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w 3 I 


Entre Nous 1979 



Vol. 61 

Samford University 

Birmingham/ Alabama 

Mary Keown, Editor 

Table of Contents 

Opening Section .... 3 

Features 16 

Sports 60 

Organizations 80 

Faculty and 
Administrators . . .136 

Classes 152 

Ads 196 

In Appreciation to President and Mrs. Leslie 
S. Wright for Twenty Years of Service to 
Samford University. 

Dr. and Mrs. Leslie Stephen Wright came to Howard College in 1958. At that time, there 
were nine buildings ready for occupancy on the new campus, barely over two thousand 
students enrolled, and seventy-five faculty members. Howard College was a small liberal 
arts school little known outside Baptist circles in Alabama. 

During the next twenty years, ten major academic buildings, eight residence facilities, 
and numerous additions were constructed on the new campus. In 1965, Howard College 
became a full-scale university. Samford University now consists of seven schools including 
the Ida V. Moffett School of Nursing, the School of Education, the School of Business, the 
School of Music, the School of Pharmacy, and the Cumberland School of Law. 

Dr. Wright now presides over a large multi-purpose university that is widely 
respected throughout the South for the level of its scholarship. Enrollment has doubled in 
his twenty years here and Samford now has 212 full-time faculty members. For all these 
things, Entre Nous salutes President and Mrs. Wright for twenty years of leadership. 

Dedicated to 
Mr. Charles Hand 

The essence of a person's being may at 
times be more easily recognized by others 
in the recollections of times spent to- 
gether. These events are left only in the 
memories of those who remain after the 
passing of one who was very close. When 
one ponders these, it is possible to extract 
the values that were truly appreciated in 
the life of the one you remember. When 
thinking of Charles, I remember the times 
of conversations which during their course 
led me to know of his cares, concerns, and 
the things which he loved: his family, 
teaching, his own art production, his 
church, Samford, the outdoors, a joyful 
nostalgia for past happy events . . . 
Probably from this list you will deduct the 
warmth and personable nature that he 
had. When pondering the words to write 
here, I found a smile on my face as I 
thought of our acquaintance. Now as the 
image of his apron, sweater and last 
painting comes to mind, there is reinforced 
the knowledge that life is never over at 
death, but also that influence and interests 
will live on in the lives of those touched by 


Lowell Vann 


College today Is a different place 
than it was in 1960 or even 1970. 
There is a new atmosphere on 
campuses- on this one as much as 
any other. Today we have changing 
attitudes about everything from rel- 
igion to careers. 

The religious dimension in colleges 
today is most interesting. On even 
the most secular of campuses, it is 
now "okay" to express religion. On 
campuses a decade ago, religion 
was religion of the head with little 
social conscience. Some of that still 
remains. But now there is also 
religion of the heart, of the emotions, 
with much emphasis on the whole 

One stereotype of the 1970's is of thousands of 
students draped in sheets yelling "Toga! 
Toga!" Like most stereotypes, this one is only 
partly true. But there is no doubt that the 
somber mood of the late 1960's is not the mood 
of the 1970's. Students today enjoy life. And 
that, in principle, is not a bad thing. 

Despite certain myths, college stud- 
ents generally are dedicated and 
serious about their studies, probably 
more so than students of the 1950's or 

It Is also noticeable that institutional 
regulation of student life is more 
permissive than it was two decades 
ago. Even conservative colleges do 
not really serve as "substitute par- 
ents' 7 . 

Probably too much emphasis is placed 
on student apathy. When times are 
filled with movement and change, 
some apathetic people may be moved, 
temporarily, to action and activism. 
But it is a fact that at virtually all 
times in history, ours included, there 
are two categories of people— the 
active minority and the passive maj- 
ority. Students are no exception. Last 
year a survey of 200 thousand new 
college students thought that the 
"individual can do little to change 
society." That kind of attitude can, of 
course, become a self-fulfilling pro- 

~r Tjfj 

-r -j — 

~ ~-l\ 

r -r ~r 

T T, 


Students are entitled as consumers 
to expect some relevance of their 
study to their future place in the 
world of work. But many have 
unrealistic expectations of college 
as only a place which trains them for 
a job. The emphasis of liberal or 
humanistic studies since the time of 
Plato has been upon "how to live 7 ' 
more than upon "how to make a 

During learning, students undertake 
to supplement the experience of 
class and lab with relevant ex- 
periences in the "real world". Today 
there are few demonstration lines 
opposing war or advocating free- 
dom; rather there is involvement in 
internships in government, business, 
and social agencies. Students travel 
and have worthwhile experiences in 
missions programs. 

While students today are much different 
than those who studied and grew in the 
environment of the '50's or '60% young 
adults are basically the same. We learn, 
grow, mature, enjoy and prepare for life 
during the four year experience called 

LrtWL aJL (MJUcjl pi ow^^ 

\J tiuub(Ji£ sHaL JmxUJLll 

UjajjU OaucL JUL LjjOuU. 

ahAJUuL A&rtA &l /rtjJL 

JbjlfUAjUnjUL* Cut >LojnjU*d> 

\J4\jJtfvdL A&nuL QpdL mJBnfJL 

i*Jto TojJL aotrf qui U^L 
/r\|^4K jJkhLL djQJjr^i fad fJm 







C W l 




r fF^ 

j ««t- 

'» * * 

Jenni Adair-Zeta Tau Alpha 
Spirit Chairman, Alpha Phi 
Omega Little Sister, B.S.U. 
Choir Social Chairman, S.G.A. 
Senator, Omicron Delta Kap- 
pa, Kappa Delta Pi. 

John Patton-B.S.U. Choir Vice 
President, Association of Bus- 
iness Majors. 

Pat Freeman-Alpha Psi Om- 
ega, Act:8 Director, B.S.U. 
Choir, Omicron Delta Kappa, 

Keith Biggers-Lambda Chi Al 
pha, Interfraternity Counci 
President, Alpha Epsilon Delta. 

Jean Ostrander-Student Nur- 
ses Association President, Del- 
ta Zeta, Pi Gamma AAu.. 

Don Sullivan-Pi Guy, Alpha 
Delta Pi Sweetheart, Alpha Phi 
Omega Chaplain, Campus Min- 
istries, Phi Alpha Theta, Pi 
Gamma AAu. 

Mary Keown-Entre Nous Edit- 
or, Delta Zeta, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Beta Beta Beta Secretary, Hy- 
patia Treasurer, Omicron Del- 
ta Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Delta, 
Campus Ministries, Honors 

%&w v 

Lori Littlejohn-Alpha Delta Pi, 
Campus Ministries, Hypatia, 
Kappa Delta Epsilon, Kappa 
Delta Pi, Pi Gamma AAu, Om- 
icron Delta Kappa, Racquet- 

Ben Leslie-S.G.A. Senator, The 
Crimson Editor, Phi Eta 
Sigma, Phi Kappa Phi, 
Omicron Delta Kappa. 

John Duke-B.S.U. Choir, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Pi Gamma AAu, Phi 
Alpha Theta, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, French Club, Student 
Center Board, Campus Min- 

Rhonda Norman-Zeta Tau Al- 
pha, Racquettes, R.O.T.C. 
Sweetheart, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, Hypatia, Sigma Nu 
Little Sister,Top Ten Home- 
coming, Rotaract. 

AAelanie Fain-A.H.E.A. Vice 
President, Kappa Omicron Phi 
President, Campus Ministries 
Secretary, B.S.U. Choir, Top 
Ten Homecoming. 

Suzanne AAoon-H istory, Pi 
Gamma AAu. 

Susan Beard- Zeta Tau Alpha 
President, B.S.U. Choir, Angel 

Doug Sullivan-President Cam- 
pus Ministries, Ministerial As- 
sociation, Honors Program. 

Sharon Olive-Rotaract, Zeta 
Tau Alpha, Campus Ministries, 
B.S.U. Choir. 

Terry Kieran- Alpha Delta Pi, 
Phi Chi Theta, Cagerettes Vice 
President, Pi Kappa Phi Rush 
Girl, Hypatia, Omicron Delta 
Kappa, American Marketing 
Association, Association ot 
Business Majors, Miss 

Kathy Knight- Phi Kappa Phi 
Secretary, Omicron Delta Kap- 
pa, American Citizenship 
Award, Delta Zeta Treasurer, 
Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma 
Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta 
Secretary, Rotaract. 

Valerie Broom- S.G.A. Vice 
President, Pi Gamma Mu, Zeta 
Tau Alpha Projects Chairman, 
S.G.A. Scholarship Committee, 
Homecoming Chairman, Li- 
brary Committee on Commit- 
tees, Disciplinary Committee 

Sally Schreiner- Chi Omega 
President, Pi Kappa Alpha 
Dream Girl. 

Stephanie Hall- Minnesingers, 
B.S.U. Choir, Delta Omicron 
Treasurer, American Home 
Economics Association, Opera 
Workshop, Pi Kappa Lambda. 

Andy Frantz- Ministerial Asso- 
ciation, Campus Ministries 
Vice President. 

Mary Zeiger- Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, 

Who's Who 

Leslie Parkman- Senior Class 
President, Hypatia Chaplain, 
Omicron Delta Kappa, Beta 
Beta Beta, Campus Ministries 
Vice President, B.S.U. Choir, 
Step Sing Chairman, 

Jenniter Smith 
Choir, Kappa Pi. 

A Cappella 

Duane Randleman-Omicron 
Delta Kappa President, Rot- 
aract, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha 
Epsilon Delta Historian, Phi 
Eta Sigma, Sigma Tau Delta 

Kathy Vaught- Alpha Lambda 
Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha 
Epsilon Delta President, Phi 
Kappa Phi, Hypatia, Kappa 
Kappa Psi, French Club, Cam- 
pus Ministries. 








.• ^% 

&% -» 


Dear Mom, 

One of the big events of the year, Homecoming, was 
a blast. Everybody on campus made huge poster 
boards for the basketball game that weekend, and the 
Zeta Tau Alpha sorority won first place for their 
entry. Homecoming Queen this year went to Lori 
Little john, and she acted as a graceful and beautiful 
queen during all the activities. Our week was full of 
basketball games, campus activities, and a Home- 
coming Dance. I'm completely exhausted, but I had 
a really great time. 

Your Son 
P.S. Send MONEY! 



JjKM $jf 


^ 1 

H j 

L' it It 111 




Dear Mom, 

You'll never guess what group I 
just joined. It's a great group ot 
people who work hard to plan 
activities tor the campus while 
furthering Christianity. It's Campus 
Ministries, and they are really a 
great group of friends. 

One of their first activities they 
held this school year was their 
annual fall carnival. The sororities, 
fraternities, clubs, and organiza- 
tions all got together to set up booths 
like a real carnival, everything from 
a Mr. B's Hamburger stand to a 
Gamma Sigma Sigma Date-A-Mate 
Service. But behind all the fun, there 
was a good purpose since the money 
collected went toSummer Missions. 

And you know what else Mom? 
They sponsor some great Christian 
concerts like Truth and Gene Cotton 
. . . These concerts are not only fun 
to go to, but they also spread the 
word about Christ. 

Campus Ministries is a great 
group of people who are behind a lot 
of Samford's school spirit as well as 
Christian spirit. 

Your Son 

Campus Ministries 

Mr. and Miss Samford 

Alan Sizemore and Terry Kieran 


Debbie Heard & Rick Greene 


Stephanie Phelps receives the Jean Mead 
Dunbar Award. 

Jim Harper receives the Lorenz Award. Featur 



Melanie Fain represents Home Economic Majors 
at dedication 

Dedication of Orlean Bullard Beeson Hall Mr. and Mrs. Ralph W. Beeson and Mr. Ben B. Brown 

President's Reception 

A student and her parents enjoy the President's Reception 


Dinner Guests 


f 1 




\ 4 1 - • 


W'lWIfl mji 

W * ft- 

1 7- 

The platform guests 

Dr. Frank Wells, Speaker 


Dr. Wright, Dr. Nunn, Dr. Carter, Dr 

Dr. Russell Dilday, Undergraduate Speaker 

Judge Reneau Almon, Law Speaker 

A Baccalaureate Degree recipient and her parents 

A Law Degree recipient 

Nancy Reed receives Sizemore Award 

Rhonda Baughman receives President's 
Cup, a perfect 3.00 average 

Mark Eiddle and Travis Dewberry receive the Talley- 
Windsor Award 

Susan B. Lowry receives Hypatia Cup 

S Day, otherwise known as 
Samfordmania, had a variety 
of scenes, faces, and activ- 
ities. Andy decided to try out 
the trash can while the Greeks 
and dorms had a heyday in 
track events and Almost Any- 
thing Goes. Spring is finally 
here when S Day arrives. 


Dear Mom . . . Guess what? 
We got out ot class at noon 
tor S-Day! And we really 
had a great afternoon. It 
started out with track and 
field competitions, but bef- 
ore the day was over, the 
dorms were battling each ■ 
other in the craziest contests | 
I had ever seen. Have you 
ever had someone try to 
drop a chocolate marshmal- 
low into your mouth while 
standing in a chair over 
you? It was a bit messy. And 
to top it off, everyone had to 
run for their lives since a 
shaving cream free-for-al 
broke out. What a day! 

