Eye'glass, *. s€m^}]ss®^^sisssr(^L^. 
Ey'ing, s. QcErrdsLD, urTrr<ssi<su, QiEn<s(^ 


Eyre, s. ,9?p^<sSl3^nii'^i5ssr!B^<oun<ssr. 
Ey'ry, s. u(7^iE^(Lp^(^iuuLL&<s<shs^(S 

Fa'ble, *. sl1.(Si<s<sb<oS)^^ aLL®<sS!Qs^(3L^LD, 


Fa'ble, v. SLl.®ds<oiD^Qs=iT60^^&). 
Fa'bler, s. <3SLLQda<o5)^QLU(Lp^Q6un<osr'f 

Fab'ric. s. dFil.®, slL^Qsu'^. 



as cloth, Lj€S)L-<ss)^^ QsnL^, 
as system, Qs^ujp€m<!E<sui^€iJU). 
Fab'ric-ate, c. a, LD^GsrQsrrg^^GO, Qirs 

as aspersion, ^Ll.(h)<ss<g5LLi^<sQsrr<srr 

Fab-ric-a'tion, 5. <£Ql-Qulj, slou^uj 

IDj Qpuih^ (oS)<SiJULj<S<SBLL(b)^ S^LDfTem 
ii), <3SlL®, 

as forgery, <ss>(SuuL^<i<SLLQ, QuniJus 

Fab'ric-a-tor, s, SLL®(o6un<oor^ Q^eoori^rr 

Fab'u-list, s. s<oS)^<sLLQQ(SijrT<Rsr^ slLQ 

Fab'u-lous, a. <£LL(S<s<S€!D^LUfT<o!fr, slL 

Fab'u-lous-ly, adv. SLLi—rribj Qufrdj 


Fab'u-lous-ness, s. Qufnu^ <a?Ll®, spiS! 

Face, s. Qpsuo, (LpmLjpihj eu^esTLo, sj, 

averted, uffnQp-sBLJD. 
downcast, ^jQ^irQpsiJ)^ Qy^QpatJD, 
happy, Q&^<sfri5^ifluuLD^ Qs^iB^etfluLj. 
turned up, 'S-mQpsiJD., ^^^(SufrQ^m. 
distortion of, (ip<s,5=<3f(^<S'SiJ0i^ Qps^ 

expression of, (ipsa(^fB. 

face to face, QP'SnQpsLDnuu., srfijQir 

as aspect, unn<ois)€ij, jpaujeo. 

as surface, QinpunuLj^ QiDpi^pLo. 

as presence, (Lp&^n^ ^^Qpsio^ s^ear^irfl 

as boldness, ^t-^nif\<£<35ih^ esy^fflujih^ 
Face, V. a. er^ff^^eo, ^Q^^So^ 0ol1® 

to face one down, ^-^^^ui3isl^^ 

UJ U iSI L^^^6\} ■, 

Face, V. n. <5j^^^&)^ Qisn^eo, Qpmsfr 
LLlJ^Sppi\)j ^LSlQpsu:)fT^-d\), 


Face'less, a. Qp<sL£l&d&)n^. 
Fa-ce'tious, a. <SGrfluun<osr^uQu^LuiT(o3r, 
Fa-ce'tious-ly, adv. iBefftesTLDiriii^ uQi^ 


Fa-ce'tious-ness, s. Q^^juQu^-s?, is 

Fac'ile, a. ^&)(^<sun<sGr^ ^Q60^rT€sr^ ct 

<srf}^fT<osrj <3f(oOuLDfT<our. 
Fac'ile-ly, adv. ^iQedg^irin^ ^Gifl^iTLu, .5? 


Fac'ile-ness, s. (oi(DuL-.d<3;L.u^Lu^m<oO)L£i, 

§)<oO(^y Gretf]^, <^6\jLJZjb. 
Fa-cil'i-tate, v. a. ^&)(^<sufr<s(^^&i^ @ 

Fa-cil-i-ta'tion, s. ^j60(^(3un'S(^GS)s. 
Fa-cil'i-ties, s. (pi-) ^u<sji€osrtEJs<s{r^^ 
2s3S3rd<9;(7^(2Slssrr^ ^.uQin^raiEiSGir, <oj 

Fa-cil'i-ty, s. @oO(^, ep^^/T-SfSc?, &-^(sSl^ 

Fa'cing, *. QpsuLj^^sm®, (Lpsui^. 
Fac-sim'i-le, s. iSu^^ <3=(snn^, lElsir, lSI 

Fact, S. QiDLLKotDLDy ?l^ (oSOT &D LD , &-'ar(3fr^^ 

fBL-.iF^srrfflujih, Qffdj^^ e-mefrsfrrfl 

UJUOj (auiT^^LDnesnl). 
Fac'tion, 5. <s6\)aLbj <56dsd<srTiTiT^ <slL 

&^ udsLD^ slLs^lI)^ uie^sslL®. 
Fac'tion-a-ry, ^ <XLL9iLLinm, ulI^ 


Fac'tion-ist, ' y (surr^^ ^(S^sd&tTirm. 
Fac'tious, a. <s&)a(ip<3(r<oir^ uiLs^un^Qp 

&rerr, e^(Y^^p^^^6fr6fr. 

party, sji—iEj^'EauupQrj'iT.f ^n<aFrTLl.9l 


Fac'tious-ly, adv. aeo-sLnniL^ (^l^uu 


Fac'tious-ness, s. ssoslo, (^Lpuuihy or 
Fac-ti'tious, a. Q(f^^fiujwrT(our, ^utrs^ 

LDlJioSr^ Q^Ujp<oG)<3SLUfT0Sr. 

Fac'tor, s. (sSiUfruirii^^j'BoSurdsiTrflujGhj 

^(SCTj iSliT^'SEfTfflLU&v^ear. 

in arithmetic, QuQ^s.siS'^Quusm. 
Fac'tor-age, s. (sSluuiruirff'Smfluj&v^ehrs: 

Fac' tor-ship, s. iSlrr^dSLurrumr^Q^rrL^ 
&}, LSrf^<oSluununa<5F^n'^. . 



Fac'to-ry, s. i3n^eSlujF{unnQ^(JL^&){5 

Fac-to'tum, s. <ff=LD6ru^€SlujfTurTir€S!pu<^ 

<o5r€sr^ uiso&nifluj&fv^Qsr. 
Fac'ture, s. osisoS'^Gsr. 
Fac'ul-ty, s. s0<sS^ <ssiT<osarL£)^ ^^^^asjib. 

intellectual faculties, ^f^;SiT<s^ii6m 

as controllers, sLp<sfT^Qs<siT^ <s>eo^ 


as ability, ^rrLDir^fiujLD. 
Fa-cund'i-ty, s. (S^ns^neOLo^ s'^niljuaQ. 
Fade, v. n. SpfEj(^m)p^seo^ Spwrsji^^ 

in state of body, &lc., Q^^nn^eo^ Qs'n 

to wither, (surr^^do^ sniLs^so. 
Fade'less, a. (aUfTi—aoDLDiunesr^surrL—rT^^ 

Fadge, v. n. ^^^Gzo^F^a), ^ifluuQ^eo^ 

Fad'ing-ness, s. Qgd^gi^.^l^^^ &DfB<sij. 

Fad'y, a. SprEJ(^0DprB<s, <QiirTLLL-.(Lp&r 

<sfr, fSpiaQsil-u., LDfEjQ<5sr^ Q^inQp. 

Fae'ces, s. (pi-) ldgold^ <s,3Fn<o{rLD^ ld&jst 

Fag, s. ^if.(SZDLD, Q(Su'2GvafTii€or. 

Fag, V. n. Q^noj^eo, ^'Seir^^ev^ ^mn 

to fag out. ^err/f^ei), ^SsYT^^eu. 
iFag'-end', s. ^u4=91lLi—i£i^ ss=&mst^ 

<SJ/) SuSlprSlG5rQp^SS(T^^'^LJL\. 
Fag'ot, S. ^&)Lhu60^ (2Slp(^^ ,Sf-6\)&S<SS 

Fag'ot, V. a. <ffi-&)(s\SsLL®^6d. 

Fail, s. ^ici/j2/, €u(Lp. 

Fail, V. n. iSls^i^^eo^ i3(s^l^^^<so^ Qun 

uQun^e^^ ^pihueo^ (^<cXFp&), 
before one, i3mGS®^eo^ tSlm^efff! 
€S)i—^6\)y Q^ijp^uQun^eo. 
of accomplishment, <s'8a'^«>, Q^^) 

as a business, ^(lcks^^go^ iblLi—uu 


as crops, rain, &/C., e^^^^&)^ ^'^^ 

S^^UJ (56)1—^60, (o^Qp^io^ i^<cX5r^^60. 

in courage, fS'bso(^'2ev^&)j <^ u ej (^"hso 

as the limbs, Q<9'[tit^&), ^etrn^eo, ^ 

as events foretold, ^fB^ui^^eo^ (^ 

as the eyes by looking, .sesnry^^eu; 

Fail'ing, s. ^eu^, ^ulj-, ^rrt^s^Q, ^lu 

Fail'ure, s. ^ulj^ ^<su^, lSI<9=(^, (suq^^ 

in an object, sfTtfluj^^w^j <snifliuu 


in rectitude, &c., Q-(osaT<ss)i£>^^<oi]^^ 


of crops or rain, 5?^uLy, ^nu^js&^ 

of strength, faculties, Qs^nireij^ ^mn 

Fain, a. ^d-aseifluunesry wQi^'f^iurr 

Fain, adv. ,3'i5Q^[T<QL^LDndj^ ^(ssruLDniJUj 

Faint, v. n. Qs^itq^^go^ Q^fnii^eo, s^err 

away, ^(i^s^^eo^ Qs^nn^eo, s=ei^iEj(^ 
^eo, ^iTS=&^^60, a'^dsiT^^uQuiT^GO. 
as vanish, ®<5Si^i5^Qun^&), 
Faint, a, Qs=fTiT€urT(5sr^ ^luns^mn&STj Qld 

^lussLDireiir, sdofruufreor. 

color, ^etrSpLD^ LDtEjaeoSpuo. 


applied to hands, ^eSl^^, ^luitib^^ 

Faint'ing, s. Qs^nsLD^^vuni^, ^aja&ih. 
Faint'ish, a. Q,9=iTiT<sij&refrj QldgSUb^, ^ 

ff^Q^^^ enfTLLL-iKmjfTGsr. 
Faint'ish-ness, s. ;se(riT<f&<f Qs^nsih-f 

Faint'ly, adv. Q<ff^[TiT<sijfTUJ, <SiinLLi—!T<sdn 

(ju, ^lun-fLDnuj. 

Faint'ness, s. ^uun<9'iJo, ^(sudsthy Qffnir 



Fair, s, Qs^efriB^jjil), si-iB^iiih, j)jif)(^, 
stated market, ^<oS)L-ujiej&[tu^^ @ 

Fair, a. ^{^(^m-Gfr, ^eOLL^(omLDn<osr^ & 
jDLJLj<sfr(ofr, &rfa<cUT^ QiBprSltufresr^ &^ 

bargain, <3^(f}iLifT6srs-L^<5arLSlL^d(oiD<!£,fS 


complexion, Qpi5^(ipsLD, ^eoil.^ 

emr(Tp<SLh^ 6uiT(^&r<sfr(ip'^ ih. 

dealing, ^iLi—th^ (B^Siuaiuih. 

dealer, QtBrrfretf}^ S^irfr^^m-^ [S^rresf}. 

question, t5(SV6\)Q<s<3freSI^ f^lturriULDfresr 

Qs<s(r<sSl . 

weather, Q<Qij(^uufr<5srsrr(30u:>^ Q<sij 


wind, [E6\)G0,3siTjb^j €rs&np^'^ Qjerrd 

words, ^i^QsTTjhsGfr^ Lnn^ffltUQjs: 

Fair, , ) Qeue^iuaub, Q^(S(fl<QUiTiLi^ 
Fair'ly, ' 5 ^<s3r<9^/Ti7', /StufnuLDmu, s= 

Fair'ness, s. ueSl^^rrLD^ 3?^^ld^ Qrou 

Q^er/?©/, (StuaLULh^ QiBnosiixi. 
Fair'-spok'en, a. iniEJSGOmnujQLDni^iB 


us=s?(oir0fr^ ^-us^nir 

^5 fBfTsifsLDiresr'y 

Fair'y, s. Qutu, lSIs^Q, 

an enchantress, ijDind(^Q/D<QiJ<sfr,QLi}fT 

Fair'y, s. QLn[T^6srQ(Si]<aL^Qp<3(r(ofr, 

land, ^sij(oSluLiQ(sOn<SLDj ^ib^jtu^ud. 

Faith, S. €S!si-QJfT<3=LDj l5ll)LSId<oS)<S5^ Q^UJ 

as persuasion, iSli^^ QsrrLLufrQ. 

as system of religion, s^ldluu)^ ld^ld. 
Faith'ful, a. iEUDLSI<S(oS)SiLj(S{r&r^ '^gsst&s^ld 

lUfTisar^ £l<3^LD(T<oor^ Qfsii[T6or<y Sq^suhs 


wife, u^eSiTQD^^ u^^e?/?, <spn<ssiL- 

Faith'' ful-ly, adv» Ss^irnnu^ s-(5m(o3)i£)UjrT 

tjUj isihiSldos^LumLi. 

Faith'ful-ness, s. Ss^ih^ QiBn<as>Wy u^^^ 
s^emsoiLH) fS^'fresrih^ SI(7^<aU(Taw. 


to one's word, S^nn^^QposiL-oyiLD. 
Faith'less, a. o-emGsiLDiuibp'f (sSl&f-ShiT'a^ 

Faith'less-ness, s. ^<£S'<<3^(oun<3^w^ 2_633r 


Fa'ker, ^ LDSihiD^Qpefff!^ ldsudld^ 

Fa-qui'r', ' ) <?iifSujrT&^ usQffl, 
Fal'cate, ^ ©jSsyr/F^, sk^eufl^tln-j 

Fal'ca-ted, * ^ Qunmp^ LSletDpQurrdo 

(su'^emh^j U(T^ih^^<s(^u(DurT<5urp. 
Fal'chion, s. (^/bg^j^urTefr^ (^^udulLl^iu 

LDy Q-SBlT®(SU[T(S(r. 

Fal'con, s. ^jTrr<FrTeff!^ ojeo^rn. 

a sort of canon, f^n<aSl^uiSiriE}@, 
Fal'con-er, s. u0i^Qj(SfriTuQufT(sk. 
Fal'con-ry, s. QQjLl.<oi5iL-.d(^uu(T^iE^(a)j 

<sfriTd(^(Sa)<35y ^QJsuuLL^anujuuuSp 

Fall, s, (s^i^eif^ ^pdsLDj ^n-z^ei/. 
of water, ^(t^<sSI, 
as a cataract, ^(^gSI<sSi^s^Q. 
as autumn, ^'2evLLj^iT<sfr6\)LD. 
as declivity, slope of a hill, s^nrrdo, 

as degradation or loss of greatness 
or office, ^ifiei^uL^eOj Qff^^miEJs; 

as distance which any thing falls, (S^ 

as outlet of a river into the ocean, 

as sinking of tone, cadence, ^piEj 

Fall, V. n. (oSIqp^go, 

backwards, LDeoeOiTQ^^eo^ uxsOGOndrSBrT 

back, as give way, LS!m6sfl®^&)^ iSI 

as the countenance, <qU[t®^&)^ (S(^ 

as a river into the sea, sl^^go^ ^Q£><s 

as rain, Qs^irffl^GO, Quib^eo^ €U(7^(Sifi 

as apostatize, w^Qu^<S(^Q€^uj^eO, 



us die, LDmu^bVj ^jLfi<s^'\), ^iP^^^'^'^ 

as the tide, ^Lna^do, 

to be degraded, or sink into disgrace, 

to decrease in value or weight, ^^gsjj/? 

to happen, to befall, s^uyuisS^^eo^ 

to light on, to come by chance, f® 

to come, to arrive, Q<ff=iT^&)^ s^nn^eo^ 
to become the property of, ^fB^^rr 
to languish, become feeble, ^(Sfrir^ 
as perish, be lost, ruined, iDtrem® 
as fail of fulfilling a promise, ^<su^ 
as sink, come to the ground, ^rri^ 
as sail towards the mouth of a river, 


as enter, a_Lluz_ffJ, l\(^^go. 

as discover or come near land, <s 

<ss3jT<ssfr6asr&)^ <s<oi:nn'S=rTlT^GO. 

as perish, LD[T<sm®Qun^eo, 

as forsake, abandon, epi^^^eo^ ^eSl 

fr^&)j <s:S1lL®(oSI(SI^6\}. 

as dew, rain, Slc, ^effJ^^eo^ uecf}^ 

as expense, responsfbility, Qun^^ 

as apply one's self to, ^^^-^(saLDUu nibs' 

as be rekoned with, Q^nesisuu®^ 

away, as become lean, €iJs=dQsLL® 
uQun^eo^ <sSI(LpiF^Qurr^6\}, 

away as a rebel, <seosLDU6m-^}j^6\)^ 

down, as prostrate one's self, s^rT<si^ 



foul of or make an assault; QiLfT^j^ 
from, as revolt, €r^iT<SLL&d(^uQurT 
headlong, (^^Q^(oor<sSl q^^go ^ js'^S 
in, as concur, agree with, ^.i—ldu® 
in with, as meet a ship, Qisn^eo^ ^ 
off, as withdraw, separate from, iSiifl 
out, as quarrel, ^6m-(SS)L-LSIij^^^&}, « 
through, as an affair, (SunuunmpQun 
on, as begin suddenly and eagerly, 

short, as be deficient, (^esip^so^ &I 

^(^^60^ (^^(^^&), 

to, as begin hastily and eagerly, eun 

(i^€lDS:UJnLLJ^Q^fTL-IEJ(^^6\}, Q<S&9 


under, as be subjected, Qu^uul^go^ 


Fal-la'cious, a, GufrujdQ<%rT&)(Lp&ren-y 

<3S!Ek(SfrfSuJfTLULDfT(^Sr-f QumULUfTeSTj @-^ 
^LUp/D^ [SLDl3<S<oSiS^^Q!JnSLDnGJr, 

Fal-la'cious-ly, adv. LDn-s^neoinndj^ (^^^ 

LU^ QufTiLHUfTLU^ Sek(SlnSujfTiULDfTUJ, 

Fal-la'cious-ness, s. QuniLncSiLD^ QuiT(t^ 


Fal'la-cy, s, Qunih^ iSesit^, S(Sfr(3m}i^ 


in logic, ^unff^th. 
Fal-li-bil'i-ty, ) ^<oups3k-u^uj^&n- 

Fal'li-ble-ness, * ) (esud, QundjuL^s 

Fal'li-ble, a. ^(sup^^ds^ Qumud^sds^ 

Fal'li-bly, adv. ^(Sij^r^uj, s-^^ uSI esrnSI . 
Fall'ing, s. ^/rip(a/, ,9=[fleij^ ui^eij^ (S^i^ 

a/, @i^. 

sickness, <5nssnujQj(sSl., fBQdsih. 

star, si^LnQa^ty eSl^m^t^Qsn&reffJ^ 



in, as llie belly, GiiQajouuSl^i^ u/Slsufr 

Fal'low, s. ^ffl'Sr^ s^mLL^ujil)^ sitldlj^ qS 

Fal'Iow, V. a. ^(tp^eo. 

Fal'low, a. <sSl'2ioinLin^, <55rrLhufT<5sr. 

as pale red, QwemQs^csiJuums^. 

land, <9^mLL^^^<oS)p^ JS(fl^f Qs^iuqds 

UU^plBeOlh^ SULDL^^ SITllxoSyu, <SFfTL-(S} 

deer, Q<3:ih[§)/DLDfT(cir. 
Fal'low-ness, s. ^itgd<qij^ s6sffQ<sBfrL-.rr 

False, a. QufnuiUfresr^ LjiT6{flLurr<osr, e_ 
esar(oS)LDd(^^^LJUfT(osr.f Qi'5rSI^6u^(osr. 
accusation, Qu[rdjuutT6sr(^pp^3^nLL 

arm, Qun&Sl'i(oS)s^ QuniJusG^s. 

assertion, Qurrdj6iiniT^<3Si^^ Qunuui- 

^irpr^, QuiriLQiorTi^* 

bond, 6S(S(r(ofr(aij^^. 

bud, QumLidsessressff^ QumiisQ'^err. 

drawer, <s&r<3(r<oG)p. 

evidence or witness, Qu/ruJ<F<?^/rLl^, 

excuse, (oS'6mQurrd(^,<ss(ck0frs:<s=fTLL(Sl. 
key, <s<s(r(3(r^^p<siiQstTG0^ <SG(r<o(r^^p 

measure, SGfrstrdQsn^^, .s&r<s(rjf/ 

oath, G)urnLjJ:,3=^fiujLo^ QuniLujn 

report, ^u/reabrz—Lo, ^u6U[T^il),Qufr 


scale, s&r(o(r^^inT'df-^<s&r<s{rfSioO)pQ<sfT6\) 
signature, s<3(r<3(rd<5S)sQuu(ig^^ ^ s&r 


story, Qumudses)^. 

step,' Qu /rujQoj ® u L/ 5 csefrsfrQiSiy (9 u L/ . 

stamp, 6E<sir&r(ip^^<5G)rr. 

tears, s&[r(S(r^(Lp<oS)s^ LDrr^FrreOssessr 

teeth, QurrojuuGOi 

weights, .s(sir(orruuL^d<s60y seketrS 


False'-heart'ed, a. '^uL-LnecrQp&rerr., s 


False'hood, s. Qumu^ suL^ih^ ^u^0 

LD, ^S^^^LULD^ <S6ir<3frLD, ^LJU<StT>p^ Ly 
!T(3ff}^ ^IT6m-L-.<SLD. 

