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Arc H35.ZI C5, phl-A) 

fearvarb College Xtbrar? 



Class of 1838 


savskbit DmfjCtmtmmr 

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No. of 


Epigraphia Carnatica. 

Coorg Inscriptions 

Inscriptions at Sravana Belgola .... 
„ in the Mysore District, Part I 

n n * it *•*■ 

„ Hassan „ .... 

, Kadur B .... 

Sbimoga „ Part I 

. n 

. Bangalore 

Kolar „ .... 

Chitaldroog „ .... 
Tumkur . .... 

or Editor 

Date of 














In the Press 



In the Press 

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VOL. V (PART i) ^ f-'f { ,, 


ftoblislicii for (So&etnmmt 

S5e>tftf . £$§3^0^ sstfs'rtet 


B. LEWIS RICE, o. l e., m. R. a. s. 

Late Director of Public Instruction in Mysore and Coorg, Fellow of the UnwernHy of Madron, 

Director of ArchcBological Researches in Mysore. 





On sale by the Curator, government £00% J)ep6t t Bangalore, 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 

Harvard C? " r~ Library 
Mir, :: 91S 

NOV 2 0198! 

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VOL. V. 

Comprising the following Jaluqs: 

Hassan No. of Inscriptions 185 

B&fir „ 245 

Arsikere „ 194 

Channar&yapattana . (145 to 273) „ 129 

Hole-Narsipur „ 19 

Arkalgfid » 102 

Manjar&b&d . . 67 

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Sat',.- s'rl'-L 

K«Ht 7 fc v. — 

■jk. ^ / ' /' -. 

^nt / 

v 1§># 

- / T ' ^ 




^^r'~ ' 


fGGaE^W t 






ft "' » • 

, , : 





ti&' ''is 

. • 






Si M 




a&. #i 







r 7?( 




88 '•, 



> : 


'ii%: ; 


I.--7 '' 

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PART I. PH|fe 


List of Illustrations. 

Introduction i— xlii 

Kadambas, i; Gaiigas, v; Kongfiivas, vn; 

Na/L\lvas, vn; Changalvas, via; Chalukyas, ix; 

Hoysalas, ix; Vijayanagara, xxviii; Javagal, xxxn; 

Durgga, xxxn; Nuggihalli, xxxn; Belur, xxxn; 

Mysore, xxxiv; Architecture, xxxti. 

List of the Inscriptions classified and in chronological order xliii — l 

Text of the Inscriptions in Roman characters, arranged 

to show the composition 1 — 594 

Translations of the Inscriptions 1-276 

Addenda et Corrigenda 1 — 2 

Alphabetical List c* Towns and Villages where the Inscriptions 

were found 3 — 7 

Index to Introduction 9 — 13 

PART II (separately bound). 

Text of the Inscriptions, arranged as in the original 

in Kannada characters 1 — 828 

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Id this volume the inscriptions of the Hoysala kings, as might be expected, 
largely predominate, the Hassan District being in the heart of their kingdom, 
and containing their capital city. But many of them are models of composi- 
tion by authors of repute, examples taken from which are quoted in standard 
works on the language. From the fresh information here supplied, with what 
has appeared in previous volumes, a detailed account is obtained of all the 
public and palace events in the reigns of this distinguished and purely 
Mysorean dynasty of kings. Interesting too are the accounts of the Maley&la 
merchants who traded on a regal scale and imported horses in ships by sea 
for the royal stables. 

The Ko&g&lvas are here for the first time brought to notice. They mark the 
farthest extension on the west of the Ch&la invasion of the 11th century. 
Their minister for peace and war in 1079 was Nakularyya, who boasts of 
being able to write in four languages. It is not impossible that this was the 
famous Lakula, founder of the P&supata sect in Gujarat, who has been traced 
from Arcot in 1020, to Belgami in Mysore in 1036, and eventually to Baroda. 
Of the ChangSJvas we learn something new and important from finding them 
in possession of Seringapatam in 1252. 

In the inscriptions of the Mysore kings it is curious that the Channar&ya- 
pattana fort is said to have been built for (or in agreement with) the Bijapur 
Sultan* A record also deserving of attention is that which sets forth the 
succession of the Mysore R&jas as received at the time when Krishna R&ja 
Wodeyar took over the reigns of government from the Dewan Pttr?aiya. 

Among items of special interest that may be mentioned are the memorials 
of public suicide on the death of royalty. Thus, when the Ganga king Niti- 
mfcrgga died two separate persons are stated to have entered the fire in 
consequence. But the most elaborate is that ot the self-sacrifice of the 
prince Lakshma and his wife on the death of the Hoysala king Vira-BalUJa 
II, commemorated on a pillar at the Hoysalfesvara temple. Another incident 
which may be noticed is the ordeal undergone by the sh&nabhdg of Arkalgtid 
to clear himself of the accusations brought against him. 

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The illustrations are by Namassiv&yam Pillai of my office, but the half 
tones of the Hajebid temple were produced by Wiele and Klein of Madras. 
I regret that one side of the western face has not come out well. The Bfilftr 
temple is from a photograph by Colonel Dixon in about 1865. Of the views 
of the Kdd&r&vara temple, the first is from one taken either by the Rev. D. 
Sanderson or by Mr. Butcher, and the second from one by H. H. the late 
Mah&r&jab of Mysore. 

No praise is needed for the excellent printing of the Basel Mission Press, 
but I fear this book has become more bulky than was expected, from preserv- 
ing wide margins with an eye to appearance. For it will be seen how often 
the line in the Eannada text has been exceeded by just one letter or two letters. 

Bangalore, November 1901 

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Roman text 

Hoysala crest (Sala and the Tiger), from the 

Vfrabhadra temple, Halebid 
Hoysalesvara temple, Halebid, (south face) 

Do. do. (east „ ) 

Do. do. (north „ ) 

Chenna Kesava temple, Belur 
Hoysalesvara temple, HalebM (west face) 
Upper lines of Belur temple stone inscription 
Belur temple copper plates (first side) , 

Do. do. (tenth , ) , 

Bannaha}li copper plates , 

Inscription on Jaina metal image , 

Bennur copper plates „ 

KfedareSvara temple, Halebid, in 1866 and 1886, Translations 
Pillars in Belur temple and Halebid basti . 

Belur temple, ground plan „ 

Halebid temple, ground plan „ 

Circular porch, Arsikere temple , 

Frontispiece • 
Introduction, p. 12 


30 ~-f ;» 











149 '•"» 
386 ■■> ? 

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The inscriptions of the Hassan District number altogether 1086. Of these, 
144 have already been published separately in Volume II, Inscriptions at 
Sravana Belgola. The present volume deals with 942, distributed throughout 
the District generally. Those which can be assigned to specific dynasties or 
periods fall under the following heads: — 



A. D. 420 

























































As in the other volumes, the inscriptions are passed in review in this 
Introduction, as far as possible, in chronological order, under the foregoing 
heads, attention being directed to such points as appear to call for special 

The following abbreviations are made use of for the names of taluqs, in 
order to save space: — Hn. = Hassan; JW.^Belfir; Afc.«Arsikere; Ch.~Cha- 
nnartlyapaftana; 2ZN. = Hole-Narsipur; 4£. = Arkalgftd; Jf;.«Manjar&b4d. 


The earliest record of the Eadambas in this volume is contained in the 
Bannahalli plates (Bl. 121). These were discovered in about 1888 by some 
person when digging in K&danhalli attached to that village, which is now in 
the B61ttr taluq '>. The grant is one made in the 7th year of his reign by 

! > The plates have been published by Dr. Kielhorn (£>. /nd., VI, 16) from impressions by Dr. 
Fleet to whom I bed lent tbsm. With regard to bis translation, I would point ont with all 
deferenee that gandharwa has here to bs taken in its meaning of A horse", and not as "the art of 
music". Yatsaraja is always cited as a standard of horsemanship. The fao-similc there published 
shows a number of little rings or oirolei at the ends of the strokes in many letters, especially the 
bead strokes. But these are merely minute knobs or bumps oaused by the bulging of the metal 
where the graying tool has been pushed to a stop, and are no part of the letters consciously so 
formed. An example of a real ring or circle intentionally formed occurs in Kr. in line 5, towards 
the left of the bottom of the letter. The others are CTidently accidental and not the same. The 
fao-similc in the present Tolume shows the characters without any manipulation. 


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tt tNTRODUCTtOtf. 

Krishnavarmma, son of Sirhbavarmmi, who was the son of Vishnuvarmma, 
who was the son, by the daughter of Kaikeya, of Krishnavarmma. The details 
given of the date do not suffice to determine the period. Dr. Kielhorn is of 
.opinion, from the forms of one or two letters which he specifies, that the 
inscription can hardly be placed earlier than the 7th century A. D. l) But I 
do not see how this can be reconciled with the fact that the Eadambas lost 
their independence in the 6th century. In my Introduction to Vol. VI of this 
Series I have shown how the above succession of kings can be fitted on to that 
given in the Talgunda pillar, through what we learn from the Birtir plates 
(published in that volume). The first Krishnavarmma of the present in- 
scription is identified with the Krishnavarmma of the Birur plates from being 
the performer of a horse-sacrifice, and the father of Vishnuvarmma ,) . If 
the latter was the king slain by Ravivarmm&'J, they can be shown to have been 
contemporaries and cousins by the arrangement proposed in my Introduction 
above referred to. 

The Kadambas are introduced with the usual statements that they were 
"purified by meditation on Svami Mahasena and the group of Mothers, were 
of the Manavya-gdtra and Haritiputras, and fully versed in the views they 
had adopted on the sacred writings' 1 . This latter difficult phrase is translated 
by Dr. Kielhorn, " studying the requital (of good or evil) as their sacred text", 
and he has a long note (loc. cif) giving his reasons for so rendering it. " If this 
interpretation be correct,' 1 he adds, "I cannot help thinking that the epithet 
alludes to the history of the Kadambas as told in the TaJgund inscription. 
So long as the Kadambas were private Brahmans, it was one of their chief 
duties to study the sacred texts; in other words they were svddhydya-charchd- 
pdrds. When they had. become kings, it was an equally sacred duty for them 
to requite good and evil; to do so was what the study of the Veda had been 
to them before; and thus, having been svddhydya-charchdpdrds, they then were 

The grant was made on the advice of Haridatta, a Sreshthi or jnerchant, 
who, besides being dignified with gbtra and pravara, is said to have been the 
donor of a thousand (or thousands of) cows. It consisted of the village of 
Kolanall&r in the Vallavi-vishaya, given to a Brahman named Vishnusarmma, 
who, in addition to other praises, is said to be a preserver of the perpetual 
sacred fire. There is a village of Kolanalldr mentioned in Ag. 62, under the 
date 1404 A. D., as an agrahara named Sarvvajna-Bhaskarapura, to the 
Brahmans of which a grant was made of the village of Ulenahalli, where the 

l > Ep. /nd., YI, 17. 

» In his notice of thU inscription (Kan. Dyn. 290) Dr. Fleet, who §ays that he quotes from his 
own reading, makes a mistake in giring Yisbnurarman as the name of the father, and Krishna- 
Tarman as bis son; the latter being the father and the former the ion. 

•> /fid. Ant., VI, 30. 

Digitized by 



stone recording it now is. It is situated in the Konan&r hobli of the Arkalgud 
taluq, to the north of the Kiverl river. We also had mention of the village 
of Kolanell&r in the Galigekere plates (Yd. 60) and in the Nitre stone (Chi. 79), 
dated respectively in about 890 and in 1009 A. D. These may be the same 
village. But the Kolanalldr of our present inscription is said to be in the 
Vallavi district. This I am disposed to identify with the Ballavi Seventy 
Mentioned in inscriptions in the HonnSJi taluq of the Shimoga District. It is 
there described as being near the Tungabhadra river and situated in the 
Banavase Twelve Thousand . There is a Nallur to the south-west of the 
Sftlekere in Channagiri taluq, and from No. 51 of that taluq it is evident that 
there was a circle named Eole in the immediate neighbourhood. 

Another Kadamba grant (Bl. 246) of the same reign and in the same 
characters') has come to light in the Benn&r plates, said to be handed down 
in the family of the present owner s) . The contents differ in some singular 
respects from the former. They begin, as do most of the Ganga plates, with 
Jitatn bhagavatd. The svasti is opposite the 3rd line. The opening verse 
praises the king for feeding thousands of Brahmans in the same way as 
Tudbishthira. In the body of the grant, after the usual Kadamba epithets, he 
is described as the fifth king (patichama4dkapdidh) of the Eadambas, the 
dharmma-mahfix&jah vijaya-siva-Krisbnavarmma. His grandfather's name is 
given in the forjn Vishnud&sa. The grant wks made when the king was 
setting out on an expedition from Vaijayanti, in front of (the god) Mah&deva 
of Inguna, on Paushoriukla-pratipadi', and consisted of the village of Palmadi 
in the SSndraka-vishaya 4 ', given to a Brahman named Bhavasv&mi, together 
with a do&abandha l) of six nivarttana. After usual imprecations, a blessing is 
invoked on .D6shar&§ivarmm& f) on account of the grant, and the inscription 
ends with obeisance to Vishnu. 

We have to pass over several centuries to arrive at the next Kadamba 
inscriptions in this volume, and they are on stone. These are TTti 38, Mj. 28, 
and TTn 45, of which only the last is dated, giving us Saka 947 as its period 
(1025 A. D.). The others may be somewhat earlier. 

In the first the name of the king is unfortunately effaced, but he is said to 
be in the residence of Banavase. He conferred a title or bound a crown on 
the grandson of his guru for some display of bravery. In the second the king 

l > I do not think Yajlavi it Be^arl in Tumknr District, as suggested by Dr. Kitlhorn. 

') The time little dots or knobs appear wherever the grayer has stopped. Anu$vira Is represented 
by a short horisontal wary stroke above the line. 

*) The plates are in excellent order. The ring, olosed with a lion seal, had not been out 

4 > This was in the north-west of the Mysore oonntry. 

*> Da$ooanda is rent-free land granted for building or repairing a tank, on oondition of paying 
one-tenth (or a small share) of the produee. 

*) This ominous name seems intended for the king. 

Digitized by 



is merely called -Eadambarasa, and he made a grant of land on account of a 
man who fell in fight. In the third, of which a good deal is effaced, the king's 
name seems to be given as Malapa-Raja, and he seems to have bestowed a title 
or crown upon the son of the naj-gavunda of the Manale Three Hundred, and 
given him an estate. The latter was either mounted at the same time on an 
elephant, or else had captured an elephant, for which this was the reward. 
A Manale Three Hundred is mentioned in the Javali plates (Mj. 36, Vol. VI 
of this Series), but "the description there given of its situation places it beyond 
Bellary, far away from Hassan. They cannot therefore be the same, and there 
is a difference also of 275 years between the two inscriptions. But the present 
Manale is no doubt the one mentioned in Hg. 93 (Vol. IV of this Series), dated 
in 1007 A.D., which speaks of the gavunda of Manale coming forth on a raid 
with three hundred men. 

We next have a series of seven inscriptions in Manjarabad taluq connected 
with a Eadamba king named Niti-maharaja. The dates range from 1026 A. D. 
(Mj. 63) to about 1035 (Mj. 66), the latter recording his death with the per- 
formance of the Jaina rite of sarmyasanam. The inscriptions are very short 
and much effaced. In Mj. 61 only lole remains of the name of his residence, 
and mj. 66 contained the name of his father, which is gone. 

The last Eadamba inscription here is Mj, 18 of the date 1095 A. D. It 
belongs to the reign of Tribhuvanamalla Dayasimha-mah&raja, who was the 
youngest of the three sons of Dudda-maharaja, and grandson of Chagi-maharaja. 
He is said to have slain a powerful enemy named Sripala, who had an immense 
army; and he had obtained a boon from the goddess Ekkala. A long account 
is given of his virtues and accomplishments, winding up with the question, — 
Why have another Bharata story? Is not king Dayasimha's history enough? 
The object of the inscription is to record the construction of a tank by his 
mother MSchala-Devi, who was the daughter of king Banki-Balarita. She also 
had a temple built for the god Vasudeva, which she endowed, and established 
an agrahara named Arasiyapura for five Brahmans. 

If this king's father and grandfather preceded him on the throne, as we 
may naturally suppose, the three reigns would fill up the time from the death 
of Niti-maharaja above. No reference is made to Bayal-nad, which was ruled 
by Eadamba kings at this period as we know from the inscriptions in our 
Vol. IV, nor is auy connection apparent between them. The Eongalvas and 
Changalvas separated them. Of these various hill states in the Western Ghats 
in the 11th century, the Kadambas of Bayal-nad or Wainad were apparently 
independent. The Changalvas and Eongajvas by the cognomens they assume 
evidently admit Chdla supremacy. The Kadambas in Manjarabad on the other 

l) The same question oeonrs later on in Hn. 53 with reference to VishnnTarddbaoa. 

Digitized by 



hand looked to the Hoysalas and Chalukyas as overlords, in witness of which 
we have Dayasimha's cognomen of Tribhuvanamalla. Other evidence will 
appear farther on that Manjarabad was the point where the Ch61a invasion 
from the south was checked on the western side of Mysore. 


The earliest Gaiga inscriptions in this volume belong to the reign of 
Sripurusha (Ak. 176 and On. 208). They are not dated, but may be assigned 
to from 750 to 770 A. D. They are virakal and contain nothing of importance. 
But the second mentions that Nirggunda-arasa was ruling the Nirggunda-n&d 
Three Hundred. This province was situated in the south-west of the Chital- 
droog District, where Nirggunda still exists. It and its rulers are mentioned 
in other inscriptions of Sripurusha, such as the DfivarhaHi plates (Ng. 85, 
Vol. IV) and the Talkad stone (TN. 1, Vol. III). Here also, later, in Ag. 61. 

We next have two inscriptions (Ak. 99 and Hn. 28) of the time of Satya- 
vakya Kongunivarmma Permmadi, the latter dating in 896 A. D. They are 
fragmentary and contain nothing of importance. These are followed by seven 
(see list) of the time of Nitim&rgga which are of some interest. Only Hn. 83 
is dated and falls in 910 A. D., but the king's name and nearly all particulars 
are effaced. Hn. 99 is of his 17th year and Ag. 26 of bis 19th year, both 
without any other date. Ag. 5 and 27 record his death, but with no date. 
Ag. 24, besides calling him Nitimargga, specifically names him as Nanniya- 
Ganga, and states that at the time of an eclipse of the sun in that year (no 
year mentioned) he made a grant of lands as vidyd-ddna to his ayya (or teacher) 
M&khanda-bhat&ra. In Ag. 26 he is called Satyav&kya as well as Nitim&rgga, 
and Ejeyapparasa made a grant for some one who fell in war. Ag. 6, with 
the title Nitim&rgga, styles him R&chamalla and says that he ascended to 
svarga in Kombale. From sorrow for which event a man named R&cbeya 
entered the fire, and the kalndd which had been granted to him by Egeyappa 
was resumed. In Ag. 11 the first part is effaced, but Ereyappa is seen grant- 
ing a kalndd. In Ag. 27 the king is again called Satyav&kya and Nitim&rgga, 
and the cause of his death is said to have been phlegm (or hiccough) sticking 
in his throat when he was on an expedition in which he had acquired as far 
as . .nnanftr. Owing to this event another man Bahiyama entered the fire. 
The death of Nitimargga is the subject of the sculptured representation in 
TN. 91 (Vol. Ill) , which is not dated. Thus far we appear to have only 
six actual dates for Nitimargga, namely, 899 in Kd. 141 (Vol. VI), 906 in 
Xp. 38 (Vol. IV), 909 in Ml. 30 (Vol. Ill) and 910 in Hn. 33 (Vol. V), with 
902 and 909 in the unpublished Nars&pur and Mankunda inscriptions (see 

l > Set BlaoEp. /nd., VI, 41. ~~ ~ ~~ 

Digitized by 



Vol. IV, Intro, p. 1 1). He was thus contemporary with Alfred the Great of 
England, who was also called the Truth-teller, an English Satyav&kya. 

Then come four inscriptions relating to Satyav&kya and Ejeyappa, which 
present tho following difficulties. In Ag. 70 SatyaY&kya's 37th year is made 
to correspond with Egeyappa's 21st year, without specifying any date. On the 
other hand Ag. 61 apparently gives 920 A.D. for the time fif Egeyappa's son. 
Satyar&kya, we know from TN. 91, was Nitim&rgga's son, and Dr. Fleet is 
probably right in reading it as the eldest son. For reasons given in my 
Introduction to Vol. VI, I consider that Ereyappa was another son. If these 
two ruled simultaneously after the elder had been on the throne 1& years, as 
we must conclude from the above, and their father died not earlier than 910 
and more probably in about 915, how are we to find room for them if Erey- 
appa's son's date is 920? This latter Saka date is clear as to the second and 
third figures 43, but the first figure can only be 8, as any other would not 
fall within the period required for a son of Egeyappa. It is not absolutely 
certain to what the date refers, though the obvious conclusion is that it gives 
the time when the grant recorded was made. But this seems impossible. In 
Ag. 36 we have Satyav&kya-Kongunivarmma-Permm&nadi on the throne, when 
the nil-givunda of Alva-n&d made an attack on the Ganga seat (dsana) and 
was killed. In Hn. 185 the Ganga king l) was apparently angry with Ddrayya, 
who is said to be of the PtLrita-vamSa, but may be the same as mentioned in 
Ed. 1 (Vol. VI). Ag. 70 gives Satyav&kya and Ejeyapparasa as joint rulers, 
as above stated. In On. 261 we have Ereyapparasa-Satyav&kya-Permm&nadi 
ruling alone, with the special epithets generally applied to him, which are also 
used in the preceding. In Ag. 61 we have Nitim&rgga's (son) f) Ereyappa- 
Permm&nadi's son Satyavakya-Blra-Permmanadi making a grant in 920, the 
date which has been referred to above. 

Of the remaining Ganga inscriptions HN. 14, without any date, records 
the erection of a temple by Galabbe, the queen of R&cheyarasa, perhaps the 
Bachcheya-Ganga mentioned in the Humcha inscription as a son of Ereyappa; 
and the Richamalla of the Atakfrr inscription (Md. 41, Vol. III). 

The next five belong to the reign of Satyavakya Marasingha Nolamba- 
kul&ntaka, and two of them date in 971. Mj. 67 is an interesting record of 
the king's elder sister Eundana-Sdmidevi. It is engraved in a single line all 
round the pedestal of a metal Jaina image which was discovered while digging 
up the ground of a coffee plantation. On. 262 mentions the king's war with 
R&j&ditya, no doubt the Chalukya prince so named in SB. 38 (Vol. II). 
On. 267 refers to his. fighting with the Nolambas. 

*) The king's name does not begin with Chandra, as appears from the print. Chandra is in a 
lower line some distance away from Sriman, 

*) The expression is Nitimdrggad- Ereyappa. This might possibly be interpreted as Nttimargga- 
Efeyappa, bat we hate already seen that he is styled Ereyappa-Satyarakya. 

Digitized by 




The Kong&lvas ruled a kingdom situated principally in the Arkalgud taluq, 
between the K&vSri and Hemavati rivers l) . Their inscriptions date from 
about 1020 to 1100. They were, we may imagine, a branch of the Alva or 
Aluva kings, the main line of which ruled over Aluva-kheda or South Eanara 
from an early period. South from the Kongftlvas were the Chang&lvas (see 
Vol. IV), and we have also mention of Dattalvas (Vol. VI) and in the present 
volume of N&dalvas. 

The best account of the Kong&lvas is contained in their titles as given in 
Ag. 99, though these may only apply to that particular king. They are, — 
entitled to the five big drums, maha-mandal^svara, chief lord of the city of 
Ojeyllr (the early Ch61a capital near Trichinopoly), sun upon the eastern 
mountain the Chdla-kula with twisted top-knot, crest-jewel of the SCLryya-vamsa 
(or Solar race). They thus claim to be in fact Ch61as, but we know that the 
Cb61as imposed their names upon the provinces they conquered, while the 
vassal kings whom they left in the government of them took Ch61a names, as for 
example the Cbang&lvas. But here the Kongalvas go farther and claim actual 
descent from them. The names of the kings in our inscriptions here are,— 

Badiva Kongalva 

Bajendra-Ch&la Prithuvi-mah&r&ja 1022 

R&jSndra-Chdla Kong&Jva 1026 

R&jendra Prithuvi-Kofig&lva-Deva Adatar&ditya 1066-1100 

Tribhuvariamalla»Ch61a Kongalva-Deva Adataraditya .... 1100 

Of the first we have no information except the name. In Mj. 43 and Ag. 76 
we have encounters between the Kongalvas and the Hoysalas. In the former 
the Kong&lva king attacked Nripa-Kama-Poysala (the father of Vinayaditya) 
in 1022, whose life was apparently saved by his general Jdgayya. In the 
latter the enemy is styled the base (munda) Poysala, and KongiUva claims 
to have gained a victory over him at Manni. This was in 1026. From Ag. 99 
and his other inscriptions it is evident that Adataraditya was a Jain. Praise 
is given in this to Prabhachandra-siddh&nta-dSva, who had the title ubhaya- 
siddhdnta^ratndkara', and the king made a chaityalaya for Gandavimukta- 
8iddh&nta-d6va in 1079. The inscription was composed by the minister for peace 
and war, Nakul&ryya, who boasts of being able to write in four languages f) . 


Of this family there is only one. somewhat obscure inscription (HN. 17), 
of the date 1141, determined by the mention of the coronation festival of 

l) In H» 92 (Vol. IV) the Gang a prinoe Egeyappa, it is said, wu goTcroor of the Kongal-sid 
Bight Thousand, which wo old he in about 920. This was probably the same proTinoe in an earlier 
sod perhaps more extended form. 
• " Coo Id this be the oelebrated Laknla, founder of the Pisnpata seot? 

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Vishnuvarddhana's sod N&rasimha. They invoke the protection of Chdla-K&Ia- 
gaja or the god Ch61esvara of their village, and are said to be residents of 
Uddftr, an ornament of the Konga country. Uddftr is the agrah&ra where the 
inscription is, and it is situated in about the middle of the western boundary 
of the Hole-Narsipur taluq. The first member of the family mentioned is 
M&yi-N&d&luva. His eldest son was N&r&ya^a, whose son was Chd}i-N&d&luva, 
whose son was Padman&bha, whose son was M&yi-N&d&)uva. Their authority 
was apparently purely local, and it is not certain that they even had any 
pretensions to royalty. 


The Chang&lvas were brought to notice in some detail in Vol. IV. In the 
present volume there are a few inscriptions relating to them, one of which 
supplies information that is both novel and interesting. The first is Ag. 65, 
of the date 1090, the reign of Nigalanka-malla M&deyarasa-Chang&lva. This 
is the M&ddvanna of the list in Vol. IV, and the site of this inscription shows 
that the Chang&lva territory was not confined to the south of the Kaverl. 
The next is En. 162 of ? 1104 in which Ball&la-Hoysab, appears leading an 
expedition against Changalva-Deva. Whether Cn. 272 of 1119 refers to the 
Chang&lvas or not it is difficult to say. Then we have Bl. 178, probably of 
the date 1124 f) . In this we find the Hoysala king Vishnu varddhan a. (whose 
victorious career is marked by the epithets Vira-Ganga Vikrfcnta-Chdla Vijaya- 
Nonamba and S&hasa-Kadamba) at war with the hill chiefs, who were assisted 
by Changajva. Having driven the Chdlas out of Mysore, he waar evidently 
reducing to submission those who had been feudatories to them. On. 190 and 
200, of date 1139, refer to the Chang&lva king's purdnika Janarddana-bhatta, 
who, and the Brahmans of the place, obtained grants for the temple the former 
had built at Anati, where the inscription is, from Visbnuvarddhana, who at 
the time was at Bank&pura. In Hn. 60, of 1155, N&rasimha's general B6kana 
is said to have conquered the Changa king's territory. 

But Ag. 63, of the date 1252, is the most important one. It relates to 
Sdma-Ddvarasa and Boppa-Ddvarasa, who were joint rulers, and according to 
the inscriptions in Vol. IV had the cognomen Kul6ttunga-Cbdla. But here 
they appear without it, though they have in one place Tunga-Chola before their 
names. They are represented as possessed of considerable power; for Sdma- 
Dfiva is described as a lion to the deer the KSrala chief Euldttunga-Chdla, a 
submarine fire to the ocean the Kerala forces, and a wild-fire to the forest 
Mukkanna-Kadamba'J; while Boppa-Deva is described as the promoter of Sri- 

l) The year, without 1107 onmber, Is given as Krddhaoa. Bat this would carry ui to 1W5, 
whiob is oot of tbt quattfon. It iboald therefore probably be Krddhi=U24. 

" We hare a Mokka^a-Kedamba ruling Bajal-nAd in Hg. 60 (Vol. IV), coder date 1188. 

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Banga; and they are both said to have the royal city Srirangapattana 
(Seringapatam) as their residence, and to be ruling the patta-rdjya or crown 
kingdom. No such iu formation has been met with before. We must conclude 
that the Hoysala king Sdmesvara, who we know left the Mysore country to 
live at Kannan&r near Srirangam in the Chdla country, committed the govern- 
ment of Seringapatam to these Changalva kings. To them the priests, called 
Kailasas, of the R&man&tha temple at Raman&thapura on the north bank of the 
Kaveri, went with the consecrated food and made petition regarding the funds 
of the temple, saying:— We have given 72 buffaloes, whose milk produces 200 
gadyanas, from the interest on which we have been providing for the services. 
The kings seem to have pitied the state of affairs, and in 1245 went to the 
town and had it rebuilt. Thus encouraged, the Kailasas seven years later 
made a similar pilgrimage to the Hoysala king SdmSsvara, to obtain confirm- 
ation of the grant of M&vanflr which they had received from the Changalva 
kings. The result of this was that Somesvara-DSva, with Boppa-Deva, Sdma- 
Deva and their royal children (r&yasa-ktisugal) came with a tetinue to the 
place itself, set up a Nandi pillar in Mavan&r, and this stone Sasana in the 
temple of Ramanatha. This god Ramanatha is said to have been set up by 
Rama himself, together with a thousand beautiful lingas on the bank of the 
Kaveri. Other Rama traditions of this part appear in Yd. 26, 26 and 28 
(Vol. IV), and from Yd. 12 it has been seen that at Chunchankatte in the 
river there is a spot called Sit&'s bathing place. 

The next inscription, Ag. 44, jumps to the time of Virtf-Raja, the son of 
Srikantba-Rajaya, 1579. The representative of /Vijayanagar, Rima-R&jaya, 
granted a pdlaki-utnbali as a marriage gift for Vira-Raja's daughter. 


The inscriptions under this head are not properly Chalukyan, and contain 
no information about them. They are merely such early Hoysala inscriptions 
as have in the introduction an acknowledgment of Ch&lukya supremacy, dating 

from 1078 to 1174. 

- — ♦ 

Hoy solas. 

The great bulk of the inscriptions in this volume are Hoysala, as was to be 
expected from this District containing their capital city and being in the heart 
of their kingdom. 

The incident which brought Sala, the progenitor of the family, tathe throne, 
as related in so many inscriptions, was his killing a tiger at a Jina muni's 
exclamation of pay Sala (strike, Sala!), whence they derived their name. But 
the story is told in a variety of ways. Bl. 171, which is the earliest, says that 
when Sala was hunting along the slopes of the "Sahya mountains (or Western 
Ghats), he was astonished to- see a hare pursuing a tiger. Coming along, saying 


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X nrntODUCTfo*. 

to himself this is heroic soil, a holj rishi in his fear of the tiger called oat as 
above, and before it could step a span (<jen), Sala slew it with his dagger (gen). 
This is in accordance with the Hoysala crest (see illustration). tTti 65 gives 
snbstantiallj the same account, but omits the hare, and says the muni wanted 
to test Sala's braver/. Ak. 71 says that Sala was prostrating himself to the 
holj jdgindra, who was an adept at incantations, and pleased with Sala he 
resolved to give him an empire. For this purpose be was performing the necessary 
rites to bring the goddess Vasantiki of Sasakapura into his power, when, in 
order by any means to break the spell, she sprang forth in the form of a tiger; 
on which the ydgi uttered the exclamation and Sala killed it with his cane 
{betta). Bl. 112 is to the same effect, but calls it a cane rod (bettava sele). 
Ak. 82 gives sele in the body of the inscription and explains it by betta in the 
margin. Ak. 108 calls it kunchada sele, the rod of the yogi's fan or whisk, 
which is properly a bunch of peacock's feathers. It also adds that he had 
uttered a spell into it. By cane must not be understood a schoolmaster's ferule 
or horseman's switch, but the solid bamboo rod (called danda) of an ascetic °, 
at the top of which in the case of a Jain the kuncha or bunch of peacock's 
feathers might be tied. The only other variation is in Bl. 74 -which calls it a 
ial&ki, properly an iron rod, which is not admissible for a Jain; but it may 
also mean a pointed stick. The seals of some of the copper plates give the 
crest as the tiger and the rod, and this also appears on the coins. 

The earliest inscriptions in this volume are those relating to Nripa-Kama 
Poysa}a, hitherto unknown, whose discovery was brought to light in Vol. VI 
(Introd. p. 14). We there had in Mg. 19 an inscription of his 7th year, without 
any date. In the present volume we have three dated inscriptions relating to 
him. The first is Mj. 43 of 1022 where he appears repelling an attack by 
the Kongijva king. The enemy's general Kannama seems to have singled out 
the king as his opponent, but the Poysala general Jogayya came to the rescue 
by charging against Kannama's horse and killing him, but lost his own life 
too. In Ag. 76 we find the Eongalva king again attacking Poysala, here 
called the base (munda) Poysala, in 1026, and claiming a victory over him in 
a battle at Manni. In Mj. 44, a year later, Nripa-Kama appears as helping 
to oppose some one (the name is gone) who had attacked Banavasi, that is the 
Kadambas. The relation in which this king stood to the rest of the Hoysala 
kings according to their oft-repeated genealogy is made clear by Ak. 167 of 
1 154, and Ak. 141 of 1159, in which it is stated that Vinayaditya was his son 
(Atom taneya), and in Ak. 142 of 1162, in which Vishnuvarddhana is said to 
be his son's son (dtana tafnejyana taneya) f) . In all three he is mentioned 


" The feat is not inoredible, for we see in Mj. 10 that a man killed a tiger with bis fist. 
') This Is not strictly oorrect, as Egejanga was the son of Vinayaditya and father of Vishnu 
But he did not reign, baring died before his father. 

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with the usual Hoysala titles. No reason is apparent for bis omission from 
the ordinary genealogy, which proceeds from Sala, the progenitor of the line, to 
Vinayaditya. It may be noted that the inscriptions which introduce Nripa- 
Kama contain no mention of Sala. But if they were identical, the fact could 
not fail to have leaked out in some of the many hundreds of Hoysala inscriptions. 
What relation be bore to Bala, therefore, we have so far no means of determin- 
ing. Bl. 112 say 8 that Sala was the founder of Saiakupura, the birthplace 
of the Hoysalas, which I have identified with Angadi in Mudugere taluq, Eadur 
District (see Vol. VI). 

The inscriptions of VinaySditya generally call him Tribhuvanamalla-Poysala 
and say that he was ruling the Gangavadi Ninety-six Thousand. But Ak. 179 
names him as Binayayta and Ak. 102 a as Vinayayta. The latter says that 
he was ruling from the west to as far as Talakadu (apardseyinde Talakddu- 
varum), and Ak. 87 that he was ruling over hill and dale (maleyum mandatncm). 
Cn. 148 mentions his having the six letters Ra-kkasa Po-ysa-la on his flag. 

This same inscription contains special praises of his son Eyeyanga and of 
his guru Gdpanandi. At the end Ereyanga is represented as ruling the Ganga- 
mandala and making a grant to Gdpanandi. The date of this is 1094. But 
Ak. 102 a says of Ereyanga that at the Chalukya emperor's bidding be caused 
the elder brother to sheatb (his sword) 1} ; the Cholika's king (annate) he caused 
to wear leaves; Nannuge (whoever be was) he caused to write himself down in 
three letters (perhaps 1 annuge, a woman or a coward); and putting a bit into 
(the mouths of) the best of kings between the Hima mountain and SStu, be 
mounted tbem. With the hot rage in Nannuge's breast as the witness of fire, 
and by means of Dhara (otherwise, with the pouring of water), he suddenly 
wedded the goddess of valour i} . As the mandapa was consumed in the burning 
of the Khandava (forest), so the fire of the Poysala king's glory blazed up in 
the Vindhya mountains and seized ? Udhapuram. The only wife assigned to 
him in all the inscriptions is fichala-Devi by whom he had the three sons 
Ballala, Bitti-Deva and Udayaditya. But here his wife is said to have been 
Mah&devi of the Chola family and Suryya-vamsa (or Solar race). She was the 
daughter of IrukkupS-la, younger brother of Pandya, who turned back Bhuvanai- 
kamalla, and seizing his kingdom, himself gave it in person to Tribhuvana- 
malla. This P&ndya was the son of Teja-R&ya. On her mother's side Mah&- 
devi's grandfather was Karkkala-maraya, who was in Tereyftr, like Dasakautha 

*> The emperor was Yikramaditya TribhuTanftmalla, and hit elder brother, 86meiTara 

*) Hit horning of Dhara, the oapital of the powerful Malaga kings, made famont by Bhftja, and 
hit burning of Beleyepettana on the teatbore are deteribed in Bl. 68. Hn. 65 alto tayt that 
Baliyapattana (or Bali't city) was burnt up by hit anger. Ak. 117 aays that the Malaga king's 
hill-fort, which wat too ttrong for the Chalukyas, be without effort .plundered while Chalukya waa 
looking on. 


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in Lankipura. The only TereyfLr I know is in the north-east angle of the 
Tumkur District. It is frequently mentioned among the conquests of Vishnu- 
varddbana. The queen Mah&d§vi had a tank built, one of her agents for 
carrying out the work being named K&duvitti x) . 

With Bl. 199 of 1101, we bare the first inscription of Ball&la, the eldest 
son of Ejeyanga. He is described as ruling all the lands bounded by Eonkana, 
Alva-khSda, Bayal-n&d, Talak&d, and S&vimale. These were the boundaries of 
Vinayaditya's kingdom (see Ng. 32, Vol. IV). Ballija is described as going 
on a visit to Sosavftr, the birthplace of the Hoysalas, which, as above stated, 
I have identified with Angadi in Mudugere taluq. Angadi is mentioned by that 
name in Bl. 197 of the time of the king Achyuta-Raya of Vijayanagar. Ballala 
next appears in 1 104, Hn. 161 and 162, in the latter leading an expedition 
against Changalva-DSva. His reign probably ended in this year. In BL 58 
he is described as, along with his brother Vishnu, beating down the pride of 
Pandya and seizing the wealth of his kingdom . Also as defeating the army of 
Jagadde^a in Dorasamudra and seizing his treasury together with the central 
ornament of his necklace. 

With On. 169 of 1 106, probably begin the inscriptions of Vishnuvarddhana, 
though here only named Tribhuvanamalla-Poysala. A chief of the Chalukya 
family, Bacharasa, son of Muddamarasa, made a grant of a tank. Hn. 149 
records the foundation of the new Kollapura, Dodda Gaddavalli, and the 
erection there of the temple of Mahalakshmi by a great merchant and his wife 
in 1113. Bl. 68 of 1117, is the first that gives a detailed account of Vishnu- 
varddhana's conquests. First taking into his arms the fortune of the Poysala 
kingdom which he had inherited, he brought all the points of the compass under 
his command, and capturing Talak&du, became the first to the Ganga kingdom 1} . 
He is also said to have burnt the chief city of the Gaiigas, polluted the water 
of the KavSri by throwing the corpses of the enemy into it, so that R&jendra- 
Chdla was driven to use the wells in the vicinity, and delayed the setting in of 
the south wind, because it was stopped by filling the nostrils of the skulls of 
his enemies slain on the banks of the K&verf. Such was the terror he created 
that even Yama was afraid to straighten his mustaches. He made the earth 
tremble with the tramp of his Kambhdja horse, was lord of Gandagiri, split the 
great rock Pandya, burst the hearts of the Tulu kings, destroyed the army of 
Jagaddeva, devoured the fierce elephant Sdmesvara, displayed his valour before 

*> The KfcfaTitti tank it mentioned in Ak.102*. 

,l Cn. 209 ooutains e notice of the capture of Talaka^a. It says that terrified at hearing the 
sound of Hattagage Kete-Nayaka's glittering shield, takiog it for a rambling of the earth or the rolling 
of thnnder, Adiyama, crossing the river from the south side, fled, and at the same moment Kete- 
Nayaka entered the fort of Talakagn behind king VishnaYarddhana. Bl. 171 says that he oaptured 
Talakida, pursued after the army of the Tigulas. and beoame the first to the Ganga kingdom. On 
P&n4ya flourishing his sword, Hoysallia out him down with bis own sword, ami left only half a 
man to^look on in the Tignla's army. 

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> ' 

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Manikya-Devi of the Chakrak&ta throne, brought down the pride of Adiyama, 
overturned the tree Narasimhabrahma, split the skull of king Kala, destroyed 
the serpent Chengiri, broke down the plantain stems the spears of Irungdla, 
shook the mountain Chengiri-Perum&la, set up Patti-Perumala, made Talak&du 
his own, took the Kongu country, protected Nolambavadi, expanded Nila- — 
parvyata, extended Kdlala-pura, uprooted K6vatdr, shook Teriyilr, crossed 
over Vall&r, unchained Nangali-pura, pulled up the door of the Ghats, and 
made Kanchi-pura tremble . The boundaries of his kingdom at this time 
were,— east, the lower Ghat of Nangali; south, Kongu, Cheram and Anamale; 
west, the Barakandr and other Ghats of Konkana; north, Sarimale. Praises 
follow of the queen Santala who is said to have been born in Balipura. The 
inscription records the consecration of the great temple at Vfelapura %) or Bfilftr 
where the king was living, dedicated to Vijaya-Narayana under the name of 
Chenna-Kesava, who is described with an immense number of epithets. Bl. 16 
repeats much of the same and says that Santala-DSvi with the approval of 
king Vishnu assumed the crown (pattamam dhariyisidal). Its date (not 
mentioned) may be the same or earlier, and it is not complete. * 

Bl. 147, dated 112], contains much of the same matter, but states that 
the king was in the residence of Ddrasamudra (the modern Halebid), and that 
Kfitamalla (apparently a merchant) erected there a Siva temple named after 
the" patron of his family Vishnuvarddhana-Poysalesvara. This stone is at 
Ghattadahalli, close to Halebid on the east, and might possibly refer to the 
great Hoysal&svara temple. This question will be considered farther on in the 
section treating of the temple. On. 2606 of the same date represents the Deva 
(or king), the patta-mabadevi Santa la-Devi and the five ministers {pahcha 
pradhdnarum) as being present at the making of the grant, and we shall find 
other instances in which the king and the five ministers (whoever they were) 
form the final court of appeal for the decision of important questions. En. 102, 
dated 1123, gives the Peddore (or Krishna river) as the king's northern 
boundary. Being at the time on the bank of the goddess Kaveri, he heard of 
the death at Kellavatti in Nirggunda-n&d of his younger brother Udayiditya, 
and so converted the village into a rent-free agrahara of 18 shares for the 
Brabmans who had been dependent on him. (Hn. 178 may possibly be a 

U Of these refereneet Jagadde>e wu a Santera king, SomesTera wet the Chalakya king, Adiyama 
wae the Chftla governor of Talakadn, NarasimhaTarmma was a Pallara chief there, Kale was a 
king in Ntlagiri, Chebgiri was perhaps the hill fort of §e2ji (Gingee), Irnngole wae the chief of 
Nfgagal in Paragada talnq, Talakadn it in the sooth of Mysore district, Kongo was in Coimbatore and 
Salem districts, Nolamberadi was the Chitaldroog distriot, Ntla-parr?aU was Ntlagiri, Kftlaja-pnra — 
was Kolar, Koratnr was Coimbatore, Teriynr was in the north-east of Tnmkar distriot, Yallnr in 
Paragade talnq or in the Cud dap ah distriot, Nangali is in the east of Kolar distriot, Ka&oht is ' 

f > This oeromony is also recorded in Bl. 71 of the same d&t9,—Hhnalambi-8*moaUarada Chaitra- 
iuddha-panchamt, bnt while HI. -58 (on stone) gives the week day as VaMav&ra (Batorday), Bl- 71 
(on eopper plates) gives it as Adtoara (Sunday). 

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xiy urraoDUOTiojr. 

grant made by this Udayaditya. It is not dated.) Hn. 116, also dated 1 123, 
compares Vishnuvarddhana's conquest of Talakadu to making a clearing in the 
forest, fencing it round by piling up the bodies of hostile kings, burning it, 
ploughing it with the hoofs of his horsemen, forming seed-beds watered with 
the stream of his valour, and sowing them with his lasting fame. His northern 
boundary is given as the Heddore and S&vimale, so the latter, which has not 
been identified, was probably near the Krishna* . He now made a grant to 
his queen S&ntala-Devi, (the daughter of M&rasinga and M&chikabbe), of the 
village*of S&ntigr&ma (now called Gr&ma, east of Hassan), and gave the villages 
belonging to it to 220 Brahmans. Cn. 149, dated 1125, says that the king 
was ruling all the lands as far as to the shore of the southern ocean, and was 
in Talavana-pura. A humorous description is given of the effect of the king's 
soqjhern exploits. Adiyama (it says) ran as if in a race, and learning the 
pace Nrisimhavarmma ran, while Chengiri having multiplied upon that pace, 
the proud Eongas learnt it from Chengiri, and seeing the celebrated Eongas, 
P&ndya also ran, — who would not run before king Vishnu? He had a Jaina 
temple made for Sripala-traividya-deva, and presented him with the village of 
Salya as an endowment. Sripala'a spiritual descent is traced with mention of 
Jaina teachers from Mahavira onwards. He is called the shat-tarkka-Shan- 
mukha, and inherited the titles v&dibhasimha, vddi-koldhala and tdrkkika- 
ehakravartti. In KcL 69 (Vol. VI) Sri pill a is described as a commentator on 
prose and poetry, and it there says that at the courts of the Chola and 
other kings he had defeated many and put them down. In Ak. 41, dated 1130, 
and Ak. 46, dated 1132, we have a chief appointed to the government of 
Kajikatti, who is described as a worshipper of the feet of Nolamba-Deva. 
(Compare Cn. 129 and Ed. 140, Vol. VI). BL 124, dated 1133, is an 
important and interesting inscription giving a well composed account of the 
king's conquests. His destruction of all his enemies was like the breaking up 
of the great deep, the coursers of the sun being borne away in the deluge and 
all the points of the com pas ^filled with the sounds of their neighing. In covert 
language he is credited with the possession of Ariga, Euritala, Kanchi and 
Madhura ,} . A description follows of bis minister G anga -Raja of whom we 
have so many notices in the Sravana Belgola inscriptions. By rebuilding 

*' In Ak. 172 the boundaries are giren at, — wait, the Western Ooean; east, Kaficht-pura; south, 
the Sandalwood mountains; north, the Peddore. See also Bl. 119. 

t} Cn. 179 says that he broke the bones of the Malara Chera Kerala Nolamba Kadamba Kaliuga 
Vanga Bangala Vara|a Ch6)a Khasa Barbbara Oddaha and other kings and brought them into 
sab mission to himself. Ak. 23 says he was to Chola a scarecrow, to Malara a out-throat, to Chera 
a devouring epidemio, to Varaja a rutting elephant to trample on him, to Kach an arrow in bis liver, 
to NepAJa a whip for his baok. Bl. 193 says that while still a youth, like a keen soldier, he broke 
and trampled on the Maleya-mah&rAja and roasted Jagadeva; he penetrated into Talak&d, destroyed 
Kongo, and made a breach of Nahgali, subdued Sadali, reduced Badali to ashes, smote Pariynr, 
uprooted Chlrama, took possession of Kanchl-pura, put to flight P&ndya, went clean through 
Uchohahgi, and made the mud standing in Sindo run out; he burnt Beilitige, as if burning black 
bricks, reduced Annigere to little brick*, ground down Ballare, set fire to Rajavur, broke the legs 
of Hanungal, besides crushing Banarase, Halasige, Huligere and Beluyala. 

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myriads of ruined Jaina temples and bestowing unbounded donations he made 
the Gangavadi Ninety-six Thousand to shine like Eopana (a great ancient Jain 
city, now Kopal in the south-west of the Nizam's Dominions) x) . On Ganga- 
Raja'8 death his son Boppa (whose gurus were Subhachandra and Prabha- 
cbandra) erected a Jina temple of rare beauty to his memory in D6rasamudra, 
naming it the Drdhagharatta Jin&laya after one of his father's titles, and 
having it consecrated by Nayakirtti. The priests then took the consecrated 
food to Vishnuvarddhana at Bankapura. He had just defeated and slain 
Masana s) , who fell upon him with an immense army, and captured the whole 
of his empire. The queen Lakshmi-mahadevi had also just borne him a son. 
He therefore received the priests with great favour, attributed both the victory 
and the birth of his son to the favour of their god, and accordingly, besides 
granting them endowments, gave to the goU the name Vijaya-Parsva and to 
his son the name Vijaya-Narasimha. Bl. 93, which describes the king as 
ruling all the territory to the south of the Krishnaveni river, also refers to the 
same events, and says — "Immediately after the moment when he (Narasimha) 
issued from his mother's womb, his father in one watch subdued and slew the 
enemy who was falling upon him, and returning victorious, with affection gave 
him the name Pratapa-Narasimha, and crowned him from the time he was 
born. Thus from the day of his birth he had a diadem on his brow". On. 248, 
dated 1134, gives a further account of the conquests by which Ganga-Raja 
enlarged the kingdom. He seized Talakadu, took possession of Eongu, drove 
'off fianki, overthrew Chengiri, and sent Narasinga to the abode of Tama. His 
nephew £cba erected Jina temples in Belgola like those in Eopana, while his 
eldest son Boppa subdued the Kongas and brought various countries into 
subjection to his master. Ak. 30, also dated 1134, gives Ramesvara as the 
southern boundary of the kingdom. Hn. 119 also says - east, south, and 
west, three oceans being the boundaries of the land he ruled, on the north be 
made the Perddore his boundary. His own country he gave to Brahmans and 
the gods, and himself ruled over the foreign countries won by his sword. 
Bl. 86 says there was no great gift which he had not bestowed; no kings who 
had not fled terrified by his arrows; no point of the compass where pillars of 
victory inscribed with his name had not been erected; no quarter of the world 
which had not been filled with joy at his great fame. In Hn. 89, dated 1135, 
we have a repetition of Vishnuvarddhana's conquests, as already given in 
inscriptions noticed above. The fresh information of interest regarding him 
here obtained is his marriage with a &aotala-Devi, the beautiful daughter of a 
chief named Keteya-Nayaka and his wife Jakkiyabbe. The issue of this 
marriage was a lovely daughter, named Chikka-Santale. But both mother and 

') Perhaps the Kong-kin-na-pn-lo of Hioen Tsiang. 

') Who this was U not clear, probably the general in oommand of tome Imperial foroet. 

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xti nrraoDUCTioir. 

daughter soon died, and Jakkiyabbe erected Siva temples in their memory. 
The original queen S&ntala-Devi, we know from SB. 63 (Vol. II), died in 113 1 at 
Sivaganga. The king must then have married Laksbmi-DSvi, by whom he had 
his son Narasimha in 1 133, as we have seen above. The marriage now described 
with another Sintala-Devi must have taken place soon after, as both she and 
her child died in 1135. From Cxx. 186 it may be gathered that Lakshmi and 
S&ntala were queens at the same time. BL 17, dated 1136, contains details 
additional to what we know of the king's victorious career. It says that — u On 
his deserting his queens, forsaking his kingdom and dying in the country 
near Chengiri, Vishnuvarddhana took possession of the company of NarasingaV 
wives, put down Angara, trampled on Singalika, and turning in the direction 
of the Ganges, slew the kings of the northern countries. Having succeeded in 
this expedition to the north, his 4 * elephant trampled down the army of the 
P&ndya king, ashamed of so easy a victory, having defeated Chola and Gaula 
in terrible great wars. Pursuing P&ndya, he seized Nolambavadi, capturing 
(Jchchangi in a moment. After that, marching to Telunga, he captured Indra 

together with bis elephants, the wealth he had gained by victory and the 

wealth inherited from his family. Next, destroying root and branch Masana, 
who was a torment to the country, he wrote down the Banavase Twelve 
Thousand in his kadita (or account book). When he played at tossing up the 
Sahya mountains, Nilagiri and . .. ., of what account are the others? What 
wonder that he took Panungal in half a second with a flip of his finger, and 
killing with only a glance. . natha who was taking Eisukal, he pursued &fter 
JayakeSi and gained possession of the Palasige Twelve Thousand and the . . . 
Five Hundred ". Every country, hill-fort or king that was famous he sought 
out and subdued. Why (says Hn. 63) should there be a separate Bhdrata story? 
Is not the history of king Vishnu enough? s) After describing him as the 
destruction of Chola, Chera, P&ndya, Pallava, Narasimhavarmma, Kalapala 
and other kings, and putter to flight of the Vanga, Anga, Ealinga, and Simhala 
kings, saying that Kanchi-pura resounded with his orders, the southern 
Madhura-pura was squeezed in his hand, and Jananatbapura destroyed by his 
general, — he is said to be ruling the Gangavadi, Nolambavadi and Banavase 
provinces. Here follow the exploits of a young general named Vishnu or Bitti- 
yanna, and Immadi-dandanayaka. He seems to have been a special object of 
the king's favour, and received his education from Sripala before mentioned. 
His father was an old minister of the time of E^eyanga. The king treated 
him like a son and perhaps had some idea of adopting him, (having then no 
son of his own), as he himself had his upanayana performed, and after seven or 

') No doubt the NaraeihgaYarmmA or Xarasingabrahma to often mentioned in connection with 
tbit king. 

'> See note to Mj. 18, p. 4 abore. 

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eight years of age i; , when he had become proficient in the use of arms, obtained 
for him a virgin-jewel as a bride and himself took part in the marriage 
ceremonies. At the age of ten or eleven l) the boy having become as sharp as 
kusa grass and perfect in the four tests of character, the king invested him 
with the title of nuikd-prcxlmnda^andaridyaka and made him sarwddhikdri. 
He justified his patron's confidence by gaining important victories in the south 
with extraordinary rapidity, in half a month it says, especially burning R&ya- 
rayapura, and brought back troops of elephants together with much spoil. 
Then comes the spiritual descent of his guru Sripala*', (who is highly praised, 
his commentaries and mastery of logic being specially mentioned), to whom he 
made a grant for a Jaina basadi. We bear no more of this young man after 
this period. In Ak. 32, dated 1136, we find the senior crowned queen was 
Bammala-Devi. She was of the Pallava family (see Ng. 3, Vol. IV). Bl. 117 
also of 1 136, contains a reference to the Kalamukha sect, who were of the 
Parvvatavali. But the main part of the inscription is taken up with the praises 
of the jeweller citizens young and old (manigdra-bdla-vriddJia-tiakharangal) of 
the three capitals (btdu) Ddrasamudra, Beluhur and Vishnusamudra. These 
were Halebid, Bel ft r and perhaps Keresante (see Ed. 88 to 93, Vol. VI). 
Among other epithets they claim to be bees at the lotus feet of Manikya-bhatta 
and others the fifty-one Sarwajnas, born in the race of Nittiri-vira; attainers 
of Vlra-Balancha perfection ; as if obtainers of a boon from Varan&gala-Ganesya- 
deva who had uprooted daily rites; obtainers of a boon from the goddess 
Sarada of Kasmir; emigrants from Ahichhatra; and so on. They granted 
certain dues for their god Manikesvara. Ak. 144 of 1137, describes Banka- 
pura on one side and Talavanapura on the other as the capitals of the king- 
dom, and Vishnuvarddhana, it is said, performed the tuld-purusha. Bl. 202 
says that the king crossed over the Tungabhadra and laid siege to the fort of 
Hanungal at the end of 1138. Hn. 114 of 1139, when the king was at Ddra- 
samudra, contains some account of a fight with the army of Jagadeva. In 
Cxx. 199 and 200, of the same year, the king was at Bankapura and made a 
grant for the temple erected by the Chaiigalva king's purdnika. Bl. 236 is a 
curious inscription in which the tailors of Ddrasamudra unite to grant certain 
dues for the god Kusumesvara of the palace. Ak. 58 mentions Bammala- 
Ddvi's riding-school. In Ak. 18, dated 1140, the king was in his capital of 
Bankapura, and a list is given of the provinces he ruled. He died in 1141 at 
Bankapura (see Cm. 96, Vol. VI). Ak. 110 of 1142, and even Hn. 65, so 
late as 1149, claim to be of his reign, but this must be a mistake. The former 

% ) There matt be exaggeration in making him to yonng at these timet. 

,! In the oonrte of tbit the following valuable information it given:— Vimalacbandra wat guru 
to the Pallava king; Srtvijaya, to the Qanga king Bntnga; Vadir&ja, to the emperor Jayatimha- 
Deva; ▲jitaaena, to Er,eyanga-DeT«. 


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is of interest on account of its mentioning that the Brahmans of Kodanganflr 
had received that village by a grant from the famous Janamgjaya^, but 
Vishnuvarddhana promised to give them a much better village and settled 
them at Kellangere. They were of the Bali-vamsa, and in Ak. 117 are said 
to be 200 ornaments of iSSmo-drinkers. 

Narasimha was born, as we have seen above, in 1133 and was crowned 
from the day of his birth. He succeeded his father in 1141. The boundaries 
of his kingdom in 1143 are given in Ak. 56 as, — east, Nangali; south, Vikra- 
meSvaram; west, Alvara-kheda; north, the Herddore. This southern limit I 
cannot identify, unless it be a mistake for Rame§vara, given as the southern 
boundary in his father's time. The inscription relates to a chief named Gdyi- 
Deva, lord of Huliyera-pura (? Huliyar), who is described as a sword in the 
king's good right hand. He rescued Sridevi, the senior queen of Sthira- 
gambhira-Nolamba, from her captors and thus got the name of Vira-talaprahari. 
He also for a display of bravery in the Cbalukya king Ahavamalla's camp (or 
capital, kataka) received the title Doddanka-badiva. His grandson Bhima slew 
Sitagaraganda in king Vishnu's camp (or capital, Hdu) and was awarded that 
as his own title. Much praise is given to a guru Lokacharyya as an advanced 
grammarian and astrologer. En. 69 of 1155, contains an account of the 
general Bokimayya or Bokana. Chdla, M&lava, Ealinga and Gurjjara dared 
not encounter this Bitti-Deva's Garuda. He brought the Tulu country, the 
Changa king's territory, Bayalnad, the Konga king's dominion, the Chdla m 
country and other celebrated places into subjection to his king, as far as the 
western ocean. In Ak. 141 of 1159, we have again the spiritual descent of 
Sripala. He was the disciple of Mallishena-Maladhari, well known as the 
ganadhara of the Kali age, of whose death we have a record in SB. 54 (Vol. II). 
Sripala is praised as emperor of logicians, able by the rules of the six systems 
of logic to break down the argument on any topic, and as proficient in both 
prose and poetry. Bl. 193 of 1161, tells us that hearing a Kadamba army 
was at Bank&pura preparing to attack him, the king crushed the force and won 
all its spoil. He was as if Nala, N&bhaga, Ambarisha, Prithu, Harischandra, 
Chandragupta, Rama, Arjuna, Puru, Sagara, Dusbyanta, the most celebrated 
kings in the world had all united into one. He acquired the praise bestowed 
on all the great men of old mentioned in the Bhdrata and Rdmdyana. His 
senior queen is said to be Chagale, whom we have not met with before, the 
queen who was the mother of Ballala being always named as £chala-Devi. 
But the present inscription implies that he had 384 women of good birth as 
wives or concubines. He is also said to be a conjunction of Ealasena, Gaula- 

') Kofaganar in Daraogere taloq, Chitaldroog District. 

') From thit it may perhaps be inferred that the Jaoamejaya grants of the Sbimoga District 
are not iater than this date. 

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Deva, Vlrabiri, Gaduncha, Panchamattiga, Bhima, Sdmila, Kunnula, Boppula, 
Talaprahari and other heroes. Who most of these were is not known. He was 
moreover a submarine fire to the ocean the Tuluva army, and an elephant to 
the lotus garden the Pandya-kula. In Ak. 142 of 1162, we have mention of 
another queen, Gujjala-Devi. Ak. 172 of 1163, repeats most of the praises 
already given above. On. 210 of 1165, mentions the birth of Kumara-Ballala- 
Deva, but whether this was the date of the occurrence is not clear. Narasimba's 
inscriptions continue to 1173, at which time he is described in Bl. 114 as a 
royal swan sporting in the lake of the Andhra women, a sun to the lotus faces 
of the Simhala women, a golden zone to the waists of the Karnnata women, 
an ornament stamped with musk on the cheeks of the Lata women, the saffron 
paste on the goblets the breasts of the Chola women, a moon to the waterlilies 
the eyes of the Gaula women, the wave on the . . . of the beauty of Bang a) a 
girls, a bee to the lotuses the faces of the Malavis. He seems to have died in 
this year, being only 40 years of age. 

His son Ballala II was anointed to the throne on the 22nd of July 1173 
(Hn. 71 and 119, Bl. 118, Ak. 71); but before this we see him in 1166 
(Cn. 191) described as ruling along with the Mahadevi ; and in Ak. 1 is 
an account of his guru VasupCtjya, the disciple of Sripala, already mentioned 
above, whose descent is given in some detail. Bl. 86 says that Ballala, leaving 
his father, passed over Male, and the minister Tantrap&la-Hemm&di, making 
the Kongalva, Changalva and other chiefs of Male to visit him, caused the 
diadem of empire to be bound on him. Ak. 71 is the first that contains a 
description of Arasiyakere, which was a royal city (rdjadhdni) and treasury 
town (banddrarVdda) named Jayangonda-Ballalapura. Its praises recur in 
several inscriptions (Ak. 79, 90, 77, 88, 90) showing that it was a populous 
and prosperous place, with a large Brahman population as well as a number 
of Koyil&l'J. ttti. 58 says that when Ballala's drum sounded, Lai a lost his 
gaiety, Gurjjara was consumed with a fever through fear, Gaula was as if 
pierced with a spear, Pallava was reduced to meagre wealth, and Chola had 
his crown reduced to powder. Ak. 138 says that when he mounted his horse 
for an expedition of victory, Ealinga went off to live in the woods, Tuluva 
fled, Eonkana hastily made ready for the sacred desert, Gurjjara and Malava 
gained the thickets of the Vindhyas, Cholika spent bis days on the sea-shore". 
The king is described (On. 146) as protecting the region of the South, and is 
frequently styled the emperor of the South. Reference to Chalukya supremacy 
completely disappears. On. 229 is the first that mentions the queen Bammala- 

*) Or thit might be a Dame; the it called here Maheddriy-arati, and in Cn.184 piriy-arati 

Mahede>iy-araii's eon it mentioned. 

*J Probably the cleat who climb cocoa-nut and areoa palms and oat the frait 

*) Thit intoription, of date 1174, among other matter! mentions the appointment of a matter to 

teaoh boyt Karnnata. 

. 0* 

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Deri, bat Ak. 62 says she was a terror to co-vires and plucked up the families 
of the hill-chiefs by the root This inscription mentions a number of munis 
who were upholders of the L&kulagama-eamaya 1 ', delighting in rererence to the 
Ekkdti munlndras, and adherents of the Kalimukhas. Cn. 264 gives a farther 
account of her. tTti 64 introduces the pirij-arasi Ketala-Devi. Cn. 209 of 
1 178, is the first that mentions his capture of the Uchchangi hill so often 
afterwards referred to. Its extent was such as to enclose the three worlds, 
while its summit soared into the sky higher than the king of birds,— yet he 
took it without effort through Pandja's terror, as if playing at tossing up 
pebbles. BL 137, 176, Ak: 178, say that Chdla laid siege to it for twelve 
years without success and abandoned it as hopeless. On hearing which, Ballala 
attacked it and mounting on it but one cubit was sufficient to bring it into 
his possession. From this erent he acquired the name Giridurgga-malla, and 
as it was a Saturday (Saniv&ra) when the conquest was effected (siddhisidudu) 
he also took the title Sanirara-siddhi". BL 72 says that Uchchangi had a 
moat like Patala, was as broad, as the eight cardinal points and as high as 
the sky, and was thus famed in the three worlds. Yet he captured it. But 
when Pandya threw himself on his mercy, he had favour on him and restored 
him his kingdom. BL 176 also says that when a crore of warriors attacked 
him, be fell upon them by himself in the battle of Ummadux, and like a boy at 
play, with his sword created a sea of blood. Cn. 220 says that the flames of 
bis valour charred black the Cholika territory, turned to ashes the Nolamba- 
vadi and Banavisi countries, made Gutti as if buried, and covered up with 
smoke Pan un gal and the mountainous Alvara-kheda. Cn. 150 refers to his 
learned minister Chandramauli and bis beautiful wife. Ak. 88 commences 
with a very singular invocation of "the Brahmeya who wanders at night". 
Ak. 22 contains an interesting account of some merchants of Brahman descent, 
one of whom imported horses, elephants and pearls in ships by sea and sold 
them to kings, and another who transported goods from the east to the west 
and from the north to the south and vice versd. Ak. 48 describes how the 
jagatis made Kalikatte into a city, on Arasiyakere being assigned to others. 
The inscription was composed by the poet Santinatha. Ak. 67 is an example 
of the way in which each successive king is mentioned as if presently ruling, 
which is often met with among the Hoysala inscriptions. With Ak. 93 of 
1 1 89 we first meet with the queen Uma-DSvi. In Ak. 86 she is represented 
as ruling the kingdom, and in Ak. 40 appears again in 1209. Ag. 78 shows 
the minister Machimayya in 1189 ruling Konga-nad, which from Ag. 81 
appears to have consisted of two Two-thousands. The final verses of the 
inscription include one which prays that the Vibhlshana reign may continue 

x) An account of L&kuja will be found in Vol. VII in connection with Balgami, where he was settled. 
f) Bat these titles belonged to the Kalaoharya king Bijjana before this. 

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as long as Yama, the moon and sun and earth remain, and as long as the 
story of R&ma is in the world. The meaning of which sloka, it says, is as 
follows, but no meaning is given. On. 179 of 1190, says that Ballala was a 
lion to the elephant the Malava king, the uprooter of the Gurjjara king's 
kingdom, putter down of the pride of the Andhra kiug, a thunderbolt to the 
rock the Ahira king, a raw-bhairava to the Varala king. In order still farther 
to sow seeds for the growth of his glory, he prepared the ground by conquest, 
and from SojratCtr as far as Belvola manured it with the bodies of the myriads 
of brave warriors of the Sevuna army, thus making it 'fit to be turned up by the 
ploughshares of the cultivators. The fortified places he rapidly took were — 
Vir&ta-raja's city, Kurugodu, the Matanga hill, Dhorevadi, Gutti, Guttavojalu, 
Uddhare, Kaladi, Bandanikke, Ballare, Soratftr, Erambarage, Haluve, Manuve 
and Lokkigondi, all of which are in the Bombay country or the north-west 
of the Mysore. The composer of this inscription was Jannayya. Bl. 204 and 
Ak. 6, both of 1194, describe the attacks on Kurugdd and Lokkigundi. The 
latter was defended by Jaituga (the Y&dava king), and seemed invulnerable, 
with high ramparts and lofty bastions on which were mounted astonishing flag- 
staves. Bl. 112 says that Ballala was as powerful as Nriga, Nala, Nahusha, 
Yudhishthira, Sagara, Bhagiratha, Dilipa, Purukutsa, Ayub, Gaganachara, 
Bharata, Rama and others . . . .ya in which ? Vikkeya was, Hanugal in which 
Kovana was, Lokkigundi in which Pokkili-Saivunas 1} were firmly established, the 
great P&ndya's bill, considered impossible to capture,— these like letters written 
on water, the wind of Poysala's march blew away. Ak. 118 also of 1 194, shews 
the king had taken up his residence in B&guli. Through the excellent manage- 
ment of the general Madhuha or Madbusftdana the kingdom was in a state of 
great prosperity. The treasury was filled with wealth; the city with elephants, 
horses, women and jewels; the agrah&ras and puras with learned Brahmans; 
and all the land with wealth of cows, increase of grain, and crowds of 
population. The composition of this inscription was revised by the great poet 
Trivikrama, who is also mentioned in others. Ak. 104 of 1196, shows the king 
living at Erambarage (Yelburga in the Nizam's dominions). On the east he 
had shaken Ranch!, on the west he had made the ocean roar, while the great 
CbSra country rose up and fled, and the whole of the Pandya king's country 
took refuge in forests, entering even those with fear. Ak. 23 of 1197, repeats 
this. Next year, according to Bl. 77, he was living in Kukkanftr-koppa. 
Moistening his sword with the blood of his enemy the Pandya king, he whetted 
it on the grindstone the head of Billama, and sheathed it in the mouth of 
Jaitugi. The following year he was living at Huligere (Ak. 103). The priest 
of the temple in this inscription was a son of Nagarasi-pandita, described as a 

x) This designation seems to be of specie! interest In connection with Shikarpnr 154 (see 
Ind. Ant. XIX, 144). 

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promoter of the Likul&gama-samaya. Hn. 139 of 1200, shows the king in 
residence at Vijayasamudra. This in Cn. 172 is called the rdjadhdni or royal 
city, and is said to be on the bank of the Tungabhadra. It is evidently the 
same as the Vijayapur of Cn. 244, which is said to be Hallavftr. He was 
residing in the same place in 1205, 1209, 1210 and 1211 (Cn. 181, Ak. 40, 
Cn. 172, 244, Ak. 137). I find a <Hnlloor' in the maps, on the Tungabhadra 
in R&ni-Bennflr taluq, and this may be the place. Bl. 72 of about 1200, states 
that the king had latticed windows of stone and other accessories made for the 
Belar temple. Cn. 161 of about the same date, records the death of Srip&la- 
ydgindra. Cn. 205 brings to our acquaintance the senior queen Cbdla- 
mah&d6vi, regarding whom we have a touching story. She was ruling Kemb&la, 
when it was reported to her that some wicked persons at BSvfcr had used hard 
words about her. She thereupon ordered it to be attacked and KSta-malla 
was killed in the assault. Feeling compunction for this, she sent two of her 
chief men to the family, saying, — "We have caused pain to our children; go 
and encourage them with our words, and in the presence of the sixty families 
of Kemb&la console Keta-malla's son and make to him the grant of a rent-free 
estate." Cn. 265 contains a curious account of an architect or builder named 
St6tak&chari, and his son who was a priest. Ak. 40 of 1209, speaks of Um&- 
dSvi's kingdom and says that her minister was Kumara-Panditayya, and Cn. 172 
of the same date, says that he was the son of BalUla and Um&-devi. But 
Cn. 243 of 1210, states that Narasimha was the Yuvar&ja, and praises the 
beauty and virtues of his sister Sovala-dSvi. According to numerous inscriptions 
Narasimha's mother was Padmala-Devi (see Bl. 116). Cn. 244 gives a long 
account of the minister Kesava or Kesiraja, and states that his ancestors were 
all ministers to the Hoysala kings, — I&ma, to Vinay&ditya; his son Sridhara, 
to Ereyanga; his sons Mallideva, Damar&ja and Kesavaraja, to Vishnu- 
varddhana; Malla's sons Madhava, Bettarasa and Dama, to Narasimha; among 
Befturaja's sons was Kesiraja. Hn. 31 shows the king in 1211 moved to 
R&ya. .pattana. Bl. 130 in 1217 speaks of the queen Ketala-Devi and her 
kingdom. But Bl. 116 shows that the king also had a junior queen called 
Abhinava-Ketala-devi. Hn. 61 shows the king encamped at Nidugal-durga 
in Stre-nad in 1218. An account is given of a great officer of the king's who 
was a r&ja by right in the K&smtra country. Cn. 211a of probably the same 
year, places the king at Nalldr-koppa. Ak. 77 of 1220, contains an account 
of how RScharasa, the eminent councillor of the Kalacburya-kula, placed 
himself under Ballala's protection, and hearing of the steadfastness of the 
thousand families of Jains in Arasiyakere, he set up there the Sabasrak&ta- 
chaityalaya and endowed it, with the sanction of the king. Arasiyakere is 
styled the southern Ayy&vale. Its Brahmans were learned in the vedas, the 

l) Xow io Pivagftd* Uluq. 

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guards brave, the traders wealthy, the fourth caste of unshaken speech, the 
women beautiful, the labourers submissive, the temples ornaments to the world, 
the tanks deep and wide, the woods full of fruit, and the gardens full of 
dowers. On. 2116 states that BallaJsuDeva being of full age, established 
Narasimha in the kingdom and went to heaven. This was in 1220, as Cn.1726 
states that Narasimha was crowned on the 18th of April in that year. Ball&la 
was thus at least 55 years of age at his death and had reigned 47 years. 
Coincident with his death, it appears, was the self-sacrifice of the prince 
Lakshma, recorded on a pillar near the HoysalSsvara temple at Halebid, bearing 
at its base the interesting inscription Bl. 112- Kuvara-Lakshma was Ballala's 
minister and general, cherished by him as his son. " Between servant and king 
there was no difference; the glory and marks of royalty were equal in both." 
41 His wealth and bis life Kuvara-Lakshma devoted for the gifts and victories 
of vira-Ballala-Deva, and conquered the world for him as far as the southern 
ocean." "Of the sixty-four branches of learning there was not one of which he 
was ignorant: of only two things was he ignorant, — how to say no to suppli- 
cants, and how to suffer defeat." He had received the decorations of the todar 
and the pende (jewelled anklets). His wife was Suggala-Devi, who also wore 
a todar on her left foot as a sign of devotion to her husband. He had a 
company of a thousand warriors, vowed to live and die with him. He set up 
this wrcusdsana y on which, as evidence that Garuda alone was his equal in 
fidelity to his master, images of himself and of Garuda were equally engraved 
thereon. "While all the world was praising him as the founder of the greatness 
and increase of king Ballala and the cause of his prosperity, — the dandesa 
Lakshma, together with his wife, mounted up on the splendid stone pillar, 
covered with the poetical virons&sana, proclaiming his devotion to his master: 
and on the pillar they became united with Lakshmt and with Garuda." The' 
sculptures on the^pillar point unmistakably to suicide, being all figures of men 
with swords cutting off their own arms and legs, and even their own heads . 
-The next king Narasimha II was crowned on the 18th of April 1220 
(Cn. 1726), and in the same year, farther said to be the first year of his reign 
(BL 115) i he and his mother Pad mala- Devi granted endowments for the temple 
of Kfidareivafa at Dorasamudra or Halebid, which had been erected by his 
father Ballala-Deva and his father's junior wife Abhinava-Ketala-DSvi. From 
Bl. 113 it appears that an attack by a Bijjana was repulsed in the same year. 
The king's usual titles are as given in Cn. 197 of 1223, namely, — uprooter of 
- the Magara kingdom, displacer of P&ndya, establisher of the Chola kingdom. 
He is said to be, by his victorious expedition to the east, in the enjoyment of 
a wealth of elephants, horses, jewels and articles never before acquired. His 
minister was Amita, whose son was Ballala, and this father and son were the 

f) TbU U no doubt also the explanation of Kp. and 10 of later dates (tee Vol. IV). 

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xxit nrreoDUcnoK. 

king's chief supporters . Cn. 203 says: why describe his forcible capture of 
Adiyama, Chera, P&ndya, Makara (or Magara), and the powerful K&davas? 
Rather describe how he lifted up Chola, brought under his orders all the land as 
far as S§tu, and pursuing after the Tri-Kalifiga kings, penetrated tbeir train of 
elephants. His queen Kalala-De?i bad by this time (1223) borne bis son Sdyi 
or Sdm&rvara-Ddva, to whom the king's sister Sovala-Devi was like a mother 
(see Ak. 123). His chief accountant was Visvan&tha, a Brahman of Lokkagnndi 
in Belvola, whose eldest brother isvara-d&va claims to have taught the king 
letters and accounts and made him proficient in arts, while Visvan&tha himself 
was so clever that he could write the letters with both hands, and perform a 
hundred avadhdnas (or mnemonic feats) so that the learned who examined him 
nodded their heads (in approval). He obtained a copper sasana for an agrah&ra 
fftm the king when the latter was marching against Magara, and in the royal 
'camp pitched at the koppa of Cbddavadi was holding a festival on adding to 
his necklace the emerald which came from Munivaraditya. Bl. 161 of 1227, 
says that he had protected Chdla, captured Magara's elephants and wealth and 
uprooted him, aud reduced the Pandya and Pallava kings to the condition of 
servants. Air 81 is a memorial of a woman who performed sahagamana, 
owing to the Mahadevi having put her husband to death. Cn. 204 tells us 
that in 1228 the king was ruling the Gangav&di, Nolambav&di, Banavase and 
Kadambalike provinces, with Nangali on the east, Eongu on the south, Alva- 
kheda on the west, and the Heddore on the north, as his boundaries. He now 
had a son named Ereyariga by Gaurala-Devi, the daughter of one of his body- 
guards. En. 84 of about 1230, says that on his expedition to the north the 
TungabhadriL was filled to the banks with streams of blood, owing to his 
slaughter of Vikramapala, Pavusa and others, and the bloodshed of the Sevuna 
army. Bl. 74 says that his sword, which he bad soiled with the brains of 
Vikramapala and P&vusa, he cleansed with the hot blood of Makara, and 
setting up Chola, who was covered up by the dust from the feet of hosts of 
enemies, be acquired fame as the establisher of Chola and the destroyer of 
P&ndya. Bl. 238 is a Sanskrit couplet inscribed on the HoysalSsvara temple 
at.Halebid, the author of which describes himself as the poet Vaijanna. I 
have assumed that he may be the Vedartha Vaijanatha-bhatta mentioned in 
AV 123. This inscription describes the king as encamped in 1234 at 
Bavitadana-kuppa, while on a victorious expedition over Pandya. His sword 
being Vasugi, and his arm Mandara, by violently churning the ocean the army 
of the hostile Magara, Narasimha obtained jewels of elephants and jewels of 
horses. When this uprooter of the Magara king and establisher of the Chdla 

^Tbis inscription contains a description of the ocean, followed by an account of Jambn-dTtpa, 
Mem, Bharata-varsha, tbe Kantala-deia and the Hojsala-na^. One Terse on the ocean (L 40-42) U 
quoted in Kdvyaidra as from Gunatarmma's Sudraka. 

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king came forth, the sea roared out with the sounds of great fish, sharks and 
alligators, saying to the Pandya kings t — give up all, and live in peace as his 
servants. Ak. 82 of the same date says he was a wild-fire to the forest of 
the Chakrakftta fort, thunder to the goose the pride of Kadava-Raya, Indra to 
the mountain the pride of the P&ndya champion, establisher of the Cbdla 
kingdom. The Poysala country is described as having from yqjana to yqjana 
towns surrounded with gardens, tanks filled with lotus, and groves for travellers 
to rest in. A very interesting account is given of a merchant from Kerala, 
named Dam6dara-Setti, who was greatly honoured in the Poysala kingdom. 
He was a native of Kolem&ka to the west of which is the Pereru river, and 
was an expert in the examination of goods and animals. 

Soma-Deva is first met with in Ak. 123, dated 1237. He is said to have 
uprooted Rajendra-Cbola in battle, but gave him protection when he claimed 
refuge. But in this year he was engaged in a victorious expedition over 
K&dava-Raya, and encamped at the koppa of Mangala. The inscription was 
composed by Visvanatha whose accomplishments have been stated above, and 
was engraved by the royal draughtsman (r&yasMradhdri). Ag. 12 describes 
the king in 1248 as a lion to the elephant Kalinga, a wild-fire to the forest 
the Sevuna king, Agastya to the ocean Malava, uprooter of the Magara king- 
dom, setter up of the Cbdla kingdom, a right hand in saving the Pandya-kula. 
Cn. 288 of the following year, says that from his elephants continually piercing 
the clouds, they poured forth their floods and filled the T&mbraparnni river ; 
while the numbers of pearls scattered in it from the temples of his enemies' 
elephants were washed down to the ocean and filled it with astonishment. 
His general Brahma forced the enemies, by destroying their groves, towns and 
chhatras, to take refuge in Lul&ya-Lakshmanagara, under the scanty shade 
of trees the branches of which had been broken off by buffaloes. Ak. 108 of . 
1255, says that the king, surrounded by Brahma ns satisfied with the hiranya- 
garbha, tuld^purusha and many other great gifts, the destroyer of the Magara 
and Kadava kingdoms, the saviour of the Chola and Pandya kingdoms, with 
the rank of universal emperor (sdrwabhautna) was in the residence of Kannanfir. 
This has been identified (by Dr. Hultzsch) with a place near Srirangam, and 
is also called in some inscriptions Vikramapura. We have here a farther 
account of the Maleyala merchants from Eulamttka in Kerala previously 
mentioned. The first to be named is Kunje-Setti of Padiyttr. When Ballala 
was marching to attack Uchcbangi, it appears that he did not approve of it, 
and forced the army to retire by the discharge of his arrows as if it had been 
rubbed out. The king was so struck with admiration at his bravery that he 
sent for him and bound on him the crown of a subhata or good warrior. His 
son-in-law was Arasiri Kondanambi, who had satras erected in Harihara, Setu, 
Panduranga, and V&ranasi, and made gifts in all the famous bathing places. 

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kiog came forth, the sea roared out with the sounds of great fish, sharks and 
alligators, saying to the Pandya kings t — give up all, and live in peace as his 
servants. Ak. 82 of the same date says he was a wild-fire to the forest of 
the Chakrakftta fort, thunder to the goose the pride of Kadava-Raya, Indra to 
the mountain the pride of the Pandya champion, establisher of the Chdla 
kingdom. The Poysala country is described as having from yqjana to yqjana 
towns surrounded with gardens, tanks filled with lotus, and groves for travellers 
to rest in. A very interesting account is given of a merchant from Kerala, 
named Daro6dara-Setti, who was greatly honoured in the Poysala kingdom. 
He was a native of Kolem&ka to the west of which is the Pereru river, and 
was an expert in the examination of goods and animals. 

Soma-Deva is first met with in Ak. 123, dated 1237. He is said to have 
uprooted R&jendra-Ch61a in battle, but gave him protection when he claimed 
refuge. But in this year he was engaged in a victorious expedition over 
Kadava-Raya, and encamped at the koppa of Mangala. The inscription was 
composed by Visvan&tha whose accomplishments have been stated above, and 
was engraved by the royal draughtsman (r&yasfttradhdri). Ag. 12 describes 
the king in 1248 as a lion to the elephant Kalinga, a wild-fire to the forest 
the Sevuna king, Agastya to the ocean Malava, uprooter of the Magara king- 
dom, setter up of the Chdla kingdom, a right hand in saving the Pandya-kula. 
On. 288 of the following year, says that from his elephants continually piercing 
the clouds, they poured forth their floods and filled the Tarabraparnni river ; 
while the numbers of pearls scattered in it from the temples of his enemies' 
elephants were washed down to the ocean and filled it with astonishment. 
His general Brahma forced the enemies, by destroying their groves, towns and 
chhatras, to take refuge in Lul&ya-Lakshmanagara, under the scanty shade 
of trees the branches of which had been broken off by buffaloes. Ak. 108 of 
1255, says that the king, surrounded by Brahma ns satisfied with the hiranya^ 
garbha, tuUt-purusha and many other great gifts, the destroyer of the Magara 
and Kadava kingdoms, the saviour of the Chdla and Pandya kingdoms, with 
the rank of universal emperor (sdrwabhautna) was in the residence of Kannanfir. 
This has been identified (by Dr. Hultzsch) with a place near Srirangam, and 
is also called in some inscriptions Vikramapura. We have here a farther 
account of the Maleyala merchants from Kulam&ka in Kerala previously 
mentioned. The first to be named is Kunje-Setti of Padiydr. When Ballala 
was marching to attack Uchchangi, it appears that he did not approve of it, 
and forced the army to retire by the discharge of his arrows as if it had been 
rubbed out. The king was so struck with admiration at his bravery that he 
sent for him and bound on him the crown of a subhata or good warrior. His 
son-in-law was Arasiri Kondanambi, who had satras erected in Harihara, Setu, 
P&nduranga, and Vara nasi, and made gifts in all the famous bathing places. 

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His younger brother was D&mddara, a great devotee of Vishnu and most 
profuse donor of gifts. But be had another younger brother, Eunjanambi, who 
was an expert in testing all manner of gems. He made himself agreeable to 
both the Hoysala emperor in the south and Ballaha Himself in the north 1 *, 
and gained great credit as a truthful negotiator by effecting an alliance 
between the two kings. He at once supplied all the wants of the M&laya, 
KaJiAga, Ch61a and P&ndya kings, so that no Setti was equal to Eunjanambi 
throughout the Hoysala kingdom. His son-in-law, from making gifts from a 
cart-load (bhandi) of money, was called Bhandinambi. His son-in-law Eanda- 
nambi, had a son Kufija, who died young as a Jangama, and in his name his 
father, besides charitable works in other places, erected the Eunj&hrara temple, 
making his daughter the Gana-kum&ri Chandarve the proprietress. And the 
raja-guru Rudrasakti-dera, the 120 temple priests, with all the Jiyas and 
mahd-Qanahgalu, acknowledged her authority by binding on her a crown or 
vibhtiti-patta and giving her the rank of Gana-kumari, (daughter or princess of 
the ganas, the hosts or followers of Siva; the Jan gam as) f) . 

Bl. 73 of 1254, is a grant by Narasimha III, but signed SdmeSrara. 
BL 125, however, later in the same year, shows that Narasimha was then on 
the throne. He paid a visit to the Vijaya-Parsva basadi at Halebidu and read 
the genealogy of his line in the former sasaoa granted to it (no doubt Bl. 124). 
He was the son of Sdm£svara by Bijjala-Rani (Bl. 92) and to this basadi he 
made grants on the occasion of his upanayana (or initiation by binding on the 
sacred thread), which took place on the 25th of February 1255. This ceremony, 
in the case of Esbatriyas ,) , is performed between the ages of 11 and 22. 
According to Kd. 100 (Vol. VI) the date of his birth seems to have been the 
11th of August 1240. He was now therefore in his fifteenth year. On. 269 
says that he was known as $&hityasarwajria (omniscient in literature). Also 
that being steady as a boy, on his being of age (or else in the desire that he 
should be firmly established from boyhood) 4 ', with the king Sdma's approval 
he assumed the splendid crown for the protection of the Hoysala kingdom. 
We know from other records that a partition of the kingdom took place at 
S6m£svara's death, whether arranged by him or by the respective claimants to 
the throne. The "result was that while Narasimha retained possession of the 
ancestral kingdom, with its capital of Dorasamudra, the Tamil provinces and 
the Eolar district fell to the share of his half-brother Ramanatha (the son of 
DSvala-mahaden), who, from On. 231 it may be inferred, had Eannanilr as his 
capital. But, as might be expected, the two sometimes came into collision. 

') Probably the Se>una or Yidat* king Kandhara it meant. 

" Some of these Malejaja merchants are again mentioned io later reigns, Ak 109, Bl. 89. 

9) Bl. 17 says that Vishnavarddhana was of the Ksbatrija-kala. 

*' Saiiavade stathiraUyam bayUikeyolu. 

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Accordingly, in On. 206, we find N&rasiriiha in. . rtivftru, engaged in fighting 
with R&man&tha. Also in Bl. 74 we are pointedly informed that the king 
was residing in his own Hoysala country, in the proper capital Dorasamudra, 
which his father had stored with the riches of the kingdom. On. 289 farther 
informs us that on N&rasimha's coming to the throne, having no fear of his 
arm, the great Sevuna king Mahadeva-R&ne came and made war on him, but 
being unable to endure, left his cavalry force and fled in terror in a single 
night, saying 'Flight is best (paldyanam kubalatn). Narasimba's chief minister 
was Perum&le, who in sight of both armies had the javanike (curtain or tent) 
of Ratnapala carried away, and with his sword offered up his head to the 
Lakshmi of victory, whence he received the title of Javanike Narayana. The 
grant in this inscription was made for the Aindra-parvva (festival). In Bl. 98 
we have a shrine of the goddess Nimbaja set up in the Hoysalesvara temple 
iu 1261, and a grant made for it in 1270 (Bl. 92). From Ag. 21 it appears 
that the king made the grant of a village in Kongu-n&d for so distant a god 
as Visvesvara of Benares. Bl. 160 informs us that he had a son named 
Malli-Ddva. Bl. 164 and 186 contain records of a formidable invasion in 
1276, which was repelled. In the name of the Sevuna king Kama-Deva, his 
general SStf uva-Tikkama, assisted by Joyi-Deva and Harapala, and strengthened 
by the army of Irungola (the chief of Nidugal in Pavagada taluq), suddenly 
came and encamped at Belavadi, which is to the north of Halebidu, saying 4 *I 
will take Dorasamudra in only one minute", and laid siege to the fort. But 
under the leadership of Chikka-Keta, who was apparently a son of the king, 
and with the heroic example of a chief named Anka (perhaps his sod), a 
tremendous battle took place on the 25th of April 1276, resulting in a great 
victory over the enemy, who were driven back in confusion beyond Dummi, 
the hill on the Shimoga and Chitaldroog frontier. The badge (of honour) on 
Saluva's face (or forehead) was damaged, and he fled saying "I am disgusted*', 
while Harip&la was stricken with fear and Jeyi-Deva beat his mouth. From 
Air . 149 it appears that rUmanatha made an attack on Singeya-dannayaka 
in Mannana-kdyil and killed him. Two years later we find in Bl. 187 Gajapati 
and R&man&tha united, falling upon Narasimha in a battle at Solettr, when 
some compromise seems to have been effected. Two years later again (Hn. 47) 
there was another fight with Ramanatha. And finally in 1290 (On. 282) 
R&man&tha raised an army and came to fight. In Bl. 188 we are informed 
that Chikka-Eeteya incurred the king's anger and was arrested, while his 
? superintendent of mines (dkarcwmndalika) was dismissed from his treasury, 
and Ankeya (see above), who was master of the clothing of all the army, was 
also attacked. Bl. 90 speaks of a grant in 1281 for the okali sprinkling of the 
god Hoysanesvara. In Ak. 161 we find the king marching in 1285 against the 
Nidugal fort, and by destroying B&geyakege, breaking its pride. Ak. 8 to 14 

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contain some interesting accounts of a physician named Vaidja Devapille, who 
like Dhaovantari was celebrated for his new art of medicine (*ftfa*a-widya- 
kald). AV 13 implies that there was a prince named Somes vara in 1288. 

The first inscription of Ball&la III in this volume is Bl. 18 of 1292. Cn. 86 
(Vol. VI) shows that he was crowned on the 1st of February 1292. There are 
not many records of his reign, but we know that he went away to live in 
Unn&male (Tiruvannamale in South Arcot), and the Hoysala dominions were 
again united under him. Bl. 24 informs us that the wood-work of the dome 
in the Belftr temple was rotten and fallen, and the ministers had it repaired 
in 1298. Hn. 51 and 62 contain the first notice of the Mussalman invasions 
which overthrew the kingdom. The Turukas are represented as marching 
agaiost Ddrasamudra in 1310. Ak.66 shows the king residing in Virilpaksha- 
pattana in 1330. It is not clear what place this was, but it was in the Mysore 
country, and perhaps somewhere near Kanikatte, Ak. 31 records another 
attack of the Turukas in 1331. The last Hoysala inscription here is Ak. 188 
of 1338, in which we find the king directing the officer in command of his army 
at B&rak&r to remain at his post, which he promises to do, and receives a 
grant in approval. 


The Vijayanagar inscriptions begin with Ak. 159, dated 1343, which 
opens with an ultra-hyperbolic verse in praise of Siva. Were §arad&, it says, 
to take for all time the earth as a leaf on which to write them, a twig from 
the tree of the gods as a pen, and the ocean as a cup of black ink, even so 
she would not exhaust the sum of thy virtues, Isa. 

HN. 7 states that Sangama, the founder of the line, bad by his union with 
Sarada (Bl. 3) five sons, — Harihara, Kampa, Bukka, Marapa and Muddapa. 
The eldest soo, who was the first king, is called in On. 266 Haryapa, and it 
^ys that he appointed his younger brother Bukka-Raja as yuva-r&ja. In 
Ag. 68 Bukkanna seems to be called his son and he himself ? Hukkanna. 
His original name, according to tradition, was Hakka. Hn. 19 says that 
Bukka's eldest sou was Tippa-Raja, who ? captured Uchchangi, and had a wife 

Bukka-Raja on coming to the throne, Cn. 256 says, eclipsed all past and 
future kings. When he was reigning, the earth brought forth abundantly, all 
troubles ceased, the people were happy, and wealth increased. Having 
conquered all the world, he built the splendid city of Vijayanagari, where, 
with the Tungabhadra as his footstool and Hemakftta as his throne, he was 
seated like Virdpaksba for the protection of the earth. His minister was 
Muddappa, to whom he committed the burden of the kingdom and remained at 
ease like Vasudeva. Though he had many wives, his favourite one was 

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Honnayi. His exploits are thus described in HN. 7: — When bis sword begau 
to dance about on the battle-field, the faces of the Turushkas shrivelled up, 
Konkana Sankap&rya was filled with fear, the Andhras ran into caves, the 
Gurjaras lost the use of their limbs, the Kambbdjas-' courage was broken, the 
Kalingas suffered defeat. 

His successor was Haribara II, his son by Gaurambika (HN. 7). He was 
very liberal in bestowing the sixteen great gifts, and is credited (Bl. 76) with 
victory over Cbola, Kerala and Pandya, while Bl. 148 says he protected the 
terrified Saurasbtras, Angas, Kalingas, Vangas and Yavanas. Among the 
final verses of this inscription is one saying, — A work of merit done even by 
an enemy oue should strive to maintain: the enemy indeed may remain an 
enemy, but a work of merit is an enemy to no oue. Mudda continued as 
minister uuder Haribara also, and Bl. 76 contains an account of how the 
Salu-Mdle-Baoaja merchants, with various sects dependent on them, and all 
the Holiyas of Vijayanagari and 26 other towns (named) where fairs were 
established, resolved to pay him certain dues in return for his protection. 
Haviug assembled, tbey placed the diamond vaisanige at the feet of the god 
Virftpaksha, and sitting down, entered into an agreement as to the dues tbey 
would pay, detailed at great length, on drugs, piece goods, grains, animals 
(among which are various kinds of horses, also prostitutes or female slaves). 
They at the same time conferred on him the prithvisettitana or mayoralty of 
the earth. A final verse says, — If a thousand horse-sacrifices and truth be 
placed in the scales, truth will greatly outweigh the thousand horse-sacrifices. 
Bl. 62 informs us that the king in 1381 ordered the roof stones of the central 
chamber of the B31&r temple to be repaired. They had probably cracked, and 
the minister Kampanna had four pillars, with capitals, erected to support 
them. Bl. 63 states that in 1387, the lord Malagarasa, of the Kasmira-vamSa, 
had the broken kalaia on the tower repaired and gilded. Bl. 3, dated 1397, 
opens with an interesting and liberal-minded invocation of the gbd Kesava, 
identifying him with the chief object of worship in every sect orthodox or 
heterodox. He whom the Saivas worship as Siva, the V&d&ntins as Brahma, 
the Bauddhas as Buddha, the Naiyayikas as Kartta, the Jainas as Arha, the 
Mim&msakas as Karmma,— that god Kesava ever grant your desires. The 
attributions which follow seem clearly to indicate a contact with Christian 
teaching. The Kesava of Velipuri, it is said, gives sight to the blind, raises 
up the poor to royal dignity, causes the lame to be the swiftest of the swift, 
makes the dumb eloquent, and the barren to be filled with offspring. The king 
was residing in the new great royal city Vijayanagara, and his general was 
Gunda, whose exploits are thus described: Into the flames of his valour the 
Yavana, Turusbka and Andhra hostile kings fell like moths. Anga, Kalinga, 
G&rjjara, Panchala, Saindbava, Andhra, Choja, Konkana and ? Kautaka, all 

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tried to escape when he was placed at the bead of the arm j. Hating conquered 
the Efralaa, Taulatas, Andhras and ? Kutakas, he seiied their wealth and 
gave it to bis king. Dragging the elephant-like Saipa, Patheya and other 
proud Turushka* along by their hair in battle, he tied them up in his stables 
like monkeys; and besides them, seized bj the throat the two great tigers 
known as Jy£shtha and Kanisbtha. He set np pillars of victory in the interior 
of all the 56 countries (named), and restored the grants which the Hojsana 
king Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-D£va bad made for this bis family-god. He also 
rebuilt with seven storeys the gopura over the entrance, which Ganga-Salir, 
the Turushka of Kallubarage, had come and burnt, and set up a golden kalaia 
at its summit. 

i*r%- 133 brings us to W? a-Biya, who, it says, was crowned on the 7th of 
November 1406. In En. 18 he is called Bukka (II). tt™ 16 is a record of 
Mallik&rjuna, and BL 136, of Virtpiksha. 

In Tiy% 6 we have the genealogy of the second dynasty. Its origin is traced 
to Timma, renowned amoog the Tuluva kings. From him sprang isvara, 
whose wife was Bukkami, and their son was Narasa. Quickly damming the 
Kiv6ri when in full flood, be crossed over and seized the enemy alive, took 
possession of the kingdom and of the city Srirangapattana, and erected a pillar 
of victory. Having conquered Chera, Chdla and P&ndya, together with the 
lord of Madhura, the fierce Turushka, the Gajapati king and others,— he 
imposed his commands upon all the famous kings from the Ganges to Lanka, 
and from the rising to the setting sun. In Rames?ara and other chief sacred 
places he made the sixteen and other great gifts. 

From Tippaji and Nagala-Deri were born to him Nrisimha and Krishna- 
Raja. These two ruled successively, and a list is given of the great gifts they 
had made and of the places in which they were bestowed. The inscription, 
like many others of the same high-flown style, was composed by SabhapatL 
Fjl 13 informs us that Krishna-Raya marched against Gajapati in 1516 and 
set up a pillar of victory on the bank of the Erishnaveni. The inscription 
records the grant of an agrahara by a chief named Dhaoanjaya, but concludes 
with an extraordinary and unusual verse, whose only connection is that it 
contains the name Dhananjaya. But my friend the late Pandit Rajagopala- 
cliarya of Chik-Ballapur informed me that the original of the verse is different, 
and is given in the Bhdja-prabandha as follows, among some relating to Asoka: — 
kntra tvam cbalitdsi Narada vada kshonyam kim asty adbhutam 
oambhd'bhun marutam rumasya vijaya-prasthana-dbuli-bharaih | 
nitAsdka-vipanna-natha-virahddbhutaih punah purnatam 
jalpd murchhalati bhutale jana-kritas tad-vairi-kantasribhih h 
Where bast thou been wandering Narada ? say, what is there wonderful in 
the earth ? Sambhu, the ocean was turned to dry land by the dust from his 

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victorious march; but it was again filled up, the people in the earth say, by 
the tears of the wives of his enemies, caused by their separation from their 
husbands bereft through Asoka. ' 

This is followed by another, as follows, which seems ironical: — 
kim chitram trijagatau N&rada-mune Vishnd srinu jnapaye 
svarge Sakra-sado'sti nritya-rahitam vahnih kshudham vanchhati | 
gdpayaty Alakapatir nija-nidhin vevekti bbashjam PhanS 
jnane datri-gune su-karmani raneshv ekd'sty Asokd nripah n 
What wonder is there in the three worlds, Narada-muni ? Vishnu, listen, I 
will tell. In ivarga Indra's assembly is without dancing,* fire has lost its 
appetite, Kubera is guarding his own treasure, Phani (also a name of Patanjali) 
is expounding the Bhashya, — in wisdom, generosity, good deeds and wars, 
Asoka is the only king. 

HN. 19 gives these kings' names as Narasimhavarmma and Krishnavarmma. 
Cn. 167 gives an account of Basava-diksbita, who had been guru to both the 
kings Isvara and Karasa, and performer of the vdjapeya and other great 
sacrifices for both Narasimha and Krishna-Raja. 

With On. 187 we come to Achyuta-Raya. It is Bl. 197 in his reign that 
gives us the name of Angadi, which I have identified with the Hoysala birth- 
place Sosevftr. TT-n 7 gives us the same important information as was obtained 
in Ng. 68 (Vol. IV) regarding the succession after Achyuta-Raya. On the 
death of the latter, his son Venkata-Raya came to the throne, but soon died. 
Then it was that Sadasiva-Raya, the son of Ranga and Timmamba, was anointed 
to the throne by Rama-Raja, his sister's husband, and the chief ministers . 
He brought into subjection the whole land from S3tu to Himadri, and ruled 
for a long time. The K&mbhdja, Bbdja, Kalinga, Earahata and other kings 
acted as servants in bis female apartments. The inscription concludes with 
the genealogy of Rama-Raja. He was descended from Nanda of the Lunar 
line, through king Cbalikka and Bijjalendra. Then came S6mi-Deva, who 
captured seven hill-forts. His grandson, master of Araviti-pura, was the king 
Pinnama, whose son was the king Araviti-Bukka, whose wife was Ballambika. 
Their son was Rama-Raja, who by his 'wife Lakkambika, had a son §ri-Ranga- 
Raja. His wife was Tirumalambika, and their son was Rama-Raja, whose 
younger brothers were Tirumala-Raja and Venkatadri-R&j£. 

The remaining Vijayanagara inscriptions belong to Sri-Ranga-Raya, (Bl. 1, 
dated 1578), Venkatapati-Raya (Bl. 146, dated 1607), and five of Sri-Ranga- 
R&ya II (B1.80, dated 1659, 196, 81, 122, and Hn.40, dated 1663). In the 
first be is said to be the son of Gopala-Raja and grandson of Araviti Rama- 
Raja-Ranga-Raja. In the second he is said to be the son of Gopala-Raja, but 
grandson of Narasapa-Raja and great-grandson of Araviti Rama-Raja-Venka- 

l) SadAiiT* wa* thos the oephew of lohynU-R&ya, though o*Ued his ion in Hn. 16 and ft. 

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triad to escape when he was placed at the head of the army. Having conquered 
the Keralas, Taujavas, Andhras and ? Kutakas, he seized their wealth and 
gave it to his king. Dragging the elephant-like Saipa, Patheya and other 
proud Turushkas along by their hair in battle, he tied them up in his stables 
like monkeys; and besides them, seized by the throat the two great tigers 
known as JySshtha and Eanisbtba. He set up pillars of victory in the interior 
of all the 56 countries (named), and restored the grants which the Hoysana 
king Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-DSva had made for this his family-god. He also 
rebuilt with seven storeys the gopura over the entrance, which Ganga-Salar, 
the Turushka of Kallubarage, had come and burnt, and set up a golden kalasa 
at its summit. 

TTn. 133 brings us to Deva-Raya, who, it says, was crowned on the 7th of 
November 1406. In Hn. 18 he is called Bukka (II). Hn. 16 is a record of 
Mallikarjuna, and Bl. 136, of Virftp&ksha. ^ 

In Hn. 6 we have the genealogy of the second dynasty. Its origin is traced 
to Tiinma, renowned among the Tuluva kings. From him sprang Isvara, 
whose wife was Bukkama, and their son was Narasa. Quickly damming the 
KavSri when in full flood, he crossed over and seized the enemy alive, took 
possession of the kingdom and of the city Srirarigapat^ana, and erected a pillar 
of victory. Having conquered Chera, Chdla and P&ndya, together with the 
lord of Madhura, the fierce Turushka, the Gajapati king and others, — he 
imposed his commands upon all the famous kings from the Ganges to Lanka, 
and from the rising to the settiug sun. In Rani&avara and other chief sacred 
places he made the sixteen and other great gifts. 

From Tipp&ji and Nagala-DSvi were born to him Nrisimha and Krishna- 
Ray a. These twa ruled successively, and a list is given of the great gifts they 
had made and of the places in which they were bestowed. The inscription, 
like many others of the same high-flown style, was composed by Sabhapati. 
Hn. 13 informs us that Krishna-Raya marched against Gajapati in 1516 and 
set up a pillar of victory on the bank of the Erishnavenl. The inscription 
records the grant of an agrahara by a chief named Dhananjaya, but concludes 
with an extraordinary and unusual verse, whose only connection is that it 
contains the name Dhananjaya. But my friend the late Pandit Rajagopala- 
ch&rya of Chik-Ballapur informed me that the original of the verse is different, 
and is given in the Bhoja-prabandha as follows, among some relating to Asdka: — 
kutra tvam chalitdsi Narada vada kshdnyam kim asty adbhutam 
Sambhd'bhfln marutam rumasya vijaya-prasth&na-dbtlli-bharaih | 
nitAsdka-vipanna-natha-virahddbhdtaiJi punah pftrnataih 
jalpo mdrchhalati bhiitale jana-kritas tad-vairi-kantasribhih || 
Where hast thou been wandering Narada ? say, what is there wonderful in 
the earth ? Sambhu, the ocean was turned to dry land by the dust from his 

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victorious march; but it was again filled up, the people in the earth say, by 
the tears of the wives of his enemies, caused by their separation from their 
husbands bereft through Asoka. * 

This is followed by another, as follows, which seems ironical: — 
kim chitram trijagatau N&rada-mune Vishnd srinu jnapaye 
svarge Sakra-sado'sti nritya-rahitam vahnih ksbudham v&nchhati I 
gdp&yaty Alakapatir nija-nidhln vevekti bb&shy&m Phani 
jnane datri-gune su-karmani raneshv ekd'sty Asokd nripah h 
What wonder is there in the three worlds, N&rada-muni ? Vishnu, listen, I 
will tell. In svarga Indra's assembly is without dancing,* fire has lost its 
appetite, Kubera is guarding his own treasure, Phani (also a name of Patanjali) 
is expounding the Bhashya, — in wisdom, generosity, good deeds and wars, 
Asoka is the only king. 

HN. 19 gives these kings 1 names as Narasimhavarmmfi. and Krishna varmma. 
Cn. 167 gives an account of Basava-dikshita, who had been guru to both the 
kings Isvara and Karasa, and performer of the vdjapeya and other great 
sacrifices for both Narasimha and Krishna-Raja. 

With On. 187 we come to Achyuta-R&ya. It is Bl. 197 in his reign that 
gives us the name of Angadi, which I have identified with the Hoysala birth- 
place Sosevftr. TTti t 7 gives us the same important information as was obtained 
in Ng. 68 (Vol. IV) regarding the succession after Achyuta-R&ya. On the 
death of the latter, his son Venkata-Raya came to the throne, but soon died. 
Then it was that Sadasiva-Raya, the son of Ranga and Timmamba, was anointed 
to the throne by Rama-Raja, his sister's husband, and the chief ministers . 
He brought into subjection the whole land from S3tu to Himadri, and ruled 
for a long time. The K&mbhoja, Bboja, Kalinga, Karahata and other kings 
acted as servants in his female apartments. The inscription concludes with 
the genealogy of Rama-Raja. He was descended from Nanda of the Lunar 
line, through king Chalikka and Bijjalendra. Then came Sdmi-Deva, who 
captured seven hill-forts. His grandson, master of Araviti-pura, was the king 
Pinnama, whose son was the king Araviti-Bukka, whose wife was Ballambika. 
Their son was Rama-Raja, who by his~wife Lakkainbika, had a son § ri- Ranga- 
Raja. His wife was Tirumalambika, and their son was Rama-Raja, whose 
younger brothers were Tirumala-Raja and Venkatadri-R&j£. 

The remaining Vijayanagara inscriptions belong to Sri-Ranga-R&ya, (Bl. 1, 
dated 1578), Venkatapati-Raya (Bl. 146, dated 1607), and five of Sri-Rafiga- 
Raya II (B1.80, dated 1659, 196, 81, 122, and Hn.40, dated 1663). In the 
first be is said to be the son of Gopala-Raja and grandson of Araviti Rama- 
RSja-Ranga-Raja. In the second he is said to be the son of Gopala-Raja, but 
grandson of Narasapa-Raja and great-grandson of Araviti Rama-Raja-Venka- 

l) 8«dAiiT* wa* thos the oephew of AohynU-R&ya, though oalled hit ion in Hn. 16 and ft. 

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t&dri-R&ja. He was seated then on the jewel throne in Ghanagiri (Penugonda). 
In Bl. 81 and 122 of 1660, he was oq the throne in Velapuri or BSlilr, and 
his descent is given as just above stated. Hn. 40 winds up with a verse 
saying that,— chariots and armies maintained by pro pert/ taken from Brahmans 
will in time of war crumble away like a bridge built of sand. 


Among the inscriptions are a few relating to some of the minor chieftains 
of the District Thus we have the rulers of J&vagal (Arsikere taluq) in Ak. 2 
under date 1515. They claim to be of the Lunar race, and descended from 
Channa. His son was Timma, whose son was Nanjendra, also called R&yana. 
His son was the Bhairava who was ruling the Y&masila, (the Sanskrit equivalent 
of Javagal) country at the date mentioned, when he caused the great tank of 
Bayirasainudra to be made. 


Next we have the ruler of Durgga, the modern Mah&rajandurga (Hassan 
taluq) in 1595 (Ak. 60). His name was Rangappa-Nayaka. But in Vol. VI 
the line goes back to 1371 (Mg. 87) when Bodha-mah&deva was on the throne, 
possibly the donor of Coorg inscriptions No. 8 and 9 (Vol. I). According to 
tradition the line came to an end with a king who was a cannibal ? and who 
threw himself over a precipice on the Droog from remorse at finding he had 
killed his son by mistake. 


Next we have the chiefs of Nuggihalli (Channarayapatna taluq). There 
are three of their inscriptions. The first is Hn. 98 of ? 1513, when Virftpa- 
lUja-niabiUarasa's son Mala-Raja made a grant. Hn. 117 of 1573, informs us 
that they were of the Pftdftr-vamsa, and gives their titles, one of which was 
'champion over thirteen kings'. The genealogy here goes back to Tirumala- 
R&ja, son-in-law of Praudha-Deva-mahar&ya of Vijayanagara. He had a son 
R&yoder, whose son was Indusekhara-Raja, whose son was Basava-R4jaya-D£va- 
mah&-arasu. Cn. 266 gives us in 1627 the names of S&li-N&yaka and his son 


This province has been called Balam in Vol. VI, and Major Montgomery, in 
an official report of 62 years ago, says, — " This tract of country (Maharajdroog) 
formed a part of the old province of Bullum, so called from a village of that 
name (now Munjerabad). The word is said to be derived from the Canarese 
'Bala* or strong, and to have been given in commemoration of the great bodily 

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strength and activity of tbe villagers." I have not met with any support of 
this statement in the numerous inscriptions that have come under notice. On 
the contrary, it is called the Bel fir kingdom (see Bl. 128, Mj. 36). Moreover 
in a work called Kavi-kanthah&ra (a metrical vocabulary of rare Kannada words) 
by Sftry&nka, a minister of Venkat&dri-N&yaka, he makes no mention of such 
a name. He says that in the Hofsala country, which was a hand-mirror (or 
reflection) of KaSmir, was situated the kingdom of VSlanagari, that is Beltlr. 
This name I have accordingly adopted. One or two short-lived lines of chiefs 
ruled at first. But there are no less than about 70 inscriptions relating to 
the latest BSlflr family of chiefs in the present volume, which enable us to 
make up a fairly correct list of the succession, though very great difficulty is 
occasioned by the continual repetition of the same names in successive 
generations. HN. 6 gives the first steps, while HN. 1 and 4, Bl. 12 and 212, 
Ag. 22 and some others help us on. The following is as near as I have 
succeeded in combining the names and dates. Era-Krishnappa-N&yaka is 
represented in most of the inscriptions as the head of the family, who was 
enfeoffed by Kriehna-RHya of Yijayanagar. He was the Hadapada, or bearer 
of the king* 8 betel-bag. 




Baiyappa-N&yaka, Potappa-N&yaka 










Vfraiya, 1588 

K risbi^appa-N&y aka 

Lakshmappa-N&yaka, i588-i*06 

Krishnappa-N&yaka Tirumalaiya, 1*40 

Venkat&dri-N&yaka Lakshmappa-N&yaka 

Krishnappa-N&yaka Narasimha-N&yaka 

Venkatadri-N&yaka Krjshnappa-Nayaka, mi-mx 

'l - ' 



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Their principal titles were — boon lord of Manio&gapura 1 *, Sindhu-Gdvinda, 
dhaval&nka-Bbima. There is nothing of special importance in the inscriptions. 
BL 128 of 1638, calls Venkat&dri the destroyer of the Turaka army, and 
eighth emperor of the- Eali age. Some zealous official had stamped a linga on 
the pillars of the Parivan&tha basadi at' Halebid. This was erased and an 
agreement come to between the Ling&yits and Jains, by which the latter 
undertook to present ashes and betel-leaf to the maha-mahattus of the former 
sect, if left unmolested to pursue their own worship and ceremonies. In 
Ag. 22 of 1665, we are informed that Lakshma had a lofty building erected 
in K&Si for Pasupati, and caused the vdjapeya and other sacrifices to be per- 
formed. His son Narasimha had valuable ornaments made for the gods 
Janaxdana and Lakshmt, and performed their marriage ceremony, together with 
the offering of sacrifices by Brahmans. He also made some tanks and established 
an agrahara. Bl 64 informs us that Venkata had the tower of the Kesava 
temple at B£lflr built in 1736, and mounted a kalasa upon it. mj. 84 to 36 
mention the Aigftr-iime, which was the last possession left to the chiefs alter 
they had lost Belur itself and the rest of the territory that had belonged to it. 
A further account of the line is contained in Vol. VI. 


Of the Mysore kings there are over 30 inscriptions, some of which are of 
special interest. The earliest relate to the reign of Kanthirava-Narasa-R&ja. 
Ag. 64, dated 1647, traces his descent from the Sdma-vamsa or Lunar race. 
Vishnu, who became incarnate in that line as Krishna, created a city filled 
with all wealth, an asylum for all men, which received the celebrated name 
of Mahishi, and placing it to the south of the Kaveri, he established there 
members of his own family to make known his human form. They did 
service to the guardian goddess of Mahishapura and made her the family deity 
of their line of kings. Ch&ma-R&ja and Betta-Ch&ma-Raja successively arose 
in that line, when, by the favour of Nrisimha, Narahari was born as a son to 
the latter in the form of Kanthirava-N&rasimba, at an auspicious conjunction, 
and with universal signs of prosperity. His being the first of the Mysore kings 
who struck coins in his own name is referred to in the following manner: — 
u Seeing that from love of money the people had forgotten Vishnu, the wise 
king Kanthirava made on that money Narahari (referring to the image on the 
coin) and saved the people, like a physician who gives medicine in milk". 
He is also said to have made a special study of the rules in the veda and 
smriti, and as a consequence revived the performance of the ekddaii-vrata in 

l) I hate not found any due to the identification of tbit place. In a Basbtrakuta grant of 
A. D. 918 tbere is a chief named Manioaga, in Gujarat (Ep. Ind. t III, 57), but tbis seems too remote 
In time to ha?e any eonneotion, though it may perhaps indicate the locality. 

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honour of Lakshmi-Nrihari, like Ambarfsha and other kings of old. In his 
court he was served by twice eight fair ones, holding ch&maras in their hands, 
and honoured with the emblems in gold of the fish, conch, discus and makara. 
In On. 168, 160 and 165, which are probably all of the same date, 1648, 
we are told that the Chennar&yapattana-Stme was given by the king to Dodaiya, 
the son of Channavfraya-gauda, prabhu of Kanak&ranahalli in Tungani-nad of 
the Chennapattana-Slrae. This must be the modern K&nk&ohalli in the south 
of the- Bangalore District. On receiving it, however, we are told that (besides 
various temples, tanks etc.) he built the stone fort "in the royal business (rQja- 
kdryadalli) of the P&ts&ha of Vijayapura" (168 and 166), "in the service 
(kdryadalli) of the Turuka-r&ja" (160). The reference is evidently to the 
Adil Shahi king of Bijapur. We know that an invasion by the Bijapur forces 
under Ran-dulha Khan took place, in which all the north and east of the 
present Mysore country were overrun. In 1638 Seringapatam itself was 
besieged, but the enemy was repulsed with great slaughter by Kanthirava- 
Narasa-Raja. Eventually, by 1644, the province of Carnatic Bijapur Balaghat 
was formed, composed of the Bangalore, Hoskote, Eolar, Dod-Ballapur and 
Sira districts, and bestowed as a jagir on Shahji (father of the celebrated 
Sivaji), who was second in command under Ran-dulha Khan. From an in- 
scription in the Shikarpur taluq we shall find that a fort was erected there by 
the Bijapur Sultan Muhammad Adil Sh&h in 1632, marking the limit of the 
conquests in that direction. The building of this fort at Channarayapa(taita 
in 1648 must therefore have been in accordance with some agreement or treaty 
with Bijapur, though I am not aware that rdja-kdrya has this meaning. It 
more properly signifies that the fort was built for the Bijapur Padsb&b, but 
the Mysore Raja was evidently in possession of the place. Hence some mutual 
understanding must be assumed, entered into for the greater security of both 
dominions. Basavaiya, the son of Dodaiya, succeeded him in the time of Deva- 
R&ja-Wodeyar, and was in power from 1663 (Cn. 166) to 1670 (On. 166). 

Ag. 2 and 3 bring us to the reign of Chikka-D&va-R&ja in 1677. In these • 
inscriptions we have a false accusation brought against the shanbhog of Arkal- 
gud by his deputy, from which the former was ordered to clear himself by the 
ordeal of plunging his hand into boiling ghi, in the presence of the god 
Arkkesvara. This he successfully performed, and was confirmed in his office. 
The details are curious. 

In En. 118 and 182 we have sales of villages in 1762, in the reign of 
Ki-ishna-Raja-Wodeyar, the sum paid in each case being ten times the annual 
rental or revenue, with all tolls and taxes, which are specified. 

Bl. 66 shows us that in 1774, when Ch&ma-Raja was king, and the most 
excellent Bahadur, the Navab Haidar-Ali was ruling, NanjarSja had the 
unfortunate tower of the Bel&r temple again built, and fixed a kalaba upon it. 


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Mj. 26 is of the date 1794 and records the grant of an indm by Ttpu-Solt&n. 

Finally, Ag. 62 of 1811 is of singular interest. It is a stone inscription 
set up at the Krishaar&jkatte dam on the K4vfirt, and contains nothing 
whatever but a succession list of the Mysore R&jas (Mahisftra-nagarada dhore- 
gala vanHdvaligala vivara). This was the year in which the Dewan P&r?aiya's 
administration ended and Bfummadi-Erishna-R&ya-Wodeyar assumed the reins 
of government. The date being Chaitra Suddha 1, the inscription belongs, L 
believe, to the former period. But the reason for setting up this record here 
in this manner does not appear. The following is the list, which may be 
compared with those given in Vols. Ill and IV. The relationship of the kings 
to one another is not specified. 


Betta-Cb&marasa- Wotfeyar 







Kpah^a-Raja- Wo^eyar 











The finest examples of Chalukyan architecture are found in this District, 
in the Belftr and Halebid temples. The former was erected in 1117 (Bl. 68 
and 71) by the Hoysala king Vishnuvarddhana on his renouncing the Jain 
faith for that of Vishnu, and 'was dedicated to Vijaya-N&r&yana under the 
name of Chenna-Kesava. He is said to have erected six Nar&yana temples on 
the same occasion, such as the Kirtti-N&rayana at Talakad and others. The 
pierced stone windows, which form one of the most beautiful features of the 
Belfrr temple, may be of a later date, about 1200 (see Bl. 72) and due to 
Ballala II. Within the temple is a carved pillar called the Narasimha pillar 
which is thought highly of by the Hindus for its sculpture. Apparently it used 
formerly to revolve. Around the outer walls of the temple, under the deep 
overhanging cornice, are pierced medallions of dancing girls in a variety of 
attitudes. One has a fruit in her hand on which rests a fly, perfectly sculptured 
in every part. These are good specimens of Hindu art. The names of the 
artists who executed them are given under each (BL 33 to 61, 69). The 
following is an alphabetical list of them, which will be useful for reference: — 

l) I fi?« Wo^eyar in the Kannao> rooofniaod form, and not V*4*yar at in tho inscription. 

Digitized by VjOOQIC 


Ch&vana, eon of D&s6ja 

Chikka Hampa 

D&sAja of Balligrama 

Ealiyoga Visvakarmma of Lokkigi^njU 

Keftcha Malliyawa 

Ktiava DAva 

Kum&ra M&ch&ri . 
Nag6ja of Gadogu 
Padari Mall6ja 
Poissapanar Bira 

The tower of the temple was always considered incongruous, but this cannot 
have been the original erection. For we find from Bl. 24 that in 1298 the 
wood work had rotted and fallen, and was repaired, pillars being erected to 
support it. The temple suffered injury at the time of the Muhammadan in- 
vasion in 1310, and was shut up till the time of Harihara II of Vijayanagara. 
In 1387 the broken kalasa on the top was restored (Bl. 68). In 1397 the 
gopura over the gateway, which had been burnt by the Mu sal man army of 
Kalburga under Gatiga-Salar, was re-built with seven storeys (Bl. 3). The 
central tower of the temple was also rebuilt in 1736 (Bl. 64). It had again 
to be rebuilt however in 1774, in the time of Haidar Ali (Bl. 65). With so 
many vicissitudes it is not to be wondered at that the style of the tower was 
not in keeping with the style of architecture. It has been a frequent source 
of trouble since, and been rebuilt, but has now disappeared altogether. The 
temple is in charge of the priests. 

The Hajebid temples are the HoysalfiSvara and the Ked&r&vara". The 
date of the former is not accurately known. Mr. Fergusson says that it was 
left unfinished, being interrupted by the Muhammadan conquest after the 
works had been in progress for 86 years, but no authority is given for this 
statement. It is said in Bl. 147 that KStamalla erected a Siva temple in 
Ddrasamudra in 1121 and named it after the patron of his family, Vishnu vard- 
dbana-Poysal&vara. But as no description of the temple is given it cannot be 
identified with the celebrated structure under notice, which was more likely a 
national monument. That it was not later than the time of Vishnu varddhana 
is proved by an inscription over the southern door (Bl. 239), which says that 
the sculpture there was executed by Kalid&si for Narasimha-Deva's sculptor 
K6d&r6ja, and therefore in about 1141. There is also an inscription at the back 
of the larger Nandi pavilion that Devdja made the western doorway, and we 
have already seen that he was one of the sculptors at Belftr, and must even 
then have been of considerable age, for he had a son Ch&vana who was also a 
sculptor at the same place. The Praudha-Raya pillar (Bl. 93) contains an 
account of N&rasimha's birth, but as this was brought in by the Vijayanagara 
king whose name it bears to prop up a cracked stone beam, it may not have 
been any part of the present building. The temple is a double one and from 
the votive inscriptions on the inner walls (Bl. 99 to 111) dating from about 

t) This It erroneously e»Uod KaitoJYar* in some works. 

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1220 to 1300, it would appear that the two gods were then known as Hoysale- 
Svara and PanchikeSvara. BL 98 informs as that a shrine of the goddess 
Nimbaj& was set np in the temple in 1261. The sculptors who executed the 
marrellous statues and figures on the outer walls of this temple, especially on 
the western side, have not given their names, except here and there. The 
following are the only ones, in alphabetical order: 





Harisha of Ofleyagiri 

Harisha of T&nagandftr 







Masa, son of KanimAja 


None of these names corresponds with those at Bel&r, except Devdja, but 
Odeyagiri Harisha seems to say that Beldr did not agree with him (£6Uir 
dgad&ltl). The temple is conserved by Government. 

The KAd&resvara temple was built by Ball&la II and his junior wife 
Abhinava-KStala-DAvi at the close of his reign, about 1219. There can be 
little doubt that the idea was suggested by the celebrated Dakshina Ked&resvara 
temple at Bel garni, and an inscription at Bandalike, close by, implies that this 
queen belonged to that part of the country. The temple was endowed in 1220 
by N&rasimha II and his mother Padmala-Devi, immediately after the death 
of his father (£1. 116). A banyan tree which had rooted itself in the vimdna 
about 50 years ago was culpably allowed to grow unchecked till too late. The 
sculptured images on the outer wall were thrust out by the tree and portions 
of the building were dismantled, with some intention, not fulfilled, of erecting 
it elsewhere. Many of the images were placed in the Bangalore Museum, and 
recently many more in the HoysalAsvara grounds. Plans have been prepared 
for conserving what remains of the structure, at present a heap of rains. The 
only name of a sculptor found in connection with it is Revoja. 

No notice of these temples can be complete without quotation of the views 
of Mr. Fergusson, the great authority on architecture. u There are many 
buildings in India" he says , u which are unsurpassed for delicacy of detail 
by any in tbe world, but the temples of Belftr and Halebid surpass even these 
for freedom of handling and richness of fancy." 

The illustrations given in the present volume will serve to show the extent 
and arrangement of the temples, though a separate volume of views could alone 
do justice to them. Of that at Belftr, Mr. Fergusson says, "It is not, however, 
either to its dimensions or tbe disposition of its plan that this temple owes its 
pre-eminence among others of its class, but to the marvellous elaboration and 
beauty of its details. . .The richness and variety of pattern displayed in the 

*> This and tbe other quotations ere from Architecture of Dharwar and Mysore, end History of 
Indian and Eastern Architecture. 

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windows of the porch are astonishing. They are twenty-eight in numher, and all 
are different. . .The pierced slabs themselves, however, are hardly so remarkable 
as the richly carved base on which they rest, and the deep cornice which 
overshadows and protects them. The amount of labour, indeed, which each 
facet of this porch displays is such as, I believe, never was bestowed on any 
surface of equal extent in any building in the world; and though the design 
is not of the highest order of art, it is elegant and appropriate, and never 
offends against good taste." 

Of the Hoysalesvara temple at Halebid, he says, "The great temple at 
Halebtd, had it been completed, is one of the buildings on which the advocate 
of Hindu architecture would desire to take his stand. . .The general arrange- 
ments of the temple are that it is a double temple. If it were cut into halves 
each part would be complete, with a pillared porch of the same type as that 
at Beltir, an antarala or intermediate porch, and a sanctuary containing a 
Hngam, the emblem of Siva. Besides this, each half has in front of it a detached 
pillared porch as a shriue for the bull Nandi. Such double temples are by no 
means uncommon in India, but the two sanctuaries usually face each other 
and have the porch between them . . . There is no doubt but that it was intended 
to raise two pyramidal spires over the sanctuaries, four smaller ones in front 
of these, and two more, one over each of the two central pavilions. Thus 
completed *\ the temple, if carried out with the richness of detail exhibited in 
the Ked&rSsvara, would have made up a whole which it would be difficult to 
rival anywhere. 

The material out of which this temple is erected is an indurated potstone 
of volcanic origin, found in the neighbourhood. This stone is said to be soft 
when first quarried, and easily cut in that state, though hardening on exposure 
to the atmosphere. Even this, however, will not diminish our admiration of 
the amount of labour bestowed on the temple; for, from the number of parts 
still unfinished, it is evident that like most others of* its class it was built in 
block and carved long after the stone had become hard. As we now see it the 
stone is of a pleasing creamy colour and so close-grained as to take a polish 
like marble. The pillars of the great Nandi pavilion, which look as if they 
had been turned in a lathe, are so polished as to exhibit what the natives call 
a double reflection — in other words to reflect light from each other. Tbe 
enduring qualities of the stone seem to be unrivalled, for though neglected and 
exposed to all the vicissitudes of a tropical climate for more than six centuries, 
the minutest details are as clear and sharp as the day they were finished. 

l > A pioture is gWen to his book of a restored Ttew of the temple as Mr. Fergusson ooaoelYes It 
would haTe been, if oomplete. The obief thing requiring oorreotion is the flnial ornament of tbe 
towers, resembling s lantern. This sbonld really be a kalaea or saorifioial vase, bound ronnd with 
a cloth knotted towards the fonr cardinal points, which, filled with holy water, is used at tbe 
consecration of templet.' 

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The building stands on a terrace, ranging from five to six feet in height, 
and paved with large slabs. On this stands a frieze of elephants, following all 
the sinuosities of the plan and extending to some 710 feet in length, and con- 
taining not less than 2000 elephants, most of them with riders and trappings, 
sculptured as only an oriental can represent the wisest of brutes. Above these 
is -a frieze of §&rdtdas or conventional tigers, the emblems of the Hoysalas who 
built the temple. Then comes a scroll of infinite beauty and variety of design; 
over this a frieze of horsemen and another scroll, over which is a bass-relief of 
scenes from the R&m&yana, representing the conquest of Ceylon and all the 
varied incidents of that epic . This, like the other, is about 700 feet long. 
(The frieze of the Parthenon is less than 550 feet.) Then come celestial beasts 
and celestial birds, and all along the east front a frieze of groups from human 
life, and then a cornice, with a rail, divided into panels, each containing two 
figures. Over this are windows of pierced slabs, like those of Bftlftr, though 
not so rich or varied. In the centre, in place of the windows, is first a scroll, 
and then a frieze of gods and heavenly apsaras, dancing girls and other objects 
of Hindu mythology. This frieze, which is about five feet six inches in height, 
is continued all round the western front of the building, and extends to some 
400 feet in length. Siva, with his consort P&rvati seated on his knee, is 
repeated at least fourteen times; Vishnu in his nine avat&rs even oftener. 
Brahma occurs three or four times, and every great god of the Hindu pantheon 
finds his place. Some of these are carved with a minute elaboration of detail 
which can only be reproduced by photography, and may probably be considered 
as one of the most marvellous exhibitions of human labour to be found even 
in the patient East. 

It must not, however, be considered that it is only for patient industry that 
this building is remarkable. The mode in which the eastern face is broken 
up by the larger masses, so as to give height and play of light and shade, is 
a better way of accomplishing what the Gothic architects attempted by their 
transepts and projections. This, however, is surpassed by the western front, 
where the variety of outline, and the arrangement and subordination of the 
various facets in which it is disposed, must be considered as a masterpiece of 
design in its class. If the frieze of gods were spread along a plain surface, 
it would lose more than half its effect, while the vertical angles, without inter- 
fering with the continuity of the frieze, give height and strength to the whole 
composition. The disposition of the horizontal lines is equally effective. Here 
again the artistic combination of horizontal with vertical lines, and the play 
of outline and of light and shade, far surpass anything in Gothic art. The 

*) I may mention, as anticipating scientifio discoveries At that period, that in one pUot a leader 
Is represented as looking through a tube like a telescope: in another are cars with wheels on 

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effects are just what mediaeval architects were often aiming at, bat which 
they never attained so perfectly as was done at Halebid .... 

If it were possible to illustrate the Halebid temple to such an extent as to 
render its peculiarities familiar, there would be few things more interesting or 
more instructive than to institute a comparison between it and the Parthenon 
at Athens. Not that the two buildings are at all alike one another; on the 
contrary, they form the two opposite poles — the alpha and omega of archi- 
tectural design; but they are the best examples of their class, and between 
these two extremes lies the whole range of the art. The Parthenon is the best 
example we know of pure, refined, intellectual power applied to the production 
of architectural design. Every part and every effect is calculated with 
mathematical exactness, and executed with a mechanical precision that was 
never equalled. All the curves are hyperbolas, parabolas, or other develop- 
ments of the highest mathematical forms, — every optical defect is foreseen and 
provided for, and every part has a relation to every other part in so recondite 
a proportion that we feel inclined to call it fanciful, because we can hardly 
rise to its appreciation. The sculpture is exquisitely designed to aid the per- 
fection of the masonry — severe and godlike, but with no condescension to the 
lower feelings of humanity. The Halebid temple is the opposite of all this. 
It is regular, but with a studied variety of outline in plan, and even greater 
variety in detail. All the pillars of the Parthenon are identical, while no two 
facets of the Indian temple are the same; every convolution of every scroll is 
different. No two canopies in the whole building are alike, and every part 
exhibits a joyous exuberance of fancy scorning every mechanical restraint. 
All that is wild in human faith or warm in human feeling is found portrayed 
on these walls; but of pure intellect there is little — less than there is of 
human feeling in the Parthenon. 

The great value of the study of these Indian examples is that it widens so 
immensely our basis for architectural criticism. It is only by becoming 
familiar with forms so utterly dissimilar from those we have hitherto been con- 
versant with, that we perceive how narrow is the purview that is content with 
one form or one passing fashion. By rising to this wider range we shall 
perceive that architecture is as many-sided as human nature itself, and learn 
how few feelings and how few aspirations of the human heart and brain there 
are that cannot be expressed by its means. On the other hand, it is only by 
taking this wide survey that we appreciate how worthless any product of archi- 
tectural art becomes which does not honestly represent the thoughts and feelings 
of those who built it, or the height of their loftiest aspirations. 1 ' 

The Kedare§vara temple Mr. Fergusson considered to be "one of the most 
exquisite specimens of Chalukyan architecture in existence, and one of the 
most typical. . .If it were possible to illustrate this little temple in anything 

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like completeness, there is probably nothing in India which would convey a 
better idea of what its architects were capable of accomplishing. . .By a curious 
coincidence it was contemporaneous with the English cathedrals of Lincoln, 
Salisbury and Wells, or the great French churches at Amiens, Rheims and 
Chartres, of course without any communication. But it is worthy of remark 
that the great architectural age in India should have been the 13th century, 
which witnessed such a wonderful development of a kindred style (meaning 
the Gothic) in Europe. " 

After the glories of the foregoing, mention of other buildings will appear 
tame. The temples at Arsikere must have been fine structures. The Sahasra- 
kttta or Elkdte Jinalaya was erected in 1220 (Ak. 77), by Recharasa, described 
as the eminent councillor of the Kalachuryyas, who had taken refuge with the 
Hoysala king Ballala. The circular porch of the Siv&laya presents some 
peculiarities of construction which Mr. Fergusson has remarked upon. This 
structure has been conserved by making the roof very thick, giving it any 
thing but a pleasing appearance. The ruined temples of B&cheSvara at 
Korainangala, dated 1 160 (Hn. 72) and of Chenua-KeSava at Hire-Kadlur, both 
in Hassan taluq, must have been remarkable buildings. There is an image of 
Vishnu reposing on the serpent in the latter which is wonderfully carved. 

The Jain bastis at Bastihalli, a suburb of Halebtd, are deserving of notice, 
though externally plain buildings. The turned and polished pillars in the 
F&rSvan&tha basti yield double reflections. This basti was erected in 1133 
(Bl. 124), and the S&ntin&tha basti in 1192 (BL 129). The memorial stones 
to gurus at the latter are specially interesting. The guru, with his name 
written over him, is represented as seated on one side of a small table like a 
camp stool, called thavana-kolu, giving instruction to his disciple seated on the 
other side. See Bl. 131 to 134. 

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«v- ) - ' 

:*> . , 


?>l I 



■ *r -Sfe • 









< • 




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Classified List of the Inscriptions, arranged in chronological order. 

Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 

Date A.D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taluq No. 


?o 420 

?o 420 






c 750 

c 770 

?c 890 


c 900 


* 910 

? 912 

c 915 

c 915 

e 915 

o 915 


? 1026 



Sripurusha * 





1141 | MAyi-NAMuva 




Bl. 121 


• 245 


Hn. 38 


Mj. 28 


Hn. 45 


Mj. 53 


. 54 







c 941 



c 945 





c 945 



* 952 



c 955 



?c 970 



c 970 









?c 974 







? 1094 



* 1100 







|HN. 17 | .. 



SatyavAkya and 







|Ag. 61 
IHd. 185 


; Ag. 70 

jCn. 251 

Bl. 123 

JHK. 14 
'Ak. 164 
j Mj. 67 
;Cn. 262 
i , 267 
Hn. 175 

Ag. 89 
, 94 
• 95 
Mj. 59 
HN. 16 
Ag. 102 


Ag. 65 

V 1139 

Hn. 162 


Cn. 272 


Bl. 178 


Cn. 199 



Cn. 200 


Hn. 69 


Bl. 88 

S6ma-D6va and 


Ag. 53 


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Date A. D. 

Name of Rotor 

Talaq Ko. 

Data A. D. 

Haae of Rvtor 

Talaq Vo. 


?C 700 

. • . 





Cn. 198 







„ 248 







Ak. 30 

? 1080 






. 124 







Hn. 114 







Ak. 105 





V 1142 


, 110 





1152 , Jagadekamatla 

. 52 

? 1106 




1154 Tribhavanamalla 

Cn. 228 

? 1113 





r 246 





1161 j Tribhuvanamalla 

Ak. 117 





1174 j 

Cn. 229 








Hn. 11 







Bl. 58 

? 1027 






. 71 

? 1060 






• 116 

? 1060 






Ak. 56 






. . . 

Cn. 272 





? cll20 

Vishnu vard dhana 

Hn. 112 







Bl. 9 







. 16 







Cn. 212 






. 227 







Hn. 12 







• 173 

r cl090 






Bl. 40 







* 50 






. . . 

„ 60 







. 130 





o 1120 


. 230 

? 1100 






Ak. 54 






Mj. 60 






. . . 

Bl. 240 


BallAla i 





• 1*7 

V 1101 






Cn. 260 


BallAla i 



1123 j 

Hn. 102 

? 1104 




1123 j 

„ 116 





1124 j 

Bl. 178 

': 1113 

Vira-Ganga Vishnu 



1124 . Vira-Ganga 

• 228 

c 1115 





Ak. 53 

Digitized by v^i' 




Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taloq No. 

Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Taloq No. 






tfarasimha i 

Ak. 125 







. ho 







Bl. 15 







, 32 

? 1130 






Ak. 52 





? 1154 


Bl. 168 







Cn. 228 







Ak. 146 







„ 167 

? 1133 





Narasiihha i 

Hn. 57 







, 69 





? 1156 

. . • 

, 151 






Narasimha i 

Ak. 185 





? 1158 


Bl. 162 





* 1158 


Ak. 42 







, 1*5 







Cn. 246 







Ak. 154 


9 • 




Narasiihha i 

. "• 







. 1*1 







Hn. 72 







Bl. 171 







. 193 







■. 1»* 







, 195 







Ak. 117 

? 1139 






Bl. 176 







Ak. 142 







. 172 







Cn. 210 





? 1166 


Hn. 179 


Narasiihha i 





Bl. 177 







Hn. 76 







Cn. 191 







Ak. 1 


. . . 




Narasimha i 

Hn. 53 

? 1142 






, 66 


Naraaimha i 





. 158 





P 1178 


. 154 

? 1145 






Bl. 25 







. 11* 






Ballaja n 

Hn. 71 







, 119 







Bl. 118 


NaraBimha i 





Ak. 71 

Digitized by 



CLianriBD lwt or thb areoupnoas. 


Hoso of Bmlor 

T»Uq Ho- 


JfeMof Bmlor 

Talaq Ho. 


Balli)* n 





Ag. 79 

? 1174 



. 81 

? 1174 


? 1190 

Ak. 85 





Cn. 179 





t 249 





Bl. 188 





Ak. 35 





Bl. 129 





, 204 





Ak. 5 

? 1176 




, 118 





, 193 





BL 206 





Ak. 150 





, 16 





, 104 

? 1178 





9 178 




? 1197 


? 1178 




v • 

, 23 


B*llA]a n 



? 1197 

. . . 

Hn. 143 






Ball&l* n 

Bl. 77 







Ak. 103 

? 1180 

. • . 



? 1200 


Hn. 139 


B*ll4)a n 





9 1« 






Bl. 19 






Ballaja n 

, 72 







, 140 







Ak. 38 







Cn. 151 







. 205 







Hn. 183 







Cn. 181 







. 265 







Ak. 106 





1208 Ballajaii 

Bl. 171* 







Hn. 144 

? 1186 





Ak. 40 


BalUla u 





, 59 







Cn. 172 

? 1186 






, 184 







9 243 







* 244 







, 245 






Ak. 136 





? 1211 

Balla]a n 

Bl. 192 

Digitized by 




Date A. D. 

Name of Ruler 

Talnq No. 

Date A. D. 

Kama of Baler 

Taluq No. 

? 1211 

Ball&la u 




K&rasimha n 

Hn. 10 







Ak. 82 







, 123 







Bl. 182 






N&rasiihha n 

Cn. 221 






• • . 

Bl. 152 






NArasimha n 

Ak. 123 

? 1215 






Cn. 219 







Hn. 100 







Cn. 221 







Bl. 188 

? 1218 






Ag. 12 







Cn. 238 







9 221 


K&ratimha u 





Ag. 55 

? 1220 






9 *& 







Cn. 180 







, 242 







9 236 







9 237 






N&rasiniha m 

Bl. 73 

? 1221 






9 125 







„ 126 







Ak. 108 






N&rasimha ni 

Ag. 38 







Ak. 166 






NArasimha m 

• 109 







Bl. 160 







Cn. 206 







Bl. 74 







9 98 







Ag. 42 

? 1227 






Bl. 87 







Hn. 101 

? 1227 

. • . 





Bl. 92 


NAratimba u 





Cn. 231 





P 1271 

EArasiihha m 

Hn. 91 

? 1229 




? 1274 


Ag. 21 

? c 1230 






Bl. 150 





? 1274 


, 169 

? 1230 

. . . 





9 186 

? c 1230 

• • . 





Ag. 54 


NArasiibha u 





Bl. 120 







9 167 







. 1«* 

Digitized by 




Datel.D | Nftao of Ralftr 


Talmq Eo. 

D*U A.D. i *«■• o( Bator 


Talaq Ho. 


Narasimha m 




. . . 

Ak. 12 

? 1276 





. . . 

, 13 






• . . 

. 14 






. . . 

Go. 190 






Narasimha m 

, 2S2 


Naraaimha m 




Ballala m 

Bl. 18 






Narasimha m 

Hn. 60 






Ballala m 

Ak. 120 


• . . 



? 1297 


Bl. 159 


Naraaimha m 




• . • 

. 24 





? 1300 

Ballala hi 

Ak. 114 

? 1280 






Bl. 153 


• . • 





. 163 


Narasufeha m 



? 1310 


Hn. 61 





? 1310 


, 52 

? 1284 






. 1«4 







. Wl 







, 182 







Ak. 165 





? 1324 


. 158 






Ballala m 

• 66 







. 31 





? 1336 


. «7 


• . • 





, 183 


. • . 





. U3 





Harihara I 








. •. . 




Harihara n 































? 1400 



? 1400 
























? 1420 









? 1461 






? 1468 




Harihara n 

Harihara n 





Cn. 175 

Bl. 68 

ft »7 

■ 191 

Ag. 52 

Bl. 56 

Hn. 133 

• 184 

Bl. 14 

Hn. 18 

Mj. 58 

Cn. 241 

Hn. 16 

Bl. 94 

ft 135 

Ag. 41 

Cn. 153 

Digitized by 




Date A. D. 

Name of Rotor 

Toloq No. 

DftU A.D. 

Nome of Rotor 

Taloq No. 

f 1500 






Bl. 183 














ft 184 







Hn. 7 






Ak. 185 







Hn. 15 













-Srt-Ranga-R&ya i 

Bl. 1 






. • . 

Ag. 44 





el 580 

. . . 

Hn. 21 

? 1520 





Sri-Ranga-R&ya i 

Bl. 12 







« 212 





? 1587 

. . . 

Mj. 63 







B). 145 






. . . 

Ag. 58 






Srt-Ranga-R&ya u 

Bl. 80 







• 196 







. Bl 







. 82 


\ * 





ft 122 







Ag. 83 







Hn. 40 







t 39 







Mj. 21 





1515 iBhairara 


2 | 1595 | Rangappa-NAyaka | Ak. 60 





? 1538 


f 1553 












Hn. 98 


ft H7 

. . 
































Cn. 255 




















Digitized by 




Kta« of Bator 

Taloq No. 

i 1 
Data A. D. ! Nome of Roltr | 

1 1 

Taloq No. 



Bl. 212 



Ag. 57 



. 30 



HN. 13 



HN. 4 



Ag. 83 



. 10 

? 1664 


. 7* 



Bl. 145 


Narasim ha-NAyaka 

. 22 



Hd. 171 



Mj. 10 


Bl. 146 



Ag. 4 

? 1625 

K r ishnappa-NAyak a 

Ag. 87 



Mj. 26 


Venkat>dri-NAyaka j Bl. 22 

? 1687 

Ag. 89 


< Hn. 20 




HN. 2 

? 1633 

VeftkatldrUN&yaka „ 167 



Ag. 100 

? 1634 

Bl. 225 



. ioi 

. 1638 

i . 128 

? 1704 


, 85 


i Hn. 5 

? 1708 


Mj. 24 



Bl. 210 



. 33 



Mj. 30 



; is 



Hn. 41 



. W 



Mj. 19 



. 34 

? 1654 





Bl. 64 

? 1654 

Narasi&ha-N Ayak a 

HN. 3 

? 1736 


• 233 



Ho. 113 



Mj. 22 

? 1657 


Mj. 49 

? 1755 


, 37 

? 1657 


» 53 

? 1755 


. 38 



Ag. 88 



, 35 

? 1658 





. 36 



, 10 



Hn. 17 


Narasirii ha-NAyaka 

HN. 1 








Cn. 163 

Ag. 64 


Cn. 158 

? 1761 

, 160 


, 165 

. 185 


• 171 


. 202 

. 156 


n 218 


Hn. 8 


Cn. 155 

? 1806 

, 168 

• 156 


. 273 


Ag. 2 




Hn. 120 



















(Haidar Ali) 



Haidar Ali 



ftpu 8ultAn 




















Digitized by 




In Hassan, on a stone near the ranga-ma?tapa of the Virtpiksha temple. 

Sri snbbam astu | 

namas tunga-SiraS-chumbi-chandra-chamara^h&raye | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mflla-Btambh&ya Sambhave li 
svasti Sr!-jay&bbyudaya-Saliv&hana-8aka-Taru8hangalu 1454 neya Khara- 
samvatsarada VaiSikha-Su 5 S6 lu Sriman-maharfij^dhir&ja-rftja-paramSSyara 
Srl-Achyuta-Riya-mab&rayaru sukha-rajyam gaiyut irppam | 
Kinds. irl-N&rasimha-tanayam | 

bhfi-n&tham vira-Krishna-Rayang anujam | 

tfin irppam Vidy&naga- | 

ri-nilayam Achyutendra simh&saoadolu u 
ant eseva chatus-samudradhis varan um k&runya-v&r&si-sampilrnna-Budh&kara- 
num Siva-pftj&rPurandaranum TirumaleSvarana kum&ranum Cheunapanna- 
bh&p&lan opputirppam | 
inothtopo. §rI-Mabadeva-pCljartham ramaniyaka-vaibhavam | 

bhttmisa-Chennapannendram svami-karya-dhurandharam || 
ant eseva Chennapannang aliya-santanam go-bha-hiranya-kanya-dana-db^ra- 
prav&ha-bastanum kavi-jana-vakya-sudhabhishekanum Tippa-bhilpala-panya- 
garbba-sainbbavanum Yellappa-bhCLpalan opputirppam | 
iBdra-bhatbi | Purahara-§ttlamu virigina | 

baruvadi Ragu-R&mu-chgti-banamu virigina | 

8urapati-vajramu virigina I 

tirugad unS mata Tippa-dhimani-Yell& li 

Yellaya-ripu-sant&nam | 

sallalita-kavindraralU daridratvam | 

illemba vacbana Tippa- | 

Yella-mabinathan alda desadol ellam n 

Digitized by 


2 Hassan Tatuq. 

iri-Acbjota-Rayaru Chennapannangalige amarada-nayakatanake palisida Ha- 
sanada simey-olagana Udduru-gramaTanii Yellappa-Xayakara namma Channa- 
pannangalige punyar agabekendn Hasan ada Yirupaksha-lingana sri-pada- 
padmangala sannidhiyalli tatrake samarppana madi korteru | iri-Acbyuta- 
Rayarn Channapannangajige nayakatanake palisida Hasan a da simey-olagana 
Uddnra-gramakke untada sanrarambba ashta-bhoga tejas-sramya-sahita Yel- 
lappa-Xajakaru Hasanada Yirupaksha-derara sthanakke kartarada Deraru- 
Bbattara hastakke sa-biranyodaka-d4na-dbara-purrakaTagi sri-Viriipaksha~lin- 
gas ri tan agabekenda nia sabita 12 maodi Brahmana-bbdjanada satrara prati- 
dina a-chandrarkka-parampareyagi nadasaririyendu kotteu i sri-Achyuta-Raya- 
mahArayaru Chennapannangalige nayakatanakke palisida Hasanada simeyo- 
lagana Uddum-gramavana Channapannagalige aliya-santananada Yellappa- 
Nayakaru Channapannagalige pony a Achyuta-Rayarige sakala-sambrajyar *tga- 
bekenda Hisaoada Virupaksba-lingada satrake samarppanara madi kottevu 
mikka bonnura tiru-naluge bakuvadu yendu kotta s&sana a 
sra-dattam para-dattam rk yo hareta rasandharam 1 
shashti-Tarsha-sabasrani vishtayam jayate krimih 11 . 

Elltpp&n (1» Tamil charaetm). 

On 1 stone west of the south gate of the same temple. 
Virup&ksha. ... 11 

namas tunga-siras-cbumbi-chandra-chamara-cbarave 1 
traildkya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sainbhave n 

svasti srimad-anadyam sri-Virupaksbasya 1 

namami sthira-kalp&ya sasanam sthira-sasanam u 
svasti Sri-vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1485 ya vartamanake saluva 
Rudhirddgari-samvatsarada Sr&vana-su 13 Soniavara punya-kaladali sriraan- 
maba-mandalesvara raj&dhir&ja raja-paraniesvara sri-vfra-pratapa Achyuta- 
Raya-mahiLrayara kumararu chatus-samudradhisvara Sadasiva-maharayaru 

Hastinavati-Vidyanagariyali sukha-santoshadim rajyavan aluvalli 

tamma karyakke karttaradantha Rama-Raj-ayyanavarige piUisidanthft simeya. 

N&yak-ayyanavara makkalu 1 Krishnappa-N&yak-ayyanavarige ama- 

ra-nayakatanakke palisida Hasana-simey olagana halliya-gr&mavanu 

Hasanada Sri-Virupfikaha-dSvarige Bayyappa-Nayak-ayyanavara makkalu Kri- 

shnappa-N&yak-ayyanavarige aneka-rajyodaya-punyav agabekendu R&- 

chappa-Nayakara makkalu Tamraappa-Nayakara tammandiru Bukkana-Naya- 
karu tamage guttegeyagi barisida Hasanada simey-olagana Settihallige salu- 
vanth§. chatus-simey-olagada gadde beddalu kat{e kaluve ane acbchukatfu 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 3 

hola mere niruvali ivellam olagagi k&nike kappa jodi bedige talavajrike &li- 
vara nyaya-sabheya sarikbyeya chiluvana sunka sodige ivu modalu sarvvamiU 
nyavagi Hasanada §ri-Virftpaksha-devarige Bayyappa-Nayak-ayyanavara ma- 
kkalu Kfishnappa-Nayak-ayyanavarige an§ka-rajyabhyudaya-punya-digvijayav 
agabeku endu | kandacharada K&chappa-Nayakara makkalu Tammappa-Naya- 
kara tammandiru Bukkana-Nayakaru Srl-VirftpS-ksha-dSvara rathotsahakke 
Sattihalliyanu dana-sasana-pratishtbeyanu madidaru | Virdpaksha-devara 
stbanakke saluva gritmagalu Biranahalli Aduvali Rajaghatta Mandagenahalli 
Guddanahalli Yeleganagilu Hallada-R&me§vara-devara abhisbeka-arajitapadige 
saluva Saralanahalli Vighn6svara-devarige saluva Honnenaballi Hasana-n&da 
keregala kelagana gadde beddalu tota tudike ptirvada gramada jodi bedige kanike 
birada hittu huggi bijavari iv-ellavanu Virftp&ksha-d§varige Hallada-RameSvara- 
devarige VighneSvara-devarige sarvvamanyavkgi Sasanavanu p rati sh they an u 
madidaru | Virftpaksha-devarige bhoga-naivedyakke madidantha punyagalige 
Hasanada simeya arasugalu prabhugalu senabdvaru gauda-prajegalu adhikari- 
galu ivar olagagi avanan obbanu tappi any&yava m&didare Kasiya-kshetradalli 

linga Manikanika radali go-Brahmara vi Sasanavanu 

madi matpi-gainanavanu madi guru-vadheyanu madidanthavara 

kakke maha-narakadalli aneka-Brahma-kalpa-pariyantaravagi naraka- 

yataneyanu aoubhavisuvaru I-dharmmakke sahayavagi nudidanthavaru a&va- 
roSdha-koti sahalankira-g6-sahasra-k6ti-danavanu madidanthavara punyakke 
yeyduvaru | avaru putra-pautrabhivriddhiyagi iatayu-sampdrnnavagi allin- 
dam munde Kailasadalli Paramesvarana seveya madi nitya-tpptaragi ibaru | 
si6k«. dana-palanaydr mmadhye danat sreyo'nupalanam | 
d&nat svargam avapnoti palanad Isvaram padam h 
akarasya kara-grahe go-koti-vadham uchyate \ 
sa-karasya kara-chhetta svarga-loke mablyate 11 

nashtam bijam bbinna rajanyam Saran&gatam cha | 

go-Br&hmana graheshu jirnam n 

trada YajuS-S&kheya Hasanada Nanjappa-upadhyara putra Nanjappa- 

upadhyaru barasida §asana. . . . chandrarka-siddbir astu n Kasyapa-gotrada H&- 

sanada Lakhana Kallayyanu hoyda sasanakke avigbnam astu II 

Birana-halliyalii ge gade 5 la Virdpaksba-lingana sakshikavagi kottadu. 


At Haastn, on a stone in Krish^tppt's chhatram near the UmimahMvara temple. 