46 SDay 

Miss Entre Nous Favorites 

' V 

Miss Kathy Perrigin 

Miss Debbie Anderson 

Miss Carol Williams 

Features 4" 

Miss Entre Nous Favorites 

Miss Claire Murphree 

Miss Linda Harlow 


Miss AAelanie Fain 

Miss Karen Jones 

Miss Tracey Kelley 

Miss Entre NousTop Five Beauties 

Mrs. Wright, Rushan Goodson, Nena Lavas, Theresa Carver, Dr. Wright, Netta Miller, Maggie 
Adams, Eleanor Brakefield. 

Miss Entre Nous Winners 


Rushan Goodson, Best in Sportswear; Nena Lavas, Miss Entre Nous; Theresa Carver, Best in 


Pageant Scenes 




Dear Mom: 

Guess what? I went to Convo every day last 
week! It was because it was Christian Emphasis 
Week and Campus Ministries organized a whole 
series of special events. Dr. Jimmy Allen, President 
of the Southern Baptist Convention, was our speaker 
for the week. Bob Burroughs, Professor and Com- 
poser, did the special music for the week. One day 
everyone brought a guitar and played as a part of the 
program. Thursday night I went to see the production 
of Celebrate Life. It was tremendous. My friend, Tim 
Thomassian, was in charge of the Committee that 
organized everything. It was a great time of growth. 


Your son 
P.S. I still need Dad to deposit money in my account! 

The competitive spirit 
of the fraternities pro- 
duced another great 
Step Sing year. Each 
of the fraternities went 
all out in creating imag- 
inative and enjoyable 
shows. The Pi Kappa 
Phi fraternity forged 
ahead with their theme 
concerning brotherhood 
to win not only the frat- 
ernity division but also 
sweepstakes division, 
closely followed by the 
Sigma Nu fraternity 
who won second place in 
the fraternity division. 

The sororities likewise 
added to the creative 
spirit of Step Sing. The 
Alpha Delta Pi sorority, 
with their theme of 
Stupid Cupid, presented 
a professional show 
which tickled the fun- 
nybone of the audience. 
Second place winners in 
the sorority division, 
Chi Omega, also pre- 
sented an enjoyable 
show which held a sur- 
prise ending for the au- 

Step Sing 

The organizations divi- 
sion presented stitf com- 
petition between two 
service organizations. 
The Alpha Phi Omega 
traternity won first 
place in the division 
with an interesting show 
while second place win- 
ners, Gamma Sigma 
Sigma, did an exciting 
disco number. 

, I 


i/ s 

i \ 


/ 4 

A . »*, J 

(«}' • J 

i it Ml 

v in 

:\ . -m\ 

The class division was 
an exciting ending to the 
Step Sing competition. 
The Junior Class with 
their bopping bunny cos- 
tumes won first place 
with the Freshman 
Class placing a close 
second with their won- 
derful show 

Step Sing 

Dear AAom . . . Step Sing is finally over, but 
now that I don't have to stand in line four 
hours to buy tickets, now that all the midnight 
practices and butterflies in the stomach are 
gone, I feel kinda sad. Step Sing '79 was hard 
work for everyone involved, but it was a lot of 
fun, and I will have fond memories of it 

Step Sing 


Step Sing 

Step Sing 





ompetition! The world 
thrives on competition and at 
Samford the order of the day is 
COMPETITION. Whether it 
be on the Intercollegiate level 
or on the Intramural level, the 
level of competition is always 
extremely keen. 

Samford University fields 
teams on the Intercollegiate 
level in five areas. Basketball 
is the major emphasis sport 
followed by Tennis, Track, 
Cross Country and Golf. Each 
of these teams plays a com- 
petitive schedule and offers 
opportunity to anyone wanting 
to try his hand at this level. 

Those not involved in Inter- 
collegiate play will find all of 
the competition they can stand 
at the Intramural level. The 
men's and women's programs 
are comparable in stature and 
involve a high percentage of 
the student body within its 

Competition, Sports, Activity 
— whatever it is called — it can 
be found at Samford Univer- 
sity. Become involved : 




\J vtoj+uf *h*QAjVL all -fe*u 

OjOM. kk*A**Cjk. btrtkUboJJl 4JLCML&*- 

TEAM 1979 

Seated (Right to Left): Rocco Morro, Mitch Norton, Steve Barker, Tim Francis, Andre Jackson, Marvin 
Stewart. Kneeling: Ron Radford, Robin Bombrey. Standing: Otis Aust, Todd Skaggs, Brian Coleman, Sam 
Lee, Steve Kahn. 



Freshman Steve 
Barker of Owensboro, 
Kentucky set two 
school records for a 
first year player in 
the process of leading 
the Bulldogs in scor- 
ing this basketball 
season. Barker pour- 
ed in 422 points in 27 
games for 15.6 aver- 
age. The 6'4" sharp- 
shooter set Samford 
records both for scor- 
ing and average by a 

Barker-who also 
scored in double fig- 
ures 20 times-also led 
Samford in free- 
throw accuracy, hit- 
ting 82 out of 97 at- 
tempts for a 84.5% 
average. He hit 42 
consecutive free- 
throws during one 
stretch and led the 
nation for four weeks. 
Steve Khan, the 6'10" 
sophomore from In- 
dependence, Missouri 
led the regulars in 
field goal accuracy, 
hitting 62 of 114 at- 
tempts for a 54.4% 

Junior guard Mar- 
vin Stewart of Sun- 
nymead, California 
was the assist leader 
with a 4.0 average 
and finished second in 
three categories- 
scoring (12.4 points 
per game), field goal 
accuracy (52.9%), 
and free th rows 
(75.8%). Sam Lee, 
Junior forward from 
Corona, New York, 
led rebounding with 
a 6.2 average and 
recorded the Bull- 
dogs game high in 
scoring with a 30 
point outburst 
against Western 

The future seems 
bright for the Bull- 
dogs. Starters the last 
half of the season in- 
cluded two Fresh- 
men, a Sophomore, a 
Junior and the squads 
only Senior-guard 
Andre Jackson of 
Moulton, Alabama. 











SUPPORT . . . 

^ \ \ 


First Row: Lea Botsford, Amy McWilliams, Pam Hodges. Second Row: Yvonne 
Kiker, Sue Ellin Martin, Mary Harvey, Rhonda Stophel, Pam Jones, Nancy Barbie. 
Third Row: Helen Vann, Mary Ann Wilson, Terry Kieran, Brenda Jackson, Eleanor 
Brakefield. Fourth Row: Karen Jones, Terri Forsyth, Sandra Dunkin. 



First Row: Penny Stirtmire, Vicki Henderson, Gay Hembree, Loraine Nunn, Beth 
Powers, Melinda Butts, Indria McGraw, Pat Dickerson, Julie Pugh, Ginger Teague. 
Second Row: Steve Singleton, Tommy Proctor, Jon Zeiger, Greg Shivers, Barry 
McCrary, Gary Kilpatrick. 

The Name of the Game 



Synchronized swimming is a program of highly skilled athletes performing routines requiring grace, poise, 
stamina & high levels of skill. The members of this group are: Front row, l-r; Wendy Westerhouse, Sharon 
Smith, Ms. Anaise Theuerkauf, Sandra Ennis, Kathy Matthews. Middle row, Bee Grover, Theresa Oliver, 
Dolly Grover, Debbie Heard, Natalie Lane. Back row, Marcie Grover, Rhonda Williams, TuTu Somerville, 
Millie Kay Wright. 

**s*-w,j* *****^f^ "■**■* 

>, 'J&s*!. 


Front row: Kit Arrington, James Patterson. 
Back row: Jerry Pierce, Frank Keasler, 
Crockett Coble. 


Front row: Ben Trawick, Scott Davies, Tom 
Nash, Ken Butdorf, John Prater. Middle row: 
Steve Kendrick, Stan Campbell, Bob Tomlin, 
Stan Schochler, Fred Muir. Back row: Jim 
Petty, Mike Stepp, Vance Wooten, Coach 


Samford Tennis 1979 


David Scalf 
Steve Wisner 
Bob Vaughan 
Joe Hughes 
Mike Priestly 
Coach Les Long 
David Haynie 
Lee McDaris 


Laura Faught 
Julie Warren 
Martha Davidson 
Val Richardson 
Cindy Bishop 
Carol Amis 





Intramurals are an important part of the 
Sports picture at Samford. The women play 
f I ickerbal I in the early Fall and follow up with 
volleyball in the late fall as the team sports in the 
first semester. In the Spring term, the ladies 
turn their attention to basketball and then to 
Softball for their team sports. While these 
activities are fulfilling for many, tennis, track, 
table tennis and swimming fulfill the needs of 

The men's program is equally as diversified 
with touch football and volleyball taking over in 
the Fall, along with handball singles, tennis 
singles, and table tennis singles. Three-on-three 
basketball whets the appetite of the basketball 
buffs until the Spring. Spring brings the five- 
on-five leagues along with slow pitch softball, 
tennis doubles, badminton doubles, table tennis 
doubles, handball doubles, track and field and 
swimming events. 

5 H ■ 

Intramurals are 







experience. The class room 
and a properly co-ordinated 
program of student activities 
provide for the development of 
the total person. Samford Uni- 
versity provides organizations 
that help to assist in this 
success. Social, professional, 
service, and scholastic or- 
ganizations are available to the 
entire academic community. 
The development of the student 
is dependent upon proper pro- 
portions of the various activity 
components. A person is better 
prepared to face the world of 
work, play and living when he 
has taken advantage of the 
atmosphere created by these 





Entre Nous Staff 

After a two year absence 
due to lack of funds, the 
Samford University Year- 
book has been revived this 
year by the Entre Nous 
Staff under the competent 
leadershipof Mary Keown, 


Miss Mary Keown, Editor 

Seated: Sherry Urlaub, Kris Mihelick, Mary Keown, Mac Edwards, Angie Wooten, Joe Martin. Standing: 
Wendelyn Waller, Sue Hendrix, Katherine Goodhue, Kim Nutt, Lisa Dunning, Cheryl Kriemann. Not shown: 
Mary D. Stubblefield, Rusty Murray, Joy Adams, Kathy Hester, Cindy Brown, Belinda Smith, Jupie Lindley. 



Cheryl K nermann, Business Manager, completing some details. 

Lisa Dunning and Kim Nutt organizing 
Greek pictures. 

Janet Farley and Jupie Lindley discus- 
sing layouts. 


A Cappella 

The Samford University A 
Cappella Choir travels 
throughout the United States 
and overseas, representing 
Samford and the School of 
Music. Dr. L. Gene Black is 
the Director. 

First Row, left to right: Cathy Waddle, Beth Thornley, Jeanette Smith, Kathy Thomas, Cathy Hall, Sheryl 
Carrier, Mary Prather, Beth Minchin, Beth Smith, Susie Parr, Tricia Montgomery, Glenda Nolan, Susan Kyle, 
Debbie Kyle, Jane Bryan, Becky Kyle, Lynn Edwards, Linda Osborne. Second Row: Beth Wright, Rhonda 
Moses, Beth Cash, Wyndy Kicklighter, Cindy Ivie, Sheila Gilliam, Britt Durham, Jenny McLemore, Carolyn 
Noss, Gloria Parvin, Cathy Cook, Anna Billingsley, Alice Neill, Laura Helms, Jody Baker, Rebecca Jarrell, 
Janene Weller, Robbye Jarrell. Third Row: Dick Jarrell, Tony Greenson, Jeff Lockman, Anthony Turner, 
Kim Miller, Monte Wright, Jeff Askew, Jim Abernathy, Tony Webb, Roger McGee, Dennis Adams, High 
Tyner, John McClendon, John Campbell, Wes Haley, Jon Kitchen, Barry Tice. Fourth Row: David Walker, 
Bubba Eubank, Tom Ariail, Bill Jarrell, Charles Lewis, Bob Moon, Mike Clay, Steve Skinner, Bill Dixon, John 
Martin, Mike Norris, Gary Mhoon, Tom Odom, Greg Roberson, Keith Martin, Alvin Reid. 


A Cappella 

Standing, left to right: Linda Osborne, Pre- 
sident; Robert Moon, Student Manager; Bill 
Dixon, Graduate Assistant; Jody Baker, 
Vice-President. Kneeling, left to right: Susie 
Parr, Alto Section Leader; Tricia Mon- 
tgomery, Treasurer. Seated, left to right: 
Charles Lewis, Mascot; Janene Weller, Sec- 
retary; Jim Abernathy, Bass Section Leader; 
Jeanette Smith, Soprano Section Leader. Not 
Pictured: Dennis Adams, Tenor Section Lead- 


Crimson Staff 

Bottom row: Leonard Robertson, Ray Lea. Middle row: Anita Sanders, Tami Clifton, Ben 
Leslie, Patsy Ingram, June Jernigan, Sara Sanchez. Top row: Charles Woods, Rodney Parrish, 
Bob Farmer, Rusty Murray, Jane Piper. 

The Crimson, Samford Uni- 
versity's student newspaper, 
contains enlightening and in- 
formative articles about all 
phases of University life. 

Ben Leslie, Editor of the Crimson. 