False'ly, adv. QurraJLumu, LfrreffJujrTLLjj 

False'ness, s. QufninomLD^ ^(j(osarL-.<SLDj 

Fal-set'to, s, QurTLu<S(^j(s\). 
Fals'i-fi-a-ble, a. Qu[riLuL.&3k-L^ujj 

Fals-i-fi-ca'tion, s. Quijujul^^ Qumu 

Gfreml), lEfTULjULLQ. 
as confutation, ^LLQ<sFuih. 
Fals'i-fi-ca-tor, s. QuniLiLKoin-^ ^s^^^tu 

<SU <S: <oUr QiT ^ l3 3? (oGT (EST . 

Fals'i-fi-er, s. QufnuiLK^^ Qune^Sldairir 
(oifT^ s<sfrG(rt5fT6m-iULDU^uQun&ir^ Qua 

Fals'i-fy, v. Qu[tuj^^(SO^ Qunajd-suu 

GSSr^}]^<SO^ &-6m€S)LD<olJ)LUUJL6)^^60j f5[T 
ULj IT (GfK^ So. 

to counterfeit, <S(sir<orrf5rr(smuj(ip6ssrL^[T 

to violate one's words, ljitlLQ^gOj 
Fals'i-ty, s. QuaiL^ QumLisiaLD^ Quitlu 

Fal'ter, v. n. Q^pfSluQusi-^GOy Qsrr^ 

through joy, ^(Lg^(Lg^^QOy fsnd(^efff 

as the voice in dying, Qs(t^^60^ eiSd 
Q (sS dQ uQ ujs^^io ^ [snd(^^3;Ll.®s5<so, 
to fail, ^i—^i—^^eo^ ^Qcnir^^io, 
the tongue falters, fid(^^so. 

Fal'ter-ing, s. ;5fz_^/_lJl/, ^(Lp^QpuLfy 
[5n<oi^i^^bs0y [B®d<sih^ ^L^d(^. 

Fal'ter-ing-ly, adv. iB®dsLL[TiL, ^l^^l^ 

UUfTLU^ ^i—dQ. 

as the voice, Q'Snm'^omiundjj eSds 


Fame, s. Sit^^^ Quujit^ W^i^? Lj^i^d^ 

good, [BpQlT^^. 

ill, ^pSi7,ifi-> ^GuQff^^. 



as iiewS; s:LDfT3=frrrLD, s^ws^, fs^Qs^ 
Fam'ed, a. QuajirQunGsr^ QiT^^LLj(2(r<ofr, 

Lf S Lp^ lEJ Q LU . 

Fameiess, a. Qir^fiuSlsoeon^^ lj<sl^<so 

Fa-miriar, s. Q^ni^'^.f ^-ppQQisQ^Gw, 

a demon, sk-effl^ (SjoipQuib^ iSls^rrsF^ 

of the inquisition, ufTLJL^LD^(StjiQjrrnd 

Fa-mil'iar, a. uLpssLorreur^ ©s3:t_/rzJ.t_ 
LDfTSSTy (Ei—LDrrLLL—QpefrefTj urffmrT/bp 
LDfT6sr^ <3U!tl^.S(SS)<suul1.l-^ s=n^n!T<oasr 

as easy, @a)(5f(Si//7-6W, QpC-i—pp, 
illustration, Q^GfBiB^Qu<ff^<&^. 
in a bad sense, Q<srT<sir<siasLUfT<osr^ Qsrr 

spirit, £fk-Gff), <oj€upQuuu, iSfi^^fflQ, 
to be familiar, 2>6?EL_^®^a), <?^/r<a;<5/r<9^ 

Fa-mil-iar'i-ty, s. si'^'^^ujnmesfluj 
/i), ^6oar<ssiJD^ s^<s6ijrr<3=i£)f ^r^QpsuD^ 


.LDf ^lEJSn^^LD^ Kd/SIT 


with, SerrL_rrLLi_U}^ (BU.LL!TlLl^LD^ u 

{flLDirppuci-i uLpssih^ urfi^'2et!r<) uaSlp 

&, Q^fTLp(olDL£>. 

of relationship, &-ffl(oS)U3^ ^petj. 
Fa-mil'iar-ize, v. a, ul^<s(^^&)^ uuSip 

Fa-mil'iar-ly, adv. uLpaamiTdj^ aeaLL-rr 

Luiruj^ <3ij[ri^d<oS)<sujfTLu. 
Fam'i-ly, s. <3FQps=rTiiiT^ (^Qihu^^rriT. 
bond, <f(Lp3=nirui5^LiD^ ^tsurdsiLQ. 

title, UJTQJGSsi^LJULLt—l}). 

disease, u!i^(osS(sBujrT^, 
destruction of, (^u^iEns^ua^ (^i^Q<ss 

economy, (^i^^^GsrQ€un(Lp<s<SLD, (^ 

I increase, <3Fih^[T<ouri£l(i^^.^^ su lSI ^ >3Sl 

line, ^Slsrr, Q'SerreuL^^ (SuuSIs^ld^ (^Qih 

uih, <s^ih^fT(osnh, 

lineage, ^6\}ihy Qsrr^^rrih, 

government, uiflurreoesrih. 

management, ^i^LufTLLi—Lh^ Qjismj 

^ihj ^eoeopih. 

name, urreuessfluQuir^ ^i^uQuir. 

state, s=Qps=[rrnnnff'SSL£)j ^60(Siiny^<QiJ^ 


in a family state, (^ej^sroi-soLo, iS(&k 

as class, species, ^esrih^ (^Qmuij). 
Fam'ine, s. u(i^s=i}>j (supui^^ <s(mLJLj, 
Fam'ish, v. u lLls^(5SQ l—^^&) , ulLl^ 

Fam'ish-ment, s. utLL^Gafl, u9l. 
Fa'mous, a. QiT^^ujrT<osr^ Sir^^Quppy 

Fa'mous-ly, adv. StT^fitufnUj i^sLpnuj^ 


Fa'mous-ness, s. SiT^fiLLj(oSii-.GG)Lny l/<£ 


Fan, s. (sS&nSI, 9lp(ir^60QjLLL-.uc). 

for winnowing, sf-arf^, (ippih^ (^iru 


for sifting, ^&)(sO(SDu.y ^[BQulLu^..^ 

of peacock's feathers, i£)uSlpQ(fff'<sn<3s 

Fan, V. a. <oS1.3r<s(^^&)^ <s^&?^eOy eSlQ^ 

Fa-nat'ic, S. LD^mSlLDfTGl^') ^LoQuJITmLD 

^^637, LD^siDQJirtTdQujm: 
Fa-nat'ic-al, a. LD^fTLSlLn/T(osrQp&r<sn-^ ld^ 

LD(7^(SfrLSIu^^^^ <fLnQuj[T(SJrLD^^(Lp<3rr(3ir^ 

Fa-nat'ic-al-ly, adv, L0(T^<3fr[idjj iD^o^tsnn 


Fa-nat'ic-al-ness, ^ iL^friSlLDfriosnl)^ m 
Fa-nat'i-cism, * ^ ^szou^^ojto, m 

Fa-nat'i-cize, v. a. w^nLSiDnesrQLDpgji]^ 



Fan'ci-ful, a. Qs[Trrcm5flLUfT(Surj ^^<surQp 

description, i£iQ(^<spu(SsruD^ un<cii 

tricks, Qs^lLgdi—^ QsnirGssfl. 

to be fanciful, QdsniKsssfieSKSl^eOy Q<3flL 

Fan'ci-ful-ly, adv. Q3=LL(s^L—iundj^ id 

Fan'ci-ful-ness, s. eSOsssremassrih^ in 

Fan'cy, s. GTokrcsanhj LoQfG^s/bu'^Gsrj ld 

as taste, (aSfQ^uuin^ iJDQ(GU)Q/sih. 
Fan'cy, v. a. (STGm-^u^&J, ^[ej<s^l9^^ 

Fan'cy-paint'er, s. L£>Q(Gff)<sjbuQ^^ir<sBfT 
Fan'cy-work, s. inQ(^&^^iTLD, &^^ir 

Fane, s, Q^(SurreoiULD, <au essr d serves go w^ 

eS(omessruu-5=n'^j QsrruSdo. 
Fang, s. (SudQir^ih^Lbj u&jrnSQp^GSlajQj 

/b/6l<5brQsfTLDLi . 

of a serpent, Qsniruuio^ fB<s:sf-LJu&). 

as talons, ^sih. 
Fang, V, a. ®(5'(J5*^^i unih^io^ until 

Fang'ed, a. 6udQrr^ih^(ip&T€{r, ^.Qq^ 

Fan'gled, a. (see New-fangled.) {5(su 

LDfllUem'U.fTd'SEUULl.L^f QiSUU^<S(oG)SlLj 

Fang'less, a. (susQir^ih^LSieoeorT^^ (bslSI 

Fan'tasm, s, (see Phantasm.)* ifi63r^(2*^/r 

ppw^ <3s(tlL9I. 
Fan-tas'tic, ^ (^Q<om<^<sGSTQp<2{r 

Fan-tas'tic-al, ' J sfr, (cSsmQ^nppLDiT 

<ssr^ ^6oQu(T(T^il.sntL&ujn<oST» 
Fan-tas'tic-al-ly, adv. S'2evre:SI(^uu^^ cr 

npih^ui^^ (sSQcasreaaressTLDrTLu. 
Fan-tas'tic-al-ness, s. (sSQ(sm(Sssr<omLh, 

eT(ipih^LDfr(osrLDy Qs^lL<oS)L-, 


Fan'ta-sy, s, (see Fancy.) eSQsmem 


Fan'tom, s. (see Phantom.) Q^trppih, 

Far, a. ^rnDfiGsr^ gilLi^h^, iSifleB'^esT 
LLi<s(r<sfr, ^^QsLDfTcnr. 
meaning, ^n<ss((^^^. 
fetched idea, €TLLi—fT<ss(t^^^^ <^(3 
lEJSQ^^^^ <siieSlfB^QsrTt—pQu[T(f^eir4 
sighted, infill. L^iLj<ck(srr. 
otherwise, ^fT(2iS<spuiDfT€3r^ (sSIulL^ 


to be far, ^^irrriLn^io. 
Far, adv. s^rrLnnih. 
Farce, s. fErrusih^ Q-ssmLirefrds;,-^^, u 

Far'ci-cal, a. uLLL-friEj(^-s5<s(£)^^. 
Fcir'ci-cal-ly, adv. Q-s^L-coL-iunuj^ Qsir 

LDrrefrLDfTLU. > 
Fare, s. sfrd-sp^^eSI^ uLuessrds^eS}^ ^gg?/ 

^irih^ €iJL^iLj(om'(oij, ^p&ii^^j ^-cmeii, 

Fare, v.n. Qurr^eo^ Q<SFeo^^(SO^ s_6ZR>r 

to feed, e-erorezjjfrei), QuirQ^^eo. 
he fares well, {B^QaLDiuniLKsunQpQ 

Fare-well', s e-^^frrr<9^uQLDfTL^ , eut^ 
(sSIl—go^ cgy gg?/ uLj^ <si/ih^(osrih. 
responding, Qii^n^^GDiT, iSlifliuire^l 

(SO)L^^ L3lTUJn(om'LD!El<sQ<oOrTU<^n[Tlh. 

Fa-rl'na, s. <9?Gssr6a3rLh^ y,i^^^j ^i^^ 

Far-i-na'ceous, a. ii)n<Sif<sfr(oir^ Lj^ih^ir^&r 

Farm, s. siDth^ Ljeoih^ snesS, fSeoih. 
Farm, v. a. (^^^€S)<3sQan(St^^60j (sun 

uSffi®^eO^ (2<SlJ(SfriT(oS3r<o!DLDQ<ff'UJ^<S\). 

Farm'er, s. siDdsfTji&sr-) Q6U(ofriT6sai<oSiL£> 

Farm'ing, s. SLD<ff^Qs^iij<s}>s, Q(Su<o(r(T6oar 

Far'most, a. LBs^s^mnnm, LDan^n 

Far'ness, s. ^irih^ smi—inirns^jrii}^ ffgjti. 

P 2t 



Far-ra'go, s. seoui^izfrcfr^f uci)^GS)s<i 

Far'ri-er, s. ^&)nL-imsLL(£iQpiSijm^ @ 

Far'ri-€r-y, s. (^^(SG>iT€Si<sii^^ujuci. 
Far'rovv, r. a. umfB(^LLLs^uS^^&), 
Far 'row, a. wGOu-near. 
Fiir'ther, a. ^^st^uLDnecr^ ^ul^/d^^ 

Far'ther, adv. ^uuneo, ^ulj/dw^ ^err 

Far'ther-more, adv, Qio^ih^ jtimrSiLj 
to, ^eOeOrTLDgj^ih^ ^(^^ih. 

Far'thest, a. (see Furthest.) fPi^i^, 
Far'thest, adv. (see Furthest.) pFi^ih^ 
Far'thing, s. ep(7^sfT'Jr.y epQ^uGssr^^eon 

Fas-cic'u-la-ted, a. Q^^fnufTLUQjGfr^T^Q/D^ 

Fas'ci-nate, v. a. LDUjd(^^6\)y ld^lLQ^ 

Fas-ci-na'tion, s. LOLudsLo, ilq^&t^ ld(t^ 

of the eyes, s6stTiximuijD<f ssmiDQ^&r^ 

Fas'cin-ous, a. mniuQp&irefr^ LDUJ<s(^<3fr 

ew, LDfTfE^ifliUQpeir&r. 
Fash'ion, s. ©-(^J, QarreOua^ ut^dsih^ 

tEJ<sih^ ((hiLn.<snLb. 

Fash'ion, v. a. Q-(i^<suns(^^GO^ ^(t^uu 
Q^^^eo , u^u u ®^^^6d , u 6!M 6ssr 
€S)LD^^eO^ QsFLJU€sff(Sl^60^ QstTeouu 

Fash'ion-a-ble, a. z_/js7, t^^tu^ urriasir 

manners, s^^iruufrQj iBirs/^SLOy <^rr 

man, fstrsfFsesr, ^^nesf. 
Fash'ion-a-ble-ness, *. €r(BluLj, fsrrsifs 


Fash'io-n-a-bly, adv. ^Quundj^ cnnsi? 


Fash'ion-er, s. ^(T^Lju(£l^^Q<siinm^ 

Fiist, s. &-u6ufT^Lh^ QfErreffTL^^ (sSIjj^lI,. 

as firmness, ^^dsih, lSIu^ul^. 

rigid, ^ffiujQfBfTesrLi^ ^eotEJStosrix)^ u 

Y3iSt,v. n. &.u6ufr&^^6\), QiBirppeo. 
Fast, a. <9?rijs(^6frerr^ ^sQjjiDrreor. 
as firm, tight, @^i<5u)/r«jr, iB'^a^eir 

Fast, adv. <3f-^d<snuj^ ^sQinDrnii, (S^ 


as firmly, ^^ssubnin, sj'S'GOLDndj. 
Fast'-day, s. Q-u(aiitT.?!5iT&ryQi5n&irL\^^ 

Fast'en, ». a, ^odl^^^go, siLQ^io.^ u 

with fetters, lj^lLQ^go. 

with nails, sL^ne^^iOy ^GDp^eOy Qp 

on, Q<sn{^(sQdQ<sn<s(r(QfKJsso^ ssueiSd 

QsfT(Sfr(Gf^^&0^ lSIl^^^60. 

on laths, <3=eO{T<3^<3BSLL®^eOy ^eotT<so)S 

as in a crevice, ^Qd^jseo. 
Fas'ten-ed, a. ^gijdQ(Ssr, iSluf-^^y ^ 

Fas'ten-er, s. ^£ijd(^Q(Sijn<sjr., u^u' 
QufT€k, ^(Lp^^QeufT^n-f siLQQp 

Fas'ten-ing, s. Qsfr(^eS, B^®> 0<srr 

a tie, sL-(S)y ui^ua. 
Fast'er, s. uLLis^<oBflanrrGsr, e^u^LDiSLs^ 

dQp<oii^y (sSir^. 
Fast'er, a, <3f-^d<3SfTUJ, <oSles)!i<oii[rdj. 
Fas-tid'i-ous, a, ^i-<3ULLL-ir<sary Qev^u- 

unssr, 'SR-Qn^uaunirdQp. 
Fas-tid'i-ous-Iy, adv. jijQrrnSsLcirTLUj(^ 

pQ^LDndjj Qsugfjuunuj, 
Fas-tid'i-ous-ness, s. ^QirnQath^ Qqj 

Fast'ing,^. QfS[T^L^,<sSl!r^i£),^-U€h[T'ff^ix), 
Fast'ness, s. fijnh, ^i^ih^ u^^uih^ e_ 



as a fortress, ^(7j^««Lc, (©^/TLliaoi— . 
Fat, 5. QsfT(LpuLj, iSiosanhjQfEUj, ^esLesri}). 
Fat, V. a. Qs(T(Lg<s(^^&i^ iSessr^^eo^ Qfs 

Fat, a. Q^fTQp^^y Ssm^^, iS<cst. 

person, etv^eomr^ l^ldcot", Ssm^^ 

Fa'tal, a. LDrr6a3r^^sQ£s^(Sij rreur, (sSi^<s 

symptoms in disease, LDff€ms(^fS. 

consequence, ^/bu6\)<obr, e^iEus^iJoi. 
Fa'tal-ism, s. sSl^sun^Qutr^LD. 
Fa'tal-ist, s. (sS^ojfr^. 
Fa-tal'i-ty, s. ^Lfi<sij<s(^[fluj^<dir05)LDj s^a 

Fa'tal-ly, adv, (sS^uuuf.^ s=fT<sijd(^{B^ 

Fate, 8. <2SI0^ g}€vi?L9, fSuj^j eOiS^ih. 

final event, <s<o6)i^(ipu^<oii^ umemih. 
Fates, s.(pl.)fi<9'rru60,^^Q^(SiJ€S)^s<sfr. 
Fat'ed, a. i§lujLS)dsLJULl.L-^ (sSl^dsu 

Fa'ther, s. l9;S(t, ^uugsr, ^/fsto^, QsfT 

fathers, Qppi3^n<i<S(3ir^ i3^nff<osnJD, 
of the church, ff(5U)uijSl<m-Qs=(si^i—iT 

in-law, Qu6m-QsfT®^^LniTLDdir^ ldssst 

as step father, (tp;sp^nrr^^uL9(3fr 
'bsfT<S(Gf^a(^ LDiT^ae^ek ^nsmu-niB ^n 
u^^ LDsm'LDseur. 
Fa'ther, v. a. Lj^^irs?(sS<siTiiLDU6iJar^n^ 

<^^lL®^(SO^ LSl^fT(SUIT3^(oiriTL9^^6\). 

Fa'ther-less, a. L9^iT<sSLpih;S' 
Fa'ther-ly, a. LS^rTSUGDi—Qjrresr^ un&desf 

Fa'ther-ly, adv. L3^n€u<ois>i—6uniii. 
Fath'om, 5. unsth^ (sSliufTLDih^ Li(r^L-u 

as depth, ^Lpih., ^sth. 
Fath'om, V. a. ^(Btr^^eo^ ^(3!mSl®^(so^ 

F^ath'om-er, 5. s{<sfr<oS\®Q<8iJ!TQsr^ c^5f tz) 
unnuQunm, ^QuQun^. 


F'atli'om-less, a. ^efTiSsuui—dsk^L-n^f 

Fa-tid'ic-al, a. <oT^iTaneO(^n<s5T(ip&re(rj 

Fat'i-ga-ble, a. s'^uLj(3[rm^ (offnirLj&r 

<srr^ ^efrudsPL-i^uj. 
Fat'i-gate, v. a. s'BGrr<sauu<om^}j^&), 
Fa-tigue', s. <5^, ^SsrruL/, ^Lurrs^Lc^ 

Fa-tigue', V. a. Q^rruJLuuuGsur^n^iOy 

to be fatigued, s'^^^io, Q^nuj^dd^ 

Fat'ling, s. Q<sn(Lg^^<smgiij Qsn(Lg^^ 

Fat'ly, adv. Qs,n(Lguun^^ Lfd^i^LUfTUJ, 

Fat'ness, s. QsrT(ipuLj.f Q^6(f)(siiy sercsr 

Fat'ten, v. a. QanQ^'SS(aSl®^eo^ QsiTQp 

Fat'ten, v. n. QstTQp^^eo^ Q^&fl^io, rH 

Fat'ten-er, s. QsnQ^uun<s(^Q(Siin(5sr. 

