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Full text of "English-Tshi (Asante) : a dictionary = Enyiresi-Twi nsem-asekyere-nhõma"

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BASEL 1909. 



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I / 
This book, originally compiled as a ''Vocabulary of the Akra- 

or Ga-Language", was edited in three languages as an "English- 

Tshi-Ga-Dictionary" in 1872 by the Eev. J. G. Christaller. 

Since about 15 years the first edition had been out of print, 
and the deficiency of an English- Vernacular Dictionary for the 
English learning scholars was the longer the more strongly felt. 

The undersigned, having withdrawn from the Goldcoast, felt 
it a pleasure to render some help to those still actively engaged 
in Mission- and Schoolwork by revising and enlarging this book, 
which is now published in two languages. He is greatly indebted 
to Eev. J. Lochmann, then Manager of the Grammar-School at 
Akropong, who did the preparatory work with the aid of Rev. 
Th. Opoku, Eev. Ph. Kwabi, Mr. Dan. Akwa and Mr. J. Gyampo 
and to late Eev. A. Bauer at Kumase and Eev. Erwin Nothwang 
at Akropong, who both had the kindness to send their suggestions 
& corrections, of which ample use was made. 

It is not too much to say that this little book meets a great 
requirement of Government Ofiicers and Merchants as well as of 
the educated native population on the Goldcoast, and it is sure 
to command an extensive circulation throughout this Colony. 

Kirchheim-Teck, Germany, Afl. Th. MOhF. 

in May 1909. 

NB. When searching for a word, always refer to the Appendix, 
page 221—247. 


I. On the Pronunciation of the Tshi Words. 

The words of the Tshi Language contained in this book 
are written according to the "Standard Alphabet for reducing 
unwritten languages &c. to a uniform orthography" by Dr. Lepsius, 
London, Williams and Norgate; Berlin, W. Hertz, 1863. 

The Vowels a e i u have their German or Italian pro- 
nunciation, which is also often the same in English {past, far, 
best, mist, postpone, full, rule). This pronunciation is kept 
through the whole of these introductory remarks. Accessory vowel- 
sounds and signs are the following: 

a has a thin sound, like the English a in fat, before i, u, 

gya, nya, twa, and the full e & o; 
e & are in many cases not full, but have a sound approach- 
ing to i & u; 
e & are sounded open and broad as in where, there, not, 

nor, laiv; 
a e i 6 11 ara nasal vowels; 
a e e ... a e ... are long vowels j 
a e i 6 ii are very short. 

Diphthongs sound always as their single letters import, e.g.: 
ae, ae, ai, ee, ei, oe, oe, 6e, ui, ui. 

In this book the compound VOWels aw, ew, ew, iw, ow, 
are written as they sound, e. g. au, eu, eu, iu, ou. 


Ex. au = ou, ow in Jiouse, now: asaii, a fishing net; asau, 
a dance; eu and eu are pronounced e-u, g-u: kyereu, to write; 
ten, to tear; iu = ew in dew. tin, to pursue; ou = o-u; gpou, 

The final W of bisyliabiC words has, generally, been drop- 
ped. Ex, sesaw, sesa; fotow, foto; susuw, susu; ahosepew, aho- 
sepe; titiriw, titiri. 

The final W of monosyllables, however, was either changed 
into an u, e. g. saw = sau, to dance; tew = ten, to plant; tew 
= ten, to tear; pow = pou (ho), to polish etc. or it was dropped 
and the vowel lengthened. Ex. tow kyene = to ky., to throw; 
sow — so (aha), to bear fruit. 

Tones, low, high or middle, are inherent in every syllable 
of every word, independent of the stress laid on single (high 
or low-toned) syllables. These tones may be marked thus : high 
tone: a e i ... , low tone: a e i ..., high and low tone: a e e ..., 
low and high tone a' a' ae .... Middle tones, being variations 
of high tones, are only found after preceding high tones and 
have the same mark. Unmarked syllables have the tone of the 
preceding mark, or the low tone, if there be no previous mark. 
E. g. in "adaka no so" the successive tones are low, high (to- 
gether with the stress), middle, middle, low (1, 3, 2; 2; 1). In 
the Bible and other books the tones are left unmarked, except 
where distinction is necessary. In this dictionary, however, many 
words are marked according to their tones, for the benefit of 
foreigners wishing to learn the language. 

In spelling or in reciting the alphabet the single letters 
are not named by their English names, but the vowels are named 
by their own sound, and the consonants are sounded with the 
addition of a short e, or, where e does not agree with the con- 


sonant, with a short a or o. But in teaching to read, only- 
one sound must be given to a letter; e. g.: p is only a mute 
sound from the lips, b likewise, but s:fter, f only a mute blow- 
ing between the lower lip and the upper teeth etc. 

The Consonants bdfhklmnpsty, are pronounced as 
in English: 
g- always hard as in go\ 

r- as in ring, crack, carry, never as in ear, here, 
w - is pronounced with the lips not so much protruded as in English. 
In the Fante dialect of Cape Coast the letters t & d be- 
come ts & dz before e e i; e. g. : tse, dzi = te, di. 
The English letters c, j, q, x, are not used. 
The following letters or combinations of letters are not in 
English : 

ix — ng in sing, kw = qu in quack. Ex. nno, oil] ediu, a name] 

okwaii, a road] 
h\v, ny, ky, gy, sound as they are written : onwara, a toucan ] 

onya, a slave ; ekye, a hat ; gyedua, a shady tree ; 

hy, before e, e, i, sounds as a palatal ^ (= ch in Scotch and 

German). Ex. ohye, the order] ohye, the border] iihyiam, a 

meeting ; 

w = wy ; uw = nwy. Ex. ewiase, the world] onwini, the shade] 

tw, dw, fw, are palato-labial sounds transformed from kw, gw, 

hw, as they still sound in Fante dialects ; 
tw & dw sound like ts & dy simultaneously pronounced with 
w (wii:hout protruding the lips); in dwe, dwe, dwi the w 
seems prevalent, in dwo the y. In Asante proper the sound 
of dy slips into that oi dsh] cf. the English writing of the 
name of the second capital of Asante: Dwabin ox Judbin 
= Dwabeu; 


fw requires a position of the tongue and lips as for whist- 
ling, the opening of the lips being but a little wider; the 
original h has by the simultaneous contraction of the lips= 
become f, pronounced with both lips. 

In English writing of native names and places, conso- 
nants are not to be doubled to indicate the shortness of a 
preceding vowel. "We write, therefore, Ata, not Atta; Kyebi^ 
not Kyebbi. 

II. The Name of the Tshl Language, and Its Dialects. 

The name of the West-African Language, of which the 
present volume contains a collection of words, is not easily de- 
termined, and requires some remarks. 

The chief language of the Gold Coast, the Tshi, extend- 
ing over three to four degrees of longitude and as many or 
more of latitude, is spoken by perhaps one million of people 
in several dialects, which have their names from their respective 
tribes and countries, but do not differ so much from one another, 
as the dialects of many other languages in which one book- 
language is in use (e. g. the English, the French, the German), 
or so as to prevent their being mutually understood. The two 
principal branches of this one language are: Akaii and Fante. 
The most important of the Akan dialects is that of Asante,*) 

*) Instead of spelling Ashantee, we would, according to the 
actual pronunciation of the natives, prefer the simpler and more 
correct spelling A-san-te. A- is a prefix, pronounced thin, like 
the short English a; -san- (originally -sian-, from which the s7t 
came into the Accra pronunciation Asanti) is also short and has 
the stress, but low tone; -te, with a short e approaching to i, has 
no stress, but high tone. Fan-te is pronounced alike. 


on account of the extent and power of that tribe. Closely akin 
to it are the dialects of Asen and Akyem; the latter is even 
rc^garded as the purest and most elegant dialect, teing at the 
same time the most central of all. To this we must join the 
southeastern dialect of Akuapera and A k warn (Akwamu). — 
The southern dialects are called Fante; they seem to have more 
subdivisions and divergences among themselves than the Akan 
dialects, and their pronunciation is not so clear and distinct, 
and, therefore, less agreeable. We mention the dialects of Elmina 
(Edena), Cape Coast (Egua or Ogua), Anamaboe (Onomabo), A bora, 
Akumfi, Agyiraako, Gomoa, Agona. The south-western dialects 
of Daukyira (a tribe which emigrated from the Asante dominion 
in the interior and settled nearer the coast), of Tshiforo (Tshu- 
foro, Tofel), of Wasa and Ahanta, are said to belong to the 
Akan branch. *) 

As we must wish to have a single name for the Akan and 
Fante Language, we must keep to Twi, English Tshi, as 
hitherto, and as we do in this book, or call it Akan, or Asante, 
according to the principle: A parte potiori fit denominatio, — 
just as the two chief languages of the Slave-Coast may be or are 
called from the principal countries in which they are spoken, 
viz, Dahome(y) and Yoruba. 

*) Dialects of a language or languages different from Tslii, 
formerly more extensively spoken in the southern parts of the 
Gold Coast, still exist in Ahanta, Wasa, in the south of Gomoa 
and Agona, e. g. the sea towns of Apd, Simpa, Sanya (= Apam, 
Winnebah, Seniah) and parts of Akuapem (Date and Kycrepong); 
but even where such dialects are spoken in the families, Twi is 
also known and used. 

III. On the Rendering of Engllsli Words in Tsbl. 

The use of this Dictionary will show, that English words 
are not always rendered by the same class of words in Tshi. 
In the English part the sorts of words or parts of speech are 
marked: art. pr. n. a. num. v. ad. prp. conj. int. Concerning 
their rendering in Tshi we make the following remarks : 

1. The English articles are either not translated, or are ex- 
pressed by pronouns used adjectively (i. e. after the nouns); 
e. g. dua no, that tree; dua bi, a tree, some tree. 

2. Many nouns have been omitted, that signify an action or 
actor and are expressed by infinitive forms or by personal 
nouns formed by well known prefixes and sufiixes. Like- 
wise nouns denoting a quality have been omitted, when 
their forms are identical with those of adjectives. Of 
compound nouns all those are generally omitted which 
are easily translated, e. g. by putting a noun in the pos- 
sessive case before another, or by forming a similar com- 
pound word. 

3. 01 pronouns some easy compositions and combinations have 
been omitted. 

4. English adjectives are often expressed: 

1) by verbs, in which case a. is omitted and to he-, is 
added, or v. is placed before the Tshi verbs ; 

2) by nouns, placed as attributes in the possessive case 
before other nouns ; e. g. a true tvitness - nokvvare dansefo ; 

3) by personal nouns, standing in apposition or absolu- 
tely, implying the translation of person, maw, e. g. 
trustworthy - onokwafo. 


5. Numerals in Tshi are rather nouns than adjectives; only 
a few have been given, the others (compound and deriva- 
tive) and the rendering of the ordinals by the help of 
verbs (di, tia, to so) must be looked for in the Grammar, 
§ 76—84. 

6. Single English veris are often expressed in Tshi: 

1) by two verbs, of which only one or both may have 
objects or other complements; the place of these (or of 
the subject of the second verb) is often indicated by 
two dots ; e. g. 

tell- ka..kyere, lit. speak (a word) show (somebody); 
try- ka..fwe, so..fwe, lit. touch (a thing) look; 
sympathise- hu ma.., te ma.., lit. feel give s. b. ; 
lengthen- ma..kye, ma. .ware, lit. give or cause s. th 
to be long; 

2) by a noun that requires the subject of the English verb 
put before it in the possessive case, and a verb, e. g. 

tremble- ho popo; ne ho popo, lit. his frame shakes; 

covet- ani bere, kon do ; n'ani here, lit. his eye red- 
dens (concerning s. th ) ; ne kon do nam, lit. his neck 
(throat) loves (or deepens concerning) meat; 

3) by a verb and a noun being its object or adverbial 
complement; e. g. 

chastise - ka anim (speak in the face), twe aso (pull the 
ear), tua ka (apply the desert, fill up the want «S:c.) ; 

check- siu kwaii, sin ano; bere ano ase; lit. to obstruct 
or stop the way, the edge; to bring the edge (the mouth, 
sharpness) down or low; 

4) by combinations of the cases 1 — 3. 


The distinction of transitive and intransitive or active 
and neuter verbs has been omitted, because many verbs have 
both qualities, and in others the quality is self-evident. 
Adverbs have generally been omitted, when in English they 
are merely formed by ~ly, or, when in Tshi the forms of 
the adjectives or reduplications of them are used as ad- 
verbs and adj. and ad. agree in meaning. Some adverbs 
are rendered by verbs (in which case v. is added), others 
by nouns. Negative adverbs in English (as not, never, 
nowhere) require the negative form of the verb in Tshi; 
e. g. onko ho da, lit. he-not-goes there (any) day = he never 
goes there. 
The English prepositions are expressed in Tshi: 

1) by verbs, especially those which imply a direction; 

2) by nouns used as postpositions of other nouns (or 
pronouns) and as adverbial complements or adjuncts 
of verbs; 

3) by verbs and fiouns together; e. g. 
ohuru tra oka, he leaps over a ditch; 

— both, hum and tra, are verbs; 
ote wuram', he lives in the bush ; 
oko wuram', he goes into the bush; 

— wuram' = wura mu, lit. (the) bush's interior; the 
noun 'mu' serves for in and into] 

oguan ko wuram', he flees into the bush; — the verb 

'ko' and the noun *mu' together serve for into ; 
ofi hyen mu si bonto mu, he goes from the ship into a 

boat, lit. he leaves ship's interior steps boat's interior; 

— the verb 'fi' and the noun 'mu' together serve for 

from, the second 'mu' alone for into. 


9. Of the conjunctions in Tshi some are put after the words 
or sentences, in which case they are preceded by two 
dots ; e. g. 

(se) oko a, ey6, if he goes, it is well] 
se..a, or.. a, (alone) represent if (or wJien). 

10. Of the interjections some are elliptical or contracted sen- 

11. How to use this book may be shown by some examples: 
When a word is to be repeated or a stem reduplicated, it 
is often marked either by an- or by the first consonant 
which should begin the reduplication. 


a) by-: snare, n. afiri; diff^. parts of a-, viz. of a snare. 
serve, v. som; -as hired slave, serve as .. . 

faint, V. to piti, -berau, -dobosa = to berau, to dobosa. 
bata, -di = batadi. 

to he healthy, lio ye, -ye den, -ben = ho ye den, ho ben. 
to he valuable, nea eho ye na, -ewg or -edi bo, ye den 
= nea ewo or nea edi bo, nea. .bo ye den. 

b) by the first consonant of the reduplication: aniyekramakr- 
= kramakrama; akamek- = akamekame; akasak- = akasa- 
kasa; posop - = posoposo. 

c) by-, which shows forward to a subsequent word: oye 
asobi- or anibi-annaso = oye asobiannaso or anibiannaso ; eho 
kwanma- or akwannya-nhoma = eho kwahma-nhoma or a- 

The Tshi words are generally given in the form in which 
they are written in our books. Sometimes other pronunciations 
or dialectical deviations are added (in parenthesis) or have As. 
Ak. F. &c. added to them. 


The minor differences between the Akan and Fant6 dialects 
(e. g. that the former omit the final \v of many Fante and 
Akuapem forms, that they prefer final ee, oo, ie, ie, no, — to 
e, ew, 0, i, iw, ii, a, uw, and the like) are laid down in the 
Tshi or Asante Grammar, and in the Tshi-English Dictionary. 

List of Publications in Tshi 

prepared by the Basel Missionaries. 

1. The Holy Bible translated from the original tongues into 

Tshi, Anyamesem or Kyereu Kronkrofi. 2. Edition 1900. 

2. The New Testament, Apamfoforo. 5. Edition 1905. 

3. A Dictionary English-Tshi (Asante). 2. Edition 1909. 

4. Dr. Earth's Bible Stories, Anyamesem mu Abasem. 

5. Edition 1904. 

5. Bible Stories for Little Children, Anyamesem ma 

nsemma ma mmotafowa. 5. Edition 1906. 

6. Liturgy and Hymns, Asore n6 Nuwom, 7. Edition 1906. 

7. Tunes to the Hymnbook 1906. 

8. Catechism, Bible Passages and Prayers, Asiiasein 

ne Asgresem. 4. Edition 1902. 

9. The Doctrines of Christian Religion, based on 

Dr. Luther's smaller Catechism by J. H. Kurtz: translated 
from German into Tshi; Kristofo Nyamesom ho Kyere. 

2. Edition 1900 


10. Standard Reading Books for Vernacular Schools, Twi 

Kenkan Nhoma; I. Stand. 6. Edition 1902 ; II. and III. Stand. 
2. Edition 1901; IV. Stand. 2. Edition 1904, 

11. A Grammar of the Tshi (Asante) and Fante Language. 


12. A Short Handbook of Bible Knowledge, Anyame- 

sem mu Kwankyerefo. 1902. 

13. Pilgrim's Progress by Bunyan^ Kristoni Akwantu. 

2. Edition 1907. 

14. Man's Heart, Onipa Koma. 3. Edition 1900. 

15. Stories from General History, Wiase Abasem. 

2. Edition 1893. 

16. Traveller's Companion, Okwantufo Hokafo. 1895. 

17. Tshi Proverbs, 3680 Mmebusem. 1879. 

18. Rules of the Basel Mission Churches on the Gold- 

coast, Basel Asempaterefo-asafo Amammuisem. 

Revised Edition 1902. 

19. A Dictionary of the Asante and Fante Language 

called Tshi. 2. Edition in preparation. 

20. Hymnbook with Tunes for Abstainers, Anidaho- 

Niiwom. 1907. 

21. Christian Messenger, a monthly paper in the Tshi 

Language. - I-III Vol. 1905— 1908. 



Grammatical terms and other words in English. 

a. adjective. 
ad. adverb. 
anat. anatomical. 
art. article. 
caus. causative. 
cf. confer (compare), 
conj. conjunction. 
der. derivative. 

num. numeral. 
oif. objective (case). 
ohsc. obscene. 
part, participle. 
pass, passive, -ly. 
perf. perfect (tense). 
phr. phrase. 
pi. plural. 
pref. prefix. 
pr. n. proper noun. 
pr. pronoun. 
prp. preposition. 

eccl, = ecclesiastical. 

e.g. exempli gratia (for instance). 

euph. euphemism. 

fig. figuratively. 

§ = paragraph in Tshi Grammar, prop, properly. 

jud. judicially. recip. reciprocally. 

i. e. id est, that is. s.h. somebody. 

id. idem, the same. sc. scilicet (namely), 

int. interjection. s.t. sometimes. 

lit. literally. something. 

msd. medical. v. verb. 

vi3. videlicet (namely). 

n. noun. 

neg. negative. 

brb. biribi, s. th. 

&c. et cetera (aud so on). 

In Tshi: 
a.s. anase, or. 

n.a. n6 ade, etc. 

NB. When searching for a word, always refer to the Appendix, 
page 221—247. 



A, an, art. \i\,pron. (biako, wwm.) ; 

§ 74, 3. 
aback, ad. akyiri. 
abandon, v. gyae, gyau, gya mu, 

pa,; gya .kyene. 
abase, v. bere ase; boto. 
abash, v. gu anim ase, hye aniwu, 

kum aniwu; pass, fere, ani wu. 
abate, v., htian so, ma ebo 

so buaii, dwo, gyae, t"^e. 

abbey, n. iikokoradan; nkokora- 

abbreviate, v. twa so, -tia. 

abdicate, v. gyae, (gyae di, akyidi), 

tu neho so. 
abdomen, n. ayaase; yam, yafu- 

nu(m); § 123. 
abdliCe, v. tew (ko); twe..ko. 

aberrant, aherring, a. to he-, fom 

(kwaii), fi..kyini. 

abet, V. pia. bye den, bye nkuran. 

abhor, v. kyi (kokoko), tan; kyi 

abhorrence, n. okyi, otan. 
abhorrent, a. nea wokyi,(akyide), 
-wohyira(no) ano pa. 

abide, v. tra, te, gyina mu, kura 
mu, di akyiri. 

ability, pi. -ies, n. tumi, nyansa, 
nimdee, tipa, adwempa. 

abject, a. huhu, (ohuhuni), funu; 
to be -, mfra. 

abjection. a5;ec^wess,«.abubusem; 
akoaban; obere a woabere obi 

abjure, v. de ntankapa, gyae, gyau, 

able, a.^oSg-, tumi,nsas6(so),wo 

abooden, ho ye den ; nim (yo). 
ableness, n. tumi, abogdeii. 
ablution, n. odwira, abodwira, 

aguare, boboro. 
abnegate, v. san, pa akyiri. 
abnegation, n. abopakyi, 6p6, 

odantobo; abotuso. 
aboard, ad. ebyen mu. 
abode, n. trabere, trabea, F. tena- 

bew; ofi, odan; otu, dabere, dabe. 
abolish, v. gu, tue (mmara), ma kwa. 
abominable, a. tantan, (nea) ebo 

ye tan, -ebo ye nwini, -wokyi. 


abominate, v. kyi, tan. 

abomination, n. atantanne, akyi- 
de; abusud^. 

aboriginal, a. tetede, (adekan). 

abortion, n. opon; abort, v. pon. 

abound, v. do, doso; boro so, bu 
so; (often met with) ka, ta-. 

about, prp. eho ; v. ben ; ebeye (se) ; 
§ 117; ad. babi (beabi), mmea- 
mmea; ail-, mma or afanbina; 
round-, (twa) bo hyia, bo bo 

above, prp. ad., {e)so, osoro, atifi, 
(e)ti so; akyiri; v. kyen, boro; 
- all, (uea) ebramso, mmramso; 
ne titiri no. 

abridge, v. twa so, -tia, kyereu 
tia mu. 

abreast, ad. sa so, (odi m6) ntente 
so; ny^reso. 

abridgment, w.(ne)tiara,-tiatwa; 

abroad, ad. adi, adiwo, wuram, 

amannone; § 124. 
to go-, ko anian bi so, dora'. 
abrupt, a. nea entoa so. 
abruption, w. toa a entoa, ntetemu, 

mpapaemu, iiwamu, nwatamu. 
abruptly, ad. mpofirim, inpaase. 

to do s. th.-, patu (ye brb.). 
abscess, w. akisikuru ; Ak. pompo. 
abscond, ^;.binta, tweneb6,guan. 


absence, «.*«^is-, bare a onniho, 
n'akyi; -of mind, anisoter^. 

absent, a. to be-, nni ho, fi adi 

absolute, a. nea obi nt^a ho ban, 
eso kwaii iiko; he has- power, 
owo tumi a obi nsi no kwan, 
onhye mmara bi ase. 

absolution, n. bemmu, bone fafiri 


absolutism, M. tnmidi a obi nni mu 
ano, anidan nni mu; se ma ensa. 

absolve, v. bu bem, de..firi, de.. 
kye; yi..fim'; pass, di bem. 

absorb, v. mene, memmene ; pass. 
mem, wo, do mpumpunase. 

absorption, n. ofeu, mem; nea 
enom or etwe brb. mu nsu. 

abstain, v. tua neho, bu ani gu so, 
yi neho fi ho. 
- from food, bua da. 

abstainer, n. ohotuafo, odetuafo; 
anidahoni, nsa- or tatuafo. 

abstemious, abstinent, a. he is-, 
watua neho (nsa n.a.); n'ani da 

abstinence, n. ahotua; anidahg. 

abstract, v. yi mu. 

abstruse, a. nea emu nteu, -emu 

ye kusu. 
absurd, a. nea enni ase, -adwene 

nni mu. 



absurdity, n. asem a enni ase, 
-emfata, nkwaseasem, 

abundance, n. mmoroso, mmuso; 
of 6. 

abundant, a. to be -, d5s6, bu so; 

abuse, v. see, huraho, nyafi, yau; 

oyau, Ak. oye. -w.]?rb.lio adeye 

abut, V. bo ohye; to fuhye. 
abutment, n. ohye, ofuhye. 
abyss, n. obun kuronkuroii, oku. 
accede (to), v. ka ho; pene; cf. 

accelerate, v. ye ntem. 
accent, n. ene so-ma or nsiase; 

accept, V. gye; pene. 
acceptable, to be-, fata se wogye, 

so ani. 

acceptance, acceptation, n.ogje, 

ogye ne aniso. 
access, n. okwan, ho kwan, anim-, 

nkyeii -. 
accessory, a.neaebatah6,-ekaho. 
accident, n. asiane, apatiriatom; 

biribi (aye no). 
acclamation, n obagye, ayeyi hu- 

ro, osebo. 
acclimate, v. se babi agye obi or 

ueho akokwa babi. 
accommodate, v. ma efata, ma 

ese so pe. 

accompany, t;.gya, bo anan,ka ho; 

ne obi ko, --nam; 

- on the way, gya.. kwan. 
accomplice, n. hokafo, boafo, pi. 


accomplish, v. wie, ye. 
accord, v. (ma) e-ne no ka, efata 
so, ese so. -n. biakoye; anodi. 

accordance, n. mfataso. 
according, {to, as), prp. conj., so; 
se,senea ..teno,tese;§138.119. 

account, v. bu, bu akonta, bu ano, 
ka asem. 

- w. akonta, akon tabu ; iY «s o/" wo —, 
enye biribi; on what-, eden 
ntia? dekode a enti .. § 140. 121 ; 
on that-, eno nti(a). §275, 1.2. 
full-, asem mu nbina. 

Accra, see Akra. 

accumulate, v. bo ka, boa ano, 

fore; -riches, bye (ade) da so. 
accuracy, n. pepeye, nsiye. 
accurate, -ly, a. ad. fefefe, pe, 

pepe, pepepe; nsim', nsiye mu. 
aCCUrse, v. dome, bo dua, bye nsee , 

hye domamfiri. 

toso, osusuka. 
accuse, nkuro, yi nten ; to, 

toto ano {falsely); -w.nkurobo; 

atenyi; anototo. 
accuser, n. nkurobofo; ofatwafo; 





accustomed, to be-, ta ye; ka; 

brb. akokwa obi, -ka(obi ho); 
obi ahu, - nim ; - anya brb. nyee ; 
(obi) ta ko ho; § 107, 21. 

dwe; my head aches, me ti ben 
or paeme; ache, w.eyau; tooth - 
gkekau, Ak. okaka; head-, tirim 
keka, atiben, atipae; aching in 
the hones, atutii, Ak. atiituo. 

achieve, v. ye, nyS, wie. 

acid, a. nyinyanyinya, yereyereu, 
y^redede; v. nyan, nyane, kau, 
pae; nsa no apae, -akau. 

acknowledge, v.\iu, bu, pene, gye 
torn', paem' ka; da ase, gye so; 
please- receipt, mQs,eYe,^NO, wo 
nsa aka a, ma mente (ho bi). 

acknowledgment, n. oka; aseda. 

acquaint, f., kyere, kS.. 
kyere, yi.. kyere, ma aso te, yi 
asitiu; he is acquainted tvith.., 
onim, wakokwa brb. ho. 

acquaintance, w.omanni, oyonko. 

acquiesce, v. pene(so), ma okwan. 

acquire, v. nya, nsa ka. 

acquisition, n. adenya. 

acquit. 2;.bu. bem,gya, yi; hehas 
been acquitted, ne ho afi. 

acrid, a. hyerehyere. 

acrimony, n. aniohyc (jenye. 

acropoliS- 'v aban(kese) p ewen 
kuro or asase bi. 

across, ad. prp. nea wode abea 
(mu) ; V. twa, twam' ; he came 

— me, watoa m'anan mu; o-ne 
me dii ahyia ; he swam - the 
river, oguare twaa asu no ; with 
arms- waka ne nsa abare mu. 

act, V. ye (ade, -biribi); di..; bo 
bara, bu bara, bu man ; sua obi ; 
n. adeye, nneyee; premeditat- 
ed-, oboaye; in the very-, ogu 
so reye; eso pe, -ankasa, -ara. 

action, w. adeye; ok6,k6pen; take 

- against, samana obi, tew bi 
samana nhoma ; s. ^. to bi pon so. 

active, a.kamkam, w6we; to be-, 
ka..nsa, ye anem, ye nsi. 

activity, n. nsiye, anem, ahooha- 

actor, n. nea oye brb., odeyefo; 
guasodeyefo ; asafo(anim) dwon- 

actually, ad. ampa, nokwarem', 
ewom' se .., woramoa se... 

actuate, v. pia, ka. 

acute, a. denneh, nea emu ye den; 

-angle of. angle. 
adapt, V. (se) brb. fata brb., brb. 

ne brb. bo so, nea e-n6 no kg so. 
add, v. bo so. ka ho, to so, to mu, 

gu so, gu mu si so, hye mu ; tia, 

pi5a so. 
addict ?* do ma 

addition- n. nkekahg. mfakaho; 
[in buying) utoso, mpua-, nnu-. 


additional, a. nea (wode) ka ho, 
- ebata ho. 

address, v. ka (asem) kyere .., kye- 
reu se womfa iikgma obi; ko 
(obi) anim kobisa; mana; siesie; 
address, n. okwankyere, oka-, 
adesere; abarabu {manners). 

adequate, a. nea ese, -efata, -eso, 
-edu (ho, so). 

adtiere, v. fam ho, ka ho, ka bom', 
bata ho, kura mu, bo ho. 

adiierent, a. nea efam ho, - eka ho ; 
n. a. ; cf. adhere. 

adtiesion, n. eho-fam. 

adjacent, a. nea ebeh ho, -eda ho. 

adject, V. de..ka ho. 

adjective, n. din mu kyerekyere 

adjoin, v. de..ka ho,', 
kodom, bata; ben ho, bo hye. 

adjudge, «. bu nten; dan.. ma. 
adjure, v. ka ntam gu so, ma ntam, 
yi ntam ma, ka. 

adjust, V. ye..akwanso-akwanso, 
siesie , . pe ; pata, seseu ; tee; ~ed, 
atee pe, wo ano-wo ano. 

adjustment, n. nsiesiei, nhyehyee, 

adjutant, n. (asrafo dibea), osafo- 
henkuma, osafohemma. 

adjutor, n. oboafo, osomfo. 


administer, v., som. 
administration, n. (eho) adeye, 

adwumaye; omansofwe(fo). 

administrator, n. nea wode(awun- 

nyade) ah ye ne nsa ase; oman- 

admirable, a. nea eye nwonwa, 
--ahobo, - -krabefwe. 

admiral, n. akohyen mu sahene, 
akohyen so safohempanyin. 

admiration, n. anwonwade, an- 
wonwasem, ahodwiride. 

admire, v. kamfo; they -it, eye 
won nwonwa. 

admit, v. ma okwan, ma iikyen 

kwan; gye ..tom', de .. hyem'. 
admittance, w.akwanma. I found 

no -, mannya (mu) kwan . 
admix, v. de..fra mu. 
admixture, n. ade bi mu mfrafrae. 
admonish, v., kasa kyere; 

-er, n. ofotufo, okasakyerefo, 

admonition, n. afotu, gkasakyere, 

adolescence, n. mmerantebere, 

adopt, t?. fa . . ye oba, fa . . to (n'abu- 

suafo) mu, fa . . bye (ne mma) mu . 
adoption, n. abagye,(ogye a wogye 

obi ba de ye won ankasa ba). 
adore, v. fwe .. nanase, koto, sore, 

koto sore. 


adoration, n. okotosore. 

adorn, v. hyehye, keka(h6), wura. 

adornment, n. gude, ahyehyede. 

adown, ad. famfam, ase pe. § 119. 

adroitly, ad. nyansam. 

adroitness, n. kradoye. 

adulation, n. nnyigye, nnefedefe. 

adult, n. opanyin. 

adulterate, v. bo aguaman, see 
aware, fa oyere ; {said of wife) 
wia; see, sesa, sakra; (&«/ mix- 
ture) fra mu. 


adulteress, n. obaguaman, agua- 
man, owareseefo. 

adultery, n. aguamammo, aware- 
see, agobone; fine for-, ayefare, 
Ak. ayefere. 

adust, a. nea ahye dwenn, -ado ko, 

advance, v. firi {money) ; {fig) ma . . 
ko so ; {going) ko anim, kg so, tu 
nten; -guard, vanguard, n. 
twafo, abennegyefo, abennefo; 
see skirmisher. 

advance, «.nkoso; adefiri; I take, 
receive or buy s. th. on advance, 
mekofiri . . ho ade. 

advantage, n. mfaso. 

advent, n.hz., nkyeu-ba; kwanfwe 

adventure, n. aslane. 
adventurer, n. obadueduefo, pi. 


6 aff 

adverb, a. nkasae mu kyerefo. 

adversary, n. otamfo, osidifo. 

adversity, n. ohia, amane, araane- 
hunu, mmusu, abeu. 

advert, v. dwefi or susuho; bo din. 

advertise, v. mana, kara; yi obi 

advice, n. agyina(tu), efo, afotu, 
nyansahye, kasanyansa; to ask 
one's -, bisa obi ho afotu or ka- 
sanyansa; to take one's-, tie obi 
afotu or anom asem; good-, ka- 
sanyansa; to give-, kyere k-. 

advi8e,«;.tuagyina, tufo, hyenya- 
nsa, kasa kyere, susu ho. 

sakyerefo, nyansakyerefo. 

adV0Cate,«.odimafo, okyigyinafo, 

adze, n. ososo, asens-, akuma. 

aeronaut, n, wimhyenmuni. 

aerostation, n. wimtuko, mframa- 

afar, ad. akyirikyiri, nohonoho, 
nsrenso; § 127. 119. 

affair, n. adwuma, dwuma, asera, 

affect, V. ye(obibrb.); ka,- nyan; 
pe; ye., kyere. 

affectation, w.odotraso;nyatwom. 

affection, w. odo, ope, adoe; mmo- 

affiance, v. gye aware, ma aware. 


affidavit, n. ntam (ntanka); to 
swear an-, ka ntam. 

affiliate, v. fa ye oba, gye to (feku 

bi) mu. 
affiliation, w.abagye; c/. adoption. 
affirm, t^.foa..nsemnioa, kase etesa. 
affirmation, n. nsemmoafoa, asem- 

affix, V. mu, de..fam ho. 
afflict, t;. hau, amane mu, 

ho were; to be afflicted, hu amane. 

affliction, n. amanehunu, ohau, 
awereho, efona (F.), eyea (As.), 

affluence, n. mmoroso, tamudi. 
afi\)rd, V. ma, yi ma. 
afl'ray, n. ntokwa, oko. 
affright, n. ehu, ahfule, ahuyide. 
affront, v. twa mpoa, ye mpi. 
afloat, to he-, ten nsu ani. 
afoot, ad. nam (ne) nan mu. 
afore, prp. anim, kan; ansa na. 
afraid, ifoJe -, suro,yehu,k6matu; 

bom; tomake-, 
afresh, a^. foforo; bio (biem). 
Africa, pr. n. Abibirim. 
African, a. n. Obibini, pZ. A- -fo. 
after, prp. a^.akyi, so; -, v. di a- 

kyiri, se .. teno; -all, (ne)nbina 

akyi(no); -that, enoakyi(no); 

-days, nna bi akyi, mraere bi-. 
afternoon, n. betwabere, mfare- 

tubere, aiiwummere. 


afterwards, ad. akyiri(no), eno 
akyi, eno ansa na; §119. 

again, ad. bio, sankyiri bio; -v. 
(do-) san(ye), ti mu. 

against, prp., v. tia, hye, gu.,so, 
hyia; n. ho, so, ntentenso; § 122. 

age, n. mfe a (obi) di, mfedi; old-, 
nkwakorabere, mmerewa-. 

agent, n. yemSfo, dimafo, oyefo. 
aggress, «?, tea, tua, peatutu; twa 

aggressor, n. otuafo, otutupefo, 

aggrieve, v. hau, ho were, yi abufu. 
agileness, agility, n. ahoohare, 

hareye, ntemye. 
agitate, v. woso, poso; {fig.) fono 

mu, hwanyan, tane ani, huru bo. 
ago, ad. long -jSik J e; v., dabidabi, 

dedadeda; enye nne; awhile-, 

akye kakra; a year-, afenia... 
Agona, pr.n. of country, Agona; 

capital of-, Nsaba ; native of-, 

Agonani, pi. -fo; Gr. p. XI. 

agonise, v. gyam, pere. 

agony, n. ogyam, opere. 

agree, v. ma okwan, pene, pe; di 
ano, ye adwenkoro, -nokoro, ka, 
bo, bom',ye biako, fata; -upon 
a latv, di mmara ; phr. o-n6 no ka 
= woka; o-ne me nka = yeiika. 

agreeable, a. de, deu; to be-, fata 
(se wopene), ye.. fe, so.. ani. 


agreeableness, n. odeu ; mfataso, 


agreeably, ad. pe, pepe. 

agreement, n. anodi, bodi, apam; 

to make a previous-, dikasasie. 
agriculture,M.adou, kuaye, akiia. 
aground, ad. ase, p6 ase, fam. 
ague, n. atiridii awo(w) a egu nnipa 

so; (s'oose-sAew) awose(gu..). 
aid,«J. gya, boa,, diboa,ye.. 

ail, v.y^ ya, ye ; -w. (honam) mmere- 

aim, n. botae; tirimbo; to take-, 
-at, kari, son (aboa); de; pJir. 
ode wo, na onne me. 

aimless, a. entu botae, enni gyinae. 

air, n. mfare, mframa, Ak. mfere; 
wim, -abuiimu ; (onipa) su n6 ne 
ban ; (ofsong)iwom, dwontobea. 

airing, n. mfaregye. 

Akem, pr. n. Akyem, a country 
consisting of three territories: 
1. Aky.Abuakwa, capital. 'Kye- 
bi; 2. Aky. Kotoku, capital' 
OdaorNsuaem; 3.Asante-Aky.; 
native of Aky., Okyinni, pi. A- 
foo; native of Aky. Kot., Koto- 
kuni,i?Z K-fo; Gr.p.XI. XII. 

Akra, pr. n. of town & country: 
Nkraii; tbe town is also called 
British Accra, Jamestoion: En- 
yiresi; its sister towns are: the 
former Dutch Accra: Kaukan; 
and the former Danish Accra, 
Christians}) org : Osii. 

8 all 

Akraman, -woman, pr. n. Okranni 
(barima, -bea), pi. Nkranfo. 

Akuapem-man, -woman, pr. n. 

Okuapenni (-barima, -bea). 
Akwamu, pr. n. of country and 

town, Akwam; native of-, 0- 

kwamni, pi. A--fo. Gr. p. XII. 
alacrity, n. ahoohare. 
alarm, v. bo wi, -bum; tu bo, yi 

bu; to he -ed, bo twi or wi. 
alarm, n. wibg, bumbo; akomatu, 

abotu, ahopopo. 

albino, n. ofiri. 

album, n. mfonini hyehyebea or 

wurabea nhoma. 
alcohol, n. nsa (biara) muahooden 

or honhom (a ebo). 

alderman, n. oman-panyin. 
ale, n. borofo-ahai. 
alert, a. kamkam, w6we; to be~, 
ka . . nsa, .. ho ye hare. 

algebra, n. akonta a wode (nhoma) 

nkyereue na ebu. 
alias, ad. anase; din (foforo) a 

ebata din pa ho. 

alien,w.ohoho,omamfrani,jpZ. a--fo. 
alight, v. dum, sian, si, -fam. 
alike,^t, pe-, pepepe,saara; 

to he-, sepe, yepe; hope, di nse. 
aliment, n. aduan; akonhama. 
aliquot, n. akonta bi a wode kye- 

kye akonta, bi mu pepepe (mma 

bi nka akjdri). 




alive, a. anikan, animono; to be-, 

te ase, ka neho, ani wo so. 
all, a. nhina, -ra, -'na. § 76 ; -in -, 

ne nhina nkagum ; that is -, eno 

ara ni, ne nh.neno;-n^A^, eye, 

eho nni asem, eye pe, eho ye; 

osempa! at-, kora; not at-, da- 

bida, dabiarada. 
Allah, «. (nkramofo) Nyame(din). 
allege, z;.ka,kuramu, foansemmoa. 
allegory, w. ntotoho, -sem. 
alley, n. okwamferene, akwamma, 

okwan a nnua sisi n'afanu. 
alliance, n. apam, nnoboadi, hia- 

fwedi, mmoadi, hofam ; biakoye, 

nokorodi, nkabom. 
alligate, v. kyekye, -bom'. 
alligator, n. odenkyem, asuboa. 
allot, V. kye(ma) ; -ment, n. kyefa. 
allow, V. ma okwan, pene. 
allowance, n. okwan, okwanma; 

monthly- asranne. 
alloy, n. mfraframu a wode fra sika 

n a. mu gu. 

allude, V. de, kae. 

allure, v. gyigye, dada. 

ally, v.t., kyekye bom (aware or 

apam mu); (milit.) gye adorn; 
-n. dommoafo; yonkoboafo. 
almanac, n. nnabu- or nnakan 

al mighty, a. (nneema nhina so) tum- 

foo, tweaduampon. 

almost, ad. aka kiima (kokuma), 
akaketewa, ekameaye ..; § 135a. 

alms, W.^/.ayeyede,mmoborohunu- 
ade ; -house, mmoborohunufi, 
ahiafodan, odomfi. 

aloes, n. aloe. 

aloft, ad. koronkorgn, tenten, nea 

eware, -ema neho so. 
alone, a. nko(ara), iikuto, koro; 

§ 75, 3. 
along, ad. ho, ano, ano ano, faho 

faho; all-, ad. ede reko yi nhi- 
na, esa so reko yi; -side, ad. 

(sMp^s-) nkyenmu, ntentenmu; 

-with, obi ne bi bo anan nante ; 

go-\ fi(ri)m'ani so fi ! fiho fi! -of 

you!{rare)Q,^ wo ara, esianewo 

ntia! come-! bera! duom! 
aloof, ad. akyiri, nsreriso, tdnmu. 
aloud, ad. dennen,(okasa-); gye- 

gyegye, (oye-). 
alp, n. bepo tenten bi a sukyerema 

akata so. 
already, ad. dedau, dada, sese; he 

is cowe-,wanya aba, waba dedau. 
also, a^.nso,nanso,saara,bi; §140. 
altar, n .aforemuka ; Aw. Adidipon . 
alter, «. sakra, sesa,dan(brb., — fo, 

foro); -a road, hima kwan. 
alternately, {to do,) di adan- 

nan ye, di (no)nnyigye, (wo)kye- 

kye mu. 
although, conj. (ete sa, eye sa) de, 

nanso; § 140. 

alt 10 

koron, soroko, ten 

altitude, n. 

ten (ye). 

altogether, ad. kora, korakora, 
brubru, twem (twom). 

always, ad. da, -yi, da-, daba, 
-te, dapem; § 114» 

amalgam, n. agude bi mfrafrae. 
amass, v. t. boa ano ku, bo no ton, 
hgre, dore. 

amaze, v. ye nwonwa, ma ani so 
ye ya, ye ahobo (F.), ho yerau. 

ambassador, n. obofo, opomafo. 

amber, n. eton, (akomfoben^), 

ambition, n. ahupo, pesenenkonya, 

ambulance, n. ayarefo ne apirafo 
sako or teaseenam. 

ambulation, n. nante, pase, pasa. 

ambuscade, ambush, n. oteu, F. 

anteu, bu. 
amen, ad. nokwarem, ewom ampa ; 

enye sa, 6ramera sa. 
amend, v. ye foforo, -yiye, tua 

ka, bye or si anarimu. 
amendment, ?».nnanmu,nsakramu. 
amid, amidst, ad. mn, ntam, mfi- 

amiss, a. ad. bone; to do-, fom, 

fom so, to. 

ammonia, n. kawii. 

ammunition, n. akode, korabo ne 



among, amongst, ad. mu, ntam; 

y. wo, di or fra mu;p7}r.odi mu bi. 
amount, v. i. nea ano kodu, -ano 

pem , bu . . ano kopem ; - n. anobu, 

ano, (ne) dodo. 
amply, ad. bebere, pi, kese, ko- 

kuro, tetere. 
amulet, n. suman, asumamma. 
amuse, v. gye ani, ye anigye, ye 

fe, tutu agoru. 

amusement, n. anigyede, afefede, 
d,go^Q;{arrangean-,%\xiu agoru. 

analogise, v. sese, sesee. 

analogy,/?. nseso,nsususo,nfweso. 

analyse, «;.kyerekyere or papaemu, 

ananas, n. aborobe. 

anarchy, n. sakasaka(ye), nkwa- 

anatomy, n. (funu or) nipadua rau 

pepee ho nimdee. 
ancestors, n. pi. nananom. 
anchor, n. sekye; -v.ib sekye. 

ancients, w.^^. tetefo. 

and, conj. ne, ene; na, enna. 
anecdote, w.abasemtia,nsensimma. 
anew, ad. foforo; bio. 
angel, n. obofo, osorobofo, Onyame 

bofo, Ony. somafo. 
anger, n. abufu, aboohye, abohuru, 

anibere, awereho. 
anger, v. fu bo, hum bo, yi abufu, 

hye anibere, ho were. 

ang 11 

angle, w.ehin; (fish-hook) darewa; 
-t;. to darewa. 
acute-, bin a emu nna (se bin 

pa)- k. 
obtuse-, bin a emu da (tra bin 

pa). \:^ 
right-, bin pa. \^ 

angry, ^o^e^orie-, faabufu,bofu, 

ani bare; bo afu abye me. 
anguish, n. obau, eyau, abohia, 

abomete, anikrakra, t6yam(b6), 

nyennyaii, nyennyeri(bo). 
animadvert,?;. hfi, dwenb6,deani 

to. .so; ka..anim. 
animal, w. aboa; oteasefo; species 

of-, aboabaii. 
animate, v. ma nkwa ; bye baninba, 

animosity, n. anibere, ahi. 
ankle, n. uannwea, nanpo. 
annals, n. abasem a edidi so or eba 

annex, v. de, fa or gye .. ka bo. 
annihilate,, see, tue, yi. 
annihilation, n. ogu,osee,ntorease. 
anniversary, n. afedi, afekae; 

annotation, n. nkyerekyeremu, 

announce, v. ka..kyere, pae(mu). 
annoy, v.bau, yi .. abufu, boranbo, 

burn bo. 
annual, -ly, a. ad. afe da, da afe, 

da afribyia. 


annul, v. gu, see, tue, yi, ma eye 

bunu, — kwa. 
annulet, ^. kawa, nsateamuka; 

petea, toiikoka'. 
annunciate, v. ka.. kyere, kara, 

se nkara, bo kasee. 
annumerate, v. de akonta bi ka 

akonta bi bo. 
anoint, v. sra (nno). 
anomaly, n. abiraye; neanebo ade 

ne adomankamabode biara bo 

another, a. obi, ebi, foforo ; -place, 

babi; -time, da bi, dakye(bi). 
answer, v. bua, gye so, tua ano. 
answer, «.mmuae,nnyeso,ntuaaiio 
ant, n. kinds: nkran, mfgte, oba- 

hini, ntetea, akwaban, patakau, 

betekau, aboboo, mmereboa; 

nkumia; -hill, siu; mfotesie. 

-wes^, nteteadupo. 
antagonism, w.apereperedi, akayo; 

antagonist, w. odeperefo, owerefo, 

akayofo; akamekamdifo. 
antecessor, n. nea obi abedi n'a- 

nan mu. 
antelope, n. kinds: odabo (abere), 

obobiri, owansan, ofrote, otwe, 

ewi(o), okwadu, adoa, torom. 
anthropology, n. nipadua (su ne 

ban) bo nimdee. 
anticipate, v. di kan fa; twa ano; 

te sie; phr. mate masie. 


antidote, n. aduru a wode tu bore. 

antique, a nea akye, -adi nna, de- 
dau, tete., . 

antiquity, n. tete, -here; atetede. 

antittiesis, n. abirasem; asidisem. 

anus, n. to, trumii. 

anvil, n. otommo. 

anxiety, n. See anguish. 

anxious, to be-, ho pere, pere ho; 
bgmmoden; ~ about, diho 

any, a. biara, (iihina); § 60. 1. 
- bodi/, obiara ; - how {disorder- 
ly) sesasesa, basab-; at- rate, 
edan den ara a...; -thing, ebi- 
ara, biribiara; § 60. 2; -where, 
babiara; in neg. sentences no- 

apart, ad. ofa babi, afa, nkyen ; 
§ 125. 2; -V. esono; nko..nko. 

apartment, n. odan, pia. 

apathy, n. aniha, akwadwero; si- 

ape, n. akyeneboa; (kinds): kon- 
troraf i, akonson, eku, kwagy adii, 
oduabyeii', Ak. efog, asibe, kara, 
okwakii, osua (afwenhema), bo- 
ap6a, oben, adope (F), aboatia. 

apex, n. atifi, nteutennoa; soro 
pa ara, mpampam. 

aphorism, n. asentia a usennodo 

apologise, v. kasa ma.., yi ano, 
pa kye, to tafrakye. 

12 app 

apology, n. anoyi, kyepa, tafra- 
kyeto, nsanano, aperesem. 

apostate, n. okyirisanfo, nea wapa 
(ne) gyidi. 

apostatise, v. pa.. gyidi or feku, 
bo ko. 

apostle, n. osomafo, obofo. 

apothecary, n. oduyefo, -frafo, 


appal, V. yi hu, -ahi. 

apparatus, n. adwinnade ahoro, 
nneemahoro a wode kyereky- 
nneema mu. 

apparel, n. atade, adurade, otara, 
ntama, nkataho. 

apparent, a. nea wohu, - ani tuae, 

— eda ho or awia so. 
apparition, n. osaman, pi. a- fo, 

gtofo; {vision) ani-so-ade. 
appeal, n. asem a woadi na wosan 

pe mu or nu mu di no foforo. 
-, V. de asem kodan, sail pe or nu 

asem a woadi mu bio. 
appear, v. fi, befi, pue, fi adi, yi 

(ueho) adi (kyere), da adi, ye (se). 

appearance, n. ho, ani. 

appease, v. dwo ani, ta bo, twa bo 

to yam, pata. 
append, v. bata ho, ka-, fam-. 
appendix, n. mmataho, nkekaho. 

appertain, v. fa ho brb., wo, wo mu, 
ye obi de. 


appetite, n. okom, akonno, ayam- 

teu; to lose the-, ano akum or 

asiam; recover his-, n'anom ate. 
applaud, V. huro, yi aye, gye ba, 

gye .. kurum, pene so. 
apple, n. aduaba, akutugua; 

-of the eye, kurutiayisi. 
application, n. adesere, adebisa 

apply, V., so, -ta so, 

-tare so; tua(mako); sere. .ho 

hvh.]-care in doing, si 

appoint, V. si, bye, tu, yi, yi or 

bye to bo. 
appointment, n. opau, oyi, dibea, 

dib- kyere, adwuma. 
appreciate, v. bu kese, yi aye. 
appreciation, n. obu (a wobu brb. 

or obi); ayeyi. 
apprehend,^, so mu, kyere, tintim; 

(by mind) bu mu; susu; (mis- 

trust) dwen bo bone, suro. 
apprentice, n. osuani, adwinsuani, 

nea wode no ako adwuma bi sua. 
approach, «?. twi ba or beii, benkye, 

pinkye, pini ; deda akwan. 

approbate, v. pene, -so. 

approbation, n. gpene, mpeneso. 
approve, v. pe, pene, kamfo, yi 

aye; (confirm) si so dua, bye 

mu den, ma .. tim. 
approvement, n. mpeneso ; eso- 


13 arg 

approximate, a. v. (ma) ebeA or 

pinkye bo. 

apron, n. mpopabo, nsenanim, nka- 

apt, a. & V. fata. 

aquarium, w.afweetare(ampatawa 
n. a. worn). 

aqueduct,w.nsuka(a woahye da to). 

Arab, w. Kramo, Arabini; pi -fo. 

arbiter, n. osennifo, otemmufo. 

arbitrator, n. osentwamfo, otem- 

arc, arch, n. kontonkurowi fa a 
esoa brb, 

archer, n. bemma- or agyantofo, 

architect, n. odansifo, adansi bo 

archness, n. anitee, anifere. 

arctic, a. nea eda benkum kora, 

asase a eda — . 
ardent, a.byebye,hyerebahy-; den. 
arduous, a. nea ekoron, ne foro ye 

abomete ; dennen. 
area, «. asase dabeansusui; asase- 

sin a woye so brb. 
arena, n. kwasafo or asafo gobea; 

asase sin bi. 
argue, v. yiyi aten, kasa asem bi 

bo; (dispute) di anobabae. 
argument, w. ase (kyere); {debate) 

aseranyiyiano, anobabaedi. 

ari 14 

arid, «. kese, wose, wosew-, w6se, 

aright, ad. tS, trene; (ne) kwanso. 
arise, v. sore, soso; ba, fi, pue. 
arithmetic, n. akSntabu. 

arl(, n. adaka; hyen. 

arm, w.nsa, basa, abaw(F); (Jrawc/f) 

ba, duba; {of river) abomma; 

-hole, -pit, mmotoam ; basa- 

arm, v. mia, hyehye, ma akode, ko 

amia mu, bo ntoa. 

armadillo, n. epra, ^Z. a-, opra, 

pi. m-, aprawa. 
armour, n. akode, ntoa; -hearer, 

akodekurafo, ntoasefo. 
arms, w.j??Z. akode, amiade. 
army, w.edom, asafo, nsrafoku. 

aromatic, a. nea eyi hua, btiam- 

buam, Ak. fwamfw-. 
2iVQ\XX\^,\iO, hohyia; kon- 

arouse, t;.nyan',Ak.nyane,kanyan. 
arrange, v. siesie, seseu, hyehye. 
arrangement, n. nsiesiei, nsesee, 

array , ?^. siesie, toto, hyehy e, gyina- 

gyina; (w«7#.) twa rapasiia. 
arrect, a. ad. kyerebeiin, torodo; 

{fig?) (ye) oworoben. 
arrest, y. kyere, bo duam'; siaiika. 

arrive, v. du, du ho, so. 


arrogance, n. ahantan, ahokyere, 
di bame, -bamsem, -adebyesem. 

arrogate, v. gye brb. anuoden or 
ntintimanim so. 

arrogation, n. ntintimanim, anuo- 
den, bamdi. 

arrow, n. agyan, -dua, eben,bem- 
ma, -dua; to shoot an-, to agyan 
or bemma. 

arsenal, n. akode-korabea, ak-fi. 

art, n. nyansa, adwinni; anitee. 

artery, n. ntini a ehome; {vein) 
mogya or akosan ntini ; thepulse 
beats, ntini home or pere. 

artful, a. onyansafo, onitefo. 

article, w.ade, nneema-; {of trade) 
aguade; {of faith) gyidi, -ka- 
sem; {jur?) emom. 

article, v. (Jur.) di ahyem, hye ho 
mmara ormom ; de ..bye adwuma 
mu (osuani se). 

artifice, w. nyansa ; anitee; C/raMf?) 
nnada, nsisi. 

artificer, n. odwumfo, pi. a-. 

artillerist, n. opremtofo. 

artillery, n. apremku. 

artist, w.odwinkyerefo; mfonini- 

as, conj. se, te se, senea; § 138 — 

142; -long as, una dodoa..; 

-much-, dodoa..; -often-, 

mpen dodo a . . ; -for me, to me 

nko a. 

asc 15 

ascarides, n. nkonkomi. 
ascend, v. foro, ko osoro. 
ascension, n. osorokg. 
ascent, n. oforo, -ko. 
ascertain, v. hu mu nokware, ma 
emu da ho. 

ascribe, v. bu ma. 

ashamed, tobe-, aniwu,-t6, anim 

gu ase, fere ; to make -, hye or 

kum .. aniwu, gu anim ase, sopa, 

bo ahohora. 
ashes, n. nso, gyarenso, iikye- 

ashore, ad. mpoano. 
ashy, a nsonso. 
aside, ad. nkyen, ho, § 208, 3, 

of a; to go-, man. 
ask, V. bisa, sere; (inquire) pe mu. 
asleep, ^0 Je-, da; /te/s-, wada. 
aslope, to he-, son; odan no son. 
asp, n. ahurutoa. 
aspect, n. ani; senea ete; wi mu. 
asperse, v. pete (gu so); (fig.) ye 

osusuka, -ntwatoso, -mmotoso. 
aspersion, n. opete ; [fig.) osusuka, 

botirimka, mmotoso, ntwatoso, 

nsekubo, anoto. 
asphalt, n. ama, amabo. 
aspirant, n. nea ofwefwe adwuma 

or dibea. 
aspiration, n. fo/a/r) ohome(gye) ; 

ifig^ anigyina, ntokoso. 
aspiring, a. &n. nea ofwefwe brb. 

kese; ade kese fwefwe. 


asquint, ad. akyewakye. 

ass, n. afurum. 

assail, assault, v. toa, tua, to 

hye so, gu so, twi pua, puap-, 

pe..atutu, totore. 
assassinate, v. di awu (nkontompo 

so) ; teu, nam ase kum. 

assay, v. so..fwe. 

assemble, v. boaano; hyia; hyia 

mu, bo gua. 
assembly, w.nhyiam,guabg,bagua. 
assent, «;. pene; -m. mpeneso. 
assert, w.ka, si so dua,foansemmoa. 
assets, n. pi. ade a eso ka bi tua. 
assiduity, n. mmodenbo, nsi, anem. 
assiduous, a. nea oye nsi, mmo- 

denso, obisaden. 
assign, v. yi, 
assimilate, v. brb. ne brb. se or 

assist, V. boa, di boa, gya, gye, so 

mu, gyina akyi. 
assistance, n. oboa, sisiso, ogye, 

(so) abia; § 131, 2 
assistant, n. oboafo, okyigyinafo. 
associate, v. bo, bom', si koso. 
association, n. asafo^feku, kososi. 
aSSO rt, ekye brb .mu ahoroah-, 

baebae or boeboe mu akuaku. 
assuage, ?;.(ma)anodwo, bereano 

assume, v. gye; ye se.. , pene (se 

ewom); gye brb. anuoden, nyS- 

twom or aporiso ; {a rohe) hye. 




assure, v. foa nsemmoa, si so dua. 
astern, ad. hyen-to. 
asthma, n. tete, ntehye. 
astonished, tobe-, anisoorasom 

ye ya, ho dwiri, abo no nyonno 

F. = eye no nwonwa. 
astonishment, n. ahobo, abodwiri, 

nwonwa, (As. nwanwa). 

astray, ad. to go-, yera, to or fom 
kwan, hara. 

SLSiriAe, ad. to stand-, si 3iTpoiikonkh. 
astringe, v. dwom', mla bom". 
astronomy, w.nsoromahonimdee, 

astute, a. oniferefo, onitefo. 
asylum, w.guankobea, guandobea. 
&i, prp. ad. ho, so, mu, nkyen,ano, 

§118; -once, i^Teko, -pe. 
athwart, ad. mmeamu. 
atlas, n. nsase horo ho mfoniniku. 
atmosphere, w. wi, wim, ahunmu. 
atom, w. ade ketekete, -dukud-, 

- miawami -. 
atone, v. pata; bye ananmu. 
atonement, w.mpata; nhyeananmu. 
atrocity, n. atirimodenne, adwem- 

mone a eye hi3. 
attach, «.ka..boh6, kaho, bata-, 

fam— . 

attack, V. toa, tua, to hye or- gu 

so, fwe so, bo ani, bare-, 
attain, t\nya,duh6,nsaka,nsa so so. 

attempt, ». so or ye .. fwe, ka .. fwe, 
kekare(n'anira); bo ho mmodeu. 

attend, v. bu, dwen ho, or so; fwe, 

trah6,tiefre; som; (to a hunter) 

di .. agyau = di obofo. 
attendant, a. nea odi obi anan ase 

or akyi, -oka 'bi ho. 
attendant, n. osomfo, ohokafo; 

(Chiefs-) gyaaseni, pi. -fo, 

attention, n. asoye; — ! monyeaso! 
attentive, to (&e-, tie, yeorwenaso. 

attentively, ad. komm. 

attire, v. hye atade, hyehye, fura, 

attitude, w.gyinabea; (also ^^.). 
attract, v. brb. twe or fre brb. ba. 
attribute, n. su, mmaran, dibea sen- 

kyerene; -v. de din or mmaran 

bo.., ma.. . 
auction, n. awuoson-ton. 
audacity, n. anugden ; deeds of-, 

audience, w. asoye, otie; atiefoku. 
aught, w.biribi, biribiara, fwe. 

augment, v. ba gu mu. 

aunt, n. ena or agya nuabea, ena 

(kuma, -kakra), osewa. 
auricle, n. asokora. 
aurora, w.anopa wia or hann, anim- 

austere, a. nea oye den. 


author, w.gyefo, gkyereufo, ofare- 

authorise, v. ma (ho) kwan, bye 

den, raa tumi, to mniati. 
authority, n. tumi, esodi. 
autocracy, n. tumi a ede neho or 

edi ne ti mu, tumi koro, -a ebi 

nni akyiri. 
autocrat, n. obenkese, opumpuni. 
autonomy, n. tumi a ede neho or 

eso ne koh. 
autumn, n. twabere, adommere; 

ofupe, obensa. 
avail, IK di, boa, ye or wo mfaso, 

ye brb.; ma..ko so. 

avalanche, n. sukyerema atoato 
(a emuni gu bon mu). 

avarice, n. pepee, anibere, amim- 
di, pesenehkonya; hkyekye. 

avenge, v. to were, di-. 

average, v. kS ho kyekye mu pe- 

-, n. nkekaho or mfakaho a wo- 

asan akyekye mu pepepe. 

avert, v. yi fi bo, sianka, kwae, 

avidity, n. adifude, -pe, anibere. 
avoid, V. guan, nya okwan fi mu; 

(fig.) kwae, kwati, yi akwa. 
avow, V. ka fahn, paem' ka. 
await, V. tweii, fwe okwan, dwen 

awake, awakenj v. nyan, nyane. 

17 bae 

aware, /o&e-,nim, kari, aniwo so. 
away, ad. v. ko, kyene, gu, fi 

ho; to be-, nni ho; far-, 


awe, n. fere, osuro. 

aweary, a. nea wabere, -ahau; 

awful, a. nea eye fere, -eye bu, 

awhile, ad. da or here hi, prann, 

awkward, a. nea ne su nye fe, 

tantah, abobonkuku. 
awl, n. fitii, fitie. 
awning, n. nkataso, aberanna. 
ax, axe, w.abonua, atwapo, akuma. 
axle, -^ree,w.teaseenamnan(ntwa- 

honah) nsa. 
ay, ad. ehe, wie. 


Babble, v. toatoa nsem, kasa ani- 

ham, korodok-. 
babbler, n. okasafo; he is a-, 

n'ano kurokuro, -yebrammram 

or birebire. 
babe, haby, n. akokoa. 
baboon, n. boapea. 

bacchanalian,?e. osa-n6mfo,-bofo, 

bachelor, n. aberante sigyafo, 

back, V. gyina..akyi, wau. 




back, n. akyi, akyiri; hump-, 

afu ; to lie on the-, da ayannya; 

-side, n. sisiakyi. 
backbite, v. twiri, bo or di nseku, 

to so. 
backbiter, n. otwirifo, osekufo, 

okontomponi, pi. a--fo, 
backbone, n. akyidompe. 
backslider, n. okyirisanfo; nea 

wapa gyidi. 
backward, «<?. akyiri, nkyiriiiky-. 
bacon, n. prakouam a woahye no 

bad, a. bone, mumg, tantau, 
badge, ^2. agyirae; nso... 
baffle, V. di huammo. 
bag, n. kotoku, atwea, botowa; 

{of grass) tekrekyi. 
baggage, n. nneema, nnosoa. 
bailitf, n. samana bo bofo. 
bait, V. to darewa, yi nam ; {feed) 

ma aduan; {fig.) bau,, 

bait, n. (darewa ano) nam; {re- 
freshm.) akwansoduan ; {fodder) 
sare, aponkoba; {fig?) bradato, 
nnadil, ogyigyefwiremma. 

bake, v. to, toto, kye. 

baker, n. abodotofo. 

balance, n. nsenia; -v. kari; -mi 
account, bu akapere ; - a debt, 

bald, a. nea apa; -on the body, 
bopae ; - on the head, tipae. 

baldness, n. tipae, bopae. 
bale, n. aguadesoa; -v. kyekye ag-. 
bail, n. aboba, korabo; ade koro- 

korowa; tgu. 
balloon, n. abunmuhyen. 
balsam, n. aduhuam, ofwannua. 
bamboo, n. mprampuro. 
banana, n. kwadu; -cluster, kw. 

band, w.bama; bena(Ak.),bamma, 

ntammab -, abotiri ; {company) 

asafo feku; {music.) agofomma. 
bandit, n. odwotwafo, okwanmu- 

bane, w. bore, awuduru; {fig.) gsee, 


banish, v. pam, tu. 

bank, n. {of river) asukon, nsuano, 

asubonten-ano; (excZiaw^e) sika- 

korae, sikasesae. 
banker, n. sikasesafo or -femfo, 

bankrupt, w. nea gua abo no or afwe 

no fam, - wagu asu aguadim, 
banner, n. gfranka. 
banquet, n. aponto, adidi. 
bans, proclaiming of the-, aware 

pae, -so bo. 
baptism, n. asubo. 
bar, n. dua ; {bolt) korokoro ; {fig) 

abeu ; (/(ewce)pampim, ban; {inn) 

ahohodan ; {of lawyers) akasa- 

gyefokii ; ~ of iron, adaban ; - of 

lead, abodaban. 




bar, V. si(ano)kwan, bram ano. 

barbarian, w. a., barbarous, a. 

okwaemuni, nea ompoe, - n'ani 
ntee, -n'asem aham'sem, otiri- 

barber, n. oyifo. 

bare, -ly ,, kwa ; (naked) 

kwaterekwa, kwawo, adagya; 

-footed, onammonhunu. 
bargain, v. di ano; -n. anodi. 
barge, barl(, n. akorowa, okoro, 

obonto, hyen bi. 
bark, n. abon, abonS, bono. 
barl(, V. bom' (se okraman). 
barm, n. odae. 

barn, n. osan, pi. a-, aburo pata. 
barometer, n. mframakari-afiri. 
baron, n. odehye, adebyewa. 
barque, n. abyemma. 
barraci((s), n. asrafodan, nsrafofi. 
barrel, n. opankaran, piimpa, 

aiikora, base ; -of a gun, otu- 

dua; -of gunpowder, okwadum, 

akotowa, atentenim. 
barren, a. obonin, nea onwo or 

enso aba, di basigya; -male 

atiimal, karawa. 
-place, tepa, nkyerekyera'. 
barricade, n. (ok6mu)akwanside, 

wode abo or nnua na eye, pie; 
-V. si (dom) kwan. 
barrier, n. okwanside, pampim ; 

{limit) obye. 

barrister, - at law, n. mmaranimf o, 

barter, v. di bata, - nsesa, - nse- 

sagua, - abobobo. 

barter, n. obatadi, nsesagua. 

base, n. ase, nbyease. 

base, a. bunu, nea emfra, -enni 
anuonyam, -wommu. 

bashful, a. nea ofere ade, -odo 
aniwu, -n'ani ato (F.), -n'ani 
wu ade. 

bashfulness, n. adefere, efere, 
afere ; (shame) animguase. 

basin, n. oguasen; ayowa, awowa. 

bask, V. to awia. 

basket, n. kinds: kenten, pirebi, 
sesea, kyerenkye, berefi, tekre- 
kyi, apakan, akgtwe. 

bastard, n. aguamanba. 

bat, n. kinds : ampan' (apane), 
afwerede , afwenenkron , opa- 
ntweeuini, ntwetwe, - wa, ntwe- 
twee, dankwansere. 
batatas, n. ntommo. J^ 

bath, n. aguare, (place of-) agua- 
ree, -e; v. guars. 

battalion, n. dom nkyekyem' or 

-mpasua bi. 
battery, n. aprem sibea or sibere, 

battle, n. oko, pi. nkopen; field 

of-, akoe; dom ano. 





battue, n. atwe; to make a-, bo 

or kg a-; atwefo: homofo, boa- 
boafo, tabanfo ne won a wo- 
ko at-. 

bawl, V. kasa dennen, bom'. 

bay, n. donnon, baraka, epo-faka. 

bayonet, w.bonowgno. 

bazaar, n. egua(so). 
be, V. ne, ye; wo, di {neg)\ te, 
si, da, gu, nam&c. §102. 199. 
beach, n. mpoano, nsuano. 

bead, n. ahene (afwenee) ; kinds'. 
bota, bodora, nenkyenema, ahen- 
newa, amankwatia, piika, bon- 
bon, bankam, teteasg, n. a. 

beadle, w.dawurubgfo; asgredanmu 
somfo ; {court) (samana) bgfo. 

beak, n. anoma ano; cf. bill. 

beam, n. mpuran, nsemsodua. 

bean, w. ase, asedua; kinds: ase- 
ten, nsetia, usensenkua, akite- 
rekii, apateram, asaahensa, ase- 
huam ; atwe, ekyi, abobge. 

bear, n. sisi; the greater-, (astr.) 

bear^ v. so, soa, se, kura, turn; 
(fruit) so (aba) ; {bring forth) wo ; 
{endure) mia. ani ; -a sickness, 
di yare no; phr. I- in tni?id, 
mafa me tirim. 

beard, n. bogyese, anodaso-. 
bearer, n. gdesoani, pi. ad--fo, g- 

bearing, n. (appearance) anim- 

beast, n. aboa, aboawa; -of prey, 

beat,, boro, fwe; {druni) ka, 
yan (akyene); {milit.) yi dgm, 
ka gu, di nkonim. 

beau, w. ohofwini, jpZ. a--fo, wewe. 

beautiful, a. fe, fefe, os6, kama. 

beauty, n. abogfe, bere. 

because, conj. efise, esiane se, 
..nti; §275, 1. 

becalm, v. dwudwo, ye koram 

beckon, 2?. nyama; -^co;«e,; 
-with the eyes, bu ani ; n. gbabg. 

become, v. ye, dan, nyin ; {fit) 
fata; kg..yiye; -old, bg akora, 

bed,w. kete,mpa, nnae; -of brook, 
osuka; -of valley, osnhot.; gar- 
den-, kofi; -cover, gdaso ; -room, 
dabere, dabekyiri, pia; -stead, 
mpadua; mpatia; -time, nnabere, 
mpasokgbere; -v. adu nna so. 

bedew, v. pete so, gugu- nsu, fgu. 

bedrop, v. gugu or pete so (nsu, 
aduru n. a). 

bee, n. gdowa, pi. nn-. 

beef, n. nantwinam. 

beer, n. borgfo-ahai. 

beetle, n. kinds : tantakuma, 
amanku, kukrubinsiii, tefere, 
atwakurudu, adwobotoku, gba, 
ate, asikasika, asamanadwo. 




befall, V. ba, -mu, -so, to; siane, 

bu; ye; mischief -s s. b., di 

mmusu, abii abu no. 
before, prp. ad. anim, anim-fam, 

(twa ano, di kaii, -anim); kaii, 

-no; ansana..; § 141, 9. 
befriend, v. ye (obi)yiye, fa adam- 

fo, (me ne no) fa oyoiiko. 
beg, V. sere, seres-, bisa, pakye, 

hua(aduan); -pardon, i^a.kye; 

-your pardon ! kose ! tafrakye ! 

beget, v.wo',{of animals)ioTO, ka. 

beggar, n. obuafo, gsereserefo; 
ohiani, pi. a--fo. 

begin, v. fi ase, fiti-, di kail ye, 
hye ase, boe; bo ade; -anew, 
bommoforo; to- trade, gyebata. 

beginner, n. asefifo, odikanfo, 

beginning, n. ase, -fi, -fiti, -hye, 

mfiase, mfitiase, nbye-, mmo-; 

in the first-, kaii, kaiikyereky -. 
begird, t;.mia, kyekyere,bo so, -mu. 
begone! int. fi ho! fi ha! fi me 

so! ko! 
beguije, v. dada, sisi. 
beguilement, n. nsisi, nnada, 

behalf, n. nti, (obi or brb. ho) 

do or mfaso nti, obi din mu. 
behave, v. bo bara, bu-, bu man, 

ye.., di..; -proudly, di bam(e), 

bo iikyekwakyema. 

behaviour, w.bara,baraban, abara- 
bo, abarabu, amammui; good-, 
obarapa; bad-, barakye. 

behead, v. twa ti. 

behind, prp. ad. akyi, akyiri. 
behold, V. fwe; gyeii; -m^. fwe! 
being, n. asetra; ade, abode. 
belch, V. kesiu. 

beleaguer, v. tuakuro,, 

tua pratu ; cf. blockade. 
beleaguerer, n. nea otua.. pratu; 

belfry, n. odon asene. 
belief, n. gyidi. 
belier, n. gnototofo. 
believe, ?;. gyedi, gyetie; susu. 
bell, n. odon, nngnnomma, adgmma. 

bellow, V. su. 

bellows, n. afa. 
belly, n. yam, yafunu(m). 
belong, v. brb. ye obi de, wg obi. 
beloved, a. pa, gdgfo; nea wg- 

dg no. 
below, prp. ad. ase, fam. 
belt, w.abgmu,abgso,nkyekyeremu. 

bemire, v. gu..ho fi. 

bemoan, v. di ho nkgmmg, were 

ho ho; su, gyam. 
bench, n. agua, manO; sekyedua, 

bend, v. konton, kuntuii, kyea, 

kom, pono, moiikyem. 


beneath, yrp. ad. ase. 

benediction, n. nhyira, aseda, 

benefactor, n. yiyeyefo, odefoo, 
daasebere ; abisansuaamansa, 
okurn kom. 

benefit, n. yiyeye, ayeye, papa, 
odom; adepa; {profit) mfaso. 

benevolent, a. to be-, yam ye. 

benignity, n. ayamye, papaye. 

benumb, v. ma..kyenkyen. 

bequeath, v. de samanse gyau ma. . . 

bereave, v. fwim, yi..ko; gye.. 

berg, of ice, n. nsukyene bepo (a 

eta p6 so). 
berry, n. aduaba; e. g. kafe, asa, 

obobe u. a. 
beseech, v. sere, koto, -sere, pa 

beset, V. tua, twa bo hyia, -ho 

si, bo ho dantaban, - kontoii- 

beside, besides, prp. ad. iikyeii 

akyi, nkamfua, gyabau, sail 

kyiri, asa; § 134, 3b. 
-V. sono; nni mu, mfra; ..ka ho 
besiege, v. (de dom) ka...hyemu 

..twa.. ho hyia, tua.. hyia. 
besmear, v. kwau; {soil) gu bo fi 

keka ; {daub) sra, due. 

besmoi<e, v. ho (nam), pun, Ak 

22 bey 

besom, n. ohuSe; oprae, nsama- 
napr -. 

bespeal(, v. bye ase, yi kyere. 

bestial, v. nea oye brb. se aboa 

or kwasea; oye neho iiwinin- 


bestir, v. kanyan ... (ho) ; hwa- 

nyaii ; -yourself, ma nan so ! ka 

wo ho! 
bestow, V. ma, kye; dom; sie. 
bestrew, v. pe, bg pete, fwete. 
bet, V. kyia. 
betime, betimes, ad. ntem ; ang- 

patutu, ahema. 
bethink, v. susu, dwene ho, ka- 

kae ..tirim'. 

betray, v. kyere obi so kwan, yi 
adi, yi ma, pa akyi. 

betrothed, a., n. siyere. 


beverage, n. nsS, anonne. 

bewail, v. di .. ho nkommg, su, 

beware, v. fwe yiye (brb. ho), 

da. .ho so; wen. 
bewilder, z;. tirim ye.. kesenenene, 

asem tu fram obi, birim. 
bewitch, v. ye or deu bayi, kyere 

(kabere); tram, trantr«m. 
beyond, prp. ad. nohg, nohoa; 

akyiri; § 127. 
-V. tra, sen, bu so. 




bicycle,(J^^e), w.dadeponkg, anko- 

nam (aliri). 
bid, t?.hye, kakyere ; -to come, hyia. 
bide, V. tra, te, ka ho. 
big, a. kese, kokuro, kakra, kan- 

kranii ; - ij. so ; cf. large. 
bigamy, n. ayeredodo aware. 
bight, n. (epo) donnon, baraka; 

cf hay. 
bile, n. bore, bonwoma. 
bill, n. cf. beak. 
bill, n. nkurobo nboma ; adefirifo 

ne akafo nh. ; aguade akonta 

-of lading, hyeii aguade so nh . 

-of entry, aguade bo to iib. 

-of fare, nnuanhoro ho iih. (a- 

ponto ase). 
bill-hook, n. adare, adere. 
billow, n. osorokye, j)l. a-. 
bind, V. kyere, kyekye, kyekyere, 

dwere; [with chains) gu nkon- 

sonkonson ; {tie animals) sa, 

biography, asetram or nkwa 

ho asem. 
bird, n. anoma, anoma, atuboa, 

atakaraboa^ pi. n- . 
blr^-catcher, n. onomayifo. 
birth, n. awo ; -day, awoda ; 

-place, awobea, fako a wowoo 

'bi; awoe. 
birthright, n. awo mu dibea, pan- 


biscuit, n. pan6, asikrepano. 

bisect, V. kye or bu mu (abien), 
dwata mu. 

bisection, n. nkyemu, nwatam. 

bishop, n. gsofopanyin, sofwefo. 

bit, n. troma, atroma. 

bite, V. ka, keka, ka so. 

bitter, a. nwene, nwun, nwene- 
nw-, nwoma-iiw-. 

bitterness, n. uwene ; {enmity) 
aka ; {sadness) awereho ; {cruel- 
ty) atirimgden. 

black, a. tumm, tunfcum; -v. biri. 
blackboard, w.kyereupontuntum. 
blackguard, n. obufo, buriim. 

blacksmith, n. otomfo. 

bladder, n. dwensotoa; cf. blister, 

horonoa, dodoakii. 

blade {of knife), n. osekanfua; 

blame, v. bg ahohora, bg..sobo, 

nunu(nuru), ka anim,, 

blanch, t;. ma..hoa, fita. 
blank, a. fwe nniso, hunu, mpan; 

blanket,' w. kuntu, -tam. 
blaspheme, v. ka (ho) abususem, 

dome; {fig.) bg dimmone, yau. 
blast, V. bye, kisa; {fig.) see. 
blast, blasting, n. ahum ; [drought) 

oho; {scent) pampan. 
blaze, V. deu, fram. 




blaze, n. ogyaframa, ogya a ede 
or esq or ehye framfram. 

bleach, v. hoa, dan fita; -ed calico, 
krada, iiwera. 

bleed, v. sa, sesa, suan, fi mogya. 

blemish, n. dem, iikekae. 

blend, v. dcfrafra; (Jig.) di afun- 

bless, V. hyira. 

blessing, n. nhyira. 

blind, a. onifuraefo ; nea n'ani afira. 

blindfold, v. mi3a ani, 

blindness, n. anifurae. 

blindworm, n. osunson, pi. a-. 

blister, n. horonoa, dodonku ; 
(bubble) ehy eh] - caused b^ fire, 
mpumpunnya ; ogya hye wo na 
eho bo horonoa a, wose : abo 
mp. ; -V. bo horonoa, -dodon- 
ku, -mpumpunnya; (air or soap 
bubble) ehyeh. 

block, n. dua, duasiii, dufokye, 
dufua; to put in-, bo .. duam, 
bo .. pa. 

block (up), V. si kwah. 

blockade, n. kurotua, kuro-hka- 
hyem; -v. tua kuro, siu ano, 
to ... mu, tua pratu; wotua obi 
pratii, i. e. obi wo dan mu na 
woakotoa no na onnya kwan 
mfa babi. 

blood, w. mogya, bogya,nkra,kaf(j; 
-thirsty, mogyape ; we are of the 
same-, me ne no di abosryafra. 

/ bloodshed, n. mogyagu, awudi. 
bloodvessel, n. ntini. 
bloom, blossom, V. gu nfwireh; 

{of maise) tu mpesee; (shoot 

forth) fefe. 
blossom, n. nfwiren; {of maise) 

blot, V. keka ; {disgrace) hura ho ; 

{efface) popa, sensah mu 
blouse, «.kaba, kabaseroto, (mma) 

blow, ■y. hu, huhu, fita; (mframa) 

bg, (mfare, ahum) tu ; {breathe) 

home ; {trumpet) hyen (toroben'- 

to, abeh). 
-the nose, hem fwenem. 
bludgeon, n. asaba, aporiba. 
blue, a.bru;^arA-, bibiri; light-, 


blunder, v. to, fom so. 

blunt, V. kum ano, d-v^o-, bu-. 

bluntly, ad. kwa. 

blush, V. (anim) here; anim gu 

ase, ani wu or ka ase. 
boar, n. prako-nini, batafo-, ko- 

kote, ebee; -s tusk, batafose. 

board, v. fwe, ma .. aduan, bg a- 
kgnhama, -akwanhama. 

board, n. tabo, brete, pi. mm- . 

boarder, n. nea wgnoa aduan ma 
no, - wgbg no akgnhama. 

boarding school, n. akgnhamabg- 




boast, V. boahoa or hyehye (ne- 
lio), yi neho aye; ye onopon. 

boastfulneSS, n. onoponhunu. 

boat, n. obonto, okoro, byen, a- 
byerama, batadewa (F.). 

boatman, n. okorofo, obarefo, 0- 
kwamfo, pi. a- , cf. ferry. 

body, n. bo, obonam, nipadua, 
nipamii; {dead-) amii, efunu; 
(torso) akonsin ; the whole - has 
become weak, waye sa. 

body-guard, n. ankobea, -fo. 

bog, n. dontori, atekye, denkyed' -. 

boil, n. boronoa; pompo. 

boil, V. buru; noa. 

boiler, 71. (nea wonoa brb. worn') 
oseri, kuku. 

bold, «Jo&e-,yennam,aniye den, 
koko ye duru; -n. gkatakyi. 

boldly, ad. nnamso, mmarima-, 
akokobiri-, akakaben-. 

boldness, n. nnam, anugden, a- 
kokobiri, akakabensem. 

bolt, w.korokoro, atwese; (arrow) 

bond, - 8, n. bama, nkonsonkgn- 
sgn, mpokyere. 

bondage, n. akoaye, duam' nua. 
bondman, bondmaid, n. akoa, 
afana; onya; (pawn) awowa. 
bone,/«.dompe, ^/.nn-,kasae,nk-. 
bonfire, w.iikonimgya, - gyatamia. 

bonnet, n. ekye^ -wa. 

book, n. nboma, buku, briiku; 
-binder, nbomapamfo ; -case, 
iib. wurabea; -depdt, iib. gua- 
didan ; - keeping, nkonta nb. 
so fwe; -printing, nh.tintim; 
-seller, nh. tgnfo. 

boon, n. akyede, adekyede. 

boot, n. asepatere tenten. 

booty, n, asade, afode. 

border, n. gbye, tia, kurotia, ano. 

border, or bg fubye ; bg gbye. 

bore, V. fiti. 

borer, n. fitii, fitie. 

borrow, y.fem , pe bosea ; cf. to lend. 

bosom, n. ebo, kokom, yam. 

botany, n. afifide (iifwiren, nnua 

n.a.) bo nimdee or (ebo) kyere- 

both, a. wgn banu nbina, n'a- 
• bien nb. 

bottle, n. tumpan, toa, prentoa, 
abgdeammg, fweasearamg, dgm- 

bottom, n. ase, fam ; - less, a. nea 

ase atu ; (fig^ donkud -, kurorik - . 

bough, n. ba, duba, duabasa. 

bound, V. bg hyeban, twa bye; 
(restrain) sianka; (leap) burn. 

boundary, n. ano, gbye, fubye; 
(of totvn) kurotia; (end) awiei. 
-tree, n. gbyedua. 




bounty, w.papaye, yiyeye, ayamye. 
bouquet, n. nfwiren a woakyekye 

bow, V. bere (ne mu) ase, koto. 

bow, n koto, akotokoto. 

bow, n. ta, kuntun; tadua, bem- 
ma; -string, tahama. 

bowels, n. yam', ayamde, yafu- 
num', nsono ; {mercy ^ pity) mmo- 
borohunu, ayamhyehye. 

box, n. adaka ; {calabash or tin -) 
toa, toa; {golddust-) abompu- 
ruwa; (wM-)forowa; {cf.blow) 
atwere : sotore, sotoro. 

box, V. pa asom, to or bo at^X'e^e. 

boy, n. abofra (barima), abari- 
ma; - /fOo<:?, mmofraase ; -/s7iwes.s, 

brace, v. kyekyere, yere rau 

bracelet, n. ka, kapo. 

braces, n. pi bresi. 

brackish, a.(nsu)nkyene-nkyene. 

brag, v. see boast. 

brain, n. (tirim) hon. 

branch, n. duabasa, duba, iiko- 

rata ; {descenda?tt) aseni, pi.- fo; 

-of a palmtree, popa. 

brand, w. gyentia; -v. hye] (fig.) 
bo ahohora, sopa. 

brandy, n. nsS, mmorosa. 

brass, n. ayowa; -basin, awowa, 

brave, n. okokobirifo, okatakyi, 

obarima, dommarima; pi. ba- 

bravery, w.abooduru, akoko-duru, 

-biri, nnam,mmarimasem,mma- 

ninye, baninha. 
bravo, interj., mo! m66! 

brawl, V. kasa gyegyegye, ham; 

kasak-; -ing, oham. 
brawler, n. anobone, ow^nafo. 
breach, n. obu, okam, mpapae- 

mu; (fig.) aka, akaye, ntetemu. 
bread, n. abodd; apiti; dgkono, 

F. karikyeu, aduaii; panO. 
breadth, n. teterete, tere. 
break, v. bo, bobo, bu, bubu, pae, 

teu; {-anger, calm) dwudwo; 

[spoil) see, to; day-, (ade)kye; 

- off connexion, twa kahirem ; 

-up a session, tu; gua no atu. 
breakers, n. asorgkye; aworoso. 
breakfast, n. auopadidi, anopa- 

breast, n. bo, koko; nufu (mpo- 

kua, anameii, nuf uten, taberaba); 

{heart) koma ; {of animal) yaii ; 

-plate, n. iikatabo. 
breath, n. ahome, abuhu, honhora, 

iikwa; {air) mfare, Ak. mfere, 

mfraraa ; -less, a. nea ne home 

teu no, berente, hodwo; -v. wu, 

gyau mu ; to get out of-, bo bu, 

home teu. 
breathe, v. home, gye ahome. 


twakoto , wono 



breeches, n 

breed, v. -wo, do, dodo, yen; cease 
-ing, twa awo; -n. mma, asefo. 

breeze, n. mfare a etu bereo. 
brew, V. noa, ye ahai, -nsa. 

bribe, w.adanmude,boa, pl.mmoa,, 
anadwode ; - 1>. di or gye mmoa ; 
taking -s, mmoddi. 

brick, n. ntaya; -kiln, n. ntaya 

bricklayer, n. obantoni, pi. a- -fo. 

bride, n. ayeforo; siyere; -cake, 
n. ayeforobyiakao; -groom, n. 
ayeforokunu ; - maid, n. aye- 
foro dansefo, -abawa. 

bridge, n. etwene, mpata (a woa- 
kyere no asu bi so). 

bridle, n. nnareka; (gag) mani- 

brief, a. tia; -lif, ad. tiam, ntia- 

brig, n. hyen a asi byennnua abieu. 

brigade, n. asrafo asafoku. 

brigand, w.odwotwafo, gkwanmu- 

bright, a hanShana, nyam, hann, 

hyenn; dagua; -v. boa, nyinam. 
brightly, ad. frafrafra, framfram; 

§ 134, 2. 
brim, n. ano. 
brimful, a. matenn. 

bring, v. de(fa), dc.bere, de..ko- 
ma; -forth, yi, yi adi; (child) 
wo (ba) ; (fruit) so (aba) ; ba (a- 
duan); -up, yen; - and keep 
alive, turu mma, 

brisk, a. to be-, ye ade kamkam, 
wewe, ntem, oharem; ho ye hare 
or den. 

bristle, n. prakonhwl. 

brittle, a. penpen. 

broad, a tere, tetere, teterete, ha- 
hara, baya, bayab'-; v. tere. 

broil, n. akasakasa, atiitu, diat-. 

broken, a. go, sin; nea abo, -abu, 
-apae.. . 

broker, n. gpewadifo, konkosifo. 

brokerage, n. mpewadi, akatua 

or mfaso konkosi. 
bronchitis, n. menewayare, osafo. 
brood, n. mma, asefo, 
brood, V. bu aba (nkesua) so. 
brook, n. asu, asuwa, asuten. 
broom, n. oprae, ohuae; nsamana. 
brother, n. ouua, -barima; ena 

or agya oba. 

brother -/^-Zaw, n. onua kunu; 

oyere or okunu nuabarima ; 

wife's brother, akontagye. 
brotherhood, n. onuaye. 
brow, n. ntonka. 
brown, a. nnodoe, nea adou; kg 

a ebiri; -red, a. koko. 


bruise, v. pira, pete, posa, bobo, 

brush, V. tu..h6, twi (ho). 
brush, n. tui, tuie. 
brushwood, n. mmoba (mmaba). 
brutal, a. tirim ye den; to be-, 

bo .. atirimoden. 

brutality, n. (mmoadeye), atirimo- 
den, anibere, ahupo. 

brute, n. gyennyeutwi, hofwini. 
pi. a- -fo ; ohuhuni, pi. a- -fo ; 

brutish fellow, ototoborofo. 

bubble, n. ahuru, horonoa; (air-) 

bucket, n. karikyi', kaiikyesom. 

buckler, n. okyem, pi. a- . 

bud, n. (afifide) aniwa; ufwiren a 
enhane; (nkruma no abo) kuku- 
dudu; - V. fifi aniwa, gu nfwiren, 
bo pupu or kukududu (se nkru- 

budget, w. kotoku; oman or feku- 
sika (a wofwere) ho akonta. 

buffalo, n. eko(o). 

bug, n. (bed-) mpaboa; (stinking-) 

bugbear, n. kakae. 
build, V. si(dan), to (aban, ofasu), 
kyekye (kuro). 

builder, n. odansifo, odankyenfo. 
building, n. odan; (stone-) aban. 