Honors Program Participants 

Honors Program 
Participants are se- 
lected because of 
their A. C. T. test 
scores when Fresh- 
men, or the grade 
point average they 
maintain if Upper- 
classmen. These 
students must com- 
plete four courses 
for Honor credit. 
To obtain this "H" 
credit the student 
must make an A in 
the course and do a 
special outside pro- 
ject. In addition they 
must complete a 
Senior Honors Pro- 
ject. Students who 
have completed 
these requirements 
graduate with a 
Degree with Honors. 

First row: Lester Hollans, Dr. Ellen McLaughlin, Dr. Satterfield, Mrs. 
Lillian Hilburn, Mr. Sam Mitchell, Dr. W. T. Edwards, Dr. David 
Gillispie, Dr. Ben Chastain, Charles Woods. Second row: Laura 
Edwards, Aggie King, Lonette Lamb, Debbie Pinson, Lisa Tomlin, 
Hubert Thompson, Nancy Reed, Liz Bradley, Lea Jones, Billi Sue 
Shriek, Tammy Walker, Connie Woolridge, Allison Morris, Virginia 
Johnston. Third row: Ron Gardner, Cindy Stuart, Brian Coleman, 
Keith Robinson, Gayle Hammond, Duane Randleman, Bill Teem, Jane 
Piper, David Clendenning, Tommy Allen, Not pictured: Mary Keown, 
Mark Biddle, Doug Sullivan. 

Alpha Lamda Del- 
ta, sponsored by 
Dr. Margaret 
Broadnax, is a wo- 
men's scholastic 
honorary open to 
freshmen with a 
2.5 academic 

First row: Nancy Guinn, Angela Wooten, Carla Miller, Tina Ashcraft, Sandy 
Booth, Lynn Thagard, Janet Norsworthy. Second row: Dr. Margaret Brodnax, 
Brenda Hardy, Allison Morris, Lisa Dansby, Tammy Walker, Tracy Bolzle, 
Susie Schuessler, Mary Lloyd Smiley. Third row: Lynn Shelly, Pam Smith, April 
Barber, Sandy McNabb, Beth Davenport, Virginia Johnston, Sabrina Eastman, 
Nancy Gore, Joyce Lilly. Fourth row: Katrina Blackwood, Lea Jones, Jennifer 
Young, Connie Roebuck, Lenne Hunt, Ann Sheffield, Wendolyn Waller, Heide 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

Omicron Delta Kappa, a National Leadership Honor Society, was founded on 
the basis that leadership of exceptional quality in college should be recognized. 
ODK places emphasis upon the development of the whole person, not just the 
scholarly quality. Omicron Delta Kappa recognizes and encourages achiev- 
ement in scholarship, athletics, social service, religious activities, student 
government, speech, journalism, mass media, and the creative and 
performing arts. Membership is as much an obligation and responsibility in 
citizenship as it is a mark of highest distinction and honor. 

Omicron Delta Kappa Members: 1st Row, left to right: Lori Littlejohn, Publicity Chairman; Kathryn Miller, 
Vice President; Leslie Parkman, Duane Randleman, President; Kathryn Knight, Susan Bradford Lowry, 
Yvonne Wood, Debbie West, Nancy Reed, Secretary; Rhonda Norman, Secretary. 2nd Row, left to right: 
Keith Biggers, John Duke, Ann Bragg, Joel Janeway, Stephen Krotzer, Alida LeBlanc, Lisa Dunning, 
Jennifer Adair, Robby Taylor, Mary Keown, Claire Murphree, Jane Pitts, Debbie Heard. 3rd Row, left to 
right: Forrest Cook, Jerry Pierce, Tim Thomassian, Thomas Hart, Robert Fisher, Terry Kieran, Kris 
Mihelick, Pat Freeman, Dr. Neil Shepherd, Faculty Advisor; Ben Leslie, Joan Harrison, Molly Pitts, John 
Patton, Bill Williams. Not pictured: Thomasyne Adams, Randy Barnes, Eleanor Brakefield, Theresa Carver, 
John Earnest, Debby Frey, Leslie Lockman, Keith Martin, Caudill Miller, Rhonda Moses, Audrey Queen, 
Sandra Randleman, Claude Rhea, Felicia Shipman, Marvin Steart, Kay Vassar. 



Alpha Kappa Psi 

Alpha Kappa Psi, National Bus- 
iness Honorary Society, was es- 
tablished to promote research 
and excellence in the tield of 

Alpha Kappa Psi Members are: 
1st Row, left to right: Mai 
Underwood, Joyce Bowling 
Rhonda Mears, Gary Bridges, 
Sara Sanchez, Debbie Ander 
son, Rusty Murray. 2nd Row, 
left to right: Bill Copeland, 
Barbara Gilbreth, Cindy Pat 
terson, David Fair, Peter 
Benes. Not pictured: Dolly 
Smith, Marvin Stewart, Robbin 
Bumbry, Andre Jackson, Alan 
Sizemore, Stacey Harduval, 
Randy Judd, Jim Wise, Jerry 

Phi Chi Theta 

1st Row, left to right: Jane 
Hazlegrove, Tena Dilib- 
erto, Rose Harper, Mary 
Beth Smith, Janis Rob- 
ertson, Margaret Geer, 
Melisa Heard. 2nd Row, 
left to right: Debby Talley, 
Laurie Wilson, Dawn 
Holley, Margaret Dickson, 
Vicki Morris, Cheryl 
Kreimann. 3rd Row, left to 
right: Martha Hyde Grif- 
fin, Terry Kieran, Beth 
Bounds, Tami Patridge, 
Anita Walls, Leigh Carter, 
Debbie Stephens, Miss 
May Henson, Sponsor, 
Robyn Fleck, Shasta Par- 
ker, Allison McCarven, Liz 

Phi Chi Theta is a Business Sorority for women. Its' 
purpose is to support and give guidance to women in 


Angel Flight 

Angel Flight, a service organization founded at Samford 
University in 1973, is the Women's auxiliary to the AFROTC 
and the Arnold Air Society. In 1978 they were named the 
official hostesses for Samford University. 

Seated: Denisa Nickell, Kathy Perrigin, (Liaison), Linda Harlow (Chaplain), Kathy Johnston (Informations), 
Mary Keown (Parliamentarian), Col. Fair (Advisor), Mary Jane Hagan. Sharon Spiceland, Sara Yeager 
(Operations), Mary Beth Smith (Executive), Aggie King (Commander), Nena Lavas (Administrative), Beth 
Weston (Pledge Trainer), Diane White. Standing: Sandy Bloodworth, Sandy McNabb, Beth Bounds, Alison 
Payne, Janet Eubanks, Brenda Hardy, Melanie Forro, Sarah Strode, Debra Logan, Cindy Campbell, Kim 
Jackson, Julie Bynum, Ann Sheffield, Joyce Marr, Jaci Keene, Pam Jones, Heidi Kleinman. 


Circle K 

Seated: Trish Swedlaw; Becky Williams. Standing: David Ezekiel; Tim 
Owens; (Vice President), Dan Calvert; Scott Morgan; (Secretary), 
Jerrel Ivey; (President), Herbert Thompson, Faculty Advisor, Allan 
Hayse. Not Pictured: Mark Davis, Keith Wylie, Marty Holley, Jim Davis, 
Rosemary Weekley, Steve Yeargin. 


Front Row, lett to right: Greg Powell, David George, Janis Burt, K.K. Goodhue, Rhonda 
Mears, Kim Nutt, Ann Bragg, Sharon Olive, Cathy Cunningham, Teresa Helm, Melisa 
Heard, Suzanne Moon, Jan Chesser, Rhonda Norman. Back Row, left to right: John 
Martin, Reyn Norman, Mike Wilson, Randy Gambrell, Jerrel Ivey, Dr. Roy S. Brigance, 
Robbie Corley, Art Gowan, Gayrene Fowler, Randy Rich. 


Phi Mu Epsilon 

This is a National Math Honorary Or- 
ganization. Its' members are, trom left 
upward: Mrs. Mary Hudson, Dr. Tom Cheat- 
ham, Mrs. Dorothy King, Dr. William Peeples, 
Mr. George Crocker, Kathryn Miller, Sara 
Yeager, Nancy Reed, Mary Ellen Hyatt, 
Patsy Ferguson, Mary Peeples. 

Math Club 

1st Row: Mark Roberts, Joe Howe, 
Billy Wilson. 2nd Row: Diane Hil- 
burn, Tim Tcherneshoff, Mrs. Mary 
Hudson — Faculty Advisor, Patsy 
Ferguson - Vice-President, Nancy 
Reed - President, Julie Salser - 
Secretary, Rick Williams - Trea- 
surer, Mrs. Dottie King, Dr. Tom 
Cheatham, Rose Harper. 3rd Row: 
Sharon Mitchell, Sara Yeager, Rob- 
bie Dudley, Jeannie Peeples, Kath- 
ryn Miller, Connie Wooldridge, Lisa 
Frost, Debbie Pinson, Kathy Win- 
dham, April Barber, Mary Ellen 
Hyatt, Phil Standridge. 4th Row: 
Bill Monk, Richard Williams, Char- 
les Woods, Art Davis, David Pal- 
mer, Greg Porter, Dale Allen, Scott 
Davies, Greg Juday, Wayne Hut- 
chens, Ken Carr, Dr. W. D. Peeples, 




Sigma Delta Pi 

Spanish Honor Society Members are: Seated: AAarigene Chamberlain, Carol 
Durham, Lynn Smith. First Row: Mrs. Hirsch, Patricia Gilbert, Mrs. 
Coleman, Linda Johns, Mrs. Allgood. Second Row: Mr. Marquez, Dr. Hawley, 
Mrs. Hendon, Debbie Anderson, Amy Branch, Neal Talbot. Third Row: Doug 
Sullivan, Tommy Johns. 

Spanish Club 

Front row: Linda I. Johns, Gwenice Harris, Cindy Davis, Cathy Dewberry, Mona 
Banks, Pam Hall, Debi Mitchell, Kathy Privette, Lisa Baldone, Lisa Tomlin, Anita 
Jones. Second Row: Michele French, Bonnie Brown, Cathy Cartledge, Susan 
Lingouf, Susan Harless, Carol Durham, Lynn Shelly, Angela Schettel, Carole Fite, 
Allison Payne, Ann Paschall, Mary Lloyd Smilie, Sheryl Cotton, Tami Clifton, 
Tami Graves, Patricia Gilbert, Marigene Chamberlain, Lynn Price, Linda 
McAfee, Susan Winchester, Maralyn Allgood, Charlotte Coleman, David Coleman. 
Third Row: Tommy Johns, Gail Hammond, David Saint, Susie Stowe, Duane 
Randleman, Debbie Anderson, Billy Staub, Dana Norman, Buddy Gray, Brian 
Barlow, Doug Sullivan. Fourth Row: Neal Talbot, Tom Nash, Billy McDowell, 
Steve Lankford, Joel Moore, Randy Gambrell, David Carson, Robert Sanderson, 
David Geroge, Tim Tcherneshoff, James Graddy. 



Rho Chi 

Pharmaceutical Honor Society 

Left to right: Dr. Stan Susana - Advisor, Isaac Landers, Elizabeth James, Margaret Calfee 

- President, Tom Novitske - Historian, Pam Boyd, Ray Norman - Secretary, Debbie Pinson 

- Vice President, Martin Davenport, Chip Maynard. 


Student American Pharmaceutical Association 



Left to right: Maria Gilbo, Dr. McBride - Sponsor, Debbie Lawson, 
Steve Yeager, Lynn Dill. 

Association of Early Childhood 

1st Row: Jane Pitts, Lee Gaskin, Carol 
Ledbetter, Kim Nutt, Cathy Wood. 2nd Row: 
Dr. Frances Carter, Nancy Brazil, Lori 
Littlejohn, Carol Amason, Claire Murphree, 
Diane Hilburn. Last Row: Patty Jackson, 
Terri Ratliff, Robin AAcCane, Kathy Johnston, 
Debbie Bolton. 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 

The members ot this Women's Service Organization are: 1st Row: Tammy Graves, Lynn Avery, Janet 
Farley, Carol Ledbetter, Janice Curry, Jan Chesser, Karen Cowley, Cindy Lindley, Margaret Jeter, Belinda 
Smith. 2nd Row: Marty Fernambucq, Cindy Bandy, Mary Minnitield, Karen Price, Margaret Jenkins, Anita 
Sanders, Lori Littlejohn. 3rd Row: Brenda Jackson, Lucy Green, Terri Ratlift, Patricia Campbell, Camilie 
Jeffries. 4th Row: Jena Dewitt, Karen Jones, Tami Lay, Susan Burgress, Jupie Lindley. 


Campus Ministries 

Front: John 
Moon, Doug 
Sullivan, Andy 
Frantz, Tim 
Allen AAosley. 
Back : Esther 
Burroughs, Dale 
AAelan ie Fain, 
Debbie Heard, 
Rich Lloyd, Lee 
Ann Lofty, 

Donna Brown, 
Lynn Avery. 

Church Recreation Majors 

From left: top row: 
Rod Poovey, Mick 
McCormick Jon 
Roebuck, Robert 
Clough, Dr. Dan 
McMillan - Coordi- 
nator, Donna Brown, 
Wanda Hanson, 
Steve Parr - Vice 
President, Susan 
Coltharp - President, 
Debbie Heard - 
Secretary, Lynn 
Avery, Sheryl Beck, 
Steve Wisner, 
Tommy Proctor. 