Svasti Srl-vijayabhyudayai cha Saka-varusha 1216 neya Jaya-samvatsarada 
dvitiya-Jyeshta-su 10 A | Srtmad-anadiy-agraharam Bftvanahalliya halli Gava- 
navajliya Ketayyana makkalu Bokaya-N&yaka Ajjeya-Nayakana maga KStaya- 
Nayakanft &-Gavanahalliyalu k-Ajjeya-Nayakanu Bhim6§vara-deva-linga prati- 

Digitrzed by 


2 Hassan Taluq. 

§ri-Achyuta-Rayaru Chennapannangalige amarada-nayakatanake palisida Ha- 
sanada simey-olagana Uddftru-gramavantt Yellappa-Nayakaru namma Channa- 
pannangalige punyav agabSkendu Hasanada Virilpaksha-lingana sri-pada- 
padmangala sannidhiyalli satrake samarppana madi kottevu h sri-Achyuta- 
Rayaru Channapannangalige nayakatanake palisida Hasanada simey-olagana 
UddfLra-gramakke untada sarvarambha ashta-bh6ga tejas-sv&mya-sahita Yel- 
lappa-Nayakaru Hasanada Vir&paksha-dSvara stbanakke kartarada Devaru- 
Bbattara hastakke sa-hiranyddaka-d&na-dhara-pftrvakavagi sri-Virftpaksha-lin- 
gairitan agabekeudu nitl sahita 12 mandi Brahmana-bhojanada satrava prati- 
dina a-chandrarkka-parampareyagi nadasuviriyendu kottett i sri-Acbyuta-Raya- 
maharayaru Chennapannangalige nayakatanakke palisida Hasanada simeyo- 
lagana Uddftru-gramavanu Channapannagalige aliya-santananada Yellappa- 
Nayakaru Channapannagalige punya Achyuta-Rayarige sakala-sambrajyav aga- 
bekendu Hasanada Virupuksha-lingada satrake samarppanava madi kottevu 
mikka honnuva tiru-naluge hakuvadCt yendu kotta sasaoa h 
sva-dattam para-dattam va yo hareta vasundharam | 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtayam jayatS krimih 11 . 

Ellappan (In Tamil eharaotori). 

On a stone west of the south gate of the same temple. 
Virftpaksha. . . . n 

namas turiga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagarararabha-raftla-stambhaya Sambhave ij 

svasti srimad-anadyam sri-Virilpaksbasya | 

namami sthira-kalpaya sasanam sthira-sasanam » 
svasti §ri-vijayabhyudaya-5alivahana-saka-varsha 1485 ya vartamanake saluva 
Rudhirodgari-samvatsarada Sravana-su 13 Soniavaxa punya-kaladali sriraan- 
maha-mandalesvara rajadhiraja raja-paraniesvara sri-vira-pratapa Achyuta- 
Raya-mah&rayara kumararu chatus-samudradhisvara SadaSiva-maharayaru 

Hastinavati-Vidyanagariyali sukha-santoshadim rajyavan aluvalli 

tamma karyakke karttaradantba Rama-Raj-ayyanavarige palisidantha simeya. 

N&yak-ayyanavara makkalu | Krishnappa-N&yak-ayyanavarige ama- 

ra-nayakatanakke palisida Hasana-simey olagana halliya-gramavanu 

Hasanada sri-Viritpaksha-dSvarige Bayyappa-Nayak-ayyanavara makkalu Kri- 

shnappa-Nayak-ayyanavarige aneka-rajyodaya-punyav agabekendu R&- 

chappa-Nayakara makkalu Tammappa-Nayakara tammandiru Bukkana-Naya- 
karu tamage guttegeyagi harisida Hasanada simey-olagana Settihallige salu- 
vantha chatus-simey-olagada gadde beddalu kat{e kaluve ane achchukattu 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 3 

bola mere niruvali ivellam olagagi kanike kappa jodi bedige talav&jike ali- 
vara nyaya-sablieya sankbyeya cbiluvana suiika s6dige ivu modalu sarvvama- 
nyavagi Hasanada sri-Virfipaksha-devarige Bayyappa-Nayak-ayyanavara ma- 
kkalu Kpshnappa-Nayak-ayyanavarige anSka-rajyabhyudaya-punya-digvijayav 
agabeku endu | kandacbarada K&chappa-Nayakara makkalu Tamniappa-Naya- 
kara tammandiru Bukkana-Nayakaru srt-Virftp&ksha-devara rathotsabakke 
Sattihalliyanu dana-sasana-pratishtheyanu m&didaru | VirCtpStksha-devara 
sthanakke saluva graraagalu Biranahalli Aduvali Rajaghatta Mandagenahalli 
Guddanahalli Yeleganagilu Hallada-R&meSvara-devara abhisbeka-arapitapadige 
saluva Saralauahalli Vighn£§vara-devarige saluva Honnenaballi Hasana-nada 
keregala kelagana gadde beddalu tota tudike ptirvada gram ada jodi bedige kanike 
birada hittu huggi bfjavari iv-ellavanu ViHlp&ksha-devarige HaHada-RameSvara- 
devarige VighneSvara-devarige sarvvamanyavfcgi sasanavanu pratishtheyanu 
madidaru | Virftpaksha-devarige bhoga-naivedyakke inadidantba punyagalige 
Hasanada simeya arasugalu prabhugalu senab6varu gauda-prajegalu adhikari- 
galu ivar olagagi avanan obbanu tappi any&yava madidare Kasiya-kshetradalli 

linga Manikanika ... radali go-Brahmara visasanavanu 

madi matji-gainanavanu m&di guru-vadheyanu madidanthavara 

kakke maba-narakadalli an§ka-Brahma-kalpa-pariyantaravagi naraka- 

yataneyanu anubhavisuvaru i-dharmmakke sahayavagi nudidanthavaru asva- 
medha-koti saha]ankara-g6-sahasra-k6ti-danavanu madidanthavara punyakke 
yeyduvaru | avaru putra-pautrabhivriddhiyagi satayu-sampCtrnnavagi allin- 
dam munde Kailasadalli Paramfesvarana seveya mfidi nitya-tjiptaragi ibaru | 
siftka. dana-palanay6r mmadhye danat sreyo'nupalanam | 
d&nat svargam avapnoti palanad Isvaram padam 11 
akarasya kara-grahe gd-koti-vadham uchyate ; 
sa-ka,rasya kara-cbbetta svarga-ldke mabiyate 11 

nashtam bijam bbinna rajanyam Saranagatam cha | 

g6-Brfi,hmana grahSshu jirnam n 

trada YajuS-Sakheya Hasanada Nanjappa-upadhyara putra Nanjappa- 

upadbyaru barasida Sasana .... chandrarka-siddhir astu n K&syapa-g6trada H&- 

sanada Lakhana Eallayyanu hoyda sasanakke avighnam astu 11 

Blrana-halliyalli ge gade 5 la Virdpakaha-lingana sakshikavagi kottadu. 


At Hassan, on a stone in Krishnappa's ohhatram near the Umimahdivan temple. 

Svasti Sri-vijayabbyudayas cha Saka-varusba 1216 neya Jaya-samvatsarada 
dvitiya-Jyeshta-su 10 A | srimad-anadiy-agraharam Bdvanahalliya balli Gava- 
navajliya KStayyana makkalu B6kaya-Nayaka Ajjeya-Nayakana maga Kfitaya- 
Nayakanii &-Gavanahalliyalu a^Ajjeya-Nayakanu Bhimeivara-deva^linga prati- 

Digitized by 


4 Hassan Taluq. 

shtheyam m&disi. . . 4-Btlvanahalliya srimad-asesha-mah&janangalanu 

Bhimesvara-devara amjita-padige iUchandrarkka-t&ram baram sanrva-badbe 
paribaravagi a-Gavanahalliya hiriya kereya kelage a-Bdkeya-Nayaka Ketaya 

Nayakana terige ulla tota-sthala g&dida gadde sallage apu a-balliya 

hiriya-kerege mildana-sarige Hadariya Kaliyd. . . .ulla beddal olage 

saluva kamba aru-nd^u Ill yalle yaradu ka]a manegalanil a 

mah&janangalu danavagi dhara-pftrvvakam madi kula da kallu- 

gajanu netsi kofcta sasana h gadde beddalu kalame nagala 

yange bbagey ondu ardha k ge bbage vondu 

kondu a-Bhime8vara-devarige stbanikar agi maduvaru 

. . . . pariharsidavanu Varanasi-Ku dharmma-kuhfitrangajolu sayira- 

kavi nalu katsi chatu 

In Hassan, on a stone west of the Jubilee Hall. 

Svasti srimatu Chalukya-Vikrama-kalada 42 neya Hevilarabi-samvatsarada 
Karttika-bahula-8aptami-Brihavaradandu Buva-Gavundana magam Arasiya- 
kereyal Bamma-Gondam turu hariye turuvam magulchi palaram kondu 
saggastan ada 11 

sura-lokak eyde Bammana I 

sura-kanneyar ellam uyye sura-dundubhigal | 

.... munde pariyalu | 

charitam pugu-tandan irade Sivan-olagamam 11 


In Hassan, on copper plates in possession of Kitt&ne Rimappi 

(X&gart obaraoters.) 

(lb) Sri-Ganadbipataye oamah | 
namas tunga-Siras-chumbi-cbandra-chamara-charave I 
trailokya-Dagararambha-mCila-stambhaya Sarabhave ii 
Harer lila-Varabasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 
Heraadri-kalasa yatra dbatri chhatra-sriyam dadbau II 
kalyanayastu tad dhaxna pratyftha-timirapaham | 
yad gajo'py agajddbhfttam Harinapi cha pftjyatS n 
asti ksbiramayaxi devair mathyamanau mahambudbeb i 
navanitam ivodbhdtam apanita-tamo mahah u 
tasyasit tanayas tapobbir atulair anvartha-nama Budbah 
punyair asya Purftrava bhuja-balair ayur dvisham nighnatah | 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 5 

tasyAyur Nahusho' sya tasya parusho yuddhfi Yayatih kshitau 

khyatas tasya tu Turvasur Vasu-nibbas iri-Devayani-pateh u 

tad-vamSe Devaki-j&oir didipe Timma-bhiipatih | 

yasasvi Tuluvendreshu Yad6h Kpshna ivanvaye h 

tato'bhdd Bukkamft-janir lsvara-kshitipalakah | 

atrasam aguna-bhramSam mauli-ratoam mahibhuj&m 11 

sarasad udabhtlt tasman Narasavanipalakah | 

Devaki-nandanat Kam6 Devaki-nandan&d iva n 

Kaverim aSu badhvS, bahula-jala-ray&m yo vilanghyaiva Satrilm 

jiva-gr&ham gphltva samiti-bhuja-balat tach cba rajyam tadiyarh | 

kritva Sriranga-pftrvam tad api nija-vase pattanam yd babh&8$ 

kirtti-stambham nikhiya tri-bhuvana-bhavana-stftyam&napad&nah u 

Cheram Choi am cha Pandyaih tarn api cba Madhura-vallabham mana-bhusbam 

viryodagram Turushkam Gajapati-nripatim ch&pi jitva tad-anyan | 

a-Gang&-tira-Lanka-pratbama-charama-bhtibbpt-tatautam niULntam 

khyata-kshonipatinam srajam iva Siras&m Sasanam yd vyatanit 11 

vividha-sukjitoddame Ramesvara-pramukhfe muhur 

mudita-hpidaya-sthane sthftng vyadhatta yathavidhi | 

budha-parivrito n ana-dan an i y6 bhuvi shodasa 

tri-bbuvana-janodgitam sphitam yasah punaruktayan II 

Tipp&ji-Nagal&-d§vyoh Kausalyarsri-Sumitraydfc | 

d§vyor iva Njisimhendr&t tasm&t Pantirathid iva 11 

virau vinayinau Rama-Laksbmanav iva nandanau I 

jatau vfra-Npsimhftndra-Kpshna-R&ya-mahipat! n 

vira-sri-N&rasimhas sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasanasthafc 

kirttyft nitya nirasyan Njiga-Naja-Nahush&n apy avanyam atb&nyan | 

&-Sfet6r &-Sumer6r avanisura-nutas svairam a-chodayadrer 

a-pa£chatya^halantad akhila-bjidayam avarjya rajyam iaS&sa u 

nana-danany akarshit Kanakasadasi yaS Sri-Virupaisha-deva- 

sthane iri-KfilahastiSitur api nagare Venkatadrau cha E&ncby&m I 

Srisaile Sonasaile mahati Haribare'hobale Sangame cba 

Srlrange Kumbhagbone hata-tamasi maha-Nanditirtbe Nivyittau u 

GokarnS R&masetau jagati tad-itareshv apy aseshesbu punya- 

sthanSshv a-(IIa)rabdha-nanavidha-babula-maha.dana-vari-pravahaih | 


k3hmabhpt>paksha-chhid6dyattara-kulisa-dhar6tkanthit4 kunthitabhut || 

brahmandam viSva-chakram ghatam udita-mahabbtltakam ratna-dhenum 

8aptambh6dbim8 cba kalpa-kshitiruha-latike kanchanirh kamadbenum | 

svarna-kshm&m yo hirany&Sva-ratbam api tula-purusham go-sahasram 

hemasvam bema-garbham kauaka-kari-ratbam pancha-langaly atanlt \\ 

prajyam prasasya nirvighnam rajyam dy&m iva S&situm | 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 

tasmin gunena vikhyHtS kshiter indrS divam gate 11 
tato'py av&rya-viryas sri-Kjishna-R&ya-mabipatih | 
bibbartti mani-kSytira-nirvisesham raahim bhujd u 
kirttya yasya samantatah prasjitaya viSvam ruchaikyam vrajed 
ity &Sankya pur& Purarir abbavat ph&ldksbanah prayasah | 
Padmakshd'pi chatur-bhujd'jani chatur-vaktro'bbavat Padmabhfth 
Kali khadgam adhad Rama cba karaalam vinam cha Van! kare ti 
satrftn&m v&sam ete dadata iti rush& kin nu saptamburasin 
naDa-8ena-turanga-trutita-va8umati-dhMik^-palikabhih | 
samSoshya svairam etat-pratinidhi-jaladhi-srenikam yd vidhatte 
brahmanda-8varna-Meru-pramukha-Dija-mah^-dana-tdyair ameyaih u 
mad-datt&m artbi-s&rthas sriyam iba sucbiram bbunjatam ity avetya 
pr&yah pratyuha-hetos stapana-ratha-gater alayam daivatanam I 
tat-tad-dig-jaitra-vjityapi cba biruda-padair ankitams tatra tatra 
stambhan jata-pratishthan vyatanuta bhuvi yd bhilbhjid abbrankashagran 11 
avjityavjitya sarveshv atanuta vidhivad bhftyase sreyase yah | 
deva-sthaneshu tirtheshv api kanaka-tula-pftrush&dini nana- 
danany Svdpadanair api samam akhiiair §gamoktani tani » 
roshakpta-prati-parthiva-dandas Sgsha-bhuja-kshiti-rakshana-Saundah | 
bhasbege-tappuva-rayara-gandas tdshakjid arthishu yd rana-chandah it 
rajadbiraja ity ukto yo raja-paramesvarah | 
mftru-r&yara-gandakhyas para-raya-bhayankarah | 
Hindu-r&ya-suratrana dushta-§ardilla-mardanah | 
gajaugha-ganda-bherunda ity-adi-birudankitah n 
aldkaya mah&raya jaya jiveti vadibhih | 
Anga-Vanga-Kalingadyai r&jabhis sevate cha yah 11 
stuty-aud&ryas sudhibhis sa Vijayanagare ratna-simbasanastbah 
kshm&pal&n Kjishna-Raya-kshitipatir adharikyitya nitya Nrigadio i 
a-parv^drer atbasta-kshitidhara-katakad a cba Hemachalantad 
a-SStdr arthi-s&rtha-sriyani iba bahulikritya kirttya samindhe 11 
Saliv&hana-nirnnita-Sakabde sa chatus-sataih | 
sapta-trimsat-samayuktais saokhyate dasabbis sataih a 
Yuv&khya-vatsard m&si Sravane Budhavasare | 
Sdmoparaga-(II 6)samayi punyayam Pftrnnima-tithau 11 
Sri-parvate Siva-sthane Mallikarjuna-sannidhau I 
n&na-Sakhabhida-gotra-sCitrebhyas sastra-vittaya n 
yikhy*U£bhy6 dvij&tibhyo vedavidbhyo viseshatah | 
praptam Hvaisana-riyyantarbh&vam Hasana-simagam 11 
H§rane-namaka-gramat prachim asam u pas ri tarn | 
paschimam Mosale-gramad adhikam khyatim asritat n 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 7 

tat-tan-namadharais sviyaih paffchabbir gramakair yutam 1 
devyas Tirumalakhyayah puram ity atmana kritam 11 
prati-nama-sam&y&tam Kitt&ue-gramam uttamaih 1 
sarvamanyaih chatue-simfi-samyutam cba samantatah 11 
nidhi-nikshepa-pisbana-siddha-sadhya-jalanvitam | 
aksbiny-agami-samyuktam gana-bbogyam sa-bhftruham 11 
vapi-kiipa-tatakais cba kachchhenapi samacvitam 1 
putra-pautr&dibhir bbogyam kramad arcbandra-tarakam 11 
d&nasyadbamanasy&pi vikrayasyapi cbochitam | 
paritab prayatais snigdbaih purohita-purogamaih 11 
vividhair vibudbaiS srauta-pathikair adbikair gira | 
Krishna-Deva-mabarayo mananiyo raanasvin&m 11 
8a-hiraiiya-payo-dhara-pftrvakam dattavan muda | 
vikhyat§ grama-varye'sminn-asbta^imsati-vpttikS 11 
vyittimanto vilikhyante veda-vedanta-paragab 1 

(37 lines following contain names And description of shareholders.) 

tad idam avaui-vanipaka-vinuta-dharayasya Krishna-Rayasya | 

sasanam uru-kavi-vaibhava-nivaha-nidanasya bbtiri-danasya 11 

Kjisbna-DeYa-mabaraya-Sasanena Sabhapati^i | 

abhanin mridu-sandarbham tad idam tamra-sasanam 11 

tyasbta Sri-Mallanacbary6 Viranacharya-nandanah | 

a-kalpam asnute'traik&m vrittim ftasana-lekhakah 11 

dana-palanayor madbye danat 8rey6'nupalanam | 

daoat svargam avapndti palanad Achyutam padam u 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam para-datt&nupfclanam | 

para-dattapahfcrena sva-dattam nisbphalam bhavet n 

samanySyam dbarma-setur nppanam kale kale palaniyo bbavadbhih | 

sarvan etan bhavinah partbivendran bhfiyo bhflyo y achate Ramachandrah 11 

Sri-Vir&p&kflha (io Kannada characters.) 

In Hassan, on copper plates in possession of Hariyappa. 

(N&gart characters.) 

(1 b.) §ri-Ganfcdhipatay§ namah 11 

(28 lines fallowing correspond with those in Ho. 6.) 

jatau vira-Npsimbfendra-Krisbna-Raya-mabipatf II 

Ranga-kshitindrAchyuta-Deva-Rayau raksha-dhurinav iva Rama-Krishiiau | 
Jibambikaya Narasa-kshitindrad ubbav abhfttara uragendra-sarau n 

ViraS-6rI-Nara8imha8 (24 lines following, to tdyair ameyaih || correspond with those In No. 6.) 

stuty-audarya8 sudhibhis sa Vijayanagare ratna-simhasanasthab 

Digitized by 


8 Hassan Taluq. 

(lib) kshmip&l&n Kpshna-Raya-kshitipatir adharikjitya kirtyfc Npg&dtn | 
tUp&ry&drer ath^stakshitidhara-katakad & cha Hemachaiantad 
H-Sdtdr arthi-8&rtha-sriyam iba bahulikyitya kirty& babhasS H 
kritavati sura-ldke Kjishna-Raye nij&msam tad-ana tad-anujanm& punya- 

karmAchyut§ndrafc | 
akhilam avani-lokam svamsam etyari-jeU vilasati Hari-ch§t& vidvad-isbta- 

prad&tA ii 
ambhdd&na nipfyam&na-salild'gastyena pitojjhitas 
tapto R&gbava-s&yakagni-8ikhay& santapyamanas sada | 
ambhasthair badab&muk&nala-sikM-jalair yiSushkd dhruvam 
yad-d&n&mbu-ghanambur ambudhir ayam p&rnas samudyotatS u 
samajani narapilas satya-dharmma-pratishtbo Vijayanagara-r&jat-ratiia- 

simhiisanastbah | 
Njiga-Nala-Nahush&din nichayan r&ja-nitya nirupama-bhuja-viryaud&rya- 

bhtlr Achyutgndrah n 
ksbiti-pratishthapita-kirti-dehe prapte padam Vaishnavara Achyutendre | 
adhyasya bhadrisanam asya stlnur viro babhau Venkata-DSva-Rayah h 
prasasya r&jyam prasavastra-rftpe vidvan-nidhau Venkata-Raya-bhape | 
abb&gadheyad achirat prajanam Akhandalavasain athadhirddhe u 
Timmilmba-vara-garbha-mauktika-mani RaDga-kshitindr&tmajah 
ksbatralankaranena palita-maha-Karnata-rajya-sriya | 
Saury-audaryaniayavata sva-bhagini-bhartra jagat-trayina 
Rama-kshmfLpatin^py amatya-tilakaih kliptabhisheka-kramah n 
sri-Vidyanagart-lalamani maha-samrajya-simhasane 
santanadrur iva spharan Suragirau sambjitya vidveahinah | 
a-Setdr api cha-Himadri racbyan rajno nijajnakaran 
sarv&m palayate Sadasiva-maharayaS chiraya ksbaxnam || 
vikhyata-vikrS-nti-nayasya yasya pattabbisbeke niyatam praj&nam | 
ananda-bashpair abhishichyamana devi-padam dharsbayate dharitri \\ 
gotroddbira . . kuvalaya-pidapaharoddhuraih 
saty&yatta-matim samasta-sumanas-stSmavanaikayanam | 
8an-(III a)j&ta-smjiti-rilruchim sa-vijayam san-nandaka-sri-bharam 
yam samsanti ya§d-day&nchita-gunam Krishnavataram budh&h h 
yikhyatam bahu-bhoga-sjiDga-vibhavair uddama-damoddhuram 
dharmena smjiti-m&tratopi bhuvane daksham praja-rakshane | 
prapta yasya [bhujam] bhujanga-mahibhjid-dig-danti-kurmdpamam 
pativratya-patakiketa-dharani janantu sarve janah n 
yat-sSn£-db(ili-pali Saka-masaka-samuchchatanS dhftma-rekba 
romali kirti-vadhva iva bhuvanam idam sarvam antar-vabantyah | 
veni naniyaSiva prakatita-vihjiter vira-lakshmya ranagre 
§&ntyai jimata-pantih kila sakala-khala-stoma-dav&nalanam n 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 

tungam eva dayihh padambuja-yugaiii S6nam cba krishnam tanum 
raktanSla-sikhaih trivenim anagham vSksham giraiii narmadam | 
tirthanlti samavabaty avayavais Seshadri-vasi vibhuh 
prayd yasya visSsba-bhakti-muditafc patt&bhish&ka-Sriy§ n 
oshadhipaty-upamayita-gandas tdsbana-rttpa-jit^sama-kanda^i | 
bbashege-tappuva-rayara-gandah pdshana-Dirbhara-bhd-nava-khandab n 
rajadhir^ija-birudo Rajaraja-sam&mhatik | 
sr&r&jam&na . . . ir! Srt-r&ja-paramfcSvarab n 
mUru-rayara-gandaokd Meru-laDgbi-yas6-bbarah | 
saranagata-mandara^i para-raya-bhayankarah n 
karadakbila-bbilpalab para-dara-sahodarab | 
Hindu-raya-suratrana indu-vamsa-§ikhamanib n 
gajaugha-ganda-bberundo Hari-bhakti-sudhanidhih | 
vardhamanapadana-srir ardba-nari-Natesvarah n 
ity-adi-birudair vandi-tatya nityam abhishtutafc | 
Kambb6ja-Bb6ja-Ka]inga-Karahatadi-partbivai^ h 
sauvidalla-padam praptais sandarsita-nripopadafc | 
so'yarh niti-viSaradas sura-taru-spardhalu-visrananah 
sarvorvisa-natas Sadasiva-maharaya-kshama-nayakah | 
b&b&v aAgada-nirviSesham akbilam sarvamsaham udvahan 
vidvat-traiia-parayan6 vijayate vira-prat&pdnnatafc n 
guna-yasv-amburiUindu-ganite Saka-vatsarS | 
sri-Durmaty-ahvaye varsbe maei Karti[III 6]ka-namani n 
sakla-paksbe cba panyayam uttbana-dvadaSi-tithau | 
Tungabbadra-nadi-tire Vithalesvara-sannidbau n 
Atreya-g6tra-dipaya var-ASUyana^sdtring | 
Rik-8akhadbyayiDe Visbnu-dhyayin§ guna-Salinfe || 
vaidya-Sastra-payorasi-parinaya m abas vine | 
Padmanabha-padambboja-bhramarayita-cbetase |i 
sarva-dbarma-rahasyartha-sara-vijnaDa-SaliDe i 
pautraya Hobal&bhikhya-panditendrasya dhimate it 
bhfisbnav§ Tippanakhyasya panditasya tan(ibhuv§ I 
Narasa-pandit§ndraya aana-§astrartha-?edine 11 
khy&tarHoysana-r&jyastbam Sige-n&dau cha viSrutaih | 
Yara-H&sana-sfm&ntarvartitam samupasritam w 
gramat Sdmanahajy-akhyat pracbim asam upairitam | 
Muttatti-namakad gramad agneyim asritam diiam h 
gramach-Cbikkamihaly-akbyad daksbinasyam disi stbitam | 
nairutam Kadaltlr6§ cba Ko^ebalds cba paschimam || 
Mah4d8varabaly-SJchya-gramat Kalapi-visrit&t i 
vayavyarh Sri-Nidividipura-kshetra-varad api ll 

Digitized by 


10 Bassan Taluq. 

gramak&t sri Konduguna-namakad api chottaram | 
Muddal&pura-namn6pi gramad i§anyat&m itam || 
srimat-Kpshnflpuram iti pratin&ma-samaSritam | 
Kabballi n&makam grftmam grih&r&mopaS6bhitam || 
sarvam&nyam chatus-sima-sarfiyutam cha samantatah | 
nidhi-nikshepa-p&shana-siddha-s&dhya-jalanvitam || 
akshiny-ag&mi-samyuktam eka-bhdgyam sa-bhilruham | 
v&pi-kftpa-tataJcai§ cha kachchhar&mai§ cha samyutam n 
putra-pautradibbir bbdgyam kramad a-cbaadra-tarakam | 
danadhamana-vikriti-yogyam vinimaydchitam H 
Sit&m56r vamSa-ratnam samajani nripatir Nanda-namatha jajne 
tat-santatyam cha Likka-ksbitipatir abhavat tat-kuld BijjalSudrah | 
tad-vamsam Somi-Dfivo'lam akrita viniat&t sapta-durgani hritv& 
pautras tasyAravitfpura-patir abhavat Pinnama-ksbonipalah n 
bhil-kalpasakhi prathitArayiti-Bukka-kshamapo'bhavad asya sunuh | 
Ballambika tasya babhilva patnl Purandarasyeva Puloma-kanya h 
asmad asesha-bhuvanavana-Varijakshat 
(IV a) §ringara-r§javad aj&yata Rama-Rajah | 
Lakshmi-sam&na-charit& lalana-matalli 
Lakkambika Ratir ivajani tasya devi h 
tasy&dbikais saraabhavat tanayas tapdbhis 
§ri-Ranga-Raja-nripati§ Sasi-vamsa-dipah | 
a^an jvalatsu bhuja-dhamasu yasya chitram 
nStrani vairi-sudrisam cha uiranjanani u 
8at!m Tirumalambikam charita-lilayarundhati- 
pratbam api titikshaya ?asumati-yas6 rundhatim | 
HimamSur iva Rohinim hridaya-harinim sad-gunair 
ainddata sadharminim ay am avapya viragranth h 
avairam sudrig-bharana-jata-ruchis su-vrittas 
3valoka-dilrita-tamas tanayas tadiyah | 
a-tr&sa-vrittir avadata-gunanuvarti 
Sri-R&ma-Raja-narapala-manis samindhe h 
yasmin prasasati mahim jagadeka-vire 
bhaogo nadishu .... cha pakshapatah | 
vallishu pallava-ruchir vanita-rateshu 
Divi-vimocbanam abhdn niyatam prajanam h 
yasya pratapa-tapano Yaduoatha-mdrter 
fcpadayaty ari-kulani samakulani | 
samanta-bhfrpa-sudrisam kara-pankajani 
§eva-jusham muhur aho mukuli-karoti n 
vttarana-paripatiiix yasya Vidyadharinam 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 11 

uakbara-mukhara-vina-nada-gitan nisamya | 

anukalam ay am avalambu-bimba-padesad 

amara-nagara-sakhi lajjaya majjativa 11 

Bharata-mahita-bhilma Bhanujasyanujanma 

vara-Tirumala-Rajas sahiti-Bhoja-Rajah | 

nidhir akhila-kalanam agrajanmdrubhaktir 

vinaya-naya-saraStd vairi-gandharva-jftta 11 

yasyanujaS 8ri-vara-Venkatadri- 

Rajah kshitau Lakshmana-charu-radrttit | 


kurvan su-mitrasraya-harsbam indhS 11 

sumater asya dhirasya Sutrama-sama-tejasah | 

Soma-vamsavatamsasya sftry-fclambakarambateti 11 

Adappa-Bayyapa-ksbraapa-tapa^-parinatatmana | 

Krishnappa-Nayakendrfena Krisbna-bhaktagray&yinS, || 

vijnapitasya vinayad viraata-dhvanta-bhasvatah | 

visvatisayi-viryasya viSva-raksha-vidhayinaJi 11 

prajya-Karnata-r&jya-Sr!-8tbapankcbarya-vi8ritfeh | 

ant-embavara-gandasya prajya-bh6ga-(Bh6ja)-mabibhujah n 

Atreya-g6tralafikara-maner Manu-naya-stbiteh | 

ant-embavara-gandasya Hari-bbakti-sudhanidhek II 

Nahushdpamasya naDa-varna-sri-midulika-gandasya | 

ye birQdu.raya-rahuta-v68yaika-bbu(IV6)janga-biruda-bbarita8ya I! 

vikhy^ta-birudu-manneya-vibhava-lilasya vijaya-silasya | 

visvambhara-bhriti-sphuta-viSruta-dharani-varaha-birudasya h 

vinayaudarya^&mbbirya^vikramaviUa-veSmanak | 

vira-sri-R^ma-Rajasya vijnaptim anupalayan 11 •* 

paritafc prayatais snigdhaifc pur6hita-purdgamaih | 

vividhair vibudbais srauta-patbikair adbikair giram H 

SadaSivarmah&r&yo mananiy6 manasvinam | 

sa-hira^ya-payo-dhara-pClrvakam dattavan muda h 

Kabaliya valeyada vivara (28 lines following oonUin details of boundaries.) 

(IV a) sarasa-Sadaiiva-Raya-kshitipati-varyasya kirtti-dhuryasya H 
i&sanam idam Sar&sana-DaSarathfer amita-bema-dana-rateb || 
mrida-padam iti tamra-sasanartham mabita-Sadasiva-Raya-sasanena | 
abbanad anugunam vachd-mahimna sarasat arena Sabhapati-Svayambbtih u 
SadiUttva-mah&r&ya-sasanad Viranatmajab | 
tvasht& 8r!-V!ran&chary6 vyalikhat tamra-S&saaam 11 
dana-p&lanayor madhye danat srfiyo'nup&lanam | 
dan&t svargam avapndti palanad Acbyutam padam II 
8va-datt&d dvi-gunam punyam para-dattanupklanam | 

Digitized by 


12 Hassan Taluq. 

para-datt&pah&rdna sva-dattam nishphalam bhavet h 

sva-datt&m para-datt&m v& yd hareti vastmdhar&m | 

shashti-varsha-sahasr&ni vishtay&m jayate krimih h 

ekaiva bhagint 16ke sarvSsh&m eva bbftbhujam | 

na bhojya na kara-gr&by& vipra-datta vasundharfc h 

s&m&nyd'yam dharma-setur npipanam kale kale palaniyd bhavadbhifc i • 

sarvan 3t&n bh&vinah parthivdndran bhtlyo bhftyd y&chatS R&macbandrab 11 

Sri-VirtlpAkBha (*» Kanoa4a obaraotan.) 


At Qavunahalji (Hassan hobli), on the wall of the ChimnndAfrari temple. 

Mah&bala Chimundi subham astu svasti srt-vijay&bhyudaya-Saliv&hana-saka- 
varusba 1588 ne sanda vartamanavada Parabhava-samvatsarada Ashadha-su 
8 la Chamundesvari-ammanavarige Mais&ra Deva-Raja-Oderavaru Gavunahalli- 
gr&mava sarvam&nyavagi kottaru Sri manga] am aba sri. 


At Kabbinahalli (same hobli), on a virakal near the Iavara temple. 

Vijaya-samvatsarada Jeshtha-suddha 1 Brihaspati-v&radandu svasti siri-mahft- 
mandalesvara Narasimhara kaladalu srimanu mah&-s&mantarum appa 
Kabbinakejeya Hiriya-Tammana maga M&deyanu atiy age Yadappana kalegadali 
k&di sura-lokakke pr&ptanada. 


In the same place. 
Saka-varisha sasirada n&lvattaneya Vilambi-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 
10 Sdmav&radandu svasti sriman-maba-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Bitti- 
Devara kaladalu Kanna-niaharaja Kabbinakerey&n iridandu ficha-Gavunda 
aliya-Manja-G&vunda kadi sura-loka-praptaradallige avara maga Malla- 
G&vundana maga M&ra-G&vunda M&vana fichana int i-muvarum Vira-Ball&lu- 
DSvara kaladalu Hemalambi-samvatsarada M&gha-sudda-dasami Sdmav&ra- 
dandu pa 


At Bittugondahalli (same hobli), on a stone at yemme-gnndi 
north-east of the village. 
§ri-Ganadhipataye nainah i 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-cbandra-chamara-charave I 
trailokya-nagararambba-mula-stambbaya Sambhave II 

Digitized by 


Hassan Tahcq. 13 

svasti sri-jayabhyudaya-saka-varusha 1438 Dh&tu-samratsarada Ash&dha- 
bahula-amava8eyalu Karkataka-sarikraD ti-puny a-kaladal u Krishnaveni-tiradali 
sri-vira-prat&pa Krishna-Raya-mahar&yaru Gajapatiya mele danda-yatreya 
madi jaya-stambhavan ettisi bahaga avara d&lavayigalu Atreya-gotrada Sdma- 
vamSada aJiya-Timmarasa-Odeyara makkalu | 
akalpam Virupambika-parivridhaS srl-Timraa-Rajatmajo | 
jiyat Sri-bhuvanaika-vira-Yirud6 Raya-kshama-vallabhah | 
yat-khadg6bhaya-par§vayok pravisarat-kirti-pratapa-prabha- | 
saraparkad ripavah prayanti nitararh nisfirSyasam §aivatam h 
yint i-birudavaliyanulla Raya-Vodeyara komara Dhananjaya-R&ya-Vodeyaru 
kotta aghrarada kramav entendare navu namma amarada padeya nayakatanake 
saluva Hasanada sthalada Bittugondanahallige pratinainadheyav^da Dhananja- 
ya-gramada chatus-simeya vivara Cbannapattanada gaddeyindam paduva 
Koganakatada aime-kallindam badaga Hullehalliya simeya nelliya-marada 
mdda Hasanada gaddeya nerila-sosiyindam Chaliyahalladindam tenka yint i- 
chatus-simeya tat-tat-8thanada Vamana-mudreya kall-olagagidda nidhi-nikshepa- 
ja]a-pasbana-ak8hini-&g&mi-siddba.sadhyay emba ashta-bh6ga-t6ja8-sv&myaYantl 
Aivalayana-s&trada Viivamitra-gdtrada Jann-Upadyara makkalu Tippana- 
J6yisara makkalu Channa-Dikshitarige Atreya-gotrada Timma-Rajagala Rayana- 
Rajagaja Dhananjaya-Rajagalu 8a-hirany6daka-dana-dhari-ptirvakadi nimma 
kula-parampareyagi sukhadali anubhavisuviri endu kofta aghrara. 

(In Nftgart oharaoten.) 

kutra tvam chalito'si Narada Hara kshonyam kim asty adbhutam | 

. .ta-natha-Dhananjayendra-vijaya-prasthana-dbClli-bharaiti | 

nSt&86karvipakshay6r anugatam Mainaka-paksha-chhidd- | 

bhlta naiva k at ham nu sambhrita-jalas tad-vairi-kantasrubhih || Sri 

ekaiva bhagini loke sarvesham eva bhdbhujam | 

na bhojya na kara-grahya vipra-datta vasundhara || 

(In Kannaga character*.) 

yi-dbarmakke alupidavanu gomamaa sura-panava sevisidavanu nadasidavara 
padava sirasa vahisuvevu Sri. 


At Pun (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the dhvaja-sUmbha of 
the R&mftivara temple. 

Sri-Gan&dhipatayd namah Sri 

namas tunga-§ira8-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mala-stambhaya Sambhave II 
sva-datt&d dvi-gunam puny am para-datt&nup&lauam | 
para-dattapahar$na sva-dattam nishphalam bhavet h 

Digitized by 


1 4 Hassan Taluq. 

svasti srimad-anady-anta-Ramesvara | 

su-ethira-kalp&ya s&sanam Sarvva-sasanam h 

svasti sri-jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-var8ha 1483 neya varttamanake saluva 
Dundubhi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-suddha 13 y a Guruv&ra-Pushya-nakshatra 

Silman-mah&-mandal3§vara r&j&dhiraja raja-parameivara sri-prauda- 

prat&pa Achyuta-Raya-maharayara makkalu Sadasiva-R&ya-mahar&yaru 
Hastinavati-Vidyanagariyali sukha-santdshadalli r&jyav aluva samanantaradalli 
avara karyakke karttarada Rama-IUja-ayyanavarige p&li . . . Bayyappa-N&yak- 
ayy ana makkalu Krish^appa-Nayak-ayyana. . nayakatanakke palisida H&sanada 
simeyola. . .ya R&mSsvara. . .yappa-N&yak-ayyanavara makkalu .. ppa-Nayak- 
ayyanavarige anekabhyudaya-punyav agabdken. . savappa-Nay ak-ayy anavara 
makkalu Timmappa-Nayakaravara tamma Virtlpaksha-N&yakaru tamage vattigey- 
&gi p&lisida Hasanada simeya Nidividiya-gramakke saluvantha k&luvaliya 
vivara Nidividiya gra ldu Pura-gra ldu Chittanahali gra ldu Chilaaahali gra 
ldu antu gra..kke saluvantha k&nike kappa jodi bedige sunka kala ma.. 

(on the baok) yanu sarvamanyav&gi Nidividiya^purada gi 

Baiyappa-Nayakara makkalu Krisbnappa-Nayakaru . . . rajy&bhyudaya-putra- 

pautrabhi R&mesvara pratishtheya. . . a- 

R&meivara-devarige madidantha punya-Sasanakke 

apekaheyanu madidanthavaru K^si-ksbetradalli Visva- 

nathana sannidhiyali Manikarnika. . . .gd-br&hmara visasanava madi matri- 
gamanavanu madi guru-vadheya madidantha mahiUpatakangala madidantha 

avara kdti-Brahma-kalpa-pariyanta Bokana- 

Nayakaru madida dharmakke sahayav adavaru asvamedha-koti salank&ra-go- 
sahasra-koti-danavanu madidanth&vara punyakke yaiyduvaru avaru putra- 
pautrabhivriddhiyagi saUyusha-sampurnaragi baduki allinda mele Kailasadalli 
ParameSvarana seveyanu m&di nitya-triptaragi yiharu srl || (» line* following 

contain usual final Tertot.) 


At Lakshmis&gara (same hobli), on a stone north of the village entrance. 

Sri-Gana-Sarad^-gu ti || 

namas tunga-siras-cbumbi-chandra-chamara-charav§ | 
trailokya-nagararambha-milla-stambhaya Sambhave II 

ya-Saliv&hana-sa Bahudhanya-samvatsara. ... varadalu 

sriman-mahara svara mftru-rayara-ganda KuDtana-kaut&ra sri- 

. . . . kshatira-putra raya-bhandari-Nar&yana Mallikarjuna-mabar&yaru tamma 
pradh&na Timmana-dandadhisvarage nirdpisi tamma raja-dbanatvakke saluva 
Svati-gramada simey olagada Laksbmisagarada chatus-simey olagagi a-Svati- 
gramad adhipatiy&da Devap-Odeyara kaiyali gr&ma kula-kattidu palisidaru 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 15 

ad adan a-Malla-Rijana maga battara Nukarajage tyaga-chatrav&gi palisidanu 
yidake avava alupidavarige Varan&si &-Gangeya tadiyali y§lu-nftru-kapile 
tamma tande tayiyanu kondavaru 


At Javanahalli (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of 

Svasti 8ri-vijaySlbhyudaya-§i8Llivahana-Saka-varusha 1697 ne vartamanakke 
saluva Jaya-saxhvatsarada Jesbtha-Su 3 lu srimatu Belflra Venkatadri-Nayakara 
Krishnapa-Nayakaru Hala-Vaderige dbarmavagi appane kotta bhd-sasana- 
kramav entendade | Hettige-nada Hettdra mande-valitavada Kirakahalli Godyu- 
vali-nada Marattilra mande-valitav&da B&chihalli yi-ubbaya-gramagala ma- 
dhyadalli yiruva agachi-gadde-maniyalli mathfc kattisi mathada dharmakke yi- 
bhdmi nelavari chatur-dikkigu sila-pratishthe«(on the back) yannu niadisi appane 
palisi yidhe yi-bbtlmiyannu sishya-parampareyallu anubhavisikondu matbada 
dharmavannCt nadasikondu eukhadalli yiruvadagi |i sri-Kjishna || 


At Satyamangala (same hobli). 
Sri-Gan&dhipatayS nam ah | 

namas tuDga-siras-cbumbi-chandra-chamara-cbarave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mClla-stambhaya Sambhave || 

(In N&gari characters.) 

svasti §ri-vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka 1338 ke sanda vartam&na. .Durmu- 

khi-samyatsarada Pushya udaya-punya-kaladalu srima. . . .raja 

. . .raja sri-Bukka-maha gara Mangalada Virftpfc. . . 

satyav emba-gr&mavanu db&rftpdrva 


At Pilya (P^lya hobli), on a stone on the sonth side in the preoinots of 
the Lakshmi-Janirdana temple. 

(7 linet illegible.) 

rayara-gandam | virachisida dharma-s&sana Nagana- 

nilayam | ad entendade | . . fsvarankage vanfpa-nidhiy enis irvvaya 

manam olid ava barasidante jagake Tippam sva-nripalana 

angane Singara-DSvi su-charitram yaru valabina Uchcbaigiya 

go satvadi Rudra-sankheya dhirara deva gopa Tippa- 

Rajanam H kavitA nripalam nirupa- 

Digitized by 


16 Hassan Taluq. 

man ud&ri ripu-mandala 1283 neya S&rvYari-samvatsa- 

rada ASrija-su 13 So £riman-maha-mandale£vara ari-r&ya-yibh&da 

. .r&ya-suratr&na p&rbba-paSchima-samudradhipati Srimat-Bukka-R&j-Odeyara 

hiriya kom&ran entappan endode I Srimatu khantik&ga-r&yara ganda 

chakravartti yi jagaditti gdp&la yara su-putra 

kula-dipaka Tippanna-Vodeyaru §e . gana-P&layada drt-Jan&rdana-ddyara Srt- 

k&ryya nadasuvadakk&gi &-pfkj& hogag&gi ya kelagana tdtada 

gadde ant ishtaja chatus-simeyolagana gadde bedda nav&gi kotta 

sarvva-b&da-parih&ra Janarddana-dgyarige i-maryy&deya &- 

Jan&rddana-devara Sri-k&ryya &-chandr&rkka-8th&yiy&gi nadasura- 

dakk&gi &-pftj&rigalge Vodeyaru barasi kotta Silft-S&sanake 

mangalam ah& Sri Sri Tippanna-Vodeyaru barasi. . . . ttu nadsidda Sil&-S&sanakke 
mangalam ah& Sri Sri. . . . II i-dharmakke kantakar & 


In the same precincts, on a stone on the north side. 
Vibhava-samvataarada §ravana-§u 1 1 Id sri-Janardana-svamige Era-TimmayaQu 
Kriahnam-Nayakaru tanna kayali gadyanam 40 varaha kanike madisi kondu 
kotta Paleda tenka-bagina baligana kamb^Ugargallake b&luva bola 2 rule 


At the same place. 

(7 lines illegible.) 

mah&-mandale£vara Tirumala-Raja-maha-arasugala maiduna §riroan-mah&- 
mandalSSvara Sri-Hasata-R&ja-mah&-ara8ugalu BemeraMra Kempa Singamaru 

K&ntada Palyayada Sri-Jan&rdana-devarige Pradyumna-Vodeyara matha- 

davaru ishtatag&l&gi Palyadinda Acheyali mannu kba 3gaddeya Gdpio&ta- 

Vodeya Hosahalliya-agraravam d&re eradu yisbtanft Sri-Janardana- 

ddvara ekanta-davanake Selavagi samarppisidevu 

dana-p&lanayor mmadhye d&nat SrSyo'nupiUanam | 

d&nat srargam avapnoti palanad Achy a tarn padam || 

RamApati-Raja- Vodeyaru ChigaJClra Saraboja ya halli 


At the same place. 

Bukkappa | Sri | 

namas tunga-5iraS-churabi-chandra-ch&mara-charav§ i 
trail6kya-nagararambha-mllla-stambhaya Sambhave li 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. . 17 

svasti sri-jay&bhyudaya-§alivahana-§aka-varusha 1488 ne vartamanake saluva 
Kshaya-samvatsarada Karttika-suddha 15 lu chandra-grahana-punya-k&ladalu 
Bukkappa-N£yakaru Krishnappa-Nayakarige punyav agali yendu Gonibidu- 
slmeya 18 aghr&ra muntada sarvamanyagalalli tekomba talavarike b&dige 
yartanegalft solage bitti saha manyavagi Isvararpana madi kotta sila-s&sana 

(usual final phrases). 


At Sindhuvalli (same hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 

Dhktu-sam | Puiya-sn 5 A (UBanada-nadavaru Devapa-dapnayakar f-Sindhava- 
lliyanu a-kaluvaliya kodagiy&gi elu-n&da mund ittu dh&ra-pfirvvakke saluvant&gi 
dhareyan eyadu kotar maugalam aha srt ir! Sri. 


At NalMtrn (same hobli), on a virakal near hoia-giri. 
Svasti Saka-varsha 909 neya P&rtthiva-samvatsara Jeshtha-punname Adityavara 

Sri-Kaliyuga-Bhtva-mahftrajana r&jyadol bedara Birammana pariyol 

Nall&r-alivino pariyal Dora-Gavunda kudureyol pe. .yidu sarggake 

sandan &tana magan Egeyanga. . .G&vunda vineyava geydu kalian 

irisidam mangalam. 


On another virakal, at the same place. 
Svasti Saka-varsha 909 neya Partthiva-samvatsarada Jeshthada punname 
srf-Kaliyuga-Bhima-maharajana rajyadol Bira-vammana pariyol Nalldra 
G&vunda kudureyol pa 


At Xagravalli (same hobli), on a stone in Channa-Gauda's field. 
Sri svasti Saka-varisha kalatita-samvatsarangal entu-nuya-padinei?^ varisba 

sale Satya-vakya-Permmadi pritivi-rajyam geyt ire svasti sa guna- 

ganalaxikara tilaka. 


At Eanohfirn (same hobli), on a virakal at the Malltivara temple. 

Srt-maler&ja-r&ja maleya-prachanda ganda-bgrunda Hosala iri-Vira-Ballftla- 
Deva prithuvi-rajyam geyvali Jaya-samvacharada Karttika-suddha-panchami- 
Voddav&radandu Havali-Paleyadalu Sana-Gaundana maga Bdreyya Baleyyana 
maga Kaleyya Halevagila kalegadalli bidda atana maga Bdrayya krama-sam- 
praksha belasal ettisida biragalla madida djanu Mal6ja Mul6janu n 

Digitized by 


18 Hassan Tabuq. 


At the same village! on a stone on a pial to the west of Mast&n Sabi'a house. 

Svasti samasta-bhuvan&Srayam sri-prithvf-vallabham maharajadhir^jam Dr&ra- 
vatl-pura-var&dbisvaram Y§.dava-kulambara-dyumani maleraja-r&ja maleparolu 

ganda ganda-bherunda nissanka-malla srimat-pratapa §rt-Vlra-Ballala- 

D§v-arasaru R&ya. . . . pattanadalli sukha-sankatha-vinodadim pradh&na 

Kantananavara makkalu tilru maha-gaudagalu 

Saka-varusha 1134 neyaPrajotpatti-samvatsaradaMagba-bahula n&yakara 

ganda immadiya-rSya d olagana HancbHru a-kalada krayadalu 

y&gi mangalam aha Sri sri sri a-Manali-n^da yoppa 

sri-Soman&tha || 


At Holahalli (P&lya hobli), on a virakal in Halagamma's wet land, west of the village. 

Svasti sriman-maba-mandaleavara Jayasingha-mah^raja-devaru rajyam geyutt ire 
Karikanna kattege niringe iridu biddan ibamana madidaru teji samana nirkkam 
nadatarusu tanda iddu seve madidaru Mari-Deva Marana. 


At Sing&pura (same hobli), on a stone on a mound at the village gate. 

Harihara-maharayaru kotta Sing&puram yiralagi Krishnappa-Naya- 

kara kiryyakke karttarada Bukkappa-N&yakaru binnaha va ram&ppa 

salage bittiya avaba Virupaksha-priti agi dbare yaradu namma Kempa- 

Kachappa-N&yakarige punyav agabekendu silit-pratishthe madisi kottevu 

bida-simege banda &va arasadaru yi-vakhanige tappidavaru tainma mat&- 
pitrugalannu Kasiyalli konda patakakke hoharti. 


On a stone at the same Agrahir. 

Nainas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 
trailokya-nagararambha-mflla-stambhaya Sambhave || 
HarSr lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau h 
rakshayai jagatani bhuy&d day&lur Dviradananah | 
ambUah-krida-saro-raukbyam yasya sapta-maharnavam | 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 19 

yad-damshtraiikura-simni blitlr iha satam karmmani vedadhvanam | 

tair nandanty amarah Harih kula-patis tesham tadiya ghanah | 

te varshanti bhavanti sat-pbalatayfi, sasyani vrishtya prajas | 

tair jivanti tatas pumartha-nivahas tasraai namas Sarnine II 

asti traildkya-jivatur ananda iva mftrtiman | 

Paramesvara-kottra-prathamabharanam sasi || 

tad-anvayS mahft-teja Yadur asin mabipatih | 

S6ma-vam§ya yatas slagbya Yadavii iti viSrutah h 

teshu srut6 bhtin nripaS sri-Sangamesvarah | 

yat-kirti karp&ra-karnap&ram harin-mukhe || 

tasyatmajo'bhdd dharmajnas sarva-sastradi-barbanah | 

vira-sri-mangaladar§6 vira-Sri-Bukka-bhftpatiti || 

Gauri-sahacharat tasmad udabh&d raja-ISkharah | 

saktaprati . . SkandamSd raja Hariharesvarah p 

bhuvi Parasu-Rama-Raghava-Yadu-vir&s trishu yugeshu pdrvesbu | 

Harihara iva Kali-yuge'sau Haribara ity ajani vimata-baraneoa h 

urvim sasati b&hun& HariharS . .-dharshitSndra-Sriya |- 

kavye'satya-su-bandhanam kamalinf-naldtkare kantakam | 

taralyam tatitam ganeshu tanima madhyftshu vamabhruv&m | 

malinyam ghana-mandale kirn aparam vaitanda-gandg madab II 

bbo bho Narada kirn samudra bhavita vardhanti saptambudbih | 

pradad vipra-kare jay! Hariharas tad-vari v&ramnidhih | 

Srir gehe hridaye Haris suranadi-tirtham kare svardari | 

mdrtte bhagya-sasi-vidhitayushmam manas svasti nah h 

svasti bbdmandala-bhuja-danda vartamana-raja-parainesvara ptirva-paSchima- 
dakshina-uttara-samudraika-n&yaka bhasbatilangbya-r&janya-bhujanga Hindu- 
raja-suratrana saranagata-vajra-panjara vaidika-marga-pratishtb&pan&charyya 
para-nari-sabodara budha-Sarasvata raja-V&lmiki raja-Vy&sa rflj&dhiraja raja- 
paramesvara ity-^di-birudavali-bbtisbita Harihara-mabarajah svasti Sri-Sfili- 
vahana-sakabde 1302 Ravudri-nama-samvatsara-Magha-masi gita-paurnam&syam 
Bharga[va]-v^8are asmin punya-titbau Sri-Pamp&ksbetre Virftp&kshSSvara-sanni- 
dbau Hosala-desalankara-Abaliga-nadu-saramandhinam ) Senapuri-pttrva-dig- 
bhage Singapura-nam^nam dasa-saakhya-vrittUpariraitam agrab&ram kritva 
dasa-sankhyakebhyo brabmanebhy6 nana-g6trebhyo nana-§^khebhy6 n&nft-n&raa- 
bhyah sa-hirany6daka-dana-dbar&-pftrvakaih pradat | tesham n&ma-gdtrani 
likhyante t£shu | (•** Hnet following contain names of rrittidtrt.) sambftyaiva dala-san- 
khy a-brahmanebhy ah dasa-sankhy a-vr i tti-par i mi tarn H osala-desalank^ra- Abali- 
ga-nada-sammandhinam Sing&pur&khyam gramam ekam | kaluvali upagrima 
Magehalli saha Singapurasya cbatus-simevalagulla nidhi-nikshSpa-jalartaru- 
pi8hana-siddha-s4dhyagalemba asbta-bbogartejas-sv&myavannu sunka suvarn&- 
daya davasadaya saba sakala-samyavannu nirup&dhi lUchandrarka-sthfiyigalfcgi 

Digitized by 


20 Hassan Taluq. 

sarvamanya-agrab&ravagi yi-Pampa-kshetradalli Srt-Virftpaksha-sannidbiyalli 

Bukka-rajes vara-pratistyh4nga-bhtl-d§,navagi daSa-sankhya-parimita-y ritti 1 

Sing&purabvayam maha-agraharam daSa-sankbyltkebbyd brahmanebhyah sri- 

vira-Harihara-mabaraja^i sa-biranyodaka-dana-dh^ra-pdryam pradat sukbadiada 


cbinUratnam jan&n&m Yadukala-tilakam chid-vilasatma-darsam | 

tushta bhtt-mandalendram bhavana-nuta-maha-daaa-punya-pradanam | 

satru-kahmapala-sarvacbala-Kulisadharam Saradam mantra-siddham | 

raja-Vyasam mahantam Harihara-nripatim raja-Valmikim abub h 

evam vidhasya Singapura-agrabarasya cbatus-sima-vibhagab kathyate (following 

4 lints oontsin the boundaries). 

dharma-sakshigalu | 

aditya-chandr^v anilo'nalas cba dyaur bbilmir apo bridayam Yamas cba i 
aba§ cba ratri§ cha ubhe cba sandhye dbarmasya janati narasya vrittam || 
6Ya-dattam para-dattam y$l yd harfiti vasundharam | 
sbasbti-varsha-sahasrani visbtayam jSyate krimih || 
sva-datt& putriki dhatri pitri-datta sabodari I 
anya-datta svayam m&t& datt&m bhtimim parityajSt || 
dana-p^lanayor madbye danat sreyouupalanam | 
d&n&t syargam avapnoti palanad Achyutam pad am || 
Indrah prichhati cbandalim kim idam pachyatS tvaya | 
sva-mamsam suraya siktam kapaleoa chitagnina h 
dSva-br&hniana-vitt&ni balad apabaranti ye | 
tesham pada-rajo-bbitya cbarmana ptbitam inaya I! 

mad-vamsajah para-mahipati-vamsajd, va ye bhftmipas satatam ujvala-dharma- 

chitt^h | 
mad-dharmam eva satatam pari-palayanti tat-pada-padma-yugalam sirasa 

nam&mi || 
sri-Krisbnarpananj astu || 


At Kundur (same hobli), on* a virakal in the precincts of a rained temple. 

Namas tuDga-srias-chumbi-chandra-cb^mara-charave i 
traildkya-nagararambba-mtlla-stambhaya Sambhave I! 

svasti Srima. .bham Yadava-kulambara-marttanda rajadhiraja vira-sri- 

Narasinga-Deva Dorasamudra nali sukba-sat-sankatb^-viaodadim rajyam 

geyu m ire Kunddru Chandu-Vegade Desi-Vegade tammii. . . .ra. . .mage 

nada-baluvali kadidali kaligala. . . . bdada Krodhana-samvachharada 

Sdmavaradandu yanu kalian irisidaru. 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 21 


On a stone at the same place. 

§ri |) namas tunga Svayambhuve || 

svasti raja puravaradhisvara MadhukSSva svaram Banavaseya- 

bidina[li] eukba-sankatha-vinodadim r&jyam geytum irddam | maharajana rfija- 

gnrugalU Malega-Jiyange magam K*\ na magam Bammayeyam tanna 

bhuja-bala-avasbtambadim virainam mejedu tatta mam ttiri gandagali- 

tanadiih arasugalam mecbcbisi karunya ttavam kattisikondu 

Sivalyavam tej6nnatavam madisidam (following 85 lines contain details of grant and usual 

final phrases.) lisidam su-putra kula-dipakam enisidam madbyanna- 

kalpataru Kadaniba-Jiya sthiram jiya. . .sri sri biruda-rftva,ri-mukha-tilaka.ii 
Varddba na magam Gangojam hoyda-sasanam .... 


At Honnavalli (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of JMidir Sabban^a. 

(Telugu characters.) 

Sri-Ramaya namab 

namas tunga-siras-cbumbi-chandra-chamara-cbarave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mtlla-stambhaya Sambhave |i 
Harer lila-varabasya damshtra-dandas sa pa^u yah | 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dbatrl chhatra-sriyam dadbau h 

svasti Sri-yijayabhyudaya-Saliv^hanarSaka-varshambulu 1 586 agun-aneti 
S6bbakrit-samvat8ara-Magha-raasam §u 15 lu I Atreya-g6trapastamba-siltra 
Yajus-sakhadhyayulunnu Soma-vamsodbhavalunnu ayina Ariviti-Rangapa- 
Rajayyavariki pautrulunnu Gopala-Rajayyagariki putrulunnu ayina srimad- 
rajadbiraja r&ja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sri-vira SrirangaJUya-D6va-ma- 
harayalayyav&ru Srivatsa-gdtrAlsayana-sCltra Rik-SftkhSdhyayinni Venkatayyaku 
pautrudunnu Tiruvfingalayyaku putrudunnu ayina Kuchchayyaku palinchiua 
bbft-dana-dharma^Sisana kramam etlannanu i Beldriki chelle Pa}yem4imal6ni 
Hounavalli-gramana prag-datta-svasthya-manyalu yinaga nagariki chelle 
bhftmi | Atreya-g6tr&pastamba-s1itra-Yaja8-s&kh&dby&yulunnu S6ma-yamS6- 
dbhavalunnayina Ariviti-Rangapa-Rajayyaku pautrulunnu G6p41a-RajayyagS,riki 
putrulunnu ayina Srimad-rajadbiraja raja-parameSvara Sri-vira-prat&pa Sri- 
vira-Sriranga-Raya-Deva-mah^rayalayyavaru BelHrilo ratna-simhaaanadhyak- 
sbulayi prithvi-s&mrajyam eluchunnu Srivatsa-gotrAlsayana-stitra-Rik-sakh^- 
dbyayinni Venkatayaku pautrudunnu Tiruvengalayaku putradunn ayina Ku- 
chchayyaku Belfrriki chelle Palyem-stmaloni Honnavalli-gramana pr&g-datta- 
sy&sthya-mSayilu yinaga nagarki chelle bhfimi yi-tathMi^**)thi-pu9ya*kala- 

Digitized by 


22 Hassan Taluq. 

mandu 8a-hirany6daka-d&na-dh4r4-ptirvakamuga tri-karana-tri-vachakambuga 
Velapari-stbalamandu sri-Cbannakesava-svami-sannidbini 3ri-V§nkatS§vara- 
pritiga srf-Krishnarpananga dbara-dattam chSstimi ganuka a-Palyem-simaloni 
Honnavalli gramana palinchi prag-datta-svastbya-manyalu yinagi nagariki 
chelle bhfimina nidhi-nikshepa-jala-p&sh&nakshi^ag&mi siddha-s&dhyambulane 
asbta-bhogarteja-syamyamulunnd danadi-viaimaya-vikrayanaku challunattuga 
nivu ptitra-pautra-paramparyam a-cbandrarkastayiga auubbavincbukoni su- 
khana vundedi | Atreya-gdtrApastamba-sdtra-Yajus-sakbadhyayalunnd Soma- 
vamsddbhavalunnayina Arvfti-Rama-Raju-Rangapa-Rajayyaku pautralunnCi 
Gdp&la-Rajayyavariki putralunn ayina srimad-rajadhiraja r&ja-paramesvara sri- 
vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sriranga-Raya-Deva-mabarayalayyavara Srivatsa-gotrAsla- 
yaaa-siltra-Rik-8akhadhyayiani Venkatayyaku pautrudannu Tiruvedgalayyaku 
putrandunn ayina Kuchcbayyaku palincbina bbil-daQa-dbarraa-sasaaamu (here 

follow usual flnml rerset.) 



At Bann&rupura (same hobli), on a copper plate in possession of 
Sima-Bhatta, son of Dodda-Mailiri-Bhafta. 

(In Teloga oharaettrs.) 


namas tunga-§iras-chumbi-cbandra-cMmara-cbarave | 
trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya SambhavS it 
Harer lilfi-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
Hemadri-kalasa yatra dbatri cbhatra-Sriyam dadbau || 

svasti sri-Salivahana-saka-varsbagalu 1585 raSubhakrit-saiiivatsarada Vaisakba- 
su 15 lu Atreya-sa-g6trA.pastainba-stltra Yajus-sakhadhyayaru Sdma-vamsodbha- 
yar&da Ariviti-R&ma-Raja-Rarigapa-Rajayyanavarige pautraru Gopala-Rajayya- 
navarige putrarada srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri- 
vira-SriraDga-Raya-DSva-maharayar-ayyaravaru Ghanagiri-sthaladalli ratna- 
siihhasanadhyaksharagi prithvi-samrajyav alutalu | Srivatsa-gotrApastamba- 
sutra YajuS-i&khadhyayan&da Gonipada Janardayana pautranu Srinivasayyana 
putranada Anayage palisida bhCt-d&na-dharma-sasana-kramav entendare | 
Beldrige saluva Abbaliga-nadolagana Vasudevanahalli | Balltlrapurakke 
paschiraa Haravahallige purva Nidagaravallige uttara Bettahallige daksbina- 
vada Vasudevanahalli-grama yi-tatba-tithi-punya-kaladalli sa-biranyodaka-dana- 
dhara-pftrvakavagi tri-karana-tri-vacbakavagi yalle chatus-simantavagi Velapuri" 
stbaladalli Vishnusamudra-tiradalli §ri-Channa-Kesava-svami-sannidhili sri- 
Venkatacbalapati-pritiyagi sri-Krishnarpanavagi dha-(baok)ra-datta madidev- 
ada-karana a-Vasudevanahalli-gramava yalle-chatus-siinantayagiha nidbi- 
nikshepa-jala-pashanakshinagami-siddba-sadhyagal emba asbta-bhoga-t§ja- 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 23 

svamyagalannu dan&di-vinimaya-vikrayakke salluvante ninna putra-pautra- 

paramparyavu a-VisudSvanahalli-gramava a-chandrarka-sthayi agi anubhavisi- 

kondu sukhadall ibadu (otaai final Tenet.) 

brahmasva-paripushtani vahanani balani cha | 

yuddha-k&le yislryante saikatas setavo yatba h 

sva-datta medinl putrt vipra-datta sahddari | 

anya-datt& svayam mata dattam bbtimim parityajSt H 



At Atoru (Aldru hobli), on a stone on the asvatha-katte, near the village gate. 

Siilivahana-saka-varusha 1568 neya Partbiva-samvatsarada Aivayuja-ba 5 Id 

sriman-mah&rajadhiritja r&ja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa Sriranga-Raya-maha- 
rayara karyyakke kartarada Venkatadri-Nayakara Krishnama-Nayaka-saho- 
dara. . . .Timma-Nayakarige. . srimatu-Veukat-tdri-Nayakaru kotta sila-sasanada 
kramav entendare rijya-karya '. dati nadiya simake saluva 


At Madabalu (same hobli), on a virakal to the north of the Sdman&thiivara temple. 

Svasti samasta-praSasti-sahitam Srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-sri-pratapa-Hoysala- 
bhuja-bala-Vira-Ballfilana rajyam geye Saka-varusha 1133 neya Prajotpatti- 
samvatsarada Phalguna-babula 10 Brihaspativaradandu Nele-nad olagana 
Madabila-kattinge Kerehalliyavar-odane kadi Hantiya yereyangalu sattu 
katteya katti biragallan irisida kramav entendade Madabala Makeya-Nayaka 
mukhyav fida samasta-prajegalum Hancbeya 


At the same place, on the west side. 

Svasti samasta-prasasti-sabitam Srimad- Vishnu vardhana-pratapa-Hoysala— 
bhuja-ba}a-Vira-BallAlaua rajyadolu Saka-varsha 1133 neya Prajdtpatti-samva- 

tsarada Ph&lguna-bahula 10 Brihaspatiyaradandu nad olagana v&gi 

samasta-prajegalum Hancbeya Gaddey-arasugala bali gdtrakke ko^u bh&mi 
hana star ibaru id alihidavaru Gangeya 


At Karjjavalli (same hobli), on a stone at the Kalttivara temple. 

Singiri Kaji-Santa-Devaru yi-mata-devara ktldiru yi-sostiyana nadisade alipi- 
dare deva-ldka martya-ldkakke hoyagu | Saumya-samvatsarada Sr&vana-bahula 

Digitized by 


24 Hassan Taluq. 

14yal<l Srtmatu-Karjjavalliya Parve-Gaudara maga Kalle-Gaudaru Kanattira 
Timmappanavarige punyav agalendu Kallesvara-dSvara amruta-padige saluva 
gadde beddalolage Santa-DSvara matake kba 24 bhatta sv&stiya nadasuvadu 
tateya 24. 


At Kanatfir (same hobli), on a stone in the back-yard of JamAlnddin Sabi's house. 

Svasti Saka-varisha 947 Krodhana-samvatsara Chaitra-masada peretale-devasam 
age. . svasti-p&radh&ra . . . ni-sambhava Bimavad-abhala ga. . .ppitashtadasa. . . 
svamedha pa. . . Permmadi . . .Padamavatf-vara-prasida-labdha-simha-USchana 

yana-gaja-samasta-pratirajya. . .singa nagar&dhina samananappa . 

srimad-malapa-raja malepar Aditya beh-Marutta-d&y&da. . . .kava kaligal- 

ankusa-prahari . . . . hara. . .Man ale. . . . mtintljaya nal-gavunda Kanna va- 

Gavandana maga d&ra. . . .aneya nSyisi se. . .vattama katti kode a-de. . . . 

ttarege initu va kottagu ya Kadabavalliyo ra siddiyage kddegeyi intap- 

pudake Sunkajjana m&varii Sovarasanum manevergge Bisayya 

nada-perggade D&sayya Subayya-Settiyu Appanada kayya. . . Sanagoda 

perggade Birayyanu mo Kugavalliya M&cha-Gavundana Basettiyu 

Birat&ra Maradi-Gavundanu Vanaga-Gavundana hebbara H-Hemma- 

Gavunda. .ida bareda senabova Vdrayyage. . .kotta sasana. . . .maryy&dege 
tappidavam taya-deseya pattu taleyum tandeya deseya panneradu taleyuma 

47 . 
At Marusu (same hobli), on a virakal near the entrance of the Kallisvara temple. 

Svasti 5ri-samasta-bhuvana§raya sri-prithvi-vallabharii mahar&jadhirajam Dva- 
ravati-pura-varadhisvararum maleraja-raja maleparol ganda ganda-bherunda 
nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti sri-Hoysana-Vira-Narasimha-DSva-arasaru Saka- 
varisha 1205 Cnitrabhanu-samvatsara-Bhadrapada-su 13 Man du Konda- 

Nayaka Rdmanatha-Deva nadadalli Kbara-Devayya yara 

Palyada yya-N&yaka Khandaya-Raya pala voratta-Murari anapara 

sainaradall iyidu sura-16ka-praptan adanu 


At the same temple, on a virakal on the north side. 

Svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja Dv&riU 
vati-pura-varadhisvara maler&ja-raja maleparol u ganda ganda-bherunda nis- 
sanka-pratapa-cbakravarti Hoysala sri-Vira-Narasinga-Dev-arasaru Saka- 
varusba 1200 neya Isvara-samvatsarada Pushya-su dodda maga 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 25 


At Dudda (Dudda hobli), on a virakal at the entrance of the KallAivara temple. 

Svasti sri-Dhatu-samvatsarada Chayitra-ba 5 Bu | svasti samasta-bhuvana- 
srayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramesvaranutn appa Hoysala 
Sri-Vira-N&rasimha-Dev-arasaru sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyvuttiralu 

Sevuna-Raya-besadim banda so vatikamanu bavara[dan]du Duddada 

Hiriya-Baicheya-Nayakana maga Enkanna. . . .yacbeyada boyida sami-kariya 
.na anna Dekayau i da biragalu avara birudu sitagara-ganda. 


On a second virakal at the same place. 

Vijaya-samvatsarada Marggasira-sudda 1 Bu svasti sri-prithvi-vallabham maha- 
rajadhiraja Magara-rajya-nirmfllanaih Ch61a-rajya-pratishth&charyyanum appa 
Hoyisana-Vira-N&rasimha-Devara besadiiii Duddada Chattaya-Naykana raom- 
maga Kdsakali endum i-karyyakke tale gottallige Chattavve tanna magange 
nilisida vlragallu. 


On a third virakal at the same place. 

Svasti sri Saumya-samvatsarada Magha-su 5 So | svasti samasta-bbuvanasrayam 
Sri-prithvi-vallabha maharajadhiraja paramesvaranum appa Hoysala-Sri-Vira- 
Vallfila-Devaru sukha-sankath&-vin6dadim rajyam geyutt iralu turakaru Dora- 
samudrakke yetti bandalli Duddada Nadegoveya Machaya-Nayakana maga 
Baicheya-Nayakanu ubhaya-dala mechcbe hoyadadi biddalli atana tamma Padi- 

Nayaka a-maga Machayanu kddi yettisida biragallu madid fcchari 

janu. . . . dikiy a-Nay akana maga. 


At Jakkinahalli (same hobli)! ofi a stone near the KallMvara temple. 

Namas tunga siraS-chumbi-chandra-ch&mara-charave | 

trailokya-nagar&rambba-mtlla-stambhaya Sambhavfi h 

tato Dv&r&vati-n&thah Poysala dvipi-lancbhanah | 

jfctAS SasapurS tfishu Vinayaditya-bhtlpatih || 

Kaodm II &-Vinay&dityaiigam | pavana-ch&ritre Keleyabarasigav akhilor- | 

vvi-varan udayam geydam | Srivara-pada-padma-bhringan Ereyanga- 

nripam || 
atana tanayan ati-pra- | khyatan udaram samasta-lokadharam | 
niti-vidan endod upama- | titam sri- Vishnu -bhftpa samaratopam |i 

Digitized by 


26 Hassan Taluq. 

sa-3rtvallabha-p&da-pallava-luthach-chetah-prasCtnas sad& i 
Lakshmi-Srf-nayana-prabha-dhavalite dorddanda vajriUayS | 
bibhrfcno dharanfm kakub-jaya-btaarah prasphara-bhSri-rav&d i 
gdtrorvviruha-supta-simha-hridayS sphotam chakara sphutam || 
jayati dharani-lokottamsit^tmiya-padah | 
chatura-vibudha-goshthi-praudba-v&ni-vinodah | 
sakala-bharata-vidya-hridya-gambhira-bhavah i 
vipula-vijaya-lakshrai-vallabbo Vishnu-DSvah it 
Vfitts U Dhanadam dakshina-vayuv eke tadedatto ttdit ill innuv em- I 
binegam vairi-kar6ti-koti-mukba-nas&-randhradol mandra-ni- | 
svanam unnial Malayanilam sulidu kalakshepamarii Vishnu-bbd- | 
paua jaitrdrwareyalli maduvudu K&veri-nadi-tiradol n 
inaa orvvam poyagage pel puduve tgjam kshatriyang Arkanan- [ 
danan orvam poragage pel puduve dan am bhtlbbujang Abjaga- | 
rbhanum orvvam poragage pel puduve chaturyyam nripang endu me- | 
cbchan ivam mattina-bhdparam nripa-varam sri-rtlpa-Narayanam h 
sthiranS kayyole dhatriyam nilisidam tejasviye vahniyam | 
korag irppam kudal arppane kanaka-Sailam ddrav agirddu ni- | 
ttarisittem suchiye nirlkshisidavar nishpapigal chalvane | 
Harauam mohisal entuv arppan adhikam sri-Vishnu-bhupalakaih n 
javanura tan nay a gandu lachchanam euipp a-miseyam tiddal an- | 
juvinam kanduguv endu kal-ugurgal anarararigal suyyal an- | 
juvinam tejfida sonkinindave mesigend uddhatar nnodal an- | 
juvinam vikrama-vibhramam sogayisitt i-Vishnu-bhCipalaiiol n 
balasuttam kirttisuttum sulidu sulidu terkkays iral kftde Sesho- | 
jjvala-k&yam tivid-a-peligevol ire sarojatajandam dharitri- | 
talav ellara tanna dirghayuvane parasi pardd elvinarii ksbatra-dharmmo- 1 
jvala-ramyotturiga-harmmy&rppita-mani-kalasarii Visbnu pettam bed- 

angaih 11 
padadol kdrmma-svardpam nayana-yugaladol matsya-rtiparii ghana- 

gri- I 
vadol adi-kroda-r&pam naduvinolu nrisimhatvav utma-prabbiva- | 
spadadol R&ma-trayatvarh mati-vikasanadol Buddha-r&p agi gujj a- | 
gada Kalkitvakke mey darada Hariy-enipam Vishnu-jishnu-ksbitisam n 
Dharadharo bhuja-balavatam Malavadbisvaranam 
Bhojenaujo-vijita-ripuna varddhita ya prasiddha | 
sabhdd aposa'uam abita-bbii-bhdjane yasya pftrvvarii 
Kauberasa-bijaya-samaye varnnyate kim sa virah || 
sandhyasav iti chakravaki-manasaih kim kim ddisi sr&yate 
bahyalim iba Vishnu-vira-nripatau nirggachchhati svechclihaya j 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 27 

kshunna-kshoda-talottha-pamsu-patalair grasta. ha gramani h 
stuti-vachanaugal altu ripu-kdtige bhima-par&kramam dayfir | 
sati satiy appa karanade t&ne kripam manara oldu belpavargg \ 
atisayav agal ittu vipularjjuna-kirttiy enalke b§ye Bha- | 
rata-kathey embud eke sale Vishnu-nripaJa-cbaritre salade h 

Kaoda II a-Visbnu-varddhanatigam | 

Sri-vadhug eney enisi negalda pempina Lakshma- | 
Devige sutan udayisidam | 
bbft-vidita-yaso-vibhasi Narasimha-nripam h 

v r ittall tarala-vilochanancbalake kemp inituih bare bakkuv agal an- | 
t ari-narapala-sankulada pandale kayge turanga-raji man- | 
durake gajali salege dbanam nija-kosa-gribantarakke tad- | 
dhare kaditakkav undigege vol esev i-Narasiihba-Devana || 
ari-bbftpar vvandu mey doridod avayavadim toyane kr&ra-daitye- | 

' " bhi- { 
kara-jihvakirnna-girnnananaman ogeda kfcr-ddadeyam sanchalat-ke- | 
sara-bhas vat-kantbama m ghargbara-ghana-ravamam Narasimha-ksbi- 

tiSam || 
Ahipatiyante bbogi sasiyante kaladharan Isanant uma- | 
sahan Amarendranante vibhavanvitan unnata-Meru stlryanant I 
ahima-kara-prabhavan Amarejyanavol bahu-tatva-kovidam | 
mabi-nutan endu bannipudu dhatriyol i-Narasimha-Devanarh n 
svasti samadhigata-paiicba-maha-sabda naaha-mandalesvaram Dvaravatipura- 
var&dbisvaraiii virodbi-narapala-jala-kuja-vichcbhedana-kutharam rajadhiraja 
Yadava-kula-kamala-marttanda ganda-bhferundam sriraat-Tribbuvana-malla Ta- 
lak^u-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanungal-Halasige-Beluvalara gonda 
bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga prat&pa-Hoysala-Narasimha-DSvam HimarSetuvindola- 
gada bbttmiyam bbuja-balavashtambhadim taldi dushta-nigraba-sishta-pratipala- 
nadim sukba-sankatba-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttum ire tat-pada-pa&mSpajfvi 
maha-pradhanam beggade-Kalimeyyau-anvayoonatiy entendade | 

Kanda II Yfid&dbyayan&dhy&pana | v^darttha-vichara veda-vihitanushtha- | 
na-dara v&da-vinodana- | n adam Gdvindan emba viprottamsam h 
ay-ayyana hiriya-magam | nyayadin &ch&radind&v ucbitadio atula- j 
Srlyim jasadim jagati- | jy&yam t&n agi N&ga-Rudram negaldam h 
•a-Nkga-Rudramayyanim nSrggipyam | 

8ri-ramani-pati su-gund- | daram sphurad-amrita-mttrtti mflrtti-Mandjaih | 
d&ridrya-vidrutargge vi- | charise mardd enisi Maddimayyam negaldam || 
a-negalda Maddi-Rajana | manasa-kala-bamsey enisi kula-vadhu negaldal | 
bbft-nuta-patibratonnati- | Janakiyam jadidu ntlnki Makavey embal n 

Digitized by 


28 Hassan Taluq. 

Vfitu II guna-yuktam Maddi-Rajam janaka janani M&kavve Gdvindanam N&- | 

kanar aty-udda dhiratmanujam Bd- | 

chana sevyam Narasimhorvvipa tanage kula-svamiy Ardhenduchvlda- | 
mani deyvam tannol end and avar ivar ajave matyarol Kalimayyam h 
vanadhig ad onde gunpu sabajam Kanak&drig ad onde pempu matt | 
anuparaa-danav onde nijam a-divija-kshitijakke ndrppad a- I 
vanadhiya gunpu Meruvina pempu sura-drimad arpp ad aragam | 
tanag enal i-dhara-taladol ar ddore heggade-Kalimayyanol 11 
jadi ripu-rakta-variyolag a-jala-kelig odarchchad irddadam | 
jadi kadid ikki vairi-bhata-khandadol indeyan adad irddadam | 
jadi samadebha-kumbha-yugamara bide saulane silad irddadam | 
jadiy anut irppa Kalana karasi karam jadiyuttum irppudum || 
Kandm II kottu jasad-artthi-gandam | 

kattayada biruda nudiva sitagara gandam i 
net^ane para-van iteyar-odav- | 
uttidan ene Kalimayya bantara bhavam h 
v r itt» II Kanakadrindraman unnatikke vibhavam Devendranam murtti Ka- I 
manan artt iva-gunam Dadbichi Baliguttam Charudattangav ond | 
enitanum migil endod evogaldapem vidvaj-janadharanara | 
vinayambhdnidhi Kalimayyanan ati-prakhyatanam dhatriyol || 
jana-vinutam vivfcka-nidhi sach-charitasrayan atma-vamsa-va- \ 
rddbanan abhimana-Meru sujanagrani daaa-vinddi punya-bba- h 
janan anavadyan endu dhare bannipud alkarol eyde Kaliraa- | 
yyanan ina-tejanam guni-samajanan asrita-kalpa-bhftjanam || 
samaradol ant arati-naranatha-vadhtt-vadanakke haravam | 
kamala-dalakshi-yugmadole kankanam oppire ramyav appa kun- i 
kuma-ghana-paryyatopama-kuchangalol anduge madid ondu vi- | 
krama-ghana-sauryyad unnatike sallado heggade-Kalimayyanol h 
misuguva Tarakadri-ruchiyim dugudharnnava-phSna-rochiyim j 
desegalan avagam belagut irppa himakara-bimbadim vira- | 
jisuv Amarendra-dantiya tanu-chchhaviyiih migil agi parvvi ra- j 
jisuvudu kirtti dbatriyolag i-vibhu-heggade-Kalimayyaua || 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-jana-vinuta-guna-ganalankara | vidagdha-varangana- 
jana-kucha-kalasa-tara-hara | dSva-dvija-guru-ptijiUvidb&na-tatpara. .yatam | 
Manu-m&rgga-charitam | chatu8-samudra-mudrita-dharatala-kirtti-(lata)vallt- 
vellita-dig-antarala | vibudha-jana-manas-sarojakara-mada-marala | yachaka- 
nikara-mukha-sarasiruha-prabhakara | niti-ratnakara | udvrittarati-bala-byiiba- 
kadali-vana-vidalana-prachanda-vedanda | sitagara-ganda | akbanditabbimana- 
Kaninan j avaryya-bhuja-viryyan | asahaya-sauryya bantara-bhava | jasad- 
artthi-ganda I sitagaragandakadana-prachanda namadi-prasasti-sahitam Sriman- 
maba-pradhanam heggade-Kalimayyatii sriman-mahagraharam Santi-graniada 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 29 

Koravangalada Jakkeyanahalliyalu srt-Kalesvara-devaram su-pratishtitam madiy 
a-devar-aDga-bhdga-nitya-nivedya-pCljegam khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharakkarii 
tapodhanar-anna-danakkav agi d£vara badagana meyya raavinabaviyim badagalu 
tota volagagi mtl-gandugada hadinaidu-kolaga-gadde Chikka-Gavundana kodagi- 
gereyal immeyya-kodiyind olagada niruvariyim badaga muntagi hoda Hudugejrey- 
olagu mutte gaddey adakke teyey ondu hanavan ikkuvar allindam m&le banda- 
dam gavudugalu pariharisuvavaru | Gavudugeyeyalli • tarn ma kodagiyalu 
khanduga gaddeyum haldu Bicbeyanakerey fcvagav adag-immeyyi beddalu 
Hudugereya mtldana kodiyalu khanduga jolada beddalu devara hindana dese- 
yalu jolav aydu kolagada beddal &-devarim saytu mftdalu natta kail a sirae- 
varam beddalu Btlva-Gavundana kummari dasakada bali jolam badinaydu 
kolagada beddal inituvam devarige bittar | i-dSvara sthana-patigal entendade | 
piridum Same-dameyiudarii | karav arid enip ondu tapadin &gamadindam | 
nirutam ranjisutirddam | dbareyoju Sivasakti-Panditang eney &vam || 
svasti yama-niyama-svadhy^ya-dbyana-dharana-mdn^nushtbana-japa-sam&dhi- 
Sila-guna-sarapannar appa Sivasakti-Panditarige K&lSSvara devara sth&navam 
dhara-pCtrvvakarii m&di Kalimayya-Heggade kotta I 

priyadind int idan eyde kava-manujang fiyum jaya-Srfyum a- | 
kkey idam kayade kayva papige Kurukshetrangalol V&raniU | 
siyol ek-koti-munindraram kavileyam vedadhyaram kondud ond | 
ayasam pordduguv endu s&ridapuv i-§ail&ksharam dh&triyol || 
sva-dattftm para-dattfim v& yo bareta vasundhar&m | 
shashti-varBha-sahasr&ni vishth&y&m jayate krimib || 
na visbam visbam ity &hur devasvam visham uchyatS I 
visbam ekakinam hanti devasvam putra-pautrakaxh || 
8amany6yam dbarmma-setur nripan&m kale kftle palaniyd bhavadbhib | 
sarwfi,n etan bhavinah parthivendr&n bbttyd bhtlyfi yacbatfe R&ma- 

chandrafc || 
S&ryya^aih lekhaka Madana-MaheSvaram barevar-ach&ryyam Saka-varsha saei- 
rada tombhatt-eradaneya Vikriti-samvatsarada barada S&sanav id firchandrarkka- 
t&rara niluke | Sivaya namah | devara-kereya-dariyim badaga belada-marada 
badagana deseyalu gadde beddalu Btrabovange md-ganduga I Ganapataye namafr || 


Svastiy anavarata-parama-kalyin&bhyudaya-sahasra-phala-bhfiga-bh&gini dviti- 
ya-Lakshmi-sam&neyaru savati-gandha-v&raneyar appa piriy-arasi Ketala-Devi- 
yara besadim heggade-Bittiyannanu heggade-Malliyannanum Sri-KMSsvara-dS- 
vara nanda-divigege kai-gana onduvam Darmmukhi-samvatsarada Paushya- 
babula 8 Vaddavaradalu uttarayana-sankaramanadalu bittaru I-dharmmavam 
kedasihen endavaru Gange- Varan asiyalu muntndraraih kavileyam vedadhyaram 
konda dosha i 

Digitized by 


30 Hassan Taluq. 


At Honnammanahalli attached to Dudda, on a stone in the Honnamma temple. 
.. . . padmankitam tol eradu nisita-vajra-prabha-bhasuram tdl | 

erad udyach-chakra-chakrdjvala . . tala oguvti | 

. . .bannam ponna-bannakk eneyene garudam vaham agirppa chakrS- | 

Sva H 

svasti samadbigata-pancha-maha-sabda mah&-mandale§varam Dvaravatipura- 
varadhilvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumaniy artthi-jana-cbintamani Tribhuvana- 
malla Talakada^angavadi-Nonambavadi-Kongu-Nangali-Banavase-Hanungalu- 
gonda bhuja-bala vira-Gangan asabaya-sdra Sanivara-siddhi giri-dargga-malla 
chalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa-Hoysala-Ballala-Deyaru srimad-rajadbani- 
Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttav 
iralu Saka-varsha 1100 neya Vilambi-samvatsarada Vais&kha-bahula 10 Adi- 
varadandu ashtadasa-ydga-pithadhidevatey appa Duddada Honnudike-devige vira- 

Ganga-Hoysana-Devaru p&rvya-maryyadeyalu bitta dattiy avud Duddada 

hiriya kejeya kelage tenkana tumbina modal-eriyalli gadde sa 5 a-baleya tumbiaa 
bavi-kallim haduvalu bd-dota beddale deviya banadim mtidalu hunise tenkalu 
heddari haduvala kali badagalu Bammeyanahalliya slme | Bammeyanahajliya 
mahajanangalu tarama hiriya kereya kelagana mavina-kattadali bitta datti 
gadde sa \ beddale kol 10 deviya padaradhaka Bitiyannagam Honnavegam 
huttida Kala-Honneya jirnnoddharavan ftrjjitam madalu samasta-prajegalum 
Basa-Gondauum Bdva-Gondaaum senabova Bacbannauum soteyan ikki dharmma- 
mam pratipalisidaru | 

priyadind int idan eyde kava-purusbang ay urn jaya-Sriyum a- | 
kkum idam kayade kayva papige Kuruksbetrangalol Varana- | 
siyol ek-koti-munindraram kavileyam vedadbyaram kondud ond I 
ayasam pordduguv endu saridapud i-iailakshara-briyigal || 

devar-odeya Kala-Honneya yya Kimeyange hachchu kotta vritti Tippatdr 

Kadabam Ungura Cbangavi tauage Hiriya-Heggodu 


At Heragn (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Jaina-basti. 

Srimat-pavitram akalankara anantakalpam 
sv&yambhuvam sakala-mangalam adi-tirtham i 
nityotsavam manimayam niyatam jananam 
trailokya-bbushanam abam saranam prapadye |i 

sri-Vitaraga || 
Srimat-parama-gambhira-syadvadamogha-lanchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-sasanam h 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 31 

svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maba-Sabda mahft-mandalesvaram Dvfix&vatipura- 
varadhisvaram Yadava-vamsodbhava Kongu-Naiigali-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi- 
Banavase-H&nungallu-Halasige-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Ganga jagad-Ska-malla 
Hoysala-Vira-Narasimba-DSvaru §rimad-rajadhlini-D6rasamudrada nelavidinalu 
dushta-nigraha sishta-pratipalanava madi sukha-sarikatha-vinodadim prithvi- 
r&jyam geyvuttam ire tat-p&da-padm&radhakam para-bala-sadhaka-nam&di- 
samasta-prasasti-sahitam sriman-maha-pradhanam hiriya-hadavalaih Ch&vima- 
yyana negarttey entendade | 

inanam tejadol Indranam vibbavadol Chanakyanam uitiyol | 
Manuvam cbaru-cbaritradol jaladhiyam gambhiryyadol dhairyyadol | 
kanakadrindraman eyde polvan adatira trailoky amain mecbchid A- I 
rjjunauam sri-padavalla-cbaman enal ian evannipam bannipam || 
vara-vanita-janaftgala manam Kusumastra-sarakke sad-budhd- | 
tkara-kara-pankajam bahu-suvarnna-chayakk adhinatba-inandiraih | 
sthiratara-rajya-lakshinig edeyadavu rftpa-vilasad glgeyim | 
uirupama-danadim pati-hitonnajiyiih padavalla Chamana || 
anupamain appa bandbu-nivaham nija-paksham anargha-ratna-ma- | 
dana-tati pancha-varnnam akhilogra-bhujasiye cbanchu dushta-dur- | 
jjana-ripu-bhftbhujar bhujagar iige negartteyan &nta Bitti-De- | 
vana garudaih samant esedan i-dhareyol padavalla-Ch&manam || 
intu pogarttegam negarttegarii neley ada hiriya- | hadaval}a-(Mvimay- 
yana sarvvanga-Lakshmi hiriya-hadavaliti Jakkavveyara negarttey 
entendade l 

uirutam ptLjipa deyvam oppuva Jinam siddhanta-chakreSvaram | 
guru matt &-Nayakirtti-Deva-yati tay Achavve Bainmayyanum | 
. . .premada tande mikka subhadim lokaika-raksba-kshamam | 
purusham sri-padavalla-Chaman enal im Jakkavveyim dbanyar &r || 
Ratiyannalu rftpirii Bh&- | ratiyannalu vag-vilasadim saushthavadim | 
kshitiyannalu permmeg Arun- | dhatiyunnaja Jakkiyavve kanta-ratnam | 
komalavagi tane subha-lakshana-yuktam enippa mftrttiyim I 
vySmaman eyde parbbi digu-danti-varam nimird irdda kirttiyhh | 
srl-mukhadindam udbbavipa satyada mel-nudiyinde g6tr&-cbi- | 
ntamani Jakkiyavve sale raffjisidal Sacbi-deviy-andadim || 
band ereye vandi-janam a- | nandadin a-ksbanade kalpa-kujad aravey !- 1 
v andadin Ival belpuda- | n endum Jakkavve-Devi jagati-taladolu li 

takkala mikka sdrmudiya vritta-kuchangala .n6- | 

takk alar-amb iv emba nage-gangala rokkam enippa bonna-ba- | 
nnakke viSesham app adhara-kantiya Jakkala-nariy ondu bha- | 
vakke gunakke v&g-vibhavad unnatig ar dore pendir urvviyol || 
Jina-rajanghriyan oppuv archchanegalim sad-bhaktiyind arcbipal | 
vinayam gundade loka-pftjyar enisirpp acbaryyaram pritiy a- I 

Digitized by 


32 Hassan Taluq. 

ppa nav%amritad annadim tanipuval sri-Jaioa-gehangalam i 
manad uts&hade malpal i-dharaniyol Jakkavvey intappar ar h 
taladol aSokey oppuva talir mmukha-pankajadol sarojav a- | 
suli-gurul-dliyol madhapa-sankulam olnudigalge mikka-k6- | 
ldja-mayi y&nadol gaja-samuchchayam udgha-payodharakke po- | 
ngalasam enipp iv em doreye Jakkale-nariya rttpin-ejgeyol n 
rava akkam | 

Jina-rajanan atimudadind | 
anekav enip arcbchaoangaliad archchisi saj- | 
janarolu migil ene negald a- | 
yinayada kani Padmiyakkan ene mechchadar ar n 
avara gurugalu | 

sakala-vyakaran&rttha-S&stra-cbayadol k&vyangalol mikka na- | 
tikadol vastu-kavitvadol negalda siddhantangalol p&ram&- | 
rtthikadol. . .kikadol samasta-kaleyol pan gin a nadey. . | 
dhikan &dam Nayak!rtti-Deva*yatipam siddh&nta-chakresvaram n 
Herag ollitt end ell$tm | nirutam binnavise keldu basadiyan aty-a- I 
daradinde madi Jakkale | dhareyam dbarmmakke kottu jasamam padedal 11 
ad eat endade Saka-varsham 1077 neya Yuva-samvatsarada Pushyad-amavasye 
Adi?&rav-nttarayana-sankr3,ntiyandu sriman-maha-pradhanarii hiriya-badava- 
lam Ch&vimayyana sarvv&nga-Lakshmi hiriya-hadavalati Sri-Mftla-sangada De- 
siya-ganada Pustaka-gachcbhada Konda kund&nvayad acharyyaru sri-Nayakirtti- 
siddh&nta-chakravarttigala guddi Jakkavveyaru mabotsabadira tavu Heraginalu 
pratishtheyam madisida sri-Chenna-Parsvanatba-svamigala sri-pada-padm&shta- 
vidh&rchchanakkam uttunga-chaityalayada khanda-sphutita-jirnnoddharana- 
kkam risbiyar-abara-d&nakkav endu srimatu Heragina prabhugalftr-odeya- 
Soman&thimayya B&vimayya Singa-Gavundan olagada samasta-prabhugala 
samasta-pradhanara sannidhanadalu sriman-maba-mandalesvara-Narasimha- 
Devargge binnaham geydu hiriya-kereya kil-eriyalli kalla-tumbina samipadalu 
bidisida gadde salagey aydu beddaleyalli sthalav ondu | 


Svasti §riman-maba-mandalesvaram Dvaravatipura-varadbisvaranum Kongu- 
Nangali-^jangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanungalu-gonda bbuja-bala vira- 
Gangan asata&ya-sftra nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Sri-Ballalu-Devaru Dorasamu- 
drada r&jadbaniyalli sukha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyam geyyuttum ire 
Jaya-samvatsarada Pusyad amavase-Mangalavara-vyatipata-Uttarashadha- 
'nakshatradandu Heragina basadige modalu gadyana 1 kkaiii bali-sabitavagi 
gady&nav ippatta-nalkakkam bhftmiyam dbara-piirvvakam madi bitta sthala 
hiriya-keyeya kibbayalalu bittiga-gattav ondu ilrinda haduvana boladalli 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 33 

beddale nalvatt-eradu gena galeyalu kambba 32 J bitta datti li 
gata-lflam Lalan alainbita-baha]a-bbay6gra-jvaram GCirjjaram san- i 
dhrita-§Cilam Gaulan angikrita-krisatara-sampallavam Pallavam cbft- I 
rnnita-ch(ilam Cholan adam kadana-vadanadol bberiyam poyse vira- | 
hita-bhftbbrij-jala-kalanalan atula-balam Vira-Ballala-Devam li 
manam old udyad-ya5as-sri-pati nele modal agal salvant eral-pon- | 
Dan aparaudaryya-paryyunnatanum udadhiyum Meruv a-chandranum nil- | 
vinav atyutsahadindam Peragina Jina-gehakke bittaiu purandhri- I 
jana-lilanaDga-rftpam mathana-jaya-bbujam Vira-Ballala-Devam h 
ati-sobhakaram appa Vishnuvina vaksha-sthanadol Laksbmiy un- | 
nati vett irppavol irkke kirtti-yutanol §ri-Ch&manol kftdi san- | 
gata-satvar vvahu-putraram padevutam Jakkavve cbandrarkkarum I 
ksbitiyum Meru-nagendram ullinegam im bhadram subbam mangalaih n 
ivan iy-andadin eyde palisidavargg isbtarttha-samsiddhi Bam- | 
bhavikum kond alidange Gange Gaye Kedaram Kurukshetram emb | 
ivarol pesade parrvaram goravaram go-brindamam pendiram | 
tave kond ikkkida papam eydugum avam bilgum nigodaugalol n 
sva-dattam para-dattam va yd bareta vasundharain I 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishtbayam jayate krimib a 


Svasti Srimatu-Durmmukhi-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha-dasaini-Somavara- 
dandu Heragina Chenna-Parisva-devara nanda-divigege sriinatu sunkada 
heggade Heragina Bach-arasa-Gattiy-arasa-Bamma^D§va-Ballayyangalu surika- 
vam bittaru ettu-gana ondakkam a-telligara mane-dere onduvam ftr-odeya- 
Nara8iiiganna Mara-Gavunda senabova-Somayyan olagada samasta-prajegal ir- 
ddu bitta dbarmma || 


At the same village, on a stone at the gate of the Kirtti-Nir&yana temple. 
£tat trailokya-nirmmana-trana-sambriti-karanam | 
Srimat-sri-Jaitanatbasya sasanam sasvatam param || 
kridiUKrodas ea vah payad yad-dantagre vasundhara i 
babhara ketaka-sikha-saugi-bbringaiigana-sriyain || 
Somanvaye Yadur abb&d Yadu-vamsa-janma 
bhfipas Salab kila Dilipa-Nala-prabhavab | 
muktapbalani nija-nirmmala-kirtti-bijam n 

Digitized by 


34 Hassan Taluq. 

sd'py ekada SaSapure munina niyuktah 
Karnn&ta-vacham avalambya maha-bhay8na i 
nlm poy Sala kshitipa ity atba tan cha sigbram 
by&gbram jaghana nija-hasta-ialakayaiva || 
tad-vamSaj&h prathita-bhftri-bhuja-pratapa 
bhftp&s tatah-prabbriti Poysala-namadheyah | 
§&rdd&la-ketanam avekshya tatd'tibhita 
yata diSo dasa ripu-kshitipas cha tesham h 

tatra cba i 
udyana eva nidhaya mftrddhasu padam tungeshu prithvibhrit&m 
ddshotsaha-kalanki-r^ja-vibhavam nirmdlam unmftlayan i 
akr&man kakubhah pratapa-nivahaib padnianuragam vaban 
chando'sau Vinayarkka-bbiitalapatih kshonim sas&sa prabhuh 11 
Ejeyanga-mahip&lo yan-mabim vahati svayam ] 
yad-yasah-pura-karppilrair baritas surabhikritah h 
tasyapy asams trayah putra dSvas traya ivapare i 
BallalS Vishnu-Devas chapy Udayaditya-bhitpatili h 

teshu cba I 
sat-khatah katare ripu-kshitibhrito no rakshitfih ke punah 
sampraptas saranam kvava bhuvi hrito no tena rajna kritah i 
kim-danam na kritam krito na katamah p&rttadi-dharraino'tbava 
kim brftraah prabhavishnu-Vishnu-nripate3 sat-pftjya-rajya-kramam 11 

tat-putrasya | 
vyasobhi visvam visadair yyasobhis 
tamopahais sri-Narasimha-namnah | 
nripasya tau keralam indu-suryyau 
janasya naktan-dina-laksbanaya h 
dig-gajasyeva dana-sris Sumeror iva mekhala | 
asid £chala-Deviti mahisbi tasya bhubhritah h 
sasdta tan ay am tanvi su-nayam vinayonnatam | 
sri-Ramam iva Kausalya Ballalam sauryya-bhushanam II 

sa cba | 
Sesha drag bhftsbanaya Tripuraripu-tanor yyahi nehasti krityam 
kdrmma tvam sarmmayatra pracbalakisalayamdig-gajassallakinam | 
bbuktva svecbba-viharam kuruta guru-dhara-bhara-dhuryyo'yam ekab 
sri-Ballala-kshitisas sakala-vasuinatim sasvatayur bbibbartti h 
tvat-khadge kosa-desat pracbalati sapadi pracbyutah kdsa-desad 
astaih sangrama-vartta kshapita-ripu-nripatdpa Ballala-bbupa | 
trasat Svasayaseshah prati-nripati-gaijab kranta-kfintara-durggah n 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 35 

yenadbah-kritam Arjjuna-dvaya-balam prddda-[ma] lil&yitair 
yyeuochchai§ satakoti-bbanga-vidhina bhClbbrid-ripur nirnnitah | 
ySnarishta-purdgama vidalitas sarvve jagat-kantakah 
p&y&t s6'yam udara-Krisbna-charito Ball&la-bhftpo bbuvam H 
svasti samasta-bhuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabba maharajadhiraja paramesva- 
ra parama-bhatt&rakaiii Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Yadava-kulambarardyu- 
mani samyaktva-cbftdaroani maleraja-raja malaparolu ganda ganda-bherunda 
kadana-pracbandan asah&ya-s&ran ekanga-vira Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga- 
malla chalad-anka-Rama vairibha-kanthirava nissanka-pratapa-cbakravarttity- 
adi-birudavali-vir&jam§,na-PoysalarSri-Vira-Ballala-Deva dig-vijaya-prasangena 
ni skandhav&re sukhSna r&jyam pras&sati sati | tat-pada-padmopajivinas svasti 
sri-Jai-Bhatayya-N&yakar-anvayam | svasti Sri-Kasmira-r&sbtra | kraraa-raja | 
Gulavisbaya | bbavanasraya | Bhadrahu-grama | Bhargava-gdtra pit&maham 
ChbCini-Deva I Valla-Devi | pita Joyila-Deva | mat&Ganga-Devi | matamahaVasi- 
^ sbta-gotra Rudraghosam | svasuraru srimat-s&vasi-tantr&dhisbtayakaVaitanasa- 
gotra Chhfija-Bhatayya-Nayaka | bb&va sriman-maha-pradhanam Madbavayya- 
Dannayakaru svasure sri-Abbaveyaru | svasti §rimat-sav&si-tantradhishtayakam 
raaha-pasaytam parama-visvasi aSraya-jana-kalpa-vriksha pratas-snanaupasana- 
ubhayaikadasivrata dvija-guru-padaradhakam sri-Jaitanata(-devargge)-deva- 
divy a-Srl-pada-pad mar^dhakarum appa Jaya-Bhattayya-NSy akaru sri-Jaita- 
Naray ana-de vara pratish they am madi Saka-varshada 1139neya Isvara-samva- 
tsarada M&gha-masada paurnnami-Sdmavara-s6ma-grabanadalu srimat-pratapa- 
chakravartti sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Heragina srS-JSita-Narayana-devargge 
Heraginalu nele-deva-danavam Jai-Bhatayya-Nayakara kayyalu dh&ra-ptirvva- 
kavagi neleyagi kotta gadyana 40 kam Anehalli | eradu devargge sari (* Kn«» 
following contain details of boundaries) int i-puramam a-Anehalliyam sarvva-b&dha- 
paribarav JUcbandrarkka-sthayiyagi sri-bastadiih dhara-pdrvvakam madi kotta 
datti i Heragina mahajanangalu Jaita-Narayana-devara-puradalu hattu mane- 
yaih madirddu Aneballiyalu battu honnam kombar allim mdle mabajanakke 
haliyalum puradalum karanav ilia | samastdtpatti Jaita-Narayana-devara 6ri- 
karyake I tejas-svamya asbta-bhdga Jai-Bhatayya-Nayakarggam avara santanak 
a-chandrarkka-pariyanta | asesha-mabajanangalu hiriya-keyeya badagana ma- 
nala-kadahinalu kotta gadde salage 1 ko 10 Pattanas&miya keyeya kelagam 
vrindavanakke kottaru | i-dharmmavam mahajanangalu m ftru-Nagaraballiya 
samasta-prabbu-gavundugalu pratipalisuvaru | (5 linoi following contain usual final 
wses) srf-Jaita-N&rayana-devaru I Sri-Jaitesvara-devaru | Sri-S&radfirdfivyai 
namah | mangalam aba sri sri || Jogayyange mahajanangala maryyade | mane 
1 ga H | rfivari Pemmi-oja | Masanoja | Narayana-deva | 

Digitized by 



36 Hassan Taluq. 


At Kommfaahalli (same hobli), on a stone east of the village gate. 

Subham astu 
namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 
trailokya-nagararambha-milla-stambhaya Sambhave || 
Salivahana-saka-varusha Pingala-samvatsarada Karttika-babula 5 la Nuggc- 
halliya-kote Kommanahalliya ott-agrarakke Srimatu-Krishnappa-Nayakaravaru 
Kommanahalliya bhattara Chikkanna-Devannana varige kotta sile-sasana-kraraav 
ent endare nimma dra koteyanu sarvvamanya 


At Honn&vara (same hobli), on a stone south-east a of the Kdsava temple. 

- Srimat-trailokya-pCtjyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine | 
phaladaya namo nityam Kesavaya Sivaya cha || 
svasti samasta-bhuvana-samrakshanaika-dakshan appa Pundarikakshana nabhi- 
pundarikadind udayisida Pundarikasananind Atriy Atri-netradim Somam Soma- 
nim Budham Budhanim Purftravam Purtiravaniud Ayuv Ayuvim Nahusham 
Nahushanim Yayati Yayatiyim Yaduv emb aganya-punyatman udayisidan atanim 
Soma-yamsame Yadu-vamsam enisi. . . . alladeyum i 

srimad-Yadava-vamsado- 1 1 i-mahiyole Dvaravatiya | 

bhdmipar ar | . .davam bhupan orvvan adarol negaldam || 

cVYadu-vamsadol Salan einba nripa..s Sahyacbalada mrigaya- 

vinodadirii baruttura oud-edeyole ttam iral alii tapam geyva 

munisanam puli payal eytappuvud a-mimiy atana parakramamam parikshisal 
endu poy Sala yenai odan a-puliyam genim kond ikkuvudum ft-muni mechchiy 
i-puliye vijaya-lanchhanam i-pesare vijaya-namam endu baramam kudal andind 
ittal a-Yadu-vamsave Poysala-vamsam enisidud a-vaihsadol | 

adityar ppannirvvaru | m adodani em mandalagradind irulum sam- | 
padita-tejane tarn Vina- | yadityam . . napan enisid atam janapam || 
kamini Keleyabb-arasi ma- | ba-mabimarig a-nripangc nirramala-dharmma- i 
sri-mahitango bitang i- | bbdmige guna-ratna-bhumi ramani-ratnam || 
Yadava-vamsakk amare ma- | hodayam Ereyanga-nripati Vinay&dityang | 
oppuva tanayam vinayam | sodaram enal ogedan alte dhirodattam \\ 
kare viclidu Baliya vattana- | m urivudum Ereyanga-nripana kopanalanim | 
smariyisidudu Rama-sara- | sphuritagniyan abdhi-vichi-nichayachakitam || 
Gangeya nire tann amala-vamsame tanna pativratanura- | 
gang edegonda dba. . vame. . . maleye pur pa-male su- | 
ddha. . . darppanam hridayam agiral £chala-Devi tarn jagan- | 
maiigala-pilrnna-kumbham ene tan-nripa-vallabhe ppamam n 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 37 

raftvar ddevara Saktiye | mftvarolam tappad enisi negaldar ttav in- | 
divara-locbaneg fichala- | Devige Ballala-Vishnu-Vuday&dityar || 
sruti-katbita-pathadol alavade | gatigal suddbatma-tatvadol tilid ire san- | 
matigal punyfitmar avar | stutigam rajyakkam oppe bhajanam adar || 
paramaradbyam Mabesam kula-vadhu vijaya-srf nelam pdshya-varggaih | 
doregal vaivaba-sambandhigaj ene negald a-r&yar ambbojajando- | 
daradol tengaya nirant ire tilida jasam tanna bhandaram kgut- j 
t ire Ballalavanisam pogale jagam asesbaih mabatvakke nontam h 
modalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavam tol-balpinim taldi tann | 
udayam ranjise tanna balp odave tanu arpp eye tann ajne mi- | 
re disa-chakraman ottikondu Talekadani Ganga-rajyakke t&m I 
modal adam Yadu-vamsa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhCtpalakam n 
ivan-i-tol-gambadol puttaligevol avani-devi tan irppal endum | 
tavad irkkum vikrama-§ri pogevol ivana tibrasiyol bitti vand &- | 
javan ikkum kdnanindam pagevara penanam peral i-Vishnuvam ka- | 
duvan avam gelvan avam nadugad idiro] atandu band irppan avam || 
Tulu-desam Chakragottam Talavanapuram Uchchangi Kolalam glum I 
male Valldr Kancbi kang urbbisuva Hadiya-ghattam Bayalnadu Nil a- | 
cbala-durggam Rayarayottama-puri Tereyftr koyatftr gondavadi- | 
stbalamam bbrfi-bhangadim kond atula-bhuja-bajatopan t-Vishnu-bbtipam H 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-mahfi-sabda maba,-mandalSsvaranum Dvar&vatl-pura- 
varadbisvaranum SaSakapura-nivS-sa-Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasfidanuifa 
Kaveri-tira-mada-marala-rajahamsan am Talakad u-Kongu-Nangali-Gangavadi- 
Nonambavadi-Banavase-H&nungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga Vishnu- 
varddhana Poysala-Devaru mftdalu Nangaliya-gbatta tenkalu Kongu haduvalu 
Barakanftru badagalu Savimaley i-volagada bhdmiyam pratipalisuttam Dora- 
samudrada nelevfdinol sukba-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam 
ire tat-pada-padmdpajiviy appa Koneya-Sankara-Dandanatbam tappe tappuvam 
taguld atti badivam maguld ormme yeppuvaih Kallatti-Lokaua tale-gonda- 
gandam dandan&tba-mukba-mandanan enisi I 
Maley&lar ppallikarar kadaguv arasu-makkal hayadhiSar app fir | 
dalajar ss&manta-dandadbipar odavi bbaram geydn nind alliy ammum | 
cbalamum perchchutt iral poysidan iridan ottaysidantargge voydam | 
gelavam kaikondan i-Sankara-chatura-chamftpam prachanda-pratapam || 
Aranimale Korati Kolal | Areyattiya-Bagalatti Kunangil TAr J 
marecharu Halasurk K&ntada- | purav ivarol Hari-gribangalazh madisidm || 
tad-anantaram Nirggunda-nfid-olagana Honnavaram emb agraharadalli Saka- 
kalada sayirad eppatt-ondaneya Vibhava-samvatsarada Magha-suddha-trayd- 
dasi Vaddavara Robini-nakshatra Karkkataka-lagnadalli sri-Kesava-pratishthe- 
yam madisidam || 

Digitized by 


38 Hassan Taluq. 


Svasti samasta-iila-guna-sampannanum Kanva-yamsodbhavanum Naga-Deva- 
Nayaka-priya-tanubhavanum Kasy apa-gotra-pavi trail urn Purushottamaradhana- 
pra8&da8&dita-mahad-aiSvaryyanum asah&ya-sauryyanum avaryya-yiryyanum 
appa Srtman-mah*Upradhanam heggade-Lakumayyam Poysala-Narasimha-De- 
vaoge rajyamam nishkantakam madi pratishthapisi prasada-danara dhara- 
p&rrvakam &gi hadadu | 

uttaram age hastam iriy iy-edeyol jaya-lakshmi lakshmi Id- | 
kdttaram agiral nadeva Lakshma-chamupatiy aldan-alkaram I 
bettu janangal eyde mudadim pogalutt ire bhukti-muktig end | 
ittanu bhaktiyind eseva Kesava-murttig ananta-bhftmiyam || 
nalvatt-aru-genum Bachividiya ghaleyal ibbadagal agi mftda-godiya ruunuru- 
kambha beddalum haduva tenkal agi haduva godiy ela-nftru-kambha beddalu 
sahita Maleyandakere hiriya-kereya kelagey aruvatt-aydu beddalu kolaga 10 
#totav ippatt-aydu kambha haleya huleya-kereya kelag eppatt-aydu Chamunde- 
§varayyana keyyolage mftvattu-kambha gaddey Srbeddalu nCtru-kambha pu-dota 
m&yattu-kambba santeya sunka . . kadalu raugula bbatta nula-habbakke mane- 
yal ondu kalihu jedaralli yint initum sri-Kesava-devargge dhara-pftrvvakam 
madi beggade-Lakumayyam kotta vritti h Sankara-Dandanayakaua maga 
Bokanange kanduga gadde paricharaka Molleyang ibbal-akkiya-kftla yir- 
kkanduga gadde { 

tan aim perarim dharmmakk I annayamam porddal iyyad a-chandrarkkam | 
maooaney id endu negald a- | ty-unnatan i-Honnavurada Boka-Gavundam II 
sva-dattam para-dattam va yd hareta vasundharam | 
shasti-varsha-sahasrani visbtayam jayate krimih || 


Mattam svasti sriman-maba-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu- 
Vira-Gangau asahaya-stira nissanka-yira Hoysala Ballala-Devara kayyalu 
sriinan-maba-pradhanam sarvvadbikari heggade-Lakmayyangaiu Vijaya-samva- 
tsarada Pushya-bahula-chauti-Mangalayaradand uttarayana-saiikramanadalu 
Piirvvagaviya asagagattavanu dhara-pftrbbakav agi hadedu &-kereya kulage 
Honnavurada sri-Kesava-devaringe mudabalu sal age hattu brabmanariuge 
salage muvattu Purbbagaveya Bitti-Gavundange salage yaradu yint initumam 
Lakmayyaugalu dhara-purvvakam madi bitta datti ll 


At the same village, on a virakal south of the Sdmdsvara temple. 
Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chaQdra-chamara-charave | 
traiidkya-nagararambha-mula-stbambhaya Sambhave ll 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 39 

Jaya-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 5 A-d-andu Honnavurada Niragundada hola- 
veriya kalagadalu Bimana roaga Honna-Gaudan embam kadi sura-loka-praptan 
adalli hiriya-hadapada-heggade-Machiyannan-alikeyali Masanad olagada 

samasta-prajegalu vottagi mfinya salisuvaru mangalam 

aha ir! 


At Mudugere (same hobli), on a stone near the Hvara temple, 
north-east of the village. 

Om nama§ Sivaya 
Namas tunga-siraS-chumbi-chandra-charaara-charave i 
trailokya-nagararambha-mflla-stambhaya Sambhave II 

(6 lines illegible) 

Talavanapuramam Banavasiy agi naded a santosadi Hanungala. . 

II svasti 8amadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram. . 

. . . . Yadu-kula-kuvalaya-sudhakaram satya-ratnakaram Yadava-Narayanam 

chatura-yuvati-charft sauryya-mrigarajam maleraja-raja Karapala- 

kapala-Sailopala-vajra-dandam malaparol gandam nripa-kula-kari-kalabha- 
ytitba-Datham Gartdagiri-natham uddanda-prachanda-Pandya-ganda-garvva- 
parvrata-Paka^asanam viveka-KamaJasanam Jagaddeva-prabala-bala-pannaga- 
Vainateyam bhuja-bala-Rauhineyaiii Narasingha-Brahma-bhtlruha-kathora- 
kuthaxa-charam Yirungola-mada-marala-megharavam purusbfixtha-Purftra- 
vam vijaya-lak8hmi-bhavana-mangala-mani-t6ranam Adiyaina-mada-nivaranam 
lnandalika-gbata-sarpparii rfipa-Kandarppam Kaustubhabharana-smarana- 
parinatantahkaranam vikramabbaranaiu Talakadu-gonda-gandam kadana- 
prachandani Bengiri-matangajari-sarabham Adiraja-sannibham Vasantika-devi- 
labdha-vara-prasadam mrigamadamodam uamadi-prasasti-sahitam sriman-maha- 
mandalesvaram Tajakadu-Kougu-Nangali-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase- 
Hanungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga Kadamba-Vishnuvarddhana-priyar 
tandjam srt-Narasimha-Hoysala-Devaru Gangavadi-tombattaru-sasiramumaih 
Nolambavadi-m(ivatt-irt8a8iramuinam dusbta-nigraba-Sisbta-pratipalanadindav 
aluttav ire vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabbivriddhi-pravarddhamanam a-chandra- 
rkka-taram-baram saluttum Ire Dorasamudrada nelevldinol sukha-sankatha- 
vinddadim rajyam geyyutt ire tat-pada-padm6pajiviy appa £riman-maha-pradha- 
nam senadhipati biriya-hadavalam B6kimayyana parakramam entendade | 
nHI digu-vijaya-pratapa-nidbi Bokanan ettidan endod attal ir | 

dd agiyade Cholan anji be^ahingade Malayan odi durggavam | 
hugade Kalingan osarisi bogade Gujjaran antu yuddhadol | 
miguvare Bitti-Deva-garudang idir agi dharitri-madhyadol H 
Tu)u-de§am Changa-bhiipavani negajda Bayalnadu KoDgdrvvipaja- | 

Digitized by 


40 Hassan Taluq. 

stalam udyaUChdla-bhdmandala koppa prasiddhangal agirdd | 

ejeyam tann onde baha-baladin adhinripang avagam madi sauryyo- | 
jvala-vira-srige kay-gannadiy ene negaldam Bokanam dh&trig ellam h 
todard ari-bhftmipalakara desaman irkkuligondu bhltiyim | 
naduguva mandalesvarara mandalamam parirakshisuttav ond- | 
ede tave kondu Vira-Narasimha-nripange samasta-dhatriyam | 
hadavaJa-Bokanam neyeye madida mudana-sagarani-baram h 
?Mha U antu pogarttegam negarttegam sauryyakkam dhairyyakkam ud&rakkam 
virakkam okkala...ada hiriya-hadavalam Bokimayyaoa maha-pradhanan- 
anvaya-kramav entendode | 

▼r« krita-krityam janatadliipatya-padamam kaiy kondu mantritvad u- I 
nnatiyim bijyane btgikond irade diDanatharam sisbtaram | 
nuta-bandha-priya-varggamam tfnipe dhatrt-chakradol tane sarii- | 
stutan adam sale Chinna-Veggade yenalk evannipam bannipam H 

ka II at an a vallabhe jaga-vi- | khyatiyan olakondu Sitegam Draupadigarii | 
nitiyidey enipal akhild- | ryvitaladol Makiyakka lalana-ratnam h 

▼i* U Murabara-vakshadol poleva Lakshmiya kantiyan antu padmadol | 
parivera9 irppa Bharatiya sarateyaru gedegondu chelvan an- I 
kurisuva Parvvati-pada-sarojada kempina sorapan aldu vi- i 
starisuva Makiyakkana jasam vasudhatala-sfcyyav allade 11 

ka || a-dampatigalin arjjita- [ m adudu samrajya-laksbmiyene subha-dinadol | 
medinig apCtrwa-Manmatha- 1 n adam tan enal Erangau udayam geydaih .: 
ant udayam gey du yavvana-prabhava-praptadolu | 

Tfill Puruh&taih vibhaya-prabhavad odavam tat-tejamam Vabui su- | 

sthiramam Dbarmman i. . sa-nitya-padamam Nairityan ishtarthamam i 
Varunam savyama Vayu-devan achala-sriyam Kuberam uiran- | 
taram K&nan ananta-kantiyan Erangang ittar utsahadim || 

ka U asbta-dikpala(ka]r ittar a- | bbishtaman Eragang enalke tejad agurvv u- I 
tkrish$av ene negaldan int i- 1 srisbtige manujarkkan enisi mantri-lalu-mam n 

▼ri H hadavala-Bokanam kude niyogaman urjjita-tejad eltaram I 

podavig apdrvvam age majevokkade khechara-cbakri nanniyam | 
nudidade Karnnan antade Eritantan enal pogalte votta heg- | 
gade Yejagam prat£pa-nidhi sobhisuvam sasi-sttryyar ullinam h 
yikramamam ponarchchi desey-antuvaram jasamam nimircbchi bhd- | 
cbakradol itanind adbikar ill ene Bokana rajya-laksbmig a- | 
di-kramadinde tane mane-veggadey adan Erangan embinam I 
Chakri-parakramam subhata mantri-sikhamani dhatrig oppuvam 11 
nudi Kanakadriyol Pad[u]raajam kaded akkarav arppu bSrppudam | 
kuduva sura-drumakke padi malpa parartthate kb§charange nfir- | 
mmadi pati-bhakti Marutasutange padirmniadiy endod anna-he- | 
gga<Je-Yeyagauge pasatiye mattina manavar i-dharitriyol 11 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 41 

hadavala-Bokan ettidan ado barutirddane mund Eranga-Ve- | 
ggadey ene Cbola-mandalada Kongina-desada bhtlmipalakar | 
nnadugi saranyav endu gaja-vaji-pad&rtthaman lyad arapare | 
todardara Marig em Javana-bariga vairi-tala-prahariga || 

kan u ej-agam sati-vilasakk | eyagam sat-punyav allad alipam papakk | 

egagan ene bemme vaded irdd | Eyeyama-Verggadeya sariye mattina 
manujar || 

a-mabanubhavan enisida parakrama-tungan-agra-manovallabbeya rCtpfi.tisayfi.di- 

gunagalam pSlvade | 

▼rill nirupama-dana-sile subha-lakshane sad-guna-vamsajate bba- | 
suratara-kirttiyam taled Erangana sajjana-lakshmiy endu sfi- | 
ksharika-janangal arttiyole kirttise Bachala-nariy oppuval | 
parijana-kamadhenu sasi-sftryya-dharitri-kuladriy ullinaih || 

kftnll iring&rada kani Madanana | jangama-late Sirige tane kay-gannadi Id- | 
singe neley enisi n eg aid irdd | angane Bachavveg en eye mattina manujar n 
Haran-arddhangadol Adrije | Hariy uradolu Lakshmi s6bhipant ire visvam- 1 
bbareg esev Erangan-oppuva | -vara-vadhu Bacbavvey eseval avanl-taladol || 

mattav aganya-punya-lavanya-jaladhiy enisida Sringara-sara-sarvvasva-bhtlte 

kiriya-heggadiya saubhagya-sampattiy ad ent ene ] 

Tfi n deseyam kangala kantiyirii dhavalipal lavanyadim soli pal | 

vasudha-chakrainan udgha-yavvana-vana-sriyol manah kantanam | 
sasiyum sftryyanu Mar a nam nilisuval saubbagyadol rdvinol | 
jasadol Machala-Devi malpal Eragang ananda-sandohamam || 
bhCtmiyol ulla chalvan Abuj&dbhavan i-satiy-anga-bhittiyol i 
k&misi tittavittan ene pada-yugam kati nabhi lesin-u- | 
ddamate vetta vritta-kucbav indu-nibhananav abja-locbanam | 
komaleg oppugum negalda Macbala-Devige bhdtalagradol || 

k*n II lalana-ratnam lesina | kula-deyvam sad-vivfiki lokottame Ma- j 

chala-Deviy endu bannipud | alaghu-nitambiniyanakhila-vasudhJUchakramii 
dinakara-tejan Ejangang | anpuma-cbaritre Bacbiyakkangam saj- | 
jana-sfivyan ogedan akhila- | vani banniee Boinma-Devan ftrjjita-bbfi-va n 

▼r* atisaya-r&pinind atauuv allada Eantu kalankav illad d- | 

rjjita-kumuda-priyam negajda bandhujana-priyan ishta-iishta-san- | 
tati-khaga-kalpabhdjan ina-tejan Eranga-tandjan embud u- | 
nnata-sirig anmanam dbare negalteya bemmeya Bamma-Devana || 
fall antu. .kalatra-putra-gdtra-pavitrtkritan appa Bamasta-rfijya-bhara-nirft- 

pita-mahamatya-padavi-virajamana-inan6nnatam(§a) prabhu-mantr6tsfi,ha-sakti- 

traya-sampannanuxh nudidu matt ennanurh mantri-manikyanum niti-Chanakya- 

nuih niydga-Ydgandbaranum pati-karyya-dhurandbaranuxhtodarddara-Mariyum 

vairi-tala-prabariyum enisida Srimat-perggade-Yejeyamayyan uttar^yana-san- 

Digitized by 


42 Hassan Taluq. 

kranti-nimittavagi Saka-varsha. 1077 neya Yuva-samvatsarada Magha-suddha- 
trayodasi-Vaddavarad-andu Mudugereyalu heggade tanna h esaral-E ranges vara- 
dSvaram pratishtheyam madi dhatrt-dhavalyam appa dSvalyaman ettisi | 
T r i ii odavida punya-sanchayame sannidav adudu dharmmad eltarani | 
padida negalte-vettu Girisadrige sad r is a v adud drjjitak- | 
k ide subha-s&chanam tri-jaga-lochanav embinav opput irppudam | 
Mudugereyalli madisidan unnatamam Siva-ramya-harmyavam n 
paded anuragamam padeye paura-janakke tataka-dirgghika- | 
rpadada vilasam utsavaman agise suttida nandanali-bel (nandanali) | 
p odavire deva-kuta Jina-gebada tintiniyindam oppugum | 
' Mudgeye DSvarajana purakk eney agi mabi-yibhagadol 11 
allige munipati-kirtti[ya] | valliyemisupantedhavala-tanukenjeade suli- | 
pallu vara-mudre lakula- 1 sal-lakshanav ogedan andu Mudugere-munipam || 
a-maha-munindrana nija-namaukitam entendade I svasti yama-niyama-sva- 
jnana-prasannarum sakala-sastra-yantra-tantra-pravinarum para-chitta-jana- 
rum sriman-mahi-deva-devottama-padambhoja-bhringar appa srimatu-Nagarasi- 
Pandita-devara pada-prakshalanam geydu dhara-pdrvvakam madi kotta bh&miy 
i-Yereyamesvarada isanyada heggadegattav eydey adara haduvana beddale 
sahitav a-chatus-sirae mtidana kodiya niruvari tenkalu basadiya kerey-olagu 
haduvalu sigey-obbe-kattu badagalu nir-olakolu hiriya-kereya kelage Ramesvara- 
devarim badagalu gadde sa 2 nadu-sthaladalu sa 2 inisakkam Mudgereyolag 
okkala horage holey um odambadalu heggade bitta datti dr-olage telligara 
yeradu ganadalum vom-mana yenne yidarkke chatur-ddisavarad agraharam 

Duddada hiriya-kejeya kelage yeradu dSvara hil-d6nta mftla-stana- 

Ramesvara-devargge hiriya-kereya kelage devarim teiikalu gatte Kela- 

ganaleya-halliya kereya modaleyya sa 2 beddale mattar ondu Doddarasi-Settiya- 
kere beda .modaleyya sa 1 f-dharmmava kaydange ayum sriyum jayam akku 
idam kayaae kayva papige Kurukshetrada Varanasiyalu ekkoti-munindraram 
kavileyam brahmanaram konda patakar apparu | (usual Bo&i Tew) 


At Kdravangala (same hobli), on a virakal south-east of 

Bflchdsvara temple in the fort. 

Srt namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mula-stambhaya Sambhave li 

Sivaya namah svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam pritvi-vallabham maharajadhi- 

rajam pratapa-chakravartti Vira-Ballala-Devaru Heddore-pariyantam prithvi- 

rajyain geyuttam ire | svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-mona- 

nusbthaua-japa-saniadhi-sila-guna-sampannarum aupasanagnihotra-deva-dvija- 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 43 

krama-pftji-tatpararum marttanddjvaja-kirtti-yutarum appa Srimad anadiy- 
agrahara-S&ntigr&mada aSesha-mahajanangal a gavudugalu Koravaogalada 
Daddana simiUsammandbake kalegav adalli Bittiydjana makkalu Bammfrja- 

Masan6jangaju &-mabfijanangala prajerg a-tondugali 

blragallu u 


On a stone to the south of the same temple. 

Namas tunga-Siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave I 
trailokya-nagararambharmdla-stambhaya Sambhave H 
vinaya-pratapa-nilayam I Vinayadityabbidhanan ahava-dhiraih | 
jananathan adan a-nripa- | tanubhavan Ereyanga-Devan Ivara deva || 
v»ch» || antu sakala-kshatra-dharmmad ereyan app Ejreyanga-DSvangam fechala- 
Devigam Indrangam Indranigani Jayantanante Rudrangam Rudranigam 
Karttikeyanante Lakshmidharangam Lakshmigam Kamanante santdsam putte 
puttidam | 

▼r* n srimad- Yadava.vamia-varddhi-vilasat-samvarddhan6dyat-sudh&- | 
ramam dripta-nripaja-jala-jalajata-brata-sammarddand- I 
ddamanekapam ishta-si6hta-janata-kalpanghripam t&n enal I 
bhftmipalaka-mauji-ratnam esedam sri-Vishnu-bhtipaJakam || 
jayati dbaranil6kottamsitatmiya-p4da^ 
chatura-yibudha-g6shfhi-praudba-v&n!-vin&da\i | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshml-vallabbo Visbnu-bh&pah n 
kan || firVisbnavarddhanangam | bhavodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- 1 
DSyigam udbhavisidan i- | bhfivallabba-Narasimban abava-simham || 
tara)a-yilochananchalake kemp iuitum bare barkkum &gal an- | 
t ari-narapala-sankulada pandale kaige turanga-rfiji man- I 
durake gajali salege dhanam nija-k6Sa-grihantarakke tad- | 
dbare kaditakkav undigegavol esav i-Narasiihha-Dfiyana li 
ari-bh&par vvandu mey d6yidod avayavadim t6yan8 krflra-daityS- | 
8vara-vak8ha-kshetra-nirddarana-nakha-nikar6chchanda-ddrddandamaiii bhi- | 
kara-jiby&kirnna-gtrnn&nanaman ogeda kilr-ddadeyam sancbalat-ke- | 
sara-bb&syad-kanthamaiiigharggbara-ghana-ravamam N&rasixhha-kshitifiaih li 
Narasimha-nripana cbitte- | svari Chittodbhavana k&ntey-SJcritiyaih dbik- | 
karipaju patta-mahfirde- | vi rftpa-vibbramadol endod e-vannipud6 | 
yj\ 11 ramanS-ratnaman artthi-kalpalateyam v&g-d§vatfUjanma-gS- | 

haman olpinge nivasamam guna-ganakk avasamam permmeg fix- | 
mm am an Angddbhavan-fijiie penbarijan &dam tfiJdid ant irddu par | 
ttaman fint Echala-Deviyam bhuvanadol polvannar fix kk&nteyar 11 


Digitized by 


44 Rassan Tcduq. 

Srdampatige tandbhavan | adam ripu-nripati-makuta-gbattita-pada-la- | 
ksbmi-dayitan amala-gunan udi- [ tddita-punya-prabh&va-nidhi Ball&lam || 
vilasat-kdrmma-padam phani-prabhu-nibhddyad-dirggha-hastam kuli- | 
chala-dhiram dig-ibhonnatam bhuja-balavashtambhadim nila-Kun- | 
taleyam sannuta-punyeyam ruchira-Kancbi-yukteyam lileyim | 
taledam sustbiram &ge bhCt-ramaniyam Bailala-bhftpalakam || 
badavargg lyada chagav aji-mukhadol benn itta Sauryyam todal- | 
g edey ad ol-nudi duryyasakke guriy ilgirdd olpu durmm^rggamam | 
gedegond &charanam gadam tamag enal chiy embinam b&lda ni- | 
ggadigal mat tin a bhdbbujar ddoreye pel Ballala-bhilpalaaol || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maba-sabdam maha-mandalesvaram Dvir&vati-pura- 
varadhisvaram Tuluva-bala-jaladbi-badavanalam vairi-bala-gahana-davanalam 
P&ndya-kula-kamala-vana-v§danda ganda-bherunda para-mandala-aftjek&ja san- 
gr&ma-Bhima Kali-k&la-Kama namadi-sainasta-prasasti-sabitam srtmat-Tribhuva- 
na-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Nonambavadi-BanaYase-Hanungalu-gonda 
bhuja-bala Vira-Gangan asahaya-sftran nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ball&la- 
Devarige Vijaya-samvatsarada Sravana-suddha-dasami-Adivdrad-andu Dorasa- 
mudrada nelevidinolu rajyabbisbekada patta-baddhotsahadaiu tat-pada-padmd- 
pajivi | 

srt-karana-tantra-mantrakk | eka-prabbu Narasimha-Devana maneyol | 
lokopakara-karanam | sri-karanada Bftchi-Rajan iirjjita-tejam || 
iWBilchimayyan-anvayonnatiy entendade | 

vSdadhyayan&dhyapana | ved5,rttba-vicbara veda-vibitanusbtb^ | 
nadara veda-vinodana- | n adam Govindan emba viprottamsam || 
ay-ayyana biriya-magam | ny&yadin acbaradindav uchitadin atula- | 
srtyim jasadim jagati- | jyayam tan agi Naga-Rudram negaldam n 
^-Naga-Rudramayyanim nerggiriyam | 

sri-ramani-pati sugund- | d&ram sphurad-amrita-mftrtti mftrtti-Mandjam I 
d&ridrya-vidrutargge vi- | charise mardd enisi Maddimayyam negaldam || 
Kanakadrindraman unnatikke jaladhi-vratangalam gunpu bh€L- I 
vinutaud&ryyam analpa-kalpakujauaam pemp ambar&bhogamam | 
Dyunadl-nandananam vindta-cbaritam kil made mel madidam I 
janat&nandaman indu-sundara-yasa-sri-Maddi-Raja-dvijam 11 
&-negalda Maddi-Rajana | manasa-kalakamsey enisi kula-vadhu negaldal | 
bhtt-nuta-pativratonnata- | Janakiyam jadidu nftnki Mankavey embal |) 
ant ft-dampatigal ati- 1 kranta-vadhd-vara(ra)-nilimpa-dampati-gunadind I 
ant-illada sukha-rasamam | santatam anubhavise palara punyddayadixh || 
putram puttidan amala-cha- | ritram sarvvorvvaraika-mitram dbatri- | 
netrot9avakara-guna-gana- | patram dakshinya-punya-janma-ksbetram n 
Srivatsa-gotra-tijakam | sri-vallabhan akhila-dharani-dbarana-cbaturam | 
Govindan-antir adayim | Govindakhyanam adud &tang uchitam || 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 45 

antu negalda G6vinda-Rajanim ki^iyam | 

iri-karanagrani tantrakk | eka-prabhu Narasimba-Devana raaneyoj | 
Srikanta-kanta sahaja-vi- | vekam sat-kirtti-pihita-16kam Nakaih || 
a-Nakananim kiriyam | bbd-naka-bhujanga-loka-varttita-kirtti | 
sri-n&ri-pati vitarana- | Bh&nusutam Kalidasa vinaya-vil&sam II 
a-mdvarinde kiriyam | bhftmandalak ayde piriyaa ol-gunadindam | 
dbimantara cbintamani | samanyane Buchi-Rajan (irjjita-t^jam n 
svasti samasta-dharini-jana-janita-raksba(da)-dak9binya parftpak&ra-prasiddha- 
purush&graganyam cbaru-charitra-pavitrikrita-dbaritrimandala Lakshml-vili- 
8ini-suvarnna-karnna-ku9daja-8thagita^mani-raman!ya[ka]-dhikkara9a ramya- 
saumyanga niravadya-hridya-vidya-prasaDga sakala-guna-samma. .-Maddi- 
Rajo rajita-gunanurdpa-yara-putra sarvYorvvara-mitra 16kambikayamaDa-ma- 
nya-Makambika-talodara-ksbiroda-parijata-parijata para-hita-paratantra tantra- 
dhikari Govinda-Rajanujata sri-karana-tantradhikari nana-viveki Nakana-man5- 
nuguna-vada-s6dara dharitri-paritrana-guna-sadma-Padmodara Karnnataka- 
kula-kamala-inarttanda pati-vanchaka-nirbbbedana-prachanda svami-sampat- 
samriddha chatur-upadha-viSuddha sarvva^guna-samptlrnna Kali-kala-Karnna 
n&m&di-samasta-praSasti-sahitam Sriman-maharpradhanam Sri-karana-tantradhi- 
kariy enisi negajdaih | 

Siri-sati Govindana pfi- | ruradol nelasirppa terade eobaginol endum | 
stbirav &g ire B&chale Bft- I cbarasana sarvv&nga-laksbmi tan agirppal n 
pati-bhaktiyol enduv Aru- | ndhati sobaginol eseva-rCtpinind oppuva Pa- | 
rvvati vibbavadalli Lakshmi- | sati Bachala-Deviy enisi jasavaih badadal n 
dhareyam rakshisal endu Erisbnan avataram geydavol sat-kul6- I 
ddharan aty-nnnata-vrittiyim sakala-rajya-srig adarpp agi B&- I 
charasangam sati-Bachalambikegav aty-utsahadim puttidam | 
Narasimha-ksbitipala-namada kumaram Narasimbottamam || 
antu 8ama8ta-patra-mitra-kalatra-8ahitam sukbam irddu §rtman-mah&-pradh&- 
nam Sri-karanada B&chayyangalu Sige-nada piriy-agrabara Vadda-Santi-gramada 
kaluvaliy appa Koravangalada Sri-Bucbesvara-devarige vritti bhtlmi tdntakke 
Ballalu-Devara srt-p&dakke sSse gadyanav inndram tettu konda vritti irt- 
Buch6§vara-devara nitya-pftjegam nivedyakkam nanda-divigegam pavitra-davan- 
^rfipa^akkaxh naimittika-titbigam Santi-gramadalu tontav eradu kadab-eradu 
Koravangaladalu dasaka muru &-m&gu dasakada ball gadde beddale kiyu-keye 
kummari antu aydu-dasakakkam malabiya siddbaya-sunka-khaiia-agantuka- 
sarwa-b&dbe-parih&rav&gi ayvattu-honna aramaneya siddbayakke avalamba- 
navagi ilibi iri-BtlchSsvara-devarige dhara-purvvakam madi kotta datti || svasti 
na-sampannar appa Dorasamudrada Eapila-tirtthada Devasakti-Panditargge 
§ri-Bucbesvara-devara sthanavarti kalam karchcbi dbara-purvvakam madi 
beggade-Bftchayyaih kofta I 

Digitized by 


46 Hassan Taluq. 

achch ottidante amard a- | pp ipp oppam-badedu lalita-latey annate I 
mach-chittadolu DSvasakti- | ya chittesvari chandranante Chandayey esadal n 
ant ivarggala jdshtha-pntri Chokala-Deyi tad-ndara-pntranum Gangavadi-tom- 
bhattegu-sayirada Siva-dharmma-pratipalakar appa sri-Malesvarada Vamasakti- 
DSvara jztiina-putranum appa Kalyanasakti h (farther 4 liaet contein asani verses) 
Girisuteya charana-sarasija- | para-bhakteya niratisayada gunad unnateyam | 
dbare mechchi nutiyipar ssaj- | jana-nidhiy endu Chandaveyan anavaratam || 
ldkayka-jananiy enisid U- [ m&rramaniya varada-putri sucharitreyey en- I 
* d ikeyane mecbchi pogalvar | llokadavar dDevasakti-vadhu-Cbandaveyam || 


At the same village, on a stone to the south of the GforindMvara temple. 

Namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave I 
trailokya-nagararambha-mdla-stambhaya-Sambhave || 
(from vinaya-prat&pa-nilayam in line 2 to esedam sri-Vishnu-bh&palaka in line 7 

correspond with those in the previous No.) 

a-Vishnuvarddhanangam | bhayodbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 
Devigam udbhavisidan i- I bh&yailabha Narasimhan ahava-simha II 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-mahdrsabda maba-mandalesvararii | Dvaravati-pura- 

varadhiSvara | sangr&ma-ranga-sangata-ripu-nripala-ka galita-raada-v&ri- 

dbara-dhauta -ganda-mandala - mandita- sundala - mandali -khandana - patisbtha- 
panch&nana | chaturyya-Chaturanana Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanala | vairi- 
bala-gahana-dahana-day&nala | Pandya-kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bh§- 
runda | mandalika-betekara j para-mandala-sdjrekara | sangrama-Bbima | Kali- 
kala-K&ma | n&m&di-prasasti-sahita srimat-Tribhuvana-maila Talakadu-Kongu- 
Nangali-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanungal-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga pra- 
t&pa-Hoysala sri-Narasimha-Devaru Hima-Setu-maryyadey&da bhtimiyam 
dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu rakshisuttam sukha-sankatha-vinoda- 
dim rftjyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi | 
Narasimha-bhftmipalakan- | aramaneyolu manya-purushan achalita-lakshmi- 1 
cbaritam budba-nidhi Manu-muni- | charitam Govinda-Rajan CLrjjita-teja u 
tantrada heggade mattam | tantralochanegav uchita-lochanan enipam | 
tantramaa anituman orvvane | jantrada kilante ninda nilisalu neredam || 
antu negalda | 
Govindan-anvayonnati | Devendrana gurngav aridu hogalalu ditadim | 
oriyatsam brahmarshi ma- | hi-visrutan adan a-munindrana kuladol || 
(from yed&dhyayanadhyapana in Une 19 to palara punyodayadim in line 27 correspond 
with those in the previous No.) antu dara-smera-prema-rasa-raiijitantahkaranar agi 
r&ga-rasadol oladut irpp a-dampatigalige | 

Digitized by 


Hassan Tdluq. 47 

purushakarade parijata-mabijam viprottam&nika-bha- | 
sura-chintamani veda-sastra-vihitanushthana-samsiddha-si- | 
ddha-rasam satja-hitokti-yukta-surabhi-bratam vivekinvitam | 
purusham taldidud ind enutte dbareg ond anandav and appinam || 
patram puttidan amala-cha- | ritrain sarvvorvvaraika-mitram dhatrl- | 
D§tr6tsavakara-guna-gana- | patram dakshinya-punya-janma-kshStram || 
Srivatsa-gotra-tilakam j §rl-vallabhan akhila-dharani-dharana-chaturam | 
Gdvindan-antir adapm | Govindakhyanam adud atang uchitam || 
Kali-kalakk agid ddid a-sucbaritam Makambika-garbbha-ni6- | 
chala-dugdhabdbiyol ondi nindu baliyaih meygondu gand §p tat- | 
Kaliyaih tarn bide benkolalke tale-do jitt endu sarvvdrvvar&- | 
talav ellam pogalv ant ad em negaldano Govindan anandadim || 
Nade galpalliye dharmraadalli nadeyal kaltam kalalapadim | 
nudi galpalliye satyamam nudivudam kaltam pararttharthamam | 
padev-ande jasamam teralcbupadeyal kaltam dal end andu per- | 
ggade Gdvindanavol ad ar ssa. .gal vi§vambhara-bbagadol || 
nadigal Gangegal adav eyde girigal Kailasav agirddav an- | 
mada-matanga-kulam Surendra-gajav &yt ambhodharam S&radam- | 
budav ayt abdhigal eyde dugdhanidbiy ayt end andu Gdvindan-an- | 
dadin ar klrttiyan int uparjjisidavar san-m&na-d&nangalim n 
svasti samasta-rajadhiraja-Narasimba-Deva-bbavana-bha-vita-mahamatya-pada- 
vf-virajamaua | ddrikrita-kftma-kr6dha-16bharmada-m4na | veda-sastra-smriti- 
puranady-anekanavadya-vidya-paripCtrnna | sarvva-guna-sampCtrnna I budha- 
bandhu-vandi-brinda-m&kanda-nandana-vasanta I naya-vinaya-laksbma-lakshmi- 
sara-parijata | kirtti-valli-Yellita-jagat-traya-dhaya{lana]trijata | Karnnata-kula- 
kamala-marttanda namadi-praSasti-sabitanum | samasta-tantradbikariyum | 
sarvva-tantropak&riyum enisi chandranante kuvaleyananda-sampadana-sama- 
rttbanu | sad-vargga-vallabhanu | Narayananante nanavidhopaya-pray6ga-pra- 
vinanu | lakshmi-vallabbanu | Mahesvaranante sandharita-kaladbarana | 
uma-yallabhanu | kalpavriksbadante stbira-mdlo-sakba-samanyitanum abhi- 
mata-pradanum enisi negalda heggade-Govindamayyanim kipya | 

iri-karanagrani tantrakk | eka-prabbu N&rasimha-D&rana maneyol | 
Sri-kanta-kanta-eahaja-vi- | v§kam sat-kirtti-pihita-ldkam Nakam e 
a-Nakaninde kijiyam | bbft-naka-bhnjangaloka-yarttita-kirtti I 
§rt-n&ri-pati vitarana- I Bbanusutam Kalidasa yinaya-vilasam || 
a-mdvarinde kiyiyam | bhtimandalak eyde piriyan olu-gunadindam | 
dhimantara cbintamani ] sam&nyane Bucbi-Rajan tirjjta-tdjani || 
Ratiyant Angabhavange Laksbmi Harig ent Abjodbhavang a-Sara- | 
svatiyant a-Himasailajate Girisang ent a-VaSisbthang Arun- | 
dbatiyant ant ire kante Santave lasad-Gdvinda-Rajange san- | 

Digitized by 


48 Hassan Taluq. 

tatarsaubh&gya-subhagya-ySgye satiy adal punya-sampattiyim n 
pogale jagam in t anaratav | aganita-guna-mani-ganaiiga-bhtlshane bageyol | 
bageyade peyatam patir e- | ya gurus strinam enutte Santave negaldal || 
8ura-bhCLjatada kalpavalliya lasat-samyogav ent artthi-san- I 
kara-sankalpita-kalpana-kshama-phalam tan adud ant i-yadhft- | 
vara-samydgam abtatsbta-sisbta-ptaala-samptlrnnan dalay embinam | 
paramdtsahade puttidam- budha-vipat-sammarddanam Maddeyam n 
mattam avimuktan avargala | ctaittadol avimuktan agi nind a-moham | 
sutte sutan adan end ene- | sutt en Avimukta-Devan atmajan adarh y 
ant ananta-guna-patra-putra-kalatra-mitra-pariyara-pariyritam Narasimha-De- 
yan-aramaneyolu tammandiru tanum mukbyar agi nadaputtam irddu santarp- 
pita-sakala-bh&d§yam Govinda-DSvam padad-odave deya-brahmanartthav 
allad anartthakavagi bagayam bdgal iyan appudu-karanadim tange janma- 
bbtlmiyada Sige-nad olagan-agraharam Korayangaladolu dridhataradhisbthana- 
bandha-bandhuramum vritta-parinaha-ramaniya-stambha-sambhritamum enipa 
Sankarayasamam Vasava-samana-vibbavam vibhavanurttpadim madisi tad- 
garbbha-gribadolu Siva-pratisbtheyam dinanatba-ytitha-getaadolu sri-pratisbthe- 
yam trailokya-grihadolu yasab-pratisbttaeyam yatha-sthanam agi sakala-pariva- 
ra-dSyatA-pratishtbeyam mfidisi GdvindSsyara-deyara nitya-ptijegam brahma- 
nara tapodbanar-anna-danakkam jirnndddbarakkay agiy a-tlra hiriya-kereya 
modal-eyiyalu Goyindamayyana gaddeyim tenkalu Madhaya-Bbattaoa gaddeyim 
baduyalu | huniseya tumbina biriya-bayikalla m&dalum tenkalu gadde keyyuv 
a-keyyim mudalu Gayundugereyalu kadahu I hiriya-kereya kelag aydu yritti- 
yam bali-sahita saryya-namasya-dattiyagi dhara-pdrvvakam madi devargge 
heggade-Goyindamayyam kotta | svasti yama-niyainadi-guna-9ampannar appa 
Vidyabharana-Pandita-Devargge Vikrama-samvatsa tadige ba 


(5 lines illegible) 

Kalayuktaksha-samyatsarada Phalguna-suddha-trayodasi-Bribayarad andu sri- 
Govindesyara-devargge Nakesvara-devargge Bdches vara-devargge Koravangalada 
Goyindachariya maga Eallaya deyara Srikaryyavam nadavantagi kotta-kramav 
ent endade hfUddntavam. . . .vande bagav addam | gadyanam hanneradaja 
baddiyam kuda. .vasudhareg ondu bonna-baddiyam kuduvaru mfiyu-deyaleya- 
kam dh&pakke eradu-bonna-baddiyam nanda-divigege mftru-bonna-baddiyam 
koduvaru brahmanarige ashtami-bavu-devasa eka..siya akkiyann ikkuyaru 
eradu-bonna-baddiyam Bairaya-devargge nanda-dtvigege ondu-honna-baddiyam 
kuduvantagi Somayya Jagga-Gauda Bamma-Gauda Bala-Gauda Madi-Gauda 
Bila-Gaudara Madi-Gauda Honna-Gauda hiriya-Mala-Deva Bitti-Gauda Muddu- 
Gauda Keriya-Maraya Bamacba-Setti hiriya-Bammabova Lingada-Bamma 
Bbimacha Nariyoja samasta nambi gadyanavappa 

(6 lints illegible) 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 49 


On the west beam of the ranga-mantapa in the same temple. 
Svasti sriman-maha-pradhanara sarvvadhik&ri-makkalu dandadbishtbliyakam 
matada Machayyaugala besadim Heragina Bacharasa-Hcggade Jaya-samvatsa- 
rada A§vija-su 10 S6may&radandu K6ravangalada G6vinde§vara-d£vara nand&- 
divigegam abhyangana-sn&nakkam kai-gana onduvam suDka-parihftrav &gi 
bittaru i-dhammavam kedasihan endavanu Gangeya tadiyalu ekkdti-munindra- 
ruvam s&yira-veda-p&ragar appa br&hmananivam sHyira-kayileyamum konda 

. 75 
At the same village, on a stone near the BrahmMvara temple. 
Sri namas tunga-iiraS-chumbi-chaDdra-chamara-charave | 
trail6kya-nagar&rambha-mfMa-stambhaya Sambhavfi n 

Srimatu- . . . kshStrfc-p&laka G6yindamayya | 

Srimat-sarvv&dhik&ri-Naga-Rudramayya I sitagara-ganda heggade K&lamayya | 
sriman-maha-pradhana sarvv&dbikftri Bfrchi-Rajan int f-n&lvara janani hegga- 
diti M&kanayyeyn tamma putrara dharmmangala pratip&lisaln M&kasamudra- 
vam kattisidalu | 


At the same village, on a stone south of the K&)6svara temple. 

