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BiRmingham, aUBama 
volume 58 






Business nunaqeR 



Dr. Leslie S. Wright and Dr. Arthur L. Walker, Jr. greet one another 
at a banquet in Samford's Student Union Building. 

6r. walkep seRves samfoRd well 

Left: Dr. Walker presents various awards to many outstanding grad- 
uating Seniors. Center: One of Dr. Walker's many duties is to orient 

the parents of incoming Freshmen to Samford. Right: At Convoca- 
tion in Seibert Hall, Dr. Walker introduces the speaker, Episcopal 
Bishop George Murray. 

Not only is he active in academic circles, but Dr. Walker enters into 
the spirit of things at the students' annual Religious Activities Coun- 
cil Carnival. 


In an atmosphere of relaxation, Director of Recruiting Richard Swin- 
dle, Dr. Walker, and Admissions Counselor Lynn Phillips discuss the 
day's events. 


Dr. Arthur L. Walker, Jr., was educated in Birmingham's 
schools and, after serving in the U.S. Army, received his 
B.A. degree from Howard College. He also earned de- 
grees from Southern Baptist and New Orleans Baptist 
Theological Seminaries. He was ordained a minister 
and pastored several churches before coming to Sam- 
ford. As a scholar in Biblical interpretation and church 
history, he was appointed to various offices in the Bap- 
tist Historical Society. 

Because Dr. Walker's first nine years at Samford were 
spent in the classroom, he dealt with students in a 
learning situation. In 1965, Dr. Walker became Dean 
of Students, and acted in a counseling and advisory 
capacity. He later became Vice-President for Student 
Affairs, dealing with students and their activities. Be- 
cause of this past experience, he brought a many- 
sided viewpoint to his office of Vice-President for Ad- 
ministrative Affairs. He has remained in this capacity 
to direct the University's student records and admis- 
sions programs, financial aids, and academic counseling. 

Of great importance in his counseling activities is his 
relationship with the students. Dr. Walker has a natural 
rapport with every student whose life he touches. His 
sincerity and honest concern for those who come to 
him has gained Dr. Walker a genuine respect and liking 
from the students. 

To Dr. Arthur L. Walker, for his untiring work at Sam- 
ford and his love for the students, the 1971-1972 Entre 
Nous is dedicated. 

Dr. Arthur L. Walker, Jr. 

Vice-President for Administrative Affairs 

in memoRiam 
6ean Cute 

Above: After class, Dean Dale takes time to discuss the day's lec- 
ture with students Kathy Mileski and Cal Campbell. Right: Dr. Alto 
Garner and Dean Dale enjoy a sunny afternoon on campus. 

Upon the death of Dr. William Pratt Dale II, each in- 
dividual who knew and loved him felt a great loss. But 
perhaps all the emotions concerning Dean Dale were 
best summarized by Dr. David M. Vess, Head of the 
Department of History and a former student of Dale's. 

"Dr. Dale was the kind of man you would remember. 
He sat commandingly on his platform in front of the 
class, instructing the students in his beloved history, often 
flashing that friendly, mischievous smile. Since he came 
to Howard in 1941, he knew and loved an entire gen- 
eration of Bulldog athletes. To know Dean Dale, was 
to know the anecdotes of his patience and prodding 
of his boys. His life was working with students; he 
served as Dean of Men and later as Dean of Students. 
As an academic advisor, he touched the lives of many 
pre-law students. Dean Dale was wise in counsel, full 
of funny stories and tales, gentlemanly, cooperative, 
and respected. He shunned ostentation, but he was a 
member of numerous honorary organizations and listed 
in many Who's Whos. 

"To some in the department he was our teacher. But, 
most of all, to each of us, he was our friend." 

t^Ble op contents 

Introduction 6 

Activities 16 

Organizations 38 

Sports 80 

Beauties 102 

Greeks 130 

Administration, Faculty 162 

Classes 192 

Advertisements 226 

Epilogue 248 





This is a book about Samford. ... It speaks of past, 
present, future. The traditions of the past, agonies of 
the present, and hopes of the future combine in each 
of us to make us What We Are. The maturing proces- 
ses of learning, living, growing, are a part of us. We 
must be what they make of us, or is it what we make 
of them? Nevertheless, We Are Samford; we, with our 
own individual likes and dislikes of Samford make it 
what it is. Just as it, in a sense, molds us, we mold it 
with the surging dynamism of our youth. We can shape 
it, help it grow, speak for it, represent it, and some- 
times even change it. But no matter what we do, Sam- 
ford still remains an entity in itself. . .; it is Involved 
in community and international activities; it is Inter- 
ested in the welfare and actions of its students; it fos- 
ters Intelligence, for of what else does learning con- 
sist? It is Ironic, for anything connected with humans 
must be peppered with irony; and Samford has Indi- 
vidual traits which certainly no other school has. But 
Samford consists of one more thing— the faces. In the 
following pages are pictures of Samford faces, reflect- 
ing every aspect of it— Involvement, Interest, Intelli- 
gence, Irony, Individualism. 






The face of Samford. . .the face of the student. Apathy? 
Unknown to the Involved Samford student. He is one 
who is always running from one activity to another. 
Perhaps he spreads himself too thin. But that's what 
life is all about— pushing the limits. Get off your apathy 
and start pushing. 



i n v o L e 6 


Interesting? Look at their faces. Young men Interested 
in life. To be alive, man must look, and carefully ob- 
serve all that goes on around him. He thinks, "What is 
this thing called 'me'?" The older he gets, the more he 
sees: "me" is a part of everything around it, and every- 
thing with which it comes in contact becomes a part 
of it. To live, man must pVove that he desires to be 
alive, and this is done by being Interested. 



Intelligence. . . . Faces, faces intent on the learning 
processes of today, changing expressions at the instant 
of an intriguing discovery, a flash of understanding— 
these are the brilliant sparks of the intellect of man. 
The only Intelligence a learner has is the capacity to 
understand all things— once they are opened to him. 


Expressions of Irony. . .these are part of the fun at 
Samford. A face expresses puzzlement over the little 
things of everyday living. . .classes, dates, being with 
others. Mark Twain, the personification of Irony, adds 
spice to the humor of living in the here and now. 





The Individual is What We Are. One is a whole, and 
many are parts of a whole. We form the whole of the 
Samford personality. The individualistic traits of each 
one of us grow together to make us What We Are. 



mm '■<;■ 






Wis W% 



]«M ' UlI 


I * toi25P*~;£ 







Dr. and Mrs. Wright welcome incoming Freshmen Del Allen, Judy 
Robinson, and Rickey Gilley at the annual President's Reception. 

PResioent's Reception QReets fpeshmen 

Fran Thomas and Lisa Nordlinger make new acquaintances during 
one of the Freshman Class meetings. 

As six hundred Freshmen entered Samford in Septem- 
ber, they were greeted with the same process of every 
other new class. They stood in long lines, listened to 
welcoming speeches, met a new roommate, tried to 
find the "caf". They learned the ropes during registra- 
tion, became identified as student numbers, and began 
attending classes. To highlight the opening whirl, they 
attended the President's reception, during which they 
were able to meet Dr. and Mrs. Wright for the first time. 

David Dykes soon learns that registration is everything he was told 
. . .and more. 



convocation is a Real expedience 

Salt and Co. perform at one of the first convocations. 

With the advent of two convocations per week, Sam- 
ford students found it more convenient to attend the 
correct number of chapels. From each school and de- 
partment of Samford, contributions were made by vari- 
ous faculty and student body members. This expanded 
the Chapel/Convocation Series and offered students a 
number of ways to meet the required attendance. 

Activities 19 

pROspective fReshmen 
Le^Rn ABOut samfoRd 

One of the first important events of the year at Sam- 
ford was High School Day, a day set aside for high 
school seniors interested in Samford. With the influx 
of these students and their parents, Samford set about 
to entertain them and to inform them about the school. 
Prior to the football game were the annual track events 
and the Tricycle Race, presented by the Greeks. Follow- 
ing was the debut concert of the Hear and Now Singers. 

High School Day Guide, Lou Ramagli, conducts propsective Samford 
student Becky Duncan on a tour of the campus. 

The Hear and Now Singers perform their initial routine in Seibert 
Gymnasium during the High School Day festivities. 




saonfoRO concepts entCRtain students 

Above: The Hear and Now Singers display their talent. 
Below: A first this year, rock bands come to Samford. 

As "Peanuts" characters, Masquers enter into their Samford "second 

nusqueRS CReate thpouqh Cmanu 

In the play, "Madwoman of Chaillot" actors must portray highly 
dramatic characters. 

22 Activities 

Students majoring in drama, interested students, and 
spectators participated in the Masquers this year. Through- 
out the year, students learned parts, made costumes, 
built settings, and publicized their plays. As a result of 
this work, a variety of plays was performed in Samford's 



A Samford faculty member, Miss Carolyn Green, prepares to try her 
luck at the Sigma Nu Balloon Burst. 

The A Cappella Choir Marching Kazoo Band provides entertainment 
and a spectacle at the Carnival. 

bsu CARnival ppomotes good-will 

. . .Balloons 

. . Cotton Candy 

. . .Space Bounce 

. . .Egg Throw 

. . .Balloon Burst 

. . .Peanuts, Popcorn 

. . .Candied Apples 

. . .Sponge Throw 

. . .Hamburgers 

The BSU Carnival always shows what students will do for a good 
cause. Ben Armistead sacrifices his dignity as SGA President for a 
few moments to help bring in money. 

Junior Class member Suzanne Spain masquerades as a child's favorite 
dream, the clown, to draw attention to her organization's money- 
making project. 

Activities 23 

Alpha Phi Omega claims sweepstakes honors at Homecoming with 
"Bulldogs Clean Up 'Major' Problems". 

Dazzling firewords displays entertain spectators at a rally prior to 
the Homecoming football game. 

Janet Chambliss is crowned Homecoming Queen 1971-1972 at the 
Samford Homecoming Beauty Pageant. 

24 Activities 

Samford Majorettes rest between shows and watch the Homecoming 
game as Samford Bulldogs score another victory. 

All participate 
in homecoming 1971 

Homecoming, the most important event of the year, 
stirred intense anticipation on the part of some students 
and diligent participation on the part of others. Float- 
building, nominating a Homecoming Queen, late hours, 
exhaustion, were all a part of Homecoming 1971, all 
to be remembered by the students with nostalgia in 
the years to come. 

Top: Before the kickoff, Samford students gather to cheer the Bull- 
dogs on to victory. Bottom: As the spectators roar, Samford Bulldogs 
run the Millsaps Majors off the field. 

Activities 25 

jan teRm offeRS 
new expeRiences 

Although it has been in practice only three years, 
Jan-Term has become well-established at Samford. Stu- 
dents were able to take courses within the regular cur- 
riculum to aid them in the core requirements. In ad- 
dition, unusual courses were offered to expand the stu- 
dent's knowledge in areas unfamiliar to him. Students 
were able to learn about the religions of the world, 
glassblowing, the United States Senate, foreign cooking, 
and archaeology. The jan-Term courses offered a well- 
balanced selection for the interested student. 

Congressional Intern Nancy NeSmith learns all is not work as she 
shares a lighter moment with her boss, Rep. Tom Bevill. 

Helen Caither tries diligently to create a glass bottle as other mem- 
bers of the class look on. 

26 Activities 






n ,^\**2 


Above: Becca Jones and Megumi Matsumura learn to eat their own 
Oriental cooking with chopsticks. Below: Elgin Thomas, Jim Holladay 
and Frank Preston adjust equipment in the newspaper office. 


r hj 1 1 r 








An athlete 
King wins 

tries his best to win the vaulting contest on S-Day. Cyndi 
a symbolic prize for being "Miss Pretty Feet". Lemoyne 

Downing and George White win trophies for 
Old Southerners. 

portraying well-dressed 

Runners from all walks of campus life leave the starting line in an 
attempt to win the S-Day intramurals trophy. 

28 Activities 

Doug Weeks is able to take time out from studies in music to make 
a kite from his childhood days. 

s day welcomes 
spRinq to samfoRd 

As spring let the students out of the dormitories, they 
held a day of fun and frolic to celebrate. Between eat- 
ing watermelon, making kites, and participating in the 
ever-present intramural events, the freed students were 
able to act like children again, without anyone taking 
critical notice. After S-Day, they were able to settle 
down to studying again to prepare for final exams. 

Two girls who look as if they need help are also trying to build kites 
in honor of S-Day. 

Activities 29 

juniors win Sweepstakes in Step-Sing 1972 by singing a selection of 
songs from the Carpenters. 

junioR class wins sweepstakes 

Phi Mu Alpha enthralls audience with harmonious sounds blended 
with a dazzling light show. 

30 Activities 

With a Riverboat theme, Alpha Phi Omega wins First Place in the Or- 
ganizations Division of Step-Sing. 

step sing 1972 pRoves successful 

To receive Second Place honors among classes the Sophomore Class 
sings "Man of La Mancha." 

Preparation for Step-Sing 1972 began months prior 
to the actual date set for the event. There were first 
of all rules to be learned, songs and themes to choose, 
and costumes to make before even the first step or note 
was learning. Miss Beverly Sutley, Step-Sing Chairman, 
kept the machine running smoothly and pulled each 
group through this exciting yet frightening experience. 

Activities 31 

Alabama Supreme Court Justices preside over the 1972 Law Day 
Moot Court Competition, held in the Moot Court Room of Cum- 
berland School of Law. The court members are: Justice Daniel T. 

McCall, Jr.; Justice James S. Coleman, Jr.; Chief Justice Howell T. 
Heflin; Justice N. Bloodworth; Judge J. Russell McElroy. 

Above: Involved in the actual oral argument are: Left Counsel Table: 
John Carroll, Steve Wicker. Standing: Doug Noonan. Right Counsel 
Table: Jay Costan. Below: Professor Donaldson expresses the grat 

tude of Cumberland School of Law to the court members for their 
attendance and for sitting as judges. 

Student Bar Association President Chip Hoffman prese 
standing Law Professor of the Year Plaque to Professo 

Dean Rusk, formerly Secretary of State and presently Professor of 
International Law of the University of Georgia Law School, speaks 
to prospective lawyers at Cumberland's Law Day 1972. 

cumBeRUnO students 
n ,s,heou,. attend Law day 1972 

»r Charles D. J ' 

At Law Day 1972 Ted Coggin presents to Anita Miller and George 
Woodall an award for submitting the Best Appellate Brief Written 
for the Appellant. 

Activities 33 

■' Hi* 

Prior to the Candlelight Dinner, Samford celebrates Graduation with 
the first duo-carillon concert in the world. 

At the Candlelight Dinner, Dr. Leslie S. Wright, President of Samford 
University, presents awards to Dr. Carl Whirley and Mrs. Willie Perry 
Rose, Alumni of the Year. 

senioRs Bid fARe well at candlelight dinneR 

34 Activities 

Dr. Claude H. Rhea is caught "burning the candle at both ends". 

samfoRd holds BaccalauReate exeRcises 

Presiding at the 1972 Baccalaureate Exercises are: Dr. Leslie S. Wright, 
Rev. G. Nelson Duke, Baccalaureate Speaker; Rev. William L. Palmer, 

Rev. R. E. Glaze, Jr., Dr. Ruric E. Wheeler, Vice-President for Academic 

Anxiously clock-watching, SGA President Ben Armistead and Glenda 
Allen show their anticipation as Samford faculty prepare the Seniors 

for the beginning procession of Baccalaureate. 

Activities 35 


112 UN! 





PARLIAMENT BARBER SHOP fec^fiunqhtjoungc 




Samford welcomes Colonel and Mrs. lames Irwin to Birmingham and 
to Graduation during the Astronaut's Luncheon. 

astRonaut's Luncheon hiQhLiqhts QRaoiution 


Colonel James Irwin presents a picture of himself on the moon's 
surface to Frank Park Samford. 

Astronaut Irwin presents to Dr. Leslie S. Wright a photograph of the 
Holy Land taken from the Apollo 15 capsule as it returned to Earth. 

36 Activities 



Dr. George V. Irons, Faculty Marshall, begins the Graduation exercise 
by leading the procession of Seniors into the stadium. 

Dr. Leslie S. Wright presents the Juris Doctor Degree from Cumber- 
land School of Law to John King Wright. 

QRAduation exepcises 
ARe finale foR senioRS 

Outstanding members of the 1972 Senior Class are: Row 1: Beth Ste- 
phenson, Velma Wright Irons Award; Susan Ferguson Brown, Hypatia 
Award. Row 2: Ben Armistead, President's Cup; Earl Taylor, Exchange 
Club Award; Dr. Leslie S. Wright, Col. James Irwin, David Duke, John 
R. Mott Award; Daniel Martin, James M. Sizemore Award. 

Bathed in moonlight, Astronaut James 
Wright speaks to the graduating Seniors. 

Irwin listens as Dr. Leslie S. 

Activities 37 










O R G A n I Z A I 


1 1 o n s 

samfORd univeRSity rmRchinq Band 

The Samford University Marching Band highlighted 
the halftimes of both football and basketball games, as 
well as adding much spirit to the pep rallies and games. 

40 Organizations 

— — — - 

Drum Major Gary Parker directs the band as it marches. 


Samford University Majorettes are: Melynda Reaves, Darlene Yarbor- 
ough, Beth Wilson, Susan Burkett, Anne Russell, Betsy Towers, Lelia 

Organizations 41 

"Practice makes perfect!" under direction of Don Cornutt. 

Drum Corps members are: Alan Black, Don Campbell, Terry Tingle, 
George White, Harry Adkins, Tom Hannaford. 

42 Organizations 


Flag Corps members are: Row 1: Valera Beck, Kathl Berg, Nell Wilks, 
Shirley Wren. Row 2: Susan Howell, Debbie Garner, Dale Helmbold, 
Janet Okin, Martha Helmbold, Nancy Still. 

pUq corps 

Flaggers Nancy Still, Terri Berg, and Valera Beck cheer Bulldogs. 

Organizations 43 



a cappeLla chom 

The Samford University A Cappella Choir, under the 
direction of Dr. L. Gene Black, represented Samford 
and the School of Music in numerous concerts both in 
the United States and abroad. 

A Cappella Choir members are: Row 1: Sara Bliss, Becky Duval, Jan 
Thompson, Sarah Lee, Elizabeth Bell, Katherine Everidge, Kay Jackson, 
Phoebe White, Melissa Gilbreath, Fan Price, Becky Stephenson, Joy 
Vann, Wanda Alexander, Suzanne Rogers, Anita Gable, Debbie Ous- 
ley. Row 2: Susie Thomas, Jo Ann Rittenhouse, Dixie Rose, Carol 
Edwards, Jane Withers, Beverly Sutley, Becca Jones, Connie Taylor, Ca- 

rol Vines, Sheri Segrest, Nancy Rittenhouse, Emily Pryor, Annelle 
Bagley, Sandy Lawrence. Row 3: Charles Cilliland, Ralph Jernigan, 
Craig Singleton, Mike Harris, David Cofield, Bill Drummons, Jerry 
Dorriety, Frankie Jones. Row 4: Darryl Cooms, Steve Folmar, Shelton 
Harden, David Potts, Don Campbell, Mike Meeks, Richard Murray. 