American Chemical Society 

Back Row: Dr. 
Ben Chastain, 
Mrs. Hortense 
Jones, Terr ie 
Walker. Middle 
Row: Ken Grif- 
f ien, Keith 
DeBell. Front 
Row : Charles 
Woods, Debbie 
Pinson, Nancy 
Reed, Dr. Leven 

Student Center Board 

Top Row: Greg 
Powel I, B u bby 
Fisher, Sue 

Hendrix, Duane 
Randleman. 2nd 
Row: K a t h y 

Knight, Sara 
Yeager. Bottom 
Row: John Duke, 
Charles Woods. 


Ministerial Association 

First row: Steve Thompson, Nancy Hazard, Lynn Smith, Doris Brothers, Walt 
Nunnally, Keith Wylie. Second row: Dennis Trimble, Johnny Johnson, David 
Freeman, Karl Minor, Marty Holley, Tim Crawford, Rich Lloyd. Third row: 
Danny Deaton, Clay Smith, Jim Nogalski, Anthony Findley, Tom Arnold, Al 


Back row: Lamar Davis, 
Steve Yeargin, Neal Talbott 
(Station Manager), Tim Par- 
ker, Paul Crawford, Ralph 
Baker, David Ezekiel, Bill 
Teem, Steve Carmichael 
(Program Director), John 
Davison, Mark Kohler. Seat- 
ed: Pam Jones, Carol Gar- 
rett, Susie Prine. 


Samford University Band 

First row: Donna Webb, Pam Smith, Patsy Ferguson, Tamara Tillman, April Barber, Suzanne 
Matlock, Jan Callander, Lisa Wells, Tammy Graves, Phyllis Flemming, Second row: Marty 
Fernambucq, Mike Hudson, Ken Prevatt, Neal Talbott, Janet Norsworthy, Electa Vines, Karen 
Perkins, Kim Rase, Robert Lawson, Sandra August, Debbie McClendon. Third row: Erney 
Edwards, Terry Keasler, David Long, Kevin Cartwright, Tommy Allen, Arthur Lyons, Greg Steele, 
John demons, James Graddy, Brian Harris. Fourth row: Mac Edwards, David Dodd, Dale Allen, 
Eddy Landers, Dennis Tremble, Matt Smith, Dr. Wayne Cameron. 

Music Educators National 

First row: Tom 
Ariail, Leanne Mul- 
lins, Brian Harris, 
Susie Parr. Second 
row: Jeff Clayton, 
Susan Walker, 
Kathy Thomas, 
Wyndy K ickl igter, 
Cindy Helms, Cindy 
Ivie, Roger McGhee, 
Kelly Young, Rhonda 
Moses, Linda 

Osborne Beverly 
Wilson, Sammye Hill 
Janene Weller 


Phi AAu Alpha Sinfonia 

First Row: David Walker, Treasurer, Tim Odom, Mike Norris, Tom Ariail, Jim Abernathy, Art Holloway, 
Rodger AAcGee, Dennis Adams, Vice President, Doyle Wells, President, Debbie Young. Second Row: Steve 
Parr, Monte Wright, Wes Haley, Kenny Dunnavant, Tommy Newman, Greg Robertson, Mitch Lottin, John 
Rowland, Rodney Davison, Chris Kihn, Jenny McClemore, Kathy Hall. Third Row: Mickey Walker, B. J. 
Terrell, Mark Davis, Tony Grissom, Jon Kitchens, Alvin Reed, Anthony Turner, Lynne Laufer. Fourth Row: 
Brian Harris, Steve Skinner, Jerry Olson, Jeff Clayton, Bob Stephens, John McClemore, Cindy Walker. Fifth 
Row: Barry Tice, David Moreland, Mark Jackson, Gary Mhoon, Ed Evans, Steve Calvert, Jeff Askew, Susie 


Kappa Pi— Art Honorary 

Members of Kappa Pi Art 
Fraternity are: 1st row; 
Frank Taylor, Randall 
Smith, D'Andre Spencer. 
2nd row; Lee Ann Lofty, 
Sandra Turner, Treasur- 
er. 3rd row; Cindy Mul- 
vaney, Linda Lowry, Jane 
Espy — President, Dr. 
Lowell Vann, Pam Collier 
— Secretary, Deborah 
AAoffett. Not pictured: 
Sandra Pa tton — Vice 
President, Scott Water- 
house— Vice President. 

Act 8: Campus Ministries 
Drama Team 


Front: Ginger Sims, 
Kathy Cochran, Beverly 
Baugher. Back: Glenn 
Davis, Pat Freeman, Di- 
rector, Mike Mercer, Lee 
Ann Lofty, Daniel 
Johnston. Not pictured: 
Mac Edwards, Tammy 


Jazz Ensemble 

Guitar/Bass: Bill Monk, Bass/Trumpet: Joan demons, Piano/Saxophone: Carol Lindsey, Drums: David 
Dodd, Trombone. Terry Keasler, David Long, John Davidson, Trumpets: Jerry Taylor, Arthur Lyons, Greg 
Steele, Saxophones: D'Andria Spencer, Hall Ratlitf, Dale Hutchens, Robert Barge, Conductor: Dr. James 

Cagerette Officers 

Cagerettes are the hostesses tor the basketball team. 

Front row: Rhonda Coleman, Terri Forsythe, Alice Neill. Back row: Nancy Barbee, Terry Kieran, Sandra 




Hypatia is the highest women's honorary on Samford's campus. Front row: Betty Sue Shepherd, Sponser; 
Jenni Adair, Leslie Parkman, Rhonda Norman, Kathy Knight, Dale Whitmire, Susan Bradford Lowry, Claire 
Murphey. Second row: Debbie Heard, Yvonne Wood, Stephanie Hall, Lori Littlejohn, Cindy Helms, Jane Pitts, 
Carol Amason, Karen Kile, Susie Parr, Rhonda Moses, Terry Kieran. Third row: Nena Lavas, Kathy Vaught, 
Kris Mihelick, Lisa Dunning, Linda Osborne, Jan Dean, Eleanor Brakefield, Kathryn Miller, Susan Ingouf, 
Becky Avert, Molly Pitts, Mary Keown. Top three: Theresa Carver, Joan Harrison, Susan Coltharp. 

Home Economics Association 


« f), 

First row: Cathy Cartledge, Susan Winchester, Cindy Speigner, Angie Elliot, Gem Moore, Cindy Cox, Annita 
Schneider, Karen Cowley. Second row: Marion Carter, Mrs. Marion Ferguson, Mrs. Dorothy Funderburke, 
Beth Weston, President; Melanie Fain, First Vice President, Rose Stinson, Carroll Sessions, Vickie Pierson, 
Mrs. Joan Chambers, Martha Roberts. Third row: Jerri Moody, Christine Givner, Lynn Price, Susan Todd, 
Lucia Kuykendall, Sandra Turner, Joan Harrison, Susan Walton, Russ Jackson, Julie Bynum, LeAnne 
Splawn, Tracy Kieran, Essie Ellis, Linda Lowry. 



B. S. U. Choir 

First row (seated) : Lee Hawk, Randy Garmbrell, John Duke, Keith Wylie, Mark Roberts. Second row (kneeling) : 
David George, Jeff Reynolds, Wayne Hutchens, Mike Minnix, Phil Stone, Joe Vickers, John 
Wilson, Robert Noah, Charles Woods, Tim Evans, Matt Smith. Third row (seated) : Keith Martin, Director; Beth 
Smith, Tami Clifton, Kathy Windham, Melanie Fain, Gay Gi II i land, Anita Smith, Melanie Sewell, Renae 
Stewart, Sharon Olive, Nancy Reed, Shasta Parker, Jane Ellen Anderton, Karen Broad, Cheryl Evans, Cindy 
Walker, Jenni Adair. Fourth row (standing): Lauri Adair, Karen Neeley, Sandy Wylie, Becky Justus, Kathy 
Hester, Lena Jordan, Lynn Smith, Susan Tood, Cindy Speigner, Cathy Wood, Anna Williams, Allan Mosley, 
Richard Williams, Bob Moon, Beverly Baugher, Kim Vinson, Rhonda Stophel, Karen Stokes, Alison Morris, 
Darlene McCall, Susan Beard, Kim Haynes, Leslie Brassed, Dale Milligan, Wanda Peavy. Fifth row: Danny 
Deaton, Glenn Acree, Jeff Askew, Steve Wallace, Lewis Phillips, Dennis Culbreath, Robert Sanderson, Chris 
Shepherd, Robert Clough, Lisa Wells, Windsu Kelly, Leisa Watterson, Penny Stirtmire, Susan Achord, Jane 
Carter, Ken Schroder, John Patton, David Hunter, Gary Sherrer, Tim Gully, Wayne Richardson, Art 
Holloway, Mac Edwards. 



B. S. U. Choir Officers 

Seafed: Charles Woods, 
Cathy Wood, Allan Mos- 
ley, Susan Todd, Jenni 
Adair. Standing: Nancy 
Reed, Mac Edwards, 
Cindy Walker. 

B. S. U. Choir was busy this year, traveling on two 
mini-tours and one major tour to spread the Good 
News of Jesus Christ. They did manage to find time 
for recreation and fun along the way, though. 






, .... ^pH* 


9 Jr 1 "* 


- 4 

***£/ - 



0* tM 


m/ ' 




Student Government 

Front row: Tracey Kelley, Jenni Adair. Second row: Debbie Heard, Laurie Adams, Beth Davenport, Audrey 
Queen, Val Broom, Bill Williams, Forrest Cook, Tom Nash, Wanda Peavy, Rusty Murray. Back row: John 
Patton, Dean H. L. Martin, Ben Leslie, Rick Green, Brian Harris, Brian Owens. 

The ofticers and Senators of the S. G. A. have worked very hard to make this school year a sucessful one. 
These officers are Bill Williams, President; Val Broom, Vice President; Audrey Queen, Secretary; and 
Forrest Cook, Treasurer. Each week the S. G. A. sponsors a campus movie which is run most Thursday, 
Friday and Saturday nights. This year such outstanding movies as "Good Bye Girl" and "My Fair Lady" 
were brought to campus. The S. G. A. also sponsers Band Parties during the course of the year. The most 
important event of the Samford's year is Step Sing. The S. G. A. is in charge of Step Sing, and uses the proceeds 
from the yearly extravaganza to fund scholarships which are awarded to two outstanding incoming Freshmen 
each year. 

This year, the S. G. A. wrote a new charter which will reorganize all facets of student life. This charter was 
passed by the Student Body, and officers were quickly elected for the coming year. After a hotly contested 
election, Brian Owens was elected Student Association President. Mike Drummond and Brian Gryder were 
the other candidates. This, the last year of the S. G. A., was a sucessful one. 


Bill Williams, Student Government Association President. 


Samford Fantasy 
Wargamers Association 

Left to right: Allen Vetch, Daniel Calvert, Allen Bragan, Richard Pounders, 
Jimmy Glover, Royal Dowdy. Not pictured: Stephen Hudson, Derek 
Washington, Rory Page, James Roberts, DeVann Jackson. 

Kappa Psi 

First row: Chip Kistner, Mike Conyer, Don Creech, Mike Chaing, Warren Cross. Second row: Pete 
Sommerville, Don Brown, David Waits, John Beville. Third row: Lonnie Williamson, Craig Garner, Ken 
Minor, Joe Leatherwood, Rodney Neat, Ed Arnold. Fifth row: Tea Sam Roe, Caynor Smith, Bill Franley, Ray 
Norman, Terry King, Danny Alexander. Sixth row: Ricky Strickland, Bob Howard, Bill Davis, Ray Naugher, 
Lynn Sullenger, Allen Bryson, David Scott. Seventh row: Mark Collier, George Reese, Francios Coutu, Joel 
White, Ron Hendrix, Gary Keel, Mike Clark, Terry Smith. 




■MPP s 

warn mm *^flA 

■M ' I^A^^B 

3 IB 

vL -jJWI- 

Front: Donna Burk , Doyle Wells, Lyn Wells, Dale Whitmire, Steve Cole. Second row: Ed Evins, Hugh Tyner, 
Jennifer Cosby, Wes Haley. Top: B. J. Terrell, Thomasyne Adams, Mary Lib Sipple, Richard Adair, Eddie 

Kappa Delta Epsilon 

Front row: Jane Pitts, Martha Jennings, Leslie Wilson, Susan Barnett, Carol Durham, Claire Murphee, Trudy 
White, Camille Jeffries, Lori Little John, Debbie West, Jan Becton, Mary Johnson, Sherry Shaw, Connie 
Hilburn. Second row: Cindy Roberts, Rose Stinson, Bobbie Corley, Cheryl Gorby, Mary Ellen Hyatt, Becky 
Stephens, Loretta Kimbrell, Kathy Johnston, Kim Nutt, Jeanette Peeples. Third row: Bill Berry, Chris Burns, 
Clifton Craft. 