Namas tunga^iras-chumbi-chandra-cb&mara-charavS | 

trail6kya-nagar§rambha-mftla-stambh&ya-§ambhay$ n 
(io iin« following, from vinaya-prat&pa-nilayam to Narasimha-kshitifiam, correspond 
with thote to No. 7i abo?») svasti samadhigata-pancha-mah&-sabda mah&-mandal6- 
svaram Dvto&vati-pura-var&dliiSyaram | Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badayanala | vairi- 
bala-gahana-d&yanala | P4ndya-ku}a-kamala-yana-vedanda ganda-bberunda | 
para-mandala-sftyek&ya sangrama-Bbima I Kali-k&la-K&ma n&m&di-pra&asti- 
sahitani srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongo-Nangali-Banayase-H&oungal- 
gonda bhoja-bala Vira-Gatiga pratapa-HoysaJa sri-Naraeiihha-Devaru Hi ma-Set u- 
maryyadey &da bhttmiyam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu rakshisuta 
8ukha^sankath4-vin6dadim rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-padarpadmdpajivi I 

Sri-karanagrani tantrakk | eka-prabhu Narasiraha-Devana maneyol | 
Srikanta-kanta-sahaja-vi- | y§kam sat-kirtti-pihita-ldkam Nakam u 
&-Nfikimayyan-anvay6nnatiy entendade | 
(8 nnei following, from ved&dbyayanadhyapana to Gdvinda-Rajanim kiyiya, correspond 

with thote in No. 71 above) 


Digitized by 


50 Hassan Taluq. 

▼?* H tantra-sri-karanadhikara-niratam panchanga-samrakshakam | 
mantrildchana-nirjjitamara-guru-prajfiam jagad-varddhakam | 
dhMrl-8aryva-jan6pak&ra-karana-krid4-grihita-vratam | 
tantrf-mftdura-n&da-sodara-sudha-vani-kanam Nakanam h 
ldkaika-priya-divya-sevya-sudheyim sankalpit&rttha-pradi- | 
n&k&kara-sura-drumali-padadiiu V&chaspatirkhy&tiyim | 
n&kam mel akhildrrvi k!} ene jagad-vikhyatay end andu matt I 
Skaikdttama-Yastuvini doreye p£l N&kang ila-lokadol h 
tanag 1-ldkaman eyde rakshipa-manam t&n ullad &-pakshig &r \ 
tmanan end oppisal appude balike pel mikkargg ade geyvan end 1 
anaYady&traa-pardpak&ra-karanam vikhyata-JimCltayi- | 
hananam kSlu viveki N&ki naguvam 16kdpak*trddayam a 
padevar ppongalan ellarurh tavag anal pendirgge makkalge ba- | 
ytidal ent altu nijfobta-sishta-tatig ishtipCtrttamam nirmmisal | 
padevam dharmmadin artthamam para-hita-vyaparan end andu he- i 
rggade N&kannane visva-dhatriyolag em dhanyam perar ddhanyarS n 
svasti samasta-bbuvana-jana-yinuta-guna-ganalankara | Narasimha-Deva-bha- 
yana-bb&sura-sabhMank^ra | anavarata-dara-h&9a-bhasura-sarach-chandrikil- 
sakala-samaya-samptirnna-mukha-mandala-nirSi^^ | ni- 

rantara-dhana-kanaka-dana-santarppita-8akala-bh(imandala | dana-mana-prak^ 
pariptirnna | sarvva-guna-samptirnna | Kamalasana-sam^na-sanmana-sac^bh&ya- 
viSruta-§rivatsa-g6tra-satapatra-mitra-Yana-yirS,jamana-rajahaiii3a | bhuvana- 

tanda | dik-kari-karanuk&ri-ddrddanda | sakala-guna-gana-sammardda-Maddi- 
R&ja-priya-putra | pavana-charitra | kula-k^raini-kadaraba-sambhavita-patiyra- 
samuttha-m&nikya | chaturvvidha-pranita-niti-Ch&nakya | tantradhik^ri-yikhyjlta- 
G6vinda-Raj&nujanma | saphalikrita-samsara-janma | tantra-sri-karanadi-sarvva- 
dhik&ri-saryy^dhyaksbatA-daksha-Bdcbi-R&j^grajata parijana-parij&ta I nitya- 
naimittik&nashth&na-niyamit^ntahkarana N^rasimha-Deya-bhayana-bhayita-sri- 
karana i Y^daya-raja-r^jamandir^-saraasta-tantr^vapa-paratantra-tantradhikira 
naya-yinaya-d^na-sanmlna-sambbavita-sakala-lokopakara | s&rada-nirad&kara- 
uih&ra-Hara-hisa-bhas ura-yas6-vilasa-vist4ra | din&n&tha-bud ha-bandhu-nikara- 
nist&ra | sad-ach^ra-ch&rut^tmikrita-br&hmanya | Mahesvara-gan&graganya | 
artth&rttbi-yargga-sankalpit^rttha-samudaya-samarppana i sarvydrvvarfUrama- 
niya-kara-darppana | ananya-saraanya-sahaja-saujanya | saryva-jana-m&nya | 
namadi-prasasti-sahitam sriman-mahft-pradhana sri-karana-tantradhikariy enisi 
negalda I 

a-N&kananim kiriyam | bhd-naka-bhujangaloka-varttita-kirtti | 
sri-n&ri-pati vitarana- I Bhanusutam Kalidasa vinaya-vil&sain h 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 51 

4-mftvarinde kifiyam I bhdmandalak eyde piriyan ol-gnnadindam | 
dfaimantara chintamani | s&uaanyane Bdchi-Rajan Ctrjjita-tejaih h 
BCtchannana naya-vinayama- i n &ch&ram enippa-gunaman olpaiii telpam | 
Vacbaspatigarh pogajvad a- 1 gScharam ene manavang ad 6th gdcbaramd 11 
▼r* || ChaturiUy&nanadante veda-chayadant udyacb-chatur-vyargga-san- |. 
tatiyant ambudbiyantu niti-gatiyant Indrebha-dantankura- | 
kritiyaDt i. . .jangal. .antu paded ant &-n&lvarum nitya-san- \ 
gatar &gi?ddu cbatur-ddiganta-vilasad-vikhyatiyara t&ldidar n 
R&mana Bharatana Lakshmana- 1 namana Satrugbnan-eseva. . . mmikevdl I 
&-Marddi-Raja-3utarol I s&uianyam enippud uchita-8&b6daryya N 
a-nalvaro} | 
▼ri n esedirdd indu-kala-kalapamuman a-dugdhabdhiyol putrid a- | 

posa-piyftshamumam teralchi padapim Dbatram padam geyra-san- I 
tosadim dbarmmadol odi nirmroisidan i-visvambbara-raksba^a- | 
vyasana-vy&pta-y&so-vil&saF-yilasad-bhti-D&kanam Nakana u 
nudigal karnna-ras&yanarii tanu jagan-netrakke chandrddayaih | 
kuduv-arpp artthi-janangal-angana-nidbi-bratam sadacbarav 4- | 
Mrida-chCtd&mani-maDda-manda-visarad-Gang^pagftrpfttav end- I 
ade pdlvanoan ad &van asrita-krita-sri-lokanam Nakana h 
asad-&}&pado) appudem surataru-brataiigal ond fcgi-san- | 

tosadind arttbige sarvva-sakti-sahitam chd I 

lasad-vaktrabja-bbksvad-day&- | 

ra8a-8ammisra-mriddkti-yukta-madhu-digdhal6kanam N&kana H 
d&k8hi?yam Ma)ayanilad adhigatam g&mbhiryyam ambbdnidbefc 
ty&gab kalpatarob ksham& cba dharanes Sauryyam cba panch&nan&t I 
lava^yam mrigalafichbanat subhagatt Kandarppa-dev&d abo 
saujauyam kbalu Naka-Raja cbaritat kasmad idam siksbitam || 
endu tama-tamage-pogaluva pogajtegam negaltegaiii neleyada | 
&-?ibhu-N6kana kula-vadhu i bbavodbbava-rajya-laksbmi Delava Lakshmi- 1 
devige pempiib Vani- | devige roatiyinde eobagin Agajege piriyaj || 
kifiya-vadbu Boppeyakkam | neyavara t&ldida-pativrat&-guQadindam | 
marayisal Avanieuteyarh | neravalu rttpinge Kautu-kanteyan entum h 
a-dbarmma-patnigalu aukha- I 8fidhita-dhat'marttba-k&moyar chchittamao fc» | 
radbise eukhadind irddan U- I madbipa-p&d&bja-chancbarikam N&ka H 
Manu-muni-charitam vidvaj- | jana-raksbana-dakshan amala-kirtti-vil^sam i 
vananidbi-parivrita-visva- | vani-taladola dbarmma-tati-pat&kam N&ka n 
migil Abjajange Vagde- | vige cbaturyyadol enalke vibadbargg ell&m | 
jagadolage negajda N&kam | dvi-gunaih tri-gunarii chatur-ggunam pancba- 

gunam h 
mh* || antu 6auri-Gauga-8angataDad-i§varaDant anukfcla-kularkalatra-yugala- 
sapbalikrita-skra-samsaranum arddha-vrisba-vabananum &gi Nagarajanante 

Digitized by 


52 Hassan Taluq. 

bbu-bh&ra-bharana-dhaureyan enisida Nakarasam sri-Narasimha-Devan^ara- 
maneyolu t&num tann odavuttidarum pradhana-purushar &gi nadeyuttam padad 
odavey anitumam degnlakam keregav 3gi brayam geyva b a gey am bagedarida 
Stg^nad-olagan-agrah&iam Kdravangaladolu kalu-vesan agiyum pom-besan id 
enisi I 

▼ri H'neladol pongalan eke pulvar enutam tarn lubdharam manad an- | 
daleyuttirppa vireki Naki paded a-saryyasvamam Koravan- n 
galadol tan nay a janma-bhftmiyan ila-vikhyata? appant iral | 
sileyol baytan UmesyariUayarkriti-yy&p&ra-p&r&yana y 
h sthirane sad-guniye viv§ka-nidhiy£ vidvaj-janadharane | 

nirahank^ra-vinodaue Manu-muni-prakhyatane Nakane | 
stbiranS sad-guniye viveka-nidhiye vidvaj-janadh&rane | 
nirahank&ra-vinodane Manu-muni-prakhy&ta-klrtti-dbvaja h 
erada manujange sura-bhu- | mirubam saran end avange kulisag&ram | 
para-vaniteg Anilatanayami nirupama-guna-dharmma-tati-pat&kam Nakan 
▼ri || onde muburttadalli param&hraranam pariv&ra-d§vat& | 

brinda-aamanvitam negalda-s&sanamam sakalorvvaramara- | 
nanda-saraanvitam siriyan arttbigalalli yasas-samanyitam | 
kundad iral pratishthisidan em kritakrityano Naki ldkadol n 
▼a II ' antu Siva-pratishtheyam yasah-pratisbtheyam kula-pratishtheyuman 
odan-odane su-muhurttadalli su-pratiahthitam madi Nak§svara-devara nitya- 
pftjegam pavitra-davan§,r6pana-naimittika-tithigaih tapddbana-briLhmanar-anna- 
danakkam khanda-sphutita-jirnndddharakkam hiriya-kereya kelage tenkana 
bhagadalli mudana kadeya Chiriyadana dasakadim baduvalu Gdvindesyara* 
devarig &da Vin&yaka-Bhattana pancbakadim mudalu bali-sahitav erada dasa- 
kamam saryva-namasya-dattiy &gi dh&ril-purvvakam bhumiyam §rl-Nakesvara- 

deyargge heggade N&kimayyam kotta | (following 4 lines contain usual rerses) 

Svasti yama-niyama-svadhy&ya-dhy&na-dharana-inaunanusbthina-japa-sam&dhi- 
s!la-guna-8ampannaru[m] yajana-y§janadhyayanadhy§,pana-d&na-parigraha-sat- 
karmma-niratarum appa srlmatu piriy-agrah&ram S&nti-gr&mad as&sha-maha- 
janangalu Kdravangalada sri-Nakesvara-devargge bali-sahita oudu dasakavam 
saryva-namasyatey agi bittaru yidan avan orvva kidisi hog endavanu 8&yira- 
kavileya s&y ira-veda-paragar-appa* br&hmanar umam entu-koti-munindraruvam 
konda brammati 


At Anugavalli (same hobli), on a stone in the ranga-mantapa 
of the Kisava temple. 

sriman-maha-mandaleSvara ari- 

r&yara-vibh&da bh&shege tappuva-rayara ganda chatu-saraudradhipati iri-vira- 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 53 

Bukkanna-vodeyaru prithivi-rajyam geutt ire sakala-guna- 

sampannar appa Vatsa-gdtrada Anugapalla Kambada-Rfcmayanada NirAya^ana 
makkalu R&m&yanada RAmapanu Lakshmananu Anugavalliya R&machandra- 
dfcvara p&dakke namaskaravam m&di hodaru Pingala-samvatsaradali baraddu 


On a stone south-east of the same temple. 
Svasti-Sri-Nandana-saibvatsarada Asvayuja-sudda-p&diva-BrahavArad andu Hera- 
gioa Tiromanniluv embara maganu Eleya-Perum&lu-d&sarn Anugavalji-Tirar 
mala . . maria-devarige ivaha amrita-padige kotta gady&na hattu 1-honnina 
vridhiyalu nitya hattu-m&na araisuta asesba-mahajanangaju nadisuvaru | 


At the same village, on the west wall of the Kdiava temple. 

(Gr»Dtha and Tamil oharaotcri) 

Svasti srf-Anumanpalliyil §ri-Kesava-p-perumalukku t-tiruv&ymoli t-tiru- 
vadhyayanattukku seshamaka Apparasan-pallattile iru kandaka k-kalani ijrai 
iliy&ka k-kondu vittar Tirukk6ttiy&r Gomatattu Jfyar sri-Vishnuvarddbanafc 
Hari Srivaisbnava-varddhaka 


On the north wall of the same temple. 

(Qrantha and Tamil character*) 

Svasti Sri-Hemalambi-samvatsarattu Kattikai mudal Anumanpalliyil Sri- 
Kesava-p-perumalukku tiru-vilakkukku a-vflril aS&ha-mah&janangal kaiyile 
apjai balla kalaniyile aru-kulakatt-iru-nali kalani yiyai yili 


At Hiri-Kadalftru (same hobli), on the north and east beams of 
snkantai-mantapa in the Chenna-XMava temple. 

Svasti Sri -Rudhirodgari- earn vatsarada K&rttika-su 1 A AradattiparaY&da 
Kadal&ra Aranipujattu Sriranga-Devana makkalu Gdvanna-Ballannangalu 
imdda-Padman&bba-dSvara sth&nika-KSSava-Pille . . Rayaru Chandrainauli- 
Nambiyara maga Naganna Narasimha-Nambiyara maga Bondappanu Baudari- 
M&dayyana maga Bommayya tamma KesavannSJa. . .Mganna nilis- 
ibarigeyu kotta S&sanada kramav entendade ftrPadman&bha-dSvara mftyu- 
tontavanum Heggereya tenkana-kddiya gaddeyanum m&dana-kddiya makkiya 

Digitized by 


54 Hassan Taluq. 

gadde Hoonayyanahal}i[ya]num vritti nalkuvanum yeppatta-mdju-m&vaiium 
konda oitya-padi midigtlli sahita nellu ko 5 tuppa soilage hal ommana mosar 
omm&na yanney ommka batt-adake yippatt ele gandba dh&pa varushakk eradu 
madi yarggachayitra-pavitra-dipdtsayavaou pftrvya-mariy&deya nadasuvalligeytl 
kflda Bale-dann&yakaru madida jivita nambiyarige ga 6 paricharakarige ga 3 
parrrangala dakshinege ga 1 Wgharikarige ga 5 htt-dontava in&duvange ga 3 
aghayani-b&nasakke ga 2 antu jivita-vargga ga 20 kkeytt yi-kshStrangalavti 33 
kkam banda ola-brayayanuih yinit endu t&jade tettu a-devalayakke sodheyan 
ikkisayant&giytt W36vanna-Ballannangalige m&la-pakshadalli a-Padman&bha- 
dSvarig dffisida madbyamada payitravand adhika-padiyal obball-akkiya pras&- 
dayanu koduyant&giyfl Sri-Chenna-Kesava-ddyarige y&r obbar adkik&rigal&gi 
bandavare yt-dharmmaya n6di nadasuvanUtgiyil iUGdvanna-Ballannangalu 
a-Kesava-dSvarige adhik&riy&gidda Ling-arasara Madanna munt&gi yi-sth&nika- 
rige &-chandrarkka-pariyanta nadavant &gi kotta sasana yi-G6vanna-Ballannan- 
gala yi-8thanikara ubhay^numatadim barada sri-mfriasthana-dSyara stb&- 
nikan a-vftra senabova Siugannanu yi-sth&nikaru Sri-Chenna-KeSaya-dSvara 
bbajta guru-Ddpannange nity&nn ikadai-erad-adake nalk eleya vtleyava 
nadasuyaru yint appudakkey a-Gdyanna-Ballannangala sva-hastad oppa 

sya-datt&m para-dattam vi yd hareta vasundharam | 

sbashti-varsha-sabasrani visbtbayam jayate krimih h 

(In Grantha characters) jrl Gdpinitha. 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession of Nanje-Gauda. 

(In Nagari charaottrt) 

(lb) Om nams Si v ay a | 
p&tu vafo paramah Potri yasyoddhritavato mabirii | 
krida-karddamatam yati janudagbnam nabhas-sthalam ti 
Hari-nabbi sarojioyam yisya-bijam abbftd Vidhih | 
tasm&d Atris tatas saisba sudha-rasamayas Sasi h 
tasya vam§e Yadur abbftd Yadu-vamse-nripagranih | 
abbftd abb&mis tamas&m asav ati balas Salab n 
tasmin V&santikam devim namaty apagatayudhe | 
munim kam api sardddlo jighrikshann abbyapadyata :i 
tarn yfksbya boy SalSty aha Karnnataka-gira munih | 
salikaya nri-sarddulah s&rdd&lam cba jagbana sah h 
mabibhrin-mastaka-nya8ta-pada-sphClrjjita-mandalat I 
tatd'bbdd Vinayidityah pratap&kranta-bhtltalah II 
abhangura-gunottungam JSreyangam asdta sab | 
nijojvala-bhuja-chhaya-sukba-visranta-bhutalaiii h 
tasm&d asm&rggala-prakbyau piyarau dharayan bbujau i 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 55 

ajayata jagaj-jishnu-mahima Vishnuvarddhanah || 
panddkrit&m nija-tanuiii dadhati samant&d 
adyapi yasya virahad iva kirtti-kanta | 
v§la-nikunja-bhavanani jahati naiva || 
purusbad uttam&d Vishn6r athavirabhavat prabhuh | 
Narasimhas samagr&n&m jagat&m aiiraih haran n 
aDyftsb&m bhftmipalanarh katarah kirtti-ydsbitab | 
unmajjanti nimajjanti yad-yaiah-ksbira-vfcridhau n 
Kali-kalmasbajam bh&ram avatarayittnh bhuvah | 
tasmad ajani yajnan&m Ballalaji pa ram a gatih h 
dharadhare kripane pXtambhasi nabhasi vilasite yasya | 
uddiya ky&pi gata prati-bhftpati-kfrtti-kalabamsi n 
firPraley aSilocbchayad Su ranadi-pathah-pavitrodar&d 
&-§et6r Dafokantha-vairi-charana-nyasaih sarauttamsitan | 
a-pftrvvachalarpaSchimachala-tatan marttanda-vah&yali- | 
h§14-lftna-lavanga-pallava-mukha(IIa)n m&dyanti yat-kirttayah h 
tat-kula-mftla-stambh&d uditas sa 6va Narasimhah | 
ripu-hridaya-kftta-patana-nishthura-nija-khadga-nakhara-mukha^ u 
raata yasya jagat-trayaika-janani k^runya-varannidbie 
saubbagyaika-nidbis samasta-yaSas&ifr patrarh gun&n&m khanib | 
lakshmi-stbairya-vidhana-keli-khuralt satyasya safljtvanaih 
tyag§shv apratimeti Padmala-mataftdevi katham kathyat§ || 
ajilam anya-nripala-mauli-phalakam kirttin disa-dantinam 
dantotsangara arati-raja-patalim devangana-mandiram | 
ardpya pratbamarii samunnata-mana rajy&bbishSkdtsavais 
svikartum yatate Nrisimha-nripatis simb&sanardhanam || 
Bbogfndrasya pbanagram adi-Kamatbat tasmad disa-dantinam 
dantfirsringa-paramparam tad an u tad-gdtr&dri-sringa-stbali^ | 
tabhyo*py adi-Varaha-danta-valabhim aruhya bhftmih kram&d 
adyarohati Narasimha-nripater uttangam amsa-stbalaxh || 
bhft-bbaracb chhrama-vari nirjbara-misb&n muncbanti gotracbala 
vtjyante kila karga-tala-pavanaih SrantA ivasa-gajaji | 
ity 6t&n dhrita-bhft-bharab prahasativdonidra-ratn&nkara- 
jydt8o611Asa-yimiSra-kankana-ranatk&rair yadiyo bhujah h 
yudbyann uttara-dig-jayeshu samararambbe Krisimbd nripab 
iatrftnam rudhirair ap&rayad asau tat-Tungabhadra-tatifc I 
bbrasbtaib kshmapatibbir diso nija-yaeab-pdrena rodhontaram 
virair Vikramapala-pavusa-mukhair devaiigana-mandiram n 
Stasmin Narasimha-bhftparivridbe gandha-dvipa-rdhana- 
krtda-kautukini svayam rana-mukbS bantam pravritte par&n | 

Digitized by 


56 Hassan Taluq. 

sadyas SSfuna^ainya-sdnita^rin-m&dfr-asadin punas 
tarn ddyaxh Madhu-Kaitabba-pramatbanam sandggdhi yam m&dini h 
hrit& Srtr baddhdham nikhila-magayah kaustubha-mukhaa 
tvaya luptah kasm&t tirayasi charou-pamsu-patalaib | 
itiv&mbhdr&sir Yadu-kula-pattfc(Itt)kirtti-vijaya- 
pray&nasthair ghdshai^ prachala-tanur fckrdsati bhriSam u 
$yam-vidha-prasa8tW&lin4 §rfmat-prat&pa-chakravarttin& Narasiriiha-mahfp&ld- 
na | shan-nisbka-mulakarasya | pana-dyaydna-chatv&rimsan-nishka-sarvv&yasya i 
Arundhattpur&para-n&madhfiyasya | sarvya-namasyatySna pdryvam dattasya I 
Kadaltlru-mah&grah&rasya i prayishtatayfc | chatur-nisbka-mtlakarat | paiicha- 
panottara-shad-vimsati-nishka-sarvv^yati | praSiddha-sima-samanvitab Chikka- 
Kadalflra-n&madheyd gramas sarva-namasyam krity& dattah h (84 lines following 

oontnin details of the gift with boundaries, names of Trittidars and usual final verses) 


85 - 

At Chikka-Ea4alftr (same hobli), on a stone south of the 
entrance of the Ealldsyara temple. 

Namas tunga-iirai-chumbi-chandra-ch&mara-ch&rayg | 
trailokya-oagar&rambha-mtlla-stambh&ya SambhayS || 
Murahara-nabhi-pankajadol udbbavisirdda Pitamabange sach- | 
charita-pavitran Atri-muni puttidan a-muni-raja-nandanam | 

yara-guni Sdman a tan a magam Budhan atmajam ja | 

dbaran enipam Purdravana tat-sutan Ayuy enippan oppidam h 
atana hemmagam Nahushan a-Nabusange Yayati puttidam | 
bhdtala-seyyan atana sutam Tadu Yadava-vamsa-sambhavam | 
nitividam negartte-vadedaih . . . . Vinayarkka-nandanam | 
khyatiyan ant Erangan esey atmajan Clrjjita-Visbnu-bhubbujam n 
svasti 8amadhigata-pancba-maha-8abda-mahA-raandalS§varam | Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhi§varam Yadava-kulambara-dyumani maleparolu ganda ganda-bberunda 
sahgrama-Rama Kali-kala-Kama namadi-prasasti-sahitam srimat-Tribbuvana- 
malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanungalu- 
gonda bbuja-bala-Ganga prat&pa-yfra-Vishnuvarddbana-Hoysala-Deyaru Ganga- 
vadi-tombhattaru-sasiramumam Nolambayadi-mdvatt-ir-ssasiramumarii dusbta- 
nigraha-iishta-pratipiUanadinday aluttav ire vijaya-rajyam uttarottarabhivrid- 
dhi-prayarddhamanam a-cbandrarkka-taram-barara saluttam ire Dorasamudra- 
da nelovidinol sakha-sankath&-vinddadim rajyam geyutt ire Saka-varsha 1078 

Sadh&rana-samvatsarada sri-Gdvindapurada asesha-maha-janangalum 

B&se-Gayundanum Hiriya-Kadalftra Bomma-Gauda alliya muliga Sivaaakti- 
Panditara sri-Kali-d£yara pdrvvada gadde biriya-kereya kelage sa 3 dSvara 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 57 

kere anisuva muntana beddale sa 1 haduvana araliya keyi sa 1 allim tenkalu 
beddale ko 10 Chinni-Settiyu kattisida Kannegereya sa 1 Sivasakti-Panditara 
maga Honna-jiya Honna-jiyana maga Hola-jiya sri-Kali-devara dSvfilyavan ettisi 
kereyam kattisidam f-dbarmmavam pratip&lisidang ayum sriyum akkum 
I-dkarmmavam kayada papige ek-koti-munindrarumam kavileyumam br&hmana- 
rumam Gange-V&ran&si-Kurukshetradalli konda brahmati akkum Kali-d§vara 
nanda-divigeya kai-gana sunkadavaru end-endig aparihara i-sasanavam bareda 
Mudugeje-N&garasi-Pandita rtivftri-Devoja dharmmakke sasanava nilisida it 

(usual final Tertt) 

On the side of the same stone. 

Sri-Govindapurada asesha-mahajanara kaiyalu Hebbageyeya Egranakereyalu 
niska kottu khanduga-gaddeya sri-Mabadevaringe bitta int i-dammavan ali- 
dange Banarasiyalu go-vadhe m&dida 


On copper plates in possession of Linge-Oauda, patdl of the same village. 

(Hagart oharaoien) % 

(la) Sri || Subham astu II 

avyad an&hataisvarya-k&rand V&ran&nanah | 

varadah papa-timira-mihiro Hara-nandanab ii 

namas tunga-SiraS-chumbi-cbandra-chamara^charave I 

traildkya-nagararambha^m&la-stambh&ya Sambhave H 

bh&y&d Yajna-Yarab6 vaS Sreyase bhilyasfi chiram i 

samichakara yah kshonim *surais chakre payo girin h 

asti mand&ra-kalpadru-kainadhenu-sahodarah | 

Ramanujas Sudhanathah kshira-sagara-sambhavah h 

udabhftd any aye tasya Yadur nama mabipatih | 

palitam Yadayiyena Vasudevena bbiitalam h 

abhftt tasya kale sriman lasad-guru-gun6dayah I 

apasta-duritasangas Sangamo nama bhftpatih n 

punyais tasya babh&va pilrva-charitaih putro guninim nidhiS 

8rim&n Bukka-mahipatis §iva-pada-dyandvaika-8§va-parah | 

yasm&d rdsha-kash&yit&kshi-yugal&t santrasyatam vidviebam 

Satrubhyo'py abhaya-prad&panam abh&d dftrrankuram durlabham h 


pari[p&]ti-chtirnikrita-ripu-ka[taka]-k6tf-parisbadab | 

yirajad-raja-sris sthagita-jaladbis saisha rajasa 

bhuvam chakre bhoktum vyapagata-dukftlim iva muhuh n 

• 8o in the original. 

Digitized by 


58 Hassan Taluq. 

*tasmaj Jambhary-Amarapurabhida tva cha kelts cba vinam 
padya-sthairyo Harihara iti pradurasit kum&rah | 
drig eyftvatarajarh ka(I6)14nugam manasi nilakam vitanvan navam 
slagham nirasyan sapadi bahu-narendra-yasabhajam satam yah 11 
yasyddrikta-niSata-kbadga-dalita-ma . . rthi-kosahfita- 
8varna-8t6ma-nir4kpita-dvija-kalanishtas cha tunga-sriyah | 
♦prasokacharitani sh6da§a-maha-dan&ni sarvair nripaih 
ftrftdham mahaniya-dftra-padaviih sviya-sravapam tada || 
Sakftbde Vasu-chandr&gni-vidhun& yuta-vatsare I 
Dhatv-£khye Sr&vanS masi sukla-paksh§ subhe dine II 
somdpar&ga-samaye Tungabbadrk-nadi-tate | 
Sri-Virilpaksha-devasya sannihdau muktidayinah h 
♦adisad imam(a) agraharam Harihara-nripatih Kadalura nama viprebhyah i 
Sige-nada-simayam H&saninte tasya gramasya Haribarapuram iti paschad 
adbisth&nam achakshate h 

*sukham i[ba] yasatS. chirena kratushu havirbhir upahritair ajasram | 
siira-parishadi tpiptim asrayantyam mama samabhftd ayasah-prasangah h 
8riman-maharajadhiraja-parame§vara ptirva-dakshina-paschimottara-fsamudre- 
ka n&lku bhasham Telaghu-ntjanya-bhujauga Hindft-Raya-suratrSna raja-v£sya« 
bhujanga Karaataka-ashtaka-ashta-kalavatamsa Vijayanagaradhisvara chatush- 
shashti-kaia-chaturya-pravina vaidika-marga-pratishthapanach&rya rajadhi(sri) 
raja Valmiki-siddha-sara-sakta Simhala-dvipa-jaya-stambha sri-Virilpfikaha-deva- 
di(II a) vya-bhaktankita su-lakshananvita-sach-charana tri-sandbya-samaradhita- 
Chandramauli-mauli.chandra-chandrikrita.sandrikrita.bridayangaraga sri-vlra- 
prat&pa-Harihara-mabarayaru somoparaga-punya-kaladalli tad-aDga-bbu-danav 
agi kotta agraharada vrittivantaru nischita-vrittayah | trayodasa-sankhyakah | 
asya nirnayah | (19 lines following contain namet, eto. of vfittidin) i-hadimuru-mandi 
brahmanarige kotta vyitti hadimurake grama KadalCtru-grama vandu Hiri- 
Kadaltlru-grama vandu Maidanahalli-grama vandu antu kalvali-grama m&ru 
Hasanada sthalada i-KadalCtra-gramavannu Pampa-ksbetrada srl-Virftpaksha- 
devara sannidhiyallu kottevu a-agraharada chatus-sime yalle vivara (is lines 
following oontnin details of boundaries) i-Kadal&ra-agraharada chatus-sime va(III a) 
lagana nidhi-nikahepa-jala-pashana-akshiny-agami-siddha-sadbyagal emba ashta- 
bhoga-tSjas-sv&myagalannCt aga-madikondu a-chandrarkasthayigal agi putra- 
pautra-paramparyav Agi anubhavisi yendu somoparaga-punya-kaladaia kanaka- 
dhara Hariharapurav emba hesarulla sarvamanyada agraharavantH | Dbatu-sam- 
vatsarada Sravana-suddha-paurnamiyalu sa-hiranyodaka-dhara-purvakav agi 
kottevu t sukhadim bhogisuvadu | 
sam&nyo'yam dharma-setur nripan&m k&lS kale palaniyo bhavadbhih | 
sarv&n etan bb&vinah pirthivendran bhCiyd bh&yo yachate Ramachandrah h 

♦ These rerses are so in the original. f So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 59 

ye bhdmipas satatam ujvala-dharma-chittah 
mad-vamsajah para-mahlpati-vamSaja va I 
mad-dharmam eva $atatam paripalayanti 
tesham pada-dvayam aham sirasa vahami H 
ari-raya-vibhada bbashege tappuva r&yara ganda purva-paschima-dakshinottara- 
rajadbiraja vira-Harihara-R&yara basta muttida voppita | 
rajno Hariharesasya ajnaya tamra-sasanam | 
alikham Muddanacharyd akshare mangaltovite || 

8rI-Virup^ksba On Kahd»$* characters). 


At Yalegunda (same hobli), on a stone south-west 
of the S&ntamall&hrara temple. 

Srimat-trailokya-pftjy&ya sarra-karma-sa-saksbipg | 

phaladaya namo nityam Sankaraya mahatman§ || 

ekam. . .-nimiliml mukulina chaksbur-dhritS. .punah 

Parvatya jaghana-8thala-stana-tatai§ Sri-. . ra-bbaravali | 

. .dfira-nikrishta-. .Madana-. . . . 

moda-samaye netra-trayam padma . . . h 

svasti 8amadhigata-pancba-maha-sabda maha-mandalSSvaranum I Dvaravati- 
pura-varesvaranum i Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-barmmya-mftla- 
etambbanum | apratihata-pratapa-yidita-vijayarambhanum I Yasantika-d§vi- 
labdha-vara-prasadanum sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandaDa-vinodanum | 
aksbunna-lakshmi-lakshita-Takshab-pradesanum | pratidinopachiyamana-punya- 
pravesanum I vinamad-ahita-bhaya-chakita-mukha-bimbavalamba-sphatika-p&da 
pitha-vinyasta-padatalanum I svetatapatra-sftalikrita-bh&talanam I sneha-nihita- 
saundira-sarasa-vira-kathakarnnanodirnna-harsha-pulaka-sant^nanum | ripu- 
vijay a-vidita-vi vidha-ratna-khachita - karnna-kundala - prabha-mandala - sthagita- 
gapda - mandalanum | anftna - vibbavalokanagamanotkanthitAkhandalanum | 
vikata- vaksha - stbala - virajamana - vipula - vimala - muktaphala - yikirnna - kanti- 
dantarita-k8y<ira-kirttimukhanum | mridu-madbura-vachana-milita-manda-smita- 
sudba-rasa-syandi-vadana-vidhu-bimba-prasada-sakbanum bahu-samara-labdha- 
vijayarttdha-vikramatikarkkasa-bbuja-yugalanum | bhata-kataka-bbujatanot- 
kantha-vijaya-lakshiml-dridbikarana-Dihita-kbadga-Digalanum | Bey&gamana- 
eamaya-samada-kamini-kadamba - chalana-chala-sinjini - sanjata-mafiju- nadddbu- 
ddba-kusuma-bali - sabala - madhukara - jhenkara - mukharitasthana - ranganum | 
niti-nitambini-bridaya-nihita-gambhtr&ntaranganuih i vtra-lakshmi-yihara-sapha- 
la-sastra-nandanabhiramanum | earanagata-kubhrit-kula-niyukta-ksh&manum 
8angitaka-pra8anga-bhaiigi-sangata-cbatararBbaratanaiii tarka-yidya-viS&rada- 

Digitized by 


60 Bassan Tatuq. 

vichara-niratanum | sabda-vidya-samagra^akshana-su-Siksbanum | yeda-vidya- 
pariksha-dakshanum I sakala-purana-pufijitarttha-ratna-kosanum I purusbarttba- 
84rttha-mi4a-8atya-mani-btf&shananum | kavitva-tatya-nisita-buddhiyum | van- v 
dya-mantra-siddhiyum i lokalokana-srikarakaranum | satya-samutpanna-Sobhadi- 
gan&dharanum I Kambh6ja-vaji-r&ji-8aficbarana-tarala-dharani-yajayanum I 
vijaya-dindimayamana. . . . ddamara-madbukara-patala-ghattita-pinchhatapatra- 
num | para-vadhfr-patranum | kar&la-karav&la-s&rddtda-nibata-mandalika-mriga- 
ydthanum | Gandagiri-n&thanum | P4ndya-ganda-SaiIa-nirbbedana-kala-dam- 
bholiyum | Tulu-nrip&la-hridaya-vidalana-prakata-rana-keliyum | Jagad-deva- 
bala-vilay a - Bhairavanum | Somesyara - prachanda-vetanda - kabalan a-prabala- 
kantbiravanum | Chakrakilta-pitha-M^nikya-devi-samaksha-lakshya-samarato- 
panum | Adiyam&yalepa-ldpa-cbapa-nipunanum | Narasimha-Brahma-bhftja- 
bhanjananum | Kalapala-kapala-chashaka-Sonita-pina-tusbta-yogini-mano-ranja- 
nanum I Bengiri-bhujanga-bhangakara-khalga-khaga-rajanum | maleraja-raja- 
num | Irungola-kunta-kadala-vana-vidalaaa-karala-sundalanum | bala-padod- 
dhata-dhtili-dbtisarita-dik-paianumi Bengiri-kutktla-ch&laDa-cbatara-ch&pa-Yai- 
nyanum | Patti-Permraala-pratishthanushthitatma-saiDyanum | atmikrita-Tala- 
vanapuranum | angikrita-Konga-vishayanum | ayalambita-Nolambav&diyuA I 
dftrikritarivargganum i <lrikrita-Nilaparvyatanuih | urarikrita-Kolala-puranum | 
unmCtlita-Koyatftranuih | uttaralita-Tereydranura | ullarjghita-Valliiranum | 
udghatita-Nangali-puranum | utpatita-Ghatta-kabatanum | utkampita-Eancbi- 
puranum | uddandita-prachanda-tejanum | uttambhita-kirtti-dhvajanum | ujj- 
rimbbita-jaya-bberi-ravanum | bhuja-bal&yashtambha-sambhtita-vitta-viracbita- 
yichitra-Vijaya-Nar^yanottunga-bbavananumi vira-vitarana-vilisa-kuUbhimana- 
nuti-mukhara-sakala-bhuvananum | kaya-kanti-parihasita-kfLnchananum | sar- 
ddula-lanchhananum | Padmasadma-tapah-pdta-veda.paryvatadhisvaranum | 
raja-samaja-bhasvaranum | yasah-prasara-paripdrnna-padmajandanum | mala- 
parol gandanum I Kaveri-tira-vana-vihara-mada-maralanuih | su-bhata-samara- 
keli-lolanum j lokopakara-parayananum | vijaya-Narayananum | alim munn 
irivanum | sauryyamam mereyanum I enisida srimat-Tribhuvana-malla bhuja- 
bala-vira-Ganga-Vishnuyarddhana-Devaru | mftdalu Nangaliya Padiyaghatta I 

tenkalu Kongu | paduyalu Barakanftr-idiy&da Konkanada gadiya | bada- 

galu Perddore merey agi bbuja-balavasbtambhadim para-mandalagalan ottikondu 
sukba-sankatba-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam iralu tat-pada-padmopajivi yenisi | 
nayaka-ratnam padakado- | 1 ayatam enifsijrppa terade nirmmalina-guna- | , 
sri-yutan ettida Keteya- | Nayakan atmiya-patige bhdshana . .yim || 
atana sat! Siva-dharmma- | sri-tilakam tan enalke pati-hita-gunadim | 
bhtttalam ellam pogale gu- | natisayam negalda Jakkiyabbey negaldal II 
nirmmala. . . .bage tarn | nirmmalam entu cbaritram &tmiya-gunam | 
nirmmala . . .enal sad- | dharmma-padam Jakkiyabbeyolu sogayisugum 11 
intu sach-cbaritra-pa tram enisida Keteya-Nayakaiigam Jakkiyabbegam | 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 61 

magal adal Lakshmiye tarn | mogam ujvalam age norppa giri-gannadi tarn | 
inogav ene Santala-Deviya | pogaladar ar bbhagyavatiyan a-gunavatiyam h 
Kantuva chintamani si- | mantiniyargg ike tane chftdamaiji yi- \ 
Santale rakshamani tan ] entu palargg enisi negaldal avani-taladol h 
arpalgadala magal t&m | sri-Purushottamanan olisi nelasidal uradol | 
bh&pati . . . n &lisidd a- | d i-punyddare nelasidalu t&n uradol n 

i-rtipina sobaginoj ana- | sar ilia nariyar sale. .&rum | 

dhariniyol enisi San tale | bbilramanam Vishnuvinge padadalu varamam u 
purvvina sogeyan ikeya | karvvina cba. .na vijaya-kirttiyan ittam | 

parvvisal eseye | sarvva-kala-praudhe chikka-Santale negajdal \\ 

nudiv-edeyo} [ ] | nadev-edeyo} patige ati. .n t-S&ntaleyol | 

padi. .Rambheyuma. .ne | padedalu tat-kante Vishnu-k&ntana bageyam »i 
anavarataih Gauriya pada- 1 vanarubadole tanna bbakti-madhu-rasadavo}ir- i 

ppinegam S& manam I alardd &. . .eseye Siva-vallabheya li 

pati-bita-lakshanam (Lkriti | pati-bitam &cb&ram fctma-hridayam pati- | 

hitam agirpp ava | Santala-Devi pati-bita-brate negaldal 11 

intu nija-patiy appa vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddbana-Devara prasadadim rajyam 

geyyuttam ijrdu | netta. .tannaya punyame S&ntala-DSvi t&nuxh maga- 

lum sura-lokaman eydalu §anka[ra]-grihamam Vishnu-nripan-anugrabadindal 
a-chikka-Santale-Deviya tayi Jakkiyabbe tanna magaligam mammagaligam 
paroksba-vinayam agi Nirggunda-nad olagan Elegundadolu nele-gundade pbala- 

kundad uttunga-sringadim m& m agasamum . . . peliSuva dusb- 

karmmava. .radim nivarisuva Siva-gribangalolu Siva-pratishtheyaih madi Santa- 

le§?araih Boppesvaram endu madisi li svasti sriman-maba-mandalesvaram 

Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bbuja-bala vira-Ganga-Hoysala-Devaru Saka- 
varsbsha savirada ayvatt-entaneya Raksbasa-samvatsarada K&rttika-Suddha 
ekadasi Adivarad andu Nirugunda-n&da Elagundada alliya tirttbada sri-Maba- 
devargge vritti mflyu maha-janada vritti badinalku deviyara tayyargge mfiru 
vritti antu vritti ippattuvaih cbika-Santala-Deviyargge pardksha-vinayav ftgi 

sarwa-namasyav agi db&ra-p&rvvakam inadi bittaru || heggaditi Jakki 

tanna milyu vrittiyam magaligam mammagaligam pardksha-vinayam agi Santa- 
lesvararkkam Boppesvararkkam dhara-pdrrvakam madi bittalu || aSesa-maba- 
janangalu Honneya Kattappacb^riy a kejelu mtl-ganduga k&ra-gaddeya bittaru | 

. , kambake vritti .... syastrake bittaru ondu hiriya-kejreya kelage bitta 

kbanduga yeradu | a-grama-sime mddalu. . .nira-kejeya haduvana-kege mere 

tenkanadi. . .lu kejeya kodiya m&vina mara mere badagalu vobbe 

inituvaifi pratipalisuvaru I! i. .beddale Boppesvara-devara sakti-pandita- 

Devaru li i-dharmmakk anukfilar Sgade pratikdlar adava Ganga-kftladallu 

Varan&siya van eyduvaru 11 (mnai final Tern) 

int i-dharmmama sida Balikojana makkalu Ketojanum Bammojanum h 

Digitized by 


62 Hassan Taluq. 


At the same village, on a stone to the right of the RimSsvara 
temple, at the Rimdddvara-halla. 
Srimat-traildkya-ptLJyaya sarvva-karmma-su-saitshine | 
phaladaya namo nityam Sankaraya mahatmane'n 
svasti saraadhigata-pancha-mahft-sabda maha-mandalesvaranum I Dvar^vati- 
para-yaresyaranum | Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa-dbarmma-harmmya-mCtla- 
stambhanum | apratihata-prat&pa-vidita-vijayarambhanum j Vasantika-devi- 
labdha-yara-pras&danum | sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandan^-vinodanum | 
akshunna-lakshmi-lakshita-yakshah-pradesanum | pratidinopachiyamana-. . . . 

pravesanum | yinamad-ahita-bhaya-chakita-mukha-bimbavalokano pada-pi- 

tha-vinyasta-pada-talanum | srimat-Tribhuyana-malla bhuja-bala vira 

varddhana-DSvaru | mftdalu Nangaliya Padiya-ghatta tenkalu Kongu paduvalu 
Barakandr-S,diy-ada Eonkanada Padiya-ghatta badagalu Heddoye. . . .yagalu 
bhuja-balavashtambhadim para-mandalangalan ottikondu sukha-sankatha-vino- 
dadim rajyam geyyuttam iralu | 

sri-nirmmalam entum bage | entu charitram atmiya-gu- | 

nam nirmmalam entum enal | Jakkiy abbey olu sogayisuguih || 

intu sach-charitra-patra. . . . Keteya-Nayakangam Jakkiyabbegam | 

magal adalu Lakshmiye tarn | raogam ujjalam age norppa-siri-gannadi yi- | 
mogav ene §antale-D§viya | pogaldar. . . bh&gyavatiyan a-gunavatiya 11 
Kantuva chintaraani si- | mantiniyargg ike tane childamani yi-(chikka) | 
Santale rakshamani tan | entu palargg enisi negalda. . . .taladol n 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-go. .bhuja-bala 
vira-Ganga Hoysala-Devaru Saka-varshsha sasirada ayvatt-entaneya R&kshasa- 
samvatsarada Karttika-suddha-yekadasi-Adivarad andu Nirugunda-nada ha. . . 
da Chandimundiya-tirtthada sri-Mahadevargge chikka-Santala-Deviyargge paro- 
ksha-vinayam agi Elagundadalu bitta vritti mtlju tirtthada deva. .na pati 

Chandimundiya-tirtthada Mahadevargge sth&na-pati Sama kshana-mftrtti 

adaru devargge kattisida kere tirtthada kere (nsuai final phrases and Terse*) 


At Kuduregundi (same hobli), on a beam of the hora-mantapa 
of the Lakshmikinta temple. 
Svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1 1 93 raneya Sobanu-samvatsarada* 
Sravana-sudda 15 Va srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana sri-Vira-Narasinga- 
Devaru pritbvi-rajyam geyutt iralu Kuduregundiya S6manatha-d§varige nanda- 
divigege Kuduregundiyal adake-davasada sunkavan eradu ..yida Satannana 
tamma Gopayyanu ke. . .manusyan agi yindu varusha 1 ke nibandhi ga 1 pa 

*The number and name of the year are so given in the original. But Saka 1193 = Prajdtpatti; 
StabhAnu= 1205. 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 63 

2 kotta dharmma chandra-sflryyar ullannavara a-v&ra adaki-davasake nadava- 
varu koduta bahu. .du kodade kedsidavaru §ri- Varan asiya tadiyalu brahma- 
nanauu kavileyanu konda dosadalu hoharu 


At the same village, on copper plates in possession of 
NAgappa, shfaabh6g of Rangapura. 

(N4gari charaotert) 

(la) Sri-Ganadhipo vijayate-tar&m subham astu h 

Namas tunga-SiraS-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charavfi I 

trailokya-nagararambha-mflla-stambhaya Sambhave n 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandae sa p&tu nah | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 

Kalyanayastu tad dhama pratyftba-timirapaham | 

yad gajo'py Agajddbhfttam Harinapi cba p&jyate II 
(from *asti kshiramay&d devair' to 'kirtya samindhe' in line 67 u the ••me ai in 

Ho. 6 of thii taloq) 

sak&bde Saliv&hasya sahasrena chatuS-sataiJi | 
shat-chatvflrimsatii yuktaih ganan&m prapite kram&t || 
vatsare Taranabhikhye masi Madbava-namani J 
pakshe valakshe 'kshayyakhya-tritiyay&m maba-tithau h 
TuDgabhadranadi-tir§ HemakfltopaSobhite | 
sri-Virdpaksha-devasya sannidhau subhadayini || 
sarva-kratu-mahfiryaga-vajapeyasya ySjine | 
asesha-veda-vedanta-puranagama-sastrine h 
kavit4-ra8a-8arvajna-Kanda-vamsabdhi-janman6 | 
Jamadagnyavatsa-gotrayAsvalayana-sCitrine n 
manditakhila-dharmaya khanditantara-vairinS | 
pindikritigamarth&ya panditaya dvijanmane n 
vimata-dbvanta-bhagasya Ranganathakhya-yajvanah i 
pautraya Nanjinatharya-tanujaya su-janmane n 
Krishna-Dikshita-san-namne Krishna-padSgra-cbetase | 
Hasanakhye [Ilia]. . .varye srimad-Hvaisana-naduke || 
tatba Belara-simay&m khyatayam cba krita-sthitib | 
Hartnahally-abhida-grama-simantat prag-disi sthitam h 
Kudarigunditi-vikhyata-simad dakshinatafc stbitam | 
Pdmagaml-pura. .va pascbimasarh samairitam | 
Kabbali-Hosahally-akbya-gramad uttaratas sthitam ll 
Krishnarayapuram cheti pratinama samasritam | 
Mutta[tti]ty-bhidham gramam sarva-sasyibhiSobhitam h 

Digitized by 


64 Hassan Taluq. 

sar?am&Dyam cbatus-stm&rsaniyatam cba samantatab | 
mdfai-nik8hdpa-p&8b&na-8iddha-8&dh7a-jal&nyitaiii || 
ak8hinj-&gami*amyuktam eka-bhdgyam sa-bhilruham | 
T&pt-ktlpa-tad&k&di-kacbchb&rSimaii cba samyutam h 
patra-pautradibhir bhogyam kram&d 4-chandra-tarakaih | 
d&nasy&dhamanasy&pi yikrayasy&pi chochitam II 
parita^i prayatais snigdhaifc purdhita-purdgamaib | 
yividhair vibadhais srauta-pathikair adbikair giram it 
Krishna-D^va-maharayo minaniyd manasvinam | 
sa-hiranya-payd-dhara-pdrvakam dattavHn muda n 

(Maal final renei) 

(III 6) brahmasra-paripusht&ni vihan&ni balini cba | 
yuddha-k&ld vi§iryant§ saikat&s setavo yathi 11 
a-karasya kar&d&n&d go-koti-vadha ucbyate | 
8a-karasya kara-chhedat pripndti paramam padam ii 
mad-yamSajali para-mahipati-vamsaja y& 
ye bhflmipas satatam ujyala-dbarma-cbittah 1 
mad-dharmam Sva parip41anam acharanti 
tat-p&dak9rdvayam idam sirasi vahini n 

aditya-chandrav anilo'nalas cba dyaur bhttmir apo bridayam manas cba [ 
ahaS cba rSttriS cba ubbe cba sandbye dharmas cba janati narasya vrittam it 
tad idam avani-vanipaka-vinuta-dburinasya Krishna-Rayasya r 
Sasanam anukrita-vaibhava-satata-vidhanasya sukrita-paripakasya it 
Krishna-DSva-mahar&ya-sasanena Sabhapatifc | 
abhinid vara-sandarbbam tad idam tamra-Sasanam || sri 
Appanacbarya-varyas sri-Viranacharya-nandanat | 
tUkalpam asnute kirttim cbiram sasana-lekhakah it 

Sri Sri 5li Sri-Virupaksba (in Kannada characters) 


At Kondajji (same hobli), on a stone in front of the All&lanfctha temple. 
Siddh&rtti-samvatsarada Cbaitra-ba 13yu Guruv&radalu Chinnappa-N&yak- 
ayanavara karyakke karttarada Kadadaravalliya Ankannaau Chennappa- 
Nayak-aiyanavarige binnaham madi Kondajji Allannanatha-svamiya naivedyakke 
Vir&puravanu bedige kanikeyi 


At BallAnahalli (same hobli), on a stone in the south wall of the Rangan&tha temple. 
Srimatu-yimmadi-Ranavarige punyav agabekendu Cbola-Vimarase Kanaka- 

Rautamaduva. .seve yidakke doregalige Sigeda Halige-Gauda Kondajji- 

Maliyana-Gaudana mommaga Kaliyana-Gaudage gaudikeyali hakida sasana 
Mafadara Chotf-Devara baraha alupidona bayali katte 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 65 


At Kadadaravalli (same hobli), on a stone to the south 
of entrance of the HahantAsvara temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil character!) 

namas tunga-Siras-chumbi-chandra-ch&mara-ch&rav§ i 

trailSkya-nagararambha-mftla-stambhaya Sambhave u 
Svasti ir! Par&bbava-eamvatsarattu J§8htha-8uddha-bidige-S6mavarattu nal 
Ijaiyengapuram ana Kadanduyavalliyil asesha-maba-janangalom svasti Srimanu- 
maba-pradhaui sarv&dhikari mahft-pasayitan parama-visvasi vasudhaika-b&n- 
dbava periya-mane-pejgadi Cbandiramauliyanpa-udaiya Periyalvesvarattu 
devarku ggshamaka e^ika sandai-tteruvukku nal a pon-iyai kondu adbikam ana 
pon ddvagku ISshamaka eryaikku ddanam panni a-cbandir&yka-stbayiy aka na- 
dakkadavad aka danam panni Sila-lSkai panni kkuduttom inda mah&-jananga- 
ldm idil piganda anniyaya niy&yam ularudu devar tiruppanikku s6sham id- 
dbarmattukku ani§am vakraih ionnar-undakil Sriparajaitra-nandesvaram naya- 
nar Siva-drdhikal svasti r astu ir! 


At Sige (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Hannmanta temple. 
Srimokha-samvatsarada Cbayitra iu 1 lu §riman-maha-mandalesvara Nugibal- 
liya Virupa-Raja-maha-arasugala komara Mala-Rajagalu tamage punyav aga- 
bSkendu Sigeyada Hanumanta-devara gade bedala hittu bugi ga | bitthevu 
yidake alupidavanu yi-Hra kuluvadi maganu efijalu tinda 


At the same village, on a virakal in front of the DSviramma temple. 
Svasti Nitimargga Eongoni-varmma dbarroma-maharajadhirajar Kovalala- 
pora-vartevara Naudagiri-nata Srimad-Permmanadigal pat^an gat^ida padin- 

elaneya Palguna-masa-krishnapaksha-bhidi . . yeya Adityav&ram age 

ja padiy akki Nolambanadu na ddide 


At the same village, on a virakal in front of the Kalle-diva temple. 

Sdbhakritn-saihvatsarada Ma £rimat>pratapa-cbakravarti-Hoysala 

srf-Sdmesvara-DSvaru pritbvi-rajyam geyyuvalli Hosagere. . . 


At Eellavatti (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Lakshmi-N&rfcyapt temple. 
Lakehmi-latalingita-babu-sakha . . 
vSd4rttha-vijnana-8ananda-pu8htita. . | 

Digitized by 


66 Mmm Tahiq. 

vinda-kalpa-druma a 

varddhana-prat&pa-chakravartti Poysana. mudradali 

8akha-sankath&-vinddadiih m&disida 

srl-Lakshmi-Nirayana-dfiya ' Devannanavaru Saka-varsha 1189 

Kshaya-samvatsarada llala-perumMa-devara amrita-padi- 

ge 9rmah&-jananga]a kaiyalu N k&ldchitade manna krayake 

kottu &-Perum&li-Ddranna ra siddaya visav eradanu d£?a 

tamma gadde salage 1 danu diva Peliyakeriya badav 

&gi mftdav&gi. .banda 4-mdj-angadiya siddaya visa ... 

td;n manna gaddege gadde AU&lan&thana archani-vrittiya 

nambiyarige saluvadu intu yid ella Allalan&tha-ddvargge dh&re[ya]n 

e;adu kotteil yi-dharmmakke mah&-janangalu Sodappannage varsham prati 
nibandiy &gi salistaha pana 3$ 

Namalla-N&yar (in Tamil character*) 


At the same village, on a stone near the Tirnmak-dta temple. 
<e iiow uiagibia) svaati samadhigata-pancha-maba-sabda-mabiUmandalSsvara- 
nam Dy&r&vatf-pura-varesvaranurii Yadu-kula-kalasa-kalita-nripa^dharmma- 
harmmya-milla-stambhanum apratihata-pratapa-vijita-vijayarambhanum | V&- 
santik&-d§7i-labdha-yara-pras4danum sriman-Mukunda-p&d&ravinda-vandana- 
vinSdanum akshunna-lakshml-lakshmita-vaksha-pradeSanura ity-&di-n&m&vali- 
sametar appa srimat-Tribhuvana-malla TalekSdu-gonda-bhuja-bala vfra-Ganga 
Visbnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru mudala Nangaliya Padiya-gattam tenkalu 
Kongu Cheram Anamale paduvalu BarakanCtra-gattam badagalu Peddoje 
&diy &ge bhuja-bal&vashtambhadim kondu nishkantakam &gi sukha-sankath&- 
vinddadim rajyam geyuttal irddu sakala-samaya-dharmma-parip&laoa-gilar agi 
Nirggunda-niid-olagana Eellayattiyam nijanujan app Uday&ditya-DSvage paro- 
ksha-vinayam m&di agraharam agi padinentu-vrittiyam samakatti brahmanargge 
sva-hastadim dh&r&-pCtrvvakam madi. . . .t all int adya-pratishthe madisida §ri- 
Jan&rddana-devargge hadinentu-vrittiyolage eradu vrittiyam dSvanu dhara- 
pflrvvakam m&di kottanu | alii devargge nitya-padiy agi nanda divige ondu 
sanje-sodar eradu devasakke mftju hottingam mdgul-akki padi | Uyyakonda 
devara ldhada pratimege nivedyam nitya-padi mdyu-ball-akki allim devara 
pdjarige gady&nam mCiyu paricharakange gadyanav eradu nandana-vanad- 
atage gadyanav erad anga-javada kahinavange pana? ayd &-eradu-vrittiy allade 
vQra tenkana-deseya fichagamundana-kere mattam vftra ii&nyadalu Ganga- 
m&ra-deviya haduvana-meyal ikkhanduga-gadde mattam a-vdra Odey-Andana 
Bapadana-kereya gaddeyalli khanduga-gaddeya orvva-br&hmanange danan- 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 67 

geydan a-gaddeya Nambiy-Anda m&jrugondu sri-Janarddana-dSvarige kotta ant 
adu khandu[ga] gardde int t-yaradu-vrittiyalum &hagamundana-kereyalum 
Garigavflr-aleya haduvana uieyal ikkhanduga-garddeyalum subhikshav agi kala 
les &gi bh&mi beladandum k&la-gunadinda vrishti alpav &gi alpa-belas agi beja- 
dandum allige takka bangiyalu padiya nadasuvar | int inituvam Kellavattiya 
ai&ha-mabajana-parania-Vaishnavar sadharmmadim Poysaja-r&jyakk abhyu- 
dayama paripalisuvaru Tiriya-kadina badagana kadeya hiriya-bdvina-to^a 
adakke besaru Tdranasilra i Mahadevara degulada badagana meya &-Katte- 
mikki emba t6ta haduvana halasina yiliya mavina hiriya-tota | a-t6tadiuda 
mfidana S6mey&ndiyar kotta tota int initu totangalam brahmanaru Srt-Janard- 
dana-devarige kottaru | Sobhakrit-samvatsarada Pusya-masada uttarayana-san- 
krantiyandu K&veri-deviya tadiyal irddu sri-Visbnuvardhana-Hoysala-DSvar 
Nirggunda-nad olagana Kellavattiya tamma tamma Udeyaditya-Devam Kella- 
vattiyalu svarggastban adode atange paroksba-vinayam agi atana iisrita-brfc- 
hmanargge agrah&ra sarvva-namasyav agi sva-hastadim db&ra-pttrvakam madi 
kottar | yt-dharmma kotta phala vahal aggu | yi-dharmmav aliven endu nenada- 
vagam anumati-madidavagam Gang&-devi-tadiyalu 8&yira-kavileya konda dosha- 
van eydugu | 

sva-dattaih para-dattam va yo liareta vasundhar&m | 

shasbti-varsha-sahasr^ni vishth&y&m j&yate krimih h 
yidan ella vicharisi yi-dharmma paripalisuvadu h mangajam aha Sri Sri Sri 


At the same village, on a stone south of the Jan&rdana temple in the fort* 

Ranga-Raja Bayappa- 

Nayikara k&ryakke kartar &da R&jaya-D$va- 

mahi-arasu Koyadara-Gauda umbali namage Eri- 

sbnappa-Nayaka Saligr&mada-simey olagana Eellavatti 

n&u dandige-umbaliy agi 


At Nittttr (same hobli), on a stone east of the Sdmdsvara temple. 


nodire viranam negalva Sahasa-mallanan &ji-rangadol i 
kftdiye bandaram nereye k&yal avan . . . n onde billinim | 
Efkihige sanda mett-areya dariyol oppire nade . . . | 
. .1 oddi gelvan andadin firkali bid irade kanuveyolu || 

k&dolag | . . .yemmaru tagidad avaram | 

vddisi geldam dhuradolu | k&d-odeyana kanna savi kalasam Jakkam It 
hendir-ude muchchuvagalu | . . .kali bill an neneya Bddara-Jakkaih | 
kandadol indeyan ftdiye | chandam kali sattu padedan a-sura-puramam || 

Digitized by 


68 Reman Taktq. 

*va»ti srl Saka-varsha 1135neya Srtmukha-samvatsarada Ash4dha-ba9 Mafiga- 
lav&rad andu Jakk*-Bdva-mallaiii Ayadoreyol kadi t&m sura-ldka-prftptan-ida 
atana makkalu Devann-amatyangalu vira-galla nillisidaru | 
hftvina vim&nav erisa-1 | 3 vtra-jauvaneyar esava. . chenneyarum | 
d§v&nganeyar palarum | bbavise sura-ldkak eseye Jakkanan uydar u 
sura-vaniteyar uyyalodam | sura-dundabhi poyye suragi-pdvina maleyam | 
sara-ldkadalli Jakkana- | u irisiye (Am vlra-rasava p&didar &gal II 


At the same village, on a virakal north of the KalM-ddva temple. 

tolatolag endu m&rmmaleva Vajjrana sfcneyan okkal-ikki t&m | 
tolagade nindu vairi-bhatarara tave kondu ranijirangalol | 
maled idir-4ntaram taridu kan-basa vottuvin ondu talginim | 
kalitanamam Nrisimha-naranathana n&yaka-Bomman urvviyol a 
bara-sidil ejaguva teradind | uyad intaran ikki pokku-sangara-dhareyol | 
kuri-daj-i daridam palavara- | n ure gali Nittilra Macha-Gaudana Bamraam II 
yis iridu virdda Bammana | n 4-sura-kantey. .ikki emag emag emb& I 
. .ravam unmuttire saa- | tosadin idirgondar andu sura-ldkadolam || 
Svasti sri Saka-varisham 1143neya Vikrama-samvatsarada Pb&lguna-Su 5 Bu | 
Sri-Vira-N&rasimha-Devaru Ddrasamudrada nelevidinolu prithvi-r&jyam geyyu- 
ttam Vajra-Devana mele Madhava-dannayakara danda-halladim Kanariya k&le- 
gadalli Nit^dra M&cha-Gaudana maga Bommeya-Nayaka kadi sura-loka-pr&ptan 
adamangalam aha sri Sri u 


At the same village, on a stone south-east of the KallS-ddva temple. 
Svasti samadhigata-pancha-inah3.-sabda maba-mandalesvararh Hoysala-Deva-ra- 
jyam uttarottarabhivriddbi - pravarddham&nam a - chandrarkka - t&rarii - bar am 
salluttam ire | (Tammaludayyanum ktldi m&disida. . ga)* u Cb^loky a- Vikrama- 
samvatsarada Saka-varsha 1018neya Yuva-samvatsarada Sraheyalu m&disida 
Hincha-G&vundana maga Btlva-Gavundam degulaman ettisi kereyam k&lumam 
kattisi kotta pom gadyana 555 dev&lyakke nadeva gadde khanduga aru beddal 
mattar ondu int i-dharmmamam pratipalisuvaru || Sivayya Btiva-G&vundana 
penninge gandana pelvudam teruvaru Mara-Jiyara mata n (usual final Terse) .... 


On a virakal south of the same temple. 
Svasti griman-mah&-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-Kongu-Nangali- 
Eoyattiru-Nolambav^di-Banavase-H^nungallu-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Gahga 

• The sentenoe in braokets is a later addition. 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 69 

Poysala-Devara putra N&rasingha-Devana r&jyada Chalukya-Vikrama- 

kalada 70 neya Kshaya-samvatsarada Ph&lguna-iuddba 14 Su | Lftkamftnika- 
Settiya maga Maleya-G&tinda maga-vajreyam Nittfira mfidana KhtLteyakeyeya 
turu harivalli kadi tujuvam magurcbcbi tAm sura-16ka-pr&ptan &da 


On another virakal at the same plaoe. 

Vira-N&rasimha-DSvara k&ladalli Cbalukya-Vikrama-kilada 69 neya Kr6dhana- 
samvatsaradala Bikki-Settiya magaih k&de sura-loka-pr&ptan &dam 


Around the Upparike-Basavana kambha, soath-east of the same Tillage. 

Sri evasti srimad-an&diy-agrab&ram Sri-Sauratta-Sdmanftthapuray appa Nittfira 
mah&-janangalu Sdman&tba-dSvara amrita-padiya t&gi . . Virddhikritu-samvatsa- 
rada S6man&tha-devara sth&nika Prabh&yita 


At Hnttatti (same hobli), on a stone near the Kldhavariya temple. 

Srimatt R&m&nujftya namah | evasti §ri jayibhyudaya-Silivfthana-Saka-varsha 
1450 neya varttamanakke saluvike Sarvadhari-samvatsarada Sr&vana-ba 5 la 
biman-mah&r&jftdbir&ja rfija-paramSSvara Krish^a-R&ya-pautra Venkat&dri- 

putraru Singappa-N&yakara N&yakaru Muttattiya sri-Madhava- 

dSvarige sankr&nti-punya-k&ladalu sri-Madhava-devarige Mu- 

ttatti-sthajada Ponnappanahalliyanu sri-Madhavkrppanav endu koftev &gi Ho- 

nneoaballige saluva chatus-stmeg olag&da nidhi-niksbepa-jala-pasb&na 

8ta)a-sv&myav emba ashta-bh6gad olag&gi 


On four pillars of navaraiiga-maptapa of the same temple. 

(tontb-wett pillar) Svasti samadhigata-pancha mah&-§abda mah&-maQdaltfvara 
Dyir&vatl-pura-var&dbi§varam Y&daya-kttl&mbara-dyuma (north-w«t pflUr) $i 
samyaktva-cbdd&ma^i Talekidu-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Oanga Vishnuvarddhana- 
Poysala-Dfivarn Vinay&ditya-danda- (•<rath-«*ft pillar) nayaka m&disida Hoysala- 
Jinalayakke bitta datti Sri-M&la-sangha-Ddifya-ga^ada Postaka^gachcbhada 
Kondakand&nvayada Sriman-Meghacbandra-traividya d£vara Sisbyaru <north-«Mt 
puur) Sri-Prabh&chandra-siddhanta-dSvargge sankr&nti-yyattpfttad andu kUarit 
karcbchi dhira-pdrwakam m&di bitta datti hiriya-keyeya kelage modal-firiya 

Digitized by 


70 Hassan Taluq. 

gadde hattu-saligeyadum ondu-salage tonteyadum basadiya muntana immadalu 

bedaleyumam Balligattamumam basadiya badagana .... .(Math-aa** pillar) 



At PUmegime (same hobli), on a stone south of the Kalltsvara temple. 
Svasti samasta-bhuvan&sraya Sri-prithvi-vallabha mah^rajadhiraja raja-para- 
meavaram parama-bhatt&rakam Satyasraya-kula-tilakam Ch&luky&bharanam 
srlmat-Tribhuvana-malla-Devaru vijaya-rajyam uttarottar^bhivriddhi-pravard- 
dhamanam 4-cbandrirkka-taram-baram salluttam ire tat-pada-padmdpajivi 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-mahk-§abda mah^-mandalesvara Dv&ravati-pura- 
varltdhisvara Yadava-kuUmbara-dyumani samyaktva-ch&cUmani VasantikiU 
dSvi-labdha-vara-prasada-sri maleparolu gandady-aneka-n&mivali-samalankrita- 
mukhyar appa sriman-mah^-mandalesvaram Irimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talak&du- 
Gangavadi- Nolambavadi- Uchchangi - Banavase * H&nungallu - Kongu - Nangali - 
gonda bhuja-bala vtra-Ganga Visbnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru Ddrasamudrada 
nelevidinalu sukha-sankatha-vinddadim ritjyam uttarottar&bhivriddhi-pravard- 
dham&nam Srchandr&rkka-t&ram-baram sallutam iie tat-pada-padmopajivi . . . . 

Kongu Singimale-Rayapuram Talak&du-Roddam | 

&-Bengiri-v&sa Valluru-Chakragottav-U- I 

chchangi-Viratana-polalu-Bankapuram | 

par&kramam vijaya-varddhanan-a-kali- Vishnu h 

samasta-praSasti-sahitam srimatu 

yolu Kocbat&dadd iyiyalu Jaga-Devana dandu nada ant &- 

Jaga-Deva nadada nadeya chant&dadd iriyalu Vishnu varddhana- 

Hoysala meya d&nanian ittu 

Kachanariga suta putt id a Basavana Dharmajam | svasti samasta- 

guna-sampanna nudidu ma . . . . gotra-pa vitra parangana-putra niti-Ch4nakyan 
eka-v&kya Sri-Kali-deva-labdha-vara-prasada Hoysala-Deva-padaravinda-van- 

dana-vindda baya-Vatsa-Raja ganik&vali malla bhitaram kolla s&hasft- 

ttunga muj-jagam . . .kurttad-ady-aneka-nam&vali-prasasti-sahitar appa 

srimatu s&bani-Basavayyangalu Purvvagaveya dev&layanmm madisi Saka-varsha 
1061 Siddhartti-samvatsarada Pushy a-sudda 5 Somavara-vyatip&tad uttar&yana- 
sankrintiyu kudid andu Kriyasakti-Panditara kalam karchchi d^ra-purvvakam 
madi Kali-devan-anga-bhdga-nivedyakkam tapodhanara ahara-danakaih bitta 
datti biriya-keyeya modal-eriya gadde khanduga 4 kibbayalalu khanduga 2 
Asadagattada modal-eriya gadde khanduga 1 devara mtidana kiru-keyeya huvina 

tdntamum vura dakshina-pilrvva-disa-bhagada beddale matta (ufuai final 

phratM and Tine) int i-dharmamam Purvvagaveya B&ta-Gaudana suputram. . . . 

Digitized by 


Hassan Talug. 71 


At Gr&ma (Grfau hobli), on a stone in the ranga-mantapa of the DharmMvara temple. 

Svasti srtmad-anady-anta-Dharmesyara^s^miSvaram | 

namami sarva-kaly&na-S&sanam Siva-sasaaam h 

namas tunga-Siras-chumbi-chandra-ch&mara-ch&rave I 

traildkya-nagar&rambha-mClla-stambh&ya Sambhave || 
svasti Sri vijayabhyudaya-&liv&hana-Saka-varsha 1454 neya Nandana-samvatsa- 
rada Jeshtha-suddha 5 Sdmav&ra-punya-k&ladalu 5riman-mah4ri*j&dhir&ja raja- 
paramesvara sri-vIra-prat&pi-AchchutarDSva-R&ya-mahar&yaru sukba-rfjyaih 
geyyutt irppam | 

sri-Narasimhana tanayam | bbdnatham vira-Krishna-RAyaAg an u jam | 

tan irppam Vidyanaga- | ri-nilayam AchcbutSndra-simhisanadol || 
ant eseva chat us-sa mud radhisvarana k&runya-v&r&si-samptirna-sudh&karanuiii 
Siva-ptija-dhurandbaranum Dandappa-punya-garbha-sambhava-Timma-bhilp&la- 
nolu puttipam I 

Sri-Mab&deva-pftjartbam ramanfjaka-vaibhavam | 

bhfkmisa-Tinima-bhtipgndram sv&mi-k&rya-dhurandharam n 
ant eseva Timina-bhtipang anuja-santanam g6-bb(lmi-hiranya-kanyfc-d&na-dbira- 
pravaha-hastanum kavi-jana-vakya-sudhabhishfeka Sandem-arasa-punya-garbha- 
sambhava-Dema-bhfip&lanolu puttirppam | Sri-Achchuta-Deva-R&ya-mah&rfcyaru 
Kejeya-Tinim-aras-ayanavarige amarada-n&yakatanake palisida Santi-grftma- 
simeyolagana Yeleyftra-sthalad olagana Vogarahalli-gr&mavanu namma Santi- 
gramada Dharmesvara-devara vutsava-mdrtti-Chandrasekhara-devarige nitya- 
krityavagi dina 1 kke 2 harivana naivedyakku 10 mandi-brahmana-bhdjanakku 
dvandvav&gi Dharmesvara-lingana sammukbadalli samarpanava m&di kotevu | 
sri-Achchuta-DSva R&ya-mahiir&yaru Keyeya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige amarada- 
nayakatanake palisida S&nti-gr&mada simey olagana Yeleyiira sthalada Voga- 
rahalli-gramakke unt&da sarva-svamya ashta-bhoga-sahita Santi-gr&mada 
Dharmesvara-devara sth&nakke karttar&da Devaru-Bbattara bastake sa-hiranyo- 
daka-d&na-dharfirpfirvakav&gi nivu vobaru sahavagi varusha 10 mandi br&h- 
marige pratidina firchandr&rka-parampary&gi Srt-Dharmesvara pritan &gab&k- 
emlu satrakd Chandrasekhara-devarigfc kfidi samarpanava m&di kottevn | 
sri-Achchuta-R&ya-maharayaru Keyeya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige amarada-n&ya- 
katanake palisida S&nti-gr&roada simey olagana Yeledra sthalada Vogarahalli- 
gr&mavanu Kereya-Timm-aras-ayanavarige punya Achchuta-Rayarige sakala- 
samrajyav fcgabekendu Santi-gramada Dharmesvara-lingage satrakft samarpa- 
nava mftdi kottevu | • - 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyaiii para-datt&nup&lanam | 

para-datt&pah&rena sva-d^ttam nishphalam bhavet h 

Digitized by 


72: Hassan laluq. 

d6va-drayy6pabh6kt& cha ddyark&ryarvigh&taka^ | 
d&vatiUnindakaS chaiva a-putraS cbdpaj&yatg n 
dkaira bhagini 16ke saryeshUm 8va bhflbhuj&m | 
na bh6jy& na kara-gr&hy& yipra-dattiL vasundharfi, h 


(ht a stout, *outh of the same tempi*. 

Srtmat-traildkya-ptljy&ya saryvarkarmma-ea-S&kshinS | 

pbalad4ya nam6 nityam KeSav&ya Siv&ya cha ti 

SriSftdar&mbujabhar&d uditd'trir Atri- 

j&tdndu-putra-Budha-putra-Purflravastah | 

kyxks tatai cha Nahushd Nahush&d Yay&tis 

taamftd Yadur Yadu-kulS bahavd babhtlvuh n 

khy&t&hu teshu nripatib kathitak kadachit 

kaichid vanS muni-varSna Salafr karilam | 

i&rd&lakam prati hi poy Sala ity atd'bhtit 

taay&bhidha muni-yach6'pi charadru-lakshma || 

tatd Dy&r&yatf-n&th^i Poysaia dvipi-lancbhan&h | 

j&t&i SaSapurS tSsbu Vinay&ditya-bhflpatik || 

ma^dal&gra-samutpanna-tejasa, dvid-balabdbayah | 

&krishya jivanara t£aa niliSsbam Sdshit& bRuvi || 

pritim sa sya-kardna sarvya-bhuvanasydtp&dayamS chandrayat 

bhitim vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas samp&dayan Dharmavat | 

sphitiih s&dhu-jane nij&vataran&d ardpayan Krishnavach 

chakrS Suklataram yard nija-ya5a8-chakrena chakrara bhuvafc it 

ldkhdya ySJSva su-mekhaleva sudh&m§u-bimbasya sudh&mbur&Seh | 

aur&cbalaay&bhavad agra-bhama tasya priy& §ri-Keleyabba-n&mA 11 

Gangft-payddhydr iva punya-hfituh sangas taydr apy abbavat su-hetuh | 

putras tatfi'bhdd Ejeyauga-Dam^ sima guna-gramabhritam prasiddhah || 

kripaya cha krip&nena praj& bhftmSS cha ka^tak&n | 

rakshan Dharma-aut6 j&tah kshatra-dharma-sutah priyah h 

ftrnarapatig ambhddhig a- | niina-gabhlrateyiui samanisirddantire san- | 

mftnini Yechala-Devi ma-no-nayana-priti samanisalu samanisidal \\ 

ubhayarkula-Suddhey enip &- | subha-laksbanegam su-charita-bharitan eDippa- | 

prabhugam mdvar ttaoayar | ssubhagar bBallala-Vishnu-Vudeyadityar n 

iruti-kathita-pathadol amard ire | gatigalu suddh^tma-tatvadoju tilid ire san- i 

raatigalu puny&tmar ivar | ggatigam r%akkam oppe bhajanam 4dar a 

madadio idirada P&ndyana | madam am nija-khalga-balade karchchiye kaled 5- i 

yade r&jya-lakshmiyam kond | adatar kkevalame Vishnu-Ballala-nripar h 

Ddrasamudradalli Jaga-Devana seneyan ikki tamma to) | 

yfra-samudram &ge jaya-lakshmige tad-gaja-vaktra-rakta-ki- | 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 73 

smira-vilepamam nejrapi tat-padakam beras eyde kondu bhan- i 
daraman a-nripar taleda viraman aro gabhtram ennadar || 
paramaradhyam Mabe§am kula-vadhu vijaya-Sri nelam poshya-varggam | 
doregal vaivaha-sambandhigal ene negard &-rayar ambbojajandd- I 
daradolu tengaya nir antire tilida jasani tanna bbandaram agut- 
tire BallalavanlSarix pogale jagam asesham mahatyakke nontam n 
jayati dharani-ldkottamsit&tmiya-padah 
cbatura-vibudha-gOBhtbi-praudba-vani-vinddat | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabhd Visbnu-DSvaJi h 
ravi-tej6-lateyol podalda phalam emb ant irppinam p&rnna-bim- | 
bavan ull indu-yaSo-visila-lateyol p£t-gonchal ant irppinam i 
dhavaja-chcbbatrada tanpu bbdmig amard irppant irppinam kshatra-dha- 1 
rmma-yilambam pogalvang alumbam enisutt a-Vishnu-bbftp&lanol 11 
para-nriparam tadam sadidu beliyan ikki patu-pratapam ur- | 
bbire Talakada nfdu gadid alkure suttu turaugamangbri-san- | 
charanadin urttu vira-rasadol padan adade kade bittidam | 
surucbira-kirttiyam nripa-sikhamani Sabasa-Ganga-Poysala it 
padadol kttrmma-svarftpaih nayana-yugaladol matsya-rftpam gbana-gri- 1 
vadol adi-kroda-rtipam naduvinolu nrisimhatvam atma-prabbava- | 
spadadol ramisrayatvam mati-vikasanadol bauddba-rdp agi gujj ft- | 
gade kalkitvakke mey tarada Hariy eni£am Vishnu Vishnu-kshitiSaifa 11 
dburadol majantaram kondapan ereda janakk ittapam bhitiyindam | 
Saran end ar bbandadam kadapan idu pusiy emb uddbatar kkadi norkk ach- | 
cbariyindam bedi norkkalladade marege vandirddu norkk atti kolgum | 
karad igum kagum en turn senasuv-adatar ar pPoysalangam Javangam || 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda-maba-mandale8varanum Dvaravati-pura- 
varadbisvaranum Yadu-kula-kalaSa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-mMa-stam- 
bhanumapratihata-pratapa-vijita-vijayarambhanum Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara- 
prasadanum sriman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinddanum akshunna-lak- 
shml-laksbita-vakshah-pradesanum pratidin6pacbiyam&na-punya-prav&8anum 
sarddftla-ltLfifchhananum Padmasadma-tapax-pftta-vfcda-parbbatadhisvaranum 
raja-samija-bh&svaranuih yaSab-prasara-paripdrrina-padmajandanuni malapa- 
rol gandanum Talak&du.Nangali-Kongu-No^ambavadi-BanaY&Be-Hanungallu- 
gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Ganganum vijaya-N&rayananum alim munn if i van urn 
Saury yam am meyevan enisida sri-Viebnuvarddhana-Devara padaradhaneyind 
aganya-karunya-matiy enisida srimat-piriy-arasi patta-mab&devi Sautala- 
DSviyaru | 

pati-bhakti bbavad deyvakkaru i hitam embudan ayidu vinayadim Vishnu-mahi- 1 
patiyam mechchisute maba- | sati §&ntala-Devi pattamam dhariyisidal h 
Girijeya pada-padma-vigalaj-jaladindame korbbi niti vi- | 


Digitized by 


74 Hassan Tatuq. 

starisire sompu-yettu purusha-bratadim dalam eri bh&gya-man- | 
jarigalan fata ranjisuva Santala-Deviya rdpu-kalpa-va- | 
llariy adardattu Vishnu-nripan emba samunnata-kalpa-vrikshamam it 
satatam ndrppade Laksbmi-dfivate rana-byap&radol khajga-de- | 
vate binpindame bhttmi-dSvate janakk ell andadim punya-de- | 
vate v&g-devate viddeyol sakala-k&ryyodydgadol mantra-de- | 
vate nathang ene S&nti-DSviyan ad ion e vannipam bannipa || 
pitri Marasifigan amala- | brata-yute t&yi Machikabbe tanninde mahorr- | 
natiyam taledire Vishnu va- | n atisayam ene Santi-Deviy aradhisidal 11 
besanam pati-hitadalliye | besanam dvija-deva-ptijeyalliy ene negarda- | 
besanam ndmpigalalliye I besanangala S&nti-Deviyolu peram olave || 
patiya kalankaman atma- | dyutiyind apaharisal endu Rdhiniyam | 
pati-hite §&ntala-Deviya | sita-kirtti-jydtsne santatam nagutirkkum H 
svasty anavarata-parama-kalyanabhyudaya-sahasra-phala-bhoga-bhagini-dvitiya- 
Laksbmi-samaneyu manasvini-mana-simeyum Dharmme§yara-vara-prasada- 
putriyum | ketaka-dalapahasi-kekara-kalapa-kamaniya-netreyum Baripura- 
payonidhi-janita-Kamaleyum akshunna-punya-bratacbarana-vimaleyu | parivara- 
t&rak&-parivrita-navendu-lekheyum | bhuvana-jana-punya-pushta-kalpa-kuja-sa- 
kheyum | yasah-prasara-pandurita-dikpala-cbtldamaniyu | Nagarajanandini- 
pad4ravinda-vandanabhiruchiyum i sy&mala-komala-bhrft-vidamba-jita-Sachiyu | 
aganya-lavanya-sampanneyu | mridu-madhura-vachana-prasanneyu I pancha- 
lak&ra-pancha-ratna-yukteyu | srimad- Vishnu varddhana- Hoysala-mabipala- 
pad&bja-bhakteyu | sangita-yidya-Sarasvatiyum abhinavarundhatiyura enisidasri- 
mat-piriy-arasi-patta-mabadevi-Santala-D§viyargge sakarunyadim srimat-Tri- 
bhuvana-malla Vira-Ganga Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru m&dalu Nangaliya 
hadiya-ghatta tenkalu Eongu Cheram Anamale haduvalu Barakan&ra-ghattav 
adiyagi badagalu Herddojre Savimaleyind olagana bh&miyam bhuja-balava- 
shtambhadim dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalaneyim palisuttam srimad-raja- 
dhani-Beluhdra bidinalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam irddu 
Saka-varisha 1044 neya Subbakrit-samvatsarada Pausbya-bahula 10 Somavarav- 
uttarayana-sankramanadalu Sige-nad-olagana Santi-gramav a-grainakke pravi- 
shta. . .gondu Haruvanahalli Godeyanahalli Gauriyahalli Siriyabadagi Komma- 
nahalli Chikka-Handarange Koravangala Karadiyam olagagi yinnuja irppadim- 
bar-dvija-ritjargge sarvva-namasyav agi samastarum dhara-pftrvvakaih madi 
Srimat-piriy-arasi-patta-mahadevi-S^ntala-Deviyargg i-gramam achandrarkka- 
taram-baram saluvant iralu karunyam geydu kottar adarolage srimat-Santala- 
DSviya tande herggade-Marasirigimayya madisida sri-Dharmmesvara-devargge 
pfije-punaskarakke kotta tala-vritti devara muntana beddaley allim mfcdana 
kereya kelagana bayala sime haduvalu nandana-vana badagalu kani muclalu 
setuvinge hoda-dari tenkalu tudikeya muntana bat^e nir-ottinge Devana-Bhattaru 
kot^a beddale hiriya-kereya kelage Vaijanatha-pulisasa kofta gadde kamma hattu 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 75 

Eiriya-Handarangfnalliy arddhavum Karadiy arddbamum dbara-ptlrvvakam 
madi Vishnuvarddhana-Deyaru sthanapati SivaSakti-Panditargge kottar i-dhar- 
mmava pratipalisidargge Sri-Varanasiyalu sayira-kavileya k6dum kolagumam 
honnalu kattisi sayira veda-paragar appa brahmanarige kotta phala I i-dbarm- 
mava kidisidavargge a-kavileyan a-brahinanaruman a-tirttbadalu konda papa H 

babubhir vvasudha datta rajabhis Sagar&dibbib | 

yasya yasya yada bbftniis tasya tasya tada phalam 11 

sva-dattam para-dattam va yd barSta vasundharam | 

sbashti-varsha-sahasrani vishth&yim jayate krirmib || 

gam ek&m ratnikam ekam bhdmer apy ekam angulam | 

haran narakam apnoti yavad a-bbfita-samplavam || 

samanyo 1 yam dharmraa-setur nripanam kale kale palaniyd bhavadbbib | 

sarvvan etan bhavinah parthivendran bbdyd bhfiyo yachate Ramacbandrafr 11 


At the same village! on a pillar near the east gate. 
(Wett tide) Subham astu | svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivabana-saka-yartisha 1496 
neya Srimukha-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 11 Somavaradalu iriman-maha- 
rajadhiraja raja-parame£vara sri-vira-vira-pratapa-Prauda-D6va-maharayara 
aliyandir ada Atreja-gotrada Apastamba-sfitrada Savasva-pravarada Yajus- 
sakheya Soma-vamSada Tirumala-Ra- (touth iide) jana komara Nuggehallr Ray- 
Odera komara Indu&Skhara-Rajagala komara PftdCtra-vamSa-vardhana badimu- 
varu-rayara ganda katti-biduva-rayara ganda kananan eri kai-mareva-rayara 
ganda balida-besegomba-rayara ganda jagad-eka-tyagi bhuyanaika-vira Basava- 
Rajaya-deva-maha-arasugalu Santi-gramada navaraugada kalla-bagilanu kattisi 
buli-mukbavan ikkisidakke mangalam aba sri yi-Vuliga-gramada Ye{eyapana 
Siiigana-bebaruvaaa maga Sirigana-bebaruvanadu 


At the same village, on a copper plate in possession of Patel KWavichtri. 
(la) Subham astu 

Harer lila-var&hasya damshtra-dandas sa patu vab | 

Hemadri-kalasa yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau n 

namas tunga-§iras-chumbi-chandra-cbamara-ch&rayfi I 

trailokya-nagar&rambha-mftla-stambhaya Sambhave h 
svasti Sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varshangalu 1684 sanda varttamanav 
ada Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Bbadrapada-suddha 1 llu srimad rajadhiraja 
raja-paramesyarapratima-praudba-pratapa vira-narapati Mahisdra sri-Krishna- 
RajarVadeyar-ayyanavaru Venkata-Ramaige barsi-kotta kraya-bhft-dana-tamra- 
sasanada kramav entendare Mabisura-nagarada hobali-vicbarada-chavadi- 


Digitized by 


76 Hassan Taluq. 

valitada Gr&ma-sthalada Heragina-hobali Savantaaahajli-grania-ondakke stbala- 
syanabhaga Narasaiyyana lekkha-prak&ra Pramadi-samvatsarakke huttiddu 
suvarnadaya davasadaya sunka pommu saba kan gu 26— 4£ yippatt-iru- 
varahavu nalku-hana addada huttuvali gramavannu kraya-bhil-d&nay agi appane 
kodisabSkendu niau helikkotfdu yidakke salu kraya kan gu 264 — 5 yinn&ra- 
aruvatta-nalku varahavu aidu-hanavannu s&kalyav agi Kolleg&lada Vlra-Setti- 
niukh&ntra bokkasakke vappistey adak&rana t-gr&mavannu ninage kraya-bhfU 
d&oay &gi kodiei-yiruvada kurtu a-merege i-Savantanahalli-gramada yalle 
chatus-sime-valagulla nidhy-ady-asbta-bhoga-tejas-svamyangalu ninage saluvadul 
illindam munde i-gra(I6)mavu ninu maduva adbi-kraya-dana-parivartanegu 
salad ftdak&rana putra-pautra-paramparyav agi nirup&dhika-saryam&nyay agi 
s&svatay agi anubhavisikondu baruvadu | (utoai final ?er»es) sri-Erisbna-RSja. 


At Markuli (same hobli), on a stone in the baati in the fort. 

§rimat-parama-gambhira-8yadvadam6gha-Unchhanam | 
jtyat trailokya-n&thasya Sasanam Jina-sasanam h 
Srtmad-Dramila-sanghSsmin Nandi-sanghe c sty Arungalah | 
anyayo bbiti niSSesha-iftstra-Yar&si-p&ragaih it 

sri-k&ntar yYadu-kula-ra- | tnakaradol Kaustubhadigalavol palarum I 
ldkopak&ra-parinata- | r ekikrita-sakala-raja-gunar appinegam h 
Salan emban age Yadava- i kuladol pnli paye kandu muni puliyam poy I 
Salay ene poydudarim Poy- | sala-vesar avanindam age tad-vamsajarol h 
yinayam pratapam embi | jananathochita-charitra-yugadim jagadol I 
jana-nayanam eaisi negaldam | Vinayadityam samasta-bhuvana-stutyam || 
atang ati mabimam Hima- | Setu-samakbyata-kirtti san-mdrtti-Mano- | 
jatani marddita-ripu-nripa- | jatam tanujatan &dan Ereyanga-nripam h 
ejragida janakke pom-mugi- | 1 eragidavolu lokav addam one pom-maleyam | 
karevan ujad ejagad ahitan- 1 g eragida baga-sidil enippan EjeyaDga-nripam h 
ballidar avanipatigalo- | 1 ellam dharmmarttha-kama-siddhivol avani- | 
vallabbar &tana tanayar | Ballalam Bitti-Devan Udayadityam n 
m&yar arasugalolam tarn | bhavise madbyaman ad agiyum nripa-guna-sad- | 
bbayadin uttaman adam | bh&vi-bhavad-bhfita-jishnu Vishna-nripalam || 
Maleyam sadbsi mandane Talavanam Kancbipuram Koyatilr I 
mMalenad a-TuJu-nadu Nilagiriy a-K61alam 4-Kongu Nan- | 
galiy Uchchangi Virata-Raja-nagaram Valldr iv ellam sva-dor- | 
bbaladim lileye sadhyam aduv eney ar Vishnu-kshamapalanol || 
paduvana tenkana mudana | gadigal tann-alva-nelake mtiru-samudram | 
badagal Peyddore tarn gadi | gadiy ill a-Visbnu kidasid-ahitargg entum || 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 77 

mandalamam nijamam dvija- | mandaligam devatalayakkam kottam | 
khandeya vattaleyim para- | mandalamam vlra-Vishnuvarddhanan Mdam ll 
ant enisida Vishnu-mahf- | k&ntana tanayam nayanurftpopayam | 
santata-bhuja-pratapa- | kr&nta-padam Narasimban ^hava-simham 11 
ripu-sarppad-darppa-davanala-bahala-sikha-jala-kal^mbuviham | 
ripu-bbdpala-pradipa-prakararpatutara-sphara-jhanjha-8amiram | 
' ripu-naginika-Tarkshyam ripu-nriparnalini-shanda-yetanda-rftpam | 

ripu-bhfcbbrid-bhCLri-vajram ripu-nnparmada-matanga-simham Nrisimham ll 
6th i ran e bhUbhrid-adhisvaram sa-dhanane Lakshmi-sutam mftrtti-bha- | 
surane Visbnu-tanftbhavam subhatane tarn Narasimham gadarh | " 
sthira-tejasviye visva-vikrama-gunam naisarggikam n 61 pad i- | 

Narasimhang ene gunady-aropa-bhtipalakar it 

a-vibhuvina patta-maba- | devi pativrate charitradindam SitA- | 
devige migil ad ficbala- I Devi samastarttha-kalpavalliy enippal ll 
ant esed £chala-Deviy-a- I nanta-yaSo-garbbha-garbbha-dugdhambudhiyim I 
kantangan Atri-putrana I kantibaram dbvantahari kuvajaya-mitram it 
sakala-kala-paripurnnam | sakalorvvi-nayana-sukhadan akalahkam mat- I 
t akutilan apdrvva-nava-si- | takaram Ballala-Devan udayam geydam ll 
vinayam vikranti punyodayam ivarolage lokaika-sandb&narsampaj- | 
janitaikayatta-rajyam sudridham enipud i-sthairyya-sat-kirtti-sampat- I 

ti-nimittam pettu mum muppuri-vadedu bbay&yatta di Ball&- | 

lana rajyam Rama^rajyam sakala-jaDa-manah-prajyam atyanta-ptijyam ll 
?inaya-iri-nidhiyaifa viveka-nidhiyarii brabmanyanam pftr^na-pu- | 
nyanan udd&ma-yaidrtthiyam jita-jagat-pratyartthiyam sarvva-saj- | 
jana-samstutyanan adbbavad-yitarana-sri-Vikramadityanam | 
manujesar Yadu-raja-rajanan ad em Ballfilanam polvare ll 
id a sarvva-grasan gol- | pudu bhasvad-raja-mandalangala nirmd- I 

kshada embinam f- ] Yadu-pati-Ball&Ia-b&bu-Rahu vichitram n 

dig-ibhangal mada-vihvalafigal achalam kal ktirmman int ormmeyum I 
mogam Syam bbujag&dhipam visba-dbaram saralk ayogyangal en- I 
da gunodagra-samagra-lakshana-lasad-ddrdandadol santosam | 

mige bbii-k&miniy irddapal Ballala-bbiipalaDa || 

a-Ballalana rajya- | §rt I 

Sri-B&chi-Rajan esadan i- | la-budhargg animitta-bandhava it 

lulita-srip&da-parama vinuta-§rip§Lla-Traividya-8§va-sampadita- 

6akala-5ft8trftl6kaili gunavati. . .Deranayyan esev-a-Suggavve tayi 

dar kkul&ngane. . . . chaladim. . . . gifta-sampannar ssutaru Ray a. . . . 

. . Malliyana-Devanum baradam. . . n sastrada ^sritasesha- 

vighnamaih paribari..pp abbistava atita-nayam kondu kayyola. . . .gani 

pradb&nate Yrishanyiteya. . . . samudbbava sthiratara saktiye. . .sutam 

Digitized by 


78 Hcmm Tduq. 

sarvvarjana-sammada-prada- I n urvvisvara-mantri-mandalalankaram | 

sarvvopakA .cha- | turyyidha-p&n&tya-manditam Bilcharasam u 

vachaka-Vachaspati . . . | . . charyyam sravya-kavya-rasa arttha- | 

lochana-cbakahu par&rtthada | priya-hit&rttha-y&charii Bdcham 11 

Kannadadol Samskritadol | channam ene mS- | 

n ion initum im perar ene | ubhaya-kaviteyim Bflchananol || 

siddhautarttham asesham | suddhanta Y&davam chatur-upadha- | 

suddham tatyarttha-sangraha- | graha-krit&rtthand B&charasam || 

paded-arttham Jina-p&jegam. .abhishavakk ah&ra-d&nakke si- | 
1-odeyargg asritarg artthigalge vibudhargg isbtargge sisbtargge. . | 

ge Jin&layakke satatam sampftrnnam ftgirppud en- | 

dode mantrisvara-Bftchi-Rajane valam dhanyam pegar ddhanyare » 
Angirasa-gdtra. ... j ... .nilayam vinftta-jananam parisud- ) 
dbAngirasa-buddbi Kali-ka- | lArrgirasa jati-. . .dam Bdcharasam h 
a-purusha-ratname. . . | . . . . nripa-Ballala-mantri-BCtchaiige nripa- | 
srl-pflrnna-punye Saatale | rtlpatisayanurdpa-mati satiy &dal || 
pati-bhaktiyinde d&na-gunadun- | natiyim Jina-piijanabhishavandtsavadim | 
Kshiti-suteyam . . .mabbeya | n atisayadim S&ntiyakkan ulidavar alave 11 

nayamam | vineya-tatig intu p&rnna-yasamam pettal ! 

jana-vinute §&ntiyakkam | Jina-guna-sampatti nompiy-udy apane . . h 
. . .aradhyan anflna-d&na-gunadim vikr&ntiyirii sarwa-saj- | 
jana-manyar Mariyaneyum Bharatanum dand&dhipar ttandevir | 

ttanag i jana-prastutyan ant Atri | 

. .punyatmana dharmma-patnig eney ar sSantavveg i-kanteyar h 

a-Santala-Devigam ati | guru mantri-BClchanangam Ra- | 

Raja puttida- | n ani yavol Umegav a-Rudraiigam || 

raviyam tejadin Indra-bhdruha. . .dattiy | 

bhavadim sakyangal ap- | 

puvu . . . . na pengalim nimishadim dharmmangalam kude ma- | 


kiriyam | toyadhi-gambbiran ahitottama-dana- I 

sreya yi | neyopayam II 

bisa- I 1 ari. . para-vadhu pararttham end and alipal | 

kareyam bedida vandige | maredum II 

svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda mahft mandalesvaram 

Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kularabara-dyumani samyaktva-chuda- 
mani maleparol ganda Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangav.\di-Nonambavadi- 

Banavase-Hanungal-gonda n asahaya-sdra nissanka-pratapa-Hoysala- 

Ballala-Devaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudradalli Saka-varsha 1095 neya 
Vijaya-sariivatsarada Sravana-suddha 1 1 Adivarad andu tamma patta-bandbo- 
tsavadol maha-danangalam maduttam ippa samayadol sri-roat-sandhi-vigrahi 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 79 

. . . .mayyangal Sige-nad olagana Marikaliyol t&vu madisida trikftta-Jinalayakk 
a-vftram deva-pujegain abara-danakkam jirnnoddharakkam a-cbandrarkka- 
taram-baram nadavant agi pada-ptljeyam tettu sarvva-namasyav agi dattiyam 
dhara-pfcrvvakam madidu srimad-Dramila-sanghad Arungalanvayada Sripala- 
Traividya-devara sisbyar appa srimad-Vasupujya-Siddbanta-devara kalam 

karcbchi dharey eredu kottar antu deva-da * (after 9 illegible lints follow 

otaai final vertes) bbadram astu Jina-sasanaya ] maiigalam aba Sri sri sri sri 
Vijaya-samvatsarada Karttika-§u 8. . . varad andu Kemmatada Machayyanurii 

adbikarigal Agileya Someyanum Balacbandra-Devara gudda 

heggade-Challayyanu Mayikaliya trikdta-Jinalayakk a-vftra. . agantuka- 

inaduve-bannige-magga-gana-volavaru-horavar-olagagi samasta-sunkavam a- 
cbandrarkka-taraih-baram nadavant agi dharey ejredu bittar (otuai Anal phriwi) 


At jSAvantanahalli (same hobli), on a stone south of the Channigar&ya temple. 

Tarana-samvatsarada Marggasira-ba 5 srimad-Deva-Raj-odeyaru Melukoteya 
Challuvaraya-svaraige madhyahna-kalada avasarake kotta grama 


At Bailahalli (Bailahalli hobli), on a virakal south of the MallMvara temple. 

Sva-dattam para-dattarii va yd bareta vasundharam i 

shashti-varsha-sahasrani vishthayarii jayate krimi^ || 
svasti Srimanu-maha-roandalesvara Sri-vira-Narasimha-DevaDU Magara-rajyava 
nirmmfila-badida Cholana rajyava prati[pa]lanam appa Narasiuga-Devanu 
Madava . .danayaka-vajrakkam Devana-Malale belu-talaka-koyalalli Bayala- 
halliya Aita-Gaudana inammaga Kaahakana maga Bachaya ta 


At the same place, on another virakal 
Sri ViSvavasu-eamvatsarada Jyeshtha-su 10 Ma Chikka-Kahingalanule Katta- 

iya malabaru entu iri tujuva barivall iridu yude b&ve Eutari 

biddan &gi a-K&chanu Siva-loka-praptan adanu sri Sri sri 


At the same place, on another virakal. 

Svasti samasta-pra manu-maha-mandalesvara Chokka-Bitti-Devana kala- 

gadalu dandanayaka Bopa-Devanu. . .r&vuttara kaya 

n iyidu 

Digitized by 


80 Hassan Taluq. 


At Ugane (same hobli), on a pillar of the Basava temple. 
S?asti Srimatu-Saka-yarusha 1355 neya Pramadicha-samvatsarada Bhadrapada- 
3u 1 ayvar Ctge mantapada i-kambha Anagil-odeya Muttaya-N&yakana maga 
Mudeya-N&yakara dbamma Sri 


At Anuganilu (same hobli), on a pillar of the north doorway of 
the Channakdsava temple. 

Durmati-samvatsarada K&rttika-ba sri-Rama-Devana maga Chavuriyanna 

hinde devara pratishtheyalu hol-otti-yittu yiddu gaddeyanu Chavuriyannanu 
bonoa kottu bidsi-kottu pra . . . padadanu 


At Mugulftr (same hobli), on a stone in front of the basti. 
Jayati sakala-vidy&-devata-ratna-pitham 
hridayam anupal§pam yasya dirgham sa devah | 
tadanu jayati sastram tasya yat sarvYa-mitbyji- 
samaya-timira-ghati jyotir ekam nar&nam || 
srlmad-Dramila-sanghe'smin Nandi-sanghe'aty Aruigalah | 
anvayd bb&ti niSsesha^tetra-v&r&Si-p&ragaih. h 
8iddb4nt4mbh6nidbuna.pravisarad-amritasvada-pushta.prani6dah | 
dik8h4.8ikshSUsurak8h&.krama.kriti-nipunas santatam bhayya-sevyah 
s6'yam d&kahinya-mflrttir jjagati vijayate V&supdjya-bratiudrab || 

Srimatu-Vajranandi-Deyara sishyaru Muguliya Parusva-Devaru Rudhirodgari- 

samvatsarada Bhadrapada-ba 1 3 Bra \\ 


At the pedestal of the image lying in the same basti. 
Srfpala-Traividya-Devara guddagalu Melasina Mari-Settiyarim Negarttiya 
Gfivana-Settiyaru Sige-nada Muguliyalu basadiyam madisidaru . . . madisi sri- 
ParSva-devara pratishtheyam madisi a-basadiyumam a-devara bhunriyumam 
tamma gurugalige dhara-pttryvakam madi kottaru || 


On a stone near the entrance of the same basti. 
Srimat-parama-gambhira-syadvadamogha-lanchhanaiii | 
jiyat traildkya-nithasya sasanam Jina-sasanarh h 

Digitized by 


Hassan Tcduq. 81 

srimad-£lkdti-Jin&layam idu || 
jayati sakala-vidyludSvata-ratna-pitham 
hridayam anupalepam yasya dirggham sa dSvah | 
jayati tadanu sastram tasya yat sarvva-mitbya- 
samaya-timira-ghati jy6tir ekam naranam n 
Sri-kanta.netra-ni)6tpala-yadana-8ar6jata-8a-8mera-lilar | 
lokam 16ka-tray6jjrimbhita-visada-yasas-chandrikard6h-pratapa- | 
vyakirna-tyakta-yukta-krama-kalitarkubbricb-chakra-kheda-pram6da- | 
srikam sri-Vishnu-bhtipam belaguge jagamam raja-mar ttanda-rftparii h 
jita-Paficheshutvadind Isvaran enisiyum udyat-sudha-kantan atyfcr- | 
jjita-tejo-lakshmiyim tibrakaran enisiyum drisya-rtipam kala-sam- | 
bhrita-bhasvad-Yrittadindam vidhuv enisiyum atmiyarnityodayotsa- | 
rita-d6shas§shan int avanolam asadrisam dhira-Vishnu-ksbitisam n 
ari-s§na-chakra-chakram porale ripu-kubhrit-pungava-bhranti talt op- | 
p ire tann ugrasiyind uchchalisi dbareg urultappa vidvit-sirangal | 
taradirh kumbbangalam polt eseye nava-ghati-yantradiih Vishnu yuddba- | 
jira-v&pi-vairi-raktambuvane nija-yaso-vallig ettuttav ippam n 
magu-magurdu pokku durggama- | n agald agajd a-varddhi-varegav addam 

tigatam j 
tagu-tagu^du kondan dvade | jaga-birudaran arasi Vishnuvarddhana-Devam H 
Himadim Setuvaram mat- I te maguld a-Setuvim Himam-baregam vi- I 
krama-keliyim tolalvam | sa-mada-kshatriyaran irisi Visbnu-nripajam || 
STasti samadhigata-pancha-maba-sabda-maba-mandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura- 
varesvaram Tadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chudamani | Maleya-cha- 
kravartti | Varshmaja-mftrtti srimat-Kanchi-gonda vikrama-Ganga Vishnu- 
varddhana-Hoysala-Devam Gangavadi-tombbattaru-sasiramuman eka-chhatra- 
chhityeyim pratipalisi sukham rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmdpajiri i 
dhar&mara-kula-tflakam | Jinendra-puja-vidbana-patra-dana-pravarddhita- 
pramdda-pulakam | srimad-Ajitas§na-Bhattaraka-padambh6ja-chancharikam [ 
parama-tatva-pr&galbhya-prabala-viv§kam sriman-mah&-prabhu-Permmadiy- 
anvaya-prabhavam ent endade || 

niyata-syad-vada-vidya-yibhava-bhavanam agirpipa nirddhflta-d6sha- | 
trayam app udyat-tapd-lakshmige sale neley agirppa rddbakalank^- | 
nvayadol bhavy&lig ellam modal enisi karam pempuvettattu Permmfi- | 
diya vamsam ldkavam kirttiyolu belagitatt ujjal&ch&ra-s&ram II 
attar* g naya-rinayaman anukarisuvan anu- | 

nayadim tej6dbikan ene negardda Permm&diya permmagane Bh!- I 

mayyan atana chitta-priye Devalabbe pati-bha- I 

ktiyol a-Sitegam Arundhatigam eney enipal || 

avarge magam samasta-guna-ratna-sudhambudhi Masani-Setti bhft- i 

bhuvana-vin^tau &tan-anujam negardam prabhu Mari-Setti ban- | 

dhaYa-jana-sarvya-bhavya-jana-kalpa-mahlruhan &-mab&tman-i- | 

tavada-vibhatiyam padedud arhateyaxh dbareyol nirantaram |i 


Digitized by 


82 Bman Tahtq- 

Ddrasamudrada naduy idu | Meru-mahidharam enalke m&disidam Sri- I 
Mftraman nttunga-Jinft- % \ garaman idu Visvakarmma-nirmmitam enisal u 
4-yibhuvia-anuga-dammam | Gdvindam Mandar&vantdhara-dhairyyam | 
§ri-yanit&-yallabhan a- | Gdyindanavol mahl-manab-priyan adam || 
vasudhege Kaustubham enal i- I basadiyan i-Muguliyalli sad-bhaktiyin et- | 
tisidan ene matte Govin- | da-Settiyam pogalad irppare budha-nidhiyam h 
bhft-viditane Bhimayya ma- | ha-vibhave putri Nagiyakkanum iyar i- I 
Govindana Jina-gribak ati- | pavana-charitar nirantaram padi salipar || 
avar-agra-tanujam aya-naya-silan apratima-dhariama-saha(ni)yakan arati- 

ydtha-durjjayan akhileshta-sishta-jana-rakshana-dakshanu saram negaluda 

maha-prabhu vedade pund a-Bitti-Settiya guna. .mam poga[la]l a-Chaturasyanu 

yutam mayopayakke pesav atidbanyam svasti ya san enal 

Naki-Settiya sar a-pempumam nimirchcbi gotra-pavitran ada 

Govyida Samantabhadra-svamigala vacharyyarim 

KanakasSna-Vidiraja-DSvarim Dhauapala-Bhattarakarim sri kasena-Bha- 

ttarakarim Maladhari-sv4mi traiyidya-devarim sri-Vasupdjya-siddbanta- 

devarim. . . .devarim banda Dramila vilayamo sat-tarka?ila-bahu-bbaDgi- 

sangata-Srip41a-traiyidya-gadya-padya-vach6-vinyasa-ni8argga-vijaya-vila3am 11 
sach-ch&ritra-pavi. . .vidya-samsuddha-buddhay§ | 
vidvaj-jana-prap&jy&ya VasupCtjy&ya te namafc || 
inta negaltevetta tanna guru-kulada peinpam negali Govinda-Setti madisidan 
int i-Jinalayam n 

Manu-charitar samasta-bhuvana-stavaniya-Jinendra-dharmma-v&- | 
rinidhi-sardjinf-prabbava-raga-yivarddhana-raja-hamsar an- | 
nan urn anujanmanum guna-yutar ggunavaj-jana-parijata Ra- | 
man-immadiy agiyum Bharata-Raja-chamCtpanum embud i-jagam II 
Bharatadol Kanin u- | d£ratoyol Dharmma-nandanam satvadol a- | 
charadolu Sindbu-nandana | . . . . dade Bbarata-Raja-dandadhisam || 
i-Govinda-Jinalayakke Prabhava-samvatsarad uttarayana-sankranti-Vyatipatad- 

andu radali . . . agi Sri-Narasimba-Hoysala-DSram Sripala-traividya-deJvara 

sisyar appa Vasupdjya-siddbanta-devara kalam karcbcbi dbara-pCirvvakam 
srimad-agraharam Muguliyali bitta vrittiya sima-sambandbi Hiriyakereya 
kelage gadde (* Hn«* following contain detaiii of the grant) a-beddaley-olagagi devara 
sodaringe ganadal ara-van-enney drolag ava banda maje vadabam gondu 
visada vana-siddayav ittuvalli. . . aidu-panavam maha-janam koduvar int initu- 
vam mCtvatt-irvvar mmaha-janangalum dhara-pdrvvakam madi kottaru || (4 lines 
following contain uiuai final phraiet and Terse) i-dharmniavan alidan ele[ne]ya narakam 

puguvam kereya ma dimeyam ta-kattisida kereyalli kanduga-gaddeyam 

devarige bitjanu || asesha-mabajanangalu matta. ,da-key*yalli kanduga gadde- 
yam bittaru | kajadalu mCt-guJa bhattam 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. S3 


In the same place. 

(The first 14 lines correspond with those in No. 128 of this Telnq). . . . Puypasena-siddhanta- 

d§varu avara sishyaru Vasupftjya-Devaru Hemalambi-samvatsarada Vaisakha- 
bahula-trayodasi-Budhavarad andu sallekhana-sam&dhi-maranadim mudipi 
svarggakke sandaru mangalam aha Sri sri sri 


At the same village, on a oopper plate in possession of patel Venkafasubhayya. 
(Front) Subham astu | 

Harer lila-varabasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 

Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatri chhatra-sriyam dadhau || 

namas tUDga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mdla-stambhaya Sambhave || 
svasti sri vijayabhyudaya-SalivAhana-saka-varshangalu 1684 sanda vartama- 
nav ada Chitrabhanu-nftma-samvatsarada §ravana-ba 10 lit srimad-rajadhirSja 
r&ja-paramesvara praudha-pratap&pratima-vira-narapati i Mahisftra sri-Krisbna- 
Rija-Vadeyar-aiyanavaru | Hasana-stalada MugulfiraTenkatakrishna-HebbtU 
ruva | Tirumalavadbani Krishna-Bhatta Nar&yana-Bhatta VenkateSa-Bhatta 
Anantanarayana-Bhatta Srinivasa-Bbatta Nanjupda-Bhatta-munt&da maha- 
janangaligo barasi-kotta kraya-bhii-dana-tamra-s&sanada kramav entendare | 
Mahisura uagarada hobali-sime vicharada-chavadi-valitada Hasana-sthalada 
Muguluru-grama 1 kere 1 Kannana-mani-IIosakoppalu 1 yl-upagrama-karakke 
seri banda mara-vargada palagi yiruva Kinnadipurada grama 1 Agalahalli 
grama 1 Mallenahalli grama 1 antu grama 1 kere 1 koppalu 1 upagrama 3 katte- 
galu saha stbalada syanabbaga-Timmaina lekkha-prakara praku rekhe gadde 
beddalu tota saha rekbe-g&ta | ga 279 — 9^ kke manya uttara deva-daya brahma- 
daya Ctliga-manya mara-vargga saha gu ga 124—1} n uli[b*ck]du suddha % 
nintaddu ga 155 — 8 karakke s§ri banda mara-varga gft ga 23 — 7 seri banda 
Ctliga-manya ga 40 — 5£ antu s&ri bandaddu saha ninta rekhe ga 220 — | kke 
Pramadi-samvatsarakke huttuvali sakala-suvarnnadaya davasadaya totada 
adike-pairu deva-sthanada aravasi kaivadadavara jodi vingada manihya jagi 
gtita samayacbara suika saha ga 525 — 2 kke sale kandi ga 420— 1| nandra 
ippattu-varaba-vondu-hana addada huttuvali yl-gramagalannu kraya-bhfi-danav 
agi appane kodisabek endu niu helikondu yidakke salu kraya kanthi gu 
4201—5 nalku-savirada-yinnfira-vandu-varahafi aidu-banafl varttaka Kollaga- 
lada Vira-Setti-mukhantra bokkasakke sakalyav agi vappisiddarinda yi-grama- 
galannu nimage kraya-bhti-danav agi kodisi yi-gramagala yalle chatus-simegu 
sila-pratishtheyannu madisi kottu yidheve yadda kurtu | yillinda munde yi- 

'Digitised by 


84 Haaean Tctiuq. 

gr&magala yalle cbatus-simey olagulla griharama-kshetra-gaddo-beddalu-tota- 
tudike-kere-kattegalu nidhy-ady-ashta-bhoga-tejas-sv^myangalu nimige salu- 
yadu | munde yi-gramagalu nivu maduya-d^nadbi-kraya-parivartanega} emba 
yyavahara-chatushtayangaligu yogyav agi niyu nimma putra-pautra-p&ram- 
paryav agi lUchandr&rkkav &gi nirup&dhika-sarvam&nyav 4gi sUsvatav &gi 
anubhayisi kondu baruvadu (osuai final rtn—) sri-Krishna-IUja | 


At Handinakere (same hobli) on copper plates in possession of MailArayya. 

(N4g»rl ohmrmcten) 


namas tunga-siras-cbumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

traildkya-nagar&rambha-mftla-stambh&ya Sambhave || 

jayanti Dvipa-yaktrasya ganda-mandala-shatpadah | 

pratyuha-vijayenaiva prapt&virbhdta-dindimah || 

namas tasmai Varahaya yena liloddhrita mahi | 

anuraga-vaseneva sasyaih pulaka-bhfishita h 

asicb chhri-Sangamo nama bh&palo guna-sangamah | 

Yadu-vamsa-mabambhodbi-parivarddhana-cbandramah || 

tasyatmajo'bhdch chhri-Bukka-Rajo rajanvati chiram | 

asbtadasa-dvipavati mahi yena mahiyasa n 

rajeadram sri-Hariharam Bukka-Rajo Mahesvarah | 

Gauryam ajijanad devyam Mabasenam athatmajam a 

ambhodhi-parikham prithvim sasatd nagarim iya | 

tasyasti Vijaya nama nagari sri-gariyasi || 

. . . Hemakutah parisara-parikha Tungabhadra su-bhadra 

saksbad araksbako'yam kshata-bhuyana-bhayas sri-Virdpaksba-devah | 

raja rajadhirajo Harihara-nripatih ksbonika. .Kancbi 

slaghyam sakha-puram srih katbam iya vachasam gocbare syad ihasy&h n 

tasyatmajo Deya-Rayah praja-palana-tatparah | 

baladhyo guna-sampannd varttate satru-tapadah w 

tasmin inahim sasati Deva-Raye tat-kirtti-yalli bhuvane niriidha | 

nakam yayau deya-nikaya-madhye vidambayanti divi Deya-rajam h 

ddr-ddanda-dalitaratir manditakhanda-bh&surah | 

akhanda-bbaktir fsane Deva-Rayo virajate || 

Indradi-loka-palanam saktya jato janesvarah | 

tad-gunan atiricbyaiya vartate silato'dhikah 11 

so'yam rajadhirajas [sri]-Deva-Raja-maba-nripah | 

pattabbisbeka-samaye dattavan puram uttamam h 

. . . .t samahdya brahmanan bbuyi visrutan | 

sva-nama-cbihnitm gramam dattavan Deva-Raya-rat n 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 85 

Devarajapur§ vipra v§da-s&stra-visarad&b | 
shat-karma-niratas sarve brabma-nishtba jitSndriy&k || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1328 vartam&na Vyaya-samvatsare K&rtika- 
mase krishna-pakshe dasamyam SukravarS Uttarabhadrapade Prfti-ydgd 
Bava-karane evam-vi[6i]shte subha-kale Srimad-raj&dhirSja raja-param§svara 
sri-vira-prat&pa-Deva-Rayo maharajas svasya pattabhisheka-samaye dvatrim[IIa] 
sat-sankbyayH vritti-kalpanaya parimitam sva-nama-chibnitam pratapa-DSvarft- 
yapuram nani&graharam Bh&skara-kshetre Tungabbadra-tire Hemakdte sri- 
Virdpaksha-sannidbau veda-sa6tra-visaradebhyah brahmanebhyas sa-hiranyo- 
daka-dana-dbara-pdrvakam a-chandrarkka-sthayinam kritva dattavan | tgsham 
pratigrabitrinam DamadheyaDi likhyante | tasmin grame Sri-R&macbandrasya 
gr&ma-devatayah mdla-stbanasya Sambhos cba eka vrittih || sri || (88 lines following 

contain names, ate, of Tjlttidars) 

vibh&nty abhinava-pr&pta-Devar&japura-dvijah | 
pratyekam eva te cbatra v&gisah parikirttitab h 
asyagrabara-varyyasya chatus-simadi-lakshanam ] 
sarva-16ka-prakasartbam katbyatS desa-bhashayfc || 
sri-vira-pratap-D8varayapurav &da pattada-agraharav ada Handiganakereya 

gramakke saluva cbatllS Simeya vivara | (25 lines following contain details of boundaries) 

int i-Handiganakere-pratapa-Devarayapurav ada pattada-agrabarada chatus- 
simey olag ulla nidbi-niksbepa-jala-pashana-aksbini-agami-siddha-sadhyasbta. 
bboga-tejas-svamya-sunka-sayarn&daya enu ullanthadanft sarvamaDyav &gi 
pattabhisbeka-punya-kaladali Pampa-ksbetra-sri-Virdpaksha-dfivara sannidhi- 
yali sa-hiranyodaka-dh&ra-pfirvakav agi kotta dharmma-sasana || (ntaai final Terses) 

Srl-Virtipak8ha (in Kanna^a ebarsoiers) 


At Dodda-Oaddavalli (same hobli), on a stone to the right of the 
main doorway of the Lakahxni-ddvi temple. 
Svasti samasta-srimata-maha-mandalesvara Biti-D§vara rajyadalu Mahalaksbmi 
...odeya Kalabanara . . . odati Ugureya Bateya kere eradum Hiryyakereya 
vittadidu Katbaraparada munina manya matam varisake batu-bonDu mani- 
kanta saluvudu deviya bogake vidugedeyam Sivalenka-Dasainu salisnva i- 
dbarmmava kidisidam Gangeya tadiya kavileya konda brahmati i-dbarmmava 
kidisida linga-bhedi ikkattigeya kavileya konda 


On the south wall of the vimina of the same temple. 
Svasti Sri Jaya-samvatsarada Pusbya-ba 13 Bribavarad andu Gadduballiya sri- 
Mah&lakshml-dfivi sri-Mabakali-devi sri-Bhfltanatha-devara SrI-karyyakke 

Digitized by 


&6 Ha$$an Taluq. 

&-vicb&ri-G6vinda-Deyanu magga-deye pancha-kiruka-vedikeyanu kattu-gnttige 
pind&d&nav &gi sambala sahita dfiva-pras&da gadyftnav erada kombudu i-marya- 
deya ftva miyidavage deva-br&hmanara konda brahm&ti 


On the east wall of the vim&na of the same temple. 
Svasti srt Bahudh&nya-samvatsarada ASvija-suddha-paurnnami-Adiv&ra-Byatf- 
p&tad andu £ri-Mahalakshmi-devi Mahakali-devi srl-Bhutan&tba-devara sri- 
k&ryake sriman-mah&-vadda-vyavah&ri-Goleha-Nayakara tange Giriya-Deviya- 

kkanu M&yi-D£vanu maleg&rara jivitage Deviyahalliya krapaav entendade 

hola-gattage ga 13 bhatta bhagad anitu. .Bh<ttan4tha-d6vara rada suvarn- 

n&ya int initu aivaru malegarara ma 


On a virakal to the north-west in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Svasti §rtmanu-maha-mandalesvara-Bitti-Dgva Bitti-DSvana andina rajya 

Beppa-Devana kalegadalu kudu re-gill eg a Eadira. . .jaya-r&hutta sura-loka- 
pr&pti samvacha 


On a stone to the north-east in the same enclosure. 
Svasti Srfmatu-Dhatu-samvatsarada Magha-§uddba-trayddasi-Adiv&rad andu sri- 
man-maha-Tadda-vyavah4ri-Goleha-NS,yakara tangi Giriyft-DSviyyakkanu Mayi- 
Deva M&rayyanu asesha-mahSrjanangalum samasta-praje-gayundu-nakbaranga- 
lum (v)iddu Malisettiyakereya Ravilanathadevarahalliya Madhava-N&yakana 
maga Mailungi-Devange kotta kramav entendade kattu-guttige varisam-prati 
gadyana hadinaiduva. .Mabalakshmi-deviya sri-karyyakke sankramana- 
maryyadelu teruva atana makkalu makkalu tappade salvant agi kotta sasana 

(3 lines gone) tenkalu araliya-mara kummariyim badagana 

galubana Kollalagagi hadavala hadavala nadeda heddariyim . . . . 

badagalu dodda-nerilu badagalu Hagareya nainma kerege salvudu 


At the same place, on another stone. 
Svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadbir&ja parame- 
svaram Dvaravati-pura-varadbisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva- 
chudamani malaparol ganda ganda-bherundan asabaya-sdra Sanivara-siddhi 
giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisala 
sri-Vira-Ballala-Deraru Vijayasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinoda- 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 87 

dim prithvi-rajyam geyruttum irddu Raudri-samvatsarada Kaxttika-m&sada 
paurnnami-Somav&ra Byatipata-yogav agalu TuDgabhadra-deviya tiradalli sri- 
Mahalakshmi-dSvi srt-Mahakali-devi sri-BhCttanatha-devara Gaddumballi nidi- 
*vidiya siddh&yav &neya sese kudureya s§se khanav Srbittiya-bhandi jede-deje 
k6teya hadike kottige-dere todaru-gadyana kuraara-ganike adakeya sunka 
Mayse-nada-heggade-kanike I-volagagi munde huttuva apfcrvy&yav ellavam 
m&nisi sarvva-badb&-pariharam enisi sarvva-namasyam m&di Sri-Mah&laksbmi- 
dSviyara dharmma-karyyava-chandrarkka-taram-baram salvant&gi J&garavalli- 
yam bittu dhara-pflrvvaka madi kotta sasanam || 

stbiram i-dharmmaman alkarim nilisidang ishtarttba-samsiddhigaj | 
dorekolgum kidipange Gange-Gaye-Kedaradi-tirtthangalo} | 
parama-brahmana-go-vadbfl-muniparam kond a-maha-p&takam J 
dorekolgum bidadant avam nameyutirkkum Rauravambhodhiyol || 

(usual final Tertet) 


At the same place. 

yas cha Saka-varusha 1242 Deya Siddhartthi-samvatsara 

srimad-daksbina-Kollapurav enisida Gaddumba mi-deviyara 

amrita-padige hiriya mabH-janangalige bija-honnanu kotta tamma 

gulla gadde bedalu a-sakala-sahita kulava p&ryv&ya 

sarvva-bade-paribarav agi saryvamanyav agi a-saudigalu vkreyan 

erasikondu 4-kshfitra Mahalaksbumi-deviyarige a- 

chandr&rkka-sthayiy agi nadavudu (nw»i final ▼•*«•) 


On the east wall of the same temple. 
Svasti srt Manumatha-samvatsarada marggasira-su 15 A j d andu sri-Ballala- 
Devara rajyadalu dannayada beggade Masanayyangala maga Ketama Tilakdteya 

M&cheyanu sri-Mahalakshmi-deviya villeya sri-.kkala huduke-dere vam 

pariharava yint i-dharmmavam geya tadiya konda brahmatiyalu 

bdbanu |) Sri. . . . Sankhara-DSvaru oppa || 


On the east wall of the vimAna of the same temple. 
Svasti Srt samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham mabarajadbiraja para- 
mesyaram parama-bhattarakam Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvara Y&daya-kutem- 
bara-dyumani Srimatu-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-Vtra-Ballala-DSyaru Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vinddadim pritbvi-rajyam geyyuttam 
ire tat-pada-padmdpajivigaj appa deyeya beggade Holleya. .tana tamma 

Digitized by 


88 Eassan Tabuq. 

heggade Sogayyanum . . riyayyeya tamma Medhavi . . . Ananda-samy atsarada 
Chaitra-eu 5 Adiv^rad andu sri-Mah&lakshmi-dSviya sri-karyyakke magga 2 
§ri-Mahakali-deviya sri-karyyakke bitta magga 2 sri-Bhtttanatha-dSyara sri- 
k&ryyakke bitta magga 2 Bhfttan&tha-devara pdjari. . .yyange bit^a magga' 1 
antu. .i-dharmmayam ava adhikariy adapam pratipilisuvam. .(usual impreeatorj 



On the south wall of the same vimina. 
Pingala-smvatsarad Asvaija-su 10 Sd-d andu sriinad-abbinava-Kollapurav appa 
Gaddilvaliya sri-Mahalakshmi-devi Mahakali-devi sri-Bhtitanatha-devara sri- 

p&dakke ga 5 yi Gangdjana maga Bdtoja. . .terege varisa nibandhiy §.gi 

teya ippatta-mtlru-vrittiya badiyalu chandrarkka-taram-baram nadahadu a- 
hallige sarvva-badha-parihara a-kejege chatus-sime samastav avud endade 
(9 lines following contain details of boundaries) sri-Mahalakshmi-deviya sri-p&daradha- 
kar appa Jagadeva-Nayakaru sri-BhCltanatha-devan-adig ereya Golehe-Nayaka- 
rum Bhfttdjange dhara-purvvaka madi bitta dharmma idam paripalisade Eidisi- 
davaru linga-bheda madidavaru | 


On the south-east wall of the same vimAna. 
Svasti Srimatu Sukla-samvatsarada Cbaitra-suddba I Adivarad andu srimatu- 
pratapa-chakravartti-Vira-Ballala-Devana srimanu-maha-pradhanam hiriya- 
dannayakam Goyidimayyangala maga srimanu maha-yadda-byavahari purusa- 
nidhi sri-Jayitayyangala maiduna Santasavadiya sunk&dhikari heggade-Soma- 
yyanu §ri-Mah&lakshmi-deviya sri-Mahakali-deviya sri-Bhfttanatba-devarig 
alya Gaddumballi-mukhyav agi sri-Bhfltan&tba-devar aluva halligalolage Ghatta- 
valiyalu ane manika kudure adake arasina menasina bbara eleyakki uppu aya 
bhandava he j adadam ^-sunkavanu sri-Bhutanatha-devara sri-karyyakke a-hegga- 
de Sdmayyanu a-chandraakka-t^ram-baram saluyant agi a-sunkavanu sarvva- 
b&dh*Upariha,rav agi dhari-ptLryyakam madi kotta-s&sanam (usual final verses) 


On the north wall of the same temple. 
Pramddflta-samvatsarada Chaitra-bahula 7 Vaddavarad andu abhinaya-Koll&- 
purav appa Gaddumballiya sri-Mah§,lakshmi-devi Mah&kali-devi sri-Bhiltanatha- 
dSyara dibya-sri-pad&radhakar appa Giriya-Devi Mayi-Devanu BhCttayyanu 
BhCttaye-n&yikitige Melisenttiya kelage i-kbanduga gaddeya asesha-mahajanada 
munde dhara-p&rvyakam madi kotta sasana makkalu makkalu dappade 

Saluyudu || (ataal final terse) 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 89 


On a beam of the navaranga-mantapa of the same temple. 
Svasti sri[m]anu malift-mandalSsvara Narasingha-DSvara rajyadalu Sarvvajitu- 
samvatsarada Sravana-su tadige Brihad-andu abhinava . . . puradalu Bannige- 
dereya herggade Bittiyannanu avara tamma Saviyanna 


At the same place. 

Sriman-Mahalakshmi-devige teligara okkal ondu asagara okkal ondu rahu- 

tara maga okkal ondu int i-okkalu mftrakkam Bannige 

(usual imprecatory phrase) 


On a beam over the doorway of the garbha-griha of the same temple. 
Svasti srfmad-abhinava-Koll&purada Chitrabhanu-samvatsarada Ashadha-su 1 
So dalu sri-Narasingha-Devana rajyadalu mandalika-sa[ha]ni-bihangama-saliva 
Avilana-chakravarttiy appa D&saya-sahaniyara sahaniti Jakkavve Malisettiya- 
kereyalu 10 kolaga gaddeyam sri-Mahalakshmi-devige bidisa. . i-dharmmamam 
kidisidargge Gangeya tadiya kavileya konda brahmati 


On a atone to the south-west in the outer enclosure of the same temple. 

Namas tuiiga-siras-cbumbi-chandra-cbamara-cb§rave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mClla-stambhaya Sambhavg h 
svasti srtman-mah&-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talak&du-Kongu-Nangali- 
bala Vfra-Ganga pratapa-sri-Viehnu-bhtlpapalakanu Dorasamudrada r&jadhftni- 
yalu Bukha-saiikatba-vinodadim rajyam geyyutt irddu || svasti sri bhuvana-bba- 
vana-veUvanl-Pariyatra tan-madhya-desodbbavaru hita-ku}a-tilaka dharmm&va- 
tara sarwa-jfva-day&parar appa || svasti samasta^praSasti-skbitam sriman-mahft- 
vadda-vyavab&ri Kullabana-rahutaru arddhanga-saririyar appa Sabaja-Deviya- 
rum Srimad-abhinava-Koll&puravam geysi Srimau-Mah&lakshml-dfeviya prasada- 
vaih geyda Visvakarmma-nirmmita-su-bh&sitan appa Malldja-Maniydjange 
Vijaya-saiiivatsarada Chaitra-suddha 10 Brihaspativ&rad andu hiriyaJceyeya 
kelage nfclku-salage gaddeyam 4 sarvva-namasyav &gi kottaru chandr&rkka- 
tarambaram salvudu i-dharmmavam kidisidavam linga-bhfedi Gangeya tadiyalu 
kavileyum br&hmananumam konda brahmati (uiuai final rerte) vim&na sarvvatd- 
bbadra vrisabba nalinika uttunga-vairaja-garuda varddham&na sankba-vritta 
pushpaka griha-raja svasti 


Digitized by 


90 Woman Taluq. 


On a stone to the north-west in the enclosure of the same temple. 
Sf&eti irt Dh&tu-samvatsarada M&rggasira-Saddba 2 Adir&rad andu Srimad- 
abhinava^Koll&purav appa Gaddumballiya ich&ryya Chikka. .vuda R&ya-bhat- 
ayyangala maga Bittavarddhana-DSvana maga Singayya Manchayya Ckavu- 
dayya jn^ti-savanta-dayadyaru tammol anumatav agi hiriya-kejegala adakeja 
totav ad entu-ntju-maraaa utukrishta-krayadala Perum&li-D&yanu mathakke 
hana-h&gaddp&diyalu kraya-s&shav uliyade kottu konda kraya-pramana-s&sana 
iWtdntadolage ichiryya-Appayyana bhageya nanftyu-marana i-krayadale Peru- 
mil i-Deva konda makkala makkalu tappade tottina makkalige bhilmi-chandran 
uJlanaka saluvudu Ctra hittala keyi ondu ant appudake sakhi sriman-mahi 
vadda-vyavahari-Goleha-Nayakara tangi Siriyi-Deviyakka M&yi-Deva Bhtltayya 
aSesha-mahajanangalu samasta-gaudugalu mangalam aha Sri Sri (n«*»i final rene) 
i-s&sana-mariy&deya s&kshi-sahita &charyya-Appayyauu maga Rangayyanu 
aliya Kesava-Devanu tamma Iti-kereyam kottu hiriya-kereya kelagana kadeya 
gadde niku-salageyaiii prati-kshetrava kondaru ^-naku-salageyam Perumali- 
DSvauu. . .du salva-kraya utukrisbta-krayava avarige kottu konda kraya-sasana 


At Chikka-Gaddavalli (same hobli), on a stone in the garbha-griha 
of the AnjanSya temple. 
Subham astu h 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-oharave | 

traildkya-nagar&rambha-mtila-stambh&ya SambhavS h 
svasti Sri yijayabhyudaya-Saliviihana-saka-varusha 1470 sanda vartamftna- 
Kilaka-samvatsarada Ashadha-ba 10 Somavaradalu srfman-mah&raj&dhir&ja 
raja-parameSvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Sadasiva-Deva-mah^rayaru m&m. .ya 
Hastin&vatiya nelavidinalu. .prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu | Sriman-mahar&ji. . 
r&ja rfija-kuiadhidevatey aba abhinava-Ko 


At Gaudagere (same hobli), on a stone near the Mallddftya temple. 

Namas tuDga-siras-cbumbi-cbandra-ch&mara-charave | 

trailckya-nagararambba-mdla-stambbaya SambhavS ii 
svasti sriman-mabdrmandalesyaram Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-Kongu-Nangali- 
Banavase-Hinungalu-Nonambavadi-gonda bhuja-bala-pratapa Hoysana Nara- 
simha-DSvaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi- 
rajyam geyyutt ire Saka-varishada 1091 neya Vikriti-samvatsarada Pushya- 
babuja 1 uttarayana-sankramanaAdivAradanduSavasiSo. . yyaiigalu Halutoyeya 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 91 

Maduka-Gaunda Bainma-Gauda Malla-Gauda Mudda-Gaufla Raja-Gauda 
Masana-Gauda yint ivara kaiyyalu krayav agi bh&miya kondu Pinnavaneya- 

kereya kattisi a-kereya kelage gadde Gaudagereya dSvatege saluvante 

nivedyakke Savas-Eli-Bhatta bitta yint i-dharramavam pratipalsidavarige Gange- 
Varanasiyali sabasra-brahmanarige sahasra-kavileya kotta-phala i-dharmmava 

kedisidade ya kavile brahman an a kooda brahmati 11 Halutojreya Maduka- 

Gauda Bamma-Gauda Malla-Gauda Mara-Gauda Nlkayya Pinnaraneya-kejeya 
Masana-Gauda Raja-Gauda Mudda-Gauda Mara-Gauda gadyanagalu. . . . 
tombattu ... 


On a virakal at the same piaoe. 

Nainas tunga-SiraS-chumbi-chandra-chamara-ch&rave | m 

trailokya-nagararambha-mflla-stambhaya Sambhavfi II 
svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-malla Talekadu-Kongu-Nanga- 
li-Banayase-Nonambavadi-Hanungalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga prat&pa- 
Hoysana Narasimha-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevfdinalu sukha-sankatha-yin6- 
dadalu rajyam geyyutt ire Kuma....a}u-Devana viddflradalu Vijaya-samvatsarada 
Vaisakha-bahula 5 Adivara Gaudagejaya tuyugala harivinalu 


At Hulukunda (Ponnithapura hobli), on a roek of the Mallappana-beftada-koppalu. 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave | 

traildkya-nagararambba-mCtla-stambhaya Sambbave || 

svasti 8ayirada-nandra-Parabhava-8amvat8ara-Magha-bahula punya-kala- 

dalli §rimad-desika-§at-stala-cbakravarti brahmananda-para-Sivamfirtti virakta- 
sikhamanigal ada Murige-svamigala. . . gabali svamigala samipa-sampradaya- 
kar ada Sodi sri-Katahasti-niva 


At Bhartftr (same hobli), on a stone south of the village entranoe. 
Svasti Sri Saka-varusha 1255 taidaneya Srimukha-samvatsarada Phalguna-ba 
10 So | K&meya-dannaykaru j bittip agrahara Ponuathapurada-Bharattiru 
Baso-veggade-Chikkanna-volagada samasta-praje-sabita m&disida kal-kelasa- 
bagilu n 


On a virakal north of the same entranoe. 
Svasti srimatu Barettira Maharaja-gavunda (ir-alivina pe . . radade . cbchalu- 
m&i^ada ganda Nanipalu Eaggular 4ne-odaue sattarft padinaidu manisaru 


Digitized by 


92 Hauan Tofoq. 


At Haqjalige (same hobli), on a vtrakal near the inner 
doorway of the SAmftsvara temple. 
Sri Subhakritu-samvatsarada Vaisakha-su 13 Budhavaradandu Hanjalageya 
Bamma t-pflj&rige kotta ga sotigalige opu-nile Jaya-Gavudana maga Bayacha- 
yyanu kumarana bhayadim Satyal&ka-pr&ptan &danu nagula gaddeyam kottanu 
ajiyal &gadu 


At Gnddatteranya (same hobli), on the east wall of the Sfondmra temple. 
Svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitar appa §riman-mah&-mandal£svaram Tribhuvana- 
malla Baliaia-Hoysala-DSvaru Gangay&di-tombbatara-s&yiramam sukha-sanka- 
thU-vinddadim chandr&rkka-taram-baram rajyam geyatt iralu svasti srt Ch&lu- 
kya-Vikrama-kklada 29 neya Tarana-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha 5 mi Sdma- 
varadandu Slge-nada mdndjay-olagana Teraniyalu Cbanga-nada Mavanftra 
Cho}e-Gavundana maga Ari-Gavundanu Raja-Gav un *danu mftla-sthanada 

Sdm6Svara-d£vara prati[me]ya m4di dev&leyaman etti p&raisi ditarige 

dSv&layada mundana kereya galde. . . .leyada suttina beldale khanduga4>hCLmi 

. . . .pftrvvaka madi bittaru yi-d3vargge sana-ni nadayisuvudu int initumam 

tappi. . . kaviley umam B4narasiyumam konda bra. . . .podam 


"On the south wall of the same temple. 
Srtmat-Tribhuvana-malla Ballila-Hoysala-Devaru Changalva-DSyara mele daliy 
iduta sri-Kailasamam pdlya srf-Teraneya SomSsvara-dSvarge sana-nivedya- 
nand^divigegam Sinddram Somavaradandu sarvva-namasyavagi bittaru 


At By&darahalli (KattAya hobli), on a stone on the tank bnnd near the sluice. 
§ri-Ganadhipataye namah || svasti sri bbu[va]nasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabham 
mah&rajadhiraja paramesvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvvajna-chCtdiU 
mani malerilja-raja maleparolu ganda ganda-bberunda kadana-pracbandan 
asahaya-sftran Skanga-vira giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama vairibha- 
kanthi[ra]va Makara-rajya-nirmmCtlaka Cholu-rajya-Pandya-pratisbthacharyya 
nissanka-pratapa-chakravartti sri-vira-Ballala-Dev-arasaru Saka-varusha savi- 
rada yinndra mttvatta-elaneya Ananda-samvatsara-Vaisakba-su 10 Sd-du pritvi- 
rajyam gevutt idalli srimanu-maha-pradbanam Ankeya-dannayakara aliya Ma- 
cbaya-dannayakara tayi Akaima. . .navaru srimad-anadiy-agraharam Haleya- 

* From this point the inscription he* by mistake been printed in the Kenned* text at No. 163. 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 93 

Goraftra kaluvalli Bedarahalliya vrittimanta-[ma]ha-jananga[la] kaiyyalu a 
[ha]lliyim tenkana halavanu keje-niveSanake tatu-kal6chita-krayava kottu m&ri- 
kondu avveyaru Macha-dannayakara hesaralu ga 3500 honnan ikki Machasamu- 
drava kattisidalli a-Goraftra Ddra-nalvattu-vrittiya Srimad-as8sha-mahfi[ja]nafi- 
galu tammolage odambattu sarvvaikimatyav figi tamma halli Hirivtra sama6ta- 
praje-gavudugala mund ittu a-[Ma]chasamudrada kelage keje-godage agi ft-chan- 
drarkka-stbayiy agi bitta husi na-kadegalalu alle vulla gadde-beddalinge allig- 
allige torana-galla nattu a-Machaya-dann&[yaka]ra makkalu-makkalige saluvant 
agi dhara-pdrvvakam m&di ava teyvft illade sarvvam&nyav agi dbareyan egadu 
kotta kodage (wnai imprecatory pbratet) yi-dharmmava maha-janangalu pratipalisu- 
vadu yi-sasanavanu Goravdra maha-janangala appaneyim tamma halli Hirivllfra] 
s&nabova Madannanavara makkalu Nilakantha-Devara barabake vtlra voppa 

Sli-Kesavaya (ia Tamil oharaotert) 


At Masale (same hobli), on a stone near the doorway of the Channa-KMvara temple. 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-cb&mara-cbarave I 

traildkya-nagararambha-mfiia-stambhaya. Sambhavfe || 
svasti iri jayabhyudaya-SaUvahana-saka-varusha 1500 neya sanda varttamana- 
f svara-samvatsara-JSshta-su . . lu srimatu-Yeja-Krishnappa-flayakara Venkata- 
dri-Nayaka-ayyanavarige punyav aga bek endu Gora&ra Kesava-RajigaligCi K&va- 
Rajigaligfc dharmmav agabek endu Mosaleya Chenna-Keiava-dSvaru NagSivara- 
devaru Hanumanta-devaru Kallinatha-devara gadde beddalu tota mane ga . 
keye sahita. . 1 hanam sarvvamanya («iuai imprecatory phrases) sri 


At bdchirlkh DtsalApura (same hobli)! on a stone in Lakkapntts field. 
Srlmate Ram&nujaya namab | Srimuka-Sravanada §uddha-dvadaSiyaliyfc Eye- 
Krishnappa-N^yakara komara Venkatappa-Nayakarige Kesava-Raja[ra]voru 
madi[da] darma halli Hiriu-Gorftra hebaru mftvatta-yentu-haliya prabhugalu 
Eaba Tirumala-de[va]rige vopi bakida dbarma-s&sana j&ti bedisa. . . 


At Ammagandanahalli (same hobli), on a vlrakal near the village entrance. 

Svasti srimatu-Narasinga-Hoysala vira-Ball&la-Devam prithvi-r&jyam 

geyyutt ire Amma-Gaudiya maga Dudeya tuyu hariyalu biddange madida vi. . . 
sida bfragalu 

Digitized by 


94 • Hassan Taluq. 


At He^avanahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjandya temple* 
Subham astu sri-Narasimhaya namab I Vasudeva svasti vijay&bhyudaya-Sali- 

▼ajuuia^aka varusha 1543 sanda ta-samvatsarada Magha-bahula 11 

Adivara Visudeva fcota sasanada kraraav entendare. . . 

saluva Helayanahalliya gr&mavanu Narasimh-aiyanavaru Vasudeva- 

amrita-padi-naya . . . . Venkatadri-Nay akara komara Krishna-N&yaka 

... .Laksbumamraagu punyav agabek endu Goraftra . mey a-Gauda 

S&sana (usual imprsoatory phrases) , 


At Chaftgaravalli (same hobli), on a stone near the anient. 
Vibbava-samvatsarada Vais&kha-su 10 lu Goradra kate vodadu khilavagi yira- 
l&gi E^a-Krisbnapa-Nayaka-ayanavara komara Venkat&dri-N&yaka-ayanavaru 
jirnndddharav agi katteyanu kattisidaru 


At Kirale (same hobli), on a stone near the kodige-gadde. 

Srtmatu Uday&dityanu Karaleya sri... rage Rama-DSva &tanu Pilapanu 

a-chandrarkka-8tha[yiy] agi kotta kodige gade kamba 45 


At MalUdlvarapura (same hobli), on a rock north-west of a pond. 
Srimatu-Vikrama-samvatsarada Chayitra-sudha 5 lu Santa-Mallikarjuna-devara 
abhishSkake ya Malliya-Devaru kattisida kolakke mangalam aha sri sri sri 


At Mnkknndftr (same hobli), on a stone in Huchchi-K&la's field. 

... . ndagiri-nlttha srimat-Permmadi. .-arasar adhyaksba ra-var§svara 

.... padu Satyavakya rajadhiraja Kol&lla sa Rama .... Satya 

vakya- . . .ga Satyav&kya Permmanadi 

roman alido pancha-mah^-pata . . . . ppudu idan a. 

sarggastba ndradityar ulli na salvudu 


At Gorfir (same hobli), on a stone in the enclosure of the Paravisudeva temple. 
Svasti sri iayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-yarisha 1497 sanda varttamana-Yuva- 
samvatsarada Kartika-ba 5 lu srimanu-maba-Era-Krisbnapa-Nayaka-ayana sri- 

Digitized by 


Hassan Tahq. 95 

Venkatadri-Nayaka-ayanayaru Belftra-Krishnapa-Nayakanavarige punyav &ga- 
beku endu Gora&ra Vasudevaru 1 Narasimha-devaru 1 Kailasa-devaru 1 Chi- 
kkayanavaru 1 Varadayanavaru 1 Apparayanavaru 1 yi-dgv&daya-brahmdda- 
yakke jivige biradavanu bittevu yidakke avavan oba ase-midid untadare tamma 
tande-tayanu Varanasiyali kouda p&pakke hohanu tamma guruvanu Varanasiyali 
vancbisida papakke hobanu Kumbipakakke hdhanu tamma t&yige tapidavaou 
kaniieya basurali bahanu yidakke saksbi V&sud&varu Nftrasinga-dfivaru 


On a stone south of the inner doorway of the same temple. 
Svasti Sri Plavanga-samvatsarada M§gba-Suddha 3 §u | sriinad-anadi-agraharam 
Goraura Akkalayakkana magalu Tangapennakkanu sri-Vasudevara dev&lyadalu 
ondu ba...madi obbal-akkiy a prasadavanu dinam-prati a-chandrarkka-st&yiy 
agi nadasuva[l] allade a-devara kshetra otte yiddud agi bidisidal agi yinnu vatte 
yidisa sala^ yi-mariyadeyalu nambiyaru nadasuvaru yi-dharmmavanu mahfc- 
janarigalu sa. . . .vu pratipalisuvaru sri 


On a stone north of the same doorway. 
. . Taftgapennakkanu sri-Vasudevara sankha-chakrada kalu nattu kshetrangalanu 
hinde nambiyaru otte yittar agi a-kshetrangalige honna kottu bidisidal agi yi- 
dina-vSxadindam mele. .nambiyaru a-kshStrangalan ottey ittaradade raja-drohi 
sameya-drdhi hadinentu-sameyaktl boragu a-kshetragalannu votteya hididavart 
raja-drohi-sameya-drohigalu hadinentu-sameyaktl horagu a-nambiyaru devara 

sri-karyyavanu nadasi ba galige dinam-prati obbala-akkiya prasadavanu 

bali nadeya koduta bahanu i-dharmmavanu avanan obbanu davanu Gangeya 

tadiyalu kavileyam brahmanaram. . . .doshadalu hoharu yi-dbarmmava 

Vaisbnavarti a§fisha-maha-jananga. . . pratipalisuvaru 


At the same village, on a pillar south of the inner doorway 
of the KaittsMvara temple. 
Svasti samatsa-praiasti-sahitam srimanu mah&-mandald§varam Tribhuvana- 
malla TalakMu-Banavase-H&nungalu-gonda pratapa-Hoysala vira-N4raeimha- 
DSvaru sukha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyam geyutt iralu Suligey* VijaySr 
ditya-heggadegalu Byaya-samvatsarada-Phalguna-Suddha 10 Brihavarad andu 
Satarudriyapurav appa Goravtiralli Trikfcta-linga-pratishtheya m&didalli tamma 
utsaha-priya-pftrvvakam atipritiyim tamma Mavinakejeyaih hadinaidu-gadyana- 
honnaxh pada-pdjey agi kon(Ju VijayHdityapurakke dbara-pfcrvvakaiii ma^i 

Digitized, by 


96 Ecmcm Tcduq. 

saryra-namas-Siyayav agi kottaru i-dharmmayan . . . ragi alidade Gangeya tadiya 
kayileyam brahmananam konda ddsba[kke] bdbaru i-dharmmava maha-janangalu 
pratipAlisuvaru mangalain ah& sri sri sri 


On the base of the enter wall of the same temple. 
(lMttU*) Syasti iri Byaya-samvatsarada Phalguna-su 10 Bra | Satigeya-Vijaya- 
nnanu Trikftta-linga-pratishte m&didali Goraux-asesha-maba-janangalu tamma 
M&yinakege . . . utsaha-pflrvvakadi hadinaidu-honna p&da-p&jey agi kondu saryya- 
namas-Siv&yav &gi kottaru i-dharmmavan aradaru vobban alidade Gangeya 
tadiyali br&hmananum ka(oorth ti4a)yileyanum kond aisu papa i-dbarmmavanu 
mahtUjanangalu pratipilisuvaru u 


At Banavase (same hobli), on a stone in Nila's wet land, below 
the tank bund. 
Syasti Sri samasta-prasasti-sahitam srimanu pratapa-chakravartti sri-Vira- 
Ballala-Devaru prithvi-ntjyam geyidalli Saka-varusba 1237 Ananda-samvatsa- 
rada Cbayitra-su 5 ya dina srimanu maba-pradh&nam Ankeya-dannaykara 
aliya Malleya-dann&ykarige Srimad-anadiy-agrahara GorCtra vrittimantarolage 
Prayagi-Malaiyandi-D^va atana tamma Nallavanna Allala-Bhattaya[na] maga 
Kaliyanna Yajnapurusha-DSya maga . . . atana tamma Ningannan olagadavaru 
Banay&siya mddana tamma Balligattadalu tamag ulla gadde-beddalinge tatu- 

kftldchita-krayava kottu akkarav agi naku-kadeyalft toranava netta hari- 

gula h&ki. . . .kejreyim tenka katteyim paduva Balligattadim md[da] yint i- 
chatus-simeyanu a-bra[hma]naru Machaya-dannayakara makkalinge saluvant 
agi dhareyan eradu kottaru marina krayada honnum haga uliyade sandudu yi- 
§asana Goravdra senabova-Madannanavara makkalu Nilakantha-Devara baraha 
£ri-*Ke§ayaya mangalam aba sri sri sri 


At Awirahalji (same hobli), on a stone in Tammadi Nanjaiya's 
field, below the tank bund. 
Syasti samasta-bhuvan&Srayam §ri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhiraja paramS- 
iyara Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvvajna-chudamani maleraja-raja malepa- 
rolu ganda ganda-bherunda ekanga-vira kadana-pracbanda Sanivara-siddhi 
giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama parebha-kantbirava Magara-rajya-nirmmft- 
lana Cbdlu-rajya-Pandya-pratishthacharya nissanka-pratapa Hosala bbuja-bala 
srl-Vira-BallaJa-Dev-arasaru Dorasamudradalu pritvi-rajyamgSyutt iddalli Saka- 
yarusha 1237 ya Ananda-samvatsarada JySshtha-sudda-panchami-Somav&rad 

* This word it ia Grantha obaraotar. 

Digitized by 


Hassan Taluq. 97 

andu sriman-maha-pradhanam Ankeya-dannayakaraaliya Machaya-dannayakaru 
srfmad-anadiy-agraharam Chennakesavapurav &da GoravHra kaluvali Davara- 
halliyim badagana hallakke a-halliya vrittiya mahajanangalige kere-nivesanakke 
tat-kalocbita-krayava kottu marakondu a-Machaya-dannayakaru tamina ave 
M&yakkanavara hesaralu mftyu-naku-savira-honnan ikki kejeya kattisidalli a- 
vrittimanta-mabajanaDgalu asesha-mahajanangalu tammolag oflambattu a- 
kejeya kelage kege-godagey agi firGoravtira ndra-nalvattu-vritti ya mahajananga- 
lu tamma sva-ruchiyind odambattu alii alia d§va-danavanu uliye alii ulla gadde- 
beddalinge naku-kadeyalu torana-galla naftu a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi a-Mache- 
dannaykara makkalu-makkalige saluvant figi huttumett agi sarvvamanyav agi 
a-kodagege ava teyavu yill endu barasi kotta kodageya dbarmmava kedisi nena- 
davaru tamma tayi-tandeya narakakke yikkidavaru Gangeya tadiyalu kavileyam 
brahmananam konda doshadalli boharu yi-dharmmava mahajanangalu prati- 
palisuvudu yi-Sasanavan a-Goravdra mabajanafigala appaneyim bareda seuabova- 
Madannanavara makkalu Nilakantba-Devara baraha yi-keje-kelasava avveyara 
M&cheya-dann&ykara appaneyim madsida avara manisa Hasana Mada vdra 
voppa maiigalam aba srf sri Sri (in Grantha characters) sri-Kfisaviya 


At Uduvare (same hobli), on a pillar south-east of the RimalingWvara temple. 

Nama8 tunga-siraS-cbumbi-cbandra-chamara-charave | 

traildkya-nagarSxambha-mftla-stambhaya Sambhavfi || 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam Sri-prithvl-vallabham mabar&j&dhiraja raja- 
paramSSvaram parama-bbattarakam Yadava-kula-tilaka sri-Hoyishana-Vira- 
Baliala-D^va sukha-sankatba-vinodadim rajyam madutt iralu Damm&baliya 
Madiyanna fclikeyalu Uduvayeya Bacheya-Nayakana devantari Medajayoge 
kambba kotta 


On a pillar north-east of the same temple. 
Srfmad-r&j&dhiraja rfija-paramesvara Sri-yira-pratapa-Deva-Raya-mab&r&yara 

kuva. . . Bramanna-Nay akaru Uduvareyan Uuvalli Parigeballi biriya. . . 