F^ii't'l-neSS, S. QsfTQpLJLjy QlSLUULjj 9\ 

Fat'ty, a. Qa[T(wuL^<2(r&r^ QiEiiiuLjerrefr. 
Fa-tn'i-ty, s. L9sr<oS)Ln', LDiudsih, ld^Qs 

Fat'u-ous, a. QuQS)^<ss>LHL\&r&r, li^^iu 

Fau'cet, s. Qsnessr^ (3^^- 
Faugh, int. ^sip<?9<s(^fSlLJLf, 9Qlu 

Fault, 8. iSloDifi. (^ppui, ^uiS^ih, (5 

GS)p^ ^(SUgU, ^L^(Slf, IT'<oSrth. 

in w or ds,Os=rrp(oS=mT(Sij,Q^fTpiSl(5SiLp, 


to find fault, (^ppLDi3is^^^<so. 
Fault'er, 5. (^pp(i^O<s^djQ<sunm, ^u 

Fault'i-ly, adv. iSloDL^uuntJU^ (^ppuinuj, 

^uiS^iLniij (^mpLUiruJ, ^uiSleSI^^ 

Fault'i-ness, s. iSlid^i^. ;S^^, ^jh/Dw^ 



Fault'less, a. ^<cxt(irj-^^ i^os)\^[upp^ (^p 
Fault'less-ness, s. ^<3ii(irj><ss)i£i<^ (^ppiB 

<^(5S)LD^ ^€Qp<m (^(SS)lJD. 

Fault'y, a. (^ppQp(Sfr<s(r^ ^ui^&irefr^ un 

<Sij Qp&ir&r ^ L9(oS)Lf)UJiT6sr. 

defective, (^GDpu^eirGfr, 

tooth, (^^<ss)^uueo^. 
Faun,s. i3UGsrQ^<3iJOSi^^Qi£)[n^^sn®sn<3ir» 
Fa'vor, s. ^<oidlu, ^q^gh-^ ^(T^Ssosr, ^frn 

as support, aid, s-^iai/, ^Ssoar, ^^n 

as benefit, s-u<sEiTjiui^ QeuQw^^ rs 


Fa'vor, v. a. ^<s5)iJuQ)^'uj^eo^ ^^dQirS) 

Fa'vor-a-ble, a. (sus^^iurrssr^ ^SLDtT<osrj 
^GSiLuajnear, (Biuuunear. 
wind, f56060siTp^f €ijfTUJuuiT€cr<srr 
time, <9i-a^<^Lby i5p<s[T&)u), ^(^k^^n 

Fa'vor-a-ble-ness, s. (Sj^^^(^ujj (Sus^^. 
Fa'vor-a-bly, adv. ^(saujujfnu^ ulL^ldit 

dj^ QfB^tnfTUj. 
Fa'vor-ed, a. ^^aiuQupp^ i5eOQp<3fr(3fr. 
Fa'vor-ite, s. QtB<9=<m^ jij(S5rum^ ■sn^eo 

GST, fsemuesr, i3iflGSiuj. 
Fa'vor-ite, a. Si'P^iuirGsr^ ^(s^L-LDfTear, 


study, <sS(T^[}>Slius&)(^. 

child, QiBffi^^^iKsary ^(r^mi^iSIm 

Fa'vor-it-ism, s. iSi^LDneonh-f ulL^ld, 

Fawn, s. LDnisfr(^0'Serr^ wfr&STSG^^. 

as flattery, ^s=^sui. 
Fawn, V. n. Q<s(i^<9i-^60, QisfiasmLQ 

to bring forth, ff^^eo. 
Fawn'er, s. Qtss^iEismLL^y Qps^^fisn 


Fawn'ing, s. Qps^^^. 
Fawn'ing-ly, adv, Qps^^^ajniiij @<£f 


Fay, V. a> ^^^&)j ^<ss)3^^eo. 

Fe'al-ty, s. ^iTn<s^fT(aij<ss<soLD<sij^ ^^2eo(3up 

@^^ ti/ <S?D L_ (39 if . 

Fear, s. umih, uojiiifSinhj ^#.Fii), <ejd 
the cause of fear, ^ssf-^^^thQurr 


F6ar, V, uiuuuQ^eOj ^^a-^&)^ (sjiej 

to reverence, (SwcOTr/E/^^eu. 
Fear'ful. a. uujuunQeiren-^ uiuikiarnnir 

ear, sj^^Qp<sfr<^' 
Fear'ful-ly, adv. umuunL-nuj^ uiumis 

Fear'ful-ness, s. ^J^s^ih, Gidsu), ^<ssy^ 


Fear'less, a. uujiJIeoeorT^, ^(^•^rr^') ^^ 
essmsyLDLUfTsar^ <^n(ipG(iew^ ^L-nffld<s 

Fear'less-ly, adv. Gsy^iftiutLinu, eE'iruiinUy 

Fear'less-ness, s. uujuSI(^<sb)U), ^em 

Feas-i-bil'i-ty,s. Qs=ujujss^®t5^«^(oO)LD, 
Feas'i-ble, a. Q^djiudsf^^i^iu^ uaknu® 
Feas'i-ble-ness, s. Qs=Luujd^fi-QiB^^ 
Feas'i-bly, adv. uGssruQ^^dsk-i^iutsSI 


Feast, s. eSl^i^, ^ldugsotl-u). 

as festival, ^(^©y^t"^? S-ps^euLo^ uessr 

Feast, v. a. eSl^tsQ^frthueO^ ©.eaaroiLl 

the eyes, <s<5m(^(Sff}iruurTiT^^&). • 
Feast, V. n. (3SI(7^rB^(6m^}/^&)y <ja)L^£r 

Feast'er, s. <sSl(r^i5^<asTy eSlfT^iQ^irmLj 

Feast'ing, s. e:SQ^ihQ^[TU)Lj(Sf)<s, jf^thiSir 


Feat, s. €^ir&:Qs=iueiD<3Sy uuirdQumih. 
Feath'er, s. ^p(S, ^/D(^j 9l<ss)p, ssoir 

bed, ^•2BQld^(SJ)^: 



as hail of a quill, QiBnSlLDuSJiT. 
as kind, ^(SOTldj Q'^^ (i^eom. 
Feath'er, v. a. ^psGssfl^eo^ ^<s))iEJSff}^ 

one's nest, ^&u^(SDUj^Q,ff:^ffl^^&)j 

to feather an arrow, ^ihi^pQpQ 

Feath'er-ed, a. ^p(^<sfrGfr^ ^p^Qldit 

Feath'er-edge, s. l^, sp^it^ (ip'^issTj 6S(^. 
Feath'er-less, a. ^pQeoeon^^ ®P(SQp 

Feath'er-y, a. ^p(^Qp'^<iQp^ ^p<^ 

Feat'ly, adv* QtsprSuufTUj, <o0)<3ss=<3?^<sb 

Feat'ure, s. jfTLudo^ a-^iI/L/, ^(j^lj, Qp 

Feat'ur-ed, a. ^fnuGOrrGsr^ Qpa^tjm 

GfT^ (ourr(^(Sfrefr, 
F^e-brific, a. '9?if(ip€mi—(rd(^Qp. 
Feb'ri-fuge, ». »inhi§<i(^ijD(T^(5^, <3f-rr^ 

Fe'brile, a. <9f-rr(^&r<3frj sfrdj^^^mefr, 
Feb'ru-a-ry, s. LDnQmn^LD. 
Fe'cal, a. <3ss=rT<sfr(ip<3{refr^ iDeOQp&r&r, 
Fe'ces, s. 3,s=rr(SfrLD.f iDGmu^^ ldgOld. 
Fec'u-lence, s. (o<ff=^<^<sn-^<osr<5S)L£)y S3=n 

Fec'u-lent, a. Q^gijar&r^ LD<5misf.uunesr, 

Fe'cund, a. Q<ff:L^uL^efr<3(r^ eS^^fiiufr 

Fe'cun-date, v. a. B^hosrCjuQ^^^GO, Q 

to be fecundated, <as0dQ<35[T<sir(^^&)j 

Fe-cun-da'tion, s. s0<sQafT(S(r(Gf^<oS)^y 

Fe-cund'i-ty, s. <ssGsflQsrr®d(^ii^m(oS)LD, 

Fed'er-al, a. &.L-<^uL^d(oO)siii<cxr(Sfry ^ 

Fed'er-al-ist, s. ^i—muuf-sosisssnrr 

Fed'er-ate, a.<SijfT<S(^^^^^ihu6m<5Bsfi(osr, 

F^ed-er-a'tion, s. uoDL-^^^j^s-mQaneir 

Fed'er-a-tive, a. s^ihuih^iniTasr, ^L_<sor 

UL^doDSULjefrefTy ^d<x(ip<3fr(Sfr. 
Fee, 5. sf-^ih^HLn^Oi^eS}^ Q€U(^ld^^ Quit 

simple, iLfTeufliuih^ Sj^^* 
Fee, V. a, ^?^<sSl<5BLLQ^^Gdy sf^eSlGsn®^^ 

Fee'ble, a. QiEndjuu^ ^(sw(TdQtu[T(osr, Sit 
uu60LD{T(osr^ LJ60<o^(osr(ipar(3fr, 

Fee'ble-ness, s. <s(S{rfTd&^ Snuuedihy 
QldnUJQ^LDy ueOGurjj^^ ueo<s^Gwih. 
of mind, Qu(o6)^q^ld^ <cJ<os>l^qs)ld. 

Fee'bly, adv. ueoeScsrinnuj^ QioeSl^undj^. 

Feed, s. s^ituuitQ') ^ear, Q-6m-(Sij, 

of beasts, ^qdh, Qunhd^io, 
Feed, v. a. ^(r^^^^eo^ Qun<Si^^^eOy 

beasts, fowls, &.C., Qlloj^^go^ ^<^ff 
Feed, v.n. S-oJaresmiOy LfQ^^io^ ^[tul9 

as beasts, fowls, &c., QiDiL^eo. 

Feed'er, 5. ^GSGr<st^Q<s[T®<sQp<siimy L^9f 

Feel, V. a_6?J5r(Tj^6Uj uiHQ^^6\}^ ^^ilt 

eS^^&d^ ^fSl^&)^ Q^0^6\), 

acutely, &.(soip^^eo, 

after, Q^®^eo^ ^wniL^eo. 

cold, 6f^^Q&}fT<S)^&}j (^<offlfn3u^^^eo^ 


for, or pity, uffl^iSl^^6\), 

heavy, as the head, ^"bsoaGsr^^eo. 

heavy, as a body, <s<our^^&)^fii^iT^^eo. 

hot and feverish, Q<5/r^i^6^,«9?®^6^. 

hot, in the body, Q<sn^^^e\). 

hot, as the weather, ^nk^^eo, 

hurt, LD(SsrQ (B n^eo ^ gSs^^stljuQ^go, 

out, eT(ip(SiJfTUjrSl^€\>, ^GOLDfSl^eO. 

thankful, (SG^r^iufB^eo. 

with the hand,;5L«a/;^605 ^(SfrfToj^iOj 


of a louse, ^.(G^gii^go, 

in the dnik J ^u.(Sij^&)y ^^^&)> 



the pulse, (Bnt^unn^^eo^ ^n^unn^ 

Feel'er, s. ^-(oS3r(7i^QwrT(^. 

of insects, ^(^^, Qaniht-j. 
Feel'ing, s. uif}<3=<QurB<s^^ ld(oStss(t^^^^ a_ 

sense of, <9i-(aijnd^ssr. 

as compassion, <5^q/, ^ndai})^ &.(j^ 

of the pulse, ^n^unn^^rS^G^. 
with fingers, Qf50L^d\), ^(Gm)<su60. 
one past feeling, s.QrrrTs=fEjQ<sLlL- 



Feel'ing-ly, adv. ^-omnQiounQL—^ s_(3 
dsLDndj^ LD(Sur<FrTn'^ LcxssrLLrSuu, 

Feet, s. {pi. of Foot.) ^i^<35<sfr^ un^ih 

Feign, c. LDirifs^ihuem-^u^eo^c^LJurTS^fTir 

Feign'ed-ly, adv. QuniJuiundj^ Q<suL-LDn 

uj^ QurreSlLunuJ. 
Feign'ed-ness, s. QurreSl, Q<sij<si^ix). 
Feign'er, s. Qufr€Sl<isnrfm^Q(su<sL^ian 

Feign'ing, s. Q€ii<si^ili, ssrsui—th. 
Feign'ing-ly, adv. Qisij(SL^LDndj^ an<suL- 

Feint, s. QiSijeffl<5=<3=rr<oS)L—j urr<5'[riEj(^^ 

Feld'spar, s. LDn(SuuSi!isa&i. 
Fe-lic'i-tate, v. a. a&fluiSl^^eo, ^ear 

Fe-lic-i-ta'tion, s. Qs^nutssrih^ €urrip^^y 

intEJSGfnh^ -si-LDikj^GOui. 
Fe-lic'i-tous, a. S(srf}uLj(Sfr(oirj Qs=nu(osr 

Lonosr^ SrULorresr. 
■ event, Qs^[TU(osr<srf(flLuw^ t^LDtaseostr 


Fe-lic'i-tous-ly, adv. stsffluumu^ Q^n 

Fe-lic'i-ty, s. ^(ckuuD^ Q,ff^&)(suih, f5&} 

great, Qu[fl6kuLD<f<9?siT^u6iJLDj<fffsn 

Fe'llne, a. i^'^d(^rf)uj. 
Fell;' 5. Q^neOf ^^itilo. 


Fell, v. a. ^f6l^^6\)^ QqjlLQ/s&Oj ^es)p 

Fell, a. (^^FLDfTeiyr^ ^<oi^L-^ Q^ni^iu, 
Fell'er, s. ^rStsnjjebr^ (^^irGsr. 
FelI'mon-ger, s. Q^nio(sSlajnunffi. 
Fel'loe,*. (seeFelly.) <s^'2ewuj<istL<off)i—, 
Fel'low, *. Qs^fT®, ©SsTOT, Q^iTL^Gsr^ a. 

uQinnQ^ 6k.LLL-fTerf}<f e_i 

citizen, jsesr^jirnrrear, e^QniB^n^^rr 


m t 

creatures, ^L-.Q(^^^€uif<s6fr^ fP^^ 

feeling, ^-i—Q(G^^^<sij<omfr(oH^ unQis 

heir, ^^^k^n<^. 

servant, Q-i^Q(CU)^^Q<3u'SevsniT^j s_ 


soldier, ^2sasruQufTiT<a^ir&^. 

student, &.L—m-iLrr<^<ss<ssr. 

sufferer, e-u-Qi^^^QrEniun&f}^ <5i_i_ 

traveller, Q/i^^^Sszrcsr, ^L^mi3rnun 
essfl. f 

of college, s€d^iflu3^L3riQiuirff0sr 

an ignoble man, Mff^, (siefflium. 
Fel'low, V. a. Q^nQsiL^^eo^ ^26Bsr<s 

Fel'low-ship, s. e_L_/5<S3)^, ^€S!jr.ssix)^ 
^dsii, ^mGis^Qiunmesfluuih^ Qffn^ 

right hand of, ^diSuih^eiyrsiTm. 
Fel'ly, s. &606SI<^<QijdsrrujdsLL<si5)L—. 
Fe'lo-de-se, s. ^pOsineoeSI, ^jbQsn'^eo 

un^sesr, ^jbsrr^s^. 
Fel'on, s. (^ppenneffl^ un^si^. 

as whitlow, /f<5<f<^^^, fESuSerrGSiev. 

Fel'on, ')QsfTL^UJ,^UJ^^(crTrT 

Fe-lo'ni-ous, * y sQperrGfr^ ^(Sl^z_, <f 
Fe-lo'ni-ous-ly, adv. ^nemL^&mnujy 


Fel'on-y, s. un^sm^ srT^sih^ 0«a?/r^<5 

Felt, s. Q^ne\)^ Q^n/bumUj ^Q^mns^esr 

LDf '9f^ujLy€sr(our/bsmLj&0LjLJ(Sff)U.eif)eu. 
Fe'male, s. Qu&kr, eh^fff. 



Fe'male, a. Qu6ssTun^S(^(fluj^ Quem 
Sf^dsQ^jSy LSI(oC3rGij(2rr<zfr. 
government, QuGsar(sm-ir<3^. 
excellency, Qu€sst6sstgOld, Quessnoir 

■ friend, Q^fTL^, sir^^SI^ LSIfflaDLU, <fQ^ 

Feni'i-nine, a. Qu(om-'fS(^<ss®^^^ Qu 

effeminate, Qu<om'(ois)Lniu[T<our^ (^ulSIgo 
eon^^ ^6m(oS)LDLu/b/D. 
gender, Qu<oourufT6\)^ em^rPoQiEi'SSLD. 
soft, delicate, G) logo &9lu6\) [rear, 1^0 

Fem'o-ralj a. Q^fT<oS)i—<35s®^^^ Q^[tgdl^ 

Fen, s. cff^cs^, G)3=^uLjSeOi}), s_3syr, Q<s: 

Fence, s. Qqj&9^ ^ss)L-.uL^^sfT(Sij(sOj^ 

as fencing, QqOlduld^ Qjtldld. 
Fence, v. a. Q(ausS'ujGDi—^^6\), ^itg^u 

Fence, v. ?i. QGOLDULDU(om'^}]^GOj &&) 

Fenc'ed, a, ^/(szoi-^^, s{^<osS^^t ^troj 


city, or town, ljitld, ^uim, (Bssru). 
Fence'less, a. ^ODL-uiSleoeoir^j Q<sue^ 

uSeOeOtr^j sfTULSleoeon^^ ^rrssor/bp. 
Fenc'er, s. Qeoihudsmreur^ QmSl^ Qg- 


Fen'ci-ble, a. sirssd&^u^uj* 
Fenc'ing, s. Putldu)^ QeOihwsS'BsrrujfT 

master, QeoihussirjKok^ Quinuuessfl 


materials, £5^<3in<sOQp^(oSluj<ss)<Qij^ Q<su 

^school, 96\}Lbud<3;u.i-.LDy QnuDU&Lp 

Fend, 17. w. (sS€od(^^&)^ <sn^^60, 
Fend'er, s. ^uj^^nrkiQ^ ^uudsnut^, 

in shipping, iBirsseossnuLi^^fSl. 
Fen'nel, s. ^^(^uiSI^ Qu(r^(^^ir<sui. 
Fen'ny, a. Q<3=^LDL^(S(refr^ Q3=^<s(r<sfr^ ^j 

Feoff, 5. LLrresfliuih^ Qeu^u)^. 


Feoff, v. a. (see Fief.) ^tLQQujnuLjd 

Qsn®^^GO^ LLfTGfffluJIEjQsfl(D^4^6i>. 

Feoff'ment, s. LDnQSiLjfEjQanQd<c5)a, 
Fe-ra'cious, a. <sE<offfltLj(Sfr<ofrj s€uflQ<sn(bl 

Fer'ment, 5. Qsn^^ Qfsiidsn®^ ^jiaSliu 

as confusion, (^L^uuih, ^seosib. 
Fer-ment', v. a. QurTiasuuem^u^iOj 

Q[Bn^'Sauu(sm^}]^GO^ (^ipuLj^Q). 
Fer-ment', v. n. Qu[rfEj(^^<so, Q^nfi^^ 

as leaven, Ljerfl^^GO^QtEir^^^do. 
Fer-ment-a-bil'i-ty, s. QrEiT^s<s<s5<3iL.t^ 

Fer-ment'a-ble, a. Q<su<sE<s<3k-L^uj^ QiBfT 

Fer-ment-a'tion, s. O/f/t^, Lj&ffuLj, 
of vegetable matter, ^(cSlugo^ s_l1 

of liquids, Qan^ui^^ QiErr^^ Quaih 

of leaven, ljgtFIulj^ QfEn^uLj , 
Fer-ment' a-tive, a. Q'Srrfidss^Qs^ujQp, 

^ (SUIT'S <S<dQ -3^ djQp^ QlBfT^UlSldQ/D, 

Fern, s. i^itQ^uldlj. 
Fern'y, a. (§iTQQJLhLj<3rr(Sir. 
Fe-ro'cious, a,^LLi—Qp&rQfr^^L.<sSliiLDn 

<osr^ Qs[T<Sl<sa)LDLUfT€sr. 

persons, <s6ssrL-<siT^ ^lLl^it^ ^^(^ 

Fe-ro'cious-ly, adv, QdsrrQG^iLDUjmUj ^ 

Fe-ro'cious-ness, s, ^dQinh, QairQ 
Fe-roc'i-ty, s. ^fidsw^ ^aQnQsnu 

Fer're-ous, a. ^^uDLjdi^ffluj, 
Fer'ret, s. SffluS(S3rsjCD^niTLSI(T^<si£>. 

as a tape, <5^n(sSl^iBiTi—iT. 
Fer'ret, v. a. «^'^e^J^^60, ^erfluiSli-^fi 

Fer'ret-er, s. G^<sff)uiSlL.;S^GSJ0ih^sp 
Fer'ri-age, s. ^Luih^ ^<oO)pd3^eSI^ c^l- 



Fer-rifer-ous, a. ^(r^ihLjarar. ^'(T^tsL^ 

Fer-ru'gi-nous, a. ^jfT^ihi^drefr, ^qt^ld 

Fer'rule, s. l^cbot, si-<ssin^ QmLfrf). 
Fer'ry, s. ^<5S)jd, ^pd^ih^ @(?zrQ/^^ 

rent, ^QSipQp<£,s(^^^GS)<s, 
renter, ^<oS)p(ip<sd(^^^G5)iES[Tn<cxsr. 
Fer'ry, v. a. ^<oS)p^Q^fTesiSiiSpQsiT(sm 

Fer'ry-boat, 5. fpt-ih^ ^(S^p^Q^nejssfi. 
Fer'ry-man, s. ^L^<ssiTrrm,^€0)p^Q^/T 

€15311 <SSfT IT ^. 