Delta Omicron is a professional music frat- 
ernity for women, which encourages devel- 
opment of talent and scholarship. 
Its members are: Laura Helms, Lena Jordan, 
Kim Hayes, Debbie Young, Lynne Laufer, 
Glenda Nolan, Joy Berger, Beth Minchin, Jaci 
Keene, Lesley, Tucker, Lea Jones, Suzy 
Justice, Jane Carter, Lee Ann AAullins, Kim 
Crider, Joni AAoses, Patricia Montgomery, 
Sandy Wylie, Wyndy Kicklighter, Cathy Hall, 
Laurin Dempsey, Susan Achord, Gloria Par- 
vin, Shelia Gillam, Peggy Taylor, Britt 
Durham, Cindy Ivie, Carol Thomas, Kim 
Vinson, Liz Dendy, Joan Bissett, Gayrene 
Fowler, Luann Smith, Elaine Fulford, Karen 
Fitzmorris, Darlene AAcCall, Cheryl Shelton, 
AAarya Horner, Alison Morris, Sheryl Carner, 
Margaret Honeycutt, Martha Roberts, Beth 
Smith, Michelle French. 




A.E.D. is the Pre-Med Honor 
Society. Its members are: First 
row: Dale Hutchens, Art Gowan, 
Amy Branch, Paul Ashley. Sec- 
ond row: Kathy Vaught, Pre- 
sident; Tamy Graves, Duane 
Randleman, Mike Durmmond. 
Third row: Robert Fisher, Dr. 
Jim Haggard, Advisor; Lisa 
Dunning, David Saint. Not pic- 
tured: Mary Keown, Caudill 


University Chorale 


Alpha Phi Omega 

Front row: Kim Whisonant, Sarah Ann Grant, Jenni Adair, Leslie Brassell, Carol Hoftman, Lisa Williams. 
Second row: Robert Noah, Jon Zeiger, Rick Klepper, Keith DeBell, Slim Harris, Chuck Williamson, Glenn 
Schneider. Third row: Scott Waterhouse, Steve Lanktord, Kevin Cartwright, Phil Stone, Rick Williams, Tim 
Evans, Brian Kenny, Frank Jenkins, Charles Woods. Fourth row: Gary Riegal, David Dodd, Dean AAcDaniel, 
Derek Washington, Forrest Cook, Randy Gambrell, Willie Nunn, Jacky Windsor, Bill Box, Steve Singleton. 
Fifth row: Chuck Rogers, Ken Griffin, Peter Sims, John Davidson, Bubby Fisher, Ken Prevattee, Marty 
Naugher, Wayne Richardson, Keith Downey. Sixth row: Steve Sobczak, Bob Handrahan, Tim Tcherneshoff, 
Ken Butdorf, Steve Wright, Gary Sherrer, Daryl Desjardin, Brian Barlow, Kenny Headley. Seventh row: Bill 
Williams, Curtis Russell, Mike Hyche, Jeff Andrews, Steve Danzey, Daniel Johnston, Joe Vickers, Gary 
Driver, Jeff Goodwin, Mike McCormick, Dave Traylor. 


Alpha Phi Omega, the men's service organization on 
campus, sponsers a used book store, aids in the Red 
Cross Blood Drive, and performs other services. 


Alpha Phi Omega is active in intramurals. 

Alpha Phi Omega captured first place in the Organization Division of Step Sing. 






... A brotherhood and sis- 
terhood characterized by a 
kindred spirit and a charitable 

. . . Individuals striving for and 
achieving scholastic honor, 
campus involvement and per- 
sonal integrity. 

... A dependable group con- 
tributing "life blood" to their 
university and serving as a 
major factor in developing and 
maintaining school spirit, 
"rtha Ann Cox 






Delta Pi 

Becky Averyt 
Tricia Baldone 
Donna Barrow 
Tracy Bolze 
Amy Branch 

Julie Bynum 
Cindy Cox 
Kim Culver 
Janene Elmore 

Rose Harper 
Diane Hilburn 
Pam Hodges 
Sharon Holbert 
Mary Ellen Hyatt 

Mary Johnson 
Terry Kieran 
Tracy Kieran 
Yvonne Kiker 
Loretta Kimbrell 

Lori Littleiohn 
Kathy Mack 
Sue Ellin Martin 
Jennie McAlpin 
Sandy McNabb 

Amy McWilliams 
Kathryn Miller 
Netta Sue Miller 
Robi Mills 
Gem Moore 

Martha Perry 
Ann Marie Peterson 
Carol Powell 
Cindy Powell 
Rhonda Rayburn 

Kathy Rhodes 
Christy Rutland 
Terrell Stubbins 
Julie Warren 
Fran Washington 

Jo Adams 
Mary Alice Banks 
Lynn Bowers 
Donna Burk 
Kathy Cochran 

Sherry Coleman 
Tina Crockett 
Beth Davenport 
Jan Dean 
Cathy Dewberry 

Laura Edwards 
Janet Eubank 
Cammie Forward 
Mary Beth Frahler 
Rushan Goodson 

Debby Gordan 
Leslie Hawkin: 
Vivi Head 
Natalie Lane 

Melanie Norton 
Loraine Nunn 
Tami Patridge 
Beth Powers 
Susan Riley 

Julie Salser 
Sara Sanchez 
Angela Scheffel 
Mary Dora Schreiner 
Sally Schreiner 

Karen Stokes 
Kris Strandemo 
Sarah Strode 
Sonya Violet 
Cathy Waddle 

Jane Walker 
Melinda Wiggins 
Mary Beth Wise 

Delta Zeta 

k -' „$'#£ 

Ml v J 


I '3 

f # Wl - M ? 

t J 

IT «-w v^B^RH 


Jane Adams 
April Barber 
Jane Bishop 
Jane Espy 
Elizabeth Foshee 

Clare Gillam 
Nancy Gore 
Debbie Green 
Cindy Hammond 
Melisa Heard 

Sue Hendrix 
Virginia Johnston 
Mary Keown 

Lonette Lamb 
Indria McGraw 
Kris Mihelick 
Deborah Moffet 
Francie Mullins 

Liz Patterson 
Beda Pesacov 
Debbie Pinson 
Dee Pitard 
Nancy Reed 

Susan Rogers 
Joette Shelton 
Lynn Shewmaker 
Sharon Smith 
Donna Solomon 

Carolyn Andreu 
Betty Bond 
Kathy Carr 
Robbie Corley 

Molly Crumpler 
Lynn Dill 
Robbie Dudley 
Carol Faulkner 

Anna Green 
Beth Hudson 
Christy Johnson 
Ann Laurance 

Debbie Metcalf 
Jane Pitts 
Edie Smith 
Pam Smith 

Lesley Tucker 
Kareen Vincent 
Dale Whitmire 
Kitty Woodyard 

Marcia Baldone 
Cindy Campbell 
Lori Horton 
Judi Jackson 

Jamelle Kabase 
Nona Kincaid 

Beverly Masterson 

Suzanne Matlock 
Mittie McCarty 
Mary McCrary 
Jerri Moody 

tjM '■ ' ^P I Diane White 

Mary Beth Smith 
Cindy Speigner 
Tania Torruella 

Zeta Tau Alpha 

^m h l«flfcHL~ "■ \ \ - A 

* ' ' -&5$^ 

o nop? 

Jenni Adair 
Lauri Adair 
Laurie Adams 
Susan Beard 
Kathy Black 

Sandy Booth 
Ann Bragg 
Nancy Brazil 
Valerie Broom 
Tami Clifton 

Susan Coltharp 
Carol Durham 
Laura Faught 
Michelle Forby 
Tyla Garrett 

K. K. Goodhue 
Kathy Guarisco 
Mary Jane Hagan 
Joan Harrison 
Wendy Hassell 

Debbie Heard 
Kathy Hester 
Jerri Jackson 
Kathy Johnston 
Tracey Kelley 

Robyn King 
Susan Lamb 
Vicky Lloyd 
Kathy Matthews 
Barbara McCullough 

Merri McElveen 
Julie Merwin 
Sharon Mitchell 
Claire Murphee 
Rhonda Norman 

Kim Nutt 
Sharon Olive 
Pam Parrish 
Ann Paschall 
Darlene Peoples 

Carol Riggins 
Connie Roebuck 
Betsy Rosser 
Pam Smith 
Mary Ann Wilson 


F t 



Keith Connell 
James Gass 
George Gilbert 
Pat Harris 

Wayne Hutchens 
John Jernigan 

Tim McEachern 
Kelley E. New 
Tom Novitski 
Greg Poole 

-^Pi Kappa Alpha 






Greg Starkley 
Theo Stephens 

Jeff Brewer 
John Martin 
Dallas McClain 

Robert Payne 

Pi Kappa 


T J^H 


" \m 

] M 

^^H jM ^B 


£?; » 1M 

ft II 


W -1 

7 Ti p\ 

fm ^ 


© ^ n 



David Acuff 
Larry Anthony 
Kent Bowers 
Joe Bridges 
David Carson 

Liston Cartledge 
Chris Cawley 
David Chamblee 
Joel Chatam 
David Clinkscales 

Bill Dixon 
Steve Eubanks 
Neal Fondren 
Mark Godwin 
Matt Guice 

Mark Hardison 
David Hunter 
Gordon Kerr 
Ben Lavender 
Frank Lewis 

Jeff Little 
Dent Morton 
Barry McCrary 
Eddie McJunkin 
Dana Norman 

Larry O'Berry 
Bryan Owens 
Jim Patterson 
David Pruitt 
Steve Revels 

Keith Robison 
Dan Roebuck 
Mike Sandahl 
Greg Shivers 
Gil Simmons 

Alan Sizemore 
Chris Sloan 
Jim Snider 
Bill Tatum 
Marcus Whitman 

Bob Burkett 
Stan Campbell 
Robert Clough 
Crockett Coble 
Brian Coleman 

Rus Cochran 
Mike Drummond 
Tim Francis 
Lee Franklin 
David George 

Tim Gully 
Louis Henry 
David Hodges 
Franklin Horn 
Raymond Jones 

Steve Kahn 
Caudill Miller 
Dwight Miller 
Robert Moorer 
Reyn Norman 

Jerry Pierce 
Lynn Randall 
Randy Real 
Jon Roebuck 
Kevin Spruill 





culty members and admin- 
istrators are hard working, 
dedicated and important. The 
faculty member teaches be- 
cause of his love of knowledge; 
but just as much he teaches so 
that he will have an outlet for 
his love of people. Adminis- 
trators keep the wheels of the 
University turning. Students 
come and go, but the admin- 
istrators and faculty members 
? the stable part of the 
iversity community. 




The Board of Trustees 
of Samford University 

Front row: H. Moultrie Sessions, Ray Pearman, Mrs. Ruth Higginbotham, Mrs. Joseph A. Macon, Mrs. 
Clarence Rice, James A. Head, H. H. Grooms, Boyce Albright, Carey Guin, C. W. Gross. Second row: George 

E. Bagley, Ben B. Brown, James C. Stivender, Hilliard Felton, Dr. Joseph M. Dixon, Joseph W. Avery, Louis 
Armstrong, William I. Byrd, Austin Dean, J. Lamar Jackson, George E. Wilson, W. K. Stephenson, Leslie S. 
Wright. Third row: Gilbert E. Johnston, Harry B. Brock, C. M. Adamson, John Will Gay, John C. Pittman, Ben 

F. Harrison, Jr., Donald C. Brabston, Robert E. Lambert, Major W. Espy, Frank Hardy, R. J. Stockham, 
Harry Kirkley, Wallace D. Malone, Jr., Robert B. Hall. 


President of 
Samford University 

President and Mrs. Leslie S. Wright have served Samtord University for over twenty years. Dr. Wright has 
guided the University well, and it has grown into a large, well respected and well known University. 


President's Cabinet 





t o# 

Dr. Ruric Wheeler-Vice President for Academic Mr. Evan Zeiger— Vice President for Financial 

Affairs Affairs 

Dr. H. Lindy Martin — Dean of Student Services 

Mr. Tom Cleveland — Dean of Admissions and 
Director of Financial Aid 


General Officers 

Mr. Joe Daniel — Director of Student Activities 

Mrs. Esther Burroughs — Director of Campus 

Mr. Bill Nunnelley — Director of Information Ser- 

Mr. F. Wilbur Helmbold — Librarian 


Miss Mary Wimberly, Information Specialist 

Miss Mary Nell Frazier, Student Accounts 

Miss Martha Ann Cox, Director of Women's Programs Dr. Neil Shepherd, Alumni Affairs Director 



Dr. Travis Tindal, Registrar 

Dr. George Jackson, Extension Division Director 

Mr. Michael White, Comptroller 

Mr. Lew Arnold, Photographic Services 

Dr. W. T. Edwards, University Chaplain 

Mr. George Blanks, 
Director of Men's 


Academic Deans 

Dr. Claude Rhea, Music 


Dr. Alto L. Garner, Education 


. William Geer, Bus 


a + a 

• oc 

',:; r CV 

^ ^ «i 



:ft ^^1 

1 r 1 6 1 S 

14 I 

9 r '- T^P' 




Dr. Donald Corley, Law 

Dr. John Wintter, Pharmacy 

Dr. Lee Allen, Arts and Sciences 

Dr. Martha Hearn, Nursing 




Dr. John H. Fincher, Dr. W. 
Mike Howell, Dr. Tom E. 
Denton, Dr. Robert Stiles, 
Mrs. Marione E. Embry, Mr. 
Franklin Allan Hayse, Dr. 
Ellen W. McLaughlin, Dr. 
Herbert A. McCullough, 
Head, Mrs. Nancy Deason, 
Miss Margaret Rush. 