.... mttyu maduveya hanavannu kotteu yi-dammavann alidavanu tanna kula- 
kdtiya narakakke yilibidavanu tl 


At the same village, on a broken stone near the village entrance. 

pftrita vamsada Dorayya rulli kaypa Kongoni- 

varmma dharmma Kuvalaia-pura-va. giri-natha srtman 



Digitized by 


98 Betur Tdluq. 



* In IMltlru, on a stone south-east of the Riminujichirya shrine 
in the enclosure of the Chenna-KSsava temple. 
Subham astu 

namas tunga-Sira5-chumbi-chandra-ch4mara-ch4rav8 | 

trail6kya-nagararambha-mtila-stambh&ya Sambbavd || 

aruna-sarasija-§ri-s6darair aty-ud&rair 

akhila-bhuvana-raksh&-dikshitair drisbti-p&taih | 


kamnayati sad& vah Kesava h 

svasti Sri jay&bhyudaya^&liv&hana-Saka-varushangalu 1501 sandu vartam&na- 
Bahudh&nya-samyatsarada Sr&vana-ba 8 Sthirav&radalu Sriman-mah&raj&dhi- 
r&ja r&ja-param85vara Sri-vira-pratapa-Sriranga-Raya-maharayaru pritbyt-sthira- 
rajyam gait irppali §rlman-mah&-sth&naiii Srtmad-dakshina-V&ran&siy ada Srimad- 
£l&purada Sri-Chennigar&yara sri-p&da-sfivakar &da Ram&nuj&charyyara nitya- 
padi - Dhanur - m&sa - tirunakshat ra - sariivatsara - tirunakshatragalige K&Sy apa- 

gStrada Apastamba-stltrada Yaju5-§&kheya. .nihalliya Mala-R&jana yana- 

Rajanu samarpisida grama h V§nkatadri-N4yaka-ayyanavarige dharm- 

may &gabek endu tamma tande-tayigalige punyav agabSk endu tamma vodeya . . 
. . . .Rajagalige sukritar &gabek endu kotta dharmma-s&sanada kramam 

entendare | Sriranga-Riyara Yarra-Krishnapa-Nayakara Venkatadri-Naya- 

karu tamage vumbaliy &gi palisida Kesagoda-nadige saluva Koduganaballiya 
gramakke pratin&madheyay ada R4m&nujapurada chatus-simeya vivara Koga- 
kolake paduvalu Mahalake badagalu Kunikupanahallige mtidaiu Banahahallige 
tenkalu yi-chatus-simey olag ulla nidhi-nikshepa-jala-pashana-akshini-agflmi- 
siddha-sadhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-samyavanu Ramanujacharyara sri- 
p&dakke samarppisida-gramada huttuvali ga 31 varaha ish take (io lines following 

contain details of the gift) yi-prakarada seve Ram&nuj&charyara Sri-padakke 

samarpisida dharmma (usual anal phrases and verses) stb&na-manya-mariyade maiiga- 
lam ah& 5rl Sri Sri Sri sri 

v&cb& dattam man6-dattam dhara-dattam ding dine | 

shasbti-varsha-sahasr^ni vishthayam jayate krimih h 


On the left wall of the ma?tapa of the pnshkari^i in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Namas tasmai Varahaya i 

madhya-gatd yasya Meruh kanakana. . h 

Digitized by 


J - ■ ■ - - r^ 



Digitized by 


Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 99 

srimad-Ballala-bhttpo Yadu-kula-tilakh Kirtti-N&r&yanasya 

svachchbodam pushkarinyaih tulita-Prithu | 


jigye gitmbhiryya-dhairyye prakatayitum alam pushkaram Pusbkarakshah n 

Srimad-Ya m&nasa- | 

premam. . . .pempan aldud amarambhar-pftritam drin-mand- | 

ramam tan ene Vasudeva I 



. . .bhuvana-traya-sthiti-ntitam Ballfila-DSv&vani- 

sa-manat-pritikaram i 


sri-Va8udeva-vesara sa- | r6?aram eseda Vijaya-Narayana-di- | 

vyavasada raund akhila-ma- | hi-vibhu II 

vittavol men I 

mi le-nirem bara ambu-sampd | 

rnnaman Srkalp&ntam I 

chisidam vira-Ballala-Devam || 

kasda || avar ivar alave pel Ya- I dava-kula-bhupala-bhala-tilakam sri-Vai- | 
shnava i lu jaya-stambbamam niliguvar akke « 


On three stones to the south of the same pnshkari^i 

(I) Srimat-trailokya-pftjyaya sarvva-karmma-su-saksbine | 
pbaladaya namo nityam KSSav&ya Siv&ya cha 11 
gtat-sur&snradhtfia-mauli-m&16pal&litaxh | 
srimad.Velapuradhisa-Ke8ave§a8ya sasanam n 
Jambddvipe par&rddhe sakala-guna-ganair Bbharate varsha-khande 
dhamany aty-tijvalani trida§a-muni-ganair architany atra santi | 
dgy&n&ih punya-rdpany api satam uchitam nama tesbam athait&n 
vakshyfi k&m5chid yatharbaih sakrid idam akhi}am samsru^udbvam cba 

chitram || 
yam Saiv&s samupasate Siva iti Brahmeti vedintino 
Bauddhi Buddha iti pramana-patavah kartteti naiyayikat | 
Arhai chSti ba Jaina-Sasana-matih karmmfiti mimamsakah 
867am v6 vidadhatu v^nchhita-phalam sr!-Kesav6sa8 sada 11 
807am p&ySd. apayad apabasita-sarojata-netrantara-srir 
akalpam kalpa-vriksh&n iva vipula-kripa-sara-dharadharo yah | 
Laksbmi-vakshoja-sailopari kapi§a-patt-vidynd-udy6tamanah 
sri-Vela-grama-dhama nija-pati-bhavanabbavitam KSSav6 vab 11 

Digitized by 


100 Belur Taluq. 

aruna-sarasija-Srl-sddarair aty-ud&rair 
akhila-bhuvana-rakshfirdikshitair drishti-pataih | 
karunayati kadi nah KSsavesah kripeSah 11 

sarvyotkrishtS samagrair vvividha-guna-ganais satya-siraika-ramye 
prakhyate Hoysan&khye mabati janapatfir dhamni Vela-nagaryyam | 
atanvan Vishnu-DSya-kshitipati-vibhavan yisva-rakshiUvidh&yi 
ydgam yogindra-gamyah kalayati knSalam Kesavd natha eshah h 
andh&n yyaktakshi-bandhan alaghu-parinavad-raja-mudran daridran 
pangttn janghana-inukhyan Amaraguru-sadrig-v&k-samftkamS cha mdkan | 
vandhyas santati-bandhur&S cha kalayan desanya-desagatan 
sarYYabhishta-phalena yojayati tkn Vela-puri-KeSavah h 
8am84r4rnava-garvva-yarana-kaia-veli hi Vel&-puri 
mftrttis tram prathamaiva mCtrttishu chatur-vvimSaty-upakhyasu cha | 
Vishn6 Narada-gita-vaibhava Hare devadhidevottama 
klesa-dhvamsana saumya Kesava maha-Lakshmi-pate patu mam II 
srimad-y§d&nta-v§dyad avachana-vishayat sach-chid-&nanda-tatvad 
avirbbhavam prapanne tri-bhuvana-bhavane ( nadi-m^ya-vichitre | 
asya sthityai samarthan nripa-kula-tilakan nirmame Padmaydnih 
kale prapt§ Kalau tat-kalusha-parihritau Safigamas sanvay6 4 bhut h 
kfttastho 'bhijanasya Sangama-nripas sri-§arad&-Sangamaj 
jatah pancha-sura-druma iva sutas tatradhamo Haryapah I 
tasyai. .tan eva Bukka-nripatir visvambhard-Gopatis 
tasm&d esha yivarddhatS Hariharas s&mr&jya-lakshmi-yarah \\ 
aryamnas tanujo jan&ya mahatS j&mbCtnada-sparSane 
kshoni-dana-vidhav asamsayam asau sri-Renuka-nandanah | 
ishta-pilrta-parampara-virachane nanyd'sti yasyopama 
807am punya-mahipatir Hariharas Sri man samujjrimbhate h 
sriman-maharajadhiraja rkja-param§svara raja-kula-tilaka-chudamani \ pttrva- 
paSchima-dakshinSttara-samudraika-nayaka Hindu-raya-suratrana bhasha- 
tilanghi-rajanya-bhujanga sri-yira-vijaya-Harihara-mah&rfiyaru Srimat-Pampa- 
parisar&bhinava-maha-rajadhaniy aha Vijayanagarada nelevidinolu anavarata- 
punyaika-rasila-sukha-sankatha-vinodadim samrajyam geyvuttam irddalli | 
tach-charanaravinda-makarandaika-parayana sakala-raja-vijaya-lakshmi-sama- 
karshana siddha-mantra-prabhavar appa §ri-vijaya-Gunda-dandaaathana prata- 
pam entendare 11 
yadvad Dasarathasyabhdt Sumantras sachivo mahan 1 
tadvadd Hariharasya sri-Gunda-dandadhinayakah 11 
jyala-maia-patangayita-Yavana-Turushkandhra-satru-kshitisah | 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taktq. 101 

so'yam buddhi-prabhava-pragunita-nija-t^jolasan-mantra-saktir 
mantri-sreshthagraganyd jagati vijayate Gunda-dandadhinathah n 
Stasmin samare vijitya nripatin pratyarthinas tad-vadhilli 
karppariyena vimuchya tan bhuvam imam dharmmena samS&sati | 
tasyajna-karanSshu mantri-gurushu Sr!-Gunda-dand4dhipat 
pradhanyena vijrimbhate nripa-krit&v fikafc prat&pdjvalah || 
Ango vyangah Ealingo vikaja-matir asau Gdrjjaras sa-jvard^bhdt 
PanchaJah panchabh^vam dadhati babu-balas Saindhavas sindhu-pati | 
Andhrdpy andhah prabaddhai chatula^bhata-vatu-kshipta-nfiaira-paSais 
Cholah kojatvam apa smarati rana-rasam Gunda-da$dadbin&tbe || 
Angas sangara-bhangito rana-maba-rangam Kalingo jah&v 
Andbrab parvata-randhragas samajabad fcrjja-svaram Gdrjjarah | 
konam Eonkana-Eautaka jagur agacb Ch616pi sailantaram 
srimad-Gunda-chamfrpatau sakala-senapatya-samsthe sati || 
svasti srlmad-asesba-mantri-vara-vikhyatatisaury^tigam- 
bhiryyaudaryya-8u-dhairyya-viryya-vijaya-sri-kirtti-nity6dayat | 
punyodarkka-charitrako'sta-duritas sri-Gunda-dandadhipati || 
*yat-praty6gha-vidarit&ri-dharini.p&lavat&r6(tha) hritah 
stri-ratna-chcbhala-vairi-vtra-vijaya-sri-kautukochchhahitam | 
srimad-vira-Harindra-rajam aniSaih kurvvana varryottama- 
pray6Dika-ganadhin&tha-vijaya-sri-Gunda-dandadhipfi || 
dhtita-8ph!ta-dig-antard.vrita-raj6 rajan nabhd-mandale | 
pratyarttbi-k8hitipala-8am8tba-yijaya-srl-kautukam Gunda-dan- 
dadhtiasya vidbatum antarita-vastrakaram ujjrimbbate h 
aggre yad-ganani pravira-parishad-goshthlshu kashth^m gata 
prakhyatih prati-janyam ftrjjita-jaya-sri-p&nipidi-vidhit | 
yat t€ Gun^apa-dandanatha nibido bbavas sada Tryambake 
sarvyaih chaitad udara-Haribara-nripa-sri-pada-padma-prabba n 
(II) Ramasyeva ea Marutir Harihara-kshonipater agranir 
bhrity& Gusdapa-dandan&tha-subhatd Lank&m iva^ skandayan | 
jitvi E§rala-Taulav-Andhra-Eutakan aniya tebhyas Sriyaih 
rajne eampradadati mantri-nripayos tat samarasyam param li 
vedandan iva Saipa-Patbeya-mukhan mattams Turushk&n ranfi 
kgseshv eva nigrihya v&ji-bhavane Sakhamrigfit k&rit&h | 
anyau jy6shtha-kani8htha-sanjfiaka-maha-byaghrau grihltau gale 
srimad-Gundapa-dandanatba bhavate tishtbeta kas sparddhaya h 
sant&p&khyam irammadam jvalayati svanteshv abankarinam 
8andram varshati vairi-vrinda-madiram yat-kbadga-k^lambude l 
dbatte sadhu-kadambam utsava-dasam ktrttim navam kfttakf- 
saurabhyam bhajatS disasu vijaya-srl-Gunda-dandadhipah h 

* Bo in the original. 

Digitized by 


102 Belwt Taluq. 

dhura-dhiram Gunda-dandidhipane nija-ya3ah-k&nte bh4-bb4gadol mat- I 
saradindam §ri-vadhil-sangavan ulid olavindam disk-chakradol di- \ 
- varisal kAnteyam Bharati jagada kavi-brata-jihvaliyol talt | 
im nin end oldu santaisalu nata-vidhadim nrityav aduttav irppal h 
ripu-bhfrbhrid-vajra . . . cbita-bala-gbana-ddrdanda-chand&zhsu-teja- I 
yyapa. . . .kajina-vasana-pad&bj&li tad-bhritya-kalp&n- | 
ghripan udyad-dhairyya-yira-pratati-parivritam mantri-vamsabdhi4&r^- | 
dbipati sri-Gunda-dand^dhipatig eney ad &r mmatta bott ittal ante li 
bharadindam raudra-sangramadol ahitara bembatti poyyalke birddar | 
tturagam rautar ggajam jddaru bahala-padati-prat&nam dhar&dbl- I 
Svarar ondd t&nadol m&rige manad-olavind itt agal tanad imb ant I 
arare sri-Gunda-dandadhipana bahala-baha-balakk ampan avam 11 
dhuradol Gundap-am&tyam I naramedhava m&dad ulapan end enal &-bhi- I 
taru maranan ejri hdvina | taruvM taruvai enuttam irddar ad end 11 
int t-yijaya-Gunda-dandan&thanu h Anga-Vanga-Ealinga-Eath^ra-K&mbboja- 
Simhvana - Tuluva - Magadba - M&lava - Kerala - Oddiy a - Jina - Jdnega - Arimana - 
Konkana | ChSra | Chola | P&ndya | Vidarbbha | Saur&shtra | Earn | Maru | 
PaScba | Panchala ) M&gaviya | Telunga | Parasika | Pariyatra | Kollahana ( 
K&smira | Barbbara | Bhotta I Mahabhotta | Eaka | Maka | fekapada | Ghoda- 
mukhav | endu helalupaduttam viddantha | r^shtrantaragalalli I prasasti- 
laDchhana-s^takumbhMankrita-jaya^tambha-sthapaneyanu madidaritbasri-vira- 
Gunda-dandan&thanu | sriman-maharajadhiraja raj^-paramesvara | sri-vira- 
Harihara-maharayara nirftpadindalu | svasti srf-Hoyisana-r&shtridhipati sriman- 
maha-Vishnuvarddhana-mahar^jadhiraja-kuladhidevatey aha abhinava-kshoni- 
Vaikunthav enisidda sri-Velapuradalli parama-saumanasyadinda | nikhila- 
bhajaka-janangalige chatur-vidha-purusharthavanu sa-karunyadinda prasadisuta 
Mahalakshmi-nija-nilayav aba pras&da-madhyadalli mdrttimatt agi prakllsisu- 
ttam iddantha | §ri-Chenna-K$savanatha-devarige Hoyisana-d§s&dhipatiy aha 
Sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-Deva-Rayaru | kalpisidantha | afiga-ranga-bhoga- 
modalaguttam iddantha sri-k&ryak kalantaradinda sankdchav ftgiddadanu jirno- 
ddbaravam madi | a-Bitti-Deva-R&yaru pftrvadal a-kalpisidantha devara veda- 
parayana | pancbakesvara | sri-Pancharatra-sastra-mantra-siddhanta-margga- 
sakala-bboga | nityarchana | mantrasana | snanasana | alankarasana | yatra- 
sana | bhdjyasana | sayya'sana | aupacharika I s&msparsaka | hridayangama | 
chatusb-shashty-upachara | shat-kalarchane | nitya-homa | nityotsava | paksho- 
tsava | masotsava | samvatsarotsava | payitr6tsava 1 srapa | sayandtth&na | 
jayanty-utsava | Rama-Krishna-jalmotsava [ davana | kamala | kalharotsava | 
vasantotsava | dolaropana | dipotsava | Margasirushotsava | Maghotsava | bha- 
ktotsava | navara,tna-snapana | nava-vastrabharana | visesha-samaradhana | 
sakala-pala-vastu-daruaana ! ma. .ta-darusana | madhu-pftrana | bija-pflrana | 
chaturanga-bal^rchana | darpana | pusbpa-malavalokana l nritya-gita-vinoda- 

Digitized by 


Belur Tatoq. . 103 

sthbana-mantapa | dhanya-parvata i ko§a-praveSana I Vishuv-ayana i sankrama- 
snapana | nirajana | nitya-naimittika-praya§chitta | santi-boma | samasta-pari- 
vararchchanadigal aha | samasta-utsava sarva-viniySgangald a~chandrarkka- 
stbayiy agi nadnvahange kattaleyantt madi Kallubarageya Turuka Ganga-Sala- 
rann bandu mupdu sudisidantha bagiluvadada gdpuravanu elu-neley agi madisi n 

idam vijayatfi puro bhavana-bhtkshanaxh Sarninas 

Sumeru-Hima-sanuman-Maleya-Mandara-prakriyam | 

trivishtapa-pad6nnamat-Sikhara-ch&ru sidd4ngan4- 

padambuja-pariskhalatJcanaka-nttpuram gdpuram n 
(III) Meros Sringam uttodhak&ri-bbaYanam Pr&leya-prithvfdhritah 

kdtarh kim Muravairi-nirmmita-maha-D7aravatt-g6puram | 

kim va kim Maya-silpa-sara-sahitam Pandddbhavanam sabha- 

dvaram Gunda-chamdpa-nirmita-maha-sbatkam samnjrimbbate h 


khyataneka-jagan-nidhana-mahaniya5esha-va8tu-8riyaTQ | 

sararh gopura-nishtha-sapta-bhuvana-vyajSna shatk6 mah&n 

Skibhfttam ivavabhati eatatam Sri-Gunda-dandadbipah 11 
i-maryyadeyalu gdpuravanu madisi | 

Sake varsba-gane pancba-daSa Isvara-vatsarS i 

Sravanasya tritiyasyaih §uklayam abhijid-ravau |i 

saumya-Kfesava-nathasya g6purfcgr§ hiranmayi i 

sth&pitfi, kalast Gunda-dandanathfena S&Svati || 

saudhagram ujvalad-andnardivakarabh6 

balatapa-pratima-kantir aharnisam yah | 


On a stone to the left of the bali-matfapa of the same temple. 

Subham astu 

namas tunga-fiiraS-chumbi-chandra-ch&mara-cb&ravS I 

trailokya-nagararambha-mdla-stambhaya Sambhave || 
srasti Sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-Jaka-varusha sa 1470 sanda varttamana- 
Kllaka-samvatsarada iiadha-ba 11 Sdmavaradalu | sriman-mabarajadhiraja 
raja-param&Svara Sri-vira-pratapa Sri-vira-Sadaiiva-Deva-maharayaru Hampe- 
HaatiDavati-nelevidinalu prithvi-rajyam gaiuttam iralu §rlman-maharajadbi- 
raja raja-kuladhidevatey aba abhinava-ksboni-Vaikunthav enisida tri-16ka- 
maba-8thanam srimad-dakehina-Varanasiy ada Velapurada 5rt-Chenna-K65ava- 
n&tha-dSvarige Hadapada Bayyapa-Nayakara xnakkaju Krishnapa-N&yakara 
kaiyalu Hiriya-SiAgapa-Nayakara makaju Chika-Singapa-Nayakaru isikondu 
kofta dharma-Sasanada krama? ent endare 8ri-0hanna-K6Savan4tha-dSTara 

Digitized by 


104 Belur Taluq. 

Sivaritriya rathfitsavada Saluy agi kotta Hasanada-sime sthalake saluva Chikka- 
Gaddubaliya grama 1 adara kaluvali Govindanahaliya grama 1 ubhayam 
grama 2kke saluva chatus-simey olag ulla gadde beddalu sakala-suvarnnad&ya- 
sakala - bhattaday a-nidhi - nikshepa - jala - pashana - akshini - ag&mi - siddha • sadhy- 
angal emba ashta-bhdga-tejas-sv&myavanft sa-hiranyddaka-d&na-dhara-pfrrvakav 
&gi kotta Chikka-Gaddubaliya dharma-sasanake Subham astu (<w**i final ?•»•) Sri 


On a second stone at the same place. 
Subham astu svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-3alivahana-5aka-varuSa 1477 neya 
yarttam&na-Rakshaaa-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 5 lu sriman-maharajadhi- 
raja raja-param§Svara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-SadaSiva-maharayaru Vidya- 
nagaradalu ratna-simhasanarCtdhan agi prithvi-rajyam gaiut iralu Belftra sri- 
Chennigarayana sth&nadali samasta-balarigd panchaladavarigd matugalu bara. 
. . . Rama-Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyana sammukhadali pftrradali panchaladavara 
jati-dharmadali nadava-mariyadeyali Rama-Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyana mund 

ittu nirnaya m&didu panchaladavarige Beldralu tenkana vidi rige iralu 

rindam paduvalu tenkana kote mudalu badagalu. . . .gadiga tenkalu. 

. .chatur-bhtimigala kallanu h&kisi kottu nimma panchaladavaru keri- 

manegalanu jati-dharmake saluva vadave nangalanu nimma keriyolage 

madikondu Vidyanagaradali taru tiru-nalalu panchaladavarige saluva 

svamya-sthanangalanu Chennigarayana sthanadalu anubbavisisi vedanti 

Ramarajayapa embhattu-entu mandi Srivaishnava-mahajanangalu Rama- 
Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyanavara karyake kartara ada Banad-arasayyanu 
Ramapayyanavara karyake kartar ada-senaba-Settiyaru navu ishtu mandiyu 
Rama-Rajayya Tirumala-Rajayyanavara nirilpa-prakaradalu panchaladavarige 
kotta Sila-Sasana (unai final rerse) yi-panchaladavarige kotta sila-shasana tappi- 
davaru Chennigarayana padakke tappidavaru Sri 


On a third stone at the same place. 
Seti-patana-8vamigalu Belttra-sthanadavarfl Beldra-sime ayivatta-aru-desada 
asagara jatige hakida Sasana nimma jatiyara teratl kanne-vennige varaha 
ganda-sattavalige nalku-varaha ftru. . . .danav ilia bhangarake mdru iluhu 
katudu ga 7 viSSSav age. . . .seti-patana-samigalige jatige hojagu 


On the garuda-kambha in the same temple. 
Svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-Saiivahana-Saka-varusha 1488 sandu vartamana-Kshaya- 
samvatsarada Bhadrapada-Suddha 12 Mangalavaradalu sri-Garuda-dSvara 
kdvila kaftisiddu Eja-Krishnapa-Naykara Venkatadri-Nayakara seve Sri Sri Sri 

Digitized by 


Bdur Tdtuq. 105 


On the bali-pitha in the bali-man{apa of the same temple. 

(East tide) 

Svasti Sri vijay&bhyudaya^&Hvaliana-Saka-yarsha 1618 neya Dhfttu-samvataarada 

Jy6shtha-5u 5 la 

Srimach-Chenniga-R&ya-nandananii tan Appanna-pautram varaih I 
Srimat-KeSava-B&yan emba-pesaram Sri-Ke§avaradhakam | 
8rtman-manju}a-Dh&tu-vatBara-la8aj-Jy6shthakhya-m&8&mala- l 
Srfmat-pakshada pancbami-divasadol Glau-v&ra-Pushyarkshadol H 
8rimat-8aundara-Pa5charatra-Tidbiyim nirmanamam m&disi I 
Srimantaxh bali-pithamaxh pramudadim viprarggajaih m6disi | 
irimat-saumyatara-pratishtheyanu tarn santftshadim mkdidam | 

(North tide) 

Srfmat-K&avan exhbinaxh kramava tarn ni ldam dbrivam h 


On a stone near the fresh-water well in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Srtmat-parama-gaihbhirar8yad-v4dam8gharlfi-nchhanaih | 

jiyat trailSkya-nfcthasya S&sanam Jina-S&sanaih y 

Srimad-viSuddha-pfcd&ya Sant&y4mal*-m<lrttay8 ] 

8y&d-v&d*-satya-v4ky&ya Jinfindr&ya namfi namfth n 

jayatu jayatu SaSvat S&sanam Jainam Stat * 

sa-pbaJa-ripula-dbarmma-sri-lat^baddha-mtilarQ | 

sudridham iha dharitry&ih y&vad foh& dharitrf 

vasati vasatir nchcbair Arhatas 8th&aarlak8h[m]y&fr H 
namfi Arhant&naih | 

Srlmad-Y4dava-vamSa-j4ta-Vinayidity6dbhavaih rfijya-la- ( 

ksbmi-mukbyam prabala-prat&pan Eyegangam tan-nripang a-chyuta- I 

prfimang fichala-Dfivig iSan-enisiypang &tmajaih vikram6- | 

dd&maih Viabnu-nripalan uj?ala-ya5ai-8rt-161an aty-uttamaxh || 
svasti Bamadhigata-pancba-mah&-§abda mab^-mandalesvaranum Dvaravati-pura- 
nuv apratihata-prat&pa-yidita-yijay&raihbhanam I V&santikiUdSvi-labdba-vara- 
prasadanum 1 5rIman-Mukanda-p&d&ravinda-vandana-vin6danuv akshunna-laksh- 

mMaksbita-vaksbah-pradesanum pratidin6pachtyam&na-prinya-pra 

cbakiU-mukba-bimbavalamba-8pati[ka]-p^da-pitha-vinya8ta-pada-tala . . svStftta- 
patra-sttalt P&ndya-gandasaila-nirbbb6dan6rkalardambh61iyuxii Tnlu- 

ra^a-kfiliyuxh ChakrakCLja- Adiyam&val8pa-16pa-nipuna- 

cb&panum Narasimba-bra kapfija-chashaka-. . t&pana-tushta-yfigini- 

mandraxyana rungoja-kunta-kadala-vana-vidajana giri* 


Digitized by 


106 Bek* Taktq. 

Pemm&la-kutktla-chftlana t&tmarsainyanuv &tmikrita-Ta}avana- 

poranuy angtkrita rikrita-Nila-parvvatanum | yftranum j 

nllanghita-Valiaranum ta-KMchi-puranum uddandita-pra. . . 



(rett illegible) 


On a pillar in the new kitchen of the same temple. 

(N&g art oharacUra) 

sa K&lid&sam dav& mayaS sri-Jagad-dgya-vira- 

prayir&n ajayad iha da yarfldhah n 


On a stone to the left of &ne-b&galn of the same temple. 

Stoanadalli baredanthfc sfivegalanu Belttru-embhatt-entu-mandi-Srfyaishnava- 
mahajanangalu k&la-k&ladalli mukhyay-igi nadavant&yarum ar-obaru yi-dhar- 
mayaou parampareyagi tappade nadasi-baharu yi-S&sanadalli baradantha, seve- 
gajanu nadasal ariyade &r-obaru tappidavara yayaj-janm&rjitay ada aukritavu 
yt-sdyeya m&dida Muttakadahalli-Lakhanna-N^yakarige bahudu yl-sevege tappi- 
davara 5rl-Chenna-Kesava-natha-deyarige tappidayaru | (o*u»i fin»i ▼•«••) 
Lakkha-k8honisa-kirttya vidhu-yidhu. . sairavata-s vachcba-milrty ^ 
j&td ch&ndrS karande bahu-yrisha-janushft Pundarikodbhav^nde | 
dugdh&bdhir Daitya-hantr^mala-Vibudha-dhuni Bradhna-jatdddhataughaih 
Srlkanthah kantha-k^ntya nibhrita iva janair lakshmana jniyatfi glauh h 
mangalam ah& Sri Sri 


On a pillar in the silu-mantapa, south of the ine-bAgilu. 
Sri Subham astu | 

namas tunga-Sirai-chumbi-chandra-chftmara-ch&rayS I 

traildkya-nagararambha-mdla-stambh&ya Sambhave h 
syaati Sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-yarusba 1502 sandu yartam&na- 
Vikrama-saihyatsarada Margasira-su 15 punya-tithiyallu Sriman-mah&rfij&dhi- 
raja raja -parames vara sri-yira-prat&pa-Srf-yira-Sriranga-DSya-mah&r&yaru 
prithvi-r&jyarii geyiutt iralu Belftra Chennigarayage Hadapa-P6tapa-N&yakara 
maga Era-Krishnapa-Nayakara kom&ra Veukat4dri-N4yakaru sy&miya yasantd- 
tsavada uy y ale-man tapa ankana 15 hadinaidanu sainarppisidevu h Sri 

Digitized by 


Bdwr Taluq. 107 


On both sides of the doorway of the ylga-iile of the same temple. 

(Left tide) Srasti sri jayfibhyudaya-Siliyaha . . . 1406 san rttam&na-Krddhi. . . 

tsarada prathama. . .ka-Su 10 k hi . . .gadah&la rasa- 
Nay aka. . .kalu Lakbanna makalu Sri-Chen pritiy&gi y&ga- 

sale galam aba.. . * . .Sri. .Sri (right tide) jagaxh praha 

bikay&m bhru sy&tithSs yas sad-bhakta 

natham bbadra 


On the dipa-stambha in the middle of the same temple. 
Sam8&r&rnnava^garvva-varana-kala-v£l& hi Velapur! 
mftrttis tvaih prathamaiva mftrttishu chatur-vimsaty-up&kby&su cha | 

N&rada-gita-vaibhava Hare devftdhideydttama 

klSSa-dhyamsana saumya-KSSava Maha-laksbrai-pat§ p&hi m&ih fl 
etat 8urasur^dhi§a-mauli-mal6palfi,litam | 
srimad-Velapuradbisa-KeSaySsasya Sasanam || 
subbam astu svasti sri jayabbyudaya 1337 neya Jaya-saxhyatsarada Sr&vana- 
ba 10 §u dandu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-parameSv8ra sri-vira-pratfcpa D6ra- 
Raya-mahar&yaru sukha-rfijyam geyiutt irppa-k&ladali srtman-mahft-pradh&na- 
Baiche-dan^&yakaru Sriman-mahi-sth&naxh dakshina-Varanllsiy ada Velapnrada 
sri-Chenna-K65aya-nitha-dSvara Krittiki-dipfitsayake dipti-stambha dol&r6h6- 
tsayakke m&disid uyyalum emb ivanu pratishtheya m&disidudakke Deya-R&ya- 
mab&r&yara Baicba-dannn&yakara ptlrvyanyaya-guna-kathanam entendade | 
irtmad-raj&dbirajam Harihara-dharanip&lakaih prttiyixh ais- | 
simaxh Sri-Baicha-dandesage nija-sacbivam kovidam putra-mitra- | 
stdmam bapp embinam sajjanaru pogalvinam dnrgga-bhand&ra-r&jya- | 
prSmam kai-sarvvinam mudrikeyan olayinim pattamam katti kottam || 
&-Haribara-nripan-anujam | mahivallabha-Bukka-nripanol and atisayadim | 
bdha bahu-raja-karyyam | maba-vibbavav ina. . .Baicha-dand&dhtiaih H 


On the fourth pillar of the east-gate of the Kappe-Channig aiiya temple 
in the* enolosure of the same temple. 

(Weet tide)* 
1 I 

da | de Yadava-kuladolu Hera pan e-vannipudft || 

tatu-kuladol ogedan Ude. | I 

I reyangaih n 

* Other tides are effaced and are shown by blanki here. 


Digitized by 


108 Belur Taktq. 

&tana tanayam vairi- | br^ta-mada-dnrada-sangha-eimham sara^i- | 

I n 

V&antik&-d$vi-labdha-vara-pras&dam nijarbhujddagra-khajga-chandra- 

chandri ri-kutkl}a-kuli8a-dandam | Narasinga-varmma-sammdhana- 

8amagra-sara-jfi,}am | mada-m&tangam | aneka-samara-samaya- 

sallabdha-vijaya-lanjik4-bhujangam | dhukaram | satya- 

ratunakaram | hiranyagarbbha-tulapurush^Uii-viyidhadhvara-eamaya 

. . .n enisidam Narasimbam u 

rrittam p Balabhadram bhujadol prat&pad ede. . . | 



mandalSSyaram | Dv&ravatt-pura-var&dhiSyaram prati-dina-pravard- 

.dham&n&nfi. t&p&nalddd&ma-dhttmam | sakala-kshatra-lila- 

lal&maxh | §aran&ga mandalika-saila- 

nirggh&tam I Karn&ti-kanat-kanaka-kSyfiraiii | 

r&yanam | Y&dava-N&rayanam | Sasi-visada-yasas-sudha-va 

gavadi-tombhatt-aru-8asiramumam dushta- 

nigraha-Sishta-pratip&lana sida-paregam takkante 

Hoysala-r&jyakke virddhigal 4gidda mandali Bdkima- 

yyangam Sriman-maha-mandalesvaram N&rasimha-Deva 

tendade hiriya-heggade Balluy-ayyangam | hiriya-badayala 

nitumam Srf-Vijaya-N&riya^arKeaaya-dSyara Sri-Yishjiv- 

ISyara-dSyara yi dada pes&yitatanadal 

&dadam bedidade kudal &gada I mattay t-r&jyakke sva 

. . . .gar app aneka-kdti-br&hmargg aneka-koti-kavileya kodum kolaguinam. . . 

nta-brahmaruman ananta-tapodhanaruman ananta-kavile- 

yumam mattam lokadal alia 


At the same temple, on the right wall inside the western entrance. 
Srlmat-trailokya-pfljyaya sarvva-karmma-su-sakshine | 
phalad&ya namd nityam Kesav&ya Siy&ya cha II 
SrtSddarimbuja-bhayid udito ( trir Atri- 
j&tfindu-putra-Budha-putra-Purtirayastah | 
Ayus tatas cha Nahusho Nabushad Tayatis 
tasmad Yadur yYadu-kule babavo babhdvub || 
khy&teshu tesbu nripatih kathitat kad&chit 
ka$-chid vane muni-varena Salah karalam j 
S&rddfdakam prajahi Poysaja ity atd *bhiit 
tasy&bbidba muni-yacbopi cbamdru-lakshma h 

Digitized by 


Behir Taluq. 109 

tato Dv&ravati-n&th&t Poysala dylpi-l&nchchban&V I 
j&t&g SaSapurt tSshu Vinayfiditya-bhftpatifc ii 
mandal&gra-8amutpanna-tgjas& dvid-bal&bdhayah | 

fikrishya jlvana idsham §6shit& bhtm it 

pritizh. sa 8va-karena visva-bbuvanasydtpadayams cbandravat 
bhitim vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas samp&dayan Dbarmmavat f 
sphithh 8&dbu-jan§ nij&vataran&d firftpayan Krishpavach 
cbakrS suklataram varft nija-yaiai-chakr&na cbakram bhuvab || 
sa srt-vriddhikaraih karaxfa jana-hitam kritr& dhar&m p&layan 
Sveta-chcbhatra-sabasra-patra-kamalS laksbmim chiram visayan I 
d6r-ddand& ripu-khandanaika-chaturft yira-Sriyaih ni^ayan 
cbikshepakbila-dikshu siksbita-ripus tejah praSastddayab II 
Konkanigar ivana kbadgada | kankanav ade namman elavo mulugisug enutum 1 
bhdnkal kedaruvinam niS- | sankam pariyittan alte Vinayftdityaih || 
maley-arasu-makkal ell am | taleyam tadavuttam erddu p&d&xhbujamaih | 
taleyol talevinegam bbuja- | balamam taled-irppan alte Vinay&dityam it 
yuga-samarttbyade munnam | Nriga-Nahusb&digalo} dda gu^am 6m gunam£ ] 
migil. .ttam gunadim Kali- | yuga-s&martthyamtinian aledu Vinay&dityam h 
i-Vinayftdityangam | p&vana-chfiritre Keleyabarasigam akbildr- | 

yy$- varan udayam-geydam | Srtvara-pada H 

vandi. . .gala- | n efagipan ejragipan ar&ti-lakshmiyan idiriig | 

eyagade balpindam tana- | g eragipan Egaga&gan atula-viryya-eriyaib n 

fi-narapatig | . . .gabbtrateye samanisirp an tire san- | 

mininiy ficbala-Dfevi mar | n&- } It 

avara sutar mmttvar a. . . | dbbava-yutar Ball&Ja-Vishnuv-Udayidityar | 

bbbuvana-nutar avarol int I- | pu nrip^lam H 

pitri-bhtk-raksheye salvude nripatig end udvrittaram kirttu ha- I 

sta-talam vikrama-kala d-ayutam taD-mau}iyaiii ) 

• .tajam karmma-kathdrav appinegam kSa-danti-Bim&nka-bhfr- | 

mi-talam ta Vishnu-bhftp&lakam ft 

madavad-vairiyan &ntu poyye jayaSflaxh Vishnu vidvisbtanu | 

. . .da kichchU irddudu blrarkkala birdda tdl pi- I 

dida khadgam poyra stil ddyutirddud inde I 

n i-yf ra-vibhavaih sa ] It 

inidu-kadalalli pnftida- | } iniyal Siri Siriya moleya sdnkinim | 

yalan appu. . . | Vanaj6daran tge Vishnu-nripatige iubbamam h 

N&r&yan&ya namab I mah&-Sabdamah&-mandalSfivaranuihDv&riyati-pura- 

var&varanuxb | Yadu-kula-kala5a-rafijita-nripa-dbarmma-barmmya-mf4a-sta±. 

.... prat&pa-vidita-vijayfcraihbhanuih | Vasantika-d^vMabdha-vara-pra 

. . . p&d&ravinda-vandaDa-vinddanum i akshunna-lakshmi-lakshita-Taksha-sthaJa- 
pradttanum I pra punya-pravesanum | vinamad-ahita-chaya-cbakita- 

Digitized by 


110 BeUtr Taluq. 

mukba4riihb&ra}aihba-6pha$ika pada-ta}annifi I irtt&tapatra- . . . Ukrita- 

bbftta)anuib | enSha-nihita-rAja^akshml-kaUksha^hchhatayam^na-dhaTaJa .... 
rarabftpaytjyam&naDuih | sauQdira-tara. . . . tb&kar^^anftttlrnna-harsha^piilaka- 

sant& Tividha-ratna^khachita-kar^a-kandala^prabbA-maD^a^thagitar- 

ga^da-ma^dajanuiii | anftoa- ldkao&gamaDdtkanthit&khandalanuib | rikata- 

yakabasthala-vir&jam&na-vipula - vimaja - muktiiphala - viklrnna-kAnti - danturita- 
kftyftra-ktrtti-mukbanaifa | mndu-madbura-Tacbana-inUita-maDda-6mitartudb&- 
rasa-syandi-rada. . . . . . sakbauum | bahu-samara-labdha-Tijay^rtdha-vikramiti- 

karkaia-bbuja-yagajanuiii | bbuj^ndtka^tba-vijaya-lakabml^iridhlkara^a- 

nihita-kba^ga-nigadanuih. i sSv&gamana^amaya^a-mada-k&mint-kadamba-chala- 
na-cbalsL-einjinl-sanjata-manju - n&d&dbuddba- kusuma - baji - sabala -madhukara- 
nikara-jbS&k&ra-makharit&stb&narraAgaDiiib i niti-nitaihbini-hridaya-nihita-gam- 
bhtrAntarangaoum | Ytra-lak8bmt-nh&ra-6apba)a-ia8tra-nandan&bbir&maDam I 
Sara9&gata-kubhrit-ku}a.niyukta-kah$manum | sangtta-prasanga-bhangi-sangata- 
cbatura-Bharatanum | tarkka-yidyjUriSirada-rich&ra-niratanum | iabda-vidya- 
samagra-lakabana-su-Sikshanum | vSda-vidya-parikshll-dakshanum | sakala-pa- 
ri^puiyit&rtha-ratna-kdSanuiii | purasb&rtha-s&rtha-mlila-satya-iiiani-bbttsbar 

nuni | kavitYa-tatva-nisita-buddhi- prasiddbiyam | 16kU6kana4rikar&k&ra- 

nuih | satva-Bamutpanoa-Sobb&di-gu^adh&ranuiii i E&mbbfija-y&ji-r&ji-saicharana- 
tara)a-dhari?!-ya}ayanuih | yijaya-kada}ik&-kadamba-chumbita-Tiyad-Ta}aya- 
num i gaja-r&ja-ganda-vijaya^indim4yam4n6ddamara^madhukara-patela-ghatita- 
piichbAtapatranum i para-vadhfi.putraDum|karAla.karavala-8arddfi}a-nirddb(iU- 
ma^dajika-mriga-yiithanuih I Gandagiri-n&thanaxii | Ptadya-gandaiaijariiirbbbe- 
dan&-k4}a-dambhdliyum | Tu}u-nripi}a-hridaya-vidalaDa-prakata-rana-k61iyriiii | 
Jagad-deva-baJa-viJaya-Bhairavanurfi | SdmeSvara-prachanda^v&la^da-kabalana- 
prabaja - ka^tblravanum | Chakrakil$a- pitba- M&nikya - dfivi - samaksha-laksba- 
8amar^<5panum | Adiyam&ral6parl6pa-Dipuna-cb&panuih | Narasiihha-brabma- 
bhftja-bhanjana-prabhanjananum i Ka}ap&|a-kap&a^hashaka-§dnit&p&na-tu8h$a- 
y<5gini-man6-ranjanaQum | Beigiri-bhujaDga-bhangakara-khadga-Kbagarijanum I 

maler&ja-r&januih | Irungola-kunta-kadala-vana-vidalana- sund&Janum I 

bala-pad6ddhftta-dhtili-dhasarita-dikpalanum | Bengiri. . . .kutkila-cb&lana- 
cbatura-ch&pa-Vainyanum | Patti-PermmUla-pratistb^nushthitatma-sainyanum | 
&tmlkrita-Talavana-puranum | angikrita-Konga-yishayamim | avalambita- 
Nojaihbavftdiyum | ddrikritiri-vargganum | ftrikrita-Ntla-parvvatanum | urari- 
krita-K<5}&Ja-puranum | u . . . Jita-Kovatftranuxn | uttaralita-Tereyftranuih | 
ullanghita-Vallftranum | udgb&tita-Nangali-puranuih | utp&tita-gbatta-kap&ta- 
num | utkampita-Kancbi-puranam | uddandita-prachanda-tejanum | uttambhita- 
klrtti-dbvajanum | ujjrimbhita-bheri-ravanum I bbuja-bahXvasbtambha-sambhfita- 

vitta-yirachita-yicbitra-Vijaya-N4r&yan6ttunga-bhava vira-vitarana-yilasa. 

ka mina-nuti-mukhara-sakala-bbuvananum I kaya-kanti-parihasita-kancba- 

nanum | §&rddtila-lanchbananum i . . v6da-parvvat4dhisvaranum | raja-sam&ja- 

Digitized by 


BOur Tabtq. Ill 

bh&8Yaranuxh | yaSar-prasara-paripftrnna-Padmajandanum | malaparol ganda- 
num | K&vfiri-tira-vana-vihira-mada-mar&lanum | subhata-8amara-keli-161anum i 

16k6pakara Narayanan urn | klim munn irivanum i Sauryyamam inereva- 

num enisida srimat-Tribhuvana-malla bhuja-bala Vlra-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana- 

Poysala-Devara padaradhaneyinda karunya-bbtlmiy eniei | 

Siri ndduva siri-gannadi | Sarasvatl-devi ri-kalegala beragam | 

pariki8uya keladiye | . / isugum || 

pati-bhakti bhava-dvayakam | hitam embudan aridu vinayadim Vishnu-mahi- / 
patiyam mechchisute maha- | sati Santala-Devi pattamam dhariyisidal h 
siri rilpu sobagu tanaga. ... I ... .ttam enutta pattamam pati kattal | 
parivara-kajpa-late. . . . | bira-natey adante yinaya-nate sogayisugum h 
Siva || 

1 ... .yi-M&chikabbe tanninde mabdn- | 

natiyam taledire Vishnu- I kshiti-patiyam Santi-DSvi sale mechchi. . . h 

pftjya yin enisuva saundaryya Malakshmig igal | 

dore yinda stbiratey enisuy a-dhairyyam a-Vaniyol bi- j 

ttarisirdda. .keyindam chatur enisaya chaturyyam ascbaryya. . | 

mabfirdftviyol ranjisirkkum || 

Rati besakeyyal intu nade nin ene kantuve pfclu keyyalu. . J 

pacha nam agi tdrppinam J 

pati-hite sarvva-jiva-hite sarvva-kalanvite sarvva-mangala- | 
sthiti-yute saryya-ldka-nate S&ntala-DSyi nit&ntam o. . . . || 

piriy-arasitanam tanag op- [ pire tannaya pempu I 

varade kodutt | ire Santale-Devi pati-hita-brate negaldal H 

chatura-Chaturmmukha-mukham anfika-kalfi, I 

patiya .nejreye mechchisi viddeya mttrtti tan enisir- | 

pp atiSayam appa r&pina vi5uddha-charitrad-aganya-punyad-&- | 
. .ti-gu^^-ratna-bhiimiy ene S&ntala-D6vi nit&ntam oppugum H 
Siva h 

i-na I ..... .nidipal isbta-phajaman i-pratimey en. . .rd- | 

d fti-Nagasutey ene pftjipa- | 1 anandade Santi-Devi Sailatmajeyam || 

sa I . . . talado} gad abhinayangal Bharata- | 

gamada tiruj enisal ubhaya- | krama-nrityam Santi-Deviyol sogayisugnxh 11 
SrutiyoJ sarado} grama- | dritayadol firmCtrchchanaliyol bahu-tana- | 

sthi tija-raga- | bratatiyolam Santi-Devi sale ranjisugum || 

sangata-rasa-bhay&bhina- | yangal Kausikeyol oppe sama I 

madige [ einga badeyalke S&nti-Dfiyiye ballal || 

basanam pati-hitadalliye | basanam dvija-deva-pdjeyalliye negald-a- | 
basanam nompigalalliye | basanangal S&nti-Deviyol peyav alave || 
svasti samasta-mangalabhyudeyakara-laksha^&bhir&meyuih | saubh&gya-sime- 
yum | Balipura-vara-kshira-varasi-janita- maleyum { 

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112 Belur Taluq. 

§rtmad-Dharam&yarard6ya-labdha-yara-pra8&deyum | l§apura-rachita-B&m§- 
Svara-priU&deyum | Vishnuvarddhana-mand-raga-s^gar^bhiyarddhana-chaDdra- 
lSkheyum I parivara-phalita-kalpa-kuja-s^kheyum | sad-arttha-sarasa-samayd- 
chita-yachaDa-madhu-rasa-syandi-vadan&ravindeyum | Nagar&janandan&-pad&- 

nmnda-yandana-yarddhit&nandeyum | ka)&-ka)&pa 

yum | liya^ya-sindhu-yfili . . . yamana-kSkarftti-bandhureyuiii I Bharat&gama- 
bhavana-nihita-mahaniya-mati-pradipeyum | tinaya-vinamad-yil&sini-kadaihba- 

vidhu-bimbeyum | an&na^liui&bhim&n&yalambeyum | vichitra-narttana- 

sikh&maniyum | sakala-samaya-rakshil-maniyum | sangita-sangata-Sarasya- 
tiyuifi | pati-Tinay^vidit&rundhatiyuin [ sayati-gandha-hastiyum I ity-&di-n&m&- 
yajf-praianiseyum enisida (stops here) 


In the same enclosure, on a stone in the roof of the Saumyaniyaki temple. 

(The upper portion gone) 

prabhava || 

•sangaradol Anta. .arasiyaram bisutu jagule taguld avana rajyamane | 

Bengirigal sUdharant-bhagadol s&ye Narasingana vadhil-nikaramam padedu.. 


Angaranan ikki bide Singalikanam tulidu Gangeyaram atta maguld uttara- 

dharitrl- | 

rangada n;ip&laran asungolen Ejeganga-nripa-nandanan av&ryyatara-sauryyamil 

ant nttara-digyijayam uttarottaram &gi sale | 

atidirggha-ghr§.na-hastam nisita-da^ana-damshtr^nkuram paksha-raksh&- | 
yata-paksham T&rkshyanant ovagiai tuliye tannine P&ndy&yanibhrit- | 
pritan^-vidhvarasauoparjjita-jaya-vadhuvam Vishnu tuchchh&ji-lajja- | 
smitan &ntam Chola^jaulasura-samara-jaya-sri-sam^lingit^ngam || 

antu Pi^dyanam benko?du Nolambayadiyam kaikondu | 

sendina tejadim nija-dor- | dandadin urcbchatisi poleyal Uchchangiyan A- | 
khandala-yibhavam kshanadim i kondam sri-Kanchigonda-Vikrama-Gangam II 

tad-anantaram Telunga-desakk etti | 
gaja-ghate verras Indra . . i bhu-jita-yaSd-dhanamum njja ku}a-dhanamuman &- 1 
yijiglshu kavardu kondam | yijaya-stambhangal eseyal en-desegajolaih H 

tad-anantaram ristyra-kan^akan appa Masanana nirmmtlla-pralayakke salisi 

Banayase-pannir-chchh&siramumam kaditakke yarise | 
tiyikall aduvu Vishnu-bhflbhuja-bhuja-Srfg ayagam pempinol j 

neyed 4-Sabya.nagfindra-Nila. gal | 

pejat en 4-bhuja-lakshmig i-negalda-P&nungal muhftrtt&rddhadim | 
kipdanum midivatt enal milirdu kaisarttappud ay adbhutam || 

» So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Bdwr Taluq. 113 

bijan apra natha kisukalla kolvan alokana-matradol kondu 

Jeyakesiyam benkondu Palasige-pannir-chchhasiramumam nftruman 

irkkum. .da I 
magu-maguldu pokka durggama- I n agald-agald a-varddbi-varegam addam 

tigatam | 
tagu-taguldu kondan ovade | jaga-birudaran ajrasi Vishnuvarddhana-DSvam H 
pesargond av-ava-desangalan enisuvad av-ava-durggangalam ban- | 
nisi pelutt irppad av-av-ayanipatigalam lekkisutt irppud embond | 
esakam kaiganme nalkum-kadala tadi-varam dig-jaya-krideyol sa- | 
dhisidam bhd-lokamam kshatriyarkula-tilakam vira-Vishnu-kshitisam || 
&-maha-kshatriyam samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram Dva 
ravati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani mandalika-chftdamani 
irtmad-Acbyuta-padaradhana-labdha-Jishnu-prabhavam dikpalaka-parakrama- 
kramana-pa$u-par&kramaika-svabhavaih Satru-kshatriya-kalatra-garbbha-srava- 
sampadaka-gabbira-vijaya-sankha-nadam Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadam 
krita-sitryya-nirikshanam sakala-jaua-satya-nityasirvvada-samartthya-sampa- 
dita-kalpayur-arogyabhivriddhi-yuktam durddbara-samara-keli-samsaktam dor- 
vvalavalepam dussilasvapati-Gajapati-prataukba-raja-16ka-nirddaya-nirddalan6- 
parjjiUSYa-gajadi-nanavidba-ratna-nicbaya-rucbira-rajya-lakshmi-vila^ Sara- 
svati-nivasam | Chola-kula-pralaya-Bhairavam | Cherama-stamberama-raja- 
kanthiravam | Pandya-kula-payodhi-badavanalam | Pallava-ya86-valli-pallava- 
davanalam | Narasimhavarmma-simha-sarabham | nischala-pratapa-dipa-patita- 
Kalapaladi-nripala-salabbam | Vanganga- Kalinga - Simbala - nripala-kuranga- 
kula-palayana-karana-katbdra-vijaya-dbanur-ddanda-tankaram I sakala-ripu- 
Kancbi-pura eva-griba-cbeti-niyoga-yojita-ripu-nripantabpura kara-tala-krddi- 
krita-daksbina-Madbura-puram nija- sena - natha - nirddalita-Jinanatbapuram | 
jagad-daridrya-vidravana-pravina-k^runya-kataksha-niriksbanam | pratyaksba- 
Padmekshanam | chatus-samudra-mudrita-vasumatl-manShara-laksbmi-valla- 
bbam | bbaya-lobba-durllabbam | namadi-samasta-praSasti-sabitam srimatu 
Kancbi-gonda-Vikrama-Ganga-vira-Visbnuvarddbana-Devaru Gangavadi-tom- 
bhatt-aru-8a8iramum Nonambavadi-mtlYattir-cbchhasiramumam Banavase-pan- 
nir-chchhasiramumaih dushta-Digraha-sisbta-paripalana-ptlrvvakam eka-cbcbba- 
tra-chchhayeyim rakshisi sukha-sankathft-vinddadim rajyam geyyuttam iral &- 
ksbatra-kula-kula-cbala-cbakravarttiya pada-mtila-prabbtitanum tat-karuny&- 
ihrita-rasa-pravaha-parivarddbitaniiin &gi | 

pesaram bett ettalum ber-vvaridu beladu sakbanusakbali nlld en- | 
desegam talt oppe sarvvarttuka-sakala-phalaisvaryyadim lokamam ra- | 
ksbisut irkk a-purnna-chetoratba-yuta-Kamala-kalpavalH-vilasa- | 
vasatham §ri-Visbnu-dandadbipa-divija-kujatam vipaSchid-vinittam || 


Digitized by 


114 Bebtr Tatoq. 

saia*»tai)dHdksbann*-pany6dAyain udaya-*iagartdha4>hanu-pi^ha-Ti- | 
boramadindaih nicbcha-oicbcbain posayise Kamnjanandamaih yisva-o&rd- ) 
paman eodnih Ujartindaih belegngnm eleyaih Vishnu Yisbna-kshitisa- | 
krama^i»nk£}Ma-bbringain cbapala^pu^hamu^atha-mattebba-tingaih i 
abhirimikaradind apratima-bhuja-balatopadind aprameya- 1 
prabbiuiiaotr6tt&ba4akti4ritayadin amard-uUabadiih VUbnu-bhu-ya- i 
llabha-taptiogakkay alambanay ene oegald akshunna-panyadhyan §ka- i 
prabbar £..TUhna-<landAdbipan akhila^udha-prina-i^kabi-praTtaam i 
p*riparnn£ndo-pi^ba~Yibbramado! amardu Gangapaga-«pbara-nig-yi- | 
ttaramain tajkaysi dugdharnnaya-Daya-ruchiyam taJdi nild-appud adam | 
dbarey t-dik-chakradiih Maodara-sikharadin attal yiyan-mandapagraih- | 
baregani ir^Vish^a^andadbipa-Tipola^yasah^kalpa-Talll-Tilasam h 
trasti samaita-bbuTaaa-bhagyddaydtpaDnam naya-yinaya-rlra-Titaranadi-guna- 
saihpannani irfmad-Arbat-paramSiTara-pada-payoja^hatcharanaixi yipaachij- 
janaika-iaranajh KaJyapa-g6tra4atapatra-Tana-mitraih cham&pa-ch&daratoam 
Chinnama-priya-putraih srimat-tarkkika^hakravartti-VadibhasimbaparaHiama- 
dhdy a- Sripala-t raividy a -d£ya-p£daradbana- labdba - aarasvati - prabbava - sary va- 
svaih chaiuryya-Cbaturananam samAsta-sastra-vidya-Shadananam sakala-subha- 
lakibandpalashitakshaya-saubhagya-bbagyabhiramam rdpa-nirjjita-Kusumacha- 
pain virMbi-y!ra-bha$a-bhayankaram | para-durapa durddhara-pratapa l pan- 
cbanga-mantra-prapaficbanchita-sacbirya svayam-buddha chatur-upadha-visu- 
ddha nana-naydpaya-pravinya pratyaksha-Ydgandbarayana I Vishnuvarddhana- 
D*ya-prajya-rajya-bhara-8andharana-parayana i svami-bhakti-yukta-Vainateya | 

praaadasAdita-d viguna - pratipatti - pratishtbita - maba - prachanda - dandanatba- 
padavf-pafta-rAjita-lalAta-pa#a I nija-Tijaya-bbuja-danda-nirll6thita-ratha-turaga- 
kari - gha^a - ghatita - samara - sanghatta [ maaarddba - siddha - daksbina - dig-jay a 

pa)aka | danda-n&tba-mandal!-mandana-manikya-tilaka nija-pratapa-nirddagdba- 

taranga 1 Konga^baja-mastaka-mastishka-kusumopahara-rajit Aji-ranga | Sabyacba- 
|a^ti)ak&yam&na-dak8hina-dig.jaydttambhita-pati-jaya-stambha | sada-samalingi- 
ta-Lak$hmt-kucba-kumbha I samasta-raja - karyya - bhara - sahishnuta - svabhava- 
•;\ra ( sangrama-dhlra | Tadu-kula-drdbara nitt-eluva mu^ivam manadim munn 
iriva | VUbnu?arddbana^Dfiya-daksbina-bhttja-dandam manadolu macbcbaripara 
gandaih | namadi-samasta-praSasti-sahitani Srtman-mahA-pradhAnan imniadi- 
dauda-nAyaka-Bittiyannaih saryvadhikariyum samasta-janopakariyum agi 
sukbam ire | 
birudar mmarayar Ar nntn ire jagad-olag a-Konginol kappamam ta | 
tyaritam ntn endu tannaih nripati besase paksbarddhadol yuddadol Chen- | 

Digitized by 


Belur TdUiq. 115 

giriyam benkondu tat-pattanaman urihi tad-ddhatriyam sftjegond ach- I 
cbari kappam gondu tandam inada-gaja-ghateyam Vishnu-dandadhin&tbam h 
magav Itam Kongu golvam gada gaja-ghateyam tarppan itam gadam Pon- | 
nagey emb uddandarum tapise para-nriparam kadi benkondu Kongam | 
jagam utkdchan-golal s&dhisi gaja-gbateyam tanna baha-balam kai- | 
mige tand aldang atiprttiyan odavisidam Vishnu-dandadhin&tbam H 
dig-adhisar ttamma-tamm-irdd-edeyol agid adang irppinam Chdla-Lala- | 
digal itam-gondu durgg&Srayadole sakalatram bhayam-gondu gdlun- | 
de-golutt irppinnam ambhfinidhi-nikata-mahipalaram Vishnu vikr&n- | 
ta-gunam kaiganme benkond adatan avara sarvvasvamam eftjregondarii h 
uridudu R&yar&yapurav a-pura-vahni-sikb^kalapav ft- | 
pariduve Kanchiy-attal enutazh nade n6duva Chola-Chfira-P&n- | 
dyara bageyol dbigill ene cbamtlpa-sikhamani-vira-Visbnu-bhl- | 
karatara-ddj-pratapa-sikbi nildu podaldud agurvvu party iral || 
anupamam appo. .ta- | ne negalteyan anta nallan eraduxh-kulamuib J 
janani-janakara porad fcl- | dana pempum pesarumam negalchidan 4ta[ih] h 
atan-anvaya-kramam entendode | bhagavad-adi- Brahma- nirmmitam appa 
yugavat&radolu Kasyapa-praj&patiyim pavitram &da Kasyapa-g6trado}u krita- 
krityaruzh. siddba-sidbyarum appa mah&tmar anekarim balikav avara pogart- 
tegaxh negaltegam tane neley &gi | 
padam aty-uttunga-gfitr&chala-sikharadol opputt iral tanna nity&- | 
bbyudayam bhtk-mandaldts&haman odavise sananda-sa-smera-Lakehmi- I 
vadan&bja-irlyol oppambadeye nija-vilasam jagad-vandyam &datt I 
Uday&ditya-prabhavam prakatita-bhuvanftbb6ga-tSjd-Yil&8arii || 
atana kula-vadhu bhuvana- | kbyate jagat-pftte bh&gyarsaubbagya-gund- i 
pete Manobhava-vibhava-sa- | xnfitey enal Santiyakkan orvvale ndntal 11 
a-dampatigala bhagyadi- | n adam sat-putran iUma-gdtra-pavitram | 
mfedinige t&ne sura-taru- | v &dam sn-Chinna-Raja-dandadhi§am h 
parama-Brahmya-prabhavam manuja-pariyridhakfiramaiti taldit emban- | 
t ire dhir6d&tta-sat?6nnatjyol amardu n&n&-gun&narggha-ratnd- | 
tkaramam ratnfikaram tan ene taled Eyeyaig&vaninitha-dbatrl- | 
bharamam tfildirddan Ska-prabhuv ene bhuvanam Chinna-dand&dbin&tbani 11 
&-vibhuvina man6vallabbe | 
kulada pogalte ailada negalte Manfibhaya-rfijya-lakshmiyaih | 
nilisida gadi ldkadolag avagav i-migil-andadinday ag- | 
galisida r&dhi tannol amard oppire Chinna-chamflpa-k&nte Chan- I 
dale nege taldidal dbareg agundaley appa gu^a-prabhavamam n 
Phanipatigam yacho-vishayam allavu bhavise Chandiy-akkan-ol- | 
gunam avu nishkalanka-nija-rftpadol oppireyum pogalteyol | 
taniyade Dhatri Laksbmi Rati Bharati Rdvati Satyabh&me Rug- I 
mini bhuvana-pranftte Dharanisutey embudu lokaxn akeyam h 


Digitized by 


116 Befar Taluq. 

avarge magaft maM-bala-par&kraman anyaya-bhtishanam Mano- | 
bhava-nibhan anya-sainya-vipina-pralay&nalan artthi-kalparp&r- | 
tthiran ene rftdhi-vett Udayanam negaldam bhuvana-prantita-Ya | 
dava-nripa-rajya-v^rinidhi-varddhana-parvTana-saryvarikara[m] || 
&-punya-bh&jananim baliyam palavu stri-ratnangalam padedu mattam orvva 
maha-bala-parakraraanurh punya-nidhiyum appa maganam padeyalu Jina-mab&- 
mahimegalam madi bayasut irpp-&-punyayatige | 

puttidan arppum kftrppum | nettane tann-odane putte ripugalge bhayam | 
putte nija-patige cbakram | puttidud ene Vishnu su-bhata-chtld&ratna[m] w 
antu putti | 
kuvalayam eyde tann udayadim paritdshaman eyde vi§va-b&n- I 
dhaya-jana-161a-16cbana-chakora-chayam nija-dgha-k&ntiyim | 
tavad anuragamam taleye K&Syapa-gdtra-pavitran elge va- 11 
diyad-ela-dingal-ant anudinam baledara piridum-yibhdtiyim || 
antu 8ama8ta-gunangalum odavaleyim balevudum anvay&gata-pradh&na-santa- 
tiyum tanage dharmma-santatiyum emba bahumanadim Srfmat-Kanchi-gonda 
Vikrama-Ganga-Visbnuvarddhana-Devam putra-samanam age kaikondu nadapi 
mahotsayadia upanayanotsavamam tane made sapt&shta-samvatsarfcntaradol 
sainasta-Sastra-s&stra-pravinan age sakala-subha-laksbanopeteyum abhijateyum 
appa nija-pradhana-dandanatha-putriyam kanyft-ratnamarii tand SUVishnu- 
yarddhana-D^yam t&ne kanaka-kalalavan etti kai-nlr eradu kany&-d&na~phala- 
paritushtan age viy&ba-kalyanaman akshtina-manorathamam taledu dasaikada- 
sa-varsha-prayadole kusagriya-buddhi-aamartthanum chatur-upadh&-YiSuddha- 
num adudam kandu kondadi Vishnuvarddbana-Dfiyam ianna srt-hastadim dvi- 
guna-pratipatti-pftrvvakam mah^-pracbanda-dandanatha-pattamam katti sama- 
st&dhikaramumaih kude saryvadbikariyum sakala-janopakariyum agi | 
anupamam appa dig-vijayadim Jayanol padiy agi balpinim I 
tanag aparajitatvam alaratt ire tejad alurkkeyim jagaj- | 
janam anur&gadind amita-tSjan enal krama-vikramangalim | 
neneyi[su]yaiii puratana-mahatmaran Immadi-dandanayakarii n. 
atan arildba-yauvvanan agi saraasta-niy 6ga-y ukta-sa . . . rdaman anubbavisuttum 
maha-tirttha-sthanangalol anfina-dharmmamam madisi srimad-Yadava-rajya- 

rajadh&ni-Dorasamudradol i-Vishnuvarddhana-jinalayayam ma maha-puru- 

shana guru-kulam entendade srl-Varddhamaua-svamigala tirtthadolu kevaligalu 

riddhi-praptarum sruta-kevaligalum palarum siddba-sadbyar age tat 

rttbyamam sahasra-gunam madi Samantabhadra-svamigalu sandar avarim 
balika tadiya-snmad-Dramila-sangbagresarar appa Patrakesari-syamigalirii 
Vakragrivabhi .... rind anantaram I 

yasya di n kirttis traildkyam apy agat | 

. . y8ya sa bbaty eko Vajranandi ganagranih h 

Digitized by 


BOur Tabtq. 117 

avarim balika Samati-Bh&t^&rakar avarim bajika. . . samaya-dipaka 

ram unmilita-ddsha-ka rajanichara-bajam udbodhita-bhavya-kamalam ayt 

ftrjjitam Akalanka-pramana-tapana spbu h avarim balika Chakravartti- 

Bbattarakar avarim balika Karmmaprakriti varim balika Pallavana 

gurugalu Vimajacbandr&cbfixyyar avarim balika Parav&dimalla-Dftvar avarixh 
bajika KaDakasena-sri-Vadiraja-Devar avarim balika Ganga-kula-kamala- 
mirttandan appa Bfttuga-Permmadiya gurugalu sri-Vijaya-Bhatt&rakar avarim 
balika cbakravartti -JayasimbaJ)evana gurugal agi ] 

gata-sarwajnabbimanam Sugatan apagatapta-pra. .dam Ean&dam I 
krita-nlti-bhranti-naSyan-nija-Daya-nayaiiMdkanam sanda L6k&- i 
yatan inn t-martya-matrangala nudigal olav embinam mip 16kon- | 
natam ayt Arhan-mat&mbh6nidhi . . . vibhavaxh V&dir&jendra-bb&vaxii II 
avarim balika Yadavanvaya-cbfldamaniy app Ejreyanga-DevaDge gurugal am 
jagad-gurugalum enisi I 

charaninusmarana. . . .ya-nikarakk ishtarttba-samsiddhiyam | ' 
tar vacham grahanam kumargga-yuta-vadi-vratamam tfc}e dur- I 
ddbara-cbaritrada durjaydrjita-vacha-Sriy-olpu tammol man6- | 
baram agal taladar ssamant Ajitaseua-svamigal kirttiyam || 
avara sadharmmaru [ 

Kantuvan &ntu mey degeyad odisi durmmada-karmma-vairi- vi- I 
krantaman eyde bbanjisi lasat-paramagama-vit[t]vadind id&- I 
uintana-Tirttha-natbar ene rftdhiyan anta Kumarasena-sai- | 
ddbantikar adam ujjala. . Jina-dbarmma-y asd-vilasamam h 
avarim balika srimad-Ajitas§na-svamigal-agra-putraruih jagat-pavitrarum agi I 
sale sanda ySgyateyan ag- | galieida durddhara-tap6-vibhtltiya pempim | 
Kali-yuga-ganadharar embudu | nelan ellam Mallishfena-Maladb&rigalam 11 
avarim balikam Akalanka-simhasanaman alankarisi Tarkkikacbakravarttigalum 
Vadtbhasimharum emba pesar eseye 1 

avasarppiny-arddhadin[d i]tt ulugade Jina-jimfttarsangbfitam t-bhft- I 
bbuvanan tenk&duvannaih surida sakala-vidy&-nadi-pftradin ti | 
vi vipaSchit-p&pa-sant&paman udugisut irddappud adam munlndra- | 
pravarar§rip&la-ydgi§varan enipa jagat-sartthakrit-punya-tirttham H 
&vana vishayamo shat-tarkk- I iLvila-bahu-bhangi-sangatam Srtp&la- I 
traividya-gadya-padya-va- | cb6-vinyasam nisargga-vijaya-vilfisam || 
antu jagad-guruga} enisida SrlpSJa-traividya-devara k&laih karcbchi Srimad- 
Immadi-dandanfiyaka Bittiyannan f-basadiya kbanda-spbutita-jIrnn6ddhStra- 
kkam devata-pfijegam ill-irppa riehi-samudkyad fchfixa-diinakkam Saka-varsha 
1059 neya Nala-samvatsarad uttarayana-sankrantiy-andu Sri-Vishnuvarddhana- 
Poysala-Devara Sri-bastadi± dbarey eyeyisi paramSSvara-datti madi bidisida 
gr&ma Mayse-n&da Bijevolal adaya eimantara (« Uoe§ following contain dotaiu of 
bcmndarios) D6ra8amudrada pattana-sv&mi Vondadi-Settiya xnaga Nadavala- 

Digitized by 


118 Belur Taluq. 

Settfya kayyalu Hiriyake;ey-olagana Tayareyakeyey-olagAda nelaoam mayu- 
go?d 1-basadige ko$ta Srl-Hiriyakejeya kelagana Tivareyakeseya badagana- 
kcxjiya Vish^u-Bhattana t6ta. .sana galeya. .lu chaturalra 15 galeya bbCtmiyam 
m&i*ugo?d t-basadige bitta H DvadaSasftmapurav ada Holeyabbegeyeya hannera- 
du-Trittiyolag ondu vrittiyam Gogga^ia-Panditara ma. .se Guliyannana kayyalu 
m&jugond t-basadige bitta n ( U8aal flntl ▼•*••») 


In the same temple, on a pillar of the rthana-ma?tapa. 
Syasti Sri jay&bhyudaya-Saka-yarusha sivirada inndra hadin&lkaneya Nandana- 
samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 10 Bri d-andu Srlmat-pratapa-chakrayartti-Hoysana-Srt- 
Vira-Ballala-D^T-arsani sri-Brahmalesvara-devara dSra-danada Asandi-nada 
Bommadi-Baiiailraau hinde halau-kala todagi arasugalu ko^dn bhand&rav &gi 
kuttu-rittiy &gi yidda &-Banatlranu Sriman-maha-pasayitarum appa Ka|ara- 
S&yannanayarige agrah&raya madurant agi *UBallala-D8y-arsaru dhireyan 
ejadu t&mbra-JHUanavanu voppavan ikki kottar &gi a-sasanadalli ku}av agi 
barasida gadyana yippatta-vondanil yl-Lakshmipurav ada B&navftrada aS&sha- 
mahajanangala kayyalu &-Brahmaldsyara-d£yara mah&janangalu prati-yarushayft 
a-Sayannanavaru madida dharmmakke JUBrahmalSSvara-dSyara amrita-padi 
nitya-iharakke akki-vokkula nanda-dlvige eradu hxivu gandha dhtipa nity&rati 
VaiS&khada paurnnami Karttikada paurnnamiyalu tuppada m&le-divigegevft 
konda a-Sayyannanavaru madida dharmmavanu 3rBrabmal8syara-d6yara maba- 
janangalu a«chandrarkka-taram-baram nadasuyaru a-mahajanafigalu tamma 
s4myakke &-Sayannauavara kaiyalu vritti aranCl dhareyan eyisikondu &-B&$a- 
vftranu 4-Sftyannanavaru agraharava maduvadakke sva-ruchya yodamba$tu 
ko^tevu mangalam aha Sri Sri Sri (uiuai final rerw) 

Sri-BrahmSSyara-dSvasya (in Nigari characters) | Srl-Virftp&ksha ii 


On a lintel of the old kitchen in the enclosure of the same temple. 

Svasti Srl-kucba-kalaSau yisala-mftlau 

diSy&stim avirala-chandan&nulfipau | 

uttungau Hari-bhuja-kalpa-vriksba-pushtim 

tanvanau Madaoa-rasdna pdritau yah II 
svasti 8riman-maha-mandale3yaram Talakadu-KoDgu-NaDgaliy-Uchcbaugi-Ba- 
navase-Hanungalu-Halasige-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga Saniyara-siddhi giri- 
durgga-malla chhalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Vtra-Ballala-Devaru 
sakala-lokaika-nathau appa sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara sri-bhandarada hannir- 
dhanyamum tamma rijyamum g5-brahmanarigam egadi egottarav agalu Saka- 
yarsba sasirada-ntlr-eradaneya Sarvvari-samvatsarada Pusbya-suddha-bidige- 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 119 

S6mavaradalu su-pratiihthitam madida-kottaram id a-chandrarkka-sth&yi || 

KeSavaya namafc | Narayanaya namah | 5ri 

Nfixayana-dftvara ko- | ttirayan fikalpam &ge Yakshfiiana bhan- | 
daram eoalu madisidan u- | d&ram Balli}a-Deva-dharaninatham h 

5rt-K65ay4ya namab h 


On a beam in front of the VAdlnta-dMika shrine in the same enclosure. 
Srimatfi Ram&nuj&ya namah n sri-Salivahana-saka-yarsha 1631 neya Virddhi- 
samvatsarada nij i- Vaiiakha-su 3 lu Srt-Chenua-KSSava-sy&miya p&da-padmanga- 
lige V&man&ch&ryyara Sishyan ada Purakutsa-gotrapastamba-sfttra YajuS- 
sakheya yt-sthajada 8&nabh6ga Chinga-perumala-Timmapayana prapautran 
Aiyaogara pautranu Challapillaiyana putran &da Sriniv&sa-d&sanu navioav &gi 
kattisi samarpisida kaly&na-mantapa ankana 2 


In the same enclosure, on a stone near the Asyattha-tree. 
Subham astu | 

namas tunga-siraS-chumbi-chaDdra-cbimara chftrave | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mdla-stambbaya Sambhavfi u 
svasti irl vijay§.bhyudaya-Salivabana-§aka-Taru8hangalu 1547nfi Kr6dhana-sam- 
vatsarada Magha-ba 5 Sdmavara sri-Velapurada Chennar&ya-svami-gudiy-olage 
kattista kais&le-seve Krishnapa-Nayakara YSnkat&dri-N&yakara tJigada Mftrtti- 
yappa-Nayakaru Puttanna-Nayakaru namma a[j]ja Yarama-N&yakagu namma 
tande Pedi-Nayaka namma tayi Pedammagu punyav &gali endu yippatt-&ru- 
aukana-kais&lenu kaftisi CheDnaraya-svami-charan&ravindakke samarpisteyu w 


At the same temple, on a stone-oot in the bali-nutyfapa. 
Pram&dScha-saihvatsarada M&rggaSira-Su 1 lu Ragbunftthayana rfi^ivasa 
Peddajiy-aminana komartti Honnajiy-ammana sfiye Ho[n]o&jammana sMaraliya 
-Lakshmtpati m&dida s§ve 


On the outer wall of the same temple. 
Syasti 8r! Saka-yarusha 1221 neya Vilambi-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 1 §u 8rt- 
Chenna-K§Sava-nathana devalyada sikbarada mara-vesan ella koladu mupdu- 
biddalli Sriman-maha-pradhanam Kbandeya-R&ya-Someya-danD&ykaru nddi i- 
jirnnay ada mara-vesananu baliyis endu hSlidalli avara besadinda adhik&ri- 
Rangan^anavaru a-sikharada mara-vesanannu jirn nav-ay it-ell avanu baliyisi 
bidda-iftige-ellavanu bidisidaru H 

Digitized by 


120 jffefcr Tahtq. 


In tht same enclosure, on the gtruda-kambha near the E^i-Naraeimha temple. 

Tapta-h&tAkA-yarnn4bba-jvalat-p4Taka-ldchana i 
yajridhika-nakha-eparSa diyya-Simha namd'stu t8 u 
tatt Dy&rftyatt-nithafc Poyeaji dylpi-linchanafli] i 
jttte SaiapurS teshu Vinay&ditya-bhftpatih i 

irVinayidityaiigatii | ritre Keleyab-arasigay akhildr- | 

rrtvaran udayam geydam | Srlyara-pada-padma-bhriDgan Egeyanga-nppam h 
ubhaya-kala-Suddhey enip &- 1 Subha-lakshanegam su-charita-bharitan enipp- a- 1 

prabbugam mCLvar ttaneyar | b Ballala-Vishnu-Yuday&ditjar n 

jayati dharaiji-ldkdttamaitatiiilya-p&dali ~ 

chatura-Tibadba-gdshtl-praudha-rani-yinddati | 
yipula-yijaya-lakshml-vallabhd Vishnu-Devah n 

tat-tanayaxh Y&dava-vam- I sdttaman ayadata-kirtti s&hasa-dhanan ad- | 
vritta-virddhi-nripalaka- | matta-dvipa-simhav enisidam Narasimham || 
ari-daityidhipa-yakshamam kara-nakhanikangalim poldu bal- | 
ganijam tddida N&rasiihhan enal akkum yairi-ytr&. . .- i 
. .yakabas-sthalamam sva-khadga-nakhara-vy&ghatadim pdldu bal- | 
gar u lam tdduva Narasiihha-DripaDam sangr&ma-rang&gradol 11 
svasti §rtman-mah&-mandalgsyaraih jagad-eka-malla Talakidu-Kongu-Nangali- 
GaAgavftdi-NonambaYftdi-Uchchangi - Banavase-Hinungal - Halasige - Belu valam- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vlra-Ganga prat&pa-Hoysala-N&rasimba-DSvar Srimad-r&ja- 
dh&ni-Dflrasamudrada bidinal sukha-sankatM-yinodadixh prithvi-rajyam geyyu- 
ttum ire tat-pada-padmdpajivi mahft-pas&yitaih Srivaishnaya-Tinimale Saka- 
yarsha s&sirada-tombbatt-aydaneya Vijaya-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha £k&- 
daiiy-Adiy&radalu Ballavi-n&dam . . le Hadugin-Und&di-gaddege devam besasid- 
anitu-honnaifa kojtu Sri-Narasiiiiha-dfiyara nitya-nivfidyakkam desantarada 
Srlyaishnavara bhdjanakkav agi dbariUpfcryyakaih madi bitta srtman-mah&-pra- 
dh&naih Bittf-DSyana Hanmasatthi-veggadeya magam Bamma-veggadeyuy I-kra- 
madal dSvara Srt-p&dadalli dh^ra-pilrvvakam madianu t-dbarmma vombbattu- 
n&da samaeta-prajegale kahu n §rt-Narasimh&ya namah h i-bhdmige Bamma- 
yegga^e yarsbam prati Ke§ava-d§yargge Vtra-Gangana kolagadalu saligey aya- 
vattan alavaru ll i-bhftmige Bamma-veggade sri-Narasimha-dSvarige dana-dh&re- 
yan egadan avara baliyolag &r&num i-bhdiniyol avara baliya manasaru da. . . 
tamma pitrigal ellaram Gangeyale konda d6sha 

Digitized by 


Belm Taluq. 121 


At the bottom of the same pillar. 
Srimat-Basavanahalli-Hadiyayavolalu - sri-Vijaya - Narayana-devara sri-Channa- 
Kesava-devara Sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-devara amritanna-niyedyakke samva 
basal e-batta-bh&ga saluvudu s&rvvak&likav agi i-bhatta-bagak fixinu pratikdlar 
adayaru nirvvamSav akku | &gi Kumbhipakakke saluvaru n 


On the north wall of the same temple, near the sampige tree. 
Svasti Sri yijayabhyudaya-Salivahana-Saka-yarusaBgalu 1629 ne Sarvvajitu- 
samvatsarada Asvija-ba 5 la sri-Velapuri-Srl-Chennigaraya-svami-sfivege Ane- 
kere Bharadvaja-g6trada ASlayana-sfttra-Rik-sakheya Appaji-Hebbara putra 
Giriyappa-Hebbara maga Venkaiyanu vappista pulive^tu pdrva-dikkina J&va- 
galla bagila bali nanu kattista kalla-mantapa ankana 4 ralli Hanumantana 
pratishthe-madi Chennariya-svami a-mantapakke bije-madidaga nadava sevege 
Balaga-nada stbalada Somanahalli sarvamanyada agraharadalli nanage kraya- 
danav&gi Ayachita-Venkata-Bbata-desayi Narasimha-Bhatara maga Hari-Bhatta- 
ninda kraya-danavagi banda gade kba 2 yeradu khanduga gadeyannu samar- 
ppistenu yi-mantapakke ratha-utsahadalli asvarohanavagi band&ga cherapu 
ga| Magha-su 6 su 7 utsaba 2kega2 JSshtha §u 13 utsahake ga 1| yi-rfti 
utsaha 4 ke halatu ga 4 n&lku varaha mereli nadava-hage stbalada Raghu- 
natbllcharyara maga R&m&ch&ryarigu Dfesayi-Hari-Bhatagu putra-parampare- 
gu s&ga-kottidhene yi-svasthe yi-s6ve nadasadavaru KaSili gova konda dosbakke 
hdguyaru Sri-Chennaraya-svamige arpista-seve Sri 


At the same plaoe. 
Svasti Sri jay&dy-udaya-S&liv&hana-Saka-varusangalu sa 1478 neya saluva 
Pingala-samvatsarada Eartika-su 15 si-la srimata Sri-Vel&puri-Chennigar&yana 
Krittik&-dip6tsaba-sammandhake Par&Sara-g6trada Apastamba-stttrada YajuS- 
Sakheya Timmaras-ayanayara makalu Jayakaja-Ramappayanavara R&yastada 
Jamadagna-Vatsa-gdtrada Rukku-S&kheya Asvalayana-sdtrada Burudukunteya 
Lakbarasa Hiriya-Timmarasara makalu Rayasta-Venkatadriya seve' Halebida- 
stalada Sanehalige pratin&mayida Triyambakapurada sarwam&nyada agrah&ra- 
dali Krittika-dipotsahada sammandhake samarpisida vritti 1 Gdkulasbtami- 
utsahavagi Nagi-Nayakana mantapadalli sy&mi bije-m&did&ga charapige Nambi- 
Singapayana kayali bija-bonn&gi kotu samarppisidu gbati ga 5 ayidu-varaba 
Bitasamudrada-kejreyolage tenkapa-dikina vrindayana 1 yishtu svami sri-Vdl&- 
purada Sri-Chetmigar&yana Sri-charanfixavindake arppitavagi mangalam aba 
Sri Sri iri 


Digitized by 


122 Bitor Tdhq. 


At the Bijne place. 
Srt-V&agurt-KSSavAya namah 

nama8 tunga-siras-cHumbi-chandra-chamara-charav^ | 

trailokya-nagararambha-mtila-stambhaya SambhavS n 

Har&r Ula-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu yah | 

H8m&dri-kalaS4 yatra dh&tri chhatra-Sriyam dadbau 11 
svaati Sri vijayabbyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsbangalu 1640 neya vartam&na- 
kke saluva HSvalambi-samvatsarada Ashadha-Su 1 llu §rlmad-d§va-d8vdttama 
dSvatft-sarvabhauma akhilanda-koti-brahmanda-nayakar ada Beldra Chenna- 
raya-svamiyavara divya-Sri-charanaravindangalige Srimad-rajadhiraja raja-para- 
meSvara praudha-pratapan apratima MahiSftra Krishna-Raja-Vadeyaravaru 
prithvi-samrajyam geyvutt iralu Ldhita-gdtrada Apastamba-sdtrada Yaju§-§akha- 
dhyayigalada KonanCtra Lingappa-Hebbaruvana pautra Nanjappayyana putran 
ada Eappayyanu bara-kotta pudivattina binnavattale-kramav entendare 
syamiyavaru vasanta-jala-krldotsava-nimitta chittaisu-bagye devasthanada 
upparige-mumbhagadalli kola mantapa saba kattisi alii prati-yarshakku 
vasanta-kaladalli a-bage-sdve nadeva-bagge devasthanada Hebbaruva Chelu- 
vaiyyana maga Tirumalayyana kaiyalli BelCLra-sfmege saluva Tagara-nada 
sthalada Mundigatta-gramadalli khanduga nalku gadde-bhdmiyanu kraya- 
danavagi tegadukondu a-nalku-kbanduga-gaddeyalli rekhe-prakara huttuvadu 
halatu aidu-yarahakke sale g&ta yeluvaje-varahakke vivara Chaitra-su 10 
divasa syamiyavaru mantapakke chittaisuva utsavada bagge ga 1 Vaisakha- 
§u 12 8u 13 Su 15 saba dina mtirakke utsava 6 kke ayakajtina-prakara ga 6| 
ubhayam gCt ga 1± i-bagge bana prati-varshakku saluya-bagge i-naluku-khan<Juga- 
gaddeyanu Tagara-nada-sthalada senabhaga Honnannana adhtna-madi atana 
be8arinalli svamiyavara bhaiidarakke binnavattaleyannu bareyisi kattisi iy- 
utsaya kala-kalakke nadeyabekendu Lohita-gotrad Apastamba-sCttrada Yajus- 
iakhfidhyayigalada Konanura Lingappa-Hebbaruvana pautra Nanjappa-Hebba- 
ruvana putran ada Eappayyanu i-tatha-tithi-punya-kaladalli namma-pitrigalige 
akshaya-punya-ldkavaptiy agaliy endu tri-vachaka-tri-karana-Suddhiyagi sa- 
hiranyddaka-pdrvakavagi svamiyavara divya-Srl-charanaravindangalige deva- 
sthanada Rayasada-Appajayyana kaiyalli bajeyisi samarppisida pudivattina 
binnavattale n int appadakke dharma-sakshigalu 

aditya-chandrav anilo'nalafi cha dyaur bhCtmir apd hridayam mana§ cha | 

ahaS cha ratris cha ubhe cha sandhye dharmas cha janati narasya vrittam n 

dana-palanaydr madhyS danach-chhrSyo'nupalanam | 

danat svargam avapnoti palanad a-chyutam padam a 
i-sevege svamige i-vtlja kandacharada januveyavaru jana-vondakke vondu-hana- 
mSyeyallu bi^tiruva banadalli tavagi voppi kottiruvanthadu prati-varshavu guta 
ga 10 hattu-varaha 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 123 

ekaiva bhaginl loke sarvesham eva bhttbhujam | 
na bh6jy& na kara-gr&hya vipra-datta vasundhara || 
sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam para-dattanupalanam | 
para-dattapaharena sya-dattan nishphalam bhavfit || 
sri Sri Sri 


In the enclosure of the same temple, on a pillar near the Eni-Banganitha temple. 

Svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusa 1510 sandu vartamana- 
Sarvadhari-3amvat8arada Vaisakha-su 1 la Srimatu Sriranganatha-svamiya 
mantapayanft Hiriya-Raghun&thayanavarigft Pedammanavarige punya-16kay 
fcgabek endtl Krishnapa-N&yak-ayanavarige dharma-kirtiy fcgabSkendu Tiru- 
vengajayanavaru katisida mantapada dharma-shaSanake Subham astu | mangalam 
aha Sri Sri Sri Sri 


On the north base of the same temple. 
Subbam astu I svasti Sri jay&bhyudaya-S&liv&hana-Saka-varusha 1486 neya 
Krodhana-samvatsarada ASvija-Su 5 lu Srimatu-Belftra-Chennigar&yana sanni- 
dbiyalli nama-smarane-madikondu yabudake .Tirukoyilftra Tembiram&n&ra- 
Jiyara Sisbyaru Alahi-Manavalayage Ch&tada Rama[n]ji-ktitake Bfilftra Hiriya- 

Nambira Lakshmanayyana karttu Chennarayage saluya kanachi-vojage 

are-hariv&na-prasadavanti ga 25 varahage bhogyadhiyagi Tigulanyada. .rivatti- 
na Timmappa-Nayakana maga Hadapada Meriha-Nayakagd Nammiya Ega- 
Krishnappa-N&yakarigCt namma tande-tayagd tanna madavalige Chav&yagft 
punyav &gabek endu bh6gyadhi madi kotta Chatada R&m&[n]ji-ktlta-samayar 

dharmavanu nanna Hadapada Yerapa-Nayakaru madida Chatada 

R&m&nji-kfttada dbarmmakke &r obbaru tappidare tamma tande-tfiyi-gdvu- 
Br&hmana. . . KaSi-kshStradalli vadbisida papakke hoguvaru 

(on another stone) 

tapade nadasuvadu yidu dharmmava kalanjiyagi [ 


On the south base of the same temple. 
Belavadiya Gaddada Jannappa-Hebbaruvara maga Narasihyanu evkmiya 
padaya seveya madikondu yi. . .ne.u 


At foot of apsara images on the pillars of the same temple— 8rd image. 

Sri rfiy&ri Chikka-Hampa m&dida puttali I! 


Digitized by 


12£ Belur Taluq. 


At foot of the 5th image. 
Bajligrameya rttv&ri D&adja biruda-rtiv&ri-gondala badiva 


At foot of the 6th image. 
Svasti Srlmatu Balligr&meya rftv&ri D&sdjana putra Ch&v&na m&dida puttali 
machchharipa4>iruda-r&v&ri-Madana-Mah§Sa Kesava-D3va m&disida besa h 


At foot of the 7th image. 
Balligr&meya rttv&ri Dasojana besa n 


At foot of the 9th image. 
Balligr&meya rHv4ri Dasdjanu m&dida salabandike || 


At foot of the 10th image. 
Machchharipa-biruda-rdv^lri-giri-vajra-danda rftv&ri Malliyanana puttali ft 


At foot of the 11th image. 
K$iava-D€va m&disida basa svasti srlmatu Balligr&meya Dasojana putra 
Ch&vana geyida. .besa biruda-rCLvari-Madana-Mahesa 


At foot of the 12th image. 
Svasti Sri mahftrmandalSsvara Tribhuvana-malla Talak&du-gonda bhuja-bala- 
Vira-Ganga-H6sala-D§vara vidy&vanta rftv&ri-puli machcharipa-Kum&ra- 
M&ch&ri-giri-vajra-danda n 


At foot of the 16th image. 
Sotti srlmatu Paissananar idda vadara depa rtlvari dibhan abhaya. . . Biran 
idam chaida I 


At foot of the 17th image. 
Svasti Srimatu ualvatu badada Cbalojaua aliya rdvari. .birudara. . . .gondala 
badida II 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 125 


At foot of the 21st image. 
Svasti Srimatu n&lvattu bada Vadojana aliya biruda-r(lv4riga|a ganda-gattari 
Padari Malldja geyda puttali. . 


At foot of the 82nd image. 
Svasti Srimatu rttvariha poge manadalu machchharipara ganda dombaruvati- 
yembana bayala Biranava bettuva 


At foot of the 27th image. 
Rdvari D&s6jana putra Cbavanana besa 


At foot of the 81st image. 
Macharipa-biruda-rdy&ri-giri-Tajra-danda rttrari Mayina 


At foot of the 32nd image. 
Ruvari Keficha-Malliyannana basta-kusalatike 


At foot of the 83rd image. 
Rtivari Yallannana putra Masada 


At foot of the 85th image. 


At foot of the 36th image. 
Srimatu Poysala Bitti-Devana Vijaya-Narayana-Devara mantapada sfijabandike 

m&dida bin nan i | srimatu T ribbuvana-malla-De vara bin nlLni Inejana 

putra Bikkahappa madida manada-maehcharipa-r&v&rigala ganda H 


At foot of the 87th image. 
Srimatu Oadugina Svayambbu TrikatSSvara-devara yidy&manta sujana-jana- 
mano-ranjana Sarasvati-pad&mbbdja rHvari-jagad-ala K&tdjana putra Nagdjana 
hasta-kau&ala mangalam aha Sri 

Digitized by 


126 -Bator Taluq. 


At the same temple, on the Praudhariya pillar in the enkantoi 

Namas tasmai Varahaya Hlay6ddhriyat§ mahi. | 

khura-madhya-gatd yasya Merah kana-kan&yatd fi 
svasti 5rt jayabhyudaya-saka-varsha 1304 neya Durmmati-samvatsarada dvitiya- 
VaiSakha-8ti 15 Sd | Srf-r&j&dhir&ja paramSSyaram sri-vira-Harihara-Rayana 
nir&padim §riman-mahH-pradh§.ni-Kampannangalu BSlftra srt-Chenna-KSSaya- 
uatha-dSvara Sukan&sikeya matsa-kallugala jirnnakke kotta akkandada n&lku- 
kambhavanu nilsi jlrnnavan udharisidanu II 

pradane ya[t] phalam proktam s&h&yyS dvi-gunam tu tat | 

pradane tv anga-vaikalyaih s&h&yyd tan na yidyatS || 


At the same temple, on a pillar in front of the Narasimha temple 
in the east doorway. 
Svasti 5rt Saka-yarusa 1199 neya ISvara-samvatsarada Jy8shta-5u 5 A srimanu- 
maha-pasayitarum appa G6pala-D$Tannanavara balu-manusya Beluhftra 
adhik&ri Vithanna.Gdpannaigalu yatigala bhikshegdsugam Kamalanabha-tfrt- 
tharige (UVithanna kotta ga 2 pa 5 Gopanna kotta ga 2 pa 5 Perum&Je- 
dannayakara aliya Madanna kotta ga 4 Erishnayya kotta ga 1 aliya-Varadayya 
ga 1 antu gadyana hannondakam prasada dina-prati ba 3 yanu salisuvadu 
Eamalan&bha-tirtbaru stalantarake hodade d&J&ntragaJige bali nadeyagi 
nadasuvaru yi-dhammada honnu Srivaishnavara vasa ga 5 mahajanagala 
vasa ga 6 yi-honnina pras&da yatigaliddade yatigalige saluvudu yatigal 
illadiddade pravasi-Brahmanarige bali nadeyagi saluvudu 


At the eame temple, on a 1st pillar to the right of the south doorway. 
Svasti Srf jayibhyudaya-Saka-varusa 1347neyaParabhava-8amvatsaradaPhalgu- 
na-Su 1 Bri Sri-Chenna-K§Sava-n&tha-d§varige irtmann-Aluva-pura-yar&dbisvara 
mandalika Sdmanatha Birumann-arasar&da. . . leru tdta-ksh&trada BSJun&yada 
horahina chatus-simeyolage nadasuva bhattada mftde 100 aksbaradalu nflyu- 
mddo-bhattavanu vondu-vatsarakke madida dharmma yl-neyiv8dyakke vo . . 
adanige 1 mari. .1 kkam mangalam aha Sri sri sri sri 


On a 2nd pillar. 
Svasti £r! jayabhy udaya-saka-varusha 1328neya Parthiva-samvatsarada Kartika- 
su 13 Bu sriman-maha-rajadhir^ja-raja-paramdsvara sri-vira vi. . na pratapa- 

Digitized by 


Bdur TaXuq. 127 

Bukka-maha-r&yara maneya-pradh&na Atr6ya-g6trada Rukku-S&kheya Hegga- 
ppagalu Vithannagala uiaga RShini-nakshatra Vrishabha-r&siya Mallarsaru 
sriman-mah&rsthanam §rimad-dakshina-V4ran&8iy&da VSlapurada Sri-Chenn*. 
Kesava-natha-devarige samarpisida chinna-todahada dhavala-sankhakke manga- 
lam aha Srt Srt fir! 


On a 8rd pillar. 

STasti Sri jay&bhyudaya varsha 1440 sand varttamft 

. .8u 12 Sthirav&radan raj&dhiraja raja-paramfisvara Deva- 

mah&r&yara maga Singappa-N&yaka R&mappannana 

. .ya sri-Channi-Kesava-natha-devari 


On the inner wall of the treasury of the same temple. 
Srimat-traildkya-pCljy&ya sarvva-karmma-su-s&kshinS | 
phaladaya nam 6 nityam Kesavaya Siyfcya cha I 
Srisodarfcmbnja-bhavfid uditd'trir Atri- 
jatendu-putra-Budha-putra-Purdrava9tah [ 
Ayus tata§ cha Nahusho Nahushad Yayatis I 
tasm&d Tadur yYadu-kulfi bahavd babhftyufc II 
khyateshu teshu nripatih kathitah kad&chit | 
kaSchid vanfi muni-yarfina Salah karfcjam | 
sarddtilakam pratihi Poysala ity ato 1 bhftt I 
tasy&bhidha muni-vacho'pi cham&ru-lakshma h 
tato Dvaravati-natha^i Poysala dvipi-lanchchhan§ii | 
j&t&£ SaSapurS teshu Vinayaditya-bbCipatiti || 
mandalagra-samutpanna-teja8a dvid-bal&bdhayah | 
Skrishya jivanam t8na niSSfisham soshita bhuvi h 
prttim sa sra-karSna visva-bhuyanasyotp&dayan chandravat 
bhitim vairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas samp&dayan Dhartnmavat | 
sphitim sadhu-janfi nijavataranad &rdpayan Krishnavach 
chakre suklataram yard nija-yasas-chakrena chakram bhrtrah fi 
sa srf-vriddhikaram karam jana-hitam kritvfi, dhar&ni pMayan 
Svfita^hchhatra-sahasra-patra-kanialS Lakshmim chiram y&sayan | 
dor-ddande ripu-khandanaika-chaturft vira-Sriyam n&tayan 
chikship&khila-dikshu sikshita-ripus tejah prasastodayah || 
Konkanigar ivana khadgada | 
kankanav ade namman elavo mulugisug enutum | 
bhd&kal kedayuvinajh niS- | 
Sankaih pariyittan alte Vinay&dityam I! 

Digitized by 


12S BOmf Taluq. 

maley-arasu-makkal ellam 1 
taleyam tadevuttam erddu p&dftmbujamaih | 
taleyol tajevinegam bhuja- | 
balamam taled-irppan alte Vinayadityam h 
yuga-s&martthyade munnam | 
Nriga-Nahusbidigalol &da gunay 8m gunamS | 
migal &rttam gunadim Kali- | 
ynga-samartthyamuman aleda Vinayftdityam 11 
I8kh8va ySlSva su-mfikhalfiva 
sudb&m5u-bimbasya sudhS.mburaseh | 
* surichalasyibhayad agra-bb&m& 
tasya priy& Srl-Kelayabba-nami II 
Gang*Upayddhy6r iya punya-hStuh 
saiigas taydr apy abhavat su-hStufc | 
putras tatd'bhCtd Eraganga-n&ma 
sfm& guna-gr&ma-bhritaih prasiddhah II 
kripayi cha kripiijSna pr&j& bhttm§5 cha kantak&n | 
raksban Dharmma-suto j&tah kshatra-dharmma-suta-priyah II 
sa5 Sri-vallabha-pada-pallaya-luthach-ch^ar-prasdnas sad& 
vaksha8-Sri-nayana-prabb&-dhayalit§ d6j-danda-vajr&lay8 | 
bibbr&nd dharanim kakup-jaya-bbara-prasph&ra-bh§ri-ray&d 
gdtrdrvvidhara-supta-simha-hridaya-sphotam chak&ra sphutam || 
Dh&r&dh&ro bhuja-balavatam Malavadhisvaranam 
Bhojenaujo-vijita-ripuna yarddtaita, ya prasiddha | 
sibhtld ftp68anam abita-bbft-bhojan§ yasya pftrvvam 
Kaubera§a-vijaya-samay§ varnyatS kim sa yirab || 
poge pokk aSSdhipar kkangalan orasuvinam dig-gajapandu-dantam | 
poge suttal kagge-kondippinam apaghanam agijrda rodontaralam | 
pogeyindam mSgha-brindanvitam enisuvinam tibra-tejonalam kai- | 
miguvannam Poysalam Bhojana kujupina durggangalam kftde suttam || 
nija-sSna-db&liyim chaukada kilig ilad &-bettugal ktlde mSgha- | 
vrajadim pdldijduv embantire naded adatim kond avam suttu dhttma- i 
dhvajamam Bhdja-pranasodayaman odavisal Poysalam chakri jaitra- I 
dhvajamam ragdtkatam kattidan ene perar &r vvirar &-dbiranindam II 
kare vididu Baloyavattana- | m urivuduv Eyeganga-nripana kdp&nalairim 
smariyisidudu Rama-Sara- i sphuritagniyan abdbi-vichi-nichay&cbakitam II 
inan orvvam porag^gi pel puduve tejam ksbatriyang Arkka-na- | 
ndanan orwam poragagi pel pudave danam bbtibbujang Abjaga- | 
rbbbanum oryyam poragagi p81 puduve chaturyyam nripang endu me- | 
cbcban ivam mattina-bb&param nripa-varam sri-r&pa-N&rayana li 

Digitized by 





Digitized by 


12S Btim Taluq. 

maley-arasu-makkal ellam 1 
taleyam tadeyuttam erddu p&d&mbnjamam | 
taleyol tajevinegam bhuja- | 
balamam taled-irppan alte Vinay&dityam h 
yuga-s&martthyade munnam | 
Nriga-Nahushadigalol ada gunay dm guname | 
migal irttaih gunadim Kali- | 
yuga-s&martihyamaman aleda Viaayadityam 11 
likhdva ySl8?a su-m§khal8va 
sudb&mSu-bimbasya sudhimbur&sSh | 
* sur&cbalasy&bhayad agra-bh&m& 
tasya priy& 5rt-Kelayabba-n4m& II 
Gaiig&-payddhydr iya punya-hStuh 
sangas tayor apy abhavat su-bStafc | 
patras tatfi'bhttd Eraganga-nftm& 
slm& guna-gr&ma-bbritam prasiddhab 11 
kripayi cha kripinSna pr&j§, bhtm§S cha kantak&n | 
rakshan Dharmma-suto j&tab kahatrardharmma-suta-priyah II 
ssA Sri-vallabha-pada-pallava-luthach-ch^ar-prasdnas sada 
vakshas-SrI-iiayana-prabha-dhayalitS ddj-danda-yajr&layS | 
bibbr&nd dharaniih kakup-jaya-bhara-praspb&ra-bheri-ray&d 
gdtrdrwidhara-supta-simha-hridaya-spbdtarix chak&ra sphutam || 
Dharadhard bhuja-balavatam Malavadhisvar&nam 
Bh6jenaujd-yijita-ripun§, yarddhitA ya pra§iddh& | 
s&bhftd fcpoSanam ataita-bhCt-bhdjang yasya pCtrvvam 
Kaubera§a-vijaya-samay§ varnyatS kim sa yirak || 
poge pokk ^sadhipar kkangalan orasuyinam dig-gajapandu-dantam | 
poge suttal kagge-kondippinam apaghanam ftgiyda rodontariilam I 
pogeyindam mSgha-brindanvitam enisuvinam tibra-tejonalam kai- I 
miguvannam Poysalam Bhojana kujupina durggangalam kftde suttam || 
nija-sSna-dhfcliyim chaukada kilig ilad a-bettugal ktide megha- | 
yrajadim pdldiyduv embantire naded adatim kond avam sutta dhftma- i 
dhvajamam Bhdja-pranasodayaman odavisal Poysalam cbakri jaitra- I 
dhvajamam ragotkatam kattidan ene perar &r vvirar &-dhiranindaih || 
kare vididu Baloyavattana- | m urivuduv Eyeganga-nripana kopaaalanim 
smariyisidudu Rama-sara- I sphuritagniyan abdhi-vichi-nichay&chakitam || 
inan orvvam pojagagi pSl puduye tejam ksbatriyang Arkka-na- | 
ndanan orwam pojagagi pSl pudave danam bhtlbhujarig Abjaga- | 
rbbhanum orvvam poyag&gi pSl puduve chaturyyam nripang endu me- | 
chchan ivam mattina-bh&param nripa-varam sri-rdpa-Narayana h 

Digitized by 


a[ 6) e&) g/fe rftS) ©60 ®<si$m 6mHf) & $0?) 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 129 

&-narapatig ambbodbig a- | ndna-gahhirateye samanisirppant ire sail- | 
m&nini Yecbala-Devi ma- | nd-nayana-priti samanisal samanisidal || 
moga-8iri Lakshmige Vag-d§- \ vige buddhi nij&svarafige hita-siddhiy enal | 
sogayisire rftpu mati ka- | ryya-gati bedang amardud ^-maha-satig entum || 
ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip ft- 1 Subha-laksbanegam su-charita-cbaritan enipp a- 1 
prabbugam mftvar ttaneyar i subbagar bBallala-Visbna-Vuday&dityar U 
Y&dava-vamSa-kalpa-lateyol pbalam appa vol &gi me- | 

lada 1 


rar prabbriteyol migiladavar &dm appuvar h 

sruti-kathita-pathadol amard ire | 

gatigal suddhatma-tatvadol nimird ire ean- | 

matiga] puny at mar avar | 

stutigam rajyakkam oppe bhajanam adar 11 

madadin idirada P&ndyana | 

madamam nija-khalga-balade kacbchiye kaled 6- | 

vade rajya-laksbmiyam kond | 

adatar kkfivalame Visbnu-Ballala-nripar h 

Ddrasamudradalli Jagadevana seneyan ikki tamma tol | 

vlra-samudram age jaya-laksbmige tad-gaja-vaktra-rakta-ka- | 

smira-vilepamam nejrapi tat-padakam beras eyde kondu bhan- | 

daraman a-nripar taleda viraman aro gabbiram ennadar ji 

paramaradhyam Mahefcam kula-'vadhu yijaya-§r! nelam poshya-varggam | 

doregal vaivaha-sambandhigal ene negard a-rayar ambhojajando- | 

daradol teogaya nir ant ire tilida jasam tanna bhandaram &gatt- I 

ire Ballal&vanisam pogale jagam asesbam mahatvakke nontam || 

jayati dbarani-lokottaihsitatmlya-padab 

chatura-vibudha-gosbthi-praudba-vani-vinodah | 


vipula-vijaya-lakshmf-vallabho Visbnu-Devah || 

nigddha-mantr&Dga-pado balanvitas 

svabh&va-Saundira-kathora-karpparaJi | 

bibhartti bhtt-bharam a-tuchchha-kachchhapas 

tadiya-b&bur gghana-kbadga-kandbarah || 

yad-adhvarad uddbata-dhftma-sanchay&d 

gtaanlbbavan-mSgha-chayfe charan gajah | 

Satakrat6h k&rsbnyam upStya jfiyate 

bhay&ya dhany6 nripatis sa bhdtale h 

sadft niydgah Purusbottamarcbchane 

dbaravane dana-chaye phala-prade | 

karasya chitram nripates sa-karmmanafc 

kathdra-m&rggo mriduta cha drisyate || 


Digitized by 


130 Bdur Taiuq. 

bhfL-8ini&chala>-cbakra-ptlrnna-7a6a8& sampttrnna-bimbddayah 

Vishnuk khe-charam indum ena-tilakam sardddla-sal-lanchhanah | 

t8jas*tibratardpy apdrvva-himakrit pCtrwam hasan sarvvad& 

Ska»8th&na-8ikh4manim vijayate lokaika-chtldamanih h 

nitir. yyat-pratiharyy § charati niyamatah kala eva sva-kritye 

dhritwl yat-khadgam ugram ksbanam api na-chald. varttate vira-lakahmih | 

yasya svetatapatra-chhavi-pihita-vapur bbhft[r] bhujS svastham *Ute 

sa irim&n pada-pithikritarripu-makutd bhasate Vishnu-D^vah || 

Vishnau paschima-dig-jaya-prachalite kim varnnyate tad-balam 

jtftS yad-rajasa ripuui mrilayate va magnam abdhSr jjalS | 

niisSsham mukha-sosham etya badavagnau nirprabhS sa-prabham 

datum rataam upayanam jaladhipo drishto hat&d VishnavS || 

modalol Poysala-rajya-laksbmiy odavam tol-valpinim t&ldi tann | 

udayam ranjise tanna balp odave tann ILrpp Sye tann ajne mi- j 

re disfc-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke t&m | 

modal &dam Yadu-vamsa-varddhanakaram sri-Vishnu-bhdpalakam 11 

pingade tolol korvvi ma- I 

langire jaya-lakshmi lakshmi varddhise suttam | 

Gangara kurupina puramam | 

tunga-balam Vishnuv emba Bbuja-bala-Ganga n 

ele K&veriya vari kude polas adatt endu pevaysutum | 

keladol ktlpa-jal&siy appinegam a-Rajendra-Chdlam bhuj&- | 

baladim Vishnu tadiya-seneya penaiigal tan-nadi-pdradol | 

kalasal vikrama-keliyam meradan aty-ugra-prat&podayam n 

Dbanadam dakshina-vayuv eke tadedatto tidit ill ennuv emb- | 

inegam vairi-karoti-koti-mukha-nasa-randhradol mandra-ni- | 

svanam unmal Malayanilam sulidu kala-kahepamam Vi^hnu-bhd- | 

pana jaitrdrwareyalli maduvudu Kaveri-nadi-tiradol || 

Saran enn enn isanam varidhiyol akata Mainaka nir-vvakki-vol po- | 

kk iravdda Vajrig inu anjad ir adhika-balam kadapam ninuan end &- | 

daradim bbitadriyam tannaya-vimala-yaso-lakshmi karunyadindam | 

karevant ambhodhiyam porddire sogayisidam jisbnu-Visbnu-ksbitisam || 

saraneng a-chandranim chandanadin atisayam sitalam nirmmalam ma- | 

chcbaraveng a-Rudran udrekade kedaripan and undudam nanjan embant | 

ire torkkum tanna kaypam maleyad ari-nripam kange men kadug entum I 

piriyam pel m&nbane torade nija-gunamaih jishnu-Visbnu-kshitisam || 

ravi t§jo-lateyol podalda palav emb ant ippinam purnna-bim- I 

bavan ull indu yaso-visala-lateyol pil-goiichalant irppinam i 

dhavala-chchhatrada tanpu bhftmig amard ippant irppinam kshatra-dha- | 

rmma-vidambam pogalvang alumbav eniaitt i-Visbnu-bhiipalanol || 

ivan-i-dakshina-bahu<landadol odambuttagi torirppa ma- | 

Digitized by 


Belur Taiuq. 131 

ttevol &yt adi-Varaban ettida dharitri-mandalam tejadin- | 
day arald ambujadantir arabaradol irddatt ushna-rug-mandalam | 
savane sahasadol Naladi-narapalar vVishnu-bhflpalanol h 
Javanum tan nay a ganda-lachcbanav enipp fc-miseyam tirddal an- | 
juvinam kanduguv endu kal-ugurgal anamrarigal suyyal an- i 
juvinam tejada sdnkinindav erne sig end uddbatar nnddal an- | 
juvinarh vikrama-vibhramaiii sogayisitt i-Vishnu-bhCtpfilanol n 
desegalan otti konda dbanadindam ivam sale maduv adhvara- i 
prasaradol anjutum bavige niduva Sakrana kayya kampamum | 
pasaripa dhttma-sanchayade kadige-golva sardjajandamum | 
besagola veda Vishnu purashottaman end ivu tave pelave || 
padulam nind antuv intum nimirva nelake ber irppavol irppa tol so- | 
rkkada vira-Srige sorkk ejr eseva masakamam petta bal dig-gaj&ni- | 
kada meyyum sayyumarh bechcbanipa bisiya tejam podalvippinam kor- | 
vvida-rajya-sriyum ayum tanage dridbav enal Vishnu rochishnv adam H 
jalanidbiyam kesar mmasage kude kalankuva b&dav&gniyam | 
taladolag irddal age poSed ikkuva SSshana kantha-n&la sa | 

namul endu mulirppa podarppan avagam | 

mulidade torugum vijaya-varddhanan i-kali-Vishnuvarddhanam li 
mudrisal Adir&ja-charitangalan atma-charitram ayagam | 
mudrisal ajne bhtltalaman uddbatar-appara ganda-garwamam I 
mudrise tdla-bfiJa-balam ujvala-kirtti jagangal ellamam | 
mudrise pempe mudre tanag ag ire Vishnu samudran oppuvam h - 
sthirane kaiyole dhatriyam nilisidam tejasviye vahniyam | 
koragirppam kudal-arppane Kanaka-sailam duravagirddu ni- | 
ttarisutt em suchiye nirikshisidavar nniy-papigal chalvane | 
Haranam mohisal fcrppan entuv adbikam srf-Visbnu-bhftpalakam || 
balasuttum kirtti suttum sulidu sulidu terkkays iral kilde Sfisbd- | 
jvala-kayam tivid a-peligevol ire sardj&tajandam dbaritri- | 
talam ellam tanna dirgghayuvane parasi patt elvinam kshatra-dharmmo- | 
JTala-barmydttunga-Sringarppitapmani-kalaSam Vishnu pettam bedangam 11 
svasti samadhigata-pancba-maha-sabda maha-in andales varan um | Dvaravata- 
purarvarfisvaranum | Yadu-kula-kalaia-kalita-nripa-dharnuna-harmmya-mula- 
stambhanum | a-pratibata-pratapa-vidita-vijay&xambhanum | Vaeantika-devi-la- 
bdba-vara-prasadanum | sriman-Mukunda-p&daravinda-vandana-Yinodanum j a- 
ksbunna-Lakshmi-lakshita-vakshak-pradesanum | pratidinopachiyam&na-punya- 
praveianum I vinamad-ahita-bbaya-chakita-mukba-bimbavalamba-sphatika-pada- 
pitha-vinyasta-pada-talanum | svetatapatra-sitalikrita-bhiltalanum | sneha-nihita- 
raja^lakshmi-kat^ksha^hchhat^yamana-dhaYala-chamararubopavljyamananuni | 
saudira-8arasa-yira-kathakarnnandttirnna - barsha - pulaka - san tananum | ripu- 
vijaya- vidita- vivfdha-ratna -kbachita-karnn.a-kunda}a-prabbSrmandala-stha^ita- 


Digitized by 


132 Belur Taiuq. 

ganda-mandalanum | anana-Tibhav&lokan^amanotkanthitAkhandalanum I vika- 
kSyftraJrirttimukhanum | mridu-madhura-Yachaaa-milita-manda-smita-sudha- 
rasarsyandi-vadana-yidhu-bimba-prasada^khanum I bahu-samara-labdha-vija- 
y&rttdha-yikram^tikarkkasa-bhuja-yugalanum | bhata-kataka-bhujataaotkantha- 
vijaya-lakshml-dridhlkarana-nihita-khadga-nigalanum | sdy&gamana-fiamaya- 
sa-mada - k&mini - kadamba - chalana - chala - sinjinf - sanj&ta-manja-n&dddbaddba- 
kusuma-bali-8abala-madhukara.nikara-jhank^ra-mukharitasth^na-rangaaum | 
niti-nitambini-hridaya-nihita-gabhirintaranganum | vira-lakshmi-yih&ra-saphala- 
iastra-aandanabhiramaaum | saranagata-kubhrit-kula-aiyukta-kshemanum | 
saDglta-pr^anga-bhangi-sangata-chatura-Bharatanum | tarkka-vidy&-visarada- 
vich&r- jiratanum | sabda-Tidydrsamagra-laksbana-sa-sikshanum I yfida-vidyi- 
parikshiUdakshanum | sakala-purana-punjitarttha-ratna-ko^anum | purushi- 
rttha-sarttha-mOla-satya-mani-bhdshanum | kavitya-tatva-nisita-buddhiyum | 
a-vandhya-mantra-siddhiyum | ldk&ldkana-srlkar&k&ranum | satva-samutpanna- 
sobhikli-gunadh&ranum | E&mbhdja-yaji-raji-sancbarana-tarala-dbarani-yalaya- 
nam | vijaya-kadajika-kadamba-chumbita-viyad-valayanum | gajarija-ganda- 
vijaya-dindim&y am&ndddamara-madhukara-patala-gbatita-piffcbb&tapatran urn f 
para-yadhft-putranum | kar^la-karayala4arddtda-nirddbiita-mandalika-mriga- 
ydthanum | Gandagiri-nathanum | P^ndya-ganda-saila-nirbhedana-ka}a-dam- 
bholiyum | Tula-nripala-hridaya-vidalana-praka^a-rana-kSliyum | Jagaddeva- 
bala-vilaya-Bhairavanum | Somes vara- prachanda- vedanda-kabalana-prabala- 
kanthiravanum | Chakrakuta-pitha-Manikya-devi-samaksha-laksha-samaratdpa- 
num | Adiyamavalepa-lopa-nipuna-ch^panum | Narasimhabrahma-bhfLja-bhaiija- 
na-prabhanjananum | Kalapala-kapala-chashaka-sonitapana-tushta-yOgini-mano- 
ranjananum I Chengiri-bhujanga-bhangakara-khadga-khaga-rljanum I malaraja- 
riijanum | Irungola-kunta-kadala-yana-vidalana-karala-sundalanum | bala-pado- 
ddhftfa - dhuli - dhusarita - dikpalanum I Chengiri - Per m mala - k utkila - chalana - 
cbafcura-chapa- Vainyanum | Patti-Permmala-pratisbth^Dusbthitatma-sainya- 
num | atmikrita-Talayana-puranum | angikrita-Konga-vishayanum | avalambita- 
Nolambavadiyum | dClrikritari-vargganum | urikrita-Nila-parvvatanum | urari- 
krita-Eolala-puranum | unmulita-Kovaturanam | uttaralita-Teriytlranum | ull- 
anghita-Vallaranumi udghatita-Nangali-puraaum | utpatita-Gbatta-kapatanumi 
utkampita-Kanchi-paranum | uddandita-prachanda-tSjanum | uttambhita-kirtti- 
dhvajanum | ujjrimbhita-vijaya-bh8ri-ravanum | bhuja-balavashtambha-sambhtl- 
ta-yitta-yirachita-yichitra-Vijaya-N^r&yanottunga-bhayananum | yira-vitarana- 
vi^sa-kal4bhim&na-nuti-mukhara-sakala-bhuvananum I kaya-kanti-parihasita- 
k&ncbananum | s^rdddla-lanchhananum | Padma-sadma-tapar-puta-V6da-parvva- 
tidhisvaranum | riLja-samaja-bh&svaranum | yasar-prasara-paripftrnna-padma- 
jandanum | maleparol gandanum | Kaveri-tira-vana-vihara-mada-mar§Jaiium | su- 
bhata-saraara-keli-ldlanum | lokopakara-par&yananum | Vijaya-Narayananum | 

Digitized by 


Bdur TqHaj^. 133 

alim munn irivanum | saury yam am merevanum enisida Irimat-Tribhuvana-malla- 
bhuja^mla-Vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devar mudal Nangaliya Padi- 
ya-gbattam tenkal Kongu Cheram Anamale paduval Konkanada Barakanilra-gha- 
•ttav adiyagi badagal Savimaleyind olagada bbttmiyam bhuja-balavashtambhadim 
paripalisuttam ll 

svasti samasta - mangalabhy uday a - kara - lakshan&bhirameyum | 
saubh&gya-simeyum | Balipura-vara-ksbira-varasi-janita-Kamaleyum i visuddha- 
chara-vimaleyum | irimad-Dharmm^vara^deva-labdba-vara-prasadeyum | lsa- 
pura-rachita-Ramesyara-prftsadeyum | Vishnuvarddhana-mano-raga-sagarabhi- 
varddbana-chandra-lekheyum | pari vara -pbalita-kal pa -kuja-sakhey urn | sad- 
arttha-sarasa-samay6chita-vachana-madhura-ra8a - syandi - vadanaravindey um | 
garbbha-vasundhareyum | lavanya-sindhu-vel& - lilayamana - kSkarati - bandhure- 
yum | Bharatagama-bhavana-nihita-mabaniya-mati-pradipeyum | yinaya-viDa- 
mad-vilasini-kadamba-lambalakalamba-charana-nakba-kirana-kal^peyum i daya- 
rasamritapurnna-vadana-vidhu-bimbeyum | anilna-dinabbiman&valambeyuih | 
vicbitra-narttana-pravarttana - patra - sikhamaniy um | sakala - samaya - rakshk- 
raaniyum i sangfta-sanagata-Sarasvatiyum | pati-vinay&vidit&rundbatiyum | sauti- 
gandha-hastiyum i ity-adi-nam&valf-prasasteyum enisida Irimat-piriy-arasi patta- 
maba-d^vi-Santala-Deviyar-vverasu sriman-maha-pattanam Velapurada nelevSdi- 
doI Srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Devar sukba-sankatba-vinddadim rajyam 
geyyuttam irddu II 

N&rayanaya namab || svasti samasta -mangalabhyudayakara- 
lakshana-lakshitamum | sabdarvidyeyante sfitra-mukba-siddhamam | sruti- 
kadambadante pada-kramanuviddhamum | Trivikram&vataradantire upakrama- 
pravriddbamum i Chaturmmukbanante kamalodbhavamum | SaSi-khanda-manda- 
nanante sila-putrikalankritamum | Satakratuvinante nayanabhiramamum | 
kula-giriyante dridba-mula-bandhamum | jalasayadante kamuddll&siyam I Meru- 
giriyante bahu-kanaka-ghatitamum | Hara-giriyante vrisha-padankitamum | 
guru-varanam agiyum tamo-gunam alladeyum | stambba-sambbritam agiyum 
rajd-gunam alladeyum | harshotkarshakariy agiyum satva-gunam alladeyum | 
simha-gajavaliyan uljadagiyum gabanam alladeyum | jalanidhiyante gabhir&n- 
tarangamum | Kanakasikhariyante dhriva-gati-niratamum | chandra-mandalad- 
ante sudhavalambiyum | ravi-mandaladante viyat-patba-varttiyum | gagana- 
mandaladante bha-gana-sankrantamum | bahu-kuta-koti-ghatita-kalasa-vilasita- 
mum | bahu-bhumikodbhasita-sri-mukha-dvaramum* | uttambhita-dbvaja-pa^a- 
palla. . .mtoa-gagana-valayamumldhar^bhara^bira-Naga-raja-bridaya-darsita- 

gurutvamum | labdha-mahatva m appa sriman-mab&-pr&8&dadole 11 

Narayanaya namah fi svasti samasta-jagad-udayakara-chatura-Chaturanano- 

dbbuti-puta-pundarika-dala-dhavalitodara kta-hala-mukha-sam&krishta- 


Digitized by 


134 fetor Taktq. 

nam | amTita-mathana^amaya^amsikta-su-vyakta-bindu-brinda-taraldta-vikat^ 

rakshasthala-viya nija-khura-ghatita-bila-galita-sakala-jaladhi-jala- 

karddamita - p&t&la - panka-k61I - vilola-varaha - vb pa-h§l& - sarau ttalita - dharatala- 
num | jagat.kantak6tkantha-Da5akantha-katttha-ktoda-8handa-khandana.pra.' 
chanda-kanda . . . samudbhiita-vijaya-vikhy&ta.-RS.m&vataranumi dharanl-bharava- 
t&ra-rachita-Pindavopak&ranum [ BaU-kara-niyukta-dh&rii-pravarddhamana- 

Trinkramftvatara-mita-dharanl-mandalanum i ati-krdra-danuja-rinasa-yirachito- 
p&ya-rakshitAkhandalanum | sur&sura - kacakrishyataina - Mandara-bhramana- 
garbbbtkrita-sakala-satvanum | a-jnatarparam&rttha-svardpan agiyum prakata- 
num | a-nikattkrita-nikatanum | a-ddrikrita-dHranum | a-tungikrita-tunganum i 
a-sftkshmikrita-sftkshmanum | a-gahanikrita-gahananum I anavanata-gabhira- 
num | a-vi3t&ryyamana-vi3tirnnanum | sakala-bhuvana-sampurnnanum | sam- 
s&ra-samuchita-tamas-patala-vighatana-pradipanum | Param-Brahraa-svarflpa- 
num | ati-prasannanum | Chennanuv enipa §rimad-Vijaya-Narayana-d§varam 
Srtmad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-DSvar ssad-bhaktiyim su-pratishthitam madi 
Saka-varsha s&sirada mftvatt-ombhattaneya Hemalambi-samvatsarada Chaitra- 
suddha-pancharai-Vaddvara sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara Sri-Channa-KSsava- 
dSvara sri-Lakshmi-Narayana-d$vara nitya-naimittika-divy&nga-bhoga tri-kala- 
kottana-volag&da samasta-vtiligada jirita-varggakav agi sarvva-namasya samasta- 

kanike sahita §ri-padadalli dharit-pftrvvakam madida vritti Vela- 

purada bidu - chatus - si me- sunka- ponnaya - sahita Devalige - nad - Emmesandi- 
hanneradu | ft-n&dinda yftra Basavanahalli | Kodagi-nada Barasi hanneradu | 
Nidugunda halligalu sahita | Abbidoje | Tagare-n&d eradu hasude halligalu 
sahita | Ballavi-n&da Hadiyavolalu i Ativaligeya Manali-nada Morasu hanneradu | 
Nekku-n&da Kesukodu halligalu sahita | Maise-n&da Bedagere | Asandi-nad 
eradum DSvanftru-chatus-sima-sahitam tri-vikramam madida divya-sri-p&da- 
padmangalige samarppisidaru | initajinda mikka-dhanamum bhaktar-ayamum 
khanda - sphutita- jirnnoddharakkav ekadasavataran enisida sri - Vishnu- 
rarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru II («•«*! final rerset) 

d§va-dravya-vin&sena brahmasva-haranena cha | 

tad-dhanam kula-nasaya bhaved atma-vadhaya cha II 
N&rayan&ya namah || 


At the bottom of the same stone. 
Svasti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram Tribhuvana-mallan asahaya-sura nissanka- 
malla sri-Vishnuvarddhana-pratapa^Hoysal-Ballala-DSvara besadiiii sriman- 

Digitized by 


Belwr Taluq. 135 

maha-pradhanam beggade-Bftchimayya Affcheyindam haduval &d SJu-n&din- 
adhik&ravam raaduvalliy a-nad-olagana sri-Vijaya-Narayana-devara hannerad- 
ftralu halligalalum kanikey ugrana paridhana bedungolu chalaya dayadeje 
haduvara biravana nal-(t)ettu naluganti nall&ma dandaya tavudey-olag&da 
samasta-kijukudav ellavam §aka-varsba 1095 ueya Vijaya-samvatsarada 
dalu dharfirpdrvvakam madi Ballala-DSvam bittan a-chandiarkka-t&ram-baralu 
dharmmakk Axanum pratikdlar adavarige Sri-Varanasiyal asankbyav appa 
br&hmanaruvam kavilegaluvam prana-hani-madida dosha h 
dauad va p&lanad vapi d&nach-chbreyd'nupalanam | 
dan at svarggam avapnoti palanad a-cbyutam padam II 
antu §ri-Vijaya-Nar&yana-d8varige japa-h6oja-nitya-s6ve-parayanangalgav &gi 
sri-Kesavapurada bbattarkkalu n&sa-yippattakam sarvva-namasyav agi divya- 
sannidhiyalu dhara-pfirvvakam madi Herggara Devalige-nada Hiriya-Muguli- 
halligalu sabita Chikanahalliya kramadalu Subhapurada bhattarkkal ippatt- 
ondakkam sarvva-namasyav agi Benneytiru-halligalu sahitav I-sthalada sthanika 
Srivaishnavaru mfivattakkam Tagare-n&da Nitt&rum sarvva-namasyav int 
initum sri-Kesava-devara divyabharana || Hiriya-Muguliyim sri-Vijaya-Narayana- 
d§vara vritti aydikka yalla keyeyum sarvam&nya sri-Vijaya-Narayana-dfivara 
kilarake Maise - nada Banteyauahalliyam sri- Vira-Ballala-DSvaru sarvva- 
namasyav agi kottar h 


On a bronze lamp-stand in the same temple. 
Yuva-samvatsarada Margasira-ba 10 Mam sriman-mabarrajadbiraja raja-para- 
m&Svara Sri-vira-Harihara-Rayara maneya pradhani Gundapa-dannayakaru 
madisida kanchina kambba divige 1 kancbige ga 50 pala 4 (another tide) Patanada 
kancbagaga Marala-Ninddjana makalu Kaloja-Anakojagalu madiddu 


On a bronze lamp-stand in the treasury of the same temple. 
Yuya-samvatsarada Marggasira ba 10 Mam sriman-mahar&jadhir&ja rilja-para- 
mesvara sri-vira-maha-Harihara-Rayara maneya srimanu niabiUpradhfLnam 


In the same temple, on the kalasa of the vimina. 

(Nagart charaotert) 

Svasti §rlmat-Sak&bdS nidhi-gagana-guna-kshmA-mite Pr&bbav&dyS 
mtoe tat-pdrnnimayam Harihara-nripatau Muddape mantri-varye | 
sasaty urvim cba sarvam Malagarasa-vibhuh khyata-KAsmira-vameab 
pr&sadam Kesavasya sphuta-ruchi-kalasenanchayat kanchaaena 1309 || 

Digitized by 


136 Bdttr Taluq. 


Srimat-punyd Sak&bde giaha-Sara-rasa-bhd-sammite Nala-naija- 
JySshtS tat-krisbna-paiichamy-asama-Guru-dine Krishna-bhdpe cba saumyS | 
Nanj&khyS rajni sasaty akbila-bhuvam asau Venkatakhyo nrip&lah 
priU&dam KSSavasya stbira-kala5a-yutam k&rayam&sa divyam 1659 I! 


Srlmad-ramyS Sak&bdS nagarnidhi-rasa-bhft-ganyam&n& Jay&khy8 
dT&daSy&m sukla-pakshe Nabhasi Guru-dine Ch&ma-R&jd nrip&le | 
Staaty urrim Navaba-pravara-Babadare Haidar-Aly-&kbya-bbttp§ 
pr&s&dam Kesavasya sthira-kalaSa-yutam Nanjay&ryd vyat&nit 1697 || 


In the same temple, on a pillar of the Ine-bigihu 
(South faoe) Panchik§Svara | Dhanu-parbba tiru-v§te | satra | yati-bhikshe | vidft- 
y&tti | bariy&nada b&leyahangu | bhaktar ikkisuva dande-vanam&legalu | int 
f-dharmmangal ella todu-vaddiyalli nadavant agi madida bija-vonnugalu 
hiriya-dev&lyada teiikana-bfigila paduvana-godeyalli kula-sahita baradiddaha?u i 
iyanu dharmmam kedadahange n6di pftlisade iddavaru krftra-narakagal 

anubbogisuvaru (*tu»l final tene) 

sva-dattad dvi-gunam punyam purbba-datt&nupalanam | 
purbba-dattapaharena sva-dattam nishphalam bhavet h 
mattam sriman-mah^-pradhdnam angarakka Someya-dannayakaru Kesava- 
nathange anga-bhoga amrita-padige bitta Sige-nada Settiayahalliya siddaya ga 
100 kkam braya kula-sahita baradi(du)hudu adanu braya pallatav &gadahange 
nddi palisuvudu 


(East faoe) Guliyakereyalu Tiruvengada-dasaru Tanupole-Vengadayeya kayalu 
kooda maneya chatus-sime Patayana Maleyavinnana maneyim paduvalu ritja- 
bidiyim badagalu Yamme-Yallapana maneyim niudalu koteyim tenkalu yint i- 
chatus-simeya mane padinentulula Srivaishnavarige Vithala-Deviyaru madida 


On a stone in the right comer outside the Ane-bigilu of the same temple. 
Subham astu 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi | 

mula-stambhaya Sambhave h 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 137 

sri Jay&bhyudaya Salivahana-saka-varu Bhadrapada-bahula 30 

llu sriman-mab&rajadbi mani Sri-vira-prat&pa 

rajaraja-kula Anjaneya. . . akhila ambuja-nivasa kamala- 

lochana kamala-sambhava lapurada Sri-Channa-KeSava-n&tha- 

devara divya-sri-p&da-padmangala mahar&ya badapada 

kumararu Siogaiya dare tamma tande .tamma 

tayi dharmmav agabekendu nu kattisi 

vijaya-daiami (r«»t gone) 


On the pedestal of an image in the ma?tap& to the west of the same temple. 

Srimanu Lokkigundiyara bhava balara-deva biruda-rdvaribha-kanthirava 

chatu. . .biruda-rfcyari-gondaja-badiva Kali-yuga-ViSvakarmman emba r&variyu 


On copper plates in the same temple. 

(1 6)§rimat-trail6kya-pftjyaya sarvva-karmma-su-saksbine | 

phaladaya namd nityam Kesavaya Siyaya cba | 

Srisddar&mbaja-bhay&d udito'trir Atri- 

jatendu-putra-Budha-putra-Purdravastah [ 

Ayus tatas cba Nabushd Nabushad Yayatis | 

tasm&d Yadur yYadu-kule Yadavo babhftyuh || 

khyatesbu teshu nripatih kathita^ kadachit 

kaschid vanfi muni-varena Salami karalam | 

iardd&lakam pratibi Poysala ity ato' bhdt 

tasyibhidhft muni-vacho'pi cbam&ru-lakshma(m) n 

tato Dvaravatl-nathah Poysala dylpi-lanchchhan^h | 

jatas Sasapure tSshu Vinayaditya-bhapatih || 

mandaJagra-samutpanna-tejasS. d?id-ba}&bdhaya^ | 

ikrisbya jiyanam tfina niSSesham 8dshit& bhuTi(h) || 

pritim sa sva-karfina vi5ya-bhuvanasydtp4dayan chandravat 

bhitim yairi-kuleshu danda-mukhatas sampadayan Dbarmmavat | 

sphitim sadhu-jane nijayataranad aropayan Krishnavach 

cbakrg Suklataram yard nija-yasaS-chakrS^a chakram bhuvak n 

sa Sri-vriddhikaram karam jana-hitam kritva dbar&m palayan 

sveta-chchhatra-8ahasra-(IIa)patra-kamale Lakshmim chiram yftsayan i 

dor-ddande ripu-kbandanaika-chature vlra-sriyam nlitayan 

chiksh^pakhija-dikshu sikshita-ripus tejafc prasastodayam || 


Digitized by 


U3S MMw* Tctiuqi 

» Koaka%igar ivana Jdkuigada | 
kaiikanav idu namman ehuro mulugisug enutam | 
bhdnkal kedapmnam nis- | 
. Saakaait panyiftan alt* Viaayftdityam 11 
ttkb&ra ▼&£▼& aa-mekhaJiva 
amihamsu-bimbasya aadb&mburiieh | 
sur&GbaJasyfcbhavad agrarbh&ma 
tasya priy& Srl-Kelayabba-nama(h) h 
6ang&-payodhy6r iva pnnyflrhdtnh 
sangas tay6r apy abharat su-hetuh I 
putras tatd'bbttd Ejaganga-n&m& 
8im& guna-gr§Jiia-bhritam prasiddhah 11 
Dharadharo bbuja-balavat&m Malavadhi§varanam 
Bhdj$naajd-vijita-ripun& varddhita y& prasiddha | 
s&bhttd apdianam ahita-bhft-bh6jan8 yasya pftrvvam 
Kauber&Saryijaya-samayS varnyatd kim sa yirab || 

kare vididu Baloyavattana- | m urivudu? Ereyanga-nripana kopanalaoim i 
8mariyi8idadu R&ma-eara- I sphurit^gniyan abdhi-vichi-nichayachakitam n 
a-narapatig ambbodhig a- | nfcna-gabhirateye samanisirppant ire san- I 
m&nini Y8chala-D§vi(II b) ma- I no-nayana-priti samanisire samanisidal h 
ubbaya-kula-Suddhey enip a- 1 subha-lakshanegam su-charita-charitan enipp a-i 
prabhugam m&var ttaneyar | subhagar vVall&la-Vishnu-Vuday&dityar || 
Sruti-kathita-pathadol amard ire I 
gatigal Suddhatma-tatyadolu nimird ire san- | 
matigal puny&tmar avar | 
stutigam r&jyakkam oppe bhajanam adar h 
jayati dbarani-lokottamsitatmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-g68hthl-praudha-vani-vin6das | 
vipula-vijaya-laksbmi-vallabho Vishnu-Devah h 
nigfldha-mantranga-pado balanvitah 
svabbava-§au[n]dira-katb6ra-karpparah | 
bibhartti bharanata-tuchchha-kachchhapas 
tadiya-b&hur gghana-khadga-kandharah n 
yad-adhvar&d uddhata-dhdma-sanchayad 
ghanlbhavan-mSgha-chayS charan gajah | 
Satakratoh k&rshnyam upetya j&yate 
bhajaya dhanyd nripatis sa bh&tald || 

sada niydgah Purushdttam&rchchanS # 

dbarayand d^Lna-chayS pbala-prade | 
karasya cbitram nripatea sa-karmmanah 
kathora-marggd mridut& cha drisyatS || 

Digitized by 



e g&%o§lds&&' £>&&&) &Q:n 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 139 

modalol Poysala-r&jya-lakshmiy-odavam tfil-valpinim taldi tann | 
udayam ranjise tanna ba(IIIa)lp odave tann fixpp eye tann fijne mi- | 
ye disa-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke tarn l 
modal &dam Yadu-vamsa-yarddhauakaram §ri-Vi8hnu-bhfipalaka[m] n 
pingade tolol korvvi ma- | 
langire jaya-lakshmi lakshmi varddhise suttam | 
Gangara kurupina puramam | 
tunga-ba}am Vishnuv emba Bhuja-bala-Ganga 11 
svasti 8amadbigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaranu | D?&r&vati- 
pura-varfisvaranu | Yadu-kola-kalaSa-kalita-nripa-dharmma-harmmya-miila- 
stambhanu | apratibata-pratapa-vidita-vijay&rambhanu | VAsantik&-devt-la- 
bdha-vara-pras&danu | Srfman-Mukunda-padaravinda-vandana-vinddanu | a- 
kshunna-Laksbmi-lakshita-vaksbak-pradeSanum | pratidinSpachiyamfcna- punya- 
pravesanu | vinamad-ahita-bbaya-chakita-mukha-bimbavalamba-sphatika-pada- 
pitha-vinyasta-pada-talanu | svfitfUapatra-sitalikrita-bhfttaJanu | sneha-nihita- 
raja-lakshmi-kataksha-cbcbhat&yam&na-dhavala- chamararuhSpavijyamananu | 
8audira-sara8a-vlra-kathakarnnandtt!rnna - harsha- pulaka- santananum | ripu- 
ganda-mandalanum I antlna-yibhava|6kanagamandtkantbitAkhandaIanum I vika- 

kSyura-kirttimukbanum | mridu-madhura-vachana-manda-8mita-sudb8r(III6) 
rasa-syandi-vadana-vidho-bimba-pra^da-sakhanuih | bahu-samara-labdha-vija- 
y&r&dha-vikram&tikarkkasa-bhuja-yugalanu | bhata-kataka-bhuj&(andtkantba- 
vijaya-lakshmi - dridblkarana - kbadga - nigalanu | sevagamana-samay a-kamini- 
madbukara-nikara-jbankara-mukhatit&sth&na-ranganu | ntti-nitambinl-hridaya- 
gabhirantaraBganu | vira-lakshmi-vibara-sastra-nandan^bhiramanu | &aran&- 
gata-kubhrit-kula-niyukta-kshSmanum | sangita-prasanga-bbangi-sangata- 
chatura-Bharatanum | tarkka-vidy&-vicbara-niratanum | sabda-vidy^-samagra- 
lakshana-su-sikshanum | v&da-vidy&-parlk8h&-dakshanum | sakala-pur&na-punji- 
tarttha-ratna-koSanum | Kauibboja-v&ji-raji-sancharana-tarala-dharanl-yalaya- 
nnm | yijaya-kadalika-kadamba-chumbita-viyad-valayanum | Pandya-ganda-saija- 
nirbbSdan&-k&la-dambh61iyum | Tulu-nrip&la-bridaya-yidalana-prakata-raaar 
kfiliyuxh I Jagaddeva-bala-vilaya-Bhairavanuifi i AdiyAm&valSpa-ldpa-nipnna- 
cb&pannm | NarasimhabrabEaa-bbiija-bhanjana-prabbanjaiianum | Kalapila- 
kapila-cbashaka-iSnitApana-tushta-yoginl-mandranjananum I Chengiri-bhujanga- 
bhangakara-khadgarkhaga-rajanum | mala-raja-rajanum I Irungoja-kunta-kadali- ndalanum | atmikrita-Talavanapuranum | angikrita- 
(kom)Konga-visbayanum | avalambi(IVa)ta-Nonambav&diyum I drikrita-Kolala- 
puranum j unmCdita-Kovatftranum | uttaralita-Tereyuranum | ullanghita- 
Vaimranuxh | utkampita-E&ncbi-paranum I bbuja-bal^vashtambha-sambbMar 


Digitized by 


E40 Bdur Tahf. 

▼^^▼iraahita-vichltr^Vijaya^Niriljandttunga-bhayananQih | yaSab-prasara- 
paripftrn^padmaj&ndanum | malaparolu gandanum | subhata-samara-kSli- 
Idlaaiam | aiim munn iyiyaauHi sauryyamam megavanum enisida srimat- 
Tribtroyana-malla - bhujai-bala - Vtra -Gariga-Vishnuvarddhana - Poysala- D£varu 
uftdalu Nangaliya Padiya-ghatta | tenkalu Kongu Cbiram Anamale | paduvalu 
Koaka^ada B&rakanftra-gbattay &di I badagalu S&yimaleyind olagada bb&miyam 
bhuja-bal&vaahUmbbadim parip&lisuttam Q 

sy«ti samasta - mangalabhy udayakara - lakshanabhir&meyum j 
wwibtogya-afmeyum | Balipara-vara-kshira-var^i-jaaita-Kamaleynm | yisuddhi- 
oh&rfr-yimaleytLifi | Vishnavarddhana-mand-raga-sagar^bbiyarddhana-cbandra- 
lSkhayum | pariyara-phalita-kalpa-kuja-sakheyum | sad-arttha-sarasa-samayd- 
cbita-vachana-madhu- rasa- syandi- vadaniravindeyum | Nagar&ja-nandana- 
pad&rayindaryandana-yarddhit&nandeyum | kala-kal&pa-ratna-garbbha-vasun- 
dhareyum | l^vanya-sindhu-vel^-lilayaraana-kekar^ti-baDdhureyum | (IV b) 
vicbitra-narttana-pravarttana - p&tra - sikh&maniy urn | sakala - samaya - rakshfc- 
raaniyuih | sayati-gandha-hastiyum | ity-fcii-n&mjivali-praSasteyuni enisida 
Srlmat-piriy-arasi patta^mab&-d3vi-Santala - Deviyar - vverasu Sriman - maba- 
pattanam Vdl&purada nelevidinolu srimad-Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Deyaru 
sukba-saAkatM-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam irdda II 

srasti samasta - mangaUbhyudayakara - laksbana - lakshitamum | 
iabda-yidyeyante sfttra-mukha-siddhamum I sruti-kadambadante pada-kram&nu- 
yiddhamum | Triyikram&yat&radantir upakrama-prayriddhamum | Chaturm- 
mukhanante kamalodbhayamu | SaSi-khanda-mandananante §ila-putrikalankrita- 
muifi i Satakratuyinante nayan&bhir&mamum | kula-giriyante dridha-mftla- 
bandhamum | jalasayadante kumud611&siyum | Hara-giriyante yrisha-pad&rikita- 
mum | guru-varanam &giyum tamd-gunam alladeyum | stambha-sambhritam 
ftgiyum rajd-gunam alladeyu | harshotkarsham agiyum satya-gunam alladeyuiii 
simha-gajayaliyan ulludagiyum gahanam alladeyum I jalanidhiyante gabhiran- 
tarangamum i Eanakasikbariyante dhruya-gati-niratamum | chandra-mandalad- 
ante sudhavalambiyum i ravi-mandaladante viyat(Va)-patha-varttiyuih| gagana- 
mandaladante bha-gana-saukr&ntamum I bahu-kdta-koti-ghatita-kalasa-vilasita- 
mum | babu-bbttmikddbba8ita-srt-mukba-dy&ramum enisida sriman-maha- 
pr&s&dadol 11 

srasti samasta- jagad - udayakara-chatura-Chaturananddbhati-ptlta- 
pundarika - dhavalitodaran urn | bhu ja -bala - niyukta - hala - mukba - samakrish ta- 
YamuniUnadi-prav&ha-yidita- samartthya-mudri - bhadra - Balabhadra - sahodara- 
num | amrita-mathana-samaya-samsikta-su-yyakta-bindu-brinda-t&rakita-yikata- 
vakshasthaja- yiy attalanum | nija -kbura - gbatita - vigalita - sakala- jaladhi- ja}a - 
karddamita - p&t&la - panka-keli - vilola-varaha - rH pa-bela - samuttalita - dhar&tala- 
nuA | dbaranl-bhanivatara-Pandavopakaranum | Bali -kara- niyukta -dhar&- 
pravarddham A na-vriddhi-lat^rtldhoddandarpadmajanda - sprig - &dhara - dand&y a^- 

Digitized by 



P &&> so #s*&s^ am Qcgso stt& 

(g) ©D 6j & # 5} (Si SO 8 £> odJ ^<g 









Digitized by 


Digitized by 


Belur Tdluq. 141 

mana -kale vara - Tri vikramavatara - mita - d harani- mandal an um | ati-kr&ra- 
danuja-vinasa-virachitdpaya-rakshitakhandalanum | sur&sura-karakrishyam&na- 
Mandara-bhramana-bhara - sahatidhira-kamathakara-dar§ita-dridhatvanum | 
parama-mahat-parimana-garbbhikrita-sakala-satvanum | ajMta-param4rttha- 
syarftpan agiyum prakatanum | a-nikatikrita-nikatanum I a-dtlrikrita-dtiranum | 
a-tungikrita-tunganum I a-sdkshmikrita-stlkshmanam | a-gahanikrita-gahana- 
num | anavaratargabhiranum | a^vi(V 6)8t&ryyam&na-vistlrnnanum I Param- 
Brahma-svarCtpanum enipa Srimad-Vijaya-Narayana-dSvaram Srimad-Vishnu- 
varddhana-Poysala-D£var ssad-bhaktiyim su-pratishthitam mfidi Saka-varsha 
sasirada mflvatt-ombhatteneya Heraalambi- samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha- 
pafichami-Adiv&ra 5rI-Vijaya-N&r&yana-d6vara sri-Chenna-Ke5ava-d&vara irt- 
Lakshmi-Narayana-devara nitya-naimittika-divy&nga-bbdga tri-kfila-niyfidya 
Srivaishnavara br&hmanara mantra-gita-patra-paguda vidy&vantara mMag&rar- 
fixati-kottana-volagfida sama6t[a]-ftligada jinta-varggakkav &gi sarvya-namasya 
samasta-kirukula-dSvi-devana kanike sabita sri-padadalli dhara-pdrvvakam 
madida vritti Velapurada bidu-chatus-sime-sunka-ponnaya-sahita | Devalige-nad- 
Emmesandi-hanneradu | &-nadinda vftra | Basavanahalli | Kodagi-nada Barasi- 
banneradu ] Nidugunda halligalu sabita I Abbido^e | Tagare-nad eradu hasudegalu 
halli sahita i Ballavi-nfida Hadiyara volalu | Undadi | jalagara m&ni | Godagara 
va(VIa)li Keyagalfrru | Attivaligeya Manali-nada morasu hanneradu | Nekku- 
n&da Kesakodu halligalu sabita I Maise-nada Bedagefe ] JBanteyanahalli | 
Asandi-nad eradum | Dfiyanflru cbatUs-slma-sabita I Hiriya-Muguliyal aydu- 
vrittigav elia-teyeyuxfa sarvya-namasya tri-vikramaih madida divya irt-p&da- 
padmangaluge samarppisidaru | initajrim mikka-dbanamum bhaktar-ayamum 
khanda-sphutita-jirnndddharakkav ek&daSavataran enisida Sri-Vishnuvarddhana- 
Poysala-Devara niyamav asthanakka rajy&bhivriddbiga §ri-Vijaya-N&rliyana- 
devara divya-sannidhanadalu japa-huta-h6mangalam maduvallige nfirippattu- 
bhattarugalige sarva-namasyavagi danam madida bhfimi Hiriya-Muguli 
Chikanahalli sahita I ippattondu-bhattarugalige BenneyClru | Areyahalli Kele- 
yabeyahalli sahita | Srivaishnavaru mtivatt-eradakkam Tagare-n&da NittCtru H 
N&rayanaya namah || 


(VI6) Tat-taneyam Yadava-vam- | §6ttaman avadata-klrtti slihasa-dhanan u- I 
dvritta-virddhi-nripalaka- | matta-dvipa-simban enisidam Narasimha || 
&sid £chala-D6vy&m hi Nfi-rasiibha-kshitttvarat | 
tasyaih patta-mahfidevy&m Ballala-prithivlpatib h 
irimach-chhri-Harasimba-D§ya-nripat6r jjato mahiyin autas 
sampraptoru-parakramo vijayate Ballala-bhiip&Jakah | 
hitva papa-mahandhakaram anisam dh arm mam samuddipayan 
srimat-Kesava-deva-pada-yugala-dhyanamritaev&danah h 

Digitized by 


L42 JfoJw To%. 

. Data»aJdia-bbaja^^ 
Hara> iya Kali-ydg&Ghchalitam dharmnuujatam | . 

jgg^tL bahu-vidham yas sthapayamasa yiras 

sa-jayati rana^malW Vtra^BaUilarbhtipab 11 . ... 

jfeid. BallftU-bhdpMah B 4lit^khila-bhiitalah | 
3^rfc[rttdrpuJadaEikasya pritbivi kammiksLyafci || 

es#yal j&lakarjalaJcam dridha-kay&tam dvara-sakhali bi- | . 

naeui-kott&ra{m] udagra-vapram udavisam Vasudevakhya-ti- | 
rttha-eaxam §rt^yija.y&di-sabda-(VII a)Yrla8anL N&rfiyanang old a kal- | 
vesadim tenkana-chakri madisidan i-Ballala-bbdpalakam n 
agalim patalav entmh desegal agaladind uddadim vydmadind ir- I 
yyagiy agal perchchi mtljumbhuvanadolese Vuchchangiyamkonda-gandam | 
maguldum Pandyam Saran bokkada karunisi tad-rajyamam kottu m&£um | 
jagadol vikhyati-vettam harana-bbaranadim Yira-Ballal%-Deyam ll 

(usual Ami Term) baravar-acharyya SClryyanam barada 11 N&rayan&ya namah n 

mangalam aha Sri 

Sri-B&laparolu-ganda ViraJJallAJa-DSya 11 

Kadajahalligalu sabita || 


Ananda-samyatsarada Chaitra-su 5 i. srimat-prat&pa-chakravartti 5ri-yira- 
S6mSSvara-Dev-arsara kumara Narasinga-Devanu Beldra Sri-Chenna-Kteaya- 
devarige Nekku-n&d-olagana Bikkigodana dhariUpCtrvyakam madi kottaru 
mangalam aba Sri 

irf-Malaparola-ganda-grt-yira-Sdmesyara-Deyasya 11 


On copper plates in the same temple. 

(Nagart ohartottn) 

(I b) Nity6dbhasi-mrinala-k6mala-nija-pr6ttunga-damshtr6chchhritam 
kshoni-chakram abhiprasarita-payah-pftrabhiramam mabat | 
sanandam vikasat-saroruba-dhiya sadyas Sarojalayam 
artldham avalokya jata-hasitah potri Harib patu vah h 
bbasvat-kuntala-santater mMurabbidd nabhi-sarojat pura | 
deva sthavara.jangamasya jagatah srashtdjvalan yan-mukham- 
bhojarama-nivasi-hamsa-vanitevabhati Vag-dSyata a 
Pushpacbapa-viSikhair anakuld kinkard ( pi sura-vrinda-vanditah | 
manaso'jani munir vVidhfis sudhir Atrir a-tri-nayano vrisha-dhvajab ll 
tad-aksbnas sindhilnam ayam ajani mitram priya-sakhas 
chakoranam ch&damanir api Harasyakbila-guroh | 

Digitized by 


Belur Tctiuq. 143 

sudha-rochir yyasminn udayati saraih panchabhir alam 

pidbatte Pushpeshus sakalam api lokam prati muhuh h 

Tadus Sudhakarasyasit kule balavad-agranih | 

prasarita-yaSas-stoma-visadtkrita-dinmukhali h 

Salakhyas tad-vam58 viSada-yaiasi kshalita-harit 

parip&ko nrtn&m iva sukrita-nLSefr samajani | 

visasmara ksbdni Sagara-mukharSrvvisa-viraha- 

vyatbam yasmin j&td balavati bharam bibhrati bbuvafc n 

♦SaSapuryyfi, sa raj&ndrah kadacbit kula-devata | 

natva Vasantiki chajn&m siddbam munim upftvisat || 

satopam sarvvam urrvltalam api tarasa kampayann atta-kdpo 

dvfp! niryyat-spbulinga-(IIa)8pburad-uru-nayanah ksbmatalalambi-valab | 

pradhvastasdsha-tiryyak kbara-nakhara-mukhoddama-kuddala-jalair 

ayata sphita-viryyas tad-abbimukham athodghatit&syas tadantm h 

Karnnata-bhasbaya t§na hoy Saleti pracbdditah | 

jagb&na dvipinam veg&t tad-vitirnna-salakay& 11 

divam yatas tatd dvipi kdpad unmilitdkshanah | 

tad-anvavaya-jatauam rajaara yatah patakatam n 

Hoysalatvam tatd yata jatas tad-vamsa-paddhatau | 

Yadundva gunadhyena Y&davatyam yatbfl, purfc ||« 

tasm&d apidayann urvvlm Adityd Vinayfamtah I 

karair ajani rfijdndrd jagat-pankaja-bddhakab || 

tatah pr6ttunga-matanga-mada-8ikta-mahitalah | 

rana-ranga-jayi §rtmaii Eyeyangd'bbavan nripah h 

tatah pushnann imam urvvim Vishnus svayam abhftt kila | 

Jishndr akbanda-viryyasya musbnams charitam ojaea h 

karala-karavalagra-kinkarikrita-satravah | 

Narasimhd'bbavat tasmat pdritarttbi-mandratbah n 

adyapi dvisbatam yadiya-katbaya karnne jvaro jayat6 

yad-danena janfis smaranti nitaram nadyapi cbint&man^] I 

yasyadyapi ya§amsi divya-sarita sparddham gunaib Jcurvwrtd 

BallaJd giri-durgga-malla iti vikbyato'bhayat tat-suteini 

tasm&d aJcsbunna^lak8bml-pada^mudit^guna-grama-dh^ma-prak«ma- 

Srtm&n udd4ma-vairi-dvipa-dalana-patu\i pr&dur&stn Nriefahhab | 

yasmin r&jany aidsham vasu Jrila dudube sarTva-saeyam samantat 

prlta ksbdni (II 6)gun6na svayam api pritbuna pidita b6 balena n 

kbadgam Vikramapala-Payusa-Siro-mastisbka-pankaTilam 

prak8bubhyan-Makar6shna-rakta-8arita prakshalya yiroddhatafb] | 

pr6dyad-vairi-kadamba-pam8U-pibitam Chdlaxh pratkb^h&pya yas . 

Ghola-sthapana Pandya-khandana iti prakhyata-kirttir J>huvi || 

• So in tht original. 

Digitized by 


144 Betor Taluq. 

T&jvr&jtritddddjna-ratharchakrapbhar&hataih | 
ggtyl&va-pattibhib klrnnam abhtit tasya ran&jiram || 
nija-bkaja-Mandara-giriiLa parimathita-duranta-vairi-var§iih | 
Sdmah prahasita-sora-Ditisuta-vIryo'bhat tatai Srtin&n || 
gbdfcanam yasya dhatyas cha$ula-khura-pu$a-prasphiitat6pa-nadai3h 
tankarair attah&sair iva kathiQa-bhatakrishta-ch^p^raliQllm | 
bbdri-bbflri-pran&daib patu-pataha-ravai^i p&titorah-kavataih 
rAtavyam Satru-sangha kuta-vitapa-kuti-kotara-sthana-bhitati h 
ydsbid-ratnam adabbra-ribhrama-padam bibhraty ap4rin gunan 
taey&eit kila BijjalSti mahishi viSvambhara-bhfrshanam I 
yasyaS charu-padaravinda-nakhara-prodyad-dyutfir anchajS 
venau sancharati kshitiSa-vanit4(m) dhanyatvam tyustaram h 
84para-v8»ranari-8at-taraka-nikaravrita | 
kirtti-ehandrikaydpSta chandra-lekh§?a sk babhau || 
yad-danam surabhilruham tirayate yach-chhris SuradhiSvaram 
yat-kirttis Sura-nimnagim Sura-gurum yad-buddhir iddha kila | 
yach-chhauryyam Vrishavaha-phala-nayana-prddyat-karala(III a)nalam 
sd'yam sarvra-gun&srayas samabhavat tasyam Nrisimho nripah 11 
&ji-kr!d4-nihita-hridayS yatra Satru-pravirais 
8&kani ldka-traya-jaya-patau Narasimha-kshitisS | 
svar-ganikyam tad-abbim ukba-sam prasthita-kshm4patinam 
sangftyabhtid atula-yilasan-mandanam Manmatharttam II 
bhedam bhedam kari-vara-gbatam satru-sainyasya virab 
khandam kbandam yudhi haya-ganan sadino yaS cha balye | 
bbangam bhangam prithu-ratha-chayan vira-yodbadbirCldban 
chhSdaifa cbhSdam nara-vara-siramsy esha k§lim karoti it 
yas sitasi-lat^-ghata-nihatarati-santatib | 
Narasiihha-kshitisS'dad artbiaam arthitam muda || 
Narasimha-mahlpaiab palayann akhiiam mabim | 
jayaty asau ripu-stoma-kari-kantbiravakritili u 
s6 v yam - samasta- prasasti - vistara - vishayibbHta-vimalatara-vichitra-cbaritrab | 
ripu-narapati-timira-barana-daksha-prachanda-prabha - bbasita - nikbila - jaladbi- 
vajaya-gotrab | Dana-samanta^bakra-cbiidamani-gana-kirana-cbaya-nirajitan- 
gbri-yuga}ab | Sriman-Narasimbo mabipalas svakiya-Hoysala-mandaJe nikhila- 
lakshmi-vijasaSrayam sva-janaka-prema-pratishtbapita-prajya-rajya-sampadam 
D8ra8amudrakhyaiii nija-rajadhantm adhivasan i Saka-varshasya chatur-adhika- 
saitti-Satottara-sahasratamasya Durmmati-saiiivatsarasya Cbaitra-suddba-dva- 
[da]9yam Bbaumavare vidbiyamana-nana-dana-prasange Kalukani-visbayantar- 
gatam prasiddba(III 6)-sima-saman vitam sva-sva-pallt-yukta-sva-palli-sahita- 
asbta-bbdga-tejas-8vamya-nidbi-niksbepa - tatakaramadi - samastanuyana-sabitam 
BeJJtiru-namanam grama[ih] | 

Digitized by 


Belur Tdluq. 145 

piyftsha-dyuti-b&ndhavas samabhavad gdtrfi kilitrfib pura 

vlro Vishnu-chamfipatir guna-gana-srt-ktrtti-ratnfckarab | 

tasy&sid guna-S&lini priyatamfc n&mna irat& Mafichala 

kinchendor iva chandrika tri-jagatA[m] chStaS-chamatkirini h 

vira-smarita-Kausaleya-charitat praudharijat^ntakae 

tyaga-prabhava-vamanikrita-Balir dharmfc cha Dharmatmajat | 


sanjatah Perumale-n&ma-viditd dandadbinathas tatah || 

radrttir yasya §asanka-bimba-vimala svaoanda-sandohiot 

kirttir yasya Sur&pagfiva gunato loka-trayi-pavani | 

yad-vani Majay&nila-pratikritis santapta-santarppanfi 

807am eri-Perumale-mantri-mukbarae sarvartthi-chintamanib h 

Rama-Krishna^kripava8a-lak8bmX-8ambh6ga-8am5rayab | 

Peruma}e-chamtlpala8 sa jatas svami-vallabhab 11 

Bell&ram agrabarartham Narasimha-mahipatib | 

adad Atri-kulay&smai Peram&}e-chamtlbbritd it 
so 1 pi Peramale-dandanathas tarn eva gramam Udbhava-Narasimha-pur&bhidha- 
nam kritva shad-aslti-vrittikam vidhaya Rig-Yajus-S&ma-tharvva-v^a-vManga- 
vMibbyab samasta-vidya-yisaradebhyd nana-gotrebbyo br&bmanfibhyd dhara- 
p&rrrakaxh pr&yachchhat || ayam Gvartbab Karnnata-bhkshaya sa-prapanchah 
prakatikriyate h 

(IV a) svasti samasta-bhuvanairaytm sakala-yibudha-jana-samsttiya- 
mana-guna-ganasrayam 8rt-pritL>t-vallabhaih bhaya-16bha-durllabbaih mab&- 
rkjadhiraja-param6§varaxfa Dv&ravati-pura-Taradbisvarm Yadava-kulambara- 
dyumani sarvvajna-chfld&mani maler^ja-raja nija-prat&pa-vir&jam&na-tfija 
malaparol ganda ganda-bberunda kadana-pracbanda ripu-timira-m&rttandan 
ek&nga-vira rana-ranga-dbfra Saniy&ra-siddhi Sura-mantri-baddbi giri-durgga- 
malla ripu-bridaya-sella chalad-anka-E&ma sangrllma-Bbima yairtbba-kantbirava 
kripa-kaumudi-vika8ita-Yadu-kula-kairava Magara-rajya-nirmmtilana Ch6}a- 
r&jya-pratishtbacbaryya P&ndya-rajya-samuddharana nissanka-pratapa-cliakra- 
vartti Hoysala bbnja-bala sri-Vira-N^raeimha-Dfiv-arasariPSaka-varshada 1184 
ueya Durmmati-samvatsarada Cbaitra-suddha-dvadait-Mangalavaradandu Kalu- 
kani-n&d & Belldra vittiya Bellflru a-k&luyalligalu (7 tio« following oonwin n*m« of 
Tiiuget) int ivu raukbyavadanta tanna kaluvalli g&dida yall&-halli-eahitav aba 
prasiddba-sima-samanvitav aba Bejltiru (16 linos following oontain douiit of grant) antu 
gady&na n&ja-aivatta-m&£u panav aidu baga mflgan ulla a-Bellftranu tamma 
mandmitran aba Perumale-dannay akarige agrahfirava madaldsuga 8 (Va) ashta- 
bhdga-tftjas-svamya-Didhi- niksh§pa- tat&k&r&m&di- samasta -bali - sahita dbara- 
pftrvvakam madi kottaru 11 a-Perumale-dannayakaru a-pariyale a-Belltiranu 
embhatt-ayu-vrittiyagi madi samasta-vidya-visaradar aba brahraanftttamarige 
dbara-pftrvvakaih madi kottaru 11 


Digitized by 


146 Beiur Taluq. 

dharmas su-sthiratam y&tu Narasimha-mahipat^h | 
y&vad dhar& dhar&dhara- yavach chaadra-divakarau h 
a-karasya karad&nam go-kdti-vadba uchyate || 
sa-karasya kara-chchhddi pr&pndti paramam padam 11 
(usual final rtrtM) mangalam aha Sri art art 



On copper plates in the same temple. 