28 bus 

bulk, w.afefarem, kese, kokuroko; 

(lump) tou ; (fzill sum) akoten. 
bull, n. nantwinini, nantwisae. 
bullock, n. (young) nantwiforo, 

nantwinini; hide of-, n-nhoma. 

bullet, n. korabo, aboba, adarebo. 
bully, V. kasa birebire, ye gye- 


bulrush, n. mmeu. 

bulwark, n. asekye, akopempe, 

bunch, «,boa; siau. kasia, (brode) 

duru; (Jiump) afu. 

bundle, n. boa, efi; (of sticks) 

pamfi ; - of grass, saf i. 
bungle, v. ye brb. sakasaka. 

burden, n. adesoa, pi. nno-; (fig.) 
ghau, nhyeso, -de. 

burglar, n. (nea obu fa dan mu 
kowia ade), owifo, okoronfo, a- 

burial, w.afunsie, amusie; -ground, 
-place, auisiei, asiei. 

burn, V. hye, hyeu, hyehye. 

burn, n. ohye ano twa. 

burnish, v. pou ho. 

burrow, v. hunu tokuru. 

burst, V. pae, ten, suane; bo pete. 

bury, V. sie (funii), kora (amu) ; 

burt/ing- place, anisiei, asiei. 
bush, n. wura, wuram, ahaban, 

kwae(ase); (thicket) odoto. 

bus 29 

business, n. dwuma, adw- ; {action) 

buss. V. fe...ano; -n. mfeano, a- 

bustle, n. gyegyegye. 
busy, a. nea oye adwuma pi, -nsa 

nna ho. 

-ad. gye; nko. 
butcher, v. kum, di awu; -n. nea 

okum nam ton. 
butler, 71. nsahyefo, adidifwefo. 
butt-end (of a gun), n. otuba. 
butter, n. buturu. 
butterfly, n. afofauto ; kinds : ode- 

fufu, gyahene, nkani, kobonso, 

akukua, osofo, nsoromma, tumm 

ne hyen. 
buttock, n. (eto), nserekyiri. 
button, n. nkoropee; potwom; 

-V. -up a coat, 

buy, V. to; -er, n. odetofo. 

buzz, V. ye honyob-; (whisper) 

tu or tutu asu. 
by,, bo; aux. v. de 

(fa), nam so, -mu; §119; -and-, 

ad. erenkye, eye kakra a,.. . 
by-law, n. mmara mu ntaremu, 

ada-nkyen mmara. 
by-name, n. mmaran, nsaberan. 
by-word, n. abebusem, akasabe- 



Cabbage, 71. efan, ahaban, iikon- 

cabin, n. hyenmudan, hyenmupia. 

cabinet, n. odamma, pia; -maker, 

cable, n. sekyehama, ntarape ; 

-gram, ntampehama nkyereue. 

CabOCeer, n. ohene, 

caboose, n. hyeu mukaase. 

cacao, n. koko. 

cache, n. hintabea (fam). 

cackle, v. kwane. 

cactus, n. akrate; akitawifo. 

cadastre, n. asase horo ahye ne 

ho nsem nhoma. 
cadet, n. akwada a (woateu no) 

kyere no sradi ; (youngest child) 

okaakyire, apopayam. 
cadger, n. nea ote guaso or abgn- 

teh ton ade. 
cage, n. anoma kyerehkye, ano- 

madan, bu, pesii ; (jail) apokye- 

refo dan. 
caiman, n. odenkyem. 
cajole, «;. defed-,hoahoa, tobrada. 
cake, n. kao, tetare, ofam', nkyewa. 

calabash, n. kora, kora, apakyi, 

ap - wa. 
calamity, n. mmusu, amane, -hu- 

nu, abu, asiane, adesee, ahohia, 





calculate, v. bu..ano, bu..ak6nta; 
susu (brb. ho). 

calculation, n. anobu, akouta. 

caldron, n. dadesen, pi. nn-. 

calender, n. abunna nhoma. 

calf, n. nantwiba; -(of leg) nantu, 
(nan akyi) forotowa. 

calibre, caliber, n. (otuo, oprem 
mu) tokuru, ano or emu kwan. 

calico, w. dukudou, nwera, mmoa, 
krada n. a. 

calif, n. kramo bene or panyin. 


fefe, -frene, -frenkyemm. 
call, ?;. to..din, fre; bo din, pae; 

bon; pon, hyia; -at, on, upon 

s. b. kofwe, ba..akyi; (jud.)hq 

kyeame so. 

call, n. ofre; -bell, n. odon 

calling, n. adwuma, dwumadi. 

callosity, n. kyekye, pi. a-. 

callous, a. to become or to be-, si 
kyekye; ky. asi ne nsam, ne 
nsam asisi aky. 

calm, ad. diun, komm, krana(na). 

calmness, n. anidwo, ahodwo, a- 

calumniate, v. toto ano, twiri, 

sopa; bo or di..nseku. 

calumniation, calumny, n. ano- 
toto, ntwiri, nsopa, tekrema- 
kam ; nkontorapo. 

calumniator, n. otwirifo, oseku- 

fo, onototofo, obomafo. 
camel, n. yoma. 
camp, n. nsra, nsraban ; edom ; 

-ing bed, akwantu or nsram- 

campaign, n. osa, gsatu; (time 

of-) nsramtrabere. 

camwood, n. odwene (ase a aporo 

aye kg). 
Can,«J.tumi,nyaah6oden; nim(yo), 

canal, w. nsuka, obonka; {gutter) 

canary-bird, n. kanafo. 
cancel, v. twa.,mu. 

cancer, n. kokoram, akisikuru a 
eyere honam mu babi. 

candidate, n. dwumadi (or dibea 
biara) fwefwefo ; nea wahyeii 
adwuma bim' ; {-for baptism) a- 
subo kyeretiefo, -fwefwefo. 

candle, w. okanea; -stick, n.\i2,- 

Candor(-o««r), n. nokware. 

cane, n. demere; {pipe) kramen; 
(stick) poma; sugar-, afwereu, 

canister, n. kankyg', pi. U-. 

cannibal, n. nipanamdifo. 

cannon, n. oprem ; - eer, n. oprem- 
tofo; -ball, n. premmoba. 

canoe, n. okoro, ahyemma; o- 
bonto; -man, n. gkwamfo. 




canon, n. mmara; asiisude; (eccl.) 

osofo (kunini). 
cantonment, n. nsrafo atrae. 

canvas, n. awere(e), popo; {sail-) 

cap, n. ekye, ekyewa. 

capable, a nea owo adwene or 
tumi a ode ye brb. 

Cape Coast, Ogua, Egua (F.). 

capital, n. mankese, ahenkuro, 
kurokese; {of money) dwetiri; 
-a. kunini, titiri. 

capitalist, n. nea wabo dwetiri, 

odwetiani, osikani. 
capsize, v. butii (koro). 
captain, n. osafohene, opanyin; 

{sJiip^s-) by en mu panyin. 

captivate, v. fa dommum, di nya. 
captive, n. dommum^ pi. nn-. 

car, n. teaseenam (kuma), kudo, 

twe k. 
caravan, n. akwantemfo asafo, a- 

carbuncle, n. pompo, pi. m-; 

carcass, n. efunu ; {of beast) a- 

bofo, afo, abgka. 
card, n. (play) nhoma a woto; 

(paper) krata, wode kr. hyia obi 

adidi or ayef'oro ase; play at -s, 

to nboma; -rack, n. nbomasie- 


care, v. bau neho, kyee so, dwen- 
nwen, dwene ho, fwe so, sore, 
di dadwen. 

care, n. adwenemhau, dadwen; 

ofwe, nfweso; take-\ fweyiye! 
career, n. adeye, yebea; mmiri- 

katu, akansi. 
careful, a.tobe-, fwe(so)yiye; sore 

(neho); kyea ; ^/tr. ofwe no ky or 

ne ky., he cares well for him; 

neg. onfwe no ky. 

carefully, ad. dekedeke. 
carefulness, n. abosore. 
carelessness, n. anibiannaso, a- 

sobi-, aniyiyi; anisobenhau, o- 

gyegu; § 131,4. 
caress, v.yo, atu, defedefe; (g)sra- 

sra (agyinamoa) bo. 
cargo, n. byen mu ade, aguade. 
caries, n. nnompe mu poro. 
carnal, a. bouammu, -so; -lusts, 

Scrpt. ohonam akonno. 
carnivorous, a. nea owe nam. 
carol, n. anigyedwom, ayeyidw-; 

akurodo, (twe ak.). 
carouse, v. nonnom or bo nsa, 

we mpahyewa; -r, n. osabofo, 

sadweam, sadoi. 

carpenter, n. odwumfo, duadw-; 

-s shop, n. adwinuan. 
carpet, n. kuntu. 
carriage, n. teaseenam; ade-soa; 

iflg.) abarabo. 


carrier, n. opani, osoafo, opakan- 

fo ; (oil) ogosoafo ; (hammock) 

ohamankafo, pi. a- . 
carry, vJua,knra,, so, soa.;[onback) 

turu; (on shoulders) bo kou ho. 
cart, n. teaseenam kuma, kudo; 

-V. tra teaseenam mu, twe teas. 

Cartwright, n. kudoyefo, teasee- 

cartouch, cartridge-box, n. ntoa; 

-belt, obarehyia. 
cartridge, n. aboba ne atuduru a 

wode afra apoma (nhoma or ya- 

wa) tea bi mu. 
carve, v. gua ; pee, sen, sinsen. 
case, w. boha; adaka, -wa; toa, 

toa; pillow-, nnuraho, wura- 

bea, hyehyebea; (jud.) asem. 
Casll, n. sika, dwete; ready-, si- 

kamono; -book, n. sikamono 

ho akouta nhoma, akatua or 

asranne nh. 
Casliew-«w/, n. akyea. 

cashier, n, sikakorafo; osannani, 

Casl<, n. base, pilmpa', opankraii, 
ankora; - of gunpowder , okwa- 
dum, atentenim, akotowa. 

casket, n. adakawa. 

Cassada, cassava, n. obaiikye, 

cast, V. to, fwe; (iron) gu (dade); 

-away, to kyene, -gu, fwie-; 

-up a sum, bu..ano. 

32 cat 

caster, n. odegufo; pi. a- 

castigate, v. fwe, twe as6, ka 
anim, twi-. 

castle, w. aban, -kese, -a eye den. 

Castor-o?7 plant, n. adedenkruma. 

castrate, v. (of animals) sa, twa 
sae ; (of men) yi ayitoto, - a- 

casualty, n. asiane, abeu; atofo 

cat, n. agyinamoa, adamte, osa ; 

fiebofo; wild-, aduatia, oban. 
Catamenia, n. bra(ye), asabu, afi- 

cataract, n. aworo, turudu ano; 

- of the eye, ete. 
catarrh, w.opakum; (coi!f^^)owau. 
catch, V. kyere, som', yi, sou; 

(fire) so (ogya). 

catechisation, n. asemmisa or a- 
bisabisa asore. 

catechism, w.(asoresemh6)nsem- 
misa ne ne mmuae nhoma. 

category, n. (adwene mu) nhye- 

cater, v. fwe, ma aduan. 
caterer, n. ofwefo, aduanmafo, 

CatereSS, n. oba-duanmafo, adam- 


caterpillar, n. osa, 
cathedral, n. asoredan kese. 




catholic, a. lit. mma nhina, ba- 
biara; - church, katolikefo asafo. 
catholic, n. katolikeni, pi. -fo. 
cattle, W.^Z.ofiemmoa,anantwi etc. 

cause, n. ase, asem; without-^ 

kwa, (F,) gyan-ara-gyaii. 
Cause,,ma;§ 91,10; 107,25. 

causeway, n. otempou, apoiiko- 

caution, n. ahodaso, ahofweso; 
(}'i/£?.)akagyiuamdi; {prudence) 
nyansahye; [foreicarn) aprayi, 
kokobo, afotu. 

caution, v. yi apra, bo kgkg, tu fo. 

cautious, a. to be-, ye bereo; bo 
nueuue ; obo n- akokyere auoma. 

cavalier, n. oponkofo, oponkoso- 
tefo,^Z a-; (Jrat'e) okokodurufo. 

cave, n. obodan, amoa, ainana; 
{of animals) obon, etu, tokuru. 

cavil, V. gyigye ano. 

Cayenne-^je^^e/', ?Lmako; kinds: 
ntouko, nnyera etc. 

cease, v. gyae, twa (to); -from 
growing, to ape ; - to flow, twa; 
mogya no atwa. 

ceil, V. sem so, sam so. 

ceiling, n. nsemso, Ak. nsamso. 

celebrate, v. yi aye; di (dapa, da- 
ponna,awoda; -a festival,hyeia. 

celebration, n. nkamfo or nidi 
nhyiam ; aguasoyebea bi ho nby. 

celestial, a. nea efa soroade bo, 

cellar, n. afiase. 

cement, n. sementi, nseue akado. 
cemetery, n. asiei, anisiei. 
censer, n. ohuSmhye-toa. 
censure, v. yau, nunu, ka anim. 
centiped, w. asasewo; Ak. saka- 

centre, n. mfinimfini pa ara. 
centurion, n.asrafo-ha-mu-pauyin. 
century, n. mfe-ha. 
ceremony, n. oman or asafo or 

feku bi guasodeyo, 
certain, a. pron. bi, pi. binom; 

it is-, ewom' or ete sa ampa. 
certainly, a^.ampa,nokware, pots. 
certificate, W. adansedi-uhoma. 
certify, v. di..adanse, kyereu a- 

dansedi nboma. 
cessation in grotvth, ape (to). 
cession, n. yi-ma. 
chafe, V. haru bo, yi abufu. 
chafT, n. ntetewa; {fig) adehunu. 
chagrin, n. ahi, abufu, abofu. 

pi. mp. ; iprnam) ntweaban. 
chain, v. (bo duam); sa or gu 

iikousonkgnson, gu mpokyere. 
chair, n. agua, aburogua, akan- 

taiinua; akonuwa. 
chairman, Ji.opauyiu, gpontitrafo, 

gtitrani, pi. a- -fo. 





chalk, n. akado, twoku. 
Clialleoge, ^ twapoa, poti,puap-, 

pore aiio; he -s you, n'ano reto 

challenge, n. mpoatwa, -twere. 
chamber, n. pia, dabekyiri; pa- 

kusu, pumpunu; -maid, n. pia 

mu abawa; -pot, n. dwensoku- 

kii, -kuruwa. 

chamberlain, n. opiani, 2^1 a--fo, 

chameleon, n. obosoinakete(re); 

chamois, n. (Abiirokyiri) bobiri 

(a ose ewi) a ote sukyerema 

ramepo so. 
champion, n. okofoni, gsabarima; 

nea wakokwa ade biara. 
chance, 7i. asem a eba, inpaso, 

sesekwa ; (good Inch) siade, a- 

siaiie; {opportunity), (ho) k wan. 
chancellor of the Exchequer, n. 

saBna mu inaiisoafo. 
chance, v. brb. ba, hyia amane bi, 

ani nni so na eba; hyia ahyia- 

kwa; asiane siane obi. 
change, v. sakra, sesa, dan ; n.-of 

mind, tidane. 
channel, n. nsuka, bonka; -of 

sea, poka, pokwantea. 
chant, n. edwom,^Z.nnw.; (relig.) 

chapel, n. asoredan, anyaraedan. 
chapter, ?l. eti, pi. atiri; iihoma 

bi mu nsentitiri iikyekyem. 

character, n. bara, abarabo, su 

ne ban; ediri; he has a bad-, 

owo ti bone. 
characterise, v. kyerekyere obi 

su ne ne ban. 
charcoal, n. gyabiru. 
charge, n. (care) ofwe, nsahyede; 

(expetises) adefwerede; (price) 

charge, v. {aprice) bo bo, gye a- 

katua; [enjoin] liye; {entrust) 

de..hye nsa; (reproach) si.. 

anim; phr. made m'asi n'anim. 
charity, n. odo, adoe, odom, a- 

yamye, yiyeye, ahiafo fwe. 
charm, n. suman, pi. a.-', abayide; 

charm, v. brb. so.. ani ntraso; de 

dwefifa or kunyo (asuman)dwu- 

dwo obi. 
charmer, n. osumanfo, obayifo, 

ay en, obaninyen. 
chart, n. krat^, nhoma, mmeu. 
chase, n. ahayo; cf. battue. 
chase, v. (fig.) di akyiri, tiu, ta; 

(hunt) ye ha. 
chasm, n. oku, amoa, amana. 
chaste, to be-, di mi5, yekronkron. 
chastise, v, fwe, ka anim, twe 

aso, tua ka. 
chat, chatter, v. kasa birebire, ano 

ye kurok-, kasak'-, bo semode, 

-nkommo; -box, okasafo, obire- 

birefo, anokurokuro. 


cheap, a. nea ebo ye mmere, a- 

boomere; fo, fofo, abosiri. 
cheapen, v. teu or huan brb. ne 

bo so; pere so. 
cheat, V. di kusum, fa so, diamim, 

dada, sisi, gyigye. 
check, V. si(u) ano or kwari, bere 

ano ase, dwudwo, hye so. 


cheek, n. afono. 
cheerful, a. to be-, ani gye or ka, 

nya komapa, ho sau, di ahurusi, 

nya abomeka. 
cheese, n. kesu; -monger, n. ke- 

chemical analysis, w.adurumupe. 
chemist, w. nnuru or nneema horo 

mu fefefo. 
chemistry, n. abode horo mu a- 

lefe ho nimdee or kyerekyere, 

cherish, v. ye atu, koko, kura, 

fwe, yen; cf. flatter. 
chest, n. {of dody) ho, 'koko; {of 

press) adaka, pZ. nn-. 
chew, V. we, wesa, wosa, ka so. 
chicken, W. akokoba, pi. nk- -mma, 
chide, v.jdiXX, twi anim, ka-, kasa. 

chiding, n. animka; {continued) 

chief, chieftain, n. ohene, opan- 

yiii, odektiro, otitiri,oinananiwa. 

35 Clio 

chiefly, ad. titiri. 

child, n. abofra; akokoa, abotafo- 
wa, abasiriwa; oba; squalling-, 
owenafo ; she is with-, o(n)yem, 
wafa afiiru, wabo duru; -bed, 
-birth, w. awopa (so una); awo; 
-labour, a,vfoko]last- of amother, 
apopayam, okaakyire. 

childhood, n. mmofraase. 

childish, a. nea ewie mmofraasem, 
-enni ase, -emfra asem, - oye 

childishness, w.mmofraasem,mmo- 
fra nsennii, nkisiwaasem. 

childless, a.obonin; nea onni mma, 
-odi mmasigya. 

chill, n. awo(u), atiridii ; {shudder) 
mmaninwou, awose, ayise. 

chime, n. odonbo. . 

chimney, n. owisikwan, owisito- 
kuru; lamp-, (kanea) nsiso. 

chimpanzee, w.aboatia; akonson. 

chin, n. abogye. 

chintz, n. okraku, okrakofi (nta- 

ma bi). 
chip, V. sen, sinsen, pee, twitwa ho. 

chip, n. asinasin, ntwakae, dua 

ho nwawae, nsinsenee. 
chisel, n. pee, pewa. 
chlorosis, n. animhoa (gyare bi). 
choice, n. nyiyimu, emupau. 
choice, a. nea woayiyi. 



choke, V. kura, dura, tumi, di so, 
si kwan, si menewa. 

cholera, n. otwapewoawu. 
choose, ?;.pau(mu), yi,yiyirau, fa. 
chop, V. twa, twitwa, pae. 
chord, n. (of music, instr.) sanku- 

han; {concord) hidtkoye; {geom. 

line) nsensane. 
chorus, n. nnwontofoku ; dwom 

a asafo bom to. 
christen, v. bo asu, to din. 
christian, n. okristoni, ogyidini, 

nyamesomni, pi. -fo. 
Christianity, n, kristosom. 

Christmas, n. Kristo awoda, bu- 

chronicle, n. (oman or kuro or 
abusua bi) abakosem a wokyereu 
(senea edidi so) to ho. 

chronology, w. nnabu or mmerebu 
bo nimdee or nkyereutoho. 

chrysalis, n. osa, pi. a-, (abubum- 
luaba) a ohye n'anwene mu. 

chuckle, V. bo aserehyebye. 

church, n. asoredan, asorefi; Kri- 
stofo or asorefo asafo; -mem- 
ber, osafoni, pi. asafofo. 

churchyard, n. asiei, anisiei. 

churn, «;.posonufusumaeyibuturu. 

cicatrice, n. twa, ;pl. a- . 

cigar, w. ta a woabobou, sigare. 

circle, «. kontoukron, dantabau; 
haiikare, haukra. 

36 ela 

circuitous, a., v. twa ho hyia. 
circular, a. kontonkron, puru, 
kurukuruwa ; - letter, nkyiniso- 

iiboma, kyinhyia-nh. 
circulate, v. kyin, kyini. 
circumcise, v. twa twetia. 
circumference, n. dantaban ho 

nsensane, haukare. 
circumspect, a. to be-, (ani) da 

neho so. 
circumstance, n. asem, eho nsem. 
cistern, n. abura, asubura. 
citadel, n. abankese, aban a eye 

den (a ewen kuro no). 
citizen, n. omahba, pi. -mma. 
citron, n. aboranka, -kawa, a- 

city, n. kurokese, kuropon. 
civet-cat, n. gkankan', okankanne. 
civil, -service, n. omansofwedwu- 

ma; -tvar, omanko, manso, ofie- 

Civilisation, n. anitee, opo(u); a- 

mammui pa. 
civilise, v. te(u) ani, kyere aguaso- 

seradi; a. to be -d, pgu; opou = 

onim aguasosemde yo; he is -d, 

claim, ^. asede bi gye; brb.ho kwan. 
claim, V. gye brb. fa, gye or pere 

brb.; bo. .bo; gyeneaese.. . 
clamour, n. akasakasa, gyegyegye. 
clamp, n. epa, dade a wode mia 

brb. mu or wode twa iikyerewa. 




clamp, V. bo pa mu; mia mu. 
clandestine, a. neawoahiiita,-wo- 

nam ase ye. 
clap, V. bo, bom', bo nsam. 
clarify, ?;.te(u) mu, te(u) or pa ani, 

ye gyenennyenen. 
clasp, V. so mu dennen, kyere; 

{embrace) ye atu, bam. 
class, n. dibea, ku, feku, asafo- 

or asiiafoku. 
clatter, v. bom', ye gyegyegye. 
claw, n. tote, awere, bgwere; 

{crab-) okgto apere. 
clay, n. fa, dote (nnotee); gray-^ 

eboo, anwemmo ; brownish-^ 

kotofa; red-^ ntwoma; white-, 

hyire; yellowish^ esan. 
clean, cleanse^ «.te(u) or twi (ho), 

twitwi, ma ho fi or te(u), pra- 

pra; hohoro ho, -mu. 
clean, -ly, cUanlily, a. dt ad. fita, 

nea (eho) afi; kora, korak-, 

clear, •y.te(u),te(u)mu, ma mute(u), 

- ehyeren ; gyen ani ; - the bush^ 

dou (ahaban) ; make - the space 

for us ! ayerem5 \ to be-, to -up, 

wim ate, osoro-; {fig.) emu ate. 
clear, -ly, a. ad. hann, fann, fe, 

pefe, kronkrori. 
cleave, v. pae, pae mu. 
cleave to, v. fam ho, bata -, ka-. 
clergy, n. asofo asafo ; won a edi 

asofodibea nhina. 

clergyman, n. osofo, asempa ho 

clerk, n. agiiadi-somfo, -boafo, 

clever, a. onimdefo, obadwerama, 

pi. m-; wabeii. 
click, V. bo, gyigye; teem'. 
client, n. nea obisa (mmaranim- 

fo ho) afotu, -ode n'asem dan 

obi; odebisafo, pi. a-; -ship, 

n. adan ; phr. ne nkyen a ote yi, 

enye osom, na eye adan. 
cliff, n. obo, obotaii, abosam. 
climate, n. (asase bi so mframa), 

climb, V. foro; -er, w. hama. 
clinch, mu; bo mu; {the fist) 

bo (kuturumiaa). 
cling, V. lam ho, bata-. 
clip, V. twa so, -tia, kuku so, 

twitwa; sesere (ne ti). 
cloak, n. nnuguso, nkatakonmu, 

clock, n. odon; -bird, aferau, ogoo. 
clod, n. dote-to(u), afabo. 
clog, V. si..kwan. 
close, V. mua,, hini ano; 

{end) wie. 
closely, ad. (fwe) ha, (gyen, v.); 

pepe, pepepepe, pitipiti, kete- 

closet, n. pia, paknsu; {privy) 

duadan, duase. 

do 38 

cloth, n. ntama, otam, kente. 
clothe, V. hye atade, fura ntama. 

clothes, n. pi. clothing, atade, 
pi. nt-, atam, ntama, adurade. 

cloud, n. osu(aamuna), omunun- 
kum, osuwisie. 

cloudiness, n. osoro ani a akata, 
osu a amiana. 

clover, n. akwamfanu. 

clown, n. okuraaseni, pl.iik--fo, 

ofumni,^Z.a- -fo ; (flg.^nea. ompoe. 
cloy, V. me tra so, ml fu, do wu. 
club, n. asaba ; (society) fekn, asafo. 

clumsiness, w.kuntann, kantanii, 
kinkann, kuntunn (-ye). 

clumsy, a. uea enye fe, tantaii, 
biribibrb., raumomumo ; nea onhu 
brb. yo. 

cluster,, asiau, oduru, kasia ; 
brodeduru, kwadud. n. a.; -of 
palmnuts, bemia; -v. (fo)fore; 
iikrane nh. afofore so. 

clutch, V., mia, kura. 

Clysterize, v. sa, bo bentoa; tua 

Clyster-^/29e, n. bentoa (liama). 

coach, n. teaseenam. 

coadjutor, n. oboafo, pi. a-. 

coal, n. gya, gyabiru; -mine, n. 

gyabiru-iikoron ; -tar, n. ama, 


coalition, n. apam, biakoye. 


coarse, a. pipn, wewere ; wese- 

reka, wurikire, awere-awere. 
coast, n. mpoano. 
coat, n, atade, pi. n-. 
coax, V. defedefe. 
cobbler, n. asepatere-mutafo. 
cobweb, n. ananse-huhua, -nton- 

cock, n. akokonini; -of a gun., 

n. kantamma, otnokote. 
COCkcrowing, n. akokobone. 
cockroach, n. tefere, kakaraka, 


COCO, n. (an edible root) koko; 
amankani', antwibo, 

COCOa-ne^^, n. kokosi; -tree, n. 

k. dua, 
cocoon, n. konnore bu or hiihua; 

(kotokusaabobe-ohome iibome). 
code, n. mmara-nboma. 
codicil, n. samanse iikekaho. 
coerce, v. bg..bye, ka..hye mu, 

coffee, n. kafe; make-, twa k. 
coffer, n. adaka, nboma-ad-, 
coffin, n. funu-adaka 
cogency, n. ahooden, tumi (di). 
cogitation, n. adwene, asem-dwen. 
cognition, n. ohu a wohu, ote a 

wote, nim. 
cohabit, v. kg (oba) ho, di. 
cohesion, n. mfomfamho. 

COh 39 

cohort, n. nsrafoku. 

coil, V. bobo(u) (ntampe). 

coin, n. dare, sika(dare), dwete- 

coincide, v. hyia, -mu, bo mu pe, 
COla-w*^, w. bese-pa, -kyim, -be- 
ne; (wild) besetgro. 
cold, a. oiiwini, wiridudu, fono- 

cold, 71. a\vo(u) ; (catarrh) opakum ; 

[indisposition) asoroka. 
collar, n. koii mu duku, akyekye- 

COllar-iawe, n. kokoni' dompe. 
colleague, n. yonko-dwumayefo. 
collect, V. boa ano, tase; gye, 

gyigye (to, sika), dan (ka). 
-ion, n. ano(boa)b6a, mmoaboa- 

ano, anoboade. 
collector, n. anoboafo, togyefo. 
college, n. [assembly) iihyiam; 

{seminary) asuaekese ; asofosua- 

collier, n. gyabirutufo, gyab. nko- 

rou tut'o; [coal ship) gyab. a- 

colliery, n. gyabiru-nkoron. 
collision, n. pem, mpempemso. 
colloquy, n. nkommo, semodebo. 
colon, w. osiperenuu, ; 

colonel, n. osafohene, osafobem- 


colony, n. atubrafo or atutrafo 

colour, n. aduru or ade bi ani 
horo a eye tuntum or fufu(fita) 
or edidi ntam se nyaukontou 
mu de no : akasetuntum, akase- 
bibiri, akaseboa, ahabammono, 
ankabono, akutuhono, mogya, 
or nso, nnodoe, apopobibiri, 
damrama n. a. 

colours, n. ofranka. 

colporteur, n. nhoma konkosifo, 
nh. pewadifo. 

colt, n. oponkoba, pi. a--mnia. 

column, n. odum, pi. a-. 

comb, n. afe; honey-, ewokyem; 
snails^-, nwakyem; coca's-, (a- 
koko) adam(e). 

comb, V. sereii. 

combat, v. ko; -n. oko, akodi. 

combine, ?;, kyere beresa. 

combination, n. mfakaho, nka- 

combustion, n. obye, nnyahyee. 

come, V. ba, befi, du; twi ba; 
-down, si (fam), duru; -forth, 
fi, fi mu, fi adi, pue ; yi nebo 
adi; -off, fi, te, teu, gyae, wie. 

comet, n. nsoromatua-odua. 

comfort, V. kyekycwere, twa bo 
to yam; {condole) ma due, -bye- 
den, -darekana. 

comfort, ?i.awerekyekye,awereba. 




comforter, «. werekyekyefo, kyi- 

comma, n. nsanho, , 
command, v. bye, ka kyere, fwe 

or di so, teetee, pia, piapia; 

-ant, n. nsrafopanyin, opiafo, 
commander, ?Losafohene, osahene. 

commandment, n. mmara, --asem, 

commence, v. see begin. 
commend, v. yi..aye, kamfo; de 

commentary, n. asekyere, nkye- 

rease (iihoma), nkyerekyeremu. 

commerce, n. aguadi, bata, aba- 

commiseration, «. mmoborohunu, 

commissary, w.(cm7)oboasomafo. 

commission, v. (authorise) to., 
mmati, dehye,.nsa; (in trade) 
di gua or adwuma ina-obi gye 
ho akatiia; -w. ramatito, koiiko- 
sifo akatua or adwuma. 

commissioner, n. nea woato no 
mraati ; distr. -, nea ararado ahye 
no oinantam bi so; (in trade) 
nea odi gua ma obi ; di ma- 

commit, V. ye, bo, di; debye..usa. 

commodity, n. aguade; mfaso, 
eho ade; ahodwudwo. 

common, «. nea eka, -ahviso; {used 
togeth.)'k.w assif ode •,{inferior)nea. 
vvommu no yiye bi ; -person, a- 
papafwekwa; ohuhuni,pZ. a--fo. 

commonwealth, n. oman; kwa- 
manfo, kwaman-man, kwasafo- 

communicant, n. Awurade Adi- 

communicate, v. bo amanee, -ka- 
see, ma aso te; (bt^ writing) 
kyereu, raana nhoma, di ato- 
mana; (in eating) di nsawoso; 
(eccl.) ko Awurade pon ho. 

communication, n. amaneebo, ka- 
see-; asem (a woate), nhoma 
(a obi akyereu or atwere). 

communion, W ayonkofa; twa- 
kadi; asafo; Awurade poii ho 
ko, Aw. adidi ase ba; to have-, 
di twaka, -twawe, -nsawoso. 

communism, n. kwasafodepe. 

community, n. kwasafo, oman, 
-fo, asafo(fo). 

compact, n. apam, anodi. 

companion, n. oyonko, adamfo, 
ohokafo, afe, |;Z. mfefo, tipenfo, 
mpamfo, mpraprafo, yanom. 

committee, n. nea woaboa ayi Company, n.ku, feku, asafo, -ku, 

won, aboayifo ; missionary-, n. ! " to, mfefo, gkosofeku, ayonkofa. 
asempateredwuma mpanyimib, ' compare, V. de (fa) ho; fwe so 
asempatereasafo tikese. | susu. 




comparison, n. nto(to)h6, mfa- 

compass, w. akyerekyerekwan, a- 

compass, v. fefare (ho). 
compassion, n. mmoborohunu, a- 

humobo, ayamhyehye. 
compeer, W.tipen, oyonk6,^Z.-nom 
compel, V. pia, pua, sura atiko, 

compensate, v. si or hye anan- 

mu, tua ka. 
competence, «. nea obi tumi ano 

du, tumi mil, asenni mu hye a 

wontra, eho so akwauko. 
competition, n.ak?Lnsi; price for-, 

compile, v. boa(boa)ano, kabom'; 

(-a book), (tase binora nsem de) 

ye or kyereu nhoma. 
complacency, n.seZf-janisowoho. 
complain, v. kasa huhuhuhu, nwi- 

nwi, bo ukommo ; {jud.]hq nkuro. 
complaint, n. nkommo ; eya, eyau, 

oyare; {jud.) nkuro; me ne no 

wo ilk. 
complement, n. iikaho, ntaremu, 

complete, y.wie; -«. (e)mu; dwo- 

dwo; -l//, ad. kora, fe, dwe, 

dwe, komra. 
completion, W. owie, pe(se)ye ; nea 

eho nui asem. 

complexion, w.anim dua, -suban, 

complicate, v. brb. ye bisibasa, 
di afunturafra, toatoa mu, 

compliment, n. nkyia, tirinkwa 
(ma\ amo(ma); ayeyi; he bows 
his head, gbg ne ti ase. 

COmplot, n. apam, tirisopam. 

comply, V. pene, ma okwan. 

compose, v. ka bom' ; hyehye ; boa 
ma obi ye komm ; (appease) pa- 
ta, ta bo, twa bo to yam. 

composed, a. he is-, neho adwo, 
ago (no), -aka, -aka neho, -a- 
san, -sepe no, -ato no. 



composition, n. okasa-nsiesiei, 
-nhyehyee; dwom or sankii 

composure, n. abodam, abodwo, 
abotoyam, ahoto. 

compound, v. de.di afra, 

comprehend, v. (fig.) so mu, hu 

ano, te ase, hu-, nim; (contain) 
kura, di; phr. edi nkora du. 

compress, v. mla; ma..kyere; 
(embrace) ye atii. 

comprise, v. (contain) kura, di, 
brb. wo mu. 




compulsory, a. ohyeso, aberauso, 
aporiso, apiiapuaso. 

computation, n. akonta, -bu. 

comrade, n. awe, oyonko, adam- 
fo, afe, omanni, osafoni, oho- 

concave, a. nea ekurum. 

conceal, v. hinta, kora, kora so, 
siu so; {before mi enemy) bo 

concealment, n. hintabea; nko- 

concede, v. peue, ma ho kwaii, 

conceit, n. kwatee, ahohoahoa; 

- V. oye kw. 

conceive, v. yem, niusen; {under- 
stand) hu, hu ano ; te ase ; {form 
in mind) susu. 

concentrate, v. ka boa ano tako, 
ka bom ma epiu. 

conception, w.oyem,oniusen; {in- 
telligence) ohu; {idea) tirlm a- 
gyina, tirim asem. 

concern, n. asem, nea efa ho brb.; 

- V. pern, fa ho brb. ; phr. epem 
me deii ? efa meho -? wofa ho -? 
eyi fa ho brb, 

concert, n {music) adwontofo 
(asaiiku-, mmei'i-, or ntoroben- 
tohyeufo) hhyiam; {fig.) ahye- 

concession, n. odanma; {yield- 
ing) hyirasoma; eho kwan a 
obi nya sen binom. 

conciliate, v. pata, kg bom'. 

conciliation, n. mpata, nkabom; 

conclude, v.wie,kum ano, twa to; 
{a bargain) di ano; {'presume) 
hu, bu, susu. 

conclusion, n. awiei, otwapreko, 
anopem; gyinae. 

concord, W. biakoye, apam, anodi. 

concordance, n. (anyamesem nh ) 
nsentitiri so kwahkyerefo. 

concrete, v. de..fra, de..sasa, bo 
brb. to(u). 

concubinage, n. mpanatwe. 

concubine, n. mpana; gyefam. 

concupiscence, n.akonug,anibere. 

condemn, v. 
condemnation, n.afobu ; {sentence) 

condition, n. asetra, dibea, su ne 

bail ; nnyinasosem. 
condole, v. ma due, -hyedeh, -da- 

rekana ; § 147, 8. 
condolence, n. due-ma, hyedeu-, 

conduct, V. gya, kyere kwah, de.. 

ko,; -one's self, bo bara, 

bu man, ye.., di... 
conduct, n. akwannya, akwaiiko- 

gya; (fig.)ha.ra, abarabo, amam- 

mui, nsennii. 




conductor, n. okwankyerefo, o- 
kwannyafo; (^^.)ofwefo, opan- 
yin, pi. mp-. 

cone of Indian corn, aburobetem. 

cone {conic, conical), n. 

sie a ase ye tetere na 

atifi reye fwirenfwi- 

confect, confection, n. asikere-pa- 

nO, nnokonnoko-ade. 
confederate, v. pam, ko apam; 

-a., n. pi. mpamfo, won a wo- 

wo obi afa. 
confederation, n. nkabom-apam. 
conference, n.agyinatu, nhyiam; 

district's-, amantam nhyiam. 
confess, v. ka, pae mu ka or se, 

ka..kyere, sebere mu. 
confession, n. bonekS, mpaemu-, 

sebere-, odwasi; {of men, re- 
vealing secrets) , ehofosi ; {of 

women) wiakyere. 
confide, v. tweri.., de..h6 to.. so. 
confidence, n. ahotoso, anidaso; 

(boldtiess) nnam; (faith) gyidi. 
confident, a. to be-, da..yam. 
confidential, a. ahotoso mu, gyi- 

di mu, atirimusem mu; -person, 

gnokwafo, nea wonim ne tirim ; 

-letter, nhoma a wode fwefwe 

atirimusem ahu or akyere. 
confine, v. (restrain) kame; {skttt 

tip) ka hyem,; {-with) 

bo..hve, to fuhye. 

confinement, w.nkahyem; {child- 
bed) awo. 
confirm, t;.foa nsemmoa, si so dua, 

hye den. 
confirmation, w.denhye; rite of , 

denhye yebea. 
confiscate, v.byira so de gu oman 

sika mu; gye (obi) nsam ade. 
conflagration, n. ghye, nnyahyee. 
conflict, n. gko, akamekamdi, a- 

kodi; -v. ko, kasakasa, pere- 

pere, di ntohyia. 
confluence, n. aboe, asuboe. 
confront, v. di aboanim, bo anim; 

{cause to stop) sianka ; {resist) 

yere koko. 
confuse, v. ye sakasaka, bo bum, 

to, tane ani. 
confusedly, ad. sakasaka, kiti- 

kiti; § 134, 1. 
confusion, «. sakasaka ye, basab - 

ye, anitanee; he is in-, n'ani 

atu ato ne nsam. 
congeal, v. kyere, da; nno ada. 

conglomerate, v. bobo(u), boa ano 

ku (korokorowa). 

congratulate, v. ma amo. 

congregation, n. asafo; bagua; 

nhyiamfo; he is a member of 

council, ofra baguam. 
congress, n. uhyiamkese. 
conjugation, n. nkasae mu dan, 





COn'jUre, v. gorubayi, yiiikonya, 
di asumacsem, kyere kaberfe. 

connect, v. de..ka ho, ka..boin, 
kyekyere; pam. 

connection, {connexion), n. nka- 

born, nkatoam, nsaso; beresa- 

kyere; (sexual-) mpanatwe. 
conquer, v. ko fa, ko yi or kum 

dom, di(nko)nim. 
conqueror, n. nkonimdifo. 
conscience, n. ahonim, tiboa; he 

has a bad-, n'asom or nebo 

nnwo no. 
conscious, a. (to he -) nim nebo, 

-ne tirim, -se ote. 
consciousness, n. abonim. 
consecrate, ^^. hyira so, dwira, 

bue (asoredan) ano ; ma. .ye kron- 

consent, n. opene, mpeneso, o- 

gyepene, kurura;. -v. pene, ye 

consequence, w.akyiade, esoade, 

nea efi luu ba. 
conserve, i^.byebrb.nkyene,-asi- 

kere, -aduru; -n. nnokonnoko- 

wade, duaba mu nsu a woanoa 

ma api(u). 
consider, v. fwe, susu, dwen, bu; 

tase (nsem) akyi. 
considerable, a. kese, bebere, pi 

pa; ad. se, yiye, ara gyeii. 
consign, v. de ma or mana obi, 

dan ma obi. 

consignment, n. amanade. 
consist, V. kura brb., brb. wo brb. 

mu ; {to fit upon) bo so, eye anteu . 
consolation, «.awerekyekye,awe- 

reba ; (condolation) duema, hye- 

console, v. kyekye..were, twabo 

to yam; (condole) ma due, -bye- 
den, - darekana. 
consolidate, v. ma. .ye deii, ma.. 

consonant, n. nkyereude a wonte 

consort, n. okunu, oyere, oho- 

conspirator, n. tirisopamfo, kyen- 

conspire, v. ko apam, pam..tiri 

so ; bo.. so kyeuku. 
constable, n. abannipa, polisini, 

pi. -fo. 
constant, a. nea eye den, -etim 

ho, -(ani) nsakra; to be-, tra 

mu, gyina mu, 
constantly, a^.da,(F.daba), dapem. 
consternation, n. ehu, piribo, a- 

hobo, ahodwiri, abotu, akomatu; 

to get into-, tirim ye keserenene. 
constitution, n. esu, ban, subaii 

anisobea; (politic.) omaiiyobea. 
constraint, n. ohye, ahohyeso. 
construct, v. si, bo, nwene, ye, 

siesie, sese. 




construction, n. sibea, sibere. 
consul, n. (tete Eoma) manpan- 

yiii; omanfwefo i. e. nea ofwe 

lie manfo amanii one. 
consult, V. bo gua; (Jud.) tu or 

ko agyina; bisa afotu ; (a fetish) 

kg adebisa. 
consultation, n. guabg, agyinatu; 

(fetish) adebisa. 
consume, v. fwere, see, ma esa ; 

(%^re) frannam, hye; (absorb) 

mene; (eat) di. 
consumption, n. (fig.) ofwere; a- 

defwere ; (sickness) koko or hii- 

rututum yare bi. 

consumptive, a. nea esee; (sick) 

nea oyare ne koko. 
contagion, n. nsan; nsan-yare. 
contain, v. kura, gye, di; phr. 

ahina yi di nsa susiikora du. 

contamination, n. figu. 

contemn, v. di bo fe, bu anim- 
tia^ -abomfia, nyafi. 

contemplate, v. susu or dwen ho, 

dwen tiriin. 
contemporary, n.tipen, (obi)bere 

so nipa. 
contempt, n. animtiabu, abom- 


contend, v. ko, di akamekSme, 
pere ho, di aperepere, si kane. 

content, be-, peue, ani so, 

contents, emuade, nea ewo 

contest, n. oko, akamekame, a- 
perepere, akansi ; (doubting) 

continent, n. asasepon, asasetam. 

continual, -ly, a. ad. da, -ba, 
dayi, dapem; ..ara. 

continue, v. toa so, kura mu ara; 
da so, kg-, tra mu, twen. 

contraband, n. nwia ho giiadi, 
nokuroguadi; ahintagua. 

contract, n. adiasie, ghyetohg, a- 
hyemdi, anodi, apam; (promise 
of play) ogohyease; marriage-, 

contract, v. dwom..ano {bag or 
purse), di (dwuma bi) ano; (-a 
marriage) gye aware ; (remain 
hard) nwen; -debts, bg ka. 

contradict, v. gyigye ano, yi-, 
kasa tia.. . 

contrary, a. nea ebg abira, -emfa 
ha nsi ha. 

contribute, v. yi to; (fig.) di boa, 
ye mu bi. 

contribution, n. etoyi, apeato; 
amanne, Ak. - nee, akwanne. 

contrition, n. ahonu, bone ho a- 

control, V. fwe mu, di so, fwe-. 
contusion, n. opete, (honam ho) 

wgtere, oworg. 




convalescence, n. ahoninnim, a- 

convene, w.hyia, boa (wonho) ano. 
convenience, n. mfatae, mfataso, 

P§P§ye; nea neho abae no. 
conversation, n. asmka; semo- 

debo, iikommo ; [manners) o- 

bara^ abarabo or -bu, amamraui. 
converse, v. bo semode, -iikom- 

mo, (di nk.). 
conversion, n. adwensakra, aho- 

convert, t^.sakra, dan (..ho); sakra 

convex, a. nea ekurum a ''^m 

mfinirafini afu. 

convict, n. nea woabu no fo, -odi 

fo; odeduani, pi. nneduafo 
convict fb/^, w.kyere (obi ne bone);, 

yi adi, di (mraarato ho) adanse, 

bn fo. 
convince, v. yi (adi ma e)bo obi, 

..ano bo .., dau..ti (ma ohu nokw.), 

ma..ti da. 
conviviality, w.aponto mu anigye. 
convoke, il-pohha-gua.; cf .convene. 
convoy, n. yidom (a efwe asade so), 

convulsion, n. abiribiri. 
cook, V. noa, di kiiku. 
cook, n. aduannoafo, sodoni, kiiku. 
cool, a.onwini,wiridudu; -v.dwo; 

dwo wo ani I moderate your 

haste ! 

cooper, w.pankranyefo, (kuperefo). 
co-ordinate, to be-, slane, se, se so. 
coordination, n. wosowoso, nhye- 

hyee, nuuamso, mmoso. 
copartner, n. ohokafo, pi. a- . 
copal, n. ehye; -tree, ehyediia. 
cope, n. nkatatiri. 
cope, v. kata so, kuru-. 
copper, n. kobere ; -wire, kob. 

ntwee, boron. 
copra, n. kokosiadwe a woahata. 
copulative or conjunction, n. a- 

sem a eka nsem bi bom'. 
copse, n. nwura, odoto, akwaewa. 
copy, V. fwe so kyereu, - twere. 
coral, w.ahene(afwenee) ; cf. head. 
cord, w. hama, mfiriwa, ntampe- 

cordage, n. hyenhama, ntampe- 

cordial, a. obi ne bi ko nnakara- 

nna, -ne -bg nkesua taforo; o- 

ne no ka. 
core, n. koma, emu pa ara. 
COrk,w.ntuaano,putisi(F.); -i'.tua 

or si ano. 
corn, n. awi; (maise) aburo; ku- 

kuradabi (of last year), popo- 

rokii (of present year); parched 

<S ground-, osiam, kyekyere; 

-stalk, n. buronan, pi. mm-. 
corner, n. kokoam', twea; -stone, 





cornet, n. [instr) aben, aboroben; 

{officer) ofraiikakurafo. 
corporal, n. asrafo-panyin. 
corporation, n. asafoku or feku 

(horo) nkabom'. 
corpse, n. efunu, amu. 
corpulence, n. (ohonam) keseye; 

corpulent, a. he is-, ne ho tua ne 

ho, waye kese, -totoroto. 
correct, v. ka anim, twe aso; se- 

se, siesie, tee so. 
correct, a. to be-, etee, etene(se 

ben), eko nteu; it is not-, euko 

nt. ; I find it-, eko me nt., etee 

nv; ; (said of food) aduan or nsu 

yi ko me nteii = eye me de. 
correction, n. nteeso, animka, 

mfoniso yiyi or tase, asotwe. 
correctness, n. pepepeye; nten; 

correspond,, brb.hyia, di 

nsawoso ; (write), kyereu iihoma. 
correspondence, w. (^5') ses6,no- 

korodi, biakoye; (writing) iiho- 

corridor, n. apata, aberauna. 
corroborate, v. foa nsemmoa, bye 

den, si so dua. 
corrupt, V. see, poro, su ; (bribe) 

ma anadwode, -adaumude, ma 

COSmographer, n. wiase ho seu- 


cosmology, n. wiase ho nimdee. 
cosmos, n. wiase, adebo. 

(o/foo^) ntodika; (j'lid.) ahenne; 

-It/, a. nea ewo bo, -ebo worn, 

-ne bo ye den, -wobu. 
costive, a. nea esi yam; nea ne 

yam asi, 
cot, cottage, n osese, odamma. 
cotton, cotton yarn, n. asawa; 

raiv-, asawa mfuturu; -cloth, 

ntama, kente, krada. 
couch, V. butu, koto, bu. 
couch, n. nnae, mpa, mpadiia. 
cough, n.owa(u);hoopi7ig-, hkon- 

koh; -V. bo or po wa(u). 
council, n.guabo, bagua(fo), agyi- 

na(fo), aguasemfo. 
counsel, n. fo or agyina a woa- 

tu, atirimsera, -po; nyansahye; 

(wise-) atempa; {advocate)'k&sdi- 

count, V. kail, kehkan, bu ano, 

- akonta. 
count, n. odehyepanyin; -ess, w.a- 

wura; odehyepanyin yere or ba- 


countenance, n. anim. 
counterbalance, v. den; -a debt, 

countless, a. nea enni ano, -won- 

tumi iikan, bebere pa. 
country, n. asase; ukura; kuro; 

people of other-, amansofo. 




countryman, n. kfironi, omanui; 
(farmer) okuafo, okuraaseni. 

county, n. omansin. 

couple, n. ade abien, nnipa ba- 
nu ; (married-) awarefo banu, 
okunu ne ne yere, obarima ne 
oba ; (of animals) oniui u6 o- 

courage, w.nnam, anuodeii, aboo- 
duru; mmoden, mmoforo. 

course, n. okwan, okwaii bi so fa, 
minirikatu, akansi, akansibea; 
[fig.) nkoso, kyerekyerebea, ye- 
bea, asetra. 

court, n. (yard) adiwo, abaiinua; 
abemfi ; (jud.) atemmubea ; (jud- 
ges) atemmufo ; keep a- day, di 

courteous, a. aguasoba, oguasem - 
ni; (polite) nea wapo. 

courtesy, n. aguasem kasa or - de- 
yo; opo(u). 

courtier, n. obene gyaaseni, aben- 
kwa; oguasemni, pi. a--fo. 

courtship, n. obi anim aiiuonyam 

cousin, n. onua, agya or ena ne 
nua ba; osewa = agya ne uua- 
bea oba. 

cove, n. epo donnon. 

covenant, n. apam. 

cover, V. kata so, bua-, butu-, 
dura bo. 

cover, w.nkataso, mmutuso; (case, 
s^ea^/i) nnuraho, boha, kotoku; 
-of gunlock, katae. 

coverlet, n. odaso, kuntu, bom- 
mo, pi. m-, 

covet, V. covetous, a. to be-, ani bere, 
kon do, di akyiri, ye pepee. 

COVetOUSneSS, »i. pepee, nkyekye, 

anibere, akonno. 
COW, n. nantwibere. 
coward, n. ohufo; -ice, n. ebu, 

osuro; (hiaboa). 
cower, V. koto; (fig.) koko. 
cowherd, n. nantwikafo, n - f\vefo. 
cowry, n. niwa, pi. ntrama, sere- 

wa ; to use c. as coin, di ntr., 

di serewa. 
crab, n. okoto. 
crack, v. pae, bo, bu. 
cradle, n. akokoa-mpa. 
craft, w.nyansa, anitee; adwinni, 

dwuma ; (vessel) byen kuma bi. 

crag, n. obotan, pi. a-, obo a etere 
na egyina ho kyerebenn. 

cramp, v. fem, ka..fe, ka.,mia; (to 
bar) si ano, -kvvau. 

crane, n. (mack.) adesoma afiri ; 

(bird) auoma bi. 
crash, v. bo, bobg, pete, dwere, 


crater, n. ogyabepo ano ku. 
crave, v. bisa, sere. 




crawl, V. wea, nam ase. 

crazy, tohe-, gyimi, tiriraka(no), 
t . ye sakas - or basab -, tirim nye, 
ani so ka. 

creak, v. kasa, 
cream, n. nufusu ani srade. 
create, v. bo, ye, nwene. 
creator, n. gboadee, odebofo, o- 
bofo ; Odomankama, Borebore. 

creature, w. abode; {animal) aboa, 
aboa, aboawa, ^l. m- . 

credit, v. gye..di, to. .so; 
{lend) bo or pe obi bosea, de..fem. 

credit, n. gyidi; dimpa; {loan) 
bosea, Ak. besea ; / give or sell 
on credit, mefiri (no) ade. 

creditor, n. okafo, odefirifo, bo- 

creed, n. gyidi, -kasem; {religion) 
osoni ; nyamesom. 

creep, ^. wea,twe(neh6)ase, tene; 
phr.iiwa, no atene kq; {of plants) 
tene fam; -er, n. bama. 

cremation, n. afunbye. 
crematory, n. fonono a wobye mu 

funu, afunhye-fonono. 
crest (of a cock), n. dain(e). 
crew, n. hyeumufo, krufo. 
crib, n. nimoa aduannaka; odaase. 
cricket, n. abebe, pi. mm-, akete- 

kere ; {a plat/) kriket. 
crier, n. esen, pi. seneafo. 

crime, n. bone, adebone, asemmone, 

amumoye, anommane, mmarato, 

awudi , mmusubo , atratrasem, 

criminal, n. odeboneyefo, mmara- 

tofo, owudifo, obusufo. 
cripple, w.apakye,obubuafo,j9Z.a-; 

{humpback) afu. 
crisis, n. asem {or oyare n. a.) 

a ayere katabann, emu aye den, 

ato apenten so. 

criticise, w. so fwe, fwe mu, fefe-, 

tase-, pepe-; bu (ho) ateri. 
crocodile, n. od^nkyem, asuboa. 
crooked, a. kontonkye ; nea akon- 

ton, -akyea, -apahi; -ness {of 

wall) rikyeae ; of way (fig), yea- 

nliu ne iikyeae da. 
crop, w.aba; first- of yam, mmo- 

tokroma; second-, rapo. 
cross, n. asendua, mmeamudua. 
cross, V. twa (asu); {cancel) twa 

mu; lie a-, bea mu, biiu. 
- examine, v. pe asem mu, nkuro- 

bg akyi sau bisa. 
cross, a. nea ebea mu, -etwa-; 

{fig.) -oye bobgne, ne bo nye; 

(choleric) obufufafo ; - arroiv, 

- bow, bemma, tadua ; - cut-saw, 

gwan kese, sa, 
CrOSSWay, n. nkwauta, nkwan- 

crossing, w. nkwanta; {fig.) abeu. 
crossness, n. mpl, ebo, abohuru. 

ci*e 50 

crow, w. kwakwadabi; anene. 
CrOW,-5ar,w.dabanka, akokobane. 
crow {of a cock), n. akokobofi. 
crow, V. bon ; {fig.) hoahoa neho. 
crowd, w.asafo^u, nnipaku, nku- 

rofoku a wokyere so pitipiti. 
crowd, V. kyere so, boaboa ano 

pitip-, ye manyam-, fore; the 

table is - ed with hooks, nhoma 

afore pon no so. 

crown, w.abotiri,ahenkye;^npZe-, 
abotisa; -of head, atifi, mpam- 

crucifixion, w.osen, asendua mu bo. 

crucify, v. sen, bo asenduam, fam 
mmeamudua ho. 

cruel, a. ^0 Z>e-,tirimoraniye den. 
cruelty, n. atirimodenne. 
crumb, n. mporoporowa, mfuro- 

crumb, crumble, v. pokye, poro- 
poro, furo, furof-. 

crumple, v. bobo, pompono, moa- 
ni6a(ano); moamoa ntama. 

crush, V. mia, kyi, pete, dwere, 

dwere, see. 
crust, n. bono, abon, abona. 
crutch, n. apakye dua or poma. 

cry, ?;.su; teem', bom', ma..neso; 
-out, tram, -fre. 

crier, n. owenafo, nnebofo. 

crystallise, v. da, kyere. 


cubic, a. osikyisu, ade a ne ban. 
se sikyi. 

cucumber, n. borofo-fere. 

cudgel, n. asaba, aba. 

cue, n. dua; {of hair) mmesa, piia. 

culpable, a. nea odi fg, --animka. 

culprit, n. boneyefo, nea odi fo. 

cultivate, v. do(u). 

cultivation, n. ado(u), akua, kua- 

cumber, v. ye.. so duru, gye (asase) 
kenten so, si kwan. 

cumulate, v. bo ku, boa ano. 

cunning person, nea n'ani tee, - oye 
anifere; (/a^se^p.) kgnkonsani. 

cup, n. kuruwa, pi. ii-, kope. 

cup, V. suan, sa, sesa; -ping- 
glass, n. kankua, pi. nk-. 

cupidity, n. adifudepe, anibere. 

curd, curdle, v. kyere; ma ekyere. 

cure, V. sa (yare), ye aduru. 

curious, a. to be-, ..ho hia obi na 
wafwe; ani so ye..ya. 


pi. a- or apgapo. 
current, w.ofweam; -a.{evsnt)ne3i 

aba or -ewo so, -ekyinkoba. 
curse, W.nnuabo, nnome; mmusu; 

nseu, nsee, (F. mpae). 
curse, V. bo dua, dome, hyensee; 

{euph.) hyira ', -by a fetish, bo. . 





curtail, v. twa so, -tia. 

curtain, n. mmoho; -v. si mmgho. 

curve, V.k6ntofi,kgntoii,k6m,pono. 

CUSllion, n. sumi; at6; {sew-) bu 

at6 ; - in the dress of women, 

custody, n. duam' nna ; sofwe, wen. 
custom, n. amanne, atgremiiade ; 

{duty) to, akwanne; funeral-, 

ayi; ko ayi or --ase; -house, 

n. atogyei. 
customer, n. odetofo, nea wo-ne 

no di gua. 
cut, V. twa, twitwa; to (nnua) ; 

sen , sinsen ; dwo (brode) ; tu 

(sare) ; - into pieces : twitwa brb. 

nyaku-nyaku j.e.pasapasa; -M^, 

gua, dwa, kye. 
cutlass, n. nkrante. 
cutter, M.hyen bi, duakoro ; {knife) 

adetwade;(/ooif7i)adonten-mu se. 
cyclone, w.kyinhyiamframa,anan- 

se apam, gyampanturudu, atwa- 

frede (As.). 
cylinder, n. (brb. a okwan dam' 

se) odoroben or - ekura mpram- 

puro su. 
cymbal, n. (nsambo-) nnawuru. 


Dabble, v. fo(u), dwira, keka. 
dagger, w.sepo ;|)^r.woawura no s-. 
dally,^B., -yi, -da, daba; 
da adekyee, -nhina 

dainty, be-, n'anom ye no de. 
dainties, n. pi. nnokgnnokoade. 
daintiness, n. anomde. 
dairy, n. nufukyibea, buturu-n6- 

kesu-ye dan. 
dale, n. obon, pi. a-. 
dam, V. -up water, siri, si or wau 

nsu ano. 
damage, n. dem, adesee ; aboro ; 

[compensation) adefwerede a- 

nanmuhye; -v. see; di. .aboro. 
damaged, a. go; to be-, di dem, 

dem wo ho, asee. 
damask, n. damasi, ago. 
damn, v., dome, bo dua. 
damp, a. n. fononono, fongf-, fg- 

kye, fgsg, fgsgf-, fonwini; wii- 

SUW-, kusuk-, kusukuku ; -y.fgu. 
damsel, n. ababa, pi. mm-. 
dance, v. sa, sau, tutu asa. 
dance, n. asa, asau. 
danger, n. asiane, amane, ahohia. 
dangerous, be-, emu ye hu, 
dangle, v. bg or sen bo (kwa). 
dare, v, si bo, pirim or kate anim, 

ye brb. koko so, ye nnam. 
daring, a. nea n'ani ye den, -gye 

nnam, -ne bo ye duru, -osi ne 

bo (ye brb.). 
dark, a.tumm,tuntum,kusu, kabl, 

kuntunn ; -v. biri ; muna (anim). 
darken, v. to get dark, ade sa, 

esum duru; (gsoro, wim, osu, 

anim) muna; (owia) duru sum. 

dar 52 

darkish, a., v. biri. 

darkness, n. esum ; emu a ente(u). 

darling, n. doba. 

darn, v. tua ntokuru. 

dart, n. agyau, sepo, peme, peau. 

dart,; to -at, upon, 

to bye.., 
dash, V. dwira, bo, bobo,, ; {make ashamed) bye a- 

niwu, kum aniwu. 

date, (time) n. eda, ebere; -v. bye 
or kyere..da or bere. 

date, -tree, w. kyeresia; -fruit, 

ukyeresia aba. 
daub, V. sra (dan), due (siiman). 
daughter, w. oba, obabea (obaba); 

-in-law, obabarima yere. 
daunt, V. yibu, tu bo, tu abasam. 
dawn, n. abema, -dakye, anopa- 

bema; § 129, 6. 
day, w. eda, ^Z. una-; -light, n.B.die- 

kyee, owia bann, awia-bere; to- 
day, ad. eue, nne. 
day-break, W. abema, adekyee,anim- 

baeb-, -boeb-, -bue; § 129, 6. 
dazzle, t;. nyinam, gyigye; to be 

-d, ye ani so nyinani-nyinam. 
deacon, n. osofoboafo, osofokuma. 
dead, a. efunu; neawawu, owufo. 
deadly, a. {sickness) owuyare. 
deaf, a. ositifo, pi. a- . 
deafness, n. asiti = as6ti(u). 


deal, M.dodo; -hoard, tabo, pl.n-. 

deal,v.kye (ma) ; di ; {trade) di bata, 
digiia, di mpewa; -rashly, di a- 
tratrasem ; -violently, di akaka- 
bensem, -akokobirisem, -apori- 
sem ; I shall- with him tvithout 
mercy, me ne no bedi no bone. 

dealer, n. oguadifo, obatani, ope- 

dear, a. pa; to he-, ebobia; wobu 
no; {in price) ebo ye deii, woto 
no abooden. 

dearth, n. okom. 

death, n. own ; violent-, opatuwu, 

awusin, atofo wu. 
debar, ?;.sikwan, -ano; {suspend) 

debase, v. bere ase, ma eso huaii. 
debate, v. di, di asem. 
debauch, 6Ze5«Mcfeer«/^ ?2.abofwibo 
debauchee, w. obofwini, ^/. a--fo, 

osatofo, pi. a- . 
debility, n. mmereye, aboomere. 
debt,w.eka; oZ<? -,nka(da)da; {-for 

food) ntodika; to run into or 

incur -s, bo ka, nya-, yi-. 
debtor, w. okafoni, pi. a--fo, ode- 

firifo, pi. a-. 
decade, n. edu; § 77. 78, 1. 2. 
decay, t).poro,see; wu; {of plants 

&fig) po, kisa, kagyau, nyam; 

{decline) so \x\\ki\;{waste)y^ pa- 

sa; plir. oyare akisa no. 




decease, n. own, asumankyiriko, 

ofimu ; -V. wu, fi mu, dan neho, 

ka babi ; gyau mu^ da n'asom 

benkum so. 
deceit, n. nsisi, nnada, anidane, 

kusumdi, anitee. 
deceive, v. gyigye, dada, sisi, d^ 

decency, n. mfataso, aniso, aho- 

berease, ahotee ; amanye, aman- 

deception, n. nnada, nsisi; ku- 
sum ; di k. 
decide, v. [a case) bu nten, -aten. 
decimal, w. edu; -fraction, n. An 

nkyem mmubui. 
decision, n. (of case) aten; gyi- 

iiae(si); (determine)ho ..tivim. (se 

wgbewie ara). 
declare, v. ka (kyere); pae mu ka. 
declension, n. (gramm.) din mu 

nsakrae; (fig.) Qsee, nteumu. 
declination, n. (gramm.) din mu 

nsakrae ; i. e. act of declining a 

loord; (fig) osee, oporo. 
decline, v. bere ase; kame; {fig.) 

so..huan, gyigya ; (re)sa ; (re)see ; 

jjhr. won nyamesom gyigyae. 
decorate, v. hyebye, keka, wura. 
decrease, «;. sobuan; (re)sa. 
decree, n. mmara, emora, abyede, 

dedicate, v.,; bue.. 

ano; -to^ moma, mema. 

deduct, V., tgu so, mu. 
deduction, n nteso, nyifim. 
deed, n. ade, adeye, nneyee, a- 

dwuma, pi. nn- . 
deem, v. susu, dwene (se ete), bu. 
deep, a. donkud-, kiironk-; ad. 

ho, fe; -V. do. 
deer, n. ofrote, p?.a-; cf. antelope. 
deface, v. see, kum ani. 
defame, v. bo dimmone, see din, 

bo ahohora, sopa. 
defeat, v.ka gu, yi dom, kum -, pam, 

boro ; ^ we, dintwo, siau. 
defeat, n. nkogu, ntw6, nsiam; 

phr. - ended in victory, ntwo no 

wiee nim ; they were put to shame 

hy-, nsiam baa won fam. 
defect, n. dem, mfomso (wom) ; 

-ive, a. ebo wo asem, edi dera. 
defence, n. abopere, anoyi; ako- 

pere (bo nyansa). 
defend, v. pere, gye, tu, yi..ano, 

kasa ma (obi). 
defendant, n. nea obi asamana no, 

-obi ne no wo iikuro. 
defender, n. okoperefo, owenfo, 

okamafo, odiperefo. 
defer, v. tu bye da, bo to ho, po- 

kye; jp^r. woatu ahye da, woabo 

asem no ato ho. 
deference, n. animfwe, obu, fere; 

in- to me he did it, ode n'ani 

too m'anim yee. 




deficient, a. it is-, enso, ennoso, 

ennu, edi dem. 
deficit, n. eka, akabo. 
defile, V. gu ho fi, see. 
defile, defilee, n. okwan hlhia, 

mpotam , afae. 

definite, a. nea ekyere brb. mu 
pote or fe ; nea wonnan ani ; 
-answer, mmuae- or okapreko. 

deform, v. see, tan. 

defraud, v. sisi, dada, di kusum, 
di amim, -aboro. 

defray, v. tua ka, - adefwerede. 
defunct, w.nea wawu, - waka babi. 
defy, V. twa poa, twitwa mpoa; 
ye mpi ; te ahi. 

degenerate, v. to ape, di nsanase, 

ye sankaase. 
degree, n. {divine) nnurui; {fig?) 
dibea;(^eo^r.)ntwah6liyia nkye- 
kyem 360 no mu biako. 

dejected, he-, boto, ho yera, 
ho dwiri,yemmobomobo,yef6to. 

dejection, n. ahofom. 

delay, ?;.(<:Ze/(3r) bo to ho, tutu(ka); 
tweutwen (ne nan) ase; bg son- 
sonku, nam gyabegyabe ; raa e- 
kye; -n. mmotoho, kyere. 

delicate, a. nea eye (anom) de ; 
nea n'anom ye no de, -okoko ne- 
ho, - odom -. 

delicious, a. nea eye de, -ete de 
mu ; (aduan yi) ko (me) nten. 

deligllt, w.anigye, anika, komapa; 
-V. gye ani, ma anika, -bo to 
yam, - ahosepe. 

delinquent, w.odeboneyefo,j}Z.nn-. 

delirium, n. tirimka, anisokS. 

deliver, y.;; yi, gye, 
gye nkwa; {message) ka, bo 

deliverer, n. ogyefo, agyenkwa. 


deluge, v. yiri, bo; -n. nsuyiri. 

demagogue, w.oman-asotufo ; Hist. 

demand, v. bisa; gye; -an addi- 
tion, di ntomii; -a reduction, 
-nteso; -payment, dan..ka. 

demeanour, n. abarabo, abarabu, 

democracy, n. kwasafoman, kwa- 

manman,asafo aensombinnanbi. 
democrat, n. kwamanmanpefo, 
demolish, v. burn, dwiri, bobg, bu. 

demon, n. daemone, obosom, sun- 

summone, jyl. a- . 
demonstrate, v.yi kyere, de asem 

{or brb.) kyere asem (brb.) ase. 
demonstration, n. asekyere, a- 

demoralisation, n. abarabg-see. 

demoralise, v. ma abarabo pa or 
nsenii pa sail ase, hye...prge; 
{milit.) bo (dgm) pemmo. 

den, n. gbgii, etii, dabere, amoa, 
amana; {cave) gbodan, pi. a-. 




denial, n. osan, okame, nsiuso, 

akyipa, nsankyee. 
denominate, v. to din, bo din, fre. 
denomination, ?i.edin, dinto ; (sect) 

asafo bi a awae atra neho ase. 

denominator, n. dintofo, dimmofo. 

denote, v. kari, kyere. 
denounce, v. fa..twa; -r, n. ofa- 

twafo, pi. a-. 
dense, a. kusu, pipri, pitipiti. 
dentist, n. ese mu yare safo, ese 

deny, v. san, pa, pa akyiri, siu so; 

-excessive denying, nsankyee. 
denunciation, w. ofatwa; anototo. 
depart, v. fi..ko, sim', si kwan so, 

tu kwan; [weigh anchor) tu se- 

kye; (die) wu. 

kyem; amanto. 
departure, n. osfmko, okarako, e- 

mufi; [decease) own. [da. .so. 
depend, vAq ani to. .so, dan, ani 
depose, v. tu (agua) so; [witness) 

di adanse. 
deposit, V. ho, de brb. sie, 

,.to ase; -n. adekorade, brb. a 

woama asie. 
depot, n. akorae, adekorabea. 
depress, v. mia so, bere ase. 
depressed, a. [by grief) foto; he 

is-, waboto, neho afom no, -a- 

dwiri-, -yera-. 

deprive, v. gye..nsam (ade). 
deptll, n. emudo, ebun. 
derange, v. ma ye basab -, sakas - ; 

he is -d, ne tirim ka no, - -ye 

basab-, -nye yiye, n'ani so ka. 
deride, v. sere, goru ho, di ho fe; 

[secretly) di..perefwe. 
derision, w.osere;(secre^-)operefwe. 
derive, v. kyere brb. ase fi, toa 

brb. mmoro. 
descend, u. si, sifam, duru, sian; 

(fr. ancestors) (ase) fi. 
descendant, n. aseni, pi. -fo, 

descent, n. awo, asefi, 

describe, v. ka ho asem, de nsen- 
sane bye brb. nso. 

descry, v. hu, sra, sra kwan. 

desert, v. tu, gyau(obi); [relig.) 
sah akyi; [run away), to 
saraha; bo. .ho agua, guan ; [aban- 
don) gya or dan kyene; (inilit) 
twa aborodo. 

desert, ?«. sarem, sareso, sare pra- 
dadada; anhweaso; [ruins) a- 
mamfo, akurofo. 

deserter, n. oguanfo, pi. a-, oboro- 
doni, a--fo. 

desertion, n. aguan, aborodo. 

deserve, v. se (akatua), fata, di ; 
phr. odi or ose animka, -ofwe. 

design, v. to or bo tirim, bo tirimpo. 

desirable, a. to be-, ye akonno. 

desire, v. pe, fwefwe, di akyi(ri), 
ani bere ; (long for) fe. 



desist, v.gyae, twa(to) ; - mutually 

fr. fighting, di ukotetem. 
desk, n. (adesuafo) kyereupon. 
desolate, a. afo, ntu; (amamfo, a- 

liurofo, akwarafo; afitu, odantu). 
despair, v. koma tu, bo til ; pa abau ; 

-n. ahomete (traso); to he in-, 

(wa)ye atobia. 

despatch {dispatch), n. akwan- 
hye, opatusoma; nkara. 

desperate, a. to he-, ho yera (no), 
home te, ye kltikiti. 

despise, v. bu..auimtia, bu..abom- 
fia, pa, huia ho, to ho mpe. 

despot, n. nea odi tuiui traso, (o- 
hene) serantefoo or tirimodenfo. 

dessert, w. akyiriaduau, aduaba 
a. s. nnokonnokoade. 

destinate, destine, v. kyere (obi 
ne) dwuina or dibea. 

destiny, n. anyaukonne. 

destitution, n. ohla, hladi, aho- 

destroy, v. see, bo, bobg, kum, 
dwere, dwere, dwiri, buru ; 2?ass. 
hye, frannara. 

detail, n. nsem iikorekore, nsem 
niu, ntentoa; -v. toa ntea, ka 
mfuamfua, ka ma ewie du. 

detain, v. si kwau, sau, siaiika; 
phr. I don't -you, menbye wo 

detect, v.\\\\, yiadi, dagua. 

..sohuan, gyigya; 

deteriorate, v. 

cf. decline. 
determine, tJ.bu nten, ka, bye; bg 

liye, kyere kwaii, teetee, siesie ; 

{finish) wie; {resolve) bo tirim. 
detest, V. tan, kyi; eye,. tan, eye.. 

iiwini or nwun, afono... 
detestable, a. {thing) akyide, a- 


dethrone, v. tu (agua) so. 

detriment, nAem, adesee;*ab6ro^ 

di ab. 
develop, v. yi so iikataso, yi ho 

nnuraho, san; {fig?) yi adi, ma 

enna adi, -enko so. 
deviate, ^J. man (fi..), fom, -kwau. 
device, n. tirimbo, tirimpo. 
devise, v. dwen, susu.. tirim; bore 

hQ, tu advvenem agyina. 
devil, n. gbonsam, pi. a-. 
devoid, a. to he-, ye hunu, nni. 
devote to, v. moma, mema. 
devoted {to), to he, pe obi asem, 

som (obi). 
devotion, n. kronkronye, asgre, 

mpaebg; {self-) ahofama, 
devour, v. mene, didi fa; {fig.) 

fwere, see. 
devout, a. nea gwg Nyame ho a- 

dwene, -gfere Ny. or uipa. 
dew, n. ebg, ebou, obosu, (akrg- 

kra); -v. obosu gu, ebgu to, (a- 

krgkra gu). 




diadem, n. abotiri, ahenkyg, ahein- 

diagonal, n. ahinanan 

mu nsensane a edi 

dial, n. donanim; sun-, owia.don. 
dialect, n. (amantam nkorenkore) 

dialogue, n. osemode (a banu se 

binom bo), osebua. 
diameter, n. nfwiromu, 

dantabau or barehyia '■ 

mu ntwamii. V_^^' 

diary, n. dadwumadi ho nhoma. 
diamond, n. adamantibo. 
diarrhoea, w.ayambo, ayamtu; odo. 
dice, V. to sikyi. 
dictation, n. okakyereu. 
dictator, n. ohyefo; Hist. 

dictionary, n. nsem asekyere nho- 

die, ^. wu, gyau mu, dan neho, ka 
nkycne gii, ka babi; - before 
the time, bu mraere mu wu; 
-out, ase tore, -gu, -hye;^7?r. 
he is dead: wawii, wanya ko, 
ode ato ho, wagyau mu, waka 
babi, waka nkyene agu, wagya 
ne kara twe, o-ue ne kara adi 
iikara, oko n'asiiraah akyi, wa- 
sore bara yim', odae ausore bio, 
onni ho -, oko mpanyimfo akura ; 
she hears children, all of tvhom 
soon die, odi awo-mmawu. 

die (colour), v. bye aduru (bibiri, 

dier, n. ntamahyefo, obibihy-. 
difficult, a. ^o&e-, eye den,- yo-na; 

eho ye na = eye den se wobenya. 
difficulty, w.akwanside, akwansi- 

sem; -in loving, adoua; wafa 

me ad. 
dig, V. bo (fa, hyire, hkonon), tu 

(amoaj, yi ka, twa-. 
dignify,?;, bye. .anuoiiyam,pagya.., 

ma. .so. 
dignity, n. nidi; dibea; aniraduru. 
digress, v. kwan, konkw.(utama); 

(fig.) kohkwan; phr. ok. asem 

ho = omfa nto kwanmu. 
digression, n. akonkwah. 
dilemma, w.akyinnyesem; I am in 

a-, ahiii me ahan me. 
diligence, n. nsl, nsiye, mmoden- 

bo, anem, nketekrakye. 
diligent, a. to be-, ye nsi, -anem, 

bo mmoden, si nketekrakye. 
dim, a. kusu, kiisuk-, wusiw-. 
dimension, n. kese-ye, otere, e- 

mugo, afefai'e, nsusui 
diminish, ?;.so liuan, so ten, (re)sa, twe; caz^s. huan.. so, 
diminutive, n. brb. nketewam; 

-a. nea esua kora, -enni bo. 

dine, v. didi (awia, auwummere), 
yi..nsa;^^r.mekoyime nsa maba. 

din 58 

dinner, n. awiadidi. 

dip, V. bo mu, do asuko. 

dipllthong, n. uu6 ukae nta. 

diplomacy, n. amansem, -di. 

diplomatist, «.omansemdifo,2?Z. a-. 

direct, a. nea ekg te, - -pen so, 
-ekyere brb., -edidi so. 

direct, v. tee, tee so, kyere, hye; 
his anger is - ed against me, ne 
bo afu ahye me, warnuna ah. me. 

direction, n. akwankyere, kyere- 
pfen, ntentenso ; {in teach.) ade- 
kyerede, okyerekwan so. 

director, n. eso difo, okwankye- 

refo, opanyin, pi. mp-. 
dirt, n. efi, dote, dontori. 

dirty, a. efi, poto, biriburo, bii- 
rum', tantaii ; -v. biri. 

disadvantage, n. adefvVere, obo. 

disafTection, w. adona; fa ad.; he 
has- against me, wafa me ad. 

disagree, v. ano riko beukorom, 
wonye iiokoro, anonhyia; eson- 
sono; {revolt) twe manso. 