Dr. Austin Dobbins 
Mr. Sammuel Mitchell 
Dr. Ray Achinson 
Dr. Charles Workman 
Mr. James Treadway 
Miss Catherine McNeil 
Mrs. Frances Owens 
Mrs. Martha Brown 
Mrs. Polly Powell 
Dr. Margaret Brodnax 


Back row: Dr. Sigurd F. 
Bryan, Dr. Karen Joines, Dr. 
W. Mabry Luncetord. Front 
row: Dr. William Cowley, 
Dr. W. T. Edwards, Dr. 
Vernon Davison, Dr. Lee 


/ : _ 

History and Political 


L- to R. L . to R. 

Dr. John D. Gillespie, Mrs. Marlene H. Rikard, Dr. Leah Dr. Thomas J. Cheatham, Mrs. Mary H. Hudson, Dr. 

R. Atkins, Mrs. Frances Hamilton. Dr. Carolyn G. Satter- William D. Peeples, Jr., Mrs. Dorothy King, Mr. George T. 

tield, Dr. David M. Vess. Crocker. 


Dr. Melvin W. Smith, Dr. Fred N. 
Hendon, Dr. Everett G. Lemeron, Dr. 
Kenneth E. Van Sise, Mr. Billy T. 
Gamble, Mr. Lester Hollans, Miss May 
Henson, Mr. Jerry W. DeFoor, Mr. 
Ralph E. Rozell, Dr. Jo-Anne Gibson. 



Mr. Robert Greene, Dr. Timo- 
thy Burelle, Dr. Dennis Mung- 
all, Dr. Ronald Maters, Dr. 
Clitf Hilliard, Dr. John Wintter. 


Dr. Henry White, Mrs. Sarah 
Glass, Dr. Roy Brigance. 


Mrs. Joan Chambers, Mrs. Dor- 
othy Funderburke, Mrs. Mar- 
ion A. Ferguson. 


Air Force 

Tech Sgt. Al Rosario, Staff Sgt. 
Bob Owens, Major Ed Bagby, 
Lt. Col. Gordon Fair, Capt. 
John Kelly. 

Speech and 



Mr. Eric Olson, Mr. Harold 
Hunt, Mr. George Coulter, Dr. 
William Cowley. 


Seated: R. Kenneth Manning, 
James L. Hughes, Jr., Loren J. 
Bullock. Edwin L. Stern, Dean 
Donald Corley, Robert Joe 
McLean. Laurel R. Clapp. Ray 
Hutchens, Robert A. Riegert. 
Standing: Howard P. Walthall. 
Joseph W. Blackburn, Larry 0. 
Putt, Calvin M. Howard, R. 
Thomas Stone. Jr., Alexander 
J. Bolla. Jr., Annette C. Dodd, 
Frank W. Donaldson. Sara 
Clark. C. Reggie Copeland, 
Francis E. McGovern. William 
Wood, Charles W. Gamble, Ben 
A. Hardy. Burk E. Bishop. Brad 



Dr. Wheeler Hawley, 
Mrs. Charlotte Colem- 
an, Mrs. Ursula Hen- 
don, Mrs. Myralyn A I - 
Igood, Dr. Max Gar- 


and Physical 


Dr. Dan MacMillan, Mr. John 
T. Haywood, Miss Kathyrn 
Covalt, Dr. Ramona Washburn, 
Mr. John Lee Armstrong, Dr. 
Avalee Willoughby. 


Front row: Elizabeth Calhoun, 
Judy Bourrand, Joyce Jones, 
Joyce West, Dot Scott, Shelly 
Bailey, Becky Daugherty, 
Martha Lee. Second row: Holly 
Hurst, Metta Fay Street, Joy 
Whatley, Pat Crotwell, Juanita 
Lewis, Lorene (Tulu) Smith. 
Third row: Martha Hearn 
(Dean), Sharon Schlosser, 
Diann Hardin, Sharon Joseph, 
Pam Russell. Fourth row: 
Phyllis Vaughn, Pauline Tally, 
Feme Black, Jewell Carter, 
Carol Beall, Linda Cullum, 
Melinda Thrailkill, Barbara 
Bullock, Anne Owens. 



Seated: Claude Rhea (Dean). 
Front row: Wayne Cameron, 
Irwin Ray, Paul Hall, Betty Sue 
Shepherd, Eleanor Ousley, 
Faye Black, Gene Black. Back 
row: Bill Bugg, James Jenson, 
Steve Nelson, Bob Burroughs, 
Robert Dean, Don Sanders, Bill 
Strickland, Eva White, Witold 
Turkiewicz, Russell Hedges. 


& L& II 




Seated: Dr. Janice Teal, Dr. 
Francis Carter, Dr. Linda 
Pearson. Standing: Dr. Jessie 
Jones, Dr. Charlotte Jones, 
Dr. Ray Harvey, Dr. John 
Carter, Dr. Raymond King. 


Dr. James Haggard, Dr. James 
Langston, Dr. Ben Chastain. 

Seated Dr Leven Hazlegrove, 
Mrs. Hortense Jones. 

I a< ultv 



open door to opportunity fo 
young and old alike. Abrea e * - 
the ever changing times, S; 
ord is the key to our future. 
Samford student today enjoys 
the privilege of having at his 
disposal . . . Great Minds to 
glean . . . Friendships to foster 
. . . and above all, the sect ' 
of knowing that he is 
prepared to step forward 
confidence . . . from Samfor 
to his Future! 











Bottom row, left to right: Rusty 
Murray, Tammy Walker, Jeff Reyn- 
olds. Middle row: Sharon Harvey, 
Jennifer Young. Top row: Beth 
Davenport. Not pictured: Laurie 
Adams, David Hodges. 

Glen Acree 
David Acuff 
Richard Adair 
Jo Adams 
Laurie Adams 
Patricia Allen 
Yvonne Andersi 

Carolyn Andreu 
Larry Anthony 
Kit Arrington 
Paul Atchinson 
Bryan Austin 
Karen Bailey 
Mary Alice Banks 

April Barber 
Steve Barker 
Greg Barnes 
Donna Barrow 
Teresa Beasley 
Liz Bendy 
Peter Benes 

David Bennett 
Vance Blackburn 
Katrina Blackwood 
Dale Blanton 
Tracy Bolzle 
Betty Bond 
Jim Boulton 

Lynn Bowers 
Joyce Bowling 
Philip Boyles 
Cathy Box 
Doris Brothers 
Linda Brown 
Susan Brown 






[flfi ft 

A q A p 

Susan Brown 
Mark Burks 
Cathy Burnette 
Billy Burns 
Janis Burt 
Julie Bynum 
Jamelle Cabase 

Linda Campbell 
Stanley Campbell 
Sheryl Carner 
Kathy Carr 
Ken Carr 
Katy Cate 
Sheri Chandler 

Tami Clitton 
David Clinkscales 
Sherri Coleman 
Ronald Collins 
Susan Condra 
Keith Connell 
Katherine Corley 

Ann Cousins 
Francois Coutu 
Connie Covington 
Cindy Cox 
Paul Crawtord 
Brad Crewe 
Tina Crockett 

Melissa Crumbley 
Janice Curry 
Molly Crumpler 
Lisa Dansby 
Beth Davenport 
John Davidson 
Scott Davies 

Danny Deaton 
Lydia Deaver 
Ann DeNard 
Margaret Dennington 
Daryl DesJardin 
Pat Dickerson 
Ellen Dobbins 

Dian Dorsey 
William Dow 
Jane Dowe 
Karen Downing 
Brian Drummond 
Robbie Dudley 
Dartland Dunbar 

Britt Durham 
Sabrina Eatman 
Ernest Edwards 
Kathy Eidson 
Ben Ekhator 
Sandra Ennis 
Marcus Epperson 

Ellen Earnes 
Laura Faught 
Carol Faulkner 
Sharon Fedorenc 
Anthony Findly 
Karen Fitzmorrh 
Robyn Fleck 

David Flemming 
Phyllis Flemming 
Cammie Forward 
Mary Beth Frahler 
Susan Freeze 

Carol Garrett 
Tyla Garrett 
Nancy Gore 
Jeff Graham 
Anna Greene 
Marcie Grover 
Matt Guice 

Nancy Guinn 
Tim Gully 
Sandra Hall 
Tom Hall 
Marie Hammack 
Gail Hammond 
Leslie Hancock 

Brenda Hardy 
Brenda Hardy 
Terri Hartsfield 
Sharon Harvey 
Terri Hatley 
Lee Hawk 
Melinda Haynes 


Nancy Hazard 
Steve Heartsil 
Buddy Helms 
Gay Hembree 
Susan Hemme 

David Hodges 
Pam Hodges 
Marty Holley 
Margaret Honicutt 
Sharon Hooker 
Marva Horner 
Denise Houlditch 

John Howe 
Penny Huggins 
Neil Hughs 
Lenae Hunt 
Mike Hych 
Jeannece Jackson 
Bill Jarrell 

Dick Jarrell 
Margaret Jenkins 
Johnny Johnson 
Virginia Johnston 
Paula Joiner 
Becky Jones 
Ray Jones 

Laura Jordon 
Greg Juday 
Jill Justice 
Mark Kahler 
Brian Kenny 
Gordon Kerr 
Wyndy Kicklighter 

Tracy Kieran 
Yvonne Kiker 
Robin King 
Pam Kirkpatrick 
George Kitchens 
Jim Kuhn 
Natalie Lane 

Warren Lamb 
Claire Lawler 
Ann Lawrence 
Robert Lawson 

Frank Lewis 
Jupie Lindley 
Jeff Little 
Vicki Lloyd 
Debra Logan 
Jimmy Magaha 
Al Marble 

Joe Martin 

Sue Ellin Martin 

Beverly Mastersor 

Suzanne Matlock 

Lisa May 

Dale McCahan 

Darlene McCall 

Mittie McCarty 
Merri McElveen 
Indria McGraw 
Kathy McGuire 
Barry McKay 

Mike Minnex 

Sharon Mitchell 
Jill Moody 
Gem Moore 
Robert Mores 


Rocco Morro 
Dent Morton 
Joel Morve 














. ? 


Francie Mullins 
Rusty Murray 
Blake Nash 
Kelley New 
Tommy Newman 
Sandra Nix 
Erlinda Norris 

Janet Norsworthy 
Mel Norton 
Walt Nunley 
Loraine Nunn 
Vickie Painter 
Lee Parker 
Kyle Parks 

Tammy Paschal 
Jim Patterson 
Allison Payne 
Darlene Peoples 
Ann Marie Peterson 
Lewis Phillips 
Greg Poole 

Richy Presnell 
Kathy Privette 
Rachel Rachielles 
Sharon Randolf 
Randy Real 
Andre Reese 

Jeft Reynolds 
Alt Rhea 
Bill Richardson 
Scott Richardson 
Wayne Richardson 
Beth Ridgway 
Carol Riggins 

Cindy Roberts 
Martha Roberts 
Connie Roebuck 
Jon Roebuck 

Sarah Sanders 
Maria Sarias 
Angela Scheftel 
Mary Dora Schreiner 

Ken Schroeder 
Suzie Schuessler 
Karla Sewell 
Melanie Sewell 
Vicki Shaw 
Ann Sheffield 
Lynn Shelley 

Cheryl Shelton 
Joetfe Shelfon 
Ken Shelton 
Chris Shepherd 
Greg Shivers 
Debbie Shoemaker 
Peggy Slack 

Chris Sloan 
Mary Loyd Smil 
Anita Smith 
Beth Smith 
Edie Smith 
Jenny Smith 
Len Smith 

Matt Smith 



Pam Smi 
Sharon Sr 
Cindy Sol 
Cindy Speigne 


Le Ann Splawr 
Greg Starkey 
Theo Stevens 
Karen Stokes 
Phil Stone 
Ronda Stophel 
Sara Strode 

Patricia Swedlaw 
James Sydnor 
Ginger Teague 

Doug Teuton 
Tracy Thomas 
Joy Thomassian 

Sharon Thomassian 
Tamara Tillman 
Bob Tomlinson 

Tania Torruella 
Linda Tribble 
Dennis Trimble 
Elisa Turkiewicz 
Kay Turner 
Beau Tye 
Rhett Tyler 

Bob Vaughn 
Tammy Walker 
Theresa Walker 
Wendelyn Waller 
Julie Warren 
Scott Waterhouse 
Wendy Westerhouse 

Diane White 
Penny White 
Robert Whitehead 
Mark Whithouer 
Marcus Whitman 
Martha Wilhite 
Anna Williams 

Becky Williams 
Keri Williams 
Richard Williams 
Alice Wilson 
Mary Ann Wilson 
Mike Wilson 
Aaron Woodall 