(IfAgart efaaraotors) 

(la) Srf-BSldra Kesava-devaralu iha S&sana \\ 

Sriman-mahiUpradhana Mudeya-dannayakariga chhappann-arasara S&lu-Mtlleya 

samasta-halaru kotta sv&myada sasana h 

(I b) Sri || subham astu | 

namas tunga-siras-chumbi-chandra-chamara-charave i 

trailokya-nagararambha-mlila-stambhaya Sambbave || 

parimriSati tapana-bimbam bimba-phalaSarikayeva Heramb3 | 

nava-kamala-n^la-laksbmih sunda-kandd'sya khandayed vighnan u 
. Bdla-nagar&dhinathah Kesava-nathah sadaiva ramantyah | 

Hoyisala-mandala-makuti-gbatita-manir bhavatu bh&tayd bbavatftm | 
Srt-Harih Sri | 

&sid aSSsha-bhilp&la-malSriaiita-sasanah | 

sdma^i Soma-kulambhodheS sriinaii Bukka-mahipatih || 

Nala-Nahush&dishu rajasu rajavati kevalam jagati | 

Sri-Bukka-bhftmipalS rajani rajanvati jat& n 

ananya-labhya-saurabhya-surabhikrita-din-mukhS I 

yat-kirtti-yimal^mbhoje dyaur esh& bhramarayate li 

tasya sri-Bukka-Bajasya kum&ro'bhCtt kulodvabab | 

raja HariharaS Sambhofr Kumara iva Saktiman II 

alanghaniya yasyasin maryadaiva nayambudheh | 

anatikramaniy&bhftd dhareva dvijasat-krita n 

Chdla-KSrala-Pandyanam vijayoparjjitam yasah | 

yasya dakshina-dik-kanta-mukheadu-aiukarayate li 

Yavani-mukha-padmanam bashpa-sikara-durddioam | 

yaj-jaitra-yatra-samayah sarado'pi karoty alio h 

kalpa-druma-dhara-Meru-brabmandadi-pradat tatah | 

n&mnanalpa-(IIa)pradan kalpa-drumadiu slaghate janah h 

Sumantra iva Ramasya su-niyantrita-satravah | 

tasyabhdn Muda-dandesas sachivah pitur agatab h 

rajanain aty-Udayanam kritva ratnavali-sataih | 

Yogandharayanamatyam nyakkaroti nayena yah h 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 147 

mandalani samakramya mantrin& yena bhoginah j 

gribyante sankuchad-bhSga jiva-graham sahasrasab 11 

yan-nisrisbtair agraharair harair iva su-nirmalaih | 

alankriyante dik-kanti gunavad-dvija-mauktikaih || 

sfina-rSnakrit^d &tma-sank6cb&ch chbaran&gat&h | 

tataka-vyfijat6 yena vardhita v&rir&Sayab ii 

varnn&Sram&n&m anyfish&m maryad^m anap&layan | 

parip&layati prttyfi, yah praj&h sv& iva prajah H 

Bharatasyfeva tasyatha rakshayfi, paritosbitah | 

krishfvala-vanin-mukhyi raksha-sulkam achiklripan h 
atab param asya visesbab sarva-jana-vijn&n&ya Karnn&ta-bh&sbayfc likbyatd H 
Saka-varsha savirada mfin&ra n&kaneya Dundubhi-samvatsarada K&rttika- 
bahula-daiami-Adiv&radali svasti 8amasta-vastu-vistirnna-pr4m&nya-(II6) bhuva- 
na-vikby&ta-Bharata-khandada dakshina-diSa-bh&gada Jambd-dvlpada pancha- 
sata-vira-sasanarum anfika-guna-ganakrantarum krita-satya-vihita-chara-chari- 
trarum naya-vinaya-vijnana-viravatararum Salu-Mtlle-Banaju-parivara-samaya- 
dbarma-pratipalakarum m&ndnnataru s&basottungarum kirtty-aDgana-vallabha- 
rum Bbaladeva-V&sudeva-Khandali-Millabbadrottunga-cbanda-kirtti.vilasa-vam- 
sddbhavarum Ahichchhatrapura-var&dblSvararurii achara-purusbaru vicb&ra- 
nirnayakarum ekaika-virarum lokaika-manyamm dakshina-V&ran&si dbarma- 
dharmake oregallu dharmada nelemane cbakresvara-raya-rajadbani enisi 
negalda ubhaya-n&n§pdft§iya-tavarumane eitala-malige ity Idy-aneka-praSasti- 
sahitam • srimad-Gan&svara-Gavaresvara-devara divya-pada-padmaradhakarum 
appa Vijayanagari Hastin&vati Dorasamudra Gutti Penugundi AdavaniUdayagiri 
Cbandragiri Muluv&yi Kanchi Padevidu Chadurangapattana Mangalftru 
B&rak&ru Honnavura Chand&vura Araga Chandragutti Annigeye Huligeye | 
"Nidugalla Chimatanakallu Tariyakallu A(IIIa)nevidda-sari Kalbeya Telakalambi 
Singapattana mod a lad a santbe-sasana-pete-volagada samasta-baluvu nakbara 
parivara mummari-dandagalu sakala-svamyavantaru avara kal-gahina billa 
m&nfirp-ibbaru holiya-janguli-sahita srX-Virtipaksba-devara divya-sri-pada- 
padmada sannidhiyali vajra-vaisanigeyan ikki kullirddu tamma olage aikama- 
tyav&gi atyanta-parama-pritiyim Sriman-mahfi^pradh&na Kali-yuga-dharmmd- 
ddbaraka dharma-pratipalaka satya-kirtti Muddeya-dannayakaru namma cbhap- 
panna-desada achara-vicbarakke karttaradar agi navu avarige prithivi-ietti- 
tanava kottu ondu-sv&myavanu kottevu fc-sv&myadali S&lina vivara sthivara- 
sthalake honguttageya gramakke prati-gadyana ondakke bele | v&ravan ikkuva 
gramangalige suvarnnadaya prati-gadyana ondakke bele bbatta n&na-dh&nya 
iraya-prati-kbandaga ondakke ibbala | MtUeya-svamyada vivara navaratnakke 
beleya gady&^a nCtrakke ippana su-gandhagalige pacbcha-kappura kuru- 
ondakke haga (45 Uses following oont»in similar details of grant) yi-'mary&deya sv&mya- 
vanu sukha-mukhadali koduvaru kodade 4ru idakke vakravadaru avarige aru 

Digitized by 


148 Btiur Taluq. 

sah&yav &daru arar-ittandavanu kondavane btraniga h&kidade mangala javali 
avar-ittandavu n&du-nakhara-pariv&rake horagu 

ASvamadha-sabasram cha satyam cba tulayA dhritam I 

Asvamddha-sabasr&t tu satyam dvatiricbyatS H 
(inK*nn*d*oh*raoun)S£llu-Mtileyavara.voppa £ri-Gan§8vara-Gayaresvara dfivaru | 


In Btlniy on a pillar near the gate of the Sanskrit School. 
. .irtmad-anidiy-agrahAram Sri-Laksbmlpuravida Seftiyahaliya Srimad-a&» 
sha-mahajanangalige srimad-r^ja-guru-Rudrasakti-Devar-aliya Chandayyanu 
kot$a kraya-pram&na-patra f-S&sanasthavaha mfiyum h&ga yolage P&rita^nana 
Gdpannaoa yritti yeradum hagadolage akhanditavaha tota g&dida vondu rritti- 
yanu a-Rudrasakti-DSvara samakshadalu tat-kalochita-kraya-drabya gadyA- 
nam mftyattantlm sakalySna kaladukondu iUmah&janangalige 4-Chandayyanu 
tUronda-vrittiyam db^r^ptiryvakam m&di kottanu intapadakke A-RudraSakti- 
Dftrarum A-Cbandayyangala ibbara s?a-hastad oppa * 5rt-Gummau&tha | f5rt- 
Viiva. , • 
§ukla-sam?atsaradalu uduse-bavali 


In BAlnr, on a stone in BelagAdu Alasingar&ohirya's honse. 

(The upper portion U broken off.) 

tat6 Dv4r4vat!-natha[h]Poysal4 dvipi-lanchhanAh | 
jata8 Sashapure teshu Vinayaditya-bhftpatifc H 
4-Vinayftditya-putraoapp Ejeyangangav fichala-DSvigam mftvar ddevarante 
Ballfclam Vishnu Vudayadityar pputtidar ayarolage Yishnu-nripana vikramam 
ad entendade | t 

Tulu-desam Chakragottam Talavanapurav Uchchangi Kdl&lav elum | 
male Vallur Kanchi Kong arbbisuva Hadiya-ghattam Bayal-nadu Nila- | 
chala-durggam Rayar&ydttamapuri Tereydr Koyatdr gGondavadi- | 
sthalavam bhrd-bhangadim kond atula-bhuja-balatopan i-Vish^u-bhflpam || 
A-Vishnu-nripange vuttida Narasmha-nripana vikramam entendade I 
idirild ari-bhtipalara | 

madad &neya komban udidu dantada baleyam | 
biduvina muttina haraman | 
odavida jaya-vadhuge todisuvam Narasimham n 
m&nini Yechala-Devigav | 
a-Narasimha-kshitisvarangam negaldam | 
bhft-nuta-yikrama-nidhiyene | 
Bhanuauta-pratiman atibalam Ballalam h 

'♦Sri" and "tha" in Nagari characters, f Also io Nagari characters. 

Digitized by 


Belur Tahq. 149 

Nriga-Nahusha-Nala-Bbagtratba- | 

Sagara-Purtirava-Yudhishtiradi-nripalargg | 

aganita-mahimam n&rmmadi | 

mige-yandam nija-charitradim Ball&lam II 

asuhrit-Pindya-nripila-rakta-jaladim nfrfldi sun -embinam | 

masedam Billama-masta-i&na-taladol ghor-embinam Jaitugt- | 

prasrit&sy&mbuja-kdshadol kippuvaih ghanm-embinam k&rppu da- I 

Jlise Ball&Ja-nrip&lakam nija-bbuja-praudha-pratap&siyam || * 
STasti samasta-bhuvanfiirayam irt-prithvi-vallabham mahar&j&dhiraja para- 
mtfyaram parama-bhat^arakam Yadava-kul&mbara-dyumani samyaktva-chft- 
damani maler&ja-r&ja malaparoju ganda kadana-pracbanda ga^da-bb&rundan 
ekanga-viran asahaya-sftra Saniy&ra-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-R&ma 
niSSarika-pratapa Iloyisana VIra-BallaJa-Dfivaru Srtmad-an&diy-agrab&ram Ku- 
kkanftra-koppadalli suka-eankatba-vinddadim prithvi-rajyam gcyuttam irddalli 
saairada nfig-ippattaneya Saka-varshada Kalayukti-samvatsarada Karttikad 
ama-yase-Sdmavaradandu BichalSSvarada Cbandi-Setti m&disida sri-Harihara- 
dSvargge B&chaleSvarada aiddhayadolage gadyana hattam Srtmad-dakshina- 
chakrayartti Vfra-Ball&la-Dfiyana kaiyalu Chandi-Setti dh4r&-ptLryvakam m&disi- 
kogdn Srt-Harihara-devargge a-chandr^rkka-taram-baram saluvantagi bi^ta 
datti | 

Sri-B&d&yiya N&gi-Settfya guna-br&tangalam banniaalk- | 

avam ballan udfcra-satya-vinuta-Sri-ga^ya-puny&dayam | 

t&n int ujyaja-kirtti-mflrtti-yutanapp a-putraoam K&ti-Se- | 

ttiyan imbim padedam gun&rnnavanan end and &tanim dbanyar kr \\ 

&tana vadbu sakala-guna- | 

braUnvite Recbchiyakkan embalu pesarim | 

dhariniyoju bandhu-janakk | 

airayam enal a. . .ta ndmpiye sapbalam || . 

ant ayarge putfidam gada | 

sant&namum enisi purusha-ratuna-vitinam | 

chintamarri dorevettavol | 

ant ayarge su-putran eoisidam Cbandayya || 

atana yadhu Mftkavve ma- | 

ha-sati pati-bhakte tane dharmmakk anuku- | 

lanvite yandade pogaladar | 

kr mmahiyolu kdde tanna mahimonnatiyam || 

iri-B&cbalSSyar&di-ma- | 

hft-pura-yara-madhyadalli Hara-grihamam les- I 

agi m&di padedam khya- | 

tiyan f-Chandi-Setti settigal-araeaih I! 
Chandi-Setti t&nu Sri-Harihara-d6vargge Brahmasamndradalli marngonduiii 
dbara-ptiryvakam madi kottudu arddha-yritti || B&chalesvarada Mahadeva-Settiy 

Digitized by 


150 Belur Tcduq. 

olag&da samasta-nakharangalu kottudu angadi ondu telligara mane vandu 
bit$-6ya hdpng ai mti. . .g omm&na eieya hSjinge nily-ele | hattiya bandige h&ga 
arasinada bSpge bfile menasina hSjinge h&ga g&nakke eollag yanne angadiyalu 
sadeya. . . || . . .Puttiya makkaju kuruba sSnigaru bittudu Chaitra-pavitradalu 
m&lege h&ga n 


In BAlur, on a stone lying near the rained teppAteava-maatapa 
in the Chenna-Kdaava garden, below Viahnasamndra tank. 
Snbham astu h 

namas tnnga-sirai-chambi-chandrarch&mara-ch&raYd | 

traildkya-nagar&rambha-milla-stambh&ya SambhayS II 
syasti irt jay&dy-udaya-5&liv4hana-saka-varusha 1446 neya sanda yarttam&na 
T&ra^a-samyatsarada Sr&vana-Suddha 5 lti srfman-maharaj&dhir&ja r&ja-para- 
mSSrara srt-Yira-prat&pa-Erishna-DSya-IUya-mab&r&yara Hampeya su-kshStra- 
da nelavidinalu 8ukha-sankath&-yin6dadim rajyam geyyuvutt irppalli Sriman- 
mab&rft}&dhir&ja-r&ja-kala-d§Tate d§yat*Uchaturdda5a-bhuvan4dhi5yara bhakta- 
jana-bhaya-bhanjana SudaruSana-PaSchajanya-dharani-dhara sarva-dSvat&dhfc- 
ra muni-jana-stdmft. . . tra akshaya-hasta achintya-pramana akbil&nda-ko^i-bra- 
hmanda-nayaka Ananta-sayana ambuja-niv&sa kamala-ldcbana Eamalasambha- 
va-pitri N4radfidi-muni-n&tha Vedagiri-yiS&dhi5vara dushta-nigraha sishta-jana- 
pratipalaka abhinava-kshoni-Vaikunthav enisida Vel&purMrt-Chenna-Eesava- 
n&tha-dSyara divya-Srl-pfcda-padmangalige Enshna-D8ya-Baya-maharayara 
ttjigada Jakkana-N&yakara makalu Basayappa-N&yakaru tamma sfivege saniar- 
pisida dharma-s&sanada kramav entendare tamma tande Jakkana-Nayakarigft 
tamma t&yi Tipammanavarigft akshaya-punya-ldkav &gab3k endu Erishnappa- 
Nayakarige anSka-dharmav agabekendu teppa-kolavanu kattisi yasanta-manta- 
payanu kattisi P&lguna-ba 10 dinadalu teppa tirunala uchhaha a-uchhahakke 
cheyapu Br&hmana-bhojana nitya-stutiyaltl sy&migeudayadali ddsebenne sakhare 
madhy&nnadali aroganeyada mrishtaunada hariv&nada chhatra Brahmara jana 
40 ke yekantada paramanna chili-p&lu-kash&ya karpdra vileya yishtarakkeyu 
namage Erishna-D8va-Raya-mah&rayaru n&yakatanake palisida Vastdrey a simege 
saluva D$yanageya-n§d-olagana N&rayanapurada gr&raa 1 Halumiriya gr&ma 1 
ubhayam grama 2 kam saluva gadde beddalu tota tudike sakala-suvarnnad&ya 
sakala-bhattadaya Belura talavapkeya viseshad^ya devara simeya talayapke 
yishtara svamyada huttuvaliyanu §ri-Channigarayana sri-padakke samarpisida 
teppa-kolada dharma-s&sanake subham astu (usual final phratat and Y«rses) 

vag-dattam mand-dattam dhara-dattam ding dine | 

shashtir-yarusha-sabasr&ni yishtay&m jayate krimih || 

Parvatayananu Chennigaraya raksbisali || 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 151 


In Bdlftr, on copper plates in possession of Nirafijanaiyya. 

(Nfcgari ofaaraotort) 

Subham astu | 
namas tunga etc. y 

Harfir lflA-varfihasya damsbtrft-dandafc sa patu vat | 
H8m&dri-kalas& yatra dh&trf chhatra-Srlyam dadhan h 
kalyan&y&stu tad dbama pratyftha-timir&paham | 
yad gajd'py Agajddbhfttam Harin&pi cba ptljyatfi || 
asti kshiramayad devair matbyam&n&n mah&mbudheh | 
navanitam iYodbhdtain apanita-tamo mahah 11 
tasyasit tanayas tapdbbir atulair anvartha-nama Badhah 
puny air asya Pur&rava bhuja-balair &yur dvisham nigh d at ah | 
tasyAyur Nahusho'tha tasya parusho yuddh§ Yay^tih kshitau 
khyitas tasya tu Turrasur Vasu-nibhah Sri-Devayini-patftt n 
tad-vamse Devakl-janir didfpfi Timma-bbapatih | 
yaSasvi Tuluvendreshu Yaddh Krishna iv&nvaye H 
tato'bhfid Bukkama-janir Isvarah kshitipalakah | 
atrasam aguna-bhramsam mauli-ratnam mabibhuj&m || 
saras&d udabhut tasman Karasa-ksbitipSlakah | 
Devaki-nandanat Kamo Devaki-nandan&d iva 11 
Kaverim aiu badhva bahula-jala-rayam tarn vilanghayaiva §atrum 
jiva-graham gribitva samiti bbuja-balat tarn cha rfcjyam tadfyam | 
kritva Sriranga-ptirvam tad api nija-vase pattanam yd babh&8& 
kSrti-stmbham nikh&ya tri-bhuvana-bhavana-stftyamanapad&nat II 
Cheram Cholam cha Pandyam tarn api cha Madhuri-vallabham m&na-bhusham 
yiryddagram Turushkam Gajapati-nripatim chapi jitva tadany&n | 
a-Qanga-tira-Lanka-prathama-charama-bbubhrit-tatantam nit&ntam 
khyatah ksbonipatinam svayam iva Sirasa sasanam yd vyat&nlt II 
TippSji-Nagala-Devydb Kausalya-6rt-Sumitray6li | 
devydr iya NrisimhSndr&t tasm&t Panktirath&d iva n 
vira-irt-N&rasimhah sa Vijayanagare ratna-simh&sanasthafc 
kirtya nityam nirasyan Nriga-Nala-Nahushadin apy avany&m ath&ny&n | 
k setdr k sumerdr avanisura-nutafc syairam k chdday&drSr 
k pdich&ty&chalantad akhila-hridayam fcvarjya ritjyam sai&sa || 

(from tore to 'samindha' in lino 54 oorratponds with thoae of No. 6 of Hamad Talnq.) 

S&livahana-samyukte sakabde sa-cbatuh-sataib | 
chatus-trimsat-samfiyuktaiii sankbyMe daSabhih-Sataifc H 
Anglras&hvaye varshe m&si chAsvayujabbidhe | 
sdmdpar&ga-samaye BSvaty&m Indu-vasare H 

Digitized by 


152 Jtetwr 'Fato& 

paurnim&y&m iubhft lagne Kakod-ikhyena bhflbhriti | 
ramy&y&m Siyagang&yiih sri-Gangadhara-sannidhau || 
vara-KauSika-gdtriya Srt-Dr&byiyaaa-stttrinfi | 
irimat-Tirumal4bhikhya-dlk8hit4ndr&tmajanman8 || 
Atirfttra-maharyiga-yajiaft veda-vedine | 
pada-v&kya-pram&najiia iti khy&tim upftyusbfi 11 
SlAtrdsbu shatsv api raeodghatakS n&takSshu cba l 
k&yyfehu cba puraneshu visishy&rtham vivrinyatiJ II 
pratiT&di-budba4rdni-mada-yftraE^kd8ail i 
iti Yftda-paraiSsha-kshiti-rasi-manlshind || 
anna-d&na-bhuvA, kirttyft iy&mikapanudS bhuvah | 
db&rmik&ya pur&n&n&m bh&mikayai maoisbinam 11 
hrl-aiv&sa^sudhi-vaktra-iri-niviraka-siiktayS | 
Srtniy&s&dhvarindr&ya Srlniy&s&nghri-chStasS 11 
dttd §ri-H6$aUtbhikhye yikhyatim adhikam sritam ( 
Velliir-abhikbya-8im&ntarbh&yam chapi samasritam h 
Vegamangalatat pr&chy&m H&labaldi cba dakshinam I 
gr&m&d OdeyarahaJy-4khy&t paSchim&yam difii sthitam u 
prathitad Alati-gram&d uttarasy&m disi sthitam | 
Eupme-Maficbanaballibhy&m Chikka-Jattigahallina h 
yuktam Vdnkatan&thasya Kidankakbya-purena cha I 
Cbinn&ddytpuram cheti pratinamnopasobhitam n 
sarvam&nyam chatus-slm&rsamyutam cha samantatah | 
Hiri-Jattiga-namna cha paritam gr&mam uttamam || 
nidhi-niksh&pa-p&sh&na^iddha^&dhya-jal&nvitam | 
akshiny-igami-samyuktam fika-bhogyam sa-bh&ruham n 
y&pt-ktipa-ta^kais cha kachchhenapi samanvitam | 
putra-pautradibhir bhdgyam kram&d &-chandra-tarakara u 
d&nasy&dbamanasy&pi vikrayasy&pi chochitam | 
parltafc prayatais snigdhaih purdhita-purogamaih 11 
yiyidhair vibudhais srauta-pathikair adhikair gird | 
Krishna-Deva-mah&r&yo mananiyd man as vi nam | 
sa-hiranya-payo-dh&rarpfirvakam dattavan muda 11 
tad idam avani-vanipaka-vinuta-dharayasya Krishna-R&yasya | 
S&sanam ati-bala-sasanam uru-kara-danasya 8&padanasya || 
SrfniviU&dhvari graina-yajam&nd maha-mati^i | 
Chinn&d8vipur§ vritti sthapayitva, dasatmanah 11 
sankbyat&5 chapani vrittir atha yimsati-sankhyayd. I 
bh {lyase 5r8yasS svasya viprasad akardn muda y 
gr&nie'smin bh&suraS chatv&rimsad-vritti-samanvite | 
yrittimantd vilikhyante veda-vedanta-p^ragah h 

(80 lines following oonUin names, #tc. of vfittidArs) 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 153 

padottaraika-vrittim §rt-Vishnur gr&masya devat^ | 
atraika-vrittim apndti Sankar6 Hemalesvarah h 
Krishna-D^ya-maharaya-sasaDeDa *mah&-prabh6h I 
uktavln mridu-sandarbham tad idam tamra-sasanam h 
Mallan&ch&rya-varya{§] Srt-Vira^&ch&rya-nandanafc 1 
tUkalpam asnutS'traik&xh vrittim &&sana-l£khakah h 
(Muai final ▼•rtet) Sri-Virilp&ksha 


In the same village, on a copper plate in possession of Ka$te~Disichirya 

(Hagart characters) 
(I a) Sri Subham astu | 
namas tuftga etc. 

Hardr lUldrTar&hasya damsbtri-dandas sa p&tu yak | 
HSm&dri-kalai& yatra dhatrtchhatra-sriyam dadbaa II 
Skfcsity-adhikS pancha-satadhika-sahasrake | 
Sak&bd&n&ib Vik&risthS vatsare m&si E&rttike li 
paurnamasyam SukravfcrS 8ubha-y6ge tathaiva cha | 
Atreya-gStra-jitasya Apastambikhya-sfttrinah H 
YajuS-S&kh&dhy&yinas cba kaly&na-guna-S41inah | 
Araveti-Rama-R4j^Ranga-Rajasya pautrakah h 
Gdpala-Rajasya sutd d&na-dharma-par&yanah | 
8rtmat-8ri-Ranga-R&jag cba deva-bhHd§va-palakat n 
Srimad-raj&dhirajakhyas sri-r&ja-paramSSyarafc | 
Srimad-vira-pratApa-sri-vlrarSri-Ranga-Rayakah || 
8ri-Dey8khya-m*h&raj6 vipra-trana-par&yanah | 
Velaparakhya-nagare deva-bhtideva-gobhite n 
pttjayan KeSavam nityam akhilair yibhavair mud& | 
Tagara-n&da-Sim&y&m antarbb&yapsam&iritaxh II 

(8 line* following oontatn details of boundaries) 

§rimat-Kandayara-gramam sarva-sasyopas&bhitam | 
sarvam&nyaih chatus-sfrnfirsahitaxh tu dvi-bhdgyakam u 
nidbi-niksb6pa-p&8b&DLa-8iddhap8&dby&di-saihyuta]ii I 
ak8b!ny-&g&mi-saiiiyuktam asbta-bhSga-samanyitaxh li 
dvayebhyd dvija-varyebhyah sa-hirany6dakam dadau I 
tatra dyij&n&m namani S§kh& gStrini cha kram&t II 
irtmat-Kandayara-gr&maxh dvijan&m puratd dadau i 
j&t&ya Harite gdtre Apastambftkbya-stLtruiS n 
Datti-Bhaftasya pautrasya Vithalasya sut&ya cha I * 
Ranga-Bhattaya vidushS veda-vedanga-Ialine | 

•So in tht original. 


Digitized by 


154 BeJm Tahq. 

sarya-bhdgyais cha sahitam gr&m&rdhaxh dattay&n mud& 
Apa8tamb&khya-8dtrftya Vithaiakbyasya stlnayS || 
Datti-Bhattasya paatr&ya Giri-Bhattaya dhimat© | 
j&t&ya Harite gfttre y«da-y$danga-Saiing || 

(other pUtw milting) 


On another plate in possession of the same lehirya. 

Hardr lilH-rarahasya damsh^r&-dandas sa patu ya^ | 

HSmSdri-kalaia yatra dh&tri chhatra-sriyam dadhau 11 

namas tunga-siraS-chumbi-cbandra-cbftmara-cb&rav§ I 

trail5kya-nagarftrambha-mfila-stanibhaya sambhavS || 
svasti sri yijayabhyudaya-Saiivahana-saka-varshagalu 1582 yamba rartam&na- 
S4rvari-samvatsara-Karttika-su 15 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-pa rame§ vara srt- 
y!ra-prat&pa §ri-viia-sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-mabarayar-ayyaravaru Velapuri- 
stbaladalli ratna-simhasaniriidhar agi prithvi-s^mrajyav aiuta yiddu Atreya- 
gdtra Apastamba-sfitra YajuS-Sakhidhyayar ada Arvitti-Rama-Rajayya-Rangapa- 
R&j-ayyarayara pautrar ada Gdpaia-Raj-ayyaravara putrar ada srimad-raja- 
dhiraja raja-para mes vara sri-vlra-pratapa sri-vfra-sri-Ranga-Raya-Deva-maha- 
rayar-ayyarayara Haritasa-gotra Asvalayana-s^tra Rik-chhakb&dhyayar ada 
Marichedi-Sriniyasa-Bhattara pautrar ada Anandach&ryara putrar ada Raghu- 
n&thach&ryyarige palista bhd-d^na-dharraa-sasana-kramav entendare Bel&rige 
salluya Tagara-nadige yalagada Balltlru Tolalige mdllu Hosahallige dakshina 
BelCtrige paschima Konerllige uttaradalli ihantha Ballurolage a-vCtrige isanya- 
dalli tala-gadde kha 10 hattu-khanduga-bhCtmi i-tatha-tithi-punya-kaiadalli 
Chenna-Kesava-svami-prityarthav agi tri-vachaka-tri-karana-suddhiy agi dhara- 
pdryakadalli palistev ada karana yidakke vunt $,da nidbi-nikshepa-jala-pash^na- 
akshina-ag§,mi-siddha-8^dhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyagalannu dan&- 
dhi-vinimaya-vikraya-yogyav ahante | oinna putra-pautra-paramparyavil a- 
chandrarka-sthayiy agi anubhavisikondu babaduendu i Atreya-gdtra Apastamba- 
stltra Yajus-sakhadhyayar ada Arvitti-Rama-Raja-Rangapa-Raj-ayyaravara pau- 
trar ada Gopala-Raj-ayyaravara putrar ada srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara 
sri-vira-pratapa §ri-vira-sri-RaDga-Raya-Deva-maharayar-ayyaravaru Haritasa- 
gotra Asvaiayana-sfitra Rik-cbhakhadhyayan ada Marichedi-Srioiv&sa-Bhattara 
pautrar ada Anandacharyara putrar ada Raghunatbacharyanige palista bhft- 
dana-dharma-sasanavu (uiuai final verset) §ri-Rama. 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 155 


On another plate in possession of the same ich&rya. 

(Lines 1 to 12 the tame as in the priTiom Ho.) 

Vasisbta-g6tra Apastaraba-sfttra Yajus-sakh&dhy&yar ada Tirumala-Bhatta- 
ravara pautrar &da Rama-Bhattara putrar ada Venkat&ch&ryage palista bhti- 
d&na dharma-Sasana-kramav entendare Belftrige salluva Tagara-n&d-olagin'a 
Nauliballi | Kand&varakke paScbima Tolalige &gn§ya Mattehallige mttllu K6- 
nferlige uttara &-firige nairitya i-madhye yidda Nauliballi vol age Ucbcbana 
m&nikatte kelage kba 10 khanduga bhfcini beddalu saha f-sdmdparaga-puoya- 
k&ladalu VefikateSvararpanav agi tri-karana-saddbiyinda tri-v&ch& sa-biranyG- 
daka-dSjia-dh^ra-pflrvakadallu p&listev &da-karana yidakke un$-ada (from here to 
4 5^i.Ranga-IUya-Deva-mab&^4ya^-ayyanaYaru , in line 27 corresponds with those of the 
pritioDs Ko.) Vasisbta-gotra Apastamba-stttra Yajus-s&kh&dhy&yar ada Tirumala- 
Bhatta-pautrar ada R&m&-Bhatta-putrar ada Venkat&ch&ryarige palista bbft- 
d&na-dbarma-S&sanavu («snei final Ttrtes) sri-R&ma 


At the same Tillage, on the north-east pillar in front of the Amrittivara temple. 

Svasti Saka-varsha s&sirada nflj-ondaneya Vilambi-samvatsarada M&rggasira- 
sudda-pafcbamt-Bribaspativaradalu r&yara benkomba §rt-V!ra-Ball&la-D§varu 
irimad-r&jadh&ni-D6rasamudrada nelevidinali 8ukha-sankath&-vinddadim 
prithvi-r&jyaifa geyyuttam iral i-dina iri-Sankara-d§vara pura-varggadale mane 
m&did okkal yippatt-aidakkam devara srl-bhandaradalu modalu gadana kotta 
gady&nav ayvattu iga 50 §r!-5ankara-d§vara bhandarav allade manushyara 
k&ranav ilia f-modalu gadanan aranum kaladukondadam i-pura-varggada okk- 
algalge y&r&nuih b&de m&didad avara vaihsa nirwaxhSav akku teye sunka tappu 
terige dand&yav . .v ilia §rt-Sankara-d$var-anga~j&vave teye iri-Vira-Ball&ia- 
D§. . . prithvi-r&jyaiii geyge 


On the north-west pillar in the same plaoe. 

Anglrasa-saihvatsaradalu sri-Sankara-devara §ri-k&ryyava nadisuvallige Basa- 
▼anna B&chhaweya maga Haduva Machheya-N&yaka modal gadana kottakrama 
naivedyakke gady&nav eradu yeley-adake gady&nav ondu malegaja gady&nav 
ondu kallina gady&nav ondu antu gady&na 5 mattam Machheya-N&yaka §ri- 
k&ryyakke kofta gady&nav &yu antu gady&^a 1 1 yi-dharmmava nadasalu sakala- 

bbaktar Odeyaru (another tide effaoed) 

Digitized by 


156 Belur Taluq. 


On the south-east pillar in the same place. 
(Th« upper portion if built into tbt wall) prithvt-r&jyaxh geyyntam irddu Saka-varusha 
1142 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada Chayitra-bahnla-chaturddaSI-Sukravftradala 
rayara benkomba Hoysana sri-Vira-Narasimha-Devaru Beluhura Srf-Jadeya- 
Sankara-devarige Baljave-nada gauda. . . .avaniya bali-eahita sarbba-b&de- 
pariharav &gi diri-pftrbbakam madi ko$taru | yt-dharmmakk alihida pancha- 


At KftdlUr (same hobli), on a stone near the Harihartfvara temple. 

Namas tunga etc. fl 

iriyaih bhdgarattm kuryydd kyuh kuryy&d anamayam I 

sataia Guh&surardhyaih8f devd Hariharas sada H 

Salan embam Jina-muni hoy I 

seleyindam paliyan endade gondii mahi- | 

tajav &-yenegaih poye Hoy- | 

sala-vesaram taledud itta Yadava-vamsam h 

a-Yadu-kuladol sakala-ma- I 

ht-yuyatt-k&ntan enipa Vinayadityam | 

srlyam pilipan adan u- I 

payaj&aih tat-tanftjan Ereyanga-nripam h 

tad-apatyar bBallalam i 

vidita-gunaxh Vishnu-bhUpan Uday&dityaxh I 

Madanari-mahimar avarolu | 

hridaya-priyan akhila-dharege Vishnu-nripalam h 
atana mahimeyam pejvade | 
*r* ii kudadirdd aggada danav ill avana bina-Srenig nllalki ben- I 

gndad urbbiSvarar ilia visrita-jaya-atambham sva-n&mankitam I 

nadad aS4-tatam ilia kirtti-bharadind anandamam t&ldad ond- | 

edeynm ldkadol ill enalke negaldam sr!-Vishnu-bh{ipalakam n 
** II &-mahisana yijaya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshm4-D§vigam Narasiihha-Ddyam 
par&krama-nidhiy enisi puttidan atana vikramam pelvade i 
▼ri q Javana podarppu Chandikeya kaypu Purariya kanna kiebchn Ma- i 

dhavana gadabbighatav AmarSndrana vajra-bhavanalarchi ta- | 

ltavol ogetanda durddharatara-prabala-pratbita-pratapamam i 

bavaradol eyde biyuvudu bh&ri-bhujam Narasimha-bhftpana || 
ban n a-vibhugam patta-maha- | 

deyigay abhimana-Meru su-kavi-nidhunam | 

bhft-vandya-yikrama-krama- I 

n 8n ogalyndo tanayan enisidam Ballalam n 

Digitized by 


BeUur Tatuq. 157 

▼tf o ele-yenn &-dhaya)&tapatrada nelal samprttiyoj kftde kaj- | 
jalamam ktirasi yairi-k&nteyara kannim d&rad id&de chftr | 
palamam g6mini bi^tu p&r-uradoj endum lileyind ade dig- I 
yajay&r<idba4)huja-prat4pan esevaxh Ballala-bhftp&lakam | 
tridaggbhfindrada balpan ingadala gunpam P&rvvatl-sftti-Sai- | 
lada dhairyyfinnatiyaifa sudh&iniuva kalft-sampattiyam SaAkarfc- | 
ngada viSva-stayaniya-vrittiyan i}M6kakke tannindo m&- | 
lpud ad endum mahaniya-kirtti-yibhayaxh Ball&}a-bb&p&4akaifi U 
sa-daytntaycaranam ra^a-pra^ayi vir&grftsaraih p&pa-bbi | 
ru dio&dbtsa-lasat-prat&pan avant-t&p&pabaih Kama-sam- | 
mada-rftpam para-k&mini-vishaya-nikkamam mi}ad-bb&yaQ&- I 
spadan endum guna-vriddhan adbhuta-gunam BallaJa-bhCLp&Jakaiii h 
kw D padujam p&lipan ejeyam | 

yidita-gunam sakala-ja}adhi-jala-mekhaleyam | 
madayad-ari-kara$i-sanku}a- | 
bidu-yidalana-bhima-bahu Ball&ia-nripaih n 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-mandalesvaram | Dy&r&yatt-pura- 
yarftdbisvaram | Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadam I mrigamadam6da sa- 
mara - samay 6tpa ti ta - yijaya - s&rddilla - db vajam | hriday aravinda - mandir&ntta- 
Garodadhvajarii | par&krama-prathama-samaya-nirbbbidyam&na-ytr&ri-giri-durg- 
gaxh | rfija-nlti-paripalitartri-yarggaih | mandalika-bentekaram | Chd}a-kataka- 
Bft;ek&ram ripu-riya-ganda-bhfirundam | maleparolu gandaxh I ity-fcdy-aneka- 
n&m&yali-yir&jitar appa &rtman-mab&-manda|g8yaraih Talak&du-Kongu-Narigali- 
Gaigav8di-Nonambayadi-Banava8e.H&nungal-gonda bhoja-bala Vtra-Gangan 
asahHya-§Clra Saniv&ra-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-R&ma niisanka- 
prat&pa Hoysala Sri-Vira-Ball41a-Devaru iriman-mah^-rHjadh^ni-Ddrasamndra- 
da nelevtdinolu Bukha-sankathft-yinSdadim prithvi-rfijyam geyyuttam ire tat- 
p&da-padmdpajfri 8rtmaD-mah&-pradb&na-TantrapUa-Pemm&diy-anyayay enteD- 
dade Ayy&yale-Bajegara-Mari-Setti tenkalu-yyavah^radim bandu Poysala- 

Dfiyanaifi kandu k&ru?yaih badadu yaxh badadu mab&-prabbuy&g iral 

ataih. .garur a}iy&dan itange Basava-G&vunda N&cbarG&yunda Basaya-G&vun- 
daih Trail6kyasamudravam kattisidan fttana tamma Nacha-Gfirundange B&sa- 
GAvundaih so-putran &dan atangam Tantrap&la-S6vannana eoseyappa mahA- 

sati Cbandayyegav Umegam tSvararigam Kum&raih puftuyante irlman- 

mabfirpradbftnaxfa Tantrap&la-Hemm&diyannam putftrddu muime tann fc)da 
irf . . . .Ball&|a-D6yam tamma bappanim tolagi male-y&yd iralu samaata-maleya 
praje-gftyn^dugajam Kongalva-Changalvan-&diyada maleya mandalikarumam 
k&niti tann fcldange s&mr&jya-pattamam kaftUi pradh&na-padaviyaih padadao 
itana mabimey entehdade | 

8rita4tlaih bhuvan&Srayam paricbay&yajn&nard&raxh bodka- | 
stuta-bhavam vinutanavadya-vibhavam 8&m&dy-up&ya-pragal» | 

Digitized by 


158 Beiur Ttrtuq. 

bhatarabbynnntati Tantrap&lan eleyoj Permmftdi tkrh tMdidam i 
matiyam maymeyan olpan ftcharanamaih sampritiyam nttiyam ft 
aptada matu nalageya baddige barada dina-minasar | 
mmagayuge k&ya matu maoadol pogaponmada m&nasikkeyaih I 
nterapuva m&ta ntti-nilayakk ola-sallad am&tya-vrittiyarii | 
japvudu Tantrapalaka-Sikbamani-Permmana kirttt-dindimam h 
a-prabha Saka-y&rsha 1099 neya Hfimalambi-samyatsaradalu tanua prabhutvad 
tlr-Emmesandiya kiluhalli K&dalflralli irf-Harihara-ddvara pratishtheyaih 
m&diy a-d3vara pftje-punaskirakke tenkalu magdalu jagaleya geya badagalu 
Bennaytlra d&ri haduvala kalidhuga sandagi kadam kadidu hosa-bh&mi 
kodangada mogeyam db&ra-pilryyakam kotta alii hattidantahavara tamma' 
modalu Tantra-pala-Hemrnadiyanna Masana-Gaundana maga Bijjaya Bijja- 
Gan^dana maga Bh&teya Chaya-Gavundana maga Bijjaya Hiduvanana Bomma- 
Gaundana maga Machaya Masaneya Bachi-Gauijdana Machi-Gaunda Chinna- 
Gaundana Baseya Chikka-Chinna-Baseyan Int ivaru Kumbarahajliya siddh&ya 
gadyariav eradu hanav aydum srf-K6sava-devargge tett alliy-ada bhilmiyam irt- 
Harihara-dftyargge dbarey egada salisidaru <o«**i floai phr«Mt ond Tenet) 


At Ntrqtapusa (same hobli), on a broken stone in front of the Tillage. 

(Upper portion gone) 

nity6dbhA8i-mrina]a-kdma|a daxhstrdtthitaxh | 

kshdnt-cbakram abhipra^arita-paya^-purabhiramam mahat | 

r6ruha-dhiy& sadyas Sardjalayam I 

artldham ayaldkya j&ta-hasitah p&tu yafc II 

Vishnds sak&S&d udiyaya Vidb&s tatd'trir Atr&r nayan&n MrigUkafe | 

darasya yamSfi sa Hoyisa^a. .sa apdrbba-nllma h 

Aditya-bh&pd Vinayanyita sav Eyeyafiga-bhiimipah | 

Vishgas tatd'sman Narasimha-bhilpatis tatas sa Ballala-mahf . H 

patras tadfyd Narasimha-n&ma tasy&tmajas Sfima-nrip&la-yaryyak I 

bbtLp&larbbd sya j&tas irt-N&rasimhd'sti mahi-Mahtadrafc II 

N&rasimha-mabfp&lab ha mahim | 

jayaty asau ripu-stoma-kari-kanthiravakritili h 

s&'yaxh samasta-praiasti-sabi mabipilati syaktya-Hoya khila- 

lakahmt-vilasairayam sa ta-prijya-r&jya-sampadaiii Ddrasamudri- 

bhidha-nija-r&jadb&oim adbya 

nabhl-sardjad udabhilt puri Hard 

asmat sa cha E&syapa | 

anyitd dyijisraya-nitya-satvak 

prarfidha vibbuh. . ramSsvarakhyah h 

Digitized by 


Betor Taluq. 159 

yad-&sray&d asta-samasta-ddsbah Kalifc Krit& nviti satf I 

Sati-samfi, tasya babhfiva patnl yasy& gunaih tri iuddha-satvab u 

N&rayanafc kula-samuddbarano gun&dhyafc 
. . .bhutva-dhriti-sila-day&-viveka- { 

aaujanya-sindhu k&ranfid 

ntp&tit&Sra II 


On another stone. 

(Upper portion g one) 

bh&gada yarn tavu svasti samasta-pra nludtfi- 

mukhyar appa Irlmatu Cbang&luva nad-olagana prasiddha»sfm&- 

samanvitav appa Kannamangala Nar&yanapurada Nflakantha-dftva- 

rige kottev &gi vondan uliye Sri dSvarige kottev &gi eradapnda huttuva 

dh&Dy&ya-suvarnn&ya-moda vastuvanu tamma kijjy-ayya V&sud6va- 

N&yakaru Manale-nad-olagana masta-praje-gavundugala kayyalu 4. . . 

rahalliya kaluvalli Asagarahalli ba emba prasiddha-8lm4*saman- 

vitav appa. . . .eradanu . . . .14 bddakeyava ko gi pind4d4na sarbba-b&dhe- 

parih4rav 4gi siddb&ya-ga 16 nu 4-prajegalige tettu bbogisutirppa 4-eradu- 

halliyanu avara makkalu paramfisvara t4vu Sri-Lakshmi-Nir&yana-dfivara 

irf-k4ryakke 4-mariy4dey 4gi ru saudu bahant 4gi db4r4-pftryvakav 4gi 

kottu 4-halJigal eradapm hutti Bfildra-nftdaChinnarftralu kayyalu 

.... 4-gr4mava srf-Laksbmf-Nar&yana-devara irt 4-Chinna- 

ftralu nnana kayyalu krayay &gi konde biriya nada 

vrittiya utpattiyolage 4-gr4madinde siddh&ya naivfidya era da nand&dlpa- 

modalada grt-k&ryya nadavant agi vrittiyal aha samasta 4- 

N&rayanapuran avara n4yakaru jyamgaja kayyalu. 

E&mannagala kayyalu 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the Nflakapthtirara temple. 
Namas tunga etc. n 


Brahm4 pr&durabhttt sutd MadhuripOr Atris tatd'trtr Vidhub 

putras tasya Budhas tadtya-tanujas yaihi&grar^t | 

Ayus tat-tanujas tatd'sya Nahushas tasm&d tay&tir Tadus 

tasy4sft. . . .prasiddha tasyi ft 

Sajakhya-mrigfindra-virab sarddlam ahatya mun&r nniyftgfct | 

Aditya-n4m4 Vinayftdir 4vir-aslt tatd bhtLpafc I 

Yish^us tat-tanayd Nrisimba-nripatis tasy&tmajd'sau tat& 
Ball4^ksiiitip4iarmau}i-vilasa budhafc I 

Digitized by 


160 Bitor Taiuq. 


nuta-nardttama Ball&la-bhtLp&tmajab 

irtm&n adbhutarB&hasaika-rasikab P&ndya-prati u 


bhfayat-p&da-sardja-k&ntishu chiram SrI-Sdma-bhfim£3varak I 

tasmftd Yadava p&rnna 

. .cha nrip&dhipd yijayatfi yairibha-pafich&nanab a 

rakshayan akshatam urbbim akshin&xh cha 

kshiti hip&lakab || 

sd'yaih samasta-praSasti-yistara-yistrita-vibhavd N&rasimha-niabip&las sraklya- 

pratishth&pita-pr&jya-r&jya^ampadaih Dorasamudr&bhidh&na-nija- 

r&ja-dhUnl-madbya states pr&stuvat | 

&yirbbabhftya Madhumarddana-n&bhi-padm&d 

Dh&t& tadiya-tanaya | 


prakby&ta-ktrttir udapadyata Kerajeshu h 

ydshid-yar& tasya babhdva patn! 

Nyigfi,bhidh& | 

. .janyarsaundaryarni?asa-bhftmUi 

sat! hutfi£&rkka-8udh&kar&bh& 11 

chyuta-Chandra5£khar&. . 

ttehy agrajas sa ParamSsyara-nandand'bh&t | 

j&tas Sri. Sri 

N&r&yanab priya-budhas sakala-dyijStafc 11 


attamat&m ganaib | 

jty&d asau Madiga-Nambir iti dyitiyah 


bhaya-darpanafr kula-griham ttbhyab kal4-k8}i-bhflti | 

ty&g&n&pratimSna nt | 



tSnd . padi bhuvana-traya-rakshana . . . . | 

sva-kula-kubalayam. . . . naoda-sanddha | 

I B 

vidy^Usamarayah sarbba-ldka-prathita-nija-yibbati. 

ya-guna-niy&8d VasudSvas sam&stS n 

N&r&yan&nnja | 


pitur dharmam palayan ParamesvarO vijayatS | 

I I 

Digitized by 


Belur Taiuq. 161 

Dbanadhipa-prema-kritadhivasah Kailasa-bhiimidhara-bhftmi-bh&gah | 

suvistritab punya-janais Busevitah su-dbarmma- H 

yam kalita-suchi-somamrita-rasair 

makba prathita- vibudbaib j 

cbatush-shashti-gr&mSshv amara-nagarl-sarvva 

. . . . takhyd'syiUIt guna. . . sat! n 

grime pradSSd tal§ nama bhayana-bhivita-nija- 

jana-vibhaya Parameivara-N^yakah sva-pitri-krita-Nar&yanapura- 

madhyfe sya-pitra pratisbth&pitiya Qirij&lingana-sankr&nta-gba 

kacha-kambha-kankama-pankil6ra-8thal&ya su varatara. . . .sarasa. . . . 

kalfi, . . . charu-mau}ayS | praiiata-surisura lankrita . . . chittiya prana- 

t&rtti-hanta achir&tman& bbxlti tanuja. . .vStanaya cba 

Saka-yarshasya drir-uttara-dvi-Satadbika-sahasratamasya Pramathi-samvatsara 

Sukla-tritiySyam Adivare pftjan&rtbam arttbam akalpayat | ayam 

Sv&rtbab Karnna^a-bbashaya sa-vistaram varnyat£ | svasti samasta-bbuvana- 
srayam §rt-prithvt-yallabha mah&rajadhir&ja paramesvara Dvaravatt-pura-var&- 
dbiSvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarbbajna-cbfidamani maleraja-r&ja 
malaparolu ganda ganda-bhfirunda kadana-prachandan asab&yarsttran ek&nga- 
vira Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla cbalad-anka-R&ma vairibba-kantbirava 
Magararr&jya-nirmmdlana Cbdla-r&jya-eth&pan&chfirya P&ndya-r&jya-samud- 
dbarana nissanka-prat&pa-chakravartti Hoysala^rf-Vira-Narasimha-DSvaru 
nija-rStjadh&ni-Ddrasamudrada nelebidinolu pritbvl-rajyam geyu ttirppudu | svasti 
Srlman-maha-vadda-byayahari . . . n^na-d§si-Maleyala-mukhyaru . . nur^pa-vibha- 
va-vidyft- yarji tan djd-mdksbana- yi-saktan angikrit*-jana-parip&lana- 

praybgia pardpak&ra-niratarum mita-y&kya-pari§uddba-yamsaruib sri-Laksbmt- 

N&r&yana-pada-padm&r&dbakarum bhagavati-sri-pada-bhaktarum Srt- 

NUakantha - pada - pankfiruha - bbakti - makaranda - s£v& - tiammada- sakta-matta- 
chitta-chaficharikarum appa Puliyavadambu-Paramesvara-N^yakaru | tamma 

tande N&rana-Nfiyakaru tavu madida N&r&yanapurada agrahara tamma 

dbarmmagalige Kambi-N&yakaru &-N4r§yanapuradalu pratisbthe m&dida srt- 
Nilakantha-devara iri-k&ryakke dharfirpftrvvakain mfidi kotta akshini-Ag&mi- 
samasta-bali-sahita akbanditav appa 2 vrittiyinda buttuva dh&nyaya-suvarnna- 

yav-olag&da ellft-vastuvanu fi^Narana-Nayakarum Subha-purav ada Narana- 

D&sara rige d&nav agi niksbgpa-aksbini-ag&mi-samasta-bali-sahita 

akbanditav appa hosa-vrittiya. . . vu tpattiy olage &-grama-mariy6de vummaligala 
siddbayagala kaladu vulidavanu sri-Nilakantha-devara Sri-k&ryakke dbara- 
pfirvvav &gi kotta iUhosa-vrittiya vutpattiya vastuvanu .... Param§§vara-V&8u- 

deva-N&yakaru virottaman ati-bhasura-rftpa-Kandarppa sva-vibbava-tira- 

8krita-D6v£ndra-3arppan appa pratapa-Hoy sala-Srt-Vi ra-Narasinga-Dev-arasarim 
dhar&-p&rvakav agi hadeda Asandi-n&d-olagana G&nadah&}u-Sadaraballi-Padu- 
vanaballi-sabita prasiddba-sima-samanvitav appa Lokkiya samasta-baji-sabita 


Digitized by 


162 Belur TcOuq. 

prati- varsha ikkuva siddh&ya-ga 532 pa &-Lokki-Br&hmarige bitta ga 60. . . 

ulada honnanu samanagi n&lku-bh&gava m&di N&rayanapurada sri-Lakshml- 
Narayana-dSvarige kottevagi ntlrana. . . . Nambi-Nay akaru a-Narayanapuradalu 
pratishtheyam madida sri-Nllakantba-devarige a-Vasudeva-Nayakaru dhara- 
p&rwakam madi kotta bhaga vondarinda. . . .nd. . . vatta a-ParamSsvara^Naya- 
karu tarn | svasti §r!mana-maha-mandalesvara Kulottunga-Chola 5rl-vtra- 
Changaluva-Mali-D6v-arasarim dhara-pdrvakam madi hadadu prasiddba-sim&- 
samanvitav appa Kannamangalavanu samavagi naluku-bhagiya madi Lakshmi- 
Narayana-dSvarige kotta bhage eradan uliye sri-Nilakantha-devarige kotta 
bhagiy-ondapnda huttuva ella-ayavanum | itala. . Mannaka-. . §rI-Parame5vara- 
Nayakaru a-Niiakantha-dfivarige amritapadi-volagada-samasta-bhogakke a- 

dSvara pftjakar-olagada elii-anujivi-janara jivita-volagada-samasta- 

viniydg&rtthav agi Saka-varShada 1202 Pramathi-samvatsarada Pbalguna-su 3 A | 
kalpisida kula §rf-Nilakantha-d$vara tri-kalada naivedyake akki ko 

besajU bella 3 baleya-hannu (18 lines following contain details of grant) 


At Halebid, on the wall near the south entrance of the Hoysaldsvara temple. 
Svasti sri jayabbyudayai cha Saka-varshada 1203 raneya Vishu-samvatsarada 
Marggasira-su 10 Somavarad andu sri-HoysanSsvara-devarige Cbaitra ba 2 ya 
dina v6kuliya abhishekakke bija-vonnagi Pap-arasara Sovannanavaru kotta 
gadyanam naku Tirinalftra-Nayakara magalu Ranganili kotta gadyanam vondu 
varsha 1 ke panav eradu &-ba[d]diyalu Bhandari-Ponnaiya bhandarada volagada 

mele konda gadyanav ondu ( dake gadyanam) ke hanav eradara bad[d]iyam 

Vithapanu Balesvara-devara paricha[r]yada volagada mele konda 

gadyanam(v) eradu panav aiydu sftlayita-Devapanu tanna 


In the same place. 
Svasti vijayabhyudayas cha Saka-varsha 1208 neya Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada 
Ashadha-su 1 Sukravarad andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devara indeya Benakana bija- 

vonnu ga 1 nil a-devara sftlayita-Devapana ua ardda stdayitikeya volagada 

pra..da mele borage varsha 1 ke panav eradara badiyalu konda ga 1 yl- 
honna badika drapada-sudha-chavatiya khajayake koduta bahanu 


In the same place. 
V Sri-kanta-kantodara- | 

kdkanadolag ogeda noludu srishtig adhisam | 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 163 

n&kadhiivara-vandyam | 

ldk&Sam Brahman amala-kirtti-nidhanam || 

Vanajajan dtu m&nasa-su-putraran aty-adhika-prasiddharam I 

manad anur&gadinde padedam nava-saiikhyeyin alliy Atriy emb | 

anupama-punya-punjan uditddita-yikraman udgha-tfijan a- | 

tana nya-ktrtti varttise Pit&mahanind adhikam tri-ldkadol II 

ft-SarasljasambhaYana m&nasa-nandanan Atriy ormme Kan- | 

j&sana-Vishnu-Rudraran up&rjjise mechcbiy avar prasannar ad I 

&-samay&nur&gadole nlv enag itmajar &gim end en'al | 

bhfcsura-tejar udbhavisidar tri-jagdnnata-kirtti-bbfijanar H 

Hari Dattatreyan Agaja- | 

varanft Dftrvv&san Abjajam Cbandram bhk- | 

sura-chitta-tama-drig6dbbava- | 

r uru-tejaji-punjar adar Atrige putrar n 

ap-mftvar-ddfcvar-amSddbhavar-olag adhikam chara-t4ra}i-S6bbi- | 

by6mfidhisam chakori-cbaya-hridaya-sukhananda-kandam Trinetrd- | 

dd&m6dyaj-jfltard§S6jvala-ruchira-sudh&-r6chi-dig-by4pi ChaDdram | 

bhfimiSdtpattiy fiyt &tana pesar esavim S6ma-vam5&vat&raih n 

Tar&dhisa-tantibhaya- | 

n &rindaih cbaluvan &gi Sanmyan enippam | 

db&riniyaih rakshisalu Pa- I 

rtlravanam padedan avanig avan§ devam n 

cbaru-Purtiravovyipana nandanan Ayu-nardndran &tanixh | 

dh&rinipalakam Nahusban a-Nahusha-ksbitinathan-itmajam | 

Sflra-Yayati-bhClbhuja kut&balan abdhi-veshtitd- I 

diira-dharitri-vistrita-yasam padedam Yaduv-emba-chakriyam || 
&-Yadu-vamsadol . . .vfrada chagada bbdgad olpin &- I 
khy&yike tannoj oppe dbarini-bharamam bhujadalli t&ldi kond | 

ayata-chittadim jagaman uddharisitt ati-t£ja | 

sthayiy enalke vikramadin aldan ilatalamam Saldrwipam || 

sri-sampattiya SaSapura- | 

Vasanti-vasav alii siddha-munlndram I 

Ids ene Sajange vidy&- | 

bhy&saih geyyattam irddan irpp-annevaram ii 

alaviyol erddu p&yya puliyam muni hoy Salay enda tat-ksha^am | 

seleyol adarttu poydu seleyan negapalk atichitrjy &dud fir | 

se}e-goneyalli nelva huli yettida sindav enalke klrttiyam | 

taleda Salange Hoysala-vesar prakattkritav fiytu ldkadol || 

irtmadd-Hdysala-chakravartti Vinay&dityavantSam yaiah- | 

prSmariTSrSy-Exeyanga-DSvan adatam Sri-Vishnu-bhftvallabham I 

bhtmiiam Narasimha-chakri balavad-BallaJa-bhttpam jay6- | 

21* • 

Digitized by 


164 Betur Tatuq. 

ddamam srl-Narasimha-chakriy avarim §rt4&ma4>hilm!5varam n 
Srf-Somesvara-chakrigam vara-jaya^rf-Bijjala-IUnigaiii I 
bhfl-saubhigya-nidhanan drjjita-baJm §ri-Narsimham jaya- | 
vasam V&sava-tejan udbhavisidam s&hitya-sarbbajian emb | 
a-sampatti dharitriyol pasarisal ytrivatardrvvipaiii h 
ant a-HoysaJa-bhuja-bala-Vlra-N&rasimba-DSv-araaaru Saka-yarshada 1192neya 
Pramoda-samvatsarada Karttika-fia 3 A | Visana-Jattiyara maga Hithi-Jattiyar 
Sri-HoysalSsyara-d&varalliya Nimbaji-dftyige Hagaje-Haludoyey-olagana Sun- 
keyahalliyalu vrittiy-ondanu tatJdtldchitaJcraya ga 20 nam ko#u kondan a- 
vrittiya sidd&ya kiyuknla abhy&gata bodake besage utsaha olag&yit-ellayum 
sarbbam&nyam ftgi i-viira sidd&yada volage kulaih kadsi 5rt-Vtra-N&rasiriiha- 
DSvarasara kaiyalu Hathi-Jattiyaru dhireyan ejasi-kondu ^Uvrittiya sidd&ya 
gadyanaih mtiju panav elu &-ga 3 panam iirNimhaji-dSyige pa&cha-parbbada. . 
.saluvantagi Hathi-Jattiyaru dhara-pflrbbakam madi bit$a datti I i-vritti 4dhi- 
krayakke salladu H ("*•» **** ▼•*••) sri-Malaparolu-ganda 


In the same temple, on the Praudhariya pillar. 
(But t*M) Namas tunga etc. ii 
Srt-yuvatI5varan abja-da- | 
layata-ldchana | 

(27 lintt ftlmott •ff«o«d) 

(Horth face) yaryyaih | 

ghana-sauryyam giri-dhairyyaih | 

janaparol Egeyanga-bbtipan Angaja-rftpam n 
va o ant ay-Eyeyanga-Devangav fichala-DSvigam putti nettane ka^tajgajum 
jattigarum enisi sogayisuva Ball&la-Deyam Vishnuvarddhana-Devan Udayadi- 
tya-D8van emb a-mftyarol orvvam i 

danujara mam nirmmft- | 

1 anamaxh m&flalke puttidaih .... Erishnam i 

manam oldu bhttpa-kulado- | 

1 udayisi baledante Vishnuvarddhanan adaxh || 
va h ant a-Visbnuvarddhanam baledu. .likam | 

eleyam sadhisi Konga-bhanga ram geldu ddr- | 

vyaladim kappaman eyde Kongadiganam benko^du Gangdrvrigam | 

chaladim kilde Nonambavadi-mahigam Sri-ErishnayfijjI-nadl- | 

jaladim dakshina-bhftmigam patiy enal sri- Vishnu kang oppidam u 
yachana u antu Gangavadi-tombhatt-ayu-sayiramam Heddoje merey agi dushta- 
nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu Sahasa-Ganga-Hoysalan emba hesaru modal- 
agi bbuja-balaclim padeda guna-namangal-anekadind oppuva Yish^uyarddbana- 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 165 

Dfivangam ksblra-sagaradol ogeda Lakshmf-k&nteg eiiey enisida Lakshmft-Dfivi- 

gam puttida Nrisimha-nripana janmotsavav entendode I 

jananiya garbbadind ogeda lagnada mele balikke yimadol I 
janakan aratiyam kaviye kalagadol neye kondu geldu band | 
anunayadim Prat&pa-Narasixhhan enal besar ittu paftamam | 
janiyisid-andu kattidan enal dorevettudu r&jya-sampadaih U 

▼• nanto putrid firdevasadiih tagujdu tanna lal&ta-pat^ado} pafta. . .ranji. . . . 

. (west end south f aeee effaoed) 


In the same temple, on the wall west of the Praudbtriya pillar. 
. .Manmatha-sam-Vayis&kha-su 1 A-d-andu Sri-Hoysanesvara-devara K&rttika 
... 1 miya darmmakke raoga-vileykam kotta ga 1 yi-hormanu Madannanvara 
maga Sovanna kondu & 15 ma. . .ennege badi pa 2 va kodutta-bahanu 


Dundubhi-samvatsarada Bh&drapada-Su 15 Bri | d-andu Srfman-mah&-pradh&na- 

Haribara-dann&yakaru Panchikesvarada-dS. . . . bija-ronnagi nn eradn. . . 

gadde vannagalige gadde 


In the eame temple, on the west wall between Striliiga and PuUiAgWhmra temples. 

(From the beginning to viravat&rdrvripam in line 87, oorretpondi with No. 93) antu Hoy- 

sala bhuja-bala drt-Vlra-N&rasiihba r&jadh&ni-Dv&rasamudrada nelertdi- 

no)e sakaja-sfcrnbra rajyam geyyuttam iralu tat-p&dopajlviga] appa R&ma- 

chandra-jf vara makkalu Birada-Jattiyar Saka-varshada 1 182 ne 

. Raudri-samvatsarada M&gba-suddha 1 1 Brihaspatiy&rad andu . . Hoyeal- 

feivara-devara devalyadolage Sri-Nimbajfirdfiyi. .rum m&di irt 

. .mah&janangalu kotta ga Srihgari r&te-ddvige kotta ga. 

.... ei^tu a-pariv&rada ^handr&rka-t&ram-baram salvndu 

dlTigege kotta datti (»«•! finni ▼•*••) 


At the same place, on another side. 

Efcmalambi-samvatsarada Asvayuja-su 10 Bri | m&lagara-Bittayyanavara 

.SvarardSvara dbarmmakke kotta bfja-Tonnu ga 1 &-mab&jananga|u &-dfirara 
su. . . .ge dharmma-vaddiyalu kotta ga 1 

Digitized by 


166 Behtr Taluq. 


At the same plica. 
Sri HSmanambi-samvatsarada Afivajuja-§u 1 Sft-d-andu sri-HoysanSSvara-deva- 
ra Paiichik&vara-dSvarige kambb&£a-Nach-arasaru a-mahajanangala kayyalu 
blja-vonn&gi kottar avara sfinabdva-Kacharasama Machayyam kotta ga 1 antu 
gady&na 5 nu a-devara mah&...gala kayyalu a-kdlukaja-Dasayyanuvam 
damma-va[d]diy4gi honge yippanavin[a]vdpadiyali variSam-prati tetthfin endu &- 
D&sayya konda gadyanam aidu a-sariivatsaradali &-d8rara mahajanangala 
kayyalu voddara Madeya-Nayakanu blja-vonnagi hofige yippanavindpadiyali 
konda ga 1 Sima-vedi-Baskarayyanu vodi blja-vonnagi kotta ga 1 antu ga 2 Sr 
devara voddara M&dayya-Nayakanu blja-vonnagi varsham-prati ga 2 ke pa 4 

terevanu a-N4ch-arasara aliy-Appana a-mahajanangalu mattam Mara-bdvam 

kotta bfja 


. j . . . maha-pradhanarii Ammanna-danniyakaru Khara-samvatsarada Bh&dra- 

pada-bahula-panchami d-andu sri-Hoysanesvara-devaraPanchikesvarada 

vodida Br&bma^ara pftjegdsuga a-mah&janangala kayyalu dharmma-va(d]diyalu 
blja-vonnagi kotta gadyanam mflvattu adanu vdlagav-ullavarige kotta kula | 
4ch&ryyarR4yannangalu gadya 1 tarkkikada-Madhustldana-Bhattaru ga 1 &radha- 
neya Hireyanangalu ga 1 Tumbula-Narayana-D§va ga 1 iridhaneya-Perumile- 
DSva ga 1 KSSava-Dlkshitaru ga 1 puranada-Sriranga-Bhattaru ga 1 pa 5 a- 
v&cbaka Ammana ga 1 puranada-Drdneya-Bhattaru ga 1 bala-Siksheya Ch&mft- 
svara-Bbattara ga 1 pana 5 Yajur-vveda-khandikada Jakkannangalu ga 1 pa 5 
parichara-Kommanna gadya 2 savasi-Nag-arasaru gadyana 2 savasi-Vissayya 
gadya 2 jdysa-Lakhayya gadya 2 paricharaka-Hoysana-Deva gadya 1 pa 5 
S&ryya-devara singariy Appanna gadya 1 Kdtanda-devar-aradhaneya Nambi- 
yannana maga Visvesvara ga 2 pa 5 Kdtanda-devara hiriya-VisvSsvara ga 2 
pa 5 koluk&ga-Ayyapa-Devana tamma Dasayya ga 1 Naragimba-devara Nara- 
simba-Bhattaru ga 1 antu 30 kkam varsham-prati baddi ga 6 num a-dharmma- 
kke a-mahajanangalu kottu nadasutam-baharu n 


HSmaiambi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 14 A | Santigramada mavana 

maga Singa-m&vanu Panchikesvara-devara dharmakke kotta bija-vonnu ga 2 a- 
vtira de . . . . malaksbiya Singayyanu kotta bija-vonnu ga I antu ga 3 rara 
kuja a-devara bala-devange dharmma-vaddiyalu kotta ga 3 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 167 


Svasti sri Hojsalesvara-devara dibya-srt-p&da-padum&r&dhakarum a 

jayati nija-bhavana-nirjjita-Kail&so Hoysan&varah Sambhub I 

jayati cba mah^jano'jam tat-pilja-j&garftka-man&k || 

niyata Brahmanas sarve palayanti prati . . . | 

rasy uktam dharmam abyahatam sadft || 

sva-dharmma JUmahSjanangaJu . ge kotta bija-vonnina kula | (86 line* 

following oontain details of the gift) ... . 


In the same place. 

(Kagari characters) 

Svasti sri jayabhyudayaS cha Saka-varshada 1202 neya Vikrama-samvatsara- 
da Chaitra-suddha 1 Adivarad andu ) Amitapurada heggade-Jakka^nangal- 
aliya Polaluva-Devanu chhatra-bbiksheya dharmmakke bija-vonnagi kotta ga 1 
par&nada Sriranga-BhattdpS>dhy&yara makkalu Haivan^angalu kotta pa 8 di- 
kshitara-Devannangalu kotta pa 8 p&trada &neya-Malauve kotta ga 3 vonge 
varshav ondakke panav eradaj-a baddiyalu §ri-Hoysal§svara-dSvara bhand&ri 
Ponnayya konda gadyanam vondu | a-devara bhandari Rama^na konda gadya- 
nam nalku | 5 aidu-honnina baddiyalu varsham-prati chchhatra-bhiksheya bedi 
banda Br&bmanarige koduta-baharu | firsaihvatsarada Pushya-iuddha 7 Adi?&- 

rad andu | ge Bhdvannanu kotta pa 8 Ball&16§vara-d8vage heggade- 

Mayananu kotta pa 8 Eanageri-Gottaya Chav&lu-Manika^Devi kotta ga 7 antu 
gadyftnav egadanu a-bbandari-Ponnayyanu Mattandanu avar-irvvara bband&ra- 
da vdlagada mSle h 


In the same plaoe. 
Srimad-Adanna pttjeya-dharmmake &chfixyyaru-pramukhav&da dSvalyada mah&- 
janangalum adhyaksbada D&vannagalum honge varishakke pana-eradu haga- 
eradaja baddiyalu bitt& gady^Lna ippattaru | Sri-Panchik£§vara-d6vara dbarma- 
khadaviseya ptljege adhyakshada D&vanna bitta gadyana n&lku | Srimatu- 
Hdsan&svara-devara sth&nadalu srimatu-piriy-arasi-K6tala-D6viyara staabhdva 
B&mayya sri-Panchik^svara-devara dharmma khadaviseya ptljege honge 
varisbakke hanav-eradu hagav-eradara badiyalu &ch&ryyaru-pramukhav4da 
d§v&lyada mahfirjanangala vasadalu bitta gadyana n&lku l sSnabhova Mallayya 
bitta ha^av aidu | sfinabSva Vimaiya bitta ha^av aTdu i s6nabdva M&chayya 
bitta ha^av aidu || 

Digitized by 


168 Bdwr Taiuq. 


Syasti Srt jay&bbyudayaS cha T&rana-samvatsarada Chaitra-Suddha-padiva-Su- 
krav&rad andn iri-Hoysanttvara-deyarige p&trada Manig&ga-M&dayye kotta 
patta-hftvu eradu sahita haralu erad allade misuni-lokli tflkam ga 30 | 
STasti srt manu mahH-pradh^Dam kum&ra-Mallik&rjuna-dan^&yakara maga 
Bommana-dann&yakaru Sri-Hoyisal&vara-dSyara Pa2chik§Syara-d6yara dha 
yieeya pfkjege honge varisakke hanay-eradaga baddiyaiu ach&ryy-pramukhay&da 
ddy&lyada mah&janangala. . .bitta gady&na hattn h 


Syasti jay&bhyudayaS cha Saka-varaha 1195 neya §rtmukha-samyatsarada 
M&rggaiira-Suddha 11 d-andu Srtmanu mah&-pradh&naih g&yi-gdvala ganda- 

pend&ra manneya-jflbu dann&yakaru gri-Hoysal&yara-dfiyarige m&disi- 

kotta gady&na filtt-nftya-m^vatt-entu ga 738 5rt-Hoysane5yara-d3yarige 

p&trada ftneya-M&layye kotta patta-misuni tOka ga 10 Gauri-ddyiyara yuy&la- 
b&yanakke p&trada &neya-M&layye kotta 


Gaurt-dSviyara yuyy&la-b&yinake §ri-Hoysan§3yara-d3yara p&trada visa .... 
Lakbawe kotta panay aidu pa 5 Macha-Nayakana mommalu p&trada 
Chandayye kotta panay aidu 


At the same place. 
Srimukha-samvatsarada Ph&lguna-$uda 6 Adivara sri-Hoyisan&vara-deva 

haduya Kallavyeya sri-Pafichakesvara-d3vara &gi kotta gadyana 

&-Biygati-d6yara kdluk&;a Racheyya Siriyavige honge yarsha 

1 kke baddi pa 2 da ga 2 p& 5 iyujiga Bommayana maga Mayananu 

sri-Panchak$5vara-devara dharma-vaddige bija-vonn &gi kotta gady&nay aidu 
Achiya kolukara Hariyannange honge varushav ondakke badidi pa 2 ya lekka- 
dallu konda ga 2 mangala maha sri sri 


In the same temple, on the wall to the left of the main entrance 
of the Strllingdmra temple. 
Svasti sri jay&bhyudayaS cha Saka-varusha 1201 neya Pram&thi-samvatsarada 
K&rttika-saddha 10 Bricvarad-andu sri-Hoysanesvara-deyarige Siyaratriya 
mah&-parbbake band a jagarava m&didavarugalige samaradhane parane a-deva- 
ra mejhava m&4uvant&gi a-deyara patrada aneya-MaJauye yi-dharmmake bija- 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 169 

vonn&gi kotta gady&naih milra a-devara fivujiga Bommaiyana magalu p&trada 
NSgauve bija-vonnagi kotta gadyanam eradu Ketalesvarada Bommacha-Naya- 
kana mommalu patrada Chandauve kotta gady&nam vondu Kfl&ri-Bommayya- 
na niommalu patrada Gopavve kotta gadyanam vondu patrada Chinnayana 
Dfivavve kotta hana ayidu dikshitara-Devannangalu kotta gadyanam vondu &- 
devara bhandari-Bhimanna-chakravarttiya makkalu Ponnayya Ramanna kotta 
gadyanam eradu pana aidu anga-rakka Jakeya-Nayakana maga Keteya-Nayaka 
kotta gady&nav ondu a-devara yindeyi Purushottaraa-Devaru kotta gady&nam 
vondu a-devara sfiv&si Visayya kotta pana aidu a-dSvara a.ratiya-Hachanu 
kotta pana aidu ft-devara angharika-Jdgeya-Nayaka kotta pana aidu Hoysa- 
neSvarardfivara kambada Btlchaveya makkalu p&trada Vissave kotta gady&naih 
ondu Skeya tange p&trada Lakhave kotta gady&nam ondu a-d§Yara oddara- 
nayaka Gaurayya kotta hana aidu 


Plava-sam M&gha-ba 14 S6-d-audu Sii-HoysanSSvarardSvara madaleya Mayi- 
layana magalu Malave a-devara Sivaratriya dammake a-devara m&legaga Deva- 
nnana maga Gudiganu tanna nayakatanada volagada mSle a-Malave darmmake 
kotta ga I pa 5 a-Malaveya mfile munn uladu hanav aydu anttl gady&nam 
eradanu a-Malaveya kayalu a-Gudiganu bija-onnagi kaladukondu varusham 
prati hana nakand terutta bahanu h 


At the same temple, on a pillar in the west enoloeure. 

(North face) §r! 

namas tunga- etc. u 

irtyaxh Sridharan fiyuvaih Vanajajam Gaurivaram kirttiyam | 
k&yakk oppuva k&ntiyam vidhu dinSSam tejamam Bhdgini- | 
jyayam bh6gaman enbarum dig-adhipar tan-tammol ul} olpan old | 
iyutt irkke kum&ra-Lakshma-rathini-n&thang ati-prltiyim u 
Srt-dayitam Yadu-kuladola- | 
g Warn Salan emban orvva-nripan a-nripaniud | 
&dudu Saiakapuram adarkk | 
&d adhidaivam Vasanta-vallabhey embol h 
▼a K &-nripOttaman firSaiakapurada V&santika-devif an a-radhiauva samayadol ad- 
ond a.bhija-8&rddulam paydode | keladol irdd upadfiSakanum uttara-s&dhakanum 
appa Jina-munipdttamam bettava seleyi nim puliyam poy Salay endod &-SaJa- 
nripange Poysalabhidhanam adud &-§ardduiam pataka-praviravjita-chitra- 
chihnam &dud | a-Poysalanvayadol aditya-tfijam Vinayadityan embdn apcatima- 
pratapam narapan adon | atan-atmodbbavan i-dharavanitegav fichala-Dfivigav 
egeyan Eyeyanga-Devan embdn arasan ad&n | atan &di-ksbatriya-pavitram 


Digitized by 


170 Behr Tatuq. 

kadana-Trinetran | &-samyaktva-cbad&ma£ige ratna-trayanga} udbharisuvante | 
Ball&lar-D^Yanum Bitti-DSvanum Uday&ditya-Dfivamum emba mdvar arasagal 
itmajar 4dor avarole Vishnuvardhanane visada-ya§5-virajitan &dom H 
▼|iR ^Vish^u-kshitipalakange tanuj&taih N&raaimbdrvvipam | 

bhfl-Yandyam tanuj&tan a-nripa-varang ambddhi-mary&dey-&d- | 
i-viSvambharayam nijdonatarbhuja-stambh^gradol t&ldidam | 
Dtfindr&dri-sam&iia-m&na-mahimaiii BallaJa-bhfLpilakam 11 
drisbad-urYYip&laram vikrama-guna-nilayam Vira-Ball&la-Devam | 
viiham&ranyarigalol nirjjara-yuvatiyar-utsaDgadol tamma r&jya- | 
bbisbava-by&sarigadol sangaradol edayi benn ittaram sattaram tann I 
ishuving tld&gad al-adaran irisidan em bhftpar iot agavedi n 
Nriga-NalarNahustaa-Yudhi8hthira- | 
Sagara-Bhagiratha-Dilipa-Puruputs-Ayur- ( 
gGaganacbara-Bharata-Rama- | 
digaj alave negalda-Vira-Baliaia-nripam 11 

nripar 4rum Vira-Ballalanol adirade m&yam(ta)pare miyi s&rddii- | 
}a-pat&k&-dandam all&didode manadol alladuvar ppullo-yindan- | 
te polan-gond oduvar ponmida bbayad odavim sangara-kshdni. . . | 

g&mpu Y$d &y ariyadar olard kaduv-anm-ulla gandar H 

Vikkeyan irppe ya Kovanan irppa H&nugal | 

Pokkile SaiYunar Yvalidu ninda negalteya Lokkigundi Id- | 
kakke kolalke b&rad enip aggada Pandyana bettu gotta nir- | 
akkaradante (west (toe) Poysalana dhaliya galige kettuv allavS h 
giri-vana-jala-durggangala- | 
n uravaniyim pavivol agnivol grishinadavol | 
irad odeYudu suduvudu pudi- | 
vare tavipudu Yadu-nrip&la-kSp&topam 11 
rj\ || asad-^lapakke pakk-agada nudi todardand arum am yuddhadol bhari- | 
gisi gellam-golva sauryyam nered ereye budba-sreni pftnd iva d&na- | 
byasanam maryyadeyam dantade yasumatiyam kava karunyam avong | 
esegum Ballala-DSvang eseguv amama bhftpalar int ftgavedi u 
ene negald a-nrip6t tarn ana mantri-sikhamani vandi-brinda-Nan- | 
dana-vana-m&dbavam kharakara-pratimorjjita-tfijan ahava- | 
vaniyol arati-bhilbbujaran ikkuva takkina Vikramarjjunam | 
manuja-MabSlvaram kuvara-Laksman anindita-vira-vamsajam || 
** a aramane tottile negalv &r \ 

daram adu bay-enne dddiyar ttann-antah- | 
puram ene Ballala-nripam | 
poreda magam kuvara-Lakshma-dand&dhisam || 
guruYuni daiYamum aldane | 
*V paratregam tanag ihatregam pegan orvvam | 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 171 

tafiag ilia daivain ill ene | 
dhareg esedom kuyara-Lakshma-dand&dhiiam li 
aramane neramane nam. . | 
narapati tanag apta-parijanam sachivar enal i 
dore-vadedam Ball&lana | 
purad alavige kuvara-Lakshma-dandftdhiSam || 
▼ri || &tana k&nte Kantuvina kantege Ramana bb&meg Abjasan- | 
jatana chitta-vallabhege Rudrana mey-yodavada BhUdhardd- | 
bbdtege cbandran-anganege n&gana n&ginig ike polve yi- | 
bhfttaladol perar ddoreye Suggala-DSvige raya-r&niyar u 
varija-darppanendu-mukhi v&rana-bamsa-mayfira-y&ne kal- | 
h&ra-kuranga-machhya-nibha-lochane k6kila-chfixu-kira-vi- | 
na-rave koka-tala-phala-hema-ghata-stani yendod arum i- | 
dhariniyol vadhttttamege Suggala-Dftvige polvey appare n 
i-dhareyol negalte-vaded irdda patibratad unnatike tarn | 
8&dhane-vdytu mun-negald-Arundhatiyo} paded igal ikshisal i 
sadhane-voytu pempu-vaded irdda patibratad unnatikke La- | 
kshmidhara-dandanathana manah-priye Suggale-OSvi-raniyoJ || 
al aras emba bhedam initappodam ill ivaralli tejamum | 
lileya rijya-chihnamumav irvvarolam saman enduv embinaxh | 
p&lisnvar ddbara-valayamam paramdtsavadinde Vira-Ba- | 
llfija-nrip&lanum kuvara-Lakshma-chamfLpaoum em sa-punyarfi H 
▼•D emba negaltegam pogaltegam orbbuliyad irvvara jasamum urvviyoj 
paryyipa gandu-gondu pasarise h 

▼ri ii dhanamum pranamum emb ivam kuvara-Lakksbmam Vira-Ballala-De- | 
vana d&ndnnatigam jaydnnatigam iyal pftndu mund i#u R&- | 
mana biding Anuvam Yam&tmajana biding Arjjunam ChandrajH- | 
tana bidinge Kumaran irppa teradind irddappan em dbirano a 
sadhisi koftan &}da Yadu-vamsa-nameruge kilde dakshinaih- | 
mbodbi-varam dhara-valayamam budha-kotige kfittan artthamam | 
B&dbane-ydytu saryva-nidbiy embinegam dorey &r kkum&ra-L- | 
ksbmidbara-devanol pati-hita-kramadol paded iva-danado} n 
yinaya («mth faoe) da permme Lakshmige yiv&kada mey-Siri Vanig aftritargg | 
anunayadindam iva-bage dana-gunakke kadangi sangat&- | 
vaniyoj arMiyam tavipa takku jayanganeg igal alte ne- | 
ttane doreyettud i-kuvara-Lakshma-cbamtxpanol &da sangadim || 
ekka-vadan d*l i-kuvara-Lakkeyan adida matu kallol itt- | 
akkaradante satya-paripalana-iilaman ulluv &ya-k&- | 
ryyakkam anartthakam perara m&tu vich&risi ndde nSrol itt- | 
akkaradante satyarparip&Jana-Silaman ullay elliynm li 

Digitized by 


172 Bsiur Taluq. 

asuYatta-n&lkuJkalegalo- i 

1 ayiyada kaley ilia kuyara-Lakshma-cbamfiparig | 
ayiyaduv erad olay ill-ena- | 
1 apyam sdlt ajiyan artthigam pagevadgam h 
&tam pati-bhakti-saman- | 
yitam Ballala-bbtlmip&larige jagat- | 
ptita-charitram kottam | 
vita-bhayam basheyam pratapa-vinfttam n 
todaram d&sege k&lol ikki paded arttham bisaram-bogadant | 
odalaxh rakshisi nambid-Mdan-edayol mattondu santanamam f 
pidiv-udydgadin irpp amatyar encye Ballala-Devange san- | 
gadav entappedeyalliyum kuvara-Lakshmam t&ne t&tparyadim || 
todar eda-g&lol oppuvudu balligey ammada dhan. g ikke balp I 
odarisuv onda-bhangiyole pondodarol todad-irdda papegaj | 
todara todarppinol todaral anmada bhashey-am&tyar anji kal- | 
yididayol irppuyem kuyara-Lakshma-chamtipatig int id oppade H 
muttina pendeyam Muraharam Kanakadriyol andu Seshanam | 
8uttida-bhangiyindam esed irppudu ponna todartt ad adriyam | 
suttida karnnikara-vana-malevol irppudu kotta-bhasbeg achch | 
ottida-m&lkeyim kuvara-Lakshma-chamflpana p&da-padmadol ll 
todaram p&pegalum jhanajhjhana-ravam kaig anme yamanghriyol | 
audiyutt irppuvu kotta-bhasbeg ivanol matt arum en arpparS | 
nudidant anmal ad enduv emba nudiyam Ballala-Devange kai- | 
pidiyum kattida genuv Itane valam dandesa-Lakshmidharam h 
t&ragey-ante talt eseva muttina inottadin ada ganda-pen- | 
d&ramum ikke champaka-nav6dgamad-&mada-chalvan aldu v&- \ 
maruna-p&dadol poleva pon-dodarum pati-bhakti-yukti-vi- | 
st&ra-kumara-Lakshma-rathini-patig oppuguv oppay anyarol ;i 
k* U tala-tala-tolaguttum paj- j 
jalisuya mauktikada pendeyam vishnupadakk | 
alavattud ondu Dhuya-man- | 
dalad andade kuvara-Lakshman anghriyol esegum || 
▼•I! a-kumara-Lakshmidharan amara-mahidhara-sam&na-m&ndnnatam | kirtti- 
mahimonnatam | Ball&la-bhtimipalan-oda-doredu todaran ikke | tann anmana 
pati-bhaktige mechchi mecbchu pochcham-bogade | 

Jayasimha-kshitipalakange jagam ellam bannisal p&ndu bb&- | 
sheyan &-Suggala-D§yi kotta teradim Ballala-bhupottama- | 
priya-putrange kum&ra-Lakshma-rathini-nathange kottal raanah- | 
priyey i-Suggala-Devi bh&sheyan ila-chakram pogalvannegam h 
eda-galol todaram todarcbcbi patiyam belmadi niun ondu pirn- I 
badinol rilvaval alien endu sukhadind und uttu kalam karutt | 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 173 

adasal puchchaliv anya-kaminiyaram r6daduvant ikkidal I 
todaram Suggala-Devi tann edada-padambb6jadol lileyim n 
dharege negalte-vett eseva-saktige Sudraka-bhubhujange bh&- I 
8uram ene bbashe tan («tt M negapuv aggada birara day va-dayvadim | 
bare su-bhatdttamar kkuvara-Lakshma-chamupatig ittu bhasbeyam i 
dhare pogalvannegam negapuv aggada virar ad ondu-sasiram u 
toped aldan-odane sftyade | 
pe^ag ulidam togeda satt avana vele dal &- | 
v apvev adan emba gandare | 
toredar kkali-kuvara-Lakshman-odan ati-su-bbatar || 
*r* u nipsida vlra-sisanada kal dorevetta yaSdnnatikkeyam | 

nigisidad ashta-dig-valayadol dorey avano punda punkeyam | 

nexapuva balpinol kuvara-Lakshma-chmupatiy-annan endu tann | 

eyakade bannikum dharani Hoysala-Rayana gandha-hastiyam n 

odadored-aldau ullodameyam kavardad edaralli tamma-nan | 

adigide kotta bhasheg odavalk anamajade pinte balva nig- | 

gadi sachivarkkalam naguvavdl esed irppudu vira-Sasanam | 

podaviyol endod ar ddore Yadu-kshitipalana mantri-Lakshmano) U 

illada sallada bhashege | 

kallam nijrisuvaran uyade naguvavol irkkum j 

pallavisi kuvara-Laksbmana | 

kalla kavalt eseva kftnti dig-bhittigalol || 

dore pati-bbaktige tannol | 

Garudam Garudange tane dore pejar arum | 

dorey allar emba tepadim | 

dorey aduvu tanna Garudan-esev-&kritigal || 

virada Sasanamam munn j 

arum niyisidavar ilia Ballala-dhari- | 

triramanana mantri-varam | 

Tira-hhataxh kuvara-Lakshma-dandeSanav61 II 

tannodane toreda su-bhatara | 

tanna manah-priyeya tanna paramaynsbyam | 

tann aldafig ayt enisida- | 

n Sxh nettane kaliyo kuvara-Lakshraa-chamupam h 

axa manakke vira-rasam achchariy agiral unmi ponmad old- | 

axa-manakke barsba-pulakam tanuvim pojraponmad tkehipand | 

ara manakke bbltiy odav-agadu ninnaye punke raya-sa- j 

dh&ra-kumara-Lakshma-rathinfivara bhavisuvaodu n&deyum H 

bh&sege tfctppuv ankada negalteya lenkara-gandan embtidam | 

bisaram agad uddharipode todal uddbaripam virddhi*&n- | 

tr&aita-yikramam kuvara-Lakshma-cbamuvaran olda-maJk«yim i 

bh&seyan ittu puchcbajivar allade bbaeeyan uddharippare n 

Digitized by 


174 Betor Taluq. 

idn Bali&la-nripfclakaiige piridum nityatvamam malpud a- | 
bhyudayakk Agaram enda bannise jagam bh&svat-Sila-stambhamam | 
sad-alank&rada ytra-S&sanaman i-dandSsa-Lakshmlvaram | 
sudatt-saihyutam dpdam pati-hita-vy&p&ramam tdpdam | 
kambada mile Lakshmi-veras &-Garudam-teras adam alkarin- | 
daih budha (Stop* hm.) 


At Halebidu, on a virakal in Chikkft-aanda's field in the old fort 

Svaati irfman-mahiUmandal&varaiii Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nan- 
gali-Banay&se-H&nungalla-. . lasige-Nonambay&di-gonda-ganda Tailapana tale- 
gonda-ganda bhuja-bala prat&pa-Hoysana-N&rasimha-DSvaru Ddrasamudrada 
nelevidinalu snkha-8ankath&-rin6dadim r&jyam geyuttav ire tat-p&da-padmdpa- 
jivi | svasti srtmatu Saka-va 1 1 42 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada VaiS&kha-suddha- 
paurnnami-Adiv&rad andu Narasimba-Deva Bijjanana be...dalli aneya kdl- 
g&pinge ekatigaram karedu manna bavara anojeyage kaleva M&cheya sanga- 
dada ekkatigar mecbcbe &neyam pintikki kaikondu poysi Bijjanana dajavam 
kidisi turakamam baj-daleyam tand oppise maguldu pariyisidalli Jasap&Jaxh 
sura-ldka-pr&ptan fcdam | ant avar anvayav entendade | Jasa-N&yakana mand- 
nayana-vallabhe Rallu-bayigam Jase-N&yakagam ft-yirvvarggam puttida Ek- 
kavegam KSta-Malla-Nayakangam puttidam Dasa-Devam || ettida bbataram 
maled ettuva kudareya dalamaih kinuttam pariysi Dasa-Devam ari-siradatt 
eragada mftle n k&nuttaih Bijjana-dalamam Narasimha-Devan ekatiga sangada 
kelada vindige samara Dasamukham Dasa-Deva h sangada nddalu pariysi 
kadnreya dalavam benkondu melalan iridu turakamam bal-daleya tand odda-m- 
upvam samar-anka-Bhimanum jasa-dhavalam fi Dasap&la-s&baniya mand-naya- 
na-vallabhe s&haniti-S&ntavve nilisida kallu II sri Sri Sri 


In the same village! on a stone near the Bhftt&hrara temple west of Bennegudd*. 
Namas tunga etc, h 

svasti sd-priyan arjjundrjjita-yasam v§ji5a-y&n6tsavam | 
nyastananta-su-bhoga-bhogi-vinutam sri-dharma-ramyam jay&- I 
bhyastam sdkta-sudarsao&nkan esedam sri-Vishnu-s&myanyayam I 
trastaQy^sura-raja-raja-VinayadityavaQi-vallabham n 
SrVinayadityanol akbi- I 
l&yani-pu . . kanol agra-mahishi-padadind I 
drvanite Kejeyabarasi ma- | 
hi-visrute rijyarlakshmig eney enisirddal || 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 175 

firdampatigam bhuvani- | 
hl&da-pradan anata-ripu-nrip&chala-kula-nir- | 
bbh&dana-knliSam kfita-pun- | 
yddayan Ejeyanga-bhUpan udajam-geydam h 
bhUvinutan enisid EyeyaA- | 
g&vanip&lange tan-manafc-priye vasudha- | 
d§vig eney enisid Echala- i 
D$yiye m&dSvi-vesaran ant esedirddal h 
&-dampatige d 

sal-lalita-y&g-vadhCLti- I 
vallabhar ati-vipula-sakala-lakshmi-k&nUU | 
vallabhar udayam geydar | 
vVallfilam Bitti-DSvan Udayfidityam n 
Hara»p£da-pay6ruba-shat- | 
charanam tan enisi sakala-parthivaram tach- | 
charanakk eyagipan avarol | 
piriyam Ball&laJDeyan Isyara-bh&vam || 
fctan-anujan enisida Vishnu-bhdpalana parakramam entendade || 

Tulu-desam Cbakragottam Talavanapuram Uchcbangi Kolalav £lum- | 
male Vallftr Kafichi kan-garvvisuva Hadiyaghattam Bayaln&du Nila- | 
chaladurggaib R&yar&ydttamapuri Tereytir Ekdyattir gGondavfidi- | 
sthalamam bhrfl-bhangadim kond atula-bhuja-balatopan a-Vishnu-bhfipam q 
bbCL-yanitA-stute sakaja-ka- | 
14Ti8hkrita-pu9ya-pufija-vila8al-Lak8hmar | 
Dfiyi nija-ramaniy enal inn | 
6-v61yndo Vishnu-nripana mabimdnnatiyam || 
a-dampatige tanllbbava- | 
n adam bhuvana-prasiddhan akbila-kala-sam- | 
p&dana-paran udita-sn.. I 
kddayan enisirdda Narasimba-nripalam || 
bandu kavid ari-bal&mbudbi l 
nindudu Narasimhan-onde-sabalada moneyol | 
binduvin andade munnam i 
nindavol ambddhi R&man-ambina moneyol || 
8Tasti samasta-ripu-nripa . . . sfmairtini-s&nanta-sindtra-renu-ghftrnnita-nija- 
pada-pay6ja | yividh&rtthi-jana-kalpa-bhCtja | nija-yijaya-laksbmi-prathita- 
bribat-prabandha-bandhura-kataka- yikahSpakshfina- vilaksbya- vist&rita-bfiuja- 
danda | vipaksha-kshatra-kula-kupita-Kala-danda | nija-vijaya-prayana-6amayir 
8amudbhHta-8varnna-k6na - nihita - gabblra - bh&ri - bherf - pran&d&kampita-brah- 
nianda-bh&nda I samara-prachanda | ati-vipula-sakala-prijya-eamrajya-laksbmi- 
saryy&ngarsangat&nga | sahaJMaundaryya-niijjit&nanga | dara-dajita-vadan&ra- 

Digitized by 


176 Bdur Taiuq. 

yinda-prasarad-asar&la - sabaja- saagandby&manda - makarand&pahaeita-mriga- 
mad&mdda | Vteantika-dSyi-labdM-vara^prasada taralatara-t&ra-li&ra-nlhara- 

s&ra-gbanas&ra-kshfra-T&raii-prap&ra sudha-sara-aainnibha-nija- 

yaSafe-prak&Sa harjaksha-sadriksha-madhya-pradesa | atUchatura-Bharata 
cbitra-ohamatk&ra- . . . vitata-ghaaa-susila hridya-v&dya-laghu-hastat&-varya- 
ch&tarya | asah&ya-Saurya I uddanda-mandalika^ira^-khandana-pracha^da- 
pancb&sya-tlksbna-damshtr&yam&na-ddr -4anda- mandala -mandaligra- samara- 
mukha-samuchitagra | nere mutte ganda daja mutte ganda | ganda-blrSrunda | 
jagadole ganda | Yadava-Narayana | sakala-kala-parayana maleraja^r^ja | srt- 
Visbnus-nripa-tanuja | malaparol ganda | LakshmambikiUmukh£mbbdja-m&rtU 
anda | Andhra-purandhri-manaaa-sarab-khelaDa-raja-hamsa | Simhala-mabil&- 
mukh&mbbdja-bamsa | Karnnati-katt-chanchat-kafichana-katisfttra | L&ta- 
vadhHtl-kapdla-tala-likhita-sasta-kastdrikapatra | ChdJa-Yil&sini-ghana-stana- 
kalaia-knnkuma-panka | Gaulangana-netrStpala-mriganka I Bang&}a-b&lik&- 

lavanya nitara-taranga | M&ayi-mukha-kamala-sahajamoda-makaranda- 

bhringa | 5rfman-mah&-niandale§varam Talak^du-Gangay&di-Nolambav&di- 
Banavase-H^nungal-Ucbchangi-gonda bhuja-bala vira-Ganga prat&pa-Hoysala- 
N&rasimha-DSvaru srimad-rajadhaui-Ddrasamudradaneleyldinalu prithvi-rajyam 
geyyuttam ire | tatpada-padmopajivi h 

Y^dava-nripala-kataka- | 

bl&dakaram sakala-ganaka-tilakam kamala- | 

modam rarajisuvam | 

mediniyolu vibudba-kdtig am mam Bammam || 

atange kante vi§va-vi- | 

nCLte Raghtldvaha-Rama-susfla-brata-yi- | 

khyate budba-tatige rakshipa- | 

m&tey enal Kajiyayve pariranjisuval II 

SrE&liyayvegam gana- | 

k&karan enisirppa Bam man an gam vidya- | 

prakatan ogedam m&yum-j 

lokadol ogeyalke kf rtti Mallapa-ganakam || 
▼r< ii kantada bantar agi budha-santatigam patigam ku-buddhiyim | 

kantakar appa tuntukar adirkkem asad-budharg Indra-bhdjadol | 

tantanisuttam irppa nija-buddbiyin atma-nripange kude nish- \ 

kantakam age madidan ilatalam ellaman oldu Mallama || 

&-Mallapange Kantnge | 

ramagrani Ratiy ad entu satiy adal adaut | 

1-mabi-nute stlakke su- | 

simey enal Bacbiyayve pariranjisuval || 

a-Malla panga na | 

simege Bachayvegam virajita-guna-sam- ( 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 177 ' 

stomam jaDiyisidam bala- | 

Bbimam kfir-asiyol a-natar-alagam Galagam h 

Narasimha-bhdmipalana | 

karasi macbcbaripar-edeya guntam vidya- l 

bharanam t&n ene ranjipan I 

ari-birudaran adasi pidiva kolagam Gajagam n 

Gaganachara-Karnna-Sibi-Bali- | 

Magadh&dhiparindain amala-danodayadim | 

jagadol nfcyaka-Galagam I 

dvi-gunam tri-gu^am chatuf-ggunam pancba-gunam || 

Ratiyam sobagim S&ra- | 

svatiyam vak-praudhiyindani ene enipal enal | 

ksbitiyol nayaka-Galagana | 

sati yara-Chikkavveg ulida-satiyar ddoreye ll 

Harigo Siriyante Sambuge | 

Girisuteyant Abjajaiige V&g-dSvateyant | 

ire nayaka-Galagahg a- | 

daradim Cbikkayve nadeyum sati misupal u 

Haranum Girisuteyum Vi- | 

gbnaraja-Sbanmukbarin esevavol Gajagananum | 

vara-Chikkiyayveyum suta- | 

vara-Malla-Barmmanaiigalim sogayisuvar it 

kshira-samudradante sirig alayam agi dharitrig oppuv i- | 

Dorasamudradol Galaganam Ga}ag§§Yara-divya-gehamam | 

s&ra-Haradri-sannibharoan old eseyutt ire madidaih lasad- i 

yiran udaran aty-amala-sad-gunadbaran ila-tala-stutam H 

Narasimha-DSvan oseyalu | 

pariv&ram pura-janangal el lam pogajal | 

dore yenisi klrtti-vadedam | 

dbareyolag atiSayada dani B&rika-Cbinna ll 

d&na-guna-ni)ayan ant abhi- | 

mandnnata-sSnabova-Malliyanan enipam | 

t&noxh Galag6Svaran-a- | 

sthanakk aoukfilan &da nija-bbaktiyolaih 11 ♦ 

svasti Saka-varsha 1095 Deya Vijaya-samvatsarad uttar&yana-sankr&nti-vyati- 
p&tad andu Galageya-Nayakam Galagesvara-devaram madisid &-dharmakke sri- 
karaiiada beggade-Yajreyannam Hiriyakeyeya kelage kabbina tdtage s&re hattu- 
kolaga-gadde I Barika-Chinnayyanum senabova-Malliyannanuv irddu bi#a 
telligar-okkal ondu | malagijar-okkal ondu | 

svasti irimatu Chittava^tiy-asesha-nagarangaJum Hannaveniga-nagarangaluxh 
irddu bit$a seyey-akki hasaradal ond-adake yarad-ele | telliga-gavundugalu 

Digitized by 



1T8 Beiur TiOuq. 

DSva-Gaunda | Manta-Bamma-Gaunda | Chatta-Gaunda i Tippa-Gaunda | D&sa- 
Gaunda | Bokiya-Nayaka i Bemmandana maga Sova-Gaunda i Hoysala-Gaanda i 
basadiya kiriy-okkalu | S&vantana maga Bamma-Gaundan-olagada sayir- 
okkalu i mettu-g&nad bkkal aivattu ant okkalu sayirad aivattuv irddu Galage- 
svara-devargge bitta datti | g&nakke solige enne i Galageya-N^yakana gurugalu 
Sivasakti-Panditaru | ayara tamma Rudrasakti-Panditara kalam karchcbi 
dhara-pCirvvakarix madi kottanu i N&rasimha-Devana raja-gurugalu Chdla- 
D6vanu Bhaira-dSvaram vandisidanu | (usual final Terse) Galageya-N&yakan-anna 
Bammi-Setti i atana madavalige Bammamavarige Bitti-Setti | anna Sankara- 
Setti anna Malla-Setti | tange Gangavve i magal Indavve | anna senabdva- 
Mah&d8va | 

Harana besadinde Yakshe- | 

svarar eka-pranar Abhayagiriyam kavant | 

ire Gadaga-Machannangal ka- [ 

yar oldu Hoysalana katakamam dor-yvaladim || 

dhuradolu talarva Mridana | 

karav asi-late vairi-virar oppuva midulim | 

pored esum pfttirddan em | 

biru irkum || 

(usual final Terse) 


At the same village, on a stone north of the Kdd&rdsvara temple. 

namas tunga etc. n 

tato Dviravati-nath&h Poysaia, dyipi-l&nchhan&h | 

jatas Sasapure teshu Vinay&ditya-bhilpatih || 
a-Vinayaditya-bhdpatigam Kelcyab-arasigam puttidan Ereyan[ga]-nripa | &tana 
maga Bitti-Deva a-nripana maga Narasimha-Deva | &-bhfipatiya maga Vira- 
Ball&la-Devangam Padmala-mahadeviyarigam puttida pratapa-chakravartti- 
Vira-Narasimha-Devanu tanna prathama-rajyadalli i munna tamm ayya Ballala- 
Devanu tanna kiriy-arasi abhinava-Ketala-Deviyaru madisida dbarmma sri- 
Kedaresrara-devara amrita-padi anga-bhoga-ranga-bhoga-nitya-naimittika-par- 
bbangaligam | sftdra-parivara brahmanara jivita-varggav-olagada sri-Kedar- 
Ssvara-dSvara samasta-sri-karyyakke dhara-pftrvvakam m&di sarbba-badha-pari- 

h&rav agi kotta Stalangala (6 lines following contain names of villagos and details of their 

boundaries) int i-dharmmakke dattiyfigi bitta-vdru-elakkam yikkuva siddaya ga 
1200 ge Nara-singa-Devanum Padmala-Deviyarum annabara munna nadeva 
sri-kuryyakke kalu-padiyagi sthalangal-elarali §aka-varsha 1143 neya Vikrama- 

samvatsaradalu nibandhisi kotta ga 300 JU (rest contain details of grant and names, etc. 
of rriitidars) 

Digitized by 


Belur Takiq. 179 


At the same village! on a stone west of Santevfri. 

namas tunga etc 11 

v&g-artth&r iva sampriktau v&g-arttha-pratipattayfi | 

jagatah pitarau vandS Parvvati-Paramesvarau h 

jayati jayati. . .Sambhu 

jayati jayati ddvt 16ka-mfit& Bhav&ni | 

jayati jayati dhanyas s6pi bhaktas tayor yah 

kirn aparam iha vandyam vandyam et&vad 6va 11 

sarvvaih kara gatasya. . .asisham gd-brahmaua-nrip6 svatafc | 

para-hita-nirat& .... bhtlta-gana sukhf bhavatu lokah h 

svasti samasta-bhuvan&iraya Sri-prithvi-vallabha mah&raj^dhiraja param&sva- 
ra parama-bhattaraka SatyaSraya-kula-tilaka Cbalnkyabharana Srimat-Tribhu- 
vanamalla-DSvara vijaya-rfijyam uttarottarabhivriddhi-pravarddhamanam a- 
chandrarkka-taram saluttam ire tat-pada-padmasrayopajivi samadhigata-pancha- 
maha-sabda mah&-mandal£8varam Dvar&vati-pura-var&dbiSvaram Y&dava-kulam- 
bara-dyumani samyaktva-chftdamani malaparol ganda kadana-prachandan Mi in 
munn iyiva §auryyamam mejeva tappe tappuva sangaradal oppuva | svasti sri- 
Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Banavase- Haoungalu - Ucbchangi- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira«Ganga-Hoysala-D6varu Dorasamudrada nelevidinalu 
sukha-sankathfc-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padm6pajivi Srimatu- 
Vikrama-kalada 4 1 neya Hemalambi-samvatsarada Paushya-Suddha 1 mi-Sdma- 
vara-vyattpita-sankr&ntiy andu Sri - Visbnuvarddhana - Vira - Ganga - Hoy sala - 
Devaru Ban tesvara-de vara anga-bhogakkam gandha-dipa-dhflpakkam nivedy- 
akkam Srimatu Tejdr&si-Pandita-devara k&lam karcbcbi dhariUptlrvvakam bitta 
dharmma Hiriyakereya kelagana Malacbiya bailalu kamma 200 naduvana 
bailalu kammam 100 (usual final phrases) yi-Bantesvara-devara degulavam m&disi- 
daruKaDneya-(N&ya)NayakanumK§sava-N&yakanum bidisida dharmma pheliya 
kalibuvam endiralu alalu Banga-Nayakaralu phanam 1 yilli Lokkigundiya- 
N&yakaru sese-godade Bantesvara-devargge phana 1 yidam kudade hddange 
kavileyam br&hmanaruman alida dosav akku yi-stbanamam sankramana- 
vyatip&tad andu Kan neya- Nay akanum KSsava-Nayakanum Dharmraara&i- 
Panditargge k&lam karcbcbi dhara-purvvaka madi avara makala-makkalu- 
varaxh didev endu kottaru yidan alidavargge pancha-maha-p4tak|v akku 
mangala maha iri Sri Sri Sri 


At the same village, on a stone in Ghunmatira tfyfc. 

*§rimat-trail6kya-n&thaya traimayananda-sundara | 
param-jydtis-svar&p&ya pita vaS Chandrasekharah n 

♦ 8o in the original. 

Digitized by 


180 Befor Taluq. 

jayati dharani-16k6ttamsit&tmiya-padah 
chatura-vibudha-g68hthi-praudha-vani-vin6dah | 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabhd Yishnu-DSya^ || 
modalol Poysala-r&jya-lakshmiy-odavarii tol-valpinim tildi tana | 
udayam ranjise tanna balp odave tana arpp eje tann ajne mi- | 
je diaa-cbakraman ottikondu Talakadam Ganga-rSjyakke tarn | 
modal adam Yadu-vamsfr-varddbanakaram srt-Vishnu-bbftpakkam II 
svasti samadbigata-pancba-maha-sabda maha-mandaleivara Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvara Yadu - kula - kalasa . kalita-aripa-dharmma-harmya-mdla-stambha 
apratihata - pratapa- vidita- vijay&rambha Sasakapura-nivasa - Vaaantika-devi- 
labdba-vara-prasadam §rimaa-Mukunda-padaraviuda-vandana-vin6dan ity-adi- 
namavali-sam§tar appa srfmat-Tribhuvana-raalla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala 
Vira-Ganga Visbnuvarddhana-Hoy sal a-De vara tnddalu Nan gal iy a padiya-ghatta 
tenkalu Kongu Cherara Anamale paduvalu Barakandra-gbatta badagalu Savi- 
maleyind olagada bbUmiyam bhuja-balavashtambhadim pratipalisuttum sukba- 
8ankatba-vin6dadim Ddrasamudradalu rajyam geyyuttam iralu | svasti yama- 
niyama-dhyana-dbarana-maunanusbtbana - japa - samadhi - sila - guna-sampannar 
app lsanasakti-Pandita-dSvara • 

negald-irddant-a-matham jtvan ire vinuta-Kalamukbar ddhatri yettam | 
vogalal chelv adud i-parvvata-valiyin all lsanasakti-bratindram | 
mige Vani-kanteyam kdrisi tapame dhanam tan eual chani-chari- | 
tra-ganam mtl-16kadol sasvatam enipa yasas-srige tan an man ada n 
ant avara magala maganum | 
santatiyum dlksheyindav enisida Vani- | 
kantan ativiuutan enisi ni- | 
tantam DSvendra-Panditam ranjisuvam 11 
vinuta-yasarii DevSndram | 
. .na janakam Vani misupa-sajjanav enipam | 
tanag endum visruta-ki- | 
rtti-nutam Kalyanasakti-Pandita-devam || 
svasti sriman-maha-Manikya-Bhattaran adiyol ayvatt-orvva Sarvvanya-sri-pada- 
panka. . maram Nittiri-vira-kulSdbhavar vvira-Balancba-prasiddha-siddha-sam- 
panna-rum praguna-pandityar atyanta-dbairyya navaratna-maha-danigalu dana- 
dharmma-paropakurarttba-karttugalum nitya-karmma-nirmmfllanam madirdda 
varanagal Agastya-devarolu vara-prasadar aguttam irddante vidya-dhararuni 
Mallikarjjuna-devarolu vara-prasadam-badeda Sftdrakan-ante khalg-vidya- 
dbararum Talatalukaram kadi konda Kaunteyan-ante saranagata-vajra-panja- 
rarum aneka-guna-ganalankritar aguttam irdda dharmma-tanCljarum satya- 
Radbeyarum saucha-GfiDgeyarum kshira-gunarnnava chaga-Vidyadhararum 
samara-pracl* andarum chanda-nijograta[ra] - dor - ddanda - vikrama - babu -kirtti- 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 181 

galum Kasmira-Sarada-devi-labdha-vara-prasadarum sahav&si-santdsar Ahi- 
chhatra-vinirggatarum punya-mftrttigal ashtadasa-dosba-viyarjitarum sapanu- 
graha-samarttbarum chatus-s&gara-paryyantam anfeka-VSl&pura-pattana-pra- 
8iddba-satru-desa-mitra-mandala-mukba-kamala - vinirggataruih n&n&- defii - sa- 
muddbaranarum Srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Vishnuyarddbana-Hoysala-D^var-astb&na-pada- 
8ar6jin!-raja-hamsarum in-Manikesvara-devara padabja-bbringar nn&m&di- 
samasta-prasasti-sabitam sriman-maba-pattana-Dorasamudra Beluhdra Vishnu- 
samudrada int i-m&Eum-bidina manig&^a-b&la-vriddha-nakharam sthiram 
jiyat || Bvasti Sri Tribbuvana-malla Talakadu-GaDgav^di-Nonambavadi-gonda 
bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysa}a-Devaru prithvi-rfijyam geyyu- 
ttam iralu Saka-varsha 1059 neya Nala-samvatearad uttaraya^a-sankranti- 
vyatipiltad andu Sri-ManikSSvara-dfevargge svasti samasta-prasasti-sabitam sri- 
man-maha-pa^tana-Ddrasamudra Belabilra Visbnusamudrada yint i-nifijum- 
bidina manigara-bala-vriddba-nakbarangal irddu bit$a devar-^ya ho..baga | 
pattuge yeradu | tambula yeradu | sayirakke ottodole i Bidirakereya kelage &£u- 
ganduga gadde I bu-dota | namas Siv&ya | 

Nala-saihvatsarad Ctttarayana-sankrauti-vyatipatad andu §ri-Manikesvara- 
devargge Gollehe-Naya[ka]rum Gangadbara-Nayakarum I Dhanapati-Nayaka- 
rum | K&limeya-Nayakarum | Rudraraeya-Nayakarum | Mudavolala Tippi- 

Settiyarum | Seftiyarum | Alavindiya Bappi-Settiyarum | Kariya- 

Kesava-Setti | Yekabarageya Kali-Deva-Setti | Lokagundiya Basavi-Setti | 
Muduvalala Visbnu-De. . . . . . .Setti | Sovarasarum | Nandi-R&jaru Pamma- 

R&ja-N&yakarum I Vishnu-Deva i .... Chougacberi-N&ya-karum Ptimangala- 

Nayakarum | Sankara-Nfiyakarum | int i-samasta-desigal irddu bit(-&ya 
bbandige muppaga | ettina malavege haga | katteya malavege bele ) hasubege 
b§le | tale-vojige b81e || 


On the upper part of the same stone. 

Svasti srimanu-maha-mandalesvaram Talak&du-Gangav&di-Nonambavftdi-Bana- 
vase-H&nuAgalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga ni§5an[ka]u asah&ya-Sftra malerSU 
ja-raja malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda Saniv&ra-siddhi giri-durgga-malla 
chalad-anka-Rama Vishnuvarddbana-pratapa-Hosala-Vira-Ballala-D^varu Vija- 
ya-samvatsarada Srilvana-suddba I S6ma patta-baddbav &dalli Karkk&taka- 
8ankrama^a-vyat!patad andu sri-Manikesvara-devarige Sige-nad-olagana hiriya- 
Belugaliya saryva-badhe-pariharartthav &gi dbara-ptlrvvakav agi bittaru yi- 
dharmmkke &ranu pratikdlar &dade chat ur-veda-p^raga-b rah manarum kavile- 
yum Varanasiya tadiyali konda dSsavan eyduvaru h 

Digitized by 


182 Bekv Taluq. 


On. a 2nd stone. 
Namas tunga etc. 11 
Y&dava-kula-pftrvr&driyo- I 
1 &dityan id oryvan enisi tanneya tdjam | 
medinige tolage kali-Vina- | 
y&dityan atipratftpa-yutan ndayisidam h 
Efeyangam gada gana- | 
k exeyam GanglL-sarit-sama-pratbita-yasakk | 
Ereyangang &r ssaman eni- ] 
p Egeyangam garwitantakam tat-tanayam II 
▼a H 4-nripendra-nandanam (I 

gadi mfldal Kanchi tenkal pesar-esakada Kong itta var&si-tiram | 
paduval tat-Kri8hna-V§nn&-oadi badag ene darvrrittaram t61a bajim | 
kadid &dam gudde yitt urvvareg idu satatam simeyambantu balpind | 
edegondam vikrama-krideyan eseye dhari-chakramam Vishnu-bhfipam 11 
ari-nripa-fiisu-hrid-vidalana- | 
kar&}a-karav&la-mukhara-nakhara-Nrisimham I 
para-radani-sangha-simham | 
Narasimham vipula-vikramam tat-tanayam n 
4-mahivallabhangam £chala-DeWgam | 

nelanam munn aled-uddhatasnra-nik&yam baddha-roshanvitam | 
Kali-kalka-prabhavarkka(ga)l age dharani-samraksban&rttham bhnji- I 
bala-yuktam Kali-k&ladol nikhUa-vidyid-daitya-vidhvamsakam | 
Kali-pannondaneyam Murari negaldam Ballala-bhupalakam h 
kSla vasanta-b&la-sahak&rada tan-nelal asritalig &~ \ 
bhila-layahi-nishthura-phanaughada m§l-nelal uddhatarig an- I 
mtlita-pandarfkada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- I 
llalana tdla b&la nelal &dadu dh&trige rajra-panjaram 11 
dhareyol munne narendran emb esakad 4-Cholange kol-pdgad em | 
b aridam nachchioa Devadurggaman adam dhal itta Pandy&vani- I 
Srara-s&mr&jya-sametam ottajiyin itam kondan Ucbchangiyam | 
para-durgga-Tripura-Trinetran adatam Ballala-bhdpalakam || 
svasti 8riman-maha-mandalesvaram Talakada-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi-Banava- 
se-Hanarigal-gonda bbuja-bala Vira-Gangan asahaya-sdra Sanivara-siddhi giri- 
dargga-malla chalad-anka-Rama nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ball&la-Devaru 
srfmad-r&jadbani-Dorasamudradola sukha-sankatha-viuodadim prithyf-rajyam 
geyyuttam ire tat-pfida-padmopajivigalu Hannavanada nakarangal | 

Digitized by 


Behir Taluq. 183 

ira (I unnata-vibhavar gguna-sam- | 

pannar 8§iva-p&da-§ekbarar sthira-dharmmd- | 
tpannar dDdrasamudrada | 
Hannavanangal visuddha-kirtti-yil&sar || 

(5 lines following contain names of nakaranga)) 

yint iy-aSesha-Hannavana-iiakarangal irdda iri-Nakaresvara-devargge bitta 
dattiya kramam entendade | ettina gatrakke hanav ondu | ola-vittiya yaleya 
bhandige bepnge haga | andalikk aiyvatt-ele | hasarakk erad-anda[li]kke nalk- 
ele Hiriyakeyeya kelage naduvana bail-olage khanduga-gadde | a-gaddeya 
mftdana-deseyal ondu hft-dSnta | 

lsanasakti-muni saka- | 

l&s&ntarvvartti-charitan avana sutaiii Gau- 11 

rl8a-dayarjjita-tapada su- | 

kosam Kaly&naiaktiy &tana tanayam || 

pad ad u madaguvara gandam | 

pidida chalakk aide balpu-gundada gandam ] 

podarva para-samayig ivan 6- | 

gadisada Yama-dandan enisidam DevSndram H 

6rimat-8atyam dridbatvam same dame daye vatsalya-dbarramam svabh&vam | 

tarn itang itanam pokali malinam anam porddit ill embinam tann | 

i-marggain yiSva-loka-stutam enisuvinam punya-patram su-vidya- | 

dh&mam Devendranin nerggiyiyan esevan Is&naSakti-bratiSam H 

jati-m&rttiya Bali t&pasa- | 

su-tanuva sura-dhenu varnni-vesada nidhi vi- I 

iruta-muni-rCLpada parusam I 

kshitiyolag li&D§akti dana-vinddam h 
Sdman&tha-bagila bojagana ittigeya keyeya kelage ga 2 h 


At the same village, on a virakal near the east waste-weir of Dodd&kere. 
Sva8ti iri jay&bhyndaya-Saka-varusba 1 199 neya Dh&tu-samvatsarada Vaii&kha- 
ba 10 Sdmavarad andu srimat-pratapa-cbakravartti Hoyisala-bhuja-bala srf-Vira- 

Narasiihha-Dev-arasara maba-pradbanamMali-Deya-dann&yaka-r&ya D6va- 

B&ya Rima-Devana ma mukhya-dalavayya-Saluva. . .Tikkamanu Bela- 

vidiyalu bittalli &-Mali-Deya^dann&yakara manneya mukbya r&vuta. (rest illegible) 

121 • 

On copper plates in possession of the pa$el of Haldbidu. 

(16) Svasti | 

jayaty udrikta-daityendra-bala-viryyaryimarddanah | 
jagat-prayritti-samhara-srisbti-m&yfirdbaro Harifc II 

Digitized by 


184 Behr Taluq. 

s^imi-Mah&Sfina-m&tri-gananudhyatabhisbiktaa&m Manavyasa-gotranim H&ri- 
ti-putr&n&m pratikrita-syadh&ya^harchGhiUpar&nam (II a) sri-Kadamb&n&m 
Krishna varmma - dharmma • mab&r&jasy a AsvamSdha - y ajinah aneka- samara - 
saikatfipalabdha-vijaya-kirttSh vidyftrvinitasya Kaik§ya-sut&y&m utpannena art- 
Vishnuvarmma-dharmma-mah&r&jena Gandha^a-hasti-Siksh§rdhanur-VY§d&- 
shu Vatsa-RajSndrirjjuTiarsamena (II b) Sabd&rttha-nyiya-vidushdtpMita^a 
putrah Sri-Simhavarmina Kadambanam mabarajft vikrantd'neka-ridj* 
vii&radas tasya s^nuna sri-Krishnavarmma-inaharajena sva-yiryya-bala*-p«fc 
kramdp&rjjita-rajya-§riy& parama-brahmanySna samyak-praja-p&la-dafesMgfc 
kshiija-lSbhSna varddham&na^yijaya-r&jya-samvatsar§ saptamS K&rttika»mtat 
(Ilia) apftryyam&na-pakshe panchamy&m Jyesbth§rnakshatr8 KaoSikawu 
gdtrasya veda-p&ragaya shat-karmma-nirataya &hitagnay§ VisbnuSarmma- 
namadhey&ya atma-nissreyas&rttham Vallavi-visbaye K6danallfLra-n&ma-gr&m6 
dattah sa-p&niya-patah sarvva-pariharah Tuviyalla-gotra-pravarena samayo- 
dira-sampannena sva-karmmanushthaua-tatparena (III 6) rikja-pfijitSna go- 
sahasra-prad&tri-Haridatta-Sreshthina upadesah kritah atra Manu-gitas §ldk& 
bhayanti h 

bahubbir vvasudha bhukt& rajabbis SagarHdibhib | 
yasya yasya yad& bhtimis tasya tasya tad& phalam n 
svam d&tuxh su-mabacb chbakyam dubkham anyarttba-palanam | 
danam v& p&lanam vSti danach chhr§ydnup8Janam || 
(IV a) sva-dattam para-dattam v& y6 hareta yasundhar&m I 
shashti-varsha-sahasrani ghore tamasi pachyate || 
adbbir ddattam tribbir bhuktam sadbbiS cba parip&litam I 
etani na nivarttantS pdryya-raja-kritani cha || 
yd'sya ldbh&n mShSd vabhihartta sa pancha-maha-pataka-samyukto bbavati 
svasty astu g6-br^hmanebhyah 


At the same village! on a copper plate in possession of S&manxia, son of Tammayya. 

Hardr lil^-varahasya daihshtra-dandas sa patu vah | 
HemUdri-kalasa yatra dh&tii chhatra-Sriyam dadbaa I! 
namas tunga ©to. n 
sr jti Sri Yijay&bhyudaya-S&liy&hana-saka-yarshambulu 1581 aguneti S&rvari- 
samyatsararVaisakha-suddha 15 lu srimad-rajadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira- 
prat&pa-sri-yira-Ranga-Raya-deva-maha-rayal-ayyay&ra Velapuri-sthalamandu 
ratna-8imhasaaarudhalai prithvi-samrajyam eluchunnundi Atreya-gotram Apa- 
stamba-sfttram Yajus-sakhadhy&yulaina Arviti-Rama-Raju-Rangapa-R&j-ayya- 
v&ri pautrulunnu Gopala-Raj-ayyavari putruluanu ayina srimad-rajadbiraja raja- 

Digitized by 


?i- *§ 




Digitized by 


Digitized by 




G3 "^ 



^^Ji^ (SDiing^^gj ags^KJW^ 

p>w£&|)«3 <3 £ | $$3^*1 gay s^ 


Digitized by 


Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 185 

paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri-vlra-Ranga-R&ya^eva-mabkrkyal-ayyavkru 
Sriratsa-gdtra ASvalfiyana-sCttraih Rik-sakhadhyayulaina Venkataya-pautru- 
dunna Tiruvengalappa-putrudunnu ayina Kuchchayyaku palinchina bhft-dana- 
.dharma-S&sana-kramam etlannanu i Belfcri-simaku challe Halebiti-sthala- 
mandu Halebitiki ttlrpu I Mayigundanahalliki daksbinam 1 Benneguddanuku 
paichimam | Rajagereku ynttarangfi, vunde totala^T. .puttasti-sannagereluga 
ga 14^3 madikattu vuttara-dakshinalu dalalu 2 ki *4 ki sannagerelu ga 2*3 
Mall&pnr&nkn cballe polam 1 ki sai^nagerega 1*1 yl-prakaramu tota madikattu 
chenu saha sannagereluga ga J 8^2 bhtimi yi-tath&-tithi-punya-k41amandu 
Tiruvengalan^tba-svamiki prltiga 8a-birany6daka-dana-dhara-ptlrvvakamuga tri- 
yacb& tri-kara^a-Suddhigfc mannifichin&ramu ganuka yi-(baok)bh&miki kaligina 
nidhi-nik8bSpa-jala-p&8b&na-akshina-&g&mi-8iddba-8&dhyambul aniyati asbta- 
bb6ga-t6ja8-sy&myambulat6 gttd& dinadi-vinimaya-vikrayinaku y6gyam avu- 
nattaga ni-pntra-pantra-p&ramparyamug& &-chandr&rka-sthayiga anubhavin- 
chuka-yachchedi ani &-Atreya-gdtram Apastamba-sfttra YajuS-S&khfidby&ynla- 
ina Arviti-Rama-Raju-Rafigapa-Eilj.ayyavari pautruluonu Gdp&la-R&j-ayyav&ri 
putrulunnu ayina irlmad-r&j&dbiraja raja-parame5?ara sri-vira-pratapa-firi 
vlra-srl-Ranga - Raya - deva - mah&r 4y al - ayy a varu Srlvatsa - g6tra AS yaliyana- 
sCitram Jik-Sakh&dhyfiyundaina Venkataya-pautrudu Tiruvengalaya-putrnndu 
ayina Bokkasamu-Kuchcbayaku palinchina bhtt-dana-dharma-Sisanamu (usual 
final term) Sri irt Sri Srf-R&ma 


At Baatfhalli attached to Halebidu, on & pillar near the LakUnna-Bira^a temple. 

(itt tide) Svasti Saka-rarsha 875 neya K&rttika-suddba-paksba svaeti Nanniya- 
Ganga jayad-uttarangaB&tuga rajyam geyyuttam ire Kondakund&nvayada Guna- 
s&gara-Bha$arara lishyar gGunachandra-Bbatarar gGunachandra-Bbatarara 
Siebyar M6ni-Bhatarargge Abhayanandi-Pandita-hhatarara Sishyar Kiyiy 
M6ni-Bbat&rar ppar&ksha-vineyan nipeida nisidhige Srtdharayya bareda 
(tad tide) p8niga}axh pogaladir abhi- I 

xn&nigalaxh gunada kanigalam vasumatiyol i 
d&nigalan tinam-illada | 
mdnigalam pdgi poga^a Kellangereyol y 
(8rd tide) tin gada kolvon endu bala-garvvade Ballapanallig dgi kft- I 
yvong edey&gad antu nudid &ppinam echchisi kondar intu Ke- I 
llangereyam palar ppogale M6ni-Bbatarar ennttu ldkam e- | 
Han gedegondn gondii konedappndn s&basam en an tin am 6 || 
Baeadiy-djar Heleyamm-Ojara uiagaih Ballugam madidam 



Digitized by 


186 Betwr Tafaq. 

At the same village, on & stone in the outer wall of the P&rmn&tha basti. 

Srimat-parama-gambhira-sj^d-vadamogha-lancbhanam | 

jiyat trailokja-nathasya sasanam Jina-i&sanam ii 

jayatu jagati niyam Jaina-sanghodayarkkah 

prabhayatu Jina-ydgi-br&ta-padmakara-srlh | 

samudayatu cha samyag-darsana-joana-vritta- 

prakatita-guna-bhAsvad-bhavya-chakranuragah || 

jagat-tritaya-yallabhatt sriyam apathya-v&g-dnrllabhab | 

8itatapa-nivarana-tritaya-cbamarodbhasanah | 

dadatu yad aghantakah pada-vinamra-Jambhantakah 

sa nas sakala-dhiSvard Vijaya-Parsva-tirtthesyarah || 
aiddham namah || 


malarchcbitaya bhuvana-traya-dharmma-nStrS | 

kamantakaya jita-janma-jarantakaya 

bhaktya namd Vijaya-ParSya-Jinesyaraya 11 

Hoysal6rvvi§a-vamsaya svasti vairi-mahibhritam | 

khandand mandalagraya satadharagrajanmanS 11 
tad-anvayayataram II 

negald a-Brahmanin Atri Soman esev-a-irt-Sdmajam bhCitalam | 

pogalutt-irppa-PurCiravorvvipati sand-Ayur-mmabivallabbam | 

sogayipp-a-Nabusbaih Yayati Yaduv emb urvvtSa-santanadol | 

negaldam Sri-Salan anatanya-nikaram samyaktva-ratnakaram h 

a-Sala-nripatiya rajya- I 

Sri-samvarddhanaman eyde maduva bageyim [ 

Vasaya-vandita-Jina-pft- | 

ja-sahitam sakala-mantra-yidya-kushalam || 

mudadim Jaina-bratisam Sasakapurada Padmavati-deviyam man- | 

tradin ad am sadhisal vikriyeyole puli mel paye yogisvaram kun- | 

chada-kayind ant adam poy Sala enal abbayam poyvudum PQysalankam 

Yadu-bhftpargg adud andind eseduda seleyim lola-sarddftla-chihnam || 

a-sanda-yakshi-varadol vasantam | 

lgsage tatkalika-namadindam | 

Vasantika-dSvatey endu pftja- | 

vyasangavam madidan a-nripalam || 

kay-sarddire puliy-undige | 

kay-sarddire yira-lakshmi ripu-nripa-rajyam | 

kay-sarddire palar adar [ 

pPoysala-namadoJe Yadavdrvyipatigal n 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 187 

sat-kuladolag indu mabi- | 

bhrit-kuladolag acbala-nathan esevant esedam | 

tat-kuladol vijit§ri-ku- | 

bhrit-kulan &ditya-miirtti Vinayadityam H 

tad-apatyam ripu-nripa-bhuja- | 

mada-marddanan akbila-vibadha-janata-saukbya- | 

pradan uditfidita-mabima- j 

spadan enip Eyeyaiiga-bhClpan Angaja-rtipam || 

Ereyangana kftr-asi tale- | 

g eyagade munn ajidu bandu padak ejagadavar | 

ppayiye tale muyiye nittelv | 

oyaduge bisu-nettar eyagad irppare dhuradol h 

i-vasudhe pogalal fichala- | 

Dfivigav Eyeyanga-nripatigam trai-purushar | 

ttav enal &dar bBalla- | 

l&Yanipati Visbnu-nripatiy Uday&ditya 11 

ant avarol Vishnu-mahi- | 

kantam Dimird eseye kdrppum ftrppum jasam &- I 

dan tojagi belage permmeya- | 

u &Dtaih Nala-Nahusba-Bharata-charita-pratimam n 

sthiram &gi Vishnuvarddhana- I 

dharanipalange pattam agalodam sftr | 

garad antan ahita-dharani- | 

Svarar-odan eydittu viSadaJrirtti-prasaram fi 

podarade sadbyam aytu maley ellamum (UTulu-deSav ellamum j 

nadeye Kumara-Dada-Talakadugal emb ivu kayge sfixdduv a- | 

tt adiy ide mufichi Kaficbi besakeydudu Vishnti-nripam kripanaraam | 
jadiyade munne Konga-nripar ittar ibhangalan em prat&piyo n 
Chdla-nripala-Pandyapnripa-K§rala-bbtipa-bhujaval§pa-Yi- | 

sph&lanan Andhra-gandha-gaja-k§sari L&a-Var&ta-dh&rini- | 
pMa-ghananilam kadana-s&ra-Kadamba-vanagni Vishnu-bhfi- I 
p&lan av&ryya-sauryya-nidhiy atana sauryyaman &rd kirttipar n 
Iriman-mahft.xnandales?aram I Dvaravatl-pura-varfidhlsvararii | Yfidava-kul&m- 
bara-dyumani mandalika-cbtidamani Sasakapura-Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara- 
pras&dam | dara-dalan-mallikamddam | paribaeita-sarad-udita-tuhinakara-kara- 
nikara-Hara-ha8ana-8u-ruchira-vi8ada-yaSa§.chandriki-gri-vil&8aiii I niratisaya- 
nikhila-vidyftrviUsam | vin amad-ahita - m ahipa - chddalidba - ntitna - ratna- rasmi- 
j&]a-jatilita-charana-nakba-kiranam | chatus-samaya-samuddharanam | kara- 
karala-karav&la-prabha-prachalita-disa-mandalam | vira-lakshmi-ratna-kunda- 
lam | Hiranyagarbbba-tuiapurushasva-ratha-visvachakra-kalpayriksba-pramu- 
kha-makha-Satamakham | raja-vidya-vilasini-eakbam | sthirikrita-Yadava- 

Digitized by 


138 Belttr Taluq. 

kunjaram | Saran&gata-vajra-paDJaram | &malaka-phala-tuUta-mukt&-lat&- 
lakshmi-lakshita-vakfiham | vibudba-jana-kalpa-vriksham | yijaya-gaja-ghatot- 
tarala-kadalika-kadamba-chumbit^mbudam | prati-dina-pravarddbam&na-eampa- 
dam | ripu-nripa-laja-eamaya-kshubhita-v&rddbi-vicbi-cbajocbchalita-jaty-asva- 
hesha-rava-ptlrita-diSa-kunjam ] sastodatta-punja-punjam | indu-Mand&kinf- 
nischal6d&tta~guna-y11tham | Gandagiri-n&tbam | cbanda-P&ndja-Yddanda- 
kdta-p^kalam ] Jagad-D^va-bala-kalakalam | Cbakrakdtadhi§vara-SdmeSvara- 
mada-marddanam | Tulu-nripasura-Jan^rddanam j Kalapala-T^raka-Maytlra- 
vahanam | Narasimba-Brahma-saramobanam | Irungola-bala-jaladhi-Kumbba- 
sambhavam | hata-maharaja-vaibbavam | dalitadiyama-rajya-prabbavam | 
Kadamba-vana-davam | Chengiri-bala-kal&nalaih | Jayakesi-meghaoilan end ivu 
modal&ge samasta-praSasti-sahitam Talakidu-Kongu-Nangali-GangaY&di-No- 
JambavSdi-Masav&di-Huligeye-Halasige-Banavase-Hinungallu - nadu-gonda Tri- 
bhuvana-malla bbuja-bala Vira-Gariga-Hoysala-Devam n 

nirupamit&ngiyaih ruchira-kuntaleyam nuta-madbyeyam mano- | 
haratara-k^nchiyam dhrita-sarasvatiyam vilasad-viniteyam | 
sphurad-uru-kirttiman-madbureyam sthirav agire tanna tolol old | 
irisidan urvvar&nganeyan apratimam vibhu-Vishnu-bhtlbhujam fi 
tadiya-pada-padmopajfvi | nirantara-bhdg&nubh&vi | Jina-raja-r§jat-pftj&- 
Purandaram | sthairyya-Mandaram | Kaundinya-g6tra-pavitraih | £chi-R&ja- 
priya-putram | Pdch&mbikddarodanrat-parij&taih | Suddhdbhay&nYaya-saftja- 
tam | Karnnata-dharamarottamsam | d&na-§r§y&ihsam | kundfindu-Mand&kini- 
yisada-yaiab-prakasam | mantra -vidy a -vik&Sam | Jina-mukha-chandra-v&k- 
chandrika-chakoram | charitra-laksbmi-karnnapdram ( dhrita-satya-vakyam | 
mantri-manikyarh | Jina-sasana-raksha-mani | samyaktva-chftd&mani [ Vishnu- 
varddhana-nripa-rajya - varddhi - aamvarddhana - sudh&karam | visuddha- ratna- 
trayakararii | chatur-Tridhanftna-dana-vinodam | Padm&vati-dSyf-labdha-vara- 
prasadaih | bbaya-lobha-durllabham | jay&rigan&-vallabham I vira-bha$a-lalata- 
pattaih | droba-gharattam | vibudha-jana-phala-pradayakam | hiriya-danda- 
nayakam | apratima-tejam I Ganga-Rajam | 
mattina mat av att irali jfrnna-Jin&layaJcotiyam kramarh- j 
bctt ire munninante pala-marggadolam neje madisuttav aty- | 
uttama-pfctra-danad odavam mejavuttije Gangavadi-tom- | 
battaju-sasiram Kopanav adudu Gangana-dandanatbanim || 
nudi todal adod onda ponard anjidod ant erad anya-nariyol | 
nudig edey age mtiru mare-vokkaran oppise nalku bedidam i 
padeyadod aydu kddid edeg ogadod ar adhipange tappi ba- | 
rddade gad iv eluv elu-narakangal iv endapan alte Ganganam || 
a-Ganga-chamupatigam | 
Nagala-Devigam adhita-sastram putram I 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 189 

ch&gada bfrada Didhiyum l 

bhdgarParandaranum appa Boppa-cbam&pam n 

param&rttham vidvad-arttham tavisadana dbanam yyartthay end arttbi- 

sfixtthaih | 

niravadyam jnata-vidyam dajita-ripu-manddyam tiraskfixitidyaih | 

dhare tannam klrttipannam vibadha-tatige ponnam vipaichit-prasannam | 

kared ivarh Boppa-Devam samara-mukha-Dasagrivan udyat-prabhivam n 

8amar&y^tahita-k8bdnibhrid-atula-balddy&nadol pavakaau- | 

kramadindam kridisuttum ripu-Dripati-Sirah-kanduka-krlditam tat- | 

8amay6dbhdt4runambh6-bharita-8amara-dh&tri-8ar6-madhyadol yi- I 

krama-lakshmi-lolan dl&duvan ereda-budhargg appa dandesa-Boppam || 

ldbhigalam polipude ya- I 

id-bh&janan appa Boppa-dand&anol inn j 

i-bhd-bbuvaoadol &h&- | 

ribhaya-bhaisbajya-Sastra-d&npnnatiyim || 
tadiya-guru-kulam n 

Gautama-ganadhararind a- | 

y&ta-parampareya Koridakundanvaya-vi- | 

khy&ta-Maladh&ri-D6var | 

ppftta-tap6-nidbigal a-muniivara-sishyar jj 

sri-r&ddh&nta-sudb&mbudhi- | 

p&raga-5ubhachandra-D6va-munipar yvimaja- | 

ch&ra-nidhi-Ganga-RSjana i 

dhirddattateyan filda Boppana gurugal u 

Jina-dharmma-vanadhi-pariva- j 

rddhana-ebandram Ganga-mandalacbliryyar ppa- l 

vana-charitar endu pogalvu[du] | 

janam Prabh&chandra-DSva-saiddh&ntikaram II 
ivar bBoppa-Devana devatarchcbana-gurugal || 

Jalajabbavangav intu bareyal kadeyal kanivittu geyyal a- I 

ttajagav enippudam tolapa belliya-bettane pdlvudam jagat- | 

tilakaman i-Jin&layman ettisidam yibhu-Boppa-Deyan a- I 

ggalikeya rijadbinigajol oppuva Dorasamudra-madhyadol u 
Ganga-Rajange paroksha-vinayav &gi ddyargge I 

s&sirad aiyatt-aid ena- | 

1 &~Sakan-abdam Pram&di-M&dhaya-babola- I 

Srt«56maja-panchamiyo- | 

1 ais-ene Boppam pratishtheyam madisidam || 
pratishtbacbaryyar gri-Nayakirtti-Siddhanta-cbakrayarttigal o 

bbr&ntinol 8no mun-negalda charana-s6bhita-Kondaknnd6yol | 

sinta-rasa-pravahav esedirppinav irdda muniodraJifottif &- f 

Digitized by 


190 Belur Taluq. 

S&ntayan eydit ant avara santatiyol Nayakfrti-DSva-sai- | 
ddh&ntika-cbakravartti Jina-Saaanamam belagalke puttidam n 
irl-Mtila-sanghada DSSiya-ganada Pustaka-gachchhada Kondakundaavayada 
Hanasogeya baliya Drdhagharatta-Jin41aya[m}-prati8hth&nantara devara 
Steheyan indrar kkondu-pdgi Vishnuyarddhana-Dfivargge Ban k a pur ad ol 
kuduy-avasaradol | 

kayiy Sjing endu band a-Masanan-asama-sainyangalarii Vishna-bhftpam | 
taye kond a-prajya-samrajyaman atula-bhujam kolvudum puttidam bhu- | 
bhuvanakk uts&ham ftgutt ire budha-nidhi Lakshmi-mah&-deyig &gal | 
ravi-tejam punya-punjam Daaaratha-Nahus&ch&ra-saram kumaram n 
bhubhrit-pati-mada-kari-hari- | 
Sdbh&spadan achalati-samuttungam Sri- I 
pribhavan uditlkhagdala- 1 
yaibhavan 8m gdtra-tilakan fcdano putram 11 
antu yijaydtsayamum kum&ra-janmdtsayamum age santushta-chittan igirdda 
Vishnu-Deyam Parsva-devara pratishtheya gandhddaka-shesegalaih kondu band- 
irdd indraram kandu bara-veld idir eddu podevattu gandhddakamuih sheSeyu- 
mam kond enag i-devara pratishtbeya-pbaladim vijayotsavamum kum&ra-janmo- 
tsayamam &day endu santdsha-parampareyan eydi devargge sri-Vijaya-Parsva- 
devar emba pesarumamkum&range sri-Vijaya-Narasimha-Devan embapesaruman 
ittu kumarang abhyudaya-nimittamuifi sakala-s&ntyartthamum 4gi Vijaya-Par- 
Sva-dSvara cbatur-vyimsati-Tirtbanathara tri-k^la-pftjarchchanabbish^kakkam 
i-basadiya khanda-sputita-jirnnoddharanakkam jitendriyar appa tapddhanar- 
ahara-danakkam Asandi-nada Jayagallumam basadiyim badagana Benakana- 
maQtheyadini mudalu raja-hastadal nuy-enbhattuiasta-pram&na-bhilmiyol irdd 
eradu-kfiriyuman allind agneyada gontinalli natta kallind irbbadagal agirdd 
eradum keriyum telligar-ippatt-okkaluyan allim paduval Madhavachandra- 
Devara basadiyaray idda keriyuman allim paduvana hiriya-dandn&yakara 
maneyim paduval tenka-deseya r&ja-vithiya mudana Belubura keriya hittil 
mfirey agirdda bbumiyuman allim badagal Siriyangadiye gadi a-Siriyangadiya 
mudana-kade yarad angadiyu | Javagallu-sime (5 lines following contain details of 
boundaries) int i-stbalav initumam sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-DSvam sri- 
Vijaya-Parsva-devargge dhara-purvvakam madi kottain (usaai Anal Teraet) 
viditaiesha-padarttba-nutna-Vijaya-sri-ParSya-dSydllasat- | 
pada-pHja-nichajakke dana-mahitam key gaddeyam punya-bt- | 
jada percbchinge nivasamam sakala-bhavyambhojani-bhaskararh | 
mudadim telliga-Dasa-Gaunda-vibbu kottam santatam salvioam || 
idan urjjitam ene nim ma- | 
lpud endu telligara-Dasa-Gavundam pu- | 
nya-deva-pujakara-San- j 
ti-Deva-vibbug amala-vari-dhareyan ittam || 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 191 

Dasagaundanahalliya kumbara-gattada kelagana-maduyina M6hamediveyalu 
mCtvattu-kolaga-gadde &-yara4u-k&hi-naduvana ereya-keyy-ull-anituxh mftdalu 
Tavareyakexe haduvalu hola sime gadiy igidda bhtlmiy-ul}-anitumam telligara- 
Dasa-G&vui^anum Rama-Gavundanum uttar&yana-sankramanadalu iri-Vijaya- 
P&rgva-dSyar-asbta-vidh&rchchanege sarbba-b&dha-parih&rav agi ptkjakara 
Sintayyange dhftrft-pftryvakam kottaru n 

&ram pdlvarey udgha-daitya-yijaya-irt-P&r§?a-Bhatt&rakd- | 
dara-Sri-pada-pankaja-bhramaranam saujanya-v^k-s^ranaih | 
8ar6daraJinesvararchchana-niy6g6dy6ga-viSrfinta. . . . | 
. . .sri-vadhu-kantanam prithula-kirtty-aiantanam Santanam fi 
sri-Vijaya-Pfi,rgva-d§vargge bitta Javagallu Gaiga&radali kha^da-spbutita- 
jirnnoddharakke J&vagallu I ranga-bbogada yidyavantarige Gangattru | Sriman- 
Nayakirtti-Siddh&nta-chakravarttigala Sisbyaru NSmichandra-Pai^dita-dfivara 
sri-Mdla-sanghada samudayangalu avara Sishya-sant&nagale i-dharmmayan 
&-chandrarkka-t&ram-baraiii salesuvaru d 


On a side of the same stone. 

Srimat-samyaktva-chtidamani Sala-nripan a-vamsa-simhasanaetbam | 

SdmfiSam nityan appant osedu Vijaya-tirtthadhinathange n&lkuxh | 

sima-samsthanadol mukkode yasevinegam nattu dharmakke kot^am | 

bhttmisatyakke t&n end ajripuva tegadim tat-sutam Narasimbam u 

Saka-varsha 1177 neya Ananda-samvatsaradaM&rggaSira-ba 1 Bri-dandu irtmat- 

pratapa - cbakravartti - Hoy sala - sri - vira - Narasinga - Dev - arasar u Boppa-Deva- 

dannayakara basadige bijayam geydu sri-Vijaya-Parsva-devarige k&itikeyan 

ikki &-basadiya mundana sasanavam kandu tamm-anvaya-r&j&yaliyan ddiei- 

goduttav-idd-avasaradolu a-sasanasthav aha d^va-danada kshStrad-o}age 

mayduna Padmi-Devaru vattbarava katti maneya madi Srvath&ravu halayn- 

yarasadindayu balagi yiddudanu keli tamma anvayada dbarmmav oppu . . . 

karanav agiyum srimatu pratapa-cbakravartti-Hoyeala-sri-Vira-Some^Yara-Dev- 

arasara rajy&bhyudayav ahantagiyum ptinrva-dese natta kallind olagana- 

bhtlmi-sahita mayiduna-Padmi-Devana vath&ravantl jf maneya madi &- 

Vijaya-Par8va-De?ana sri-karyyava nadisuvant agi saryy&-b&dhe-parih&ray &gi 
irchandrfcrkka-sthSyiy agi salu vantagi andina Dbanus-sankramanadalu a-dSvara 
sannidhiyala a-kumara-Narasimha-Deyaru tamma srf-hastadalu puna[r}-dbare- 
yan eyedu kottaru mangala maha sri Sri Sri 


Ananda-samvatsarada Phalguna-ba 2 Bu | dandu Srimatu prat&pa-chakrayaTtti- 
kum&ra-Naxasimha-DSv-arasaru tayage upanayanav adalli Boppa-Deva-dan- 

Digitized by 


192 BMiwr Tafaq. 

nfcykara basadiya Srl-Vijaya-P&rsTa-dfirara 5rt-k&ryyakke a-chandrarkka- 
sthayiyigi nadavant agi Hiriyakeyeya kelagekema. . da s&la-miYina-gattin-olage 
Eolada-Honnayana paftas&lege kalla nattu bitta bhUmiyinda m tidal u gadde 
Gtumttg^rarada kolagadallu gadde salage nftlkuranti dh&ra-pftrvrakam madi 
sarvYa-badhe-paribaray agi kottaru (unai final v*tu>) mangala mah& Sri irt 5rt 


On & pillar in the outer will of the same basti. 
l§anyada-adi-modalagi S&nyadahadinaidu-kaiy-antaradalu Sju-gayy-uchchSdada 
S&ntinatba-dSyara bhtlmisthav ligirddahara avan&num punya-purusbam tegadu 
pratishtheya madi punyamam madikoluyudu u 


On a stone in the yard of the same basti. 
Srlmat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogba-lsLnchbanam j 
jiyat trail6kya-n&thasya Sasanam Jina-sasanam h 
namaa tunga etc. II 

payad aya.kheda-kshubhita-phani-phana-ratna-niryyatna-niryyach- | 
chb^ya-maya-patangaMiyuti-mudita-Viyad-vahini^hakravakam | 
abbranta-bbranta-chada-tuhinakara-karanika-nallka-nala- | 

. cbchhedamodanudbava ratha-khagam Dbtlrjates tandavam vab n 

svasti Sr! jay&bhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1560 nege saluva Isvara-samya- 
tsarada P&lguna-5uddha 5 yu Guruvaradallu 5r!mad-Velapuri-Cbenna-Venkat§- 
svara-krama-kamala-yagala . . stbira-raja-bam3ar ada Vaisbnava-matamrita- 
7ardhi-praTarddbamana-p{lrnna-sudbaaati-bimbayamanar ada praja-palana- 
mantra-palana-atma-palana-kula-palana-samanjasatva-8aptanga-rajya - sampan - 
nar ada kotta-bbashege tappuva dhoregala ganda dushta-nigraha-sishta-prati- 
palakar ada samadi-chatur-upaya-samyutar ada l panchanga-san-mantra-guna- 
sametar ada | ripu-raya-sarabha-ganda-bherundar ada vira-ksbatra-cbftdamani I 
Saranagata-yajra-panjarar ada | Sindhu-Govinda dhavalanka-Bhima Maninaga- 
pura-varadbisvara | balidu saptanga-barana | Turaka-dala-yibhada ity-ady- 
aneka-birudavali- virajamanar ada Krishnappa-Nayaka-ayyanavara Kali-ka- 
lftshtama - cbakravartti Venkatadri - Nay aka - ayyanavaru Bel&ra - rajy avannu * 
dbarmmadim pratipalisutam yiralu Haleyabida Vijaya-Parsyan&tha-svamiya 
basadiya kambhagalige Hucbcbappa-Devaru linga-mudreya hakalagi a-linga-mu- 
dreyanu Vijayappanu todeyalagi j saj-jana-Suddha-Sivachara-sampannar ada | 
deya-pritbvi-maha-mabattin-olagada atithigalu | stlryyana teja chandrana saata 
samudrada gambbira | Nandikesvarana pratijne kalpavrikshada phala Baliya 
ytrate Ramana sayirane Lakshmanana hitakara Hariscbandrana satya kotta- 
bhasbege tappuvara mfseya koyiva varum | Naranante tirttba-simba 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 193 

matha-mane-devalaya-jirnn6ddharakarum kshame-dayevantarum Visbnuvin- 
up&ya Brahmana chaturyya Hanumantana lakti J&mbavana yukti Prabl&dana 
bbakti nitya-japa-Siva-ptija-pancbikshart-mantr&lankritar &da deva-prithyi- 
maha-mahattu yt-stbalada Halebida Basavappa-Devaru Pusbpugiriya Pattada- 
devaru-muntada desa-bhagada maha-mahattugalige Beltira-rajyada Jaina-setti- 
galu bbagavad-Arhat-paramfeSvara-pada-padm&r&dhakar ada eyad-vada-mata- 
gagana-stiryyar &da &har&bhaya4)hai8bajya-§&stra-d&na-vin6darum | khanda- 
sphutita-jirnna-Jina-chaity&laySddh&rakarum Jina-gandh6daka-pavitrtkritdtta- 
mangar ada samyakty&dy-aneka-guna-gan&lankritar &da H&sanada Devappa- 
Settiya su-kum&ra-Padmanna-Setti-munt&la-samastaru binnaham m&dikolal agi 
a-maha-mabattu ekasthar agi yll.isikondu kattum&disida vivara | vibhftti-yflya- 
vannu m&disikondu yi-Vijaya-P&rsvanatha-sv&mige pftje-punaskftra-anga-ranga- 
vaibhava - dip&r&dhane - agryodaka - prabhivanfi, - mukhy avada Jainagamakke 
saluva dbarmmava pflrvva-maryy&deyalli a-cbandrarkka-sthayiy agi madikolji 
yendu Belfrra Venkatadri-Nayaka-ayyanavarige sakala-samr&jy&bbyudayarttha- 
nimittav &gi a-doreya dakshina-dor-ddandar ada pradh&na-yams6ddh&rakar &da 
pada-vakya-pram&na-paravar* parangatar ada para-purushfixttha-parama- 
panditar ada | Kalappayya-mantri-priyagra-kumara mantri-kulagra-ganyar 
ada Krisbnappayyanavaru yi-dbarmma-karyyavaou kayi-vididu puro-vriddhige 
6alisal agi a-maba-mabattu barasi kotta §il&-sasana yi-Jaina-dharmmakke 
avan&n orvvanu vighnava madidare &tanu tamma maha-mahatta padava 
kfididavan alia §iva-dr6hi jangamardrdhi vibhtlti-rudr&kshige tappidayanu 
Kasi - Raines varadi - tlrtthangala lingakke tappidavaru yi - maha - mabattina 
vappita || varddhatam Jina-iasanam 


On a stone near the entrance of the same basti 

§rimat-parama-gambbira-syad-v§dfi.mdgha-lancbbanam | 

jiyat trailokya-nathasya sasanam Jina-S&sanam || 


Desiya-sad-gani- ravatamsah | 

jiy&j Jinendra-samay&rnnava-ptlrnna-chandrab 

Bii-Vakra-gacbcbba-tilako muni-Balachandrah || 
svasti Srtmad - bhu ja - bala - chakravartti Y&dava-Nar&yana-Vira-Ballala-D6var 
8ukha-8ankatha-vin6dadim rajyam geyyuttam ire | Nala-samvatsarada K&rttika- 
Suddha-padiva-Bribav&rad audu sriman-maba-vadda-byavahftxi Kavadamayyana 
Devi-Settiyaru m§disida Srt-§&ntin&thard6vara basadiy Ctru Koradukeyeya kalu- 
halli M&chiyahalliya Bamatigattava Ittageya Mallarasayyangala makkalu Appa- 
yya-G6payya-Bacbayyangalu a-Santinatha-devara basadiya parisfitrad-olagana 
tamma m&disida paftaS&leya sri-Mallinatba . . var-aebta-yidharchcbanegam 


Digitized by 


194 - Bebm Taluq. 

kha^cjU^sphutita-jirandddh&rakam rishiyarkkaL4har&-danakkam parvva-dina- 
ptljegam siiman-maha-ma^dalicharyyar Mandaviya B&lachandra-Sidd&nta- 
devara iishyar B&macbandra-Ddvargge ajuvattu-gadyHna honnam krayav &gi 
kottu kondar &-Bammatigat$ada sima-sambandhav enteoe (8 lines following oontain 
details of bonndarioft) &-kegeyan irppattu-honnam kottu kattisidar | d§vara nitya- 
pdja-kramam entene || (6 linos following contain details of gift) int initumam sarvra- 
b&dh&»parihftrav &gi Srl-S^ntinatba-devara basadiy-ftch&ryyar &r-or?var irddar 
iddavarum Koradukeroya gaudugalu. Hr-aynvatt-okkalum agUYanav-olag&da 
any&yav Snu bandadam tftve tettu salisuvaru i-dbarmmaTam nakharangal 
&raiyda pratip&lisuvaru n (asaai anal rer**) mangala maba srf II 


At the same village, near the AdinithMvara baeti 

Srtman-Nemichandra- Srimad-Baiachandra-Pandita- 

Pandita-deraru kSliharu dfivaru Sarachatushtayadi-granthagala 

by&khy&namam m&didaparu* 
(left side) srasti Sri Mttla-8angba-De§iya-gana-Pu8taka-gacbcbha-Kondakund&n. 
vayad-Ingalesvarada baliya Sri-samudiyada litaghanandi-Bhatt&raka-devara 
priya-iishyarum Sriman-NSmichandra-Bhattiraka-devarum srlmad-Abhaya 
cbandra-saiddbanta-cbakravarttigalum diksha-gu rug alum Sruta-gurugalum age 
tapa[s]4rutadgalim jagadol vikhyatam-betta srimad-Balachandra-Pandita-deva- 
ru Saka-varsha 1197 neya Bhava-samvatsarada Bbadrapada-Suddha 12 Budha- 
varada madhyahna-kaladolu yemage sam4dhiy-andu chatur-vvarnnigalg ajipi 
niv ellarum dharmmikar appud endu niyftmisi kshamitabyam endu sanyasana- 
pttrrvakaih sakala-nivrittiyam madi palyank&sanadol irddu pancha-paramS- 
sbtigala svardpamam dhy&nisutam sva-samaya-para-samayangalu mechche 
uttama-samadhiyam padadaru srimad-rajadhani-Dorasamudrada sainasta-bha- 
(Hght side) bya-janangalu tat-k&ldchitam appa dharmma-prabhavaneyam madi 
pardksha-vinayam &gi gurugala pratikriti-samanvitam pancha-paramesbtigala 
pratimeyam madisi yatha-kramadim lokottaram age pratishtheyam madi punya- 
vriddhi-yaso-vriddhiyam madikondaru | bbadram astu jayatu Jina-sasanaya | 
§ri-Jainagama-varddhi-varddhana-vidhub Kandarppa-darpp&paho N 
bbabyambbdja-divakard guna-nidhih karunya-saudbodadhib | 
sa 8rfm&a AbbaySndu-san-muni-pati-prakbyata-sishyottamo 
jibyat k&v anisan nijatmani rato B&lendu-ydgisvarab || 
chh&strani prathit&ni y8na sahas&bhfivann ila-mandale | 
BfiJendu-bratipSna tena lasati sri-Jai q a-d harm mo'dh una n 
Irf-B&lachandra-Pandita-dey&ya namah ii 

* Tbo adoto are written OT«r the two images at top of the stooe. 