Fer'tile, a. Q<ff:L^LJLj(3ir<3(r^ oSI'Serretjeirar. 
country, Q^L^^^tBfrQj (3SI'2i5rreij(arem5fr 
®, (SuefTfurrQ. 
land, Q^QpmL^L^^ (SiS/Ssyrei/sfrerr/^eULD, 

to be fertile, Q^l^^^go, 
Fer'til-ly, adv. Q<s'^uunuj. 

Fer'tile-ness, ) Qs=L^uLf, QsfrQpu 
Fer-til'i-ty, * 5 H'> ®^®frLD, Q^q^xsidld. 
Fer'til-Ize, v. a. Q3=L^<s<suu<om^i]^&3^ 

Fer'iile, s. s^fTilGiDL^, 

Fer'ven-cy, s. lSI(^^ituijd^ ^Qsnirth^ ld 

Fer'vent, a. ^LLi—essTLnrreor, ^aQuLLn 
esT^ QSlQ<aijsLnrT<ssr^ (oSXaxinn-iQiULnirGsr. 

Fer'vent-Iy, adv, Q<auuuLDfTijLj, (osusuirrrd 
QiULomu^ e^(7^uuLDrTUJ^ ^esreondj. 

Fer'vid, a. Q(QuuuLLnGsr^ (y^L-near^ c^qj 

Fer'vid-ly, adv. QenuuiLntb^ eaxsyirndQ 


Fer'vid-ness, s. @(y, Qeusth^ <sG)QjrrfT<s 
Fer'vor, s. ^ssreo^ Qojsih^ eiS^uuwj 

Fes'cen-nine, s. iDem-ojfTi^^^. 
Fes'tal, a. eSI(7^iF^d<s(Sl^^^ LoQi^s^^turT 

Fes'ter, v.n. 9,isLL®^eo^ Qsn^^^eo. 
Fes'ti-val, s. u(skruf.<^s^ fi^eSlLpfr, e. 



Fes'ti-val, a. dl^i^^g^d^ffluj^ ii>Q^^9 

Fes-tiv'i-ty, s. QanismL—nLLL-th, ^em 

Fes-toon', s. l^ld/^'Sgo, Q^nnemih. 

in architecture, Q^^ntnn'^. 
Fes'tu-cous, a. (oSxsudQsneOfTpQs^ujuj 

Fetch, s. S-ufTLUih^ ^rs^inh. 

Fetch, V. a. cTQ^^dQ<ssrT6sarQ<sij(7^^6\)^ 

a breath, ^s's?(QUfTfsj(^^&}. 

a price, (2SI'^Qu^(pj^&). 

as reach, Q<sf0^6O^ ^emQ^eo. 
Fetch'er, s. QsrT(^®6ijnRQp<QUGsr. 
Fet'id, a. fEirppLDirGsr^ ^pak^innGsr. 

to be fetid, lEn^^io. 
Fet'id-ness, s. lEtrppih^ isfrpeo^ ^psih 

Fet'Iock, s. (^^6S)iT<ssrTp(^<SDip,^<x-LD 

Fe'tor, s. isirppih^ ^psk^Cb. 
Fet'ter, s. s(Tpp^2€rr^ srr&)(s£leoim(^. 
Fet'ter, v. a. LSI^sssr^^eOj cstLQ^eOy ulL 

Fe'tus, s.S(i^^s^LJL9ioasrL^LD^ l^^gsstud. 
Fetid, 8. (^i^uuthy ^casr&DL-.^ ^imuu 

as feif, wirajffuji})^ s-ihiS^etftdGiDS. 
Feud'al, a. ^thiSI<s(fl<i<o(D6sd<s®^^. 
Feud'al-ism, s. ^uL9erfl<i<oS>sLJLSi£ri£in 

eaariiij LDneijftLULjtSlinDfTeasnh. 
Fetid-al'i-ty, s.^ui9<sif)<!E<si^3,^^mQSii£). 
Feud'a-to-ry, s. ^^ui^effliei^ssnnGsr. 


bilious, tSI^^&f-srih. 
burning, jSfTu<9?fTti. 
contagious, Q^np^s^ntJuff^io. 

violent, i3B®(i^<9rJTLD. 

continual, eSli^rrd.sfTiLiJ'^eo^ <^ 

intermittant, Qpos)pssiT(Lff^GO. 
irregular, ^(SDi^dsrrdj<s=^0i)j ^il.®d 

night, ^rrnssnujffffGO. 

tertian, (tpm(nj'(ip<ss)ps«nuj^^60. 

quartan, r5rTeOn'Qp<oS)pd<SEfTtu<f<ff:&)y tsfT 




quotidian, ^^esrdanuj^feo. 

in adults, ^.L-Sfnu^s^eo^ (^effJirsfTLu 


internal in children, ssmdsnihs^^ 

bilious, iSl^^^iTLh. 

burning, %fru<9f-£ri£). 

continual, (oSiL-.[Td<snuJ3=^<so^ (sSc-rrd 

Fe'ver-ish, a. .sfTLLi<9=<ff:p(^essr(ipm-(Sfr, sh 

Fe'ver-ish-ness, s. QsfT^,Q(suuLj^(^(S}. 
Few, a. QeOy ^pu^ Q<s/t(^,9^. 
Fevv'ness, s. <s?0d<ibt}}y &g^^Q^iTQD<s. 
Fi'ance, v. a. (sS!6utT<9s^^j<s(^<suiTd(^<s 

Fi'at, 5. «z_lL_3sYr, QpLSf-UL^^ esSI^. 

of God, ^(7^Qjrrd(^. 
Fib, s. Qumii, &^firr(sn.ff:(SsrLh^ Ljirisifl. 
Fib, v,n, QufTUjQ<9=(T(30s^^eo^ Qunuj^ 

Fib'ber, s. Qurrdjium, L^iT<sff)d<S[TfT€or^ l/ 

Fi'bre, s. ^Illlj^ ^ldlj, f5rrn,^eo, 

of a rope, @<sa)^, LjrFl. 
Fi'brous, a. Q^LDueoirGsr, QuDunasr^ lu 

irihufTSsr^ [S{T(r^&r<sfrf ^LLLf&refr. 

as clasp, y^®. 
Fick'le, a. ^(SfruuLDrre^sr, S'^iu/hp. 
Fick'le-ness, s. iB'^uSmosiui^ q.^^uS1 

Fick'ly, adv, fS'2GouSi(oar<s(DLDLumuj ^(Szo<f 

Fic'tile, a. ^>-0<3u(T<sQ(5sr, eu'2esrih^^ <oS)s 

Fic'tion, s. slL(Bi<£<s(oS)^^ <s5lL(Si<sS(dS'<sl^ 

Fic'tious, ) <oS)<aiJULi<s<sLLi^rr(Sin-^ <3s 

Fic-ti'tious, * 5 LL®<SES€S)^ujrT(oor^QufT 

Fic-ti'tious-ly, adv. sil.®<sffk-il.L-.niL^ 

Qu{TUj(D(SU(SL^LDITUJf Q U ITUJ iU ri ii] . 

Fic-ti'tious-ness, s. <5G)(5uuLjd<ssLLQ^ @ 
Fid, s. Q^fTp^uufTLULDrriB^rTfsjQj undj 

as Iftpin, stj61^Q^{Tpp<SD<su^^uiS!i6ir 

Fid'dle, s. luny^^ eS'Ssm', QmesrjTih^ iso' 

bow or stick, (sSio. 

bridge of, £^os5sraSI^(^^€S)iT. 

hair of the bow, eSlioiEnem. 

string, ^IB^tfly (BITLDL^. 

Fid'dle, v. ujnu^<sniT&^^eo.^ <^2s5sr!Sun& 

to trifle, <sS'(^LLjd<s5rfG0^(os>^uQu/Tds 
eb, Qufr(ip^(oUfrda60. 
Fid'dler, s, Q&srtssnr&sr^ 65iE<s0<su&n'^ inrr 

Fi-del'i-ty, s. P-essr<o!^LD, lEls^ih^ S^nssrihy 
Qf5iT<oSiLD^ fEireaanuLD. 
conjugal fidelity of a wife, <spLj^ u 

Fidg'et, s. ^0^0UL^, urrurruLj. 


V. a. 





Fidg'et, ^ ^^60, ujTu 11^^60 y ^u^ 


Fidg'et-y, a. ^q^^qf^^^, 

a fidgety person, s<S(^(Si^^€ueGr, ^ 

(T^^Q^^^^ <sor. 
Fi-dti'cial, a. mwSd(^.s[i\mm ^ 2_^^a/ 

Fi-dti'cial-ly, adv. rsihL9d<5s)<siuiTuj^ (srv 

Fi-dti'cia-ry, s. ib'muuuQusu^, fsihu 
^^d<s(su<surf <siDsuj<oO)i-.<3SfTir(our. 
in theology, Q[fl<ss)(juQ<^(2SI^ 

Fi-dii'cia-ry, a. fBihuuuL-^^ds, eSlsr 

Fie, int. ^^, ^<su^d9\<s(^fBuL^, 
Fief, s. ^lLQ^ Lonefffliuih^ (stsbrQsfTsoL^y 

Field, s. Q(siJGff)^ <sS'^S&)Lb. 

barren, <srrLDLjfS6\)ih,QufTLLi-.pp<oS3ir^ 

6S<3fT(TI§lG0LD^ U IT Lfi fS &) th . 

cultivated, ^n<56:>(SuiQG0uD,<sSl'bstrL^G0ih. 

marshal, Qs=(^u^, 

mouse, ^sOipsSl. 

spoils, Q<srr(3iT'StsrruQurT(^(Sfr. 

sports, QsulLi—U)^ (o<SiJL-<oS)L^, 

of battle, QufriTd<SGfrLh^ ^Qseirih^ ^ 

LLITSS'ofrLi), <3=LDlT<SS<ofru:)^ ^IT<oSSr<S(olTljb, 




of rice, miUGO^ uGm'Soisr^ LD0^S(Si)ih^ 

to take the field, QuniBQeoppeo, 

to lose the field, Q^np^uQun^io^ 


to gain the field, Q^ev^^dv^ s^uuiej 

in scriptural sense, 2_6\)«5?ii. 
Field'-piece,s. &^iSrr[EjQ,QSi<suiS!TiEjQ' 
Fiend, s. ^iL.i—Q^6ii<ss>^^ uffn&h^ Qu 

Fiend'-like, a.QuujfTLLi—LDiT<sar,^Ll.L^, 
Fierce, a. Q<%n(£l<oS)LDaj[Tesr^ ^sQuldu 

countenance, S-<sQrr(ipsih, Qsnt^uj 

invective, QsnQt^Qs^neo. Q(sij(i^Qs=fr 

60, QiSULhQLDrrL^. 

wrath, ^L.<iQjjQ^nuLD^ s(SlihQsnuLD^ 

Fierce'ly, adv. QptrddSLLmuy ^QsirmDiT 
lu, ^^(^gfiLDUfriL, Q(Sij(osorL-rr^^'2eo 

Fierce'ness, s. QsfT(Sl(SDLD, ^-dSfrrih, sf 

QsniTLD-f Qpirdsix). 
Fl'er-i-ness, s. sQ<oS)LOy Q(3ijLD(suiLD, Q(su 

<SLD^ (oc35fTUU)^ S€Sr&0^ Q)(oUUUUOi. 

Fi'er-y, a, 'Seffr^&r<3frj ^Quni^p^ Q<su 

Fife, S. ^LU<S(^Lp60^ Q€UUJfi}(^tps\}, 

Fif'er, s. (^Lp§iir^Qp<Qudir. 
Fifteen, a. u^'^/ssri^. 
Fifteenth, a. u^^esrih^nLb. 
Fifth, a. ^fB^n(Sij^rr<^sr^ ^iF/snuD. 
Fifth'ly, adv. ^iB^rTsu^mu, 
Fifti-eth, a. ^wu^nih. 
Fifty, a. ^ldu,^, ^liurre^. 
Fig, s. c5y^^, ^^^uuL^ih. 
Fig'-tree, s. ^^^Loinh. 

Fight, *. QufTIT, U^^^lhy ^LDIT<) <^Gm-<SSJL-, 

Fight, V. QuniTrT®J560^ iq^^(^Q<9=iu^60y 
Fight'er, s. Qu[r!in®Q<sun<^^ ii^^^ii^Qs' 


Fight'ing, s. QunnnL-L-LL, ^^gsst&dl-. 

cock, QunirffQff(2u<so. 
Fig'ment, s. QsxsnuLjdsLL®^ Quniuds 

Fig'u-late, a. P-Q^e^n&suuLLu.^ <su2csr 

Fig'u-ra-ble, a. €u'2£erLu<s£h}L^uj^s.(T^6un 


Fig-u-ra-bil'i-ty, s. &-(7^LJut^<ss?^L^uj 
Fig'u-rate, a. Qune^ajiresry ^-([^(susmn ' 
Fig-u-ra'tion, s. &.(7^6uQul{^ S-q^uu 

Fig'u-ra-tive, a. LS!rSQ^rrafr(oS)pO<su&fJu 


language, s-isi/solo, ©-(ay/D/rajrii, &.0 

Fig'u-ra-tive-ly, adv. &-(2ijesii£UJmu, e^u 


Fig'ure, s. ®d i^eu thy ^(r^eu ui^ ^vuiB^rrLD, 
appearance, ^ Qsn&dLD^ Q^frppua^ 
personage, ) s^mueo^ unih^^ ^rriEj 

as numeral, ^eossih. 

as a letter, ^iL-frrth^ ct(z^^^. 

shape, s^iTiuiOy ^snuuDy &JL^(Sijy e_(^ 

image, ) u/ro/Sezfr, L9irfi<SDLDy Quit 

statute, 5 iJcKSSiLD. 

as horoscope, ^n^siJo. 

of speech, Q^freo^&yiEJsnrriliy ^<ss£. 

in the mind, spiS^ihy (sresaressrihy <s= 

to make a figure, QsrrQ^^^eOj ^d 

Fig'ure, v. a. uneS^^eOy ufr€u'2tssrQ<3=dj 
/geOy ^^(SufrdseOj ^L.(T^msuu(Sl^^60y 

in the mind, sptSlsj^eOy Gressr^^j^eOy 

u [T<sSiJUik]Qsn<3(r(3{reo. 
Fil'a-ment, s. ^eOy ^uiLfj ^liiLf, 
in botany, ^eoeSy <sl./5^^. 
ofleaves, (Bjuhi^, 
as fibre, (sirtr, iejtldlj. 



Fil-a-ment'ouSj a. L^LLu^6\)Qunmp. 
Filch, V, a. Q^trrr^^eo, &^<S(Sfr<Si^Q<s=uu 

Filch'er, s, Q^<3S(3(r<sij(ok^ r§} lSI <oasr up. , Q<sf(t 

Filch'ing-ly, adv. <£(B(r(Su(Tih^ ^(t^lL®^^ 


File, s. sjiTLD, 

a list, u lLQ L. it'26\) ^ ^l-ztl/l/, ^&}fr 

of papers, olas, uLLQi—ir'^dsLL®^ 

of soldiers, ^<5usfl^f§<as)n'^ u^^^Qu<s{r 


File, V. a, j)jrra(s^^&J, ^nn^^^(50. 
to arrange, Qs(T^^e\)^ (oTQp^ujsssflu 

an account in court, a6m^(^<ssfnl. 
File, V, n. <^Q^€ijiTi3mQl(^((^<susr[rdju 
Fil'ial, a. i3(sir'2err<ssiLDiunsGr^ L^m'Berruj 

aiFection, L9<sir'^iu€O)i—<sija6sr<oii0d<s 

Fil-i-a'tion, s. iSi^fT<siji—mLSI(Sfr^<s(^<sfr 
Fil'i grane, 
Fll'ings, s. (pi') jfjirQuiTu^, 
Fill, s. ^ueasru), ^0^fi, 
Fill, V. a, filrruLi^6\}, (Bosip^^eo^ ^^^^ 

up by cramming, Q3=(i^(ip^io^ ^Qp 

up a well, pit, &c., ^n^^io^ Qw<^ 

to satisfy, ^((^^^iun<i(^^<so. 
Fill, V. n. iSirihLjs^eo^ iSos^p^di)^ Q^iej(^ 

as clouds with water, s^dQsfT&rfSf^ 

up as a well, ^ir^eo^ (oLoeijem-eO. 
as an obstructed water course, Q^ia 

Fill'er, s. i§ljTLJLjQ<sufT^^ iSjtuljqj^i, 
Fil'let, s. s<5:<ar, fsni—fT^ iSlosSosis. 
Fill'ing, s. !§lffLiLj€S)a, isl^s^pui^.. 


S. > <3=[fl<oG)<ZuSl<o5iLpLJL\, 

as thread, ^nh^GO. 
Fil'lip, s. <ff6jRjr®(SS)<3. 
Fil'lip, VI. a. »€sor(Si,<s&), lB'lL.Q^go. 
FiMy, s. (^^€S)it<s(^lLl^. 
Film, s. s'djeijy QLodds^LuQ^irdo, ul- 


over the eye, (of5^fiiruuL^&)Lb^ u 

to take otFthe tilm, uu.GOLDP-rfl^^GO, 
Film'y, a. <3=(SiJ6i\Qn-(ofr, u t-..6\)(ip<srr(srr. 
Filter, s. <5i/if.^'2s\), <suup.d(^fEjS(T^(SiS}. 
Fil'ter, v. a. suup-^^io^ cS^fffl^^so. 
Fil'ter, v.n. s^^^^, ojup-^eo. 

Filth, S. J}l(Lpd(^, &&L^£S)^, W&JlX), ^<3r 

Filth'i-ly, adv. LD<sSl&5rLD(ruj, ^^^turrLu, 

Filth'i-ness, s. ^(tp<3S(^^ ©grr^isro^. 
Filth'y, a. LD(sSI(onrLcifT€ar^ ^§K^G5)^ujrr€sr, 

person, s^f-wnGOm'^ <s5<3f-LDfT(3)S. 
words, ^s=uLSIiJuih^ ^(SL^^sm-. 
Fil'trate, v. a. ^tfl^^eo, euuf-^^io^ qjl^ 

Fil-tra'tion, s. ^(flui^, eui^uLfj Qua 

Fim'bri-ate, v. n. &-QirrTLD6prrQp<dr6fr. 
Fin, s. L^(^Qp(^^L£'&srQ<s=LL<oGiL—')Q<3=^, 
Fin'a-ble, a. (^ppihQuiTi—uui^^^d,s^ 

Fi'nal, a. ir-i^esr^ <s<oS)L-uunesr^ Qpisp.€nn 

cause, {§luSI^^<sfr£r6sanb^ ^oj)L-.Qf5rrd 

Fl'nal-ly, adv. FF^nrfUJ, ^iB^wiriu, sbqdu. 

Fi-nance', s. uemojir^^^ ^ii(Ts=n<Si^<s(^ 

s=(oS^(7^ih^<oS}p^ <su0WfTearih, ^€S)p. 
Fi-nan'cial, a. u(sm6UQ^w{T<sK^^<sa® 

Fi-nan'cial-ly, adv. euQ^LDij&srLDauj. 
Fin-an-cier', s. ^wiSlj^, s=ldu^^^<s<3s 

Finch, s. ^fruiLQ. 
Find, V. a. <S(5m-QLSlL^^^6\)y sj<ss)i—^'so^ 



fault, LS(SSiL^Quj(b)^^€0^ iS&DI^l9l^^ 

one's self, ^mQun^uunibi^Q^uj^ 
the way, <SijL^<s{T^ii^6\)^ qjl^iSIl^^ 
ways and means, taUL^^eopi^L^^^ 

€0, <6iJL6)QJ66)S<3SrT(oG3ri^€d. 

to find in, as supply, Q<5U(6mi^iU(oiy)^ 

in law, ^iT^^6\). 
Find'er, s. s<sm-®LSli^LjQun(^^ semL^ 

(SSiL-QsiJn&sr,, srrfxmQunehr. 
Find'ing, s. <sit^h<sids, shlL^-^ sem-Q 

of a jury, ^ituli. 
Fine, s. ^&SGru.i£>^ sjuuh^ld. 

in fine, (ipi^LJu{nus=Q<9=(T&}s^Q&)^ Qp 


Fine, v. a. ^(omL-!ki(^rS^^<so^ ^essn^u) 
as clarify, Q^&B^^eo^ Q^pg^^eo^ qj 
metals, medicine, &-c.j L^L^iSQ^eo^ 

Fine, a.QLD^(oS)LDLUfT(SSr,^6SSr(SDU:)iUfT€lF^ 

suL^LDfTesr, Qpuunesr. 

gold, U^lhQua&STy ^ISJSLD, ^uu 

Fine'draw, v. a. ^<ss)ifiuQun®^eo^ Qis 

Fine'draw-er, s. ^i^L^uQunQQeuirGsr, 
Fine'ly, adv. ^emeaLDuunuu^ t^-tTesjLDLurT 

ujy Qpuumti^ i^rrsiPsLDtTUJ, ^Lpsmu, 
Fine'ness, s. QslLu^^ ^lLuld^ sk.iT 

Sf-^^UDf iSl^^-f &pUL^. 