Kitty Woodyard 
Angie Wooten 
Vance Wooten 
Cynthia .'. 
Keith W 

Jennifer Young 
Larue Yarbrough 


Sophomore Class Officers Picture was ruined by Entre Nous. We are sorry! Class 
Officers: Greg Powell, President; Dan Jones, Vice President; Judi Jackson, 
Secretary; Kim Woodham, Treasurer. Senators: Bryan Owens, Tracey KelleyTom 






ie Adams 


e Anchors 

Lee Albritton 

Ralph Baker 
Nancy Barbee 
Robert Barges 
Brian Barlow 
Robyn Baskin 
Beverly Baugher 

Joy Berger 
John Bergquist 
Anna Billingsley 
Kathy Black 
Sandy Booth 
Kent Bowers 

Kent Bowers 
Greg Bowman 
Kirk Boyd 
Joe Bridges 
Jeff Brooks 
Bonnie Brown 

Hal Brown 
Mark Brown 
Sandy Brown 
Robbin Bumbry 
Susan Burgess 
Donna Burk 

Liston Cartledge 
Kevin Cartwright 
Chris Cawley 


■ Joel Chatham 

I Barbara Clotfelter 

I Brian Coleman 

I Rhonda Coleman 

I Mark Collins 

' Travis Collins 

Carol Coltharp 
Kathy Cook 
Melody Crouch 
Kathy Cunningham 
Mark Davis 
Mark Davis 


Fred Dean 
Cathy Dewberry 
Gina Dewitt 
David Dodd 
Kathy Dollison 
Gary Driver 

Sandra Dunkin 
Laura Edwards 
Linda Edwards 
Cathy Eidson 
Janene Elmore 
Bubba Eubanks 

Steve Eubanks 
Ed Evins 
David Fair 
Bob Farmer 
Bill Finch 
Michelle Forby 

Tim Francis 

John Franklin 
Lee Franklin 
Danny Frazier 
Michelle French 
Mark Fuller 

Andrea Garnett 
David George 
George Gilbert 

Clare Gillam 
Gay Gilliland 

Rick Glenn 
Debby Gordon 
Mike Goyer 



Alan Graham 

Mary Jane Hagan 

Don Halford 
Cathy Hall 
Pam Hall 
Cindy Hammond 
Mary Harvey 
Wendy Hassell 

Cheryl Hayward 


Sharon Holbert 
Lori Horton 

David Hunter 
Wayne Hutchens 


Patti Jackson 
June Jernigan 
Margaret Jeter 
Cyndi Johnson 
Gayla Johnson 
Marianne Johnston 


Cynthia Lawson 
Dian Lee 
Cindy Lewis 
Jeff Lockman 
John Martin 
Kathy Matthews 

Brad McAnalley 
Dallas McClain 
Sherri McClendon 
Donna McCrae 

Lee McDaris 
Mike McFarlen 
Dale McGillan 
Elaine Mclntire 
G191 Mc Inn re 
Kathy McKinley 


Jenny McLemore 
Amy McWilliams 
Rhonda Mears 
Gary Mhoon 
Dwight Miller 
Netta Sue Miller 

Sally Milliman 
Robi Mills 
Frank Mize 

Pem Moore 

Glenda Nolan 

Dana Norman 
Larry O'Berry 
Teresa Oliver 
Kim Olsen 
Donna Overcash 
Bryan Owens 

Jim Parker 
Gloria Parvin 
Ann Paschal 
Robert Payne 
Kathy Perrigin 

Susie Perri 


Beda Pesacov 
Greg Porter 
Greg Powell 
Pam Powell 
Beth Powers 
Mary Prather 

Carol Ridgeway 
Carol Riley 

Susan Riley 
Greg Roberson 

Mark Roberts 
Keith Robinson 
Susan Rogers 
Phyllis Ryan 
David Schaff 
Carol Sessions 


Mary Lib Sipple 
Clay Smith 
Hulanda Smith 
Pam Smith 

Bonnie Stewart 
Penny Stirtmire 
Kristen Strandemo 

■9 & 09a 

Tim Tcherneshoft 

Lavern Terrell 

Leslie Tucker 

Witold A. Turkewicz 

Anthony Turner 

Sherri Urlaub 


Greg VanArsdale 


Cindy Walkei 

Rosemary Weekley 
Jay Weeks 
Lisa C. Wells 
Lisa M. Wells 
Wendy Westerhouse 
Kim Whisonant 

Bruce Williams 
David Williams 
Lisa Williams 
Rick Williams 
John Wilson 
Susan Winchester 

Kathy Windharr 
Jackie Windsor 
Kim Wood 
Charles Woods 
David Wray 
Monty Wr ight 



Junior Class Officers. Left to right: 
Susie Parr, Keith Martin, Art Hol- 
loway, Debbie Heard, Rick Greene, 
Renae Stewart. Not Pictured: Wan- 
da Peavy. 

Tommy Allen 
Carol Amason 
Debbie Anderson 
Jane Ellen Anderton 
Jeff Andrews 



Tom Ariail 

1 * '"^B 

f "M 

Beck Averyt 

1 ^ I 

Jody Baker 

\ ^ f 

Randy Baker 
Marcia Baldone 




^ •■ ^ 

Tricia Baldone 

M ^m 

Mona Banks 

T J 

^ W 

Alan Barnes 

i v 

Bill Barry 

Lance Baugher 





T %'i 



Sheryl Beck 
Liz Bennit 
Joan Bissett 
Kathy Boggs 
Ingrid Boike 

Beth Bounds 

Sonny Bozeman 
Amy Branch 
Leslie Brassell 
Nancy Brazil 
Jeff Brewer 

Melanie Brock 
Donna Brown 
Bob Burkett 
Ken Butdorf 
Mike Calvert 

Cindy Campbell 
John Campbell 
Lynn Carr 
Jane Carter 
Cathy Cartledge 

Beth Cash 
Perry Cash 

Marigene Chamberlain 
David Chambers 
Corky Chandler 

David Clendening 
Robert Clough 
Crockett Cobble 
Kathy Cochran 
Ralph Coleman 

Pam Collier 
Ralph Cook 
Robbie Corley 
Jennifer Cosby 
Cheryl Cotton 

v.- /T * 

Kim Culver 
Steve Dansy 
Cindy Davis 
Glen Davis 
Jim Davis 

Jan Dean 
Keith DeBell 
Nancy Deese 
Doug deGraffenried 
Lynn Dill 

Myles Dowdy 
Mike Drummond 
Jenny Duncan 
Kathy Duncan 

Jerry Mac Edwards 
Jane Espy 
Janet Eubanks 
Cheryl Evans 
Tim Evans 

Rick Farrell 
Patsy Ferguson 

Neal Fondren 
Carolyn Foreman 
Randy Gambrell 
Kay Garner 
Keith Garr 

Margaret Geer 
Katherine Goodhue 
Charles Gordon 
Becky Gordy 
James Graddy 

Tammy Graves 
Debbie Green 
Denise V. Green 
Rick Greene 
Tommy Green 

Kathy Guarisco 
Sherry Gully 
Terry Hamilton 
Dave Haney 
Wanda Hanson 

Mark Hardison 

Linda Harlow 

Rose Harper 

Gwenice Harris 
Pat Harris 
Tom Hart 
Rebecca Hawkins 
Kenny Headly 

Debra Heard 

Andy Hodges 
Carol Hoffman 
Art Holloway 

Kathy Holubec 
Franklin Horn 
Susan Ingouf 
Patsy Ingram 
Camille Jeffries 

Frank Jenkins 
John Jernigan 
Chita Johnson 
Christy Johnson 
DeVann Johnson 

Daniel Johnston 
Kathy Johnston 
Kathy Jones 
Mariann Jones 
Becky Justus 

Richard Kingsman 
Cheryl Kreimann 
Lucia Kuykendall 

Nena Lavas 

Alida LeBlanc 
Sammuel Ledbetter 
Lee Ann Lofty 
Lisa Lowry 
Cindy Lindley 

Don Macon 
Laura Mangum 
Keith Martin 
Bruce McCarty 
Barbara McCullough 

Charles McEachern 
Tim McEachern 
Jon McLemore 
Linda McMillian 
Andrea Mercer 

Mike Mercer 
Julie Merwin 
Debbie Metcalf 
Roxanne Mickwee 
Carol Miller 

Bill Monk 

Patricia Montgomery 

Perry Moody 

Bob Moon 

Joel Moon 

David Moreland 
Allan Moseley 
Lee Ann Mullins 
Claire Murphree 
James Nichols 

Kim Nutt 
Patrice Owens 
Tim Owens 
Lisa Overall 
Susie Parr 

Rodney Parrish 
Mike Partain 
Cindy Patterson 
Wanda Peavy 
Flo Penn 

Steve Phillips 
Jane Piper 
Dee Pitard 
Cindy Powell 
Darrell Poynter 

Ken Prevatte 
Karen Price 
Mike Price 
Panda Prickett 
Mike Priestley 

Audrey Queen 

George Reese 
Ray Reese 

Mary Elizabeth Rhodes 
Val Richardson 
Anita Rodgers 

Stan Schochler 
Brenda Schwager 
Karen Sewell 
Kathy Sexton 
Gary Sherrer 

Ginger Sims 
Peter Sims 
Alan Sizemore 
Todd Skaggs 
Judy Skeen 

Steve Skinner 
Belinda Smith 
Gay Smith 
Jeanette Smith 
Ken Smith 

Lu Ann Smith 
Lynn Smith 
Lynn Smith 
Tony Smith 
Phillip Standridge 

Debbie Ellen Stephens 

Josie Stickrod 

Susie Stowe 

Mary D. Stubblefield 

Jetf Sutton 
Gary Tadlock 

Chuck Tanner 
Doug Tanner 



Billy Jack Terrel 
Mindy Teuton 

Tim Thomassian 

Melinda Thomlinson 
Hubert Thompson 
Steve Thompson 
Susan Todd 
Hugh Tyner 

Joe Varner 
Kareen Vincent 
David Walker 
Susan Walker 
Anita Walls 

David Warren 
Fran Washington 
Billy Weathington 
Debbie Webster 
Joe Wenclawiak 

Dale Whitmire 
Melinda Wiggins 
Penny Wilhite 
Mary Beth Wise 
Melanie Wise 

Steve Wisner 
Sandy WyMe 
Dennis Yancey 
Debbie Young 
Jon Zeiger 


Senior Class Officers. Leslie Parkman, President; Rich Lloyd, Vice President; 
Carol Mulvehill, Secretary. 