- enye, - enka se. 
disallow, V. si ano, si kwaii, gu. 
disappear, v. yera, As.hara, torn'. 

disappoint, v. dada; di..huammo; 
pass, pe we; he has -ed me, 

wadi me huammo, wayi m'ani 
ahye me-iikyen mu. 


dl8a8ter,w.amane,-hunu, awereho, 
abu, asiane, mmusu, ahyiakwa. 

disbelieve, V. gye akyinnye, -kyim, 
nny6 nni. 

discern, v. hu, hu mu; bu nten. 

discernment, n. nkyerease. 

discharge^ v. {cargo) yi aguade; 

{jud.) bu bem ; {a gun) to (tuo); 

{a work) ye brb., di (dwuma); 

{on errand) kara ; {dismiss) gya 

okwan, yi ; (a debt) tua ka. 
disciple, n. osuani or -fo, pi. a--fo. 
discipline, n. (oyen mu) nniso, 

-nteeso, nsiesiei or nhyehyee pa. 
disclose, v. yi so, yi adi, paemu. 
discomfit, V. ka, bo or pam (dom) 

gu; (fig.) tu..abasam. 
discontented (^ersow), odifudepe- 
discontinue, v. gyae (yo). [fo. 
discord, n. atutu, manso; nwo- 

ram, nwanam; v. twe n. 

discover, v. yi so; hia; twa .ada- 
fi, ka. 

discovery, n. ade a woahu no fo- 
foro ; ahintasem bi mu hu, asi- 
sem bi ka, adiyi ; {of hidden 
treasure) ahutu. 

discourage, v. tu bo; -koma, -a- 
basam ; {frighten) yi hu ; ^o Je 
-ed, bo tu, koma-, abasam-; 
pa abau. 

discouragement, n. akomatu, a- 





discourse, n. semode, -bo, nkgm- 
mo; asem, asenka. 

disease, n. oyare; asonoka, gfoe. 

disembarl(, v. tu (hyen no mu a- 

guade) gu; si fam, -mpoano. 

disengage, v. san, mu. 

disfigure, v. see ani {or anim), ye 

disgrace, v. bo ahohora, sopa, bye 

aniwu, gu anim ase, bo.. tutu. 
disgrace, n. abohora, nsopa, ani- 
wu, animguase, adapa; (milit.) 

nsiam, nkogu. 
disguise, ^.binta, so,sakra 

disgust, V. (ma) ye tan, fono. 
disgust, n. mfonoe, amemmenemfe ; 

vexed he returned, ode am. sane. 
disll, M.taforoboto, asanka, abeyea, 
dishearten, v.tubo, -koma, -aba- 

sam; he is -ed, nebo ab5 no, wa- 
dislievei, t;.pese(nbwi mu). [boto. 
distionest, a. to be-, twa nkontom- 

po, ye nkonkonsa, di kusum. 

disinherit, v. kame awunnyade, 

gbye awunny. a omma obi nnya 

bo samanse. 
disinter, v. damoam. 
disjoin, v. paemu, teu-, buan. 
disiiite, V. mpe, mpene, kyi, tail, 

fa adona. 
disiiite, n. amemmenemfe, ona, e-, 

otaii, okyi. 

dislocate, v. yi fi babi, twi.. ; buan 

dislodge, v. tu, pam, tu kg. 

dismay, v. tu bo, yi bu. 

dismiss, v. pam, tu, gya..kwan. 

disobedience, n. asogden, asowui. 

disobedient, a. kasante, nea gye 
asogden or asowui. 

disobey, asogden, ; phr. 
obu ne na asem so. 

disorder, n. sakasakaye, wibg, a- 
mammum, hoye, anitanee, man- 
so ; (moral-) abofwi; (sickn.) 
gyare, asonoka, asoroka. 

disorderly, ad.hksdih-, bisibasa, 
sakas-, kitik-, wusuw-. 

dispatch (despatch), ■y.gya or bye 
kwan ; ma wgde kg, soma; kara, 
mana; -n. akwannya, nkara. 

dispel, V. bg..pete, gu. 

dispensary, w.ayarefofwedan,nnu- 

dispensatory, w.adufrasem nboma. 

dispense, v. kwae (mmara, ntam), 
ma gkwan,; -medicines, 
ma or ye aduru ; fra nnuru ; phr. 
it is an indispensable th., eye 
ade a wgnkwae nto bg. 

disperse, v. pete, fwete; (milit.) 
bg pete, ye babadgm. 

display, v. yi..kyere, tere mu, ma 
eda gua ; bg gua. 

display, n. (e)bo adiyi; (fig.) abo- 
kyere, ab.-sem. 




displeasure, n. anibere; adona, 

fa ad. 
disposal, n. otuhye, hyirasoma. 
dispose o/, v. tu; he has disp.of 

allhis goods, watu n'aguade nh. 

ahye me nsa. 
dispossess, v.gye (obi) nsam ade, 

tu, pon. 

dispute, V. gye akyinnye, yiyi ano, 
bo nkiiro, kasak-, ham. 

dispute, n. akyinnye, -sem, aka- 
sakasa, oham ; [jud.) nkiirobo, 
atenyi; set up a-, twagnoko; 
he is a habitual disputer, oye 

disquiet, ^.ha, ban, tane ani, h wan- 

bo. .so or di. so mpekua(sem),nya- 

disregard, n. apomafoto. [fi. 
disrespect, v. cf. disregard. 
disruption, n. mpapaemu. 
dissatisfy, v. hum bo, yi alii, enye 

dissemble, v. siu so, ye nyatwom. 
disseminate, v.pete,gu, dua(aba). 
dissent, i'. nye nokoro, ano nko 

dissolve, v. bono, nan, pae mu, 

tue; (loosen) san. 
dissonant, a. nea eye wa, --asom- 

yea, -tua aso. 
distance, n. ntam kwaii, nt. pan, 

ut. pompan, - tan. 

distant, a. nsrenso, akyiriky-, 

aky. noho. 
distaste, n. mfonoe, ahi; -ful, 

a. to he-, ye..nyane, nyane-. 
distemper, n. asoroka, abofono; 

(discord) manso. 

distil, V. {to drop) soso koko ; gu. 
distinctly, ad. pe, pepe ; kronkron, 
fe, pefe, kete. 

distinguish, v. humu, yiyi-. 
distort, t'.kyim, hiian ; [wrest one's 

words) tutu obi asem ano sisi. 
distortion, n. ohuan; {fig) (asem) 

abare, asenkoutonkye. 
distract, v. twefibo, tgu mu; hau, 

hwanyan; -ion of mind, aniso- 

distress, n. amane, -hunu, aho- 

kyere, abohia, obia; to he in-, 

h\\ amane, hia no, ahia no, kyere no, ..ho yera no. 
distribute, v. kyekye, kye mu ma 

district, n. omansin, amanto; 
-'s Church, amantam asafo; 
-'s Synod, amant. nhyiara ; -s 
Board, am. agyina; members 
of D. B., am. agyinamufo; mem- 
bers ofD.Syn., am. nhyiamufo. 

disturb, v. ha, hau, hwanyaii, tane 
ani, fono mu, ye kitikiti, bg wi, 
-twi; {surge) see; epo asee. 

disturbance, n. ghau, anitanee, 
wibg ; manso, -twe. 




disunion, w. mpapaemu, ntetemu; 

to he disunited, di mp., di nt. 
ditcti, n. oka, nsuka, amoa, ame- 

nawa; -v. yi ka, yi w6, i. e.: 

mma kofwe si nsu ano a, woma 

kwan da babi a nsu befi ho a 

woyi w^. 
ditto, n. eno koro ara. 
ditty, n. edwom, pi. hn-. 
dive, V. do asuko, mem ; (^^.)bore 

mu, pepe-, fwefwe-. 
divest, V. pa ntade, -ntama. 
divide, v. kye, kyemu, pae-; -into 

two brandies, (dua no) abo nta, 

abg iikorata. 
dividend, n. nkyemade. 
divine, v. bye nkom, kana, kra. 
diviner, n. okomfo, nkomhyefo. 
division, w.nkyekyem, mpapaemu. 
divisor, n. okyefo. 
divorce, n. awaregu, awaregyae. 

divorce, v. ko (oyere) ; te aware 

mu, gu aw-. 
do, V. ye, bo, di, wie; [siiffice) so, 

doso, yeyiye; purposely, 

bye da ye brb. 
docile, a. nea onye adekyerena, 

-n'aso ye mmere. 
docl<, n. fako a wopam or mia- 

mia byen mu ; byeiidwinnan. 

doctor, n. odu(ru)yefo; [title) o- 

kyerefo panyiii. 
doctrine,, n. okyere. 

dodge, v. {evade) di or bo nsiane- 
ho, man, pare bo; tu mmirika 
ap6no-ap - ; {fig.) di akontonky^- 
sem, ye nea entene. 

dog, n. okraman, obodora, gtwea; 
apegyebi; hush-, odemerefua; 
flying-^ ampan, Ak.apane, oba; 
-louse, -tick, okramandwu; so- 
more; -tooth, sebommofo. 

dogmatics, n onyamesom bo nim- 
dee kyere. 

doll, n. baduaba, akuaba. 
dollar, n. dare, pi. id-. 
dolour, n. awerebo, eya. 
dolphin, n. Ga: adi, ati. 
domestic, n. osomfo, pi. a-, ofie- 

nipa ;- slave, {male) akoa, pi. n- ; 

{female) afana, pi. mf-. 

donation, n. akyede, adekyede. 
done, to he-, {well cooked) ben; 

{finished) sa, wie sa; to have-, 

gyae, wie. 

donkey, n. afurum, pi. mf-. 

doom, n. atemmu, afobu; {fate) 
nkarabea; {ruin) osee. 

door, n. opon, -ano, odan-, abo- 
b6,-ano; - Jar, akwatia; -ma^^e 
of slips of palmhranches, bera- 
pae, aserene; -frame, apoiinua, 
Ak. aponnwa, pi. mp-; -hinges, 

doorway, n. ntwironoa, apata. 

dote, V. dan kwapae, pi. n-. 




dotted, a. ntokoa-ntokoa. 
double, a. to be-, bo ho, ye mmo- 

ho, ye nta, guam ho, ye abien ; 

- barreled gun, ntuta ; - dealing, 

-minded, nkontompo, amante- 

reniiade-di; -tongued, to he-, 

ye nsakyi-nsayam. 
double, V. ho; bo. .due so, 

pern anim, anim. 
doublet, w.mnioho,mpamho,(nta); 

(dress) koko-atade, wesk5t. 
doubt, n. akyinnyegye; -v. gye 

akyinnye, -kyim. 
doubter, w. okyinnyegyefo, pi. a,-. 

doubtful, a. it is-, emu nte, won- 

hu mu biako; a -matter, s6se- 
dOUgh,w.mmgre;fufu. [kwasem. 
dove, n. aboronoma; aburub-, a- 

dower, doivry, n. awarede, tiade. 
down, n. (anoma) ntakra fiikuf-, 

down, ^rp.a<?. ase, fam; §118,2. 
downfall, n. asefwe, buru, gsee. 
doxology, n. (Nyankopon) ayeyi. 
dozen, n. edumien. 
drag, v. twe, -ase. 

drain, w.twe fam-usu (ma ewo) ; yi 

or twa ka mansu sen; son (so). 
drain, drainage, n. oka, nsuka. 
draper, n. ntamatonfo. 

draught, n. fwiro, ofee, pokumbo; 
take only one dr. and try it, bo 
fwiro biako pe na fwe ! 

draughts, w. ^Z. dam; play at-, 

di or to dam. 
draw, V. twe, t-^e mu, pen-; sau, 

sesa, t5 (nsu); -a line, lines, 

sail, sensan; twa; -blood, suan. 
drawer, w. twee, ^Z.nt-; twe twee 

na yi adee no bera ! 

drawing, n. nsa mfoniniyo. 
dread, v. ehu (a)ka (no), suro. 
dream, v. so dae ; {lazy) ye aniha. 
dream, n. odae, adaeso; -er, n. 

odaesofo, pi. a-. 
dreary, a. nea eye awereho, -ema 

awose pini obi, -eye hu, -ema 

dregs, n. pi. adese, epu, nsa ase pti. 
drench, v. fQ(u), don, donnon. 
dress, v. hye atade, fura ntama; 

{armour) mia, hyehye, keka; 

{wounds) toto, kyekye kuru ; {a 

weaZ)siesie {a.^m,u)\{straighten) 

teetee, Ak, tene. 
dress, n. adurade, atade, ntama; 

-coat, atade pa, -fefe; batakari. 
drill, V. bo nsra, teetee (asrafo); 

{to bore) fiti mu. 
drink, '?'.nom, we(nsa, mpahyewa); 

-too much,ho,hovo{ns3L); (fetish) 

nom abosom = to confederate. 
drink, n. anonne. 




drip, V. so, soso; -stone, nsubo, 

drive, v. kg, ti(u) ; bo mu ; {run) tu 

mmirika; {to row) hare; -away, 

pain, recZ.pampam, hima; Zepb. 

driver, n. okafo, pi. a-. [3, 15. 
drizzle, v.osupete, -tonwesenwe- 
se ; 2^ drizzles, nsuwonsea regu. 
droll, V. ye asered^. 
dromedary, n. yoma. 

drone, n. odowanini; {fig^ okwa- 
dwofo, onihafo, pi. a- . 

dronish, a. nea oye akwadwero, 
--aniba, --atwerennyedua. 

drop, w. nsu nsosoe, -atoato, nsu- 

drop,;so buan,bere ase;gyae. 

dropsy, n. ntata (at-). 

dross, n. {of silver) ^vfQi^ih, -fi; 

drouyht, n. osukom; {drying up 
of river) bwo ; {by heat) oho. 

drown, v. mem, siu (mene); he has 
been -ed, nsu afa no. 

drowsily, ad. nya. 

drug, n. aduru, pi. nn-, 

drum, n. akyene; kinds: otente; 
atumpan, nkrawiri, mpebi, ade- 
denkura, etwi, odonno, obomma, 

drum, v.yaii akyene, Ak.katwene. 

drummer, n. oyamfo, gkyerema. 

drunkard, M. osabofo; osSdweam. 

drunkenness, n. asab5, sadoi. 
dry, V. wo ; {of fluid) wo, we ; {by 

fire) bo ; {by sun) hsLta; phr. nsu 

no awo ; epo iiwo da ; raebo awo 

= minni ntrama; opp. mebo a- 

dry, a. nea awo, kese, kesek-, 

wose, wosew- ; (hard) pepe; 

{full ripe) nea aguan, guannuan, 

gunnuan; -fish, meat, bomonfe; 

nanboe; -place, nkyerekyere- 

wa, tepa; -season, ope, ope- 

bere; -sticks, bobayemfi (bab-). 
duck, n. dabodabo. [mu ase. 

duck, V. do asuko; (fig.) bere ne 
due, n. asede, nea ese; {debt) eka; 

{duty) oto. 
duel, n. nnipa banu ko, ayeremko. 
dull, a. ano akura, nyS, na, nann, 

neunaun; -fellow, obatara. 
dumb, a. mum; krana, diiin •, 

-7iess, n. emum, mumu. 
dung, n. bin, sebe; -hill, sumana 

(so); {sweepings) nwuradodo. 
Auw^-beetle, n. kukurubinsin. 
durability, n. okye, Ak. kyere. 
durable, be-, kye, -see, -bo; 

ye denj^Tir. ekye see; ekye bg. 
during, prp. ebere (koro) no ara,. 

emu ho ara. 
dusky, to grow -, ade sa, esum duru. 
dust, n. mfutuma, otiitu; fiituru;, 

gold-, sikafuturu. 




duty, w.asede, ahye-yede; {office) 

dwuma, adw-; (liahility) eka; 

{ 2iVSiknnQy akwanne; 

customs-, oto. 
dwarf, n. pfra; nea wato ape; 

(humpback) afu. 
dwell, V. te, tra, Ak. teoa. 
dwelling, n. - place, iTahea., -be, 

-bere; {house) odan, ofi, pi. a-. 
dye (tinge), v. bye aduru, bye (a- 

kase, bibiri, boa n. a.). 
dying, n.part. owu; nea gregyam; 

he is in a -state, oda owupa so. 
dysentery, n. konkoruwa. 


Each,^row. mmiako-mmiako; iibi- 

na; § 77; emu biara. 
eager, a. to be-, bo (bo) mmoden; 

pare bo; (hasty) ye perepere; 

(long for) fe. 
ear,; external-, auricle, aso- 

kora; -disease, asobonsii, aso- 

krofwe; -ring, asomka; (spike 

of corn) betein, pi. m- . 
earl, n. odebyepanyin. 
early, ad. anopatutu, aberaa, auo- 

pabema, ahemadakye ; ntem, 

earn, v. nya, bere nya, nsa ka; 

- ings, uea wonya, gberenya, a- 

dwuma mu ade. 

earth, w.asase,wiase ; (ground) ase, 
fam; (clay)ia, dote, Ak.nngtee. 

earthen, a. nea wgde dote aye; 
-ware, abgbgde, kuku, nkuku 
ne nkaka. 

earthquake, n. asasewoso. 

ease, n. ahodwo, abotgyam. 
ease, v. -one's self, ye.. bo yiye, 

gya..nan, kg dua (yan) so, kyi- 

ma, ma apomafo akye. 
ease, n. to he at-, ..boadwo, -ago 

no, - atg ; ..ho ka..b6, -asan, 


easy, a. harebare; nea enye ya, 
- enye den, -enye yg na; dwo- 

easily, ad. yiye, bgkg;; 
phr. onipa nye dada na; not- 
to perform, (ade no ye) gye na ; 
phr. gfa abufu a, wodi no pata 
na; § 105, 5; -to break, enkye 
bg; opp. ekye see. 

east, »i.apuei;anafo,boka;§ 125,5. 

eat, V. di (aduan),didi; we (nam); 
(sivallotv) mene ; (inck with fing- 
ers) ti (abete). 

eatable, a. to he-, kg anom, wodi 

eaves, n. pi. ntgnanoa. [a eye. 

ebb, V. epu twe. 

ebony, n. okisibiri. 

echo, n. gyigye, -ba. 

earnest;«.mu,(nkgmragmu); w.mia ecllpse of the moon, gsram duru 

ani, bg mmgdeii. 

suna; -c>/^/jesi«w,owia duru sum. 




economical, he-, kyee ade so. 
economy, n. adesokyee, afisiesie. 
edge, n.^no-, (fringe) ed-wo, pl.t- -, 

-has become bhmt, ano akum 

or asiam. 
edge, v. (sharpen) se, s6u, tuano; 

(move aside) man, fa nkyen. 
edgeless, a.tobe-, ano akum, enni 

edict, n. mmara; - enjoining the 

restitution of goods in posses- 
sion, gworema-nimara. 
edify, v. si (dan) ; to (aban); (fig.) 

kyerekyere , kasa kyere ; ma 

educate, v. kyerekyere, yen. 
eel, n. abei'ekuri. 
efface, t'.popa, sensan mu, prapra. 
effect, V. ye; -n. nea aye, -efi mu 

ba, eso ade. 
effeminacy, w. ahodom; he is too 

weak, oye ah. dodo. 

effeminate, a. broko; -person, 

effeminate, v. hye..proe. 
efficacy, n. adeye; nneyee. 
effort, w.mmoden,animia,mpemso. 
effuse, V fwie, fwie gu ; pu. 
eft,w.okete(re),odannena ;c/.^«sar^. 
egg, n. kesua, pi. iik- . 
egoism, n. ahope, apese-nkon^^a. 
egoist, n. ohopefo, nea oye ape- 

eject, V. fe (gu), pam, t6..kyene,,; pu. 
ejection, «. oyigu, ofwiegu; (jud,) 

opam' ; ntuso ; (med.) efe (e) ; 

(cast off) otokyene. 
eight, «.awotwe, nwotwe; -days, 

nnaawotwe; -o'clock^ nnonwo- 

twe; eighteen,Qd.VLii'wqiw&;eightyj 

either, pron.wqn (banu) mu biara. 
elastic, a. twa, atwehua. 
elbow, w.batweu, batwo, batwee. 
elder, w. opanyin. pi. mp-; -ship, 

opanyin ; he obtained an office 

to perform., onyaa op. bi dii. 
elect, V. fa, pau, yi. 
elector, n. opaufo, osii-ahene. 

elegance, n. efe. 

elegy, «.awerebodwom,kwadwom. 
element, n. mfitiasede, ade biara 
ammose, mfiase. 

elementary, a. nea wode fi brb 

ase; (simply) -enye den kora. 
elephant, n. esono, pi. id. 

elephantiasis, n. gyapim. 

elephantine, «.;^^.k6kuro. [nyam. 
elevate, v. ma so; (fig.) bye anuo- 
eleven, w. dubiako ; - o'clock, nngn- 

ellipse, n. dantaban bi 
a ekura kesua su. 

Elmina, pr. n. Dena, Edena. 





6lope, v.guaiijbonehoagua, boko. 

eloquence, n. anotee. 

else, «.ofoforobi,brb.foforo;-a^. 
anye sa a,..; -where, ad. haibi. 

elucidate, v. kyerekyere mu, kyere 

emaciate, v Jot; (of plants) twS.m. 
emancipation, n. ahofadi, akoa ho 

a wode kye no. 
embark, v. ko or si hyen mu; tu. 
embaraSS, v. hau, gye asabaumu. 
embers, nsohye, ogya a aye 

embrace, v. ye or gye atu, gye 

torn', tam, bam (obi), lam-. 

embroider, v. wo ntama mu, di 
nt. mu adwini ; -?/, w.adenwene. 

embryo, n. awotwa mu aba. 

emerge, v. pae, sore, ponhon ba 
ani; -from concealment, viOvsM. 

emigrant, ri.otufo, otubrafo,^z.t-. 

emigrate, ij. tu (kotra babi). 

emigration, n. tuko. 

eminent, a.titiri; to be-, ye o- 
nuonyamfo, -okunini. 

emit, V. fi, yi. 

emperor, n. obempou, kaesare. 
empire, w ahemman,ohemponman. 
employ, v. bo.. pa, ma adwuma,, de..hye adw. bi mu. 
employer, n. nea oma obi adwuma, 

adw. wura. 

employment, w.adwuma,dwuraadi. 
empower, ?;. bye ahooden, ma tu- 

mi, - ho kwan, to mmati, -batiri. 
empress, n. ohempomma. 
empty, a. hunu, funu; it is-^ brb. 

nni mu, fwe nnim; -handed, 

a. ad. nsapan. 
emulate, v. sua, fwe so ye, di a- 

enable, v. boa raa..tumi ye, hye 

mpamdeu, so..sisi. 
enact, .ye mmara, ..bye mmara. 
enactor, n. mmarahyefo. 
enamel, n. adufrae bi a wode dura 

nneema mu or ho (se dadeseii se) 

na wofre no sa. 
encamp, v. bo nsra. 
enchant, v. kyere kabere, deu (obi) 

enclose, encompass, v. gye or twa 

ho bail, twa ho hyia; ka or de 

..hye mu; (contain) kura. 
encounter, v. hyia; toa; di asi. 
encourage, v. hye deu, -baninha, 

encouragement, n. baninhahye, 

encumber, v. ye. .so duru, gye (a- 

sase) kenten so, si..kwau. 
end, w.ano, akyi, akyiri,ti, atifi; 

to ; (object) gyinae, ase ; (bor- 
der) tia, ohye; (death) owu; 

(close) awiei, ntwato, totwa; 

(of tree) nkoa; (aim) botae. 




end, V. to come to or to be at an-, 

sa, totwa; wie, wiesa; asekosi; 

nea ase kosi ne ha; - hadly, bu ; 

n'asem abu. 
endanger, v. pe obi amane, 

amane mu; siane obi, twa..owu- 

endeavour, v. bo mmoden, si. .bo; 

ka..fwe, so..twe; 

endless, a. nea enni awiei, -ensa 
da, -eto (re)ntwa da. 

endurance, n. amanehunum boa- 

endure, v. kura or tra mu; mia 
ani hu amane, gyina..ano. 

BnBm2L,n. apply an -, sa, bo..beutoa. 

enemy, w.otamfo,^Z.a-,ok6fo,edom. 

energy, ti. mmodenbo, denye. 

enfetter, v. to mpokyere, guiikon- 

enforce, v. bye den; -dennen, 
-kyenkyenky - ; ye brb. aberan- 
so; bye obi so ma oye; -pay- 
ment, ka..hye. 

engage, v. ma adwuma, bo. .pa; 
{woo) gy e aware ; - allies, gye 
adom , - sa ; - in battle, de bare ani. 

engine, n. afiri, pi. mf- . 

engineer, w. mfiriyefo, (mfirihoro 
ho) dwurafo. 

engrave, t'.kurukyereu, (abo, nnua 
ordadeso); dc.tintim mu, -mia 
so by em'. 

engraver, n. okumkyereufo, nea 

odi brb. ho adwini. 
engraving, w.nkurukyereue, nkye- 


enjoy, v. nya, di; nyahoanigye; 

di here ; phr. te mu de = ifo - the 

pleasure of s. tJi. 
enlarge, v. bae mu, go-, tere-, 

yere -, ma eso. 
enlargement, n. mmaemu, ntere- 

mu, oyeremu. 

enlighten, v. haran so, ma eho or 
ani ten; -ing, n. nteani. 

enmity, w. aka, -ye, awerekyi. 

enormous, a. biako ! kese pa, ko- 
kuro pa; wu, 

enough, ad. (se) nea edoso, eso, 

ebedu ; - ! int. aye yiye ! adoso ! 

enso ha ara! 
enrage, v. huru bo, yi abufu, bye 

anibere, -yamgya. 
enrich, v. ma. .nya neho, bo.,dwe- 

ensign, w.ofranka; -hearer^ fr.ku- 

ensnare {insnare), v. yi; to afiri, 

- hentia. 

entangle, v. to, toto ; toatoa. 

enter, v. hyen, ko mu, ba-. 
enterprise, n. abosi, mmodenbo- 

entertain, v. bo semode; (feed) bo 
akonbama; (guests) ye ohoho. 


entice, v. sisi, dada, gyigye; to 
brada, -brade; -away, tu..as6. 

enticement, ?i.bradato, asotu, ma- 
da; osemrarada, tekremakyene. 

entire, -ly, a.a^. emli,dw6dw6; — 
k6Inm, kora, fe, dwe, dwe, fafu; 
{only) sonri ; phr. he is without 
defect, odi'mu; § 134, 3. 

entomb, v. sie, kora (amu). 

entrails, ayamde, nsono. 

entrance, n. abobo, emu kwaii ; {of 
round huts) mraiirutuwa; {fig.) 
nhyenrnii ; rafiase, 

entrap, v. yi (afiri), sua afiri. 

entreat, v. koto, sere, pa kye. 

entry, w.nbyeumu; emu ba. 

envelop, v. dura ho, kata-. 

envelope, w. nnuraho, nkatabo ; 
{letter) nhomakotoku. [kunu. 

envious, be-, ani bere, twe nin- 

enviOUS {person), obofo, onibere- 
fo, onifikufo, nitanfo. 

envy, n. nitan. 

enwrap, v. munum, murum. 

epidemic, n. nsanyare, oyaredora. 

epilepsy, w. abiribiri, -twa; {fits) 
ahuiimu (si or to obi so). 

epilogue, w.kasawiei, kasatware. 

epiphany, n. ahoyi; Kristo-. 

episode, n. abasem fa bi, abasem especially, ad. titiri, titiru 

68 esp 

equal, a. pe ; - v. se, se so, di use, 
bo so ; -w. tipen, sefo, seso. 

equality, w.pepepeye, nsedi, nea 
ebo so pe, -eguam. 

equally, ad. pe, pepepe, saara. 

equator, n. nkyempe. 

equilateral, a. nea n'a- 
fasa ye pe. 

equitable, be-, se, fata so. 

equivalent, n. nsiananmu, nbye- 

era, n. cf. epoch. 

erase, v. popa ; {fig) kum, see. 
ere, ad. ansa na; -long, ereiikye 
kora; -woe^,akye,enkyee; kauno. 

erect, v. si, ma so, kyen (daii); 

-, a. kyerebenn ; pintiiin. 
err, v. fom, fom or to kwaii; {go 

astray) wo ntwetwede. 
errand, w. nkara, kasee;/awsew^ 

on an-, meso asem menam. 
error, n. mfomsu; bone. 
eruption, n, otiiru, nturuturui; 

gpae; {med.) honam so yare bi. 
escape, v. nya okwan fi mu, fi 

rau fi, guan. 
eschatology, n. (wiase) awiei ho 


mu nea woayi ka. 

134, 3b; mmom; § 75, 3, 

epoch, 71. bere a ewo diii ; bere espousals, n. pi. aware, ayeforo- 

titiri bi a abeseii. 

hyia; {betrothal) awaregye. 




espouse, v. gye aware. 
essence, w.esu ; {fig) ehowo ; {chief 

point) emu ade titiri ; [scent) o- 

huam, aduru. 
establish, v. si, ma etim, ma esi 

ho pintinn. 
estate, n. asetra; dibea; {proper- 
ty) ade (ahonyade), akura, ofi ; 

{land) asase, 'pl. n- . 
esteem, v. bu, ani so, dini; susu; 

obu no kese. 
estimate, v.bu, buano, -akonta; 

{to value) bo bo. 
estimation, n. ebo a wobo, akon- 

tabu, anobu; {fig.) obu, nidi^ 


eternally, ad. da, dayi, da da, 

eternity, n. da, mmeresauten, da 

ether, n. wiframa, soroframa. 

etui, n adekorade. 

etymology, n. okasa abos6, nsem 
hyehy elaea ne fibea ; Idontknow 
the true et. of that word^ min- 
nim asem yi abose turodo. 

eulogy, n. ayeyi, nkamfo. 

eunuch, n. oyitotoni; {chamber- 
lain) opiani, yl. a--fb. 

Europe, pr. ti. Aburokyiri. 

European, pr. n. Oburoni, plBo- 
rofo, Ab-. [mesem. 

evangelise, v. kS asempa, -anya- 

evasion,«.aguan; nnada,nkataso. 

eve, even, evening, n. anwummerc, 
anadwofa, adesae ; it is -, ade 
asa; evening- service, anadwofa- 
sore, anwummesore ; -star, kye- 
kye ; owuodi. [eso ta. 

even, a. monommonom, fita ; - v. ta ; 

even, ad. po, mpo, ara; § 75, 3; 
134, 3a; -so, saara, sa pe. 

event, n. asem a aba, aba(ko)sem, 

eventually, ad. anka; § 141, 8. 

ever, «<?. pen, da, dabi, dabiara; 
§ 130, 4". 7; for-, da, dayi; 
-since, ..ara. 

every, a. biara (obiara, biribiara), 
nbina ; -where, ad. babiara, 
mraanbina, afa-; §60,3 ; 125,1. 

evidence, w.adanse; to give-, di ad. 
evil-eye, ?i. anikye; he squints at 

him, obu no an-. 
evoke, v.; {fig. tease) yi 

..mfefewa; {stir up) 
ewe, n. oguammere. 
ewer, n. nsu-kuruwa; aguasen-k. 
exactly, ad. pe, pepe, pepepe, ta, 

exactness, n. pepepeye, fefefeye. 
exalt, V. ma so, kamfo, yi aye. 
exaltation of one's self, ahomaso, 

ah.adwene, ahokyere. 

examine, 'y.bisab-,fwefwemu, pe- 
pe- ; so..fwe ; tase akyiri ; -him- 
self, ko or tu ne tirim agyina. 


example, n. nfweso, nseso, nkyere- 

exceed, tJ. boro, tra so; kyen, sen. 

exceedingly, ad. bebere pa, pi pa, 

se, se brb. ; § 137. 
excel, V. kyen, sen; kyen so. 
excellent, «.denso, titiri.kunini; 

eso nni ; mu ; onipa mu = man 

of distinction. 
except, V. yi (fi) mu. 
except, -ing, prp. conj'.gye, -se, 
§§117, 3g; 134,3b; 

235, b; 277. 
exception, n. osuayi, nyimu. 
excess, n. ntraso ; - in eating, a- 

diditraso, adipu. 
excessive, a. nea enye ano bi ni, 

-etra so; § 137. 
exchange, «;. sesa, sakra, di nsesa, 

sene; ^^r.niede sika yi mesene 

exchange, n. nsesa-di, -gua; si- 

kasesa, -bea. 
excite, i;. hwanyan, kanyaii; huru 

bo, tane ani. 
exclaim, v. teem'; bom'. 
exclude, v. yi fi mu, tu, pam. 

excommunication,w.asafo mu tufi. 

excrement, n. sebe, bin; kyerebo. 
excursion, w.apase,aDaii mu teetee. 

excuse, v. yi ano; de (fa)..firi; yi 
wo mu. 

70 exp 

excuse! int. kose! tafarakye! se- 
be 6! 

execration, cf. curse. 

execute, v. (do)ye, di; (kill) kum; 

(flnisJi) wie. 
executioner, n. obrafo, F. duunyi. 
exemplar, n. nfweso, nsususo; 

osuasode; brb. a eda ho a wore- 

fwe asusu so aye bi. 

exempt, v. yi wo or fi mu. 
exercise, v. ye, di, sg..fwe, bg 

mmodeii ; {in shooting) so nsa ; 

{inilit.) bo nsra, teetee. 

exert (one's self), v. mia n'ani, 
bg mmodeii, biri ne mogya ani. 

exertion, n. animia, mmgdenbg. 

exhaust, v.\o piti, to berau, bere. teu, ye fifa, -haguro. 

exhibit, t'.yi kyere, -adi, sebere. 

exhibition, n. (nneema bebere) yi- 

kyere, adekyerede, afwee. 
exhort, v. kasa kyere, tu fo, bye 

exile, V. tu; [drive away) pam. 
exile, n.tukg, amannone;(per50/2) 

gpanyifo, pi. a-. 
exist, V. wo ho, te ase, te ho. 
existence, n. hgwg, asetra. 
exit, n. {fig) akyirisi, awiei; 

{death) own. 
exodus, W.adifi, otufi ; Mosenh.ll. 
expand, v. tere mu, yere-, yereu. 

exp 71 

expatiation, w. {idle talk) mmo- 

expect, V. fwe..kwan, twen (obi). 
expedite, v. mS wode ko (ntem), 

-eko so. 

{voyage) oman or asase bi so a- 

expel, V. pam, tu, yi, gu. 
expense, n. adefwerede, sika a 

woafwere, ka a woabo. 

experience, v. so..fwe, sua..hvi, 

nya brb. ho adwene, fwe brb. 
akyi hu. 

experience, n. ofwehij, osuahu, 

experiment, n.okekafwe, osofwe. 

expiate, v pata. 

expiation, n. mpata. 

expire, v. gj^au mu, wu; (fig?) sa, 
hi, wie du. [ 

explain, v. ka..kyere, kyere ase, 

explanation, «. hkyerease, iikye- 
rekyeremu; mmomaho; it is a 
wrong-, senea wokyere ase yi, 
ensisi so. 

explicate, v. sSh mu, sebere, kye- 
re.. ase, -mil. 

explication, n. nkyerekyeremu. 

explosion, n. opae, oturu. 

export, V. toil aguade ko aman 
bi so; soa aguade kyini. 

export, n. aguade a wode ko(ton) 
amaii bi so; soakyini. 


exposed, to he-, ..ho da ho. 

express, v. kg ; [indicate) kyere ; 
{exhibit) yi, yi.. kyere. 

express, «. obofo, j?^. a-, osoma- 
fo, pi. a- . 

expression, n. akasatomme, oka- 

satia, akasabebui. 
extend, v. bae mu, go-, tere-, 

yere-, tee. 
extension, n. cf. enlargement. 
extensive, a. kese, tetere, hahara. 
exterior, a. eho, akyi, akyiri. 
extinct, extinguish, v. dum, kum, 

extirpate, v.tUjtu ntini, see, kum, 

gu, tore ase. 
extol, v.yi aye, kamfo, ma din so. 

bgdin(pa]; moma, mema. 
extort, V. si apempera, gye brb. 

aberanso; diamim; (money) bo 

extra, n. ukaho, adankyeu. 
extract, v. mu, yi-, pau mu. 
extraordinary, a. it is-, enye ano 

bi ni; § 137. 

extravagant, be-, bo ahofwi, 
see ade. 

extreme, n. ano noho tonii, akyiri- 
ky-, hkoa ; iitentenuoa ; [excess] 
ntraso ; phr. it stands betiveen 
the two -s, egyina ntraso abien 
no ntam. 

extremely, ad. beberebe, se brb. 




extuberance,^. ohon; (o/Ze5')gya- 
pera, -pirn. 

exuberance, n.mmuso, mmoroso, 
ntraso; huhuyo. 

exude, v. (dua) nene ; Wobo dua ho 
a, nsu fifi ho. 

exult, V. di ahurusi. 

eye, «. ani, aniwa ; (Jig.) ohfi, adehij. 

eye, v. fwe, gyen, sra. [sua. 

eyeball, n. aniwa kiirutiayisi, -ke- 

eye&ro2<', n. ntoiika, As. ani utoii; 
- lashes, pi. n. ani so atete ; - lid, 
n. ani akyi hono ; one-eyed, ani- 
tore; swelling of the-, odehye. 


Fable, n. anansesem ; ayesem. 
fable, V. boa, di atoro, -toro. 
fabric, ?^.adwinnan, adwinni-,dwu- 

madari ; {articles) adwinnsa, a- 

fabricate, v. di adwini; hye kubo, 

ye kafekatwo; {fluid) ye dutu. 
face, >i.anim,ani; eso;- v. {in fight] 

de bare ani ; long -d, n'anim ban- 

facile, «.nea enye den, - enye yo na. 
fact, w.asenipa (enye ayesem), no- 

kware ; adeye, ade a woaye or 

aye ampa. 
factor, n. aguadidan so f\\'efo, a- 

guadi- ananmusifo; (printing-) 

tintiindwuma so f\vefo. 
factory, n. aguadidan ; nsaauo- 

dwumayebea, adwiunaii. 

faculty, w.tirim, adwene, nimdee, 

nyansa, ahooden. 
fade, V. gnan, kisa, nyam, po, pa; 

foil, twara; (pass awai/) yera 

(hara) ; osram ayera ; (offlotcers) 

boto, kagyau, 
fag, V. here; hye here. 
fagot, n. babayemfi, bobay^nten. 
fail, V. ka, nni ho: fom; gyae, 

gyau; pe we, bo; time would 

-me, anka adagye bebo me. 
failing, failure, n. mfomso, ani- 

faso, opewe; (in trade) akabo, 

faint, V. to piti, -berau, - dobosa, 

twa; ye siamo, pa abau, liorae 

teu; he is-ing, n'ani so biri no, 

etware no, watwa. 
faint, -ly, a.a<^. bereo, bete, boko. 
fair, a. ad. fefe, fita, yiye, pa, te, 

pote, mmere, f^, pefe; -speech, 

anod^fedefe. [(onyaraesora). 
faith, n. gyidi, nokwaredi, osom, 
faithful, a. to be-, di nokware. 
faithless, a. to be-, nni nokware, 

ye nkuntompo, -iikoukonsa. 

fall, n. asefwe, afweasee; (failing) 
ntereho ; (-0^) akobo, gwae. 

fall, V. to, fwe (ase), gu, burn 
dwiri, so huan, twe; -in tvith 
enemy, so ani, de bare ani 
- off, bo ko, wae (fi ho) ; -asleep 
to nko, da, fa m\i da ; -short. 
to mu; -upon s. b., toa (obi) 




false, a.hnnu, ..toYO]tobe-, ennim'; 

- witness, adansekurum ; odanse- 

falsehood, n. abra, nkontorapo, 

nkonkonsa; (lie) atoro, otoro, 

F. As. apau, apautwa; tell-, di 

atoro, -torg. 
falter, v. {of voice) t^o dodo ; (waver) 

hintiu,sunti ; hirihiin,to ntintan ; 

(fiff.) fom. 
fame, n. nka, ateiika, din, ho asem. 

familiar, a. to he-, ani ka or ko- 
kwa..anim; nea obi ne..di atiri- 
musem, -o-ne..ko nuakaranna. 

familiarity, n. akgpimafvve, nna- 

karanna; abusuabo. 
family, w.abusua, ofi, fifo, mpon ne 

ne rama, oyere ne mma; person 

of good-, obiba ; (kindred) nton, 

Ak. ntgro, abusuaban, 

famine, n. okom. 

famous, a. nea agye din, -wokara- 
fo, -ahye, -woate nka. 

fan, n.papa; fitae ; iihuso apawa; 
-palm, w. kube; -v. fita, hu so. 

fanaticism, w.os6nikye,osomtraso. 

fang, n. cf.claw, (aboa)sebommofo. 

far, a.akyiri, akyiriky-; nsrenso, 
toiiii; okoo ho tgim! do not go 
-er, ma enso ha ara; -v. it is-, 
ntampan, emu twe, eware, As. 

fare,w.akwannee,asut\vade; (/bo^) 

fare, v. te, di. 

farewell, n. int. nkara,; nanteyiye. 

farm, w.afu(o),pZ.m-,akura,^?.nk, 

farmer, n. okuafo, pi. a-, ofumni, 

fart, V. ta, bae..h6. [okuraaseni. 

farther, cf. further. 

farthermore, ad. bio (biem), san- 

farthing, n. gbau, pgafa. 

farrow, n. prakoba, pi. ra- . 

fashion, n. su ne ban ; yebea, di- 
bea; amanne; § 131, 4; after - 
of Europeans, borgfom'. 

fast, V. di abuada (mmuada). 

fast, a. den, dennen, pintinn ; ntem, 
- so , ghareso ; make - in the 
ground, siu ase. 

fasten, v. ma eye den, -etim, kye- 
kyere; bom', ka..bgm', ka..tom', 
tua(ano), de,,bg h6;(sAee|), n.a.) 
sa, mantam. 

fat, n. srade, Q.^outVik; dripping 
with-, sgkomm; nam no ho wg 
srade sgk or sgs5. 

fat, a. kese, Igfg; diikud-; to be-, 
dg, do srade; ye kese, -gberan. 

fatality, n. nnurui (abeduru..); g- 
hyebea, owuhy. 

fata morgana, n. kumafrgte. 

fate, n.ghyebea, nkarabea, anyan- 
konne, abarawie; awiei; (mor- 
tality) owu, gsee; {cause of -) 




father, W. agya, ose; obaniutan; 
akora; -in-law, ase, okunu or 
oyere agya; -land, ofie, agya 
Oman, -kurom. 

fathom, w.abasam,esiii,;pZ.asinas-. 
fathom, V. susu (po) mu do. 
fatigue, fatigate, v. hye obere; 

hau, guaii ho; fena; to he -d, 

bere, fa obere. 

fatigue, fatigation, n. obere, ghau. 

fatten, v, do srade. 

fault, n. mforaso, bone, mmarato. 

favour, n. anuon\^amhye, odom, 

favour, V. dom, hye anuonyam, 
raa anim ba nyam ; [assist) di 
boa ; {support) wan ; [spare) 
kyee so; -each other, di akapi- 

favourite, n. oyoukopa, okafo, (nea 
me ne no ka). 

fear, v. suro, ..ho pope or -ka, 
fere ; - to give offence, suro a- 

fear, n. ehu, osuro; abotu, ako- 
niatii, ahopopo. 

fearful, a. to he-, ye bu, -ohufo, 
suro; (eho) ye bu, yi bu, -abi. 

fearless, a.neaonnimhu, -onsuro, 
-oye obotl 

fearlessness, n. aboodum, koko- 
duru; akokobiri. 

feast. V. to pou; {fig?) gye..ani. 

feast, n. aponto, afahye; {eating 
enough) didirae ; - ing with 
friends, ayoukogoru. 

feather, n. ntakara, ntabua; to 
gets, fu ntakara. [dua. 

feature, w.ani, anim, su, ban, nipa- 

federation, n. biakoye, apam; 
{fetish) abosonnom. 

fee, M.akatua, asede; {for acquit- 
tance) abenne ; share of fees for 
attending a palaver, abaguade. 

feeble, a. mmere, bete, boko, du- 

fud-, posoposo. 
feed, V. yen, ma aduan, bo akoii- 

hama ; -upon, we, di, didi, te so. 
feel, V. bi5. te; de nsa ka, keka. 
feeler, n. {e.g. of hutter flies) ukate- 
feeling, n. iikate. [mmeu. 

feet, n. pi. nan, anau. 
fell, V. bu, twa, to (nnua); bu ano. 
fellow, ??.awe,oyonko,afe,pZ.mfe- 

fo, ohokafo, akoa, onipa ; poor -, 

ohiani, odeseni, akwanihiimani; 

-servant, -slave, awurakwil; 

-ship, aygnkofa; -wife, kora, 

pi. korafo. 
felon, fi. odeboneyefo; nea gytj 

female, feminine, obea, obere, As. 

gba; -slave, afana; -servant, 

abawa, pi. ram- . 
fen, n. cf. marsh. 
fence, n. ban; v. gye ban, bo-. 

fer 75 

ferment, n. mmokau; odae. 

ferment, v. pae, pu ahuru, ka(u). 

fern, n. ay a, tumetume. 

ferocious, a. nea oye keka, -n'a- 
ni ye bye, --agyigya. 

ferry, v.twaasu;haretwa; -cord, 
n. ohan; -man, ohanfo. 

ferry, w. asutwaree; -boat, okoro, 
obonto, pi. Si-; mpata. 

fertile, a.tobe-, so aba, ba aduan, 

fervent, a. to be-, ye bye, buru; 
bo mmoden. 

fervour, n. ayamyi; mmodeiibo. 

fester, v. poro, fi mogyasufunu. 

festival, n. dapa, daponna, afabye; 
{anniversary/) afedi, afribyiadi; 
mission-, asempaterefa. 

fetch, V.; gye; twe .ba. 

fetish, n. obosom. pi. a.-; asuman; 
kabere; -hell, nna, akonna- 
wuru ; -grove, bosompo ; - house, 
obosombti; -man, -priest, obo- 
som sofo,obosomfo,okomfo ; -pot, 
kunkuma; -slave, abosonkwa. 

fetter, y, to pokyere, gu iikousofi- 
kouson, bo pa; {by handkiiffs) 
to adausa. [pg {for hand). 

fetters, rapokyere {for feet) ; 

fetus, fcetiis, n. oyafuuum {or a- 
wotwa mu) ba. 

fever, n. atiridii, hurae; oyare. 

few, a. kakra, ketewa, kakrabi, 
ketewabi, kumabi; bi, binom. 


fibre, dry-, baba, edo(wa), ns6m- 
ma, mfiriwa, mmofuma. 

fickle, a. nea n'adwene (asem) nte 
bo koro so, -odi adannaii, -o- 
gyigya, fatafata; kabiotie. 

fiction, w.anansesem,ayesem,atoro. 

fiddle, n. osanku, pi. a- . 

field, W.afu, ', mfuwa, wuram, 
sarem, sareso, pete mu; {war) 
osa; battle-, akoe. 

^B\A-marshal, n. osabene, osafo- 
hempanyiii, osafohenkunini. 

fierce, a., n. okekgfo, okokobirifo ; 
to be -, ye keka, ani ye bye, ani 
ye kramakr-, ye akakabenne. 

fife, n. botowa, pi. mm-, atente- 
ben, pi. n- . 

fifer, n. botowab'yeiifo, pi. mm- . 

fifteen, num. (e)dunnum ; § 78 ; 
-th, nea etia or eto so d. 

fifth, num. eto so or etia nnum. 

fifty, num. aduonum. 

fig, w. odoma,borodoma, ofgnto aba. 

fight, H.oko, osa, ntokwako, mma- 
tokwa, apereperedi. 

fight, V. ko, ko dom, ko ntokwa, 
ko mmatokwa, di..akatram, di 
aperepere; -for play or amuse- 
ment, di aguma, di ayensiu. 

figure, n.suban,nipadua ; (picture) 
iifweso, seukyerene ; {letter) n- 
kyereue, nkurukyeree; {decora- 
tions on any th)^^mk, nsama. 




filch, V. wia, bo kron, - krono, beu, 

file, (nhene), ban (ode n.a.). 

file, n. kitae, twitae; (milit.) a- 

srafo kyerepen ; -of dried snails, 


filings, n. (dade n. a. ho) mporo- 

fill, V. ye ma, hye ma, gu ma; ml; 

bye (nsa); -up, 
filter, V. son so, sone-. 
filter, n. nsubo; sone, sonee. 
filth, n. efi, burn, mpebebe; ne ho 

mp. ! = ne ho nsemmgne doso. 
fin, n. ntete, mpata akyi birimmi- 


final, a nea ewie, -ekum ano, 

-anopem; serapreko. 
finally, ad. n'awiei no, nea wode 

wie no, -etwa to no. 
find, V. bi3, to; nya; {a hidden 

treasure) tu ahu ; ahutu. 

fine, a. fe, fefe, kama, guanu, 

fine, V. gye sika, di..kasa; -n. si- 
ka a wogye obi, akasadi; -for 
offence, atenyi, mmaratode. 

finger, w.nsatea, -teawa; -ring, 
ka, kawa; ki?tds: kapo, petea, 
noraafuru, tonkoka. 

finish, V. wie, wie ye, (kum ano); 
sa; he has -ed his speech, n'a- 
no ato, -asi; 2^/*^- ma n'ano 'usi! 

fire, n. ogya; nnyahyee; -brand, 
gyentia, pi. nny- ; - engine, afiri 
a wode dum nnyahyee; -place, 
asamorofi,muka,mukyia; -tongs, 
n. pi. adabau ; -wood, ogya, a- 
nyaii, nnyina, nnyentia. 

firm, a. to he-, ye den, tim ho, si 
ho pintinn; {for fight) si nto- 

firmly, ad. pintinn; tim tim. 

firmament, n. wim, osoro, -nte- 

remu, nyame-ani. 
first, a.kan,kankyerekyere; {chief, 

a.) titiri, kiinini; § 83; 130,5; 

-horn, n. abakan, pi. mm-, 
fish, w. enam, nsunara, apata ; {sea -) 

ponara: esire (gyaka), basaewi, 

nsikowa, antere, kokrompanei, 

emmaii, nkramfoa, Ak. -fana; 

{river-) asubonten mu nam: ko- 

bi, apat^re, adwene, gdg, akusu ; 

iikawa, tere; -hook, darewa; 

{large) tgnkggyei. 

fish, V. yi mpata, -nam; {on sea) 

kg po ; {by net) gu asau ; {by 

hook) to darewa. 
fisher, -man, n. gpofoni, pi. a- 

pofofo; -net, asau, adwokii, a- 

dwenyikuo, akye, atra, boa, 


Ak. twedee. 
fit, a. to be-, fata, se; di; edi sa; 

-for, so; phr. aso di, -ka, -ye. 




fit, V. fata, fata so, se, ko yiye, 

si so ; it does' nt-, ensi so; -out, 

hyehye, keka, wura, mia. 
five, num. anutn, nnum; § 77. 
fix, V. bo, bo mu, tua, bye, tim; 

-dat/, bye da. 
flabby, a. boko, bete, bobo. 
flag, n. ofrankd; hoist a-, si fr. 
flag, V. hodwo, boto, 
flame, n. ogyafrSma, ogyatekrema. 
flame, v. deu framframfr-. 
flannel, n. okuntutam. 
flap, V. bo, bom', bo nsam, -nta- 
flash, V. pa anyinaiu. [ban mu. 
flask, n. tumpan. pi. n-, prentoa, 

pi. mp- , borotoa, abodeammo ; 

toa, ^/. n-. [femm. 

flat, a. tere, tetere, tratra, frafra; 
flatter, v. defedefe, bo adafa, to 

tekremakyene ; phr. he uses 

flattering words: okorokoro n'a- 

no kyere me. 
flatterer, n. anodefo, tekremakye- 

netofo, adafabofo. 
flattery, n. anode, adafabo, i^xt- 

makyene ;2j/ir.eY is, I assure t/ou, 

no-, when I say this: enye me 

anode 6 ! 
flatulence, w.ah6bae;(^^.)abuhude. 
flavour, n. ode, obuam. 
flay, V. gua, woro nboma, wore 

flea, n. okramandwu, -dwie. 

fledge, a, (anoma a) wafu ntakara. 
flee, V. guan, bo neho agua. 
fleece, n. oguanhwi (a woatwa). 
fleet, n. hyeiiku, hy.-asafo, hyen- 

flesh, W.enam;bonam; -fly, ohuri, 

ohurie; iiwansana; oten. 
flexible, a. fa, fefa, fann, twa. 
flight, n. aguan. 

fling, u,to, t6..kyene,, 
flint, n. twerebo, pi. a-. 
flirt, V. to kyene ; fwim ; {mock at) 

di bo fe; {coquet) pe mma. 
flirtation, n. mma akyidi; -pe, 
flit, V. cf. flutter. 
flittermouse, n. cf. hat. 
float, V, ten ani, tenten ani. 
flock, n. asafo, ku; [of sheep) 

flog, V. fwe, bo, boro, ka or bo.. 

mma; to receive a -ging, di aba. 
flood, n. nsuyiri, nsu a abo or 

epram, (F.). 
floor, n. fam, nseue; -beetle, n. 

flour, n. osiam, asikresiam, awi; 

{of roast maise) kyekyere. 
flourish, v.fefe,gunfwiren;(&oas^) 

boaboa nebo. 
flow, i\ sen, sene, tee, tene. 
flower, n. nfwiren. 
fluctuate, V. binhim. 

flu 78 

flue, n. owisikwan, ow-nam. 
Huency (of speech), w. anotee, ano 

a ate. 
fluid, n. nsu, emu nsu, asenne. 
flute, n. atenteb^n, pi. n-, botgwa, 

pi. mm-; -v. hyen at. or bot. 
flutter, n. abinhimdi, ahoyera ; 

-inglT/, ad. katirikatiri; ne bo 

(koma) tutu k., ne bo pere ne 

yam k. 
flutter, v.ho ntaban mu, tufataf-; 

(fig.) to, tutu or pere katirik-. 
fly, n. nwansana. 

fly, v.tu; tu mmirika,guan;(s25^ea^) 

hye(hye), hyeta; phr. n'asem a- 

hye, ne din hyetae; flying ant, 

mpienno, asisirape, ebo. 
foal, n. opoukoba, pl.a.-. 
foam, n. ahuru; v. pu or ye ahuru. 
fodder, v.vaa. (mmoa) aduan; -n. 

foe, w.otamfo, pi. a- ; {army) edgra. 
foetus, n. awotwa mu ba. 
foggy (weather), it is-, osoro a- 

kata, anim ak-, or -aka asi. 
fold, V. bubu, bobo(u), bu ano; 

-s. th. thrice, ho nimiensa. 
foliage, n. nhaban. 
folk, n. Oman, pi. a-, asafo. 
follow, «;.di akyi(ri), ti, tiu; {fig.) 

tie, sua, som ; (in a long train) 

wu (obi). 


follower, n. okyidifo, j?Z. a-, osua- 
ni, pi. a- -fo, gyaseni, pi. -fo. 

folly, n. nkwaseade, nkwaseasem, 

foment, v. to, toto. 

fondle, V. kokg, korokorg (gba), 


fondness, n. gkokg; ope, gdg. 
food, n. aduan, pi. nn-, adibane. 
fool, n. gkwasea, gkwapae, gse- 

safo, ogyennyentwi, ogyimfo, 

aboa, tibgnkgso. 
foolish, to be-, di nkwaseasem, 

nni ti. 
foolishness, w. kwaseasem, kwa- 

tee; gye kw. 
foot, n. enan, pi. a-; (hoof) tgte, 

pl.n-; light -ed, nan ye hare; 

(fig.) dse -J sole of-, gnammgnmu; 

-step, gnammgii, pi. a-. 
foot, v. nam ; red., nennam, nante. 
footing, n. nansibea, gyinabea; 

fam; (^^.) pomasibere; good-, 

nsasodi, gyinae pa. 
footpath, w. gkwau nammgiikoro; 

war-, gsa, -kwaii. 
footring, n. nannwea so ka. 
footstep, n. gnammgii, nan sibea. 
footstool, n. nahase agua, manO, 

ntiaso. [tee, 

foppery, w.kwasea, aseresere,kwa- 
for, ad.dh; § 134, 3b; as -me, 

me de (raekg); tg or ka me hko 

a, ...; cf. §276, 5. 




for, prp., V. ma; sie; oye ma me; 

obi nnom nsu nsie ope; § 117, 

4b. c; 243b; -n. uti; §243a; 

ananmu; § 237 b. 
for, conj. na, efise; § 279. 
forage, v. fo, ko afo, -pe ponko- 

forage, n. aponkoha. 
forager, n. bafoo, bafo. 
forasmuch, conJ. (esiane) se..nti; 

§ 275, 1. 
forbear, v.gjae, gya mu; (wait) 

to, to or ase. 
forbid, ^J.bara,gu, si (brb. ho) kwan. 
force, V. Slim atiko, bye, tintim; 

(rape) to mmonna. 
force, w.ahogden, nhyeso; {army) 

edom ; hy -, forcibly, ad. ahoo- 

deiiso, aberanso, akakaben-, a- 

kokobiri -, apori -, kyenkyenara. 
forceps, n. odabau, ^?. a-. 
ford, n. atwaree, asutwaree. 
ford, V. twa asu. 
forefathers, n. pi. tete agyanom, 

fore-finger, n. akyerekyerekwan ; 

-head, w. raoma(so); -foot of 

quadrupeds, obasa, pi. a- . 

foreigner, w.ohoho, j)Z.a-,opotofo, 

gmaiiifrani,p?.a--fo,onaDa, -ni. 

foreknow, v. bu sie. 

foreman, n. adikan; adwuma mu 

foremost, a. kan, kankyereky-; 
titiri, kiSnini. 

forenoon, n. anopa(bere). 

forerun, v. di..kan; -er, n. adi- 
kan ; (herald) esen, pi. seneafo. 

foresee, v. hii brb. ansa na eba, 
hu sie, di brb. hu-kan. 

forest, n. kwae, ahaban, wuram; 
thick -, kwae birentu, - kiisu. 

foretell, v. kS sie, bye nkom. 

forewarn, v. bo..koko, yi..apra. 

forge, n. tonasum, otonsu. 

forge, v. tono, bo dade, bo (aso n.a.). 

forgery, n. nkontompodeyo. 

forget, v. were fi, ani pa so, -fa 
so, fi ani so ; I have forgotten, 
m'ani apa so, afa me so, me were 
afi, afi m'ani so. 

forgetful, a. to he-, nea n'asom 
nni agua, -ne were fi ade ntem, 
-oye aso- or anibiannaso. 

forgetfulness, n. awerefiri, aso- 
or anibiannaso : phr. I have for- 
gotten to mention, okasa ne n'a- 

ode me bone akye or afiri me. 

fork, n. adinam; {of branches) 

form, n. su, ban, suban, nseso, 
yebea; in a lengthened-, wora- 

form, V. nwene, bo, ye, sen. 




former, n. oyefo, odeyefo, ofare- 

bae; (caster) ogufo. 
former, a.nea edi kan, -edi anim, 

-eba kan. 
formerly, ad.ka,n, kane, kan no, 


formidable, a. kese pa; to be-, 
..ho ye hu. [bone. 

fornication, n. aguamammo, ago- 

fornicator, n. mmapefo, obagofo. 

forsake, v. gyau, pa (akyi). 

forswear, v. de ntanka pa; ka 

fort, n. aban, -kese, -a eye den. 

forthwith, ad. amonom, ntem ara. 

fortnight, w.nnaawotwe or adapen 
abieii, (mmienu), dadu-nnannan. 

fortunate, a. osiadefo, nea ne 

kara ye. 
fortune, n. slade ; ade, ahonyade ; 

nkarabea, okarayiye ; - teller, n. 

kramo, pi. -fo. 
forty, num. aduanan; -days, a- 


forward, a. ad. anim, anim fam, 
anim kwan ; to be-, di anim, ye 
perep -, - perep-, di mperewasem. 

forward, v. ko anim, bo pua ; {send) 
maua (ub.), de brb. maua.. . 

forwardness, n. mpoforo, anuo- 
den; proofs of-, anuodenne. 

foster-c^/Z^, n. abanoma, oba a obi 
ateu no yen no. 

foster, V. yen. 

foul, a. efi, poto, tantan, basabasa. 
foul, V. ye fi, gu..b6 fi, ye brb. 
tantan; ma ho kum. 

found, V. to ase, bye-, si; [cast) 

gu (dade n. a.). 
foundation, n. {also fig.) ntoase, 

nhyease, mfiase, mmoase. 
fountain, n. asubura, nsuaniwa, 

nsumana; (source) nsuti. 
four, wwm.anan, nnan ; § 7 7 ; - eZrtj/5, 

nna-nnan; -days ago, nne nna- 

nnaii; -persons, banaii; -score, 

adubwotwe; -teen, (e)dunnan; 

-times, rapennnan; § 81. 

aboko, pl.xn.m-; -t;. konnoma; 

- mg-piece, n. (hunt) anomako- 
fox, 71. sakvamah,pl.a-. [tno. 
fraction, n. mmubui, afafa. 

fracture, n. obu. [bo. 

fragile, a.penpen; tobe-, enkye(re) 
fragment, n. sin, pZ. asinasin, go, 
pi. ago-ago, mporoporowa. 

fragrance, n. ehua, ohuam. 

frame, v. si (mponnua); (fig.) bg 

tirim ka or ye. 
frame, n. apounua, Ak. aponnwa; 

mfonigua ; -work, mpuran a 

woahyehye de asi dan. 
frank, a. nea eda wia so; -ne yam 

ye, -odi senkoro. 

frankincense, n. ohye-huam. 




frankness, n. ayamyi. 
fraternise, v. ka, bo (se nuanom); 

phr. o-ne no ka; wobo = woka; 

woafa wonho ayonko. 
fraud, n. amimdi, nnada, nsisi, 

free, a. nea ode neho, odehye; 

to be or become-, de nebo; fa 

nebo di, nya nebo. 
free-will, n. adehyedipe, ope a 

ede nebo or eso ne kon. 

freebooter, w.odwotwafo, pi. a-, 

okwanmukafo, pi. a- . [yg. 

freely, ad.yiye, ayamyi so, ayam- 
freeman, n. nea ode nebo; [noble 

birth) odehye, pi. a-, 
freeze, v. awo ma ekyere or ekyen- 

freight, n. hyen mu or teaseenam 

so aguade ; {payment) ade a wo- 

de agu byeii mu bo akatua. 
frenzy, n. adammo, gye; bo dam, 


frequent, a. to be-, ka, ta (ba);, 
frequently, ad. da; he- goes there, 

Ota ko ho; § 107, 21. 
fresh, a. foforo, momono, amono, 

fret, V. pee mu, di mu adwini ; 

(Jig) burn bo,; bo huru. 

■fricassee, n. foroforo. 
Friday, n. Flda; male child born 
on-, Kofi; female, Afua. 

friend, n. adamfo, pi. nn-nom, a^e, 
oyonko, pi. a-, afe, pi. mMo. 

friendless, a. ankonam, onnibie, 

friendliness, w.animtee, ayonkofa. 

friendship, n. ayonkofa, adamfo- 
fa; amannifo, abusiaa; to make, 
have-, bo, ka, fa ayoiiko or 
-damfo, bo iikesua tafo. 

frigate, n. akobyen bi (din). 

fright, frightening, n. ebi5, osuro; 

abotu, akomatu, abunasuro. 
frighten, v.,; yi..abi- 
frightful, a. #0 be-, (e)b6 ye hu; it 

is-, eye hu; Tie es-, nebo ye hu; 

he is afraid, gye hu, -ohi5fo, 
frigid, a. nwini, nwun, wirududu. 
frivolous, a. bubu(o), (nipa) hunu. 
frock, n. fraka, atade, pi. nt-. 
frog, n. apotoro, atwere. 
frolic, a. to be-, ani gye se, te(u) 

akrayam' . 
from, prp. V.&, firi,; -w.nti; 

-what reason? eden nti(ra). 
front, n. anim; (of house) adan- 

nim ; in -, animho ; to go in -, 

di kan ; -line of an army, twafo. 

frontier, w. obye, fuhye; [of town) 

tia, kurotia. 
froth, n. aburu. 
froward, a. perepere, kontonkye. 

frOWardneSS, n. mpi, mplye; a- 
nuodeii, perepere. 



frown, V. kum or puapfia anim, 

frugality, n. anidaho; adesokyee. 
fruit, n. aba, adua, -ba, dua aba. 
fruitful, a. to be-, ba aduaii, so 

aba (yiye) ; (of men) wo iiima. 
frustrate, v. slat. obi;^«5S.,pe we. 
fry, V. kye. 

na; fetch-, kg anyan, -nnyina. 
fugitive, n. oguanfo, kobofo, pi. a- . 
fulfil, V. ma eba mu. 
full,, matenn, -tenkyem ; emu ; 

kese ; pe, pepe ; to be -, ye ma, me ; 

(o/moow) twapuru or korokuma. 

fullstop, n. osiwiei, . 

fulness, n. maye. 

fume, n. owisie, owusiu. 

fun, n. nsenkwa, aseresem, ago- 
sem, agoru, agorg. 

fund, n. dwetiri ^public-, kwasafo 
dw. ; congregation-, asafo nko- 
reiikore dw. ; district-, amantam 
asafo dw, ; poor-, aliiafo dw. ; 
station-, atraemansin asafo dw. 

fund, ^^. bg dwetiri, yi to, hyebata. 

funeral, n. afunsie, amusie; -cus- 
tom, ayi, ayiyg. 

fungus, n. mmere, Ak. mmere. 

funnel, n. fwiei, sgiie, sgnee. 

fur, n. aboa-nhoma a ebo iibwi- 

82 gai 

furious, a. to he-, ..ani abere ko„ 
ani ado nkran. 

furl, V. bobg(u). 
furnace, n. fonono. 
furnish, n. ma, siesie, hyehye. 
furniture, n. dan mu nneema, nueg- 
ma a esisi dan mu. 

furrow, n. gka, gfeteka; akofi-ka;. 
-V. (de funtumfiri) yi ka. 

further, anim nohg, -doba;^ 
nso; -more, sankyiri bio, -yi. 

fury, n. anibere, yamgya, abohuru,. 

fuse, V. bono ; (bt/ heat) nan, nane. 
fuss, n. akasak'-, gyegyegye, boye. 
future, a. gkyena, dakye (bi) j 
-tense, dakye kabea. 

fy, int. ao, kose, kosekose! 


Gabble, v. toa nten, kasa kurodo- 
k-, di patwep-. 

gabble, n. gkasabunu, ntentoa,. 

gag, n. manniamfre; v. to obi a- 

nom man-, 

gage, v. de,.si awowa; (measure), 

gaily, ad. feso, fefe. 
gain, v. fa so, uyS mfaso, -bobrb. 
gain, n. mfaso; additional- in 

buying s. th., nsim', ntoso. 


gainsay, v. yi or tua ano, sail. 
gaiters, n. nansa-nhyeguso. 
gale, n. ahum, mframadom. 
gall, n. bonwoma. 
gallant, a. to be-, ye nnam, 

ye duru. 
gallant, w. okatakyi, pi. a-. 
gallery, n. aberanna, -nnua. 
gallop, V. (oponko) tutu mmirika 

gallows, n. pi. asene, asendua. 
gamble, r.tonhoma,-iitrama, si nte, 
QSimb\er,n.h}iom3itoio; (prodigal) 

gsatofo, pi. a- . 
gambling, n, nhomato, ntramato, 

game, n. agoru, agoro ; (at cards) 

nhomato, ntramato ; (venison) 

game, v goro, goru, to nhoma, 

- ntrama ; (ivith small balls) to 

ware, si nte. 
gang, n. asafo, feku. 
gangrene, n. akisikuru, kokoram. 
gaol, n. afiase, nneduadaii. 

upper front-teeth, gyau, egyere. 
gape, v. han or te n'anom, sou, (ano) 

sou ahohom (ahuiimu); (yawn) 

yeram, Ak. haram. 
garb, n. atade, pi. nt-, adurade. 
garden, n. tiiro, turom, pi. a-, n-; 

afikyifu; -v. ye turom' adwuma. 

83 gen 

gardener, n. tiiromfwefo. 

garlic, n. inwb. 

garment, n. atade, pi. nt-, adurade, 

otam, ntama; under-, odanta, 

amoase, bdena; bo da-, mo am., 

garner, n. osan, pi. a-, piitu. 
garnish, v. hyehye, keka, wura. 
gas, n. (gyabiru mu) mframa bi a 

woso na ede(u); gas, 
gate, n. abob5, oponkese, kiiro ano. 
gather,«;,tase ; boa ano, tia ; (pluck) 

te (aba), nu (abe); (fig) tase so. 
gathering, w.anoboa; (assemble/) 

nhyiam ; (collection) otoyi. 
gauge (gage), v. susu, hye agyirae_ 
gauze, n. sirikyi or nwera hata- 

hata, ananse-ntamma. 

gay, a. to be-, ye oso; ani gye, 

di ahurusi, te akrayam' . 
gaze, v. fwe ha, gyei (n'ani). 
gazette, n. nsemnsem-nhoma, a- 

geld, V. (of atiimals) sa or twa.. 

sae ; (0/ men) yi ayitoto, yi a- 

gelding, w.osae, oguan-, nantwi-, 

prako-, opoiikosae. 
gem, n. aboodenbo, hyeremmo; a- 

gemini,,', nsoroma-. 
gender, n. nea ek^-ere onini ne 0- 

bere mu nsouoe. 



genealogy, n. anato. 

general, w.osahene, osafohenku- 

generalise, v. hyehye brb. n'ako- 

ten so, bo brb. mu, yei.nkagu mu. 

generate, v. wo. 

generation, w.awo; awo-ntoatoaso. 

generous, a. to be-, nsa tee, yam 
ye; ye adoe; -n. odefoo. 

genesis, n. mfiase, fi odomSnka- 
mabode; Kyereu Kr. iih. I. 

genitals, n. anoso ; sickness of-, 

okramari, okeka, baba. 
genius, n. okara. 
genteel, a.tobe-, oye aguasoba, o- 

nim aguasemdeyo, -opou; n'anim 

ye nyam. 
gentile, n. obosonsomni, pl.a--io] 

pi. amanarnan. 
gentle, a., bo or ani dwo ; 

-tongue, tekremabere, oye t. 
gentleman, w.aguasem-nipa; oba- 

rima, pi. mm-, odehye, pi. a-, 

opanyin, pi. mp. 

Qen\\y,ad.heveo; -V, dwo ;speak-\ 

go wo ani kasa ! 
genuflection, n. nankromasi. 
genuine, a. kronkron ; pa, pote. 
geographer, n. asase bo seiikye- 

refo or nimdefo. 
geography, n. asase ho nsem. 
geology, n. asase mu nneema ho 


84 gip 

geometry, M.asaseanisusu, efasusu. 

germ, n. ani, aniwa. 

german, a. onua, pi. a-nom, obu- 

siaani, pi. a--fo. 
German, w. Germaneni, pi. -fo. 
Germany, n. Germane (ahemman). 
gesture, n. animyobea. 
get, V. nya, gye, fa; ye; sua; du, 

du ho, nsa ka, nsa so so; -at, 

to, du, du ho, -so ; - out, fi, -mu, 

-adi; -2^p,sore,soso;foro;uyari; 

phr. he manages to - out of a 

snare, opa ne to ase fi adi. 
ghost, n. honhom, sunsum; esesa, 

pi. a--f6, osaman, pi. a--fo. 
gibbet, n. asene, asendua. 
giddiness, n. {of youth) nsoaforo, 

giddy, a. to be-, ani so biri (no), 

adwenem ye..basa; {by drink) 

bo (nsa). 
gift, w. akyede, adekyede; oraa. 
gifted, a. nea owo ti, -wabeii. 
giggle, n. aserehyehye; -v. bo 

gild, V. dura or kata ho sika. 
gin, n. mrcorosa; {engine) afiri a 

wode yi asawa-mfuturu mu aba. 
ginger, n. akekaduru, akaka-. 
gingle, v. bo keiin. 
gird, v. bo or kyekyere so, bo or 

kyekyere asen ; siaba (ntama). 


girdle, w.aljoso, abomu, nkyekye- 
remu ; asen mu tarn, As. aforo, 

girl, w. abofrabea, obeawa, 2?/.nim-, 
ababa, pi. mm- ; F. akatasia. 

give, V. ma, kye ; - hack, dan (ma) ; 
-in charge, de..hye nsa; hye; 
-leave, gyaormaokwan; -over, 
de.,hye nsa, ; gya mu ; ma 
okwau ; - over and above, to mu, 
to so, gu so, hye mu; -out, yi, 
yi adi ; {speak) ka (asem) ; - a 
song, to or fre dwom ; -up, 
gya(u), gyae, pa aba(u), 

gizzard, n. (akoko or anoma) ta, 

menase kotoku. 
glad, a. to be-, ani gye, ani ka, 

ho sah or sepe (no) ; nya komapa. 

glad, gladden, v. ye fe, gye ani, 
ma ani gye. 

gladness, n. 

glance, v ani bo so, ani sa. 

glare, v. nyinam, hyeren hyehye. 

glass, w. afwefwe,b6rohanne; 
drinking-, koii ko, pi. n-, pren- 
toa, pi. m-. 

glaze, v. de afwefwe (sanya, sum- 
pi') dura brb. ho or mu. 

glean, y. di mpepewa, tase mu, 
yiyi-; -ing, mpepeudi. 

gleaner, n. mpepewadifo. 

glee, n. anigye, ahurusidi. 

glen, n. obori(wa), pi. a.-. 

glide {off), v. patiri, watiri. 

85 gna 

glimpse, w.nnyinamhu, -fwe, son- 
sonomansohu; -v. bota; ani bo 
so ta; in a-, ad. nnyinam. 

glisten, glister, glitter, v. nyinam, 
hoa, hyeren, haran, ye hanaha- 
na, ye hyehye. 

globe, n. brb. korokorowa; asase 

nfweso korok-. 
globules, n. pi. ade nkorokorowa 

nketenkete (se mperemma, abro- 

bia-aba n. a), abaaba. 
gloomy, a. kusu; bisi, bisib-; to 

look-, muna. 
glorify, v. hye anuonyam, kamfo. 

glorious, a. to be-, wo anuonyam, 

ye nyam. 
glory, n. anuonyam, animonyam, 

ohyeren, oharan, enim, nidi. 
gloss, V. po(u) (ho). 
glossy, a. hylhyl, hanahana. 
glove, n. nsa-boha. 
glow, v. do (gya), do ko. 
glow-worm, n. obogya. 
glue, w.(ama, amane ; manno, ehye). 
glutinous, a. ma, hua, matamata, 
glutton, n. potwa, odidifo. 
gluttonneSS, w.potwa, adidifurum, 

gnash {with) the teeth, t;.twere se. 

gnat, w.nwansana, ntontom, atgn- 
toreboa, atontroboa, pi. n- . 

gnaw, v. we, di. 


gO,2J.ko, ko so, nam kwaii; nante; 

- ahead ! duom, pi. monnuom 1 

- along, siane (fasu) ho, tere or 
fere ho ; - aside, man ; - astray, 
to kwan, yera (kwan), wo ntwe- 
twede; -away, fi so, ko, tu ko; 
-before, di kan, di anim; -het- 
ween, (pacify) pata (ntam), di 
mmo(u) ; - hy, twam, twa ho ; 
-down, sian, duru, si; {sink) 
to mu, mem ; (of balance) da ; 
(lessen) so huan ; - down {of sun) 
to ; - on, ko so, gu -, pa -, bo -, ko 
anim; -out, fi, fi adi; {appear) 
pue; {of fire) dum; -rounda- 
bout, twa ho hyia, bo {or twa) 
ho kontoiikron (dantaban); {sur- 
round) di barehyia. [hyedua. 

goal, w. botae, agyirae, nsohye, o- 

amp -, pi. m- ; by-names: osebire- 

bontu, adugnna, aduonimma. 
God, #. Onyame, Onyankopon; 0- 

domankama, Borebore. 
goddess, n. onyamewa, obosomba. 
godly, a. nea oye nyamesomfo pa, 

-osuro Nyame. 
gold, W. sika, amapa; -chain, si- 

ka ntweaban ; - digger, s. yefo ; 

-dust, s. mfuturu ; - leaf, sikasu ; 

2yl(ife of-, s. tere; s. tere da ne 

koii mu or bo ne nsa; -smith, 

s. dwumfo, -nanfo; -taker, s. 

karifo; -washing, a.sika, as-ye. 

86 gra 

gonorrhea, n. gkraman. 

good, a. pa, papa; § 133, 2; -v. 

ye; -hyel nanteyiye! nkyer'ol 
nkyereba 6 ! - day ! maha (6) ! 
-evening I madwo! - morning \ 
makye ! - night I nnapao ! da yi- 
ye! § 147, 2 ; -natured, to be-, 
..yam or su ye. 

goods, W.j?Z.ade, nneema, aguade. 
gore, v. fwiro (mu), si. 
gorge, v. mene, 
gorilla, n. aboatia; sasabonsam. 

gormandize, v. ye potwa. 

gospel, n. asempa, kaseepa. 
gossip, V. kasa birebire, ano ye 

berebere, -betebete, ano beteb-. 
gossip, n. semode, abansosem, nsi- 

se, mmomaho. 

gourd, n. fere; toa; cf calabash. 

gout, n. asobau. 

govern, v. di(man) so, di bene. 

government, w.omansofwe; aban, 
- ne. 

governor, n. amrado, omansofwe- 
fo; borohene, kumpono, F. ; -of 
his staffs, kump. borofo. 

gown, n. atade wu, atade tenten. 

grace, n. odom; anuonyam; {be- 
auty) ahoofe. 

graceless, a. nea oye kwasampa- 
ni, --busufo; nea wampo. 

gracious, be-, dom, hu mmobo. 

gra 87 

gradually, ad. tkakra-nkakra. 

graft, v, te duba dua bi mu. 

grain, n. burofua, awifua 

grammar, n. akasakwanso hye- 
hyebea, okasammara. 

grand, a. kese, kokuro; cf. great, 
large ',-cTiild, obanana, nana, na- 
nawa (As.) ; - daughter, obana- 
na bea; -father, -sire, nana 
(barima); -mother, nana (ba); 
-parent, nana; -son, obanana 

grandee, n. opanyin, opumpuni. 

grant, v. ma (ho) kwan, ma, kye, 
dom (obi brb.). 

grant, n. akyede, ayeyede; oboa. 

grape, n. bobe-aba, bobe-kasia. 

grapple, v. wora, di ayensin. 

grasp, v. fua, kura, so mu. 

grass, w.wura, nwura; sare, sere, 
(nsonfwea) ; - hopper, n. abebe, 
tuafuru n. a. 

grassy ^/a/w, sarem', sareso, Ak. 
serem, seresoo. 

grate, v. twu, twi, twere, twere(se), 
were, were ho. 

grateful, a. he is -, owo aye; neg. 
onni aye, oye bunui'aye. 

grater, n. tweree. 
gratis, a^.kwa; ^o^ez;e-, kyekwa. 
gratitude, n. aye, aseda. 
gratulate, v. ma tiri-nkwS, -aba- 
so, -abaatrase, -mo ne yo. 


grave, n. oda, odamoa, odaraana; 
-yard, w.asiei, anisiei ; samanpo. 

grave, a. to he-, anim ye duru. 

gravel, w.mmosea, -wa, mmesea. 

gravity, n. oduru; animduru. 

gravy, n. nkwan; SOS. 

gray, a. ns6, nsonso; -hair, dwen. 

graze, v. we wura. 

grease, n. srade, awonnua; -v. 
sra, ka or sra mu srade, nno n.a. 

great, a. kese, kokuro, kakara, 
kokuroko, kakraka; kakresa, 
kunini, titiri; -v. so, 

QFBdiX-grandchild, n. nanankanso. 

greatly, ad. kese, se, dodo, pi. 

greatness, n. kese, keseye, oso, 

Greece, n. Hellas. 

greediness, w.amim, pepee, nkye- 
kye; (of eatables) adifudepe. 

greedy, a. odifudepefo, omimfo, 
pepeefo; to be-, pe or ye adifu- 
de, ye amim, -odihunum. 

Greek, n. Hellani, pi. -fo; -lang- 
uage, Hellafo kasa. 

green, a. apopobibiri, ahabammo- 
no ; (fresh) amono, momono ; (un- 
ripe) bun, bunu. 

QrBensickness, n. oyare bi (anim- 
hoa, oseren). 

greet, v. kyia, dwa, ma akye, -amo. 

grey, a. cf gray. 

grief, n. awereho, iikomrao, amu- 
tee, eya. 

gri i 

grievance, n. awerehode; old-, 

grieve, v. were ho, di nkommo ; 
he is -d, n'ani ye no totototo. 

grin, v. kyere se. 

grind, v. yam ; (roughly) dwo ; {fine- 
ly) finara ; {a knife) se(n); {one's 
teeth) twere se. 

grindstone, n. (the lower) owijam- 
mo; (the upper) owiyammoba, 
oboba; (for knives <&c.) serebo. 

gripe, v. so mu, mla; (j)ain in the 
bowels) yafunum keka dwedwe- 

grizzled, a. ntokontrama, fiifu mu 

groan, v. pene, si apini, gu ahome. 

grocer, W.infetemfetewadetoufo. 

groom, n. osomfo, 2?Z. a-, oponkg- 

grope, v. sinsiane, keka. 
gross, n. dumien ahoro d-, oha- 

ground, n. ase, fa, fara; asase; 

playing -, agobea -^public-, kwa- 

safosase; -bean, atwe, aboboe; 

-nut, iikate(e) ; stony-, abom. 
group, 71. asafo, kij. 
grove, n. epo(u); fetish -, bosompo. 
grovel, v. butu (fam); wea, twe 

neho (ase, fam). 
grow, V. nyin, ko so, foro, (ode, 

ntommo) bo; (come forth) fi, fifi; 

(creep) tenefam; -luxuriantly, 

B gui 

fu ; - old, (of man) bo akora, 
-akwakora; (of woman) ho a- 
berewa; child -s well, abofra 
asi so. 
growl, V. po, pa so, (se okraman, 
osebo, gyata); okraman po me. 

grub, -worm, n. osa, pi. a- . 
grudge, n. nitan, anibere, ahi; 

menasepo; he bears me a-, owo 

me menasepo, ode me ahye ne 

yam or menase, odo me na. 
grumble, ■y.nwinwi, kasahuhuhu- 

hu; pa so. 
grunt, i\ (of swine) (prako) pa so. 
guana, n. omampam, pi. a- . 
guard, v. bu, sra, wen, fwe (so). 
guardian, n. ayisa fwefo. 
guava, guiava fruit, n. ogua, o- 

guawa, odwawa. 
guess, t'. hu ano ; susutirim, -ka, 

bo..tirim se. 
guest, n. oboho, pi. a-, omanni, 

pi. a-nifo. 
guidance, n. akwankyere. 
guide, v. gye ta ta, gyigye, kyere 

kwan; (fig?) kyere nyansa, 
guile, n. nyansabone, nnada, apa- 

sa ; nnabraba, nkonkonsa, nkon- 


guillotine, n. titwafiri. 
guilt, n. eso, mraarato, bone. 
guiltiness, n. efo, afodi. 
guiltless, a. to be-, di bem. 


guilty, he has been found-, wgabu 
no fo, odi fo or so, (asem no) abo 
no, -afwe no so ; - of death, owu 
se no or ose owu; hehas falsely 
declared him-, wato no so. 

guinea-corw, n. atoko. 

^w\nQ2L- fowl, -hen, n {wild), kniikm; 
{domesticjdi&qmiQVQ ; -pig, ewes, ; 
- worm, mfa ; - aye no, oyare mfa. 

guitar, n. sanku ; string of-, san- 
kuhan, s. so hama. 

gulf, 71. epo basa, donnon ; konton ; 
the sea forms a bay, epo abu k. 

gullet, n. mene, raenewa. 

gulp, V. mene. 

gum, M.aneneduru, kiirobo ; -copaZ, 
ebye ; {glue) ama, Q,ma,TXQ\{palate, 
gums) dadamu, dodom. 

gun, w.otuo,akwadamma;(cawwow) 
oprem ; buttend of-, otuba ; cap 
of pan, iknt\k;cockof-, tuokote, 
kantamma ; double-barrelled-, 
ntuta; flint-, akwapem; flint- 
lock, akitatwerebo ; firing of-s, 
atuto ; pan of flintlock , aso ; 
-poivder, atuduru; -stick, twe- 
nevva; -stock, tubona, sabon; 
trigger of-, akokosere. 

gush, V. tue, gu. 

gut, w. nsono,ayamde; nsono kese, 
-pon, ofuru. 

gutter, w.agyensu;(c/jawweZ)suka, 
nsuka; obonka. 

guttle, guzsle, v. didi fu, ye potwa. 

89 lial 

gymnastics, n. apomuteetee. 


Habit, n. su, obara, asetra, nne- 

yee; (dress) atade, pi. nt. 
habit, V. (dress) hye atade, keka 

or siesie..b6. 
habitation, n. trabea; odan, ofi. 
habitual, a.neabrb.ayenosu;-^e- 

bauchee, odomankama hofwini. 
hack, V. twitwa, foroforo. 
hades, n. asaman, as-fo kuro. 
hag, n. ayen, obayen, obayifo. 
haggle, v. di abobobo. 
hail, n. amparubo, asukotweS. 
hail, int. mo I mo, mo! (wo) tiri 

nkwa ! mo ne adwuma, -n6 yo, 

-ne awo 6 ; § 147, 7. 