Fin'er, s. L^i-.i£l(^Q(Sunm^ ^peaxsiju 

Fin'er-y, s. (^s^neo^ Qsnun^ ^ibujijULD^ 

Fi-ness', } - ^ ' 
Fi-nesse', j -^ «-" ' 
Fin'ger, *. <3S)S(oSIit(so. 

the fourth, or ring finger, ^i^eSlireOy 


fore finger, ^LL&nLLu^<aSlij&)^ stlLQ 
<sSliTeO^ ^pg^eS, 

little, Qesre^eSireo^ secffLLL^tsms^ ^ 
Fin'ger, v. ^L.6ij^eo^ Q^it(Si^&), QiBrH 


play on an instrument, lS'lLl—go, 
Fin'ger-ed, a. esisQ^niLi—^ urfl^^^. 
Fin'i-cal, a. ^ibuuirinDniosr, ^uSIeorresr^ 

Fin'i-cal-ly, adv. ^uS&dndj, e^iuLuninDfT 

Fin'i-cal-ness, 5. e^uSleo^ ^s^rreo^ Q<sul^ 

Fin'ing, s. Q^effluLi^ s?^^u)u<sm6sorisOy 

as penalty, ^uun^LD. 

pot, (^GSiS, 
Fl'nis, S. (Lpi^G^-f S^LDfTU^lhy 

Fin'ish, ) Qpis^ei^, Qpp^^ ^Lny, 

Fin'ish-ing, * J nemu)^ tS&Dpei^. 
to give a finish, &puuiT<s(^^&), Q<3=u 

Fin'ish, v. a. Qpu^^^eo^ ^fr^^eo^ ereo 
'20osLL®^e\)j (ipL^LJLfdsLLQ^eo^ ^n 

a plan, s0LDU3(ipu^^^6O^ ^(7^0uih(ip 
■ L^^^eo. 
Fin'ish-ed, a. (ipu^ih^^ Lf^!T6mij>rr<s<suu 

lLl^, ^iri^j ^iTssuDfT(om. 

rogue, ^iTiE^<!E(Sfr6ijm-. 

to become finished, ^/f^eu, Qpu^^eo. 
Fin'ish-er, s.(ipL^uQufT<^.)^iTu(DUfTesr. 
Fl'nite, a. ereo'hsou^&r&rf LDLLQ&refr^ ^ff 

uurresT, ^S^^oj^ (ipi^eij&rcstr. 

verb, Qpp^isSl'bssr^ e^'^esrQpp^. 
Fl'nite-ly, adv. wiLi—nii., ^iB^^uj 


Fi'nite-ness, s. <sr60'^u^<3(r<3(r^(^(oS)LD^ ^ 

Fin'less, a. QpQeoeOn^^ Q^^(sSl6deon 

Fin'-like, a. ijS'&K&p(^Qunm-p. 
Fin'ned, a. Qp(^Qp'2<o(r^^. 
Fin'ny, a. Qp(^<3(r<3(r.^ Q<sF§^<sii&T<o(r. 
Fin'-to-ed, a. Q^neoij^iL^&r<3fT. 
Fir, s. Q^<sii^n(T^. 



Fire, 5. QrE(rF,uLj^ ^i^/szri?, ^, Q^iq^ 

arms, (pL) Q€yi^<ss0<sSs&r. 
hrdind, GTfflQs iT<3frGffl ^^<sQs iT(oir(cffl -,0 15 
0LJLjsQsfT(Sfre{f}^ Q(^Qeff)^ ^/rxsms. 
brand, as a person, Qi5(i^uum^ ^ 

ULi&JTy Ql50ULldQsfT<3(r&f]. 

coal, ^esoreo^ ^l^go. 

engine, ^iU6i9d(^(i^<ff=&)(^^fiiTih. 

fly, lSI (^ l£1 (ocfl ^ ss^Qffn^ih. 

god of, ^dQ(oi^(D^(atJ(Scr. 

lock, ^uurrdS). 

place, j^jQuLj^ <sf?&)e^y a.'Sst;, Qp^^n 

ship, ^sfr6\)LDir-ss6\)u:i. 

spark, Qf5(7^LJLiLjQurTnSI-) Lj&SJiij'Sth. 

wood, eBp(^^ ^!5^6snh, 

works, QjiTioSon})^ unemnli. 

submarine fire, sfnii^^^, €UL-<sun<osr 

as conflagration, QuiTLpeo^Qu^ih^. 

as ardor, passion, LDQirQ^<SLD, 
Fire, v. a. QsrT(&^^^^60^ ^^lL.(Si^<so. 

cannon, Qqjl^<3?<Si^6\)^ Qsui^^ir^eo. 
Fire, V. n. Qf50uL^uu/bsi^^<so^ errfl^ei)^ 

Qs ITU (ip^^eo . 
Fire'man, 5. QiE(i^uu(sSLjQunm, 
Fire'-pan, s. <s€muL\<g=^L-L^. 
Fire'side, s. ^Quuisiseoyir. 
Fir'ing, s. Q<suu^<^<Sij^^<so. 
Fir'ing-I'ron, s. (^LLCSldCosrreo. 
Fir'kin, s. e^nQps^sieomen, 
Firm, 5. ^^uQuj!TS<sn^^sn, sf^LL^eSliurr 


Firm, a. S'hs\)LurT(sar, ^L-u)iT<ssr^ fijLnrr 
euryGTu^rrLDrrear^ ^-jixirresr^ ^-^^Lunesr, 
attachment, ^i—u^^. 
body, ^.n^^^^SiSi-i <3Bjb<9=tfiTw^ <S)js=Q 

cloth, a®^^uLj(SJ)i—<oO)<QiJ, 
declaration, s-^^Ms^rreo, fii—(su^ 

gait, fiL-(Tffl<S,3SLDfT€Sr[B(5B)L-., 

mind, 0}L-LD(osn})^^L—rrffl<ssL£)€ffrih^ s 


«oil, ^ir^^Seoih^ GuaSiitBeOtii, 

a firm built man, ^^Slesrs^jm^ £-zr 


to be, grow, or beconje firm, ^a^^ 

to be firm, or decided, ^sOTf^^eJ, iB 

iSin^eo^ ^iTLDiT6tirLDiT^eo. 
Firm'a-ment, s. eurTesrQsuerf}.) ^sitluud^ 

Fivm-R-ment' Q.\j a. ^sfTUJ(sSifl<sij3s®/^^, 
Fir'man, s. LSlirujfTesaru^firfleB)^. 
Firm'ly, adv. Q-^^luitlUj etv^uuDnuj^ S 

"^/eOLUfTUJ^ ^L-LDfTdj. 

Firm'ness, s. ^(Lp^^m, ^iruL^f ^iruDy 

unflinching, (sSli—nuiSluf.. 

of mind, or principle, s6\)iEjsnfS'2eo<f 


as a grasp, tie, di-c, lSl^ul^. 
First, a. ^^tuiresr^ (ip^6\)fT6sr, Qp^eon 
ii), ^6v), ^'2eoiS3iLDiurr6!ir^ (oLmsn'QDLDUJtr 

begotten, Qp^pQu(^(Ssr^ Qp^pi3p!5 

born, ^'SsuutilsfrSoYT, ^'^s=s=^^ Qs^ 

cause, (Lp^psnrrsaunjD^ ^^smrem'dif 


daughter, ^'^)Lns<sir^ Qs^LLL-L^^^ifl, 

fruits, Qp^pun^ui^ Qp^p&sS^ Qp^ 


principle, ^L^^eotl)^ ^edir^nijiL^^ 

eO^^^<SU LD. 

son, ^'^LDS^^ Q<S=ll.L—L^^^IT<^, 

First, adv. Qp^eonuj., ^^iunuj^ ^^^^ 

First'ling, s. ^'^uSpgii.^ QffLLL-LDS<s^. 
First'-rate, a. LSIn^rreorLDfTesr^ Qp^eo^^ 

Fisc'al, 5. <sy0LDfT(5snjD^ s^ihiSlir^f eujnsi^ 

Fisc'al, a. eu^LLrreardseaards^dsQ 

Fish, s. i/few, lds^s^ld^ i^eoneo. 
basket, uS'^snu/SI. 
charmer, i^eoneosLiuf.. 
dried, s^qjitQ, 
eater, LDS=<F<sii<5ssr^j LD^)!(6m<56r. 
fins, iS'm&p^') L^65rQ«FLle»L-5 i/few- 



flying, u/D<oa3(QiJLS'm. 

pond, iJ'(^ldQ. 

renter, LS'<s^^fr<o6)isu<isn!Tm^ iE(ss[(^^ 

salted, &-uLSlLl.L-LDS=s=ui^ s-ul3lLi— 

scales, Seomht^f Q^Qerr^ Qs=fi&r. 

spawn, uS'(^&^2(5sr^ (^(Sootl^, Q'^tosr. 

Fish, V. n. i£'<^lS1l^^^&)^ (^erfl^Q^®^ 

out secrets, s<otsi^i3(Bl!E]sid^ s<3^^<sSi 

Fish'er, > LBdrL9L^&[Tir<^^^'h5fr 

Fish'er-man, * ) uum^ uir^eudr^ <a;^ 

• uuon^ (21/ "260 (^ SOT, Q s= UDU u~<Sij ehr . 
Fish'er-y, s. i£'mi3u^^ iB'miSi^^iBDp, 

pearl, €^€Onu^^<oS)p^ Qp^^^s^eon 

Fish'hook, s. js/rsjwr^ei), Qoj&f^s^txiy qj 

Fish'ing, s. L^drQ<3uil.€SiL^^ l^(^l9u^. 
Fish'-mon'ger, s. L^m€BpQun<^, 
Fish'-w6m-an, s. i^&n-eSljbuQjerr^ (a;*2s\) 

Fish'worm, s. iBrrsf^efflLJunuiLjj ibitiej 

Fish'y, a. LEmisnppQpmm^ Qqj<Si<s(^ 

Fis'sile, a. i3(3fruL-<s3^uf-uu. 
Fis'sure, 5. lSIcwul^, Qeui^uLj^ eSlt^n^ 


Fist, s, sitqplLu^^ (oSiSuQun^^. 

Fist, V. a. <SrTQpLLu^UJ!rp(^^^^GO^ (SS)S 

Q u n^^ <s (^^^^&) . 
Fist'i-cuffs, s. <sro<5<3^@^^i^<F(Swr(S8)i_, ld 

doLLf^^ih^ qPlLi^llj^^u). 
Fis'tu-la, s. ^6S)<s=d(^Lp6\}. 

in surgery, L/sabrezjarSsyr, L^<oSarLj(oS)iT, 
Fis'tu-late, v. a, <3r(oSiniun^io^ (^j^eorr 

in surgery, L/eroreszfrSsyrszjxay^^^, t-f 

Fis'tu-lous, a. ^Lpeonesr^ LjoajTiunesr, 

Fit, s. s^eoresfl^ etjeSJui^^ @^ULy. 
Fit, V. a. Qs:LjU(offfi®^&)^ ^(sssrs^^eo^ 

Q U fT(^S;^f^ 6\) . 


up, siLQ^eOy ^Lu^^LDuesBT^u^eo^ 

out, Qpefv^uun<ss<so. 
Fit, «. n. Qufr(T^ih^60^ ^€6iS'^<so^ (sjp(^ 

Fit, a. ^(5^aj/r(S3r, ^d<sB^ €^uurT(osr.j Qib 
iTfTesr^ <ojpp^ 2_//?uj, QiurrdQujLDiTear^ 

€sr^ (SUfTtULjuiTesr. 

to be fit, ^<5S),3F^eo^ ^(sm-fw^^iso^ ,sl. 

Fitch, s. &.QptB^. 

cake, <ay(SZ0L_, Q^n(o5)^, 
Fit'ful, a, ^<o5)<3^(sij(sfr6fr^ ^-^^uupp^ S 

'2e^ujpp^ ^t^dQ<3SfT(T^(^€sarQperr(srr, 
Fit'ly, adv. u<s(^<suLDfrLu^^(siD<F<sijrruj^ ^ 

essrdsLnnuj^ <ojppQpos)piundj, 
Fit'ness, ». ^6?5)<f<s}/, ^(5^, lj<5(5(S1/ld, 

u^ih<) uiT^^UUD^ QiurrdQujihy ^sids^ 

Fit'ter, s. ^Qjy&^iuffQs^djQojtrm^ <si^^ 
Fit'ting-ly, adv, ^(^^ujitili^ us(^(SuiLn 

U-lj ^]<SS)S=<SUfTUJ, 

Five, a. ^/5ji7. 

fold, gLDL0i_/E/(5, ^fh^LDL^tEJ(^. 

of a sort, ) ^€u<sa(SiJih^^ (Su<3S)6Ss<oSis 

of each, 5 '^^• 
senses, u(^^L\Gom<s&r. 
Fix, V. a. fSfTLLQ/seo, ^mS^^eo, S'^evu 

an auspicious hour, ^mQp^h^^m 

a term, €Teo'2isy)(^rSI^^&), >seij'B^ssr(^^ 

the eye upon, ^-pgfjuunn^^eo^ asm 

^W^/jS uurr n^^ei . 

the eyes at death, Q<F(3(^^6^ /i^^ 

as arrange, <^Q^iEj(^uu(Si^^sBec^ Q15 

Fix, u. n. ^(i^^^'sOf ^iEj(^^<so^ iBpp&i^ 

on, ^iT;i;sio, (^rSld<sdi'^ f§liuu9^^60. 



Fix'a-ble. a. i8%s\)uuL^^6k^is^'ju^ a.ja/^^ 
Fix'ed, a, fS'^)dsuuLii-.. ^<sfrsiin'i£iff6sr^ 

^L-LDfTtSSTj ^rTLDfreSTj StULDLDfTe^^ Sj 

allowance, [bitlLui^, 



place, (^fS^^<aSl i^uoi. 

price; ^iLt—eSl'^^ ^irdainiTiosrisSI'bsvj 

salary, iBuuLSl^^s^ihu&nh, (^rS^^s^ih 

UiSfrih^ ^LLL-<fLDu<s{nh. 

to become fixed, [B'^Qs[T<s{r(Gf^^io^ 

Fix'ed-ly, adv. ^ituu/tllj^ ^^^Lumij, 

^tTLDfTesrLDfTUJj [§l'2iS\)UITin[TtJU, 

Fix'ed-ness, s. fS'2isv(siDLD^ ^j2^^, ^<ss)^ 

of purpose, sesii—uLSt^^ i§l^n(ssnh^ iB 

Fix'ture, 'J^fTsmnh^ S'hso, Sguui^^ 
Fix'ure, * 5 ^'oSi&'iuniB'^^ ^GSi-a^iun 

LjQurr(y7)(Sfr, ^^nuuD^ ^(r^siJih. 
Fizz, V. Qj6m-L^<s6)iT^eo^ si-fSQussrio^ qj 

Flab'bi-ness, s. lSI(ti^^, ^<sfrfT<^, ^es)<ss 

F^lab'by, a. ^(ofrdaLDn(osrf u^(o3)LDiufT(o3r^ 
QisQi^iB^j ^(SG)<sB6ijrr(S6ry Q^nni^^ js 

Flac'cid, a. ^(2n-<d<SLDrT(osry ^(osys(Qijn<osr^ 

Flac'cid-ness, ^ ^ ^efrns'Q^ ^ioiD<3S(si^y 

<sfrd<SL£), lBq^^-) 



Flag, s. ^Q/hQsrru^y Qs^&stld^ ^<su<3= 

a reed, QstrGDji. 

root, (Su^i£)Lf. 

stone, ufreijs&Jy j^(SfrQjrfl0Si<SF<ia&)y uff 

to hoist a flag, Q<sni^Q tupped, 
to strike the flag, Q<s[ru^u9p<s(^^6^, 
Flag, V. a. apuiT<cij^&)y spu(Sl^^e\>, sp 

Flag, V. n, sl'Ssv^so, ^(striT^eOy ©_6U(7;j^6v>, 
Gjn(Sl^6\)i Qs=iTiT^6\)y <s'2err^^6\)j Q^mii 


Flag'eo-let, s. ^Lud(fji^eOy Q<aiJLUfEj(^ 
Flag'el-lanl, s. ^p<ssm L-.'bssrQ ^ lii 
Flag'el-late, v. a. ■3=(sijsQ(GS)col^^^go^ ds 
Flag-el-la'tion, s. ^u^^ ,£(oS)<9=lui^, ^gsst 
Flag'gy, a. ^(S(riTi^,^6S)^(SiJiT<sary ^q^Q 

VUpp^ 6iJS=UUU)Lj^®l§l<^piB^. 

Fla-gi'tious, a. QsnQ^siLDLurresr^ ^<iQ 
persons, S(osarL^anj^LiL-iT, ^n^<SGm 

(€53)S/r/7", LJ/T^<S/f, <SiJ€ir<SS6SSr<oSSriT. 

Fla-gi'tious-ly, adv. ^pdQ<sn®<oS)LDLuiT 

lit, ^Ll,L-.L£)fTUJ^ QuiT6\)60fTfEJSlTLU. 

Fla-gi'tious-ness, 5. un^aih<)Q<siT(Bl(ssiLDy 

Flag'on, s. (^(ssstlsjlq^s, (^®d<5a)<Sy <s^iSI^ 
Fla'grance, ^ <5®®dld, QsnCSoDtDy 
Fla'gran-cy, ' y urr^sih^ QGuih&^m. 
Fla'grant, a. OojixxoOiUDtLHT^sr^ Qguuw 


crime, QsnL^uj(^ppixi., uQun^sw. 
Fla'grant-ly, adv. <s®(o6)LDUunuj^ Q^n(6l 


Flag'root, s. eus^LLLf. 

Flag'staff", s. Q^iTL^unnh^ Qsnu^^^LD 


in a fort, or in front of a temple, ^ 

of a victorious army, Qs^iu^^muuD, 
Flail, s. 6B^rrL^<s(^iKj<siJDi-jy Q<su'2eoujrf<s(r, 
Flake, s. ^lol/, ^i—eo^ @«^®? Sj®'S(^j> 


of fire, QuniSI. 

of snow, ^IDLJUL-.60U>. 

Flake, v, n. <oi®u(Sl^6\}y Q&riliLj^eOj ^ 

Flak'y, a. Qwunesr^ 9l^ihu&iinissry lj 

Flam, s. QufTiu^ wiudsLh, 
Flam'beau, s. ^(su^^^ ^uuib^sldj (^&r. 
Flame, s. ^(aun'^yQsnQ^ih^y ^sr/?, ^ 

eSiSy SrU.IT, 



as passion, ldQ(^Qsijuuud^ @®5 cSy 

the noise of, ,ff^®eoQsu{T(SO)<3^. 
as rage, &.dQiTLb^ ^ir-ssLh^j^Qsmrih. 
Flame, r. sf-eiJtTGSl^^io^ ^(ssTGoio^ sesr 

Flam'ing, a. <3?<Qurr€SldQ/D^ GrrflSlp, iSlrr 

sfT<ff=(Tpm<ofr^ ^QsiTiriDiT€ur. 
Flam'ing-ly, adv. <3^<sij[T'2eoLufTUj^ ^Q<sn 

Fla-min'go, s. in(5rr(sis)rr, 

with red legs, Qs^rsj^nGOihrriscuT, 
Flam-ma-bil'i-ty, s. ^<QUfT<3)S<s(^iF^(^ 

Flam-ma'tion, s. <ff?QjrreSlLjLj. 
Flam-mifer-ous,a. ^(svrr'^u^tckefr^ st-isun 

Flam'y, a. <sf(3un'^iu[T<m^Qs^n<oSiuiurT(osr^ 


Flank, s. (s^edrr^ ussm^ unifls^ih^ Q^ir 

of an army, ^iup<3^(oS)Lp<) Lj(SS)t—<s5<s^ 

Flank, v. a. (op(^s^n]j<oS!^uj[rubi§l<^^Quin 

^^GO^ JtjUJG\)<oSsfi<S(^<SSrr(SU(S0(56)<QU^^&). 