James Abernathy 
Jenni Adair 
Jane Adams 
Thomasyne Adams 

George Adkins 
Randy Allen 
lleana Alvarez 

Ken Ashley 
Paul Ashley 
Lisa Baldone 
Becky Barnard 

Susan Barnett 
Wayne Barrett 
Kathy Bean 
Susan Beard 

Jane Bishop 
Debbie Bolton 
Naomi Borders 

Allan Bragan 

Ann Bragg 
Val Broom 
Darby Brown 

Patricia Campbell 
James Carborne 
Keith Cardwell 

David Carson 

Theresa Carver 

Jan Chesser 
Russ Cochran 
Susan Colthrap 
Cherri Cook 

Wayne Davis 

Lynne Dawson 
Dollie Dean 
Larry DeLoach 
Laurin Dempsey 

Travis Dewberry 
Margaret Dickson 
John Donaldson 
Joan Doughty 

Cathy Durham 
Be*sy Eldridge 
Gary Emerine 
Gary Enfinger 

David Ezekiel 
Melanie Fain 
Robert Fisher 
Jeff Florney 

Justin Floyd 
Marianne Fondren 
Howie Foreman 
Melanie Forro 

Terri Forsythe 
Elizabeth Foshee 
Gayrene Fowler 
Jimmy Fowler 

Jim Gass 
Edward Glaze 
Rushan Goodsor 
Steve Goodson 

Mark Godwin 
Cheryl Gorby 
Sarah Ann Gran" 
Bubby Gray 

Dolly Green 
Dennis Griffir 
Dolly Grover 
Cindy Guest 

Mac Halcomb 
Stephanie Hall 
Susan Harless 
Joan Harrison 

Lona Harrison 
Leslie Hawkins 
Jane Hazelgrove 
Melisa Heard 

Cindy Helms 
Theresa Helm; 
Jim Hotter 
Bobby Howell 

Dale Hutchens 
Mary Ellen Hyatt 
Martha Hyde 
Jerrell Ivey 

Andre Jackson 
Mark Jackson 

Robbye Jarrell 
Mary Johnson 
Jeri Jones 
Lena Jordan 

Judy Justice 
Suzanne Justice 
David Karn 
Mary Keown 

Terri Kieran 
Loretta Kimbrell 
Aggie King 
Kathy Knight 

Susan Lamb 
Eddie Lambert 
Bobby Lance 
Lynne Laufer 


Carol Ledbetter 
Helen Lee 
Ben Leslie 
Charles Lewis 

Lori Littlejohn 
Rich Lloyd 
Cheryl Long 
Linda Lowry 


Susan Lowery 
Arthur Lyons 
Kathy Mack 
Lee Magaha 

Lisa Mauldin 
Jeannie McAlpine 
Robin McCane 
Mike McCormick 

Patricia McDonald 
Roger McGee 
Greg McHugh 
Eddie McJunkin 

Anita Meeks 
Kris Mihelick 
Caudill Miller 
Kathryn Miller 

Jerri Moody 
John Moon 
Suzanne Moon 
Sam Moore 

Rhonda Moses 
Steve Mullenix 
Bobby Nabors 
Robert Noah 

Reyn Norman 
Rhonda Norman 
Mike Norris 
Tom Novitski 

Cheryl Nunn 
Sharon Olive 
Linda Osborne 
Shelly Outlaw 

Connor Owens 
Shasta Parker 
Leslie Pa r kma n 
Pam Parrish 

Tami Patridge 
Liz Patterson 
John Patton 
Terry Peek 

John Mark Penfield 

Martha Perry 

Debbie Pinson 

Richard Pounders 
Carol Powell 
Karen Price 

Tommy Proctor 
David Pruitt 
Duane Randleman 
Rhonda Rayburn 

Steve Revels 
Kathy Rhodes 

Janis Robertson 
Steve Romine 

Sally Schreiner 
David Scott 
Renae Sellars 

I Sherry Shaw 

I Lynn Shewmaker 

I Maurice Simmons 

* Ginger May 

Cindy Slocumb 
Caynor Smith 
Mary Beth Smith 

Miriam Smith 

Rusty Smith 
Sally Smith 
Shelby Smith 
Steve Sobczak 

Ricky Strickland 
Terrell Stubbins 
Don Sullivan 
Doug Sullivan 

Jerry Taylor 
Kathy Thomas 
Bob Tice 
Greg Topping 

Kay Vassar 
Kathy Vaught 
Richard Walker 
Lynn Watson 

Paula Webb 
Doyle Wells 
Lyn Wells 
Debbie West 

Beth Weston 
Bill Whitley 
John Whitley 
Gary White 

m £%f Yvonne Woods 

Steve Wright 

Trudy White 
Bill Williams 
Bruce Williams 
Chuck Williamson 

Betty Orr Wilson 
Beverly Wilson 
Laurie Wilson 
Sissy Wilson 

Sarah Yeager 
Steve Yeargin 
Mary Zeiger 
David Zimmerman 





he advertisments in this 
ction are a sign of the 
community support which 
we, as students of Samford 
University receive. Those 
businesses who advertise 
here do not really expect any 
financial return — they sim- 
ply advertise to help Samford 
University's yearbook. Sur- 
prise those who advertise 
here and support their bus- 
inesses. They deserve it! 


To: Scratchies Scratchies are the BEST! 

Hey Dune 

George of the Jungle is alive and well at 23!! 

Honk-off! You bulldog looking thing. 

Save me a spot in Arkansas, Angela. 

Miss Gore says that she is beautiful. 

Austin Charles Dobbins says he is alive and well. 

Pikes say Ah-h-h-h-h-h! ! ! ! ! 

From Daniel: Gag a maggot, Arnold. 

To Nogalski: Pick one! 

Scott R.: I've been watching you from afar. 

Hey Kittybelle, Love X 

To moodiness: Bet you wish it was from our boy. 

Jeff Reynolds: Congratulations on second place in Step Sing. You were super. We love you. 

Moose to: Omar, Toots, Jaynet, Babette. From Sugar. 

Robert is always Ort. 

Mary Dora, Our friends are great. 

Peace is knowing Jesus. I belong to Jesus. What about you? 

Barbie: We Just Love You! 

Doc-We love you. Mmmmmm yeah we do! Your friends, Flicka and Mrs. Ed. 

F.A.C.C.H. Stage Crew says Hi Lights, Sound. 

A: Its been a great 3 years. I'll miss you! B. 

L. A.: Come see me. B. 

Senor Pinko: Te quiero, si? Marguerita. 

S.: Thanks for everything, Roomie? Love M. 

Delta Zeta: You're the best. Love, the Seniors 

Andre: We love you. Your Angels 

Dear. Dr. Langston: Your sure know how to make Ethyl Palpitate! 

Dear Biology Department: We hated to leave but we heard you were switching to Cadavers in Zoology Lab, 
and we were afraid we'd be the first specimens. 
Love, Kris and Mary 

In spite of all the room changes, out of order air-conditioners, "the heat's off and I'm FREEZING" . . . Don't 
let anybody tell you the gals in the dorms aren't great. Love you all!!! 

Mrs. Ashley 

(The indigent Miz A) 


It's just a School of Rain, 

They say, 
that is Life's Teacher. 

Nea! It's the Water 
as it soaks 

the Ground, 

the Courts, 

The Stadium of Stone Creatures, 
That gives the pupil a new lift in 

the Classroom. 
(the lightening roars). 

A Stillness 
A Calmness 
A Peace 
All One. 

Reflective moments . . . 
Still stand Nature's materials 

Concrete, Flesh, 

And Web. 

J. M. Edwards 


The Thief of Time 
will steal away the days, 
a crime against All 

For All need them 
to Laugh and to Learn 

The Thief intrudes 

to take your days. 

He walks on air 
And is seen with 

Innocent eyes and ears. 

To Use the Heart as an Eye 
and the Soul as an Ear, 

will show the Outlaw 
With Goods in hand. 

Hours flee 
When the Hands turn 
to leave 

J. M. Edwards. 

What's a worldwide 
data processing 

company doing in 

Growing by providing the finest in Data Process- 
ing Services to automotive dealers, worldwide. 

CARS, Computerized Automotive Reporting Ser- 
vice, Inc., is a leading supplier of accounting, inven- 
tory and payroll services to automotive dealerships 
with customers throughout the United States. 
Australia and Japan. It's the largest company of its 
kind providing services exclusively to automotive 

The CARS operation — with its international 
headquarters and computer complex located at 
210 Automation Way — employs some 265 highly- 
skilled persons locally with an approximate annual 
payroll of $4,000,000. 

CARS— a worldwide data processing company 
has grown tremendously in Birmingham since 
1967. And will keep on growing with Birmingham 
in the years to come. 


Computerized Automotive Reporting Service, Inc. 
210 Automation Way, Post Office Box 235, Birmingham, Alabama 35201 • (205) 956-8020 







General Computer Services, Inc. 

Huntsville, Alabama 

Compliments of 

Alabama Graduation 




Samford University 

'Located in the Student Center"' 

HOURS: 7 45 — 4: P.M. 

Monday — Friday 

A Complete Selection Of: 

Textbooks Cards 

Paperbacks Cand) 

Stuck Outlines Sundries 

Art Supplies Stationary Items 

Paper Goods Shirts 

Sapifdrd Students 




Lester Helms 

Christian Book Store 

3036 Montgomery Highway 

Birmingham, Alabama 35209 

Phone 879-5400 

"Flowers & Gifts for all 

Martin Flowers, Inc. 






5j% 3{% 5(% 3|% 5|C 5J% 3|% 3|» 5J% 5J% ^5 ^5 ^% ^% ^% ^% ^5 ^* ^? ^» ^« *fi 

1913 11th AVE. SO. 933-0420 

Compliments of 




Compliments of 







Adjacent to Brookwood Village 

Phone - 871-5283 

NIASE Certified Mechanic Proprietor 






Eugene R. Nail, Pastor 

Teaching the Now Book, The Bible 

To the Now Generation 

Schedule of Sunday Activities 

8:30 a.m. 
9:45 a.m. 
11:00 a.m. 
6:00 p.m. 
7:00 p.m. 

Early Worship 
Sunday School 
Morning Worship 
Church Training 
Evening Worship 

shades mountain Baptist chuRch 



2017 Columbiana Rd. 822-1670 

Charles T. Carter, Pastor 

Sunday School 9:15 a.m. 

Morning Worship 10:45 a.m. 

Church Training 

(preceded by snack supper) 6:15 p.m. 

Evening Worship 7:30 p.m. 

Wednesday — The Church at Prayer (preceded by 
Family Night Supper and other activities).7:00 p.m 


2807 Cahaba Road 
1919 Morris Avenue 




Two miles East 
of Highway 280 
on Cahaba Valley Road. 

The Church With A New View... 

Worship with people who have banded together 

to mold a new face 

for their Lord's Church. 

Sunday School - 9:00 A. M. • Evening Worship - 6:30 R M. 

Morning Worship - 10:00 A.M. • Church Training - 7:00PM. 

Wednesday Services- 7:00 

Transportation available from Samford before 
the Sunday School and Church Training hours. 


2600 Vestavia Drive 

C. Otis Brooks — Pastor 

Kealen Rice 

John G. AAilazzo, Photographer 

2937 18th Street South 

Homewood, Alabama 


Wedding pictures, 

Cap and gown pictures, Portraits, 

Composites, Formal pictures, 

Passport pictures. 



Call us for your photographic needs. 


The four years we spend in college represent four years of tremendous 
growth. The opportunities for expansion of mind and body are limitless. 
During my four years at Samford I have grown, changed and matured. This 
yearbook is a record of both the important and unimportant events that have 
changed and matured me during my Senior year. I hope that it will help you to 
remember why 1978-79 was important in your life, too. 

As you flip through the pages of this Entre Nous, I know that you will find 
things that you, had you been in charge, would have done differently. Please 
remember what a challenge this book has been for me, and for each member of 
my Staff. We started with nothing except a dream that through hard work has 
become reality. Realize the investment of our time and talents will be wasted if 
you, as a student body do not care enough to support Entre Nous in the future. 

This book would have been impossible without the help of many faculty and 
staff members. President Wright and the Board of Trustees have provided 
both financial and moral support for this undertaking. Dr. Gillispie wrote the 
majority of the copy in the opening section. Judy Ashley spent many hours at 
her typewriter, and in addition offered her love and support. Dr. Vann and Mr. 
Ben Brown wrote the tributes to Mr. Hand and Dr. Wright that are in the 
opening section. Dean Martin, and especially Miss Cox, have been consistantly 
supportive, creative, and helpful. My Staff has been dedicated and hard 
working despite their sometimes scatter-brained Editor. My roomate, sorority 
sisters, and close friends have put up with me as I have griped, worried and 
cried about this book. To each of you I say THANK YOU!!! 

As I leave Samford University, I hope that some of you will realize a few of 
the things that I learned very late in my college career. We, as a student body, 
are a gold mine of talent. We can be innovative, creative, and make a 
difference in the way things are run. Most of all, I have learned to love and 
appreciate the unique, different, and absolutely wonderful people that make 
Samford the place that it is. I can only wish for each of you the joy I have had 
here. Good luck and God Bless. 


Mary Keown 


Academic Department 146-151 

Air Force R.O.T.C 149 

Biology 146 

Business 147 

Chemistry 147 

Education 151 

English 146 

Foreign Language 150 

Health and Physical Education 150 

History and Political Science 147 

Law 149 

Math 147 

Music 151 

Nursing 150 

Pharmacy 148 

Religion 146 

Speech and Dramatic Arts 149 

Sociology 148 

Administrators 136-145 

Academic Deans 144-145 

Board of Trustees 138 

General Officers 142-143 

President's Cabinet 140-141 

Advertisements 196-206 

Classes 152-198 

Freshmen 154-161 

Juniors 172-183 

Seniors 184-195 

Sophomores 162-171 

Dedication 3 

Epilogue 207 

Features 16-59 

Adaptation 25 

Campus Ministries 34-36 

Friendliest 38 

Graduation 39-44 

Homecoming 32-33 

Marriage of Figaro 28 

Miss Entre Nous Pageant 50-53 

Mr. and Miss Samford 37 

Murder in the Cathedral 30-31 

S Day 45-46 

Skin of Our Teeth 26-27 

Tartuffee 29 

Who's Who 18-24 

Greeks 112-135 

Alpha Delta Pi 116-117 

Chi Omega 118-119 

Delta Zeta 120-121 

Kappa Delta 122-123 

Lambda Chi Alpha 128-129 

Pi Kappa Alpha 130-131 

Pi Kappa Phi 132-133 

Phi Mu 124-125 

Sigma Nu 134-135 

Zeta Tau Alpha 126-127 

Opening Section 1-15 

Organizations 78-1 1 1 

A Cappella Choir 82-83 

Act 8 99 

Alpha Kappa Psi 87 

Alpha Lambda Delta 85 

Alpha Phi Omega 110-111 

American Chemical Society 95 

Angel Flight 88 

Association of Early Childhood Educators 93 

B.S.U. Choir 102-103 

Cagerette Officers 100 

Campus Ministries Executive Council 94 

Church Recreation Majors 94 

Circle K 89 

Crimson Staff 84 

Delta Omicron 108 

Entre Nous Staff 80-81 

Gamma Sigma Sigma 93 

Home Economics Association 101 

Honors Program Participants 85 

Hypatia 101 

Jazz Ensemble 100 

Kappa Delta Epsilon 107 

Kappa Pi 99 

Kappa Psi 106 

Koinonia 107 

Math Club 90 

Ministerial Association 96 

Music Educators National Conference 97 

Omicron Delta Kappa 86 

Phi Chi Theta 87 

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia 98 

Phi Mu Epsilon 90 

Rho Chi 92 

Rotaract 89 

Samford Fantasy Wargames Association 106 

Samford University Band 97 


Sigma Delta Phi 91 

Spanish Club 91 

Student Center Board 95 

Student Government Association 104-105 

University Chorale 109 


Sports 60-77 

Basketball Team 62-69 

Cagerettes 70 

Cheerleaders 71 

Golf 73 

Intramurals 75-77 

Tennis 74 

Track 73 

Willowets 72 

1 1 

. H 

■ ■ 


■ i 

I ■ ;