\\2i\r, n.ii\i^\; plait of -,^M',long-, 
atimum ; -less, tipae, ntikora. 

hairy, a. nhwi-nkwi. 

half, a. a. ofa, pi. afa, afa-afa; 

-'penny, mman abien. 
hall, w.asa(so); -with open front, 

odampan, pato. 
halloo, «;. teem, bo hu, -fweordwe, 
hallow, V. ye krohkron, te..h6, 

dwira, hyira so, 
halt, V. gyina (onante mu); soe. 
halt, n. asoee, ayane; {inn) ahohofi. 
halter, n. opgnkokonmu hama; 

{hangman^ s rope) ntsim]^e a wo- 

de sea nipa kum no. 




ham, n. prako sere a woahye no 

hamlet, w.akura,^Z. n-, aseseease. 
hammer, n. asSe, nsaba; hamere. 
hammer, v. de asae bo brb. 

hammock, n. hamanka; carry-, 
soa or twe ham.; -carriers, a- 
hamankafo ; - carrying, baman- 
kasoa; phr. bo no akonkon! fa 
to wo atifi; fa soa! 

hamper, n. kenten, kyereiikye. 

hamper, v. yi (hentia) mu, toa, 
toat-, ye basab-; {fig?) ha(u). 

hand, n. nsa; -less, a. kuntunsin. 

hand, v. ma,,; de.. 
hye nsa; -hell, n. nnonnomma; 
adomma; -cuff, n. adansa, pa; 
to -cuff, V. to adansa, bo. .pa. 

handicraft, n. dwuma, adwuma, 

handkerchief, n. duka, x^l- nn-. 
handle, n. dua, nsa, asoi; {of hoe) 

sodiiro, sokiim, F. sobakura. 
handle, v. de nsa ka; so mu, ye. 
handmaid, n. abawa, pi. mmawa. 
handsome, a. fe, fefe; (oye) oso, 


handy, a. nea esen nsam, -nyan- 
sa worn'. 

hang, t;. sen, seuseii; (oftinie)kye\ 
-over, deunaii ; dua no ad. ; -dotvn, 
V. sen, koukgu (ho) ; {-a curtain) 
si mmoho. 

hangman, n. obrafo, pi. a-. 

happen, v. ba, ba mu, befi; {befall) 
ye; {impending peril) siane. 

happiness, n. ahoto, ahomekS, a- 
bodwo, abotgyam, komapa. 

happy, a. to be-, ..ho adwo or ago 
(no), ho ato or atu (no), -ka neho, 
-asan or sepe (no), bo or koma 
ato. .yam. 

harass, v. ha(u), hiahia or guan.. 
ho, tane..ani, fana. 

harassing, n. oha(u), anitane, a- 
hoguan; pass, ahoyera. 

harbour, n.asoee; hyen gyinabea; 
nkomanoa; -v. soe ; te, tra; (fig.) 
ye hoho, gye tom'. 

hard, a. den, denneii, kyenkyen, 
kyenkyeren; -y. den, kyen; re- 
main-, nweu; {cruel) tirim ye 
den; -to do, brb. ye yo-na. 

hardly, ad., kyenkyenkyen, 

hardship, n. amane, ober6. 

hardware, n nuadeguade, nuwiu- 

nade; -store, nuw.-tonbea. 
hardy, be-,ye nnam ; ani ye den- 
hare, n. adanko, asoaso, asokete. 
harlot, n. aguamau, obaguaman. 
harm, w.bgne,aboro; dem ; to seek 

one^s-, ani sa obi, pe obi bone, 

harm, v. ha(u), pira (obi), ye amu- 

iiioye, -obi bone. 




harmattan, n. ope, opebere. 
harmonious, a.kylkyl; ;o be-, ka, 

fata so. 
harmonium, w. adakab6n, ^Z. nn- 
harmonise, v. fata ; ye nokoro, ano 

ko ben korom {&catis.withma), 

ma emfata so n, a. 
harmony, n. mfataso. 
harness, n. (gponko) ahyehyede, 

amiade; -v. hyehye gponko. 
harpoon, n. peau a wode wo bonsu. 
harrow, v. fentem. 
harsh, a.tobe-, ..tirim ye den,p6- 

harvest, n. {of maize) abnrobu; 

(of yam) odetu ; {of wheat) a- 

harvest, v. tu afum nnuan or nne- 

ema ; twa nnobae ; {corn) twa 

awi; {palmnuts) nu abe. 
haste, hasten, v. ka..h6, pere ho, 

ye utem, bo fwi, -pankran, ye 

neho hare, tu aperenten. 
haste, w.mpereho, ntem (ye), ofwim, 

hastily, ad. ntem, -so, ntemnt-, 

hat, n. ekj'e, nkeresiakye, borokye. 
hate, V. tan, kyi. 
hatred, n. nitan, akayo. 
hatter, n. ekye-yefo, -nwemfo. 

haughtiness, w.ahantan, bamsem, 
ahokyere ; adehyesem, apom- 

haughty, ye ahantan, -ahokyere, 
..ti ahon; walk haughtily, toto 
abamkon ; speak -, to bamkgn ka- 
sa ; to become -, soa ; phr. onipa 
yi, wasoa pi = waye ahantan or 
nsoaforo ; -person, ohantanni, 
pi. a--fo. 

haul, V. twe, twe mu, 

have, V. wo, de, kita, kura, nya, 
fa ; not to have, nni. 

haven, n. hyen-gyinabea. 

hawl<, n. akroma, osansa. 

hay, n. saguane (sare a awo), o- 
ponkoha or-nantwiha. 

hazard, n. asiane; to run a-, a- 
siane siane obi. 

haze, n. kusukuku. 

hazy, a. kusu. 

he, pr. ono ; g.., o.. (connected with 
the v.), w.. [before perf.)\ he 
(who), nea, Ak. dea; § 53.65. 

head, n.eti, etiri, pZ. a-; -ache, 
atiben, -pae; (atiridii'); -band, 
gmanh-,ginanpanyin; -Zess.kiin- 
tunsin, akgnsin ; to be -long, 
pere brb. ho, perepere; -of fa- 
mily, abusuapanyin ; -piece of 
pillar, ntaso ; (chairman) otitva.- 
ni, pi. a- -fo ; phr. he is the -in 
that case, gso asem no nhina ti. 




heal, V. sa (yare), ma. .bo ye.. den. 
health, n. ahooden, As. ahoye, pin- 
tinnye, akwahosan. 

healthy, a., n. ohoodenfo, otwen- 
twemfo; to he-, ho ye, -ye den, 
-ben, -plrimm, ..te apou. 

heap, n. eku, siu, sie; (of earth) 

heap, V. bo ku, akuaku, bore siu, 
-pempe; {coUect)hoa. ano; {add, 
unite) tia. 

hear, v. te, tie, tietie. 

hearer, n. otefo, otiefo, pi. a-, 0- 
seiitiefo, pi. a-, 

hearken, v. tie, ye or wen aso. 
hearsay, n. ase-sem, ate-, akwan- 
S0-, abafiso-. 

heart, n. koma (F. a-, As. koro- 
ma, Ky. konona); were (aho); 

- burning, n. nsonokese (adidi- 
twea) mu ya bi; {hatred) nitau. 

hearten, v. bye den, -baninba, 

- nkuran. 

hearth, w.muka, mukyia, bukyia, 

heartily, ad. uea efi komam, — do 

ran, --yam'. 

heat, n. aboburu, aboobyee. 
heathen, w.obosonsomni,^Z.a--fo, 

obonisonifo, pi. a-, amanaraan- 

muni, pi. amanaman. 
heave, t)., kukuru, pagya; 

{of dough) burn. 

heaven, n. osoro, Onyamefi, nya- 


onyankopon, nyameani. 
heaviness, W.duruduruye,pemlye. 
heavy, a. duru, Ak. du, dumd-, 

peme; to be-, ye du(ru), -den; 

-with child, wafa afuru. 
Hebrew, n. ludani, pi. -fo, Hebrini, 

pi. -fo ; - language, ludafo kasa, 

hedge, n. ban ; {mud wall) faban, 

pi. a- . 
hedgehog, n. fiampakwa, apesee, 

pi. mp-, siadeboa. 
heedless, a. nea n'aso, - oye 

aso - or anibiannaso, - onte asem, 

-gnye aso mma brb. 
heedlessness, n. anisobenban. 
heel, M. nantin, n - tini ; phr. it cau- 
sed him, to stop where he was, 

aye no nantiuka; oye nantin- 

nkafa = onante a, onsi sl-pa. 
he-goat, n. opapo, yl. a-, abire- 

kyinini, pi. mm- . 
heifer, n. nantwiforo, -bere. 
height, n. osoroko, koron, sron- 

sroii, sronsrommea; {hill) bepo, 
heinous, a. bone kese, atratrasem; 

to commit a- act, bo bere. 
heir, n. odedifo, yl. a-, opegyafo. 
heliograph, n. owia {or afwefwe) 

hell, n. asaman; gbonsam-kuro, a- 

manebunuk - ; -fire, amanebunu- 

kurom gya. 


helm, n. kudo; helmet, kye akon- 
kuronkon, dadekye, akokye. 

help, V. boa, di boa, gya, gye, 
gyina akyi, so mu; ye..abia; 
§ 131, 2; di mmoa, di nnoboa, 
di hiafwe ; (cure) sa (yare) ; phr. 
I do- him, misb no mii abia; ote 
soro te yen abia. 

helper, n. oboafo, pi. a-. 

helpless, a. neaonniboafo, --fwe- 
fo, -asem or amane bi ato no 
pompon mu ; onnibie ; kagya, wa- 
fwe ase k. 

hem, V. bu or ban (atade ano). 

helve, w. dua ; asoi ; soduro, sokum. 

hemisphere, n. ntwahohyiafa. 

hemorrhage, n. mogyatu, -gu. 

hemorrhoids, n. pi. koko (yare). 

hen, n.ak6kq,pl.nk-, akokobere; 
anoma biara bere ; - coop, n. a- 
kokgbu, pesu, akokopesu. 

hence, ad. enti, eno nti, eyi-; fi 
ha ; § 140 ; -forth, efi nne, -eyi 
so, -bere yi ara reko; a year-, 
afedan sese ; § 130, 3. 

her, ^r. ne, n'' (before a)(o)no;§53, 

herald, n. esen, pi. seneafo, obofo, 
pi. a-, nsanee, nsaneafo. 

herb, n. ababan, efan, wura. 

herd, n. ku, mmoaku. 

here, a^. eha, ehayi, ehanom; -a- 
bout, ehanom; -after, eyi akyi, 
okyena bi, dakye -, Ak. dam - 
ma ; -and there, eha ne ha, mmea- 

93 liig 

mmea ; - by, enam or efa or egyina 

eyi so..; -in, eyi mu, 
hermetic, a. nea ebg ho pete, nea 

atua p-. 

ntwehoni, pi. -fo. 
hero, n. okofoni, pi. a- -fo, dom- 

marima, pi. nn-, osabarima, o- 

katakyi, pi. a- . 

herpes, n. kore. 

herring, n. emman. 

hers, pr. ne de, -dea; § 55. 62. 

herself, pr. ono ara, - ankasa ; neho. 

hesitate, v. gye akyinnye, twen- 
twen (nenan) ase; (in speaking) 
po dodo. 

hew, V. twa, to or bu (nnua). 

hiccough, Mc^M^, n. tekotekg, ko- 

hide, V. hinta, kora so, sie ; si(u) so ; 
-himself, bo nkokora; -matters, 
bore.. nsem bye ; hiding-place, 
hintabea, ahintae, nkokoram. 

hide, n. nhoma, aboa weree or 

higgle, v. di abobobo. 

high, a. tenten, sronsron, koron- 
koron ; highest pich of s. th., 
pompon mu ; phr. asem or oyare 
ato no pomp, mu; on-, osoro; 
highest degree (of the shining of 
the sun), awia kete, ketekete ; 
-V. korgn. 

highborn, a. gdehye, pi. a-, gsan- 
nani, pi. a- -fo. 


highland, M.mmepoasase,mnieposo. 

highminded, a. to he-, ma neho so, 
ye ahantan, -apompompe. 

highpriest, n. osofopanyin, yl. a- 

highwater, -tide^ n. epo yiri. 

highway, «.aponkokwan,otempon; 
pi. a-; -rohhery, akwanmiika. 

highwayman, n. odwotwafo,/?/. a-, 

okwanmukafo, pi. a- . 
hill, n. bepo, pi. mm-, bepowa, ko- 

ko, pampa, pempe; -side, bepo 

iikyenrau, -aniase; aforoe. 
hilt, n. nkrante or afoa dua, asoi. 
him, pr. no; himself, pr. onoara, 

onoankasa, nankasa, neho; §59. 
hind [Jiinder, hindmost), a. nea 

ewo akyiri, akyiri-fam'; hinder 

parts, to, nserekyiri ; hindfoot, 

anankoti; kickwith-, to anank. 
hinder, v. si..kwan or ano, gye 

hinderance,Mw^rawce, w.akwan- 

side, akwansisera, abiiu, ntoa- 

toae, saredwuma. 
hinge, n. mpontere. 
hint, V. bu ani,yi apra, perep- obi. 
hint, n. aprayi; take the-, de ye 

(n')as6 so ade or asem; give -s, 
hip, n. ataso, dwenkii, dwonkii; 

asen, - mu ; - bone, n. dwonku 

mu dompA. 
hippopotamus, w. susono, -pi. a.-. 

94 hoi 

hire, v. bo.. pa; hye (awofo), 
hireling, n. opani, pi. a--fo. 
his, pr.nQ, n'; ne de, ne dea; §62. 

hiss, «;. hinam; -ats.b., huro..i 

history, W.asem,abakosem,abasem. 

hit, V. bo; -the mark, sa. 

hitch, V. so mu. 

hither, ad. eha, ehanom, ehayi. 

hive, n. nnowa dan, -ku, -asafo. 

hoarse, a. to he-, ene afa; -ness, 
n. nnefa. 

hoary, a. nsonso, biri ne fita a- 
fram' . 

hobble, n. to or huan dwonku, to 
apakye, si si 

y\{i^%Q-podge (hotch-potch), n. m- 
frafrae; (^^.)afuntumfra; di af. 

hoe, n. aso, ososo, pl.n-. 

hoe, V. do, dou. 

hog, ^. prako, pl.m-, boya, pi. ram-, 
batafo, pi. a-, kokote, ebee. 

hoist, V. (a flag) si (franka). 

hold, V. so mu, fua, kura, kita; 
{carry on hack) turn ; {contain} 
di ; ahina yi di nsa susukora du; 
{to stow) sie ; {fig.) tra mu, gyi- 
na-; {defend) pere ho; {think) 
bu, susu; {fulfill) di so; -anin- 
ferior office, di adiakyiri ; - fast, 
so mu, kura- deunen; -the ton- 
gue, mua ano, gyae kasa ; -up, ma 
so ; kyere ; [cling to) bata ho. 




hole, w.tokiiru, tokuwa, tii, amoa, 

holiday, n. dapa, pi. nn-, daponna, 

pi. nn-; school-, okwanma-da; 

pi. akwanma (bere). 
holiness, n. ahotee, kronkronye. 
hollow, n.tokuvu,pl.n-,qhqix,pl.Si-, 

amoa^ amana. 
hollow, a. hunu, emu da kwan. 
holy, a. kronkron, nea (ne) ho te. 
home, n. ofi, ofie; oman, kuro; 

-less, nea onni fie. 
homesick, a. to be-, ani gyina, 

-kisa, fe. 
homicide, «.awudi;owudifo,2?Z.a-, 

honest, a. to be-, di nokware, tee ; 

ye onokwafo. 
honesty, n. nokware, -di. 
honey, w.ewo;--com&, ewo-kyem; 

- moon, ayeforohyia akyi sram 

a edi kaii. 
honour, n. mdi; anuonyam. 
honour, v. bu, di ni, bye anuonyam, 

ani so; pJir. obu no kese. 
honourable, a. neawobuno, -owo 

anuonyam, -owo anim. 
hook, ?;. to darewa; {fig)y'^, twe. 
hook, n.okotokoro, darewa, adare; 

hooks and eyes, nsoae, nsoamde. 
hoop, n. dantaban, hankare, bau- 

hOOping-coM^r/i, n. nkgnkon, nk. 

hoot, V. boil, bo ose, huro. 

hop, V. huru, -tra. 

hope, n. anidaso ; {expectation) a- 

hope V. ani da.. so, fwe okwan, de 

ani to. .so. 
hopeless, a. to be-, koma atu, a- 

basam-, ne home ate(u) no, wa- 

pa aba(u). 
horizon, n. wim ne asase abyiae. 
horn, w.abeii,, -tia, aboro- 

beh, asokoben. 
\\QVW-bill, w. akyenkyena ; (large) 

horrible, a. nea eye hu; -wofwe 

a enfwe. 
horrify, v.yi hu, -ah!, bo..huboa; 

horror, n. ehu, ahodwiri, awose ; 

ahonyannyan ; - -struch,to 5e-, a- 

yise apini no, ne ho nyannyan no, 

wabirikyi, nketenkete akita no. 
horse, n. gponko, pi. a- ; - bit, man- 

niamfre; --fiy, ohuri, oten; 

--whip, sikafere. 
hose, w. owono, ntwontwo, tros. 
hospital, n. ayarefodan (kese). 
hospitality, n. ahohoye; aponto. 
host, n. ohoho, pi. a-, adamfo, pi. 

nuamfo(nom), ofiwura; {army) 

hostess, n. ofi awura; adarafoa. 
hostile arw«/, edgm. 




hostler, w. oponkofwefo, pi. a-. 
hot, a. ohye(u), hyeuhygu, hyere- 

hyere; tohe-, ado; dadenoado; 

{fig^ ..ho huru no, ..ho ye no 

hye or hyerehy. 

hotel, n. ahghodaii, ahohofi, asoee. 
hound, n. ahayo-kramaii. 
hour, n, donfwere(e), pl.un-. 
house, n. ofi, odaii, aban ; {family) 
mpon ne mma, abusua, asefo ; 

- hoy, obdni, pi. abOfo ; serve as 

- boy, di abo ; - Jiold, fife, ofie- 
mma; -keeper, ofiagya, ofiwura; 
ofiefwefo; -keeping, ofief we ; 
-maid, abawa, obasomfo; -sla- 
ves, ofie nnipa; -top, odan atifi, 
abantifi; -wife, ofie ne na; ofie- 

hovel, w.pantantwere, qsesee, 

how, a^. se, senea ; den,sen?eden? 
Sh ;- much P -manyP a,he?mmie- 
be? sen? 


howl, V. pa so, keka(u) mii; -ing, 

hubbub, W. (bg) bum, - wi, -twi, 
-kirididi; (ye) ho or basab-, 

huddle, V. bg apotompo. 

huge, a. kuntann, kantann, ko- 

kuroko; wi, wurunnum. 
hum, V. ye lionyohonyo. 

human, a. onipa fam, nea efaonipa 

or gdesani ho brb. fye. 

humane, a. to be-, ..yenidg, ..yam 
humble, a. (onipa) bgbgfo, ayem- 

fo; to be-, dwo, here neho ase. 
humble, v. here ase. 
humbleness, humility, n. ahobe- 

rease, odwo; fam' asetra. 
humid, a. fgsg, fgnwini, fgnwun. 
hump, n. afu. 

hundred, w. gha; -^ears, mfeha. 
hunger, w. gkgm; -V. gkgm de... 
hunt, 27. ye ha, kg ahayg; (^^.)ti(u), 

ta, di akyiri. 
hunter, w. gbgmmgfo,,-, gbgfo, 

pi. a- . 
hurl, V. to, -kyene, -atabo. 
\\WT\y-burly, n. wibg, twi-, bum-, 

hoye, sakasaka. 
hurry, W.ntempa, mpereho, ofwim, 

hurry, v. pentem, ye-, pia, ka.. 

nsa or nan, bg apotompo. 
hurt, V. bg, bgre (kuru), pira, ye 

ya; (spoil) see. 
husband, w.okunu,2?Z.-nom, ofiwura. 

husbandman, n. okuafo, pi. a- . 

husbandry, n. kua, kuaye, adg(u). 

hush, V. ye komm, - dinn ; ma obi ye 
komm, dinn ; - int., monye komm ! 

husk, n. bono, abou, abona. 

hut, w.gsesee, bu, gsan; -for stor- 
ing yam, piitu. 

hye 97 

hyen, hyena, n. pataku, okuntum- 

pS, agyanee, ofui. 
hygiene, n. honamsofwe ho nim- 
dee or okyere. 

hymn, n. edwom, pi. rinw-, ayeyi- 
dw., asore nau dw ; sing -s, to dw. 

hyphen, n. nkabomde ho senkye- 

renCj ^ 
hypocrisy, n. nkontompo, nkon- 

konsa; nyatwom. 
hypocrite, n. nyatwomni, yl. -fo, 

okontomponi.pZ. a- -fo, okgnkou- 

sani, yl. a--fo, nea gye nsakyi- 



I, pr. me (or mi, before i, u, ftill 
e, o, gya, nya, twa); § 53; 58. 

ice,M.nsukyene;-Jer^, nsukyeiie- 

idea, n. nsusui, adwene. 

identify, t^kyere or ka ma esi so; 

ka bom'. 
idiom, n. kasakoa, kasasu. 
idiomatic, a. (kasa se) okasa ko 

no su te ma pepepe. 
Idiot, n. tiboiikoso, otgtobonefo, o- 

kwasea, ogyimfo, ogyefo, pl.s.-. 
idle, a.neaoye werehunu, -aniha, 

-akwadwero; -fellow, onihafo, 

pi. a-, gkwadwofo, pi. a-, owere- 

idleness, n. werehunu, aniha, a- 

kwadwerg; pkr.eye no wereh., 

he did it from -. 


dol, w.ohom, pL a-, obosom-honi, 
pi. a-, guhoni; gbosom, pi. a-. 

dolater, w.gbosonsomni,^?^ a--fo, 
ohonisomfo, yl. a- . 

f, cow/, se(ebia) ..a, ka..a, to. .a; 

§141,8; 274. 
gnlte, v. so gya, pa-. 

de, okwasea, aboa. 
II, a. bone; he is-, oyare, asoroka 

abg no; gnte apg. 
I liberal, a. to he-, nsam ye deu, 

..yam ye nwene or nwuii; ye pe- 

pee; bg..kane or ayamgnwene. 
Iliterate,fi'.nea onnim nhoma,kwa- 

fweaban, apapafwekwa, pi. m- . 
llneSS, w. gyare, pZ. a-, n-wa, a- 

Iltreat, v. nyafl, di nya, hau, ye 

ayisade, bg mpo, ye pupop. 

Iltreatment, n. mpobg, gha(u), 

anyadi, anyadimg. 
Iluminate, v. hyeren; sosg a- 

kanea ; {fig.) kyere nyansa. 
Ilusion, w.nnada; (seZ/"-)ah6dada. 

Ilustration, «. mfatoho, nkyere- 

mage, n. mfonini, nseso, subaii ; 

{idol) ohoni, yl. a- . 
magine, v. dwen or susu tirim. 
mbecile, a. to he-, ..ho nye den, 

ye posop-, kgsgk-, mmere. 
mbue, V. hye, hye (aduru); dgn. 



imitate, v. sua, di akyi, susu or 

fwe so ye bi ; -d gold^ sapa. 
imitation, n. asuasua, osuaso. 

imitator, w. osuasuafo, ^Z. a-, oko- 

suani, pi. a--fo. 
immature, a. bun; akySnky^n. 

immediate, -Z«/, a. ad. amonom ho 
ara,ntem-| rDprempren,seseara. 

immense, a. nea enni ano, -ebun- 

kam so. 
immerse, v. bo mu, mem. 
immigrate, v. tu kwan, -kg, tu bra. 
immoderate, a. fu; -v. tra so. 

immodest, a. hareh'-, animhareso, 

immoral, a. sakas -, basab -, aho- 
fwi mu. 


immovable, a. piutinu. 

impart, v. de..raa, de..kye; dom. 

impatient, a. ..ho ha(u)or nsen no, 
..ho titi, hwanyan or pere no. 

impatience, n. ebo a wgnto ase, 
anibu, mpereho, hyerebahyere- 

impeach, v. bo nkuro, toto ano, 
yi nten, gye akyinnye, nnnu. 

impediment, n.akwauside,akwan- 
sisem; abeu, asiane; ~s in the 
way^ ntoatoae ; nobody throws 
any- in his way, obi ukii no a- 
boatwau, obi nha(u) no. 

98 imp 

impel, V. pia, puapua; {urge) hye; 
{stir) ka, kanyan. 

Impend, ?;.brb.(re)ba, -yeaba,pin- 
kye, (re)ben ; pempen so -^phr. the 
-ing ruin of the nation draws 
near., oman no bo a ebebo no afi 
ase pempen so or ne see repem- 
pen so ba. 

imperative, a. nea ohy6 or nniso 
wgm';aporis6; -mood, w.ohye- 

imperfect, {past tense), n. ntwam- 

kabea; -a. nea enye or enwie 

imperishable, a. nea ensee da. 


ta; onuodenfo, pi. a-, nea obg 

impertinence, w.dwae, -bg, kwa- 

slare, annipapasem. 

impious, a. nea gmfere ade, - gmfere 
na gnsom Nyankopgn. 

implant, v. teu (mu). 

implement, n. ade, nuade, adwin- 

nade, adwumayede. 
implore, v. kotg sere, pa..kye, yi 

or bg mpae ; he -d him, wafa no 

gyau = begged pardon . 
impolite, a. nea grapge, gkwatupa, 

import, w.agfiade a efi amanngne, 

ag. soakyini ; {meaning of word) 


imp 99 

important, aJobe-,eh6 Ma, -ye 

na, emu ye den. 
importune, w.huna, hunahuna(obi). 

nni kwan. 
imposture, n. nnada, usisi. 
impotent, a. nea oye mmere, --ya- 

refo or ahoomerefo; (sea7wa/)ko- 

tewui (ohsc). 
impoverished, to be-, di hia. 

imprecation, w.mpae;(cM/*se)nsgu, 

impregnate, v. wo ; yem, nyem, 

ninseii, fa afuru. 
impress, ^J.mia (so); {prlnt)tintim . 
imprison, v. bo duam', to (gu) dan 

mu, de.,hye afiase or kiikum'. 
improbable,a.sesekwa, ebia; § 1 35. 
improve, n. ko anim, ko so, sakra 

ye yiye. 
improvement, ti. nkoso, nkoanim. 
imprudent, a. nea n'ani ntee, -gye 

impudence, «. anuoden, dwaebo; 

deeds of-, anuodenne. 
impudent, a. nea obo (obi so) dwae, 

- ommu ade, - omfa brb. nye brb. ; 

-language, atwasetem, di-. 

impure, a. nea ebo nte, -eho wo or 

agu fi|; atadefi n.a. 
imputation, fi. mmotoso, ntwatoso, 

mfatoso ; obuma ; K. § 275. 


mpute, V. bo to.. so, bo ma; wa- 
bo ato me so or wabo ama me; 
bu ma. 

n, prp. mu; § 119, 

nadvertently, ad. commit s. th.-, 
..nsa(ko)paa (no) ho, nsapamu. 

nasmucll, ad. ne sa nti, se ete 
sa nti. 

nattention, n. asobiannaso, ani- 

nattentive, a. nea ontie, -onye 

aso, -oye asobiannaso. 
naugurate, v. ma. .ye kronkron; 

de opanyin adwuma bye obi nsa, 

fi (sa) adwuma no ase. 
nborn, a. nea wode awo (bi), -eye 

woe, awosanne. 

ncarnation, n. onipa-ye, -dan. 

ncendiary, n. nea oto ofi or kiiro 
bi mu gya. 

ncense, n. ohuam a wohye, ohye- 

ncident, n. asem (a aba); mfimu, 

ncidentally, ad. nea anhye da a- 
mma, -efi awora; bonno so. 

ncise, v. twa, sa, sa or ye nka- 

ma, bota. 
ncite, V kanyan, hwanyan, yi.. 

tui ; ye mpatagyigye, - nkatipra ; 

jphr. he -s Mm to act foolishly, 

ohye no takrawogyam* , otu n'a- 

s6 ma oye bone bi. 





incline, v.pono,kyea,k6m;(;?^.)ka. 
inclose, v. fa or de hyem', ka-, so 

ano, kyekye ; cf. enclose. 
include, v. twa ho byia, twa ho 

si; {contain) kura. 
income, W. ne wonya fi adwumam, 

mfaso; abede. 

inconsequent, a. nea ebo abira, 
-e-nebrb.iinam, --mfahansiha. 

inconsistent, a.- with himself, n'a- 
sem ntoa. 

inconstant, a. ..ani ye osorosoro,. 

ye n'ade sakasaka. 
inconvenient, a. nea ema hau, 

-emfata, - ense, -enko obi so. 

incorrectly, ad. nea mfomso worn', 

-efiko te. 
increase, v. do; ma edo; {add) 

to so, gu or si mu; {of family) 

ase tere, ase fee, 
increase, n. do a woado, nkoso, 

ntoso, nsim ; {of family) asefee, 

inculcate, v. ka gu (obi) asom. 
indebted, to be-, de..ka,- ma..ka. 
indecent, a. nea ense, -emfata. 
indeed, a^. ampa, nokware, kora, 

pi; mmom; § 135. 

indemnification, n. mpatama; a- 

bowi, abowu (for war exp.). 
indemnity, n. mpatama. 

independence, n. abode, ahonya; 
war of-, ahogyeko. 

independent, become-, fa ne- 
bs di. 

index, n. nboma hyehyebea rifwe- 

Indian corn, aburo ; cf.corn,maize. 

indicate, v. ka kyere. 

indicative mood, w. nkasae kabea 

indifferent, a. ^e is not-, ontra ase 

indigent, a. to be-, di hia. 

indignation, W.nkompono, abi, a- 

indigo, n. akase. 
indirect, a. nea enye ne pen so, 

-ensi ne kwan so, -enye pote, 

-enko tl. 
indisposition, n. asonoka,asoroka. 
indistinct pronunciation, okasa 

mu kyere, -mu nte,-mu nna ho. 

individual, n. obiakofo, obak. 

induce, v. ka, pia, tu..aso. 

indulge, v. koko, korokoro. 

indulgence, w.nkoko, akorokoro: 
{of sin) bone fafiri; letters of-, 

indurate, v. kyen, kyenkyen, pi- 
rim, ye den. 

industrious, A.M. nsiyefo; -v.u^m, 
ye anem; phr.qnQm neho se = 
ony6 neho sesasesa. 

industry, n. adwumaye, nsiye, a- 
nemdeyo; house-, ofiedwuma. 

inebriation, n. asabo, nsabo. 


ineffective, «.nea ano akum, -entu- 
mi nye fwe; (weakyeho. 

inequitable, a. to be-, ye amim, 

infallibility, n. okyere or asem a 
mfomso (or sewa) nnimu korak -. 

infallible, a. nea omfom brb. ara 
mu da. 

infancy, n. mmofraase, nkokoa- 
bere, mmofra-. 

infant, n. abofra, pi. m-, akokoa, 
pi. h-, abotafowa, pi. m-, abado- 
ma, abasiriwa, akwada, pi. n- . 

infantry, n. anammon mu asrafo, 
- akofofo. 

infect, V. san ; to be -ed with, di ; 
odi dem. 

infection, n. nsan; infectious, in- 
fective, ye nsaii. 

inferior, a. to be-, [in size, dress, 
rank, knowledge) to mu; phr. 
he has been found -in an exa- 
mination, wato mu. 

infertile, a. t^pS, asasewui, nkye- 
rekyera (so) ; obonin, kyenene. 

infidel, a. n. nea onnye (auyame- 
sem) nni, gyidi-anidaufo. 

infinite, a. nea enni ano, --hye- 

baii, --nsusui. 
Infirm, a. mmere, bete, posop-, 

kosok-, oyarefo. 

infirmity, w. oyare, asoroka; ahoo- 
mere, nkgntwebee. 

101 ing 

inflame, v. so, to mu gya, bye, ma 

inflammation, n. ogyafram; ebo 
or emu ado ko; -of lungs, ohu- 
rututu mu ado hyerehy-, --a- 
gyina nsu or mogya ; - of the eye, 
aniwam kekau. 

inflate, v. pudu, pagya; also fig. 

inflect, V. pono, kom. 

inflection, n. lit. kuntun ; nsem or 
> nkasae mu nsakrae or adannan, 

inflexible, a. kyenkyen, nea wo- 

pono a empono, -asen, 
inflict, V. de, dan to. .so; 

twe..as6, ha(u)obi. 
infliction, n. akatua, asotwe, a- 

mane, oha(u) ; {fatality) nnurui 

(abeduru no). 
influence, w.iikentenso; agyeabo- 

bo or tumi a obi de brb. (ne nyan- 

sa, sika, ahoofe; dwenfa, bo(u) 

n. a.) nya obi. 
inform, v. mana, kara, ka kyere; 

(point out) kyerekyere. 
information, «. kyere, nkara, ka- 

see, asekyere, kasakyere. 

infract, v. bu, bu mu. 

infrugal, a. odeseefo, |9Z. a-, osape, 

osatofo, pi. a- . 
infuse, v. to gu mu; don, donngn. 
ingenious, a. nea waben, -owo 

nneema horoye bo adwene. 

ing 102 

ingratitude, n. bonniaye. 

ingress, n. nhyenmu. 
inhabitant, ?*. emutrafo; {child) 

oba, pi. mma ; {man) onipa, pi. n- . 
inhere, v. bata ho, wo mu, 
inherit, t;. diobiacle,-awunnyade. 
inheritance, n. ade, awunnyade, 

agyapade, ap6gyade; awuagya- 

mma; inherited sin, awosanne. 
inhuman, a. lit. nea onye onipa, 

-ne ti ye aboa ti, -ne tirim ye 


inhumanity, n. atirimoden, atiri- 

initiate, v. fiti ase, kyere brb. de 

di kan. 
inject, V. to gu mu; {clyster) sa, 

bo bentoa. 

injury, n. dem, aboro; bone. 

ini(, n. kyereu-aduru, adubiri; 
-stand, n. adubiri-toa. 

inlet, w.ahyene,okwan; {of house) 
aboboano; {gutter) osuka. 

inmate, w.nea wo-ne no te fi koro, 

inn, n. ahohofi; ahohodan. 

inner, a. -part, emu. 
innocence, n. bemdi, abofi, emufi. 
innocent, a. to be-, di bem, ho afi, 
wafi mu totoroto. 

innumerable, a. huha, nea won- 
tumi iikan, -enni auo. 


inquest, n. emu pepe; -bisab-. 

inquire, v. bisa, -ase, bisab- mu, 
pe(pe) mu; -about {a sickness), 
tware gyare so ; wokotware so 
fwe = wokobisa ade {or funu). 

inquiry, n. asem mu abisabisa, 
— mpepemu, - -nfwefwemu; ako- 
tokohye ; to institute an -, bye., 
ho akotgko {for loss 

insane, a.obodamfo, ogyef 6, pi. a.-. 

insect, n. aboa, aboawa, pi. mm-, 

insensible, a. to be-, nea nkatede 
abo no; nea onni adwene ; -by 
intoxication,nsa. ato (no) atgpam. 

insert, v. de..hye mu. 

inside, «. emu, emu-fam. 

insight, n. nhumu. 

insignia {of a Chief), n. ahenn6(e). 

insignificant, a. nea eho iihia, ke- 

insinuate, asom; {cati- 

tion) yi apra, twa adafi. 

insist {upon), V. gyina so, tra mu ; 

hye kete, pia. 
insolence, n. anugden, ahupo. 

insolent, a. -fellow, otuntunamfo, 

ohupofo, pi. a- . 
insolvable, a. nea ennan, -enhouo. 
inspect, v. fwe, sra-, fwe so. 
inspection, 72. nsra, -fwe; sgfwe. 
inspector, n. gfwefo, gsrasrafo; 

gsgfwefo; esodifo. 




inspiration, n. nteani. 

inspire, gu mu; (flg.) tu asu, 

install, V. de dibea hye obi nsa. 
instance, w.nkyeree.nfweso; phr. 

eho iiky. bi ni; for-, ebi ne se; 

pi. instances, iikyerekyeree. 
instant, «. anitwa; in an-, -ly, 

arf. amonom ho, ntem ara, sese-, 

instead, ad. ananmu; § 237, b. 
instigate, v. pia, ka,, hye 


instigator, n. okotweberefo, pi. a-, 

ofarebae, ofabafo. 
instinct, n. nkatede, esu mu ade 

(a enye obi na okyere). 

institute, v. hye..ase, hye to ho, si ho. 
instruct, ?;. kyere, ky..ase ormu; 

kasa ky. 
instruction, n. okyere, asekyere. 
instrument, n. ade, adeyede, a- 

dwinne, adwinnade; {machine) 

afiri ; (mwsic.-) aben, osanku n.a. 
insult, n. gyau, Ak. oyee, ahiyi, 

nsopa, atennidi, ahohorabo. 
insult, V. yau, Ak. ye, sopa, bo 

ahohora, di(di) atera. 

insurrection^ n. manso, -twe, g- 
sgretia, atuate. 

intact, a. komm; phr. gde ade no 

beree me k. 

intellect, n. adwene, nimdee. 

intelligence, w.asehu, asete,nhua- 
se, ntease, nhumu, anitee, nim- 
dee ; adwempa ; {report) nkara. 

Intelligencer, n. seukekafo, pi. a-. 

intelligent, to be-, nim de, -nyan- 
sa, hu nimdee; ..tirim wg adwene. 

intemperance, n. potwa, asabo. 

intemperate, a. nea gye potwa, 
- - sadoi, — odidifo, nea owe nsa 
tra so. 

intend, v. ani sa, bo tirim (po), tu 
tirim agyina, pe, susu. 

intensity, n. animia or ramgdenbg- 
traso, ahogden, tumi-mi5. 

intent, to be-, bg mmgden, dwen ho. 

intention, n. ..ho adwene, atirim- 
bg, -pg, ebosi; phr. it is my-, 
m'ani da so, se m'ani da ne no. 

interchange, v. sesa, sakra. 

intercept, v. (nam ase) gye (iiho- 

ma se), tware, - gye ; si brb.kwan. 
intercession, n. serema, odima. 
intercessor, w.gkasagyefo, gsere- 

mafo, odimafo. 
intercourse, n. aygnkofa, -goru, 

twakadi, nsawgsodi, nfwebom; 

have sexual-, fa, hu (gba), kg 

..ho, hyia... 

interdiction, n. emom. 
interest, n. {of money) mfentom, 

nsiho; {share) mfaso, mfasope; 

{concern) ..ho adwene. 




interfere, v. (di ntam), de neho 
fra mu or gyigye mu. 

interior, «.emu,emu-famor-iioho; 
kwae mu; (hinderland) nnoii- 
kom', sereem; Gr. p. XIV. 

intermeddle, v. de neho fra obi 
nsem mu, pe asem ; (in politics) 
de..h6 fra amansem mu. 

intermeddling, m/". apesemadi; o- 

pesemadifo; ahogyigyem, tere- 

intermediate, a. ntam, adantam, 
ho n§ ho. 

interment, n. amusie, amukora. 
interpellation, n. asem or kasa 
mu bisa or mu twa. 

interpret, ?;.yi or kasa.. ano, kyere 

interpreter, n. anoyifo, asekyere- 
fo, okyeame; abaiikyeame. 

interrogate, v. bisa, pe mu; fwe- 

interrogative, pronoun, asemmi- 

sa din nhyeananmu. 

interrupt, t;.twa kasa or asem mu, 
twa mu. 

Intersect, v. twa or pae mu, gua. 

interview, w.nhuauim or mmoanim 
asenimisa or asentie; -v. hyen 
(obi) dan nkommo or asem bi so. 

intestate, n. nea wafim' a wanhye 

intestines, n. pi. nsouo, ayamde. 

(o-ne no) ko nnakaranna. 

intimate, v. perepere, di..perefwe, 
di akapimafwe; phr. tJiey are 
on- footing, wobo ukesua tafo. 

intimidate, v. yi hu. 

into, prep. {v. of motion, as: ko, 

gu &c. and) mu; § 119. 

intoxication, n. asabo, pi. n- ; his 
-is gone, nsa ate n'ani so. 

intrench, v. twa or yi kg, bo pie; 
-ment,n.SiT^eree, akopempe, pie. 

intrigue, W. akontonkyesem, diak. 

introduce, v. de.. kyere, ma wohu,, -hyen mu. 

introduction, n. nhyenmu. 

intrude, v. de neho, 
ye ahohyem, ba anisoohyeso; ye 
obiamfrewo (na woba) ; - upon 
women hy night, to mmona. 

inundate, v. yiri, sram so. 

inured, to he-, ka, tim; kokwa; 
phr. adwuraa no akokwa no. 

invalid, a. nea waye mmere, -o- 
yare, - wasare adwumaye. 

invalid, n. oyarefo, opirafo, nea 
wadi dem, -odi yaresuso. 

invasion, n. ntua. 

inveigh, f.yau, ka..anim, twi-. 
invent, v. hiS, dwen tirim; -false 

accusation, twa asem to.. so. 
invention, n. ohu, ahude, anyade, 

aborehude, anyansah-. 


inventor, n. nea wabore ahn brb. 

yo kaiikyereky -, adebifarebae, 

-waye mmeda, (= mmae da). 
invest, t^.fura, hye..; (shutup) ka 

..Lye mu; (to vest in) tcmmati. 
investigate, tJ.pepemu, fwefwe-, 

bisab.-, bore-. 

investigation, n. nfwefwemii, a- 

invite, v. hyia, hyiahy-, fre. 

invoice, n. akano. 

invoke, v. tram fre (obosom n.a.). 

involve, v. de brb. hye brb. mu, 
dura ho or mu; (fif/.) toa, toat-, 
de..fra asem mu ; 7ie -s me in his 
own difficulty, ode n'amane be- 
toa me kon. 

inward, a. emu, emufam, 

ire, n. abufu, anibere, yamgya. 

iron, w.dade,p/.nn.; -5ay,adaban; 
-plate, dadekwasi; -pot, dade- 
sen; smoothing-, adetodade. 

iron, V. to. .so, to ade. 

irreconcilable, a. nea wontumi 
mpata, - enni apataye, -wopata 
a, erapata or enye yiye. 

irregular, a. nea ensi so, -ennam 
kwan so pgti. 

irreiigion, n. akyinnyegye, anya- 

irritate, v. pua, puap-; gyigye, 

huru bo, kanyan. 
island, islet, n. supo, supowa. 

105 jaiv 

isolate, v.,tra babi nko, ma 

..tra neho ase akyiri babi ; {a sick) adurum; (dissociate) ha,e 

mu, babae-. 
issue, w.mfimu, nea efi mu, awiei, 

eso ade, aba ; {child) oba, pi. 

mma, asefo. 
Issue, V. fi mu, tue, pue, wie, yi. 
isthmus, n. asasesin tea a ekansa- 

se abien bom'. 
it, ^ron. eno, e.., e..; no; § 55. 
itch. V. ye henehene, keka. 
?tch, n. ase, ntwom, eboro. 
its,^, ne de, ne dea; itself, 

eno ara; § 59. 
ivory, n. asommen, asonse. 


Jackal, n. sakraman. 

jacket, w. soro-atade or adurade tia. 

jag, v.koe, koekoe, ti or bota mu; 

{of skin) yi nsama'; - n. nkoekoe, 

jail, w.afiase, nneduadan, apokye- 

refo dan. 
jailer, n. ofiasefwefo, pi. a-, apo- 

kyerefo fw. 
jalousie, n. ahunaniankansa. 
jam, V. mia, fe, ka..mia, ka..fe. 
Jamestown, pr.w.Nkran, Enyiresi. 
jar, n. pore, pi. m-, kuruwa, pi. nk-. 
jaundice, w. (animhoa? oseren?). 
jaw, w. abogye, dau ; upper-,nnje-pi. 

jea 106 

jealous, a. - wa«, ninkufo ; -wo- 
man^ korafo ; to he -, {of man) 
twe ninkunu ; {of woman) twe 
kora; pJir. o-ne me twe afu no 
mu nneema ho kora. 

jealousy, n. ninkunutwe, kora-. 

jest, V. goru, ka aseresem or aseii- 
kwa, di fene; phr.he is merely 
-ing, o-ne no twa onoko or di 
akasa kwa; -n. aseresem, aseii- 
kwa, nkwadasem; onok5, -twa. 

jewel, -ry, w.obopa, obohene, si- 

jig, V. sa, sau, hum. 

jilt, V. di gbarima bi ho fe, goru 
no ho. 

job, V. di bonno, bo or twa fam ; 
-n. bonnodwuma, mmofam or 
ntwafam adw.;^/ir.mekodi bon- 
no kakra m'afum. 

jocosely, a^. agoroso,aseresemso. 

join, y.pam,ka ho, fata-, pata; bom'; 
{in a covenant) pam; (border) 
bo hye; -interests, di nfwebom, 

- nsawoso ; - in trade, si koso, di 
ntontg; -oppos.ends, ka..kua. 

joiner, n. odwumfo, pi. a- . 
joint, n. kwa, akwa(e); dwonku; 

- stock, okosofekudwetiri ; set 
a-, ka..toa. 

joke, cf. jest. 

journey, n.akwantu; se/^m^'ow^ 

on a-, akwaiiko. 
journey, v. tu kwan, nam-, dom'. 


joy, joyfulness, n. anigye, anika, 
ahomeka, komapa, abotoyam, a- 
hurusidi, ahosan, ahosepe. 

joyful, a. to be-, ani gye, -ka, ho 
adwo (no), ho aka or aka ne ho, 
ho asan or sepe (no), -ato (no). 

jubilation, n. anigye, ahurusi, a- 

judge, V. bu, bu aten (nten), di a- 
sem; -partially, bu ananaten. 

judge, n.otemmufo,osennito,^?.a-. 

judgment, n.atemmu; aten, nten; 
partial-, ananaten, ntenkye. 

jug, n. kuriiwa, pi. nk- . 

juggle, v. yi nkonya, -ntafoa. 

juice, n. nnua (bi) mu nsu; anene- 
duhuam ; - of neivly cut plan- 
tains, atomprada. 

jumble, V. frafra, di afuntumfra. 

jump, V. huru; {-with joy) teu a- 

junction, n. aboe; -of rivers, a- 

junior, a. nea oye obi akuma. 

jurist, n. nea oye or onim mmara 
ho ade, mmarakyerefo, -nimfo. 

jUSt,a./o 5e-, se; (ye<^.) tee, ye trene, 
bu ntentrene, di nokware. 

just, ad. (exactly) ta, pe, pepe; 
-as, senea, sedea, sa na, -ara 
na, sa nso na; § 141, B. 2 c; 
- now, mprempren ara, sese ; - so, 
sa ara, sa pe; -that, eno ara; 
§ 59; it will -do, eyiara doso. 

jus 107 

justice, w.bemdijtrene, ntentrene, 
ateramu pa. 

justification, n. bembu, bemmu. 

justify, V. bu bem: san anoj phr. 
I have cleared tnt/s. fr. guilt, 
masaii m'ano, masan mebo. 


Kaiser, w.ohempgn,pZ. a-,kaesare. 

I(eel, n.hyehto, hyenase nnua or 

I<e8n, a. nnam, nnamnam; (exact) 
fefefe ; (sagacious) ye oniferefo. 

IceenneSS, w.aboohuru, abufuhye; 
(of hunger) komtraso , suk - ; 
(discrimination) anifere, anitee. 

i(eep, V. so mu, kura, sie, kora so, 
fwe or di so ; - back, siaiika ; 
kame, si so ; - behind, ka akyiri ; 
-down, -under, bere ase, hye 
so, di so ; he -s things for him- 
self, ne nko ara pe ne yam; -off 
the ants, ko nkrane; -bad com- 
pany/, bo f eku bone ; (remain) di . 

keepsake, n. nkae-ade, 

keg, n. akotowa, okwadiim, aten- 
tenim . 

kennel, n. okraman-dan, 

kerchief, n. dukn, pi. nn-. 
kernel, w.aba; (palm-) adwe, 2)i- 

kerosene, n. (e)fa-nno, kerasin. 
kettle, n. osen, dadesen. 


key, n. safe, pi. nsafewa, safoa. 

kick, V. si, po, bo or t5 anaAkoti, tia. 

kid, n. aberekyiba. 

kidnap, v. twa dwo, yi adwo. 

kidney, n. asabo, ^Z. n-. 

kill, v.kum, Ak. kii, di awu; (poi- 
son) to aduru ; phr. woato no or 
woaka no dade = woakum no. 


kin, n.-sman, -woman, oni, bo- 
gya, pi. -fo, obusuani, pi. a--fo; 
kinsfolk, abusua, -fo. 

kind, n. ban, su ; (family character) 
abusuaban ; (nature) awosu. 

kind, a. to he-, ye, yam ye, dwo; 
ye nido. 

kindergarden, n. mmotafoa-suku. 

kindle, v. so, to mu gya; so (gya) 

kindness, n. papa, ayamye. 

kindred, w.nton,Ak.ntgro, abusua- 


kingdom, n. oman, ahennl, ahem- 

kingship, n. ahenni. 
kiss, V. fe,.ano. 
kitchen, w. mukaase, kukugyaase, 

osododan, aduannoadan. 
kite, n. osansa, pi. a-, akoroma. 
kitten, n. agyinamoaba. 
knead, v. potg, fgtg, wg(u). 




kneel, v. koto, si nankroma. 
knife, n. osekan, pi. a-, ponontom ; 

sepo, nkrante; nfwea. 
knight, n. odehye-kofoni ; din or 

mmeran bi a wode bo manpanyin, 

knit, V. nwene. 

knob, knop, n. epo, pZ. a-. 

knock, V. si, po, bo, bobo, Ak. bo, 
boro, pern; (against, 
sunti ; - at the door, bo poii akyi. 

knot, n. epo, pi. a- or apoapo; tie 
a-, si or bo po. 

know, V. hu, nim. 

knowledge, n. ohu, nimdee, nyan- 

sahu; asehu. 
knuckle, n. epou, pi. m-, nsaakyi. 
Koran, n. kramosom nhoma. 

Kwa(h)u, pr. n. of country: 0- 
kwa(w)u; by-name, Kodiabe ; 
-man, Okwa(w)uni, pi. -io. 

Kyerepong-ma«, -people, pr. n. 
Kyereponni, pi. -nfo; Guanni, 
pi. -ufo, 


Label, «. amanade ho kratawa, o- 

labour, n. dwuma, adwuma, -ye; 
(toll) obere; (child-) awoko; to 
be in child -, ko awo ; she has 
hard-, awo no (mu) den no or 
n'awo ran ye den; vain-, oyeguo; 
co»?|)t«Zso/"j/-, adw.yetOjOhyedw. 

labour, v. ye adwuma, di pa. 
labourer, w.odwumayeni,pZ. a- -fo, 

opani, pi. a- -fo. 
lace, w. adenwene ; (o/'/ia2V) mmesa. 
lack, V. ka, hia (obi) brb., sare. 
lad, n. abarima, abofra barima, a- 

berante wa, aberantek wa, ak waii- 

ladder, n. antweri, atweree ; he 

goes up and down the-, odi 

antw. no so aforosian. 
ladle, n. kwankora, eta, bebeta. 
lady, n. abora, pi. mm-, awura, 

pi. -nom. 
lagoon, n. baka. 
lake, w.otare(e) ; (pond)q^brdi, eko ; 

(lagoon) baka. 
lamb, n. aguamma, pi. nn-, oguan- 

lame, a. apakye, pi. m-, obubuafo, 

pi. mm- ; osifo ; to be -, ye apakye. 
lameness, n. apakye. 
lament, v. di nkommo, bo abubu, 

su, twa (agya)dwo, bo bena. 
lamentation, n. nkommo, abububo. 
lamp, w. okanea, ^?. a-; -chimney, 

k. nsiso. 
lance, n. peau, peme, F. kama. 
lance, v. wgu, fwiro; [medical) sa; ^/sr.mesa ne pompg mu. 
land, n. asase ; (soil, ground) efam ; 

-grave, n. omantam-dehyepan- 

yin; -lord, odede, odan wura, 

ofi-; -lady, oded6, ofi awura. 


land, V. yi aguade gu fam ; {of per- 
sons) fi hyen mu ko fam, si fam. 

lane, n. boron, pi. mm-, okwan, 
pi. a-; (&Ms/t-) gsa, -kwan; cut 
a path., twa sa, pi. twitwa asa. 

language, n. okasa, pi. a- . 

lank, a. tenten; -v. ware. 

lantern, n. okanea, pi. a- . 

lap, n. sereso, serem ; -v. {layover) 

bobg(u); {lick) taforo. 
lapis, n. obo, pi. a-, 
lapse, n. asefwe, afweasee. 

large, a. kese, kokuro, kokiiroko, 

kakra, kakraka, kataban, koti; 

kuntann, kantann,wi; petepon; 

kyemadii; § 133, 4; -?;. so; e- 

mu go. 
larva, n. osa a onworoo neho e, 

- a onnya mfii kotoku (a ohye 

mu) mu e, 
lash, V. fwe, bo, boro,, 

-mpire, -twom. 
lash, n. mma, mpire, twom. 
lass, n. abawa, ababa,^?. mm- ; abo- 

frabea, obeawa, obawa, abeafo. 

last, V. kye, kyere. 

last, a. nea edi akyiri, -eto ase, 

-etwa to, -ekata mpa; § 83, 4; 

my- word. f eha, nam'ano abeso; 

asem a eto ase. 

last, W. awiei, akyiri; phr. aky, 
besi or bewie yen den? 

109 lay 

lastly, ad. nea edi ne nhina akyi, 
- yede wie, - yede twa asem no to. 

late, a. kan, nea aka akyiri, -a- 
mma ntem, - ebaa enkyee ; (dead) 
nea okaa babi (enkyee) ; - in the 
evening, (anadwofa) fomm. 

lately, ad. nnano, enkyee. 

lather, n. samina ahuru. 

latitude, w. tere; asase nfweso ko- 
rokorowa a enam ne tere mu. 

lattice, V. (de mmobadua, mpopa) 
nwona (dan). 

lattice, n. ahunaniankansa. 

laugh, V. sere, bo aserehyehye. 

laugher, n. osereserefo, pi. a- . 

launderer, laundress, w.adehoro- 
fo, ntamah., otansifo, pi. a-. 

lava, w. ogyabepo mu ade a atu gu. 

lave, V. guare. 

lavish, V. see ade. 

lavishment, lavishness, n. ahofwi ; 
sikasee, adesee. 

law, n. mmara, ahyede ; ceremo- 
nial-, asoreho m. ; moral-, o- 
bara ho m. ; political-, oman ho 
m, ; -ful, mmara (kwan) so, a- 
manyo-; -giver, mmarahyefo; 
-suit, asem; abanmusem. 

lawyer, n. mmaranimfo; okasa- 
gyefo, pi. a- . 

lay, V. da, deda, gu, gugu, to, sum, 
-waste, see, bo or hye dwerebe. 


layer, «.okafam inpa; (sucker) te- 
dua, otwate; brick-, obantoni, 
pi. a--fo. 

layman, w.onihumani; aySmfo. 

laziness, n. aniha, akwadwerg, 
werehunu (ye). 

lazy, a. onihafo, okwadwofo, were- 
hunu; he is-, n'ani ahau. 

leadjM.suinpi, vroso; -bar, n. abo- 
daban; -pencil, n. pensere. 

lead, V. gya, kyere kwan; di kaii, 
- anim ; de..ko ; ; gye tata, 
gyigye; (said of road) si; phr. 
their road does' nt- to this place, 
won kwan hsi kurom ha. 

leader, n. okwankyerefo, pi. a-, 
phr. he is the - in the case, oso 
asem no nh. ti. 

leaf, w.ahaban, pZ.nh-; -of palm- 
trees: bere(u), daha. 

leafless, a. ^ become-, to be-, po. 

league, n. apam; wowo apam = 

leak, V. nwini, nwun. 

lean, a. teatea, w6, hamah-, nya- 
mo; -man, okankrautan; to he, 
become-, fou; -ness, ofon. 

lean, v. tweri, wau. 

leap, V. huru ; {tmihjoy) te(u) akra- 

learn, v. sua, tie, 

learned, a. onyansafo, yl. a-, o- 
nim(de)fo ; nea onim iihomam. 

110 leg 

learner, w. osflani, pL a--fo, abae- 

fo, abefo. 
learning, n. nyansa, nimdee. 
lease, n. awowaside, afenne, (ade 

bi a wode fem). 
least, a. (ne nhina mu) akuma, ke- 

leather, n. nhoma; oguanhomaj 

nantwi -, asoiih - ; strap of- to 

strangle s. b., momporo. 
leave, n. okwan, okwanma, -to; 

okarako; to take-, kara; phr. 

he bade me good-night or he 

took leave to stay away some 

days, wakara me una ; he did 

not say that he would stay over 

night, wankara me nna. 
leave, v. gyau, fi, gyae. 
leaven, n. mmokau. 
lecher, n. obaninnuaman. 
lecture, w.okat, okyere, gkasaky. 
lecturer, n. odekyerefo, ade bi mu 

ledger, n. akonta-nhoma. 
leech, n. amemim. 
leer, v. bu anikye. 
lees, n. pi. (of palmwine)nsa.]pu; 

epu; asunsonpupu. 
leeward, a. anafo; afa a mfraraa 

bo ko ho. 
left, a. benkum; -hander, oben- 

leg, n. euan, pi. id. <& a-, Ak. nane, 

gyawa, pi. nny-, gya, yl. nnya. 

leg 111 

legal, a. cf. lawful. 

legend, n. anansesem, ayesem; te- 

tesem, mpanyinsem ; {motto) si- 

kabona so nkyereue. 
legislate, v. bye mmara, di-. 
legislation, W. mmarahye. 
legislative council, n.mmaraihje- 

fo nhyiam. 

leisure, n. adagye; to have-, wo 
adagye, or nsa da bo; to 
work in -time, di bonno. 

lemon, n. anka, akanka, akenka, 

lend, V. fem, firi^ bo bosea, -besea. 

length, n. tenten, ntwerau (atwe- 
mu) ; ware, wa ; {of time) kye, 
kyere ; {of life) onyinkye ; at 
full-, totote ; phr. obea bo t. 

lengthen, v. twe (mu); ma.. ware, 
-wa, -..kye. 

lent, n. mmuadabere. 

lentil, n. asedua. 

leopard, n. gsebo; diff. names: 

ketebo, etwi, kurotwiamansa, 
gyahene, adammakwadwo, oko- 
dorn. osuadom, aboafufu. 

n. gkwatani, pi. a--fo, opi- 
pl. a-. 
leprosy, n. kwata, piti, fawobo- 

less, a. kakra, ketewa, kuma a 
ennu ebi {or obi de) so. 




essen, «;. huan, ..(re)sa; cans.,, yi..-. 
esson, n. nea wosua, adesuade; 

est, conj., na amma se ebia.., anye 

sa a.. . 
et,, gya, ma okwan; {lease) 

fem, firi; -out, yi, gya; -out 

secrets, ..ano ye toro, -torofe- 

etter, n. omanakyereu, -nboma, 

iiboma; {print, types) nkyereue, 

eve I , e;,, ma eta, - eho ta ; 

{-the ground over..) ka sram so. 
evel, a. nea ebo or eso ta, fita, 

monomm-; -n. water-, nsii- or 

evy, V. gye to; {milit.) 
ewd, a.tobe-, ye or pe aniwude; 

bo ahofwi, - nnyennyentwi. 
iar, w.otorofo, opasafo, otekrema- 

ib,pl. a-, okontomponi, pi, a- -fo. 
ibation, n. ofwie, afwiesS. 
jberal, a. to he-, nsam tee, yam 

ye; -person, odefo, oyamyefo, 

iberality, n. ayamye. 
iberate, v. de obi bo kye no, yi, 

gye, pon ; gya, ma okwan. 
iberation,n.ogye; -war, akogye. 
iberty, n. okwan, bo kw.; abofa- 

di, ebode ; to be at -, wg bo kwan . 

eho kw. (ma..). 




library, n. nhoma ahyehyee, nh. 

licenSB, n. ehokwanma-nhoma, a- 

kwannya-nh . 

lick, V. tafo, taforo. 

lickerish, a. anom 

lid, n. mmuaso, nkataso; -of a 

powder-case, kankantiri. 
lie, n. atoro, otoro, apasa, nnabra- 

ba, nkoiikonsa; (Jib) ohiatoro. 
lie, c.di atoro, -toro, boa, ka ato- 

sem, di ntorofosem. 
lie, V. da, deda, gu, gugu, bea, 

beu, boa, sam, butu; -down, 

da fam, -ho, koda; -in wait 

for blood, bu, teu..akum... 
life, n. iikvva, asetra, 'bara, abara- 

bo, -bu, amammui; -guard, 

ankobeafo; his -is in danger, 

ne ti ato; -time, asetra, nkwa 

una nh. 
lifeless, a. nea awu, -enni nkwa. 
lift, V. ma so, so ; - up, ma so, soso, 

kukuru, tam; pihr. fetch that 

heavy load, ko tam adesoa no 

liQht, a.hare(hare), hatah-,fetef-; 

phr. - ly won, - lygone, fwimfw - 

ade kg sorosoro. 
light, «.okanea,2)?.a-,hann;-feowse, 

hyen or p6 so kwaiikyere ka- 

light, V. so (kanea); {anchor) tu 


lighter, w.kaneasofo;(&oa^) bonto, 
pi. a-, ahyemma. 

lightning, n. anyinam, osraraan; 
-flashes, any. or osr. pae ; - stri- 
kes a tree, any. si or duru duam ; 
-has struck him, osr, apae asi 
no so. 

h-, nea ne ti nso no soa. 

lightmindedneSS, n. animhare, a- 

like, a. nea ese ; -v. se, sese. se pe, 

ye pe; te se. 
like, ad. te se, (te) senea; -v. se. 
like,; do; pe, pene; 

phr. ope no = he Icves her (sex.). 
liken, v. de (fa).. to ho; se, wiewie. 
likeness, n. nseso, subau; {photo) 

likewise, a^. saara, sa bi, bi; 

§ 134, 3b. 
lily, n. (water-) sukoko, ^Z. n-. 
limb, n. honam ade, kwa, pi. a-, 

kwae, apo(mu). 
lime, n. akado; -stone, akadobo. 

obo a wohye de ye ak. 
limit,w.ohye,^Z. a-; (oftotvn) ano; 

(end) awiei; reach-, to topam. 
limit, V. bo hyebaii, sisi ahye so 

nnua ; (border) bo or to fuhye. 

bo hye. 
limp, V. to apakye, to dwonkii, ye 

or si si; -ingly, (nam) ukgn- 

twek-, pensep-. 




line, n. nsane, nsanho, nsensane; 
(cord) hama, pi. a- or n- ; (milit.) 
mpasua; (r02<?) kyerepen ; draw 
a- or cover with -s, san, sensan ; 
form the- for battle,twa. mpasua. 

line, V. dura mu, - ho ; draw-, san, 
sensan (hama). 

lineage, W. ase, awontoaso, 
linen,w.aburokyiriorasawa nwera. 
linger, v.twentwen (nan) ase, twen; 

gye..da so, bo sonsonku; pokye. 
linguist, n. okasa ahoro ho nim- 

defo; (speaker) okyearae, abaii- 

link, n. ka, nkonsonkonson, iikgn- 

sonk. mu kwa. 
lint; n. nwera a woayiyi no asa- 

wa; asawa bokob- bi. 
lion, n. gyata, pi. a-, saremusee, 

\'\[i,,a.nof3ifsi; to murmur with 

shut-uplips, besebese (n')ano; 

-devotion, anosom. 
liquefy, v. bono ; (hi/ fire) nan, nane, 
liquid, n. nea esen ; nsunsude. 
liquor, n. anonne a ebo, mmosa, 

list, 71. dinfre nhoma, nneema horo 

din nkorenkore nh. ; (strip of 

cZo^/i) ntaraa-bamma, -bena. 

listen, v. tie; yeaso, wen-; listen! 
monj^e aso ! 

litigation, n. asem; apesemadi. 

litigious, «. nea ope asem adi, ope- 

little, a. ad. ketewa, kijma, kakra, 

kakra, ketekete, pi. nketenkete, 

mfetemfetewa ; -y. sua, susiia; 

-by-, nkakra-nk-; § 133, 3. 
liturgy, n. asorensem. 

Iive,w.traase,te-, da,te;-o»,di,di- 
di (brb. so) ; (behave) bo bara ; - in 
concubinage, twe mpana, wew6. 

livelihood, living, n. nea wonya 
de tra ase, asetrade ; akwan- or 
akonhamabode, adwuma so ade. 

lively, a. wewe, hareh -, manyam-, 

liver, n. berebo, mmereb6(o). 

lizard, w. oketeu, oketere, pi. a.-; 
kinds: oborgra, odannena, nta- 
fontafo; osamanapa, obosomake- 

lo, int. fwe! [tere, pi. a-. 

load, n. adesoa, jpZ. nnosoa; exces- 
sive-, adesoakyene. 

load, V. soa, kyekye (adesoa); (-a 
gun) poma (tuo, oprem). 

loaf, n. (abodo) osebou, akwabo, 
oboabo; (-of bread) bodobodo. 

loan, 71. bosea, besea; (lend) bg b. ; 
(borrow) pe b. 

loathe, V. fono; kyi; ..h6ye..nwi- 
ni or nwun, ..ho ye..ahi. 

lobby, n. nnammgn-nampan, ntwi- 

lobster, n. gkgtg, pi. a-, gbonkg, 
pi. m- . 





lock, n. apratwom, gponani; kra- 
doa; -of gun, tuo ani; fasten 
a-, si apr. ; -of hair, mpese, jp/. 
mpesemp-j bo mp. 

lock, V. to mu, si(u) ano, bram ho, 

locomotive, n. keteke-afiri, boto- 
hiihu- or ohuruhiiro-afiri. 

locust, n. abebe, pi. mm-; kinds: 
boadabi, ntuntum§, fwidom, o- 
birinkran,otutuafuru,ewi, opiti, 
okra, ot-^e. 

lodge, t;. see (obi, -fi); te.., tra.. . 
lodging, n. asoee, ahoho trabea; 

trabea, odaii, ofi ; take-, soe (obi) ; 

phr. meye ne h oho; wakosoe hoho. 

loft, n. nsemso, -dan. 

lofty, a. sronsron, koronkorgn. 

log, n. duasin, nnyansm. 

log-book, n. nsentitiri anoboa nho- 

loin, 11. asen, dwoiiku; -cloth, dan- 
ta, amoase, odena ; bo da., mo am., 
mo dena. 

loiter, V. twentwen (naii) ase, kye; 
ye aniha, diorsee here; phr.-ing 
about was Ms const, occupation, 
akurodo na onam twe da. 

loiterer, n. gkwadwofo, onihafo. 
lonely, a. nko, -ara, iikuto. 
long, «.tenten, bantenn, bansonn; 

wu ; - V. (of time) ware, kye ; 

- ad. ara, da, dayi ; dabid - ; - ago, 

tete (nterede); akye; eny6 nne; 
as- as, wgre(ye)yi.. . 

long, V. ani gyina, -kisa, fe, do- 
do; phr. they weep fr. secret 
-ing, wgdod5 won yam su. 

longitude, n. asase nfweso koro- 
korowa a ekg ntenten mu. 

longsuffering, n.boasetg, abotga- 
se, abodwokyere. 

look, V. fwe; -staringly, fwe ha, 
-dinn, gyen(obi); -about, toto 
ani ; - around, twa ani, pi. twi- 
twa (wgn) ani,bu nkgmpg; -ing 
around, inf., anitwa; -6acA;,fwe 
akyiri, dan .. ani; -evil, bu ani- 
kye; -/or,fwefwe; -at piercing- 
ly, tutu ani fwe or kyere ; it 
looks like.., (eho (yr ani) te se... 

lOOkingglaSS, w.afwefwe, afwede. 

loom, n. asa, asadua. 

loose, a. hodwohodwo ; to become-, 
e. g. unimportant, ade aheiihan 
(n')aui so ; {of the bowels :) to be-, 
..yam abg; -n. ayambg, -tu. 

loose, loosen, «?. san; {fig) hodwo. 

loquacious, a. gkasafo, okurokuro- 
fo ; ano kurok-,-bireb-,-ber6b-. 

lord, w.owura,2??.a- -nom, awurade. 

Lord's supper, n. Awurade adidi, 

lose, v. yera, to kyene, fi nsa, bg; 
-the way, to kwan, fora-, yera, 
hara, yerabasa ; a lost thing {or 
person), odwen. 




loss, n. oyera, Ak. ohara, ofwere, 
obo;gsee; phr. I am at a- where 
to go, mato dwen minhu nea m^h- 
ko ; he is at a-, asem no abo no 
pogo or ahin no ahan no, 

lot, n. ntonto, osikyi; nkarabea, 
anyank6nn6; ade, kyefa; phr. 
it is his-, eye anyankonne a eda 
ho dada. 

loud, a. ad. eng kese, dennen. 

lounger, n. onihafo, okwadwofo, 
pi. a-, (ye)werehunu, 

louse, n. dwu, dwie. 

love, n. gdo (pa) ; [sexual) ope ; 
illicit sex. ~, mpanatwe; -letter, 
odomananh6ma,nwewe nh. ; -fa- 
vour, apede, mroapede. 

love, V. do, pe (obi) asem ; [sex. -) pe. 

lovely, a. nea efi odo or koma mu, 
-ema obi ho ka ne ho. 

lover, n. odofo; {illicit-) m^ra., m- 
pana, pi. -fo, wew6. 

iOVingkindneSS, n. odo, ayamye, 

low, a. nea abere ase, - aba fam, 
-aboto; {of voice) heie; famfam; 
femm; nea enware, -ato mu; 
ase de, fam-. 

lower, V. here ase, ma ba fam ; -a 
price, teu bo so; -the voice, si., 
nne ase. 

lowliness, n. ahoberease, ayiraa- 
fo-or ayemfodeyo. 

lowly, ^Je-, here neho ase (femm). 

lowness, n. asebere, nea ewo or 
eko fam femm; {fig) (aye no) 
foto, nea waboto. 

\Qi\N-water, it is-, epo atwe. 

lubricate, v. torom, kokwa or pg.. 
ho, ye.. ho torot-. 

lucifer, n. gharanfo 'wuodi. 

luck, n. siade ; anyankonne, asiane; 
he has missed-, wagya siade; 
if I work for money, I get nonet 
meka siade a, emma; good-^ a- 
karade, siade; fa or nya s. 

lucky, a. to be-, ye osiadefo, siade 
nipa, ka siade, tu ahu, ne kara 
ye; he is-, oka siade. 

lukewarm, a. boturobodwo. 

lump, n. sin, pi. asinasin, tgu. 
lunacy, n. abiribiri, -twa. 
lungs, w. pZ. ohurututu. 
lurk, V. bu, te; dede. 
lust, V. ..ani here, ..kgn do. 
lust, n. anibere, akgnng ; {fleshly -) 

honamak.; -of power, nnisope. 
luxuriously, ad. kye. ^ 

luxury, n. tamudi, kyeyg, adipo, 

adetrasodi or akunkunkanneyg. 
lying, cf. lie. 

lynch, V. kum obi ne n'anora aten, 
asafofo bu won ani gu so or kwa- 
ti aten twe obi aso or kum no. 


Machine, n. afiri, pi. m-, ade, pi. 




mad, a.tobe-, bo dam, -gye, gyi- 

mi ; ani so ka, tirim ka. 
madam, n. awura, ena; obapan- 

yin, enowa. 
madman, n. odamfo, obodamfo, 

ogyefo, pi. a- . 
madness, n. odam, adammo, gye. 
magazine, w.aguadedan, adekora-, 

aduaiikoradan, afiase. 
magician, w.osumanfo,2?^a-,ayeri, 

gbaninyen, obayifo, ntafoayifo. 

magnet, n. twebo. 

magnificient, a. fefefe, anuonyam 

mu ; wofwe a enfwe. 
magnify, v. bye.. anuonyam, ma.. 

so ye..kese. 

mahogany, w.gpopao, kwabohorg, 

maid, n. ababa, abawa, pi. mm-, 


maidenhood, n. mmababere. 

maidservant, n. abawa, pi. mm-, 
gsomfoba ; {slave -) afana, pi. m- . 

maimed {person), apakye, pi. m-. 

main, n. a. titiri, mu, aderau, ako- 
ten; -body, adgnten, dgnkuni- 
ni; -land, asasepgn; -ocean, 
epopgn; -point, akoten. 

maintain, v., kura, yen; 
{feed) bg akwan- or akgubama. 

maize, w.aburo; {of the last year) 
kukuradabi; {of the present sea- 
son) poporoku ; - blossom, n. m- 

pesee ; - v. pese ; - bread, n. {boil- 
ed) dokono; {baked) abodo; ear 
of-, betem, pi. mm-; stalk of-, 
buronan ; to reap-, bu ab., huan 
or sunsuane mmetem ; fe(u) or 
tutu ab., (bg sanku). 

majesty, w. ghempgn mmeran; di- 
bea titiri ; Otumfog n. a. 

mal(e, v. ye, bg, pam, nwene (ku- 
ku); -a law, hye mmara; (-king) 
si (bene), si agua so. 

mal(er, n. gyefo, gdeyefo, pi. a- ; 
{of God) Obgadee. 

malaria, n. atiridi asran or -ba- 

male, a.gbarima, pi. mm-, gbanin; 

{of animals) onini, pi. a- . 
malefactor, n. gdebgneyefo, pi. 

nneb- . 
malice, n. bgnepe, nitaii; akayg. 
malt, n. atei. 

maltreat, v. nyafl, sofi, di..nya. 
mama, n. awo ! cf. mother. 
mammon, n. abonyade. 
man, n. onipa, pi. nn-, gbarima, 

pi. mm- ; oni, gba, pi. mma; gde- 

sani, pi. a--fo. 
manacle, n. adansa; to ad. 
manage, v. ye, di or fwe so (ye), 

kyereky. kwan. 

management, n. esofwe, nuiso. 
manager, n. esofwefo, esodifo ; (- of 
school) asuae so panyin or fwefo. 




mandarin, w.Kina amradofo din. 

mandate, n. ukara. 

mane, n. nna, nnawa, nna-aseiihwi. 

manger, n. odaase, aduannaka, 

mmoa adidide. 
mango, n. mano. 
manifest, a. fann ; to he-, da adi ; to 

become -, fi adi ; to make-, yi adi. 
manifestation, n. adfyi. 

manifold, a. horo, ahoro (pi), do- 

manhood, n. mmaninye, obarima- 
ye, unamye. 

manioc, «. baiikye, koto-, duade. 

manl(ind, n. adesa mma, nnipa-. 

manliness, ^.nnam, mmarimasem, 

-mmaninne, di abaninsem or 
mmarimasem; miaani; § 131,4. 

manner, n. yebea, okwan, su, ban; 
yl. abarabg, abarabu, amammui ; 
amanne, nneyee; -s of Europe- 
ans, burofosem; well -ed, ..ho 
twa ; 1 knoio Ms -of life, minim 
ne koree ne ne bag. 

manoeuvre, n. nsrabokyeree, don- 
koe-siiae, akodisua-fwee ; {fig^ 

mansion, n. odankese, ofikese, a- 


mantle, w.nkatakonmu, ohyeguso- 

manufacture, n. nsaano-adeyo o»* 
adwuma biara. 

manure, n. sumana. 

manuscript, n. nea wode nsa a- 
kyereu, nsaano nkyereue. 

many, a. habere, pi ; domankama, 
pSwa; how -7 ahe? sen? 

map, w.asase-nhoma, mm6u, mm6u- 
nhoma . 

mar, v. see. 
maraud, v. fo, ko afo. 
marauder, n. ofofo, pi. a- . 

marble, n. marmorabo, 

march, v. nante, nam kwan so ; (for 

fight) tu sa, enforced-, tu ape- 

mare, n. gponkobere, pi. a-. 
margin, n. ano, nhoma ano. 

marine, n. pososrani, pi. -fo. 

mariner, n. hyenmuni, ^^^.-fo, hyen 

mu adwumayefo. 
mark, n. nso, agyirae; botae; {-of 

wound) etwa, pi. a-; hit the-, 

bo botae mu, 
mark, v. bye nso, -gyirae, bota; 

- out a plantation, si afuo ; phr. 

- it and look = depend on it, si 
so dua fwe. 

market, n. gua, dwa, gua so, a- 

marksman, w.neanensatee or tene. 

marriage, n. aware, ayeware; 
{wedding) ayeforohyia. 




marrow, W. ohon; dorap6 mu hon, 

tirim h. 
marry, v. ware, wa, ware yere or 

ba, hyia oyere. 
marsh, n. atekye, dotoyafi ; asase 

marshy, a. taka, takataka. 
martial, a. nea efa osa or akodi ho. 
martyr, n. mogyadansefo. 
marvel, n. anwonwade, nkonyfi; 

masculine, a. nea eye onini or 

mash, y. si(u), pete, poto; fra. 
mask, v.n. cf. disguise; bye kra- 

mason, n. obantoni, ^Z. a--fo; 

- work, masonry, abantofo a- 

dwuma, abanto. 
mass, n. ku, tou; confused-, a- 

funtumfra ; (ecclest.) katolikefo 

asoreyebea bi. 
massive, a. nea edi mu, -esi ho 

pim, -eye peme. 
mast (o/s/t Jp)iW.hyendua,2?Z.-nuua. 
master, n. o wura, owira,, pl.s. • nom, 

awurade, opanyin,jpZ. mp- ; (own- 
er) gdede ; -of a slave, akoa (a- 

fana) wura. 
mastership, w. owuraye, gpanyin- 

ni ; dwumadi mu nyansa. 
masticate, v. we, wesa, wosa. 
mat, n. kete, pi. a- ; kinds: (ntom- 

ma, mpa, apa, boadekana); roll 

up the-, bobo kete. 

mat, or nwene ket6, aketenw. 
match, n. {marriage) aware; (fire) 

mate, n. oyonko, pi. a.-, oboafo, 
pi. a.-, tipen, pi. -fo] (sJlip^s-) 
(hyen mu) adiakyiri, 

material, w.nneema a wode ye a- 
dwuma biara (se dote, dade, tarn 
n. a.). 

maternity, n. ena-ye, ena-do. 

mathematics, n. ade anobu or su- 
su, nkonta ho nimdee. 

matrice, n. awotwea. 
matrimony, n. aware. 
matron, n. aberewa, pi, mm- . 
matter, w.ade, asem ; (pus) kuru mu 

nsu, mogyasufene; it does' nt-, 

enye brb.j it is no- of import., 

eiibia; previously arranged-, 

mattock, n. aso, ososo, fatudade, 
mattress, n. matras, burofo-kete, 

pikyi,pZ. m-', straw-, kyeakyea. 
mature, v. wie nyin, here, - du mu, 

du ne peye mu. 
maturity, n. onyin^ie. 
maw, n. (aboa) furu. 
may, v. ..wo ho kwan, tumi. 
mayor, n. omanpanyin, odekiiro, 

maze, n. afomfomkwan. 
me, pron. me (s. t. pronounced mi 

after i, u), m'. 




meadow, n. sare(asase), tesare. 
meager, a. t^atea, hamahama, w6 ; 

-V. foil. 
meal, n. osiam, asikeresiam, awi, 

kyekyere; (food) aduari, adidi. 
mean, a. nea abu so ; - emfra, hu- 

hu(o), konniiroku. 
mean, -time, ntam, nsem yi gyina 

mu no ; ansa, eno ansa ; ebere yim'. 

mean, means, n. ade, adwinne, a- 
deyede; by all-, edan or enye 
den ara a-, (se) ay ere so a = emu 
aye den a ; with negation : bi/ 
no-, ayere so na wontumi iiko 
a, or: woka no babi ua emma 
a, ma obi 'nko ! phr. I cannot 
do it by any-, meka no babi 

meaning, n. tirim (asem) ; ase, asee ; 
phr. ase beko sa ; mente be no 
ase; se asee bekoro ne no. 

measles, n. pi. ntoburo. 

measure, v. susu, to hama; twa 
(kora ma); -n. asusude, susu- 
dua, -bama, -kora, twakora, 
twahina ; {thought) nsusui ; way 
of - ing, susabea. 

measurement, n. hamato, osusu; 

{fig.) nsusui. 
meat, n. enam; aduan; atomdee; 

dried -, naiihoe ; siveet -s, nno- 

konnokowade; -stew, foroforo. 
meddle {with), v. de neho fra mu 

or gyigye mu; pe asem. 

meddler, n. ohogyigyemfo, pi. a-, 
osempefo, tereterefo, pi. a-. 

mediate, v. pata; si.. ntam. 

mediator, n. opatafo, pi. a-, ntam- 
gyinafo, okasagyefo, pi. a- . 

medical art, aduruye, oyaresa ho 
nimdee; -man, oduruyefo; osu- 
manni, pi. asumanfo, osunkwa- 
ni, pi. -fo. 

medicament, medicine, n. aduru; 

meditate, v. susu so or ho (ye) 

dwen asem, da dwen, di.. tirim 

tare akyiri. 
meditation, n. oda-dwene, -susu 

nsusuho, nnwenho, 
meek, a. to be-, dwo, ani dwo, ani 

ka ase or ye mmere; opp., ani 


meekness, n. odwo, mmere, -ye. 
meet, v. hyia ; {overtake) to ; {as- 

sem&Ze) hyiamu; (yo/w)kua ano; 

ano hyia ; going to -, akwan- 

hyia; -a claim, di; edi sa, se edi 

ara ne no; -face to face, bo a- 

nim, di mmoanim. 
meeting, n. nhyia, nhyiamu; 

-place, ahyiae. 
melange, n. mfrafrae, 
mellow, a. fiirufuru ; fam ho aye f. 
melody, n. dwontobea, pi. nnw- . 
melon, n. fere, anowatere; -tree, 

melt, V. bono; {by fire) nan, nane. 




member,??, honam (ho) ade or kwa; 

{court -) baguani, J?/, -fo, osafoni, 

pi. a- -fo. 
memory, n. ti, tirim, nkae. 
men, mmarima ; nnipa, adesa- 

mma; cf. man; to be full of-, 

nnipa ye ho manyamanya. 
menace^ v. teetee,, 
mend, v. sa,, tuatua (mu), 

ye brb. yiye. 

mendicant, n. ohMfo, ofwafoo, o- 

sereserefo, pi. a-. 
menstruate, bra, bu nsa, ko 

menstruation, n. bra(ye), asabu, 

mensuration, n. nneema horo su- 

su hu nirndee. 
mention, w.dimmo; (inahadway) 

nnimmo ; phr. nnimmo-nnimmo 

doso, afei gyae! woasoa no nni- 

mmokye = wommo no diii pa, 

oyau n. a. na eka ho. 

mention, v. bo din, -so; not to-, 

much less, - more, ad. nkantom ; 

omfii ase e, wawie; don't 

mention it\ mmq so! § 134, b. 
mercery, n. (seda or sirikyi) a- 

merchant, v. oguadini, obatani, 

pi. a--fo. 
mercy, n. mmoborohunu, ayam- 

hyehye, timobo ; nkyeeso j to 

have-, hu ramobo. 

mere, a. hunu, kwa; -It/, komm; 
phr. neho komm na ode aba. 

merge, v. mem. 

meridian, 72. owi-gyinabea or -gyi- 

nae dantaban. 
merit, n. oye-nya, akatua, amam- 

mui pa. 
merriment, w.anigye, anika, ani- 

merry, a.akrayam' ; tobe-, te akr. 
mess, w. aduan,adidi; asafo, feku. 
message, w.nkara, kasee; amanee. 

messenger, w.obofo,osomafo,^Z.a-. 

messiah, w. nea woasra no; ogye- 
fo, ohene ; Kristo. 

metal, n. fagude, ogubo (?). 
metamorphose, t;.ye neho brb.dan. 
mete, v. susu, to hSma. 
meteor, n. wim apayere. 
methini(S, v. eye me se, mede mise.. . 
method, w.oyesuo, okwan a wonam 
so ye brb. 

metropolis, n. ahenkuro. 
midday, n. awia, owigyinae; 

§ 129, 6. 
middle, a. 72. mu, ntam, mfinimfini; 

-finger, n. nsateahene. 

midnight, 7i. odasum. 

midst, n. mfinimfini. 

midwife, n. awogyefo; -v. gye.. 

midwifery, w.awogye, -ho nyansa. 

mig 121 

might, n. ahooden, tumi. 
mighty, a. ohogdenfo, oturafo; nea 

odi tumi or owo ano omaii mu. 
migrate, v. tu ko; tu kwan. 
mild, a.mmere,bereo,komm ; to be-, 

dwo, koma ho dwo, ani dwo ; yam 

ye ; -person, onipa a oye mmere, 

odwo ; oyamyefo, pi. a-. 
mildew, n. ntu; afifide or ntade so 

mildness, n. anidwo; ayamye. 
military, a. nea efa donkoe ne a- 

srafo ho brb. ; -w.akofofo, edom. 
milk, n. nufusu; -maid, abawa 

nufukyifo; -v. kyi nufu. 
mill, w. ayame, awiyame; -stone, 

wiyammo, wiyammoba. 
miller, n. owiyamfo. 
millenium, n. mfe apem (ahenni). 
million, n. opepem; §78, 5. 
mimic, n. cf. imitate; asuasua. 
mince, v. twitwa nketenkete or 

mehemehe, nyaku-ny-. 
mind,«.ti, tirira, adwene, koma, bo ; 

were; enter into one^s-, si.. ani so. 
mind, v. de si or to tirim; to bear 

in-, kae, ..ani wo so, ..dweri ho, 

,.fwe yiye; phr. he does'nt -it, 

opra n'aso akyi; he bears in-, 

ode ye n'aso so ade or asem; 

never -I enye brb.! 
mindful, a. ..ani ka or ku..h6, nea 

okae, -odwen..h6,-n'ani W0..S0, 



mine, pron. me, me de, me dea; 

§ 58. 62 ; it is not-, enye mede, 

Ak. enni wo me. 
mine, n. (sika, gyabiru) amoa, a- 

mana, nkoron, nkonon. 
miner, n. nkorontufo. 
mineral, a.fagude, nea efa abo ho. 
mingle, v. de..fra; = prp. 

among ; ^ 111, Si; to be -d with,; phr. nsu fra nno mu. 

mining, n. nkorondwuma, 
minister, n. osafofwefo, pi. a-, 0- 

sofo, akrayenfo, anyamesem ho 

somfo; omahsofwe mu somfo- 

mint, n. nea wogu mia sikamono 

ho, sikagubea. 
minuend, n. akonta mu nyifimude, 

minute, n. simma; (- papers) nsem- 

ma-nkyereue, -nhoma. 

miracle, n. anwonwade, nkonya, 
ahodwiride, tumide; ntafoayi. 

mirage, n. kumafrote, 

mire, n. atekye, dontori, dotoyan. 

mirror, n. afwefwe. 
mirth, n.agovu, anigye ; aseresem, 

miry, a. poto. 

miscarry, v. nye yiye, tere..h6; 

(abort) pon. 
miscarriage, n. obarabgne, bara- 

kye ; {abort) opoii. 




mischief, W.n]musu,bone,amuiiioye. 

mischievous, a. to he-, bo mmu- 
su, di.,aboro; -person, obusufo, 
obofo, omumoyefo, pi. a- . 

miser, n. opepeefo, okyekyefo, o- 
yamonwenefo, pi. a- . 

miserabJe, a. to he-, ye mmobo. 
misery, n. amane, -bunu, ade a 
eye ramobo, ahobia. 

misformed person, omumo,^Z.a-. 
misfortune, n. asiane, mmusu, a- 

beu, abu, amane. 
misgiving, v. akyinnyegye, abotu. 

misguide, v. kyere.,kwammone, 
dada obi. 

mishap, n. asiane, amane. 

mishappen, v. siane; brb. aye no. 

mislay, vJbm tobe. 

miss, n. ababa, ^Z. mm-, owuraba. 

miss, f.siane or tere ho; (fl'oJe^/ow^?) 
tra ; -a step, watiri, fom ; -way, 
yera, hara; the gun misses fire, 
otuo pa. 

misshape, v.diadwimpori, ye brb. 
mumo mu. 

mission, n. asempamutere, osoma- 
sera; -church, asempaterefo a- 
safomu; -committee, asemp. ti 
kese ; foreign -, babifo mu asem- 
patere; -society, asemp. feku; 
-station, abofotrabea. 

missionary, n . obofo,;;/. a- ; - work, 
asempatere - adwuma ; - worker, 
asemp. dwumayefo. 

mist, n. kusukukii, omununkum. 
mistalce, n. ofom, mfomso; hy-, 

nsapamu; -u. fom. .so. 
mistress, n. awurd, abord, aboro- 

wa, odefi ; -of a slave, akoa (a- 

fana) awura. 
mistrustful, a. nea wonhu ne tirim, 

kura..h6 anibone. 
mite, n. niwa; adeketewa. 
mix, V. fra, ka..h6, fra mu ; {fig) they 

are mixed up, wodi afuntumfra, 

-afrafra, woafrafra mu. 
mixture, n. mfrafrae, obidanebi; 

moan, v. di..nkommo, su, gyam, 

were ho. 
mob, n. iikwafweaba, nkwasam- 

pafo, mansotwefo. 

mobilisation, n. adon-ye. 

mobilise, v. ye dom, noa sa. 
mock, V. sere, di ho fe, goru ho, 

yi ahr, si atwetwe. 
mocker, n. ofedifo, ohiyifo, gtwe- 

twefo, pi. a- 
mockery, n. ahiyi, fedi, atwetwesi. 
model, n. iifweso, nsususo. 
moderate, a. adantam ; eho ne ho; 

-'y.ta..boyebrb., ye brb. wgano- 

woano, ..ani (so) da ho ; -theprice, 

susu ani gye..kakra. 
moderation, n. anidaho; wo-ano 

wo-ano; kwanso-kwanso. 

modern, a. nea abase, -abesi so, 
-abegyina so. 




modest, aio&e-, anidaho,-kafam 
or ase; -tongue, tekremabere ; 
oye t. ; in- manner, ayemfom. 

Mohammedan, w.kramo, kramoni, 
pi. n- -fo, tabouni, pi. -fo. 

moist, a. fdsg, fosofoso, fofo. 

moisten, v. fo(u). 

moisture, w. huasu, fwSsuo. 

mole, n. (on skin) samannya; (a- 
boa bi a ohore sie), afw^a, afw^ea. 

moment, w. anitwa, ahuntwara, 
aniwabu; this-, ad. seseara. 

monarch, n. qhene,pl.a.-, ohenemn, 
ghempoporo; opumpuni. 

monarchy, n. abenni, ahemman. 

monastery, n. nkokorafi ; monas- 
tic order, iikokora feku. 