Flank'er, s. e^0<3:nQiriT^fEJS(sssfi. 
Flan'nel, s. suiu&rLD<) aLouoffl^ sihuerfl 


Flap, s. Q^fTfijs&o. 
Flap, V. a. ^L^^^eo. 

the wing, Qpsi^^^io. 
Flap, V. a. ^qd<3=^go, ^®^6x), ldl^^&}^ 

as water, ^(ofruiLj^eo^ <sF&3^G0^^(3d, 
Flap'ear-ed, a. uai^iB^siT^<siT(3fr. 
Flap'per, s. j}jL^dQp<sy<^. 
Flap'ping, s. ^(SfruuuD^ ^G^^ts^i. 
Flare, v. a. ^q^<3=^<so^ <F(sSl^^eo^ ugIt 


Flash, s. u&rum-uLj^ lSI^^ u&B&Qs^ 
of the eyes, S(SGarQu[TrS;i^LL(bl(SDS, 


as wit, s<5san—&^^Q<9=[TG06060, 
of lightning, iSldn-Qsm^, 
Flash, V. n, u&fl^QQ^eo^ ue^Qirssrio. 
without explosion, ^s^^S^^io, 


as the eyes, by a blow, oi* in anger, 

Flash'er, s. <3S6BSTL-&^^^<ssfTirek. 
Flash'i-ly, adv, uerruGfruurruj^ ud?Qil 

Flash'y, a. (^^neonissr^ Q<9^n<ss)uujaGsrj 

<£f^<ss)(suiujhp', ffnuLLpp.^ fSrr<3:LDiT(osr. 
Flask, s. (^fSl(^&') (^ul3^ Q(Sui^LD0ii; 

Flask'et, s. s..63ar«6\^LD, ^fT6\)ih. 

Flat, s. ^z_l.(sroz_, ^LDrS&Jih., «Fu»L^a9, ^ 


in music, @(aD<Fu63jrf?<S(SD«. 
at sea, <£<s»rzi), ^^_/f, ^iLesit-.. 
Flat, a. ^LL<oS)i—ujiT(osr^ ^si^rresr, 

face, ifuueffliB^Qpsihj uiri^Qp&ih. 

head, ^uu&fliB^^'^. 

nose, ,3=uu(sff)iF^^d(^j ^iLesit—^d 

surface, ^lL®^ urr<sa)Qj. 

as vapid, <3^<^(suujpp^ fBir^LDnesr^ u 

as prostrate, (ipsfEj(^uLip. 

as absolute, positive, <sesan^uuir€sry 

^iTuurTsar, ^-^^LurT(Ssr^ Qpu^<su(Tesr. 
Flat'ly, ac?i7. ^LL<5Sii—ujnuj^ ^si—.ndj, ^ 

rruufTLu^ sessru^uurrdj. 
Flat'ness, 5. ^Ll(sa)/L_, ^uLjueif^ 3=ldud. 

dullness, ^^sld^ llib^u), 

vapidness, uszoipsrou), s?<oiDiSijuSI^(oS)LD^ 


Flat'ten, v. a. ^LLes)L-ujrT<s(^^e\}^ ^lo 
wiT<i<s&), ^<3EL^rrd(^^60, ^i^tssri^^^ 
eo^ mth^LDrrdiSeOj ^(SD<suujLpj^^eo, 
in music, ^(ssis^uos^^^eo, 

Flat'ten, c. ?i. uL_/f^6U, uu^^eOy ujt^ 

Flat'ter, v. a. Lf^EQp^io, Qpa^^^Qu^ 

Flat'ter-er. s. ^<iF«F<S(Scr, Qpseru^^str 

Flat'ter-ing, a. iBiJudQs^rTGO^&rar, g)<F 

Flat'ter-ing-ly, adv. Qpsirx^ujy Qps^ 

dj, [BLudQs^fTGOeonuj. 
Flat'ter-y, s, iD^jTLotTesrQuds!-^ Qpsenj 



Flat'tish, a. ^LLasiL-ujirssr^ ^sL-.n<csr^^ 

Flat'u-len-cy, ) (Sij(TLL^uQuiT0m&)^^ 
Flat'u-lence, ' ) uiSls^m. 
Flat'u-lent, a. (SufTLLjuQurr0LD^(S{r<s(r^<s^ 
SiSLorresTj Qsy^iosyLDLunssr. 

Flaunt, s. l3^s(^. 

Flaunt, V. a» LSl^<s(^uu6m^u^60, iSl 

Fla'vor, S. SrQD(SiJy S_(25^, ^ITS=lh, s^iTir 

Fla'vor-ed, ^ &-(Y^QiLj(Sfr(Sfr^ ^ir<9=LDfr 
Fla'vor-ous, * 5 <oor^ <onfTff'2i^iruu[r<^ir. 
Flaw, s. Q<duijf-un^ <9=^n<^ ^QP^") (^^syp^ 

in a gem, 'Sp^^ (SPP^'i ^^frrfloj. 

in iron, Qqji^ulj. 

in a vessel, <sij)it^ Q^. 

as gust of wind, s^emi—unTQ^^ih, 
Flaw, V. a. QQjL^<sss=Q<SFdj^eo. 
Flaw'y, a. QsuL^uLfeirGfr^ u(i^^&r<sfr. 
Flax, s. s^iossreo. (Heb. ^^^@.) 

Flax'en, a. <3=<3m-6\)[TpQs^dj^y Sj^^^Sir 

Flax'y, a. rS^GmeoQurr&n-p^ s^smeoSpQp 

Flay, V. a. Q^n^iB^^GO^ qjl^^^go. 

to become flayed, ^rffrh^Quir^io. 
Flay'er, s. Q^n^[fluQun(ck, 
Flay'ing, s. a_//?LJq. 
Flea, s. Q^&r(er^^ Q^(3(r(^. 
Fleam, s. ^iT<sS^s=^^ir<is^0}^ e^peoypu 

Flec'tion, s. (su'^si^. 
Fledge, v. a. Qp(^<oS)L—^^rrd(^^6\)j Q 

P(SW^ Q^^^ey . 

to become fledged, Qp(^Qp'bs{r^^(50^ 

Flee, V, n. QLD[T<sF^^<5isfl(^Q(rrf>®^(so^ <sS 

(oSirr(a>JIT(vLUm^Lj(oU[T^60^ ^uiSldQsrT 

into concealment, e^erfl^^eo. 

as a routed army, ^rriLi^eOj LjptEjQsfT 


for refuge, si<soL-sseOLDL\(^^GO^ ^ir 

Fleece, s. ^lL^Qihtldld^ sthuerf). 
Fleece, v. a, ^LLQQrrfTLDiEJs^^ffl^^GO. 
to strip of, ^p<i<S(oun^(so^ ^u<sBtfl^ 

Flee'cer, s. ^LL®QiTrrLD[Ejs^^fflu 

as an exactor, (Lppgu(k<s<QiinQ<siinm^ 
jfjus[fluQun<5ST^ urSluQufTSsr, 

Flee'cy, a. ^LLQQunLnihQunmp'i l£! 

Fleer, s. rE<oS)<s, f§liB(oiD^. • 

Fleer, v. a. (5<ss)'S^^eo^ ul^^^go^ QiB^ 

Fleet, s. suupsnQ^ suup-sf^L-i—ts). 
Fleet, V. n. Q^s^uunQiuni—GO, eSloDiri 

Fleet, a. Q9<ss)ir(3urT(5sr^ ^dQirinfresr^ ^<sSI 

Fleet'ing, a. €^€iDrr(SurrtLiM^&)^Qpj 

Fleet'ly, adv. ^eSiTLDrrdj^ s^uumiij ^ifl 


Fleet'ness, 5. sfi^ ^dQuih^ <9f^<5(5, <sS 

Flesh, s. LDinS^ih^ ^'ssyp-s'^t ^sro<F, sec 
ear, LjioOrrdo, 

brush, &.[fl(i^^iEj(^<s='9?. 
eater, or cannibal, i5in£infu^<3FULL<sFiss^, 

as human nature, m^^auD. 
in a moral sense, QeO(3n'Q<s^3^<oSi<5=-) 
of fruit, ^€S)s=. 
Flesh'i-ness, 5. Q<snQ£UL\^ ^^<5=i3l^^ 

Flesh'less, a. ^(oS^s^uSeoeOiT^^ QllgSUb^. 

Flesh'li-ness, s. Qpr^muih, 

Flesh'ly, a. ^<oSis=<s.sQ^^^ m^s^s^^ 

Flesh'-mong'er, s. ?>§sL<ssr<oRpQu(Tm^ (^ 

Flesh'-pot, s. ^(SDps^^uurr'^ssr. 
Flesh'y, a. QsfTQp^^^ ^szd<f^^, Qistb 

\ fruit, ^<oS)<9^dsrrujf <ff=(oS)^d<sndj<, 

R 2t 



to become fleshy, GiBuj^^<so^ QsrrQp 

Fletch, X). a. ^iDi3p(^^pQL^eo. 
Fletch'er, s. (S^eo^^ihuQs'djQp^m. 
Flew, a. {see Fly.) upis^. 
Flex-i-bil'i-ty, s. (s^'hownj^k^mosnn^ ^w 

Flex'i-ble, a* u^Gainujn^sr^ su'Serrtu^^ 

stick, ^<su<8(r^i^^ ff^<sij LL<ss)L-^^uf-. 
to be flexible, <sF(SU(Gf^^dOj ^6miEj(^ 

Flex'i-ble-ness, s.^6soriEj(^Qp^&ir<^LD, 

Flex'ile, a. m'^m^^^a^ ui^iu^^ss^ 

^ (saariEJ &^^<s<3S . 
Flex'ion, s. oySsrr^^ei), (Su'^ulj, 
Flex'or, s. ^^iBirijDi-f, 
Flex'u-ous, a, wismi—eSlsQp^ Ljifliijm 

(SfTy (ipgf]<s(^(3(r<oir^ S'^uupp, 
Flex'ure, s. Gj^srreijy sfL.(5are\)y QsnoiafGO, 

Flick'er, v. n. QGS>piJUL^&Qsn<3n-(ef^^io^ 

as a flame, ^0^^, rsa^eo^ ^{ii^^eSl^ 

Flick'er-ing, s. ^aDs:<sij^ ^Ci—ih. 

Fli'er, s. ^L^uQunQpisiK^. 

Flight, s. e^LLL-ih^ ^effluLj^ upuLjjU 


of people from fear, 6neo<5S}^(3iJiTiEj(^ 

of Stairs, ui^^ iBqdu^ Q <&: it urr earth, 

^(DirfTS(SssnjD, (ST^ihui^. 

to put to flight, ^iKSi^eo^ updsi^ 

Flight'i-ness, s. ld^ldlus^^, S'^^Q 

Lorrppth. J 

Flight'y, a. ^i^uLfaketTy LL^LDn(irj'iL(d 

<3(r<s(r, LD^unjudsLL[r(SGr. 
Flim'si-ness, s. u^<5S)U)j Qi5ituj<ss)ld. 
Flim'sy, a. Qi5iTUJ<s5JU)Ujrr(5sr, Qu<so<oarpp. 

cloth, ^(Si/eu, j^60Qj&). 

as slight, ^(SfTuuijDrresr. 
Flinch, V, n. sk-Sf-^GO^ Q^irdj^ed^ Q^np 


Flinch'er, s. Q^npQunm^ iSI &ff<sv /ria (^ 

Q<surrm'^ iSih^Q^iJiTiobr. 
Flinch'ing, s. ^Qpdaihy Q^neoeQ^ sk-d 

Fling, s. erfS-, €r/]S<sij. 

as gibe, iB&aysuLfj Sr®Qs=iT6))j (^^^ 

Fling, V. a. <5Tr3^&o^ si-Lpp^^ec^ eS-at?^ 

away, ^(SfreffluQurT^^eo, 

down, Ql^<sSI(lp^^&). 

up, eSliKSleSKSl^&o, 

out, Qu&f-isio. 
Fling, v.n,^u^^^eo^^<s(r{^^&)^€Tr^^&). 

as sneer, gibe, @i^^j57«ozr^^6U, (^ 

pfSluQu<9i-^eo^ uL-uQu<3f-^eo. 
Flint, s. ^^^iLuf-daeo^ QiE(r^uL^as&3y 

and steel, ^^^LLu^oi^tuui^ s'd<5S)S 

Flinf'y, a. ^dspQunmp^ (SuvSl!TQp(3(r 

err, ^rrd-ssLSl&)&)fT^j su^eanDiresr. 
Flip'pan-cy, s. s^n^cfluuLD^ surTs^rreOLD^ s^ 

^ITUUfT®j Qs^fTpQufTL^eijj ^^SU 

Flip'pant, a. (Surr^rreOLLfresTj s^ff^ifliuLDir 

(oSTj LDfftLUfT(oS)^LUpp» 

Flip'pant-ly, adv. ^^suLSIir<SFfEj<SLDiTLUy 

<SUfr<?fT6\)LDfTLU^ Qs=frpQunL^(SlJfTUJ. 

Flip'pant-ness, s. QffnpQunL^ei^f eurr 

Flirt, s. Q^nSuLj^ Q^effluLfy <s^<3f-ioS)Sj 

as girl, ^tft^dsmfff ^ij^tumLL^d 

Flirt, V. a. O^erfl^^eo , fi^<*^60 , ^^^g^^eo , 
rose water, &c., Q&r&fl^Q^efff^^eOj 

off" a bent stick, &c,, ^esorQ^eo. 
Flirt, V. n. (^p/6luQu^^iOj ul^uQu 

• • • 

Flirt-a'tion, s. (^s^frpCosiTGOm, QarruLf 

Flirt'i-gig, s. LS^d(^d<35iTfffj QsiruLfd 
<srrffly ^t^iutTLLi—dsfTifl. 

Flit, V. n. Up^^GO, ^(sSjTLDITllJUUp^^ 
6U, S'^lUpfSl(T^^^G\}. 

Flit'ter, v.n. (see Fritter,) sis&si^. 



Flit'ter, v. iu (sec Flutter,) ^/osi^^i^eo. 
Flit'ting, s. unr)<ss)(Qijds^. 

Float, 5, LSls^UU^f Q^UULD^ Lj^sssr. 

as buoy, lSI^ul^^ sfmStuir, 
of wood or timber, Q^uuihy slLQld 
uih^ Lj2sissr. 
Float, V. a. LSl^<sauueisr^j^&}^ Sik^ 

Float, v.n. L^J^^^eo^QefrtDLj^eo , ^k^^eo . 
in air, up^^eo^ Q(3(rwL^^(s\)^ uaiii^ 

Float'age, 5. LSJ^s^ihGuff^errj {§ih^ 

Float'er, s, iSl^uQun^^ ^k^Q(SunQsr^ 

Float'ing, a. iBi^s>Qp^ ^k^Qp, 

bridge, i^^ssxanuuneow, 
Floc'cu-lence, s. s^LLL^LD(TuSl0d(^iB^ 

Floc'cu-lent,a. <3L.LLi-.iDnei^^^rrLL&ujn 

<osr^ QLDijuJuun(5sr^<3=iB^^^^^LLi^(osr. 

Flock, s. <s^l1l_ld, ^jretr^ ^(Sotld^ seosr 

of animals, wi5<5S)^. 

of birds, n&ns^il.L^W') up<ss)(Su<s<3^LL 

Flock, V, n. <3ii-u^sQ<3B{T(Sfr(ef^^60^ ^JieTF 

in crowds, s^ifl^eo^ sf^u^uQun^ei}. 
Flog, u. a. jifL^^^edy ^<oSi<3Fuj{T&)uf-^^eo, 

Flog'ging, S. <9^<Sl^<S&lJ^y ^QSi^LUUL. 

Flood, s. <p&)LJiSlrr(srrLuihy Q<sij&refrih^ tSl 

tide, liQuppLDf ^QirrrLLi—w^ [§ituQu 


as large quantity, LS}(^fiy LSjefnuth^ 


Flood, V, a. Q<^s{r(strQL£)Q^^&)y tSirefrLu 

Flood'gate, s. intcSiu.uu&SL^Si^rh'S^eii^ 

Flood'ing, s. ^oy/r'Ssx), <^Qirfr€sisfi^i}), 

Floor, s, ^(SfTw^ urr, 

lower, ^u^^^efTUiy ^^frdsefru), 
paved, (^lLl^wu)^ <spu®^^S(SOLD, 
threshing, setrih^ sfinds&rw, 
upper, QLDeo^^(3fn}). 


Floor, V, a. spuneii^eo^ ^<6fr(SinH<sco<fLj 

with boards, ueO€B>suir(ai^^€0. 

with plaster, j)J6S)iT6=(Tihfi)®^&)^ srr 


as knock down, (sS*, Q^^^^eO-^ Q<su&) 

Floor'ing, s. ^en-ih^ un^ ld<3=sf. 

Flop, V. a. Qp<3si^Q<sfr(sir(&^^60j Qpsn 

Flo'ra, s, L^LLufSfTiDsSleOrr-s^iDy lj^(^Q<s^ 

Flo'ral, a. LjLLuQp&rerry i^LLuih^iEjQ)uj. 
Flo-res'cence, s. LjiLurasneOwy Lf^<5S(^tEj 

Flor'id, «, LjiLu^erren-^ ^edfEJSfTiTSudir 

style, Q,^u)QLDrri^iQiJfTS^<35w. 
Flor'id-ly, adv»Q<fu:>Qi£)ni^iEGSiL^uunujy 

jfjeOfEjrSfrsTLDiTUjj Q<3^6uuundj., 
Flo-rid'-i-ty, s. Q^<suul^, 
Flor'id-ness, s, u&ruen-uny Q3^[T<ssnjD!T 

ilQy ^eoiEjiSmril). 
Flo'rist, s. Lj^iQ^niLi—&<s,nifmy ljiLu 

Flo'ta, s. suup<3k.L-t—il)^ 
Flot'age, 5, lSI^ulj. 
Flo-til'la, s. QrjjLDiTrSseoa&k-LLL-iji, 
Flounce, s. <9f-(7^d(^y Q^niEjaiOy qf^m 

^rr'BesTy Qsnihiusuiy Qpm^, 

as a sudden jerk, ^is^ul\. 
Flounce, v. n, (^^Qsnm<^^GOy ^uf.^ 

Floun'der, s, ^rri^m. 

Floun'der, v. n.^uf.^^<so^ undj^eOy Q<as 

Flour, s. wfTy sf-emeasrwy iSlessn^. 
Flour, V, a. LDrr6iJrr<s(^^60y LDn<sSiL^^^eo, 

as sprinkle with flour, mn^^miOy 

Flour'ish, s. <3fi^p9ly eiSlfinuLj^ QpuLj-^ 

in language, Q^trio&JeoiijsijFihy Q^it 

Flour'ish, v. a. L^LLuiEia&rneoeotkisif^^ 

as randish, <3un&inLL®^($0y si-i^pg)}^ 



Flour'ish, v. n. y^^a), L\iLi3^^io^Qg^ 
&)y QurriEJi^^eo^ sf-QujmljiSiJefrQ^^Soj 
in speaking, u(3n'U(SfruumLJu(DU&^^ 

Flour'ish-er, s. Qs^ifiuQurrdr^ <sijn<sfrsi- 

Flour'ish-ing, a. ^€5)i^dQ/D^ ^oDi^Oiisfr 

etr^ Qun(sSl(o^<s{r(2fr^ Qs=L^<sQp. 
F16ur'ish-ing-ly, adv. ^<5S)Lp<su[Tub^ Qj=l^ 

Flout, s, iEGDS<9^Q<F[rio^ ^(ck(^^Q<3=niso. 
Flout, V. r5(o0)<s^^6\)^ uL^^^io^ (orsfTGfrdo. 
Flout'er, s. (sosisuQunm'^ urBsfT<3=sa[r 

Flout'ing-ly, adv. lEosi^suurruj^ ufflsns' 

LD[Tlij^ UL^UUfTtij, 
Flow, S. UfTUJS^S=eOy f^L-L^LD^ Q^(Sii(Si^^ 
lB<oG)p(oi^^ l£1(^^^ 6UfT<ff^lT6dL£i. 

of tide, iQuQut-i-f iQ^ppih^ Qu0 
of water, !^Qrrnil.L-iJD^ i§nuurrujs's= 
as issue, ^-^uijSlQSipuL^^ iSemmurruj 

Flow, V. n. UlTlh^GO^ Q^IEJ(^^6\)^ QufTifi 

as blood, ^u^^Q LonQ^GO ^ ^^^^ld 

as a garment, ^ni^^io^ Q^mij(^^60j 

as stream, dfflQ^d))^ iSfftiLC^L-fTQ 

as tears, unih^io^ s6m6S(^iT<siJL^.^G\). 
as the tide, ^Qrrppik]Q<sn(^(&^^ed. 
as issue, proceed, tSlp^^io^ Q^rrm- 

down as fluids, Qs^mfl^eo. 

as a torrent, (Surrn-iBQ^rrQ^dOy ^'hsou 

with force, (^L^iT(^L^Qrr(oaruumLi^&) J 


into, together, seo^^io. 

to let flow, SxsrrpjpiS^eOj <Si}L^UJ(aSl L—GO. 