Directed by Tim Banks, the Baptist Student Union 
Choir followed its aim of Christian outreach through 
music by concerts, both local and on tour. 

Baptist Student Union Choir members are: Row 1: Dianne Breeden, 
Vickie Parsons, Ed Corbitt, Donna Jones, Sheila Davis, Dianne Cot- 
tingham, Rosemary Baites. Row 2: Angela Golden, David Noel, Ron 
Roberts, Sue Couch, David Duke, Tim O'Neal. Row 3: Paul Duke, 
Janet Okin, Debbie Fulton, Ricky Godwin, Sandra Pierce, Pam Ham- 

lin, Mark Stokes, Suzanne Spain, Tim Banks, Director; Jim Landreth, 
Pam Lowery, Tommy Lowery, Skip Overton, Lucy Panjic, Joy Jarrard, 
Doug Weeks, Babs Blass, Bob Dilks. Row 4: Wade Endsley, Darryl 
Cooms, Nancy Duck, Ellen Shirley, Rick Dill, David Chestnut, Linda 
Mayo, Florence Best, Bob Kruschwitz, Tricia Coffman. 

Organizations 45 

Hear and Now members Nettie Weber, Kathi Berg, Sbaron Mitchell, 
Hank Williams, and David Dykes sing in the sunshine. 

Joy Christmas, Denise Huddleston, Tom Hannaford, Ken McCord, 
and Tom Stoker set up their instruments near the library. 

the heap and now sinqeRS 

Hear and Now Director Bob Burroughs, member Becky Hayes, and 
Dr. Claude Rhea, Dean, School of Music, watch other singers. 

As Tom Stoker accompanies, Denise Huddleston, Sharon Mitchell, 
Nettie Weber, Joy Christmas, Becky Hayes, and Kathi Berg sing. 

46 Organizations 

univeRsity choRaLe 

Samford University Chorale members are: Row 1: Meguni Matsumu- 
ra, Celeste Gonzales, Sharon Davis, Lauryn Brassell, Pamela Evans, 
Dr. Paul Hall, Director; Elizabeth Reese, Pam Overton, Joy Crawley, 
Elizabeth Davidson, Beth Chapman, Susan Norman. Row 2: Martie 
Jones, Andrea Kenny, Barbara Weaver, Diane Wright, Sheila Davis, 
Pam Collins, Kathy Wyatt, Beverly Warren. Row 3: Kyle Ellis, Babs 
Blass, Tweetie Smith, Sharon Brooks, Nancy Duck, Janice Elrod, Pa- 
tricia Hartsfield, Cathryn Brand, Becky Bolton, Becky Britton, Bar- 
bara Odom. Row 4: Vicki Shaffer, Rosemary Baites, Ellen Shirley, 
Mary Nolen, Kathy Phipps, Diane Bonner, Mary Allen, Sharon Dos- 

ter, Marilyn Evans, Tommy Lowery, Elizabeth Misseldine, Kathy White, 
Vicki Carrol, Carol Bryan, Kathy Gilbert. Row 5: Mike Bedsole, How- 
ell Simmons, Danny Storey, Randy Tingle, Phil Martin, Andy White, 
Doug Weeks, Billy Strickland, Tom Wilder, Jim Landreth, Frank Pres- 
ton, Charlie Christmas, Ed Burton, Bobby Erwin, Alan Headley, Joe 
Lawrence, Jack Ray, Dan Brooks, Rusty Chastain. Row 6: Roger Smith, 
James Wade, Stan Owen, Larry Gay, Joel Phillips, Richard Reeves, 
Tim Headley, Bob Hunt, Warren Culver, Lee Barrows, Larry Brymer, 
Rick Dill, Bruce Stephens. 

Under the direction of Dr. Paul Hall, the University 
Chorale performed the function of representing Sam- 
ford in Birmingham churches, at convocations, and at 
various special occasions on campus. Dr. Hall led the 
chorale to perform such numbers as Poulenc's "Gloria" 
and, to climax the year, "What Is Man?" 

Organizations 47 

samfORd CRimson 

Samford Crimson staff members are: Clockwise, from lower left: Nan- 
cy Goodhue, Jerry Armor, Stephen Jerrell, Fred Jacob, Lois King, Jim 
Parker, Charles Sievers, Ray Sanderson, Frank Preston, Jan Susina, 
Mr. Richmond Brown-Advisor; Susan Mease, F. Elizabeth Mathews, 
Ruth Pippin, Jim Moody. 

48 Organizations 

' Tfc>. -**■ ■ - * -4 J- 

-* - ' - ' ; 



-■.• •» 

* s * • j \ 

Samford Crimson Editor George Cartwright and News Editor Randal 
Williams supervise each edition of the newspaper. 

fir '^ mk ^ 
■ ' * * - 
'\ if i 


Organizations 49 

entpe nous 

50 Organizations 

Entre Nous Editor Janice Elrod co-ordinates the work of her staff 
members with that of the Section Editors. 

Section Editors are: Lynn Hazelgrove, Faculty and Administration; 
Lynn Taylor, Greeks; Judy O'Mary, Organizations, Oonna Lay, Classes; 
Jim Parker, Activities. 

Staff members are: Jennifer Cox, Linda Cole, Pam Sherrill, Mike McMi 
chen, Dianne Breeden, Alisa Boone, Cathy Chandler. 

Arnold Mooney, Business Manager, handles sales to students and the 
selling of advertisements. 

Organizations 51 

52 Organizations 


Members of the WVSU Radio staff are: Bill Cope, Andy Bailey, Dan 
Holloway, Pam Sherrill, Jennifer Cox, David Connelly, Wyatt Pope. 

WVSU Station Manager is Sonny Joiner. 

Jim Holladay is the station's Program Director. 

Organizations 53 


Alpha Phi Omega members are: Row 1: Stretch Reed, Larry Faison, 
Alan Wellbaum. Row 2: Frank Preston, Ronny Moss, George Mont- 
gomery, Lou Ramagli, Doug Weeks, Jimmy Willingham, Ricky Godwin, 
David Jones, Ed Corbitt, Steve Cagle, Ginny Gurley, Sweetheart; Steve 
Wiggins, J. D. Lancaster, James Wade, Tee Jackson, Pete McClosky, 

George McNeese. Row 3: Jim Landreth. Row 4: Andy Bailey, Craig 
Sanderson, Mike Roberts, Roger Howard, Richard Allen, Richard Crews, 
Bill Bryan, Allan Herbst, Marlin Harris, Donovan Harris, Jim Holladay, 
Paul Lawrence, Jack Robertson, Sonny Joiner, Merideth Akers, Gary 
Parker, Jim Carter, Allan Vaughn, Bill Goodman, Buddy Howorth. 

alpha phi omo omega 

APO, a service fraternity on campus, sponsors a used 
book store, aids in the Red Cross Blood Drive, and per- 
forms other important campus jobs. 

54 Organizations 

Gamma Sigma Sigma members are: Row 1: Rosalyn Ray, Sue Young- 
strom, Susan Patton, Carol Adams, Gerene Henley, Susan Underwood. 
Row 2: Debbie Garner, Rebecca Ann Jones, Tommie Lowery, Melba 

Goodwin, Diane Lankford, Deborah Arnold, Alice Bower, Judy Hames, 
Pat Williams, Sherry Hinton, Mary Exa Crew. 

gamma siqnu Sigma 

A sister sorority of Alpha Phi Omega, Gamma Sigma 
Sigma is in its first full year at Samford. The service 
sorority aids the APO's in projects and initiates money- 
making events for community causes. 

Organizations 55 

Alpha UmBCu delta 

Alpha Lambda Delta is a women's honorary open to 
freshmen with a 2.5 academic average. 

Alpha Lambda Delta members are: Row 1: Melynda Reaves, Jamie 
Miller, Becky Stevenson, Joy Garrard, Pattie Aderhold, Mary Nolen, 
Jenny Shank, Kathy Hinkle, Carol Donaldson. Row 2: Becky Whorton, 

Suzanne Holden, Susan Whitlock, Diane Taylor, Gayle Shackleford, 
Mary Nell Wilkes, Janet Okin, Susan Underwood, Carol Edwards, Mar- 
tha Campbell. 

56 Organizations 

Gamma Beta Phi is a national extention of Beta Club f* AIT) IT) A R£~1~A T^ftl 
for college students with a 2.0 academic average. VJC%MIMIC% DCia |w/III 

Gamma Beta Phi members are: Row 1: Susan Whitlock, Lynn Hazle- 
grove, Susie Sirles, Altrice Brown, Pamela Wentworth, Janet Okin. 

Row 2: John Simmons, Ann Tucker, Jamie Miller, Arnold Mooney, 
Andy Jackson, Gene Lunceford, Molly Faulk, Nancy NeSmith, Gayle 

Organizations 57 

6elta omicRon 


Delta Omicron is a professional music fraternity for 
women, and encourages development of talent and 

Delta Omicron members are: Seated: Pam Brown, Ellen Shirley, Melin- 
da Howard, Tricia Coffman, Wade Ensley, Sandy Lawrence, Regina 

Ray, Becky Duval, Connie Taylor, Kathy Wyatt, Fan Price. Standing: 
Donna Jones, Pattie Aderhold. 

phi mu Alpha 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia is a professional fraternity for 
musicians, and provides many programs for the student 
body throughout the year. 

Phi Mu Alpha members are: Row 1: David Purcell, Steve Folmar, 
Frankie Jones, John Vess. Row 2: Don Campbell, Mike Sparks, Phillip 
Martin, Shelton Harden, Tom Hannaford, Bill Carr, Doug Weeks, Den- 
ny Dawson. Row 3: Bill Drummons, Chancey Stewart, Dr. Paul Hall, 

Advisor; Lawrence Hand, Richard Murray, Donna Jones, Carol Ed- 
wards, Sheri Segrest, Sandy Lawrence, Dixie Rose, Roger Smith, David 
Noel, Allen Vaughn, Lee Barrows, Randy Robertson, Ron Roberts. 

cmcLe k 

Circle K is an active service club for men on campus; 
it is affiliated with Kiwanis International. The Samford 
Chapter annually receives recognition for services ren- 

Circle K members are: Row 1: Ken Turney, Tom Coomes, Joyce Hugh- 
ey, Sweetheart; Rose Godsey, Mike McMichen, Steve Aycock. Row 2: 
Tim Wright, Mr. F. Allen Hayse, Advisor; Ron Hankins, Earl Taylor, 
Rick Dill, Jack Van Orman. 

60 Organizations 



K-Ettes, a Kiwanis-affiliated service organization for 
women, is the sister sorority of Circle K. The two clubs, 
through joint efforts, maintain various projects within 

Members of K-Eltes are: Row 1: Betsy Griffin, Sharon Smith, Rick Dill, 
Sweetheart; Diana Moore, Ellen Thompson. Row 2: Ruth Messersmith, 
Charlotte Henson, Nelle Compton, Joyce Hughey, Judy O'Mary. Row 

3: Debbie Cumbie, Kathy Roden, Debbie Hinton, Mary Nolen, Belinda 
Henry, Brenda Griffith, Kathy Ingersol, Joyce Hamlin, Becky Forten- 

Organizations 61 


Math Club members are: Row 1: David Williamson, Sheralee Echols, 
Peggy Schramm, Rita Whorton, John Simmons, Kathy Hinkle, Linda 
Stewart. Row 2: W. S. Bishop, Danny Campbell, Richard Brown, Steve 

Schmidt, Ronnie Dawson, Ronald Blankenship, Gary Robbins, Bill At- 
kinson, Gordon Morrow, Miller Peterson, Dr. W. D. Peeples, George 
T. Crocker, Mrs. Mary Hudson, Dr. Thomas Cheatham, Mrs. Letitia 

math cLub 

The Math Club is open to students interested in math- 
ematics and related fields. The organization is open to 
freshmen as well as upperclassmen. 

62 Organizations 

pi mu epsilon 

Pi Mu Epsilon is a national math honorary fraternity. 
The fraternity strives to maintain a high academic aver- 
age in mathematics and instruct members in specialized 


Pi Mu Epsilon members are: Row 1: Lou Ramagli, Steve Schmidt, 
David Williamson, Linda Stewart, Danny Campbell. Row 2: W. S. 

Bishop, Dr. W. D. Peeples, Ronnie Dawson, George Crocker, Mrs. 
Mary Hudson, Dr. Thomas Cheatham, Mrs. Letitia Yeager. 

Organizations 63 



Hypatia, an honorary organization, is composed of 
Samford women in their senior year of studies. These 
women excel in scholarship, leadership, and service. 

Hypatia members are: Row 1: Gwenn Sovvell, Susan Ferguson Brown, 
Marilyn Bollinger, Nancy Goodhue, Kalhy Smith, Sally White. Row 2: 

Beverly Sutley, Ann Mintz, Ellen Wood, Brenda Crump, Debbie Har- 
rison Roy, Elizabeth Douglas, Bronwyn Hand, Glenda Allen, Tricia 
Elgin, Becca Jones, Mrs. Mary Washington, Faculty Advisor. 



:>micRon delta. kappa 

)micron Delta Kappa members are: Row 1: David Duke, Bradley 
tennis, Danny Martin, Steve Aycock, Steve Cagle, Allen Murphy, 
iary Pears. Row 2: Mark Reed, Mike Carlson, Bob Banks, Mike Mur- 
hy, Mark Barnard, Darryl Wood, Arnold Mooney. 

Omicron Delta Kappa is a national honorary fraternity 
whose members are junior and senior men. Noted for 
their leadership and scholarship, the men are inducted 
into the organization in the spring. 

56RVlCe QUllO 

Service Guild members are: Row 1: Gayle Shackleford, Martha How- 
?rd, Susie Sirles. Row 2: Robin Rowden, Molly Faulk, Elizabeth Doug- 
as, Mrs. Margaret Sizemore, Faculty Advisor; Sheri Segrest, Lenore 
vlorsworthy, Nancy Hamby. 

The Service Guild, composed of outstanding women 
at Samford, serves as hostesses at campus functions and 
welcomes, distinguished visitors to Birmingham. 


Ministerial Association members are: Row 1: Craig Singleton, Mike 
Rhodes, Carl Bush, Mark Stokes, Mike McGinnis, Stanley Bates, James 
Davis, Mike McMichen, Alan Black, Bob Duvall, Joe Legg. Row 2: 
Junior Murray, Roy Sanford, Brad McLaine, Mason Beale, Vice-Presi- 
dent; Rick Carpenter, Gary Love, Mike Lewis, Tommy Graves, Ronny 
Hicks, Bud Swindle, Haywood Armstrong, Ralph Jones. Row 3: J. G. 

Cramer, Mike Brooks, Luther Foreman, David Wilson, Marc Limbaugh, 
Bill Cain, George Stone, Jerry Dearmond, John Roberts, Wayne Ethe- 
ridge, Darryl Wood, Secretary; Rick Johnson. Row 4: Grady Wade, 
Keith Fordham, President; Allen Murphy, Treasurer; Mitch Williams, 
Mike Sutton, Recreation Chairman; Rick Ousley, Rod Minor, Program 
Chairman, Chip Smith, John Perry. 


The Ministerial Association's members were the stu- 
dents studying at Samford for the ministry. At weekly 
meetings, the men learned from various speakers about 
some of the aspects of the ministry. Through the H-Day 
program, they were able to travel into the different 
counties of Alabama to preach at Sunday morning serv- 
ices in churches. 

66 Organizations 

The Religious Activities Council co-ordinated work in 
various mission fields in the Birmingham area. They in- 
troduced interested students to working at the Boys' 
and Girls' Industrial Schools and helped with tutoring 
sessions at elementary schools. The successful Christian 
Emphasis Week was co-sponsored by the RAC. 

Religious activities council 

Religious Activities Council members are: Mrs. 'Esther Burroughs, Paul 
Wheeler, James Wade, Carol Edwards, Becky Rogers, David Duke, 
Angela Golden, Joe Glaze, Allen Murphy. 

Organizations 67 

phi alpha theta 

Phi Alpha Theta is an honorary fraternity for students 
in social science. 

Phi Alpha Theta members are: Row 1 : Mrs. Fanna N. Bee, Grace Schul- 
te, Glenda Allen, Belinda Henry, Marilyn Bollinger, Nancy Goodhue. 

Row 2: ). D. Lancaster, David Whiteside, Dr. George Irons, Arnold 
Mooney, Dean Hugh C. Bailey, Dr. David Vess, Miss Carolyn Green. 

68 Organizations 

Pi Gamma Mu at Samford is one of the oldest nation- y\i /^ AfYltYl A tYli I 
al chapters of this social sciences honorary. j^M vjc\llllllv\ III LI 

Pi Gamma Mu members are: Row 1: Belinda Henry, Grace Schulte, 
Glenda Allen, Marilyn Bollinger, Nancy Goodhue, John McCullough, 

J. D. Lancaster. Row 2: Mrs. Fanna N. Bee, Dean Hugh C. Bailey, 
Dr. George V. Irons, Miss Carolyn Green, David Whiteside, Jesse E. 
Sprayberry, Dr. David Vess, Rick Carpenter, Dr. W. J. Duncan. 

Organizations 69 

Sigma Tau Delta is an honorary organization for all 
English majors and minors. Its purpose is to promote 
excellence in the area of English. 

Sigma tau deLta 

Sigma Tau Delta members are: Row 1: Nancy NeSmith, Sharon Brooks, 
Kathy Collins, Carol Green, Tricia Elgin. Row 2: Dr. Charles Work- 
man, Samuel Mitchell, Mary Nolan, Becca Jones, Jamie Miller, Mrs. 
Martha Brown, Dr. Margaret Brodnax, Dr. Austin C. Dobbins. 

70 Organizations 


panish cLub 

The Spanish Club is open to all interested students. 
It's purpose is informative, as meetings are held for the 
purpose of listening to speakers and specialists in the 

Spanish Club members are: Row 1: Alisa Boone, Ann Adams, Teresa 
Vacca, Joyce Hughey, Lynn Bush, Jerry Armor, Pete McCluskey, Greg 
Bearden. Row 2: Susan Whitlock, Bill Riddle, Jimmy DeLupp, Dale 
Skelton, Horace Kimbrel, Bill Goodman. Row 3: Mrs. Myralyn All- 

good, Advisor; Debbie Sorrick, Kathryn Solomon, Becca Jones, Dot 
Fowler, Tina Gantt, Judy Malone, Terry Arantz, Cathy Chandler, Shar- 
on Brown, Kathryn Brand, Suzanne Spain, Becky Jordan, Jon Terry, 
Pam Kendrick, Sharon Taylor. 