Monday, n.Dwoda; §41,4; male 
person born on-, Kwadwo; by- 
name, Okoto; female, Adwoa. 

money, n. sika, dwete; ntrama. 

moneyless, a. ohiani, nea ne nsam 
or kotokum a-vlro, - obu fam da. 

monitor, n. ofotufo, pi. a-, kosua- 

monk, n. okokorani, pi. n--fo. 

monkey, n. akyeneboa; cf. ape. 

monogamy, n. oyekoroaware. 

monologue, «.obakofoorankonam 

monotony, n. adekoroye. [kasa. 

monster, n. obopon. 

monstrous, a. wl, kese or gso ko- 

month, w. osram', pZ, a- ; -ly wages, 

mood, n. cf. manner; kasabea, 
nsusub-, nkasae nsakrae. 

moon, n. osram', oserane, hyen, 
obosom,p?. a- ; -light, -shine, n. 
gsram hann; travel by -,{wo)naim, 
gsram so; -is full, gs. atwa puru. 

moor, w.obibini,j9?.a--fo; (marsh) 
atekye, asase fgsg. 

moral, n. a. wie- or yesuo, obara. 

morass, n. atekye, dontori, As. 

more (than), to be-, kyen, sen, 
boro, tra, - so ; it is more than 
enough, eboro so kora! 

moreover, ad. nanso, bio, san- 
kyiri, -bio. 

morning, w.angpa,adekyee; §129, 
6; -dew, w. angpa obosu, mmo- 
suwa, buasu; - light, n. adekyee, 
-bema; -star, w. kosoroma, o- 
wuodi; -sleep, nbemada. 

morrow, to-, a^. gkyena, gkana; 
§ 130, 3 ; to- morning, gkyena 
angpa(tutu), adekyea..; to-a- 
bout this time, gkyena sesebere. 

morsel, M trgma, at. ;kakrabi,sin, 
bupreko, tepr., twapr.; <?«««/«/ -s, 
mfremfremade, adgkodgkgde. 

mortality, n. owu, awupu. 

mortar, n. gwaduru; gdaase. 
mortgage, v, si (ka ano) awowa. 
mosaic work, n. nseue. 




mosquito, «.nt6nt6m \-net, nt. dan. 
moss, n. obo-so-nhwi, dua ho nh. 
most, a. pi no ara, dodo ara gyenn ; 

-V. doso (kyen ne nhina). 
moth, n. nwewee; abubummaba. 
mother, n. ena, pi. -nom, Ak. oni; 

awo ! obataii, pi. mm-, obeatan ; 

aberewa; -in-law, os6u(ase?); 

okunu na, oyere na. ' 

motion, n. abokekS, nkoso. 

motionless, a. nea enka ne ho, 
-esi ho dinn. 

mould, n. asasehono, anwemmo; 

ntu ; - V. (to shape) n wene, gu 

(fagude); {decay) gye ntu, 
moult, V. anoma ntakara ku (e. g. 

n ne ho). 

mountain-cahhage, kube. 
mountaineer, w.beposofo,2?Z. mm-. 

mourn, v. su, gyam, ye..ayj, di 

nkommg, were ho. 
mouse, n. akura, pi. n-, aboto- 

kura, pi. mm-; -hole, n. akura- 

tu, -tokuru. 
mouth, n. ano, anom ; -ful^ afono- 

ma, atroma, afompo; large -ed, 

(fig.)y§Qno^qu\iuun;pale- from 

hunger, (n')ano ahoa. 
move, V. ka, keka, twi, twu; him, 

popo, peso ; -a cawoe, hare koro; 

- in a circle, di atwasi; - on, twi 

ko anim, duom ; 'to and fro, 

woso, poso, hinhim, gyigya; di 

ako-n6-aba or akrosimado. 
movement, n. ahokeka. 
mow, V. twa, (tu sare), do(u). 
much, a. ad. habere, beberebe, pi, 

pi, papa, pam', dodo, prann ; 

to be-, do, so, doso; as -as, 

nea.., senea; how-? ahe? Ak. 

sen?; very-, beberebe; se, se 

brb. ; - less, nkantom. 
mud, n.dote, nnotee, efapotopoto, 

dontori, atekye; -wall, faban ; 

to build a--, to fa. 
mud, V. to dontori mu, dote bo gu 

(obi) so; caus., de..foro dote, de fi; rub with-, kwa, kokwa. 
mug, ?i. kuriiwa. 
mUQQy, niuggisk, cf moist, damp. 
mulatto, n. omuratoni, pi. a- -fo. 
mulct, n. akasadi, sikagye; -v. di 

..kasa, gye..sika. 
mule, n. afurumponko, opohko a- 

multiped, n. ofouom; asasewo, sa- 

multiplicand, «.nea woye no ahoro. 
multiplication, W.ahoroye;-^a&/e, 

multiplier, n. ahoroyefo, nea wode 

ye ahoro. 
multiply, V. do, ma edo, edoso; ye 

ahoro; -words, toa nsententen. 


multitude, n. dodo, nnipaku, asa- 
fo wu, nkurofoku. 

munition, n. akode; asade. 
murder, w.awudi;-».di..awu,kum. 
murderer, n. owudifo, pi. a-. 
murl(, murky, cf. darkness, dark. 


nsiiyarafo, huhuh-yefo. 
muse, n. adwenem' agyinatu. 
mU8e,y.susu,dwen,dwene,bo tirim. 

muser, «.nea odwene or osusu ma 
eko mu, -n'ani ato dwen. 

mushroom, n. mmere, mmere; n- 

music, n. nnwom, mmen, ntente- 
beii, ntorobento n. a. emu biara 
to or hyen na wofre no music. 

musician, n. nea onim nnwonto, 
ramenhyen n. a. 

musl(et, n. otuo, pi. a-, akwadam- 

muslin, «.n"^era or kuntutam me- 

must, V.,, 

mute, a. mum; -person, omum, e- 

mutilation, n. nea woatwa so, so- 

mutineer, n. (asrafo or ahyenrau- 
fo) otuatefo, pl.a^-, mansotwefo. 
mutiny, n. aWatee, manso. 

125 nap 

mutter, cf. murmur, grumble. 

mutton, n. oguannam. 

muzzle, Ti.ano, otuo ano, oprem ano. 

my, pron. me {pronounced mi hc- 
fore i, u.., cf.I, pron.); m' (be- 
fore a); § 54. 55; -self, meara, 
mankasa ; {obj.) meho. 

mystery, n. ahintasem. 

myth, n. cf. fable; anansesem; 
relate a-, to an, 


Nail, n. dadewa, pl.nn-. 

nail (of finger, toe), awere, bowere, 

pi. a-, Ak. abowfere; sickness of 

the-, bowerewua. 
nail, V. de nnadewa 
naked, a. to be-, da adagya, ,.b6 

da ho, da kwaterekwa ; -person, 

odagyafo, pl.Si-. 

nakedness, n. adagya 

name,w.edin; (&e/-)mmaran, mma- 
ranne; -less, nni din, woanto no -; 
p/ din adakakra=Ms-sZe6!/?s 
e.g. he is no more spoken of so 
much ; ne din ato nsum = his - is 

name, v. fre, to (din); § 205,4.5. 

nap, «. nkoronkoromnna, anisoyi; 
-V. yi..ani so, da nkoroiikorom- 

nape, n. kon-akyi. 

napkin, n. mpopaho, aweree. 




narrate, w, kS, -kyere ; (a message) 
bo kasee ; (- reason of journey) 
ka or bg anantese, 

narrative, n. asem, mpanyinsem, 
tetesem, anansesem, kasee; pi. 

narrow, a. hihia, teatea, fweafwea ; 
(- opening of bottle) mtlamua ; 
to be-, emu ntere, -sua; -path, 
-way, osa, akwamma; nammon- 
koro; -places, nkokoam. 

nasal pronunciation, n. nea obo 
fwene or rihwen kasa. 

nastiness, n. efi, mpebeb^, afide. 

nasty, a. tan, tantan ; poto; nwini, 
nwun;^/}r.neh6(ye)nw.; -play, 
agofo ; - song, dwommone. 

nation, n. oman, pi. amanaman, 

native, a. n. asase so ba, nea woa- 
wo no kurom ho; -medicine, a- 
bibiduru; -place, ena or agya 
kurom ; -tribe, abusiia, pi. mm-, 
rnanku, omantam, pi. a-. 

nativity, n. awo; bare or fako a 
wo woo obi. 

naturalise, v. dc.fra manmma mu, kuroni or manba. 

nature, n. su, ban, bara, awo-su, 
tebea, bgbea; abode; to be by-, 
te ; phr. natural use, yebea a ete ; 
s. th. has changed its-, ente se 
ete bio. 

naught, a. bone, huhu, funu. 

naughtiness, n. ahuhusem. 

naughty, a. to be-, di asemmone, 
nausea, n. p6 (s6) yare, abofono. 
naval, a. nea efa hyen ho brb. 
nave, n.(katraka mu) birimmirim. 
navel, n. funuma. 
navigate, v. de hyen fa nsuani. 
navigation, n. nsuanifa, hyen a- 

kwantu, -mu adwuma (ye). 
navigator, n. hyenmuni, pi. -fo, 

nea okyere hyen kwan, poani- 

navy, n. hyennodo, akohyenku. 
nay, ad. dabi, ehl', ohd; mpo, po. 
near, a.nkyen, nea eb3u(h6); -ly, 

kakilma, ekaa or aka kuraa ; -v. 

ben, benkye, benkyen, pinkye. 
nearness, «.oben,obenkye,mraene, 


neat, -ly, ad. frenkyemm. 
necessary, a. to be-, ehia, etwa 

se. . ; it is - for me, ehia or etwa 

me se.. , 
necessary, n. duaso, duadan; o- 

yanl, oyanso, tea. 

necessity, n. otwa ne yo, --ko 
n. a. ; nea ahia or; time 
of-, ohiada. 

neck, w. ekon ; (M;m/) bakon ; (JawA 
of river) asukon ; - cloth, koiimu 
diiku; -lace, abokonmu, akye 

necromancer, w.ofummisaf6,pZ.a-,. 

osaraanfrefo, pi. a- . 




necromancy, W.afuramisa, asamau- 
fre ; {carrying of a corpse) afun- 
soa ; yhr. efunu asi no, ef. ada ase. 

need, n. ohla; -v. Ma; phr.Iam 
in-, ahia me; I am much trou- 
bled, meho ahia me. 

needle, n. pane, abui; eye of-, 
pane aso, p. aniwa or fwene. 

needless, a. nea (eho) nhia; -eye 

needy, a. nea odi hia, ohiani, pi. 
a--fo; to be-, di hia. 

neese, sneeze, v. nwansi. 

negative, a. nn66 or dabi (kabea). 

neglect, v. pa, ani pa so; to (toto) 
ase, to apomafo; phr. monrito 
moho ase! 

negligence, n. anibiannaso, ani- 

sohenhan, aniyiyi, nyiyiani, a- 

setoto, apomafoto. 
negotiate, v. di, di ano, -bo; dan 

nsa; phr. he is trading, odan- 

nan ne nsa. 
negotiation, Ii.(dwumadih6)nliye- 

hyee, ntam seseu. 
negro, n. obibini, 2^1. a--fo. 
neigh, v. bo mmgn. 
neighbour, n. ofipamni, pi. a- -mfo, 

oyonko, 2)1- a-, awe. 
neighbourhood, n. mmene, mmen- 

kyeue, ..ho, ..nkyeh. 

neighbouring, a. nea eben, -ebo 
or eda hyia; kiiropam, mmene. 

neither, a. he does-, onye mu 

biara ; he does - good nor bad, 

oiiy6 papa, nanso onye bone. 
nephew, «.wofase, wofasewa, onua 

babarima, oba. 
nerve, n. ntini, hon-ntini. 
nervous, a. kitikiti; den, ghoo- 

denfo, otwentwerafo, pi. a- . 
nest, n. ebu, berebu. 
net, a.komm ; -account, sika komm; 

me sika k. na meregye. 
net, n. asau, gtan, aky6, eboa, boa, 

atra, adwokii, adwenyikuo; 

-work, ntontan; mosquito-, n- 

tontom dan. 
nether, a. ase, fam, anafo. 
nettle, n. ahyehyensa, sasono. 
neuter, a. ..ano or nsa nni asem 

bi mu; -gender, n. nea enni n- 

never, ad. da, dabi, dabiarada, pen ; 

after a neg. v. ; § 135. 
nevertheless, a£Z.(de) nanso; gya- 

ban; § 134, 3b. 
new, a. foforo, amono ; - birth, a- 

wofoforo ; -comer, n. abaefo; 

-year, afefoforo, -da(pou); 

heath. - year, odwira. 
newS;W.akwanmusem,atesem; -of 

trouble, abotusem. 
next, a. foforo; nea odi so, -oka 

ho, (- edi so, - eka ho) ; - day, 

- morning, n'adekyee. 
nib, n. ano, -feafea, fweti, fwiti. 




nice, -ly, ad. fe, fefe; oso; fefefe, 


niece, n. wofasebea, onua babea, 

niggard, n. okyekyefo, oyamon- 

wenefo; opepeefo, pi a-. 
niggard(ll)neS8, n.nkyekye, aya- 

monwene ; pepee, kane. 

nigll,a. to be-, ben,benkye, pinkye. 

night, w.anadwo,(adadwo),adesae; 
§ 129, 6; it gets-, ade sa, anim 
kata; to-, enne anadwo, ana- 
dwo yi; -animal, auadwoboa; 
-gown, (pia mu) atade wu ; good -I 
nnopa! reply: da yiye! 

nil, ad. fwe, fwete; red., fwefwe. 
nimble, a. barehare, wewe, awe- 
sewa, kamkam. 

nine, num. akron, iikron; ninth, 
etoso or etia-; nineteen, edun- 
kron ; ninety, aduakroii ; § 71.18. 

nip, V. fern, ti, bee, bebee..ho. 

nippers, n. pair of-, odabau, pi. 
a-, awiri, pi. n- 

nipple, n. nufuano. 

no, ad. (in negat. sentences; § 95 :) 
dabi, dabida; iiiio, ebe', F. 6h6; 
-a. (pron.) bi, biara; no one, 
nobody, obi, obiara; nowhere, 
ad. babi, babiara, bau. 

nobleman, n. odehye, pi. a-, ode- 
byewa, basewa, omananiwa bi, 
opanyin, otitiri, obarimakunini. 

nobility, n. adehye, nnehyewa; o- 
maiianiwafo,n]panyimfo, atitiri, 

nod, V. to nko, wo (ti) nko ; - assent, 
gye..kurura or -pene. 

noise, n. gyegyegye, ho, boye; to 
make-, teeteera', bom', ye ho; 
noisy talking, akasakasa. 

nomad, n. (mmoafwefo a wo)di atu- 
tra, otutradifo, pi. a-. 

nominator, n. dintofo. 

none, pron. a. obi, ebi, bi; -at 
all, after a neg. v. & biako : pere 
se ; you will not find any, wo- 
reiihu biako pere se ; not a drop 
is in the fug, nsu biako pere se 
nni kuruwa no mu. 

nonsense, n. asakasakasem, nkwa- 

seasera,aserafunu; nm aso ; phr. 

asem a wokae no nni aso. 
noon, n. awia, awia-kete. 
noose, n. bentia, hentua, ^;Ln-; 

(- in a bird-trap) ntereso ; (snare) 

ns6mma, dwakoro. 

nor, ad. nanso with neg. v. 
normal, a.nea enam (eho mmara-) 

kwaii so, -nyiyimu nnim. 
north, - ward, n.a.kw3iemu, -fam, 

benkum, kusiifam; § 125, 5. 

nose, n. efwene, nhwen; stink-, 
kobon; snivel of-, fwennoro. 

not, ad. enye or : negat. form of the 
v.; to be-, nye, nni (ho); -only 
..but also, enye..nk6, na..nso. 


notable, a. nea ewo din, kunini. 
notch, y.koe, koekoe; -the grind- 
ingstone, paru wijammo. 

notch, w.nkyekyewa; gsekan ano 
abo iiky. 

note, V. kari ; hye agyirae or nso ; 
kyereu, twere. 

note, n. dwonto mu nue agyirae; 

nothing, n. fwe, fwete; § 60, 2; 
biribi, with neg. v. ; it is -, ^nye 
brb., -fwe. 

nothingness, w. ne fwe a enye, 
ne hunu a eye. 

notice, n. nkara; he gives him-, 
oyi no asiti. 

notion, n. adwene, ntease. 

-ahyehye, -aye amanhunui. 
notwithstanding, a^.(eno te sa de), 

nanso..; gyabau; § 134, 3. 
nought, n. fwe, fw^te; to come 

to-, ye hunu, ye okwa, 
nourish, v. yen, ma aduan; bo 

akonhama, -akwanhama. 

nourisher, w. oyenfo, aduanmafo; 

a benevolent-, onofoe. 
novel, a. foforo; in cpds.^ ..foro. 
novice, n. abaefo. 
now, ad. afei, eyi ansa na.., sese, 

mprempren ara ; ene, nne ; § 266 ; 

-adays, nnansa yi; § 130, 1. 

129 obj 

nowhere, ad. § 125, 1 ; ban, ba- 

bi, with neg v. ; he goes-, onko 

ban, - babi. 
nudity, n. adagya. 
nuisance, n. efl, afideye, atan- 

tanne; {fig) abide. 
number, n. dodo, ano, nkane, akon- 

tahyede, ak.ntoano; -t'. buano, 

kan, kenkan. 
numeral, n. akonta-kyereue. 
numerator, n. anokyerefo. 
numerous, a. cf. many, plenty. 
numerously, ad. bebere, pi, birib-, 

pitip-, pepe; manyamanya. 
nuptials, n. pi. ayeforohyia. 
nurse, t;. ma nufu, yen, gyigye; fwe. 
nurse, n. nufumafo; (sick-) gba- 

gyigyefo, oyarefwefo. 
nut, 71. aha; palm-, adwe; coco-, 

kokosi; -oil, n. adwe niio. 


Oak, M.odum, pZ.a-; holm-, oses^. 

oar, n. gtabon, pi. a-. 

oath, n. ntam, ntanka; nseu, nsee, 

obdurate, v. ma. .ye den, pirira. 
obedience, w. asoomere, asoye, o- 

setie, osete. 
obey, V. te, tie, ye or wen aso; 

som, bu, di (asem) so. 
object, n. botae, gyinae, nkasakoa; 

-of journey, anantese, akwan- 



obj 130 

object, V. po, pa, kasa or gyina 
ho tia.., mpene so. 

objection, n. op6, opa, akasatia; 

{obstacle) akwansi, anosi. 
oblation, w. afgrebode, ayeyede. 
obligate, v. di..ano ; {bind over) 

hye mmom, sua ; {by oath) di nsee. 

Dbligation, n. ahyeyed6, emom, o- 
sua (kyere), usee, 

oblige, v, hye. 

oblique, a. to be-, nea akyea. 

obscene, a. -^aw^i^a^'e, burukasa, 

obscure, a. kusu, tumm, emu wo 

sum; wonta nte, -nhu (mu). 

obscure, v. duru sum, anim ka si. 
obscurity, n. kusuye. 
observatory, n. afwee. 
observe, v. bu, di, di so, dwen 

so ; hu, fwe, kari ; - the social 

& civil duties, bu man. 

obsolete, a. atetede, dedau, dada, 

obstacle, n. abeu, akwanside. 

obstinacy, w.anuoderi,mpI,mpiye. 

obstinate, a. to be-, nea n'aso ye 
den or awu; -oye mpi, -waso- 
ro, -wanwen; to become-, te(u) 

obstruct, V. si..kwan, si..ano. 
obtain, v. nyS, nsa ka, nsa so so; 
-by force^ fa. .dwen; -age, di 

(rafe du). 


Obvert, v. si ti ase, dan kyere. 
obvious, a. faiin, fe, pefe; it is-, 

eda adi (fann n. a.). 
occasion, n. (eho) kwan or here; 

{cause) gyinae ; - ally, ad. nea 

eba nna-nna; bonnoso. 
Occident, n. atifl, atoe, atoe-fSm. 
occiput, n. atiko. 
OCCUltation, n. nsiso; ahintae. 
occupation, n. dibea, adwuma. 
occupy, V, fa,, de, tra mu, 

kura, ma adwuma, ye adw. 

occur, V. hyia, ba, to ; {in mind) 

to tirim. 
occurrence, «.asem, abasem(bia- 

ra); unforeseen-, apatiriatom. 
ochlocracy, n. kwamau- or nkwa- 

ochre, red-, ntwoma ; white-, 

hyire; phr. ode ntw. twa n'ani 
OCrO, n. {a fruit), nkriama. [akyi. 
ocular, a. nea efa aniwa ho brb. 
odd, a. nea edi don ; (opp.-, edi use); 

(ne tirim ye no) keserenene. 
odoriferous, odorous, a. huam, 

fwara, huamhuam; to be-, yi 

hua, ye huam, -fwam. 
of, prp., «. fi; -n. ho, nti, mu. 
oflF, a. ad. prp. nea eda or ewo 

abememfi, -ete..h6 fi brb. ho; 

be-\ kol sore ho! fi ho ko! 




Offence,w.ofom ; infomso,bone ; hin 
tidua ; ahi, abufu; he is afraid of 
giving-, osuro adona. 

offend, V. ye bone, huru bo, bye 
yamgya; fom, fom so. 

offender, n, obufuyifo, tuiyifo; 
omumoyefo, oyamgyabyefo ; o- 

offensive, a. nea oka ahisem or 
abofonosem or abobosem, -obo 
toa(obi); to be-, eye(me)nyane, 

offer, v. de brb. ye obi aye, 
(obi) bo or abo ; de..koma, 
afore ; yi or di to. 

offering, n. abobg; afore, aforebo; 
to; Sunday-, kwasidato. 

office, M.fwe-dwunia, adwuma; o- 
som ; asore ; {place of business) 
adwumadan; court-, asennidan; 
-of a bishop, fwefo-adw. ; high- 
jpriestly-, osofopanyiiinwuma ; 
- V. ye (adwuma) ; som obi. 

officer, n. (oman, hyen or asrafo 
mu) panyin, osafohene; ofwefo, 
pi. a-. 

offspring, n. mma, yafumma, asefo. 

oft, often, ad. da; -v. ta; ota ba 
ba; nya as aux. v. §§ 104, 5; 
105, Ic; 107, 22; 230,2; ma- 
nya ntee = I have often heard it ; 
phr. raanya no fo ntui, manyS no 
nkakyeree, wanya sa iikae, 

oil! int. ei, ao! § 143—146. 

oil, n. nno; European-, buronfto, 
m - ; -pot, sobuwa. 

old, a. dedau, dada ; (- man) panyin, 
pl.m;tete..;tohe-, njih(perf), 
bo akwakora, bo aberewa, fu 
dwen; -fashioned, atetede; a- 
tetekwa ; - age, akoraye, nkwa- 
korabere, mmerewabere; -man, 
akora, akwakora, opanyin, pi. 
mp.; people of ancient times, 
oteteni, pi. -fo; -time, tete, 
tetebere ; - woman, aberewa, pi. 

omen, n.seixkjerenejjl.nB-; good-, 
omit, V. gyau, gyae. [siadesem. 

omnipotent, a.otumfoo, ade nhina 
so tumfoo; Tweaduampon. 

omnipresence, n. mma-nbina-wo, 


omniscience, m. ade-nbina-buor 

on, prp. ad. so (F do), ho, mu; 
anim; § 117, B. ; -, int., pa sol 
ko sol duom! pi. monuuom! 

onanism, n. boasi, oposawe, nwe- 
bo ; to practise -, di or we neho. 

once, ad. § 81; preko, penkoro; 
§ 130, 2 ; pen, dabi, dahiho ; at-, 
preko, mu j say it at-, bo no mu! 
all at-, prekope, biriditwem, 
biritwom; phr. anka bo anka 
poma; -more, bio (biem'). 

one, num. eko, hiakOjhsiko; {single) 
koro, fua, bafua; (any) bi, obi; 




'by-, mmiako-mmiako (mmako- 
m..); § 77. 88; -day, dako, da- 
^0X0, single-, dafua (pe), pZ. 
nna-mfuamf-; the- the other, 
obi. .obi (ofoforobi); to he- with 
s. b., o-nfe no bo or ka, bom', ye 
biako, ..fa yonko. 

onion, n. soprada, gyene, dnwo. 

only, a. ad. koro ; nko, iikuto ; - one, 
biako pe, fuape; not-, but also, 
enye..nk6,nanso; §140; komm; 
phr. neho k. na ode aba; -now 
and then, dakorodakoro or nna- 
koro-nn-; nne nkoara, 

onward, -s, a^.n'anim, anira kwaii. 

open, V. bue, bue so, bue or bae 
rau, hie, Ak. hini; sail (boa, ko- 
toku ano), tu (tumpan) ano, te 
(nboma) ano, tue, tu (tokuru), 
yi(kwan); pae, t6u, pue; -your 
ranks \ mommaem ! 

open, -ly, a. ad. fann, prann, fe, 
pefe, pete, pata, pradadada; to 
be-, eho or ano da ho, eda ho 
pefe; wide-, baya, pantann. 

openness, n. ayamyi, nokware. 

operate, v. ye mu brb. ; -the bo- 
wels, fa ase. 

operative, a. nea otumi brb. ye; 
- n. odwumfo, pi. a- . 

opinion, n. tirim, nsusui, adwene; 
speak out one's-, yi.. tirim ',phr. 
oyii ne t kyeree me. 

opportunity, n. (ho) kwan or here. 

oppose, V. di asi, gye akyinnye, 
tuatua ano; o-n6 no anya. 

Opposer, n. osidifo, operetiafo, 
okwansifo, otamfo, pi. a- 

opposite, a. ntentenso; -way, a- 
bira ; phr. take the case in the- 
way and let us see, bo asem ab. 
ma yenfwe. 

opposition, n. akyinnyegye, ntua- 
tuaano; asidifo. 

oppression, n. thyeso. 
opulent, a. cf. rich, wealthy. 
or, cow/ana, ana, anase ; § 1 39 .1 40. 

oracle, n. nkom, - hye ; deceitful-, 

orange, n. akutu, pi. id.; -tree, 

ak. dua; -coloured, a. akutu. 
orator, n. anote(u)fo, okyeame, te- 

orb, w.kontonkron, dantaban, ade 

kurukuruwa, puru. 
order, n. ahyede, nkara; ..kwanso, 

order, v. (regulate) siesie, sese; 

{command) hye, pia •,to-, 

kara brb. 
ordinance, n. mmara; ahyede, n- 

hyehyee, usiesiemii; (fatality) 

nnurui (abeduru no) ; an - for 

ever, da atoremiide. 
ordinary, a. nea ete se ete ara, 

- eka, - eye adadade. 
ordination, n. asofohye, -yebea. 




ore, n. obo a wgnan a wonya mii 

sika, dwete, dade, sumpi n. a. 
organ, n. adakaben, pi. nn-; to 

play the-, byen adak. 
organise, v siesie, byebye (brb. 

ne kwan so). 
orgies, n. pi. abofwibo. 
orient, n. anafo, apuei. 
origin, n. ase, mfiase, abose. 
originate, v. bo ade; fi ase. 
originator, n. asebyefo, gfarebae. 
ornament, n. abyebyede, ahoke- 

orphan, n. ayisS, pi. ny-, owisa, 

pi. hw- ; by-name of-, p^rewere. 
orthodoxy, n. okyere kiirennyen 

or -kronn. 
orthography, n. okasakyereubea 

pa; okakyereu. 
ostentation, «. abokyere, ahoboa- 

boa, abupo. 
ostrich, n. sobori, pi. n-. 
other, a. obi, ebi, foforo, biako 

no, nea oka bo ; oyonko, pi. a-; 

-wise, ad. ente sa a, anye sa a.. . 
ought, ?J.(anka)ese se.., etwa se.. . 
ought, pr. biribi. 
our, pr. yeii; § 58; -s, yen de, 

-dea; -selves, yen ara, -aiika- 

sa; ohj. yenbo. 
out, ad. adi; -v. 
0Utbreai<, n. opue, -fi, brb. sore, 

-patu ba. 

outcast, n. opanyifo; osenkyeni, 

pi. a--fo. 
outcry, n. nteem' ; (public auction) 

outdo, V. kyen, sen, bunkam. 
outdoor, a. ad. abobonim, abon- 

outfit, n. (byen or dan mu) bye- 

liy§; - of marriage, awarede. 
OUtlool(, n. osrafwe; (building) 

owendan, abantenten afwee. 
outside, n. ad. ebo, akyi, akyiri, 

ani; -doors, adiwo. 
0Ui8k\rX,n.- of town,kuTbtiai,pl.ii-. 
outrun, -strip, v. twa..b6. 
outward appearance, - being, 

-form, ebo, ani ; ohonam ani- 

bayi, aniani, anianibayi. 
outweigh, v. den so. 
oval, a. n. nea ekura 

kesua su. 
ovation, n. ose or nnwonto a wo- 

de byia panyin or kunini kwan. 
oven, n. fonono, frono. 
over, prp. ad., 7i. eso, atifi; -v. 

tra, tra so, den-, boro-, kyen; 

-against, ntentenso. 
overawe, v. yi bu, yi abi; pass., 

bom,tem ; phr.meho bu nti watem. 
overbearing, to be -, ye abups, -a- 

bokyerebunu, - aboboaboa. 
overburden, t;. kyekye (ma) or soa 
obi adesoatraso. 


overcoat, n. hyegusotade, osoro 

overcome, »,, ka gu, 

yi dom, di or gye nim. 
overdo, v. (ye) ma etra so; it is 

overdone, atabau=aben at warn. 

overestimation, w.butraso,bu brb. 

overflow, v. fe ho, bo, yiri, bu 

or sram so. 
overgrow, v.iu] pkr. okwan yi afu. 
overhead, ad. atifi, mpampam. 
overland, a. nea enam fam, 

nan na etwa. 
overlay, v. tare (so), dura ho or mu. 
overleap, v. hum tra. 
overload, v. soa adesoakyeue. 
overlook, «. ani pa so, ani fa so; 

yi ani fi so, bu ani gu so. 

overpoise, v. den. .so. 
overpower, v. cf. prevail. 
overripe, a. to be-, here tra so. 
overseer, w.ofwefo,^/.a-,esofwefo. 
overset, overthrow, overturn, v. 

butu, ka or dan..butu, muntum. 
overtake, v. to ; tua, ba so ; twa ho . 
OVertedioUS, a. nea n'asem ware, 

- otwa asententen. 

overturn, n. nnanani. 
overwhelm, v. baram or kata or 

buukam so; phr. dom yi abaram 

yen so. 

134 pad 

owe, V. de..ka, ma..ka. 

owl, n. patu, pi. m-. 

own, a. his-, n'ankasa or ono ara 

wn ,^;.wo, ye. . de(a) ; phr. me wo dan 
pa; odan yi wo me or ye medea. 

owner, n. owura, owira, pi. -nom, 
odede, pi. a-. 

OX, n. nantwi, -nini, -sa.e, pi. a,-. 
oyster, n. adode, adam, nwora- 
boa; -shell, n. nwora. 


Pace, n. anammon, -tutu; -v. tu 
..nan, tutu anan or anammon ; 
(measure hy-) to anammon (su- 
su); keep-, bo anan); ^^^r.min- 
tumi ne mo mmo anaik 

pacification, w.mpata. 

pacifier, n. opatafo, pi. a-, ntam- 

pacify, V. pata, sL.ntam, dwudwo. 
pack, V. bye (adesoa), siesie (ada- 

ka), kyekyere fi, -boa. 

pack, package, packet, n. adesoa, 
yl. nnosoa, afi, pi. afiafi, boa, 
pi. m- 

pad, w. kahiri, kahire, kare; son- 
kahire ; phr. they submit, wobo 
no s. ; he puts them to tribute, 
ogye won s.; to make a-, bo k. 

paddle, M.otabon, pi. a,-; -w. hare, 
boro asu {in swimming). 

pad 135 

padlock, n. kradoa, pi. n-. 

pagan, n. obosonsomni, pi. a- -fo, 
amanamanmuni, pi. -fo. 

page, n. kratafS, pi. nk-, buepen. 

paid, part, nea woatua ka. 

pail, n. topo]; (nsu)kanky6',^Z.n- 

pain, n. eya, Ak. eyea, ahooya, aya- 


painful, a. nea eye ya, --yaya. 

paint, 1). sra ho, ka ho aduru. 


pair, n. nta, ade abien, nnipa banu. 

palace, n. aban, ahemfi, ahennan. 

palate, n. dodom, dadam. 

palaver, n. asem; to hold a-, di 
asem; old-, nnyafin; public-, 
kwasafosem, amansem. 

pale, a. fita, nea ahoa, - aseren fita. 

paleness, n. animhoa, seren. 

palisade, w.akopempe, pie; -v. bo 
pie or ye akopempe. 

pall, V. kata ho. 


palm, V. de nsa ka, keka; sisi, 

palm, -tree, w. abe, pl.mme; -nut, 
befua; -kernel,Sidwe,pl.fihwoa.] 
bunch of - nuts, bemu ; - oil, hho, 
abenno; young-, abedwa, abe- 
dwewa ; half grown -, obedwo ; 
fullgrown -, obeten , pi, mm- ; 
- tvine, nsafufu(o) ; time of pre- 
paring -«<?me,betwabere ; to fell 


a-, to 3ihe;make-wine,i-wsi3ibe', 
kinds of -wine : nsiisa, nteteasa, 
ntunkiim, nsapa, kokiiro, koku- 
roampoii; benano; ojpp., mfrasa; 
-leaf, heTe(n);,heap of-leaves,he- 
refi; mid-rib of -leaf, - branch, 
popa, papa, pi. mp- , daha ; diff. 
kinds of- /rees: abefiifu, abetun- 
tiim, abehene, adobe, adwo ; fan -, 
kube ; date-, akeresia; coco-, ko- 
kosi; dwarf-, mampomere. 
palma christi, cf.ricinus; ade- 

palpable, a. to be-, wotumi de 

nsa ka. 
palpation, n. eho keka. 
palpitate (of the heart), ». koma 

bo pS, bo or koma tutu or pere 

palsy, n. dwoko; sick of-, odwg- 

koni, pi. a--fo. 
pan, n. kyedadesentra, nkyewasen, 

akyeduansen, otuasom, nsram- 

ma kiikuwa. 
pane, n. afwefwe. 
panic, n. nketenketS, sipiripi; n- 

keteuk- akita no = wabirikyi, 
pannier, n. kyerenkye, pi. n- . 
pant, V. bo or koma tutu or pere 

katirikatiri; (fig.) fe,ani gyina.. . 
pant, n. akoma- or abotee, abobu, 

hahyehahye-home ; (fig.) ofe, ani- 



pantaloons, n. tros. 

pantheism, n. okyere bi a ebu wia- 
se or adebode se Onyame. 

pantheon, n. (tete) Roma asoredan 
bi a woaye no kwasafo nyame- 
sorebea (ne amiade-kyeredan). 

panther, w.osebo, gyahene, pi. a-. 

panyar, v. yi..adwo. 

pap, n. nufuano; (soft food) ohu, 

oto; dgkono a woahono no ne 

wo afra, mpampa. 
papa, n. agya, ose. 

papaw, Carica papaya, n. boro- 
fere, -dua. 

paper, w.nhoma, krata, boronboma. 

parable, n. ebe, abebu, abebusem, 

mfatobosem ; tell a-, bu be. 
parade, v. bo nsra kyere; -n. nsra- 

bofwee; -ground, w.nsrabobea. 
paradigm, or nkasae nhye- 

hyee or kasadan iifweso. 

paradise, n. ahomeka-turo, Eden -, 

paraffin(e), n. (gyabiru or srade 

bi or dua mu) niio bi (din). 
paragraph, n. okasapen; ne sen- 

kyerene ne §. 
parallel, a. ntenteso. 



136 par 

paralysis, n. dwoko. 

n. a- 

paralyse, v. nea waburu or wabu- 
bu agu bo, -oyare dwokg, -\va- 
guro, -iiketeukete kita no. 

paramour, w.nwewe, mprS, mpana, 

pi. -fo. 
paraphrase, v. de asem bi kyere 

asem bi ase. 
parasite, n. nea odidi obi ho; 

(-plant) nyankonniiru ; mantan- 

parasol, n. akatawia, asowia. 
parboil, v. noa fa-n6-fa. 

parbreak, v. fe. 

parcel, «.boa, pi. mm-, -kyekye- 
wa; (portion) sin, nkyemu. 

parch, V. kye, bye. 

parchment, n. nhoma, nhomapoe, 

pardon, v. de(fa)..firi, de(fa)..kye. 

pardon, n. ofafiri ; to beg -, pa kye ; 
/ beg your -, wo kye ni ! tafara- 
kye! kose! 


parent, n. owofo, pi. a-, agya, pi. 
-noin, ena, pi. -nom. 

parenthesis, w.nkahyemde, ().[]. 

parish, n. (asorefo) asafo. 

parley, n. nkommobo, osemode; 
(milit.) akosemma, adonsein mu 

parliament, n. omau-nhyiamkese. 

parlour, n. asa(so), odampan. 

parole, n. nsrafo agyiraehj^esera, 
osanebene, i. e. osa n6 beii ? (a- 
kwa)nsrafo de sanebene ne ne 
mmuae hyehye wonho n£5. 


parrot, n. ako, pi. n- ; (grai/) ope- 
sare;ankye,arafudwuma; (^reew) 
awirikwa; (red) akohene. 

parse, v. kyere brb. (okasa or abu- 
sua) ase; (gram.) papae mu. 

parson, n. osofo, pi. a-, asafoso- 

part, n. ofa, afa; sin; kyefa, de, 
ade; adwuma; feku; -of a com- 
pany, asafoku ; / for my part, 
me de, ka or to me nko a; 
§ 276, 5. 

part, V. pae mu, guae, kye, te brb. 
mu ; {depart) di ntetemu, sim ko ; 
-ing, nkaradi. 

partake {in, of), v. fa or nya mu bi. 

particular, a. titiri, tiban, ..nko 
ke ; {bear a - mark) da nso ; phr. 
ne ti da nso; oda nso. 

partition, n. ntwamu. 
partner, w.obokafo, ^Z. a-, okoso. 
partnership, w.okososi, ntontodi, 
akosorope ; join in -, si k., di nt., 

di ak. 

partridge, n. akokofweree. 

party, n. asafo, feku, ku, yanom. 

pass, V. twam', twa ho, sen; -age, 
bu (ne) mmere (a ode bewo) mu, 
ne mmere atwara ; - away, twam', 
sen (ko) ; {fig.) sa, bi, to twa ; - hy, 
twa ho, sen, man, ka..gyau; -hy 
each other, di nsianeho ; -nume- 
rously, di atwaguo ; - over, twa. 
twam', sen ko; -through, fa(mu). 

137 pat 

twa-; -the time, fwere adagye, 
di; odii bo nnansa. 

pass, n. afae, mpotam ; -book, a- 

passage, w.ok wan, akwantu; [ford) 

asutwaree; -between houses, a- 

dantam,^?. nn-. 

passenger, w.okwantemfo, okwan- 

tufo, pi. a- . 
passion, M.anibere, abufu, mpere- 

ho; {suffering) amarehunu. 

passionate (j)erson), obufufafo, o- 
niberefo; nea ne bo ha no, -oye 
bo se, - oye otekiim, -n'ani ahye. 

passive, a. nea amane ato no, -ne 
nsa nni brb. mu, - ne bo dwo kye : 

- voice, n. nkasae a ekyere nea 
eye me or - wode ye me. 

paSSOVer, n. twam (afahye). 
past, a. nea atwam, -abesen; 

- tense, n. ntwamkabea. 
paste, n. mmore; dote a woafoto. 
pastime, n. nea wode fwere wo a- 

pastor, n. oguanfwefo, pi. nn-, o- 

fwefo, pi. a-, osafosofwefo, osofo, 

okarayenfo, pi. a- . 
pastry, n. atoduan. 
pasture, n. adidibea, wura from- 

from, yemmea. 
patcil, w. ntamu, ntwakae; -y. ta 

OP tua mu, nwene mu ananse. 
paternoster, n. Awurade mpaebo. 




path, n. okwan, osa; otempon, pi. peaceful, a.dwod\(ro,bereo,komm; 

a-; {track) suare; well-made-, 

patience, n. boasetg, abotoase, 
patient, a. to he -, to., bo ase, ta. .bo ; 

(enduring) kura mu, mia ani. 

patient, n. oyarefo, pt. a- . 

patriarcil, n. tete agya, pi. -nom, 
agya panyin. 

patriot, n. nea ope or ofwefwe ne 

mail or n'asase yiyedi. 
patter, v. brb. gugu patapata, woro. 

pattern, n. nfweso, nkyeree, nsu- 

pauper, n. obiani, pi. a- -fo, obere- 
fo, pi. a- . 

pause, n. osiwiei, gyinaho. 

pavement, n. abonseue. 

pavian, n. kontromft. 

paw, n. tote, nsa. 

pawn, n. awowa,jp?. iiw-; -v. de.. 
si awowa; -ed garments, awo- 

pay, V. tua, tua. .ka ; -tribute, 

pay, payment, n. akatua ; month- 
ly-, sisrsinne; pay an exorbitant 
price, wu bo ; phr. mawu bo ma- 
koto kente a woka no babi a e- 
mmsi;- for making, aipensa., 
gye obi ap. ; additional- for not 
having paid at set time, nkasa. 


phr.u'a.iom adwo no = has peace. 
peacemal(er, n. gpatafo, pi. a-, a- 

somdwoeba, jp?, -mma. 

pearl, n. ah^ne, j??. nh., Ak. afwe- 
nee, pi. nfw. ; to file -s on a 
string, sina nh. 

peasant, n. okuafo, pi. a- . 

pebble, ^.bosea, mmosea, mmesea. 

peculiar, a. denso ; -v. esono. 

pedagogics, n. adekyere or kyere- 
tie ho nimdee. 

pedagogue,w.mmofrayenfo, kyere- 

kyerefo, gtwefo, pi. a-, 
pedal, n. nan ntiasode. 
peddle, v. di mpewa, soa (aguade) 

pederast, n. ipbsc.) adintrum. 
pedestrian, n. gnantefo, pi. a- . 
peel, V. huan (aburo), gua(brgde), 

dwo (abe), wae, were. 
peep {at), v. fwe, gy6n obi. 
peer, n. tipen, - fo, afe, pi. mfefo ; 

{nobleman) gdehye,j9Z. a- ; gmau- 

peevishness, n. mpi, -ye, anim- 


pelican, n. pokupoku. 

pell-mell, ad. sakasaka. 
pelt, V. to (abo n. a.); (osu) tg wg, 
-ya; -ingrain, osukese. 


pelt, n. nhoma, oguaiihoma n. a. 

kobu, pesu ; (sheepfold) nnuam- 

man; -knife, oponontom, pi. a-, 

pencil, n. pensere. 
pendant, w.asomka, -awa; {flag) 

pendulum, n. don or nyansadon 

mu aba (a ehim di ako nh aba). 
penetrate, v. ko mu, bae-, fa-, 

fwiro -, te mu kom' 5 don, donnon. 
peninsula, n. asase a eka kuma 

na nsu bare hyia no. [wereho. 
penitence, n. ahonu, bone ho a- 
pennileSS, a. nea odi hia buroburo, 

-ohti fam da, -neho awo, -ohia- 

barima kura no. 
penny, n. mman anan. 
pension, n. adwuma mu pon akatua. 

pentateuch, n. (Scrpt.) Mose nho- 
ma anum nkabom'. 

pentecost, n. (ludafo) adaduonum 
afahye,HonhomKronkron fwie- 

people, w.oman,-fo,nkurofo,nnipa. 

pepper, n. mako; kinds: ntoriko, 
nnyera, mesewa, mako kokg, m. 
tuntum, m. fita n. a. ; (guinea 
grain) yisa ; black -, sesa' ; 
-shrub, n. makodua. 

peradventure, ad. ebia, s6sekwa 
(bi), wonnim nna ; anibiannaso so. 

139 pep 

perambulation, 92.okyini,nkyinso. 
perceive, v. hu; {by taste) te; {by 

smell) te..nka, hua(tie). 
percentage, w.oha ho mfentom or 

eho nsaj agyede or nsiho. 

perception, n. ohu, ote, nkat6; 
{idea) tirim adwene. 

perch, V. si, sisi, koto. 

perch, -ing-stick, n. nkokodua^ 

perchance, a<?.ebia,sesekwa(bi); 
§ 135; wonnim nna; mpofirim; 
anibiannaso so. 

percolation, n. oson, nsonso. 
perdition, n. osee, oyera. 

peregrinate, v. dom' (= do mu; 
red., do dom'); tu kwan (kg a- 

perfect, a. emu, pe, pepe; to be-, 
ye pe, wie pe ye, ye pe, ye kora, 
di mu, nni dem; -tense, n. aye- 
asie- or ayeawie kabea, twam- 
kabea a eto so 2. 

perfection, n. peye, mMi. 

perforate, v. fwiro mu, fiti mu; 
sina (nam). 

perforation, w. mfitimii, nfwiromu. 
perform, ^.ye, bo, wie; -ance of 
a play, agorokyere. 

perfume, n. ohuam, ofwam. 
perhaps, ad. ebia, ses|, sesekwa, 
gyama, Ak. gyam^a; § 135. 

pep 140 

peril, n. cf. danger \ ab6u, asiane; 

obi de ne nkwa to ne nsam. 
period, n. here, 'pl. mm-. 

periodical, a. nea eba or esan ba 
ne bere ano. 

periphery, n. dantaban afefare or 

eho nsensane. 
perish, v. see, yera, wu, twam'; 

sen ko. 

perjure {pne^s self), v. ka ntan- 

permanent, w.nea etim ho, -ensa- 
kra, -egyina so. 

permeate, v. don, donnon; hyen 

permit, v. ma, ma..okwan, ma ho 
kwan, to..kwan. 

pernicious, a. bone, nea esee. 

perpendicular, a. nea egyina ho 
kyferebeiin; -/me, n. nsensane 


perpetrate, v. di (asemmone, -a- 
tratrasem), bo (mmusu), ye (a- 

perpetrator, w.oyefo,(mmarat6fo). 
perpetual, a. nea etoatoa so, -eto 
ntwa da, -esa so da. 

perplex, v, toto; tu bo, ye saka- 
saka ; -ed, to he-, tirim twetwe 
no, -kyere no, -ye no kesekese 
or keserenene ; n'ani aye krakra, 
eye no aniani, n'ani ye no ntire- 
ntire or totototo; n'ani atu ato 


ne nsam; tu; gyigya, bo 

perplexity, n. abotu, tirimkyere 
or -twetwe, ntoto, anikrakra. 

persecute, v. di akyiri, ti(u), ta, 

ha(u) obi 
persevere, v. tra or gyina mu, 

kye; kura mu, mia ani. 

person, n. onipa, pl. nn-, oba, yl. 
mma, obi; asiamasi s^ obentei. 

personality, n. onipa su n6 ban, 

perspiration, n. (ho, anim) fifiri. 
perspire, v. fi fifiri; f. guam or 

pram no. 

persuade, v. dada, daA..ti, ma..ti 
da, tu..as6. 

pert, a. ani so ye hye. 

pertness, n. mpgforo; it 

politeness or-'i opo or mpoforo? 
\t%v\\xv\i,pertur})ate^ v. cf. disturb ; 
pervade, v. donnon; fwiro mu. 
pervert, i;.sakra, dan ani, see, bu- 

tu; -judgment, kyea..as6 di a- 

sem, kyea asem, dan asera ani 
pessimist, n. nea osofi ade biara. 
pestilence, n. owuyaredom, nsan- 

pestle, n. owomma, pl. a- . 
pet, V. koko, korgkoro, yen..gdo 

so ; -n. gba or aboa a wokoko 

or wokorokoro no. 


petition, kye, koto, kctosere, 
seresere; -n. adesere- or ade- 
bisa nhoma. 

petroleum, n. cf. kerosene; efa or 
asase mu nno, petrol, kerasin. 

petticoat, n. ase atade. 


pewter, n. sanya . 

phantastic, a. nea esi ani so kwa. 

pharmacy, n. adufra. 

pharmacopoeia, n. adufrasem. 



phlegm, w.hohore; aniha, bereoye. 
phlegmatic, a. nS, nann ; (gpatafo). 
phonography, n. enekyereufiri. 

phosphoresce, V.yer6y6re; epo or 
dufokye y. 

photograph, n. mfoniniye, -a wo- 

de hann ye. 
phrase, n. kasatomme; akasabe- 

bui ; (custom) fene, di f-. 
physic, W.aduru, nnuruhonimdee. 
physician, n. oduruyefo, pi. nn-, 

oyaresafo, pi. a.- . \dee. 

physics, w.wiase or abode ho nim- 
pick, V. wo, wo(u), we, tu, t6u; - out, 

pau; -up, sou, kukuru, tase. 
pickaxe, n. fatudade, abotudade. 
picture, n. mfonini. 
pie, n. tetare bi. 

141 pin 

piece, n. sin, pi. asinasin, g5, pi. 

agoago, atra ; kakra ; break to -s, 

bu.. asinasin, bg, bobo. 
pierce, v. fwiro, wo, won, fiti. 
pig, n. prako, pi. m-, Ak. boya; 

-stt/, prakodan, boya-; -tailcf 

hair, pua, pi. mp-. 
pigeon, n. {domestic) aboronoma, 

atiirukuku; {wild) aboroma, a- 

pigmy, n. plra, pi. id.; -antelope, 

pile,w.eku; tanna;-t;,bo..ku;-z/:^, 

hot Q',- of yam, osrana, pi. a- . 
pilfer, V. wia, beu, bebeu. 
pilgrim,«. okwaHtenni,2??.a--mfo; 

nea otu kwan koyi mpae babi. 

pilgrimage, to go on a-, tukwan 

ko asore amannone babi. 

pillow, n. sumf, sumie; -case, 

sum! nnuraho. 
pilot, n. hyenkwankyerefo (awon- 

kwati no nkg hyengyinabea). 
pimp,n. mpanatam, aguamanfrefo. 
pimple, n. cf. pustule. 
pin, n. akorotea, pi. nk- 
pinacle, w. ntentennoS, atifl, rapa- 

pincers, «.^Z.awiri;gdabau,^/. a-. 
pinch, V. fem, feu, pen, ti, titi. 
pine, V.ani V\sB.',-away, fgn,sgn gu. 
pine-apple, n. aborgbe; pi. mm-. 


pioneer, n. okannifo, pi. a-, otwa- 

fo, pi. t^., osat^-. 
pious, a. nea osom Nyame sompa, 

onyameferefo, pl.a- . 
pipe, n. abua, aburobua, taseii; 

(musical-) aben, atenteben, bo- 

towa; -tube, tasendua. 
pipe, V. hyeii a(tente)beri, -botowa. 
pipi(in, n. kukuwa, ased, aseawa. 
pirate, n. p6 s6 dwotwafo, 2?/. a-; 

-V. twa p6 so d#o. 
piss, V. dwensg, gu nsu. 
pistol, n. akodiawua, at^v'erewa. 
pit, n. amoa, amana, tokuru, pl.n-, 

oku, pi. a- . 
pitch, n. ama, amane. 
pitch er,w.nsukuruwa,pore,^ 
pith, n. ofuru, (e. g. buroferedua 

mu W0-). 
pitiable, pitiful, a. mmobommobo ; 

to he -, ye mmobo, hu ramobo, ye 


timobo, ayamhyebye. 
pity,t;.hummobg,ye timobo; ..yam 

byebye (no) ma obi. 
placable, a.nea wonya no apataye. 
place, n. fa, afa, okwaii; (da-, si-, 

gyina-)beu, bea, ba, bere; (ayi-, 

mmofra -) ase ; {land) asase ; 

(^OM)w) kuro ; §124. 125. 
place, V. cf.put, V. ; - on the throne, agua so. 
placenta, n. etam. 

142 pla 

plain, a. ad. fdnn, f^, p6fe; pete, 

kete, ketekete ; nea eta ho, pata, 

plain, M.asaseta; tata(u), -so, -mu, 

epau so. As. apa so. 
plaint,*^. nten, ntenyi, iikuro, -bo; 

cf. complaint. 
plaintiff, n. nea obo obi ho nkiiro, 

-ode asem bi to obi so, -o-n6 

obi wo nkuro. 
plaintive, a. nea oye awerehoni, 

-oye osu n6 mmobo. 

plait, V. bubu ; bo ho ; won (nhwi 
mmesa), iiwene. 

plait, n. -of hair, piia, pi. m-. 

plan, n. nsenbyebyee. 

plane, n. apaso; jack-, bomee. 

plane, v. pa.. so; {ironing) to (ata- 
de) so. 

planet, n. okyinsoroma, pi. a-. 

plank, n. mmerete pipri, -tarn. 

plant, n. dua, pi. nn-, mfifii, wura, 
pi. n- . 

plant, V. dua (aburo n. a.) fua (ode), 
sum (borode, kwadu), te (mme). 

plantain , n. borodedua; {the fruit) 
oborode, - dee; bunch of-s, boro- 
deduro; single fruits, br. b6tem, 
pi. mm- ; stump of cut -, borode- 
se; shoots of', 
husk of- frtdt, br. bono ; kinds 
of- fruits : borode fiifu, - hemma, 




- koko wa, - kwadii, - ap6m, - apan- 

tu, gyebum n. a. 
plantation, n. afu, Ak. afuo, F, e- 

kwa, As. koa ; he is successful 

in - work, neho wo kiia ; -village, 

n. akura, pi. n-, -ase. 
planter, n. okuafo, oduafo, oteufo; 

afu wura, odede, odefuo. 

ntareho ; {-ing of a house) ehoma. 
plaster, tJ.raa (dan) ho, tare ho or so. 
plate, n. taforoboto, pi. n-; -of 

gold, sikatere; s, da ne kon mu, 

s. bo ne nsa, 
plateau, n. asaseta a ekoron. 
platform, w.aban(odan)atifi a eso 

ta ; babi a woama ata; asenkagua, 

play, V. goru, go, goro ; (an instru- 
ment) bo (sanku), hyen (aben); 
-big, di bakoma; -dice, to si- 
kyi; -the hypocrite, ye nya- 
twom, twa iikontompo. 

play, n. agoru, ago, agoro; -in 
which a victim is killed, atgpe- 
re; de..goru at.; plaything, agoAe. 

player, playfellow, -mate, n. o- 
gofo, Ak. ogofo, pi. a-mma. 

playful, a. to be-, pe agoru, -ago, 

plea, n. asem, aperesem; nkataso; 

plead, V. pere, di; he -s for him, 
odi ma no; -for his party, odi 
ko n'afa;/ie did his best in -ing. 

but of no avail, odii dii, na ante- 

pleasant, a. de, deu ; fe, feu ; - ness^ 

ode(u); the play is not-, agoro 

no nso. 
please, v. so ani, ye fe, ye de. 

pleasure, n. anigye, anika; ani- 

sode; aniso. 
pledge, n. awowa, pi. nw-; -v. si 

awowa; to take a-, gye awowa. 
pledget, n. ntama a wode tare kuru 

ani or wode ye oyare ho ade . 

Pleiad(e)8, n. pi. akokotan ne ne 

plentiful, a. bebere, pi, pi pa, pe- 

wa, dodo; domankama; to be-, 
bu or 

plenty, n. dodo. 

plot, w. asasewa, afu, turo; {con- 
spiracy) atirisopam, agyinabone. 
plot, V. pam obi tiri so, tu obi tiri 

so agyina ; tu or tutu asu. 
plough, n. feteade. 
plougher, w. ofentemfo, pi. f-. 
pluck, V. teu, pan, pon, tu, tutu; 

-off, V. te(u), tete(u). 
plug, w. ntuano; -v. tua..ano. 
plumb, plump, ad. p6, bum. 
p I U m m et, w.ta-hama, ky erebenny e- 

bo, prumo. 
plunder, v. fo, fom, fa dommum, 

fa asade; -n. rikuku n6 nkaka. 

plunderer, n. ofofo, pi. a-. 


plural, n. dodokabea. 
plus, n. iikekaho senkyerene, -|- 
ply, V. pia, mia so, ye nsi. 
poach, V. fwiro mu; sina (nwa, 

email n. a.); wia ye ha, nea o- 

kum (ha)nam wia. 
poacher, n. nea gnam ase kum 

hanam wia. 
pocket, n. kotoku; -hook^ kotoku 

munhoma; -handkerchief, n. 

diiku, pi. nn-; -knife, n. opo- 
pod, w. (e)hono. [nontom. 

poem, n. dwom, pi. nn-. 
point, w.ano. f^eti; {stop) nsiho; 

{aim) botae, gyinae ; {place) si- 

bea; chief-, adetitiri, asemti, 

akoten ; phr. it has come to the 

right-, ato bea. 
pointed, a. fwirenfwiren, feafea. 
poise, V. kari. 
poison, n. bore, adutoduru; -v. to 

pole n. dua, pi. nn- ; aba, pi. mma ; 

policeman, n, aban mu nipa, poli- 

sini, pi. -fo. 
policy, politics, n. omansofwe a- 

dwuma; amansem. 
po!ish,f . po or trom ho; hoa(dwete, 

dade) ho. 
polite, a. aguasoba, oguas6mni ; nea 


-ness, aguasem'de, opo. 
poll, V. sesere, hu so. 

144 pop 

poll, n. ti (atiko), tikora; nnipa 

din mmoaano. 
pollute, V. gu ho fi, ye fi; hura ho. 
polygamy, n. ayeredodo-aware. 
polytheism, n. anyamedodo sora. 
pomposity, wapompompe, oye ap. 
pond, pool, n. otare, owora, eko; 

{lagoon) baka ; {slough) atwaata. 
ponder, v. sususo, -ho, di..tirim, 

dwen asem. 
pony, n. oponkowa, yl. a- . 
poor, he -, di hia, ade hia (no) ; 

-man, oberefo, pi. a-, ohiani, 

pi. a--fo. 

nea oye guasonipa or omanba. 
population, n. kuro or oman or 

asase bi so nnipa or manfo. 
populous, a. nea nnipa doso ho. 
porch, n aberanna, apata, ntwi- 

porcupine, n. kgtoko, pi. a-. 
pore,W.honam mu orwereani nto- 

kuru nketenkete. 
pork, n. prakonam, boyanam. 
port, n. hyen-gyinabea ; {door) g- 

pon, abob5. 
portal, n. abobo, gponkese, pi. a- . 
porter, n. gponanofwefo, gpani, pi. 

a--fo, gdesoani,pZ. a-, adesoafo; 

(beer) potorg (burgfo-ahai bi). 
portfolio, n. krata kotoku (a wo- 

tumi bobg). 


alloted-, ntontode ; phr. they 
send -s of food to one another, 
wodiadi=wokyekyewonh6 ade, 
adiama, adi-ne-adi. 

portrait, w.mfonini,obinseso; (^5'.) 

Portugal, w. Portugal; Portugesi. 
position, w.dabea,gyinabea;dibea. 

positive, a. turodo, kotope, kiiro- 
murogyan| -task, ofaba adwu- 
ma; -ly. ad.ajerQ so a... 

possess, V. de, wo, kura;, ye 
brb. owura. 

possession, n. ade, adee, pi. id. & 
nneema; sodi-ade, -asase; take- 
of s. th., fa, gycnsam ade; si., 
so ; phr. obosom asi no so. 


possibility, n. tumi; woye a ebe- 

ye 'ye. 

post, n. (timber) dua a esi ho; (sta- 
tion) gyinabea; (office) dibea; 
(mail -) amanae ; - age, mana- 
iihoma bo akatua; -man, n. a- 
manadekurafo ; - master, n. a- 
manaefwefo ; -office, n. amanae. 

posthumous, a. nea n'agya wu a- 
kyi wowoo no. [, 

postpone, V. tu..hye da, bo to ho, 

pot, n. bonsua, ahinawa, ahina, 
kuku, kakutu, osen ; opodo, o- 
posi n. a.; fetish-, kiinkuma ; 
-ladle, n. bebeta; -sherd, n. 

145 poiV 

kyemfere; old- containing red 
clay to rub the floor, weko, wo- 
ko ; ahinago a wode ntwoma n6 
kwasesa gu mu kwa(u). 

potato, w.burofo-ntommo,As.buro- 


potter, n. okukunwemfo, onwem- 
fo ; -s clay, eboo, anwemmo ; 
-'s trade, nkukunwene, anwene. 

pottery,w.nkukun6nkaka; (^/ac(? 
of-) nkukuiiwene fi or dan. 

pouch, n. kotokii; (of bird) ai^ire- 

poultry, n. nkoko, dabodabo ne n- 
krakum n. a. 

pounce (upon), V. si; (osansa si). 

pound, V. si(u), wo(u), poto; 
-n. (weight) karibo; (cash) su- 
ru, -boa. 

pounder, n. owomma, pi. a-. 


poverty, n. ohia; phr. ohia de no, 
ohia hia or aka no. 

aduru a woayam or woasi no fe- 
ko; gun-, atuduru; cask of-, a- 
kotovva, okwadiim, atentenim'; 
-case, -horn, -flask, odanka. 
pi. a-, toa, pi. n- . 

powdered, a. duku, dukuduku ; 
feko, fekofeko. 

power, n. (ho) kwau, ahoodeu, tu- 
mi; (troops) edom, pi. id. 


pov/erfu\, person, a. otnmfo, pi. a.-, 

ohogdenfo, pi. a- , gberan, pi. a- . 
powerless, a. to become-, wu, ano 

practice, w.adeye, dwumadi, nyan- 

sa; habitual-, atoremuade, a- 


practise, v. ye, di, ta ye, nya nyee ; 

§107, 21. 22; 230, 2. [Mara. 
practitioner, n. nea odi dwuma 
prairie, n. sareso, serem, sereso. 
praise, v. kamfo, yi aye, bo din 

(pa); moma. 

prattle, n. twa nkurodo; ..ano ye 
berebere or betebetg, ye birebire, 

- kurokuro, nea okasa pi, - n'a- 
no ware. 

pray, v. sore, bo mpae, yi mpae, 

pa kye, kankye. 
prayer, n. asgre, mpae, mpaebg , 

-book, mpaebg or asgre-nhoraa; 

- meeting, mpaebg nbyia, - asgre. 

preach, v. sgre, kg asem. 

preacher, n. gseukafo, pi. a-, 0- 
nyamesemkafo, pi. a- . 

precede, v. di kan, -anim. 

precentor, n. dwontofo, pi. hnw-, 


precious, a. nea ebo or ne bo ye 
den, -ewg or eso bo. 

precipice, n. oku; {steep rock) 
gbotan ano fwirenfw-. 

precipitate, v. wg..akgmfo. 

146 pp6 

precisely, ad. pepepe. 

precocious, Je-,yep^repere, 
ye aperewa, di mperewasem, ye 
perepere; di mpanyinsem. 

predestinate, v. hye. 
predestination, n. dapempau, o- 

hyebea. [..nkgm. 

predict, ?;. ka..sie; (prophesy) hye 
preface, n. nnianim, nbyenmu. 
prefer, v. pe, pan, fa (eyi mmom 

kyen yi). 
preference, n. ukyenso. [yem. 
pregnancy, n. afurufa, ninsen, g- 
pregnant, a. to be, become-, nin- 
sen, (n)yem, fa afuru, bg duru ; 
ye gpemfo. [so. 

preliminary, a. do s. th.-, pempen 
premature, a. -boy, aberantewa; 

-girl, aperewa. 
premises, n. atrae, ofihyiae. 
premium, w.akansibo ; (-for tvork) 

preparation, n. nsiesieho; (self-) 

ahosiesie, ah6(boa)boa. 
prepare, v. siesie, -ho, seseu, yi 

kwan; -for war, ye or noa sa. 
presbyter, n. asafopanyin, pi. a- 

safomp-; (elders of town) mpa- 

nyimfo(g); -t/, w.asafompanyin- 

present, a.tobe-, wo hg; -??/, afei, 

-de, sese-, mpren; nnansa yi, 

mprempren, sese ara; -tense, n. 

rapreiikabea, sesekabea. 


present, n. akyede, adekyede, a- 

present, v. (de, fa) kye, ye.. aye. 

preservation, n. ogye, nkwagye. 

preserve, v.gye, gye nkwa; kyee 
so, kora, sie. 

president, n. otitrafo, pi. a-, 
press, tJ.mia,- so; (crowd)'kyereso, 

]?ia,i^via,] (treatroughli/)hye(so), 

F. hom so. 
press, n. afiri ; {of clothes) adaka, 

pi. nn- ; (throng) nkyereso. 
presumptuous, a. to be -, ani tra 

..nton ; -ness, n. adehyesem, As. 


pretence, n. nkataso. 

pretension, n. kwatee, ahohoahoa, 

pretentious, a.heis-, n'auitrano. 

pretty, a. fe, fefe, feu, oso. 

prevail, «;.bunkam or den sojtumi; 
fa so, di so, di nim. 

prevent, v. si..ano, si..kwan, bg 
ano, bo gyiua. 

previous, a. -agreement, okasa- 
sie, opanyo; -It/, ad. sie; kasa 
sie, di k.sie. 

prey, n. asade, ntuade, afode. 

price, n. ebo, ano, tibo, tiade; - of 
goods, akano; loto-, abosiri, a- 
boomere; -less, a. uea enni bo. 

bo; (fig.) tua ka. 

147 pri 

prick, V. wo, ye henehene, keka; 

(pierce) fiti (mu). 
pricide, n. nsoe, nkasae. 
prickly heat, n. fifise. 

pride, n. ahantan, ahokyere, aho- 
hoahoa, ahupo, 

priest, n. osofo, pi. a- ; fetish -, o- 
kgmfo, obosorafo, pi. a-; high-^ 
osofopanyin, pi. as-mp-. 

prig, V. wia, 

primary, «. nea edi brb. kan. 

prince, w.ohene,^Z. a-, obirempon, 
pi. a.-, bakoma, pi. mm-, bapom- 
ma, pi. mm-, otitiri, pi. a-, ohe- 
neba, pi. ahene-mma. 

principal, n. opanyin, pi. mp-, o- 
wura, owira, pi. -nom. 

principal, a. titiri; ..titiri, (asen- 
ten,; -sum. aboten; -thing, 
akoten; -li/, a^. titiri. 

principle, n. gyinae, ti, asentitiri, 
nnyinasosem. [afiri. 

print, V. tintira ; -ing press, tint. 

prison, 'w.afiase,duam',nneduadan, 
apokyerefofi; (etiph.) kiikura. 

prisoner, n. odeduani, pi. nnedua- 
fo, opokyereni, pi. a--fo; -of 
war, dommum, pi. nn-. 

private, a. nea ahinta or wosi so; 
(-matters) afisem, nea enye o- 
mau de ; -person, apapafwekwa, 
pi. mp- ; - confession, bone-mfua- 
ka ; -l^, ad. amiintum-amum; 


yedii asera no am. = yehinta ko- 

koam dii asem no na obi ante. 
privates, n. pi. {genitals) adagya 

mu (anoso; waZe.'barima, kote; 

female: twe). 
privilege, n. ..ho kwan a obi nya 

or wode ma obi kyen binom. 
privy, n. dua(so)dan, dua so, dua- 

see, mankyiri, oyaiie, yane. 

privy council, n.- counsellors, o- 
bene agyinamfo. 

prize, V. bo bo, bu; -n. {of race) 

akansi mu akatua ; {booty) asade. 

probable, a. ebia,anfwe a..; §135. 

probation, n. sofwe, akyiri-fwemu 

nnyetom; on -, wofwe akyiri ansa 

na wogye obi torn'. 
probe, V. fwefwe mu, so.fwe. 
problem, n. nnwenhosem, osusu- 

bude, kodwenebeka. 
proceed, ?^.sen,ko so,-anim,nam so. 
process, n. okwan a wofa so ye 

brb., yebea; -of making oil, 

niioye, abeye. 

procession, n. nnipa a wonam wu 

pere man. 
proclaim, v. pae, bo. .so; {by bell) 

bo dawuru. ^tatu. 

procrastination, n. {of pay) aka- 
procure, v. ye ; {for one's self) ye 

..fa, ye. .nya; {for another) ye.. 

ma (obi); {obtain) nsa ka; inf.., 

of aba. 

148 pPO 

prodigal, a. ohofwini,^?. a--fo, o- 
gyennyentwi, gsatofo, pi. a-, o- 
sape, pi. a-, oyeraba, yl. -mma. 

prodigality, n. abofwi, -bo, asi- 
kasee, nnyennyentwi, -bg. 

produce, v. yi, yi kyere or ba, so 
(aba), wo; -n. mflfii, afumnnee- 
ma (abe, nno, adw6, nkatee, ko- 
k6 n. a.). [efi mu. 

product, n.aba; {fig.) eso ade, nea 

profane, a. hubu, ohuhuni. 

profane, v. hura bo, gu ho fi, kum 
(obosom) ano. 

profaneness, n. ahuhusem. 

profess, V. ka, ka.. kyere. 

profit, V. fa so, fa or nya mfaso ; 
-n. mfaso, eboade, ehonsa. 

profligate, n. ohofwini, pi. a--fo, 
ohuhuni, pi. a--fo. 

profound, a. to be-, emu do. 

profuse, -It/,, bebere, pi; 
pJir. he is perspiring -j^&ri pram 
no wo. 

progenitor, n. nanS. 

progeny, n. abusua, pi. mm-, asefo. 
progress, w.nkgso; - v.ko anim, - so. 
prohibit, ^;.si..kwan,kame,bara,gu; 

phr. wobekg a, menkame(wo). 
prohibition, w. emom, mraara ; ;pZ^r. 

wgahye mom se obiara mmg so. 
project, V. bg tirim (po). 
project, n. cf. plan; brb. ho a- 


PPO 149 

projection, n. -of a wall, afasu- 

dum ; (fig.) nhyehyee, nfwesode. 
prolong, v. twe, - to ho ; phr. woa- 

twe asem no ato ho. 
promiscuous, a. nea edi afra (a- 

promise, v. hye ase, -ho. 
promise, w. hohye, -sem, anowo- 

wa; to give a-, di nhyease. 
promote, v. pagya (dibea). 
prompt, -li/, a. ad. ntem, pepepe. 

prone, a. to he-, nea esone, -ano 

ha fam. 
pronoun, n. din nsiananmu. 
pronounce, v. kg ; (in spelling) ho ; 

-guilty,; opp., hu..bem. 
proof, n. sofwe; iifweso. 
prop, v. wan; -n. cf .support; nea 

wode sGm or gye or wau hrb. 
proper, «. pa, pote; -Wrtwe, dinpa; 

-coZawM^, besepa; o^p., besetorg ; 

- ly, ad. yiye, pepe, akwanso- 

akwanso, wo-ano wo-ano. 
property, n. ade, nneema, ahode; 

su, kwanso \public-, kwasafode. 
propliesy, v. hye nkom, ka adi- 

propiiet, n. odiyifo, pZ. a-, nkom- 
propitiate, v. pata. [hyefo. 

propitiation, n. mpata. 
proportion, n. ntotohd, nseso. 
proposal, n. agyina a wotu obi, 

kasanyansa a wokyere. 


propose, V. anim, bo tirim, 

kyere . .kasanyansa. 
proprietor, w.odede, pl.o.-, owura, 

pi. -nom. 
prospect, n. nea eda anim. 
prosper, v. ye or di yiye, di, ka or 

fa siade, ko so, nya nkoso, ba 

anim, feu, fefe; (thrive) gyina so. 
prosperity, w.nkoso^yiyedi,ofe(u). 

prosperous, n. nea oka or gfa sia- 
de, -ne kra ye, - odi yiye, -onya 
n'adwuma mu nkoso; -business, 

prostitute, n. ohuhuni, pi. a--fo; 
female -, aguamaii, obaguaman, 
pi. mmannuaman. 

prostrate, a. tototg' . 
prostration, n. akotokoto. 

protect, V. hu, sra ; (watch) fwe, 
pere (neho), gye, gye., torn' ; phr. 
ohu n'ade, nsrafo sra aban, ogye 
ne nna ti. 

proud, a. to be-, ye ahantan, kyere 
neho, homan; bo nkyekwakye- 
ma, (ne) ti ahoii ; -person, ohan- 
tani, pi. a- -fo, ohokyerefo, pi. a-. 

prove, V. di..h6 adanse, kyere mu 
akwan or ky. se ete 

proverb, n. be, pi, mme, abebusem, 
akasabebui ; wode aye ak. ; to use 
a-, bu be. 

provide, v. siesie akyi, fwe; siesie 
ho; bo akonhama; -with money 
for a journey, hye..kwan. 


providence, n. ofwe, ofwesie. 
province, n. omansiu, omantam, 

pi. a-. 
provision, W.ofwe, ofwesie ; aduan ; 

(for the M?a«/)akwarisoduan; (mo- 

ne^) adidide, akwanhyede. 

mpoatwa, hunahuna. 
pr0V0l(e, V. twa poa, huru bo, ^i 

abufu, hunahuna, 
prowl, V. kyini, ye ha, kg afo, fa 

asade, twa dwo, wia. 
prudence, n.anitee, anidaho, nim- 

dee, nyansa, adwempa. 
prudent, a. to be-, ani te, ani ka ase, 

nim d6 ; he is-, waben ; -person, 

obanyansafo, obanimdefo, oba- 

dwemma, pi. mma- . 
prudently, a<?.nyansam, nimdee so. 
prune, v. sua, pompan..ho. 
psalm, n. dwom, pi. nnw-, Israel 

dwom, Onyame iikurofo dwom. 
public, a.nnipanhina anim, pefe, 

guaso; -voice, nea nnipa (nh.) 

susu na woka. 
publican, n. otogyeni^ pi. a--fo. 

publish, w.pae or ka..gua so; -5ooAs, 

tintim nhoma ton. 
pucker, n. mmoboe, mpomponoe ; 

-V. bobg, pompono. 
pudding, n. akyiri-aduan bi. 
pudenda, n. anoso. 
pufF [tip), to be puffed up, ye a- 

pompompe; -v. pudu, do wu. 

150 pUP 

pull, V. i^%, fwim; tu, teu, pan, 

pempan, pon, hon; ku; {to row) 

hare ; - off the loin-cloth, tu a- 

pullet, n. akokoba, pi. nkokgmma. 
pulp, n. duaba mu nam; hua. 
pulp, V. yi or hua; -ing place, 

pulpit, n. gsenkafo agua, asenka- 

gua; gyinabe. 
pulsation, n. ntinipere. ^or bg. 
pulse, n. (mogya) ntini home, pere 
pulverise, v. si fekg, si ma efe. 
pump, n. afiri a wgde twe nsu. 
puncheon, n. base (gyare 84). 
pungent, a. to be-, keka, ye hyere- 

punish, V. twe..as6, tua (bgne) ka, 

fwe; {fine) di kasa, gye sika; 

ma eka ani. 
punishment, n. asotwe, akatua(bg- 

ne) ; esoade, gfwe ; {fine) akasa- 

di, atenyi. 
puny, a. horghorg, doraa, doma- 

doma, keteketewa. 

pupa, n. cf. chrysalis; gsa a wa- 
dan neho ahye kotoku bi rau; a- 
bubummaba a gda n'anwene mu. 

puberty, n. to arrive at-, hlma, 
dan. .ho, boe or bgne bra. 

pupil, 72. osuani, pi. a- -fo ; {servant) 
gboni, pi. a--fo, abarima. 

purchase, v. tg, uyS, gye. 

pur 151 

pure, a.kronkron, kiirennyen, gye- 

nenny en en ; - 1; .ho t6(u), an i gy en . 
purge, v. fa ase; (cleanse), 

purgative, purge, n. afaaseduru. 
purification, n. ahodwira, aguare, 

purify, V. te(u) or dwira ho. 
purity, n. ahotee. [yi ^rb. 

purloin, v. ben, bebeu, wia; (fa ase) 
purpose, n. tirimpo; nsiesiei; to 

do on-, boapa(yebrb.), oboaye. 

purposely, ad. to do-, boa, boa- 
pa (ye); phr. oboayee; I shall 
do -, meboa maye ; I did it not-, 
mammoa manye. 

purr, V. ka menewam; huane iiko- 
rom (se agyinamoa). 

purse, n. sika kotoku, fotoo, osan- 
na; (scrotum) efwea, fweawa. 

purser, w. sikakorafo, ofotoosan- 
fo, pi Si-, osannani, pZ. a--fo. 

pursue, V. di akyiri, ti(u), ta. 

fo, wo iikonsa, wo or sum atiko ; 
-aside, bo.. to ho; -with horns, 
si; aberekyi de ne mmen asi no. 

pussy, n. agyinamoa; (hy-names) 
osa, ofiebofo, ameeu, atenkyema. 

pustule, n. mfowa, atotoe, ntotoe; 
(mark of hloiv) atape, pi. id. 

put, V. de (fa). .to (ho); (hye, 
gu, ta, tra, tweri) babi ; -aside, 


atvay, by, nkyen, ofa, a- 
kyiri, babi;yi; de..sie; to to ase; 
- down, here ase, (to) fam ; 
(a load) soe (adesoa) ; (= torite) 
de..hye (nhoma) mu; -in, into, 
de..hye (to, gu, ko) mu ; - off, yi, 
pa ; wore (kotoku) ; - on, hye (a- 
tade), fura (ntama); -out, dum 
(kanea); tu(aniwa); -under, ^uva, 
sua; -up (at an inn <&c), soe; 
phr. meye ne hoho ; wakgsoe hg- 
ho ; -upon, de. .to so, gu so, kata 
so ; - ^^e battle in array, bae dom, 
twampasua; -to flight, ka(dom) 
gu, pam ; - to shame, hye. .aniwu, 
gu..anim ase, sopa.., bo..ahohora. 
putrefy, «;.porg,su;;p/mnkesuaasu. 

puzzle, n. birimbo, ogyigya, nnyi- 

puzzle, V. bo nnyinnyan, gyigya, 

bo birim, ..ho dwiri, tu..fram. 

Quadrate, n. ahinanaii. 
quadruped, n. living on land, a- 

toteboa, pi. nt- ; on trees, osoro- 

boa, pi. a- ; in the water, asu- 

boa, yl. n- . 
quail, n. aboko, pi. mm-. 
quake, v. woso, poso, ho safu), ho 

qualify, v.kyereky- brb.sumu,ma 

..tumi, (bo ho hye). 
quality, n. su, ban, tebea. 


quantity, n. dodo, adedodo. 
quarrel, v. kasakasa, di akaraeka- 

me, -ntautau, -atutuo, -twema- 

mentw^, ham, ko; o-n6 no anya. 
quarrel, n. akasakasa, akameka- 

me, atutuo, oham, akoko-akoko; 

he seeks or begins a-, oyi or 

ogye m'ano akasak-. 
quarry, n. abotubea; -v. pa or 

pae abo ; - man, obopaefo, pi. a- . 
quarter, w.nkyem-anan; {resting -) 

asoee; {lodging) o^e, abobo. 
queen, n. obemmea, bahemma. 

queer, a. nwouwa. 

quench, v. dum (gya, kanea), kum 

question, n. asemmisa, pi. n-. 

quick, -Zj/, a. a^. ntem, ntemntem, 
ntemso, harehare, obareso; beu, 
fwimfwira , sorosoro ; araonom, 
mprempren ; we, wewe, kamkam. 

quick, V. to be-, ka..nsa, bo pau- 
kraii, ye ntem, ye (ne)h6 hare, 
patu (ye). 

quickness, w.ahoohare ; -of speak- 
ing, anoohare. 

quicksigllted (person), oniferefo; 
-ness, anifere. 

quiet, -Z?/,a.a^.k6mm^d6mm,dinn, 
koni, dwodwo; tobe-, dwo, ..ho 
dwo, mu dwo, bo dwo, bo to; aui 
dwo, aui ka ase ; ye komm... ; 
{from fear) bom, tern. 

152 rag 

quiet, V. pata, dwo ani, dwudwo; 

ma ti da ; phr. ne ti ada. 
quill, n. ntakara; pen. 
quinine, n. (atiridl ano) aduru bi, 
quit, V. gyau, gya mu, gu; {finish) 

wie ; {pay off) tua (ka). 

quite, a(i. kora, pese, nyo; -t;. wie, 
sa ; he is - well, neho (ye) pese. 

quiver, «;.popo, ho-, birikyi; his 
eyelashes-, n'aniwa sau. 

quiver, n. agyanboha, -kotokii. 

quotient, n. okyenya. 