Digitized by 


Bdwr Taluq. 195 


At the same basti, to the left of the samidhi-nMtytapa. 
Srfmad - Abhayachandra-siddhanU- chakravarttigalu by&khy&namam m&dida- 
paru h srimad-Balachandra-Pandita-dfivaru kSJdaparu I 


yasy&nanendnm upasritya yivarddbam&n& | 

tarn B&lachandra-muni-pandita-dfivam asmin 

loke stuvanti kavayah paramadarena H 

kas tvam K4mah ka fetfi Hari-Hara-Vidhi-yidbvaihsak&x pancha-b&n&b 

kd'yam dharmmah ka esha bhramara-maya-gunas tfi'tra kim ydddhukamah | 

sankhyatitair ggunaughair jjagati dasa-vidbaii cb&ru-dharmmair anantair 

vv&nair vValendu-ydg! lasati kuru tatas tat-padambhoja-sevam n 

yenadhitam atita-badham amitam sa[j]-jnina-8ampadakarii ' 

Sastram earvva-janopakari vihitach&rSchitam prfimatab | 

tasmad &nata-bhabya-kaffja-taran6r vV&lendu-y6gIsrarftd 

aptam mukti-sukhaika-sadhanpm Anuprekshopadesadikam n 

daksho'yam Akshapadadi-paksham aviksbya tat-kshane | 

pratyakshadi-pramanena bhettum Bilfindn-san-munih it 
varddhatam Jaina-sasanam | srl-pancha-Parameshtbigale Saranu | irf-B&la- 
chandra-Pandita-d6v&ya namah u 
dm brim bram 


At the same village, on the first image stone in the S&ntin&thAfrara bastL 


Srimat-parama-gambhlra-8yad-v4dam6gha-l&nchhanam | 
jiyat trailokya-nathasya i&sanam Jina-s&sanam n 
Srf-sangha-rai-kubhriti DSsiya-sad-ganSkhya- 
kalp&nghrip6 lasati Pustaka-gachchha-Sftkhafc | 
8&r6ngalgs?ara-bali-prabaldpa§&kbah H 
intu pogalte-vetta yati-santatiyol KulabhfLsbanftkhya-sai- I 
ddhftntika-Sishyan dijjita-Jin&laya-karaka-Nimba-DSTO-sft- i 
mantana subratakke guru v&g-vanita-pati Migbanandi-sai- | 
ddb&ntika-cbakravarttiy esedam vasudhi-pati-riji-ptijitaim it 
nam6 Gandhavimukt&ya tach-chbishy&ya vimuktaye | 
viSuddh&Jaina-siddh&nta-nandinS Subhanandin£ H 
tacb-chbiebyaru \ 

dhava}a-ya56-n!ranjita- | 

bhuvanam kavi-gamaka-vadi-vagmi-vitana- | 


Digitized by 


196 Bdur Tafaq. 

pravaram s&rtbaka-aija-na- | 
ma-yil&sam Ch&niklrtti-Pandita-devam II 
tach-ehhishyaru I 

ka-mataugha-niv4rakanam | 
namaskarippem Jin&gamoddharakanam | 
yimala-day&db&rakanam | 
samud&yada M&ghanandi-Bhatt&rakanam || 

Srt-NSmichandra-Bhatt&raka-dSvd'py Abhayachandra-saiddh&ntd'pi I 
iti sishy&bhy&m guru-M&ghanandy abhttd dharmma-iva . . .bbyam n 
tad-ubhayarol Abhayacbandra-siddh&nta-chakrava (right sfaU) rttigala mahimey 
ent ene | 

▼ri U chband6-nyaya-nighantu-sabda-8amay&lankara-8hat-khanda-vig- 
bhfl-chakram vivritam Jinendra-Himavaj-jWa-pramana-dvayi- | 
Gang&-Sindhu-yugetfa durmmata-kbagorbbibbrid-bhida yat sva-dhi 
chakr&kr&ntam atd'bhaySndu-yatipah siddh&nta-cbakr&dbipah n 
tad-ubhayamum kramadim diksba-garugalum sruta-gurugalura &ge pempu- 
yadeda | 

m&liof || nuta-guna-mani-kd8am kirtti-valli-vrit&sam 
vitata-sad-upadSsam sasta-bodha-prakaSam | 
krita-madana-vinasam naumi nir-mmdha-p&sam 
hata-kumata-nivSSam B&lachandra-bratisam || 
tan-munindra-sishyaru I 

sa-viseabagama-vak-sudbausbadhaman intal kotta k&ra-tri-do- I 
sba-vikarangalan etti kiltu yilasad-ratna-trayam raksbey a- | 
ge viney&lige katti rakshisidan t-siddhanta-chakresan em | 
bhava-rogakke su-vaidyan dy-Abbayachandram B^lacbandratmajam n 
s&sirad inndr-eradene- I 

y-H^aka-yarsha-Pramadi-samad drjja-lasan-ma- | 
s&sita-pakshada navami- | 
Sasiy&ra-triy&madol tan-munipam || 

arid atmiya-sam&dbiyam toradu sarbb&baramam ddhamam | 
mejed akshdbhateyam jagam pogale paryyank&sana-praptiyim | 
nejed ^tmodgha-kalUmsuvam divadolam torppen dal emb andadim | 
tarisandam sara-mandirakk Abbayachandram rundra-saiddbantikam || 
mudad Abhayachandra-siddhan- | 
ti-deyar-aggada nisidhiyam Dorasamu- | 
drada nakharangal nirmmisi | 
yidita-yasah-punya-vriddbiyam kaikondar ll 
mangala maba Sri sri sri || 

(left tide) sri-Abhayachandra-siddhanti-deyar tamma sishya-Balachandra-Devarige 
byakhyanam madidaparu ll sri sri 

Digitized by 


Belur Tdluq. 197 


At the same place, on the second image stone. 


Srimat-parama-gatnbhlra-sj^d-vadamogha-lanchhanam | 
jiyat traildkya-n&thasya S&sanam Jina-S&sanam u 
svasti Sri Mftla- sangha- Desiya-gana-Pustaka- gachha- Kundakund&nvayada 
YiAgal&hrarada baliya Srt-samud&yada MAghanandi-Bhattaraka-dftvara priya- 
lisbyaru Sri-NSmichandra-Bhatt&rakardfivaru Srtmad-Abhayachandra-siddb&nta- 
chakravarttigalum vidyft-gurugalum sruta-gurugalum age tapas-srutangalim 
jagadol vikhyatiyam petta §rimad-Balachandra-Pandita-devara priyagra-iishya- 
rum appa srimad-Ramacbandra-Maladhari-D^varu Saka-varusha-s&sirad-innttx- 
ippatt - eradaneya Sarvvari - samvatsarada Chaitra . bahula - tadige- Brihav&rad 
apar&bna-k&ladol emage samadhiy endu ch&tur-vvarnnangalg ayipi (Hft tki#) 
nim elarura dharmmikar appud endu niy&misi kshamitabyam endn sanyasana- 
ptlrvvakam sakala^nivrittiyaxh mfidi paryank&sanadim paiicba-guru-cbarana- 
smaraneyam madatta divake sandaru | avara tapo-maMtmyam entendode I 
nadevade b&hu-dflgada j- .gantaramam neye nodad avagaih | 
nadedeyada kimini-kanakamam sale sokada karkkasangalam | 
nudiyad aharnniSam vikatheyam maged ad ad a m5ha-pS5adol I 

todarada. . . . Maladhariya virajikum 11 

Srimad - R&machandra - Maladh&ri- Srimad - Bfilachandra - Pandita - d&varu 
devaru tamma priy&gra-sisbyarum tamma priy&grarSishyarum appa irt- 

appa Subhachandra-Dfivaringe ire- mad-R&machandra-Maladh&ri^Svariige 
y6-margg6padeSamam m&diyaru S&rachatushtayam modal&da grantha- 

avaru kSlibara II gala byakhy&nam m&diharu avara 

kfiliharu II * 
yintu pogalte-vetta irfmad-IULmachandra-Maladh&ri-dfivara pratikriti-samanvita- 
pancha-parameshtigala prathumegalam grtmad-rajadh&ni-Ddrasamudrada bba- 
bya-janangalu m&disi punya-vriddhi-yas6-vriddhiya kaikondarn h bbadram astu 
Jina-S&san&ya mangala maha srl n 


At Hebb&la (same hobli), on a stone at the entranoe of the village* 
Namas tunga •*©. ii 
svasti Sri jay&bhyudaya-S&liv&bana-iaka-varasha 1388 sandn varttam&na- 
Vyaya-samvatsarada Karttika-eu 15 la irtman-mab&raj&dhir&ja raja-paramftivara 
irt-vlra-prat4pa^Virtipak8ha-R&ya-mahirftyaru Srtman-maha-sthinaiii irtmad- 
daksbina-VaranAsiy &da Vfil&puriya Srt-Channa-KSsavan&tha-dfivarige nitya- 
stitiyalu maba-naiivedya-nandadlpti Sri-vaijayanti-dandeytt namma sevey &gi 
nadavudakke Hebbala-gr&ma 1 nil kottev&gi yf-dharmmava nadasuvarige 

* Th« ftboTt are written 0T«r two image*. 

Digitized by 


196 Bdmr Tainq. 

dina-p&lanaydr mmmSkyi c&nich cbhriyd'napalanam | 
din&t frorggam ayipndti pfclanid achy a tarn padam i 
yt-dhammakke tappidararige 

tva-dattiiii para-datt&ra y& yd hartta rasundharam | 
•baebti-Yareba-eahasrani riahth&jim jiyatd krimih i 


At fefaateahalli (same hobli), on a stone at the entrance of the bfara temple, 
Hamas tunga «*• i 
Singe tavar-mmane Viahnoge | 
paramdtsaYa-bbfkmi nirmmalam ristirnnam I 
nirutam p&l-gadal-olpim | 
poreduda gambhirav ada Yadara-vamsam a 
Sajan emban age Yadava- 1 

ku}ado}u puli pa muni puliyam poy | 

Sa}ay ene poydadapm Poy- | 
saja-pesar avanindar 4ytu tad-Yamsajarc* ^ 
Yinayaih prat&pam emb t- | 
janan&thdcbita-cbaritra-yiigadim jagamam | 

jana-na si poredam | 

Vinayftdityaib samasta-bhurana-Btutyam n 

atang ati-mahimam Hima- | 

Situ-eamakhyita-ldrtti mftrtti-Mandjaih | 

patita-sa&gara-ripu-nripa- | 

jataifa tanujatan adan Ejeyanga-nripam it 

ant esev Ejeyan ... hi- | 

k&ntana tanayam nar^ndra-chiidamani-makuta-tatd- | 

p&nta-sa. . .maytlkham | 

santata-naya-rinaya-jishnu Vishnu-nripaiam II 

. . .rarddhanangam I 

bhaYddbhaya-rajya-laksbmiy enisida LaksbmSr | 

Divigam a I 

bhtl-Tiiruta-N&rasimhan ahava-simbam h 
a-Yibhuvina patfa-ma. .- | 
. . pativrata-charitradindam Sita- | 
dftvige migil ad fichala- | 

DSvige Balia dayam geydam 11 

uda. .-tra^a-nimtttav ad udayam e I 

YiSva-viiishta sad-vritta-viprdttama. . . | 

dayvad abby udayam end ell-andadind ellamam i 

mudadlm kirttise taididam tS samrajya-sampattiyam 11 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 199 

agalim p&talav entum-dese uddadim vyomam int ir- | 

vvagiy &gal parbbi mftrum-bhuvanadol ese. . . .yam konda gandam | 
magujdum Pandyam saran-bokkade karunisi tad-rajya. .kottu indium- | 
jagadol vikhyati-vettam hara. .ranadim Vira-Ballft. .yam u 

svasti samastarbhuvan&irayam sri-pritbvt-vallabha mab&r&j&dhir&jam male-r&ja- . 
r&jam maleparoju gandam ganda-bberundam Yadava-ku}&mbara-dynmani 
samyaktva-cbfid&mani Bappana gandha-v&ranam vijaya-griha-tdranam niSSa&ka- 
prat&pa-chakravartti Vira-Ballala-Devar rajadhani-Dfirasamudradolu prithvi- 
r&jyam geyyuttum ire tat-pftda-padm6pajtvi | 

sri-Sivalinga-nathan AgajiUkucba-kunkuma-rfiga-ranjitam | 
K^^ava-Vasava-pramukha-deva-gan^rchchita-pada-pankajam | 

kle5a-vi yan &dam alkagind | 

i-Sivanayya-perggadege m&lke mandratba-karyya-siddhiyam n 

SivalingSSvara-dSvar | 

Sivanayyana putra-mitra-bandhava-janak at- | 

savadiodam fge t&r&r \ 

dhavanum bhaskaranam ullinam sukha-padamam n 

ft-gdtrarcbintltmaniy enisida Sivanayyarperggadeya vamsa-varnnanfcbbyndayam 
entendode | 

janakam srl-Sivanathan-Mma-tanayam Ketayyan ant fctan-an- | 

gane Maravve kul&Srayam janani bb&gyakk &8padam tanna kfr- | 

mini Gaudavve tantibhavar mMasananum Ketannannm. ..mi-| 

§an enipp I-Sivanatba-perggade valam sams&ra-s&rddayaih n 

Sivanayyam vinayamburaii Sivanayyam dharmma-nist&rakaifa | 

Sivanayyam nija-gotra-bh&nu Sivanayyaih mitra-nityostavam | 

Sivanayyam Sivalinga-pfida-yuga-nity&r&dhakam Vtra-Y&- | 

dava-Ballalana rajyadalli Sivanayyaih titfdidam khy&tiyam n 

Kondaliya pakkadolu Siva- | 

n-&ndam Sivanayanahajliyam madisi kai- | 

konda nija-n&mam esevam | 

ko^dire Siyalingarbbavanamam madisidam n 

bbuvana-stutyar enippa Kondaliy-aeesha-brMimanigr^eaiiar | 

ttavad ftnandadin irddu nddi kude dh&r&rpfLrwakam vrittijaih | 

sa. . .din ay-vanam modal enal s&rirdda mannam sthiram | 

Sivalingfiivara-mandirakke Sivanayyam bitta .... dadim it 

mattam Kondaliy-olag aty- I 

uttamam appam . . . ypttiyaih bali-sabitam | 

pettu mabajana. .sevina- | 

y ittam Sivalinga-grihake guni Sivanayyam n 

Digitized by 


200 Behtr Taiuq. 

Sivalingam kula-daivam | 

bhavaneSan ud&ra-Vira-Ballalam Ya- | 

dava-cbakravartti patiy ene | 

Sivanayyana itara-s&dh&ranam § h 

Kfitala-Dftyiya r&jya- | 

. . tene mukbarratna-darppanam Ball&lang | 

itane pesara-pas&yita- | 

ne . . . d ol-gunakke mandanam Sivanayyam n 
... .139 tteney Isvara-samvatsarada §r&vana-m&. . . . .vasye sftryya-grahanad 
andu Dr6.. .tta-cbaturvvSdimangalam enisida negaltey-agraha. . .Kondaley- 

asteha-mah&janangala badinaida panavina modala mannam ta. . .m&disida 

Sivanayyanahalliya Siralingesvara bhavam Siyanayya-perggade 

(rest gone) 


At Hirehalli (same hobli), on a stone at the south wall of the Malllivara temple. 
Sri namaa tunga etc n 

Sriman saubhagyabbag-Gauri-mano-nayana-vallabhah | 

p&y&j jagaj jagat-siltradb&ro yiSvam Mahesvarab n 
difa namai Siviya || 

Srtmat-Poysala-vamsadalli Vinay&dityakbyan idam yaSafc- | 

prSmam tan-nripa-putran adan Ereyang5rwfsyaram tat-sutam | 

bbftmipalaka-mauli-lalita-padam sri-Visbnu-bhCtp&lan ud- | 

d^ma-sva-krama-vikramorjjita-jaya-bbrajishnu Jishndpamam || 

maley ellam vasam ayt ad onde Talakadum Koyatftr Kongu Na- | 

ngali K&ncbi-puri Gangav&di pesar-vett-Uuchchangi Ballare Bel- | 

vala-nad a-Rachandr mMuduganCtr vVall&r ivam konda tol- | 

valadim pdlvavar &ro pSl bhuja-bala-bhrajishnuyam Vishnuyam h 

^-Vishnuvarddhanangam | 

bh&yddbhava-r&jya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshma- | 

Devigam udbhavisidan aya- | 

ni-yiSruta-N&rasimhan abava-simham ii 

iUvibhuvina patta-maha- | 

devi mahi-devi vidita-Yadava-lakshmi- | 

devi jaya-ddviy fichala- | 

Devi jagat-khyate Siteg ene guna-ganadim h 
& Nara8imha-Devahgam patta-maha-deviy enisid fichala-Devigam j 

sakalajcaja-paripftrnnam | 

sakal5rvvi-nayana-sukhadan akalankam tan | 

akutilan apflrvYa-nava-si- 1 

takaram Ballala-Devan udayan-geydam ii 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 201 

Chdlaih muttire panneral-barisakam kSlpdyte t&iii pddan emb | x 

alapam bare said ad oodu molanam . Uchchangiyum | 

pelasadbyav ad &dud endu divija. .dyara vi .ye ba- | 

Hal aldam Giridurgga-malla-vesaram Ball&la-bbftpalakarii II 

Saniy&radande P&ndya- | 

vanipana saptangam eyde siddbisidudapm | 

Saniv&ra-siddbi-vesaram | 

janapati Ballala-Devan esedire tajedam h 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maba-gabda maba-mandalesvaram | Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram | Tribbuyana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangavadi-Nol- 
ambavadi-Banava8e-Huligeje-Hanungal-gonda bbuja-bala Vlra-Gangan asab&ya- 
sftra Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama niSSanka-prat&pa 
Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Dorasamudrada nelevidinalli 8ukba-8aikkatb&- 
vinodadim. pritbvi-rstjyam geyyuttam ire | 
▼ri H Male-nadan Tulu-nadan aggada Bayal-nadam lasat-Chola-man- | 

dalaraam Perddoje mereyage badagal sri-Vishnu-bbdpange bhft- I 

talamam sadbisi kottu mandu ranadol marantaram konda dor- | 

vvaladim droba-gharattau endu pesar-vettam Boppa-da^dadbipam || 
SrimaD-inaba-pradhanam hiriya-dandanayakam droha-gharatta-Boppa-Devam 
Asandi-n&da Kondaliyam tanna hesarim Drdhagbaratta-chaturvvSdimangalam 
endu pesaran ittu bhuvana-vlravataram emba tanna pesargg anurdpam appant 
ayvatt-irvvara bharanavagi sarwa-namasyavagi bittan a-mah&grah&rada 
aiesha-mah&janangalum | 

Kondaliya majanam bhft- I 

mandala-viditam samasta-sastra-vich&ra- | 

kbandita-matimad-brahmana- | 

mandala-sarasija-sbanda-cband&mSu-nibham || 

Bhftteya-N&yakan urvvi- i 

kbyatam katakaika-raksba-sakta-talarath | 

bbtttala-viditam tat-tanu- | 

j&tam Ballala-nripa-kumaram Maram II 
▼a int inibaruv irddu tamm ttriudam badagana Jakkavegejreyam Kembanana- 
keyeyann i-vftram madabSlk endu pr&rttbisi Kala-Gavundana tamman appa 
Honna-Gavundana Jakka-Gavundiya magan appa mah&-prabbu-Adi-Gavundange 
santeyam kottad ay-ayyanum tanna tamma M&di-Gavundanum M&ra-Gavunda- 
num avara makkalum MUcha-Gavundanum Mara-Gavundanum Naka-Gavunda- 
num Chikka-Mareyan olagagi kadam kadidu kannegeyeyam kattisi vttrath 
madidaru || 
km || hasidara mogamam nodam | 

hasivum niraike ilia kandade tannam | 

vasumatig enipa mah&-prabhu | 

vasudheyol ar ssaman Adi-Gaundang eneyam h 


Digitized by 


202. Beiur Taluq. 

ant eoip Adi-Gayundana | 

kftnte manafc-k&nte N&ga-G&yundi jagat- | 

k&nte patibrata-gunadind | 

ant-illada jasadin esadal avani-taladol h 

Adi-Gayundana permmagan | 

&dan t&m M&cha-Gaundan &tana tammam | 

mddini pogaly fc-M&ram | 

b&dftn iUN&ki Chikka-M&rayan embam n 
Ta d ant &-yftra munde dfiy&layaman ettisi tanna hesarind ada Adi-Mallik&rjjuna- 
dftrara pratishtheyam madisiy £Ud8vara nitya-pftjeyam Chaitra-pavitrakkam 
khanda-spbutita-jtrnDoddharakkay SUcbandr&rkka-t&ram-baram nadavant&gi 
ddgulada mundana Jakkavegereya kelage eradu-salige gadde 2 Kembanana- 
keyeya kelage tenkana melu-makkiya gadde salige vondu 1 antu gadde salige 
mflgu 3 vdrinda baduvana meyyala beddale kamba mCtnft£a 300 iUbhtlmiyim 
tenkalu madikomba kummari vondu vllrolag ondu-g&na int inituyanu Saka- - 
yarsha 1 1 04 neya Subhakrit-samvatsarada uttar&yana-sankramanadandu 
Adi-Gavundam N&rasimha-Saktiya k&lam karchchi dh&r&-pftrvyakam m&di 
kottanu t-dharmmamam Sankhara-Kalli-DSvanum halabaru nadasuvavargge 

(usual final phrasef and Tanas) 

hasu-gftsugalige h&lam | 

hasidargg annaman avi re nichcham i 

hasag&ladolam salisuva | 

besanadin ar Adi-Gaundanam pdlvannar ll 

kereyam kattisut-irppudu- | 

m ayavantige yidisut-irppud esav arayeyan | 

neye madisuvaduv allade | 

pejat illadu Adi-Gaudan-ujjugav endum || 

bandar bbiddinar end and | 

ondida santosbadinde sasirakam kai- | 

sandad unalu baddipa guna- | 

dindam helu Naga-Gaundig ene pendir ad ar h 

avar-irwara piriya magam | 

bhuyana-hitam M&cba-Gaundan emba mah&tmam | 

bavaseyin olpind arppind | 

ivana-vol ar ggunigal enipar avani-taladol || 
int 1-dharmmaya pratipalisi-geydaru Babojana makkalu Ketojanum Baaavojan urn | 


In the same place. 
sr!mat-parama-gambhira-9y§.d-vadam6gha-lanchhanaiii | 
jiy&t trailokya-n&tbasya sasanani Jina-sasanam n 

Digitized by 


Beksr Taluq. 203 

namS'stu 11 

Srimat-PoysalarTamiadalli (from here to yfiram m&didaru in line 28 corresponds with 

the abore No.) 

fty-ayyana anvayav entendode j 
Kancha-Gavundam Mutteya | 

Hiriyayyaiii | 

saiichita-sad-guna-gana-mani | 

sanchaya. . . Idi Honna-Gauundam janakam h 

^-negalda Honna-Gayundana | 

Adi-Gavundana t&y tarn | 

bhti-nuta-patibrat^-gune | 

J&nakiyo Jakka-Gavundi guna-nidhiy e w 


pasu-gftsugalige palam | 

pasidrgg an nam an a-vfixiy &gire nachcham | 

hasa-gfiladol a | 

. . saDadin &r Adi-Gaunda h 

kereyam kattisutirppudu- | 

m aravantagey idisutirppud ese | 

ujjugav endum y 


hasidara mogamam nodam. | 

hasiYum niralkey ilia kanda | 

enipa j 

yasudheyol ar nn61pad Adi-Gauundana doreyar || 

ant esed Adi-Ga[v]uundana | 

kinte manab-kante N&ga-Gavundi jagat- | 

k&nte pati-bhakti-gunadind | 

ant-illada jasadin esedal avanl-taladol H 

bandar biddinar end and | 

ondida santoshadinda s&sirakam bay- | 

8andad nnalu baddipa-gu^a- | 

dindam pfi}u Naga-Gaundi n 

I I 

bhu.- | mandaladolag innu nonta kanteyar ojare ft 

avar Irvyarggam puttida | 

. . . M&cha-Gauundan atana tammam i 

bbuvanadbaram ya- | 

n avan anujaru Cbikka-M&reyan embar r 


Digitized by 


204 Btfar Tafaq. 

. avarolagajh | 

bhayana-hitam M&cha-Gaundan emba mahatmaih | 

bavaseyin olpind arppind | 

ivana-vol ar gguniga} enisi negaldam jagadol u 

- mattav adhika-valadim kiyidalu . . | 

. . . nipam samasta-purusha- | 

rttba-nidhanam Macha-Gaundan artthi-nidhanam || 

Mara-Gaunda | 

nidhanam | 

varinidbi-veshtitdrvrijo. | 

1 arum tann-annar ill enippam gunadim || 

lokopakara-karana- | 

n eka-kramava | 


nan i-ldkadolage lokam badevam h 

matri-pitri-bhaktan akhila- | 

khyatam punya-ka. . . ttri-murtti | 


ka tamman ammang anugam h 

Adi-Gaundana guru-kula-kramav ent appud endade j srimad-Dramila 

yarasi dharma-ttrttham pravarttisuva . dra-sy&migalinda. ..... 

para-vadiSvara brinda-yandya-sri-padar asfesha-sastra-varddhiga 

rayanar ppara-hita-vyapara guna-dhanam Srt-V&su- 

pujya-mani nta-dfiyara Sishya Perumale-Devarige ant oieda 

basadiyam madisi Sri-devara pratishtheyam madisi a-dSvar-ashta- 

vidharchchanegam risbiyar-ahara-danakkam jirnnoddharakkam nadayantagi 
bitta tala-vritti (5 Hoes following oonuin details of gift) Saka-varsha 1170 tteneya 
Plavanga-samyatsarad uttarayana-sankramana-vyatipatad andu Kondaliy- 
asfisha-mahajanangajum Adi-Gaundanum a-ayyana makkalum draivatt-okkalum 
sa. . . Perumalu-Devaringe dhara-purvvakam madi kottaru maiigaja maha sri 
(utaai float ?•»•) namd'stu Vitaragaya || 


On the left side of the same stone, 
namd'stu Siddhfibhyo namaji svasti §ri Saka-varusha 1179 neya Raksbasa- 
samvatsarada Vaisakha-suddha .... Somavarad andu Adigaundanahalliya 
basadiya a-sthanika Perumalum a-vdra Macha-Gaunda Mara-Gaunda Cbika- 
Gaunda Cbikka-Mareya alliya sthanika Kalla-Jiya samasta-prajegalum Vajra- 
nandi-Siddhanti-devam Mallisena-Devaru . Perumalu-Kantiyara Mac h ay y an a 

l > R*kahasa = 1178. 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 205 

maga M&dayyange dhara-pdrvvakaih madi kotta basadiyam Madayyana hiriya- 
magam Belanarana .... avachaiya Machelanum (anal final phrases) Ekkdti- 
Jin&leya. .mangala maha iri §rt 


At Mirtaahalli (same hobli), on a stone in Lffiganna's garden! north of the village, 
namas tunga ate. p 

tato Dvaravati-nathah Pojsala dvipi-lafichhanfifc I 
jat&h Sasapure tfishu Vinayaditya-bhdpatih || 
4-Vinayadityangam | 

pavana-charitre Keleyab-arasigam akbilor- i 
vvi-varan udayan-geydam | 
Sri-vara-pada-padma-bhringan Ejeyanga-nripam H 
ejagad avandira talegala- i 
n eragipan eragipan arati-lakshmiyau idiring | 
ejragada balupindam tana- | 
g eragipan Ejeyangao atula-vijaya-Sriyam || 
&-narapatig ambbodhig a- | 
nCLna-gabhirateye eamanisipp-antire san- | 
m&niniy £echala-D6vi ma- | 
n6-nayana-priti samanisire samanisidal || 
ene negald &-irvvarggam | 
janayisidar ssutaru negalda-Ballalam Vish- I 
nu-nripalakan Udayadi- | 
tyan embar emb ivarum udarar ahava-dhfrar n 
avarol madhyaman agiyum dharaniyam pftrwapar&mbhddhiy ey- | 
duvinam ktlde nimirchcbuv onda nija-nih-pratytiha-vikraiitad(ind) ud- | 
bhavadind uttaman fidan uttama-guna-bbrajishnu Lakshmi-vadhfi- | 
varan udvritta-virddhi-daitya-mathanaih sri-Vishna-bhdpalakam || 
jayati dharani-lokottariisitatmlya-padas 
chatura-vibu[dha]-gd8hthi-praudba-vani-vinodah i 
vipula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabho Vishnu-Dfrvah || 
ivaD-i-dakshina-bahu-dandadol odambuttagi put^irdda ma- | 
ttevol &yt adi-Varaban ettida dbaritrf-mandalam tejadiu- | 
dav arald ambujadant ir ambaradol irdatt uebna-rug-mandalam | 
savan em 8aha[sa]dol Naladi-narapalar vVishnu-bhftpalanol || 
a-Vishnuvarddhanangam | 
bhavodbbavey enisi negalda pempina Lakehma- | 
Devige sutan udayisidam | 
bhtt-vidita-yaid-vibbaei Narasimba-nripam || 

Digitized by 


206 Bdmr Taiuq. 

rjHu i ari-bbftpar bbandn mey-ddpdad avayayadim tdgane krflra-Daityd- f 


"bhi- | 
kara-jihTikfrnna-glrpn&nanaman ogeda k&r-ddideyam sanchalat-kfi- i 
•ara-bhAayat-kanthamam ghargghara-ghana-rayamam N&rasimha-kshi- 

tiaam i 
&tana tanayan ati-pra- | 

khy&tan ud&ram samasta-ldk&dh&ram i 
nitividan endod upami- I 
tltam Ball&Ja-bbflpa-samariitdpaxh i 
lalani-lalamam enip fi- | 

chala-Deyigam &-Nri-(pa)simha~patigam negald-A- I 
Kali-kAla-Dilipam nis- I 
♦chaJa-satya-Yudhishthira Vira-Ball&lam h 
k£}a vasanta-bala-sahak&rada tan-nelal isrit&lig &- | 
bbiJa-lay&hi-Disbtbura-phanaughada mey-nelal uddhat&rig an- I 
mijita-pundarikada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- I 
ll&lana tdla-b&la nelal adudu dbatrige vajra-panjaram o 
♦kadupim cbag-cha&a chagg ©nd uliva kahale dban&m dhan&m dhanam 

dhadam enuttam | 

podary-*Uni88&na-r4vam dbimi kita kira jhSm dbimi kita kija jhftngi ken 

emba tCLryyam | 

kadepatt irkkuyan u . . melv aridadem idevintum kbarggay end antu 

gellan- 1 
gudad ugr&r&tiyaih vikrama-guna-nilayam Vira-Ballala-DSvan || 
svasti irtman-mahii-mandaJeSvaram Tiibhuvana-malla Talakadu-Gangav&di- 
NonambaT^di-Banayase-H&nungal-Halasige- Belavala-gonda bhuja-bala Vira- 
GaDgan asab&ya-iauryya sangrima-Bhima chalad-anka-Raraam pratapa-chakra- 
vartti ylra-Hoysa}a-Ballala-D§varu Srimad-rajadE&ni-Ddrasamudrada nelevidi- 
nalu prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-p&da-padm6pajivi Benakana-Maravvey- 
anvayav entendade H B&chayyanu helda padya || 

jana-nidhi-K8timayyana magam vibhu-Rakkasamallan-ayyan ar- | 

ppina kani KSsi-R&jana manah-priye Sovala-Devi petta pern- | 

pina sute S&tikavye. .gewey enal babi b&ppu nontar ar | 

bBenakan-ud&re-M&rave-yol i-chatur-abdhi-parita-dh&triyol a 

jangaraa-kalpa-late pbala- | 

man gedegondavol udare M&rave pettal I 

tunga-yaSam emba bos(t)a-yelu- | 

dingaja bitt enipa Bhadranam nandananam h 

aaudinav uttardttara-Subhddayamam paded Ige ragadim | 

Benakan-ud^ra-Maraveg aneka-surendra-narendra-rundra-kan- | 

• So In the original. 

Digitized by 


Belwr Taluq. 207 

cbaDa-makudavali-rana-ranat^riti-ghdrnnita-ntttna-ratna-ra- | 
Smi-nivrita-p&da-pitba-nikatam tri-jagad-guru StatalSSvaram II 
svasti yama-niyamar8V&dby&ya-dhy4na-dharana-m6n&no8bthana-japa-8amadhi. 
sila-gana-eampannar aupasauagnih6tra-dvija-guru-devat&-pdja-tatpararum 
m&rttand6jvala-kirtti-yutaruih Rig-Yaju8-S4matharvvana-veda-vedartha-8aka}a- 
sastra - paravar^y itarum appa Eondaliya srimad • asesba - maha[ja]nangalige 
Eilaka-samvatsarad andu p&da-p&jeyam tettu prati-varsba kattum bana entu- 
bonnanu siddh&yavam a-mah^janangalige tett umb a-bhttmiyolagana ke^egam 
&-d6gulakkam hola-gahingam int initakam ikkida gady&na 562 panam 3 isu- 
bonnan upakshayam-battum tavage bhoga sand umb fc-bhCLmiya simeya kramav 
entendade (4 lines following oonuin details of boundaries) ft-bhtimiyolage srimatu 
S&ntalesvara-devara sphutita-jtrnndddh&rav akhandya yathft-kramada ptije 
naivedyakam gady&na 1 pana vandaja bbdmi vandu mattaru beddale n&- 
ganduga-gaddeyan a-Benakana-Marayvevum a-srlmad-as^sha-mabajaDangalum 
tavage samasta-p&pa-kshayartthav agi a-cbandrarkka-taram-baram bittaru ali 
vuliya bbdmige Srimad -asesha-mahajanangalu kotta pattaleya kramadim 
Siddh&rthi-samvatsarada Magha-Suddba 14 Somav&ram-modalagi prati-varsba 
kattum bana gadyana 6 pana 5 siddhayavan a-Benakana-Maravvevum k-ya 
Srimad-asfisha-maha-janangalige ikki a-bhCLmiyan a-chandr&rkka-t&ram- 

bar am (aenal floal Tenot) 


At KMihalli (same hobli), on a stone at the east wall of the SAmMvara temple. 

namas tunga etc. h 
svasti Sri prithuvi-vallabham maharaj&dbirajam paramesvaram parama- 
bhatt&rakam Satyasraya-kula-tilakam Chalukyibharanam srimat-Tribbuvana- 
malla * Devara vijaya - r&jyam uttarottarabhivriddbi - pravarddham&nam &- 
chandrarkka-taram-baram saluttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi svasti samadhi- 
gata-pancba-maha-sabda mah&-mandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura-varadhisvaram 
Yadava-kul&mbara-dyumani samyaktva-chftdamani malaparol-gandfidy-anSkar 
n&mftvali-samfilankritar appa srimat-Tribbuvanamalla-Poysala-Devaru Ganga- 
vfidi-tombhattafu-sayiraman eka-cbchbatradim rajyan geyyuttam ire tat- 
p&da- padum6pajivi samadhigata - pancha- maha - sabuda mahft - s&manta- vira- 
lakshmf-k&nta Ganga-kula-kamala-martandam parama-Mahesvaram din&n&tha- 
jana-kalpa-vriksha Writa-jana-chint&mani haya-Vatsa-Rajam ganik^-Manojam 
Odegere-malan achalita-dhairyyan asahaya-sauryyam dana-vinodiy appa 
E&leyamma-Gavundana vamsa Chavuda-Gaundana putra Poysala-Gaundana 
stri Kalabbe-Gaundiya putra Chinna-Gaundanum Earika-samantana putram 
ahitar-ankusa-setti Eondaliya bhdmi-putrakam kattisida kere ettisida dftvfc- 
lyam kodey adaha rajasida ankada kala int initakkam ati-prasaya Saka-varsha 

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206 B'ehur Tahiq. 

24 Vikrama^-samvatsarada bitta datti mftla-st&nakke bitta galde md-ganduga 
oadu-mattalu beddale kodiya devalyakke galde mfi-ganduga kerey-olage 
beddaley ondu mattalu milla-st&nakka kddiya dSvalyakka kegege ko^t-arttam 
1800 Muguliya nelav&lge kotta artta modal u 150 vriddbi-sabitam mil-niiju 
(iumI anal rerw) m&la-stanaka kddiya-stanaka mftla-stambha Chandrabh&sana- 
Pandita u 


At the same Tillage, on a virakal near the RAmdivara temple. 
sYasti sri Saka-varshada 1068 neya Kshaya-saihvatsarada Aivayuja-suddha- 
p&diye-Adiy&rad andu sri-Drohagbaratta-chatu rvvedimangala . tuyuv ariyalu v 
a-tuyuvam magurcbcbi sattu aura-loka-praptan adam || Kondajiya Jakkannana 
maga Masana n 


On another yirakal in the same place, 
svasti Saka-varsha 1074 Angirad Asada-su 1 Sd d-andu sri-Drohagbarat^a- 
chaturvvSdimangalada niah&janangala besadim madivala-Chattana Cbattakana 
maga Ganganam turuvam magurchchi sura-loka-praptan ada Ganganu li 


At Kabbigarahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the Aladamaradamma temple. 


namas tonga etc. h 

svasti Sri vijayabhyudaya-§alivahana-saka-varsha 1529 neya sanda varttam&na- 

Plaranga-samvatsarada Kartika-ba 7 lu sriraan-maharajadhiraja raja-paramft- 

§vara sri-vira-pratapa sri-Venkata. . .Naya. . .maga Venkatadri-Nayaka ta- 

Nayakara. . . sta Nagi-Nayaka. . . . Krishna-Nay akarige punyay agabek endu ko 

. .vivara(la) Narasimha-dSvara. . . .vigi kottadu Kondaliya stalada Kaburde- 

halliyanu chaparada. . . .kottev agi ar obaru 


At Ghattadahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the KalWsvara temple. 
8rlmat-traildkya-p(ijysLya sarvva-karmma-8u-sakshine | 
phaladaya namo nityam Sankaraya mahatmane li 

(from here to bh&3ate Vishna-Devah || in line 46 corresponds with No. 58 of this Taluq) 

modalol Poysala-rajya-lakshmiy odavam tol-valpinim taldi tann | 
udayam ranjise tanna balp odaye tann arpp eye tann ajne mi- | 
ye disa-chakraraan otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke tarn | 
modal adam Yadu-yamsa-yarddhana-karam sri-Vishnu-bbdpalakam h 

l) 80 in the original, probablj meant for 1024; but Vikranu = 1023. 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 209 

pingade tolol korbbi ma- | 

langire jaya-lakshmi lakshmi varddhise kondam | 

Gangara kurupina puramam | 

tunga-balarii Vishnuv emba Bhuja-bala-Gangam 11 

ele K&vSriya vari k&de polas &datt endu pevaisutum | 

keladol kftpa-jalasiy appinegam firRajendra-ChSlam bhujk- | 

baladim Vishnu tadiya-sSneya penangal tan-nadi-p&radol | 

kalasal vikrama-keliyam mejadan atyugra-prat&pddayam II 

Dbanadam dakshina-vayu? eke tadedatto tidit ill ennuv emb- | 

inegam vairi-kardti-koti-mukha-n&sa-raudhradol mandra-ni- I 

svanam urmmal Malayanilam sulidu kala-ksbepamam Vishnu-bhtl- | 

pana jaitrorbbareyalli mfcduvudu K&v6ri-nadi-tiradol || 

saran enn enn iianam varidhiyol akata Main&ka ntr-vvakki-vol po- | 

kk iraveda Vajrig inn anjad ir adhika-balam kadapam ninnan end a- I 

daradim bhitadriyam tannaya-vimala-yas6-laksbmi karunyadindam I 

karevent ambodhiyam porddire sogayisidam jishnu-Visbnu-kshitiSam || 

Saraneng a-chandranim cbandanadin atisayam sitalam nirmmalam ma- | 

cbcharameng a udrekade kedayipan and undudam nanjan embant | * 

ire tdrkkum tanna kaypam maleyad ari-nripam kange mSn k&dug entum | 
piriyam pel m&nban6 torade nija-gunamam jishnu-Vishnu-kshitisam || 
ravi t6j6-lateyol podalda palav emb ant ippinam pftrnna-biih- | 
bavan ull indu yaso-vis&la-lateyol pd-gonchalant irppinam | 
dhavala-cbcbhatrada tanpu bhtiniig amard ippant irppinam kshatra-dba- | 
rmma-vidambam pogalvang alumbav enisitt i-Vishnu-bbftp&lanol r • 

belaguttum kirtti suttum sulidu sulidu takkaysi Sesh6- | 

jvala-kayam tivid a-p€ligevol ire Sarojatajandam dbaritri- | 

tajam el lam tanna dirggh&yuvane ksbatra-dbarmmd- | 

jvala-harmy6ttunga-8ringarppita-mani-kalaSam Vishnu pettam bedangam || 
Javanum tannaya ganda-lachchanav enipp a-miseyam tirddal an- | 
juvinam kandugum endu kal-ugurgal anamririgal suyyal an- | 
juvinam tejada sonkinindav erne sig end uddhatar nnddal an- | 
juvinam vikrama-vibbramam sogayisitt i-Vishnu-bhtipalanol h 
deiegalan ottikonda dhanadindam ivam sale maduv adhvara- | 
prasaradol anjutum havige niduva Sakrana kayya. . . . | 
pasaripa dhftma-sanchayade k&dige-golva Sarojajandamum | 
besagola-beda Vishnu purushdttaman end ivu t&ve pSlave H 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-mahfc-Sabda maha-mandaleivaram Dv&r&vati-pura- 
varfiivaram Yadu-ku}a-kalaSa-kalita-nripa-dharmma- harmya- mdla-stambham 
apratihata-pratapa-vidita-vijayarambhath | Sa§akapura- nivasa-V&santik&-d8vi- 
labdha-vara-pras&dam Sriman-Mukunda-padaravindarvandana-vinodan ity-&di- 
nftm&vali-samfctar appa Srimat-Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bhuja-bala 


Digitized by 


2.10 Bektr Taluq. 

Vtra-Gajaga-Vishnuvarddhana-PdysaJa-DSvar mfidalu Nangaliya Padiya-ghatta 
tenkalu ChSram Anamale paduvalu B&rakanilra gbatta badagalu S&viyamale- 

yind olagada bhdmiyam bbuja-bala dim parip&lisuttum sukha-sankath4- 

vinddadim Ddrasamudrada bidinalu r&jyam geyvuttam iral tat-p&da-padmd.paj!vi 

Srimat-KSsara-Setti ma- | 

tUUmahimam lUhal&tmajam sad-dharmmam | 

irt-mangaja-m&nikyam | 

bhtl-mahitan Doki. . . na putram h 

SdmSsvara-darsanadim | 

R&m§Syara-p4da-pankaja-spar5anadim | 

bh&miyole t&ne punyam | 

Srfmach-Chau dan amala-charitram 11 

bbft8ur**uvarnna-tatiyam | 

kfoaram aoSka. . . . dharmma-nakhadim | 

si gari kari-sva . . ma- | 

ha-si. . . . magra-s&martthya-yutam h 


chint&maniyo}e sogayipa | 

k&ntiyum a-pttrnna-chandra sri- | 

yam tdrppa teradin &tana | 

k&nteyum ma. .1* Eeleya.bbeyum esegum h 

ati-bhakte Sivange. . | . .yukte svakiyark&nta-hridaya-sthite bhd- | 

nate dharmma-karyyamam sail- | tatav olpim madi Kanchiyakkam ne . . . u 

. . . .kigiya pati | tan chaturam Ketamallan akeya putram I 

safichita-punyam sogayisu- | van Chandra kramakk ati-bhaktara 11 

Mridana varadinde s&sir- | 

mmadi-punyav andna-lakshmi bh&sura-tejang | 

edegond udayisu . . . . | 

. . . chelvam Ketamallan avarg udayisidam h 

Dorasamudradol a-gam- | 

bhiram nija-punyam oddi.ttada. . . . i 

chalamam nimirya su- | 

dh^-ruchi nage Sivana bhavanamam m&disidam || 

a-bhavanamam tannaya | 

. . . .duva paradanim sad-dharmmam | 

. . . enuttum Sivana ma- | 

hArbbavanaman atan oppe tarn madisidam || 

&tam t&m nija-kula-syamiya . .ti-bhaktiyim§rimad-VishnuvarddhaDa-Poysa- 

lSSyaram emba pesaran ittu dharmma. . . .sidan &-devara p&jege. . a-chandra- 

t&ram-baram. . . .tamma kulabhivriddhiyum bhivriddhiyum dharmmabhi- 

vriddhiyum varddhisutam iral &. . . Vishnuvarddhana-Poysala-Deva. . sasirada 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 211 

nalvatta-mftraneya S^rvvari-saihvatsarad uttar&yana-sankramanada. . . .ojaga- 
na T&vareyakereyam sarbba-b^da-pariharav kgi kottar firgr&makke simtUsam- 
mandba (8 lines following contain details of boundaries) sammandhi .... sampurnnam 
Dorasamudrada hiriya-keyeya kelagana Hoysalagattad olagana 

ayvattu-kolaga bija bittuva gaddeyum Siriganakereya kelagana sala-mo 

. .muvattu-kolaga bija bittuva gaddeyum Tfirarekeyeya mundana kodiya ttibi- 
nim bada. . .harida bacbchala haduvalu muvattu-kolaga-gaddeyum . tesvara- 

d§vara gaddeya melana ayvatta-kamma hd-dontamum nakaradalli 

Sondigeyakkam telligaralli enije horage bandu mfixuvava 

ditargge dh&riUpftryvakam madi kottaru mangala mah&^ntuai final Tertet) 


*0n oopper plates in the same village. 

(Kagart ebaraoters) 

Sri Srt-Ganfcdhipataye namafc a-vighnam astu n 
namas tunga eto. h 

Gajanano vijayate danta-kdtim dadbati yah | 
gr&m&n Harihara-pr&pt&n likbitum lekhinim iva || 
p&tra8&t-kartu-k&mebhy6 dharam datum ivoddharan | 
akupar&d ap&r&d yah sa p&yad Adi-Sdkarah h 
tril61d-bhartripi Tripurajayinft m&rddhani dbritah 
sudh&bhit kurr&nah sura-parishad&m p&rana-vidhiih | 
Harer vamam chakshur hata-kamala-rdchir nija-ruch& 
pramddam yushmakam pratbayatu nikamam Himakarah || 
Kal&yatas tasya kulfe Yayater udabhud Taduh | 
tad-adi tat-kulam loke khyataip asit tad-akhyaya w —* 
Sl&ghy§ tasmin Yador vamsfe sanj&tah SangamSSvarah | 
sangamas sri-sarasvatydr abhCLd yatr&ti-durlabhah || 
ikarad guna-ratn&n&m tasmat sri-Sangamfifivar&t | 
parijata iv^mbhodher udabhud Bukka-bhupatih || 
Gauri kum&ram alabhata Bukka-mahipan mabesvar&t tasm&t | 
filagbyam yasyapratihata-sakter gaja-mukha-sambhutir agrato jftta || 
pit& sat&m hi raksh&yai iiksh&yai ch&qpt&m nripak I 
j&tam Hari-Rar&mSam tarn namna Hariharam vyadh&t r 
yat-8vSta-chhatra-8it&ihSav udite t&pa-h&rini | 
sankuchanty &tapatr&ni satapatrani vairin&m n 
rakshati kshm&ih Harihara-kshm&patau sambhrit&yudh&h | 
mahahav&hu dtkshante erdtriyi na tu S&traY&h li 
&sid r^ja-eiromanir Haribard nissima-bbttmi-pradak 
irtm&n bh&gya-daya-nidhir dvija-varan santarpayan annatah | 

* From a oop j supplied by tbe Tillagers. 



Digitized by 


212 $*&* Tai^q, 

gramair ishta-dbanair maha-mani-mukhair anyangan&-sddarah 
Sfturasbtr&Dga-Kalinga-Vanga-Yavaaaa samrakshayan bhititah h 
F&jAdbir&jam yam pr&huh Srl-rSja-paramSsvaram | 
bbish&tilanghi-bhfip&la-bbujang&nim khagSSvaram n 
tri-raja-bhujagam d hi ram para-rAjarbhayankaram I 
Hindtl-raya-Saratr^nam ltd tarn yidusbd'niSaih h 
Vijayanagari-namnyam riyadhinyim mahlpatih | 
pitryft simbflsane svty§ kritiaana-parigrahah II 
8ri-Sakabde vasu-vydma-vahnindu-ganitS sati | 
Krddhan&bd§ Nabho-m&se paurnamy&m Saumya-vasare || 
Tung*UPamp&-Virftpaksha-sannidhau sa mahlpatih | 
saumydpar&ge mahati punya-kaloday§ sati II 
irtmadd-Hoysala-raj&nkS srl-Sige-a&du-simani | 
gr&mam Ghattadahalltti samakhy^sdbhitam dhruvam H 
8arvajna-Srt-Harihara-mah&r&ja-pur^khyayi | 
nidhi-nikshSpa-8alila-p§r8hanag§,mi^adbyakam II 
siddh&kshfna-yutam ch&shtarbhdga-ST&myadi-sankulam | 
hiranyodaka-dharabbir dakshiniUsahitam mud& || 
agrah&ram imam sarvam&nyam a-chandra-tarakam | 
n&na-gdtra-prasCttSbhyd vidvadbhyo vidush&m nidhih H 
nani-sCLtrdktam ach&ram icharadbhyas sva-karmabhih | 
vftda-Sastra-pravinSbhyah kusalebhyah kalasu cha \\ 
shat-karma-niratebhyas cha S&ntebhyas sadaram mud& | 
pr&d&dd Hariharo raj§. putra-pautr&di-bhfttaye | 
tatra vrittimatam gotra-sakha-n^madi likbyate || 

(28 lines following oonUin names etc. of TfittidArs) 

sim&-cbihn&ni desa-bhashay& likbyante | yi-sarvajiia-Hariharamab&rayapurav 

§da Gbattadahalliya Chatus-Slineya Viyara (4 lines following contain details of boundaries) 

satrunapi krito dharmah palaniyah prayatnatah | 
satrur era hi satrus syad dharmas satrur na kasya chit || 

(usual final Yerses) • Sri-Virflp&ksha 


At the same village, on a stone-beam of the VighnMvara temple, 
svasti Sri vijay&bhyudaya-S&livahana-saka-varusha 1688 n8 vartam&nakke 
saluva Vyaya-n&ma-samvatsarada | M&rgaiira-suddha 6 yalu irtmatu 
Vighnesvara-sv&mige Vishnuvardha-gStrada Asval&yana-sfttrada Ruk-sakba- 
dhyayigal &da Cbenni-Bhattara prapautrar &da Kesd-Bhattara pautrar ada Subba- 

Bhattana putrar adaChennakesava-Mallanna ttigalu saha Ghattadahalli- 

agraharadalli nammage pitrarjitav agi banda vritti \\ 4^ a-vrittige saluva 
gaddeyalli 1 . .gadde 

* In Kannada oharaoters. 

Digitized by 


BeUir Taluq. 213 


At Gd^isdmanahalli (same hobli), on a stone on the tank band. 

(Nagari obaraeters) 

* (svasti sr! vijay&bby udayaS cha Saka-varshada 1 1 95 neya §riinukha-8am)yatsara- 
da Pushya-iudha 11 Bri evasti 8rtmat-prat§,pa-chakravartti Hoyisana-Sri-Vira- 
N&rasimha-DSv-arasaru Ddrasamudrada nelavidinalu sukha-sankatWUvinddadim 
r&jyam gaivutt irddu tamma kum&ra gfiyi-gdvala ganda-pendara mandalSka-jfrbu i 
Eumara-Malli-DdYa-danD&yakaru madida N&gftSvara-dSvaru Bra. . . .devaru 
Hemmfesvara^devar-olagftda dfivarugalige sriDgaranga-jjanga-bhoga-jirnndddh^- 
rav-olaga[da] vechchakke Vijayanarasimhapurav &da Vadagdrak41uvalli Gojiya- 
someyanahalliya Yftra-mundana kereya kelagana gaudikeya kodagiya tdta 
prasiddha-sima-samanvitav aha bhumiyanu dhark-pftrvakam m&di kottaru II 

(usual final Teree) 


At the same village, on a stone in the tsvara temple. 

srimat-trailokya-piijyaya sarva-karmma-su-sftkshine | 

phaladaya namo nityam Sankaraya mahatmane H 

llamas tunga •*©. h 
sYasti samasta-bbuvan&srayam iri-prithvi-vallabham mab&r&j&dbir&jam para- 
me8varam parama-bhattarakam Yadava-kulatnbara-dyumarii sarvvajna-chftdft- 
mani dstaa-vin6di maleraja-raja malaparolu ganda kadana-prachanda ganda- 
bherundaD asahaya-stira Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-R&ma 
Magara-rfijya-nirmm&lana Chola-rajya-pratishth&cb&riya nissanka-pratapa Hoy- 
sana-chakravartti Hoysana Sri-Vira-Narasingha-Devam | 

firVishnuvarddhana (Ballala)ngam | 

bh&vfidbhav[ey] enisi negalda pempina Padmala-(maha-) | 

dSvige sutan udayisidam | 

bbft-Yidita-yasS-vibhasi Narasingha-nripaxh H 
rritta || ari-bhttpar vvandu mey-d6rido[d a]vayavadim toyane krttra-daitye- | 

Svara-vakshah-kshobha-nirdd^runa-nakha-nikarochchanda- d6r- dandamam 


kara-jihv^klrnna-dirnnananaman oseda kftr-dd&deyam sanchalat-kd I 

eararbhisvat-kanthamam ghargghara-ghana-ravamam (Ballala-sutam) NAr 

ra8ingha-kshiti8am || 

ari-daity&dhipa-vaksha(8thala)mam kara-nakh&nikangalim p61du bal- | 

garulam tdduva N&rasinghan enal akkum,vairi-virHvani- i 

Svara-yak8ba-8tbalamam(sa) sva-khalga-nakhara-vyaghatadim pdldu bal- | 

garulam toduva (Vira) Nara8imha-nripa{na]m sangrama-rangagradol || 

• The words in bracket* are in Kanna^a character*. 

Digitized by 


21* Belur Taluq. 

Utana tanayan ati-pra- | 
khy&tan ud&ram samasta-lok&dharam | 
niti-vidan endod upama- | 
titam (Vfra) Narasimha-bh&pa samar&t6pam u 
*s*hasadol Dhar&dhara-dharam bhuja-viryya-san- | 
dohadol Arjjnnam bala-yirddhi-nripala-samasta-sainika- | 
byCthaman ftyagani tavipa chanda-parakraman endod i-rano- | 
ts&ha^jay&nganiUakta-Vtra-N&rasimhanol §x idircbchuTar || 
dburadol band urad pddi nind ari-bala-br&takke kaiy intu nind | 
ered-artthi-prakarakke y&ra-yanit&nikakke gambhira-s&- | 
garan i-N&rasimha-nripan &nt ipyal lyal sdlisal ballan &- \ 
Hari-putram Hali-putran &-Hari-sutam t&n endad S-vannipam n 
plLlisi Chdlana[m] Magaran-ttaeyan artthaman eyde kondu nir- | 
mmCtliSi P&ndya-Pallava-mahisaran al-vesa-geysi k&de bfty- I 
k§lisi ptLryva-dig-valayamam kadal-&nkey ad 4gi sauryadind | 
dlisidam Nrisimha-nripan &jiyol adi-nripala-jalavan n 
Vira-Ball&la-8utam Hoysana^ri-Vira-N&rasimha-DSvaru srimad-Ddrasamndrada 
nelevidinalu sukha-sankath4-yinddadim prithyi-rajyam geyyu[tta]m iralu | 
Saryvajitu-samvatsarada Sr&vana-suddha 3 Vaddav&rad andu | svasti srtman- 
mah&-pas&yta parama-viSyisi svimi-drohara ganda 8Y&nri-sant6shi kari-turaka- 
pat^a-s&bani karppftra-drisht&yaka sri-V&sud§yara diyya-sri-pada-padm^r&dha- 
karum appa komira-Gdviyannana Somayya-Nagayyangal srtmatu Sdman&tha- 
devara pratishtheyam madi Rudra-Jfyana kalam toladu dhari-ptirvyakam madi 
kotta dharmmav enteodade Sdmanfttha-dSyara iri-k&riyakke kot$a modal-eriya 
gadde salage md£u n&lvatt-entu mettioa galdeya alateyalu beddale ayinftyu- 
kambba bhilmi Gdviyannana Somayyana akka Mahadevi tk kattisida kejeya 
hiode &-de[vi]ya maga Chikka-Nagannanu Somanatha-devarige kotta gadde salage 

eradtt (muaI final Tone) 


On a virakal to the right of the same temple. 

srt svasti Sri jay&bhyndaya 1 158 §rimatu-Y£dava-r&ya 

Makara-r&jya-ni SomSSvara dutav iralu 

hesar enisida pade Pandyanali hesaran roda mttda- 

lisi k^di ammi bitta kandu deva-kannikeyarum puraAganeyarum 

hdvina yim&nadinda idirugondarum &tanu sura-loka-praptan adanu 


At Chatachatfahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the ChatWavara temple. 

Sripata namah H 

namas tunga etc h 

* So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 215 

svasti sri-pritvi-vallabhaiii mahar&j&dhir&jaih para giri- 

durgga-malla cbalad-anka-R&ma I sangr&ma-Bhima ra-raya-nirmmftla 

Pa\ndya-Raya-pratishth&ch&ryya srimatu-Hoysala bhuja-bala 

Sri-Vira-Ball&la-Dftvam r&jya Saka-varsha 1229 neya Plavaiiga-samvatsarada 

Srfcvana-Su 5 svasti Srimanu .... hlUvadda-vyavahiLri ubhaya- 

D&na-dSsa-mukhyar appa Ala-Paduman&bha Chatti.yyahalliya 

dSvara dfiv&lya 


In the same temple, on a stone-beam of the ranga-matfapa. 
svasi samasta-praSasti-sahitam srimat-pratapa-chakravartti-Hoysala-sri-Vira- 
Narasimha-Dev-arasara patta-bandhdtsa\hav ad eradeneyaVishu-samvatsarada 
Sr&vana-Suddha 7 Mangalavarad andu srimad-anadiy-agraharav Erekejeya holad 
&gneyada modal-gaddege Medime. . .kara maga Chattayya-Pirumalu-Devanga- 
lu adrisht&rtthav figi nflyu-honnan ikkihev endu nddidalige a-asesha-maha- 
janangal idagindav utkrishtav appantaha sthala DaSisettiya-keyeya hantavam 
kattidad emma agrabaramam punar-bbbaranavam inadi nilisidavar endade 
maha-prasadav endu kaikondu a-nd^u-honnuvan iUkejreya kelasakk ikkidaru | 
ikkidalli a-asesba-maha-janaugalu hiridu-santosam battu kegege Pirum&lu- 
samudram endu hesaram kottu keyeya kelage priti-danav &gi Chattayya-Piru- 
malu-Devangalige nftjr-ajruvattu-kamba totada sthlava yathokta-pada-ptLjeyam 
kondu sva-ruchiyim dhara-p&rvvakam madi sarvva-namasyav agi chatus-simeyalu 
kalla nadisi a-chandrarkka-taram-ba[ra]m saluvantagi kotta S&sana mangala 

Uiah& Sri Sri || (aiual final Tine) 


At Narasipura (same hobli), on a pillar in the ranga-ma?tapa 
of the Narasimha temple, 
svasti Sri jay&bbyudayas cba Saka-varsbada 1203 neya Vikrama-samvatsarada 
§ravana-ba 7 A srimatu pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana-Sri-Vira-Narasimha-Ddv- 
arsaru Srimad-rfijadb&ni-Dorasamudra sukba-sankatbfc-vinddadiih r&jyam gey- 
vuttam idda k&ladali srimanu maha-pradhanam Perumald-Deva-dann^yakaru 
tamma tayigaju Manchiy-akanavara vrind^vana nadavallige ptorada Sri-Vija- 
ya-Narasimha-ddvara Srlvaishnava-asesha-maha-janangala kayyalum a-nibandha- 
kagara kayyalum tat-k&ldchita-krayava kot^u konda bhftmi Voddanakeyege 
banda hosa-agalim paduvalu Voddanakejreya nirottim badagalu Singannan-* 
Appannangala vrind&vanadim mftdalu angharikana keyyim tenkalu int t-cbatus- 
sfme-volagana vrind&vanadalli tolasiya vrindavanava 3 kke htl-giduvan ikki a- 
sri-Narasimha-dfrvarige varsham-prati htL-patreyan ikkuva fij-eradakkam 
munna devarige nava antu nfilvatt-erad&gi jivita-padiya hachchukombaru 

Digitized by 


£16 JWwr Taluq. 

fc-fcrl-Narasimha-dSrara tirun&lalli tiru-veteya dinadalli ddvaraou vrind&vanake 

gayr-alligd tiru-tdrana melukat^u deva-k&nikegam a-ma hach- 

chada 1 Srigandhakke pa 5 panolringe pa 2± tehgin-enne. . . . .b^leya-hannu 

1000 kabbu 300 td}u-m&le-rolagada push pa a-up&rakke akki padi sa 4 tappa 

prajege vllayakk adake yele . . ya ra&nyada kogate- 

yillade nadasuvaru yidakke (UPerumale-Dera-danniLyakaru dhara^pdrTvakam 
m&d* kotta H&sanada Magdiganahalliya kodagiya gadde sa fj. i-Sri-Narasimha- 
dftyarige k-dann&yakaru kattisi kotta Perum&lesamudrada kelage gadde sa 5 
antu sa 6$ antu endendigettm &-dann&yakaru dh§.ra-purvYakam m&di kottaru 
&-gaddege ^rivaisbnava-mah^-jaaangala.sarTYamanyav kgi nadasuvaru yf- 
mariyftdeyaili yrind&vanakke . . . Mu-eradara jivita-padi tirinalalli tiri-veteya 
dinadalli i-barada mariyideya upabraya ishtand koratey illadirppa &-chan- 
dr&rkka-sth&yiy &gi a-Devappannangala maga Appannan-olag&da Srivaishnava- 
inah^-jananga} ellarti nadasuvaru mangala mah& sri Sri (asaal float Tine) 


On a beam of mnkha-mantapa of the same temple. 

(Grantha and Tamil characters— to No. 158) 

svasti Sri Subh&nu-samvatsarattu Ani-masam ttiruy-addhyainattu andu 

oru-n3Jaikku v&la Vandiyannan-akampudaiy&i Andiy-akka Chchinga- 

perum&lukku kkudutta gajj&na m&nju u ivaf makan Sokku kkudutta gajjana 

ratlnru &ka gajj&nam arum ponnukku vattiyin kil ppoliyuttale irandu- 

n&l &-chandr&rka-sth&yi nadakka-kkadavadu ippon arum ittirupatiyir Sri- 
vaisbnavarkal vasam idil vinnappaff sayvarkalukku sammanan sirappar 
panam irandu 


At the same place. 

svasti sri Subh&nu-samvatsarattu Ani-masam ttiruv-addhyainattukku oru- 

nalaikku vala Vandiyannan-akampudaiyal Andiy-akkan 


At the same place. 
SYasti Sri Jaya-samvatsarattu Avani-masattu Chchinga-pperumalukku tiruv- 

addhyainattukku kku ittiruppatiyil Srivaishnavarkal vasam 

kudutta ga 3 idir onpadu panattil vinnappan seyvarkal 

pujai pana 2 aru panattu padi. .nadakka-kkadavadu 

Digitized by 


Belur Taiuq. 217 


On a south beam of the outer ranga-ma?tapa of the same temple. 
Partthiva-samvatsarda Asvayuja-ba 5 A §riman-maha-pradhanam Sdvanna- 

Nayakaravara Gdpala-dann&yakaru sri-Narasimha-d§vara tiru-ve^eya 

dSsik&radbaneya tamma dharinmav &gi a-chandr^rkka-taram-baram nada- 

vant agi dhareyan ejadu Vaishnavara kaiyyalu kotta gadyana mtlyu yl-honge 
tingalinge h&ga-Yriddhiy& mari. .yala varushav ondake pana vombha. . .bhattu- 
hanavinolage mantra-gita-patbaneyarige. . . Vaishnava-pClje pal devar-amrita- 
padige pa 6 yint i-dharmmava nadasuyaru n r&yaruva. .M&bhaldja |i 


At Kattesflmanahajli (same hoblf), on a stone in front of the Anjanftya temple, 
svasti sriman-mah&-mandaleSyaram Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangav^di- 
Nolambavadi - Banava9e - Han ungallu - gonda bhuja - bala Vira-Ganga-pratapa- 
Hoysala-Narasinga-Devaru 8ukba-sankath&-vin6dadim Dorasamudrada nelevt- 
dinalu prithvi-rajyam geyyutt iralu tat-pada-padm6pajtvigalu . beteya- 
Uday&ditya-Nayakanu lsvara-samyatsarad uttar&yana-sankramanad andu Bille- 
Svara-devange dhara-pdrvvakam madi bitta datti | K&madisettiyakejeya nf- 
rottinda ta kattisida ke^e mutta Billesvara-dfivargge bitta bhftmi | Billesvara- 
derargge samasta-nakara bitta sedeyeya bhatta sedeyeye .... (oin%i final phrases) 


At the same village, on a stone in front of the mined Sdmanttha temple, 
namas tunga etc. n 
svasti Sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-yarusha 1230 neya Plavanga-samvatsarada 
Asvayuja-ba 10 Va-d-andu srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana-§ri-Vira-Ball&- 
la-Dev-arasara mandm&rtti Srimanu mah&-pradhknam M&digi-Dfiya-dann&yakaru 
kotta §ila-sasanadakrama Srimad-D6rasamudrada 8ri-Kaliya-S6man&tha-d§varige 
nityav &gi amrita-padi nadavant agi tavage Sri-Vira-Ball&la-Dev-arasaru karu- 
nyam madi kotta Beluhftra bagilim paduva noraluva Sdyan^anakeye (Uyeriya 
kelagana kalu-gade chatus-sime-volagfida gaddeyantl &-beddalantl ftrchan- 
dr&rkka-stbftyiy agi dSva-d&nav&gi dhareyan eradu &-S6man4tha-dfiyarige fir 
Madigi-Dera-dannayakaru kotta sila-sasana yint appudakke a-M&digi-DSva- 
dannayakara sva-hastada voppa sri 


On a virakal to the left of the same temple, 
namas tunga etc. u 
Saka-yarusha 1199 neya Dhatu-samvatsarada Vaiiakha-su 11 Sa-d-andu | Sri- 
mat-pratapa-chakravartti- Vira-N&rasimha-Dera^^ rajadhani Ddrasamudrakke 


Digitized by 


&18 Bektr Taluq. 

SfiTuna-daJa-mukhya S&luya-Tikkama-Jeyi-DfiYa-Harip&layyarurii Gunaseneyim 
nadadu bandu bittalli Hoysala-bhuja-balarVtra-Narasimha-Rayana maga g&yi- 
gAr&laih ganda-pend&ram parivara sale . . . pade-mechche-ganda sri-mah&- 

pradh&n&m Chikka-KStaya-dann&yakara besadim mandalika-gandha-v&rana 

Nanjeyanu Gullayanu Belayadi-modalugondu Dummi-tanaka pariy&ra mechche 
dhore dhore yend eri Saluvana moga-bhatam gedisi attiy &de Balenay ereye 
SSyuna-valayam kondu d&t&ram mechche ahatam ln&di . . kondu vira-siddhi- 
verasu sura-15ka-pr&ptan &. .de | Sriman (rest gone) 


In the same place, 

namas tunga etc 11 
Saka-varsha 1199 neya Dh&tu-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba 9 Va | srimat-pratapa- 
chakrayariti Hoysala bhuja-bala Vira-Narasimha-DSv-arasaru Ddrasamudradala 
pritbvt-r&jyam geyyutt ire SSvun&dhipati Rama-D^vana pesarim dala-mukhya 
Siluva-Tikkama Belay&diyaiii bandu bittalli kum&ra-vtra-Chikka-KSteya- 
dann&yakara kum&ra hosa-birudara ganda Lankeya-N&yka 

Dorasamudramam nimisa-m&trade kondapen endu Saluyam | 
Tirana Jeyi-Deya Haripalao Irungula-sSneyinde tarn | 
bhdrane bandu durggavanu mutte chamildhara-Chikka-Ketanam | 
yairiyan &ya gelvan ene Lankanu tim nudidam samgradim h 
hosa-birudara gandam n&l- | 
desegam kavitappa Seyunara sainyakamam | 
desevali-geydam poydam | 
vasudh&-taladalli vira-bhatar ulvinegam II 
rri || kidi kidi sftse mastakada sippugal iigale p&re vSjigal | 

kadi kadiy age nettara kadal pariyal kaliy-ankan eri poy- | 

dade Haripalan alkidanu Saluvan odidan even endu bay- | 

vidutave Jeyi-De. . . nuv all ad e meyide gadam mahajiyol h 

nettane bhtirai-lambay ene S&luva tarn Belav&diyalli kel | 

bitta . . . ankan-ant avana pintana bida bidalkey lyad an- I 

t att unal-iyadam ponardu Dumini-varam tade ku I (rest gone) 


In the same place. 

namas tunga etc. h 

svasti Sri jayabhyudayas cha Saka-varusa 1202 neya Pram&thi-samvatsara- 

Ashadha-ba 2 Vaddavarad andu svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysana 

bhuja-bala sri-Vira-N&rasimha-Devaru vira-Chikka-KSteya-dan- 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 219 

nayakarige a-Narasimba-Rayam mnniduhidivalli Sonnev&ni . . ga-dala-eurigeka^a 
Madana-Mahesvara akara-mandalikA, ch&guru pancha-Pandavara Meye-Devanu 
a-KSteya-dannayaka bbandaradim hoya-vandBikondu baralu a-Narasimha- 
Devara samasta-dala-pasayta Lankeya-dann^yakana mele Syida Velav&yi-Dftyaih 

KSteya-dannayakana parivaram mecbchalu Narasimba-DSvaih 

ne;adu suraldka-prftptan adan atana tamma Sonnevani . . . .gu-dala- 

surigek&ra Madana-MabftSfara akara-ma^dalika ch&gn. . paiicba-Pa^dava 

Devanu bira-gallanu sa-yistaradim pratisbtheyam madisidanu («m*i impr«eatiBf 


• 167 

In the same plaoe. 
srimatu pratltpa-chakravartti-Vira-Narasimba-Devaru D6rasamudradalli prithvi- 
rajyam gaivutta. . . . Yuva-samvatsarada Pbalgui^a-Suddba 5 Man Srfmanu 

maba-pradhanam Chikka-KSteya-da?n3,yakaru Lankeya-^fiyakana maga 

Duggaya-nayakanu Dorasamudra. .nadadu Bejavadiyalu 

.... kadidali ranadali kadi bidda . . . 


In the same plaoe. 
nam as tunga «to. H 
sri-mabitam Sa}an embam | 

bbdmi liyan urade poy Salay e[ne] poyd | 

i-mahig esedam Poysala- | 

namam yati-patiya matade Yadu-ku|a-[ti}a]kam ii 

vinayanvitan udayisidam | 

VinaySdityarii pratapi tat-kuladol tat- | 

taneyan Eyeyangan atana | 

taneyam sa-mad&ri-jishnu Visbnu-mahiiaih n 

a-Visbnuyina manab-priye | 

bbtl-visrute Lakshmi tane pempim Laksbma- | 

Dfiyi peearindam ayarg a- | 

Bbavddbhavan enisi puttidam Narasiihliaxh r 

a-Nara8imbam ripu-nripa- | 

86na.jalanidhige badavam ripu-bhftbbrit- | 

86na-yana-rajige da- | 

y&nalan fik&nga-yiran ati-gambhfram (l 

pade-mat gm bandu k an dang amrita-jaladhi tarn garbbadim ganda-vatam | 

nu divan nang enan embai pralaya-samayadol mereyam mlp barpp a- | 

kadalannam Kalanannam mulida Kulikanannam yugantagniyannaib | 

stdilannam singadannam Puraharan-urigannannan i-.Nara8iri*bam || 

Digitized by 


220 B&* Tdhq. 

aatn negalda mabsUmand&l&raraih Dy&r&yatt-pura-var&dhiivaram Talak&da- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga prat&pa-Hoysala $rt-Nfi,rasimha-D§Yaru Srimad- 
r&jadh&ni-D6rasamudrada nelavidiQala sukha-sankath^-vinddadim prithvi- 
rajyam geyyuttam ire Hadaralana maga Chattayyana mSl etti hoja-vidam 
bit^alli Kasturiya-Nakarasa Savanta-Mab&d$van irar iddu nimma sri-p&da- 
padmdpajtviy appa Habbeya-S&haQi mund&gi samaeta-tdtigaru m&dida dharm- 
mara dfiri bijaya-geydu nddalu-v^lkum endu binnapam geyye bijayan-geydu 
devargge namaskAram m&di dbarmmamm mechchi bitta datti Saka-varsha 1135 
neya BhUva-samvatsarada Pushy a-suddha 14 Sdmav&ra-sankramanad andu 
Chenn*-S6man&thardevargge Kedara-gurugalam karedu dhar^-parvvakam m&di 
kotta bhftmiya stmiL-sammandhaY en andade rnddalu Banavasege hdda heddari 
tenka ba lab ad a kuppe paduval palla badagal manala-hole tdtigaru guddalige 
h&ga. .vaguttage gottalli bonge hagav eradu &-gadiya sedeya bhatta telligaru 
kottay-enne manaia hebbagalim paduvalu maneya nivfifiana yippatu I dbarmma- 
vam pratip&)isu?aru || (usual final tovms) 


At the same village, on a stone on the tank-bund, 
namas tunga etc. n 
Sajan emban age tad-Tad u- | 
kuladolu puli paye kandu inuni puliyam poy | poydudajim Poy- | 
sala-resar avanindaY &ytu tad-yarosajanol n 
yi-yasudheya pogalalk £- | 
cbala-Devigav Ejeyanga-nripatigam trai-puruiar I 
ttam enal adar bBalia- | 
la-nripalam Vishnu-bh&pan Uday&dityam B 
durbb&r&ri-dhar&dhar&li-kulisam sri-Vishnu-bhftp&lan ardd | 
ebbattal nija-sainyav ella badivant & bandan i bandan end | 
urbbipalara kange lokam anitum tad-rtlpam igirppudum | 
sarbbam Vishnumayam jagatt enipud em pratyaksham ftgirddudd || 
Tulu-desam Chakragottam Talavanapura? Uchchangi KoJ&la. . . | 

gurbb enisuva Hadiya-gbattam Bayal-n&du Nil4- | 

*tala-durggam R&yar&yd. .puri Tere Gangavidi- | 

sthalamam bhril-bhangadim kondam *sri-Vishnu-bhiipalakam || 
jayati dharani-ldkdttanisit&tmiya-p^da^ 
chatura-vibudha-g68hti-[praudha]-7ani-yin6dab | 
ripula-vijaya-lakshmi-vallabhd Vishna-D^yab || 

' 8o in the original. 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq. 221 

Ananda-samvatsarada Phfilguna-bahula-S6mav&rad andu ghalge 7 muhtlrttadalu 
sri-Vishnuvarddhana-Hoysala-Devaru Ddrasamudrada nelevidinalu prithvi- 

rajyam geydu rutta M^rasingha-Nayaka N&geya-Nilyaka avara maga 

Boyiya-N&yaka atana tamma j&vada-Maliya-N&yaka Sri-Nag$8vara-deyarige 
Vishnuvarddhana-Bitti-DSYa bit$a bhtlmeya stme yent endade (rest oonuios bounda- 
ries, eto.) 


At Hale-Belayldi (same hobli). 
namas tufiga eto. o 
Srimad-girbbana-ptirbbam Madana-mada-haram saivad-aisvaryya-dhuryyam | 

s6mam prdttunga-GangSrtarala-tara-tarangaugha-chan | 

somam Jannaige Jann&Svaran abbimatamam pritiyind fge ragd- | 
ddamam premardra-Gaurl-hridaya-kamalini-loka-Detram Trin^tram H 
Sri-vakshan appa Pundarik&kshana nabbiya pundartkadind udayisida Punda- 
rikasananind Atri Atri-netradim Sdmam Somanim Budham | Budhanim Parftra- 
yam | Purftravanind Ayu i Ayuvim Nahusham | Nahusbanim Yayiti | Yayitiyiih 
Yadu I Yaduvim Sdmam | Soma-vamSame Yadu-yamSam enisidud &- Y ad u-nri pa- 
rol u Salan emba nripam Sahyachalada sanu-sthanadalli bentey aduvalli molam 
puliyan atte chodyam batt idu vira-kshStram end allim barutt iral orbba divya- 
risbi tannam puli poyal eytappudum adam poy Sala yembuduv a-laghu-parfir 
kramaxh genim gen-edeyam nimiral iyade kond-ikkuvudum i-puliye vijaya- 
Ufichhanam i-pesare vijaya-n&mam endu mechcbi muni-pungavam baram godal 
andind ittal &-Yadu-vaih§ame Poysala-vamSam enisidatt 4-kshfetrame Sasaka- 
purav adud alii Yinayiditya-Poysalange II 
Y&daya-yamiakk amare ma- | 
hddayam Ejeyanga-nripati Vinayidityang | 
adam tanayam vinayam | 
sddaram ene tanage negakla dhtr6d&ttani n 
mtivar ddevara eaktiye | 
mttyarolam tappad enisi negaldar tt&y in- | 
dfyara-ldcbaneg £chala- i 
DSvige Ballfcja- Vishnu-* Vinay&dityar H 

param&r&dbyaih Mabesam kula-vadhu vijaya-sri nelam pdshya-yarggam | 
dorega) Yaiviiha-sambandhigal ene negald &-r&yar ambhdjajandd- ] 
daradol teng&ya-nir antire tilida jasam tanna bhandaram ftgutt | 
ire Ball&l&vanisam pogale jagav asesham mahatvakke ndntam || 
jaladhi-vy&v§sh$it6rYvf-patiy enisi sukham balgey a-chandra-t&ram I 
Talak&daih konda gandam Tigulara padeyam kftde benko^da gai^dam f 

•Bo in th« original. 

Digitized by 


222 Bslur Tahiq. 

tail&y&ral talta bhftpilara peda-taleyam topp enal pojda gandam | 
balayad-r&jyangalam poyd alagina moneyind otti kaykonda gandam R 
modalol Hoysala-rijya-lakshmiy-odavam t61-valpinim taldi tana i 
udayam ranjise tanna balp odave tann 4rpp eye taoii ajne ml- | 
' ye disa-chakraman otti-kondu Talakadam Ganga-r&jyakke tarn | 
niodaladam Yada-vamsa-yarddbanakaram srf-Visbnu-bh&p&lakam u 
iyan-I-tdl-gambadol puttaliyavol avani-devi t&n irppal endum | 
taved irkkum vikrama-srt pogarvvol ivana tibrasiyo} bitti vand &- \ 
Javan irppam kdnanindam pagevara penanam peral I-Vishnuvam ki- | 
davan &yam gel van &vam nadugad idiran &tandu nind 4mpan &vam h 
irida nelangal intayara nettaran arkkisat&gd igalum | 
duritoreyuttam irddapuvu timba-katangalan entuv &negalum | 
tara-taran-appiaam jayada lacbchana-gambadol urddikoluvuv a- j 
y ariveve Vishnu-yikramad-upakramamam pogalal ku-buddhigal n 
madavad-vairiyan &ntu poyye jaya-Silam Vishnu vidyishtan a- | 
rbbida kattajade payi bilda tani-gampam kappe g&ntikkuti- | 
rddudu virarkkala bilda-tol-pidida khalgam poyva sill ddruti- | I 

rddad id §n adbbatam &yto yira-vibhayam sangr&ma-rang&gradol h 
mukkulisirppal adi-narapalara kfrttiyan MmaJdrtti tind I 
akkulisirppal anya-balamam basirim nija-khalga-Kaii kai- | 
mikkudu tejav &m birudan embana mise karampu n&rppinam | 
yokkalav &ytu r3ja-gunay ikshisal i-kali-Vishnu-bhftpanol || 
durbbariri-dharidharSndra-kulisam srt-Visbnu-bbCLp&lan &rdd | 
erbbettal seded ddi pdgi bhayadiod k bandau I bandan end | 
urbbipalara kange lokav anitum tad-rftpav agirppudum I 
sarbbam Visbnumayam jagatt enipud em pratyaksbam agirddudd n 
dre agalada bbttmige | 

nir eraguvad uchitay eragad unnata-bbdbhrid- j 
dh&rinige kiri pariyudu | 
bhorene tarav&ri-vari Bittiga-nripana II 
karavalav ade Pandyam I 
karavalim Hoysalesan iriyal nodal I 
k are-v&l allade kadal | 
karay &1 ill&ytu ndde Tigulana padeyol h 

kamathendradigal antu parbbida nelam nihkampadind irdda nin- | 
na mahi-bahuva tinan 8m kalegume Pandyam kubhrin-matrav ar- | 
kkum el3 Hoy sal a Meruvalli bhujamam marutddu dig-danti-da- | 
ntaman int ant ure salladante kalevai dor-ddanda-kandCttiyam u 
sthirane kaiyole dhatriyam nilisidam tejasviye vahniyam | 
koragippam kudal arppanS Kanaka-sailam diirav agirddu nit- I 
tarisitt em suchiye nirikshisidavar nnirpapigal chalyane | 

Digitized by 


Belur Tduq. 223 

Haranam mohisal arppan entuv adhikam sri-Vishnu-bbtlpalakam || 
Javanum tannaya ganda-lachchanam enipp a-miseyam tirddal an- | 
juvinam kanduguv endu kal-ugurgal anamrarigal suyyal an- ] 
juvinam tSjada s6nkinindav erne sig end uddhatar n nodal an- | 
juvinam vikrama-vibhramam sogayisitt f-Visbnu-bhilpalanol u 
dhuradol band oddi vairi-prakarav iral avashtambhadim Bitti-Devam | 
karavalam tddikond im-balikav ele Mahadeva kalagni-Rudrang | 
uri-gannv adante Makalige gara-vidadant Indra-dig-danti . . . . | 
parigbam kondant agurbb urbbidud one bharadim miri mar-am pan avam n 
odaval raga-rasa-pravahav adatim punn-embinam poyye kti- | 
dida talam lajamam negalchi jadidam s61ikkedand aji-ran- | 
gadol and ant iral oppe bahu . . siksha-yukta-cbandasi dur- | 
mmada-virari-nivaranabhinayamam sri-Visbnu-bb&palana || 
Tulu-de§am Chakragottam Talavanapurav Uchchangi Kolalav filum- | 
male Vail fir kKancbi Kong arbbisuva Hadiya-ghattam Bayal-nadu Ntla- j 
chala-durggam Rayarayottamapura Tereyftr kKoyat&r gGondavadi- | 
stbalamam bbrft-bhangadim kond atula-bhuja-balatdpan i-Vishnu-bhtlpam || 
nage sudbeyol nisa-ramananol vadanam sura-kumbhi-kumbhadol | 
bigida-kucham sura-drumada pallavadol pada-pallavam talard | 
ogedav enippa pattada maha-sati-Lakshmige Sfishan anta bbtl- | 
mige patiy-appa Vishnu patiy end ad ad oppuvud entu ndlpadam || 

kula. . .guna ga. . .11a gunam anitam ma | 

. . . pirid iva danad esakam mSryyage kftrp illam 6m I 

lalananikadol iga bannipudu Lakshma-Dftviya | 

guna-vrittiyum kuduvud a-saundaryyad ascharyyamum n 

yugam ond. . rol oppi kanteyare pempam pettar ar end. . . . | 

gunambhdnidhi Parthanam padeda. . . | 

dana-patrangal. | 

. . .-sri-Narasimhanam padeda Lakshma-Devi bbft-chakradol || 

(48 lines illegibU) 

niyatiy anantav unnatiy anantav udarav ananta. . . | 

. . .jay ad arppa. . . akhilagama-vitvav ananta Isa-bhak- | 

tiya bharav ant anantav abhimanav ana || 

.... p&jaka-paricharakarggav abhyagatara grasakam Sri-Narasimba-Hoysala- 

Ddvana kayyaln badadu kotta bhilmiy avud endade Jannamayya-heggade 

Belavadiya hiriya-kereya kelag aravattu-nal-gena-ghaleyalu gadde (following 6 lines 

oontsin details of grant) 

uttama-jivanakke kumudakke gabbira-gunakke aatva-sad- | 

vritti nnatege tannavol asrayavagi permmeyam | 

pettud enippud ondu kereyam nere kkattisi dSva-ptgana- | 
vrittige Jannamayya-vibhu tan ad ittan id en udattan6 h 

Digitized by 


22:4 Balm Tcduq. 

mattam N&yiligeya Mfidi-Gavundanum M&cha-Gavundanum Kariya-K&leyanum 
Bireyanuv Olagegeya Kameyanu volag&da samasta-prajegala Jannesvarakke 
dhareyan eyedu kotta bh&miy &vad endade | (following 7 lines oontain dotaUs of further 

gift and otoal final phraats and rerses) 

g&m 8k4m ratnik&m ekam bhilmer apy ekam angulam | 
haran narakam &pn6ti y&vad &-bhftta-samplavam II 

Kotta-Gavundanum Basava-Gadndanum Mudda-Gaudan aot | 

uttamars6nab6va Kesavannanum . .Bitti-Gaudauum | 

Bitteyanupraje. . .irddu 16- | 

kdttama-JannameSvarada pftjege kotta. . . .bhflmiyam n 
mattam svasti Sriman-maha-mandale§vara Talak^du-Gangavadi-Nonarir- 
bav&di-Banavase-H&nungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gangan asah&ya-sdra 
niSianka-pratftpa Hoysala-Ballala-Devaru Ddrasamudrada bidinalu prithvi- 
r&jyam geyvuttav irddu Vibhava-samvatsarada Sravanada paurnnami-Brihav&rad 
anda Belavadiya Jannesvara-devarige kamma. . . .kalukina beddale kambha 
eppatt-onda niyuga. . . .rala kambhav aruvattu hiriya-kereya mftdana kddiya 
kelagana beddale kambha niir-ippattu aatu kamba 25. . . .devargge dhara- 
p&rwakam m&di kottaru n 


At Belavidi (same hobli), on a stone to the right of the Vira-N&r&yana temple. 
Sri-KeSav&ya namah 

namas tuuga eto. u 
svasti srl jayabhyudaya-S^livahana-saka-varshagala 1531 neya varttamana- 
Saumya-samvatsarada Ph&lguna-Su 5 Sanivaradalu srimatu Chanaaraya-sva- 
miya sri-pada-sevakar ada Atreya-gotrada. . . sdtrada sriman-mah4-mandalesvara 

Kath&riya . . . dapanada Rajayyana maga Tiruvengala nft Belavadiya 

sthalakke saluva Tiramapurada-gramavaau Vira-Nar&yana-sv&miya ariga- 
rang&dya-bhogada sevege dbari!L-p(lrwakav agi kotta sasanake mangala raah& 

Sri (uatal final rertet) 


At Kallahalli (same hobli), on a stone at the KallMvara temple. 
Rakshasa-samvatsarad andu Belavadiya n&ga-eppattu-mahajanangalu B&vanka- 
DSvana maga Sabegange sarvvamanyav agi kotta keyi gadde. .... .senabova 

Varadappana baraha 


In the same place, on a virakal. 
svasti Sri Parthiva-samvatsarada Sravana-su 12 Gu Belav&diya V&meya- 
Nayakanum Lingeya-Nayakanum kadi Madeya-Nayaka-Chaudeya-Nayakan- 

Digitized by 


Belur Tahtq. .225 

odate kadidalli Vameya-Nayakanu sura-16ka-pr&ptan &danu i-kalan ftvanfcnu 
YCtoa-m&didaYaru Sri-Vira-N&rasinga-Devan-ane danda-prfiptaru 


At ViHuWttaahalli (same hoblf), on a stone in front of the Vira-Ntr&yana temple. 

Irlm&n V&g-vanit&-priyab priyatamdmft-drin-mand-vallabhas | 

sthity-utpatty-upasamhriti-krama-kritau sakshat svayam daksbatam | 

prapto'prfcpta-rajas-tam&s tri-jagatim payad apayat sada i 

Vishnu-Brahma-Siva-tri-mtlrtti-viditas irf-Vira-Nar&yanah || 

Salan emban age Yadava- | 

kuladoj puli paye kandu muni puliyam poy | 

Salay ene poydudajim Poy- | 

sala-vesar avaninda sandud allim baliyam h 

vinaya-pratapa-nijayam | 

Vinayadity&khyan fidan &-vamsam tat- | 

taneyan Eyeyangan itana | 

taneyam ldkaikarjishnu-Vish^u-nripaiam h 

&-Vishnuvarddhanangam I 

Bh&v6dbhava.rajyarlak8hmiy enisida Laksbma- | 

DSvigam udbhaviaidan a- | 

rvvi-viditam Narasimhan &hava-simham || 

a-vibhuvina patta-maha- | 

dfivige saubhagya-bh&gyad olpim Lakshmi- | 

dSvige migilad ficbala- | 

DSvige Ballala-Dgvan udayaih geydam n 
atana parakramav entendode | 

nered anta kdti-bbatarol | 

parid orbbaney Ummadftra-dhuradol dbarey a- | 

chcbarivade nettara-kadalam | 

pariyisidam bala-llleyolu Ballalam || 

Chdlam muttire panneral-barisakam kolpoyte tarn podan emb | 

alapam beras ardd ad ondu molanam mel-pechchuv Uchchangiyam | 

belasadhyav ad adud endu divijar chchddyam badutt fye ba- | 

11 al aldam giri-durgga-raalla-vesaram Ballala-bhapalakani h 

kadu-vegi dharmma-gunamam | 

biduvudu Khara-Mshan&nvitam MUdaleyam | 

padedudu Ballalana dita- | 

nudiyol padiy-agal arppude Rama-saram n 
svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-Sabda maha-mandal§§7aram Dvar&vatt-pura-' 
varadbisvaram V&santika-dSyi-labdba-vara-prasadam Yadara-kul&mbara-dyu- 


Digitized by 


2&6 Belm Tcduq. 

mani malaparoj-ganda ganda-bh§randa mandalika-b§ntek&xa Cbola-katata- 
stxek&^t-n&mftdi-praiasti-sabitam sriman-mah^-mandalesvaram Talak&da- 
GangavJldi-NonambaY&di-Banavase-H^n angalu-Halasige-Beluvalaih gonda bbuja- 
bala-Vira-Ganga pratapa-chakravartti Sanivira-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad- 
anka-R&man a-sah&ya-sftram nisdanka-Hoysala Srt-Vlra-Ball&la-DSfaru srimad- 
r&gadh&u-Ddrasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankathfirrinddadim prithvi- 
r&jyam geyyuttam ire tat-p&da-padmopajivi h 

rara-Bh&rady^ja^6trllmala-vipu|a«8udh^-v^rddhi-3amptlrnria-chandram | 
sthira-rag-Ganga-tandjarii samara-mukha-lasad-Rudra-d&r&tmaj&tam I 
8Qra-mantri-bhr&jam&n&chyutaa-anajan ivam Vira-Ball&la-prithyi- I 
§7ara-r4j4v48a-mukhyam dhrita-sakala-dhari-devan !-Vlra-D4vam 11 
Mana-mani-charitra-p&traxh | 
yinay&mbudhi v£da-S&stra-vidita-Yinddaih I 
jana-gita-niti-nidbi saj- | 
jana-vinutam sakala-gana-samudram Rudram h 
firmah&nubb&Yana dharmma-patni | 
Ratiyam r&pindam P&r- I 
yyatiyam subaginde maymeyindam Siriyam I 
sati GangiUDSviy Aran- j 
dbatiyam pati-bhaktiyinde n&rmmadi miguval h 
vanitfc-samsthitigam visuddha-yafiakam drishtantav agirddu §i- | 
8hta-nidh4n4chyuta-D8vanam budha-nuta-Sri-Vtranam pettald I 
yenipal nirmmala-dharmma-m&rtti sati sand«4-Rudra-Devdttam&- l 
ngane nitya-stbiti-yogya-bh&gyey ene 6anga-D8vi 8&m&nyey$ 
a^hyuta-bbfcvaniUparinat&chyutan a-chyuta-punya-mdrtti sad- | 
a-chyuta-r&ja-niti vinaydnnati-saj-jana-dana-m&na-jfir | 
t&chyuta-kirtti-laksbmi-yijayam Yadu-rajana mantrig Igal int | 
Achyuta-Devan-emba pesar &dud id allade d§seg SdadS u 
nenada maoam kritartthav irad artthiye ndduva kan krit&rttham old | 
anunayadinde kirttisuva jihva krit&rttham udatta-vrittanam | 
dhanad alipinde tannao osed artthisuv artthi-janam kritartthav end | 
ene vibhu Vlra-DSvane krit&rtthan enippud id &va visinayara || 
irmmadi V&cbaspatige pad- | 
irmmadi Bhattige viuftta-Ch&nakyarigam | 
ntlrmmadi mantanadol sa- | 
sirmmadi Yogandharayanang i-Vfram || 
Purushdttamavataram | 
narapati-Ballala-Deva-sachivam Viram i 
Purushottama-l&ffchhanam a- I 
§iri-Deviya kttde bandu nelasirddudarim \\ 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 227 

kamath&nghri mina-nayanam | 

kamalananay ainala-jlvanam vipula-phajam | 

samanise kattisidam tat- | 

kramam amard esev antu kanne-gegeyam Viram 11 

sura-gin sara-nidhi tanno} | 

piridum machcbaripud udda-gunpind avan | 

ottaripam su-mantri Vtram I 

sura-bhavana-tat&kadindav idu mantra-phalam r 

antu negalda Srtman-mah&rpradb&nam sarTT&dhik&ri Irf-kara^&graganyam 
sarvY&dhyakshan «enisida Vtrayya-dandao&yakam tanna nija-svfcmi irt-Vtra- 
Ballala-Devara rajy&bhyuday&rttbav&gi t&ne karuvittu k&da kadidu m&dida 
sri-ViraballSJapuradoJu Rudrasamudra Gang&samudra Achyutasamudra Vira- 
samudrav emba keyegalam. kattisiy a-parakke gady&nam n&lkaga modalam 
madi ga 4 &-puramam saryra-namasyav agi mdvatUirvvar-brkhmanargge agra- 
h&ramam sarvva-namasyav &gi koftu Silamayav agi dSvatiUbhavanainam nirmmisi 
sri-Vira-Nar&yana-deyaru iriy-Achyutesvara-dfivarumam su-pratishthitam m&diy 
a-devara nitya-naimittika-ptljegam khanda-sphutita -jirnndddh&rakav &gi Maise- 
n&da Muduge^eyaih halli-sahitav agrah&ram madi sarrT&yam gadya^am 
n&lvattam teyuyant&gi iriy.Achyut6i7ara-d8varggam8ri-Vlra-Nir4yai^a-d6varg- 
gam dhara-pilrvvakam m&diy iUpurada Rudrasamudrada kelage Sri-Vira-N&r&ya- 
na-dSvarige tfya-sahita bifta gadde kajnbhav ayaftju vritti yeradu iriy-Achyu- 
td8yara-d§rarige mtldana totti-galeyali tdtarsabita gardde kambhav ain^yu vritti 
eradu i-purakke k&dam kadidu m&didar&gi dhriva-yundige kejeyam kat^idavargge 
hannerada-varisha manyav allim mele hattu-salage-gaddeya m&nyavam salisiy 
ulidudam hachcbu-kudu vantagi m&ditt t-gr&makk f-sameyav &-n&da • • bbala gady- 
&ijav Slaja modalam Viraball&}apurada mahajanangajige pravrishtam m&dikofta- 
ru Saka-vareha 1109 tteneya Parabhava-samvatsarada Pusya-suddha-trayddasi- 
Brihaspativ^rad-uttarayana-sankramanadalu sarvva-namasyavagi Srt-Vlra- 
Ball&Ja-DSvaru dh&r&rpftnrTakaih kottaru &-Viraballalapurada time (siinet 
following oontain detaiii of boundaries) Srt- VI ra-Nar &yana-d8varall iddu m&dida krayakk- 
anuSayam m&dal &ga hirid&gi m&dida. . .p&diyalu madikolurar allade hacbcbu- 
kodab&rad f-gr&ma-samayar (usual final phrases and Tercet) bareraiv&ch&ryyam 
Sttryya^azh biruda-ldkhakam-Madana-MahSsyaram barada S&sana 


At Kyitattpura (same hobli), on a stone at the Virabhadra temple, 
namas tnnga etc. n - 
8riman-Mah&d6T&ya namab I 

§ri-malutam Salan embam | 

bh&mlsam puliyan ugade poy Salay one poyd | 


Digitized by 


BOur Taktq. 

t-mahsg esedam Poysala- | 

nSnuub yati-patiya matade Yada-kula-tilakam i 

viosyinvitaa udayisidam | 

Vinayidityaiii prat&pi tat-kalado) tat- 1 

taaeyan Ereyangan &tana | 

taoayaih sa-mad4ri-jishnu Vishna-Drip&lam i 

4-VUhnurina [. . .] priye I 

bht-viirute Lakabmi Una pempim Lakshmi- | 

D8vi beearindam ararg & \ 

Bh&vddbhavan enisi puttidam Narasimham i 
svasti samadhigata-pa&cba-mab&-§abda mab&-mandal3svaram Dv&r&vatf-pura- 
var&dhtfvaram Y&dava-kul&mbara-dyumani mandalika-chftd&mani Talak&du- 
Kooga - Nadgali - Gangav&di - Nonambav&di - Vucbcbangi - Banavase - Hangalu- 
gonda bhuja-baja Vira-Ganga Vishnuvarddhana-prat&pa-Hoysala sri-Narasimha- ' 
Ddvar prithvi-r4jyam geyvuttam irddu Saka-varshada 1084 Cbitrabhaou-sam- 
vatearada pratbam-Asb&dha-suddba-dkMaii-BrihaspatiT&rad and a Bel&h&ra 
N&riyai^a-ddvara pavitrar^panam madal bijayam geydutta h Maiydesvara- 
dtvaru sftnya-eth&nav&g-iddudam kandu Bittibdvanum samasta-jagatiyam 
binDaham geydu 4-dSvara mundana keyeyum fc-keyeya kelag ulla nira-gadde- 
yumam beddalinge dSvarim haduvana batteya olagana barali-madal&gi mftda 
mund&g i]idu bandu hulu-moradi-olag&gi i-moradiya mftdana Elabakakke 
tenka muat&gi Sji hogalu baduvaninda vididu banda b&go. .g&gi olagull aoitu 
s&gavali-bh&miyumaih, Maiyd6svara-dgvara snana-nivedyakam jirnndddh&rakam 
Kriy&sakti-Panditat'a k&lam karchchi dharit-pilrvvakam m&di sri-N&rasimha- 
Ddvaru ko$a datti 11 yl-dharmmamam r&jyastar appa putra-pautradigalu prati- 
p&Jisuvuda h teligaru sedeyam bittara 11 aakharasedeyambittaru h jagati-katege 
h&gakam bl re hagamam bittara n (usual anal totm) 


At Hulikere (MWehalli hobli), on a stone at the village gate. 

(The upper portion gone) 

mahip&la-mauli su-bhata-ghata-mdla 

j&ta. .na-khanatk&ra-mantr&kshar& ram §.virbbhavayan h 

?ritu || aviratam avanfsair | 

h8t6t | 

jaladhir iva gabhlrd Meruvat tunga-sampat | 

sara-tarur iva h 

mam dina-manis saujanya-sampan-nidhi^ | 

8arvv6rvvI5a-kirlta-kdti-ghatita-Sri-pada | 

viratam sat-kirtti-dugdha | 

sanaad&m kurutS panUcrama-rama dhatrim sva-putrim iva h 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq^ 229 

sadma-sthita-sampad&m i 

iatru-kshatra-kalatra-garbbha-galaiia-prarambhi-bhfiri-ravam | 

vira-Srl-Nara gau . . ram yaS6 | 

g6tra-kshm&dhara-kandarasu khachart-brindais samudgiyatS n 

parivita-8aila-patal8 nityam dig-ant8 sthitd | 

dSva-irt-Narasimha I 

.... bhriSam nimilita-drisd ganda-sthali-gharshanam | 

kurvvanti dvishad-angana jaya-jaya n 

.... pradhan6 guna-pradh&nas eu-yaSah-pratanak I 

§ivanghri-pfij&-pra. .ya-pradha bhuvi N&rasimhab | 

ta8ydru-bah& pritanara aiesh&m mahitajam chapi nayair bbibbartti I 

par& * . . charndpatir yyasya sa Narasimhah u 

svasti samadbigata-pancha-mabi-iabda mah&-mandal£ dhisvaram 

su-bhata-mandalika-^hful&mani garan&gata-mandalika-raksh&mani 

tram | a-nata-mandalika-Sauryy a-srfkhanda-karapatram | a-sama-samara-samaya- 

sam& bidu-vida}ana-pr6dbh1ita-maaktik4lankrita-jaya4rl-kantam | 

vijaya-vadhdti-kutila-kuntala suma-sanchay&nuk&ri-yaSah-patala-pari- 

ranjitakhila-dig-antam | chatur-udadhi-parikalita ksba-daksbina-bhuji- 

dandam | 8akaiavaQi-vanipanika-man6bhil48ha-parip68ha-pragalbha-vitarna-§au 

kayi-nik&ya-8likti*kaDdali-8am&karnnaddirnna-karnnam | gamaki-jana- 

janita-i&str&rttha-pra sam&ha-sam. .ta-mab&-v&da-Yich&r&ch&ryyaih I 

v&gmi-nikarddirita-vachana-nichaya-su .... | sa-vihita-sangf ta-gdsh^hi-Bhara- 

tam i V&tsy&yanadi-sakala-kal&-praudhi-prak4ia-niratam | Srf man- 

maha - mandaJeSvaram Kongu - Nangali - Gangavadi-Nonambav&di-BaD avase-Ha- 

nungala-Ha bhuja-bala-Vira-Ganga pratapa-Hoysala-Narasimha-Deyaru 

srfmad-r&jadb&ni-Dorasamudrada kath&-vin6dadim prithvl-rajyam geyyu- 

ttav ire I Saka-varsba 1089 neya Sarvvajit-saihYatsarada Pashya mav&ra- 

uttariyana-sankramanadolu | svasti samasta-bhuvana-vikhyita pafich&iata. . . 

gnna-gan&lankrita satya4auch&ch&ra ch&ru-ch&ritra naya-vinaya-vijd&na 

Vira-Ba}afija-dharmma . . . . gudda-dhvaja-virajitaDtLDa-s&hasa-sampannarum 

V&suddva-kbandali-Miilabhadra-vaxhidtpannartim iri Ayy&yala-pramukhav- 

ada samasta-niin&-d&Sagala verasu Srimad4di-Gummttvara-ddvara aih 

pftjegam | 

kttMU n &yaman ittar su-jana- | 

jy&yar Sri-Tippa-IUjanum Bhaya-p&jd- | 

p&yame I 

tivett akhila-bhfttalam pogalvinegam h 

ad entendade | fcttina malaveg adda katteya malavege haga^kam irtg&n- 

dha-karpptlra-hattey-adda-vojege pratyeka h&ga kadarege h&ga Sireya 

Sakkareya heringe haga davasada heriige mftru-manav int i-kramadim chandr&r- 

Digitized by 


230 Bektr Tatuq. 


kka-t&ram-baram sale matav&gi dh&ril-pfrrvYakam m&di kottar adam 

pratip&Jisava mah&-pradh&nar mattam kama tingajinge h&ga?am sali- 

sidar avara mahimey entene | 

▼r* I siriyindam Purushdttama-priya ryyadim santata- | 

sphorit&nanta-Til&samam nija-bhuja-by&p&radim kalpa-bhd- | 

miruba-byfcptiyan eyde m& ydey int | 

ire yin-Niga-yinfita-klrtti-patalam Srl-Tippa-eeniidhipam n 

vinayaiii bftpdam &tma satsandha | 

Man-m&rgga-sthiti yid ittma-charitam dol pannin &r- | 

ppioa vikhy&tiya pempuv dyida manam tann& r 

. . na sampatkara-Tippa-R&jan esevam sanjanya-janmikaram r 

aredu krip&na-pattadol ar&ti-yaid-harinddbha I 

tirppa tad-vanitey arkkaja 16chana»Y&ri-dh&reyim | 

harida jajam kap&Ja tajadoj parinirmmise patra-rekho. . | 
. . .bira-siri tarn padiyam vibhu-Naga^D^vanol h 
. amare rij&dhin&tha-Narasimha-mahisanol eyde chii . . | 

budha-stavanam pramddadind | 

Amara-tarangini-iataman ambaradol sale m&lpa ktrtti vi- i 
nija-bhuj&si chamtipati-Naga-DSvana ji 

(usual final phrases sod verses) * m 

su 13 Sdmay&radandu §r!mad-^di-Gumme5vara-d§varige kum^ra-La 

.nn&yakaru Tenginagattada Kdteh&la nitya-sahasra-gadugegam divi- 

gegam panch&mrita-sn&nakkam nadavantagi bitta dharmma i-dhar- 

mmavan ajidan &dade kavile br&hmanana konda p&pa || 


At Pa»4itanahalli (same hobli), on a stone to the left of the ChaudMvari temple. 

namae tunga etc. n 
3vaati samadhigata-pancha-mahet-Sabda mabft-mandaldsvaram Dv&r&vati-pura- 
var&dhisvaram Yadu-kul4mbara-dyumani mandalika-chttdamani kayi-jana- 
kalpa-kujam maler&ja-r§jam maleparol ga^dam Kongu-Nangali-Gangayadi- 
Nolamba v&di-Bana v ase-H&n ungal u-Bel valam - gonda bhuja - ba|a Vira - Ganga 
vikr&nta-Chd}a yijaya-Nonamba s&hasa-Gadamba Tribhuvana-malla-VishniiTar- 
ddhanan appa Hoysala-Deva. .kattid alagu Balla-Veggadeyum Devana-Garuda 

Hadavala-Bdkiyum ondfigi M6tana mel ettida pdgal&gi . . leya- 

mandalikar ellam nered idircbebi k&duva ra^a-rarigadali N^geya-s^haniya. 

y &tan-aliyam su-putra-kula-dipakam Balluvam tanag idir-&nta mar- 

yyalada kudureya dalada mele p&yisi mel-aluvam kudareyumam t&gi talt i^ida 
kudureya dalamam dis&pattam madi tann idirol anta Changalvan-anege 
p&yisi tanna bhuja-balavasbtambhadim Javan eye pabbisidante jiregey okkilaut 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 231 

agi para-balamam pftsele kondu t&num ktrtti-Srty urn am bira-Srtyumam kdrisi- 
kondu sura-16ka-prftptan &da h 

kudureyumam melajuman | 

adirade kond ikki tanna bhuja-baladinda. .. | 

g idirchcbi payisi | 

mudade jay&nganeyan olisidam kali-Ballam h 

ettida kudureya dajamam | 

tottulad uli. . . .pejage pftsele tagujd | 

ettid ai^i-ma^iye payisi | 

tattarad ajid i^idi* Ballu svarggatan adam h 


At Adugtru (same hobli), on a stone at the rained KallAsvara temple. 

namas tunga ©to. h 

na-Saka-varusha 11 dalu §riman-maha-manda- 

l&frara Vodeyara kumara Dandarajigalu Vadugftra d&va-dana- 

manyakke kofta hola gaddeya vivara (4 linei illegible) 


At the same village, on a stone in the Virabhadra temple. 

namas tu&ga eto. n 
svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varsha 1345 neya Subhakritu-samTatsarada 
Karttika-eu 15 Guruvaradandu srasti Sri Srlparvvata-§ri-Svayambhu-iri-linga- 
chakravartti-8ri-MallikarjjuDa-maha-linga-devara divya-8ri-pada-padmaradha- 
karaxn appa Sri-Kailasada melana dyaya-prithvi-maha-mahattuvinge mukhyav- 
ada. . Vadany ada-ayy agala ajna-dharakarum appa Singi-Raja-ayyagalu Vadu- 
gftra Srt-Vlrabhadra-devarige kotta dharmma-Sasanava Vadanyada-ayyagalige 
tapo-rajyavabantagi VadugHralu sostugeyagi etti baba ganabadba yadabaga. .ige 
dftyara. . . .nivSdyakke kottadu yaraba. . .eradu-bonnanu kottevfigi f-dhrmma- 

yanu dus6var i-KalidSva-ayyagalu bhaktaru munditta kottev 

agi 1-dharmmavanu a-chandrarkka-sth&yi agi devara dipti-nayiv6dyakke eradu- 
bonnanu (usual Anal phratM) . 


At the same Tillage, on a stone in the enclosure of the Vardhamlnasrtmi temple. 
irim84-abbaAga-Oaruda-N&rayana-perumalarprati8bte-cbariya.'. . llalaufttha- 
ddvara dibya-irt-p&da-padm&radhakarum appa Srivaisbnava-samaya. '. .vada 

Digitized by 


232 Befar Tafaq. 

KaSjayappanavara makkalu Tiruraalenatha-ayagalu sakala-samayadavaru 
bandu Plava-samvatsarada prathaina-Sravana-su 5 6a vigalige 6 ne Garuda- 
d&vara pratishthey ayitu || 


On the Pushpagiri hill (same hobli), on a pillar at the main entrance of the 

Mallik&rjuna temple. 
Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada Karttika-Suddba 1 1 Sukravaradandu srimat-piriy-arasi 
Uma-Ddviyaru Narasimha-devara Anuganahila-vritti ombhattu Kittanakereya 
vritti ondu antu vritti 10 siddh&ya nashta adade amrita-padiya honnolagQ nash- 
$iya teyut-iddu tejalarade a-keriya mahajanadolage tamma behantaha hiriyari- 
ge Srtmat-piriy-arasi Uma-Deviyaru a-vjittigala adhi-kraya-danakke saluvant- 
ftgi a-vfcra vrittiy6p4d8ya sSse siddhayava tejuvaru a-varisharmodalagi entu- 
varisadim mele &-devara Chaitra-payitrakke vrittige hanav eradu hagay era- 

da^dp&diya nu teruvantagi punar-ddh^reyagi kottaru ant appudakke de- 

viyara a-nambiyara sva-hasta 

iri-G6ptnatha (in Ntfari oharaoUrs) Sri-Chennakesavan (in Tamil oharaoters) I 

. . . hdla vriddhiyanu Rangayyange Manmatha-samvatsara-modaiagi dfivarige 
p&vadigam gadyanav eradu tejuvantagi dhara-pdrvvakam madi srtmat-piri- 
arasi UauL-DSviyaru kottaru nambiyara sva-hasta ga 52 


On a stone in mukha-maptapa of the same temple, 
namas tunga etc. \\ 
svastiSri jayabhyudaya-Saiivahana-Saka-varshaiigalu 1470 Kilaka-samvatsarada 
Karttika-su 14 Sd-lu srimad-r^jadhiraja raja-paramesvara sri-vira-pratapa sri- 
vira-Sadasiva-Raya- maharayaru Vidyanagariyali ratna-simhasan&rftdhanigi 
dharma-varnasramangala pratipaiisuvarafgi] sukbadim prithvi-rajyam geyitltaiii 
yiralu SadaSiva-Raya-maharay a . . R^ma-Raja-ayaaavarige dharmav &gabeku endu 

Bacharasaru ja-ayyanavaru Pusbpagiriya Mallikarjjuna-devara devastanake 

pdrvada doregaju ga 100 varabana jddiyam ko ...agi navu Bhandiya- 

Chalavaua-Naykarige Javugalla simeya volagagi i-jodi nttru-varaha saha nayaka- 

tanakke kodalagi yt-jodiyinda 1. pu vi kilavagi hosta madid u yendu Basa- 

va-Nayakanavarige helalagi i-j6diya nftru-varahannu PushpagiriyaMallikarjjuna- 
dSvarige dhdpa-dipa-neyivedya-anga-ranga-vaibhava-uchhrayagav agi nadiya- 
bfiku endu i-jodiya nCtru-varahannu Pushpagiriya Mallikarjjunage SadaSiva- 
Rayarige. . . . Rama-Raja-ayyanavarigft dharmav agabeku endu samarpisidevu 

(usual final phrase*) 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 233 


On a stone right of the mahidvlra of the same temple, 
svasti 5r! jayabhyudaya-S&livahana-saka 1482 neya Siddhartthi-samvatsarada 
ChayitrariQ 15 Guruvara-chandra-grahana-punya-kiUadalu rajadhiraja raja- 
param§Svara Sada§iva-D^va-maharayaru sukha-rajyam getittiralu Raraappayya- 


On a virakal in the roof of the mahidvira of the 

bherunda kadana-prachanda ekangarvi ran asabaya- 

ifira Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama vairibha-kanthlrava 
Magara-rajya-nirmfrlana ChOla-rajya-pratishtbacharya Pandya-kula-samuddha- 
rana Timmana-Raya-m&na-inarddana niSSanka-pratapa-chakravartti Saka-varu- 
sa 1 198 neya Irt-Vira-Narasimha-Dfiv-arasara pradhana 


In the same place, 
namas tonga etc. h 

Saka-varsha 1202 neya Pramadi-saravatsarada Pushy a-suddha 

10 Brihavara ,srimatu pratapa-chakravartti . . gajapati Hoy- 

sala-RaxnanatharDeva .... kiidi Soleftra kale N&rasimha-Rayana mele 

kalaga bllalu ubhaya-rayaru krama Vira-Narasimha-Devara sammateya. . . 

manu maha. . . pasaytaru gana katido 


On a stone behind the same temple. 

namas tuiiga etc. h 
k\6 h trailokyarinangalotpatti-Sri-samriddhi-pradayakab I 

p&yad bhakta-vrajan sarvv&n Maheso Mallikarjjunah || 
sadAnanda-lata-kanda-Balendu-maulaye tubbyam namah | 

SaSakapura-vareSah sri-Salakhyd nrip&16 

Yadu-kula-vana-simhas simha-samya-prabhayati | 

kara-kalita-Salaka-tibra-p4t8na kritva 

mathanam uru-cham&ram Hoysalakhyam . . . n 

tad-anvaya-bhav&nSki Hoysal&hvayfth | 

tatra prachanda-tej6'bh1id Vinayaditya-bhftpatih h 

Vinayadityana sutarh | 

ghana-bhujan Ereyahgan a-uripange tanftjar i 

vananidhi-vrita-dhatrfsar | 

jjanapati-Ballala-Visbnu-Vudayadityar h 
a-mftyarolu ) 


Digitized by 


234 Belwr Tahq. 

(5 Hues ilU^ibie) 

k&la vasanta-bala-sahakarada tan-nelal asritaJig a- | 

bhtla-layahi-nishthura-phanaughada mey-nelal uddhatarig un- i 

milita-pnndarikada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- | 

llalana t61a-bala nelal adudu dh&trige vajra-panjaram 11 

madaraam man a. .balpam bidu kbara cbalamam biyadir Chfira vikr&- | 

ntad agurvv inn-eke man Malava kalitanamam toyadir Chdla. . | 

. .do nil Nepala. . . .ye Magadha laydgrantakam miyi barppan- | 

dadin i-bandappan atandadi sileyai Vira-Ballala-Devam u 

svasti samadbigata-paiicha-maha-sabda maba-mandalesYaram chatur-abdhi-me- 

ndalSSvaram Dvaravati-pura-varadbisvaram vf ra-virddhi-bhftpala- 

Madana-MahSsvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani vira-cbttdamani | Vasantika- 
de?!-labdha-vara-prasadanum. . sr&nta-vidya-yinodam bhdpala-sarvvajnam vibu- 
dha-jana-man6jiian ity-adi-namarali-Yirajitam ^ 

kada-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi-Banavase-Hanungal gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Gan- 
gan asabaya-sttram Sanivara-siddhi giri-dargga-malla cbalad-anka-R&ma dis- 
§anka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru srimad-rajadhairi-Dorasamiidradol 
sakha-sankatha-vinodadim prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire | tat-pada-padmopajivi 
biriya-hadiyaya-Singannana vadhu Mallavveya maga Soriyannan-anvayam 
entendade | * 

?ri || padiyaya-Soriyannana manah-priya-vallabhe Malliyakkana | 

kadu-gunigal gad Agajesa-padambuja-bhririgan urkki may i 

ppodarvara j&bu Bacbigan udara-vilasa Permman or- | 

nnudi balad-anma-Gumman esedar taneyar vvara-bhdga-bbagigal h 

▼• II a-Singannana sati heggade-Bachannana magal appa Machavveya magalu 

Malliyakkana permmeyam pelvade i 
nuta-Sambhu-bhakti-yute pati- | 
bite pavana-charite niyata-dharmmanvite su- | 
bratey ene padiyaya-Singana | 
satiyam guni-Malliyakkanam pogaladar ar || 

t» || a-Mallavveyum tanna maga-Soviyannanum devara bettada Svayambhu- 

kkam age piriya-padiyayiti-Mallavveyum maga-Sovannanum sri-Vira-Ballala- 

Devana karunyamam padedu Balhila-Devar-abhyudayarttham age 

badagana-dese. . .hatta-honna modala Malligeyahalliya sarvvaya-iuddhi 

sarvva-badba-parihara . . . sarvra-namasyara agi Saka-varsha 1113 neya Sadha- 
rana-samvatsarada Pushya-suddba 7 mi ... . uttarayana-sankramanadandu 
sri-Vira-Ballala-Devara §ri-hastadirh . . drasiva-Devargge dhara-ptirvvakam agi 
a-chandra-tarara-baram salvantu kotta datti || 
snita-ni. . ge deva . . . ; 
...sutam visada-ktrtti-SCiryyabbaranaih | 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 235 

yati-pati Rudraiivavi- \ 

sruta-kirtti . . . prabhava-nidhi tat-tanaya. . n 

. . .ti rflpada kannam yati- | 

pati ra. . pada kamadhfenu nirapama-yami vi- i 

sruta-rupada chint&mani | 

krita-punyam RudraSivan ud&ri-varenyam h 
.... RudraSiva-DSvara .... halliya sime yent eodade <7 lines following oontain 
detail* of boundaries) tanage salva bhtiiniyalli Vinadakereya kelage gade sa 2 
a-gaddeya tenkana-keladalli beddale kolaga 10 badagana-keladalli kolaga 
10 matta GummSsvarada Barmmala-Deviya . . . .Chola-maha-deyiya Chandra- 
mauliya int i. .angadigala srf-nakaragaluv irddu kotta battada sede 1 
mattam eamasta Hannavanada nakaragalu hasarada . . . yerad eleyam kottar 
mattam biriya-telliga-geri kijri-telliga-geriya samasta-gaudugalu kott enneya- 
sautige | matta K§sava-setti-muntagi B&ckalesvarad ayn&rbbarum adda-pattale 
yikke heruva samasta-nana. .. .doling om-m&na bhattavam kottar) mattam 
Kamatad-&ch&rigala tamma sa . kattuk&rarum irddu s&sirakke h& molege 
nichcha haga 1 koduvar (usual final phrases) 


On a virakal near the entranoe of the same temple. 
Chitrabh&nu-samvatsarada Karttika-suddha-pavurnnami-Adivarad andu Bala- 
kuppad^-Madi-veggade tanna parivara-sahita bandu Paduolala mutti kadi 
kedisi turuva kondu bdbaga a-vura Anka-Gaudana maga M&di-Gaudanu fc- 

Madi-veggadeya kude kadi kidsi turuvam maralchi mecbe yigidu Siva- 

16ka-pr4ptan ada atana maga Raj ay y an u tamm-ayyage nipsida vfragalu 


On a stone in the enclosure of the same temple, 
irimatu Praj6tpatti-samvatsarada Marggasira-ba 7 So h 

uddandasara-munda-khandana-bbata-smarasana maxuUi 

brahm&ndddaram uddamad-damaruga-tarabdhi tanda-dhvani f 

kshd^l bhi-Tcuha-vakini-kahakaha-dbv&nali prati-dhy&nini 

kshdni bhi-kuha-v&kini vijayate devo mah&-Bhaira?&* h 
irimatu hannondu-mandalikara ganda-suryya mandalika-8ur(i)yya^kala-megha 
Sdyideva-R£ya-sthapanacharya Avadhuti-Komarana-rakhanatha Ga'ttri-ganarata- 
ra Ardha-nari-Nat£8vara Ballala-Raya-gaja-gandana ala gumpa kandu alagina 
moneya kandu ben kondu voduva mandalikara ganda Eoleya Tamma-Rayana 
komara Cbikka-Tammannangalu Dorasamudrada bettada Bhairava-devarige 
dh&pa-dfpa-naivedya-tainbftla-patra-bhdgavanu madisi jirnna-uddharavanu 

* So Id the origioal. 

Digitized by 


236 Btfm Taluq. 

raadisida Chikka-Tammannangalige m&ngal&rdgyav &gali M&rkkanda-yisa* 

sidil-odane seoasa-bahude | 

kudi-dadeya midiya-bahude k&loraganam | 

kadu-galiya kenaka-bahude | 

hadi.gattane Chikka-Tamma todarddara sim&m* II 
i-dharmmava pratipalisudu p&lisadidade V&ran4siyali kapileya konda ddaadali 
hdharu tamma sri-guruvam konda p&padali hdhdru kumbhlpa.dolage aluta 
mulukatiharu vi . . chandra-ulana-bara h 


At Hnlikere (same hobli), on a stone in the field near the Lakkawa-Virawana tana* 

namas tunga «to. h 

srimad-Gauri-kuchakranta-kunkuai4nka-8thir6rasS | 

namd balatapdllasa-sri-Kailasa-vilasinS || 

Bhuvaadtpadakanindav Atri baliyam Sit&msu Saumyam Puru- I 

ravan Ayur-nnarapalakam Nahusha-bhttkantam YayatiSan ut- i 

saya-dbamam Yaduvind anukramadi . . .bhftpar ant ante Ya- | 

dava-yam§4mbudhiyalli matte palarum bhdp&lar aguttiral h 

Salan emban &ge tad-Yadu- | 

kuladol puli paye kanda muni paliyam poy I 

Salay ene poyduda^im Poy- | 

sala-vesar ayaninday 4ytu tad-vam3ajaroJ \\ 
antu puliy-undigeyum Poysala-vesarum eseyal eseda Yadu-yamSadolu I 

vinaya-sphflrtti-nidhanam i 

Vinay&dityabbidh&nan artthi-nidh&nam | 

yinata-jana-jala-nidhanam | 

janiyisidam satru-ghata-Sara-sandhanam 11 
a-Vinayaditya-Devana magam | 

eragidage honna-maleyena (eyaguvan) I 

eragade mar&nta bhfcmip&lara daleyol | 

bara-sidil-andadi tottana- | 

.eyaguyan Ereyanga-Devan adatara goyam H 
Ta ii antu samasta-kshatra-dharmmad eyey-angan app Ejeyanga-D^yangam 
fechala-Devigam Brahma- Vishnu-MahSsyarar-anteyum | R&ma-trayad-anteyum ' 
tri-varggad-anteyum I puftida ball-algal u Ballala-DevamBitti-DevanUdayadity.u 
DSvan emba mttvarolam madhyaman agiyuiii lokottaman enisi i 
▼ri a 8rimad-Yadaya-yaihsa-yarddbi-yilasat-samyarddbanddyat-sudha- I 

dhamam dripta-nripala-j&la-jalajata-brata-sammarddano- | 

ddam&nSkapam ishta-sishta-jaaata-kalpanghripam tan enal | 

* So in th« original. 

Digitized by 


Belur Tcduq. 237 

bbtimipalaka-mauli-ratnam esedam sri-Vishuu-bhdpalakam h 
paduval paSchima-varddhi mflda negald-ii-Kanchi-puram tenka nol- | 
pade 8ach-chandana-manda-maruta-cha|a-8rlkhanda-shandachalam | 
badagal Perddoye merey age nelanam vikrantadind aldan eo- | 
dade pdlvannan ad avan i-bhuja-bala-bhrajishnuvam Vishnuvam h 
taradim tappade taraki-tatigalam t&radhvadol talvad ond | 
erad end int enisalkav appud uyad &nt I-Vishnu-bhdpalanol j 
Saran&yiktaran anmi satta Driparam benn ittaram lekkisalk | 
arid Indrarchchita-V&suki-prabhritigam meladar fix &rppavar h 
antunegaldap&ra-paurusha-parayananum | Yadava-N&rayananum j aneka-r&ja- 
vidya-viDodaDum | V&santika-devi-labdha-vara-prasadanum | nirmm&pita-nikhi}a- 
dharmmanum | Saranagata-vajra-varmmanum | hiranyagarbha-tulapurusbady- 
aneka-kratu-sahasrarsanch&lita-Sahasrakshanum | sakala-jana-manas-sankalpi- 
tarttha-parikalpaniUkalpa-vrikshanum enisi kum&ra-galadole kdr-al aguMaleya- 
maharajanam MaWUm&riy-ante murid-ikki Jaga-Devauam jagad-evakke pakku 
madi Talakadan olakondu Kong am bhangisi Nangaliyazh bangali madi Sadali- 
yam sadbisi B&daliyam bftdi-madi P4riyftram pariyitt ifidu ChSramana beram 
kiltu Kanchi-puramam kaikondu Pandyanam benkondu Vuchchangiyam 
nurchcbu-madi Sindavigeya ninda vandadant oded 6du madi Bellit$ageyam 
kar-ittageyam suduv-ante m\\u Annigejeyam sann-ittageyol ittu Bajlareyan 
aredu | Racbavfrran uripi | Hanungall-enum gahanav illad odedu | mattazh 
Banavase Halasige Huligege Bejuvalam olag-agi bhuja-baladin otti rajyam geyda 
vira-Vishnuvarddbana-mah&r&jana mahfi,-devi LakshmfirDevi || 
r r i || pavalam bay nava-mauktikali suli-pal sankbam koral chandran o- | 
ppuva bhalam nava-mSgba-jalav alakam svacbcbhambu lavanyay u- I 
nmuva piyflsha-rasam todal-Dudi chalad-vichi-cbayam tol enal | 
Dava-dugdhabdbi-vila8a-Lak8bmiy ene Laksbma-Devi kang oppuval h 
dharani-k&mini tanna peldudane geyd fiyattey ag irppal 4- | 
Giri-rajatmajey appa pempin-Umeyum tann-&ke Vak-k&nteyum | 
piridum \&m nudid ante Kama-satiyum tann annal end andu su- | 
ndariyar bbhUgya-vilasa-Tisramade Lakshma-Devig &r agg&Jarh h 
k-Vishnuvarddhanangam | 
Bbavddbhava-rajya-lakshmiy enisida Lakshm&- I 
DSvigam udbhavisidan i- | 
bhftTallabbarNarasiihhan &bava-eimhaih h 
▼ri || bhuvanaikaScharyyav fiyt itana charitav ad ent embe Kadamba-eainyam | 
kaviy e^ing endu Bankapurado} iral adam keldu garbbba-sthan ag-irdd | 
avat&ram geyvutam tad-balaman aredu tat-prfijya-samrfijya-sarvva- | 
evavan &dam tandeg ittam jasav esevinegam Naraaimha-ksliitlsam h 
ripu-8arppadHiarppa^avanala-bahala^8ikhcVjMa-kalambuvabam | 
ripn-bhtlp6ddipraMiipa-prakara.patutara.8pbar8^jhanjha-Bamiram | 

Digitized by 


238 Bdur Tahtq. 

ripu-naganika-Tarkshyam ripu-nripa-nalinl-shanda-v8danda-rtlpaih i 
ripa-bhdbhrid-bhari-vajram ripa-aripa-mada-matanga-simham Nrisimham 
Nala-Nabh^gimbarisha-prathita-Prithu-Harischandra-tach-Chandraguptd- | 
j?ala-klrtty^rama-Ram4rjjuna-Puru-Sagara-khy&ta-Du8hyaiita-dhatr!- | 
tala-p&lar kk&di band i-Kali-yugadolag ond adavoi' kshatra-dharmmam | 
tolagal vikhy4ti-vettam Yada-kula-tilakam N&rasimharkshitiiam || 
dhuradol Sildrakan tlrjjit&rttha-cbayadim dhairyya-krama-kshatriyam | 
para-8ainyamb*udbi-badavan dal adarim tarn varnna-sankaryyamam | 
Narasimham taled irddan irdduv idu matt ascharyyakam varnna-sad- | 
karam i-rashtradol enuv ill enisi dhatri-chakramam rakshipam || 
nuta-d harm mam ripu-bhtman arjjuna-yasam vidvishta-bhflbhrid-Yamam | 
kshiti-R&mam krita-sima-gita-Bharatam bhasvat-su-mitrodbhavam \ 
kshitipalam Narasimha-Devan avani-satru-ghnan ant udgha-Bha- | 
rataJtemayana-pftrvva-punya-purusha-prakhyatiyam taldidam h 
sabalam chancbu turangav angav eradum pakshanga} emb-ant iral | 
nibidam-ponmida pakkarakke kuduk &galk anya-sainyangal &- | 
tta-balam pakshadol ikki rakshisidaa int i-ganda-bherunda sai- | 
nya-balam bettire N&rasimha-nripan ^tmavapta-sapt^ngavam h 
uyad ant oddid ar&ti-r&ja-balamam tann ondu-meyyinde nind | 
igid t-Vfra-Nrisimhan antu jasavam pettand ad dn tappe kand | 
ariyal k&legamam pogalteg elasuttirppar kkelar ppel ad em | 
tejeyd suiikavo sfcreyd parakeyd pannayavo bittiyd li 
bandu kavid ari-bal&mbudhi | 
nindudu Narasimhan-onde-sabalada moneyol | 
binduvin-andade munnam | 
nindavol ambhodhi Iteman-ambina moneyol li 
sirig edey-ada pashkaradol ondida dirgha-su-vritta-haatadim | 
parinatav ada kdpadin anugrahadim sthira-padma-vaktradind I 
urutara-vamsadind eseva danadin i-Narasimha-bhftbhujam | 
parichita-bhadra-lakshanadiu oppuva bappana gandha-varanam h 
samarado] ishtav ada kavalam tanag agiral anya-sainyadim | 
3amanise hastini-sahita padminiyalli vinoda-visramam | 
samuchita-dana-laksbmi veras oldavol aduvud otti tannan a- | 
kramisuven embanam nelake dappudu bappana gandha-varanam h 
nenada banambe per-vvenada betta karulgala ballavalli san- | 
danisida kanda varddhisuva pan-dale nettaran fnti ragadim | 
kuni-kunidadi paduva nisateyar emb-avarinde sangara- | 
nganav ati-raudrav ag iridu kolvudu bappana gandha-varanam j| 
a-Narasimha-Devana mano-nayana-vallabhe piriy-arasi | 
parivara-Surabhiy enisuva | 
Narasimha-nareudra-mahishi Cbagale nichcham | 

Digitized by 


Belur Tafaq. 239 

pari jana-vatsa-snfihade | 

tored amritaman aridu karevut irppudu sahajam H 
sirisada huvina m&leya | 
sariy enisuva siriyan eseye taldida nali-tdl | . 
Narasimhang idu vajra- | 
sthira-panjara-bandhav enisidudu Chagaleya || 
svasti samadbigata-pancha-mah^-sabda inab§rmandal66varm | Dvar&vati-pura- 
varadhisvaram | varmma-dbarmma-nirmmatri-. . nava-samana-pala-nirmm&na- 
nipuna sadhu-8adharminya-Dbarmma-nandana | chatur-asity-uttara-tri-sata-na- 
yikanika-kucha-kalaia-charu-chandana | kupita-Kritanta-dantanta-kuntayudba- 
vilasa-keli-Nakula i sa-darppa-ripu-sarppa-kula-nakula | ubhaya-bala-kalita-Eala- 
Boppula-Talaprabari-pramukha-vira-mela.pakakara i 5aranagata-vajra-pr&k&ra 
prachanda-kanda-kodanda-Parttha | gandara tirttha | Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-b&da- 
vanala | vairi-bala-gabana-dahana-davanala i Pandya-kula-kamala-vana-vedanda | 
mandalika-ganda-bberunda ; rana-ranga-dbira | jagad-eka-vira J mandalika- 
bentekari | para-mandala-aftyekara | sangrama-Bbima | Kali-kala-Karaa | nama- 
di-prasasti-sahitam srimat-Tribhuvana-malla | Talakadu-Eongu-Nangali-Bana- 
vase-Halasige-Huligere-Hanungal-gonda bhuja-bala - Vf ra-Ganga - pratapa- Hoy- 
sal a Narasimba-Devaru Hima-Setu-maryyadeyada bhdmiyam dusbta-nigraha- 
sishta-pratip&lanam geydu raksbisuttam sukha-sankatha-vinodadim pritbvi- 
r&jyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi h 

Narasimha-kshonipalahg anugan Anuvan ent ant iral sv&rai-sampat- | 

paripftrnnam Karnnan ent ant adhika-vitaranam dugdha-varasiy ent ant | 

ire gambhiram prat&panvitan pdita-dinadbisan ent ant enal tarn | 

Sirigam Barmmangam urvvi-jana-viuuta-gunam puttidam Kdsa-Chattaih h 

pored aldam Narasimba-Dfivan esev-a-Bammayyan ayyam sahd- | 

darad-annam guni Bittiyannan adatam Sri-Devi tay permmeyim | 

piriy-akkam piriy akkan olpu-vaded a-Cbandayvey end and a pel | 

dorey &r anvaya-Suddhiyim charitadim Chattange bhft-chakradol n 

Bhrigu-matadol ada parinati | 

pogalal dSTangam aridu nettane Chattam t 

tri-gunisuva tirigi p&yipa | 

nigatam divi-vedeyol adi-Briguvam miguvaih h 

Bhriguvim Nakapanindam | 

negald a-Betalaninde Sddrakanindam \ 

bigiv-ottajeyim Chattam j 

dvi-gunam tri-ggunam cbatur-gunam pancha-gunam || 

bidu bidu bid endu bedayisi i 

bidisuva binnanada birudin-ankada birikarh | 

Digitized by 


240 Bifor Taluq. 

bifle bidade chenna-Bivam | 

bidipam bidad adasi podedu chaladim Chattam h 

ede gadiva biduva bidisuva | 

pidid ottuva pottu pariya kuttuva balp u- | 
ggada-vottajeyim Chattaya- | 
n-odan &r mmflr-kkolan illi bidal odarisuvar h 
dbareg alambanav &gi pempa magi lam muttitt enal kottu b§- j 
lpara belp antutan enna ponna tejadim s&phalyamam tdld ad &- I 
daradim sad-dvija-raja-mitra-nikaram tannam samasraysiyum | 
tirivutt irddapud innuv endu naguyam Pom-bettamam Cbatfayaih 11 
. dharmmamumam brahmanaruma- | 
n ormmeyum fcraydu porevut-irppam Chattam | 
Barmmana magange tandeya | 
dbarmmada santatiya rakshe yuktam ad erave 11 
k&san odan-4Lduv edeyol | 
bhisura-Sura-mantri mantradol ripu-tantrd- | 
gr&8ura-rana-rangagrado- | 
1 &sura-k6sari-vij&si nettane Chattam h 
Rambegav Uryyasigam migi- f 
1 embaval ek&ntadalli para-vadbu sale tan- | 
nam bayasi bandu nilal ava- | 
lam bageyim nddan alipi muttam Chattaih || 
Kali-yuga-Bali Kali-yuga-Sibi | 
Kali-yuga-Vidy&dharSsi Kali-yuga-Karnnam | 
Kali-yuga-kalpa-ksbm&jam | 
Kali-yuga-suradh8nuv enisi kottam Chattam n 
enike veras ondu-horttina | 
gunadindam kuduva Karnnan em gala Chattacg I 
eneye dhana-kanaka-r&siya- | 
d enisade kudutirppan itan old a-porttam u 
piridum chitr&nvitav am- | 
bara-sangatav uttarottaram tan enal ur- | 
ware taniyal pom ( . . ) | 
gajevudu Cbattayana hastav a-pratihastam ii 
Chattane d&ni Chat tan e maha-guni Chattane sauryya-sagaram | 
Chattane bhdgi Chattane pasayitan elliyuv entu ndlpadam | 
Chattane sauchi Chattane dridha-brati Chattane satya-sangatam | 
Chattane mani Chattane maha-prabhu Chattane Mandara-sthiram !l 
piridum bhrantinde nalkum-kadala kade-varam uodidem ndda-bandeih 
siriyindt.m sfladindam sa-naya-vinayadim d&nadim dharmmadindam I 

Digitized by 


Bdur Taluq.* 241 

guru-d&va-brahtDan&li-paricbarana-bhavad-bhaktiyiih saktiyindam | 

doreyam Chattange kanem galapal arije nam chagadim bhogadindam h 

Hara-b&sam dara-hasav age Himavat-kutkllamum Sambhu-bhti- | 

dharamum tunga-kuchangal age mukhav agal chandramam cbinnad-a- | 

varanam dugdba-samudrav age daSanam dig-danti-dantangaj ft- | 

g ire tara nakha Kftsa-Chattana yasas-srl lokadol varttipal h 

ant enisi negalda Chattana i 

kante manah-kante Kantu-kanteya rdpim | 

kanta-tanu-k&nti-jita-SaSi- | 

k&nte maha-devi d§viy enipal gunadim 11 

charan&bjam beral ungutaih nakba-kulam m&agal madam janghegal | 

vara-vrittoru-nitamba-bimbam adliaram vaksh6ruhara t61 talam | 

koral dsbtham sulipal kapdla-phalakam kan purvvu karnnam nosal | 

vara-nil&lakav oppe oppidapal i-madevi Made vi vol u 

nara-turagaliyim gaja-rathavaliyim posa-ponna-rasiyim ) 

sthira-paripftrnnav ayt iduve rajyav ad evudu belli-katta bel- | 

karipudu ketninan endu Rajatadriyin illiye bandu nilvinam | 

Giri-pati Sambhu-mandiraman ettisidam guni-Kftsa-Chatteyam h 

palaram rakshisi mattam i 

palavam nade dSgulangalam madisidam | 

nelan ellam ayiye Chattam | 

nele degulamuman id ondan old ettisidam h 

tojrey&gi b6ge kripeyim | 

kerey agirppantu palarumam kattida. . . | 

keyegalol id ondu kejreyene | * 

kejreyam kiyu-Gflsu-Chatteyam kattisidarii || 

pirid-ay&sadin artthamam nerepidam Chattambol int l&a-man- | 

diramam pCtrnna-tatakamam nija-yaiorttham Mfiru-varasi-su- | 

sthirav appaut ire malpud untu chapalam tan artthav end agalum | 

nirutam Cbattasamudram arddalipugum vyaiola-kalloladim h 

kejegam dSgulakaxh tan | 

arasida dhanam anitum enisi jasadim Chattam | 

neredam bagudage vodudu | 

ke^egam degulakav agad uHdavar-arttham h 

puttida ponn irad entum | 

kattipud adayinde kereyumarh dSgulamam | 

kattipud ettipud enal i- | 

Chattam guruv adan akiila-dharanltaladol 11 

nad ennam naduvittukondududarim maj-jivanam sartthakam | 

nadindam poyagayt a-sevya-salilam t&n uppu-nir endu yo- \ 

daduttirppudu nirmmalambu-bharita-sri-sara-sarovaram | 


Digitized by 


242 Bshr Taktq- 

nod i-Chattasamudrav illi layanimbbdriisiyam permmeyim 11 
eleniram savi l&ghayam gaganamam tanp &-Him&drindramara | 
tajiram bannige suddhi B&ndoyeyan £-gambhiryyav ambhddhi-san- | 
kulamam kflpadisutt iralke visarat-saurabhya-saulabhya-san- I 
kalitam Chattasamudram uddruta-jagat-t&pam samant oppugum || 
manna-say an enisi houaam | 
mannam geyvavage nereye kottum Cbattam | 
raann undu hddud enisade | 
tannane tanipidan aseshainam jtvanadim h 
Stti-priptiye pbalam a- | 

Setuge Chatteyana dharrama-setuge phalam a- | 
SStu-Himftdri-samudra- | 
khy&ti su-punyam vis&la-sali-kshetram || 
phalamam pogalvad alumbam | 
belavuda mund atta bhuktiyum muktiyumam I 
jaladim Chattasamudram | 
belerudu pint itta karvvumam kalaveyumam || 
rasa-bhaydjvala-miirtti padma-vadanam kalpanghri chakra-stanam | 
bisa-ddr-yyallari raja-hamsa-gamanam minambakam nilika- | 
visarat-kuntalam oppe kanne-gereyam Cbattam dhanam gottu ka- I 
ttisi Chatt^Svara-sad-varange pbalisal hastodakam madidam || 
svasti samasta-guna-sampauna | vidvaj-jana-prasanna | Narasimha-naran&tha- 
rftja-mandiralankara | vira-lakshmi-suvarnna-karnnalankara | a-sahaya-satisa- 
ya-sftra-Siidrak&vatitra | MaheSvara-ganivatara j kavi-gamaka-vadi-Y^gmi-v§g- 
paripdsbana I Vira-N^rasimha-Deva-bhasura-sabha-bhdshana | patu-pakshata- 
prita-prat&pa-N^rasimha-naranatha-nanavidha-prasada-patra | chftru-cbaritra 
pavitrikrita-sya-gotra | siahteshta-jana-janita-nitya-satyasirvyada-paripClrnna I 
Kali-k&la-Karnna n&madi-samasta-prasasti-sahitan appa Chattayyam Chatt&sya- 
ra-d§vargge Bhuvana-bhiishanav emba mandiramam Mandara-sthirav&gi madisi 
pratishtheyam madisi Saka-varsha 1082 neya Vikrama-samvatsarad uttar&ya- 
na-sankr&nti-vyatip&tadandu Chattesvara-devara uitya-pujegam nanda-divige- 
gam nivfidyakkam Chaitra-pavitramum deva-brahmanara tapo-dhanar-^hara- 
d&namum a-chandr&rkkav&gi nadeyilendu tarn kanne-geyey&gi kattisida Cbat- 
tasamudramam tann Hldam sri-N&rasimha-devara kayyalu padedu dharft- 
pfLrryakam m&di bittu kottan a-bhttmiya sima-sammandhav entendade mddalu 
J&digeyey-addavad Icbeya haduvana-kodi | tenkalu cbikeya moradiya talpalu 
haduvalu Jdnakalla-betta gadi | badagaiu Adigummesvaradakftdida hola-vere || 
svasti yama-niyama-svadhyaya-dhyana-dharana-moDanushthaua-japa-samadhi- 
sila-guna-sampannar appa Chandrasekbara-Panditargge Chattayyam Chatte- 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 243 

svara-devara sth4namam Chattasamudramam kala-karcbchi dbara-pflrvvakam 
madimakkalu-makkal ullanne-varamkotta h malag&ra-Chikkangen&lu-ganduga- 

gaddeyam kotta || (usual final phrases) 


(The same as No. 198 above) 


In the same place. 

sva.sti sriman-maha-mandalesvaram eri-Vira-Narasimba-Devaru Ddrasa- 
mudrada nelevidiualu sukba-eankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyutt iralu dala- . 

rautte-ganda Madbava-dannayakauanu Maleya-dandan&yaka kalagadalu* 

bandiyakara Bibbeya-Nayakana maga Pemmiyanu dannayaka- Mara helidade 
marali yaddu kudureyam kondu svargga-pr&ptan ada | id 


At Lingipura (Sanivirtsante hobli), on copper plates in 
possession of Sftryan&riyapivadhtoi. 

(Talogo oharaotars) 

(la) §rI-V8nkatSSyararpanam astu §ri-Rama 

Harer lila-varahasya damshtra-dandas sa patu nah | 

Hemadri-sikhara yatra dhatrl chhatra-Sriyam dadhau || 
svasti Sri vijayabhyudaya-Salivabaua-saka-varushambulu 1582 yaguneti Vikari- 
samvatsara-Jyeshtha-suddba 15 AtrSyasa-gdtra Apastamba-sfttra Yajus-sakba- 
dhyayulaina Soma-vamsodbbavulaina Arav^ti-Ramarajaya-Venkatadrirajaya- 
prapautrulaina Narasaparajaya-pautnalaina Gopalarajaya-d^va-maharajal-ay- 
yavari putrulaina sriraad-rajadbiraja-param^vara §ri-vira-pratapa srt-vira- 
Sriranga-Raya-d^va-maharayal-ayavar a-Ghanagiri-simbasaDamaDdu ratna-eim- 
hasanartidulai pritbivt-samrajya cbeyuchununna-samayana Haritasa-g6tra 
Apastamba-sfttra Yajus-§&kh§dhyayulaina £k&mra-S6may&jula pau(J6)tru- 
daina Ragbava-Sdmayajula putrudaina fekamra-Somayajulaku vrayinchi yich- 
china bhti-dana-dbarma-Sasanam Harikolaka pascbiinam Tagaraku vutirarh 
Mugalahaliki tavuk Eragaldki dakshinam Belftriki challfiti Badara-nadulo pon- 
dina Kapbibali ane gramamu yt-tatb&-tithi-8omdpar&ga-punya-kalamanda sa- 
biranyodaka-dhara-pdrvakanga Velupuri-stbalana Cbenna-KSsava-svami-sanni- 
dbina Vishnusamudramu tiraoa Sri-VfinkateSvararpananga tri-karananga tri-va- 
cbakanga dhara-datta chSsi[ti]mi ganaka ni putra-pautra-parampary anganu ma- 
putra-pautra-paramparyaDgaau a-Kachihali ane gramanaku kaligina nidhi- 
nUfthSpa-aksbini-ag&mi-jala-taru-pashftnadi aneti ashta-bboga-tejas-svamyaiD- 


Digitized by 


244 Beiur Taluq. 

b&lanu aoubhavincbuka &-chandrarkar8th&yiga vuudedi (u»o*4 float firm) 
fthd R&ghava rajendra sapta-kal[p]anujivy abam i 
na srindmi na pasy&roi svayam-datt&paharinaih H 
sva-datt& •patri(ZZ)ka dhatri pitri-datt& sahddari | 
para-datta sva-mat& cha datt&m bhilmim parityajet h 

sri-Rama | 


At the same Tillage, on copper plates in possession 
of Subrahma^ya Siatri. 

(Niger! oharaotern) 

(J) iri-Ganadhipataye namah | namas tunga eto. h 

(from 'Har6r llla-var&basya • to * Krishna-Raya-mabipati ' in lio* 22, correspond 

with No. 6 of the Humo Taloq) 

Ranga-ksbitlndr&chyuta-DSva-Rayau rakshk-dhurinikv iva R&ioa-Krisbnau | 

Obambik&y& Narasa-kshitindr&d ubhav abhut&m uragSodra-sarau 11 

(from c vira-sri-N&rasimhab' to 'kI^tyababh&8e , 11 in Hoe 57, oorreepond with those in Mo. e 

of the Heeten Taluq) 

*krita(JJ&)vati sura-Ioke Krishna-R&ye nij&mse 

tad-anu tad-aoujanma punya-karmachyutdndrah | 
prakatam avani-lokam mam samSty&rijStli 

vilasati Hari-cheta vidvad-ishta-pradAta 11 
yat-kirti-chandras charati kshamayam tirtheshv asesbeshu vivardhate cba 1 
taodti cbakrasya mudam samindhS div& cha say am kumudair virundhe 11 

Son&dri-Parvatapure. . . .Eauchyam 1 
sri-Kalahastisitu. . pi cba Kumbhaghone 

d&n&ni shodasa bahfxni kritani yena 11 
sa jayati narapalo ratna-simhasanastbo 

Vijayanagara-vasah kirtti-pdrtya vibbasi | 
Nriga-Nala-Nabusbadin atyayan raja-nitya 

nirupama-bhuja-viryaudaryabhur Achyutendrah || 
Sakabde S&livahasya sahasrena chatus-sataih 1 
eka-shashti-sam&yuktam su-sthitS ganitd kramat a 
Vilambtti-mah^-varshe Pausha-masi cha samjnike 1 
*amaY&sy&m subhd tithyam Bhanuvare cha samyutam || 
ardhddaya-samakhyata-punya-kale cha samyutam | 
TuDgabhadra-nadi-tire Vrishabhesvara-sanuidhau u 
su-pra8anno mahodaro AchyutSodra-mahipatib | 
G6nibid-&hvaye rajye Kittari-nadu-samjiiikS || 
Tinigada-sthalaih nama sarva-sasyopasobhitam 1 

♦ do in the original. 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 245 

Angadi-gramatafc purve Nadugadus tathottare h 
Tinigadasya paschamyam Kolaraavun cha dakehioe | 
Abbidore-u.aha-graraam grama-gr&sena samyutam II 
Ajj&rur iti Manguppam prati-nama cha kalpitam i 
Berasamudram iti khyata-namanam bbuvi visrutam r 
Achyutendra-puram ramyam vasa-yogyam manishinab | 
sarva-manyam cbatus-sima-samyutam cha samautatafc || 
nidhi-Diksh^pa-pashana-siddha-fiadbya-jalaDvitam | 
▼api-k&pa-tat&kais cba kachchh£napi samanvitam n 
putra-pautradibhir bhogyam kramad a-chandra-tarakam | . 
danasyadhamanasyapi yikrayasyapi chdchitam h 
sa-hiranya-payd-dh&r&-p&rvakam dattavan muda | 
agrahara-chikirshartham parama-pritiman budhah h 
pancha-tri-. . . .vrittayah parikalpitah | 
vicbitrani cba gotrahi s&trani vividhani cha h 
uamani vividbas sarve sakhas cba vividb&ni cha I 
vrittimanto vilikhyante g6tra-8U.tra-pura8saram n 

(24 lines following oontain names etc. of Tfittidars) 

tais tais samantatas chibnair dikshu prachyadishu kramat | 

simand'syagraharasya likhyante desa-bh&shaya n 

(4 lines following contain detail! of boondariet ) 

pHrayato budba-vanchham varayat6 vairi-chitta-madam | 
a-chyuta-vi§ada-yibhatSr Achyuta-Rayasya sasanam tad idam ii 
Achyutendra-maha-raya-sasanena Sabbapatih | 
abhanid riju-sandarbham tad idam tamra-sasanam || 
Acbyutendra-raaba-raya-sasanaii Mallanatmajah | 
tvashta SrS-Virauacharyd vyalikhat tamra-sasanam || 
(usual final vertet) sri-Virfrpaksha. 