Flow'er, s. y, l^lLuld^ ^eO/f, meoir^ (^ 



bud, sjQ^LDLj^ semessB^ QuDfTiLQ^ np 
Qtp^ (ip<5iD,Sy s^LUSLD^ <3=freosih^ fs'^ssr. 
bunch of, or garland, Lj^iEiQsrr^^^ 
Li,L£>rr'2eo^ L^(^Qs=(o!k(Sl. 
of sulpher, <siB^suQuni^^ sfB^s<9? 


of zinc, ^^^IB(r<SU9i-LDLD. 

as youth, ^6fr<oU)LD^ ^(ofrmLSlirfTLULD^ 
as best part of a thing, ^&^9^ld^ Qp 

(pi') in rhetoric, ^.(T^eusnediEismrLD^ 
QpuL^^ ^lEjiSmnh. 
as applied to females, ^0^. 
Flow'er, v. n. LDedQ^^io^ LfLLiSl^^do^ l± 

Flow'er-de-lis, ^ L^^Qm/nL®, qp 

Flow'er-de-luce, *' ) czo^f, Qusr^fi. 
Flow'er-gar'den, s. Lj^iBQ^tTL-L-ih^ rsih 

Flow'er-i-ness, s. Lf^(si^(^(Sfr^^<oiDLD^ ^-w 

(SDLDuQuS=<9f-^ Q<f(Tp&puU. 

Flow'er-ing, s. L/^d(^i})U(7^6ULh^ LjiLun 
Flow'er-less, a. lilLlShjuu^^ Lj^isSHoeOn^^ 


Flow'er-y, a. Lj^(o^e[r<s(r ^ L^£l<oS)pi5^^ Qp 

style, ^^^^(suiTs^^iBissiL—^ ^eomjsnir 

Flow'ing, s. urTLLjJ=,ff:&)^ e^(ip<s(^^ ^^f— 
thy ^iT<S6iff^ Q^<ssihj uefTuetruLJ. 
robes, ^-&)6Orf<FLD[r0ST^-®uL^^ ujjih^ 

style, QffLDQLDnL^[B(S5)L—^ e^QpQtuis 

Fl6w'ing-ly, adv. uniLs^^'eonuj^ Qs=(^ 

Fluc'tu-ant, a. jfj'^evQp^ ^eG)<3=Qp^ iB 

Fluc'tu-ate, v. a. ^'^^io.^ ^(Sfrihi^^io^ 

^J^^eO^ ^(SfrefruDun^^GO. 

as the mind, ^s/TLDL/^gu, dj®iiD/r^^«x), 

as the wind, 'Sf-Lp^^sd^ ^ passed. 
Fluc-tu-a'tion, s. S-'Ssuo/, ^Jhso^s^e^^ 3= 



Flue, S. Lf€S)sQ,^&)^LD(SlJl^^^LD^^QJn j 

Flti'en-cy, s. ufrujs^-ff'ioj gplLljld^ Q<f 

in speaking, <sijrrs={T&)ti>^ s^rf^ifluuLo^ 

Flti'ent, a. ^lLl-lditsst^ <Sijn<5^fr6\)iJDiT(osr<) 

Flti'ent-ly, adv. iSfirsiEJSLDfnUj (snas^rreo 

Flii'id, s. s^eOLD^ <F6i5?6\)iZ). 

Flu-id'i-ty, ^ s^eo^^t^oDLo^ s=e6leo^^ 

Flu'id-ness, '^ (sul'd. 

Fluke, s. i5iEj<sk-rruu(so. 

Plume, 5. ^Luihfirr^<oS)^^iu<s(^uii§i7d 

Flum'mer-y, s. uit(^^ (^lpldlj^ <S(srfl. 
Flat'ter-y, 5. Qpsinm^ ^s's^-bld. 
Flur'ry, 5. u<oS)^u<5G)^ulj^ ^rH^in. 

of rain, &^Lr>QDLp. 

of wind, ^(oS)i—<ssfT/bsfj s=eaarL-.LDrT0 

Flur'ry, v, a, u^p^Q^^in^eo^ uqd^u 
to be flurried, u^gu^eo^ u<5Si^uosi^^ 

Flush, S. (TpS<3=Q,3=<&JULjj Qs=IB^(S(fluLjj 

Flush, v.n. ^ffl^uu®^6\)j Qs=6ij^^60^ 

Flush, cu Lj(si^L^LUfT(o^^ Ou rTGSl£ij<3n'errj 

Flush'ing, s. Q<F(Si/iJL/, (ip<s<3P&ssruL^, 
Flus'ter, 5. seo^sih^ (S^^^'^-> S^CS^ 

Flus'ter, V. a. ^Q^^Q^^^io^ ugs^^u^g)^ 

Flute, S. Q<SULUtEJ(^ip6\)^ ^Lud(^Lp€0. 

in a column, ^<ay/r(af/?uL/. 
Flute, V, ^(suneS^^eO^ (^Lp^^-seo. 
Flut'ed, a, ^(SuneffluLjeirGfr. 
Fltit'er, s. (^Lp^^Qp<5um'. 
Flut'ing, s. ^(SurT&fluLj, 
Flut'ter, s. Q/d<sl^ul^^ ^i^ulj. 
Flut'ter, V, n. uGD^U(ss)^^^6\)y ^Uf.^^ 

as birds, Qpanp^^eo-^ up^^io. 


as the pulse, or heart, ^i(^^^iQ<s:- 

Flu-vi-at'ic, ^ ,3}psii<s(^(fluu^ ^P^ 
Flu'vi-al, * 5 e\}(s£l'^Qp. 
Flux, s. <s>JijSlp^<ssL^s=<9^(so^ lSIjiitib^, 

of the tide, Qu0<£(^^ uFrtLi<fs=eo, 

bloody, ^iT^^d<sL^s=s=eo, 
Flux, V. a. ^-(r^<s(^^6\). 
Flux-i-bil'i-ty, s. s-0i^ih^issr<5S)LD^ e^Q 

Flux'ion, s. ufTLus'.feo^ i§n^j^u^rriT^^ui. 
in mathematics, ^GssflLDsesS^ih^ ^ 

Flux'i'on-a-ry, a. ^essfliDsessfl^y Sj^,^ 

Flux'ion-ist, s. sj<ssSiDSGssfl^(^^ ^^^ 

Fly, s. FT", Qsrr^(^^ Q<sfT<3f?(^. 

blow, FFuiSl^ iT'S'^'2gbt. 

a light carriage; ^fi^^^ir^Lh. 

wheel, ^ujihfi)rr^^](5ars=LD,s^d6SiTih. 
Fly, V. ups;^6i)j uiTUJ^eo. 

back, i3<ck6ij[T[ki(^^<sd. 

a kite, ul—Qldp^^gOj Qani^Qiup^ 

to the head, as spirits, «Si,c., ^gij^eo, 

as a flag, Qsm^up^^do, 

off", as air, breath, stream, &C., usr^ 

in battle, LjpiEjafTLL®^&)^ Q^npQ(irj' 

Fly'er, s. (see Flier.) ^uiSlQiLirrQQsufT 

esT, Q^rTpQ(n/'®(D<surT€sr. 
Fly'-flag, s. FT-QtufTL-L^^ (^(^<ff=ih. 
Fly'ing, a. updQp^ (£&i-Qp. 

fish, up(o6)Si]LB'<osr^ ^pt^i^Gsr^ Qosip 

showers, ^^l^ldodl^, 

squirrel, updQp^essBeo^ upoasu^ 

Fly 'leaf, s. QeumQGfrnpxois^p. 

Foal, S. (^^SZOiT, SQ£)<oS)^^ e^L-iSDL-US 

Foal, V. ^iLu^QurrQ^eOj ir-^^eo. 
Foam, s. ^<oU)ir» 
Foam, V, n. ^qshi^^go^ QiBrr^^^io^ 

with anger, 9gn^eOy Qsrrfi^^io. 



at the mouth, <sunLLj^<ss)ir^^6d. 
Foam'ing-ly, adv. ^(SDir^efreffldQsiT 

Foam'y, a. s^osiu^^.^ ^€S)irQ<sfT(Sfr(^Q 

Fob, 5. Q^<5S)u^ ^mjQu(oSiu. 

Fo'cal, a. @rrissisriEJ3^i^(sS(ipQp<oS)LDtu^ 

Fo'cl, 5. (pi. of Focus.) <o5)LDLUrEJSefr. 
Fo'CUS, S. Slir6(SSTfSJ<3?,-l^(sSl(ip<oS)LDLUll). 

Fod'der, s. ^'2eoLLj6m-^]jili(sS6\}fEj(^(osar 

Fod'der, v. a. i-jeo&SQ^6\), (^en-Q®^e\). 
Foe, s. u(^S(SU(o5r<) uGDSLurreffl^ •^^^(St 

Foe'tus, s. (see Fetus.) Qp^nrruiSem- 

fully grown, Li^rr6ms(^uui}>. 
Fog, s. ^(BiueS^f u€fff}uLjsrriT^ uesflu 

thick, like spray, ^o/'SstJ, ^siru)^ u 

Fog'gi-ness, s. ^(blu€sf}iLj(^<s{r^(^QDLD^ 

Fog'gy, a. ^QueaflLLjmerr^ Lj<srT(7^<sirefr^ 

Foh, int. ^, (?<F, ^«5/^#^<s(^ff9uL/. 
Foi'ble, s. ^o/^, ^ul^. 

Foil, S. Qp/SluJUjLLJLI^ Qs&SuLj., ^(qU^. 

of a ring, &c., ey^^^^s®^ ^Qirs(^. 

a blunt sword, ^hvihuds^^. 
Foil, V. a. Q^irn^iS^^GO^ (ipf6lujis^^^e\). 
Foil'er, s. Q^npsuuem-^nQnoeuek^ 

Foil'ing, s. Q^npss^Q^djo^s^ <sSl<sQ(5sr 

Foist, V. a. seir&r L£)ifLLJs=(D-9=iT^^&). 

Fold, S. LDL^ULf, <9F(T^<S5(^. 

pen for sheep, ^lLQsQisidi-.^ ^lL 
as flock of sheep, ^LL^dsPL-tLL^u), 

Fold, V. a. LDl^^^&O^ S?(T^d(^^6\). 

cattle, uLLL^uS&}<oS)L-^^eo. 

sheep, for manure, ST(r^d<sLL®^&)y u 

the arms, <off)<ssil.®^&), 
in the arras, ^Q^<8ijio^ ^'^sw^^io. 


to become folded, 3i-(!^!Ej(^^eo^ mi^ 


Fold'er, s. LDi^<sQp6u<5Gr. 

for paper, iDi^<s(^(i^^nLl.<ss)L.. 
Fold'ing, s. ldl^uli^ <9P(^<5@i, ulLl^uS 


Fo-li-a'ceous, a ^'^LLjerrerr^ u^^uQp 

Fo'li-age, s. ^'^Ms^rB<s^, g)?6v. 
Fo'li-ate, v. a. ^sL-.Lf.^^&)^ s;<si_n<s(^ 

^io^ ^SLL®^eo. 
Fo-li-a'tion, s. ^'2e\)uLj^ ^<sDLpuLf. 

of metals, ^st^i^uq, 

Foii-o, s. ^irem-L^fTUJLDL^^^^freir. 

Folk, > .... 

-p,-,, s. > ^(oSriEJsefT^ LCism'l^fT, 

Fol'low, V. Q^nL—0;seOj iSleirQ^'L-^ 

religiously, ^^s^ifl^^eo, <ss)<s<sQ<ssrT 

as imitate, une^j'^esrutssar^ii^eo. 
to obey, Q^uuu^^eo^ ^(soll^So. 
Fol'low-er, s. ^^<5=rrffl^ L^GsiQs^io^Q 

Fol'low-ing, a. Q^nL-.(T^Qp., i3<sir<asn^ 

Fol'ly, s. ^rSl<^<oanh, m^Qs®, QpL-^ 

as lewdness, Q^iTir^^<osn}>j ^h^^^ 

Fo-ment', v.a.Ql<SiJUj^s(rLL®fieo^<s^prS 

quarrels, ^<smi^<QSl®^io^ *F6J8jr(SS)z_- 


jealousy, GTfftd<fQeOQ^pLj^&), 
Fo-ment-a'tion, s. Q(3udj^<z[TLL®(sa)<Sy 

up^^ <^p^.^ QuiTLLL-(Sssruiy Qeu^y 

^6sar®<^Sf Qs(ru^il.®<oSis. 
Fo-ment'er, s. .^ scar z^<2i^®(?(ffl/ /rear, «7q/ 

Q<surT&sry ^lL®Q<su(T(^. 
Fond, a. iSlffftULLfresTj uLLs^Lnrresr^ ^<^ 

unesTy <sBrfts=€srLDiT€sry QtB^mrKsar, 

to be fond of, ^-(T^&uu®^eOy sn^ 

<oSlji^60y L9rftLuuu®^&). 
Fond'le, v. a. Q,srT<saarL-rT®^eOy ^ititlL 

®uu 6m6mis;6d , ^60fT&)'2eifrQs=uj^&)y 



Fond'ler, s. ^jirrLLQQQjn&ir^ Gsrressr 

Fond'ling, s. ^eoireo^sifrLjQufT^&r^ ^ 

Fond'ly, adv, ^jiiTLLL-fnuy ^leisrutnu^ l9 

ffliLiLDfTLu^ uLLs^LDiriL^ Qiss^Londj. 

Fond'ness, s. srr^dOy Qsrr&r(oS^s^ ulL<p 

ii), urfteifj i3i:^LD{T€Snh^ iSliflLULh, i3if^^ 
fa • • 

Font, s. (^[T(osr&v^fr(osr^Q^nLLu^, 

of types, '^^^(Sij^uus=<3?<s&r, 
Font'a-nel, s, ^-s'&di^L^, ®^3=9ls;^isun 

Food, S. ^SITULD^ QufTS^iSSTib^ ^S'lSSnh^ 

^<oS)!i'i &-(oSST<Si^, aaresar, ^sor, s_6aari^. 
for a journey, (S^jl^ul^^^ uujGssrQun- 

leaves, &:-c., g)'Ssv;ay(ew}, Q(^!t, 
Fool, s. L£)^^<ocrd>r, LD^QsL—m^ ^f— 

in scripture, ^(^(^neufl^ ^^<aiSI<oSI. 

Fool, V. a. ^^y^^'SO^ f5L£)LSld(oO)<3E(30)LUlU 

Fool'er-y, s, Lj^^u^eortl)^ ld^Qs®^ sj 

Fool'-hard'i-ness, s. (ipLLL-iren-^^issns)^ 

Fool'hard-y, a. ^^^'2^LuiT6ar, iSl^^tEj 


fellow, ^^^"^lum^ (^^Qpil.L-.m^ 

Fool'ish, a. <o6iu^^ujLDrT<^^ LD^Qsu.rT 

Fool'ish-ly, adv. Lj^^uS'iSsrLDiTUJj ll^Qs 

Fool'ish-ness, s. (ssiu^^ajih, ld^QsQ, 

Fools'cap, s. <op(T^<sSl^ss®^n&. 
Foot, s. sneo^ urr^ih^ ^rr&rj s^iressnh. 
of a hill, Lo'bsvuju^siJiTjTihy ^i^Wj w'^ 

of a stocking, utr^eijQSip^ urr^d^u 


of a tree, ldjt^^i^^ LDir^^&frjf/ij^, 
in poetry, ^/r, jtfu^* 
as infantry, sireorrefTj u^n^, 
as measure, sji^. 


to go on foot, <sfTeO(5iss)L^ujfTiJULjQurT 

to be on foot, tSL^isQ^gu^eo, 

to set on foot, Q^[ri—.(k](^^&)y ^lL 

Foot, V. a. ^.(oSi^^s;(S\) y^sum^^eo ^ iB^ 

accounts, Q^rr(cS)ssk.LLQ^&}» 
a stocking, un^<5xi<s6)pi3Qir<oisr<s\). 
Foot, v.n. i5L—(oGn})u<sm-<53sr6\}<f s^^s?^<s 

to go on foot, 6Sfr6\)f5(ol^L-LUmUuQufT 

Foot'ball, s» s(Te\)rrQeo^rS}uji^'S(^iliu 

Foot'-boy, s. <^<95Lurr(3fr, (^jhQp'SiJ6\)fr&r, 
Foot'guards, s. u^n^j sneoir&r. 

FoOt'hold, S. SIT6\}LSlfi. 

Footing, s. rS'2is\}f ^nuuw, Qeuir^ g^6\> 

in account, ^s^Q^ rr<ssis ^ QPQ^^ 

to have firm footing, tS'^^^^stsoiSy 

Foot'man, s. u^n^^ sfTeoneirj QuniTJ= 

Foot'pad, s. (SUL^^^0L^m^ ^p'2eoss 

Foot'-path, s. Q^j)jL^uufr®y Q^urr 

Foot'-post, s. sfTeOfBSSiu.^sn'^^' 

Foot'print, s. sneouf.^ ^l^^s?€uQ. 

Foot'-sol'dier, ^. aneon&r^ u^rr^. 

Foot'step, s. ^i9.<F«9F(a;®, sfreoi^^. 
as mark, (^fiSj jij<oS)L-.iufr<3(rih^ <fff-su®, 
as example. Qpmmn^ifl^ qjl^j Lonir 

Foot'stoolj*. uit^iSl^(so)<3s^ ufT^uL^^ urr 

Fop, s. QsiT^Qsn^uL^ssnir^') Qsn 
uLjdafTU&n-f iSlg^ds&fT^ uniTfTLLQd 

Fop'ling, s. ^mihi^^ssm^ ^j2/l9j^ 


Fop'per-y, s. ^uSIeo^ QstruLj^ l9s^<s^. 



Fop'pishj a. Q(T^^rr(Ssr, (^s^neoirmr^ Qs,n 

G^Q<srr^uufT6ur^ eSLDLjeirefT. 
Fop'pish-ly, adv. QiSfruLj^^esTLnmii^ 


-Fop'pish-ness, s. Q(t^^(sii<^u.^^ (^s^fr/b 
QsrreOuD^ QsrT6\)rT<s&)LD<) Qsire^QsfT 

For, prep. ^'S.^ SlSI^^ud^ QurrQ^LL®^ 

For, conj. (ojQ<osrioS(so^ (oi(ssr<osr^^(CS)Q60 

for as much, uL^iuneo, 
-For'age, s. (sS\gO!E]{^(^^ (3<^(St @<s2Dir. 
For'age, v. QunL^io^ Qunhs^s^eoQ^Q 

as ravage, Qsrr&r'SismjSKSl^eo. 
For'a-ger, s. (sSI&)[ej(^(Gs^^Q^QQ(qu rrm", 

-For'a-ging, s. (2SI(5drEJ(^dQ<ss)rrs=LhurT^u 

L/, Qsrreir'Serr^ (^oap. 
For-as-much', conj. ui^iuneo. 
For-bear', v. Qurr^^^ei), &^Q&)[tl9^^ 

-For-bear'ance, s. Qungi/<oS)LD, Qurr^^^ 

For-bear'er, s. ^QeomSl, ,9=QuQuit(^^ 
Qurr^uQufT&5r<f ^ l-. s s Qp <ss) i— 

For-bear'ing, itt. Qurr^dQ/Of Ourr^ 

For-bid', t>. a. (S^eodi^^do^ ^(sSn^^eo^ 

For-bid'dance, s. <sS'ieod(^^ ^®ulj^ ldjB 


For-bid'der, s. ^®uQurr(dr, LcrSuQufr 

(SOT, ^<qSI iruQunm'. 
For-bid'dingj s. ^®l!/l/, il/^lugOj ^eSlir 

covLYitanSince, Q<su^uLiQfi SIX) J (sSIQjirr 

Force," s. <SiJ6\)60(oS)LD^ ueonpsnrnhj u 

P-ITlh.) ^giJ^<f ^emsSih^ SLLL-fTLUlhy 
^frdsLD^ ^ITLLj Q(5(T^<55SlX>y <^^^^ ^ 

brute, Q^efTfflujLri.) (^inh. 


centrifugal, <oS)LDLu^a<ssih, ^us^irir 

centripetal, <s5)LDUjda6uiTs=Qj ^ss=ifl 

mechanical, ^ludsih^ ^frdsuo^ ^lu 

moral, <oS)<QU^<sB.ff^^^6iii£>y QeueSuju 

&)ix)y s^^^uuueOih. 

as an army, G'.fSszjt, uoai—^ ^inr^u 


as effort, gS&ds^^ ueoih, ^^Sfj ^^ 


as efficacy, ^•/rij/i), ueoih. 

as momentum, Qufr^uLj^ ^irssihy 

as validity, ^^^euih^ Q&^io^iE^m' 


of fire, Qis(f^ui3m^^^y OfB^utSI 


to be in force, Qs^eo^^eo^ 6iil^[sj(^ 
^edy Qu60rEjQ<SfT6SBr(Slt5i^^^&}. 
Force, v. a. u6\)uiB^uDi^6osr^}j^60j ^ 
^d(^^eOy SLLi—fTUJihu6ssr^}j^60jQi5 
apart, QuLuir^^eOj t3S^^io^ i3m^ 

out, &c., ^&r^^e\)y^rr^^^eo^ iS^ 

up or open, QuLuir^^eO^ ^p^^eo. 
the ripening of fruit, scffBujuuessr 
eapifsio, u(ip<saLjQun®^eo. 
to ravish, (snQeonpsniTLDrTdjdspuL^ 
^^io<^ u6dfTpsrririhu6ssr^UjS6\). 
For'ced, a. usOu(B^u:)U<om<5suruuLLL-y 


meaning, <sueSl!B^QsiTi—pQun(T^(3fr. 
For'ced-ly, adv. euQeorTpsirrnDnuu^ <sSleo 

Force'ful, a. <suQ60nps[T!TLDirdj^^&r(SfrLj 

Force'ful-ly, adv.SijQGdnpsiruLLirdjy Qu 

&)<^djj ueourB^LDfTuu. 
Force'less, a. Qued<^srppy ^^irinpp. 
For'ceps, s. ^/QdQ^ (S/d®^ QP(3®' 

of a goldsmith, ^'^s^p®. 

for teeth, ^/5^<£F(T^6i^633^, ueoeunfkjQy 
. upi3®fkjQ, 



For'cer, s. u6\)uii^LhucsoT:^}jQ(suiT(^^ ^ 

For'ci-ble, a. Qs=rre06U(^QS)LLLU[T<osr^ Qu 

For'ci-ble-ness, 5. Que^m^ u&julj. 