Rabbit, n. adauko, pi. nn- . 
rabid, a.tobe-,hq dam, -gye, gyi- 

mi, (n')ani so or (ne) tirim ka. 
rabidneSS, ?l.adammo, gye, ogyimi. 
race, n. {family) abusua, ase, ase- 

fo, mma ; {stature) nnipabah ; 

{running) mmirikatu, akane, a- 

kansi; -v. si mmirika or hare 

radius, n. ufwiromufa. 
raff, V. pra, prapra, fwim, fo, 
raft, n. mpurau or mpata a eten 

nsuani, nsuani mpata. 
rafter, n. aparo, pi. m-, damparee. 
rag, n. ntamago, agoago. 
ragamuffin, n. kwaterekwa. 
rage, v. bo dam, bo gye, gyimi, bo 

huru: ani do iikran. 

rag 153 

rage, n. anibere, abohuru, abufu- 

hye, nkran ; (madness) odam. 
ragged, a. go, nea atete; kentego, 

ntamago n. a. 
rails, n. pi. keteke-adaban. 
railway, n. adabankwan, keteke- 

raiment, «.atade,^/. nt-; (clerical) 

asofotade ; one state of-, atade 

rain, v. osu to (nwgsenwese, pi- 

bibibi, pibabababa, taradada) ; 

-sets in, osu tue. 
rain, n. osu, osuto; -how, nyan- 

kontgn ; -water, nyankonsu; 

heavy-, nsunsuan, nsunsuansu; 

- heard at a distance, nyankom- 
m^remere, osu to ahunm. 

rainy season, the first: asiiso, 

- bere ; ike - has begun, asuso 
atue; the second: adorn, adom- 

raise, v. ma. .so; si, to; tere mu; 

kanyan ; boa ano ; yen (afieboa); 

(a tax) yi (to), gyigye (sika); 

-troops, ye or noa sa, pgn dom. 
raisins, n. pi. asikere-aba. 
rake, n. ntwesodade; (fig.) ohu- 

buni, pi. a--fo. 
rally, v. pou dom, boa dom (a a- 

fwete) ano. 
ram, w. odweDnini,^Z.a-; -shorn, 

ram. v. poma (oprem, otuo). 


rammer, ramrod, n. twenewa. 
ramble, v. kyin, kyini. 
rampart, n. aperee, akopempe, pie. 
random, n. talk at-^ tea ntent6n; 

to do s. th. at-, to asunsumabo. 
range, v. ma.,sa so, hyehye brb. ne 

kwaii so ; siesie, seseu; -lines 

for battle, twa mpasua. 
rank, n. dibea; (milit) kyerepen, 

ntoatoaso; man of-, onipamu. 
ransak, v. fo, ko mpe, fa asade. 
ransom, n. agyede, niiwensa. 
rape, n. dwotwa; (yMr.)mm6nnat6 ; 

commit-, to mmonna, 
rapidly, a^.fwira,fwirafwim; ntem, 

rapids, n. pi. aworoso. 
rare, a. to be -, enka, ebo ye na, eye 
rascal , n. osesafo, pi. a- . [ona. 
rash, -ly, a. ad. gyigyagyigya, 

gyigyiri, kyikyirikyikyiri, kam- 

kam, hyerebahyereba. 
rashness, W.nnam, ntem, ntemye; 

agyigyirisem, anuohyee. 
rasp, n. twitae. 

raspberry, n. rasberi; -vinegar, 
rat, n. okisi, pi. a- . [rasberisa. 
ratan, n. d^mmere, ^Z. nn-; kinds: 

mfea, kete, oyee. 
rate, n. (price) ebo, ebokwafimu; 

(tax) eto. 
rate, v. (value) bg bo ; (tax) bye 

toyi; (scold) ka anim, twi anira. 




rather, ad. mmom, fasa; §75,3. 
ratio, n. ntoho, ntotobo, nseso. 
rattle, ».gyigye, woroworau -, ye 

pompraiip-, -kesek-, -wawa. 
ravage, v. see, buru, dwiri, butu; 

{plunder) fo. 

rave, v. bo gye or dam, gyimi, tirim 

ka, ani do. .ho iikran. 
raven, n. anene, kwakwadabi. 
ravish, v. twaoryi dwo; (assail) 

tua; (rape) to ramonna, 

rav Is he r,w.dwotwafo,pZ. a- ;(y^r.) 

obonnatofo, pi. mra- . 
raw, a. amono, mommono. 
ray, n. nsensane, nsensamma. 
razor, w.oyisekan,oyiwari,anseeyi, 
reach, v. du, du ho, to, so (so), nsa 

ka; (able for) nsa. so; (sufficient) 

nsa hyia; -as far as, ..bepem, 

reaction, n. nsanmu ; - ist, «. nsan- 

read, v. kan (nhoma), kenkan. 

readiness, n. ahosiesie, ahodaso, 

ready, a. krado; he is-, wawie, \va- 
siesie neho; watem;^/. woaten- 
tera ; - cash, sikamono ; it is- for 
us, eda yen ho ; to make -, siesie ; 
make yours, -for fight! monka 
'ntoa! they are- for fight,^qaikq 
ntoa niu; won nsa ye poripori. 

real, a. pa, pote; -v. ewom, ete 

sa ampa; eye; mu; eye asem mu. 
realisation, n. gseyo, ampayo, pg- 

teye, oseadeeyo. 
realise, v. ma eba (mu), nea woton 

nya, nya ho mfaso, dannan,.h6. 
really, ad. int. ampa, wom'moa; 

§ 135. 
reap, v. twa (awi, emo), bu (aburo), 

tu (sare); (fig^ nya, -akatua or 
reaper, n. awitwafo. [mfaso. 

rear, v. ma. .so, kanyan; (flg^ sie- 
sie; (bring up) yen. 
rear, n. pa, mpa ; (milit.) kyidom ; 

bring up the-, kata mpa. 
reason, n. ase; nhumu, ti, tirim, 

adwene, adwempa ; (jur?) poma- 

si, gyinae; -v. yiyi nten; bo 

nkuro, gye akyinnye ; (inquire) 

pe mu. 
rebel, n. omansofo, pi. a-, oman- 

sotwefo, pi. a-, otuatefo, pZ. a-. 
rebellion, n. manso, atuatee. 
rebuild, v. si or siesie dan foforo, 

dwu dan. 
rebuke, v. ka or twi anim, twa 

tekremafoa (-fana), bo ahohora. 
rebuke, n. animka, ntwianim, a- 

recall, v. yi, san; (fig.) kae, ka- 

kae ; phr. I- what I said, nea 

mekae no, mise sa a, eye nsa; 

- the curse ! dan usee or dua (a 

woboo me) no! 




recant, v. dan'; - a curse, dan nsee ; 

phr. wadan me dua a gboo me no. 
recantation, n. okasan, anodan. 
receipt, n. akansa-nhoma, adegye- 

receive, v.gje, gye tom^-, {embrace) 

ye atu; (get) nsa ka, nya. 
recent, - it/, a. ad. foforo, nnansa 

yi, nnera-nko. 
reception, n. ogye, ahoho-gye, 

-som; public-, guasogye, guabo. 
recitation, n. nea woka fi tirim, 

-wokan no guaso, nsenworo. 
recite, v. ka fi tirim, kan..guam'. 
reckon, v. bu, -ano, -akonta, ye 

ak.; susu; -among, bu..fra mu, 

gu. .so,, ka..h6, si so, tia; 

-ing, n. akonta, -bu. 
recognise, v. \m, Ak. hunu, nim. 
recollect, v. kae, kakae; ani ba 

so; he tries to-, ofwe ne tirim. 

recommend, t'.kama,.,kamfokyere. 

recommendation, n. bodiiikyere, 

recompense, v. bye or si auanmu; 

tua ka; -n. akatua (pa); nhye- 

ananmu, nsiananmu. 
reconcile, v. pata, 

reconvalescence, n. ahoninnim, 

record, a, ..dehye 
tirim fe; -7i. nkyereutoho; din- 
fre-iihoma: (sport) akansi-nim. 

recourse, n. oguantoa, nea ode 
asem dan obi. 

recover, ^. nya (akyi kwan), nya 
bio, sail nya ; (fr.sickn.) ho nin- 
nim, -sail, -ba (ne)h6 bio. 

recovery, n. ahosan. 

recreation, n. akwahosaii ; ohome. 

rectangle, n. ahinanan 
a ne nsensane a edidi 
nfweanim sesee. 

rectify; v. tee so, tase or yiyi mu 
mfomso, daii ma esi ne kwaii so ; 
let me- it, ma mentee (wo) so. 

red, «. ko, koko; (in cpds.) ..ben; 
e. g. osubeii n. a, ; (scarlet) ko- 
ben, ..dam,damarama;(y2wZ^6'2/-) 
adidi; (fiery-) yenii, yemmeiiii; 
(-brown) gdoben; -v. here; to 
be -hot^ (dade) do kg. 

redden, v. bere. 
redeem, v. pgn, gye. 

redemption, ?^.agyede,ogye-adwu- 

ma, gpgii. 
redhot, a. ..adg k5 w sramsram; 

reduce, v. te(u) or huan or yi so, 

here (bo) ase. 
reduction, w.nteso,nyiso,iihuaiiso. 
reduplicate, v. bg ho, -anim, pem-. 

reduplication, n. mmgho, mmg- 
anim, mp2manim. 

reed, n.(ratan) demmere, ^^Z. un-, 




reef, n. obo a etere nsu or asase mu. 
reel, v. him, hinhim; (stagger) to 

ntintan. [efa brb. ho, 

refer, v. to ho, dan; nea 
referee, n. osentwamfo, pi. a- . 
refine, v. po or twi ho, yi ho fi, 

here (sika) ho; {skim) pa (ani), 

son so ; refined = well mannered 

person, okanni, -ba. 
reflect, v. susu, dwen, dwene. 
reform, v. sese(u), dan mu. 
reformation, n. oseseu, -here. 
refresh, v. ma.. Mo dwo; -ment,n. 

mmeresu, mmeresa, nkaano, nka- 

refuge, n. hintabea, guankobea, 

guaiidobea ; to seek, take -, guan 

do, -toa. 
refund, -y. dan ma, bye mu or-anan 
refuse, v. kame; pa, po. W^- 
refuse, n. ades6, (nsa ase) pu; (0/ 

palmnuts) mmefe; iika^fo. 
regain, v. nya bio, san fa; {call 

hack) pon. 
regard, v. fwe, bu ; fa ho brb. 
regardless, a. nea wommu, -won- 

fwe no kyea ; to he -, aniansowa. 
regent, w. omankrado, pi. a-; nea 

osi ohene ananmu (fwe oman). 
regiment, n. dgm ornsrafoku, dom- 

to, dom nkyekyem bi. 
register, w.diiifre nhoma; attend- 
ance-, asuaemuba or adwuma- 

ye so nhoma. 

registrar, n. (public-) oman ho 

nhoma (horo) so fwefo ne ne 

kyereufo; -of marriages, AVfave 

ho nsemkyereufo. 
regret, v. brb. ye..ya or ahomete. 
regret, n. ahonu, brb. ho awere- 

ho, asem a eye..ya. 
regular, a. nea efa or enam ne kwan 

so, wo-ano wo-ano, nea esi so pe. 
regulate, v. hyehye, siesie, ma efa 

ne kwan so. 

regulation, n. {rules) amammui- 
sem, nsiesiemii. 

rehearse, v. ka ti mu; kS kyere. 
reign, v. di bene,; -n. a- 

henni, nniso. 
rein, n. nnarekahSma. 

reinforcement, n. mmagum. 

reject, v. to..kyene; po, pa; {-ad- 
monition) tu (afotu) gu. 

rejoice, v. ani gye, ye fe, gye ani, 

kyekye were. 
rejoin, v. toa; -ing, otoa. 
relate, v. ka, bo kasee, ma asem; 

-d to, bo abusua; {refer to) fa.. 

ho (brb.). 
relation, relative, -s, n. onl, obu- 

suani, pi. a--fo, abusua. 
relative, a. nea ebo abusua; -pro- 

noun, n. din nhyeauaumu a eka 

nsem 2 bom'. 
relax, v. dwo ani, go - or hodwo 

mu; brb. so huan. 


release, v. gya gkwan, gya; gye, 

yi; -71. okwanto; ogye, oyi, 
relic, w.nnekae,nnikae;(-o/"^ea^) 

owufo ho ade, adankasa. 
religion, t^. onyamesom, osom; 

religious doctrme, onyamesom 

ho kyere. 
relinguish, ?;. dan or gya..kyene. 
reluctance, n. ahitee. 
rely, v. de neho to. .so, ani da so, 

tweri; dan (obi). 
remain, v. ka, ka akyiri, tra (ho, 

mu), kye ; it -s in my ears — 

makes impression on me, edi 

m'asom dem. 
remainder, w. nkae, nnekae; {of 

food) nnikae; (0/ cZo/7i) ntwakae. 
remark, v. hu, kae, ka; {to mark 

s. th.) hye agyirae, -asem nso. 
remarkable, a. atitirimu, kunini, 

nea eduobo. 
remedy, n. ano aduru. 
remember, v. kae, ani wo so, ani 

ba so; bo obi nkae. 

remembrance, n. nkae; -of old 
grievances, nnyafinkae. 

remind, t;. kae (obi), ma..ani ba so. 

remit, v. soma, san; tua..ka; -a 
debt, kye. 

remittance, n. sikamana, -soma; 
(fig) - of sin, (bone)fafiri. 

remnant, cf. remainder, rest. 

remonstrate, v. yiyi nteu. 

157 rep 

remote, a. akyirikyiri ; tonn. 

remove, v. yi (fi) ho, yiyi, de (fa) 

..ko; twi ko, tu so; pam, tu; 

- a curse, dan dua, - nsee. 
removal, n. yiko, ntuso. 
rend, t^.suane, sunsuane ; te(u) mu, 

tetgu, pae; rent, prt, go, nta- 

mago ; pJir. m'asepatere aye go. 
render, v. dan or san de ma, hye 

anan mu ; {translate) kyere ase ; 

-thanks, da.. ase; ma aguare. 
renew, t;. seseu, ye..foforo, toa, si 

ne tete ananmu ; {repair anew) 

dwu (dan). 
renewal, n. mfuemii, otoa. 
renounce, v. pa (gyidi), pa(..h6) 

akyi; {disoivn) 
renouncement,^, akyipa, nhyira- 

so; self-, ahoakyipa. 

renovator, n. opamago. 
renown, w. din, dimpa; to he of-. 
wo din, (ne) din ahye. 

rent, w.eto, apeato, ehonsa;(^orw} 

otetee, agoago. 
repair, v. seseu, sa, tata, tuatua, 

pompam; yeyiye; hye ananmu. 
reparation, n, nsiananmu, nsesee. 
repayj-y.tua ka,danma,hye ananmu. 
repeal, v. san asem or mmara mu; 

dan ani, yi..ho. 
repeat, v. (ka) si or, (kasa) 

sail mu, ye.. bio, san ye.., -ka; 

ka sim' ; -a ilotv, fea, -so, pa so. 

rep 1 

repeatedly, ad. ntoatoaso, ntimu. 
repetition, n. ntimu, okasasanmu. 
repent, ^. nu neho, sakra..adwene. 
replace, v. hye ananmu, de beto 

or -besi nea eda or -esi. 
reply, v. bua, 
report, n. kasee, -bo, amanee; a- 

kwanmusem, atesem, nka; aten- 

ka, nsise, ahyesem, asemhyee. 
reporter, n. obofo,^/. a-, okyeame, 

;pl. a-, otekofo, yl, a- . 
repose, v. tra ase, home, da. 
reposit, v. sie, de..sie, -to, -hye 

representant, n. nea ogyina obi 

ananmu, ananmusifo,^ (/we- 

illator) odiraafo. 
reprehend, reprimand, ka or twi 

anim, kasa (obi). 
reproach, reprove, -y. yau, teetee, 

bua. .so, si. .anim ; -afriend, yi 

reproach, w.asobua;/?/^/-. as. ye ya. 
reproof, n. nkSanim, ntwianim. 
reptile, n. aboa a ewea fam. 

republic, n. kwasafomdn, kwa- 

repugnant, be-, eye (me) nya- 

ne, -nyanenyane. 

repulse, ^. sianka,tutu ; - an army, 
pam or pini dom. 

reputation, 71. din, nidi; ateuka 
(pa) or at. (bone). 



repute, v. susu, bu or dwene obi. 
request, ?«.kyepa,adesere;-t?.sere, 

pa kye, bisa. 
require, v. (de) hye bisa.. . 
rescue, v. gye, yi, fwim. 
resemble, v. se, se so, wiewie. 
reserve, w.-/roo^s,nnawase-twafo. 
reserve,?;. de.. sie, kora so; {spare) 

kyee so ; he is -d, n'ano ye duru ; 

-w.nkotoakyiri; to lie in-, koto 

reservoir, n. baka, asubura, nsu 

residence, w.trabe,trabere;ro^rtZ-, 

aherafi, aheiikuro. 
residuum, w. adese; a jargon of 

Twi, ades6-twi. 
resign, v. dan or gya mu to ho, 

gyae, dan. .ho ma, 
resolute, a. nea ne bo ati, -ne bo 

or koko ye duru. 
resolution, n. tirimbo, ebosi. 
resolve, v. di..tirim, bo tirim(pg); 

-ioastfiilly, si.. bo or koko. 
resort, v. (ta) hyia (babi); -for 

help, guaii toa (obi); {hide) guan 

ko or -do, bo dofoa or iikokora. 
respect, v. fere, bu, ani so, fwe 

anim; bu..kese; -ed person, ba- 

respect, n. efere, afere; obu; -of 

persons, animfwe, 
respecting,a.iieaefa..hobrb., ..fasiK 




respire, v. cf. breathe. 
respond, v. bua, gje..s6, tua..ano, 
response, n. nnyeso, mmuae. 
responsible, a. nea wgde ho asem 

bisa no. 
rest, {remainder), n. nkae, ntwa- 

kae, fin, pi. asinasin. 
rest (repose), n. ohome, honam 

(mu) adagye, ahodwo ; ahome- 

gye; he is at-, n'asom adwo; 

ne(/., n'asom nnwo no. 
rest, V. home, soe, ho dwo; ka; 

- ing-place, asoee, ahomegyebea. 

restless, a. to be-, ye peterepe- 

tere, -kitikiti; neho nka neho, 

gnna ho komm; neho ha no, 


-ness, n. kitikitiye. 
restitution {restoration), n. otoa, 

ananmuhye, nhyeanaumu, nsia- 

restorer, ^^.osesefo, odanmSfo, o- 

pamago ; - of life, nkwasiankafo. 
restrain, n. si ano, si kwan, dwu- 

dwo, sianka, kame, 
result, w. aba, ade, nea efi brb, 

mu (ba), -epue so; [end) awiei. 
resume, v. fi..ase bio, sail nu..fu 

or san koyo. 

resurrection, w.owusore,wunyan. 

retail, v. di mpewa, si konko, da- 

nnan..h6; -n. mpewadi, konko- 

si ; - license, mpewadi ho kwan- 

ma nhoma. 
retain, v. so mu, san, sianka. 
retaliation, n. ananmuhye. 
retire, retreat, V. pini akyiri, twe 

..ho ; {for pensio7i) gyae adwu- 

ma (ko) home. 
retreat, n. agua, nkyiripini ; (pen- 
sion) homedibea. 
retribute, v. bye ananmu, si-. 
return, v. san (ba), sail n'akyi or 

akyiri; dan neho. 
return, w. osan, nsanakyiri, odan- 

ma, akatua, nhyeanaiimu ; aseda ; 

(- ansiver) mmuae ; (gain) mfaso ; 

-s, dwumadi or toyi ho anobu. 
reveal, v. yi so, yi adij yi kyere. 
revealer (of secrets), n. apedeahii. 
revenge, n. awere-to or -di. 
revenge, vAo take-, to or di ■w'ere. 
revenue, n. nea omaii nya togye 
revere, v. fere, ani so (obi). \p^- 
reverse, v. dan, sakra, tue, butu, 

reverse, w. akyiri, abira;teA:e^/ie-, 

bg (asem) no abira (ma yeiifwe). 
revert, v. san or fwe akyi, dan mu. 
revoke, v. cf. recant. 
revile, v. yau, di..atem, sopa. 
revise, v. fwe mu, san fefe mu. 
revolt, V. te atua, twe manso. 
revolution, ^i.atuate, manso, -twe,. 




oman-anidan, nnananimanso ; 

house-, fiemanso. 
revolve, «;.twa ho (hyia), di kyin- 

hyia; kyim. 
revolver, n. atwerewa, kodiawiio. 
reward, v. tua ka, tua akatua pa. 
reward, n. akatuapa, esoade. 
rheumatism, n. okwaha, osenmu, 

same', Ak. ahotutuo, atutuo. 
rhinoceros, n. esono akyi aboa bi 

a aben si ne fwene so. 
rib,?^.aparo, Ak.aparee,_pZ.m-; -0/ 

umbrella, kyini6 mp. ; (rafter) 

ribbon, n. (sirikyi) bena, bamma, 

rice, n.emo] -store, odum, pi. a-. 
rich, a. to be, grow-, wo or nya 

ade, wosika, nyaneho, ditamu; 

-man, odefo, pi. a-, osikaui, pi. 

a- -fo, ohonyafo, pi. a-, dwetiwa- 

m,pl.-io, obireinpon, pi. a--fo. 
riches, n. pi. ade, ahonyade, ade- 

riclnus {plant), n. adedenkruma. 
rid, v. yi fi ho or mu ; {save) gye.. ; 

{clear fr.) te(u) ho; to be- of.., 

sore ho or so, brb. sore brb. so; 

to get- of, twe, yi or nya ne- 

ho fi.. . 
riddle, n. aborome; to.abr. ; {pro- 
verb) abebusem, 
ride, v. tra (te) oponko or teasee- 

nam so; da hamanka mu. 

rider, n. oponkofo, oponko-sotefo; 
pl' a- . [bepotifi. 

ridge, «.ab6san},mmepo-kyerepeu, 

right, a. pa, trene, poti; -v. {to 
be -) tee, tene, ye, se, fata ; {jud) 
di bem ; he is - in flogging you, 
odi wo fwe ; are -, worn - 
moa, F. wontwa apau; -hand, 
nifa, nsa-; -hander, onifafo. 

right, w. bem, bemdi; {just claim) 
ade,asede ; {privilege).. ho k waii ; 
-case, -matter, asentrene, ade- 

righteous, a. trene; -n. otreneni, 
pi. a--fo, otifo, pi. a-; -v. tee, 
di bem, di mu; -cause, osenoe. 

righteousness, ?^.otee, trene; bem- 
di; his un-, ne tee a ontee. 

rigid, a. kyenkyenkyeu. 

rim, n. ano; -of butt, mmareho. 

rind, w.abon; ehono; phr. he has 
not yet begun, ommoo ho bon e. 

ring, v. -a bell, woso or bo (don); 
{sound) gyigye; his ears-, n'a- 
som ye no youn. 

ring, n. ka, kawa ; kinds : petea, 
tohkoka, nomafuru ; {circle) dan- 
taban, hankare,hankra, kontoh- 

r'lnQ-leader.n.qkot'wehiireio] - padj 
n. kahiri, kahire, kare; -worm, 
kore. [ponoe. 

ringlet, n. nhwi apoapo, -mpom- 

rinse, v. hohoro or yi mu, guare. 




riot, V. t6u atua, twe manso ; {revel) 
bo ahofwi. 

riot, n. mansotwe, atuatee. 

ripe, a. nea aben, -abere, -ahoa, 
-awo, -abo; to be, grow-, beii, 
bere, hoa, wo, bo. 

rise, V. sore, soso ; (0/ sun n. a.) 
pue, kukuru ; {throw up) bore ; 
{price of s. th. -s) (ebo) foro; 
{ascend)ko soro; (prosper)ko so, 
fi mu; {river -s) ba; {revolt) twe 
manso; (fig.) si so ; plir.the -ing 
generationis industrious, mmo- 
fra a woasi so yi ye nsi; -n. 0- 
sore, opue; {origin) mfiase, asefi. 

risit, n. asiane, kokoy^re ; esi babi 
a asi ; owu-owu a, nkwa, iikwa- 
rikwa a, owu; -v. de.. nkwa to 
..nsam, yere(ne)koko de ye brb. 

rival, n. okansifo; {jealous p.) 0- 
niiikufo, okorafo orkora, osidifo. 

river, w.asu, asu(bonjten; beyond 
the -, asuogya ; - bed, osuka, o- 
subon, obonka, pi. a- . 

rivulet, 71. asuwa, asutemma. 

road, n. okwan, otempon, apon- 
kokwan ; rail - , adabankwan ; 
well- cleared-, nkwammoe; bad-, 
akwamfo ; clearing of-, akwam- 
mo. [twede. 

roam [about), v. kyini, wo ntwe- 

roar, v. ye ho, bom', bobom', su. 

roast, V. {bake in an oven) to, toto ; 
{fry in a pan or on a roaster) 

kye; {at the bare fire) kisa; (5#rw 

the hair fr. a dead animal) hu. 
rob, V. wia, bo kron, -krono, fo, 

yi adwo, twa. .dwo. 
robber, n. owifo, okromfo, fofo, 

odwotwafo, okwanmukafo,^Z. a-. 
robbery, n. kron, krono, akrommo, 

adwoyi, dwotwa, akwanrauka. 

robe, n. batakari, adurade. 

rock, n.qho, pl.^-, obotan, pi. a.-, 
abosam, botantim, 

rock, ^. woso, poso, pusu; -ing, 
part., posgposo. 

rocket, n. osraman, pi. a- . 

rod, n. dua, pi. nnua, aba, ^jZ. mma ; 
ram -, twenewa, pi. n- . 

rogue, n. ohofwini, pi. a--fo, ose- 
safo, pi. a-, akwakyere, pi. n-, 
obusufo, osatofo, osape, pi. a- . 

roll, ^. pire, muni; {fig.) yantam; 
-tip, bobo(u). 

roll, ?J. purii; -of tobacco, kesi. 

roof, n. odan atifi, osuhye; phr. 
audiatur et altera pars, osu- 
hyefa wommua so ; -v. kuru or 
bo (dan) so. 

room, n. odan, pi. a-, dampan, pi. 
nn-; bed-, pia, ^/. m-, dabere, 
pakiisu ; store-, back-, pumpu- 
nu, pi. m- ; drawing-, asa(so); 
{space) okwaii ; phr. there is - 
for you, okwan da bo ma wo. 

r00my,a.habara; -v.emugo,-bae. 





root, n. dua ase, ntini, nhin ; (cause) 
ase ; - v. gye ntini, gye nhin ; 
(stick fast) tim ; it stands firm, 
atim ; he has ohtained a solid 
foundation, n'ase atim ; his hoiv- 
els have hecome strong again, 
ne yam at. ; -out, -up, v. tu, tutu ; 
{to extinguish) gu ase, tore ase. 

rope, ?^.ntampe, - hama, ntomporie. 

rot, V. poro, su. 

rotate, v. di kyinhyia, -atwasi. 

rotten, a. fo ; nea aporo, - asu ; 
puroku = nea ne se aporo ; he 
has - teeth, gye puroku. 

rottenness, n. poroe. 

rough, a. awereawere, wewere, w6- 
sereka, wiirikyere; (dua ko) sia; 
- n. ohupdni, ^Z. a- -fo ; - ly, ad. to 
use-, ye haeliae, pupu..anikyere; 
-ground or poimded, apurukii, 
/. e. fuf u ap. ; - zvord, asennennen. 

round, a.puru,kurukuruwa,koro- 
korowa ; - about, kontonkron, 
dantaban, anworaman; to go-, 
bo kontonkron, twa ho byia ; 
take a - ahoiit tvay, kwae, yi 
akwa, kwati kwan, raan(fa)ba- 
bi ; yhr. it is an indispensahle 
matter, eye ade a wonkwae (nto 

rouse, ?;. nyan, kanyan, hwanyan. 
rout, V. pam, tutu, ka gu, yi(dom). 
rove, V. kyiii, kyini; to wuram; 
{-071 acc. of debts) bo ko. 

rover, n. okwanmukafo; {on acc. 
of debts) kobofo, kabonnafo. 

row, n.{line) kyerepen ; {continua- 
tion) ntoatoaso ; {riot) ntokwa- 
ko, mmatokwa. 

row, V. hare, F. kwane. 

rower, n. gkwamfo, pi. a-. 

royal, a. nea eye ohene dea, -ese 
ohene; -insignia, ahenne(e). 

rub, ^. twi, twu, twitwi, sra, posa; 
{polish) po..h6 ; -the floor with 
clay, kwa(u) ntwoma n. a. 

rude, a. to be-, apeko, ntokwape- 
fo, otutupefo, pi. a-. 

rudiment, n. mfitiase-de, -sem. 

ruffian, n. ototobonefo; odwotwa- 
fo, okwanmukafo, pi. a- . 

rugged, a. hutuhutu. 

ruin, ^. buru, dwiri, bo, bobg, see. 

ruin, n. afitu, gdantu(o), abansin; 
pi. amamfo, akurofo, afabo, a- 
goago ; {destruction) abu, oburu, 
gsee, gbg. [pantantwere. 

ruinous, a. go; a -house, qA?ihi\b, 

rule, V., -panyin, -bene; 
{line) sensan. 

rule, w. mraara ; amammuisem; 
{manner) gkwanso, a-; {example) 
nfweso; kingly-, sivay, sodi, a- 
henni; standing-, mmaradahg; 
as a-, senea wgta ye no... 

ruler, n. sodifo, owura, gpanyin; 




rum, n. mmorgsa, nsa (mereken, 
gyin, kumbraka), mpahyewa. 

ruminant, a.nea. opu wesa; -ani- 
mal, puwesafo ; {flg. meditate) 
nea oda dwene, - osusu ne tirim . 

ruminate, v. pu wesa; (fig. medi- 
tate) dadwen, susu (ne) tirim. 

rumour, n. iika, atenk^, nsise, a- 
sesem ; atesem, akwanmusem. 

rump, n. pa, mpa, pam , sisi, - akyi ; 
(torso) akonsin. 

run, ^. mmirika, tu (tutu) mmi- 
rika; -after, ti(u), di..akyi; -a- 
ground (of vessels), (hyen) ko- 
tim; bo, gu asu; to- or move 
in a circle, bo or twa anwora- 
man ; pJir. wota yen de yen bo 
anw. ; -o^,guan, te(u); - out, wie 
(mmirikatu) ; (fig.) fwere, see; 
-over,; -through, fwiro. 

runner, n. obirikatufo,^, a-, 
nea odi aponkonaii ase. 

rupture, n. mpapae, abu. 

rush, ^. to gu (so), bo ko (dan mu), 
bo (hyia), bo kirididi. 

rust, n. nkanare; -v. do nkanare, 

gye (or ye) iik. 
rustle, V. (brb.)ba wa, wim kasa. 


Sabre, n. nkrante, afoa, afana. 
sacl(, n. kotoku, atwea, boto, pi. 
mm- ; - cloth, atweatam, aweree. 
sacrament, n. brb. a eho te(u), a- 

dekronkron, ad6mmanade(asubg 
ne Awurade adidi). 

sacred, «. nea eho teu, -eye kron- 
kron ; - history, Israel or nya- 
meman abasem. 

sacrifice, v. bo afore; {betray) yi,. 
ma; -n. afore; -bo. 

sad, a. to he-, were aho, miina, di 
nkoramg, ye mmgbomobo, ani ye 
..totgtotg, ye sipiripi. 

sadness, n. awereho, yamgya, A- 
kgmmgdi, mmgbgmgbgye. 

saddle, n. gpgnkggua, - ate, pi. a-. 

safe, a. dwodwo, sgnn, pintinn; 
- and sound, totorgtg ; phr. wa- 
kg sa de neho aba t. ; to he-, 
nya nkwa. 

sage, n. onimdefo, onyansafo,^Z,a-, 
sail, n. aberanna, pi. mm-; si ab. 
sailing, n. nsuanifa. 

sailor, n. gkwamfo, pi. a-, gpo- 
foni, 2jI. a--fo, hyenmuni, pi. 
-fo, kuruni, pi. -fo. 

pi. -fo, nea ne ho te(u). 

Saiagha, pr. n. of toivn, Saraha. 
salary, n. akatua, asranne, afri- 

sale, n. gtgn, aguadefi; ivares for-, 

sally, V. pue fi, bg yiridi, to bye 






saloon, n. asakese, patokese, o- 

salt, n. nkyene, tafode ; - hasket, 
nkyempae ; to huy -, bo iiky , ; 
the- has lost its savour, nky. 
no nte adem' ; he is dropping 
sweetly asleep, n'aniwa soa nky. 
= n'ani kum (kom) nan'aniwam 
aye no dedede; though he try 
his best to persuade me, I will 
not listen to him anymore, obe- 
ka nkyene a merentie no bio; 
-water, iikyene nsu, brekese. 

salt, v. hye nkyene ; phr. it is 
sufficiently -ed, nkyene atem'; 
excessively - ed, nky. atwam' ; 
nky. atwa nkwan yi mu. 

salted, saltish, salty, a. nkyene- 

saltpetre, n. obo-so-nkyene. 
salutation, n. nkyia, akyema; a- 

kye, amo; § 147. 
salute, V. kyia, Ak. dwa; ma a- 

kye, - adwo, - amo, - akwaba n. a. 
salvation, n. ogye, nkwagye. 
salve, n. nku, aduru a wode sra; 

-V. sra nku, -aduru, fo(u) nno. 
Same,a.onoara,enoara,koro no ara; 

-thing or person, bafua; §57. 
sample, 71. nfweso, esobi; -of 

prints, nsasa(wa). 

sanctification, n. ahotee, nteho, 

kronkrouye ; {rite of-) ahodwira. 

sanction, 7i. esoduasi, ogyepene. 

mpeneso; 'V. si.. so dua, gyQ.. 
pene,; (empower) to 

sand, /^. nhwea; -hank, nbweaso; 
-^/e5, ntummoa; -s/owe, iihwea- 
nhweabo; -glass, nh.don. 

sandal, n. mpaboa, ntokota; {of 
wood) nkuronniia ; -maker ^ mpa- 

sane, a. to he-, di mu, ..ho ye; a- 
dwene mu da ho. 

sanguine, a. to he-, ye hye(u); wo 
..ho anidaso. 

sap, n. emu nsu, dua mu nsu. 

sash, n. asenmu duku, abomii, n- 

satiation, satiety, n. ome. 

satin, n. sirikyi, sedahorodo. 

satisfaction, w.aniso,anika,atida, 
ahomeka; (;w<^.)mpata, bem; -/or 
adultery, ayefare, ayefere, aka- 
to ; he has taken satisf. -money 
from hirn, wagye no ayefare or 
akato, wato no ka. 

satisfied, to he-, ml; {fig^ (e)so 
(u')ani, (n')ani (a)gye, (wa)pene. 

satisfy, v. me; {pacify) pata ; 
{please) so ani ; {suffice) du, du 
ano, doso; -an offended hus- 
band, to ka or ayefare. 

saturate, v. don, donnon ; phr. don 
adehoro ! 

Saturday, n. Memeneda; § 41, 4; 
male perso7i hor^i on-, Kwame; 
female, Am 'ma. 




sauce, n. SOS, srade, iikwan. 

saucer, n. ntaase. 

savage, a. n. {uncivilised) okwae- 
muni, oharauni, pi. a--fo, nea n'a- 
sem ahamsem, -ompoe; (fierce) 
nea n'ani ye hye ; (cruel) nea ne 
tirim ye den, otirimodenfo. 

save, V. gye, yi, gye nkwa ; (spare) 
kyee or kora (so); pass., nya 

save, prp. gye; § 117, 3. 

saving, n. ogye, nkwagye; (spar- 
ing use) adesokyee ; -s, dwe- 

saviour, n. ogyefo, agyenkwa. 

saw, V. twa, pae, de wan twa. 

saw, n. owan, srada; -dust, owan 
or srada ano ntetetutuo or mme- 
rehua; -set, sasesiefo, saset. 

sawer, saivy&r, n. nnuapaefo. 

say, V. se, ka (kyere). 

saying, n. ose, asem. 

scab, scald, scall, scurf, n. ntutui. 

scabbard, n. boha, pi. mm-. 

scaffold, n. apa, pata; (for exe- 
cution) asen6-p. 

scald, V. {by hot liquid) woro, wo- 
tere (bo). 

scale, n.(flsh-) boil, pi. a-, bono; 
(disJi of balance) nsenia kora ; 
(stairs) antweri, atrapoe; a pair 
of scales, nsenia. 

scalene, a. abinasa afankye-af. 

scandal, n. aferesem, aniwude, a- 

scandalous, a. tantan; nea eye 

fere, --aniwu, --ahobora; -n. 

ghoborani, pi. a--fo. 
scar, n. etwa, pi. a- ; - in the head, 


scarce, a. to be-, ebo ye na; phr. 
good people are- or rare on 
earth, nnipa pa ye na asase so. 

scarcity, n. ona, e-; -of food, 
ahuhua, okom, aduan-; -of 
water, osukom ; -meat, nankgm ; 
-of tobacco, takom. 

scare, • piru, yi abi, -bu; (by 
crying) ye haebae, 

scarf, n. konmu (asenmu) duku. 

scarlet, n. damanama, beredum. 


scene, n. agorubea, afwee; ade- 
kyerebea; (fig.) nea abetom'. 

scent, n. ehM, obuam, pampan; 
[good or bad-) bgn; -v. yi hua, 
bgn ; bua ; huam (fwe, hu, tie, te). 

sceptre, n. abempoma. 

scheme, n. cf.plan; afwesode. 

scholar, w. osuani,jpZ. a--fo, osua- 
fo, pl.s,-, nhomanimfo; nimdefo. 

school, n. -house, asuae, sua- 
bea, asuafodan ; -master, o- 
kyerekyerefo , ^j?. a-, gyenfo, 
pi. a- ; - inspector, asuafo-sg- 
fwefo, -srafo. 




scissors, n. pi. akape, 

scoff, V. goru ho; -at s. b., huro, 

bo bi nkyekyewa or ntwom. 
scold, V. yau, ye, ka or twi anim; 

twitwa..anof6a; bo..ahohora. 
scoop, V. {out) sa, sau, sesa; (cut 

out) pee ; {carve) sen, sinseii mu. 
scope, n. tirimbo, gyinae, botae. 
scorch, V. hye; {parch) pirim. 
scorn, V. goru ho, huro, yi ahi, 

sopa; bo ahohora. 
scorpion, n. akekantwere, pi. nk. 
scour, V. twi, po..h6, kwa(u). 
scourge , n. mpire, aba, twom ; - v. 

ka (obi) mpire, - mma, - twom. 
SCrapbOOk, n. nhoma a wgkyereu 

sie mu nsemma. 
scrape, «;.were, were, twere, twere- 

tw-, hua, fwane; -off', pa (nho- 
ma) so. 
scrapings, w.pZ.uwura,nsensenee. 
scratch, v. were, twere, nworan, 

ti, titi, huane. 
scratch, n. etwa, pi. a-, atape. 
scream, v. sia (dennen), bo bena, bo 

abubu; (-from a distance) bgn. 
screw, n. mfewa, kyerewa, pi. n-; 

-driver, mfewakyimfo, nkyere- 

scribe, n. okyereufo, pi. a-. 

Scriptures, ^o/^/-, W.Anyamesem 

scrotum, n. efwea, fweawa. 

scrub, w. tuigo; {fig.) akoa-fo or 

-bone, obofuro; -v. de sapo twi- 

twi, twi brb. ntwiden. 
scuffle, V. ko ntokwa, - mmato- 

kwa; -n. akasakasa; ntokwa, 

scullery, n. nkiiku (nS nkaka) dan. 
scum, n. ahuru; {sediment) ades6. 
scurf , n. (of sTcin) ahuanhuan; {of 

wound) kuru anim bon or bona. 
sea, n. epo, bosonopo; -calf, su- 

kraman; -^s7t,ponam,pom'rapa- 

ta;; -man, opofoni, ^^. 

a--fo,hyeiamuni,^Z. -fo; -shore, 

mpoano ; -sickness, po so yare; 

-town, mpoano-kuro; -tortoise, 

apowuru; -water, epo(mu)nsu. 
seal, ^. nsoano ; (impressed-) ntim- 

ano ; {water-dog) sukraman. 
seal, t^. so ano; -ingwax,n. dagire. 
seam, v. bu ano; pam. 
seam, n. anobu, mmuano ; mpame; 

(split) mpapae, kam ; (scar) twa. 

seamstress, n. opamfo (ba). 

sear, v. hye, hyehye anim, de dade 

hye aniani;(c?r«/) kisa. 
search, v. fwe mu, fwefwe-, pe 

(pepe) - ; (find out) bore ; (reflect) 

tase nsem akyi ; - out, -for, twe ; 

- after, hye brb. ho akotoko. 
searching, n. apepee, apepee. 
season, «. here; dry-, ope, -here; 

rainy-, asus5, asusobere, adorn. 
season, t;. nkyene nk mako. 




seat, n. agua, adwa, akoiinua, a- 
burogua, (roiigh-) dvLfua:( foot- 
stool) manO; (place to sit in, 
abode) trabere, trabeu. 

seat, V. de..tra ase, ma..tra ase. 

second, a. nea odi ho, -otia or 
oto so abien or mmienu, nea oka 
ho; -time, mprennu ni. 

secret, a. n. ahintasem, asisem; 
in-, kokoam; aniuntum-amum ; 
do s. th. in a - way, nam ase or 
wiawia neho ye brb. 

secretary, M. okyereufo; -o/"s^«/e, 

secure, v. de brb.gyina..akyi, pata 
brb. ma egyina ; {save) gye or yi amane mu. 

security, n. a(ka)gyinam(di), a(ka) 
baso(di); [polit. safety) omari- 
nwoe; to stand-, gyina..akyi,di 
a(ka)gyinam, di a(ka)bas6. 

sediment, n.{e,g. -of palmwine, 
nsafufu ase potopoto no) epu ; 
-of earth-worms, asunsou-pupii. 

sedition, n. manso (twe), atuatee, 

seduce, «;.gyigye,dada;tu(obi)as6. 
seducer, n, (onipa) gyigyefo, o- 

dadafo, pi. a-. 
seduction, n. asotii; nnada. 
see, V. hu ; ani bo so, ani tua ; -alive, 

anikan ^phr. yebehu no anikan; 

-not well, ani so akata, ani asee. 

seed, n. aba, pi. id., adua, duaba, 
pi. nn- ; {offspring) aseni,^Z, ase- 
fo; -V. gu aba. 

%Q^\L,v.i'WQivfQ,^Q',{haveinview or 
have bad intention against) ani 
sa; {pursue) di okjixx',- quarrel, 
yi..kasa, yi..ano kasa = gye ano 

seem, v. ye (ani so); phr. eye me 
or oye me se wada; eye me se 
osu beto nne. 

Seetlie, v. noa; huru. 

seize,!;, so mu, kyere, kita, kukuru. 

select, V. pan (mu), yi, yiyi mu, 
sa-, fa-. 

self, n.a.{prn.) ankasa, ..ara, ..ho; 

self, -deceit, -deception, -delu- 
sion, ah6dada,ah6sisi ;-<fe/ewce, 
ahopere, ahogye; -denial, aho- 
akyipa ; - love, abope ; - occupa- 
tion, ahosotoatoa ; -pollution, a- 
hosee; nwebo. 

selfish, a. ^o&e-, ye ah6pe,-amim; 
pe or do neho dodo; ye apeseii- 
konya; phr. you are-, woye a- 
pesewonkonya; he is-, oye ap.- 

sell, t;. ton; -by public auction, 
ton..awuos6ii; -well, fi gua. 

semicolon, n. osisan, ; 

seminary, w. ayenfosuae, okyere- 
suafi; asofodisuafi, 

send, V. mana ; soma ; (a messenger) 




tu(bofo) ; -o;9^,gya..kwan ; -word, 
kara obi. 

senior, a. n. opanyiu, pi. m-. 

sense, n. nkate, nkatede ; {percep- 
tion) ohu, ote ; {thought) adwene, 
adwempa ; {intelligence) anitee; 
{skill) nyausa; {meaning) ase, 
asee; phr. ase beko sa; inente 
be no ase ; se ase beko neii. 

senseless, a. nea nkatede abo no, 

- adwene or nsusubo nni (no) mu. 
sentence, n. asentia; ose, okasa- 

fua ; {j'ud.) aten, nten, atemmu, 
-sem; unjust-, ntenkye. 

out his -s, yi..tirim; phr. oyii 
ne tirim kyeree. 

sentinel, n. {milit.) owemfo, osra- 
fo, pi. a-. 

separate, v. pae mu, teu (tete) mu, 
bae-, gnae; twa mu; {-friend- 
ship^ twa kabire mu, ye aka ; 

- ly, ad. ; cf. apart. 
separation w.ntetemu; {of friend- 
ship) kabirimtwa; akayo. 

sepulchre, n. oda, odamoa, pi. a-, 
serene, a. to be-., (anim, wim, 0- 

soro) ateu or ate. 
sergeant, n. sadsen ; - at law, 0- 

kasagyefo panyin. 
serious, a.(asem a) ebo or akyiri ye 

den or so, nea akyirikwaii ware. 
sermon, n asenka. 
serpent, n. owo, pi. a-, otweasee; 

kinds : {Boa constr.) opante- 
ne, enini ; {puffadder) ebore or 
onanka; akitaosua, opramiri, o- 
kyereben, ahabararaono, aburu- 
toa ; {red) asonawo, bamiawu, 

serpentine, a. kontokonton ; {v) 
konton, konton. 

servant, n. osomfo, pi. a-, abofra, 
pi. mm-; [male-) ob6ni,^Z. abo- 
fo ; {Chiefs-) gyaaseni, pi. -fo ; 
born slave) ofinipa, ofienipa. 

serve, v. som ; {worship) sore; -as 
boy at table, di..ab6; -as hired 

service, n. osom ; {employment, 
profession) dwuma; divine-, a- 
sore, (onyamesora); evening-, a- 
nadwofasore, anwummesore ; 
morning -, anopasore. 

servility, n. akotokoto; anisosom. 

servitude, w.akoaye,afana-,onya-. 

session, n asetra; {assembling) 
guabo, nhyiam; {court-day) a- 
sennida; {jud. proceedings) a- 
senni, (bere a) ateramufo atra ase. 

set, V., ta, to, tra, tim (ho); 
{p!ive)i&\y; (^i*^)hye; -a joint, 
ka..toa; -a snare, sum or sua 
afiri; [of sun) (owia) to; -at 
rest, ta; phr. ta, wo bo; -doivn, ho, ta ho, tra ase; [write) 
hye (nbomam); -forth, yi adi, yi 
kyere, kamfo ; -forth, forward, 





- out on commercial journey, tu 
abatakwan ; setting of sun, owia- 
tobere ; - a time, hye or to (no) da. 

settle, V. tra ase; {arrange, put in 
order; also fig) siesie, sese(u), 
pata; {-a palaver) di asem; {de- 
cide a case) bu nteii, bua asem ; 
si (asem) gyinae. ^or asase. 


settler, w.otubrafOjOtutrafo,^? a-. 

seven, Wi/m.ason,nson;-^ee«, dun- 
son; -ty, aduoson; -hundred, 
&\\knsbh\- thousand, mT^QxnTXBoii] 
§ 77. 78. 

sever, v. te, ten, te,.mu, twa. 

several, a. horo, ^Z.a-; Ky. hodoo. 

severe, -ly, a. ad. den, dennen. 

sew, «J.pam(ade),pamorbuatade; 

- ingmachine, n. adepam afiri. 
shabby, n. konnuroku, brb. fo, nea 

atete. [-adansa. 

shackl e, v. kyekyere ; to mpokyerC; 
shade, n. onwini, fonwini; -tree, 

gyedua, /^Z. nny- . 
shadow, n. sunsuraa; sunsum. 
shadowy, shady, «. nwini, kusu ; 

to be-, ma onwini, ye kusu. 
shaft, n. agyan ; {handle) asoi, so- 

duro, sokum; {passage into a 

mine) nkoronrau-afae. 

shake, v. woso, poso, pusu, popo, 

him, hinhim ; ho sau; -to and 

fro, him denkyedfinkye, haman- 

ka him d. ; -hands, kyia, Ak. 

dwa (nsara). 
shale, n. (dua ho) bono or abon, 

abona (biara); -V. huan, fwane. 
shall, V. se se.. ; imperat. form of 

the V. [ho. 

sham, V. sisi, dada, di kusum, goru 
shambles, n. pi. namgiia. 
shame, n. aniwu, animguase, fere; 

anito; ahohora; {for) shamel 

int., kose! 
shame, v. hye or kum aniwu, gu 

..anim ase; he is a -ed, n'ani 

awu, n'anim agu ase, n'anim a- 

siara, of ere. 
Shamefulness, v. aniwudeye. 
shameless, be-, nea n'ani nwu 

ade, - orafere (ade) ; -person, n. 

odapafo, pi. a-, oniwufo. 
shape, n. su, ban, dua. 
shard, sherd, n. kyemfere. 
share, v. kye, kyekye (mu). 
share, n. kyefa, nkyemu. 
shark, n. {young one) twaforobi, 

furefure; {full groicn) obodede, 

sharp, «. nnam, nnamnam; den; 

feafea; -shooter, nea ue nsa tee; 

to be-, hyehye, ano ye nam; to 

be - eyed, -sighted, ye oniferefo. 
sharpen, v. se(u) ano, bo ano. 
sharpness, n. nnam, -ye. 




shatter, v. bo, bobo ; (fig.) see tirim. 
shave, v. yi; -the forehead, bu 

anim, yiyinhwi 3ino;- the whole 

head, yi..ti. 
shavings, n. pi. nsensenee. 
shawl, n. nnuguso, nkatakonmu. 
she, pron. ono, o.., o..; § 58; 

(woman) obea, oba; {female 

animat) obere. 
shea-butter, w.nku ; - tree, kranku. 
sheaf, n. efi, pi. afiafi, 
shear, v. twitwa (so), hu-, sesere ; 

phr. gsesere ne ti so, 
sheath, n. boha, pi. mm-. 
shed, n. osan, apa, pata, osese, 

shed, V. fwie, -gu, ka gu; pete. 
sheep, n. oguaii, pi. nil-, oguan- 

ten, pl.hh; odwane,^?. ad.,nn-. 
sheet, n ntama; (broad & large) 

gyawurusi ; -of paper, krata. 
shelf, w.agua,(nb6mag. n.a.)sibea. 

shell, n. bon, pi. a-, abona; {of 

fish) riwora, nworaboa. 
shelter, n. nkomanoa; trabea, a- 

soee ; of. refuge. 
shepherd, n. oguanfwefo, pi. nn-. 

shield, n. okyem, nkataso; -v. bo 
..ho ban, wau..ani, de (ntaban) 

shift, n. ohiatoro, anoyihunu. 

shift, v. sakra; -ing off a debt, 
akapere; bu..ak. 

shin, -bone, n. nanhin, nannye- 

hiii, pi. id., a-. 
shine, v. gyigye, haran, hyeren, 

hoa, pae ; (0/ stm) owia (a)fi. 
shine, ». wimteu; hann, oharan, 

shingle, w. sindere; -v. s. 
shining, shiny, a. hann, kann, 

hyenn, hyehye. 
ship, w.hyen, pi. a-, ahyemma, 2^1. 

n-, obonto, pi. a-; -master, by en 

wura ; -wreck, asugu; -wright, 

shirt, n. kamisa, pi. n-. 
shiver, v. bubu; woso biribiri; 

..ho popo, ..ho sau ; {from cold) 

awou (a)kyere (no). 
shock, n. obo, opem; [fig.) oyau, 

ehutraso; hintidua. 
shock, 1?. piisu; asem fa obi yam'; 

he is -ed, ne koma apae neyam'. 
shoe, n. asepatere, j?j>Z. n-; -maker, 

asepatere-pamfo or - yefo ; asep. 

shoot, V. to (bemma, tuo) ; {of plant) 

fifi, fefe ; -himself, to tuo. 
shoot, n. mfifii, mfefee, dwobesare, 

duba, pi. nn-. 
shop, n. aguade-dan, -afiiase, ade- 

tonnan;-A;eeper, odetonfo,^;Z.a-. 
shore, n. mpoano, nsuauo, ..ano. 
short, «. tia,akwatia, ketewa, ku- 

ma, kakra ; [of time) nea enkye, 

eiiware ; - leg, si, (osi si, oye sifo). 




shorten, v.twa so, twatia; bu so. 
shot, w.tuoto; kinds of missiles'. 

aboba, premoba, tubo, korabo, 

mpewa, mpenema, hagire. 
shoulder, M.mmati,ba(sa)tiri;^/2r. 

put it on your-, bo no akonkon, 

fa bo wo kon ho. 
shout, V. bom', bo ose, huro. 
shove {i')i), V. de..hye mu. 
shovel, n.nea. wode sau brb., hans- 

pa, dgtesesadade. 
show, V. kyere, ka kyere, kyere- 

kyere ; (come forth) pue. 
shower, v. to, gu ; cf. rain. [ate. 
shrewd, Z>e-, (wa)ben, (n')ani 
shrink, v. pompono; twintwam; 

{remain hard) iiwen ; (- with 

fear) bo piru or birim, birikyi. 
shrub, n. dua, dua, pi. nn-. 
shrubbery, n. akwaewa, nnua. 
shrug, v. ho popo, birikyi, -the 

shoulders f ka batiri, -mmati, 
shudder, v. ho dwiri, birikyi; he 

-s, mmaninwou gu no so, ayise 

pini no, neho nnyennyah no, 
shun, V. kyi, guan, fere. 
shut, V., hini ano,, 

(draio together) dwom, mua (a- 

niwa, ano), mia (ani) ; -in, 
shutter, n. apomma, pi. m-; phr. 

shut the -s, toto mp. no mu! 

shuttle, 72. (weaver's-) akorokoro- 
wa (...kora). 

shy, v. fere, suro ; ten nkanyan ; 

soro, aso asoro. 
shyness, n. efere, afere; (fr.fear) 

osuro, ehu. 
sick, a. bete, siam5; oyarefo; -v. 

yare, ..ho nye (no) den, As. foe. 

sickness, n. oyare, pi. nyarewa ; 
asonoka, ahoomere, As. ofoe. 

side, W. afa, nkyen, nkyenmu, mfe, 
mfem'; -%'ae/, akwatikwan. 

siege, n. ntua ; - tower, ntuaaban ; 
lay-, tua. .hyia. 

sigh, V. gu ahome, si apini, pene. 

sigh, n. ahome, -gu, apinisi. 

sight, n. (sense of seeing) ani, a- 
nim,aniwa ; (act of seeing) adehu, 
adefwe ; (vision) ani-so-ade (hu). 

sign, n. senkyerene, nso, agyirae; 
-v.hje senky., -nso, -agyirae. 

signal, n. adafitwa senkyerene. 

signature, n. nsaano-dih or -nso, 

signification, n. ase, asee; 2ylif- 
ase bekg sa; mente be no ase; 
As. se asee bekoro de no. 

silence, 72. krana; kommye; heep-, 
mua. .ano; - ! int., gyae, gyae! 
monnyae kasa! monye komm! 

silence, ^J.tua or mua ano; ma. .ye 
komm,dinn; dada, ma ti ^^^phr. 
his doubts etc. have been - ed, 
ne ti ada; -loith shame, kum.. 




silent, a. krana, krananana, dinn, 
(lemm, komm, koni; -Z«/, ad. 
komm; dekedeke. 

silk, n. seda, sirikyi; -worm, osa 
a oyesirikyi-asawa(sekonnore); 
- cotton, ntentrehu(o) ; - cotton 
tree, onya, onyina, pi. a- . 

sill, n. aponnua ase (dua no). 

silly, person, obatam, pi. mm-, 
okwasea, pi. n-, ogyimfo, ogyi- 
gyirifo, ogyennyentwi, pi. a-, 
tibonkoso, ototobonefo. 

silver, n. dwete; -coin, dwetebo- 
na, pi. nil-; dross of-, dw.bin, 
-fi; -smith, dw.dwumfo, pi. a.-. 

similar, a. nea ekowie or ekoye 
sebrb.; to he-, se, -sope;p^r. 
wose din na wonse honam. 

simple, a. koro ; {fig?) nea enye yg 

^*^- [safo, pi. a- . 

simpleton, m. okwasea, ose- 
simplify,?;.ye or kyere brb.kwan- 

tia so, bu..abugyen, twa tia. 

simulate, v. pampayare; suasua. 

sin, V. ye bone, fom so, to mmara. 

sin, n. bone, adebone, mforaso, 

since, prp. ad. {place or time be- 
tiveen) ntam, -no; -v. fi, § 265 ; 
kye, § 231, 4; {because, «s) efi 
se, esiane se, § 275, 1. 2; nti, 
§ 255, 6 a. 

sincere, - 7?/, «. a^. opeso, ayamyi- ; 

to do, yi ne yam (fita, pefe) 

ye brb. 
sinew, n. (anat.) nam, ntinhama; 

{fig.) ;ahooden, nea n'apou mu 

ye den. 
sinful, a. bone; -deed, ade bone. 
sing, V. to dwom ; -ing, nnwonto, 
singe, n. bye, -ho; become hard 

over fire) pirim. 
singer, n. odwontofo, pi. a-. 
single, a. koro, fua, biako, -pe; 

- coiory, niwa ; - pahnnut, befua; 

-person, ohxakoio; {not married) 

osigyafo, ohokwafo; -state, (di) 
singular, «. adefua. [sigya. 

sink {down), V. to, fwe (ase), duru, 

si (ase), ko fam, mem, da. 
sinner, n. gdeboneyefo, pi. nn-. 
sip, V. fwiro, bo fwiro. 
sir, n, owura! owira! pi. -nom! 
sirup, n. mposi. 
sister, n. onua, onuabea, onuawa; 

- in-law, onua yere ; oyere nua- 

bea; akumma. 
sit, V. te, tra (tena), -ase; si, ta; 

{brood) hu, butu (aba so); {suit) 

fata, kg (yiye) ; he -s in wealth, 

gta mu, odi ta mu ; - down, bu, 

tra ase ; - in the sun, to awia ; 

-tip, sgre tra ase, soso; si pe. 
Sisyphus work, n. ananse-akete- 

sitting, w.guabg, agyinatu; nhyiam ; 

-^Zacc, trabea,-bere,-be,(tena..). 




situated, a. to he-, da, (gu); phr. I 
kuro da bepo ase. 

situation, n. dabea, dibea, asetra. 

six, num. asia, nsia; -hundred, 
ahansia ; -thousand, mpemnsia; 
§ 77-80 ; -finger-child, nsawan- 
sia, asia; -pence, takufa; -per- 
sons, basia. 

sixteen, num. edunsia; sixty, a- 
duosiaj § 78. 

skeleton, n. ohonam nnompe a e- 

toatoam se ete; osaman. 
8i<etch, n. okekare, aniso-adeyg; 

- V. ye or kekare brb. aniso-aniso. 
sl<ilful, a. nea waben brb. mu or 

wakwada (adwini n. a.) ho. 
skill, n. nyansa. 

skim, V. off, pa (uno, nsa n. a.) ani. 
skin, n. ho, were, nhoma; bono, 

kotoku; -V. wore; phr. owore 

aboa no kotoku. 
skip, V. buru, huruburu, di ahuru- 

si, teu akrayam ; bo pentenkwa; 

-over, buru tra; {fig) gyau. 

skirmish, v. di or gye benne or 

skirt, n. {of garment) ano, mmu- 

ano; {border) obye, tia, ..ano 
skull, n. tikora (-korawa), nitiri. 
sky, n. wim, abunmu, osoro ; - light, 

atifi mfensere. 
slack, a. to he-, ye hodwohodwo, 

-uyS ; go, gono ; (loiter) twetwe 

uebo, twei (nan) ase. 
slackness, n. ahotwetwe ; ogom, 
slander, v. di or bo.,nseku or nso- 

kode, twiri, twa nkontompo, to- 

to ano, twa or bo to. .so, ye osu- 

slander, w.nseku, ntwiri, nsokod6, 


slanderer, n. osekufo, pi. a-, o- 

twirifo, pi. a- . 

slap, V. tere nsam bo.., bo nten- 

temme or sotore, Ak. sotoro. 
slate, V. sereti. 

S lau g hte r, v.kum , kunkum ; {crush) 
dwo gu fam, dwere. 

slaughter, n. okum, okunkese. 

slave, n. {male) akoa,^Z. n-; {fe- 
male) afana, pi. m-, ouya, pi. a- ; 
{hought-) atokwa,^Z. n- ; {home- 
born-) ofienipa,ofinipa; {servant) 
osomfo , pi. a- ; - destined for 
sacrifice, gkara, okara, akyere, 
pi. n- ; - dealer, - trader, nnipa- 
tgnfo, nkoatohfo ; phr. he calls 
him his-, obo no anyabd. 

slavery, w.nkoaye,afanaye,onyaye. 

slay, «;. kum, Ak. ku; to he slain, 
to; § 248, 5. 

sled, n. sukyerema so teaseenam 

sleep, V. da, fa mu da; -hadly, 

ani sare dwe; -at the fire, da 




ogya, -gyentia; -without fire, 
da ntu ; - with empty stomach, 
da nsram, -yafumpan mu; phr. 
wanna so na obae. 

sleep, n. nna; a deep-, nnaho; 
morning-, nhemada ; - ing-room, 
lunacy, dagy6. 

sleepiness, n. anikom, nkoto. 

sleeplessness, n. kgdanna; phr. 
it causes him sleepless nights, 
eye no k. = emma onnya adaye. 

sleepy, a.tobe-, anikom; to nko; 
auiwa soa nkyeue ; n'aniwam aye 
no frerafrem. 

slender, a. tenten, tea, teatea, 

slice, n. atra; esin, pi. asinasin. 

slide, V. patiri, watiri, siane. 

slight, 'ly, a. ad. kakra. 

slight, -en, V. mmu, to.. ho mpe, 

slime, n. srade; {moist earth) do- 
te poto. [pikapika. 

slimy, a. ma, matamata, prapra, 

sling, n. {knot, stitch) hentia; {a 
weapoti) atabo. 

sling, t;. bo heniia; phr. I have ten 
stitches on the needle and am 
knitting, mabo no h. du na mere 
ye nnua so; throw a-, t5 atabo 

slink, V. wia, wiawia(..b6), tetete 
ten;{miscarrying ofbeasts)]^on 

slip, ?;. patiri, watiri, wiawia ne- 

ho ko ; - o/f, pa, - ho, - so ; (wipe) 
siam (neho). 
slipper, n. odanrau asepatere. 

slippery, a. patoropatoro, toro, 
. torotoro. 

slit, V. suane, pae, bae, guae (mu), 
slope, V. kyea. [ten mu. 

sloth, n. akwadworo, aniha, nya, 
-ye; ogora. 

slough, n. dontori, atekye, den- 

kyedenkye, As. dotoyan. 
sloven, w.biiru, biirum', obiifo, g- 

patafo, pi. a- ; phr. gye buru, gye 

neho b. 
slovenliness, n. bum, apata; phr. 

he neglects order in his room, 

gye ne dan mu ap. 

slow, -ly, a. a«Z. bereo, nyS, deke- 

slowness, n. nyaye, ggom. 
Slowworm, «. osunsou, Ak. gson- 

sgn, pi. a-. 
sluggard, ??. gkwadwofo, onihafo, 

pi. a-, werehunu. 
slumber, v. tg nko ; cf. sleep. 
sly, a. n. onitefo, pi. a- . 
small, a. ketewa, nketenkete, kii- 

ma, kakrawa; fetefete, pi. nife- 

temfetewa; nnodowa'nodowa ; 

(of cloth) mesemese,(mehemehe). 
small, V. sua, susua. 
SVl\?i\\ - pox , n. mpete ; walir -.^ 

chicken -, borgmpete. 




smart, a. to he-, waben, nea oye 

wewe, -neho twa, -oye n'ade 

kamkara or wakawaka. 
smash, v. bo, bobo, pete. 
smear, v. sra (so, -ho, -mu), ka,. 

kekaj {daub) due (suman). 
smell, V. yi hua, bon; {perceive hy 

nose) hua, -fwe, te hua, huam 

tie & te, h. fwe & hii. 
smell,«. ehua,nka;(sce«^)pampan. 
smelt, V. nah, nane; cf. melt. 
smile, V. bo seretoa, sere, teu anim. 
smite, V. bo, kum, pira, see, fwe. 
smith, n. otomfo, pi. a-. 
Smithery, n. atonsuo, tonasum. 
smoke, n. owusiu, owisie. 
smoke, y.fiwusiu or wisie; -game, 

ho nam; -tobacco, nom ta; -a 

pipe, nom abua. 
smoker, n. tanomfo; excessive-, 

gtadweam, pi. a- . 
smooth, a. monommonom, toro- 

toro, tororatorom, femm, dabo; 

to be-, akokwa, torotoro. 
smooth, V. torom, torontorom (ho, 
mu), kokwa ; {paciftf)'^diia. ; (flatter) 
defedefe; -a dress, to (ade) so. 
smother, smoulder, v. ye wusi- 

wusi; phr. he was -ed by the 

damps, ohuruhuro no tram no 

twai'e no. 
smuggle, v. di nnukurogua. 
smutty, a. fifi, tantah, poto, dgte- 

dote ; {obscene) nea eye fere. 

snail, w.nwa, nwau; large-, owa- 
nini, otop6, pi. a-; -shell, nwa- 

snake, n. owo, pi. a-, otweasee; 
kinds : {Boa constr.) gpantene, 
enini ; {ptiffadder) ebore or o- 
nanka; opramiri, okyerebeh, a- 
habammono, atireuii; (re^-)as6- 
nawo, ahurutoa, bamiawu, aki- 
taosua, osuwo. 

snap, V. {with hands or mouth} 
sg(u) ; phr. I cast up and catch 
{a ball), meto mesgu ; the springe 
snaps up, afiri no huan. 

snare, n. afiri; diff. parts of a-,. 
gdaano, okuntiin, ntereso or hen- 
tua, mpetepra; to catch in «-, 
yi I yi anoma, - mpata ; set or lay 
a-, sum or sua afiri. 

snatch, v. fwim, hotiri; phr. h,ne 
nsam sekan! 

sneak, v. dede; wea, nam deke- 
deke, -bereo ; wiawia neho (kg) ; 
-ingly, nnedieso. 

sneer {at), v. yi ahi, bu abomfia. 

sneeze, v. nwansi. 

snooze, v. tg hko or nkom, 
snore, v. huane nkorgm. 
8not,W.fwengrg; -v.hem(fwenem)_ 
snout, n. ano; -of beast, fwene, 

snow, n. nsukyerema. 
snub, ^.ka or twi anim; (m^)twa 

so ; {check) si ano, si kwaii, sare. 




snuff, «. asra; -v. som asra. 

snuffbox, n. asratoa. 

snuffers, a pair of candle-, a- 

snuffle, V. huam tie; {in speaking) 

bo fwene or iihwen kasa, kasa 

SO, ad. sa, sa, se; so.. as, as.. so, 

senea, sedea; §268; se.., se..(te) i 

nen ; phr. so it is, se ete ni or \ 

nen (ne no); it is made-, eyi ne 

se(nea) woye no (fa or ma). i 
soak, V. don, donnon ; - clothes for \ 

washing, dou ntama. 
soap, n. samina, gyare; make-, 

kye or ye s. 
sob, V. si; osu asi no. 
sober, a. to be-, ani da ho ; phr. 

he has become-, n'ani so ate; 

nsa ate n'ani so. 
sociable, a. to be-, nim ago. 
SOCiabieness, sociality, n. aman- 

nipe; agoru ; nidgye. 

socialism, n. kososipe, akosorope. 

socialist, w. kososidepefo, kosoro- 

society, w.asafo,feku;mfefo;agua- 

sera ; - of shareholders, okoso- 
SOCk, n. soke. [feku. 

sofa, n. nnae, sofa. 
soft, -ly, a. ad. {weak, mild) bete, 

betebete; {-dough) bodo, bodg- 

{flattering) defe; {fine-ground) 
fekg,fekgf,, muhumuhu; —feeble, 
{bodily)mmeTe, berebere, bereo ; 
{walk-) d^kedeke, dgiin; bring 
up-, yen..p6rgkyfewa; -tongue, 
(oye) tekremabere; to become-, 
dwudwo muj asase no mu adw. 

soften, t;. ye (brb.)mmere,dwudwo. 

softness, n. mmere(ye). 

soil, n. fa, fam; asase, As. dade; 
dgte, Ak. nngtee. 

soil, V. biri, keka mu, ye fi. 

soldier, 72. osrani, pi. a--fo, n-, 
okofo, pi. a- . 

sole, n. onammgn, pi. a-, nanase. 

sole, - ly, a. ad. nko, - ara, iikuto ; 
komm ; phr. neho komm na g- 
de aba. 

solemn, a. nea ekura animduru, 
-anim ye fere. 

solemnisation, n.- of christ. mar- 
riage, awareso-nhyira (yebea) ; 
- of heath, marriage, asasi ; - of 
yam-custom & Chiefs stool, o- 
dwira; -of a new-built church, 
asgredan anobue. 

solemnise, v. hyira so, si (ti) nsa, 
twa dwira, bue..ano. 

solid, a. to be-, ye den, ase tim; 
emu ye duru; di mu. 

some, pron. ebi ; § 60, 2 ; kakra, ka- 
-one, obi, pi. ebinom; § 60, 1; 




in negat. sent. : none ; - thing, 
biribi; § 60, 2; in neg. sent.: 
nothing, fwe, fwete; -times, 
eto da bi a; § 130, 4; nnakoro- 
nuakoro ; - where, babi, Ak. bea- 
bi; bau, ba. 

SOmer-set, -sault, n. afiribu, a- 
firipata; (mmofra agoru bi). 

son, n. oba, pi. rama, obabarima, 
obabanin, pi. mm- ; son-in-law, 
obabea kunu, oba. 

of females, ebadwom oriinwon- 
koro ; odakudw. ; - of contempt, 
dwaedw.; -of joy, akufododw., 
onnibiamanedw. ; - of lamenta- 
tion, kwadw.; -sung to guitar, 
sankudw., agyemannare; war-, 
antorepira ; - of praise, ayeyidw. 

soon, ad. utem, sese, amonom, 
§ 130, 5; mprerapren; anni da- 
bi ; ankye, § 231, 5 ; {well nigh) 

soothsay, v. kana (kra), hye iikom. 

soothsayer, n. nyankonne-kyere- 
fo, mpakyiwafo. 

sorcerer, n. aj-^u (obaninyen, o- 
bayeii), obayifo, pi. a- ; {fetish- 
man) okomfo, pi. a-, obosomfo, 
pZ. a-, osumanfo, bufr^fo, ^Z. a-, 
mpakyiwafo, ntafoayifo. 

sorcery, n. bayi, abayigoru, asu- 
mansera, ntafoayi. 

sore, w. ekuru, akisikiiru; { 
the head or neck) kokoram ; 

{small -s) nkuwankiiwa; (in the 
mouth) anomkiiru ; {bleeding 
wound) apirakuru. 

sore, a. to be -, ye or tu kuru, pira. 

sorrow, «.awereho,amane, amane- 
hunu, nkommg, yamgya. 

sorrow, v. were ho, di nkommo. 

sorry, a.ifo Je-, iiuneh6(brb.h6); 
eye (no) ya (yea). 

sort, n. {species, kind) esii, ban; 
{esp. in cpds.) aboaban, abusua- 
ban; {variety) ahovo, many diff. 
languages, okasaah.bebere; bi, 
it is of same - of cloth, eso ntama 
bi ni ; ko, minhu ntama ko a ope. 

sot, n. okwasea, pi. n-, tibonkoso. 

soul, n. okara, pi. a-, sunsum 

sound, V. gyigye; {emit a-) ka; 
^Zsr.agyinamoa ka ne menewam; 
kaasem; {shout, pronounce) bo, 
bo ose, huro, bo din; {blow or 
play an instr.) hyen (aben, toro- 
bento, adakaben, nkontwe). 

sound, n. gyigye; {voice) ene, nne; 

{noise) gyegyegye. 
sound, a.pintinn; kontorape; ^v. ye,., ho ye (no) den,(o)dimu. 
soundness, «,pintiniiye;ah6oden, 

akwahosan, mudi. 
soup, n. iikvvan; nki'ta (nkruma- 

kwaii) ; - of palmoil, mmekwan, 

abek w. ; - of ground-nuts, nkate- 






sour, a. nyinya-nyinya, yereyereu, 

yeredede ; -v. nyan, nyane, kau, 

pae; 'phr. nsa no akau or apae; 

lie is a sour, morose fellotv, o- 

nnim ago. 
source, n. nsu-aniwa, nsuti, (a- 

subonten) atifi; (origin) fibea; 

(reason) ase. 
SOUrsap, n. Anona muricata, a- 

dukuntunkum, Ak. iikranborobe. 
south, n. epom'. po-fam, nifa, -fam, 

kese-fam; § 125, 5. 
sovereign, n. ohene, otumfoo ; 

(coin) suru(boa), 20 s. 
sow, 71. prako, -bere, pi. m-, boya, 

pi. m-, kokotebere, batafo. 
sow, V. dua^ gu (aba), pe, pete. 
sower, n. ogufo, pi. a-. 
spacious, a.kese, tetere, hahara; 

-V. emu go, emu tere, eso. 
spade, n, hanspa; dotesaudade. 
Spain, Spanish, n. a. Spania 

span, n. nsaraa. 
spar, n. aparo, pi. m-, odamparee, 

pi. a-. 
spare, v. gye (ukwa), kyee (so) ; 

(-money) bo dwetiri. 
spark, n. (ogya) nturuturui. 
sparrow, n. akasanoma, pl.h-. 
spawn, n. apata nkesua. 
speak, V. kasa, ka, ka asem, ka.. 

kyere ; - in proverbs, bu be ; 

- against, kasa tia, - hye, nunu ; 
tutu ano sisi ; tua ano ; toto ano ; 
-confusedly, ..ano toto; -for, 
kasa ma obi ; (defend) yi ano ; 

- friendly, heartily, kasa okasa- 
pa, -yiye, ka abodwoesem ; -ill, 
ka asemmone, (n')ano (a)to(me); 
-openly, yi anim kasa; -out.' 
ka si so ! bo.. so ! -roughly, pupu 
ani kyere ; let me finish - ing, 
ma m'ano nto or nsi (ansa) na 
ka wo de. 

speaker, n. okyeame, abankyeame, 
asearaan ; okasafo ; - of proverbs, 

spear, w.peau,peme; -t;. ■wo..peau. 
special, a. titiri; nea wobg din 
ye brb. 

specie, n. asikamono, dare. 
species, n. esii, ban; (variety) a- 
horo, nipa-ban, aboa-. 

specify, v. bobo or toto brb. din 

specimen, n. cf sample. 
speckled, a. ntokoa-ntokoa, nto- 

kontrama. ffwe. 

spectacles, n. fwee, aniwa afwe- 
Spectre,w.esesa, osaman,pZ. a--fo. 
speculation, n. akosobiafwe. 
Speditor, n. omanafo. 
speech, n. okasa, asem, kasee, a- 

manee; soft-, anoberebere. 
speed, n. ntem, -ye, ahoohare; 


ofwim; phr. lightly won, -gone, 

fwimfwim-ade kg sorosoro. 
spell, v.hohq asemfua bi mu nkye- 

reude din mmako-mmako. 
spend, vA\ (nna)), fwere (adagye), 

see(bere); to he spent, ..rewu, 

sa, hi. 
sperm, n. nsu, ..ho nsu, ahob^. 
sphere, M.asase nfweso kurukuru- 

wa, aboba-su; {fig?) {-of work) 

dwuma, - di(bea). 

spice, n. atomde ne nnuadewa a 
wode ye nkwaii. 

spider, n. ananse; kinds: ntiku- 
ma, okyemfo, kgnnore; -sweh, 
anansehuhua, Ak. ntontan. 

spill, V. fwie gu, ka fwie, ka gu. 

spin, V. to asawa, fira, fura. 

spindle, n. kyekye 

spinster, w.obabun,osigyafo,2??.a-. 

spirit, w.sunsum, hoUhom.;- of de- 
ceased, esesa, osaman, ^Z.a--fo; 

sp i rt {spurt), v. bo gu ; {spit) hinam ; 
pJir. wohinam no so. 

spit, V. fe ntasii, Ak. ta or to nta- 
suo; p>hr. he has cursed him, 
wato no nt. 

spite, n. ahi, nitaii, abohuru; -ful 
person, nitamfo. 

spittle, n. ntasu; dry- about the 
mouth, ntgtore, -o; spitting- 
box, toapo. 

179 spo 

spleen, n. tam, Ky. tan, katwi. 
splendid, a. hanahana; wofwe a 

enfwe; dagua. [anuonyam. 

splendor, w.ahoharan, animonyam, 
splinter, w.dua, -ho mporoporowa. 
split, V. pae. 
spoil, V. bg, see; poro, su; {rob) 

fo ; {fig?) he -s his child, oporg 

ne ba or ghye ne ba porge. 
spoil, n. afode, asade, (nnomum). 
spoiler, n. gseefo, gfofo, pi. a-. 
spoke, n. birimmirim. * 

spokesman, n. okyeame, pi. a-, 

odimafo, gkasagyefo, pi. a-. 
spoliatlon,w.afo,asade(fa), adwoyi. 

sponge, spunge, n. gsau, (tgtg), 

gbosau, brgdewa; ahensau^ sa- 
pg, posau. 

S p n g e , V. pa, p opa ; (>w aA;e e<?e^) f gu ; 
{fig.) pe adifude. 

sponsor, n. a(ka)gyinamdifo, aka- 
basodifo; {godfather, -mother) 
(asubg ho) gdansefo, pi. a- . 

Sponsorial, a. a(ka)gyinam or a- 
kabaso ho asem. 

sponsorship, n. akagyinam, aka- 
baso ; {eccl.) asubg ho adansedi. 

spoon, w. atere ; {soup ladle) kwan- 
kora, atog, eta. 

sport, n, agoru, efeh, efene ; {hunt- 
ing) ahay g ; {gymnastics) apgmu- 
teetee; phr. efene hyia a, wgn- 
ni bio, (pr.iios). 



sport, r.goru, difene,tweakurodo. 

sportsman, n. nea odi (apgmutee- 
tee, nsrabo, akansi, atwe, ahayo, 
nnomako, darewato, adwokusi) 
fene; (enye n'adwuma poti). 

spot, n. (place) babi, beabi, fako; 
on the-, amonom ho; (stain) 
nkekae, efi. 

spot,, pete, keka;(;^^.)hura ho. 

spotted, spotty, a. nworanworan, 
ntgkoa-ntokoa, ntokontrama; 
beasts with- or striped skin, 

spouse, M. okunu or oy ere, pi. -nom. 

spouseless, a. nea odi sigya. 

spout, V., fwie; fifi, pue fi. 

sprain, v. huan; phr. ne nan ah. 

spread, v. (out) hata; (over) kata 
(so); (the table cloth) to(pon); (a 
mat) sen (kete); tare, -mu, da- 
da ; phr. dua a wotee eiikyee na 
adada se yi ! (scatter, strew) pete, 
bg..pete, fwete, pansam,; 
(fig.) hyehye, hyeta; phr. his 
fame has-, n'asem ahye, ne din 
hyetae; the disease has- over 
the whole country, oyare no a- 
hye asase nh. so. 

sprig, n. dwobesare, duba, ^Z. nn-. 


spring, v. huru, h. si; (leap over) 
h . tra ; - out, h . fi ; (rise above the 
ground] fi, fifi, pa, pue; (cleave) 
pae; (commence) fi ase. 

180 squ 

spring, n. (origin) mfiase; -time, 
fefeubere, fifibere; water-, nsua- 
niwa, nsuti, mmasu ; (clefts) m- 

springe, w.afiri;a?5o/?^.;c/".s«are. 

sprinkle, v. pe, pete, dwira; phr. 
osu bg dwira me dan ho nti, eho 
hyire nhina ahohoro. 

sprout, V. fefe, nyin. 

sprout, n. mfefee, mfifii; (shoot) 
dwobesare; duba. 

spruce, a. kama, frenkyemm. 

spruceness, n. (ntama or ntade 
mu) ahotwetwe, frenkyemm-ye. 

spume, n. ahuru, Ak. ahuro, 

spunl<, w.mfahu; (twrtic/t) burogya. 

spur, w. pgnkgpiadade; (fig.) ase. 

spur, V. wg (gpgnkg) dade, pia. 

spurn, V. (kick) tia ; (with hind- 
foot) to anankoti; (fling) Tpa,, to.. 
kyene orgu; (Jig.) -at, to.. ho 
mpe, sopa (obi). 

sputter, V. fe ntasu, Ak. ta, te or 
to ntasuo, hinam ; {talk indis- 
tinctly, besebese (n')ano. 

spy, V. sra (kwan), -fwe; -glass, 
kyekye, kyikyi. 

spy, n. gsrafo, pi. srafo, gkwan- 
srafo, pi. a-. 

squabble, v. kasakasa, ham; ko 

squabbler, w.nnebgfo, gmanef6,w6- 
nafo; nea gpe akasak'- ne ko da. 

squ 181 

squad, n. asafo, feku; {milit.)dom- 

nkyemu, domku. 
squadron, n. {navy) akohyenku; 

[milit.) aponkofoku. 
squall, V. su dennen, teeteem'; 

-ing child, owenafo, osufo. 
squall, n. osu, nteem'. 
squaller, n. osufo, owenafo, 
squander, v. see or fwere sika 

(kwa), bo ahofwi; {dissipate) 

squanderer, n. sikaseefo, ohofwi- 

ni, pi. a--fo, osatofo, pi. a-. 
square, a. n. ahinanan; adaka; 

public-, prama, pi. m-, -so. 

squat, V. sen or sensen ho, koto 

or butu ho. 
squeeze, v. fem, mia, kyi (mu); 

(to drag) pen, twe. 
squib, n. osramamma. 

squint, z;.nyam,buanikye,yekygu; 
phr. he is- eyed, n'ani anyani, 
n'ani akyeu ; he -s with his right 
eye, onyam n'ani nifa. 

squirrel, n. kinds: opuro, opuro- 
hema, (aperehema), ammoakiia, 
adwere, otuakwan. 

stab, V. won, fwiro. [man. 

stable, w.mmoadan;s7ieep-,nnuam- 

stack, w. safi (sare fi), bobayem- 
fi, babay-. 

staff, ». dua, pl.wn-, poma, pl.xn-. 

stag, n. ofrote, pi. a-. 


stage, n. adefwebea, guasogobea; 
{pier) hyen-twene; {fig) dibea, 

stagger, v. to ntintan, him, hin- 

him ; {fig.) hima ; phr. oma ne ti 

himae or dane. 
stagnant, a. f o 5e -, nea ensen (nko), 

-eta ho dinn. 
stain, y.ka, keka(h6, mu); (so»7)ye 

fi; {disgrace) gu ho fi, hura ho. 

stain, n. efi, nkekae ; phr. ntama 
no aye (adan) nk.; {fig.) nsopa, 
aniwuhye, ahohorabg. 

stairs, ntrapoe, antweri, Ak, 

stake, n. edua (a woasen anu); 

{wager) nkyia; {pledge) Siwovf a, 

pi. n-. 
stake, v.(^ott;a^e)kyia; {to pledge) 

si awowa; {to risk) ne 

nsam, si (ne) bo. 

stale, a. - fin, {e. g. fufufin, nkwan- 
f in) ; {corn) kiikuradabi ; (palm- 
wine) odae, kokuro; {to be over- 
done in cooking) tabau; phr. 
aduan no at. = aben atwam. 

stalk, n. {stem of tree) dutan, 2?/. 
nn- ; {of maize) buronan, pi. mm-. 

stallion, n. oponkonini, pi. a- . 
stammer, v. po dodo, ye or yare 

stamp, V. si, siu, tia ; {impress) tin- 
tim : {mark) bye nso, -agyirae. 




stanch, staunch, a. den, dennen, 
pintinn ; pa ; nea ne ho ye den. 

stanch, staunch, V. twa; phr.the 
medicine -ed the blood, aduru 
atwa mogya no. 

stand, y.gyina, si, ta; -/«,gyina mu, 
tra mu; to cause to-, bo..gyina-, 
-fast, firm, tim ho, gyina ho 
pintinn I (obi) anan mu ye den; 

- security/, di a(ka)gyinam or a- 
kabaso, gyina ka ano ; ^o - a sick- 
ness, di yare no ; - still, gyina, 

- ho ; {fig.) si ; phr. eha na m'ano 
abesi; -up, sore, sore gyina. 

standard, n brb. ho kwankyere; 
(fiag) ofranka, pi. a-, 

standing (-place), n. dibea; gyi- 

nae; gyiuabea, -beu. 
staple,^, dade kotokoro; (market) 

guaso, aguadesiebea. 
Star, n. nsoroma. 

starch, n. kokonte (bi a wode hye 

stare (at), v. (n')aui to (no so) dwen ; 
(n')ani ka (no) so; fwe ha, -do, 
-dihn, -komm; § 134, 1. 

start, V. (-up) bo piru, bo birim; 
-back, pimpini akyi, pini rikyi- 
riiikyiri; bo bum, - twi, -wi; 
-ojf, set out, sim', si kwan so. 

startle, v. bo piru, -birim, -mpu- 
nimpu; pJir. aboa no abo me mp. 

starve, v. okom or sukom tware 
or kum obi. 

state, V. ka (n')asem, kyere..ase or 
mu (akwan), yi..ano; bo nkuro, 

- amanee. 

state, n. (condition) tebea, dibea; 
(community) oman , omantam ; 
(pomp) ahokyere ; - umbrella, 
bamkyinii, kataman(so) ; shake 
the -umb., bam kyinie. 

statement, n. asem, ntenne, nkuro- 
bo, (anom) kasee or amanee. 

statesman, M. nea onim mansofwe, 

station, n. trabere, gyinabea; 
(office) adwuma-atrae; (ranli) 
dibea; /^ea^?-, atrae titiri; out- 
mantia-atrae ; postal-, amaiiae 

- dan;ra/Z?<;aj/-,keteke-gyinabea 
stationer, n. nhomatgnfo, nh.gua 

difo. [gQa 

stationery, n. nhoma-tonbea, nh 
statue, w.(obo, dua or dade) ohoni 

a woasen or woagu no. 

statute, n. mmara, amammuisem ; 
emom; nsiesiei, nseseue; issue -s, 
hye (or di) mmara; observe -s, di 
mm. so; transgress -s, to mm. 

stay, V. (live at a place) tra; (halt) 
gyina (ho) ; - long, kye, di ; phr. 
odii ho nnansa; (delay) di gyi- 
na; phr. wanni gyina na osan 
bae ; (wait) tweii ; (slacken the 
pace) twentwen (nan) ase ; cause 
to -, stop, san, sianka, si(u) kwan 
or ano, sare ; (set at rest) ta..b6 : 




{reconcile) pata ; {sustain, keep 

fr. falling) wau. 
stay, n. gyina; mudua, akyidua. 
stead , «. gfa, fako ; in his -, n'anaii- 

mu; bed-, mpa, nnae. 

steady, a. to be-, ani ka ase. 
steak, n. nantwinam-tra. 
steal, V. wia, bo krgii, -krono; 

- away, wiawia (neho) kg. 
stealth, n. nkokoamsem, awi, ade- 

wia, akrommg, krgno; to act by -, 

nam ase ye brb. ; to come in by-, 

wiavVia (neho) ba mu. 

steam, n. ahuruhiiro, botohuhu; 

-engine, bot. afiri. 
steamer, w. o wusihyen, owisihyen. 
steel, n. apagya-dade; -pen, da- 
Steep, a. kuronkuron. [depen. 
steer, w.dannan kudg,kyere(hyen, 

koro no) kwau. 
stem, n. dua, dutan, pi. nn-; -of 

family, abusua; -v. {fig.) siu 

kwan or ano ; {oppose) di asi. 

step, V. tia; nante, pere (kwan); 

{move softly) dgii; prr^so-^ 

{-proudly) kyea 
step, n. atrapoe, gnammgn,^?. a-. 
step-brother, -sister, 9t.agya.'0r 

ena-oba (-barima, -ba). 
step-child, n. okunu- orgyere-ba. 
sterile, a. {of land) asasewui; 

{neuter) nea wabu kyenen; {of 

male) karawa, gsatwo ; (0/ fe- 
male) gbonin, -ini, kyenene. 
stern, n. hyen-to. 
stew, n. forgforg. 
steward, n. adiakyiri, opiani, ofie- 

fwefo; gboni, pi. abofo. 
stick, V. wg, bg, hye, bata, fam (ho), 

tua, si, tim, ka (hg). 
stick, n. dua, poma, aba; {stay) 

epam ; pot-, beteta, bebeta. 
stlfF,a.den,kyenkyerenn; /o^row-, 

kyen, sen, sinsen. 
stiffness, n. gkyen, gsen. 
stifle, V. siu, si mene ; asiu me = 

my voice fails ; {fig.) siu brb. so . 
still, a. komm, dinn, d6mm, koni, 

krana, krananana; to be- from 

fear, bgm, tern; ^^^r. brb. ho hu 

nti wabgm or watem. 
still, V. pata, dwudwo, ma..ti da; tg..yam. 
still, ad. da so, kg-; ara, kyen- 

kyeii ara; nanso, eye den ara a,.. ; 

§ 107, 16; 230, 4. 
stilts, n. pi. akonkgn, tiiakrghtua- 

krgii, nnua-nan, nnua-pgnkg (a 

wgde nante). 
sting, V. bg, wg, fwiro, ka, keka; 

a wasp has stung me^ kotokii- 

rodu abg me. 
sting, n. nwowge; anoennam. 
stinginess, n. ayamgnwene, kane. 




stingy, a. he is-, oye ayamonwene, 
-kane; phr. obo or gye no ay. 
or kane. 

stink, V. (ho) bon; yi hua; §133, 4. 

stipulate, v., hye ; hye or ka 
to ho, fua, di fua. 

stipulation, n. anodi; nkatoho. 

stir, V. fono, fontan, panhin, hin- 
tin, hwanyan mu, ka, keka, ka- 
nyan, nu (nunfi) mu, pua, tane 
ani ; phr. my heart is excited, 
me bo apanhin or ahintin me. 

stitch, V. wo, pam, ta mu. 

stock, n. dua, dunsin, dutan, ase; 
- of money, dwetiri, sikatan, -ten. 

stockade, n. aperee, akopempe, As. 

stocking, n. stokin. [pie. 

stomach, n. (of man) dawadwa, 
nsonokese, nsonopoi;, yam' koto- 
ku, yafunum; {maw of animal) 
ofuru; empty-, yafumpan; to 
sleep with empty-, da y&f.or 
nsram ; my -aches me, me yam 
foutafi or keka me; my -rises, 
me bo fono me or meye mafe. 

stone, w.obo,^Z. a- ; (fruit-kernel) 
adua, aba; (testicle) afweabo; 
touch-, twabo; -wall, abofasu; 
engraver in-, obodwurafo. 

stone, V. pa abo, bo abo, si(u) abo. 
stony, a. abo-abo, ab5m. 
stool, n. agua^akonnua, Ak.-nwa, 
aburogua, akantaunua, maud; 

-hearer, konnuasoafo, pi. a-; 

bell-, adonnwa. 
stoop, V. koto, bo (ne)mu ase, here 

(neho, nemu)ase; si(neti)ase; 

{crook-backed)hu akonkommuaj 

adesoa soa nti wabu ak, 
stop, V. gyina, gyae; (cause ta 

s/ff^)sianka,bo.,ano, si kwan or 

ano, si(u), tua ano ; sare ; phr. o- 

yare sare m'adwuma ; (rest) soe ; 

(reach) si ; eha na m'ano abesi ; 

-troops fr. retreat, wau mpasua 

ano ; - ! int. gyina ho ! aye yiye I 
stopper, stopple, n. ntuaano. 
store, w.afiase, adekorae, adekora- 

daii; akiia, abankiia; packing-, 

storekeeper, n. ofiepanyin, ode- 

korafo, opiadifo. 
stork, w.asukonkon, (bakanoma hi). 
storm, n. ahum, opranna; (noise) 

gyegyegye; (confusion) asaka- 

storm, V. ahum tu, mframa bo den- 

nen ; (fig.) - at, bo (brb. so) dam ; 
stormy, a. hu, ho, kirididi. [^^^^ 
story, n. asem, asenkekae, asem- 

ma; (fable) auansesem; (fiction) 

ayesem ; interesting-, aboroborg- 

sera ; upper-, abansoro. 
stout, a. kese; den, dennen, duku- 

duku, totoroto; -man, oberan, 

gberane, ohoodenfo, ot-^entwem- 

fo, pi. a- . 




stoutness, n. oberan, kese(ye), 

den(ye), ahooden, 
stove, n. ofonono ; {native) raukyia. 
stow, V. sie, kora. 
straight, a. te,t6rod6,trene; -».tee, 

Ak. tene, ko nten; -,-way, ad. 

t§,t6rododo; /o^o--, (tu)nten. 

straighten, w.tee, teetee, tenebrb. 

straightneSS, n. oteej trene(ye), 

strain, v. ka, yere mu; 
{wring) kyim ; son so ; (Hatth. 23, 24) ; 
{fig.) mia ani, biri mogya ani. 

strain, n. mmiaso, mmodeu-traso, 
ahoyere ; {j'ud.) ntenkye, anana- 
teri; (song) edwom, pi. nnw. ; 
{melodi/)dwontohea ; {character) 
su ne ban ; {hereditary quality) 
ase-ade;(race) ase, abusua, -ban. 

strait, n. afae, mpotam ; (fig.) aho- 
hia, ahokyere; he is in a -, ne ho 
hia or kyere no; n'ani atane; 
-of the sea, pokwantea. 

strait, a. tea, teatea. 

strand, n. mpoano. 

strange, a. adefoforo, nwonwa; 
-V. souo, Ak. sora; -matter, an- 
wonwasem, asem foforo bi. 

stranger, n. ohoho, pi. a-, onana- 
ni, pi. a--fo. 

strangle, v. sen, -mene, siu mene, 
mia kon mu kum obi. 

strap, w.mpire; -i;.kamp.,-tw6m. 

straw, n. sare, nwura ; - halm, gua- 
ha'j-basket, pirebi, sesea; -hat, 
sarekye, nkeresiakye; -ma/;fres5, 
pikyi, kyakya. 

stray, w.yera, Ak. hara; wo ntwe- 
twede; kyin, kyini. 

streak, v. sensan ; - ed, a. nworan- 

nworan; cf. speckled. 
stream, it. asu, asuten, asubonten; 

hot- of air, ahuhuwa. 

street, n. boron, pi. mm-, abonten ; 
narrow -, borgmma ; - bench, qsi- 
kye-diia, setwedua; -^^/t^/«^, a- 
bontenko; -^ree,gyedua,^/.nny-. 

strength, w. ahooden, den(ye),obe- 

ran(ye), mraaninye. 
strengthen, v. bye den, -ahooden, 

- mpamden ; {encourage) hye ba- 
ninha, -nkuran. 

strenuous, -ly, a. ad. den, pa; 

stretch {forth, out), v. tee, twe 
(mu) ; {extend) tere (mu) ; {to 
tighten) yere mu, pen mu ; to be 

- ed, sa ; phr. a river runs along 
there, asu bi sa ho. 

stretcher, n.{couch) nnae, akwan- 
Strew, V. pe, pete, gu. [tu-mpa, 
strict, -Z2/,a.a^. den, kete;§ 134,1; 
to be-, (ani) ye den. 

stride, t;.si aponkonan; tutuanan. 
strife, ?e.akasakasa,aperepere,-di, 
oko, atiitii', Ak. atutuo. 




strike, v. bo, boro, fwe, pern, fwen 

(n'asom), pa, to, to ; {of light- 

«i«5')duru, si; {of rain) dwira; 

osu bo dw. dan ho ; -with hand 

or fist, bo me, pa asom ; {said 

of men) to twere ; {of women) 

bo twere; bo kuturuku, -kuturu- 

moa ; - with the head, si ; phr. 

aberekyi de ne mmen asi no; 

-down, fam; -root, gye 

ntini, - nhiii. 
striker,^, asranneperefo, adwama 

mu mansotwefo. 
string, n. hama, pi. a- or n-; -of 

cowries, oban, pi. m- ; half a -of 

cowries, tapo. 
string, v. kyekyere, sina, ban. 
strip, V. pa, gua, woro, wore, fetere . 
strip, stripe, n.-of cloth, bamma, 


mpire, apoukoba; ifiogfjing) g- 

fw6, mma. 
striped, a. cf .speckled-, -cotton, 

stripling, n. ababumma, aberante- 

wa, aberantekwa. 
strive, v. bo mmoden, pere, pere- 

pere, di aperepere; {fight) ko. 
stroke, n. obo, asom pa, erne (twere, 

kuturuku) a wobo. 
stroke, v. srasra; {to wipe) siam; 

{fig) defedefe. [ko. 

stroll, V. kyini, wo ntwetwede, bo 
stroller, n. obadueduefo, ^^Z. mm-^ 

okobofo, pi. a- . 

strong, a. den, dennen, pintinn, 
primm, primprim; to he-, ho ye 
den or pintinn ; ye oberaii ; oye 
mu primm, ne ho pr. ; -man, o- 
hoodenfo, otwentwemfo, gberan, 
V''- ^" • [abannenen. 

stronghold, n. aban a woabram ho, 
structure, n. brb. yebea, sibea or 
durubea; phr. odan yi sibea ye fe. 

struggle, w.opere,ntokwak6; {for 
a prize) agumadi, ayensin, a- 

struggle, v. ko, -ntokwa, pere; 
si kane, di ayensin. 

strychnos, 7iux vomica, n. aboro- 
toto, Ak, nkrannyedua. 

stubble, n. awi-ntwakae; -field, 
awifuo a woatwa ne nnobae. 

stubborn, a. to be-, nwen, yeiupi, 
teu ahl, aso asoro. 

studio, M. kyereudaii; mfoniniye- 
daii; adwinnan. 

study, n. kyereudan. 
study, V. sua nhomam' fg; nem a- 
desua ho ; da dweii, - dwene. 

stuff, n. {material) ade a wode no 
ye brb.; ade, -titiri; {furniture) 
afide; ntama. rgoru..h6. 

stultify, «;. bu..okwasea, di..h6 fe, 

stumble, v. hintiu, Ak. fwinti, 
sunti; stumbling-block, hinti- 
dua, -suntibo. \pl. nn-. 

stump, n. esiii; -of a tree, dunsiii, 




stumper, n. ohokyerefo, pi. a-, o- 

yekyerefo, pi. a- . 
stun, V. tware ; {cause to faint)phr. 

etware no ; aduru atw. no. 
stunt, V. to ape; (inf.) apetg. 
stupefied, to be-, ..ho dwiri(no). 
stupid, a., n. tibonkoso, okwasea, 

kwatee; ogyimfo, aboa; -talk, 

nkwaseasem; -<?ee<?, nkwaseade; 

to he-, gyimi, nni ti. 
stupidity, n. kwasea; {inf) ogyi- 

mi; {madness) adammo. 
stutter, V. po dodo, oye or oyare 


sty, n. prakodan, boyadaA, pi. m- . 

sty(e), n. {of eyelid) odehye,^Z. a- . 

style, n. sibea, sibere, yebea; {of 
tvriting) kyereubea; {of speak^ 
ing) kasabea ; {title) din, mmeran. 

suable, a. nea edi saraana. 