Organizations 71 

The Student National Education Association was com- 
posed of students in the field of education. To promote 
improved preparation for prospective teachers, the mem- 
bers worked closely with Samford's Education Depart- 
ment and visiting educators from various universities. 

student national 
education association 

SNEA members are: Row 1: Melynda Reaves, Diana Moore, Sharon 
Guest, Donna Garrett, Alice Pittman, Debbie Henton, Belinda Henry, 
Sheila Davis, Pam Collins. Row 2: Marsha Smith, John Swiney, Dr. 
John Carver, Nancy NeSmith, Jamie Miller, Barbara Kimmons, Tova 
Schneider, Kathy Kuykendall. 





72 Organizations 


Phi Alpha Delta officers are: David Barber, Hal Ferguson, Tom Tur- 
ner, Miss Ann Adams, Wayne Thorne, Hal McDonald. 

phi alpha ftelta 

Phi Alpha Delta is one of four fraternities at Cumber- 
land School of Law on Samford University campus. It 
initiates Freshmen law students on the basis of their 
scholastic averages. 

Organizations 73 


The 1971-1972 SGA Executive Council members are: |im Hart, Trea- 
surer; Joy Gooch, Vice-President; Ben Armistead, President; Becky 
Dunn, Secretary. 

student Qovepnment association 

Members of the Senate convene at regular meetings to regulate Sam- 
ford politics and the student organization. 




74 Organizations 


Junior Class Senators are: Row 1: Nancy NeSmith, Steve Cagle, Mark 
Barnard. Row 2: Arnold Mooney, Class President; Mike Murphy. 

Sophomore Class Senators are: Row 1: Sheri Segrest, Class President 
Fan Price. Row 2: David Chestnut, Donovan Harris. 

Not pictured are: Senior Class Senators: Buddy Howorth, Ellen Wood, 
David Anderson, Tricia Elgin, Nita Satterfield, Rose Godsey. Freshman 
Class Senators: Melissa Crockett, Elise DeCarlo, Bruce Hall. 

Pharmacy Senator is: Pat Barlow. 

Organizations 75 

ClASS officeps 


Junior Class Officers are: Pam Lowery, Treasurer; Cathy Bradley, Sec- 
retary; Mary Lynn Hartselle, Vice-President; Arnold Mooney, President. 

Freshman Class Officers are: Melissa Crockett, Senator; Scott Payne, 
President. Not pictured: David Dykes, Vice-President; Cindy String- 
fellow, Secretary; Karen Smith, Treasurer. 


Sophomore Class Officers are: Becky Rodgers, Treasurer; Sheri Se- 
grest, President; Andrea Kornegay, Vice-President; Sue Hurst, Secre- 

Not pictured are: Senior Class Officers: Bob Smith, President; Judy 
Lambeth, Vice-President; Ron Hankins, Secretary; Barbara Hall, Trea- 

76 Organizations 

sqa livens chRistnus spiRit 

CI.,- I 

\)i < nmlioi)^ 



SCA provides tree and festive spirit in Robert's Cafeteria during 

Samford Freshmen attend their first SGA party and learn about Christ- 
mas at Samford. 

Organizations 11 

Alpha kappa psi 

Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Omega Chapter is one of the 
oldest and largest chapters of this national business 
honorary for men. It was established to promote re- 
search and excellence in the field of business. 

Alpha Kappa Psi members are: Row 1: Henry Burge, David Ander- 
son, John Coombs, Bill Watson, Tom Lawson, Martin Borland, George 
Montgomery. Row 2: Sam Hall, Bobby Horton, Earl Taylor, George 

Beersdorf, John Swisher, Jim Stephens, Dan Smalley, David Patterson, 
Barry Vaughn, Mike Smith, Carlo Diliberto, Jerry Defoor, Ben Machen, 
David East, Jerry Thomas, David Mason. Row 3: Robert Ellis, Charles 
Miles, Garve Ivey, Tom McCain, Jim Hart. 


Phi Chi Theta is a business honorary established for 
women business majors. It bonds businesswomen to- 
gether in their chosen field. Women entering secretarial 
work, managerial work, or other areas of business are 
eligible for membership. 

phi chi theta 

Phi Chi Theta members are: Row 1: Dawn Nunnally, Rebecca Jones, 
Sharon Doster, Debbie Brown. Row 2: Carolyn Lipscomb, Eunice 


The charter group of the Samford University chapter 
of the Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Fraternity was installed 
in April of 1972. The charter group was composed of 
faculty members already in Phi Kappa Phi, of those in 

Phi Beta Kappa, the deans of each school, the academic 
vice president, Dr. Leslie S. Wright, and Chancellor Har- 
well G. Davis. 

m i 


Charter members of Phi Kappa Phi Honorary are: Row 1: Chancellor 
Harwell G. Davis, Dr. Leslie S. Wright, President of Samford Univer- 
sity; Dr. John McDow, University of Tennessee, Installing Officer. Row 
2: Mrs. Frances Hamilton, Mrs. Sandra Bearden, Dr. Melvin W. Smith, 
Dr. James Brown, Dr. Perry Morton. Row 3: Dr. Joseph L. King, Miss 

phi kappa phi 

Avalee Willoughby, Mrs. Sarah Glass, Mrs. Mary Washington, Miss 
Mary Elizabeth Forman. Row 4: Dr. Lee N. Allen, Dr. William D. 
Geer, Dr. George V. Irons, Dr. Wheeler Hawley, Mrs. Marilyn Morton, 
Mrs. Carolyn Rhea, Dr. Claude Rhea, Dr. Harry Tibbs, Dr. James New- 
man, Dr. John Wintter. Row 5: Dr. Ben Chastain, Dr. Alto Garner, 
Dr. Ruric Wheeler, Dean Arthur Weeks. 

1972 faculty and senior initiates of Phi Kappa Phi are: Row 1: Sarah 
Elizabeth Douglas, Jane Hogue Bruckmeier, Pamela Sue Evans, Ellen 
Glenn Wood, Belinda Lou Henry, Susan Ferguson Brown, Molly Ann 
Faulk, Ann Lowell Mintz, Deborah Sue Harrison Roy. Row 2: Max D. 
Gartman, Daniel Ernest Martin, Dan Hall White, Stephen Wilson 

Shell, David Nelson Duke, James Arthur Brown, Jr., Eugene Mabry 
Lunceford, Earl Lunsford Taylor, Jr., Walter Rish Wood. Row 3: Dr. 
W.D. Peeples, Dr. Sigurd F. Bryan, F. Wilbur Helmbold, Dr. Mabry 
Lunceford, Dr. Arthur L. Walker, Jr., Dr. W.T. Edwards, E. Warren 
Smith, Richard Allen Hartley, Joseph Morris Brown, Jr. 


:.. - .->•■.:.- -'':,:■'.',■--'■'"■", i 

Sai&SW'! ff&**j*f??vjS 


' -■&,•. 

#, ■■" 



lntRamuRAls arc hiqhLy competitive 

IN Danny Martin runs with the ball as the HK^ try to block his 
swift progress. 

82 Sports 

Members of K A watch as Becky Whorton bumps the volleyball over 
the net to gain a point. 

Vail Hall volleyball team members prepare to volley the ball back 
over the net in an intramural game. 

Sports 83 

Samford University Varsity Cheerleaders are: Row 1: Becky Black, 
Teresa Johnson, Robin Rowden, Gayle Shackelford, Lenore Nors- 
worthy. Row 2: Lou Ramagli, Arnold Mooney, Mike Murphy. 

v^sity cheepLeaOeRS lift buLLOoq spmit 

Head Cheerleader Robin Rowden puts all her effort into helping 
lead the Samford Bulldogs to victory. 

84 Sports 

LEFT: Arnold Mooney leads Samford spectators in a yell for Bulldog 
victory. ABOVE: Leanna Howard and Becky Black jump with excite- 
ment over a Samford score. 

Varsity Cheerleader Teresa Johnson leads as the Bulldogs fly onto 
the field for warm-up practice. 

Sports 85 

Above: During a rest period, some of the cheerleaders try to under- 
stand the complicated game of football. Right: But the Frosh Cheerers 
enjoy the aspect of the game with which they are familiar, cheering. 

Freshmen Cheerleaders are: Row 1: Robin Cottrell, Donna Bush, 
Terri Arantz, Mary Lou Tutwiler, Connie Regapoulos. Row 2: Lois 
Thurmer, Lynn Eaton, Mary Katherine McRae, Dottie Cole. 

86 Sports 

Head Coach Wayne Grubb leads Samford Bulldogs in victories. 

coaching staff Leads 
samfopo buLLooqs 

The Samford coaching staff includes: Row 1: Head Coach Wayne 
Grubb. Row 2: Assistant Coaches: Wayland Elliott, Rochard Wood, 
Bill Baker, John Paty, Bill Hyde, John Grubb. 

Sports 87 

Left: Bulldog Mike Cobb, escaping all lacklers, runs for a firsl down ence Lion. Right: Samford's defense team stops Newberry cold with 

against Florence. Center: Samford's Dick Taylor brings down a Flor- a score of 21-0. 

Bulldogs smash floRence, newBeRRy 

On a pass play, Bulldog Charles Clanton scores against Newberry. 



Quarterback Shorty Trammell completes his pass successfully. 

Bulldog Steve Parker is ready to smash Samford opponents. 

Below: Bill Hawkins splits the uprights for the extra point for SU. 

Flanker Charles Clanton receives the pass and runs for the touch- 


Samford Bulldogs run over Millsaps at Homecoming 1971. 

90 Sports 

buLLooqs stomp miLLsaps 33-0 

Teammates celebrate after Jimmy Nipper's TD against Millsaps. 


elow: Walter McCoy, #42, runs against Millsaps. 

Above: Bulldog George Diaz kills a Millsaps Man. 

iBT JKIaSf '■& 




Samford's Jimmy Nipper passes successfully to Wayne Leathers. 

Sports 91 

Samford University Basketball Team members are: Row 1: Randy 
Brown, Laymon Williamson, Jim Penna, Captain; Mike Walker, Terry 

Holliman. Row 2: Head Coach Van Washer, Randy Long, Ralph Thomp- 
son, Roger Martin, Randy Morgan, George Shearin, Otha Mitchell, 
Herb Luker, Assistant Coach Carl Taylor. 


|C 1 

' 2- 


Basketball Coaches are: )erry Ryan, Van Washer, Head Coach; Carl 

92 Sports 

Above: Coach Van Washer instructs basketball players in midgame 
strategy. Below: Samford's favorite Bulldog, Tom Mcintosh, builds 
spirit at all basketball games. 



BUlLOOQ SpiRIt Rises 

in BASketBAll season 

Above: Spectator spirit is fierce at every basketball game through- 
out the year. Below: Team member Dwyane Barnett and the floor 
seem to have a certain affinity for one another. 

Sports 93 

Left: Herb Luker, #54, rebounds against Oglethorpe. Center: Again, Alabama. Right: Bulldog Luker jumps high against his opponent for 

Luker goes high and retrieves the ball for Samford, against South a tip. 

BASketBALL stARs highlight games 

Team captain Jim Penna, using a shot from the corner, his best shot, 
puts in two for the Bulldogs. 

Penna, #12, goes high on the jump and guns the ball for the Sam- 
ford Bulldogs. 

Al Walter goes hard and fast against Hardin-Simmons. 

Al Walter jumps against a Cowboy for the ball. 

walteR, Williamson jump high foR goals 

Left: Starter Laymon Williamson flies high for the rebound. Center: 
Williamson scores two for Samford Bulldogs. Right: Williamson goes 

high for a shot, one of 476 out of 23 games played for the Bulldogs. 

Above: Terry Holiman rounds an opponent to go for a goal. Right: 
Randy Morgan stands tall to shoot for a basket. 

96 Sports 

;u tennis team pARA6es nonops 

Samford University Tennis Team members are: Row 1: Gary Pears, 
Charles Owens, Joe Kelly, Turner Ragsdale. Row 2: Coach Max Gart- 
man, David Harris, Joel Bailey, Claude Wood. 

Sports 97 

Charlie Owens is Samford's highest-ranking athlete. 

chaRlie owens Ranks 19 in usto 

98 Sports 

Above: Charlie Owens and Joe Kelly display tennis trophy. Below: 
i Coach Max Gartman instructs team members individually. 

Sports 99 

100 Sports 




: :H 


<0lP : - 




. .;,■>■ 



J, ::, 


€ .&-4 ; ^. 




H : 





: 4fcs*f£ 




sampoRd Beauty 
is cRowned 


iss entce nous pam towepy 

Beauties 105 

First Alternate 

Best Dressed in Evening Wear 

miss nuRtha how a 

106 Beauties 


miss BRenOa Roe 

Second Alternate 

Beauties 107 

miss caroL Adams 

4 «2 







miss panSy aqnew 



['» 31 rl 7 






110 Beauties 

miss Becky BUck 



miss nancy haniBy 


i i 

4 * 








miss Linda kay spapks 

Most Photogenic 

Beauties 113 

! *# -* 

■ # 

Best Dressed in Sportswear 

114 Beauties 



iss wanto ROBinson 

ntRe nous uvoRites 

Andrea Kornegay 

Sherry McClure 

Claudia Rawls 

Mary Nell Wilkes 

Beauties 117 



Carol Vines 

Pamela Wentworth 

Beauties 119 

mn. and miss samfopd 
finalists ape chosen 

Right: Guitarist David Dykes entertains the viewers at the Mr. and 
Miss Samford Pageant. Below: Finalists in the Pageant are: Row 1: Miss 
Debbie Fulton, Miss Jan Cook, Miss Pam Lowery, Miss Susan Blevins, 
Miss Elizabeth Douglas. Row 2: David Duke, Mike Cobb, Rod Minor, 
Gene Luceford, Ron Drummonds. 


Miss Carolyn Green presents Samford's gifts to Miss Samford. 

qeoRQia Beauty is CROwned miss samfoRd 

Miss Debbie Fulton receives the roses and robe of Miss Samford. 

Honors 121 

Pam Lovvrey, First Runner Up, and Debbie Fulton congratulate one 
another on their success. 

students vote foR samfoRO favoRites 

Ron Drummond of Cumberland School of Law and Miss Debbie 
Fulton receive honors as Mr. and Miss Samford 1972. 

122 Honors 

Friendliest Professors are Dr. W. M. Howell and Miss Carolyn Green; 
Miss Debbie Fulton and Buddy Howorth are Friendliest Students. 

fRienoLiest pROfesscms, students arc chosen 

Friendliest Students show excitement over the honor. 



Honors 123 

Benjamin Carter Armistead 

President, Student Government Association 

thmty two students arc chosen as who's 

Miss Glenda Jane Allen 
President, Panhellenic 

Thomas Liddell Alford 
President, Inter-Fraternity Council 

Miss Malinda Susan Blevins 
President, Chi Omega 

George Henry Cartwright 
Editor, CRIMSON 

who in ameRican colleges and univeRSities 

Miss Sarah Elizabeth Douglas 
Phi Mil 

David Nelson Duke 
Religious Activities Council 
Phi Kappa Phi 

Miss Rebecca Anita Dunn 

Student National Education Association 

Joseph Edgar Glaze 

President, Religious Activities Counci 

out standing students take honops 

Miss Nancy Goodhue 
Religious Activities Council 

Miss Martha Elaine Goodwin 
Zeta Tau Alpha 

Miss Deborah Sue Harrison 
Alpha Delta Pi 

Miss Rebecca Ellis Jennings 
Chi Omega 


Terrell Lee Jackson 
Samford Football 

Miss Judith Anne Lambeth 
President, Zeta Tau Alpha 

Honors 127 

Milton Charles Lovelady 
Religious Activities Council 

Eugene Mabry Lunceford 
President, Sigma Nu 

who's who memBeRS ape spotLiqhteo 

Daniel Ernest Martin 
Sigma Nu 

Miss Gwynne Sowell 
Chi Omega 


diss Linda Kay Sparks 

vliss Margaret Elizabeth Stephenson 
Delta Omicron 

Who's Who members not pictured are: Richard 
Gordon Allen, Ralph Anderson, James Michael 
Cobb, Charles Wade Gilliland, Miss Joy Ellen 
Gooch, James Lawrence Hart, James M. Putnam, 
Robert Allen Smith, Miss Betty Stokes, John King 

Miss Anne Parker Weaver 
Phi Mu 

Honors 129 










:' ,: /: ; ^-^wl: 




%JU : 




SAmpoRd pRateRnmes 
eLect Reppesentatives 

Samford Inter-Fraternity Council members are: Row 1: Phil Tyler, £ N; 
Tim Delaney,nKA; Gary Shank,n K<I>: Mark Smith, AXA. Row 2: 
Jon Terry, £ N ; Allen Speaker,nKA; Jim Stevens, IlK<I>; Mike Mur- 
phy, AXA. 

Above: Panhellenic representatives are: Row 1: Brenda Roe, <t> M ; 
Lynn Taylor, A Z ; Susan Wanninger, K A . Ro2: Annelle Bagley, 
ZTA: Carol Edwards, AATl; Gayle Shackleford, X il ; Miss Martha 
Ann Cox, Director of Women's Programs. Below: Lambda Chi Alpha 
Sisters of the Crescent are: Row 1: Virginia Dobbins, Pamela Went- 
worth, Tina Cantt, Georgia Flemming, Carol Adams, Bee Chapman, 
Katrina Godwin, Lynn Parham. Row 2: Debbie Northcutt, Signa Paulk, 
Toni Bullock, Anna Rodgers, Linda Cole, Lisa Johnson, Terri Hatha- 
way, Lynn Taylor, Judy Robinson. 





AAITs Martha Edwards and Martha Howard show Rushee Melissa 
Crockett into their animated Doll House. Showgirl Lynn Taylor intro- 
duces Carol Donaldson to * A Z on Broadway." Southern Lady Eliz- 

abeth Douglas discusses the <I> M Southern Plantation with Signa 
Paulk. Karen Fowler quickly learns about X 11 S Train Ride from 
Pat Pervis and Melinda Eubanks. 