At DabbesingApura (same hobli), on a atone 
in the Bare-field, north of the village, 
evasti srt-jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusha 1391 saoda vartamana Vikriti- 

samvatsarada K&rtika-ba 4 A | Ariyanna-danoayaka karanagalu Sri-Peru- 

raalenatha-devarige amritapadige kotta bbu. . . . saeana 

199 v 

At Dabbe-agrah&ra (same hobli), on a stone to the south 
of the S6m6svara temple, 
namas tunga etc. h 
srimat-parama-gambhira-syad-vadamogha-lanchanam | 

Digitized by 


.246 Bektr Taluq. 

jiyat trailokya-n&thasya s&sanam *§iva-§&sanam H 

svasti samasta-bhuvan&iraya sri-prithvt-vallabha mah&rij&dhi- 

raja paramttvara parama-bhattaraka SatyaSraya-kula-tilaka Cbalukyabharana 
srimat-Tribhuvanamalla-Ddyara vijaya-r&jyain uttardttar&bhivriddhi-pravardha- 
m&nam ft-cbandr&rkka-t&ram-baram (8 itn* effaned) bhim&na d&na-Kaninam . . . 

rija-Mandh&tam an&na. . . nirupama-kddanda k&ota-Kaunteya 

ratnakara sobbakaram cbatar-upadh&-Chan&kyam. . . . m&- 

nikyam Dharmm&tmajam kdsari mallarum gaja-kdsari 

ma^daiika-dik-kari raandalika-mtoikya-gaj&dbir&ja-mrigaraja 

maleraja-raja sriraat-Tribhuvana-inalla-Ballala-Poysala Konkan&d-Alvakbeda . . 
Bayal-n&da-Talak&dam S&vimaleyind ojagada bhumi-ellamam dashta-nigraha- 
Sisbta-pratip&laneyim (9 Uhm effa««i) jagat-pavitran enalu Ballalam. sarva-ldk&- 

§ ray am || svasti srimatu Poysalaih Sosavftringe bijayam geyyutta Darvve- 

yaballiya Kobe-Gavunda madisida Siva-st&namamkandu Kdb3svara-de- 

vargge deva-kdryyam madi mantapavam niadisi devar-anga-bhogakkam snana- 
nivddyakkam aliiya banada kegeya b&gavam bittu Saka-varsha s&sirada yippatta- 
m&geneya Visbu-samvatsarada Vaisakba-bahula-chauti-Sukravaradandu Darvve- 

halliya banada kejeya bh&gada sriman-mab&-mandale§vara Ballalu- 

DSv-arasaru k&runyaroam geyd a-chandr^rkka-taram-baram . . . Kdbdsvara- 
devara ya divara-Kobi-G&vunda . . . madisi bittam. . . . (usual 

Anal rersaf) 


In the same place. 

oama8 tunga eto. || 

srimat-parama-gambhira-sy^d-vadaraogha-lanchhanam | 

jiyat truildkya-n&thasya sasanam * Si va-sasanara n 

dm nama8 Sivaya H svasti samasta-bbuvanasraya sri-prithvi-vallabha ma- 

ba-rajadhir&ja param&vara parama-bhatt&raka SatyaSraya-kula-tilaka Cbalukya- 
bbarana Srimat-Tribhuvanamaila-DSvara vijaya-rajyabhivridhi-pravarddhama- 
nam a^handrarkka-taram-baram saluttam ire | tat-p&da-padmdpajivi | Sivaya i 
svasti samadhigata-pancba-maha-§abda maha-mandalesvara Dvar&vatipura-va- 
radhisvara Yadava-kulambara-dyumaui samyaktva-chtld^maoi inalaparol 
gandady-aneka-namavall-samalahkritar appa srimat-Tribhuvana-malla-Poysala- 
Devaru GaDgav&di-tombhattayu-s&siramumam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipala- 
nam geydu sukha-sankata-vinodadindam aluttam ire || Chalukya-Vikrama- 
kalada 22 eradaneya Pramathi-samvatsarada Sravana-masada Suddha-pftr- 
nnamase-Budbav&radandu srimatu Darvveya Kdbesvara-devara stana-patigal 

♦So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 247 

appa srimad-Devarasi-Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-pftrvvakam madi dhfyara- 
Kobi-Gayun^a bitta datti yent endade h 

Mrida-grihadindam mattam j 

badagana meyya keyeya kelage toy e-yarav iliye | 

kada honuan avagam bitta | 

Mrida-pada-pankaja[. . .]K6biganka |i 
mattam devarige Kojakolada mogeya galde yeradam bit^a 11 

maoam osedu Kobigankahg | 

anunayadim malke mahimeyam Madana-ghana- | 

gbana-pa^ala^pavanan Agaji- i 

nana-niriksbana-lampatdtkaram Nitilaksham h 

nered ereda budbara neravige j 

su-ruchiratara-kanaka-vastuvam suriva nira- | 

ntara sura-tar u sari. . . | 

dore-vandapude K6big4nkana keladol h 

itt ariyar ttam aran | 

ittadav eldey odavar anya stri-janav ellan | 

ittu kritartthey ene balesant Ti- | 

ldttame dhareyolu negayddal £jale-n&ri || 

atage vuttidan upama- | 

titam gunadol adhikan ene negaldid i-Ma- | 

chige sakala-Dadbfchige sukham | 

akke chandra-taram-baregam h 
Darvveyahalliya tenkanaKobanaghattadanindakalu-stmeyageata bitta djiarmina 
avanagi alidange (usual final phrases and verses) 8u-jaoa-jana»mitra gotra-pavitram 
Rechanana sighra-likhita n Masanojana besa h 


On the left side of the same stone. 

Srlmatu Hervvey&la Gorava-Gavunda Darvveya Kob&vara-devargge'sodar- 
ennege Ka(ka)rikahalliya katjina kelagana garddeya gottage idda binnavam 
bit(a chandrarkka-taram-baram (usual anal phrase*) 

202 _ 

In the same place. 

svasti eriman-maha-mandalesvara Tribhuvana-malla Tajakadu-Kongu- 

Nangaliy-UchchaAgi-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga Hoysala-DSvaru dig-vijayarii 

4 geyyalu Tungabhadreyan uttarisi Banavase-nadig etti Saka-varsham 1060 neya 

Digitized by 


2*8 Bdur TaJmq. 

K&layakta-aamvatsarada Dhanur-mmasadalu Hinungala koteyam matti k&da- 
ralli Darbbeya Chikka-Balajigana vadhav fijale-niriya maga M&cha-Gaundan 
&tana mand-rallabbe MAcha-Gavundiya magam Kala-G&vundana tamma 
Lenkar&yanaih karedn Visbnavarddhana-Hoysala-DSTam mungolnv&yada 
kalagake lagisi besam tele Lenkar&yam m&dida par&kramonnatiy ad ent endade I 

besasal Hoysala-bbftbhujam masanado 1 ode ddr-ggarrradim i 

maeakam gundade r&yan ant iridad ettam s&se kandangalam | 

suttam nettara-dh&regal nereye brabmanda . .dode I 

resadol t& negartteya p& ngr&rfbha-kanthfravam n 

8urira saralge p&yva cbatnranga-dalakk aned &rddn nftnkuv k- \ 

surataram appa smdhura-ghataralig alkade kadi biram a- I 

cbcbari-vade M&cha-Gaondana magam kali-r&yaoe kfrttiyam vasun- | 

dhare pogalvannegam padedan Ahavadolu rana-ranga-S&drakam n 

H&nnngallina kdnteyal | 

&neyan fiy ildu Poysalam nddutiral i 

t&n ijidn kondan idir-itat I 

&neya kudareya dalangalaih kali-r&yam h 

ettida jnoneyolu rayam | 

kuttalu kftlftla kadureyum mdlal ant | 

ettam uruldade penaoam | 

bittida teyan 4ytu suriye pft-male oabhadim 11 

kari-taraga-vira-bbataram | 

dhuradolu talt iyidu konda rayanan agal | 

sura-ganikeyar uydaru vi- i 

staradim pujpaka-vimanara erisi nabhadol h 

4liih munn igivam pirid | 

alam tave kondu Hanugall-4havadol | 

Kala-Gayundana tammam | 

lfleye sura-ldkak eydidam kali-rayam || 

arasana samtpadolu vi- | 

staradindam kudure ySji Kala-Gavundarii h 

rara-vtran appa tammana i 

dhuramam nddutire k&didam kali-r&ya || 


At Aggadalu (same hobli), on a virakal near the Sdmisvara temple. 

svasti Sriman-maha-mandalesyaram. . . . gavadi-Talakadu-Kongn-Nangali- 
. Beluvala-Palasige-pannir-chchhasiravam konda Sanivara-siddhi 

Digitized by 


Belw Talug. . 249 

giri-durgga-malla chalad chakravartti Hoysala srl-Vira-Ballala-DSvaru . 


Ananda-saihvatsara-Bhadrapada-Suddha 1 Sdmav&rad andu iri-Vira-Ball&la- 
Devaru Kurag6da kdteyam maha-lagge-madi mutti kayuvalli Malenada 
Aggadala Basa-Gavundana maga Kollapa-Gavundana tamma Kftsa-B6kana a 

kari-turaga-vira-bhataram i 

(n)uravaneyim geldu Kusa-Bokama tan[nam] | 

dbare pogale vira-vesaram | 

karam oppire padedu svargga-lokake sand an h 

narara vigurvvane hariya kura-puta kariya marasamain bbuta-bbo- 

janara madidam rana-rangadalli Bokanaih h Kugugoda koteyalu Ballalaiu 

sura-lokakke sandu Bokana || 


On the aide of the same stone, 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saka-varusbada 1249 neya Prabhava-samvatsarada 
Bhadra..-Su 3 Srlmanu maha-pradbanam Kamai-dannayakara meyduna Ale- 
ppa-dannaykaru ra keyanu sarv vamanyam agi a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi . . . 


On a 2nd stone in the same place, 
svasti samasta-bhuvan&Srayam sri-prithvi-vallabham maharajadhirajam para- 
mesvara paraipa-bbattarakam Dv&r&vati-pura-var&dhisvarara Y&dava-kulam- 
bara^lyumani satnyaktva-chftdaraani maleraja-raja raaleparolu ganda kadana- 
prachandan a-sabaya-s&ra Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Raina 
Vira-Ballala-Devanu rajyam geyyutt ire Ananda-samvatsarada Magha-Su 10 
Somavarad andu Balluguppeya Dali-Gavudanu tamma gadiya bbumiyali Ayera- 
valliyaru Agbadalavaru kadidalli D^li-Gavundanu biddalliy atana tamma Sati- 
Gavundanu yiddu pardksha-vinayava inadidanu Benaka- 

Gavandauu kohala madidaru | satta-Dali-Gavundange ....... Mall6ja 

bareda Kundura Rayannanu II 


On the side of the same stone. 

(Same as Ho. SOS) 


At the same village, on a stone near the village entranoe. 
subbam astu Salivahana-Saka-varusa 1566 neya sanda Svabbanu-samvat- 
saradaK&rttika-Su. . .llu Venkatadri-Nayak-aiyanavara komara Kriehnappa-Na- 
yakarn Mftdesasiya Uddanda-Gavodage appaneya palisi gavudanavaro Aggadala 


'Digitized by 


250> Behm Tatuq. 

, gjvvadagalige kba 12 gaddeyanu n image umbaliy agi kottevu sukhadali anubha- 
vieikondu babari yendu kotta sasana 


At Nidagddu (same hobli), on a stone at the village entrance, 
sabhatn astu svasti Sri jayabhyudaya-SlUivahana-saka-varsha 1505 yamba 
Svabhinu-samvatsarada Pusbya-ba 13 sankranti-punya-kaladaliu Sriranga-R&ya- 

raahar&yaru Pfenugonda satnrajyam madut& nauiuia n&yakatanake pa- 

lista Vasudarige saluva Malenada Nad a pal a Nidagodu-grama Kausika-gotrar 
ada Apastamba-sfttrar &da Yajus-sakhfidhyayar ada Vinjayftra Tirumale-Tiru- 
malacharyyara pautrar ada Krishnayacharyyara putrar ada Singalacharyya- 
ayyanavarige Kasyapa-gdtrar ada P6tapa-Nayakara pautrar ada Yara-Krishnapa- 
Nayakara putrar ada V§rikat&dri-Nayakaravaru sa-hiranyodaka-dana-dh&ra-piir- 

vvakav agi putra-pautra-paramparya a-cbandrfirkka-sthfiyiy agi anubha- 

suvadu rayana dana-dliarma-sila-§§sana (usual final verse) 


At BiranagMu (same hobli), on a atone in Bairappa'a wet land. 
Virodhikritu-samvatsarada Pusya-suddha 12 lu Hasana-Bana-Sahebaru Malenada 
Nadu pa I a Biranagoda pujarike(ya)ge umbaliy agi palisikondadu kba 1 gade 


At the same village, on a stone in the wet land of Pattl Sagant-Gaada. 
Ananda-samvatsarada Magha-ba 12 lu Hasana-Bbanaroiy-annanavaru Bi- 
ranagoda Mallaya Chikka-Mallaunange. .hola . .gala gade umbaliy agi.. 


On a stone In front of the same village. 

(N&gart characters) 

svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varsha 1451 sanda Virodhi-sarii- 
vatsarada Phalguna-ba 5 Guru varadalu srimatu Vasudhareya. . .eriyai ulla. . . 
. .Bliairava-devarige kotta grama sri gramava avananu apabarisidavage sisu- 
santana. . .bobadu 


At Bittaravalli (Tagart hobli), on a stone on the MallApura tank-band, 
srimatu mandaiSsvaram Narasimha-Devaru rajyam geyyutt iralu Naluva- 
sutiya Mati-Gavudana magam Bhokanami tanuna kodagiyalu Maleya-sahaniya 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 251 

maga Masaniya Kesiy-annange maram kottaru hadinela-hana guttageya teruva 
mel-adudu parih&ra avara tottina makkalige bhumi salvudu nada heggade- 
gavudagaligam had u vara javaliyam kottu inaram kondaru oudu mane salvudu 


On a stone in DandMMsavichtoryya's wet land below the same tank, 
sriinatu roandalesvaram Narasimha-Devaru rajyam geyyutt iralu Naluva- 
sutiya Midi-Gavudana kayyalu nada gavudugaiige beggade. .javali haduvara 
kottu guttageya bayala kereya kaderi Sonifcdeva-Gavudana maga Ekki-Setti 
ma^aii) kondan alii vambbattu mannina kramada kula bitti bojagagi e-baudadani 
ondu manuu hadiya kaya nodut ijuva .... (usual final phrase*) 

221 * 

At Hirikole (same hobli), on a stone south of the big tank. 
sri-Laksbinammage Sukrarada sevege Tiruvengal-ayyanavaru baduva Lingayy. 
age Manikatte-yeri-modala-cbavaka kudikondu vore-gadde hula 2 saba palisida 
bhuuii idu tadadavaru avar-apana. .maga idu tekkoudava ivana tainbula 


At the same village, on a virakal in front of the MallMvara temple, 
svasti Sri maharmandalesvara Vira-Gariga-Hosana-Devaru Bethadapurada (ir- 

alivina koleyam setbi bora-biddalli bandu tagidali halaram keram hoyidu 

tanum guleya bidam || 

1058 Nala-samva bahula-Skadasi-Maugalavdrad andu. . . 

Bamma nilisida 


At Ibbidu (same hobli), on a stone in a lane near the village entrance. 

sri-Gan&dhipataye naraah subham aetu n 

namas tunga etc. u 

p&ntu v6 jalada-syam&s S&rnga-jyfc-gh&ta-karkasih | 

trail6ky&-valaya-8tambh&8 chatvaro Hari-b&havah it 
svasti iri jay&bhyudaya-SiLliv&hana-Saka-varusha 1457 sanda vartamana-Man- 
matha-samvatsarada Ash&dha..5 lu Adityav&ra-punya-kaladalu sriman-maha- 
r&j&dhir&ja ritja-paramfesvara §ri-vira-pratapa sri-vira-Achyuta-R&ya-mahdraya- 
ru Hampeya Hastin&vatiya nelevidinalu pruthvi-r&jyaih geyivutt iralu I sriinan- 

Digitized by 


252 Beltir Tabuq. 

maht^inandal^varaTiramalayasrtmaa.mahi-araaugala aliyama Nandi. . . .Ra- 
ghupati-Raja-maha-ara4ugalu irtmaQ-mah&r&j&dbir&ja-r&ja-kulftdbidevatey ahai 
a43hin^Tj\-ksb6ni-Vaikunthav enisida VSULpuriya sri-Channa-Kesavan&tba-devari- 
ge 1 kotta gramada dbarinma-sasanada kramav ent endare | Tirumala-RAja-Vadeya- 
rige dharmraav ag&b£k end a Chan nigaray ana sannidhiyalu pratharaa-ek&daseya 
dv&dafieya panya-k&ladalu nitya-stitiyalu jana80 mandi brahmarige dharma-satra 
nadeyisikondu nam ma nayakatanake saluva Hasanada simey-i-sthalad-olagana 
Ibidina-grflma. .gramakke saluva kaluvali Khandfinahalli-gr&ma 1 R&mesdm&- 

iraballi-grama 1 antu grama varahana gramagala bbdmiyand §ri-Chenna- 

Kesavan&tha-devarige sa-hirany5daka^lA,na-dh&rlUpftrvvakav agi dhireyan eyadu 

kottev agi jt-grimagalige saluva . ! chatus-sf uieya olag-ulla nidbi-nikshepa- 

jala-p^8&na-aksbini-&g&mi-8iddha-s&dhyangal emba ashta-bhoga-tejas-svamyava- 
nu agumadikondu nitya-stitiyalu jana 80 mandi br&hmanarige anna-satravanu 
yikikondu yiba. . .(natal final phrases) sriman-maha-stAnam irimad-dakshina-V&ra- 
nftsiy WaVSlapuradasr!-Chenna-KeSavanatha-d8yarigesiiman-maha-mandaiesva- 
ra Raghupati-Raja-maha-arasugalu kotta dharina-sasanake subham astu (usual final 
▼arte and float phmaas) yt-satra-gramagalu Chenna-hebaruvaua vasa srt 


At the same village, on a stone near the rachchi-katfe. 
sri-Ganapatayd namah | 

krida-kredas sa yah pay&d yad-darashtragre vasundhara | 

babh&ra ketaka-siras-sangi-bhringangana-sriyam || 

samsmarann iva vasasya nana-matsyadi-janmasu | 

sete' sma sukbam ambodhau yah pura Purushottamah h 

abhavat tasya devasya nabbau vilasad ambujam | 

tasmad avirabhud Brahma tat-suto'trir ajayata h 

tan-netrad abhavat Somah tatd Yadu-mahipatih | 

tatas Sald'bhfid bhupala jajnire kirtti-mandanah h 

tad-vamsa-varddhano jato Vinayaditya-bhdpatit | 

Eyeyanga-mahipalo jatas tasya mahatmanah ii 

tasm&d Vishnu-nripo j&tas svayam dharmma-vidam varab | 

Narasimha-mahipalas tat-suto* palayan mabim H 

dig-gajendrasya sobheva Meror iva samunuatih | 

abhftd ficbala-DSviti bharya tasya mahipateh h 

chandram dig iva M&hendri kaustubhaiii kshira-varidheb I 

velSv&sftta tanayaih sapi Ball&la-bhupatim || 

Ballala-bhilpateh kirttir vitata. sobhatetaram i 

vit&nam iva lokasya chandratapa-vinirmitani h 
svasti samasta-bhuvanadhisvara(m) sri-pritlivi-vrtllabba mabarajadhiraja parame- 

Digitized by 


Belur Taiug. 253 

svara Dvaravati-pura-varad his vara Yadava-kulambara-dyuruani inalaparoj ganda 
dra-sviya-rSjadh&nyam sukhena. ... .g&sati sati | Kuravaliti asti . 

Peru mil u-maha-mantrf mabi-vara-Bribaspatib | 

dharinas tasya Ballalall&}a-mantrinau h 

tad-g6tra-iiStra I 

viudda-niratau sat-kritya-karana . . . || 

noda-rasikau nripa-vallabhau | 

tatragrajah nidi II 

pragalbha-bhftma padam Isvarasya tathfc I 

. . Ballala-riam4 bhuvi ko'pi ch and rah || 

(5 lines gone) 

. .latas tasya dSvasya niyatar&dhana-siddhayfi n 
Saka-varusha s&yirada 1 139 neya tsvara-samvatsarada Pusbya-su 12 Sdmavfira- 
Makara-sankrama-kaladalu Tagare-nad eppattar-olagana Aldra-stalam datavy- 
am iti so'pi Vaisbnava-cbakravartti Vtra-Ballala-Devaru bhaktya tarn gvAlftram 
tasmai Jan&rdana-d§vaya pradat | §rdevaringe a-vftra mabfirjana i-hiriya-kejeya 
kelage karu belevalli mftvattu-kolaga gaddeya sarvvam&nyav agi dh&rfirpftrvvak- 
av agi kottaru | antaha adhyaksharu Ballannagalu a-vura maha-janangalige kra- 

yadhikav agi bonnakottu kramav agi Perumalu-ki jiya-kejeya kelage . .honnan 

ikki v agi kattisi kereya kelage belava gadde sal age ayu ge dha- 

ra-pftrvvakav agi kottaru I mat tarn a-maha-jana kejeya kelagana 

inadyakada kiru-beleva . . kbanduga. ....... kraya-dravyadim m&dikondu ka- 

rttava ange kottaru avaru a-devarige kottaru H mattam. . .«Surige- 

Perumalammage Vir&paksba-devange kraya-dravyavam kottu ag&rai- 

samasta-bali saba. vagi vandu-vrittiyakondu kottaru i mattam 

Ballannangalu Aiibiya-KSsavange tandu ko ...... . . vam kottu agami. 

bali-sabitam adda-kereyam kondu-kottaru (usual fln*i Terse) 


At Andale (same hobli), on a stone in the enclosure of the Rndra-dtaa 

temple north-east of the village. 

Bhava-samvatsarada Chaitra-su 1 lu SrSmatu Chitti-N&yakara Baeavappa- 

Nayakaru VSnkatadri-Nayakarige punyav agaliy endu nandfirdivige 

* 228 

At Ballftru (same hobli), on a virakal near the village entrance, 
svasti samasta-praiasti-sabitam sriman-maha-mandaleivaram Tribhuvaaa- 
malla Talak&du-konda Vira-Ganga^Hoyasala-DSvara vijaya-r&jyam utta*6ttai&- 
bhivriddbi-pravarddham&nam a-cbandrarkka-taram saiuttam ire Krodhi-sam- 

Digitized by 


254 Bek$r Tabuq. 

vaiaarada Chaitra-pvunnamiyalu Balliyftra Chikka-Machanna. . . 
sig*ya. tnuttida kalagadol jaya yiridu sura-loka-pr&ptan ada. 

Ifr the same place, 
namas tunga oto. h 
Chdla-pratishticharyya-Vira-Narasimha-Devana rajya || Tolala Chande-Gauda 
Tagareya (rest illegible) 


In the same place, 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sabitam Tribbuvana-inalla Poysala-Deva Talakadu- 

konda Hosaja Ballillra Heda-Muddannana su-patttra Siva Baili- 

y&va Tantrn-Halageya besanadinde kalana senad iridu taanahesara 

. . .ura. ... 


At Nitttlr (same hobli), on a stone in Venkataramanaiyangir's 

wet land, north of the village. 

svasti §rl jay&bhyudaya . . . hana-Saka-varusba 1404 sanda varttam&na- 

Subbakritu-samvatsarada Karttika-saddba 15 '. . dakshina-Varanasiy 

ada-VSlapuri-8ll-Chenna-Kesa[va]natba-dSvarige Muttugadahala Maduvarasa- 

Nayakara makkaluLakkanna-N&yakaru aitya ratriyanandA-diptiyakatta- 

legenamma amara-nayakatanada Tagare-nada ventheyada Nittura-gramadolage 
manna yikkhanduga-gaddeyana dhareyan eradu chatus-simege kallu hakisi 

kottev &gi yi-damraakke &r obbaru tappidavaru y:\vaj-jiva dharmma 

yi-dharmmava raadida Lakkanna-Nayakarige bahudu yi-dharmmakke tappidava- 
ru Kumbhipa(ta)kakke hdbaru 

ddva-svam harate yas tu tri-sapta(h)-kula-sarhyutah | 

kalpa-koti-8ahasrani Kumbhipake sa p&chyate it 


On a stone west of the Anjandya temple, north-east of the same village, 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Saliv&hana-saka-varusha 1404 sanda varttamaua- 
Subhakritu-samvatsarada Magha-suddha 1 sriman-mahajanam srimad-dakshina- 
Varanasiy ada Veiapuriya sri-Chenna-Kesavanatha-devarige Muttagadahala Ma- 
duvarasa-Nayakara makkalu Lakhanna-Nayakaru tarn age amara-daimayakata- 
nada Tagara-nada vSntheyada Nittdra-graraa 1 nCl devarige' sayamkalada nai- 
vedya-saraarppana nanda-dipa dadhy-anna-naivedya 2 saba Nitturu-gramada 

Digitized by 


Belur Taluq. 255 

sarvva-8vamya-sahitav-agi Muttagadahala Lakkanna-Nayakaru samarppisida 
grama-sila-s&sana || 

d£va-svam y6 baren mandd jnanatd' jnanato'pi y& | 

8a tu kalpa-Satam sakshad Rauravadishu p&chyate n 


At Mallipura (Arehalli hobli), on a stone in the garden 
of the matha, near the village entrance, 
srimatu Nala-samvatsarada Salivahana-sake *1650 ke Cbaitra-suda 10 lu 
Venkatadri-Nayakaru tamage punyav agaliy endu Pushpagiri-matake kotta linga- 
mudre-Malapuravu yi-dharmmake tappi alupidare Kasili 12000 savira govu 
brahmaru konda papa Musalamaoa. . . . Makidali handi konda-hage yendu 
kotta d&na-patte §ri 


At Pnshpagiri (same hobli), on copper plates in possession 
of Mallik&rjjuna-Vadir in the Mallapura matha. 
[la] Sri-GiriSaya namat | 

sarada-nirada-hlra-virajat-parada-gary va-niv a raka-mdrtih | 
Srigiri-raurdhani san-muni-sevyo rajati Rajata-saila-siras-sthah n 1 h 
§ri-Nanakabhikbya-gariittamatta-jnan6ttara8 8atya-vach6'uuraktab | 
Kausalya-gotr6 Bbraraarambikayah patye dadau gramam auuttamam sah || Z \\ 
[lb] Meharakhatri-raaba-vamsa-jata-8aD-mani-nayakah | 

Lacbchiramakhya-prithvipa-pautro vidvaj-janasrayah || 3 || 
Nan\l-bayi-8u-garbha-sukti-8U-manir Madhyandinadhyapakah | 
saryorvi-bbarana-pravina-su-bhujah sri-Chandulala-prabhuh || 4 || 
svasti §ri vijayabhyudaya-Saka-var8hambulu 1743 aguneti Vrisha-nama-samvat- 
sara-Margasira-suddha 1 5 me-Sukrav&ramandu sri-Svay ambha-linga-chakra- 
yartti Bhramarambika-vallabba Sriman-maba-Mallikarjjuna-mah&-linga-d6vuni. 
ki anga-ranga-vaibhavalu amrita-pallelaku mayuje- [II a] Ningila khasube 
tal&ke Godalumalu Sayaruva kalaliva mobatarpba bagu bagayatu vagairava 
cbauki babaoia jatuva setbi-rusum d&sainukhu vagaira sarvagraharanganu 
parra-kalainaoda cbatus-sima aibta-bhdgam tejas-syamyanganu dbara-ptlrva- 
kamuga a-chandrarkanga samarpinc^i yichcbina dharma-saaana-patrike 
mad-dattam anya-datt&m vi vrittim barati yd narah | 
nirayd nilayas tasya bhaved a-chandra-tarakam h 1 h 

(mufti final Terse) 

• So in the original, 1650 = Ktlak*, Kh|» = 1658. 

Digitized by 


2S6 Arsikere' Taluq. 



At Btndftr (Jl?tgtllii hobli), on & stone in the site of J&ina-basti. 
Sdmat-parama-gambhira-syad-yadara6gha-la nchhana in | 
jty&t trail6kya-n&thasya s&sanam Jina-sasanam || 
jayati sakala-vidy^-dS^ata-ratoa-pitham 
hridayam an-upalepam yasya dfrggbam sa dSvah | 
jayati tacUanu s&stram tasya yat sarva-mhhyd- 
aamaya-timira-h&ri jydtir ekam naranam II 
3ri-k&ntar yYadu-kula-ra- | 
tn&karadol kaustubh&digala-vol palarum | 
ldkdpakara-parinata- | 
r Skikritar8akala-raja-gunar appinegam || 
Salan emban &ge Yadava- | 
knjadol puli p4ye kandu muni puliynra poy | 
Sala one poydudarim Poy- | 
sala-resar avanindar &ge tad-vamsajarol h 
yinayam pratapam emb i- | 
jananatbdchita-charitra-yugadim jngamam | 
jana-nayanav enisi negaldam | 
Vinay&dityam samasta-bhuvana-stutyam n 
&tang ati-mahiinam Hima- | 
S6tu-sam4khyata-kirtti sanMD&rtti-Mano- | 
j&tam marddita-Vipu-nripa- | 
j&tam tanujatan adan Eyeyanga-nripam || 
bailidar avanipatigalo- | 
\ ellam dharmm&rttba-kama-siddbi-Yol avani- | 
vallabhar atana tanayar I 
bBall&lam Bitti-Devan Udayadityam H 
mdvar-arasugalolam tarn I 
bh&yise madbyamao ad agiyum nripa-guna-sad- | 
bb&yadin uttaman adam | 
bl&Yi-bha?ad-bhtlta-jishnu Vishnu-nri.palam || 
Maleyam s&dhisi mundane Talavanam Kanchl-pnram Koyat&r i 
mMale-n&d a-Tulu-n&du Nllagiriy a-Kolalav a-Kongu Nan- | 
galiy Ucbchangi-Virata-Raja-nagaram Valldr iv ellarii bbuja- i 
baladim lileye sadbyav adud eney ar vVishnu-kshamapalannl h 
ant enisida Vishnu-mahi- | 

k'.Dtana tanayaih nayanurftpopayarii I 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 257 

santata~bhuja-pratap&- j 

kranta-param Narasimban ahava-simham h 

al-Narasimba-nripatiya | 

ni&nasa-kala-bamse pa{ta-madevige dh&- | 

tri-nuteg £cbala-Devige | 

n&ni-guna-ganada kanige chint&manivol h 

sakalaiala-pariptir^nam | 

sakal6rvn-nayana-8ukha-dan a-kalankam tan | 

a-kutilan a-p<lrvva-nava-si- | 

takaram Ballaja-Deyan udayam geydam 11 

vinaya-sri-nidhiyam «rivSka-nidhiyam brabinanyanam pftrnna-pu- | 

nyanan udda-ma-yasorttbiyam jita-jagat-pratyarttbiyam sarva-saj- | 

jana-samstutyanan udbhavad-vitarana-6rI-Vikram&dityanam | 

manujesar maleraja-r&janan ad em Ballalanam pSlvarfi o 
svasti 8amadbigata-pancha-maha-8abda mab&-mandal^8varaih | Dv&ravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram | Yadav4nvaya-8udh&-Tarddhi-varddbana-Makara-8&udra.cband- 
ram | vibbav&dbarikritamarendram | Vasantika-devi-labdha-vara-praiadam | 
virachiu-vira-vitarana-vinodam | ripu-raja-kadali-shandaJchandana-pracbanda- 
mada-vddanda | malaparol-ganda mandalika-giri-vajra-danda I ganda-bherundai 
rana-ranga-dhira | jagad-Ska-yira namadi-sainasta-prasasti-sabitam Talak&du- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira~GaDga-prat&pa-Hoy8ala-Balla]a-D6vam Dorasamudrada 
uelevidiuol sukba-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire tad-auvaya-guru- 
kuja-kramam ad entene i 

sriinad-Dramila-saiigbe'smiu Nandi-saugbS'sty Arangalab | 

anvayo bb&ti yo'eesba-sastra-vara^i-paragaih h 
8ri-Varddhamana-svamigala dharmma-tirttbam pravarttiauvalli ganadharar eni- 
sida Gautama-svamigalindam | Bhadrabahu-Bhattarakarindam Bhfttabali-Pusb- 
padanta-SY&migalindam | eka-sandhi-Sumati-Bhattarakarindam | Sainantabba- 
dra-svamigalindam | Bbattakalanka-De?arindam | Vakragrivacbaryyarindam | 
Vajranandi-Bhattarakarindam I Simhanaudy-acharyyarindam i para-v&di-malla- 
§ripala-D8varindam I Kanakasena-sri-Vadirajarindara | sri-Vijaya-Devarindam | 
sri-V&liraja-D6varindam I Ajitas^na-Papdita-Devarindami Mallishdna-inaladhari- 
sv&migalind an an tar am | 

tamag ajna-vasaro adud uonVa-ma^bibbrit-koti tamxninde bi$p I 

araardatt i-dhareg eyde iamma mukhado) shat-tarkka-v&r&gi-vi- j 

bhramam apdiana-matram &dud enal iib in&t §n Agastya-prabMU | 

vamumam kilpadisittu pempin-esakam Sripala-yogiadrara h 
avar-agra-sisbyar h 

Si!pala-traividya-yidya-pati-pada-kamiv)aradbana-labdba-buddhi\i I 

Riddhantambhonidh&na-pravisarad-amritasvada-pasbta-pramodah I 


Digitized by 


258 JtiM&ere Taluq. 

diksh^-sikshA-su-raksbA-krama-kriti-Qipunah santatam bbavya-sdvyah ; 
so'yam d&kshinya-m&rttir jjagati yijayatfi VasapCijya-vratindrah h 
avara guddagal ratna-traya-samanvitar Ba. .-Ddvan &tana yadbu S&viyakkara 11 
ararge taoftbhavam jita-Mandbhava-rdpan ap&ra-paurusham I 
vividha-kala-vil&sa-bhavanam prabhu Belliya-D&si-Setti bhft- I 
bhuvaaaman eyde rakshisuya danada dharmmada pempinim sudha- | 
rnnavad eney appa kfrttiyan uparjjisidam vibudhaika-b&ndhavam || 
padevam sad-dharinina-raaryyadeyole p&radu-geyd artthamam Dy&yadindam i 
paded arttham devata-p&jege basadige sish^Sshta-d&nakke nicbcbam | 
kude mattam taooa bhagyam tava-oidhiy eoe n!ld unmi kaiganme pempam i 
padedam D&sam viyan-mandapa-kalita-yasah-kalptfvalli-vilasam n 
&tana sati B6kiyakka II avaru sddaraliyaodir heggade M&di-R&januih Sankara- 
Settiyarum r a Belliya-Dasi-Setti Ddrasamudradal m&disidaHoysala-Jioalayakke 
bitta Bandavuradalli M&di-Rajanum Sankara-Settiyum raadisida P&rsva-dSvargge 
basadiyam Pushpasdna-Ddvar mmadisidar &-d£yar-ashta-yidb&rchchanegam ri- 
shigal-ah&ra-d&aakkam jirnnoddh&i-akkav &gi VlUupftjya-SiddhiLnta-Dfevarura 
ayara sishya PushpasSna-Devarum M&di-R&janum Sankara-Settiyum samasta- 
praje-gayundugalum sar&gadind ^-chaodr&rkkam nadevant&gi Saka- 
varsham 1090 tt-oodaneya Sarvvadh&ri-samvatsarad uttarayana-sankramana- 
grakana-yyattp&tadanda dhariUpftryvakam bitta tala-vritti n (« Unas contain debits 
or grant) sankada heggadegal bitta nanda-divigege kai-gana vondu intu V&supftjya- 
Siddh&nta-Dgyar ttamma sishya Vrishabhan&tha-Panditargg inituvam dhara- 

ptirwakam kottar (osaal final phrases and verses) 

Traividya-DSya-sishyam | 
d§yarchcbana-dana-dharmma-niratam satatam | 
Dfiyayrata-parisuddbam | 
bht-yiditam PushpasSna muni-jana-yinutaih h 


At Jivagallu (same hobli), on a stone in the roof of ranga-mantapa 
in the Lakahmi-Nrisimha temple, 
namas turiga etc. h 


defas triloki-guruh || 1 h 

Atri-ndtr&d abh&d ekam jydtir ySnamrit&ndhasah | 
abhayann amar&s saryy§ sdttamso'pi Mahesvarah || 2 || 
tad-yaihSa-kalas&mbhodbSr j4tas Channa-raahipatih | 
sura-dantiva yad-d&aa-dh&rabhih kshalitam jagat || 3 || 
tat-sClnur abhavat Timma-mahisah sammatas satam | 
visrityara-yasa vairi-§araru-puru-vikramah || 4 n 
tasra&d ajani NaffjSndrd Rajendra-sadrisah sriyai 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 259 

llayanakhyo mahfp&lo data cha vidusbam dvisham h 5 || 

ajanishta tato raja Bhairavo ripu-bhairavah | 

a-kalankai chatush-sbashti-kalo jayati yd "vidhum H 6 || 

sasti Yamasila-desaih sa raja raja-sekharah | 

yena r&janvati bh&mir abbavad dharmma-charina h 7 H 

nisamya yasya visadam yaSafc prati-uiaam jana^ | 

jahuh kuniuda-sankochad akande kaumudi-bhayam || 8 || 

auyesham bhCtmi-palanam k&tarah kirtti-yosbitah | 

unniajjanti nimajjauti yad-yasah-ksbira-varidhau || 9 || 
svasti sri jayabbyudaya-Salivahaua-Saka-varusha 1437 sandu varttainana-Yuva- 
samvachharada Margasira-suddha-paurnnamiyCl Budhavaradalfi sriman-maha- 
mandalesvara hadimftrru-rayara-ganda Ilayanatmaja Baira[va]-bh&palaru Java- 
galinali sukha-sankatha-vinodadim dbarmmadinda rajyamum parip&lisutalu la- 
vage niravadhikav-agidda dharraina-kirttigal agabek-endu a-chandrarkka-sthayiy- 
agi iha-hage saraasta-pranigaligft upak&ravaha-h&ge Javagalla-dakshina-bbaga- 
dalu Bayirasamudrav-emba maha-tatakavanft nirinisi a-tatakada kelage Nandana- 
vanake sariy-agidda kshetra-pratishtheyanu madi Ja vagal la p&rvvada kerege 
Saluvana-agal-embakaluvenCt hostagi tegasi a-keregalfc pftriina-tatakavaha bage 
madi a-keregalti dridbavaha-hage madidaru || 

eka-vadaba-nishevyam ajasram vadabair babubbir esha nish6vyab | 

uddhritamritam adbab-kurute'bdhim Bbairavabdhir araald'inrita-pflrimah || 
int i-dharmma-pratishtbeyam m&di samanautaradali Javagailige hostagi ten ka- 
li herbb&gilanft tegasi a-hebbagila kallili katisi a-hebagilu todagi tavu katida 
Bayirasamudrada kddi-pariyantaravagi hostagi patanava katisi adanu na[na}- 
prajegalim pari-pfxrnnam madi i-dharmagalige kalasa-stanavagi brabinana-ku- 
tumba-pratishteya madidaru intapa dharmma-sasanake mangalam art 


At the same village, on a stone near the Jaina-bastL 
svasti sri Kondakundanvayada Desi-ganad Amarachaia-Bhatarara sisyantiya 
ashtopa vasadara K r iy ag u nachan d ra- Bbatarara sad barmmagal u tombhatteia 
varisa ta. . . . vayduna Bri nisidhiya kalian ipsida 

4 ' 
At Kdligunda (same hobi), on a stone in the livara temple. 
nam as tunga etc. n 
svasti srimatu Hoysala-vamsadol udiyisida Vinayadityana putran app Ereyan- 
garigav fichala-Devigaih m&varum-devarante Baliai^Vishnu-Udayadityar emba- 
rum puttidar avarolage Vishnu-nripangam Lakm&-D§vigam udiyisida Vira- 
Narasimha-Devao atana su-putran appa Vira-Ballala-Devana vikramad anukra- 

- Digitized by 


261) Arsitore Taluq. 

mam ent ene n svasti samadhigata-paiicha-maba-eabda maha-inandaj£svaram 
D vararati-pu ra-var£dbis va ram Tribha vana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangal i- 
G*^avadi-Nonambavadi-Banava«e-Hruiangal-UchchaDgi-gonda nissankan a- 
sah&ya-S&ra Saniv&ra-siddha giri-durgga-malla chalad-arika-R&ma pratapa- 
Hoysala-Vira-Ballilla-DSvaru sakala-mahi-mandalamam doshta-nigraha-sishta- 
pratip&lanam gey da Ddrasamudrada nelevfdioalu sakha-sankat&-vinddadim 
rajyam geyyottam ire tat-p&da-padmopajfvi svasti srtmatu parama-visvasi 
Hiriya^Hemmeya-mkvantanum Cbikka-Hemmeya-m&vantanam Jaftneya-mavan- 
tanuih KSteya-mavantanum B&cbeya-mavantanum Madeya-mavantanum Chau- 
daya-mavantanuih Koligundava sukhadin aluttam iral avarolage Keteya-mavan- 
tan-anvayav ent ene || 

an-upama-guna-nilayam tun | 

anavaratam daui satya-nidhi t8jd-nidhiy emb i- | 

vinaya-dayarif Chattaiyana | 

vaniteye Malauveya mnhimeg ar samau olare n 
int t-strt-purushar-ir?varigam kshira-vanidbi-mern-samydgadim puttuvante 
puttida K£teya-m&vantana prabhavara | 

kalitanada Parttha Karnnana | 

kaliy emb i-Bbimasenauam nere polvam | 

kalitanad alaviyol itam j 

kali dhuradojag adatan alte Javanana Eltaih 11 
int t-guna-nilayan appa KSteya-m&vantanum Kdligundad-iira-munde Sivalyava 
pratishtheyam madisi tarn ma beggade Hounaiyanum Hollaya-heggade a-v&ra 
round irisi Saka-varsha* H50neya Nala-samvatsarad Magha-suddha-bidige-S6- 
raavaradandu KSt68vara-de?ar-anga-bhoga-nivddya-jirnn5ddharakk endu svasti 
appa Sankara-jiyara putran appa Sakalesvara-jiyara kalam karchchi dbara- 

pdrwakam iuadi bitta datti (8 line* following contain details of gift and usual Anal phreeee 
and terse) 


In the same village, on a stone near the Vighndsvara temple, 
iiamas turiga eto. || 

♦elca-dantam vighna-rajam gana-patim vasu-dayakaih | 
lambodaram maha-kayam Vinayaka namo'stu te || 
svasti Sriy-irpp-uttama- | 
vast u jagaj-jana-manoharam su-jana-jana- | 
prastutyam visad-yasd- i 
vistaritam esevud amama Hoysala-vamsara || 

•So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Arsilccre Taluq. 261 

a-Hoysnla-varasadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran-app Ejeyangangav ficbale- 
Devigam mtivar-ddevar-ante Ballaia-Vishnu-Udayadityar emh m& varum putti- 
dar avarolage Visbnu-nripalangam Lakma-Devigam udaysida Vira-Narasimha- 
DevaDgam Patta-mahadeviyarigam puttida Vira-BallaJa-nripalana vikraraad 
anukramam ent ene || 

pudidirdd-attale pechchid-alvejrey agurvv-agirdda mel-gottalam | 
kadanakk adbhutam appa denkani karam gunpujl agal kadi h6- | 
gad enipp aggada durggad ondu-baladindam Jaitugara kade be- I 
gade kondam kali Lokkigondiyan adam Bajlala-bbtipalakam u 
svasti samadhigata - pancha - inaha - sabda maba-mandajesvaram Tribhu vana- 
malla Talakadu-Kongu.Nangali-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hantingal- 
Uchchangi-gonda nissankan a-sahaya-S&ra Sanivara-siddi giri-durgga-malla 
chalad-anka-Raraa pratapa-Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devaru Ddrasamudrada nele- 
vidinolu sukha-sankatba-vinddadim prithvi-rajyaih geyyuttam ire H tat-pada- 
padmopajivigal app Aneya-mavantara pratapav ontene u ant enisi negald a- 
Hiriya-Herameya-mavantanura Chikka-Hemmeya-mavantanum Javaneya-mavan- 
lauum KSteya-mavantanum Duggeya-niavantanurii Btichaya-mavantanum K6- 
ligundaman aluvand avarolage Javaneya-mavantan-anvayam ent ene II 
an-uparaa-guna-ni]ayam tan | 
anavaratam dani satya-nidhi tejo-nidhiy erub i- | 
vinaya-dayam Chattayyana \ 
vaniteyu Malayveya mahimeg ar saman olare || 
int i-stri-purushar-ibbarigara puttida Javanaya-mavantana saryyam ent ene || 
Javanam jakkulipam ripu- | 
Javanam mum-ball a kilvan ant a-dburadol I 
Java nere bechchisi(dara) tiridam | 
Javaneya-mavanta viran abava-dhira u 
int i-Javaneya-mavantanum tanna mata-pitrigalge sreyass abant-agi Kdligun- 
dad-frra munde Vinayakana pratishteyam madi bhtimiyam bid u vagal atana 
heggade-Honnayyanu heggade-Madayyanum heggade-Malaiyanum beggade-P6- 
chayyanum Gdveya-sahaniy a-Cira Mara-Gaundanum Benava-Gaudanum saraasta- 
prajegalum sduabovarum irddu Saka-varsba 1117 ney Ananda-samvatsarada 
Magba-suddha-panchami-Budhavarad amdu devar-anga-bhoga-oivedyak endu 
Javaneya-mavantanum Keteya-mavantanum Mallika-jiyana kalam karchcbi 
dharaptirvvakam madi bitta datti hiriya-kejreya kelage nSyile baduvana 
gadde kolaga 2 settiyabala-mele bed dale kolaga 15 int i- Vinayakana 
dharmmavan avara maga heggade-Honnayya devalyavara madisi pratipaiisida n 

(ainal fioel phrases end Terse) 

Digitized by 


2&L Jimkere Tahtq. 


At Ntoaligje (same hobli), on a virakal near the sluice of the tank, 
srasti srimatu Ch&lukya-Vikaroa-kiUada 9 ttaneya Raktakshi-saiiivatsara- 
da. . . irimatu Tribhuvauamaila VineyHditya-Poysala-Devanu Gangavadi-tom- 
bhatt-aru-e&siramara dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalaaeyim sukha-sankatha- 
rinddadhh (lefi tide) r&jyara geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmopajivi samadhigata- 
pancba-maha-sabda raaha-s&vantam sakala-laksbmi-kantam Tripurahara-labdba- 
vaca-pras&dam mriga-madamodam ripu-nivaha-kanja-vana-kunjaram saranagata- 
vajra-panjaram Poysala-Dfcva-padaradhakam para-bala-sadbaka ganda-pracha- 
nda aadidante gandau aynttryrara kode 3rtman-mah&-s&manta-Bainmayyagala 
kijiy-ayya N^riligeya perggade Ala may yam (Nolamba) Nolambanakereya kale- 
gadalu m§l-itfu-kudureyan ijridu vira-svarggakke sanda mangala 


At Moeaje (same hobli), on a stone near the Rimdsyara temple. 
Sri-rama-vallabham sad-guna-gana-nilayam sarvvagam sarvva-loka j 
dharam bhakti-priyam sasvatan akhila-jagad-vandyan fcoanda-riipam | 
ksbirambbdr&si-samsthambhava-durita-harammuktidam bhakti-gainyam i 
kHrunyambhddhi Narayanan emag amalanandamam malk anantam n 
srasti saraasta-praiasti-sahitam §rimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-sri-vira- 
N&rasiriih(?)a^Dev-arasaru prithvi-rajyamgeyyuttiddalliSaka-varusha 1 189 neya 
Prabhava-saihyatsarada Chaitra-Su 1 So-d-andu Sriraan-maha-pas&ytarum appa 
Kdtana-hegadegala maga Bailannangalu Mosaleya kaluvali Malleyanahalli- 
yalu a-KCUana-herggadeyaru madisida sri-Chenna-Kesava-devara sthinavanu a- 
ddvarig ulla deva-d&naranu vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangala maga Siddhann- 
angevii CMdeyana maga DSvanangevft a-Channa-Kesa?a-dSvarig ulla KClsum- 
barada keyeya kelagana (details of boundaries) yint i-chatus-simey-olagana gaddevfc 
ereya-keyyft a-Balleyakegeya kelagana (details or boundaries) yint i-cbatus-simey- 
olagana td$a sthalada gaddevd setiya halakeyya halada tadiya (detsUs of 
boundaries) yint i-chatus-simey-olagana keyyd. Mosaleya gavudugalu tamma 
holadolage aVChanna-Kesava-devarige bitta cbatus-simeya sankba^chakrada kall- 
ojagana keyyuy a-devalya terikana manegalft 8>mtldana badagana kalanfi 
volagada ashta-bhoga-tejas-samya-samasta-bali-sahita a-devata-sthalavanu a- 
Ballannangalu taiuma stri-putra-jndti-samanta-dayadyanumatiyim sva- 
ruchiyim puraasaravagi a-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangala maga Siddhannangevu 
a-D3vannangevil raja-guru-Rudrasakti-Devaru-mukhyavada samayangalu a- 
Mosaleya gavundugala mund ittu Rudraiakti-Devarige kanikeyanfc yikkisi a- 
Ballannanavaru a-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangala maga Siddhannangfivu Devann- 
angerd priti-danav agi a-chandrarkka-sthayiy agi nadavaDtagi dhara-p&rvvakam 
madi kotta s&sana yint appudakke sakshigalu (here follow names of witnesses) 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Talug. 263 

yint ivar-ubhayanumatadim baradam aliya-Sdvannanavara Krisfrnayya sri- 
sarvvajna-Padmaprabha Sri-Vitaraga [ §ri-Mahadeva sri-Raraanatha dri-Ketayya 
8ri-Narayaua-d§va §ri-Narayana srf-Harihara 

l-Channa-Kesava-devara devalya jirnnav agiddalliy a-vaidya-Deva-Pilleyan- 
nangalu Byaya-saravatsarada Magha-su 5 So-d-andu Srimanu-raaha-pradhanain 
Bimaya-dannayakara Tayammanavarige biunaba geyvalliy a-ammanavaru 
tiimma vaidya-Deva-PilleyaanangaJindavfr jtrnnoddharava madsi a-purwada 
patra-saaanavanu iila-sasanav agi barasi a-devalyakke yittageyindavu hora- 
tharvanft katti kalaSavanti madisi mundana ranga-mantapavanft mara-vesan &gi 
madisi sotheyan ikkisi Balieyakejeya vodavanft kattisi devarige 8ampr6ksha- 
neyanii madsi PolaJuva-Devan-adhikari Bommannana round it$u a-balli Hiri- 
vtlra praje-gaudugalige devara prasadavanu avutanavag ikkidalli avaru 
jirnndddb&rava madittanu kandu santdsham bat^u a-d6var-amritapadige 
ddvagolagavanu halli-Hirivuralu a-chandr&rkkav agi nadavant agi a-prajegalu a- 
devara saonidbiyalu dhareyan egadu kottaru a-Kfitana-heggadegala Ballan- 
nangala santanabhivriddhiy ahantagivu Brahmarasi-Devarige . .. ahantagivu 
ammanavarigevu Bireya-dannaykarigevu santanabhivriddhi ahantagivu vaidya- 

Deva-Pilleyannangalu. ayvattu-honnu sfive (ri^ht iid«) yala jirn 

noddharava madiaidaru h , 

muui hoyy andade hoydu heb-huliyau adam tat- Sal am Hoysalam | 
Vinay&dttyanu tat-kul&dyan Ejoyangan tat-sutam Vishnu tat- | 
tanayam Sri-Narasimha-Devan avanim gd-khyata-Ballalan a- | 
tana putram Narasimhan atana sutam S6me6var6rbbiivaram h 
ir! inangala maha Sri (osoai final w^es) mangala maha iri Jakkannange l&s 
ahantagivu vaidya-DSva-Pilleyannangalu madisida §asana | Srf-ammanaviru 
madisi kotta dharmma mangala maha Sri 


On another stone near the same temple. 

namas tuiiga etc. n 

para-r§,jyddagra-sindhu-pratati nija-balambddhiyol kude khalgdd- | 
dhnra-dh&r&-vfi,riyol satrava-nripa-nikaram manad dlade dikpa- | 
lara hendir ttanna kirtti-prasaraman olaviih pade mtlldka-lakshml- i 
varan adam Sfiyi-Dev&tmajan atula^balam Narasimha-kshitHam || 
tat-pada-padmopajivi || 

kali katt&l Narasimhadhipana katakadol Btra-dandadhipam man- t 
dalikknchat-tdrahattam bbuja-balad alavim Bhimanim tdrahattam | 
Balanindam tdrabattam samara-samayadol Sauryyadol Partthanind ag- 
galake[. .]torahattam vitarna-gunadol Karnnanim tdrabattam \\ 

Digitized by 


2.64 Afrmkere Ta&uq. 

aateaipa Bfra^rathini- | 

k&afona maneyalli ndde Dhanyantarivol | 

santatav irppam sukhadiu a- | 

mbntargunam Ddva-Rajan CLrjjita-tSjam 11 

viQeyfe-ividh&Qam sajjana- | 

jaawwibyam sarvva-samaya-samadarsiy enipp | 

anupan>a-gunadim mejevaih | 

jaaoi-vandyam Deva-Rajan anupama-punyam q 

atam Gauresvaramam | 

bb&tajam agirantu bhakotiyirii madisidam | 

ntltana^aidya-kala-n- | 

khyatam 5rf-Ddva-Pi}}e dharrama-nidhanam h 
srasti samasta-praiasti-sahitam Srfraat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysaja-bbuja- 
bala iri-Vira-Narasimha-Ddv-arasaru Ddraaamudrada nelevidinolu sukba-sanka- 
tha-vinddadim prithvi-rajyam geyvutt irddalli Saka-varsha 1209 neya Byaya- 
aamvatsarada Magha-su 5 Bri Edtana-beggadeyara maga Ballannanararu 
faidya-DSva-PilJeyanijangalige kot$a kraya-pramana-patrada kramav entenda- 
de Mosaleya kaluvalli Malleyanahalliyalu emma kodageya gadde-beddalu- 
kala-maney-olag&da a-v&ra gavudikeyalulla samasta-kshetravanu asbta-bhoga- 
tejas-svamya-aiddha-sadhya-iiidhi-nikshSpa-jala- pasanav -olagada agami- sama- 
sta-bali-sahita a-Ballannanavaru Deva-Pilleyannaua kaiyalu tat-kaldchitav aha 
kraya-drabya gadyanam rafcvattaau sakafyena kondu tamma strl-putra-jnati- 
samanta-dayadyady-anumatiyim purassarav agi a-Ballannanavaru DSva-PilJeyan- 
nangalige sva-ruchiyim vodambattu dbara-pfcrvvakam inadi kotta kraya-pra- 
ma^La-patra yint appudakke sakshigalu (reit contains name* of witnaaMs) 


On the same stone. 

svasti sri Sarvvadhari-samvatsarada Jeshta-su 12 Su-d-andu sri-Gaure- 
§?ara-devara pratisbthey adalli sriman-maha-pradhanam Bireya-dannaykarige 
vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangalu kotta kraya-pramana-patrada kramav entendade 
tavu Malleyanahalliyalu Kutana-hegadegala maga Ballanuangala kayyalu 
kopda kodageya gadde beddalu kala mane asbta-bhdga-tejas-svamya nidhi- 
nikshepa-jala-pashana^ami-samasta-bali-sahitav aba kshetravanu tat-kaldchita- 
kraya-drabya ga 30 nu dannayakara kayyalu sakalyena kondu tamma piitiyim 
purassarav agi dhara-purvvakam madi kotta ru yint appudakkey a-Deva-Pille- 
yannangala maga Siddhannana sva-hasta-likita || *sri-Vitaragah tl sri-Madhur- 
antaka || 

* In Tamil characters 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 265 


On the same stone. 
Sarvvadh&ri-samvatsarada Sr&vana-su 5 S6-d-andu srimad-raja-guru-Rudra- 
sakti-Devara makkalu Singannand ChandrabhCishana-DSvarCt a-Ballannangala 
maga Chanda-gurugalft Mosaleya kaluvajli Malleyanahalliyalu vaidya-Deva- 
Pilleyarmangalu mfi^sida Gaur§svara-d6vara amritapadige tamma Ballalesvara- 
dSvara deva-dana Tel leganakeyey alii S,-vtira hittila M&labbekavveya bana- 
dim paduvalu tenkalu vodavina kara-bhtiraiyindavCi badagalu paduvalu vtira 
kara-bhtlmiyindaih m&dalu badagalu gavudugala kodagiyim tenkalu int 1-. 
cbatus-simey-o)agana kshStravanu . . gaddegalali linga-mudreya kallantl 
nettu &-v&ra tenkana-paduvana-ballada baliya manala keyivolage mtldana- 
bhageya keyya cbatus-sime tenkana-kodiyindavfi banda hallada saruvina bala- 
dim badagalu paduvalu ft-nianala-keyyindavft mtidalu badagalu vtira kara-bhtl- 
miyindavft tenkalu mftdalu vtira kara-bhtimiyindavtl paduvalu yint i-chatus- 
simeya keyyalu linga-mudreya kallanti nattu Srvtlrolage badagiya maneyindavtl 
tenkalu entu keyi maneya nivesanadalli linga-mudreya kalla nattu Ballalesvara- 
d§vara devalyada bhittiyalli Saaanavantl bared u a-Gauresvara-devara amrita- 
padige sarvva-namasyav agi nftjr-ippattu sth&uikara mund ittu yi-Singanna- 
Chandrabhtlshana-Devartl a-Chanda-gurugalti db&reyan eradu ko^tevu int 
appudake &-mttvara sva-hastad oppa Sri-Saptanatha | Sri-ViSvanfttha *Sri- 
Ved§Svara Sri Sri | 


On the same stone. 
Sarvvadhiri-samvatsarada dvitiya-Bh&drapada-ba 3 Man-d-andu Sriman- 
mab^-pradbanam Bireya-dannayakaru Malleyanahalliyalu navu m&^&gi konda 
kodagiya i-vdra raundana. ereya keyi muvatt-agu-mettina galeyalu kamba 
2110 a-badagana ere (su)sunna varulu attiya halugin-olagana gadde volagagi a- 
met^ina galeyalu kamba 8012 a-vtira binda harala-keyi firgaleyalu kamba 415 
habada kummari firgaleyalu kamba 620 a-kodagiya mane yippatta-mttgayy- 
agala nila mtlvatta-nagayya manevti KeSava-dqyarige hoba dariyim m&dana 
kalanantl Moaaleyalu i-kodagiya praptada maneyanu ash^a-bhoga-tSjas-svamya- 
&g&mi-8ama8ta-bali-8ahitav aha kshfttravanu Telliganakejeyalu emm-aliyandiru 
dh&reyan egadu kofta kshetravantl a-Gaure£vara-devara amritapadige &-koda- 
giyanft d&va-danav agi dhareyan ejadu r&ja-guru-mukhyavada ntlr-ippattu- 
sth&nikara mund iftu vaidya-Deva-PiJJeyannangalige &-GaureSvara-d6vara deva- 
d&na-sahitav aha stb&navanu fircbandr&rkka-sth&yiy agi nadavant agi a-Deva- 
Pilleyannangalige iUBireya-da^&yakaru priti-dinav agi dhara-pHrvvakam raadi 

* In NAgftri oh*r*oten. 


Digitized by 


266 Asmkere Taluq. 

kofteru int appudakke i-dann&yakara sva-hastad oppa sSnabhdva Derannana 
baraha Sr! (usual final terses) yi-dharmmayanti vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannan . . madi- 
sidaru u Sri mangala maha srl i-dharmmavantl vaidyaru pratipajisuvaru 11 

Brakmaraai-Devara makkalu Kuniara Devard Mosuleya praje-gavudugalCl 

t-dharmma pratip&lisuvaru n 


On the left side of the same stone. 
Sanrvadh&ri-8axhvatsarada Karttika-su 5 A-d-andu §ritnan-maha-pradha- 
nam Bireya-dann&yakaru Maleyanahalliyalu vaidya-DSva-Pilleyannangalu 
yemma t&yi-hesaraiu madisida Gaur§svara-dSvara devdlyada kelasa pradish- 
the devara amritapadige konda bhftmi pratiinegalu isakam sara-davasu . . 
n& a-vaidya-Deva-PiJleyannangalige a-Bireya-danniyakaru Hagachi. . . .yade 
kottu &-Gau res vara. .. .sa-d§vara st&navanu a-dSva-d&navanft iUdSvarige i- 
sAsana-inariy4deyal-a}a ashta-bhSga-tejas-sv&mya-samasta-bali-sahita sarvva-na- 
masyay &gi r&ja-gurugalu-mukhyavada niij-ippattu sthanikara muod ittu &- 
vaidya-Deva-Pilleyannangalige &-Bireya-dann&yakaru sva-rucfiiyim priti-danav 
agi dhara-ptirvvakam m&di kottevu int appudakke a-Bireya-dannayakara 
svarhastad oppa seaabdva-Naganna-Devana baraba sri-Torahattha u Brahma- 
r&si-D&yara makkalu SdmeSvara-DSvaril hadinentu-sameyangalu l-dharmmayaofl 
pratipalisuvaru || yi-dharmmavanu mdvatt-irchhasira. .ayy&valeya ayindrvvaru 
pratipalisuvaru ti Tellegatiakereya gadde 48 mettina galeya kamba 94 a-gale- 
yalu beddalu kamba 72 (right iide) &-Kum&ra-S6me§vara-Devaru &-Gaure- 
svara-dSvara amritapadige dh&reya eyadu kotta kshetravanfl B&chale- 
svarada Siddha-gurugala makkalu Bayicha-gurugalu emma priti-pftrvvakav &gi 
dhareyan eradu kottevu yint appudakke a-Bayicha-gurngala sya-hastad oppa n 
*§ri-V§de§vara sri sr! 


On a stone in the south wall of the same temple. 
Sarvvadhari-samvatsarada Phalguria-su 13 A-d-andu svasti samasta-prasati- 
sahitam srimad-raya-raja-guru mandal&ch&ryya . . . chakra[ya]rtti Brahma- 
rasi-gurugala makkalu Kumara-Somesvara-Devaru emma Bankapurada Hoysa- 
nesvara-dSvara d£va-d&nav &da Mosaleya kaluvali Malleyanahalliyalli vaidya- 
Deva-Pilleyannangalu m&dsida 5ri-Gaur8§vara-devarige amritapadige &-chan- 
drackka-sthayiy agi sarvva-namasyav agi amritapadi uaduvant &gi a-Malleyana- 
halliya Huliyagondiyale Chenna-K§§ava-dSvara deva-danav &da (hero follow details) 
Int i-gadde-beddalu-kala-mane-volagada kshetrangalanu siddha-s&dhya-nidhi- 
nikshepa-jala-pashanav-olag&da ashta-bh6ga-tejas-svamya-&g&mi - samasta - bali 

* In N&gari chsraoters. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 267 

sahita emma priti-pftrvvakav agi cmma ballu-manusya-Mallanna sSnabbova- 
Lakkbana Rameyan ojag&da vondeyadavaru Polalva-Devannavarfi adhik&ri- 
Bommanna ft-Mosaleyahalli hiriyaru samastarpraje-gavudugala mund ittu 
a-Gauresvara-devara ainritapadige sarvva-namasyav agi db&ra-ptirvvakam 
madi i-kshetrangala cbatus-simeyalli linga-mudreya kalland nettu Bireya- 
dannftyakarti raja-gurugajft kotta kshetrada S&sanadalli. . .variyhh. . .ppavauu 
yikki kottevft int appudakke SrKum&ra-Somesvara-DSvara sva-hastad oppa || 
Sri-Hoysanesvara-dftvaru sri mangala maha Sri 


At Midanahalli (same hobli), on a stone on the right side 
pf the Hah&lingdivara temple. 

namas tunga etc. h 

svasti sd irpp-uttama- | 

v&stu jagaj-jana-raanoharam su-jana-jana- | 

prastutyam viSada-yaSd- J 

vistaritam esevud amama Hoysala-vamSam h 
a-Hoysala-vamsadol udayisida Viuayaditya-putran app E^eyangangav £chala- 
Devigam raCtvar ddevarante Ballala- Vishnu v-Udayadityar emba m^ varum 
puttidar avarojage Vishnu-nripalangam Lakshma-Devigav udiyisida Narasiihba- 
Dfivangav fichala-Dfivigam puttida Vira-BallaJa-Devana prabbavam n 
svasti iriman-mahfirmandalSSvaram Tribhuvana-malla Hoysala Vira-Ball&Ja- 
D§varu sakala-mabf-mandalamam dusb^a-nigraba-gisbta-pratipaJanam madi 
Dorasamudrada nelevtdinolu sukha-sankatba-vinddadim rajyam geyvuttam ire n 
tat-p&da-padmdpajtyigal appa Hiriya-Hemmeya-mavantanum Chikka-Hemmeya- 
mavantanum Javaneya-raavantanum Keteya-m&vantanum B&cheya-m&vantaoum 
Chaudeya-mavantanum Malleya-mavantanum Koligundava sukbadin aluttam 
ire h avara beggadegalum a-vfira samasta-praje-gavundugalum irddu ilcba- 
Gaudan atanakula-strfy appa Mara-Gaudiy avara su-putrao appa Madi-Gaudange 
t&vum balliya mftd endu kottade taragan udigi kanue-gereyam kattisi vtiram 
m&di dfivftlyaman ettisi M&di-Gauda tanna raata-pitrigalige Sreyass abantfcgi 
IScbSsvara-devara pratishtheyam m&di Hiriya-M&ra-jiyanavaraGHila-jiyaBenaoba. 
jiyana roaga Dudda-jtyan avar-ibbara kalam karcbchi Saka-varisba 1119 Nala- 
samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha-tadige-S6mav&ra-byaCp4ta-8ankrantiyandu dSvar- 
anga-bh6ga-khanda-8puta-nandadi?ige-jirnn6ddb4rakk endu Madi-Gauda &tana 
madavalige R&ja-Gaudi avara sutan appa ficba-Gaudanum dh&r&-pttrwakam 

madi bitja datti (rest oonUlni dttaUs of gift and uiual final Taraaa) 


Digitized by 


268 ArsBere Taluq. 


At Dtft^i (same hobli), on a stone in front of the KaH&hrara temple. 

namas tuftga «te. 11 
svasti samadhigata-pafteh-mabiUSabda raab&-mandal&varam Dy&r&vati-para- 
▼aridhlivaram Yadava-kul&mbara-dyumani samyaktya-cb&d&mani maleparolu- 

gandidy-aneka.nam4di-praSa8ti-8ahitaifi Hoysaja tanayam | 

balidade maledade | 

n udita-bhaya-rasa-vasadim | 

baliyada maleyada malepara | 

taleyolu Vinay&dityam 11 

atangam Keleyabb-arasigam puttidam | 

&nata | 

. . . . 8arasiruha-nalamarh khandisal en- | 

d4 I 

E?aga-nripana bbujad asi-hfcmsam || 

&taoa sati fichala-DSvigam tatu-patraru Ball&lu-Deva Bitti-Devao Uday&ditya- 
Devam || 
avarolage || 

Tuju-n4dam Male-nidam | 

Tajakadam kondu taniyade bh&- | 

talamam Kanchi-varam kond I 

alavadisida Vishnu-bhCtbhujam n 

atangam Lakshma,-Derigam puttidam i 

tarala-vildchananchalake kemp initum bare barkkum &gal ftnt- | 
ari-narapA,la-8ankulada pandale kaige turanga-rUji man- | 
durake gajali salege dhanam nija-kdga-grih&ntarakke tad- I 
dhare kaditakke vundigege-v61 esay i-Narasingha-Devana(m) || 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam srtman-maha-mandal68varam Tribhuvana- 
Vira-Ganga prat&pa^N&rasimha-Hoysala-Dfivaih | srimad-rajadhani-Ddrasamu- 
drada nelevfdinalu sukba-sankatha-vinodadim pritbvt-rajyam geyyuttam ire I 
tat-pada-padm6pajivi svasti srimatu gaja-vaidya-vidya-prasiddbam madhya- 
desd . gala kula - sbanda - pundarika - chandakaram sakala - gunamritakaram 

nappam || 

praudha-vapu nikhila- | 

. Hara-pada-bbakuti vettam | 

Jaiytu prakritan 8n &- | 

dhyayiyo Sesha-bbisbagu yaidy&bharanara n 

nadolage chela? id enisida | 

kbedam. . n oppuva Desavaniya Sunke- | 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 269 

vSdadi kftde. . . .taf&kada I 

kodiyal ettisidani jaiy one Siva-nilayamam | 
a-maha-purusbana satiyaru patibrata-gunasriteyarum appa Badiyavveyum 
Meladevikayveyum avarolage piriya-satiya gunam fl 

Badiyabbeya dridha-gunavam | 

padikeydu hogaluvade piUje s4yira-nalage | 

bidad ichchhayiram unt 6m | 

Mridaniyum Podavijeyum dorey &dapar& I! 
fc-maba-satiya pati Jaiytu tanna maga N&rana-D&vanam tanna tamma Suppa- 
diyumam tanu aliya Kava-D&vanumam tanna mayduna Parasur&manumaih 

mund iftu Siva-pratishtheyam madisidam it a-dharmmavanu || 

svasti sriman-maha-pradhanam sarvv^dhikari sri-karanada beggade K&tayann- 
angala guna-prabhavam || 

odavida tfijadim tad-anuragada bhdgada chagad &rppinim I 

da vol u prabalanvita-lekkad oppinim | 

mudad odavim. . . .buv aidaua samayad onde perchcbinim j 

sad-amala-kirtti-Ke§ava-niahattaranindav ad avan unnatam H 
a-mantri-chtid&inani DSsavaniyan alutt ire H svasti srimatu Nirugunda-nad- 
olagana Desavaniya prabbugalu Malla-Gavunda Madi-Gavunda heggade-Mudda- 
yan avarolage || 

ballam prabbu-guna-ganamam | 

kallam para-ninda-vacbana-rachan&lankaritavam | 

sallam dugunak endade I 

Mallam gamunda guna-prachanda chandakaramsam h 

parama-pada-madbura-madbupam | 

para-vanitfirsurata-virata mandnnatanum | 

pari p^rnna-guna-nu tarn para- | 

bita-niratam Madi-Gaudan embudan ayiyfi, h 

guniy end asrita-chinta- | 

ma^iy endu karuna-deyad odavida kudbarada sat- | 

kaniy endn dhairyya-chftda- | 

maniy endu heggade-Muddanaxh hogaluvadfk || 
a-sakala-guna-sampannar appa gay vudugalam fiirita-jana-kalpavrikshav enisuva 
samasta-prajegalumam sad& barasuva mah&-tap6dhanam Laku}a»Sabad6vara 
putrarh Gangarili-Panditara diksha-sutam Tribhu va[na]sakti-Pa9ditara tammam 
Vama-jiyara sabaja-gunam h 
lutript n Yipula-tapa-lakshmi-k&ntam dharmma-nirmmala-bb&vanam | 

sapbala-dayitakby&tam [. . . . ]santa-chittam auuttamam | 

nipuna-Siva-sa8tras& gam mangala-bhfcsbanam i 

tapasi munipam Vamam gtrvv&na-n&ma-lal&manum fl 
a-tapo-dhanam tanna piriya-putra V&ma£akti-Panditaru-mukhyavagi makka] 
ay varum berasu sukbadind ire II svasti irimatu Saka-varisham 1061 Siddh&rtthi- 

Digitized by 


270 JnSkert Tahq. 

•amTfttaarada (^aitra^addba-paaniDamase^mav^n^sdma^i^an^Tyatip^ta- 
sankr&ntiyandu Jaitu-raidjaru ftr-ayratt-okkalam gayvadugalum mukhyavagi 
Y&ma-jtyara k&laifi karchchi dh&ri-pftrvvakam madi bitta bh&tni (4 Uo« contain 
d«uus of fill) jiot i-bhumiyam Jaite$Tara-d$Tar-anga-bhdga-nandadIng<^naive- 
dja tapddhanara grasa kbanda-sphuta-jirnnoddh^rakk endu bitta dharmmaram 
pratipajisidararige (o*«a1 fln*i phnMs Md t«m) 


At Uo4iganilu (tame hobli), on a stone to the left of the ChuNttirari temple, 
srl r oamas turiga etc. h 

Sri-kanUUndtra-n!}dtpala-yadaQa-8ardj4ta-8a8mdra-lil&- | 

ldkam ldka-traydjjnmbhita-niada-yasas-chaadrik^-doh-prat&pa- | 

ry&ldr^naih tyakta-yukta-krama-kalita-kubbricb-chakra-kheda-pramoda- 1 

irlkam sri-Vishnu-bhCtpam belagoge jagamam r&ja-martt&nda-r&paxh R 
fold* | Himadim SStu-varam matt- | 

e magn)d 4-Siturim Himaih-baregam vi- | 

krama-kejiyim tolalvam | 

sa-mada-ksbatriyaran alipi Vishnu-nripiUam h 
g*dy» u srasti samadhigata-pancba-maha-sabda maba-mandalSsvaram Dvara- 
vatl-para-varesvaram Y&dava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-ch&d&mani sa- 
darppa-Chdla . . . Kritantam .... nda-kteara-sirah-kalita-kuntaih Cb3rama- 
stambdrama-ghatiUkanthfravam Pandya-uripala-kula-pralaya-Kalabbairavam 
Cbola-kataka-siirekarara mandaliia-mriga-bent^kara-nilm^di-samasta-prasasti. 
sahitam sriman-mah&mandal§sraram Eanchi-gonda Vikrama-Ganga-Visbnu- 
varddhanam Hoysana-Ddvath Gangavadi-tombhatt-aju-s^siramum Banavase- 
paonirchch&siramumam Palasige-panoirchchasiramumann erad-ajti-nftyuman 
eka-chcha. . .yin alavadisi rajyam geyyuttam vijaya-r&jadh&ni Bank&puradol 
ire tat-pida-padumdpajtvigal n ddrddanda. . . m&tu. . n appa Chandahara-jatti- 
yum nija-kula-kuvalaya-chan. . .appa Chandrahara-jattiyum matte Bblroa- 
jaftiyum darppishta-pratimalla-Havalara-jettiyum vairi-jatti-Chan&ra-N&rayaria 
. . .epari-jettiyuih pratimalla-Malli-jettiyum idam-muntapparum svanii-prasAda- 
sampanDar agi | 

aiy varum olpim P&ndara- | 

r aiyvarumam poltu. . n matiyin j 

. yva-guru-dvija-nararim | 

kaiyv&ram berasu parase pempam padedar tt 

Sri-vadhuvene negald &-Bala- \ 

devigam &-Deva-jattigam su[ta]r int i- | 

muvarum udiyisidar [.] | 

yy&vasathar ugra-bbima-bhuja-bala-yuktar || 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 271 

avaru Vishnuvarddbana-Derana k&runyadindav iy-Undigeyah&lumaih Chala- 
varivanahalliyunian fcluttav irddara 

. . Hara-N&yaka-Kesari I 

kali-ball&l enipa Malii-jattiyum i-de- | 

gulamam madisidafr] nnija- | 

kula-tilakar ttamma kulada pemp esevioegam h 

Kesarige iauryyado} dore | 

k&ari bahu-bandha-mal[l]a-Yidy&-baladol t 

s&ita-Musbtfka-Chinttr- | 

asuran obbane samanam tUSri-Krisbnaxh || 

Hari-Hara-Pitamahar moid- | 

varumam taramutta mtivarum nere polt I- | 

dharani-vaiayadol esava[r] | 

. ruda-raarayar enisi bhuja-baladinda n 

pe[sa]rum tammaya klrttiyu- | 

m 68ed a-chandrarkka-taram appanegam ma- I 

disidam dSgulaman id am | 

•vasudha-vadhuvinge ratna-bhdsbanam enisida || 
r*chMiA )| autu taygam tandegam paroksha-vinayan titivage punyartthamum 
agi yi-dSgulamam madisi khanda-spbutita-jirnnoddhfirakkaih dfivaUUpftjegam 
ab&ra-dinakam Brabma. .Panditara Nidugatada Mallik&rjjuna-Panditarfc 
kalam karchchi dhara-ptirvvakam Siddhartthi-samvatsarada uttarayana-san- 
krantiyandu bitta vritti |i 


On the same stone. 
Chitrabh&nu-samvatsarada Ph&lguna-ba 7 Briha-Yirad-andu Kala-jiyana 
maga Honna-jiya Singa-jiya N&ga-jiya Linga-jiya tf&ga-jiyana maga Kalla. 
jiyanu tamma Honna-jiya Padnia-jiyana maga Kalla-jtya tamm-anibarum 
tamma tange Bommavvege kotta dh&ra-piirbbakav-figi kottaru K§Sav§5varada 
bhttmi Singayyana magam Macbaiyyage kot^apud Avali-jatti Cbevuda-Garuda 
M&di-Gavuda samasta-prajegalu salisuvaru 


On a stone to the right of the same temple. « 

namas tunga eto. II 
svasti Sri jayabbyudayaS cha Saka-varsha *1198 neya Byaya-saxhratearada 
VaiS&kha-ba 10 Vaddavarad andu Ramachandra-jattiyara makkalu Bivade-jatti- 
yarigevtiStida-jattiya maga Nanna-jattigam Undigeh &la Chatta-Gaupdaoa maga 

• Bo id the original. 

Digitized by 


iT£ - AmBarc- Taktq. 

OiaiiQda-Gaiidaan Cbandra-Gaada hindana taona gaodikaya btiaja-ttta 
yippatt-aida-kambaTand kamba roodake tata-kildehita-kraya-drabya g*dy- 
iqaib m&gara mariy&dayal a~kamba yippaUaidakaih gadyanam eppattaidanft &- 
Chauda-Gaiidarige kottu a-Birade-ja£tti]yartt Nanna-jaitiyaru a-tdtaranu konda 
&46t*k* gaudu-mariyid* tea baodadaih &-CbaYuda-Gaadan$ teraranUgi aarrra- 
miojaT &gi bidisikoijda i-Cha(Tu]da-gaudadg« gady&fna] vooda hanar akLanfi. 
ko#u a-Va^digehaJa Nimbaj^DSnge amritapadigerfl khandi-korategerfl a- 
Blrade-jettijartl a-Nanoa-jettiyartL i-ft6tarana db^HUparrrakam madi bitta 
datti irl irl 

cbala balabu satya sannaba | 

cbalufu para, .egagad unnatimantam | 

Irali-R&macbandra-tanayam | 

gala. . .Bt?adana Mallapa. t a na jagadol h 

tdrppaoo Mariya mariyd t-kai .karadolu'Raya-jatti ava- 

gada Bbimanu | mangala maha r *§ri-Nimbaja-devi | sri-Nimbaja-devi % 


At Bi^avira (same hobli), on a stone near the Bi?6mra temple. 

oamae tonga #to. 11 

•?aati irt-janma-g6ham nibbpta-nirupamaurvvajialdddama-tejam | 
Yiet&rflpitta-bhCi-mandaJaY amala-jalas-cbandra-sambbiiti-dhamaiii | 
▼astu-YratddbhaYa-stb&nakav atiSaya-satvavalambaih gabhfram | 
prastutyam nityam ambbdnidbi-nibham esagum HoysaldrvviSa-varhiam y 
a-FIoysala-Yaiii$adoJ udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Ereyanga-nripangav 
ficbala-DSvigarii mftvar-ddSvarante Bail&la-Vishnu-Udayadityar emba mdvaruni 
puftidar avarojage Visbgtu-nripana vikramav ent endade 11 
munisind arunate kade-gang i 
inis odave virddbi-narapa-saptungam Vi- | 
sbnu-nripajang appuvu ndd | 
anupamam avan-a|aviy itarar-alaviye jagadol n 
budha-lOk&irayan emba tarkshya-rathan emb udyad-balanvftan em- , 
ba dhar&-dh&rakan emba bhdga-yutan emb abjayataksham dal em- t 
ba dbaritrl-varan emba Idka-nutan emb i-permmeyim node Vi- | 
sh^u-dhar^am sale Vishnuvol sogayipam Lakshmi-mano-vallabham h 
a-Vishnu-bbftpano} ma- | 
dGvitvam bettu pettal uttame Lakma- | 
D6?i Naraaimba-D$v6- | 
rrrtvaranan anftna-punyarati vasumatiyol n 

• In Nlgari oharaottrs. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Talug. 273 

abavadol anta ripu-san- | • 

ddbamumam belpa-vandi-jana-samudayamam \ 
dfihiy enal ka^av iyam ] 
sabasi Narasimha-bbttpan i-vasumatiyol u 
madavad-araii-bhftmipara dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 
biduvane poyye poldu pogaponme sa-raktaka-mauktikangal a- | 
padado} avath jayafiganege hararaan oppire malpan endod ar | 
kkadanadol &mp idirchcbuv adatar jjagad<JJ Narasimba-bbCipanam n 
a-Narasimba-nripangam | 
manini m&dSvi s&dbviy ficbalegam la- n 
kahmi-nilayan agi Balla- | 
Ja-nripaJam puttidam dbar&dbara-dbairyyam n 
ati-darppisbta-bala-prabbedi sumanas-sanddha-samsevyan a- | 
nvita-satvam guru-vakya-niti-niratam ramabbiramaspadam | 
jita-bbftbbrit-kulan emba pempan olakond i-dhatriyo} bb&visal | 
satatam SSbbisuvam Surfcudranavol i-BallalabhCipalakaih || 
aoupama.ra9a-ni8ta.raka- 1 
n anfcna-satvanvitam vichara-kshamao em- j 
ba negajteyinde Balla- | 
la-nripalam Karttikeyao ant oppirppam n 
ile Suddba-spha$ik6pa}a-sthagitav &§a-manda]am dig-vadbll- | 
ku|a-v6ni-ku8umdpabftra-racbitam nakam nilimpSSa-nir- f 
mmala-§undala-rada-prabba-dbavalitam tarapatbam t&rakd- | 
jvalitam tan ene korvvi parvvitu jasam Ballala-bbtipalana u 
srasti saraadhigata-pancba-mahfirsabda maha-mandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura- 
yaradbisvaram Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalam dayada-davanajam Pandya- 
kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bhSrunda mandalika-b§ntekaja para-mandala- 
. s&gekaja sangrama-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama sakala-vandi-vrinda-santarppana- 
samarttba-vitarana-vindda Vaaantika-dSvi-labdha-vara-prasada Y&dava-kulara- 
bara-dyumani mandalika-makuta-cbtidamani kadana-pracbanda mala parol 
ganda nam&di-praSasti-sahitaih srimat-Tribbuvana-inalla Talakadu-Kongu-Nan- 
gali-Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banavase-Hanungal-gonda bbnja-bala Vira-Gan- 
gan a-sabaya-s&ra Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla cbalad-anka-R&ma nis 
§a&ka-prat&pa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devar Gangavadi-tombhatUaju-sayiramam 
duth^a-nigraha-sisb^a-pratipalaDadiih rakebisuttum Dorasamudrada nelevfdinal 
sukba-sankatba-vinddadim r&jyam geyyuttum ire tadiya-pada-padni6pajiviy appa 
Kammatada. . . .Chafti-Seftiyar-anvayav ent endade 11 

vinaya-nidhanan endu* Siva-pada-payoruha-bbringau eodu saj- | 
jana-nutan endu satvika-gunanvitan endu dayaluv endu ma- | 
na-nidhi-Yilasan endu guna-bb&shanan endu sa-rftpan endu bhft- 1 
janav anuragadinde sale kirttisutirppudu Machi-Devanam || 


Digitized by 


2T4 Jftwfar* rofcft 

jj-Hflebi-Dftra-yiprana i %> 

ktenai gnnavati sar&parati sidhri dhari- i 

trlHnandaiH* Dagale. .te | 

pdmade padidaj TivSka-nidhi Mareyanam | 

uniiam g&-m&rggadim pottejene poredukond irppad i-gfrda-mana- ; 

shyane WJ dharmmirttha-kamaDgalol aniroayadim rarttUalk artthiyindam | 

dhanamam r&nijyadind arjjisute sakala-dharmmaogalol kimadol san- I 

da nit&otam sobhisirppam sakala-gnna-yutam M&rao atyanta-dhiram | 

ranadbiyaYol aahadakshi- I 

na-nidh&oan ileian inda-sataoaYol abj£- , 

ianaTol sanmarggam saj- | 

jana-i^ryam M&ri-Setti sad-ripra-kulam i 

Marana satiy end eoal a- | 

karamom anapama-Yilasamam riju-gunamam | 

dbireg Pdcbalege gona- | 

dharege saabhagyayatige sale nijame yalam I 

sura-taruyam palanchaleya danada permme saradriy-elgeyim | 

pirid enip unoatikkey Avanisatey era! enirppa sauchay Am- | 

buruhabhavadhikanteyayol oppura tano ariyindav ormmeyum | 

niropame Pdchiyakkan esera] dhareyol pirid appa permmeyim | 

visaruha-mukbi-Pdchalegam | 

Prasarasarang eney enippa Marangam san- | 

tosam odave Kammatada Cba- | 

tti-Setti-guni-Dasi-Settigal janiyisidar n 

srimad a&sha-ldka-yinutam Tibudhasraya-geha-ranjitam | 

Sdmakalitdbara-priya-sakha-priya sat-patha-marggan asritd- | 

ddama-suravaniruban enippa negalteyan eyde pettu tarn | 

bb&mige Chatti-Setti Dbanadam dhanad-elgeyol entu nolpadam u 

Hariya bayakke tod enipa hesha-cbayangalan Indra-dantiyol | 

dorey enisirppa dantigalan abhradol ada su-pani-mattinol | 

sariy enisippa muttugalan eyde babitrade tandu maruvam | 

dharaniparg oldu Kammatada. . . .Cbattapa-Setti santatam | 

mati-yute guna-riipa-daya- | 

nvite dana-yindcle sakala-dbarmma-jne pati- | 

vrate yiraale Chatti-Settiya | 

sati mangala-sange NaDge sale sogayisuval n 

Harid-asa-bhandamam Varunige nadasuvam Varunt-vastuvam vi- | 

staradind Indraseyol perchchisuvan osedu Kaub§riyim dyumnamam n6- | 

dire Tamya-bhagadol sandisuvan esava molyangalam Yamyadind u- | 

ttara-dikking attuvam nod anupama-vanijam Daseyam dosba-d&ram u 

param&rttha-§ri-Kali-de- | 

Digitized by 


Arsikere TaUtq. 275 

vara pta&r&dhyan amaja-sach-chiritraih | 

sthira-matiy annana gandha- | 

dvirada sri-Dasi-Setti dana-vin6dam h 

kamala-mukhi kamala-lochane | 

kamalasave sadhvi sakala-guna-yute rfipa- I 

pramade vibbu-Dasi-Settiya | 

ramani maha-dani mani Pdcbaley esaval H 

su-lalita-rftpa-vilasadi- \ 

n a-laghutardnnata-gunangalind eeav i-nir- | 

minalege guni-Dasi-Settiya | 

lalanege Kannalege sainan ad &r vvasumatiyol r 

Giriian adbisvaram janani Pochale vaptrive Mareyam sah6- | 

dara-nidhi Daai-Setti guni-Jakkale-Chikkale-Pdchal&nke-bhft- | 

vare-Basavaive-Nangalegal atmajeyar Kali-D6van atroajam | 

vara-guni Nange k&ntey ene Cbattapa-Settiye dbanyan urv?iyo| u 

eseyalk eradum Muttana- | 

hosa?flr-kkadeyana-tat&kamaih pirid ene ka- | 

ttisiy alii kanne-geyeyuma- | 

n asadajav ene Chatti-Setti kattisi dhanyam H 

vaeudha-mandanav ene D6- | 

rasamudrada Rudra-deSeyol urutarav ene ka- I 

ttisidaih kegeyam gnni Cha- 1 

tti-Setti tann-ante satyam esadire eatatam w 

nutav enipa Banavtlrino- | 

) ati-kri&ar eoieirppa kereyan udghav enal san- | 

gata-mati kattisidam kfi- | 

rttu tftmban ikkisidan §ih kritarttbaod Chattam 11 

Bammachiya-kattamam kip- | 

dam mabiyolag eseye pirid enal kattisidam | 

Kammatada Chatti-Setti gu- | 

nam merad ire Banavdrol apratima-ganam H 

tanujange subhartthaih Ka- | 

Uanakegeyam ne?eye kattisidan ejdire Ma- | 

vinakereyam kattisidam | 

ghanay ene Kammatada Chatti-Setti mandjnam || 

belad ejragida kalavegalim | 

gili-yindim nandanangalind ali-kuladim | 

balasida piirnna-tataka- | 

valiyind urvvarege Banavdr sogayisugum fl 

ivar ant akhila-gunar ssa- | 

tya-vachar ddharmmajnar ill enal negard i-bhft- | 


Digitized by 


2T6 Jhmkere Taktq. 

bhavanadol esadirddar bB&- | 

navfrra vibha-Mudda-Gavunda-Chikkasa-Gavudar | 

Kali-devara mantapamam 1 

baliyisi pithamuman oldum archchisi Chattam | 

lalita | 

neks* ponah-pratiehtheyam madieidam u 

es*dirppa B&nay&rola- | 

g 68adire Chattesa-bhavanamuman ettiai ka- | 

ttisidam pala. .kegeyuma- | 

n aaam&. .6g eney enippa Chattama-vanijam 11 

anupamav enisuva punyaroa- | 

n anudinay odarippa buddhiyindam Chatte- | 

Sa-niy&saman ettisidam | 

. . . rene Eammatada Chatti-Setti gunajnam h 
sraati samasta-guna-sampannanum s&tvika-jana* prasaonanum bhuvana- vi - 
khyata pancha-sata-vfra-sasana-labdhaneka-gu na-ganalankrita satya - saucha- 
cbara^haritra-naya-vinaya-vijMna-vira-Bananja^harmma-pratipalanum gar u - 
pada-paydjanita-ldlanum Uara-charana-sarasiraba-shatcharananum suddhantah- 
karananum sakala-jaaa-maod-ranjana - charitranum gdtra- pavitran urn eniai 
negalda Eammatada Chatti-Settiyarti ChattSsrara-d8?ara devalayaman ettisiy 
4-d6 vara nity a-ni vedy akkam anga - bboga - ranga - bhdga - jtrnndddharanakkam 
naodii-diyigegam sth&napati-p€ljari-paricb&rakar-&h&ra-d&DakkaT end a Bana- 
yftra g&yundugala prajegala kaiyale bhdmiyam haded u Saka-varshada 1110 
ney a Plavanga - samvatsarada Pa u shy ad amavasye . Sdmavara - vitf pata - san- 
kramanad andu syasti yama- < niyama-8y&dhy&ya-dhy^na-db&rana-mauD^Qashth&- 
na-japa-samadhi-sila-guna-sampannar appa Bhdpa-jiyara siahyar appa Achale- 
svara-Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-pilrvyakam madi (htro follow details of git 

and usual final Tersef ) 

budha-nidhi yiveka-nidhi guna- | 
nidhiy Adity&nujam tad-antevasam | 
budba-nidhi yiveka-nidhi guna- | 

nidhi trikramankan i-sasanavarb 11 

vinutam Senojam tat- | 
tanayar Baisdja-Balla-Somojangal | 
yinaya-nidhanar Chatty | 
sa-nivasaman ettidar mmana^-priyadindam || 
sri. . . bhakti maha- | 
prasada. .tanage nijav ene negard i- | 
bhasura-yaSam Byarojam I 
Ids ene sasanaman arttiyim tankisidam 11 
Siva |) 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Talug. 277 


At Ganjigere (same hobli), on a stone to the south of the ruined temple 
in the wet land, east of the village. 

namas tunga §te. it 
&-Hoysa}a-vam$adol udayisida Vinay&ditya-putran appa Efeyanga-nripa[nga]ih 

ficbala m&var dd£varante Ballaja-Vishnu-Udayadityar pputtida. . .o}ag 

i-Vishnu-nripana vikramav ad ent endade h 

Chdlana j&bu M&lavana gdlmuri Ch§ra timba Ma- | 

kali Varilanam tuliva gandha-gajam Khachan-aljey-ambu N6- | 

pa)ana benna cbammati. . . . nade-tandane vira-Visb^u-bhft- I 

pajakan emba sambbramame vairi-nripajara mandala&ga . . H 

madavad-yairiyan antu poyye jaya-Silam Vishnu vidvishtan-u- | 

rvvida kitt &rade payi birdda tani gandam . . ppe g&ntirkkut ir- | 

ddudu birarkkala birdda tol hidida khadgam poyva sfr} ddjut ir- | 

ddud id 8n adbbutam &yto vira-vibhavam sangrama-rang&gradof R 

Visbnuva Laksbmiya kula-var- | 

ddhish^uv enalu negaldan Ikshucb&panavol bbra- | 

ji[8bna]?e singada teradim | 

jUhnuve. . .sida jagada Narasiihha-nyipam r 

M&riya mauri mrittuvina nalage nanjina punja ra. .rav &- | 

k&rada kaypu band ejagi poyda sidil sidil ejigeyinda kadi k&- | 

varad abhram . . ra kashanol antu bardunkuvaonar kr \ 

virave m&rttigo^dudo naranatanoj I-Nara8inga-bbd[mi]pam fl 

pattada sati ficbalegam | 

nettane Narasingha-nripatigam modadindam | 

huftida. .ka-vilasam | 

yottaji gali yira-vikramam Ball&Jam n 

m&dal tu Kanchi paduval ghdlit^ud ambddhiy edd | 

oditt arggada Ch§ra-d£sav auitum Pandyavani-mandalam | 
k&dol kftde tagaldu pokk adagidatt udd&ma-sangr&madol | 
k&dirdd entu barddunkuvannar olare Ballala-bh&p&laii*} u 
svasti samasta-bbuvan&grayam Sri-prithvi-vallabham mabax&jadhir&jam pata- 
mesvaram Dv&r&vati-pura-var&dhiiyaraih Y&dava-kul&mbarardyumani samya- 
ktra-ch&d&mani malerfcja-raja malaparolu ganda kadana-prachandan a-sah&ya- 
sftra Sauir&ra-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-R&ma niSSanka-prat&pa 
Hoysana-Vira-BaliaJa-Deva Ddrasamudrada neleytdinoju sukha-saftkatA-vind- 
dadim prithvi-rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-p&da-padui6pajfyi n svasti samasta- 
gun&lankrita Bhagayatt-deyiya-Iabdha-yara-pras&darum G6kula-N&r&yana- 
devara pad&radhakam Kadaba-kanthiravam Kadabar-adityamm &tixh munn 
igivarum praje-mechche-gandarum para-bala-sadhakarum arige kunjaram 

Digitized by 


233 JrsWere Taluq. 

tappe tappuvam visy&sakke tappa nu^ida mattanna todare ballam-gandarum 
haja-Vatsa-IUjaganika-Mandjasu-janaika.bandhava sri-S6me8vara-d£yara pad&- 
radhakam mah&*&manta Chalukkeya-Nftyakam Senavegereya vrittiyam su- 
kbadind ajuttam ire H jana-viifute tayi Bommave ghana-sauryam negalda 
tande Btji-Settiy avar-anugina su-putraih bbuja-bala-Stah&deva-Settiy a-sati 
Tippaye setti-K&yegam bb&sura-garyya-paya-payodbiyolu puttidam Bairi-Settiya 
mabimdnnati entendade n viney a-nidbaoan endu sa-jandttaman endu sakala- 
gtutiy endu sar&pan endu gdtrake chint&mani endu dbare hogalugum Bairi- 
Seftiyaiii H 

turugida nandanam pariva k&luye kadalgale fdd enippa per- | 
geye balasirdda perbbelasu sandani-vetta janam yilasadim I 

meyev ama[ra]layam baba-gribangalola sompu cba luvekam- 1 

*dereyol opugu pura-varam Tantrahala-Mahadeyana Ganjigereyol h 
*dharmmave miirttigondu belagutt ire ttrttba-chayanga} arpina kshanadi | 
karmmada bandbanam pingisi . . yalyangalam | 
nirmmala-cbittam attarisal ettisidani budha-kdti ba^nisal | 
jagat-trayadolu . . parbbi ire Tantrahala-Mahadevan ad erfi krit&rtthano | 
syasti samadhigata-pancha-mah&-sabdaih maha-samanta viralakshml-kanta para- 
niri-sahddara para-samanta-bentekara para-bala-sflrekaya tappe tappuvaru 
magey-okkara kavarum nudidanta-gandarum Siva-dbarmma-nirmmalarum 
appa Ganjigegeya samasta-praje-gavundugal ella irddu Saka-varisha 1119 
Pingala-samvachharada saptami-Sdmay&ra-yyatip&ta kttdidandu Bichesvara- 
devara anga-bbdga-ranga-bh6ga-niv6dyakkam khanda-sphutita-nanda-divigegam 

matha-pati-tapd-janara &hara-d&nakka(m)v agi Tantrabala-Mahadera- 

jtyana kala toladu dhara-pflrvvakam m4di bitta datti (here follow details of gift and 
tiioai final rertes) Guligi-Settigam Macbauyegam puttida beggade-Marayya katti- 

sida kereyalu Tantrahala-Mahaddvan ettisida devara an ga-bbogakke bitta 

gade sa 1 keyi ko 10 maga Sdma bitta gadde ko 10 


At Chikkak&rthalji (same hobli), on a stone near the boundary of Bin&vira. 
Jaragalu mundana Rayannana h&la-b&vi haradari kallininda yilige gaja 5280 
kke kosu 1 


At Sfaegere (same hobli), on a stone near the Anjantya temple. 

naina8 tunga eto. || <S lines illegible) 

syasti samasta-bhuvan&sraya Sri-prithvi-yallabha mabarajadhiraja paramesvara 

parama-bhattaxaka Satya5raya-kula-tilaka Chalukyabharana chakra- 

vartti Abayamalla syasti samadhigata-pancha-maha 

• So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 279 

.. . . mandales vara Y&dava-kulkmbara-dyamani samyaktva-cbftdaMnani mala- 

parol u .... srfmat-Tribbuvana-malla Vira-Ganga-Hoysla-Devaru 

m&dalu Nangaliya-ghatta tenkalu Ramesvara hadavalu Barakan&ra badagalu 
Herddoye adiyagi Gangavadi-tombhatt-ayu-saeiramumam dushta-nigraha-Sishta- 
pratip&laoeyiih Beluh&ra nelevidinalu eukba-sankatbavvinddadim rajyam geyyu 
ttam irala N tat-pada-padmdpajivi y svasti samadhigata-pancha-mabk-Sabda 

mah&-s&manta vira-lakehmi-k&nta . . . gelvang as&dbyam san-mana- 

daoi satya-Kaninam ubhaya-bala. . . .gkanga-viram s&hasa-db&ma vara 

Bhitna ripu todare bal-gandam cbakra para-bala- 

malla haya-Vatsa-R&ja gai^ika-Manoja tappe tap pa vara viradind oppuvam stlim 
munn-irivam Adityan-ankak&yam sv&mi-drohara ganda para-mandajika-sflre 
ka\ram iha. . . la-rakabapala mfi-rkkola-Bhairava bbitara kolla page vara. . . 
. . s&manta-gasani magevuge k&vam Vishnuvarddbanana bidige lachcbana 

paJana mulivana mftgam koyva chitta-bh& s&manta-R&va 

kayduvinalu k&duva svasti §rfman-maha-s&manta Manahayyana maga 

sriman-maba-s&manta-Bankeyya Sdaavagege-panneradumam sukha-sankath&- 
vinddadind aluttam ire Saka-nripa-kalatita-samvatsara-satafigalu 1057 lenoya 
Ananda-samvatsarada Marggasira-iuddba-panchami-Brihaspativ&rad-attaraya- 
na-sankranti-vyatip&tad andu tavu pratishthe madida. . . . 8 vara-de vara anga- 

ditar-abara-danakkam sarvva-namasyam agi dra nirumba keyeya tenk- 

ana kddige kojuvada gardeya bittu salage nalk. r jaya ele-ddnta ftrlih 

tenkalu bala-berddalu matta 3 ettu g&na 2 (uuai final Ten©*) 
gge hiriya-ke kelage batada garde hala-keyim ... 


At Kallagundi (same hobli), on a stone in front of the village gate, 
sri svasti Sri jayabhyudayaS cha Saka-varusha 1253 neya Prajdtpatti- 
saihvatsarada Vaisakha-ba 7 So | srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana bhuja- 
bala sri-Vira-Baliaia-Davaru sriman-maba-pradhanam Kameya-dann&ykaruih 
sukhadim rfijyam geyyutt irdda samayadalu I katakalotikara mayavokkade k&va 
Lingadahalliya Bala-Gaudana maga Mara-G»udanu Goravanakallinge Tura- 
karu bandali kadi kudureya hididadakke d§varugalum Kameya-danu&ykarum 
mechchi Kallagundiyanu a-Kallagundiya haligalantt Mara-Gavudange nettaru- 
godagiy &gi kala natu kotu bbfrmi-cbandarkkar ulanna-baram bUlvant figi 
kotta kodagiya sila-S&sana mangala maha Sri (uuai final ?•*•#) 


At the same village, on a stone near the MahilingMvara temple. 

nainas tunga •♦<>. || 

Digitized by 


280 Jbrmktn Takq. 

»j*4>hringar \ 

Ti dyi-ni layam SadAkriyiaJTa-manipar i 

TribbaTf i ■■Hi Tajikidn-gopda bhnja- 
b*la Vlra-Ganga §rt-Vbbnnyanldbaoa^oysala-DeT*r» GangmTadi-tomhhatt- 
Bf a eiyiramamaA dnsbta~nigraha-€ishta-praiipal anarirm Doraaamadrada nde- 
Tfdiooja sakba — rikithft-noddadim rijyam geyyuttam ire iriaat-piriya-petta- 

— MUdJ^i-Bammala-Dferiyara . . . Aaandiy-aynftromajh munfrrumam 

ttkhmtiifc pratipalisotta radigeya dhana-dana sale Tindda 

dhareyo}n I iUo ajjirita p*ti-bhaktiyol a-Bharatig Anindhati- 

Satige gondana magaife bh&maiidaladolage dbarmma-karyyam. . . . 

mirggade nagalchidao amitya ya-bira Naga- 

litmaje-MfcpabbegaifL pattida pratipalam atana radha 

. .dayeya taTarn-manej eoiai negalda eoipa Bamma-Garudam 

traddhi dayeya tararu-inane akhilaTani-iala bora Macha- 

GaTiup4* I *Bta Bamma-OaTudan Arakereya. . sri-ChaTarGarndan atana tamma 

• . .Kopda-Gaundan o}pam taJdi nirata Kalidasa gotra-paritra 

riirambhara-chakrado} | atana rupamege 

rappaje kshiti-talado}a srasti Saka-yarisha 1057 nejra 

BikthaM'ttifiratfarada Pushya-bahala-chauti-Badhayarad andu uttarayaoa- 
•ankHnti-yyatfpata-aimittam Bilesyara-derargge niyedyakkam Chaitra-pavi- 
trakkaib tapddhanarvahara-danakkam Mala-Gavunda tnmbinda mfidana-simeyal 

saryva-badba-pariharay agi bitta gadde khanduga 3 beddaie matta 

man eggege. . . .(om*i ia»i vnm) 


At Manakatt&rn (same hobli), on a stone near the waste weir of the tank. 
iri-M&lasthana-deyara padaradhaka Mtilasthana-deyara devalyavam kalasa-nir- 
mmanarfi madida Karttara-jiyara sn-putra Isanya-Pandita-deyaru ft 

namas tunga #te. ii 
•vasti samadbigata-pancha-maha-§abda inaha-inandalesvarani | Dyaravati-pura- 
yaradbiSvaraih | Yadu-kula-kuvalaya-sudhakaram satya-ratnakaram | Yadava- 
Narayanam | chatura-yuvati-Charayanam | ChakrakCl{a-k6tata?i-davaoalam | 
ripu-baja-jaladhi-badavanalam | Sauryya-mriga-rajami maleraja-rajam | Kalapala- 
kapaja-Sai}augha-yajra-danda raaleparol ganda | nripa-kula-kari-kalabha-yfltha- 
nathaih | Ganda-giri-natham i uddanda-prachanda-Pandya-garvva-parvyta-Paka- 
iaeanarii | viyeka-Kamalasanam | Jagaddeva-prabala-pannaga-Vaiuateyam | 
bhuja-bnla-RauhinSyam | Narasimha-Brahma-bhvlri-bhClruba-kathora-kutha- 
raih | charu-vicbaram | Irungola-mada-marala-mSgharavam | purush&rttha- 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 281 

Pur&ravam | vijaya-lakshmi-bhavana-maDgala-mani-torauaiii | Adiyama-nivara- 
nam | mandalika-ghata-sarppa i r&pa-Kandarppa | Kaustubh&bharana-smarana- 
parinat&ntabkarana | vikram&bharana i Tajak&du-gonda-ganda | kadana-prar 
chanda | Chengiri-matangaj^ri-sarabha | Adi-raja-sannibha | VasantiktUlevlJab- 
dha-vararpras&darii I mrigamadamodam | naraadi-saraasta-prafsajsti-sahitam | 
sriman-mah&-mandai&vara I Tajakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gahgavadi-Nolambav^di- 
BaDavase-Hanungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vlra-Ganga Kadamba-Vishnuvarddhana- 
Devaru Gangavadi - tombhattayu - say i ram am Nonambavadi - mflYatt- irchh&si - 
ramam Hanungall-aynflruraam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadin iluttum 
sukha-sankathi-vinddadim vijaya-r&jyam geyyuttam ire | svasti samasta-klt- 
iatita-Saka-variSa 1023 Vikrama-samvatsara | *ippatt-eradaney& Yuva-sam- 
vatsara | svasti samasta-maba-prabhu-Chava-Gavundam Managattiram madi 
Adalagattavam kattisi Chavesvara-devara pratishtheyam m&4i dharmma(5)- 
chittan &gi bod-im-balika n svasti sriman-maba-prabhu-Sanka-Gavundanum 
Chatta-G§.vundanuih Managattiram madi dharmma(s)-cbittar &gi &-Chatta- 
Gavunda | Cb&vesvara-devara devalyavam gey si kalasa-nirbb&na-in&di &- 
dharmmavam pratipalisi | pflrvva-mariy&deyim bitta datti I svasti srimau-maha- 
guna-sampunya badagi-Chikkojaua maga Masanojam Chikk&svara-d&vara prati- 
shtheyam mkAi dharmma(s)-cbittan agi | ChavSsvara-dfivarige anga-bb6gakkam 
sn&na-niv6dyakam nanda-divigegam bitta datti | (here follow details of gift) int I- 
st&navam b6ma-n6ma-japa-samadbi-sila-guna-saupannar appa Kartt&ra-jtyara 
kalam karcbcbi dhfix&rpftrvvakam m&di kottaru H Palguna-suddba-pancbami- 
Somav&ra-vyatipata-utUrayana-sankrainanadal int i-dbarmmavam salisidam 
(aiaai final phreeee end vene) Ch&vesvara-devara nanda-divigegam bitta ettn gana | 
hiriyakegeya kelage gaudugalige kodangi gadde salage 12 gavudugatta 2 h 
*8vayam beddalu mattaru 15 int i-sasanava bareda senabhdva-K&limayya IT 
baredam M&roja mangala maba Sri n 


At Bendekere (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Siddhftmra temple, 
svasti sriman-maba-ma[nda]lesvaram Talakada-go[nda]-ganda pratapa-Hoysana- 
Vira-Ball&lu-D6varu Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukba-sankatha-vinodadalu 
r&jyam geyut ire || Sa[ka]-var8ha 1114 Paridhavi-samvatsarada Jfoh^a-suddha- 
panchami-Adityavaradalu Bendiyakeyeya odera*Becheya-Na[ya]ka huliyan iyidu 
Siva-ldka atana maga Vadaleya-Nayaka paroksha-vineyamammadida. . . 


In the same place, 
svasti Sriman-mahirmandal88varam Talakadu-gonda-ganda prat&pa-chakra- 

vartti Ho[y]8ana-firi-Vira-Narasinga-Dev-arsara inagam Dfivaru Dor-aeamu- 

drada nelevidinalu sukba-sankath&-viu6dadim prithvi-rajyam geyy-uttam ire 

• 8o in the original. 


Digitized by 


282 Amkere Taluq. 

Saka-varusada 1 153 neya Khara-samva Srimad-anadiy-agrahara 

Benijeyakereya Bile-Seftiya maga lu koodu Siva- 

16ka-praptan ada &tana anna Bala. . Satti gal u ettisida Tira-galu mangaja 
maha iri II 


On. a stone near the garnda-kambha in front of the same temple. 
Yuva-aamvatsarada Pbalguna-su-1 la drf-yira-pratftpa . . . 8vayambhu4ri[ma]l- 
Liriga^hakravartti §ri-Mallikarjjuna-devara divya-Sri-p&da-padmaradhakar ada 
Srl-Bbikshavatti-ayanayaru Bendekereya §ivasta[la]galige ganacharada hana- 
kasanu mundal aru talal agadu. 


On a stone in the garbhinkana of the same temple. 

namas tonga ato. |j 

svasti sriy-irpp-attama- | 

y&etu jaya-srfya vilasitarasam 16- | 

ka-stutye yasd-vaniteya | 

vist&ra-st&nam eseva Hoysala-vamSam \\ 
&-Hoysala-Tamladol udayisida Vinay&ditya-putran app Ejeyanga-nripa(na)ngam 
£chala-D3vigam puftida Ballala- Vishnu -*Vijay&ditya(m|)r emba m&yarol 
Vishnu-nripana vikramav eotene || 

manisind arunate kade-gang | 

inis odave virddhi-narapa-saptangam Vi- | 

sbnu-nrip&lang appuvu nod | 

anupamam avan-alaviy itarar-alaviye jagadol h 

budha-lokasrayan emba tarkshya-rathan emb abjayataksham dal em- | 

ba dhara-dharakan emba bhoga-yutan emb udyad-balanvitan em- | 

ba dharitri-varan emba 16ka(ikya)-nntan emb i-perrameyim ndde Vi- { 

shnu-dharesam sale Vishnuvol sogayipam Lakshmi-man6-vallabham n 

[a-Vishnu-bhftpanol mil-] | 

devitvam bettu pettal uttame Lakshma- | 

DSvi Narasiraha-DevSrvi- i* 

▼aranan anftna-prnyavati vasumatiyol || 

kadanadol ant aratigala dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 

biduvane poyye poldu poraponme sa-raktaka-mauktikangal a- | 

padadol aram jayanganege (harama)haraman oppire fnolpen em pod ar | 

kkadanadol amp idirchchuv adatar $jjaral a-Narasimha-bbupaoam || 

kadanadol idirchchid adatar a \ 

mada-radaniya biduvinalli natta saral ba- | 

•Read Udapddttpar. fRead mdlpan endod. % Read j jagadol. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Talug. 283 

lada modalol uchchalisuv ond | 
adatava uripa-N^rasimha-Devange nijam H 
a-Narasimha-nriparigam | 
manini madeyi *svadev fichalegam la- | 
kshmi-nijeyan agi Balla- | 
la-Dripalam puttidam dharfcdhara-dhairyyam || 
munisim Ballala-bhtpam kile pojev-asiyam kilpad anyavani-pa- | 
la-nikayam 8thanadin[dam] jadiye nadugugum bhitiyim \ f 
anupama-rana-nistaraka- | 
n anfma-sakty-anvitam vichara-kshamao em- | 
ba negalteyinde Balla- | 
la-nripalam Karttikeyan-ant oppipparh || 
uvasti 8amasta-bhuvanasrayam iri-prithivi-vallabbam mabarajadbiraja parame- 
svararh Dvaravatf-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva- 
chtidamani maleparol ganda kadana-prackandan a-sab&ya-iftran niSSanka iri- 
mat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoysala-sri-Vira-Ballalu-Devaru Ddrasamudrada ne- 
levidinalu dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalakav agi rakshisutam sukha-sankatha- 
vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire H 

tupgida nandanarh pariva kalve kadalg ive tod enippa per- i 
ggeje balasirdda pervvelasu sandani-vetta janam vilasadirh | 
merev amaralayam bahu-grihangaja sump ivayinde cbelvu kan- | 
depadavol i-jagakke Jay agon da pu ram nisadam virajikum h 
Sftkala-vyakaranarttha-8astra.sad-alahkaraugba-paurana-na- | 
taka-kavya-smriti-tarkka-j6yi8a-lasad-v§d&nta-8iddh&nta-lau- | 
kika-mimam8a-nirukta-kalpa-vidhi-8ik8bakhyadi-chausha8hti-di- | % 

vya-kaloktar Jayagonda-Dfttana-pura(m)-8ri-yipra-vidyadharar 11 
an-upamar a-tarkyar an-aghar | 
vinitar a-pratimar (an)flrjjita«8an-m*irggar | 
vinayadbyaru y&d&dbyar | 
vinutar Jtyagondapurada vipra-vararkkal n 

Baliyum Raghavanum negalda-Khachala-ksbmapalanum Karnnanum | 
Kali-kaloda. .vol eogayipar Sisbtdshta-kalpadruinar | 
kali-Dumtnam Kali-kWa-K&man a-bhayam iri-Naga-DSvam mahi- | 
tala-sebyam Hari-Devan udgha-guna-yuktaib Ballugarh dhatriyol h 
hridaya-kalafikan allada ja^tma. .n allada Sftarochiy em- | 
budu guru-g&tra-Satruv anav allada kauSikan allad Indran em- | 
budu viparitan allada Kujam. . . .n allada kalpa-vrikshan em- | 
budu vibudhasrayaika-nidhiyam dhare Dummana Naga-DSvanam h 
vara-siddh&nta-Guru-prabham guna-yutam Da sari kan &tange 8&- | 
daradim % hu^tiri §[a]iva-bhakti-nivar dDevayya Tippayya saun- | 

* Road $ddhvip. f Two linos aro wanting. f 80 in tbe original. 

Digitized by 


284 Awikere Tahuq. 

dara Maraiyya . .yanvitam Hariharara Sri-Chirddi-R&jam sadfc- | 
guru-dSva-drija-randana-pramuditar mm&ndmiatar. . nigal || 
(h«rs follow deufli of gift) B4vi-se$tiya maga Nani-setti Siddhesvara-dSvara nanda- 
dlvige ko ga 1 &taoa tamma Sd. . .setti kotta 1 

Khara-eamvatsara-Asvija-bahula 1 Va hiriya-Betta-jlyanu tanna makkalugalu 
Siddhayy a-Altay am . . .geyam-Bayichayyangeyum bhttmiya ribh&gasida kramav 
entendade | Siddhayyan-Altayyangeyuth bh&ga 2 Baychayyange bhage 1 (bore 

follow doteUi of farther gift) 


At Kunmnk* (same hobli), on a stone in the ranga-mantapa of the forara temple. 

namas tunga eto. h 

srasti §riy-irpp-uttama- | 

r&stu jaya-sriya vilasit&vasarii 16- | 

ka-stutye yaso-vaniteya | 

vist&ra-sth&nav esava Hoysana-vamsam || 
a-Hoysala-ramSadol udaysida Vinay&ditya-putran app Ejeyanga-nripangav 
fichala-Devigam puttida Visbnu-nripan a-Vishnu-nripana vikramam entendade || 

bari-sanddtaa-virajitam vividba-padinalankritam hamsa-san- | 

charana-prauda udatta-vikrama-gunddyat-pundarikanka(m) saun- i 

darav &girppudajinde padraa-vanad andam bb&risal Visbnu-bhd- | 

varar irpp-a-puramum surendra-puramum vidvit-puranikamum || 

ina-tSjan Indira-vara- | 

n Inaja-sauaod&rau Indra-nibha-vibhavan ili- | 

jana-vinutan iddba-sat-ki- i 

rtti-nidbauam Vishnu-bh&pau Angaja-rClpam n 

&-Vishnu-bhfipanol m&- | 

devitvam bettu pettal uttame Lakma- | 

Devi Narasimha-Devo- | 

rviraran anftna-punyavati vasumatiyol a 

madavad-anUi-bbfttnipara dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 

biduvane poyye poldu poraponme sa-raktaka-mauktikangal a- i 

padadol avam jayanganege baraman oppire marppan endod ar | 

kkadanadol ant idirchcbuv adatar jjagadol Narasimba-bhftpanarii \\ 

4-Narasimba-nripangam | 

m&nini madSvi sadbviy fichalegam la- i 

kshmi-nilayan agi Ball a- | 

la-nripalam puttidam dharadhara-dhairyyam n 

Phaninatbam pati bhogakk Amarapati samam rClpa-sampattig Abje- | 

kshanan udyad-vikramadambarake dore Mahesam nijajiia-visesakk | 

ene dbirodatta-cbittakk amatna sari Dasiisyari danakke mattam | 

tone Karnnam tan enalk i-vasudheyol esedam Vira-Ballala-bbCtpani li 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Ttduq. 285 

aoupama-rana^nist&raka- i 

n anfliia-satv&nvitam vichara-kshaman em- | 

ba negalteyiDde Ballfc- i 

la-nripal&m K&rttikSyan-ant oppirppam u 

ile iuddha-sphatikopala-sthagitav aS&-mandalam dig-vadhft* | 

kula-veni-kusumdpah^ra.rachitaiii n&kam nilimpesa-nir- | 

ramala^und&la-rada-prabha-dhavalitam tara-patham tarako- i 

jvalitam tkn ene korbbi parbbitu jasam Ballala-bblipalana h 
svasti 8amadbigata-paucha-maha-sabda mahH-mandalesvaram Dv&r&vati-pura- 
varadbisvaram Yadava-kul&mbarardyuma^i samyaktva-chddamani vinamad- 
ahita-raahipa^hiid&mani-niitna-ratna-ralmi-j&larja^ilita-nakha-kiranam cbatus- 
samaya-samuddharanam kadaoadol adirad idirchchid ada^aran adat aleva 
Purandara-nandanam sakala-jana-mano-nandanam Tajakadu - Kongu - Kangali- 
Gan[ga] vadi-Nonambav&di-Banavase - Halasige - Huligeje- Hanungal - Uchcbangi - 
gonda bhuja-baja Yi[ra}-Gangan a-sahfcya-sauryya Sanivftra-siddhi Giri-durgga- 
malla chalad-anka-Rama aiSSanka-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devar Dora- 
samudrada nelevidinol sukha^sankatbMrin6dadim rajyam geyyuttam ire || tadi- 
ya-pada-padmdpaji?igal appa Mabadev - arasanu Kalu - Malleyana nalvattu- 
manisa-ekkatigara permme yentene || 

'esavar-adityao emb i- | 

pesarim jasam eseye negalda kannambinavam | 

visasana-dhiram Hoysala- | 

vasudhisana nachcbin-&lu Mabader-arasam h • 

patiyum padeyam ganamam | 

satatam varnnippa tejade nadav f-pr&gal- | 

bbyatey angarakka-vadey-adbi- | 

patiy unnata-Kaluva-Malleyang adu sajam h 

dburadol idircbcbida page vara- | 

d uravaniyim gelva takku ripugal[a] kutilo- | 

tkaramam negalchi patiy-an- | 

ga-raksheyam malpud angarakkege D[a]ijam h 

uravanisi ndnki Hoysala- | 

dharanisam mecbcbe pagevaram gelv adat I- | 

dhareyol sale yekkatig-an- | 

garraksbakar nnalpadirobarol 66bhisugum || 

vasudha-mandanav &gire | 

Visaruhabbavau oldu t&ne madidan enal f- | 

vasumatiyol Kuruvakkam ad en | 

asadaladind esevutirppud em kautukamd n 

nirm malar i-Kuruvakkakk | 

ormmeyuv auvayada mftligar savant&ra | 

♦ Bo in the original. 

Digitized by 


286 Jsrsikere Taluq. 

Barmmeya-N&yakanum guna- | 

k &rmmam s&yanta-Masanayanum esadirppar h 

&-Kuguyakkada gaundam I 

ldkdttaman amala-ktrtti-yatan adhika-ganakk | 

&karam ene negaldam mabi- | 

m&karan Ereyamma-gaandan uryyi-ta}adol h 
svasti samasta-guna-sampannar appa Kujuvakkada samasta-prajegalim it 

yinaya-nidh&nam dharmmakk | 

anuk&lam satya-ydkyan amala-charitram | 

vinutam Mudd-arasam saj- | 

janan i-Kuruvakkad onda gaundike vadedam 11 
int !-8amasta-prajegal[g]e t&yi-tandey fcgirppa senabdva-Bittiyannan-anvayay 
ent ene h 

jananiye M&chaley odey-An- | 

dane jaoakam Kumaran anujan avaraje Pdcha- | 

yye nutangi Hariyanam mai- j 

dunaa ene Bitteyanam dhanyan i-vasumatiyol n 

pirid enipa bhaktiyindam | 

yara-guni Mallaveya vallabham Bittayyam \ 

param&r&dhyam Bire- I 

Svaramam priyadim pratishtheyam madisidam H 

jaDa-vinute Dasiyakkane | 

tanage sahddariye Biri-Settiye bh&vam | 

viautan ene Bitteyam saj- | 

janan i-BireSvarctlayaman ettisidam h 
svasti sri Saka-varsha 1107 neya Visvavasu-samvatsarada Pausbyad ain&vasye- 
Sdmav&ra-yyatip&ta-sankramanad-andu sri-Bl res vara-de vara nitya-nivfidyakkam 
nandH-divigegarii jirnndddharakkam pdjari-parich&rakar-^h&ra-danakkav eodu 
samasta-prajegala sannidhanadalu Mahadev-arasanum Kaluva-Malleyan olag- 
ada nalvattu-inanushya-ekkatiga-anga-rakkarum Trailokyasaktigala diksha- 
putram Lokabharana-Panditara kala karchchi dbara-purvvakam madi bitta 

datti (here follow details of gift and usual final phrases and verses) 


At Kanikatte (Kanikatte hobli), on a stone near the SimhanitMsvara temple. 

namas tunga etc. u 
§rf-Mahadevaya namah n 

kela vasanta-bala-sahakarada tan-nelal asritalige a- | 
bhila-layahi-nishtura-phanaughada mey-nelal uddhat&rig un- i 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taiuq. 287 

milita-punflarikada nelal jaya-lakshmig enippa Vira-Ba- i 

llalana tdja bala nelal adudu db&trige vajra-pafijarara h 

sura-bhflruhad esev aukura | 

dbareg ogedud enalke Narasimha-nripalam | 

vara-vadbu-Lakshmambikegam | 

parama-gun&mbudhigav agra-sutan ene negaldam h 

pattada satiy £cbale t&m | 

nettane Narasimban-arasiy &keya basurol | 

puttida Ballu-nripalaka | 

nettane guna-nilaya vira-Vikrama-t&jam h 
svasti samastarbbuvan&Srayam sri-prithvf-vallabham mabarajadbirajam para- 
mesvararh parama-bbattarakam Yadava-kulambara-djumani samyaktva-chflda- 
mani V&santika-deviya labdha-vara-pras&dam a-visranta-vidya-vinddam r&ja- 
sarvvajfiam maler&ja-rajam malaparol ganda Y&dava-Nar&yana Dvaravati- 
pura-varadbi8varam apftrvva-rflpa-Kandarppa Chola-Mala^a-Gtirjjara-bhaya- 
jvara saptama-Vishnuvardhana pratapa-chakravartti bhnja-bala-Vira-Ballala- 
Devaru sakaliwnahi-raandajamam dusb^a-nigraba-sisbta-pratipManam geyu[tta] 
Hallavfrrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatba-vinodadim pritbvf-rftjyam geyvuttam 
ire tat-pada-padmopajivi h svasti Srimatu Hoysala-VirarBall&la-DSvana sarv- 
v&nga-lakshmiy appa piriy-arasi Vum&-Deviyara mabiinonnatiy en tend ad e h 

Ball&lana bala-bbujadolu | 

ballida) iUvira-laksbmi nelesuva-tegadim i 

Ballalana vamangada i 

vallabhe Uma-Deviy f-dharitriyoj pesar-va^edal h 

tivida cbennan appa kere voppuva kata kongu suttalum | 

sri-vana-lakshmi kan-dejradavol beladirdda su-gandha-s&liyind | 

I-vasudbfirtal&gradolu ramyam enal Kalikatti-n&deyuih | 

deva-gribangalind esedu sobbisut irddudu norppad urggalol || 
svasti samasta-vastu-guna-sampannaruih sakala-sahitya-sarvvajfiarum dana- 
dharmma-purusllrtha-paropakara-Didhi-nidhanarum Siva-dharmma-nirmmala- 
rum saranagata-vajra-panjararum appa Magare-mftnu£akam modala b&4 &da 
Kalikatteya 8ama8ta-praje-gavun<Jugalum jagatiya kottaliyum jetfa-gottaliyum 
samasta-prajegal irddu irimatu piriy-arasi pattada mab&-d$viyar appa Um&- 
Ddviyara r&jya-samuddharananum appa sriman.mahk-pradh&nam Kum&ra- 
Pantfitayya-dann&yakara maga Hodeya-Bittayyange mftla-sth&na Kali-ddvara 
def&lyadim batfagalu kanne-gejreyam kattisi tanna heearalu uram m&did-allige 
ft-cbandr&rkka^t&ram-baram salavant agi kotta umbali Saka-vari§a 1131 neya 
Vibhava-samvatsarada Pusbya4>a 1 Brihav&rad andu keye-goflagige bit^a gadde 
Bittayyana makkalu-makkalu-tanakkam saluvant agi a-Bittisamudrada kegeya 
hinde Jidflana huniseyindam baflagalu Bovitiya-koladirii tenkalu (horo follow 
details of gift and utoai final phraiet aod ?§rse) int I-sasana-maryy&deyam apyuttam 

Digitized by 


288 Jnmtore Tatoq. 

matt &ran&nuT orvva kash^a-dushtarige habbiai-kottu upSkahisi nfidutirdda 
maba-patakarige Gange-Varanasiya tafliyala tanna tayuram tandeyam tana a 
kayyalu konda brahmatiyalu bdharu Sing&yara-deyara binna-maxjida-papadali 
hdbaru h !-64sanavam baredam mfUast&nada Kali-devara sthana-pati seoabhora- 
Madayya h tontalu kereya hinde gadde sa 1 ko 10 


In the same place. 

Sri oama8 tunga •to. h 
Ganapatyaya namah h 

Pradyamna-visika-dfrraru | 

Pradyttmn&rati-charana-8ara8ija-bhringar | 

prady6tana-aama-t§jaru | 

vidya-nileyaru §a muni par || 

avaati samadhigata-paffcba-maba-iabda maha-mandalftSvaram I Tribhuvana- 
malla Ta}akadu-gonda bhuja-bala-Vtra-Ganga-Hoysala-Bitti-DSyar gGangavadi- 
tombhatt-aru-sasiramumam dushta-nigraha-sishta - pratipalanadim Ddrasamu- 
drada nelevldinalu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire tat-pada- 
padmdpajfyi o svasti samadbigata-pancha-maha-sabda maha-samanta jaya- 

lakahmt-kanta ganda . . yaka-namanvaya-kula-pradipa sauryya-pra- 

tapa Srirnan-Nola. . deva-padaradhaka para-bala-sadhakam Sarada-devi- 

labdba-yara-prasadam mrigamadamddam .... ra-kuli3am kulisa palibara 

ga^da niti-Cbanakyan eka-vakyam vairi-xnano-bhangan ayyana sing ham 

manneya namadi-samaata-prasasti-sahitam Srfman-maha-saaiantan Arasi- 

yakereya Singarasa Magare-miiaCtraxa modala bada Kalikattiyam padadu 
aarvva-badba-pariharamage aluttam irddu Saka-varsha 1051 neya Saumya- 
aamrataarada Pusya-masadand uttarayana-sankrantiyu byatlpatamum kudid- 
andu Singesrara-devara pratishtheyam madi dSvar-anga-bhoga-nivSdyakkam 
tapddhaoara ahara-danakkam yidya-danakkan Arasiyake^eyam Naishtika- 

matad acbaryyaru r appa Paresvara-Panditara sisyar appa Kriyasakti- 

Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-pCtrvvakam madi hiriya-kereya kiriya tumbina 
modal-driya bayalalu bitta gadde khanda deguladim tenkalu bitta 

be^ddale mattar eradu (usual final phrases aod Terse) 

Cheaegangav atma-sajjanam I 

enisuva Sdyabbege dharitri-taladolu | 

yananidhiya aippin ola . . | 

n anupaua-mauktikame puttuv andadin ogedam h 

kftralu aubaga kula-yadbu | 

yarija-mukhi Madikabbege puttidan t- | 

dbarinige kalpa-vrikshan u- | 

dara-gunam Marasirigan ahava-dhiram h 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 289 

dbiram Nolamba-Gaundan u- | 

dara-gunam sale Biinmikabbegam sakaia-guna- | 

dharan ene Bhfipan udayisi | 

dharuniyalu negaldan alte kayvara gandam h 

Bdvangam tat-kula-vadhu | 

Sovabbegam udita-kirtti puttuva teradind | 

i-vasudheyol avatarisida | 

Kava-nripam Punusegaakan ene pogaladar ar h 

kattal-Pu$usega-kula-vadhu | 

Chattabbegam entu-n&jrakk adhipatiy agal i 

puttida Kunigilu-nalkam i 

nettane samanta-Singan urvvi-taladol || 
irimatu Kriy&sakti-Panditaru Siogesvara-devara sthana-patiya magam Rama- 
Devara kalam karcbchi dhara-pfirvvakam madi kottaru lnattaiii cbikka-tumbi- 
nali gadde sa 2 Aduvagereyali Panditayya bitta gadde sa 1 


At the same Tillage, on a stone near the Sankdle-Baaavanna temple. 

namas tnnga etc. h 

Siv&ya namafr | svasti samadhigata-pancba-maha-Sabda maba-mandale- 

svaram Dvaritvati-pura-var&dhisvaraiii Yadava-kulatnbara-dyumani sarayaktva- 

cbfidamani maleraja-raja Gangam Hoysala 

Dorasamudrada-nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha- 

▼inddadim rajyam geyyuttam ire h tat-pada-padmopajivi || svasti samasta-guna- 

8ampaona nudidu matt enna. . . pisunara gauda vira-lakshmi-kanta ari- 

tatta-Bhairava ganikfl-manojam Narasinga-Devana padaradhakam para- 

bala-s&dhakam sriman-raaba-pradh&nam seoadhipati hiriya. 

Ballaiyangalu Chola-Chera-Pandyan-Irungola . . samasta-pura- 

bhfimipalakaran otti sukham rajyam geyyuttam ire n tat-p&dar&dhakam || 
svasti samasta-prasasti-sahitam sitagara ganda. . . . badiva hageyam benkoluva 
sfchitya-nilayar appa srimanu maha-samanta Kechchhana M&cbeya-N&yakana 
magam irimatu samanta-ghasani Mahadeva-Nayakam Magare-mft[ntl]yakaih 
modala-bada Kalikattiyam padedu sarvvarbfcdha-parib&Tadinde aluttam irddu 
Saka-varsha *1077 neya Bahudh&nya-samvatsarada Chaitra-suddha uttarftyana- 
saokr&nti - vyatipata - panchami - Sdmavarad andu Bamm8janum M^chdjauum 
Kammatesvara-devara linga-pratishtheyam m&di Kalamukha-dikshitara iri- 
matu JagatSivara-Panditara k&lam kacbchi dhariUpttrvvakam madi kottaru 
8 rimat-savanta-ghasani- Mahadeva-Nayakam srimatu Kammat&s vara -devara 
nivedyakam nandadivigegam tapodhanar-ahara-danakkim endu bitta gadde 

* 80 io the origioM. 


Digitized by 


290 Adhere Taluq. 

hi[ri]ya-kepeya kelage m&vina-kujudalli 300 kamba beddale ftrim tenkalu &lada 
mtt[da]lum tenkalum mattaru oadu (usual fioai phrase* and Terse) nam as Siv&ya namab 

0* a stone south of the same temple. 
D&nias tunga eto. || 

srasti samadhigata-pancha-maha-sabda mahii-raandalesvaram Dvara- 

vatf-pura-varfUhi8varam samyaktva-chdd^mani . 

3araa8tarraja-bala-jaladhi-badavauala. . . .jana-davanala 

N&rasimha-aripala-p&da Manneya-Nayaka-s&inantadhipati .... 

8adhakara | nija-kul&bja. . . .na-divakara | tata-vitata-ghana 

vAdya-y&dana | laghu-basa-kHma i 

chhandd'Iankira-natya-kavya-ii&taka-natik^ sahitya kastdri- 

kamoda | nija-tala-prahara-chiirnnita tilla s&maota-mastaka- 

stila hridaya niti pura-varildhtivara Madana- 

Mahesvara . gambhira Nolamba 


On the back of the P&rvati image lying near the same temple. 

saraadhigata-pancha-maha pura-varadhisvaram. 

na-vedanda mandalika Biraa Kali-kala-Kama 

nnoda VasantikH prasasti-sabitam pratapa-chakra- 

vartti dushta-nigraha-sishta nelevidinolu 

pada-padniopajivi Singara[sa]n Arasiyakereyind ettisi tandu Magare- 

munnftgakkam modala-badada Kalikattiyam padedu sarvvabadhe-pariharam 
agiy aluttam ire || a-Sirigarasanum Kalikattiya sainasta-prajegalum iddu 
Saka-vfirisa 1054 keneya Paridhavi-samvatsarada Vaisakba-su 5 Brihavarad 
andu bettada Kali-devara linga-pratisbtheyam madi devara nivedya-nanda- 
divigegariv tapodhanara ahara-daoakkam bitta datti hiriya-kereya kalla-tumbina 
sala-raavinali gadde salage mftju ko 11 beddale arini badagalu kaleriyolage 
mattar ondu mattam Hariyojanakejeya hinde mattar onda yint i-devarige bitta 
dattiyam lokottamar appa Bettada- Jiyara mamma Sekara-Jiyana kalam 
karchc.hi dh&ra-pftrvvakam madi kottaru (usual final phrase* aod Verse) 


At the same village, on a stone in a corner of the mined BairMAra temple, 
naraas tunga eto. n 
Yadu-variisa. . . . . .janasritan enalk udayisidam (3 lines effaced) mige guna- 

ratuna-bhftmi . . . . 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 291 

udgha-kirttiy Ejeyanga-nripange. 



tol-valpinim taldi tann | 

udeyam ranjise tanna balp odave i 

. . disaVchakraman otti kon<Ju Talak&dam Ganga-rajyakke tain | 

modaladam bhdpalakam h 

Kougu-Nan gal i- Virata (8 line* eff»e*d) nripalam vara-yadhu-Lakeb- 

inambike (8 Uom effeoed) Bbanusuta-pratiman emba (8 lines effaced) vayeyali Ballala- 

bb^pange svasti-samasta-bhuvanasrayam §ri - pritb vi- 

vallabbam maharajadhiraja kulambara-dyumani raya-chftcUtmani V&san- 

tika-devi-labdba . . Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka- 

Rama bhuja-bala D6rasamudrada nelevi^inolu prithvS-rajyam 

geyyuttam ire tat-pada-padmdpajiyi svasti Hoysaja-Vira-Ballala-Devana 

cbittad-arasi Um&-D$viyara ballida| a-vira-lakshmi suva 

teradim BallMana vama devara vikbyatarum saranagata-vajra- 

panjararum nudidante gandaru . Purandararum cbalakke 

balu. . . .galum Vira-Ballala-Devana padaradhakarum ivar enisi n eg aid a 
ajruvattu-mauasa ekkatigara kirtti yent endade || 

kejre bana | 

jagati-samflham l 

pare jagadol | 

padabja-bbringar i-vaeumatiyoj || 

ka^tisuvar int i-suvarnna degularigalam maje-tige kavar avarumam 

sarauagata. ... pada-padmotkara nutta dbatriyolu papvidiv 

ettud i-jagatiyam sale mecbcbadar paropakarigalu Bitti-bdvaua 

raaga Singa-bdva Duggabbeya kirttiy ent endade 

.miliar satu-kirtti . . . .mudadim yam ma balam vandi-jauakk ene sal-lalita- 
Singa-bdvan. ... 

uaduvina | 

misupa dbarada abala-janamam | 

Kusumasaran-ante. . .y-a- | 

gisuva Duggaleya Ketayam s&hityam n 

nutfida nudi t&mbra-s&s&na | 

ydginisvara-bhaktar appa | 

. . . mateya Kalikattiy-eseva-jagati-samflbaih h 
.... bande paroksbadol olad a- | 

nandade vibudba matejau aty-adaradiin | 

kundade deya-su-pfijega- | 

le . .sale m&duyante r&dbige ndntaiu || 


Digitized by 


292 AnSkert Tcduq. 

stasti samasta»praias ti-aahiUm sitagara gandam dodd-anka-badira hageya 

benkoWaiii s&manta. . . .rupa-Kandarppa yandi-jana-kalpa-Triksha ratiuU 

kara s&hitya-nilayar appa sriman-maha-sanianta Kecbchana Miicheya-Xayaka 
Magare-miiourakkam modala-badada Kalikattiyaih paded aluttam iidda Saka- 
rarusba 1135 neya Srimukha-samratsarad andn Chatta-boram a-Nilesvara- 
d£rara linga-pratishtheyam m&disi deralyaman ettiai kereyam kattisidade. . . 

. B&ya-N&yakaram samasta-praje-gairimdagalum jagatf-kottaligalum 

Sri-NileiTara-d^Tara anga-bhoga-ranga-bhoga- nirdd jakkam nanda- dirigegav 
£gi LiknBgama-samaya-eaaroddharaiiar appa Komara-Singi-Panditara kilam 
karchcbi dh&ri-pfinrYakam m£di bitta dattiNidugattadakerejahadoranakodiya 
gadde sa 3 Um^-D^viyaru dhara-purrrakam madi bitta datti balladim muda 
gadde sa 3 ddrara hinde beddale matta. . anta sa 6 (mra*i ft**i phrmtm ud wu) 

oodid erada-nudiyan o. . . | 

kodavam sad-budharge belpudam kramadindam n 

kadeganisi banda saran ene | 

padera. .«nure Yicha-bdva isvara-bbakutam h 


On the left side of the same stone. 
Sri 6m namas Snr&ya u sri-Vijayanarasimhapurar &da Kalikatteya nftj-ippattu- 
mahajanangala irl-p&d&r&dhakar appa jagatiya-kottali Nile§?ara-devara nanda- 
divfgeya-bbanda-ra-dharmmav ad ent endade | Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada JySshta- 
Suddha 7 ml Sdmav&rad andu Arasiyakereya stbalada Sadaiiva-Devara putra 
§iva§akti-D£varu Kalikattiya sthalada NileSvara-dSvara dharmmakke munkond 
iUchandr&rkka-sthiiyiy agi nanda-divigege kotta pa 5 Nilesvara-derara stbanika 
Bamma-Jtyana su-putra sri-devara nanda-divigeya bhandarakke kotta ga 1 Kali- 
kattiya-puradol oppuva tolaguva NilSsa-deva-nirmmita . . . ggalikeya b4vi- 
gegeyan dbarmmanvaya-prasastiy ent endade n 

tttaoa su-putrar i 

.tadola Masani Kama Ketayan embar | 

nnfttana-bhandarada di- | 

fk. . . .Sayam m&di dharmmavam munkondar || 
t» || mattam 4-Masaneyanu K&raeya-KSteyaru tamm-aradhyar appa Sivasakti- 
D6var-upad§5adim tarama sva-bastav agi kotta devara divigeya ..ra ga 1 

(here follow details of g-ift with names of donors) 

B&channanavaru helida padya h 

jagadolag opput irppa Kalikatteyolam pesarvetta mauasar | 
nnegaldaru ratna-maleyolag oppuva m&nikad-aute kude sa. . | 
. . . .ta-tejadim jagate-gottaliyol pariveshtisirddu bhu- | 
mige pasa natiyi Bacha. . ; .tana putra .. .yol || 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. .293 

% SivaSakuti. . . emba munipangalim. . . .Mvise malva Viru- 

pam Masana kddi. ... .kani inaduva vegadind. .ikefeg eseyalu 

madid i-dharmmamam sayam aarvva anyarig eseyalu 

Nilesvaram tane balla Bacbanna barada sasana 


At the same village, on a stone near the ruined Ga^apati temple. 

Srf-MahadSvaya namah y 
namas tunga etc. h 
Madan&karara enalk i- | 
Yadu-vamsa-gunagraganyan udayam-geydam | 
sad-amala-kirtti-vilasaih | 
mudadim bhuvanaika-vira-Vineyadityam 11 
Vineyaditya-nripaJang | 
anunayadim pempuvetta sati sau-oute tarn | 
• jana-vinute Keleyab-arasiya- | 

n anudinadim pogalad irppar ar vvasumatiyol 11 

a-dampatige tantibhava- | 

d adam Manu-cbarita vira-Vikrama-tSjam | 

Yadava-Dripa-kula-tilakam | 

mftdiniyolu kavan ivan t-Ereyangam ft 

kadu-jiddu narkkuv a-hal- | 

gadala roagalu Lakshmi narttadam Gopalam | 

bidan uchitav embol oppam- I 

baded fichale paduma-gandhi Sirivam Harivam h 

mtlvar ddevara Saktiye | 

mtivarolam tappad eotene negaldar ttav | 

indlvara-ldchaneg ficbala- | 

Devige Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar || 

modalol Hoysala-rajya-lakshmiy-odavam t61-valpinim taldi tann | 

udeyam ranjise tanna balp odave tann arpp eje tann ajne mi- I 

re diia-cbakraman otti kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke t&m I 

modal adam Yadu-vaih§a-varddhanakaram Sri-Vishnu-bhiip&lakam H 

Tuju-desam Chakragottam Tala?anapurav Vuchchangi Kolalav El urn- I 

male Kanchif. . . .]Kong arbbieuva Hadiya-ghattaih Bayal-nfcdu NiUU | 

chaja-durggam R&yaraydttama-puri Tereytr kKdyatiir gGondaradi- | 

stbalamam bhrtl-bbangadimkondatnla-bala-bhujatdpani-Vishnu-bhtipam I 

8ura-bhdrubad esev-ankura | 
dbareg ogedud enalke Narasingha-nripaJam | 
vara-vadhu-Lakshmambikegam | 
parama-gunanvitegay agra-sutan ene negaldam 11 

Digitized by 


294 JnOme Tatoq. 

▼isaeaoadoju Irijtade ninn | 

s*i-4*U rairigala hridayadolu nanti t&lir | 

pa t ttri si bannolu baleyudu | 

pesat ood achchari Nrisimha bbavise jagadol i 

pattada satiy ficbale tarn I 

nettane Naratimhan-arasiy akeya basurol | 

puitida Ballu-nripalaka | 

nattaue gu^a-oilaya vira-Vikrama-tdjam H 

Kali-kMa-ksbatra-putra-prabalatara-dur^ch&ra^anddbadindam I 

hole hoddal hfoi besatt alavalida mabi-kfinteyam rakshisalk a- | 

Jalajaksham tane band ant avatarisidavol Vira-Ball*Ua-bhilpam | 

kula-jity-4dh4-. . . .nri pa-varan udayam-geydan ascbaryya-sauryyam 11 

iriy enisi sukham ba]ge chandrarkka-tarara | 

ethira-satvam kshatra-putr&grani yimala-jasam Pandya-vedanfa-eimbam i 
nara-r&pam Hoysalesam Yadu-kula-tilakam vira-sangrama-R&mam | 

nara-vira-srt krama-guna-nilayam Vira-Balla}a-Devaiii n 

svaeti samadhigata-pancha-maha-saboda maha-manflalesvaram | Dvar&vati-pura- 
varadhlivaram Eadava-bala-jaladbi-badavanalam dayada-davanalam Pandya- 
kula - kamaja - vaoa - vedandam ganda - bherunda mandalika -bSntek&ja par a- 
mandala-slijek&ja sangrima-Bhima Kali-kala-Kama sakala-vandi-brinda-san- 
tarppana-samartha-vitarana-vindda Vasantik^-devi-labadha-vara-pras^da mriga- 
mad&mdda namadi-prasasti-3ahitam srimanu maba-mandalesvaram Talakadu- 
Kongu - Nangali - Gangavadi - Nonambavadi - Uchcbangi - Banavase - Hanungalu- 
gonda bbuja-bala Vira-Gahgan a-sahaya-s&ra Sanivara-siddhi giri-dargga-malla 
nissanka - pratapa Hoysala - Vira - Ballala - Devaru sakala - main - mandalamam 
dushta-nigraha-sisbta-pratipalanam geydu rakshisuttam Doraaamudrada nele. 

vidiuolu sukha-sankatha-vinodadim r&jyam geyyuttam ire tadiya ajja 

Hoysa}a-Bi$ti-Devana besadim Singarasan Arasiyakeyeyind ettisi tandu Magare- 
munn&j-ojagana modala-badada Kalikatfciyam pattanamum patramam madt- 
kondidda samasta-jagatiya kottaliya mahimoonatiy entendade y 

saran ene kava sajjanarge san-mudadim kared iva yuddham end | 

ire nija-sauryyadim geluva mar-malevaodiraQ eydi kolva bba- | 

suratara-kirtti-roCtrtti-yutar Isvara-bhaktar enutte dhatriyol I 

karam esedirddud i-jagatiyam sale inechcbadar ar dharitriyol n 

AmanWati puram euisiye | 

ramanlyam badedu torppa Kalikattiyol ar | 

saman ar enisiye negalda | 

kramadim jagatigalu malpa danonnatiyim a 

kattisuvar kkere palava. . | 

nettane dhare pogalal ettipar Siva-gribamam | 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 295 

°tm e yin * va kavedeg | 

ittala Kalikattiy-eseva jagati-samdham n 

Kalikattiya Jagatesvara- I 

vilasame tarn kalasa dhatri-valayakk enisal | 

bala-yutar app f-jagatiga- | 

1 elasi palar n6dal arttiyim inadisidar n 

tivida channan appa kerey oppuva kata-kavuiigu suttalum | 

sri-vana-lakshuii kan-derada-vol beladirdda sugandha-saliyind | 

i-vasudha-talagradolu ramyam enal Kalikatti-n ideyum | 

deva-grihafigalind esedu sobhisut irppudu ndrppad urggalol || 
mattam hiriya-Mara-bdvam JagatSsvara-devarige besakeyda bhakti-pftrvva- 
kam ent endade || 

hinde pardkshadol old &- | 

nandade neye Mara-bdvan aty-&daradim | 

saodirdda deva-pdjeya- i 

n end urn saluvantu madi pratip&lisidam ft 
svasti srimatu dana-dharmma-purusartha-paropakara-nidhi-nidhananum 
padaradhakanum sameya-nistarakanum Siva-dharmma-niruimalanum appa 
Srimatu hiriya-Bitti-bdvana satu-kirttiy ent endade h 

nndida nudi t&mra-s&sana | 

padeda dbanam sadu-budhargg aro&tyarol adhikam | 

podaviyole tdrppa sura-taru | 

pademat em Bitti-bova marevuge kavam h 
svasti saroasta-vastu-guna-sampannanum sakala-sahitya-sarvvajnanum sitagara 
gandanum jagavan andalevanum dodd-anka-badivauum samaota-gasaniyum 
appa Kechchahana-Macbeya-Nayakan-anugina-putra Mabadeva-Nayaka Maha- 
deva-Nkyakana su^utram gdtra-pavitranum appa samanta-Someya-NayakaDa 
kirttiyam pelvade |) 

katt-idirol anta su-bhatara | 

nitt-eluvam mugidu tedu tilakaman iduvam | 

sutt uripuva ripu-puramam | 

ne^tane 8&tnant&-S6ma sitagara gandam n 
mattam jagad-vikbyataruiii saranagata-vajra-panjararum nudidauie gaadarum 
sameya-nisULrakarum Siva-pflja-Purandararum cbalakke balu-dalegalum Vira- 
Ballalu-Devaoa p&d&r&dhakarum Sri-Jagatesvara-devara p4da-padma-bhriu- 
garum sidila balagara ivar enisi negalda aruvattu-manasa ekkatigara kirttiy 
ent endade H 

arikeya-borar ekkatigar int aruvattu-manussyar urbbiyol | 

bara-sidil-annar iv-edeyol Arkkajan-aggra-sujatm-annar i- i 

kar:-koral-oppuv-i8vara-sada-siva-pada-padabja-bhringar end | 

aridu jagat-tmyaih pogalut-irppudu lileyin oldu santatam || 

Digitized by 


29« JrsOere Taluq. 

sraflti Srtmatu Hoysala-Vira-Ballalu-DSvana besadim eluvare-lakkeya samasta- 
jagatiya-kottaligalum Mara-bdvanum Bitti-bdvanum Kalikattiya samasta-jagati- 
galuih Sira-dbarmma-nirmmalanum gotra-pavitraouih sameya-nistarakanom 
§r!-Ittmanatha-de?ara p&d&radbakaaum appa Daggabbeya-Ketanna Kalleyan- 
olag&da. agaTattu-m&nasa-ekkatigarum Someya-NayakaDum (Kali) Kalikattiya 
samasta-praje-gavundugalum irdda Saka-varusha 1051 neya Saamya-eamvat- 
andu Srl-JagatSsvara-devara anga-bhdga-ranga-bhoga-naivSdya-nandSr-dlTige- 
gam mathapati-tapodbaaara ahara-danakkav agi svasti yama-niyama-sva- 
K&l&makha-pratibaddharura appa N&gar&si-Panditara sisya Sivasakti-Devaru 
Sivasakti-Ddvara sisya Kalyanasakti-Panditara kalam karchchi dhara-pdrvvakaiii 
m&di bitta datti hiriya-keyeya chikka^tumbinanadu-bayalali gadde salage nalku 
mattam modal-firiya tenkana-kadeya gadde salage yeradu beddale Nidugattada 
haduva-gddiyalli mattaru 3 devarige nadeva gana 1 hd-dota I mara 1 maduve- 
yam madidalli madavaligeyavaralli ba 1 madavaniganalli ba 1 Baonikereyalu 
bengonda-Mahadevarana-kereya kelage kotta sa 1 Niduvaliya biriya-kereya 
kejage Hoyseya-Nayaka kotta gadde sa 1 || samasta-jagatiya-kottalige mane- 

dere magga-dege kotta. . yint ivaru samasta-jagatiya kottali. .. .kotta 

M&cbayange pumbola saluvudu (usual anal phrMet and verse) Mallikarjjuna-Devanu 
bareda mangala || 

dakshina-Sdmana mammam | 

lakkana-kavi Santin&tba kavi-kula-tilakara ; 

d&kshinya-nidhi gunakara | 

siksha-garu bdlid arttiyim sasanamam || 


On the baok of the same stone, 
om namah Siv&ya || Bhava-sathvatsarada Pushya-su 1 §u-d-andu isrimad-anadiy- 
agraharam Vijayanarasimhapurav ada Kalikattiya asesha-mahajanangaligealliya 
sthan;\ch&ryya DevaHUi-gurugala makkalu Bitta-gurugalu Jagata-Jfya Cbanda- 
Jiya Sanka-Jfya N&ga-gurugala maga Lakha-Jiya yiut i-ayvarum tammola- 
ge ekamatyavagi sva-ruchya vodambattu &iiman-maba-vadda-vyavahari-Ponna- 
chcha-Settiyaru Huliyara-nafla-prabhu Chila-Gavufla Sayi-Gavu^a Honna-Gavuda 
Chavugave &-vflra prajegalu yint ivarugala samakshadalu kotta voleya kramav 
enteudade Kammatesvara-devara sthanada bhftmiyalli hechchu kund unt endu 
vivadisidalli iUsthalada prajegalilm a-Ponnacbcha-Setti-jiyarilm a-gavudugalftm 
Chayuag&veyavadlm neradu a-sthalava nodi anadi todagi d£va-d&nav alia 
yendu til id u nodi yidanu nivu vivadisuha mariyade alia endu a-settiyardm a- 
gavudagaldm SrvCtra prajegalftm a-ChavugaveyavaHim a-sthanikarige helala 
tUsth&nikaru vodambattu vivadava madevu i-dinam modal^gi tamma ella stba- 
nangala bhdiniyali anadi todagi navu bhogisuva bh&mi emiuadu agrahaiav- 
adandu todagi mabajauangalu bhogisuva bbdmi mahaja'.iangaladu evagevum 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 297 

mahajanangaligevum bbftmi-vishayavagi Halli-Hiriy&raiu k&vana-karav ill endu 
a-mahajanaugalige &-sthanikaru kotta vole yint appudakke sakshigalu driinan- 
mahi-vadda-byavahari Ponnacbcha-Settiyaru Huliyera-nada prabhu Chila- 
Gavuda S&yi-Gavuda Honna-Gavuda Kalikattiya Chinava-Gavudam PSteya 
Cb&meya Pattanas&mi Lakhkhi-Setti Biteivarada Mada-Jiya Kittanakeyeya Kalla- 
Jiya yint ivar ubhay&numatadim bareda senabdva Dasannan-aliya G6payya 
yint appudakke 4-ayvara sva-hastad oppa * sri-Jagatdsvara H Sri-Stofisvara || 
tsrS-Kallinatha h SrI-Benaka n sri-Bitesvara l sri-Machesvara |i sri-Chunganatha 
Vitar&ga w mangala maha p srf §r!-Rama saranu 


On the right side of the wane stone. 

svasti samasta-bhuvan&Srayaih Srt-prithvi-vallabhara mab&r&j&dhirajam para- 
m§svaram Y&dava - kulambara-dy u mani sarbbajiia - cb&d&mani maleritja - r&ja 
m ala parol u ganda kadana-prachanda ek&nga-vira a-sah&ya-Stlra Sanivara-siddhi 
giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama Magara-rajyardisapatta Chola-rajya-prati- 
shtb&charyy anum appa Hoysana - Vira- Narasimha - Devaru Dorasamudrada 
nelavfdinolu sukba-sankatba-vinodadim rajyam geyuttam ire tat-pada-padma 

M&Tantayya-dann&yakaru Kalikatteya Vijayanarasimhapurada ntij-ip- 

pattu-mahajanaDgala pad&r&dhakarum appa jagatiya kottaligalu Jagatesvara- 
devara nanda-divigege Srik&ryyke madida bhandara h Sarvvajitu-samvatsarada 
Asada-Saddha-paurnnami-Somavaradandu devara bhand&rakke kotta maha- 

puruSaram pelvade || (here follow nemee of donors end details of gift) 



On the left side of the same stone, 
dm namai Siv&ya || Bh&va-samvatsarada Pushya-su 1 Su-d-andu Sriraad-anfidiy- 
agrabftram Vijayanarasimhapurav &da Kalikattey-asfeha-mali&janangalu alliya 
stb&n&ch&ryya Devar&ii-gurugala makkalu Bitta-gurugalu Jagati-Jiya Chanda- 
Jtya Sanka-Jtya Nfcga-gurugala maga Lakha-Jiya yint ivaru mukhyavagi stbani- 
karige kotta voleya kramav ent endade Kalikati-mukhyavitda Halli-Hiriyiira- 
sthananga)ige varusbam-prati nibandiy&gi yikkuva ga 5 ge vuppina roSleya 
nir-ottinge yilihikombadu tamma m&nyada Jagatiivarada sth&nakke yilihikom- 
badu antu hanav aidanum yilihikondn gadyana nalku hanav aidand a-maha- 
janangalige &-stb&nikaru varusbam-prati yikkutta baharu aramaneyalu buttida 
abanayav enu bandadam d§5a-mariy&deya maduvaru yi-maryyftdeyan odambattu 
a-mahajaDangalu a-stbanikarige kotta vole yint appudakke fir a voppa senabd- 
va D&sannagala voppa Go pay y an a bar ah a u sri-f Haribara Jmangalam aba srf 

•Fi*e timet repeeted. fThrioe repeeted. ^ In Niger! ohereoten. 