SUbduce, v. yi fi ho or mu; gye.. 

subhastatlon, n. awuoson ; phr. 

wokoton n'aw. 

subject, n. akoa, onipa, pi. oman- 
fo, Oman mma, nkurofo ; {matter 
in discussion) ade a eye or wo- 
ye no brb., ade a woka ho asem. 

subject, V. bere..ase, ka .fwe fam; 

subjoin, V. toa, de bata or ka ho. 

subjugate, v. de obi ye akoa, hye, gye obi sonkahire. 

sublime, a. kese, kunini ; nea woa- 

ma so. 
submarine, a. nea ewo po ase. 
submerge, w.mem, doasuko, hye 

obi as. [di3[; asoommere. 

submission, n. ahoberease, ahofa- 

SUbmissive, a. nea obere neho ase, 
-oye osetie. 

submit, V. here (neho) ase, de (neho) 
ma; -to, bo..sonkahire;(-/or de- 
cision) de hye..nsa. 

subordinate, a. nea ghye obi ase, 
nea osom; nea oye..akuma. 

subscribe, «.de (ne) din hye(krata) 
ase, kyereu..din de hye bg. 

subscription, n. dinkyereu; (a- 
mount subscribed) gkyereumato. 

subsist, V. wg hg ; {live on), 
di, didi; [maintain) yen, ma a- 
duan, hye..kwau. 

subsistence, w.akwanhyede, adi- 
dide; akgnhama. 

substance, n. {matter) ade; {con- 
tents) emu ade; {essential part) 
adetitiri, akoteii ; [effects) abode. 

substitute, n. ananmusifo ; nea wg- 
de akyiri agyau no. 

substitute, v. si..ananmu, di nsesa ; 
de akyiri gyau.. . 

substitution, n. ananmuhye, -si. 

subtile, a. nea eye fwirenfwiren, 
--mehemehe, -eho yeagorgna; 
[fig) nea gye anifere or anitee. 

subtract, v. yi fi mu. 




subtraction, n. nyifim. 

subvert, v. muntum, dan ani butu ; 

(fig.) dan..as6. 
succeed, v. di akyiri, di ananmu, 

di ade ; (prosper) ko anim, kg so ; 

(make a fortune) fa or nya siade. 
success, n. siade; nkoso. 
succession, n. ananmudi, adedi. 
successor (to the throne), n. adia- 

kyiri, ahenniakyiri; (heir) ode- 

difo, pi. a- . 

succumb, V. di nkoga. 

such, pron. sa,, sa..yi; §60,5; 61. 

suck, V. feu; num (nufu); -ing 

child, onufunumfo. 
suckle, V. ma., nufu; inf., nufuraa. 
suckling, n. onufunurafo, akokoa; 

-tvoman, onufumafo. 
suddenly, ad. birim, mpofirim', a- 

freso, mpaase; to do-, patu(ye). 
sue, V. samana obi, (me n6 no) wo 

or (be)di asem. 

suet, n. (asabo ho) srade. 

suffer, V. hu amane, hu brb, ; mia 
ani hu; (sick) yare; (allow) ma 
okwaii ; di ; phr. opatafo di aba ; 
to- or pay for, tua, tua so ka; 
he has to- for it, ..aka n'ani. 

suffice, V. sufficient, a. to be-, do, 
so, do. .so; du (ano); it is suffi- 
cient for me, edo me so ; it is 
not -for him, enng no so; it is 
enoughl edoso; tieg., enngso! 


suffocate, v. siu mene. 

suffocation, n. menesiu. 

sugar, n. asikere, 

sugarcane, n. afwereu, af^^eree; 
toild-, fwereu^ fweree. 

suggest, v. hye nyansa, -tirim. 

suicide, n. ahokum; by shooting, 
atubg;#Ocomm/^-, di neho dgm, 
gyene neho; (by hanging) sen 
ne mene ; (by shot) bo tuo. 

suit, V. fata, -so, kg yiye. 

suite, n.(row)'kyQXQ.Tphfi,] -of 
a Chief, (ghene) gyaasefo, aheii- 
kwa, pi. n- ; -of a fetish, abo- 
sonkwa, pi mm-, 

suitor, n. nea gsere ade; (wooer) 
nea gsere gba aware, -obisa n'a- 
se; (jud.) nea wasamana obi 

SUlkinesS, w.anim-kum, an.muna, 

sullen, a. to look-, mUnaorkum a- 
nim, anim amuna; phr. wamuna 
ahye me. 

SUlleneSS, n. animkum, 

sully, V. ye fi (pgtg), biri, gu..h6 fi. 

sultan, n. nkramohene, [ano, 

sum, n. ano, ntoano; -v. -up, bu.. 

summary, n. nkonta or niiwuma 
horo nkabom, 

summer, n. ahohurubere. 

summit, n. atifl, -srgnsrgn. 

summon, v. hyia, fre; {jud.) sa- 
mana ; (euph.) to 'bi poii so. 




summons, 9e nhyia, gfre; samana- 

SUn,w.owia, (awia); -beams, owia 
nsesae; -bow, (rainbow) nyan- 
konton; -dial, owiadon; halo 
of-, kontonkiirowi; -light, o- 
wia-hann, awia; -set, atoe, o- 
\viatoe; -rise, apuei, owiapuei; 
-shade, asowia, akatawia; 
-shine, awia. 

Sunday, w.Kwasida; male person 
born on-, Akwasi; female, A- 
kosua ; §4i,4-^ - offering, kwasi- 
dato ; -school, kw. asuae. 

sundries, w. nneema-horo; dealer 
in-, gpewadifo, pi. a-. 

sundry-man, n. opewadifo, oba- 

tani, pi. a--fo. 
sunny, a. harann, hy^ahyenn; nea 

owia bo ho, -eda awia ano. 
sunshade, n. akatawia, asowia. 
sup, V. feu, taforo. 
superb, n. nea wofwe a enfwe, 

supercilious, a. he is-, n'ani tra 

ne nton, oye ahokyere. 
superficial, a. -thing, anianide; 

-«^orA, aniani-orebinebidwiima. 
superficially, ad. aniani, fa-ne-fa, 

ebi-n6-bi; to cover-, nyinan- 

nyinam (ani, so, mu). 
superfluity, n. tamu; live in-, di 

tamu ; (fig.) mraoroso, ntraso. 

superintend, v. fwe or 

superintendent, n. ofw^fo, 2?Z.a-. 

superior, a. nea ekyen or edkh so. 

superior, n. opanyin, pl.m-; obi 
panyin; he is my-, me p. ne no. 

superiority, n. nkyenso. 

supersede, v. gu ase, sad; (jud) 
tue mmara, gu-; (dismiss) pam 
(fi adwumam')j tu (dibea) so. 

supper, n. anwummeduan; -time, 

supplement, n. ntaremu, nkaho, 
mmataho. [berease so. 

supplicate, v. koto sere, sere aho- 

SUpplication, n. nkoto, nkotosere. 

supply, V. ma, . .de ma, - bye nsam, 
twa ohia mu. 

support, «;. boa; gyina akyi,tweri, 
sura, wau; (encourage) bye. .den, 
bye mpamden, -baninha; -by 
food, bo akgnhama, fwe obi. 

support, n. oboa, gyina, akyidua, 
mudua; (encouragement) den- 
bye, baninhahye; -by food, a- 
kgnhamabo, aduanma. 

supporter, n.ohokf6,pl.&-, okyi- 
gyinafo, pi., a-; aduanmafo. 

suppose, v.susu, (e)ye (me) se.. . 

sure, - ly, a. ad. nea ewora' ampa, 
- wonim ampa, nokware, arapa- 
ara ; phr. he is - of her faithful- 
ness, onim ne tirim. 

surety, n. a(ka)gyinam, -di, aka- 
baso, - di. 

surf, surge, n. asorgkye, aworo. 




surface, n. ani, so, ho; nsuani; 

the- of s. th. is clean, ..ani afi. 
surfeit, w. didi nkwaseam, didi tra 

so, nom-, di adibara; -w. adipu, 

adidifurum, ometraso. 
surgeon, n. odu(ru)yefo, pi. a-, o- 

dumafo, pi. a- . 
surname, n. mmaran, - ne, nsabran. 
surpass, v. sen, kyen, boro (so), 

tra (so), bunkam (so), den (so). 
surprise, «. to bye or gu so, tua; 

patu ; p7ir. I came here tvithout 

having previously designed it, 

luepatu mebaa ha yi ; the night 

breaks in all of a sudden, ade 

repatu asa. 
surprise, n.hwonwsi] (milit.) ntua.] 

-visit, mpatusra. 
surrender, v. de..h6 ma, dan ma, 

bo; -^0 a fetish, bo bosom. 
surround, v. twa ho hyia, --si, 

bo ho kontonkron, -- dantaban; 

bo ho mfamfia, di..barehyia. 
survey,?^, fwe, gyen, gyen ani fwe ; 

(watch) fwe so ; (- land) susu 

survey, w. ofwe, osrafwe ; - of land, 

asase-susu, -mu kyekye. 

surveying, n.- of land, asase-susu 
n^ mu-kyekye ho nimdee. 

surveyor, n. adwuma (biara) or 
nsase so fwefo, opiafo, osrabefwe. 

SUrviver, W.(owu) okyikafo, owu- 
nnyafo, pi. a- . 

suspect, V. susu (obi) ho bone ; phr. 

he renders me - ed, oye me ho 

osusuka, ntwatoso or mmotoso 

= wabo or watwa asem ato me so. 
suspend, v. {hang up) sen (so); 

{postpone a case) bo.. to ho ; -fr. 

office, tu so, pern ase. 
suspension, n. osensen; {delay) 

mmotoho; {temporary cessation) 

mpemase, ntuso. 

suspicion, n. anibgne, osusuma, 

suspicious, a.heis-, onhu or onnim 
netirim; opp., onim ne tirim. 

sustain, v. {keep fr. falling) sum, 
wau, tweri ; {help for good) di 
boa; Rom. a, 28-^ {feed) yen, bo a- 
konhama; {endure) mia ani \m 
(amane) ; - a sickness, di yare no ; 
phr. they support each other, 
wodi mmoa, -nnoboa, -hiafwe. 

SUStainer, n. gboafo, pi. a-; (a- 
duan)fwefo,oyenfo,^Z. a-, akon- 
hamabofo; {fig.) omanehunufo, 
pi. a-. 

sustenance, n. nea wode fwe ne- 
h6(sika, ntama, aduau), nea wo- 
didi so, -wode tra ase. 

swab, V. popa, twu, twi (dan). 

swag, V. {sink hy its tveight) den 
so; sen. 

swagger, v. hoahoa neho, ye ahu- 
p6, -ahokyere. 

swags-man, n. nea owia brb. ton. 




swallow, V. mene, memmene. 

swallow, n. asomfana, asonomfoa. 

SWallower, n. adidifiirum, adipu. 

swamp, w.atekye, denkyedenkye, 
dontori, As. dotoyan. 

swampy, a. taka, takataka, doto. 

swap, V. sesa, sene; di nsesagua; 
(dismiss) tu or pam.. . 

swap, n. nsesagua. 

sward, n. prako or boya were. 

swarming, a. manya-manya, piti- 
piti, pepe. 

sway, V. wo or tumi, di.. 
so; (wave) hira, hinhim. 

sway, w.tumi, sodi, ahenni; (wav- 
ing) ahim, di ah. 

swear, v. kg, - ntam ; -and pledge 
himself with an appeal to the 
fetishes, di abosora ; - hy.., ka. . ; 
-on.., ka ntam; -falsely, 
ka ntanhunu ; phr. they- oaths 
on either parties, wodi ntam- 
mara ; violate an oath, to ntam ; 
they put him on his oath, woma 
no nt. ; he desires to -, ogye nt. ; 
they admit him to-, wode nt. 
gye no ma oka ; to give satisfac- 
tion for transgression of an 
oath, yi nt.; to dispense fr. ob- 
ligation undertaken upon an 
oath, kwae nt. 

sweat, n. fifiri; -cloth, aweree. 

sweat, V. fi firi; fifiri guam or 
pram obi. 

sweep, V. pra, prapra, popa. 

sweepings, n. pi. nwura, - dodo. 

sweet, a. (- to taste) de, dede, boro- 
boro, fenemfenem, fremfrem ; (- to 
smelt) huamhuam, fwamfwam. 

sweeten, v. ma eye fremfrem, - - de, 
gu mu asikere. 

sweetness, n. ode(u); (scent) o- 
huam;(^race/«/«ess)ah6ofe; -of 
money, sikade. 

swell, V. hon, soa, pun, punu, pum- 
pun, (fam) apudu ; (ot'er^oz^?) yiri, 
pram ; phr. his eye is szvollen, 
n'aui ho asoa or n'ani ahoh. 

swelling, n. ohon, gsoa, nsoae. 

swerve, v. man ; fom (kwan) ; kyini. 

swift, -ly, a. ad. harehare, fwim- 
fwim, sorosoro; ohareso, ntem ; 
§ 131, 3; phr. -won, -gone, 
fwimfwim ade ko sorosoro. 

swim, V. guare, bore asu. 
swimmer, n. nea onim guare, osu- 

swindler, n. osatofo, osape, pi. a-. 
swine, n. prako, boya, pi. m- , 
swing, v. him, to donko. 

swing, n. odonko. 

swinge, v. fwe, ka mpire, -mma. 

swish, n. fa, dote; to work-, ye 

or wou dote ; - house , fadan ; 

-wall, faban. 
switch, w.aba,»,-,receive a-, 

di aba; -■??. fwe, 




swoon, V. to piti, to berau, ani 

so biri, (e)tware (no). 
swoon, n. pitito, berauto. 

swoop, V. {topotmce on) to si.. so; 
{-down) mene, Ak. men. 

sword, n. nkrante, afoa, afana, a- 
kofana, tata (nkrante anofanii); 
- bearer, ofoasoafo, of6afo,p?.m-, 

syllable, n. asemfua-fa. 

symbol, n. senkyerene; {creed) 
gyidikasem. [bi so. 

symmetry, n. nkyekyem a ebi nnen 

sympathise, v. hu ma.., te ma... 

sympathy, n. mmoborohunu, ahu- 
mobg(ro), timobo. 

symptom, n. cf. sign; ..ho sen- 
kyerene; (- of sickness) nea wo- 
fwe de bu or de to yare din. 

synod, w.nhyiamkese; {districts-) 

Synonym(e), n. nsem abien a ne 

iikyerease se or aguam. 

syntax, n. okasa torodo bo nim- 

syringe, n. bentoa; apply a-, bo 
syrup, n. cf. sirup. [bentoa, sa. 
system, w.akwanso-akwanso ade- 

yo; iihyehyee. 


Tabernacle, n. ntamadan, os6s6, 
pi. a-; dim., asesewa, 

table, 72. opoii, didipon; adwumpon. 

tabor, iaboret, n. mpintin. 
tact, n. {fig.) abofweso, nyansa. 
tail, n. dua; cow's-, {used as or- 
nament) ahiigya, bodua. 

tailor, n. gpamfo, a(ta)depamfo. 

take, z^.gye, fa;, kura, kita; so 
-allies, gye adom; -(a city) by 
storm, ko iz;-away, yi, fa, twe, 
de (fa)..ko, yi ho ; -down a roof, 
pa dan so ; -from, gye. .nsam, pa ; 
-off, yi(so), de(fa)..ko; t6u so, 
t6u mu, pa ; - off the loin cloth. 
tu amoase; -out, yi (mu), tu, 
gye; -up, gye, ma so, kukuru, 
tase(so); -up {a heavy load), 
tam (adesoa); phr. we will- up 
the facts in question one after 
another, me ne wo betase so ; 
-the reverse, bo..abira. 

tale, n. asem, asemma, asenkekae, 
anansesem; -teller, anans.tofo. 

tale-bearer, n. otekofo, ofakonefa- 
bafo, asieberenny^', osi as. or 
oyeos--f6; ateakosewa, gye at.; 
kwasiamankwd, gyekw. 

talent, n. adwene, gdom-akyede; 
{coin) (tetefo) dwetikese bi. 

talisman, n. suman bi. 

talk,«/.kasa, bg ukgmmg, -semgde. 

talk, n. gkasa, nkgmmg, gsemgde; 
aseukekae,abansosem; {rumour) 
nsise, akwanmusem ; {Jiearsay) 




talkative, -ly, a. ad. (ano) kuro- 
kuro, -birebire, -berebere. 

talker, n. okasafo, ^Z. a-, 

tall, a. tenten ; (- & slender) kankra- 
manyan, kakamapa, panfwenn, 
pankran; -& dig, totoroto. 

tall, V. ware, Ak. wa ; pTir. oware se. 

tallow, n. aborowoimua, srade. 

talon, n. awereu, abowere. 

tamarind, w.(^ree)borofos6nk6ran. 

tambourine, n. mpintm. 

tame, a. to be-, dwo, ho dwo, ani 
dwo; -, V. dwudwo. 

tameness, n. odwo, anidwo 

tan, V. hye (nhoma). [taban. 

tangent, n. nsensane a epem dan- 
tangle, ?;.bakyebakye; cf. entangle. 

tank, n. nsu-abura. 

tanner, n. nhomahyefo. 

tap, w.pereu; bore; ti..h6,bo(amane). 

tape, w.bamma, bena; (measure-) 

tar, n. ama. [susuharaa. 

tardiness, n. ahotwetwe, ogom. 

tardy, a. bereo, nya. 

target, n. botae ; (shield) okyera. 

tarnish, V. ye fi, gu..b6 fi; also fig. 

tarry, v. di (nnansa), kye, twen, 
twentwen (nan) ase ; pokye, bo 
sonsonkii, nam gyabegyabe. 

task, n. adwuma, pZ nn-. 

tassel, n. (atade ano) dwo, pi. nn- . 

taste, iJ.ka or so fwe, kaano,te,tie. 

taste, n. odete; agreeable-, ode; 
to loose the -, anom kum ; tasting 
of palmwine, nsa-ka-ano. 

tasteful , a. to be-, ye de, ye akonno. 

tasteless, a. titrl, toburo, toburo- 
bo, wo, towo ; to become-, tabau, 
ye mf in ; to make the mouth -, 
kum anom. 

tasteleSSneSS, n. anomkum. 

tatOU, n. epra, pi. a- . 

tatter, n. ntamago ; -, v. sunsuane 
or teteu (mu). 

tattle, V. kasa papa, ano ye birebire. 

tavern, n. abohodan, ahohosoee. 

tax, n. oto, amanne, akwanne; 
church-, afrihyiato; -gatherer, 
otogyefo, pi. a-; -payer, otoyi- 
fo ; to pay -es, yi or di to. 

taxation^ n. atogye, akwannegye; 

bobg, 2 Kings 23, 35. 

tea, n. tl; -cup, tl-kope; -jug, 
ti-kuriiwa; -kettle, tl-ketere. 

teach, V. kyere, kyerekyere, kasa 

teacher, n. okyerekyerefo, pi. a- . 

team, n. (mmoa) mpamho. 

tear, -S, n. nisu, nvisu]p7ir. -stand 
in his eyes, nusu atata no ; she 
bursts into-, n. abu ne kon; 
-gush out, n.tere or tetere no, 
n'aniwa poroporo nsu. 

tear, v. ten, tete, suaue, sunsuane 





(mu) ; -from^ huara, pan, pon, 
fwini; -out, tu, tutu. 

tease, v. yi mfefewa, gyigye, bu- 
na, hunahuna. 

telegram, n. akyiri- or hamakye- 
reu-nhoma, hama-mana-nh. 

telegraph, n. hama, akyiri- or 

telegraph, v. ka hama, [maky-. 
telegraphy, n. akyirikyereu, ha- 
telescope, n. kyekyf, kyikyi. 
tell, V. ka kyere, se; {to count)k3iii, 

kenkan, bu ano. [kanfo. 

ieWer, n. oksifo; (bank- clerk) okeh- 
temper, n. to be out of-, huru, 

..anibere, ..aniyehye; he is out 

of-, onsen ne werem'. 
temperance, w. anidahg, ahotua; 

-society, ahotuafo or nsatuafo- 

tempest, m. ahum, mframaden ; (Jig.) 

ntua, manso; amanehunu. 

temple, n. asoredan, asgrefi; {-of 

the face) asontorem' . 
temporary,a. nna tia bi,nea ehkye, 

tempt, V. so..fwe, gyigye, dada. 
temptation, n. sofwe, nnyigye, 

nnada. [odadafo. 

tempter, n. osofwefo, ogyigyefo, 
ten, ?^/<;«.edu; § 78, 1.5; -days, 

dadu ; - days ago, nne d. ; § 1 30,2 ; 

tenth, nea oto so or otia duj 

-thousand, gpedu; -millions, 

tend, «. {watch)weh, sra ; bu ; (serve) 

som ; gyigye, fwe (so) ; {to aim at) 

fwefwe; ani kyere.. . 
tendency, n. nea..kwan kyere (kg) ; 

(fig) kwankyere, ase, botae. 
tender, a. mmere; bete, bgdg, do- 

raa, horghorg, nyamo. 
tendo Achillis, n. ntinkese. 
tendon, n. ntin, ntini. 
tent, n. ntamadah; F. ebu. 
tepid, a. of. lukewarm. 
term, «.ghye,adahye; (conditiori) 

nnyinasosem ; be on good -s, ka ; 

(wgka, me ne no ka ; yeilka); bg^ 

(wgbg, g-ne me bg). 
term, v.fre; (to name) to, to.. din. 
terminate, v.i^a, ghye ; twa so,- to ; 

(finish) wie; (ew^) to twa, s§,. 
termite, M.mfgte(e); -hill, mf. siu. 

terrible, a. to be-, ho ye hii; 
-beast, ahuboa. 

terrify, v. yi hu, yi ahi, bg piru, 
tu bo ; pass., bg birim, - toyam ; 
he is terrified, wabirikyi, ne ko- 
ma apae ne yam, nketeiikete a- 
kita or akyere no. 

terror, n. ehu, ahodvviri; ahiide^ 

test, V. sg fwe ; -gold, twa sika fwe. 

testament, n. samanse. 




testicle, n. afweabo, fweawabo. 
testify, V. di adanse. 
testimony, m. adanse, -ii;-ies,pl. 

tetrach^ n. omansinhene. 
text, n. nyitohosem, asem. 
texture, n. ntontan, ade-nwene, 

than, conj'., V. sen, kyen; phr.he 

is older- I, osen or okyen me 

thank, v. da ase; -for a meal, raS 

aguare ; (consecrate hy prayer); to dismiss and- an 

alley after close of war, tu..asen 

mu ntoa ; phr. wommetu n'asen 

mu ntoa = wommeda no ase. 
thank, n. asedd; (/or food) aguare- 

thankful, a. ifo be-, da ase; wo aye. 
thankfulness, n. aseda, aye. 
Vn2i\,pron.Tio, eno, nea, ..a..; §64. 

65; -, conj. se, nea ebeye na... 
thatch, V. {a house) kuru dan so, 

bua (so). 
the, ar^^. no; §74,2; 264, 1. 
theatre, n. afwee, agorofwee. 
thee, pron. wo, w' ; § 55, Rem. 1 . 2. 
theft, n. awi, krgu, akrgmmo; to 

practise-, wia, bo krono. 
their, pron. won, Ak. yen; § 55; 

cf. they ; -5, won de, -dea; § 62. 
them, pron. won ; cf. they ; -selves, 

won ara, won ankasa; wonho. 

theme, n. asem-ti, asentitiii. 

then, ad. afei, eno ansa na, eno na, 
enna ; eno akyi, akyiri no ; da no, 
ebere no, eho no, ehobere no. 

thence, ad. efi sa da no ara, efi ho 
ara,enonti;§208,5; 230; 240'. 

theocracy, n. Onyame-tumidi. 

theology, n. onyamekyere. 

there, ad. ehg, -nom, do, doha; 
§60, 3; -about, ehonom;-a/ifer, 
eno akyi, akyiri no ; -fore, enti, 
eno nti, eyi-; § 252. 

these, pron. pi. yi, eyinom. 

they, pron. vf oh, As. yen; §58; 
prefixed to the v., wo.., (we.., ye..). 

thick, a. pipri; durudiiru, kese; 
pikapika ; phr. a mire as- as a 
meal-pap, dontori p. se aburo- 
mpampa ; (of darkness) kusu, 
kabi; to be, grow-, bo, pea, piu, 
fu; bua kusu; kyere, da. 

thicket, n. odoto, ahaban, kwae. 

thickly, cf. closely. 

thickness, n. pipripi, emu duru; 
{-of shades or night) kusu(ye). 

thief, n. owifo, okromfo, pi. a- . 

thigh, n. osere, pi. a- ; (Jiip) ataso; 
- bone, dwonku. 

thimble, n. timere. 

thin, a. fetefete, hamahama, hata, 
hatahata, teatea, tratra; 
to grow-, foil. 

thine, pron. wo, -de, -dea; § 62. 




thing, n. ade, adee, pi. ade, nnewa, 
nneema; {occurrence) asem; a 
bad-, adebone, asemmone; to do 
a sinful -1 di asemmone. 

think, V. dwen, dwene, susu(tirim), 
bo tirira(po); -about, of, on, 
dwen ho, -so; kae, ani wo so. 

third, num. nea otia or oto so a- 
biesa, Ak.mmiensa; § 83 ; - ^/mes, 
mperensa; owe-, nkyem-abiesa 
mu biako. [sope. 

thirst, w. osukom ; -of ruling, nni- 

thirst, V. to be -y, osukom de.., sukom; menewam wo. 

thirteen, num. edumiensa. 

thirty, num. aduasa; § 78,2. 

this, fron. oyi, eyi ; yi; (adi = ade 
yi; ni = ne yi); § 60. 

thither, ad. eho, Ak. doha, ehonom, 

thorn, n. nsoe, kasae; a creeper 
with -s, nnuare, ofwirem'. 

thorny, a. nsoe-nsoe. 

thoroughly, a^. kora, pe, pepepe, 
%, fefefe. 

thou, pron. wo; § 53 — 59. 

though, conj. kansese; § 141 B g. 

thought, n. adwene, tirim, tirim- 
asem; nsUsui. 

thoughtless, a. nea oniiMrene asem, 
-oye asobi- or annibi-annaso. 

thousand, num. apem; § 78. 

thrash, v. poro. 

thread, w. (a)hama, asawa; -bare, 
ntama a emu ahaha,; Turkey-red-, 
adidi; yellow-, adidisika; crim- 
son-, adidi-pa. 

thread, v. [a needle etc) sina(pane, 
nhene, nam, nwa). 

threat, n. ateetee; mpo. 
threaten, tJ.teetee, ye haehae, popo 

obi; {forewarn) bo kgko. 
three, num. esa, nsa, abiesa, mmie- 

nsa; -persons, basa; § 80, 1; 

-pence, toro, sirapoa. 

threshing, n. -floor, awiporoe; 
-machine, awiporo-ade, -firi. 

threshold, n. abobo-ano; ponase, 

thrift, n. rafaso; siade, yiyedi. 
thriftiness, n. (carefulness) ani- 

kaase; {prosperity) nkoso. 
th rifty , a. to be-, ani ka ase or fam ; 

{economical) kyee.. nneema so. 

thrill, V. fwiro mu, fiti-; {fig) a- 

wose or ayise pini obi. 
thrive, v. ko so, ye or di yiye; {of 

plants) feu, fefeu. 
throat, n. kgnmu, mene, menewa; 

the tivtila in the-, menase da or 

throne, n. ahennua, Ak. ahennwa. 
throng, v. kyere so (ketekete, pepe- 

pepe, pitipiti); -, w.nkyereso. 

throttle, n. mene, -wa. 




throttle, V. bo abomporowa, bu 

kon mu, posa menewa. 
through, ad. prp., v. fa mu; -,n. 

{hy) nti;§121,l;- out, ad. kora. 
throw, o. to, to; [push) sura, bo; 

(take away) pa, yi; -away, to 

..kyene,; -down,tvre ase, 

ka,.gu, fwe fam, gu-. 
thrust, V. bo, ka, mia, siu, pete; 

cf. push; -against, pern; 

-through, fwiro, wo(u). 
thumb, n. kokurobeti. 
thump, «. de nkontimma or apori- 

ba boro or pem obi. 
thunder, -storm, n. opranna. 
thunder, u. opranna bom' bobom'. 
thunderbolt, n. Onyame abonua 
Thursday, w. Yaoda; male person 

horn on -,Yao ;/emaZe, Ya; § 41,4. 
thus, ad. sa, sa, se, se; ne sa nti. 
thy, pr. wo; § 54; -self, woara, 

woankasa; woho. 
tick, n. sommore, badwu, -dwie. 
ticket, n. ebo kwanma- or akwan- 

nya nhoma. 
tickle, y. nunu, titi; phr.hemade 

me laugh hy - ing, wanunu me 
ma masere. 
tide, n. the -ehis, falls, goes out, 

epo (nsu) huari, twe; the -is in, 

epo ye ma. 
tidy, a. kama, frenkyemm, fefe, 

guaiin, ebo twa. 

tie, y.kyekye, kyekyere,*, 
siaba (ntama); mantam, sa (a- 
berekyi n. a.). 

tiger, n. -cat, cf. leopard. 

tigernut, n. atadwe. 

tighten, v. mla (mu), yere -. 

tile, n.t&y-dfpl. n-; -r, nt. byefo. 

till, prp. expressed by the verbs, 
d.e,{to have in hands); ko or ba, 
(to go, to come), together with 
other verbs indicating the stopp- 
ing, arrival, touching dtc. at a 
certain point, ka, pem, si, so ; 
§ 117; 227,2; 229;de-kg, de- 
kosi, ..du, ..pem,..ka,;de-ba, 
de-besi, ... ; na..ansa; § 266, 2. 

till, V. do(u) (asase, afu). 

tiller, n. odoufo, okuafo, pi. a- , 

timber, n. dua, nnua, nnannua, 
mpuran, mpunan. [hunii. 

timbersOW, wood-ivorm, n. rihun- 

time, w. (Ze/S2^re-)adagye(u); bere, 
mmere ; [day) eda ; {clock) don ; 
(owce) pen; -s,mpen,ahoro;§81; 
at the same-, preko; § 130, 5; 
one -, penkoro ; §130,4; two -s, 
mpen abien or mperennu; three 
-s, mpen abiesa or mperensa; 
what - is it ? don ahe {or sen) ni ? 
many -s, mpen (ahoro) bebere ; 
evening-, anadwofabere, anwu- 
mmere ; morning -, anopa (bere) ; 
eating-, adidii-bere; - after meal, 
adidiikyiri ; - of old, of yore, 
tete, -bere, -beme, -nterede. 




timid, a. -person, ohufo, pi. a-, 
timidity, n. ehu. 

tinder, n. mfahu. 
tinge, v. hye, hye or ka aduru. 
tingle, tinkle, v. gyigye; (asom) 

ye yonn. 
tiny, a.ketekete wa ; cf. little, small. 
tip, n. ano, fweti. 
tippled, tipsy, a. to he, grow-, bo 

(nsa) ; phr. he has become - by 

drink, watia bereu so. 
tire, V. hye obere, guan ho, ha(u); 

-d, to be, grow-, here, to, pa 

abau; (/ie is disgusted) afono(no\ 
tiredness, n. obere, abaupa. 
tithe, n. ntoso du, pi. ntotoso du du. 
title, n. dibea din; {honorary-) 

mmerari, nsaberan. 
tittle-tattle, v. toatoa nsem, twa 

nkurodo, ano ye berebere or 

to, prp. ad., V. (de) ko, (de)ba.. 

nkyen ; cf. till ; he moves to and 

fro, odi akoneaba (akgsan, aforo- 

sian,ahyemfiri) ; odi akrosimado . 
toad, n. aponkyeren ; largest kind 

of-, kwaease-sonokese. 
toast, V. [bread) toto ; {honour by 

drink) kyere nsa, ma tiri-nkwa. 

pae or bo nsaberan. 
tobacco, n. tawn, ta, ahabanta; 

(snu/f)asYSi; in .eavei, tawa nta- 

han; in rolls, kesi; -pipe, abiia, 

aburobua, tasen; -plant, ahiia- 
hd ; phr. he esteems him for Clo- 
thing, omfa no nhye ta = omfa 
no ny6 fwe. 

to-day, to-morrow, to-night, 
day, morrow, night. 

toe, n. nansoa ; sore of-, the tip of 
which has been knocked off, ko- 
kgniwa; t6u kok. 

together, ad. {in connection with 
other verbs) pata, bom', hyia; 
phr. do not read two letters-, 
mpata nhoma abien nkari ; they 
ave reconciled, woabom' ; the 
king calls his people-, ohene 
hyiahyia ne manfo. 

toil, «;. ye (obere-)adwuma, here, .ho, 
biri (ne) mogya ani. 

toilsome, a. nea ehye or ema here, 
(adwuma a) ehau..ani. 

token, n. senkyerene ; -of remem- 
brance, ukae-ade. [otogyeni. 

toll, n.qio, 2.\vfknuQ; -gatherer, 

tomato, n. ntorowa, As. nnuade- 
wa; kinds: nnuafwe, nt.kyen,, nt.apo, atoropo. 

tomb, n. oboda, pi. a- . 

ton, tun, n. base; nkaribo mpsnnu. 

tone, n. ene, nne; gyigye. 

tongs, n. pi. adabau. 

tongue, n. tekrema, Ak. tekyere- 
ma; {language) okasa, pi. id. 

tonsure, n. sama, pi. n-, nsama; 
cut a-, yi ns-. 




too, ad. nso, bi ; § 134, 36 ; ka ho ; 

-much, dodo, papa; to he too 

much, doso papa, boro so, bu -, 

tra-, twam'. 
tOOl,w.dade,jpZ nnade,adwinnade. 
tooth, n. ese; {cutters or fore-) 

adontenmuse ; {canine-) sebom- 

mofo ; {grinders) nnyepi ; - ache, 

okekau, okaka, adese, boaduara; 

natural gap of t., gyau, Ak. e- 

gyere; his t. are jutting, ne se 

apenten; -gaping, tefwire; to 

teeth, V. fi(ri) se.. 
top, n. eso, eti, atifi, rapampam, 

topic, n. nnyinasosem, hkasahosem. 
torch, ?^. ogyaten, pi. a-; -thistle, 

akarate; -tree, okanto (koko). 
torment, v. ye ayayade, -aniuya- 

nne, bye ahooya ; -, 7i cf. torture. 
tornado, n. opranna, ahum. 
torso, n. akonsin. 
tortoise, n akyekyeree, awuru, 

apowuru, apohuru; - shell, dJ&y&- 

kyere abon, apowuru-. 

hye ',-, torment ; - to death, 

de..goru atopere. 
toss, V. to; {push) sum; {shake) 

woso, poso; to drive and-, de.. 

di ako ne aba. 
total, totality, n. emu, amu; phr. 

say it at once, bo no mu ! Fll 

sum it up and say: mebo no 

amu maka se.. . 

totally, ad. kora, korakora; in 
neg.sent., {not) at all; §248, 4. 

tottering, a. posoposo, kgsokoso. 

toucan, n. akyenkyena, pi. n-; 
{large) onwam, pi, a- . 

touch, u(de nsa) ka.., so mu;(re- 
late to) -^&m;phr. epem me deii ? 
- slightly, pere(u) ; {fall in with) 
to, du ; {said of teeth) hyia ; ne 
se hyia pe ; {ruh) twu, twi ; {con- 
cern) fa. .ho brb. ; -gold, twa sika 
fwe; phr. it -esyou, ese wo ara 
= you have to answer for, it is 
your own fault. 

touch, n. oka, nka; okafwe. 

tough, a. sa, twa, twapa, twani, 
fa, fann ; to he-, so hua. 

towel, n. mpopaho, Ak. mfofaho. 

tower, n. abantenten, ^Z. id. or 
aban-atenten;s/e^e-, ntua-aban. 

town, n. kuro, pi. n-, oman, pi. a- . 

toy, n. agode, baduaba. 

trace, track, n. ouammon, pi. a-; 
suave ; also fig. 

tract, n. suare; nhomawa; phr. 
nohody knows where he roves 
ahout, obi nnim suare ko a o- 
nam so. [nsa. 

trade,?;, di gua, diortubata; dan.. 

trade, w. egua, aguadi, bata, -di; 
guadwuma; i^hr. your -fails, 
bata butu wo. 

trader, w.obatani, pl.z.--io, ogiia- 
dini, pi. a--fo, odetgnfo, pi. a-; 




tradesman,ii.&.oiw\imfo, pl.a.-; 

trades folk, -people, id. pi. 
tradition, pi. n. atetesem ; nsam- 
traffic, cf. trade, n. [tyede. 

trail, V. twe..h6 ase; tene, tentene. 
trailing plant, n. hama. 
train, n. {row) kyerepen; (long- 

of persons or things) ..santen; 

{adherents) akyidifo ; (milit.) 

dom; {tail) dua; {rails) keteke, 

train, v. twe ; - tip, yen, kyerekyere, 

teetee ; tee n'apou mu 
traitor, n. nea ; {denouncer) 

ofatwafo; {tell-tale) kwasiaman- 

kwd, nsakyi-nsayaiD. 
tramp, trample, v. tiatia so, de 

anan pempem fam. 
trance, n. adetowoso, atowoso; 

phr. he is in a-, ade ato no so. 
tranquil, a. komm, dinn, dwodwo. 

tranquillity, n. asomdwoe, ahoto, 

transact, v. ye, di, di ano. 

transaction, n. odi, anodi, asem, 

transcendency, n. mmunkamso; 

K. § 165. 

transform, «;. dan, sakra, dan. .ho. 

transgress, t;.bu so, fom, -so; 16 

(mmara, -ntam). 

transgression, n. ofom, mfomso, 

mmarato, - de, mmara atoto-ato- 
to, boneye. 

transgressor, w.otofo, pi. a-, mma- 

ratofo, odeboneyefo, pi. nn-, o- 

semmonedifo, pi. a- . 
translate, v. kyere ase, dan, yi ano. 
translation, w.nkyerease,asekyere. 
transparent, a. nea aye afwehii- 

akyiri, --afweanim-hu-akyiri. 

transpire, v. tu humhuro, fi nte- 
resu or fifiri; son, fifi (se kuku). 

transplant, v. te(u), tu kote(u) babi. 

transport, w.aguade-ornnosoatwe. 

trap, n. afiri, apa; cf. snare. 

trapper, n. ofirisumfo, pi. a- , 

trapping, n. afirisua, afirisum. 

trappings, ti. pi. (fig.) ahyehyede, 

trash, n. adehunu, nwura, wuradc- 
do ; {husks) ntetewa ; -of palm- 
nuts, mmefe ; [fig ) nkwaseasem, 

travail, tJ.hau neho, bere ; {in child- 
Z'/r/^)k6 awo; -,;«. obere, -dwu- 
ma; {childhirth) awoko. 

travel, ?^.uante, - bere, tu kwaa; - htf 
forced marches, tu aperenten, 
pe ntera tu kwan; -by sea, fa 
epo or nsu ani; -from town to 
town, bo nkurotepa. 

travel ler,w.gnantefo, ok wantemfo; 
^rafc/Zm/; Ja^,akwantu-botowa^ 
- basket, obede, pi. a- ; kinds : ah a- 
gya, akyemmede, akwaperamede \ 
apakan, akotwe, kj^eukyen. 




traverse, v. de .bea mu; t\^a mu; 
{lattice) nwona (dan) ; (fig.) siu 
, kwan. 

treacherous, a. nea oyi obi ma; 

nea oye latwafo, -gyensakj-i- 
nsayata . 

treachery, ^reasow, w.nkontompo : 

{inf.') yima. 
tread, v. tia, tiatia(so); si; nam, 

treasure, n. akorade, aderaude; 

{'found in the ground) ahu ; to 

find a-, tu ahu. 

treasurer, n. ofotoosanfo, osanna- 
ni, sikakorafo. 

treasury, n. adekorae, sikakora- 
dan; king's-, osanna. 

treat, v. di, ye, kura; -guests, ye 
or sora hgho, to pon; (speak of) 
moma ho, keka..h6 nsem; ill-, 
boro, bo..mp5, ye pupopiipo or 

treatment, n. odi, oye; {of guests) 
ahoho-y e, - som, aponto ; rough - 

treaty, n. apam, mmom', anodi. 
tree, n. dua, pi. nnua ; stump of-, 
dunsin ; shad?/ -, gyedua,^Z. nny . 
tremble, v.popo, ho-, woso, poso, 

birikyi, ..ho sau. 

trembling, n. ahopopo, ahohim, 

trench, n. oka, amoa, amana. 

trespass, v. fom, fom or bu so; 

{unintentionally) nsa pa ho ; 

-, n. ofom, mfomso, mmarato. 
trial, n. sofwe; {jud) abisabisa, 

asenni, atemmu. 

triangle, n. ahinasa. 

tribe, n. {family-) abusuaku; o- 
man, pi. aman or amaiiaman, o- 
mansin. [hunu. 

tribulation, n. ohau, ota; amane- 

tributary, a. to become-, bo..s6a- 
kahire; -stream, abomma. 

tribute, n. to, apeato; annual-, 
afrihyiade; pay-, yi or di to; 
- money, otosika ; phr. he puts 
them to-, ogye won sohkahire. 

trlcics, n. pi. nkwadasem, akon- 
tonkyesera; to play-, di ak. 

trifle, V. goru (ho), totcase. 

trifle, n. biribi wa, mf^temfetewade. 

trim,u.hyehye,keka,wura,ban ano. 

Trinity, n. Onyame basakoro; 
-Sunday, Ony. basakoroda. 

tripe, n. ayamde, nsono. 

triumph, n. nim, nkonim ; phr. vic- 
tory turned out defeat., nkonim 
abira ne nkogu. 

triumph, v. di nim, di nkonim; di 

triune, a. basakoro. 

troll, V. pire, kyin, kyini. 

troop, n. asafo, - ku, fekii; {milit.) 
edom nsrafo, - ku. 




tropic, n. thimaho-bea or -danta- 

tropical, a. (asase a) eso ye hye. 

troth, «. iiokware, -di. 

trouble, v. ha(u), guan ho, hia ho ; 
he -s me, ohiahia me ho, ogiian 
me ho; to he -d, ..ho hia no, ho 
guari no, -kyere no, di nkommg. 

trouble, n. amane, -hunu; (unex- 
pected-) ahontowoso, oha(u); 
{constant -) SLnitanek ] {-of con- 
sci'ewce) ay amhyehyee; ahokyere, 
ahohia, ahoguan, iikommo, a- 
werehosem ; he is in-, neho hia 
or kyere or yera no, ohu amane, 

troubler. n. ohaufo, ohoguanfo. 

troublesome, a. to he-, hau obi, 
guan..h6, bo. .so dwae. 

trousers, trowsers, n. pi. tros; 
(breeches) ntwontwo, twakoto; 
(mohammedan -) wonno. 

truant, n. a. okwadwofo, onihafo, 
pi. a- ; werehunu. pi. -fo. 

truck, n. nteaseenam a wotwe so 
nnosoa or aguade. 

truck, v.Ai nsesagua. 

true, a. to be-, ewom (wo mu),, ye 
nokvvare; di nokware; truly I 
/w^./ampa! nokware! woramoa! 

trumpet, n. aben, torobento, aboro- 
ben; blow-, by en ab., -torob. 

trumpeter, n. torobentohyenfo, 
pi. id. 

trunk, 71. dunsin, duasin; (torso) 

akonsin; (box) (nh6ma-)adaka; 
- of an elephant, mfare, mfaro 

truss up^ V. siaba (ntama). 

trust, V. de ani to. .so, de neho to., 
so; ani da.. so; (apply to) dan, 
tweri ; (cling to) bata ; (rest on) 
gyina so. 

trust, n. anidaso, ahodaso. 

trustee, n. oboayifo, pi. a- . 

trustful, a. to be-, nea odi no- 
kware or asenkoro. • 

trustworthy, trjisty (person), quo- 
kwafo, pi. a- . 

truth, w.nokware, nokwasem ]-\by 
my-, in-, of a-\ ampa! no- 
kware! wom'moa! kora! 

try, V. so..fwe, ka..fwe, ye..fwe, 
kyere, kekare(n'anim); -a gun, 
so (ne) tuo ; phr. I tried in vain, 
misom' a, enso. 

tsetse (a fly), n. oten. 

tub, n. topo, pl.u-. 

tube, n. odoroben, ododoben. 

tuber, n. neio -s of yam, mpo(u); 
phr. your capacities will never 
be developed, wo mpo mfe da. 

tuck up, V. siaba (ntama), fetere, 

Tuesday,^. Benada;§41,4; male 
person born on-, Kwabena; fe- 
male, A%ena. 

tuft, n. - of hair, mpese, pi. rapese- 
mpese; to form -s, bo mp. 

tug 203 

tug, V. twe, t\v^etwe, tu, tutu; pere. 
tuition, n. oyen, okyere; iifweso. 
tumble, V. fwe(ase), pire, yantam. 
tumbler, w. konko, (tomere). 
tumult, n. ho, gyegyegye; wi,twi- 

bo, kyinkyiran(bo). 
tumultuous, aJobe-,yeho,jeh6- 

bobobo,bo wi,-twi,-kyinkyiran. 

\un, ton, n.hsise; nkaribo mpennu. 
tune,w. dwom,dwontobea;gyigye. 
tunnel,w.owisikwan;bepo mu kwan 
(a woabore afa mu), bepom-afae. 
turban, n. abotit§n. 

turbid, a. to become -, tunkum, usu 
ani at-. 

turkey, n. krakum, pi. h- . 

Turkey- red [cotton-yam or co- 
lour), adidi. 

turn, t;. dan^ dan..kyere, de..kyere; {- over fi7'e) toto, kisa; {to 
alter) sakra ; - while asleep, t-^a 
neho da fa; - about, twa neho or 
n'ani, dan n'ani; -around, bu 
-fa babi, kwae, yi akwa, hiraa, 
pankyerS (so) ; - back, san, pini 
n'akyi, dau akyiri, -n'akyi; 
-down, dan kyere fam, butu; 
-out badly, bu; phr. n'asem a- 
bu; -out well, si; phr. asem no 
asi(me)yiye; -over, -upside 
down, muntum, dan ani butu. 

turn, n. adannan, -di, nnane, di- 
bea, yebea ; it is my-, adu me so. 


turtle, -dove, -pigeon, n. aburu 
buru; atiirukuku, pi. n-. 

turtle, river-, n. osukyekyere, osu 
buru, siipurupu, osudanna ; sea - 
apowuru, apohuru. 
tusk {of a wild boar), n. batafose 
tutor, n. oky ereky eref , oyfenf o, pi 
tweak, V. ti, titi, fem. [a- 

twelfth, a. nea oto or otia dumie 
nu; § 83. 

twelve, num. edumien, dumienu 
§ 78 ; -o' clock, nnondumien, - nu. 

twenty, num. aduonu. 

twice, ad. mpen abien, mperennu. 

twig, ?^. duabasa, duba, pi. nn-, mfe- 
fee, aba ; bedaub a - with lime, 
bau araane. 

twilight, n. morning-, ade rekye a 
anim baebae, anim boeboe, -bue, 
-ye fontafontan or nwaniuwani, 
anim ye we; evening-, ade sa a 
anim ye nwaniuwani; anadwo- 
fafomm; tobe,grow-,{ve)s3i. 

twin, n. (male) ata; (female) ata, 
pi. nta ; names of -s, Ata pan- 
yin, Ata kuma, -obiwom'; Ata. 

twine, V. kyim, fira; nwene. 

twine, n. hama, mfiriwa, edou, Ak. 

twinge, v. titi, fem ; keka, tutu. 

twinkle, v. bu (bubu) ani, di ani- 
wabubu; mi5a (n')ani teu. 

twist, V. kyim, fira; (plait) nwene. 




two, num. enu, abien, mmienu; 

§ 77; -persons, banu; -times, 

mpen abien, mperennu. 
type, n. nf^eso, nseso, sennaho ; 

printing-, ntintimi. 
tyrannise, v. di..nya, ye atirimo- 

denne or anyadimo, ye iibyeso- 

den, bo. .80 dwae. 
tyranny, n. atirimoden, anyadimo, 

dwaebo, hhyesotT&so', phr. he is 

mad witJi-^ dwaebo abo no dam. 

tyrant, n. otirimodenfo, dwaebofo, 
nea oye anyadimo, 


Udder, ^. nufu, 

ugly, a. tan, tantan; -person, o- 
mumo, miamg, pi. a- . 

ulcer, n. ekuru, Ak. kuro, akisi- 
kuru ; {a boil) pompo ; dress an -, 
toto kuru. 

ulcerate, v. tu kuru. 

ulcerous, a. nea otu kuru, -oyare 

ultimate, a. nea etwa to, -ewie, 
-edi akyiri. 

umbrella, n. akatawia,asowia, Ak. 

kyinie; s^a^e-, katamans6,bam- 

umpirage, n. aten, nten, atemmu. 
unable, a.tobe-,neA ontumi, -nsa 

nso so. 

unabridged, a.nea woantwa so, mil. 

unadulterated, a. kronkron; nea 
woarafra mu. 

unadvisedly, ad. mpaso-mpaso, s6- 

unaided, a. nea obi nso no mu, 

- woateu no ayerara. 

unappeasable, a. nea ontie mpata. 

unarmed, a. nea onam nsa-nsa; 

-person, asansani, pi. a--fo. 

unaware(s), ad. mpaso, mpaase, 
mpofirim, aworau. 

unbelief, n. ogye a wonnye nni. 

unboiled, a. amono, momono. 

unbound, a. to be-, eho da ho, o- 

kwan da (no) ho. 
uncertainty, n. akyinnye. 
unchastity, n. efi, fiadeye; ani a 

enna ho. 
uncle, n. mother's brother: wofa; 

father's br., agya (kuma). 
unclean, a. buru, burum, fi, fifi, 

nea ne ho ye fi ; to be -, bu so ; 

phr. minni nea abu so. 
uncleanness, n. efi, afide, mpebe- 

be, apata. 
uncork, v. tue ..ano. 
uncovered, a. (odan) nkannuan; 

to be-, eso da ho. 
under, prp. ad. ase ; -foot, a. ase, 

nea ewo nan ase; § 118. 119. 
undercloth, -garment, w. amoase, 

otam, danta. 




underground, a. nea ewg or efa 

asase ase. 

underline, t;. sail brb.ase. [119. 

underneath, ad. ase, fam; § 118. 

understand, v. hu, te, hu ase, hu 
mu, te ase; one - ing and speak- 
ing an Eur op. language, obo- 
rofotefo, pi. a- ; hard to be un- 
derstood, ase ye den, -ye hu na. 

understanding, 72. nimdee, nhuase, 
nsenhu, iihumu, nhfiano; ti, ti- 
rim; good-, anitee, tipa. 

undertaice, v. so or ye..fwe, ka.. 
fwe, kekare (n'anim), si.. bo or 
koko ; phr. wasi ne bo se obe- 
ko; mesi me bo maye. 

undress, v. yi atade, pa ntama. 

uneasiness, n. ahohia, ahoyera, 

Ak. ahohara. 
uneasy, a. to he-, (ne)h6 hau no, 

bwanyan-, pere-, nsen-, titi-. 

unemployed, a. okwa; phr. onam 

ho kwa, onye fwe. 
uneven {rough), a. awere-awere, 

apoapo, abonkyi-abonkyi, w6- 

unexpected , a. nea woanfwe o- 

kwan; -Z^, ad. mpofirira, mpa- 

ase, putupuru, aworau ; to do or 

happen-, v. patu (ye brb.), obi 

or brb. patu ba. 
unfair, a. nea enye fe, -emfata, 

-enye pote; to he-, ye amim. 
unfold, V. san mu, tere or bae rau. 

unfortunate, a. to be -, hu amane; 

-dai/, dabone, pi. nn-. 
unfriendliness, w. anim-muna. 

unfruitful, a.{bare of trees) pata; 

{barren) obonini, kyenene. 
ungrateful, a. nea oyi amo, -onni 

aye, -oye bonniaye, gmoyifo. 

ungratefulness, n. bonniaj^e. 

unhandy, a. nea wosom' a enso. 
unhappiness, n. ahoyera. 
unicorn, n. oko. 

uniform, n. ahyens5-atade, nsrafo 

atade. [so. 

unimportant, a. nea ahenhan..ani 

uninhabitable, uninhabited, a. 

-tu, -fo; {used only in cpds) 

afitu, odantti, ntamafo, kurofo, 

union, n. biakoye, ramom' , iikabom. 
unite, V. ye biako, bom', (ma) ano 

ko ben korom', 
universal, a. nea efa araansan or 

wiase ho. 

mpatabom - or nyansapon-asuae . 
unjust, a. nea ontee, - entee ; to he-, 

ye amim, bu ntenkye. 

unkind, a. oyamouwenefo; to he-, 
bo ayaraonwene. 

unleavened bread, wapiti. 
unless, conj. gye se; § 277. 
unlimited, a. nea enni ano or o- 
hye; enye ano bi ni ; § 137. 


unload, v. (fam), ; {put 

down a load) soe. 
unlock, V. hie, bue pon. 
unloose, v. san, Ak. sane. 
unlucky, a. to be-, nea oye okara- 

biri, - neho ade nsi yiye. 

unmanly, a. nea onye mmarimayo. 
unmarried, a. osigyafo, ohokafo, 
pi. a-; to be-, di sigya. 

unmeaning, a. hunu, nea enni ase. 


unparalleled, a. biako, nea eso bi 
nni (babi). 

unpleasant, a. nea enye fe, --de, 
-enso ani. 

unpoWie, unpolished, a. tobe-,nea. 

ompge, -onnim aguasosem. 

unprepared, a. amono, momono, 

futuru ; nea wansiesie neho, nea 

wonnya nsiesiei e. fntoa. 

unprincipled person, nea n'asem 

unquiet, a. peter^petere, harehare ; 

(be forward) perepere. 

unreasonable, a. kate, den; phr. 
n'asem ye k. or den; -treating, 
asem a enni aso or ase, asem a 
woka no babi {scil. a,) emma; 
phr. o-ne no di asem kate; o-ne 
me di ayesem; -person, ogyi- 

unrighteous, a. he is -, ontee, onte- 
ne ; [guilty) odi fo ; he is an - 
judge, obu..nterikye. 

206 up 

unrighteousness, n. otee a obi 
ntee; {undue advantage) amim, 
nkontompo, nkonkonsa; {jud.) 

unripe, a. bun, nea erameree e, 

- emmoe e ; {hard, green) abun- 
twere, akyenkyen. 

unroot, V. tu, tu ase. 
unruly, a. kitikiti, kurokuro, kyl- 
kyirikyikyiri ; to be-, teu ahi. 

unseal, v. teu..ano. 

unselfish, a. to be-, nea onye aho- 
pe or ohonamka, - ouni pesenen- 
konya, - onye woroben. 

unsociable, a. he is-, onnim ago. 
unstable, unstaid, unsteady, -ly, 
a. ad. cf. unquiet, tmruly. 

unsuitable, a. to be-, nea ense, 

- emfata, - enye fe. 

unthrifty, a. nea osee ade, - ontumi 
iikyee ade so, - obo ahofwi, - oye 
or obo asasatoro. 

unthrone, v., tu..agua so. 

untie, V. san, sane. 
until, unto, prp. cf. till, to. 
untouched, a. emia, nea woanka no 
dekye, -enni dem, -edi mu. 

untrue, a. to be-, ennim', ennim' 
sa ; phr. you are-, woboa ! 

unused, a. nea eda ho kwa, - won- 
yee ho brb. e, - wonta nye or nka. 

up, prp. ad. so, soro; to go-, foro. 

upb 207 

upbraid, v. cf. reproach; -ing, 

Upon,i?r2?.so,atifi,ani; §118-120. 

upper part, - region, - side, n. eso, 
osoro; ti, atifi, atifi-fam. 

upright,a.trene; (erec^) kyerebenii. 

uproar, n. ho, atuatee, mansotwe, 
sakasaka, ntaneani ; to make 
an-, ye ho, V6vl atua, tane omah 
no ani ; twe manso. 

upset, V. butu, dan..butu. 

upside down, to lie, stand, turn-, 
butu, dan. .butu. 

upstairs, ad. abansoro. 

upward, -s, ad. (nea ekyere) osoro ; 
akyiri ; p7ir. he is more than one 
year old , wadi afe n6 akyiri ; 
(-, v) boro. 

Urcilin, n. apesee, fiampakwa, sia- 
deboa; {fig) akwada, pi. n-. 

urge, v. pia, pua, sum atiko, toa.., 
hau, kanyan. 

urgency, n. ohla, ahokyere; un- 
expected-, ohontowoso. 

urgent, be-, hia; pia, pua. 

urine, n. dwenso. 

urine, v. gu nsu, dweuso. 

us, pron. yen; § 53-59. 

usage, n. amanne, atgremude. 

use, V. de, kura, brb., ye ho 
brb., di (sika n. a.); -tip, fwere, 
di, see. 


use, n. eho adeye, ne di, ne yebea^ 
ne kabea; it is of no-, eho nni 
mfaso; entgbea; natural-, ye- 
bea a ete. 

useful, a. -ness, n. nea eho wg 
mfaso, -eye ma obi or brb. 

useless, -l^, a. ad. hunu, kwa, 
teta ; huhu, ; nea emfra, - wo- 
mfa nye fwe ; quite -, emfra kora . 

usual, a. adedade, adedada, ade or 
nsa a eka, nea ewo ho dedada. 

usurper, n. nea otu obi so, anana- 

usury, n. to practise-, huru fem,^ 

-sika, hye hurufem. 
utmost, uttermost, a. kora ; akyiri- 

kyiri, ano nohg tonn. 

utter, a. (nea ewo) akyiri. 
utter, V. ka, ka asem ; (e)fi (a')ano. 

utterance, n. asem. 

utterly, ad. se ayere so, - emu ay& 
den a,... 

Vacate, v. gyau, da mpan or ntu. 
vaccinate, v. sesa (mpete). 
vagabond, a. n. kobofo^ kabonna- 

fo, obadueduefo, osenkyeni, pi. 

a--fo, aseiikj'ebofo, osesani, pi. 

a--fo; to be a-, bo ko, to wu-^ 

ram; -life, akobo. 

vagina, n. twe. 

vain, a. ad. hunu, huhu, kwa -^itis 
in-, entetam ; wosom' a enso ; -act.. 




deed^ matter, ahuhusem^asenhu- 
hu, ahVi\\\\A.Q\, -glory,- show, sho- 
kyerehunu, anuonyanhunu(pe). 

vale, valley, n. obon, osubon, o- 

valiant, a.- wan, osabarima,okata- 

kyi (kwatakyi), pi. a- . 
valo(u)r, n. nnam, mmaninye. 
valuable, a. nea eho ye na, -ewo 

or di bo, ye den. 
value, n. ebo, ano, tiade. 
van, vanguard, n. twafo, 
vandal, n. ohamuni, oseefo, otiri- 

modenfo, pi. a- . 
vanish (away), v. yera, hara, tu 

yera, sen ko, twam', 
vanity, n. abuhude, abubusem, ade- 

bubu; agobunu, adehunu. 
vapour, «. abobo, abubujburuburo, 
variable, a. nea esakra(sakra), - edi 

variance, n. nsakrae ; (fig.) akayo ; 

manso^ atutu; to beat-, yeaka; 

phr. me ne no anya (sc. oko). 

variation, n. nsakrae, adannan, 

nsonocj nsonsonoe. 
\ar\eQB.\eA, speckled, spotted. 
variety, n. aboro. 
various, a. boro (a.), aboro (n.), 

sono, sonsono (v.). 
varnish, n. (ebye) nkaboduru. 
V3getable, n. afumduan, efaii; 

kinds: kurokuro, nkontomm^re. 

vehement, -ly, a. ad. dennen, pi, 

bebere, kese, se, bam. 
vehicle, n. cf. carriage. 
veil, n. nkataanim. 
vein, n. ntini. 

velvet, n. seda, ago ; (yellow) bof ua. 
venerable, a. to be-, nea n'anim 

ye duru or fere, - owo anuonyam, 
venerate, v. bu,, di..fori 
venison, n. banam, bonara. 
venom, n. ebgre, owo-bore. 
ventilate, v.fita, hu; gye mframa 

venture, v. so..fwe, kekare (anim), 

si.. bo ye brb. 
venture, w. abosi, kokosi ; to - at, to 

do for or at a-, to asunsumabo. 
venuS, n. Hellafo odo-nyamewa- 

(din); (a star) owuodi. 
veranda, n. aberannd. 
verb, n. nkasae. 
verbal, a. anom-asera, asem awode 

ano ka. 
verdigris, n. kobere ho nkanare. 
verify, v. foa nsemmoa, bye mu 

den, si, .so dua. 
verily, ad. ampa, nokware. 
verity, n. nokware. 
verse, n. nkyekyem. 
vertex, n. atifi, mpampam. 
very, a. pa, potl, trene; ara. 




very, ad.-much, s§, se biribi, papa, 

dodo, kese, pi, bebere,yiye, kata- 

baiin, kete, pam, biim, butu. 
vessel, n. ade, adee, ^Z. nneema; 

{sMp)&hye,ii, pi. a-, ok6r6,p?. a-. 
vestibule, n. apatam, ntwironoa. 
vex, ?;.hau, guanho, Ak. dwanho, 

gyigye, yi mfefewa ; bo.. so dwae, 

ye dwae, hiahla..h6. 
vexation, n. obau, ahdguaA, amem- 

menemfe, dwaebo, 
vexatious, a.- person, q\iOg\\dJiio, 

ohaufo, pi. a-, mfefewayifo. 
vibrate, v. hinhim, to doiiko, di 

vicar, n. (osofo) adiakyiri, osofowa. 
vice, n. bone, -ye, amumoye, a- 

victim, n. akyere, pi. n- ; [sacrifice) 

victor, n. iikonimdifo. 
victorious, a. tohe-\ of. victory. 
y'xcXQV^^n.nkoniva^phr. his- turned 

defeat, nk. abira ne nkogu; to 

gain the-, di(nk6)uim, kum or 

pam or yi dom, fa. .so. 
vie, V. tumi obi; § 203, Rem.; di 

view, V. fwe; hu. 
view, n. ofwe, adefwe; {fig.) nea 

obi susu brb. bo ; iibumu. 
vigilant, a.tohe-, nea owen, -n'a- 

ni wo neho so, -osi pe. 

vigorous, a. kanwe, nea nebo pi- 

rimm;-^ersow,ob6odenfo,^Z a-. 
vigour, n. abooden, tumi, nnam, 

mmarimasem, mmaninye. 
village, n. kiiro, pi. n-, akurowa, 

villain, n. ohuhuni,^/. a- -fo, onipa- 

bubu, - bone, pi. n-, omumoyefo, 

pi. a- . 

vinegar, «. mfiniger. 

vineyard, n. bobeturo(m). 
vintage, ».bobeaba-tSu; -treader, 

vintner, n. nea odi nsa-gua, nsa- 

violence, n. ahoodensem, annoden- 

sem, akokobirisem, akakabAn- 

sem, asennini, ntintimansera. 
violent, a. nea oye keka; okekafo ; 

a -death, opatuwu, awusin; 

-ly, ad. akakabenso, akokoblri- 

s6, aporiso, aberaiiso. 
violin, n. osauku, pi. a- . 
virgin, n. ababd, qhihvih, pl.mra- . 
virginity, «.mmababere;(^5r.)mudi. 
virtue, n. mmaninyo, abaninsem. 
visage, n. anim. 
visible, a. nea wobu, -ani tua; 

kurenn ; phr. the hills are -, 

mmepo gyinae k. 
yisit, V. fwe, befwe, kofwe..anim. 
visitor, n. osrasrafo, pi. a- . 




vivid, a. wewe, kamkam. 

VOCab I e , ». asemf ua, ;p?. nsem-nsem . 

vocabulary, n. okasa mu nsemfua 

mmoa-ano; nsem-mmoa-ano. 
vocation, w. ofre, dwuraadi, ay6de 

(a ye wo ye). 

voice, n. ene, nne ; loud-, ene kese. 
void, a. hunu; {level, Ojpew)pata. 
volcano, n. ogyabepg. 
volley, V. tran; -, n. {inf.) otran 

or a-; the first-, asapokan. 
Volta, pr. n. of river, Firau. 
volume, w. nhomapo, nh. mmoboe. 
volunteer, n. ali6fama(som)fo. 
vomit, V. fe; inclination to-, abo- 

fono, (ne) yam fontaii (no). 
voracious, a. nea odi fa, - ope or 

-oye adifude, -ontwen ne nsa, 

-oye amim. 

voracity, w.adidifumm; adifudepe. 

vote, n. opau ; -, V. pan, de ntonto -. 

voucher, w.adanse-nhoma, mraati- 

VOW, V. bye bo, bye ase. 
VOW, W.aboade, nhyease, bobye(de). 
voyage, n. akwantu; {sea-) poso 
akw., nsuanifa. 

vulgar, a. nea eye ahamusera or 
adese ; -fraction, mmubui pa. 

vulture, w.opete,^/. a-; Jj/-wames: 
akrampa, kokosakyi, oborebin, 


Wad, n. saff ; {milit.) otosau, sapo. 

wadding, n. asawa-mfuturu. 

wag, V. him, binbim, woso. 

wage, v. so..fwe; (&e^)kyia ; (under- 
take) si., bo. 

wage, w. awowa; pi. akatua, apa- 
bode, asranne, afrihyiade. 

wager, n. nkyia; to lay a-, kyia. 

waggle, v. to ntintan, binbim. 

waggon, n. teaseenam, ^Z. n-. 

waggoner, n. teaseenam-kafo ; 
( Ursa Major, the Greater Bear) 

waif, w. abiatu; odwen; nea enni 

wail, V, su, twa (agya)dwo, be kwa- 

waist, n. asenmu. [dwom. 

wait, V. twen, fwe okwan, wen; 

- long, kye ; {to lurk) ten, bu ; 
-at table, di abo, som. 

waiter, n. abofra, pi. mm-, oboni, 
pi. a- -fo, osomfo, pi. a- . 

wake, waken, v. ani so da ho, si 

pe; nyan, kanyan. 
wake, n. pesl. 

wakefulness, n. ani a eso da ho, 

ani a enkum ; pesi. 
walk, «. nam, nante, fa; tu mpase; 
{stroll about) nantenante, due- 
due ; -affectedly, dgfi, kyea; 

- after, di..akyi(ri); - along, ^qtq 
(abonten), nam ano-ano; {in a 




river) tu asuasu ; - around, twa 
ho hyia ; - backward, san or pini 
n'akyi ; - before, di anim, di kan ; 
- haughtily, toto abamkon ; - over, 
fa so ; - in procession, -wvl ; wo wu 
no ; -proudly, kyea, di nkwan- 
kwasem, ye. .ho mmerantede. 

walk,M. onante, okwan, okwamfe- 
rene ; {fig^ bara, abarabo, amam- 
mu ; to take a -, kopase, pasepase, 
ko apase ; nennam ; gye mframa, 
-mfare; -ing-staff, poma. 

wall, n. gfasu,^Z. a- ; mud-, faban, 
pi. a- . 

wallow, V. yantam; tene, twe..h6 

wander, v. uante, tu kwan, dom', 
dodom' ; -about, kyin(kyini), 
nantenante, duedue. 

wandering, w.akwantu ;(^^.) ofom, 
mfomso; -of mind, anisotere. 

want, V. fwefwe, pe, gye ; he -s, is 
-iw^, ehia no..,aka no brb,,onni.., 
..hohiano; hehasallhe-s,neho 
hyia neho ; it is -ed, eho hia (se). 

want, n. ohia, okom ; he is in-, odi 
hia, ahia no ; cf. he wants; -of 
breath, ahome(mu)te. 

wanton, a. to be-, bo ahofwi; 
-person, ohofwini, pi. a--fo. 

wantonness, n. ahofwi(bo). 

nnonkoe; -chief, osahene, osafo- 
hene,odominanin; -cry, os6(bo); 
-dance, asrayere(di), mmomorae- 

(t\^e); -fare, akodi, osadi; to 
prepare-, ye or noa sa; trouble- 
some-, oberedom. 

War,w.k6, tuorkosa,di dom,-ak6; 
phr. they wage - on him, wotu 
no so sa, 

ward {off),v.{-ablow)gye, sou ano. 

ware, n. -s, pi. ade, aguade ; ade- 
tonne ; earthen ware, nkuku n§ 
nkaka; warehouse, shop, a.&aise. 

warlike, a. nea n'ani wo oko so, 
-gye apeko, -oye ankoanna. 

warm, a. ohy e(u), hyguhy eu, hyere- 
hyere; to be-, ho huru; -, v.ka 
bye, ho gya ; - one's self, {by fire) 
to gya ; (by sun) to awia. 

warn, t;.bo..koko, yi..apra; fore-, 
yi asitiu ; phr. he secretly -s me, 
otia me nan so. 

Warner, n. kgkobofo, aprayifo, a- 

warning, 72. kgkgbg, aprayi, asitiu ; 
phr. he takes the-, gde ye n'aso 
so ade or asem. 


warrant, n. mmatito-nhoma, gkye- 

re-nhoma, gkyere-kwanma nh. 
warrant, v. si to so, di agyinam 

or abaso. 
warrior, n. okofo, pi. a-, okofoni, 


gsabarima, gdommarima,^Z. nn-. 
wash, V. {the whole body) guare; 




horo, hoho (nsa, nan, anim, anoin), 
hohoro (mu, kuruwa mu, tirim-) ; 
-clothes, horo or si or posa nta- 
ie,',- with seawater, soap, 
lemons, guare po, samina, anka ; 
-ing, atamasi, adehoro. 

wash-basin, -pot, w. oguasen. 

washer, -waw,- woman, M.otama- 
horofo, gtamasifo, pi. a- . 

wash-room, W.aguaredari,aguaree. 

wasp, n. kotokurodii, agyennare, 
mpenn^ (apemneada). 

waste V. see, fwere, ye dwereb6, 
franam ; to be -d, son *gu, fori ; 
- place, nkyerekyera(so) ; asase- 
fo, amamfo, akurofo. 

wastefulness, «. asikasee, adesee. 

watch, V. wen, sra, fwe, bti; (sit 
up at night) si pe. 

watch, n. owen, pesi; -tower, a- 
wene; pocket-, kotokudoii, a- 
nyansadon; -^OMSe,owemfo dan. 

watch-maw, n. owemfo, pi. a-; 
-word, osanebene. 

water, n. nsu ; (river) asu; (urine) 
dwenso ; - cold, nsuonwini ; to 
fetch-, kg asii, -nsuom; hot-, 
nsuohye;^oma^e-,gu nsu, dwen- 
so ; - drawer, nsu-safo, - tofo. 

water, v. nsu. 

water-frog, n. apotoro, atwere. 

water-melon, n. anowatere. 

water-pit, n. abura, asubura, nsu- 

water-pox, n. borompet6. 

water-snake, n. osiiwo, pi. a- . 

waterway, n. osukwan. 

watery, a. fosg, fosgfgsg, taka. 

wave, n. gsorgkye, pi. a-; phr.the 
sea is agitated, epo bg as, 

wave, V. him, to; (to beckon) nya- 

waver, «;.hinhim, gyigya; (sto^d^er) 
tg ntintan. 

wax, n. (ewo)fwea, fw^4wa, hoawa. 

way, n. gkwan, gsa; high-, gtem- 
pgn, pi. a-, borgn, pi. mm- ; - be- 
tween houses, nnantam' ; [path) 
akwamma ; somewhere on or in 
the-, middle of the-, gkwanmu, 
ak wantemfi ; - side, gk wanky en ; 
to lose the -, yera, Ak. hara, to or 
fom kwaii ; to make a -, yi or bg 
kwan; twa sa; a bad-, akwam- 
f 6 ; a good-, nkwammge. 

waylay, u. teu, bu; (spy) sra; 
- behind a tree, te(u) dua ; - on 
the wayside, te(u) kwankyen. 

we, pron. yen, ye..; § 58. 

weak, -ly, a. ad. mmere, bereo, 
bete, betebete, bgkg, bgkgbgkg, 
borgkg, borggg, gorg, dafudufu, 
fefa, f^tefete, hodwo, hodwobo- 
dwo, horghorg, na , nS', nyamo, 
siarao; posoposo, kgsgkgsg ; to be, 
grow-, go, hodwo, guro. 

weaken, v. go(mu), hodwo; (out 




of joint) guro ; phr. his arms are 
- ed, ne nsam ago or ahodwo ; 
this string has ~ ed, hama yi mu 
ago ; the harmattan has caused 
the box to go out of joint, ope 
ama adaka no aguro. 

wealth, w.ade, ahonyade, tamudi. 

wealthy, he-, nya or wo ade, 
nya neho, di tamu ; a- man, ode- 
fo, osikani, ghonyafOjObirempon. 

wearijV.twanufu; -ing, nufutwa. 

weapon, n. akode, dade, nkrante- 

wear, v. hye (atade, a dress; ekye, 
a hat] asepatere, shoes; petea, 
a ring) ; f ura (ntama, calico) ; 
{bears. th. hung up) se (kotoku, 
a bag) ; girded about the loins, 
sTane (afoa, a sword) ; bo (abo- 
tiri, a crown ; aboso, a girdle). 

weariness, n. obere; abaupa. 

weary, a. to be-, bere, pa abau; 

-of waiting, (n')ani bu. 
weary, v. bye bere ; pa abau. 
weasel, n. kokobo. 
weather, n. wim'; ewi. 
weave, v. nwene; -mats, bo or 

nwene kete; inf., akete-nwene. 
weaver, n. o(tama)nwemfo, ^Z.a-. 
weaver's shuttle, w.akorokorowa. 
web,«. {spider^ S-) huhua.ntontan. 
Webster, n. otamanwemfo, pZ. a-. 
wed, w.byia (oyere, ayeforo), ware. 

ayeforo-atade; -ring, awareka; 

-guests, ayeforohyia mma {pi?). 
wedge, n. dame, nname. 
wedlock, n. aware. 
Wedne8day,«."Wakuda ; male per- 
son born on -, Kwaku ; female, 

Akiia; § 41, 4. [pZ. n- . 

wee, n. gfretekwan, akwansimma, 
weed, n. wura, nwura, -dodo. 
weed, V. tu nwura; nwane(aburo 

ase), dou ase (nwura); phr. the 

road has been - ed on both sides, 

aponkokwan no, woanwane no 

week, n. dapen,^?. a-, nnaawotwe. 
weekly, a. dapen mu prek6(pe) or 

da nnaawotwe; -report, dapen- 

weep, V. su, nusu gu no, -tere no ; 

-for, su, gyam obi. 
weft, n. {of hair) piia, pi. m-; nta- 

kua; si p.; sawerepua. 
weigh, w.kari; to..ano; so(ne)duru 

fwe; -anchor, tu sekye. 
weighing-wac^iwe, n. nkaripon. 
weight, n. nkarii, (ne)duru; obo, 

pi. a-, abrammo. 
wei g hty, a. nea (wokari a) eye duru 

or etwe, duruduru ; {fig.) asem 

a emu ye den. 

weird, «. suman, -ne,pZ. a-; {fate) 
anyankonne, nkarabea. 




welcome, v. kyia, gye torn' ; {be) - ! 
inf., aba(6)! akwaba(6)! 

welfare, w. yiyedi, asiye\' of the 
people, oman-nnyina. 

well, a. ad. int. yiye ; papa ; ampa ; 
yiu, Ak. yie, wie, ayo! to be-, 
ho ye, (ho) te yiye (p6se) ; bereo ; 
to be- again, ho asan, ho ato(no), 
ho aye(no) den, (ne)yare agyae 
or asS ; well done ! aye or woaye 
(no) yiye ! mo ! woaye ade ! 

well, n. abura, asubura, nsuti, nsu- 
aniwa ; mmasii. [pq(u). 

well-bred, - mannered, a. nea wa- 

wench, n. obeawa; afana; mpana, 

Wentletrap, W. nkyimi-trapoe. 

west, n. (- erly, -em, -ward, a.) 

atifi, atoe(fam). 
wet, a. fononono, fokye, foso; to 

be {very)-, fou (doto, doto, ta- 

ka, toko); -, v. fou brb. 
whale, n. bonsu. 
what, pron. den, eden? Ak. sen? 

deeben? eden ade? ..ben? nea, 

dea, dekode a..; § 60, 2; -ever, 

biribiara a.. . 
wheat, n awi; -en bread, pan6, 

wheel, n. teaseenam-nan, nkyimi, 

ntwahonan; -barroio, kudO; 

-work, nkyimfiri; -wright, nte- 

aseenam-yefo ; -, v. twa neho. 

when, conj. ebere a.., da ko a..; 

-ever, da biara a.. . 
whence, ad. fi he? 
where, «^. ehe, Ak. ehene? nea or 

dea.. ho ; § 65 ; - as, esiane se or 

efi se...nti; § 275; -fore, ad. 

eden, -nti(a)? nea enti. 
whet, V. se(u) or bo ano ; - stone, 

whether, conj. se; -..or, se.ana- 

se.., ..0, .5; -he comes or not, 

oba 6, omma o. [8 65. 

which, pron.h&hl nea g..,nea e.. ; 
whii e, n. here ; a good -{ago), akye ; 

for a-, for some-, aye or akye 

kakra, a -after, ekyee kakra 

no.. . 
whinny, v. bo mmoii. 
whip, n. aba, mpire, aponkgba, 

sikafere, twom. 
whip, V. ka..rama, -mpire, -twom. 
whirl, V. di kyiiihyia, -atwasi; 

- ing dust, atwasi tutu. 
whirligig, n. {toy) okowa, akowa. 
whirlwind, n. atwasiframa, kyin- 

whiskers, n. pi. bogyeseputu. 
whisky, n. mmorosa bi. 
whisper, v. tu or tutu asu. 
whist, «.nh6raa(to); -, ?;. tonhoraa. 
whistle, v. bo fwirema, hyeii boto- 

wa, - atenteben. 
white, a. fiifu, fita, furuban, hyfenn ; 




verif -, (hoa) fitafita, fufufufufita ; 

- ants, mfote(e) ; - clai/, h jire ; 
-He, ohiatoro; -man, Oburoni, 
pi. A- -fo ; to become -, hoa, sereri. 

whiten, V. hoa (ho). 
whiteness, «. fita, fiifu, hoa(e). 
Whitewash,t;.sra ho hyireor akado. 

whitish, a. fufu; to grow-, hoa, 

whither, ad.ehe? ehefa? nea..ho; 

§60, 3; 61,1. " 
whitlow, n. nsa ho keka(ii). 
WhIt-IVIonday, n. Honhom Krcn- 

kroii fwieguda akyiri Dwoda. 
who, pron. eheua, Ak. hwana, ho- 

na? pi. ehenanom? ehefo? nea 

o..; § 60, 1; 61,1-3? 
whole, a.emu; ne nhina, nka-nhina ; 

to be-, di mu; -/^, ad. kora, pe. 
whoop, V. teem, -di..akyij huro. 
whore, n. aguaman, obaguaman; 

-, V. bo aguaman, twe mpana ; 

- dom, aguamammo ; - monger, 
oguamammofo ; price of a -, a- 

. pede, mmapede. 
whore, v. bo aguaman; twe mpana. 
whose, pron. hena (hwana) de? 

nea ne.. . 
why, ad. eden? Ak. deeben, deen, 

sen; eden ntia?nea enti; §60,2.5. 
wicl<, n. (kanea) ntama ; -yarn, k. 

wicked, a. bone; to be-, muo, ye 

bone, di asemmone. 

wicl(edneSS, n. bone, abonefosem, 

wicker, a. nea woanwene no (se 

aser^ne) ; 

-basket, n kenten, kyerenkye. 