Debbie Brunson lights the candles at the entrance to "KA Hades" 
as Rushee Susan Sheppard looks on. Linda Moore Anderson beckons 
Vicki Shaffer into Z T A 's Summer Picnic. 

soRORities entectAin 
fpeshmen pushees 

Samford's week of Rush, prior to the first week of 
classes in the fall, began with a meeting of all Rushees 
and sorority presidents. The first day of parties was set 
aside for Ice Water Teas, during which the girls took a 
first look at sororities. Each of the successive parties 
was held at night, with each sorority presenting two 
separate Theme Parties and finally a Preferential Party. 
At the end of the week, the girls chose a sorority, with 
hopes of becoming a Greek. After bids were received, 
each sorority held pledging of the fall 1971 Pledge 


Greeks 133 

QReeks buiLo homecoming dispUys 

Above: Phi Mu lakes First Place in the Sorority Division with the best Below: The 1971 Homecoming goal of Chi Omega, "Sew Up the 

Homecoming display and winning goal in 1971. Majors," places second in the Sorority Division. 



Above: In the Fraternity Division, Lambda Chi Alpha, with the "Bull- 
dogs Overcome Major Obstacles," win First Place. 

Below: Sigma Nu's "Wipe the Saps" off the field with their second 
place winnyig display among the fraternities. 

Greeks 135 

active QReeks p^Rticipate 

Rodney Dennis, John McCullough, Zipper Floyd, and Jeff Johns, along 
with Greeks all over campus, hurriedly make last-minute preparations 
for Homecoming displays. 

Mike Murphy and Keith Roland try their hand at cooking in the AXA 
Hamburger Stand during the BSU Carnival. 

Greeks Nancy NeSmith, David Anderson, and Camilla Brown are ac- 
tive members of Samford's Student Government Association. 

136 Greeks 

in ALL aspects of samfoRd Life 

Signa Paulk and Janie Spencer put hours of work into Chi Omega's 
Homecoming display. Alpha Delta Pi Barbara Hall, like many other 

Greeks, attends the K-Ettes Bridal Show. Delta Zeta's Jill Wilson and 
Cheri McDonald participate in the Greek intramural programs. 

From the beginning of the year, Greeks were active 
in all aspects of life at Samford. Because of rush, the 
girls in sororities were among the first to arrive at 
school. After classes started, time flew until Homecom- 
ing arrived, and Greeks worked at all hours on displays. 
Greeks won in Samford beauty pageants, scholastic 
awards, and were known by all as diligent workers. 
During Step-Sing, they could be heard practicing songs 
and steps at almost any time. Throughout the year, 
Samford Greeks were on the go. 

Greeks 137 

qpeeks win in step-sing 1972 

Above: Chi Omega's, portraying little girls and boys, remain deter- 
mined not to grow up. Singing such songs as "I'm Five," they win 
First Place in the Sorority Division. 

Below: The Pi Kappa Phi's capture the attention of the Step-Sing 
audience and First Place in the Fraternity Division by singing a med- 
ley of songs from "Music Throughout History." 

Above: In the Fraternity Division, Sigma Nu wins Second Place with 
songs from the "Haywagon Days" of our early eighteenth-century 
American culture. 

Below: As little Shirley Temple, Phi Mu's sing their way into the 
hearts of the members of the audience and win the Second Place 
honors in the Sorority Division in Step-Sing 1972. 

QReeks nolo election 

- ■ . 

¥ ^ 

Creeks honor Goddess Robin Rowden and God Joel Bailey. 

140 Greeks 

Mary Lynn Hartselle and David Anderson are runners-up in the election. 

Every spring Greeks have held their Greek God and 
Goddess election. This year the election was held in 
conjunction with Greek Days, during which fraternity 
and sorority members competed in athletic events, at- 
tended a coffeehouse sponsored by Panhellenic, and 
met other Greeks. Each fraternity and sorority chose 
representatives to enter the election, and Greeks turned 
out to vote, honoring Robin Rowden as Greek Goddess 
and Joel Bailey as Greek God of 1972. 

Greeks I4l 

142 Greeks 

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority members are: Clockweise: Lynn Bush, Lynn 
Eaton, Anne Russell, Carol Wilson, Pam Lowery, Jan Wilson, Nancy 
Mullinax, Nancy Hamby, Marilyn Cox, Carol Edwards, Jane Wilson, 
Alice Browder, Becky Boles, Teresa Johnson, Carol Williams, Robyn 
Lewis, Vicky Mein, Kathy Davis, Mary Joyce Holiday, Susan Hoffman, 
Susan Francis, Marie Olden, Kay Woody, Barbara Hall. Row 1: Amy 
Williams, Phoebe Donald, Martha Howard, Lynn Caskin, Susan San- 
ders, Kathy Street, Carol Barnes, Terri Fitzpatrick. 

Greeks 143 


Chi Omega Sorority members are: Row 1: Anna Rodgers, Kathi Eudy, 
Lynette Hill, Patti Weaver, Janie Spencer, Cathy Chandler, Carol Ad- 
ams, Gayle Shackleford. Row 2: Janet Okin, Pam Solmon, Karen 
Powell, Toni Bullock, Susan Gates, Lois Thurmer, Claudia Rawls, Ruth 
Pippin, Helen Gather. Row 3: Debbie Roden, Katrina Godwin, Jan 
Adamson, Tina Gantt, Laura Burch, Terri Arantz, Becky Black, Robin 
Rowden, Melinda McCoy, Susan Blevins, Jennie Shank. Row 4: Donnie 
Beasley, Debbie Jones, Sallie Bryan, Signa Paulk, Marcia Sowell, Becky 
Jennings, Pat Pervis, Eddie Miller, Sherry Chilton, Brenda Blackshear. 

144 Greeks 

Creeks 145 

146 Greeks 


Delta Zeta Sorority members are: Row 1: Mary Bee Duncan, Lynn 
Taylor, Becky Britton, Cathy Bradley, Sandy Smith, Sandy Gentle, 
Cyndi King. Row 2: Pat Barlow, Nancy Alford, Jill Wilson, Jennifer 
Cox, Monnie Locklin, Man David Gartman, 1971 Pledge Sweetheart 
Jim McCulley, Janice Elrod, Sherra Dailey, Nancy NeSmith. Row 3: 
Virginia Dobbins, Cheri McDonald, Susan Mease, Jill Johnson, Jane 
Proctor. Row 4: Stephanie Judge, Debbie Sorrick, Beth Chapman, 
Betsy DeVan, Jamie Miller, Cathy Mileski. 

Greeks 147 

Kappa Delta Sorority members are: Row 1: Susan Wanninger, Becky 
Stone, Ellen Wood, Carold Donaldson, Sharon Taylor, Helen Daniels, 
Lemoyne Downing, Babs Blass, Sharon Davis, Gretchen Hunecke, Joy 
Jarrard, Carlene Evans. Row 2: Becky Whorton, Ann Tucker, Nell 
Wilkes, Becky Smith, Karen Poss, Beverly Warren, Susan Whitlock, 
Nancy Hill, Brenda Crump, Susan Sheppard, Suzanne Holden, Lynn 
Parham, Rebecca Jones, Leigh Brooks, Wade Endsley, Ellen Shirley, 
Janet Wagner. Row 3: Lenore Hoppers, Gerene Henley, Donna Lay. 

148 Greeks 

Greeks 149 

150 Greeks 


Phi Mu Sorority members are: Row 1: Anne Weaver, Cathy Owens, 
Patsy Nichols, Dale Martin, Cindy Stringfellow, Donna Garrett, Cathy 
Jackson, Marsha Carlton, Karen Caldwell, Barbara Russell, Kyle Ellis, 
Becky Fadeley, Teresa Dukes, Vicki Shaffer, Alisa Boone, Donna Bush, 
Susan Huett. Row 2: Mark Reed, Melanie Roddam, Jane Binzel, Bren- 
da Roe, Karen Fowler, Glenda Allen, Rosemary Hamilton, Emily Pry- 
or, Pandy Agnew, Jeannie Johnson, Susie Sirles, Sandra Porch, Jane 
Prince, May Katherine McRae, Kathy Langstaff, Pamela Wentworth. 

Greeks 151 



Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority members are: Row 1: Shirley Wren, Connie 
Regapoulous, Sarah Bliss, Terri Hathaway, Esther Baker, Kay Coaker, 
Sylvia McArthur, Pam Nicholson, Mary K. Camby. Row 2: Jan Cook, 
Debbie Powell, Becca Jones, Mary Lynn Hartselle, Suzie Thomas, Bon- 
nie Burns, Pattie Johnson, Libby Potts, Sorority Sweetheart Arnold 
Mooney, Annelle Bagley, Pam Perry, Sue Hurst, Becky Rogers. Row 3: 
Melinda Howard, Judith Johnson, Kathy White, Glory Young, Camil- 
la Brown, Cathy Wyatt, Karen Smith, Andrea Kornegay, Jan Rudder, 
Linda Hunt, Martie Jones, Judy Lambeth, Shirley Jones, Lelia Hadley, 
Karen Starr, Deborah DeRieux, Melissa Crockett, Janice Jackson, Sherry 

152 Greeks 

Greeks 153 

154 Greeks 


Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity members are: Row 1: Law Lamar, Rick 
Johanson, Tom Barrett, Jim Hart. Row 2: B.C. Jones, Hiram Steven- 
son, Steve McDonald, Mac Husband, Mark Smith, Cam Maddox, Tom 
Gester. Row 3: Tom Ferguson, Charlie Miles, Ron Scott, Shawn Smith, 
Bill Youngblood, Blair Harrill, Mike Murphy. Row 4: David Denny, 
Brian Keith, John McRee, Danny Thetford, Dick Smith, Frank Johnson. 

Greeks 155 

Sigma Nu Fraternity members are: Row 1: Greg Price, Allen Downs, 
Gene Lunceford, Phil Tyler, Randy Brown, Roger Fritz, Bob Norman, 
Hank Nagem. Row 2: Randy Morgan, Andy White, Jon Terry, Hector 
Haithcock, Perry Woodruff, David Anderson. Row 3: Gary Pears, Mark 
Reed, Bob Hanks, Terry Gloor, Larry Cox, Tommy Odom, Ron Ken- 
dall, David Chestnut, Bob Ingram, John Harrison, Bob Quinn, Don 
Owens, Joe Carlton, Wayne Randall, Paul Nola, Bill Riddle, Tim Up- 
ton, Steve Lind. 

156 Greeks 



Greeks 157 


158 Greeks 


II K* 

( ( ( ( ( mWL 


Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity members are: Row 1: Mike Little, Steve Murp- 
hree, Billy Ross, Tom Walker, Gary Shank, Bob Walden, Moultrie Ses- 
sions, Tommy Alford. Row 2: Jim House, Bill Snelling, Max McBrayer, 
Erly Garner, Rodney Dennis, Bruce Davis, David Davis, Jim Stevens, 
Garve Ivey. Row 3: Tommy Armstrong, Don Winslett, Wyatt Pope, 
John McCullough, Peck Garner, Bradley Dennis, Barry Vaughn, Bill 
Hawkins, David Bean, David Dennis, Bill Stark, Zipper Floyd, Wade 
Robinson, Ben Machen, Gary Dennis. 

Greeks 159 



Pi Kappa Alpha members are: Row 1: John Cronenberg, Steve Craw- 
ford, Rodney Sharp, Paul Phillips, Fred Beason, Charlie Owens, Joel 
Bailey, Sweetheart Robin Rowden, Stan DeWitt, Pat Crowe, Tom 
Carradine. Row 2: Oavid Jackson, David Denny, Ken Quattlebaum, 
Tim Delaney, Joey York, Joe Propst, Jim Putnam, Bobby Reynolds, 
Stuart Sims, Shirley Duncan, Turner Ragsdale, David Winchester. 

160 Greeks 


i IP 


* Mm 



,^ : -' 





ppesioent of 

Dr. Wright speaks at the Alabama Baptist State Convention. 

Dr. Wright discusses the French theme of the 1973 Festival 
of Arts with Monsieur Jean-Jacques French Peyronnet, consul 
from New Orleans, and Monsieur Jean Pettinelli, cultural at- 
tache to the consul. 

The President with his family; Row 1: Dr. Wright, Millie Kay Wright, 
Mrs. Wright, Leslie Stephen Wright III. Row 2: John King Wright, 
Mrs. John Wright, Mrs. Leslie S. Wright, Jr., Leslie S. Wright, Jr. 

164 Administration 

sampOR6 univepsity 

Dr. Leslie S. Wright 

Dr. Wright celebrates Mrs. Wright's birthday with Roy D. Hickman, 
president of Rotary International, Mrs. Hickman, and Frank Spain, 
former president of Rotary International, all of Birmingham. Dr. 
Wright served during 1971-72 as Governor of Rotary International, 
District 686. 

Administration 165 




Major Harwell C. Davis 

Row 1: Ben Harrison, Judge Hobart H. Grooms, James A. Head, Mrs. 
Clarence Rice, J. Orlando Ogle, Dr. Frank Slitt, Dr. Lamar Jackson, 
Selden Sheffield, Dr. H. Grady Ketchum, Frank P. Samford. Row 2: 
C.W. Gross, Ben B. Brown, Gerow Hodges, Mrs. S.E. Upchurch, Major 
W. Espy, Milton Brooks, Harry B. Brock, John Will Gay, Judge James 

H. Crow, Jr., Arthur Mead, Dr. Leslie S. Wright, Major Harwell G. Da- 
vis. Row 3: Dr. George E. Bagley, Executive Secretary-Treasurer, Ala- 
bama Baptist State Convention; R. J. Stockham, Judge J. Theodore 
Jackson, B. Roper Dial, Rev. Walter Nunn, Clarence Gardner, Dr. 
Oscar A. Davis, Frank Hardy, James C. Stivender. 

166 Administration 


Dr. Ruric E. Wheeler 

Vice President for Academic Affairs 

vice pResidents 

H. Evan Zeiger 

Vice President for Financial Affairs 

Dr. Arthur L. Walker, Jr. 

Vice President for Administrative Affairs 

Dr. Peter W. Weston 

Vice President for Development and University Relations 

Administration 167 



H. Lindy Martin 

Dean, Division of Student Services 

Dr. W.T. Edwards 
University Chaplain 

Dr. lames H. Newman 

Assistant to the President for Institutional Planning and Research. 

168 Administration 

Mrs. Margaret D. Sizemore 

Assistant to the President for Community Relations 

Dr. Louis C. Guenther 

F.Wilbur Helmbold 
University Librarian 

Administration 169 

administRAtive staff 




■ 1 4 


k < " 



^H^ ^ 

Lewis E. Arnold 

Director of Photographic Services 

Edwin Thomas Cleveland 

Director of Financial Aids and Freshman Counseling 

Martha Ann Cox 

Director of Women's Programs 

170 Administration 

Joseph C. Daniel 

Director of Student Activities 

Mary Nell Frazier 

Manager of Student Accounts Office 

Billy T. Gamble 
Superintendent of Physical Plant 

Administration 171 

A. Wayne Harrison 
Purchasing Agent 

George H. Jackson 

Director of Extension Division 

John L. McCormick 
Director of Development 

172 Administration 

William N. Nunnelley 

Director of Information Services 


C. Lynn Phillips 
Admissions Counselor 

Neil A. Shepherd 

Admissions and Development Counselor 

Administration 173 

Richard V. Swindle 
Director of Recruiting 

Charles T. Taylor 
Director of Men's Housing 

Robert E. Trimble 

Director of Computer Services 

174 Administration 

Miry Frances Tucker 
Manager of Alumni Services 

Jean B. Vess 
Assistant Registrar 

Michael H. White 
University Controller 

Administration 175 

howapo college of apts and sciences 

division of health, 
physical education, 
and RecReation 

^-' m 


Dr. Hugh C. Bailey 


Miss Avalee Willoughby 
Acting Chairman of Division 

* - 

John T. Haywood, John Lee Armstrong, Miss Ramona Washburn. Not 
pictured: Miss Lela Anne Brewer. 

176 Faculty 

division of humanities 


Dr. Austin C. Dobbins 
Chairman of Division 
Head, Department of English 

oepaptment of art 

Dr. Lowell Cecil Vann, Head; Charles D. Hand, Mrs. La Neil L. Wilson. 
Not pictured: Mrs. Thelma W. Pritchett. 

Faculty 177 

department of enqLish 

Row 1: Mrs. Rachel Merrill, Mrs. Ann Harvey, Dr. Joseph Leonard 
King, Mrs. Martha P. Brown, Mrs. Frances W. Owens, Mrs. Frances 
W. Hill, Mrs. Paulina |. Powell, Dr. Margaret Brodnax. Row 2: Dr. 
Charles T. Workman, James L. Treadway, Samuel James Mitchell, Dr. 
Ray M. Atchison, Hilary Herbert Milton. 

oepaRtment of 
foReiqn Languages 

Eberhard Schachtsiek, Mrs. Allen B. Osgood, Dr. Wheeler Hawley, 
Head; Mrs. Myralyn F. Allgood, Mrs. Bernice C. Hirsch. Not pictured: 
Mrs. Helen Jackson, Mr. Max D. Gartman. 

178 Faculty 


depARtment of journalism 

Row 1: Richmond O. Brown, Head. Row 2: Mrs. Sandra A. Bearden, 
Everett Holle, Lewis E. Arnold. 

depaRtment of 
speech and 
oRanntic ARts 

;w\\\ \ Row 1: Mrs. Barbara Hunt. Row 2: Harold Lane Hunt, Head; Thomas 
Brad Bishop, Dr. Billy L. Harris. 

Faculty 179 

division of natuRAl sciences 

Dr. James H. Langston 

Chairman of Division 

Head, Department of Chemistry 

oepARtment of Biology 

Dr. William Mike Howell, Dr. Ellen W. McLaughlin, Dr. Tom E. Den- 
ton, Dr. Herbert A. McCullough, Head; Allan F. Hayse. 

180 Faculty 

oepaRtment of chemistRy 

Dr. James H. Haggard, Dr. Ben B. Chaslain, Dr. Jerry W. Barrett. 

department op 
mathematics ano 

Row 1: Dr. William D. Peeples, Head; Mrs. Mary L. Hudson, Mrs. 
Letitia Yeager. Row 2: Dr. Thomas J. Cheatham, George T. Crocker, 
Walter Sanders Bishop. 

Faculty 181 

depARtment op physics 

Dr. Wesley M. Roberds, Dr. Perry W. Morton, Head; Bernis O. Hannah. 

182 Faculty 

division of Religion 
and pniLosopny 

Dr. Vernon G. Davison 
Chairman of Division 

Row 1: Dr. Carl Whirley, Dr. Sigurd F. Bryan, Dr. W. Mabry Lunce- 
ford. Row 2: Dr. Rawdon Lee Gallman, Dr. Karen Randolph Joines, 
Dr. W.T. Edwards. 