For'ci-bly, adv. Qu&)(GG)uj. 

For'cing, s. u6\)uih^Lbu(ooar^U(oS)<s^ ^err 

For'ci-pa-ted, a. (^/D®^u^<suiT6sr^ Qsrr 

Ford, s. ^p<i<suD^ ^szo^, ^prSp<ssLD, 
Ford, V. a. ^gtisL—^^eo.^ ^[T€m®^60. 
Ford'a-ble, a. <si—iF^(oUfrs<s3^L^uj<f 

Fore, a. Qprn^ (Lp^<50. 

Fore, adv. Hn composition.) Qp<ssr^ Qp 

Fore'arm, s. Qfim<osriE](o5)&^ QpmosiS. 
Fore-arm', v. a. iLi^^^fi/b(^^iLj^Q'SFs 

Fore-bode', v. a. (^n^sfTLLQ^eo, (^rS-sBrr 

Fore-bod'er, 5. ^(^eufl-, (Lpm(oSTrS>sSl&Q 

Fore-bod'ing, s. Sl^^^iJd^ (Lp<dr<5urnS<2Sl 

Fore'cast, 5. Qpp(^^s=®.f urrQih^Luih. 
Fore-cast', v. a. (Lp<shr^ujn(oS^^60^ Qp 

Fore-cast'er, s. (Lpp(^ip<3=&^snffm^ Qp 


Fore'cas-tle, s. .sEuue^moppptLQ^ a 

Fore-cit'ed, a. (tpekOs^frdoeouuLlL—^ 

Fore-close', v. a. ^<2SliTd(^^€0^ id(^^ 

Fore-clos'ure, s. ^gdl^ulj^ ^Ouq. 
Fore'deck, s. Qpmi^sr&ssfluuQLDGci^s^^ s 


Fore-doom', v. a. (ipm(osflujLB^^eo^ Qp 

Fore'-end, s. (ippp'^uL\. 
Fore'fa-thers, s. (pi-) QppiSl^irss&r^ 

npSsrQ (^ns(3[r ^ ^^rTLLseir. 
Fore-fend', v. a. ^<oS5L-U6jwr,^2/^6U, ^Q 


Fore-fin'ger, s. ^LLsirLLL^<sSlri&)^ ^p<9: 

Fore'-foot, s. opp^neo^ (ip(^<surrE]S[T60. 
Fore'front, s. Qpcohri^pu:)^ (tpm-usssih. 

of an army, (Lp<5sr<osr(5sS^ Qppu<^i—. 
Fore-go', r. a. (s£lQ^&)^ i^^&). 

as forbear, to take, enjoy, &c., ^^ 

as lose, ^Lp^^eo. 
Fore-go'er, s. ^i^ih^€:S®Q(Sun<obr^ gSlL 

Q(sSI®(o(Sij[Tmr^ (Lp&srQunQsnnGir. 
Fore'groiind, 5. Qp/bi-fpii)^ Qpppih. 
Fore'hand, ) (o7pQ<s5€^(SiirTi3ur^ qp 


Fore'hand-ed, ' ^ <skQ<osr(^(oi5r. 

free from debt, sL-mirsjQiour, 

Fore'head, s. QiBpr&^^^io^ un&iuD^ 

as impudence, QQjLL<sLSl<osr&DLD^Q<sfT 

For'eign, a. ^asTGcfiuu., uir^ L//r), ujirT 

^SSTLDfTSUr^ Ljpil)Un'<oSrj LJpQ^ff^^ 

For'eign-er, s. ^&sr(oSinm^ i3pQ^<f 
Fore-judge', v.a. (pm-efffl^frcsff^^eo* Qp 

Fore-know', v. a. Qpm(o5rrSl^(so.^ Qpm 
^QMn^GO^ (y)(osr<5n'6a3n—.6v. 

Fore-know'a-ble, a. (p <^ esr /£l in d -si^ 
L^uj^ Qp<5hr^(om'n's<3f^is^uj. 

Fore'know'er, s. Qp<^(o6rrBQ<siin(sk. 

Fore-knowl'edge, s. (Lp(obr(5srr]S<sii^ Qpm 

Fore'land, s. Q^€=Qp'2issr. 

Fore'lock, s.Q!5p;6l<s(^Qp(5ar^(oirfTLDLb, 

LD^^SLDuSlrfy QpGirQsmpfBLDiiSnf. 
Fore'man, s. ^^©year, (psaffi, Qp^eotr 

of a jury, i§luu[T-JULn^^uJil.^^^'^<sii 

Fore'mast, s. (ppufTLuuDirih. 
Fore'most, a. Qpihfiiourj QpmQ^ssrr^uj^ 

Fore'nam-ed, a. QpmQjffT<si)&i)uuLLL-.. 




Furfc'nooii; s. (ipmQesrrru)^ <sn€oQu}^ ld 

this forenoon, (^i5k^srT6\)(oLDj @<ssr 

Fo-ren'sic, a, fSLUfnu^^GO^^^^^rfJuj, 
Fore-or-dain', v. a. (tp€ur(^/6l^^6\), Qp 

Fore-or-di-na'tion, s. Qp<ckG5f)tuLDLD^ Qp 

Fore'part, 5. (tppudsiii. 
Fore-quar'ter, s. Qpm<osrikQ^n<cZ>yL^^ 

Fore'rank, s. Qpmos^Gs^^ jsr^. 
Fore-run', vs. a. (Tp(^Q(Q)Q^6\), ^^ 

Fore-run'ner, s. s^^^gst^ Qppg^^m^ qj 

(r^<SiK5!^^UjrSl(sSiLjQu{r<^^ qp<5stQ(^ijP^ 

Fore'sail, s. -!BuuGSl(3sr(ipff)uiTuj. 
Fore-say', v, «. (jfi(^6srr£l<z:Sl^^G0^ ojq^ 

Fore-see', v, a, Qp<^sn^ii^'so^ Qposresr 

fd^Gd^ (ip<obr^<omn^<so. 
Fore-seer', s, Qp^psnmsrQunm^ Qpm 

Fore-shad'ow, v. a QpmQ(o!srpdaiTLL® 

Fore-show', v. a. (^f6lsfTLL®^&}^ (^rSl 

Qs^fTGV^^GO^ (ip&fr(osriT<s<zfrLL®^60. 
Fore'show'er, s. QpG5r(osr{£l<2SlLjQunm^ 

Fore'sTght, s. ^u^'iLt^^ (ip(sk^6mtT^ 

Fore'skin, s. jj/sQirs^Q^LDm^ ^jorB^ 

For'est, s. sitQ^ GiJi^fh^inh^ srrssrih^ 

thicket, ^L.friB^&n(St. 
For'est, a. sn^efren-y <snLl-i^Qe&tiS(r^sQ 

Pt 'SfTLLQd(^rfluj. 
Fore-stall', v. a. Qp<ck(SS)<siufr®^e\)^ Qp 

<^<osrQ ldl9 is^ij^io y Qp<^Q<sisr^(^^s;<so. 
Fore-staU'er, s. Qp^p<3Siaujn(SlQ<sunm. 


Fore-stall'ing, s, ^ctDt-.uQk^}j(3S),Sj np 

Fore'stay, s, (ippunujLDiT^^s<suSl^\ 
For'est-er, s. 6u<^^(u^s'rrffly (Suei^Qjfr&l. 
Fore'taste, s. Qprn^Q^B^ (if.m^(omn 

Fore-taste', v. a. Qpm^(f^Slunn^^eOy 

Fore-tast'er, s. (ip<^^(^QdQp<su<^. 
Fore-tell', v. a. QpmG5Tfi(2Sl^^G0y ^trd^ 

by astrology or astronomy, &gsS^^ 

Fore-tell'er, s. opdrGsr/SteSluQun^^ ^ 

Fore'thought, s. (T/D-sSrgjjr^o/, (ipmQesr 

Fore-to'ken, s. Qp(^esTQ^i—ujn<2fru>^ Qp 

Fore-to'ken, v. a. (ipmQearpdamLi^ 

^) QPP(S/iSI^^<so, 
Fore'top, s. QpasrGsrih^'^iLjQunLDLDy Qp 

i^inuBiTju^y suudi'QuDppefrii). 
For-ev'er, adv, [El^^QpLDy^^nsfreOQpth. 
Fore- warn', v. a. €Td<?ffl^^eo, QpdrQcsT 

Fore-warn'ing, y. erd^ifldosys^ crds^iB 
uLfy QpQsresrrSl<^<sGS)s, 

ForTeit, y. ^ipuLj^ (BLLL^Wy^osirL^ihy 
For'feit, v, a. ^tp^^eo^ siuuir^ihQsir 
For'feit-a-ble, a. ^urrtf^LJUL.Qsu€asr 

For'feit-er, s. ^ppuu'®Q(QHirmy ^iQ 
(sar, rBLLi—uuQQeDrrmy ^^i^^^ljit 

For'feit-ure, s. fSLLL^uOy ^tpth^eSlL—u 

Forge, s. 2_'8so, ^^'^dsernBy QsfT&> 
Forge, V. a. &.QG0rr3fEJs'B5frdsfTiijd9uj- 



lies, QumuQ^fjQ^^eJ^ (SOiShuLjsSLl. 
to counterfeit, <5Bisfr(Sfr(i^Qs=(Li^&)j <35lL 

Forg'ed, a, <5iD(du^^dsLii^€sr<f sniu^Sl 

bond, (SSff'CYT,^^^®, sGiT(S{r(Siigi!^, 
document, Qu(ruj^^rr^€sn£>^ Qunin 

signature, <sB(3fr<sera<SG)<sQuj(Lp^^^, 
Forg'er, 5. Q-€mi—fTd(^Q<sufr<d!r^ <sg5)^ 

Forg'er-y, s. ^-(smt— . 17^(^0^ <s^ siKbld 

For-get', u. a. top^^io^ ^lurr^^eo^Qun 

For-get'-me-not', s. ^(ri^(sii6S)<SLJLf^. 
For-get' ful, a. LDpeSujfT<5sry QurrJ^^au 

For-get'ful-ness, s. QurrffS^nui^^ mpeSl 

as negligence, ^ilut^^ s{3'lL<ss)i^^ 

For-get'ter, s. wpisSldaniTm^ (^nu<s<^ 

For-giv'a-ble, a. LLmGsf!ssuuL-.s^h-. 

For-give', v. a. i^GinLpQungja^^eo^ Lom 

For-give'ness, s. Qun^^^ s^Qulj^ ld 

of sin, Ua(SiJuQufT£^LJLj<)UIT<SULD<^(o^ 

For-giv'er, s. QurT^^uiom-^}jQ6uiT<obrj 

For-giv'ing, a. mmeuBsQp.) §)ff'^(5 

Qp^ Qun^sQp^ ^lTss(Lp<sfr<3{r. 
For-got'ten, a. (see Forget.) ld^/f^. 
Fork, s. s€urr(ipLl.<3S(7^(2SI^(Tp<sfr(ef^. 

of a tree, &/C., ^(a//f, ,S(SU)Qj. 

Fork, V. a. <S6UITQpLl.S0<2SuJfTp(^p^ 

Fork, u. w. sGsxsij^^eOy suLje£l®s;60^ s 


i otk' td; a. <s>6uitQ6s a em i—^ swiTtoSl lLi^, 
branch, ^cay/r, <eul/, Q'^r. 
stick, ^(Sun^^L^, 

Fork'ed-ly, adv. s<su)6utufTLu^^(surr(TUj. 
Fork'ed-ness, s. sqdqj^ ,sQjif. 
Fork'y, a. s60)(SiiiLj<sfrGfT^ ^fEeuQKoirar. 
For-lorn', u. ^ih^ff}^^^ j^^[i<supp^ ^ 

hope, <56Z0L_<5<fF(7^LD/?Z.DL9c5<5ZD<!E. 

person, (eksidi^j ^i^ffl^^ojek, ^(^ 

to be forlorn, ^ i^srf}^^&J ^ ^eifB^^eo ^ 

For-lorn'ness, s. ^eufletDw, ^ih^rfluq^ 

^(OT)^LD, Q <S <SiJ <S0 LD . 

Form, S, &.(7^(5}JLh^ (qUL^<S1ILD^ '^^(3^'i 

ceremony, <3^L—fEj(^^ QiBiuns^nins). 

likeness, u rr^u^oor ^ <3=[Tlu6\), 

method, manner, Qun<s(^^ <5ugs)<3s^ eS! 

;Slh, LLIT^ffl. 

order, ^LLi—ih^ spQpiij(^^ <a9^, ^<s\}, 
as mould, <3S0^ uon^ifl^ gB^ld. 
in printing, ^s'<3?dQ<sfT<oS)Qjuj®d(^. 
Form, V. a, ^-06u[t<S(^^&)^ Q^lLu^^^ 

ant-hills, LjpQp®^^6V. 

a plan or model, ^i1.l-iej<sl-®^go^ 

beds in a garden, u/t^^<sslL(Si^go. 
heaps, (^(2SI^^6\). 

ridges in rice-fields, ^rfwL^<stl.(®^id» 
an opinion or judgment, Qpu^uL^a 

moulding in masonry, swlSI<slLQ^ 

a mould, as a brazier, s(^<ssLL®^6d. 
marriage alliances, s=wuihs^iEjaeo^ 

vain projects, <^QGm(SiuQu®^^60. 
stacks of corn, Qunir^p^^GO^ @® 

in a row, ^®d(^^<S60^ ^(ssSiuosiflujn 

into balls, pills, &lc., s-(t^lL(Si^<sOj ^ 



a false story, Q^rrQ^^do^ slL(S1^6\), 

Form, V. n. &-6mi—fT(^^6\). 

as butter, Q(3ij<omQ<5muj^rf(^^&). 
as circles in water, ^l^^^6\)^ <9^Lps^ 

as concretions, &LC.,^rf(eii^^&)^ l^gsst 

as young fruit, lSI (^<3? lSI l^^^&j ^ (^q^ 

as water in pustule, i^irstLQ^ev^r^iTiSI 

as mould by damp, cobwebs, dust, 

as phlegm, Q<srrss)i^'SLL®^&). 

as rust, sGiDpsiLQ^eo^ sgd^iSIl^^ 

as pimples, u0<sQsrr(S(r(&^^&). 

as scabs on an ulcer, ^^^l3i^^ 

as pustules after inoculation, uneo 

as prickly heat, ^0ulSI^^6O. 

as proud flesh, ^di(2i](oiD6u^^60. 

as film on the eye, •pdjeijui—.^^eo^ 

as puss, Q^paiLQ^eo^ &sslL®^60. 
as milk, water, flesh, &c., su^^eo^ 

as flesh, ^<off)s^QsiT<sfr(^^60. 

as gap, aperture, hiatus, ^jD^^eo^ l9 

as cream, ^(3S)L-.upgt]^e\)^ ^(ssn—u 

as sugar, &c., o^SsTr^a), ^(sacrQu® 


as a coat of salt, &c., y^^^eo^ ul-it 

as a bile, tumor, «l!.®<5c^l1®^60, ^ 

as blisters, Qsnuu&fl^^eo^ QarnJu 

as bubbles, (^lSI i^QsrT&r(ef^^60. 

as cancerous matter, as cavity, s^Q 

as cluster of fruits, (^'^slLQ^'Sso, 
as heaps, (^<o£l^&)j (^wuil^^<30. 


as hollows, dimples, pits, (^L^<oSl(Lg 
as hollow within a horn, ^^c, (^ip 

flower buds, <s(omGsS<sL-®^G\>^ QposiS 

as fruit, smu^^do^ ue\)(si^^(Y^^&}. 
Form'al, a. ^s^nnQpefrefr., Q(Sij<si^LDn<^^ 

(oUL^d6BLDrT(osr, e^apfEJSfKoar^ i^pLoun 

Form'al-ism, s. ^q^{sj(^^ <oui^d<su:>,y ^ 

Forin'a-list, s. LLfTLorfeSJ^ ^s^mrdseir 

For-mal'i-ty, s. ^i-.tEjQ>siT(ip<s<sih^ <si'Lp 
ssL£i^Q<Qii(S(flQ(Su<Qi^LD^ QeuefflLurTS^irinb, 
as essence, ^m(oS)LD^ ^^^(quisi, 

Form'al-ly, adv. (aunu^-sGiDstJUfTUJ^ e^(Lp 


as essentially, ^ear<oS)LDLUfTUJ^ ^(SVLDn 
For-ma'tion, s. ^jbueuth^ &-6sari—rT(^ 

in grammar, ^p)u(suih^ iSlpuL^. 
Form'a-tive, a. st-(T^(Sijrr<i(s^Qpf s-esor 

L-iT<i(^Qp^ ^-(smL—nQp. 

in grammar, ^^puQuLond^Qp. 
Forni'er, s. ^_(om®u6m^i]Qp<su<5ST^ ©_ 

For'mer, a. Qpihfiasjr, L^0<SLiLDrTesr^ Q,s= 

ear p. 

time, uosiLpiusneOih^ (Lppsneoih^ y,(3 

For'mer-ly, adv. QpmQ&5T^ Qpp&neo^ 

Form'ful, a. ^-emL—fTds^^ds^ &(t^lL 
L^ds^^dSy ldQ (S^sp u LD rrd <3S <s <9^ 

For'mic, a. (sr^ihqd^sQ^^^ l9lS<sS}<oS)<3s 

For-mi-ca'tion, s. in-SFLDS'ULi^s^0(d^3r 

For'mi-da-ble, a. uLuiEusinDfTear, ^Qsn 



For'nii-da-ble-ness, s. QsnQoDu:)^ ^ 
For'nii-da-bly, adv. uujiEJ<srrLD{TUJ^ uuuu 

Form'less, a. ^^uLDfr<5Qr^ ^-^tSlioeOfT 

Form'u-la, ) s=lLl^ld^ qSI^, (sS!fi€ufT 
Form'ule, * 5 u-iufT®. 

in church, <3S&?6iirT<EFuiSlrrLorr6m'LD. 

in mathematics, (sSS^SiJcrdj^ (^^^rnh^ 

in medicine, wQ^k^ Qposip ^ ld^ib^ 
Form'u-la-ry, 5. (eSI^^^lLi—w^ u^^^^ 
Form'u-la-ry, a. ^(LprasfT'ssr^ u^^^Qp 

Forn'i-cate,??. n. <sSlu,3^[TiTLDU€m-^ij^io^ 

Forn-i-ca'tion, s. ^ir^^^^eGnh, isSlu^tr 
in scripture, (figuratively.) ^&n-6fffl 

Forn'i-ca-tor, s. ^ff^^m., Q6u&a<s<3(r 

Forn'i-ca-tress, s. ^ir^fi^ QsuQ, ujr^ 

For-sake', v. a. (sSliLQeSIQ^eo, <53)<s<2SIQ 

For-sak'en, a. <oS)<35€SIl-.uulLl-, ^{i^^ 
ffluutT<oor^ ^(^^. 
to be forsaken, ^ih^rruuQ^eo^ <ssis 

For-sak'er, s. QD<s<aSI(SlQ<ourr<c^^ ^ib^ffld 

For-sak'ing, s. ^p<sij<f (o6iS(sSiQ(sts)Sj cS 


For-sooth', adv. QLodjiundj^s^^^iULDfrdj^ 

For-swear', v. ^do'^Qiumi^'Bom-uSl® 

^eo^ Quirdjiurr^bsasniSQ^io. 
For-swear'er, s. Qunub<a'<g:^^uuuDU6m 

Fort, s. Q<sitlL(o!di—, j^jweh-, j)j<oS)u.ddB 


as fortress. ^(i^i_s<3,&)Ljjit})j ^([^d 

Forth, adv. (ipih^Qj (ipmQ&jr-f QojGjf} 

Forth'com'ing, ) Q<sn<sff}uu®Qp., 
Forth-is'su-ing, ' 5 L-ipMu Qs=&)^ 

Qpj suq^Qp^ Q€U(oTflsurr^^<is. 
Forth-with', adv. ^sQumrruj^ (SS)SLLfL^ 

For'ti-eth, a. rBrrpu^frm.