Wi cket, n. berapae. abobo ; oponwa, 
op. teatea. 

wide, a. baya, bayabaya, tfetere, 
teteret^, htthara, haharah^; to be 
or become-, (emu) tere. 

widen, v. tere mu. 

widow, - er, n. okunafo (ok. bea, 
ok. barima, or: oba-kunafo, o- 
barima-k.) ; a - married by right 
of inheritance, kunaba ; ofa no k. 

widowhood, n. kuna, kunaye. 

width, W.(',n'atwem'. 

wife, n. oyere, Ak. oye, pi. -nom; 
fellow-, okorafo, k6ra,p?.a--fo. 

wild, a. keka, kitikiti, kramakra- 
ma, krann; to be-, gyimi, ani 
here, ani ye bye, - ye dennennen, 
ani ye kramakrama, -do nkran ; 
-beast, ahaboa; -boar, batafo, 
kokote ; - dog, odompo, hatwea, 
odemerefua; (yacA;aZ)sakraman; 
-fig, odgraa; -horse, saresopon- 
ko ; -man, person, okekafo, pi. 
a-, ohamuni, pi. a--fo, n'asem 
ahamsem; -yam, ahabayere. 

sarem', sareso, nhweaso, epauso 
or apaso, sare pradadada, sare 
pata ; {dry land) nkyerekyerewa 
(..kyera) ; {dense forest) wuram, 




kwae, kwae berentu ; (bush) e- 
ham', ahaban, ababam. 

wildneSS, n. keka, anibere, anuo- 

will, V. pe, fwe, fwefwe; -, n. ope, 

nea wope; last-, samanse. 
willingly, ad. ope-so, ayamyi-so; 

to do s. tJi.-, yi ne yam (fita, 

pefe, kronkron) ye brb. 
win, V. nya, fa, - so ; (milit.) di nko- 

nim \-over, dada, tu..as6 ; di mmoa. 
wind, n. mframa, mfare. 
wind, V. {blow) bu, byen (aben); 

(twist) bare, bebare ho, fefabo: 

bg, bobou; (turn) dan, dannan. 
windings, n. pi. nkyinkyimii; 

-stairs, Bkyimi, atrapce. 
windlass, n. (afiri a wode ma ade 

so), okukuruboo, okukuruaotu- 

mi ; (fiff.) akoaban. 
window, n. mfensere, tokuru ; 

-frame, aponnua, Ak. aponnwa; 

-5'/ass,-^awe,mfeusere afwefwe. 
wine, n. nsa, bobesa. 
wing, n. ntaban; nkyenrau; {milit.) 

(edom bi) nifa or benkura, niia- 

wase; -ed creature, atakaraboa, 

atuboa, pi. n-. 

wink, v.- at, bu..aiu ;(^^.)bu or ka 
ani gu so ; -^eu. n, 3o. 

wink, n. aniwabubu. 

winn'^w, v. ha. .so, peso. 

winter, n. awobere. 

Wipe, V. pa, popa, pra, prapra, twu, 

twi, twitwi; siam, 
wire, n. utwee, hama (kobere, a- 

wowa or dade ntw.). 
wire, V. soma or ka hama. 
wisdom, n. nyansa, nimdee. 
wise, a. to be-, nim nyansa, hu 

nimdee ; ani t6u, - da ho, - ka ase ; 

-person, onyansafo, onimdefo. 
wish, V. pe, fwefwe; fwe. 
wish, n. ope, nea obi pe or fwefwe. 
wit, n. asenkwa, pi. n- . 
witch, n. bayi, ay6n, baninyen, o- 

bayen, obayifo; obonsam. 

witchcraft, n. bayi, abayide, aba- 
yigoru, abayisem. 

^\i\\.prp.nh ; nkyen ;-, ^;.de ; § 108. 

withal, ad. nso, bi ; saara; (-, v.) ka 
bo ; cf. phr. in § 237, c : ne ho ye 
fe, ua owg sika ka ho; wogye^ 
wiase tumi kaa ho. 

withdraw, v. yi, twe kg, twe(ne- 
ho); sail ; {go to sleep)'kq, kg- 
da; -secretly, wiawia neho kg. 

wither, v. guan,b6to, kisa, kagyau, 
nyam, twara; to -green leaves, 

withhold, V. sail, siarika, sare ; phr. 
Luke,24,29: wgsaii (siahka) no se: 
tra yen fikyeii ; sleep has heen- 
fr. my eyes, m'ani asare dwe. 


without, prp. ad., n. {out of doors) 




adi, adiwo ; ..ho, akyi, akyiri ; 

without,asa«J.kwati,kwae, gyau, 
nnim', siane; § 117,3 h; 237, c; 
phr. nobody ties a knot -the 
thzimh,ohi nkwati (nkwae.nnyau, 
usTane) kokurobeti mrag po; -me 
you could not have done it, me- 
ho nnim a, anka moanhu yo. 

withstand, v. si(u) ano, -kwaii; 
{oppose) di asi, wau ano. 

witness, n. adanse, - di ; odausefo, 
pi. a- ; false-, adansekrum, adan- 
sewia; odansekrumfo; thou art-, 
wo adanse; he is-, ono ara ad.! 

witness, v. di adanse; take to-, 
hye ad. 

wizard, n. ay6n, obaninyen, oba- 
yen, obayifo, osumanfo, pi. a- . 

woe, 71. eyau, amane, mmusu. 

woe, int. ai ! ai I agy'e ! boboe ! mi- 
rewuol (rainnuelonnue!) §145. 


woman, n. obea, oba, pi. mma, o- 
(ba)basia; a fine-, q\)ihtTQ;-ivith 
child, opemfo, pi. a- ; conceited-, 
coxcomb, obakokonini. 

WOmb,^i.yafunu, avvotwea. Tya, 
wonder, v. ye..uwonwa, ani so ye 
wonder, n. nwonwa, ahobo, nkon- 

ya, anwoiiwade, abadwiride. 
WOO, V. gye aware ; - ing, awaregye. 
wood, n. (forest) wura; kwae, ha, 

ham', ahaban, ahaham; (sub- 
stance of trees) dua; (ftiel) o- 
gya, nnyentia; to go for-, kg 
anyan,-nnyina; -beetle,- fretter, 
-worm, nhunhunii; -chopper, 
-cleaver, nnuapaefo; -cutter, 
nnuatofo, - twafo, -bufo; -cul- 
ver, -dove, -pigeon, aboroma, 
aburuburu; -hen, akokofweree, 
pi. n-, asamante,^Z. n- ; -{s-)man, 
obommofo, pi. a- . 

wool, n. oguanten ho nhwi. 

woollen, a. -cloth, kunta, -tam; 
-cap, k. ky6; - dress, k. atade. 

word, n. asem, asemfua; (speech) 
okasa, ose, kasee, amanee; (mes- 
sages) nkara. 

work, v. ye (ade), ye adwuma, di 
dwuma ; to do- in leisure time, 
di bonno; -/or hire,; mis- 
sionary-, asempatere adwuma; 
-together, di nnoboa. 

work, w. adwuma, - ye, dwuma, - di; 
-done in leisure time, bonno; 
artificial-, ad win, adwinni; 
mosaic-, nseue; vain-, ananse- 

worker, workman, n. odwumaye- 
fo, pi. a-, opani, pi. a- -fo. 

workshop, n. adwinnan, adwuma- 

world, w.ewiase,ewi,wiasefo ; ade, 
ade nhina; life in this-, bara, aba- 
agfiasem , - de ; f^eo^Ze) nn i pa ; the 




nether -, abode of the dead, asa- 
mari ; - ling, wiaseni, pi. wiasefo ; 
-It/ life, wiasetra, wiase amam- 
mui; phr. nnansa yi minhu wi 
yim yiye bio. 
worm, n. osunson, Ak. osonson, 
pi. a-, obannyd; (wood-) aboa 
(sihosiWSi), hhviii}ivLmi-,slimt/ mud 
left by -s, as. piipa; to produce 
-s, do mmoawa; to be -eaten, 
nhunhunii; -wood, awo-nwene, 

worry, v. hau, guan ho ; hye bere. 
worship, V. koto, sore, som, gyau 

worth, n. {value) ebo ; {kindness) 
papa, yiye ; {dignity) nidi, anim- 

worthiness, n. mfataso, animduru, 
papa, mmaninye. 

worthless, a. nea emfra, huhu, hu- 
nu ; he is -, oye nnabraba, otwa 
adabereko ; - fellow, {abusively) 

worthy, a. to be-, se, fata, so ani, 
wo bo ; di ; (edi sa; edi siriu) ; he 
is a -man, ofra {sc. nnipa bi 
mu) ; you are good for nothing, 
womfra ; this th. is quite useless, 
ade yi mfra kora ; a thing -of 
death, cause of d., akunne. 

wound, V. pira, pirapira ; bo..fe, 
bobo afe, 

wound, n. {bleeding) opira, pi. m-, 

ekuru, p/. a-, apirakuru, pi. id.; 
f6, pi. a- ; phr. his - became ul- 
cerous, ne fe no atu; {ulcer) a- 
kisikuru, kokoram ; phr. to heal 
a-, kum or sa kuru; his- has 
collected pus, ne k. ado nsu; 
his- has swelled the skin with 
serum, ne k. ado mpumpunase ; 
his- has become purulent, ne 
k. atu ; his - has become putrid, 
ne k. aporo ; his- has healed, ne 
k. asa or awu; oda akuru van = 
neho nhina atutu ak. ; to be - ed, 
get a-, pira, tu kuru, tutu akuru; 
a person full of -s, opirafo, o- 
kufo, pi. a- . 

wrap, V. bobou (ho), dura (ho), mu- 
num, munim, 

wrapper, wrappage, wrapping, 
nnuraho; {bag) kotoku, boto. 

wrath, n. abufu, abohuru, auibere, 

wrathful, a. obut'ufafo {n.),pl. a- . 

wreath,/^.nhabamma a woakyekye. 

wreath(e), v. kyekye(re), iiwene, 

wreck, v. gu asu. [hyehye. 

wreck, n. hyen-go, - fo. 

wrest, V. kyira, fwim, hotiri; phr. 
-the knife fr. his hand, hotiri 
ne nsam sekan no ! 

wrestle, v. tam, sua ntokwa, ko, 
pere ; si kane, di aguma, di ayen- 
siii; {embrace) tam, fam (obi). 

wrestler, n. okofo, ogumadifo, o- 
kansifo, 2^^- a- • 


wrestling, {inf.) kane, aguma, a- 

wretch, n. mmoboroni, pi. -fo ; 

{destined for death) akyere, pi. 

n- ; {villain) ohuhuni, pi. a- -fo, 


wring, v. kyim, kyebau, bakye. 

wrinkle, v. pono, pompono, mon- 

wrinkles, n. pi. mpomponoe, 
wrist, n. bakon. 

writ, n. ahyede, mmara; nkurobo- 
iihoma; 5oZ^-, Anyaraesem (nh.). 

write, V. kyereu (nhoma); kuru- 

writer, n. okyereufo,j?Z. a-. 

writhe, v. kyim, fira, petere ; dan. 

writing, n. nhoma-kyereu ; -desk^ 

kyereupon ; - paper ^ nhoma, kra- 

ta, boronhoma. 

wrong, a. bone; nea enye, -entee, 
- akyea ; [a lie) nea woboa ; 
-judgment, ntenkye; he is-, n'a- 
sem nye de, odi fo. 

wrong, w. bone, amim, mfomso. 
wrong, v. ye bone, di amim. 
wry, a. kontonkye; nea akyea. 


Yacht, w. ehyen, pl.B.-, ahyemma; 
akansi-hyen, agumahyen. 

yam, w. ode, Ak. odee ; kinds : gyau, 
akwako, knikrupa, iikantami, di- 

219 yet 

ka, made.. ; nkani, bayere, kokora, 
pepea; afas^e, afas6kani, afase- 
tnntum, apiika, m^nsa, nkamfo; 
-crop, -harvest, odetu; {first) 
mmotokromd; {second-) mpo ; 
- custom, odwira ; -planting, q- 
defua; to plant-, fua od6. 
Yankee, n. Amerikani, pi. -fo. 
yard, n. {court) adiwo, abannua ; 
{a measure) abasamfa ; {anat.) 
man's-, obarima, kote. 

yarn, u. asawa (a woato). 
yawn, v. yeram, Ak. haram ; emu 
bae ; te ano baya. 

yaws, n. pi. gyato ; sick of the -, 

ogyatofo, pi. a- . 
ye, pron. mo, Ak. horn. 
yea, ad. yiu, wie, ampa ; mpo, m- 

mom; §134, 3 b. 
year, n. afe, afrihyia, pi. m- . 
yearn, v. (ne)yam hyehye(no) ; {to 

long for) fe, ani gyina obi. 
yell, V. teem, teeteem, bobom', ke- 

kan mu; -ing, n. nkekau-mu. 
yellow, a. ko, kokg, ankahono, bo- 

fua (oduben), adidisika; to be-, 

bere ankahono. 

yes, int. yiul yie! e! ehe! wi|I 
yesterday, ad. nnera (=: ene da ; 
nnara, nnora) ; the day before -, 
nne nnansa or nnansa ne nne. 

yet, a^.cow^., ■«. da so; ^IQl ',phr. 
oda so (gko so, otoa so) ye; ad. 




kyenkyenara,ara;^/tr.ose,kyen- youth, n. (time of-) mmofraase, 

kyenara obeye; nor-, nkantom'; 
not-, V. nnya with neg. v. ; cf 
§ 107, 14 ; 230 ; phr. Jiehas not- 
done, onnya nyee; I have not- 
arrived there, minnya minmiii 
ho e. 

yleld,t?.yi,ina,yi-,pene, raaokwan. 

mmerantebere, mmababere, mme- 
re ; [young child) abofra, okwa- 
da, pi. n-; {lad) aberante(wa), 
akwankwa ; (lass) obaburi, pi. 
mm- ; [young people) mmofra, 
mmerante, mmaba. 
youthful, a. (onipamono) kanwS. 

yoke, n. kondua ; also fig; (a- o/l youthfulness, n. mmeranteye, be- 

oxen) mpamho. reye. 

yolk, n. (nkesuam') kokrgboto. 2J, 

yQYi^yond,yonder, no, eho no, 

..noho, nohoa, Ak. doha, agya or 

anim noho; § 127. rgo. 

yore, of-, ad. tete, - nterede, - here 
you. pron. mo, Ak. horn; § 53. 

young, a. .iovo\{cpdd. with nouns: 
duforo, a- tree; gyataforo, a- 
lion); oba, pi. mma, abofra, ku- 
ma ; - child, abotafowa,^/. mm-, 
akokoa, okwada, pi. n- ; -people, 
mmofra, nnemma; -man, abe- 
rante, pi. mm-, ak wankw^, jpZ. n-; 

Zeal, n. anibere; mmoden, -bo, a- 
nimia^ nketekrikye ; (si iik.). 

zesMul, zealous, a. to be-, bo mmo- 
den, ye nsi, -anem, mia n'ani. 

zealot, n. oniberefo, mmodenbofo. 

zenith, u. atifl (osoro). 

zephyr, n. ahum or mframa bo- 
ko (bi). 

zigzag, a. n. apompono, nea konto- 

Zink, n. sanya. [kontoii. 

ZOnO; n. nhimaho-bea, -dantaban. 
woman, ababd, pi. mm-; -esif I ZOOgrapher,w.mmoadomah6nsen- 
child, apopayam, okaakylre; [ kyereufo. 

ZOOlatry,w.mmoadoma ho nyame- 

zoologist, 71. mmoadoma ho nyan- 
safo or kyerekyerefo. 

zoology, w. mmoadoma ho nimdee. 

[first child) oposie, Ak. opiesie 
your, mo, Ak. horn; §55.59; 
-8, mo de, -dea, Ak. hom dee; 
-selves, moara, moankasa; ohj 

. mo ho. 

• <S> O * 3 i> — 


Remarks. 1. The sign + is put before meanings or phrases 
added to those already contained in this Dictionary, if the addi- 
tion be not evident otherwise. 

2. The sign X is, generally in parenthesis, put before or 
after words which are to be expunged. 

3. In the single articles the line to which an addition (or 
correction) refers, is counted from that of the leading word 
e. g. fish, V. 1. 3. 

4. For the explanation of the abbreviations used for the 
references, see the list at the end of the Introduction. 


Abasement, n.fig. abotu, abaupa; 

abashment, w. aniwu, anito; ani- 

wuhye, animguase. 
aberration, n. ntereho, mfereho, 

nsianeho; owae; -of intellect^ 

odam, gye. 
abjective, a. nea esee bara-pa. 
abrogation, n. mmara-tue. 
absolute, a. l. 4. + obi nka no a- 


abuse, v. l. 2. inf. oyau. 
abusive, a. to be-, nea oyau, -odi- 
di atem; nea osee ade kwa. 

accommodation, n. a) (asetra mu) 

mfatae, nea ema onipa ho ba no or 

sepe no; b) odan mu nneema pa. 
accusation, n. false-, + owetare. 
accuse, v. + we tare obi. 
acidify, v. nyan, kau, pae. 
acre, n. asase, pi. nsase, afu, pi. m- ; 

(square measure) asase susu- 

bea bi. 
acrobat, n. hama so saufo. 
addictedneSS, n. brb.ho akonno; 

esu, nea aye obi su. 
adieu, ad.{to bid- at parting) rae- 

ko maba, rainnyau w^ase:repli/; 

nanteyiye o I nkyer' 5 ! nkyere 

ba o! 


admission, n. okwan(ma); nnye- 
tom, nnyehyem'. 

adulate, v. defedefe, bo adafa. 


affiance, n. aware-gye, -ma. 

affinity, w.abusua,-ban,nton,ntgro. 

affirmative, a. nea woagye pene, 
- woapene or woasi so dua. 

afloat, + ci. ad. 

afterbirth, n. etam. 

alert, a. to he or to stand on the -, 
wen brb., fwe (ne) ho so. 

allay, ^.ta.. bo, dwudwo; kumkom, 

allocution, n. asenka. 

alternately, + ad. 

alum, n. abereduru ; -, v. bere (sika 
n. a.) ho, bye (..aduru). 

alumniate, n. adesua-bere, okyere- 
suafi mu bere (a obi tra mu). 

alumnus, pi. i, n. osxmni, pi. a.- -fo. 
ambassador, n. + okyeame,^?. a-. 
amenable, a. a)neawode..h6 asem 
bisa no; b) nea osom. 

anabaptise, v. san bo..asu (bio). 

animosity, n. + Qtan. 

annoyance, n. ohau, abufuyi, abo- 
annuity, n. afrihyiade. [huru. 
appendix, n. + ntaremu. 
as, conj. 1. 4. -for me, to or ka 

me iiko a; + -far-, ..bepera, 


222 bac 

ashamed, + a. to be- 

asic, V. + phr. he asTcs of what 
family he is or he woos her, o- 
bisa n'ase ; he asks for an ex- 
planation, obisa no ase. 

assault, n. ntua ; {fig) oyau, mpoa- 

assault, t>. tua (obi or brb.); (-with 
abuse or blows) tosi, ; (fig.) yau, 

assizes,, w.;pZ. asenni ; bere a atem- 
niufo tra ase. 

assume, v. + phr. to- modest 
words, ye n'ano berebere. 

astride, ad. + to stand-, bae ne 
nan mu gyina (fako). 

astute, a. + to be-, ..ho ben. 

asylum, n. + (hospital) ayarefo-fi 
or -dan ; lunatic or insane -, a- 
gyefo- or dagyefo-fi, abodamfo- 
dan ; orphan -, nyisS- or nwisa- 

await, V. + fwe anim. [dan. 


B. A., abbr. = Bachelor of Arts, 

(dibea mmaran bi). 
back, be or to come - (again), 

sail ba (bio); to go-, san (ko); 

to push-, sura, sum..kyene; to 

take- a spoken ivord, san. 
backward, a. to be - in one's duty, 

to(to) (n')adwuma ase, to..apo 





bad, a. - cJmracter, su-bone ; -con- 
duct, abarabo bone, barakye; 
that is too-, eyi de, enye kora; 
tilings are- with him, n'asem 
redan or resi (no) bone. 

bag, n. post-, amauae- or adema- 

bail, n. agyinam. 

bail, V. di agyinam ma obi (se o- 

bald, a. fig. kwati, kwatikwati, 
kwawo, pata; to make or to he- 
come-, pa; {said of leaves) po; 
phr. his head is -, ne ti apa ; a 
sickness has caused his head to 
become-, oyare bi apa ne ti •, this 
tree is - or leafless, dua yi apo, 
nnua no apopo ; dua no ho or so 
(ye) kwati or pata. 

ball, ^. {an entertainment of dan- 
cing) asa(u) , asaufo-nbyiam ; to 
hegin a dance, tutu asa(u). 

balloon, n. + atufa-hyen. 

banana, n. + -stalk, bakua, kwa' 

ban, n. {interdict) otu-mmara; 

{curse) nnuabo ; nbyira. 
banns, n. pi. aware so bo or pae. 

band-master, n. atente-kyerefo, 
odwonkyerefo, pi. nnw- . 

baptise, v. bo..asu; sore obi. 

baptist, n. osuboni, pi. a--fo; a) 
one who administers haptism 
{esp. applied to John, the fore- 

runner of Christ) ; b) an ana- 
bareness, n. adagya(u), kwati- or 
pata-ye ; {fig.) ohia. 

barn, n. + -for storing ^am, putu. 

bar-room, n. asanom-bea; ahoho- 

barterer, n. obatani, pi. a- -fo, nse- 

basin, n. + {a dock) hyen-gyina- 

bea; {-in a channel) hyen-man- 

basket, n. -f -of palm-branches, 

obede, pi. a- ; kinds : ahagya, 

akyemraede, akwapemmede. 

bSiSX- fibre, n. baha, (mposae). 
bathe, «;. guare ; to- with sea-water, 

guare po; -iclth soap, g. sami- 

na ; -withhotivater, g. nsuohye. 
bauble, &aw5Ze,?«.(inmofra)agode; 

(^^.) biribiwa, kakra; ogyimfo. 
bawler, n. a) owenafo; b) dawuru- 

be, V. + if thai -so, se eyi te sa 

(de) a.. . 
bear,u^O -far,{ofagun)'kq akyiri. 
becoming, a. nea eko obi yiye, 

- efata obi. 

bed-clothes, n. pi. mpa or nnae 

so ntama. 
bee, n. + As, owowa, pi. n- . 
beefsteak, n. nantwinam-tra. 
beef-tea, n. enam-mu-nsu. 




belfry, n. + (tower) abantenten ; 

awene; ntua-aban. 
bell, n. + fetish-, nna; -stool 

{only allowed to certain Chiefs), 

belly-<2c/ie, n. ayamkeka. 
bench, n. {jur.) asennifo or atem- 

mufo (nhyiam); to sit on the-, 

(wore)di asem. 

benight, v. duru sum; ye tumm; 
(fig.) ..adwene duru sum, 

benignant, a. to be-, yam ye, ye 
nido ; said of climate, (eha mfra- 
ma) ye ma (me) or ye (me) yiye. 

berg, iceberg, n. (x of ice). 

berth, n. a) nea hyen (ko) ta so ; 
h) cabin -, hyeu-mpatea or nnae ; 
(fig.) dibea, adwuma. 

bet, V. + As. to nsa. 
betroth, v. si siyere, si asiwa, 
betrothed, w. + As. asiwa. 
bewail, n. 1. 2. + bo bena, twa 

Bible, n. Kyereu Kronkron or 
Anyamesem-nboma-mu; the Old 
Testament, Apannedau; the New 
Test., Apamfoforo. 
bid, V. to- the time, ma akye, ma 
adwo; kyia; to- defiance, twa.. 
poa, ye mpi. 

bit, n. + a-, kakrabi ; not a-, fwe- 
fwe ara; stay a-\ gyina ho el 
twen kakra! 

biweekly, a. ad. l) da nnapen a- 
bieii or da dadu-nna-nnan ; 2) 
nnaawotwe mu mperennu or da- 
pen mu mp. 

blacken, v. biri (+ -v.). 

blast, v.-\-to- stones with powder, 

de atuduru pae abo. 
blaspheme, ^. l. 2. dome; + (euph.) 

hyira; Job 2, 9. 
bloom, V. 1. 2. + of coco, yi bomma. 
blossom, n. 1. 2. + mpesee; (of 

coco) bomma. 

blow, n. twere, obo; (fig.) abeu, 
asiane; to inflict a-, to twere, 
(said of men); or ho tw., (said of 
women);A'k.yi twedee(de bo obi). 

boa,M. enin, enini, opantene, pi. a- . 

bother, v. guan..b6, dwane ho, hau; 
dont- me ! nhau me ! nnuan me 
to 1 [ohau. 

bother, n. aho-guan or - dwane, 

bread, n. + bodobodo. 

breath, w. 1. 6. + phr. Ms - is regu- 
lar, ne home si so ; opp., ensi so. 

fo, -adarafo or -hokafo; (X a- 

brighten, «;.hoa, nyinam; (X-,«^.)- 

bully, V. 1. 2. + ye kwasiare; bo 

bulwark, n. l. 2. + pie, ntuaban. 

burial, n. -ground, + samaiipo, 




bush, n. 1. 1. + ahaham. 
busy-body, n ohunahunafo, nea 

ode neho fra obi nsem mu. 
butcher, w. namkumfo; {moham- 

medan-) nankwanseni, pi. -fo. 
butter, n. + As. dagyi. 
by, ad. 1. 2. -a«(^-,nkakra-nkakra: 

= soon, erenkye, eye kakra a.. . 


Cable, V. soma or ka hama 

call, V. 1. 2. + io call at, ba or 
ko..akyi; kyia. 

calumniate, v. -f we tare obi. 

carefulness, n. + ahofweso. 

carnal, a.-\- -person, nea odin'a- 

konno akyi. 
cash-box, n. sika-adaka, apem -. 
Castlgation, n. asotwe, animka. 
catalogue, n. ebo- or ano-kyere 

nhoraa; nhorna-mmoaano. 
catechise, v. bisabisa (nsem). 
causality, causation, n. ase, nea 

ase firi, -ema brb. bae. 

cauterise, v. hye or hyehye anim 
or ani-ani. 

caveat, n. nea wowo ka tia brb. 

champion, n. okofoni, pi. a--fo. 

charge, n. ofwe, -adwuma. 

charmer, w. As. odunseni,^/.a--fo. 

chaste, a. + nea. .ho uni f i or deni . 

cheer, v. a) hye baninha or nku- 
ran; kyekye..were; b) ma aba, 

cheer, n. a) baninha- or nkuran- 
hye; awerekyekye, abodam; b) 
anigye, -huro, osebo. 

chess, n. agoru bi. 

child, n. + okwada, pl.n-, abofra, 
pi. mm- . 

Christmas, w. + buroonya or boro- 

cipher, v. bu, -akonta, bu ano. 
cipher, n. kyereude, pi. n-, akon- 

civil, a. -tear, ofiemanso. 
clasp, V. + fam (obi); -, n. atu. 
clean, a. + aperson not fair but-, 
omumo-wesewa; 0^^., oyiyebiiru. 

clench, v. bobo nnadewa akyi. 

clerical, n. osofo, pi. a- . 

clerk, n. 1. 2. + -of court, aban- 

clog, n. a) epou, pi. a-, dunsin, 

pi. nn- ; Z») akwanside ; c) adesoa, 

pi. nnosoa. 
clyster, v. sa etc. (X clysterize). 
codify, v. boa (mmara horo) ano de 

hye nhoma mu. 
codification, n. mmara mmoaano. 
cogency, n. tumi a wode kanyan 

obi adwene (ma ote ase). 
cold, n. {catarrh) + papiaii. 





collar, n. + abokon, pi. mm-. 
colony, n. 1. 2. + kuro or asase, 
commissioner, w. ^^s^r.-, 1. 3 . + Q- 

mantam bi so difo or panyiii. 

compensation, n. ananmu-hye or 

-si I obutSu. 

complain, v. + ka (n')ahiasem, 
completely, a^.butu,kora,papapa. 

compliment, n. 1. 3. + obo ne mu 

confession, n.lA. + auricular-^ 

asom-boneka; general-^ mpata- 

bom-boneka; private-, bone- 

confine, n. ghye, pi. a-, ano. 
conform, v. se, -so, bo so; raabrb. 

se or bg so (pe). 

congratulate, v. + matirinkwa. 
conjugation, n. iikabom', mraom'. 
conjurer, n. osumanni, pi. a--fo, 

obayifo, pi. a- , 
connection, connexion, n. a) nka- 

bom, iikyekyerebom' ; h) oka (a 

o-n6 no ka), aygnkofa. 
conquest, w.wgako afa..; iikonimdi. 
consecration, n. {of a chapel) a- 

sgredan anobuei; odwira; krofi- 

constrain, v. a) ka..mia; b) hye 

obi; c) kyere.., de. gu afiase. 

contagious, a. ye usan ; ^^7?r. war 
easily complicates others, gko 
ye nsaii. 

contaminate, v. ye or; bin 

contention, n. cf. contest, n. aka- 

mekame, akoko-akoko, atutu. 
contest, «J.«)pere,perep6re,kame; 

h) si kane. 
context, n. ntoatoaso ; nkoakoam, 

contrast, n. abira ; nea ense, 

- eiihyia. 
convocation, W.ofre, nhyia ; guabg. 
convoy,^. bu, fwe ; gya..kwari fwe. 
cookery, w.aduan-noa, - ho nyansa. 
cooler, n. kuruwa (a wgdwo mu 

cooperate, v. bom' ye adwuma. 
cope, V. + pere, bg mmgden; ko. 
copious, a. pi, bebere, dodo, dom- 

aiikaraa; to be-, bu or boro so. 
copulate, ^',toa;(seiC.) wo. 
corkscrew, n. (ntuano)-tudade. 
cultivator, n. okuafo, ^Z.a-; (fiff.) 

cupboard, w. a) gponwa; 5) (aduan) 

cure, n. ayaresa; aduru(ye). 
curry, n. amakoduan(bi). 
curtain, «.+ (mfensere auim) nton- 



Dash, V. + to, hye or 
decade, n. f mfe du, mfrihyiadu. 


decadence, n. osee, poroe, 

decalogue,w.(reZ.)mmara-nsem du. 
decide, v. + bua asem, si (asem) 

declaim, v. be, ka fi tirim. 
defamation, n. owetare, mmotoso, 

din-see, nsopa, ahohorabo. 
defame, v. + we tare obi. 
defective, a. nea eka so bi, -ennu, 

nea ennu ano, -enso. 
defence, n. 1. 2. + nyiano. 
defiance, n. a)mpoatwa; b) anim- 

tiabu ; anuoden. 
defy, V. twa..poa; phr. otwa me 

poa, wotwitwa yen rapoa. 
degrade, v. pem ase, bere..ase. 
delegate^ v. soma, tu or yi bofo. 
delegate, n. osomafo, obofo, pi. a-. 
delivery, n. osan, okye (a wode 'bi 

ho kye no), ogye. 
demand, v. -an addition^ bisa or 

gye ntom'. 

denouncer, n. ofatwafo, pi. a- . 

describe,^. 1.2. -[-kyerekyeremu 

dessert, n. akyiri-aduan. 
destiny, n. + ohyebea, nkarabea. 

determination, n. tirim-bo or -po, 

detract, v. mu, ten. .so. 
diamond, n. -\- odenkyemmoo, a- 


227 dOO 

dictate, v. ka kyereu; {order) hye. 

dictator, n. + katabako. 

diet, n, aduan, akon- or akwan- 

digest, v. wesa, wosa. [hama. 

dilute, V. (de nsu) fra.,mu. 

dirty, a. biriboro. 

disband, v.gya, (nsrafo) kwan, mS ofie. 
discovery, n.\. 1. + aborebude. 
disdain, n. aniwuhye, animtiabu. 
disengaged, a. a) nea ode ne ho; 

h) nea onni brb. yo ; c) nea wo- 

asan or woagu n'aware. 
disinter, v. + As. sa funu. 
dismission, n. opam, otu. 
disobedient, a. -\- -person, seante, 

disregard, n. + animtiabu. 
dispute, n. + anobabae. 

disseminate,!;. + (^^.)tere(asem), 

hye, hyeta. 
distortion, n. 1. 2. + osempim. 
distress, n. 1. 4. + ..ani atu atg ne 

divest, V. worg atade, pa ntaraa. 
divinity, n. Onyame-ye, - su. 
docile, a. 1. 2. -f mmere or hare. 
dog, n. wild-, hatwea, odompo, 

pi. nn- . 
dolphin, n. {shark) twaforobi. 
doom, n. + {fate) hyebea, abara- 






dove, n. + 1. 2. atiirukukUj^Z.n-. 
drizzle, «j, l. 2. + it driszles, osu 

regu or -titi n'awereu mu. 
duty, n. 1. 4. + {tribute) apeato. 
dynasty, n. ahene-ana(to). 
dysentery, n. + bammaho. 

Earnest, a. 4 i^o ^^ in-, eye (no) 

ease, v. l. 3. + to dua kyene. 
edge, v. 1. 1. + tu or bo ano. 
efface, v. + ;fo ie -d, ..ani akum. 
eject, V. + pu; (^wr;* o«<^) tu( 
elaborate, v. (de mmoden or ani- 

mia) ye or di dwuma. 
elegance, n. + oyima; opou. 
elevate, v. + pagya; also fig. 
elude, V. nya kwaii fi mu; kwae, 

kwati, yi akwa. 

embrace, v. + fam (obi). 

embryo, n. + oyem mfiase; {of 
men) mfofaho; {of animals) o- 

emergency, n. a) opue (ba or fi), 

osore ; h) aseiikese, asem a eho hia. 

emotion, n. ayamhyeehyefe, ayam- 
hyehyfe; {rage) abohuru. 

empty, a. bunu, pan, mpan ; esp. 
in cpds., odainpau, an -house; 
nsapan, - hand ; yafumpan, -sto- 
mach ; to he -, da mpan ; paii, m - ; 
ad. phr. their houses are built 

at considerable distances fr. 

each other, won adan sisi p^n 

emulation, n. ofwesua, osuafwe; 

{competition) akansi. 
encounter, «?. 1. 1. + bo ani. 

energy, n. + animia, ahogden. , 
engage, v. l. 3. + to -in fighting, 

bare or bo ani, bore so. 
engrave, v.\. 3. + di..muadwini. 
enjoin, v. hye, bye (asem mu) den ; 

{jud.) bara. 
enjoyment, n. okafwe; anigyede. 

enlargement, n. + {extension) a- 
f^fare; phr. the area of this 
house and of this garden are 
alike, odan yi afefare n6 turo 
yi de se; the circumference of 
this tree will be four feet, dua yi 
afefarem' beye anammon nnan. 

ensnare, v. l. 1. + sua or sum 

(X to) afiri; 1. 2. to hentia. 

entertain, v.\.2.-\- -guests, ye 

or s6m..hoho. 

entice, v. + bo asou. 

entitle, v. ma (ho) kwan or tumi, 

entrap, v. sua or sum (X to) afiri. 
envy, v. ani bere (brb.), tan.. . 
envy, n. -\- anibere. 
epilepsy, n. l. 1. + atotogyaue; 

1, 2. + ahunmu si or ade to 

obi so. 


episcopate, n. a) osofopanyin-di- 
bea ; h) asofo-mpanyintrabe ; c) 

erratum, ^Z.-a,w.(ntintimI-)mfom- 
espOUSe, v. + si siyere. [so. 

essay, v. a) so (brb.) fwe; h) hye- 
bye or kyereu nsem. 

essay, n. a) sofwe; b) gkyereu, 

essayist, n. okyereufo, pi. a-. 
essential, a. nea(ebo)hia, nea wo- 
ye a, ebeye 'ye, akoten, 

estimate, v. 1. 2. + di..fori. 

estimate, n. a) ano-bu, -kyere; 
(brb. ho) nkontabu. 

eternity, n. + l. 2. mmere a ensa 
da, bere-ensa. 

evacuate, v. gyau, sore (babi) ; 
(med.) fa ase, nom afaseduru. 

everlasting, a. nea eto ntwa da, 
-ensa da, -ennyae da, dapem. 

every, a. + -bodi/, obiara; -dai/, 

dabiara ; - tiling, biribiara, ebiara. 

evident, a. nea eho nni asem or 

akyinnye, -eso da ho, -eda adi. 

examination, w.(asuafo) sofwe or 

srafwe; (jud.) abisabisa, emu fe- 
fe or pepe. 

examine,^;. 1. 2. +pepeorfefemu. 

examiner, w.gsofwefo, osrafwefo, 
pi. a- ; {jud) nea ofwefwe or o- 
pepe asem no mu, - odi asem no. 

229 exp 

Excellency, n. amrado or borohene 
or opanyin mmaran (bi). 

excellent, a. 1. 3. a {physically) 
perfect man, onipateh, pl.nxi-. 

exception, n. + nyiyim'; phr. 
without-, ahka anoma. 

excitation, excitement, n. abo; 
burn, abnf uo ; {uproar) ntaneaid- 

exclusion, n. otu or oyi (a wotu 
or woyi obi fi..) mu. 

executioner, n. + pi. a--fo. 
exempli gratia = e. g., ene se... 

exequatur, n. dibea or panyinni 
ho mmatito- or adanse-nhoma. 

exhaust, v. -^tohe- ed, to piti etc. 
exhort, v. 1. 1. (X hye) kyere. 
exhortation, ;i.afotu,kasanyansa. 

exhume, «;. safunu, tu..fiamanam'. 

expect, V. + fwe..anim. As. . .ani da 
kwaii (so); {hear in mind) ..ani 
wo.. so; he is -ing some netcs, 
n'ani ye no kwaumu-kwanmu. 

expectation, n. akwanfwe ; (7?o^e) 

expensive, a. nea ewo or edi bo, 

- ebo wom', nea (ne) bo ye den. 

export, n. 1. 2. + osoton. 
exposition, n. afwee; {explana- 
tion) asekyere. 

express, n. I. 2. + nea woahye da 
asoma no. 


expunge, v. a) popa, twa or sen- 
san mu; b) see, tore ase. 

extend, v. + (to fill a space) fe- 
fare, f of are. 

extreme, n. 1. 5. + edi asensenmu. 


Fable, v. + to anansesem;boaetc. 
fabricate, v. -\- ye brb. ; (to mix 

with water) ye kafekatwo ; (X 

hye kubo). 

fabulist, 71. anansesemtofo , otoro- 

fo, pi. a- . 
faculty, n. + -for languages, o- 

kasasuati ; {officers of a college) 

asuaekese mpanyimfo or akyere- 

fal88,a. + 1.2.-2<'/^wes5,adansewia. 
family,w.l.4. + -prater, otie-asore; 

head of-, abusua-panyin. 
fancy, fantasy, n. a) tirim (adwe- 

ne) ; h) brb. ho do, akonno ; efene. 

far-about, ad. to go-, kwae, man 

babi or kwati kwan ko akyiri- 

farina, n. asikresiam. 
fashion, n. l. 3. + borofo-nsaano. 
fastidious, a. nea (n')anom ye (no) 

de; {fig) nea n'ani nso fwe. 
fastidiousness, n. anomdeu. 
fat, a. 1. 2. + ..ho aba. .ho or ..ho 

aye fofo. 

feather, n. 1. 2. + ..ho rebore. 

230 fin 

ferment, v. + to - cocoa, bu k6k6. 

ferocious, a. 1. 2. nea oye agyigya. 

ferry, n. 1. 2. phr. they put a- 
boat on the river, wokyere rapa- 
ta asuo no so. 

fervency, n. ayamyi; mmgdenbo. 

fervent, a. 1.2. +yi..yam(yebrb.). 

fester, n. akisikuru, pompo, ko- 
koram. [ase. 

fester, v. + (kuru) do mpumpuu- 

fetish, n. 1. 4. -house, obosonnaii. 

fetter, n. dawemfo; -, v. gu daw. 

fever, n. + to get-, atiridii or 
hurae bo obi. 

fib, n. ohia-torg. 

fickle, a. 1. 3. + nea oye fatafata, 
- oye kabiotie. 

fidelity, n. nokwaredi. 

fidget, V. bo or koma pere or tutu 
katirikatiri ; ..utumi ntra fako. 

file, n. + {a series) nboma nhye- 
hyee or mmoa-ano, 

film, n. were hataliata, -tratra. 

find, V. 1. 2. + before ahutu an n. 

finger, n. 7iames of fingers: 
the thumb , kokurobeti ; fore- 
f. , akyerekyerekwan ; middle- 
/., nsateahene; ring-f., ahenni- 
akyiri; little-f., kokobeto; 'phr. 
he replied by an abusive ge- 
sture, kokurobeti da (gya or 
dwa) so; prov. 221, wonkwati 
kokurobeti mmo po. 


finish, v. \. B. n'ano ato, -asi or 
apem ; phr. we have -ed all or 
all is spent, yeagu ne nkyereu 
= yeawie kora. 

firearm, n. otiio, pi. a-. 

fire-engine, n. adumgya-afiri. 
fireside, ?^. a)inuka-ase; odan(mu) 

foDono; b) ofie. 

firman, #. (nkramohene) mmara or 

firmness, n. pintinnye, den a eye. 
first, a 1. 3. -horn, n. +op6sie, 

fish, V. I. 3. to- hy ivicker-hasket, 

si adwokii, -akye. 

fitter, n. osiesiefo, ohyehyefo, a- 

flatten, v. kS, ta so, te-; 

{fig) bere ase. 
flattery, n. adabereko. 
flutter, n. (of birds) oseve ; -, v. sere. 
foetus, n. cf. embryo, n. 
fold, n. sheep-, nnuam-man. 
foment, v. +ka..gya, ho; guare 

fond, a. to be -of, pe (brb. or obi). 
f00l,w.l.3. + otonturoni, pl.a.--fo. 
forerunner, w. odikanfo, pi. a-, nea 

foretaste, v. de..ka..ano, ka..fwe. 
forfeit, V. yera; to kyene. 

281 gas 

forget, v. 1. 4. + eyee me a\v^erefiri. 

forgiveness, n. ofafiri, ofakye, fa- 

fortress, n. abankese, abannennen, 

fortune, n. l. 2. -teller, neaokyere 

senea ebewie obi. 
France, n. Franse-asase. 
freeborn, a. a- person, odehye, 

pi. a-. 
fret, V. 1. 1. + twi or teu ma ehi. 
friar,w.gkokorani,p?. n--fo,okok, 

sereserefo, ntwehoni, pi. -fo. 
frolic, a. to be-, + ..ani gye; 1. 2. 

+ bu afiripata, di ahurusi. 
fructify, v. a) aduan, ma 

ye bebere, ma. .do or fefeu ; b) so 

(aba), ma nnobae. 
function, n. fwe-adwuma. 
fur, n. 1. 2. -f nhoma hutuhutu or 



gage or gauge, v. susu brb. 
gaiety, n. anigye, ahurusidi, a- 

gain, v. fa or + nya so. 
gaiters, w. -{- nantu nbyeho, akye- 

gall, n. -[-{fig.) nitan. 
garrison, n. asrafodau, nsrafofi. 
gasp, V. (me-) home iihome, gu a- 


gen 232 

genealogy, n. + awo-ntoa(toa)so. 
gladsome, a. cf. gay. 

glory, n. + ebere ; phr. king, arise 

in thy glory .., nana, ma wo ho 

here so e! 
glove, n. + 'for working, dotwa, 

adonsa. [bara. 

gluttony, n. (X gluttonness) adi- 
godfather, godmother, n. asubg 

ho dansefo. 
gong, n. odawiiru, pi. nn-, nnawu- 

ta ; fetish-, akonuawuru. 

gormandise, v. (xz). 
%OyeiTX\, himself, hyenehoso. 
government, n. provisional-, nsl- 
ananrau maiisofwe; (X ebinebi), 

graceful, a. cf elegant. 

gratification, n. a) (odom) akye- 
de; b) ode(u), anigye. 

grind, v. to- at s. b., nwen (ne) se 
kyere obi. 

gripe, v. l. 3. + or dwedwe, 
gross, a. a) {bulky) kokfiro, nea 
eso; h) {corp7Uent)ihtovhiq, nea 
oye oberaii ; c) {indelicate) nea 
ompoe, -opu n'ani kyere. 

grovel, v. 1. 1. + twe or pa... 

guess, V. + to asunsumabo. 

guide, n. okwaukyerefo, pi. a-. 

guiltless, a. + phr. he has been 
found-, asem atotore no. 


haberdasher, n. opewadifo, kon- 


hackney, n. oponko or teaseenam 
(a woafem tra so or mu). 

hammock, n.\. 3. -carriers of a 
Chief, asoamfo. 

hand, n. - less, a. nea enni nsa ; 
- less and headless, kiintunsin, 

handicap, n. aponko-akansi. 

handicap, v. sL.kwan, sianka, sare. 

\[2iX\%, V. \.i.-^- the head {fr. grief), 
si n'ani or ne ti ase ; phr. they 
restrain their indignation, wo- 
asi won ti ase or woamiSna te ho 

harbour, n. fig. nkomanoa; hinta- 
bea, guandobea. 

harem, n. mDia(nk6)-fi; ahenyere- 
nom (trabe). 

harmonious, a. nea egyigye (so) 

harmony, n. + nne horo-gyigye. 

harry, v. fo, see. 

harvest, v. to- the first crop of 

yam, pan (ode); the second, tu 

haste, V. -\- ka..nsa, ma.. nan so. 
haughty, a. 4- he is -, oye dwae, 

-mpanyinyo, odi mpanyinsem. 
haven, n + fig. guandobea, hin- 

tabea. [kese. 

havoc, n. (ade)see, od-^iri; okun- 


he-goat, n. + aponkyenini, amp-, 

pi. ra- . 
heinous, a. 1. 2. +bo mmusu. 
here, ad. 1. 1. + Ak. neha, 
heretic, n. gyidiani-danfo, - sakra- 
herOjW. + okokobirifo,^Z. a-. L^^. 
hesitate, v. 1. 3. + As. woro dodo. 
hint, t;. 1. 1. +yi apra, -asitiu. 
hive, n. 4- nnowa-bu. 
H.fH.S. ,abbr.=His(Rer)Majesti/'s 

Service, ohene din or sora (mu). 
honest, a. to be-, 1. 1. + di sen- 

honesty, n. senkwanmudi. 
hoot, V. su dennen, teeteem'; to- 
ut, huro obi, bg..tutu. 
hopeless, a. 1. 3. + nea n'anidaso 

ayera or abo no. 
horsewhip, n. aponkoba. 
humbug, n.d) nkwasea-sem or nk.- 

ade, ogyimi; b) nnada, nsisi. 
humbug, v. bu..kwasea, sisi... 
hymn-booi(, n. nnwom-nhoma. 
hymnoiogy, «.nnwon-horo ho nim- 

dee or nyansa. 

wa, -kya, afu. 
hungry, a. ^o&e-,okomde,.; Jam-, 

okom de me ; said of tabacco, 

meat, water etc., takom, nam- 

kom, osukom de me. 
hypocrisy, n. 1. 2. + dabereko; 

twa d. 

233 Imm 


Ideal, n. a) nea ewie ani so peye; 
b) nfweso-pepe. 

identical, a. cf. same. 

identify, v. + a) ma ese (so) pe, 

hyehye ti or ase bako ase; b) (ne ban) agyirae. 
idler, n. onihafo, pl.a.-, okwadwo- 

fo, pi. a- . 
idol, n. + dua-nipa. 
idolatry, n. ahonisom, abosonsom. 
illegal, a. nea etia mmara, -entee 

or entene. 
illness, n. +As. ofoe. 

..ase or kyerekyere brb. mu. 
imaginary, a. nea ewo..ani so kwa, 

- ewo nsusui nko mu (nanso won- 

hu na enye ampa). 
imagination, n. tirim -nsusui or 

immature, a. ebun, bunu ; said of 

palmnufs, akyenkyen ; in cpds. : 

akutu-bun, an unripe orange; 

{fig.) nea ne mmere nnui e, -aba 

ntem dodo. 
imminence, w.abeu (a erebeu obi), 

asiane, amane (a ereba). 
immoral, a.l.2.+asesam';-^erso??, 

ohofwini, j?Z. a- -fo, afideyefo, o- 

immorality, n. asesasem, ahofwi- 

bo, afideye. 




immovable, «. + nea etim ho, 
-enka neho, esi nea esi; fig., 
nea ogyina n'asera so, nea won- 
nan ani. 

immunity, n. mmara ase kwan a 
obi nya; ahofadi. 

impair, v. see ade, ma brb. see, guro. 
impartial, a. nea onnyina or onkg 

obi n'afa, -obu ntentrene. 


impede, v. si(u) ano or kwan. 
impend, v.\.2.-\- brb. deda akwan, 
(e)ye aba. 

impenetrable, a. a)neawokomu 
a enkg, -wontumi nfwiro mu; 
h)fig., nea woiihu mu or ase da; 
c)^^.,nea wonte-nka(adwenem). 

impenitence, n. adwene a ensakra, 

impenitent, a. nea ompe adwensa- 
kra, -ne koraa asen or apirim. 

imperfect, a. nea ennya nyee, - eka 
so bi, -wgnwie e. 

impertinence, 71. 1. 2. + opo. 

imply, V. pia, ka, kanyan. 
impression, n. ade a wode amiamia 

brb. so ; fig. , nsusuho ',phr. I have 

the- that.., eye me se.. . 
inauguration, n. a) (asoredan) ano- 

buei ; asefi-pa ; b) adwuma or di- 

incapable, a. ..ntumi, ..nsa nso so, 

nni ahooden (de ye brb.) ; - of 

gratitude, nni aye. 
incase, v. fa or de bye (adaka) mu. 

incommodation, n. ohau, aboguan, 

incompetent, a. nni tumi or nni 
ho kwan, nea wganto no mmati. 

incomplete, a. nea wganwie, -eka 
so bi, fa-ne-fa; he left his work-, 
wanye n'ade na ode agyau hg kg. 

inconcealable, a. nea wontumi 
nhinta or nsiu so, -wobinta(a) 
enye 'ye. 

inconsistent, a. 1. 2. + nea onyina 
n'asera so. 

inconsolable, a. a) nea wgkyekye 
ne were a enkyekye, - wontumi 
ntwa ne bo ntg ne yam; b) nea 
onni awerekyekye biara. 

inconvenience, n. cf. incommo- 
incriminate, v. yi (bgne ho) nteu, 

bg nkuro. 
incubate, v. a) butu (nkesua) so ; 

b) so. 
incubator, n. nea obutu (aba) so ; 

afiri a (wgnam abohuru so) de 

so nkesua. 
incur, v. to- debts, bg ka, nya or 

yi ka. 
incurable, a. nea wgsa (a) ensa, 

-aduru (biara) ntumi no bio. 




indebted, a. + to have debts or to 

owe {a debt), de or ma ka. 
indecisive, a. nea onnim neaonye, 

- ontumi nsi ne bo nye fwe, -ode 

fa ha na ode ko ho. 
independent, a. he is-, ode ne ho, 

oso ne kgn or ne kye, odi ne 

ti mu. 
India-rubber, n. aman; bo a. 

indifferent, a. -\-heis-, oye tru 

ho fwe, oye fa wo ani fwe. 

indiscernible, a. nea wonhu (ase, 
mu, so) yiye ; - wope no a won- 
hu no. 

indiscreet, a. a) nea ontumi nhye 
or nfwe neho (so); b) nea ommu 
or omfere obi ; c) nea onkora ne 
tekrema so, - ommua n'ano; - oyi 
(obi) nsem adi. 

indolence, n. aniha, akwadwero. 

indolent, a. nea oye werehunu or a- 
niha, -biribiara nkanyan no. 

indoors, ad. ofie, odan mu, pia-. 

induce, v.-\-\. 1. di..aso;hu; phr. 
what -edyou to do it thus ? wo- 
huu den na wokoyee no se? 

inducer, n. opiafo, okafo. pi. a- . 

inebriate, v. = to make drunk, 

(nsa) bo (nipa). 

ineffective, a. 1. 2. + {light not 

= enna kora or eteft ani or ani 
nna babiara. 
insinuate, v.l. 1. + asom or tirim; 
(X caution, yi apra). 

insolent, a. cf. impertinent. 
institution, n. a)nsiesiei, nseseue, 
nhyehyee; 5) asuafodan. 

intercept, v. to - and stop, 1. 2. 

-f sare. 
interdict, v. bara (brb.). 
interdiction, n. + mmara. 
interested, a. to be-, wo. ho ani- 

gye or koma pa, ahu mu yiye. 

interim, ad. ntam no. 
intermit, «;. gyae(bere kakra), brb. 
gyae na esan ba (bio), ekg na eba. 

international, a. nea efa amansan 

ho ; -exhibition, amansan-afwee. 

interrogation, w. a) abisabisa, pe- 

pe; b) asemmisa, pi. n- . 

introduction, n. + a) okyere e. g. 
de obi kyere obi ; de brb. foforo 
kyere; h) {of a book) iihyenmu. 

invention, n. mmeda-hu, -yo. 
irksome, a,, nea ehye or ema here. 
iron, n. -coin, used by the Akems 

in ancient times, nnade-dworo. 
item, w. asem, ade ; an important-, 

akoten, ahiasem, adetitiri. 

weighty) nesieho] phr. the arrow 

has no power to go far , bemma itinerancy, n. akwantu. 

no ho; what he said has «o i Itinerary, a. nea otukwan,-onam, 

effect, oka asem a, eho se ben j -onenam. 





Jail, n. + euph., kukum, bankua 

jam, n. nnuaba a woahye no asi- 

kere anoa, nnuaba mu nsu mpi- 

ho dede. 
jar, V. woso, brb. abira ; kasa- 

kasa, de..h6 hye (asem bi) ran. 
jargon, v. poto; e. g. op. Date etc. 

jaundice, n. + bereboo yare bi a 

ema woseren or woboa. 
jeer, v. sere obi, si..atwetwe ; buro, fe. 
jeering, n. fedi, ahiyi, ohuro. 
Jew, n. ludani, pi. -fo ; Hebrini, 

pi. -fo. 
jilt, V. + 1. 2. gyau (ne mpana) a- 

kgpe foforo. 

jolly, a. cf. gay. 

journalist, n. nsem-nsemkyereufo, 

journey, v.l.X.-^- tia (ne) nan a- 

kyi, bo aprg. 

journey, n. +1. 1. aprobo. 
judicial, a. nea efa asenni or asen- 

nifo bo, mmara- or aten-so. 
jug, n. + borotoa, ^Z. mm-. 


Knowledge, n. + phr. he went 
without my-, wafi m'akyi ako; 
I cannot do it without your-, 
mintumi minifi wo akyi menye. 

Lack, V. -{■ phr. poverty always 
sticks to one destined to be poor, 
ohia nsar^ da; work never fails 
to present itself, adwumaye n- 
sare or nsa da, 

lackey, n. {esp. of fetishman) a- 
sapate; -, v. di as., di aponkg- 

lament, v. + As. to ayinan. 

lancer, n. peau- or pemetofo, -ku- 

language, n. -\- phr. he has talent 

for -s, gwg kasasuati; obscene-, 

burukasa ; phr. it does^nt agree 

with the idiom of the-, ensi ka- 

sa so. 
lapse, n. + ntereho ; also fig. 
latch, n. apratwom, pi. m- . 
lay-out, n. brb. ho nhyehyee or 

leave, v. + -it[undone)\ maenka! 
lechery, n. akgnng (bone), agua- 

mamrag, aguamaiinoru. 
leer, w. a) anim, -tebea; 5)anikye. 

lees, 71. + to show grief etc. the 
sediment of palmwine (epu) is 
poured out to the grotmd and 
rubbed with 2 fingers, with 
which, then, 2 strokes (asafe) 
are made on the shoulder, nsa- 
fufu ase pgtgpgtg no (epu) a wga- 
fwie agu fam na wgde nsatea 




2 (asafe) poto de twa mmati so ; 

pJir. the strokes {he made on the 

shoulders) have been wiped off, 

asafe a gtwae no apopa. 
legalisation, 7^.(mInara so) mmati- 

to or adanse (nhoma). 
legate, n. obofo, pi. a-, osomafoj 

pi. a- . 
legitimate, a. nea ewg inmara 

(kwan) so, -e-ne mmara nam, 

-aban ahye mu den. 
liable, a. nea wode (brb.) ho asem 

bisa no. 
limit, n. 1. 2. -f reach-, brb. to 

obi atopam. 
limp, v. 1. 2. + si si, pensepense ; 

(X 1. 3. pensep-), 
linen, n. + popo, aweree. 
lioness, n. gyatabere, pi. a-. 
lip-devotion, n. ano-som. 
litigant, a. nea ope asem (adi), ope- 

locality, n. a) odan, pZ. a-; 5) bea, 

beu, bere, da-beu or da-bere, si- 

bere, gyinabea. [fiase. 

lock-up, n. duam', nneduadan, a- 

longsuffering, a. to he-, kye 

fu, to (ne) bo ase kye. 

looseness {of bowels) n. ayambo 
or ayamtii. 

loquacious, a. ano kurokuro, - bire- 
bire, -berebere. 

\Q%%,n.heisata-,a.\\\ii no ahanno. 

luggage, n. (okwantufo) nneema 

or boto. 
lunatic, a. -asylum, dagy^fofi, 
lunacy, n. + dagye. 
luxuriously, ad. kyg, nea eho teu 

fer^mm, -asem biara nni ho. 


Machinist, n. nea onim mfiri ho 

adeyo, mfiriyefo; keteke-so-ni, 

pi. -fo. 
madman^ n. + madwoman, obg- 

damfo etc. 
magazine, n. + {pamphlet) nsem- 

ma-nhoma, nsem-anoboa nh. 

magnificence.w.anuonyam,- haran. 

magnitude, n. a) keseye; b) emu 

mail,\ amanae, -boto, 
majority, n. (won mu) dodo (ara). 
malaria, Ti.atiridii or hurae(bi din). 

man, n. {as a rational being) ode- 
sani, pi. adesa-mma (X a- -fo). 

mandate, W.+ emom, mmara, ahye- 
de; (/«(?.) tumi-ma, mmati-to. 

mania, n. odam, adammo, gye. 

manikin, n. onipawa, pira. 

manor, n. (gpanyin or gdehye n'a- 
kura ase) aban or gdan, 

manual, a. nsa-ano-ade, nea wode 
nsa na eye ; - labour, afumdwu- 
ma, adwinni; {small booK) nho- 


ma(wa) ; - of an organ^ nea nsa- 

tea mia or bobo so 
marginal, a. -note, ano- or nkyen- 

mark, n. \. 1. + suare; pJir. we 

saw many footprints and other 

marks of elephants, yehuu sono 

ananimon nd won suare pi. 
marvellous, a. nea eye dodo, -eye 

fe traso, -eye nwonwa. 
mattress, n. + biiropa, mpikyi. 

M. D., abhr. {Doctor of Medicine), 
oduruyefo (din or mmeran). 

mediate, 'v. -{- di mmou. 

mediation, n. mmou, mpata. 
membership, n. ayonk6fa(di), a- 

safo(bo), fekufbo). 
memento, pi. -S, n. nkae, nea e- 

kae obi. 

memento-mori! kae wiida! 

memorandum, n. nhoma or nkye- 
reu6 (a wode so adwene sisi). 

memorial, n. a) iikae, nkae-ade; 
h) (jud.) nkae-nboma. 

mental, a. nea efa adwene or nsu- 
sui bo ; adwene mu, tirim -. 

mentor, n. okwankyerefo, pi. a-, 
ofotufo, nea obo (obi) nkae. 

miasma, n. pampan or ehua a eye 
nsaii, nsan-parapan. 

misbelief, n. ogye a wonnye nni. 

mischief, n. + asiammone. 

238 mys 

mishap, n. -\- (moral-) asefw-^, a- 

mister, n. owura, pL -nom. 

konniiru. [dwo. 

mitigate, t;., huan so; dwu- 
mitre, n. (osofopanyin) kye, abo- 

mobilisation, w.domanoboa, osaye. 
mobilise, v. + noa or kyere {or 

kyekyere) sa. 

mode, n. gkwan a wonam so ye 
brb., oyesuo. 

moment, n. -\- in a-, afreso, mpo- 

month, n. 1. 1. + obosom, pi. a-. 
monument, n. nkae-bo, -dum. 
money,w.+ {cowries) K\i. serewa ; 

{dollar) dar6; {copper) kapere. 

mother-spot, n. asSmannya. 
motive, n. adwene {or dekode) a 

eka or epia obi ma oye brb. 
mouth, n. + 1. 4, -piece, (nea e- 

hye or etna) ano ; {fig) okyeame, 

okasafo, pi. a- , 
M. S., ahhr. manuscript, n. nsaano- 

nkyereue, nea wode nsa akyereu. 

mummy, n. amukyene. 

myriads, n. pi. {lit. innmnerable 
and countless thousands) gpe- 
huha, opepeha, opepeto. 

misconduct, ?i.barakyeibarabone. | mystify, v. dada, sisi (obi). 




Namesake, M.nea ne din jxh obi de 


neat-handedness, w. nsa-pa (awo- 

de ye brb. a, eye fe ne pepe). 
needful, a. cf. necessary. 
nest, n. + pesu, pi. m- . 

neuter, a. + 1. 2. -gender, nea 
enye onini nye obere. 

neutral, a. nea neho or n'ano nni 
obi asem mu, - onnyina obi afa. 

nipple, n. + torowa. 

nominate, v. a) to. .din ; b) bo (obi) 
din (se ofata dibea bi), ma dibea 
or adwuma. 

noon, n. + owigyinae. 

nose, n. -\- destruction of the-, a- 
fwentu ; he bleeds at the-, opou 
afwene; a noseless person, q- 
fwento. [bye. 

notch, V. + {carp.) pee mu ne hye- 

notlfy, V. ka kyere, pae, ma. .aso rite. 

null, a, ..nni ho, nea fwe {or aho- 
oden) nni mu or ho ; to declare - 
and void,, gu (nimara). 

numerously, ad. l. 1. + biriblri, 


Observatory, n. + awene. 

observe, v. 1. 3. -!- -ing of times, 

obstruction, w.akwansi(u),akwan- 

side, akwansisem. 

obtain, v. - by force, fa..aberansOy 

- aporiso ; (X dwen), 
OCCUltation, n. nsiuso, (X nsiso). 
occupy, «;. 1. 2. + ^e is - ied with 

s. th., ogu so reye. 

ochre, n. l. 2. phr. he rubbed his 
eyebrows with red -, ode nt w. etc. 

onanism, n. boasipem; + to prac- 
tise-, pern boasi; (Xboasipe). 

optative, a. nea ekyere (obi) pe or 
adwene, nea obi fwefwe or pe. 

optic, a. nea efa aniwa or ade- 
fwe ho. 

optics, n. hann {or aniwa) ho kyere 
or nimdee. 

opulence, n. cf. wealth. 
orange, n. 1. 2. -coloured, akutu- 

su, - bono. 
ordain, v. a) bye dibea or adwuma 

mu; b) {eccl) bye (obi) sofo. 

ordinance, n. + emom. 

ornithology, n. nuoma (horo) ho 

nimdee or nyansa. 
orphan, n. + agyanka, pi. nn- . 

ostentatious, a. to he-, nea gye 
abokyere or ahohoahoa. 

outdoors, ad. + aboutenso (enye 

outfit, w. 1. 2. + ayeyede. 
outline, n. mpempenso. 
outrage, n. a) ntintimanim' ; &) 

oyau, nsopa, abohorabo. 


outrage, v. di ntintimansem, di 

asennini ; yau, sopa obi, bo..aho- 
OUtrun, V. +twa..ano. [hora. 

OUtskirt, n. -of town, nkwantia. 
overcharge, tJ.a)kyekyere or soa 

obi adesoatraso ; h) bye hurufera, 

pe..adifude, di..aiiiim. 
overthrow, ^.muntum, dan..butu, 

ka. gu, see. 
OWn,v. + (^oaw«?)hu,pene,paem' 

ka (se..). 


Paddle, v. l. 2. + to beat the water 

with hand and foot, bore asu, 

boro po. 
painless, a. nea enye ya or den, 

-wommere ho. 
pair, n. + {fig) mmoho, mpamho. 
pale, a. to grow-., tu kese. 
pall, n. nkataso; ntama (a wode 

kata funnaka so). 
palm, n. 1. 5. obedwo or antweri- 

be; date-, nkeresia, a-. 
panel, n. nhyehyemu tere. 
pap, n. + tgrowa. 
paraclete, ?^. oboafo,^Z. a-, owere- 

partial, a. ofa-nko, ofane-fa; to 

he-, kyea aseni, kyea (n')as6 bu 

passable, a. a) nea wotumi fa ho 

or mu ; b) nea woye a, ebeye yiye 

kakra, -enwie fe- or de-yo. 

240 pep 

passport, n. akwannya-nboma. 

patent, a. a) ano or eso da ho, nea 
woabue so ; b) nea wonira no gua- 
so, -eda giia. 

patent,w.brb. ne yo ho tumi a one 
nko wg ye ; ..ho kwan a obi nko 

pave, V. seu, ten, teteu, [wQ, 

pavilion, n. mframadan, mfaredan. 

peak, n. bepotifi. 

peal, n. {of bell) gyigye; {noise) 

pedal, n. nantiaso. 
peep at, v. + - with stretched neck, 

bo (ne) nkonten fwe brb. 
peevish, a. nea omunan'anira,-gye 

mpi, -gt6u atua, 
peg, n. dua, pi. nnna. 
pen, V. to- down, kyereu (to hg). 
penal, a. nea ese asotwe; -servi- 
tude, afiaseda; -sum, ramarato- 

de, atenyi. 
penitent, a. he is -, wanu neho, ne 

were aho (ne bgne ho). 
Pentecost, n. Honhom Kronkroii 

perception, n. adwene, nkate. 
percolate, ?^.sgn.. so ;teu..ani,-mu. 
percuss, v. (de aba) poso brb.; bg 

perfect, a. -j- 1. 3. eho nni asem. 
perplex, w.l. 8. also written nnye- 

perspiration, n. + nteresu. 


perspire, v. nteresu or nteresu 

tetere obi. 
peruse, v. (go or dwo n'ani) kan 

iihoma; yiye. 
pestle, n. + oturumma. 
petitioner, n. osereserefo, pi. a-. 
photograph, n. l. 1. +nifonini a 

pipe-tube, n. -i- krammen. 
plunge^ v. a); b) mem, 

do asuko. 
pole, n. -|- 1. 1. kwaennua. 
poll, V. to- branches, sua. 
porcupine, n. -j- otoagyan 
position, n. +1. 1. sibea. 
possible, a. nea etumi or wotumi 

ye, - woye a ebeye yiye. 

posterity, n. asefo. 

potentate, M.ohene,otumfoo, pl.a-. 

pounder, n. + oturumma. 

poyerty-siruck, a. he is-, odi hia, 
ahia no ; phr. he has become -, 
ohia de no etc. [reue. 

preamble, W.nhyenmu, anim-nkye- 

precept, w.ahyede, mmara; okyere, 

prejudge, v. bu (tirim) aten (ansa 
na wowie asem no di), kyea a- 
sem no. 

prejudice, n. ntenkye. 

pretence, n. nkateanim. 


241 qua 

proclamaticn, w. (asem or mmara) 
so bo or pae. 

production, n. cf. product. 

profanation, n. nhuraho, (eho) ft 
gu; mmusubo. 

profession, n. a) (vocation) adwu- 
ma (a obi asua ye) ; b) (declara- 
tion) oka, paemuka. 

proficiency, «.nkosopa; ti-pa, nsa- 
pa, adwempa. 

prominent, a. kgnkronn. 
proper,a.l 2.- colanut, hesekjlm; 

protest, V. (wompene nti wo-) kasa 
protuberant, «. kgnkronn. r^^- 
pulp, n. aduaba mu nam or aduaii. 
purposely, ad. 1. 1. eye no anida- 

ho ; I shall do it-, 4- meyi me 

yam meye. 
putrefaction, n. poroe, osee. 
pygmy, n. plra. 

Quack, V. a) su (se dabodabo) ; b) 

quarantine, n. (ehyen mu) nsan- 

yare-nkabyem'; adaduanan-nka- 

quarrelsome, a. nea ope asem, - 0- 

fwefwe ntgkwa or akasakasa. 
quarterly, a. (da) asram or abosom 

mmiensa or abiesa. 
quartz, n. gbobemma. 



quash, v. pete, bobo, 
querulous, a. nea ota su (gu obi 

quote, V. (obi asem a wo-) ka bo so. 


rafter, n. + framework of a roof, 

rain, n. 1. 3. + the water of a 

heavy-, nsunsuan. 
raise, v. ma so, kukuru; 1. 2. to- 

or breed, yen ; to collect taxes, 

gye or gyigye to. 
ration, n. aduan (a obi bedi or be- 

nya dakoro), aduau-nkyem'. 
reading-bOOi(, n. kenkan-nhoma. 
ready, a. 1. l.phr. they are quarrel- 
some, won nsa ye poripori. 
realm, n. abennf, ahemman. 
rebel, v. twe manso, teu atua, sore 

recite, w. + be ; phr. he knows to- 

songs, onim nnwom be. 
reckless, a.nea gnuwene akyiasem 

ho, - oye aso- or ani-biannaso. 
reclaim, v. a) san fa or gye brb. 

(bio) ; h) ye brb. yiye or siesie bio . 

reclamation, n. okasatia, opene a 
wompene brb. | ogye a obi san 
gye n'ade. 

reconcile, v. -f-di mmou. 
reconciliation, n. mpata, mmou, 

242 rep 

recur, v. a) san, -ba; b) a- 
gua; c) kae (ne tirira), kakae; 

Red-Cross Society, 7i.lit. asendua- 

kg-feku, apirafo- or ayarefwe- 

redeemer, n. agyenkwa, ogyefo. 
redress, «. siesie, seseu; gye, kye- 

kye..were, dwudwo. 
refectory, pi. ies, n. asakese (a 

wodidi ho). 
relief, n. ogye, oboa; ahodwo. 
relieve, v. gye or boa (obi), ma. .ho 

dwo (no). 
reluctance, n. + ani a enso (obi), 

..asem a ensg..ani; nkgmpono. 
reluctantly, ad. nkgmponoso, mfi 


rely, V. -1- 1. 2. (-/or support) gu ; phr. many rely on me for 
support, therefore I do not come 
to rest, nnipa pi gu me so nti, 

remand, v. san (fre or soma) obi; 
{jud.) sail obi (kg afiase). 

remonstrate, v. + di anobabae. 

renegade, w.okyiri-saufo or -pafo, 
pi. a-. 

renew, v. 1. %. -\- to- or take up 
a case, fug asem mu. 

renouncement, w. + seZ/"-, ahopa- 

repose, v. -\- tee (ne) mu. [^^Ji- 

reprimand, v. ka or twi..anim, 

res 243 

resort, t;. + l. 3. also bo fodoa. 

responsible, a. 4- nea obu..h6 a- 

reunite, t^.san bo or ka..ho bio; bo 
mxx^\>om]pJir .theyJiavebeen -ed, 
woaka won abom, woabom bio. 

reverend, w. asgfo mmeran or din. 
rhinoceros, n. esommenkoro. 
ripen, v. bere, bg, hoa; (borode a- 

bere, ode abo, aburo ahoa). 
rivet, V. bobg (nnadewa) akyi. 
riveting, n. akyi-bobg. 
rough, a. + {leaves with- surface) 

rustic, n. okuraaseni, pi. n--fo, 

okuafo, pi. a- . 


Salubrious, a. nea ema abogdeu 
or ahosan; to he-, ye, ..ho 
ye.. den, ..te apgu. 

samovar, n. nsuohye-kuruwa (bi 

sanctify, v. teu..h6, dwira..ho. 
sandy, a. nbwea-nbwea. 
savanna, n. sareso, serem, sereso. 
savour, n. nkate, gdeu; ehua. 
scandalise, ^.tohintidua; yi..ahi, 
see.. din, bg..ahohora. 

science, n. nyansa (horo anoboa), 
nimdee (nkabom). 

seamstress, n. -f gbaadepamfo. 


second, v. di boa (obi), ye..abia, 

secrete, v. hinta, kora, -so, 
seize, v. + fua mu. 
severely, ad. bum ; phr. he gave 

him one severe blow, gbgg no 

ara bum preko. 
sexual, a. nea efa onini or gbere 

ho ; - intercourse, gbarima ne gba 

ntam aygnkofa. 

sharply, a, biitu ; phr. he rebuked 
me-, gkaa m'anim biitu. 

shelter, n.{a -in a thicket) osisia. 

ship, n. ehyeii, pi. a-; (X hyen). 

shower, n. {of rain) osukese; the 
water of a heavy - of rain, over- 
flowing the ground, nsiinsuan, 

sieve, n. sgne. 

simulate, v. - a sickness, pa mpa- 

sit, V. -{-to- at the fire, to gya. 
site, n. dabea, sibea; babi, afa. 
sixth, num. nea gto so or otia asia 

or nsia; § 83, 3. 
size, n. (ne) kese, - kokuroko, (n')a- 

sketch, n. mpempenso. 
slander, v. + we tare (obi), 
slander, n. -f- gwetare. 
soldier, n. + gkofoni, pi. a--fo. 
soluble, a. nea wghono a ebehono ; 




nea wonan(-uane) a ebenan(-na- 
ne) ; {fig.) nea wgye a ebeye 'ye. 
solution, n. a) bono a wohono brb.; 
nan a wonan brb,; b) asekyere, 

sort, w. + 1. 6. all -s of things, 
odomakwadee nhina. 

space, n. nnaho, pi. nnedaho; 
1. Kings, 7, 36. 

speak, V. 1. 4. tutu ano sisi = to 
wrest one's word or cause; tua 
ano, to stop one's moutk,to reyly; 
toto ano, to accuse falsely. 

spelling-book, n. kenkan-nhoma. 

spice, n. + smelling-, fwentea. 

splendour, n. X splendor. 

spume, V. pti or fi aburo (ahuru). 

spume, n. ahiiro, aburu. 

squash, v. pQto(poto). 

squash, n. mpotompoto. 

stigma, n. etwS, pi. a-, ohyeano- 

twa ; atape, pi. id. 
strength, n. + 1. 2. bere; phr. 

King, arise in thy - and glory ! 

Nana, ma wo bere so e ! 
stress, n. a) mmiarau, ahooden; 

b) (emu) duruye. 

stride, v. + fa anammoutenten; 

§39, 9 e. 
stumble, v. + l. 2. (take offence at 

s. th) pern; he -s at it, epem no. 
subdue, «;. bere.,ase, ka or bo..fwe 

fam ; gye..sonkabire. 

subsidise, v. (de sika) boa (obi); 

ye., (sika) abia. 
subsidy, n. oboa, (sika mu) boa. 
suppress, v. bere..ase,, bo 


surmise, v. ye (obi ho) osusuka or 
mmotoso or ntwatoso ; wo.. ho 

surmise, n. anibone, osusuka, mmo- 
toso, ntwatoso. 

swindle, v. (ye ade a ekyeh obi na 
onni ho sika), ye osatoro. 


Tandem, ad. nsesaso, nnidiso, (se- 

nea edidi so mmako-mmako. 
tandem, n. a)ank6namfiri (a banu 
se basa tratra so) ; b) nteaseeuam 
bi (a aponko twe no didi so mfua- 
take, v.-\- to- up a case,; 
the case has been taken up again, 
asem no mu afue. 

talent, w. l. 1. + -for languages, 
okasasuati; he has--, owo ok. 

tariff, n. apabode- m' to-nhoma, 
(nhoma a ese se wofwe mu hu 
adwumahoro so akatua or nnee- 
ma ho to a wogye), 

tart, a. -fruits, nnuaba a woanhye 
no asikere na woanoa. 

tax, n. 1. 4. -1- -taken fr. gold- 
diggers, asikaef ; or fr. snail- 
gatherers, nwafe. 




tedious, a. nea ehye bere, - eha(u) 


teem, v. a) (n)yem, ninsen, fa a- 

furu ; Z>) wo ; c) (fig.), do, 

tenor, n. a) akoten, (emu) asenti- 

tiri; nea ewo mu; b) (niiwonto 

mu mmarima-) nn§. 
tent, n. -f -pin or -peg, bofunnua; 

to pitch a-, si ntamadan. 
thank-offering, n. aseda-afore. 

tlianitsgiving, n. aseda. 

tliermometer, n. ahohuru-kari-a- 

firi, ahuru-iikarii. 
thicit, a. + 1. 5. examples for bo : 

ode abo, the yam is ripe ; borode 
no abo, those plantains are well- 
grown ; aburo abo (= anyinnyin 
na aso aba, aye kese, ahoa, abere), 
the corn is fully grown ; pea : 
ode no mu apea, the yam is no 
more soft and waterish; piu : 
iikwan or aduru apiu, the soup 
or the medicine is inspissated ; 
kwae yi mu piu = emu nnua piu 
so or kyere so or bemmen ho, 
these trees are standing very 
close each other ; fu : okwan yi 
afu, this road is overgrown ; ne 
ti afu, his head is covered with 
hair ; anoma no afu ntakara, the 
bird has got feathers \ bua ku- 
Sli : ode no abua kusu = aye aha- 
ban pi, the yam has a rich fo- 
liage; kyere and da: nufusu 

{the milk) or nno (the oil) no a- 

kyere or ada, has curdled or 

tllink, V. -\- he is lost in - ing, n'a- 

niwa ato dwen. 
thrashing, n. ofwe; they give him 

a-, wodi no mfuanfwe. 
timbal, n. obomma, pi. a-, ati5m- 

pan, pi. n- . 
time, w. + 1. 1. {if I had to relate 

all) I had no - for it, — anka 

adagye bebg me. 
tiresome, a. nea ehye or emabere. 
title, n. -\- eho-asem. 
titter, tJ. sere, seresere; bo seretoa. 
tolerate, v. ma brb. ho kwan, pe- 
tongue, n. + his-, ne kasa; many 

-s, okasa a edi aduasa or ok. a- 

horo bebere. 
top, n. + the extreme end, highest 

point (of a tree) nkoa, ntenten- 

noa, dua atifiba; - of a hill, 

house etc., sronsron = steep, 

lofty; the top or point, upper 

end, ano ; the point of a spear, 

peau ano. 
top-knot ipfjiair), n. piia, ntakua. 
touch-stone, n. twabo, (obo hi a 

wode twa sika (koko) fwe se eye 

sika pa). 
train, n. + l. 2. mmeresanten or 

nnasanteii nhina, all successive 

days; nnipasanten, all mankind. 




transfer, v. a) yi or soma (obi) de 

kgtrababi ; &) ma, de..hye nsa. 
transmit, v. mSna, soma. 
transport, v. soa..ko, ko... 
tray, n. dua-somfo, dutra (a wode 

aduaii or anonne si so de som 

hoho etc.). 

atemmufo or asennifo (iihyiam). 

triple, a. mmoho mmiensa; -alli- 
ance, n. aman - mmiensa - apam ; 
-crown, abotisa. 

trousseau, n. awarede, ayeyede. 

trowel, n. aware, pi. id. [tompo. 

trump, V. sisi, dada, twa..nk6n- 

trusses, oponko (bi a wogyi- 
na so ye adwuma), pi. a- . 

tune, n. dwom ; + nnwom ; nnwon- 


Ubiquity, n. mma-nhina-wo. 
unarmed, a. 1. 1. =nea onye otufo. 
unaSCertainable,a.nea wonhu ano, 
- wope no a wonhu or wonhu mu 

yiye. _ 

uncertain, a. nea emu nteu, - won- 
hu mu biako, - obi nnim ho brb. 

wr\G\Qdir\n^%%,n.-\-phr. he neglects 
cleanliness and order in his 
room, oye ne dan mu apata. 

undergo, v. hu yau, -amane; gyi- 

undersign, v. de ne nsa hye.ase. 

undetermined, a. I am- what to 

do, ahin me ahan me. 
undo, V. a) sail (hama, kotoku, a- 

desoa) hie (pon) ; b) (fig.) sdn, 

sane, gu; see. 
unfetter, v. yi or san (fi nkyeha- 

ma mu), gye (obi). [brb.). 

unfit, a. nea omfata, - ontumi (nye 

unhealthy, a. nea emS or ebo yare ; 
nea odi yaresuso, -neho nye den. 

unimportant, a. +phr. it has be- 
come so- in my eyes that.., o- 
henhan a aheiihan m'ani so nti,^ 
memfa menye brb. bio. 

uninhabitable, a. 1.2. xntamafo. 

Unpresuming, \ « nea gnye aho- 

Unpretending, / kyere or ahoma- 
so, -onkate n'anim; nea u'ani 
ka ase or fam. 

unroof, V. pa (dan) so. 

unsavoury, a. nea enye de, - enka 
se, - wonte mu de ; nea enye huara. 

unsubmissive, a. nea ommere ne- 
ho ase (mraa), -onye osetie. 

unusual, a. nea wonta nye or nhia, 
- wonyee so bi pen. 

uprightness, n. senkwanmu, -di; 

useless, a.l. 2. + ..f6; incpds.e.g., 
ntamafo, akwamfo, akurofo etc. 

utterly, ad. l. 2. + butu; they dis- 
graced him -, woabo no abohora 

uvula, n. menase da or dawa. 

Vae 247 


Vacation, n. a) nnahokwa, nnapan ; 

b) (holidays) akwamma-bere. 
vain, ad. + 1. 2. it is in-, amfua. 
valuable, a. + this is- to me, ade 

yi ho ye me na or eho hia me yiye. 
value, «;. bu (brb. kese); di..ano. 
vanity, n. + ohurohuro. 
vary, v. gu ahoro, (e-ne brb.) nse 

or iiko so pe. 
vassal, n. akoa, pi. n-, osomfo, pi. 

a-, nea osom, -owo obi ase. 
vast, a. kese, kokuro, kakra. 
vaunt, V. yi (neho) aye, ye onopon- 

hunu, hoahoa or kyere (ne)ho. 

vaunter, n. ohokyerefo, onoponfo, 

pi. a- . 
velocipede, n. ankonamfiri, dade- 

vengeance, n. aweredi, awereto. 
viaticum, 72. akwansoduan, akwau- 

hyede, adidide ; (caih. eccl) A- 

wurade Adidi a edi akyiri no. 
view, n. to have in-, ani wo. .so, 

fwefwe brb. aye or ahu. 
Vis-a-vis,«^.ntenten,- so i^os^aw^ 

-to s. &., gyina obi ntenten ; lam 

sitting -to you, mete wo nten- 

vision, n. ani-so-ade, anisoadehu. 


voluntarily, ad. ayamyiso, opeso, 

voluntary, a. nea efi pe or do mu, 
- ohye ne mpia nni ho or mu. 

VOmic-nut, n. aborototo, nkrau- 

vouch, V. fre (obi) adanse ; 
voucher, n. adanse, ad. iihoma; 

Wander, v. + he is -ing, n'ani so 
atere no, n'ani so aye no tetere. 

way, n. 1. 9. + - clearing, akwammo. 

witness, n. H-l. 3. -hox, adanse- 
fo gyinabea. 

witty, a. -expression, asenkwa, 
pi. n- ; he is a -fellow, oye nsen- 
kwa se brb. 

worm-eaten, a. uhunhunii; he fell 
a -tree, wato dua nhunh. nko. 

worn-out, a. go ; he is - and looks 
pale, n'anim atu kese, (asera aba 
no so na n'anim apatu ahoa). 

wrangle, v. twa onoko, kasakasa. 

wrangling, n. onok6(twa), akasa- 

wretched, a.a)neaohuamane,-n'a- 
de ye mmobo, - oye mmoboro ; b) 
nea omfra, -ommu bara-(pa). 

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