Faculty 183 

division of social sciences 

Dr. David M. Vess 

Chairman of Division 

Head, Department of History and Political Science 

Director of the January Term. 

depARtment of histoRy 
an6 political, science 

Row 1: Miss Carolyn M. Green, Mrs. Mary M. Washington, Mrs. Fran- 
ces D. Hamilton, Dr. George V. Irons. Row 2: Dr. lames S. Brown, 
Jr., Dr. J. Wayne Flynt, Dr. Hugh Coleman Bailey, Dr. Lee N. Allen. 

184 Faculty 

department of 
home economics 

Mrs. Susan B. Boyd, Mrs. Dorothy O. Funderburke, Mrs. Charla Cotton. 

depaRtment of sociology 

Mrs. Sarah A. Glass, Dr. Henry E. White, Jr., Dr. Harry E. Dickinson, 
Dr. Roy S. Brigance, Head. 

Faculty 185 

QRAduate studies 

Dr. Lee N. Allen 

ReseRve ofpceR tRAininq corps 

Major James T. Kerr, Jr., 
MSG. James C. Tolbert. 

186 Faculty 

school, of Business 

Dr. William D. Geer 

Row 1: Dr. W. Jack Duncan, Mrs. Wynelle Jacks, Dr. Fred W. Hendon. 
Row 2: Dr. Kenneth E. Van Sise, Dr. Paul J.L. Schatz, Ralph E. Rozell, 
Dr. Melvin Smith, Ollie Powers. Not pictured: Dr. Everett C. Lemeron. 

Faculty 187 

school of Law 

Arthur A. Weeks 

Row 1: Edwin Leggett Sterne, Mrs. Mabel B. Fitch, William Frank 
Spencer, Mrs. Annette C. Dodd, Mrs. James L. Shores, Charles Dubose 
Cole. Row 2: Walter D. Sowa, Loren |ay Bullock, Donald E. Corley, 

Charles Edward Clark, T. Brad Bishop, Claude E. Bankester, Robert 
Adolf Riegert, lames Lewis Hughes, Jr., Raymond Paul Hutchens, Frank 
W. Donaldson. 

188 Faculty 


school of education 

Dr. Alto L. Garner 

Row 1: Dr. Frances T. Carter, Miss Mary Elizabeth Forman, Miss Mar- 
tha Ann Cox, Mrs. Sally R. Lamar. Row 2: Dr. Ira Fred Simmons, 

Monnie T. Cheves, Dr. Janice Teal, Dr. John, T. Carter, Dr. Ray Har- 
vey. Not pictured: Lelton B. Cobb. 

Faculty 189 

school op music 

Dr. Claude H. Rhea, Jr. 

Row 1: Dr. Paul M. Hall, Donald Ray Cornutl, Mrs. Marjorie G. Coker, 
Steve Nelson. Row 2: Bob L. Burroughs, Dr. Lonnie Gene Black, Randall 
Veazey, David Black, Mrs. Kathleen Martinson, Mrs. Betty Sue Shep- 

herd, Mrs. Eleanor O. Ousley, Mrs. Eva C. White, Richard Watson, 
Russell Hedger, Dr. Harry E. Tibbs. Not pictured: Witold Turkieiwicz, 
Miss Marilyn Ann Mayse. 

190 Faculty 




schooL of 

Dr. John Ernest Wintter 
Acting Dean 

Row 1: Tea Sam Roe, Dr. Stanley V. Susina, Dr. Jean Mead Dunbar, 
Donald L. Denney. Row 2: Neil A. Shepherd, John Witty Lovin. Not 

pictured: Charles D. Baird, Chauncey M. Felker, Charles M. King, Dr. 
Robert E. Miller, Chivers Richard Woodruff, Jr. 

Faculty 191 





senioR law class ofpceps 1972 

David Barber 

Cary Dozier 
S.B.A. Rep. 

senior Uw class 1972 

Anderson Jr., Paul 
Androski, Edward 
Austin, Robert 
Bailey, Richard 

Barker, Elliott 
Bean, Martin 
Bell, Richard 
Bowen Jr., William 

Briskman, Arthur 
Brogden, Robert 
Brunson, Kent 
Calhoun Jr., John 

194 Law Seniors 

Cater, Richard 
Clarke, Arthur 
Cleckler, Michael 
Coggin, Ted 

Cohn, Leslie 
Conger, James 
Cook, Mike 
Corbitt, Jack 

Cotten, Tucker 
Craig, Hughie 
Crowe, Robert 
Deason Jr., Marshal 

Oeneau, Irene 
Dillard Jr., Roger 
Dillard, Timothy 
Drummond, Ronald 

Elliott III, Rufus 
Fitzgerald, Arnold 
Ford, George 
Formby Jr., John 

Law Seniors 195 

Foster, Thomas 
Civhan, John 
Gordon, Ben 
Gracey Jr., Hugh 

Green, James 
Guest, William 
Halbrooks, William 
Hasty, William 

Hedge, Dennis 
Herrington, Leslie 
Hill, Carey 
Hodge, Wilson 

Hoffman Jr., Charles 
Hull Jr., Daniel 
Hurt, William 
Johnson Jr., Roy 

Keith, Parke 
Kendrick, Robert 
Lamont, Robert 
Lee, Henry 

196 Law Seniors 

Little Jr., Loyd 
Low, Vincent 
Lowery, Raymond 
Mansell, Barry 

McCarty, Shirley 
McClure, William 
Monroe, Roger 
Niezer, Charles 

Ohle, Robert 
Oldham Jr., Alfred 
Parvey, Allan 
Perry, Buddy 

Pilgrim, John 
Preefer, Jay 
Preefer, Richard 
Raymon, Edward 

Reddoch Jr., James 
Rehyansky, Joseph 
Rice, Benjamin 
Roedder, William 

Law Seniors 197 

Rollings, Harvey 
Rowe, Charles 
Rumsey III, Robert 
Russell, John 

Screws, John 
Sellers, Gene 
Sneed, Arnold 
Sobel, David 


Southern, John 
Starnes, Stan 
Sundheim Jr., Frederick 
Thomas, David 

Thornton, Stan 
Trawick, Donald 
Tucker, Gerome 
Turner, Thomas 

Vanassenderp, Ken 
Vaughan, Charles 
Weatherford, Jim 
White Jr., Henry 

198 Law Seniors 


Whittington, John 
Wiggins, David 
Wilkerson, Joseph 
Williams, Ted 

Wilmer, John 
Wood Jr., Fred 
Wright, John 
Zarzaur, Ben 

Law students acquire practice serving in Moot Court. 

Law Seniors 199 


Butler, Frances 
Caudle, David 
Chapdelain, Dana 
Cheves, Cecil 
Clary, John 
Cunningham, William 

Davis, James 
Farrior, James 
Hafner, Robert 
Hanson, Frieda 
Harrison, Donald 
Hiltbrand, Lance 

Hinkle, Anita 
Jones, Archie 
Mack, Stephen 

200 Underclassmen 





Marcus, Rick 
McAliley, Gary 
McCulley III, lames 
Miller, Jerome 
Royster, Stephen 
Roysler Jr., Theodore 

Shears, Jack 
Sheehan, Donald 
Vassallo, Joseph 
Welch, Richard 
Wilson, Jim 
Woodall, George 

The faculty expects intense research and concentration of each law student. 

Underclassmen 201 

school op 



schooL of 



George, Lekha 

Hours of studying are almost over for graduate and pharmacy students. 

Allen, Richard 
Barlow, Patricia 
Masingill, Mark 
McCain, Thomas 

McDonald, Joetta 
Stokes, Betty 
Weekley, Thomas 
Williamson, Daniel 

202 Seniors 


Armistead, Ben 
Atchison, Horace 
Barrett, Thomas 
Beiro, Patricia 

Blevins, Susan 
Bollinger, Marilyn 
Brooks, Vernie 
Brown, Susan 

Carpenter, Marion 
Carswell, Linda 
Cartwright, George 
Chambers, Michael 

Cobb, Mike 
Compton, Nelle 
Corbett, Sherry 
Cork, Anna 


Cottingham, Charlotte 
Crump, Brenda 
Daniel, Pairick 
Davis, Betty 

Davis, Karen 
Dawson, James 

Dearmond, Jerry 
Dickerson, Stanley 

Duke, David 
Dunn, Rebecca 

Elgin, Patricia 
Etheridge, Wayne 
Faison, Larry 
Faulk, Molly 

204 Seniors 


Fulton, Deborah 
Glaze, Joseph 
Goff, Deborah 
Gooch, Joy 

Green, Carol 
Hadder, Gale 
Hand, Bronwyn 
Hankins, Ron 

Harrison, Christy 
Hart, Virginia L. 
Herbst, Alan 
Higginbotham, Jerry 

Hillard, Freida 
Hillard, Larry 
Hinton, Deborah 
Hodges, James 

Houchens, Tom 
Howard, Roger 
Hughes, Richmond 
Jennings, Rebecca 

Seniors 205 

Jones, Rebecca A. 
Jones, Rebecca J. 
Kleeman, Carolyn 
Lambeth, Judy 

Lancaster, James 
Lipscomb, Carolyn 
Lunceford, Eugene 
Martin, Daniel 

Massey, Hazel 
McCullough, Karen 
McLaughlin, Joan 
Mileski, Catherine 

Mintz, Ann 
Moore, Diana 
Moore, Glenn 
Motley, Carol 

Neale, Mary 
Palmer, Joy 
Reaves, Melynda 
Richardson, Sandra 

206 Seniors 

One senior looks with expectation towards her 

Riddle, Jane 
Rivers, Cheryl 

Sahm, Charle 
Sanderson, Craig 

Sartain, Ronnie 
Schneider, Tova 
Schulte, Grace 
Seale, Benny 

Shaw, Gary 
Shears, Denice 
Shell, Stephen 
Sikes, David 

Sims, Barbara 
Sizemore, Joe 
Smith, Shirley 
Sowell, Gwynne 

Seniors 207 

Sprayberry, Jesse 
Stephenson, Margaret 
Sutley, Beverly 
Tanner, Dortha 





Bailey, Joel 
Baird, Kenneth 
Barrentine, Deborah 
Bates, Cheryl 
Bliss, Paul 

Boggarty, Harold 
Bradley, Catherine 
Brand, Kathleen 
Brasher, Robert 
Brooks, Michael 

Brown, Sharon 
Burge, Henry 
Busey, Darryl 
Cagle, Steve 
Carlton, Marsha 

Chambliss, )anet 
Cheek, Lynn 
Cheshire, Nancy 
Coffman, Tricia 
Collins, Kathryn 

Collins, Pamela 
Connelly, David 
Cook, Jan 
Daniels, Deborah 
Davis, Virginia 

DeWitt, Stan 
Dill, Richard 
Dobson, Catherine 
Duck, Nancy 
Evans, Kay 

Juniors 209 

Evans, Marione 
Evans, Pamela 
Ferguson, Robert 

Fowler, Dorothy 
Glaze, Van 
Golden, Angela 

Grimes, Portia 
Guest, Sharon 
Hamlet, Barbara 

Hanes, Danny 
Henley, Gerene 
Jackson, Andrea 
Jackson, Terrell 
Jones, Ralph 

Justinger, Brian 
King, David 
Kizzire, Thomas 
Landreth, James 
Langford, Dianne 

Lawson, Thomas 
Little, Mary 
Lowery, Pam 
Loy, Cecilia 
Lynn, James 

So natural. 


/ i 

210 Juniors 

McMichen, Mike 
Messermith, Ruth 
Miller, Jamie 

Mooney, Arnold 
Murphy, Mike 
Murphy, William 

NeSmith, Nancy 
Noland, Mary 
Perry, Michael 

Phillips, Paul 
Pittman, Alice 
Powell, Debbie 
Powell, Joseph 
Proctor, Jane 

Ramagli, Lou 
Ray, Rosalind 
Reed, Marion 
Reed, Mark 
Riddle, Dale 

Riddle, Gilda 
Roberts, Ronald 
Robertson, Jackson 
Sanford, Roy 
Schramm, Peggy 

Juniors 2 1 1 

Spruiell, Darlene 
Stewart, Linda 
Taylor, Pamela 
Terry, James 

Scurlock, Patsy 
Sirles, Susan 

Juniors say, "Let the world know, "We're number one. 

Thompson, Ellen 
Toothaker, James 
Vaughn, Mary 
Voelze, Hans 

White, Mary 
Wilder, Marsha 
Wood, Melba 
Wright, Diane 

212 Juniors 

Adernold, Patti 
Akers, Meredith 
Armstrong, Haywood 
Arnett, George 
Bagley, Annelle 

Bates, Stanley 
Begany, Bruce 
Bliss, Sarah 
Bolton, Rebecca 
Brooks, Daniel 

Brooks, Leigh 
Brooks, Sharon 
Brown, Camilla 
Brown, Charles 
Browning, James 

Cain, Billy 
Carroll, Floyd 
Carroll, Michael 
Chasteen, Richard 
Chestnut, David 

Corbitt, Ed 
Cox, Jennifer 
Craford, Robert 
Crews, Richard 
Davis, James 

Davis, Sheila 
Dennis, David 
Denson, Mary 
Donaldson, Carolyn 
Doster, Sharon 

Sophomores 213 

Downing, Lemoyen 
Duncan, Mary 
Elrod, Janice 
Fleming, Lila 
Garner, Debrough 

Gates, Susan 
Glaze, Betty 
Godwin, Rickey 
Goodman, William 
Hannaford, Tom 

Harris, James 
Harris, Marlin 
Hathaway, Terri 
Hayes, Rebecca 
Hazelgrove, Lynn 

Helmbold, Dale 
Holden, Suzanne 
House, James 
Howard, Melinda 
Howell, Susan 

He may be only one of many, but he's ours, our Sam ford Bulldog. 

Huey, Rebecca 
Hughey, Joyce 

Hunt, Linda 
Johnson, Melinda 

214 Sophomores 

Johnson, Pattie 
Jones, Rebecca 
Jones, Robert 
Karol, Vikki 
King, Cyndi 

Kornegay, Andrea 
Lawrence, Paul 
Lawrence, Santhia 
Lay, Donna 
Leslie, Linda 

Molay, Marietta 
Murray, Richard 
Nicholson, Pamela 
Noel, David 
Northcutt, Michael 

O'Neal, Sherilyn 
Ousley, Rick 
Parham, Jacquelyn 
Parker, Jim 
Parkman, Henry 

Sophomores 215 

Palton, Susan 
Porch, Sandra 
Preston, Frank 
Price, Denise 
Rogers, Rebecca 

Rooks, Michael 
Shackelford, Gayle 
Sheffield. Stephen 
Sherrill, Pam 
Shirley, Ellen 

Simmons, John 
Smith, Marsha 
Solomon, Pam 
Sowell, Marcia 
Starr, Karen 

Still, Nancy 
Suddath, David 
Swincy, John 
Taylor, Carolyn 
Taylor, Sharon 

Sophomores are reaching for a far-off star in Step-Sing 1972. 

216 Sophomores 

Terry, Jon 
Thomas, Elgin 
Tingle, Randall 
Todd, Samuel 
Tucker, Ann M. 

Tucker, Anne F. 
Underwood, Susan 
Vacca, Teresa 
Vickery, Christina 
Wade, Grady 


Nighttime Samford is the fairyland scene students rarely see. 

Walton, Douglas 
Wanninger, Susan 
Weeks, Douglas 
Whitt, Carol 
Whorton, Becky 

Wilks, Mary 
Williams, Horace 
Wren, Shirley 
Yarbrough, Darlene 
Youngstrom, Sue 

Sophomores 217 

Arantz, Terri 
Armor, Jerry 
Arnold, Deborah 
Badgett, Jane 
Baites, Rosemary 

Barnes, Jamie 
Beck, Velera 
Bell, Elizabeth 
Berg, Theresa 
Blankenship, Ronald 









Blass, Barbara 
Boggs, Rhonda 
Boland, Donna 
Bonner, Diane 
Bonne, Alisa 

Bower, Alice 
Brake, Lynn 
Braswell, Claude 
Breeden, Diane 
Bridges, Cindy 

Britton, Rebecca 
Browder, Alice 
Brown, Richard 
Bryan, Carol 
Bullington, Len 

Burton, James 
Bush, Donna 
Chandler, Cathy 
Childs, Staff 
Clanton, Jeffery 

218 Freshmen 


Claytor, Roy 
Cleary, John 
Cochran, Saleta 
Cole, Dottie 
Cole, Marijane 

Collins, John 
Cope, Bill 
Corley, Charles 
Crawley, Joy 
Crim, Amy 

Crockett, Melissa 

Crowe, Beth 

Strong winds raise kites and spirits for Samford Freshmen. 


Culver, Joseph 
Cumbie, Deborah 
Cutcliffe, James 
Davis, Mark 
Davis, Sharon 

Dean, David 
Dean, Dianne 
Dennis, Gary 
Dilks, Charles 
Donaldson, David 

Freshmen 219 

Doron, Rebecca 
Duke, Paul 
Dutton, Cornelia 
Dykes, David 
Echols, Sheralee 

Ellis, Kyle 
Epps, James 
Eudy, Kathi 
Evans, Carlene 
Fadely, Becky 

Ferguson, Robert 
Fowler, Karen 
Francis, Susan 
Garrard, David 
Gener, Charles 

Gentle, Sandra 
George, Greg 
Gilbert, Kathy 

Gold, Terry 
Gonzales, Celeste 
Goodhue, Beth 

Goodwin, Melba 
Grace, Randall 
Green, Dean 

Both Samford and its Freshmen build a future. 

220 Freshmen 

Griffin, Elizabeth 
Hadley, Lelia 
Hall, Charles 
Hall, Bruce 
Hames, Judy 

Hamilton, Rosemary 
Harrison, Janet 
Herndon, Cindi 
Herndon, Eleanor 
Hill, Lynette 

Holcombe, Jeannie 
Holladay, Joyce 
Holley, Marilyn 
Holsombech, Daniel 
Hoppers, Lenora 

Hough, Walter 
Howard, Robert 
Howard, Vicky 

Hunecke, Cretchen 
Hunter, Martha 
Ingersoll, Katherine 

Jackson, Kay 
Johns, Jackie 
Johnson, Frank 

Freshmen 221 

Johnson, Judith C. 
Johnson, Lisa L. 
Jones, Henry 
Jones, Marti 
Jones, Ronald V. 

Kennedy, Sharon 
Knight, Daniel 
Landis, Ouida 
Langstaff, Katherine 
Legg, Voe 

Lewis, James 
Locklin, Monnie 
Maddox, Marsha 
Marlowe, Melissa 
Martin, Dale 

McPherson, Tommy 
Meadows, Diane 
Mease, Susan 
Meeks, Michael 
Miller, Randy 

The motto of the Freshmen at Homecoming is "together— in unity.' 