Digitized by 


2$8 -Arsikere Taluq. 


On a 2nd stone to the south of the same temple. 

namas tunga eu. h 

.trivedi-divya-chakshushe | 

sr&ya^-prapti-nimittaya n 

Gan&patyaya namah Sarasvatyai namah n svasti samasta-bhuvan45rayam sri- 

prithvt-vallabham mah&r&j&dhiriijam paramesvara parama-bha Chalu- 

kyabharanam Siimata Jagadekamalla Hemm&di-r4 dushta-nigraha-sishta- 

pratipalanadim Kaly&na-nele rajyam geyyuttam ire |) svasti samadhi- 

gata-paiicba-maha-sabda maba-mandalesvara Dvaravatipura-varadhisva- 

ram Y4dava-kulambara-dyumani sriinatu Tribhuvana-malla Talak&du- 

gonda Nangali-Gangavadi-Nolambavadi-Banava^e-Hanungala-gonda 

s&siramum Nolambavadi-mCivattu-irchcbhaairamum Banavase-pa- 

nnirchchh&siramum Hanungalu-ain&Eumum Huligeje-m&niljumum 

dushta-nigraba-sisbta-pratipalanam geydu Baaka[pura] sukha-saukatha- 

vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire w tat-p&da-padmdpajfvi. . . . 

'. . . . I 

. . . .ivana padig ill ene sau- | 

ryyddayadim pasarisidam | 

. . . .vtra-Vishnuvarddhana. . . || 

Halasige Belvulam oppuva | 

Huligegey a-Lo. . . . Herddojre-varegam | 

kalitanade tagurddu vikrama- | 

baladim kaikonda Vishnu, .mandalam& || 
ant atan-agra-tantijam Vira-Narasinga-Poysala-Devam Gangavadi-tombhattaju- 
sasiramum dushta-Digraha-sishta-pratipalanam geydu Ddrasamudrada nele- 
vidinolu sukba-sankatha-vinodadim rajyam geyyuttam ire || tat-pada-padmopa- 
jivi svasti srtmatu maha-pradh^na-sSnadbipati hiriya-heggade-Ballannam ari- 

ta^ta-Bhai gotra-pavitraih yacbaka-jana-kalpa-vriksbam ayyana singa 

bavam gele. .bara-ganda kondara balu-ganda. . . marttanda ganda-pracbanda 

kaligalankusa markkola-Bbairava mrigamad&moda Bitti-Devana-kattid- 

alagu Narasinga-Deva Narasinga-Devar-aksha-palaka autu hiriya- 

beggade Balla nadu mfira sukam aluttam irddu modala bada Kali- 

katti . . . . ya Jagatesvarada sthana-pati Sivasakti-Panditarige uttarayana-aan- 
kranti-bitipata-Somavara-bidigeyandu Jagatesvara-dSvara munde kalam 
karchcbi dh&rilUp&rvvakam madi Jagatesvara-dSvara anga-bhdga-nivedyakkam 
athiti-abhyagatara ahara-danakkam sarvva-badhe-pariharavagi bitta gadyana 3 
hiriya-kejreya chika-turabina modal-eriya gadde are-vattalu Magare-vedangana 
tenkal innftru-gadde kabina kuvale iundru Nidugattada haduvanakodiya modal- 
eriya beddale mattalu eradu || (usual anal phrase?) Ganapataye namah Prajapati- 

Digitized by 


ArsUcere Taluq. 299 

. . .bud a 1073 neya n svasti praiasti-sahitar appa srimatu jagati 

Jagate8vara-d8va-anga-bh6ga-niv§dya-paje-puna8karavam madutta Jagatesvara- 

devara 8ta drjjitarh madikond irpparu || mangala maha Sri Sri || 

Baljigraraeya D&sdjana 


At the same place, on a 3rd stone. 

Sri | namas tunga etc h 

Ganapate namah samadhigata-pancha-maba-sabda maha -mandates vara 

Tribhuvana bh u j a-ba la- Vira-Ganga-Hoy sari a-Bitti-De varum 

Svaram hadu[va]l Alvakhedam badagalu Herddoye-paryyanta dushta- 

nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadim sukba-sankathdrYinddadim rajyam geyyuttam ire 

tatu 8amadhigata-pa[ncha]-mabfirsabda maha-manda}esvara lajr 

dSvi-labdha-vara-pras&dasadita nila-dhvaja-vir£jamanam dana-K&ninam 

mallali-tdryya m&rttanda vijaya-dor-ddanda-Phanir&ja visasa 

yogak asara sauryya-p&r&yana karagasa virala namadi-samasta- 

praSasti-sabitam srimatu naluvayayyana tamma Mallarasaru mure 

myaman ajuttam ire. . . . pura si 


On a stone near the ruined temple to the north of the same village. 

namas tunga etc. h 
iri-Ganapatayd namah || svasti samadhigata-pancba-maha-iabda maha-manda- 
}&svaram Dvar&vati-pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyuma^ii samya- 
ktva-chtld&mani irtmat-Tribbuvana-malla Talakadu-gonda bbuja-bala Vira- 
Ganga sri-VishnuYarddbana-Hoysala-prat&pa-Narasinga-DSvaru mftdalu NaAgali 
tenkal Vikramesvaram haduval AlvarakhSda badaga Herddoge-paryyantam 
GaAgavadi-tombhattayu-s&siramam dushta-nigraha-Sishta-pratipalanadiih Ddra- 
samudrada nelevidinoju sukharsankatha-vin6dadiih rajyam geyyuttam ire tat- 
pada-padmdpajivi | 

dev6 ddva-sadriksba-bboga-nilayat sampfirnna-lakshmi-dbttyd 

deva pa-raja-rijita-mahlk&ntH-priyd'sau babbau | 

.... §atru-dbar&pati-prakara-kumbbi-braja-kantbiravam 

d^vam 8ri-Nara8ingha-bbdpa-vijaya-8ri8am pra^fitd bbava u 
svasti samasta-vividha-simanta-lakshmS-vilasini-vilasam | bbala- stala-lulita- 
kastiirika-tilakalankltra-yidagdba - kan ta- sringara - haram | u ddanda - s&manta- 
sundala | ripu-kalaha-kalakal&karnnan&vatirnnagra | vidvishta-bala-jaladhi- 
tibra-badav&nalam I ahita-s&raanta-vipina-dav&nala | Narasimha-nripkla-dak- 
ahina-pra5a8ta-ha8ta-kauksh§yaka | nirmmaja-yaiafc- k&mini-kamaniya-nfiya- 


Digitized by 


300 Arsikere laluq. 

ka | sitagara ganda jagavan andaleva | Haliyexa-pura-var&dhisvara | srt-Gdyi- 
Dfcyaji-anyayav ent endade | 

sthira-gambhlra-Nolamban-agra-mahishi-Srl-Devijam tadvishd- | 
tkarar ant &gale bandu bandi-yidiyal tad-vairi-sangh&tamam | 
bharadiad eydi tala-prab&radole kond-and ittan &-bhftpan &- | 
daradim vtra-tala-prab&ri-vesaram dh&trt-talam bannisal I 
ChWuky-Ahavamalla-nri- I 
palaoa katakadole koadu dodd-ankaAumam I 
lileyole padedan adatam | 
pftlisi doddanka-badivan emb i-birudam n 
ant &tana magan Abavamallangam Honnavvegam puttida s&manta-Bhtman 
ent endode n 

ati-madakari.gindhura-ghataii-gbatdgra-mrigSndra-Visbna-bhti- | 
patiya manakke r&gay odavutt iral &tana bfdinalli t&m | 
sitagara-gandanam pad id u kond adatam padedam inahipanim | 
sitagara-gandan emba birudam kali-Bhfman ili-tai&gradol || 
mattam &tana tanfljaru | 

janakam s&manta-Bhimam prathita-guna-ganddbb&si t&ih Chattiy-akkaxh I 

janani prakhy&ta-M&cham samara-jaya-vadhCt-k&nta-s&manta-Chattang I 

anujam s&manta-Mallam nirupama-su-charitriinvitam G6yi-Dftyam | 

yinuta4r!-Jaina-margga-stbagita-guna-kal41apan ndyat-prat&pam || 

antu s&manta-G6yi-D£va Magara-nadu-raClnilra modala-y&da Kalikattiyam 

sarvva-badha-pariharav &giy aluttav ire n Saka-yarsha 1066 neya Rudhirddgari- 

samvatsarada yaid^kha-Saddha-saptami-Bribay&ra-Pusbya-nakshatrad andu B 

svasti yama-niyama-syadby&ya-dhy&na-dh&rana-maunanusbthana-japa-samidbi- 

slla-guna-sampannaru mattam 5abda-5fotra-Kaum&ra-rftp4vat&ra yyakarand- 

ttara-S&strajnaru mattarii jydtiaha-Srikarana - laghu - m&nasa - karana - ratn&di- 

jyoti-jfia tri-kaia-jflaru mattam Siv&gam&bhy&sigalu Idk&ch&ryyaru ldkdttamar 

appa Sishta-brihmanaru Alvi-Bhattaru t-Teligesvara-dfivara pratishteyam m&di- 

sidalli s&vanta-Gdyi-Deyam dSvara anga-bhdga-nivfidya br&bmanara ikb&ra-d&oa- 

kkaib Alvi-Bbattara k&lam karchchi dh&r4-pClryvakam m&di dSyarige bitta datti 

hiriya-keyeya chikka-tumbina modal-Sriya bayalalu bitta gadde khandugam 1 

Aduvagejreya hiriya-tumbina modal-Sriya bayalalu gadde kbandugam 1 mattam 

alii Kalikattiya Hoysala-Gaudana mammaga S&teya-N&yaka bitta gadde 

khanduga 1 dgv&lyada baduvanim bara mildalu Nijungala bad u van a b&yikalu 

pariyantam bitta beddale mattar onduvam Alvi-Bhattaru tavu dSvalyadim 

mddalu honnu kottu tumban ikkisi mSlu makkiya gaddeyam m&disi dSvarige 

bidisidaru mattam dSvara nand&-divigege Aduvagerey-olagana beddale aru- 

niiru 600 (usa»i final phrases) dfiyarige telliga-se. . . . kaln bitta &ya telliga Ke§i- 

yannanum Hottiya Kali-Settiyum Jagateyanum ^-Mareyanum Ayitannana 

Ketananum Macbannana Hiriya-Kaleyanum Chikka-Kaleyanum Chatteyanum i 


Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 801 

int inibarum dSvara nanda-divigeya ya^nege sontigeyam bittaru mattam 
dfiv&lyada kelasakkam varisakke gonadal ondu-banavam devara sannidb&na- 
dalu dh&jey e?adu bittaru int t-dharmmamam pratipilisuvaru || (auud ftmai verm) 
Hara n 8m namas Sivaya u 


At SaAkaranahalli (same hobli), on & stone near the livara temple, 
namas tunga ©to. h 
Sankarasya paratnam kathtUrasam Chandraiekhara-gun&nukirttanaih I 

. p&da~s£vanam sainbhavanti mama janma-janmani h 

namaS Siv&ya Sri-Sim....... svasti samadbigata-pancba-mabfirsabda mab&- 

mandalfisvara Tribhu vana-malla Eyey anga-Hoy sala-Devangam fichala - D6vi- 
yarggam uditdditam agal puttidar Ball&lu-Voysala-Devanum Bitti-Devanum 
Udayftditya-DSvanum &-Visbnuvarddbana-D$vana pratapay ent endade n svasti 
samadhigata-pa5cba-mab&-8abda maha-ma^dalfisvaranum Dv&r&vati-pura-varfi- 
dbisvara [Y]&dava-[ku]l&mbara-dyumani samyaktva-cbfldamani malaparol gan- 
dady-anfika-nija-n&m&vali-saraStar appa irtman-mab&rinandalftsvaram Tribhu 
vana-malla Talak&dn-gonda bhuja-bala VirarGanga-Hoysa}a-Vira-Ball84a-D$va- 
rum Gafigav&di-tombhatta^a-848iramumam dush^a-nigraha-sishta-pratipila- 
kan agi D6rasamudradalli sukba-sankath&-vin6dadim prithvi-rfijyam geyvutt- 
ire h svasti Sriman-mah&-s&manta-Cb61ayyangam Sdvave-Niyakitiyarggam 
puttida 8u-putra s&vanta-Benamayyangaxh Satave-Nayakitiyarggam uditdditam 
agalu puttidaru s&vanta-M&chayyanuih s&vanta-Bittiyannanum savanta-Cbdl- 
ayyanum s&vanta-Hulayyanum | s&vanta-Bdvayyangam Jakkavve-N&yakitiyarg- 
gam puttida su-putrar M&cbayya-N&yakanum Sangayya-N&yakanu &-Macbayya- 
Nayakangam Cbaluvftdi-N&yakitiyarggaih puttida su-putra kola-dipaka s&vanta- 
Lakmuya-N&yakanum s&vanta-R&yananu yint ivara pratapav ent endade || svast- 
samadhigata-paficba-mah&-8abda mab&-s&manta vira-lakshmi-k&nta tureya- 
R8?anta sabala-Trinetra para-bala-Kritanta godda gandara varisuva s&mantara 
ga?da gotra-pavitra paraiigan&rputra budha-jana-chintfcmani d&yiga-Mur&ri 
vinfiySpak&ri pusirvva-badu lobhad arddba duttara ganda Yidug&ra-d6vi-labdba- 
vara-prasada mrigamad&mdda ntti-Cb&n&kya mayey-okkara k4va earan&gata- 
yajra-panjara nudidu husivara ganda Ettila-kula-vana-vik&sa-cbandra 
sad-&nanda-bh6ga-N&g8ndra gadiyanka-malla todarvvang as&dbya tappe tappu- 
vam biradind oppuvam yentu m&rppuvam vairi-mano-bhanga Poysala»D6va- 
p^&riidbaka-n&m&vali-samfctar appa Sriman-mahk-sfimanta Lakmuya-N&yakara 
Kittaoakeje bidikey&gi 8ukha-8ankatba-vin6dadim r&jyam geyyuttav ire || svasti 
Srimatu Boppa-Gavudangam Mara -Gavudi gam uditdditam &galu puttida 
Masana-Gatidana prat&pav ent endade I vivfika-vidyadhara s&hitya-sampannam 
rfkpina K^ma-deva bbdgadal Indram g6tra-pavitra purusha-chint&ma^i k&ryya- 
dali Bribaspati mantri-cbtidama^i prabbugal aditya srimatu s&manta-CbSJayya- 

Digitized by 


30& Jrvikere Taluq. 

N&yakana mayidana Kittaaakejeya Masana-Gavudaoa satiya gunav ent 
endade n 

ks> h> Mala. . ya mridu-vacbane s&du .... balledal abhim&ni sadu-guni sad-rakshana- 
saQbhagya?aate Masana-GaQdana mand-vallabhe M&. .Ga&di budba-janara 

kula vaniiix. .* 

. . yara kula-tilaka mahft-prabhu Masana-Gavuda ka;eya. . .si tamma Boppa- 
Gavadana besar&lu Stya-liAga-pratifchtheyaiii mftdi Durmukhi-samyachharada 
Pftiugu[na] sudda 5 Vadav&rad andu Bamraacbiya . . b&ra-d&nakkam kereya 
kelage modal eriyali gadde salage n&lku 4 ddyalyadim bad again beddale 
mattar ondu 1 d&vara nand^-divigege kay-gana 1 Siy&lyamam mMidallige 
taoage koduva honoali sava-bb&ga honnaa ilihi kalukutiga Jakkoja ha. .da 
gade ddvara gaddeyim baduvalu sa 1 mata aadu-bayalali sa 1 beddale ko 10 
paodita»M&cheyage danakkam gadde ko 1 Masana-GavudaDge kodagiya gadde 
sa. .2 (MUAi final phrase) int f-s&sanayam bareda sdnabova Hemm&di || Baoima- 
GaQdange. 9 Sidda-Padumaaa maga gade sa 

67 N 

At Jannlvira (same hobli), on a stone in front of the Tillage. 

namas tonga eto. || 

sdnab&ya Jakkayyam svasti samadhigata-pancha-maha- 

Sabda mah&-mandaldiyaram Dy&r&yati-pura-yar&dbiSvaram Yadava-kul&mbara- 
dyumani samyaktva-ratn&karam || Srimatu Tribhuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu- 

Nangali Httligere-Banav&se-Hllnungalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira- 

Gangan a-sahaya Nonambavadi-mdvatt-irchchhasiramam 

Haligege-m&n&^umam dushta-nigraha-sishta-prati- 

p&lanadim sriraad-rajadbani-Dorasamudrada nelevidiaolu sukha-sankathsi- 
vinddadim prithvi-r&jyam geyyuttam ire ll tat-p&da-padmdpajivi | 

tUddvarolam | 

vara padig ill ene sau- | 

ryyddayadim pa saris id am | 

mddiniyam vira-Vishnuvarddhaaa-Devam h 

Halasige BeWalam oppuva | 

Hulige[j;e]y 4-Lokkugundi varegam | 

kaligaja tagujdum vikrama- | 
. baladim kaikonda Vishnu bhCLmandalamam || 
ant 4tan-agra-tandjam Vlra-Narasingha-Devam Gangavadi-tombhattayu-s&sira- 
mam dushta^nigtaha-Sishta-pratip&laoam geydu Dorasamudrada nelevidiooju 
sukham r&jyam geyyuttam ire ant atac-agra-tanCljam sri-Vira-Ballala-Devaru 
Gangavadi-Nonambavadi-Banav^se-Halasige-Huligeye-Bejyalam olagagi Herd- 
doye-paryyaotam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanadim Dorasamudrada nele- 

* It bat b«en found impossible to pat this into verse. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 803* 

vidinalu pritbvi-rfijyam geyyuttam ire tat-p&da-padmdpajfvi || Srhnatu ChaminiU 
vugeya Mahadfivannam Jaonav&ramun &}uttav iralu Mari-Se^tiya p&l ilra- 
gavudikey &g irddalli tanna maga Taili-Settiyara hesara TailSSvara-devara 
Saka-varuSam 1111 Saumya-samvatsarada Jesbtha»m&sa-suddha-bidige-vyati- 
pata-Sdmav&rad andu y&-d6vara nivedyakam jirnn6ddb&rakam naDdft-divigegam 
tapddhanara gr&sakav &gi ftra nir-umba bhaviya suttana gadde sa 2 ko 15 
balugina mtidana dibbada modal-firiya galde sal age 1 beddalu Sabaniyakereya 

baduva-godiya yojameyyalu beddalu mattaru 1 Devanna yint inituma 

Dbarmmar&si-gurugala k&lam karcbcbi db&r&rpftrvvakam m&di bitta dharm- 
uiam (nrafti final phrMM) Magare-munnCL£ad olagana Jannatira h (inui final wte) 

Sankhara-devara gade la-n&du modal driyalu ko 10 

(right tide) sal . ya Ealaji Jannav&ra . . Vira-dSvara . . navan&ra . . riyama- 

Gaunda. .yicha-ma. .maga ku. . danu .yana maga Naga-Jiya bagistadade 

Basava-Jiya Kala-Jiya rbara. . . . H tamma a ya Jakeya. dh&reyan 

eradu kottaru .... &*Jakaya 


At Sita&gere (same hobli), on a stone near the 86md£vara temple. 

sva-dattam para-datt&m ▼& yd hareta vasundharara | 

shashti-varsha-sahasr&ni vishthfiyam j&yatS krimih n 

nama8 tunga etc. h 
svasti Srimat-Tribbuvana-malla Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Nolambavidi-Bana- 
v&se-HanuDgalu-gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Ganga-Hoysala-Devaru Ddrasamudrada 

nelevidinolu sukha-sankathft-vinddadim r&jyaih geyyuttam irddu svasti 

phala-bhdga-bhagini dvitiya-Lakshmi-sam&ne m&ni devi 

Bammala-D&viyara patta-sahanada ADantap&la-s&haniyaru kke 

sarvva-bjldb&-parih&rav &giy Iduttam irdu avara samaksba kar appa 

Dar&p&langam S&vanabbegam udiysida su-putrar appa Jagap&lana 

sahaniyum Tihunapala-sabaniyum int i-md varum prabalar &gi . . .svasti 

samasta-vastu-guna-sampanna nudidu matt en nam gdtra-pavitram para-n&rt- 
putram S&vitra-kula-tilakam Irl-Bhagavati-dfivi-labdha-vara-prasfidam 5ri-. . 
p&la tureya-Re van tarn vira-iri-kantam haya-Vatsa-rajam ganik&-Man6jam vairi- 
jana-bbfmam maje-vuge kavam saranagata-vajra-paffjaram vairi-dik-kunjaram 
tappe tappuvam stbanak oppuvam cbapa-vidya-prachanda praje-mecbcbe-ganda 
8&bas6ttungan ayyana singa n&madi-samasta-prasasti-sahita Srimatu Ananta- 

ftr ollidar ene negalvam | 

nfiridan ati-buddhimanta k&ryya-Brihaspati I 

. . . raksbisi nadav t- | 

vtra praje-mechche-ganda Anantapalam n 

ettisi devalayamam | 

mattam b&idangam aridu mannisi puravam | 

Digitized by 


394 Armkere Taktq. 

A t rn'm Sferaipayreja i 

pticajfe prabbu A nan taps j a-fAhaniy enipam I 

pttraiirttida kani satyada i 

ukfaifi saajanya-jaladhi dharmmakka tayar I 

ppara-hka-VidyAdharan i- | 

dhacefola ranjisidan alte Anaotapila-oi. . . i 
&taa*»kol**trl i 

oradibada gtLnakam mahi(me)gaih | 

migil eftektuh kalada chalada nanoiya pempim | 

jagadojag t-Maleyakkana | 

pogajadar am sa-patran appa Haripalanumam | 

Dirap&Jana putram i 

rarao Iraih gajjda-gunadolam gunadolam ar I 

ddare Mra-iri-Tihunapajaoa | 

kflra ktlrttu sale. . .nu raram h 

Siddhartti-eamyaUarada uttarayana-sankraoti-yyatlpatad aoda Sdmana 

tittiya. ..abga-bb6ga-nivedya-Ummadigal-ahara-diQakkaih Rudrasakti-Panditara 
putran appa Uttamasakti-Panditara kalam karcbchi dbara-p&ryyakam/madi 
Aoantapaja-s&hanjyaru SavanSSrara-devange bitta gadde derar ilda stanadim 

pdrrra piriya-bayalolage totadim paduvalu salage erada Muddaya..a- 

tumbina modalali. .beddala fringe nairitya-disa-bhagadalu mattar on da iot 
t-dharmmamam pratip&lisad aliyaram guruvam brabmananam konda maba- 
patakan akku j pfrjarige. . sa 1 


At Honnakstte (same hobli). 
namas tuoga eto. h 

Saftkarasya. . . . katha-rasam Chandrasekhara ( . . . ,)gunanuktrttanam | 
Ntlakantha tava pada-s3vanam sambhavanti mama janma-janmani u 
kondam Tajakajam kai- | 
kondam mdl etti Kongan avayavadindarh \ 
kondam Visbnave Chdlana i 

mandalikara mande gondu || 

a-Visbnuvarddbanangam | 

bhavddbhavey enisi negalda pempim Lakshma- i 

DSvige sutan udayisidam | 

bhCt-yidita-yasd-vibhasi Naraaimha-nripam || 

pattada sati-fichale tarn | 

netjane Narasimba-nripatig ati-mudadindam i 

put^idan adhika-yilasam | 

ottajeg ati-vira-vikramaiii Ballalam h 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 305 

svasti samasta-bhuvanasrayam srf-prithvi-vallabham mah&rajadhirajaiii para- 
rafesvara parama-bhattarakam Yadava-kulambara-dyuinani saroyaktva-chuda- 
mani maleraja-raja malaparol gandau a-sah&ya-stlra Sanivara-siddhigiri-durgga- 
malla cbalad-anka-Rama ni§sanka-pratapa bhuja-bala-cbakravartti Hoysaua- 
Vira-Ballala-Devanu ... . main- raandalamam dushta-nigraha-sisbta-pratipaja- 
nara geydtr Dora sain udrada nelevidinolu sukha-saukatna-vinodadim. . rijyam 
geyyuttam ire tat-p&da-padmdpajtvi h svasti sriman-maba-pasaytam ati-visama- 
hay&rftdha-praudha rekha-Revanta para-bala-KritaDtam oddamkandu sutta-bala- 
suvara ganda | alam kandu kela-hidivara ganda vairig ede-dallalani niti-Chana- 
kyam a-chalita-vakyaiii | §ri-Somanatha-devara padaradbakam para-bala-sadha- 
kauum appa hiriya-bherundana. .tadakftsa Ghanteya-Singayya-Nagayyangalu 
Satiyabbegereyam sarvva-badhe-pariharav&gi mey-jivitakk aluttav irddu R Ghan- 
teya-Singayyanahalliyalu Sasamuni-Devaru Singayyana hesaralu SiDgeivara- 
devara pratishteyam madisida a-devara nitya-nivedya-kbanda-sphutita-jiruDO- 
ddhara matha-pati-tapodbanara ahara-danakka a-chandr&rkka-taram-baram 
saluvautag ire Satiyabbegereya Mala-Gaudaa-Cbatta-GaudaMara-GaudaNauna- 
Gauda Rama-Gauda Masana-Gaudana maga Mala-Gaudau olagada samasta-praje- 
gavundugalum Singayyanuv irddu Saka-varisha 1131 neya Sukla-samvatsa- 
rada Vai§akha-su 7 Vaddavaradandu Barangi-Siddara putra Sasaniuni-Devara 
k&lam karcbchi db^ra-pdrvvakam madi bitta datti Singayyanakereya hinda 
gadde 8a 4 beddale devalyadiui m tidal u sa 1 ko 10 int i-dharmmavam tanna 
putra Santayyange Sasamuni-Devaru kottaru || Cbattayyanakereya binde ga 

ko 1 (usual final phrases and ferae) 


At Soppinahalli (same hobli), on a stone near the village gate, 
subbam astu 

namah Kesava-nath&ya nayanaoanda-raftrttaye | 

Velapuri-nivasaya satya-jn&naya Vishnav§ || 
svasti sri jayabhyudaya-Salivahana-saka-varusbangalu 1517 Manmatha-sam- 
vatsarada Chayitra4u 1 Guruvaradalu srimatu Durggada Rangappa-Nayakaru 
Banav&rakke saluva grama Sopinahaliyanu Tiruvengalayage kotanu Sopina- 
ba|li-gr&mavanu BSlflra Chenuigarayanige samarppisidanu (usual final phraiet) 


At Holalakere (same hobli), on a stone south of the Bimdsvara temple. 

sri-Mabadev&ya namah || 

namas tunga etc. || 

svasti Hoysala-vams&ya Yadu-mtilaya yad-bhava[h] j 

kshatra-mauktika-santanam prithvi-nayaka-mandanam h 


Digitized by 


306 Jamkere Taluq, 

Y£da?a-vamsakk amare ma- | 

bddayay Ereyanga-nripati Vinayadityang | 

&dam; taneyam vinayam | 

sddarara ene tanage negalda dhirodattam h 

bimbam bh&nuge bhuvan&- | 

lamba-gunam M6rug Indra-vajrakke jay a- | 

dambaram emb-antiral o- | 

ppambadedam t and eg enduv Eyeyanga-nripam 

jattigar ada^am 1 

.... fichala-Devige | 

nettane Ballala-Vishnu-Vudayadityar 11 

modalol Hoysala tdl-valpinim taldi taon 1 

udayam raajise tanna balp odave tann arpp 8je 1 

kondu Talakadam Ganga-rajyakke ikm 1 

modal &dam Yadu-vamsa-varddhana r 

gha&aman aragam niaha- 1 

bala-pada-gha 1 * 

galam sasivante Vishnu d6r- | 

valadole kittum ottarisi kaungina H • 

Lakshm&-deTi . . dhipa- | 

lakshmang eaedirddu Vishnug ent antevalam 1 

Lakshma-dS. . sama mriga- 1 

lakshmanane satiy ene negalda] 11 

avarge Mauojan-ante sudati-jana-chittaman irkkolalke s&lv- 1 
avayava-sdbheyind a-tanuv erab abhidbanaman auad arigana- 1 
nivahaman. . . . uyvan anam. . . .echchu yuddhadol 1 
tavisuvan adan atmabhavan a-pratimaih Narasimha-bhflbhujam 11 

(6 lines effaced) 

sva3ti samadhigata-pancha-inaha-sabda Dvuravati-pura-varadhisvaram 

Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-balavanala dayada-divanala mandalika-bentekara 

para-mandala-siirekara sangrama-Bblma Kali-kala-Karna sakala. .... vitarana- 
vindda ViUantik&«devi-labudha^vara-prasada mrigamadamoda nam&di-sainasta- 

prasasti-sahitarii Talak&du-Kongu-Nangali-Gangav&di-Nolambavadi- 

Uchchangi-Banavase-Hauungalu a-sahaya-sftra nissahka- pratapa. 

Hoysala-Vira-BallaJa-Devaru sakala sishta-pratipalanam geydu rakshi- 

suttum Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sahkatlia-vinodadiih tadiya- 

p&da-padmdpajivi 11 antu negalda Hoysala- Vira-Ballalana chitta. . .sant&na . . . 

. . . karyya-stitiy endu sabhyara karyyada meyyolam 

niyogadolu mudadiodam bannipar i-dhatriyolu u svasti 

samasta- Vira-Ba . . . . savanta .... samanta-nitt-elavam mupd atteya 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. % 307 

devara padaradhakam para-bala-sadhakanum appa s&vanta- 



. . . vairi-inastaka-s&lam | 
sad-amala-kirtti-vilasam ; 

mudadim II 

sati Marave tanag endum i \ 

sutan olpina Macbi-Deva Manu-ch&ritra(na)m | 

kshiti | 

. . . . pogalad-irpar ar vasumatiyol h 

savanta-Machi-Devan ge | 

'. . . | sogaysidam || 

Jayagondana Hetiyannam | 
»aya I 


deva-pada-padma-bhringan enippam || 

Bommeya-Nayaka | 

satya-iauchadolu n&rmmadi | 

Bammeya-nayakam . . ttaman Alukondanam h 

svasti samasta-vasumati dharmma-nirmmala . saury yam am megevarum 

savanta metti taleya vadivarum Rama-Lakshmana . 

mandalesvarar appa s&vanta savanta Nayakanum Alukonda 

maga Bammeyanum Bittayanum hiriya-Jayagonda-Nayakanum M&che- 

ya-Nayakanum Holalakereya. . . .gavundugalum irdu Saka-varusha 1108 Vi- 
svavasu-samvatsarada Jeshta-suddha-trayodasi-Vaddavara-uttarayana-sankra- 
mana-vyatipatadandu sri-Raman&tha-devara anga-ranga-bhoga-naivedya-nand&- 
divige khanda tapodhaDar-ahara-danakkam sisbya 

Jiya (ttopt here) 


At Halkto (same hobli), on a stone near the Kallfievara temple, north of the village- 

iri-Mahadeyaya namah n 
nama6 tunga etc. || 
bhedam inftrttiyol allade | 
adarh paramarttha-tatvadolu sallad enal | 
mtt-devar ada bharadim | 
M&devam devan ige tan emag olpam II 
svasti Hoysala-vams&ya Yadu-mfilaya yad-bhavab t 
kshatra-mauktika-sanUnam pritbvi-n&yaka-mapdanam w 

Digitized by 


308 Armkert Talwj. 

M£la**Hr£jy a-malam eoip aggada dhaniyan atma-ieoeyim i 
cbalti chakr*T&rttige jayam mige tanna bhaja-ppraiapamam ; 
paltsi dig-jaya-prakata-kirtti-patakeyan uttaraaeyol i 
kilisidam dinesao agid ikshisurant Ereyanga-bhubhujam | 
obbaya-kula-auddhey eoip a- | 
fabha-laksbanegam su-charita-bbaritan enipp a i 
prabbogam mfryar ttaneyar i 
•abagar bBallala-Visbnu-Vadayadityar i 
Ddrasamudradalli Jagadevana seneyan ikki tamma tol i 
rira-samndram age jaya-lakshmige tad-gaja-vaktra-rakta-ka- | 
smira-rilgpamam nerapi tat-padakam beraa eyde kondu bbau- | 
daraman a-nripar ttaleda biramao aro gabbiram enoadar | 
Cb&rama biramam hisudu Pandya kadangad ir Andhra raodbraroath | 
parad ir Odda goddaman adam bidu Maiava kalagakke mey ; 
dopade sar ele Tigula oim jagul embud a-para-?ira-ddr- i 
fTara-gabhira-dhirate-viniirata-ghosbane Ballu-bhupanam a 

taleg ayana ga bararadol | 

el-el-ele-yend oddi sarchchidar i-nripan-adeyam | / 

nelekondu vfrad-olpam | 
sale megeTam vasudhe bogalal Udeyadityam 11 

dhurado} band oddi vairi-prakaram iral avashtambhadim Bitti-Derara ! 
karavalam tddi-kond imbalikar ele Mahadeva-kalagni-Rudrang | 
uri-gan band-ante Makalige garav adardant Indra-dig-danti sokkim | 
parigham gondant agurvv uryvipud ene mulisim uriri tnarampan avam r 
Cbdlana jftbu Malavana gojmuri Cberanan atti-tiraba-Ma- | 
kali Varalanam tuliva gandha-gajam Khachau-alley-ambu Ne- | 
palana benoa saiiimatigey iiii nade-tandaue vira-Visbiiu-bhft- | 
pnlakan emba sambhramame vairi-nripalaka-mandalangalol R 
ettada munoav etti nade-gollada munnav adarttu kopadim | 
muttada munnav arttamane tett iri . . . tma-durggamam | 
matt ena veda nirggamam id endu virodbige vira-lakshmi sa- | 
putt ire Visbnu-vikramad-upakramain akramisittu lokamam \\ 
karaalakshaih purushdttamani vibudha-lokabladanam dvisbta-dai- | 
tya-mada-dhvaihsan auanta-bhdga-yutan urvvidara-dhaurSyan u- | 
ttama-satvanvitan udgha-Yadava-kulalaiikarav end intu Vi- | 
shnu-inahisam sale tane Vishnu v eniparh Lakshmi-vadhft-vallabhara ll 
nage sudheyol nisa-rauianauol vadanam sura-kumbbi-kumbhadol | 
bigida-kucbam sura-drumada pallavado] kara-pallavangal and I 
ogedav enippa pattada maha-sati Lakshmige Seshan anta bhd- | 
mige patiy ad a Vishnu patiy andad ad oppuval entu norppadam || 
avarge Mauojan ante sudati-jana-chittaman irkkolalke salv- | 
avayava-Sobheyind a-tanuv emba abhidhanaman anad angana- i 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Tdluq. 309 

nivahaman echchum uyvavan anam auade viraran ochchu yuddhadol | 
tavisuvan adan atraabhavan a-ppratimaih Narasimha-bbftbhujam h 
idir ad ari-bbCtpalara | 

madad-&neya komban udidu dantada bajeyam | 
biduvina muttina haraman | 
odavisi jaya-sirige todisuvam Narasimham fi ^ 
maniniy-fichala-Devigav | 
a-Narasimha-kshitisvaraitgam negaldam | 
bhft-nuta-vikrama-nidhiy ene | 
Bb&nu-suta-pratiraan ati-bajam Ballalam n 

dhareyam vikrantadind oppuva nija-bhujadol taldi marantu uindirdd | 
ari-bbttpalarkkalam dik-tatada kade-varam tftldi tad-vira-lakshmS- | 
varan adam Vira-Ballu-kshitipati saranayata-raksba-kshamam bha- | 
sura-tejarh raja-rajara sakala-guna-ganambhojint-raja-baihsam n 
tan again kalpa-druraakkam vitarana-gunadol machcharam Sftdrakangami 
tanagam vikranta-vijrimbluta-bhuja-baladol machcharam Meruvingam | 
tanagam pemp-ujla binpim tajeda mahiraeyol machcharam t&n enal dha-i 
nyan ilftdhisaikkalol visruta-visada-yasam Vira-Ballala-DSvam n 
miidal sanchalisittu Kafichi haduval gholittud ambh6dhi yerdd | 
oditt aggada Chera-dfesav anitum Pandy&vant-mandalam | 
k&dol ktLde teraldu hokk adagidatt uddama-sangr&madol | 
koditt antu bardunkuv annar olare Ballala-bhtlpalanol h 
ghana-sauryyam Ballu-bhtipam mja-vijaya-hayarftdhan agal Khaningam | 
vana-vasodyuktan adam Tuluvan ajavu-gett odidam Konkanara bbon- j 
kene puny sir any a vam samvarisidan agidam Gurjjaram Malavam Vi- | 
ndhya-nikunja-praptan adam jaladhi-nikatamam Cholikam velegondam h 
dig-adhiparam panamchaleva vikramad §jge nagaugal eluroam | 
negapal odarchchuv ujjugada tol-valav a-negald arkka-bimbamam i 
... .pa tibra-tSjam ivu tannole sammatam aduv endod &- | 
Kriga-Kabusbadigal doreye Ballu-nripalana virad fijgeyol || 
antu sogayauva Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Devan-arddhanga-Lakshini savati-mukha- 
darppane savatiyara venna-sammatige birudina binkad ankada vilasamam 
megeva savatiyara mukhada kai vandi-jana-chintamaui abhinava-Parvvatiy 

enisi n eg aid a tad arasi Barhmala-deviya kirttiy ent endade I 

ingadala suteya pempam | 

bhangisuva vilasav Adri-jateya subagam I 

bhangisuva subagu subag enal | 

em gala banjisuvar-alave Bammale-vadbuvam H 

mala-maladu inaledu Malepara j 

kulamam ber-vverasi kittu Bammale mudadim ] 

ghala-ghalaku ghalaku ghalak enal | 

alevalu para-satiyara vara-ktrtty-unnatiyam || 

Digitized by 


aiO Anikere TdUtq. 

tracti s&madhigata-pajicha-in&b&-6abiida mabar-maudalesvaram Dyar&vati-pura- 
yaradbtfyaram Tnlava^ala-jaladbi-badav&nalam dayada-daraoalam Pandya- 
ka}a-kamala-yana-y&landa ganda-bherunda mandalika-bentekara para-mandala- 
s&fek&ga sangr&raa-Bhima Kali-kala-K&ma sakaJa~yandi4>rinda-$Aotarpparia- 
yitarana-yiodda VasantikA-dSfi-labudha-Tara^prasada m riga madam dda-na,madi- 
pra#a»ti-eahitam srimaou maha-mandalesyaram Talakada-Kongu-Nangali-GaD- 
garidi-Nolambayadi-BanaTaae-Hanungala-gonda bhuja-bala-Vira-Gangan a-sa- 
h&yars&ra nissaiika-pratapa Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-Deyaru sakala-roahi-mandala- 
mam dushta-nigraha-sishta-pratipalanam gey du rakshisattam Ddrasamudrada 
neleridinoju sukha-sankatha-vinddadim rajyam geyvuttam ire tadiya-pada- 
padmdpajlri Bammala-Deyiyara maya Ballalana kirttiyam p£Ivade i 

cbaturarol ati-chaturam budha- | 

tatiyolu badha-tati samaotu g&yanam gayanarol | 

matiyantam raativantarol j 

ati-chaduram chad u ran an-upamam Ballalam n 
mattam Hoysala-desada bband&rayadad Urggalolu pesar-vetta Haluk&ra 
raaba-prabbugala kirttiy ent endade | 

keregalan eyde kattisidar ettisidar neje degalangalam | ^ 

majeruge karar iWavarumam saranagata-vajra-panjarar | 

kkare-koral-t§a-p&da-padumdtkara-bhriDgar enutte kirttisal | 

pajavadivettar into Haluktira maha-prabhu-gaudar ellarum r 

ghaoa-Sauryyam Murttey[. .jam | 

Manu-marggam Binna-Gaudan &tana taneyam | . 

jana-vinuta Keta-Gaundam | 

tanag ayyan ad entuv adbikan i-Narasimham n 

iva-gunam ygdalodam | 

kara-gunam bhitiyinde mayevugal enasum | 

bhu-vinatam &gi tdrppavu | 

bharaka-nidbi Narasimha-Gaundanol enasum n 

hiriy-ayya-Mudda-Gaudara | 

vara-guni tarn Chikka-Macha-Gaundam janakam | 

kared iva dani tan ene | 

dbareg an-upamav aytu Mudda-Gaundane dhanyam || 

nSdaJk attalagam Sahasraoayanangam rflpu m&rkkondu m&- | 

tadalk adubhutav Antakangav enasum vikranta sat-kirtti nild- | 

adalk itt ede varddhi-veshtita-dhara-chakram dal end oldu ma- | 

taduttirppudu Mudda-Gaundana guna-bratangalam vandigal h 

uttaman urjjitan enisida | 

muttaiyam D&sa-Gaundan an-upama-tejam | 

hettaiyan alte Jakkanan | 

aty^adhikam Dasa-Gaundan tsana d&sam h 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 311 

nudida nudi tamra-sasanam | - v "* 

padeda dhauam sad-budhargg amattyarol adhikam | 

podaviyole torppa sura-tar u | 

pade-m&t eiii Dasa-Gauodan f-vasumatiyol n 

Kada-Gavundana tammam | 

rftdiya negldida Chaunda-Gaundana putram |«x 

beduva-vandige Karnnam | 

nadeyuv ene Chikka-Gaunda mikkam dhareyol H 

gdtra-pavitram sadu-guni | 

kirtti-jutam tan enuttav i-vasumatiyol | 

dhatri hogaluttav irppudu I 

sfitrisidavol oldu Chikka-Gaundane dhanyaiii li 

Nila-Gavundana putraifa | 

lileyol a-Keta-Gaundan tvara devam i 

lolakshigalge Karaam | 

saliduvam halavu honnan artthi-janakkam n 
svasti saraasta-guna-sampannarum saranagata-vajra-panjararum marevuge 
ka varum tappe tappuvarum idir-antaran ahavadol ikki sauryyamam mereva 
saha6ottungarum ubhaya-nadolu # pesarvetta rnaba-prabbu-Dal-gaundugalum 
enisi sogaysuva Haluktlra maba-prabhu Narasinga-Gaundanum Mudda- 
Gaundanum Dasa-Gaundanum Chikka-Gaundan olagada saraasta-praje-gaundu- 
galum irddu Saka-varu§a 1100 neya Hemanambi-samvatsarada Bhadrapada- 
dandu §ri-Kali-devara naivedya nandadivigey anga-bhoga-ranga-bhoga-kbanda- 
rputita-jirnnoddbarakkam raatba- pati - tapodhanar-ahara-danakav-agi svasti 
guna-sampannaru Lakulagama-samaya-saniuddharanarurh ekkoti-rauniodra- 
vandanfinandarum Kalamukha-prtibaddharum sri-Raraauatha-devara pada- 
radhakarum appa Keta-Jiyyara sisya Devendrasakti-Panditaru avara guddi 
pratyaksba-Gauge Dekavve Devendrasakti-Pauditara sisya Rainasakti Rama- 
saktiya sisya Kalyauasakti Kalyanasakutiya sisya Vamasakuti Varnasaktiya 
sisya MahadSva-Jiya Mahadeva-Jiyara sisya Chikka-Kavi-Jiyan int i-muni- 
samtthada kalam karchcbi dhara-pttrvvakam madi bitta datti (her* follow details 

of gift and iiaoAl fioal phrases;, left side oontains details of farther gift witb names of donors, 
end signatures) 


On a broken pillar near the same temple. 

Saka-varusha 1297 neya Ananda-samvatsarada Jeshta-ba 5 Mam Hon naval iy a 
8rlmad-asfisba-maba-janangalu Halukflra Bomma-Gavuda Madi-Gavuda Naga- 

Digitized by 


312 Jrnkere Ta&uq. 

Garuda KAta-Garudan olagada samasta-gaTudu-grajegalige kotta parivarttana- 
i&Mnada kramay ent endare a-Honoavaliya kalarali Bhagarati-ghattadalu 
Tulikeyabaliya hola-simeyim tenkalu Hosakatteyim paduva-tenkalagi 64 mettina 
galeya . . . ba 430 kotta Halak&ra kaluyali .Tulikeyabaliya Bftdanabalu 
Bhagayati-ghattada bb&miyim badagalu suttana hala-mereya chatus-simeya 
bh&ini kamba 430 kondu tammolu sarryaikamatyavagi vodambatu kotta pari- 
yarttanada §&sana 


On a yirakal near the same temple. 

jitdna labhyatd laksbmir mriten&pi sur&ngana | 

kshaga^vidhvamsang kayS k& cbinta marane rane n 
Vikrama-sam | Bhadrapada-ba 14 Ma | dina Halu. ..<Tla garugala maga 
MaLlayyanu Haluk&ra bagilalu kadi Kavilasa-praptan adanu 


At the same place. 
Sri Rama-taranu h namas tunga etc. h 
svasti Sri jay&bbyudaya^-Saka-varushada 1252 deoeya Pramodotha-samvatsarada 
Aivtja-suddha 12 Sdmavaradandu srimat-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyisana-sri- 
vlra-Ball41a-D6varu Virupakshapattauada nelevidinali sukha-sarikatha-vinoda- 
dirfi r&jyaih geyivutt ire Srimanu maha-pradhanam Sdraeya (stops here) 


At Hidiln (same hobli), on a stone in the Basavdsvara temple. 

Yuva-saruvatsarada Pusya-suddha 10 Guruvarad andu svasti sri-vira-pratapa- 
chakravartti Hoyisana sri-vira-Ballala-Devaru prithvi-rajyam geyivalli sriniad- 
aniidi-agrah&ram Ballalapuravada Kittanakereya srfma[d-a]sesha-mah&janangalii 
Srimanu inaha-pradhanam Ponnannanavara makkaju Karaeya-dannayakari. 
Arinakejeya stalav aluvalli a-Kittanakereya stalav ellavu bSl&gi yiddalli A- 
Kittanakeyeyanfl marali jirndddharava madidar agi a-Kameya-dannaykara anu- 
matadirii ^-mah&janahgaju srimanu mah^-pasayitarum appa Nacheya-heggade- 
yara makkaju Nachappa-Devappanavaru a-Guliyya-Rauri-Settiyara maga Kala- 
Gavudaiige kotta sasanada kramav entendare a-Kittanakereya kaluvali M&da- 
h&lanu sabba-godagiyiigi kotevagi adak-ula-cbatus-sime-volagada bhfimi gadde 
beddalu muntagi hola-vSriya sutana nalku millegu kalla nettu kotevu Neki- 
gadiyya ChavugiWe muntagi a-Madahalu raaru-godagiyyagi salavudu vtira 
mundevu kala uefctu kottevu a-kalagalanu sukhadim balvantagi kota vajiya 
sas^na &-mahajanangalu Hirivura gavudikeya kotadu a-vilra volag oodu 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 313 

mane santhege tapu . . . niseya muda gade yeradu salage Muduvayala Nara- 
simba-dSvara gadeyim paduva gade sa 2 ge yeradu. . chatur-ashta bedalu ondu- 
kalananu kalla neftu kotevu &-Hirivfcra olage aya-daya-manya-manna^e salu- 
vudu yendu ft-mahajanangalu &-N&chappa-DevappanaYaru MJftliyya-Kala- 
Gavudange kotta aasana a-mabajanaiigalige a-Kala-Gaudanu kodagi-dejey agi 
yikkibaharu ajivu anyaya kattu gtllu ^kattali sese apftrbb&ya sap&rbb&ya 
vutsahavu. . . .muntagi sarvva-bidhe-pariharav agi &-Hirivflra kodagigevu 
a-Madahaligevu kfidi varusba 1 ke ga 9 nft raukkandayavagi yikkutta 
babanu y!-mariy&deyalu prati-varusbangalalu yikki bhogisuta bahan endu 
a -mahajanangalu a-Nachappa- Devappanavani a-Gftliyya-Kala-Gavudange 
kota sasana yint appudake a-mabajaDaDgala a-Kameya-dan^aykara vopa- 

a-Nachappa-DSva ... 


At Kittanakere (same hobli), on a stone in the varanda of the Narasimha temple. ^ 

damsh^ragrena mahlm mahasuram abo dbritva vijitva sthitah 
kritva 16ka-bitam prabbava-janitam srimad-Varahd yada | 

ya sbu suras samasta-risbayas savrvam jagat saihsthitam 

lokam 16ka-patih purana-purushah prltas sada patu vah n 
sri grt Sri srl-Lakshmi-Nrisimhaya*namah || 

ha mho dbira varam grihana rujina prito'bara ity e?a te 
prftir bbhaktir upatta-bhavaoataya paramparabo inayi | 
srimat-Kirtisamudra-sajjana-patir Lakshmi-Nrisimhas tada 
Prahladaya dadati vanchhitam iva prayo dadatu prabhuh h 
Brabmano'trir abhut tasmat Somas tasmad Budhah parafc | 
tatat Purdravas tasmad Ayusho Nahusbas tatah n 
x kfinachiu munindktd hi Said Hoysana ity api ] 
Yejeyangas tato jato Bitti-Devas tato bhuvi h 
Bitti-DSvatmaj6 16ke Narasimho dbarapatih | 
yaid yasya baraty etad vipaUkalahi-durvvisham || 
tat-putrS'pi yasah-p&tir vijayat§ pratyaksba-Lakshrai-patiJi 
k&byfi sfibya-matis sukbe Surapatir marttanda-tSjo-dhritih | 
sangramfi vijayi patir ggaja-patih prakhyata-vidya-patir 
UdkS sat-kavi-vfidinam adhipatir vVallala-prithvipatih || 
yft vedachara-8aukhya-8mriti-mita-yajana-srauta-karmmaika-Di8hthah | 
tebhy6 Ballala-Devo dadad ati-vibhavam Kirttiratn&karam hi || 

• This inscription if fall of mistakes. 


Digitized by 


3l4r Arsikere Taluq. 

d3|£d utfcara-oamatah sthirataram srutvagatebhyo yasah 
\ KArnna^ttama-varnna-pilrnna-janita-praudha-priyebhyo dadat I 
saiikr&iit3 dasaka-dyayottara-satam sri-Tungabhadra-tate 
Sri-Bfcllfilapurain hi Kirttijaladhim Ball&la-prithvfpatih a 
vixah kd Narasimhas sakala-kayi-jana-praudha-dhir nNarasimhah 
khy^tah kd N&rasimhd Magara-bala-barah kridaya Narasimhah | 
Gbdla&y&dhikyatayam punar api kurute sametbitim Narasimhah 
&nmad-Bttllala-6ilnur vvijaya-patir asau S6bhatS Narasimhah B 
svafiti samasta-bhuvanasrayam sri-prithvi-vallabbam mahar&jadhir&jam para- 
meSvaram parama-bhattarakam Dv^ravati-pura-varadbisvararh Yadava-kul&m- 
bara-dyumani saryvajda-chUdamaui maleraja-raja malaparol ganda kadana-pra- 
chandan ekanga-viran a-sahaya-sfira Saniv&ra-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad- 
anka-R&ma Magara-rijya-nirmmfclana Chola-rajya-pratisbtbacb&riyarum appa 
bhuja-bala-pratapa-chakravartti Hoyteana sri - yfra - Narasimha - Deraru Ddra- 
samudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankathi-yinddadim rajyam geyyuttam ire n 
srtmad-Rama-sutas tu tasya janani BoppaTva-nama tatah 
kby&tomakhya-satiti Bbanur abhavad Vasishta-vamsodbhavah | 
bhrata vai Siva-DSva-nima-sukriti tad-Boppa-DSvas sudhis 
Srl-Lakshmi-Narasimha-sarvva-janatasyltho pratishthi krita || 
sat-tarkka-pra-taranga-sukti-Tinayach^rais cha ratnair yutam | 
Srl-Ballalapuram hi Kirttijaladhim vidya-vinodadhikam 
kah kah kirn na kardti vandanam aho sadbhis sada sevitam h 
srf-Ballalapura-sthitas sura-taru-khy&tiis su-silodbhavas 
sarvvais sarvva-namasya-Kirttijaladhi-stb&na-pravishtam tada | 
tasmin Manikagattam evam adadam Lakshini-Nriaimhaya te 
rangangarcbana-bhoga-bhoga-bahulam bhakty& su-dhirottamah || 
ekamatya-mani-sthana-Kirttiratn^karas tatah | 
sri-Ballala-pradattatyad Ballalapuram uchyate || 
vitaratu sukham asya pritim evam kardtu 
prabhur iba para-rilpah patu vas su-prasannah | 
jana-janita-jadatvam yatu yatu prabhdtam 
disatu disatu loke vaDchbitarttham Suresah || 
sri-Lakshmi-Narasimhasya sasanam sthira-sasanam | 
§iva-Deveua ldkasya maugal&ya pratishthitam H 
satyara bhftta-hitam guru-dvija-sura-sri-pada-seva day a 
d&kshinyam pitri-matri-bhakti-vinaya-sr§yamsy aho bhtitale | 
tSsham apy adhikam hi durllabbataram dbarmmam tatas chadhikam 
tad-dharmma-pratip41anam nripatayd rakshantu matva sada 11 
dbarmma-samrakshako raja kalpa-sthayi samedhatft | 
dharwma-nasakaras svasya kula-nasakarah kari 11 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 315 

svasti sriinatu-Saka-varshada 1086 neya Tarana-samvatsarada Chaitra-Suddha 
10 S6ma i srimatu Kittanakepeya grama-inadhyadalli sri-Lakshmi-Nrisimha- 
devara pratishtba-kaladalu Kittanakejeya ntir-ippattu-mahfijanangalum avara 
priya-putra Choleya-N§,yaka-Mareya-Nayakangalu sahitavagi tamina -halli 
Manikagattavauu n^lku-sime-pariyantavagi Kedagegattada halugina badagana 
tdta-sthala-sahitav agiyft srt-Lakshmt-Nrisimba-devarigey anga-bboga-ranga- 
bhdga-jtrnndddhara-Cbaitra-paitrayam m&duvant&gi pratisbthit-kaladalu sarTva- 
namasyav igiyfty i-chandr&rkka-sthiyiyagi dhar&-pfirvvakavagi kot^aru (uraai 
floai rertet) B&channangalu baredaru || 


On the Hirikillu-betta (same hobli), on a stone near the Nigapuri 
Saftkariavara temple. 

namas tanga etc. n 

svasti Hoysala-vamsaya Yadu-mttlaya yad-bhavah | 
ksbatra-mauktika^santanam pritbvi-nayaka-mandanam || ** 

modalol Hoysala-rajya-laksbmiy-odavam tol-valpinim t&ldi tann I 
udayam ranjise tanna*balp odave tann &rpp ere tann ajne mi- | 
re dtsarchakraman otti kondu Talakadam Ganga-r&jyakke t&m | 
modaladam Yadu-vamsa-varddhana-karam sri-Vishnu-bhdpalakam || 
dhuradol band oddi vairi-prakaram iral avashtambhadim Bitti-Devam | 
karav&Iam tddikond im-balik el ele Mahadeva-Kai&gni-Rudrang | 
uri-gan bandante Makalige garav adardant Indra-dig-danti sokkim | 
parigbam gondant agurbb iih parbbipud ene mulisim mip majr&mpan avam i| 
/ettada munnav etti nadegollada munnav adarttu kopadim | 
muttada munuav arttbamane tett iriv itt irir Sitina-durggavam | 
matt enaveda nirggamam id endu virodhige vira-lakshmi sa- | 
rutt ije Yisbnu-vikramad upakramav akramisittu lokamam h 
Lakshini-Devi Khagadhipa- | 
laksbmang esedirddu Visbnug esevante valam | 
Lakshmi-Devi lasan-mriga- | 
lakshmanane Visbnug agra-satiy ene negaldal n 
avarge Mandjanante eudati-jana-cbittaman ilkolalke f&lv | 
avayava-ddbheyind a-tanuv emb abhidhanaman &nad anganfc- | 
nivabaman echchum uyvan anam anade viraran echchu yuddhadol | 
tavisuvau adan itmabhavan appratimam Narasimha-bhClbhujam >\\ 
pademat em bandu kandang ararita-jaladhi lam garvvadim ganday&taih I 
nudivannang enan embai pralaya-samayadol mereyam miri barpp a- | 
kadal-annam Kalan-annam mulida-Kulikan-annam yug&ntagniy-annam I 
sidil-aunam singad-annam Puraharan-uri-gann-annan i-Narasimham u 

Digitized by 


'"'". vr,^ .-;-' **';>■ 

316 Jfrsifcre Taluq. 

ptAtad* sati £chalegam | 
xnktpme Narasimha-nripa-varangam mudadim | 
puttida Ballu-nripalaka- | 
n* ot^aji galiy enipa vira-Vikkrama-tejam u 
kulak* kalankav illada visuddha-charitrada kalpa^bhttjamam I 
tola^tolag endu d^na-ganav &ntaran ugra-bhujilsi-dh&reyim | 
jalakane m&di saggamane muttiauv Arjjuna-sach-cbaritrav ag- i 
galieidud endu bannipudu Ballu-nrip&lanan i-jagaj-janam Q 
ghana-sauryyam Ballu-bbflpam nija-vijaya-hayarfldhan &gal Kalingam I 
vana-yasddyuktan ad am Tujuyan alavi-gett odidam Konkanam bhdnk- | 
ene puny&ranyaraam sariivarisidan agidam Gftrjjaram M&laYam Vin- | 
dhya-nikunja-pr&ptan adam jaladbi-nikatamam Cholikam vglegondam h 
svasti samadhigata-pancba-mahi-sabuda mah^-mandalesvaram Dvara?ati-pura- 
▼aradhisYaram Tuluva-bala-jaladhi-badavanalam d&y&da-d&vanalam P&ndya- 
kula-kamala-vana-vedanda ganda-bberunda mandalika-bentek&ya para-mandala- 
8&yeka£a sarigrama-dhira Kali-kala-Kama Vasantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasada 
rorigamadamoda nana&di-prasasti-sabitam sriraanu maha-mandajesvarara Tala- 
gonda bhuja-bala Vira-Gangan a-sahaya-sdra nissanka-pratapa Hoysala-vira- 
Ballala-Deyaru sakala-mahi-mandalamam dushta-niggraba-sishta-pratipalanam 
geydu rakshisuttam Dorasamudrada nelevidinolu sukha-saukatha-vinodadim 
r&jyam geyruttam iralu tat-pada-padmopajivigal appa Arasiyakejeya raja* 
dhyakshada heggadegala satu-kirttiy entendade || 

kulamam pelvade Vaji-vamsa-tilakam san-mantra-mantritvadol | 
halarum jiy ene Devaraantriy-odavam sal-lileyim toruvam | 
chaladind antaran ikki nietti padevam sat-kirttiyam dbatriyol | 
oalavim Revana-mantriy arggav adbikani s&hitya-vidyadharam || 
purusba-nidhauan endu purusarttha-Purilravan endu sat-kavi- | 
Svara-jana-Yandyaii endu dhare bannisut irppudu Ketamallanam | 
para-hita-KhScbaradhipanan i-Kali-kalada kalpa-bhftjanam | 
vara-guni mantri m&nara-sikh&maniyam jasad-arttbi-gandanaih || 
sura-kujaraam sura-dhenuva- | 
n ere? achchigav eke vandi uirutam bed i- | 
vara-guni Muttana Marana | 
para-hitamam malpa d&na-chiut&maniyam || 
mattam sriraanu maha-pradbanam mabfc-pasayitam vira-Ballala-Ddvaaa pada- 
r&dhakanum Siva-pada-sekharanum appa Cbemmavugeya Mahadevana kirttiy 
ent endade li 

i?ara devan ittu merev i-Ravi-s&nu vivekad agaram I 
bhavakan udgha-charu-charitam bhuvanagrani raja-pujitam | 
devara deva Sankarana pada-yugakke nibaddha-chittan end | 
agalu voldu bannipudu mSdini Midhavanam uirantaram ii 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 317 

janani negalda Marave jan&grani sad-gani K&vi-Settiy olp- | 
ina janakam Trilochana maha-mahimam tanag irdda deyva bhtt- | 
vinutan antlna-d&ni kali-Ballu-nripalakan &ldan endod inn | 
anupaina-Madhavange padiy ar ggala manavar i-dharitriyol || 
srimad-Arasiyakejreya beggadegalum samasta-praje-gavundugalum irddu Ajeya- 
Sankara - dS vara naivedy a - oanda - df vigey - anga - bbdga - ranga - bbdga - khanda- 
rphutita-jirnnoddharakkav agi Saka-varsha 1096 neya Vijaya-samvatsarada 
Phalguna^uddha-trayodasi-Vaddavara-uttaraya^a-eankram^na-byatip^tad andu 
Nagarasi-Panditara kalam karchcbi dhara-pfirvrakaiii m&di bitta datti 
Agguliya-kereya kelage gadde sa 1 beddale kamma 100 (here follow details of gift 

with Dames of donors and usnel final phrases) 


In Arasikere, on a stone near the Siva temple, 
nam as tuiiga etc. |i 

svasti samasta-vastu . . . vastbanamum lakshmi-nilayamum mom nitya- 

mum enisi samudradant irdda Hoysalanvayadol udayisida Visbnu-nripa-tanft- 
jam Nrisimha-narapana magam Ballala-nripan atana sutam Narasimha-bhfi- 
pam rajyam geyvutt ire tadiya-pada-padmdpajivigal appa srimad-Arasiyakepeya 
bhakta-janangalu srimat-Kattamesvara-devara nandadivigegal chandrarkka- 
t&ram-baram baddiyim nadevantu Balesvarakam nadavant agi. . . kav akshaya- 
bhandaravagi sakala-bhakta-jauangal a....yim Saka-varsha 1142 sale 
Vikrama-samvatsarada Karttika-su 1 tta datti (here follow detaih of gift with 

names of donors) 


In Arasikere, on a stone west of the basti. 
srimat-Kesavaya nania^ h ~" 

8ri-pad&mbujaryugmam aty-amala-6ang&-sfitik&-g6bam ayt | 
a-Pankeruhapithan-udbhava-griham sri-nabhiy &yt drjjita- | 
&rf-patni-pratham&spadam vipula-vaksham tan ad ayt endod inn | 
a-pftrnnSnnata-Kesava-prabbuteyam bannippan e-vannipam u 
Jalajatodbhava-putran Atri tad-apatyatn Sdman a-dh&rini- | 
tilakddbbflta-Purftravam tad-avanip&l&tmaj-Ayur mmahi- | 
tala-n&than Nahusham Yayati Yadu tat-khyatauvay6rvvisarol | 
Salan embam nripan ad an udbhava-kararh gambhiryya-ratn&karam || 
an-avadyam mantra-vidya-parinatan a-bbayam divya-y6gindran orbbam | 
tanag atam namnan agal Sala-nripan avanarfa nodi samrajyamam malp- | 
en enuttam mdhadindam Sasakapurada Vasantika-deviyam pu- | 
nya-nidh&nam yukta-pilj^-parikara-vidbiyim uischalam s&dbipannaih n 

Digitized by 


318 Arsikere Taluq. 

adaa ettam vigbnamam m&duva bage mige s&rddftlan ak&radim p&y- | " 
vudum agal y6gi nim poy Salay ene su-bhatam niSchalam bettadim poy- 
Ymdum &;t ^Poysal&nkam Yadu-nriparole devi-praaadddbhava-iri- | 
viditarii a&eddtdado} k&dida sele piridum cbiboam andindam ittal u 
bttliy-iindigeyum seleyum | 
sale taramole chihnam age Yadu-vaihiadol u- | 
jv«|Arkirttiga4 ari-nripa-san- | 
kula-raarddana-aauryya-8§iiga4 palar esedar || 
▼H^ || vinay^QdtLjrala-kirtti sajjaaa-sudhambhor^siyam perchchisal | 

ghana-sauryy&rkka-marichi durddama-ripu-irdni-tamas-stdma-kha- | 

ndanamam made vinita-vritti-nija-sauryyatopadind aggalam | 

Vinay&ditya-nripalan emb esakadind atam tad-fLmn&yadol || 

tad-apatyam Tira-Yairi-kshitipa-nikara-sangr&madol nirjjita-prd- \ 

nmada^ianti-brata-kumbha-sthalaman adare dor-danda-cbandasiyim pa- 

yvudum allind unmi mukt&vali jaya-lalana-kanthika-male t&n a- i 

dud enal vikrantadind ar Ejrega-njipanol tlrap-uddhata-kshonip&lar || 

&tana k&ntey ent ene jagattajado} kamaniya-k&mint- | 

v rata man eyde nirmmi^i Virincbi jita-Sraman &gi tanna ri- ; 

jfi&ta-sad-arttham int id enip an tire nirmmisidam gad endod e- | 

m&to mrin&la-k6ma}eyan ficbala-Deyiyan entu bannipar u 

ant a-dampatigalge vutti vinayam-bettirdda Ballala-bhu- | 

k&ntam ▼iSruta-Vishntsbhftpau Uday&dityaTanipalakam 1 

bhrant en intaran ikki bandu iaran end anamnaram kadu kayy- I 

antargg ittu sarat-sasanka-visada-prakhyatiyam taldidar || 

avarol madhyaman igiyuih vinayadind aty-uttamara tin enipp- | 

a viseshdnnati-vettan uddhata-virodhi-kshonipala-braja- | 

haYa-kanthirava-5auryyan a-pratima-kantanika-netrdtpalen- | 

da vibha86jvala-mtlrtti-Manmatha-nibham % sri-Vi3hnu-bhilpalakam n 

tat-tanayam Narasimha-nri- | 

pdttamao udyat-prat&pan ahita-nripalon- | 

nmatt8bha-kumbh-dalan&- | 

yatt&yata-khalga-kalita-nija-dor-ddandam 11 

Narasimh&vaoipana piri- | 

y-arasi kanat-kanaka-kalasa-nibha-pina-payo- | 

dhare patta-mah^-devi tand- i 

dariy fichala-Devi rftpavati Ratiy enipal (l 

Narasirohdrvvisa-kant&tuoajan urutara-dbarmm611asad-dugdha-nir&- I 

kara-rakeudupamanam Nala-Nahuslia-Dilipadi-bhupalakodyach- | 

charitam ddr-ddarppa-vairi-kshitipa-nikara-sarigrama-keli-vinodaiii i 

paribhasvat-kirtti-valli-valayita-bhuvanarh vira-Ballala-bhflpam 11 % 

sii-k^tit^-dridha-sangamopajanitahladam bhujoparjjitd- j 

rTvi-kant^-ramanam dvishad-bali-kula-pradhvamsanop&ya-sau- | 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Tabtq. 319 

ryyakirnnojvala-kirttimat saraa-gunam ULn end a rakshikke La- | 
kshml-kantam vijayavaba-pranayiyam Ball&la-bbftpalanam h 
UragSndram dh&triyam dharini Hima-giriyam Hi(r)mya-§ailamKabbrijj&-i 
varanam Gauri-varam chandranan a-malina-chandramkalarstomamam nir-| 
bbharadindam t&lduvant a-ppratima-Tadu-kulodbbtita-samrajya-lakshml- 1 
bharamam hela-sus^dhyam tanag ene taledam vira-Ballala-bbftpam || 
kari-Dakrabblla-besh^-rava-yuta-haya-saDdoha-vicbi-padati- | 
sphurad-utpithiDa-k61&bala-samara-mahfi.mbh6dhiyol tanna ddr-mMa- | 
ndaradindam inanthanarambbaman odavisi vairi-ksbamapala-laksbmi- | 
kari-jaty-asvangalam kond atula-bala-yutam vira-Ballala-bbtipam h 
Surarajebbam madandbam madhupa-kula-yutatb pundarlkam sada ni- | 
cha-ratam Ganga-bradam cbandrana-ruchi sale doshavilam tan enal pel I 
doreye Ballala-bbtipalana visada-yaSS-laksbmiyol varnna-s&myam | 
piridum t&o adodara nirmmaja-gunadin avam pSlisal ballan avam || 
svasti samadhigata-paficba-maba-sabda inaha-inandalesvaram Dvaravati-pura- 
varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani samyaktva-chddamani Sasaka- 
pura-Vasantika-devI-labdba-vara-prasadam mrigamadamddam | vinamad-abita- 
mabipa-cbtidalidba-ntltna-ratna-rasmi- jala-jatilita-Dakba-kiranam | chatus- 
samaya-samucMharanam | biranyagarbbba-tulaparusba-pramukba-makha- 
Satamakham | raja-vidya-vilasini-sakbam | indu-mandakini-guna-yfltbam | 
Gandagiri-n&tham | Talakadu-Kongu-Nangali-Gangavaxli-M&savadi- Halasige- 
Huligere-Banavase-Hanungal-Nolambavadi-gonda bhuja-bala- Vira-Gangau ar 
bhilmiyam dusbta-nigraba-sisbta-pratipalauadim rakshisuttam Ddrasamudrada 
oelevidinol sukha-sankatbarvinodadim pritbvi-rajyam geyyuttum ire tadiya- 
pada-padmopajivigal appa srimad-Arasiyakejeya rajadhyaksbada beggadegala 
mab&ja nan gala mab&-mahimdnnatiy ent ene || 
iriman-mah&-pradh&na-si- | 
kb&mani Bhandaravadad adbipam Laksbmi- | 
ramadbipa-bbavanaman abbi- | 
ramateyim Harihar&ryya-vibhu madisidam it 

ksbir&mbhdrasiyam Srikarav enipa tatakam muni-£re8htharam vi- | 
prar&dbyar kkalpavalli-vrita-vilasanamam n&gavallf-vanam bhri- | 
figi-r&va-spandi-kalpadruaman eseva-chftULdigal lakshmiyam tad- | 
▼4ra-8tri-8ankulam pdlv Arasiyakereyol sobhikum Srisa-gebam h 
. . . .rggam xnantri-mukhyam Harihara-vibhugam B&giyakkangav &dar | 
ttanayar bBbandaravadakk adbipar avar adar endapai Revanaiikam | 
vinayidhyam . . jam vara-budha-mdhi-Nar&yanam Naga-DSvam | 
ghana-sauryyam Eesav^ryyam para-bita-cbarit bhyasar udyad-vil&sar || 

5rt-vadbu griham adud ura-sthalam olpu-vetta v&k- | 

Sri-vadhuvinge sangama-sukhaspadav &ytu mukb&mbujam jaya- L 

Digitized by 


320 Arsikere Taluq. 

sri-vadhuviuge . . §Yata.nik£tanam &dudu t61 enal yasa- | 
§rt-vanit&dhipam vibhudha-Rdvana-niantriy ad entum oppuvam w 
adhidaivam Eeia. . .tan akbilapjagat-kbyfcte Bagavve tiy vi- | 
§,vaMihara-8tutylLtri-g6tra-prabhu Harihai a-maatrisvaram taode raksbipp | 
adbipam Ball&la-bhflpam ja. . .l&yit^esha-Bhand&rav&dakk | 
adhin&tham t&n eoal matt itarar alaviye Revanam deva-satvam a 
jauakam srt-M&cha-bhafta-prabbu jaoani. .stutye M&ravve pempull | 
an ajar bBallayyanum M&dhavanum osedu raksbippa Ballala-bhdpa- | 
Ian adb!§am d6?a-d4vdttama vibhu Kali-dSresan aridhya-dayram | 
tanag end and eno s&m&nyane visada-yaso-vallabham Ketamallam h 
sthira-satv4dhi8btitaih[ . .]ty-atula-vijaya-laksbm!-7adhii-yallabhang &- | 
daradindam KStamallang eseya jasake nallange Ball&la-bh&pam | - 
nirutam Bhand&rav&dakk adbipati-padamam kottan 4-chandra-t&ram- | 
baram end and udgha-puny&spadana mabimeyam bannisal ballan &vam n 
M&range sftnga-Madani- | 
k&range paritngani-yidftrange sad& | 
dbiraftge sakala-vibudhi- | 
db&range sam&nar enipa m&navar olare a 
yidhu-viSruta-visada-yasd- | 
yadbil-dhavam Mfcra-mantri-child&mani t&n I 
adbik&ram gey vam* rit- | 
jadbaui Bhand&rav&dad Arasiyakereyol || 
padedu nijSSanum prajegalum parivarnnisal ekkad alte ta- | 
ppade nadeyalke ninna pesare ganak&grani Kesir&jan em- | 
bude Haridera-mantri-sutan embude Poysaja-gandha-bastiy em- | 
bade vara-V&ji-vamSa-vibbuv embude gotra-pavitran embude h 
bhflkintam Ball&lam | 

srt-Kesava-vibhuge mecbcbi mudadim kottam | 
Srikaranaman tlrjjita-la- | 
kshmikara-Bband&ravaday enit anitakkam || 

sri-daitar nnitya-satvar nnikhila-guna-yutar nnirmmalar nnttimantar | 
vvedanusbthSiQa-yuktar pprabbugal abhimat&rttha-pradar kKesava-sri- | 
p&d&bj&mdda-bhringar bbbu?ana-jana-nutar ssarva-SiUtra-pravfnar | 
bbbtldevar mmade chelv&yt Arasiyakereyol Kesavdttunga-v&aam n 
agalakk ittedey aytu dik-pratatigal tav embinam nilav &- | 
mugilol k&lasegondud embinegam ant akalpam ippannegam | 
naga-sanddbaman Abjajam kadedu tand i#-ante?ol n&deyum | 
sogayipp unnata-Kesav&yatanamam viprdttamar mm&didar h 
' sthira-satva-srf-ramanar | 
ppurushdttamar adi-purusha-charitar lLakshmi- | 
yara-KSsava-mCtrttig ilO- | 
marottamar ssu-pratishtheyam madisidar || 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 321 

svasti Srimat-Sakarvarsha 1096 neya Vijaya-samvatsarada Sriyana-Suddhaikfir 
dasiy-Adityavarad andu sriman-mabSrmandalesvaram Hoysala-vira-Ball&la- 
Devaru patta-bandhdtsaya-subha-muh&rttadolu srimad-riLjadhiLni-Bhand&ra- 
vadad-Arasiyakejeya Jayangonda-Ballalapurada mablUprasannarChenna-Kfisava- 
devar-anga-bh6gakkam nitya-nivedyakkam nandk-divigegam khandarsphu$ita- 
jirnnSddharakkam ptlj&ri-paricharakara jivitakkam Chaitra-pavitr6tsavakkav 
&gi mah&pradh&nara r&jadhyakshada heggadegala sannidbiyolu svasti yama- 
sampannarum Sap&nugraha- samarttharum app Arasiyakerey - aSesha- inaha- 
janangaja k&lam karchcbi dh&ra-pttrvvakaih madi bitta datti (hare follow details 

of gift and usual fin*) phrases and verse) 

Yadava-pati Bal 141am | * 

iri-dam hadinaydu (15) ponge uada-bayalam pin- j 

d&d&qav age kottam | 

bhtidevottamargge sogayip Arasiyakegeyol a 

bhuvana-nuta-Vaji-vam§6d- i 

bhavakara-vibhu-Soman&tba-putram peldam | 

kavi-rftjaib K&syapa-g6- | 

tra-varddhanam DevapHryyan i-§asaDamam h 

sama-vritta-§ch6tangalu | 

samasta-sampatkararigal ati-nibidanga} | 

kamaniya-mridu-su-rfikhi- | 

ramanangalu negalda Basava-R&jana barapam h 

(the back side oon taint detaiU of farther gift with names of donors) 

• 72 

On the upper part of the back of the same stone, 
irimatu Saka-varusha sa 1333 Khara-samvatsarada Aivija. . . .Sdmav&radalu 
Udbbaya-sarvvajna-vira-vijaya-Ballalapuray &da Arasiyakeyeya irimatu mab&- 
prasanna-KeSava-dfevarige DSvarasara makkalu Hampeya-r&ya Hadapada 

Hariyaunagalu haduva-Demaya maga Na madi kotta gadde kalmeya 

sa eradu. .geyu kfldirddu Arasiyakereya mah& gala mab& Sri 


On the right side of the same stone. 

svasti Sri Saka-k&la 112. .sale Rajfctakshi-samvatsarada VaiS&khada paurnnaroi- 
Su. . rajacJbauiy-Arasiy akereya Sri-Chen na-Ke&ava-d$vara nitya-sandhyfc-dipdtsa- 
yaih yriddhiyim nichchalum ndyu-divige nadevantu sakala-bhakta-janangalum 
nerad &-in&hajanangala vaSadale db&r&rptirvvakam madi bitta datti (here follow 

details of gift with names of donors) 


Digitized by 


322 Arsikere Taluq. 


On the left side of the same stone. 
Dundubbi - samvatsarada Chayitra - suddha - dasami - Sfimav&rad andu Jakka- 
Gaudara Bamma-Gaudara maga M&ra-Gauda Chenna-Kesava-devarige pujege 
n.alegarage kotta gadyana Tonduvam mabajanangalu nadasuvaru n aguliya 
bayala gadde sa 1 kambba 40 


At the same place. 
Dundubhi-samvatsarada Karttika-suddha-trajodasi-Budhavara-vitipatad* andu 
Cb&ki-Settiya maga Cbadi-Setti Chenna-Kesava-devara pCLjege mahajanangala 
vasadalu malegaj-age kotta gady&na vondu 1 || sunkadavaru bittu. . . 


On a stone east of the same basti. 

namas tunga eto. || 

Sri-ramani-gribam adhika-ga- | 
'bbiram dbrita-satvam amala. . . . bhuvana- | 

dharam muddrita-dasa-dik- | 

param Hoysala-kularnnavam dha n 

Hoysalauvayadol | 

Girisuteyam Padmala-DS- | 

vi RajasSkharan en eseva Ballala-Ho | 

na | 

tir ogedan t-samara-Shanmukham Narasimbam h 

jiyene samasta-loka. . | 

. . .ya kke Hoysala-rajya- | 

srlyam bhuja-baladim tana- | 

g ayattam Narasimha-nripalam n 

ka. . . ,lp&- gi tdl Man- | 

daram age vir6dhi-Magara-bala-jalanidhiyam | 

bbaradi | 

kari-ratnaman asva-ratnamam Narasimham h 
kara sakala cbaryyam sakti-trayadhishtitan a 


ChSla^rajya-pratisbth&charyya svasti srf prithvi-vallabham 

maharajadhiraja pura-varadhisvaram Yadava-kulambara-dyumani sarvva- 

jna-cb&d&mani rajya-pratisbtbacharyyam bhuja-bala-chakravartti Hoy- 

sala-vi Devaru Ddrasaniudrada nelevidinolu sukha-sankatha-vino- 

dadim rajyam 

Digitized by 


Jrsikert Tdktq. 323 


On a stone in front of the same but! 
i ri mat-para ma-gam bbi ra-sy ad- vad&mogha-lanchhaDam | 
jiy&t trailokyiMiftthasya sasauam Jion-sasanam || 
si-raroavasatham jagaj-jana-nutam g6tr&spadam bbdri-gam- | 
bhiram satva-saraanvit^m Dikhila-vastu-sthaoav urvvitala- | 
db&ram nityav udattav a-pratimav erab i-permraeyim bavisal | 
p&r&v&rada-vol negalte-vaded irkkum Yadavakhyanvayam || 
Salan embam tad-Yaddrwisvara-kula-janitam Jaina-yogindranam nir- i 
mmala-cbittam sarddu sand irppudu v ati-kupitam vyaghran eytarppudum hoy | 
Sala yend a-ydgi pfil. . . de seleyol adam po/du geld arkarim Hoy- | 
sala-namam Yadavargg adudu jasad odavind adav andindav lttal || 
a-Hoysajanvayadol udayisida Vinayaditya-putran app Ereyanga-nripangav 
fichala-Derigam puttida Vishnu-nripana vikramamam pelvade || 

para-bbtip&laran ikki tad-dbareyan antum yatnauaam made bit- | 
taradiud ettisid SrSur&laya-samCttaam premadiud a-tula- i 

purusham kattisi .regal bitt agraharangal i- i 

dhareyol kttde nimirchchi .jasavan endum Visbnu-bhfcpiUaua h 
&-vibbugam sati-Lakmfc- | 
devigav &dam viS&la-nirmmala-kirtti- ( 
Sri-varan adatara Javanam | 
bbtlTara-gandhebha-simhan enipa Nrisimham n 
negald ^vira-Nrisimba-bbftmipatigam §ring&ra-Y&r& .... I 
. . . y app £chala-D6vigam negajdan urbbt-mandanam kirttig a- I 
rttigan auyavanipala-darppa-dalanam danonnatam ma ... | 
* jagati-rakshananlaksha-dakshina-bhujaiii Ballala-bhdp&lakam || 
Budhao-ant il&-varam va- | / 

ridhiy-ante vis&la-vilasad-ashadakshfnam | N 
Madhuaakhan-ant ^sam&stram | 
Sudh&msudharan-ant Umfirdhavaih Ball&laih h 
Siri Hariya sangadim Sam- | 
bara-ripuvam padeda tejrade Ballala-mahi- | 
vara-sati Padraala-made- | 

vi ramani padedal Nrisimhanam guna-nidbiyam || 
hridaya-kalankan allada jad&tmakan allada Sitarochiy em- | 
budu guru-g6tra-§atru-chanav allada kausikan allad Indran* em- | 
budu riparttan allada ku-janmakan allada kalpavrikshav em- I 
budu vibudb&srayaika-nidhiyam kuvar&grani-N&rasimbanam 11 
svasti samasta-bbuvan&Srayam sri-prithvi-vallabbam mabaraiadhirajam para- 
m&svaram Dvar&vati-pura-var&dhisvaram Y&dava-kul&mbara-dyumani samya- 


- Digitized by 


324 Arsikere Tafaq. 

ktva-chttdamani maler&ja-raja maleparol ganda kadana-pracbandan ekinga- 
vira niiianka-prat&pa chakravartti Hoysala-ytra-BallaJa-D£yar ssakala-dha- 
ritriyam dushta-nigraha-iishta-pratip&la[na]diih Ddrasamudrada nelevidinol 
sukhadim rajyam geyyuttum ire tadlya-p&da-padmdpajlrigal app Araaiyakeyeya 
bbavya-nakaragala ratna-trayadhishthitatvam 8. . dharmma-pratipaJana-sakti- 
yam Kalachuryya-kola-sachiv6ttamam Rgcharasa keld a-Ballalana pada-pay5- 

jaman airaysi tada. . . .rattiyam Arasiyake?eyol Sahasra-kftta-Jioa-bim- 

bamam pratishtbeyam madisiy a-devar-asbta-vidharchcbanakkam ptijari-pari- 
charakara jivitakkam jtrnndddharanakay end a-Ballala-bbilpaoiih Haodara- 
balam dhara-pftrvvakam padedu tamm anvaya-garugal sri-MUla-eangbada 
DSSi - ganada Pustaka . gacbchbad - Ingale§?arada baliy enisida M&gbaoandi- 
siddh&ota-devara §ishyar sSubhachandra-traividya-devara sisbyar appa srt- 
Sagaranandi-siddbinta-dfivargge dh&ra-ptlryyakay a-vCtram kott l-dbarmmamam 

bhavya-nakarangalge kaiy-tadey ag itta Rdcharasana ma n Arasiyakejeya 

permmeyam pelvade u 

vadanam vag-vaoita-vilasa-sadaDam vaksham rama-narttaki- | 
viditaoarttav udarav arttbi-janata-santarppauam ktrtti-kau- | 
mudi Jainarnnava-varddhanam guna-ganam bhil-bhilsbanam inflrtti-cha- | 
ru dayanvitam enalke Recbana-chamftpam permmeyam taldidam h 
osed avar ivar enuade sa- | 
ntosam appiua? itta padedan i-vasumatiyol | 
vasudhaika-bandbu? emb t- | 
pesaram RScharasan uutu dSSiy in ayte h 
saram ndlparggo pempuJl-Arasiyakepeyol vism-vedaiika-viprar | 
yvirar kkfcyv-algal adhyar pparadar achala-vfckyar tturfyar yyinftta- | 
kaxam kanta-jauam karugal a-madar ila mandanam degulam gam- | 
bbir6daraxh tat&kam phala-bharita-vanam pdta-ptlddtav end urn || 
nata-bhringambhdja-sbandam suka-pika-vividhddyftna-sankirnnav apd- | 
rnna-tatakaih g;indba-sali-parimala-kalitam purpa-pundreksbu-vapi- j 
yritav uttunga-prabha-bhasura-sura-griha-sampannav udyat-praja-pd- | 
ritav urvyf-mandanam sand Arasiyakeyeyam bannisal ballan aram || 
Jina-dbarmmav-adiy agir- | 

dda nikhila-dharmmangalam samant anunayadin- | 
de nimircbcbi nadayipar ssaj- | 
janar Arasiyakejreya sayir-okkal satatam n 
a-sayir-okkal tamag adbarav ag irppa bhavyara permmey ent ene 11 

nudi satyddydta-gSham oadevale Jina-dharmmanugam Sakranim nal- | 
madi Jainangbri-dvayaradhane Dbanada-nibhampermmesat-patradol mey-j 
vadedirkkum danav arttbarjjane nikhila-janotsahav avand ad em ndl- I 
pa^ie pempam taldi sand iy-Arasiyakereya bhavyarol patiy avam u 
bhCt-bbuyanadol Arasiyakeye- | 
ya bhayyar gguna-gana-prasannar ssujanar i 

Digitized by 


A^sikere Taluq. 325 

116bha-yivarjjitar aba- | 

r&bbaya-bhaishaj) a-§&st ra-d&na-vin6dar a 

eseye Sabasra-k^a-Jina-bimbaman-agrani Recha mum prati- | 

sbthisi [.jvanakke bbavya-tati kSteyan ikkisi goteyindav e- I 

ttisi gribamam negald Arasiyakejreyol griha-gatiy agi pemp- | 

oseye nripam r ddaSa-nisbkaman a-dharitriyam h 

el-kd^igal t-dbarmmama- | . 

n alkaya percbcbiode nadeyipa nele- | 

yol. lve. . . dbar m ma-man dira- | 

r fllkoti-JinalayaDkam adatt adam n 
svasti samasta-praSasti-sabitam sriroat-Tenkan-Ayy&vale enisida SltUamaJigey 
Arasiyakeyeya bbavya-nakarangalu Sabasra-ktlta-cbaityalayamao ettisiy &- 
devar-astba-vidbarchchaDegam pftjari-parich&jakara jivitakkam banda-cb&tur- 
vvarnnangal-4b& a-d&nakkam jirnnoddharanakkav eodu saumsta-sayir-okkalu- 
gala kayyalu dhara-pfirvvakaih bh&miyam paded a-bhtimiya tereg a-Ballala- 

bbftpanim battu-honna. .tereyolag ilihisi sakala-sri-karanagala siradiyo 

chandrarkka-taram-bara sale sal van tarn bara . . . Ingalesvarada baliy enipp a- 
Sagaranandi-siddbanta-devar-anvayadavara vasarh madi nikhila-bbavya-jaoan- 
gal arayeyagi Saka-varshada 1141 neya Pramadi-samvatsarada Pusbya-m&sada 

pau divarad andu bitta datti Devigereya m&da-gereya tdntada kamba 

40 | Basava-ge^eya kelagana to da kamba kambham 

vftra gadiyalum bbattada hasaradalu samasta-nakarangalu bi$a 

gadde . . . haravaru bitta m&n-ennege ganav eradu n 

nuta-bbuvana-S&otin&tba- | 

pratisbtheyam bhadram age tad-grihamumam | 

kshiti pogale madidar ssan- | ^ 

nutar Arasiyakeyeya bhavya-nakara-prakaram h 

a-devara pratimeg i-pattana-svami Kalli. . . .kotta ga devar-arcbchanege 

baddiyim bandum nadav-antu bittan angadiya Jakki-Settiya maga N&diyama- 
Settfy akshaya-bhandarav age kotta ga 12 Prasanna-Kali-Setti kofta ga 2 

Jioa-dbarmmam nelasirkke bh&taladol endum dbarmmiga. . . I 
" tanav i-dharmmada dattiyam nilisidargg fiyum jaya-iriyum akk a 

e negald 6? ad idarkke kundan odarippang avagam s&rgge saj- | 

jana g6-brabmana-san-muni-prakaramam kooda-maha-patakam h 


On the same atone. 
Vikriti-8amyatsarada Bhadrapada-su 13 su srimat-Kumari-Sovala-Deviyara 
heggade-Dattayana tamma Singayyanum mahajanangalum samasta-sayir- 
okkalum | nakharangalum hiriya-kereya mfcda-godiyolage | KeSa[va]-devara 
gaddeyim mfidalu | Sabasrakoti bitta gadde salage 3 ii 

Digitized by 


32.6 Jnikere Taluq. 


On a stone in the Held of the same hasti 

namas tunga «to. || 

Srt-raman&dar&bja-bbavan Abjajan Abjaja-putran Atriy &y- | 

Atri ya-stlnu Budham Budh&tmajam | 

bburamanaih Pururavan ananta-gunam Nahusbam.. .tmajam | 

Sri-famanam Yay&ti-yibhu tat-tanayam Yadu tat-sotottamam j 

Yadu-bh&p&la | 

dudu purrva-kramade pal am simb&aaoam 4- | 

Yadu-kulado}u putt id a . . . | 

kftla Sala-bhftpalam a 

t* || &tan avadhi-jn&ni-munigala kandu vinamnan &gal a-samayado)u dvipi payal 
&-muniga}u poy Salay ene Salam seleyim poydu kolal andind ittal iUaiihha- 
sanakke Poysalanvayamum puliy-undigeyum &dud &-Yadava-ku)arge Vasantika- 
dSviye kula-deyvam age SaSapurakk adhisvarar adar alliy Ereyangangam 
fichala-Defigam mftvar-ddevar-ante Ballala-Vishuu-Udayadityar emba muva- 
ram puttidar avarolage Vishnu-uripana vikramad opakramav entene || 
▼r*n mulisinda. . .kange kemp initu tdyal vairi-bhftp&la-san- | 

kula-mauli-prakaram haya-dvirada-go-kdsangalum tat-pad&- | 

bja. . . .dida. . . .§&lege dhan&g&rakke barkk endod I- | 

yeleyoj Vishnu-nripa-pratapaman e. . .u e-vannipam bannipam 11 
km r &-Vishnuge patta-maha- i 

d£viy enal pempuvettu pettal Lakshma- | 

Deri pati-bbakte Narasim- | 

h&vanipanan ari-karindra-kantbiravanam 11 

&ha?adol &nta ripu-sao- | 

dobamumam bSlpa-vandi-jana-sainudayamam | 

dehiy ena. . . .yam I 

s&hasi Narasimba-bbu . . . vasumatiyol h 
▼ri || ripu-oripa-gaudba-sindhurada kodugalam bide kiltu raattav a- | 

glapita-mauam kajriittu poye tad-biduvindam asrik sa-raauktika- | 

mCL . . .nadole. . . . nijogra-kar&gra-sakheyind | 

aparinrita-prut&pa-nidhi daldan avam Narasimha-bhttbhujam || 
k* || Vanajarsam&ne Narasim- | 

ha-nrip&lakao-agra-mahisbi kula-palike ma- | 

nini guni fichala-Devige | 

janiyisidao udara-yira-Ballala-nripam h 

Pbaninatbara pati bhdgakk Amara. . ti saraam. . pa-sampattig Abje- I 

kshanan udyad-vikrarnadambarake dore Mabesam nijajnft-visSshakk |^ 

ene dbirodatta. .ttakk amama sari Dasasyari d&nakke tnattam | 

tone Karnnam t&n enalk i-vasudbeyol esedam vlra-Ballala-bbupam n 

Digitized by 


Arsikere TaUiq. 327 

kamatham kandam abindra-nalam udita&usankulam tad-da.. 1 
kamaniydnnata-dig-gajam madhukarambol sobhip i-daitya-§a- i 
tru-mabibrin-nuta-karnnika-kuvalayakk a tanna pfyflsba-ha- | 
staine tan ILSrayam endad e-vogalvud6 sri-vira-Ball&lana H 
visarad-dugdbabdhi krishna-chcbhavi sasi sa-kalankaih viyat-sindhu sftvfir | 

la-saman vitam sitambbdruha ch&ra-muktali-m&l&r | 

risaram matanga-jam ninditam ivu jagak end urvviyam parvvi vibhriU | 

jisugum 5ri-vf ra-Ballalana S-chandrikfirSri-vilasain u 

kuvalaya-pati mriga-lakshmam | 
bhuvana-prakby&ta-dhavala-yaSan udita-Man6- | 
bbava. . . sah&yiy enipa ) 

jam dharini-valayadol Ballilam n 

svasti satnadbigata-pancba-maha-sabdam maba-raandalesvaram ( Dvaravatt- 
pura-var&dhisvaram | Y&dava-kulambara-dyuuaani | samyaktva-chttdamani | 
Sasapura-Vasantika^ievi-labdha-vara-prasadam mrigamadamodam | vinamad- 
ahita-mahipa-cbtt^alidha-ntltna-ratna-jMa-jatilita-nakha-kiranam ] cbatus-sama- 
ya-samuddharanam | ari-§aradhi-badavanalam | darppishta-vana-davanalam | 
ganda-bb&rundam | malaparolu gandam | sangrama-bbimam Kali-kala-Kamam 
Talkadum-Kongu-Nangali - Gangavadi - Nonambavadi - Masavfidi - Halasige - Huli- 
geje-Banavfiae-Hanungal-gonda bbuja-bala-vira-Gangan a-sahiya-iftra Sahiv&ra- 
siddbi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama ni&sanka-prat&pa Hoysala-vira- 
Ballala-Devaru YadavarbbCtmiyam dushta-nigraba-sishta-pratipalanadim raksbi- 
suttum Ddrasamudrada nelevidinal sukha-sankatha-vinodadim rfijyam geyvut- 
tum ire | tat-p&da-padraopajivigal appa Srimad-Arasiyakeyeya r&jadbyakshada 
heggade . Ketaraallam beggade - Mabadevangala srtmad - Arasiyakegeya maba- 
mahim6nnatiy ent endade ft 

srimad-Ball&larbhdpam vipula-guna-yaSS-vallabbam mat-padfcbja- | 
prfim&tmar ssauchigal sangara-jitar ivar end artthiyim sad-gunodyad- | 
dbamam. . . Kfitamallang anupama-Mahadevange sampritiyindam | 
bhftmi-ramyankam app iy-Arasiyakereyam nityam agalkey ittam h 
&r&dhyam Sambhu Ballalane pati nute san-m&tri-M&rayve Laksbmi- | 
d&ram san-mantri Machayyane pitriv an u jar Balleyam-M&dbavangal i 
viram tan iva-kav-ol-gunadol adbikan end andu K&tayyanam sach- | 
cb&ritr&ch&. . . var^nisuvane dbarini-bhagadol dhanyan altd Q 
madavad-vairi-ba]a-prabbedi sumanas-8and6ha-§6y6nnat&- | 
spadan udyad-guru-yfikya-nlti-charitam KMy&yanlkinta-sat- | 
pada-nirSruha-piijanfirratan enalk i-dbatriyol Sakranan- | 
dade pempam taledirddan udgha-vibbavaih Ketayyan aty-Hrjjitam n 
Sri-r&ma-raman&spadam vividha-ldkadbaran aty-unnatiU | 
kara± bbftvalaya-prasastan adhikam vidvid-bala-dbvamsiy emb | 
f-ramyaspada-sad-gunangalol ati-prakhyam dal end oldu La- | 
kshmi-r&in&rramanam sumantri-Mahadevang fvan isbtarltbamam u 

Digitized by 


328 Arsikere Tcduq. 

dharanl-idbh&vah&sh^daSa-nagara-samtlhakkav opp irppa md. . | 
eradum VSlifyurakkam vividha-guna-cbatush-shasliti-clivya-sthalakkam | 
stbiradindam mukhyar appa gavajegal adhipar ssettigal settigutta- | 
• . . .di traildkya-sat-pattana-pati-padavam M&dhavang ittar olpim o 
Gauri-natbam aijesam janani 3 u jane Lakbkhayye tatam jagakk a- | 
.... ram Bett&nkan udyad-Harihara-Mahadev&ryya-DiWannan-embar | 
kk&runy&mbhddhigal p&rrrajar avarajaa iUMalleyam . . . saacba- | 
charam tan emba pempind Arasiyakejreyol Kesavam SenaboTam u 
s&ram klrali-bhriDgakula-ninada-subbo. . . nadim vi§va-vidy&- | 
dbaram bhftdftva-sanddhadin atiSayav AlakftdblSan emmol sam&nam | 
b&ram nod emba y&nijyarin ati-ramanaih . . . .va gebangalim ?i- | 
staram tan endod int iy-Arasiyakereyam varnnisal ballan avam it 
nija-vaktrambh6ja-samyam prabha-jalaja. . . .dvishtaram matteyum tan i 
Ajanaut alt anga-hinam bahu-mukhan enasum pollan end ollad Ambhd- | 
jaja-vaktrftmbhdjamam bitt Arasiyakere . dyad-maha-yipra-vaktram- | 
bujadol ktirppindav irppa} Sarasatiy enal im bannisal ballan avam || 
neyed irdda yanig-jalada | 
kiru ku. . . . muddra-velege Paulastya-dbanam | 
neyeyav enalk iy-Arasiya- | 
keje lakahmikarav enippud ond acbchariy§ II 

sura-vriksha-prakhya-makanda. .dita-sura-lata-samya-tambdliyim si- | 
gara-tirakaradim Sobhisuva keyegalim tenginim kaunginim. . d§y&- | 
g&ra-sanddbadin Amarapurakav ascharyyav end andu matt !- | 
dharani-bhagagradol pel Arasiyakeyey ond anda. . .Scharyyam alt§ H 
svasti aamaBta-guna-ganalankritarum dana-dharmma-yaya-samyutarum eniai 
negardda Srimad-anadi-pa^tanam Tenkan-Ayyavaley abhiuaya-Dvaravatiy ubhayi- 
n&na-desi mukhyav app Arasiyakegeye jananl-janakar age negalva KoylaJgala 
mabimdnnatiy ent endade || 

SrikS,nta-pati-Bbarati-pati-jaga-prakhyata-8amstutya-Gau- | 
rikanta-patigal karam dayeyin lyar kk&rltu vanchhartthamam | 
ldka-stutyar enippa sad-guna-yutar Koylilgaling endod i- | 
lokam bannisade jagan-nuta-yasah-prakhyata-Sauryyatmaram II 
sthirard meruge sannibbar ggunigale Dbarmmatmaja-prakbyar i- | 
yare Mitratmaja-patigal kaligald DSySndra-putrarig ayar | 
ddoregal sauchigale Nadfjane samam gunp-ullare sagaram I 
nirutam pasatiy endod eyogalvudo Koylalgal-ond-andavam || 
jalamam kanteyar arttu dantuvad avor ggen-antarakk ammar t- I 
neladol chddyam id eno kel Ugura-mftnftrvvarkkalol kddi nir- | — 

mraale kirtty-anganey ambudhi-prakaramam dant irddu dig-danti-aa- | 
nkula-dantugradol eyde narttisutav irppal galuv int avalo h 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 329 

kamll Saran ene k&var bbedido- | 

d irad fvar wain-sank ulam band edafal | 

dhurado) gelvar enalk i- | 

dbareyol Kojlalgal-andav upamatitam h 

Haraoa kale sannidam tad- | 

dbareyolag ido pttjyam enise Koylalgalu vi- | 

8taradindam Koylale- | 

Svaramam m&disidar endad e-vogardapud6 u 

Hariya GaneSana sal la- | 

ksbna-rftpan upabhavana-sarayutam m&disidam | 

yara-guniya Mali-Se^tiya | 

nirupamey Acbaveya putran anupama-Barmmam 11 

Hara-bharanaman aribada boja- | 

garuv anupamar enisi negalda Koylalgaluv a- i 

daradim m&disidar enal | 

dhareyolag ide ptijyam embud ond acbchariye h 

nirupamav ene Koylale- | 

ivaramam Srt-mottakayar aribada bojagar | 

vara-gunigal Koylalgalu- | 

m urutara-sad-bbakti-yuktam old ettisidar h 

dbaraniSa-Poysalam kfcrtt | 

Arasiyakereyam su-dbarmraadixn k&y end a- | 

daradim besesal k&vam | 

sthiradinde talara-Kalleyam guna-yuktam h 
svasti sainasta-guna-sampannar appa Koylalgaluv aribada bojangaru Koylale- 
Svaramam madisiy a-devara Ditya-nivedyakkam nanda-divigegam jirnndddbfc- 
rakkam pftjari-parich&rakara jivitakkav end Arasiyakejreya prajegala beggade- 
gala kayyalu bhdmiyam badadu Saka-varshada 1105 Sobbakrit-saravatsarada 
Pushyad-amavasye-Soojavara-vyatipata-sankratuanad andu n 

japa-hdina-niyama-Sankara- | 

saparyyeyol niichalatman ene negaldirdd a- | 

glapita-manam jiva-dayk- | 

dbipan i-Traildkyaiakti sakalagamikam n 
&-Trail6kya§aktigala putram Chandramauliya kalara karcbcbi dhar^-pClrvvakam 

ID&di bitta datti (here follow detail* of gift) 

nddidavar arttiyaduvina | 

m&disidam prathama-n&madim Kesbavanam | 

madisidam Ganapatiyam | 

jddhige oeley ada M&li-Settiya Brabmam u 

tanag adbideyvav Acbyuta Nrisimha-nripam pored-fildaD agrajam | 

Manu-nibha-mantri Tippa-vibhu nachchioa tay guni Suggiyakkan ol- | 


Digitized by 



330 Jlraikere' Taluq. * % 

pina janakam su-satya-nidbi berggade Sakti. . .tin enal. .hel I 
anupama-d&ni Kdsbavana sad-gunamam hogalalke barkkume 11 
Srimatu hiriya-bhand&ri K£§ava-Deva Koy 1^1 esvara-de vara naivedyakkav agi 

bitta dattl (her* follow ditails of gift and usual final phrases and verse) 


In Arasikere, on a stone in hogdagiftu. 

Srf Sarvvajit-samvatsarada Magba-ba 10 Adiv&rad andu driman- 

mah&-pradb&nam heggade-M&cba-Chattayyagala manevagam Matti-Bdrana 
maga Bammachandi ettam kallaru kondu hdhalli ettam magurchchi sura-ldka- 
pr&ptan &da 


In the same place. 

• Narasimha-Dfivana rajya 

r-djana sosi Mah&dSvi tanna gandanam kondum sura-loka-praptey &dalu 


At Arakere, on a stone in front of the Narasimha temple. 
Sri-vaksbasthala Laksbmiy irppa nilayam tin idud ora-stbalam | 
srivats&nghri-rajankam irppa neley ayt i-nibhi-pankSjadim [ 
sri-visvodbhava-karttan ada padadim sri-Gangey igirddal inn | 
3-velvem sale Channa-K§savan-ad-ond-ascharyyamam permmeyam || 
Sriyam payddbi-mathanado- | 
1 iy asurar ddivijar oldu tand lye nija- | 
Sriyam taldida Eesava- I 

n iyata-Sarvvajnapura purav id end olid irddam || 
amarorvviruhamaih malaiigi cheluvim traibhangiyam yena-na- | 
daman i-gdpiyaram nirfksbisuta midutt-adutam lileyind- | 
ame Gdpalaka-radrttau agi nadetand inandadim srtmad-u- | 
ttama-Sarvvajiiapuram karaih cheluvinind irddam mand-ragadim || 
su-manassim Prabaladan aty-adhikanam visvatmaoam raudra-vi- | 
kramanam tdyuve nim Hiranyakane n!m nod embudum stambhadind- 
amey ugrogra-Nrisimhan age tutisal Prahladanam nodi vi- I 
kramamam maud upasantan &gi siriyam taldirddan uts&badim || 
ksbira-samudram atina-griham agal Anantane sayyey age di- | 
bydraga-bbdgad agrada mani-[.]dyuti dipa-nikayam age vi- | 
staradi Cbenna-Kesavan iral oiri gild ire ydga-nidreyol | 
karana-pursban udbhavisidam Cbaturanana nabhi-padraadol h 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 331 

Jajajatodbhava-putran Atri suta Somaih tat-satam Saumya bhtt- | 
valayadhiia-Purtiravam tad-avanip&latmaj Ayur-mmabi- | 
talanathan Nabusham Yayati Yadu tat-kbyatanvay6rvvisarol | 
Salan embam nripan &dan udbbavakaram g&mbbiryya-ratn&karam || 
anavadyam mantra- vidya-parinatan a-bbayam dibya-ydgindran orvvam | 
tanag atam namnan agal Sala-nripan avanam nddi samr&jyamam malp- | 
en ivang end arkkayindam SaSakapurada Vasantika-dfiviyam pn- I 
nya-Didb&nam yukta-pdja-parikara-vidbiyim niicbajam s&dhipannam H 
adan ettaih vighnamam maduva bage mige sarddftlan &karadira pay- | 
vudum agal yogi ntm poy Salay ene seleyim *bettadind ant ad am poy- I 
vudum a\yt a-Poysalankam Yadu-nriparolu devi-pra8&dodbhava-8rt- | 
viditam sardduladol kudida sele pi rid urn chihnam andindam ittal || 
vinayfindftjvala-kirtti sajjana-sudb&mbborasiyam pechcbisal | 
ghana-sauryyarkka-maricbi durddama^ripu(h)-sr6ni-tama$-8t6ma-kha- I 
ndanamam made vinita-vritti-nija-sauryyatopadind aggalam | 
Vinayaditya-nripalan emb esakadind itaih tad-fcmn&yadol 11 
tat-tanayam vikranta-gu- | 
nottungam satru-kula-mand-bbangam bhfi- | 
p&ttaman Ereyangam bhfi- | 
bhnt-taneyadbisa-pada-payoruha-bhriDgam 11 
vodayirdd I-vlra-vairi-kshitipa-nikara-sangrftmadol sajjita-pro- | 
nmada-danti-br&ta-kumbha-8thalaman alare ddr-ddanda-chandasiyim po-{ 
yvudum allind unmi muktavali jaya-lalana-kanthika-male t&n a- I 
dud enal vikrantadind &r Eyaga-nripanol &mp uddhata-kshonipalar n 
4 tan a k&ntey entene jagat-taladol kamanlya-k&mini- | 
br&taman eyde nirmmisi Virinchi jita-§raman agi tanna vi- | 
jnata-sad-arttham int id enipantire nirmmisidam gad endod e- | 
m&td mrin&na-k6maleyan £cbala-D€viyan entu bannipar II 
ant a-dampatigalge rut$i vinayam bettirdda Ballala-bhft- | 
k&ntam viSruta-Vishnu-bhClpan Udayadityavani-p&lakam | 
,bhrant en an tar an ikki bandn Saran end anamnaram kadu kaiyy- | 
antargg ittu fiarat-sas&nka-visada-prakhyatiyam taldidar h 
avarol madhyaman agiynm vinayadind aty-uttamam t&n enipp- I 
a visesbdnnati-vettan uddhata-virodba-kshonip&la-braja- | 
hava-kanthirava-sauryyan apratima-k&ntanika-netrdtpal&n- i 
du-vibbas6jvala-kirtti Manmatha-nibhaxh sri-Visbnu-bhftpalakam || 
Vanaruhan&bhana pannon- | 
daney avataram id enalke Yadu-kuladolu Eri- | 
shnane putt id am gadam tan | 
ene negaldan udari vlra-bhuja-bala-Gangam |) 

Manu-maxggam Visbnu-bhaktam ripu-giri-kuliiam vira-Vi8hnu-k8hiti8am | 
munisind eltandan inn fcv edeyol adaguvam namma kavannan kvam | 

* This word it giTeu in the margin. 

Digitized by 


332 Apsikere Taluq. 

mana bandant igal atam nadapali dayeyind endu band anji bhftpar | 

ddhanamam ha$ty-a£va-ratn&?a}iyan ayaniyam kottu k&nbar kkelambar II 

tat-taneyam Narasimha-nri- | 

pottaman udyat-pratapan ahita-arip&ldn- | 

mettdbha-kambhi-dalaufc- | 

yatt4yata-kbadga-kalita-nija-d6r-ddandam h 

malo-r&jam chalad-anka-Rama su-bhatam Sri-N&rasimhangam £- \ 

ch&lfr-m&d&riy enirppa bhagyavatigam Srt-Vira-Ball&la dor- | 

vvala^antam paje-mechche-gandau ahitorvyipala-kilaaalam | 

Jalaj&ksb^aDgbri-sardja-bhringa negaldam visvambhara-bhagadol n 

NaraeimhSrvvisa-k&ntitmajan urutara-dharmmollasad-dugdba-nira- | 

kara-r4k6ndftpara&ottiii Nala-Nahu5a-Dilipadi-bbftpalakddyach- | 

charitam ddr-ddarppa-vairi-ksbitipa-nikara-sangrama-keli-vinodara | 

paribhasvat-kirtti-valli-valayita-bbuvanam Vira-Ballala-bhftpam n 

UragSndram db&triyam dh&rini Hima-giriyam *Harmya-siIaih Kubbrijja- 1 

varan am Gaurivaram chandranan a-malina-chandram kala-stomamam oir- 1 

bbbaradiodam talduvant a-pratima-Yadu-kuI&dbhttta-s&mrajya-laksbmi- I 

varamam hela-su-sadbyam taneg ene taledam Vira-Ball&la-bhilpam 11 

kari-nakriLbhUa-hesha-raya-yuta-haya-sanddba-vichi-padati- | 

♦kshurad-utp^tbina-kdlahala-samara-raahambbodhiyol tanna dor-mman- i 

daradindam raanthanarariibharaan odavisi vairi-kshamapala-laksbmi- | 

kari-j&ty-asvangalam kond atula-bala-yutam Vira-Ballala-bbdpam || 

a-vibhuvina patta-mah&- | 

devi mada-dvirada-gamane bimbadhare la- | 

jjavati Padmala-Devi ka- | 

lavati lavanya-punyavati sogayisidal n 

Ratigam *Arundbatiga Sara- | 

svatigam Revatigain eseva Parvvatigam Sri- | 

satigam saman enisi inalia- | 

sati Padraala-Devi tolagi belagidal eleyarii 11 

Kulisangam Sacbigam J ay an tan enipam Sarvvesagam Parvvati- | 

lalana-garbbhadi Karttikeyan ogedant Indrangam Isangam ag- I 

galam aisvaryya-nijajney emb esakad i-Ballala-bhftpange Pa- | 

draala-madevige puttidam bhuvaaa-vikhyatam Nrisimhorvvipaih || 

Yadavar adavarola munn | 

ikJavar inn appar ivana sariy illene sau- | 

ryyodayadim pasarisidam | 

mediniyara vira-N&rasimha-mabisam n 

Kamathang inn eke sarvvorvviya pore Pbani-rajang ad inn ek ila-bba- I 

ram ad inn ek ft-disArdantige digu-bharamam taluv ayasav inn e- | 

ke raabibhrin-mulamam pordduva gasani nelakk fine po salven end a- | 

sramadim bbfi-chakramam vikramadole taledam sri-Nrisimhorvvipalam n 

* So in the original. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 333 

kadupindam Narasirhhdrvvipan avayavadind etti bandappan inn a- \ 
v edeyam pokkirppav inu av-edeyol adaguvam namma^k&vannan &vam I 
kuduvam hasty-aSva-ratnavaliyan avaniyam pr&nadim barddod entum | 
padevam hasty-asya-ratn&yaliyan eleyan end ittu kanbar nriparkkal || 
kari-gbate kdde nftnkidavu v&ji-dalam nadetanday odd anam | 
tara-taradinda voddi nade-gdn$evol etti baruttav irddav &- | 
surav ene barppa billanigey fcmpavar &r enut afiji bhftbhujar | 
kkarunisi k&yud emman enutirpparu Yira-Nrisimha-R&yanam it 
odavirdd i-Tadu-vamSajam malaparol gandam bbaram geydu tan | 
idir ant irdd ari-mandalakke nadeyal benn ittu pddar kkelar | 
kadanakk odd idir &nta vairi-nriparam pesele kondam palar I 
kkadanakk anjidod ittan old abhayamam 5ri-Nftra9imb6rv?ipam h 
Surarajebham mad&ndham madbupa-kiila-yutarii pundrikaib sad&-ni- l 
cha-ratam Ganga-hradam chandrana ruchi sale ddshftvilam t&n enal pel 1 
doreyal irt-N&rasimhSrvvipana uija-ya^o-lakshmiyol varnna-s&myam | 
piridum t&n adodam nirmmala-gunadin avam pdlisal ballan avam n 
svasti 8amadbigatarpancba-mah&-§abda maha-mandalesvaram Dvaravatt-pura- 
varadhlsvaram sri-pritbvi-vallabbam mab&raj&dhiritjam rfipa-Manojam Yadu- 
kula-kuvalaya-sudhakaraih satya-ratn&karam raaleraja-rHjam sauryya-mriga- 
rajam vijaya-lakshml-bhavana-mangala-mani-tdranam ripu -mada-nivaranarii 
Cbakrakfita-k6t&tavi-dav&nalam ripu-bala-jaladhi-baday&nalam ari-nripa-kap&la- 
sailopala-vajra-danda malaparol u ganda ganda-bberunda kadana-pracbandan 
ekanga-vlra ch&ru-vichftra giri-durgga-malla ktrttige nalla Magara-mandajika- 
bbtlri-bhCLruha-kathdra-kuth^ran a-sah&ya^ftran Adiyama-prabala-bala-pannaga- 
VainatSy am bbuja-bala-Rauhineyam Kadava - Ray a - mada - mar&la- megharava 
pnrusharttba-Purflravam uddanda-prabala-bala-P&ndya-ganda-garbba-parvvata- 
Paka&sanam viveka-Kamalasanam Sasakapurada ViLeantiki-deyi-labdha-vara- 
prasadam mrigamadamddaih hiranyagarbbha-tul&purusha-pramukha-roakha- 
Satamakham r&ja-vidya-vilasini-sakham Cbdla-rajya-pratisbtbdrCb&ryya niesanka- 
prat&pa H oy sana-bbu ja-bala-chakravartti Sri - Nfcr asimha - Devam Gangavadi- 
tombhatt&ru - say i ram Nonambavadi - mftvattir - chchhasiramumam dush^a- 
nigraba-8isb$a-pratipa}anam madi rakehisuttam vijaya-rajyam uttardttar&bhi- 
vriddhi-pravarddbam&nara a-chaDdrarkka-taram-baram sukha-sankathi-vindda- 
dim Srimatu-r&jadh&ni-DSrasatnudrada nelevidinolu prithvi-^rajyam geyvat- 
tam ire h 

y6jana-y6janangalolag Ctr ppalav ftrggala sutti nandanam i 
y6jana~y6janangalo] anekay aneka-saroja-Sandav a- | 
y6jana-ydjanakk u pa van am patbikar nnilisal Manoja-vi- I 
bbr&jita-r&gad ftlayam enippudu Hoysala-nadu nadeyum |i 
*Un2tdolag aty-adhikam | 
tan ene piriy-agrab&ra sukba-saropadadim | 

Digitized by 


38& Jrsikere Taluq. 

srf-n&riy irppa nilayam | 

bhfe-n&riyol esedud enipa Sarvvajflapuram || 

. .sat ese*a palaru bidiyo- | 

1 esftd' 6duva TSda-§&8trar8ha^-tarkkam palar I 

esed opputirppa mantheya | 

pesa-vikahana-s&le palaru Visbnn-grihangal 11 

▼ddaman odut irpp adbikan&straman ommeyu kelut irppa sam- | 

v&dipa tarkkamam bidade tarkkisut irppa puranamam mand- | 

hl&dade vSlat irppa sakala-sniriti-n&taka-kabyad artthamara | 

s&dhisut irppa vipra-tatiyim negald orpputal irkku santatam | 

adhyayan&dby&pana-sad- | 

vidby-ukta-5ruti-raat§gam4cb&ra-gun&ih- | 

.budby&vag&hanajna- | 

siddbar sSarvvajnaparadol irppa-viprar h 

beyalt i-ldkadol tanD akhila-kalegalam Dbatan itoandadindam i 

togal pratyaksha-rfipam pal ay an eseye taldirddan emb aodadindam | 

bdren Sarvvajnam emb i-puradolu palaru m sdbhisutt irddar ant 1- | 

ntly-ippattirvvar-aty-uDnata-mahimeyan em bannisal ballan &vam ii 

sr^-Rangan&tha nelasida- | 

k&rana jagad-aghava kalava sftmartthyada Ka- i 

vlriya dakshina-diseyolu i 

KSrala-janapadam enirppud adu sogayisugum || 

jagadolu Keral6rbbiyolag orppngum a-Kolamdka-pattanam \ 

bagegam alumba vipra-tatiyim Kudukundiya Bhadrak&li-de- | 

yige mige bhaktarum guru-pad&rchchita-*Yai§Ta-mketanangalim | 

sogayipa nandanarali kolam Kolamukada pa&cbiraaseyol n 

b&i omme nenadar-agba-tati | 

payngum end enisi negalda Jahnavi mudadim | 

b^r olidu bandu maleyolu | 

P3y&r end eoisikondal a-Eeraladol u 

pattana-Kolam&kadol a- | 

pattanak adhipatiy enirppa Govindangam | 

puttidan ati-dharmmanyam | 

nittise Naihbyakkan enipa Manavalakhyam n 

Harige Siri kantey ad ant- | 

ire Sankarag adal Agajey ene Chaturasyang | 

urutara-Bharatiy ad ant- | 

iral a-Nambyakkag 4dal Aucharu-Nange n 

avarg udayisidam jagak ut- | I 

savam udayise vibudha-janake mudam udayise ban- | 

dhava-janake regain udayise | 

bhuvana-prakbyata-kirtti Damam namarh \\ 

* 8o In th« original. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Tcduq. 335 

Siriy-odagftdi pal-gadalol Achyutauum uiuni-mukhyar irdda-vol | 
piriyar enirppa Gautaman Agastya-Vasishta-Pulastyan Atriy An- | 
gira-Jamadagni-Gargga-Kapilam Bhrigu-Kasyaparopama-dvijar | 
vverasu manS-mudam berasu * Vaisva-kul6ttama Dainan irddapam || 
chittadol ommeyurii Hari-padambujamam nere taldu bhaktiyind | 
uttamar appa vipra-tatig arttiyol anna-suvarnna-ratna-g6?- | 
uttama-vastra-bbtimi-dvija-kanneyaram palarg ivan oldu Vai- | 
5y6ttama-D&ma-naman ileyol sale m&vaoa-gandha-v&ranam h 
medini kftde bannisutav irppina tannaya ma] pa dharmmamam | 
s&dhu-jana-priyam budha-jana-priya Poysaja-rfijya-ptljya D&- | 
modara-Setti nirmmisidan uttama-Vislinu-griba-pratishtbe matt ) 
Adiya-Chenna-Keiavanara a-Narasimhana Gopinatbanam h 
svasti 8ama8ta-vastu-vahana-partk8ba-vi§esh6nnatay aba vadda-byavahariy 
ubhaya^nananlesi-Maleyala-mukbya^vipra-pras&dam Darnddara-Seftiyaru Sriinati 
Sarrvajnapurav ad Arakejey-asesba-mahajanangal-anumatiyam padedu Srimach- 
Chenna-Kesava-dSvara Laksbmi-Narasimha-devara Gopala-devara anga-l)hoga- 
malagaj-an - angarakkara jivita-sahita-samasta-sri-karyyakke manna sarvva- 
badba-pariharav agi manyav agirdda umbaliya bhtlmigalam ukta-kraya- 
drabyamam h&ga-chinna uliyade kottu ya-bhtimiy-odeyara stri-putra-jnati- 
sftmanta-day&danumatiyim hiranyodaka-danav agi dbareyam kondu ya-bhflmi- 
yellavaih Saka-Dripa-varsliada 1156 neya Vijeya(ga)-samvat8arada Pusya-su- 
ddha 1 2 Somavara-Srav ana-naksbatra-by atipata - uttarayana - Makara - sankra - 
manad andu y4-dgvara Srl-padangala inele dh&r&-ptlrvyakam mSdi kotta bhft- 
miya sthalangalu (h«re follow details of gift) 


On the left side of the same stone. 
sri-G6pfnatha saranu Jeya-samvatsarada Bhadrapada-su 3 Ma srimanu maba- 
vadda-byavahari Damodara-Settaru Kondamb&gila Yisvara-beggadegala B&chan- 
nana kayyalu i-Kon<Jamb§,gilalli Singanakattada kelage senabdvana halubinali 
t6ta-8thala kamba nftja-n&lvattu 140 allim badaga gadde kamba 20 Haliyata- 
nahalliya volu-vrittiya praptiya gadyana a-sthaladalum kamba 24 a-beddalu 
kamba 250 num tatu-kalochita-kraya-dravya ga 150 num a-B&channange ko$tu 
krayav agi kondu a-Dam6dara-Settiyaru Arakegeya Damodara-Cbenna-K&Sava- 
devarige dharey &gi kottaru a-bhtlmige siddhaya katta-guttege t6ta-sthala-sabita 
kamba 160 kam ga 4 a-balliya gadde beddali. . | antu. . . . Paridhavi-sam vatsa- 
rada Magha-ba. .2 | Srimanu maba-vodda-byavabari Hiriya-Chandi-nambi-Setti- 
yar-aliya Kanda-nambi-Settiyaru a-Kondambagila aiesba-mah&janangalige 
pada-p&jeya ga 20 va kottu a-bhdmiya siddhayav ellarh sarvvamanya madi 

• 8o in tho original. • 

Digitized by 


336* " Amtitere Tatuq. 

Haliyatanaballiya gadde kamba 44 beddalu kam 15 kkam parivarttaney agi a- 
Kondambagila Singanakattada kejeyolage taruvalana gaddeyola-gey adu-sahi- 
tam kamba 30 hiriya-keyeya tenkana-kddiya Siva-dSvana hantada beddalu 
kamba 190 ka..melu honnu ga 13 nam a-mabajanangalige kotta a-bhdmi- 
yallava a-ddyarige kalla nadisi kottaru Keta-jiyana maneyim tenka hanneradu- 
kai-mane int inituyanum Arakeyey-aSesha-mahajanangala samakshadalu sarbba- 
nama&ya madi a-Kondambagila mahajanangalu aasanadallu baresi kottaru || 


In Araeikere, on a pillar in the Halavukallu-Siva temple, 
svasti §ri Hoysala-vtra-Narasimha-Dfiyaru rajyam geyutt ire Saka-yarsha *1141 
sanda Vishu-samvatsarada Pusbya-su 10 Va | Makara-sankramanad andu Ball&- 
svara-dSvargge baddiyim deva-karyya nadavantu bhaktaru dhara-ptlrvvaka 

kotta kula (here follow details of gift with names of douors) 


In Araaikere, on the sluice of the tank. 

svasti anayarata-parama-kalyanabhyudaya sahasra bhagint dvitfya 

samaneyaru yaru prajanana Sarasvati. . . nava-Paryvati dhatri- 

lalata-ldchane sri-sautarppaneyam sam neyarum srimatu Hoysana- 

Vira-Ballala-Devan-arddbanga-lakshmiyum appa piriy-arasiy-Amma-DSviyaru 
sukha-sankatba-vinodadim Dorasamudradallu prithvi-rajyam geyyuttain ire 
Sadharana-samvatsarada Vaisakha-suddba-panchami-byatipata-sankramanad 

andu Arasiyakereya namma .... kereya .... Tippa sunkaman ale ne 

baggari bana arasina a- ray a heru. .ya malave yeleya he. Nayannalada 

Gavinaya. . . . hiriy a-kereya k&diya nadasuva dbarmmake bitta datti tina. 

. .kelage y aladallive kamba ndr-aivattu 150 (usual anal phraeee) 


In the same place, 
svasti srimat-pratapa-chakravartti-Hoysala-vira-bhuja-bala-Narasimha-Devaru 
Saka-varsba 1142 neya Pramadi-samvatsarada Pushya-suddha 5 Bri i Earu.. 
hiriya-kerey ada jivi . kotta .... a-yettina kaluki kola 4 a-Hiriyannage ga 1 
mattam Saka-varsba 1146 neya Subhanu-samvatsarada Cbaitra-ba 1 Bri vari- 
sam-pratiy agi phala 100 antu ga 120 nam a-chaudrarkka-taram-baram nadi- 
suvad agi bitta datti 

* 8o in the original. 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Tcduq. 



In the same place. 

svasti [samasta-bhuvan&]5raya mab&r&j&dhir&ja parameSvara Chalukyi- 

[bbarajnam Srimat-Tribhuvanamalla-DSva-vijaya^riLjya] rddhamana . . . 

salnttam ire tat-p8[da-padmdpaji]vi svasti samadhigata-paffcha-mabft-Sabda 

mah&-manda]6Svara Dv&r&vati-pura-var&dhfivara Y&dava-kul&mbara-dyumani 
samyaktva-chftdilmani maleparolu-gand&dy-akhila- namavali- sam&lankritam 
sriman - mah& - mandal&svaram Tribhuvanamalla - Hoysala - Devaru oialeyum 

raanda[la]man Ska-chchbatradind ftluttam ire || Dv&r&vati y 

ad a devaram mudadim samudra-vijaya bappavaray odavam takkare garinigala 

kacbcbhay 4tndadi tarade katti deva-pattam - enisi r&jya keyyan 

enisippa (wait tid«) pratipalisida h Sarasvatyai namah h Sarasvati 

gana-d&ii piriya Sarasvati gana-dSSi piriya da paliy 

ennoda Puligegeya Pu Haras i yak eye madi nettidal S-dbarmma 

iri Sri 


At the same place, on a stone in front of the Brahxnadiva temple. 
katturi(ya)-kampu kai-surige honn-oye hattige sanna-gaggaram | 
muttina dande tola-mani bayitale oeydale tdl a jaunuram | 
bettada sendu kdl moreva dantada p&vuge bhringad die mey- | 
vettire r&triyol saliva Brabmeyan ig emag ishta-siddhiyam || 
ettada munnav etti nadegollada munnav adurttu kdpadim | 
muttada munnav arttbamane tettiri vittiriy fitma-durggamum | 
matt enaveda nirggamam id eodu virddhige vira-lakshmi sfir | 
yuttire Vishnu-vikramad upakramav fckramisittu 16kamam || 
kondam Talakadam kai- | 
kondam mSl etti Kongan avayavacjiadam | 
kondam Vishnuve Cbolana | 
ma. . . . mandegond. .tanu-mandalamam || 
Lakshml-dSvi Khag&dhipa- | 

lakshmang esedirddu Visbnug ent ante valam | 


LakshmftrDevi lasan-mriga- | 

lakshm&nan* Visbnug agra-satiy ene negaldal n 

&-dampatige tantbbava- I 

n &dam su-cbaritra-mitra-g6tra-pavitram I 

Yadava-nripa-kula-tilakam | 

mSdiniyolu koluva geluva kali-Narasimham || 

pa^tada sati fichalegam | 

neftane Narasimha-nripatigam mudadindam | 


Digitized by 


338 Arsikere Taluq. 

puttidan adhika-vilisam | 

yottaji gali vtra-yikramam Ballalam n 

Kali-k&la-kshatra-pu . . prabalatara-dur&ch&ra-sanddhadindam i 

hole hoddal hesi bteatt ajavalida mahf-k&nteyam raksbisalk &- | 

Jalaj&ksham t&ne band int avatarisidavol Ylra-Ballala-bhflpam | 

kula-jiUy-akara-bharam nri pa-varan udayam gey dan aScharyya-eaaryyam n 

tanagam ka}pa~drumakkam ritarana-gunado} machcharam Sddrakangam i 

tanagam. .kr&nta bhuja-baladol machcharam MSruvingam j 

tanagam pemp-ulla bilpam taleda mabimeyol machcharam t&n enal dha- i 
nyan il&dhiSarkkalol Yisruta-viSada-yasam Vfra-Ball&la-bh&pam 11 
svasti samadhigata-paficba-mah&-sabuda mahdrmandalesvaram Dv&ravati-pura- 
var&dhisvaram Tulava-bala-jaladhi-badayaualarii d&y&da-d&y&nal&h P&ndya- 
kula-kamala-van&-v6danda ganda-bherundam mandalika-bfintek&ya para-manda- 
la-sfLrek&ga sangr&ma-Bbima Kali-kala-K&ma sakala - vandi - brinda- santar- 
ppana-samarttha-vitaranarvindda Vilsantika-devi-labudha-vara-prasada mriga- 
mad&mdda-n&m&di-prasa8ti-sahitam Sriman-maharmandalesvaram | Talak&da- 
bhuja-bala-Vfra-Gangan a-sahaya-adra Sanivara-siddhi giri-durgga-malla uissan- 
ka-pratapa HoysaJa-VIra-Ball&la-D6varu sakala -mabi-mandalamam dushta- 
nigraha-visiah^a-p rati pala nam geyda rakshisuttam Ddrasaraudrada nelevldinolu 
sukha-sankathft-vinddadim rajyam geyyuttam ire tadlya-p&da-padm6pajivigal 
appa rajidhyakshada heggade-RSvanna beggade-Ketamallana Arasiyakejeya 
samasta-prajegala mabimdnnatiy ent endade | 

dhare bannisal ara yolu | 

▼ara-guniy ivan endu santatam me. . suvam | 
nerada budha-sabheyol adhikam | 
parama-gun&mbudhi su-satya-nidhi RSvannam || 
nudidude R&ma-banav eradam nndiyam koduvalli Karnnanol | 
padi nadevalli dharmmadole tarn uadevam su-charitra-varggavam | 
badivavan alia manyarane ballan enuttav erama. . .brindav !- i 
podaviyol inte bannipudu santata heggade-Ketamallanam || 
tivida chennan appa kere vannatav appa Sivalayangalim | 
bh&vakar appa sad-vitara sankuladim ganika-janangalim | 
devara pfijey utsavada gita-ravangalin olpu-vettu na- | 
na-vidhadinda tan Arasiy-oJ-geje sobhisut irkku santatam n 
mattam srimanu maha-pradlianam hiriya-bbandari Keshava-Devana satu-kirttiy 
entendade i 

hinde pardkshadol osed a- I 

nandade vibhu-Kesi-R^jan drjjita-tejaiii | 

kundade deva-su-pftjega- | 

1 endum nadevantu madi rfldhige nontam it 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. 339 

mattam Brahmeyana padaradhakanum appa .... Ketamma Brahma-devara 
mantapada kalu-vesaD ittige-yesa soteyam geysi pratuipeyarii m&disi su-prati- 
shtheyam madida dbarmma-nirmmalana vamsavat&ram ent eodade | 

hiriy-ayya Bitta-Gaundam | 

dhareg oppuva tande Barmma-Gavudam mudadim | 

yara-guni Darave t&y ene | 

karam esedam Kfitamallan tirjjita-tejam h 
svasti Srimatu Hoysala-Vira-Ballala-DSvana besadim rajadhyaksbada heggade- 
Revanna Ketamalla hiriya-bhand&ri-KSshava-Deyaoum Arasiyakegeya maha- 
janangalum samasta-praje-gavundugajum nakhara-nana-desi-mummuri-danda- 
raum Ugura-milnfirvvarum ekkoti-vira-ganangalum samasta-ja . .lum gojja- 
rum irddu Saka-yarusba 1 105 §6bhakritu-$amvat8arada Pbalguna-Buddha-trayo- 
daIiy-Adiv&ra-uttarayana4ankramana-byatip&tad andu biriya-kereya Brahme- 
yana naivedya-nandadivigegam khanda-rphutita-jirnndddharakkav agi Bftya- 
Gaudana tamma konekara Ketamallana kalam karchchi dhara-pHrvvakara madi 

bi^ta datti (here follow detailt of gift and usual final phratae) 


In Arasikere, on a stone in TArimara fields. 

namas tuiiga etc. h 
Yadu-yamsa-kalpa-vrikshado- | 
* 1 odayida nija-sakhe t&n enalk udayisidam | 
sad-amalaJrirtti-yil&saih | 
mudadim bhuvauaika-vtra-Vinayadityam n 
a-Vinay&dityana sati | 
Bbavddbbava-mantra-devata-sannibhe sad- | 
- bbaveye Kejayabarasi . . . | 

. . yasudbeyol arum D 

Y&dava-vamsakk amare ma- | 

hddayam Ereyaiiga-nripati Vinay&dityang | 

&daih tanayam vinayam | 

sodaram ene taoage negalda dbirdd&ttam || 

Malava-rajy a- . .lay enip aggada I 

cbakravarttige jayam mige tanna bhuja-prat&pamam | 

palisi dig-jaya-prakata-kirtti-patakeyan uttar&ieyo. | 

n agid ikshisuvant Ereyanga-bhabhujaraiT 

Mfiruge mSkhale | 

I # 

dblrang fichala-Devi ga- | 

bblrang Eyeyanga-nripatig oppam badegum R 

# 48* 

Digitized by 


340 Arsikere Taluq. 

ubhaya-kula-iuddhey enip &- 1 

subba-lakshane cbaritan enipp k- | 

prabhugam mftyar ttanaeyar | 

ssubhagar bBall&la-Vishnu-Udayadityar n 

paScbima-paydnidhi ptlrvya-payd galda dharitriyam neye 

t&m t6}-valadim duttaram marddisi » . . sishta-jana-prakaram R&mau 

ant irdd ap&ra-paurushan ivam ... Vishnuvarddbana tl (44 lines eflaoed) 

svasti Srfmata Hoysala-Ballala-DSvana besadioda r&j&dhyakshada heggade- 

RSyana-heggade-KStamallangalu Arasiyakereya mahajanangalnm samasta-praje- 

g&vandar ssabita nakharangalum tUvftra ratlntli»y varum hiriya. . . 

samasta-jagatiya kottaligalam irdda Saka-varusha 11.. Sdbhakritu- 

samvatsarada Jesbta-suddha. . . uttar&yana-sankramana-Yyattp&tad andu Sri- 

Jagatesvara-dSvara anga-bbdga .... naivSdya-nandadlvige-khanda-sphutita- 

jirnndddh&rakkam matba-pati-tapddhanara &h&ra-d&nakkav agi Likalagama- 

samaya-samuddharana mukba Hagarada nane- 

§vara-d§yara &chk. . .riyar appa Amitasiya-pandita. . . .Padumasiva. . 

panditara k&lam karchchi db&ra-pftryvakaih madi bitta (hare 

follow details of gift and usual final phrases) 

&gamadolu Siva-tatvado- | 

J iga. . .mah^brata-charitra-ch&turyyadolam | 

N&gasiva-munipan iirjjita- | 

bhdgi gunagrani dharitriyolu karam esedam n 


In Arasikere, on a stone in Sattimkotfige field. 

namas tunga etc. h 

srasti irly irpp uttama- | 

y4stu jaya-srlya Tilasit&v&sam Id- | 

ka-stutya-ya8d-vaniteya | 

yist&ra-stb&nay eseva Hoysala-yamiam h 
i-Hoysala-yamsadol udayisida Vinay&ditya-putran appa Eyeyanga-nripangav 
ftchala-DSvigam puttida Ball&la- Vishnu - Vudayadityar emba mdvarolage 
Vishnu-nripana vikramav entene | 

munisind arunate kade gang | 

inis odave yirddhi-narapa-sapt^ngam Vi- | 

shnu-nripalang appudu nod ( 

anupamam avan-alaviy itarar-alaviye jagadol h 

budha-lok&Srayan emba t&rkshya*-rathan emb abj&yataksham dal em- I 

ba dhar&-dh£,rakan emba bhdga-yatan emb udyad-balanyitan em- | 

ba dharitri-yaran emba loka-nutan emb i-permmeyim node Vi- | 

shnu-dharesam sale Vishnu-vol sogayipam Laksburi-mano-vallabham ii 

Digitized by 


Jrsikere Tatuq. 341 

a-Vishnu-bbftpanol m&- \ 

d&vitvam bettu pettal uttame Lakma- | 

Devi Narasimha-Dev6- | 

rvvi-yaranan anftna-punyavati vasumatiyol 11 

kadanado] &nt arittigala dantiya dantaman otti kiltu tad- | 

bidnvane poyye p6Jdu poyaponme sarraktaka-mauktikangal a- | 

padado) avam jay&Aganege h&raman oppire roalpan endod ar | 

kkadanadol amp idircbchuv adatar jjagadol Narasimha-bhtlpanam n 

kadanadol idirchid adatara | 

mada-radaoiya biduvinalli natta b&- t 

modalol ucbcbalisuv ond- | 

adatavan i. . . . Narasimba-DSvange nijam h 

a-Narasimba-nripaiigaih | 

m&nini m&dSyi s&dhviy ficbalegam la- I 

kshml-nilayan &gi Ball&- | 

la-nripilam puttidam dharadhara-dbairyyam n 

munisim Ball&la^bhtipaih ki]e pole? asiyam ki|vud anyavani«pa- | 

Ja-nik&yam sth&nadindam jadiye nadogugum bbitiyim n61pad i-p4- | 

ngu nitintaih cbddyam int t-teranan aside n&n igal ent endod int i- I 

tana kbadgam parinatiyan adam Kalanol kaltud alte 11 

Kamatbam k an dam Ahisvaram negerdan a. . .dikka I 

. . mand-bbfldbaram udgha-karnnike diSa-matta-dvipaughaih nata- | 

bhramararh tarn ene S6bbip !- SaSvad-vikisakke t&. . | 

m enikkum maleraja-raja bhavad-udyat-kirtti-eitamiumam h 

anupama-rana-nist&raka- | 
n antina-Sakty-anvitam vichara-kshaman em- | 
ba negalteyinde Ball&- | ^ 

la-nrip&lam Karttikeyanant oppirppam n 
&tana satiya permmey ent ene n 

lalanft-nirmmita-kauialam palavu-kalakk Abjajang indu sat- I 
phalav ayt uttama-rtlpeyam vimaleyam Ballala-yiivambhare- | 
Sa-lasat-k&miniyam budbalig aniSam kdrtt iv-Uma-Deviyam | 
lalana-ratnaman udgha-kfrtti-yuteyam pett uttama-praudbiyim n 
kamaniya-cbakdrSkshane | 
kumud&naney enisi negald Uma-D$vige vi- I 
krami Soma-vamsa-Balla- | 
la-mabiSam kttrppan embud adu takkude dal n 
Sivaya namah | svasti samadbigata-pancha-mabi-Sabda maba - m an da}esvaram 
Dvaravatt-pura-varadbiivaram Tuluya-bala-jaladhi-badavanalam | dayada- 
davanala | P&ndya-kula-kamala-vana-TSdanda | ganda-bherunda | mandajika- 
bentekajra | para-mandala-stl^kara i sangr&ma-Bhlma I Kali-kala-Kama | sakala- 

Digitized by 


342 Artikere Taluq. 

vandi-brinda-8antarppana-8amarttha-vitarana-vin6da | Vftsantik& - devi - labdha- 
rara-pras&da Yfidav&4cul&mbara-dyumani | manctalika-makuta-chfld&mani | 
kadana-prachanda i maleparol-ga^ula-n&m&di-praSasti-sahitam Srlmat-Tribhu- 
gal-gonda bbuja-bala-Vira-Gangan a-sah&ya-sflra §aniv4ra-8iddhi giri-dargga- 
malla cbalad-anka-R&ma niiianka-prat&pa Hoysala-Vtra-Ballftla-DSyar sakala- 
dharitriyarii dusbta-nigraha-Sishta-pratipalanadim rakshisuttum JDdrasamudra- 
da neleytdinal sukba-sankatha-yinddadim r&jyam geyyuttam ire n tadiya-p&da- 
padmdpajtvigal appa rftj&dhyakshada heggade KSsava-DSvayyangala Araaiya- 
kejeya permmey eat endade n 

prajeyam palipa p&ngn dharmma-chayamam pechchirppa s&tvlkam ol- | 

da jagam jlyene yarttip oje badha-ssnddbakkam fy a\rppa bbtl- f 

bbuja-chittakk ati-barsham &ge nadey i-tann olpa sandattu ban- | 

dhu-jan&dh&ra-gunange KeSava-yasd-n&tham . . bhd-chakradol || 

vinutey Um4-D8yige jana- | 

kan enal dhairyyilur enduv aty-unnatan end I 

aoiSam nim Kesaya-DS- | 

yanan abhiyarnnisuye tad-gunam oijame valam h 

Param&hti-prakbya-yipra-pratatigalin il&-prakbya-stldr&liyim Kin- I 

nara-kanta-prakhyar a nin Aja-prakbya-KoylWgalim sit- | 

garamam p61y t-tat&kangalin amara-purddy&namam p6ltu 86bh&- | 

karam app adyunadind ly-Arasiyakeye Sdbb&raham bhflmig end urn n 

nava-ratna-visarad-amSuga- | 

le yihft[ya]sadalli Madana-cb&padavol tdr- | 

ppavu belpargg udgha-suva- | 

rnna-Yrish^iyaiQ kayeyut oppuv Arasiyakejeyol 11 

mulid &gade ktirpp avarol | 

tilirudu tilivudu gad end a s&ruva tejadim | 

galapura gili-vindina kala- | 

kalav Arasiyakejeya banado} opputt irkkum || 

nelaneledu beleye dharmmam | 

nelase dharadhipati mecbche viprar priyadim | 

sale raksbise nadevar ati-nir- | 

mmalar Arasiyakereya Meli-sa^sirvvarkkal || 

aganita-guna-nijayar dda- | 

na-gan&nvitar amala-kirtti-yutar negaldi- | 

rdd Ugur&-mtintiryyar mige | 

sogayisuvar jjagake sogayip Arasiyakereyol h 

Srt-ramani-vardnnata-grihdnnatiy asrita-kalpa-bhClruho- | 

d&ra suseyya-seryate RamaVramani-ramaniya udgha-vi- | 

st&ra budhaugha-yistaram enippa gunam saman &ge idbbikam > 

db&riniyalli nodal Amar&vatiy-ant Amarayati-puram h 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. . 343 

barapada balme lekkipa bedangu manoharam &ge r&jip uch- | 

charanav aSSsha-sitvika-janakk ati-harshame putte varttip aty- | 

urutara-s&tvikatvav erad-artthiya bSJpudan iva bbdgam i- | 

dbareyolag ommeyum ganaka-vallabba D&varasarige 86bhikuih H 

palara besadinde sdbbege | 

neley ene Huruvajiya Kala-Gavun^am air- i 

mmalan I-MSleSvaramam | 

lalitam enalk ettisidao ud&ram dbiram 11 

Kail&sakk idu mfil eoe | 

Kail&s&vasi barsbadindam nelasal | 

MeleSvaramam SSbhise | 

K&lama-G&vundan arttbiyind ettisidamji 

a-K&la-Gavu^dangam | 

loka-stute N&da-Gaundigaxh puttidar iut | 

i-Eali-yugadol dbarmmakk | 

akaram ene Bela-Gaunda-Cbat^a-Gavundar 11 

ormmeyuv iSHxchchaneyol | 

nftrmmadi Kailasadindav as ray a v endum | 

dbarmmakk Arasiyakegey eoe | 

permmege modal enipud embud 6n acbchariye h 
svasti 5rt Saka-varsbada 1111 neya Kilaka-samvatsarada Pa u shy ad am&y&aye- 
S6may&ra-Tyat!pita-8ankramanad andu srtmatu Melesvara-devara nitya-niye- 
dyakkam nanda-di vigegam Cbaitra-pavitrakkam pdjari . paricharakar - &hara- 
d&nakkam jirnndddbaranakkam endu sri-Hoysala-Vira-Ballkla-Devaru Meli-s^- 
sirvvarum n^Da^esi-mukbyav appa nakaramum Ugura-m&nflrvvarum samasta- 
prajegalum svasti yama-niyamarsvadby&na-dby&na-dbaranarmaun&nush^h&na- 
japa-samadhi-sila-guna-sampannar appa irimat-Tribbuvanasakti-Pa^ditara ii 

Trailokyasakti-Panditarggeyum Sivaiakti-Panditarggeyuin | kalam karchcbi 

dhirft-ptrvvakav agi bitta datti (here follow details of gift) 

varam enipa Siv&gamadol | 

niratar Trailokyasakti-SivaSaktigal !- | 

svara-pada-payoja-bhringar | 

nnirupama-ch&ritrar amala-gana(. . )muni-mukhyar || 
(ou*i ftnai Term and phrases) i-sthanada Tandesvarartanavan Antaraoa Gasga-Bd- 

vange kotta sasana Trivikrama-Panditara padya tal-likbita u Singdjana 

maga Mah6§vara-Sing6jana kandarage 


On the back of the same stone. 

S&dharana-samvatsarada Vaisakha-ba S6mavaradandu srimanu mabfc-pra- 

dh&nam. . . .yya. . . n&yaka tamma mayyaou MelSSrara-devara nand&divi- 

Digitized by 


344 Arsikere Taluq. 

gegft Archandr&Bkka-t&rani-baram nadevantagi kotta ga 2 atana ba 

m&nee* Mallayya kotta 


At the same place. 

svaeti irlmatu Saka-varshsbada siteirada-nft ja-n&lyatta-&janeya Svabh&nu-aam- 
yatsarada Cbaitra-su 14 Mangajavaradandu r&jadh&niy-Arasiyakejeya a-Mada- 
bana Eallayya Laliya E&layya ESta-Gaudara Makayya int iraru mukhyayada 
samasta-bhakta-janangalu M§18§varard8yarigey akshaya-bhandSxay&da honna- 
baddiyinda oand&dfyige nadayant&gi (*•?• foiiowi * list or donors and tnsir gifts) 


In Arasikere, on a stone in front of the Basavanna temple, 
erf namas tunga •*». u 

Yadu-vamia-kalpavrikshadol | 

vodavida nija-sakhe t&n enal udayisidam | 

sad-amala-kfrtti-yilSUam i 

mudadim bhuvanaika-yfra Vinayadityam || 

ft-Vinayfidityana sati | 

Bh&v6dbbaya-mantra-dSvaUL-sannibhe sad- | 

bh&yey ene Eeleyab-arasiyan | 

f-yasudheyol avudu bannikniii budha-nikaram h 

Yadava-vamiakk amare ma- | 

hddayav Ejeyanga-nripati Vinay&dityang | 

adam tan ay am vinayam | 

sddaram ene tanage negalda dblrddattam h 

Milava-rajya-malam enip aggada dhaliyin atma-seueyim | 

chalisi chakravarttige jayam mige tanna bhuja-pratapamam | 

palisi dig-jaya-prakata-klrtti-patakeyan uttaraseyol | 

kilisidam dinSSan agid fkshisuyant Ejeyanga-bhttbhujam h 

Meruge mekhale bahu-kbale | 

Vaxiruhabhava . . . pdrnna-khale chandra. . | 

. . . ang fichala-Devi ga- | 

bhirang Eyeyanga-nripatig oppam badegum h 

ubhaya-kula-suddhey enip a- | 

Subha-lakshanegam Subha-cbarita-bharitan enip a- | 

prabhugam muvar devar | 

sabbagar bBallalarVishnu-Uday&dityar a 
avarolage Vishnu-nripana vikramay ent ene h 

munisind arunate kade-gang [ 

inis odaye yirodhi-narapa-saptangam Vi- | 

Digitized by 


Arsikere Taluq. . 345 

shnu-nripalang appuvu ndd I 

an-upamam avan alaviy itarar alaviye jagadol h 

dol ant aratigala daotiya dan (6 lines gone) 

a-Ball&la-mah!§ana satiya permmey ent ene h 

lalank-nirmmiti-kausalam palavu-kalakk Abjajang indu sat- | 

phalar &yt uttama-rdpeyam vimaleyam Ballala-visvambhar§- | 

Sa-lasat-kaminiyam budh&lig anifiam ktirtt iv Umfc-Deyiyam | 

lalani-ratnaman udgba-klrtti-yuteyam pett uttama-praudhiyim n 

ball-&l Baliaja-nripa | 

Balla-vesaram niv&samam klrtti-8rl- | 

vallabhan ettisidam sal- | 

lalitam enalke sdbhisid Arasiyakejeyol q 
svastj samadhigata-pancba-mab&-§abda maha-mandale^varam Dvar&yati-pura- 
varadhiSvaram ripu-bala-jaladbi-badav&nalam d&y&da-davagni Pandya-kula- 
kamala-yana-vedanda gandabbfirunda mandalika-b§ntek&^a para-mandala-sftre- 
kftya 8angrama-Bbima Kali-kala-K&ma sakala-vandi-brinda-santarppana-sam- 
arttba-vitarana-vindda V&santika-devi-labdba-yara-pras&da Yadava-kulambara- 
dyumani mandaiika-makuta-chtld&mani kadana-prachanda maleparol-ganda- 
n&madi-prasasti-sahitam Srimat- Tribbuvana-malla Talakadu - Kongu • Naiigali- 
GangaT&di-Konambav&di-BanaTase-H&nungallu-gonda bhuja-bala Vtra-Gangan 
a-sab&ya-Sftra Sanivira-siddhi giri-durgga-malla chalad-anka-Rama vira-pratapa- 
cbakravartti Hoysana-vira-Ball&la-D§varu sakala-dharitriyam dusbta-nigraba- 
iishta-pratipalanadim rakshisuttam Ddrasamudrada nelevidinolu sukba-sanka- 
tb&-vin6dadim rajyam geyyuttam irddu srimd-rajadhaniy-Arasiyakereyalli 

irtma Ball ales vara su-pratishtheya madisidar &-Arasiyakereya (4 lines gone) 

svasti Sri Saka-varushada 1111 neya Kilaka-samvatsarada Pausbyad amavasi- 
Bh^nuvara-byatipata-sankramanada .... jaya Ballalesvara-devara nitya-nai- 
vedyakkum nand&divigegam Chaitra-pavitrakkum pftjari-pari-chfcrakar-iihara- 
danakkam jirnnoddharakkam endu Sri-Hoysana-vira-Ballala-Devaru sayi .... 

llalim # samasta-prajegalim srimatu yArasikereya panditara kalam 

karchchi dbara-pCirvvakavagi bitta dattiya Gutiyabayalalli gadde salage 10 
kolagada. . . reya padu . . .godiyalli beddalu kamba 200 


At Timpati, Arasikere hobli, on a copper plate in the VenkaUramajia temple. 

sri - Amaragiri - Tirupati - Venkatachala - svamiyavara paditara - dip&radhane - 
sevege h 

nam as tunga eto. h 
svasti irl vijay^bhyudaya-Salivahana-Saka-varusha 1666 ne varttain&nake saluva 
Raktakshi-saihvatsarada Pusbya-suddha 7 yu Bhanuvara-Makara-sankramana- 


Digitized by 


346 Jvstime Taluq. 

punya-kaladalu Srimatu 8aj-jana«4udha-Sivacb4ra-8ampannarada guru.-linga- 
Jangama-premigalada Hara-guru-bhakti-par&yanar&da sakala - dbarma - prati- 
p&lakar&da bandhu-jaua-chint&manigalada a