Mitchell, Sharon 

Molay, Donna 

222 Freshmen 

Moody, James 
Moore, Douglas 
Murphy, David 
Murray, Susan 
Newman, Cliff 

Norman, Susan 
Odom, Corky 
O'Mary, Judith 
O'Neal, Timothy 
Orr, Ava M. 

Parker, Donna 
Pate, Ronald 
Perry, Johnny 
Perry, Pamela 
Pippin, Ruth 

Students enjoy cooperating. . .for a purpose. 





Price, Tera 
Pryor, Emily 
Rainwater, Edward 

Reed, Ruth 
Reese, Elizabeth 
Reid, Cecil 

Rhoads, Michael 
Richardson, Jack 
Robbins, Gary 

Freshmen 223 

Robinson, Judy 
Roling, Keith 
Rogers, Carol 
Rogers, Suzanne 
Ross, Billy 

Russell, Anne 
Sanders, Susan 
Scott, Bob 
Scruggs, Lee 
Sheppard, Susan 

Sims, Amy 
Singleton, Bonnie 
Smallwood, Danny 
Smith, Karen 
Smith, Linda 

Smith, Patricia 
Smith, Sandra 
Snead, Sinda 
Solomon, Kathryne 
Speights, Georgia 

Stark, William 
Strickland, Billy 
Sullivan, Howard 
Susina, ]an 
Swisher, |ohn 

Teel, Pamela 
Thetford, Danny 
Thomas, Kathleen 
Thomas, Nancy 

224 Freshmen 

Thomas, Susie 
Turner, Beverly 
Uhrig, Raymond 
Van Orman, John 
Venable, Charles 

Vernon, Richard 
Voight, Valerie 
Warren, Beverly 
Weaver, Patti 
Westberg, Barbara 

When the girls at Samford can't find a beach, they improvise. 

Whirley, Brenda 
White, Kathi 
Williams, Lynne 
Wilson, Barbara 
Wilson, Jane 

Wilson, Paul 
Woods, Sydney 
Woolley, Alana 
Wright, Becky 
Yeargan, James 

Freshmen 225 

a v e r t 



i s e m e n t s 









v.&. -". 













3449 Overton Road 
Phone 967-0441 


i." r. 




Sunday School 9:15 A.M. 

Morning Worship 10:30 A.M. 

Snack Supper 5:30 P.M. 

Training Session 6:00 P.M. 

Evening Worship 7:00 P.M. 


Family Night Supper 6:30 P.M. 

Prayer Service 7:15 P.M. 

Bryant Strain 

Jerry A. Brown 
Minister of Music 


a college 



UO Vt.l 1IIO !•««••• VftV «ll««l*« H«* r i 

<«t M |« W 4 «*'U «tl «'<U \i|l V) ||itu,„ 
VI*«lVI|«t| VtiviMl *t<V*ll «11*fl1V 

n»«n in u v lit VM Hv^iii V|t « *w 
V»<«v «n«i«* VIHV HO VI II Xltvm 


opens the Ooor 

to rruny carccrs 

No matter what business or profession you have 
chosen as a career, life insurance will play a 
vital role in your future planning. Not only is 
life insurance important as a security measure, 
it also creates an immediate estate for you 
while you are growing in your chosen life's 
work. There is a well-trained Liberty National 
representative who can help you as he has 
helped so many other men plan their life in- 
j surance program. 

LiBeRty nationaL 

life insuRanc company 




of he cfirst uiapttst (church 

Sixth Jxvenue at cfwenty Second Street ilortri 


Sunday Services 

10:50 A.M. and 7:00 P.M. 

Bible Study 9:25 A.M. 

Snack Time 5:00 P.M. 

Church Training 5:45 P.M. 

Wednesday Services 
Fellowship Supper 6:00 P.M. 

Prayer Hour 6:40 P.M. 

Choir Rehearsal 9:15 P.M. 

Andrew W. Trampling Harold Newberry 

Pastor Associate Pastor— Minister of Music 




fARmeest damies 


Ice Cream 



^Partners in growth with people and churches/' 


Books and Bibles of all Publishers 
Out of Stock Items Special Ordered 

2020 So. 8th Ave. 328-5271 

shades mountain Baptist chuRcn 

Green Springs Highway and Vestaview Lane 

Sunday School 9:15 a.m. 

Morning Worhsip 10:45 a.m. 

Training Union (preceded by snack supper).. 6:15 p.m. 

Evening Worship 7:30 p.m. 

Wednesday— The Church at Prayer (preceded by Family 
Night Supper and other activities) 7:30 p.m. 

Charles T. Carter 



^Anchored to the first century — Speaking to the twentieth century.' 


Ot nCancho 






hiqh-kel 6ruqs 

3030 Montgomery Highway 








1114 Oxmoor Road 871-7324 
Recreation Center 879-1758 




309 Raliegh Avenue Homewood, Alabama 


r _ j %J^J_±±_j: .. Where The Action Is 

J ., ■ ..'^ ; ^ -^ ' r I JU1 g e S e Where Christ Has The Pre-eminence 

,**,**- -., j Where Love Prevails . . . 

Morris D. Freeman - Pastor 

About our program — 


Sunday School - 9:45 A.M. 

Morning Worship - 11:00 A.M. 

Church Training - 6:15 P.M. 

Evening Worship - 7:30 P.M. 


Family Supper - 5:45 P.M. 

Prayer Service and other Mid-Week Activities - 6:30 P.M. 

The closest church to campus 
"Sharing our personnel and facilities with Samford Students. 

we don't pretend to speak or dance to the beat of youth- 
after all we'd look pretty wild trying it, but we do feel we 

understand most of the problems confronting you in the 
future, we were once in the same place. 

congratulations to the seniors of 1971 and best wishes for 
happiness in the future, we welcome you to the alumni of 
samford university. 

continue to strive for success and it will lie within your reach 

your alumni association of samford 






2916 S. 18th Street • Birmingham, Alabama 

Phone 871-4901 

Shop Your 


in the Student Union 

We Have a Complete 

Selection of Paperback, 

Study Outlines and Novelties 



• To be a part of a Servant Church, 

• To express your Christian Faith through sacrificial service, and 

• To be involved in special ministries to meet human need. 

Meeting at Temple Emanu— El 

2100 Highland Avenue 

Dr. J. Herbert Gilmore, Jr., Minister 

Literacy education 

International Ministry • Tutoring 

Work with children in the inner city 

Several other personal ministries 

On Sundays 

8:00 A.M Bus leaves Vail Hall 

8:30 A. M Worship 

10:00 A.M Bible Study 

6:15 P.M Bus leaves Vail Hall 

7:00 P.M Evening Worship 



a ; . ». 



it's the 
real thing 


.''" ; -" '. ■-?. t.:&?j&-''' 

The Church With A New View . . . 

Worship with people who have banded together 
to mold a new face 
for their Lord's Church. 

Sunday School - 9:00 A. M. • Church Training - 6:30 

Morning Worship - 10:00 A.M. • Evening Worship - 7:30 

Transportation available from Samford before 
the Sunday School and Church Training hours. 


2600 Vestabia Drive 
C. Otis Brooks — Pastor 



flatural Goodness 


Central Park baptist Church 

1900 43 rd Street West 

Rev. John Bob Riddle— Pastor 


There's Always Something 
Great Swinging in our 

Come see! 

Pinny Phlmeu 



Our Church Program— 


Sunday School . . . 9:30 A.M. 

Morning Worship . . . 11:00 A.M. 

Church Training . . . 6:15 P.M. 

Evening Worship . . . 7:30 P.M. 

(Bus Transportation Available From Samford 

Before Sunday School and Church Training Hours.) 

Family Supper . . . 5:55 P.M. 
Prayer Service . . . 7:20 P.M. 
Choir Practice . . . 8:00 P.M. 



EBSCO ^^^^\ 

industries. L^^ \ 
inn. \ 1 

A 823-110 

Vestavia cP^\<^ 
Shopping ^o^ N 
City ^ * 

"fashions for the style wise student" 




Men's and Boy's Apparel 

Vestavia Shopping City 
823- 1 1 23 

1 802 29th Ave., S., Homewood 879-2071 

Guitars— Records— Sheet Music 
236 Clothing— Tobacco 


3631 Montevallo Road 
Telephone 871-0331 

-Schedule of Services- 
Sunday — 

Morning Worship 8:30 A.M. and 11:00 A.M. 

Sunday School 9:45 A.M. 

Evening Worship 6:00 P.M. 

Supper served from 5:45 to 6:30 P.M. 
Varied Bible study, prayer, and music opportunities 
at 6:30 P.M. 

Transportation for students is available; please call the church office. 

cacdiiilli/ iiuutes //a// tci ccuuc in and inspect 

oiw nit/n// heuntiifnl stijles 0/ 

Kkddiiuf ~Jnnit(ihflns and S<H'iiil c^iuicumecments 

(jiuumd (~flcw 
cSa in ford TKmll 
(Stanford /(aimrsiti/ Pampas 


Jim Godwin Studio 

Portraits — Weddings 
Sorority and Fraternity 

Five Points West 

Shopping City 

Birmingham, Alabama 

Phone: 788-8542 

1024 Montgomery Highway, Birmingham, Alabama 35216 

Telephone: 205 - 823-2324 

Welcomes Samford Students to 
CHRySLER • PLyMOUTH the close-out bargain sales 

on our 1972 cars! 

We have a wide selection of '72 Sebrings, Valiant Dust- 
ers and others, as well as the new stock of '73 cars. 


We offer the closest fully equipped body shop and serv- 
ice departments in the Samford area. 

Come by and see us! 


"We're dealing like crazy!" 



samfoRd welcomes air fORce Rote 

In its first year at Samford, the Air Force ROTC be- 
came well-established in 1971-'72. Included in the pro- 
gram is the first coeducational curriculum, scholarships, 

flying training, orientation flights, recreational activities, 
social events. Also, the program includes other benefits, 
such as opportunities for advanced education and na- 
tional defense student loans. 


AdministRAtion and faculty inC>ex 

C. M. Adamson 166 

Dr. Lee N. Allen 79,184,1t>6 

Mrs. Myralyn F. Allgood 71,178 

John Lee Armstrong 176 

Lewis E. Arnold 170,179 

Dr. Ray M. Atchison 178 

Dr. Joseph Avery 166 

Dr. George E. Bagley 166 
Dr. Hugh Coleman Bailey 68,69,176,18-4 
Bill Baker 87 
Claude E. Bankester 188 
Dr. Jerry W. Barrett 181 
Mrs. Sandra A. Bearden 79,179,248 
Mrs. Fanna N. Bee 68,69 
T. Brad Bishop 179,188 
Walter Sanders Bishop 62,63,181 
David Black 190 
Dr. Lonnie Gene Black 190 
Mrs. Susan Boyd 185 
Dr. Roy S. Brigance 186 
Harry B. Brock 166 
Dr. Margaret Brodnax 70,178 
Milton Brooks 166 
Ben B. Brown 166 
Dr. James S. Brown, Jr. 79,184 
Mrs. Martha P. Brown 70,178 
Richmond O. Brown 48,179 
Dr. Sigurd F. Bryan 79,183 
Loren Jay Bullock 188 
Bob L. Burroughs 46,190 
Mrs. Esther Burroughs 67 

Dr. Frances R. Carter 189 
Dr. JohnT. Carter 72,189 
Dr. Ben B. Chastain 79,181 
Dr. Thomas J. Cheatham 62,63,181 
Monnie T. Cheves 189 
Charles Edward Clark 188 
Edwin Thomas Cleveland 170 
Mrs. Marjorie G. Coker 190 
Charles Dubose Cole 33,188 
Donald E. Corley 188 
Donald Ray Cornutt 42,190 
Mrs. Charla Cotton 185 
Miss Martha Ann Cox 132,170,189 
George T. Crocker 62,63,181 
Judge James A. Crow, Jr. 166 

Dr. William Pratt Dale III 4 
Joseph C. Daniel 171 
Marjor Harwell G. Davis 79,166 
Dr. Oscar A. Davis 166 
Dr. Vernon G. Davison 183 
Dr. Donald L. Denney 191 
Dr. Tom E. Denton 180 
B. Roper Dial 166 
Dr. Harry E. Dickinson 186 
Mrs. Annette C. Dodd 188 
Frank W. Donaldson 32,188 
Dr. Jean Mead Dunbar 191 
Dr. W. Jack Duncan 69,187 

Dr. W. T. Edwards 79,168,183 
Wayland Elliott 87 
Major W. Espy 166 

Mrs. Mabel B. Fitch 188 
Dr. J. Wayne Flynt 184 
Miss Mary. Elizabeth Forman 79,189 
Miss Mary Nell Frazier 171 
Mrs. Dorothy O. Funderburke 185 

Clarence Gardner 166 
Billy T. Gamble 171 
Dr. Rawdon Lee Gallman 183 
Dr. Alto L. Garner 4,79,189 
Max Gartman 79,97,99 

John Will Gay 166 

Dr. William D. Geer 79,187 

Mrs. Sarah A. Glass 79,185 

Miss Carolyn M. Green 23,68,69,121,123,184 

Judge Hobart H. Grooms 166 

C. W. Gross 166 

John Grubb 87 

Wayne Grubb 87 

Dr. Louis C. Guenther 169 

Dr. James H. Haggard 181 
Dr. Paul M. Hall 47,59,190 
Mrs. Frances D. Hamilton 79,184 
Bernis O. Hannah 182 
Frank Hardy 166 
Dr. Billy L. Harris 179 
A. Wayne Harrison 172 
Ben Harrison 166 
R. A. Hartley 79 
Mrs. Ann Harvey 178 
Dr. Ray Harvey 189 
Dr. Wheeler Hawley 79,178 
Alan F. Hayse60,180 
John T. Haywood 176 
James A. Head 166 
Russell Hedger 190 
F. Wilbur Helmbold 79,169 
Dr. Fred W. Hendon 187 
Mrs. Frances W. Hill 178 
Mrs. Bernice G. Hirsch 178 
Gerow Hodges 166 
Everett Holle 179 
Dr. William Mike Howell 123,180 
Mrs. Mary L. Hudson 62,63,181 
James Lewis Hughes, Jr. 188 
Mrs. Barbara Hunt 179 
Harold Lane Hunt 179 
Raymond Paul Hutchens 188 
Bill Hyde 87 

Dr. George V. Irons 37,68,69,79,184 

Mrs. Wynelle Jacks 187 
George H. Jackson 172 
Judge J. Theodore Jackson 166 
Dr. Lamar Jackson 166 
Dr. Karen Randolph Joines 183 

Major James T. Kerr, Jr. 186 
Dr. H. Grady Ketchum 166 
Dr. Joseph Leonard King 79,178 

Mrs. Sally R. Lamar 189 
Dr. James H. Langston 180 
John Willy Lovin 191 
Dr. Mabry Lunceford 79,183 

H. Lindy Martin 168 
Mrs. Kathleen Martinson 190 
John L. McCormick 172 
Dr. Herbert A. McCullough 180 
Dr. Ellen W. McLaughlin 180 
Arthur Mead 166 
Mrs. Rachel Merrill 178 
Hilary Herbert Milton 178 
Samuel James Mitchell 70,178 
Mrs. Marilyn Morton 79 
Dr. Perry W. Morton 79,182 

Steve Nelson 190 
Dr. James H. Newman 79,168 
Ralph Norman 166 
Rev. Walter Nunn 166 
William A. Nunnelley 173 

J. Orlando Ogle 166 
Mrs. Allen B. Osgood 178 

Mrs. Eleanor O. Ousley 190 
Mrs. Frances W. Owens 178 

John Paty 87 

Dr. William D. Peeples 62,63,79,181 
C. Lynn Phillips 2,173 
John C. Pittman 166 
Mrs. Paulina J. Powell 178 
Ollie Powers 187 

Mrs. Carolyn Rhea 79 
Dr. Claude H. Rhea, Jr. 34,46,79,190 
Mrs. Clarence Rice 166 
Robert Adolf Reigert 188 
Dr. Wesley M. Roberds 182 
Tea Sam Roe 191 
Ralph E. Rozell 187 
Jerry Ryan 92 

Frank P. Samford 36,166 
Eberhard Schachtsiek 178 
Dr. Paul J. L. Schatz 187 
Selden Sheffield 166 
Mrs. Betty Sue Shepherd 173,190 
Neil A. Shepherd 191 
Mrs. Jamie L. Shores 188 
Dr. Ira Fred Simmons 189 
Mrs. Margaret Sizemore 65,169 
E. Warren Smith 79 
Dr. Melvin Smith 79,187 
Walter D. Sowa 188 
William Frank Spencer 188 
Edwin Leggett Sterne 188 
Dr. Frank Stitt 166 
James C. Stivender 166 
R. J. Stockham 166 
Dr. Stanley V. Susina 191 
Richard V. Swindle 2,174 

Carl Taylor 92 
Charles T. Taylor 174 
Dr. Janice Teal 189 
Dr. Harry E. Tibbs 79,190 
MSG. James C. Tolbert 186 
James L. Treadway 178 
Robert E. Trimble 174 
Mrs. Mary Frances Tucker 175 


Mrs. S. E. Upchurch 166 

Dr. Lowell Cecil Vann 177 
Dr. Kenneth E. Van Sise 187 
Dr. David M. Vess 68,69,184 
Mrs. Jean B. Vess 175 
Randall Veazey 190 

Dr. Arthur L. Walker, Jr. 2,3,79,167 
Miss Ramona Washburn 176 
Van Washer 92,93 

Mrs. Mary M. Washington 64,79,184 
Richard Watson 190 
Arthur A. Weeks 79,188 
Dr. Peter W. Weston 167 
Dr. Ruric E. Wheeler 35,79,167 
Dr. Carl Whirley 34,183 
Mrs. Eva C. White 90 
Dr. Henry E. White, Jr. 185 
Michael H. White 75 
Miss Avalee Willoughby 79,176 
Mrs. La Neil L. Wilson 177 
Dr. John E. Wintter 79,191 
Dr. Charles T. Workman 70,178 
Richard Wood 87 
Dr. Leslie S. Wright 2,34,35,37,38,79,164,165,166 

Mrs. Letitia Yeager 62,63,181 

H. Evan Zeiger 167 


QRaCmate, law, and pnaRmacy index 

Alford, Nancy 147,202 
Allen, Richard 202 
Anderson Jr., Paul 194 
Androski, Edward 194 
Austin, Robert 194 

Bailey, Richard 194 
Barber, David 73,194 
Barker, Elliott 194 
Barlow, Pat 147,202 
Bean, Martin 194 
Bell, Richard 194 
Bowen Jr., William 194 
Briskman, Arthur 194 
Brogden, Robert 194 
Brunson, Kent 194 
Butler, Frances 200 


Calhoun Jr., John 194 
Carroll, John 32 
Cater, Richard 195 
Caudle, David 200 
Chapdelain, Dana 200 
Cheves, Cecil 200 
Clarke, Arthur 195 
Clary, John 200 
Cleckler, Michael 195 
Coggin, Ted 33,195 
Cohn, Leslie 195 
Conger, James 195 
Cook, Mike 195 
Corbitt, Jack 195 
Cotten, Tucker 195 
Craig, Hughie 195 
Crowe, Robert 195 
Cunningham, William 200 


Davis, James 200 

Deason, Jr., Marshall 195 

Deneau, Irene 195 

Dillard, Jr., Roger 195 

Dillard, Timothy 195 

Drummonds, Ronald 44,59,120,122,195 

Elliott III, Rufus 195 

Farrior, James 200 
Ferguson, Hal 73 
Fitzgerald, Arnold 195 
Ford, George 195 
Formby Jr., John 195 
Foster, Thomas 196 

George, Lekha 202 
Givhan, John 196 
Gordon, Ben 196 
Graceyjr., Hugh 196 
Green, James 196 
Guest, William 196 

Hafner, Robert 200 
Halbrooks, William 196 
Hanson, Frieda 200 
Harrison, Donald 200 
Hasty, William 196 
Hedge, Dennis 196 
Harrington, Leslie 196 
Hill, Carey 196 
Hiltbrand, Lance 200 
Hinkle, Anita 200 
Hodge, Wilson 196 
Hoffman, Jr., Charles 33,196 
Hull, Jr., Daniel 196 
Hurt, William 196 

Johnson, Jr., Roy 196 
Jones, Archie 200 

Keith, Parke 196 
Kendrick, Robert 196 

Lamont, Robert 196 
Lee, Henry 196 
Little, Jr., Loyd 197 
Low, Vincent 197 
Lowery, Raymond 197 

Mack, Stephen 200 
Mansell, Barry 197 
Masingill, Mark 202 
McAliley, Gary 201 
McCain, Thomas 202 
McClure, William 197 
McCulley III, James 147,201 
McDonald, Hal 73 
McDonald, Joetta 203 
Miller, Anita 33,197 
Miller, Jerome 201 
Monroe, Roger 197 

Niezer, Charles 197 
Noonan, Doug 32 

Ohle, Robert 197 
Oldham, Jr., Alfred 197 

Parvey, Allan 197 
Perry, Buddy 197 
Pilgrim, John 197 
Preefer, Jay 197 
Preefer, Richard 197 

Raymon, Edward 197 
Reddoch, Jr., James 197 
Rehyansky, Joseph 197 
Rice, Benjamin 197 
Roedder, William 197 
Rollings, Harvey 198 
Rowe, Charles 198 
Royster, Stephen 201 

Roysterjr., Theodore 201 
Rumsey III, Robert 198 
Russell, John 198 

Screws, John 198 
Sellers, Gene 198 
Shears, Jack 201 
Sheehan, Donald 201 
Sneed, Arnold 198 
Sobel, David 198 
Southern, John 198 
Starnes, Stan 198 
Stokes, Betty 200 
Sundheimjr., Frederick 198 

T ' 
Thomas, David 198 
Thorne, Wayne 73 
Thornton, Stan 198 
Trawick, Donald 198 
Tucker, Gerome 198 
Turner, Thomas 73,198 

Vanassenderp, Ken 198 
Vassallo, Joseph 201 
Vaughn, Charles 198 

Weatherford, Jim 198 
Weekley, Thomas 202 
Welch, Richard 201 
Whitejr., Henry 198 
Whittington, John 199 
Wicker, Steve 32 
Wiggins, David 199 
Wilkerson, Joseph 199 
Williams, Ted 199 
Williamson, Daniel 202 
Wilmer, John 199 
Wilson, Jim 201 
Wood, Jr., Fred 199 
Woodall, George 33,201 
Wright, John King 37,199 

Zarzaur, Ben 199 

unOeRQRaCmate index 

Adams, Ann 71 

Adams, Carol 55,108,132,144 

Adamson, Jan 144 

Aderhold, Patti 56,58,213 

Adkins, Harry 42 

Agnew, Pandy 109,151 

Akers, Merideth 54,213 

Alexander, Wanda 44 

Alford, Tommy 124,159 

Allen, Del 18 

Allen, Glenda 35,64,68,69,124,151 

Allen, Mary 47 

Allen, Richard 54 

Anderson, David 78,136,141,156 

Anderson, Linda Moore 133 

Arantz, Terri 71,86,144,218 

Armistead, Ben 23,35,37,74,124,203 

Armor, Jerry 48,71,218 

Armstrong, Hayward 66,213 

Armstrong, Tommy 159 

Arnett, George 213 

Arnold, Deborah 55,218 

Atchison, Horace 203 

Atkinson, Bill 62 

Aycock, Steve 60,65 

Badgett, Jane 218 
Bagley, Annelle 44,132,152,213 
Bailey, Andy 5354 
Bailey, Joel 97,140,209 
Baird, Kenneth 209 
Baites, Rosemary 45,47,218 
Baker, Esther 152 
Banks, Bob 65 
Banks, Tim 45 
Barnard, Mark 65,75 
Barnes, Carol 143 
Barnes, Jamie 218 
Barnett, Dwyane 93 
Barrentine, Deborah 209 
Barrett, Tommy 155,203 
Barrows, Lee 47,59 
Bates, Cheryl 209 
Bates, Stanley 66,213 
Beale, Mason 66 
Bean, David 159 
Bearden, Greg 71 
Beasley, Donnie 144 
Beason, Fred 160 
Beck, Valera 43,218 
Bedsome, Mike 47 
Beersdorf, George 78 
Begany, Bruce 213 
Beiro, Patricia 203 
Bell, Elizabeth 44,218 
Berg, Kathi 43,46 
Berg, Theresa 43,218 
Best, Florence 45 
Binzel, Jane 157 
Black, Alan 42,66 
Black, Becky 84,85,110,144 
Blackshear, Branda 144 
Blankenship, Ronald 62,218 
Blass, Babs 45,47,148,218 
Blevins, Susan 120,125,144,203 
Bliss, Paul 209 
Bliss, Sarah 44,152,213 
Boggarty, Harold 209 
Boggs, Rhonda 218 

Boland, Donna 218 

Boles, Becky 143 

Bollinger, Marilyn 64,68,69,203 

Bolton, Becky 47,213 

Bonner, Diane 47,218 

Boone, Alisa 51,71,151,218 

Borland, Martin 78 

Bower, Alice 218 

Bowles, Alice 55 

Bradley, Cathy 76,147,209 

Brake, Lynn 218 

Brand, Kathleen 47,71,209 

Brasher, Robert 209 

Brassed, Lauryn 47 

Braswell, Claude 218 

Breeden, Dianne 45,51,218 

Bridges, Cindy 218 

Britton, Becky 47,147,218 

Brooks, Dan 47,213 

Brooks, Leigh 148 

Brooks, Mike 66,209 

Brooks, Sharon 47,70 

Brooks, Vernie 203 

Browder, Alice 143 

Brown, Altrice 57 

Brown, Camilla 136,152,213 

Brown, Charles 213 

Brown, Debbie 78 

Brown, Pam 98 

Brown, Randy 92,156 

Brown, Richard 62,218 

Brown, Sharon 71,209 

Brown, Susan Ferguson 37,64,79,115,203 

Browning, James 213 

Bruckmeier, Janet Hogue 79 

Brunson, Debbie 133 

Bryan, Bill 54 

Bryan, Carol 54,218 

Bryan, Sallie 144 

Brymer, Larry 47 

Buffington, Eunice 78 

Bullington, Len 218 

Bullock, Toni 132,144 

Burch, Laura 144 

Burge, Henry 78,209 

Burkett, Susan 41 

Burns, Bonnie 152 

Burton, Ed 47 

Burton, James 218 

Busey, Darryl 209 

Bush, Carl 66 

Bush, Donna 86,151,218 

Bush, Lynn 71,143 

Butler, Frances 200 


Cagle, Steve 54,65,209 
Cain, Bill 66,75,213 
Caldwell, Karen 151 
Camby, Mary K. 152 
Campbell, Cal 4 
Campbell, Dan 62,63 
Campbell, Don 42,44,59 
Campbell, Martha 56 
Carlson, Mike 65 
Carlton, Joe 156 
Carlton, Marsha 151,209 
Carpenter, Rick 66,69,203 
Carr, Bill 59 
Carradine, John 160 
Carroll, Floyd 213 
Carroll, Michael 213 
Carroll, Vickie 47 
Carswell, Linda 203 
Carter, Jim 54 

Cartwright, George 49,125,203 
Chambers, Michael 203 
Chambliss, Janet 24,209 
Chandler, Cathy 51,71,144,218 
Chapman, Bee 132 
Chapman, Beth 47,147 
Chastain, Rusty 47 
Chasteen, Richard 213 

Cheek, Lynn 209 

Cheshire, Nancy 209 

Chestnut, David 45,75,156,213 

Cheves, Cecil 200 

Childs, Staff 218 

Chilton, Sherry 144 

Christmas, Charlie 47,239 

Christmas, Joy 26 

Clanton, Charles 89 

Clanton, Jeffrey 218 

Clary, John 200 

Clayton, Roy 219 

Cleary, John 219 

Coaker, Kay 152 

Cobb, Mike 88,120,203 

Cochran, Saleta 219 

Coffman, Tricia 45,58,209 

Cofield, David 44 

Cole, Dottie 86 

Cole, Marijane 219 

Collins, John 219 

Cole, Linda 51,132 

Collins, Kathy 70,209 

Collins, Pam 47,209 

Compton, Nelle 61,203 

Connelly, David 53,209 

Cook, Jan 120,152,209 

Coombs, John 78 

Coomes, Tommy 60 

Coons, Darrell 44,45 

Cope, Bill 53,219 

Corbett, Sherry 203 

Corbitt, Ed 45,54,213 

Cork, Anna 203 

Corley, Charles 219 

Cottingham, Dianne 45,204 

Cottrell, Robin 86 

Couch, Sue 45 

Cox, Jennifer 51,53,147,213 

Cox, Larry 156 

Cox, Marilyn 143 

Cramer, J. G. 66 

Crawford, Robert 213 

Crawford, Steve 160 

Crawley, Joy 47,219 

Crew, Mary Exa 55 

Crews, Richard 54,213 

Crim, Amy 219 

Crockett, Melissa 76,133,152,219 

Cronenberg, John 160 

Crowe, Beth 219 

Crump, Brenda 64,204 

Culver, Joseph 219 

Culver, Warren 47 

Cumbie, Debbie 61 

Cunningham, William 200 

Cutcliffe, lames 219 


Dailey, Sherra 144 

Daniel, Patrick 204 

Daniels, Deborah 209 

Daniels, Helen 148 

Davidson, Elizabeth 47 

Davis, Betty 204 

Davis, Bruce 159 

Davis, David 159 

Davis, James 66,200,213 

Davis, Karen 204 

Davis, Kathy 143 

Davis, Mark 219 

Davis, Sharon 47,148,219 

Davis, Sheila 45,47,213 

Davis, Virginia 219 

Dawson, Denny 59 

Dawson, James 204 

Dawson, Ronnie 62,63 


Dean, David 219 
Dean, Dianne 219 
Dearmond, Jerry 66,204 
Defoor, Jerry 78 
Delaney, Tim 132,160 
DeLapp, Jimmy 71 
Dennis, Bradley 65,159 
Dennis, David 159,213 
Dennis, Gary 159,219 
Dennis, Rodney 136,159 
Denny, David, 155,160 
Denson, Mary 213 
DeRieux, Debbie 152 
DeVan, Betsy 147 
DeWitt, Stan 160,209 
Diaz, George 91 
Dickerson, Stanley 204 

Diliberto, Carlo 78 

Dilks, Bob 45,129 

Dill, Rick 45,47,60,61,209 

Dobbins, Virginia 132,147 

Dobson, Catherine 209 

Donald, Phoebe 143 

Donaldson, Carole 56,133,148,213 

Donaldson, David 219 

Doron, Rebecca 220 

Dorriety, Jerry 44 

Doster, Sharon 47,78,213 

Douglas, Elizabeth 64,65,79,120,125,133 

Downs, Allen 156 

Downing, Lemoyne 28,148,214 

Duck, Nancy 45,47,209 

Duke, David 37,65,67,79,120,125,204 

Duke, Paul 45,220 

Dukes, Teresa 151 

Duncan, Mary Bee 147,214 

Duncan, Shirley 160 

Dunn, Becky 74,126,204 

Dutton, Cornelia 220 

Duval, Becky 44,58 

Duvall, Bob 66 

Dykes, David 18,46,120,220 


Eaton, Lynn 86,143 

East, David 78 

Echols, Sheralee 62,220 

Edwards, Carol 44,56,5° 67,111,132,143 

Elgin, Patricia 64,70,20 

Ellis, Kyle 47,151,220 

Ellis, Robert 78 

Elrod, Janice 47,51,147,214 

Endsley, Wade 45,58,148 

Epps, James 220 

Erwin, Bobby 47 

Etheridge, Wayne 66,204 

Eubanks, Melinda 133 

Eudy, Kathi 144,220 

Evans, Carlene 148,220 

Evans, Kay 209 

Evans, Marilyn 47 

Evans, Pamela 47,79 

Everidge, Katherine 44 

Fadely, Becky 151,220 
Faison, Larry 54,204 
Farrior, James 200 
Faulk, Molly 57,65,79,204 
Ferguson, Robert 220 
Ferguson, Tom 155,210 
Fitzpatrick, Terri 143 
Fleming, Lila 214 
Flemming, Georgia 132 
Floyd, Zipper 136,159 
Folmar, Steve 44,59 
Fordham, Keith 66 

Foreman, Luther 66 

Fortenberry, Becky 61 

Fowler, Dot 71,210 

Bowler, Karen 133,151,220 

Francis, Susan 143,220 

Fulton, Deborah 45,120,121,122,123,205 

Gable, Anita 44 
Gaither, Helen 26,144 
Gantt, Tina 71,132,144 
Garner, Deborah 43,55,214 
Garner, Erly 159 
Garner, Peck 159 
Garrard, David 220 
Garrett, Donna 151 
Gartman, David 147 
Gaskin, Lynn 143 
Gates, Susan 144,214 
Gay, Larry 47 
Gener, Charles 220 
Gentle, Sandy 147,220 
George, Greg 220 
Gester, Tom 155 
Gilbert, Kathy 47,220 

Gilbreath, Melissa 44 

Gilley, Rickey 18 

Gilliland, Charles 44 

Glaze, Betty 214 

Glaze, Joe 67,126,205 

Glaze, Van 210 

Gloor, Terry 156 

Godsey, Rose 60 

Godwin, Katrina 132,144 

Godwin, Rickey 45,54,214 

Goff, Deborah 214 

Gold, Terry 220 

Golden, Angela 45,67,210 

Gonzales, Celeste 47,220 

Gooch, Joy 250,74 

Goodhue, Nancy 48,64,68,69,126,220 

Goodman, Bill 54,71,214 

Goodwin, Martha 126 

Goodwin, Melba 55,220 

Grace, Randall 220 

Graves, Tommy 66 

Green, Carol 70,205 

Green, Joseph 220 

Griffin, Betsy 61,221 

Griffith, Brenda 61 

Grimes, Portia 210 

Guest, Sharon 210 

Gurley, Ginny 54 

Hadder, Gale 205 
Hadley, Lelia 41,152,205 
Hafner, Robert 200 
Haithcock, Hector 156 
Hall, Barbara 137,143 
Hall, Bruce 221 
Hall, Charles 221 
Hall, Sam 78 

Hamby, Nancy 65,112,143 
Hames, Judy 55,221 
Hamilton, Rosemary 151,221 
Hamlet, Barbara 210 
Hamlin, Joyce 61 
Hamlin, Pam 45 
Hand, Bronwyn 64,205 
Hand, Lawrence 59 
Hanes, Danny 210 
Hankins, Ron 60,205 
Hanks, Bob 156 
Hannaford, Tom 42,46,59,214 
Harden, Shelton 44,59 
Harrill, Blair 155 

Harris, David 97 

Harris, Donovan 54,75,214 

Harris, Marlin 54,214 

Harris, Mike 44 

Harrison, Christy 205 

Harrison, Janet 221 

Harrison, John 156 

Hart, Jim 74,79,155 

Hart, Virginia 205 

Hartselle, Mary Lynn 76,141,152 

Hartsfield, Patricia 47 

Hathaway, Terri 132,152,214 

Hawkins, Bill 89,159 

Hayes, Becky 46,214 

Hazelgrove, Lynn 51,57,214 

Headley, Alan 47 

Headley, Tim 47 

Helmbold, Dale 43,214 

Helmbold, Martha 43 

Henley, Gerene 55,148,210 

Henry, Belinda 61,68,69,79 

Henson, Charlotte 61 

Herbst, Allan 54,205 

Herndon, Cindi 221 

Herndon, Eleanor 221 

Hicks, Ronny 66 

Higginbotham, Jerry 205 

Hill, Lynette 144,221 

Hill, Nancy 148 

Hillard, Freida 205 

Hillard, Larry 205 

Hinkle, Kathy 56,62 

Hinton, Deborah 61,205 

Hinton, Sherry 55 

Hodges, James 205 

Hoffman, Susan 143 

Holcombe, Jeannie 221 

Holden, Suzanne 56,148,214 

Holiman, Terry 92,96 


Holladay, Joyce 221 

Holladay, Jim 27,53,54 

Holley, Marilyn 221 

Holliday, Mary Joyce 143 

Holloway, Dan 53 

Holsombech, Daniel 221 

Hoppers, Lenora 14b, 221 

Horton, Bobby 78 

Houchens, Tom 205 

Hough, Walter 221 

House, Jim 159,214 

Howard, Leanna 85 

Howard, Martha 65,106,133,143 

Howard, Melinda 58,152,214 

Howard, Robert 221 

Howard, Roger 54,205 

Howard, Vicky 221 

Howell, Susan 43,214 

Howorth, Buddy 54,123 

Huddleston, Denise 46 

Huett, Susan 151 

Huey, Becky 214 

Hughes, Richmond 205 

Hughey, Joyce 60,61,71,115,214 

Hunecke, Gretchen 148,221 

Hunt, Bob 47 

Hunt, Linda 152,214 

Hunter, Martha 221 

Hurst, Sue 76,152 

Husband, Mac 155 


Ingersol, Kathy 61, 221 
Ingram, Bob 156 
Ivey, Garve 78,159 

Jackson, Andrea 57,210 
Jackson, Cathy 151 
Jackson, David 160 
Jackson, Janice 152 
Jackson, Jay 44 
Jackson, Kay 221 
Jackson, Terrell 54,127,210 
Jacob, Fred 48 
Jarrard, Joy 45,56,148 
Jennings, Rebecca 127,144,205 
Jernigan, Ralph 44 
Jerrell, Stephen 48 
Johns, Jackie 221 
Johns, Jeff 136 
Johnson, Frank 155,221 
Johnson, Jeannie 151 
Johnson, Jill 147 
Johnson, Judith 152,222 
Johnson, Lisa 132,222 
Johnson, Melinda 214 
Johnson, Pattie 152 
Johnson, Rick 65,155 
Johnson, Teresa 84,85,143 
Joiner, Sonny 53,54 
Jones, B. C. 155 

Jones, Becca 27,44,64,70,71,152 
Jones, David 54 
Jones, Deborah 144 
Jones, Donna 45,58 
Jones, Frankie 44,59 
Jones, Henry 222 
Jones, Martie 47,152,222 
Jones, Ralph 210 
Jones, Rebecca 55,78,206,215 
Jones, Rebecca 148,206 
Jones, Richard 59 
Jones, Robert 215 
Jones, Ronald 222 
Jones, Shirley 152 
Jordan, Becky 71 
Judge, Stephanie 147 
Justinger, Brian 210 

Keith, Brian 155 
Kelly, Joe 99 

Kendall, Ron 156 

Kendrick, Pam 71 

Kennedy, Sharon 222 

Kenney, Andrea 47 

Kimbrel, Horace 71 

Kimmons, Barbara 72 

King, Cyndi 28,147,215 

King, David 210 

King, Lois 48 

Kizzire, Thomas 210 

Kleeman, Carolyn 206 

Knight, Daniel 222 

Kornegay, Andreq 76,116,152,215 

Kruschwitz, Bob 45 

Kuykendall, Kathy 72 

Lamar, Law 155 

Lambeth, Judy 127,152,206 

Lancaster, J. D. 54,68,69,206 

Landis, Ouida 222 

Landreth, Jim 45,47,54,210 

Langford, Dianne 210,255 

Langstaff, Kathy 151,222 

Lawrence, Joe 47 

Lawrence, Paul 54,215 

Lawrence, Sandy 44,58,59,215 

Lawson, Tom 78,210 

Lay, Donna 51,148,215 

Lee, Sarah 44 

Legg, Joe 66,222 

Leslie, Linda 215 

Lewis, Mike 66 

Lewis, Robyn 143 

Lewis, James 222 

Limbaugh, Marc 66 

Lind, Steve 156 

Lipscomb, Carolyn 78,206 

Little, Mary 210 

Locklin, Monnie 147,222 

Long, Randy 92 

Love, Gary 66 

Lovelady, Milton 128 

Lawery,Pam45,76,1 04,1 05,1 20,1 22,1 43,210 

Lowery, Tommie 45,47,55,215 

Loy, Cecilia 210 

Luker, Herb 92,94 

Lunceford, Gene 57,79,120,128,156,206 

Lynn, James 210 

Machen, Ben 78,215 
Maddox, Cam 155,159 
Maddox, Marsha 222 
Marlowe, Melissa 222 
Malone, Judy 71 
Martin, Dale 151,222 
Martin, Danny 37,65,79,82,128 
Martin, James 215 
Martin, Phil 47,59 
Martin, Roger 92 
Mason, David 78 
Mathews, Elizabeth 48 
Matthews, Mark 215 
Matsumura, Megumi 27,47 
Mayo, Linda 45 
McArthur, Sylvia 152 
McBrayer, Max, 159 
McCain, Tom 78 
McCloskey, Pete 54,71,215 
McClure, Sherry 116,152,215 
McCord, Ken 46 
McCoy, Melinda 144 
McCoy, Walter 91 
McCullough, John 69,136,159 
McCullough, Karen 206 
McDonald, Cheri 137 
McDonald, Steve 155 
McGinnis, Mike 66 
Mcintosh, Tom 93 
McLaughlin, Joan 206 
McLaine, Brad 66 

McMichen, Mike 51 ,60,61,211 

McNeese, George 54 

McPherson, Tommy 222 

McRae, Mary Katherine 86,151 

McRee, John 155 

Mease, Susan 48,222 

Meeks, Mike 44,222 

Mein, Vicki 143 

Messersmith, Ruth 61,211 

Miles, Charles 78,155 

Mileski, Kathy 4,147,206 

Miller, Carl 215 

Miller, Eddie 144 

Miller, Jamie 56,57,70,72,147,211 

Miller, Lillian 215 

Miller, Randy 222 

Minpr, Rod 66,120 

Mintz, Ann 64,79,206 

Misseldine, Elizabeth 47 

Mitchell, Otha 92 

Mitchell, Sharon 46,222 

Molay, Donna 222 

Molay, Marietta 215 

Montgomery, George 54,78 

Moody, James 48,223 

Mooney, Arnold 51,57,65,68,75,76,84,85 

Moore, Dianna 61,206 
Moore, Douglas 223 
Moore, Glenn 206 
Morgan, Randy 92,96,156 
Morrow, Gordon 62 
Moss, Ronny 54 
Motley, Carol 206 
Mullinax, Nancy 143 
Murphree, Steve 159 
Murphy, Allen 65,66,67 
Murphy, David 223 

Murphy, Mike 65,75,84,132,133,155,211 
Murphy, William 211 
Murray, Junior 66 
Murray, Richard 44,59,215 
Murray, Susan 223 

Neale, Mary 206 
Nagem, Hank 156 

NeSmith, Nancy 26,57,70,72,75,1 36,147,211 
Newman, Cliff 223 
Nichols, Patsy 151 
Nicholson, Pam 152,215 
Nipper, Jimmy 90,91 
Noel, David 45,59,215 
Nola, Paul 156 

Nolen, Mary 47,56,61,70,211 
Nordlinger, Lisa 18 
Norman, Bob 156 
Norman, Susan 47,223 
Northcutt, Debbie 132 
Northcutt, Michael 215 
Northsworthy, Lenore 65,84 
Nunnally, Dawn 78 

Odom, Barbara 47 
Odom, Corky 223 
Odom, Tommy 156 
Okin, Janet 43,45,56,57,144 
Olden, Marie 143 
O'Mary, Judy 51,61,223 
O'Neal, Sherilyn 215 
O'Neal, Tim 45 
Orr, Ava 223 
Ousley, Debbie 44 
Ousley, Rick 66,215 
Overton, Pam 47 
Overton, Skip 45 
Owen, Stan 47 
Owens, Cathy 151 
Owens, Charlie 97,98,99,160 
Owens, Don 156 



Palmer, Joy 206 

Panjic, Lucy 45 

Parham, Jacquelyn 132,148,215 

Parker, Donna 223 

Parker, Gary 41,54 

Parker, Jim 48,51,215 

Parker, Steve 89 

Parkman, Henry 215 

Parsons, Vickie 45 

Pate, Ronald 223 

Patterson, David 78 

Patton, Susan 55,216 

Paulk, Signa 132,133,137,144 

Payne, Scott 76 

Pears, Gary 65,97,156 

Penna, Jim 92,94 

Perry, John 66,223 

Perry, Mike 211 

Perry, Pam 152,223 

Pervis, Pat 133,144 

Peterson, Miller 62 

Phillips, Joel 47 

Phillips, Paul 160,211 

Phipps, Kathy 47 

Pierce, Sandra 45 

Pippin, Ruth 48,144,223 

Pittman, Alice 211 

Pope, Wyatt 53,159 

Porch, Sandra 151,216 

Poss, Karen 148 

Potts, David 44 

Potts, Libby 152 

Powell, Debbie 152,211 

Powell, Joseph 211 

Powell, Karen 144 

Preston, Frank 27,47,48,54,216 

Price, Denise 216 

Price, Fan 44,58,75 

Price, Greg 156 

Price, Tera 223 

Prince, Jane 151 

Proctor, Jane 147,211 

Purcell, David 59 

Putnam, Jim 160 

Pryor, Emily 44,151,223 


Quattlebaum, Ken 160 
Quinn, Bob 156 


Ragsdale, Turner 160 
Rainwater, Edward 223 
Ramagli, Lou 54,84,211 
Randall, Wayne 156 
Rawls, Claudia 117,144 
Ray, Jack 47 
Ray, Regina 58 
Ray, Rosalyn 55,211 
Reaves, Melynda 41,56,71,207 
Reed, Mark 65,151,156,211 
Reed, Ruth 223 
Reed, Stretch 54,211 
Reese, Elizabeth 47,223 
Reeves, Richard 47 
Regapoulos, Connie 96,152 
Reid, Cecil 223 
Reynolds, Bobby 160 
Rhoads, Mike 66,223 
Richardson, Jack 223 
Richardson, Sandra 207 
Riddle, Bill 71,156 
Riddle, Dale 211 
Riddle, Gilda 211 
Riddle, Jane 207 
Rittenhouse, Jo Ann 44 
Rittenhouse, Nancy 44 
Rivers, Cheryl 207 
Robbins, Gary 62,223 
Roberts, John 66 
Roberts, Mike 54 
Roberts, Ron 45,59,211 

Robertson, Jack 54,211 

Robertson, Randy 59 

Robinson, Judy 18,132,224 

Robinson, Wade 159 

Robinson, Wanda 114 

Roddam, Melanie 151 

Roden, Debbie 144 

Roden, Kathy 61 

Rodgers, Anna 144 

Rodgers, Becky 67,76,132,152,216 

Roe, Brenda 107,132,151 

Rogers, Carol 224 

Rogers, Suzanne 44,224 

Roling, Keith 136,224 

Rooks, Mike 216 

Rose, Dixie 44,59 

Ross, Billy 224 

Rowden, Robin 65,84,140,144,160 

Roy, Debbie Harrison 64,79,127 

Rudder, Jan 152 

Russell, Anne 41,143,224 

Russel, Barbara 151 

Sahm, Charles 207 
Sanders, Susan 143,224 
Sanderson, Craig 54,207 
Sanderson, Ray 43 
Sanford, Roy 66,211 
Sartain, Ronnie 207 
Schmidt, Steve 62,63 
Schneider, Tova 72,207 
Schramm, Peggy 62,211 
Schulte, Grace 68,69,207 
Scottt, Bob 224 
Scott, Ron 155 
Scruggs, Lee 224 
Scurlock, Patsy 212 
Seale, Benny 207 
Segrest, Sheri 44,59,65,75,76 
Sessions, Moultrie 159 
Shackelford, Gayle56,57,65,84,1 18,1 32,144, 

Shaeffer, Vickie 47,133,151 
Shank, Gary 132,159 
Shank, Jenny 56,144 
Sharp, Rodney 160 
Shaw, Gary 207 
Shearin, George 92 
Shears, Denice 207 
Sheffield, Stephen 216 
Shell, Stephen 79,207 
Sheppard, Susan 133,148,224 
Sherrill, Pam 51,53,216 
Shirley, Ellen 45,47,58,148,216 
Sievers, Charles 48 
Sikes, David 207 
Simmons, Howell 47 
Simmons, John 57,62,216 
Sims, Amy 224 
Sims, Barbara 224 
Sims, Stuart 160 
Singleton, Bonnie 224 
Singleton, Craig 44,66 
Sirles, Susie 57,65,151,212 
Sizemore, Joe 207 
Skelton, Dale 71 
Smalley, Dan 78 
Smallwood, Danny 224 
Smith, Becky 148 
Smith, Chip 66 
Smith, Dick 155 
Smith, Karen 152,224 
Smith, Kathy 64 
Smith, Linda 224 
Smith, Mark 132,155 
Smith, Marsha 72,216 
Smith, Mike 78 
Smith, Patricia 224 
Smith, Roger 47,59 
Smith, Sandy 147,224 
Smith, Sharon 61 

Smith, Shirley 207 
Smith, Shawn 155 
Smith, Tweetie 47 
Snead, Sinda 224 
Snelling, Bill 59 
Solomon, Pam 144,216 
Solomon, Kathryn 71,224 
Sorrick, Debbie 71,147 
Sowell, Gwynne 64,128,207 
Sowell, Marcia 144,216 
Spain, Suzanne 45,71 
Sparks, Linda Kay 113,129,239 
Sparks, Mike 59 
Speaker, Allen 132 
Speights, Georgia 224 
Spencer, Janie 137,144 
Sprayberry, Jesse E. 69,208 
Spruiell, Darlene 212 
Stark, Bill 159,224 
Starr, Karen 152,216 
Stephens, Bruce 47 
Stephens, Jim 78,132 
Stephenson, Becky 44,56 
Stephenson, Beth 37,129,208 
Stevens, Jim 159 
Stevenson, Hiram 155 
Stewart, Chancey 59 
Stewart, Linda 62,63,212 
Still, Nancy 43,216 
Stoker, Tom 46 
Stokes, Mark 45,66 
Stone, Becky 148 
Stone, George 66 
Storey, Danny 47 
Street, Kathy 143 
Strickland, Billy 47,224 
Stringfellow, Cindy 151 
Suddath, David 216 
Sullivan, Howard 224 
Susina, Jon 48,224 
Sutley, Beverly 44,64,208 
Sutton, Mike 66,82 
Swiney, John 72 
Swindle, Bud 66 
Swisher, John 78,224 

Tanner, Dortha 208 
Taylor, Connie 44,58 
Taylor, Diane 56 
Taylor, Dick 88 
Taylor, Earl 37,60,78,79 
Taylor, Lynn 51,132,133,147,216 
Taylor, Pamela 212 
Taylor, Sharon 71,148,216 
Teel, Pam 224 
Terry, James 212 
Terry, Jon 71,132,156,217 
Thetford, Danny 155,224 
Thomas, Elgin 27,217 
Thomas, Fran 18 
Thomas , Jerry 78 
Thomas, Kathleen 224 
Thomas, Nancy 224 
Thomas, Susie 44,152,225 
Thompson, Ellen 61,212 
Thompson, Jan 44 
Thompson, Ralph 92 


Thurmer, Lois 86,144 
Tillman, Edwin 208 
Tingle, Randy 47,217 
Tingle, Terry 42 
Todd, Samuel 217 
Toothaker, James 212 
Towers, Betsy 41 
Tucker, Ann M. 57,148,217 
Tucker, Anne F. 217 
Turner, Beverly 225 
Turney, Ken 60 
Tutwiler, Mary Loy 86 
Tyler, Phil 132,156 

Uhrig, Raymond 225 
Underwood, Susan 55,56,217 
Upton, Tim 156 

Vacca, Teresa 71,217 
Vann, Joy 44,118 
Van Orman, Jack 60 
Van Orman, John 225 
Vaughn, Allan 54,59 
Vaughn, Barry 78,159 
Vaughn, Mary 212 
Venable, Charles 225 
Vernon, Richard 225 
Vess, John 59 
Vickery, Christina 217 
Vines, Carol 44,1 18 
Voelzke, Hans 21 2 
Voelzke, Joy 208 
Voight, Valerie 225 

Wade, Grady 66,217 
Wade, James 47,54,67 
Wade, Susan 217 
Wagner, Janet 148 
Walker, Mike 92 
Walker, Patricia 208 
Walker, Tom 159,217 
Walter, Al 95 
Walton, Douglas 2 17 
Wanninger, Susan 1 32,148 
Warren, Beverly 47,148,2 25 
Warren, Beverly 47,148,225 
Watson, Bill 78,208 
Weaver, Anne 129,151 
Weaver, Barbara 47 
Weaver, Patti 144,225 
Weber, Nettie 46 
Weeks, Doug 29,45,47,54,59,217 
Wellbaum, Alan 54 
Wentworth, Pam 57,119,132,148 
Westberg, Barbara 225 
Wheeler, Paul 67 
Whirley, Branda 225 
White, Andy 47,156 

White, Dan 79 

White, George 28,41 

White, Kathy 47,152,225 

White, Mary 212 

White, Ka Sally 64 

White, Phoebe 44 

Whiteside, David 68,69 

Whitlock, Susan 56,57,71,148 

Whitt, Carol 217 

Whorton, Becky 56,62,83,148,217 

Wiggins, Steve 54,208 

Wilder, Marsha 212 

Wilder, Tom 47 

Wilkes, Mary Nell 43,56,117,148,217 

Williams, Amy 143 

Williams, Carol 143 

Williams, Hank 46 

Williams, Horace 217 

Williams, Lynne 225 

Williams, Mitch 66 

Williams, Pat 55 

Williams, Randall 49 

Williamson, David 62,63 

Williamson, Jody 208 

Williamson, Laymon 92,95 

Willingham, Jimmy 54 

Willoughby, Barton 208 

Wilson, Barbara 225 

Wilson, Beth 41 

Wilson, Carol 143 

Wilson, David 66 

Wilson, Jan 143 

Wilson, Jane 143,225 

Wilson, Jill 147 

Wilson, Paul 225 

Winchester, David 160 

Winslett, Don 159 

Withers, Jane 44 

Wood, Claude 97 

Wood, Darryl 65,66 

Wood, Ellen 64,79,148,208 

Wood, Melba 212 

Wood, Rish 79,208 

Woodruff, Perry 156 

Woods, Sydney 225 

Woody, Kay 143 

Woolley, Alana 225 

Wren, Shirley 43,152,217 

Wright, Becky 225 

Wright, Dianne 47,225 

Wright, Tim 60 

Wyatt, Cathy 47,58,152 

Yarborough, Darlene 41,217 
Yeargan, James 225 
Young, Glory 152 
Youngblood, Bill 155 
Youngstrom, Sue 55,217 





then there's me!! e£m» 


aK ■ 


The Involvement, Interest, Intelligence, Irony, and In- 
dividualism of every person whose face appears in our 
book has changed Samford and thus its history in some 
way. The traditions, agonies, joys, hopes of the past year 
have patterned our lives. We, the students, with a dy- 
namic outlook on Living, have changed Samford. With 
each passing year, we, and it, have become better and 
more mellow to life. 

To Mrs. Sandra Bearden, who not only supported the 
Entre Nous, but also contributed many hours of work, 
study, and worry to the book, I send my deepest appre- 
ciation. As faculty advisor to the Entre Nous, she was 
one of the greatest contributors to its publication. 

Puzzlement, a spark of understanding, discovery. Isn't 
that what iLife is all about? 

Janice Elrod, Editor 

entRe nous 

197t - 1972 



r «Sj 

■■■ I 



I \ 

• .^ • i •* ■ i 

■ «rv. 



' I • 



■ , 




■ ■ '-■■- ^1 

■ ■ • 

• ■ ,.c.- 



- 1 1 ' . K* 

* ■ ■ >c% 

J » «/> * 



" ' • 1 \ * 

m 1 ' 

•s ■ •' 

■ 1 

1 H 

■ H 




■ m 


I I 


■ » ^- i 



VN.."' i 

■H H3 


■ -- ■ BrasS 


Hi »